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The Peninsula Times Jul 31, 1974

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 Under emergency health services scheme.  West Canadian Graphic Indus!:  204 West bth Ave.,  Vancouver 10* B. C.  7,1'     '   ,   ' ���      ^Service >>' '  ��� ��� ��� Operated by first did attendants  '                                                                                                 *          '                            -                           ,                     ' ,   l '*                                   \       ".                                                                                       '.    '      '                   ' 71                 l              '   .                        '                                                           .                    '                      .            '    l.  i,           P   1                     .     .      V                                                                             '                                                                                                                          "                                                  </    ,                                             "                                          N                                               '  A group of local first aid attendants is ambulance service in the lower half of the ..    , Mrs. ; Boser   said   the   provincial" 7ha\re a look at it and seehow well it does- the aid attendants would likely be based in a    attendants oh the-coast, certified by the  pressing   the   provincial   government   to coast," she Said. "Cunningham's ambulance l governemnt had been testing various types f^job..'   v          7        . central location, such as Gibsons' RCMP    Workmen's Compensation Board.l  , provide an ambulance service on the coast at Halfmoon Bay is doing a good job, but it ofambulancestodeternunefeemostreliable; 7' If an accident occurs during her visit, office.      ,.                                         '                                       '  under its emergency health services scheme/^ takes, them too long to get down to Gibsohs ,and  best-equip_)ed, unit' available  in, al ,..Mrs. Boser said Metropolitan had offered to         "The police think this would be a good  Helene Boser of Port Mellon, spokesmJin for instance, if there has been a bad reasonable price range.                   , *7 7   take her along on the callr "I'll really be able idea," she said.               r'\  for the attendants, told the Times that the accident."              .          > ",   They decided on an extended Chevrolet 7stosee how well the unit floes in the field," she         If the provincial government approves  service was sought for the area between St. '   Mrs. Boser. noted that there had been, van, fully equipped with oxygen, vacuum --7!said.  ,    .       , y    ^      - purchase of the $15,000 ambulance, an v  Mary's Hospital, Sechelt, and Port Mellon.' eight seriQUS accidents in the area within the. suction system and capable pf carrying four ll* y Mrs. Boser plans to7 write to health emergency telephone'number will be lodged  She said that under the emergency health last three months where the victims had to be stretcher-cases.   '*         ",   ,          V     .   minister Dennis Cocke as soon "asI possible to, with B.C. Tel. Then, any ambulance calls *  services    program,,  the    provincial transported to. Vancouver for emergency ,   The  vehicle  also  carries   emergency^   learn full details of the emergency health would be referred to the attendant on duty at  government would provide a fully equipped treatment.          -            7   ' >            _ rescue equipment for cutting accident,   services ambulance, scheme.        ,7 the time.          .          > '       ���      .-       '  ambulance, in areas where the need was ' "We're fed up with being held up because victims free from wrecked automobiles.     *  7   "There's ho point starting at the bottom,"         Cost of an ambulance trip would come '  great  and  where  there  were  qualified there's no unit available," she said. "Often, , "The van is being tested by Metropolitan    she said. "We have no time to waste. There under provincial. health insurance she  personnel available to operate the unit. ' you can't move a victim by car because of Ambulance, Services ini Vqncbuver," 'she 7s niay bea tragedy in the meantime."     , > explained.  '.'There   is   a   definite' need   for   an internal injuries." said. "I'm going over on Monday (July 29) to '" \She noted that the coast's industrial first        Mrs. Boser is one of 12 industrial first aid   "''. ;'.iA   v   ^2H       "^    v.  ' '-'.N V>-7\.' ^0EP M**^V8*1|��'<s**.t<,\7r?  y~    7 77'     f^v'KKy.;"'* "~'i ^^y��  'BOATS'- OM^ti^MffM ir&f&i  <    i y   -> >' > i       ��' ^7 vj*** 7v7.  Vi '  ���WPmafWliffififfia      , '"p"*     ..^..m.      ainprann mni.ipw _ "TWMT a^aPPafPaMfWIlHi   Ij^i^ ^&SS|   / USE^l. IHgOl        \SI'* Vffl&mWW       WSBSEW        M&s^&ffi&mffiUPiiBBpsa       MEgmm    I  i I ������ ^ mnnrnoa   miirrn xafii^/. ESjiBa, |2_��_i_J        VSJ, gl^Kg^ _    r.SS^ggS*"'        W��rawil���n MW"  '     " * ' - ��' l. ,?       alV       ''    '        "\>    7��r'        J^   W|    '      , '     ' ' 'a.,  Serving the Sunshine Coost, (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet), including Port Mellon,' Hopkins Landing^Granthams landing, Gibsons, Robeits Creek,     ml ��� Unior. <~)-^^  Label:  Wilson Creek; Selma Pork, Sech'elt, Halfmoon Boy, Secret Cove, Pender Hrb., Madeira Pork, Gorderi Boy, Irvine's Landing, Earl Cove, .Egmont   JU ' This Issue 16 Pages ���- 15c  LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY PAPER ON THE SOUTHERN SUNSHINE-COAST. Vol. VV, No. 36 ��� WEDNESDAY, JULY 31.,1974  -    \ i On local beach ...  2nd Class Mail    '  Registration No. 1142  .A^igry; Davis Bay residents confronted a beach without mountain'climbing gear."  ' \ highways department work ere wJuly 25 ina        Mrs.   Phillips   said   the   highways  4 bi^[;to stop themtrom dumping rocks and fill department had promised to build ramps or  ;'��:!.>:'��... ,..i, t._.^ aid access to the beach.  "And they are also supposed to get some'  equipment to push the rubble back and face  it," she said, but without optimism.  At one point during the confrontation,  residents called in the RCMP to stop the  dumping, but were told they should contact  the official who ordered the crew to fill the  beach and take up the matter with him.  -A group of local youngsters paraded  beside the highway with placards  condemning "The rape of Davis Bay Beach".  "Don't dump rocks and rubbish on our  beach," read another.  Eventually, the highways crew stopped  work and left the area, at least temporarily.  "It gives you a good feeling to know that  1 when people are faced with the ruination of  one of the best beaches on the Peninsula,  they will get together and try and stop it,"  i.'.o'nto'ihe localJ>each.  i-JTbe workers claimed they were using  .I^J^Sg"^^^^ blasted'but'during current highway  --,���, *i~��,* . .   . | .^improvements to .widen the 'parking area  '   'beside the beach.  1 -But residents maintained the filling  ,��� project was covering up a large area of the  , popular beach and making access to the area  , almost impossible.  7 /> "This is a popular beach usedby many  ', -people from all over the Peninsula, as well as  ;1he many i tourists who pass through this  ' >'area,"said local resident Helen Phillips.  )lUhfortunately,. the highways department  *'managed to ruin a block-and-a-half of it.  7.^.. 7'The beach is nearly inaccessible to get  '7���<Wn to. No boats can-be pulled up or down  /iftjie 12 to45 foot embankment. You cannot  7^alk along the beach at high tide or have  beach fires, and it will be impossible for  department is not stopped for good. And from  what I have been told, they will be back  dumping again in a while."  She felt: !'The public, should be made  aware of what is going on in this area so that  somebody, besides local residents; will help  take action to save our beach."    '   .  The matter was'aired further at the  regional district's July 25 meeting.  Administrator Eric Willmott told the  board that Mrs. Phillips had contacted him  See page A-8  ^jnbtiiers-with tiny tots,* b^ach.bags, WanHets '7said, .Mrs. PJiillips.,  ,\and ?and pails to try and climb, down to.the ���.>;, "^e^pnly* probl  Fun for everyone  em is,  the  highways  At Davis Bay  Msipoonmoo  in former Lei  pu  on  oposei  Highways department .crew dumps  rocks onto Davis Bay beach, ejrtending  parking area, but reducing width of  popular beach. At high tide, most of  remaining beacfi is underwajter.  Proposals for a neighbourhood pub in Davis  Bay were laid before the regional district  July 25.       'iT: 777<;'' ���'���/������������'���������--���"'���--��� ���   '  Applicants Harold Chippendale and Mrs.  Kennedy told the board they planned to  convert tho former Secholt Legion Building  in Davis Bay into a public house.  "We took a poll of the neighbourhood and  a pretty good number of people, about 90  percontj voted for the Idea," said Mrs.  Kennedy!  She felt a neighbourhood pub would bo  especially suitable to tho Davis Bay aroa  because provinclally sot opening hours would  run from 9 a.m. to only 11 p.m., producing no  late-night dlstrubanco for nearby resldente.  Before formal application could bo made  to thp liquor control board, regional district  approval hod to jbo gained, sold Mrs.  Kennedy.  But chairman Frank'West felt: "If there  Is a great vote In favor of it, zoning should be  no porblem."  The proposed pub would feature tea,  coffee, fruit juices and sandwiches, In1  addition to alcoholic beverages, she noted..  "Fifteen per cent of tho area would be  reserved for games and I hope In the future,  to get outdoor activities such as croquet or  volleyball,"  On tho , recommendation of director  Charles Gooding, thQ proposal was referred  to tho local advisory planning commission  for consideration.  In tho meantime, Mrs. Kennedy said she  would seek opinions on hor proposal from tlie  ItCMP and public health authorities.  If tho district approves tho neighbourhood  pub concept for pavls Bay, the Kennedy-  Chlppendalo application will go to tho liquor  .Dlraotw.Norm..WatMn,^^  former I-eglon premises had been nonconforming undor tlio regional zoning bylaw.  aaaaaaBaa i IBBIBHIB |UlllMll^l"P��MMHm��l>)  TIDES FOR THE WEEK  July 31st to August 6th, 1974  at Point Atkinson  ���.Not t�� !����� u���A ht norlflBlloB������  31  W.  0320  1047  0630  1152  11.5  .2,1  13.0  9.4  3  Sc.  0052  0540  1237  0743  fl.7  11.9  2.5  13.3  1  Th.  0415  1127  0700  11,6  2,1  13,2  4  Shy  0307  0020  0107  0005  0.2  11.0  2,9  13.4  2  0022  Fr. 0455  1207  0725  9.1  11.8  2.2  13.2  5  ,M.,:.  0137  0703  0142  0025  7.��  11.7  3.5  13.5  6  Tu.  0232  0750  0212  -0850  7.0  11.5  4.2  13.5  fa  MMCURY OUTBOARD  SALiS A SERVICB  MtMiiia)j'jit<s)j'ii<wiiax��Wii'��iiiiiiii��iii'<i��'Wp'-ipU'ii��l''��ow  MERCURYLAND  5CCHILT BA5.9424  .MlMMMHlliaiait iiitaiaBasBBiaiaMBiaitaaaaBaaaaaaaaiaaBflBaal  In other regional district nows, directors  granted a forosboro lonso to Harold  McKltrlck' for construction of n $175,000  rostaurant-marlna complex In Pondor  Harbour opposite CharleB Island.  His proposal calls for construction  docking facilities for 105 boats, a cafe, a  store, repair shop, showers and laundry  ""room."""  McKltrlck's lease application ivos hold up  following complaints from somo local  ,, residents that his float layout would obstruct  part of tho Channel between Chnrloa Island  and tho con.it.  Sold Gooding; "I've looked nt It from tho  land sldo and the sea sldo and I can seo,no  .objection (to McKltrlck's proposals)"  Director Hlta Rolf agreed thai tlio floaft  would not block Uio channel.  McKltrlck told tlio board that ho plapncd  lo Instnll his own flro protoction system  utilizing; sonwatcr.  Watson slid a"'*Tr|wiiaFaFaxowlfl"l)��InR  gronnd"hy some of those who opposctl  McKltrlck's marina proposal.  Added Goodingi "I movo wo approve lt  and lot tho man got on with It,"  Tlio hoard granted tho applicant a  fo^oshoo lease for Uio proposed marina slto,  GIBSONS - Sea Cavalcade time is here once  again, offering fun In the sun for all the  family.  Events kick off Aug. 2 with a band concert  in Dougal Park by cadets from HMCS  Quadra in Comox. Over 300 cadets will take  part.  Friday afternoon will be devoted to the  youngsters, with a children's pet, show and  sports program slated in Dougal Park.  For golfers, there is the annual Cavalcade  tourney Aug. 3 and 4 in Sunshine Coast Golf  and Country Club. Top-notch play is  predicted, so don't miss it, golfers,  Highlight of Saturday's festivities  will be the grand parade, which starts off  from Dougal Park and wends Its way to tho  downtown area,  A favorite with the children Is always the  firemen's war of hoses, Slated for 11:15 a.m.  at the tennis courts.  At noon, seafaring adventure In the  classic tradition of Douglas Fairbanks can be  enjoyed from the wharf as the dramatic  pirate ship war runs its course in the  harbour.  For the six lovely contenders in this  year's Miss Sea Cavalcade contest, the  suspense will be over( at 2 p.m. Saturday,  when retiring queen Jo-Anne Jorgenson  hands over the crown to her successor.,  Full details of Sea Cavalcade events can  be found in our special program inside this  Issue, '   ,      ���,,. ��� 'i ���  And don't forget, you could win 10,15, or  even 25 silver dollars in our mystery  sentence competition, also in this issue.  Just rearrange the letters distributed  amongst your local merchants'  advertisements; come up with the correct  sentence, and one of tho three prizes could be  yours. " l  ���      .��� ' '"  Miss Sea Cavalcade 1973, Jo-Ahne  Jorgenson, will drhw tho winners Aug. 2, so  be sure to get In your entry by this Friday.  Have a happy Sea Cavalcade. '  Children hnr  in accident  GIBSONS - Two small children holidaying  with relations in Gibsons were rushed to St.  Paul?S"*Hospital, - Vancouver.-taJuly $fc_after-'  befrig hit by a car on Gower Point Roa"d.  Sean Lloyd, 2, of Calgary, Alta, was  reported to be in satisfactory condition  Saturday after treatment for head injuries.  His sister Shanna, 4, is in similar condition  after suffering leg injuries. '   i  Their grandfather, whose name was  unavailable from RCMP' at the Times'  deadline, was released from St. Mary's  Hospital Sechelt, after the accident.  Police say the three were walking along  Gower Point Road near Mahan Road when  they were struck by, a vehicle travelling in  the opposite direction.  Following the accident, Brad Norris, 19,  of Gibsons, was charged with driving with a  blood-alcohol level above the legal maximum  of .08.  The Weather  ��� ' '���             .   '��� '  HI  Lo  - Precip  July 20  GO  '50    '  nil  July 21  69.  57  .02 ,  July22  67  57  nil  July 23  69  56  nil  July 24  ,69  54  nil  July 25  68  55  nil  July 26 ���  69  53  nil  Total rainfall for the week was .02 Inches,  Precipitation for July now stands at 5.01  Inches,    , , ,  NJBJL SUTHERLAND  ...RESIGNED  Uei! Sutherland  resigns as clerk  SRCI1RLT -'Nell Sutherland, municipal clerk  for tho past-two years, tendered his  rcslgnntlon at ,ylllngo council's July 24  meeting, '"', *"'  """ "~~" "-���" -  He will bo leaving tlie vlllago for another  post when his 30 days notice nro up.  Sutherland enmo to tho vlllago after  serving for 10 years as municipal clerk In  Fort Str^omcsr",,*p,"*"~' "'"" "-'~:*"���- - -  Ono of the rcasjons for SuttiwliWs  resignation Is beliovcd to havo been hla  frustration "with provincial government red  tape, which, ho folt, slowed down  constructive development and  Improvements In .Sechelt.  Unfortunate ferry travellers en route  for Horseshoe Rny had to wait up to flvo  hours at tahgdnlo terminal .July 24 after  6 '  Sunshine Coast Queen broke down  shortly after leaving Horseshoe Bay,  ���Smaller I-jingdnle Queen had to mako  up backlog until "Susy Q" returned tu  service tho snmo' day,  ?  .lit .w  ,   > V  .      -\  I \....  Page A-2 ,       The Peninsula Times      , Wednesday* July. 31, 1974,  Fitness. In your  1 i v      ���_    a  heart you know  v  ifs right  ^ ��";��**���' -a****"        "A***  ��� V>.   * ��� ���   V.''  t  ���+��*- t"^    ^- **i # "Hi *���**"*  -- 11 ,1  pmmipacfion  it    "���'       il  tf     I  *'' The Canadian movement tor pergonal Alness _>'  ' '' .       " ,    ,-   i     a    1p,j\ ���.     aj ,  l  t��ii��ppta*p��A  i  ;yy:y v.���:>-���;y^l^^M&^&^i^^ ���'  '.. ���. . _.... ���   \. ���    _ ,-5> j��aaiL/i^��fc��.'*��esri,.*.i'f."^>ia.,f ^A.*SuJiJm.H  a��"^.>*iRM*pa*��SftS;  T^'.V  '^^'V**'"*  'INV**4*-^^    -\y.\  ^**^5fK**,*J.*.,aJ*^;'.* ^fc1"-  ih J 1 **7'    **'*,    '^'7'-i  3Spfc!TJS5a.'Oaa*"����S��r3'S-- ---._. - -  To Guess the "MYSTERY SENTENCE" and  LOVELY stretch of beach between  beachcombers, but only at low tide. The   and beyond that, Vancouver Island in  south and north Thormanby Islands  beach is covered at high tide. Beyond   the hazy backgtourid.     .  beckons sunbathers,  swimmers and  the island can be seen Texada Island  ________2_____;  ��HI  HOW IBOiT 101?  Helmut and lots of other fine folks,  will be getting together at the Pen  Hotel this weekend to celebrate  Sea Cavalcade. Why don't you join  them? You'll have the time of your  life.  g^SfaMIW  We're planning  to have fun at  V  and we hope  you do,  too.  fel  "f T"% *"* *^��5S  f*Um< ifwBlw w m �� w- -���. ���,���to  EH  t!S2S��,  Highway 101  4 miles north of Gibsons  ���p -      ' i'i K  Report urges 'Islanders  first' on  SILVER DOLLARS  1st Prize��� 25 silver dollars  2nd Prize -r 15 silver dollars  3rd Prize���10 silver dollars  1 > '  Simply take the letters from the advertisements in this special 4-page Sea  Calvacade supplement and put them into a readable sentence. Drop your  answer into The Times office in Sechelt.  PUT THE LEnERS TOGETHER AND WIN!  The first three correct entries drawn by Jo-Anne Jorgenson, Miss Sea  Cavalcade 1973; will win. Deadline for entries in Friday, August 2. The draw  wu% take place on Saturday, August 3. winners will be announced in The  Time's August 7 issue. ,,  - 7     Let's all join together for the 6th Annual  MWE-WUS? 2-3-4  ffeffli^^  mi PAIMTS  Sunnycrest Plaza 8884615  A JOINT report on ferry operations, prepared '"by tlie Scientific Pollution and  Environmental Control' Society and the  University of B.C. Transportation Centre,  recommends that BjC. Ferries should give  priority in traffic line-ups to Vancouver  Island residents. ,  Other recommendations in the report  call for increasing, rates charged non-  Canadian, ���vehicles, holding the ferry fleet  to its present size, adoption of a reserva-  jtion system and a closer look at the proposal for a shorter route between ibhe.  Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.��  In calling for increasing the rates for t  non-CanadlMi vehicles "in order to contain such traffic," the report also recommended that the prMng system beie-  structured to put a greater share of the  costs onycars. '   '   . .        "    .  . The possibility of- providing free pas--  isenger service as an inducement to cut- _  ting back on vehicular use should also 7  he considered, the report said. ,  The report,'prepared,by. SPBCs Brian-t<f  Campbell and Dr. Loren'ttoll,^ the UBC >'���  centre,* is based' largely" on1 afinonth-lonig  , survey of ferry users in August, 1&73, at  the Swartz Bay, Tsawwassen, Horseshoe  ���aee Page A-5 ���  BggggBiil^^  HHMK^  aawMfSBa  Sometimes we $u$t (have to  B  S  The pace and complexity of life in the '70's can sometimes be so  overpowering that we lose sight of our real objective . It's easy  to get so caught up in your work, or the raising of your family that  months go by before you realize how long it's been since you took a  few minutes for a good laugh and ajoodtime. We need events like  our Sea Calvalcade to relax a bit, have a little fun, and just get  frivolous. ISea Calvalcade is important to us all���not because it's  going to put the Sunshine Coast 'on the map' but because it's going  to make us better, happier people.  I  r*ffi5sI2��3i  23  bielflMfe super  ; Sunnycrest Plaza  jHS|S5|jS[3!��@]  !  jsKh^^^^^^^^^^^^^SB  ftucyd�� thin Hl0w��pfip��ial  GET REDY -  , ��t  ne'll see you there!  M  1585 Marine Drive���Gibsons  CHARGEX ��� MASTER CHARG^  ^BB  ^^|fe^^^^^p^^^i^^^^!j^!^^.^_^^^^!!!j^^g^l^^  ^^s^^A^rm-^^^^^^sm^^^^  ^^^^  9  , and nil  SALTO JN'BEfWECJNir.'''  all expect to  HAVEFU^  ,nt   .  SEA CAVALCADE  and we hope  you do, too I  f  Co-operative  Is moro thnu just our  name���It's pur way of  life. Try uh onco nnd  you'll nee the  difference,  located In the heart of GlbHons   886-2522  _SS3SSSSS3S3S  SSSSSSs  (  I  ^%^  |Q*f  -\\viM.  t ���   ���      .      ;   *-  ^ ...   hVl-     t .     -  0  from the entire Cast and Crew of  H'i/Si-' -'7-  ' ai .',  ���   *.��;">r a-     ���  .*    -      ���'.     .-.   '."-   I)  GIBS 011$  \  j  \  "^ I^Vkf'ii -.'���'  il"      I'll J }-   .^.  ifr .tft -!  IB    *^%pffB__.T_.j. ������_��� 1 ��� ��� im  ...iHwp.il  5  1  \ 'a     , a w.
J  -    's    *
, flrf
I      A
V •    '(    *^ -r|
-* a  „,-"
Gibsons and Sechelt
Swmmm S&ie
*        ' . *^»M''*.. a..
"-'  .-   **   _,    0&3 i * I
10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Marine Drive, Gibsons
»-.«i^-....%;.» sms.*
mNStffltitfi    W,M:j^tm    mtuunaum   EH!CLIP AND SAVERS]    bjp.bwm.mi    bhwmmwmbi   iwmhw
* J _r*v * *flf '2E3B   '
. SAT., SUH, AUGUST 2nd, 3rd, & 4th
From June 15 to 6:00 p.m., August 4th open territory
Entry Fee $1.00 Sr., 50c Jr.
1st prize: sr.-FLOATER Jacket
Hidden Weight: 10 ft. strip-caster rod
1st prize: Jr.-fishing rod
1      «aji
lo-Anne jorgenson recounts
I •■ fl OR   ia__R_. GBa_9 RfSk C!586_.Cm9C3S_|    J BS
trip to 1973 PME 1
One of happiest moments in Jo-Anne
Jorgenson's life was acceptance last   m
year of  Miss Sea  Cavalcade  title..
Pictured here handing over trophy at
1973 festival is Mike Poppel.
3:00 HMCS Quadra Band Concert. Over 500 Naval
3:30 to 7:00 - Children's Day
3:30 Children's Pet Show
3:45 A complete Children's Sports Program under
the   supervision   of   U.P.I.U.   Local   1119.
Footraces,  decorated  bicycle  parade,  and '
novelty races for children from tiny tots to 14
Raincoast Company Entertainment throughout the
afternoon. ■
7:00 "Ceremony of the Flags" — HMCS Quadra
Navy Cadets
6:00 to 2:00 a.m., Kinsmen Beer Garden at Tennis
9:00 Dance "Lnpatibles", Beer Garden
9:00 to 2:00 a.m., Adult Dance, Legion Hall
GIBSONS—The crowning achievement of
pretty Jo-Anne Jorgenson's life, literally,
was her election last year as Miss Sea
(_,, Cavalcade—the royal figurehead of Gibsons'
' annual festival.
As the time draws near for her to hand
over her crown to a successor, Jo-Anne was
Miss PNE Pageant in Vancouver, where this trip to the CBC station where we were
year's Cavalcade queen will compete for the interviewed for the Jean Cannem Show,
titel Miss PNE. i WOuld like to wish the girls the best of,
-'i.*' v  _•*"**-*'.   *r ' luck in this year's Gibsons Sea Cavalcade. :%
-by Jo-Anne Jorgenson „ See you there. '     ^
Miss Sea Cavalcade 1973 y 	
I would like to inform everyone how this             Wednesday. July 31, 1974
asked by The Tinies to recount her trip to the    year's Miss Sea Cavalcade will spend her     The Peninsula Times Page A-3
7, r-"fir; $9i'€mh^ifej V:, i
?>>,'.' ".•' _,' v, *■ v • ,i >i< .'»>•' ' .* .7*' a y
X v,^. v
i ir   '-s
'. '      .'
el ■-' py
> t *
) .i     , -i f a
' 7 V-   i l
''I     7 7
7 v H^ity
1*1  77
, I   '-V'A i   A , i
i   f,   iyl r * )\"7^,
ll   '
/^3(>>.m,'toi9:80>:4 W 5,
ieeome' folfor n,^al"G
■ ■■
time at the PNE Pageant, Visitations will
probably differ, but the basic routine
Last year, the PNE Pageant took the
contestants from Friday to Wednesday and
was jam-packed with activities for each day.
It started off tremendously with the B.C.
Ferries on strike. So alternative
transportation took me by sea plane.
The first day was generally for the 38
girls, from all parte of the province, to get
together, meet the judges and settle into
their rooms for the upcoming five days.
We were very fortunate to be registered in
the Hotel Vancouver and attend some of the
nicest spots in the surrounding area.
The visits were highlighted by Stanley
Park, Grouse Mountain, PNE Jocket Club
and a garden party at Casa Mia, a well-
established manor.
We also attended a jazz concert and the
Bill Cosby concert at the Pacific Coliseum.
Telegrams and flowers from members of
the community wheretjt lived were very
much appreciated and provided a great deal
of moral support for mo PNE parade and
Miss PNE Pageant.
Our local activities mainly concerned a
Welcome to the   s
'    S-Bends —< Gibsons
© Retail
© Wholesale
For all your tire needs
Sated' <utd Svwlce
8:00 a.mM   Annual  Sea  Cavalcade  open  Golf
Tournament — 36 Hole Medal Play.
9:00 Parade Assembly, Brothers Park
9:30 Parade Judging, 5 categories. Commercial,
Society, Chil-ren, Comic, and Specialties
10:00 Parade commences Park Avenue; left down
Highway 101; on to Gower Point Road to Dougal
i(    Jr^arK.    , .     ^      „ _,,    •£_,*,,
11:15 Firemen War of Hoses, Tennis Court
11:15 Exhibition Square Dancing, Dougal Park
11:45 Sechelt Legion Pipe Band to lead crowd back
to Government Wharf
12:00 Pirate Ship War and Blowup
12:00 to 9:00 Beer Gardens, Kinsmen
1:00 Opening Ceremonies for 1974 Sea Cavalcade;
Introduction of Queen contestants and official
party presentation of Parade Prizes. Master of
Ceremonies, Norman Boyd
2:00 Queen crowning by retiring Queen, Joanne
2:00 World's Largest Tugboat Race. 4 categories,
between Gibsons and Keats Island   '•
2:30 to 4:30 Naval Vessels open to public
3:30 Raincoast Co. Drama
5:00 Trophy presentation of Tugboat awards
9:00 Sea    Cavalcade    Dance,    Elementary
SchooljGames of Chance; Music by Penn Kings
9:00 Kinsmen Baron of Beef and Dance, Tennis
9:00 Legion, Adult Dance
8:00 Golf Tournament continues, Salmon Barbecue
in afternoon for competitors
9:00 Gibsons Wildlife Club  Children's  Fishing
Derby, Government Wharf.
11:00 Sabot Sailing Race, Tug Boat course
1:00 Gibsons Volunteer Fire Dept.Water Sports,
Swimming, Burling, Jousting and novelty races
at Municipal Beach; Long Distance Swim
Two Naval Visitors
HMCS Porte de IgRelne,
HMCS Porte de Quebec
Will be arriving
Friday, Aug: 2 at 4:00 p;m.
2:00 Sidewinder Contest
3:00 Inboard Race
,5:00 Kiwanis Salmon Barbecue, Wharf
8:30 Teen Dance at Wharf
11:00 Kiwanis Boat Draw.Wharf. Fishing Derby
Prizes, Wharf. Trophy Presentations, Wharf
ALL Dances to 1:00 a.m.
Social evening for
' Go f f .Competitors
at the Golf Course.
iii Gibson's
Wo do have lots of fresh
flsh.,. hut It's much more fun
to catch your own.
You'vo probably hoard of lho Mo socond rulo. But mnybo
you're no} exactly suro how It worKo, Or mnybo you don't
feel It'a worth lho effort, But the fact Is, It can
Hero's how It works: Aa tho car In front of you . ■    <
paBsos n fixed point, start counting
"Ono, shuo-a-luQ-a-luo-a  Two, shlna-n-llna-a-llna-a cllna",
By tho |lmo you flnlah, your oar should bo
passing lho samo point, That loaves two seconds
botwoon you and tho oar ahoad,,, onouah tlmo and
distance to stop safely, Even If you havo to atop quIcKly,
Thla yvooKond, romombor the two second rule,,; It's
tho ono you can IIvq by.
K   '      V»- "*iiSa^-'<.i*Pva»s (.•«*/."    .       »"       p*> "    **!_..
•    , „../£*•■    ,™f« ar-^-%-s-      - ,       *»» !ii> jBni -•■■.-
'.' '       .'• ',,».' ">7"._."     ',*'  "".'   "    ''y.fy\\'^' ._ijBljl1Hi-il.i.llHi.ilf   iaf|OII»_'.
HUiiU   rni_*-HlJ »r li-imt"iT^iir- r—it -*i —ir  TV  TUi»il iTf-fir-"*. -|—w' '■"mi*-J* T"*"     -*■■■*■» a. ■■ n n.mmw x—> —■ amp.— ^»^fc ■jB.fcia.    • *■*    <*■ j~- *■■■■* ■^■ni      —■_■ ^ ■*■ ■! a «■■,—n * — ■ ■■ ■■ ■■■—     *.
•  f     ■ >
, M^pi-'f-^R .-to A-^.^^ V^ia!.!*'' ^i '■ y r.. -  -Po? Fast Ad-Briof Servifca  PHONE 885-9654 -  88512635,- 886-2121  BIRTHS  HELP WANTED (Cont.) Page A-4 '���. The feninsulo Times, Wed., July 31, 1974    ^^ & EN(g|NSS {0t^.,    BOATS & ENGINES (Cent.)    LOST  TRAILERS  GIBSONS ANP SECHBLT  WBSTiRN DRUGS  ... ere pfecssd to sponsor (6b  8Mb Aedounccmont epeco, end  eRteaxb Best Wfofioe to tho hoppjp  po rests. *  COMING EVENTS  SPIRITUAL group starting development circle >; and -healing for .those interested. .Phone  886-7540.'      <. 813-35  PERSONAL  ALCOHOLICS AnonymQus ���  Meetings 8:30 p.m. Thursdays Wilson Creek Community Hall. Phone 885-9409; 885-  2896; 885-2896. In Madeira  Park, meetings Wednesdays at  8:30 p.m. in the Community  Hall, phone 883-2401.      709-tfn  ���      WHITAKER HOUSE  ANTIQUES   ,  opening Friday,-'A'ugust 2nd  upstairs at Whitaker House.,  8988-36  COMMISSION an original ink  drawing, water color of  your boat, cottage or house.  Reasonable rates. Call Andrew  Krummy 885-2601. 345-tfn  BAHA'IS believe in Universal Education, and the spiritual solution of the economic  problem. Phone 886-2078 and  885-9450. 893-tfn  SALAlas pickers.   Top   prices!  -' 'Buyer   for   Western -Ever- ���  greens. Phone Marg Donley,  883-2403. 888-ttfn  MJ3ETWOOD, Logging   Co's  McNab Creek Logging Camp  requires ' the - services . of   a'  night, shift "cook for Tues: -  i Sat. 'shift.' Buhkhbuse accom-  J modatdon is available in camp.  IWA wage rate and fringe benefits apply. Interested parties  please call.W. G. Muir, days  525-3232, eves". 853-1827.  910-36  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES  Phone: 885-9654 or 885-2635,  Box Numbers 50c extra  Published Wednesdays by  Powell   River  News Town  Crier  Sechelt Tinies Ltd.  ot Secholt, B.C.  Established 1963  IN MEMORIAM  TIME does not erase. In loving memory of Edwin J.  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Metzler, Sec-  treas, ''  -       9569-36  AVON  WORK WANTED  FOR all your.carpentiy needs,  call A. Sheppard Contracting at 885-2978.       .    3783-tfn  LIGHT moving  and. hauling.  House and garden maintenance.  Rubbish' removal Tree"  cutting,   etc.   Free   estimates  Gibsons to Sechelt.. Also fire- .  place wood-for sale, $15 per -  load delivered.  Phone  Norm,'  p.886-9503. 9983-tfn  JOHN'S Construction, licenced  carpenter will* do all carpentry work, and painting in district. Ph. 886-7498 evenings.  ;   ,       382-36  WILL butcher,  dress  or cut  ..   your^ meat- or  game,  your  place or mine. Phone 883-9045.  3044-tfn  PEERLESS    Tree. Services.  Benefit   from' experience.  Tree work guaranteed and insured. Call J. Risbey 885-2109.  ���  '  330-tfn  GENERAL   Handyman.    Carpentry, painting1 and    light  hauling. Ph. 886-9516. 2285-tfn  FURNACE   installations   and  burner   service.   Free   estimates.  Ph.  886-7111.      36-tfn  FINISHING carpenter. Custom  cabinets. Quality work. Ph.  885:2995. ' 845-37  YOUNG woman recently moved to Sunshine Coast seeks  employment as clerk typist,  [receptionist. 2 yrs. exp. in  large Vancouver office. Available for temp, or permanent  position. Phone 886-7265.  887-36  LIVESTOCK  New & Used Tack  QUALITY FARM SUPPLY  All JBuckerfieldLJleeds., _  ���   Hardware - Fencing -    ���  Fertilizer- Purina Products  Alfalfa - Hay - Straw  MAXICROP  Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer  We are on Pratt Road, 1 mile  south from Highway  PHONE  886-7527  __. 9561-tfn  SWIFT Feeds ��� H. Jacobson,  Swift dealer. Nor'West Rd.,  Sechelt. Phone 885-9369. Chicken feeds - Horse feed -.Hog  feed - Cattle feed. Hay and  other feeds by order.   258-ttp  2   HORSE   trailer   for   rent.  Cunningham's.   Phone   885-  9927. 3340-tfin  ���Member, Audit Bureau  of Circulations  September 30. 1973  Gross Circulation ,'4446  Paid   Circulation  3894  As filed with the Audit Bureau  of Circulation, subject, to audit.  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Phone 885-9724 eves.  871-36  16 FT. runabout, 35 hp Merc  elec. All good condition. $550.  Apply Tillicum' Bay Marina.;  Overseas  Senior Citizens,  Local Area ���  Single Copies    .$11.00yr:  .$6.00   13e  17 FT. BOAT, trailer and 65  , h.p. o.b. Merc. Take alL  $1500. Ph. 885-2496 after 6-pan!  .753-36  "In the event of a typographical error advertising goods or.services, at >  a wrong price, goods, or services may not be sold-and the difference  charged to the newspaper. Advertising is merely an offer to sell, and may  be withdrawn at any time.";���(Supreme Court decision). Advertising is  accepted on the condition that, in the event' of typographical error, that  portion of the advertising space occupied by the erroneous item, together  with reasonable allowance for signature, will not be charged for, but the  balance of the advertisement will be paid for at the applicable rate.  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(ON HIGHWAY 101 AT FRANCIS PENINSULA ROAD)  REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE  PENDER HARBOUR - EGMONT - EARL COVE  INVESTMENT ���', 3 cabins on ono lot, Only 50 pacos frpm nlco  boach. Current Incomo $200 por month. A good buy at $36,000  FP. somo terms,, ���      . ���   ���   ���  MODERN HOiV\E ��� 2 bodroom, full basomont homo oh loaso lot, ,  In-law suite; oxcollont vlow. Just $32,500 with torms.  CABIN���-on lovol 94 aero lot, Rural. Sunny oxposuro, Full prlco  $12,500.  1,600 SQ. FT./all on ono floor, almost 2 acros lovol land, three  bedrooms, fullly modern; asking $55,000, somo torms,     ,  ACREAGE ��� 22 acros. power and wator avallablo, somo lako  frontage, Full prlco  cros, powo  $60,000.  WATERFRONT ���- About 100-foot frontaoo In Bargain Bay,  approx. 1/13 aero lot, Lovol top, on road, power and wator, F.P,  $29,500, .,.���...,.,..  HOMESITE ���- \7��* acros with oood cabin,crook and "waterfall,  Somo oood soil, Woodod lot and hoavlly trood aroa; on wator and >  power. A good buy at $45,000,  , :���*-��� 1  TWO LOTS ��� sldorby-aldo, laroo, lovol and sunny, Both havo  water and powor. Closo to gov't dock. Asking $10,500 and  $11,0,00 respectively,  GARDEN BAY ������< opprox, 1 acre cornor lot, has sub-dlvlslon  potontlal. AH services, Full prlco $22,000,  ,��� v||jy/.:oT -^ close to Madeira ParkrReady w build on, Fully-  sorvi.. ,1, lull prlco $13,500,  REDROOFFS ��� Largo, level corner lot; Just $9,000 full prlco.  PANORAMIC ���. That's.lho vlow from this 1-acro lot, .00 do-  fjr** ovi"1*** *f <h*> harbor ��r��d surrounding Mond* as for o�� Vancouvor Islond. Full prico $13,900 firm, Has all services.  John Breen  883-9978  PHONE 883-2794  7 Archlo Brflyton  883-9926  Jock Hermon  883-2745  LIVESTOCK (Continued) AUTOS & TRUCKS (cont.)  CERTIFIED farrier, Hans Ber-  ger is coining to <x>ast. Contact Sunshine Farm. 885-9646.  880-itifn  71   - t"  MOTORCYCLES  '73  YAMAHA,  360cc Enduro.  Low mileage. Excellent condition. Phone 886-7035.     ,  624-tfn  1970   450    HONDA   chopper,  11,000  mis.   Must  be  seen.  Best offer takes. 886-2300.  ��� 783-tfn  HONDA 500-4, 5000 mis. $1500.  Phone around 6 p.m. Phone  886-9393. 790-36  AUTOS/TRUCKS, gte.  1958 G.M.C. bus, 27 ft., camp-  :   erized, $3,500 or? 885-9314.  821-36  INTERNATIONAL cooler van,  GVW 16,000 lbs. Good condition. '60 1 ton Ford truck.  Phone 883-9172.     , 863-36  i'67 CHEV panel trade. % ton.  Good order. $795. Phone 885-  9816. 878-ftfn  USE TIMES ADBRIEFS  TO SELL, RENT, SWAP, BUY  BROOD sows and piglets, Jersey heifers, milk cows and  Jersey bull. Ph. 883-9172.  862-36  3 YR. OLD Appaloosa mare.  Fine   condition.   Must   sell,  Malceoflfer. Phone 883-2443.  ������:/: ���'   872-38  CHARLES ENGLISH LID.  REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE  NOTARY PUBLIC AND APPRAISALS  Gibsons, B.C. 886-2481  PHONE TOLL FREE: 687-6445  GIBSONS VILLAGE: Davis Road, Real cozy 3 bedroom home,  utility room, corport, on good-sized lot, Only 1 block from shopping centre, theatre, schools etc. and only 3 years old. It's yours  for $39,500.  5 ACRES: Nice comer piece of property, road on 2 sides, St|ll In  natural stato, Electricity and phono services available, Full price  $29,ooo.'. ;      -.''.', y,  ,:       ,7  , ,-������.*.   7 "'. ',.        y������ 7. "y. '.,���, ,��� .7 ..:, 777' ' ',-.  SEAVIEW ESTATES: View lot. This lot Is not for the timid/  Located on ravine edge with unobstructed view, over 1*4 acres  In slw Will require Imagination and resources. to develop,  $10,000.  GROCERY-CONFECTIONARY  STORE   IN  SECHELT VILLAGE: /  This established business has shown steady growth and roturn.  Excollent location with loaso. Ideal for tho person who wants' to  bo his own boss. In the 20'f. Call for details.  CORNER LOT SECHELT VILLAGE:  All  services/close to all  amonltlos, $10,500,  LANGDALE: 67x162' treed lot, services, only $10,500.  .WATERFRONT GIBSONS VILLAGE: Two prima lots on .Marino  Drlvo. by the bus stop, Ono with charming boach houso, prlcod  to soil at $42,000 ond $23,0,00.  " BOYLE'ROADiS''dftov Half cleared,* V^'nlci' l^irioncl^wltK:*  good well and attractivo  2-bedroom home with sundock and  flreplaco, carport. Away from traffic, yet closo to vlllago, $46,500.  GRANTHAM'S LANDING: The Ideal situation for tho vacationer,  Main house has upper and lower suite's, Self-contained. At rear  la a small cottage, Rent all three or kcop ono for yourself, Good  revonue, nlco view lot. Full price $35,000, somo torms If required,  5 ACRES, HWY, 101: and a 2-bedroom home. Over 2 acres of  cleared land with.more than 400 ft. on highway, Lovely ground*,  landscaped and In garden. Excellent buy at $42,000,  WATERFRONT: Gower Point, 3 waterfront view lots, 100x200'  oach $22,000.  DAVIS DAY: 3 bodroom view homo with landscaped lot, Large  working kitchen, vlow from living room and master bedroom,  Two-car garage adjoining homo. Tills quality proporty is only two  blocks from beach, It I* located In ono of tho best residential  , ��� .  areas. $58,000. '  MARINE DRIVE-! Don't tie up your money when you retire, buy  the houso, lease the land, Here Is one on seml-waterfront view lot,,  2-bedroom, small post & beam, Immaculate homo selling for only  $19,900,  LANGDALE CHTNESf Underflround-tttv1e,6OftCT0H^*,,^'~^,"  2 view lots, $13,500 ��och; 2 other lots* $8,500 ��6 $9,800 each.  LISTING S  K. A, Cco��*y 886-2096  Mike Pl��wy BQ6-7436  WANTED  J. Vlner 886-2531  .Don Sutherland 005-9362  12 FOOT f ibreglass, brand new  paint, 25 hp Evinrude, newly  rebuilt with new controls for  $975. 883-9617, Koger Clement.  748-tf  80 'IT. fish packer,  stripped  and requiring repaiys. Offers. 885-9988."      "* 864-36  16 IT. Turner built with ca-  ,bin. 3% hp Briggs. Very good  condition. 885-9901. 918-36  SWAP   n   TRADE Enterprise  oil range  ���very  good   condition���for  lawn mower, elec. or gas'. Must  - be good cond. Phone 885-9049.  891-36  HAND knit Irish cardigan. Re-  ward. Phone 886-9347.  , 847-37  PET pigeon. Grey. Very friendly. . Davis   Bay   -   Wilson  Creek. Phone 885-2385.  890-36  PUPPY. 2 mths. old, Sechelt  village,-female,  ,black  and  brown. Phone 885-9305.  .     925-36  TRAILERS       -  SOFT, tent top trailer. Sleeps  4; Includes extra wide tires  . and spare. Near new. Or, trade  for 12' alum, boat with 10 hp  OB. Phone 885-2385.       876-36  NEAR new, 28 ft. x 10 ft.- office trailer, 3 offices, sliding  glass door, shag carpet, main  office, - sales counter, $4400.  Coast Homes, 885-2204.   779-34  8x45 TRAILER with 8x16 addition, furnished. Phone 886-  9341 eves or 886-9393 days.  859-36  15% FT. camping trailer with  toilet, furnace, 2 way fridge  and hitch. Sleeps 6. $1200. Ph.  886-9504 .922-38  UTILITY trailer, suitable for  handling stock. $150.. Phone  885-9927. 927-36  16'FT. Fleetcraft travel trailer  and extras, $995 or (trade for  boat. Phone 883-2527.      899-36  '70   -VOLKSWAGEN    station  wagon.   Reasonable.   Phone  886-2019. 898-36  1965 FALCON, 6 cyl. standard.  Good condition. $800. Phone  885-2583. 905-38  BOATS & ENGINES  11 FT. BOAT, FCkover ply-'  wood;   7%   Johnson motor,  tank and  oars.  Apply Chris  and   Mark  Way   at   Bargain  Harbour or phone 987-5737.  889-36  a*  14% FT. moulded1 birch birth,  steering wheel. Good condition.  Phone 885-2763. 917-36  17 FT. 6 IN.FG over plywood  with 85 hp Merc OB. Phone  886-2096/ 911-38  i5' 6" K&C "72 glass boat, full  camper top, sleeperette seats,  with 60 hp elec. start Johnson, heavy duty battery, two  5 gal.' fuel tanks; paddles, life  " jackets, all on 1000 lb. Road:  runner tilt action trailer. This  near new boat-package can be  seen at Lot 10, Jervis Bay Rd.  Earls Cove or phone 883-2498.  861-38  FfPSSSSS  SiCssiaJJSa^^SlESIj^S^  ^wj3g^^w'ru��g:y^^^  BOX 100, MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  PHONE:    PENDER HARBOUR 883-2233 TOLL FREE FROM VANCOUVER 689-7623  Member of Multiple Listing Service  MADEIRA MARINA LTD.  Approx. 3 acres, 250' choice waterfront in Madeira Park. 30x80'  concrete shop bldg. With repair facilities, display and sales room,  office, stockroom.-Owner's 2 BR home, 7 motel units, facilities  for camper and "trailer units,- 5 rental boats, and motors,  launching ramp, floats, foreshore lease. Large up to date stock  of boats, motors, parts, marine hardware, Evinrude sales and  service. $250,000. plus cash for stock.  "WATERFRONT HOME - FRANCIS PENINSULA .  Level lot with deep, sheltered moorage. Covered float anchored  by piling. Home has 3 bedrooms, wall-to-wall shag throughout,  fireplace, double carport, basement. All appliances and drapes  included. Situated near Canoe Pass on Gilden Road. This type of  home on waterfront rarely on market. Priced at $87,500.  LOTS  1. SINCLAIR BAY ROAD . 2 lots with view of Pender Harbour,  $9700 and  $14,400.  2. NARROWS ROAD, cleared view lots near Madeira Park,  '     $9,000 and $11,000.  3. GARDEN BAY ESTATES, serviced lots, some with view. $6,900  to $12,500.  4. MADEIRA, PARK'SUBDIVISION - 2 serviced lots, $9,800 and  $10,000.  5. NARROWS ROAD - approx. % acre level land, excellent view,  $29,500.  6. MADEIRA PARK - 2 lots suitable for mobile home. $7,500  and $22,000.  7. MADEIRA PARK ROAD - lot that is very close to school,  stores, gov't wharf and post office. $9,500.  8. MADEIRA PARK, 2 commercial lots - $16,000 and $20,000.  9. GARDEN BAY - serviced view lot on Garden Bay Rood in Garden Bay. Driveway in and level building site cleared. $11,000.  10. FRANCIS PENINSULA ROAD - large, seml-waterfront corner  lot, $13,500. Phone Jack Noble, res. 883-2701.  FISHERMAN'S COTTAGE - MADEIRA PARK  560 sq. ft. one-bedroom home, built 1972, electric heat, stone  fireplace. Needs new floors. Close to school, stores and wharfage.  $18���700.  WARNOCK ROAD - FRANCIS PENINSULA  Lovol acreage with over 600' road froritage, 208' deep. Possible  7 lot subdivision, 2 bedroom Panabode home with full basemont.  $70,000. Open to offers. Phono Jack Noble, res. 883-2701.  7 COMMERCIAL BUILDING - MADEIRA PARK  ,  Large commercial building, 3,030 sq. ft. plus 3 BR home on  2,954 acres, Asking $185,000. Ad|o|nlng lot, 1.467 acres, with  modern 2 BR home also available, Asking $40,000, To be sold  together with above property. Open to offers. Phono Jack Noblo,  res. 883-2701.  WATERFRONT - GUNBOAT BAY  Approx, 175' waterfront, sheltered, moorage, on approx, 4 acres  land on highway 101 close to Madoira Park. $57,000,  FRANCIS PENINSULA  Approx. 37 acres, partially developed with approx. 3,900' of primary road constructed, i Possible 56 lot subdivision. $150,000.  .     7   ; IRVINE'S LANDING     ���  Approx. 20 acres of view property with opprox. ,800 ft. deep,  sheltered waterfront, Suitable site for mobllo home park or con-a  dominium development/Excellent view of Pender Harbour and Lee  ��� Bay. $125,000,  Hi' ��������'��    I   ���  l���llUlBaaWlUBBBBIIBBllBBlB.BBIBH  KENT ROAD - BARGAIN HARBOUR  �����ApproW<.| aero, nicely treed and secluded.!35x10'.one,BR,mobile 1  home, hooked up to water and hydro. Immodlato pososslon. Ideal  for fisherman. $35,000, ,  7 ,,���mt',,,.,.,���i���������. in.. ,.n.-,, ___._-,i.ii i    ,  HARBOUR MOTORS  Shell service station on Garden Bay Road with 4-bay garage, store,  auto body repairs and new, largo pqlnt shop, Prlco Includes land,  buildings, owner's 3 BR residence, some shop equipment and 3  top tow truck. Do|hg a good business, but could easily bo Increased, $85,000 plus copsh for stock in trade,  ���im ..mini  ii.f���aaiii.i nm an    iai .11 n .1 n  FISHING CHARTER BUSINESS  Chinook Charters Ltd. at Madeira Park, 3 fiberglass boats, 37',  28', 14'; all completely equipped, Prosent owner willing to operate  business for purchaser for balance of this season, $121,000,  ,,',      ACREAGE - KLEINDALE  1, Approx, 20 acres of fairly, level land with approx. 10 ocros  cleared, $35,000,  2, Approx,  16 acres'on Highway  101  . good commercial site,  _._flray��!���pjt,^  VIEW HOME - GARDEN BAY  3 BR homo, brick fireplace, sundeck, carport, full basoment, On  a level comer, leased lot ����� fully landscaped, fruit trees, $45,000,  REAPY'MIX CONCRETE BUSINESS 8, EQUIPMENT  Operating In, the Pender Harbour area with two ready-mix trucks,  1 dump truck, 1 loader, gravel crushing ond scrooping plant,  gravel lease. $118,000.  JACK NOBL5  Ros. 883-2701  El  WATERFRONT LOTS  Two adjoining waterfront lots, each with approx. 64' waterfront.  Close to school, store and gov't wharf. $22,000 ,and $18,000.  EGMONT MARINA - FISHING RESORT  Approx. 4.5 acres, approx. 660' waterfront. 11 motel units, owner's- 3 BR home, 8 sleeping rooms, restaurant and store (leased  out), Standard Marine station, bait sales, floats, launching ramp,  8 rental boats and 7 motors, camper space, room for expansion.  ^ $250,000.  WATERFRONT HOME ��� EGMONT  Very large 4 BR home, approx. 244' waterfront on 3 separate  ,  lots. Float. Excellent for o group purchase. $105,000.  LARGE CORNER LOT  Approx.  1% acres of view-property with  111' frontage on Egmont Road and 637' frontage on Maple-Road, two older houses  on property; Possible subdivision site. $47,500.  WATERFRONT ACREAGE  Approx. 375' deep, sheltered waterfront on approx. 10 acres of  treed land. Access by trail or water. $35,000.  LOTS  1. MAPLE ROAD approx. 3/15 acre level, treed view, lot, $9,500.  INAW & RUBY L  CHOICE LAKEFRONT - SAKINAW LAKE  Approx. 625' choice low bank lakefront on approx. 12 treed acres.  Westerly exposure. $50,000.  RUGGLES BAY - SAKINAW LAKE  3 BR partly furnished cottage, acorn fireplace, on two leased lots  with approx, 330' choice lakefront, 2.98 acres. Situated in a small  private cove with dock. $23,000.  s >  ACREAGE - SAKINAW LAKE  Approx. 1,400 ft, of choice low bank waterfront on approx,  35 treed acres, creek through property. Sheltered bay, southerly*  exposure, numerous building sites, public road to boundary of  property. An excellent opportunity for o group to obtain choice  hard-to-flnd Saklnaw Lake property. $170,000.  RUBY LAKE MOTEL  8 housekeeping units, two sleeping* units, manager's one BR  residence and office In a beautiful setting on 4.34 acres, approx,  200 feet waterfront on Ruby Lake and 800 feet of waterfront  on lagoon. Highway 101 runs through property. Float and  launching ramp on Ruby, lake, $115,000.  SAKINAW LAKE COTTAGE  Good 3 BR'cottage, cedar construction built11965, running water,  fireplace, propane range, fridge and lights/log float, On approx,  4ft acres of leased land with about 300,feet gently sloping lake-  front. Cholco location In Turtle Bay, $20,000.  60'  RUBY LAKE - SANDY BEACH  lakefront I6t with sandy beach/ trees, Water accoss only.  $25,000.  HIDDEN BASIN - NELSON ISLAND  Approx. 1700' sheltered deep waterfront, low bank shoreline,  several beaches and bays on approx. 11,3 acros of beautifully  troed proporty with small croak, Furnished ono BR'cottago,  furn'shod guosf cottage, workshop, woodshed, woll qnd pump-  house, four boats, trail bike, garden tractor, numerous tools  ond equipment, float. An excellent buy at $80,000.  WATERFRONT  Approx. 4,000' waterfront on approx; 25 ocros treed' property.  Several beaches, small Island, good sheltered cove, Only a short  distance by boat from Earl Cove or Egmont, $100,000,  F  LARGE ACREAGE - $ 1,000. PER ACRE  D.L. 2392, approx. 160 acres, situated approx. 1V^ mllos above  Hwy, 10) near Halfmoon Bay. Access by old logging road. Trails  & roads throughout the property, nicely treed useable land, Outside  possible subdivision slto, $160,000,  land freeze area  SECHELT  SECHELT INLET RD, - NEAR SANDY HOOK RD,  ,6.68 wooded, acres .with, southern, slope exposure.. Good timber,,  359 ft. blacktop road frontage, $20,000. Phono Jack Noblo,  ros, 003-2701.  ACREAGE - LOTS J:& G, Blk.Al'p.OP3.".  Two adjoining 9 aero blocks, approx, 2,000' from Hwy.  101,  Nicely treed, gentle slope, southern exposure, $45,000 each,  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY ,  Ros, 883-2233  . i MOBILE HOMES  MOBILE HOMES (Cont,)       PETS  , p.        , , i 1 \  REAL ESTATE (Con't) REAL ESTATE <C��a't) REAL ESTATE (Cco'tf"-       The Peninsula Times, W��d., July 31, 1974 ��� Poge A-5  DOUBLE WIDES    .  . Delivered rand set; up. on .your '  property, guaranteed to-be accepted' by .municipality. Non-  basement and full basement  foundation plans > supplied. - Also, large selection of twelve  wides. For further information  Call Collect 525-3688  May be viewed at 6694 Kings-  way, Burnaby       '  Member of the Western Mobile Home Assoc.    *  M.D.L. 25012  8917-tfri  AYERS   Mobile  Home   Park,  we have trailer space available. Phone 885-2375.  9968-tfn  BROADMORE   12x60,   2 .BR,  sliding glass doors. Bright, spa-'"  citfus   kitchen   with' - built-in''  double ��� ovens,  17. cu.  double ~  door fridge, built-in buffet, raised., front _LR, Colonial, decor  and   furnishings.   Full, price ���  $9500. Phone 883-9191.    838-35  SACRIFICE. Must sell.'.' 1973  "Chancellor" 12x60. 37.B.H.  Carpet throughout; Colored  stove and .fridge, 3 beds, oil  tank included. Attached porch  and full skirting.,Set up in Ay- '  ��2rs Trailer Court' in beautiful  ��� West Sechelt. Ready to move  in immediately, $9800 or best  offer. Phone 885-9846 even.   ,  814-37  BEAUTIFUL black and brown  ,��� 'tabby kittens:'Housebraken.  Phone, .885-9624. .     879-36  WOULD like to give away to,  ~   a good, family, 3 ^mth. old  -Lab cross pup.  Loves  children. Has shots. 883-2461.    ,  -      ; :      ''   ,       916-36  m m        m i     i^ p ��� i M ��� ii b     hi ���   m ���  ,ai   - . a     .i     __���_,,. __��  GOOD homes wanted for love-  ���; ly .trained kittens. Phone  885-9085. 904-38  REAL ESTATE  Sunshine Coast Mobile  Home Park and Sales  Hwy. 101 Gibsons Ph. 886-9826  12x62 3 bedroom Statesman.  Reverse isle, bay window. living room, master bedroom and  hall carpeted. $13,000. y  Used trailer, 10x50 Great  Lakes, 2 bedroom, large bright  living room, air conditioned,  propane furnace/ very good  condition throughout.!  All models include 2 dr. frost  free fridges, deluxe ranges,  washers and dryers, custom-  - made furniture, .delivery and  .complete set-up. All taxes included, no hidden charges. No  extras to buy, 8985-tfn,  MORTGAGES  NEED MONEY?  Mortgages . ~  Arranged  Bought  Sold  - First - Second - Third -  SUMMER COTTAGE  AND BUILDING LOANS  READILY AVAILABLE  ACADIAN MORTGAGE  CORP. LTD.  2438 Marine Drive  West Van. 926-3256  8909-tfn  WATERFRQNT-West Porpoise  Bay. Lot C. Phone 885-9349  or write Box 215, Sechelt.   .7, 767-tfn  BUILD a better, home with a  National' package. Mortgage'  money, available.1 Call   Dave  Whidden, 885-2746 or write  Box 830, Sechelt. 88rtfn  - When You Consider-  Building . . .  Why not try the Westwood  Home Building Systems. Plans  available for complete home  packages. ^Modular homes and  custom planning. Most economical way to build under  present day conditions. Call . .  COE ENTERPRISES LTD.  883-2671 or 883-2451   8914-tfn  VIEW lot for sale in'Gibsons.  Phone 886-2417. 146-tfn  ROBERTS CREEK  :���  Waterside of Lower Road, between Joe and Bay view Rds.  Lots serviced with water and  paved roads. Easy beach ace-'  ess., Ideal summer cottage or  residential site. Sign on.  CALL OWNER 886-7316  or write Box 9503, c-o Penin-^  sula Times, Box 310, Sechelt.  s       . 8875-tfn  FORESTED    view   lot,    125x  188. Selma Park. $24,000 or  Will sell half. Phone 885-9845.  233-tfn  SECHELT AREA  By Water. Panoramic View.  Ex. grocery and butcher store.  Fully' equipped. Living quart-  ers below: Grossed over $83,000  in '73 on 5 day week, 9 a.m. -  6 p.m. Only commercial property in fast growing' area.  Closed due to illness. Black  top driveway,- parking. 129*  frontage on Hwy.. 101. Equipment ' optional. Only steps to"  the beach. Safe moorage.   '  885-2532  9555-tfn  LARGE 3 BR home, West Sechelt. . WW throughout. Up  and down fireplace, 1% bath,  1 BR suite on ground floor.  Large lot, near school, also 2  . BR cottage on adj. property.  Prefer to sell as package. Ph.  885-2451. 902-36  BY owner,. 15 acres. Lopez/Is-.."  land, U.S. San Juan. Will sell  all or half. Write Box 592, .'Sechelt, B'.C.7' :        867-36:  ' ;; SEASIDE VILLAGE V7.  ��� ���'. "--���    '   ���"���,��� ",   v-. -'  Serviced lots,in;Village of Se-..  chelt. See Larry or'Bud'. North "���  on Trail Ave. Seaside Village.  ,, '     y   - 7-9567-37  YOUR AUTOPLAN. CENTRE  K. Butler Realty Ltd.  All Types of Insurance  Gibsons, B.C.7  Phone 886-2000 or .886-9121.  'Country atmosphere with .city,  servoies. Excellent view pt -water. Cozy 4 room', cottage, '2'  bdrms., living...room, lge. kitchen, utility room; 3 pee. bath.  A real buy at only $26,000.   ,  A family home to be proud of:  ' spacious. 4 bedroom' home on  attractively - developed lot dn  ' desireable   location:   Spacious  Ajjgft��3__a OF i;  MULTIPLE LISTING V  S2RVtC��  BOX 769, SECHELT, B.C.  ESTATES LTD.  REAL ESTATE  PHONE 885-2241  SECHELT AND AREA  WATERFRONT   LOT.  in Village with low, level sandy beachv  V   -  $16,900.  Selectively cleared lot. 68x120' ready to build on in the Village of  Sechelt. All new homes in area and across street from park. Excellent buy at $12,250. Dave Roberts for details.  Cleared site for mobile home, serviced. Full price $8,950. Zoned  R-2. Call Doug Joyce.,  2 COMMERCIAL LOTS  33 ft. each on Toredo St. in the Village of Sechelt, zoned commercial. Ready to go. Serviced. Approx. 200 feet deep. Full price  $15,000 each. Call Jack or Stan Anderson.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY -. SBCHELT  Telephone Answering Service.- Financial statements available to  interested parties. Call Doug Joyce.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  Three car radio equipped taxi business. Financial statements to  interested parties. Call  Suzanne Van  Egmond. 885-9683,  885-2241.  YACHTSMAN'S RETREAT - SECRET COVE  840' deep water moorage, opprox. 8 acres.  Ideal for group or  commercial development, $150,000; good terms and good interest rate. Suzanne or Len Van Egmond!  SECRET COVE WATERFRONTAGE-  Your own waterfall on 20 acres. Power to the property. A whole  lot for very little. F.P. $59,900. Some terrhs. ColJ Doug Joyce.  WATERFRONT ACREAGE  30 acres with l,70O feet waterfrontage at Middlepoint, including  two fine houses, boat launching ramp, water system, hydro. Good  subdivision  potential,  asking  $400,000.  Call  Len or Suzanne  Van Egmond. .  17 VIEW ACRES  Middle  Point  location,   100%  privacy.   Roads  throughout  the  property. Subdivision potential and power make this .acreage a  good buy. F.P. $39,000.��� Call Stan or(Jock Artderson.  21  ACRES  Approximately 1 mile highway front. Treed. Zoned 5 acre holdings. F.P. $52,000. Call Stan or Jack Anderson.  SECHELT INLET  SECHELT VILLAGE  100'x250' lot with view and beach access, heavily treed private.  Driveway in and fully serviced. F.P. $15,500. Call Jack or Stan.  Anderson.  .. , .... TUWANEK ..-     -v.    ... ���     ..  60'x120'   serviced   lot,   easy walking  distance  to  Marina  and  >        swimming. Lot is treed. Call Jack or Ston Anderson.  VILLAGE LOT  Fully cleared  and   landscaped  lot.  All  fenced.  Approximately  9000 sq. ft. 93 ft. frontage. 2 blocks from shopping, 2 blocks  from beach. Full price $9800.00, Vz down. Call Jack or Stan  Anderson.  2.08 acres of land that can be developed. Heavily treed with a  community water supply. A good investment at $19,500.  Call  Jack or Stan Anderson.  WILSON CREEK  1240 sq. ft. on one .floor. This home has everything from the %  acre landscaped lot to a covered patio with barbeque. 2 car port,  large workshop or garage. Living room with fireplace plus family  room. 3 bedrooms, master has full plumbing. Also secluded. One  block to sandy beach. Elementary school nearby. F.P, $54,900,  Call Jack or Stan Anderson.  Excellent  view   lots   available   from   $7950.00   and   up.  DAVIS BAY  3 BR HOME  3 bedroom, 1200 sq. ft. on large treed lot. 16'xl8' living room,  )2'x10' utility; Wall-to-wall carpets throughout. Handy to store,  school and beach. Full price $42,000. Call Jock or Stan Anderson.  ��� HANDYMAN'S SPECIAL - WEST SECHELT  Cottage In need of some care, 2 bedrooms, on a large lot near  schools and beach,  only $13,500, Call Suzanne or Len Van  Egmond.  Average 13,000 sq. ft. Treed, paved road. Walking distance to  public beach access, Southwest slope, Zoned R-l, Ideal retirement  area. Priced from $10,500. Call Jack or Stan Andorson,  r������������������ ��� -a      ���     i -     B    ib  RECREATIONAL LOT  125x200', nicely treed and level. Good access roads, West Sechelt.  Call Ed Baker. Full,price $8,500.  7.     NEW CONSTRUCTION ���>.'������''..'...'.''.  Now 1200 sq. ft. 3 BR homo under construction. Sundeck and  ���   drive-In garago, F_P. $53,900. Call Jack or Stan Andorson.  COMMERCIAL BLOCK  Located on two lots, by the waterfront In Davis Bay. 2 stores, 2  suites, could be A > suites. Presently regional district office,  100  percent occupancy at present. A revenue producer, F.P. $150,000  with terms. Call Jack or Stan Anderson.  HALFMOON BAY  HANDYMAN'S SPECIAL   /  Small houso on largo lot In the Vlllago. Approx. 600 sq. ft. Need*  work, but liveable. Call Jack or Stan Anderson. F.P. $17,000,  TRAILER LOT - WEST SECHELT  . 90..205' on Wakefield Road, Fully serviced, year round crook,  zoned R-2, good soil, well treed. FP $12,000, Call Stan or Jack  ,',-,. 7; .,.,.,.7.      .7'i 7,,:." Anderson.  DO YOU LIKE FISHING, SWIMMING, boating, relaxing, privacy,  good beach, boat launching, sunshine? We have,these at Sun-,  shine Bay Estates: Fully serviced lots, ready now���Len or Suzanne  ',���������    "   , .������ Van Egmond,,   ���  ������'.   '������������''���; <, ',  2 WATERFRONT LOTS  to choose from. Arbutus covered In beautiful Half Moon' Bay.  Sunny exposure, fully serviced. $23,900 and $25,000. Call Lon  or Suzanne Van Egmond,  DAVIS BAY  Lovol lot, nicely troed, Hand/ location In Wost Secholt. Noar  school, trailers permitted. R2 ,zoned, F.P. $8,900.00, Call Len  .', or Suzanno Van Egmond. 885-9683. ;   ,  TREED R2 LOT  This lot Is fully serviced with gentle south slopo, 65'x approx, 200'  Partially cleared.   Easy qccoss from Nor-Wost Bay Road,  P.p. $9600,00, Call Jack or Stan Anderson,  PANORAMIC VIEW ,  overlooking Strait of Georgia and Trail Islands, Those large lots ���  are serviced ane! ready to build on, all new homes In area. Priced '������  at only $14,900, Call Len or Suzanno Van Egmond,.       ���<���>'  ���  : ROBERTS CREEK & AREA ~  REDROOFFS ROAD AND AREA  100' WATERFRONT  Redrooffs Ro*ad, Sargent Bay Area. Approximately' 1%  acres.  High ylow  property.  $20,000.  full prlco, Call  /ack or1 Stan  Anderson.  *��� I ��� Ill���������pim-i-p-ii��� WIIWII1 ������HIM  REDROOFFS ESTATES  Larg��> troed properties, approx, % aero.'Zoned R2, trailers allowed, Payed roods, closo to Sargeant Boy, Hot fishing spot, Priced  ���     '        from $6,750. Coll Jack or Stan, Anderson.   -  80' BLUFF WATERFRONT  2 BR mol?l|e homo plus 26' family room, Patio, sundeck, garago  and workshop, Garden lot with outstanding vlow of Gulf and  Vancouver.Island,.All In now condition, Stovo and frldgo lncludk  ed, Full prlco $39,500. Call Jack or Stan Andorson.  SARGENTS BAY WATERFRONT  Tho perfect retreat] Tall evergreens and arbutus trees ensure  privacy, 120 ft, of pobblo bach lies between you an unobstructed  vlow clear to Vancouvor Island. A bonus In somo of tho best  flshlno~on--iho-Sunshlne"Co<isr."'fulhpricff-$22,300rColh'DouDi'  Joyce,  ONE ACRE VIEW  View of Sargeont Bay, over 1 aero, Good building kite, Full price  $18,500. Call Ed paker.  Secluded 2-bodroom home in qulot area, Only 300 feet from  pobblo beach, Excollent ocean view, finished basement, Fireplace.  Year-round creok through tho property. Landscaped, Full prlco  $39,50,0. Call Stan or Jack Anderson.  ACREAGE  ,:Apprpx,,.5,.acre>,<1290' highway, frontqgo, Naturally, treed, gontlo  south alopo, F.P. $25,900, Call Jack or Stan Anderson,  4,6 ACRE. HOBBY FARM   '  p With view, Nlco gothlc arch .homo at tho ond of Crowo Road In  Roberts Oyok. Only $32,300, Sop Lon Von Egmond, 885-9683.  GIDSONS  Two cleared lots In Gibsons, On sower, Closo to boat launching  ramp. Paved roods,front and bock, Zoned Comprehensive development. Full Price $27,000,00. Call Doug Joyce,  r,,:���y ;,.v.-;���������-:;;7.:; ."���'���   ��� .  BETTER THAN NEW    ,  |ust outside Gibsons,, 12x55' mobile homo on 95x157' lot Tall  oycareons, (awn and garden aro tho sotting tor this beautifully  maintained homo, Financing Is no problem a��( our owner will  carry, Full prlco $25,000. Call Doug Joyco, 885-2761.  SEE THE MODULAR HOME SET UP NEXT DOQR TO OUR  OFFICE, THIS MANUFACTURED HQUSE COMES IN TWO  HALVES   ...   COMPLETELY   FINISHED   INCLUDING  , PLUMBING,. ROOFING,,CARPETS, CABINETS, ..ETC A...  SALESMAN WILL BE,HAPPY TO SHOW YOU THROUGH.  $20.00  PER  SO.  FT.   INCLUDES  DELIVERY  TO YOUR  LOT WITHIN 4 OR 5 WEEKS.  FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CALL OUR OFFICE.  raoBsacMEsrafflss  Davo Robem        Len or Suionne Van Egmond Jock or Ston Anderson Ed Dakw  Evos. Phono 885-2973  Eve*. Phono 885-9683   Em, phono 885-2053 or 885-2385   Eves. Phono 085-2641  VANCOUVER DIRECT LINE MU-5-5544  SEE US AT OUR OFFICE ACROSS FROM THE SECHELT BUS DEPOT  Doug Joyce  Eves. Ph, 085-2761  ^GOWER, .Point. 7 By 7 ownetv  ,' 'Nicely treed view lot, building .site cleared; .Approx. %  acre, > 84x219 ft Close to beach  , and has regional water'at pro-.'  perty. $13,500. Phone 886-9249:  >7    ,    .  .   ,7       ,   -;, 850-37  FOR SALE or rent. Remodelled Sechelt-home! 2. BBS, DR,  FP.'Piill basement. Hardwood  floors on treed-lot. Close to v  facilities, 883-2759 or 263-6204.  7,  .   , .      . 921-38  WANTED, Gibsons area, small  -,> lot with cabin or shack,  waiter and hydro; Cash. 885-  2772.     , 923-38  REDROOFFS Road, large corner view lot, cleared' building site, 100x263 ft. Hydro available, $11,500. Phone 885-  9355.  y 926-38  HOUSE to be moved. Sea Island, Vancouver. 3 BR, table  top stove, wall elec. oven,  $5000. Phone* (112)278-0678 after 6. 906-38  ,. . .  .. . -   - WEW lot for sale. 57x200 im.  hving room and duung, room,. ,, Narrow R^d, Madeira Park;  large modem latch��3n, vanity a All services available. Partially  POSt HUNT  'bath., rec.1 room, workshop in  basement area. A-oil heat. Ask- '  ing only $44,500. 7  ' "    .", ''  '  CmANmAMS���Lbokin^ipr a  small retirement home with a '  view? Try this one on farsize.7  Lot size 100'xlOO', house has 2  bdrms., living, room with, fireplace, convenient ikitlchen and  eating area '-features modern  Grestwood cabinets. .$26,000.  full'price.   7 -* ���=  LISTINGS  WANTED! ���  MEMBER  MULTIPLE LISTING,  SERVICE  Norm Peterson 886-2607    :��     9570-36  8.C.  IS A  BEAUTIFUL PLACE  cleared,   $12,500.   Phone   883-  9073. 908-38  CORNER lot, selectively clear-  . ed, 75x152. All services.  Block, from beach. .Madeira  Park area. $12,000 Phone 883-  919i. 913r38  PANORAMIC view lot, Davis  Bay. On Paved road, level  access. Cleared, all services. 2  blocks to beach. 885-9534.   '  NOTICES  DON'T MUSS   IT UP  W. J. AAAYNE  NOTARY PUBLIC  Until further notice office  hours will   be  from  noon  Wed., all day Thurs. & Fri.  until 1.00 p.m.  885-9404 Sechelt  9568-37  r  -E.  REALTY AND  INSURANCE  Multiple Listings Service   .  Box 238, Gibsons, B.C.  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE: 5.5 acres of seclusion. Year-round  stream, full price $29,000.  HALL for rent Wilson Creek  . Community Hall. <' Contact  Marg Pearson, 885-2337.     7  yr- .,   --;���'���    y,��  13246-tfn  CENTRAL    Gibsdns,'   former  school  board  offices  above  Kruse Drug Store. 885-9366.  -      .,_''���     746-tfn  STORE,, on Cowrie St. Sech-  elt. Phone 885--2527.    -786-tfn  FURNISHED -4- BR,  2  bath.,  WF home, Sechelt. $325 mo.  Sept. 1 to June 30. Phone 885-  9248.    ,���'������- ,,792-tfn  FURNISHED 4 BR, 1% bath-  rooms, WF .home.. W. Sechelt. Sept. 1st to June 30th.  Auto oil heat, auto washer,i  dryer and dishwasher. $250  month. Phone 885.-9213. 874-tfn  NEAR Sechelt. Furnished  , house on acreage with small  business. .Good .garden, suit  . couple.   For ' rent  on  annual  lease. Ref. required. Available  -Sept. Phone 885-9469.    883-tfn  SMALL 2 BR cottage, stove  and fridge,' $160. Newly decorated. Suitable for older cou-  vle only 2 miles from- Sechelt.  Shopping bus every Thursday.  Phone 885-2451. "   900-36  WANTED T6 RENT  3 B.R. reasonably modern  home to be available by Nov.  10th in Halfmoon Bay-Secret  Cove area: Also interested in  purchase of same. Many refs.  on Peninsula. Bob Wickwire,  Box 3040, Smithers, B.C.  812-40  RESPONSIBLE   couple   want  . small house, cottage to care-  take, rent. Write Box 997, Sechelt. 834.37  SECHELT, Selma Park, area,  . last week of August. 1 or ,2  BR house. Reliable retired couple moving here from interior. Write M. Rodgers, 2698  Thompson Drive, Kamloops  V2C 4L4., 818--38  NURSE would like.cottage or.  2 BR house. Unfurn., Sechelt' - Halfmoon Bay area. Ph.  (112)463-8750 or write d2478  217th St.,  Maple Ridge, B.C.  '  885-36  YOUNG married couple wants  2 BR homd as soon as possible. Phone 885-2625.     897-36  WORKING couple would like  house in Egmont area. Ref.  available. 883-9060..        903-36  WANTED TO BUY  2.3 ACRESwitK 3-bedroom home; full basement, close to golf  course. Full price  $42,000.  GOWER POINT: good view, acre,, close to waterfront. Easily subdivided.,. Asking $30,000.   .  3 LOTS, centre of Gibsons, zoned duplex, $15,000 each.  LISTINGS   WANTED  ���Member Vancouver .Real Estate Board  RON McSAVANEY. Mbnoaer  886-2248  , Evenings: 886-9656   .  WANTED, cement mixer. Ph.  Lou at 885-9416. 875-36  FOR SALE (Continuea;  7 .'. TOPPER FLOAT  The New Wharf or Boathouse  ,'   Floatation ���    ,  ��� Replace sunken logs with proper floatation under your present "boathouse or dock. Also'  ,    suitable for- tie-up buoys.  EL-MAR SALES LTD.    .  7 (Distributors)  PO Box 24, Garden Bay, B.C.  883-2671 or 434-9158  ,-'"���'''.       '<   8903-tfn  32 GAL.  propane  hot water  heater $85. Also 16 gal. propane   hot' water  heater  $75.  Propane space heater; Phone  -885-2952 eves.   ' 881-36  OLD wooden kitchen chairs,  $6 each. .Crystal chandelier  ' $150 and' many other items.  We' buy and sell antiques, ���  hrickabrack, eta Log cabin  at the Homestead. Phone 885-  2952 eves. 882-36  TWILIGHT THEATRE  Giibsons Phone. 886-2827  "The Poseidon Adventure"  General ^Entertainment  Warning���Some  swearing,  R.  W., McDonald  August 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7  Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun., Mon.  Tues., Wed. -  .         9571-36  IVi, HP Craftsman saw, excellent condition $50. Brace with  set of bits, hand lawn mower  and other carpenters tools and.  wrenches. 885-9043. 884-36  8 INCH Rockwell Beaver table  saw,  stand and  motor.   As  new. $100. Write J. S. Clark,  Halfmoon Bay. 896-36  NEAT oil' range and 45 gal.  ��� tank, $45. 24 inch electric  range $20. 883-2506.        866-36  USED 23 inch TV, $25. Used  - Zenith, remote control, 23  inch, $40. 885-2568. 929-36  16 CU. FT. fridge, white. Also  Hoover  floor  polisher.   Ph.  885-9236. 869-38  BASEMENT sale. Aug. 3rd, 2-  8 p.m. Misc. items, including  toys, books, bike, guitar, sewing machine, accordion. Birkin, Beach Ave., Roberts Creek.  885-3310. 870-36  FENDER amplifier with piggy  back   'Bandmaster.    Phone  886-9341 eves or 886-9393 days.  -    860-36  KENMORE auto, washer, $100.  , or nearest offer. Phone 885-  9568 eves.    _ 919-36  FOR .SALE  TOP SOIL��� Mack's Nursery.  Ph. 886-2684.or 886-7096.'  387-tfn  REEL type - lawn mower,  , Briggs and Stratton motor.  Excellent, shape, $60, also  queen size water bed, 1 year  old, was $400, want $175. Ph.  885-2496 after 6 p.m:     754-36  USED vacuum cleaner. Phone  885-9244. , 868-38  3 SPD. girl's bike, seldom used, $35. Phone 885-2451.  r*"' 901-36  LARGE Hotpoint fridge. Harvest gold. Left hand door.  Like new. Take away for $75.  4,harness table loom, 15 inch  Dorothy,1 made by Leclerc,  neyer used, ,$65. Regina floor  polisher, good condition, $16.  Phone 886-7432.    ' 907-36  FORD auto, trans., low mileage, fits 289 and 302 motors,  complete'with torgue converter, etc. $50. 886-2300.      784-tfn  MORE ABOUT ...  �� Islanders first  ���from page  A-2  Bay and Departure Bay terminals,"  The recommendjations may find more  favor with Highways Mmisffer Graham  Lea, whose department commissioned the  study, than it will with Transport and n  Communications Minister Bob ' Stoohan.  ���and Provincial Secretary and Tourist  Minister Ernest Hall,  "Lea^ 'believes  the , ferries:'   and  B.C.,  tourist facilities should! give preference  to Canadians,, ��  Strachan says he does not agree with '  a Canad!i��ns-flr��t policy for the ferries.  Ho sold it would ibe impractical and difficult to carry out.7       ;.,,    '���''���'.'', ':  Strachan Has; told "the legislature, the  torry system ia studying the possibility  of putting, Into effect a computerized xe-  servaWion system by :the slimmer of 1976.  The system wbuldv place about 00  per cent of ferry capacities on c. re��  servation basils, with JfcQ per cent on a  first come, first served.  The SOPBC-UIBC report supports the,  aneservatlon proposal with the argument ,  that dt would', lend to reduce peak time  traffile and  evtin   it  otjt  over o  daily'  schedule.  "Ferry uacra,'. given the opportunity  of finding out whether a particular flailing  is booked up would opt for a later run  and cut down on tho present If lrat come,  flLrst served,system," Doll sa'Ld.  '"I ' ���iilin/HPiP.'a T  Whitaker House Antiques  OPENING FRIDAY, AUGUST 2nd  Upstairs at Whitaker House  o^sssaaasan  Tram  Maharieshi Mohesh Yogi  Lecture every Thursday and Friday, 7:30 p.m.  at The Wnitaker House, Cowrie St.  steataoiaoas  M  If you have any useful serviceable articles  that you would like to donate to the Masonic Society  for tfte\r Aug. 10 Auction.  1 '' i      i     ,      i     ��� , ������',,'  Please phone     BERT SIM 886-7026   fo.r,,ptom p*p.ickupiu~k Jhftak^Q.M����!��^^��  *p .'���_'��_  QUALIFIED MAIUNE MECHANIC AVAILABLE  7DAYSJPEBWEEK  o BOAT RECITALS  �� PROPANE  o CAS  �� LIVE BAIT  �� WATER TAXI   �� LAUNCHING  �� YEARLY JOORAGE  o AllPLE PARKING  INTERIOR SHOT  EVERY TUESDAY ~  Day trips to Princess laulm Inlet, Chatterbox l/al]s and this Includes u  guided tour of Camp Malibu, lenvo 9 a.m. and return approx^ 7 p.m. $20  per person based on tall load of 12 passengers. Bring your own packed  lunches. Phone booking^ now being tafecn.  BUCCANEER IARINA - RESORT LTD.  SECRET COVE, B,C,  8(15-0503 '     rV  / '  Poge A-6 Tho Peninsuto Times        Wednesday, July 31, 1974,  Letters'to the Editor are 'the opinions of readers, and not necessarily those of The Times. A  nom-de-plume may be used for publication, but all originate must be signed by. the ^writer.  Automobile ban  Editor, The Times        _,'  Sir:   Congratulations on  your  milestone  editorial calling-for a law to ban hitchhiking.  You say this should be done because  people sometimes get hurt hitchhiking. You  imply that 10 per cent of all hitchhikers don't  arrive liome safely. I agree with you and  would like to extend your reasoning to other  possible areas of legislation. <  It should be illegal for women to walk on  the streets. Men can jump out of cars, grap  them, haul them off and rape them.      v -  It should be illegal for people to drive  cars. Being as free with my statistics as you  are with yours, I would say 10 per cent of  people who drive cards don't make it home  without crashing.      "  The ex-hitchhikers should be banned from  driving cars, If they were allowed to drive  cars, it would increase traffic and, this,  increase accidents. Furthermore, it would  increase gas consumption and we are trying  to save petroleum for future generations.  Just as the hitchhiker may be hurt Joy  getting a ride with a fast drive, he may be  hurt by getting a ride with a poor bus driver.  Thus, ex-hitchhikers should be banned from  riding on buses.  Although hitchhiking was my only means  of transportation, your editorial frightened  "me so that much that I am going to stop. I  trust that you, likewise, are going to stop  driving and, if you don't have the willpower  to stop yourself, you will be grateful for a law  banning cars.  See you on your horse.  Veteran Thumber  Alan Marcellus  Gibsons    .,  (Not likely. We feel that horseback riding  along public highways should be banned  along with hitchhiking: Ed)  School board  Editor, The Times  Sir: The rebuilding of Elphinstone Secondary  School has begun. I would like to say a big  Thank You and Three Cheers to the board of  school trustees and staff of Sechelt school  tiniiimiiiiiiinmniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinifniiiiiiiiiiiinfinraiia  1 MISS BEE'S 3  1  CARD & Gin SHOP   (  | Wborf Rood - Sctbol.-005-9066 I  i P.O. BOX 213 ��  | i s  ��    Hallraark-Coutts cords  and  wrappings. ��  .cupa, ond  Pfoo   English  china  Doatiqua items, local.  artists  OOdCOIfla  paintings.  ?atUIMllllllllUlllllllUlillllllll>lllllllllllliU)IINIIIIUIII<U>  district No. 46, who worked so hard and with  great   , patience,     through     delays,  disappointments and red tape. ���'   v       >  A job well done and, again, Thank You.  Doroty Szabo  Box 411, Gibsons  Thanks from CARE'  Editor, Th6 Times J  Sir: CARE says,Thank You! Through'your  public-spirited endeavors to exposeJfARE's  humble message, this year, Canadians  everywhere have donated one ana one-half  million dollars to the victims of hunger and  poverty in the third world���a direct and  positive result of your efforts.  ~"~ Eithne Amos  Public Relations Officer  CARE Canada  Ottawa.'  Ferry restaurant prices  should be investigated  i  (Editor's note: The following letter was  written by Halfmoon Bay resident Dorothy -'  Greene to premier Dave Barrett. The author  furnished   a   copy   to   The   Times   for.  publication.)  Dear Premier Barrett: I cannot understand'  why the food department on the ferries runs  at a loss.  The actual retail cost of 2 eggs 3 slices  bacon, 2. slices brown -toast; butter,  marmalade; jam or honey; 2 cups tea, coffee  or chocolate is 49 and one-half cents���not  buying wholesale and served on good china  with normal cutlery.  (This is sold at a local cafe for $1.25, i.e. 50  and one-half cents running cost and 25 cents  net profit. As I well know, buying in bulk  direct from the source (no middle man) cuts,  costs by between 33 and one-half and 50 per  cent. " '  As the ferry personnel are now all civil  servants (with legal right to strike) and  cannot be dismissed except for theft, may I  suggest that a good, private enterprise  accountant be employed to look into ferry  food accounts.  I have been travelling on B.C. Ferries'on  all crossings for. the past 12 years and never  have there been bigger staffs, worse and  more expensive food and later ferries.  A very annoyed commuter, taxpayer and  ��� Canadian citizen.  Dorothy Greene  Halfmoon Bay  Surrey fisherman fined alter exceeding limit  "> ' JI    . ; 7      ,<    -   . ���.  ','*...  i    ,,    .a       ,    , , .   i  SECHELT���Douglas Cowie of Surrey was   near Lasqueti Island. The limit is four per  fined^25 at provincial court July 24 when lie 7 person per day.} \ ,  pleaded guilty,to catching mbre'than hisx ^ , Fisheries, officer;Ray Kraft told* The  legal limit of fish.        .  '< 7 ,    Times, that patrols were being stepped up in  ' " He admitted* landing a1 total of six, fish   local waters to combat over-fishing. _. ^  ,* y, "-r  Bus: 266-7111  Res: 273-6747  Ei io (ftfttckcfy) COE  t    ?  \  BROWN EHOS. ?0HD   \��.    \ : ,  p ,        - * ,. i  < 40th and West Boulevard (opposite Kerrfedale Arena)  41st and Granville Street, Vancouver 13, B.C.  ;ci��i Miiifiis  lllie:  i  H  Citation  ��  Cameo O  Merit  ��  International  O  Rflonocrest  m  - W  ���x��>:  Property tax exemption  approved for Kiwanis  GIBSONS���Kiwanis Village on North Road  has been exempted by village council from  payings property taxes.  Aid. Kurt Hoehne recommended the move  after considering a request from Sunshine  Coast Kiwanis Club for the exemption. Under  council's decision, the club will apply  annually for the exemption.  ^Aldermen agreed to negotiate annually  with the club a grant-in-aid of water and  sewer taxes. - ���-  A request from Gibsons Legion branch 109  for a grant-in-aid of property taxes was  denied on a' recommendation of council's  finance committee.  Hopeful contender In this year's Miss  Sea Cavalcade contest is Pat Hogue, an  .- 18-year-old graduate of Elphinstone  Secondary School. She plans to attend  business college next year. "My hobbies  include basketball, painting, crochet,  camping and just being with friends,"  she told The Times. ,   ���  m  &��:  O  BURLINGTON ��      CELANESE  0 WEST MILLS      ��  HARDING  0 ARMSTRONG      ��� OZITE  t ��  i  O G.A.F.      �� ARMSTRONG  ��  FLINTCOTE  ���.v.-  m  'ft  O TAPPAN      0 INGL1S  ��  FINLAY �� JENN-AIR RANGES*  v.v  m  m  yy.-e  1  LOCATED NEXT TO WINDSOR PLYWOOD  For Appointment Phone 886-2765  ^Jwowe J^ound cJJidtrihutt  m  OPS  tlWiWiVA-Wr,  Box 694; GIBSONS  ���%%%%%%%V��%%%%%V��*��%V��V��V��V��%%V*"aj%%V  I It,  THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO  -SOLZHENITZYN  BUILD YOUR OWN LOW  COST HOME  CANADIAN BOATING LAW  1001 BRITISH COLUMBIA ,  PLACE NAMES  THE SMOKED FOODS  RECIPE BOOK  10,000 hidden weight  prize slated in derby  This year's Export A World Salmon Derby  will feature, for the first time, a $10,000  hidden weight prize for salmon between 15  and 20 ppunds. ^  The first salmon checked In" that exactly  matches the hidden weight will win. .  The-mystery weight will be announced  Aug. 11 during the derby awards ceremony  at the Bayshore Inn, Vancouver.  Anglers entering 15 to 20 pound sattnoh In  the hidden weight event will have their  catches returned immediately after  weighing, according to organizers.  Export derby officials are expecting over  10,000 fishermen from throughout the world  to compete In the sevenjh annual event  championships set for Aug. 10 and 11;  s  Investigate conditions  BEFORE ontorlng,tho '  wator, nnd always awlmi  with a buddy.  ^IlillllallllllllllimillllUIIII^^  =  ADVERTISERS AND CORRESPONDENTS, plcaio note the following  deadlines for all material submitted for publication to The Tlmoij    I  1   DISPLAY ADVERTISING:  \% NOON on tho Saturday Moro publication  |   CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING:  5 P.M. on tho Saturday boforo publication  |   EDITORIA! MATERIAL:  _-^._������.���  5 P.M. on tho Saturday boforo publication    ,  s  I    MATERIAL SUBMITTED AFTER THESE DEADLINES WILL BE HELD  OVER TO THE FOLLOWING WEEK,  ENINSULA  /n. order to meet the rising costs of providing service, B.C.  Hydro's electric rates will be Increased for all categories of  customers.  For residential customers,.the Increase will be up to 20%; for  large Industrial customers', the Increase will be 50 to 55%; for  bulk power users, approximately 70%. Revisions ot other nonresidential rates, Including general rates for commercial  customers, are still under^evfew and will be announced soon.  Inflation Affects B.C. Hydro, too  B.C. Hydro experiences the effects of Inflation In many areas,  just as you do. In addition to higher wages and salaries, higher  material costs and Interest rates, B.C, Hydro is laced with Increases In fuel costs and new expenditures for environmental  protection measures. Among the latter are:  ���',��� Advance studies of environmental and social Impact 'of 'all  potential new power projects, ,  O1 Measures to offset and compensate for effocts of projects  ���       approved for development.  P1 Improved clearing standards lor new reservoirs and clearing programs to transfbrm a number of older reservoirs  7 Into attractive recreation areas.  