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The Peninsula Times Feb 27, 1974

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 «        /
2nd Class Mail
Registration No. 1142
Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet), including'Port Mellon, Hopkins Landing, Granthams Landing, Gibsons, Roberts Creek,
Wilson Creek, Selma Park, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Secret Cove, Pender Hrb., Madeira Park, Garden Bay, Irvine's Landing, Earl Cove, Egmont
Umor, <*_■_»£»  Label
This Issue 14 Pages —- 15c
New system on trial . » .
'octors on emergency
Luty ai
Vol. 11, No:14 — [WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1974
_.    i
J* - ''
Arson no. ruJed ou_
GIBSONS—J. Harvey Department store
on Gower Point Road was gutted by
fire in the early hours pf Feb. 23, destroying the building.and all its stock.
Store owner, John; Harvey, estimates
- the- loss -at *'over-J$250,000r- v~~ ' "*"
Flames burned' through into the .adjoining building, causing • damage to the
school district offices' and Kruse Drugs.
The alarm was raised at 2:40 a.m. by
Mrs. Carole Brakstad of Bay Road.
"I heard a snapping, crackling noise
and ran to window to look and see what
was going on. I saw a building on fire
and said to my husband, "My God, Harvey's or Kruse Drugs is on fire'."
Then she called the fire department.,
"The  building  was' totally  involved'
when we .arrived," said fire chief Dick
■ Three units from the Gibsons department and two from Roberts Creek:had
the blaze under, control within 45 minutes
and, miraculously, stopped it from spread-
, ing to the adjoining premises.
In the school board office; above
Kruse Drugs, flames broke through the
wall and damaged both the,board room
, and the office of the secretary-lxeasurer.
But school board chairman, Agnes,
Labonte, told The Times Sunday that the'
district's maintenance crew had erected
a temporary wall and it would be "business as usual" Monday. ,
.. ', "We feel very fortunate that the fire
department managed to save the buildings on either side of rtarvey's," she said,
"Someone called me during the fire and'
when I saw the flames, my heart sank,
I thought our building was gone, too."
,, In a letter to tho editor In, this week's
issue, Mrs. ILabonte praises the if ire department for its efforts, ,
Firemen recall ■seeing a ladder propped up against the outside wall of the
department store when thoy arrived, Ranniger sold that arson has not been ruled
out and ROMP ore Investigating,
Tho fire chief ia anxloua to see any
photographs that were taken of the fare
by onlookers. He can be contacted at
Anyone -who noticed anything- suspi-
cious in the vicinity of Harvey's Depart-
CHARRED SHELL is all remains of
- J: Harvey Department store on
Gower Point Road. Blaze was: reported in. early hours of* Feb. 23 and
is thought to have started on second
floor. All merchandise was", lost- and
damage is estimated at oyer $250,000.
Firemen had fire under control within 45 minutes and stopped it from,
spreading to adjoining block.
V-L\su__>    ill    bi_\;    v_^_.*_j.(/jr    vrj.    j._,_u. v*-j»   _>    __•■-_/«**-■*-      ^ £~-
- ment Store before the fire is-'ialso- urgeoV^II
to contact Ranniger.
*"'**'____. ' "*"""
Some parking
SECHELT—Aid. Ernie Booth reported to
village council that there is parking
available at the bowling alley lot and
behind the old taxi stand.      * r    i\" 'Vv-r^^^JL;,' '* '•#.' *
He said that Sechelt lanes has a lot "      ' «>r '"""", ^W*^t"5'^
available  to  develop  for   parking  and ;", ' >' V '/.    ■     **v^Sr ">   v*^w   'I "*•
that the owner is willing to allow It to v („    |    ,         >'.f_|s._j_ *^*iJf-* ' i~*
be used as such. He also said that the ', * .■£.'J..,/t;' _ \\\      tsvai}^i^        .
new owners of the former Hall residence, .*"«/vl*. *;   _,.^a-      £*»*v"*J*   .,
, the old taxi stand on Cowrie Street, -will '^T*^*;." ' "   •<&$'  '*****    '
allow the property to be developed in a ' """-*-'v-       ■ ■"*' ' •■
i i
Pt ©motional
meeting set .
{SECHELT—Promotion of Sechelt and the
•■-    ehamber of commerce's role in such
,'a function will be the topic of a meeting
fof the Sechelt and Districtv Chamber of
i'Commerce tonight at 7:30, at the Bank
'of Montreal building.
I President Bob Scales, in announcing -
\jhe meeting, said that one of-the duties
i,of the chamber, according to its' bylaws,
'is to "promote and improve trade and
^-commerce and the economic, civic and
^social welfare of Sechelt and the sur-
- grounding "district."
' \     "First we must decide whether or not
.^we want to promote Sechelt and district,
.Scales said, "and if we do, just we must
^decide just what aspects we'should promote. •
•s    "We have invited local knowledgeable
' guests to our next general meeting and
.we would hope that chamber members
'will attend to air their views and assist
Tag days'-top
Planned goal
iTAG day's held in Gibsons and Sechelt
$ on' Saturday "exceeded our anticipated
.result,"' said John Lewis, chairman of the
' '.transportation committee of the council
[of .human resources.
•' The/tag days and forthcoming fund-
; raising' "fevents are intended to raise
'f $10,000'to purchase a mini-bus to pro-
-.vide transportation to Sunshine - Coast
residents: to enable them to meet hospital, medical, dental and other appointments. \
;.    Lewas expressed his appreciation for
the "tremendous .support you gave us on
jour tag "day on Saturday, Feb. 23. We
' exceeded   our   anticipated   result.   With
'support "such as this, we will get our bus!
• i< "I would also like, to add our deep
^^reciation   of   the   help   we  received
'from the" girl guides arid all those other
-ladies that helped send ,the campaign off
with a resounding 'bang."
■>,    Lewis   said  that   other  activities   to
raise money are planned and will be announced in forthcoming editions of The
*Times.   -  .:        \~< ■' .V-    •"''
A DOCTOR will be on duty at St. Mary's
Hospital for emergency calls every
night, Dr. Eric Paetkau told The Times.
The new , type of medical coverage
has been instituted on a trial basis and
it's intended that a doctor will be acces-*
sible on an emergency situation'at all
times, The doctors serving the Sunshine
Coast worked out the arrangement and
it takes effect after normal business
hours at the Sechelt and Gibsons medical
If a doctor is< required after normal
business hours or' on -holidays, when the
clinics would normally be closed, persons should-call the hospital where help
will be available.    ^
In most' instances, said Paetkau, persons needing medical- attention will be
~ able "to arrive at St." Mary's by their own
' names and a doctor will be available to
treat them. If, however, in the case of
heart attacks, accidents or other similar
life-threatening    situations,  the  on-duty
doctor will dispatch another doctor to
the scene'and the duty doctor will remain at his post in order to treat ambulatory patients.
"This way we hope to offer better
service to the people of the Sunshine
Coast," Paetkau said. "In the previous
method, doctors were on call every fourth
' night. That meant that after a full shift
at the clinic and the hospital, a doctor
would be on call all night and then return to his normal shift which meant
being on duty for more than 30 hours
straight. This way means that a doctor
will be on emergency duty only every
eighth night."
Paetkau explained that this system
is on trial and will be reconsidered in
St. Mary's telephone number, for after-business hour emergencies, is 885-
2224. Sechelt clinic is 885-2257 and Gibsons clinic is 886-2221 during regular
business hours.
By-laws heed completion
SECHELT—The village requires the services of Sunshine' Coast Regional District planner Peter Hoemberg, Aid. Norm
Watson told the council last week.
"We are entitled to a certain amount
of his time. Cuylits (former district planner Ed Cuylits) gave us quite a break
with his time. He was a well-motivated
young man who didn't watch the clock
and he did quite a bit for this village.
"I can't possibly see how regional district planning can have as big a load this
year as it did last year," Watson told
council and he referred to the Highway
101 study, the land freeze and other problems that arose.
"We're rapidly running out "of industrial and semi-industrial zoning in the
village," Watson said and he urged that
the regional district give some consideration to the provision of an industrial
zone on the east side of the Indian reserve on East Porpoise Bay Road.
"B.C. Hydro is buying all available
industrial land in the village and we need
a back-up site," he added.-
Aid. Ted Osborne agreed that the area
should look to the future, "we need a
couple of hundred acres of industrial
Watson said that a proposal to the
Indian band by Regional board chairman
Frank West regarding sewers should be
Gibsiohs "voterslolcf
ms _.*<:,-
, _< _._!•,
parking  facility
"Parking Is up to the businessmen
to develop," said Aid. Ted Osborne, "I
jDavor letting the merchants pay."    *
Clerk Neil Sutherland said that merchants could develop the lot and1 allot
certain spaces for each store,
, Booth said that he will continue to
work with merchants and property owners to develop parking. ,       '
Osborne sold that'any long term
lease would likely need an escalating
clause, ■ ',' '   '':',■' ■ "'     '
, Also, in his report, Booth commended
volunteer firemen on behalf of Iho provincial flro marshal who recently conducted training seminars In Sechelt, Sechelt
volunteers had the highest attendance
percentage of any similar seminar In the
province, said Booth,,
Another seminar',will bo hold next
month, ho sald^  ,,'',. '
to be developed in a   «   f .   yu      ' / „' ,* \ - *
at the rate of  $300   f     ,,*...    \/ \V\b
VICTIM OF the J. Harvey Department Store fire Feb. 23 was 26 in.
color television which Harvey donated last week to Kiwanis Club as
first prize in raffle. Funds raised
wore to go to senior citizens' housing project. [
itwtMaaaaaaaaaaiaaiaiaiaaiaiaiaaiaiaiaaaaiaiaiaiiaiaiiaa aiaaaaaaaiaa>aiiaiaiaiia>iiiiiiaauaiiiaiaiaiiaaaia>a>aaaaiaa>aaa iiiaaMaaiMMHH laiamaap laiaaaiaanaaaiauamaaaawaaaiaaaaaiai
JUST call it ono more email step for
mankind,,, they havo finally Instat-
led a flush toilet on tho car deck of the
Sunshine Coast Quoon, Tho impossible
was Indeed possible,       |
The facility Is placed about midships,
said a spokesman for tho ferry terminal
at Langdale, and It has an extra big
..door.,, to-take wheelchair patlcnta. ,
,' It was a long, hard battle but the
pensioners carried through and an Dob
jfoxnll nald, it was Just a matter of applying the old, Chinese water torture—
drip water on their heads long enough
and lt'« bound' to come to pass,
Anyway, the campaign bore fruit becauso not only will tho Susy Q. have a
me 'uoasn
and thoy want to know about any that
may hnvo'been missed.
"We know of those erected by the
provincial and federal governments, but
others, whether commissioned by prlvnto
Individuals, soclotcs or civic authorities,
nro moro difficult to locate," said Broad-
They ore not concerned with plaques
of limited Interest, such as thoso routinely erected to commemorate tho opening of
buildings, but It, la Interested in those
Which describe a person, place or event
of local of regional irlgnlflcanco,
"If you can assist ur, will you record
the liaicrlptlon  of  tho  plaque,, ftpoiifior,
by DICK   ,
GIBSON'S—Aid'.' Kurt Hoehne admitted
to a meeting1 of Gibsons Voters'^Association that he was ill-informed about
local finances when he ran for council
last year on a "Keep Down Taxes"
, like most Gibson^ residents, said the
alderman;) lie was unaware of the large
expenditures required to maintain and
improve village services.
Hoehne was speaking, to the group
Feb/21 on major tax increases proposed
by, council,., '■;,     ■. ,',' \ -',,''/'
He reported that, council, earlier that
evening, had 'authorized an Increase in
the water rate from $3 to $45 per year,
coupled with a higher cbnnection fee—
$150 compared to $100 previously.
Hoehne said that the Elphinstone Secondary School'fire in June pinpointed
the need for extensive improvements to
lihe village water system, and the water
rate had been raised to pay for the
$200,000 upgrading project,
"Llko everyone,else, I was very happy
with a $30 per year water rate," ho
said, "But that wris unrealistic by today's prices. Everything, has gone up
except our water, rate."
And ho cautioned: "Tho days of cheap
taxes in Gibsons aro over,"
Gibsons Voters', Association was formed last month to provide a voice for local
• residents, ,
Tho name waa chosen In preference to
Olive Manton and Fred Cruise. They
join the previously elected executive of
Vic Eckstein, chairman; Amy Blain, secretary and Nelson Moore, vice-chairman.
Members expressed concern about the
number of dogs running loose in the village. One woman claimed she knew of
a fisherman who had been bitten by one
as-he was working at the 'wharf.
"If we're not careful, we'll be taken
over by wild dogs," said Eckstein. "We
should say something about this,"
; Moore noted that the village had a,
bylaw governing stray dogs and, at one
time, employed a dog catcher.
One audience member suggested' rals-''
ing the dog licence fee to defer residents
who were not willing to lopk after their
.pels, "
"Tine dog problem is getting serious
all over North Arnefioa,',' said Eckstein.
The association agreed to ask village
council what. could be done about the
dog situation,
The majority of members were opposed to published reports that tho school
board is Booking emergency funds from
the department of education to build a
junlor-secondaTy school near Sechelt without «'referendum, >
Said Kay Butler: "This should be
voted,ori'.t'ho same as other refcrondums.
1 'It was agreed to Invito a school board
representative to a future meeting to discuss financing of the two-school concept,
studied by each council member 'and
then a meeting arranged with the band
Clerk Neil Sutherland said that the
village needs an overall five to 10 year
Watson was ■ critical of the regional
district and the "seven little satraps"
who are capricious and spiteful. He referred to the planning committees of each
electoral area and added, "each director
has,his and her own advisory planning
committee and must be responsible to
them.. The planning committees should
not over-rule' the technical people."
Sutherland added that "the technical
people will quit attending committee
meetings because they don't want to be
rubber stamps."
Council is going to take another look
before it buys that dump truck. Watson
said that without a backhoe (the council
earlier ruled out purchasing a backhoe)
there is not much point to having a
. dump  truck.
"A dump truck can't do general work
around the village, you can't load ii with
a hand shovel," Watson said.
He added that the village should work
out some type of contract such as B.C.
Tel has with firms to do work when
called and' to be 'on a retainer basis.
Clerk Neil Sutherland,- in referring
_,to Watsonls..change.of^mind-about).buyr.,.
ing a dump truck, said: "I wish you
would make lip your mind. One minute
you say you want a dump truck and the
next you say y6u don't. Let's make up
our minds."
Watson, Sechelt's representative on the
regional board, reported that he has been
appointed to the garbage committee. He
predicts an increase in cost of 15 per. cent
of servicing garbage collection sites.'
Watson and Osborne moved and seconded that local improvement project,
the lane 6 construction bylaw, be reconsidered and adopted, The motion was
carried with Aid. Ernie Booth's vote. Aid.
Dennis Shuttleworth was absent.
With the approval of the bylaw, the
clerk can now go ahead an4 arrange for
financing of the lane, construction.
Council still is looking for members of
• the', street naming committee, Mayor Harold Nelson asked!that any persons interested in serving on the committee to
contact him.
due in Vancouver
LEARNING Disability Week will be noted
March, 8-9 vwith a, free workshop for
persons interested }n children, with learning disabilities, Mrs. E,'Reid, told The
Times, ■.   ',■'.'■ '
Tho conference entitled, Bright Child,
Poor Scholar, wW bc held at John Oliver
Secondary School, 41st Avenue and Fraser Street, Vancouver. Times are Friday,
i'March' 8, 6:30 p,m, to 10 p.m. and Saturday, March P, 10 a/m, to 6 p,m.
The workshop is sponsored by the
Vancouver Association for Children with
Learning Disabilities,
Guest speakers are Dr. Sam Roblno-
vltch and Mrs. Doreen Knonlck. There
will bo a panel discussion and demonstrations.
.   .   .   ..„     ., «ir m jiwvh h    location, date of erection, (If known) and
car deck facility, thoy aro going to bo    ,f lho ,nfo,rniftUon ,., lnVfncl corrcd>„
,„,,installed onfall cor„dcckn on_au,,vcs5cl^.™^^
in tho fleet. Take a bow pensioners, m If anyone knows ,of,™c0n P?n(l»ra m?
„,),.» may contoct Peter ot 085-2838,
• ■     Hi       •
Gibsons flro chlof Dick Rnnnlgor
wnnti to know If anyone took any plo-
tiircHoLihe.flrO'.at Hnrvoy'g Depnrlmcnt
SJoro Inst week. If you did, will you
call him at 8,_.jt-23T
Ho only wonts to see plcturcn of Iho
blozo near tho first, around 3 o,m. Ho
would  appreciate  your  l|clp.
Potor Hoomborjj, regional district planner and tho deportment of recrcaUon and
conservation need holp, Docs anyone
know ol any historical piaquw or monuments? .       .
T. R, Boadlnnd, chief of tho district
parka and flltea division of tho department, says a compilation la being made
and there are filtcs/ plaques ond monu-
mentfl ond there are probably some in
lho province that they don't know about
Tlifl^farm voto Is coming In on tho
unidentified tool. W. C. 'McCullough of
Sidney; said It's a 'dehorncr end he's
used plenty of them since coming to tho
coast from Ontario In 10J2. McCullough ■
recalls "stump farming" from Glbsona
to Halfmoon Bay (\nd horso logging out
of Victoria. Ho said ho recalls ft man
named Stelnborgor with "a lot of big
oattle that I understand roamed from
Gibsons all over tho Sunshine Coast,"
Anyway, he thinks the whatzlt la quite a
rollc and should ,l>o preserved.
Wont Land of Davis Bay fccla It's
a tool for pushing steel rims on buggy
•      *      ♦
PommnHv, I .didn't got too many colta
about Intcrltoting tho telephone books—
I hope B.C Tel'mndo out better. Actual*
Interlisting nnd he is. the only pcnwnR
that mentioned it to me,
• '   * f ,„,lic
Horo'f! tho comment for tho day and
It should please ,-nc'*, Morcor of Secret
Cove:'    T '     ' *"" " •'"
"13o a true wlmon cohnorvatlonlaU-
rot n dogfish for lunch torloyl" That'fl
from tho newsletter of tho Export A
f„5,()0fl salmon 'derby.
Further from the letter: "Pnndor Har-
—son pnfjo A-St
Hoehne reported that ho had attended
Gibsons  Ratepayers'    Asspclatlon    since a mooting in Victoria on emergency men-     wons. '
Irohtorr'arFncw^ellglblo to'v
municipal  issues,   including  money  by-'       A  co-oi^llnatcd  emergency  measures    R, ,   nKn»M™no     ' 00(l"28"1 or Mra- c-
laws. ;  '■■,," organization on tho coast would hot bo   Usher, 000-830-,,
In addition to approving a name for costjly," 'ho stressed. "Tho provlnoo will
'the body, members voted In as directors pay tho bill"
Including St. Mary's . « »
collective agreement
A TENTATIVE collective bargaining og-    practical nurse and otllcr non-profcaslonal
recment between tho Registered ,Nur»    hospital cmployoos,
Hcs' Arooclaitton of British Columbia ond "0in, mombern  ore militant on thin
rejected by 70 por cent of tho registered    ^\wy nrc jns|at|nK on at least maintain-
February 27th to March 5th
at Point Atkinson
-— Not to bo mod for naylflotlon —■
-nursea employed ot fll hospitals In B,C.
including St, Mary'fl, Secholt.
Tho nofiotlatlons Involve 7,774 registered nurses; nbout halt the member-
i_„p...of tho RNABC„,,.„,™.,.„ „....».„,.„„.,„^.,..,„...,,..
While tho nurses voiced agreement
with'many Items In the("proposed contract
packaijo, they fo»ind tho ogrc'oment an «
wliole unacceptable.
