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The Peninsula Times Mar 1, 1972

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 ***.  ��'*i   b  Licenced dances .  Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe-Ssaand to JervJs Jnlet), including Port Mellon, Hopkins Landing, Grartthams Landing, Gibsons, Roberts Creek,  Wilson Creek; Selma Park, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Secret Cove, Perkier Harbour-> Madeira Park, Kleindale, Irvine's Landing'/Earl Cove, Egmont  ly-'JIi*^1^'^  -j_-__Z.:._','-.i'y:-^_Si:%'^}>!_.^:.  \W:  SEKtNSytA  insurance sosmtin  on sc  ��i gymnasium use  LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY PAPER ON THE SOUTHERN SUNSHINE COAST.  Volume 9, No.14 ��� WEDNESDAY, MARCH  1,  1972  y-- jf^^^m^:m\    iV ������"���������'  ���     MS- ���   . ��� ��� \fc- 43 1 i       1  I"  ^ili. _.  I-  r  T-Jfi"  ��� ��� .i  .p����vm'" i ����� iu'������i-a ��� i"i i��� g"i��in, ��� �����--���  ��� ��������.�����'>������ t'v.? AB-.--1 ���*!��������� #:"  ������I i  ���"'�����.:  ������������ 4K*rai:  REQUEST from the Gibsons Sea Cavalcade Committee for the use of Elphinstone gymiaasiUm for a licenced dance  during the. annual Sea Cavalcade festival, has triggered off another round of  correspondence'between the School Board  and  its  insurance .brokers. ,  --^-Tra5tee~Bernard "MlflltgaiT-' observed  that it fs not the Board's intent -to stop  the use of school facilities. T*he Board  has been^ placed in thjs position by the  insurance company which stated that  under   the ..present   contract?  schools   are  not insured   when   used     for" 'functions  where a'onhn,tk',,bcveyagps are consumed.  give, consideration to a grant. Trustees  unanimously approved a $50 grant from  the Special Education���Fund.  BILL    No.  3  Minister   of   Education   Hon.   Donald  Brothers  acknowledged   letters   from   the  'Board   regarding   Bill   No.   3   Which   has  been introduced in the Legislature this  session. He said the Board views regarding section 129 of proposed Bill 3 were  appreciated and noted. Also views regarding section  140 A.  -Section   120 gives  tho  Board  the  au-  Fointing but that t,he Sea Cavalcade  Committee is prepared-to p&y for "the additional premium, required to insure the  building-.- under such conditions, trustee  Agnes .Labonte felt that the Board sho  -get -a���f-H-m- commitment -&f-rom-  the   insu--  ranee  company.  Secretary-treasurer Jim Metzler, said  that a firm commitment had been received in the letter which said that there  ...could- be no cover-age under- sueh -eir-eum-  staiices.t Also the-Board���deals���with���a~  broker not directly with the insurance  company, however enquiries are being  made and *H*was'decidetl to hold over  the request until all information is're-"  ceived and a decision can be reached.   (Mot- . ��� ��� .  ' *" ** .�����'���- j����"'" . .'v*^ .��MU*m��4^.m..^fiCJr"*LLJMXJ��HiiL. iv* sfcti n e|��.  '_PBS_i  i  ��� r.  *��  Ll   J  Some fifty-one members, supporters  and guests turned out last Saturday  in Sechelt for a meeting of the Social  ''rediit party of the Sunshine Coast.  I lead  table  guests^J.nciTid5d7 -&om  At Sechelt ...  I^ft-  rtftpiit.y .SpPfikpr r>f thfi Legjjfil?-  ture Hon. Herb Bruch, Hon. Isabel     FlTT&   aTm"^ll^TlPTl^in'n  Dawson, Mayor Ben Lang of Sechelt, ���   l 111C   aUU  auapClidlUll  Mrs. Ada Dawe, Mrs. and Mr. Char  les Mandelkau of Gibsons and Mrs.  Ben Lang.    ~ *        a     ~  INVITATION'  Accepting an irTvilution from the Hon.  TsaWl��� Bawson7^x~" Pender-Harbour'stn^     nrcnlr  dents    accompanied   by   a    teacher   will,     placement equipment or for an additional  ^iOtriiagrfcBT^jtotTr^ thfi. nirrjeiihim, This  "trfority" to ,'tra'n's'fe4''''li'',tea7ch"it5f''"''fro'm'~'Drre_''  assignment   to' another   within   a   school  'without an appeal. However if the transfer is to an assignment in a school other  than the one to which the teacher is  presently assigned, it may be reviewed  by the Minister, whose decision shall then  be fin^rl���ctnd binding"on"ttor-BTnrrd���and���  on the teacher, unless the teacher prefers  to resign.  The Board's letter to the Minister requested   that  consideration   be   given'  to  -amending-���the   proposed-   legislation,- -to   -allow boards-to transfer-teachers-to-other  schools in the District without appeal to  the Minister.  WARNING  Department  of Education has warned  the Board  that  there will be  no further  approvals for purchase of equipment from  reserve  capital   funds,  unless  the "equip-  5r~a   new  school   addition,   re-  for dangerous driving  GREMLINS  -Among   tho   typographical���errors   in  last -week's Times was an item op page  one "Hating" ttfaT~Sclto^  Labonte had said that where recreation  centres have gone in there- has always  been a decrease in delinquency. The  word "decrease was unfortunately changed to read "increase". We apologize for  any.,misinterpretation, of this obvious  error. ~  Peninsula-wide turnout  for SocacH^ Credit meet  SPEAKING to an audience of fifty social     Francis Peninsula. She strongly Supports  Credit supporters and guests from Eg.-_  -the -proposed .-med-iea-l-eU-nie-a-^Madeira  ���?"t  ^.���p??*  MeUon ^last  Saturday,  in     park  and Mid  she..understands...discus-.  H^el^t7::HonTJisaDel-Dawson-refeFr-ing-49 : -������-������y^-. 7~~ re u~~  present speculation regarding an election     slons have been takln8 Place on the sub"  this year said she knows nothing at-this���ject.. It  is .probable that another  public  uf]pIM~Porehei^d*iver���-of jar  truck lhat"' ~wenl_put 7oT control near  Halfmoon Bay last September 5 1971 resulting in the death <of a fourteen year  old .boy, was sentenced last "week to a  fine t)f $500 and suspended from driving  for three months.���       r���  " Appear ing   in   Seeheltf' * bef bi;e *~*Jud ge'  Harvey Jessop, Porcher entered a plea  of "guilty" to a charge of dangerous driving at the time-of the accident.���   Quoting   from   the   transcript     of   an  earlier coroner's inquest, Crown Counsel  letter to the School Board, principal Mr. refers tb shareable funds onl^Se^retaTy*"  Alan Thpmpson said that students will- treasurer Jim Metzlef said that the De-  be - selected according to end-of-term partmenl feels that this* district already  standing and although students will con- has more than it needs, according to  tribute  financially,  he  asked  the  Boayd���their standards _ _������     ���    .   Gilker property . . .  Regional District lawyer  rules out zoning^reguest  FORMER   regional   board   director   and  presently  . serving  as   a   director    at  Paul F^-aser told the JudgeJthat^PQrcher large, Mr,���Cliff._Gi.ll?.er. of Roberts ..Creek,  had been the driver of a 3-tbri flat-bed last week learned the. bitter truth fdl-  tru��k  headed  from  Pender  Harbour  to  -CORRECTION  -��� ���  May Day meeting in Trail Bay School,   ��� time, but ��� "we. have  to  be  prepared  at     meeting   will   be   held   shortly,   in   the  Sechelt, will be at 7:30 pm this Thursday     all times for such an eventuality". meantime she is doing her best to push  March 2nd. Not at 2:30 pm as stated la-H^y^s Dawson met with party members     it through.  w��e-k Meeting is to-xlecide���.whether Se-���for ��� a no^host���dmner���atr-fee-^Whispering-  chelt will continue the celebrations which     Pines newly renovated dining room and  have been an annual event since 1949.       ^.was accompanied by Deputy Speaker of     ,   ihiji ���"' "rjii 1    11 hi.. reaUJj-niLMiinaCLi iu amum��i.m ���������mmi_K,i_mmMmMimmwuj_ullMmwii+_*i.*M_i_,i* miriii'i^BiiiAiwi   mi ,nm  �������� i ��� i ��� iminQffc *&~3d3'  ��� ���(  the  House,  Herb Bruch  whoi  she  said, "   ...  ^  The MLA also reported that impr  ments  on  the  loc  issued after the lake had been designated  for public recreational use.  Acknowledging���'-.the   fact....that^,.leases,.^  issued  prior to  establishment of the re-  lowing his earlier request for rezpning of     serve   nave   t0   De   accepted,   the   Board  waiiS^Halfmoon  Bay.  He  was  accompa-     land he was instrumental in zoning ori-     wrote   Lands   Minister   H.   R.   Williston  i ���see   page -. A-7     ginally. ~~    " "^    complaining  that discrepancies  exist re-  Answer,   according   to   Board   lawyer     garding two leases which were advertised  Bruce   EmeJFS.Qn.-is......���"no.'7 _Mr>-7Em.ers.op,     ior sale in January 1970. The Board wr.Qt.e_,  was  replying  to a request for guidance     the  Director  of  Lands  objecting   to  as-  from   the   Regional    District    Planning     signment of the two leases which, it_was  Caeajiu.tlsftu.  onsarea  LIFE MEMBER >   had- heloed h^"ere*atlv~in the"'riding "dur- waiting rooms  and  coffee   bar lacilities  Mr.   Reginald  Atherton  of   West  Se-     Jjf ^PSsf'eieftSn camnatn ' where necessary. Further, single tickets at  ehelf-is  one  of seven  members   of.the; mg ^..^st.eiecupn. campaign. ^ lower cQmm^iev ratds will be avail-,,,        t_.^.., ,n^rmation  Certified   General. Accountants'  Associa/       .Commenting oru^rojeqts planned loc- able;  shortly   for, res^id^nts   of  .the.., Sun-'  ^AFLETS-containing ialse miormation  tlQn.QJE;iB.C. recently made a life. mem^ef^7aily,,#rs. ,Dawson";����fd.;.a .start is to be slii'^e  ^dast. ��� TMs   will^���ehminiate^ati^.  of tiie Association. A^w,eit-knowri former    made'soon   on   improvements, to   Point hardship .involved    previously    through  alderman'"of the City of Vancouver", lr.7 Road; at7Hopkins   Lah'dirig.   At   Pehder having; to purcliase'books -of tickets.  -AAherfeh-AfVas^ehairman-^f^ht2Tlncori  learned were in the name of Mr. R. E.  :rBi^wn::iand���NiA^Wr-^M^BrowS^  ���   Gilker, who as*a director had played ���  a   leading  role   in  establishment   of  ttys     ��    Letter   from   the   Director   of   Lands  rnuch   criticized  zoning  regulations,, had     dated  November  12,  1971  indicated that  leases had been held since June 1968 by  ation Committee of the' Vancouver  of  thevGiA.A. "of  Canada  in   1950  chairman of the brancri in i"95lT  eo^jB^^-artam^-eirg^^ ol "the recerirpT5=���Fl*ida"7^  branch  'taking a- look at a bad corner at Garden ���  vincjai budget, Mrs. Daw��on  said  it is ������ ''. .  iO^arid-  :Bay7and .she- alsp hopes to hear, some-     ^ 'biggest yet -"brought out, it;qdntain ,'���'.&:��� u"e. ��,  the "facts" stated "The School  he had encountered a problem in sub-  cli^lng-iTis���cWirnwe-nty~-aeiM3--pi^��erty.  To conform with subdivision regulations'  "7tlitng spair^'egaTdiirg���the-bridgenon-'the*  v^   t,i   havp    1BQaMUias-bcen-^uoted-^s^bQin&490TOQO���itHi<r^ecessHry-ix)-provide-a-cce;  jbjectior  leases issued June 25th,,  direct~"co"iTtravention " to"  iat^d-MayJ-VigfiS,^ 1  appears,  1968   were  in  _tlIe~^u^tivB~  anmng^  Regional Board chairman  phases out Gibsons Mayor  something, |pi, ey|iyonq yei  w^ i^v��     -ni debt and-uniess'a refereifdum is held    in doing this he finds by splitting the As the Board is anxious to retain the  ^"al^rSS'if'iiXX *'f W* turns down the expenditure, the     acreage into for blocks, each comes td a    wilderness aspect of Klein Lake and in ,  J1^,,^*?^*!^ ?P^"^  .view..of the_said discrepancies, the Board.  JMr-^ffn^g'e^ -���Tfi^isfii'fi-i^^  be cancelled and become part pf the public reserve.   JLatestJetter,,,.frp^,,^  at last "week's Board meeting, stated ^'A  BAD boy of the Regional Board, Mayor  ���'demoted'-','by'''''new''''chairman'-''iHarry7'-'Alm-  ond, The Mayor has consistently refused  to toe the old hard-core line.  pqsepf helping Was many "unsightly _ Tj     j   ni    wore* distribute*, by   a  cables as/pcwsible...Thig..;.s;an expensive       ���. ,*'.     ...      themselves  ''Citizena  Op-  project  but  the; upsightlyness   of , poles   "^^^^SSSxiS'  ,a^id"wes'-iis; aprpeciateclrv.cost,,:,is..high^.^ffil..S!��^in^ M^HH".,*, ���,.,,,,,,,,-. t   but the ten iirtiljion dPllar fund'will be    FACTS  a start. ..,������. Actual facts issued by the School Board  office"' "''6E-i^iday'.''''fe'tate:     ' ''  Fact No. 1: The school bpard is not  7The" ��p^ircati6h"vra.s"then "turned"over"  to the Planning Committee which in turn  soughtkad'vice of the lawyer,  .In hisrreply.i-MrSi-.Emerson, stated���"X._  Referring to her work' for the' senior  ad boy of the wegionai uoara, wiayor    speecn  py uirector vnxmi   west,  mayor     citizens  Mi~s  Dawson outlined success of F��>ct No. i: The school opara is not  "Wally Peterson of Gibsons has beep    Lang,of Sechelt, was asked by Almond    ,    ��� Djd'to'provide"efficient hearing aids     $90^)00 in debt as clairhed by the Citi-  ^mntsd !hv''newehairman Harrv-Almi^ ^ to* sit ori the-planning conimit;tee;! "v'1,''',''>'",''a^'r'eQsonable''cbst'i senior citizens: hpusing ' Tiei^ Opposihg^Soaring    PROTESTS ��������� ��� and special-care homes project ,(you have  -���r^~Royai..-vancQuvei'- Yacht Club-is be--'   ��" excellent senior citizens' housing pvoj-  lieved to^ be considering establishment of    ect and it is hoped that Gibsons will soon  ��a.maiiina,atsSecrQt4Covo,4.aiishort,distance����ho���4,ftblQ^tP-  have reviewed the matter and conclude  that  because    the  plan' of    subdivision    check of the records of my Department  WOuldrbe'vatrYariarice'withaheTminimum oI lhe Director  lot size provisions of the Zoning By-law,  ,The gross operating estimate's exceed  ed the Government Finance Formula by    any relaxation.  that Section 712 of the Municipal Act has  no 'application. The Board ��of Variance  would have no jurisdiction to entertain  ' &  .,v..,At.)Jast,meetirig7o,CJ','(h^  ' Peterson  stated   "I   notice    there  have  been two planning e>pihrmttee mooi,ings  recently but have received no notification  ,, of either,,I wondered if this 1 was an ovor7��  sight'' or notV,"   ^  "���"' Cli'airman Almond replied'��� that ho-li'icl-;  "Tifiig comniltteo,  "However,  I  did    put  ��� MuyprLang ,qi' Secholt oh ihstead'V ho  ���.SUld^._' i,������.p.y _~:��� ' ...  1 .Mayor'PetorKon unKod' luirni If ho wuh  aware' that It Is mandatory for tho vil-  J, lagcsto ho roproHonlod on tho, Committee..  Almond 11'opllod "I dld,not,undorHl,and 11-  that way and was under lho" hnproHslon  Gibsons was not Interested In tho Regional District planning''. Peterson ' said  ,"1 am simftly linking/warf il, an overnight of nflftf" Almond replied "No U  was nol".        ^_  lMy7ii^Q\w.o7\lWC.Tii  across, from, existing marinas,, It^, vyas revealed hy the Board that numerous lot-  "'tors of protest' have' been received but so'  , ,fa��7p,p.application has been by lho yacht   clubr]'-!'*"* I"7~~r*r~'" ;���",",; ~~���-' r~  TMiJln "protoHtH aro that tho area, in  quostion ls nul'flelontly served by marinas  and that addition' , of, the  yacht   -club  l/lr, Bruch, Introduced by Mrs,-Daw-  ,679 but the; net cost after" t'evenue  'and surplus its applied, and in view of iho  Tifcre'a's'G'd"' IWnfb-owhor"**1Rrant^iMw^l"noti",  likely  cause ��� any  Increase  in  education  son, advised his listeno-'H that tho riding     ^i  'is fortunate in Jiaving irporsoh'sucli as      '  y^ ft0; 2: Tho only result a defeat  . "Accordingly,   it, would" appear .that  without a change in the Zoning By-law,  "ihrRSgrarbisM  loss it would consider resorting to a Land  "Uso, Contract, pursuant, to,Section 702A,  of tho Municipal Act."  Isabel. Sho has proved to bo a towor.of     0f u 'VchoolOperiiilngjroforendunij -^ouJjL ,-..piiUinei' Ed-'Cuvlll^-Hnft)rmcd���the  Use Contract would not apply.  the social credit team aricl -T���iun huTB    ^wluiflTTroW  it was a surprise to many to loam sho     fimince formula .'is not busod-nn-not-cost,-*-  had boon elected in the 'abp^Mm^oi^  reduced by a further $90,000 in-order to For some months the Board;|-iaS' boon    assignment. Failure to comply with this  of Lands' Which is responsible for issu  ance and assignment of leases' was aware  of 1 your .District's feelings. ..However(. iti  was considered that the department was  already committed to the disposition of  the two parcels in question due. to .the  fact that the' original letter of .approval  .for.4hese^ two 4 applications-was* issueds-on  October 25, 1907, some nine months before establishment of the reorcaUonai  ''reserve.'' <"yM"7-"'-,"!-,f ������������>���<--���������-"���������<������   'JOUJulnJasL^^  ol,-' -.  tlio two leases i'oquirccl tlie two parties w.  TO'qalTlnKniT(rlojTsoirto-*-Rl'^ ���  stating ihoy would cohslrucl, a 'habltablo  dwclliiigi^iiinHouu^^^  ,^%^>ft*li4i"�� fy&��i.l i.  Wo\M~ci'eM$rv6\h\\Xoirirw riote"dT  thor  that access to  and  from  oxifillng     .   commenting on tho oxcoHHive demands    operate  withln-thu��� jimlta  of  uvailablo,   luvostlgatlng two leases op Klein Laku    i-cqulrcmonl rondors tho loasp subject, to  for wago increases by those in civil scr-     revenue, ���  ,    , at Ppndor Harbour which, li claims, wore    cancolaltion." ���    ���      ���  mal'inas ,would bo, hnpeded,  BUILDING INSPECTOR ," '���'"..��� "������....  Hcquost by building inspector Fred  lloybtirn for an assistant was nol, looked  u'po'nl','wllh any groat enthusiasm, Director  ���Bbrl'Slndo isald he would like to know  why theft- building inspector Is so loaded  vlco occupations, Mr,' Bruch /pointed,, ouC~  that In most cases, such as Hchool teach-  ers and' hospital employees, thoy havo  safety of tenure,, Obviously hospitals,and  schopls arp, not likely to bo closed dpwn, ,  QuidollnCH of 0% per coat wago lncroaHO  il,aimnlly~ljavo-boch-l'*ct--by-rthQ-Hovorh���  Willi work. "Ho claims ag-ltiBpoTaiqiiFJIof n",ranI.'Q^9ri?HS"ZI!^TO  wiTtln^^ nRoiit umtViBisunptJlloB. oqiii��lly.. to MJ^As.   ,  -   ....mm.  Village aad    dbWn do not ��ppo��rJtf~nrnmiiit-ta-*iu!h. ^ ����y ^)f thoso'people oonfiidor "lhat; lo    ^^f;.77^^^!^f����m!  by bo doing lias frequently found him-   -'u iot��� Mayho ho'"TiaH to npond a groat I'o lniufflelent, then this govoramont will    W^Mi^M^m  HQl��.ln'-dlHnKi'Oomont.wltli-oovluin-mom>����UonUoMlmo-inf1hb-of]riuQ*biit��i^^ K^'-J^Li-'iLLUffiiMI'Zfiaj;  born of tho Hoard, Almond himself iodic    taom lo mo" wo sliould  havo a  rathov it to tho1 people by way of roferonda".  for tho IntoroHlH of Glbsoas  by;  ��4M.UHu,beli'  lssuo wll.h,(nomo uf those, policies, alibis  second meeting last your, However, fol-  "lowlng-a- special mooting1 shortly afterwards, he-waR'M'poplhtcd as chairman of  lho planning ,uoivunUloQ and'lias boup  relatlvuly hIIoiiI over since, >A few dayH  ,after ho,Jlia(|, t.anen Imhuo with, a iengthy  Nhou|d havo a rathov  ,11.61:0 dolailod report aa to, what his dution  involve",  he added,  Following, "'^'spirited-'denunciation' of  lho ti��,etl'cii of oppoHltloa.momborH in, tho  D'li'betor, WoHt said "wo">'dld iWchlin'   JoglHh'tiiro   and ncpnfllnual   unwarranted (  fov a'.'dolailod' anitlyHlH iibout, two yoam;   nttaoKH'iipon tho govornmont by Rogmon'--'  a|-o but, .did. not got. it, may|ie wo Will  ' of tho news media, Mr, Jlruch' was kIvou  got one lluVthnu", loud applauno, IJo wart given a vole of  , Chairman. Almond, added thai uurluln-    tlnml'H (by, Mayor Wally Putehion of Gib-  ���boo pngo './V��7-��- houii.  Ad-Briels  ~J __  _ *t*A >��� ���.'tor* r"9M*4.fiJn>.i ���r'J-��rt  58.6 per cent YES! .  lhe way  lo action!  ��� ' Tlmoi C|oi.r.'lflrj,|a roncli oyor "2,"00 homos    lug Jwit reliderllarihiurwllh a (lofinllo'  rojuetlon of thu half million .dollar project. '��� :  1  centre out  jnargm  '.    ,      7%'in  ��� Vet ��� -N o Ho,|,- ��'* vor ~*-  41   ;ir>�� ,m   n��.:i  |b,t mo a Dri.i   ���  (U) Ulbsousi'KK.a ^^...aia^-Hu ^AL.M.U v.!*  (M) C'll-Vor1 l��olnl"   ;*:..��� I7��". 101        (III,  (K) UiipklnH' Lundlni'    1IU    101    1    lM,li    ,  UlbRbnH  Villa��o  3H07!i0U.. .    B2.7    .  Socholt .VUIoko  130'   ��l>        01  .(10,000 rooclora).  ��� Times ClassHloda qo INTO lho-homos i,\  1 not on lawns, Mrco|�� or In culvorts.    ,-      t,    > It nino^ronflort tromondous voter en  *liT|m��6'ClosMTlod��':Q(ViMowf��oiit/,dV,d!Vpot)qnr;y *Mhti��ll��hJi\ lil all vureaiv with" what' tmist  j eolpa ,tonlc���� , ,1   ���/,',',..���",��� , '.'  ,',,.    '        ' '  ' "'    '  ���Phono linos open S^nda^; clasiiflod  885-9654 Socholr, 886-7244 Gibsons. ...      .   . .      riM1  ""������l" u *�������-���- u Juivo Ueun a1 vory. cloao 00,0 per cent.  ^miKl��ftn.,lrt all M��rean'wltlv( What'���tmiHl7lAnaly,��iH of the thum nh'ow�� thHl,'...pA '     '   ..   ....',       nrownld  Pncks  , ...httVp.bqpn.n.'.ropoiJiJ.rtwiVyff.wt .'>?,;1Y'>|t|PP>'��.���, p?dudh*g PfliiUdp-Hwbpur, tho, percent* . *&��� |U0, HI81 .11.1^0,., liVOWnio 1 new ,  I Sarutlnoormroporl mdny out-of-town pro-: ' nKoin fiivnr' in thn ront ofitho HeRlorinl' now,, havo their ".QWlKCOlors, ,ttnUv to .  7:. perlyowncrH coming over to vote. ,   ,        . .pintrlot lnalu'dlriR' thotwoivlllaROs would   .6elbbWtG iho ln)porl,anl, dVCllt,- Mr..,  BSHHai  9 #t��!**n:  ny*HWM��^WwH*<!i  "' - > ,' r  I, *��� ,��� '���. i"\.  M^MhOUvM^M  M��vt>in  ,lK'flult<iviiro as, follpwa;  ^flt-'Mullon niutlu lheso.,vory flno  stnnrts.ualnR .thu'DrowWo, omUlom. Cindy. Tait, Pender, Harbour; Gall ; -; ,.j;  Pictured .wUhilholr. Pack tpoloi\i are,, Thomoa.ahd,.Cindy , Clark, ..WUson^w^v  from lcCl\4Shnt"on.Nelson and,Louise, t Crock.j , ���:./.,. .,���,,:.:,,._.,. ri,4���W��7it,*te.���  Murphy, fcJechcU; Con'oon JJrown and ..        ��� ,7 ��� '   -,, J 'L ;/J* / y w; f,  ���/l*H*W(- WujBI^HHW  ttW^M*H*H*Hmf*K*H  PW^i**nB��wA**j��>iO  wwi4 &j*ttww?4>ifite*&&i>^f*nw#f><*!  ���1  ���.  n >��>^'��^F&&ti^��i*^^  HmoamRtbMwnAlWsit  mJ_mm  fmMm^ni^^  m.  my wfc^M)^'i��w*wii��ftw^*,wwwwwi��  Wi��iMiyii!|WlWiiWi)NWBI��-^^  .f 'll,'  ;���' ^
^pHE pENINSlJLA^^ie6
"/ 777flv be wrong, but. L sluill not be so \ts_ong as to j/iil to say what J believe to he right."
\ ' ' \        ■*      .. —John Atkins
Stfwart B. Ai sgard. Publisher Douglas G. Wiif.ii i-r, Editor
Comment sparks- .speeulat|on v,
SOMF. years ago, about seven to be
more accurate, the Minister of
Highwavs. Ol'the d-ay, the Hon. Phil (ia-
glardi informed-our Ml.A of the di'iy
that he was negotiating with a view to
constructing a highway from Squamish
and Woodl'ihre through lo Port Mellon,
%, Although subsequent comment has
iTcen" father vaguer h*n^'T3rrcteri*Etiyod.th:c~
cost has* played a jnajor role in aban-v
donment of Tm> plans that were, under
consideration. Hven though a comparatively., short distance of difficult terrain
is 'involved, the importance of the .Sunshine Coast in those days evidently did
not  warrant  any  large  expenditures
Announcement by Hon. lsijbe
son last week lhat the time has come
to consider an alternate access bothto
Secholt Peninsula and Powell Rit'er
brings with it the realization .That conditions have changed considerably dining the past few years. Population has
increased considerably, a multitude and
variety o[ summer homes have virtually
been  reached  whereby demand  has exceeded  supply.  The  growing  popularity
ol".  the   Sunshine  Coast   is   such   that   il
has   become' "'ulnTOs,T.'irnpossiblc   I'or'The"
ferry  system' to  keep  up,, in  fact,  it   is-
, losing out in the race. v
As Mrs. Dawson has said—the "time
has   arrivechfor  an   alternate   route   and
"trre-T)W^._T)T^c*f'enT~ is the\ long sought-
after road around Howe Sound. This
would1 not provide any quicker" means
of r.ea.chin,g the lower mainland, it would
simply help alleviate the problem of
crowded Jerries and long line-ups. It
would   also   mean   that   Sunshine   Coast
-rcs-rdcTrts—would- ^be able to take-in -fate
shows in Vancouver without having to
leave prematurely in order'to catch the
lasl ferry back.
As  to  the   comment ..made   by   our
MI.A,   we   can   but   speculate.   Perhaps
she knows something and is simply preparing .»tne groundwork for another
startling announcement! Certainly such
a project is well within the bounds of
shot-up thus increasing out travelling t possibility and particularly now' that
population and whereas we al on£ time iriajor_ highway construction is taking
-were credited wirh ~ "h aTv imTTi" ".'pre "ptm der-" ~"-p lace bet we c n Sechelt and Pender Har-
ance of retired residents, that picture hour. Within the next few _years it is
has also changed to no small degree. As a reasonable guess that"* traffic to and
Jackpot $300
$75 TO  GO
; * DOOR  PRIZE it
'I don't know if I'd ever make a good grown-up —I don't hate anyone!"
enlarged   ferry   terminal     facilities   together with improved service, the nam-
Should  construction  of  a road  through
commence at this time, it will probably
-her—of—lengthy-Terry  line-ups,  together    we two years  before completion, there-
with  period of peak  season,  have  also    fore, with spiralling costs and the obvi-
inereased; ous need maybe this w-ill-.pr.ovc to be the
The   situation   is   that   a   stage   has    year of "The Road".
Wednesday, March 1, 1972
IMR hi at
Letters to the Editor are the opinions'of readers, and not necessarily  those of  Tlie Times.  A
nom-de-pltime may be  used for publication,  but all originals must  be7 signed by  the  writer.
impmypr*   with   a   littlp   riisrrption   on   the
~fhiiuir action
(Guest Editorial)
THIS submission is presented by a dissenting element of the Sechelt
Teachers' Association. Although It does
not appear as the result of a vote at a
general meeting, it probably represents
the heart-felt opinions of as large a
.number of the teachers of School Dis
trict No. 46»as does a highly pressurized
tally from a typical assemblage of those
who   still   manat-e   to   stomach   the   in-
of education. .
If the Sechelt School District teachers detecrihe presence of an enemy in
their cause for educational excellence,
they should confront this villain. But,
if {here is an enemy—and, if,7 indeed,
the Association is pursuing a cause, for
educational excellence—the" locarBoard
ot school trustees is not this enemy.
If the teachers detect, the presence
of   injustice   in   the   treatment  of.  their
j^Jj^|^t_poses as  discussion. ^uoua^-^^^d^b^
Some teachers do resent the belliger- this evil and with might and maiti strive
ant attitudes evinced by certain com- to root it out. But, if there is indeed
misar spokesman for the Association in     injustice, 'the   Sechelt  Teachers'  Assoe^
2tht-or, The Times '■
Sir: I think you will agree with me
when I say''that'''lhe" Boy'Scout organization has done more in combating delinquency, amongst'our youth, than most
organizations.', ^~~\^
* At the moment we haveTSjefore us a
big issue, one that has not yet been decided at the time of writing—shall the
■S C. Regional District take over the funct-
ion of recreation aid build a half million
dollar complex whose number one pur-
pose  is   to  trv -and combat   delinquency
part ot the owners or rideRS. There is a
threat stress on speed in many events in
western hprseshpws..but to the ..experienced eye something is seriously lacking.
It was too obvious, to say the least,
lhe competition could have been more
■competitive but many horses ■ were running sore or limping. I sincerely hope
nV>7 advice is accepted as I had to learn
myself   via   advice   from   horsemen   over
sixty years ago in the same way.
"E'sTimaTM""c'ost ^~
JL\i<_____u.__k_.,. nn  the ,,Biiuxd_j*JLj£3Tonl
Trusteccs,  and  at  the  nefarious  means an(j   jn  an   jts  advertising  and  its  obi
by which such attacks arc being carried tuary   notjces,   has   failed     to   produce
out- * evidence of anything that could be logi-
These needless, puerile, pointless at-'' cally identified as such,
tacks, spawned from nothing more than The strength expended by a few em-
-a sick love for power, create no- good pire-building   members   of   the   Sechelt
effects, but do destroy the very fabric Teacher* Association    to    promulgate
isis bul-
per person per year.
At   the "Regional  District meeting *on
February 24, the director from Langdale
iiUloj^agatli-all. its spate, ogress j^J&li'fi^ the water.jeQm:
Perferct shoeing is necessary for this
creates perfect feet which in turn results
the horse. A rider can 'easily find out if
his horse is perfectly shod if he" gets a
smooth ride. Anything other than a
smooth ride indicates sore feet and poor
.?h.*g'JB&--. „     "    »,        —	
335  East Broadway, Vancouver,  B.C.
..Phones:   (Days)  879-4166;   (Mights)  879-6701
~ic Qut-of-towp inquiries welcomed.
Phone collect! Pfck=Up~'^v\ce.
Bible Comment
f.    —'questions answered
QUESTION:  Does "the   BihTe" teach  that
There"is   t(T be   a   final  judgment  of
all  that  have  lived?   If  so, can   modern
man be expected to acept the doctrine?
Answer: Yes, the Bible clues  teach a
letins cbuld be far better spent in tack-,
ling educational problems wTTicTTday by
day threaten to make this very Association defunct.    -     . .7
This dissenting voice does not dispute the proposition that the Associa"-
tion, *as an active arm of education, is
already defunct. What it does dispute and
condemn is thc^ guerrilla warfare, under
mittee, said that the Boy. Scouts had ap^.
•plied for relief from their water land
tax as it was rather heavy, and had been
refused because if the Regional Board did
exemnt the Boy Scouts from paying the
land  tax,  it woud  throw an unfair bur-
' den on the rest of the taxpayers, (approx.
3 cents per person per year).
  L.' A,  FRASER,
■^~ "*      Selma—farlf?
Editorial comment: The writer appears
to be in error in that the Scouts request
was that, Camp Byng's water taxes for.a
period.of years be paid in one lump sum '
in advancer Tho Board would "have" "faced"
a financial loss under the proposal and
spbsequqntly, turno/.) the offer down.
(Exodus 32:34)  ".., nevertheless,  in  the    carried on by a lew hard core'members    Editor, The Times
My -sympathy went out. to. the horses
for it seemed to me that in almost every
case the animals had sore feet and were
working under duress. The champion
horse was a fine animal and obviously
had   no   foot  problems.
The answer is to get a first class"
farrier. This is a craft normally followed
in the family tradition  and  is  a  job  of
apprenticeship.   Farriers   in- England   to^.
day are among the most respected craftsmen, as  they were  more than  a  hundred years ago. "*"*
patrons of the Pender Harbour horseshow
'for'an enjoyable weekend. ,.    '7
Vancouver      '"     J. ASTON
.Interference,.....^,,..' „. .,,,.,,,,
in  pursuit of their own  personal  anli-
Schopl,,.Boarid7rTtnU-communily and anti-
educational goals.
Poets .Comer
day when 1 visit I will visit their sin
upon....them.".'..This., w,as,,.spoken.... lp the
children of Israel after the law' had
been delivered to them at Slnal, They
had united for a law; thoy hud accepted
the law delivered by Moses, but they
shipped the Golden Calf, Their hearts
wore still In Egypt, Part of their Judgment was that-only tdo -second generation
should reach the promised land, and this
was fulfilled In their wandering for forty ,
- -yoHi'H-li. tho wildu^u(iHn,-But-fho-t.oi'rU)io—^tB;u«i:y-a_umtJina„,,ml on
day   of   Ihe   Lord   finally   came   In   lho    T««h.° now March  magic
„,„_dOB,T^1ollT,of,.n Anti-tiro WTTminoopring
i-'l - - _\.  .11.''_        ...   ....  f,. -....1 1    ....       .  l4T,,c.   ulu.^lu.    n.,44 ifn/H'-"-'
Your contributions ore invited
by Chorylo-Ann E. Jay
Sir: Re the Recreation Centre!
 The yaUnglboiog .finishedjmd the'..die,
having been cast, if a fid when this letter
is published, may I, put in my two-bits
To havo ventured  an opinion before
Iuour, because it Is a well-publicized fact,    dudcllos, and his smearing of Premier Bon-
'thnt o|d,„p.epplo,. flo not know anything m\[ „„_ n :,hlgot",,,(Ho„, didn't have, the
and ha\-o no brains, Also I pray, "Please courte.sy to usq a good old-fashlonocl four
God holp me lo take nothing seriously, lottpr Englirih word but went to his
_eK«32ijytoJs.^^ grouch   «^pi'iajicji_j^9jsL_biaQii.Ja   (s
Editor, The Times,
Sir: 1 note from our local papers that
-Prirne Minister Trudeau is sending an
envoy to three countries around Rhodesia,
namely, Tanzania, Zambia and Nigeria
(all'within-the, Communist orbit). Mr.
Trucleuu's interference in Rhodesia's  in
70 A.D,
"God Ih not willing that any should
'perish hut that all Hhould eonui to him
Hlnal' wan spoken at approximately' HI) 1
, l.',C, Tlniti, Judimieut. wan dplayo^l for
15(11 yoai'H, but tho hoiiUmhh) was carried
out,, Thp proHont woi'ld Ih tindor Honlonao
of dpaU*  bociuirtQ;7!l\;,Hlnl7and.,U)a-.BIblo.7™7r.vitt^^
.into tho IuiihIii of Johus Chrlut; (Acts
U)'A'i) "And. ho eommnnrlcdiis to pronely
unto the puuplo, and to totiltfy that It
in ho whk'h waii urdiilnnd of God to bo
To Chrl-.tlanH Paul, wrotu, "For God ban
not 'fippoliHod un to wrath, but to ob-
Has silently ovolvod"
From lho whlto winter
LOnollnosH of yestorday.
lot mo bo a protester"..,At what aglT""]^^
l,*TOnTTOJi"^(Tl'ir''nij onl^'d'ooH  not^lttiow, 'ThF^iTvacTrnf! "NoTmans).  My    quosilon;
■pruhably at' about ago 30, '  ' What would Prlnio Minister Trudoau say
In ' m'v humblo  opinion, 'it  cmos  nol    'IM'iliochsIa sent an onvoy to North Amcr-
rTho.nun.ishlne.s brightly ■
r Througlv thp-dhrk' gloom
,0f cold,eruol dayM past,   ... „,   ....
Such In the story of the soanonH
Which Mother Nature has hlcs.iod
soom a practical Idoa to havo a half-million doljar  rajroatlonal  complox  In  ono
plaeo to Korvo'iuoomnHinity nlrun|{'!out roi"'
DO miles or moro in a tliin/jlno,
It would'bo a far, far bettor thins,
as Sydney Carton said when bolng led
.to ctho-..gutllottno.J,ln,,.X>lcl{on'f|-,",tTaT4T"T)'f'
lea  to  "invoHtlguto1"   Canada's  treatment
of ilti native Indians or his ...favoritism to-	
moro lo break up this country than any
other Prime Minister, ■»■ 	
.Vanciniver KEVIN CO.p,IGAN
Fobruary'n .buds blond 	
To sprliif-'H. ..bulght blooms
And all our raln-noakod hoitowh'
Evaporate to mmllt Hklos
In tho onehantod Hprlun foronl.
Now life lis -jlvon to ovoryUvihit
lain, Hid vat Ion  by our, 1-fOrd ,)umn ChrlHt,,,  Tho   fnntiisv   of   winter   hun  dlni'innoaredf.i-.^low ",ul "'l),uy' tfh«qMOr«:««n~OI'lt)l)H«
or n]onp,*tfrHlto c(awn„i„m.(.H,^y <.  •,';n)ldrttloi9 llol1v^imof,rVl/h,0)r-mn
I,In, 11   n   mi,,,.,.,    n.iiim    n,.,.,..,.„.   .,,,.,1.      ... .....'.' . ... .„._._  ,,,.1   1.,  _nn.t_
m ' "
him," (I Thorttt. f>:l)-IO), llopuuno modern
man   linn   dneldml   beforoliand   thai   lho
<m|y tliln^H wiirlhwhllo-aro .those. IhhIhh-.
liiHlnnl   Hi'ntH'Ntlon   in   l|*P   real .<;auna
Ix'hlnd erlnio and immorality,
—»—MndiM'ti-mnn-'wniilrl-lMf-wlno-to ■ntudy.,
tlmbookiiai'ofull.v In urdor that he mlglit-
dooldo  on   tlui  banlii  uf, IncontrovortlbUi
ovldonw whtilhni'  ho nliould  acnopl   tho
lonclitiiK  ronnnlli'iK  Jiiditmont   or   rnjoet
It, (Gal, (Ii7) "Ho nut d(!i'i<h'i'(l; ClotllH nut
mocked j' for whatriuiivor a man ni»we(h,
UUaUHhull-hu-.alHtf-.i|oii|>,U»»fi^^ .
And tlui wild 11 I'o wandorn unfoltorod
To a now your, a now alialloiigd
Thnt makes Ufa worth llvlni?,
'      I.b'V'Tj' t SPORE VEU
l~cnnneo you in-'1ho-twl)iflht—■	
In  tho  MnKoi'ihRi ■dreamy-- twtllKhl
Whoro wo mot and lovod ho lohis \WU
Oli hhw" tondor woro thorn* momonlH
In tho Hprltifitlmo of our'Uvlnn
.When wo droanu'd of llivo fornvor moro,
.RunitpMH nwtn'n ■-' *
The PeninsulaT^W
1,      by
Powell Klvcr News Town Crier
Sechelt 'Union lM\, .
nox^lO-Scchell, ll.C,
•SuhNcrlpiInn Uiitem (In mlvanoc)
Than a partlp't... ll'wi.n yphrllinp	
"nui7hi"lov'6" w6'"'HtUV'Ti,o"*llviiii(
In tho fuluro^ In (mother llfo to comn
Wo tihall iihioJ ai'aln each other
All tho hnplphoHH roiu-vvlni'
Hhlulnn alwayn thoro for mo *!•,•>
In your lovo forovor Monlcfl
In Hint holy bond hi he,
I'll bo wnltln/", alwayfl wyiltlnn   "
I,iv th^ twlll'thl .ynu lo nee,    . -
-"IWrrCllto'^  ca1irllaureniial.,.wlnfl	
--nno~ln''-CMbaonfl-or"™Robort'fl"'"'C"A*ok   lho    tor'n back han boon br^lcon"—about two
other at or nonr S(*oholf with that amount   ...WOoKh after oyorybody, oIho'h,,
of monojfr or ovon lean. That. Ih not, par-
oehlallHin, It In plain common noimo, I nm
f'roaloHl number of popplo ,
And  plohno do not ank mo  to -no
Jhoi'O and play ohoqufirfloa-wlblaiKet Mho   .
I am
malco nio^
epmo out In npotn *
If In fufuro yoprp tho DonVd cliarROH
-un moro«th"n I'O contfl ppr wooll an npucl-
by fAlno proHiiKlon,j),n, It,(A) hoIJh i\,cow '.,
. to (P.) for $100; and then bllli, him tho
following, year for anothor $00, under
, pi'otonuon do' facto and do,Jura (That In
l,atln and nioann "ny M"nh you're rluhl"),
Mint, thin will not nffoal mo bocnuRo I nth -
"optliiKout', If a dlnti'let'Oiui opt out, why   '
cnmiDt an Individual?
'■!« - "-.■ -—"-—•"-"••-« •—-—— rlrrliPltT"""™""
Something lackipg
iWltor.Tho TimcR, • ■'   -    '
llio poopln of lho Huniililno Counl for tho
vory onlortalnlii'/; wooltond I opjoyod al.
Ponder IhU'jiuur lio,riu'Hhp,wJanLvj*iM\.TblH
.. .. ' J.ocuU Sift per yenr. J)cyomt.3.'i mllca..S7»	
.   . it    ;, U.S,Am., V>, Ovaf|c|iN, $io,„  ,,: . ,,„;
Srrvlntt the arm from1Vort Mrllon to Kenwnt'   r,uH„,i rin. ,)„■ -i^. ,,,    ,„..« 'f,y,'   - v,;.
(flowSttoiulfr>JervhInlet) > ':<™' on 1,P™l"'r '"•  l»«»l), nflrp UM
■ .»nmm.mtH,,i.*mmmiim.w*m*ww»*mnimm*wi***nrmmirmmmiii'     Jl"»».1   Jll   "JlfNIIU'a.M., ,  (
«Mrt4M.*^«»w-»4^.«4^MM™„^.,;jS.w« j^^^.^^,. «^. ..t|, .^,fej,j^M(,^Wm.,jBWW,B ww,   m„ ,n   il.4.ii>.H.wiliuiww. W,.i IHUW..IW.,.Wm Mn»iW*_a_»l-iiVW*_l»M^'WW^\.^_*^*vf.M™_-A,
f,';T"   *" '    ii    ' " '
wan a nlmw wlilfa 'difference, hut doil'-hl-,
nn ful to an old hoiHomap dike mynolf, I
mlidil   bo   able   lii   ro-enni'l,, nomotltlnn
.                   .                   Hlmllttv "OTt'my roiurn, to Nnrilnnd, thin
"lin Oimnn^'Pont Offlro nnylnfl b'nnlc    w"oo!{dnd." —-—■■.■.--  •-
horo Tirr" many hood ImntoB In your
area,  bill. Jii my lHp|nfPll*.Uwy-jcoiiW.*l»(i
$r *iffFM-<iiMirji vvr/M>&*i_p l^ikl°»<&>.wllrUti4_r.*mx,     Ljuv»wJ«Mi«*.no- rtAf«Pt(K.7»»«"rftfl*HW*»fc-4ir -H»,wWa«.BWWW
1 I I .
'II   "f-WI^+Wi
PARTY Candldol^o for Cooul-
lor; horn and educated In Far
Gail; world traveller, multl'-
lorost Ii PEOPLE, It will bo an
honor to servo you as' a Mem*
hor o( Parliament, In tho moon*
tlmo, con  I. bo of  Myvlco to
foil?,,, Homo    addro«r,~-6BB"/
alrmont,   Powell   Rlvnr,   p.C,
Phono number! ^QS'4755,
11,; ;•;._,- v-j,","r,;* ;;-v,lwy;rna'-ni;'iir.'-r:.l>; .„'.„
Wtt"iwiP»»rt.Bftf««i>(rj,»« wWi««»*BiU)(*wl-MM*W»
*»«4m      ^*»ns^^^«*m««W«'to*W^fl^ ¥"#****
'SHARPS—Any amounlr-llfo InQMrocI, Doublo your monpy If you dial
Maximum Ipsuranco $2r0Q0, Soma q$q and health restrictions,
CHEQUEIN&-~Full choquolng prlvllogQ-—at  roasonablo cost,  Lgrgor
-balancoB-Qarn-ln+oroBtir--^^ «^^—
r,i+m**.****l~fl. f|.*i|.M.*.n»
.•WM»»f»i"*I^iH^» IWMwiw M***'
SPECIAL DEPOSITS—Strictly sqylngs,,No chcquolng, Intorost paid,at	
5% por'onni'm. Deposits or wUhdrqwals at any tlmo.
^TERM * DEPOSITS—$5Q0-or-morerOn^
' (withdrawals-on-demand—atrsllghtlr^^wccd^lntorost^aro^y^'^^^*™^
ill n ' I '
Wharf Street
Twosdayi to Saturday
■•    ■ -        ■    •, .i ,
,    l.l
I     I,,'"
"|i.*iii*,. .....t.
\»" '"■
...H... I 4 iW,.„W^,n„44.4«».l.4 .l..4»4,^ WU,,,„W W 44—^ H.I4H....J  . mm. WHpuMIHM,,,^ pM
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Vt_!' :-k.  lita.  .n^mSi^m^!^^  *Oir  Sechelt Homemakers Club   Damaging etiett ,.  ^lects^nevrbtticet slate <  Wednesday, Ma rcn 1, 1972       ,   Trie Peninsula Times* Page A-3  with  SUNSHINE  COAST  RCMP  Highway Patrol  (QUESTIONS pertaining to traffic laws  and driving methods may be submitted txrCtmstTRon Mangari, c/'oThe Peninsula Times, Box 310, Sechelt, B.C. or  phone  RCMP  at   885-2266).  How  well do' you know  your  driving  facts??  Try   these   questions:  ��� 1. Approximately   (a). 2000, .(b)   5,000,  (c)   10,000  Canadians, are  killed  in  road  .accidents every year. 2. Defensive driving  is   (a)   driving   slowly   Co)   knowing   the  traffic rules  (c)  being icady for tho. utu.  <ixp��Gted~a4^-all   times,   3.   Stopping..distance for a car at 50 mph is  (a)  50, (b.  150,   (c)   250,   (d)   350  feet.   |  The  single  "mTJst significant  cause" "of Tata lilies,   serr-~  ous injuries and  property damage is:  (a)  the one-car, or "mystery crash",  (b)" the  two-car crash,  (c)  the  rear-end  collision.  5. If two vehicles approach an unmarked  intersection   at   the   same   time,   the   one  on the (a) right, (b)  left, shall yield the  SECHELT 'Homemakers' Club has  elect-   .ed7a__new slate of officers as follows:--  president, Mrs. Stella Johnson; vice-pr��s-  ident,   Mrs.  Sarah- Paul;  secretary," Miss  Lorrie   Paul!  and-., treasurer, -Mrs;v-iLiza"  August.  0To help ^.raise funds for the annual  Easter Sports Day, raffle-tickets are now  on sale and can be purchased from any  of the Homemakers who will, also be  selling  tickets  in  the Trail  Bay  Centre.   First���pldze  is   a __ty fine   huckskin.  Coast Forest Industry  rocks under'demands  vest, size 40. Second prize is'a$30 hamper  ..and   third  prize 7s   a   beaded   necklaee-.  The draw will take place during the Easter sports. '  " v -  THE IWA list' of 44 demands i'or higher  wage*; and costly fringe benefits "lend  an air of unreality" to coast forest industry negotiations, the industry said  recently.  A preliminary assessment of the IWA  demands indicate that ..they���would cost"  the eoast forest u^kgM'. more than $136  million in the -.next year, if fully imple*  merited. It would mean an average hourly   increase   of   more   than   $3   for  e*ach  com-  wo'odworkcr.  This   far exceeds  the  bined earnings of the entire-coast forest  'industry in  1971.  FIR  bargains /or 115 B.C. coast companies in talks which opened today with  7he IWA for a new industry-wide master  Trgrce'ment.'  John M. B'llings, FIR'president, sajd  IWA demands' have been put forward  with very , little regard/ to the .serious  affect   they   will   have   on   the   industry's  -a'  ability to recover from recent low product  clelnand and  low prices.  While product demand and prices Have  --improved-this���has���net���been-matehed-by<--.  an equaf recovery in earnings. The Ca-_  nadian dollar remains at near par with  the  TJ.S.   dollar  and  this  is  costing  the  B.C. industry millions' of dollars a year,.  Billings  said.  And, he said, the industry is faced  with these IWA demands despite the  fact that' B.C. coast woodworkers .earn  more than woodworkers in the Douglas  fir ljegion of Washington anoTJD^egon;  the region that is. in direct competition  ,  with  B.C. jn  world markets.      The  base  rate  for  B.C.  coast * woodworkers   is  $3.72   per  hour.  Douglas  fir  region woodworkers in the U.S; earn  $3.44. This is the only l;arge Canadian  industry   that   pay$. higher* than   Amer-  :ric^n���wage^  1_^_._���;_^���7^:_  Billings noted ;��� that the^XWA'is now  proposing by its extensive demands to"  widen this gap even further. Obviously,  the industry cannot continue to worseif  even further its position with' the" U.S.,  he said."      '����� "  GLAD TIDINGS  TABERNACLE  ��  Sundays 10.0*0 a.m.; 7:00 p.m.  Wednesday Bible Study 7:30 p.m.  ~7 ^PASTOR* NANCY" DYKES----  Gower Point, Road  ACCOUNTANTS  RALPH C. DUCKWORTH  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Telephone: 885-9515  SECHELT, B.C.  Telephone: 886-2912  GIBSONS, B.C.  right of way  6. Wet pavemehTcan "increase stopping distance by as much  as (a) 5 times, (b) 10 times, (c) 20 times.  7. In city driving, activate your turn  signals at least (a) Q,ne block, (b) one-  -haijf���biircicTtc) one-"qu��fTT^r_^l6cltr_frbm  the intersection at which you \>lan to  turn. 8. In negotiating curves, slow down  'lbe'fO'ive^yaa-n^^ehr--ft��)---after you .ace.  in   the  curve.  9.   Upon  entering   an   ex-  W.  Philip Gordon  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT     -  Tel:   Bus.   886-2714,   Res. 88*7567  Harris Block, Gibsons, B.C.  BUILDING  SUPPLIES  FUEL  (continued)  READY-MIX CONCRETE AND  BUILDING SUPPLIES  Your One Sjop Building Store  *   For AUYour Building Needs: .  GIBSONS BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.   1653 Seaview - Phone 886-2642  pressway, (a) speed up, tb* slow aown,  as you prepare to merge with through  traffic.    10.   After   \h_   stop   liph1    turns  ^ttt-r-suFPtiEr  -Telephone 886-2069  green, you should count slowly to three  before you go (a) True (b) False.  Answers:    1���(b), -2���(c),   3���(c),   4���  (b), 5���(b), 6���(a), -7���(b\ 8���(a), 9���(a),  10���(a).     ���  . J"*), Is  it   a   legali requirement���that���a.  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  Pottery, Supplies, classes & firing  dealer for Duncan's Ceramic* products ._-  Pine Rd. & Grandview Ave.  P.O. Box 62, Gibsons, B.C;  TWIN CREEK BUILDING SUPPLIES  DIAL  Gibsons 886-2291 - Sechelt 885-2288  WHEN YOt> NEED BUILDING SUPPLIES  GIVE US A GALL  FREE ESTIM  n^  rmrn, i. >yV,jw  Free Estimotes - fasr^rvtcir  G & W DRYWALL  Drywall acoustic and textured .ceilings.  Now servings Gibsons area and the Peninsula.  Phone 884-5315  Box 166, Port Mellon, B.C.  RNIE WIDMAN  for all your  iSSO PRODUCTS  IMPERIAL ESSO DEALER  Phone 883-2663  Madeira  Park, B.C.   : . ^gft- _-a ;   For Your Fuel Supplies  MARINE  SERVICES  V-  "���"  DANNY WHEELER  your  IMPERIAL ESSO AGENT__  1^=886-9663 -  Hopkins Landing  GIBSONS MARINE  SERVICES LTD.  Complete  automotive and marine repairs and  parts; welding; sales; boat hauling; OMC and  . Chrysler Marine dealership.  886-7411   ���   Gibsons s>���   Box 397  CLAYTON WELDING & MARINE  Marine Ways to 42'  ������ -Bottom"' Repairs  883-2535  Box 7 - Garden Bay, B.C.  ROOFING AND  FLOORING  "NURSERY^  FURNACES  vehicle be equipped with a speedometer?  ���Ar-There is no requirement under the  ^VUTO  SERVICE  ��� -.-Motor- ..-Vehicle- ��� Act  for a   vehicle   other  than  a school bus to  be equipped  with  a  workable  speedometer.  Radial Tires and Tixe chains.���Information is now available that the link type  tire chains are an unsuitable type of  ���chain   for   placing   on   radial   ply   tires.  SECHELT HOME SERVICE  Atlas Parts - Good Year Tires  885-2812 or 885-9979  -COTTlTCT-TWAKfRS  Tire 'experts point out that due to more  flexible side walls and greater deflection  rate���?��- fi   rRdial   lire   that   using . link  type   chains  cou Id * result   in. damage Jjp���  -the side wails of the radial tire. Motorists  who equip their cars, with radial type  tires should consult their tire dealer concerning the use of proper type chains.  Improve   Your "Vision.-^Accordihg   to  ������"���ttre-BTftt's^^  tic-ners, your vision will.improve 2.0,000  to 30,000 Umes if you wait a few mih-  ule's D&fore' driving off into the dark.  The Association claims it'takes-1 about 15  minutes for a driver's* *eyeg''tJtS "tbecorhe ������ ���  qompletely accustomed to the dark���but  few motorists evqu wail 15 seconds. They  iome out of a lighted building, jump  into  a car and  drive  off.  They  are,  in  _Jlac^j^u4ially_-blind,���Aeeaiidiug==:lo==the==  ^British Group, for minimum safety, 17  year .old drivers should wait two or  three "minutes and GO year old drivers  tit, least five 'minutes for dark adaptation, but ii-still takers 15 minutes to gain  your best dark vision.  Head-on Collisions.���Almost  anything  ���"is" bolter  than  a' head-on' collision  but,  if one is imminent, take to the bushes,   ,,,.flh9.^1,c"o���^.),,pr,,v.ditch,,,to,,,youl���.,.,right,,,, Don't.,,,..  try 'to"outguess'' the other driver by heading to tho left. He might be asleep, drunk,  A1^,^   ,    to  his Horisos  at tho  last  moment  and"  swerve hack,into his own lane, If there  ��� is lime, blow your horn or flash your  lights, 77 ,.  .���,  .,. .  AU IUMU11VE UNDERCOAT!NG  STEAM CLEANING  ���eeM^fegfE-���yi  SIMONIZING  Esslemont Equipment Services  Phone 886-2784  Box 436, GiBsons. B.C.  BANKS  OCEANSIDETfURNITURE &  CABINET SHOP  HARDWOOD SPECIALISTS  FINE CUSTOM FURNITURE a  KITCHEN AND BATHROOM CABINETS  Our Cabinet Units Are All Prefitnshed  Before  Installation.  R   BIRK IN ��� Beach Ave.-RobertsXreekr B.C.  OIL FURNACES, STOWS AND HEATERS  ALL MAKES CLEANED AND REPAIRED  All Work Guaranteed   7  COASTLINE SERVICES   Phone 885-2021  ^AOPS-MURSERY - Roberts-Creekr  Box 798  Sechelt, B.C.  Phone 886-2551  CHIMNEY CLEANING  No Mess Vacuum Cleaning  OIL STOVES, FURNACES, AND HEATERS  CLEANED AND REPAIRED  ������������ " Ati^Wefl^GtiafQitfeed���> ��������  ROYAL BANK OF CANADA  SECHELT BRANCH���Phone 885-2201  GIBSONS BRANCH���-Phono 886-2201  HOURS:  Sechelt: Tues.-Thurs. 10: a.m.-3 p.m4  J:ri.10o.m.76_pjri^aLJiLajn^3-p.m..  G'bsonsrMoni-Thurs. 10 a.m.-.3 p.rri;-, -  .Fri. 10 a.m.-6 p.m.  APPL1A1MCE  REPAIRS   , _. j- , ���_  Guaranteed Repairs Fast Service  .WASHERS - DRYERS - RANGES  "'RADIO'"^ TELEVISION - STEREO  7 TTRAIL BAX ENTERPRISES  Nickorion Road, Box 5787 Socholt - 885-9318  Carry in/tarry out service on small appllancos,  toaster?, irons,- trypans, portable heaters; ��� hairdryers, mix masters, vacuums etc.o  i       ' " '    Ii.  COASTLINE SERVICES  Qomplete Home Renovations and Repairs -   -  Phone 885-2021  <Box 7oV8\ Sechelt, B.C.  CONTRACTORS  COAST BACKHOE & TRUCKWG  BLASTING  PENDER HARBOUR  ������.���.,-, , I- .-FULL GQSPEL,,���,,��;,..,,,,,,.��.,,  TABERNACLE  SUNRA,CSCHOQLANia,BIBLE.,CLASS.���,.  ���rt -��?r4B^o��r :���*""   CHURCH SERVICE���11 ;00 A.M.  ,., ,        .      |   I1   .        .        .     -.  , 7   l M '  Pastor Rev. Waftcr S. Ackroyd  Madeira Park ��� 883-2374  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCbl  JUndoriomli,*al'lonal)'---f'ir-  ��.M^44-l4>.r  Sunday School r���. 10:00 a.m.  ~ChHrchSorYl����-'-i-<ililS'q|(inii-   , ��� ,,E,yo'>iI��*i�� Sorylca 7f30 p,m,  PASTOR REV. S. CASSELLs'  Pavla Day Road and Arbutui  -��(2 block* up from Highway)��  -CONTROLLED BLASTING  ALL WORK INSURED  ' FREE ESTIMATE      7  FRED DONLEY.  -rPondof "-HaTbouFH~B83a240^  WATER SURVEY, SERVICES  For Expert Blasting  .!:....      FREE, ESTIMATES  Phono 885.-2304 L. C> Emerson  If No Answer Leave M'ossa'ao at  , 883-2763 or 886-7377  ,..���.%������ JR��K��-l-r^Sqc.hoJlv��R|t!CjL;   BRICKLAYING)  TX'SIMPKINS'-   SaoholtrPjC."*"  Tho United Church of Canada  SERVICES  1   St, John'�� United Church - Payli Pay  Sunday Sorvlcon - 9|30 o.m,  ...    , ���    Roborti Crook United  ,-,.,�����_-.Sunday SorVlcoa- 2|30 p.m,.,J���*��.  Glbsoni United Church   "  7Sunclay Sorvlcos - 1 ls!5 a.m. 1  f Port Mollon United     <   ^. SCtrutny S01 vlcou - 7i30 p.m   ''' '2nd and 4th Sundays) /  .   ..  , ,   Mlnlitry. ,   ,  I"<iy. Jim Vyjll^mjon (- Gibsons  .806-2333  Bor*3T7  . Phono 885-2132  Fill, Cement-Gravel/Drain Rock, etc  Box 89, Madeira Park  Phone 883x2274  L & H SWANSON LTD.      --      READY-MIX CONCRETE   Sand and GrVivel - Backhoes  �� Ditching - Excavations  ���"������r"OFFIGE'M'N'-BENK(ER^Bt:OGKT'-  885-9666,  Box 172, Sechelt, B.C.  PHONE 885-9550 I*  RON'S CONTRACTING  Clearing - Excavations - Road Building  ^..Grading -.Fill.��.Rqad Gravel.-Crushed.Rock-,,,.  Phone: Sechelt 885-9550  Land Clearing���"- Road Building'*  Tree Topping - Solcotive Logging  PETE DUBOIS  Tolophono 883-2417  R.R71/ Madeira Park, B.C.  DISPOSAL SERVICES  SUNSHINE COAST DISPOSAL  SERVICES LTD,  PARKINSON'S HEATING LTD.  GIBSONS  ESSO OIL FURNACES  No down payment - Bank interest  f Ten years to Day  For free estimate���Call 886-2728  ��� Complete line^of appliances  HAIRDRESSERS  ANN'S COIFFURES  in the Bal Block  Next to the Go-op Store  886-2322  Landscaping - Shrubs - Fruit Trees - Fertilizer  Berry Plants - Bedding Plants - Peat Moss  Fully Licensed Pesticide Sprayirig~for  Landscaping and Trees  ALL TYPES OF ROOFING APPLIED  AND REPAIRED  All Work Guaranteed   v  Complete Home Renovations and Repairs  COASTLINE SERVICES   >  Phone 885-2021  Box 798 '   Sechelt, B.C.   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SECHELT BEAUTY SALON  Dianne Allen, Proprietor  ' Expert Hair Styling  Cowrie St., Phone  Sechelt, B.C. 885-2818  COASTLINE SERVICES  Phone 885-2021  Box 798 Sechelt, B.C.  ^   SEASIDE PLUMBfNG  Gibsons  Plumbing - Pipefitting - Steamfitting  Hot Water Heating - Pipe Lagging   TJsea-  885-9832  Seche1*^  SURVEYORS  ROY & WAGENAAR  B.C- Land Surveyors  "Marin*e"*Buttdtf^^  Sechelt, B.C.  885-2332 or ZEnirh 6430  FREE ESTIMATES  COASTAL TIRES  Sunshine Coast Highway    Box T3rGibsont, B.C. - Phono 886-2700  frwfT"1^"  Toll 006-2938 or 885-9973  Cqfi'Os For Your Disposal Needs.  Whon Renovating QrSprlnp Cleaning,  Containers Availablo,  ELECTRICIANS"  w&m  !^mmmiw��mmf  BUILDERS  COR ZUIDEMA  Fori. AILyour^RbnovallpnslwRopalrs ���  ,   ,        and. Cablnpt, Work ,  Phono 805-2135  ww^wwmiiWT^  IMMMWWV  -Bdptist^Churchf Services^  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  , Mcrjnald oml Trail, Secholt  ~Sundqy*Schoo|-iP!00-a;mr  Mornlnn>**Wo'r*5hlp~H;"1 i>~'arrnr���-  "^^AT^XR^DTsPT^^CHaR^^^^  Park Road, Glbioiti  , Morning Worship 9;30 o.m.'   '  ���Sunday School'l0:45 am, .  Evonlno Fellowship 7:00 p.m.''  REV, RpP|CRT ALLADY, Po'tror    ���   .'-<805.2809>u- ~��� r-l-  ���-A^AftM-WCLCOME AWrMTS YOU  PLY-CONIS DEVELOPMENTS 8.'"',  HOUSING CORP' LTD.  Swnslilno Coast'qncl Islancla  CONVENTIONAL;' MOPULAR AND PREFAD  *      Wo Hqvp A Thousand.Idoas1 ���  '*"^^'*,tw*ourPricos-ATfl:'Compotiriva:"r'rtM'  Phono Yancouvor 602-3642  4.      . Wrlto Dox 676 - Socholt, D.C.  TRjQON DEVELOPMENTS LTD  -CU5TOM"HOMES-��~PRE'PAP*HpME5  ���HlQli'QniSTITy-.'TTRonsqpWlQ'Prlcoi  Buy a Package ond orocl It yourself, or pot_  our professional holp., (.  GARPEN PAY, P,C, - Phono Evo��.' 1)03-2723  .���'���  ��� ��� ' ���'��� ' i  ��  ' Low��� coat - High power  ,,.,    .;  Your Business Card ���,-  ;.;  -'���v **- In this spacerwlih--   -.,.. :  roach .ncarly-l 0,000 ��� pcoploL*^���-.  ACTON ELECTRIC LTD.  , .Residential - Industrial end Marino Wlrlrifl  ElQctrla Heal - Lino Work.  Phono 8867244  Rqsldonflal^Commofcla|--Tlntlustrlal  '���   .   SIM::lUCfIiC?l,TD.       ���   ;:  Gov't Certified Electricians'  "~ Ji/^^KENZ|E -:���-:���������;:������;  ���ELECTRICAU CONTRACTOR  Appllanca Repair's  PHONE 805-9978  Box 387, SochoH,.fi.C(   ,  HEATING & SHEET METAL  OIL FURNACES, STQVES AND HEATERS  Ali'makcs Vacuumed, Cleaned and Repaired  All Work Guaranteed  COASTLINE SERVICES  Phone 885^2021  Box 798 ' Secholt, B.C.  '     HALL SHEET METAL  .Domestic - Commercial - Industrial u  Telephone 885-9606  Box 164, Sechelt, B.C.  ���<���,'' '���    ������ ���','������.������. I       ,        ���   ,'���   ���    ' :    ..       . ,   a r    s  OIL FIRED WARM AIR HEATING'  OIL FIRED WATER HEATERS       (^  ' ;    Nothing Down-��� 10 Years To Pay  LIqIH Plumbing  MyJifanch,o.., ^^.Mff4p��.ro-Pork,  -l8"3-24tyi '       "v 883-2778  IRONWORKS  PENINSULA ORNAMENTAL  IRONWORKS  ,  ..    ...WROUGHT IRON. RAILINGS ..  ���'  AND MISCELLANEOUS ORNAMENTAL "  JRCifcUMBBI^  Phone 886-7017 ot 886-2848  Repairs - Alterations - New Installations  LAURIE'S  PLUMBING &   HEATING  LTD. "    ' " ~  Goyt, Certified Plumber  Phone 886-2406  GENERAL DELIVERY - SECHELT, B.C.  ���   24 Hour Service  PENINSULA PLUMBING LTD.  :..,��� Sales and Seryicfc-: 885-9533  Everything . for the  Do-lt-Yourselfer!  (,   Also Paints and Heating Supplies  < 7 Free Estimates,  / Port Mellon to Pender  Jack Marshall       Jack Macleod  886-96^28 885-283!  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' ��������������� *   n-^RENT-TlT-AT'  THE RENTAt SHOP  at Dny|�� Boy  , 7'Wo Rent or Soil Almost EvprythlnoV.    ,  Typawrltor^ - Lighting Plants �� Tolovlolona  Roto Tlllors - Comonl MI��ors�� Lawn Rakes  PHONE Q8K2Q48 ^ 24 HOUR SERVICE  - AFTER HOURS 005-2151 * ���.,   ,..  WO-AII. STORES  <u-8fwtmmi?fa**>**i>#h* m  P.  CANADIAN" .~r-ROPAHB���  GAS & OIL LTD  Serving lho Sunshine. Coo��t with rollnhlo nnd  oconomlcal CooMng; Heating and Hot Water,  ~    '������      '      FREE ESTIMATES   -^   ���  'FNwMfe.,;.:;,,.  _W,l\arCan4JDolphin <-.~,Scch<;ftv.,B.G*.  JOHNSON'S " r "'."���"���  7   ;,������;   BUILPI^G MAINTEHANCB  ���  SpoclollzlnaJn:  Popor Handing, Interior ft Extorlor docorailno,   Rwg'ClhnnlngrAII 1vpw�� of-Dulldlnfl ��� ���  Malnlonoiyca, Floor InMallatlon,  WlricJow Cloanlno,  ,_   PHONE 088.971 S AFTER 4, ffM.  Poa 642'- Socholt, B.C.  i ���7;;""'"';:ri';"i."'7i ('iimuiiiiiiiiinririr^ n"fT  MACHINE SHOP  Al tho Slflni ol im Chevron  HlU'S MACHINE SHOP  '-���"^^MAKI'NrSERYICE-UTDr-^���"  .��� ��� Machine Shop t��� Arc and Acty Woldma  ��t ��Stool ,'Fabrlcnttna --"' Morlno VYny��  -'-��� Atitomotlvonnd Marino Rppnlti'". "]'  Standard M^lrino Station  Phono 886.7721       Ron. 806.7936, 006.9326  W.lwl^.N*���n ��� ...H.   ��������   .^������������<*1MW.  ...���H..I.II i���H- ������!> ��� mm*  n , I *       I  YOUR AD IN THIS/DIRECTORY^  iREACWfS^SOOJiOaES.  C&S HARDWARE  SECHELT, P.C.  "APPLIANCES"~ HARDWARE^  HOME .FURNISHINGS  Phono 005-9713    7  EElM'WroCfOTlSFER  Hqusehpld Mqylng, Packing, Storagi  Packing Materials For Sale  ���-���Member of Allied Von Lfhei,   '  -eanoddVNoT'rt-Movers'-  /.jlfa ���.'"!-a_$'if # JrAittfrtyi.} ���Tt  Phone 886-2664, R.R. 1, Gibsons, B.C.  > �����'��������� ��� ������'���������' ������| ������ ..in....   ��� ...���������,iT.,..w-^.i....^..���!���.,������ i������ i.i^m  SUNSHINE TR-ANSPORT  ,    WAREHOUSES  , Gibsons Q86-2172 .  DAILY SERVICE FROM VANCOUVER  .SERVING THE SECHELT P^  "���l^FurnlluT^iTon7whore Iri Conada".  Gonorol Frolght. Low-bod and heavy hoiillnff  ' '   '  '. .'  .''.'    7   ,      '     , ���  XV, and RADIO  T.V. ANTENNAS  SALES, SERVICE AND. INSTALLATION  All Work Guaranteed  tm^ TOGGERr ���  Ladlos' and Chjldronfs V/oor  Open six day�� . week      ^  1 * ���-^-~lpi1'5-jYQT'88 5:2063"ra7~*���"  , Cowrio Street/ Socholt  Pondqr Harbour �� 883-2513  ^-.-^���HARBOUR-SUPPLIES  ���*Electrlcal">^PIumhlnc("**"-"~-Appllancos*'  TVs -, Purnlturo and Carpota ���-  P.O. Box 158 Madolro Park, Hwy 101  at' Fr'ancis Pcnlnsijla  ��-���j��� .i i   Use' these spades ��'to  ���'.. ��� ,ret��ch���ne'arlyi|0,00O>papplo��' V  COASTLINE SERYICES  Phono 885-2021 -��.    ,  Don 790      , Socholt}, B.C.  SUNSHINE COAST T,Y. SALES  & SERVICE LTD.   - ADM IK At- ��� - ELECTROHOMB :  ...    and . ZENITH     DEALERS .    .      .  Gordon Oliver   -    Ed Nicholson  In Tho. Wart Of D6Wntb^ri7Socho|t  JBox.Z2?i-J5ochpj!r ;,-'   ;-085*9816  ,   ,    CLOSED' ON MONDAYS r  TYPIEWRITER REPAIRS  * 4r���*l,  i^Win'fi"  TYPEWRITER REPA|RS fi, SERYICfi  Agent"forHormos Typovyrltors '   7 ;*  >; ���  PHONE 886-^728 '���'     \^  ''Rr6rwrraT"��,cco:  "W*��*������f^lW  UPHOLSTERY  *.v  ����� I it-Hf |C+*1*1*P����!��W��*K*  I '.  fl"1  ,'**-  tV4iMMnh-tk.v��nAiHHtiqMi>ii)n i h -i^f ��iw#..��<tii*,*i*l ty  ,.,��!���  ,w ,'...���  '�� r,  t>*\  BELAIR CUSTOM' UPHOLSTERY  |     AND DRAPERIES    \    ";  Reuphojuterinfl - Resiling - Complete D(roftff))�� '       ���  .- Service ��� Sornple* thoMIn-rho'in9t^Q'''r"m"'''^7vr''''''"1"��'"'  *- ��� '��� 'ii;'.������'������ i\.t^��_kjl'_M"J:''',__-      m'   , . '���', ,i ,.\\     *'    ,   \ '<  Phontf 88d*2050 *.*ift��r 6 p^^yyr.yy  ��4<ftW>ff.BfW��MW<*��lM<.teM����A��M*M  ,,,r     l>4,|.rfc��,/���|.    u.'- .   I.  1 ' ,4H, *^.     j . ^  '  I '4|if.,'j(*( .vVfi.'i'n'';'!*!  o>t 886-2873  '7 -  1        ,.'' ',   ��'*%.���.,..  ,1..����..'..' 11  ^ .    ,.,��.*f .,l\l ,t|   ., (.'. \'^l^ .4' |^. '  f'    ,>MM|*^<y   (f    t,,'il,i.J,C �� J���           ,                 ,                 'I.    '.   4. y
Pqg04 A-4      Peninsula Times, Wednesday, March 1, 1972:   R£Al  ESTATE (Cont) REAL   ESTATE .(Continued)    WOR^ WANTED (Cont.) -   ^WANTED TO RENT (coot.)   /OJTOS & TRUCKS" (Con*:')    FOR SALE {Continued)
The Peninsula^Juned. »
<Sechett - Phone 885-9654
'ibsons - Phone 886-7244
Publishpd Wednesdays by -
Powell River News Tywn Crier
Seilielt Times Ltd.
al Sechelt, B.C.
'   ■      Established 1963
Member, Audit Bureap
of Circulations
 Sept. 30,-1971  _
MY sii,rciv lliimk': in' tin'-
many I'riciuls und m'u'Jilmrs
wlwr so.kinr'ily soul me rinw-
pi-'S und cai'ds during my rc-
. ceni slay in Si. Mary's Hospital, alsc. tn (Idcliirs and sl.al'f
for their 'many' kindnesses. — '
Margaret   Ilumm. 8323-14
Gross Circulation 2915
Paid Circulation 2478
As filed with the Audit Bureau
.of Circulation, subject to audit.
Classified Advertising Rates:
3-Line Ad^Diiefs (12 words)
Iieai  Estate &$ Insurance
Notary    Public    &    Appraisals
(lib.sons,   1* c,
LAND  IS   YOPH   P,F,'*T.
br madr in lliese 2 duplexes
in Gibsons village overlook ing
the Harbor. 2 units are 2 bdrms. and 2 one be'drms.. on
beautiful, landscaped corner
lot ■ complete with patios a*rtd
storage sheds.' These are £ent-
ed permanently, and can be
-•ptw-h-afted on terms, call for
details    and    appointment    to:
One   Insertion . . $1.00
Three Insertions __. $2.00
Extra lines (4 words)  -_20c
(This rate does not apply to
commercial Ad-Briefs)
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...   is   pleased   to   sponsor^, this
Birth   Announcement   space,    and
extends  Best  Wishes to   frhp   happy
.\ parents.
WISH !o conbicl Sunshwie
Coast Swappmiv. ('iiib. uu'hi ■
lii-rs or ar'N'oiii' wisIhiii.; Io join
I In' . club I'or summer sports
nnd (Mtbiigs. write Hox _'.\\.
c/o Peninsula Times, Hox 310,
Sechelt. K3I7-14
WATERFRONT property'war*
ted. Apjprox. 1 ,pcre with- ac-
ecrsibj^leach. Rt?p|y L.'Brid^-
m';ii, _ 4494 Ruskin Place, ~N.
Vancouver. 8282-15
relaxatiini a snr.e" thint; on
Ihis beaui'il'nl b. :if. . |(), 'N,(|,
ural park scttinj; and only
$'2,r>(ll)    Cull    pri.ee,   seasy   /terms
too. * '.
GIBSONS: ' Handyman's   special. Older 4 bdrm.   home  on
view lot* Terms on $11,000.
"Immaculate 4 room cottage on-
*' view  lot:  IdeaJ   fpr  the   retired    couple.    Garage    large
enough    for   car    and   "hdrJby":
bench. Terms ion $18,000.
IPS IN ESS._ina"ch fi i e " fepur '&
sYrvicv    Phone- «£(>-272B.
'    .        ~7993-tfn
'I.'JAN.O ;iccoiii|Kmist urjU'nlly
n.'cdcii by' t4ie Sechelt Klc-
Micnlary- Sclionl ('hoir. Pracl i-
..-. Iroi.i v7:'.H lo !i p in. every
l< i j, i.iy ami on ol her occasion1'
during sclionl hours! Anyone
intei'esled,: pLea.sc phone the
rhool' 885-2114. H320-14
WANTED _    _ji^ ——-
FRESH    horse " manure    and
lavvrT"ia<Her.  Also   12'   or   14'
7u:mmu,'m   boat.  PhT"85B^25g37'
G7nTATJT]"" \vTTTT.eTecfi-Tcity and
• good..   cen\tyit     or.   wooden
floor wr.nted, Gibsons to Roberts.' Creek   area.. Ph.  88fi-21f»3
' after, ,0   p.m. ,       8316-14
-1.960- FORDdTranel in- gqocj-tott--;
—rl'ijion.   Asking   $37-!".    No.   3
Duplex. Sunshine Coast Tiwl-
er Park or Phone *886-23'l'0.'    •
'•        734li-tfn
BABY" carrfage" cohveils Into
-stroller. Brand new. $50. Ph
88fi-  2902. • '       -8303-14
CHICKS —PayniMsler R. 1. Red
Cross-": white I .eghorns, while
'Rocks. ()rdi*r early, send I'or
pruvs. N;.|)ier Hatchery 22470-
U4th A\7., R.lC 7, -Langley,
B.C.   ,r>34-(;2()8. 7840-1 fn
ONE   1on    Chev    I'or   sale.    17
.inch ..wheels,   A-l    condition.
Ph,  88(i-7:M.'*.
2   YEAR   old   registered   half
...Arab pony filly. Gentle. Ph.
88C-.28(il   after   5 ' p.m.
:i:i Ion I ruck iiy'j^iofl. working
' condilion, $185. Ph. 886-
20!) I. .  83-18-14
*       _     _
■19C8  DATSUN  pick-up. '27.000
miles,   good    condition"" -PITT
886-28G1   after 5. p.m.    8310-14
"   Paint--""-Fibreglass— Rope—
..Canvas-—Boat   Hardware,
v   Compressed  air  service
rhone  886-9303.  Gibsons, B.C.
ViATERFRONT: 68 f\of level
beach gees with  these  two,
2   h-idro.'-m   homes   _\    Roberts
SOAMES   POINT:    Attractive
family   home  features 4- bef-
rm., comb, dining and kitchen.
Overseas  4—.	
Special Citizens,
.$10.00   yr.
ALCOHOljlCS Anonynioua —
Meetings 8:30 p.m., Thursdays, Wilson Creek Comnpun-
ity Hall. Ph. 885-9327, 886^
2343. 4979-tfn
WISH  to  contact  Latter  Day
Creek.    One>   rented    all    year
rou'iid,    ino    other    ready    for
yourself. Nice wooded long lot,
all-   .services.    Could-   be   good
revenue   investment   also,   see
this,  at   ^37,500.      *
o!d,   on   a    landscaped   view
lot. This well built  home features   a   waU   fireplace,   hardwood floors, dining room opening to sun  deck. 2 bdrms.  up-
-stairs, furnished and rented all
^year.   Good'  investment    as   a
Duplex.    F.P.    $31,500.    Some
Terms.   •
tJy Carrier
Copyright and/or property rights
subsists in all display advertising
and-oTrrer—material, ap^e^ring in
this edition of the Sech^IFTenin-
sula Times. Permission to reproduce wholly.-Or in part and in
any form whatsoever, particularly
by a photographic or offset process
in a publication, must be obtained
writing from"the-pubJ4sber. Any
^SrSfr *fhrhitS' members. Phone 885-
$4.00    2175  or  886-2^46. 6766-tfn
WATERFRONT:   A  park   like
setting,   with  a  stream  and
TOY    Poodles     puppie-.s,    two.
wWter~twrTT)Tacks,  9 weeks.
Ph.   885-9797.   * 8297-15
CHAMPION    sired    registered
Beagle puppies for sale. Ph.
886-9892 eves. 7983-14
waterfront very exclusive to
find A modern 3 bdrm. home-
situated   close    to   the   beach
~fBarrtrrry-a--pi-no T„R, willtiire^
place, W/W carpets, master
bdrm. opening onto a pation.
.all making this a fine place
to live. Make an appointment
to view at $52,000.
buiit^-in range and wall oveh,
spacious living room has fireplace and opens to lge. sun
deck 4 pc. ba'h and utility.
Pol ting' room for the "green
thumb" el' the family. Matching garage. Few steps to excellent beach. Attractive terms
HOPKINS LOT: One only left
in    this    desirable    location.
Panoruir.ii   view  of  mountains
and   water.   Only  $6,000.
Sound family norte on view
lot. House consists' 4-bdrms.,
comb, kitchen and dining, nice
size living room opens to deck.
"Small sewing room. Rec room
A-oil furnace. Blk. to]3 roads
front and back. Terms on $21,-
It   you  are  browned  oii,
\  try'me.
885-9746    '
.", HEDROOM home with en
suite and basement plumb-
i il;. 1465 sq: ft. with full base-
tncyi. W-W throughout. Fireplace up and down, $250 per
month. Available April 1 fi.
Ph. J. G. Warn, 886-2681.
24 x 60 - 1440 sq. ft. of grac-
' ious   living.   2   bedrooms,   2
-baths, large family loom, large"
closets and cupboards^. Buill in
China Cabinet. Furnish tq
your own personal tastes. This
is the best basic unit on the
Peninsula.   Weh#Ve   paid   the
■d-oiib'e l'cMy~cTiarges. Put this
hue home on your, own foundation aiui'be eligible for Home
Owners Grant. Our lowest
price. $I5,5(K) cash. May be
financed. No agents. Ph. 885-
2153  alter 6  p.m. 8280-1 fn
1967 ACADIAN 2- d,r. hard top
327,    4    spd.    pos.    traction,
good   tines.   Ph.   885'2496   after
6 ■%*_-■- — - ^7986=14-
1956 FORD,  good  running or-
,der, for .sale.  Wanted  to buy,
gas  'stove.    Ph.   885-9820   ask'
Jul- Dar;vl. 8307-14
1200   FT.   150   lb.   W.P.   plastic
water pipe in  57-olls, brand
new. Ph. 886-2861 after 5 p.m.
**—- — -——830Q-H-
CQMPLETE   drum   set,   must	
SECOND - hand     lumber     for
sale   Ph.   886-7780; 798444
s°el1. Excellent condition, $200
or best  offer. Ph. 886-7703.
___ ■  x ■
LARGE Beatty lroner," sit-
down type. 6 piece walnut
dimog-room .suite. 3 boys'
bikes, need fixing. 6 double
Chinchilla cages can be used
for rabbits. Ph. 886-2861 after
5-p.m- 8309,14
$14,700 FULL PRICE
HALL for rent —Wilson Creek
Community     Hall.     Contact
17" ESTAVILLA camper trailer, top condition, $1.100 cash
*—PhrOTS-^Ubtt or"885-2383.
Gihsons, B.C.
Phone 88(5-2000
Mrs. Diane Anderson 3&5=2985r~-
2 BEDROOM home, all year
round excluding July and
August. 5 acres rjf giuunds,
good grazing. John Black 886-
7316.  = ""~       "    "   "8003-tfii
33 FT. Fibreglass boat, 160
Isuzu diesel. Also a cone muf-
fler.   Ph.'  886-9696. 8326-14
STORE • for   rent
in   Sechelt.
—Available  February  1.  Sun
shine Coast T. V. Ph, .R85=aBl!L.
..USED "tanks   1,000   gal.  2,000
gal. and 3,000 gal.-Good condition, good prices. Phone Bob
Near  Madeira   Park—4   BR   home  on   large  view   lot.   Has   oil
furnace, balcony on 2 sides. Immediate possession.
8   acres" with "approx.- 450'  choice,  water-frontage—Large   3   BR
home—Revenue duplex. $120,000 with terms.
2 BR home with basement on 85 ft. waterfront, lot (over 1  acre)
and overlooking  Pender Haiboui.  riieplacc/ oil'heat.-Immediate
possession. Full price $35,000 with $20,000 down. x
2 side by si'de view lots of approx.   \V_  acres each. Only a few
.hundred ft. from Marina. Each priced at $10,000—Terms.
unauthorized  reproduction  will  be
subject—~tb—reiouibe     in—-terwr
"In the event of a typographical
error advertising goods or services,
at a wrong price, goods or services
may not be sold and the difference
charged to the newspaper. Advertising is merely an offer to sell,,
and may be withdrawn at any
time."—(Supreme Court decision).
-^^veii^irig_Js___gccegted_ von   the
PART poodle puppies I
—$10 each. Also silver
Poodle,   $25.   Ph.
or sale,
-iVmcTle— LOVELY
'w it'll
SECLUDED but accessible by
good   lane,   160   acres   beautiful     well     elevated     undeveloped  property,  year  round,
condition that, in the event' of
typographical error, that portion
of the advertising space occupied
by the erroneous item, together
with reasonable allowance for signature, will not be charged for,
but the balance of the advertisement will be paid for at the ap-
"piicable Yafe7'"'      **"     *~™ '■
A composition charge is made for
advertising accepted and put into
production, but cancelled before
publication. Change from original
copy when proof is submitted to
customer is also chargeable a.t an
hourly rate for the additional
-JWorl<7~ _         '
creek, some  ocean  view, nea
Secret    Cove.     $60,000.     Will
accept  some   terms.   Box   310
Peninsula  Times,  Sechelt.
Government wharf .  .  .  225
'feet  Of'deep  prbleeled   warei-1
its Panoramic view of the
sound. Lots from $3,500 and
up   with   all  services.
1150   <q    ft.   with   basement
and sundeck. Three bedrooms,
bright' kitchen,   modern   bath-
mem,—i ofinished    livning -attd?
dining rooms. Property runs
from highway down to Lower
Road, almost' eleven acres,
with gentle slope, about one
acre cleared. $31,500 -F.P. with
$10,000 clown. Good potential
-H—FT,—fibj-eglas    boat    and
Trailer with 55~JoTurson .motor,
20 ACRES undeveloped, view
property. Village ©f Sechelt,
lane access, $30,000. Will sell
in 5 acre blocks at .$8,000 each.
Write Box 310, Peninsula
Times, Sechelt. 7483=tfn
ROOMY 2  bedroom   house on
highway near Madeira Park,
$100   month.   Available    now.
Ph. 886-2991. 8319-14
SELMA    Park
Hall.    $5
East  Porpoise  Bay
Phone 487-9109
11LAIS—• Suddenly on February 20, 1972, Jean Pierre
Blais of Egmont,,B.C. Age 59
years, Survived by his wife
Maigorie, ono daughter Mrs,
1 '• ..•'■. 14('."110£tt:i?.L Walters of
Surrey, B.C., 2 grandchildren,
Rev, Dennis Popple conducted
the' funeral; s.eryiee in St.- Hjl-
clu':i Anglican Church, Sechelt,
on Wednesday, February 23 at
_2 ...p.m...Cremation.. Harveyr Funeral Home, directors.   830(1-14
front on over 4 acres. Perfect
for marina-resort type development. First time offered—■
TWO ONLY.  $9,375.00  EACH.
built post • & beam home. 4
bedrooms. 1 acre of land. Newly decorated inside and out.
Just lovely and a buy at
under $15,000.
COMMERCIAL LOT: By Madeira Park shopping centre.
140   lee!   of  frontage,  7,900.00.
.JOCK HERMON  - mv3-2;7<ir>'
over, all good size, nice view.
Price   from   $3500   to   $5,000.
886-2481 x
Almusl   10   acres,   with   road
allowance across back.
—— 886-2481:—
WANTED small waterfront
secluded home on the Peninsula or Powell River area
for semi-retired couple. No
dealers or agents. Have cash
for the right property. Replies
to Mrs. Hammond, 1523-West
-3ruTAve. ¥ancouv-er-9,.J31C7
RANK   employee   requires
' small    room    with    cooking'
facilities    or   small    furnished
suite,  as soon as-possible. Ph.
JJi&AZ££__ilXe,r.._ p,ra_-&315;Jl-
$1,400.  Ph.-885-2442.      8312-14
1967 VOLVO station wagon,
good condition, low mileage,
~icleal» second c^rr-earL-sleep. 2.
-for—htm ling   oi    fishing:—Fuit-
price   $1,200.   Phone   ev.   883-.
1969   FORD   XL,   stereo   tape
built   in, .sell-   or   trade   for
small   car.   Ph.   886-9508.
D.L. 3678, with a considerable amount of merchantable timber,
has approx.  550 ft.* of waterfront on Mixall Lake,  road & creek
through property and an old house which could be rebuilt.  Full
price $50,000 with $25,000 down.
help    ;
We need a 2 bedroom house
to rent near Sechelt. RENT,
lease or option to buy, need 1
yr. or longer. The house we
had    rented    did    not    come
-"ftAffiBfcKR:  '5ft;—rn—gowd—eoTt--
"dition. Phone 885-4975'-after
6 pm. , 83^5-14
* F967 CHRYSLER New Yorker,
ex.   cond.,   white  vinyl   top.
Full   power    steering,, brakes,
windows, antenna.  Belted tires,
2 extra snow tires, '72 plates.
1V2   acres   of   semi-waterfront   parklike   view   property.
Located just above Ma'deira Park gov't whdrf. j
Van. Direct
MU 5-5544
Soo un at our OfTico across from flio"SoclVolV"Dfufi'Dopof" "
WILSON CREEK        ■ ■'    '
Two   bodroomn,   lull   basomonl   on   103'x320'   lot.   All   norvico'i
Carport nnd work'ihop, Lot Is Jdoajfor subdivision, fiazellud rood
'   ' ' '        ■'     ""'885.2385'.   '"""'" """""" """•" ""'"
Two acres,, ,ql|.' cleared, parkllko' setlliir*. '620 nq, ft, homo,?,
bodrooms, cei*nont lotindallon^ 220 wiring, povocl rorid and
lawn water !iii|iply, Out ■bullrllnfla for llvonlock, I'.P, $)<),250 00,
nil rec. room makes use of
both J'locrs in this 2 bdrm.
full bsmt. family home. Hardwood floors through out, fireplace, dining room, all on a
spacious 75 ft. lot close to the
ocean,'  ivuiko   an   appointment
,to, see   Lnit7 at ,$20,300, ,.,..,.
 large   living room 'opening
to Hiiiuloek,  vanity  bathroom.
Kitchen   includes dining area,
FRESHEN up for. Spring—Mi1.
Tom Grace of Grace Signs
(Vane,) will be working ih Ihe
Secholt area, starting Monday,
March li?lh, ,972- Contact by
phone -'2(11-5717, or write In
1021 W, 4511) Ave,, Vancouver
,,13, B.C., Gpt your order ,in
early  for Sign  Painting.
" ARBOEITE or Formica count -
er   tops.   Professionally   up-,
pl'ed    and • guaranteed,    Will
vacant   at   the   time.-iU- was: ..CiisL_xadiQ reveiibs^
, supposed to, and here we are.     a.ble telescopic steering wheel.
-So  wc i:i6(Kl-a=Aeu?re-tra^ff6iyn^^Head-light   sentlnal   -   view   at
as   possible  -  References.   PhTTBuss  depot,   Sechel^T^^tmre-
885-2021 8278-15     Ph. 885-9.038 evenings. 8305-14
A, with nearly I7OOO"ft.
fr6nrih"g~orri;he RigRwayT
"» « ln|,8S '"i-, «"^#u:f tPR bring colour-samples-to-you.
cliildren, F,P, IBUI.OOO on terms,    Blll_.fl8'U24Q(l 7030-tfn
4.«»™«,».,TO,..™,m»......™..».^.-..,U......i-,» ■.,......»,.„.»»«■«..,«.„..,.,.., 4JlJi'T~.0('<)-|6'*UU..,,-,.„,.4„M.,,..,-,,..„ll'Ml|.?..I.UI.,„
Phone   880-2401
Lot lis lollyoiir property, wo
■jot roHiiltH,' our sale;} oxcoed-
imI one million dullai'H In 1071.
Ken- Ccosby
J,»y .yitWM'
BulkHng - AH types,
Roofing  -   Dutiroltl  shlnglcH
shakos' -\ aluminum.
„.J.iOHL--;ni.iii()nl     \\a    hu'iijo , neur
 Hni'goiiiit   liny   »u   Uotli'oofl'H
lid,  AHkji.f-; ijiannn  ensh.  Plr,
CdiK'i'olc  -" hartomdntH - sidewalks - sou *■ relnlnlng wulln
Floor   (toYorliuL,.-.. InnnlaUuii,
Water main on highway,. Lightly treed with arbutus.
FyLLasking price only $16,500.
2 bed. retirement home on nice flat lot all in fruit-
" trees ahclgarclon, This is not" ahold house arid Is a very
good buy at $13,500.
New 2 bedroom  864 sq.  ft.  model  home.  Electric  heat, stone
fireplace7wall to wall shag carpets throughout.  On choice semi-
waterfront lot overlooking Pender Harbour and close to store and
marina. Full price $26,900 with $5,000.down.
2 homes—r-bne 3 BR, one 2 BR—on very large view lot approved
-■ '       ■ foT~4ior-stibTj|ytslPnTr^ 	
On Hwy. 101, fronting on 3 sides of P.H. Secondary School. Approx.
10 acres partially cleared and in grass. Would make excellent
subdivision or mobile home park. Full price $32,000 with $10,000
"Tff^v ■■■ nn*"—ni**^ <i«r^
Ope acro.lot with 3 bed, home, This could be future
apartment property, Inquire for particulars.	
Phono 886-7320,
DAVIS BAY       "        "
municipal woliir, Two blookh irom bocicb nnd markoU, All cloorod
Good accnt,i,,  P,P,. $4,700,00,  Call Slan . Anckiiwn,   80Q.?,3flB,
*f»>ti. n»*m .wwuMf"*"**" *'
' Two bodrooms, B50 sq! fl. W/W corpals, now f>11 *»n. anrl hoi wnlor'
vhont Cotlafja In vary wOll Inmilnlod, Only Mopi. to ntoro nnd Com
Office. Idoal rollfamonl lioma, no stops, llroplaco, P,P. /
.,.,.. $18,500,00, Call Stan Anderson, 805.230S. '
'-,r«..«r««r i* fc-i™
O'vor V.i  ncro lot  In now Mihcllvlsloln.1 Iloonllfully wnodrtrl nntf
vory   pnvnln,   Good   bpoch   occoiis,   |'<«||   /.oninn.   Troiluro mn
nllowwl, F... ^3,!3()0,00, Coll Slan Andorsnn, BQB.23H5. ■ •
~~ 'VYATEli""FRO'Nf'Xofs*
' Wo'l'invo iho Inmost iiolucllon of Wnlorlronl Vlow Lois on llio
|ol, l.unor Siaanno Yon figmond, fif)8.224l or flll!l-9oli:i,
Pailiyixjoqwl..^ otVlU h\i 'only''.
$10,000,00, CAIrL S«iwnii6'or Wn Von romonil,
Lovely modnrn 4 bedroom homo, W/W shoo enrpot dlshwoshor,
bt-lll.ln siovo, sowlno room, workuhop, doublo carport, alorogo
colore, Only ,ih'ort"'wolk"to" Redrooff honcti/ tonnls covin,* "torn,"
poM office All Ihla for "'bhl/W'JOQV' Soft this, NOWiSuronnq
Yon. Efl^nd, 883.2241 -■■■■'■
,. 0F.BCE' AORO^vFROM;dUS, dE^OT." '*'*"£ '>;''« v-
fflW*^wftW"ft*MWWll)iWW<l!^llll*J>illtf^ I ^/^%W_i_tM_WlV^W^'— -^^f_j ____i__\' _v_ I Wli^fc^ig—___H__-___W__ti_t
BOX^W^^IBSOT^S — 88672X4
."Dovolbplricj wiih tho Sunshlho Coast"
$800,00   DOWN   (with   B;Cr Government   Second
AAortgago.)  '
'RICES FROM .$20,800.	
Thls is ono of' the nicest hobby farmsjjhat I have soon'.
IrTITiis area, IXT^cros of c'hoTcin^
gonllo southern slope and a largo country homo and
•   • guest houserCome aridsce us about; tjils (Qno,
At Wosf BoaclV, TWOacro, with 700 ft, of good watdr'"
frontage, Proporty Is vyoll treed with an excellent
Salmon Rock and tho Gulf of Georgia. Proporty hqs
good road access and"sovoraT" very sullablo building
■    " ...: :.r.-,^,^Uos.,,^&$38/5p.Q          -
A few lots .still available on this 30 lot subdivision. .Priced from
■-■■'■■^■'7'-;'r'---r---vrv-v^^D-E,RAv',-,pARKi •      .     .     •
Choice vlow lots on 64  lot subdivision,  Prices from  $4,000 to
$8,000. Some cleared ready for building.
310 ft,  Waterfront,  over 3  acres on „2 separate parcels.  Very
large homo—6, (could bo 10) bedrooms—an excellent start for
a fishing lodge and resort, Good beach, lots of floats. $70,000
waterfront lot for $42,000,
Lot 19-*-75'-
-$15,500;  '       Ruby Lake—
Lol 15—13 5'—$ 17,500.
103'—$ 14,000.
Jdayo J3QWAaFU DE„pur^
If you o'ro plcinnlnd lo Roll NOW IS THE TIME, CALL
  " - US TODAY!      ,   '"
,i '  "
each,  Priced to soil for only $3100 each. Terrific
, '".v Investment,    .    .    ,
Contact Lorrlo Girard, 8867244 or 886-7760;
..'        '    Phil Strut, 886-7244 or ■'■
Well built 2 B.ft. cabin and 2,60 ac,ros of lightly
tfood land, Hydro, arid phono available), Good well,'
F,P. $f6" 500 with $5;000 doWnVBaL ai'8%r """ "*
Close to BEACH PARK, wa offer a cleared Ono-half
-A potential threo lot sirt>dlYl5lonl ■ AlLtSfil^lCflJMffllls^i
—rJr—. -^"Wi^'^^'^Tq^^; - - • •■■	
— ;--^7M7\"D'ElRA""PA-R'l<r
• 2 BR homo on lorgo vlow lot, fronting on Hwy. lOl.at a very
1   ronsonohlo price, Please phond'for further clotalls.        ''
 ---fpaf i rio, -,. molol.., t or.«-. ruIxI I vision ►., ■ alFo.. k. acl]ol ql rifj .....f orry »7."..
1,300 ft. on Hwy, 101, Full price $75,000 with $30,000 down,
'■—"-.. ,'V-.IRVINE"rL^D^Gv;.^-'.'<v'.;i.'   ;
3  (3R  furnished  homo on  largo  vlow  lot approved  for  3   lot
subdivision, $28,000 full prlco Wllh torms?
Garclpn Doy—ovor ono aero, Deep, sholtorod moorogo'," FmII prlco
Nicely treed lot with all facilities, Clo'So to beach,
store, P.O. and school, Lot nlza-1.R0 acres.    ;
F.P, $7,80.0,   •     r,;     .,,, .,   .-.
'   •■" *     '    Vlnco^P>o\vbr^-B86'9359. ■
- .;:;•-'—; :-Wallrf>ctnrspn^;886-2877 *;- '   , ",.::.£;
' . ..    'i ■
h ,1l.
 .- .- - "" ' - LAGOON-ROAD- -      -
, <l vory good bulldlno lo|os Rasy wPlKjna, dla|qnco, to acliool ond
Rlorou ol Modolra Pork, Wold.'for bur iilann on llioso lots , ,',
__^w$6,000 aoch, with only $],00(| down;     '■
Approx, 2,Vi ocrns with walorlaxl, aat.ttallon, larno 3 PR homo.
Soyoral lots qyallablo,
 _ ,.,. _..„ J^fiEDROpM JPill.
wiih (.ouna iioiii, On illuhway ,IO.I.,n«nr,M<3ido|rq^PorKron-opprow,—
i    l(    -,.-"4', .,  $12,000,down,- ■-.-7.7**     ,i  '" '	
J\ 3'„ACRES«..nARM7T-YPU-.
Approx b00 ft, wfltoi'lionl on llllril flom, 0|dor |o0 homo. Pnlrly
now   douhlo   oaroflo,   lUull'Irccv.   Full   prlco   $40,000   with
• '  - $20,000 down, '.,,,,,,
■'     ■ ■      \  , ,.
€r \AfH_s.
,,    RRAUTX HO.
; Madeira Park, BiC, -- ^
i»i_.^_ .* 3ono-f>crf<ier'Harbour 883.22337"
4»lwri  -^*M* fit at
'l I 'I
'. 7 (>.,,   ,
'"^->V ;>'7l,Vr*„,M
,'   » .I ''
' • /
I 111   '.t-
f^l'Mfl.1   t'
(,¥"■ ' �������  ^.'�����r  FOR SALS (Continued)  IP-"  FOR SALE (C    y~    di) Peninsula'Times7We'a'nesclciy Marfli"^ 1972    _ Page A-5  IT'S" suits���it's" 'Morgans.  885-9330,, Sechelt, \B.C.  8S93-tfn  "HEALTH FOODS.  GRANOLA ...: ,   ]b 89c  ITnprocessed "Honey .lb TiOc  Woodward's Old FnshionWl  r��nnut Rulter '.** lb. f���r $1.00  GOOD FOOD STORE '   .  Cowio Street - Sechelt  885^9063      �����  8290-tfn  bedroom  NEW editions of. children's  pooks. ideal' - for birthday  presents plus many old favorite's, at The Times Book-  store. Sechelt ifrhere the selec-_.  lion of- Canadiana, Hobby/  Gardening and Cook books is  cx'cellcnt    Thone >885-9054.    .  82(i9-14  T.4 INCH kitchen'4 chair set,  $!"(). Gale-leg table 2 chairs,  , $3f5. 9 x 10'7wool carpet and  underlay, $50, Sieel laundry  tub and faucet, $35. 7 ft. f.g.  skHS, $50. 30 No. anchor, $10.'  3500 lb. baby winch $30. Utili-  ere you cay  lyre  soyeeze?  01!E , bed700���     suite!.._lar5e_-43-^a+letm Phone-883-2G22,  bookcase,    be'C"/6     drawer-     " "  ~ 8330-14  dresser v/ith mirror, 4 drawer ��� 3    ��������� ���    ��� cht^-TE+errrs in good condition.  Ph.  886-9974. 8304-14  RUBBER    <tnmp^    nf    all    Hps-  ELECTROLUX  "Bob Waltham  enptions may be obtained  at The Times. Phone 885-9654.  Quick service on all orders.  UNUSED home-made Camper,  fits   half-ton   pick-up.   Reasonable. Ph. 8&5-28087" 8274-T5  1968���12x47    fully    furnished  Trailti.  Situated  in  Sechelt.  Phone .-.8H5-a8J.lL befoi-ii 6 *p.m.  8279-15��  Phone 885-9878  8299-tfn  WHITE enamel wood stove  with enamelled oven, $90.  Pair nr&k-hing gray wool rugs  31T"xT, $10. Toaster/broiler  Silex, nej.v, $10. Also fly fishing   rod *2   tips,   Bronsgn   2200  reel,   new   $20.   Ph.  880-7039.  8002-14  UNBELIEVABLE But True���'  at The Times Bookstore,  SechBlt=-See the-new-��!}  Electric Adding Machine. Just  $99.50. Limited number available. Ph. 885-9654.  FENDER  deluxe  reverb  amp,  excellent     condition,     $135.  rOxr-bmlt^Wah Wah, new,-$30.  Companion Fuzz box, new $18.  Ph. 885-9654. 8264-14  ^TT&N=Fr6N--  SPORTSMEN!  COMBINATION     -     Admiral  stereo. B&W TV radio, used  build a westwood home and  put your money to work!  Acquiring a WestwoocNhome is one of the best investments you  can make. Westwood hornes are built in sections, instead of by  old-fashioned -cut-and-fit methods." You reduce on-site labor and  save weeks in building time. No more rent increases. No more  monthly payments with nothing to show for them. Instead you  are acquiring an equity in a home tailored to your-family's needs,  new low cost suburban homes  Shown.above is "The Saratoga", one of 17 Westwood Suburban  Homes designed to beat.inflation and give more for your building  dollar. See us today. We can put you in your own Westwood  home this" spring.  3V2 h.p. Seagull outboard,  costs $189,  my  price  $100.  .22 Marlin semi-auto rifle with  6 X-Weaver scope, costs $75,  my  price  $50*-  1   year.  Solid  walnut  caBTneTT  in   excellent   condition,   $1200  _*w   will   gpll   for  $800   cash.  Ph; 885-2368 or  885-9817.  8275-tfn  ONE   Garrard   record   player,   $'->n   r._.   Heath  multi-band  FINANCING  AVAILABLE  -YarrrrarriTal^^  built, or you can build it yourself  to any stage of completion. Either  way, you1 can Twaride it through our  versatile mortgage program. Funds  available for any area.  Prepos0p_ expenditure  '':s>:i-��#  .22 Mossberg target l'ifle with  micrometer peep sights,. costs  $89, my price $50.  .22 registered snubnose r'evol-  ver with holster  $25.  All in good to excellent con-  aitloTi.Xini 005-9535   lyeTweeir-  radio,   $90.   One   combination  baby  buggy,. stroller  and  car  '.bed,-$25. Ph.. 885-9440.  8322-14  FQH    LETTERHEADS,    envel-  INCREASE'p.  grants.'..-'to���*' school"��� 'districts  'i��#?S?33scgiJta:  of  opes, statements, invoices,  and all comniercial printing,  contact Hie Times office at Se-  increase  in;.' uniyefsHy   enrolments,   and,  wnrTScTaraie  0 he -TTiiffieflT^"^^ a��^;atj;p^;,?fti>^^ develo^^:  payment . of' the   ernployerfe' ' share     of7~rnint ���' is the inipgct^H^iSri the nine re-  Federal-UnemployHieiit^lr^^  half of teachers. This is an expense which     growth, - '������-'-      ��� -;-���--������ -  -,'  school districts had expected to assume, The Minister saU}:^A growing num-  Charter Banqyet"  With Bev and Helen ,.RahartSBn- of  Irvme's Landing as caterers, aided  by many yQWftgJftdies,.Pender Ear-  bour received. JJB0.;guests-imm^points  as far distant as Washiiigioti, arid  treated ihe*n royally, at ">the Pericfer  ~Harbbul' Liotis 7', Ctta-rtor/. :^^"qyet,  spon-sored. '������ b^7 Sunshine Goast 0ons  Club and" held in PeMer Hsifb^ur  CommuhiJyvl|an.  FROESE  BROS.  Gibsons  CONSTRUCTION  ������ ���Phone 886-2417  said Education MinisteiHBenald BrothefSr-  speaking'in the Budget Debate on edu'-.  cational finance.���_i.  ���         The oldest, tress in the world are-Jhe.  Bristleeone--Pines~ol CalilofniaTX-few :of  which are 4,500 years old.  6 and 8 eves.  8313-14     etielt or  phone 8*85-9654.  Member of the Multiple Listing Service  LTD.-  SECHELT AGENCIES LIMITED invite you to list ydur property  with one of our salesmen. and thereby avail yourself of the  best possible service to sell your property.  Some of the benefits of a listing'with Sechelt Agencies Ltd.:  1. Competent staff of 12, to give prompt, capable attention  to   all   details  of  your   property   regarding   appraisal,   ad~  " vertising, zoning and possible subdivtSTo'r., etc. wlTrrpgrrorrat-  attention and supervision of this back-up service by your  personal salesman. ���  2. Continuous advertising of catalogue dvailable in two daily  Vancouver newspapers.        /~>  3. Regularly updated xatalO'gi/e of properties available.  4. Continuous advertising in two local weekly newspapers.  5. Well equipped office located at the point of most traffic   ia^echelL-MlJi_od^uoifi-j^rj4ung.  _   FIRE INSURANCE    "DWELLINGS  FIRE INSURANCE  When was the last time you reviewed your Fire Insurance?  Are amounts on building and contents adequate by TODAY'S Standards? Has inflation eaten away your "former  good coverage"? Tomorrow? It may be too late! Why not  avail yourself of a consultation .TO-DAY. with  the fellows  o  .    THINKING REAL ESTATE?  THINK SECHELT AGENCIES LIMITED! '  -AlWysn^embTjrth-eT^^^  Call anyone of the following Salesmen at their home number  or at our off ice, 885-2235... f ,'���  who care enough to do their best for YOU.  CALL: BOB KENT OR KEN WOOD FOR DETAILS 885-2235  FOR PENDER HARBOUR RESIDENTS, CALL:  JOHN BREEN 883-2794  -IN-GI-BSQNS;.  CONSULT CHAS. R. GATHERCOLE���886-7015  In Sechelt School District the amount  budgetted for unemployment insurance  payments is $6,300.  Mr. Brothers -said that the proposed  expenditure for education is more than  $440 .million in the 1972-73, fiscal .year  and is larger than .the entir^ provincial  budget" as late as 1963.   ^Otfee*���i.n<iEaagfiRT,?-_mp.ntinnpH     are    $6  million for grants to colleges and technical and vocational schools,., and $7V2  million in university operating grants.  CQLI.EQE IMPACT  Mr. Brothers called op the Province's  universities' to, "re-examine their pur-  ��� pmnes' ��� and gudter��aTrd��~,prae;tii;t;s, tor-res--  define their objectives and to demonstrate to their students the intrinsic as  well as the utilitarian worth of ,a university  education".  His remarks came after he pointed out  that there was a- decline in the rate of  ber of young people apparently are elect-  ing to continue their post-secondary edu-  lower, classes generally'smaller, admission standards^$.orei, flexible, and where  the Qpportunify^exist^tQ enter exciting  and rewardi^Tcareer programmes." He  added that colleges did not accpunt for  all of the university enrolment decline,  pointing out that employment ..opportunities for graduates���particularly in. the  humanities and social sciences���have de  creased markedly in the last two or three  years. "There appears to be some doubt  among an increasing number of young  people and thejr parents about the value  of a university gd^eiatjiqti,'' he said.  SANDY HOOK WATERFRONT No, 2447  69 feet of waterfront and delightful 2 bedroom home, well  in-'  sulated, stone fireplace, part basement,..sundec^ concrete drive--   way, several Arbutus trees, Hydro, phono and piped water, lust  5 miles from Sechelt. Full price $19,950. Don Hadden, 885-9504  ���.eves, , '  ____������������        .  SECHELT VILLAGE. ��� No. 2422  ^..Attractive all electric .3 bedroom home .oyor, l,QQ0;,sq, ft, Stopo  fireplace. Largo lot with fruit treos, berries, shrubs, Garden  shed, gardge, patio and large lawn, close to school and shopping ,  centre. Full price $22,950, Try your down payment. Don Hadden,  885-9504 eves,           ���           ������ ������������" '                  �� ��� *���  2 bedroom retirement homo just 3 years old. Largo view windows.  .., Easy,to. care for, Concrete walks around, lho hausa op cleared, and  landscaped'lot, Short "walk to beach atvDavis Bay, Try a bank  mortgage on full price of $19,950, Don Hadden, 885-9504 ovos.  WEST SECHELT INVESTMENT No, 2466  Approx, 3 acres of primarily gontlo-slppo-to-Southward land off  Njckerson Road, Prosontly,*��ned for 5 pcro.blocks.Thls Is for tho.  man or group, looking well,forward to tho; future development 0f  tho aroa, The full prlco Is only $29,500 and faaturos $6000,00  dawri at 7%. Our yonder Is open to paymonts stipulating only Iho  lorm of ]5 years,, Boh Konl. 885-9461 oves, (  ,  i        iii ��� ~  .~~Sf1'MA��PARK-~ ��� _Jbl9j?16p_  8 year old 3 bedroom homo, open-typo post & beam living area,  froo standing flroplaco,   1440 sq. ft, of delightful homo, Aulo,  o|| ��� hoqty carport, .Dominion.Joa��o.0$7P.,Por,..yoqr...Ovynor o.sklno .  $19,300,00 with $10,000,00' down: or try-your own offer, No ���  , slon on property. Potor Smith, 885-9463 ovos,   NOR'WESTBAYftOAD "" ' '""   Nor2306 cwd'2307  2 wooded Yfpw lots on blacktoppod rood, itpnod for conventional  or mobile*   homos. Walor lino llkoly ihlt yoar, suro for 73. Qnly  $,r000:00^downrbalanco*oii"'aood-tormsr��Potor*SmlihrBB��"9463-  OYoa. ,. ���      ,^'     .  TUWANEK ' No.. '2301  $2500 will glvo possosslon of tho vory nlco 4 "yoar olrl,- all cedar  WILSON- CREEK AREA No. 2458  Enjoy quiet seclusion, and privacy in this fine 3 bedroom home.  Siiuqted on 1.3 acres of commanding view property; overlooking  the Gulf, is well suited for retirement purposes. Facing Southerly  the home acquires all the sunshine available, An appointment to  view is necessary! Only $40,000.00 Full Price with terms. Bob  Kent. 885-9461 eves. ..,.���..-   GRANTHAMS * No. 2437  .Family home; ���l%l'storey.,':;4 bedrooms.' High; full basement with  grade entrance. View, Walking distance to shopping, Full Price  $16,500,00-, terms. C, R, Gathercole,  886-7015.       <  ROBERTS CREEK , " '  No. 1819  12 acres, partly cleared. Highway decoss, Asking $5000.00. Down  payment; good terms on balance.  C.  R. Gathercole,  886-7015.  nadian post offices had separate entrances  for male and female patrons.  Medicine Hat's first post office, established in 1882, was located in a tent. Mail  was delivered to it by ox team.  Hatfmoon Bay happenings  GIBSONS" No 2430  Attrgctjvo, well kept homo Contrally located. 3 bedrooms. Basement grade. Ipyel, Nice ylow from bright, spacious living roorn,  and,.j|argo., convenient,,kitchen,,. Auto,..,oil, furnace,, Suitable) .for"7  retirement or smqll family, Full Prlco $21,000,00, torms, C. R.  Gathercole, 886-70)5.  KLEINDALE No. 2382'  Nice older  farmhouse on  4  acres,   bordered  by creek,     Just  $14,700.pO Full Prlco, John Proon,. 883-2794,  HOTEL LAKE No. 2460  Hotel Lako lot, 70' wotorfront. Nicely trood, llttlo underbrush.  Water,,frorpjqkcv Good access road. Full Prlco jusl $5600.00.  JohirBroon, 883-2794, - , ��� ���  ��� ���   RURYLAKR'                                                         No, 2436  Lovely 'waterfront lot. Excellent access rood, Asking ffl'1,000,00.  .^JohnProbp, 883^2794,- -������" - - ���.^^. ^' ,----^>r-*-'-  summor' cottago..: with ;.wator_viowt44.Hydro*&~watfiUn;wwalklnQ^���  'dlBlanco lo boach ond boat launch, Pull Prlco $/0Q0,QQ, qood,,  terms on balanco, Potor Smith, 0B5-9J63 oyos,  ^ fii< t nr.r_..^S__ ^.J ,��,  WESTSECHRLT " ' "' _     ' ' - ;"    No, ?.38J  "���^���yiT\i?fro"loir^Jcrs'r'isre^s*f rom' boach." 120- ft. - ori-mptn-pavrd - hlon- ���  way.-'-'C" 1 y Vh - wo ror, ��� phono & hydro. Really ppijctqculot.vlovy overlooking Trail Islands affprdod from cliolw building ��I|pi Available,'  Full Rrlco $7750,00,,Pob Kent, Bfl!)-9/|6| oyo?,  ,__SDCHEL.T-.VlLLAGfj-���_r^^__...__^*r_���_^m.m���Jfe^H���-   _A-dolight|ulJtitchoivoapoclallyJor-ia^wlf(L.wlia���wantS���.M  just "ad.f\w\o"i  for tho culinary area, Fealur��panol wall In  ������7"iivma*::rpomr3paclo����;'dlning��arcorr  .-,  roally counts, Mastor bedroom wllh lovely onsi'llo plumbing, 3  bedroom's oil told. Homo la iltuqted lq lako qdvqnlooo of vlow up  PoTpft^  has ouio, o||.lurnaco ond hot water storage tank for economy,  Full fflqe 439.SOO.00 with termi ovfl|lobl^,,M�� Kent, 805-9461  oyes,  GIBSONS " No, 2463  Af Gowor Point, poorest aroq from forry formlnnl for Southern  "exposure"1, Guir'vldw"loin,"Choice of 4 lols"In oxcoiis:"6f  18,000   sq, ft,, approx, 90' by 200' with roa, water to bo laid by vendor,  $52J50,0Q oach. Jack Warn, 806-2681 eyon.  SECHRUT  / ' No, 2408  5 lots ovarloaklno SochoUVHIaao,.Total.of 4,5 acres for.fUrlhor,  subdivision, $25,000,00, Jack Warn, 886-2681  ovoa.  ^RJDROOFFS^i^^ !  -..... f^^-^^jl^wNp^S?���-  "Carpo building lot wllh Gulf vlow $5000!60( easy"t'o'rmn,' Jack  Wqrn, 886.?.68) oyob,  SHCRETCOVE ..   ����� /    ,     . ,   .   .   .     .��      No, 2469   LlOLof watt)rfront#750.sq..U.(ponobodo..private.wharf,7|30,000���  Jock Worn, 886-2681 ovoa,   \  ASK FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE OF REAL ESTATE  FILM show at the Welcome Beach Hall  on March 2nd at 7:30 p.m., will be on  Japan   and   viewers   who   saw   the   last  programme of films loaned by the .Japa-  ��� nes^CojisulateJast_Oc;iQher will look forward with enthusiasm to another evening  in Japan. Five films to be included in.  -"the? :programme-';consists:pf^"Ryokon���A ~*  Japanese inn; the gardens in Japan; Japan���Season    by   season;   tho   Imperial  ���family-of���Japan^nnd~thQ-4ifG"Of~a~Japa--~-  nese girl.  There will be a film show for the  children, also at the Welcome Beach Hall,  oh Friday'March 3 'at" 7 p.m. Refresh*::  ���-ments" will-be-served-.-This-show-is ��spon-��-  fiored by the Halfmoon Bay Recreation  Cornmlfifilon   whjoh   is  also. plunplng   a  pi'ograihm'S Whdwling^l^  Watch thiH...column J!ftii���.tlmo,_-dHto and,,  further particulars.  MEETINGS   Members of: the Locliea' Auxiliary to  ,'. the; WGlconia Boach Community Assoc-  ' latioii aro a'clvlKod that the next mooting,  Hohod'ulod for Monday, March fl at 7:45  p.m, will ho hold at tho homo of Mrs.  Ed, Cook al. Euvoka. " . ' " ���  All roHlrlontH of Aroa "B" aro lnv}lcd  to ��ttonun"rTi^Wri'ttoot1*nTrnt"*tho--Wel���  come Boaoh Hall on Wednesday, March  8.tit"fi p,m, wlion'tho ^Iall'moon Bay Co'n-  tonnlal Commlttoo will mnko Its final  report nntl ncc-ountlnR bol>i^ dlHHolutlon.  ��� HuH'moon Buy Rooroailon, CommlsHlon  hold Uh annual gonoral mooting on February  2H at tho homo o.   Mm. Frank  ��^Jorflonfloni��Ch��liurianj^MrBV*ClUf*;Connor����i  gave a report of tho pant , oar''- iiotlvltloH,  It had boon a n��tl��fnrikii^...y . i,.', nho, said,,,.,  with film Hh'oyyiv P��'-iipn ��"<! houoh par-.  tlw '"for" llioyotingot nhlldrovv ttnd'd.nncon,  "dlnnovfl/'T'Ool-^niirt^'tim'^hown^foivl'he-*  toonogorH,  lto-oloot'od for n fiii'thpr yoar'fi term ���  ���oworoi Chiilrm.ttn,  Foggy���.^Connor, .ylqo- ni  ���clittIo*iHi*^,lqit!kMS��4vl^M��a  .loi'Hoiinon, Mlootod to tho 'Commlttoo woro  Anno    11 nhiiQiv, ^nrbntn:'* I^nKHo;::,1 can *  Trniuicl.7'  .lohh Charloton ��nd Nrirnintn  Boli'uigor, Two of tho proJotMiv planned t  for lho .comlnit. yonr woi'o tho oonnlrnc-  Moi^ uf;.n-'Hwlmmlutt..Iloi\t..nn(l..l)OWjln/L.  .HONHlonBifop tho I'oonaiiiM'H.  ~^ ^by Mary TinkliBr  last week had' her grandson Rod Reynolds who proved  a most helpful  guest.',  Rod has had a number of successes in  Canadian sailboat racing.  Next social evening at the Welcome  Beach hall will be pn Saturday, March  l'lth"iat''7:30l7p.m.   .  Gordie Knowles 7   _  HENRY' h BLOGK is pleased to^an-,  nounce that Gordie has attained  membership in the ''SOTTClurJ"' with a  sales volume exceeding over a half  a MILLION Dollars in   1971. Gordifi_  specjq|i?,es in ,Wa,^f|olTfq^jP7fHjpus.es,  qnd Acreage on the "Sunshine Cdast".  We at Block's arc very proud of him  and would like to be of Service to ypu!  For the answer to your Real Estate  needs and problems please'feelfree^to  phone '.^Sordlet* CoifecFat 291-288V  or'298-0541. >'     ��� ��� .  .���AdVt.  -;'v7'7-77SEC;HELTr7AGEW^IES;^ .....y  "���This free*rem|nder of coming events-lsaserYlce of SEGHEUTAGENGIESt-  LTD,, Phono, Peplnsula Tlmq^ direct for froo .listings, spoclfylng f'Dqta  Pad". Ploaso note that space Is limited and some advance dates may  '"have^ to^"'waif their turn ."also that this (sq-"reminder" listings only and   '   .���,,���,,���.���,;���        .carjnot always carry full details,  WIHflflflfMMUWMilBI^IWMWItlW^  Mar, 1'���8 p.m. Socholt Legion Hall. Bingo,  ��� Mar. ?���7:30 p.m. Trail Pay ".School/ Sochelt, i Medina to- orgonlzo   May Dpy,7   ���.;������,.���,-,.    . ,      -.,-,-.- y ������*���������, ���-,-..-,7- -���,-.-.,. ,,,���������...,.., ..,.-,..  ,'���','  Mar, 2���fi p.m, Ponder Harbour Community Hqll, Bingo,  Mar, 3���2 p,m, Catholic Church, Gibsons, World Day of Prayer Sorvlco,  ' Mar.,3���8 p,m, Socholt Indian Hall.'Bingo',', ;;-*":';"y"    ���      ~~~y.    ",  Mar, 4���10:30 a,m,-3:30 p.m. Old Shop-Easy parking lot TOPS car wash,  �����-^iir.~4-^iao-,>iinr-Elphlhstoriflu6ym^^^  vs, Local All Stars.  ' Mar. 4���8 p,m,; Pender High Schooj,, Harry Mossflold, Trio In Gilbert  and Sullivan Concert.  Mar, 4���8i3Q p,m, Wilson Cropk Commuhlty Hall. Danco.  ���Mpr.'6���2 p.m; Health Centre; Gibsons, Branch'38'O.AiPiO. Social.  Mar, fi-^il q,m,,,Socholt Loglon Hall, TOPS Rummage Sale,  ; ,,Mar,8���l:30,..plm,.Legion Hall,..Madeira Park, Hosp, /\uk, Mooting,  ,, Contonnlal Commlttoo,  ASK FOR OUR FREE CATAM>GUE OF REAL ESTATE  Phono 805-2235  Multiple  Listing  Sorvlco  Yancouyor Roal Eitato  ,,      ' Poard " '     '"**  ** REA^\RSTATRW*W-  INSURANCES  AGENCIES LTD.  Box ,U8, Sophclt; ^,C7���  ,-0*..  ' j MS*itm  AGENCIES LTD.  Box 128, Socholt  (E.&O.E.)  Phono .895J2235  ���      .       . . ,,-i   ���  ,| | "   'l*i' ' ' '  ���\i:  ���^BP  �����  m ���m"mm'<m�� w '"'* 1  if "'WW  ���MP*  ���*~'5INrTp]ni-]:jp-��'*��i--,*>..��ii.....'.,.,,.  ���,.,;;! ��� ���.  ,.,,...,.,. Mm, Owon. WniumlM ,fl��w Jo IIjulHon  -^BnyrSn��lsnt,chawf"n*1n-n1tc!nfl-,llic-ftuicrnl-'  of hor ntolhor, Who ilietl wuddonly with  TTJlOwnTrnMncKrnttPr MnrteruolnR nurRory,  Men, Honor nonllinn. o|. Jljor cotlnuo  ',>,,,  Ii mm'  mm  ww mm\m  enindu  Mm^tmitf)^m��m^'ft^^ai��.')  ���*Sl��*i^*C^  p,'      *H,HHI,ll^  t��i|'**f������'m��Mt**��"������w* **m  i.nMrff^nit  <*(-    7  : (* 'tt   'l        '   *"\l**V  M *M   ,��� t ,,��(���(?) |��il*#��    1^  ���ftHV;Ar  ���OHW,^'*!, I   .i  Ittwmmmmmfa  n  &  I������M���MMW    I   II IN Ih   MW%^��i ,�� II  inincjL  1  ounae  4,4   ,   ���, ��ft^��*4^, ,., WW 44l,Bi  I  MMlkMp  fttumim  m.  ��m*$&��fZ&Z_\  Mt^w^W^Wiftl1^^  ������A*1)*  W#l**f^t����w��  ifSfitWiWi*  mm^m^mmm/mt  - '���- i;fiiiliii<iiiliiiiiliiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiii ', ��� niiii i  yrr"$r  M(m^tt��M'fti9^rt^AS^I*^'^jF^I:^i**ip'h,|(',i,  W*j *-W4*H���-I  AHHM^nnW^I 't  ...1  *7*_  ���7���.  tMMffWHMWl^Wt^M^^WH^IW^^  I'ti^M* i\t..,f,  kmmtxi^^mM&m^v&M  . UriWM rt^- *?%'  zJ  /*   -  *���_'_ '*'���>'������ ��� ���'*   .  j^../^?%nv$y*.�� v.-t:-'������:^'*- "  I  ���*- ��� %! yr^.r: I \ -   ���-; '. * '.*,'.$.''*a  ,. A   4*   .   ?_��_Ctl.jU>  ��� nv.s&'Jttw  ���A/ Pender Harbour... . .  Gilbert and Sullivan  Page A-6 The. Peninsula Times  Wednesday, March 1, 1972  ���    'J  l'dr students and senior citizens. The conceit   is   sponsored ,vby.  the   Auxiliaries   lo  -ST7~Mary s -Hospital. "7 :     :    '  mimical treaf in sfbre  NO ONE who likes a bright and colorful show with good music apd fine  sinking wil' wapt to. miss Harry Moss-  field's Gilbert and Sullivan concert at  'Pender Harbour High School pn Saturday  iU���a.-41-nx       _1 i ^ __..  The evening offers a musical treat  which' can seldom be*enjoyed right here  w--��t+ve-Su��sh-in^-Goast;^-pOTtnrijl-a'rl5j_per^  formed by a group of such distinction  and repute as.the Western Savoyards. The  programme w.ilLconsisi- of. vignettes -from-  Gilbert and Sullivan's operettas, sparkling .witll. their sly  humor... stinging-i&di,-  ' three, years he wasw grrncipal���baritone  with Sir Tyrone Guthrie's far^pus Canadian Gilbert and Sullivan Company  and for another three years he sang with  the Sadlers Wells Opera Company in  T4ondon. He.will be remembered for.his  long run of 250 performances in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's' #i'b-  ���grWrn^'-fcetcester Square"to~OKr Broadway", and he has sung in every major  city in Canada and the British Isles. He  "is supported by Edward Greenhalgh, the  famous comedy tenor who is too well-  known on this toast to need introduction,  and   the   froth   tmdMJubble   of  Sullivan's  music fitting Gilbert's brisk patter songs  �������� .and   Christine   Anton,   a   sparkling   and  sweet voiced  soprano. *  Where did all those old stockings  go? Well, the Sechelt Brownies used  their "magic and. transformed them  all into these colorful stuffed animals  which were proudly exhibited at the  Mother and  Daughter���Banquet-.  "Busy" Brownies  Brownies from left back row are: <  Sharon. Nelson, Mary 'Connor, L01fti.se  Murphy, Natan Gibbons, Margot Wilson, Natalie Van^ Egmond, Sandra  Jorgensen, Sharon Hall,; Dianne Kelly, Anna John and Bonnie-Janiewick  Front: Kathleen Hall, Sherry Young,  Linda Rodway, Kelly Reeves, Pam  Nestman, Stephanie'Murphy, Carrie  Trousdell, Sherri Jorgensen and  Becky Goodwin. -  as neatly and snugly as a size 7 hand in  a size 7 kid glove.  Harry Mossfield, who brings his fine  laritone voice and his great dramatic  ability to parts such as the Mikado and  the.. Pirate- King in i;he Pirates onf"Penzance,-is a singer of vast experience. For  . Avoid disappointment by getting-your  tickets right*, away? They are on sale in  Sechelt at Campbell's Variety Store, at  the Art. Gallery, the .Hospital Gift Shop  or from any member of- the Hospital Auxiliaries" of" the students of 'Pender High  School. Tickets are $2 for adults and $1  THIS IS A $5.90 SPOT!  (Less when on  contract) -  Your    advertising    in    this  space-   will * reach    nearly  2,500.'  homes   (over   9,000   v  people) "each* week". "It's,, trie-*"'  most    economical    way    to  reach more Sunshine Coast  people   because  Times  ads  go   into- mere���homes���t-hen-  any. other   newspaper   pro-  "    duced  in \\vs area.   THE TIMES  885-9654 (Sechelt) 886-7244 (Gibsons)  medium  /-  ti ��� j. "   t_- .   ' ���_  r I' _���* nv* "? .������   i_\_Wgr_____m__a________  ,/;.-��� ������-      :��������*��� ���1%'i^.' ._������_  .^Ali^*l��___t_m_f  *'  ������::'��� ."..*- V^��?%r^VS'--**"  "   . ��� \^JJy/h'^f^_9_f___  >.:������>���  ��� ���     - Si.- "i-. "*-���> ���'!*;  ������;V:;  Washing-up  after the  Brownie  Mo  thcr   and -Daughter   Banquet   looks  like a big job but when' tackled so  willingly   and    happily     by   Guides  Sechelt Brownies ...  Wendy Flay, Lorraine Nestman, Kim  Benner and Bew Jackson, the job  soon gets done in true Guide fashion.  T)ifloilier-Dmigirter"BaiiquBt7  proves^double celebration  Canon Alan "Greene  ���s  in special lecture  W'OKK and -history of the Columbia  Coast Mission will be featured in a  special lecture at the Planetarium in  Vaiu-oiive-r on March 30,th. In prepara-  tiun fur this event. Canon Alan Greene  and Mrs. Greene are presently visiting  -V-icrnriti���where���Canarr- GTecn'CF^Wtn-" Pe^-  VEUY fitiinij, (hat the date I'or the Sechelt  Brownie Mother and daughter banquet should fall on February 22ncl. as  this, is... Lady., Baden-Powell's birthday  celebrated as  "Thinking  Day".  The banquet  was held at  the Sechelt  'Logioiv Hall,- ��� L,A, 'members ^jroviding'  the turkey, chili, concurne, salads and  vegetables, Tho delicious squares., cream  puffs 'and. jollo.w.as,brought by tho Pen-  dor Harbour ladies, They also madjj the  ice-cream cund hats and cake heads that  made up the attractive dessert lur the  Brownies and Twccnlcs.  .,���,���Brownlo'-.WoiKly -Olwun,���Wilmui-Cruoki  guvu th.u luusl Iu the. (.'ueen, Tuasting the  Mothers was Urowniu Cindy Tail fiuin  'Poi'idoi'" lliirbtiui' iliid'"Mri*  llnll'inuun Bay. replied (or the Mulliui;���.  and also tlinnlu'd the leudui'h lor 11IL thu  liiuu iiinl el'l'iii't they put 111 fur the girls.  UllC'l   III    till'   llCllll   tllbll'   WHS   UlVl: Kill  ���CiiininlHsiui'i'ir Mrs. "Kloijnor, Wliltu frum  CliUiuiif,, Uiiitricl CoiiiiiilMhluiiei' MVm. llui-  1 let    New lini   nnd   I'Miirt   Guider   Mrs  Uunulda Siijuoin. The re was mi eNcellent  -tuiii'iiii   ol   i)mwnic:$>..uuU^MutliL,'i'H��4~.~����.4��4.  ���*A hnllnnii race\vtifi held Witlvthu gli'lK   itntl umtln..I*  hnving, great, Uui. .The  m.n  ���yr  l:fw&i*m,t*f_wm_i^rf-f.ifttmwWpp��1^^ I 1^4141 IMC y  wm' nVnnk h. In    Si'uiiiii I'ulUiw Ihuin,��t lho w>n*o hull, H��mo  r^imim ���rwivpfl-hor .����v����li.iK.,wl...7ilM)..,p,m....Wn, I)-H),.,yomu ..���,...���. ���������,���.��� _   iivlted ' In  yi'iir.i, will  ...ImWi^.  1011111 >  1111 Ti'ni"!;Tird,"i-fH'lT*' lu!��u,��� 1PW^_  Tilt;   1'MiV.nie:,   lui'llH.'d   a   ''fairy   I'lllg  iiikI"' Mi .. Lou Goodwill,' iriiii's'lror" ,fo'r  .Suchcr   I. A    v, ��i.i   uniuilcd   an   n   Uuldi-'  Ml-      \'n ,  n     f Jl^'l/I'lis     !���>'     iSl'l-lmll        Pacl.  Brv-ywr' rhr pr.x.nwa -with"hor Wnrrirnt  I'm hi. '''jr.'i'M- I'nck Tuwny (Jwl M/n.  Il<!|(;r, (Jl-.,-,,.'.���u'. rfn.'iiviid h��:i  Wniiniil pin  nUi.UflA   -fin 1'   lllll'i     I ll,   Owl" ?>trr" fnnn  frftw��itnim   rf  M'ti>t[.   j'iii',   (n(,,    Mf^    I'oMilr|li   .Slqiiplli,  l)i-itnit  <"ii..�����!���' i'.   v.fi i  pi��7��>nii'<|   vvilh  Inn  O.vt'.u. ..(X .ii.ri ..1.it1 ������  ��� n  \)\\\  |r,ri   C.ri'.rni    |.,i|fr   Kli'illiur   WillH'  " I ti 111 if-r I   |)i 77  (7rhfMi''i > if ��i iri t 'Mi1',   Ifnr-  ��� i'i��'l   fs��'v.'i��ifi ��.'�����>i.��ir "lor  ����n  liiir,        ���    -  -4-��~-'Ai.'Iiiiiviii!(-I \\ti\x*t_i\\twMiVn- liliiljju- wui'i)l*��4ri��AwMMf>  , 11,1.   I'lliiln    I'mk    Ul.'iV, lilf.',.   MllMill   Chi  thin, anil Cmdy T.iib Tho Piiili'flwU'i  liuilgfjn lul I'iikImi wcul tu U(i|Hiio Hyiu-  iiioit, I'ui'iniii' Mriiwri, Hhnryl Kulhnn  Wu'Hily Tluiiiipi.uii and Ciinly Tull,  ltd, Wiliiun (Jnmk Biuwiiiim In nieiiivii  - Iholr l)ii(l|,'f!Mwi'ic: fur lioii��nkr'i>pinu nnd  ,,,.w,,.,wt,)U{i^^WW,,>itw'J,,'t'd��)ili Wniidy tJIrton, (Jar-  uIliio Niis^n1111 inr'I'ffrrHtn-fr'^M'^MJi..,.,,!.'Ijih  :KnUlli,h.J-yiiit,,ChatKluoh,_AViikCralHhuiii'  liij|ih(iki!i)|iliirl liiidjio fur 1 Imtlluir C'nU  .. IimjiujIj. i'ijuKu IihiJko, Clicrl Martin, V'ul-  crlc Tim, "I'lirifl hnrlr-p.r l^nu Hryuoii,.  I,'��i l-iiM.'hcli IMnwiiHi.piii'K inii'iiilM'i'!, lui  binlHon  wi,'iu  Hi'i'ky  (iumlwin  niul  Mlu-  ���phn,mr*'A1urp1ij"rTfn^tiritirrrtrrr-piri7^*")|  w~��Mm |ih.v.i--.-vyt ttuii'N-. |j^(if;u4*��.,iJ��jmilo4.���.J  wyi'h, 1 nn iU ",lu\,Ti'm���JinT*''l*H-itL^,i!,in,L_,Vi3.fiLLi,���1   biCiliti'ii, Hl.'iilwlnlo' Murphy, Carrlo 'Vi'niir'iV   ~  dull, Hliiii'on  Hall, .Sh'ui'l .Yimng,  Hucuiu  yi'iir |)lnn wunl In Anna .luhn nnd Bueky  Cat Itff I will. ' \      1  Thti  Hu'iio   Brownlo  pai'l.H  HopiwuitM  "' IritirUiblV W\\ fWW'mVmXfi1 ll>o"loiu����r-" '  "'"��� '"hhi)) <oV'���>V.\\mii.)"r\\w--MhhIwU.jl'^jliW,.  'l.niiwii  loW'Jljv im Mi'H, ,Von�� ' Cluyldii,  t'uuh puck 'nuvnj' !lmh'  nuck uun-j. O'lhur  songs were "Lorenza My Dojir", I am  a Zimba'7 "I've Gut that Brownie Feeling", "Rain song" and "My Pigeon  House". A delightful way to end a lovely  evening-,  Roberts Creek Scouts  Group Committee named  ' Ml*. DOUG Parryri^hcHrCrbek, Is the  new  chairman  of  1st  Roberts Creek  Group Cummlttoe, Boy Scouts of Canada.  Mrn.. Norah M��cLcan is secretary, Mrs,  .~.iJoMii-~W..'--Butcliur,.��-ti,caHurcr.i4.^Mi,s.4-.Btsth-.  Haw,   lesuurci.'   chairman;     Mrs.   Bo 11 u  Dube, public rulatiunii; Mrs. Thoinlu Prlt-  Piil  Murphy; ~"Uo7' liidlcs'   aiixillui'y;' MIsh ' E:   lltirrold,  group i''.'pnjs,��iiiuUv'* tu ll)�� DitUrlct Council and Mfu Almond, member at largo, all  of Unbelts Cicek were appuliilud to lliolr  oIIik-i at 11 .petjal meeting of Inlerestud  piireiils al JtiibcrtH Crook' Klornontary  .Schou), Tuesday, 'Fobru'iry \., UJ72,,.Mr,  H Siiiiiiiun>, Hcgioniil Lliisun mombor for  .SuiifJiine Cu.11 i'i District and Regional  ,li,iokl��lixoeutivt^Jack>Adiilr7guvo  Inf.! Expliilned"cuui:Ho lit1 thl.s iriootlnh'.' '  ��� HuiiM  Waypo, Saceui Bouholt  Ih Scuul-  ���iw��Li4Ui^jjiaai^  eliult,. Mr, Kuliurl Iluwlu'i], .I'prnio.r^.cul);.  miistor, has' ugrued io' h**lp reiuMlviiiij llui  Cub Pack, An unuuuiKMJii.oiH ol" a new  Cubmiisti.T In e?.|H;ii()d Iu bu iiuulo by  'iiild-'Mai'cli'. ' " '"���' ' * '"   Cubs nuiut Wedni!��luyn "at 0:00 p.m. In  search ok1,. Columbia Coast Mission papei-  in the Synod office,. .        ,...     .   i    .. ,  It is hoped that the lecture'will revive  public interest in the Columbia Coa-i  Mission and draw attention to tho^iece>-  sity of a new Mission ship.  Both   Canon   Greene   and   Rev.   Em '  Powell   will   participate   in   the   lectin i-  where Rev, .Powell will -show photos and ,;  slides, and the film, "Tho Mission'Ship".  Rev. Powell started, as deck-hand,and  cook on tl)e old Columbia Hospital Ship  and .was eventually ordaihotl Rector in  charge at Kingcombo and the surrounding Indian villages.  He is' reported to he the horn of Miss  ~civflVoiVfriytfm<r,,i"i'ifcWd,-Tirowowrcirii"  My Name", but is still very much alive  and .now ,,wurklDg In , thu ,New Wesi-  mlnstei' diocese as planner of programme  nt   Christ   Church  Cathedral.  Ik' and his secretary wuru lit the  Gieeiio's huno fur the flay on Feb. .il'id,  l,i> do Initial planning for thu piugramiiie  ' on March With.  While1 "lho ClroeiHiK aro away, Mrs  Lily Dunlup will bo in residence at their  home at   Kodrnnfl's,       ���    ,.  T5n' ruuto lo VUilur'm', Cuiion mid Mrn,  Greene will visit I to v. Barry .Innkh and  lib fuml'ly In Nunniniu, iiIhci thpli-oklenl  ���^i-inWttn'VHjM-iwWu.-i'Hi'iT���^--,,���n,^���^ ,  RUBBER STAMPS  join   Cubs   Kiid   lioyH,   11-1-1  lur wolenniod'lnlo llio Bcoiil  ��|.4  Only ONE advertising medium Is so porsonal  that-everyone,  ,,���,4.,,,,yi?i...lL.XSH�����QSE^    Think about It. Your kids use the nowspapors to ico what's  on at tho movlos, or In tho danco gang, You uso tho now&papcr  to keep up with sports', Your wlfo Uses tho newspaper when  bha's planning hor shopping, of whon sho takos a filar Into  advertising horsojf���tho Classified. .Ad8rift(.S..., .���   Whon something happens to your family, It's recorded In  tha newspaper, , , Births, graduations, engagements, weddings,  annlyorsarlos,, It's all there, . , ..Little Loagtia scores, mooting  announcements, club awards and promotions;     ,   .   ,  You don't vvalch a nowspapor, You don't havo to pick It  up a! a corlaln tlmo to find what you want', Your newspaper's,  pciliont/ polite, quiet ,',. .'always thorpraf YOUR convenience,'".'  Any wonder your newspaper Is a household fixture?'  Doing a polite, patient useful and"''pofsd'h'ar'modliim-la una  ������"'^amiiris^  to p family,' And to an advertiser, PuttlngTaifacrTl'^1 yourndws*-  paRSirJa.jalmost.as good as putting It on the 'family bullqtln   board. ''*  9 L   ' Yos, your noWspapor IS effective.  . ,1, /,,  11  1 WV .'!, .  *M|U*.  '{111.,,!,  ..',* -  .' a 'j fi...  ifc m.  N^UprtV-^^^^J-ijf^  ��  *L9Jt E   ABOUT...  y_   *-J&ourtnews  a - ���from  page  ^V-l  nied by another man and his son. Thejs  -wene driving--ln-^^^-4��p^h-y^ine_aL.Jiigh_  speed. Evidence indicated that Porcher  had cut corners by crossing over solTd  double llin-cs ^ind shortly before the. ac-  cidr-nt had put his hand on the boj^'s  i'noo. and asked him if ..ho was scared?  It w;is also rovoalpd thai' Poroho'r had  cuiiuinu'd a-third of nnrr-lTrvrtle-Tif;-Ht|itf>i'-  earlior  in   tho  day. \  Dcl'tMico lawyer Harrison Doig pleaded  for lenience on grounds lhat his client  had already suffered emotionally, had  been under a doctor's care ever since and  suffered a broken leg in ' the accident.  Further, he has been unable to operate  hfs lifinber" "business due to his injuries  and was consequently some $6,000 out  of pocket so -far,     Police reported that Porcher' had  throe   previous   r-nnvi (Minns   for   speeding  -The Times Ottawa  Bureau  ���"Eite-ctto-n--nta-nta��� ~  -0TTA-WA-=��n   Parliament     Hill     these  days, there is one topic-of discussion  lhat    has- pushed    all   others   aside^-the  date of the next  Federal.election. If you  Were   to   ask   ton   different   people   ahout  -W_hat date is most likely, you probably  won ill got ton different answers. Similarly, if you wore to ask one poison wh.at  is   lho   most   likely   date   ton   times,   you  'miidvt  get  ton different  answers.  As far as anyone knows, even the  Prime Minister shares the uncertainty,  about which date would be best for him  to call- an election. Imeccul weeks, the_  indications of a likely election date em-  inating   from   high     government     circles-  "TTave" changed'considerably:  First  the  "word"   was  that  the  elec-  iTJie-Penin'sula -Times���-���Bage-A-^-  Wednesday, March 1, 1?72  '' - -    - *������     *- ���  ���������- - ���   - - ���-- ��� ��� '     ' '   .  Fall   in   Canada,   people   are   preparing  for a  hard winter.   Their  general mood  tends to be one~oTunnappiness, of uitf"  ease, of dissatisfactioii^-I-n���Qntfrrio���t-his-  mood apparently made them cautious,  and they opted to stick with a"7Ieaclef  they jvnew, rather.'than choose an untested premier. Nobody knows whether  they would ael the same way" in a Fall  federal election. pi.Uin<; the more-dramatic  Mr. Trudeau��� against the more solid, Conservative  leader,   Robert' Stanfield.  ���When   October   had   been   thoroughly  discussed as a possible date for the elec-  tiOin, a new "word" came out, setting the  most likely time as in April. One reason  juai7thaLJ:im^.is.._that April -is the month  ,M O R E   ABOUT...  ���from  page  A-l  ly^-an assistant inspector will not be eni:  ployed at  the drop of a hat. ,  vMayor Peterson pointed out that such  an appointment was considered last year  but dropped in favor of a pJanner "two  inspections a day.do not seim a very  heavy load to^me'', he said.  The chairman added that Mr. Reyluirn  *-has-dr-aw.i-uf-^ -^ro-parisow���at���bui Id ing  tion would be in JUpe, likely lale Juner  almost- four years exactly from Prime  Minister Pierre Trudeau's smashing elec-  tion victory in 1968. The. advantages to  June include the 'tact thai by then, the-  di'ficult times during winter are a vague  memory to most Canadians. By June, the  wJjT.tcj-doldr.oms.have ended;-the economy  is usually moving well, and people tend  to be more optimistic than at some other  times of the year.  After everybody in Ottawa, or almost  everybody, had been talking about a  June election for awhile, the "word" got  around that the election would be in the  when   Spring   really   hits   Canada." Generally, in April, there is a feeling of new-  Tfes57~rjf~ fresrmess,���of^rnrtiTnism���amor  Canadians, said  the  political  pundits fa-  ycuing   an   early���Spring   election.   Thoy  contended that these feelings would make  people -more satisfied with their government. >  7 April ."has   niVipr   advantages.   The   in-*  Standing at the gateway to Scouting,  Michael English, Len Page and Kerry Jaeger prepare to take the Scout  Prepared  Oath at last week's investiture which  followed the Father and Son Banquet at Wilson^ Creek.  Color party  Scouts  are Tim Olsen and Danny  Olsen.  figures to show that building has increased, "however, it must,, be studied  very closely", he concluded.  NEW MOTEL  Planning committee gave its approval  to an application for rezoning of property  near the Wakefield Inn at West Sechelt  -to commercial.���t.wo from���resWeritiat'.'6*n'e~  Fall, in late September or in October. The  reasons for a Fall election were again  ^economic; The long range indicators supposedly showed that the economy would  be functioning even better in the Fall  than in the Spring. And the Canadian  economy would be benefitting from the  spill-over effect as President Richard  Midori"' stim*nTStgd" Hie  TJ-Sr-eeea^myT���in  dications are  that  the  economy  will  be  moving': upward in that moflth,  but  that  inflation.'would not be too bad. The new  loci]. of"ffie"-eabinet,' iollowing rlrenrererrt"  changes   will   not   have   worn   off,���and  '.hopefully* between now "and April, there  wilt be/';no big external happenings which  CQTild ^taiTge the political situation in  Canada." When   political   observers   think  ' of thisr-fftey are reminded of last August  in order that a motel be constructed. Ap-    time for presidential voting south of- the  ; v$hen President Nixon's economic moves  'hit Canada like a ��|hunderbolt and shat-  ifefed-" nj'ticih   of   the  government's     neat  tim'etaVjiles for economic recovery. If such  moves had come during the election campaign   in   Canada,   there   is   no   way   to  determine what their effect would have  been.  ___ExentualIy,   mo.st  of  this  speculation  plication came from Mr. Don Caldwell  of Suncoast Development Ltd.. Following.  ry by Direelui Deinel GofdOfHt  .wgs..._notled--thaWar--heai-iTig-��wiil���ber-i-e-  border early in November. The "OcTober  advocates also pointed out that another  long   lived���administration^-the   Ontario   fnn<prvfltivp   Onvernment   won   a   big   re-  election in October last year. But in general, .incumbent governments in Canada  like to  avoid  Fall  elections.  In  the  ���will turn out to have been justTicademic.  Mr. "Trtldeau will call tfig" "election-"'  he feels it is the best time for himself_  and hi^paijy^-ABtihtiow he wilf declo!e~  . this,  ai^when  he  will  decide   it.- will  depend on how he feels and how he  thinks���something ho political observer  can pretend to know.  Solemn   Oath  Cub days are already far behind and the Wilson Creek Troop led by Con-  because there are leaders ..wjio.aisj?^ stiible Bryjan Hocking on left and  Anjny a���.. t,ir.gj Mir4^Pl. pnglisri nf Constable Humphrey on right. Flag  Wilson Creek can look forward to.��� bearers are Scouts Tim and Danny  exciting days ahead as a member of    Olsen. .  -  back to the next-executive meeting. This  gained approval of the membership and  two new members were appointed to  the tourism committee.  techel  ~ Times editor Doug Wheeler -expressed  the view that he has frequently published editorials pointing to the need to  ghnp at hnme and support locaj,.business  people yet there are Chamber members  amber members question  apparently eager to send a large sum to  Vancouver without even seeking a price  first.  dnland brochure scheme  SECWELT,and District,,Cl)ambcr of Corn-,,  irierce held "its 'first regular"meeting  of the new year under chairmanship of  Mr. ,.':Morgan Thompson...lasV...,WedneBdQjr..  nt the' Village Cafe with nn attendance  of fourteen, ,;  Some dissentlon followed a move to  embark  on  a  brochure  sharing  project*  >wlth^U\e4%.'Glb3pna^P)^m)W^RUft^cMUtpw  |       PENINSULAI  ������|��� TIMfS  -'"  �� NOW OPEN |N  GI BSONS  ��,MacGregor Real, Estate Building  Sechelt of ,$1,200.   -The , two Chambers  were considering combined ���participation  in a scheme emanating from the Mainland (iSouth-West  organization   based  in  "Vancouver.'  It was admitted that no price: for the  ten thousand brochures had been sought  .locally but both the chairman and tourism  chairman John Thomas advocated parti-  cipation In the d.enl, A number of members agreed that consideration should be      _  ^       given spending money, acquired ,locally,    eoul'd see "no reason why there should  within tho area and that .tj price should    ])0 nny problems now,  PARK SITE ; _   ;   .* Cliff Olson reported that he had. been  along to inspect the government park-site,  at East Porpoise Bay. He said the works  crew has* been extremely active" arid is  nialyng atf excellent job. He advised other  memberfs . to, inspect.w.the,,,park,T,.w.hicl.i���,,ls  nearii\g completion "it will undoubtedly  bo  one of the better parks in the pro-  ,.,yincc,Y,he,,.��dded,. ���.,, v .,..., ,,.,,.���.,.�����,���,,���.,.,.,....  Regarding  the  proposed   paved  boat  -ramp-at���Porpoise Bay,. Mr. Olson commented that the location might prove to  be a  little close to the sea  plane base  ,,,but*^o.��maJor��problom,sw^ro��^n.tiqip.^.Ved,ta  The president replied that there had been  no  problems six  months  ago  therefore  bo obtained locally first.  iji>wi^il.?tJi��ti7j;��H.{,'4;.t,;ii',V��  PKone 886^T21  mediate voto to approve the scheme and,  whon questioned as to , why, said ..there,  is an elornont of rush1 Involved. Ho was  shot 'down when another member Raid  ho certainly could not agree to pushing  the multer through lhat quickly. Ho suggested two "more members bo', added,' to  lho existing two man commltleo and  tho matter bo Investigated,' and reported  ���a-n~lmr--?jeEfEAN*UP-WEEKJ  Discussion was given possibility of  Chamber participation In a clean-up week  for Sechelt, It was' explained jliat', such"  a project Is- fired off each year in dlt>  sons and Is a combined operation between tho Chamber and Council,  ,'7"MIt .w'nfl^agrQOcVlbCrflaiter bo iuyesii-  gated further and discussed at ii' lalor  'date,    -���---"���'���"-���'��� ���- ���-'- "-"��� .'���-������'���    '  -rrvr  1  jV.a.i-'i-i'.in'l.-H*,..,!,'!...,.,       , .. - j        fc (****.      ,,',',',' 1     ' '',    ,, ' w,m W* *'���*'*f-"*"' ""'""   ''   CHARACTERS 6-0 on. ���  WINNR' THE POOH ~  MICKEr MOOSE, ~��'jirA~  DONALD, PUCK a *.,������� ,^,mrW^:  "CHECK   OUR   EASTER   GOODIES.   MAKE  YOUR CHOICE EARkY ANP HAVE THEM  TOYS���  Rog,  00c Special  RECORDS���W��,  Aipt,, iMa.   ,���.^,.  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A����i^|i^|i  (or  'BOYS' "PULLOVER * SWEATER*^] 6 -lonfl *  ilaayoi. 0", front nlppor.Croamnplor,,..,,  RotlMlar S.90. ^   AM  Dp0C|Q|       *��*i<���tvmnm*m...��*i*m9\.'i��*.nff��**i.'*l��.1*!    *&*        r'  W'W'  MISSES' SHOES���Mfg. Clqarown Lyoni of  -London Importu etc, _%   JftA,  Compare nf 6,98 '... Special ^������ft��fli  LADY GALT TOWELS���  100% Cotton. Good weight,  ��� Graaf for oyory, day, ,.., m.  LAD,Y GALT FIESTA YARH  % ox, balli :.���........,���,  !������)��� _%���.*.���_._  ��.,       I    ll      4.      I.\       4  ... .l.W.l.l'toMpWWWW^W'i.lll^g H��  for *��44  1.44  0Qn'LJorfiQt tho Musical  Gilbert & Siillfviiri Pender  Harbour Secondary 'School,  Sponsored by the Auxiliaries  to St. Mary's, Hospital,��  "TOUR-  SPPW^-^aTjt  CAMPBELL'S VARIETY LTD  Trail Pay Pla^a^ Sec ho If  -V  Phono 885-2335  it*'  ���^''/^'&{r,&awvwH]''   CAMPBELL'S  I   , /., .,44ll.l,444l/ "' * ,. 1 .        I   �� 4   ...      .4 ...     *     ���*...       , . T '      . .        .����(     -  , I ' . '        , ���  I"   ��� <"'  TrM\ RayPlaxo  ', SCCHEUT/ B.C.  1,^1 l**MmmmmlmmimmmMmm  #��WB������p*��l����������  I  ��TT  w**^.^,^^.,*^.**!,^,.  ., ..   \\.  M,  .   ^    .    V4 . H.l    IJI      i.  '"*l+lf.*'!i   t.'.t.,  '    I  (1   1  r  r^.  ���% . t # (^ (4 jc   i*    t \       '  ..7. ..  ���^  ���5- ;   . A  Prige A-8 The Peninsula Tin*68  Wednesday, March 1, 1972  Raul^f7~PtenW^  .�����_���_ ������  ������Letter from Parliament Hill  OT-EAWA���Short- notes of a long Winter's  night as the 28th Parliament's Fourth  "Session ..begins:  MMMMMMMMMM BJ�� JUL!IH- H H M M  y^pyrwi. ��� WinCim, i.m.uij|i;i)  WHAT'S onrlRtY BIRD ?  Many people think when they see a certain Building Supply, dealer put up  an IRLY BIRD sign that he has just been swallowed up by a big combine of  some sort! In very truth, this is almost the opposite of what he has done.  He has, in fact joined a group of progressive and co-operative dealers, who  like himself own and operate their m3ivT3u7fl^twes."'By BIRD  each dealer just ensures to his community and to himself that he will be able  to BUY advantageously-���so that he can put merchandise into his customers'  hands at the RIGHT prices . . . and in a good variety! . . . you'll be glad you  have an IRLY BIRD in your area!  ��!  Si  OBSaSaagsBBSBH^^  <s__'~'~< i.  <��� "?. '77Sl*Z ki  ,���mm ��� ��� ��� J��� m mmmm ,i��ii....w,    i ' ~* ___]  B  ��� Among tl\e extraordinarily able people here are many of  whom .   you    never  ���~hear==guards,     m.cs-   �� sengers, ���   rbstauranta  waitresses,    cooks,  cleaners;   a   host   of  men      and     women  who   keep     the   old  ���-bnrfdings���in- shape  and   who  look   after  ���politicians���better���  than they deserve.  As a group, MPs are not notorious for  regular   habits   or   meticulous  "neatness.  MPs   forget*-  to   lock   doors.   They     lose  -shoes and overcoats. They ca-H- for sand���  wishes  at   strange  hours  and  then .find,  sorry, they left their money -in the pants,  pocket  at, home today  and borrow from  the messenger.  None of these Commons staff people  are highly paid, by today's standards. The  hours of work are , irregular. Yet they  are almost unfailingly cheerful.  . Many are keen observers of the Parliamentary scene. They know���the -mood of  the House, day to day, and comment oh  it with a detached common sense which  the MPs involved in the action, must  guard against" losing.  The guards are clad in blue policemen-style uniforms. Visitors pour through  Jhese building in the tens of thousands.  Ordinary citizens, they have a right to  utmost freedom of-rrcrggs to'watctrtriet  Parliament in action., .However the guards-  ^rjsifF^ THAT YOU RECEIVE FRIENDLY, PERSONALIZED SERVICE!  "disrupt -Parliamentary, proceedings.   Thus courtesy and rigid^scrutiny must  be combined..Tire procedures are so  smooth that very few public visitors are  aware  that   they're  being  screened.  ~TrTE~gna"l'ds   have~"~phenomenal   rrreTrp-  pries  for  faces  and   names.   In   the  first  V��" 5 ^i' _ 1. VT_ ': )��& ~V V  Starts  MARCH  !��|    SALTAN PS^ARCHjjI  I  I  I  fit  v^SmmmmmmmmSi!mmSmmmm^mmmmmtrmmmmmmmmmimm.m_\  session  of   this   Parliament;   they   would  sit' in   the   public?  galleries,   memorizing  ; names and f-aees-of- -the-90*odd. new MPs.  It seemed to take no more than a few  days before all MPs, new as well as old,  were known by name lo the guard on  all the many doors.  Several'MPs, myself included, have  been  visited,  unannounced,   by  our  chil-  Tdreri-tr)-have-a-Hx��use-of-^etnmons-gu*rd-  name them at the doors, immediately, on  the basis  of facial  resemblance.  A university student in Oregon accuses me of plagiarism in using the chart  "St. Pierre Handy Guide to Jargonship."  ^l"*fZi-ji..HilIyvj^.^r-.Ji9j[igi;  My chart came to me as an unsigned  photocopy, which   circulated     for   some  delight of.a 11. I learn the originator is  Betty H. Zisk of the Western Political  Quarterly, of March 1970, p. 55.  I'm delighted to give her credit, hope  she'll produce other things as clever, and  -^ffl^nifgt^tffli--bcr-her by  fetter  thatr-sher  uses my philosophical writing about the  chart under' her name so we'll be even.  Unemployment insurance has occupied  -riTn^JT=^l~i-he--hme-t)l���this-ol'friee���during��� \  the parliamentary  recess. The plan's essentially  a sound  one,  but new regulations, computers-and some new efforts to  weed out cheaters, combined to deprive  large   numbers   of   deserving   people   of  thgir rightful benefits.  'I'lmju-J-h the efforts of people like Kay  LevcMToii W liolla Coola, unci Mrs. . L.  Tornrons of Powell River, to name jusSt  u   couple,   a   clearing   house   for   unpaid  .... ,r.!ui)*'.iH was estiililishccl with, my... Ottawa  office in id we wbi'o able to' unsnarl'most  or oil (knock wood) of the red tape,  Thu motto is "Don't, growl, kick,"  A. political   story   from   the   prairies:  Five thausund buffalo are racing across  the  prairie,   led   by  a magnificent,  wtui'dy big bull buffalo.  Suddenly ho sto^s, TJhe herd tramples  "hhh  under."" "' "  "" " " *"*"  Aftor, when he henvet, his quivering bleeding hulk from tho nod, Homebody Hiiys "Why did you stop?  Tlie hlg buffalo wiyi, "I though 1 hoard  n  dlHaniidglng  word."  ���0*^R^���l"1OyS��'"��^^  and all itsf^f^^^ife&S?:^^'y:: ::  Be sure to see our bright 12-page Flyer for the^fif/l /;ii[Me-tfif���.o#. tire^diiiDroifs values. And VISIT us so that  you can take part in the FREE Draw, the Prizes arid 'Goodies of this special'Cel^^  the money-savers you'll find on Sale now} . ..  n  h i  i   i  <W'u i' 'ui if 7'\  'IHIiJI'^        |,!li  '.'' ���  -.'Ii; PH! i >'^'~'i'i��!lilji!i:f:i'! .r i      .lii'iilyM  1  lb.  WObM,-.l,l_i._litU.y.-,Wl... i fi'ptlfli.. Jj<S*8**WS��w,l;  ^skj^a^WW .bA4e.#iiffim  Jl��**i��l*'j,lBl^*^il,. ��� ,*.  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'-       Service   .-  -Wednesday-March -V -1-9-7-2-  Pages���178-  OSticial answen_.2._,:... .._    :._   ___...'J������...:...,������.  rfieis n��t comptainers  es repiv to trustees  Recreation centre*  walkaihon winners  ntre may havejiuffered  -R-EGK-E  a   temporary  SEC11 ELf ~ Teach:tii^-Asso~cTaI ion  Teachers' "Association leading To tlie sign-  fifst to maintain that teachers are* nob "frig ol a contract that wouid seek to pre-  "comp'ainers", but they are. responsible vent the further erosion of our district's  professionals who' are concerned with educational facilities which is resulting  educationally unsound situations whether from the present Social Credit ��� Govero-  ilipy occur in 'Ppndnr Harbour School or     ment's educational policies. Let  us  work  set-back   but   the   115  acre site is still there to be used and de-  * e oped  and there is no reason why the ���_  _J*ine   community     spirit   which   - was   so  evident during the picnic and walkathon  ���should���not1- -prevail^���  --    "^ -���  . The Recreation Centre Committee*  wishes to thank all* the merchants who  so generously contributed to the success  of this event, .especially the Radio Club  members   who   patrolled   the   route   and  any   other school.  The Sechelt Teachers' Association has  Introduced to_ the lathers at last  weeTcY Guide "banquet were the Leaders who are the backbone of the  organization. From left are District  Guiders  Commissioner Harriet Newton who  has just received her 7-year pin;  Guide Captain Barbara Beck, Guide  Lieutenant  Janet  Webb,   District  Guider Donalda Sigouin who received her 5-year pin and newly appointed Division Commissioner  Eleanor White.  no ���intention of eui.uiiienltrn'r'oiT how a  probationary; principal or for that matter a permanent-staff principal runs his  or  her  school.  What this association is commenting  on, however, is that teachers* and with  ail due respect to-the powers that be, the  majority of teachers at Pender Harbour,  are saying to their principals, to their  superintendent and to their Board that ���  educationally  unsound practices do exist  together, School Board and Teachers' Association, in the "best interests-_oJ'_thc  "ptipiis and teachers on the Sunshine  Coast.  A copy of the Learning and Working Conditions pe.icy recently ratified by  the teachers of this district which would  im   the.   individuals   who   gave   so   generously of their time.  Prize   winner^   included*  John   Kelly  of   Sechelt   who~\fron.   2 "tickets-to   the-  Canuck's home game. Oldest walker was  Russell   Devine  who ^ins  a  prize  from  Walt  Nygren  Sales.  .., ���rtr���te i ���-*- - i-.-^v-wa ���w!7   First  hoy in was Stephen Miles from  foimThe basis oi a Learnings and Wrjrk-     _,.. , ,  ���  ���  Z7^7_yz.777~~^.nt,��i _ ���  r,    j... , -.        -   .   j   ���     ��� .       Gibsons who  wins a prize trom Douglas  ing Conditions- contract is  printed  in  its K  entirely elsewhere on this  page. ���  The Learning Conditions Policy State-  jfieiit of the S2��helU��Teachers' Association:  and while teachers are willing to do their 71   Teachep Qualifications. The teacher  level best  to cope  with  poor  conditions ^^ have ine necessary  academic and/  in  no. way   will  they   condone   them   or or   professional   background   and   be   in  allow  them   to  be  glossed' over  for  the possession of a valid B.C. Teaching Certi-  public. Good learning conditions are just ficate to teach lhe type of program he or  that,   "good   learning   conditions".   These she  is  asked  to  undertake.  Assignments  mssEs^g^M^&^Sn7___U_u_  but   "effect   the  ��� er,  ^sohit���9^f7^��w--4^at-the-j��ache  to be better able to assist a developing  . human  being  it  he  or  she  is  not over-  burdened by such things as clerical tasks  or lack of preparation time.  There are, nevertheless, a few people  who are reluctant to "rock the boat" but  if is  about  time  that  these  few  people  were plunged irito~a~wave-of~cold. reality,  ���This association has"Time * and-" again'  sought to establish with the Board minimum criteria for good learning condi-.  tions, but the.. Board refuses to discuss  ^whaflr-profcsBionals  are saying are mini-  tion of staff. Any teacho^/who feels his  or "her assignment is unjust-has- the right  of appeal through the Liaison Committee;  -������27~G4assr-��feG-!--!i'4i^e<^  Variety. First boy in from Sechelt, Curtis  Pascal���prize from Parker's Hardware.  First girl, Karla Nygren���prize from J.  Harvey Co.; first family James PostTe-  thwaite and family-prize from Campbell's Variety.- Second., family���Tim  Bailey and family���prizes.'from Sunny-  crest Chevron and Gibsons Western  Drugs. Youngest walker, Jeffrey Maya���  prize from C & S Sales. *  Oiher prizes: Laurie McHeffey���Smit-  liaSssSgfiiiejissMies t-  ern Drugs; Shawn Casey-*-Marshall Wells,  -Sechert;���Bansara" "WiiSo'n���Yarn    Barn;  Mrs. L. Honeybuiin'���Ann Lynn Flowers;-  Mr.   J.   Miller���Sunshine     Auto     Parts:  ed or grouped in a manner that is conducive to good learning. The following  are maximum sizes for the purpose of  regularly- .scheduled   classes:  g* A kindergarten class in any session,.-  j^l4_in��t^-e3reeed^'25^Trapiter"���-"    -    ^y_  ' b) .Any sclass, "split or> otherwise, containing  first  year students  will not'ex-  ceed 25. __^ '  Bradley   Dorais-  Supplies.  -Twin     Creek   Building  iM^uide-kBpel  lor fafEer^daiigifter  FATHER   and  Thursday  daughter's  FetT  -24tir  night    out,  at  the. Sechelt  mum^requirem  'do-nothing policy" of "the BoarS 3-his  association- has^ -assumed the responsibility of placing before the public their  disagreement with the Board on these  basic issues so that the public will at  least be aware of what is taking place.  In,...particular, the. association. feels .that  comments made by a School Board  Trustee and reported in last week's edition���Of the Peninsula Times regarding  our proposed Learning and Working Conditions contract cannot be left unanswer-  ed since they are calculated to mislead  EJiFljublic into believing that the. teach-"  ers of this district are concerned only  with- their -���<���������.,,   ....,  c) A special class will not exceed 11.     T    V'"���* ��� '  u'   "Vi-^  -^.^i"^  -^J-. ^ : ������= -f��� Legion- Hall, when the girl  guides' were  .  d)'Any  split class  other than  Grade     escorted  by  their  Dads ,10  their  annual  "1���S-'aT'eTefrtfe^ ,,���.,.,;���*,..,.-..,,,.,���.^^^^^  32, except where a larger grouping has Guests   were   Division   Commissioner  been  requested   by   a   teacher   to-fulfill     Mrs.' Eleanor  White irom  Gibsons;- Miss  a  particular  educational  purpose. j7Robin Eriwata. Sechelt. Present also were  e)  Any  integrated  kindergarten  class ^Fairy-Godmother   Mrs.   Bonnie   Paetkau,  shall not exceed 20. ��� Guide Leaders  Barbara Beck and Janet   -f)...A;,fegular -class-:4n~;elemen.tai^  secondary   will   not   exceed   35,   except     was also a guest. ,  Toast   to   the   Queen   was   made   by i  V    proposed   learning   and   working   condi-  _       ..   . ....... ,.-...,     ' 7-77777...^. !; tions' contract,  which  the   School" Board  Family Affair* v      .    ., .;        , .      ������     ,  Escorted by their -grandfather;* Mr?** diltVo'ducUori of -Father and -Daughter- case .MUm--wasn!-l--U>G---fai'-'away-^as  "3caT^T)liTi5TJiirHnTi^heii^^tht;rH5i^ of the    e]ai,SCs, of which one only can be said  Eric Paetkau,-Sechelt Guides, Carla    Mother  and  Daughter,, but..in ^this  andltarin Faetkau tuny approve tlie  where a large grouping has requested  by a teacher to fulfill a particular educational purpose.  g)  The  average  daily  pupil  load  for  daily pupil load is equal to the sum of  the individual class enrollment times the   __. __j_____________&______^  We���would  like to point out that the     per, cycle  times  the   length  of   teaching  iniiff ��� n iiii ii i   mn  own selfish ends.  was  Barbara Jackson, Toast to the Fathers,  by Barbara Wilson. Father replying to  the Guides Toast - was Mr. Ervin Benner.  ��� Guides receiving their Hostess badge  ITorrrTnTtfrct Commissioner Mrs. Harriet  Newton were.-Lorraine and Debbie Nestman, Le,e Eberle, Charlotte Bandi", Vicki  "andHKinr^imer.'" ''"������ ���' ': "������'��� ���"-?���"  1st .Sechelt Guides.  period over 60, all divided by the number of djays in the cycle.  .i^ to- the present has. adamantly .refused      ,  ���^La^afrii-ng^cM'tfe.Vl-.?l��.-J7?)le. .in?cessii.ty  uivdiscussT%i-tli"usr"conta t'eai*fiin^(mcitei'i'alis^  to fulfill the -objectives of a unit, course  preprogram .must   be,-'provided..'...At':-the  "Seo^arTT^^^  the   Department   concerned   and   at   the  lo   further  "deal's  tea ch era'   ends,  hour  This  witli   noon   hour   supervision  states,   "That  a   period   of  one  hour  clause  and  Miss Lorraine' Nestman earned her  weavetjs and bakers badge. Vicki Benner  her  baker's  badge.  The  girls  woirk  '  se|ited., through  the   year,   as " they ' are  earned.        ; ' '  lunch .time   from  supervisory  duties  -guaranteed���J'or-TaJl���teaching���staf  at  be. _Elementary JeyelJ-y^JLhc^pi-nMi^^s);, el-. !  In���-e-mQntar-y���MjpcrJvisor^iirid   feii(:her.s> cbh-  tlus clause, the. teachers are simply ask-     corned. ' . ���������  ing for a'"'guarantee of the right enjoyed .4. Physic,al Facilities., q) The physical  by,vmo.st .other working  P^PP]ex.Jthatl.f,i��)_J_aciUtie ...  a "period   at   lunch*' time   free   frcim   the"  objectivi^^PThe^iutr'cou^^  calls-of work to eut and enjoy a midday ,  gram. Ih addition a.planning roo.iin_shoul4....  be provided "for schools, embarking upon  team--teaching.  At  lhe ..."Secondary ��� level  the adequacy'will* be-evaluated  by-lhe.'  Department concerned and at the element  meal,   Surely   this   is   not   tin   unreasonable icqiiest.   ''.."'  ���    The rehiaiiuhg six" cl'iuscs deal  with"  items   such   as:   limiting   class   size   to  promotc^morceffcctiveleaniing, making,,,, Mfe^  certain "that the teacher "has the correct    ~   qualifications to teach.tho-program-he or-  she is assigned, .tho,pro*^sion���of.adoq'uate"  materials  and  physical  facilities to  ful  fill tho,objectives of the course, the restoration of: secroUu'ial help, severely cut  lust year, lp aid the administration1 of our  slaioolh����nd��finullyJ,,.u�����.l��us'*,w..r.a.quc.sllnB  that, "DiVect contact and Interaction between 'astoaehor  hik,^ 'his ,pupUs  on   _  su'p'ervisor'-'anU'^^^  ., b)��� That_ there be provided In each  elementary school adequate covered playground facilities,   "  5, Time. Direct contact and interaction between a teacher and his pupils  on u scheduled class basis .shall not Ox-  coed a maximum of 23 hours por calendar ' week. "Where Implementation  proves   impossible  other   factors" In   tho  ft***, WELCH'S   .  CHOCOLATES  % OFF  i  mm  iqhoduJodTBln-nrbnBJsrplliUbnoV'WfoeQd tt-��f|,J2Ld^1,S,lS!J1I !?.'�� mUl0t oompcnfiato k)V  muNlmum of Iwunly Ihreo Jioui's", _      " ,'1" '"  U would need a porsuiV very Ignorant  of ediicullonal  matters  to suppose  that  a toucher's woi*kload-.can...bo..n"iouHur��,d.iu  terms ol! tho tlmo he, or she, Is. in the  classrooi'iv and 11; v/Quld bo,grossly unfair  to tho "many dedicated ilhd'conscientious  teachers"in this dl'slrlcf Who spend- many  clcdlcatcd.,hours,.oulsklo. lhe classroom Jn  losflftii s-'propjirptionrrmarlsliig 'ai'i'd ovtra-  eurrlciilum,,uctlYll,los ,lo suggosl uthor-  "wlso, Tho wish jo limit tho hours of  olussroom Instruction to twenty three  hours from the present twenty, five 'would  . enable tho teacher to attend to the myr-  ���4ttd"of',dctnl"hlnvoivwf-'hi-iiiu)t,UHHful-4oa<jh'  IM " -  la  SECHELT  tlie addilibnal time,  ' (1, Supervision, That u: period of-ono-  hqur at lunch tlmo frco from supervisory  duties  bo   guaranteed   for   all   teaching  staff,  ,   ,   ,   ,,.., ,   7* 'Secretarial Help, That' the < amount  of secretarial help1 in 'schools should *  revert to tho tlmo schtidulo In existence  Immediately prior lo the 11)71 budget c,nls,  ,,' Those; arcs, not' unrcnRonabjq^pmands  iior is It likely' thai thoy would." liavo  remained unmodllled had 7 the hoard  been prepared to discuss thorn. Tlie Association, howovcr,' 'will aiot be dissuaded  from''working'towards then*, nor will wo,  ,juM^^i��^4).e4nliJ>iWatfitUhy7lh,o^acu.i)ii*.  ���__,..     r.lib   p.iK .   ,    t u     ,    Ing unci would-providerhr addition,  a ^��l'#l--i!f,g^v-w?'i"g^fJnW  Holpi^Hho fnthofs 10"rod- at'home-^,J0,   rqBpita-from   the   nervous   strain  p.G,T,l^ pollUw" p   by Jho article noted  , dui'ing. lnsl wack's Fnlhei'-Uuufihlor    many lanuhcu. face lit the classroom to-    j"; J���� C"f?" V,"^ 11S ."XL '��?,%"  "QUUO 'Wanquot,  Wcntty    V ay,   UOV      ^     f   w ,      , ^ j   Ul     , We have no Intention of succumbing to  Jucks6u^and...l3ai'hara,���.Jacksons,ln- 4���,.oomi,l.���4, ,!:,, ,���.,, .,,,,,,���,,;,,,.,,���,,..,,,                 iVodu'eo Mr. George Flay;  Mr, Ar-        It,'is regrotublo that lhe Board has  Ihur Whymont and'Mi1. Pete .Jael--^^^v;i^';difl^isH;'ir'^M  ��� -  iboHQ points In Mplto - of * tho^fnet - tlint^  neighbouring suhnol boards such as  Phwoll^nivor and West Vancouver have  already oHi'cud lo such, contracts, We  wouldjllko��,,to.4.i'upeat.���our��,Invitation., to.  tho board throtigli, these columns lo enter  Into meaningful    discussion    with    the  NO-CORD  CLOCKS  SECHELT JEWELLERS  /  385-2421  -..,... i1  y-  son l,o the world of Gujdo.s, Tho buu-  <iuet, wa'tf a groat shcuo'sh and ,11. looks  like  the' dads  will  bo  asked  back  For  Qulclc noBullu  Uso Times  Adbrlolu,  ^UnAkl  me  eicjfiU  ���,t|}Q,..notrfi(*,^Y��ncd:.t|]irpHt,���.cqn^dWrt.4ln that,,  motion of-lho, Hoard that called for "a  ^lottor'-tO'.thoi,mliil��tet,+-of-.oducotlon. ron.,  iKquootlug?iCohsldorulloh?..to, allow (boards  to transfer teachers, to other swhools without appeal". This seonis to Indicate"tlfnt  teachers had bettor not "ciiiise Waves"  fir' thoy y_\\\ ho lra'nHfol*rcd lo a nol-so-  '"convo'nlent "plaoo;"for*"example;* a"'schooI"  fifty 'inlloM from-thulr, liomo,  Wo repeal touchers are doNnlU'ly not'  "complalnorn" and "thoy are doing a  good Job", but In some IiTsITiTk'o'h lhe  learning conditions are untenable, *   ���  SUBDIVISION  w*.  ,lr l\H\  , I  .-JMcCALL^tlEftNS^ND.  \  "������'-,  JOGGING SHOES  1       .    i *  I   I    ��� I , I ��� "  IV fl^.lt.MtWI'^l *��Ml l**��.(W*!H��Wl  \i i i . >h  MHlHWP'*)**!^^  I * ,.��,., n  ��^m^^n^mm^mtf��^0i^ii^  t\  . J  *     f  ���Hi >��H��*HM I ll��W>tf i> iy-ii Wl ltil|lyHi��i��^  WATERFROIsST AND VBEWTOTS"  .,i'<-"'  HURRyjJWHILOHEJLIiASI  BOAT HARBOUR"^ACCESS"TO"WATER  1 ���   :,���    '     ',.   ��� ���     *                 ���    ,  ,���_^.,-,'. ,,....- ,,,JERMS AYA1��tABIE ,  HARRY MOSSFIELD  "���Presents���T"  ,4������..���,.���.,..i���>l.l...  GILBERT  im��wvm fmm*<_  AND  rmm^timmfm^mmfm  vnLL  OSBORN LOGGING CO. LTD.  8859767 7 Box .10?^ Sechelt  ..'���; SULLIVAN^; ,_  '". ''SATURDAY," 'lAAKCH^]Z^  8:00 p.m.        i  TPondioV. Harbour^HroR" School "f\  \  Spring- ^peclald  9.8 hp MERC 20% OFF,  McCUILLOCH CHAIN SAWS  10% OFF  i used Mcculloch 45 hp  ,   OUTBOARD���$20Q.OO      ,  i'i MOTORS now In stock  4 hp-50 hp  '  ptnmmmimi  CLEARING  *Axoa - Wodgoa  Gas Cans 7 -  ���^ RANTING DOGS,   ,*  it^Rom  CHAIN-SAW CENTRE  Cowrio Street, Sochelt'.^'  wmmmm  \, v  .44414"44 9s^4,,tU,44W4,  mm  f*  ^VW^tMM  |W^f*W��^i^lifiNrt^  Rtw^n^mn^^  1  .'. v.i..  ..., ..' .'  i^UfgUWW^MM##**W?��i  ��mS*  M"  iiiMA^^mmmmm^lmi^^mvi^i^m  k#t*m*��M***p.&km*imm f" l^l*wBWmte!tofflm&ft����d**&^ hM^m^^im^l^f^^*^mm^mmi4if^m*Mi^^  I      '���   ,*'    '" p4     I  f,  .rV,..b ��,fr  t.l*  WpMr .44,,,^ .. /s^Jd.,  , UU^^^4,l.f��t ,fHi# ^ft.iW1^'*' .4  KW*4K4.*����4il����44,����44**������*��j4f  ��w  .*V> '-  .u,  .'  I,,.  7    L .    1 ��� 11,  #��w����l��#��wW*T��������w��*��**����m^^  4     4.,I I ���   ,.4  t    'll  Hjrf   I       ".    ���  ���I (<, <   . II-UH     , .-V .   '  ?���<..��  ^^^nllIM^lllUlr^l^^^lHn"^l^'"���^'^^1"���"'"'""  * IIIMMIlfryUIMJ���UUIIUW^    I I   |l I......  ll��T��wm��11��l��llllMm��ul�����ull��w���MM��A��.j��JM���� ��� ���       ;  i-   Page B-2  The Peninsula Times Wednesday, March 1. 1972  ,���  JACK MILLS ���  MacGregor  Pacific  Real  Estate  Building  Box 739 Gibsons   ,  Phone 886-2121  Ik  ���smile  THE   FOLLOWTNG   poem   was^ written  and submitted by Jim H6lf6,f Lang-  dale, a member of the* Gibsons Old Age  Pensioners   Organization.  17;e,_scamjed_this old world  over  and  travelled  many a  mile."  What  have  I  missed,  my  neighbor?  I haven't seen a smile.   "  I  have  travelled on  the highways  'of this our glorious land  And drifted  on  the byways  wfTlToiil  a "TTeTpfhg "hand. ~~  What  happened  to  this  world  of Ours  this  land  of  yours  and  mine  Have we run'sjiort of common sense  and  running   out   of   time?  To those who cannot^ see the light, *  .a  tree or flower  in bloom.  Must   the'y  forever  bear this  plight  and  live a life of gloom?  They grope along life's highway  -   far many a weary, mile  They do: not "Khow,"jusf" wfiiff  to see a great big smile.  ��o when you're sad and feeling blue,  a��d���t-b��jfe-4ifeH  ;<"""'j"'"Hymniiiii>r"WMEf"y����'*MMMMMMM^^  l^or ^>t  just look up and face the world,  with a great big wonderful smile.  Seige   Bow   Robin is shown holding a ruplica of a 15th century seige bow, which he has at his shop in Gibsons.  Canada's, maybe North America's only crossbow  maker . 7.  cmf tsman has imipe  mrm irai  Do  a  good  turn  for  your  neighbor -  my friend    >��� 7  and find  }ife is worth while.  If the only paymerrt-you-get in return,  is  a  great big wonderful  smile.'  Jim Holt. Langdale  For   Quick   Results   Use   Times   Adhr  unless you; too, are a master bulisturius  ���7"'  4,��,y t '  .\<((v.'V*7V''i   ,������..<!'..,..,.-T���       ...,,.-,..^- , Carving Crossbow . .,, ���  .:.  Robin Allen-Sinclair is shown carv-    customer   in Gibsons,, Dr. Terence  ing what   will   be a custom-made    Webb, looks oh with approval,  hunting crossbow, while    his -first  ..���,..,,...,....���������^.���,4rf.��.,T.,f���.w�����WI,������l.Tl���.i,',T,w^.,,'���i..).Ci^atom Maclo.  . .. ������    When  ho  hi*vr  custom,  ho  menns to make* .sure Dr, Webb'}, thumb fits  custom nncl horo'lTobln iRmoafiiir- poi-tootly.  Ing tho Ihumb holu hi lho crossbow '  i'Ilvivvihirj'ii.'i).nuniiirtmM. p* "  'I'    ." "r".      i i',i' .i/.j  Ov  l..l*.! |*  , ..plb&on�� ,Cr-aftsi*r)flniv',, _���^i,.,.,  .T;he fljnUhed' product,.'a��uustom bunting crossbowi  ^  ^wwjwwwifi^iiiiawiw  ROBIN   Allen-Sinclair   of   Gibsons   is   a  master  Balistarius.  In   layman's   terms,   Robin,   or   Robin  Hood . as   he   is   affectionately     labelled  around   Twin   Creek. Lumber   where   he-  does his work, is a crossbow maker���an  -w���maker. ~ ~  And while Mr. Allen-Sinclair is probably the only person in Canada who  manufactures, (or will be manufacturing)  crossbows on a production basis; he is  He?rmTeTylTie~c*rT^^  in North America who will craft, a custom-made   bow   to   suit  your   individual  tastes and needs. ,.  His-first; ..'customer for a customized  bow crafted here in Gibsons is Dr. Terence Webb, who lives at Hopkins Land-  '       "I tried oneout last weeTC DrT^Webb  said, "and was really impressed."  The ��� weight  of the  crossbow,  as  op-  posed to that of a rifle, was what -realTy  sold Dr. Webb (around five pounds for .  the -bow  vs.  seven  for a  rifle),  not  to ._.  mention .the   accuracy   of   the   weapon,  which  proves, lethal .at a range  of  100  to   120   yards.   (The   production   models  boast a killing range of about 70 yards).  And on top' of it all, hunters using the  crossbow,or a bow and arrow are granted   an.��� additional, two^weeks,������a,fter  the (  regular hunting season closes,'"'  -A custom-made bow will take Robin  around, 60 man hours to-finish, and will  sell for around $200 or more1: His concentration, however, will be on production models, whicliwill be made tor the  "avernge pocketbook"  and will .sell for  ,,aiiKle!7$J00,,J!ojamlt^  on tho market selling I'or around $30,  "But," Robin odds, "thoy just nren't  ..iip'-to-rRtrnTClnl'ds-nnd^mofit-of-thorn-nron!t.  ovon worthy of repair," Tho lnnguaj-o  of u craftsman, no doubt,, but whoh  you've boon In tho buHlncnH for 20 yonrn,  you have the right to tnlk Uko n ornfts-  lYinn,- And all you have to do l�� wnndor  tj'own "nnd.'lriKo �� look nt Mr, Allon-Sln-  ctnlr's' work nnd you'll* honor that i'ighl.  While production nnd custom inodelH  nro mini hor ono on tho local Master Bill-  JutnrluH' llnt.'-ho does i.id'niU'to'"dnbbllnM"  In such things ��n nrchory nnd (gun) Rtoek  roflnlnhlria."CrosnbowR' vfl,- rlflos? N6 contest nssorts Robin.  * "In' nddltjlQjri.....tQ.,])chig-4.nccurRto~.��M  qiiiot, once you hnvo pu'rchnaod your  ho\y nnd holts, thoro Is no further out-  Iny.f'-ioibroglnsrt, holu, cost nround $1.00  owoh, while tho ohonpor woodon modolt*  mny bo purehnnod for nbout 75 eontH.  ��-������^AntWthoy��(uio��"boltH|��noWniu'owi'r-��,'iB---  wo so Inoorrootly tormod Ihom, Qunrrols  mnybo, holts definitely, but novor, m'voiv  null thorn Arrown. Arrows, whl'ih nro  uHocltfltrlctly.,With: bowff In nrchpry: mo��-  Ru're^i\round,,"!a8-'^nchofi'"-)oriRr';'Whllo tho  nvornHO huntlntf bolt unod with tho oro��n-  how Is fthouf'll) Inchon In lonfith,  Robin Allon-Slnuliur'n Intercut hi tho  mw-sbo^,,, didn't .Ju.'L (!onio���1nboutt shico,.  ho enmo io Oibsonti thifi'piifjt Doceiiyibor,  Tho afl-yonr-old crrtrtf*mrtn flrnt hoonmo  lntorostort In tlio wonponn whon ho wnn  only 4!J-yon|'i* of, nf(o. IllH.ilrnt rUtompt  nt mi'kli'K ono enmo n.hout when lio  wiih 17.    . .  "I inndo oi}o mid It .didn't work," ho  iidmltn, "I, pindo nnothor, nnd. II (Ildn'.t  work,"   Uln, uiiHuoooMnfiii   nlloniptfi  np-  .,....,      piu'ontly   wont   nn   for   yenrn.,������until   ho  ��� (il.I'Mj.Y.tMMlift. 1,U>. w.IIh,u.4.pil^u��f--h(i����wt����i  niulnfled with,'  And hU'euHtoiTuii'n woro obvlounly hiv?  tlnflod with hid produot hognuno bin  workshop in lilniilnnd wnn runnlnR nttuU"'  ���^^'v^-^-oup��clty^liw^Wttil���alwfty��~-���ttbouWth  kv JtoMiii moved from PortHmouth, IlnniP"  filVh'e, KiiKlnnd lo North .Surrey nnd -fl*  ���.ii��llyrdc,cUlucl to nettle for t ho Biu'i-thlnu  iflll   Count ,^ii*qo ' niqntliM, Ho firmly bqllovos  mm ... thftUUn'not nocoHHnry to(hnva nn opor  ���'*'    ntlon Much n�� hl�� ,hmm\ In n'lnrno ally,  ..,,,���  ConnQriiipntl.Y*C|lbflon*,'*i ^Mhomo   to  ���<��- HoWn jAH��rr*(3inpinir,',^ifitt!r nwiifltnrlUR,  *, Croapbowfl,'qnyor\p? *      ,    '  ��,   .      c   ���'  ',   ' i   ���  *f|..,,,,4.^  ^*y,"P-^,*��^4**MW44.4.W44^*4#��.*44m.^"4j.^4^��'*   ��*      ,, , ,  MEMORY MARKERS  i  or  DISTINCTION  A GRANITE MEMORIAL IS AN  ETERNAL TRIBUTE TO   ^��y;R-'=0ViD--GH*4ES--   The   cost   including   placement   in  Sea view Cemetery  from $95  Write to Pox 648, Gibsons  or Phone 886-9551  HARVEY FUNERAL HOME  LTD.  wrina  a  t  jra&hion   ^hoi  *pp  e  The sailor look is in ond we have  several little numbers.  A ri^ snip merit of pan t tops in  Jersey and Fortrel have /us* arrived  d we also Imv&a^eeit-seleetipn   of Tan Jay pantsuits in 2 and 3 pieces.  Come in and see our new spring  lines. Jeans in the leather look.  Wine wale cprc/s and navy Hares ancT  l&athlSixMQlt^Xo-CQmplQ.maritJkQ^^^^  Also, hooded and plain shower-proof  pant coats. We are showing a  British woollen coat in   spring checks  and tweeds at '.>*.'"'  elen 6  \~J-asn  ion  onine  -A-    :  I  t  'J  1538 Marine Drive, Gibsons  Phone 886-9941  i, ..i  m%,wmwmmwm#mm  ��� lift  1 f  '',," . ���'   ', '    i      ' .   .   ,- �����������," n#>  'kWiMivttvr!1, ���,  , ����� '_i',['yn  f.1'ii*.1w"wi',itwi"v"4-r7    , ��.��,.,  XI ,  '      ,' I 1    4.    , X    * I ,    , I .    4      >4  ,|,'   , (,4.,M   I .  7,-;.,,',  >,,���  I  ' w  '    v," i  4w^WWII|WW>IWBW,yW  ��H m^my't#^H*>m'>'"wm<  y '"  'i'i/*, ��� '  ���riff .^.A-".-'. ��iy  '.; '^���, ,,,, ��� J|"  ',4.1  ��� ...  7 ��   ,f" 4       .       .*       ���  <;, ; ; Jsp^.' ._, , (.^^^sfifffif1  ^_._  r^jwssifflw��ai^  _..i_  i ">^WJW,"U"W'WW'"UUU"">��<��*<����<MW��'M��'��*'��"��<M1��MMWI^^  Bo* 73S,  Gibsons, B.C.  886-2121    ���    v  .X  The Peninsula Tirties N Page JJ-3  Wednesday,, March 1, 1972  v  14th birthday in March  Iver 70 attend Feb. meeting  ilbsons Old Age Pensioners  OVER 70  members attended  the  regular  monthly   meeting   of   Branch   38,   Old  Age Pensioners Organization held at the   -      The  group  was  sorry to  hear of  the  -Health Centre-Gi-bsons, February 21. Five���accident  of' Mrs.  Ann Davies, "who   hadf  should  make their  wishes known  to  MacLaren at 886-9829.  The  group  was  sorry  to  hear of  B.C. Tel to expa'nd;  services in district   ~  ADDITIONAL  switching   equipment   for  local calls is being installed in the  central office building of B.C7 Telephone  at  Gibsons  at  a  cos.t qf $40,000.   - '  The project, one of two (the other  is at Pender Harbour) are required to  .keep., pace withvgrowth in the demand,  for   services   provided   by   the   company.  At Pender Harbour, construction of  ah addition to the existing central building and mslsllallcJn" of he\\P"equlpment  Will cost  $39,000.   ��� ��  Another $8,000 will be spent this year  to add transmission equipment which  will increase circuit capacity"'"Between''  &fbsons^aitd=^en^#F4Iarbooi-.���   "members7 were welcomecT7MrsTT7"W7Daot  ust,' Mr and Mrs. P. Stevenson, and Mr7~  and Mrs. W. M. ..Wilson.  This year's OAPO" convention will be  held at Campbell River, June 21, 22 and  23, with buses leaving Tuesday, June 20  from Ne^v_3Vesiminster.  It has  not. been.:,  "deTmitely decided whether Branch 38  will send a delegate. Resolutions were  presented to the executive for their' consideration. '  "  Senior citiens requiring hearing aids  can now have a test from their family  physician or from the clinic, Western Institute for the Deaf, 2125 West 7th, Vancouver 9, _and receive a hearing aid free,  on loan, for as long as the person lives.  For details, contact L. MacLaren, 886-  9823, or  William  Haley, at  886-2338.   Mr.  -Hatey-is counsellor for the Gibsons'" area,  and  is  well  qualified   lo   help   with JSny  problem regarding pensions, etc.  He acts  as a l;ason for the pensioner to the B.C.'  government.  Further information has been received  on the bus tour to Reno. Departure date  uas_hegn-set-fer Saturday, April _2yWitfT  a deadline of March 15. Trailways will  ._pick__up.,ihe���passengers��� at- -Horseshoe-  Bay, and on the return trip deposit passengers at Horseshoe���Bay-.- -there -will be  four days' travelling, two going and two  returning, with a stopover at night at  Eugene,- Oregon; A lull three, days in  Reno���on Monday side trips to Carson  City and Lake Tahne; Tiipsdny, .i frn. H^y  to explore Reno" and Wedhesday, a" side  trip to Virginia City. These trips will be  .extra to the fare. There are a few seats  left, and any senior citizen who would  like to go on a friendly  happy bus trip  the misfortune to fall and break her hip7  Mrs. Davies is in L.ions UaUrl-iospital and  resting comfortably. Members of OAPO  send her warm and sincere best wishes.  Send a note or card to Mrs. Davies, they,  will  be  most  appreciated.  At the March 20 regular meeting,  ��� Branch 38 will celebrate its 14 birthday.  This is a happy occasion and all members  are*- invited to come* along and enjoy it.  Mrs. Rita Silverton has consented to be  convenor for the Spring Tea, to be held  in April; the day and date to be advertised 'later. Mrs. Silverton asks for help  from all members to remember donations  for the tea and bake, tables.  Mrs. Halstead presented, on behalf of  Branch 38, a gift of rememberance to Mrs.  Molly Kennett, who is leaving the group  to make Her home in England. All the  .very best...wishes go.with her.  Mrs. Jennie Spiers gave a, beautifully  dressed boudoir doll for the monthly rafale, won bv Mrs. Gwen  Extra help would be appreciated from  T  Around Gibsons  ���by Marion Charman, 886-9862  MRS. GertyJlope and Mrs. Annice Feyer,  who have not been well, are now improved in "health. Mrs. Thor Anderson  was' a gracious hostess when she entertained at a delightful luncheon at her  home on Friday honoring Mrs. Hope and  Mrs. Feyer to let them know their friends  are so happy that they* are recovering and  able to be about again. Others attending  this pleasant party were Mrs. Dorothy  Bracewell, Mrs. Mary Gill and Mrs. Edith  Harrison.   .  In   Gibsons   at   the   Catholic   church  "Friday,  March  3,  at "2  p.m., "all women  are invited  to the  World Day  of Prayer  Service. "             --  At   Gibsons     Peritecostal   Tabernacle.  new chorus hor,  chased by the youhp. peopJeT-wej^-deAU-  MARCH   1st TO  MARCH   15th  all ladies for sewing forthe Red-groSsTa!     cated at the morning worship service on  the  sewing   club,   whicTTTneeCs  Tuesday     February 20. . h  the  afternoons   from   1:30   to  4   p.m.  in  work room- at- -the United-.-Gh-ufeh���   -  For those who like to be active, there  is~frve-pin bowling; Tuesday ~altern66*ns at  1:30 p.m. at the Bowladrome; Thursday  at 1:30 p.m. carpet bowling at the United  Church h"all,; and hov^. about round-robin  crib, Fridays at l^O^pm. in the work  luom of the United Church.   '   .."  The  meetings  in   March   will  be  the  social, Monday, March 6 and the regular  and^bir.thday   party,  Monday,  March   20  both.-a.t-2.pjn.--at--the -Health,.Centred-Gib^.  sons.  The  evening  service  on  February  27  was.. .conducted- by the.. Women's���Mis=_  jjiqnary     Council.   The ladies. provided  rhusTc," presented reports, sung special  numbers, gave scripture readings etc..  Mrs. B. J. Wisken of Connaught Heights,  New Westminster" wlio was "the guest  speaker, delivered^ a very timely and  challenging  message.  A fellowship���hpu.17  "followed: Visitors 'were'" present-T' includ7  ing some from Pender Harbour.  Smooth-flowing over all exterior surfaces!  pg-j^ -evmraftgi. nrainr^wipenaway^^tanding-  -moisture!���One���eeat���eovcrs  most���pawite  surfaces.  GAL.  For sale April 21  ;Gjteons^  need articles for rummage  THE   GIJ  ladies' - Auxiliary to���loo.  Recently thP LA   pnrpha^ri   ?  igpp  Guides and Brownies will'be sponsoring recorder to be used by all the Brownie  a rummage sale on *Friday, ApriK21 from and Guide groups.  2:30 p.m. to 4p.m. in the Gibsons\|nited x The   2nd- Guide   company   has   been  Church  hall.                                < -��� ���_   \ ,ve.ry active. ���At Christmas they delivered  '     The general public Ls invited lu^heh> -corsages   they   had  made   to   patients   at  by  donating' jiny  used  articles,  clothing, -the hospital and since they have visited  etc.,  they  may  have  to  this  sale.  Items the   dental'care   and 'have   been   shown  may  be'dropped off at  Mrs. S.  Daugh- .'how  denturesfcare  made  and  now   they  ���.cLt.V.I'l.-indJIfe  axo-bui^t-w^v^M^^  or Mrs. D. Pelletier's at Hopkins. If you Monday   nights  at the  high  school.  For  would   like   someone   to   pick   items   up these   various  tasks,   thanks   go   to   Mrs  -u4H^w^*emer-pIeaso-pbone-880--,r33(r,6r T^WeUb, Miss N. Lewis and J. Harvey.  886-9849 Parents of these  girls are also  thanked  ���,   Hinds   rawed   by.   tho   L.A, . help   to by .Mrs. Smethurst for their extra help,  scnd.Btye and Brown leaders to training On February 16 the 3rd Brownie Pack  camps   throughout   the   year7*The   next lost Brownie Cheryl Grant when she flew  one is al Naramata in  March  and  will into Geraldine Fyles' Robin Patrol of the  be   attended   by   Eleanor   While,   Joyce 2nd Guide company. Six Guides atlend-  SmelhursfandDohha Sequin: All other ed the' fly-up to help oyfwith songs and'  districts   across   B.C.   will   send   leaders games.  m sices  GIBSONS  For That.  tOlWfRTY  40R BLACK,.,AMD VMHJXEJ  Was set for March 6 . . .  ��� ���������-���-  meeting  " il fh _* &*i"" w_m ____f_T* ������w,ta'l'^'w*^w',*w*"*'���**w  THl^FIHST ^profes-'  . _ji_ rtrtnojaqaHt aroaof Uio ARSwiption for    Hlonalw to innovate eonatrucUvo help and  children   with   learning   dlnabilltlos   ha,s    prognun.s.  bqon ro-Hchednlod lor March 13, and final Obtain a thorough modh-ni cvninnnnn  dotiUlH will be announced In next Wook\s     - M  " uioioufch medical evaluation,  21101' or. Mrn. .J. Hipper at 1111(1-20711.,   .      .       T        ���(.      ,.,..,      ....  ... '���'   ,,.  . , T. ,  ;    ' ...   " ,      Jrt. ������.' ,' .." ^V ncUUtlon,,find:out who tho mn fi- ���  TIow can 1 help as n  pnront?  MohI    cant otlucullonal   loador.s,  udmlnlHlrnturH'  purontM^through �� pi*(wreHsio;i of ^Cool-;  and dociH'lon-mttker'. nro, Their Beokthom  IngHi Hhock, guilt, and thon vlnlt many    out andcoinmunlcato *wllh thqm.  HayHhoHo vyKTIuiow, thoro Ih not. To    for chlldron with loiirnln^, dl,H��bllitioH-  furthor  f-ruHtrido thp paroiittt', onco  the    und nupport thfo-group; ���  * pl'obloin hi diiu'iiofied��� whoro do thoy go,    ����� '.,( ,i . --_.   -T^fr^-Ranges   it  Washers and Dryers  "AGENT-FOR Tar  GUALITY HITACHI  PRODUCTS  ���*'ili*Jf!*'l.^,l!.HiiSir4iJ  ir' Refrigerators  ,ic Dishwashers  i" V  DOUG'S  APPHAtlCESr  .'   ,' n i  "fol' o'dueiitAiiiiil "11611)';  Slop   I'eoIInK   guilty,   Ktlology   Ih   In  ����m4.���..nuuiy-��,lnHt,uncoH��Linkiiown,I.ThlH>���pi'oblam'4V.-4  cuIh ikji'ohh till  i,oclo*6eononilo, cultural,   ,lulolloutuu] imd.,qthi*lu���grotip,H, It Ih no{  n.mutlor of fttult or hhinio/und off or I h  ""���+"tQ-iioHlnbllHlrUili"wiu'Q"polntlQfiH.  ---*--^Apt'oprTiwd'Yimr6^tinr^^ \k ���  ViiHtu lift,'' uniqupnof'i', Ilolp him dovelop  a"Hoouro Holfrconcopt; '    "  ��� Do not lot any ono'or combination* ol'i ���*  .��..���,.j)urm)nH,denti'o,v your own Holl'���corlC0p1i���~��~w��*�����  ,   Do not wuhIo your lll'oand y.our.chlld'ti ���.  '   by1 fouling   worry   for  ynui'HoU,   IiiHtpnd  ..iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinifliiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiTiiiiiIiiiiiiiik  U| M*" l*f HH^H.|IMH1"">l��l*l  NEVENS  RADIO & TELEVISION  ��c1qq I o r��*f or !-~-^-4^B���-!  ZENITH,";:     7  FLEETWQOD       APMIRAlT^-PHIPPS-  ..(���PMIt-l wtll)* -M 5 ��*ll- K,-."  m^mmf^m^^mm^0mm^m^m  Bft**'##MWi^^  M     i  * '       .       ' H* It  1, EVERYTHING.FOR  HOME EHtERTAINMENT  t,      m '   *      * ���  il  GIBSONS MARINE  SERVICES LTD.  A Complete Line of O.M.C, and  ,fc,Chirys1errMarirteiPdrts  BCfflB >WI&fV^l*ttl>iM��l&i^l^  W4��^^%^Mfl��^#lt*tHJj��W����^t4WWM����W^^  "fa Licensed,  ���Welder r ���  it ��omploto ,n  Automotive  Repairs  if Marine,  r^n^ -J*-"*~IRepalrs - - *���'-  JS&  i it Gaso,in(i i  jSg**' >, i   Pumps Bo ing  mr, Installed  nifn._it��,m*4��t.mnif*iawfii     ��f*'  ,     ,     '   WE ARE NOW,READY TO SERVE YOU  Gibsons Marine Services ltd.  ,1 .,'��'" Sunthlno Coast Highway  :,.,  ���   ,    77  ���<^jM&mimm<ptf��'  'it Box 397 4  "ii wi"*'iit ���"i"i,"'y  ,��,|.i-  886-7411  /'���  QT.  .       ._-��� ,    _.._    nsrstmr  Now . . . an improved enriched-plus Spred  harder to soil, easier to clean, clings to  roller. '      ;':'7-i"  ,  GAL.  j WfllMMtWHIIMMfllllMIIIWi|H^  !> $i*i jbtnftiWf UM WiM J*n��f)*sSH* firiiatt^f h-i Ki I ** >'*��%�� WJAW  Match woodwork .to  your Spred-Satin walls,  yet enjoy clean-easy  GonvenBence of enamel  at soil points, kitchen,  bath.  $11 99  69  GAL  ENDURANCE  tw#**#f^ft j* f^t'l i te'ft*'./'WW H'Alftf. !��** ���.Ui_l4H^.r.t^Hi^..  HOUSE PAINT  *-,#l<**Mtt4w.'^"W^  ,,    I   '! V    '  Imperial White - Oil Base  IMon-Chalking or Self Cleaning  $M-99  O (GAL  Mm, QT.  mm  R^DUCJED  PRICES ON  PAINTIWG ACCESSORIES  j��lL��^��i^{tNfiA*)^|l^^^*'<Ai*H��^^  NW^IW^W*fl^(MiMM9JM*l*��MWWti^^ >%Kfl����ljt*��ftrfS)^^��iMrt(4tljRni!*W*Wn' #WWm^*<W'hp'ft|"*"��'W  I-.  *    \*   \  iM*m*iti>���� *n.<i  -r-irr  GIBSONS  1 i * '  886-2291-2  SECHELT  835-2283-9  7   <  k>  *}  ''   '    ���        A    fe  il^HiBWWliH!!^  "      t ' ' ''   I  T  mm^i��mmM.immmimm^^i^mmmmmmi*  4,?n*^n^i7*^4BWW4fcltWW4l.��lW.��>l.,'.l44WI^��WWW  ttt-    ; - ���       ;,^��� .      . ,_ ,. ,|f��� .,   t,,.^    .  y,���  ,,,��..(, ,   _, . ��� ^    , ���     _ . . ���_ , _ ��� ,, (,, i ���_ ,     '^Vi'V     ,<,\''in*'<* -'^i''1 ��%'<' y.i'iMi^kpWm'}**^y  mtimm^iimni*��rl^rm^>mm*ml'JVr'vmmm^^ -���..'_ _\i fi |^^����M^��^^^��^,^,��*W*^^I^W^WW^*^"'*''*I*^  i*,   !-HlrJ'��lVJ'��ll,-Ji1*-  <#. t   ^ *(l It   n  ',U (,'('!( lil  ,\   ��� ,",'7' '7\^�� t - 'm.'/*^',' 'jNIV',^-'   i  it.,'. /Ri'"',,"'' *r'V7iv i .i, py*  SiH-V,r i��M ,",'  li/J  "i.-.;  *.i*V., I .  'ifv��w��#nt4*r.J��*"f("��'*^*"V!*����t'i' i WHILE the results of Hie meeting were  too late to appear in this Week's issue  of 'the Times, a representative of the  Ciibsons und pislricl Chamber��� of Com  hierce was I'o appeal- before cminci  members lasl ni^lit iu support of Urn boat  laimcliin).;   ramp.  Chamber   rot-  PXPi'llt IV(  ()iiim.t'iHli'U  somt'oiu. froi*n  llml   group up  proai-h    i-ouiii'il    at    its    reyiilin-    meeting  February   1*9   with   the   possibility   of   gel-  tinK to��L'ther on  the'development  of the  boat,  launching  ramp.  Chamber president, Mike Blaney, after  receiving approval of the members for  the meeting, added, "we are going to  make this one of our primary objectives  this year."  - -In ot^ier business, the group .agreed  to sponsor a queen in this year's Sea  Cavalcade contest, and also approved the  Chamber's running- the -salmon-- barbeeue  again  this year.  -Goddat  we    ifccived." ^ the    presidenT  we  wrote  ana in."  Cost .factors were cited as one reason  why there, will be no manpower office  here   at   the   present   time.  Mr. Blimey told the meeting tlfat he  had taken upon- himself to order the  Easter eggs for this year's Easter egg  hunt, and hoped he would get a motion  from the floor lo approve the annual  event He did. - ���  It was also agreed to hold regular  monthly dinner meetings, instead of serv-  ing light refreshments only,, as was suggested  at an earTier~meeting.  The executive meeting of the Gib-  Chatnb&P-  ���^e-ftU-ga-t  named   delegates?- to   attend  Chambers of    CrmTrnerrp -^jnael-i-ng      in  Nanaimo  June  4,  5, ~antr^7jack White  will   represent   the   local   group   at   the  sibility of the group -supporting a toll  free telephone one in-4-be-SurLshine Coast  area (between Port  Cove).  Mellon  Earl's  Hike* to  Site,  The   Sunnycrest  Plaza  parking   lot' signal was given for the hikers to  was vacant seconds after 12 p.m. on : begin the trek to trie-recreation ci^tt  Sunday of last week when -the.go-; tie site.  w_fmKn_ii%itm_n/fm__nH9%t9__rm^  TOM GODBER ANB^ifSYNrVOGIir  Specializing  in  Aluminum  (By Jack Mills)  ���in  their new venture as  MWfWimifMfimvifWviiifififinfiitfwvinfwwintvvwifHiMftntfifvv!^^  IT'S  all over now.  Once  again  the rec-     down to the town hall chambers and pick  reation centre is a has beem It's not;    it up smartly. The deadline was yesterday  GIBSONS MARINE SERVICES LTD.  We are pleased to have taken  part  in the construction  of the  new  premises.  Uofety Glass Cut To Patterns For Construction Equipment  NOW OPEN ^AT  5    1779 Wyngaert Road, Gibsons  an^rmanent 7ias~"l5een',. mind you, be-c and those who operate vehicles on the  cause from what goes through the Gib- streets and highways after February 29  son's grapevine the Whole deal will be, will leave themselves open to prosecu-  put up again in another -two "months-or���1 lion  if -these  new -plates  a-ren^t���affixed;--  6    S(X" How'  why'  wlien- or what  we don,t And  back  to  that  Chamber of Com-  Phone 886-7359     g    know. Bui that's the conversation* piece, merce  meeting.   It  was   a   Mike  Blaney  But   let's   get  down  to  the   nitty   gritty ��� version of Laugh-In when someone popped  Oh  thi's'TIec~~celvn!e���Bit." Doesn't  it's'eem     <^~    <������<>iin,���..  u^ "^i     *��   *^-  FROESE BROS. LTD.  GIBSONS  WHEN IT COMES  TO  KENDeVRIES  feasible and potentially possible that  Gibsons can support such a project on  its own? ,  There are towns the. size of Gibsons  that have their own arena,. and two of  I can name off hand that are working on  a swimming pool which is going to  mean a shell-out of around $300,000. Surety with a little hard work on.' our part,  we can come up with something.        7  You have to give credit where credit's  due���and those who worked so hard  pushing the development through certainly deserve merits, their efforts were  unselfishly given���apparently in vain.  But why should we here in Gibsons  have to rely on, Sechelt .and , Roberts  Creek and Pender Harbour? Wouldn't il  be  a  beautiful  scene  to  come  up  with  the question7 "What happened to the  Sunshine Coast Tourist Association?" It  apparently was a funny line. But we did  not see the humor. By the. way, what",  happened to the Sunshine Coast, Tourist  Association?  Credit Union growth  ,1^59 Sunshine Coast Highway, at Wyngaert Road, Gibsons  Phone 886-7112  ,.__r*ii...L,Zlii^  * "CARPETS    ir TILES    ir LINOLEUMS  ������  '.HOURS;- ���  Closed Monday, Open 9 a.m. 76 p.m,..��� Friday Night Til 9 p.m.  rises substantially^  BRITISH' Columbia credit unions experienced an unprecedented rate of  growth in assets, members' savings, outstanding loans and membership during  197J.  'According   to   preliminary     statistics  released .today   by   B.C.   Central   Credit  .Bomethlng-or'-:our-:'Own?.*iAnOT  it   is   impossible.   Intestinal   fortitude   is JJ60J*111 on'   mJ^n '  tavlnfi, P imbe,d  the only thing it takes, In other words tfJZTl *   *       ��    ^   *_    �� A  -.--guts.,And somehow, wo'vo-goMt!- ^ms&Jaa^mo, 33: pprcent to $305  ' And  to the lady at the Chamber of 2"��"'  Mpmborshlp. increased  by  nine  Commerce   meeting   who   told   mo   she pe,ten1  U)  37r)^00'  doesn't  like  my    writing���gorih,    m'am lll�� Ki'owth  was substantially above  it's a good thhYg somebody doesn't. Old ^he  national 'lovol,  Year -ond''estimates  ��^bnehelorsHike'"u.s^^  predicament If everyone loved  us. And c��nadinn  Credit  Unions  showed   assets  by  the  way, yo-- coqlcl 'have  taken  un wei'e "���> 21   l,or ceul lo $A|430 million;  as'ld'o and  told  us,  those Joucl ,tonos  In mombarH' .savings Increased 22.48 porconl  front of ^voryony woron'l .ronlly--nm>eH i9_r-.!|iJiiOit7_nilllion--on(r-outstanding  loans  ^anryr-Biit^nirm climbed 17.87 porconl  to $4,0011 million,  regrettable that you hud to mnko ll  In ilu' n"inl>��rj_>f_.,crcdit union mombors In  F�� ^�� r�� SEPTIC - TANICS  by  MANUFACTURERS OF FIBERTR0N PRODUCTS  v.       *i''*WMMMM>n,v"WWMMMM��<WWM''*^^  such a manner.  Your' license plates on your car nro  now expired, If you haven't got your  1072   vehicle   llccnso,   you'd   bettor   jjol  Cnnnclu nt. Dccombar 31, 1071, totalled  (f,008 .million���an Increase of 0,24 percent  over tho corresponding -date ��f tho pro-'  vlous yonr,  T  Fibreglass septic tanks are light  (140 Jbs.)7T easy to handle.  Building and Plumbing  Comjpatiaes or  ^ontiiicto^  Kf,i��*iC^j��tt��^i��il'AS-,W'  i^!^��is;if,Siiij1.i��wi^'f^f.'i*iftiW>iS' ^ ^A#;f|i^fci><x*,fc*'i'*ifi^  K-.lt. &.t..'W"ft  Gibsons  IC.  Support Peninsula Industry  886-2546  ..rtUfMt-r.*  .   (l����iw*Jl"'1��r��f"ftls��  r^^  These "Ski Bargains MUST GO!  Everything Half Price  V0GG ReQ ^,95    now -  MeIsTol*" orIon~"l>Erso   ."7���~r I "mHt  Rog, 36,95  V06G  Melstcr prionbase  V06G Rc9,69'���  Arosa glem fibre   UAgQ Rog, 66.00  Arosq glass fibre ...   ...  NOW  $18.50  NOW  534.50  NOW  $33.00  CROSSBOW  ..i.,.,.,  WOW OPEN  IN  Speclallzlng in Economical  hut- Durable  Crossbows  Gold modal <,.*.,  i, Rog. 24.00  W'^^ilW^F^^'T'lWWM  J unlor-< with- polos),  V0G6 Roa "9 '5  ('"  "Im. .11, i  NYGREN  ,   SALES (1971) LTD. (Ilijlon croftod boots)  y     ,, 'i  886-9303 " Gibsons 7   <        SKI POLES from ...--���������  *   ���* '      ''.   .'     �����'   .I'      .     .   - . ''    ��"'-'. 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"V  IV  n.. !., & ^minM<^m*^*fage 8,5 x >; Jfflfiuft . ."  1, 1972 ������y L-i ���  Wednesday, March   ������; ������ ���by Peggy Connor  ^pRIN<~f has sprung in- somebody*!" gar-  vdiffi: daffodils and crocuses in bloom.  The brave snowdrop has been blooming  Jui- some time now* but nice t\> hear a-daffodil has'made a showing, Primroses and  daisies, violfts. are blooming- in ijevprar  places. ., .  _. The poor deer didn't make ikjdied Wj  *Avent"vT() Vancouver where- the bioligisC  wil'l'.'.'deterrrttrve" exactly' whaU from. The  snow goose is "doing well and soon will  go. where, the wild goose gpes.���*"_.  Ben Lang spent^ the last week in Van-  couv3r visiting With son Howard who  returned home with him for the weekend,  Howard is" there attehBing^crToolT  Mrs. Ada Dawe was exhausted after a  oca! 297 Union memki  ies to Man Mori  THE   ARTICLE    "Unions   don't_ give   a  damn"''by  Alan  Morley  published  in  lhe  Sun > Jan.   "27,   and   the   Times   Feb.  A), 15)72 intrigued me because it' seemed  'lo   invite,   among  ii*lu>r   things,   anajysjs  ~of nre-rferm'".'"Uifiqris". Just what and  wvho are 'unions?' 'Contrary, to somrfpn  opinion, unions are -not huge all po*wer-  fill^entities capable ...pi' forking, all manner of miracles. What they" ar^, as Mr.  Morley is no���doubt well-aware, are cooperative organizations made lip of individual members, who work together-for  the benefit of eajjli other7 The quality  of a tocal union increases- in -proportion  tew days in th& hiiuHty. Tired of 'walking���to-egcii members cuiitiibntion in time and  ���\ ��� \  .think il hasn't been tried. The B.C. Federation of Labour has advocated Ibis  for years. The* International unions have  advocated it, the National unions have  advocated^ it, and the local uhioj.s have  advocated >t. But like most "other" segments of society the pensioners refuse  to help themselves.'The same apathy  permeates.'their . ranks, as pensioners,, as  it did when they were in the ranks of  the labour movement.  Any union would be anxious to "give  -theni a hand", as Mr,. Morley puts..!!, if  they will take'the first steps. Many local  unTonslry to encourage~~retiring~"mernbers  but a nice change to go^ there.  A public meeting will be held at the  Trail Bay School on whether or not to  -have-a May Day -this' year, Tlie time is  7 --30 the night Thursday, March 2, come  and'* voice your opinion be it for orv  against. - ;     interest.  The  article  made  a  very  valid  point  in_ relations  to the  plight  of  pensioners  February 18 Mr." John Browning of  Wilson Creek celebrated his 80th birthday. His neighbors planned an open house  with old friends dropping in small groups  through the day making it easier for Mrs.  Browning wb*> has not been too well.  Daughter Maude and husband George  Kraft contributed to the party.   On-t-he-weekend-,���--members-of-the fam-  of all kinds in today's society. HPwever  to say that.unions per se "don't give a  damn" is not 'entirely true. Officials of  t'liy   union  -have   been���^haranguing���the-  to form a group which would be, in  effect. an_, extension of the local union,  and eligible to use union facilities, able  to   call   on   thfi "research   and-education  facilities of the larger International and  National"   unions  .Federations   of   Labour.  or  Labour  Councils.  Most  retirees  how-  Dustbtn���  membership'lor years trying to get them  away from ��� the" frightening apathy that  the majority seem to^have toward pensions. I know of many other unions who  have  been  similarly  active.  Most company pension. plans ohly  cover a small percentage of those eligible,  the remainder preferring to live in hopes  thatTsofrte'miracle wiinak"e~place "before  -ily from the Lower Mainland were up they, reach retirement 7 age.. Some years  with their best wishes. Daughter Betty ago when the CanadTPensibh- Plan came  with husband Doug Forster, twins Peter     into being,  workers stampeded  to  with-  ..aM7Penny,_ineir__daughter . Eileen_and ���.dnaw:JtrQm.-iiQMpany- pension ...plans.:. bV----  husband Bob Hill and Winnie's son, Gor-     cause they didn't feel they needed them-  don Robertson.                                       ��� anymore.  Even  though   the government  SPORTS          at  the  time  stressed  the  fact  that' the *  Tnu    o���_ _  ou- _,    h 7 7~,     Canada tension flan was intended as a  The  Sechelt  Chief's, Soccer  team  did  not play G.V.I.C. at hpme last weekend,  but   will   play   them   at   home   flflarch   4  game time 12 noefb-.Ihey ^wSnTto Buiv  ever seem to withdraw almost "completely  from society. Local unions are the area  in Which thU action must co.me, "but local  unions' are .staffed by . volunteers ./who'  are willing-to serve their fellow workers*  they can only be expected to do so much,  however, and to have to put more hours  and energy into organizing of retirees  is in most cases just asking too much.  Those who can see the need clearly,  such as Mr. Morley, must come forward  and work to accomplish their goal s.  They will find lots of support and as_r  'sisiance* from" organized   labour. "  When Sechelt Elemenfary School er Mr. Bob Pajl makes the young-  students say they have been dancing sters chuckle over his footwork. The  -m--^e���^u^sibin���:th-i-�����is���what tfrey\ ."Bitst-b-i-n" i$-Qi-��he "basemelit"of~th^  mean! Pictured dining the opening " '" *  on Valentine's  Day,  Science  teach-  oid'scRooKand^a? been transformed "hoii  by students and teachers into a  brightly decorated room for senior  students-social    iinn-ticni-  Jt    noon...  v: ��������� ��� ��� -   floor for the worker to build a retirement income on. ,  "To   say���that   "unions���don't  naby to play the first place team Burnabyi  Fireman-and tied Mr-B. ���   Glad to be baek7to-se&-theifi-iciends-  but most reluctant to leave the Hawaiian  Islands are Micky nnd Betty McKay Thpy  have just returned after spending 2weeks  faf&"in Honolulu, and one week in MaulTThey  beachcombed, swam, ^sunned, on the go  from dawn to dusk thoroughly -enjoying  themselves, can't wait to make a return  trip. While there Uncle Mick and Betty  bumped into Tony Tschaikowsky from  Halfmoon Bay and then Robbie and Sally  Robertson from Pender .Harbour on a^trip  around the world. -���..--��� ���������-���.  Kunechin Division is holding a Divis-  ���4on���-meeting���afe���Camp Clave���Brock���Cot=-  tage 2 p.m.  Saturday, March 4 all L.A.  . members  urged  to  attend,  Brownie  and  Guide Mothers.    The Auxiliaries  to St.  Mary's  Hospital Concert with Harry Mossfield is this  Saturday, March   4  at  Pender   Harbour  -���^JUghr-AJGlcets-still  ~say���that "unions���uon t give���a~  damn" is to say that your co-workers  don't give a damn. In regard to pensions-  this is. all too often so.. They .just don't  seem ableto get steamed up about sorne-  thing that's 20 or 30, or 40 years, away,  "ft-has been said of union memberships  .that    9n-3n    ypar   nlris   arp   int.prestpri in_  Dental Topics  No   Age   Immune   to   Cancer  'MANY   Canadians   believe- cancer  -is���a-  wages, the 30-40 year olds are concerned  with*welfare- plans,' and^the over 40 year*  old with pensions,. When a union has  a large percentage of its members below  40 years of age (as most unions do) it  is not difficult to see why it is hard to  drum up support for changes in your pen-  sion_plan^ _ ' __ ^____   One point that is certain is'that the  company's. "don't   give   a   damn"   what  )pens~to-y&U7-afteF-you-spend 40-yeafSr-  more or less, working for them.. They're  not about to offer any improvements in  ~t1roTe.^ptns*i6"n plans, that were won at  such cost to.the worker. Every comma  that is changed has to be negotiated, if  the change is in any way significant,  4tr-wilHM-'��iHifee-Th0G^  disease  of  middle  age   or   later   life.  No -age group���is -immuner although-can  cer may strike more often in older peo-  "ple. ~    " ~7    ^^    "~  Cancer can occur in any number of  forms in almost any part of the body.  About five per cent u'f all fatal cases  occurJnpr;near,the.mouth*.. ,, ^..������,..,r���..,.,,,%a,.  Even in the mouth, "cancer can occur  in Various forms with differing degrees  of severity.; About half of all cases of Oral  cancer are' found in the lips, most frequently in ( the lower lip. However, the  tpnque, gums, cheeks and bones of  -both���jaws-can���be-affeeted���as���well^������^-   , \  The Rhyming Philosopher  for. Prn_.sure.. Mr. Morley is well aware  of just how much support is needed to   .  nia^e a strike work.jln very few cases  ~3     m.... ****** ri&fy^fer|y ��tf. Fletejtisr���&*  ** hkvk��perisipn issues eniendere'd''that kind  ' EQUALITY of support.  When they do, when union  \. ^?     .    7" . .' ,        memberships are willing to demand vast  Yon nme your head above environmental        improvements   i"  both   government   and  mud' company pension plans and"to back those  And take those first few steps toward  Check   for   the   following   abnormal-  ities of either the hard or soft parts of  "your mouth and poinTfnem out to your  dentist: Any swelling or hardness, however smallr"which~you noticed" i^cently  and whicii is increasing in size; any sore-  spot, rougliefiing or whitish discoloration, or an ulcer which does not heal.   -Although���eauses-��o.f- ��� ��� cancel���are���not���  an  upward climb  To join the human rush to nowhere  '���'jn full flood,  All ignorant or ruthless, but ignoring Time.  Yet "ho man knows the place, wc started  from or why,    K'  Much  less  the  purpose  of our   being  7hcre"at"all; '     ' v;";   And no one has a sure concept of when we die,  ,Oi7Where,,we,.6p,.,or if ^we-flyj a\vuy or.crawl.;  The accident of parentage wc can't dispute,.  Nor,should,,d^  nhiC ''ccogniiw his eqlml  right  tp Institute  His chosen path to Hell, or moro ambitious  plan,  entirely clear, chronic irritation of oral  tissues~is"clefinrtely associated with the-  i'neidence of mouth cancer, Dental neglejpt  that, jesults in badly decayed, broken-  down teeth, open-root abscesses) gum'infections and excessive smoking are  sources of such irritations.  Early  recognition   and  promnt.  treats���  -dejnandprr-with-musele���&t���tlje-negotiatmg���menx.  6t   oral  cancer  is   vital.   Periodic  "table 'arid at the polling booth we will     routine dental examinations and regular  FoT-meTi-IylTrey^  ment roortts at Sechelt Elementary - Casey, Donilalrtatihtbti'Cn; Cindy Walk-;   ege  awarded  senior,    students    for  school is now a riot of color, due to er,  DebbieriGar,^y^vBrett ^ Ilousley',-'.'social- activities;.  th    iffoiN    of  (U(uiiit)is      SlKila Kclh   Bodha'idli.   anil  BiadUj   Jot ' "���'H-^xK'f  nrV'ii��r�� 4*?jf  get adequate pensions.  As for organizing the old folks, don't  home dental care will minimize the. risk  of oral cancer. ���Canadian Dental' Assn.  jp)LciiTOntJawS,of,publlc.policy wwft.meaat      a.��n$^  lo brook no interference with ones pence,       snv thnt in  nrt mh_.   finlri  nf m��Hinlnr>  of mlnil,  Piplccling ciicli''"'from trespass jn his honest'"   :b0llt, ��� ���������-��-2���- :s.:_.....::....:.......;;:.  ;  ���'-   ;..  Or, if he doesn't want lo move, ho loft  behind.  Equality has never known a passive iincanicd  ��� '���*rlEht,'-"-.7"' ���"��� ���*'���������������   '���"' ���'"������'" !""-:"  Nor given wci-llh tho all-ciulnrlng will alone  to win;  Aim For Healthy Hearts  Canadians under 65 years of age dropped  by 24 per cent. This means that thousands of Canadians are alive today, who  #5Uia":'''be^'aea^tt^'the'*flt05O  rate   still-  applied.   Much   of  this   improvement   is  due   to  the   research   discoveries���jvhich-7  byoughTihout better * treatment ahdcbh-''  trol of high blood pressure and stroke  and^ the many ne;w opon-heart  surgical  techniques' to, cprrect    congenital..,,hearti;  defects and rheumatic hourt damage. As1  "tlnie*"'goerbyriiierrBlimild*!be  reductlbn in the death rate and a consequent,saving, in, lives, decent, advances,,.  such ns the" identification,'pf risk fncstorar"  THIS month, February,: is Heart Month  throughout Canada and the time when  tens of thousands of Canadians will be  calling ^'en1 their heighho  support of the Heart Fund campaign. As  tlie 'pr/pceeds will be spent 'mainly on  **heart"7rqse��frch'^  well be appropriate to ask "What has the  Heart Fund done for me?" before don-  ��tlnfi,';;.,;���;,."(;,;..,,,.,. ., :., , ,,,,.; .....  It  is.  usually  difficult  to .answer  say that in no other field pf medicine  ,has,,,s,o���inuchv,prpgress,.;been,made in..sp.  short  a  time.  In  fact,  more  advances  hftv^rheqnrjnadeplndhcd^ "of" various techniques  than ih nil previous recorded medical  history. To be sure, it has cost money 1  Since tho first national Heart Fund  campaign in;10B8, Canadians have;:cpntrl-  buted? nearly'22 million Heart Fund deU  lars plus another 10 million dollars in  bequests and,memorial donating. Of this  fpr treating coronary artery disease and  the establishment of hospital coronary  care Units, speed tho decline in 'cloalli  rates duo to coronary artery disoase,tho  mo.st serious form1 of heart disease.  Canadian scientists have made a major  contribution to this brightening picture by  ::riVin���^ . pjoni30rlhB Bl(ch outHt^dlng advances its:  .,11.7,x f|nl��� m ',   been spent on heni't research, what do  Bills (o fight, t   ��� GrcntaHtl^cwrrc^  wlthlhl v.    .   ,  wo ha,vo������! te show fpr this large invest-  ~'���T*nont?"*,^^'**ta*",*"'^'**-���"'-'''w"-'*''���''**"'^'~^  ,,-,,���..,, ..,..���.,.,,..,,..,,,,.,.,,  Perhaps,,the,��most dr��mftl.io dividend  >���������1 ������������  has been the lives which have been flaved  2,500,000 Canadians suffer from one -rm��ybo i'yours among' them, Between  or more typos of heart disease. Help fight 10(50 and lOflfl t|ie overall death rnlo  thifl Killer by Hupporllh'fl the 'Heart Fund,    from lieiuH iind blnbd vonsbT dlsoosb in  Seacher's��gtobpr..  tfrwm'gjmq*.  Consultation services  f-  ���.._,',_. .   ���     '    1:  offered school trustees  Pacemakers,  Which    control  irregular  heart rhythm  --=-*CdtW^  (prove blood supply to tho heart's own  muscle;   '������������������   7  ��� .  ���The replacement ��� of damaged  heart   vaJv.oX..by,,human...,.valves, - ������> -�����-  ���Coronary Care Units iri hospitals which  can reduce the death rate among those  ������ndmittQd44to,h9Hpital-with..hoart��.attaoltH)���  by 30 per cent or moro,  ���Surgery,to correct, one.of, tho-dofootH  reuniting In "blue babies/', and  ���Hypoihermlara-tachnlqua-for-loworlnR'-  body , tomporaturo    to   assist   sur'Rlcnl  procedures,  **l*_nt**ttrl*'.ji,tplft*i,_+M?in.    f jvjli-^.,! luf.-^    ���*..'. * 1% tv '* f J *j   f(  LRTOBn from^.tho Sooliolt Teachers1 Association offering Its services as a consultant, to lho Board of School Trustees,  drew no comments from trustees whon It  wan  road   by  secretary   treasurer   Jim  lur J vi22 K5ii,^1,lSC     thattlto.ProfllUont of tha Aasoola Ion nerve  "The Secholt Toachors' AfisoeliUlon Ih    .Un,,n_n_LB> ���i��..,D  u ,,,��..\a ��,�����..�� ���,.,.  or ��� the Soorolary-Troasuror, but wo feol  that the board w'oUld benefit from having  lho Socholt, Teacher-i' Association-represented on 2i\ continuing basis m a consultant to'tho board, ,        ..   ���  .Render-Secondary^School  ?nd beriod honour roll  FOLLOWING  slu'dbnlH of' Pender' Har-  ���-hhow - Secondni7,.i.HchOQl ..Honor. Roll  standing for the second  roportlng. period. An overage of (1,15 is required for thto,  Those advances nnd many mora ro- Cjrndo It! Jim Cameron Q\\**, JamoH  suiting from rosonrchln other "parts of    Daley  11,11,  Suzanne  Olrnrd   (|,0,   Susan  lho world havo all contributed .to lho ?A , Mcarlndlo.n.n**, Marjory MacKuy^ll,!!^*,^  "per'cdnl'reduclinn'In Hon'rt disonso dpath "' Stisan* lino 'fifi**7 llonorablo'   mohtioh: '  Qolot Corner '  FlntUng,*a��qulGUcornor.44n*,th^  bl'n"nwny frhm .tho dancing, Mork cronto o warm nnd friendly nlmo-  -Wh'yto ond Kerry Jpogor concentrate*   sphoro and - studonta' oro very proud  , on ono of tho enrd'gomes, which are of this new prlvllogo which nlso  ^becoming pbpularVin--school-nnd-ho'lp brings responsibility -  whilo'awny n'wet'.hooh-hour. The' ,      , '     '  T-,ir*r"  ratoit,  Nor  is   thq  saving  of'lives'the'  only dividend,  ,��� JRcsoarch has- made it possible for  thousands of Canadians with a hoarl ailment io carry on'with normal liven,  working at.their usual employment, In-  stoad of being confined to homo, unabli)  to fulfill tho mlo of family broadwlnnor,  -vory-*intorofit;eil"iirboin*fl'*lnvoivedl'"'nrtho'*  Hoard lovol, In tho .over-all plitnnlng for  this School Dlfltrlot. nQ.!that~our^.vIow....ot.  educational philosophy may asNlst lho  board. In -shaping tho future of education  JnJhls.dlatxlct^Our,vlQw.of..cducatlon.and,  educational philosophy Jn Influenced by  tho faol ihfit w��-w6i'lt,dlreolly with lho  student and, our view, therefore, Is unique,  Wo wish you to��� understand 'lhat wo  realize tho final authority on all matters  rests wllh tho Board of Trustees. Wo  wish' you ta understand, In addition, that  wo do not, In any way Wish to usurp tho  fliithorUy :.of the District Superintendent  :p  L  .thodoaahorBLvlowB-JUwouldJioiour-BUB*..  , tfostlon also, that, tho aboard consider a  six month trial period for this Interaction,  "IUvcirthot'BlrthorQ'mny-not be,> in tho  opinion,,of the board, any immediate need  s for such discussion there in much to ba  H^tdHrory^nd*nMny~EM  ^irpm'**pos4tlv0'��*internction'��*of^infoTTned��  opinion;;'Wc feel, therefore, ,iemo type of  . frarnawork should bo not up Within which  continuing discussions can take place,"  1    P|Bt,r)ct Superintendent R, R. Jlhnnn Is  oh vaontloh and was nol, at lhe mootlnii,  , neither wart Trustee mil Malcolm' of Ponder Hnrbbur.,,    ,        ���;"���,��� j    ���  "'"  ,- .    ���    '.is ." ,��� .  ���Will' Phli Ipi ,M.  ���   Qrotle |/|  Mary Cameron  (1,3**, Rva  Dubois "IJ.1)*V Judy Tnir-fia**,  Donoldn  Hyatt 0.3M. . '-y       ,  Qnd'o 1 Ot James Nnrthrup 0,0, Audrey  Proficosky  (l.O4'*,  Qrnrlo   1SI:   Cora    Renin   0,0,   Jnnlco  PRconwR6riir^rsorVFniw~:��^        Sl\l!,ni1!?i,r0,,a,' w.n,-rrI<^!itU-?.*|L~f".\Rlindy-  trollod-dlotfirflpoolaroxortiliroHmferam": "-*^��alil��*Or[>*V|lnnoriill)lo-Menllonfu-llnxnnn  men���all  tho  result    of  research���havo  helped fashion this chanflo.    ,.  In 'luUMtlop,  your  Heart  Foundation  is holplnR to alert Canadians * to> ihoso  Jaqtor^whlcluaffccL.one'M-.rlHk-.of^hewU  attack and tho means of reducing that  *flsk^StiCc0flfl"ln7thlB'"pr6Kfammo'CitiTirii-"'  duco substantially ��� tho onset   of pro-  mature doath and, dlnability.  '   Those Ihen, are n low of tho ronultH  of past support of the annual Heart 'Fund  and.hopofully Jnntlfy jtonorous donatlonn  which may assume equally starlllnR pro-  firenn In the, f,uturo, '  '7  i> ��� ' ��� ��� '        . -  Dubois   15,'i,   Klin    Lawrence   fi.fl,' Jooy  Rouanoau 5,2, ,  '** ln(|l��alen 'thai' rlludent wan"nlHiv oiv  In Novornbor, , -    ,.  WtiMtiUBWHEaw    Dlako C. Aldorson D.C.  CHIROPRACTOR  Pott Otflc* Dulldlna SachoU  Pl.ono 0(13-23133   Ron, 006-2321  THotday ro Friday 10|30 o.m. to Si30 p,m,  Saturday 9|30 a,m. to 1100 p.m.   >  ,    EVENINGS DY APPOINTMENT'.���  .',1/ji.jw  *����>P[ V��-�� Vf/,. H'WI ���t'"!rfl~*  *a$ter Ljarad  GOOD SELECTION OF CARDS. FOR  t , ^EVERY OCCASION       ("    "'  STII-t /few. oddments in woou  AVAILABLErAT. BEDUCED..ER1CES  *i**i?i* jw����wri.i(��r i'i*^iw .  l*w��|hMl M)WP<|>  VWWMfMUWWIMWMlWwlAIWtfW^^  WOOrrCROCHET^COTTON"  NEEDLES -EtC  wwm��w��yvv����i��Mwiii����wi.w��iiM����������M|.Mi<wifwww��w��yMMiii.��  BABY'S^WffAR-ANP-  iff**w������ 9>*foti4mi*t ^n^-f^uH'VtV*;  aiPTS  INDIAN-BASKETS-  ��Uocally*MadQ  ['���jiJMWtJ IM J*(** KlMW  NHW <?ri<K?Hf;T AND  KHpiNOlfKOOKS ,  ^oo, thq 'fovfj ihrfn.k' pottorn*  Gilmore's.  Variety Sho(i  Phone 885-9343 - tfacholt, B.C.  . ,\ j-,.    , ,,'. \.  t**>W#Mm��i4HWf M t��H J* **AH*  .rfl    I      hf,  i^WjM��w>��Wift*^i��r4tf��l����IWWBW.'l'��iiiat.W  >    H (  (MM***?'  't<     >f ft *"1 *^,    'f*'   i   .^'Ui   > I '  ;ric-tfB.r;''l:ti:rrtJi��ft'��ii��W"fl'vi��lBi1anjl^aaa  Af  . t ijtitu ��� . JV''  ���I'  Wfib  9WttomH*&m*ty#^-t^wfa&��/&*&ilBitito ��*&*&.  ���, 'i'br  rrhr  "M���^ir^i��'j*'V^T^rr,T*1  in��n>tiim B����*it.j'tfte-*(w��mbtaMnn��we  **��e*   ���u�� j , - ly^V'.^-^i"-"!' * "���>*>r,-?;rT"M'i n'-." fyy  I ,if B(lM'-*^*<1tU***W-,1l.  < :f���_  V-  \\  ��t&  KW^feiMi    y;_��:ri7;^qry  a.KiilSte^M* 7y,ii.d  _&  "IS  l-t�����i.1^!   f^; 1.7 hi: <: vf"::  ,f,V> ,"".'! J,",'"-. i'.'UiJ - '-  "to,.��      ,v iJ .��� '^  f,  'If - J    liiJ3X,"!' &  .''j'K'.'f^n'^S^I'Jii; *; v   * '1  7^,^ '}.=^ ..^ jV; 3t ^'ivr���-* 'f' - 'f1^ yj- d[']'. j.  \ 5, J \*St! ���'��� fer;, :J^T"'��-'*i'���'  tf   "iSB 'tei^   * JiTiiir =���>'��.?.'.. il.i ..t.ii'Jili -1 ,n! -.' _-f      fi  ti. a^,.^j'!7.^;i'hra',i-iJ;',i7':a , .<i8wi  larq^ii-^, ���ij'jjlli}'!! diM,:,ai   "M-l"*-'1. I  \  ._Tf..��.��  �����*&&*  Sft,  _,,'_'. .-.  ir**^  Pender   Boys  Hosting St.  Mary's team from Mis-,  night ending witlra score 50-33. Play- pts). ,Front: Mike Kammerle (2 pts);  sio:i over the weekend, Pender Har-    ers are from^left back row: Gordon Gerald Gerard, Harry Kammerle (2  , Uutii.. Inte'-mediaie    boys   held    tire*    Kmiffllerlir72nJ^^^ pis)";' Jim Mercer (4 pts*)~���"  lead   throughout   the   game    Friday    Glenn Harris '(18 pts)'; ��� Jim Cox (22  Pender High *'  How could-the boys do-any thing-but  win  with   cheerleaders  like  this  to  "KTt-p llieni going, it wHS-HTreireT;  weekend at Pender High School with  game-a played Friday night and most  of Saturday, ending, with a very suc-  cessiu 1  dance,   with  boys from St.  "Mary's School, Mission provfflirigTtfie"  music Approximately 80 students  travelled from Mission for the weekend basketball tournament and their  hosts say it was a pleasure to enter-  -tain 4-uch  courteous  young   peopler  Page B-6 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, March 1, 1972  flined  Juvenile Soccer  week-end results  SUNSHINE Coast Juvenile Soccer schedule has been upset due to poor play-  "inn conditions, but game's "got underway  -" -an ~ Su n d ify-^rmr^wth*"rutr"thi'OTigh-- until  the   .schedule   is   completed   which   will  prohahly  overlap with  the baseball sea-  sun. Games next Sunday:. ,'.,    ,  --- -   D1V. 7. Ken Mac vs Teemen, Gibsons  at 12 in ion.-Warriors-j/k-Hotspurs,. Hackatl ,  Park   1  p.m, Chessmen  vs Nomads Gibi  mesons 1 p.m. ������������_���-..���  DIV. 5 and (i. Roberts Creek vs Cougars, Roberts Creek 2 p.m. Vikings vs  Roughriders, Gibsons 1 p.m. Caledonians  ...... vs..Braves, Gibsons 72, p,rn. '77',.   DIV. 4. Game lime 2 p.m, Timbennen  Combining speed with sure shooting,    with St. Mary's Intermediate' Girls,    vs Riders, Hackett Turk. Super Valti vs "  Pender's" Hor rained The visitbi'S<'Srri^ ���������".���  Pefnder Girls  __���-���  "Peii'db'r's Intermediate 'Girls'a're*stiH"*"MIss!6'n we're 'from''left "back "row: 'r Lisa Muhr  maintaining t h e i r line record in Ceclle Girard, June Crosby, Darnell and Susan  basketball, Playing in the weekend Geiick, Cindy Harris, Maureen Ca- Juno with  lournnnionl   with   St.   Mary's   from    moron and  Lorraine Bilcik.  Front:    Cccile with  Sure Shot  ting, with  (way The  ahead in last Friday night's game and stayed ov.ei: until Sunday.  WEEKEND RESULTS   DIV. 7. ,Res... Wurriors   4 - Ken   Muc ��� -  -  Bombers 0. DIV. 5 and (i. Caledonians, 1'  - Gibsons Cougars t>. '   ' '  Sechelt  Lanes  li(l*|^,5J*-4H(*!S*).t,la��a^'  (##��" |H(l)J#fl|#f��| till  ���by Eyq Moscrip  _SJiClliaiT._Cuuiiuorclula_hMd-4.ho-.hiHh-  7scui,er  imulii   last   week   with   ii   liigh  of 7'll) by Tiuoiiinn Roynolds, Runnor-np  ���was, Waller Koluich with 724 playint-,.for:  B'iSiCl Ollior scores include;  Mixed IO plus: .llm Youiik IWI, Oord'y  McCuurt HID, Tulle PuuIhoii H10, Joan  CunnlnKhttm ��� H24,   Diane   Kcnley���">������%. Qrr  'TuoKdny Indies: Vora'Aclnm (il2.     t '"*  Secholt  Coinniorelalm    Al    Slrutchan  20(l��� mioTnTnirTIByTHTrnr^^  Ui>h,ii:h,     ��� ' "���"  II.S4C: Gordon Dixon gill), Glonii Phll-  ll|)H WW, I lone liobhlnn m, AMdruy Hud,  hum (I27  Wnllui' Kohucli 724. "     '"*" ""  iluiiltii-Hi   Crnrry   Boimur   :i!l7,   Kjuvjlh  NoHlmnn 205, Paily Hull ir>3,  HuiiIoi'n: .IOIuIihi  Ivli-ulMvlHh   m,  Bur-  barn WilHon 141, Terry llodway 1)0.1, Cnr- ""'"'  Un li'.Hel.or.Hl, Crulfi ihidwny. 3_tf, Brad/   Roclwny'l'Rii;-���       ',    . '  <fo��  it   ���     ,7  ���"A.f  *  ��W>J<��^4J8,*iJ��t *H.'M��1B'>BWi(f*H��*f(*  USE  WEE BONNIE SYSTEM  FoNSiunvmQr..and^rosidontial homos.  Exampla 400 sq. ft Cedar Cabin,  supplied and Installed on your lot  for ^2,600, Do-lt-yoursolf kit ,witli  plan^fc^OOO. Wo also do framing  for economical. houses. .Phono, aftor  '\     6"p,m, 987-1893 collect.  St. Mary's  *~An,lvinK"ni"rcnrler"]usri)Pioro"tjlio'  , h'rhlny nlj-fil i;imio wuh hcIkmIuUuI Io  KLl!IUM����'l'UN K_|u,u(U)iu.l>n>' M^ituMlvulUun^^^iiU' lT^'St<^AUu'ly-^-"l-) tot'Jtteil in Ui^Hl iIm  ^���lcuia���lji'uiii;l,LJioiiiur,J|io,Jlovve^i'iHiiiU~w\vor4r-llot*��^  Tiiiiriininnvl   Imphy'oyrr   tlui   wi-pIumiiI    ('anlo Willi l'dlldei'(.COI'ln^ IIII to lludi1  iift.-r they (l.<i'ntn-d M��iui��mlnli 4��.ai> nnd;   7 tf0|,|s^ 1)lM lhoy ohvlouHly enjoyed  "10 {{nine,  IMelnrud from loll, buck  Olnino Williams,  \ rcinbcnon -la-an  ,(S(|i|niiilnli  lll-a, .bul I buy wont down nf-    low'  J'ut-.y  ' ^J^^fi'.TO  er n kihmI I'litht Wltli i'oihiiorion,' Kliin)   ' Marilyn  ('hnrliu,   Lucy. , ,  h  mnv, l-irlnK JII'-BfJ, hr ]Vnibt:rtnn'.H' fii,vtir,     h'rnnt  .��� ���Klpliliwinnn nowil��Hd/i bnih' iho. son-    Mnrhnrn  Phillli.,.,  Jsii"' and Jut,Tiur boynWloNvo-Sound' tmiililos,   '.Uuey \VUllun)S,r- -  -r^,  f'  y\\  Chnrlio,  'iliiey" ',]'.| mm y,   ��Q'ho'of Pondoi-'H ruKAcd lurid play-   ,toiun-muto��IVl.ko Ivoinmorlo. Glonn'H,  '; Alvlnn Smllh, Uofeen 'Wilson,    er��, (Hen IInrrls ^oo.f up for a I'nHkot    111 point 8Co.ro was-topped by ",11m'  irn  Phillips,- Tlnn Johnny and   In liuntllnu ��a1*cio wllh' St., Mury'ii on  .'Cox with 22'.ppli)U��. > 7- : ���  ,      Friday night,  closely1' Watched ��� by ���;���.  it  WHISPERING PINES  DINING ROOM x  Overlooking Trail Bay  Of  ifith Sechelt  ... ,4*.* ��4^.*.t.��.w44     U..H44  I .?.''^,t*,'i:*ii-s!.'-l,h"��:!*'W' ��,��tH��*<nfw."ifI  1  , NOW; OFFER.  FULL SERVICE  1-1 iOO-o.mr- 0;00- p.m.-  4rTuQsday��throu9lt�� Sunday  ClOSEP MQNPAY  ��   �����'      IX,  .        11  ,v.t,wt_nmfiltM\nitJ.  pyPAIUY SrECUU LUNCHEON  ,,   .,,,    myno. rr::r,  12 noon. i}30    '  ^WHISPERING PINE&y  ���ii  ��4j4H  ��,f ��'y.W4' ���.riu.^.,.1  -ll�����  (  CT,  Hui M"^��.i^'H rnnsJsechelt Iettd~rv-r  1 j>.  ,eifs floor hockey league  enters series oi playoffs  HAVE YOU HEARD OTTHE  BAHAt FAITH?  Phone 886-7355 or 885-9895^  WITH lho I'ompUMion of the Men's Floor  Hockey  league,  last Tuesday came the.  iisi  7.H1U' ul' a.*l>t'st oi' seven playoffs be-  u'ei'ii   lirst  place  C'ihsons' - ' Sec'lielt ' anil  set-on I   place. I'enn   Hotel r       '"'  __ ....lUMui-n  of several  key  players helped  1 'e 1111��111: iV'l "i o 'Tall y 1 n ��� liie 1 as f :Tw o "' min -"  'ilos .,) within one eoat, of the Gibsons1'  Sechelt team. A goal by Jim ..Earl in the  lasl -SI) seconds brought the score to. 15:  14. bu1 the Penn was unable to get the  equalizer and the very exciting game  ended  15-14. '  Jim   Gray   led  'he  Gibsons  -  Sechelt  attack with- 8  es~  goal'- \vhile Larry Know  chipped  in  with 4.  Penn  Hotel's leading  floor 'lockey team will be making a trip  ��.to the Peninsula when they play an "all  star' learn from "'.he Gibsons - Sechelt  area. After the visi* of the- Renfrew Men's  team last month, which saw ah excellent  .turn-out. we are hoping lor just as much  snppoi'l.        - . -  ���  With the return of a .couple of key  players, and the Renfrew Jrs. not expected to be as tough as the Mens, team,  it should be another entertaining evening.  Players expectra to dress for the game  are: Ron Baba. Herb August, Dave Kinne,  Dave Harrison. Alec Skytte.  Rick Gema-  ath 3 goals ful-  iim Earl and Bob  Newton   Boys ,' 7   7  They Newtonjaoys captured, the .vol- schools_._onthe Sunshine .Coast'Tand --phinstone   Secondary  School   Satur-  "Teyli^'''^urhameEt  tor   elementary - the  Lower   Mainland,  held   at E17   day.  'scon?.- was Gary Uiyv,  lowed bv Wooly La*:  Juhnson  with ,2  eachT  lhe series looks to be a closely matched :��� flair wiUi both clubs drafting two  or Ih.-ee  of the better Elphinstone  play-  r-Gaflws-wi 1-1 -bt^-every-TiTPSrlay-' night  starting 7:4f>  p.m.  VISITORS  Also in floor ..hockey, the Renfrew Jr.  Pender Hi-lites  ���by Cindy Harris  SPORTS:   A   brief   summary   of   school  games  played  this   past   month;  February   4th     Pender     Senior  Girls  basketball  team  travelled,  to  Vancouver  Island   tor   a   series   of   games.   Ori   Fri-  -doy���&i~e^in.g���t h e-y���played���l.adysmith  che, Dave Kennett. Jim Earl, Brad Nor-  yjs, C._\ Crnigan. Jim Pray. Ted Joe, Gary  Gray and  Robert Baba.      *  The game is scheduled ~ for 5:30 p.m.  Saturday, March 4. It should prove Jo.be  very c-xciting, so come out and support  your locals at  tho FJphmstime gymnasium.  in  Gibsons.  OPENING MARCH  1  Mobile Home Park  WEST SECHELT  Now Accepting  '    Reservations  SECLUDED LOCATION  -ALL-^��^VICES .- GROWING-  MASON ROAD - WEST SECHELT  next to school   885-237-5--   "  1972 JOHNSON OUTBOARD  Secondary 'School with Pender winning.  They spent the night in tf'anaimo then  drove to Chemainus where they played  and won on Saturday morning.     ........ ��^.-v>-  WOW ON  DISPLAY  SPECIAL DISCOUNTS  DURING  MARCH  10%  OFF  REGULAR  LIST  PRICE  1 IT75 6 Kp Reg. 436.00      9||<9:  4 hp Reg. 299.00     ��&��fl|.10 9.5 hp Reg. 592.00 ff*% **.8Q  SALE ..   _EW_Y_V SALE  2 hp Reg. 197.50  SALE '.....:  k.40  - ��� -��-  Back   in   Nanaimo   the   girls   enjoyed  10ncTrat"~t1iiB~liome of-a_^Dnrier���Pend'i  studeiit7"JV!rs. ���Holmes���(nee   Bathgate}:���  That  same., evening  they   lost  out   in   a  game with Qualicum by One point.  The following weekend, February 11  and 12, all four teams travelled to'Pem-  t)ei'lun7itr;-play in a^....gorijia.., of-..b.aj*l^tball^.  i.MWWy��4������WWW����WWWW��WJWWWWM����M>��WM��W  HOLIDAY |imNEER*���$A|N SAW  Regular! 54.95 ^'Zy^yvy:...  :jlt_'��U-'Uu-iMJti. -_...  SALE  I              .  . . i -  159.95  ^SIWIL^R^1SCOttNTS^01^^THlR^OTM^C^1��RODtlCTS^  ��� DURINS^ALLOF MARCH  Your Sechelt O.M.C. Service Centre  Js  SECHELT HOME SERVICE  games. Results were: Junior Girls lost,  Junior Boys won, Senior Girls won, Senior Boys iost.  Leaving early Saturday morning the  teams travelled to Mission to watch the     �� _   t y__^^  Senior Boys take part in the St. Mary's     I   " