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The Peninsula Times Jan 16, 1974

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Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervis'Inlet), including Port Mellon, Hopkins Landing, Gronthoms Landing, Gibsons, Roberts Creek,
Wilson Creek, Selma Park, Sechelt, Halfmoon Boy, Secret Cove, Pender Hrb., Modeiro Park, Garden Boy, Irvine's Landing, Eorl Cove, Egmonl
,,     2nd Class Mail
Registration  No. 1142
Including driver's licences
This issue 12 Pages — 15c
,        Union "hiSSta  Lobe!
ADULTS puzzle and worry about how to make the hill
Vol. II, No. 8 — WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16, 1974
trip paving,
lighting £yed
THE department of transport has announ- '
'    ced plans to study the feasibility of
paving the Gibsons-Sechelt airstrip and
installing runway lighting.
-> The move follows a,i request from
Sechelt and District Chamber of Commerce for the department to' consider
paving and lighting the airport.
- In a letter to chamber president Morgan Thompson, DOT spokesman G. N.
Dungey noted that the airport was presently zoned for daytime flying only.
"To permit night flying, it is understood that tree clearing would be required
the approaches to meet the more
restrictive zoning as well as considerable earth removal and tree clearing
on the north side."
Dungey explained that financial assistance application forms had been forwarded to Sechelt village council to complete.
"On receipt of these completed forms,
an economic study will be arranged to
evaluate the paving of the airstrip as
well as the feasibility of -installing runway lighting."
Neil   Sutherland,   village   clerk,   told
The Times that the extensive forms are
currently being completed and will be
returned to the department as soon as
Chamber may send
assessment brief
SECHELT—The British Columbia Chamber of Commerce may submit a brief
to the government on the increased assessments and local chambers and individual
members have been urged to prepare information.
Sechelt and District Chamber of Commerce president Robert Scales has called
an executive meeting tonight at the Bank
of Montreal at 7:30 p.m.
W. P. Gardiner, zone director of the
B.C. Chamber, sent to all" chambers in
his area a copy of the following telegram
from Ralph Pettie of the B.C. Chamber:
"Urgent you contact all chambers in
your zone to supply me immediately with
municipal statements of assessments for
current .plus last three years stop. Also
as much information as possible concerning individual assessments and taxes 1974
stop. Remind them Jan. 17 deadline for
filing assessment appeals."
Scales suggested that interested members gather required information and
bring it to the executive meeting.     '
to £
SECHELT—-Due to  amendments  in  the
Assessment Equalization Act, there
will be "substantial" increases in assessments in the village, W. L. Umphrey, provincial assessor, told Sechelt village council by letter.
"Principle feature of the amendment
is that it gifted assessment restrictions on
all property except for property used for
residential purposes or qualified as farmland." Umphrey said.
"Consequently, all other properties,
including all types of vacant land (except
farm land) commercial land and improvements, industrial land and improvements
are now required to be assessed at 50
per cent of actual value.
* "Therefore, jn order to meet this statutory requirement, there will be some
fairly substantial increases in assessments
which ,are no longer limited to the 10
SUNSHINE Coast ^Credit Union, Sechelt,
has been appointed driver's licensing,
motor vehicle licencing and insurance
agency for the entire lower Sunshine
Coast, manager Howard Pratt told The
Times Saturday.
Pratt said that the idea for the credit
union to pick up the functions after the
village of Sechelt threw them out was
proposed by Ray Hadfield, superintendent
of motor vehicles. Assuming the new
duties means that the credit union will
issue all forms of licences including trailers, trucks and transfers; Autoplan insurance and driver's licences. ,
The village of Sechelt earlier dropped
the licencing and insurance functions but
decided to retain the driver's licencing
^ functions and provide facilities for the
drivers-examiners. But Hadfield preferred
to keep all the functions under one roof
and took the driver's licencing away from
the village as well and turned the responsibility over to the credit union.
'Hadfield called on Pratt Jan. 5 to
make the proposal. Later in the week
Pratt went to Vancouver to look into
more aspects of the program and on
Friday, the board of directors of the credit
union studied the plan and decided to
go ahead.
     "We accepted the function and planned
to go into the insurance and licencing
business all within a week," Pratt said,
"and now we'll have to train a girl and
find a part-time girl who can operate a
bookkeeping machine."
Pratt said that if the credit union had
stayed in its former office on Wharf
Street, it could not have taken on the
added responsibilities.
Pratt told The Times that the credit
union will not be set up to handle any of
the functions until Feb. 1.
"A girl has to be sent to Vancouver
to be trained and we have to find someone to handle our bookkeeping machine,"
he said.
Pratt said: "I was concerned that our
hours tmight have to be changed to ac
commodate the new services, but Hadfield said our office hours were satisfactory,"
The credit union is open from 10 a.m.
to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.
Pratt said that the credit union will be
prepared to finance insurance premiums.
Other credit unions taking on the
functions include Lake Cowichan and Port
Coquitlam, he said.
All other announced agencies will continue to sell Autoplan insurance and
licence plates, including Gibsons village
Gibsons council had discussed dropping the functions "and proposed that the
motor vehicles branch rent space in the
municipal hall.
Hadfield met with Mayor Larry Labonte and Aid. Kurt Hoehne Jan. 5 in
Gibsons and was shown the basement area
that council offered to provide for nominal rent.
"We told him we weren't forcing the
issue, but that we wanted to work out a
reasonable solution," said village clerk
Jack Copland. "Hadfield said he really
appreciated this approach."
Gibsons coucil offered to build necessary office facilities for the Insurance
Corp. of B.C. at its own cost.
"I don't mind the credit union handling insurance and licence issuance," said
Copland, "but I think there should be a
government agency to administer motor
vehicle services on the Sunshine Coast.
We have the population here for it."
Gibsons council, to Saturday, hasn't
had a final reply from Hadfield to its
offer. Copland was surprised to read (in
—See page B-3
Revision courts due
COURTS of revision for the area encompassed by the Sechelt School District
will be held Tuesday, at 10 a.m., Feb. 5
at Gibsons village office, said W. L. Umphrey, provincial assessor.
From realty iirm
GIBSONS—Village council has encountered opposition from a local real estate
company to its recently introduced subdivision and zoning bylaw, which requires
developers to service subdivisions at their
own cost. '        '' ,
( See editorial comments)
In the past, council had no fixed policy
per cent restriction per ahnum.:Inquifies ' on' suMivisions,'"and'servicing costs 'were
... while youngsters have fun. Sa1>
urday's heavy snowfall, capping a
two-week long sub-freezing spell,
caused problems for ,the motorists in
the picture above who took turns seeing who could make the hill at Grant-v
hams Landing. If"a oar made it, tho
next one took his turn and so on. But,
as usual, it was the children who
knew how to enjoy tho snow. Th>s
child-and-snow-covered hill near
'Granthams rang with laughter as the
children took advantage of the una-
.custorned treat. Saturday was their
only crack at it because by nightfall,
the year's first rain washed the show
, away and warm temperatures returned and melted' the.other past4lme,
ice skating on lakes and ponds.
Re-zoning sought
SECHELT—'Harold Nelson was sworn in
Jan. 7 as this village's fourth chief
executive. He succeeds Ben Lang, who
did not seek re-election.
Sworn in as aldermen were Norman
Watson and Ernest Booth, a newcomer
to civic politics.
All three men were elected by acclamation,
As his first official act, Nelson appointed his committee chairmen. He named
himself as finance chairman and assistant
to the public works chairman.
Aid, Ted Osborne was named public
works chairman and representative, Coast
Garibaldi Health unit.
Watson: regional board director, (elect
ted); sewers and pollution and library.
Aid. Dennis Shuttleworth: airport
management; provincial emergency plan
(formerly Civic defence),
Booth: deputy finance chairman; fire
protection;   recreation    and   community,
Larry Labonte now
mavor of Gibsons
GIBSONS— Mayor-elect Larry Labonte
was sworn into office Jan. 7 at village
council's inaugural meeting of 1074.
Re-elected aldermen Ted Hume and
Winston Robinson wore also Installed by
Jus'lco-of-thc-peacc" John Harvey,
As lie took tho chair, Labonte asked
for the co-opcratlon of council during his
two-year term,
"As tho now mayor, and working with
fine people, I think tho next two years
should ho good ones,"
concerning these assessments , should, be
directed to myself."
Council took no action on the letter.
Umphrey's mailing address is: Courthouse,1 New Westminster, BtC. V3M 1C9.
frequently borne by the village.
Jay Visser of Charles English Ltd.
noted, in a letter submitted to council
Jan. 8, that his company received tentative  approval  in  February   1973  for  a
Sechelt council angry .
SECHELT—An   angry   Sechelt   council
will invite MP Harry Olaussen to visit a council meeting to explain why three
Local Improvement  Project  grants,  applied  for by■, the,. village,  were  turned '.
down,' ' ■ . i. ■    ,■,.'.'    .■■■'■ -\"■      '■
Aid. Dennis Shuttleworth, disgusted
that the three village projects were/shot
down' said that three large grants were
given to other,projects ion the, coast; "including the hippie community at Roberts '
Creek."'-'"';, ■ ■ ;v, ■ •;; " '■"'   ;.: "   ''.,
Shuttleworth reported that the village's application for funds to develop
district lot 1472,as'a public park and an»
other to determine tho water table of the
village were rejected. The third LIP rejection was inventory of civil defence facilities on the Sunshine Coast.
Shuttleworth asked Olaussen to ox-'
plain "how " on  earth  things   of , public
;.. importance.should bo rejected ,.., , whllo,
other projects aro brought In."
The alderman was referring to a
Times news article , which reported that
grants were awarded \o Howard'White
of Madeira Pork, publisher of Raincoast
Chronicles, for a history of B.C. intended
for schools, >
Another grant was for an arts and
Residents fear 'pub'
at former Legion site
1 *"* : .     , .     .'     ■  '     . Pastor   Gorrv   Foster   tfnVfi   n   hrlflf   nri.       ""■■•"""•• MmMalMMMllil'iMM « •»<•■ ■iiaMHiniuuMiiMmiauaia, laMimaiillHMIUiMliHHiMiaHaiuiMutiHHiHaaia, UMaiaiaaiaaaaaaia.aaHiaHa,
DAVIS«BAY7F«flrrof»arno^  „_^
crafts fair initiated by a group in Roberts Creek. The third grant was to repair
thereof on the Egmont community hall.
Local members of the LIP committee
who approve the grants are appointed by
Olaussen, They include White of Rain-
coast Chronicles and John Burnside, an
Elphinstone Secondary teacher.       , '       ,
In other business, the council will appoint a planner to replace former regional district planner Ed Cuyllts, who
resigned and moved to Ottawa. "
Candidates for the part-time post,
which pays $25 an hour, are Peter Hoem-
borg, present district planner;, Rob Bu-
chan, of West Vancouver, a free-lance
planner , arid; currently Gibsons planner
and Doug Roy of Sechelt, a surveyor, professional engineer and a planner.
Mayor Nelson will appoint a committee to interview the candidates and report
back to tho council.
Council will guarantee building inspector Roy Taylor two full half days each
week at tho rate of $0 an hour plus, travelling expenses at 15 cents per, mile.
Taylor  submitted  his  resignation  to
council saying: "I have given it a good
, try and find that It la not ononomkal to
—So© page B-3
subdivision on Glassford Road. The letter
of approval mentioned only "the necessity
to deposit funds-required for the construc-
tino of the sewer main."
On July 6, however, council informed
the firm that it would have to pay for all
services under the terms of the new
zoning and subdivision bylaw.
" 'Said"Visser:"''The works tiTbe'dohe
turned out to be far more than- first
mentioned in the tentative approval and
the costs involved made it economically
quite impossible to proceed with the
He maintained that it was to the advantage of the village to prepare subdivisions.
"It is also feared that there might
be another bylaw under consideration
which would cause further delays and increases in costs," he said. "This, in view
that the . . . subdivision was applied for
on July 3, 1970, and no plan has. been
forwarded until this tin^e."
Aldermen tabled the letter until the
next planning commji^ee meeting and
agreed to forward a copy of it for consideration to village planner, Rob Buchan.
Under other , business, Aid.' Kurt
Hoehne reported that council was trying
to trim its budget to arrive at a more
favorable mill rate for 1074. ■'",
The cnairman of the'finance committee
said he had requested all other committee
chairmen to look for Jean's of cutting
back on their proposed jj 074 budget,
Zomerset Holdings Ltd., the group of
Investors which hopes to construct a
restaurant on the present site of Gibsons,
Billiards and develop a marina on 'the
foreshore, has retained an architect -to
draw up a definite development proposal.
Tho Vancouver law firm of Wing, Stewart, Allln ond Good said, In a letter,
that Its clients would present their proposals at a time convenient to council,
B.C. Hydro informed council that it
had ceased using herbicides to spray
power Uno right-of-ways pending tho
outcome of a ministry of health services
Council earlier had stressed tho necd>
for strict control over hcrblpido spraying
operations near village watersheds,
Aldormon agreed to make their annual
donation of $50 to tho Salvation Army,
pub operation at tho former Legion
slto In Solma Pork, prompted the Selma
(t MiaiiiMiiiiiiHiMKiiuiiiiiiiHi niiiiiili i'i
January 16 to 22
at- Pvlnt Atklnion
— Not to bo uwd for navigation —-.
0120 12.1
0510 11.0
1105 14.7
1905 4.8
0255 13,0
0630 12.1
1145 14,1
2000 4.3
0405 13,9.
0010 12,5
1235 13,6
2045 3.9y
0450 14.5
0930 12,4
1330 13,3
2130 3.6
0530 14.0
1025 12.1
1430 13.3
2213 3.3
1100 11.0
1525 13,3
223,8, If A'
0640 13,0
1140 11.5
2335 3.1
slto rozoned.
The association Included tho required
$10 fob to have tho slto rozoned frpm
institutional to residential 1 but directors
of tho Sunshine Coast Regional District
returned tho fee on tho basis that a group,"
or an Individual, cannot apply to have
someono   olso's property rozoncd,
Director Frank, West suggested ....that
tho fee bo returned and that tho reasoning
bo undertaken on the board's own initiative,
Director Bert Slndo, representing tho
area In question, said, that residents hod
long complained about the disturbance of
tho pence when tho Loglon used tho building. Ho added most of tho residents wore
pleased when Loglon moved Us operations
to Its now slto.
' 1 nil""'tlliell*r' nppl icnllonT" memUercT'ol* "llilcr
association expressed their concern over
tho possibility of tho slto becoming
o neighborhood pub, Thoy sold that thoy
were uncertain ns to how to go about
rczonlng so followed tho Jtudvlco of former. ,„,board..
Its planning for 1074.
tabonto^ appointed tho following aldermen, as committee chairmen for tho coming year:
Kurt IIoQh.no. finance, wages, wntor;
Winston Robinson; building and zoning,
library; Bill Lnlng: airport, flro and hnr-
hor; Ted Hume: sowers.
Tho planning ""committed consists of
full council,
Under first business of tho year, aldermen reappointed Rob Buchan as municipal planner for tho coming year,
Gilmour conciliator,
not gov't arbitrator-
WR reported  in  last  week's Issue  thftt
Clydo Gilmour was tho, provincial arbitrator In recent pay talks-between Sechelt
Tonchers'   Association   and   tho   school
A PAT on tho back and a 'woll dono'
fUoonchnof f'a Juniors aro , knocking off
nil thdlr compotltkm thereby assuring
strong teams for Elphlo In tho futurb,
Tho Coubaboa oio finding It oxtromoly
difficult to find looms that aro capable of
giving them tho competition they need.
In tho game against Burnoit of Rich-
mond. a Junior high school of 050 students,
tho locals whipped thom without a great
donl of difficulty, Davo Lamb of BochoU
was tho'strong player of thin game by
scoring 20 points and also controlled tho
boards by brlnRlng down ft total of 31
rebounds. ,,
Pni Guinea of Glbtons also played on
„, .And. to. top that ott.Wayno Smlthwaa ..oxcoptlonally,, strong gamo and la ono of
hns*lo go to Elphlnnjtono Cougar Cagara.
Tho teams nro doing oxtromoly well In
competition and bringing homo honor and
Ulory . . , and thoy don't oven have a
standard-steed basketball court to practlco ,
on and alltholr games nro on, tho rood,
However, thnt didn't stop tho Gory
Gray-conchcd senior Conga from knocking
over doublo A competition nt tho Mage©
Invitational tournament on tho weekend,
Tho Cougars defeated big & tough Vor-
ndn Panthers 70«70 and thon followed up
with a trouncing of Prlnco cl Waloa, 72«
Sechelt G 085-2512
district planner Ed Cuyllts.
Members noted""that with rozonlng to
residential, tho market vnluo of tho prop-
crty should not bo abveraly affected.
West moved, with a second by Director
Horry Almond, that tho property In question bo turned over to tho planning committee ,for study nnd rccommendfttlon,
In fact, Gilmour was tho conciliator.
116 bonded ovor tho dispute to ft thrco-
mon arbitration board for final nottlomcnt
when conciliation foiled.
School Board appointee on the board
was M, Shortt, R. A, Mohoney ftctcd for
tho STA and tho bonrd wns chnlrcd by
O, R. Schmltt,
named most valuable playo* In tho tourn-
nmont. His 20 points In thov.Vcrnon game
nncl 30 points oRftlnst P of W wero'dBvlous
reasons for his honors,
Frank Hnvjo* wos named to tho first
got honorable mention to tho nil-stars
and ho notice! in points ofjnlnst Vornon
ond 13 against P of W, Bill Blula scored
12 points against Vornon, Nlco going,
And if that Isn't anough, Conch Larry
tho reasons for team's succobs this yonr.
Both teams travel to Snrdlt today to
toko on more tough competition,
Tho Juniors practlco in tho substandard
court at QJbsona Elomonlnry School and
„where jhey ploy in the Inadequate hall.
Thero aro no homo games, The tooms will
really deserve their new gymnasium
whenever, It's built.
•      *.      ♦ | ■  -
Driftwood Plny«ra' pantomlme-cum-ro-
vno played to full houses In Glbsona lost
weekend nnd was considered • so successful thoy booked Socholt'a old Loglon Hall
on Friday nt 8 p.m, .and Sunday at 2 p.m.
Tho revue, Dick Whittington and th©
Sunshine Kingdom, is top-cnllbro family
' entertainment says our reviewer,
Tho rovuo, "makes the place we live
ono of magic where good triumphs, ovor
ovll and happiness abounds,"
You can't knock that,
Our reviewer continues: "Together, as
thoy panu their song about tho Sunshine
Kingdom. I foil on Incredible surge of
elation thnt has lasted since tho muslo
man, Kon Palglolah, created an aura of
CJnst members ore: Puss dordlo Houkm
Dick Ne*i Lewis and bis sisters, John,
Burnaldo, Goorgo Maiihowaj Princess
Allco Mnry Llvlngatonoj the king Bruce
WlTnoni Roberto do Creeko Ray CHnoj
- Art Smellcy Margaret JoneKf thenimy or
Andy Rnndnlb Rood fairy queen Bonnlo
Pnotlcnuj King Rftt Alien Crane.
It promises to bo fun, so Wo'U see you
nt tho old Loglon Hall,
Tickets nro $l,7fi; 75 cents for children
and 'pensioners and PM for families,
—••«  page  A-3
aaiiiaiuiiiMianiiiMiiii •■iMiiiiiiiiiiiii(iiiiiMiiiMiiiiiiiMiiiMin,ii>Mi>ii>iiaiM,„M,iii>M>M)<i)»iMa„ MMilMMMaaiaMiMHiaMaMiMaMiliii«|iaiaHMa»i>aiaaaNiaMaMa*aa«Mifa,a„(,Mt,, jr\nnsitinnru\nnnnnfts\sitwni\nntuuis^
The Peninbiil^^^
' J may be wrong; but / shall not be so wrong as to fail to say what I believe to be right."
—John. Atkins
A H. Alsoard, Publisher. Richard T. Proctor/ Managing Editor
lUifinnniuimiauijiruinRnnnnnnnnnnnri ■■— .........—..——... .....M»«.«««m.
SmfadHnwismM  h®@°l<MW tmmel^
GIBSONS council  is certainly on the
right track with its new subdivision
The legislation sets out minimum
standards which must be met by developers and gives council the teeth to
enforce these regulations. ^
, However, the bylaw als\ requires
subdividers to take financial responsibility for servicing their lots. ,
This is only,as it should be, since
the developer stands to gain a great
deal from a successful subdivision and
the village relatively little.
In the past, Gibsons., had no hard
and fast rules on the financing of subdivision services, such as water, power
ions in the municipality.-
In a letter .to council, the .firm argued:
"Prepared subdivisions, are also to the
advantage of the village and its development."
- True. But that advantage, in terms
of increased tax revenue, is insignificant
in comparison to the financial, returns
enjoyed by the developer. Otherwise,
why would he be in the business?
We  hope  council  makes clear  to
developers and potential developres that
.the village will no longer be content to
finance what is, in fact, a purely commercial venture.
The zoning and subdivision bylaw
has been given third reading by council
,   _ -, -    ,    , and awaits only the go-ahead from Vic-
and  sewage  disposal.  Frequently,  the    toria before it te^mes law<
taxpayers, themselves, had to foot the That final go.ahead) hopefully, will
""*• herald a new era in controlled planning
But the introduction of the subdivis-   . and. development in the village.
ion bylaw will place the bill firmly in
the hands of the developer, where it
At a recent council meeting, a. local
real estate company felt it unfair that
its clients should be saddled with servicing costs for two proposed subdivis-
Coupled with the recently introduced
zoning bylaw, which provides for orderly
expansion-in the village, the subdivision
bylaw will bring Gibsons one step closer
to the ideal in small, but growing coastal
towns, governed by good planning and
THE FOLLOWING articles.are taken
from the files of The Times of 1973,
1969 and 1964. .