Tho main Item of contention l.n 1ho
•Hilary spread Iwtwocrn the lowwt atop
of tho registered nur/to scale and the
top  woko of   tho  orderly   ond  licensed.
init a logical relatlonHhlp between re-
glatorcd nurses and tho non-prof<Jiaslonnl
nuralng staff tlwy n\»pervlso, Roglstorwl
nurses must toko responsibility for tho
.actions of..Ihose other people In the.©aro-
of patlentn,",
Tho" rolaUoiiiiliilp of salaries for1 hoo-
pltal personnel was completely disrupted
by four arlrttndlon awards between Individual hoflpltala and tho Hospital Em«
pVoycoa' Union and an agreement entered
Into by the milliliter of health and lho
—floo pnjja h-%
0205 9.0
0105 12.0
OBOO 14.4
1505 4.7
0510 11,7
0955 13.4
2155 12.5
1010 3.6
0250 10.2
0220 13.3
0030 14,1
0700 11,7
1600 4,2
1110 13,1
2330 12.6
1915 3,2
0350 11,1
0310 13,0
0905 13.0
0020 11,1
1705 3,9
1245 12.9
2015 3.0
0355 14.%
0915 10,2
1410 13,1,
2110   2.9
■   ■     ■ I if AlkRILi   Kf#ik m ■ ■ ■ ■ ' 8
Socholt 0 885-2512 §
1iMiiiiiiiiitnMMiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiaiiiiaMaiiiaiiiiiiiini,,i' fi  if  Pele of Brazil  ilm feature  1       t��   *    . r-�� �����--������ At   -_ ws_��.  ��� ' il*a_.i4fc_*i>'_   ������*      _**  ^��SBMR>  in  SECHELT-���The  great    Pele,  sometimes  termed the world's best soccer player,  will be the feature of a film sponsored ,  by the Sechelt Chiefs Soccer Club.  ��� The film will ^,be shown on . Friday,  March 8 at 6:15 p.m. at Sechelt Elementary School and is brought to Sechelt by  a representative of a soft drink company  .who is playing for the first division It-  'alia squad from Vancouver, Buzz Parsons. The 90 minute film is an instructional type film of Pele and the Santos,  Brazil, soccer club.  "It is a first-rate film for all coaches  of minor soccer," said- Chiefs goalie-  coach Jim Gray: Players and spectators  will enjoy it too, he added.  The showing will be free but the  Chiefs will hold a silver collection at the  door.  "Everyone is welcome, be sure not to  miss .it," said Gray.  Sechelt lanes  Sechelt Ball j/and Chain, Feb. 22:  Marge Dike, 263, 619; Carl Kohuch, 630;  Peter Wray 624; Glenn Phillips, 628;  Fran Starr, 281, 626; Bubbles Crelghton,  613; Eve Worthington 649.  Saturday Super Stars (12 to 16. years):  Mike English 203, 202, 534; Charlie De-  fouw, 222, 501; Kevin Casey ,221, 528;  Sam Casey, 209, 517; Brian Phillips, 223;  Bob Dixon,  215.  Tuesday Ladies League: High single:  Nell Jager 309; Debbie Briener 250; Lee  Ann Nestman 233. High threes: Nell Jager 658; Vera Adams 585; Shirley Innis,  569.  Ladies Wednesday: Mary Henderson  241, (635); Betty Powers 279 (636); Hazel  Skytte 276 (619); Lynne Pike 609.  Commercials: Pat Beaven 270; Sue  Beaven 234; Sam McKenzie 275, 229; Don.  Caldwell, 210, 290, 681; Turner Berry 224,  254, 634; Andre-Martel 258; Andy Leslie  284, 252, 699; Albert Thompson 248, 221;  Ellen Berg 206; Marg Humm 214; Hazel  Skytte 220, 215, 222, 657.  im"    n  W  1 ttvs��W_��'/,  LV3AKL   _-V WEtSW  li__H___S_S_rJ_!  "S3TI pr  Page A-2  The Peninsula Timea      Wednesday, February 27, 1974  VOliVO CARS ft STATION,WAGONS  I INTERNATIONAL   TRUCKS   AND, -  RECREATIONAL VEHICLES  PHONE:   278-6291  C-.   C..   (ir/ickeuj  Coe  Ben Jacobseh Motors Ltd.  RICHMOND, B.C.  <A  AMID SMOULDERING remains of  his department store, John Harvey,  centre, surveys damage, with, fire  marshal George Lane, left, and' fire  chief  Dick    Ranniger   Fire  ripped  through the Gibsons store in the early    n        __, _ -    -  K __��� i_XMriS? Coe Enterprises Ltd.  ditional pictures inside. '   ,  ���*-'  ,  J>,  l_��* �� *t"  ifit  u :_-  >_-  M  t  Organic  gardening  ,  ���-by Ed McCaughtrie  MILLIONS of dollars will be spent this  year on pesticides, herbicides and  various other forms of noxious sprays, in  an effort to grow perfect produce yet  very little thought is, or was, given to the  effects these substances had on the guy  who ate them.  Becently, since Silent Spring and other books, there has been an outcry from  conservationists -and ecologists and DDT.  was banned from the general' public, But "  it is still being used ^extensively on ttiS'^  Holland marsh.  However, not being a chemist to keep  up with the various chemicals I found  that it is possible to grow without them.  The best preventative is a healthy plant  grown in organic soil then we can grow  plants that protect one another and plants  that are insect repellents and also introduce beneficial insects that eat other Insects that damage plants.  I talked about starting an organic  gardening using,hay. Plants that protect  one another are called companion plants  and it is also known that there are plants  that dislike one sihother. (They spend all  day, being nasty and don't have time to  rgroVr fruit, just like people.  i'< ,yexy,' little Is known about how it  vyorks.; One well-known person told me |t  ' was a cross between witchcraft and wishful thinlcing, i even if, it does work In all  these things I can only, say It works, if  you don't believe it, try it.  vV'hen plantijtig a garden like, this,  plant them together zigzag with the beets  ��� zlgglng into the,onions���-zag, plant borders of wormwood and ��� marigolds and  other insect repelling herbs among the  , vegetables, Make up a, chart to plant.  Remember that cucumbers like peas arid  peas like beans t and beans, like potatoes  but potatoes and cucumbers just don't  get along at allJ ,    ���      ,  COMPANION PLANTS  Asparagus���Likes Tomatoes/parsley,  basil. Dislikes onions, garlic, gladioli.  Beans���Likes potatoes^ carrots, eucum-  bers, cauliflower, cabbages. Dislikes onions, garlic, gladioli. ���     ,  Pole beans���Likes corn, summer savoy, Dislikes onions, beets, sunflowers.  Bush Beans���Likes and dislikes as  other bonna,  Boots���Likes onions, kohlrabi. Dislikes  , polo beans.  i>  4  f\  J,  ���  _.   ^ ,  *k  V    1_tl_*_  ��� * -a* *  * * r"  ;j  V  ^ -.��  ��  ��*   -WJ"*  ?t  --  \  s     _  <?  __���  I *^  �����*  k^.  >-;^  I  <f *- ��� JT-���/_  L^' _��-^  \ ���  to handle Westwood  PENDER   HARBOUR���Coe    Enterprises  Ltd., Garden Bay, has been appointed Westwood Homes dealer for Pender  Harbour.  Westwood features the suburban series of home building systems which was  designed "to meet a demand for housing  within the means of the average individual but still meeting specifications required for NHA, VLA or other financial  arrangements," said Jack Barrett of Coe  Enterprises.  Westwood homes will hold a seminar  with local builders on April 5 at 6:30 rj.m.  at a dinner in the Sunshine Inn, Garclen  Bay. Further details may be obtained by  calling Barrett at 883-2671.  MORE   ABOUT. ...  �� Nurses nix agreement  ! ���from, page A-l  Hospital" Employees' Union and the sub-  '     sequent contract settlement between the  j     BCHA and HEU, she said.     . ^;    (  ' "We're _11 in favor of the .end'to the  discrimination that existed between orderlies and practical nurses," Miss Paton  said, "All we're saying is, let's not have  a new kind of discrixoination against the  ,     registered nurses because of that.".,  . - In some cases, under the present .con-^-  '* s tract,, which, expire_^Deeexaber..v31;V]19Sr3,1ii  registered nurses on-'their "_irst ^step'-iof;*"���  .the salary scale actually are earning less  than practical nurses and orderlies. .The  tentative agreement provides some spread  but not enough, nurses believe, to rectify  a totally impossible situation,  Miss Paton said talks will1 be, resumed  shortly with the B.C. Hospitals*!'Association in an.effort to reach an acceptable  agreement. J -       V     ��� ,  The B.CiVHaspita_s' Association is the  ,bargaining;,^gerit for St. Mary's and other  hospitals in B.C.  i  i  I  ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL  is ca part off this comE-iunify  i  ^ ��s_  ���*)���.''<  1  i  i  i  ���. ��� join St. Mary's Hospital Sodefy mowg  Mfwtatawwtifiitaa  Enclosed is $2.00 for my membership.  Mail to: St. Mary's Hospital Society, Box 777, Sechelt  1  i  2_S  4  - Fabulous Chinese Cook Book  - Succulents of Cactus  - Rock Gardens  '.   / -. ��� \   ���  -' British Columbia Galling : ���   !i,  f      -i_V 4n*-yA**.*i    ' Mor*-*i   s__t     irVji  _,v^   -    /1a;iW'^��V'**(-��  --  - Bobby Fisher Teaches Chess  - Complete Book of Solitair and  Patience Games  - A Short Cut to Winning Bridge  tv*  The authors range from  John Aliegro toTSteinback.ifroni ,  Joseph Conrad to-l_eon Uris.4  COME IN AND BROWSE  v  ANYTIME! '  *:?___*���  SCHOOL DISTRICT maintenance  man Art Kettle starts clearing up  debris after flames from J! Harvey  Department Store fire burst through  Into adjoining school board offices.  MORE ABOUT, ...  ���. Sunshine Coastings  ���.,,��;' -���from page A^l  bour Is really"'hot' for our derby, reports  Don Macdonald the flshlng-nut owner, of  the popular Jolly Roger, Inn at .Secret  Cove." (That-isn't exactly Pender Harbour, you derby publicists),  "Several Pender area resorts are  booked solid now and charter boats ore-  scarce. Gcoorgo Taylor's Lloyd's Garden  Bay Store has been selected as, tho Pender  area1 official woigh-ln fitatlon. George Is a  very entihusiostlc derby supporter and  haa a big new development underway'  on his Stnndnrcl Oil float."     ���  And referring to the 'charter situation,  derby orgnnlzers want more,  "If you know of anyone who wants to  -T-~-  with the following suggestion: Why, don't  they  give all  permanent residents  and  their oars two free return trips off the,  , Peninsula' each month? <  "A letter received from the minister'  of highways informed me that the approximate total cost'of the Upper LevelB  Highway from Taylor'Way to Horseshoe  Bay will,be $30 million. This sum,., is  paid through taxation and every taxpayer  ; pays his share whetlier ho lives in DaW: '  son Creek or Sechelt,  r      ,    <  "Now, if, wo consider the ferry as an  extension of Highway 101, (as the bulld-  , ing of a road is out of tho question at  1 Uils time, wo are told) could not the  government set aside $30 million toward  this rond of tho future and at, O.Mi'.'per;  cont interest It would pny an annual  amount to a fund of $2.5 mllHlon. Thla  fund would pay a monthly amount fdr thef  approximate 10,000 residents of $210,000  or -a Utile over $20 per resident. ; ,  1 "Something to consider, pome .election;  time."   -,'        .,,- -.'.,'   i  , Murrl��> Rodman! Winy don't tHney put  .     ������ ,  a  40 mph stone from    SoohoU  vlllago  Cabhago  famUy���Ukea,,potatoes, eol; ��� got^aid for fishing, have them register    boundary through  to tho end ��� of tho  !  !  THE ilPPdlNTMENT OF  ory, dill, boots, onions, ango, aromatic  plants. Dislikes .strawberries, polo boane,  tomatoes, ,  Corn���'Likoa potatoes, pons, bean*), cue- ���  umbers, pumpkin family,  Tomato���Likes chives, onions, paroloy,  carrots', nspnra���UH, basil, marigold. Dia-  llkca potatoes, cabba_o, kohlrabi.  These aro Just a few of the likes and  dislikes. For n comprehensive Hat, I suggest reading The Organic Way to Plant  Protection, My favorite la marigold,  Plant It near tomatoes, it, is good for  killing nematodes', and baall, a wrap-1  around shield for tomatoes,  Next,   wook   I  will   dlficusa   planning  your gordon| If anyono has any questions on any phoao'of gardening, thoy may  write to: Organic gardening, Tlio Pcnin-  .���.nulo.jrimoa|v]lox...aiOa...SochQlt,:JVON��.aAO.   BIUVZIUAN    Agate    alnl>_,   beautifully  polished, will bo convorsatlon plccca  no matter whero or how you uho thom,  Mlai lice's, Secholt,  their boat witli iho * ddrhy" offtcoT.,' wp  will need quite a few more In 1074." Interested boat ownors ahould contact tho  Derby office, 34QG--1733 Comox St��� Vancouver VOG.1P0.  ��������'���*,���  Dlclt Clayton'n Shop Fmy store lira  30 to 40 clicqucs returned every week���'  for ono reason or another and that's why  tho policy haa been inoUtuted asking you  to*.}��� put your phono number on your,  cheques.  According to Rog Thomaft, cheques  are relumed from tho bank for a variety  of reasons���pontons forgot to sign tlio  cheque,. IL 1ms tho wrong Hato, tho %uro  and written amount don't coincide and,  of courao, non-fiufflclont funds,  Reg linn to sit d o w n and fioarcli  Uirou'gh tho phono book to call tlio people  abouttholr clioqucfl nnd thlnl.i tlmo consuming so that's why tho policy wna  started,      , ,  Tho check-out glfrla havo Joatructlona  lo (jet pihono numbers on all cheques with"  out exception ovon  If thoy know  you  populated;' wef iii" Wo��i SocHolt?'*irjuflt"  may aavo wmo, peta���possibly aomo children in tho future! Life cycle of pcU on  ,tho highway In that area averages ono,  ycnr.or less, Wcat Secholt ia quite heavily  populated along tho highway; we havo  many children, who must walk along tho  highway to. tho achool bus or to visit  friends, I fool West Secholt la ready for  a 40 mph zone,",  I agree.  ....    . ^      #.     ��   ^ i, .  Any former membcrn of tho Elgnr  Choir In rciriderJiand? Tho choir Iw noting  IU f>0th, anniversary and founder Charlon  E,' Flndlator, 2322 Rollovno; Wcat Vancouver, .estimates moro than'0,000 chor-  Istora, both Iwya and glrlR havo Rung in  Klgnr choJrfl ovor tho yoara and ho wanl��  to hokl a reunion.  ~ * The *cholr "started in February��� 1024  aa 'the, Wesley Mothodlat Sunday School  Choir but after fiomo years tho Identification with thla church and Inter tho United  Churcli c��mo to an end.  Former'Rigor chorlatorti who wlah to  AS IHE NEW WESTWOOD HOMES DEALER FOR  IARBOUR- GARDEM BAT, B.C.  the   Suburban Series ...  i  eaianna  ���w������war)����ar��_Mai��__ar��H|.w,a.iai_���ww��wHM����������na��^  it-'    .'a    ��� ". -       .-,       This "SUBURBAN SERIK" of Wo����woo4 Dulldlno Syi-  \! -*'."_ tomi woi dotlanod to moot-a domond for hoiulna within  tho meant of tha avoraijo Individual, but ntlll mooting  ���pcclflcatlon* roqulrod for NHA, VIA or otholr financial  arrangement.,  ���|M|<:    ��  V" ' '���!    ��� i     "   '   ���   *i| ���   ���    'Ml. .*.'- I  -1: L~^=__J_J_l*^Ul_^__il_^l" ��-*.,.,..l F��- ti   -\H .. ���    ,[  'I M  LOCALLY PUILT WESTWOOD HOME  ON THE FRANCIS PENINSULA  Homo plans In" thl�� * -crloi havo boon * tested and Judged -  by tho public and building trade and aro considered to  (live tho maximum planning posslblo within tho scope  of economical dimensions used. Tho homos feature  Citation kitchen cabinets, Hlalco aluminum windows  and patio doors and Console "Narrow Uno" wood,  windows. ���   ' r  Dluo , prints are Included with  the purchase of every  homo pockoae.        .....,..���,���..,,,..,���,.  I  �� pay cash for  Used Cars or Trucks  SUNSHINE RENTALS  Auto Ply. 885-2528  ���well���fib boar" with"thomrir only lakca fiho"roun1bn"'Mnrch^5"ttt''"15trA'n-  ' ��� necond,  Of courfio, If you aro not known to  tho girls, you will hav6 to Identify your-  flOlf, i , >.  ���    . *       t  WHY DON'T THEY?  Chronic ComplalnoT la back Jnto print  drcwn-Wc-ley United Church, Vancouver,  should write Elgar nlumnl president,'Mm.  W. Hutchingi <neo Wllmn Sklrton) at  4G0B West 7th Avo. Vancouver (phono  221-B474 evonln_fl) or necrolary Mm. XI. W*  Boll (Yvonno Flndlator) 5041. Sum no,  North Burnaby, 200-4734 evenings,  O   CUSTOM PLANNING SERVICE  '���  GO STANDARD HOUSE PLANS  .,#,��� TECHNICAL-AOVWE--*^-------.  O  MORTGAGE PLANNING  m  ASSISTANCE IN ARRANGING  CONTRACTORS ~-������ ���  O  FINANCING ARRANGEMENTS  Westwood is, British Columbia's leading manufacturer of component homes. Whether yon  plan to build now or in tho future/ it will pay  you to Investigate this better way of building.  ,���,__^^ _____  COS ENTERPRISES UP.  Dox 24, Garden Day, B.C.  mi JACK BARRETT; 883-2671 or  LAURIE MONRO: 803-2451  /.ii,mi pim.ii num..i  >'i'j*W***__��__v,1  BUILDING SYSTEMS LTD.  \ )�����*-  ySft.nagF  llta L^arpefo for cJLow f irice&f which  will not be deen ~s^raam .�����  S  1_N: is- *..-Ait.*-    -j  _,���       Iff   I   ittfr^  _5f 3*^ ^JlNi*  S5��  �����:���:���:���:���:_.���  1*    f  ���^wtttf.1;  _S��       ��l, _ ___ __ ______      ___.-_ __--,,  * I* *    v^ '    *_*�����__>>  >* *      �� �� S. -  ���W"'r_'i,>-  kfo��  ^.z ^^w^/L��_>, _"[���. j  *'���'*������    ������-  ������������*��� a��� _���aafcii������,-���fa--, ��� J���-������������a a. .._.��� . ������ ��� ��������� I- _T ��� al* ���jB-  (55  3  i��,y3r*r-_*rT��*  ,    t*a_>.vr      ,��r  J*  f"* _ *?>    ' -5   -ft'"  ���jj-l   'l_to.8^QG5lteX^  &::_-   *. _-*siT��3fi_ Ti-j'-.^A: ��  :F"  ~-Maaaaa|4nalif^al>>ajBi^lf__^MH^^��^B^^B.MVajaB^^*vaHr-4^p^^Hafa ��� �� i  -c*��-- "�������� ���   ���*_-<���- n ����� -��i- a_t>.V,  ��'?  i  ^S_-J*__^^^A-;-ffi;  ���:���:���:���:���:��:���:���:���  *  '^_ktf.flSai:"i.  &4t&4lj^ ��_&  ^i : ���l>^������ ��� ^ :_fiqupsei  _A_/?_     _#   *   <j::;,ir.j  ���ii  iiiiii__t_  ��� *x.  ajCmma.m.1 u ��.u_m jui-wjuu-i *  II  ,s_n.  ?rrrtMii:  r-5_r*,i^f-Ww��^��*_JL_l'.  w  *"���*���  Ni  1>i  LV^^'^KI^^^Sr^  ,_*���*������ 5_V  *"     <   __T  i\  .-"������  _.'.  ::S  ass** ���  ��fiww  il  *l    !     l*Sr (i   ot-��sl)sk.li���.Sfe*ilNi^VW((*IB;i^;  $*w��jf*��|:*��  iA^iS!V^fckMk��r^&^^"^��feW��Wr!^^i��,1  Ifefot) B. Utfl K.fci(i*tWi.s-f> -V<rt#i*W '.t;  M.,)*ffiM*i*ti'**^Viili,fe\'ifeMW(rfi*^;At^.feii^  NO REFUNDS - NO RETURNS -' AU ITEMS ADVERTISED FROM STOCK ONLY  1 i> .mi vvvtiMi   �����.__!_�����-** _  ��*sii.ri ��M~*!fcM)i**B>.M  - ���>  /^  rf.��������**"..:   **���--��,  '   ,  ,     ...     .,.,.!  0,.  Cqrpefs - Tiles ~ lEBioIeums - Custom Drapes  ��� *. *.  ��� ~V ��� -% I  ���'.;������ "I  ���> . / ������  - ���"* ���'���  if; v . '^* JO  ra_7  ll Ll____  *. _ �� __i  V-'.'i.  >   ��  w'K '"**���<   :rf   ^ *t'�� '-.   . -,    ' -v* '  s i ���  ,- ,,t-.. PHOJ_E 885-9654 -  885-2635 - 886-2121  For Fast Ad-Brief Service  COMING EVENTS  , ___��_-_-_--��--_--_---------------���-*^-----^a-------  TWILIGHT THEATRE..  , Gibsons ..886-2827  '��� 8'  ' Thursday,  Friday,  Saturday  ;Feb. 28th, March 1st and 2nd  "The Cross and  The Switchblade"  'starring  Pat  Boon ,;"__ - David  Wilkerson  GEN_1RA__  ' ' Sunday, Monday'^Tuesday  March 3rd,' 4th>and 5th .  ;    "Daughters ofJSatan"  ���plus---"  "Superbeast"  for lovers of the occult  :   RESTRICTED ��� ^Warning:  !   Disturbing occult practicies  Thurs., Fri., Sat., March 7, 8, 9  PROGRAM CHANGE:-..  OBITUARY (Continued) P��� A-4~Penin8��la Time,, Wednesday; Feb. 27, 19?4    BUSINiSS 6pP0RTUNITY    Wanted To Rent (continued)  .    "The Nepturglfactor"-  All shows 8 p.mi?sna in color  .   'VI'.      8840-14  BIRTHS  _ ^.  GIBSONS AND SECHELT  WESTERN DRUGS  ... are, pleased' to sponsor thb  1 Birth Announcement. space,  and .  , extend. Bee* Wishes to tho happy  patents.  ,SHARPE��� Don and Mary  (nee Harding are pleased to'  .announce the arrival of their  daughter Tamara Marie, 7 lbs.  '8 ozs. at St. Mary's Hospital,  .February 14, 1974.       9825-14  VENECHUK���Wally and Sharon are .pleased to announce  like ' birth   of   their   daughter  Jillian Ann, 6 lbs., 7 ozs., St.  -Mary's Hospital, (Sechelt, B.C.  SIMPSON���, Bessie; February  , 21, 1974, age 79. Beloved  wife'of George Simpson, -Madeira, Park, B.C." Born -in Eyemouth, Scotland,. 1895. She also leaves" to" mourn her loss  2 sons, Alexander Aitchison,  Madeira Park, B.C., Ian Simpson, Haney, B.C.; 2 grandchildren, .John .and Sharleen  Simpson, Haney, B.C.; 3 sisters, Mrs. Alex Young, Scotland, Mrs. Brock Carlton, Cal- -  / gary, Mrs. E. Smart, Vancouver, B.C.; numerous. nieces  and nephews. Cremation. In  lieu of flowers .donations to  Order of Eastern Star Cancer  Fund, Mt. Elphinstone Chap.  65,1 Gibsons, B.C, A memorial  service' was held in the Legion'-Hall, Madeira Park, B.C.  February 25, 1974.        9819-14  McCREA ��� On February 23,  1974, Zilpha M. McCrea of  Sechelt, age 84 years. Survived by relatives in Ontario and  ,many- friends in Sechelt. Rev.  J. "Godkin conducted-the service- in the" Harvey Funeral'  Home bns Monday, ��� February  25r 4 p.m. Cremation. In, lieu  ��� of flowers, donations may be  made to St. Mary's Hospital.  9846-14  CLASSIFIED, ADVERTISING  RATES  Phone:   885-9654 or 885-2635.    Gibsons: 886-2121  Published .Wednesdays by  Powell' River  News Town  Crier  ���     Sechelt Times Ltd.  'at Sechelt B.C.  Established 1963  Box Numbers  50c extra'  As  of  Member, Audit Bureau  of Circulations    '    -  September- 3ft 1973  Gross Circulation 3950  Paid Circulation 3744  filed with the Audit Bureau  Circulation, subject to audit.  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Passed away on February 18, -  1974 in his 67th >ear. Surviv- '  ed  by his loving wife Flor-  ��� ence; 2 sons, John and Douglas; 1 daughter, Lorraine; 1  grandson John, all of Toronto;  1 sister Mrs. G. Morrdtt (Florence) of Halfmoon' Bay, B.C.  Private family service. Cremation.   In   lieu   of   flowers  , donations to the B.C. .Heart  Fund would vbe appreciated.  Arrangements through the  Memorial Society of B.C. and  First Memorial Services Ltd.  9817-14  WOULD   "Patti". of   Sechelt  who phoned re creative acting please phone 885-9450.  9815-14  BAHAT World Faith and plan  for  all   mankind.   Ph.   885-  9450, :886-2078. 4105-tfn  EDMUNDS Holdings Ltd. will  not be, responsible for any  debts incurred,by anyone but  the undersigned. Marlene Edmunds. 9842-14  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous ���  Meetings 8:30 p.m. Thurs-  ' days, Wilson Creek Community Hall. Phone 885-9327. ��� In  Madeira Park meetings Wednesdays at 8:30 ' p.m. in the  Community Hall. Phone 883-  2401. . 3952-tfn  I   WILL   not   be  responsible  for  any  debts  incurred  in  my name by anyone but myself. - Marlene Edmunds.  9841-14  CLASSES in creative acting,  starting soon. Davis Bay. Ph.  885-9450. 4106-tfn  "In the event of'a typographical error advertising goods or services, at  a wrong price, goods or services may not be sold and the difference  charged tothe newspaper. Advertising is merely an offer to sell, and moy.  be withdrawn at any time."���(Supreme Court decision). Advertising is  accepted on the condition that, in the event of typographical error, that  portion of the advertising space occupied by the,erroneous item, together  with reasonable allowance for signature, will not be charged for, but the  balance of the advertisement will be paid for at the applicable rate.  A composition charge is made for advertising accepted and put .into  production, but cancelled before publication. 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Worth,  Tex. 8845-14  RELIABLE cleaning woman 2  afternoons per week. Phone  885-9896.      . 9836-14  ENUMERATORS required to  conduct a house-to-house  enumeration of'voters in��� the  Village of Sechelt for the  forthcoming Municipal Elections. Please leave your name  and phone number at the Sechelt Municipal Hall.  4072-14  WORK WANTED  LICENSED heavy duty mechanic and welder. Phone 886-  2603. ,   4167-14  WILL butcher,  dress  or cut  yours meat  or  game,   your  place or mine. Phone 883-9045.  3044-tfn  DIGGING sewer    lines,  garden, etc. Tree service, wood  cutting,   cat   work.    Insured.  886-9597. 3629-tfn  FURNACE   installations   and  burner  service.   Free   estimates.  Ph.  886-7111. .. 36-tfn  SUNSET gardening. Tree pruning, garden clean up, Lawn  maintenance' (cutting and trimming).  Randy 885-9767.  9835-16  LIGHT    hauling,    deliveries,"  house and garden clean up,  gardening,   furniture   moving, ���  etc.    Free    estimates.    Phone  886-9503. 3274-tfn  WORK WANTED (Cont.)  SECRETARIAL" services available.   Call  Sharon   883-2663  or   write   Box   178,   Madeira  Park. 4063-15  GENERAL handyman. Car-  ��� gentry, painting" and light  hauling. Ph. 886-9516. 2285-tfn  FOR all your carpentry needs,  call A.  Sheppard ��� Contracting at 885-2978. " 3783-tfn  PEERLESS    Tree    Services-  Guaranteed   insured  , work. ���  Phone  885-2109. 1887-tfn  FISHING rod repairs, custom  work,  reasonable.   Ph.  885-  9750.  ���*A cU  4135-17  WANTED TO BUY  LARGE   view   lot, zoned  for  ��� mobile   home. "Phone   (112)  '859-9124   or   write   33721   Es-  sendene Ave.,  Abbotsford.  4136-14  .. ILLNESS FORCES SALE  THRIVING HOBBY SHOP  SLendy and growing clienteL  All stock, 2 year lease' with ,  option. Plus $1800 ' revenue '  from sublet. 47000 cash, terms  on balance of $3000 at 8 per  cent. Enquiries write Box 737,  Sechelt, B.C. .    .  8801-tfn  OPPORTUNITY for semi-retired , person; must' have  some knowledge of the sea  and be able to handle a power  boat. Terms can be discussed.  Write Box 4056, Peninsula  Times, P.O. Box. 310, Sechelt,  VON 3A0. 4056-14  EQUIPMENT RENTALS  Rental yard for sale by owner. A going -concern includes  all rental .equipment plus 2  bedroom older homef-electric  heat,, on % acre. Earning approximately $2000 - per month ���  on rentals. A natural for retired gentleman or business  could be increased by energetic operator. Only yard' in  .the area���other interest forces  sale fo ronly$55,0000. Will consider some trade and terms.  PHONE 886-2848  8837-13  LOST '������  MISSING Feb. 16 in the vicinity of Medical Clinic and  Drive Ins on Hwy- 101, torn  cat, weighing approx. 18 lbs.,  old, 'short fur, white chest,  black and gray, markings on  tail Please, if you have any  information on whereabouts  call Dot Rose 886-7886. 9840-14  WANTED TO RENT  UBC student nurse needs cottage or suite, Sechelt area.  May to Sept. Write L. Buhl'er,  8619   Cartier,. Vancouver.  9820-16  THE BEACHCOMBERS  ARE BACK!_  . . . and we need accommodation.   Contact   Joe   Battista,  P.O.    Box    4600,    Vancouver  V6B 4A2.or call 684-0246.  8813-tfn  ROBERTS Creek area. 1 or 2  BR summer cottages for  mature, responsible mother  and child. Phone (112)228-  0248. 9818-14  NEED unfurnished 2 or. 3 BR  .home.   Can   afford   reasonable-rent. Phone (112)985-1704  collect. 9816-14  FURNISHED 4 bedroom, home  . in Pender Harbour. Phone  (112)731-9355.. 9807-14  for rent;  $120 MONTH, Halfmoon Bay.  Furnished 2 bedroom cottage on waterfront, June 15.  References. Phone (112)433-  3610. 9810-16  RUBY  Lake  Motel ��� cabins  , available   at   winter   rates.  $110 per month. 883-2269.  3369-tfn  TWO bedrm duplex. Avail"  . year round. $110 a month.  Roberts Creek (112)437 8386.  4209-14  RITZ Motel; reasonable daily  and weekly rates.  886-2401.  3407-tfn  HALL for rent. Wilson Creek  ���_  Community    Hall.    Contact  Marg Pearson,, 885-2337.  3246-tfn  - ���   -  MODERN 2. bedroom waterfront home, Redrooffs Road.  Available March 1st to June  30th, washer, elec. range,  fridge. Ph. 885-2881.     4065-15  REAL ESTATE  LARGE view lot 68'x386' (.60  acre) on Velvet Rd. ��� Good  marine view. Developing area. Large level cleared building site. $9000. $4400 cash to  existing mortgage. Phone 886-  7095 after'6 p.m.   ; <  4210-16  LANGDALE.  SUBDIVIDABLE  ACREAGE  Comfortable modern home haa  4 bdrms., 2 baths., large family kitchen, separate dining.  room. Living room and-master bdrm have sliding glass  doors to view of ocean and  ~ harbor. Situated on front part  of 10.36 acres, zones R2. Pot-  ential 60 desirable lots. Phone  Mrs. Pat MacDonald, Canada  Permanent' Trust 826-2831,  853-4811, 530-1011 8846-15  SANDY   Hook.   Large   treed  view1   lot,    $10,000.    Phone  (112)467-9692.   ' <    9834-16  ��� FOUND  a house you.want?  Mortgage   "money   available.  Bank   of   Montreal,   Gibsons,  Sechelt and Madeira Park.  4186-14  .-sg��  / :  MEMBER OF .  MULTIPLE LISTING  SERVICE  BOX 769, SECHELT, B.C.  REAL  ESTATES LTD.  ESTATE  PHONE ,885-2241  MOVE IN NOW ���   ,  AND ENJOY THIS DAVID BAY VIEW,,HOME  PENDER HARBOUR REALTY LTD.  (ON HIGHWAY 101 AT FRANCIS PENINSULA ROAD)  autoplan  AUTHORIZED   uuiujjiui I    AGENT  PENDER HARBOUR - EGMONT '- EARU COVE  CEDAR HOME ��� On loyely view property. Leasehold  land. 3 bedrooms, fully furnished, only $29,500;  NELSON ISLAND ~- 23 acres, 4000' of beach. Good  summer home. Asking  $140,000/ $50,000 down,  ,     ,   ,      balance at 9%,  GUNBOAT BAY ~-- !%��� truly'lovely acres. 265' safe  waterfront. Good 2 bedroom cottage, a fine buy at  F.P, $32,000.  'SELMA PARK  Immaculate 2 bedroom home with a panoramic view of the Gulf.  Only 1 short 'block to safe beach and boot moorage, small low  ��� malntenance'lot. All  landscaped.  F.P.  $24,250.  Call  Jack or  Stan Anderson.  REDROOFFS ROAD AND AREA  ,'   REDROOFFS ESTATES  Large treed properties, approx. % acre. Zoned R2, trailers allowed. Paved roads, close to Sargeant Bay, Hot fishing spot, Priced  from $6,250. Call Jack or Stan Anderson,  "i*"",*'*ttl*i3-_C_!^^ ^����*_**i��*?������  1240 sq. ft. on each floor.  1% bathroom upstairs, Roughed i In  fireplace and plumbing  In,basement,  On  largo  lot.   F.P,  only  $44,900. Call Len or Suzanne Von Egmond.   ���       SECHELT AND AREA       , TREES'-VIEW- BEACH  Waterfront property, Redrooffs Road, Approximately one acre,  Full price $16,700. Call Davo Roberts.  SECHELT RESIDENTIAL LOTS  '    BEHIND HACKETT PARK /  ��� Within ono ml|o of Shopping Centre, Schools, Hospital and  Beach, Ovor "60 lots available for $8,000 to $ 10,000 ea,  Call Len or Suzanne Van Egmond,   [���,'.���:  WATERFRONT LOT - 1 ACRE |  Close to Sechelt, Southern exposure. Great vlow of Merry Island  and Strait of Georgia, Only $18,500. Call Len or Suzanne Van  ,  Egmond,  GpWER POINT VIEW. LOT  '/�� acre of treed ' privacy  with all  services,  Future subdivision  ,.   potential, F.P. $12,000.00, 'Call Jack or,Stan Anderson.  PENDER HARBOUR -��� Ovor an aero of, watorfront,  180' of deep protected moorage. 3 bedroom homo,  noodf some work,  F.P. $46,500.       jj ii 11     ��� i ii ii        i��� i    i ii ������   -1. t i  WATERFRONT --. 2.5 acres with largo solid homo,  right In Madoira Pork, Lovely estate for $70,000 F.P,  i(    i ��� , ,,,.,    ,,  WATERFRONT LOT -~- 80', lovely view'- Powor and  water-F,P, $17,900.  MODEST HOME ��� Neat 2 bedroom bungalow on  lovol vIqvV'Jot.- ^dutliomoxposure. Only $21,000 F.P.  PEARSON ISLAND ��� 24 acres, closd to Pender  Harbour. Good Investment at $125,000,  '/. LARGE LOT v.'.. :��� <>-:. , : :','  Nicely troed. Approximately 1% ml|es to Secholt. Trailers permitted. Only $8,900.00. Try your offor, Call Suzanne Van Egmond.  5 ACRES - KING ROAD, GIBSONS  Heavily trood land with farm potential. Power, on tho site. Gazetted road on one side partially In. A good buy at $21,500. Call  , Stan or Jack Anderson, '  '.".������    WEST SECHELT ,'  Trallor site,  243' on Nor-Wost Bay ��� Road,, $9,500  F.P,  Call  '     Stan or Jack Anderson,  TUWANEK  TREED R2 LOT  Cleared slto for ,mobl|a homo, sorvlcod, $8,450, f,P, Call Jack  or Stan Anderson.  WEST SECHELT  cleared with creel  across tho road, \ ��  F.P. $9,50p, Call Jack or Stan Andorson.  SEMI-WATERFRONT  Year round brook, ocoan vlow and seclusion mako this unusual  Hoxlgon Homo truly unique, Land ,1s.almost an acre of cleared  park, All electric with a central stone fireplace, F,P. $38,900.  Call Jack or Stan Andorson,  Residential lot 83^)70, cleared with crook, easy accoss on to tho  jot and beach access across tho road,,Shade ,troos on tho lot.  PENDER HARBOUR  '.','   '<       TWNIi_0R'L<>T^W8T*$KHELT~"^^  ,90'x2Q5' on Wakoflold Road, Fully sorvlcod, year round crook,  good soil,  partially cloared, F,P,  $10,500, Call Stan or Jack  ��� Anderson, ,  800' WATERFRONT ACREAGE ,  'Southomoxposu'ro.'Prptected deep water rhoorogo for fishing and  boating,   Bcqutlful   park-llko   upland   and   pobblo   boach   for  swimming. Excellent for, group Investment or subdivision,  F, P, $ 125,000, Cal I Lon or Suzanno Van Egmond,  i >-  PHONE 883-2794  ~-WE NEED'LISTINGS--  John Breen       Archie Brayton      Jock Hermon  883-9978 883-9926 883-2745  MASON ROAD -, WEST SECHELT  2 bedroom 720 sq, ft, col tape on % aero of good,'land, Some  fruit trees, easy access, closo to primary school, F,P, $10,500.  Call Jack or Stan Anderson,  DRIVE BY  1195 DOLPHIN STREET :  1100 sq ft, of living spoco, plus full basom-nt In this 12 year  old family homo, Tnrco'bedrooms, largo kllchcn, separate dining room, plus largo living room, Boaut|fu|ly landscaped, $42,000  F.P, Call Dayo Roberts for an appointment.  SELMA'PARK  VIEW AND TREED  Two sldo-by-sldo Iota with excellent vlow In Solmo Park, Heavily  trood with larqo fir. 70'xl35', Fully serviced, good access, Full  prlco $12,000 each, Call Jack,or Stan Andorson.  Do You Want an  EXCELLENT VIEW LOT    '     "  Now Is your chance to bo among the first to pick out a  cholco lot In <hl�� now subdivision by Comoo Lands.  .��� cleared roady to build on ���> closo to beach ��� water  and hydro available -��� on Airport Road ��� paved, road-  -��� surrounding land In agricultural land froozo,  PRICED, LOW  from $6750 - act now before thoy aro gone,  CALL LEN or SUZANNE VAN EGMOND or JACK or STAN  ANDERSON.,,  Looking for a now home ��� contact us ��� we havo a good selection to chooso from. Call Lon  ' "  ,'��� or Suzanne Van Egmond, 885-2241, 885*9683,  _____  Dave Roberts    r  Evos, Phono 085-9785  Len or Suzanne Von Egmond  Evoi, Phono 885-9683  Jack or Stan Anderson  Evos, phono 085-2053 or 885-2305  Ed' Baker  Evos, Phono 885-2641  VANCOUVER DIRECT LINE MU-5-5544  SEE US'AT OUR OFFICE ACROSS. FROM THE SECHELT BUS DEPOT  COHO MARINA AT MADEIRA PARK  Approx. 800' waterfront, 3.93 ocres of park-like land. 2 BR  owner's home. Four modem, all-electric housekeeping units, cam-'  per and trailer sites, with modern new washroom. Marine ways, '���  .concrete boat launching ramp, rental boats ond foreshore leaser-  Marine repair shop with office and sales of marine and fishing ,  supplies. Approx. 650 lineal feet of floats. Franchised for: Mercury  Outboards and MercCruiser inboard motors and stem drives.  Dealer for: Home Oil and Starcraft Boats. $260,000 plus stock.  SINCLAIR BAY ROAD  Good family home, 3 BR, full basement with roughed-in extra  bedroom, sundeck on two sides. Needs some finishing. Owner will  complete for $33,000.  TRAILER PARKS  7 ISLES MOBILE HOME PARK ��� 3 acres approx., close to  Madeira Park ort Hwy. 101, overlooking Malaspina Strait. 11  trailer spaces ready,  room for .expansion. ,.$60,00)0.  SUNDANCE TRAILER COURT ��� 21 spaces on Hwy. 101 at  Sechelt. IMz acres approx. of leased land - 24 years remain-'  (ng on lease. $ 1 S0.OOO.  SINCLAIR BAY ROAD  'Lot No. 4 - Large treed view lot. $7,000.  EGMONT MARINA - FISHING RESORT  Approx. 4.5 acres, approx. 660' waterfront. 11 motel units,  owners 3-bedroom home, 8 sleeping rooms, restaurant and  store (leased out). Standard Marine station, bait sales, floats,  launching ramp, 8 rental boats, camper space and room for  ' expansion. $250,000.  SAKINAW LAKE  165' deep waterfront. 7 acres of treed property. Water access  only. $25,000  ACREAGE  1. Near Madeira Park ��� approx. 2% acres on Hwy. 101.  $25,000.  2. KLEINDALE ��� Approximately 20 acres, nicely treed property.  $35,000.  3.' FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� approx. 37 acres, partially developed with approx. 3,900' of primary roads constructed.  Possible 86 lot, subdivision. $150,000.  4. MIDDLE POINT ��� 20 acres approx. of nice view property  on Highway 101., Treed, with roads and trails throughout.  Small cabin on property.  $33,000. -  HOME & SWIMMING POOL ��� MADEIRA PARK  10'x33' mobile home with ^well built 12'x33' addition - 2  BR's, W/W shag carpet, fireplace. 16'x32' pool with diving  board and ladder. Also an 8'x29' trailer, rented for $90 per  mth. Landscaped. Walking distance to school, P.O., stores and  marinas. $45,000.  , VIEW LOTS ��� GARDEN BAY ESTATES ;;  In a beautiful setting, serviced with paved road, water and hydra.  Public access to waterfront. Close to stores, marinas and pott  office. $6,000 to $10,500.  .     EARL COVE  Corner lot. Level commercial lot on corner of Jervis Road and  Highway 101. $11,000.  RAE'S MARINA  2.21 acres in Madeira Park with 180' waterfront - good gravel  beach, boat launching ramp, floats, boat shop 24'x50' with all  necessary heavy shop equipment, marine ways (35 ton capacity  with 2 carriages), foreshore lease, 4 BR home with partial basement, 1% bathrooms, oil furnace, good view, $105,000,  GUNBOAT BAY,  675'  very  choice  waterfront.   Approx,   15   acres   of   privacy,  ' beautifully treed. Southern exposure. Water access only, $77,000.  GARDEN BAY  1,542 sq. ft. 3 BR home with den, oil furnace, partial basement,  carport, landscaped lot. Lot could possibly bo divided iri two when  road and water comes through at tho back. CJose to. marinas,  stores and post office, $43,000,  ROALCOGOR RANCH AT PENDER HARBOUR  i. -  Approx. 26-acre ranch on Garden Bay Road with approx. 15 acres  fenced and seeded, Near new 31x55' barn, shed, rodeo pens, viewing stand and concession stand, Older 2'BR house, fruit trees, two  year-round streams through property.'$75,000,  ,'. ,. ���'���'���    EGMONT  1, Very largo 4 BR home, approx. 244' watorfront on three sop-  prate lots. Float, Excellent for a group purchase, $105,000,  2, 2M)  BR homo on 70' waterfront lot, with float. Good'for  summer; homo  or   year   round   residence,   $31,000.,...  3, Approx, 1 % acre view property with 111^ frontago on Egmont  Road and 637' frontage on Maple Rood, Has older 2 BR homo, ,  rented for $75 per month, small cabin (12x24) rented for  $20 por month. Lot'could possibly bo subdivided into several  lots. $47,500. V ,  4, Lot 17���vlow lot with cottago, $13,000,  5, Approx, 3/5 acre lot with 550* on Maplo Rpod �� level, treed.  Good location for a summer cottage or mobllo homo. Close to  ���    , Egmont Marina. $10,500. ., ,,     ,  .".'H'M   7 ISLES RESTAURANT BUSINESS  ..Equlr?rrjcfnt��� and .business,,,3, BR .suite Jot,operator._.Npt .opbratlnfl.  at present, but could bo quickly .readied for oporatlon. Asking  $18,500, Open to offers,  CLAY'S MADEIRA MARINA  Approx. 3 aero*, 250' cholco watorfront in Madoira Park, 30'x80'  concrete shop building with repair facilities, display and solos  room, offlco, stockroom, Ownor's 2 BR homo, 7 motol units,  facilities for campor and trallor units, 5 rental hoots and motors,  launching ramp, floats, foreshore loaso. Largo up-to-date stock  of boats, motors, parts, marine hardware, Evlnrudo sales and service, $250,000 plus cash for stock  MADEIRA PARK LOTS     ,,  VIEW LOTS - sorvlcod with water and hydro, $7,500 to $9,000,  COMMERCIAL LOTS - In Modolra Park,, $16,000 and, $20,000,  NARROWS ROAD  Cleared, lovol lot, ready for building, $10,000,   ,  CALL OLLI OR JEAN SLADEY  a��T�� a ajU tttm m H_IH%a-i'l-nnWa1ll a.lllHpj}jfc  REALTY LTD.  Modolra Park, B.C,  Phono Ponder Harbour 883.2233 V  /  REAI   ESTATE (Con..)  WEST Sechelt: Large view  lot overlooking Trail Islands. Fully serviced, ready  to build. 100'xl50'. Some  trees, $14,500 or offer. 885-  9453. 9831,16  YOUR  AUTOPLAN  CENTRE  K. BUTLER REALTY LTD.  All Types of Insurance  Gibsons, B.C.  Phone 886-2000 or 886-9121  90' sandy beach" on beautiful  Sakinaw Lake. Furnished 2  ���poom log cabin with large  deck. Your own boat float. A  real little summer retreat. Offers to $27,500.  SELMA PARK: Dandy little  starter house for the newly  weds. 3 bdrms., living room,  family size kitchen, 3 pc. bath.  Attached carport. , Close to  beach and transportation. Only $12,0000 full price on easy  terms.  GIBSONS: Cozy 4 room basement cottage in excellent location. Close to beach, shops,  etc. and has view. Attractive  terms on full price of $24,500.  HOPKINS LANDING: Terrific buy in double lot. Serviced  and has  a view  unsurpassed. Full price only $8,500.  LISTINGS   WANTED!  MEMBER.  MULTIPLE LISTING .  SERVICE  ��� Norm Peterson 886-2607  -     Freda DuMont 886-7105  8847 14  WANTED to buy before July  1,  acreage with or without  house.   Cash  available.   Write  Box 593, Gibsons, B.C.  ^3325-tm  LEVEL   treed   lot,   103'x401'.  On   all   services. ' Driveway  in. $13,500, terms. Phone (112)  826-9208. _        4038-tfn  BUYING a home? Talk to the  Royal Bank for your mortgage. New mortgages and refinancing available. Royal  Bank,  Sechelt.  885-2201.  3854-tfn  PENDER HARBOUR  Cedar Grove. Campsite and  Marina. Over 800' waterfront  and in excess of 300' of floats.  6 yr. old, 3 bdrm., full bsmt.  modern" home, plus 2 rental  cabins, numerous trailer and  camper spaces asNwell as tentative sites on 5��� acres. One  of the best waterfront left in  the area. Great opportunity  for development or subdivide,  etc. Group purchase, asking  $160,000;  terms.  LAKESIDE RESORT: On beautiful Hotel Lake, 6 rental  units plus owner's quarters.  Over 400' waterfrontage, 21  acres allows for expansion to  MOBILE HOMES (Cont.)  BUYING    a    Mobile "Home?  Contact   us   first:   Bank  of  Montreal,   serving' the   entire  Sunshine  Coast.   -        4185-14  .AYERS   Mobile   Home  Park.  We have tw6' trailer spaces  available.  885-2375.  ���3946-tfn  Peninsula Times, Wednesday; Feb. 27, 1974���Page A-5  AUTOS. TRUCKS (Cont.)        LIVESTOCK (Continued)  DOUBLE   WlDE  AS LOW AS    ,  $12,900  Your choice of Decor and  Options  Price   includes   delivery   and  set up. 100 per cent financing  available O.A.C.  Call Collect  , 434-8771 or 936-6524  Regal Mobile Homes Ltd.  6655 Kingsway, Burnaby,, B.C.  MDL 25012  8824-tfn  MOBILE   home   space   available   March   1.   Big  Maple  Trailer Court. 885-9513:  '66 METEOR Montcalm, met-  talic blue, PS, PB, good rubber and condition. 49,000 mi.  -One owner.. $875 cash. 886-  7173. 4221-14  '63   CORVAIR  Monza.   Auto.,  new  brakes,   tires, exhaust,  ba'tt,,   gen.,   VR,   etc.,   etc.   8 ���  track    stereo,    radio,    4-way  'flashers,   etc.   $325   or   offers..  885-2897. 4223-14  1961 CHEV sedan, 61,000 orig.  miles,   new   shocks,   brakes;  valves,   tires,   $350.   Ph.   886-  2401. 3785-lfn  ?67 CORTINA 1500. 886-7317.  ., -    4225-14 .  '69 CORTINA GT.-New tires  and   radio.   '69   Datsun   4-  speed, 510' deluxe model. .885-  9425. - 9839-14  1973    DATSUN    240Z,    blue,-  7,000   miles,  Michelin   tires,  Cibie .lights.   $5499.   883-2227.  ���9802-tfn  SWIFT Feeds ��� H. Jacobscn,  Swift dealer. Nor'West Rd.,  Sechelt.i Phone 885-9369. Chicken feeds - Horse feed - Hog  feed - Cattle feed. Hay and  other- feeds - by order. , 258-tfn  2    HORSE trailer   for   rent.  Cunningham's.   Phone   885-  9927. ,  . 3340-tfn  Come in and see our new  Tack display . . .  QUALITY  FARM  SUPPLY  All Buckerfield Feeds  Hardware- Fencing  Fertilizer - Purina Products  , Alfalfa - Hay - Straw  Garden Seeds - Seed Potatoes  We are on Pratt Road, 1 mile  south from Highway  PHONE  886-7527  8826-tfn  PETS  WE  HAVE  trailer space  av,  ailable. Phone 885-2375.  4120-tfn    '57 % TON Fargo, heavy duty    SILVER male poodle  puppy,   __ *-..-_]v-.-m     4-_-_-_-.l>>       _OnA        -lUnnA -p_ . -    .        r         ____.____r"'  pickup   truck,  885-2845.  $200.   Phone  9848-14  AUTOS. TRUCKS, Etc.  1962 CHEV Bel-Air stn. wagon, V8 auto., power tailgate,  tinted windshield, ��� radio, new  tires, immac. kept, $285. 1963  283   TRANSMISSION  with  3  speed   Hurst   Shifter,    $60.  .Phone 885-9588. 9805-16  '70 JEEP Wagoneer, all extras  included.   Air   cond.   $4500.  Phone 885-2339. 9784-tfn  FORD Custom 300, V8, auto.,  radio, new tires. Good transportation. $225.  886-2334.  4214-14  1965 DODGE 6 auto., radio,  economical, $265. 1964 Meteor Custom, V8, auto. Very reliable and wall maintained/.  Dual exhaust. $325.       4215-14  1960 FOUR wheel-drive Land-  Rover,   28,000   miles. - Warn  hubs,  camper back.  Cash offers.  Ph. 886-7168.        4195-14  '69 INTERNATIONAL % ton,  V8, 4 speed trans. HD sus.,  clutch and brakes. 35,000 mis.  Excellent shape. Complete  with -walk  in box and shel-  4067-tfn   -i?63  ECONOLINE van,   good  condition,   $450   or  offer.  "    886-9632. 9843-14  CAMPERS & TRAILERS  13' TRAILER, propane stove,  fridge,' wired. Good accommodation   while   clearing   or  building. $500. Phone 886-7519.  4222-14  BOATS & ENGINES  "IT    RUNABOUT,   _FG_ over  hardwood   plywood.   50   hp  Merc elec. start, canvas cover.  Phone   885-2122. 9832-14  15   'RUNABOUT  with  55   hp  Evinrude,   conv.   top,   bilge  pump,   etc.   Trailer   included.  Madeira Marina, 883-2266.   ��� 4188-14  13' FIBREGLAS 'Whaler' type  runabout, on trailer, 40 H.P.  Johnson with steering .controls  and elec.' start $1200. Phone  (112) 261-6034. ���  4199-15  SAILBOAT,   24   OD,   32   OA.  Ready for rigging. $5000 or  nearest offer; Phone 886-7063.  9809-14  21' VINTAGE trolling launch  in   good   condition.   Former  ves.   Ideal for  the   contractor    yacht tender, $2500. Ph.  (112)  or camper. Phone  885-2062.  9824-16  '63 MERCURY, 390 engine.  Good running condition.  Will sell or trade for good  running V8 Chev engine. Ph.  885-2760 after 6.       '    9829-14.  738-2741.  4200-15  per has' fridge, stove, furnace,   . i ivECTnrir  oi-i..    +-;i_+   --.j   i���t-   ^*   ���i-_       wreaivvR  '68   FORD   %   ton   combined  with camper. Specially designed for 2 people. Truck has  360   cu.   inr.   motor  with   HD  $99,000; terms.  Large    semi-waterfront   lot,  fully serviced.  JACK NOBLE  Rochester Realty Ltd.  883-2701   or  936-7292  8841-14  12' ��� HOURSTON    Glasscraft.  Steering  and  controls.   1970  25 hp Evinrude. 886-9597.   -   4219-14  EIGHT-YEAR oH 26-foot  Turner-style work boat. Rebuilt Chrysler marine engine,  tow post and radio, $7,200,  will consider offers. Buccaneer Marina, 885-9563.      4055-14  LAND available in Sechelt  village. Will build to suit.  Contact Mission Point Developments Ltd. Box 547, Sechelt  or phone 885-9951.       3913-tfn  sink, toilet and lots of storage space. Will sell as unit or  camper by itself. Best offer to  $2700.  Phone  886-2738.  9806-14  LET us finance your next vehicle!  Arrange your financing   first   and   save,   at   the  Royal Bank, Sechelt, 885-2201.  3855-tfn  1965 INTERNATIONAL Trav-  elall. Excellent engine, $550.  885-9710. 9830-16  8  BANTAM  hens,  $12.   Also,  chicken   manure,   75c   box.  886-9831. 4212-14  CHICKS ��� dual purpose ���  Paymaster, Rhode Island,  Red Cross, White Leghorns,  White Rocks. Ship anywhere.  Napier Hatchery, 22470, 64th  Ave., RR 7, Langley, 534-6268,   .___, 3769-tfn  BRUSHWOOD  Farm,   R.R.  1,  Gibsons. Quarter horse stal-  MOBILE HOMES  '71 2 BR 12x60, partly furnished. Completely set up in  trailer park at Wilson Creek.  8x7 storage shed. Phone 885-  9868 after 0 p,m. 9822-16  Sunshine Coast' Mobile   "  Home Park and Sales  Hwy. 101 Gibsons Ph. 880-9826'  New models now on display:  12x60 Statesman ,3 BR. utility   room,  $13,000,   incl.   tax,  12x60 Salesman,, 3 BR, shag  carpet in MBR and LR, $12,000  24x48 Embassy,' twin-wide, 3,  BR, fireplace, DR. dishwasher,  $19,700.  All models include 2 dr. frost  free fridges, ���, deluxe ranges,  washers and dryers1, custom-  made furniture, delivery and  complete sot-up, AH, taxes included, no hidden charges, Nov  extras to buy. ��� 0044-tfn  '70 ENVOY, Epic. Offers. Ph.'  H��ii at stud. Phone 886-2160.  886-2831,   after   28th   phone 4145-tfn  886-2767. , 9833-14  Reg. and innoc. 885-9797.  . 9814-16  GOOD   home   wanted' for   5  year   old   Alsation.   Phone  885-2010. 9827-14  MORTGAGES  1st AND 2nd MORTGAGES  Residential  -   Commercial  Recreational  All types of real estate financing including builders loans.  Fast appraisal service.  ACADIAN MORTGAGE  i.  CORP. LTD.  2438   Marine   Drive,  West  Vancouver,   B.C.  Phone' 92.6-3256   8227-tfn  MORTGAGE money available  ���Bank of Montreal, serving  the entire Sunshine Coast.  4187-14  WANTED .  HANDCRAFTS taken on consignment for new 'Children's  Shop' opening soon. Any hand  made item suitable for children. Phone 885-9341. Mrs. D.  Netzlaw. 9813-16  FOR SALE  JOHN Deere model 110 lawn  and garden tractor. C-W  Flail mower, rotary rrfotor  and sickle bar, $850. Sunshine Coast Trailer Park.  Hwy. 101, Gibsons. 886-9826.   4211-tfn  WHOLESALE   lumber,   rough  and . planed, ��� $50-$95    per  thousand    feet. ' Call    collect  926-1024.  3784-tfn  23" 2 YR. Admiral console -TV.  Good    condition.'   $90.    22'  small scow $100. 886-9831.  t 4213-14  TWO   20   lb.   propane   tanks  and fittings. $50. Phone 885-  2490. ,  9812-16  25"   ZENITH   color   TV,  $375  or offers. 885-2897.   , i  . 4224-14  PLAY Lions Community Bin-  "go, cards available, $1.00 ea.  by phoning 885-2012 days or  885-2027 nights. 4184-tfn  (Classified cont. on next page)  '68 MINI for parts.  Ph.  886-  7418. 9838-16  '69 CHEV pickup, 31,000 mi.,  needs some body work, 307  engine, $1500.' Madeira, Marina.  883-2206.        ,.'.. ,   4189-14  ���55 DODGE Regent HT, auto,.  , PS, good condition, $120,  Phono 886.2524, 9808-14  '67 CHEVELLE Malibu station  wagon, Auto., radio, hod--  or. Now tires plus extra  wheels with tires. New  brakes, Very good condition,  $700 or nearest offer, Must be  sold beforo Fob, 20. Phone  886-2612, 9837-14  1972 COUNTRY Squire, 21,000  miles, full powon full equipment,;  885-9503. 4057-14  1000 INTERNATIONAL Scout  In  good runnlnfi condition,  Standard trans. $500, ,000-2071,  ���     ���>��� -4220-14  CHARLES ENGLISH LID.  REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE  NOTARY PUBLIC AND APPRAISALS  Gibsons, b;C.  886-2481  PHONE TOLL FREE: 687-6445  CONTRACT PROPOSAL INVITED  Tho Council'of Forost Industries of B.C. Invito- proposals to  carry our a loq.bpom Inspection patrol In Howe Sound,  Tha contractor will bo familiar with lho Howo Soiirid oroa^  and preferably bo a resident of tho aroa,'Ho should b'o familiar  Willi lop booming, sorting, and towlno practices, and bo capable  of carrying'out minor boom repairs, Ho should havo a substantial  oll-vyoothbr boat capable of a speed of between 15-20 knots, The  boat must ba equipped with, adoquata radio or, radio-telephone  communication so as to facilitate prompt contact with tugboats,  sorting grounds and others, It1 Is desirable that It also bo radar  equipped, Tho contractor will bo responsible for hiring a suit-  ���ab|o deputy patrolman, ������,.���.,.������,.���,���.,��� ,....,,...�����,�����,���..���,���,..������j,,,, ..,,,���.,  All proposals should bo quoted on a monthly basis. Two  soparato quotes are requested ���- ono for 168 hours a month,  and ono for 240, hours a month. Those quotes should Include the  cost of hiring tho deputy patrolman and for providing fuel and  equipment.  Fof fuilhor Information, contact Mr, F, N, Brlon, n04-0_.ll,  Proposals should bo mailed toi Security Manager, Council o|  Forest Industries of B C��� 1500-1055 West Hastings Street,  Vancouver, H,C, V6E 2JI1, before March 29,  1974,  GOWER POINT ���' New home, split-level design, 3-  bedrooms, master bedroom has ensuite plumbing.  Futuristic kitchen, complete with,new stove, fridge,,  dishwasher. Dining room, family room with f I replace,;  all \yall-to-wall carpet. Basement .has recrotation room  and roughed-ln plumbing. Double carport. All on half  acre lot, F,P, $58,000, Mortgage available on this.  ' L-   LANGDALE ~ One view lot, size 65'xl94'( Cleared  and ready to build on, All services, $9,500.'  i      ,���;���-.���_____  CLOSE TO GIBSONS --, 8 acres treed, sloping land  on Highway 101. F.P, $34,000.  SELMA PARK ��� Lovely 2 bedroom homo; IMs years  bldj immaculately finished, wall-to-wall carpets, L.R.  with fireplace. Dining room, utility, large carport and  workshop. Lots of closets, F,P, $26,000. Dominion  Loaso land.  GOWER POINT ���> 3 waterfront lots,   100'xl90'.  , Cloared and |n grass. Beautiful view, $20,000 ea,  REVENUE HOME -- Centre of Gibsons on largo vlow  lot, Woll laid out spacoous rooming houso, One 1 BR  sulto, 4 slooplng rooms, 2 housekeeping rooms, centralized kitchen facilities, TV room and guest living  room, very modern and neat, extra washroom and  shower rooms, Sale includes furniture, dlshwashor,  ,gr.l IL J wo stoves, fridges, _. as.. sot ��� up... MakQ_.an.-ap-.  polntmont to seo this fine Investment at F.P, $65,000.  TWO 2-UNIT DUPLEXES ��� Excollortf revenue or  retire In ono side and lot other unit help to moke your  payments,. $28,000 each,,  L I S T I N G S     WANTED  K, A, Crosby 806-2Q98  Mike Dlan��y 086-7436  i, Vlner 886-2331  Don Sutherland 803-9362  ASK FOR FREE CATALOGUE OF REAL ESTATE  PHONE (24 Hours)  Set-heft" 885-2235"  Vancouver 689-5838  (E. & O.E.)  o     BOX 128, SECHELT, B.C.  CORNER OF TRAIL AND COWRIE '   WHERE DO YOU WISH YOUR HOME?  - WE WILL ARRANGE FOR YOU!  SELECTION OF LOTS?-CHOOSE YOURS!  DAVIS BAY ��� 3 BEDROOM VIEW HOME . #3-097  All on one floor, 29% feet of view window, post ond beam construction, 3 large bedrooms, utility room, auto, electric furnace,  heatilator fireplace.   Insulated ceiling,^ cedar plan construction,  "a honey" $42,800. Lee R. Brown eves. '885-9463.  GIBSONS AREA #6-3-021  480' highway frontage. Almost square. 4.8 acres of deep black  soil. On main ferry route.   F.P.   $20,000.00 Jack Warn  eves.  886-2681.  ACREAGE - ROBERTS CREEK    ' #15-3-076  On a side road between Park and Beach, we offer 5 acres of  level wooded Jand, dimensions 518' RF by 420' deep. Zoned R2  and-not in agricultural land reserve. Could have subdivision potential. $27,500 full price. Terms.  Jack White 886-2935 eves.  4.25 ACRES - GIBSONS #3-040  Good soil  on this fine piece .of acreage.; Serviced with  hydro.  Building in oreq predicts'g6'6dvwell potential. Compare, price of-  this "parcel with others,'' Full price $22,500. Tee R." "Brown, 885-  2985 evenings.  - BUILDINGS 8. PROPERTY - GUNBOAT .BAY #39-2-999  Buildings, owner's 3 bedroom o/t home on 150' waterfront. Plus  3 cabins, ready for occupancy, all fully self-contained. Boats and  outboard motors, dock and ramp,  Pat Murphy 885-9487 eves.  SELMA PARK ��� SUPERB VIEW ��� 3 BEDROOMS #3-096  Almost new���delightfully planned, view home, 2 bedrooms up,  one down, with full, grade level basement, Fireplace up and  down," wall to wall carpeting, electric heat. You won't believe the  view till you see it, Asking $43,000, has a mortgage. Peter  Smith, 885-9463 evs,  ORANGE  ROAD ACREAG- : #11-3-107  Here's 4.5 acres, gentle slope to south and distant view over  Gulf, cleared.and mostly in gardens and fields. Fenced all' around.  Gothic Arch house only three years old, some outbuildings. Licenced water rights, hydro installed. Present owner does a cash  business in berries and Christmas trees, Houe is small, but well  built with concrete foundation, Insulation, etc, All this for  $37,500, Jack White, 886-2935 evenings.   .,  RECREATION & INVESTMENT LOT #3-101  Large (100x250) selectively cloared lot in popular summer recreation area, Perfect' spot for that fishing cabin, Priced low for  quick sale, Full price $6,750, Call,NOW, Leo R, Brown, 885-2985  , ��� evenings.    ,,.  "WESTERLY VIEW LOT - SELMA PARK    '        ''"'.'"    ; #3-085  Nice gently sloped lot, 173'x62' on Sunshine Coast Highway, with  a back lane entrance to property. In a nice residential area. Full  prlco $11,000. Pat Murphy 885-9487 evenings.        ,   '  WEST SECHELT     '    ���  WATERFRONT '       .    #3-093  'First time offered '��� largo remodelled  riomeon 99,8 feet watorfront has 5  bedrooms,   large   living   and;  dining  areas,   electric  furnaco,   brick   flro-  , place,1 This merits a really good look.  Full   price   $55,000,   Don   Hadden,  885-9504 eves.  WAKEFIELD ROAD ' #21-2-996  2.6 acres in choice residential area of West Sechelt. Create your  own dream home on this estate size property, sheltered and bordered by a delightful stream. Servicd by hydro, phone and water  on road. Full price $21,000. Don Hadden 885-9504 evenings.  SARGEANT BAY ��� 100 FOOT BEACH     " #3-020  NOT for the faint hearted -' it's lovely, though steep terrain.  Very nice log home, one bedroom, electric furnace, stone fireplace, large deck.  Fisherman's joy. Asking $37,650.,  financing  possible. Peter Smith, 885-9463 eves.  SECHELT #19-3-063  Drive past 1221 Dolphin Street���look this one over, it's only 5  years old; well "planned, has four bedrooms for the growing family. Lot nicely developed, lane at rear. Owner wants to sell and  would look at only $5,000 down on a full price of $35,000: This  is your opportunity to acquire a good home in the best part of  ,,<-,;.     .,_������ ��� town.1 Jack White, 886-2935 -evenings:'  MOBILE HOME TRAILER PARK ' #3-110  Presently 18 serviced trailer sites. Possible 20 more sites for  expansion. Over 6 acres, beautiful park-like land. PLUS 3 bedroom  (extra spacious) modern home. Full basement, has extra bedroom.  Heated 20x40 pool. Sauna, change rooms at pool side. Home and  grounds are fully private. Year-round creek borders property.  Have water rights, but hooked to Municipal supply. For'inspection or quotations call Bob Kent 885-9461 evenings.  TILLICUM ~ '     " #20B-2-967  Holiday come retirement lot, Easy to manage for building or landscaping. Can you do better at $5,500. Jack Warn 886-2681 eves.  SECHELT - DOLPHIN STREET : #19-3-057  Brand new home. Big living room-dining area off cross the front  deck, modern kitchen and color bathroom, two bedrooms, wall-to-  wall throughout (except kitchen), On lower floor is another bathroom, potential for rental suite which Is allowed, rooms roughed,  In now. Now available for $40,000 cash to mortgage. Jack White  ...,"'  886-2935-evenings.   ' '  PRIVACY,AND RECREATION ' #3-055  Well planned warmly built family home, Level grounds, good  garden sol). Almost four acres with 150 feet steep waterfronr-  ' age; deep moorage, School bus at the door, one mile to Madeira  Park, Area zoning permits keeping of livestock and .poultry,  Full price $56,900. down payment $29,000, C, R, Gathercole  \ eyes, 886-2785,  !'��� ECONOMICAL'?RETIREMENT ��� 02-985  , Unusually attractive two bedroom  mobllo  home on permanent  .foundation. Choicest soil, beautifully landscaped grounds. Large  patio and roofed carport,, Full  price  $27,500. C.R. Gathorcolb  eves.  886-2785;  CLEARED LOTS WITH VIEW -~  DAVIS BAY #3-058 & 3-059  Both hayo panoramic view of gulf)  with hydro, water and, cable vision by.  Largo lo. Is M2'xl35' for $21,000,  Ropular lot 87,9>I09.8' for $10,-  50O,  Both  oxcollont  building   sltos,  Don   Hacjdon   885-9504   eyes,  ACREAGE -  NEW HOME  fl  IA  i  )C 15-3-090  Just completed to feature finishing  ��� stage, This largo homo Is very adaptable to requirements of the purchaser, Complete stop saving living  aroa on separate lovol from bedrooms and both of those areas separated from hobby, don and utility  aroa, Designed to obtain maximum  advantage from natural lighting and  immedlato surroundings, Features Include hoat|lalor fireplace, electric  heat, largo sundecks, ond two upper,  balconies, Homo Is Ideally situated  beside a year round crook on 6,44  acres of  socludod  proporty,   Owner  moYlna. East,. rWfl,,look .forward, ,to..���  snowing you this property, Full prlco  $79,000, Terms/ John R,'Goodwin  885.2235 (24 Hour*).  QUALITY HOME -  ECONOMY >f3��0S3  New 2 BR. Wall-to-wnll twist,carpet  In living, dining and'master bedroom,  Short distance to watorfront, Many  evergreens, Full price $28,750. Financing may be arranged, Jack Warn,  evenings 086-2681.  SECHELT AGENCIES DATE PAO  EVERY DAY'���Phono Mary for your Autoplan   Liconco  and Insurance Appointment at 885-2235 24 hours.  BaBOIDBBnDaBailBBDBniiafiBlinQliaP-OIIBaEIDDDPQaDaDBBPODnpiBBSQEJaiEIOiai  EVERY MONDAY���1:45 p,rn.', Community Hall Roberts Creek,    '  Elphinstone Now Horizons carpot bowling, cards fi( films,  EVERY TUESDAY, 7i30 p,m��� Sochelt Legion Hall, Socholt TOPSClub,  now members welcome,  EVERYWrJDNESDAY-~8:0Q p,m��� Bingo, now Loglon Building,.Secholt,  EVERY WEDNESDAY���2, p.m., Senior Swinger, Old Loalon Hall, Secholt  EVERY WEDNERDAY���8 p,m. Introductory Lecture on Trancondontal  Mediation, I.M.S, Contro, Gibsons,      '  EVERY THURS,���-OiOO p,m,, Bingo, Pender Harbour Community Hall,  ��THURS,afternoons"TOPS"-meot|ng at Public Health Centre,") |30-3;00*  EVERY FRIDAY -- Gibson's United Church Women's Thrift Shop, 1-3  p,m, In Unllod Church basomont, ' /  Fob, 27���Bp,m,, Important organizational meeting for Soa Cavalcade  74, Kin Clubhouse (Douglas Park);'Information! 086-2968,  Feb, 27^���11  a,m, to  1  p,m, Tops Rummage Sale, Old Legion Hall,  Socholt.  Mar.  I ������2 p.m. World Day of Prayer Service In St,. Aldan's Church,  Roberts Crook.  Mar, I ���2 p.m. World, Day of Prayer Service to be hold .Bethel  Baptist Church, Secholt.  Mar, 6���8  am," Sechelt' Garden  Club,   Sf.   Hilda's  Hall,   Sechelt,,  Mar, 29���O.'OO p,m,, annual general meeting, Ponder Harbour Credit  Union, Sunshine Inn, Garden Pay, Roast Beef dlnnor,6i30 pm,  Tickets $2.00/ ,  ASK FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE OF REAI, ESTATE  MultlpU LUtlng Service  Vancouver   Real   frtata  Board  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  AGENCIES LTD.  Phono 885-2235 (24-Hours)      ,      Box 128, Socholt, B.C.  Vancouver Phono 6S9~5$3B-~~��"-��-*- V   -  I    -  FOR SALE (Continued)  KENMORE   automatic   washer, 4 mos. old. $190 firm.-  ^ ���     9844-14  4 VW TIRES, bug screen and  trailer hitch. ,$40.-Phone 885-  9339. 9823-14  Having trouble getting the  books you want? Books of every kind by mail order.  Prompt processing of all orders. Send $2.00 deposit for  each book ordered to:  PATERSlON FINE BOOKS  1563 Marinie Drive  West Vancouver, B.C.  Nominal postal- charge deducted from deposit.* (fully refunded, if' out of print)  8842-14  FIREPLACE  wood   for .sale.  Alder and fir.  Phone  885-  9311 or 883-2417. 3233-tfn  HORSE   manure.   Composted,  $1 bag. 10 or, more free delivery. Phone 886-9646. ,   9804-14  8 TRACK car stereo tape  deck,   and   4 I speakers.   $40.  ______________________________  ELECTROLUX Sales and Ser-  vice. Ph. 885-2007.    4192-tfn  LEGAL NOTICES  APPLICATION POR A  PERMIT UNDER THE  POLLUTION CONTROL ACT  1967 (REFUSE) -      '  This application is to be  filed with the Director, Pollution Control Branch, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, British Columbia. ��� Any person  who qualifies as an objector  under section 13(2) of the  Pollution Control Act, 1967  may, within 30 days" of the  date of application, or within  30 days of the date of publication in The British Columbia  Gazette or in ai newspaper or,  where service is required,  within 30 days of ]the, serving  of a copy of the application,  file with the Director,, an objection in writing to the gran- ���  ting of a permit, stating the  manner in which he is affected. Those who do not so qualify may file with the Pollution Control Board an objection in writing under section  13(6), in the same manner and -  time period as described a-  bove.  MacMillan Bloedei Industries. Limited of ;���: 26th floor,  1075 West Georgia Street,  Vancouver, B;C. hereby ap-  �� plies to the Director for a permit to discharge refuse from  booming grounds ��� Stillwater  Division located at Wilson  Creek, approximately 4 miles  southeast of Sechelt, B.C., and  gives notice of the application  to all persons affected.   .  The refuse-disposal site shall"  be located at DL. 1029, Group  1, NWD whioh is approximately^ miles southeast of Sechelt, B.C.  The type of refuse to be  discharged shall be booming  grounds dredging waste.  , The quantity of refuse to be  discharged shall be as follows:  Average daily discharge (based on operating period) 925  cubic yards (3,700 cubic yards  two year total). The operating period during which the ���  refuse will be discharged shall  be 4 days, once every iwo  years, during one month  , (either February, March, or  April).  The nature or characteristics (in per cent by, weight)  of the refuse to be dscharged ,  is estimated to be as follows:  (a) Silt���50% (b) Sand^-30%  (c) Wood Fibr4e---20%.  ," The type of treatment to be  applied to the refuse is as foil-..,  ows:  Material  deposited  will *  ' bo levelled and compacted after: each dredging operation,  When landfill reaches the original land contour area, will  bo  reforested  with  desirable  ' tree species. , \  I, E. Willmott, Acting Secretary Treasurer hereby cert- ,  ify that a copy of this oppll-  catlon  has  been  received - by  the Regional District of Sun-  ,' shine Coast, ,  This application, dated on  the nth day, of January, 1974,  was posted on tho ground in  accordance with tho Pollution  Control regulations,, (,.  W. H. MEHAFFEY,  8843-pub,  Fob.   27,   1974  : # x- s.\  :  *"____  tmmmmmtwmmmm  *<��� ,\.  .'-_.  -^  ....  Yst  W  , _*_  Page A-6  i ���  The Peninsula T,ime��   .    Wednesday, February 27, 1974  Senior citizen Assn. notes  -"jj*  a. *_.    ��f" v % f   -^ *" *     ������ _.* ���ncL * *   *��� _   i  ',:>.  '���  &  "*  4-  . J_y  si*''- "J  1  \,  /  SPRING must be just around the corner,  the migratory birds are beginning to_  fly north again.  ��� At least  President Hugh  Duff,  who  has been in Florida the past month, returned yesterday in time tp preside at  ��� our monthly meeting at, the new Legion  hall, on Feb. 21. A letter from Gracie  and Emery Scott indicates' they expect  to be back at Roberts Creek on April  12. After  the  preliminary  procedures  President Duff announced that delegates  'to the provincial convention would be  .elected at our regular  March meeting.  ' Jim Derby reported the results of a  meeting held with the executive of Sechelt Timber Days. Briefly, the seniors had  ,been asked to assist, in any way they felt  they" could. .It had been suggested that  perhaps a carpet bowling tournament'  might be held but as this is not feasible  in Hackett Park we were asked'if we  might < perhaps instead assist in staging  a proposed horseshoe pitching contest.  Also a call was'made for volunteers to  assist in constructing proposed bleachers  Several of the men present volunteered  . and it is felt that others among the absentees will come forward. It was moved  that we make a donation of $10 towards  convention expenses.       I  A letter had 'been received from the  district engineer, dept. of highways, in  reply to one of ours asking for information regarding the' department_ policy in  the matter of charging seniors for install-  ��� by Robert Foxoll  per is now out of the hospital and recovering after . undergoing eye operations.  We were sorry to learn that Mrs. ,Mc-  Crae is a patient in St. Mary's Hospital  Dave Hayward, as transportation  chairman reported that besides the  March 30 charter to Reno and the Victoria trip May, 5, ,6, 7 he was trying to  arrange a charter to Bradher in. April  when the daffodil fields would be at their  prime. There would be, further advice at  the March meeting.  He also reminded us of the musical  afternoons March 3, Mrs. Gilker and-pupils and March 17. Mr. Postlethwaite and  his orchestra from Madeiira Park.  The meeting was advised that the provincial office had asked branches,toisupply them with histories.  Your reporter was joed for the^task  but quickly received offers of ���assistance  from past presidents who had kept scrap-  books of their terms of office. With such  ready help the task should be a pleasure.  Mr. Shuttifeworth drew our attention  to the endeavor, being made to' provide  transportation services for' seniors and  others who might have difficulty in get-  ��� ting to the hospital and the clinic and  having prescriptions delivered; It was  felt that our support was behind their  endeavors but that we should have a  representative address our next meeting.  Raffle for hampers saw Mrs. Margaret Henshke, Miss Harold, Jack Redman  and Karl Krane the lucky winners while  door prizes went to Mrs. Sear, Mrs. Pet-  PINNING HER dad, Mayor Harold  Nelson, is Sharon Nelson while Sabine Robinson points to Snoopy, signifying that the mayor of Sechelt contributed to the council of human re-  Q>  sources' transportation  ___  *-%  /  ation of culverts which had been made-  it> and -��-- Lucken At \hQ ^^xining of  -V  ?e two gl* were -t^S%   &&��*���� bT__f!______  Sechelt and Gibsons collecting funds.   themselves lucky to find a garage where  to buy a mini-bus to serve the medical needs of the coast's residents.  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  ���by Mary Tinkley  gulls and an eagle flew around the log  scavenging the scraps which floated to  the surface.  News has reached Halfmoon Bay of  the sudden death of Mrs. Evelyn Still-  well, a former resident of Halfmoon Bay.  Mrs. Stillwell and her parents, Mr. and  Mrs. Christiansen, owned the property  Which now belongs to Ernest McAllister  and Mrs. Stillwell and her son Michael  lived in the house where Milford McAllister now lives. In partnership with  Mrs.' Edna Brooks (now Edna Gladstone)  she operated the Driftwood Shop, a small  business for the sale of novelties made  from shells* starfish, rocks and driftwood.  She was interested in the children  of the Bay and organized pajama parties  and drama groups for performances at  the school concerts. Of-recent years, Mrs.  Stillwell had been living in Bremerton,  Wash.-Her son, Mike, has a government  job in Seattle.  The children's film show last Friday  offered a very interesting program. .The  most popular film was. The Loon's' Neck-  Jace which was made in the Kamloops  area with B.C. Indians taking part dressed in ceremonial robes and masks. The  cartoon film, as usual, was-ft big hit with  the children, particularly Rumpelstiltskin  whioh had1 live acting. The Halfmoon Bay  Recreation Commission which arranged,  the program expresses the appreciation  to the Welcome Beach Community Association for use of the hall and to Keith  Comyn who kindly acted as projectionist.  The regular Thursday film show presented three films loaned by B.C. Hydro  which, demonstrated the vast source of  hydro power oreated by developments  on the Columbia and Bridge Rivera,  Shown courtesy of B.C. Travel Industry  were two films on home landscaping, and  a light and amusing treatise on the funda^  mentals of safe boating. A film loaned  JOHN Winston Churchill died suddenly  in the early morning of Feb. 18 in his  66th year.     '  Born in Toronto, where he lived for  most of his life, he became the owner of  his own business in oil burner sales and  service. For, 3% years during the last  war, he served with the Royal Canadian  Navy, seeing service in the Russian Arctic  and taking part in the D-Day invasion of  Europe. In 1968, he' came to B.C. and built  a comforta'ble retirement home at Welcome Beach. He loved B.C. and the  friends he made here and had no desire  to live anywhere else, but last summer,  he' and -his wife Florence, drove to Toronto for a 2% months visit with their  two sons, Jack arid Douglas, their daughter Lorraine and their only grandson,  John Douglas ChurchilL  ', His family, and, many, old. friends , in  Toronto will treasure the memory of that  happy visit.  A quiet and reserved man, John  Churchill's chief interest was his home  and family, but he was also an enthusiastic ham radio operator.  A memorial service, conducted by the  Rev. Ian Grant, was held on Feb. 20 at  First Memorial Chapel in North Vancouver. Mrs. Churchill's son Jack had,  flown out from Toronto to be with her,  Last Friday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs.  Gus Fenker watched a wild life drama  taking place off the shore of their Welcome Beach home. Looking across the  water towards Merry Island, Mr. Fenker  saw what he thought to be two killer  whales sporting and playing, but when  he used his binoculars, he discovered'it  was,no game, he watched, but a ruthless ^ hunt by whales and a desperate  struggle for life by their victim.  The victlrh was a seal which had  sought refuge on a floating log and  which the whales were trying to dislodge  they were able to get some gas .to continue their journey. They say_ they would  not want to live in Florida under present  conditions. Robberies and muggings are  all too frequent and there are armed  guards around all the big stores. They  visited small stores where the 'owners  kept the doors locked in between customers.  Guests of Mrs. Roy Holgate are her  daughter Bernice with husband Tim  Guild from Brandon, Manitoba. Mr. and  Mrs. Guild left four feet of snow at  Brandon so they think the climate here  is pretty good even though they run into  a little snow around Gibsons on their  way here.   ,  Vince Shannon spent a few days-in  hospital for observation,  be home again by the time  gets into print.  necessary by the department's action in  deepening ditches where satisfactory access roads had been in use previously.  The letter was couched in such 'officialese' and such lack of consideration  for seniors that our secretary was asked  to write to the minister of highways requesting action on behalf of those affect  ed by these charges.  On the happier side, as far as governmental matters are concerned, was a  report from Adele deLange that she had  received advice from the Hon. Robert  Strachan that during refit, a toilet had  been installed on the car deck of the  Sunshine Coast Queen. It is perhaps only  fair to warn the cabinet that we can be  persistent regarding the culvert question  as we were in regard to the matter of the  restroom.  Our thanks go to Mr. Strachan for .  meeting our wishes. We were pleased also ���  to hear that our new treasurer, Leo Hop-  the meeting Mrs. Jean Sherlock and Airs.  Margaret Henshke were introduced as  new members.  After adjournment the social committee had tea and goodies waitingrso the  members could enjoy a get-together before wending their way home.  SUNSHINE RENTALS  H       886-2848  0  24 Hrs.  _nia*nnaana��iaaiaiaiiaiaaiamaiaiaia>aaaaaiaiaiaaiaiaaaiaaaiiaa��l_  but expects to    SgHUHHIS^  ne this column    :s: :si  ���555 M^-1  iiiiMiiaiiMiiiimiiiiti;       ISSS Jra! HpIralSlw        Mm M/i /ill if II     fiffi   gJS \i\      C_T'                               "S  !_*_-                      2    *����� _                 -         ,                                                           sss  TO MEMBERS OF  PENDER HARBOUR CREDIT UNION  :__:  :s_:  ii  AT 10i/2% PER ANNUM ��� NO BONUS OR, PENALTIES  FOR EARLY REPAYMENT.  E=  Freezer Moats ot  all kinds   Terms Arranged at1 Bank Rates  GLYNN THACY  Garden Bay Store - 883-2253  "Fine, Meats for Fine People"  ��  s  I  CaiiiiiiiiiiiiiuilllliiaiHiiui aaaaiauiiiaiiMiajlllaiajUMa.!*  ��;      nmmumnnanamn*wnnm*a*nnawannmumnmKmm*m*mnm^*nnummwi'iimnnununmMii*mMwaiMnmtnimn  ���an t I  �����:     As an Approved Lender of the Mortgage Insurance Corporation of Canada; loans  ||:     are available to members who qualify for the' Insurance coverage up to 95% of  the appraised value or purchase price, whichever is less.  _s:     -���-������������-----���-���������������-���������������-���������--  1  a_i-at_-<��B_-_i��a(-i��-��a��iaai-a^BjaiM__-��ai��mai����a��  C-l  FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT YOUR  Mm HARBOUR CREDIT UM  MADEIRA PARK ��� 883-2236   .  ^iiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!  by lashing ot it with their powerful tails,    b? Scho��l DI^rl?t '4.."w^1uT��l3eti15: *?  How long the hunt had already, 'been  ; going on they did not know, but for-half  and hour they watched while <jha seal  fought for- its life and while tho unequal  struggle drew, to its inevitable end. ;  The log, meanwhile, was drifting with  the tide down towards the Leuchto beach  and to within about 20 feet, of the beach,1  ' s_�� that the water was too shallow for the  whales to,Up the log by diving under  it which is one of their favorite practices,  At least one of the whales managed to  dislodge tho seal by o blow of' its tail'  which sent the seal hurtling about eight  feet into'tho air. As it fell, tho whales  seized it and tore it ip' pieces, Tho  Fenlwrs, vrho hadi boon Joined by Roy  Holgate were close by onk tho Lcuchto  Boach as tho drama drevf to a close,  Whon tho two whales swam off, only tho  Live, sponsored, by, the Alberta Wheat  I^ool and dedicated to pioneer people  ���who depended on each other for help  and co-operation. Next film show will  be on Thursday March ?,  Mr. and Mrs, Hugh Duff aro homo  after a holiday spent in St. Petersburg,,  Florida, where they were guests of Mrs.  Duff's sister, Miss Clara Hall. They experienced ono of the hottest Januarys,  Florida has had In 30 years with temperatures of 02-83, but in February it  cooled'down to a more normal 75 de-  , grces (with cool nights.  Tho Duffs report that they did not  efot around very mucin bocauso of tho  gas shortage, They rented a car for three  days to enablo them to visit relatives <at  New Smyrna Beach on the cast coast,  Thoy, received tho car with a full tank  Government of British Columbia  It  %  \\  N\  **.��*___;,*,*''~��;: ���*��� %__>,***_^__ '  '������*-���_____. "T*s��_\ *��-wUT*- nt#ww'w *i  n        ���"���*������_.-___" ��� ._." �� - ��� "*r*"-V__,   \   - ��� �������"**  ".-������ --_.J\   .   '    - "---_::"--;.-���   ---.'        *b  "���    1  ��� .     ^      ��� ���s*��_ ^--   ���   _' - ~ -   - - ��w��  1    .    ��� ���"    _*_�� '      '��      :      "*-*���"-____       ���-*'_���.���_'.  ^i^**? ���; ���������%..; *��� ���������:������_-.----___  ���__ '   ,  *   __!.���_   s_K_>    __lv   lif:_'i.  .*-��; ^_, 1  <w^i  1  Vn  ��  ._. \.  I  W0W<  _ V  \    :i  \   "'It, fwl ..' >_, V*  11  PURPOSE OF COMPETITION --- This competition is designee) \q help obtain a  a selection of Interesting and creative luncheon and dlriner,menus.teaturlng a wide  variety of British Columbia foods. To promote the preparation and enjoyment of  these meal8. , ' > ,     ;  ELIGIBILITY ��� The competition Is open only to restaurant, hotel, Institutional,  catering and dining chefs and cooks, to professional dieticians, and to dietetic  home economics or cooking school teachers; and'to home economics and cooking'  school students. Entrants must be permanent residents of British Columbia, ���  REQUIREMENTS <���, You may submit any number of entries In each of the following  categories. Tho prlco In each category lq to bo the price per person when catering  for a group,  la Spring Luncheon  1b Spring Luncheon   ,  2a Summer Luncheon   '  2b Summer Luncheon  ���3a Fall-Winter Luncheon  3b Fall-Wlntor Lunohoon  $4,50 or lose  $5.75 or loss,  $4,50 or loss  $5.75 or loss  $4.60 or leas  $5.76 or less  4a Spring Dinner  4b Spring Dinner .:..  5a Summer Dlnher  5b Summer Dinner  ��6a Foll-Wlntor Dlnnor-  6b Fall-Winter Dinnor  6,50 orless  0,00 or loss  6,60 or loss  8,00 or joss  6,60or,loaa..,,  i.Q.00 or leas i  iV'     ��� I     ' ..'   *'  .j^^l^Xv;','    '' >' , ,    .  CUBS, SCOUTS, brownies and guldea  of Secholt ami district gathered nt  Trnll Bay .shopping centre Sunday  -< ��, " i  I 1 ���   I  ond marched to tho old I-cglon hall  for a "thinking day   sorvlco", Tho  occasion, wrapped  week In the area.  up   scout-guido  If, In the opinion of tho Judges, the cost estlmato fpr an entry does not aoom foaalblo,   >  It will bo reclassified In a dlfforont category, ,!  JUDGING ��� Professional ond student entries will bo Judgod separately and on lho ,,  following points: 1. Over-all nppotlto oppoal, 2, Variety of B.C. foods uaod. 3.'  Approprjatonoas for tho season, 4. Imagination and crontlvlty.  PRIZES ���. Winning professional and student ontrlos In oaoh catogory wlil bo  awarded tho following prizes*.  For the boat monu, a framod gold certificate and $250 cash,  For tho second-best monu, a frataod silver certificate and $100 cash.  For tho third-boat monu, a framod bronzo certificate ond $50 cash,  A numbor of framed Honourable Mention oortlflpntoa will also be nwardod,  HOW TO ENTER ~- Typo, or clearly print each monu on ono sldo of on OVst" x 11"  shoot of plain bond paper. At tho top show tho'catogory. In tho top right-hand oornor  wrlto "Professional Entry" or "Student Entry",  On 0 soparnto shoot of paper print your name, nddross, phono, plocoof employment  or oohool whoro onrollod.  ~AllTritH6'_"'bW6mdniib^l6ja'oriy"of'*tri'oQovornmontof British Columbia,Entries  should bo nddroosod to:  MENU COMPETITION  Offlco of tho Provincial Soorotary  . Government of British Columbln  Parliament Bulldlnga,.Victoria,,B.C. VQV,1X4 ,,_,,���  CLOSING DATE��� All ontrloo must bo pootmarkod by midnight, March 15, 1974.  Govornmont of British Columbia  Ernoot Hall        -   '  ,-, PROVINCIAL SECRETARY Pender Hi-lites
— by Cecile Girard
ONCE again, the news of, Pender Har- ,
bour Secondary, this time written by
the grade 11 class.
Monday, Feb. 4 started with the news
of, the defeat of our senior girls against
North Vancouver the previous Saturday.
We compliment them for their effort in
spite'of their loss.
A representative came down from UBC
and gave the two senior classes an interesting outline of the course airriculum
and the general goings-on at UBC. He
was closely followed by another representative, this time from the Vancouver
School of Art to talk to the students
' interested'in that field.
On Wednesday, Feb 6, our senior boys'
basketball team'went to Brooks at Powell
River. They played as best they could
I' suppose trying very hard to get the
old ball where it belonged, in the basket. -1 guess Brooks practiced a lot.
They're lucky they did because they just
beat their famous opponents FHS?. Our
boys came back defeated by a small loss
of 16 points, the score being 52-36. Our
senior boys' team just ain't what it used
to be.
' * On Friday, Feb. 8 there was a hot
dog sale with approximately 50 dogs *
sold at 25 cents apiece, bringing jn approximately $12. The reason for the dollar
short is obvious. Somebody must have
made a mistake.
The weekjytound up with the preparations for the Valentine's Dance on Feb.
15 where the Pen Kings were scheduled
to play.
' The cheerleaders have a couple of new
cheers rather than their same old rah-
The first section "of the BBC television film, The Ascent of Man, arrived at
the school and we found it very interesting. Future sections of the film will
be arriving in due time to be watched
by most everyone. i
. A tennis club has been organized
with a present membership of seven. The
team meets every Thursday night.
The Badminton Club is in need of all
those people who started out playing
badminton but who gradually stopped
On Valentine's Day the art class gave
the. premiere of its first film production.
It wasn't too bad but the price was raf
ther high, although we did get free pop4
■ corn.    '•'.'.■■,/'. !...•
Chemistry  11  is busy qualifying fori
the Mad Scientist Award, concocting the
I 'poisbhous'chlorine gas^
noxious,   while  the   teacher   in  charge
was   busily   burning -up   turpentine he
. ■'. had in a beaker, producing clouds of black
sooty smoke. - -       --■•
On Friday, Feb. 15, the school held a
Valentine's -dance in .the gym which was
gaily decorated for the occasion. Everybody enjoyed themselves as they boogied
the night away to the sound of the Pen
Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, the -junior and senior girls from
Elphie and Howe Sound were hosted at
.,:.'PHSS  for  basketball    games.   Friday"
' scores were:    • ■ "
Senior P.H: vs H.S.  26- 6
Junior P.H! vs H.S  17-16
Saturday finished   with    the Elphie
.   juniors taking Squamish while the Squa-
mish seniors took Elphie.
Our  principal,   Mir.   Thompson,,   had
,    been visiting Simon Fraser University for
•   -a conference on educational administraT
Our school sponsored the elementary
girls' volleyball tournament last Friday.
,    Participating, teams were Madeira Park,
Gibsons,   Langdale,   Roberts   Creek and
Sechelt with Langdale the champs.
; The senior boys' basketball team vis
ited /Howe Sound last weekend and the
;    results will be posted in next week's write
up. We hope that they returned victorious.
The school    happenings    have been
compiled by English 11, and with this
installment covered the first three weeks
,  of February,
Wednesday, February 27, 1974       The Peninsula Times
Page A-7
kMW' "■ ■' _iMkiW-!»!_J-WJ_tB__M__--.H^^
seamless . . .
end to end- --  '■  iW_Li_-"
Over 20 Years Serving
Greater Vancouver
or 524-1752 eves.
.   and weekends
Insulated Stucco
Marblecote Stucco
Over Old Stucco
Aluminum Replacement Windows.
5x4 White Baked Aluminum Gutters and
2x3 Dovnpipes—20 year guarantee against
cracking and peeling point—2 years on
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Discount tickets available at all MAC'S CONVENIENCE STORES
AS SUNSHINE Coast _vlu_ic Festival
nears, three Elphinstone Secondary
School pupils polish up/their act.
Christine Irvine, Michelle Phillips
and Cindy Baudry, grade 8 students,
Many classiiications . . .
vail peUoi.m Midnight Burial in the.
school play classification. Looking on ;
are Kiwanis president Ken Goddard,'
left and George Cooper, chairman of
the. club's festival committee.
nines r
GIBSONS—Over 200  entries have been
.received   to   date   for   the   Sunshine
Coast Drama and Music Festival, slated
for March 5 and 6.
Classifications include' p i a n o,t vocal,
accordion, guitar, adult bands and instrumental groups, school choirs and bands,
plays, recitation and bible reading.
Entrants' ages range from seven years
A number of trophies have been donated by individuals and firms for presentation^ to outstanding performers.
Powell River schools are bringing
down almost 300 students to compete in
the school band and choir classifications.
The festival will comprise two main
parts. March 5 and 6, all entrants will
perform for the adjudicators, Phyllis
Shuldt of UBC, who will judge the music categories and John Parker of Vancouver City College, judge for the reciting, school play and bible reading class-
ificationsv...  _.  -..--,--■  .. .
March 8 and 9, highlights concerts will
be held, featuring outstanding performers.
The concerts will be staged March 8
at Gibsons Elementary School gymnasium and March 9 at the Pender Harbour
Secondary School gymnasium.
Both the adjudicating sessions and
highlights concerts-are open .to the public.
Sunshine Coast-Kiwanis Club, which
is sponsoring the .event, acknowledges the
co-operation of the Bethel Baptist Church
s in Sechelt and the Sunshine Coast Gospel Church, Davis Bay, for putting their
facilities at the disposal of the festival
Thanks are also extended, to Ray
Boothroyd for donating the use of his
Twilight Theatre during the day for
school plays and choral arts,
Said George Cooper, chairman of the
festival committee: "To the many local
merchants and firms who have • contributed to the financing of the festival, the
committee extends special thanks."
Adjudication sessions will take place
Marcht8 and 9 at 9:15 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and
7 p.m. in Gibsons Elementary School
gymnasium. Programs, on sale for $1, admit <fche public to all sessions. Programs
are available at Goddards .Fashion Centre in Sechelt and Gibsons and atMad-
eifa Park Memen^ ~t-:---^
Highlights concerts begia at 7:30 p.m.
March 8 at Gibsons Elementary School
and March 9 at Madeira Park elementary. '<
Admission is $1 at the door for adults
and 25 cents for children.
Christian Science
by Augusta Watts
Joan Proctor
' ... Strait talk
EVERY well-planned home should have
a laundry room. We have one, although
I sometimes fail to see why I should have
to share it with a work-bench, tools, leftover lumber, paint cans, old bottles, broken toys and garden furniture. But, somewhere in .there is my washer, dryer, ironing board and iron. I could care less
about the latter. Ironing has never been
my big number.    , '
Loads of washing don't bother me at
all and drying's no problem. But the
ironing, well, confidentially it's been
years since I've seen the bottom of my
ironing basket. There are probably clothes
in there that are back in style again!
The method I use for ironing is to
hastily iron one shirt or blouse for each
family member as they dress to leave
tha house in the morning. Sure I know
about drip-dries and never irons, but
my weakness lies in tossing the wet
laundry into , the dryer and forgetting
about it After"lying; bunched up in" the
dryer for a day, the things are so wrinkled as to be unrecognizable until ironed.
Evidently my aversion to ironing was
not inherited. I have a mother who is
an absolute nut about ironing. She even
irons socks. As a matter; of fact,! I recall
passing by het ironing board and absent-
mindedly placing a cheese sandwich on
it. She irone_ it! Instant -grilled cheese.
So," whenever my mother visited us
she'd -take pity on everyone wandering
about in wrinkled wear, and she'd get
W^"1  T?*onJ° T1!!^ tltnf.seemc. annoyed when I. put down a table-cloth
so unfair?% is the" question that is answered  on   the  Christian-" Science radio'
series, The Truth that Heals, next Sunday. Time and station are advertised in
The Times today.
Many people are coping with conflict
in personal matters by turning radically
to Christianity and its assurance of God's
constant loving care. '
For further information or free literature concerning Christian Science, please
contact the assistant committee on publication for the Sunshine Coast at 885
with waves in ,ib. She-never could understand how my • linens always man- ■
aged to look like seersucker. She'd laboriously iron everything for me and all
would look crisp till next laundry day
rolled around. Once again my washing
would be laid to rest in the basket. You
could actually tell how frequently my
mother was visiting by the number' of
freshly ironed things we had "on hold."
Then she moved nearby. For some
reason she :now refuses to come over and
do my ironing. I don't get it! Oh' well,
a little wrinkle never hurt anyone.
We also have a complete line of
construction equipment.
p_ _■*]__.'*__ »__,< ____£"**
,\1 ' ' ,< ss
_**.__ _,'>W'<._,'i,_ViV_-; _
\"a .??<-^ vtf t'lC'-i'w/?. '!V>*'\v*''. '>_>'yV*'^^^N°-TfW''■>% rfv .r,^??^-'<<5/>< .'*-vvk.*??V\V/^^.~-<■*_;■>;is *
OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK — 8:00 TO 5:30
For Sunday Rentals phone Monday to Saturday 886-2843
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they give you?" aska liny Ktnnle,   from Port Molloln colleagues. Kilty
left, <lurlng Port Mellon retirement
presentation Feb. 22, Klnnlo, a millwright nt Howe Sound Pulp, wns
retiring after 20 years with tho company. Also retiring after 10 years
norvico, wns liny Myton. Hero, ho
four maintenance department workers gave Ray and Don a fine send-
off at Glhsons Legion. In case you're
wondering, Don got a floater jacket,
too. ���,��'  Page A-8  The Peninsula Times        Wednesday, February 27, 1974  Of J,  nteredi to   vuomen.  Edited by Joan Proctor - 886-2073  WL  Sechelt News Notes  TRAVELLER Mrs. Hilda Moore is staying in North Vancouver -after her  trip to Hawaii, where she enjoyed*the  country life on Maui except for the rain  and monsoons especially in Maui while  she was there.  Shortages are much in evidence with  people waiting in line from 3 a.m. for  gas, blocks-long lineups for a dozen eggs,  no pulp products such as T.P. serviettes  or sugar, rice and potatoes. The latter,  when available, are. two pounds for 59  Squaringly yours  ���by Maurice Hemstreot  LIKE, wow! Did we have a good time  last Friday or did we, have a good  time. I tell you, we had over three sets  of the Country Stars, just a wheeling and  dealing. Caller Harry wasn't feeling too  chirper yet and I did kind of a stupid  thing when I took down a danger limb  out of a big fir tree so that "it wouldn't  fall on someone and hurt them. I got in  a spot where there was no place to stand,  so of course, no place to run and when  the limb let go it bounced two or three  tims, then decided to land right- across  nvy left shinbone. I'm getting better, never even uttered a profound word, just  cried a lot. Anyway, Harry and I went  50-50 on the square dance calling. I found  out one thing, it's hard to square dance  on one foot.  Our guests for-' the evening were Ken  and Maureen Corbin, formerly from Ontario where they belonged to the Shamrock Squares,.and now living in Sechelt.  Also Wendy Allen from Granthams Landing. The Country Stars hope you all  enjoyed yourselves and will be back next  ���- week.  One thing about square dancing, you  never have a bad night even if you only  have one set. You just can't beat good  clean fun and topped up with a bucket-  full of laughter.  The kids at the Roberts Creek Elementary school are really coming along  good, with seven sets on the floor, it is  sure something to see. It used to be, everyone going in all directions, but now,  they are beginning to look like professional square dancers. One has to remember that they are grades 6 and 7, so this  makes their progress more astounding.  And I have this to say, young people of -  the Roberts Creek school, keep up the  good work and I will be seeing you on  Friday   afternoons.  Well, I think it's about time that I  put my mutilated leg up in the air for a  time to rest so I will leave you with  this thought: It is far better to skin a  shin than to break a leg, but, whichever  way you do it, I tell you right now it  not only smarts, but hurts like the devil  too. Aloha! See you at the square dance.  ���by Peggy Cearaor  cents. Shopping at the Ala Moana Centre,  Honolulu, Hilda had a lovely surprise  to hear someone call her name and there  was Mrs. Lili Dunlop, making both  ladies feel.they .were  back at Sechelt.  A young lady who left Sechelt la_t  May to travel Europe, Lorraine' Moffat,  is in Rome. I_orraine is making good  use of her time picking up as many languages she can, doing fine in German,  studying Spanish, working as hostess "to  help with her expenses.' Lorraine keeps  in constant contact with her folks in Sechelt so they are enjoying her travels  as if they were there.  Adele de Lartge's guest for a few days  is Mrs. Nora Frizzell of Vancouver who  thinks this is a delightful place "to be.  Sadness reigns in our household as  first, our young cat died of poisoning, a  death not to be wished on anyone. Consensus is he ate of a poisoned mouse.  Two days later the beloved shepherd of  kids, parents and pets, friend of all, suffering greatly with arthritis of the spine,  left us after nine years of faithful love  and service. Tippy dared- any predator  to even fly over the bantams and rabbits  in the yard, then as if the word was  passed around the first morning without  him a large hawk flew in the yard and  before our very eyes swooped down and  , picked up a setting bantam hen.  The kindly vet, Dr. Perry, with his  sympathetic understanding did much to  ease agony of the loss of such a fine  friend.  TOPS members record  51 pound total loss  GIBSONS���Three Gibsons TOPS chapters  held meeting last week, recording a  total loss of 51% pounds.  Weekly best losers were Sheila Keogh,  Lisa Kampman and Gratia Quarry.  The Stork Club of the Wednesday  evening chapter recorded a loss ,of 22  pounds with the new arrival Feb. 14 of  Tamara Maria Sharpe, 7 lbs 8 ozs.  All meeting-, at the Gibsons Health  Unit, are open to prospective members.  Meeting times are as follows: Wednesday  7  pm.; Thursday  1:15 p.m. and 7 pm  Sechelt auxiliary  welcomes newcomers  SEOHELT���^Four  new    members'    were  welcomed at the. February monthly  meeting of the Sechelt auxiliary to St  Mary's Hospital.  They are: Mrs. Ruth Steele, Mrs. Kay  Frankse, Mrs. Joy Smith and Mrs. Margaret Robson.  These names were inadvertently left  out of the last report on the auxiliary.  Madeira Park Happenings  ���by Kim Stnail  are welcome to see them.  House games are stall going strong  with House I with 33 points. 'House H  has 30 points and House III has 18 points.  The mini-sports day will be held this  Wednesday with many fun events scheduled' for the afternoon.  The science class taught by Mr. Donnelly was experimenting with warm air  balloons on Friday afternoon. Materials  used were garbage bags, sticks and candles. A couple of the balloons were able  to fly a fair distance. The students' are  getting ready for the Science Fair March  14.  THE STUDENTS in Mrs. Phillips' class  have been making models of work  that they have been doing in social studies. The grade 2-3 winners were as follows: first���Cam Campbell and Mike  Higgins for their model of form; second  ���Darlen'e Luscombc and Lee-Ann Trem-  blay; third���Brad Higgins and Stirling  Wallace; fourth���Karen Stiglitz, Debra  Haase, and Carrie Wallace; fifth���Jody  Bomford and Kathy Gllkcr; honorable  mention���Jeremy Thompson.  The models will be on display in the  library for the next week and visitors  gfW��^  -TS^r* '.^v;  lMir*H-lr 'Mir       t    __P  , VI*   ^.>'!_b#jW<j��T *        *_**      ���  s-t-.'__*<��Rv-jfi,',��    ^ '.  "������'  ������*?* _T _��� *.;_r^ i       ..,_��*_- :���   v.-^  ��� I% ��� M'. v��f4 ^V ���" ��� v?" -v  fewr *r?*_'!jr_-^v��r. &     \  n  :���%_-:  ,-" 'V-Lt.--    ���-   ���  &&&&i%fc2&  1S��?t*J*��*'\  ?_________g__J ���<  J- --_ai_w.  ��iaM_w��aMal��_---i��_*-��_��Wi����___-wl_-----����_____��-*ia-     _."___,   -  HIGH HONOR was accorded Charlotte Jackson, right, by girl guide  commissioner Donalda Sigouin, at  the recent father-daughter banquet  of the Sechelt and   Wilson Creek'  For service to guides . . ,  guide companies at the old Legion  Hall, Sechelt. The award was made  for Mrs. Jackson's years of service  in the community and to the girl  guide movement.  Charlotte Jackson honored  at father-daughter dinner  SECHELT���Charlotte Jackson was honored for her many years of service to  the community and to the guiding movement by Donalda Sigouin, commissioner  of the girl guides.  . The presentation Feb. 22 was made at  the annual father-daughter banquet of  the Wilson Creek and Sechelt guide companies.  Service stars and office pins were given to the new leaders and Pat Nestman  was presented with her .deputy commissioner's pin.  The leaders responsible for guiding  the girls" toward their achievement badges are Jean McLennon, captain; Janice  Mullen, first lieutenant; Eleanor Lonneberg, .second lieutenant; with Mary Flay,  godmother, and liaison to the ladies auxiliary for the first Sechelt company. Maureen Corbin; captain; Barb Christie .first  lieutenant' with Gwen Robinson, godmother, and liaison to the ladies auxiliary  for the first Wilson Creek company.     v  With the assistance of volunteer testers and the mothers the girls were able  to fulfill the necessary requirements, to  earn their badges.  Entertainment was provided by Bonnie Janiewick and Margo Wilson, piano  duet; Charlotte Bandi, Kim Bryson,  Rhonda Doyle, Lisa English, Louise  Higgs, Sylvia Webb, performed a skit on  how not to go camping: Sabine and Shelly  Robinson did highland dancing with Tommy Richardson of the, Sechelt Legion  pipe and drum band accompanying on  the bagpipes. ��  A total 6IA..107 achievement badges  were earned and presented to 27 girls.  They were: ,  First Sechelt: Wendy Flay, Natan Gibbons, Sharon HaH, Bonnie Janiewick,  Sandra Jorgenson, Louise Murphy, Sharon Nelson, Debbie Nestman, Pam Nestman, Bonnie Petula, Natalie Vari Egmond, Margo Wilson," Sherri Young.     '  First Wilson Creek: Charlotte Bandi,  Kim Benner, Kim Bryson, Rhonda Doyle,  Patti Hall, Louise Higgs, Bev Jackson,  Bonnie Jackson, Carla Paetkau, Sabine  Robinson, Shelly Robinson, Valerie Tait,  Diana Webb, Sylvia Webb.  FIRST MERCHANT In Secholt to  Install Mastcrchnrgo system was  Books and Stationery store on Cowrie Street, Hero, Iloso Nicholson,  manager, right, Is being shown how  to operate the Imprinter by Marian  W. Carson, Maslcrchargo solos representative. Bonk of Montreal is  nrosontly installing tlio plan which  has been termed the largest charge  card system In tho world. ^  ���"���'"��� ��� ���' 1'' - - -  ��� ���  ��������  liiaaaaiiaiaMMaiaxiiiiaiaiiiiaiaiaaiaiaiiaiaiauaiaiiiiaiaiiaiaini  ~-~~~^._~MI��--BEE'S.---���  CARD & GIFT SHOP  .    Wharf Road . SocMt . 005-9066  p.o, box au  H-llmark-Couttt card* and wrapping*.  Fln�� Engllth china cupt and ��auc_r��,  Poutique lt��m��,  local  artiiti  painting*,  1>IHIMt<HIIIIIIIII��M"IM<IMMI"ll I��ll Mlllllll^all?  JW___V-__%������WWVMW_____��--V--V_VW-V____����__WVWi(  FRIDAYS, 8:00 p.m  INDIAN HALL  Jackpot $300  *76 TO GO  ���ft DOOR PRIZE -fc -__��__****��  Jtjjf *v�� v_t_-   -  ��V^^<^ ;  Marching moms raise  $2,569 for Kinsmen  MOTHER'S March raised $2,569.78, said  Bart Duteau, chairman of the Kinsmen  sponsored fund-raising drive.  . 1_ieJ volunteer canvassers * increased  their collection by $1,200 over the past  year, Duteau told The Times.  - "Many thanks to the marching mothers  who gave so generously'of their time,"  Duteau said, "and to the generous people of Gibsons and Sechelt."  Ron Gadsby replaces  Ovenall in tourism  APPOINTMENT of Ron Gadsby to the  . position of regional tourism coordinator for Southwestern B.C. has been announced by John Dye", president of  Mainland Southwest Tourist Association.  He will, succeed Mike Ovenall who is  entering private "business.  Gadsby. has been associated with the  tourist industry for many years, as well  as in the public relations and information  fields. He is a former executive editor  .of Beautiful B.C. Magazine and was western-information officer for Expo 67.  He will operate from an office to be  opened in' Agassiz on March. 1.  ^4^V?*��i ^ Y0U wil1 find many h,elpful ideas for  i       shower and    wedding gifts    on our  '^f^^&^Fw^  ���' -fc-fres and the -m wrapping is gladly  done for you free of charge. Miss Bee's,  Sechelt.  i__��w��WM|>WWiw___----��-aa_---Miii��i��<aVMaai��M��^^  < '-> 9;30 p.m.,tto 1:3l> ��.i��.  SATURDAY; MARCH 2nd  ��>--V-l��--------V---__------Maa%yW��W��WI��W--%��a-^^  Best in Live Entertainment  'PUSEA' AVAILABLE  "JOIH THE FUN"  PENINSULA, HOTEL  Highway 101 ��� Cover Charge ��� 886-2472  _*-  mmmmmi  The Annual General Meeting of the ,  PENDER' HARBOUR CREDIT UNION  will be held at the Sunshine Inn, Garden Bay  FRIDAY, MARCH 29th, 8:00 P.M.  ROAST BEEF DINNER and REFRESHMENTS at 6:30 P.M.  TICKET_r$2.00 EACH  'Available at the Credit Union Office  .'.Hi'  SECHELT ARENA site has now been Arena association president Gordon  cleared to allow construction to start Dixon said that clearing and build-  on the project March 1. Dick Mosier, ing is on schedule. B.C. Tel has pre-  operating one of Ted Osborne's bull- sented a cheque for $750 to the arena  dozers, said the ground, is level and committee,  hard suitable for a firm foundation.  Starting Friday . . .  Does Your Club or Group report its  Activities Regularly to The Times?  /5C Hg-j5j_jfc '�������,'ZiS��i'&;&^<^CiK<*}y-' *? \:*_&-?%~:iMX>�� :*& hi  _______  numiDer u in accio.��  Section B  Wednesday, February 27, 1974  Pages 1-6  THE INSURANCE Corporation of British  Columbia explained how it will attend  to claims for vehicle damage and personal injuries when Autoplan goes into  business March 1   (Friday).  Norman Bortnick, ICBC's vice-presid-  rangements to have it towed to the nearest claim centre or repair facility. Towing charges will be considered part of a    .._,  calm arising from an accident. if  Motorists involved in accidents out-   VA  side B.C., should contact ICBC in Van-  Ill Sechelt . . .  e of cases  SECHELT���Gerry Jerome Gillis was fin- sentencing on a charge of taking an auto-  ed $300 at provincial court and bann- mobile without the owner's consent. They  ed from driving for one month when he were each placed on six months proba-  pleaded guilty to impaired driving. tion with curfews.  Lillian Romanowski admitted a charge . A juvenile from Gibsons was convict-  of false pretences and received a condi- / ed for dangerous use of an offensive wea-  tional discharge.    ' pon and netted six months probation.  