Prices Rise Rapidly       i  Since the last incronso In B.C. Hydro's residential electric rates in  1970, thoro havo been tremendous Inflationary prossuros affoct-  Ing our onpltal bxppndltura and oporntlng cqsts,      .,;.���       . y.  Lot's looKat somo of tho changes during that tlmo. Sinco 1970,  tho prlco of dlosol oil has Increased 80 por cont. BunKor C oil hqs  rrlson,(morQihan''2qo'por:c0nty^w"^  The retail consumer prlco Index for British Columbia Increased  24'par com between 1970 and 1974, from 121,0 to 160.6. Tho  Canadian general wholesale Index has gone up ovon lastor  during thoso four yoars, from 209.9 to 444.5���an Inoroaso of 63  por cont.  COMPARATIVE CHARGES FOR RESIDENTIAL CONSUMPTION  Monthly  KWH  Used By  Present  Rates'*  New  , Rates**  Increase  100 \  200 /  '   400 \  700  /  800 \  1200 J  1600, �����  "3000 '��� /  Apartment���No electric  apace or water heating,  House���No electric space.  or water heating.  House���eleotrlc water  heating.  House���electric space and  wator heating,  '   '  .'               '         ,   'a          '  $ 3.00  e.oo  10.10  13.40  f  14.60  ,  18.80  22.20  38.70  $ 3,60  7.20'  J  12.10  16.00  17.30  22.50  26,40  45.00  $ 0.60  1.20  2.00  2,60  ,   2.80'  3,60  4.20  7.20  ijho abovo am oxamploa only, Uso by Individual customers Varlos with  aroa, s/zo of rosfcjlonoo, numbor In family, living habits, oto,  ' ExcludingDIoaolAroasi  ** Sales tax hot Includod,                        '                         7       '  STANDARD RESIDENTIAL RATES'  (Expmnnod on Monthly Rnnln)  fronont Rntp  loiaoOkwhrUCWpcirkwh  All nddlllonhl nt 1,10 por kwh  Minimum nlinran $2,00  'Excluding Dlanol Aroat,  Now nolo  1ut 300 kwluit 0,n(�� por kwh  Allndrtltlonnlfol 1,30 por kwh  Minimum ohnrgo $2,40  These new residential rates go Into elfoct on and after August 1,  1974, although the Increase will not show on most-customers'  bills until October 1 or later, depending on''each customer's billing period.  Horo aro some oxamplosof monthly olootrlo chargos qt tho pro-  sent and now rntoa:.   ,'  p Small apartment sulto without qltHor oloctrlo space hooting  or olootrlo wntor floating:  monthly consumption,! 50 kwh -> present monthly cost,  ^^44.6O|.ooot.at-now.rotoBl$B,4O,,an,lnorcia8o,.of,9O0,7^~;,��--B..  p Houbo with olootrlo wator lionllng, but without oloctrlo  space heating: monthly consumption, 1o0o kwh ��� present monthly cost, $16,70; cost at now ratos, $19.90, an  Incronso of $3,20.       y  ,, 'p Houso with both oloctrlo spaco heating nnd oloctrlo wator  heating: monthly consumption; 3,000 kwh ��� prosopt  monthly cost, $38,70; cost at o��w ratos, $46,90, an Inoroaso  of $7,20.  Tho Inoroaso In rosldontlnl oloctrlo ratos will bo tho first slnco  1970, Whon you compnro the Increase In tho cost of /oloctrlclty  with tho prloo Inoronsos nlfootlng virtually ovory commodity and  sorvlco In rooont yoars, tho rolatlvo stability of oloctrlo ratos Is  npporont,       ' .     ''      '        '  Inoroaso Loss Than $3 Por Month On Moot Bills  D On 70% of rosldontlol oustomorn' bills (thoso with monthly  consumption bolow GOO Kilowatt hours) tho Incronso will  amount to lossthan $3.00 por month.  U For customers who nro at tho monthly minimum lovol (00  kwh or loss) tho incronso will bo only 400.  �� ^#��  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^9^^^^^m^m^^^��^m^^m^^^^^^^^^m^^^^^m  .��1lfliIlllI11IIITIIIIIIflllIl|IIlllftlllI!IIIttIIIIIIItlllfIIIIlIllllllllIlfIlllIIIIIIIIlllljlIIIIIIflIl.^ff,tmfllllll|llll|aMlilllllimiiait^  ���      I    ��� ' ���     ������       '<   ������ Arena News  ���by Helen Phillips  The road out ot the arena has been graded  once again. I can tell. I can see the small  piles it leaves on. the sides of the road. Oh  well, one of these days it will be paved. After  all) Rome wasn't built in a day and the arena  is up and nearly finished in six months, which  is a very short time'considering the size and  cost of the building. So one day the road will  be paved, too.  The youngsters are still hard at work out  there doing different jobs. Our carpenter,  who is doing the finishing work in the lobby  area, is still on the sick list, but should be  back pretty soon.  Out iii the arena area, the electricians  have been busy putting in the electric panels  in the zamboni room. The olitside door to the  room is also in.-,      r y -  Players' benches are done and the penalty  boxes and announcer's booth just need coats  of paint now.  If you haven't been out to see the arena,,  . you won't really know what I'm talking about  when I say they are getting ready to spray  the bar ceiling with salt water. It is made of  metal and is done in four bowers, or arbors,  Councillor's  pub proposed  GIBSONS���Proposals for a neighbourhood  pub in the Cedars Inn have gained support  from village council.  Leo Hubel, owner of the restaurant, told  aldermen in a letter July 23 that he was in the  process of applying to the liquor control  board for a neighbourhood public house  licence for the Cedars Inn dining room.  "This addition to our existing licence will  not necessitate any physical alterations to  our existing premises," he said. "However,  the application required the approval of the  village of Gibsons."  Council supported Hubel's proposal, but  noted that he would, have to comply with all  the terms of" the receptly amended  government,liquor act. -  or whatever they are called, and they arje  being sprayed, with water to give them a  rustic look; / 7 ' _  '   ' '  With the soft lights, red, orange and lime .  carpet, and turquoise upholstery, it should  ��� look beautiful. I sure am giving away hints as  to what the finished state will look like, aren't  I? I know it will look good once it is all put  together and we aren't really very far away  from it. the flooring is supposed to be going  - down Aug. 1, so I'm quite anxious to see what  ; the rug and tile look like when they are down.  The drains are now in around ttie outside  of the building.   ' ��� ' y S: V      ,  I forgot to mention in my last column that  those people who would like some tickets to  sell on the lot at Seaside Village can contact  , Ted Fitz-gerald and he will see that they get  some if they are unable to get out to the arena  for them.'  The general date isn't' known, but,  sometime in the future, there will be a booth  set up at the Trail Bay mall and someone will  be selling,tickets on the lot, along with  . brochures about it, including a map which  shows you which lot could be yours if you are  the.lucky person who wins.      ^  Not only do we want to sell tickets,'What  we want are people who will take a book of  tickets to sell themselves. There are .12  tickets to a book at $2.50 each and you have to  turn in the stubs and $25, so, therefore, you  can make $5.00 a book on these tickets, or the  smart ticket sellers will put their own name  on the two free tickets and get two free  chances at winning.  The main idea really is to. sell tickets to .  those living off. the Peninsula and this can  only be done by people who are willing to  take a few, books and maybe send them to'  your friends to sell. 7  Lots in that area are selling for $12,500, so  even for local residents that don't need a  second lot, it is still a pretty big windfall  * because you can always turn around and sell  it. a'  1 The second prize of a class B debenture is  worth $200, but if you don't win that, you can  Always go out and buy a class A. Buy a  debenture anyhow. Fee structures are now  being talked about and it is definitely to your  advantage to have a participating debenture.  Wednesday; July 31, 1974       The Pennioulo Times Page A-7  tMffMIMTl^^  DITCHING - .DRAINING  SEPTIC TANKS - CLEARING  SECHELT, B.C.  PHONE 885-2439  �� GRAVEL  0 FILL  I  m  (LANDSCAPING)  O  BACKHOES  O LOADERS  sm  s   ,  Sometime in August we will be serving our  twenty thousandths customer who will  receive a large tin of homemade shortbread.  Will it be you? Miss Bee's  .���:���:��:���:���:���:���:���:���.  .-.-.-.-.-.-.-���-.-���������-.-.-.-.-.-.-  B.C.  IS A  BEAUTIFUL PLACE  GIBSONS  IS NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT  and has been re-named  �� A ��  operating from the same address  t  New Managers    \  Merrill and Louise Bowes  Carlsberg has long been the world's most exported Lager beer. Now  Carlsberg, the glorious bee_r of Copenhagen, is brewed right here  in British Columbia. And because it's, now brewed here, you can  enjoy Carlsberg fresh from the Brewery.  Carlsberg... brewed with all the skill anil tradition ot'Denmark to  the taste of Canadian beer drinkers. Discover Carlsberg lor yourself.  \  C73-H4R  oor.rnzes..    ,  i ���  ifts for all occasions  rqe Orchids for the Jaaies  Visit our Hal I mark card  jeui.d7W03^pL:.,s^tion : __^__i.  Congratulations and Best .������.Wishes:  ower Arrangeme  y Voltaire "  eyes ...���.',..  V  I   I  PHONE: 886-2325    GIBSONS V  _7  _ j  /  Page A-8  r,,  The Peninsula Times       Wednesday, July 31. 19747  ;     7 ;m,ore.7About. . 7  ��� -    ' "��� ^   a 'v���i ,.������',' '}yi'y''-'.'i ������������      i  .���.     i  ����� ���'  ^^ - Jmli^t^ock disposal  '   1,1.3  $&  ;tidei-tve'Jl'iosfa'lot. %b��aehl;'-i7{; >\:< ^>,.*>'v      <  ^   ^y Distort Norm Watson ;said7,the rocks7- 7. -., ��� ;.,  ?    made It hard ^ 7 >i> 7.7;7  :ieft>ojopenin'g:r,; 7,',,!'<y"..7:7"   j*   / ; -J,,7   ;  < '^yWUimot^ '7   '7,  gl1   Csu^i-lntendehtiTu^ '. a 7  '-7' |_Sfrs..,Phillips complaint"and.was told, the    7  7   :c6ntr6y6risial action was taken to "expedite. ., '  ':\ 7^7*7*  'Widenmg.br the highway.','    y h<. _���       ;\,       y  r 4^J7,i   .77 i^The only altearnativ^to covering part'of  7.1  ** ? ^5 ��3|ie^a^w^\t6/d]^;rock arid-fill from. '   .  ^ ^ ��b^stin^7poperatiby, in' a .gravel pi�� he' '  7t%Vtedy.7^7'CV;T 77 ,/ ? ir~- ,7y.  v >  1 4 ^^He^id the only way to "stop the project .'7  7was'to,approach theI provincial goveriment.,  1;^:,^ahv?hil^Mrs.^'Phillips contends:"     *  1 71t^^WP^g,,togetridoftherbckoff .   -  ' the road.and they,'are using our beach as      -  their dumpting ground.   - ,    ...  "It took people Sitting on the beach all   <  ?7 .'day, people-maldng phone calls ahd a bunch  ^ ^    uofkMstosuppoh,this.Nowitisuptotherest  7     of the public; which use the beach arid the  '*    residents of Davis Bay,7 including motel  ownersyto   make, sure, the   highways  department cleans tip the mess and does no  more dumping." ,    .    , ;      <  Sketchingand other creative arts are the   hobbies include handicrafts and most    l 1ffi^Ws'teparaent-~officials were not   5  forte of pretty Perry Bradshaw, Gibsons   outdoor activities. **My future plans    avaU^ble to comment on the incident.       ��� (  Legion's entry in the Sea Cavalcade   include working for a few years, with  queeri contest. Perry works as a cashier   some thoughts on travelling and, one  at Shop-Easy in Sechelt's Trail Bay   day, completing an art school course,"  Centre,  but lives  in  Gibsons.   Her   she said.  \r 7  >  panriapacTion  The Canadian movement for personal fitness  Fitness. In your heart you know it's right  A Marriage Saved by  7 /   Relying on God  There is nothing more central to the  message of the Bible than unselfed  love and the healing of human'  relations.     ��� ,,���,,,��� ���  iheHpTH  ttarHIAlS  Broadcast-this Sunday over many  [stations including: Vancouver Station  CJVB 1470 Kcs. at 9:30 a.m.  A Christian Science radio series  INCLUDING THE NUMBER OF THE ROBERTS CREEK  FIRE  DEPARTMENT, WHICH  WILL BE 885-3222.  ALL NEW  NUMBERS  WILL COMMENCE  WITH  THE  SECHELT PREFIX  FOLLOWED BY FOUR OTHER DIGITS.  All customers affected have been advised of their new numbers by  mail. These telephone number changes are included in the new August  1st directory which is presently being delivered. Please continue to  refer to your present directory until the new directory becomes effective  12:01 a.m., Thursday, August 1st.  B.C.TEL<&  BRITISH COLUMBIA TELEPHONE COMPANY Section B  NINSULA  Wednesday, July 24, 1974  Pages 1-8  JOLLY ROGER INN  SECRET COVE  Excellent Cuisine and Accommodation  11 MILES FROM SECHELT . 885-9998  ,.r    I   �� aA*a* ��� ai      '    '      a ,  : **i **_��� * /�� ,.i  iff- $  ���I  I   /  ' I '  -4   ;  <v,'*  *%����  ^~  M I ^:  Local merchant Richard Macedo,  manager of Marine Men's Wear, shows  his window-dressing skills with this  r-71  IL  IDryir-.  piratical entry in Sea Cavalcade's Best   special effort at Cavalcade time, adding  Decorated Store contest. He is one of   atmosphere to the festival. N  many Gibsons merchants to make a  Vaccine available . . .  Squaringly yours  ���by Maurice Homstxwet  Yup, missed another column, but this  time I have a very good reason, I think. Pull.  up a chair and see what you think  In 1968, with my family and camping gear.  .piled into a 1957 Chev, we made, it to  . Barkerville and back. Now that's no great  record, except the car only cost $75, Being  rock hounds, we brought back about 400 -  pounds of a type of serpentine. Now that's  worth bragging about and I still have a  couple of hundred pounds left ��� real good  stuff for the beginner rock hound to work  with.  Now, six years' latter, with a -1965 G.M.  window van fixed up something like a mini  camper and camp equipment, my wife Peg  and daughter Margie, set out July 15 at 8  .. a.m., caught the 9 a.m. ferry and we were on  our way to visit my mother on Vancouver  Island at Metchosin. We missed one ferry to  Nanaimo, but finally arrived on the other <  side, headed down island at 2 p.m. It was  raining and slippery.  , Just outside of Nanaimo, 200 feet ahead of  1 me, I caught sight of tail lights hard on so I  applied my brakes and went into a right hand  skid. With my hose over the middle line and a  semi-trailer coming at me, I though it best to  bring my defensive driving into action and  , swung her around into a full left hand skid. I  still had about fifty feet between me and a big  chrome bumper attached to a mighty big  car. I was closing fast, sideways with a 12-  foot ditch in front of me now and the gap  closing. I spotted a driveway, fired her into  second gear and neatly drove off the  highway. Everyone else kept going, so we got  back into the rat race on down island and  arrived at my mother's about four o'clock,  jright on time.  July 16, my mother drove us pretty well  all over Victoria, Beacon Hill park and all  ��� that. We met a nice fellow by the name of  Foster who claimed he was the best  fisherman around. Well, he just might be the  best fisherman; but we got the biggest fish on  the sunshine coast, anyway. That evening  was like old times with brother Gordon on the  guitar, Mom on the'violin and myself on  guitar. We had a real jam session.  July 17 more driving ��� by chauffeur,  Victoria is..full of old landmarks and  buildings that are a pleasure to see. We  'visited my niece Debby. That's rhy youngest  ' sister's youngun; Then on to sister Evelyn's  in time for, supper. My mother has good  timing for such occasions, I thought it was  the last meal over there and kind of ate too  much, Gordon turned up once more with the  ,. guitars and violin and we added Evelyn's  piano. We really had a get-together. and  brought back old memories. Just one thing, I -  lost too much beauty sleep. Good thing I Have  plenty good looks.  July 18, had the chauffeur bring the car  , around and headed for the Sooke area, where  my nephew Bob and Niece-in-law Pauline  and great nie(_e Lisa live. Real nice country,  but we didn't get invited for supper, so we  headed back to my mother's and a can of  watered down soup. It costs money to travel.  Well, some anyhow. ���*     ,  By this time, we had gotten a hold of a  rumour that there was a square dance a  Sproat Lake. The weather was still overcast,  but Mom said, "let's go. .If it rains, we can  always head for home." So wiih that in mind,  we turned in early. I will now leave you with  this thought in mind: If you want to find out  how I made out at the square dance, buy next  week's Pen Times. Also look for,me in the  parade at the Gibson's Sea Cavalcade. Do-  Sa-Do for now.  IDEAL FOR  Storage - Workshop  Machine Shop  AS LOW AS  $1.79 SQ.FT.  Call Collect or Mail Coupon Today for Color Brochure and Details  ��� Maintenance Free  ��� 100% Useable Space  ��� No Awkward Frames  or Centre" Post  ��� Widths to 70', Any  Length  ��� Quick Delivery"  Name   ��� Address  I Province  ��� Date Planning to Build    _ Size of Building Planned - width x length .   j  SGPT7"_J  A SHARP increase in rubella has been  reported by health officials.  Donald "Cocke, minister of health said  that before the advent of ��� rubella vaccine, an "explosive outbreak" of the disease during late winter and early spring  could be expected every few years.  The rubella immunization programme  introduced in 1971 by the health department for pre-school and elementary school  children has obviously been effective in  protecting this younger age group���all  those affected this year are unimmunized  young adults. ' \  Since rubella can damage an unborn  child, this outbreak emphasizes again the  importance of every young woman assuring herself that she is hot susceptible 7*o  rubella.  Boating and  Fishing Tips  ~w.~ 7^-PRESENTED BY,   .     ,,  MERCURYLAND  Cowrie Street, Sechelt  885-9626  ANCHOR KNOWLEDGE  Like the beginner bass fisherman who has trouble trying to  decide what size and color plastic  worm to buy, the beginner boater  has a similar problem in trying to  decide what size and shape anchor  to buy for his.craft.  The first-step in purchasing the ,  proper anchor for your boat is a  trip to your marine dealer. He will  have a. wide range of sizes and  types of anchors from which to  choose. He'll also have a Considerable amount of literature for you  to read'about the uso of anchors,  He'll also have some sound advice  based, upon both personal and  customer experience.  Many like to base the size of  the anchor needed on tlio length  of..tho boat to be held. Beware of  such a pat formula. It is common  sense to know that a low-slung 16-  foot fishing'bont with little wind  resistance will require less weight  and holding-power than a high-  sided lfi-foot, runabout with a  windshield and , convertible ��pp f  sticking' up in the breeze,  / "Windage".��������� the amount ot  aboyc-siirfaco area a particular  1 boat presents to the pressures of  tho wind Is a much moro important  factor to consider when selecting  an anchor than is the length of the  boat,  Anotlior factor Iii the holding  power of a particular typo anchor  Is the typo of bottom yon are like-  ,���ly..to cncoui.tciv.Clny, l)Quvy,muck.,fWi  or rock and gravel will Riap hold  of an anchor much butler than  soft sand or silt/  If lho ma orlty of your boating'  Is done on lakes with sandy, or  nllty bottoms, wo siiKgcst a Navy-  typo anchor which has moveable,  pointed vanes that will dig In ami  hold In the soft bottom, If there  arc a lot of largo rocks ami downed  timber in Iho wntcr, tlio.sa vanes  will bo a uonMi.nl pnln because  they'll hang up. every time you  drop anchor,  , For rocky, limbered waters, wo  like tho Danfoith or "mushroom"  typo anchor. It has plenty of hold-  Ing rower but tho smooth edges  miinlly clear obstructions with llt-  tlu or no illllkulty.  ,.,_,,,Another..thing ,yon must .con-,  slilcr when huying an anchor Is  tho typo and length of lino or rope  you buy when you purelinso your  anchor, Uemcmner no anchor that  you can rnlso or lower by hand  will hold your boat, even in a  penile brccw, The anchor mwjtt be  let out at an angle to,do Its work.  When choosing nn anchor, consider all of the variables you and  your bout wil| encounter and apply  those variables lo tho abilities o(  the different1 types of anchor?..   '  ^MUHmimmmiMMMmmmMmummmmua^^^  Sand ��� Drain Rock ��� Crushed Gravel, etc.  We now have 2 concrete mixer trucks to serve you.   ' ��  ^        R.R. 1, GARDEN BAY  PHONE:  883-9911  ^tffit/iiftimijmiiiifntu/iiiu/irttt/it/itiimmuimntmimffmmmmm^  I     i        in biiminim "ir ��� i��� ���in- ���- hi--ii      '  New Dealer for Seagull Motors  b   a   a  Towards the Biggest and Best  Boating Season Ever with  Johnson Out Boards, K & C  Thermoglas Boats and ESS  Loader Trailers.    ,  Check These Buys ���  Trades Welcomed  -    "i  147ft. K&CfHP      ^  16' ft.K&C  , .TohnsonElcc.;'..',.'.',,,',,,,.,;'.,.;,,.,'.',.,,..*3395    y   16,tH..,.,K..&��.C-^w^  Long side windows, 70 Elec, $QAOK  Great For Water Skiing ,,,.,,,,,.,.,".,,,,.  oOyD  17ft. K&C  (with long side window, Plus $125) $ >t qq r  85 HP .IOHNSON Elec  .*4o7 O  -17 fVrK&C '������'��� -tU:   Long side windows. $CQQc  140 Inboard with power trim , 007 O  ALL BOATS INCLUDE CAMPER TOP, MOTOR  INSTALLATION AND BATTERY  JOHNSON OU^BOARDS  ELECTRIC LONG SHAFT      '     '  70 HP,. $1550    2 HP., ..$19  Ml lip  I .... t a . , ,  , , , , ,f JXaJi) I  ���t  pa.  i  fl,  f';0  .TohnsonElcc ,.?2595  SECHELT Cowrie Streot 885-2512  >  *  ��.;  With the declaration of this provincial  statutory holiday, Sunday schedules  will be in effect for this day on the following routes:  �� AMOUVER - W1CT OiiA ($y ppleetBenf my)  MV "Queen of Sidney" only, will operate Sunday schedule between  Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay with stops, at Otter Bay and Village  Bay. (Please consult Summer Schedule). 7\  iOWESOUiil ! , V;  Extra sailings leave Langdale at 1,1:55 am and 10:30 pm,  Extra sail Ings leave Horseshoe Bay at 12:55 (noon) and 11:40 pm.  ��  mi�� IS1INPS-W1CT0R1A  %  MV "Saltsprlng Queen'7speclal Monday sailings.   ���  Lv Fulford -. Lv Swartz Bay Lv Otter Bay  2:00 pm -_Iy---^-"' .g;45.pm ���"        (Pender)  3:45 'r~~T~~~'      ���   >4;,45     ^_____^^- 5:45 pm  '6:45 ,"~~~T"~~L~-r^ 7:45 ���'���  Ar 9:30 pm <-  8:45 <  i&ifc *>$,,-<&��.-. * -k V Wi *,t w ��sw  GIIUF I^NDS^IjUIIIIAIID. ���  MV "Socheit Queen" w|ll operpto Sunday service between Long  Harbour and Tsawwassen with stops at.dttor Bay, Village Bay and  Sturdlos Bay. Vehicle reservations are,necessary, !     ���  BOWEH ISlAi  Last sailing leavps Snug Oovo at 9:00 pm,  Last sailing loaves Horseshoe Bay at 9:30 pm.  For Information Phono  Taawwasson 943-2221  HorRonhoo Bay 921-7411  Swnrtz Bay 056-1194  "W-ai  wina'��pi,f..,B.i-..i  K  ^aigai8gJBteafci��ii..p ' /  s  L��cgo B-2     ���_  Tho Penlnsulo Tiiaea       Wednesday, July 31,-1974 . , t s,  _MmiMHI|_|l|imilllllllMIIIHIIIIlMIIIIHrtHIHHIHIIIIim^  * Pur your menage into 3,894  homes   (15,000   readers)   in.  these economical spots.  Your  ad Is always there for quick  -reference ... anytime!  * Here's an economical way to  reach   3,8941 homes   (15,000-  readers) every, week. Your ad  waits patiently for ready reference .  . .". anytime!  r~  3lll|IIIIIIIHIIIIIIBIIBIBIIIIIIIIIIIBIIIBIIIBIIBIIIIBIIIIBIBinillBBBIBBIIIBIIBBIBBIBBlBBIBIIBIIBIIIIIIIBBIBIIIIIIHIBBIIIIllBIIIIBIIIIHIHHIIBIBHIHlBBIIHBBimBH ���IIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIUIIMIIIIIIIUIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllMllllllinlllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllilllllllllllllilUIIHI IIIBIBIIIBIIBIIIBIIIIBBBIBIHIII1BHIBBHIIIIHB1BBIBIIIBIB|BIIIB1IBIIBIIIBIIIHUIHIII|I1|||_  IBnBBaaaBaaBaBBBIBaaaaaeB - ' ._.-���_ -i  ACCOUNTANTS  W. Philip Gordon  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Phone: Bus. 886-2714, Ros. 886-7567  Harris Block, Gibsons, B.C.  ANSWERING SERVICES  DIAL-MAR ANSWERING SERVICE  * Offlco * Residential * W.ako-up Calls  * Reasonable Rates  "Novor Miss Another Phone Call"  885-2245  ANTIQUES  BEAVER HOUSE ANTIQUES  Good Selection of Furniture, China,  Pointings, Collectible & Crofts.  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TED DONELY     ,   Pender Harbour 883-2734  BUILDERS  -        ' p   .    a       i        ���      PL | ...p. p  101 CONTRACTING CO. LTD.  General Building Contractors  All Work Guaranteed   '  Phono 885-2622   ,  Box 73, Sechelt, B.C.  *    - ���' ������������� ��� ������������.������ ��� ���������   ..i������--, ... i.������..-.  WEKO CONSTRUCTION LTD.""  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  For All Your  Building Needs  PHONB VRRN. 005-2325 or 884-2344  TRAIL BAY DESIGN  Will build to suit  commercial 7 residential  885-2713  MISSION POINT DEVELOPMENT  ./.'���.LTD,; :/,'  BUILD TO SUIT  ,   PRE-FAB HOUSE ERECTION  RENOVATIONS  Byes. 005-9951 - Pox 547, Sechelt  BUILDING SUPPLIES (con.)  GIBSONS BUILDING SUPPLIES  (1971) LTD.  "ALL BUILDING MATERIALS"  "READY-MIX"  "CONCRETE - GRAVEL"  "WESTWOOD HOMES"  "GENERAL PAINT"  886-2642 886-7833  Highway lory Gibsons ..  CARPET CLEANING  CARPET & CHESTERFIELD  CLEANERS  WE CLEAN WITH  .     .     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MIIIIIIMHIMIIMI ���������)��� ���> IMIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIMMIIIMIIIIIHIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIMKIHIMIIIIMHIIIHMIMilllllllllMMIIl  hllll  m  y  ^IBaaBBB>alBIBBBB BIIIIHIIBltllllaMaialiaiBBBIBIBIIBB IIIIMIIIMIIIIIIIIMIIIIMaPIMMIIIIIIUIHillll��UMHIM>UMIIIHBIIIMHUMIIMIIMMIMIlillllMIIIIII>MMiM II|IIIIMMIIIIIII III.IIIIIIII IHatltlHMIMIIM ����� ������������lailllllllllllllMIIIBIIIIMIMII IIIIMIIIMMI BIBlaMIIIUIIBBIBBBIBBBBBIBII Hill MIHII IIIIMIIIIIHII IBIIBIUBaaaaaBaaaaaBaaBIIBJ  I       ������   *������ ' '.'��� . .      '.-.     ," <   .'  .         '."      '.:���.'     ' *       . ..   . '.. -.   '..' : .     ..." HPC  '���a���^�� ���*W-..w p.-.;!^,^.  llfflf)f->.  I'I 'a.      "  ft jr#j.  Wednesday, July 31, 1974        The Peninsula Times Page B-3  ������s��J^'.���u-',  -'' i"   *���  xr&  .jr.-���  yV.<*%  ap   .   _       I       I '.l.N _. "^  3' B m    ���*.  .1       ��        il   A- i.--    ^  f 9L -tat        .     ��      *    ��        *.'���.������ t. v *  ij .{it ?>%������?&  Bus: 266-7111  Res: 273-6747  (i  40th and West Boulevard (opposite Kerrisdale Arena)  41st and Granville Street, Vancouver 13, ,Jf.C.  SCHOOLS   superintendent   Roland   from Kruse Drugs building in Gibsons to  Hanna arranges books in his new office   municipal hall. ~  following recent move of school district  JIM METZLER, secretary-treasurer of   to new premises in Gibsons municipal  school district, takes break  in  his   hall.  spacious office during move of district -  <Mm����Mm^  SUiOME FURNISHINGS  WASHERS - DRYERS - REFRIGERATORS etc.  FURNITURE - CARPETS & FURNISHINGS  NEW AND LIKE NEW  2143 Kingsway  DR. BLAND AND DR. WEBB ARE PLEASED TO  ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF THEIR NEW OFFICE  IN SECHELT, ABOVE THE BANK OF MONTREAL,  The Government Of  The Province of British Columbia  British Columbia Department of Labour  BRITISH COLUMBIA DAY  Notice is hereby given that the Board of Industrial Relations has  amended the Order Requiring Employers to Give Their Employees a General Holiday With Pay to include British Columbia  Day which is the first Monday in August each year. Employees  covered by the Order will now be entitled to the benefits provided  by the Order for this holiday. Employees bound by the terms of a  collective agreement are exempt from this Order but would be  entitled to any benefits provided by their agreement.  For further information please contact your nearest office of the  department of Labour, Labour Standards Branch, or direct your  enquiries to the Labour Standards Branch, Department of  Labour, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C. V8V 1X4.  P*  fy  ���'.'���'.  E��J  20 GAL. SIZE REG. '4.98  NOW  a - x-y ��r*: Uuu^uju ��� m$- y ���  nr\n *"5^*Vft^Sf"^r~��" ���*"��� *���*'*" ~-  S" -Cxi rf fl l ��^ "i.  (KNOCKDOWN)  2 DRAWER VANITY(14x16x22)^  4D&AWER CHEST (30x16x46) ^ Reg. *31.95........ ... NOW H5.97  TELEPHONE DESK or VANITY (24x16x30XReg.*26.95 NOW $13.47  ALL HALF PRICE Page B-4 The. PWitt^o1 Tmte        Wednesday, July 31, 1974  Bells in Europe ...  WEDNESDAY, JULY 31  Concern, 8:03 p.m.: Bells in Europe, the  MONDAY AUGUST 5 Ideas on language, its corruption by politics  Good Morning Radio, 6-9 am: News,     and its increasing meaningless faced with a .  1973 Italia J^wJnrihg documentary from    weather and sports reports, cheerful music, - rise of technocratic verbalese and cliches.  ARnRprlin   Part ll - one of the last    interviews commentary and opinion on     Tonight Orwell's background and biography,  irterviews[withPabloksaL He talks of his    issues and happenings in British Columbia,     TUESDAY AUGUSTS  philosophy.hismusfcandhisfellingsforlife    Canada and the world CBC Tuesday Night, 8.03 pm: AppalacMa -  with Malka Himel-Cohen in Israel last     ^ Identities. 8.30 pm: Scandinavian music    - a documentary which ermines toe  ummer traditional and contemporary from Thunder     conflict which has developed between the (  S The Bush and the Salon 11-03 Murder at .Bay. Host LubomyrMiMtiuk visits Caribana, values of. the old culture and those of  Blenheim Swamp by James W. Nichol. the annual Carribean carnival on Toronto's contemporary:society inithis part ofitoe U.S.  Frederick Boswell, son of a wealthy and    Centre Island. ftoduwdm Winnipeg by Qaudia Ggson.  respected Englishman arrived in Canada in Ideas, 11.03 p.m.: A three part series Part II 9 00 pm: Concert record^ last  February 1890 with toe expectation of buying ' George Orwell: A reassessment 10 summer at.Montreal .Midsummer ,Revels  into a large and thriving farm. But the day he years from 1984. One of toe great problems of when toe citizens were invited to Montreal's  arrivedinCanada.hewasshotandleftdying our age is how people can feel they have v.Youvill���i Staples to "cast'away melancholy  at toe edee of a remote swamp. The author ��� some control over toier society, and there is - and embrace toe joys of sweet music and  traces the events leading to the murder and ^ a rising'uneasiness in western socities that dance." Michael Cass-Beggs'was the master  toe subsequent arrest and trial whichcaught there is little they can do to check the of revels,welcoming gueste to "take the air  the interest of American, English and spreading control over toeir hves by explore toe^nvirons, greet toeir friends and  FuroDean newspapers government and technology. The British    enjoy refreshment", while toe Ensemble du  THURSDAY AUGUST 1 novelist Orwell (1903-1950) and his Austrian    Sait  Laurent  played  for  them  in   the  Themes and Variations, 8:03 p.m.:    counterpart, Karl&aus  (1874-1936) were    courtyard. * ' -;  Celebrity recital irom Hart House, Toronto,   among writers who attempted to pinpoint toe        A horn call announced the start of toe  featuring duo pianists Victor Bouchard and   enemies of this century. The two writers    Grand Concert and toe audience sat around  ReneeMorisset.TrioSonatainCMajorNo,5   share a mutual concern about tore decline of    on the grass.;This concert with music by  J. S. Bach; Eight variations on ah original, language. Handel, Vivaldi, Purcell, Comarosa and  theme, Schubert; Sonata for two pianos,        The series examines Orwell's principal    Haydn, by the Grand Concert Orchestra.,.  DeBussy; and Suite No 2 for 2 pianos,  Rachmaninoff.  FRIDAY, AUGUST 2  Between Ourselves, 8:03 p.m.: Dories and  Dorymen was written and prepared by Bill  Fulton, 1974 Actra Award winner for best  documentary writing.  In the days of sail, great fleets of fishing  schooners worked out of Nova Scotian ports  such as Halifax, Lunenburg, Lockeport and   |||  Lahave. They sailed for the���teeming fishing   SHI  banks off Newfoundland, and were called  dories, so shaped they could be stacked on   ||  deck. fl  When toe billowing canvas had taken   ||  them to the fishing grounds, the men lowered  the dories over toe side andJ fished with  handline or trawl, singly or in pairs. The  schooner would travel from dory to dory   |||  taking the catch aboard and at nightfall,   Ssi  stand by to take toe men and dories back on  ,1/1    ���*, >  7,t"'l I -_J  '��/�� a'. ��S V tv' <-1   '  J  ^/^yy[y7y7 yi7 7:;f��*r��� <  ''���*�����*��'-"����������� ,7;,i?77(  k-r'Hsm  S85-2439  board. Too often in fog or storm those tiny   ��||  cockle shells would be scattered and go   ��S  / am looking forward to serving you all in  the future with BE-Electric Ltd.  ' Thank you,  TOM MORRISON  astray.  In tonights programme, the voices of old  fishermen tell of their lives at sea, of dory   ||  fishing, of the last days of sail, of being adrift  on the storm wracked Atlantic, of constant  danger and narrow escapes from death.  Articulate, colourful and wise to the ways of   ��||  toe sea. these old men spin their tales in an   |||  ordinary, unconcerned way. Hardships and  dangers,wrecks and drownings were all in a  day's work. - ' _���, .  Bill Fulton's special interest -is in  Maritime history and in preserving the  - first-hand stories of old retired sailors and  fishermen on Canada's east coast..Other  documentaries include Thar she Blows, The jj  view from Ginger Hill a study of Lockeport,  An Hour before the Mast and the Wreck of  the White Star luxury liner near Terence  Bay, south of Halifax.  SATURDAY AUGUST 3  Our Native Land, 12.10 pm, reports on toe  annual St. Anne's Days, Sydney���one of toe  largest celebrations in Nova Scotia.  . Opera by Request, 3.03 pm: Featured  opera is Tannhauser by Wagner.  The   Demand   Side,   6.10   pm:   An  examination of consumer problems with host  Cy Strange.  SUNDAY AUGUST 4  Sunday Magazine, 9.05 am: a  comprehensive and detailed look at the.  major news stories of the week.  Rebound, 4.03 pm: A sports magazine  focussing om the Investigative and  informative aspects of sport. Emphasis on  individual and amateur sport, plus features  on porfessional events. Host Bob Willson,  The Entertainers, 7.03 pm: A new nine-  week comedy series, Adanac Avenue, which  takes place on a typical Canadian street  Inhabited by people of various backgrounds  and Interests. Songs by Toronto singer Jodl  Drtike and an. interview with American  singer Don Pbtter, Part It-One More Time a  retrospective of toe 1940s, commenting on  the'leading personalities from tho world  mu,slc, movies, radio and Broadway. Host  BUI Kemp, produced and written by Doug  Ixmnox.  BE ELECTRIC is pleased to announce that  Tom Morrison (formerly of Morrison Electric) is  now on staff, and after a short holiday, will be  happy to continue serving his customers.  ���**>&~�� *'?~~a-^a'* "^_t* **~?~* ^,v        - /"*  ^^A.*uptr^*t--Vy*7*"io7-.';<y,^,77>77'i;yy-yy'*��s   % , >j  .���'^> ys^vf^yJ^d<j^;M!^yy<#y7��y;^ -<,  we have a  in the new Regional District ��ffiSce tigecgt  V  ,**&< * /'  of_. cJUidlinction  TO FIT  EVERY BUDGET FROM  ^jrloorcouerinqfd  LTD.  Gibsons    ��    886-7112  ft Carpote -fa Tiles  ���fa linoleums fa Drapea  >  ,  . .     i     r .     .....  9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tqes. - Sat.  CLOSED MONDAYS  OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT TILL 9  IrVo MOW HAVE A NEW SHOWROOM IN SECHELT  located In tho now offlcoa of Trail Bay Doclgn  at tho traffic light  ��  Phono 88S-2713  Stan Cottrell  Sales Staff  Lionel McCuaig  Manager  Dave Peterson  Sales Staff  .isJ4pol.  J&S  ^^M^^^am^m  Our cruiser "AA/ss Sunshine" Is available for fast delivery to togging camps  from Porpoise Bay, up Sechelt Inlet.  We ore pleased to announce thotos of the  first of August we shall be open for business at  our larger premises In the nev^R^  Office block on Wharf Road  we can belter serve you for all your automotive  and heavy duty supplies.  Your Headquarters For  m THE SUNSHIHE COAST Awesome and majestic  ream nome  t * a       / ' /  e; gi��eil - away  Wednesday. July 31, 1974!  The Peninsula Tinies  . Page  B-5  ALASKA ��� The largest, of the United  States and the state with the smallest  population, is still "a stone's throw from  the stone age," for its vastness; its austerity and its impregnability have defied the  invasion of man apd his civilization.  Over the centuries, only, the fringes of  Alaska have been settled ^and there are  still vast areas where the foot of man has  never trod. '   v  ��� One of the most exciting experiences  of my life was a cruise on P. & O.'s newest arid most luxurious liner Spirit of London to southeastern Alaska this- summer.  Emlbarking at Vaiwxmver, we,covered 2,-  , 072 nautical miles during ��n eight-day  cruise, travelling by the Inland Passage  and visiting Ketchikan, Juneau, Skag-,  way,_ Haines, Glacier Bay" and Sitka. It  was thhe awesome and majestic grandeur  of Glacier Bay which left the deepest impression on my mind.  The U.S. president has the power to  declare a national monument in'- cases  where areas of national significance might  -be lost during long processes of legal negotiation. President Calvin Coolidge vised  this power in 1925 when he declared 4,319  square miles of the Glacier Bay area a,  national monuments making "it the largest  park in the entire U.S.-federal system.  Very early one morning, we traversed  Icy Strait and entered Glacier Bay. Seven  miles north of the entrance, we embarked  two park rangers from their headquarters  at Bartlett Cove, and throughout the day  we cruised for 150 miles inside the bay  amid'the most'spectacular scenery I ever ���  expect to see.. At- the beginning of ithe  cruise we had had .three days of rain and  heavy overcast, but throughout the day  in Glacier, Bay the sun shone brightly,  bringing to life the beauty of this world  of snow, ioe and glaciers with a background of .towering peaks of the St. Elias  ���and Fairweather ranges rising to altitudes  up to 15,000 feet. It is these peaks, which.  are the source of the numerous glaciers  to be seen in the monument.  When Captain. George Vancouver sailed this coast in 1794, the entrance to what  is now Glacier Bay was a, solid wall of  towering ice. During the next hundred  years, the ice front retreated 40 miles and  by 1914 .the snout of Grand Pacific Glaicier  stood 65 miles from the mouth'of the bay."  Nowhere  else have glaciers receded at  such a rapid pace and at the present rate  -  of recession none of these glaciers will be  at sea level in five to ten years. However,  this is a "trend which could reverse with  only minor climatic changes, for a glacier *  recedes only when the'rate of melt at its  face' exceeds its natural forward movement.  GLACIER BAY  There are only 30 known tidewater  glaciers ��� glaciers which actually terminate in the sea. Sixteen of theseare with-,  in the monument and eight of them terminate in Glacier^.Bay. ..The largest,at .  them is Grand Pacific Glacier which terminates at Tarr Inlet, the most northerly  arm of Glacier Bay and which is two  miles across thhe face. We cruised for a  time up Tarr Inlet but were unable to  get a close look at the Glacier because of  the density of small icebergs and floating  ice which had broken off the snout of the  glacier and plunged into the water. Families of seals were lying around on the  icefloes close enough for us to be able to  see them with the naked eye.  We retraced our "way down Tarr Inlet  and turned north into Muir Inlet where  we were able to approach to about half  a mile of the face of Reid Glacier. We  watched as a launch from the ship went  up to the glacier, chipped off chunks of  the clear blue glacier ice and brought  them back to the Spirit to chill the champagne for dinner that night.  Glacier Bay National Monument is not  entirely a white world, for life returns  quickly to land as the ice recedes, First  come,_the mosses and, lichens, then the  dryas which form danse mats which build  soil. Willow and alder follow and much  later come spruce which in turn arc xe-  placed by hemlock. All these stages of  plant succession can be seen within the  monument ��� and with the forests come  wild life, Alaska brown bears, black bears,  the rare Glacier or blue bear, Sitka deer,  moose and numerous smokier fur-bearing  animals. The waters abound with1 hair  p seals, sea lions,, whales and porpoises and  there, ia o wide variety of waterfowl.  For the hardy souls who wish to explore this last frontier, Glacier Bay Lodge  at Bartlett Covo offers rooms and meals  during the summer months. There'Is a  boat which makes ono-day, cruises to the  glaciers and thoro are docking facilities  ' and fuel available for boat owners, , This  'Is the,only .place within tho monument  whoro such facilities are available,  ATTRACTIVE SITKA  Of tho toy/rip wo visited, Sltlta, situated on tho west coast of Baranof Island,  ������^p��.was-Mto.a>mO''the''mbat��lnteroatlngppa>and��tho  most attractive It Is a clean and gracious  ..    city, with fine homos, good stores, black-  ,   topped roads ond somo Impressive modern buildings, A now library being built  will be the last word In modern techniques, Readers will bo able to push a  button and tho book of tholr cholco will  drop down a chute,  Tho Sheldon Jackson museum has one  of the finest collections of Eskimo artl-  ffiots In existence and many tinlquo examples of'the THnglt and Hpldn cultures,  Tho city nestles in a picturesque bay dotted with small Islands and, flanked'by the.  Mllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllt  CARPETS  INSTALLED & SERVICED  Ropalrs, now carpet sales,  Installation, Service guaranteed.  3,000-foot volcanic, mountain which Captain Cook hamed.Mt. Edgecumbe. - * ,  Long before European, explorers ven-  turred into these ' waters, 7the Tlingit Indians lived-here. By the middle,of the  eighteenth century, the abundance "of sea  otters had attracted fur .traders from England, America and Russia. Sitka became,  the headquarters of the Russian American  Fur Company "and the Russians renamed  it New Archangel. In 1867, the U.S. purchase of Alaska terminated 63 years of  Russian rule. Thirty years later, the Klondike gold rush developed Sitka as a busy  supply port and it recently installed a  new pulp mill which cost $70 million ���  ten times the purchase price of the whole  of Alaska 100 years before!  The old Russian "Orthodox cathedral of  In her biography,  A luxurious, tastefully, furnished $100,000  ranch-style dream home tops toe .$200,000 '  prize program .package offered'at the, 1974  Pacific National Exhibition Aug. 17 to Sept.7!  2'     ' ,      r.    '     '  - , ���   "       "  ~ In addition to the prize home, the package  includes the, new exotic-trip-for-two^a-day-  T   A1   ,      , __!.!_..-. u    giveaway and the popular carra-day draw on  ,��^5!. ^re ���?sryihn�� * ��+n "**} - each of toe 17 daVs of this year's PNE. The  large scale, rt as not surprising to find    .^^ ^ ^.^ double that 9ri9737  ��� Fair-goers become eligible to win any of  these prizes by buying a program for,$2 and ,  depositing the five attached coupons. One  trip winner, and one car winner are drawn'  each day at 11.05 p.ni. 7 " ' '<  Because all coupons- remain in the big .  draw drum, they are "live" for the 17-day  duration of the fair. Winning ticket for the  dream home is drawn .on Labor Day, Sept.2,,  the final day of the/I*NE.   The grand prize home, now being readied  on the PNE grounds, was designed by Merlin  Design Associates Ltd. of Burnaby. Building  contractor is Reich  Construction     Ltd.  St. Michael's burned down in 1966 but visitors "can still see some priceless 13th and  19th-century ikons and other treasures  which were rescued from the fire.  srything'is ���  surprising  that even their practical jokes-are real  monsters. On April 1st this year, residents _  of Sitka were horrified 'to see smoke pour-7  ���ing   from \ the jsidfes .of Mt. Edgecumbe  which had not .been known to erupt since  1904. Apparently a' group of practical jok- >  ers had made an, expedition up the moun- ,  tain,side-with 20 old tires and had built k  a fire, the dense, black smoke of which ���  had created a panic in Sitka. Who were,  the April Fools, I wonder?  To 'be continued.  Contemporary, furnishings are by Design 21  of Gastown. .-    -   ' '���    , '   '  ,7 The ten-room dream home boasts many  outstanding features. Thft exterior walls are,,  of a' natural-finish cedar siding used,  horizontally, with a few stucco accents. ���  Total floor area is 2,000 square feet.  The house is equipped with "an efficient  gas furnace, and a large 52-gallon hot .water  heater, necessary because of the king-sized  bathtub! All light switches are of the touch  button type. Solar-X glass,-which is shatterproof, stops glare, and insulates against  -both heat and cold, is used all around.  ; The dream home comes with a corner lot  in Coquitlam.  NOW also CARS  Doily,. Weekly or Monthly  Rotes  SUNSHINE RENTALS  886-2848 <  885-2151  885-2528  evenings  i  MARY PACKy ffouridep- of the arthritis  movement, has .joined the ranks of authors, by rolling her 24 years of work, into close to 300' pages, plus illustrations,  in her first book Never Surrender, being  published by Mitchell Press Ltd. - '  All royalties from its sale will go to  MARY PACK...  ... now an author  arthritis research. ���*-'  Mary Pack, a woman of tremendous  vitality and zest, who retired as executive 7  director of the B. C. Division, Canadian 'y  Arthritis and Rheumatism Society in 1969,*._  has used her retirement years, to capture ,'  in print the tragedy, frustration and often   '  humor of situations met by dedicated workers, along with factual information a-' *--  bout rheumatic disease and research be- . -  ing done.  - Never Surrender was written "to hon- '  or thousands of .volunteers who made the  work possible, and to help answer the,  many questions people ask about the So- "*  ciety and how it all began,", Miss Pack .  said.  As a "young Vancouver school teacher, 7  she was motivated to do something about  the    patient   with   rheumatic   disease,.*  through working in homes with physically/  handicapped children.  Among .them were several who had ���'  some form of rheumatic disease for whom  nothing "was being done. In addition, her. '  own mother had arthritis, and over a per--."  iod of years, and despite the best medical _  care, was steadily growing worse and had  become completely 'bedridden.'  This spring the University of B.C. honored Mary Pack by conferring on her an-r  honorary doctorate of laws and last year, ���'  for the, 25th anniversary of CARS, she   .  was honored by the governor general of-;''  Canada. ' ]y  Never Surrender will be sold throughV -  bookstores or by members of the CARS %  team'around B,,C. Autographed, mail ord-jJ|  er copies are available, through the Pub-7>iy,  lie Information Department, CARS, 895 ".'-  West, 10th Avenue, Vancouver, at $3.95,''  plus 55c to cover the cost of postage and,;  mailing.  '.  ASK FOR FRE CATALOGUE OF REAL ESTATE  E (24 Hours)  Sechelt 885-2235  Vancouver 689-5838  h     BOX 128- SECHELT, B.C  (E.&O.E.)  CORNER OF TRAIL AND COWRIE  HOPKINS LANDING #2-3-219  View lot on Marine Drive, 5 min. from" ferry. Close to store and  beach. Cleared for building, owner transferred north, has to  sell. $13,500 FP. Jack White, 886-2935 evenings.  GOWER POINT  Semi waterfront view lot. Regional water,  100x138'  trees; $13,500. Jack Wam, 886-2681 evenings.  . - #3-223  with choice  WATERFRONTBLUFF - 2/13 ACRE - REDROOFFS RD. #3-226  Bluff lot on 80' of beach plus a million-dollar-view. Nicety treed,  level lot with enough cleared area for a building site or a mobile  home, trailer or summer cottage. Get your own piece of waterfront  now at this reasonable price of $20,500. PAT MURPHY, 885-  9487 evenings.  VIEW LOT - DAVIS BAY #3-243  Money a problem? Look: cleared view lot, 60x151' on paved  road. Just $4,000 down, balance at current interest over five  "years. Full price $13,500. Peter Smith, 885-9463 evenings.  REDROOFFS ROAD     . #24-3-245  More than an acre of level, wooded land, good soil. Lot measures 101x505'. There is a deeded road allowance north end for  possible subdivision some day. Easy access from road, make your  own driveway. .Hydro available, neighbors have good wells. On  bus line. $14,000, terms might work. Jack White, 886-2935 eves.  . WATERFRONT 2 BR HOME - DAVIS BAY #3-177  '  Stop���-view and buy this'charming waterfront home with a full  concrete basement, plus garage, sauna on beach, and beautiful  '" landscaped lot, with 60 feet of the best beach on. the Sunshine  "Coast. Full price $64,700. Pat Murphy, 885-9487 evenings;  ROBERTS CREEK - NEAR LOWER ROAD, #11-3-191  Owner wants to sell���has dropped price to $10,000. This lot  h 70x111', 'hydro and regional water available. Zoned R-l. A  short warlk to nice beach, with bus nearby. Jack White, 886-  2935 evenings.  . ALDERSPRING ROAD - GIBSONS #5-3-186  A deluxe rebuilding job by owner, now available for only $32,500  (purchaser can assume 7% agreement). Nice living room with wall-  to wall, 2 bedrooms, modern bathroom, bright kitchen with new  cupboards and counters, double steel sink. Special lino covers on'  bathroom "and kitchen, drywall throughout. There's a part basement with utility,' too. An excellent renovation job, and a good  .buy in a convenient area. Jack White, 886-2935 evenings.  VIEW LOT - DAVIS BAY #3-033  Wont trees and view, plus water and hydro? Have it alf on this  75x131' lot on Chapman Road just above Laurel Road. See our  sign. It's a truly good lot priced at $14,000. Peter Smith', 885-'  9463 evenings.  HOBBY FARM - WAKEFIELD AREA - 4% ACRES  #3-215  ��  GIBSONS RURAL  Privacy, woods, stream, good soil  #6-3-154  About two acres cleared. Very  Ideal for that market garden, riding stables, or just the place to  get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. 3 bedroom  older type home, 32x28' barn, 20x50' equipment shed, plus 12  old house, now rented. Terms on $38,000. Jack Warn, 886-2681 ^ j 67auest cabin. All fenced and cleared with a few fruit trees,  evfeKlniWy '- -  -^i -^ ���'^ ���-��� ** r.*< '-* c. - '^^^v- ^Wellon pro^rty'b'ufonly opprox. 1,000 yards away from reg  MOTEL - GOING CONCERN #3-221  One bedroom, owner's living quarters, plus. 10 excellent units,  right by a fine sandy beach. Well equipped and maintained. Low  vacancy rate, Man and wife can operate easily. Only ill health  prompts sale. Takes $60,000 to handle, terms on balance. Full  particulars to sincere enquiries. PETER SMITH, 885-9463 eves.  '" I  VIEW LOTS - PORPOISE BAY #3-167/168/1242  3 lovely view lots in the Sunshine Heights subdivision, all serviced and ready for building with a local breakwater as part of the  services available to moor your boat. Short walk to Ice arena.  Prices range from $13,000 to $14,500. PAT MURPHY, 885-  9487 evenings,  ional water. For appointment to view call PAT MURPHY, 885-  ?487. Full price $65,000, terms. " **t  WATERFRONT LOT - TUWANEK      ' #20-2-227  About 60' of sandy beach sloping up to road, water and hydro  available. Overgrown driveway provides good access to building  site. An ideal site for summer home. $20,000 on terms. Jack  White, 886-2935 evenings.  .  YOU CM  , in 2 hours!  For full, free information * No Obligation wrtte:  PRE-FAB CHIMEYS ,   ;   ,    .   .    p  . p,      .    ' . '.       '..  '  W48Kingsway Vancouver, B.C.  Phone 872-7802     ,  DAVIES ROAD - GIBSONS *- #5-3-198  Here's a level cleared corner lot, on a new sewer line, ready for  building. A quiet residential neighborhood, only a block from  schools, shopping, bus, etc. Proposed park nearby. $12,000 F.P.  JACK WHITE, 886-2935 evenings.  WATERFRONT HOME - SANDY HOOK #3-235  Arbutus country, 68' of rocky waterfront. Has winch and boom  for your boat, Young, sturdy 2 bedroom home. You can't see  /our neighbors. A gorgeous spot, and only about 5 min. from ���  Village. Water and hydro to home. Full prico $47,000. Try your  value. Peter Smith, 885-9463 evenings.  HIGHWAY 101 - OPPOSITE GOLF COURSE #3-135  Approx, 9% acres of wooded land, sloping toward the water.  So secluded and private, yet near all amenities, Golf, hiking, boating and two villages, F,P. $42,000, terms offered. Peter Smith,  885-9463 evenings.  LARGE LOT-SECRET COVE-91x276' #3-229  A real pioneer's lot. Well treed, no electricity or water, but great  potential for future development or for the indlvidualst who  wants to create a sanctuary away from modern living, where there  Is no pollution of the air or environment. Full prico $9,000. Try  .your offers, Pat Murphy, 885-9487 evenings.  VIEW LOT - DAVIS BAY #3-230  Good view lot on Laurel Road, Davis Bay, All services avallablo  on request. Some nlco homes In this area, Drlvo by and see tho  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD. sign on tho property, then call PAT  MURPHY, 885-9487 evenings,  SUNNY TUWANEK #20B-3-146  There's a touch' of class in this ownor-bullt homo, which is  delightfully situated on a landscaped view lot, close to beach and  boat launching, Big vlow sundeck, large vaulted living room,  bright kitchen and modern bathroom. Two (maybe three) bedrooms. Price reduced to $36,500. See this on our TV circuit.  Jack White, 886-2935 ovenlngs.  Leon's Carpet  Installations  Comor Pratt & Rotamund  Glbsona ��� 006-9093  e  E  ^iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiuB  ���r���r.-r..-.���-�������������m-.���M����.-��M��i.��..������Mii��������iaai��ai��faiaiaaiaam��aiailaaialaaaiaaaiaiaiai����aiii  .ry77V7f  7>\ ������'�����  a      . ���    "**mtafp*l>  Davo FUk  An oxcitlng now adyontura In cooking. Tho,amazing  ?'JENN~AIR"Rongo and Char-flavor Orlill Fully  oporatlng in, our showroom for live domon&t rations.  ''��� COMPLETE RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL FLOORCOVERING  SERVICE  ��CUSTOM MADE DRAPES FROM FAMOUS CANADIAN MILLS  JB, FREEJN-THE-'HQME ESTIMATING.AND .SELECTION-SERVICE.  CARIBOO COUNTRY -  ACREAGE #3-211  Wishing to get away fropr. It all? Here  aro 5.6 acres of privacy, near Mc-,;  Lees* Lake, 35 miles north of Williams Lake. Beautiful country, & only  $7,000 down, on.FP $20,000, or try  a cash offer ��� who knowsl I Peter  Smith/885-9463 Whlrigi.     77,^7  SERVING THE ENTIRE SUNSHINE COAST  Showroom Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Tuesday to Saturday.  Opposite new Regional District Offices "Now Undor Construction"  WHARF ROAD,  TREED ACRE -  REDROOFFS ROAD #3-166  Gontlv sloped to frontago of 106'  on Redrooffs Road. Ovor 500' In  depth, bajetted road allowance along  ono aide. Posslblo subdivision In tho  future, Electricity available,and good  Indication of Well water. Southern ox-  posure, Drlvo along Redrooffs and seo  tho slgnrthen call Pat Murphy. 8B3-*  9487 evos. FP, $15(000, tiy your,  offer,.;1 .  ..     .. .:.���'.. .'...,,....'.'. '.....,,  '-?���-'������    .y^       ���������������* -     ������*������-��� ������  >.....- .      ...   ........  ���**"Mv��.,rK,pfr  i  EUREKA ROAD.  REDROOFFS AREA (_��23-3-l 88  Wooded, level lot, 70x225*. Hydro  available/only 6 mllosfrom Socholt,  bus nearby. Buy now, build later,  meanwhile spend your weekends developing your own private park, amidst  the lovoly troos. Only $8,000, FP.  Jack White, 886-2935 ovenlngs.  SECHELT AGENCIES DATE PAD  EVERY DAY'��� Phono "tiny" Bob for the lowest priced  Roiidcnrial Flro Insurance Policy ^ 805-2235 (24 houre)  ������>iia������w>����w����w��>a��w������yM����M��ai��w��M'<��i��w��i��wai��^  EVERY MONDAY���1:45 p.m., Community Hall Robert* Creek,  1 Elphimrone Now Horlxoni carpet bowling/cards & films.    '  tfcz-  -  Sechelt Legion Hall S.U.D.S. (Secholt  Now members wolcome,  y  LARGE WOODED LOT #19-3-246  Over half aero on paved road. Hydro,  phono and water available, Only IV4  mile* from Sechelt centre, A oood loc��  S^ll01* the country home, Full prlco  $14,000, half down, balance at 9%  porcont, C. R. Gathoreolo, 886-2705  evenings/ ��� - ��� - -   -������    -     WATERFRONT ACREAGES -,  REDROOFFS ROAD #3.136  Thews approx. 1.5 a?ro |ot�� pre ��ldo-  by-Jldo and priced right at $18,500  Boch, or try your offers. Two good  building sites on eoch property.. On��  on Redrooffs Road and the other at  the beach. Sure they are steep, but  \yhere else could you pot such a fan-  tastlc view and still have accessible  waterfront, Pat Murphy, 885-9487  evenings,  EVERY TUESDAY���7:30 p.m  U|>3 ��, Downs) Club,  EVERY WEDNESDAY���8:00 p,m��� Dingo, new Legion Building; Sechelt.  EVERY WEDNERDAY���-8 p.m. Introductory Lecture on Tranccndental  "Modi tatloiTi.MaSrContror G|b��nsr*"*"'":*���,B*7'"*y* '*������--  EVERY THURS,���OiQO p.m., Bingo, Pender Harbour Community Hall.  THURS, oftomoons "TOPS" meeting at Public Health Centre, 1:30-3:00  EVERY FRIDAT ��� 1-3 |>,m��� Gibsons Onlted Church Women's Thrift  Shop, Also first Saturday of each month, 10 a.m. to 12 fioon  <lurl|HQ summer month*.  OPEN SATURDAYS ��� 12 rioon to 2 p.m., Wllsol. Creek Library.  ASK FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE OF REAL ESTATE  ii  i M  Multiple Listing Service  Vancouver  R��al   Estate  Doard  ,. REAL ESTATE ...  INSURANCES  . .<:  1  CIES LTD.  Phono 8B5-2235 (24-Houra) Bok 120, Sechelt, B.C.'  Vancouver Phono 689-5838  i  imwwmnwaiwinminiririaTiwirwaW^^  ECSSSSSE  ���PWS  V  SK SECHELT school district recently  moved its offices from Kruse Drugs  block in Gibsons to basement floor of  municipal hall overlooking picturesque  Holland Park. New premises offer more  space and \ spectacular panorama of  Gibsons'harbour.  Wednesday, July 31, ,1974   '    Peninsula Times  Page B-6  -'1  aw> _..  f  ,.��* If     ' i.      '..j.  .j-'i  I  *     .JT.��_     * M   ���_  : ".   ���  * *    _/��� .tat _?-_*���  i  - vl  ^  Ml  Local boaters are asked to keep their eyes  ' peeled for killer whales Aug. 1 to 10 during a  killer whale census sponsored by the Pacific  Biological Station in Nanaimo.  -( During the census, eight research vessels  will be stationed on standby between Victoria'  and Campbell River. When a whale sighting  is reported, the nearest boat will be  dispatched to investigate the school and  estimate the number of whales in it.  Michael Bigg, head of marine mammal  research at the biological station, told The  Times:"We need public participation to tell  us where the whales are. It's very difficult to  find them because they move fast and the  ocean's quite large."  He felt the waters off the Sunshine Coast  would provide valuable information on whale  numbers and movements since there is so  much boating in the area.  Bigg's department has already contacted  ferry and lighthouse personnel and a great  many individuals to solicit their help during  the census.  Anyone who spots a school of killer whales  during the census period should call collect  to: Killer whale census, Nanaimo operator,  7854432.  The number is also available from Nanaimo  information.  "It's important that any sightings are  reported as soon as possible after they  occur." said Bigg.  Bost in Livo Entertainment  JOIN IN THE FUN"  SULA HOTEL  .,  Highway 101 ��� Caver Charge ��� 886-2472  ��mmmnnM��MM����.����M. �������������� ��� .. ��� ��� -- ���--�������f���,m������.���-  MMMMMM  MAKE IT EASY!  BY PHONING  MMHOBDEBELOPiEMTSlTP.  FOR OUR COMPLETE BUILDING  SERVICE BOTH COMMERCIAL  AND RESIDENTIAL  885-2692 or Temp. 8851-2896  BRICK LAVING - HREPUCES  TILE SETTING -  CONCRETE SfllllMOU  STUCCO arid FINISH iASONEIV  ,  ���    OF ALL TYPES  BOX 868 SECHELT B.C.  MADEEASY  14  5f 1:1  i. ��j_���m���1_-���i���^qar-j^.  7t. ^^VXT^^^N^flf1  :���*�����  L1  ^PlaTTAriTI *I��  vhuouud  n  ���by Brian Baker  This past week has been a little more  productive, with some nice catches of Coho  boated at Sargents Bay and Trail Islands.  The fish are weighing in at six to eight  pounds and the Blue Mashtail seems to be  the top lure. The run should give us some  good fishing in the next few weeks and add to  the excitement of the several derbies coming  up at the end of the month.  