'.-, Jan. 17, 1973—Gibsons village will
.'pursue an offer by a car-disposal firm
to remove junk cars. . • ' ■ " '
, i Retired school teacher John K. MacLeod. Selma Park defeated David Leslie
in a school' district election to Ireplace
Trustee' Bernie Mulligan who resigned.
Gibsons council posted' a . $50 reward in an effort to ccurb vandalism..'
Sechelt and area residents complained
to the Sechelt and District Chamber of
$:|: \ Commerce about restaurants closing during the holiday season. ■',./'
'i   Jan. 15, 1969— Sheila Kitson was
elected chairman of the Sechelt school
board and William Malcolm was named
Vice chairman.
,"', ■ Sechelt Mayor Bill Swain appointed
himself village .director on .'the Sunshine
Coast Regional District;    '    "
.v Aid. Norm Watson said that he could
not see granting $1,000 to the airport to
"finance a private flying club."
Walter Peterson and Ken Goddard
were sworn into Gibsons village council.
Page A-2 The Peninsula Times
Wednesday, January 16, 1974
. Jan. 15, 1964-7- Mrs. Muriel, Ball
of-Roberts Creek was. elected chairman
of the school board.
- Town plahnirig:tookup much time
of the Sechelt „ council consisting of:
Chris Johnston, chairman; Bernel Gordon, Sam Dawe, Bill Swain and Frank
Parker. Ted Rayner was clerk.
i  Two 800 games were, bowled by Ron
Godfrey and Lome Gregory of Gibsons.
WithTthe predominance of small boats-
in the area, a call went out for a small-
boat harbor in Trail Bay.
W. Laing was elected president of
local 297, Pulp and" Sulphite Workers
Union, Port Mellon. \
, Charles Gregory of,Sechelt is planning, a local talent competition:
lauamiaiilliimmillllaiiillaiilajiii Ialillllllimia|iali>
1 < ,  MISS BEE'S I
(   CARD & GIFT SHOP   j
a Wharf Road - Sechelt - 885-9066 I
| P.O. POX 213 i,    |
s   Hallmark-CoirttB  cards  and   wrapping^    E
s' Fine   English  china ■■ cup*  and  saucers.    |
2 Boutique items, local artists paintings:'   jj
®m usiMfg jm,mt <s>fffflees
SQUAMISH-municipal council has worked out a deal with the Howe Sound
School District to use high school land
for an ecological park as well as a municipal complex.
Council decided to work out such a
lease with the school boad, following a
joint committee meeting with representatives of the school district and aldermen.
At that meeting it was agreed that a
five-year lease' could be drawn up so
that the high school could continue devej
lopment of the land as an area for ecological studies courses as well as other outdoor projects the school plans.
Unheard of - municipal councils and
•school boards working together for the
joint benefit of the community.
What's coming next? If this trend
continues, Sunshine Coast Regional Dis-
' trict and Sechelt School District may
even decide to construct joint office facilities.
On the other hand, that seems too-
far fetched.
Already the regional district is looking at a lease in Sechelt- for its new
The school board is ensconsed atop
a store in Gibsons where there is no
parking and where it is not convenient
to the entire far-flung school district. The
two districts getting together to build a
joint complex and use joint facilities?
Don't be ridiculous!
That's forwardHhinking and it appears to be unheard of that committees
from both. authorities get together to
discuss.,the possibility of such a proposal.
Letters lo the Editor are^ the opinions of readers, and not necessarily those of The Times. A
nom-de-plume may be used for publication, but all originals must be signed by the writer.
CAN Sechelt continue no grow as the
economic capital of the lower Sunshine Coast without * adequate parking?
The municipality is growing in im
its new president,; Bob Scales, has served
notice that it will pursue proper parking in the village.
,•   Such. a.facility .must .come soon be-
Reader urges rationing
Editor, The Times:
Sir—Ration now.
, It should be obvious to most people
that conditions are going to become a
great deal .worse than they are at present, as in Britain, Holland, U.S.A. etc.
We, in Canada, should institute rationing
of all essentials NOW, and not wait until
it is forced upon us.
E. W. Abraham,
1125 Faithful St.
Victoria, B.C., V8V 2R5
Column distresses
Editor, The Times:
Sir—Having read The Peninsula Times
now for about six months, I have come
across one column that distressess me. It
is the one written by Joan Proctor. I feel
that this is an absolute waste of paper,
telling everyone how she is getting along
today  (Saturday), knows that it was a
hazardous adventure."
Bringing a new boat and trailer home
from the city, I got to Horseshoe Bay and
onto the ferry without difficulty at 10:10
About one mile from Langdale on the
lower road to Gibsons, my car slid into
the ditch with a soft crunch.
Among* the many^motorists who stopped to offer help, was a pleasant young
reporter from your newspaper.
When the young man discovered that,
my urgent need was for a tow truck, he
promised to send one along.
Then somewhat to my embarrasment,
he asked that he be allowed to take a
At that moment it dawned on me just
how ridiculous my situation was.
I could have waited a few days for
better  weather but no  -  getting   along
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p'ortnce by large strides:-Everyday-more -.fore^davy^town^meEehant^^begin to.gag, .^ home; or^howvher bakisa#tfs*antt*what "toward three score' and  ten' seemingly
\ traffic comes to the community to carry
on the business of a hustling commer-
; cial centre. But it's becoming increas-
;' ingly difficult to conduct' that, business
; because there is inaequate parking.
J When the Bank of Montreal and the
; court facilities moved from Cowrie Street
{ sites, next to the post office, it was as-
j sumed that pressure would ease there.
! Well that isn't the case as anyone can
! see who has tried to collect or deposit
! mail at the post office. In fact, it's down-'
J right dangerous for cars turning, off
i Cowrie into the parking area lot: One
[ day there will be a serious accident there
| especially as westbound traffic roars
| through the centre of town. Often there
j is a line of cars waiting to turn into the
j post office and heavy trucks come care-
| en ing around the corner. So far, tragedy
! has been averted but how long will it
!   last?
j The village should never have allow-'
i cd the Bank of Montreal building to pro-
j cced without assuring there would be
} adequate parking space for employees
{ and customers, As it is,, about six oars
{ can park behind the bank and now that
T work is continuing on the second storey,
f^ parking will become even more acute.
; The village should insist on adequate
;■ parking facilities before any more con-
» structlon is allowed in the commercial
», core. '
I On Wharf Street, it taxes the ability
{ of a Grand Prix! driver to ncgotintc from
j parking to backing out onto the main
'»•' flow, of traffic. Again, there is.liable to
be a serious accident there ns tho sum-,
mcr traffic increases.
True, there nro a few parking spaces
off the main streets but not nearly enough
.  The village is planning to spend about
$ 18,000 to purchase a bnckhoc and small
J dump truck. Let's look at priorities. Wc
' need public parking facilities first. They
J' don't have lo bo free or fancy,'merely,
5  adequate. '   ,
t ' We're not suggesting thnt' the village
I enter into such n parking complex by
I itself, It will have to be in conjunction
{, with' the merchants. The Sechelt and
;   District Chamber of Commerce, under
on the fumes of an ever-increasing necklace of'cars slowly encircling the village
looking for a place to park.
Why don't they?
WHEN The Times, in the column Sunshine Coastings, started a Why Don't
They? feature, the idea caught on and
there have been some remarkably good
Most of the ideas have merit and
they are too good to run just once and
forget so The Times has complied the
best ideas and will run them each week   ~  , ««,„„„ .,„ „.„ _.   ,       , ,.       ,
in thk <5nw   Wp will  m\A tn tht» list   Ray WlIson> Mr« Blll Davis and Mr. and
in this space. We will add to the list   Mrs E  Tjensvold  aU of the forest ser.
with the passing weeks and we will re- -
her husband has to say about it all.
I'm sure that there are quite a few
people on the Peninsula who could write
a far more interesting column about
what's happening around Sechelt than
M. B. Phelan,
6550 King Ave.,
Powell River, B.C.
U is necessary
Editor, The Times
Sir: On behalf of the Sechelt Guide
Association, we would like to thank all
those who supported our Christmas tree
sale. We appreciated the kindness of Mr.
move any that have been taken care of
(providing that wc hear about it.)
To add to the list (or remove items)
call The Times at 885-9654, 885-2635,
886-2121 or write Box 310, Sechelt.
Before you call, check the list—it
may already have been suggested.
vicei Further thanks are extended to Dick
Clayton for the use of his lot and also to
Brian Play, Timmy Woods and Edward
Sigouln for the able assistance.
• The guides realize that they cannot
spell s cess without ul
Public apology
provides no assurance of either patience
or prudence.
Anyhow) two young, fellows cruising
by in a sturdy pickup, tied a rope to my
car and pulled me back onto the road. A
thank you was all they would accept.
In trouble again on the steep curve out
of Gibsons, I could not go forward, even
with chains on and I darest not risk going
. backward downhill.
Presto! Three young men in a chain-
equipped pickup truck produced rope and
towed me all the way to the top of the
hill.     .
Believe it or not, they absolutely refused payment, If and when I am next
time inclined to be critical of our young
folk, I think instead I shall remember the
heart-warming adventures of this.day.
Tow-truck .operators will not be unhappy over this. They had far more distress calls than they could handle.
Again, thank you, boys.
Great  grandfather  Shannon
(V. D, Shannon
' R, R. 1, Halfmoon Bay)
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en in A iila   ZJlmeA
—Put a traffic signal at Wharf Street Editor  The Times
and Highway 101? sir'. We would appreciate it if tho peo-
—Put an exit sign at Porpoise Bay pie  of  Gibsons,  Mr.  Frank • Havles, of
government campgrounds?      . ■ rn,/w,° ™~*™~-*— *•— *>—"—-* >--—
—Install a handrail down the steepest part of School Road?
—Use their, car lights, more during
rain storms and at dusk?
—Realize that driving 30 m.p.h, in
a 50 m.p.h. zone is-dangerous?
'    —Have a swimming pool for children?       ■,'"•..,
—Put a blacktop bicyclb path on
Highway 101?
', ■ ,. —Organize a permanent recycling
Nlopot for newspapers, glass and cans?
The ^mmuhhJJm^
Published, Wcdnoadnya nt Swhelt
, , .,',■„.'on n.C/i Sunshine Cowt
■by ■;■'; .'" *'"'
Towell River News Town Crier
Seehelt Times Ltd.
Box 310 • Scchell, H.C,
. ScchtU 885-9454 or, 8&5-2635	
Gibsons 886-2121
Subscription R»te»; (In advance)
l.ocftl, $7 per your. Ocyond 35 mllca, $8
U.S.A., $10. Oversew $U.
Scrvln/t the area from Port Mellon to Egmont
(Howe Sonne! to Jcnlx Inlet)
senior citizens? '
—Extend tho shoppers bus to Halfmoon Bay?
—Start court on time? .
—Dump highway fill at tho ravine
at the S-bends?
—Stop all largo trucks from using
the ferries from Friday noon to Monday morning? : ■ ■'■•'■■..
.—Market frozen breakfasts?
—Start evening classes Immediately
after day school? '
—Number power poles so that residents can have an 'address'?
—Put litter boxes by tho big multiple rural route mail boxes?
—Conduct adult classes In basic poll*
Ileal science?
w„„r-r,Put. !>'g cars In outer lanes and
.small curs in inner on ferries?
—Give curs parked on public areas i
24 hours to be removed?   ■
—-Make juilk car dealers fence their
—Pave the lane behind the Bank of
Montreal, Sechelt?,
Chess Enterprises, Ray Boothroyd (owner of the Twilight Theatre) and tho people of B.C. Hydro accept our sincere apologies for tho damage done to their merchandise. .'''..,.
Young men appreciated
on snowy, blustery day
Editor, Tho Times;
Sir—The main purpose of this fottor
Is to put in « good word for our young
.„,mcn,.on tho.Pcnln8uln.«,
Everyone who had reasons for driving
(Ploaio make a note of this
(Everybody Colli Tho Tlm««l)}
Think of it. a,,
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•ohoquea In more than 1,300 Royal Bank-*-•
brwnohes throughout Canada's ton provinces,
Oh yes'— and lots morel Got In the savings
habit with our "Pay-yoursolf" cheques or ,
pay your bills (whore applicable) through
our branches - all this plus a Chargox
oard for your buying convenience and   •
vacation travel bonofita for
your enjoyment.,
A pneknao worth contldorlnot
Why not drop In and fill out an
application today,
Community Corner
0i00 p.m. Dingo, Pantfaf Hoifcour
Community. Hall
A! Dribnenki
serving BritisH Columbia
Madeira Park
Tclcphono: 803-2711 /  ('  MORE   ABOUT...  ��� Sunshine Coastings  - ���from page A-l  , With Sechelt Timber Days in the air  again, can spring be far behind? Sechelt  Mayor Harold, Nelson, says that Jhe first,  ��� meeting'of the year Will be held Jan: 21  at 7:30 p!m., at the village office. Any  group,wishing.to be represented at the-  second annual -fun' fest should contact  "Harold, v    < * ��� , "  ^    '  i  *' .   *      *   ' *  Courts .of revision will be. held Tues-'  day,', Feb. 5, at 10 a.m. at Gibsons village *  office. This court is for anyone within the  Secheli School District.  Don't forget tflaft the Sechelt and Dis->  trict Chamber of Commerce' executive  will meet tonight to discuss what action  the body, can take concerning the increased tax assesments. .It's in the1 Bank of  ' Montreal "at 7:30 p.m.    ,, . ('"', ''  One .enterprising Sunshine Coast bachelor, faced with the .alternative of having  to cook for himself when most of' the  restaurants were closed during the Christmas-New Year's season, came upon this  novel approach: He parked his car at  Langdale ferry terminal and boarded the  ferry as a foot passenger and ate a liesur-  ely meal aboard ship. There is no; charge  for boarding at Langdale. When the vessel  arrived, at Horseshoe Bay/ he stayed  aboard and ate again on the way back,  thereby assuring himself of at least two  squares for that day.  , Okay, so its tfme consuming,' but it  sure has a beautiful sea view. Who needs  a revolving restaurant? ���  *>,    ���      *    -  Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Forrester of Sechelt,  heading for the sun and fun' of Palm  Springs, made it only as far as Portland  and they turned back. They had difficulty  finding gasoline in Oregon so they felt1  that it might be better to head home thas  chance a trip through Oregon. They were  concerned more" about the return trip. ',  - There appears to be ample .supplies of  gasoline in California and Washington  but if you're planning to drive down  there, check with the auto club.  A reader sent a*copy of Gordon Sinclair's editorial about Americans and its  most interesting. I haven't heard it on the  radio yet but he brings up some good  points, such as: "I can name you 5,000  times when.the Americans raced to the  help of other people in trouble. .Can you  name me even one time when someone-  else raced to the Americans hv trouble.  "When distant cities are hit by earth-  " quakes, it is the United States that hurries  in to help . . . This spring, 59 American  communities, (were) flattened by tornadoes. Nobody helped.  ' "The Marshall Plan and the Truman  Policy pumped billions upon billions of  dollars into, discouraged countries. Now  newspapers in those countries are writing  about the decandent, warmongering Americans."  *      *      *  WHY DON'T THEY?  Bob Allen of Sechelt asks: Why don't  Wednesday, January lo, 1974    . , The Peninsula Times <.    ���   Page A-3  Guides pass Si. John  firsiaid;Qxa^ilaftpn;|  NINETEEN-Peninsula Girl-Guides recent-';"        "   ' *    * ' "  '/'   /ly ^passed the St. "John first/aid examr���'  ���mation. <��� r <    ' v r���' *>,,, ,     '   < . \   >'     -, K  ��� by Horry Olaussen, MP Coest Chileotin  Const. Cam Reid -  . leaving for; Kasle  Const Reid  promoted Cpl.  GIBSONS���Const. Cam Reid of the local  , . RCMP> detachment has been promoted  to corporal and leaves at the end of the  month for a new posting in Kaslo.  An 11-year veteran of the force," he  has been stationed at Gibsons for. the  past two years.  Reid's duties have included prosecuting  at provincial court,, taking over in the  absence of Cpl. Eric Dandy and operating  the recently acquired police boat. ���  A   married   man,   he -and   his   wife,  -Lorean,  have  two daughters, Andrea 3  and, Janine 2.  Although   the   Kaslo   detachment   is  considerably smaller than* Gibsons, Reid  "is looking forward to his tour there.  "This is what I asked for, but I didn't  think there was a chance in the world  of getting it," he told The Times. "Kaslo  has a two-man detachment, right down on  Kootenay Lake.        <  /'In a small detachment, you get more  involved with people, and this is "one of  the things that makes a small. detachment appealing to me."  , . Lorean is looking forward to the move,  too, said Reid. '  } v And, ��� as ��� a token ^of appreciation t to  their' instructor,. Joan- Cunningham, the  J girls presented ���her 'with'a silver spoon  'engraved with the Girl Guide -crest.>t  - >', This" is 'the-second' time in.two years  that, guides'have "achieved a 100 per cent  ' pass .rate under Mrs.,Cunningham's" tutelage.-,-" ', ,   ~.J��-L-^'   { .   ' -~--L���r-  ,\   The  successful   girls,   who  range   in.  age from 10 to 15' years, >re. as,follows:  '. , Natan Gibbons, Debbiet Nestmani Mar-  ���' ;��ot' Wilson, Kim, Bryson, Bonnie Janie-  Vlwick, Sharon Hall, -Natalie Van Egmond,  Patty Bilous, Wendy Flay.  W Barbara Wilson, Anne Creighton, Barbara Jackson, Bey-Jackson, Sandra Jor-  genson,   Louise   Murphy,   Kim   Benrier,  Sharon/ Nelson,   Virginia  'Cunningham,  Cafla Paetkau.,,   -  Safe Motqring _  DRWE at a smooth, steady speed.'Every  ' time you "increase your speed after  a temporary slowdown.'a, little pump in-  \ side the carburetor squirts an extra shot  of gasoline into the engine. Cutting in and  out of lanes is not only dangerous,' but  EARLIER this year^I sent"out my report1 'minute-effort,'to meet with the demands  ' '^on the energy crisis !issue:' The issue , of an NDP,caucus already committed to  at the time resulted more from a Shortage    the' .defeat; of, the, government,-.the , Con- *  of facilities rather than1from a shortage i  servatiye non-confidence motion,of Octo-  of fuel resources. It was "also" an issue that    ber ,10 was 'defeated?  Bloke C. Aldersott D.C.  ,,;,      CHIROPRACTOR  ',   ,    Post, Office Building Sechelt  < r   ?   Phone 885r2333  ,  Wednesdays and Saturdays ���-  10 aim. - 5:15 p.m;      10 a.m. ��� 2:30 p.m.  jiiaHimiiitiiiaaidiiiiiiiiiaiaiiiia laiiiiiiaiaiaiiiiiiiiiiial.  ~i: -'-"fJSyxMl1%J"iP {1 susPected oi having i  '���* Whatever the> case, may -be"I would'   = '  ,'i#J��Pi:3 been JJcreated" by-the    like ,to -take this opportunity! of, wishing*   =  :&s>JM%mm&$&M oil industry faced with    everyone >a Happy New Yean.lt has beenl  | '  the effective resistance ���a-priviledge and a pleasure to have served    ��  of  ' environmentalists- '.the people,of Coast Chileotin during the    ��"  to the Alaskan pipe-    past'year .and I sincerely1 hope that the ,5  line.  I \ Since then the escalation, ofr the crisis  'due -to- the Middle-  East situation has resulted in a shortage of  |' oil > supplies in "many  parts of the world and  , v .,..,; a windfall,to-the'oil  industry i& thev price of, crude oil has ^almost doubled on the world market.  ��� Now the' men who run,the giant oil  ^companies are by far the most powerful  men'in the industrial worlcL-The modern  industrial state depends on energy and,,  accordingly, the ? men who ��� control the  energy in large measure control the state1.  When they, choose to wield their  power, the oilmen are> listened to, and  s New Yearrfwill bring us greater confidence  in the future of this country and' the  aspirations of Canadians from, coast to  coast. '. -1 , '.  - Bride responding to clergyman: "You    ��  bet-yourrsweet life���I do."      ,      '���,   . "r  also wastes fuel becaus^ of frequent ac-;; usually obeyed. The energy crisis of 1973  ���celeration and .braking.,     . /, , ii piaj dire^ mto thm b^   ,     ,  Look ahead to traffic lights. Slowdown , . This crisis has brought to the people  gradually as you. approach/a "red^ lights of Canada the realization that the world  The light may change to green before you must soon' pay a penalty .for the luxuries  reach it and you'll save, energy required'  to get the car in motion again and accelerate to normal speed. When you do stop  for the light, coasting to a gentle stop is  a lot easier on fuel consumption, brake  linings and your passengers' nerves than  slamming on the brakes at the last minute, ' "���- ���_  The  driver who  is  first away from  every stop-light * is wasting gasoline. For^  better Uconomy,   tread  lightly   on  the  accelerator and increase your speed grad-  This is ea $4.00. SPOT!  Your advertising in this space will reach  more than 2,500' homes (9,000 people!)  each week. It's the'most economical way to  reach more Sunshine Coast people because  Times ads go into .65,% more homes than  any other newspaper produced in this area.  The Times ^  885-9654 or 885-263S (Seehelt)  886-2121 (Gibtoni)     ���  i Freezer Meats of, \  I all kinds... |  | Special on Front Quarters, |  j, GLYNN TRACY I  I . Garden Bay Store - 883-2253 |  I "Fine Meats for Fine People" 1  riiiiaiiiitiiiiiumimiiiiHitiiiiaitimiiiiiniiiimiiiiiiiiuiA  it now enjoys, luxuries that have resulted  in pollution of the environment, depletion  of energy resources and the growing de-~  pendence of governments on the, major  oil corporations, a dependence that has  resulted in a wealth of tax breaks" that  governments have denied ordinary citizens on the assumption that this kind of  "free" enterprise benefits the economy.  Nothing is so revealing as to examine  where each of the political parties stand  on  the  oil  question'.  The  Conservative  l^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^s^^^^^^  ually. If your_car has an automatic trans- ! Party and particularly its main oil spokes  PRESCRIPTIONS ABROAD  Consumers'    Association   of   Canada  warns travellers that prescription drugs  mission, upshifts to the' more .economical  second and third speeds occur sooner at  light throttle. With a manual transmission, upshift as soon the car will run  smoothly in the higher gears. <  Don't "ride" the brakes. Slow the car  by easing off on the accelerator. Don't  use the brake pedal as a rest for your  left foot. Finally, don't let the engine idle  while you are waiting outside the. school  or supermarket. When the engine is idling  and theagar isn't moving, ^ou are getting  zero miles*,per* gallon.'   /  Regular tune-up is important for any  car, but especially so fof' those equipped  with exhaust emission controls. They can  tolerate less variation in carburetor setting, spark plug and distributor point gap,  or ignition timing. A dirty air cleaner  restricts the flow of air to the carburetor  and causes the. engine to run on a richer/  mixture-!-a higher-than-normal percentage of fuel to air. The result is an increase  in both fuel consumption and car-'  man, Premier Lougheed of Alberta, are  vehemently opposed to the price freeze,  export controls and the export tax. They  take the position that the'price of oil in  Canada should follow the U.S. price.  Now the spread between' Canadian  price and the U.S. price (using the Montreal and Chicago markets as guidelines)  was $1.90 a barrel in December and will  increase considerably in the future.  , At present Canada, produces about  700 million barrels of oil a year. If the  SI  I  I  i  i:  i  i  il PIRST MOSITGAGESs  1  si  (vv muiion rjarreis oi on a year, u xne     s    ^    n       - _ *       ���.!_      *   i * i*.  Conservative policy were adopted and the   ||   ��   Pre-payment  Without  bOIIUS   OF  penalty  price of oil in Canada were allowed to   **"  often vary in potency and quality in for  they charge for use of rural mail bo��pXeign    countries.   For   safety,   travellers  j and for general delivery, instead - of. the    should^carry,a,sufficient supply of drugs    bon monoxide emissions. A complete eng  ��*i next  postage  increase?^..Thalt'sj^a ,good    andxtypewrjtten {prescriptions stating' the 1 ine .tune-up1 can reduce, fuel,.consumption  ; question, Bob. , 2 _���    " "     ���      "   brand, generic"name'^and dosage of their    by an average 8 to 10 per cent,, and ,in  ' Why don't they? , , medicines. ' some cases as much as 25 per cent.'    ,  It seems to me that post office boxes  create least demand on the postal facilities but patrons have to pay for them  while rural deliveries and general deliveries, which create extra staff, are  free services. There seems to be some kind  of inequity there.  An unidentified reader asks: Why don't'  they do something about the most un- '  sanitary condition on the ferries regard-'  ing  the  dispensing  of  coffee  and  soft  drink cups?  "I am not trying to make anyone ill,"  he writes, "but have you noticed that it  is next' to impossible to take one of those  cups without grabbing the whole pile  with your other hand,  "Now you  and I  know  where  our  hand  has. been but does  anyone else?  Surely a proper dispenser will not break  the ferry authority,"  Right on.  Keep those Why Don't Theys? coming.  They are creating a great deal pf interest.  But don't we have any Now They Havesl?  We must have, or is everybody too busy  criticizing?  Aro children tired of the old sports  such ns baseball, football, soccer, basketball, hockey?  Vom Wlshlovo, principal of Mnd��lxa.  Park .Elementary thinks that they possibly arc ond so ho is planning to introduce cricket to his children. Cricket is  anything but n new game except on the  Sunshine Coast,.,;;  Vcrn thinks there might be renewed  Interest In and Times roportoir Al Rogers,  who played tho game pack in bonnio  Scotland, would like to see the area become "The cricket capital of Canada" will  help out,   i , ,  Vcrn, being n dled-ln-tho-wool Canad-  .   inn who knows little about the game;  wants nn Instructor to help him tench It,  Any   bowlers,   batsmen,   fielders   or  ww^,wlckGtJ��Qper��Hniho.v��rcin?.���Turn��to,tmon,  your help is needed for God, queen and  country.   ,  rise $1.90 a barrel, the oil companies  .would be paying 10 to 20 cents a gallon  more for their gasoline, farm fuel and  home heating oil. >  The battle in ..Parliament during this  session has been to force the Liberal  government to prevent siphoning off our  oil supples to an oil-hungry United  States and to protect Canadian consumers  from an accelerating oil price increase.    ,  On the basis of the government's last  i  il  I  i  @ 10V2% per annum  0 Lite Insured (where eligible) up to $I0,Q00  O Up to 20 years to repay l  ���) Up fo 80% of appraised value or purchase price  CONTACT US, NOW  I1  ii  Si  i  I  I  I  il  is  i  \�� Madeira Park, B.C.  Telephone 883-2236  f/fM^ilMiMMIMMMMff/IMMfllff^IMMMIMi  I  T,CS  ]  wMw  \  STAFF of Lloyd's Garden Bay Store HaHberg, ham; Butch Reid, $15 3hop-  had a little Christmas party and San- ping tour; Mrs. Christian, blanket;  ta Claus was available to greet the Mrs. Fielding, radio and Mrs. Alexr  children., Christmas  draw  winners ander, clock,  were:   Cliff Swfcnor,  turkey;   Mrs.  IM  DRIFTWOOD  PLAYERS  ���proaonf������;���...'   Dick Whittington  in the Sunshine  Kingdom"  , A PANTOMIME  fun for all ��� old ond young  mmm^mmmmmmmmmmmimmmmmmimmmimmimmmimm  OLD LEGION - SECHELT  January 10th al 8:00 p.m.  January 20th at 2:30 p.m.  Adults '..:.: u.:.~?t;75"  Pensioners & Children .... 75c  Family Rate .:.......;..,...��� $3.50  "<*���>.  y+:  *jfuil^eyUl  tnina-  .ounae  ^sracii  O  BREAKFAST: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m, daily  O LUNCH; 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. daily  0fliyfiiJi?f!iA SUNDAY thru THURSDAY: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  ,     IWflCfCr FRIDAY and SATURDAY: 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  ��� -   SATURDAY !��� ROAST BEEF NIGHT    ��  fratifcrHi.����� ��� *����* �� ��lMllift����ftiMl>ii|lilll<liill>��i iHiiftllHllllW lliai  > i w mmmmmmmi niwi inimiiiipii mi iinmiii ���  O TOP ACCOMMODATION  O COVERED HEATED POOL  WE CATER TO; BUSINESS MEETINGS ~  BANQUETS ��� RECEPTIONS -  SMALL CONVENTIONS  BRIDGE PARTIES  mmcmei��^MX!ex^sx^s��^X!^SB  mmMmmasmr^^m^mB  B^tegBstesiafeaBaiiissiM8;  SS  HJ^BiaBSi^Bais  u  torn.,  ,  \  26" MeditesraneaBi  ��  Philcomatic III "Soft Touch" Tuning  system with no moying ports to wear  out..':-' .    ,?������:..��� -  100% SOLID STATE  MODULAR CHASSIS  Ml  BOSS  a  (NOT EXACTLY AS ILLUSTRATED)  SPECIAL MINI-HOLIDAY PACKAGE  For Your 2nd Honeymoon, Anniversary* ��tc.  MOORAGE FACILITIES  ,    Secret Cove, B.C.  Phono for reservation 88S-B998  THIS "SPACE AGE" MACH I  10" Portable for.  the Bedroom  +mm  ��� :;.rj,^i^i)iJGmc^\ 'stEpHEN^s ^#'iii^^rwf��^ ^pAmisifop^:  '".'CH'.'r'  '11,   <!)      "  i  mmrmfok+m  w����*P'W  mfmfmmmmm  ���an  KS PHOfyg 885-9654 -  885-2635' - 886-2121  For Fast Ad-Brio? Service  COMING EVENTS  ��������������� ������������ ������������������    -.-���v-      ���    ������-    '���'- ������  TWILIGHT'THEATRE  Gibsons ' ' 886-2827  Thursday, Friday,  Saturday  January  17, ,18,  19  "The Mechanic"  Charles  Bronson  REAL ESTATE (Con'*) Page A^Peninsula; Times, Wednesday, Jan. 16, 1974    W<)RK W^TED {e^       HELp RANTED (Cont.)  Sunday,' Monday, TTuesday  ��  January 20,. 21, 22  "Scarecrow"  Gene Hackman-and-Al Pacino  Mature  All shows 8 p.m.-and in color  8776-8  NEW CITIZENS  ALLEN���Robert and Evva are  proud to announce the arrival of their first born, a son,  Christopher Guthrie, 8 lbs., 4  ozs. Dec. 28, 1973 at St. Mary's  Hospital,   Sechelt. 3976-8  BIRTHS ���  QIDSONS AND SECHELT  WESTIUIN DRUGS  . . . ora pfocoed to sponsor this  Bhtfa AnRmincemetit epaco,  and  entente Best Wishes, to tfie happy  povcsito. *>  PERSONAL  ��" ���   ������ ��� /L. '  BAHA'I Faith, Informal chats.  885-2465, 886-2078.     1075-tfn  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous ���  Meetings 8:30 p.m. Thursdays, Wilson Creek Community Hall. Phone 885-9327. ��� In  Madeira Park meetings Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. in the  Community Hall. Phone 883-  2401. '     3952-tfn  QUESTIONS?    .  Regarding 1974 Vehicle  Licences and Insurance . . ���  Ivor*   -    l  PHONE MARY'or!885-2235  Sechelt Agencies Ltd.  ^  9517-6  FOR square dance Jiriforination  contact Pa"t  or,-Jack Whit-  aker, 885-2438.   -;'      3273-tfn  REAL ESTATE     .  WANTED to buy before July  1,  acreage  with or without  house. Cash   available.   Write  Box 593, Gibsons, B.C.  3325-tm  QUESTIONS?  Regarding 1974 Vehicle  Licences ;and-,lbsup3nciB;2.i ^:  PHONE MARY:ar 885-2235'  Sechelt Agencies Ltd.   -  9516-6  PRIVATE���Lot for sale, Chaster Road. All services. Zoned   for   mobile   home.   $6600.  Phone 886-9984,   .        3921-tfn  160 ACRES beautiful elevated  property, sortie' view, trails,  secluded. Near Secret ��� Cove,  $80,000. Write 'Box 310, c/o  The Times, Sechelt, B.C.  ' '    3212 tfn  PENDER HARBOUR  Retirement income, with this  C yr. old lakeside''motel with  ' 400' waterfront and 6 rentals  plus owners quarters. Camper  spaces and lots of room for  expansion on 21'acres; within  walking distance',to !snlt water.  Asking $99,000.   l  7.3 ACRES, with streartw,plus  architectually d e s flgfei e d  house in Wilson Creek! Write  House, c-o Box 638, Sechelt or  phone 885-9710.,    , 3174-9  '    ROBERTS CREEK       ,:  _Waterside_of, Lower. R_oad,_between Joe and Bayview Rds.  Lots serviced with water' and  paved roads. Easy beach access. Ideal summer cottage or  residential' site.' Sign on.  CALL OWNER 886-7316  or write Box 9503, c-o Peninsula. Times, Box" 310, Sechelt.  j ��� ��� 9523-7  NEW 3" bedroom house. Phone  ,   886-241,7. ' ��     2551-tfn'  BUYING a home? Talk to the  Royal Bank for your mortgage. New mortgages and refinancing available. ' Royal  Bank,   Sechelt.  885-2201.  3854-tfn  Main   Street,,   Sechelt  YARN BARN BUSINESS  GORDON J. TOD  '    Black, Gavin & Co.  Ltd? ;���  681-3281 or 733-5349  9525-9  CLASSIFIED  ADVERTISING RATES  Phone:   885-9654  or  885-2635.    Gibsons: '886-2121  Published Wednesdoys by  FISHING rod repairs. Custom  .work..    Reasonable.    Phone  885-9570.  3940-12  Powell   River' News  Town  .    Sechelt Times Ltd.  ot Sechelt/B.C.  Crier  Established  1963j>  Member; Audit Bureau   '  of Circulations   -  March 31, 1973.  Gross Circulation 3500  Paid Circulation 2947  As filed with, the Audit  Bureau  .of Circulation, subject to audit.  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-Line Ad-Briefs (12 words) -  , >ne Insertion,���' : $1.20  Three Insertions' ." $2.40  Extra lines (4' words) 35c  (This rate does not apply to '  commercial Ad-Briefs)  Box Numbers *,50c extro  50c Book-keeping charge is added  ', for Ad-Briefs not paid by  publication date.  Legal or Reader advertising "40c  per count line.''  Deaths,-Card of Thanks, In'Mem-  oriam, Marriage' and - Engagement  notices are $4.00 (up to 14 lines)  and 35c per line.after-that.. Four  ,J words per line.   ,    ' "  Birth, Notices, Coming Events take  regular classified,rates.  Subscription Rates:  , By Mail:  Local Area, ^$7.00yr.  Outside Local Area $8.00 yr.,  ���U.S.A .'. $10.00 yr.  Overseas  1...' $11.00 yr.  ' Senior Citizens,  Local Area ...... $6.00  Single Copies  : 113c,  DIGGING sewer ' lines, garden, etc Tree service, wood  cutting, ' cat   work.'   Insured.  886-9597. 3629-tfn  FOR all your carpentry needs,  call A.  Sheppard  Contracting at 886-7005. ' 3414-tfn  HELP WANTED  Copyright and/or property rights subsists in all display advertising and-  other material appearing in the' edition of the Sechelt Peninsula Times..  Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in any form whatsoever,,  particularly by, a photographic or offset process in a publication, must,  be obtained in writing from the publisher. Any unauthorized reproduction  will be subject to recourse in law.  FOR RENT (Continued)  APPROX.  Vz  acre, Re'drooffs.  $5500. Call (112)883-2500.  3947-9  SELMA Park, partial  Lot ,100'xl35\ Near  and hydro, $8000. Phone 885-  2709 or write c-o Cuylits, RR  1, Sechelt. .   3905-8  DAVIS  Bay,   1   bedroom   all  elec, warm, furnished spotless  house.- No" pets. .Adults.  Feb. 9 - June. 885-9740,  7-7-7-         .���-  3985-8  water^MTZ Motel, reasonable daily  WORK WANTED  WILL .butcher,   dress   or ' cut >  your   meat  or   game, ,your  place or mine. Phone 883-9045.  '     '   3044-tfn  SUNSHINE Coast Credit Union requires \ experienced  bookkeeping machine operator. Typing ability an \ass6t.  Four , hours daily,- fiye days  week. Required immediately.  Call Mr.-Pratt 885-9551.   3983-8  REAL estate .salesman. Royal  Trust, West' Vancouver is  seeking a representative for  I he Sunshine -Coast area and  the Squamish-Whistler area.  Call Dan H.'Wiesner (112)922-  3276.  3759-8  DAY care for 2 pre-schoolers,  Roberts  Creek area.  Phone  886-7028. 3968-8  FREE  travel  opportunity .for  person making regular trips  to Vancouver. Phone 886-2989.  ��� - ��� * 3964-9  PERSONABLE' ladies wanted  immed. -Excellent'. remuneration in personal Satisfaction.  Help" Kinsmen's Mothers'  March. For details 886-7148 or  886-2996. ',..,*' 3423-9  AUTOS, TRUCKS, Etc.  LET us finance your next ve-  ���    hide!   Arrange), your  financing  first   and  save,"  at  the  Royal Bank, Sechelt, 885-2201.  3855-tfn  QUESTIONS?    .',  Regarding.1.974 Vehicle  Licences and Insurance . .  PHONE MARY at 885-2235  Sechelt, Agencies Ltd.   ',   v ' 9514-6  '70  TORINO  GT convertible.  PS, PB, AT, .radio, 302, new ,  tires, $2500. VW trike, not. finished, $600. Phone 885-9530.   . 3324-8  FOR SALE, '64 Ford pick up.  Phone 885-2531 evenings.  '__i___ 3972-8  WANTED: Volkswagen or similar   car   for   under   $600,  preferably from older gentleman o rlady. 886-2300.  3761-8  and weekly rates. 886-2401  800'   waterfront  on  5ft  of   level I land.  An  300'   or  Over  acres  more of floats >in safest harbour in area. 51 yr,' old 3 bedroom, full basement home plus  2 summer cabins. Numerous  trailer and camper.' pads.' Asking only $100,0pQ'C'fp this'bar-  ijnin.  JACK NOBLE  Rochester Realty Ltd,  803-2701   or11 030-7292  '   1 0777-0  0,0. ACRES at Roberts Crock!  Stream   and  view.   Private.  020-1024,' .   , v     3022-tfn  WANTED-~ Wntcrfront property Sunshine Coast, Principals and/or Agents please  phono (112) 043,-4454 or write  S08-BBA St,,  Doltn,  B.C. ,  2000-tfn  ___, , .....iV , , ���������.���  SELMA PARK: Attractive  terms on 3' bdrm. cottage.  Ground level entrance. Attached carport. View. Full price  only $12,000..  GIBSONS: Lge. view lot in  prestige area, $2,500. down on  $7,900. full price.  GOWER POINT: - 3 bdrm,  home situated on % acre view  property. 2 fireplaces, WW  carpet, completed recroom. A  very desirable home! Heated  work shop, garage. Priced to  sell.  GRANTHAMS: Only, $16,000  full price. 3 bdrm; cottage on'  view lot. Family size kitchen,  nice living room. Wired for  range. A-oil heat. Asking  $11^600 down and assume existing 8% per cent agreement.  Winner of our Holiday draw!  Miss Tina Hastings  CONGRATULATIONS     Tina!  Listings Wanted!  K. BUTLER REALTY LTD.  - *��� it 'i ^  ,, '/.All Types of Insurance,.,  .; .... '    Gibsons, B:C: ������'  Phone 886-2000 . or 886-9121  MEMBER  MULTIPLE LISTING  SERVICE  Norm Peterson.886-2607  Freda DuMont 886-7105  8783-8  LAND   available ' in   Sechelt  ���village.  Will-build to  suit;  ..Contact Mission Point'Developments Ltd. Box 547, Sechelt  or phone 885-9951.       3913-tfn  150'   WATERFRONT,   Brooks  Cove.  885-2522 or  885-2519.  3930-9  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  ILLNESS FORCES SALE  THRIVING HOBBY SHOP  Steady and growing clientel.  All stock, 2 year lease with  option. Plus $1800 revenue  from sublet. $7000 cash, terms  on balance of $3000 at 8 per  cent. Enquiries write Box. 737,  Sechelt, B.C. * . , .  9518-tfn  SMALL re-decorated' cottage,  fridge and stove. Walking  distance to all facilities. ��� Rent'  discount considered iri lieu of  upgrading property. Suitable  for middle aged couple. Re-^  ply Box 3920 c-o Peninsula  Times, Box 310, Sechelt.  3920-9  WATERFRONT cottage, Half-  moon Bay, $125. Phone 885-  2766. 3988-8  WANTED TO RENT  2 OR 3 bedroom house or apt.  Sechelt area, .for married  couple with 2 young children  for'6 months, from March 1st.  Call collect   (112)731-1548.  3973-8  ANCHOR  Enterprises.   Framing    crew    soon   available.  ��./.�� *      Present job open  for inspec-  3407-tfn_ tion. Gerald Giampa. 885-2618.    < 3953-9  FURNACE    installations    and -  burner   service.   Free   estimates. Ph. 886-7111.        36-tfn  PEERLESS    Tree    Services���2  Guaranteed    insured   work.'  Phone 885-2109.. 1887-tfn  LADY   will   babysit   1   or   2  children 3%  - 5 yrs. Roberts   Creek  area.   Phone  886-  9584. ,3971-10  GENERAL    handyman.    Carpentry, painting , and    light  hauling. Ph. 886-9516. 2285-tfn  LIGHT hauling, deliveries,  house and garden clean up,  gardening,' furniture moving,  etc. Free estimates. Phone  886-^9503.   ' 3274-tfn  -        TAKE OVER PAYMENTS  Mortgage Co. would like reliable party (adults preferred) to simply assume low monthly payment on  immaculate 12x68 deluxe 3 bedroom mobile home,  built by Moduline Industries of Penticton, B.C This  unit has every possible option including deluxe Spanish decor and furnishings, deluxe 14 cu. ft. double  door, fridge, deluxe Westinghouse washer and dryer,  RCA color T.V;-, gun type H.D. furnace, house type  doors, double insulation, oversize electric hot water  tank, etc. Must be seen to be appreciated, lived in  just two months: was foreclosed due to marriage  difficulties.  Interested Parties Please Call 438-2424  Out of Town call Collect 9-9 daily  COSMOPOLITAN HOMES LTD.  5912 Kingsway ��� South Burnaby, B.C.  