Patrick Ryan Cairns was fined $300 Bruce Marshall Wilson was fined $300     _ x_ _i__            _���_ _esraem..a  and'disqualifed   from   driving for   one and banned from driving for one month    pll0ne numbei-is 665-2800. Adjusters  month on an impaired driving charge. on an impaired driving count.                      _n caU -4 hQms daU         ttfi d  Charles  Alexander  Saigeon, of  Gib- Roy Frederick Diamond was convicted         des  SMT��K b6ing " *"* i"rS *��mt����l TfS Si        ����� �� P-nanent claim centres are  premises wlule a minor and a one month driving disqualification.    ��*P��=tedI to be completed on Ju y, with  Marvin Craigen of Sechelt entered a Qne  montn��s  probation  was  handed    tne building program substantially ��� com-  plea of guilty to driving a motor vehicle down to _ iuvenile who admitted three    Plebed ** next fall,  without a driver's licence. He was fined count_ of publio --^1.}^                                Bortnick  said  ICBC    is  establishing  $50. Michael Bond Prokopenko of Gibsons    drive-in claim centres because of the con-  <A Sechelt juvenile was convicted of was given a provisional discharge after    venience  they provide to the motoring  being a minor in possession of liquor and admitting three counts of mischief. One    public. However, he siaid, these centres  netted a fine of $25. month's probation and restitution were    are viable only in more heavily popul-  ent and general manager, said that while couver by telegram, or telephone collect  the publicly-owned insurance plan's per- anytime to: 604-665-4600. ICBC will  manent claim-handling facilities will not promptly appoint an adjuster in the  be completed by March 1, "good service area of the accident to provide all pos-  will be readily available right from the" sible assistance to the insured motorist,  start." Bortnick said that he is confident that  To provide province-wide claims serv-     ICBC   will   provide   fast  and  effioient  ice, ICBC is building drive-in claim cen-    claims service to the residents of British  tres and has established  branch offices    Columbia,  and   resident   adjusters.- These   services  will be strategically located throughout  the province.  Claim centres and branch offices will  be open five days a week, Monday  .through Friday. Hours will be 8:15 a.m.  to 9 p.m. on Monday and Thursday, and  8:15 to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday  and Friday.  - In~this area,, the resident-*adjuster's ~  rag cast and atmr or  ]@m,cm,cowiue$r&  ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO  <gQ(l/_.K3C_ SACK TO GIBSONS.  -,. __. .    _���  ���_._.._ ..   ---,-, iiwimmrir ���iiii-t���lr-iii-_r_rr~u -11" iii_rii��iiii ia i nn_i   ifl r_.i.r"-- ~"  Four juveniles appeared in court for    also ordered.  ated areas.  "Seventy-five to 80 per cent of damaged , vehicles are driveable and can be  serviced through a claim centre in about  30 minutes."  If an insured vehicle is not driveable  due to damage, Autoplan will make ar-  '<���} * 4'fe  ANOTHER NEW vehicle has been another in the fleet the Indians have  purchased   by the Sechelt   Indian purchased to continue their many  band. This time it's o 1974 Ford pick- projects on tho reserves. Driving the  up with crew' cab. The vehicle is vehicle is Bill Joe,  T-. _-.1..___...._.,_-.__��� __���._.ni-,.f.. ________ ___. _���_._ ? ���_ir|_-���,.,\f_'*r_.......__.|_ -,. .-S|__.  Snferior & (Exterior  RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL  '.-    ."/.'."���."     ,'���',��� ' .'".^ .   # Reasonable Rates  ��� 0; Free'' Estimates  O  Good References  KEN CORBIN  085-2734 after 6 p.m.  �����    "a     *  ���  -        ft    *  i  l> .  o  ���.AJV  <���.'  *  .'_:-���'  _ __�� ' ���*  ll_-_C__...  ���a-ja1��T^W-ffpiWaTaa*Wfl]rp>)_��-a^wwWWaj|i  >i    4�� -r   mY    ,L_a �� -   *  MWal4aaa_k-ka^H-_��a__��__rtaWa-tt_MaJ_n_^i  "^tSWS-!-IW^WSSW  _^SR^#B_p��Sk^^^^^s�������^_^^_sH^_5^s_k_^w_.  ,_.."j5-'_        '    r ,."  c_^pn nF73  CTv3  T.V. SERVICE ON THE SUNSHINE COAST  PHONE  P  ZJhe  Vlllo&l  Ijjodtm  Service *J)nop on  T  the  Co ad!  TOOT"'"  Timini-��)  -���4B YEARS EXPERIENCE  nrwwww^*>_ar^"_B��ff3_--l?^^  ill, .aa.lai.a.1 ir*_a^tl_^^iy--W,8^Y^'^.ft^*__^^  ^^mmmmmmt^tmmmmmjmmjmmmmKlWim  .. ..���_._,..._,    _.���   -J��^a^WW>ffUliJ[i|WPlllWiJWfMiMV*9mH*V  ~i - "_r ��� -   -        t  I . _w_-_-__aj____\j_______  The fcxnmuufpem��  'l may be wrong, but I shall not be so wrong as to fail to say-what I believe to be right."  ���John Atkins  A H. Alsgard, Publisher Richard T.' Proctor, Managing Editor ,  _-____ii_-_iiil________-_--Vwwvwwia_-___v_-___ww^ [  O HEAVENLY Father, make me a better parent. Teach me to understand  my children, to listen patiently to what  they have to say, and to answer all their  questions kindly. Keep me from interrupting them or contradicting them.  Make me as courteous to them as I  would have them be to me.  Forbid that I should ever laugjh  at their mistakes, or resort to shame or  ridicule when they displease me. May I  never punish them for my own selfish  satisfaction or to show my power. Let  me not tempt my child to lie or steal  ���and guide me hour by hour that I may  demonstrate by all I say and do that  honesty produces happiness.  Reduce, I pray, the meanness in me,  and when I am out of sorts, help me,  O Lord, told my tongue. May I ever be  mindful that my children are children  and I should not expect them the judgment of adults. Let me not rob them of  the opportunity to wait on themselves  and to make decisions.  Bless me with the bigness to grant  them all their reasonable requests and  the courage to deny them privileges I  know will do them harm.  Make me fair and just as king. 'And  fit me, O Lord, to be loved and respected  and imitated by my children.  MUNICIPAL assessors these days are  not the most popular of public servants. Actually, it's not really their fault,  even though they are in the centre of the  current assessment mess.  It's difficult not to agree with the  findings of the B.C. Assessment Appeal  Board, which suggests there be better  W/iy don't they?  WHEN The Times, in the column Sunshine Coastings, started a Why Don't  They? feature, the idea caught on and  there have been some remarkably good  suggestions.  Most of the ideas have merit and  they are too good to run just once and  forget so The Times has complied the  best ideas and will run them each week  in this space. We will add to the list  with the passing weeks and we will remove any that have been taken care of  (providing that we hear about it.)  To add to the list (or remove items)  call The Times at 885-9654, 885-2635,  886-2121 or write Box 310, Sechelt.  Before you call, check the list���it  may already have been suggested.  WHY DON'T THEY? ���  ���Put a traffic signal at Wharf Street  and Highway 101?  ���Install a handrail down the steepest part of School Road?  ���Use their car lights, more during  rain storms and at dusk?  ���Realize that driving 30 m.p.h. in  a 50 m.p.h. zone is dangerous?  public relations between provincial and  municipal assessors and the taxpayers  whose properties they assess.  The average householder hasn't  much of an idea about assessment. All  he gets is a notice showing him his land  and buildings assessment. If there is an  increase, there is nothing to show why  an increase has been made. In a word,  no explanation is given, whatsoever.  The appeal board suggests a written  statement be made 'giving the reasons  in all cases where assessments increase  substantially from year to year. At least  in this way, the beleaguered property-  owner has something to go on. Hopefully, this might lower the number of  complaints and appeals made every year.  At the same time it could improve the  assessor's public image. ,  We understand that assessors in different municipalities have to make their  own interpretations on the Assessment  Equalization Act.  So far no one knows what local taxes  will be but there are a great number of  dissatisfied customers. Naturally they  don't feel that assessments are realistic  and the general thinking is that interpretations of the act vary in different  localities.  Times gone by  Feb. 28,1973���Capital costs of a sewer  system to serve Sechelt village, Indian reserves 1 and 2. Selma Park and  Page B-2 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 27, 1974   ���'  Councils, boards  meeting times  BOARDS and municipal councils hold  public meetings at the following times  and .places.  �� Gibsons, village council: municipal  hall, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 7 p.m.  0 Sechelt school board, Gibsons,  2nd and .4th Thursdays, 7:30 (Above  Kruse- Drug Store.)  �� Sechelt village council: municipal  hall, 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 7:30.  ��' Sunshine Coast Regional board:  Davis Bay, last Thursday of each month.  Members of the public may attend  any of these meetings but generally must  obtain prior permission in order to  speak or represent a delegation.  Blake C. Alderson D.C.  CHIROPRACTOR  Port Office Building Sechelt  Phona 885-2333  Letters to the Editor are the opinions of readers, and not necessarily those of The Times. A  nom-de-plume may be used for publication, but all originah must be signed by the writer.  "Whatzit's" a de-homer  Editor, The Times,  Sir: Just in case you have not yet  identified itfce "whatzit" on the front  page of your Feb. 13 issue, I can tell you,  even from this distance, that it is a  cattle dehorning tool (with one handle  rnissing).  You just place over _he horn,  squeeze the long handles together and  off comes the horn! It jworks every time!  They are common items, still, on the  ranches around here.  Why would I be reading the Peninsula Times? Well, maybe I'll buy some  property out there some time! (  ALAN R. BILLINGTON ,  Clergyman, Evergreen Pastoral Charge  United Church of Canada  Mayerthorpe, Alberta  ���Put a blacktop bicycle path on    some. 200 persons  attending a, public  Davis Bay were estimated at .$1,187,000,    ffnnwI<_Q  *or  rv_n<.mnor��  some  200 oersons  attendine a oublic    snowies  IOr pensioners  Highway 101?  ���Bury Sechelt's garbage in a hole?  ���Build an athletic track for running?  ���Make junk car dealers fence their  lots?  ���Pave the lane behind the Bank of  Montreal, Sechelt?  ���Build house doorways wide enough  for wheelchairs?  ���Allot some ground floor suites in  apartment buildings to have facilities  suitable for persons confined to wheelchairs.  ���Make a place outside stores to  'tie'���dogs?.'.;f '''���'���'��� ;\       '' ..'���/.,',    '���  , ���  ������Move the operation of the Beach-,  combers  series to  other  parts  of the  Sunshirie Coast to avoid, congestion at  ' the Howe Sound end?  ���-Put a warning sign at Davis Bay  ���signifying dangerous curve for southbound vehicles?  _������-____��ava_v���_-________m_______*_#________va��  The Peninsula^famo  Published Wednesdays at Sechelt  on B.C,'a Sunshine Const  ";   ',''.' ���:'   ��������� >y   .  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Feb. 26, 1969���Tentative opening date  for the golf course is May, said directors  of the Sunshine Coast Golf and Country  ciub.", :.���;.,':'.;;,;���'; ,,; ������;".���:.'./'������:���  Overwhelming yes vote on extension  of St. Mary's Hospital means that work  could start immediately. ���  Dave Wilson was honored for 10  year's service as cubmaster of Sechelt  cub pack,   ',;.,���;.' .,...,/:;,',.',...v..,,,''..' ,'���',' ',  Norm Watson was elected president  of the Sunshine Coast Liberal AssocifH  ���' tion.' ; ' '     ''������������' ������ ������    ���  Feb. 26, 1964���Tine Christmas tree was  still up at the Secholt Cenotaph but the  fence was. down, Chairman Chris Johnston told village council.  : A committee known1 as the garbage  board of Port 'Mellon to Egmont has  been formed and its project will be to  implement garbage collection service.  David Donley was awarded the Se^  elicit Scout troop's first queen scout  badge., '  i  A mother of four says tho ��� children  havo used up nil tholr original Ideas for  driving her crazy this summer and nro  now doing reruns.  Editor,- The Times,'  BASIC FEDERAL PENSION $200 AT 60  ' Sir: The1 Hon1.' Stanley H.'knbwles, a  friend to all senior citizens of Canada,  has already filed a motion for the forthcoming session of Parliament to raise  the basic pension to $200 a month and  to lower the pensionable age to 60. He  urges all Canadians to hit the war path  for an all-out attack on all our members  of Parliament.  It is not necessary to stress the urgent  need for a better deal for our senior citizens, the men and women who built  Canada and made it all possible. It is a  call to arms for all Canadians,  Mr. Editor���thank you for this generous space.    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Sir, you have undemocrated the sacred  democratic process and the mother of Parliament and all,that. ���  In on election, when the vox popuil  majority says we must worship the golden calf at the feot of Mr, Barrett rather  than the said golden calf at the feet of.  Mr.. Bennett, it ls Mr. Barrett's golden  calf we worship, regardless of which has  the best golden calf or thp best feet to  worship at.      '.       i  Tho exception would bo, If the dehorners,and wire stretchers had a tie vote, but,  say, two people had voted for a wisdom-  tooth extractor, they would have held the  balance of power and tho venerable machine In question would be a wisdom-  tooth extractor.  Wo aro reminded of tho French story  about .the king'who walked through tho  strcota of bin capital with no clothes on.   i  AH   his   faithful   subjects   paid   "What  Jjcautlfut clothesthe king has on/' except ono llUio boy who said* out"lHa7<''thQ* "  king linn no clothea on," Ho w��a put Into  tho Bafltlllo.  Ml 1, Secholt JOHN S, BROWNING  Edltor'n Nolo: Never lot It bo anld Tho  Times editor la undemocratic., By shear  weight.of votes, nnd to kcop from being  lodged in tho, Sunshine Const's version  of a Bnstillc, tho tool la horcby declared  a dehorncr.  Slxe doesn't buy at home  ,   Editor, Tho Times  Sirs Re Inst week's pnpov In shopping  nt homo, (Tho Times, Fob. 13) In Solicit  or Qlbsons. I do most of my shopplnR  from Simpsons Soars or Eatonfl, Tho personnel /in these offices nro very polite,  plcnnnnt and havo smiles on tholr faces,  - -Moot of tho otorom' ln~Sooholt thlnlt   thoy nro doing you a ��� favor by nctliiR llko  thoy couldn't bo bothered eo _ havo Just  thought tho heck with this, some of tho  check-out women In n grocery store nro  plain rude.  I was born on this Peninsula over 40  years ago and I know several people who  are kind and considerate and others who  are not. So I just pick up my phone and  buy out of the catalogues. I also tliink  the price is much lower.  RR 2, Gibsons BETTY K. McGUIRE  Transportation needed  Editor, The Times  - Sir: I say three cheers for the council  of health and human resources and John  Lewis.  I am one with no transportation. Have  been getting along on pain killers for  monhs. Cannot impose on any friend to  take me to the hospital three times a  week. I was one of those who started the  shopping bus to Sechelt. They tell me  now that it should be 25 cents instead  of 20 cents. Have talked to friends and  tthey say that they would be willing to  pay 50 cents to get to the hospital for  treatment  Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary is  behind the proposal. There are others  suffering like me. I have already got my  first Snoopy, so please don't criticize,  give us encouragement. We need it.  Roberts Creek CAMILLA THYER  Firemen praised  Editor, The Times  Sir: On behalf of the school board, I  would like to express my thanks to the  volunteer firemen from Gibsons and Roberts Creek and fire chief Dick Ranniger  for their success in saving the school  board  offices from  destruction by  fire.  The,crews managed to confine damage  to a minimum in spite of the fact that the  office walls had burned through,  It, was, a difficult task and the firemen deserve the highest praise for their  efforts to prevent what could have been  a major loss for, the school district.  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We have temporary  claims service set up right at the locations of the permanent  centres, whichare underconstruction. Wehave travelling  adjusters who will be able to reach all of the communities that  don^t have claims centres  to move the massive volumes of paperwork as fast as possible,  and we will add extra ones as they're needed. We even have people  to tell us what problems we're going to have later:    >  But, we're trying to give you the best service possible.  And believe us, you deserve it.  $1  _��P''S_<M_'.  INSURANCE CORPORATION UtJ Of BRITISH COLUMBIA  your insurance company  ..���At. /  She loves to travel  p0ge B-4���Peninsula Times, Wed., Feb. 27, 1974  oesnt slow s>unsiiine  by Helen Tinklley  HALFMOON BAY���Mrs. Helen Dratsch, a  resident of Seacrest in the Halfmoon  Bay area, has always loved to travel and  see new places. Now, nearing her 70th  birthday, she is still seeking new horizons.  Two years ago she travelled alone to  Mexico by train and bus, but this year  she planned to push south through, Mexico and explore the countries of Central  America.  When she set out on Nov. 1, she was  doubtful whether she would ever reach  her destination, but in Vancouver, when  she called in at the Costa Rican consulate  for a visa, she received so many pamphlets and excellent maps that she was  encouraged at least to make the attempt.  She travelled by bus to Nogales on the  Mexican border, where she decided to  continue her journey by train. She got a  reserved seat in a first-class carriage,  thinking this would' ensure her a seat and  a reasonable degree of comfort.  v Though Nogales ��� railway station is  gleaming new, the coaches are at least  50 years old with three-ply windows,  that is-, two layer's^ of glass and a centre  layer of moisture and dirt which makes  them practically opaque. And if she  thought the first-class carriage would  ensure her lots of- room, she was quickly  disillusioned. Th_ procedure is to allow  those with first class reserved tickets  into the train first, but after that,, anybody can take the vacant seats, so before  . the train left the station, there were  about 20 passengers standing. As it grew  dark, the standing passengers started to  bed themselves down on the floor for the  night. There were 62 seats in the carriage  and to get to the washroom, it meant  stepping over about 20 bodies. By the time  the train reached Guadalajara, 28 hours  later, the passengers had thinned out and  there were some empty, seats.  Mrs. Dratsch spent two days in Guadalajara and then took a bus to Puerto  Vallarta, where she found cobblestone  rfstreetsifulLof potholes and a,rocky,beach.  Nearby was Mismaloya beach, a beautiful sandy beach made famous by the film,  of Nicaragua. It was an interesting journey and because of the frequent stops for  meals and border crossings, she had the  opportunity of meeting with her travelling companions who comprised Canadians, Americans,' Germans, Mexicans as  well as natives of the Centra American  countries.  The bus arrived in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua late one evening, and  the fat, energetic little lady who ran the  hotel, busily allotted the passengers to  the rooms she had available. Mrs. Dratsch  shared a room with two young women,  a German from Hamburg and a Canadian  from Victoria, who intended to stay in  South" America for eight months. The bus  x left at 6 a.m. next day with most of the  passengers bound for Costa Rica and  Panama, but Mrs. Dratsch decided to stay  another day to take a look around Managua. It was a decision,she was to regret,  for the city had been practically destroyed'by an earthquake a year earlier and  it was a derelict spot. All those who could  afford to do so, had left the town "after  the earthquake and only the poorer members of the population remained, salvaging what they could from the ruins to  improvise rough shelters. Here and there  one came across the remains of beautiful  homes and gracious gardens. The lush  tropical vegetation is helping cover the  scars, climbing over the broken walls and  up to the second storeys of the houses.  Managua was wiped out by an earlier  earthquake and fire in 1931.  Next morning, Mrs. Dratsch boarded  the Tica-Bus for Costa Rica. The road  follows Lake Nicaragua for several miles,  passing by the pretty little town of Granada. Yake Nicaragua is claimed to be the  only lake in the world which contains  sharks. The explanation offered by the  natives is that long ago, the lake was part  of the Pacific Ocean until a volcanic  eruption blocked the passage to the sea,  forming the lake. Over the centuries, the  salt water .became fresh water and the  sharks adapted themselves to the change  in their environment. This region was  '' ther original^  connect the Pacific and Atlantic oceans,  utilizing Lake Nicaragua    and the. San  __"__^ __fS__?_2S,__ =S��~w_S.- ___*���--___  rumor has it that thei property has been  acquired for  a resort by Canadian m.-.  Jterests..,.,._^^^  From Puerto Vallarta, our adventurous  little lady took a bus to Manzariillo over a  very good modern road, through orange  groves, banana plantations and jungle,  where people lived in much the same way  as they had lived for a hundred years or  more. Manzanillo she found a lively little  port, with its hafbor filled with boats,  navy vessels and even the Spirit of London.  By night bus, she travelled to Mexico  City where she spent three interesting  days. She"'enjoyed the colorfulmusic arid  dancing of the Pallet Foiklorico and she  visited the National Pawn shop; which is  .situated in the centre of the city adjacent  to the muruciparbuiidihgs, It has been in  operation for about 200 years and among  the unredeemed articles on sale are some  magnificent and valuable jewels.'  Mrs, Dratsch took the train, this time  travelling Pullman, for the journey to  Tapachula on the Guatemalan border.  : After ah engine breakdown, the train arrived at Vera Cruz at 4 p.m., already  seven hours behind schedule. ,  An American from Los Angeles who  boarded the train said he had been waiting since early 'mining and every time  ���he asked an official when the, train would /  ,. arrive, the answer was invariably ."Un  momentito!"   (a  little    moment),, with  thumb and' fore finger a quarter inch  apart to    indicate, how    infinitesimally  short the wait would be. There was no  dining room on the train and the passengers had d-pended on fruit and tortillas  which  women  carried, along  the  platforms at the various stops. At Vera  ; Cruz, Mrs, Dratsch wanted a meal but  was told the train would leave in half  an hour. She hurried out of the station  to buy some food and was back in less  than 30 minutes, but 2% hours later, the  train was still' standing in the station!  When eventually, they arrived at Tapachula, 12 hours behind schedule, the border was closed for the, night and passengers had to find hotel accommodation.  Next morning, Mrs. Dratsch boarded  a bus which took nor over tho border into  Guatemala,  which Is  populated  mainly  by  Indians    of Mayan    descent.  They  reached Guatemala City In the afternoon  ond she took a bus to Esqulpulas to see,  tho jbnslllca and the famous carving of  the Black Christ, made from black wood,'  which Is famous throughout Latin America, The next day she crossed over' tho  border In El Salvador, a crossing which  In seldom used by foreigners. The young  woman who checked her luggage treated  ���~"��iher*wHlv^susplclon^and*'turned*"h'o'r**'|)'n,i."  gago Inside out, Tho Immigration officer,  ���   on tho other hand, was most friendly ns  ho examined her passport and entered '  Into a discussion comparing tho climate  of Canada and El Salvador, He' wished  hor "Buoh Vlnjo" with a hearty hand-  shako,  Mrs, Dratsch spent throo days In San  Salvador, the capital. She found little of  interest In tho town Itself, save a few  public buildings and tlio parks wore dry  and dusty. However, tho unburns on tho  surrounding  hl|l��    with    tho  beautiful  houses and  gardens    of tho well-to-do  wore delightful   and   from   tho  nearby  Planes do liondoros which can "bo reached by bus, a fine view can bo obtained  of tho city and surrounding volconon, La  Mbortad, A seaaldo resort to tlio south, Is  -     little more than n-flshlng village,���with  a not too interesting beach. This Is coffee-growing country nnd the coffco harvest was In full swing In tho coffco linens  (estates),  ',     H  was   In  San .Salvador' that   Mrs.  D'rAtsch~iic��rrt'nhou'tihoTic^nufiCB'wTilch  nerve the Central American, countries  from Guatemala lo Panama, travelling at  dnyllma from early morning until Into  evening, Ono morning alio boarded tho  TIcm-Hun lor a wonderful trip across Into  Honduras and then tiouth to tho border  put on the project between 1889 and 1893  but was then abandoned in favor of the  Panama route.  After crossing the Cost^  the road passes through rather flat country for about 130 miles. Then at Esparta  the climb starts to the Cordillera Volcan-  ica, again descending to the 4J000 feet  elevation of the Meseta' Central, where  lies the capital, San Jose. It is a very  European city, with beautiful parks,  churches and a national theatre "which  is an exact replica of the Paris Opera  House.  From San Jose, Mrs, Dratsch had a  most interesting ride to Puntarenas on  the west coast :by ,a; narrow.: gauge^ railway which 'travels over the .spectacular  Rio Grande de Tarcoles gorge. jThe engine  crosses the gorge several tinies, on high  narrow bridges, g i v ing spine-chilling  views below- Puntarenas proved to be  one of Costa Rica's busiest ports, with  ten freighters. In the low coastal lands of  Costa Rica, the soil- is rich and fertile with  orange groves and plantations of bananas,  coffee and jsugar cane. There are also  cattle ranches, m o s t Ly stocked' with  Brahmas   (humped    cattle)   which    can  withstand drought.  Only a few miles from San Jose and  accessible by bus is Costa Rica's oldest  Spanish city, Cartago, where there are  two famous churches and where begins  the climb to the Irazu volcano. From  its 11,200 foot peak, it is claimed that  one can see the Atlantic and Pacific  coasts, but .when Mrs. Dratsch was there,  the mountain was shrouded in mist which  blanketed all distant views, but she was  able to see the light green water which  seemed to boil deep down in the crater.  Past Cartago, the Pan American Highway climbs to its highest elevation north  of Panama, around 11,000 feet. It .is an  eerie part of the country, cold and damp.  There are quite a few trees, but they  are covered with a parasitic moss which  gradually kills them. There are, nevertheless some poor settlements and even  some cattle grazing, but the people living there have to bring much of their  food from the towns. The road descends  again to San Isidoro del General which  was the most southerly point of Mrs.  Dratsch's journey. ���,  At the time, the towns of-Costa Rica  were gay with flags of many colors. An  election campaign was being fought and  the five different parties each had their  own flags and these flags were displayed  in all the villages and towns giving quite  a carnival effect. There were flags on  the houses, in the trees and on the fence-  posts���and there was apparently no ill  feeling between neighbors displaying different colors.  On the return journey, Mrs. Dratsch  had to spend another night in the Tica-  Bus hotel at Managua. While on this occasion she did not have to share a room,  she had plenty of mosquitos for company.  She could not find a switch to turn off  the light, so she disconnected two wires  which stuck out of the wall. Next morning, in the darkness, she tried to connect  them again and got a shock, so she left  the door open and got dressed and packed by a little light coming in from the  hallway.   She returned  from  Tapachula  to Mexico: City'by ;>bus,*;; which took just  20 hours compared to the 48-hour journey  by rail on the southward trip. She spent a  day shopping in. the old silver mining  town of Taxco and then bused out to the  coast for an eight-day rest at Acapulco.  On her way north, Mrs. Dratsch spent  a few days: in:"Monterey^which*she considers a very commercial town but with  interesting  features.   Worth a visit, she  says,   is  the  district   around   the  Plaza  Zaragoza with its stately hotels, sidewalk  cafes and,  across from the cathedral a  beautiful big park. The best view, of the  city is to be obtained from the Bishop's  Palace, El Obispado, perched on top  of  a hill at the western end of Monterey.  She crossed the border at Laredo and  made  a stop   at  the   Carlsbad  Caverns  where there ,are  examples of  the best  stone-filigree work  she  has- ever  seen.  She stopped off in Las Vegas for a day on  the Strip and then headed for Vancouver  and the Sunshine Coast after a journey  covering approximately 8,000 miles.  Mrs. Dratsch considers it advisable for  travellers to Mexico and the Central  American countries to know a little  Spanish to be able to communicate with  banks, hotels and transportation officials,  particularly if they plan to use moderately priced hotels or get off the beaten  track.  LOVELY HULA hands and that is tion of Gilbert Joe. Jesse and the  what you're supposed to watch, lovers girls, performed a variety of songs  of hula dancing are informed. Sechelt rtind dances before some 200 persons,  was treated to   a free Polynesian Earlier Joe and members of the band  show on Sunday when Jesse Nakooka presented carvings to the Hawaiian  arid his Ma^                             _?er" troupe. Manager of the Maui Lu at  formed at the ^  Kihei Beach, John Miller, told band  members that he camped on the  beach in a tent hear the old Indian  church 60 years ago. He recalled  former landmarks when shown an  old photograph of the reserve.  ;p  GLIMPSE, GAZE, STARE  OR SCRUTINIZE  ��� . . . quel you'  if call arc  GM Pickups & Campers  NEW, USED AND DEMONSTRATORS  Bulck, Pontlac and that great economy car .' . .  'ASTRE"  solas - financing &,,servico in ono   " * ' '���'" i'i" ' r  " i   -^���  "Your Now Representative" from Roberts Crook  _-_*-__.��. ,^~,JrERBV~RlDGEWEL^  JIM PATTISON BUICK & PONTIAC  Main & 18th, Yancouvor ���- 879-4233  (wide opon till 10 p.m. nightly)  Don't take a chance and miss out on THE TINIES. Know  as much about your community as your neighbor ��� subscribe to THE TIMES and have It delivered each week  in your mall. Just send $7 (If you live on tho Peninsula) to THE TIMES, Box 310. Secheltr R.C. It you live  outside the area, a subscription Is $8; USA $10;  overseas,, $11.  iiMUMaiaiiaai��aiaiiiiiiaiaiiaiilUMi��iiiii|iiMiaiMiMUiiiii>ii/aiiiiHHiii<iiiiii<liiMUMiiiMiiiiiiinii>i iiiHiiHiiiliiiiiaiiiniiiiliiiMMiiiiuaiMiH<i>iMMiMMiHHiMiHMl"i��j  .Yes, / want to keep up with THE TIMES. Horo's my monoy    -    start my  subscription  immediately* '  NAME .������ ,���,_.. n ���.._, L_���-.������^ -     j  S      AL/PKc<_>b    ���_������_��� , _,_._���,_ _������__ ,,_,...���,.-_��� _.���_,_._..,_,--.,..-.,_       g  I   ' ' i  1<IIM<IMIIIII>llllailllMMIMIIIMIIIIIIIIIMMMiailMll|l>llaMIIIIMIIMII l<l|lll|IIMIII)llll>lltllllll<IMIIII>ll��IIIIIIIIIMII<IIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH IIIIMIIIIIIIMUIIIIIIIIIli /  Wednesday, February 27, 1974        The Peninsula times  /  0  Page 3-5  Howe Soundings  i  THOSE of  us  who have always been  ardent supporters of all things musical  are inclined to miss it if there is nothing  to  support. When we  eame to live in  Gibsons, we awaited news of a band  concert with great anticipation. The opportunity came in November when the  Elphinstone secondary school senior band  played at the Remembrance Day service,  held at the t' new Legion Hall in Gibsons.  Their selections added immeasurably to  what was, in every way, a fine service.  The next chance came when the same  band, took part in the Christmas concert  of Sechelt School District. The improvement in the musicianship of the students  was quite remarkable: smoother ensemble work, good tone and some well-controlled dynamic effects showed that the  long hours of practise had not been in'  vain.  We need hardly say, then, that a letter:  received recently from Mel Campbell,  bandmaster, was of particular interest. It  was an invitation to all parents of band  students to attend a meeting concerning  the band programme at Elphinstone secondary on  the evening  of  Wednesday,'  ��� by Margaret Jones  Feb. 20.  The parents and students who1 attended the meeting heard Mr. Campbell outline the particular areas in which a band  committee could help. Don Montgomery  explained the details of the instrument  rental system.  Following a discussion period, it was  decided to form a - band committee, for  which elections were held..  Members are as follows: Chairman,  Mrs. P. Gross; vice-chairman, J. Black;  secretary, Mrs. T. Forsyth; treasurer, Don  Montgomery, principal; transportation,  Mrs. E. Dandy and Mrs. D. Marcroft;  phone, Mrs. T. Fraser; hospitality, Mrs.  D. Montgomery; publicity, Mrs. R. Jones.  Student representatives will be named  soon.  The committee will meet Wednesday,"  Feb.   27.  Supporting the band is not limited to  parents of band students. It is hoped that,  as specific projects arise, members of  the community will want to do whatever they can���like attending the band  section of the local music festival, which  starts at 1:30 p.m. March 6 at Sechelt  Elementary School.  ���    ���_m ���      _�����,-> h   ^   ,       f.    f^MllMi  _ ||l__. ��_.__���_���!������ !_��� fl      ���,.-_�� ���-    *~LY      *   ���*     ��� "   ���"     "'    ��    _��� -- ���- _.���-.       -   .,- -���  . -     - - __��� ..!����������� ,,������'  .JK-rUV-*-'  t_rf\-   _*>*-,���* ���-.   J. |    *���  isaF ^ j^+jB\- s - * ! ��  _Ws ��� V ���   . -._"**' *. i ���*!*_. _'* ...._,.. -    ' i  ..-.��� ���-' __-. ��,i ���. ��� ...    ���   . ��� , ��� -��������'' _.'i,M_i_,,;t%'~  ^mz^B'amm^r^ '^u ���mam***: ____* *��___Hm:  --��� . .m   ;_*  . _���-, _,-   ���:����� -*' "te< iEJF' ' '__(  \Jt tmu-flflfir ���tf*j  GIBSONS  CUBS  and their fathers    Twenty-five cubs and 19 adults took   est scoring dad-and-son team was  enjoy a frame or two of five-pin   part in the tournament, which was    Ed Gill and son Jamie,  bowling during    Scout-Guide week,    held Feb. 22 at Gibsons Lanes. High-  Coast body shops  OK $14 hour plan  A FINAL offer of $14 an hour for repair  work under Autoplan-is being widely  accepted by body shops throughout the  ���province, the Insurance Corporation of  B.C. announced.  ��� About 60 per cent of body shops contacted by ICBC to date have agreed to  provide vehicle repairs at the rate proposed by the provincial auto insurance  company.  Most body shops on- the Sunshine  Coast have agreed to the plan, a survey  conducted by The Times revealed.  Doug Scrivener, ICBC's senior executive for claims service, said today that  192 of the 355 body shop operators contacted have agreed to ICBC's rates. He  said many of those signed up are larger  shops.  ICBC, whose universal Autoplan insurance program will cover all licensed  vehicles in B.C. effective March 1, has  proposed a basic body repair rate of $14  an hour.  - He said letters will be going out within a week to those shops which have  agreed to the rates. The letters will out-,  line procedures for handling estimates  and billing, and will give each -operator  a vendor number to be used in computer-  controlled payment systems.  -tsnatmanna  _  aaamaainaatatimaaataamfaaaaaiMai  *  Put your message into more  =       than    3,250   homes   (14,000  |       readers)   in   these   economical'  jj      spots. 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One of the fea- nently in the church commemorating  Mrs. Samuel Cassells were honored   tures of the afternooa was presenta- the founder of the congregation and  by members of the Sunshine Coast   tion of the portrait by Dennis Gray, his wife.  'We luv u ladies' . .  Page B-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 27, 1974  were welcomed at the door by Mrs. Ellen  Bragg,' administrator, spoke volumes as  to how much a__x__iaries are appreciated.  This warmth prevailed the whole afternoon as friendly attention was. given by  staff and board members.  Expressing her feelings to The Times,  Mrs. Bragg said the Sunshine Coast auxiliaries are, "one of the most active and  supportive auxiliaries that I have ever  worked with. They are responsible and  professional in their decision making.  Without the financial support which is  the result of hard work by the ladies, St.  Mary's would not be able to give the  high quality of care it is' trying so hard  ���to do. Every member of the , staff is  aware of and appreciates the help of 'the  ONE of the 12 apostles of the Mormon    auxiliaries"  ^t^^S!__,C^d^w��.HinCkIey' Er^ Hensch, board    chairman, Dr.  explains priesthood as follows. -^ paetkau, <idet ot m���dical sta��f -^  "Priesthood in Mormonism has some-.   j>r (Barry Kassen, president of the niedi-  thing of the same meaning as is attached    ^ staff   were part <# the welcoming  to it by ether churches, authority Lto act    committee; Mrs. Charlotte Baines, auxi-  By PEGGY CONNOR  SECHELT���A phenomenon that is rare  in hospital auxiliary circles happens  each year at St. Mary's. Hospital,  Sunday, Feb. 17, an appreciation tea  was held to honor the ladies who work  to raise money and serve as volunteers  in .he hospital.  The warmth with which the guests  We believe  By Elder and Sister Warren L. Jones  Church  of  Jesus  Christ  ol Latter-day  Saints.  in the name of (GocL But among Latter-  day Saints it is' 'not restricted to a few  who have been trained in seminaries and  untversitl_3..' ������ ,������/���, ;/' ,;  Every man and boy over 12 years of  age may hold the priesthood provided  he xxxrifomis  to  the stmdoxds, of the  ' Church.'; "���;'      v;'-;';'���;���'-������; '-������-;'"' i ��� -��������� -'-���'���'  There are two orders of the priest-  , hood, the Aaronic and the Melc-Mzedek.  The 'Aaronic is concerned with the temip-  liary 'board member, ws in charge of the  guest book for the first half of the afternoon with board member, Chris Ward,  taking over for the second half.  The physiotherapy room was traris-  ' formed; for. the day and decorated by  director pf nursing, Mrs. Irene Donlon  and her committee, Valentine mobiles  with hearts and cupife the work of Lil  lian Peters, physiotherapy aide ,read: "We  Love IT Ladies" signs hung on the walls  oral affairs of the church; the Melchize-    as well as on the lips of the staff,  dek, which is the_W_*er' order embracing        Don Douglas,  board member, spoke    8  all of the authority of the Aaronic, la    frtr +Wo iw��wi n��_4 ctntf ���i-iiin._- v.��� ����,��*>    W  for the board and stuff telling how much  tion a few of the board members present;  Doctors Swan, Paetkau, Kassen, Vosburgh -  represented the medical staff.  The honored guests were members  of the six auxiliaries- to St. Mary's Hospital, coming;in.two shifts/TPhe first.ones ,.  starting at 2:30 were Pender Harbour,  Halfmoon Bay, Gibsons and Port Mellon,  with Sechelt and Roberts Creek attending 4 to 5 p.m.  Mrs. Charlotte Haines, auxiliary board  member, and as such liaison officer between  auxiliary   and   hospital,   thanked,  everyone.  It may have been a wet miserable day  outside but it was all sunshine inside. Af- .  , ter the refreshments and entertainment  the staff took the ladies on tour of new  equipment purchases provided by funds   ���  raised by the auxiliaries.  The hospital staff, at all -times, show  friendliness and cooperation to the ladies  in red in the hospital. This tea showed the /  other good workers who do their hours  making money in the thrift shop and  other ventures how deeply they feel about  auxiliaries,      ,,  i;iiiiaiainiaiaaiaiaiaiii��iaiiiiiaiii(i>iBiiiiiiiiMiiiiiaiiiaiiaiaan  Gibsons Pentecostal  (HIGHWAY 8, MARTIN /  Sunday School 9:45 a.m.  Services 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.  PHONE 886-7107  Patron Gorry Fatter   ,  aaHiaiai aaaaaiiaaii ��� lamiaiaataiataaaaa. ���<��!  i<il>iaiaaaaaaiaiiaiai)aaaaaiiaiaiaiHia<aMiiii^iliiiliaiiaaiaaiaiar  Tho United Church  of Canada  SERVICES: :  St. John'. United Church - PayJi Day  Sunday Services - 9:30 a.m.  Robert* Crook Unit.- Church  Sunday Services - 2:30 p.m1.  Gibsons United Church  Sunday Services - 11:15 a.m.  MINISTRY:  f-ov. Jim W|llamson, iGlb-ons, 886��2333  <_aiaiiaiaiai<>Hiiiniiiaaiatiiii<aiiiiii��iauiiaaiaiiuU)H)iaaiai  principally concerned with spiritual of- ^ WOTic,,Qnd proceeds from their work,  *tura' ,, holp the hospital to purchase much need-  i .Within each of these orders are varl- ed equipment to kcop our hospital up  oufl grades���deacon, teacher and priest , with tho latest in'tho medical field. The  ln tho Aaronic; elder, seventy, and high sincerity with which Mr, Douglas spoke  priest in the Melchlzedek. Boys ore ord- said more than hb actual words and he  alned deacons at 12 provided, their lives put across in words (lie 'apprcdaUon felt  comport with tlie principles of Uie gospel by his fellow memliwa and staff,! very  Aa they grow older thoy nr�� brdaincd well, ,  to various offices, depending upon their ms< p��,eUum nn<rMro.' Kassen, along  living. , ��� with wives of board members, were in-  Each office carrier with It particular ylted,, to pour from the beautiful silver   rcisponffibllltles and powers. Among tlicso toa services that graced tho table along   jjhmimhhimhmhiiiimiimm ������miiiiihiihiihuiiimdmu  are authority to baptize; to administer with a lovely hearts  and flowers, red    l  tho sacrament, to prcsldo over various n,jd white, cake thnt spelled out,  "We  groups, and in the highest Instance itx> luv you ladies."  ^���preside '���over" ifljo^chun&'iteelf,-^^^^  ��� Whll- li?!a ?riC!fth00d tTrriT w*lh l] bora passed around jch delectable .and-  ho authority to^govern the ^urch^nd wklxca on(J cn,c0   ^ ^ pbffcft, the  �� members in the r religious activities Mrv|c6 wft8 .rcmondiw The superb food  2l^S?^X1^S_��,��^y SL��Xw "2 WM wor,t of th0 -Wan; Mrs. Bla_k and  \n definitely clrcumscriibed, The ww of ilfinfi cnoic Mm' DnnrnMi  the church, bolleved to,be divinely pro- no^ r����Kt ���m< ���l|oU,,1      ,.  nounced, reads: "No power or Influence        ,ncprcRcntlng tho nursing staff, four  can or ought to bo maintained by virtue ? tho m��rscs nut onn display of Filipino  of the priesthood, only by persuasion, by dancing,' Tlio lithesome, gracefial dancers  long-suffering, byt gentleness and meek, were Mrs, Bnlanoa Bunbury, Mrs. Mnrce-  ncss, and love unfeigned. Una BoyBer, MrnLyda Wong .and Mlsa  "Dy  Wndna.  and  pure  knowledge, "^lo^SlSf0'      * ^ * P  o^tSlvand wiffi^ff\w!c W Wnfl 0Vld'��ni m ���� ,:ho M ^  '��}.Jfy?^tey'.   na wUhout .��"Uo. p&G pM-tJclpoicel in'making.thla day a memor-  Prlcatlvood  Is  flocrcd In   our  home, Tnu��� ' t^,,   '-.h._iA.*u��-���-.i_'��.   i -^   ��  SoS^'SE-atra rs_? \ -^^-Ss'S, at. __. &____��  _C__*__-2'��"_-_S. t_5_, SSUiS-S- ��?,_^_��SS_  -l�� imrt-uw-poww to-M_-'��irt-��� l>_4~i,_Sn���_^_^n.T_S"r_S_i___?w^-S_:--  tn the    MelchlEcdek   ^  WHAT CAN YOU DO WHIH  THINGS SEEM SO UNFAIR 7 ,  *��Many> pooplo ��aro .coplno,..with-conflict*  In personal matters by turning radically  to  Chrlstlahlry   and its  assurance   of  God's constant, loylnb earn,  Broadjcatt thlt Sunday oyer many -to-  tlom Includlna CIVD, 1470 Kct ot 9|30        a.m, ''  |auiMMUiiaMiiaiiiiiiaiaaaiiaiaMa>aa>iaaiaaa*aiaiia>iaiiaaaaia��  DAPTIST CHURCH SERVICES  Calvary Baptist Church  Park Road, Gibson*  Of flea) 006-2611 R��tt 006-744^  '",   ' Mornlno" WoT��hip"'9l36"a,m.''"''     *���  Sunday School |0;45 a,m,  Evonlna Wor��h,lp   7:00 p.m.  Prayer & Blblo Study< Thursday* 7|30 p.m.  Weekly Youth Proorarm  graduation from high school, n,i they w<rro  ready to leave home for university, both  sons and daughters received a father'/*  blessing. During their growJngHJp yen-rjt  and now, thoy havo church duties ami  rc3pon��thlHUc_ which guide and direct  tholr Uvea,  We pay cash for  Used Cars or Trucks  SUNSHINE RENTALS  Auto D.y, 885-2520  iheTRMTH  rhorH���r.lS  A Christian S-lonca Radio Sorloi  iiMiiiMiiiaMiiMiiMaiiaaiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiaiaaiMMiiitiiiMiiaai.  Bothol Baptist Church  M��rmald A Trail. Socholt  : OH lco, 00 6-2611 R��.t 006-7449  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Morning Worship ll:IS o,m,  Prayer * Plbla Study Wednesdays 7l30 p.m,  Wookly Youth Programs  REV. W. N. ERICKSON, Pastor  rTiiaiiuiaiiaiiiialiiMaaiaaiiiiiaMiiiMiauaiiMiaiiiiaiiiiiaiiatia  i  Phono 08G-2026 B86-9812 Moat Dopt. 885-9823 Bohory  W�� R������rv�� Th�� Right1 To Umlt Quantities  ynnnnnunnnajnc/n/jn/jiL


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