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The Peninsula Times Feb 26, 1975

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 PANDER HARBOUfi.BC.    /  BOATS - CAMPINQ FACILITIES '- CAFE,  MARINA  893-2757   ��   CAFE 683-2296  iegt Canadian .Graphic Indait  4 /fi'est bt.h Ave..        ' '  icoyver 1U��  "���  C�� # ,  *. '-   'tfservlce,s  Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervis Jnlet), including Port Mellon, Hopkins Landing,]Gronthams Landing, Gibsons, Robeits Creek,  Wilson Creek, Selma Park, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay,' Secret Cove, Pender Hrb., Madeira Park, Gordeir> Bay, Irvine's1 Landing, Eorl Cove, Egmont  LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY PAPER ON THE SOUTHERN SUNSHINE COAST.  2nd Class Mali  Registration No. 1142  oac 4441 Umcn "'��"   Labe'  BB5-3Z31 TMs ^sue le pages _ isc -Copy  Volume 12���No. 14  Wednesday, February 26,1975  i   J    J $    h *V      ��* *' I  \V,*k1mmm-m)rm mmmr^mtmmi/mmm^m^XXMIUmmvm^^,  >    aa. f    /       ^ Sj,f  ���#/'W'���   '*"'\>^  ** {FlpfaMoyBfitt�� s  * " Drapes {'< ^ '}  9  Jenra-Air Ganges','/  *. . 1200*Block,;y/harf Road   v  f>.0; Box J093,fSECHELT, B.C.  .'.< PHONE'.98&-2iB22;'rX  Sunshine Coast Regional District fired off  a telegram of protest to Ottawa over the  Vector being pulled off the search for the  chlorine gas tanks before they are found.  Regional Board chairman Frank West  said Sunday morning he had been contacted  the previous night by John Daly of the United  Fisherman and Allied Workers Union local in  Pender Harbour over the barge accident and  the Vector being called off the search.  ' 'The union is very upset over the accident,  as are the people in the area," West said, "the  fishermen are concerned that their whole  year's fishing may be affaceted by the  chlorine. They are also concerned that the  search for the tanks have npt been located in  the search area and there is a possibility that  they could be farther down the coast, possibly'  near Pender Harbour or even lower."  WsesthadSeen contacted by Daly Saturday  night. "I spent the next part of Saturday night  attempting to contact the MoT," West said,  ^'particulsarly'CSptainlan ^oungm^ North;r  Vancouver who is the marine emergency  service co-ordinatior. I was not able to make  any connections other than with Air-Sea  Rescue and they said they were not involved  at that point." (Air-Sea Rescue had been  i involved,earlier). ,,  ^ .,._���...,  "At that point," West said, "I got on the  telephone to some of my fellow directors and  we decided the best step would be to send a  telegram to Ottawa."  The telegram West send is as follows:  "Jack Pearsall MP, Ottawa.,  "Protest in sirpng-est ;pps^)levj��rms  against withdraw! of' MiiS^ector from further search for chlorine-barge in Strait of  "Please impress minister of utmost  urgency to continue search until chlorine has  been located.    '  "Apalled about' callous regard of public  welfare.  "Frank West, Chairman, Sunshine Coast  Regional District."  A spokesman for the marine emergency  service said Sunday that the Vector would  remain on her grid search until the pattern  had been completed.  "She won't stop until she's finished the  grid," a spokesman said, "No way."  He added that the search pattern was  scheduled to be completed late Sunday night  or early Monday morning.  Fisherman are asking that the Vector stay  on until the tanks are found even if it means  setting up another search grid.  GIBSONS ��� A Roberts Creek woman is  this week's winner In the Gibsons Lions 400  Club draw.  Mrs. H. Van Oort of Roberts Creek had her  name drawn last Friday by Vickl Qulgly In  Uie weekly draw.  Proceeds from tho draw go to aiding local  Lions Club activities.  "TisT*���  /  I    .1' -��-\,  l  "W  0��'    Mi*1*,jf,f;  (,(,,,^,.,.i!/i*'liUjrWj. jssy .,    ifk��-lagr-osr v" '*fi*  I.     1  - "����� - ^   'l f    ,B  f  si  ���>��-        ,-       .  t  *   *      us.  'tiitfaS^  <L  -����������********  OVERTURNED BARGE is towed from Grief Point off Powell River #Vanguard Bay by tug Chieftan III. Air-Sea Rescue helicopter hovers over.  NELSON ISLAND���Search continues for four tank cars containing 340 tons of liquid^  chlorine lost from a harge near? here. |  MeanwhileMuiistry of Transport officials are supervising the righting of the barge filled;  with 400 tonsof liquid caustic at Vanguard Bay. The liquid caustic had been JeaMng jEroni the<  overturned barge which is in Vanguard Bay on the North side of Jervis Inlet. \  The four rail cars of liquid chlorine (chlorine gas under pressure) were lost from the bargeJ  when itwas being towed from Squamish to MacMillan BloedeFs pulp mill at Powell River.'      r  Searchers have narrowed the location of the tanks to a four mile square area between Cape:  CockburnohNelson Island and Northeast Point on Texada Island. , *     \  First reports of the bargfii overturning came early m me morning of February 19. Early'  reports had the barge overturning^ between Squamish and Meny Island, north of Sedilet.I^ter  searchers determined the barge hadWerturned off Cape Cpckburn.  The search vessel M.S. Vector was at last report running a grid search pattern in the area,,  butnoU,aceofth6tahkershadturnedup.v '  The barge was reported as overturned at 6:45 a.m. when Search and Rescue in Comox-  reported they received a message from the captain of the. tug Oueftan III which had been"  ^pullmg/the^barge.,^.^^.^         .   _��� t ^ yir..yy:,.',. ',.,..^, ..,,'::'.,.,,-������. i  Captain Ian Young, MoiT'sregio^n^^  tug said he had checked the barge as all right at 4:30 a.m. Wednesday off Cape Cockburn andf  noticed it was overturned at 5:45 a.m. off Northeast Point. f  Those times differ from a MacMillan Bloedel official in Powell River who Said the bargef  was upright when checked at 1:30 a.m. and was overturned when checked at 4:30 a.m.  Search and rescue ordered the barge to stand off Powell River and then proceed to  Vanguard Bay. At that time it was noticed that liquid caustic was escapingfrom the overturned  barge. A pronounced list on the barge made some officials believe one tank car was still  hanging from the barge.  Calmer weather and sheltered water allowed divers to investigate the barge where it was  learned that there were no tank cars attached.  Efforts were to be made on the week-end to plug the caustic leak and right the barge.  Officials then turned their attention to the lost tank cars.Sophisticatedsearch vessel Vector  was called in to search the area.  MoT spokesman Des Allard said that if the tanks lie in more than 231 feet of water, the  chlorine would stay in Uquidformi because of the water pressure. If the tanks leaked the  chlorine would disperse as a liquid through the water. If the tanks are in less than 231 feet of  water, the chlorine would leak as a deadly gas and would rise to the surface. There could be a  potential hazard to human life, he said, if the gas did arise. He added that the liquid chlorine  would be a danger to marine life.  MacMillan Bloedel officials played down the danger aspect of the gas saying only those  working on or near the barge would be affected. ...,..'  The EnvironmentaiProte^  affect marine life for over 400 metres from the barge.  An MoT investigation will be conducted, a spokesman said.     . ���  Chlorine gas was used in World War I against allied troops in chemical warfare.  A district-wide questionnaire concerning  selection of a hew school superintendent  should be in the mail March 3.  A spokesman for School District No. 46  Trustees said this week the questionnaire was  completed:     .;,  The board announced on January 29 that a  questionnaire would be mailed  to  each  'Householder in the district on the subject of  selection of a new superintendent to replace  the Tetiring Roland Hanna.  Dr.   A.   Kratzmann,   and   education  GIBSONS���Jim Metzler is the 'new  alderman on village council.  He defeated Dr. Terry Webb in the Feb. 22  by-election held to fill the vacancy created by  the resignation of Aid. Winston Robinson.  Of 1,110 eligibly voters, only 185 cast their  ballots - a 16,6 per cent turnout.  Metzler gained 128 votes, "with Dr. Webb  trailing considerably with 57.  The retired school district secretary-  treasurer will sit on council for the remainder  t-3  of Robinson's term, which expires Dec. 31,  1975.  ,    Returning officer Jack Copland said 30  local residents had.to -be turned away from  the polls because they were not registered on  the voters' list,  Recent changes to municipal election  regulations made necessay a completely new  electoral roll.  Copland said the onus was on local  residents to register.  MmSf  DAVIS BAY���The provincial government  has some answers for E. A. Cuyllts, but he's  not satisfied.  The Davis Bay resident wrote a letter to  Victoria protesting the now flood control  requirements which ho said were ridiculous  when ono looks nt an area like Davis Bay or  Sechelt.  In reply, Uio department of lands, forests  and water rcsourcos snld Uie minimum  height requirement had been lowered from  0.0 feet above tho highest natural boundary of  tho sea to five feet. Tho natural boundary la  Uio highest hlghwator mark. Cuyllts answers  Uiat this Is an Improvement but goes nowhero  nonr rosolvlng tho local problems.  Tho letter stated thnt floodprooflng could  bo effected by mlalng tho building abovetho  five foot mark by landfill, foundation walls,  columns or nny combination thereof.  Tho letter stated thnt additions mny bo put  onto houses bolow the five foot requirement  provided they met with the requirements.  Tho department also claimed that re-salo of  tho proporty would not bo affected because  change of tenants had no effect on tho  requirements.  The letter, adds that, to date, no funds had  been sot aside for re-purchnso of proportion or  buildings that havo been constructed within n  floodplaln.  Cuyllts points out that a non-floodproofed  houso which is moro than 75 per cont  destroyed by fire could not bo rebuilt without  flood proofing. "One would havo to floodproof  prior to rebuilding," ho snld, "ono would havo  to banr tho cost of rebuilding and flood-  proofing. Thnt could prove to bo n vory heavy  burden, particularly to someone on fixed  Incomo." ,w .  ..  Cuylltiiold tlio legislation IndlcatoTtlicrd  may bo hope In nn npponl. procedure,  "Settlements which by their vory oxlstunco  over tho years havo proven to bo built In snfo  areas should bo exempt," ho sold,  "No-ona, was automatically included on  the list," He said. "Most of the 30 people we  had to turn away were property owners, and  they thought their names would be on the  list."  He said it had been,' 'frustrating", to turn  away residents who obviously wanted to vote,  "but those are the regulations."  Copland urged everyone eligible to vote to  check the roll and make sUre they are included.  If not, "they should come to the municipal  ball and fill out an enumeration card," he  said. ^  'ra     ,' 'if ,l,,',,'*!,^t, ,'i'i ,,,\,l'A, ii ����;"i  researcher with the University of Victoria,  was selected to prepare the questionnaire.  "On or about March 3 the questionnaire  will be in the mail to each house. A paid reply  envelope addressed to a special box number  at the University of Victoria is included," the  school board spokesman said, "no local  persons, board members or officials will have  accesk to tine questionnaire. Thje board will  receive and analysis of the replies by March  '27."  He added, "residents are asked "to mail  their replies by the week-end of March 7 and  8, Spare questionnaires will be available from  Uie school board office and may be obtained  by a phone call to j686r2225.  The board sees the questionnaires as the  first step in the selection process for the new  superintendent,  "This questionnaire is the first step in the  board's policy of seeking involvement of the  public In school matters," the spokesman  said, "During the processing of the replies,  public meetings will be called to discuss the  role and qualifications of a superintendent,"  he said,  "Tabulation of the questions in the survey  should reveal a profile of Uie kind of person  that the community feels will do a satisfactory job for the school system," ho added.  Tho spokesman added four points which  tho board passes on tho to tho public. They  nro: watch for Uie questionnaire, consider It  carefully, answer It ns fairly as you can and  mall it by March 8.  PENDER HARBOUR-Local fishermen  and residents here are growing more concerned as the search for the missing chlorine  tanks goes on.  Fisherman's union spokesman John Daly  of Garden Bay said Sunday morning that the  feeling of the union executive and residents of  the area was one of growing concern over the  possible effects of the chlorine on general  health and fish life in the area.  Concern reached high proportions  Saturday when the Ministry of Transport  announced the search ship Vector was being  pulled from the search at 2 a.m. Sunday  although she had not finished her search  pattern.  Since then the MoT hasdecided the Vector  would stay on the search until the grid pattern  was finished. That was scheduled to be  completed late Sunday night or early Monday  morning.  "We began phoning around Saturday night  to see how the members of" the executive  felt," Daly said Sunday morning, "we wanted  to get the true feeling of the executive. We all  agreed with local president Raymond Phillip  when he said that the Vector should not be  pulled off until the stuff is found." .  ���Daly said, "there- is real concern here  among the residents that if the chlorine gas  does come to the surface, a westerly would  carry the gas here. We remember only too  clearly when a whole town in the U.S. had to  be evacuated when a chlorine raU car  overturned and leaked."  The area where the tanks are believed to  be lost was described by Daly as generally  deep with one shallow area, Sinclair Bank,  where the.-water.^ depth ranges 25.to-40  fathoms. Much of the area is over 200 fathoms  deep. A fathom is six feet. * i  "If the Chlorine gas comes to the surface,"  Daly said, "we are concerned about the effect  on the human population. If it leaks out in  liquid form, we don't think it will do the fish  population much good."  Daly ��aid he had been in touch with many  members of the ratepayers association on the  area. "They all expressed the same hope that  the best equipment for finding the tank cars  would be to stay on the job until they are  found."  Daly was in contact with Frank West,  chairman of the Sunshine Coast Regional  District and was also in touch with MLA Don  Lockstead.  "Don Lockstead phoned (Sunday) morning and told me he had been in touch constantly with the MoT about the mishap. Last  night he said he tried to get through to all the  emergency numbers without any luck. He  said he would try again this morning and if he  didn't have any luck then he would try Ottawa."  *l^s��i,i    y'/Sjf.'.*'*, *W  .1IMMET7XER  ,., new alderman  t rerfmnk terms of reference  MORGAN THOMPSON, Sechelt  businessman, has boon named as  Aldorman Norman Watson's alternate.  on Uio Sunshine Coast"HoKlbnal Board.  Aid. Watson said recent changes In tho  election net permitted him to name a  non-alderman as an ultornoto and ho  wantcd.���toTlnvolvo^.tho��Cluunbcr�� of  Commerce more, Tliomp.son Is a former  alderman and former president of tho  Chamber of Commerce. See story on  PaRc A-fl  Department of Municipal Affairs in  Victoria has not tho terms of reference for  local government re-anHcasment on the  Sunphlijip Const.  In a letter to the regional district,  Associate Deputy Minister C.1LL. Woodward  laid out fiomo general terms of reference.  Afln result Uio regionaldistrict Is Inviting  all Improvement districts in Uio area to  provide a list of tiielr elected officiate so a  master list con bo compiled.  A spokesman for tho regional district said  Uio initial meeting wns planned for the end of  March, At thnt mooting, a representative of  Uio department of municipal affairs, "will  explain details and advlso us of the  techniques to bo employed to come up with a  meaningful submission to tho minister  whoUicr nnd how our local government  slwuld bo restructured not only to provide  Iwttcr services at minimum costs now, but  also to meet future, nlready forsocnblo,  problems,"  AH Improvement districts nro urged to  contact the regional board ofnees ass()oi��as  possible,  In his letter lo tho regional board,  Woodward said tho government study would  Ixi under on advisory committee appointed by  the minister and consisting or membership  drawn from the regional district, two village  municipalities nnd Improvement districts, A  senior official pf tho department would act ns  advisor, That official will  probably bo  Woodward.  Tlio general terms of reference woro listed  as;  -Consideration of an area to bo Included  wlUiln n single municipality proposal.  ���Consideration of anticipated revenues  and expenditures, Including Uio development,  of an operating budget estimate.  -Consideration of tlio principles of n tnx  structure, having regard for Iho level of  service prevailing In tho various component  areas,  .^^^^^^^^.^r^.^^^^^.^,  ���Consideration of tlw disposition of assets  and liabilities of tho present unlta of local  government,  -Consideration     of     servicing     and  SECHELT���A public healing Is planned  for mid-March concerning tho prosposnl to  construct n private marlnn onthpWcstsldopf  Porpoiso Bay. A filial date has not been sot for  Uio hearing,  Residents In Uio area aro concerned about  possible noise and pollution In Uio area If tho  mnrlna goes ahead,  1  Rain Snow Prec  L  H  ins   ins   ins  February 15 29  35  nil   3.00   .30  February 10 20  41  .03   nil    .03  February 17  .32  30  .25    1.5     .40  February 10 J. .32  42  .32    nil     .32  February 10 35  41  .14    nil    ,14  February 20 30  45  nil   nil    nil  February 21 28  40  nil   nil    nil  Week's total rainfall,  ,24;  snowfall, 4,50;  proclpltiUlon, 1,19.  ,  February 3.70, 1975 0,40.  regulatory policies,  ���Consideration of tho make-up and mode  of election of a municipal Council.  "Tlio Committee would bo assisted by a  technical sub-commlttco with membership  drawn from tho staff of tho regtonnl district,  Uio two villages ond wlUi advice and input  froiti Uio Ihijiroveiricnt districts, * Tlio  Department would assign sUiff ns required to  assist In thq technical aspects of the  study," Woodward sold, "Tho Advisory  Committee would direct tho study, Including  Unison with and reporting to the Minister and  the present units of local government, The  Deportment will moot operating expenses of  Uio Committee and any cast associated wlUi  tho study,"  " "  Oil terminal  support eyed  SECHELT-Sccholt Village Indicated  support to the concept of a bulk oil storage  terminal on Secholt Indian Bund land but wiUi  conditions,  , At tho village council mooting last week  tho board voted to support tho concept but,  "Uicro must bo an undcrstiuidlng that Itbo  ..built In an area that Is not detrimental to tho  vtllogb of Secholt or to tho Indian village,  Alderman Rrnlo Booth said, "It Is obvious  Uiat the Secholt village must decide If U luis  Uio area to accommodate a storage terminal,  TciuVl see where wo ��;iu�� (lo It, Thoii tlicro'H  noUiIng to do but support there Ihi ing a tor-  mlr.al on tho Peninsula somewhere, If It Is on  Uio reserve, there Is tho possibility thnt It  would bo adjacent to tho present Gulf tor-  "���"mtnnlr""*"""* ���-*���   �� ������ ������~���~~- -  "Our Interest should lie that such a terminal should not bo detrimental to tho vlllngo  or to the ecology," tho alderman sahj.  Tho matter was tabled for a final decision',  k rfPageA-2  The Peninsula Times       Wednesday, February 26,1975  r    <  /  i  y"""  If-  ,,'i  * ���'Is'  J   ���  '''"a  '      l       5  It      / *  V.)  ' What kind of an impact does an airport  have on the community? That question and  many others will be answered at a meeting to  -discuss development"of the airport at Wilson  ..Creek. / ;';,..; ,: <;;'  .  The meeting is scheduled for the Peninsula Drive-Inn at 7:30 p.m., March 13, and  will feature two guest speakers.  .Speaking will be Gordon Brown, general  manager of the B.C. Aviation Council and  Don Cameron, past president of the aviation  council and president of Canadian Aircraft.  The meeting was organized by the airport  committee. Sechelt Aldei-man Frank Leitner  is on the committee for that village.  "The two speakers will also be showing  two films on airport development and the  impact on the community," Alderman  Leitner said, "those will be the two main sub-  information as well as answering questions. I  think everyone who is interested in aviation  and the development of the airport should be  at the meeting."  ' t  ,  S  At present there is a feasibility study  underway into the possibility of paving and  developing the gravel strip at Wilson Creek.  Alderman Leitner said there were about 40  to 50 people locally who had pilot's licences.  There are a good number of people interested in the airport," he said, "I would like  to see all of them out for the meeting. As  many of the Gibsons and Sechelt council  members as can attend will be there.  jects ofthe meetingrlt will give the general  public an idea about airports and supply  Not everyone subscribes  to the  THE PENINSULA^y^^  But then ��� not everyone conies in outta the rain either.  J  r     ,    ^  t  J  llson Creek Mews and ��iews  Joan Stephens 885-2568    Joan Wall 885-2702  In my last column I mentioned the  possibility of 'Group homes' being formed  and run on. the Sunshine Coast in the near  future. I neglected to mention that we do have  and have had for some time a very devoted  couple filling a great need.  I'm speaking of course of Mr. and Mrs.  Hemstreet who for almost six years have had  kids aged 12 - 18 years in their home on  Lockyer Road. Originally they started out  helping out a friend by caring for a foster  child. They then started a 'receiving' or  'remedial' home and over the years have had  approximately 70 children stay with them for  varying lengths of time. Hemstreet says he  often hears from some of them, especially at  Christmas and Easter, and is pleased they  remember their time at the Hemstreets' with  happy memories. Keep up the good work, Mr.  and Mrs. Hemstreet!  Concerning the wharf maintenance issue,  I find we now have approximately 1300  signatures on the 'Save the Wharf' petition.  Unfortunately the meeting between  representatives of Wilson Creek-Davis Bay  and Standard Oil officials hasn't yet taken _  place, so I'm unable to report any ^furtherjorf';3  that subject.  A group of students at the high school have  applied for an OFY grant to run a nine week  program of summer activities for the six to  ten year age group. It would be somewhat  similar to the parks programs in the city  parks with the addition of water safety and  swimming instruction, because one of the five  students involved is a qualified swimming  instructor. The Wilson Creek Community  Association approved the projeqt and the  indoor activities such as arts and crafts, story  telling and others would take place at the  Wilson Creek Community Hall. I commend  these students for setting up this program and  sincerely hope their project is approved by  the 'powers that be' in the Opportunities For  Youth department.  The community association did stipulate  that an adult member would be chosen to be  in close touch with them so that any problems  could be ironed out. Some of Its members at  the meeting were dlsgrunted because the  students who would be running this program  would receive (Wages from the OFY if their  project is approved, I, personnally, llko  seeing my taxes used in this manner rather  than straight out hand-outs In the form of  unemployment benefits or welfare payments.  Another subject under discussion was tho  rough draft of a tree removal bylaw. Tho  general opinion was that some control of tree  removal was necessary as far as erosion  control Is concerned but small residential  properties would bo well nigh Impossible to  control, oven If Uiat wns tho Intention of the  Regional Board, Their representative,  Adrian Stott, assured the community nssn,  meeting Fob. 13, that tho rough draft,  although It had had two readings was not  going to be enacted as It stands, Wo In turn  assured him Uiat it was completely ludicrous  and unenforceable from the property owners  stand-point.  It remains a fact that ono man's  ^..aesUiQttcally.-.ploaslng^Btahd^of.-strcos^is^  another man's oyosoro and possible Source of  danger to the roof of his houso, Sure, It's tho  'unspoiled' beauty of Uio Sunshine Const that  attracts visitors, It's anothor story when you  contemplate building hero nnd must donr  land for septic tanks, drain fields, and  buildings. Tho buslo conflict hero Is whether  you wish to build n tourist nnd summer homo  area or n'year-round residential nron, Which  would you prefer?  Of course the siting of the now Junior  Secondary School Is on everyone's mind right  now too, If you fool It doesn't inottor where  'thoy' put It because your children aro past  school ago plco.no reconsider, Who knows ���  you may want to take up bridge, loarn the  now Incomo tax laws or take a keep fit course  or upholator thouo dining room chalrii.-You  may want to watch tho homo team clobber  Uio visitors or go the  Christmas play tho  neighborhood children are in. Plenty goes on  in a school after 3 p.m. so keep this in mind  when asked your choice of school site.  Don't forget the Wilson Creek Community  Association Coffee party, 11 a.m. Friday,  Feb. 28. Drop that floor mop or iron and come  out and meet your neighbors; see the Davis  Bay School kids strut their stuff, and go home  refreshed and ready to tackle the day's  chores.  THREE OF THE SIX winners in this  year's Gibsons Legion essay contest are  pictured with branch 109 president Dan  Dawe. They are: Blake Russell, grade 6; ,  Diane Campbell, grade 7; Joanne Craze,1  grade 5. All three are pupils at Langdale  Elementary School. Gibsons Elementary School Pupils Kim Clapham, grade;  5, and Marguerite Kitson, grade 7, also  received certificates for their efforts in  the essay congest, on the theme 'What  Rememberance Day Means to Me.' The  winners also received-,a cheque from the  Legion.  #$Hjijj>tjmag!ii^^  ^K^"^m��k'./.^^^  Cowrie Street, Secholt        [Next to the Post Office]  P.O. Box 375 885-3255  o Cheque-a-month deposit account  ��� pays 8% per annum  ��� interest paid monthly  ��� minimum deposit $10,000  (and in multiples of $1,000)  ��� 3 year term  e are now issuing for a limited period  one, three or five year  term deposits at 8%% per annum.  S.S.C. Deposit Accounts  [Invostmont ��� savings ��� chequing]  ~ personalized cheques  ��� pay 8'/4% per annum on balances of $500  or more (paid June 30 and Dec. 1)  ��� statements and cheques returned rnonthly  SHARES AND DEPOSITS GUARANTEED  under the Provincial Credit Union Share and  Deposit Guarantee Fund,  13  n  Q  COSTA DEL SOL  4 jO 6 wo Ok %~"'--'-"'- ���' --���������*-  from, t,, n,, $599.00 each  Phon�� your local Trov-��l An��nl  885-2910      805-2339      922-0221  Authorlxod Agonts Insuranco Corporation of British Columbia  Motor Vohlcle Branch; Vphido and Drlvora' Llconcos  OFFICE HOURS  Tuonday to Saturday,  IOiOO a.m. to 4,00 p.m.  CLOSED MONDAY  new phone mmm:  885-3255  EFFECTIVE  IMMEDIATELY  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  ]  ]  D  & -.'^-ray  lE(Slti1  ��  To serve Sunshine Coast residents with their car and truck needs. Both NEW  and USED. We are the new 'FULL LINE' Dealers for DODGE, PLYMOUTH, CHRYSLER  and DODGE TRUCKS. 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The social evening planned for the  Welcome Beach Hall on February 15 was  cancelled because of work being carried out  on the extension of the hall. The next social is  scheduled for March 15th, but there is a  progressive whist drive planned for next  Saturday, March 1st at 8 p.m. Admissipn 50  cents and everybody welcome.  The extension of the hall, part of the New  Horizons project, is now completed and  members are appreciating the extra space,  particularly for carpet bowling. A work party  made up of members of the community have  put in 200 hours of work on the project and  special thanks and appreciation are expressed to the contractor, Don Caldwell who  has done such a fine job despite prqhlems  created by difficult weather conditions.  SICK LIST  A resident on the sick list is George  Bonnycastle who has been a patient in St.  Mary's Hospital for more than a week. He  was very happy last week to have a visit from  all three pf his daughters, Frances Urquhart  of Redrooffs and Georgia Rlckson and  Jocelyn Foster, both of Vancouver. Mrs.  Rlckson and Mrs. Foster are both guests at  the Bill Urquhart home, Mr. Bonnycastle  celebrated his 94th birthday In December.  Also hospitalized for a few days Is Chuck  Davlo In St. Paul's Hospital for surgery  following a car accident in December. Guests  at tho Davlo home havo been Chuck's  brother, Doug. Davlo of Hay River nnd Jim  Ballllo of Victoria.  CALIFORNIA  Mrs. Then Lcuchto Is homo after a month's visit with..her daughter, Annemarle  Hlckoy and her family In California. She  enjoyed several Interesting expeditions Including  n  camping trip in  tho  desert.  However, the highlight of her holiday was a  visit to the Shubert Theatre in the Hollywood  Entertainment Centre where she saw Ingrid  Bergman in the fleslvacting ,'m.one*o��>r  Somerset Maugham's plays, amid the most  magnificent and palatial surroundings. The  60 mile drive from the Hickey home in the  hills east of Los Angeles to the theatre took  them through part of Los Angeles where the  'slasher' has been operating with such deadly  results. While her daughter drove, Mrs.  Leuchte held a whistle clutched tightly in her  hand ready to signal for help for this wias not  considered a healthy place for women to be  driving alone. She is very happy to be home in  the quiet peace of Welcome Beach.  Also home after a holiday in California is  Mrs. Alice Young who spent a month in  Desert Hot Springs with Mrs. Nellie Whaites  of Sechelt. They did quite a bit of walking and  swimming and made a number of trips to  surrounding areas by Greyhound bus.  They took a bus to Long Beach where they  saw the Queen Mary which has now been  converted into a hotel, the Queen Mary Hyatt  Hotel.  One of the guides took them right through  the ship from stem to stern. Another day they  took the bus to India for the date festival  which they found interesting and picturesque  with the participants all dressed as Arabs. ���  During Mrs, Young's visit, Annual Canada  Day was celebrated In honour of the largo  number of Canadian visitors In the Desert Hot  Springs and Palm Springs area.  WARDAIR 75  D  H London, Prostwlck, Amstordam, Q  | Frankfurt, from ,.,.,,,., $329.00 [J  m Phono Your local Travel Atjont rl  ! 885-2910      885-2339     922-0221   u  fiwP  4*s(sV*fl  Inject Rapco loam botwoon your walls  nnd undor your roof. 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Special thanks to Dr. Everett and  the nursing staff. 11163-14  CARD OF THANKS  ENTERTAINMENT  GIBSONS LANES-Open  bowling Friday 7-11 p.m., Sat.  and Sunday 2:5 p.m. and 7-11  p.m. 10328-tfn  COMING EVENTS  SUNDAY, March 2, 10:30 a.m.  and 6 pjrn. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at  7:30 p.m. at Glad Tidings  Tabernacle, Gibsons. Guests,  Floyd and Alice Earlywine from  Seattle. Hear special music and  singing. 11202-14  OBITUARY  SHAW���Mrs. Matilda, born  January 6, 1892 in Mankato,  Minnesota, homesteaded with  her first husband, John Thomas  Watling, at Athabasca Landing,  Alberta. They moved to B.C.  living in mining towns arid  eventually made their home in  Egmont where Mr. Watling died.  She worked several years in New  Westminster and vicinity until  moving to Fairhaven United  Church Home, Burnaby from  where she was invalided to  Valleyview Hospital in 1970,  where she passed away February  17, 1975. Survived by six  daughters, Mrs. Gertude  McKinnon, Mrs. Mary Giliies of  Squamish, Mrs. Viola Phillips,  Mrs. Patricia Beale of North  Vancouver, (Dorothy) Mrs. E,M.  Shaughnessy of Coquitlam,  (Evelyn) Mrs. E. Gann of Delta.  19 grandchildren and 35 great  grandchildren, one brother, Joe  Dirfeeh of Athabasca, Alberta.  Resting at Burquitlam Mortuary,  625 North Road, Coquitalm, for  funeral service Saturday,  February 22,1975 at 1 p.m. with  Rev. Bert Love officiating.  Cremation. In lieu of flowers  donation to Matilda Shaw  Memorial, Faculty of Medicine,  U.B.C. appreciated.        11178-14  INLMJSMORIUM  SIMPSON���In loving memory of  my mother, Bessie, who passed  away February 21, 1974.  Three little words, "Forget me  not,"  Don't seem much but mean a lot,  Just a memory, fond and true,  To show, dear Mother, we think  of you.  ���Ever remembered and sadly  missed by son Ian, wife and  grandchildren. 11174-14    ,.    .. i  CARD OF THANKS  WE WISH to thank the Doctors  and nurses of St. Mary's  Hospital, Sechelt, for their care  and attention towards the late  Agnes Pollock, and to all our  friends and neighbours for their  letters of condolence, cards of  sympathy at the loss of a dear  wife and mother. ���Signed, David  Pollock Senior and Family. ' ' -  11168-14  TO ALL the relatives, friends and  organizations who were so kind  and generous to us during our  recent loss. Thanks a million.  Elaine Miles (MacLean) Debbie  and Cindy. 11179-14  WE WISH to express our sincere  thanks to our friends, neighbours and the Roberts Creek  Community Association for their  kindness during the loss of a  beloved husband, Father and  grandfather. Special thanks to St.  Mary's Hospital and the nursing  staff, also Rev. Williamson for  his comforting words. Lydia  Piper and family. 11197-14  PERSONAL  ALCOHOLICS . Annonymous  meetings 8:30 p.m. Thursdays,  Wilson Creek Community Hall.  Phone 885-3394 and 886-9208. In  Madeira Park meetings Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. in the  Community Hall. 11133-tfn  PHOTOGRAPHS   published   in  The Peninsula Times can be  ordered for your own use at The',  Times office. 1473-tf  BAHA'IS believe that religion  and science must be in harmony and in equality of the  sexes. Ph. 886-2078 or 885-  9450. 11059-tf  Page A-4   The Peninsula Times Wednesday, February 26,1976  CLASSIFIED  ADVERTISING-RATES  Phone 885-3231  Published Wednesdays by  I'owell   River   News  Town   Crier  Sechelt Times Ltd.  at Sechelt. B.C.  Established 1963  As  of  WORK WANTED  GENERAL    handyman.    Carpentry,   painting   and   light  hauling. Ph. 886-9516        2285-tfn  FOR fireplace and brick work  call 885-2325. 11086-14  NEED a carpenter.  Crichton. 883-2312.  Call "Bob  1365-tfn.  BACKHOE  tanks   so;  Phone 886-25'  Id,  ,46.  available     septic  and   installed.  10513-tf  LIGHT moving and (thauling^  House and gardeh maintenance, rubbish removal, tree  cutting, etc. Free estimates,  Gibsons to Sechelt. Phone Norm  886-9503. 10266-tfn  PENDER HARBOUR REALTY LTD.  (ON HIGHWAY 101 AT FRANCIS PENINSULA ROAD)  AUTHORIZED AGENT  SARGEANTS DAY WATERFRONT LOT ��� Largo lovol building alto on this  lovoly vlow aero, Easy accoss to boautlful pobblo boach, Pino swimming  nnd ttoinmor moorafjo, Prlcod to soil rjulckly ot $20,000;  Doautlful 4 bodroom 8, don homo on Ruby Lciko,. Built In 197-1 and has  many unique foaturos, Carpotod throughout, Has carport plus Igo,  woikshop ond prlvalo float. On Hydro, Full Prlco $75,000 wllh oho third  down,  llrand now homo.- 1120 sq, It, Including 3 bpdrooms, hnll basmonl  ond o magnificent vlow of harbour, Sunny southorn oxposuro, An  Largo houso with vlow on ovor 3 acros of valuable cornor proporty at  Klolndalo, This |u��l could bo tho bout Invoutmonl around ni $40,000,  Nl-AUTirUL PANABODE on high vlow proporty ov,orlooklno Gordon  day, Quito compact wllh ono bodroom on main nnd othor accommodation down, I.11II1 In rang**, wall to wall carpotlng pud largo  sundock, Full prlco $34,900,  VIEW HOME ON SKIUPCD ACRE    ��� overlooks Mnjosplno Stroll, 2  hnrironma on main and two In bnnomonl, A nlco homo for'somn'ono,"  $32,000,  WATERFRONT LOT ��� In Bargain Harbour olloilng 100' (loop moorago (  and lovol building nlto, Thin lot In sorvlcod and a good buy at $29,500,  ONE ACRE l.OI ���In Gordon Bay, Closo to nllshfips and marina*,.  Wnlorni'lH   tro sorvlcod, Tho prlco In ju��| $17,900,  GlttiiOi       iiADIO    CABS     Horn's    a    purine!    nnlup    lor    lamlly   oporatlon........Idool tor. wmoono now living In tlia arnn���wl)o wouicijiko  to bo thoir own boas,,,.'! taxis anrl ronlly moving ,,, $40,000 with  torms,  Wl f .Ml '.IK/// YOU A VARIETY OF IH.AUIIIHJL VIEW liUHPING LOTS  (Of II |9 WIIIHN ABOUT 60' Op THE WATER) ALL SERVICED AND ALL  "IOW PRICED , , , ENQUIRE NOW BEFORE THE SPRING RUSH.  I  PHONE 003-2794  John Hroon  00.1-9970  Jock Mormon  00.3-2745  Member, Audit. Bureau  of Circulations  September 30, 1973  Gross Circulation  4446  Paid   Circulation   3894  fded  with the  Audit  Bureau  Circulation,  subject to  audit.  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Member of Multiple Listing Service  TOLL FREE FROM VANCOUVER 689-7623  17 ACRES ��� MIDDLE POINT  Approx. 17.5 acres with many possible building sites with view of Golf,  On Hwy. 101  at Middle Point - 4 miles south of Pender Harbour.  \      $35,000.  y  "In the event of a typographical error advertising goods or services, ot  o wrong price, goods or services may not be sold and the difference  charged to the newspaper. Advertising is merely an otter to sell, and may  be withdrawn at any time."���(Supreme Court decision). Advertising is  accepted on the condition thot, in the event of typographical error, that ���  portion of the advertising space occupied by the erroneous item, together  with reasonable allowance for signature, will not be charged for, but the  balance of the advertisement will be paid for ot the applicable rate.  A composition charge is made for advertising accepted and pgt into  production, but cancelled before publication. Change from original copy  when proof is submitted to customer is also chargeable at an.hourly rate  for the additional worle. ^   Copyright ond/or property rights subsists in all display advertising and  other material appearing in the edition of the Sechelt Peninsula Times.  Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in any form whatsoever,  particularly by a photographic or offset process in a publication, must  be obtained in writing from the publisher. Any unauthorized reproduction  will be subject to recourse in law.  HELP WANTED  FOR RENT  EXPANDING Canadian Oil  Company needs dependable  person who can work without  supervision. Earn $14,000 in a  year plus bonus. Contact  customers in area. Limited auto  travel. We train. Air Mail H. O.  Dick, Pres., Southwestern  Petroleum Canada Ltd., 87 West  Drive, Brampton, Ontario L6T  2J6. 11154-14  HALFMOON BAY, baby sitter,  my home. Ph. 885-3149. 11164-14  ORGANIST for local church. Ph.  886-2333   or   write   Box   314,  Gibsons, B.C. 11181-14  FURNACE    installations    and.  burner        service.        Free  estimates. Ph. 886-7111.      36-tfn  WILL butcher, dress or cut your  meat or game, your place or  mine. Phone 883-9045      3044-tfn  Your pictures framed and  mounted from Artistic Woodwork stock. Needlework a  specialty. Ponderosa Pines  Trailer Park, Wilson Creek, 885-  Q573. 10879-15  PEERLESS     Tree     Services.  Benefit from experience. Tree  work guaranteed and insured.  Call J. Risbey 885-2109.    330-tfn  NEED SOME WORK DONE?  Sunshine Job Placement has the  employees. 150 able-bodied  beings -ready and willing. Phone  us now at 886-7370.  WHY WAIT FOR SPRING?  ,11186-14  HELP WANTED   : i   BABY sitter for one child, 1 day  week,   noon   to  6   p.m.   on  Tuesdays. Call 885-2333.   11187-14  RELIABLE baby sitter for 5 yr.  old boy, preferably with preschooler, In Sechelt.Ph, 885-9213  after 5 p.m. 11198-14  FOR RENT  TILLICUM   Bay,   1   bedroom  cottage, furn. Ph. 885-  2100.       11160-14  2  BEDROOM   unfurn.   house,  Davis Bay, $250 plus hydro. Ph.  885-9865. 11162-14  GIBSONS-March  1st,  3, B.R.  house,   unfurn.   Quiet' area,  Lower Rd. Ph. 886-2481.   11169-14  SUITES   TO  rent.   Heat   and  cablevision  incl.  Reasonable  rents. Phone 886-7836.   -   1425-tfn  HALL FOR RENT, Wilson Creek  Community    Hall.     Contact  Bonnie Wigard, 885-9403.11121-tfn  FOR MONTH to month rental, a  modern 2 bedroom home in  Selma Park area. Ph. 885-  9514. ^   ,11188-14  GIBSONS-Modern      bachelor  suite, at nominal rent to couple,  to care for small  apartment  block. Ph 886-7629. 11199-14  CENTRAL    Gibsons, ..former  school  board  offices,  above  Kruse Drug Store. 885-9366  , 746-tfn  WANTED TO RENT  RESPONSIBLE person, permanently employed in Sechelt,  wishes to rent on long term lease  or rent-to-buy option, a 2-3 BR  home, Davis Bay to W. Sechelt,,.  Immed. occup. not essential. Ph..  885-9042,11 a.m. -1 p.m.   11094-14  YOUR AUTOPLAN CENTRE  g^igiJS  fjg��fi��S?  {JOG*.  ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE  Seaside Plaza  886-2000  Gibsons  886-9121  CHARLES ENGLISH LID.  REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE  NOTARY PUBLIC AND APPRAISALS  Gibsons, B.C. 886-2481  PHONE TOLL FREE: 687-6445  IF YOU ARE BUYING A HOME, MAKE A POINT OF SEEING THESE  ��MaMMMMM.OTmMMHsaaa*��a��aaaMmMMMMam.MmaaMa*����MMMMManMaa*aMMMaaMaa��MaMaa����M��^  Dogwood Road ��� Cozy 2 bdrm homo on nlco flat land, abort walk to  Post Offlco and Shopping, This In whoro you rotlro and watch Iho boats  go by, F.P, $29,900.00.  Lockyor Rd S acros woodod land, F,P, $25,000,00,  Living Alone? try It In thin now mobllo homo - 12' x 60' on a 1/2 aero  lot, nlcoly landscaped, on Porpolso Oay Rd, 1 Mako on offor on  $30,000,00',  lanrjdnlo Chinos V|ow lots, underground services ���$ pavod roads,  $10,600,00, $11,500,00, $12,500,00,  Watorfront ��� -��� 1/2 aero lots, 100' x 200', Sorvlcos, cloarod fl, ready to  "IVullcirWostomoxpo  $22,000,00. torms,  Gibsons Village Lol ��� 1 blk, Irom shopping cantor, Cloarod, rondy to  build on, $11,000,00,  Norlh Flolchor Rd, - Noot homo sltualod on largo, vlow landscnpod  lol, 3 bdrms, flroplaco, largo sundock, Gqrngo, P.P. $39,000,00,  DavlnRd,, Gibsons Vlllago- 1 blk, Irom Shopping Contro, Iran-  spoliation, otc, 3 bdrms, no bsmt, oloctrlc hoot, wAv cat pots, largo  kltchon, utility, drlvowdy, corport, Olfors on $30,000,00, 1  Solma Park ��� Two bodroom droairt houso, closo to all  nmunltlos,  lonluros l,R, with llroploco, Pining room, w/w cm pots, largo kltchon,  utility, drlvowoy, carport and workshop, Landscnpod lot, Dominion  Lonso land, $3!,,000,00,  Watorlront���-��� 00 It, ot roal Sandy Hooch, with good moorago and a  vlow of Porpolso (lay Wost, hn�� now 2 bdrm cabin, good lor nil yoar  ... living on 5ummorJoRort,Jl2,000,00,,  ; ,��� ..,., _ ., ,   Commorclal Sltos on Highway 101,  WRITE OR PROP IN FOR OUR FREE  PROPERTY IIROCIIURE  ,    v'      ZlIlSJUN G Jf'jrV. ANXE D  K, A. Crosby   086-2090 J, W, Vlssor 005-3300  Don Sutherland 085-9362  Anno Gurnny 006-2164  ��-v  L -.  .   WATERFRONT HOME  SILVER SANDS  Approx. 500' excellent low bank Gulf waterfront, 9.8 acres. Comfortable 3 BR home, stone fireplace. 4th BR, recreation roorn and  powder room on lower level. Private marine railway for hauling boat  into basement shop. $168,000.  LOTS  1. BARGAIN HARBOUR���app/ox. J acre, nicely freed and  secluded. 35'xl0' ono BR mobile home. Immediate possession.  $35,000.  2. NARROWS ROAD���good building lots near Madeira Park  $9,000 to $11,000.  3. GARDEN BAY ESTATES���serviced lots, some with view, in this  area of fine homes. $7,500 to $11,900.  4. MADEIRA PARK SUBDIVISION���2 serviced lots, $9,800 and  $10,000.  5. NARROWS ROAD-Approx. three quarter acre of level land with  an excellent view of Harbour. 400' to water. Serviced with water  and hydro. $22,000.  6. MADEIRA PARK���2 serviced lots, suitable for mobile home.  $8,000 and $22,000.  MADEIRA PARK ROAD���building lot, close to school, stores,  gov't wharf and post office.,$9,50Q...,V..,.,,,,.,.'.,.,   MADEIRA PARK���2 commercial lots - $16,000 and $18,500.  GARDEN BAY���serviced view lot on Garden Bay Road in Garden  Bay. Driveway in and level building site cleared. $11,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA���large, very level treed lot - excellent for  mobile home. Water & hydro available. $10,000.  11.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� large serviced lot, good view of Harbour  and mountains."$T2j900."  7.  8.  9.  10.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES  Fully furnished 2 BR cedar home with good view, partial basement,  large covered sundeck, shag carpet & stone fireplace. Plus washer,  dryer, range & fridge. Located on choice corner view lot, southern  exposure, good garden & close to stores and P.O. $57,500.     .  WATERFRONT - GUNBOAT BAY  Approx. 4 acres on Hwy. 101 near Madeira Park with approx. 160'  waterfront - sheltered moorage. $57,000. ���  HOME WITH POOL - HOTEL LAKE  Attractive 3 BR, home with W/w.carpet - acorn fireplace, 1/2 basement  With storage. Boat shop, approx. 20'x54'. Situated on large treed view  lot, beautifully landscaped with patios, fish pools, fruit trees and a 22'  ��� swimming pool. $52,000.  1 8.96 ACRES WITH COTTAGE  18.96 acres on Hwy. 101 near Middle Point. Nicely treed property with  creek and furnished 2 BR cottage. Lots of trees for a log house  $50,000.  APPROX. 1900' WATERFRONT - PANDER HARBOUR  14.84 Acres with approx, 1,900' sheltered waterfront;" 5 BR  home presently being remodelled, plus small cottago used for office,  This property has an excellent largo bay and would possibly make a  largo marina with good accoss from Hwy. 101, $165,000.  CEDAR HOME    GARDEN BAY ESTATES  Approx, 1,365 sq. ft, ��� Cedar homo, built 1974 ��� 3 BR, full basement,  w/w carpot, doublo cprport, very largo sundeck, stono flroplaco, Living  room and dining, room havo opon boam ceilings, master BR has full  onsulto plumbing, Situated on soml<waterfront vlow lot, Southern  oxposuro, $69,500,  GARDEN BAY WATERr^5NT  Approx, 3 1/2 acros with approx, 500 ft. sholtorod watorfrontago  wator, hydro and road accoss, An oxcollont parcol, $100,000,  ,     MIDDLE POINT ACREAGE  19,9 acros of nlcoly trood proporty on Hwy. 101, wllh furnished ono BR  cottago ��� 2 pea. bathroom and sundock, $42,000,  , APPROX. 5 ACRES ��� KLEINDALE  Appnojl;, 5 acros fronting on Hwy. 101 ��� posslblo subdivision slto,  $25,GdO.  DEEP WATER MOORAGE - OYSTER BAY  Approx, 2,9 acros of flat, trood watorfront with approx, 175' sholtorod,  low bank shorallno, Woslorly oxposuro, Wator and hydro available, A  good buy at $39,900,  2.33 ACRES -I^ GARDEN BAY ROAD  2,33 acros with cr^ok, 940 sq, It, 3 OR homo ��� noods ropalrs, and  docorallng, Low taxes, $34,000,  SEMI-WATERFRONT VIEW HOME^^^^^"^^���  sq, tt,... 3 BR  family  homo  In Gordon  t\ay  Approx,   1,250 sq, n, ��� u ut<  tamily  homo  In  flroplaco, sundock, carport, full basomont, Lovol cornor  londscapod, fruit Iroos, $45,000,  brick  loaso lot,  , VIEW HOME ��� MADEIRA PARK  Attractlvo full basomont homo| hullt August, 1972, Approximately  1,200 sq, (I, with 3 ORs, master onsullo', Carport and larqo covorod  sundock, Sltualpd on largo, partially londscapod vlow lol. Closo lo all  convonloncoi, $55,000, EKlstlng.llrst nwfgogu approx, $20,000 at 9  1/2% por annum,  FURNISHED cWfAOE"GAR"DEN BAY  Comforlahlo 2 OR coltngo on 2 largo lonso lots, Lonsos havo approx, |0  yoors remaining plus 20 yoar option, Closo to storos, marinas and post  allien, $| 8,000,   ' '  HOME AND APPROX, 5 ACRES  locatod on hwy, 101 at Middle. Point, 2 OR homo, oil furnnco, ��opnralo   garago and.wnrkshap.,$35,000. _.������ .,���.��.,. ,.  ~ ACREAGE - KLEINDALE  Apprnx, 16 ocros on Hwy, 10) . good commorclal slln . gravrtl pll on  proporty, Asking $57,000 and opon lo nidus, Existing morlgngo ,  npprox. $30,000 nl 10 pm ronl p��>r annum,  J  '   SEAVIEW MARKET - ROBERTS CREEK  Busy general store, 1 block from waterfront in Roberts Creek. 2 BR  living quarters. Would consider trade for house and/or property in  Roberts Creek area. Shows good return on investment. $65,000. plus  cash forstock.  I  EGMONT MARINA - FISHING RESORT  Approx. 4.5 acres, approx. 660' waterfront. 11 motel units, owner's  three bedroom home, restaurant and store (leased out). Standard  Marine station; bait sales, floats, launching ramp, 8 rental boats and 7  motors, camper space, room for expansion. $275,000.  MADEIRA PARK STORE ��� ONE ACRE LAND  Vacant store building & adjoining one BR living quarters. Newly  decorated. Counters, shelving, freezer, meat cooler 8 other misc.  equipment also included. Situated on a one acre parcel across the  street from shopping centre. Approx. 100' frontage on both Madeira  Park Road & Hwy. 101. Immediate possession. $62,500.  READY-MIX CONCRETE BUSINESS & EQUIPMENT  Operating in the Pender Harbour area with two ready-mix trucks, 1  dump truck, 1 loader, gravel crushing and screening plant, gravel  lease. $118,000.  COMMERCIAL ACREAGE WITH REVENUE  4.4 commercial acres, adjoining new shopping centre in Madeira Park.  Store building, approx. 3,000 sq. ft., plus 2 houses, all presently leased.  Excellent property for holding or immediate development. Low taxes.  Asking $190,000.  RUBY LAKE MOTEL  11 modern waterfront units, all electric, in a beautiful setting on 4.3  acres, approx. 200' waterfront on Ruby Lake and approx. 800'  waterfront on Lagoon, Hwy. 101 runs through property. Float and  launching ramp on Ruby lake. $115,000.  FISHING CHARTER BOATS AND BUSINESS  2 fully equipped Fibreglass boats, 37' and 28', operating a cruising,  fishing and water taxi service in Pender Harbour. Present owner  willing to operate on share basis for one season. $100,000.  &  RUBY LAKE COTTAGE  119''waterfrqnt lot with furnished one BR cottage - living room - kitchen, bathroom with shower, acorn fireplace, sundeck, water, hydro,  float. Road access. $32,500.  4 BR PANABODE - SAKINAW LAKE  4 BR furnished Panabode with 1 1/2 bathrooms, sundeck on all sides,  fireplace, 2 boats and motors, float. Situated on approx. 24 acres with  approx. 1,250 ft. choice lakefront with Westerly exposure and many  good building sites. An excellent property for a private retreat or for a  group investment. $105,000.  SAKINAW LAKE  Two furnished waterfront cabins, both with washrooms, on approx.  1.34 acres of nicely treed lease land with approx. 175' sheltered  lakefront, 12' boat and 6 hp motor. All for only $ 16,900.  SUMMER COTTAGE - SAKINAW LAKE  Small furnished summer cottage with sundeck, on 100' lakefront lot.  Float. Needs some finishing. $26,500. Adjoining lakefront lot, approx.  70' of low bank shoreline. $18,900.  SAKINAW LAKE  Approx. 500' low bank lakefront on about 7 1/2 acres, nicely treed.  Water access only, $50,000.  APPROX. 120 ACRES ��� RUBY LAKE  Approx. 120 acres of excellent land. 400' waterfront on Ruby Lake.  2,600' approx. waterfront on Lagoon. 2 houses, presently rented &  trailer spaces, $180,000.  EGMONT  WATERFRONT ACREAGE - EARL COVE  Approx, 1,800' good watorfront with several boachos and bays.  Contains approx. 42 acros, Creek through proporty. 3 BR furnished  homo, full basement, oil furnace. Access from Egmont Road, Excollont  marina or rosort slto, Full price $175,000, Existing agreement for salo  $100,Opo at 8 percent,  APPROX. 600' WATERFRONT ,  Approx. 7 acros with approx, 600' watorfront ad|olnlng tho Egmont  Morlno, Pavod Maplo Road runs through property, $100,000,  WATERFRONT LOTS  Two ad|olnlng lots, each with approx, 64' watorfront, Closo to school,  post office, store and government wharf, $16,000 to $19,000,  APPROX. 375' WATERFRONT  Approx, 375' watorfront with doop, sholtorod moorago on approx, 10  acros of trood land, Accoss by troll or wator, $35,000,  '  WATERFRONT LOT - SUNSHINE BAY  Approx, 43' watorfront lot locatod on Truman Road, with tho finest  vlow, building slto, serviced with wotor, hydro and sowor, Prlcod low  for cash $16,000 firm,  WATERFRONT ACREAGE - REDROOFFS ROAD  Approx, 3 acros of sloping vlow property wllh 209' of walorlronlago,  Panoramic vlow of Mary Island and tho Gulf, Property In 2 soparato  lots, ono with old houso, $100,000,  LARGE ACREAGE - $ 1,000. PER ACRE  D,L, 2392, opprox, 160 acros, slluatod approx, 1 1/4 mllos above Hwy.  101 noar Halfmoor) Day, Access by old logging road, Trails and roads  throughout tho property, nlcoly trood usablo land, Oulsldo land Irooio  aroa ��� posslblo subdivision slto, $160,000,  SECHELT - SELMA PARK  1, SELMA  PARK- largo  vlow lot,  approx,   1/2  aero,   Sorvlcod,  $20,000,  2, SANDY HOOK ROAP ~- largo v|ow lot, wntor A hydro nvalloblo,  $10,000,  ACREAGE�� LOTS F �� G, Blk, A, D.L. 903  Two od|o!nlng 9 aero Mocks,-opprox, 2,000' from Hwy, 101, Nlcoly  trood, gontlo slopo, soulhofn oxposuro, $45,000 oach,  ACREAGE ��� GRANTHAMS HEIGHTS  Approx, fi ocros of flat tro-��d proporty on Boylo Road, Oood location lor  l.omnslln or hobby Inrni, $24,900.  DON LOCK  Roa, 003-2526  OLD or JEAN SLADEY  Ron, 003-2233  DAN WILEY  Roa. 003-9149 WANTED TO RENT  REAL ESTATE  REAL ESTATE  MOBILE HOWIES  MOBILE HOMES  LIVESTOCK  Wednesday, February 26,1975 ' The Peninsula Times Page a*  2 OR 3 bedroom home, GibSons-  Sechelt area. Ph. 885-3383.  .   , 11111-14  GIBSONS  area,  working  girl  requires suite or small house.  Desperate. Ph. 886-2677. 11201-14  REAL ESTATE  TRADES CONSIDERED  3 bedroom, separate dining  room, full basement, deluxe  home. Choice view lot  overlooking Sechelt Inlet, convenient to the arena and Village  of Sechelt. Many features. Phone  885-2894 or 885-9851.  10921-tfn  GILBERT Plains, Manitoba, 240  acres, $12,000, or or trade for  Sroperty on Peninsula, good  unting and fishing. Suitabe for  mixed farming or small ranch.  For details write Box UllOrc^o  Box 310, Sechelt, B.C.      11110-14  WANTED to buy approx. 5 acres  with small house, Sechelt or  Roberts Creek area. Private. Ph.  (112)987-1775. 11090-14  $32,900 F.P.  GIBSONS ��� This is a wonderful  buy for someone. Charming well  built 2 bedroom finished  basement home, on Gower Point  Road. Must be seen. Private sale.  886-9042 886-9852  11125-tfn  WANTED���5-10 acres in Roberts  Creek or Halfmoon Bay area,  with    or    without   buildings.  Private sale. Ph. (112)985-8110.  11099-14  OPENHOUSE  SUNDAY 2-4P.M.  Shrewd' buyers looking for  quality, convenience, luxurious  comfort and real value should  investigate these spacious  condominiums on School Road,  Gibsons. 3 bedrooms, rec'room,  electric heat, wall to wall, range.  Over 1500 ft. finished area PLUS  VIEW. Only $40,500 with only  $5,500 down for qualitied purchasers. Phone GRAHAM  CRAIG at 885-2792.    "  CREST REALTY LTD.  1381 Marine Drive,  West Vancouver  922-6196  11165-14   . i : 1  CARIBOO���Hunting and Fishing  camp. Large modern log  house, auto, gas heat, 700 ft. lake  - front, cabins,-boats, J. jniles^to":  village. 4 acres, need for trailer  ,pads and campsites. F.P. $65,000  terms. Ph. 885-9660, 6 p.m. - 10  p.m. 11177-14  WATERFRONT VIEW  GDBSONS-4 B.R. older type  home set on 50x120' sewered lot, 2  blocks from town centre. Priced  at only $19^900. Try your offer.  Call 886-2718 or Syd Tarron (112)  S9-9771 collect. 11151-16  MADEIRA PARK area, semi  WF, large fully treed level lot  with good drainage. Zoned R-3.  Ph. 885-2476. 11157-16  2 BEDROOM home,  Hillcrest  Rd., Gibsons, near stores and  school. 886-7306. 11170-16  .SANDY   Hook,   Sechelt   Inlet.  Large  waterfront  lot,   good  building site, with breath talon  view. $22,000. Ph. (112) 261-  4362. 11184-16  g  NEW-HOME  3 bedroom full basement home,  has double plumbing, attached  carport and sun deck. Close in  Sechelt location.  Contact owner  885-9851      10900-tfn  SOUTHERN exposure on top of  Langdale Chines, % acre view  lot No. 4. Fully serviced nicely'  treed, with some improvements.  Asking $13,500. Ph. 885-3185  evenings. 11144-tfn  GBSONS-3 B.R. split level on 1  acre, fireplace, wall-to-wall in  L.R., Vz basement, work shop and  %- out bldgs.-F.P.-$45,000-with -  $22,200 down and assume mort.  at 9% per cent. Will consider  small house as D.P. Ph. 886-  9130. 11153-16  MOBILE HOMES  1974 LEADER 12'x60'  2    bedroom    mobile    home,  fireplace, fridge,  stove,, large.  porch and skirting.  Excellent  condition. .Set up in Mobile Home  Park.  Also 1973 Leader 12'x68\ three  bedroom, partly furnished.  885-2918      11183-tfn  197312'x60\ 2 B.R., furn. Set up in  West   Sechelt.   Ph   885-2047.  1 11076-tfn  THE ANSWER  You  can  now   purchase 'this  .beautiful,   brand   new   12x64',  mobile home with 3 bedrooms,  wall   carpeting,   deluxe   ap-  Miances. ftU'ly furnisned, feS  type entrance, Day wm&u-��>!"��.  gal. hot water tank, gun oil  furnace. Delivered and set up to  your lot for only  $12,900 !  or  Pay $1;935 down (remember you  could get up to $1500 in Gov't  grants.) andfthe balance for less  than $155 per month for 144  months at 13.5 per cent interest  O.A.C.  Phone NOW collect  588-0106  LANCERHOMES  CORPORATION  Dealer license 25139,   ��� 14  24'x 48'STATESMAN  3 bdrm, separate DR, shag  carpeting throughout. Avocado  built-in dishwasher; deluxe  jrange,; 2 dr. frost free fridge;  fully furnished and tastefully  decorated.  1969        12'x52'        1B.R.  LAMPLIGHTER  Good Condition  12'x 68'STATESMAN  3   B.R.   carpeted   throughout.  Separate dining area.  SUNSHINE COAST  TRAILER PARK  886-9826  11138-tfn  AYERS Mobile Home Park, wc?'  have frailer space available.  Phone 885-2375. 10777-tfn  DOUBLE WIDES  Delivered and set up on your  property, guaranteed to be  accepted by municipality. Non-,  basement and Mull basement  foundation plans supplied. Also  large selection of twelve wides;  For further information  ," Call Collect 525-3688  Maybe viewed at 6694 Kingsway,'  * Burnaby  Member of the Western Mobile  Home Assoc.  M.D.L. 25012  8917-tfr  CAMPERS & TRAILERS  MEMBER OF  MULTIPLE LISTING  SERVICE  BOX 769, SECHELT, B.C.  ^issnaswai ESTATES LTDiaaAmi  REAL ESTATE  Vancouver Direct Line 685-5544  PHONE 885-2241  SECHELT AND AREA  'i    '1M  DAVIS BAY AND AREA  .  SELMA PARK  Large residential lot, 140' frontage. Serviced, level & Feady to build  on. F.P. $15,000. Call Ed Baker.  PORPOISE BAY VIEW HOME  Just past new ice arena, 1296 sq. ft. w-w rugs throughout  corner fireplace. Two complete bathrooms., full basement,  view from living room, kitchen, master bedroom and sundeck. Priced at  $54,500. Make your offer. Call Ed Baker.  Attractive  panoramic  SELMA PARK  Handy man's special. Large home view lot. Walk in basement, living  area upstairs. Not finished. Priced to sell at $42,000. Call Stan Anderson.     SELMA PARK  Home and two cottages, $29,500. Live in one, let the other two pay the  expenses. Property includes three lots with 150' highway frontage.  Good leasehold property. Consider the value. Call Dove Roberts.  WILSON CREEK  Close to 1 acre of creek front within 200 ft. of sea. Level cleared land.  Beautiful garden soil, septic system and cement foundation installed,  fully serviced. F.P. $23,000.00. Call Stan Anderson.  ���TWO WATERFRONT LOTS '  Close tb new ice arena, fn one of the nicest new areas to open up on  the Sunshine Coast. Power and telephone are underground and water  system is in. Previous lots in this area sold very fast. F.P. $18,000 each.  Call Dave Roberts.  SSLMA PARK  View lot, fully serviced, beautifully treed. Approx. one-half acre. F.P,  $16,000. Call Doug Joyce.  TWO VIEW LOTS  No steep hills to climb to reach these exceptional lots. Terrific view of  Sechelt Inlet and Coast mountains. Close to new ice arena and excellent public beach and boat launch access. Only $10,000 each. Call  Dave Roberts.   VILLAGE LOT  100'x250' serviced lot close to beach. Driveway and culvert installed.  Many trees on a unique lot. F,P. $13,500. Call Stan Anderson.  DAVIS BAY ,  70x122' view lot, treed, easy building site. The best buy around. F.P.  $9,500. Call Stan Anderson."  Level lot, nicely treed. Handy location In West Sechelt, Near school and  trailers permitted, Zoned R2, F.P. $8,900. Call Len of Suzanne Van  Egmond.  '��� '��� '���  THRIVING BUSINESS  This grocery store makes a nice profit as woll as paying a vory good  wage to tho owner, Good working hours ��� 11  a.m, to 10 p.m, F,P.  $16,850.00. Call Stan Andorson  SELMA PARK  LEASED LAND  Got $5,400, down payment? Can you pay $140 per month? Then you  can own this small but comfortable one bedroom home. Fireplace is an  extra surprise, call Bill Montgomery.  .      -. , j ������ , _' V,  Large Lot in Selma Park area (not lease), very secluded location, partly  cleared, full price $8950. Call Dave Roberts  LARGE PARKLIKE LOT  71x233' heavily treed, fully serviced lot. No closo neighbours, The  ultimato In privacy, Prlcod right at $10,500, Call Stan Anderson.  SELMA PARK  Cozy ono year old 2 bedroom home In nice quiet district. Electric  heating, fireplace and carport and partly finished rumpus room. F.P.  $43,000. Call Doug Joyco,  ROBERTS CREEK AND AREA  5 approved building lots��� power, water and pavocl roads. Park-like  sotting with South-West exposure. $10,000,00 call Doug Joyco,  Small cottago on loaso land approx, 800 sq, ft, Only stops to beach,  Good vlow, Lot Is 50'xl00', Full plumbing, F,P. $17,000,  Call Stan Andorson,  NEW  $30,000 or offors. Attractlvo 2 bodroom ranchor, Walking dlstanco to  all convonloncos within Socholt village, Idoal starter or rotlromont  homo, Attractlvo corner flroplaco, ww throughout, carport, otc, For  moro Information call Ed Bakpr.  VIEW LOT  Spectacular vlow lot overlooking Sotjholt Inlot, Lovol and roqdy to build,  In aroa of now homos gnd walking distance to now arona, Full Prlco  $16,000,00, Call Bill. ,  4,6 ACRES  Uppor Roborts Creek, Unfinished house, 768 sq. ft.  Georgia Strait, F.P. $29,900, Call Bill Montgomery,  Nlco vlow of  SECHELT INLET  SANDY HOOK  Look straight up tho Inlot, Boautlful view, quiet aroa. 2 lots In newly  dovolopod aroa, To bo sold soparatoly or buy both at $21,000, Call Bill  Montgomery, '  SECHELT VILLAGE  ,'Noar now 3 bodroom homo on a largo vlow lot In tho Vlllago, Full  basomont, 2 fireplaces, A vory good homo, Prlcod In Iho mid 60'��, Call  Stan Andornon,  ;   '  ���   4,6 ACRES  Hydro, walor available on properly, Prlcod at $35,000, Your olfor may  bo satisfactory, Coll Ed Dehor, "   "''> '���  IS SKATING OR CURLING YOUR THING?  "On ly6"|6 I'��" (off, 200* to oroiia and "c I Solo boa c| ij Pr Icwl uncW $ B~ 000?  Call Suzanne Egmond nt 005.9603 or 005-2241,  , SMALL FARM WITH ORCHARD  Raise and grow your own food on this 4,6 ocros of foncod meadow In  Wost Socholt,,A 5 Manchlon cow born with hayloft, 4 car garage ond  workshop, Small ca|(oga and a modern 3 bodroom homo wllh a really  largo farm Kltchon. /VO furnace, Ono nillo from nchool, Prlcod woll o!  $39,500, Oood fernu, Call Lon Egmond,  SANDYHOOK  Ono bodroom homo with part vlow, Noar boat launching ramp and  boach. Warm and comfortable and In a qulot aroq, F,P. $27,500, Call  Bill Montgomery.  TUWANEK  50'x 120' sorvlcod lot, oasy walking dlstanco to Marina and swimming,  Lot In trood, Call Doug Joyco,  GIBSONS & AREA  LANGDALE VIEW HO'ME  Contomporary 3 bdrm homo, all codar llfotlmo oxtorlor ?ldlng, En-  nulto plumbing, unlquo design, Carport, largo lot, vory close la school  P.P, $53,900, Call Stan Andorson or Rill Montgomery',  GIBSONS VILLAGE  "Lot 6'on Aldoriprll^  Dovo Roborts,     ' ' "   SHOAL LOOKOUT  Rock l�� boautlf-.il, ospocallly whon II Is surroundod by ono of iho most  spectacular views In tho aroa, P.P, $19,900. Call Doug Joyco,  Two building lots, closo to boat launching and "Tho Gap", Priced right  ot $24,000, Call Doug Joyco,  OVERLOOKING TltC TRAIL ISLANDS  Thoso largo lots with southorn exposure aro locatod |uM off Mason Rd,  In o choice rns|dont|n| aroa. Lois of good anil (or gardening, Fully  sorvlcod Including sowor, Prlcod from $12,200, Call Lon or Suznnno  Van Egmond,       ���,��� , ���  ���, _ .���.  BUILDING LOT  In Socholl Vlllago, cloarod, noivlcod, pavod road, |��no at roar, All now  homos In aroa, P,P, $11,000, Call Davo Roborts,  1/2 aero proporty /onod R-2  Coll Ed Bahor,  $0,730 ���  Iralkrs pormlllud, Nlcoly li����d and lovol.  ,..���., PENDER HARBOUR      '  Approximately 1 1/2 acros with 75' walorlronl, Beside Pondor Harbour  Hotel, Erisy access |o wator, A bargain at $33',5O0, Call Davo Roborts,  GIBSONS  Cholco 72 k 130 lot within a couple of blocks of tho theatre and  nhopplng, Full prlco $12,900,00, Call Doug Jo^co,  BEAUTIFUL AND NEW  Woll plannorl now homo with vlow of Georgia Slrnll and Koats lilond,  1260 sq, ft, of living oroo, stopo llroploco with brick flroplaco In full  -.basamontf carpet* throughout,-In ��ul��o,natlo and sundock' and many ���  other foaturoi, On Gower Pt. Rd, In Vlllago of Gibson*, Call Bill for  appointment to vlow,  Dqve Robf��rt��  rs/m,phopol)n5.2973  Lon of Suzanne Von Egmond  f.voi, Phonnn059603  Rill Montgomery  .....Eves, 006-2006 ���  5lor�� Andstrton  1,'voi, Phono 003.2303  Jack Andernop  Evi>s, 005-2053  Doug Joyce  Eves, Phone 003-276)  MBaKor  Evos, Phone 005r2641  1970VANGUARDTrailelvl8 "It.,"  like new, $2200. Ph. 886-7278.    11190-14   FOUND  New & Used Tack  QUALITY FARM^UPPLY  All Buckerfield Feeds  Hardware - Fencing  Fertilizer - Purina Products  Alfalfa - Hay - Straw  We are on Pratt Road, 1 mile  south from Highway  PHONE 886-7527  10664-tf  SWIFT Feeds ��� H. Jabobson,  Swift Dealer. Nor'West-Rd.,  Sechelt. Phone 885-9369. Chicken  feeds, Horse feed, Hog feed,  Cattle feed. Hay and other feeds  by order. 258-tfn  NEW PHONES  DON LOCKSTEAD, Parliament  Buildings, Victoria. (112) 387-  6349. 11123-tfn-  FOR SALE  LEGAL NOTICES  1972 TERRY 19 ft. completely S-C  trailer. $2900 firm. Ph. 883-  3028. 11145-15  -    ��� ~  BOATS & ENGINES  M.V. POACHER, Mgh'k&ed 4  ton "A" Lie, radar. VHF. C.B..  $29,000. Ph. (112) 926-1476.   11128-  15  24' CABIN cruiser, full flying  bridge. Head, sounder, radio,  -phone, radio, dinghy, life jackets,  anchor, 327 Chevy new last year.  Ph. 885-2190. U176-16  1967 O.M.C. 19' I.B.-O.B., 155  H.P. aluminum boat, canvas  top, fresh water cooled. Tandem  trailer. Extras all in good condition. Ph. 885-9000.        11161-16  CARS & TRUCKS  1969 G.M.C. % ton 4x4 pick-up,  good conditioa Ph. 883-  2720. 11150-14  1949 OLDSMOBILE, as is. Ph.  885-2832 after 6 p.m.      11155-14  1966 DODGE Super Bee, 4 spd.  trans., radial tires, new paint  job. Exc. cond. Ph. 885-  9602. 11167-14  1973 1600 COROLLA Toyota,  36,000 miles, corvette blue,  black-vinyl top, auto., F.M. radio  with 8 track, 4 radial tires with 2  snow tires. Exc. cond. Ph. 885-  2146. 11195-14  LADY'S Hamilton wrist watch,  Davis  Bay  School  grounds.  Engraving on back. Ph. 885-  2351. 11200-14  LOST  BOY'S  glasses,  black  frame,  between Gibsons school and  P.O. Ph. 886-7278. 11191-14  .#  SHE US AT OUR OFFICE ACROSS FROM THE SECHELT BUS DEPOT  WANTED TO BUY  QUOTES ARE invited on approx.  100 cords of firewood, log  length cunits, and or cut and split  cords approx. length 18 inches,  delivered to Porpoise Bay  Provincial Park after April 1st,  1975. Ph. 885-9019 or write Box.  644,'Sechelt. 11152-tfn  TIMBER wanted. Let us give you  an estimate. All species. D & C  Log Sorting Ltd., 1586-7896 or 886-  7700. 10895-tfn  QUEEN   size   bedroom   suite,  wringer washer. Ph. 886-  2734. 11173-14  DOUBLE pedestal vanity desk,  as new, $65. Ph. 885-9043. 11175-  14  TWO 3000 gallon tanks, $800 total.  Ph. 885^9330 or 885-9796.11185-14  USED frigidaire fridge, in good,  condition. Ph. 885-9514. 11189-14  PORTABLE 21 inch B-f'Ad-  miral T.V. Ph. 885-9514.11192-14  DIAMONDS-Estate        Sale-  Engagement and wedding ring  sets. Good buys Ph. 885-  2952. 11193-14  BUFFET,       .antique,       oak,  refinished, exc. cond., $195;  -Lazy���Boy���chair-and-Ottoman  green leatherette, $65. Ph. 885-  2696. 11194-14  HOOVER    rinse-o-matic,    excellent   condition,   compact.  $100. Ph. 886-7098.. 11196-14  LEGAL NOTICES  APPENDIX 2  Pender Lakes Waterworks Ltd.  NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO  THE COMPTROLLER OF  WATER RIGHTS UNDER THE  WATER UTILITIES ACT AND  THE ENERGY ACT  AAORGAGES  MACHINERY  DOUBLE drum winch, good for  pulling stumps or for a swifter  machine, $500. Fordson major 4'  cyl. diesel engine, $500; C-frame  and hydraulics with blade and  bucket, $300; Boughton cat winch  with fairleads, $200. Ph. 885-2832  after 6 p.m. 11156-14  LIVESTOCK  2 HORSE trailer for rent. Cunningham's. Phone 885-9927 3340-  tfn      CERTIFIED    Farrier,    Hans  Berger is coming to Coast.  Contact Sunshine Farm. 885-3450  ,    /���������     . 994-tfh  CHICKS���Dual      purpose  Paymaster (Rhode Island Red  Cross), White Leghorns, White  Rocks. Ship anywhere. Napier  Hatchery, 22470 64th Ave., R.R. 7  Langley, 534-6268. 10907-tfn  NEED MONEY?  Mortgages   Arranged  Bought  Sold  - First - Second - Third -  SUMMER COTTAGE  AND BUILDING LOANS  READILY AVAILABLE  ACADIAN MORTGAGE  CORP LTD.  2438 Marine Drive  West Van. 926-3256  8909-tfn  FOR SALE  2-80 GAL. propane tanks, brand  new propane fired household  dryer;   near   new   3   kilowatt  Peters diesel light plant. 886-  7338. 10744-tf  10'xl2' UTILITY building, wired,  on skids. Will deliver and reassemble on your site. Ph. 885-  9469. 11158-14  CANON S.T. single lens, reflex  33mm camera, $130. Ph. 883-  9028. 11146-15  RECTANGULAR   Acorn  firelplace, seldom used,  black finish, $60. Ph. 883-  Matt  9028.  11147-15  WANTED  REAL ESTATE  "V  Socholl,,, Pondor Harbour Aroa Proforrod  Qy responsible part/ ,,, no trlf lors ploaoo  Acroogo with homo,,. Rustic sotting ,,,  MUST BE ,.. Watorfront or good vlow with moorage  MUST BE ,., Secluded but Accessablo  Sond Information,., J'rlco and Snaps to ,,,  J. L. SMITH  1700,90th Avo.  Dawson Crook, 0,C,  Property Wanted  * South of Socholt ������ about one acre���- secluded but wllh view. 2 or  more bdrm, and proforably basomont, Ago unimportant If bldg, sound,  * North of Socholt ��� few acros with wafo'rfront & good mooring plus  road access.  Proporty For Sale ,  1)72 GOWER PT,RD,GIDSONS,$B6,500, |m     \  Oottor than now 6 yr. 3 bdrm, homo with 2 full bathrooms, Main floor  all w/w. Extra [go, oatlng area with super bu||t-|ns off wo||-f|ttod hit-,  "choirriill baiomonl, flii; r^  mtg, at 7%, M5 PIT.  PORT MELLON HIGHWAY, $79,900  5-6bdrm homo on 90 x 120 lot,, 2 bathroom* ��i ��ulto facilities, 1034 sq,  ft, on main and ,V1 basomont, Extensive uso of notact panelling,  Seovlew forever, Close |o forry, $3.0,800 mtg, at 9 3/4% -- $.1(10 PIT,  NEW HOME - SARGENT ROAD, $54,900  3 bdrm, <lb|o plbg, 2 levels with uppor dormer windows lo Howe  Sound view, Attractive kitchen ft P/R buiiMnv  NOTICE is hereby given by  Pender Lakes Waterworks Ltd.  that an application has been  made to Comtroller of Water  Rights for a certificate of public  convenience and necessity for the  proposed construction and  operation of a waterworks  distribution _system to. serve  residents in the area of D.L. 3994,  D.L. 3993, and Blocks 2 and 3 of  D.L. 3992,' Plan 12768, New  Westminster District.  Any person wishing further'  information in connection with  this application should apply  directly to Pender Lakes  Waterworks Ltd., c-oH. L.Fritz,  P. Eng., 12356 Seacrest Drive,  Surrey, B.C.  Any objections to , this ap=  plication are to be forwarded to  the Comptroller of Water Rights,  Water Utility Act, Parliament  Building, Victoria, B.C., to be in  his hands on or before March 15,  1975. >  Pender Lakes Waterworks Ltd.  H. L. Fritz, P. Eng., President  11166-pub. February 26,1975.  ... ��� ^ ".      . ..  Province of British Columbia  i Department of Lands,  Forests and Water Resources  Forest Service  Reforestation Division  NOTICE OF TREE PLANTING  CONTRACT(S)  Sealed tenders for the following  tree planting contracts) will be  received by the Chief Forester,  British Columbia Forest Service,  Victoria, B.C., on the dates  shown below.  1. Contract 92G11-23, Located  Sechelt Creek, Ranger District  Sechelt, Number of Trees 203,000,  Viewing Date n-a.  NOTE: Viewing of the planting  site prior to submitting a tender  for this contract is not mandatory. Deadline for receipt of"  tenders is 3:30 p.m. March 14,  1975.  2. Contract 92G12-23, Located  Misery Creek, Ranger District  Sechelt, Nuniber of Trees 101,000,  Viewing Date n-a.  NOTE; Viewing of the planting  site prior to submitting a tender  for this contract Is not mandatory. Deadline for receipt of  tenders is 3:30 p.m. March 14,  1975.  3. Contract 92J4-4, Located Sk-  wawka River, Ranger District  Ppnder Harbour, Number of  Trees 155,000, Viewing Date n-a.  NOTE: Viewing of planting site  prior to submitting a tender for  this contract is not, mandatory.  Deadline for receipt of tenders la  3:30 p.m. March 14, 1975.  Tenders must bo submitted on  Uio form and in Uio envelopes  supplied which wlUi particulars,  may bo obtained from tlio Forest  Rnnger(s) Indicated, or from th&  District Forester, .355 Burrnrd  St., Vancouver 1, B.C., or from  Uio Forester 1-c, Reforestation  Division, B.C. Forest Service,  Victoria, B.C.  aTlio lowest or any tender will  not necessarily bo accepted,  11171-pub, February 20,1970.  Province of British Columbia  Department of Lands,  Forests and Water Resources  Forest Service  Ref orestation Division  .NOTICE OF TREE PLANTING '  COOTRACT(S)  Seded tenders for the following  .tree pl8antirig:cohtract(s) will be  received by the Chief Forester,  . MtishColumbia Forest Service,  Victoria^ B.C., on the dates  sho^below,  i. Contract 92G13-14, Located  Chickwat Creek, Ranger District  Sechelt, number of Trees 124,000,  Viewing Date n-a.  NOTE: Viewing of the planting  site prior to submitting a tender  for this contract is not mandatory. Deadline for receipt of  -~tenders~is~3:30-p;m: ~March~13,  1975.  Tenders must be submitted on  the form and in the envelopes  supplied which, with particulars,  may be obtained from the Forest  Ranger(s) indicated, or from the  Distrid Forester, 355 Burrard  St., Vancouver 1, B.C., or from  the Forester i-c, Reforestation  Division, B.C. Forest Service,  Victoria, B.C.  The lowest or any tender will  not necessarily be accepted.  11172-pub. February 26,1975  SUNSHINE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  SYNOPSIS OF BYLAW No. 74  SOIL REMOVAL BYLAW  f  DUPLEX ON MARINE DRIVE GIBSONS, $39,500  I bdrm suite up ond 2 bdrm down. All romod/up-datod wllh appliances,  Rentals $.110 monthly and Increnso due. Taxes $242, Must be worth  Investigating, ,  ftO x 110 LOT ON SARGENT ROAD . OIBSONS, $ 13,250  LOTS AT SANDYHOOK, PORPOISE BAY IN SECHELT  Waterfront |o|:-$22,?00|8emlwn1orlrant lot,$9,900 wllh lorm��..   22 ACRE RANCH IN PENDER HARBOUR AREA, $139,300  Ponced, under hay, Remod, home ��� oxctillonl 5 stall ulablo, ring and  ornndMnnd plus loafing shod, 2 year-round streams,  Por Details, Calf Bert BameM 922-3010  .,., ,.,��� ���..,   ���  ACADIAN MORTGAGE C0RP.1TD.  Whereas the Sunshine Coast  Regional District Board deemed  it expedient that the removal of  soil from lands within certain  areas of Electoral Areas A, B, C,  D, and F of Uie Regional District  be regulated, the Board of  Directors of the Sunshine Coast  Regional District is considering  the adoption of Bylaw No. 74 cited  as "The Sunshine Coast Soil  Removal Bylaw No. 74, 1975",  being a bylaw to regulate the  removal of soil from lands within  -certain areas of the Regional  District, to require the holding of  a permit for such purpose, to fix a  fee of twenty cents (20c) per  cubic metre of. soil actually  removed, and to prohibit the  removal of soil from other lands  Within the remainder of the  Regional District.  Nothing in this bylaw shall be  construed so as to apply to:  (a) The removal of soil by any  florist, nurseryman, horticulturist or fanner where such  soil is required and is used on the  lands upon which such trade,  purpose or use is carried on,  provided that no soil shall be  removed to a depth below the  established grade of the street or  streets which abut the property;  (b) Any person engaged in the  erection of structures or  buildings on lands and premises  owned by such person for which a  valid building permit has been  issued and where the removal of  soil is necessary for the construction of a basement or of a  foundation, provided that the  quantity of soil to be removed  shall not exceed one thousand  (1,000) cubic metres (1,307.9  cubic yards);  (c) Any person engaged in the  construction of a private  driveway or parking area for  which a building permit is not  required and where the soil  removed is to be replaced by  other materials, provided that  the plans and specifications of  the proposed construction have  been filed with the Englnner and  performance security In the  amount of the estimated cash-  value of the work Is posted with  the Roglonal District to  guarantee that the works shall be  completed within the period of  six (6) months from the date of  such filing.  Take Notice that the abov<3 is a  synopsis of Bylaw No. 74 that  may bo Inspected nt the Administration Offices of tho  Sunshine Coast Regional  District, Wharf Street, Sechelt,  B.C. between the hours of 8;30  a.m. nnd 4:00 p.m., Monday to  Friday Inclusive, nnd that the  synopsis Is not intended to bo nnd  Is not deemed to bo an Interpretation of tho bylaw.  Dated at Sechelt, B.C. this 10th  day of February 1975,  (Mr,s.)A.G. Proflsloy  Secro tary-Trcnsuror  11159-pub. February 20, ll)7<  *dBr&hto Sell-  Bent Buy, Swap, etc.  1WHM  By Bunny-Duck  TM  #2.05,2 430 Marino Dr.| Wost Vancouvor  926-3256  Whnt hind ol lion  Inys tho longest?  as/M-aw  Va��>~  ""V, _ te ��� ���  <m '- /  1-  \  1  4  r  i  ��  ii  1  -  'h ���'���  i:  1 ���������-������  id ('  i  *  j  MB  a   ,  6  ifXV:.,.\v,;V:,:  I          .                     A     sj    *    r       t  |       (t~)    &���    t^^v^w^jv  *^ w^^s-a, Jm^**.**^ ^-aa^*^  PageA-6 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 26,1975  11  L.  A  i  From Seattle and SPECIAL MUSIC  ynday, March 2 at 111:30 a.m.  ���*Vm  GLAD TIDINGS TABERNACLE  Gibsons * Phone 886-2660  Sechelt News Notes  The "Penn Kings" will provide the music  for the Sechelt Hospital Auxiliary's Mardi  Gras on March 8. Brian Swanson and his  musicians are part of the popular  Smorgasbord's put on by this auxiliary. They  played at every one since the first, adding  greatly to the evening. The Penn Kings are  getting itchy feet and maybe on tour by the  time the next 'do' rolls around, so grab your  partners for the dance. Tickets still available  at $9 per person phone 885-9457, Mrs. Ina  Grafe.  James Blayhock Haslett is the son of  Brian and Janice Haslett. He was christened  by Rev. N.J. Godkin at,St. Hilda's Church  Sunday, Feb. 16, 1975. Godmother is Karen  Dunn, Godfather Roger Lucken. The paternal  Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Haslett,  and on the maternal side Mr. and Mrs. W.B.  Steele.  Brian's sister came from Vancouver for  the occasion with her husband John Turin.  After the ceremony they all gathered at  the home of young James.  The Valentine party for the extended care  patients at St. Mary's Hospital took place at  the Canadian JLegion Lounge as guests of the  Legion Members, Feb. 13. Ladies of the  Legion served refreshhiehts and the Pipe  Band gave a few rousing renditions of  Scottish tunes. Mrs. Helen Sinclair that grand  pianist played great music, along with Herb  Aubin and Rod Lizee on the guitar, Rod led  the patients in songs of their choice, everyone  had a jolly time.  Hospital staff members along to assist  included Mrs. Claire Tucker who thanked the  Legion for their courtesy, Miss Lillian Peters  ��� BY PEGGY CONNOR  come home.  A bridal Shower was held at the home of  Mrs. Marg De Hart on Feb. 18 for bride to be  Miss Theresa Himmel. Amongst those  present were the brides mother Mrs. Ann  Himmel, the groom's Mother Mrs. Loretta  Lucas and Mesdames Mae Norminton, Alice  BUlingsley, Phyllis Hensch, Lou Collins, Pat  Karslake and Margaret BUlingsley and  Misses Ursula Himmel, Roberta Fraser and  Susan Jorgensen. Unable to be present but  sending good wishes were Mrs. Norma  Branca and mrs. Dolores Kammerle.  The bride to be and the mothers were  presented with lovely pink and white cor-,  sages. Everyone enjoyed the scrumptious  heart shaped cake. Winners of contests were  Margrit BUlingsley, Ursula Himmel and  Mrs. Loretta Lucas.  There were four showers held for Theresa,  on Thursday Feb. 20 her co-workers at the  Bank of Montreal and other friends gathered  at the home of Mrs. Anne Brown twenty-four  in all, Misses EUy Lehman, Wendy Mercer,  Jean Ferrie, Ursual Himmel, Patricia  Goodwin, Marilyn McKenzie, Vicky Beeman,  Mesdames Aileen Bystedt, Rose Harrison,  Beverly Shinn, Carol Bystedt, Diane Eberle,  Heather^Ehos,J6mrie Giampa, Pat Karslake, Margrit BUlingsley, Ann Rennie.  Wendy MacDonald, Jean Clark and from  Vancouver Miss Wendy HaU, the Mothers  Mrs. Ann Himmel and Mrs. Loretta Lucas  both were present. Unable to attend were  Mrs. Wilma Stephanson and Kim Bierwirth.  On a snowy slippery January night.a  shower for Theresa Himmel was held at the  home of Mrs. Gloria Blain in Gibsons on the  SECHELT LIONS CLUB planters are  being bought by the trailer load. Lions  club members are selling the wooden  planters for $10 each to, raise money for  lions supported projects and last week  St. Mary's Hospital gardner Ted Gough,  right, purchased half a dozen of the  planters for. use at the extended care  wing patio. He bought the entire planter  stock of Lions member Bert Koning of  Bert's Superette in Sechelt. Lions  projects include Hackett Park, Easter  Seals, Swimming classes, tennis courts,  senior citizens programs and many  others.  ^-Timesphoto  GB3SONS r- A group of residents are  investigating the possibility of a day care  centre here. ���'*  The group is presently forming a society  and are looking into local interest.  "Presently there are six or seven Gibsons  young pebjile in the Wilson Creek Day Care  Centre," said group spokesman Jurgen  Hubel, "and there is a waiting list there.  There are a great number of people in the  -Gibsons���area 7who would- be elegible.  Presently these people are paying a private  sitter and that can be ah expensive  proposition."  Hubel said, "we are planning to use the  Wilson Creek centre as out model in the initial  setting up of the function. Once it is running,  there may be modifications. We plan to work  as closely as possible with Human Resources.  "What we are doing right now is seeing  how many Gibsons residents are interested in  a day care service. We have arranged for  telephone numbers where people can caU and  express interest or get more information,  Hubel said, "the Wilson Creek centre is a  great success. It is limited to 20 young people  and I imagine ours would be the same. We  need about ten interested parents to get the  society started; but there is room for any  number of members."  He said one meeting had been caUed to lay  the groundwork for the society and it was  decided at that meeting to go out into the  community and judge the demand for such a  centre.  "Anyone who is interested or would like  more information can caU 886-7288 or 886-  2911," he said.  On Wednesday. March 5th ._  one of our representatives  will be at,  Sunnycrest Motel, Gibsons [9-11:30 a.m.]  Bella Boach NVotol, Socholt [1-3:00 p.m.]  Tel: 866-9920 [Gibsons] 885-9561 [Sechelt]  .<sl$effl��]i^^ ���  VANCOUVER ���A group of Sunshine  Coast fisherman recently attended a peaceful  protest at the Fisheries BuUding on Pender  Street in Vancouver. More than four hundred  concered fishermen, members of UFAWU  and PTA gathered to inform the public and  gain support for a return to the 1971 terms in  the reciprocal fishing rights treaty with the  United States.  According to a spokesman the fishermen  have seen their negotiations retreat under  stiff U.S. pressure from the 1971 principles  with each round of negotiations and feel a  treaty may soon be signed which wUl be a  sellout of this country's sovereignty .and  resources. "If so,'*an annual average of 2.5  million fish difference in U.S. favour wUl be  20 Nights  from .,������������ $499.00  ���;---- Phono Your tocol Travel Agent;<���-������  885-2910      885-2339      922-0221  ' - '.'IV - - /  ulmllMiMi  145 West 15th Street,  I  North Vancouver, B.C.  Tel: 980-6571  ^cjvjty Aide whociit tahe,vdehtui^gake and    30th, Honoring Theresa* at this shower were " maintained iii*��eiyetuit��' This would' be a  -' '"       ---'*-.     -._���..-- very bad deal fbrtoUowing generations to live  with," the spokesman said that fishermen >  don't blame the negotiators so much as the ��  present government for not backing them up  with measures such as were used by  Fisheries Minister James Sinclair in 1957  when he forced the United States to sign a  Pink Treaty by the simple expedient of  telling fishermen to fish seven days a week. A  treaty was quickly signed then giving British  Columbia 50 per cent of the Fraser pink  salmon. The Capilano hatchery produced 15  per cent of the coho catch on the west coast as  far south as the Columbia river.  "With the Quinsam and Qualicum now  producing and possibly more hatcheries  planned it is almost a sure thing," said the  spokesman, "the imbalance will be greater  with more Canadian fish available for U.S.  interception. The UFAWA is mounting a  campaign to alert the public to this sellout  before this country signs an agreement which  the union feels could be worse than the  Columbia Treaty."  ��f��� T  Barbara Skaagford, Ruby Ono, Dorothy  Goeson, Val Morrison and Tida Muldowan.  Sechelt Auxiliary Volunteers who came to be  with the patients were Mrs. Muriel Eggins,  Mrs. Erna Cole, Mrs. Bea Rankin.  Mr. BiU Rankin saved the evening by  driving the Mini-bus in place of the regular  driver who was ill.  The happy Valentine patients were Mrs.  Johnston, Mrs. Benjamin, Mrs. Wakeland,  Mrs. Seaholm, Mrs. Lou Pierce, Mrs.  McHeffey, Mrs. Gordon, Mrs. Nicholson,  Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Lee, Ole Peterson, R.  Boniface, Parker Freeborn, Gus Anderson  and Mrs. Richardson. They are not all ex?  tended care; some acute care patients were  included.  Spending a holiday (for the third time) in  Hawaii were John and Maureen Clayton.  Starting with the Orchid Island, better known  as the Big Island, they spent a few days  leaving there for the Valley Island Maul  where they lazed In the sun and did a fair bit  of snorkeling although tho winds were high  stirring up the sea thus blurring the bottom.  Then for a little more social life to the Island  of Oahu, The Gathering Place Island, where  they spent a few days on Walklkl Beach,  before thoy dragged themselves ,away to  Mrs. Grace Carey, Miss Darcy Gregory, Miss  Esther Carey, Mrs. Shirley Fearnley, Mrs.  Vicky Quigley, Miss Ursula Himmel, Mrs.  Margrit Billingley and Mrs. Ann.Himmel.  Due to illness Mrs. Loretta Lucas and Mrs.  Pat -Karslake were not present.  The other shower was, held Feb. 8 in  Vancouver, hosted by her ltyaid of Honor Miss  Wendy HaU, after dinner at the Ono-On Tea  Gardens a group of friends went on to Miss  HaU's home for traditional gift giving.  The same evening Miss HaU's fiancee  John Barker who wUl be Brian's best man  held a stag party for Brian after their dinner  at the Tea Gardens. They carried onto the  "Stardust", for their shennanigans. Attending from Sechelt was John Lucas brother  and usher and Dale Stephanson. ���  The wedding of this happy couple will take  -place on March the 1st. Congratulations to  Brian and Theresa.  Mr. Jack Dodds of Meadow Lake,  Saskatchewan Is visiting his cousin Mr. Gerry  MacDonald of Wilson Creek for a few days.  ^riajbl^LMtJ^iilitillllflNriliiWiJMJBB  as taught by Maharishl AAahosh Yogi  proven to reduce anxiety o promotes full Individual development  Lecture      �� Wednesday - 8 p.m.     �� Friday, 8:00 p.m.  Whltakor Houso, Socholt.  Village of Sechelt  alternate  SECHELT ��� Secholt businessman   and  former aldorman Morgan Thompson has  been nnmed m Uio 1075 alternate director for  Uio vIIIuko on tho Sunshlno Const Regional  " District Board7"" "-��--~-~~~��-^~~~-��>  Sechelt nron director nnd nldcrmnn Norman Wntson named Thompson to tlio jiost last  week, Tho nltcrnnto vmn Alderman Dennis  ShuttlcworUi,  Aldorman Watson snld ho w��fi naming  Thompson tlio alternate, "to broaden the  political bnso of Uio community. Morgan  Thompson haa had municipal experience and  Is tho driving forco behind tho Socholt nnd  District Chamber of Commerce in thoir  rcnowcjl and vigorous Interest In municipal  mutton.,"  1 In nntnlng n non-aldormnn to tho altor-  nnto'n Heat, WatRon went ngnlrat a tradition  which wnH tho rule In tlio early days of tho  roHloniil district,  WtilHon wdd recent change*. In tho  l^w^ chooao"  hla alternate from anyone In tho vlllago. "In  this wny, tho village haa been mado moro llko  tho electoral arena," ho said, Electoral aroa  directors can cliooso their alternates from  any resident in the nrdn;��� ���  "Alderman Pcnnln Shuttlovorth hnn  grncloualy accepted my views and will atop  aside In the community Interest,"' Watson  said, '  PUBRJC HEMK  Zoning By-Law No. 146  Pursuant to Section 703 of tho Munlclpql Act, a public hearing  will bo hold In tho Old Loglon Hall at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 11 th  1975, at which tlmo all those who doom ,thoir Intorost In proporty  affoctod by tho Zoning By-law shall bo affordod an opportunity to bo  hoard on matters contained In the bylaw, and In tho Community plan.  Plus this APMIRAL 20" Color TV  By-Law 0146 Intends to zono all proportloa In tho Vlllago not hitherto  ?onod, create certain "Development Areas" and gonorally revise and  consolidate all provlous zoning bylaws,  Tako notice, that the abovo description Is a synapsis of By-Law //146  and not an .Interpretation.  By-Law tV.M6_.cmcL Its  accompanying,  roforonco map may bo Inspocfdd at tho Vlllago Offlco during offlco  hours.  T, W.Wood,  Vlllago Clork  Neoncxhns done it again! Not only has  Canada's most imaginative home'builder  come up with new plans, new Interiors, new  furnishings nnd exciting new ideas - but a  colorful encouragement to buy your new home  now. Come see The Beautiful Chojce for 1975.  "EigKflffiwaiitomlnter^  and professionally color-co-ordinated. livery  home built with meticulous Nconex  craftsmanship. Every home complete with  furniture, draperies, carpeting and appliances,  Buy your new home bqtween February 21 and  March 31 nnd you'll receive the final touch - a  20" ADMIRAL Color TV as a special gift from  Neoncx. The Beautiful Cholce-with  the beautiful Bonus.  QUALITY CRAFTED BY  Enjoy this entertaining gift from Nconex  Housing Industries when you purchase a new  Nconex Home between February 21 and  ���March..33,f���19Z5..��^n4..takq,pos9e3sion>efprc._.,  April 30th, 1975.  J, IllS - You may qualify for  $500GOVT. GRANT  Ask your dealer for details of the Federal  Government's $500,00 Grant to First  Time Purchasers!  NEONEX HOUSING INDUSTRIES  i  Look for these famous Neoncx models; ESTATE - IMPERIAL - BRENTWOOD - EMPEROR  now at this dealer  oast Uppies  [Division of Copping'* Car Town Saloi Ltd.]  Sunshlno Coa���� Hwy.    Pox 966, Socholt, B.C.  ���Motor DajaUr U����nc�� 08120 Happenings around the Harbour  i  Four months, three offenses  Wednesday, February 26,1975  MADEIRA PARK  Myrna Lewis of Irvine's Landing Marina  called to say she and husband BUI are off to  Mexico on February 21. The marina wUl be  closed from then until March inclusive and  business wUl open on March 12.  Myrna hopes this item wUl save people  from making a fruitless trip to the marina  during that period. The couple plan on  visiting Puerta VaUarta and ManriUo and  hope to spend lots of time soaking up the sun.  PONY EXPRESS  Bob Keen tells me he received a letter  recently from Somerset, England. The  remarkable thing is it was sent by airmaU  and took four and a half months to reach him.  Lord love us, and this supposed to be the age  . of progress.  MONEY RAISED  Madeira-Park^lementary SchooHield-a  Jock Bachop 883-9056  B.C. Telephone Company in Nanalmo.  Congratulations Pat. A later visitor to the  Bathgates was Constable Clarence Lovenuk.  He arrived from Ottawa and stayed for three  days. Constable Lovenuk was at one time  with the Sechelt detachment before being  transferred to Kamloops. He was later invited to join the Musical Ride in Ottawa  where he is presently stationed. At the end of  June he wUl be in Manitoba for a centennial  celebration there then wUl go to the U.S.A. for  another engagement. He would like to be  remembered to aU his , friends on the  Peninsula. Consider it done, Clarence.  The Peninsula Times  PageA-7  party for the youngsters on Valentines Day.  Money was needed to cover expenses for a  trip to Victoria. Good old Kelly donated a load  of pizzas and an oven to heat them in and the  kids had a baU. I dropped in on Uie party for  awhUe and things were hopping. Kelly also  had a shuttle service of runners .carrying  orange juice from Ms place to the school. I  noticed Principal Vem WisMoye and two lady  helpers going like'-crazy:toyi^;t0'he^.enpugh'''^  pizzas for the hungry youngsters who were  working up .appetites at the dance in the  gym. Thanks to aU the adults, helpers and  KeUy's generosity everyone had a great time.  D DAY AT THE LEGION  Saturday, February 15.  'D' stands for darts and dancing.  The day started off ih the ^arly afternoon  when dart players from the Sportsman Club  . in Port Moody arrived to compete in a round  robin tournament. Ten teams, locals and  visitors competed and the fun was under way.  The tournament was interrupted at 5:30 p.m.  for dinner. This had to be one dinner FU never  forget. The local ladies are to be  congratulated on their efforts. I pretty near  foundered trying to sample everything.  Among the many dishes on the table were  moose roast, turkey, prawns, bacon wrapped  oysters, potato salad, piping hot chJle and  garlic bread to mention but a few. Being  typical men, off we went to play darts leaving  the ladies to clean up after the meal.  When the tournament was over the winners of the most games were local boys. Jeff  Fletcher, Art VanderweU, Gordie Kobus and  AI -Christie. They won fourteen games out of a  possible twenty. WeU done, guys. A special  pat on the back goes to the ladies who worked  hard after dinner to get the haU ready for the  Valentine Dance later in the evening.  ALSO FROM EGMONT  For the third time in just a few weeks a  person weU known to Egmont has died. J.C.  'Tony' Salunier has lived in Sechelt for the  last four yews but many recall his yarns of  sajMj^^jjajgjint^ 6; and driving near, Gibsons Dec,  up over a varied lifetime with which Tony   blood-alcohol percentage oyer .08  An 18-year old local youth committed  three criminal code offenses involving liquor  and vehicles within four months, provincial  court was told Feb. 20.  Judge Ian Walker told Alan CoUeypriest  that he had demonstrated, "a contemptuous  attitude to the whole legal system," by his  actions.  CoUeypriest pleaded guilty to having care  and control of a motor vehicle near Gibsons  Oct. 4 whUe his blood-alcohol percentage was  over .08; impaired driving near Gibsons Oct.  20 with a  'Anderson. "The car turned round 180degrees  and its rear end ran into a hydro pole."  RCMP smelted Uquor on CoUeypriest's  breath, said Anderson, and took him to  Sechelt for a breathalyzer test, which  registered .18.  Judge Walker described the string of offenses as being of, "the utmost-seriousness.  You demonstrated a contemptuous attitude to  the whole legal system. You seem to have a  very cavalier attitude towards your  responsibilities."  _llYw!rejwjLold^_no_ughJojdrM^,"_said,  often helped his neighbours.  It seems that the future of the Sunshine  Coast is under study by a group of  professional planners. Egmont people are <  interested enough that they will be arranging  a meeting between planners and populace.  There is even talk of holding a series of study  discussions on the three big -questions ���  s'What changes would we like to see if any?'  and ��What can be done to make our area the  wray we want it?'  TUBA MOUTHPIECE  Margaret Thompson who played the tuba  for the Harbour Lights at the Legion recently  tells me she has lost the mouthpiece of her  instrument. She thinks it may have happened  in the Legion on the parking lot. It is sUver  and about four inches long. If anyone finds it,  please let her know as the tuba is useless  without it.  PARENTS NOTE  I was talking to KeUy of the Kosy Kitchen  recently. He would like to install a cigarette  vending machine for the convenience of his  customers but is concerned how the parents  of the many chUdren who frequent his place  feel about this.  He told me if a number of parents are  against the idea he wiU let it drop. I per-  sonaUy feel if kids want to smoke they wiU get  the cigarettes one way or another, but at  anyrate-let him know your feelings on the  matter. He is concerned.  COMMUNITY CLUB  The club is thinking of having a sign  placed on the outside of the hall listing the  various activities held^^ there. Anyone interested in making and painting the lettering  on the sign please contact your's truly  regarding price and specifications.  RCMP Const. Hal Anderson said police  responded to a complaint^Qjct. 4 and found a  vehicle parked on Joe Road, with  CoUeypriest behind the wheel. .-.,-.'..,���  When lie was asked to produce identification, CoUeypriest started the motor of;  his car and rolled a few feet down the road,  said Anderson.  He claimed Uiat accused was unsteady on  his feet. A subsequent breathalyzer test put  CoUeypriest's blood-alcohol percentage at  .14.  Oct. 6, poUce stopped CoUeypriest after  following him down HaU Road and onto  Lower Road.  "He was driving down the middle of the  road and on the left hand side," said.Anderson. "His breath smeUed (of alcohol) and  he was unsteady.  CoUeypriest registered .15 in a  breathalyzer test, court was told.  Dec. 20, poUce came across a motor  vehicle accident, said Anderson. CoUeypriest  was. the driver of the single car involved.  "Apparently he had been trying to pass  another car and started to hydroplane," said  Judge Walker. "It should be milkshakes,  sonny." , f  He fined CoUeypriest a total of $700 on the  three charges and banned him from driving  for three months.  "Think *��� yourself very lucky that you  haven't gone to jail," he said.  IMPAIRED -..  In other court news, Craig Coyle was fined  $350 for impaired driving.  Anderson said that police discovered a car  in the ditch Feb. 16 on Highway 101 near  Gibsons. Coyle was the sole occupant.  "He had been attempting to turn round,"  said Anderson. "He appeared to be impaired."  He said a breathalyzer test indicated  Coyle's blood alcohol percentage to be .22.  Coyle said he had consumed about five  drinks before the accident.  "You had more than that if the reading is  OK," said Judge Walker. "More like half-a-  bottie."  The judge said he would leave any  suspension of Coyle's driving licence up to the  motor vehicle branch in Victoria.  L.  I.       1 ' .   '  t     a?  '   ' '  ���,-..     v        a        .��,���-���-���<      .,, .--       *^-V,.   ,aa.k     |1'��� I--.1     J a- a-       NsV  srtni���'---������-'s,lmifflrni-'ii^WiiTiiiiJr'   "Tin rr i--- si-r-.n i 'TT iijti irns- rn���iin, iimr--* ��� t���r-, riv-i-" ���r��� r-.r "-fr'nii-��-"-"*��� ��� -rf-- ���*���*  tij   aV��  Rover  NEW ARRIVALS  HeUo and welcome to recent newcomers  Margaret and BUI Wookey. They live just up  the road from us and we are glad to see they  have settled in. 1'iivsure.tiiey wig.,enjoy the  ITpA   lira. lsjAiaA'^Mnitsa   nris,all,4*l'r9 sV ',u~-  . -fc'  HARBOUR LIGHTS SHINE  The Valentine Dance was a fitting climax  to a perfect day. The orchestra was composed  of thirteen members of the Pender Harbour  Community   Band   and   they   performed  magnificently. It must be understood, they^, .... ^ _ . .^..  .  had never played <Ian^"music before this>i Hfe.up.lierea^Wfio woiUdHrt?  evening and had practiced together only for a  few weeks just for this occasion. They were  understandably a little nervous at first but as  the evening wore on and the floor got packed ftSi - a  with enthusiastic clapping dancers they rose  ' to the occasion and made it a musical evening  to remember.  Band leader Les Fowler deserves credit  for the job he did with the group. A great big  thanks to you all who performed. Please  come again. Sexism in the educational process wiU be  the topic at flie Sechelt Teachers Association  EGMONT  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bathgate got a lovely  surprise recently when their older daughter  Patricia Holmes arrived with her two wee  girls to visit. I understand Patricia has been  promoted to Assistant Chief Operator for the  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Church services are held each Sunday  at 11:15 am, In St. John's United  Church, Davis Bay, by an Informal  Group of Christian Scientists.  Everyone welcome  '        Phone 885-9778 or 886-7882  Status of Women committee meeting March  3. .  The meeting wiU be held at 7:30 p.m. in the  Sechelt Elementary School library. AU are  welcome.  "We wUl be looking at ways to combat this  problem in the education system," a  spokesperson said.  Gordon Kammerle was fined a total of $600  at provincial court for fishing UlegaUy.  He pleaded guilty to using commercial  fishing gear in the Malaspina Strait Feb. 8  when it was prohibited and to using an anchored salmon gUl net.  Fisheries officer Ray Kraft said he was on  patrol near Texada Island when he noticed a  vessel in Anderson Bay, trailing about 450  feet of net behind it.  Aboard the boat was Kammerle, he said.  "This was not just a chance that I picked  him up," said Kraft. "It had been reported to  me-that'the boat-had beentoperating in the  area.' ������ " -'c ,  He recommended the court to impose the  maximum fine of $1,000 and confiscate the net  Kammerle had been using.  Kraft said both the net and the boat were  owned, by Kammerle's father.  Judge Walker fined accused $300 on the  first charge and $300 oh the second, but did  not order the net confiscated.  POSSESSION  In other court news, Marvin Craigen was  granted a conditional discharge for  possession of marijuana.  Const. Hal Anderson said Craigen was  found In the washroom of the Peninsula Hotel  Feb. 9 smoking the narcotic.  "1 enjoy my grass," Craigen told the  court. ..;'������'������"  Judge Walker ordered Craigen to keep the  peace for one year, be of good behaviour and  not   associate   with   persons   using   or  possessing drugs.  He was also ordered to stay out of the  Peninsula Hotel for a year.  . ^GBSC^&rrGladTidingS-Tabernacle.wUl  ' have some special guests this week.  Singing and preaching wiU be Floyd and  Alice Earlywme from Federal Way Church in  Seattle.  The Earlywine's wUl be mating their  special presentation at 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.  March 2, and then at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday,  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at the Glad  Tidings Tabernacle.  The presentations are open to everyone  and there is no charge.  ���tfa-MMWa-NSJMsXSIa^^  -sil iiiiinnuistiii ��� ���iiMiiiiiiiiiMiiiuiuiuiiiiir,,  Tho Unltod Church  ot Canada  SERVICES:  St. John's Unit-Mi ChuraH - Payta Bay  Sundgy Service* - 9;30 a.m,  Glbiont United Church  Sunday Services - 11:15 a.m,  MINISTRY:  Rov, Jim Williamson, G|bion��, 006-2333  "���IIKKIIIIIIPMIMMIIIMMIIIIIIMIIIMIMHIMMIIIIIIKIIIHIIIiat,''  Om'IS'th Annual ��Rme8  -/"-"  ROW CATHOLIC CHURCH  Sunday Services  Sochsflri O|b��on��i  Holy Family / St.Mary'i  Sa|, at6p,m, Sun, allla.m,  Sunday at y a,m.  ..,���,....Pastor:Rav.FathorE,lohnor* -  085.9526  \      a^. ���rf-^ \  i ��-��    V-,-���-ft      *���  "��}' I  "V  SEVENTH-DAY  APVENTIST CHURCH  SABBATH SCHOOkSat, 10,30 a.m.  at Rodrooffi Road  Anglican Church  Everyone Wolcomo  For Information Phono 805-9750  003-2736  I \ -  ALL APPLIANCES .AVAILABLE FOR PROPANE OR NATURAL G7VS  ^1111 IFF "2B^0FNBTEIBI^0%^dFF  20% OFF RANGES! mm mf/m  IISLI8 IflJIB JEATEiSI    EOUIPHEnT TOO!  1  fill IJITE1S!  SPACE MEflTEBSt    ,  Sr, HILDA'S ANGLICAN  CHURCH, Socholt  SERVICES rcVRKY "SUNDAY:  8; 80 tint! 10 n.m.  SUNDAY SCHOOL: JO n.m.  Mndelrn Pnrk legion Hnll,  lfit nnd 3rdSuiuInyr.,2 p.m,  am iirov. N. j. go'dkin, 883-fco-io  ��� "D��lMH��"   0��OVOs^  ��� "fli��ntlnr��l" fttov<n  ��� ,"t||k��" QiovM  ���' Prlrnt.r LsimPi" ~ " *  ��� ntos/i��/i.iimri Combinations) . . , orid rr\oim I  aapa��a��awa��a  '    Am  SALE EFFECTIVE Fobruary 10 till April 18  CANADIAN PROPANE GAS 4 OIL ITD.  Porpolso Pay Etd. Sechelt Phone ��85-2360  mffmmmm.mmi  M^-ismim.  j  ROYAL BAN K  serving  British Columbia  APPOINTiEMT  The Royal Bank of Canada  announces tho appointment of  Mr. D.K. Uon as Managor of  pondor Harbour, Madeira Park  Branch. Ho succeeds Mr, A.R.  Prlbnonkl who has boon appointed Manager of Houston  Branch.  Mr, Lion Is a native of Moose  Jaw,' Saskqtchowan*and Joined  tho bank at Morso, Saskatchewan In 1965, holding various  positions In bhmchoB  throughout that provlnco until  1971 when ho was transforrod  to Vancouvor, Main 8 Hpstlngs  Stroot Branch. Ho comos to his  now post from Nalson Branch  whoro ho has boon attachod for  the' past yoar and a half, firstly  as a Loans Officer and latterly  as Sonlor Loans Offlcor,  "liiTW7 :   883-2711  ���ui  gBHBmi^g^^  >!*^M!iW��^  \ FageA-8  'lite Peninsula Times Wednesday, February 26,1975  \  r  )  \  /"  \  V  *T   ivfe   \  u  �����     s.  */  ��o  i  I  ���J  ffi  tLmT0~*Xm~m^        -- V-   r J^m\       ^��  ���I-  l-sa^ .  Li  Is���4 ���*? ^ ,V        _�����������.���..��, i.ls.   �������..        i   iTHan  ONE LUMP or two makes the difference noticed during their stay in the Holy religions worshippers, curiosity seekers  in Israeli transportation as well as Land that whatever tr.ail they took, or tourists. He reports a visit to a shrine  coffee as Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wilkinson ' whether on foot or by camel; it had where the walls held the graffiti of  discovered. One thing the Wilkinson's already been taken by 2,000 years of Crusaders who visited there.  by CHINA JIM WILKINSON  A visit to the Holy Land becomes a  "religious' experience, whether you are a  devout church goer or not.  We are not religious extremists in any  manner, however, when visiting the Holy  land the story of the Bible is everywhere and  for this reason visitors become involved.  Tourists, of course, for the most travel to  Jerusalem because of its history associated  with the Bible. One of the major exports to  Israel is the sale of tourist service and it  brings in huge quantities of U.S. and  Canadian dollars, and a lot of our dollars  sweetened the pot. But we enjoyed.  We spent the next day in Jerusalem just  shopping and wandering around. The morning was again brisk and clear and since we  like walking, we decided to get some exercise. After eating a hearty breakfast of dates,  oranges, cheese and 'peta' (unleavened  bread), we set out. It is impossible to conceal  the fact that we are tourists. Our unusual  clothing, the ever present camera, and the  lost' look on our faces were immediately  spotted by guides and peddlars. A very nice  lad of about twelve picked us up promptly as  we walked toward the Garden of  Gethsemane. We appreciated his service as  he led us to a lot of hidden points of interest.  The historical 'garden' is in the valley at  the foot of the Mount of Olives just outside the'  east side of Jerusalem. At the entrance is the  very interesting 'Church of All Nations'. This  building sponsored by many nations and  many different faiths, is evidence of the  cooperation being displayed in the  recognition of the siteMnside the garden are  many other churches, each with its own  special devotion and historical significance.  The garden still is dominated by ancient olive  trees, some of them now over 2000 years old. It  is Impressive to look at a tree and know that  here, under these branches Jesua walked.  It was here on the night before His death  that Jesus came to pray. A special memorial  has been erected to designate the place of his  anguish called the 'Grotto of Tears'. We found  hero a thorn bush, a coarse thick shrub,  From the pulpit  a,-,.���..--ll���������.,.M.,��� n-l.a.   ������.!��� . ��� .���.^T���1���I���--���a���a���.��� ��� ���.,_,������,  .���by Pastor Garry Foster/  This Friday is the deadline for renewing  nuto registrations and insurance. All car  owners must meet this deadline or suffer the  consequences.  It seems that life Is filled with deadlines  nnd appointments. Somo nro constantly  luwlng to meet deadlines in their work while  ���others nro Involved In many appointments  which must bo kept. But thoro Is ono deadline  nnd appointment that wo nil haveIn common.  It is summed up in the Biblei tliil^vay: "It Is  appointed for men to die once, nnd after that  comes Judgment". There Is no deadline so  vital as this one, Nothing should bo prepared  for moro seriously than our appointment with  death nnd subsequently with God, Yot wo  think It will never happen; wo mako no  preparation for this final event In terms of  being ready, How foolbh when wo know It la  going to happen.  As wo noted above Feb. 20 In the last day to  arrange for your llcenfio-liwurnnco renewal.  But regarding your deadline for pnsslng Into  eternity you Just don't know when God In  going to say to you, 'this night your soiil la  required of you'. Isn't It lime you prepared  for this groat and final appointment? Allow  Jews Qirlfit to enter and rcncw.your life and  that last appointment will bo something to  look forward to,  similar to- that used to make the 'crown of  thorns'. As a souvenir of the garden, we  brought back a crown made from these same  - thorns.- ���---'���     - ������;- ������-��� ���������--������-i -- ,----^-.  As we left the garden, we visited the site of  the home, and tombs of the Virgin Mary and  her family. Here, preserved and protected, is :  the place where Mary "departed this earth to  rest in heaven". It is known as the Church of  Assumption, tsince   it  has always..been  assumed that Mary, when she fell into a deep  sleep was transported directly to heaven. Her  tomb is impressive, and for Christians, is a  very solemn occasion to visit. We stopped for  a few minutes devotion, then lighted four  candles (one for each of us and one for each of  our two girls). As a memory of the occasion I  brought away the stubs of the candles to burn  at some later special occasion.  Nearby in the same area, rest the tombs of  Joachim and Ann, the parents of Mary. Parts  of the original house have been preserved,  particularly the olive press. Even at that  time, the industry here at the base of the  Mount of Olives, was abstracting the rich oil  from olives. Joseph, the husband of Mary,  now also rests here in %, tomb near the  doorway. This particular!: shrine was a  favorite place of worship for the Crusaders.  The steps leading down to the site give silent  witness to the thousands and thousands of  faithful who have paid tribute. On the w^lls? of  the stairway still remain, cut into the rock,  the 'mark' of several Crusaders, in the same  manner that present people carve their  Initials into trees or posts.  , This visit to the Garden of Gethsemane set  the attitude for the next step of our walk.  Climbing up out of the valley, we passed  through the walls of Jerusalem at the east St.  Stephens gate, to follow the sacred 'way of the  cross'. It was this passage that was followed^  by Jesus, step hy step, as He progressed  through the trial, condemnation, and suffering, as He carried His cross along, to be  crucified at Calvary. The exact places of  historic importance, although marked on the  walls,are npw^ difficult tolocate. Commerce;  along this little narrow street is so intense  that the 'way of the cross' is almost entirely  forgotten.  The hour was still early and the weather  beautiful, which encouraged us to just  wander around through the many little  streets. The utilization of space is hard to  believe. One shop, selling candles and  souvenirs near the Holy Sepulchre, is less  than a yard wide. A little Arab U*d had set up  shop in a four foot square caused by a kink in  the street; he sold oranges and dates. Many  archways cover the area above, so the direct  rays of the sun are not possible. Goods and  wares of all description hang from the doors  and window frames, both inside and out.  Tourists are quickly spotted, and encouraged  to "come in see the bargains". ,  After considerable wear and tear on our  shoes and after three rolls of film, we had a  quick Turkish type lunch and headed back to  the hotel. As we came again to the top of the  Mount of Olives we paused for a rest on the  embankment overlooking the city. We {-at  here in the December sunshine, gazing out in  silence at the beauty of this ancient and  wonderful city. It is a memory we will not  soon forget.  c  l^sWini>i<<ii(ttofrtf^  3  r���-,  Rocyclo this'Nowipa'pofcT  aW-wiifa *mm*miMm&iim?mnni&**t#mimamTimtm nws I'Bfa, rimm ��meiflw/umft  True, tho used car/narkot la fairly good right now. It's also truo that  wo'H tako your trada If you'ro Intoroatod In a bettor used car, Dot wo  think you'd bo bottor off not to wall until tho last 'expiring' momont to  soo ua about It. Wo havo a good nupply of quality modola right now, no  drop In whllo you'ro still In tho drlvor'n seat,,  i!9K lif i  vs  Wharf St., Socholt,  ii'jlw^iW'��mi!��wwisg��^^  -*ri��i��,'*'s����sMn4.��^iqkw^  i    1 j",'. ' iYirft PAMPER * ASSORTED//fOR r.,\ Vl  |    b'H'-^l'V 61/2 OZ. TINS   .v..f-j       VD&  _  GREEN GIANT * ALL VARIETIES  Ml  ���N       10 OZ.,  BUTTER  SAUCE  PKG.  BURNS * BEEF * IRISH * CHICKEN  1SOZ.TIN    JELLY  WELCHS  9 0Z.JAR ,.'  NESTLES * ASSORTED  MlJBtQQBfli  PKG.  ***.* ��    -f  3* * 'i-V -J *  SARA LE1E  ���101/2     $129  OZ. PKG. ,.  A    ���  LIBBYS  14 0Z.TIN  .01  GLEN VALLEY  * STANDARD  HOZ.TIN .....  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His father, Fred,  was also a doctor, and set up practise as the  only medical man' on the lower Sunshine  Qoast.  Dr. Inglis recalls that his father used to  visit his Sechelt-area patients on horseback,  then by motorcycle, .and finally by car.  ^6^1l6win^in"hiS^fathef 'r~f6otstepsTT>r7  Inglis7 graduated from the University of  Alberta in 1934 and returned to Gibsons after  a year or two of hospital training.  x In 1937J he left the coast for Alberta, where  he practised for three years before moving to  Vancouver.  During the war, Dr. Inglis acted as a  medical officer in the army.  By the end of the war, his father's health  was breaking down and brother Alan, the  family's third doctor, came to Gibsons to aid  Dr. Inglis senior.  After release from the army in 1947, Dr.  Inglis returned to Gibsons and joined his  brother in practice.  Alan left the partnership in 1951 to pursue  a career in orthop-sdics in Vancouver, and Dr.  Inglis was left as the sole doctor in Gibsons.  Dr. Inglis and his wife Margaret, bought  the large house on Gibsons' hill that now  serves as the taxi office and set up a clinic on  the ground floor.  "It was quite well equipped for a small  town clinic," he said. "We had x-ray equipment, a cardiograph and a laboratory."  In the early days, Dr. Inglis made a large  number of emergency calls to Port Mellon,  where workmen were frequently injured by  the equipment.  In 1962, Dr. Inglis bought the Harris Block  and had, it rebuilt as a .clinic.  "I though I would take someone in with  ������ii   1  BY ROBERT FOXALL  SECHELT ��� Donations of over ,$1,350.to  the fund to acquire the Old Legion Hall in'  Sechelt have been announced by Branch 69,  Senior Citizens Association. The branch also  announced a trust account had been opened' "  and all donations, will be deposited therein.  It is the intention of the association to start  an acknowledgement list as soon as the information can be properly collated.  All persons who have pledged donations  can now be informed that we are ready to ;,  receive them. Donations should be mailed in f,  care of Mrs. Elizabeth Derby, RR No. 1, :��  Sechelt.  Now that budget time is here, we are  hoping that our grant from Victoria will soon  be in our hands. .  Disappointment was expressed at the  paucity of information from -Ottawa as to  funds whichvmight be available. ^Tiie writer  "and Past President Hugh Duff had an interview with our Federal Member late in  November at which time we were promised  that information regarding availibility of  funds would be forwarded immediately.  Three months have gone by and so far no  information.  ' One wonders if that is the' Ottawa  definition of 'immediate.' Now that, we are  opening a subscription list we are hoping that  many, business' and individuals who have  expressed a desire to assist will respond as  eagerly as those who" have already contributed the amounts above mentioned. Dave  Hayward advised that owing to the illness of  Mrs. Brooke it had been necessary to cancel  the Concert to have been held in the Baptist  V..  V  /  #1  DR. HUGH INGLIS  ... announces retirement  me," he said. "But, by then, the clinic(iip  Sechelt was going well and thinking of expanding. I ended up renting the clinic to them  and moving in with them."  During his tenure on the coast. Dr. Inglis  has been involved with Gibsons Kinsmen Club  and the local Kiwanis group.  Music has-always been one of his great  loves and he now plays violin with an informal string group in Roberts Creek.  Dr. and Mrs. Ihglis have three married  daughters and '& lon.  Justice co unci J recommendation  Local residents serving jail terms may  have to gain community approval before  returning to the coast on temporary absense  passes.  ' Th*�� h^ed^for'increased community involvement in the temporary absense pass  (TAP) program was stressed last week by  members of the local justice development  council.  Discussion was sparked by Peter Church,  who revealed that, in the past sue month, two  prisoners had been granted passes without  the knowledge of local probation authorities  or the police.  Under provincial, TAP regulations, he  noted, the local probation office must be  informed of the TAP application and given an  opportunity to make a written recommendation on the case based on an  assessment of community feeling.  Council member Tim Frizzell said: "It is  essential to this community to know if temporary absense passes are granted. There  has to be a direct relationship between the  release of a prisoner and the community that  has received,the damages."  He told the council that a community  suffers the consequences of a criminal's  actions and the community should have the  right to say, 'wo don't want you.'  "I think permission (for a TAP) should  come from the community, Itself," he said,  TAP program spokesman Bill Foster said  it was difficult to assess public reaction to a  temporary release application,  "People on ono side of the table say 'yes'  and people on tlio other side .say 'no'," ho  explained,  Foster snld temporary absence passes  were Issued to allow prisoners to see thoir  families or to mako prcpnrntloas for their  upcoming release by lining up a Job,  Ho said that a largo proportion of prison  Inmates had been sentenced for failure to pay  fines.  "These pooplo don't constitute a physical  threat," lie said.  Donald Pyo wld ho wna not against Issuing  passes to Impaired drivers and tho like, but,  "when aro wo going to stop giving charity,"  to serious offenders,  --�����'P)roi)ntion"offlcer-Noll'MncKcnJ:lo'"snld"It��'  would bo of assistance to his offlco to hnvo  commlnlty infmt, on upcoming TAPs from a  small committee of local residents,  Probation officer Ted Peter,1, fluid ho could  not make available to Uio committee confidential flics on prisoners,      , 1 f  "Pro-sentence reports aro confidential,"  lie snld, "Is tills the typo of Information that  tho committee wants to share?"  Ho said the confidential Relationship  between probation officer and prisoner,  "respects the person's human dignity,"  Pyo said; "I don't buy that ho has all those  privileges, Ho committed a crime and. lost  certain prlvllROH,"  Daryl Prlco said ho felt assessment of a  prisoner's TAP application should lie loft to  - Uio professionals, ���-���'     -��� ���- ���-  "If paid professionals such as probation  officers do thoir Job properly/' bo said, "they  should know wlmt the views of tho community  nro,"  One member of ttw public attending the  session agreed with l'rlco.  "The probation officer Is best quidlfled to  Judge," ho snld, "If the probation officer nnd  the police can't do the job, fire them. If you  want to take away some of their responsibility, you have to take away all of it."  He questioned whether the proposed  cdmiMtt^e'cbuTd'make a d^Bsibri'withoiif  having access to confidential files on the  prisoner in question.  On a vote, the council agreed to form a  committee to work with probation authorities  on assessment of TAP applications.  The council's corrections committee,  headed by Church, was instructed to establish  terms of reference for the proposed committee.  DAVIS BAY ��� An outstanding member of,  the St. John's United Church congregation,  has been honored here. %; /  Alex Gilmore, 70, of Davis Bay-was*  honored at the United Church's recent annual,,  meeting for his dedication to the church in the'  past and present.  Rev. Jim Williamson described Gilmore  as an outstanding and dedicated member of  the church. ' ;  Gilmore was born in Ireland in 1904 and  joined the Presbyterian Church 1919. In 1923'i  he was on a committee which included  representatives of the Steveston, B.C.  Methodist and Presbyterian Churches which  met to discuss union. This was two years  before the churches officially joined with the  Congregational Church to become the United  Church of Canada. On June 10,1925, Gilmore"  was a delegate at a meeting sit St. Andrews  Presbyterian Church in Vancouver  celebrating the inauguration of the United  Church of Canada, the culmination of several  such meetings he,attended.    ;;    v -,, ^is  Gihnore headed a boys club through the  church from 1935 to 1939 and in West Vancouver in 1941 he was the first president of the  youth centre there, a post he held for two  years. ,  He was an elder of the church in 1947.  He was made an elder of the church in  1947.  Among his other positions, Gilmore served  as the president of the Dunbar AOTS, the  United Church men's organization and was-  also president of the Vancouver district1  AOTS. ' i  i    In 1964 Gilmore moved to Davis Bay and',  joined St. Johns United. He was niade  >vel4>^J|ier>^^^^,,^p^ti-t��i~he stj||jhpj  At the ceremony honoring him, Rev.  Williamson described Gilmore as, "a very  dedicated Christian layman within the United  Church of Canada."  The congregation presented Gilmore with a  copy of the book 'Whistle Up The Inlet' which  is a history of the Union Steam Ships. Gilmore  knew mapy of the people and places mentioned in the book. ,  Gilmore operated the variety store in  Sechelt until 1972, when he retired.  Rev. Williamson said many of the church's  pioneers were being Honored in this year, the  fiftieth anniversary of the church.  <&**  V   \\:  (K  >  \  -Li-"      s-ia  ALEX GILMORE  ... honored by church  Church the coming Sunday. We all hope that  you will have a quick recovery Mrs. Brooke.  Dave gave further information onthe bus trip .  to Vancouver to take place March 11. This  will take us to the Orchid Hotise at Gibsons for  a quifik visit, thence'to Park Royal until 12:30  noon.'Just a short visit so we will not spend  what money we have all in one place. From  Park Royal we will proceed to Seaton Villa  for Lunch and then to the Jade Factory for an  interesting visit before going to Langdale and  home. Dave also advised that arrangements  had been made for a trip to Reno, on April  12th. The trip would be of a week's duration.  Information can be secured from  Dave ,  Hayward at 885-9755 Eva Hayward reported  progress in Planning for the Spring tea to be  , held May. 10th. Emphasis would be put on the  Plant and Shrub Sale this year. A number of  members were^oncelffiating~on growing"  bedding plants. If any members had surplus  baskets and pots they would be useful for  growing purposes. There would also be a  Bake table and an Arts and Craft table. Jim  Derby reported on the very successful Carpet  Bowling Festival. The final series had been  with Roberts Creek with the score being  slightly in favor of Sechelt. Visitors from  Roberts Creek were Jack Baillie, Lillian  Sear; Margaret Crawford, W.F. Clark, Ena C.  Harold, J.M. James, Letty and Tom Dennis.  Sechelt eked out a win. Overall total results  were Visitors 63 - Sechelt 67. An invitation  was extended by Roberts Creek to attend  their Pioneer Days on Feb. 24.  ~Missr DeLange .reported  on  a  recent  meeting of the Howe Sound Regional Council.  The 1975 Provincial Council will be held in  Vancouver June 9, 10 and 11. National In-  dentification Cards would be in the mail for  Seniors in a short time.  I believe this  suggestion originated with Branch 69. It was  reported that our former Charter Member  Mrs. Alice Batchelor was in Hospital in New  Westminster. At the time of writing her address is Room 215, Royal Columbian Hospital,  New Westminster.  We were also advised that Mrs. Foote,  Davis Bay, was leaving us for Langley, where  she would be a guest at Rainbow Lodge. Bon  Voyage. Due to illness Leo Hopper found it  necessary to resigp as Treasurer. Take care  "'"of yourself Leo; and Thanks "for a job well-  done. Ruby Hatcher will step into the breach  and finish off Leo's term. That's the way with  No. 69. Always willing hands available.  Dave Hayward introduced a new twist for  the monthly draw for the Shop Easy  vouchers. We played a version of "Name-  G&E PLUMBING  and HEATING  1 Plumbing,  heating  &  sewer?  Repairs and Installations  ��� All work guaranteed  886-7638  That Tune" with the winners being ������ Evelyn  Bushell, Helen Rutherford, Jean Hammond^  Mary Redmond, Gracie Scott and Margaret  Crawford. It was'fun but doesn't give the non-  musical males much of a chance as can be  seen by the list of winners.  The monthly meeting opened on a sad note  when, after the singing of "O Canada" we  asked to stand in respect to the memory of  two members who had passed away since our  last meeting. They were Miss Bessie Burrell  and Tony Saulnier, both members of quite  long-standing and faithful attendees until  illness restricted their activities.  Three members were introduced, Mr. and  Mrs. Hornett, recent arrivals to the area and  Don Pye who is quite well known to many. A  letter from the Sunshine Coast Arts Group  regarding-a sale to be held shortly..was  referred to the ways and means committee  for action.  In Indiana you can deduct up to $2,000 from  the assessed value of your real estate to  compensate for the cost of installing solar  heating and cooling systems.  * * .  A reputable testing firm says washing  dishes by machine wastes no more power  than washing them by hand. (And it's a lot  more pleasartt);'  * *  One-of-a-kind decor ��� one family covered  walls with inteTestiflg newspaper pages  (using wheat paste), double-coated with  orange' shellac.   Looks   good   with   wood  tones in the room.  * *  If you don't want to paint or stain unpointed  furniture, DO seal the wood to protect it.  Why do people put in an air conditioner?  One family got a unit for their son's room  when he took up the trumpet. Now they can  close the doors and windows whenever he  practices.  * *  Air conditioning spells comfort for  many people, especially at allergy  time. If you want a home with  central-air conditioning, let us find  it for you at  in Sechelt call 885-2241  That's not just a lot of hot air!  "tganiafL'^A.  .^.J.X.1:  LakeTiticaca, the highest navigable body  of water in the world at an altitude of 12,1500  feet, is more than 600 feet deep. The lake is  situated on the Peru-Bolivia boundary.  The fil  never quit  PdnmiPDCwn  Tlsft CtSiliKlian. mossprisftnl lor [>o,w���,,il hlrntM  FiliK-ss, In your heart you know it's riphl.  /    >ffa��u>aM  w*ywy  -ti^uwijiwujpnij'm'iiii '  mJHOmimmm*  I \,  mm�� ��$m  No, not horo, At his plaap,  Ho |ust placod a nlco ad ill Iho Peninsula Tlmon  Inviting you to como by. Now ho'a waiting. But ho  has a problom. Ho won't rocognlzo you when you  como In. Toll him you saw his ad In tho'Ponlnsula  Tlmou. Ho'll wolcomo your saying ao, And ho'H  know how to got In touch with you tho noxt tlmo.  peninsula times Advertisers,  nice people to buy from.  o Sometimes you can Pial-A-0aim.  If you're involved in an accidenl and there's no damage to your car now all you.need  to do is phone your claim to 665-2800,  2o A break for broken glass.  If the only damage to your car is broken or cracked glass now you can go directly to a  glass replacement company, Simply take your insurance certificate with you.  o Monday isn't our best day either.  At claim centres Monday is the busiest day of the week. So if you've had an accident but  your car is still in safe and lawful condition, try to come in Tuesday to Friday. Especially  mornings from JO to 11:30 and afternoons from 2 to 3:30, (Remember, we're still here ,  Mondays if you need us,)  o Drive carefullyrThe easiest claim service is none at all.  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MATSQUI  2t.BSThriMl\eway Si reel  RICHMOND  2H5 Slmption Ko.ul  - SUJUU^Y��� ��� - -   13050 Klity Goorw Illnhw��.y  P INSURANCE CORPORATION  OH BRITISH COLUMBIA  S^ _ ysiUl insiiMKv company ���>^J.^r,^H*)��^  ''-*,: '.'"Vf:T*^'**��^^^i:^''^'"~i*^/?"--*'''^���* ���"V-*%V&}'i>i.**'*  ��$ttrw ^^ory^wtw'-^ f=* ���'.#;*  rageB-g  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 26,1975  ta*.  8?  -aw-���J'  /  f  /  \  \  -4  \  T5>  c  - j  t  V  \  /  \  V  X  \.  71  /  _    (  -   ���/������*���> �����  V-^\l  -    i   a  .^  /"'  WOMEN'S I IIS i-s nothing new in judo, traditionalists Members of the weaker  ai. brown bolt ,Su.d> .lack, demonstrates se\' take their lumps ii^ht atom? with  b\ thiovun," DebbK MdJunald to the bo\s at Sand\ s weokh iudo lessons in  ..��� yioundminost ungentleiiianlj \\a\ with I*ingdali  ��'knee  wheel,   or. Hiza  Guruma,   for  5j'      ' '"' '  . \  y  *�� i  AGILITY  'AND    RESILIENCE / v &re *fffieir  turn  ric-n   too   eagerly   during  essentials    in    judo.    Steven    Hart   ^Langdale judo class are, from left, Kim  demonstrates one method used to build   , Anderson, Debbie McDonald and Mark  up these qualities by diving head-first    Henderson,  over rope held above floor. Awaiting  ;  a  GIBSONS���A thick Scots brogue is not    aspects of the art.  normally considered to go hand in hand with        The present course will break up around  the ancient oriental art of judo, But Martin    April, said Sandy.  Road resident Sandy  Jack proves  each        "But I would like to try it again next year,  Monday that the two can be compatible.'        with more advanced techniques for the 14 to  Sandy, who hails from Dundee, Scotland,    16-year-olds."  boasts a brown belt In the Japanese form of*.     iSandy expressed particular appreciation  self defense and passes on his knowledge to a   to Langdale Elementary teacher Ian Jacob,  group of teenagers during weekly sessions at   who made the school's gymnasium available  Langdale Elementary School. for the judo class.  The classes began six months ago and,  already, theboysand girls, aged between 11  and 14, are showing a marked aptitude for  judo, said Sandy.  "Most or the students como from  Langdale," he said, "but there are about five  from Gibsoas, We havo 14 youngsters  altogether."  Starting from scratch, Sandy has taught  tho youngsters tho rudiments of this increasingly popular sport and, next year, he  hopes to stage o moro advanced program at  longdate,  His wife, Anno, Is also a brown belt, nnd  she frequently helps Sandy with the course.  Particularly popular with the students Is  Kyoshl Fuglmorl, a third dan black belt, who  often visits to Instruct In the more traditional  first in outboards  Ita  Wide selection  of new engines  in stock!  Box 189, Madeira Park', B.C. Phone 883-2266  TIDES FOR THE WEEK  February 26 to March 4  al Point Atkinson  >���. Mot to bo uto��t for navigation ������  26  WIS  27  Til  20  PR  0535  1155  >��1723"  2,155  0623"  1235  1025  0035  0645  1320  1925.  15,9  7,3  -MM-  4,1  TtVO"  6,1  14,3  5,3  15,9  6,0  I  SA  2  SU  MO     0fl30  1550  0115 6,7  0720       15,6  ���HIO���4",vT"  2035 13,��  "62T6    TX  0000 15,0  1450 4,0  2150  13,5  "0:i00 ,9,5  4,3  4,1  }.AA 1 ;���::;..::..a30S v;-,;..!,.3,'*.  4  0400  0920  1650  10,0  13,5  4,4  75 MERC OUTBOARDS  ARE HERE!  4 1 (2 horso to flfl| horso -��oojhorri,  now/ at prlcos you can nfford,  MERCURY OUTnOARD  ' SALES 0, SERVICE  nScuRYuaiF"  SEC MELT 005.9626  ���a"       r, >*V-  -. - 1'liluiiufi^t^hrmt!*  Your Wcstwood Home catalogue, Forty  funcllor.nl floor plnns, Forty stunning  Illustrations, Spanish lo modern, Colonial  to Tudor.  Got a dream home? 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But our boys pulled up their socks'  defeating Brooks 60-56. High scorers were  Doug Barsaloux 21, Terry Mercer 16,'and  Mike Kammerle 14.  On Friday, February 7 Howe Sound  travelled to Pender for a set of interesting  games. Junior Girls played a good-game  winning 29-16. High Scorers were Elaine  Antilla 5, Bobbi Reid, Geraldine Bilcik and  Yvonne Campbell 4. Junior boys didn't do so  well losing their game to Howe' Sound. The  final score being 17-49. High scorers were  Rick Merkel 4, Jesper Lundin 4. Senior Girls  were also defeated with a final srore of 18-22.  High scorers were Valerie Reid 6 and Gail  Dobrindt 6. Senior Boys played a terrific  game but lost by only 2 points. The score was  42-44. High scorers were Doug Barsaloux 20  Mike Kammerle 8, and Kelly Barabash 8.  We hope that some of the members of the  teams, realize that the same persons take  billets every game. Unless some more persons are willing to take billets we will be  forced to cancel all games from now on. So  parents we hope to see a good turnout for the  next games.  Also Mr. Tiernah would like to add that he  LEARNING THE CORRECT WAY does not appreciate the vandalism of students  \\a> to fall is essential first itep in ]udo, of our school. While he was inside reffing and  bujs Sand\ Jack Hero, he demon- coaching our games someone ripped the  .strates break fall to Debbie McDonald     windshield wiper off his car.  J  f  /  t Wednesday. February 26.1975  The Peninsula Times  PageB-3  \  \>  aa.  a-  1  G  -���/  W  _\  * (.  .���'  ir^t'  "-V7  ��sO  ��./  ' 1  1.1  ) �� ��  X  v,    ��  t  M 1.  NOTED SPORTS commentator Babe raise funds for upcoming student field B.C. Lion Bob Friend, left, Gibsons  Pratt, standing, was featured speaker at trip to Mexico. Pratt entertained -85 Mayor Larry Labonte and wife Agnes,  sportsmen's dinner held Feb. 21 at .guests with comments on the hockey Dinner   was  organized   by   Gibsons  Gibsons Legion hall. Event was spon- scene. Also pictured at head table are elementary principal Dave Rempel.  sored by Gibsons Elementary School to  teft Wan Gd  This Saturday, March 1, the Commercial  men's league leading Wakefield Inn team will  play host in an exhibition hockey game  against a fast skating juvenile AA team  from the West Vancouver area. Some of the  West Van players have been up and played a  COMMERCIAL HOCKEY  TOP-TEN SCORING  Player                        G A     Pt  J.Gray(w)..,.;,..:...,,6 8 14  E.Evanetz(RC) 8 3 11  J.Spanky(RC)  6 4 10  C.Paradis(RC)  7 2 9  K. Bodnarek (W) 6 3 9  CVigneualt(RC) 3 6 9  B.Wingfield(G) 6 1 7  R.McCardy(W) 4 3 7  R.Krutow(RC)  4 2 6  CHamilton(W) ..1 5 6  STANDINGS  Team                         P    W    L T  Wakefieldlnn  5    5    - -  R.C. Elphinstone 5    3    2 -  GIBSONS Legion 109 5    2    3 -  Pender Harbour 5    -    5 -  PM  6  12  6  9  16  6  18  6  Pt  10  6  4  0  number of games with the Nor-West Caps  Junior team of the B.C. Junior League, so you  can be assured of seeing atop calibre team of  boys with hopes of playing pro hockey.  The Wakefield team will be bolstered by a  number of Juvenile-aged players from our  own minor hockey association.  It is hoped that the big gun of the Coast  Paving Juvenile team, Mike Sutherland, will  be in uniform along with Ken McDonald, fine  yoiihg goaltehder with the C^or Cariadiens.  Also playing will be high scoring center Kelly  Bodnarek, along with Lawrence Jones and  Dale Benner, all juvenile players currently  playing with the Wakefield Inn.  Along with these- fine young juveniles,  Wakefield will look for support from a  number of players presently playing with the  other three commercial teams. Game  time is 4:45 Saturday, and from all reports,  the West Van team should supply you with a  fine calibre of hockey; along withseeing how  our owni junveniles stand up against top flight  competition.  PENALTY LEADERS  B. Brown (W) .���:.' 21 mins.  B. Meda (G) 19mins.  B. Grisenwaite (G) 19 mins.  B. Bennett (G) 18 mins.  R.Krutow (R.C.)  ,18mins.  J. Mercer (PH) 18mins.  Sechelt lanes  WEDNESDAY LADIES ��� Feb. 19  Phyllis Hanford 194, 234, 186 (614); Betty  Morris 180,205,206 (591); LilMcCourt 172,260  (578); Lynne Pike 187,226,192 (605); other 200  games were rolled by Eleanor Grltt 229, Vera  Nickolls 218, Lorraine Mitchell 204.  SECHELT COMMERCIAL LEAGUE - Feb,  20  Andy Henderson 220,244,224 (tfM); Wayne  Place 269; Frank Giampa Sr. 230; David  Giampa 216; Frank Giampa Jr. 202,216; Don  Caldwell 224; Lola Caldwell 216, 219, 212  (641); Sam McKenzie 2.31, 233, 188 (652);  Jerry Mlelke 282, 180 (599); Erv Enns 216;  , HazolSkytto 234,190 (508); Tumor Berry 220,  241 (587); Pat Porter 235,227,101 (623); Tom  Dnll 200; Herman Wagoner 213,236,173 (622);  Ted Johnson 219; Cauleen McCuaig 229; Mel  Butcher 214.  TUESDAY NIGHT LADIES  Shelly JaRor 240 (531); Noll Jagcr 256  (022); Brcnda Sclbcrt 241 (646).  BALL & CHAIN  .John Kelly 654 (203,210,191); Glen Clark  643 (250,220,173); Andy Stcrloff 631 (227, 210,  1M); Ed Nicholson 007 (220, 209,178); other  ~ nice Ramos wore rolled by Marge Nicholson  253; Eve Worthlngton 223; Bubbles Crolghton  220; Ian Haslett 221; Ron Watts 217, 205;  Ester Berry 215; Pete Sopow 213; Sybol  SlKiwcl.uk, 211; Bonnlo Wlgard 210; Lcsllo  Fitch 20(1; Put Vflkohwlri 202,  ONE OF THE MOST spectacular moves MacFarlane, practice their technique  In judo is the stomach throw or.Tomoe during weekly instruction session at  , Nagc. Here, two of Sandy Jack's pupils, Langdale Elementary School.  Kim   Anderson,  above,   and   Marlon  I  "���������'  :',.  w Carpets Can $me You  CONSERVATION, OUTDOOR  RECREATION AND  EDUCATION PROGRAM  |C,0,R.E, - Humor Training Caur��o|  i  Course Begins  April 1st  and runs tour wooks, from 7 to 9  p.m. Hold at Socholt Peninsula Rod  ft Gun Club, Registration loot  $7,50. For registration an,d Information  .  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That land  lies, according to the vague hints  dropped occasionally from the  provincial department of highways, on  what will someday be a limited access  highway running parallel to the present  BrCrHydroTright-ofway:  If the department has definite ideas  about the route of this highway, we  suggest it would be less costly for them  to make them know as soon as possible.  From all indications the highway  will run through at least two local  subdivisions arid possibly more. Lots in  these subdivisions are being sold  presently and houses will go up on them.  What will happen when the highway  does decide to meander its way through  the village? Houses, homes by then, will  probably have to be moved and people  uprooted.  Looking at it in the only terms some  people understand, that will be a very  expensive proposition. The department  of highways will have to pay the price  for the house and land as well as com  pensation to the people living there.  In other terms there are families who  will be turned out of what for many is the  first house they have ever owned, new  houses for the main. Families will be  uprooted, forced to move.  WhoT gains in that case? Not the  department of highways because it will  "costrthem a fortun^rNorth^taxp^ers  because they have to pay the shot.  Certainly not the people who live in the  houses and lastly, not the village  because they will be losing tax revenue  from the houses.  If those houses were built in another  location in the first place, they would  continue to pay taxes even after the  highway has gone through:  The village council, we feel, should  give serious consideration to curtailing  any development on that 150 feet north of  the Hydro right-of-way if it is not top late  already. Todothis^of course, they need  the immediate cooperation of and information from the department of highways.  Perhaps everyone could be saved  some money.  By Don Morberg  LAST WEEK was one of those weeks. This  week was another of those weeks. The way  things are shaping up* next week will be one  of those weeks too.  This used to be a quiet little newspaper  dffice with a quiet, hard-working little staff.  Recently that same bunch of workers have  more resembled work-crazed demons with so  many things happening all over the area.  One area which has shown an incredible  upsurgance'this week are the letters to the  editor. Good did Readers Rights have taken  on a new vitality as many more,people are  taking an interest in what's going oh "around  them and want to have their opinions, heard.  The result is that we are running a little  behind in our-publication of them, struggling  through the'flood so to speak7We"should have  . all those caught up on by next week, though,  so be patient.  ALSO on the subject of last week, there is  an error I should correct.  In the front page story last week about the  truck rolling into the front yard of a West  Sechelt house we stated an incorrect owner.  The owner of the house is Mrs. Rene  Lawrence and we apologise for any embarrassment caused by that little misunderstanding.  There wer,e several items scheduled for  this space this week, but they will be forsaken  so additional space on this page can be  devoted to Readers Rights.  When thought is too weak to be simply  expressed, it's clear proof that it should be  rejected.  Editor* The Time��  ?  Recently a telephone caller asked  what our policy was with regard to  letters to the editor.  Specifically the caller wanted to  know if they required a signature for  publication.   ,:         This week we received a letter to the  editor signed 'Nervous'. It was a highly  entertaining letter and unfortunately  unprintable.  It was unprintable because 'Nervous'  didn't mention what his or her real name  was. We find it hard to believe that his or  her mother would dub him or her  'Nervous'.'       '���"-"��� mm'      ' *'���  Seriously, the rules regarding letters,*,  to the editor are quite strict. All letters  published must be accompanied by the  writer's signature. If the writer does not  want the name published, it will not be;  but the original letter must still carry a  signature. ���      '  If the letter-writer does not want his  or her name used, it is kept strictly  confidential.  We would like to add another  dimension to the idea of unsigned letters  to the editor. That is the old saying we  just made up which goes, "If it is worth  saying, it is worth putting your name  behind."  The fact of the matter is that letters  which bear names are taken more  seriously.  If government officals received a  number of unsigned letters, we doubt  very much if the official would take  them very seriously. We don't think our  readership does either.  There are, granted, valid reasons for  a person not wanting his or her name  published, and we will respect them.  And, by the w^, Nervous, drop us a  note with your name and address and we  will be happy to run your letter.  Readers' Right  ill trad-^ arena debenture for four wheel drive truck  Editor, The Times;  Sir ��� Being a concerned parent and also a  member of the so called Roberts Creek  Committee f or the new Secondary School Site  iK quoted by Coast News Feb. 19. I would  firstly like to state that the Roberta Creek '  Committee is made up of volunteer members  from Sechelt, Selma park and Roberts Creek.  I would like the WHOLE Peninsula to  know that the headlines in the Coast News  and I quote "BOARD NAMES SCHOOL  SITE" doesn't impress me in the least. If they  are trying to ishake my confidence in the  reasonability and intelligence of the  population of the Peninsula they are certainly  making a poor job of it, as a matter of fact,  everything concerning this school is a poor  job.  The facts are that we the committee have  done our homework and we know from the  last meeting the Board has not. Their facts  and figures are for normal building  procedures and terrain which do not coincide  EiiiiiiiiiiiiisiisissiissisiiiiiiiniiiiiisiisiiiiiiMMiiiiiiiissisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiniii.iiiiiiniiiiiMiiitsiniiiiiiiiiiisisiiuisiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis  BYALASTAIR  ROGERS  ������ ��� ���"������laiiiiiniiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiinniiimiuHnitiMin,,,i,n,i,,nun,,,nMmmi,,,,!! ������������������������iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiii  Government, it seems, is just too important to leave to the politicians.  Few people (except, of course, for  politicians) would argue the basic truth of  this proposition. But, I think the point should  be reinforced every now and then just for  good measure.  A good case in point is Gibsons''ambitious ,  boundary extension proposal.  When village council first unveiled Its  plans to annex Port Mellon, the issue was  quite simple.  In a nutshell, tho village fathers realised  that tho only way to increase municipal  revenue and, therefore, services and  amenities in the village, was to increase Its  tax ba.se.  They argued that the Port Mellon mill  should contribute taxes to tho village since, as  finance chairman Stuart Metcalfe noted,  Gibsons provides services for around 90 per  cent, of the mill's employees.  Sounds reasonable, so far, dooasn't it? Woll,  bear with mo a little longer and you'll seo Just  how easily tho crystnl-clnrtty of logic can  take on tho turgid murklness of n cesspool,  Tlio'second phase of Gibsons' proposal,  annexation of the four communities to the  north, also made sense, since consolidation of  basic services almost always results In Improved efficiency and decreased cost.  And, ns Mayor I-nrry Uibonto stressed on  many occasions, tho take-over would only Ik,  effected if residents of tho communities woro  agreeable, ,  , JKough detailsof^cojipcll^proppsn^pro^  first madepublic a month or two ago, and the  Gibsons nklornlcn prepared to receive  constructive observations on their brainchild,  which, Incidentally, havo been found sound by  consulting engineers Dayton nnd Knight,  Then all hell broke loose, Residents of  Grnnthams landing et nl protested thnt they  were  Iwlng  "steamrollered'1   Into Joining  ���MMS)AM����a-a��VUWWaVWUsWs||WWMt'<>^  The Peninsula^Jdimb  KihlWiid Wi"-tliw."Mli��ys m .StvhcH  "i |),(\S .Sunshine Const  i-y  Powell UlvtT Nt.w> Town filer  ��������-- ��� -��������� ���-.Stx'liPlt 'Hnxi* Ll-tli���^  *��������� "'���-  lhw3IO..SwlKli,II.C.  HmneW-V.IMI  NlllwdplloU lOitlVij (IlimlYlllsTll)  l/wiil, 1>7|X'ryw. |I<7i>ikI .V-iiiIIcn, $(l  ���u s -v, uio; wr-Wfrfitir���" * '"""  Sfivhinihi ��� iimifwm h'ni hMhn t<> F.Rmmt.  \l lt��\v Sound tt)Jiwl\ l/il*'t\  Gibsons.  The regional district threw its corporate '  hands in the air and, in a letter to municipal  affairs minister James Lorimer, muttered  that Gibsons' unilateral proposal was,  "contrary to the concept of regional government," and "threatened" residents of the  Sunshine Coast's electoral areas.  In their letter, signed, petition-style, by all  directors except, understandably, for Gibsons representative Kurt Hoehne, board  members claimed that annexation by Gibsons of Port Mellon would reduce the tax base  of the regional district by 20 per cent,  lliey referred to the, "rather nebulous  hints," Gibsons council had thrown out about  Uie, "alleged benefits," of annexation to  Granthams Landing, Soames|Pplnt.,.  , Ono regional board member was heard, on  a 'number' of occasions, to dismiss Gibsons  council as, "a bunch of dumbwlts (sic)."  Tlio upshot of all this, as you ore probably  well aware, was that Lorimer put Gibsons'  proposal on hold until nn assessment could be  made of the feasibility of reorganizing tho  Sunshlno Const as ono district municipality,  Stop mo if I'm boring you, but I, feol a little  recapitulation is In order before I como to tho  point,  Throughout Uio whole fiasco, "Gibsons  aldermen have been portrayed ns a bumbling  group of pnrochlal Incompetents,  Quito the contrary Is true,  Of nil tho groups Involved In tho expansion  debacle, Gibsons council, alono, was pursuing  ,Jn,,good.%fnUh Its .prime, mandate from .the.,  public to govern in tho liest Interests of the  electorate.  Aldermen appraised tho financial  problems of tho village, Investigated alternative means of solving them, and camo up  with expansion as tho answer,  This Is what council was elected to do and  this Is precisely what It has done,  Gibsons Aldermen have been a little  roluotith't, up to how, to respond to tho  unrestrained criticism tl|at has Iwon heaped  on them from all sides,  Thoy took tho point of view, and quite  rightly, In my opinion, that thoy had explained thoir standpoint fully through tho  press and at a public mooting, Thoy wanted  no part of tho politicking that sconied to have  .... surrounded their, perfectly, logical expansion  proposal.  Hut, during a lengthy" talk recently with  council representatives, a few Interesting  facts came to light,  It seems that the rcglonaI,dlstr|ctwill.not   lose 2(1per cent of Its tax base, as claimed, If  Gibsons Annexes Port, Mollon.  Tlio regional district mill rale In set by the  provincial government on tho basis of total  assessment value on the Sunshine Coast ���  including the villages of Gibsons and Sechelt.  So, if Gibsons takes over Port Mellon, the  ^ million-odd assessed value of'the mill  would be transferred from regional electoral  area F to the village of Gibsons.  But the total assessed value of the district  as a whole would remain the same and the  regional district levy would, likewise, remain  Uie same.  The additional funding anticipated by  Gibsons would be levied on the mill through a  10 mill general purposes tax presently  collected by the province.  1 As soon as the mill becomes part of an  Incorporated area, this general purposes tax  becomes payable to the municipality, which  is empowered to raise Uie tax above the 10  mill celling Imposed on the provincial  government.  In short, annexation of Port Mellon would  cost tho regional district virtually nothing  and gain for Gibsons an additional $50,000 at  Uie present 10 mill general purposes tax level,  oj" oven moro if tlw village chooses to increase  tho tnx,  Countering another point raised In tho  letter from regional directors to lorimer,  Gibsons aldermen stressed that the projected  benefits of expansion to Grnnthams Landing  et nl were notln tho form of "nebulous hints,','  but, rather, based on a detailed evaluation by  Dayton and Knight,  On the comment Uiat Gibsons' actions  were "contrary to Uio concept of regional  .goycrnmpnt,!! at least one vlllngo spokesmnn.,  fools this Is all to Uio good, although completely unintentional.  Ho told mo that regional government was  simply not working. In Vancouver, ho Instanced, the regional district has sot up  neighbourhood offices to Improve tho rapidly  dwindling contact between tlio district and Its  electors.  Iiorlmcr, himself, favored the Gibsons  move, said the alderman, and agreed to an  all-out study of tho const's government  structure only after pressure from tho  regional district,  AU In all, It seems to mo that the village's  expansion proposal was put forward In good  faith and as bolng In tho best Interests of tho  residents of Gibsons,  But tho Issue has been clouded by the  spoctro of politics,  If everyone Involved stopped politicking  long enough to use a little common sense, tho  whole expansion Issue might begin to appear  " if little loss" ominous,  Tills is unlikely to happen, As I mentioned  at the beginning, government Is too serious to  Iw loft to the politicians,  with that of the arena site.  Fact: Half the school board admitted  never having put foot on Selma Park site.  Fact: They didindeed.ask Mr. Ivfestman if.  they could study his maps so they could see  *Where the site was.  Fact: The Board promised the committee  Wednesday, Feb. 12, 1975 that they would  delay decisions until an approved engineers  report had been received for both sites.  Fact: Two days after making this promise  the announcement in a prew release that ihey  have decided on a site.  Fact: From whence cometh the pressure?  Why did they go against their promise and  decide on a site without the engineers report?  Yessir, I think a few resignations would be  -in-order. The board does not have any facts  with which to impress us and we would like  the whole Peninsula to wake up, as we are  gathering little areas, instead of completing  one. I am still in favour of a great complex  where all the school and recreation facilities  are all together, but at this point I would  gladly trade my arena debenture for a half  decent four wheel drive. Do I make myself  clear Mr. and Mrs. Peninsula? You are all  asleep and apparently not concerned: so you  better wake up and say something pretty  soon. For example Mr. Taxpayer of Sechelt,  do you know that you "own" the ARENA and  you will also "own" a new school, swimming  pool, tennis courts, picnic tables, etc. If you  don't know you will certainly know When your  next tax assessment arrives, as the village  will be footing the bUls. So be smart let the  district handle these problems. To quote Mr.  Prescesky "We don't care about roads and  water, we are only concerned about building  a school. Those are not our problems but the  governments'.  We could build a school on Everest if we  had the money, but we don't have the money  and how long will the government hold the  arena deficit note for $40,000 before passing it  on to the village.  Yessir, Mr. and Mrs, Peninsula wo havo  done our homework,  Fact: Did you know that at present there  are four possible accesses to Uie Selma Park  site,'  Fact; When Uie now highway goos  through, wo will have five.  Fact; Here Is a nlco little one. Originally  lots 11 and 12 were chosen on December 4,  1974 at Uio arena slto, Thirty-four days later,  January 7,1975, Uie lots had changed to 1 nnd  2. Does anybody know why?  Fact; Tho board owns Uio Selma Pnrk site  and there Is ample provision for all future  expansions on beautiful level workable  terrain which presents no problem.  Yessir, I would say that Uio sowerngo  system up at tho arena slto IS definitely  running downhill.      '  Fact; I asked Mr. Prescesky point blnnk  why has tho board chosen tho arena slto, Ho  replied that thei hoard favwccl liavlng a groat  Councils, boards  meeting times  Boards nnd municipal councils hold  public meetings nt tho following times  nnd places.   ,  ��� Gibsons vlllngo council, municipal  hnll, 1st and 3rd Tucsdnys, 7 p.m.  ��� Sechelt .school board, Gibsons, 2nd  nnd 4th Thursdays, 7:30 (Lower fjoor,  Gibsons municipal hnll).  ��� -Sechelt village council, municipal-  hall, 1st nnd .3rd Wednesdays, 7:30.  ��� Sunshlno Coast regional board,  Secholt, last Thursday of each month,  7:30 p.m. ,,  Merifn>lSra"brih'6"pnl)HG may nttohtl  any ortlicso meeting but Ronornlly  must obtain prior permission In ohlor to  speak or represent a delegation.  complex and that's all, one point that is good.  Now is that really so darn important at this  stage? Considering the numerous facts which  I have mentioned and^which-we have many  more of which make this site illogical.  Fact: Why did the bus contractor refuse to  take our children to the arena?  Fact: Because the road was not bad, but  dangerous.  Now, I don't want anyone to get the impression that I am.prejudiced as to the arena.  I am definitely in favor of the arena. I just  don't like where it is. If I knew this to begin  with I would most certainly not have invested  ih a debenture and skating passes. Also my  prejudices do not extend to local land owners,  as I have nothing against anyone' wishing to  develop a new area. But I do feel at this point  that we are putting the cart before the horse,  where the majority of the population is to the  south.- _ , , ^  '"' "��� fi:\  . ,., *^  Furthermore, I have spoken to a few  residents in that area and they are not in  favor of a school as their reasons were that  they were trying to get away from it all and  now find that they are unable without great  risk, to come and go out of their driveways,  because of the zooming traffic which continues late into the night.  Yessir, Mr. and Mrs. Peninsula, how  many of you have lost your car in a ��ditch and  replaced front ends and shocks this year?  This is not right and most people complain  when it hurts their pockets. While you are all  i "grunting and moaning as you navigate your  way to the oasis on the hill and finally hit that  little stretch of tar on the last bit of your  journey you have the feeling that you are  entering the kingdom, so great is your joy.  The more you complain the sooner they  will fix the road and someone will have a nice  new road that the village will be taxed and  held liable for.  Yes we have problems today and we will  have problems in the future, so before we get  to tommorow let's fix up yesterday.  OlafWallander  Concerned Parent  Sincere thank you from the MacLarens  Editor, The Times;  Sir ���  Once again in a short space of time I must  attempt to thank so many people for so much  when there are no words to adequately do so.  I refer, of course, to my recent heart  seizure from which I am now recovering.  Above all I thank the Good Lord for  sparing my life for a while longer. I thank my  wife Evelyn who pleaded for me to take one  more breath when it was impossible to breath  while waiting for the inhalator squad and  thanks to Dr. Inglis who did arrive just in  time.  Thanks to Dr. Burtnlk who apparently  took over on my arrival at St. Mary's hospital  in Sechelt and any other doctors who may  have been involved of which I know nothing.  To the nurses who stayed by my bedside  the night through and to the entire staff on the  first floor who, I think, are the finest, most  capable and the most pleasant and cheerful to  be found anywhere.  To our host of sincere friends who have  helped so much and in such groat numbers for  their many cards of good wishes and tho long,  long list of telephone callers.  To tho many friends and neighbors who  have helped and offered help In many ways.  To the five pin bowling group for their get  well card and fruit, To the carpet bowling  group tor their card of good wishes and the  beautiful flowers.  It is my sincere hope that I have forgotten  no one. It is impossible to believe that any  couple in an area of this size could have so  many friends. So we can only say thank you,  and God Bless you all.  Lome and Evelyn MacLaren  Large amount of sugar  in sugarless treat  Editor, The Times;  Sir��� In the interest of those who keep  watch of their sugar intake for dental and  medical reasons, I would like to point out that  the recipe in last week's Timers |Feb. 12)  entitled 'Sugarless Treat', Is by" no''nj,eans  sugarless.  In fact that half, cup raisins and half cup  corn syrup alone account for about three-  fourths a cup of sugar; Uie can of refrigerated  buttermilk further adds to that amount,  Tho coup-dc-gruco, of course,' would bo to  wash down the freshly baked coffee cake  with, you guessed it, coffee. Cream and sugar  In yours?  Dr. laorno D. Bcrmnn  The Dental Centre  Sechelt  1  Q  I  T  CENTRE FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION  School District No. 46 fSocholt |  Invltoo paronts, toachora, child cqro workers, public health personnel,  MD's and others to hoqr  .<__wChild.Psychiatf^^  spook on tho 'Psychiatric Troatmont of Chlldron'  Friday, February 28th 8:00 p.m. at  Sechelt Elementary School  1  1  I  I  SIX NIGHTS  a mmi  Shows start at 5,30 p.m., 7:30 p.m., *?t30 p.m. and midnight,  RESERVE IN AD.VANCE FOR GROUPS  Madeira Parlt Ph. 883-2377  Coffoo Shop, Dlnln-fl Room, Cocktail Uun-flo, Cntorlnn  tm*mwm^0mpmmii*mmmimim0amm**mmmm  K  A  I What is wrong with my theatre"  Ray thinks is suitable for live stage productions.  Boothroyd wants to know. "I have talked with both local theatre  Boothroyd is the owner and manager of groups, Driftwood Players and Castaways,  the Twilight Theatre in Gibsons, a theatre he They have so many excuses and reasons why  THERE IS enough room for Karen    lessons on the 15 by 26 foot stage.  Boothroyd, 7, to practice her ballet        ,,iV,..���;.:.....<,^:',,...: *  ���>'   ���If.1'"!,  >','���.: 1,1,  i  ��� <      i    I no  i .< i  8&     \      * �����, '.'f iir   I  ������ r : 11 ��� i  ,  il f  '    J*  1  '   *     I M        1    tv,  ���i US-  TWILIGHT THEATRE in Gibsons seats   rooms available.  238 with storage rooms and dressing  they can't use it. They can't get together. You  can't see the actor's feet from the audience.  There's not enough room.  "The fact is," Boothroyd said, "they have  never tried to use the stage at the theatre.  They have never tried to put on a production  here although I have offered it to both groups.  With the screen moved back that stage is 15  feet by 26 feet wide. They don't know, the  possibilities that theatre has."-  Boothroyd said that the stage in the  theatre accommodated a 56 piece orchestra  and is regularly used for ballet lessons.  "The theatre is vacant during the day time  ' and available for use to anyone who is willing  and will clear up after themselves. I have no  objection to letting anyone use it for only the  cost of heat and light and cleaning up," the  theatre owner said.  - - "There are groups in the community, "he  said, "who are looking for ways to get another  theatre built. I've heard cost up to $600,000  quoted. I think another theatre here would be  uneconomic; the area can't support it. North  Vancouver has such a theatre with a much,  much larger population and it is having  financial difficulties. A theatre like that here  would sit idle most of the time. I can't see  building such a facility at such a cost here  : when the present facility is not being us^ to  the utmost. A new theatre would sit until  someone got around to putting something on  in it. That's a waste."  Boothroyd said a rehearsing and  production schedule could be worked into the  theatre's regular schedule so there would be  very little cost to the players; or the theatre  could be rented out right and have the play  cnly. i  "It could be organized that the movie is  shown early and the play goes on late or vice  versa and that way there would be little cost  to the drama group," he said, "All I need is a  commitment."  Talking about the construction of a new  theatre, Boothroyd said, "I have worked in  theatre all my life. Theatre has survived  because it has had to struggle. If you handed  it everything it wanted it would die instantly.  That struggle has to be there. What you have  locally "is a group of amateurs who want,  professional facilities but who are not willing  to pay for "them. They want everything's  handed to them."  Boothroyd said the present theatre  facilities at the Twilight which seats 1,238  with slight modifications could be adequate to  house any production put on locally.  ���-���There is storage room there and space  which can be used as dressing rooms and  make-up," he said.  The Peninsula Times Page B-5  Wednesday, February 26,1975  special treat  or Seniors!  Mackenzie Valley Pipeline is the topic for  a special extended Cross Country Check-up  Sunday, March 2 on CBC, radio. A  documentary at 12:03 p.m. preceding the two  hour cross country phone-in at 1:10 p.m. willi  present the issues involved, pros and cons,  the impact of the economy, environment and  people, benefits to Canada, drawbacks and  disadvantages.  WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26  Concern 8:03 p.m. Costumes - and styles -  how people think about clothes - hair styles,  body language and footwear,  Country Road 10:30 p.m, Johnny Gold's  Western group.  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY CT  Themes and Variations 8:03 p.m. CBC  Talent Festival - Insung Chun, piano, Bruce  Plumb, viola. Part II National Arts Centre  Orchestra nad Kingston (Choral Society,  Gwenlyn Little, soprano, Judith Forst, alto,  Glyn Evans, tenor and Jnmcs Anderson,  Baritone. Bach's Magnificat; Divertimento  for Strings, Bartok and Symphony No. 39 In E  flat, Mozart.  .Jazz Radio Canada 10:30 p.m, concert by  Impact Band.  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28  School broadcast 2:03 p.m. Student  Magazine -. guest Paulino MeGlbbon, Lieutenant' Governor, , Ontario ��� how do you  measure success?  Rctwccn Ourselves 8:03 p.m. - Off tlio  boaten track In Now Brunswick,, for most  people Its Just en route for someone else, In  this program Now Brunowlckcrs, poets,  fishermen, Acadlans, ��Scots, English,  businessmen and professor-stalk about ���thoir  Province and why thoy profor to live there,  B.C. Folio 0:03 p.m. for nnd about British  -���--Coliimblansr���--'--"-1'���'"-"--"'"- ;~---���.���--<---���  SATURDAY, MARCH 1  Metropolitan Opera 1:0(1 p,m, Wagner's  Die Walkuro, shirring BlrgHNHsson, Iconic  Hysnnck, Jon Vlckers and Donald Mclntyre,  -Symphony Hall (1:30 p.m, Montreal  Symphony with soprano Miirgnrtta Schack,  Prelude to Parolful, Wngnor, Erwurturig,  i-k:hocnberg; Symphony No, 2 Brahms,  CHO Stage 8:03 p.m, "Slpor Lazard" by  Vancouver writer Douglas Ilimkson.  By mimic 0:00 p,m, Musical qulzz from tho  JI.B.G.  Anthology 10:03 p,m, Portrait of .lean  Naracho, pen name of tho late Entile  (todorro, French Canadian populist, |>oot of  tho Depression era,  OrehcBtrnl, Concert Jl.j.o;i,p,inl���Ynnc<)Uvcr.  p.m.  Les  host  Symphony, soloist violinist Yasushi Abe,  Symphony No. 3 Gliere.  SUNDAY, MARCH 2  Mackenzie Valley Pipeline 12:03  special documentary prepared by  McLaughlin, CBC Northern Service.  Cross Country Check-up 1:10 p.m.  Harry Elton will ask Canadians across the  country, for their opinions on the Pipeline  issue.  Capital Report 3:03 p.m. note changed  tirpe - Bush and the Salon pre-empted this  week.  NHL Hockey 4:03 p.m. Toronto versus  Detroit,  The Entertainers 7:03 p.m. The best of the  Royal Canadian Air Force - flash-backs. Also  words and music from the Prairies, by  Graeme Card formerly with Humphrey and  tho Dump Trucks; Quebec singer Priscilla  and nostalgic look at music of the sixties.  CBC Playhouse 10:30 p.m. "Tune for a Toy  Piano" by Geraldine Rubia - the zany story  of Sarah who "sings people off".  Quebec Now 11:03 p.m. Business ty  Quebec with Ron Grant.  MONDAY, MARCH 3  Canadian Curling Championships, reports  daily from the Brier from Fredericton, NB  included in spogjscasts.  Good Music from 690 nightly from 12:10 -1  a.m.  TUESDAY, MARCH 4  World   Figure   Skating   Championships  reports daily from Colorado Springs included  in sportscasts.  CBC Tuesday Night 8:03 p.m. Part 1 -  Music of Scott Jophin. Part II Another Kind of  Night, Part III Carnival.  VANCOUVER ��� Band managers of the  Musqueam, Sechelt and Squamish Bands  hosted a dinner party at the Bayshore Inn.  The dinner was Sponsored by the Economic  Development Committees of the three bands  -who are working together in the area of  economic development. Even though each  band has taken a different approach to the  development of the resources available to  them, they are considered to be the leaders in  the field of Indian Band Economic  Development in Canada today and considering their proximity to each other, it was  natural they should share their experiences  which could only be beneficial to all three  bands.  Special guests at the dinner were the  Honourable Judd Buchanan, his  parliamentary secretary, Iona Campagnolo,  MP for Skeena River; members of the  Minister's staff and Senator and Mrs. Guy R.  Williams.  Also in attendance were the Chiefs and  Councillors, staff and their spouses of the  three hosting Bands; the new Deputy  Minister of Indian Affairs, .Arthur Kroger;  Regional Director of Indian Affairs for B.C.  Larry Wight and members of his staff and  representatives of the Native Brotherhood of  , B.C. Johnny Clifton, Mrs. and Mrs. James  Sewid and Mr. and Mrs. Bud Recalma.  In"his -address, the Mirasttjr of Indian  Affairs stated that it is always a pleasure to  visit B.C. one of the most attractive places in  the world.. He said as he travels around the  country that he hears Indian people asking  for independence on one hand but on the other  hand they-ask that their independence be  funded by Indian Affairs. This is not the case  in British Columbia where independence is  being practiced "more vividly than anywhere  else in Canada."Indian leadership in B.C.  sets an example for the rest of Canada by  their self assurance and independence in  carrying out their own affairs.  Iona Campagnolo, who was introduced by  , Johnny Clifton, said she was impressed  ^favourably,.,by, the spirit of unity and cooperation displayed by the three hosting  Bands.  Main Speaker of the evening Senator Guy  , Williams,   introduced  by  his  old  friend  Clarence Joe, Band Manager of the Sechelt  Band, paid tribute to his wife Minnie who has  stayed by his side for nearly half a century  and helped him during the trying periods of  Ms career as an Indian leader.  He also paid tribute to the three hosting  Bands for being able to work so well together  for the advancement not only of the people of  their own Bands but for other Bands which  will benefit from their experiehces, particularly in the field of economic development. He had a word of advice to the new  Minister of Indian Affairs and that word was  that the time had come to appoint Indians to  the top positions in his department. He also  advised the Minister when he does make such  appointments they should not go to Indians  already involved in Indian organizations.  Chief Joe Mathias thanked the guests'for  coming and expressed the hope that one day  soon Indians will be able to develop on their  own rather than to have to participate in le,ase  arrangements with government officials  always on hand.     .        -.  PENDER HARBOUR ��� A very special  treat awaited Pender Harbour Senior Citizens  last week when two home-based musical  groups combined to entertain them at their  February meeting in the Legion Hall.  After a merciful short'business meeting  was concluded, the Pender Harbour Band,  conducted by Florence Prescesky and the  Pender HarJSour Choir, led by Les Fowler  with Lois Haddon as accompanist, alternated  in performing a delightful selection of .music  "and song. ���  The program was widely varied, including  Bach, Schubert and Handel very sweetly  played and sung; a portion of nostalgic  melody appropriate for those having long  . memories; and a modicum of modern: a total  of 18 selections.  The following soloists performed: Sheila  Schoular on the accordion, Rae Lee oh the  flute ( asterling silver one), and Manuel  Mangahas at the piano.  More then 40 muscians and singers were  assembled, ranging in age from school  children to grandparents.  Mrs. Prescesky ended the concert with a  warm invitation to anyone who wishes to join  the band; sole qualification; the love of  music.  A feeling of contentment pervaded as the  gathering broke up. It was reassuring to know  that so many local people are dedicated to the  skilful management of musical instruments  and to what Shakespeare called "uttering  harmonious breath".  mm^mmmmmm^mssms^mmismmmmmE^s^^  R family film by joe car-rip rj  FEB. 26 �� 27 �� 28  o��  SAT. MAR. 1st   _...; .,..1*1^          ��� GENERAL ���  A Melvin Frank Film  :  We   now   have  available   a  vast ��  supply of excellent top soil.  Loading     facilities     &     trucking jv,  arrangements available.  Call  883-2212  Madeira Park  B6R1  George Glenda  Segal   Jackson  MATURE  im a  Touch  OfClass  Sat. Mar. 1st at 9:00 p.m.  .;<  plus    .   at 8:00 p.m.   at the  ITT  Gibsons o 886-2827  P-^" ���"���"-* -? WaHB^B8WM^^  Does Your Club or Group report  ... ������..���.' ���    , I      .'',.-<: il  ���        ��� ��� ���, , ��� ..-���..'  \        , ...',.  its Activities Regularly to The times?  gawwwMS  JBimMsIki (B^fltran^^  EVERY MONDAY  1:45 p,m��� Community Hall, Roberts Crook, Elphlristano Now Horizons  carpot howling, cards & films,  Danco Workshop, Call Jonnlfor 005-2407 -- 7 p.m,  2 p,m, S.C.A, No, 69 Carpot Bowling, Old Loglon Hall, Socholl,  EVERY TUESDAY      7|30 p,m��� Socholt Loglon Hall S,U,D,S, (Socholl Ups and Downs) Club,  Now Mombors wolcomq,  2 p.m., Solma Park Horizons bowling, Solma Park,  fl p.m., Al-Anon mooting at S|, Aldon's Hall. Roborls Crook,  EVERY WEDNESDAY,     2 p,m��� SonlorSwIngors danco group, Old Loglon Hall, Sochqlt,  0:00 p,m,, Bingo, now Loglon Hulkllng, Socholl,  Introductory Locturo, Transcondontal Modllatlon nit  Imiyhl by Mnharnshl Mnhosh Yogi, Whllakor Houso, Socholl  n p,m,  IliOO p.m., Illngo, Condor Harbour Community Hall,  "IOCS" mooting al Public lloalth Contro, IiDO-HiOO p,m,  .C.yERY^r.RIDAY^.s.-l.f3,sOO��p,in,,,..GIbfton����Unllotl.���Chursh-Womon'.��-Tlull( Shop,, Also *llrut��  Saturday ol cinch month, lOn.m, to 12 noon during summor months,  EVERY SAIUHDAY      5M|00, p,m���  Tianscondonlnl Moclltqllon Introduction,  Cowilo SI,,  Socholt,  ���       Qpon 12 noon lo2:00 p,m��� Wilson Cropk Library,  EVERY THURSDAY  >W��r3OTM<SIMtt J^fewS*  nn DnoffcDDOTOi  Mar, 3-.-Socholt Toachors Assoc,, Statute of Womotl Commlltoo Mooting,  Socholt Elomontaiy School Llbraiy, all wolcomo 7u10 p,m,  Mar, 7 - World Day of Prnyor, St, Aldan's Church, Roborts Crook     2 p,m,  Mar, 7      World Day ol Prnyor, St, John's Unltod church, Davis Day      2 p,ni,  Mar, II      Community A����oc|n||on Mooting, Wilson Crook Hall     n p;m,  Mar, 12     Rummogo and Oako Salo, old loglon Hall, Socholl   ��� 11 n,m, to I >,'"-,  Mar, 22 ���-. Plra Daparlmant Danco, for Info, phono (ino-?n02 ~, n p,m, ��  Mnr, 12     Woslorn Wolghl Conlrollors Rwmnwgo and M\o Salo, Old Loglon  Hall, Socholt     11 am,  The Peninsula'Jdwm,  P,0, Box 310r Sechelt, B.C.  Telephone 885-3231  Rocyclc. thla Nowopnporl  The British Columbia Government News is an Ihformation service  designed to make the same information provided to the news mediarr  available to every citizen.  Send this coupon today and we'll put your name on our free mailing  list; Bulk mailing services are also available for businesses,  , community groups and other organizations, ���  *Jffi|f  Plonao sond mo ooploa of tho Brlllah Columbia    ���  Govornmonl Nows onoh month, |  NAME ,   r\uuiiuuO i i )' r ( i i t i i i i i i i t i 't i i i i i i . i �� i  CITY/TOWN ,,,,..<,,,.,,.,,,, POSTAL CODE  .Iv1all4o;--Orltlsh--Columbln-Govornm6nt-Novv8''"-----   , ������Dopnrlmont.ol tho Provincial Socrotary  Pnrllmnont BulkJInoo  Vlctorln, D.C, *  ��A '     J  Vf.       i        |  ��� /  u-j�� - 1 '41   -^USL.  [a.--...  x.-s  ,'-  1,  ^ ah  -/  MADEIRA Park Elementary School   present at upcoming'Sunshine Coast    under   the   direction   of    Florence  band polishes up the selection it will   Drama and, Music Festival. Band is    Prescesky.  Crossing pcitrol gets equipment from Kiwanis  GIBSONS ��� Sunshine Coast Kiwanis Club equipment. -Since then, the Kiwanis have  has donated $100 worth of equipment to the organized Spring picnics for patrol members,  student    crossing    patrol    at    Gibsons "This is a continuing campaign," said club  Elementary School: spokesman George Cooper, "not only with the  The Club first sponsored the patrol 14 kids but with motorists."  years ago by helping with the purchase of He  said  the  crosswalk  opposite   the  elementary school was at, -'one of the most  awkward and dangerous intersections I have  seen in a long time."  The equipment, consisting of helmets,  cross belts and raincoats, was slated for  presentation to the patrol on Monday.  Squaringly yours  BY MAURICE HEMSTREET 885*3359  Hello, fellow square dancers, wherever  you are lend me your ears, for I'm in great  need of a lot of square dancers of intermediate level or thereabouts to make the  old Roberts Creek Hall on the Sunshine Coast  jump for joy with the sounds of laughter, from  a dozen sets of square dancers or more. So if  you are a'square dancers and want a change  in pace come and join The Country Stars, on  the Sunshine Coast, Roberts Creek, B.C.,  April 19,19*75, 8:30 p.m. till ?  Be proud to say, we helped The Country  Stars with their first Jamboree and what a  fantastic time you had. I mean, really, with  Jim McPherson, from Dance Craft in Van-  . couver, as top caller for the night (and he is a  fantastic caller, if you don't believe me, come  and find out).  Besides that, anyone with a camper,  trailer or motor home, can have free parking  in my yard. For information, call Lonesome  Maurice at 885-3359, or if you need-billets;  what else, call the same number. You may  have to bring a sleeping bag; but we will put  you up somewhere. >  I would sure like to see some of my sister  Myrtle's club^ The Mavericks from Victoria  over again. You see, it takes a whole set of  square dancers to keep my sister put of  trouble. Once last month, she broke her chain  and almost got away, but she is a good sqaure  dancer. Remember the date, mark it on your  calendar ��� April119, -.and wateh The Times  for further information, thank you,,  -Jgjj9  >^^g|  >^^B QRn  -qSQ   G3B1   8SBI   ,^SQS. BJ��Q   -JQQI9  Hffifl {:^ffQQfl "-flSSa   Gui3   ESSS  A week ago, poor old caller, Harry  Robertson had a bad case of the druther's;  that is, he didn't feel too well. Had a long  weekend coming at work so he said he would  druther I filled in for him so I did and we held  a minute silence and hoped he will be back at  the callers dais next week in good health.  . Another nice surprise was when a couple  from Edmonton came to square a set with us, >  in fact, Frank and Dorothy Dorward,  Parkallen, Buttons and Bows Club, really  helped make, the evening as it was the first  square dance night that we were unable to  floor two sets. Frank and Dorothy both are  square dance callers and have.called for  about twenty years, but due to his business  travels, retired from calling about five years  ago but have managed to keep up with square  dancing wherever they go.  ^ I finally talked Frank into sharing a  ^record with me, I would do a chorus, then he  -'would do a figure and so onrwe almost  fumbled the mike a couple of times, but we  did have fun and it's a memory I won't soon  forget, so square dancers> if you are in Ed-  montbn, phone iprauk at 433^073 or Jerry and  lily Dreger at 439-6656, Jerry and Lily live at  Dreger's Kitchen Corner, Whyte Ave. and 104  St., there is also square dancing listed in the  telephone book, ntfw, with all that information  I have this to say, The Country Stars one and  all, thank Frank and Dorothy from the bottom of our hearts and hope to see them again,  it Was a wonderful evening.   .  The occupational therapy van, operated  by the B.C. Division, C.A.R.S., will be at St.  Mary's Hospital, Sechelt, on March 12,13 and  14.  At the wheel will be Jane Sharp, C.A.R.S.  occupational therapist, who will be seeing  patients with arthritis on referral from their  family physician.  , "The purpose of the visit is to bring this  specialized service to areas around B.C., so  that self-help aids to daily living can be  recommended and supplied to keep patients  independent in their own home setting,", a  C.A.R.S. spokesman said.  Miss Sharp will be working in co-operation  with Mrs. R. Fosberry, physiotherapist at St.  Mary's Hospital.  The van makes its first stop on the  Peninsula at "Gibson's.  -   - ^���  Between March 17 and 21, it will be at  Powell River General Hospital with Miss  Sharp working in co-operation with Pam  Mitchell, charge physiotherapist.  Among the self-help aids are items like  pick-up sticks, dressing iaids, bathing aids,  ch.air raises, all to help patients who have  difficulty handling their own home situations  because of joint weakness, pain or stiffness.  PageB-6 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 26,1975  * Put your message into 4,000  homes (15,000 readers) ih  these economical spots. Your  ad is always there for quick  reference  .  .   .  anytime.?  * Here's an economical way to  reach   4,000   homes   (15,000  readers) every week. Your ad  waits patiently for ready reference ....   anytime!  ACCOUNTANTS  W. Philip Gordon  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Phone: Bus. 886-2714, Res. 886-7567  Harris Block, Gibsons, B.C.  AUTOMOTIVE   SERVICE  J AMIESON AUTOMOTIVE  Parts, Sales i Service  - Rotor Lather Service for Disc Brakes  and Drum Brakes  - Va|ve and Seat Grinding  All Makes Serviced - Datsun Spedalists  Gibsons -Phone 886-7919  SB  BUILDING SUPPLIES   ��� (cont'd)  WINDSOR PLYWOODS  [the Plywood People,]  ALL PLYWOOD:  Exotic and Construction  Panelling ��� Doors ��� Mouldings  Glues - Insulation  Hwy. 101 ���Gibsons��� 886-9221  BANKS  ROYAL BANK OF CANADA  Sechelt Branch ��� Phone 885-2201  Gibsons Branch ��� Phone 886-2201  Madeira Park        ���       Phone 883-2711  HOURS  Sechelt: Tuesday-Thursday 10 a.m. to 3'p.m.  Fri.10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Gibsons & Pender: Monday-Thursday  10 a.nT to 3 p.m.; Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  BLASTING  TED'S BLASTINGS CONTRACTING  ALL WORK FULLY INSURED  Basomonti -Driveways ��� Soptic Tanks  Stumps - Ditch Linos  Call for a free estimate anytime  TED DONELY Pender Harbour 883-2734  CARPET CLEANING  CARPET & CHESTERFIELD  CLEANERS  WE CLEAN WITH     .  ARGOSHEEN      (Free Estimates)  TOM SINCLAIR: 885-9327  phone 12-1 p.m. or after 5 p.m.  Carpet Cleaning  By ARGOSHEEN  Headquarters at Seaview Market, Roberts Creek  885-3400  10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. * Monday to Saturday  Coast Carpet Care  CONTRACTORS  BOUTIN BULLDOZING  CLEARING, LANDSCAPING, AND  BACKHOE WORK  TELEPHONE 886-9824  R.R. 2, Gibsons  BUILDERS  101 CONTRACTING CO. LTD.  General Building Contractors  All Work Guaranteed  Phono 885-2622  Box 7 3, Sechelt, B.C.  WEKO CONSTRUCTION LTD.  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  For All Your  Building Needs  PHONE VERN, 005-2525 or 086-2344  TRAIL BAY DESIGN  WILL BUILD TO SUIT  COMMERCIAL ��� RESIDENTIAL  885-2713  - SKANNOR DEVELOPMENTS LTD.  Quality Is our Name  Building I* our Gamo  Rosldontlal ��� Commorclal  Plroplacos and Bricklaying  , ,h|   005-2692-Box 860, Socholt  r*M~i~*mmll*.rtlmmm,mm.i0a.,,m.m~.iiim,tlmmmM,mt��*.*M^m.l,mWw.l,Mm.tmimmm~m*^wmml,m  , i ���    ,  MISSION POINT DEVELOPMENTS  LTD.  BUILD TO SUIT  r'UG-PABHOUSI, ERECTION  .,..���.,���,__i,.r,,RENOVAT|ONS__,,,���,,_._   Cvoi 005-9951 ���- Box 547, Socholl  BUILDING SUPPLIES  A.C. RENTALS ft BUILDING  SUPPLY LTD.       ,  All Your Building Needs  MadolraPark Phono 803-2505  GIBSONS BUILDING SUPPLIES  |1971|LTP.  ALL BUILDING MAirniALS"  "READY-MIX"  "CONCREIE.GHAVIir ;y  "wnsTwooniioMrs"1  "GENERAL PAINT"   --"BB6-2642������ ��� "oo^qJj ���T  lllghwny 101��� Gibsons  BRUCE CAMPBELL BULLDOZING  Road Building, Land Clearing, etc.  Hillcrest Ave., RR 1, Gibsons  886-7672  DOUBLE R TRUCKING  LTD.  EXCAVATING ��� SAND  GRAVEL���'FILL   Phono 886-7109   U. ft G. CONSTRUCTION LTD.  (Frank Giampa and Sons)  Framing, Finishing  Additions and Renovations  ��� 30 years building oxporlonco ���  Phono: 885-2618 [days] or 885-9014  CONTRACTORS (cont'd)  FIREPROOF BUILDINGS  FIREPLACES  A. Simpkins  Sechelt Phone 885-2688  PenConPump  CONCRETE PUMPING SERVICE  PORT MELLON TOPENDER HARBOUR  886-7417 or 886-9890  'CASTLE'  Dry Wall  Phone 883-2436 * Halfmoon Bay, B.C.  MORRIES CONCRETE  Placing and Finishing  Floors - Patios - Stairs  Walks - Driveways  Free Estimates Phone 885-9413  DAY CARE  Wilson Creek  DAY CARE CENTRE  ages3-6  qualified supervisors        885-2721  DISPOSAL SERVICES  HOTELS  PENDER  HARBOUR  SERVICES  DISPOSAL  Weekly Garbage Pick-Up  Rubbish Removal etc.  Barry & Dan Leech  883-9133  HARBOUR CONCRETE &  GRAVEL LTD.  Pondor Harbour aroa  Sand ��� Drain Rock ��� Crushed Gravol, otc  Wo how havo 2 concrolo nnlxor trucks  i    ' to servo you,  R.R. 1, Madeira Park  Phono 883-9911  J. B. EXCAVATING CO. LTD.  006-9031  Dump Truck ��� Dackhoo J Cat  Wator, Sowor, Drainage Installation  LandCloarlng  ___^ FREE ESTIMATES   L ft H SWANSON LTD.  READY-MIX CONCRETE  Sand and Gravel ��� Backhoo  ��,,,�����.*,*,.,.,,���..,,���,,Dllchlno.v-Gxcqvatlon��  PORPOISE BAY ROAD  005-9666,     Pox 172,     Socholt, P.C.  DRYWALL SERVICES  Mac Camoron   PH. 885-2706   SHOAL DEVELOPMENT LTD.  Soptic Tank Ditching  Excavating     Land Charing  Rac,ri[.ulM|ng   GrnvoUFIII   086-2830'   ����� mmmmi������'���-��� '  ��� i ii.n !������ -s ins.i,       i ������������,��� ������������inmiu^.���.i������in���.iii-  i���   ������  .., m., ��� i ^  Larry's Drywall Sorvlco*  S|>ocl(i||;lng In drywall applications  Insulatod ond textured colling*  Ri.lll7._oF * " " "" MS-2464"  L.fi.FRADmi  SUNSHINE COAST  DISPOSAL SERVICES LTD.  PORT MELLON TO OLE'S COVE  Tol. 886-2938 or 885-9973  when   renovating   or   spring   cleaning   call  for your disposal needs.  Commercial Containers Available  ELECTRICIANS  BE ELECTRIC LTD.  Phono 886-7605  Box 860 Gibsons  "POWER TO THE PEOPLE"  SIM ELECTRIC LTD.  INCE 1947  PHONE 885-2062  ��� ELECTRIC HEAT SPECIALISTS ���  D. W. LAMONT  Electrical Contractor  R.R, 1, MadolraPark  Phono 083-2749  -' 1    1        Render Harbour    '  McCANN ELECTRIC  WIRING OF AU TYPES  Residential��Industrial ��� Commorclal  All work guarantood ��� Froo estimate*  Joo McConn, Box 157, Madolra Pork  Phono 803-9913  '" ��� ���  I         ' '    i  FLOORING��CAPINETS  1  Cablnots ��� Carpots. Linoleums  HOWE SOUND DISTRIBUTORS LTD,  P.O. Box.694, Gibsons, B.C.  Blair Konnott, salon manager  Phono 086-2765  PENDER HARBOUR HOTEL  MadolraPark Phone 883-2377  Conventions, Dinners, Group Meetings  Weddings and Private Parties  ��� Full Hotel Facilities ���  KNITTING AAACHINES *  BROTHER  KNITTING MACHINES  Coast Representative:  Esther Anderson  885-3357  LANDSCAPING  BALDUCCI BROTHERS  Rock Work and Landscaping  Cement Work of Any Kind  Call 594-2166 or 594-5241 COLLECT  MACHINE SHOPS  SECHELT MACHINE SHOP  (at Standard.Motors)       j  Machinery & Equipment Repairs  First Class Workmanship  Bob Forrester  Phone 885-9464  At the Sign of the Chevron  HILL'S MACHINE SHOP  < & MARINE SERVICE LTD.  Machine Shop-Arc and Acetylene Welding  Steel Fabricatlng-Marine Ways  Automotive and Marine Repairs  Standard Marine Station  Phono 886-7721 Ros. 886-9956, 886-9326  PIANO TUNING  CERTIFIED PIANO SERVICE  Regulating ��� Repairs  Electronically Checked  Workmanship Guaranteed  David Nowoselski 886-2783  ���Li,jcunuwiw;ssaLnjii,iiiu'iLn/mij pjnuMiitiiiui'.'i-j'iii'niL^iHif'iisi'ii'M.si.iii.j'iikiiTsiiimnir'inrTH-sia  PLUMBING & HEATING  L&R PLUMBING & HEATING  - SERVING THE SUNSHINE COAST -  Box 651, Sechelt, 8.C.  Phone 885-2918  L. MitchelU R.Mitchell  SEASIDE PLUMBING LTD.  Gibsons  Plumbing - Pipefitting - Steamfitting  Hot Water Heating - Pipe Lagging  FREE ESTIMATES All Work Guaranteed  Phone 886-7017  SECHELT HEATING and  INSTALLATION  Gas, Oil and Electric Furnaces  Gutters, Flashing and Venting Jobs  Ph. 885-2466 * Box 726 * Sechelt, B.C.  PENINSULA PLUMBING LTD.  Sales and Service ��� 886-9533  Everything for the Do-lt-Yourselfer  Contract & Renovations  FREE ESTIMATES  Len Coates 886-7685  Ray Coatos 886-9533 or 886-7872  MARINE SERVICES  PAZCO FIBERGLASSING  COMPLETE MARINE & INDUSTRIAL REPAIRS  ���Canooi    i  ��� Runabouts  ��� Usod Boat Salo*  FREE   ESTIMATES-PH   886-9604   or   886-9111  JOHNSON OUTBOARDS  SALES AND SERVICE  Complete Marine Accessories -��� Full line ol  cartop runabout boats and cruisers  TRAIL DAY SPORTS UNLIMITED  Socholt 885-2512  Vancouvor toll frooi 61)9-5019  RADIATORS  G&E RADIATOR REPAIRS  Autos, Industrial and Heat Exchangers  WE GUARANTEE ALL WORK I  PHONE 886-7638  Plck-up and delivery service  RENTALS  Easy   Strip  pressors  MASONERY  HAIRDRESSERS  J.RHODE  Masonary Construction  ,    BRICK "BLOCK "STONE  FIRE PLACES "FACINGS  7045, 142nd St,, Surry, B.C,        Phono 596-9747  mmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*   MOVING & STORAGE  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER  Household Moving, Packing, Storage  Packing Matorlals (or salo  ...MEMBEROF ALLIED VAN.LINES.-..  Canada's No, 1 Mayors  Ph. 806-2664, R.R. 1 Gibsons  NURSERY  Mack's Nursory - Roberts Crook  Landscaping  .  Shrubs ��� Frull Troos  ���Foillllior  Bony Plants ��� Bedding, plants ��� Pool Moss  Fully Lionised Posllcldo Spraying (or      ,  Landscaping and Irootl   ,  '  Sunshlno Coast Hwy,     Ph. 886-2604  PAINTING 6V DECORATING  SECHELT BEAUTY SALON  ,  Dlanno Allon, Proprietor  KAN-DO PAINTING  ���..���,_,������ _ .,Export,Ha|r,Sty|lng.,���.,,..��� _���.���,,���.   ��� .INTERIORANDJftTERIQR  Cowrlo Stroot                                Phono  Pox 943, S��cl)s.H  Socholt                                        885-2818  0053734  Cvenlngn 005-3936  ROOFING  BILL BLACK ROOFING  & INSULATION  DUROID SHINGLES - TAR & GRAVEL  NEW ROOF or RE-ROOF  Box 281, Gibsons 886-7320  RELIABLE ROOFING   Tar&GsTciyeL. ...........,l:   Duroid * Shakes  FREE ESTIMATES  phone  885-2992  885-2064  SEWING MACHINES  BERNINA  Sales and Service to all makes  RENTALS  Fabric House, Gibsons ��� Ph. 886-7525  SIGN  PAINTING  AL'S SIGN'TIFIC SIGNS  Show Cards - Bonners - Truck Lettering  Boats - Plywood Signs - Windows, etc.  Mason Road, West Sechelt  Phone 885-2606  SURVEYORS  A.C. RENTALS LTD.  TOOLS and EQUIPMENT  .     RENTALS and SALES  Concroto  Forming   Systoms   ���  Com  Rotofillors  ���  Gonq'rators  .  Pumps  Earth Tampers ���  Sunshlno Coast Hwy, 8, Francis Ponlnsula Road  MADEIRA PARK PHONE 803-2685  Why Buy When You Can  RENT IT at  SEASIDE RENTALS LTD.  Domestic & Industrial Equipment  from Rug Shampooers to Lighting Plants  R.R.I, Davis Bay, 885-2848  CONCRETE FORM RENTALS  FOR ALL TYPES OF BASEMENTS  EASY ERECTION AND STRIPPING   .  Comploto Instructions Provided  FISHER FORM RENTALS  885-2612 or 885-2359 ovoa.  "RENT IT AT  ���.,..>U������,SUNSHIN E. RENT ALS .LTD/!~-~~-~_  North Road, Olhions  "Wo Ran! or Soil Almost Everything"  Typewriter* ��� Lighting Plants ��� Tolovlslons  Rototlllors  ������   Commit   Mlxarn   ���   Lnwn   Rnkos  Mechanic's Tools  PHONE 1106-2040    24 HOUR SERVICE  mwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,  RETAIL STORES  CRS HARDWARE  Socholt, B.C.  APPLIANCES, -HARDWARE  HOM-E, FURNISHINGS  Phono 885-9713  i  Use thoso spacos to  ~     roach naarly 15,000 pooplo   -   ~  ovorywookl  ROBERT W. ALLEN  B.C. LAND SURVEYOR  Sechelt Lumber Building  Wharf Street, Box 607  Sechelt, B.C.  Office 885-2625 Home 885-9581  Roy and Wagonaar  B.C. LAND SURVEYORS  CIVIL ENGINEERS  Marine Building ��� Wharf Street  Box 609 ��� Socholt, B,C,  865-2332  TIRES  COASTAL TIRES  Sunshlno Coast Highway  Pox 13, Gibsons, D.C. ��� Phono 086-2700  SALES AND SERVICE  All Brands available  Monday to Saturday 0)30 a,m, to 5,30 p,m,  Friday ovonlng by appointment only  TREE'TOPPING  PEERLESS TREE SERVICE  ������ Comploto Ti'oo Sorvlco  ��� ������ Prompt, Guarantood, Insured Work  PiIcob Ypu Can Trust  Phono J, RISOEY, 006-2109  T,V. and RADIO  sJ&C ELECTRONICS  PHILCO-FORD SALES 8, SERVICE  wo sorvlco all brands  00S-2S6Q  across from Iho Rod ft Whlto  SECHELT  SUNSHINE COAST T,V, SALES  fl, SERVICE LTD, ��  ADMIRAL r ELECTROHOME  and ZENITH DEALERS  "IN THC HEART OT.DOWNTOWN SECHELT'  110x791, Socholt      Phono 11115.901 A  CLOSED ON MONDAYS  Use 'Times' Adbxiets  to Sell Buy, Bent,  APW  D  I  1  O |  /  \ * Tfarmrr  A complete selection of  hardware, appliances,  sporting goods and  homejk Garden supplies.  at  Marine Drive, Gibsons      886-2442  WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26  CHANNEL S  CHANNEL 12  mm     JU  9*  Ntw-i  Nevi  Mon  Ami  Mi.rv  Griffin  Merv  Gr ff.r  H mli Porly  RoMtrj Gotic  Hollywood Pay  Squorts Cards  5i.t It  Sto lr  Love Of  Life  Yogo  Yoga  Pay-  Cards  News  News  News  News  See It  Sec ll  Love Of  Life  10  Western  Schools  J-b     Di.e��up  Merv  GriHin  Slowdown  Jackpot  Jackpot  Blank  Check  ��� Scliool ��� Young &  BitadcasK Restless  ;Mr. Search  Dress ip Search  Consumer  Prepare  Definition  Definition  Sesame  Street  Get  Smart  Mayberry  Young &  Rest I on  Search  Search  It  Se-ame  Street  Sesame  Street  Password  Pgssword  . 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Treasure  Hunt  News  News  News  News  Mike  Douglas  Price Is  R.'ghf  Montreal  Canadians  Vancuver  Assignment  America  O'ympia  1975  The  FBI  Ironside  Ironside  Merv  Griffin  Merv  Griffin  Hourglass  Hourglass  Music  Machine  That's My  Mama  Movie:  "Someone  Little  House  On The  Prairie  Little  House  On The  Prairie  Tony  Orlando  And  Dawn  Mont rea 1  Banjo  Parlour  Arobs &  Israelis  Beh-.d  i ines  Ironside  -Ironside  Beverly  HI" ���  'libill it  Challenging  Sea  MASH  MASH  This  1  This  Cannon  Movie:  Theatre  Movie-,  Hollywood  8;;  Touched"  Tannpr  Land  Cannon  "Tora  ���   fnf     '  "P.T.  Squares  Waller  Music  ��� Cannon  Tora  America  Mory T  Machine  Pldgeon  Tanner  Mochine  Cannon  Tora'  Theatre  Cliff  Mo >re  Music  Camera  Music  Camera  Adams  Of  Eaite  -ate  Petrocel ll  Petracelli  Petrocel I i  Petrocel I i  Music  Camera  Music  Camera  The  Manhunter  The  Manhunter  Martin  Balsam  Joseph  Gotten  America  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  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SECHELT OIDSONS  KISM 09      '     KISM ,',' 09  KIXI  90 KIXI 90  rniip oa CFMS ,,,,,, ,,,,,,/!  *���" ��� ,, ,, ''�� rn..-                                                02  w.��^,^.|-|.|��|.,,^.,.n........,,,-��....,*V'4'..-'...^.'.w'.'..'..'......."...-...��..^......^^ -,- ,",',.,-.,'"��.,-'.���'��..   ..,..',..,-....,..,���'..,   *.���*-.-.:'  IVCIM . i i . i i .. . .. . i i i i i . , . ,,,,,' I i/r-n,                                                                       QA  r.r.A, nA c '       "iWaKI s s , ��� , r*  CFMI  94,5 rFAA,                                         945  CDU , ,,, 95.5 cnu ,,, 95,5  CHQM ' 95 CHQM , 96  C ESectrooics & ^ppBSatices  ' Cowrlo St., Socholt 'Wo Sorvlco Whot Wo Soil'  WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26  Channel 8���8 p.m.���Tora! Tora! Tora! A  semi-documentary account of the Japanese  attack on Pearl Harbour',. .   _iT.  Channel 12���11:30 p.m.���Wuthering  Heights-Emily Bronte's haunting tale of the  tragic romance between a materialistic girl  and a proud stable boy.  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27  Channel 12-31:39 p.m.r-Cisco Pike - Kris  Kristofferson won critical praise for his  acting debut in this melodrama about a  former*rbck star frying to shake the drug  ��  ��� Channel -11^-11:30 p.mi---Boys  Town  -  ..S^neer'T^ true account of  ; Father *!Ftenaganwh6 foimded a Nebraska  coi^unity for^delinquents.. -  Qiannd:6���12 a.m.--rA sweet, meddling  old lady upsets the holdup plans of a gang, ih  The LadykUlersi a delijghtful spoff. v  FRIDAY, FEBftflARY 28  Channel 8r-8:3lB p.m.���The Desperate  Miles - a 1975 TV movie, about a wheelchair  bound Vietnam veteran who tries to wheel  from Los Angeles to San Diego in seven days.  Channel 12���9 p.m.���True Grit - John  Wayne won an Oscar as the crusty old  marshal who helps a teen-ager track down  her father's killer.  Channel 8-12 a.m.���The Pit and The  Pendulum - Gothic horror in a Spanish castle  with Vincent Price.  SATURDAY, MARCH 1  Channel 5���1 p.m.���Goodbye Charlie -  Tony Curtis, Debbie Reynolds, Walter  Matthau. A playboy with an eye for other  men's wives is shot by an irate husband who  then is reincarriated as a dazzling blpnde.  Channel 8-8 p.m.���Walking Tall - True  story of Buford Pusser, ex-marine, ex-  wrestler who returns to his hometown to find  that it is wide open and corrupt. He sets out to  wipe out the crime  Channel 6-4 p.m.-^ra! Tom! Tora! -  Events from Japanese and American  viewpoints, leading up to and including the  Dec. 7 attack on Pearl Harbor. All star cast.  ^Parental guidance suggested).  SUNDAY, MARCH 2  Channel 8-r7 p.m.���The Man with the  Golden rfat *������ McCloud's hat figures in a  million dollar conspiracy. Guest stars Dom  Ameche, Jaclyn Smith, Robert Webber and  Philip Carey.  Channel 5���11:30 p.m.���Escape  Christopher George, Avery ' Schreiber,  Marlyn Mason and William Windom. Action  drama about an escape artist who battles a  criminal mastermind to free a kidnapped  scientist.  Channel 12���11:30 p.m.���The Little Foxes-  Bette Davis gives one of her most unforgettable performances as the avaracisou  wife who sacrifices the life of her husband  and the love of her daughter because of greed  and ambition,  MONDAY, MARCH 3  Channel 5���9:00 p.m.-r-Winner T.ake All - A  woman's gambling addiction threatens her  marriage when she secretly loses $30,000 of  their savings.  Channel 12���11:30 p.m. The adventures of  Robin Hood -1938 classic.  Channel 6���2:15���The Gay Deceivers -  Comedy about two young men who pretend to  be homosexuals to avoid the draft.  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27  Channel 7���8 pm.���GE Theatre - This  House of Brede - A middle-aged widow forsakes a successful career to join the sisters of  Brede Abbey.  , Channel 5���9 p.m.���Jackie Gleason is  roasted by his comtemporaries on the Dean  Martin special. On the show are Gene Kelly,  Milton Berle, Phyllis Diller, Art Carney, Sid  Caesar, Danny Tomas and more.  SATURDAY, MARCH 1  Channel 12-6:30 p.m.���"Anchor: Sudden  Infant Death Syndrome". When  a baby  TUESDAY, MARCH 4  Channel 5���8:30 p.m.���The Last Survivors  - Martin Sheen stars as a ship's officer who  must make'a life or death decision regarding  passengers in an overcrowded lifeboat.  Channel   12���9:30  p.m.���Topkapi   -   A  woman and her lover conspire to steal a  sultan's encrusted dagger and enlist the aid of  four  amateurs.   Melina  Mercouri,   Peter  '"Ustinov-.  Channel 6-^lf:45 a.m.���That Swinging City  -Unusual 'sandwich man' is an avid pigeon  fancier and enters his prize pigeon in a big  race. Michael Bentinem, Terry Thomas,  Diana Dors.  succumbs to the "Sudden Infant Death  Syndrome" it is a shocking experience for  parents. Frequently they are plagued by deep  feelings of guilt. A panel of experts takes a  look at this program. Host: Leonard  Ericksen.  .Channel 12���9  p.m.���Grammy  Awards  "Show.  MONDAY, MARCH 3  Channel 12���8:30 p.m.���Miss Teen Canada  Pageant -,Miss Teen Canada 1974, Diana  MacDonald, and 27 finalists appear in the 7th  annual contest. Bobby Curtola and Sue  Lumsden host.  SATURDAY, MARCH 1  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL t CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 11        CHANNEL 12  10  00 Le 60  15 Le60  ���30 "Le'60'  45 Le 60  These Are  The Days ,:  ~ American "  Bondst :nd  Jetsons  Jetsons  "Go "--���  Go  Golden  Yeors   Outdoor  Sportsman  Dinosaurs  Dinosurs .  Hudson "  Broth :rs  Story  ��� Theatre,  Hudson" '  Brothers  Ken  -Calloway .  Bobby ",r-'-':"  Goldsboro  The  Flintstones  Comedy V v  Hour  11  Vendette  en Direct  Rue des  Pignons  American  Bandstand  impact  Impact  We Can  Dolt  Survival  Survival  Under  Attack  Under  Attack  Popcorn  Machine  Fat   -  Albert  Rupert  Bear  Pete's  Place  Super  Sta?     .  Wrestling  Cont'd.  Popcorn  Machine  Fat  Albert  12  Children's  Film  FesTivol  Cont'd.  Movie:  MO-  Adventures  Of  Movie:  "Goodbye  Chorlie'  Tony  Children's  Film  Festival  Cont'd.  Children's  Film  Festival  Cont'd.  Movie  Review  Travel  Travel  Blue  Marble  Outdoors  Outdoors  Children's  Film  Festival ���  Cont'd.  00  1-15-  30  45  TBA  TBA-  TBA  TBA  Sherlock  Holmes"*  Aggin  News  Curtis  ���Walter   Matthau  Cont'd.  Sports  "Sports"  Movie  Review  Dialogue  Dialogue'  Green  Acres  Know  ' Your Sports '  Ou'-door  Aportsman  Movie:  "Young"  People"1'  Shirley  Hudson  Brothers*'  Canada  Russia  00  '15  30  45  Canadian  Ski  Champs.  Cont'd.  Lucky  Jim  Pro  Bowlers  College  Basketball  Conl'd.  Cont'd.  Ski  Champs.  Ski    V  Champs.  Wagon  Train  Wagon  Train  Canadian  West  Roller  Derby  Temple  Cont'd.  Georoe  Raveling  Hockey  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  CBC  Curling.  Classic  Classic  Cont'd..  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont 'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  CBC  Curling  Classic  Conl'd.  Hee  Haw  Hee  Haw  Roller  Derby  Under  Attack  Sesame  Street  Sesame  Street  Wrestling  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Bugs  Bunny  Bugs  Bunny  Wide  World  Of  Sports  Animal  World  News  News  Bugs  Bunny  Bugs  Bunny.  News  News  News  News  Under  Attack  Wide  World  Mr.  Rogers  Electric  Company  UFO  UFO  UFO  UFO  The  Manhunter  The  Manhunter  oo  16  i 30  45  NHL  Hockey:  St.  Wide  World  News  News  News  Seattle  NHL  Hockey  St.  louis  Movie:  "Whiskers"  Cont'd.  .Cont'd.  Of  Spor Is  Wide  World  ZOOM  ZOOM  Northwest  Week  Star  Trek  Star  Trek  News  News  Page 12  Page 12  Blues  Montreal  Canadiens  Lawrence  Welk ,  Lawrence  Welk  Truth  Or Conseq.  Make A ^  Deal  Blues  vs.  Montreal  Canadiens  -Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  All  .Star  Wrestling  Cont'd.  Washington  Week  Wall St.  Week  Missbn  Impossslble  Mission  Impossible  Page 12  ����&e '2|  Channel  12 Special  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Ceilidh  Col Idh  Kung  Fu  Kung  Fu  Emergency  Emergency  Emergency  Emergency  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  Ceilidh  Ceilidh  All In     (  The Family  Candid  Camera  Emergency  Emergency  Emergency  Emergency  The  Ascent  Of  Man  &7  Mel  Till!,  All In  The Family  Back  Stage  8  Maude  Maude  News  News  Movie:  piking  Joe  Movie:  "Who  Is  The  Movie:  "T,ora  Tora  Tora"  Lucille  Ball  ont'd.  ��  Sing A  Sonn  On The  Buses  The  Silent  Years:  The  Nashville  Music  Buck  Owens  The  Lucille  Ball  Show  9  Movlei  "Marrlag.i  Italic    U  ..jlton  Style"  Baker  Gene  Evan i  Black  Dahlia?"  Lucie  Amez  Martin  Balsam  Joseph  Cotton  The  Grammy  Awards  Show  Movie:  ' "Fat  cit:  'iW  Mark  Zorro  Conl'd.  Porter  Woaoner  Wlfburn  Bros  The  Grammy  Awards  Show  10  00  Cont'd.  15  Cont'd.  Newt  30  Conl'd.  Nows  45  Conl'd.  Moviei  News  Movloi  "Days  Of   ���  Jason  Robardi  James  Whitmore  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Movlei  "Golden  Braldges  Stacey  Keacn  Cont'd.  Movlej  "Big  Broadcast  OM93B"  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Movlei  "Raffles  11  Newt  Nowi  "Laura"  Dana  Andrews  Gene  Wine'  And  Eases"  ee  News  News  News  Movlo:  Neodlos"  Joe  Baker  Elizabeth  No*  ^ews  .Sowi  Fred  Davis  Ma  Bob  Hope  12  Time  Movln  On  Movln  Cont'd..  Remlck  Conl'd,  "Fat  Cllv"  Jeff  Bridges  Asli!|s/  Cont'd,  Rock  Concert.  Moviei  W.U.S.A,"  "W.y  Poll  Newman  Olivia,  deHavllond  David  Nlvssn  Moviei  "Best  Years Of '  Our Lives"  SUNDAY, MARCH 2  CHANNII. 4 CHANNIL)  CHANIUL ��� CMMmiL ���        CMAtWH II       CHAMIWL ��  10  00 Pssollna  15 pkollna  30 Petite  45 Som-ilno  Goober  Ghost  Tonn  Tenn  Tonn  Tonn  Oral  Roberts  Iravo  Travel  Roberts  5olbr��kken  our Of  pwor  cslco Of  alvor-/  11  00    Moollno  30    Maollno  45    I'lace  Directions  Directions  Issues &  Aniwnri  Tennis  Tenn s  Tonnti  Tonnli  It Ii  Written  Gamer  Armslrono  Copt'd,  Conl'd,  CBS  Sporli  "It Is  Written  Garner.  Armslrono  Ren    .  itumbard  Wiar-i  Contd,  Cont'd,  CBS '  Sport��  _ _ 00'  Wild  12 ll r  45    Gnrcl-snliit*  The  Suporstnrs  Cont'd,  Conl'd,  Hockes/i  Boiton  Ica-ja  cV'i  JPO'H  Kovlow  I Believe,  In Mime I  Good  News  Journal  Intrrnnllonnl  Sportsman s  friend  Jeonnjt  J��nnnl��  Contd,  Cont'd.  American  Sporliman  Bolton "  i  Cou '  Can  Cnnl  aosmti-/  -nnndo  ont'd,  .opt',!,  5how  Country  Tral  -ttiisv,  *A  Jfc  00 .  Ii,  ,10  Mi  orporsstlon  orrmrollon  Jan Imi       ,  Gap  Amerlcnn  Wsman  Worlil  Cm  >riir''    fi!  Countrs/  Paril��n  KVlay  isnnlre  IIQ,  Allen  wsfloht  Stol  ,a[.  lok ,  wnlro  m"'J:  II"  Monroei  Chnnml.12  5p��oId  Don Inn  S-'fi  M"��l>ll��  Show  WarM  I'jirlner I),  e'lmsl C��  on?'i|,  Issrlif  rms. 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"InpUpl"  ���31a, Melina,  ���Kffw te1"-  Vsslley Usllnav  11  ewi  ewi  , ewi  Hewi  Wnifsl  M^ileiy  snlahl  ���nliilil  ll>W  ��WI  ewi  ewi  Movlei  ews  Hewi  nl  ���wl  Msiyle'i  "W,lel  12 m     ...-  41*     imceu  e  wllnnnl  irei J  U&X" -teT,"  'lei  nilly"  ll'iihnrn  lisis.liin  Miivlei  /"llsainn  5��r,i  Mil, Cnm|ilrsill  'i-'l"  ���r  Choose from the largest  selection of parts  on the Sechelt Peninsula  1 SUNSHINE AUTO    AND  INDUSTRIAL  "PARTS:;LTDr  Wharf Rd.. Sechelt 885-2296  |NM#^I^^MansnMMMMM��MNI  RENOVATING?  Lot   us  holp  you  transform your  homo Into your castlo,  SECHELT  BUILDING  SUPPLIES  llMflaLTD:  Wharf -ft Dolphin Stroot*, Socholt  ���>  /ir  -,  h  A SECHELT ���An enthusiastic group  listened to an informative address by Harvey  Schroeder, M.L.A. for Chilliwack, speaking  here recently. His portfolios in the Socred  shadow cabinet are education and insurance.  Schroeder made three main alternative  points to the present NDP policies based on  what he called the three E's.  E for energy, with alternative two price  system. He explained the export price of gas  should be double the domestic price.  E for education. "Local" option plus  restoration of teacher's authority in the  classroom", he said.  E for elections. Alternative re-election of  Jhe_SocialJCredit_patty,_  mentioned before the meeting that the two  river power policy of the former Social Credit  government made feasible the building of  many pulp mills across the province. "Mining  and lumbering are in the doldrums but pulp  and paper mills are sending millions of tax  dollars to Victoria to keep the NDP government afloat," he said.  e,  l��  Page B-8 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, FebruarJ26,1975       ,  S  By Margaret Jones.  Noo, a stranger here in Gibsons aye can find  his way aboot  But a stranger in Vancouver will get lost  withootia doot. -  Though the happy Sunshine Coasters dearly  lo'e their Shangri-la,  Yet they whiles gang tee Vancouver for it's  no'sae far awa'.  Fair Vancouver  stands majestic-what a  wondrous sicht tae see! '  Fu' o' a' kinds o' excitement, aye, and traps  for you and me.  There are nae familiar landmarks in a big  department stone: /  Miles and miles o' price-tagged items greet  SCelloggs  2k 1$ 02.  Stibf ties  200's  ' Bsflb    -  l-<MMS  He defended the Columbia River Treaty  and pointed out that the flood control benefits  to both sides of the border and the tens of  millions of dollars we are to receive in future  payments.  He said when elected he would remove all  hidden subsidies from ICBC and let it stand or  fell in free competition with private insurance companies. .   "  I'm appalled at the lack of financial  acumen exhibited by finance minister  Barrett, who did not know that a grant that  has to be paid back is a loan," he said. "When  Mr. Bennett was in power we could borrow  from ourselves now we have to borrow from  the Arabs whose forebears were for centuries  the slave traders of the middle east and now  the people of B.C. are their debtdrs."  Local  party  member  Ian   Mackenzie  Twenty-two members of the Roberts  Creek Hospital Auxiliary met at St. Aidan's  hall for their monthly meeting on February  The meeting had been postponed from the  previous week due to inclement weather. In  addition to regular reports from the various  committees some duscussion ih regard to a  project for Hospital Week was held,;  Some meml^,^ be.  possible to have a smorgasbord dinner with  some sort of entertainment afterwards. This  is to be looked into further. Ih the meantime a  new schedule of rates for catering had been  drawn up and presented to the members for  their information. Mrs. J.A. Rodgers is in  charge of catering.  Next meeting to be held on March 10, at  11:30 p.m.  Howe Soundings  John Black was elected chairman of the  Band Committee when parents of Elphinstone Secondary School band students held a  meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 19 in the band  room.  ^Bandmaster Mel Campbell was in the  chair when the new slate of officers was  elected. Four fathers and 11 mothers came to  the meeting in response to a letter from the  school; of those, six were on the original  committee formed in February 1974, with  Mrs. M. Gross as chairman.  New committee members were elected as  follows ��� Vice-chairman Mrs. Nygren, Sec.  Mrs. Pelletier, treas. Mr. Montgomery,  school principal, transportation Mrs. Montgomery, phone committee Mrs. Irvine with  Mrs. Hastings, Mrs. Maddison and Mrs.  Gilmoiir, hospitality Mrs. Gross, Mrs. Dube,  Mrs. McClelland and Mrs. Forsyth and  publicity Mrs. Jones with Mrs. McConnell  and Mrs. Whyte.  Previously elected student representatives Carl Montgomery and Lawrence  Jones also attended the meeting.  In his remarks, Campbell said that $7,000  worth of instruments had been purchased and  were still being paid for under the agreement  that replaced the previous rental system.  Financing had been largely done through a  fund-raising appeal, several generous  donations, collections taken at band concerts,  candy sales and other functions. It is still  necessary to raise funds to make the monthly  payments. The list of instrumentss purchased  is long and includes a drum set, one piccolo,  three flutes, a bassoon, six alto saxes, eight  tenor saxes, nine clarinets, trombone and a  trumpet.  Campbell expressed his appreciation of  the help given in other areas, such as billeting  and entertaining visiting bands. This year,  the Elphinstone Band will host 55 students  from Victoria on May 23, and 80 from  Nanaimo on May 27. Each of these groups will  join the local musicians in giving a public  concert and stay one night.  Earlier In May the Elphinstone band  students from Grades 9-12 will travel to  osf colls  false alarms  in Sechelt  SECHELT ��� Over 85 per cent of tho calls  received by Uio Secholt Volunteer Fire  Department In 1974 wcro false nlnrms.  Tho department's annual roport stated  there wcro 334 calls to tho emergency number  Jni97,4,but.only,47of thqmturncdout toJxj���.  actual emergencies, Thoy Includo fire and  rcscuo cnllfl.' ,      '   .  New officers for 1975 nro Chief Tom  Ifobllllnrd, Assistant Chief Butch Ono, First  Captnln Colin Spencer, Second Captain Terry  jiooth, First Lieutenant Hon Sim, Second  lieutenant Ron Mnrchuck, Secretary Dean  Roblllinrd, Santa and Rov, W.L.&, Training  Officer Bill BHllngsly, Publicity and Chairman George Flay .who alony with Bill  Blllingsly Is, also on finance nnd Entertainment Al Rohlno.  Trtititeofl nro Rrnlo Booth, Dick Branca,  Sid Callln nnd Bill Noltnon, Bon Firth Is  ���secretary for the trustees.     (  It w��tt reported that .attendance at the  pri��ctleoH wan ����v��ra|{ltiK over IH) per cent.  ...������..TJinnks.vycro.ewrc3,wd.te,Jlm..M��lW()aon���  and Liquid Propane for supplying, a training  film on LP gai and also for the question nnd  answer period afterward on local In-  (itellatlona and condition,',, Thanks alao went  to tho five RCMP officer,1, who camo out for  the trnlnlni-fflGfwfoti      '   *'"  It war emphasized that the ciner|',cncy  number flflS.-ftW w���� nn emergency number  only.  BY MARGARET JONES - 886-9843  Vancouver Island. Leaving on May 14, they  will spend the first night in Nanaimo, the  second in Victoria, returning to Gibsons on  May 16.  Students are chaperoned on these trips by  Mr,. and^fa JL^ parent  volunteers who often slept in sleeping bags on  the floor of a school gym.  This year school bands will again be  taking part in the Sunshine Coast Kiwanis  Club Music and Drama Festival on April 29.  Band practices involving 50 to 60 students  must be held in the evening because of the  shift system; though, of course, smaller  groups are practicing during regular school  periods.  For students who live at the other end of  the district, the problems of transportation to  evening practices are not easily solved.  Organized car pools, indefatigable parents  and a lot of travelling are the only answers.  Happily in September when the school is no  longer on shilft, practices can be held during  the lunch hour.  As well as the Concert Band, a Stage Band,  various instrumental ensembles and solos  have been entered in the festival.  In spite of,the difficulties created by the  shift System, the band programme at  Elphinstone Senior Secondary school is  thriving. Those of us who were on the committee last year would agree with the comments made by Black at the meeting; "in  working with the band, there is a great feeling  of satisfaction, as well as fun and real  comaraderie."  "the^ye^wTelreTy^obrr  Look aboot in a' directions - what a vast expanse o' signs!  On the crowded escalators shoppers ride  assembly lines. J  Mark ye weel which door ye enter, or ye'll  find when ye gang oot  That some playful poltergeists have turned  the building roond aboot.  Tired, ferfochan and bamboozled, trudgin'  roond on leaden feet;  Trauchlin' wi' a load o' parcels, lookin' for a  place tae eat-  On for juist ae drap o' coffee! But there's  nane that ye can see.  'Two floors up,' a clerk says sharply, 'Right  beside the Stationery.'  When at last your shopping's finished, there's  a sign ye'd like tae see;  Roond ye trudgft in desperation, 'Oh whaur  can the Restrooms be?  Here's a wifie 'Please,' ye ask her 'Whaur's  the Restroom, please, pray tell?'  'Och', says she, 'I canna tell ye. I'm a  stranger here masel'.'  There it is, ower in that corner (there are  corners everywhere!),  Through the Lingerie department, join the  ladies scurryin' there.  Hurry noo, see there's ane vacant, though  there is a shock in store;  Li ye go, but what asquinerwhen the lock  fa's aff the door.  Och it's great tae leave the store and see  again the licht o' day.  Will ye gang te Robsonstrasse? Gastown?  maybe see a play?  Later oh ye board the bus arid gratefully get  settled doon. '     * ,  'Aye'ye think' but that was grand, tae haVa  day oot on the toon'.  Though the happy Sunshine Coasters lo'e  their hame, it's safe tae say  They'll gang back intae Vancouver mony a  time and mony a day.  CARIBOO AUTO SALVAGE LTD.  Quick Removal of all Scrap Metal  Objects-'LARGE OR SMALL WE  HAUL EM ALL'  Specializing in Trucks and Heavy  Equipment of all types, also Car-Bodies  and Tin removed. Complete yard cleanups arranged. y  Phone .909*3000 Collect  Serving the Sunshine Coast  885-2439  SUMSH1NE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  At tho request of the honourable J,G,  Lorimer,  Minister of  Municipal Affairs, a review of local municipal government str <ctures ���  In tho Sunshlno Coast will bo undertaken In the vory near future,  Roprosontatlvos of .all public bodies concerned with local  municipal administration and oparatlng within the boundaries of tho  Sunshine Coast Roglonal District are Invjtod to participate In this  review and have a voice In tho formulation of recommendations to bo  submlttod to tho honourable Mlnlstor In duo course,  To assuro that Invitations for meetings roach all Improvement'  Districts ��� tho first such meeting'planned for the end of March  1975 ��� all Improvement Districts aro respectfully roquostod to supply  tho following Information to tho Socrotary"Troasuror( Sunshlno Coast  Roglonal DlstrlclVP;or Box Q^OrS^^  vonlonco:  1, Namo 'of Improvement District, Its function and tho  Authority undor which it oporatos (Municipal Affairs, Wator  Rights Branch, etc.);     "> ;  2, Names and addresses of chairman and 'trustoosi  3, Name and address of Secretary of the Improvement  District;  4, In duo course, any changes occurlng during 1975 and 1976  In the statu of officials of Iho Improvement District.  [MRS.] A. C. PRESSLEY  Socrottiry'Troas uror  fifeb'S  m,  3 lbs.  i1 n >,--  Carnation  v  -OZ.  V",  ��H  0  Q  0  glover  25H  oz.  for  Cloverleaf  White Flaked  6% oz.  Gfcr  idoati  &GEb<  Q  D6cD$  Grade B Ib.  kC  ���'���"��������� ���������'���������*���������������������������*��������������������������������������������������**������������������� lUi  Fresh  .lb.  i0H00000000O00.i0/i}jfJf SPECIMLS 00000i30Q000000000000000��  Family Style Gal. Pail    ��      m  pic, Foremost from Florida Concentrate qh^Nr'" ���  B  4 A '���iL'aMi        R  1U OZ .. ��dNjr <.''���.': R  131113IIP El 11IIII 111 13 Q IIP II11 EI 11.1 IIP  j . E3  "������SP1^^  v3llTii lnl()��� 1 ������������������������������������������������������������������*����������������� Ytir  lexican No. 1 Ib,  sv�� s  B.C. D'Anjou Grade C... ..felbs.^^/     g  ���S0a0Q00aQp00ap0P0DpaaBnn0apanppapp0PPPQPppaapaappap0QnDPEi0PB  Rupert Frozen 24 oz. @  Ml (DM  EF STEMETT  ENCHE  Red D Frozen 18 oz.  lb.  !l��,��9   Valley Farms Choice 4a pkt  gtstswvmewfi Hj%EifcHY SPECIALS fiWf^sw&wmgas&mf^^wsf^^^^i^wnM^it  fla.lta.ry. mr��m  Imsm %mm Urn  ���"    "���*����     I"!   ,1,     ,11, a,,,,,,,,, ,,,,   '���"���  a   A  PRICES EFFECTIVE: THURSDAY FEB. ti to SATURDAY, MARCH 1  mmmmmmmmnmmmmmmnfmmmmmt     m I w  7  D   )Ot  7  Ss  f ^^W        ^  *">     li *^,Myit��)WM����u��*imtW.<.��ilPMili.  .   v.!   Phono. 085-2026  [TRAIL BAY CEMTRE, SECHELT  M^wsm Man ^*^��s. ^  885-9812 Moat Dopt.  Wo Rc.orvo Tho Right To Limit Quantities  805-6823 B.k-y  ^  X~-���/aC-^iaL^/ /Lk��S/-//��� J I-** ��**/ Ju^JJL^Jr /L^J��Luf tC2^j����^��Lj��ZJf ��*��*/��~~~i /--��� -^  ,   i  ih  /  % .  k


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