A good spot for Springs has been  Buccaneer Bay and Epsom Point. The most  fish taken were in the 10 pound range with  lunkers being boated. Out of Egmont,  Granville Bay, as usual, has been steady and  a few fish in the 16 to 20 pound class have  been netted.  At one time, the Lucky Louie plug was a  very popular lure in our local waters and  took many a derby-winning Spring to the  judges' scales. The most used type was the  Pearly Pnk, a pearly white plug with a pink  stripe down both sides. For some reason,  over the years, plug trolling has dropped off  and the more relaxing mooching has taken  over.  I, for one, still like to feel the steady  tuggin' of a plug working it's way through the  briny deep looking for soine unwary; flsh to  tempt Into striking. The Mac Squid plug  comes in many colour variations and is very  well manufactured. I prefer it to many of tho  cheaper types of plugs on the market. It has  a two positional trolling eye for shallow or,  deep action and, if accidentally dropped  overboard/will float. It would not surprise  mo to hear that a plug-caught salmon took  top honors In tho upcoming derbies. It might  bo a good idea for some of you old timers on  the coast to dig down In your tackle  boxes and clean tip'that scarred and battered  plug. It worked in tho past nnd I'm betting It  will work again In Uio present.  As you probably read In the paper last  wccl.;^  more than their dolly limit of oysters this  year. I will again remind readers that the  laws are made to protect all of our interests  and a copy of the regulations and limits is  available atinost-sporting^'oods stores and-  marinas. Till next week, don't trust your  memory���keep a copy of the fishing  regulations in your tackle box  Fishing.  harbour is bonus enjoyed by employees  at new school district offices in  municipal hall. Working in pleasant  environment of general office are Janet  Hart, background, and Pam" Swanson.  government student summer em-  Good ployment program. Piles will support  one side of balance beam.  |p��B��!f!��!L��!W  sp-  1  Eg  S3  ��|  el  E  I  310 no. s uom, Richmond  PHONE COLLECT: 273-4861  i  iiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMimiiiiimiiii  .VANCOUVER YARD  5569 VICTORIA DRIVE      ,  , PHONE eOHAECT: 321^6731  PLEASE COME IN TO SEE OUR DISPLAYS OF  FRONT ENTRANCE POORS. PHONE COLLECT  ON QUOTES ON COMMON OR FINISHED  LUMBER OR WHATEVER YOUR BUILDING  REQUIREMENTS ARE.  ��jW'fl.v**Sl.) (ifcjftjltia.  i'w^M StoW.X&ti&itHiBW^i*.. ift* *1&& W'Vtyt. *  Wi*lii4�� td %itW- &wJk s*  friiisitEiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiu^  i.*.W.I.lll.����..��W.MW.>^W��..��.^������...����fcM..��.i��..��.MM..��d��.����.��.��w.��.��.����P.��^.^  ���Bcr^HfaiwpiT^  M  ttm  BiWHfaiHWffl^^  SALES BRANCHES  6401 KINGSWAY, BURNABY  PHO|v|E 437-1184  �� n 4  2746!I60g>jIId;hwy.  1  PORT COQUITLAM     .  PHONlt 941-5114  UNDAY HOMES  Suggest that you KEEP FIT!,. be the mt  in your community to cs*Joy voupewn keep fit cycling pro| .om,  with a Munday Homes 10 @pe��4 bicycle free of charge to every  purchancr of n new mobile home from any Munday lot, between  now nnd August 31, Wi.  NOTE; Offer is for a 10  Speed' Bicycle only, nnd  the Compnny  will not  substitute, articles In lieu  of this offer.  i  Trying to pass something off as'having  qualities other tharLthose that are true is  deceptive. It's also illegal.  The Trade Practices Act, prohibiting  any business activities that can in any way  deceive consumers, is now law in British  Columbia.  Consumer transactions entered into  after July 5, 1974 are affected by the new  legislation.  Exactly what is a  deceptive practice?  If a business practice has the capability,  tendency or effect of misleading consumers,  it's deceptive.  An obvious example would be to sell a'  used rental car as a one-driver automobile.  Or a telephone solicitation announcing  you're the lucky winner of a  free'gift. When the gift  arrives vqu find it's just  a gimmick to set you  up for the hard  sell.  Then  there's the 'End  of Season Clear  ance Sale ��� All  summer merchandise  Help Is on the way.  The Department of Consumer Services  is responsible for administering the Act. Our aim  is to stop misleading and deceptive practices  quickly and help consumers recover their losses.  Service Centres, staffed by counsellors,  researchers and investigators will be opened at  several locations in the province. Watch your  local newspaper for openings in Victoria,  Vancouver, Kamloops and Prince George.  A Director of  Trade Practices has  been appointed to  handle consumer  complaints and  investigate possible  wrong-doings.  We're here  to help, but there's  still a lot you can  do on your own.  EC  half price', In fact, merchandise  was specifically brought,in for  the sale, no regular merchandise  Is selling for half prico and  More examples  nro outlined in (ho  Trade Practices Act  for the use of consumers unci the  courts In determining whether or not  a- pf.rclcular.bti.sl-  ncss practice Is  deceptive.  Liberated consumers  The Trnde Practices Act gives you all  Kinds of consumer rights you didn't have before.  You can .learn, what they are by writing  the Department of ConSutfter Services in  Victoria. We'll sciid you nn informative brochure  explaining exactly what the Act means to you,  y ,   who to contact  when you've got a  complaint and more,  :   With the  Trade Practices Act  you've got wbal it takes  to help yourself to a  fair deal.  British Columbia Department of  CONSUMER SERVICES  It* HoooufoW* ptiyllliVbuoa MlnUtet  toF  l^szsssx^m^ssws^i^si  SSK  BBS  4 Hatfrnoon. Bay Happenings  r    .- - ' ' : :���-     ,   ���~m���: : 7 : '"  .,  ' ; ���by Mary Tlntcloy  It was a fine sunny day for Gap Day, the  annual sports day of the Redrooffs Beach and  country Club held at Buccaneer Bay on July  10. A picnic lunch on the fine sandy beach  was followed by sports. Running races for,  the children were won by Jamie Bogardus in  .the three-and-under class, and by Sandra  Lees in the 11-14 class. In the running races  for adults, Robbie MacPherson was winner  , in the men's race and Penny Collison in the  ladies' race, while Louise Lefaux came first  in the walking race. '    s -  7  ,, ''  For the young fry, the treasure hunt was  an exciting adventure, with many prizes to  be   found.   But   undoubtedly,   the   most-  hilarious event of the afternoon was the egg-  ChrSstian Science  Church services are held each Sunday "  at  11.: 15 a.m.  in, St.  John's  United  Church, Davis Bay, by an informal  group.of Christian Scientists. Everyone  welcome. Phone 885-9778 or 886-7882.  ������iMiiimiiiiniiimmiimmmmmimmiMiiiiimiiiini*  Gibsons Pentecostal  HIGHWAY & MARTIN  Sunday School 9:45 o.m.  Services..! 1:0O a.m. ond 7:00 p.m.  PHONE 886-7107  | Factor; Gorry Foster'  ftiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitmiiiiiiiiwiuHiimiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiii  ST. HILDA'S ANGLICAN  CHURCH, Sechelt  SERVICES EVERY SUNDAY  8:30 and 10:00 a.m.  WEDNESDAYS at 10:30 a.m.  THE REV. N. J. GODKIN, 883-2640  .aiiiiimiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiaiiimiiiiiiiiiiMMimimiiiiiiiiw,  s       The United Church       f  | of Canada i  i SERVICES:       ,     -. s  St. John's United Church - Davh Bay     :  Sunday Services - 9:30 a.m. s  B  M  _ Gibsons United Church                <  |  = Sunday Services - 11:15 a.m.             ��  �� MINISTRY:                      " s  5 Rev. Jim Willamson/Gibsons, 886-2333 3  EaiuiiimiiiM minimum iiiiiimimimniiHimr  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  DAVIS BAY  Sunday School    Morning Worship  -���  Evening Service  10:00 a.m.  11:15 a.m.  7:30 p.m.  7:30 p.m.  . 7:00 p.m.  throwing contest won by the team of Peter  Bogardus and Jqhn Dalton.  This year's tennis tournament was won by  John'Boyle and Betty Russell, with Peter  Bogardus and Carol MacPherson as runners  up. The club will hold its annual regatta on  Saturday, August 10, with John Dalton as  convenor and the sailpast at 1:30 p.m.  Mrs., Dorothy Greene was hostess at a  luncheon last Friday when some of the  residents of the area had the opportunity, to  meet Mrs. Rosalie Gower of Vernon, a  member of.the Canadian Radio-Television '  Commission, who was accompanied by Mrs.  Maryanne West of Gibsons. There followed a  lively and interesting discussion of the radio  ,,and television programmes available on the  Sunshine Coast. '    , -  < In general .those present expressed  satisfaction and even enthusiasm with CBC  radio, particularly as regards new  programmes. The situation as regards  television was quite different, with many  people in the area getting only one or two  channels; which gave them little or no  choice. .,,,,,  Mrs. Gower said that her reason for  making the visit to this part of the world was  to be informed of the needs and problems of  the residents when the cable company's  application for re-licensing was received.  She, felt that areas such as ours should be  . serviced regardless of. the economics  involved.  Mrs.,Gower, who is obviously an expert in  her field and a patient and understanding  listener, offered some encouragement with  news of negotiations pending for the CBC  takeover of Channel 10. She admitted  however, that complications had arisen due  to the provincial government's interest in'  taking over the Victoria station.  She and Mrs. West continued to Pender  -Harbour where they met another group of  residents who were equally concerned to  have available a great choice of television  channels.  Visitors have arrived in Halfmoon Bay  this past week from the far flung parts of the  world. There was a wonderful family reunion  at the home of Mrs. Ronnie Dunn when she  - welcomed her daughter Debbie from Sydney,  Australia,, and daughter Diana from  Edinburgh, Scotland. Diana visited  Halfmoon Bay last year, but this is Debbie's  first visit to B.C.  At theihome "of Mrs. Jean McNeil is Mrs.  Millie Spragg from Penrhyndeudraeth, near  Portmadoc, North Wales. Her son, Derik  Spragg of Tsawwassen, and his family are.  vacationing at the Welcome Beach cottage of  Mrs. McNeil's brother, John Gillies.  Arrived from Whitehorse where they have  been teaching are Phillip and Wanda Best,  who now plan to settle permanently in their  Welcome Beach home..  Welcome Beach Community Association  held another successful bingo on July 24 with  a   ( ��� ...I    -MOl'"* ,l\-,-',    I  a full house. Lucky three-time winner was  Mrs. Jean McNeil. Ted Surtees was guest  caller."      '  Mr. and Mrs. Allan. Mackereth have  returned home after spending three weeks on  Merry Island, while assistant lightkeeper  Mike Slater and his family spent a holiday at  their home in Victoria.  Mrs. Dorothy Greene's guest last weekend was her stepdaughter, Marjorie Greene.  tUuIDfl-.UlVBr  Wednesday, July 31, 1974 ,-1    The Peninoulo Times Poge B-7  From the pulpit  ���by Pastor Gerry Foster,  The bible says, "the fool has said in his  heart there is no God." Foolish indeed is the  person who would ever make a statement  such as this. We usually call' such an  individual an atheist. But you find out there  are not too many professing atheists around.  Most have some belief in God, however  meagre nVmight be.  But there are a lot of practising atheists in  our society. Those who would confess, to a  belief in God but who, on the other hand, live  as if they really did not believe. In their daily  lives, God is left out. He is never consulted  except possibly in moments of crisis. He is  never given praise and thanksgiving which  He so rightfully deserves. The Bible is neyer  opened and as far as keeping His  commandments and following-' His  instructions no real effort is made. God is the  twentieth story in our life when He should be  the ground floor. We neglect Him but yet say  we believe in God. -  If you believe in God, my friend, but He is  not yet an integral part of your daily, life,  then it is about time you went a little further  in your committment to Him. Jesus Christ  makes God real and personal to you, He is  the only way to God and will reveal  everything you need to know about God if you  allow Him to enter your life. Belief in God is a  start but an experience with Him is what  really counts.  Christian. Science  When we love good, or God, our lives  attest it in actions which achieve harmony,  contentment, interest, happiness, etc.,���  effects which bring benefits to others as well  as ourselves. We are measured by our acts,  and, of course,'our acts are prompted first by  our thought and feeling. Knowing our ideal,  God, to be all intelligence and love, and we  ourselves to be His likeness gives us the  impetus to act to this ideal and this feel our  true worth.  On the Christian Science Radio Service, ���  "The TRUTH that HEALS"-advertised in  The Times today people tell of the help they  have received from studying the life and  works of Christ Jesus:  SECHELT���Charles Saigeon, 18, of Gibsons, '  was fined $6Q0 at provincial court July 25 and.  banned from driving for one year when he  admitted driving with a blood-alcohol level  over: .08,      , ��� 7   ���"     '  The offense took place in the Gibsons  area.' , ��� \. r : , ' . y .r  ,in other-court news, Gregory Stephen  Lemky was fined a total of $400 and placed on  probation for two years in connection with an  incident March IQ in which windows in two  Gibsons businesses were smashed.  He was fined $200 for common assault and  $200 for public mischief.  One a count of police assault, Lemky was ,  placed on probation for two years.  ��� Willard Stewart Joe of Sechelt was fined  $300 and disqualified from driving for three  months when he admitted driving with a  alcohol level over, .08.  Edward Hill pleaded guilty to driving  construction equipment on Highway .101 near  Gibsons without insurance. He was fined  $250..     ���'  The offense took place July 20 at 5:30  a.m. court was told.  At an earlier sitting of the court, Bradley  Mackenzie was fined $450 for driving with a  blopd-alcohor level-above M.  His driver's licence was suspended for  one month.  Dennis Lee Stephens netted a fine of $250  for driving near Gibsons withoutinsurance.  Weekly flower sale  slated to aid  .retarded children  GIBSONS���Sunshine Coast. Retarded  Children's Association is sponsoring a  weekly weekend flower sale at the Super  Valu store in Sunnycrest Plaza.,  Proceeds will go towards construction of a  portable classroom for the association in the  grounds of Gibsons Elementary School.'  "We would welcome any donations of  . flowers from local gardeners," said Vern  Wishlove, an association spokesman.  , Local gardeners interested in donating  flowers should contact Wishlove at 885-9544  or Mrs. George Turynek, 886-7153.  August10 and 11  mWW fARING V RA0AR10VI  ' befe. $f.29    g.-.g,* $��..9.9.  LIMITED SUPPLY  MAGIC MUSHROOM 885-2522  CLOSED FOR B. C. HOLIDAY  ���zxiae4n*aiac.3emMt iSM&*��m!!>!��)��m&M>>.&naaa  3.&.%^p^>,?s��&^^  We now have very young ladies' starter  charm bracelets in sterling silver. A good  way to build up a fine collection. Miss Bees^-  Sechelt.     -  $&vs.  Seaview Rood, Gibsons ��� 886-9551  <*3ervina the *3w,ndkine L^oadt  COMPLETE SERVICES  LOCAL OR DISTANT BURIALS *  CREMATIONS   ���  MEMORIALS  PRE-ARRANGEMENTS  Dan Devlin Owner-Manager  ���������j^'SsJS^JXftSiil^^^  ^���^gBMSSiiSV^^  S3^i!��$p^^^  t  dlORTINA WftTCHES ,iv ft|:(,  ���keep on time for calvacade events  ��,w/to HEfif  ��� *'. J' 7 *  HERBAL ESSENCE SHAMPOO K  ���mfg. sugg. list.................... .$2.29  oz.  WESTERN'S PRICE ,.:....  E��ERYN1GHT SHAIPOO 12 oz.  ������lemon, balsam and herbal  WESTERN'S PRICE   BABY SHAilPOO j&j 15.80,.  ���mfg.sugg.list.  $2.95  WESTERN'S PRICE   lETAfUUCIL POWDER  12 *  ���mfg. sugg. list $3.60    ��a <g <  WESTERN'S PRICE.....,.......'...., .*���<*'  H.15  $1.59  >v  ��� i��*i��iii_i.ii(t��i ��� a ���  *2 29  *9.99  20% OFF  ���mfg.sugg.list ..,.,. ....$2,60   c��g   g"g|  WESTERN'SPRICE..7.................7.7 * JU9��9.'.  (lOXZElA SKIN CREAI u*" *  mfg. sugg.Hst. $2,99   ,,* a aa  WESTERN'S PRICE ,^...7,7.7.. ...,<. 7,...,  4��49  AIR MATTRESSES Ww  WESTERN'SPRICE......  CROQUET SET  WESTERN'S PRICE. "  SUNGLASSES  ���see calvacade events better,..,,..  CREST TOOTHPASTE  100 ml. mint or reg.      mfg. sugg. list ?1.29     HHa  WESTERN'SPRICE ,,.; *P<tf v  USTERINE IpUTHIASH 30 oz. Economy Size  ���mfg. SUgg. H8t , 'a '..',,' a a a $2.69      $ ��|       AA  WESTERN'SPRICE,'.'. ,..,.'. '.   JLPv  ANSODENTuo*  ���mfg. SUgg. liSt   a a $1.59      &|JI gla  WESTERN'S PRICE ^*tl#  SECRET DEODORANT o ��*  Scented and unflccntcd���mfg.flugg.UBt41.55.~7||A^r  WESTERN'S PRICE , ���..,.' ,H*��t��  GRAVOL TABLETS w��  j ���mfg. sugg. list ; $ 1.20 .fiji a  sugg.  retail  WESTERN PRICE  .T&J  BABY OIL  9 OZ. i.   . . .,     7'  ^-mfg. sugg. list.,...,,,., ,'. ,|1,83 ii  aa  WESTERN'SPRICE..',       ln,U5f  3-RING WADING POOLS  i^TBSwwiS6i77.".7r���7rrrr7i7  BADMINTON SET  WESTERN'S PRICBrrrrrrrrrrrrr.   *3.49  n.99  PRICES IN EFFECT THURS., FRI., SAT., AUG. 1,2, .1  -ENJOYML THE CALVACADE EVENTS THIS WEEKEND & DON'T MISS THE  KINSMEN BEVERAGE GARDEN FRI. <S SATURDAY; DOUGAL PARK, GIBSONS  iwfiwtfiisiggii  SS8  mm I2_g___3___3 ______ ___I3_s^ 1221  Carefree  n  by American Express  Spree Carousel  a days from _.  400 18~s420.  '    �����-  -   liff  '���Parts  " *^7 i<v  MottteIro?t<  V        ^*"*v ��\ 4  -7   .       .    ^*f��i~h(%  .{7    i    *  *      '  ���  &. ,7 / pi'  Roxanne Hinz, 17-year-old entrant in  1974 Miss Spa Cavalcade contest, chose.  appropriate nautical background for  her photograph. Roxanne plans on going  to UBC, taking two years of agriculture  and two years of pre-vet before going on  to the University of Saskatchewan to  study veterinary medicine. Needless to  say, Roxanne plans to be a veterinarian.,  MwaeoM(a9��MMMMiM��>ainMwi��wtAMWiMaan��tiu��twww��nww��Mf%a,  1  m  includes... hotel, 2 meals, tour director,  sightseeing, coach throughout and tips  TURISTANO  INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL  Phone your local travel' agent at  885-2910     885-2339  TOTEM CLUB  PR1&&YS, 8:00; p.m.  INDIAN MALL  'jadkpot $300i  $75 TO GO  fa DOOR PRIZE ^  !  !  The Legislature lias authorized the Select Standing Committee on  Municipal Matters to review REAL PROPERTY TAXATION procedures in  British Columbia with particular emphasis on making recommendations  respecting real property tax legislation necessary to ensure the equitable  distribution of real property taxation.  To assist the Committee in this review they wish to hear from  individual private citizens, organizations, local governments, etc., who  might have suggestions or recommendations with respect to property  taxationaaffecting residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural,  urban and rural properties.  Anyone interested in presenting their views are requested to inform the  Committee of their intent to do so as soon as possible. They should if at all  possible submit a written brief by Friday, August 23rd, 1974.  The Committee will study and review all briefs after which a series of  Public Hearings will be held in September 1974 and those persons who  have submitted briefs will be given the opportunity to speak to and answer  questions on their submission. The Committee will also be prepared  to hear verbal presentations at these Hearings.  The dates, times and places of the Public Hearings will be notified in  the press early in September.  All correspondence should be addressed to: ~   .  Carl Liden, M.L.A., Chairman,  Select Standing Committee on Municipal Matters  The Government of the Province of British Columbia  Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.


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