Dealer Licence No.  121  VIEW HOME -BARGAIN HARBOUR     ,  '* Well built, beautifully finished 2 BR ���home'on two levels. Lots  of extras ��� 2 fireplaces, 1% bathrooms, rumpus room, office,  oil furnace. Also has 3rd bedroom ��� needs some finishing Covered sundeck and covered carport. Approx. 325 feet to public  beach area, excellent view of .'Malaspina Straits.' And a 1-bedroom  furnished  Panabode cottage  which  rents for  $75   per month.  S      ��� ^- " $62,000-,  MADEIRA PARK STORE  . Busy general store and adjoining  1 % bedroom owner's home in  centre of shopping area "at Madeira Park. Approx. 100' frontage  on Madeira Rood and approx. 100' frontage on Hwy. 101. containing 1.09 acres. $50,000 plus stock.  MEMBER OF  MULTIPLE LISTING  SERVICE  box. 769, sechelt; B.C.  ,r, ,,    - '    .  r- ,��� >-.' r���;; ;\  ESTATES LTD.  i  ESTATE   ;  SECHELT AND AREA  PHONE 885^2241  DAVIS BAY  -        -;J  ; ,   ' SUNSHINE U-DRIVE  Growing truck rental business. Shows gross of over $40,000  per year. 150'xl50' central' highway location. Portable  office, 9 units all insured and licenced. 5 year lease with a  further 6 year option. Outlet in Gibsons on commission. Full  1     Price $49,900. Call Jack or Stan Anderson.  This lovely home in Village of Sechelt ready for your inspection.  Choose your own colors and carpets. Only $34,500. For further  Information call LEN or SUZANNE VAN EGMOND.  5 ACRES - WEST SECHELT  Near Mason & Nor-Wost Bay Road. Some' timber, garden soil.  Full price $21,500, Call Jack or Stan Anderson.  DAVIS BAY WATERFRONT  108' of flat level beach. Excellent access. Close to all facilities.  House has 2 bedrooms, fireplace and wall-to-wall carpet. Large  concrete patio, 20 feet from the water. Good garage also on  property. Lots of shade trees. Full price $49,900. Call Jack or  Stan Andersor).  REVENUE  Up and down duplex on view lot.  $270 per month for  both  suites, Only one block to beach. Fireplace in main floor suite,  sundeck. F.P. $38,000. Call Jack or Stan Anderson.  SELMA PARK  FOR RENT  3\  MODERN one BR apt. WW  carpet, colored appliances. 3  piece bath, parking, $105, Also bafchelor suite, the same,  $150. Call 880-2415 or 886-7020.  3080-8  RUBY  Lake Motel ��� cabins  available   at  winter   ratoa.  $110 per month. 883-2209.   ^     3300-tfn  JKAtiti.for rent, Wilson Creek  , Community Hall. Contact  Marg Pearson. 885-2337.     ,  3240-tfn  WEST SECHELT LOT  Large treed lot���86' frontage. Private driveway, treed, seasonal  stream. $9,500 full price, Call Jack or Stan Anderson. ,  NEW 2; BEDROOM VIEW HOME  Quick  possession.  View  of  Gulf  and Trail   Islands.  With  full  basement and carport. Fu|1 price  $36,900. Call Jack or Stan .  Anderson,  DERBY, ROAD  Trailer lot 56'xl58'. Serviced and treed with some view.  Jack or Stan Anderson,  Call  WEST SECHELT  % acre lot, Small year-round creek, R-2 zoning. Trailers permit-  ,tcd, Lots of treos. Power ond water. F.P. $10,500., Call Jack or  ,< , Stan Anderson.  COZY WATERFRONT COTTAGE - SELMA PARK  Ultra modern Intorlor, Kitchen has1 fridge, electric range; fluorescent lighting, living room has built-in lounging chairs that double  as beds. Fireplace burns real wood. Wall-to-wall shag carpeting In  living and bedrooms, Anchor your boat behind breakwater In  front of property. $15,000 Includes most of tho fumishlnas. Call  Davo Roberts,  REALTY AND INSURANCE  Multiple Listings Service  Box 238,'Gibsons,B,C.  NOTARY PUBLIC ��� PHONE 886-2248  ��� ' a'' ''���       .,''������ .    '  GIBSONS RURAL - Mobile homo, furnished, oxtro  1 family-arid utility rooms. 2Vk acres, good gar-  , den soil, Close to shopplnp. Only $36,000,  ROBERTS CRjEK - V/z acres/good gqrden soil/ fruit  ������.,iroos.,oriihlcc11,.park:Jl^  h/fmo, fjuost cabin and workshop,  Full prlco  ���_$45,000,-   , ||V    Alsoi, 12 ACRES on Lower Roberts Crook Road. Close  to.everything. Nicely treed. Only $11,000.  LISTINGS   WANTED  Member, Vancouver R��ol Estate Board  RON McSAVANEY 886-9656  .)!.������  .#��.  WEST SECHELT COTTAGE  2-bodroom cabin on large treed lot. Cabin needs work. All services available. Basement In, Also small shed. F.P. $15,000, Call  Stan or Jadk Anderson,  LARGE MODERN HOME WITH INCOME  1485 sq, ft. 3-bodroom deluxe home with 2 bathrooms plus full  modern 1 bedroom sultq In basement, as well as a largo rec, room,  Utility and storago In high dry basement. Ideally' situated In West  Sechelt.: Closo to all facilities, This home must bo seen to bo  appreciated, Early possosslori, Well financed at 9Yi%; Call  Suzanne Van Egmond,  TUWANEK  SEMI-WATERFRONT  Year-round stream. Sea view unique. Hexagon home on extra  , large crook-front property, Your own private park, Electric heat,  Contor fireplace, Approximately 1,000 sq. ft. Full price $38,900.  Call Jack or Stan Anderson,  PENDER HARBOUR  ������  REDROOFFS ROAD AND AREA   WATERFRONT LOT .% ACRE  Cloio' to, SocholtrSouthern"oxp  and Strait of Georgia. Only $18,500, Call Len or Suxanno V  800' WATERFRONT ACREAGE -   ,       ;  Southern exposure, Protected deep water moorage for fishing and  boating,   BeautlfMl   park-like   upland)  and   pebble   beach   for  swimming. Excellent for group Investment or subdivision,  F.P. $125,000, Call Len or Suzanne Van Egmond. :,  Egmond,  an  Over Vt. aero ������ Redraoffs Road ���- Treed with approx. 120 ft.  frontago by 200 ft, deep, Paved road, sccludod area, F.P, $6,550,  Cq'*Jock or ^an Anderson.  A-FRAME  A recreation cottage of unique design In a quiet area'. Approx.  800> sq, ft, on 80' by 270' lot, treed and prlva'to. Two bathrooms  and sundeck. A modified A*(rame, F.P. $25,250. Call Jack or  Stan Anderson, ,  GIBSONS AREA  ,  GIBSONS AREA  5 acres, King Road,  180'xl220'y, Road at" side. Heavily treed,  ,       Full prlco $21,500, Call Jock or StonAnderuon.  GOWER POINT  GOWER POINT ESPLANADE  fxcollenf %'ocro waterfront building site;* 100x220''"c|f Cower*  Point. Power ond water at lot. Eaiy access to good beach, Vlow  acrojs Georgia Strait, Don't be the one to "jittt ml"'" this one,  Reasonably priced at $22,000, Call Dave Roberts for appointment  to Inspect, i  ���'.���".'���'   ' DAVIS BAY  Choice,,of carpets ond Interior colors, 4 flno now homos  to choosb from:  SHERIDAN  3 bedroom plus utility, largo carport, fireplace, oxtra largo  kitchen, Over   1200 sq.  ft,  homo on' HackeU Street In  Secbolt.  SHANNON  3 bedroom and full bajement, 1240 sq, ft, homo on lovo|y  vtyw lot In Davis Pay,. 2 fireplaces ond onsulto plumbing,  SIERRA  3 bedroom ond fulj basement, Ovor 1200 sq, ft, homo on  largo vIovV lot In Davis Bay. Flreploco ond ensulto plumbing,  KILDARE  On groat view lot, 2 bedroom and full basement ������ oxtra  ������ b<tf room. Jn��� basement,, Over _ 1, 100   sq, ��� ft,... each . floor,,  < Fireplace and carport,  FOR   INFORMATION CALL   LEN  OR   SUZANNE   VAN  EGMOND  Davo Roberts  Eves, Phon�� 885-9785  Len or Susanna Von Egmond Jack or Stan Andorton  Eyei. Phono 885-9683     Eves, phone 885-2053 or 885-2383  VANCOUVER DIRECT LINE MU-5-5544  S,EE US AT OUR OFFICE ACROSS, FROM THE SECHELT BUS DEPOT  GARDEN BAY  1,542 sq.ft.'3 BR home with den^ oil furnace, partiol basement,  carport, landscaped lot. Lot could possibly be divided in two when  road and water comes through ot the back. "Close to marinas,  -stores and post office. $43,000.  EGMONT MARINA - FISHING RESORT  Approx.  4.5  acres,  approx.,, 660'  waterfront.   11   motel   units,  owner's 3 BR home, lodge with 8 sleeping rooms; restaurant and  store (leased out).  Standard  Marine station,  bait sales,  floats,  launching  ramp,   8  rental   boats,  cdmp&r space  and  roomVfotM^  expansion. $250,000.       ' - i��. ,  ROALCOGOR RANCH AT PENDER HARBOUR  Approx. 26-acre ranch on Garden Bay Road with approx. 15 acres  fenced and seeded. Near new 31x55' barn, shed, rodeo pens, viewing stand and concession stand/ Older 2 BR house, fruit trees, two  year-round streams through property. $75,000.  LOT 28  RUBY LAKE LOT ��� $4,500  approx.   %  acre  treed   lot,   road  access.   $4,500.  ACREAGE '__  1. Near Madeira Park - approx. 2% acres on Hwy. 101, $25,000.  2. KLEINDALE - approx. 8 acres with creek, 535' frontage on  Highway 101, $25,000. -  3- KLEINDALE - approx. 20 acres of nicely treed property,  $35,000. ��� , ,  4. FRANCIS PENINSULA - approx. 37 acres, partially developed  with approx: 3,900' of primary roads constructed. Possible 86  lot subdivision. $150,000.  SKIPPER BILL'S RESORT  ���NEW PENDER HARBOUR  2.1 acres on Highway. 101, 498' waterfront. Owner's deluxe 2 BR  residence,, office, 5 individual HK chalets. 3 one-bedroom housekeeping units, 1 2-BR housekeeping unit. Stone.breakwater forms  a private cove with floats and - boat launching. Four, rental bohts'  & motors. This resort is near new and most attractive. $260,000.  SINCLAIR BAY ROAD  Good, family home ��� main floor has one bedroom, kitchen, living room with acorn fireplace,' bathroom; upper floor has 2 bedrooms. Full basement, roughed-in extra bedroom, oil furnace. Sundeck on two sides. Needs some finishing. $33,000.  COHO MARINA AT MADEIRA PARK  Approx. 800' waterfront, 3.93 acres of park-like land. 2 BR  owner's, home, 4 HK units, camper and trailer sites,'washroom.  Marine Ways, concrete boat launching ramp, 8 rental boats and  motors, foreshore lease. Marine repair shop, office, sales of  marine and fishing supplies. Approx. 650 lineal ft. of floats.  Mercury franchise, Home Oil and Starcraft Boats dealer, $260,000  plus stock, .,  EGMONT  1. Very large 4 BR home, approx. 244' waterfront on three separate lots.' Float. Excellent for a group purchase, $105,000,.  2. 2% BR home on 70 foot waterfront lot with float. Good for  summer home or year-round  residence.  $31,000,  3/ Approx. 1 % acre view property with 111' frontage on Egmont  Road and 637' frontage on Maple Road. Has older 2 BR homo,  rented for $75 per month, small cabin (12x24) rented for  $20 per month. Lot could possibly be subdivided into several  lots. $47,500.  7 ISLES MOBILE HOME PARK  Locatod on approx. 3 acres closo to Madeira Park on Hwy,  101  and overlooking Malaspina Straits, Has  11   trailer spaces ready  and plenty of room for expansion, Monthly rental $60,00 per  space,  $60,000  yiEW LOTS ��� GARDEN BAY ESTATES  In a beautiful sotting, serviced with paved road, wa,t��r and hydra,  Public access to watorfront, Close to stores,  marinas and post  , office $6,000 to $10,500,  RAE'S MARINA  2,21 acres In Madeira park with 1 BO' watorfront - good gravel  beach, boat launching ramp, floats, boat shop 24'x50' with all  necessary heavy shop equipment, marine ways (35 ton capacity  with 2 carriages), foreshore loasq, 4 DR homo with partial baso-  ment, I % bathrooms, oil furnaco, good view, $105,000.  GUNBOAT BAY  *675'- yery-choice "woterfrontrApprox.**! 5"acro��-of 'privacy,*  boaiitlfully troed, Southern exposure, Water access only,. $/7,00Q,  ,������....;..    SAKINAW LAKE  ,' 165' deep waterfront, 7 acres of treed proporty, $25,000,  CLAY'S MADEIRA MARINA  Approx. 3 acres. 250' cholco watorfront In Madeira Park, 30'x80'  coiicrolo shop bulldlna, with repair facilities, display and, solos  room, office, stockroom. Owner's 2 BR homo, 7 motol units,  ���facilities for campor and trailer units, 5 rontal boats and motors,'  launching ramp, floats, foreshore Jeaso, La^go up-to-dato stock  of boats, motors, parts and marine hardware, $250,000 plus  .  cash for stock,  MADEIRA PARK LOTS  VIEW LOTS - serviced with water ond hydro, $7,500 to $ 9,800.  COMMERCIAL LOTS �� In Madeira Park, $16,000 and $20,000,  CALL OLLI OR JEAN SLADEY  REALTY LTD,  Madeira Park, B.C.  Phone Pender Harbour 883-2233 4  AUTOS, TRUCKS (Ces��.)       BOATS & ENGINES (Con?./   LEGAL NOTICES (cont.) MORTGAGES  FOR SALE (Continued) FOR^ALE (Continued) Peninsula Time*, Wednesday, Jon.!*, m4-l>ofle A-5  TWO   '69   FORDS.   Ex-taxis.  Good transportation. Offers.  885-2251. 3970-tfn  1968 G.M.C 3/i-ton panel  6 cylinder, 4 speed, no spin  rear end, new. rubber, mechanically sound  $1,600.  -1968 G.M.C. 34-ton 4x4  Pick up, radio, new rubber,  V8 motor, 4 barrel       . $2,000  1966 G.M.C. 3-ton  5    speed  . transmission,    two.  speed   rear   end,   V8 - motor,  steel flat deck and bulk  head   .1.-.". r._   $1,500  PHONE 883-2733   L___j 9522-tfn  '63  MERC  Monterey,   6   cyl.,  , automatic,,  power, steering,'  recent govt' test, very nicely  kept, $465. Phone 886-7858.           "   -.      3760-8  '72 CORTINA GT, 25,000 mis.  4 spd. $2400. Phone 885-9988.  3987-8  PRICED   for   rapid ' sale.   '67  Chev wagon, ESaPB, radio  -and good tires. Spare and roof  rack. Best offer over $700. Ph.  886--9660. 3986-8  MOBILE HOMES  .HOUSE,trailer, General, 8'x30'  fully furnished, with good  fridge and' propane furnace.  Suitable' for small mobile  home. Can be seen at' first  house on Johnstone Rd., Madeira Park. $2750, or write E.  T. Wiggins, Madeira Park.  (112)883-2485. 3950-9  RENTING?  WHY?  When your rent payments will  buy you a mobile home- of  your choice. No down payments  needed.  O.A.C.  EXAMPLES:  New 12'x64' 3 bedroom $8650.  New 24'x36' 2 bedroom $10,900  .   Local 885-2246 or Collect  434-8771.  REGAL MOBILE  HOMES LTD.  Motor Dealer Lie. No. 2240   8780-tfn  AYERS   Mobile   Home   Park.  We have two trailer spaces  available.  885-2375.   3946-tfn  1974 60'xl2' MUNDAY Lead-  er, 2 bdrm., reverse isle,  fully furnished, delv*d and  set, 5 per cent tax included.  Absolutely no hidden costs.  $10,950. Copping's Car Town  Sales Ltd. 885-2205. DL 4201.  3989-8  .     SUNSHINE COAST  ' MOBILE HOME PARK  AND SALES  RR 2 Gibsons ��� 886-9826  Now On Display  Ambassador - Diplomat  Statesman - Embassy  2 and 3 bedroom models, double wides; featuring: shag and  hard twist carpeting, deluxe  colored appliances, custom  made furniture. Open for  viewing anytime.  9490-tfn  '59 GREAT Lakes, 10'x45" de-  luxe, one bedroom. Furniture and appliances in like  new condition. Broadloom. Located Pender Harbour, $4300.  885-2692. 3924-9  CAMPERS & TRAILERS  NEAR new camper. $900/ Lo-  . cated at Coastal Tires. 886-  7838. 3420-10  boats & Engines  WANTED  to buy:  B  licence  fishing boat. Write Box 132,  Madeira Park. 3977-10  ; ����WO 15' PRINCECRAFT al-  umlnum boats, good family  boats. $250 each. 14* Starcraft  aluminum boat $150, 250 gallon gas storage tank and stand,  $175., Gordy, 883-2444.  3990-10  LOOK. AT THESE  BARGAINS IN USED ,  . OUTBOARDS  65 hp Evinrude demo .... $1259  40 hp Johnson elec  $475  20 hp Mercury   $295  18 hp Evinrude  ...1... $195  18 lip Johnson   $164.50  9.5 hp Evinrude! demo .. $479  9.5  hp  Evinrude   v $169  6 hp Evinrude -...:.  $125  4 hp Evinrude  ...-...:.  $115  3 hp Evinrude folding ..... $95  3 hp Johnson .._.��� $75  , MADEIRA MARINA  Pender Harbour -       883-2266  8781-8  LEGAL NOTICES ?  APPLICATION; FOR A  '.   PERMIT UNDER THE  POLLUTION CONTROL ACT  1967   (EFFLUENT)     ���  This application is to be  filed with the Director, Pollution Control Branch, Parliament Buildings, Victoria;' British Columbia.. Any person  who qualifies as an objector  under section 13(2) of the Pollution Controjl Act, 1967 ��� may,  within 30 days of the date of  application, or within 30 days  of the date of publication- in  The British Columbia Gazette,  or in a newspaper, or where  service is required, within 30  days of the serving of a copy  of the application, file with  the Director ��� an objection in  writing to the granting of a  permit, stating the manner in  which he is affected. Those  who do not so qualify may file  with the Pollution Control  Board an objection in writing  under section 13(6), in the  same manner and time period  as described above.  MacMillan Bloedel Industries Limited of 26th floor, 1075  West Georgia Street, Vancouver, B.C., hereby applies to  the Director for a permit to  discharge effluent from Logging Camp, Cookhouse and  Bunkhouses located, at Misery  Creek into Misery Bay, Salmon Inlet which flows southwest and discharges into Sechelt Inlet and gives notice of  its application to all persons  affected. _  The land upon which the  works are located is BCFS  Special Use Permit No. 1262  covering Misery Creek Logging Campsite.  The discharge shall be located at Foreshore lot No. 6175,  Misery Bay, 17 miles northeast of Sechelt, B.C.  The quantity of effluent to  -be discharged is as follows:  Average annual daily discharge (Based' on operating  period) is':l;800 Imperial gall- :  ons. Maximum'Daily discharge  is 2,500 Imperial gallons. The  operating period during which  the effluent will be discharged is continuous during operating period May 1st to December 1st each year.  The characteristics of the  effluent discharged shall be  equivalent to or "better than  Total Suspended Solids, 235  mg/11; Total Solids, 1400 mg/1;  BOD5, 330 mg/11; pH, 6.5-8.5;  Temperature Range, 40 - 70��  F; Coliform Bacteria; 30x106  mpn/100 ml.  The type of "treatment to be'  applied to the effluent before  discharge is as follows: Twen-/  ty-four', hour capacity septic'  tank and submerged outfall  In accordance with Pollution  Control Board Regulations for  domestic waist water dlschar-  ' ges under 10,Q00.gpd to marine waters.  I, E. Wlllmott, Acting Secretary-Treasurer hereby, cert-'  . ify��� that a copy of this, application has , been received by  the Regional District of Sunshine Coast.     ������'.'.'  This   application,  dated   on  the 5th day of December, 1975,  was posted on the ground in  accordance with tho Pollution '  Control Regulations,  * W. H. MEHAFFEY  .  8770-pub. Jan. 10, 1974,  Form  "B"    -    .  1974  COURT OF REVISION  NOTICE is\ hereby ��� given  that the Courts of Revision  respecting the assessment rolls  for the Vancouver,Assessment  District and Village Municipalities therein will be held as  follows:  School District No.' 46 (Sechelt) including the Villages  of ��� Gibsons and Sechelt, at  Gibsons, B.C. on Tuesday,  February , 5th, 1974 , at 10  o'clock in the forenoon in the  Village Office.".  DATED at New Westminster this 11th day of January,  1974.  W.L. UMPHREY  Provincial Assessor  8782-pub. Jan. .16,  1974'  1st AND 2nd. MORTGAGES  Residential  -   Commercial   -  Recreational  All'types of real-estate finah-  i.ng including builders loans.  Fast appraisal service.  ACADIAN .MORTGAGE  CORP. LTD.,     ,  2438, Marine   Drive,  West  Vancouver,  B.C.   ,  Phone 926-3256  8227^  WANTED TO BUY  '68   -   '69  DATSUN  pick  up,  with ' canopy.   Good, condition.   Phone  883-2452.  3966-8  PORTABLE  883-9046.  sawmill.  Phone  3967-8  FOR SALE  Special rate $3.00 per month for  2-line listings in this classification."  Cash with order only.  Extra   lines,'.,SI.50   Per  Month.  PENINSULA    Times:    Phone  Sechelt    885-2635    or    885-  9654. Gibsons office: 886-2121.  LIVESTOCK  FEED, SEEDS  FENCING, FERTILIZER  Bucket-field's   Horse,  Chicken  Hog and Cattle Feeds  Purina Products  Alfalfa - Straw and Hay  QUALITY FARM SUPPLY  R.R. 1,- Gibsons  Open: 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Tuesday to Saturday  One  mile  south  of  Sunshine  Coast Highway  Pratt Road 886-7527  '9477-tfn  LOVELY Welsh   pony���mare.  Well trained. Amiable. Saddle,  bridle," blanket,  $150.  to  loving home. Phone- 886-9229.  3974-8  2   HORSE   trailer   for   rent.  Cunnpngham's.   Phone   885-  9927. 3340-tfn  "SWIFT Feeds ��� H. Jacobson,  Swift dealer. Nor'West Rd.,  Sechelt. Phone 885-9369. Chicken feeds - Horse feed - Hog  feed - Cattle feed. Hay and  other feeds by order.   258-tfn  CLERK-TYPIST  A permonent position is available for a clerk-typist  in the offices ofvtour Port Mellon operation. >  Preference will be given to applicants with good typing and clerical or business machine experience.  The position offers an opportunity for advancement,  a competitive salary, excellent working conditions  and benefits.  "Reply in confidence to Industrial  Relations Supervisor at the address below: ,  Canadian Forest Products Ltd.  HOWE SOUND PULP DIVISION  Port Mellon, B.C.  1972 10' CRESTLINER, 20 hp  Mercury, Aqua Line trailer,    TO SELL, RENT, SWAP, BUY  excellent condition, $1095. 085- '  9750. 3045-9;      USE TIMES ADBRIEFS  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  REAL. ESTATE AND INSURANCE  NOTARY PUBLIC AND APPRAISALS  Gibsons, B.C. ; 886-2481  PHONE TOLL FREE: 687-6445  PENDER HARBOUR REALTY LTD.  (ON. HIGHWAY 101  AT FRANCIS PENINSULA ROAD)  Authorized AUTOPLAN Agent  Pender Harbour\ EgmontJ Earl Cove  PENDER HARBOUR ��� '9 year old 3-boclroom homo -  ovor 2 acres with stream - Somo work needed - Good  Investment at $20,000 cash,  20 ACRES ���'level land, several good building sites,  ���      Potential view of harbour. Only $30,000 F.P.  'A' FRAME ��� on loose lot. Truly magnificent view  of harbour and open water. Just $29,500, Includes  all furnishings, ���  MODEST HOME ���' 825 sq, ft., 2 bedroom^ Nice  view over-thc harbor. This Is an excellent: buy.at )ust.  $21,000 F.P,  MOTEL ��� 3 housekeeping units above sand beach,  Good moorage, $36,000 with terms,  PHONE 883-2794  ��� WE NEED LISTINGS ���  John Brccn       Archie Brayton     Jock Hormon  883-9978 883-9926 883-2745  HOPKINS LANDING - Here Is a terraced angular lot  overlooking the Sound, with ,3 bedrooms, half basement, extra large living room with fireplace, wall-to-  wall carpet, modern kitchen complete with built-in  appliances. A very appealing familyhome for a. prac-i  ���,.,.'    tical F.P. of $34,500,  , WATCH THE FERRIES COME IN - from the living  room or the downstairs recreation area jn this house  with 1,100 square feet, full basement with one half  finished. Three bedrooms, auto oil heat and ready for  Immediate occupancy, Make and appointment to see  REVENUE HOME - Center of .Gibsons on largo vlow  lot, well laid out spacious rooming house, Ono 1-bed-  room suite. 4 sleeping rooms, 2 housekeeping rooms,  centralized kitchen facilities, TV room and guest  living room. Very1 modern and neat, extra washroom  and shower rooms. Salo, includes furniture, dishwasher, grill, twd stoves,, fridges as set up,vMake an  appointment to see this fine Investment at F.P. of  $65,QQ0.      ,  HILLCREST ROAD - two cleared vlow lots ready for  '      building, each $8,000,  SOUTH' FLETCHER ROAD - 134 foot of road front-  ago near Village Hall, has smaller older home oh.  Good vlow property. F.P, $20,000.  CHASTER ROAD - Good trailer or house lot, size 80'  by 100', Has all services, Cleared; F.P. $6,600,  NORTH ROAD- Five acres, slto cleared for building,  cased well. $22,000,    ;  LISTINGS     WANTED  l  JEANS,' asst.v colors' and sizes,"  r'., to clear, $2.99 - $5.95, lim-  'ited' quantity.   Magic > Mushroom," 885:2522.,; 3982-8  9 HP BRIGGS &JStratton engine.  (Marine).  886-2978.  .     , 3758-8  PROPANE stove and 2 tanks.  Phone 885-2194. /' ' ^ 3978-8  OIL furnace, excellent, condi-  '   tion. $200. Phone 885-9388.  ��� ,, r      . 39.63-tfn  SKI-DOO, 294 TNT, 1973, $950.  Phone 885-2597.     ^   3981-10  FOR SALE (Continued) ,  LARGE GE refrigerator. Manual defrost,1 $125. Phone 886-  2093.    . ^     ...       3975-8,  FIREPLACE , wood   for   sale.  Alder  and  fir.   Phone   885-  9311 or 883-2417. 3233-tfn  FOR SALE (con*.)  - 7^��� '-~ '-^~  VANGUARD, 10' ,10" campers  Fridge, .stove, oven, furnace, 1  toilet and ropf rack with or  without Ford % ton truck. All  in good condition. $4100 complete. Write J. S. Clark, Halfmoon Bay.    - 3927-9  LARGE size Quaker space oil  heater; $25. Phone 885-9730.    3979-8  THE  BARGAIN CENTRE  1    GOING OUT OF    ��  BUSINESS,  Used Furniture and Household  Goods  No Reasonable Offer Refused  SECHELT 885-9848   v 9520-tfn  SUEDE coat with zipper lin- ���  ing. Size 16. Excellent condition.'   885-2364. . 3932-7  GREY    colored    tweed    coat.  Size , 18,   $10.   Flight   bag,  large size. $15. Both good condition. Phone 886-9203.  3984-8  QUESTIONS ?  Regarding 1974 Vehicle  Licences and Insurance . . .  PHONE MARY at 885-2235  Sechelt Agencies Ltd.   ' 9515-6  OIL stove, oil heater and garbage or wood  burner.  886-  2103. 3762-8  SCUBA COMPRESSOR  Model   223   Ingersol   Rany   4  cfm, max. 3,000 psi, complete.  Can be seen running. $2100 or  best offer.  GORDY, 883-2444  8778-9  K. A, Crosby 880-2098  MJk�� Bloney 806-7436  J, Vltw 806-2531  Don Sutherland 885-9362  ASK FOR FREE CATALOGUE OF REAL ESTATE  PHONE (24 Hours)  Sechelt 885-2235  Vancouver 689-5838  (E. & O.E.)  o     BOX 128, SECHELT, B.C.  MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE ���   AUTHORIZED AGENT  OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK AND PROVIDING  24-HOUR SERVICE  Mary  UESTIONS?  Regarding your 1974 Vehicle Licences  and Insurance ...  ] r  PHONE MARY AT  885-2235  SHE HAS THE ANSWERS!  LARGE FAMILY HOME - GIBSONS #3-028  Large view home on quiet central street. Two bedrooms on main  ���floor, two bedrooms on top floor. Full basemen} with possibility  " of revenue suite. See your banker for this one. Full price $39,750.  LEE R. BROWN. 885-2437 evenings.  ,  VIEW HOME - NEW - SELMA PARK #3-062'  Excellent view, on dead-end street, so quiet, this two-bedroom  home with full basement just right for growing family. To have 2  fireplaces, double plumbing (up and down), many cupboards,  attached carport. Buy now and designate YOUR finishing. Full  finished price $37,200, mortgage arranged for. Expect completion  end of February, 1974. PETER ���SMITH 885-9463 evenings.  GIBSONS RURAL #6-3-021  4.8 acres of deep black humus soil. Permit required to sell top  soil. Adjoining property sold  hundreds of yards at   $4.50  per  yard.  480'  road frontage.   Full  price  $20,000. JACK  WARN,  886-2681 evenings.  WAKEFIELD ROAD #21-2-996  2.6 acres in choice residential area of West Sechelt. Create your  own dream home on this estate-size property, sheltered and bordered by a delightful stream. Hydro and phone and1 city" water on  road. Full  price $21,000.  DON HADDEN 885-9504 evenings.  SECHELT #19-3044  Well planned' four-bedroom house on nicely developed lot, only  two short blocks from shopping etc. New homes all around,, here  is a quiet residential area, ideal for a young family. Arrange to  see this place and try your offer on listed price of $35,000. JACK  , WHITE, 886-2935 evenings.  SKYLINE DRIVE - VIEW - GIBSONS #3-047  Wonderful   view   lot   overlooking   Gibsons,   All   services  except  sewer avollable.  Full  price  $7,000.  PAT MURPHY  885-9487  evenings.  TILLICUM BAY ' #206-2-967  Large lot with wide choice of"trees that don't have to go for  house site. View of ocean and good moorage close by   $5,500.  JACK WARN, 886-2681 evenings  DOLPHIN STREET - SECHELT       T     " ' #19-3-057  Nearing completion. Now is the time to buy, when you may  obtain government financing on a new house like this. Almost  1000 sq. ft. main floor and lower floor with suite potential (or  ' rec. room and more bedrooms for large family). Main floor features big living' room, modern kitchen, two bedrooms, attractive  color bathroom. Wall-to-wall floor coverings most rooms. Many  extras, it's even wired" for cablevision. Lot 66'xl22', level and  cleared, lane at rear. $42,000 full price, existing mortgage and  possible government second reduce cash required to $17,000.  JACK WHITE 886-2935 evenings.  CORNER VIEW LOT - WEST SECHELT #3-046  -\ 74'xl26'   lot overlooking  Trail   Islands.  Cleared  and   ready to  build. A few nice trees still on property, water and electricity  available. Full price .$10,000.  PAT MURPHY eves.  885-9487.  PRIVACY AND RECREATION #3-055  Well-planned warmly built' family home. Level grounds, good  garden soil. Almost fouracres,' with 150 feet steep waterfrontage,  deep moorage. School bus at the door, one mile to Madeira Park.  Area zoning permits keeping of livestock and poultry. Full price  $56,900, down payment $29,000. C. R, GATHERCOLE 886r  ' 2785 evenings.  LARGE LOT - ROBERTS CREEK #3-045  Lot size 113'xl85' with orad frontage on both ends make subdivision  af  this   lot very  promising.  Serviced  with   hydro and  water.   Possible  view.   Full   price   $11,000.   LEE  R.   BROWN,  885-2437 evenings. ���  TWO ON THE BEACH - ROBERTS CREEK #11-3043  Two bright, fully modern homes. Nearly level, partly landscaped  lot; trout stream and tall evergreens. Fine southerly view. Investment for Income ond/or retirement In one of the choice areas  of the Sunshine Coast. Full price $70,000, down payment $35,000  balance reasonable forms. C. R. GATHERCOLE 886-2785.  ACREAGE - GIBSONS " #3-040  4,25 acres of level beautifully treed land, Looks like good soil  tool Hydro 'at road. Frontage on Highway 101  and Lower Roberts Creek, Drive by and see the sign. Full prlco $22,500, LEE  ,    ��� R. BROWN, 885-2437 evenings.  WATERFRONT LOG HOME - SARGEANT'S BAY #3-020  Satisfy that dream ��� sound log home, electric furnace, stone  fireplace, own water supply, Ono bedroom, large dack, 100 feet  oh beach, 374' deep, It's a dlllyl Full prlco $37,650, owner may  carry $20,000 mortgage over 5 years. PETER SMITH 885-9463  , evening?.  CLEARED LOTS WITH VIEW - DAVIS BAY #3-058 & 3-059  Panoramic view of gulf; hydro, water, cablevision. 142'xl35',  could be two lots. $21,000 asking, OR 87.9'xl09.8' for $10,500.  Both excellent building sites, good area. PETER SMITH 885-  9463 eves, or DON HADDEN 885-9504 eves.  2 BR WATERFRONT HOME - EUREKA - REDROOFFS #3-056  Outstanding view - steps down to 100' beach. A small S2-BR home  Well built. Well has just been, discovered on property, power in  already, Lot size approx. Ms acre. Full price $35,000, PAT  MURPHY, 885-9487 evenings. ���  CLEARED  LOT -  ROBERTS CREEK #3-064  Cleared and fully serviced lot. Close to public access to beach.  Zoned R-2, which permits permanent mobile home s|te. Full price  $7,500. LEE R. BROWN, 885-2437 evenings.  UNCLEARED VIEW LOTS - DAVIS BAY #3-031-2-3  Want trees as well as view? Hero It Is, three choice lots, one Is  a corner lot, unspoiled view of water, Have your own clearing  done to take advantage of trees. Asking, each lot, $14,000, I'll  show you and you decide. PETER SMITH, 885-9463 ovcnlnfls.  A well-built warm and cozy I ��r>  homo oh Francis Peninsula Rd. Largo  |ovcl lot, nicely treed and landscaped  With a separate garago, also small  separate workshop. Just 1 block away  from Gov't Wharf at Whiskey Slough.,  Down payment $5,000 to full prjco of  $32,000, Balance-at 7%, amortized  over 15 years. PAT MURPHY, 885-  9A&7 ovonlnos. ,  COMMERCIAL TYPE LOT ',   .   A  MADEIRA  PARK ���'��� #2-041  ��� PIq shaped lot on Madeira Park Rd���  lust off Hwy. 101, Power ond water  .���avallab|e.,iull ,prko   *9,M0, J>AT  , MURPHY, 885-9487 evonlnos,     v  BUILDING 8, PROPERTY - Mn naa  5 ACRES . GUNBOAT BAY #2-999  Owner's 3 BR waterfront homo, ap-  rox. 1200 sq, ft,, plus 3 cabins, one  2-DR and two I-BR, all so|f*contaln��  cd, electrically heated, ready for occupancy, Plus 4 boots, 3 with outboard motors. All this on 5 acres of  well protected watorfront, With 150  on waterfront and 250' qn main highway. Lois of room for expansion fqr  trailers or tenting. This Is located In  tho i best fishing area In the North*  west,, Tourists are attracted to this  area because of Its natural beauty &  most of all Its fishing, Investment  required In tho middle olohtlos, PAT  MURPHY,  805-9407 evenings,  SANDY HOOK  ACREAGE #20D-3-034  Zoned R2, NOT IN AGRICULTURAL  FREEZE I Yes, electricity is here and  very good evidence of year-round  well water, View Is hero, too. 3,2  "acres -ti '"yours -for * $ * ?,OO0, ( A -tiny  Jot, sells for $7,000 neorby). Partly  cleared, this acreage has to bo sold  soon at this low price, Bo first, get  your country recreational acreage  now,   Phono  885-2235   (24  Hours).  SECHELT AGENCIES DATE PAD  This free reminder of comlnq events Is a service of SECHELT AGENCIES  ,   LTD. Phono Peninsula Times direct for freo listings, specifying "Data  Pad*', Please note that space Is. limited and some advance dates may  have to wait their turn; also that this Is a "reminder" listing ��nly and  , cannot always carry full details,  QlflliMHBRHRIMRPHBRiHBBHfliHm  EVERY MONDAY���1:45 p.m., Community' Hall Roberts Crook, ,  Elphinstone Now Horizons carpet bowling, cards'& films,  EVERY TUESDAY,7;30 pirn,, Sechelt Loglon Hall, Secholt TOPS Club,  now members welcome,    ,  , EVERYWEDNESDAY���OiOO p.m., Bingo,.now Loglon BulldlnorSecholt, ..*,.  EVERY WEDNESDAY���2 p.m. Senior Swinger, Old Loglon Hall, Secholt  EVERY THURS,���8:00 p,m��� Bingo, Ponder Harbour Community Hall. , ,  THURS, afternoons "TOPS" meeting at Public Health Contro, } :30-3:00  .  Ian, 18���11:00 Q,rh��� Secholt Aux. to St. Mary's Church will hold    ,  ���, annual mooting for volunteers In St, Hilda's Church, Secholt,  Jan, 19~8;00 p.m., Pipe Band Dance, New Legion Hall, Sechelt.  EVERY FRIDAY ��� Gibson's United Church Women's Thrift Shop, 1-3  p.m, In United Church basement,  ASK FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE OF REAL ESTATE  Multiple Listing Servlc*  VancoMY��r  Real   Estate  Hoard  REAL ESTATE  ,, INSURANCES  AGENCIES LTD.  Phono 885-2235 (24-Houra) Box 120, Socholt, B.C.  .,., .,.   .. . Vancouver Phono 689-5838  ���**��  *3-  / ������ <��'j  K-.  ��JmJn-  ������fcTT^i"  v.*.     v�� "*�����  3^ ��&*������ V'~. *".���  \4\  il *:iirar^wiftBr.Jagfc'j- -j-��� ;������    ��� ,'a**' ������ .;��!?'*'  T  fc��BH��i'-.4*��jrc.-'  r.i  ���.;-.f  Vvr.  2  t^AtJ^WPaf^Wflwa���ni^a^.^������ aa���an   �����*��� Hal���JTi tjH-'ll ��*���!'������ *��� ���"��� ..��,  i>  <Tt  1I" "���"    . .  $  >.*?  Sechelt News Notes  amn* riWv*��-����^w*f  \ ���rby Peggy. Connor ,  EIGHT days holiday for  Ed  and -Ann by such a common name!. I'm, sure -when  Rennie took them to Reno "over the;.  Trout Lake appeared on the TV news  new veaiV celebration time Monday night/ many people immediately  new, years  celebration time. thought it was .jhe' one < so often skated  , Robert  and  fivva  Allen- are  happy on  in  Vancouver  whenever  it freezes,  with their' new son/ Christopher Guthrie, despite it being described as in the Sechelt  born Dec. 28 at St. Mary's Hospital. They Area- " ,   ,  took  off for Victoria to  show, him. to F"rthe* ��? skating, it was great'to  ���a     >       4.1.     �������    n en\. ~i ��i.; ��.,>.. .,��� - see tne schools take advantage of Mother  Evva's mother, Mrs. C. Strzelecki, then up Nature>s .^ conditions by ^ng classes  to Courtenay to his paternal grandparents,    0f students up to the Lake for physical ed.  Mr. and Mrs. Len Allen. Young Christo-     rr  pher took his time arriving and when he  did sec the light of day he weighed in'at  eight pounds, four ounces.  Volunteers to St. Mary's Hospital and  those' interested in offering their time,  are reminded the annual' meeting and  workshop to be held in St. Hilda's Church  Hall in Sechelt, 11 a.m. Friday, Jan. 18.  Bring your own lunch-coffee and tea1  . provided. Additional information available at,885-9347, Mrs. Peggy Conner, volun-;  teer director. >  ,   It is such a joy to have sheets of ice  available for skating.  How quickly the youngsters pick up 5 |  the knack of skimming over the ice, and," 5 f  the pleasure they derive from such action. =jj  The best thing of all is the family partici-'.. 2  pation, not just one parent, but so many ��� ~  cases of the whole family on the blades * =  /in wholesome togetherness.  Why they had to change the name of    ~  Halfmoon Bay Lake to Trout Lake is out    ��  of understanding. Change name if they ,  "must, but surely there is more imagination  . even in government circles than to call it  Page A-6 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, January 16, 1974  VWMVIMfllMlfBMMIfMIMMfM  B.C. IS A  BEAUTIFUL PLACE  DON'T MESS IT UP  t*am**mimmitiiiiiini*mrmmtmmiwm*imiimimimi>ii<h0mimm  GIBSONS fire chief, Dick Ranniger, caped uninjured, but was treated for  examines burnt-out cab of pick-up shock at St. Mary's Hospital. Pemn-  after vehicle went out of control on sula Transport vehicle was empty at  Highway 101 Jan. 12, and burst into the time of the accident. Heavy snow-  flames after flipping over onto roof, fall and low temperatures combined  Firemen, quickly doused the blaze. - to make highway treacherous. No  Driver, Tom Godber of Gibsons, es- charges will be laid, said RCMP.  r*��  V  1  *  ��4��  !*H  t        *'M  > JSr>-  }\v  w  H&.  ^  ���jr'V*A  *��J  v  jjpSSCW   -^rXaii-3^   all  --, *   #(  ��*�����/  ,^* ��-"^-*  ^H-O"      "***  > ��<��l;�� ?  ��    "��*.r /,ji��.��* jl *>*-  QAQiriour   PAm*>tarv   nnrl   ftVPrtnrnpd.         j        -���   ��^w��>�� v *v .,  ���ri   Alice     ��.<ff/vrl      nriK     ��vp     T3/XTllnC1llQ  Transport pick-up Jan.  12 after it   on opposite shoulder, rupturing gas  went out of control on icy roads near    tank  First from Port Mellon . . .  ibsons girl promote  GIBSONS���Prom- Port Mellon  to   Van-   phoned and sajj^il'd got it,"  couver's Bentall Centre is quite a step. She has one brother, Randy, and a sis- ^  But this is what promotion has meant for   ter Rhonda,  19-year-old Clana Watson of. Gibsons. , ���      ><   } .M&v, j^%WvVuj^^??WJ  After only one-and-a-half years as mill u *' ���'"' ''(<&*>**,&s*^ ^-* "JWh^m  stores secretary! at Canadian Forest Products' Howe Sound Pulp division, she was  transferred Jan. 15 to the firm's head  office in Vancouver.  She is the daughter of Ken and Aileen  Watson of Franklin Road.  Ciana has the distinction of being the  first Port Mellon secretory to be transferred to head office, where she will act  as secretary to the manager of Cantor's  mainland logging division.  The ElpWnstorie Secondary School  graduate is Happy with her career at  Canadian Forest Products,  . "I would like to stay.with tho company and carry on with secretarial  work," sho told Tho Times.  Head, office has been trying to recruit  ; Clana for some time, Until now, she has  , been quit content to work at Port Mellon  under mill scores supervisor Cliff Mahl-  ���, man.,, ���.'   ',.���, '',,,���.'      ������,,���. V  ,  But( when this latest vacancy arose,  she thoughl tho tlmo had come for a  change and applied,   ,  "I Was interviewed for the Job on Dec.  20," Clana explained. "The next day, they  ;}Wa I'k ,l{  CIANA WATSON  , , . promoted to Vancouver  c  aama^^  cvcict  't-^Utdni  Specialising In:  *  Facial Massago *  Eyebrow Arching  i* Cream Manicure * Corrective Makeup  ��,H.M,l,a����'ii.M��.,l��.*.��iil  "Whon ovor-work ond tension oro moklno you fool bluo,  While oolno t.kln and wrinkles odd td your misery, too,  Yog con be much more beautiful, bring back that lonb-lost  alow ������  A Taclalf can do wonders to holp defeat your ,foo.  Massoao brtno* Telaxqrlon"and soothes your cores away ���  TbJs luxury's,within your reach,, so why not call today?,  For appointment . ; .  CALL MYRTLE RICHARD AT 886*9328  IWII|iiii>'fii|">-rl|WW('ff"^l��-l�� "*' "pnnH'W lW>��'%Tl1>*'^1wlji^af<|MW��<��iwpr  ') I <* -  IS  liB  il  V  if^B  :��SS||  &',"tM  'iSEmi  Have your found that your favorite store is selling out  of THE TIMES before you're able to buy one?  It's not surprising. Sales of THE TIMES are increasing  and the circulation is at an all-time high and indications are that It will increase even more. We are hard  pressed to keep enough papers in the various markets  on the Peninsula.  ���ft Don't miss out on THE TIMES complete news coverage of the Peninsulal  ft Don't miss the bargains that merchants are advertising in THE TIMES!  ft Lots of good deals and reading in the classified AdBriefs  ���������>' '       ��� ���    ���    ���'���.,,'���' ''������.''   ���.���'.��� ������'',''      , ���       " '   ��� ' ���. '. *  ft No other media covers the  Peninsula like THE TIMES  Don't toko a chanco and mias out on THE TIMES. Know  as much about your community as your neighbor r���<'sub"~  scribe to THE TIMES and have it delivered each week  In your mail. Just send #7 (If you live on the Peninsula) to THE TIMES, Box 310. Secholt, B.C It you live  outside tho area, a subscription is $8; USA $10;   -" overseas, $11. ���-  Yes, I want to keep up with THE TIMES. Here's my money    ~    start my  subscription  immediately,  NAME'_:_j.������..^.r.. rJ.,.-. 7���w.J...^..   ADDRESS ,, __.,��� _._^_ ______  Hmmmmmmtm'immmmmmm  4  f Tax tips  w.Mqpww    ���* jfuwwwin r ^"wmwimp *��"v��i* ifP tw*t<r��M��wll,'iP''W'vll'��'*t''*,J l���*1 "iiJi"'*" ���W*1 "�� * ���"���'J'WH  EDITOR'S r-note:- The following series of  columns, prepared federal income tax  department;   will, be * published.. in -, The . . t  Times for the next few 'months. "        " ���'   *   |  For furtherJ information,, call' the 'District "Taxation.Office.- If "you live in a .  toll area, ask your long-distance operator,  for ZENITH 0-4000 and your call will be ,  placed" without' charge. ,  Q. My employer pays mean allowance  to cover my., board arid r,oom, while I am  working at distant work sites 'away from  my ordinary place of residence where I  support my wife and family.! Previously,  I was told that this had to be included*in  ' income for income, tax, purposes because  I was not a construction worker.'I understand that 'this no longer applies. Is this  correct?        .       "  A. Yes. This exempting provision now  applies to* all' workers employed at a  distant work' site providing they meet  the other necessary conditions.        ..  Q. I arrived" in Canada in April of  ' 1973 and I am told that I have to prorate  my $100 standard deduction for medical  fees and charitable donations when filing  my income tax return. What does this  mean? ���   . ���      -  A. As explained, in the Guide which  accompanies, your tax return, you' need  report only the income you earned after  you arrived in Canada. On the other hand,  you are not entitled to claim personal  exemptions 'and the standard deduction  for the full year. For example, if you  arrived in Canada "on April 15 you would  have resided' here for 260 of the 365 days  of 1973 and would be entitled to claim a  standard deduction of 260/365 of $100 or  $71.23 instead of $100. Your personal  exemption would be calculated in a similar way.  Q. Do I have to get receipts for charitable donations?  , A. Yes. You have to secure receipts for  all-claims for charitable donations. You  may list your claim on the schedule provided with your income tax return, and  you must attach the receipts to the return.  Q. Can a divorced woman claim the  equivalent married exemption of $1,400  for a 13-year-old child (no income) in a  mental institution, if she pays the expenses such as medical, clothing, etc.  A. No. The child would have to live  with the taxpayer in the self-contained  domestic establishment maintainecUby the  taxpayer. '*  '  Q. I contribute, at my place of employment, to a pension- plan. However, I- want  to have a larger pension when I retire I  have also taken out a retirement savings  plan with a trust company. What is the  maximum contribution that I can claim on  my income tax form for both of them?  A. As an employee you are allowed to  deduct your contributions to the pension  plan and your registered retirement savings plan up to a combined total of $2,500  or 20 per cent of yo]ur earned income if it  is less than $12,500!%  Q. I am self-employed and I pay into a  registered retirement savings plan with  an insurance company. I have no salaried  Did you receive yours:  /  Utopian application  een maii@<  MOST British  Columbia| motorists have  ���- received  their  application forms  for ���  vehicle   licence   renewal \nd   Autoplan  insurance, the Insurance Corporation of  British Columbia- has announced.,  ���    For those who don't receive forms by  mid-month, there's a special procedure to  assure them proper licensing and insur- -  ance coverage before March 1, when Autoplan becomes effective for all vehicles in  the province.  Norman Bortnick, vicepresident and  general manager of the crown corporation  says any motorists who hasn't received  a form should take the existing vehicle  registration to an agent' or a Motor Vehicle Branch office to have a special form  completed for 1974 vehicle licence validation and insurance coverage.  Computer printing of application  forms has been completed and the massive  mail handling operation at ICGC's headquarters in' downtown Vancouver was  finished nearly two weeks ago. .  Bortnickiestimated that in total about  four per cent of the forms people receive  in the mail could include errors resulting  from   faulty   information   fed   into   the  computer. '  Checks uncovered a number of cases  where vehicles were classed in the wrong  rating territory. "These errors occurred  in areas located close to the borders between 'the Greater Vancouver and Fraser  Valley rating territories," he_s,aid. Other  file errors have been discovered in vehicle  weight, status, and model year.  In addition, some persons'changed their  addresses or transferred vehicles after last  Nov. 26���the- date' the Motor Vehicle  Branch records were "frozen" for Autoplan purposes. Their forms may list their  - former vehicle, or' may not be delivered if  the. address is wrong. .  The special forms in the hands of  agents and* Motor Vehicle Branch personnel can be used.to correct the problems.  "While we feel'the error Tate is small'  for the mammoth volume of forms handled  by the IBM computer, it does underline  the need for motorists to carefully check  all details of their local motor vehicle  licence office.  "These agents are trained to recognize  The Peninsula Times ?age A-7  Wednesday/January 16, 1974  errors and make sure that corrected information is, provided 'sp that everyone obtains the right coverage," Bortnick said.  He reminded motorists that a telephone  "information centre at ICBC headquarters  (665-2800, call collect) is available to answer queries on forms handling.  A fault we" share with another person  - is more binding , than a - common excellence.,     '  HiiaamiMiiiiaiaiiaiaajiaamaiaaiiianiiiiiimaiaiiaaaiaaiaaiinK  ���a t * m  l       Gibsons Pentecostal  5  ��� HIGHWAY &'MARTIN ���  Sunday School 9:45 a.m.  Services 11:00 a.m.' and 7:00 p.m.  ���-1  3  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  LUCKY WINNER of Sunshine Coast  Lions Club $100 bingo was Mrs. Joyce  Duff of Madeira- Park. Mrs. Duff  bought two cards just last week and  one of them turned but to be the  winner, and the longest-lasting game  came to,a halt. "It's nice to win $100  in January," said Mrs. Duff. A new  game is underway.  Madeira Park Happenings  ���: by Kella Garrison  THE house teams have started out fresh  and teams III and II are tied with  three points each. Team I has one pomt.  The teachers' played the students basketball at noon on Friday. After a close  game, the students edged the teachers by  four points. A mini-sports day is being  planed  for  February  by  Mr.  Rees.  The  cess.  income and understand that I can claim  for income tax purposes, a maximum of **last one held in October was a huge sue  $4,000 for my retirement saving plan. Is  this correct? '   , '  A. If you are not covered by an em-'  ployee pension plan you would be entitled  to claim amounts paid into a registered  retirement savings plan up to $4,000, or 20  per cent of your earned income for the  year, whichever is less.  Q. I understand that the employment  expense deduction can be claimed to a  maximum of $150. Can I still claim my  union dues in addition to this claim?  A. Yes. You can still'claim your union  dues as you did in previous years. Please  , note, however, that receipts are not required for the employment expense deduction but you should secure receipts  for your' union dues and attach these to  your return.  Roasting marshmallows in an open fire,  And listening to the crackling of cedar in  the fireplace. / "  Lying in the sweet grass and watching  the clduds go by.  Scratching the  head of my  guinea pig  and listening to him coo.  Building a snowman on. the first day of  .snow. ��  , Baking a cake and then eating it yourself.  On Monday we are having ah assem-   Looking   at   the   mountains   all., covered... .^^���k  bly and Mr. Ray Kraft from the fisheries       '"-'with snow."'  , -  ���   ���        ��� -    , ,    K���  Watching a mother sparrow teaching her  . young how to fly.  These are the things that make me feel  groovy.  MOST cautious residents kept their cars  safely in, their garages last Saturday  and stayed home, admiring the Christmas  card views from their windows.  However, one JKelcome Beach resident  had gone into Vancouver to pick up his  new boat. With news of a good run of ���  spring salmon and fishermen getting their  limit, Vince Shannon had been frustrated  at the' delay in getting delivery* of his  ,  boat, and once he had it in tow, no four  or five inches of snow was going to deter  him from bringing it home and launching  it at the first opportunity. You can read  elsewhere in this paper about his difficulties in getting home and how he was  helped on two occasions by young men  who refused to accept any payment for  their trouble. It just goes to show that  you can't judge a good Samaritan by the  length of his hair!  On Jan. 7, Mrs. Blanche McCrady was  hostess at a dinner party in honor of  Capt. and Mrs. Jerry Williams who^ were  celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. Mrs. Janet Allen, who proposed the  .toast wished them many more happy  .years together.  , There was an interesting reunion at  ' the home of Mrs. Helen Dratsch last week  when she had as guest an old school  friend Mrs. Erika Reuter of Stuttgart,  Germany, whom she hadn't seen for 54  years. Mrs. Dratsch and Mrs. Reuter had  been at school together at Stettin, Pomer-  ania from 1910 to 1920. They had lost  touch until three years ago when Mrs.  ���by Mary Tinkley  Dratsch received from a friend in Lubeck  a copy of a newspaper containing the announcement, of the 100th anniversary  celebration of her old school. She immediately wrote to Mrs. Reuter, whose  name -was mentioned in the announcement, but strangely enough, Mrs. Reuter  was in British Columbia at that time,  visiting twd of her sons who live here,  ahd so she didn't receive Mrs. Dratsch's  letter until she returned to Germany.  Mrs. Dratsch has recently returned  from a holiday in Mexico, about which  we shall hear more next week.  Jack Burrows celebrated his 75th birthday in St. Mary's Hospital last Saturday  when Mrs. Burrows braved the wintry  conditions to spend the day with  him.  Children of the Halfmoon Bay School  were entertained at a picnic luncheon at  the home of Mrs. Dorothy Greene last  week. Lunch was followed by a shell  collecting contest withv prizes going to  Joanne Tom (1st) Sonja Jorgensen (2nd)  and Bobby Wilson (3rd). The children  were accompanied by Mrs. M. Davie and  by Ann Jones from Simon Fraser University who will be a student teacher at the~  school for the next four months.  Visitors at Redrooffs who enjoyed the  snow last week-end were Carol Dash and  her family from, Tsawwassen. They were  guests of her parents, the Richard Lairds.  Next children's service at the Church  of His Presence will be on Sunday, Feb.  3 at 11 a.m.     /   v  PHONE 886-7107  = ,     Pastor: Gerry Foster ��  "niiiiamiiiaiiiiiiiiiniiiitiiiiiiiimniiiuiiiniiaiHiiiiiaiiif!  ^���������������������������������aiiiaiiiaiaMmiiiiiaaimiaaimimiiMaiiiaaiiiaiiaiaa  |        The United Church  �� of Canada  ���                          .SERVICES:         V s  = St. John's United Church - JMvtt Boy     jj  =               Sunday Services - 9:30 a.m. s  =              Roberts Creek United Church =  E              Sunday Services -'2:30 p.m. =  s                .  Gibsons United, Church 5  s             Sunday'Services - 11:15 a.m. s'  |                  '     ...MINISTRY: =  S Rev. Jim Willamson, Gibsons, 886r2333   \  "������������iiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiamiiiuiiiiiuiiMiiiiiiMi.  jaimiaaiiiiiiiiimimiMmaaiimiiiaiiimiiaiiaiiiiaiiaMamiaj  j    BAPTIST CHURCH SERVICES    [  1    Calvary Baptist Church  : Pork Rood, Gibsons i  : Office: 886-2611 Res: 886-7449 jj  5 Morning Worship 9:30 a.m. :  : .        Sunday School 10:45 a.m. :  S Evening Worship" 7:00 p.m. jj  5 Prayer & Bible Study, Thursdays 7:30 p.m. E  | Weekly Youth Programs E  i     Bethel Baptist Church  E Mermaid & Trail, Sechelt , E  jj Office: 886-2611 Res: 886-7449 :  E Sunday School 10:O0 a.m. E  3 -  Morning Worship 11:15 a.m. jj  E  Prayer & Bible Study Wednesdays 7:30 p.m. S  jj ���    Weekly Youth Programs E  | REV. W. N. ERICKSON, Pastor      .  =  ���tiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiuiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.  Inferior & Exterior  RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL  0  Reasonable Rates  ��  Free Estimates  0   Good References  885-2734 after 6 p.m.  FLAME RESISTANT CARE  The flame resistant quality of children's nlghtware can be damaged by improper laundering. When washing flame  resistant fabrics, use low phosphate detergent rather than soap or soap,powder. To  protect the fabric finish, avoid using hot  water or bleach.  department is going to give a talk to the  senior science classes. The film Living  River will also be shown.  We are going to have a visit from  Coad puppets on Feb. 8. The production,  Little Ghost Gilroy, will be performed.  Everybody is looking forward to the puppet play.  This week's poem is by Lhevinne Ta-  lento.  FEELING GROOVY by Lhevinne Talonto  These are the  things that make me  feel groovy:  Riding on a sled down an icy hill ��� on a  winter's day.  Knowing that school will be out and I  can go skiing,.  Eating one of mom's home-made pies.  Walking through the scented forest and  having the wind blow  through my  hair.  The  fragrance  of  wild  flowers  full' of  color.  If  i  We believe  of   Latter-Day  mm  on Every jo  Sharp, hard-soiling mailing pieces, exquisitely printed wedding Invitations and  social stationery , . , whatever you need,  wo can print It expertly.  Free cstlmatos on, any printing  job wo do for you. Compare  the quality of our work.  e Jimed  CIRCULARS ��� CATALOGS .-* DISPLAYS ���BUSINESS CARDS  by  Nonavee Jones  Church   of   Jesus   Christ  Saints  PETER asked, "Lord, how oft shall my  ' brother sin against me and I forgive  him; till seven times?  , Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto  thee, until seven times: but until seventy times seven." (Matthew 18:21-22).  Alhough that appears to be a very  difficult assignment for most of us, the  Lord said further: ". . . Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good  to them that ��� hate you, and pray for  them which despitefully use you and persecute you." (Matthew 5:44),,  The person who truly forgives is not  only giving something, he also gains, He  frees himself from displeasure, bitterness  and hate. For our own welfare, we should  bo slow to anger and quick to forgive, ,'  Injuring an enemy puts us below him;  revenging one makes us oven with him;  forgiving sots us above him, Time spent  in getting oven could better be used in  getting ahead.     ' ���,   ������:'  When wc hate our enemies, wo are  giving thom power oyer 'us, power over  our sleep, our appetites, bur blood, pressure, our health and our happiness, How  happy thoy would bo if thoy knew how  thoy wore worrying Us, Our hate Is not  hurting thorn, but it Is turning our days  and nights into turmoil. ",,,-���.  * When Jesus said, "Love your enemies", ho was hot only teaching sound  ethics, hut ho was preaching good twentieth century medicine, Ho was tolling^  **us* libw" to" avoid hlglPblood" pressure,*"  hciirt trouble, stomach, ulcers and many  , otherailments. ,'    .  "It fa reported that Mormon Prbsldont  Drlgham Young once said that ho who  Inks offense when no offense was intended la a fool, and ho who takes offense"  whon offense was Intended Is usually a  fool,  It was then explained that there are ���  two courses of action to follow when one  is bitten by a rattlesnake, Ono may, in  anger, fear, or vengofulness, pursue tho  creature and kill It, Or ho may make full  haste to get the, venom out of his system, If wo, pursue tho latter Course wo  will jllkoly survive, but if wo attempt to  follow tho former, wo may noCbo around  loni^onough to (Inlsh it,"  ���,, Ifjwo.can.'t love,our,..enemies,M'a,love,  ourselves so much that wo won't permit  thom to control our happiness, our health  and our lives. ' .'j1 i  Shakespeare snld, "Hcnl, riot a, furnace  for your foe so hot that It <!d singe yourself,"   ���  An Injury can grieve us only when  remembered, Tho noblest revenge, Ihoro-  fore Is to forget,  gsss^��:a.^^  ���*������*���  oUeii  uxe  onic  ft Exclusive patented construction  ft Girder Guards Dream Booms ,  ft 1000 coil constructed  ft 20-year guarantee  Regular Size $199.95 per set  Queen Size $289.95 per set  it Beauty Rose 264, coil quilted  it Restonic Regency 252 coil quiltecf  I  129.95; set  . 89.95 set  it Restomc Spine Core 312 coil firm support.  149.95 set  W%DISCOUNT ON MIX"IMS^  Tho m}v> for traveling abroad Is to  take our common sense with us, and  lonvo our prejudices behind, '���  Complete Elect ironic  Repair Seinrice ��� ��� ���  TELEVISIONS - STEREOS - RADIOS  ALL STANDARD KITCHEN APPLIANCES f  our Color TV Export ...  ft SERVICE ON THE SPOT  ���  it f iran  HIGHWAY 101. SECHELT  TELEPHONE  885-2050 rt  'eredjt to  Edited by Joan Proctor - 886-2073  men  I ��� ,1  \jj  **  \ i  r ���  n -t  : Tf *f N v > ; 7;:I  I* W" **  u*  V  *  I  i  *��� ������*.  j :.;���  Mr. and Mrs. Ken Matexi  Couple to live in Kelowna ��� . .  DAVIS BAY���^Susanne Wigard and Ken  Materi were married in St. John's United Church,  recently by the Rev.  Jim  Williamson.-  The bride is the only daughter of Mr.  and Mrs. Gunnar Wigard of-Sechelt and  the groom is the son of the late Mr. and  Mrs. Leo Materi of Kelowna.  Given in marriage by her father, the  bride wore a full-length white crepe  gown with .an empire waistline. The  scooped neckline and front of the gown  was enhanced with lace and tiny seed  pearls. The lace .extended around the hem  of the skirt and the long train. Dolman  sleeves were gathered into cuffs and trimmed with lace and tiny seed pearls. Her  Use   them    for   steady,    low-cost  advertising to talk to 10,000 people!  ��� 'i  Classified AdBriefs reach more than  2,500 homes every week.  THE TIMES  005-9634 or 805-2635 (Sechelt)  886-2121 (GibMMu)  laced edge waist length veil fell softly  from a mantilla crown of lace.  Susanne chose for her bouquet cascading red sweetheart roses and feathered  carnations.  Matron of honor was Bonnie Wigard,  the bride's sister-in-law. Mrs. Wigard  wore a long pale green crepe gown trimmed with contrasting green velvet and-  carrying yellow sweetheart roses.  Little Diana Materi  was flower  girl  and rshe was dressed identically  to the  ���matron  of  honor.   She   carried   a   little  nosegay   of  yellow  roses.   Her  brother,  Eric, was ringbearer.  Roy Wigard, brother of the bride, was  best man. John Bilton and Spencer Wigard, another brother, were ushers. (  Margaret Maclntyre played appropriate music for the wedding.  Bernie Duval proposed the toast to  the bride and Ben Lang was master of  ceremonies at the reception at the Casa  Martinez.  Out-of-town guests .included: Misses  Grace and Jean Fulton of Vancouver, old-  time friends from Chilliwack; Mr. and  Mrs. John Bilton of Nanaimo; Mrs. Berit  Osterblad of Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs. Irv  Anderson, "Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs. Sid  Lewis, Powell River and Mr. and Mrs.  Lome Wigard, brother of the bride, Port  Alice.  The couple will make their home in  Kelowna.  Page A-jB   ' The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, January 16, 1974  Pendfer thrift shop  seeking donations  PENDER    HARBOUR���More    donations  are needed for the ��mini-thrift shop,  members of the Pender Harbour Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital were told at  the January meeting.  Mrs. Gladys Brown of -the mini-thrift  shop "said that anyone wishing to donate  items should contact her at 883-9928. She  reported that she hsfe a request for lamps  of any type.  Members were reminded that the annual meeting for hospital volunteers will  be held Jan. 18 at 11 a.m. at St. Hilda's  Church Hall, Sechelt.  Sheila McCann introduced two new  volunteers. They are: Mrs. Diane Gilker  and Mrs.- Susan Van de Braak.  Only 18 persons attended the meeting  Jan. .9. President Evelyn Olson presided.  Members arrived at the hall bundled as  though they expected to go skating later.  Word had gone out that the furnace was  not working. The wave of warm air that  greeted those who, turned out was va welcome surprise. For that reason and that  many members were on vacation, the  meeting was short' & the rest of the business will be conducted at the February  meeting.  Tea was served by Mrs. Peggy Riley  and Mrs. Irene Hodgson.  Joan Proctor  . . . Strait talk  SOME people -fear snakes,  some loathe  spiders and others have a distinct dislike of slugs. Personally, I hate automatic  car washes.  There's a fear harbored within me of  being rub-a-dubbed into oblivion.  Living here on the Peninsula I don't  have to worry about mechanized car  washes. There aren't any. My car-washer  is my teen-aged son whose rates have  now reached an all-time high. Consequently, I have been driving a car that can  only be described as dirty. Mind you it's  ' not filthy, piggy, kind of dirt; just country road pot-hole and puddle type dirt . . .  I suppose you might say it's a comfortably  dirty car.  Well, the other day we were over to  the city and happened to park directly  across the street from my old adversary  of bygone days-in-the city-life, the automatic car wash.  I hoped he wouldn't notice, but having  completed his business, my husband climbed back into the car and headed for the  yawning jaws of the car wash.  I begged and pleaded with him not  to go through with it. I even reminded  him of what had happened the last time  we had been seduced into the shady confines of countless sprayings and sudsings.  Our aerial had been snapped off. Oh sure  we'd had it fixed, but it never was quite  the same again. We were unable to rei-  place the orange plastic' ball' that said.  "76." M  I reminded him of the time we'd gone  through the car wash with one rear  window open a crack. For awhile I  thought we were going to sink. Believe  me it's a desperate feeling trying to bail  out the back seat of a car with nothing  more than an old paper cup and straw.  But it was too late. We were already  on the treadmill in neutral. We were  powerless.' Water and suds began pum-  meling our metal body. Then the giant  squeegies were upon us. I, knew the  buffers were waiting in the wings.  When we emerged once again into  the sunshine ready to take our place in  the traffic jam of life, I suppose we looked  a little brighter. And we are now rid  of ��� the slogan someone had fingered on  the trunk saying, "please wash me,"  "Cuddly" baby carrier still available;  also baby albums for "boy" babies or  "girl" babies, Miss Bee's, Sechelt.  ABSENT FROM THE  BODY AND PRESENT  WITH THE LORD  Thinking deeply about the  spiritual facts of man's true nature will heal and bless us all,  Broadcast this w^oK over many  stations including:  Vancouver  CJVD M70,  Sunday, 9i30 q,m.  HReTipH���'.  '  ihai-n���fllS'  A Christian Solonco rndlo narlar.  To extended care . . .  pital unit  donates sewing machine  SECHELTr-A sewing machine was presented to the extended-caro unit of St.  Mary's by tho Sechelt auxiliary to the  hospital, members were told at January's  meeting, Monday for the sewing machine  was from the memorial fund,  President Ino, Grafo namcd> standing  committees: merry-go-round bridge, Mrs,  Maxlno McNeil; membership anfl dues,  Mrs, Mabel MoDormld; sunshlno, Mrs,  Ada Dnwo; memorial fund, Mrs, Fay  Lewis; thrift shop, Mrs. Rosa Swan, Mrs.  ^Mar.thft:��RQW.��An'd���MrB.jI��UQin;���.PerE;'��.ro.lj.  frcshments, Mrs. Maureen Hall and Mrs,  Leo Rodman,  Tho auxiliary expressed Its thanks to  all who made nrtlclos for the gift shop,  .' Tho annual mooting for all volunteers  ���.,�����r  ��� Valuable Coupon    '    :' .'.    .  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A.  donation wns given to pediatrics for tho  purchase of toys, The two representatives  ������ from-thoTSochelt-auxlHary-for the- gift  shop are Mrs,, Fay .Lewis and Mrs, Eye  Moscrlp,  Fob. H is the next meeting and new  members nro welcome,  "Guests'At the'January mooting were  Mrs. Freda Thompson and Mrs. Sylvia  Kerr. There wore 25 members present.  "*��V'*l��<W'*'��'����'VWMW��������l������*WWMMI��vrMMWM^  iW",",  TOTEM CLUB  FRIDAYS, 8:00 p.m.  i   INDIAN HALL  Jackpot $300  *76 TO GO  ���I .......    .. ,.  ft DOOR PRIZE ft ���/:-���-  ���v  'Drdwrwiiiner^ ~'  '^pojd^jead'--',  GIBSONS-rDeceniber winner of the Kinsmen shopperama, Don Head, has donated  his  shopping ' spree   to , the  club's  swimming pool project. ' t     '  Normally, the raffle winner is allowed  two minutes of free shopping in a local ,  ' .supermarket,, with- the Kinsmen footing,',  the bill from the raffle proceeds.       ��� - - 'j-  V'.But Head decided to forego shis shopp- ' ���  ing  spree,1   saving  the Kinsmen' money, ,  , Which, otherwise, they would' have had  . to pay for his groceries. '���; > ,  ,'  -   In' a previous  shopperama, Mrs.  W.'  .Nestman;of   Sechelt   collected   $133.58'  ',  worth of, groceries in her allotted two [  -minutes.       '���  , < '      ,  * \   <  f< ' J "This is an example of what you can1 .  cf,do in two, minutes of free shopping and  ;'  the Kinsmen thank Don, for his gracious >  'donation and "for boostig the "club closer  ,/'tp its goal," said a'club spokesman.   ;  /   , Proceeds from the shopperama will go  '���  towardsk a swimming pool for Gibsons.  _-   "fThe Kinsmen will shortly be mailing  out tickets and.information on shopperama' to local residents.  Roberts Creek - Immediate Occupaticy,  Three bedrooms on main floor; two full baths with,colored fixtures;  wall-to-wall carpet; finished fireplaces up and down. Full basement  with finished rec room, two finished, bedrooms and foundry room;  roughed-in plumbing  for ensuite bedroom. "Full  line of  colored )  appliances - stove, refrigerator and dishwasher. Large 70'x 150' lot.  /��� J  r ���>�� ?j"r  PRIVATE SALE  PHONE:885-2768  * ^  AT  GIBSONS villagecouncil is pictured 'bdnte, Aid.r Ted;Hume/Ald._ Winston n^^^^J^^-fa'nrirtrinte      ''���"'  after inaugural meeting Jan. 7. From Robinson. Standing is municipal clerk flOCrra  approves m principle . * ��  left, around, table, Aid. Bill Laing, Jack Copland.                           ' ,          0          ,     '��� \ ',-���'" "                 ��                      o  Aid. Kurt Hoehne, Mayor Larry l��         .  ^1118111.611: S WlOCimilK  ENINSULA  Section B  Wednesday, January 16, 1974  cJLorcl Aim 6 cJLoda<  Tickets $15.00 per, couple   ���  LIMI^D  NUMBER OF TICKETS AVAILABLE  BY  IALLING 885-2232, 885-2418 OR  BOB FORRESTER AT SECHELT MACHINE SHOP.  ��.'  c  \��# JL      %uM�� Wa      ^%S^  Pages 1-4  Class A debentures . . .  ���echelt arena sales  ofai nears  SECHELT���Sale of 84 class A debentures  has raised about $25,000 towards the  villages curling-skating arena, Mayor  Harold Nelson, told The Times, Saturday.  Goal of the recreational committee  sponsoring the arena is 200 debentures or  $75,000. That's the amount needed to  guarantee payment of the operating costs.  Federal and provincial grants are  available, Nelson said, and the rink's use  qualifies it for the one-third provincial  recreational grant.      ' ''  The five-acre site may be leased to the  village of Sechelt, instead of .deeded as  originally intended, "but this is quite  satisfactory," the mayor told The Times^  "Proposal tenders have been called for  the building shell. A proposal tender does  not require, the village to go ahead with  the project should a hitch develop."  "The rink  will be open for  curling'  Monday evenings until Thursday night  and could be used by school children,  housewives and retired people during the  day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. _  "From Friday morning until Sunday  at 8 p.m. the rink will be open for skating and hockey. During the day on Friday, it will be available to school children  for' skating.  "On Friday night and all of Sunday,  the arena will have open skating. Saturday is set aside for hockey.  "During the curling time patch ice will  be available for"figure skating and also  a 50x85 foot area will be available for  skating.  "Prospects for the rink look very good,  but should an insurmountable problem  arise, all monies from debenture sales  will be refunded Dec. 31, 1974," the mayor  concluded.  SECHELT  school  board  has   agreed/ in  principle to the location of a community swimming pool on school property.  Gibsons Kinsmen Club, which is currently raising funds'to construct a pool  for the village, earlier requested trustees  for approval'to construct a pool on school  property.  ^ And ,at the boards Jan. < 10 meeting,  trustee Peters Prescesky .reported that his  building arid grounds committee was in  favor of establishing- a pool either at Elphinstone Secondary School, near its pro- -  posed'tennis courts, or at Gibsons Elementary on the upper "playing field.  On the motion of trustee Pat Murphy,  the board agreed to ask the "Kinsmen'to'  arrange a meeting* between themselves,  Gibsons council and the school board."  Under other business, the board gave  approval-to Pender aHrbour Lions Club-  td construct two 20 foot- bleachers, four  tiers high, at Madeira Park Elementary  School.  The facilities will be used by PE classes during the school week, and by the  community at weekends and in'the summer, particularly for minor league baseball and cricket.  Lions   members   will   construct   the'  bleachers and students will paint them.  On the suggestion of trustee John MacLeod the board agreed that no new equips  - memVshould- be included "in the 1974 bud-  - get estimates. , .'  If equipment is specifically requested  by principals, it should be financed from  the. capital reserve fund, MacLeod felt.  Trustees voted to donate two plaques  to' the upcoming Sunshine Coast Music  and Drama Festival.    ,  Sunshine Coast Kiwanis Club, which  is sponsoring  the  event,  had requested  a donation of $25 to purchase a trophy  for the school group music class.  ' The plaques will go to winners in the  school choir and school band categories.  Prescesky was. re-appointed chairman  of the board's buildings and grounds  committee.' Other committee .chairmen  were named as follows:  Finance, trustee John MacLeod; per-  soriel, trustee* JoeAtto'rvatli;'. education,  chairman Agnes Labonte".>V  Gibsons man  $100 richer '  GIBSONS-^-Second winner in the Gibsons  Lions 400 Club ,gaffie is Richard Rott-  luff of Gibsons:    ^  His ticket, drawn last week by Thor  Anderson, - gained' him one of the 48  prizes of $100 slated to be drawn this  year.  Draws will take place every' week,  with three,grand prizes of $1,000 to be  won at Easter, Christmas and Labor JDay.  Tickets are available from any Lions  member or at Chess Enterprises and  Charles English Ltd. ��  , Proceeds of the raffle will go towards  the purchase of a driver training car for  Elphinstone Secondary. School. ~,      ,  Will be in the area during the last two weeks  of January. Please take any DERELICT CAR  BODIES to the nearest Garbage Disposal Site  for crushing.  P  >lXO��b  SUPERINTENDENT  Sunshine Coast Regional District  .. .cJLetJ5 Ljo foil* ^avlnodJ  STRANDED in ditch near Hopkins  Landing is just one of numerous vehi  cles to fall victim to Saturday's heavy  snowfall, i  T  KITCHEN or BATHROOM ?  Replace worn arborite or tile  with bright new patterns now!  Or how about all new cabinets?  oLc  PHONE  awrence  Evenings 886-7495  ALL FALL& WliS^TERfCLOTHING 20 &' 25%  "I i ;   > -r^i  ,11'     A     ,    ��  1^1       I I      >l,>       S     |'  JWWMWWVVWWVWVWWWfMWWVWVVVWWWWt^^  ft Mo Layaways ft All Sales Final ft Use Your Charge Card  limited Quantities - SHOP EARLY - Sale Now On  ilet us show you how to  defer your income tax.  Do you want to pay loss Incomo tax for 1973? Of course you dot Then why not take a  few momonta to drop In and talk about Registered Rotlrmont Savings Plans.  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CONCERN for special education and help  ,   for children with learning' disabilities  . is growing, both here in Powell River and  ' other areas in North America:  ���.Dr. Alastair Thores reported to a meeting of nurses in the Coast-Garibaldi Health  -Unit recently that the conclusion he had  .formed after'attending a meeting'of ex-  \ perts in Learning Disabilities of Children  .'in Seattle'last,month. Increasing emphasis  ,! on and concern with this problem, will be  t evident and that they should  all take  ! time to try -and familiarize themselves  ,' with its many aspects. During the course  ���> of the meeting, he said, a great many experts from different backgrounds had contributed and this illustrated rather well  the. tendency now for people with both  educational and medical backgrounds to  get together and pool their skills to solve  some of the problems being encountered  ,in the learning process.    -   '  '   Dr. Thores was more hopeful than ever  before after this particular meeting' that  , ��� a balanced and cooperative approach could  1 be taken to this problem, and speaking as  a paediatrician, he' was very pleased to  ��� ��� see that physician's in general and paedia-  ��� tricians in particular had been well represented at the course and had contributed  to the discussions extensively. It was obvious from the discussion at the meeting  that there was a very great need to deter-  ��� mine more clearly what constituted normality in the educational development  process, and that while the majority of  children with learning problems could be  handled very effectively and well within  the educational system there remained a  minority whose problems were of such a  nature as to require a well .disciplined and  cooperative team approach applying a  variety of skills both to diagnosis and  treatment.  Prevention received a. good deal, of  attention and it was clear that a great  deal' of research was being done in the  whole area of learning disability and that  much had still to vbe learned about the  problems which,occured. Dr. Thores said  that as far as the average parent of a  child with a learning disability was concerned, this meant that they could take  heart from 'the knowledge that a great  deal' was being done and that, while no  one could make a" child cleverer than he  actually was he could be helped to make  the best. possible adaptation consistent  with his natural abilities. It did seem  reasonable to hope that more resources  would be available to help these children  in future and' that greater cooperation  would develop between the various professions involved as knowledge became  ��� more precise and effective. ���  Dr. Thores said that it seemed obvious  from the meeting that educators in general  felt that class sizes were still too big for  sufficient individual involvement with the  ' child, and that there was still a great need  for special education classes & personnel  who could spend the-time with the child  with learning problems. On the medical  side it appeared'that while again it, was  felt that the, private physician and the  paediatrician could do a great deal to help  by preparing themselves to cope with  these problems presented in their practice,  there was great need for the development  of multi-disciplinary' assssment teams in  major centres, and these were still too  few in number. Dr. Thores mentioned the  .Diagnostic Centre of the Children's Hospital in Vancouver as being a very good  example how such a centre should be  organized and operated and he felt that  Vancouver and British Columbia" were  extremely fortunate to have such a facility  at this stage.  The job of the individual Public Health  Nurse, Dr. Thores feJJ, was to work as  closely as possible on these problems with  , the school teachers and principals in the  area and to maintain good liaison with  the medical community as well. As more  resources and specialized personnel gradually became available, for instance speech  therapists, she would develop working  relations with them and would increasingly become a vital intermediary and  liaison person while maintaining essential  human contact with the child and his  family.  X  ������mnmiiiaiuiaimaimiiiiaiiimiiaiiiiaiaimiaiaiiniintmmHnmiiiiBiaim  ��� Pot your message fato'iaore  tbea 3,000 homes (10,000  reader*) in these' economical  eaota. Your ad is always there  for quick  reference . . .  liimiaaiiaMiiaiiiriillaaialalliiaiiiiiiiiiiiMaiiiaiiliilug  1 m  ^ m  ��� Here's on economical way to :  reach   3,000   homes   (10,000 i  readers) every week. Your ad 5  waits patiently for ready refer- s  ence '. . ... anytime! 3  m  m  m  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiS  ACCOUNTANTS  W. 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SALES  .,(,<���      .    8.-4ERVICE LTD.,���,   1 ADMIRAL��� ELECTROHOME  and ZENITH DEALERS  Gordon Oliver ��� Derk Van Hees  "IN THE HEART OF DOWTOWN SECHELT"  Boh 799, Sechelt ��� Phone 005-90)6  CLOSED ON MONDAYS  4r*>- .., ;?.- ��� ,  ,. ti  %  *V ������  ���   I-   "  ft     v^��-  ���    ����� &     ������'  Wednesday, January 16, 1974      The Peninsula Times  Page B-3  :*  Remanded for sentencing . . .  lbsbns .youth a  ' r *�� ���; i  U  s  !'JW\,N|  ... *' li    / T r��  .. .  I        ft    ���    "W   -���(  <=��  )UW  ��� ��L'  ���������\P  ���SWTrMBsi*  .J  1   . it ��� I  frumm ium   \> ���'���'��� ���:  V��i.��     ���,  V  4f  "CI   I    * ���  ,-v:  s.���I  rsz%  SECHELT���John Wapne Peterson, 17, of  v-   Gibsons,' pleaded' guilty   Jan.   8   to  ' breaking and~'entering and theft.  ,.   He was apprehended, along with seven  .'juveniles, in connection with a total of  60 break-ins dating back to September.  At provincial" court, he admitted  breaking into a Granthams Landing home  Dec. 6 and' stealing a television' set.  Judge Charles -Mittlesteadt remanded  the case to Jan. 22 for sentence.    ''  ���  Six of the juveniles pleaded guilty  lo breaking and entering and theft  charges. Their cases have been remanded  to Jan. 15 for pre-sentence reports.  Under other court news, Albert Henry  Goulding of Gibsons, pleaded not guilty  to breaking and entering with intent to  commit an indictable offense.  The charge arose Dec. 21 after RCMP  - arrested Goulding in the Gibsons Legion  hall.  The case was remanded to March 13  for trial.  John Ernest Drew was fined $300 and  banned from driving for one month when  he admitted driving .while impairecU-  Accused asked Judge Mittlesteadt to  allow him to retain his licence, but was  told that new legislation made licence  suspension mandatory.  Gordon Earl Gregson, Gibsons, pleaded guilty to impaired driving. His case  was  remanded  for Jan.  29 ,for  a  pre-sentence report.  Squaringly yours Senior citizen Assn. notes  ���by Maurice Hemstxeet  AS  I  sit here and  gaze  out  oyer the  great expanse of water of~Davis Bay,  with it's miracle, calm like, trillions of  gallons and peaceful look, it makes you '  wonder how the sea could turn into a  giant, roaring, lashing, bounding, smashing destructive bit of nature that at  times becomes almost an enemy to mankind. Besides all of that, if you fall in,  it's wet.  With that fantastic thought put to  one side, I had best tell you that our first  square dance of the season was without  doubt quite lively, with two sets wheeling and dealing to the exotic calls of  Harry Robertson.  I have to admit that we would have  been short of "square dancers for the two  sets, but due to the good nature of our,  guests, Homer Glass and his son Homer  Glass Jr.  from Ontario, who just happened to pick this time to come out to  their, summer home at Selma Park, and  who just happened to pay the Country  Stars a visit, really made the evening a  success. Well, we hope you enjoyed the<  square , dancing,, and   hope   to   see   you^  again. We do have fun, you know.  I was going to put the rules of square  dancing in this week, but due to a bad '  case of forgetfullness, I forgot to bring  them to my office. That sounds good.  However, pick up a Peninsula Times' next  i week and we will see if my memory  cells have picked up a little more knowledge.  There are times when I get a little  slow on writing this column, or I run  short of material, but this is only a  temporary setback, so I will leave you  now with this thought in mind, With the  world full of pitfalls and tribulations,  thou shall have fun, but not at thy neighbor's expense, Adios amigos.  Editor's note: The following poem by  Andy Randal, Gower Point Road, is appropriate for this space:  Tho Old Square Dance  Oh, how I miss the Old Square Dance,  Of which I doubt I'll get a chance;  For now they've-got for men and misses-  A thing;made up:of bits arid pieces.    ,  I-mean to say, it is a thing, ,  Not tailored to tho Restful swing;   ���  ,    '', ���  The caller says* one swing' that's ail-  Without the swing it ain't no ball.  No fiddlin' to give feet magic;  That turntable stuff is just' tragic,  Forget the squarey monopoly-  Let us swing out Sal and Polly.  'Heel an' to'o.nn' nway yo go'  Spanish waltz round to and fro;  French minuet, or Highland FJlngi  Tis those man th,��t make hearts sing.  Oh, cut down tho nbortloncd dance,  Give somp others their rightful chance;  And music to sot foot tapping-  Of, that I'm fluro you should bo mnpplng-  To tho Old Squaw Danco,  ���ni��naiii��"niiii ���>-��� ���������-���! .in  ���Hinm .,.   ,���      ���,     ������    ,    i  4  Beautiful Jowol Chests by  "Buxton"  -for-ladleaorgontlemen*- leather exteriors'  In various coloum arid velvet lined compartments, MI/)b Dco'b, SoohoU.  '  BELIEVE it or not, I have had friends  who did not want to retire because  "I don't know what to do with myself".  The best solution to that problem,  of course, is to go and do something for  someone else. Your, reporter is, however,  suggesting that they-come and join SCA  No. 69 here in Sechelt. Here is a list of  our recent activities and future events.  Sunday, Jan. 6 a good number met at  Sechelt Elementary School for a showing  of films with president Hugh Duff being the operator. The films were all of  great interest to the audience. Following  the films we took time off for- a 'cuppa'  tea and a lot of, visiting with fellow members! Thanks to Mr. Reed and other school  officials were -^expressed for putting the  facilities at our disposal.  Monday, Jan. 7 marked the beginning  of carpet bowling for No. 69.  A goodly number came from Welcome  Beach Community Club to give us a start  and demonstrate the fine points of the  game. After sorting people out and organizing them, into .rinks .we, found we(  had enough players to^use three carpets..  The Sechelt people found that they did  not have to do any heavy lifting or bowling but that a deft touch was an asset.  They also found there was a fair amount  of bending and stooping involved, and  that the whole exercise was really good  fun and fellowship. So the future calls  for carpet bowling every Monday at 2  p.m.  Following the bowling we enjoyed a  very pleasant tea hour with our good  neighbors from Redrooffs and Halfmoon  Bay. Wednesday saw the Senior Swingers under the guidance of Messrs Bush-  ell and Derby really swing out for the  afternoon.  Some come and watch these activities  so that there is a good opportunity for  some friendly visiting on Mondays and  Wednesdays while watching the goings-  on. Now to the future,  The regular monthly meeting will be  held Jan, 17. On Jan. 20 there will be  another social gathering at the Sechelt  Elementary School. Feb, 3 the pupils of  Mrs, Betty Allen will entertain and on  Feb. 17 Frank PostJethwaite is bringing  his' orchestra from Madeira Park for an  afternoon of mUslc, ���  Dave Hey ward continues very busy  and  announces a charter trip to Reno  ��� by Robert Foxall .  leaving Sechelt on March 30 returning a  week later. For those of a more sedate  turn, a trip to Victoria on May 5, 6, and  7. with accommodation arranged for at  the Empress Hotel. More details of both  trips will be given at the regular jneet-  ing.  1 have no reports from the musicians  but I know there must be a lot of practicing in preparation for a concert and  also for the music festival.  MORE   ABOUT. . .  0 Credit Union licencing  ���from pago A-l  a Vancouver daily newspaper) that Gibsons had "thrown out'r the motor vehicle  licencing and insurance functions.  "It just isn't true. We're,still negotiating."  When The Times contacted Sechelt  village clerk Neil Sutherland Saturday  about the report that the driver's licencing  function is being taken from the village,  ha replied: "Hadfield wanted the village"  t6" take "on "all'motor-vehicle functions or  none at all." '  Sechelt Mayor Harold Nelson said that  he was not concerned that all the functions have been dropped from the village  offices.  "J "Now our office clerk can concentrate  on municipal business. There's plenty to  do to keep her busy."  Sechelt municipal office was the only  agency from Port Mellon to Earl Cove  authorized to issue driver's licences. Now  the function will revert to the credit  union which will retain the exclusive fun-,  clion.  However, Pratt said that for the next  six months, licence examiners will continue to operate out of temporary offices'  in the old Canadian Legion hall which  had been leased when facilities became  cramped in Sechelt's municipal office.  After that time, the credit union will  probably prepare offices for the examiners  in the credit union .office, ,  :; In the meantime the following firms'  will sell insurance and licence plates:  ���Gibsons-K.'ButlervRealty Ltd;; J, H.G.!  Drummond Insurahce Agencies Ltd,; Gib-;  sons municipal clerk,, Sechelt - H.B. Gor-i  don Agencies Ltd.; Sechelt Agencies Ltd.  Halfmoon Bay - Archie J. Rutherford.  Pender Hatbour - Pender Harbour Realty  Ltd., Madeira Park. ',  SALE  (ENDS SAT,, JAN. 26tb)  ft Polypropylene  Reg, 29c' os, (taken on cone)  SPECIAL 19c OZ.  ft Leather Purses  Rogular $7,95 to $9,95 ���  ft Leather Pieces  SPECIAL %0% OFF  ms  EE5S39  BI3  B���B  S2  SB8BS  J3B83  mWKM^&Et^rWi^  .Your MERCRUISESt Headquarters on the Sunshine Coast  TV REPAIRS ���& IWSTAlUVriOWS ^ SALES  165 h.p.  --lSVIERCRIJISER;i���  Motor and Lop overhauled  ���   $1450  i:..i;..'....'.���-...���  "��� i i i i,'���'..:' - ... ,,'.,.'t���<  160 h.p.  MERCRUISER  Motor completely overhauled,  now outdrive & trim cylinder!  $1450  ��� 'V''- vi.J!21fl''hw..��:\>i7"';* ���  , ,.--,'      I'i1! '    'ttV     "' I |       ' ' 'III'  '"',' ��ai^pl^^w^Tfi|Pf|j,Wot^r tooling, ?< ,  ,,' powor' pjteerfoaj' contMt,' Instrument j \  1 panel. Very (W hours; can bo *eon \'',  \t     - running in bo��t(~~i at mow., ,\  \s'[  i r   i  SHARP REFLECTION TYPE  Automatic' Ignition  Kerosene Heater  $75  OUTOOARDS:  ^SU|q)r|TI0LMS.fc?:3^^  9.8 h.p. MERCS  $465  ��� :.���,:,: :..,' ���     ��� " "   .,.'   .... ���: ,;,-.,:: ���J:,i  1971 7.5 h.p. MERC  $309  NEW 1973  9.8 h.p, MERC  Regular $620  $515  =s=fc=  :ti  Sentimentality is no indication of a  warm heart. Nothing weeps more copiously than a chunk of ice.  H     SUNSHINE RENTALS  24 Hrs.  !fc       886-2848  ELPHINSTONE JUNIOR Cougars  are a tough, cocky basketball team  that continues to win in spite of the  fact that they don't have a standard-  sized court to.practi.ee, on and all  their games are on the road. The  unior Cougars are coached by. Lawrence Stoochnoff. The junior Cougars  win their games by one-sided scores,  usually by a 20 to 30 point margin.  The juniors recently tore opeja J. NT.  Burnett of Richmond, last year's district champions. The Cougars sport a  10 win, one loss, one tie record this  season. Today all teams travel to  -Sardis. Junior team, pictured here,  are from left, front: Bruce Goddard,  Gordie Currie, Dave Brackett, Kelly  Bodnarek, Steve Miles, Kelly Fredericks and Andy Alsager. Top from  left: Brad Quarry, Duane Anderson,  Craig Norris, Pat Gaines, Trevor  Swan, Ryan Mathews and Dave  Lamb.    - -  MORE ABOUT . . .  o MP invited to explain  ���from pago A-l  come^frpm Gibsons to Sechelt and get in  approximately two to 2% hours work."  Taylor said that moire revenue is needed.  He said that he would try to find a  replacement.  Watson moved with a second by Shuttleworth that Taylor continue as building  inspector on the increased pay.  "It's a myth, if anyone thinks the village will get full title to district lot 1472,"  Watson told council.  "The    provincial    government ��� won't  give us one square inch more than we-  can justify." __  Watson speculated that the government would retain the area for a leased  housing program. "And a big chunk of  that will be used for school purposes,"  he added.  Watson also said that he thought "the  council threw the baby out with the  bathwater" when it decided that it would  dispose, of insurance and licencing functions. "We've lost a. revenue of $4,000 to  $5,000 a year," ho added.  , Council agreed unanimously to dispense with the insurance, licencing functions, at a previous meeting, but it decided to retain-the. drivers licencing function. Watson voted with' the plan to dispose of the insurance-licence1 function,  NOV/ IS THE TIME TO THINK APOUT RE-POWERING YOUR INBOARD/OUTBOARD OR INBOARD  FOR SPRING,  MADEIRA PARK  mmm  PHONE 083-2248  VOLVO CARS & STATION WAGONS  INTERNATIONAL   TRUCKS   AND  RECREATIONAL VEHICLES  PHONE:   278-6291  C��.   C*.   fHiUichetyj  i^oe  ! * I  Ben Jacobseri Motors Ltd.  369 NO. 3 ROAD RICHMOND. B.C.  i^;^L'!'i,,ii.a.;^^^  '>!,  ��h9Qge your favourite Festival, Qf,Spprts,eyents  arid "plan to attend during the  y  tfrSa  January 17-23  Weekend/January 18, 79, 20  OPENING CEREMONIES  PREMIER DAVID BARRETT will officially open  the 1974 Festival of Winter Sports at a torch  lighting ceremony on Grouse Mountain,  North Vancouver at 5 pm on Thursday evening,  January 17,1974.  WILLIAMS LAKE WINTER CARNIVAL Jan. 19,  20; BADMINTON Fort Nelson Jan. 19, 20;  Fort St. John Jan 20; Kamloops Jan. 19, 20;  Port Alberni Jan. 19, 20; Prince Rupert Jan. 19  or 20; Vancouver Jan. 22-27; Vernon Jan. 19;  Victoria Jan. 21-26. BASKETBALL Burnaby  Jan..19; Cloverdale Jan. 18, 19; Dawson Creek  Jan. 18, 19; Queen Charlotte City Jan, 17, 18;  Vancouver Jan. 18, 19; Victoria Jan. 18,19.  BOWLING Dawson Creek Jan. 19,21,BOKING  Kamloops Jan, 19, 20; Nelson Jan 19; Vernon  Jan. 18,19; Victoria Jan. 19, '20, CURLING  EsqulmaltJan. 75-78, 20; Fort Nelson Jan, 18,  19, 20; Port Alberni Jan. 18,19, 20; South  Delta Jan*. 14-17; Vancouver Jan. 10-13; Vernon  Jan. 17, 18, 19, 20. FENCING Chilliwack  Jan, 19, 20. GYMNASTICS Langley Jan, 19.  HOCKEY Kamloops Jan. 17-19; Port Alice  Jan. 79, 20; Richmond Jan. 17. JUDOKitimat  Jan. 79. SLED DOG RACES Fort Nelson Jan.  19,20. SNOWMOBILE RACING Kamloops  Jan. 19, 20. SQUASH Vancouver Jan. 18, 19,  20, SKIING Cranbrook-Akloo Ski Area Jan. 19,  20; North Vancouver*Grouse Mountain Jan.  16-17; Osoyoos-Mt. Baldy Jan. 20; Prince  George-Tabor Mountain Jan. 19, 20, TABLE ,  TENNIS Campbell River Jan. 19, 20; Kamloops  Jan. 79; Kelowna Jan. 19, 20; Terrace Jan. 19;  Victoria Jan, 19, 20, TRACK AND FIELD  Victoria Jan. 20, VOLLEYBALL Vernon Jan, 18,  19, WATER POLO Vancouver Jan. 19, 20.  "WRESTLING\Burhaby'Vah718���22rDawlsoir~*~~'  Creek Jan, 18. 19; Oliver Jan. 19; Prince  George Jan. 18, 19; Victoria Jan, 19.  "MISSION SNOWBOUND-WINTER OLYMPICS  FOR EXCEPTION A L CHILDREN " Vomon-  Tllllcum Valley Jan, 19, 20,  A  Pick up a  "Sohodulo of Ewwifi"  ninny  BoMofCommorco  brnnoh or  DCAA olllco In  Drltlah Columbln  . i'.  t&fLm*&k   Sponsorod by tho  V PPM >S Government ol British Columbln  ^�� CiMffiJ iV Deportment ol Travel Industry  tw  Hon, Ernest Moll, Mlnlstor  nndtho n,C, Sports rodorntion _J^i -���-  -,*v���"1 * _  Pogo B-4  Tho Po_c_-lo Yt���_   Wednesday, January 16, 1974  W  i \  i  '������^r  _- -"^J  -+**? -"'    k-=>-��.   �� "   ��� *  *; _a��^___^^__s^*TT$**  3  H  ..i  i  a  '       ��fj1  ,  :<    .      rA HT *** i  :H R&XF  >  i   J  _ 1  I*:  Jif ��*!       -V  ,    f J *S.       l'     ** * B-  V      1  . '1  ',?  v_  mngs  around tke Harbour  By popular  demand  we preseiif the  Ten' Pin-up . . ���  ft Fully Clothed  ft Un-censored  BRUCE REDMAN of Sechelt Chain clearing ot the walk, Redman cleated  Saw Centre was prevailed upon io his own walk several times and then, P. brio lion   XflPTIPP  test his new snow-removal equipment later, cleared the walks in front of the wii* w��u�� wwvuwv  on the sidewalk in front a block of senior citizens residences. He was a j-     _,-������'    .*;.-_ J  stores on Cowrie Street.  Following busy man on Saturday.  IdUlU ScilCd dlloU  THIS week on the program, The Truth  That Heals,   Christian  Scientists   tell  about the true nature of man.    The program is broadcast over more  by Kathleen Yull 883-9068     than 1,000 stations throughout the world,  including Vancouver station, CKVB, 1470,  ALL: primed ,; to  expect, rain ,:.���and;, more.,,; Jock. Hermon tells me that they are draft-     kC( Sunday at 9:30 a.m.     t  rain during the winter months oh the    ing a letter of protest to be addressed to   .  coast, it's been a  pleasant surprise for    Premier Barrett and Don Lockstead. Mr.  \  For  more   mformation,   contact   Mrs  me   to   discover   that   these marvellous    Lockstead is also being asked to arrange    Augusta Watts, R.R. 1, Sechelt, or phone  bright days, with skaters skimming over    a   meeting  with  the  local  Chamber  of    ��o5-977.,  every pond and lake in the area, are also     Commerce representatives, in Powell Riv-  part of the winter season. Now the rain    er,  at  which they, will familiarise him     FARM FATALITIES  can start when it likes���I won't complain,     with the situation here. It is hoped that Consumers'    Association    of    Canada  tv,p hriaht Hear _ie��i"__;e'___i_c'_l__:'-^'^will then be primed to take our case reminds rural residents that children and  iv ^SfS^^fSSSSS^S^ to Victoria and make representations on young people usually lack the physical  ' __Tt3d we couldhave_n ODDortu_ty    our behalf. capacity, experience or judgement to oper-  ft^hSf^^t^__??d_S Gilbert McNutt, in Egmont, has recen-     ate  tractors and other farm machinery,  know about you, but I had been expecting     ��y brought in the landing craft he acquir-  something really spectacular that would^   fd   from   the   American   army   surplus^  light up the. whole sky���something like    You'll probably  see  this  unusual craft,  those primitive drawings of earlier com-     whlch Gilbert plans to use to transport  ets.  So it; was a disappointment to me    logging equipment.  that when the fiery visitor from outer . Silvey is a fairly common surname in  space was pointed out to me, it looked Egmont, and people who bear this name  like no more than a very bright star in are descendants of 'Portugese Joe' Silvey,  the western sky whose name, it is believed, was probably  ,_t's difficult for me to believe that it ��*f"fLhJJt & im^ld*^'  was something as comparatively common- I^J^JTti? he ha_ L aUer the  place as that which brought the wise men     1S c��nJeciurea tnat ne naci to alter tne  to Jerusalem after Christ's birth. Per- "�����J X^wS^E * reCOgmzable  hans that's because I tend to foreet that     to English-speaking people.  ;��_J Si_Sw^to^w!_   of ^iPolueg!fri Jopehjsp thef Tn^her  observe any deviation from the usual con- 2^Agnf_ ol??St ?U|hJfr ��* l��* ^l,lve.y'  stellations in the skv Whereas aDart from    Wh?n Agnes husband�� Frank Andrulonis,  S_n&^ dipped6 _? ZtSr,3S SS ��SS ^ere w/s, fr ?��� ***??"$  L.r..,~ t o^. ���l,w��� *��� -_������;-��� ^-,. r.t from Egmont who went to Gahano Island  turus, I am unable to recognize any of     t    ���n.���__ u:   *    _   i   n. ���   i _��_ -v u  thP niPhtlv disDlav ' to attend hls funeral- It^included Dolly  the nightly display. . and Jim WaUa      Ernie and yi Silvey>  Back  to  earthj   to' remind ,you  that and stan silvey and his famiiy.  there is an opportunity for you to go, dm- And  more  news of the iivestock  in  ing and dancing right here in Madeira Egmont. Oliver and Ruby Larson have  :. Park soon. The Pender. Harbour Home ���������...acquired another piglet, and the pair are  and   School   February   Frolic   will  take now named Norah and Jirnmyi So while  place at the  Madeira Park Community jjmmy's hen, Ruby continues to lay break-  Hall on Friday, Feb, 1.-... .....:. fast eggs for Jimmy Leighton, Norah is  There'll be, a smorgasbord, starting at being prepared to produce the bacon for  7  p.m.,  followed by dancing���with live Oliver's  morning   meal.   Sounds   like , a  music provided, by Frank Postlethwaite's   , very fair exchange,  Night Train group, It has been decided to Jack Paterson, in response to my en-  limit ticket sales'to.200,-so if you plan to quiry about the origin of the word hippy,  get in on the fun, you should call Evans wrote me a very interesting letter out-  Hermon  at  883-27,45  and  reserve, your lining the history of this comparatively  tickets now. They're $5 each,     recent group. It was nice to read such a  Peter   Prescesky   tells   me   that   the tolerant and understanding assessment of  second  meeting in connection with the" a sector of the community too oftep dis-  Bremer commission on education is un- missed and misunderstood by people of  , likely to materialize, It^Dems that John more conventional type, Thank you, Jack.  Bremer is probably going to resign from Thank you also for the name of a  ; the commission, and so no further effort is Vancouver-based radio ham. But it turns  likely to be made to get opinions from out that our son in Egypt worked more  parents and teachers, to be Incorporated quickly and effectively than we did. He  " into his repor.t, There has been no announ- managed, through the good offices of a  cement concerning this as yet from the Mr. Craig in Kelowna, to speak to us  , department of education; if a declslori is last Friday morning. Strange, in tho midst  made to continue with tho ��� study, we'll of preparing the morning meal, to sud-  adviso you of tho date of any mootingMth��t, denly bo hearing a voiqc that is speaking  may be arranged,, from Cairo, just a few miles from tho  Tho   Pender   Harbour   and   Egmont pyramids I A little modern miracle. We're  Chamber of Commerce met Jast Thursday very grateful to, Mr. Craig for making it  evening   to  discuss  local  tax  increases,, possible.  _nwnfwwAA*_fww��MVvwwwww��*t-��w  *��VI**rt#MW_tfl����A*��*,i_v<  of LDidtincii  ion  EVERY BUDGET FROM  TO FIT  ���T~i.  mmW, HV Par*- litest,';' Tiwiv^ P*����lr >������<'   '\Lvl    ' >��. ,j i*' i    V \ <i- '  '<<"'.*' < <   fg.  ;,,(��_'V^__' W^ __^,�� _i_*_,' j__^__     f,''u" V; >'      '       ,' \ f      ',*>   , \, '  '(    i        ',   <"'('i '  '\*' ',|" " !"< '.��'" �����<-.'  y HJil'lifm I 'i/i'twXl n mm 'yflii./iin!,'  ,,<v  '..'in    ,  j,., . ?���*' :, hi   ,n   ', ,  . J_5_ Jffk ��� _ a  . .. "what we're trying to Bay,  of courso, is that you're wol-  come to drop in at our place  this wintry weekend and warm  up a little."  III 'if  '.V.i! !'v^''<  M   J  MtiL.  !\<t ��Jilii'f\i ,ii* Vi/I1 ln�� V I'MiiJ1 in'a,,   \)i  _' .    .It ��. ,.' I .i       ,, '       i        '<    '  "'l\   l�� 'l\,      'I'I  'V$iMit��i��t\i;.',  /!  ,,/n   "���*' ,SiSi*fc:, >km>^" "^ "      " 'h' ''    ||M  f  Local  ' i1  ��_<  ���   'i'i   j'i  ll'l  11 I  �� wl." " "'  ft   *  > _i) ^ ^H_ ��   I".  loorcouennqa  LTD.  O CARPETS    O TILES  O  LINOLEUMS  9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tues. - Sat,  CLOSED MONDAYS  OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT TILL 9  *yyyyYYVVYyyvyi��ww��w��<wr����>c��ifvw��fwwwa*^^  7^  Cabaret  'tr  Canada Wo, 1 Grad��  lb.  i  i  4    _Up      *i    Hi  .���,.��������� ���,���..,^ofit_ln..,,,.������,.,to.,,:,_  l/Vo Entertainment ;  i����i��iiia<����aiapiiaaiif����wi|iiwi������^^^  P1i!zXA,;A1V1A'l)(t'A(>',fc��|l  PENINSULA  HOTEIl  Hwy. 101  '���  886-2472  ��� BAKtRy SPECIJUS  PRICES EFFECTIVE THURSDAY, JANUARY 17th TO SATURDAY, JANUARY 19th  >'. -*\ ^  -"-������!-,�����    JTRAIL BAY CENTRE, SECHELTf"-. V" -"*  Phono 885-2025  885-9812 Moat Dopt,  Wo Reaeryo Tho Right To Limit Quantities  085-9823 BnUory


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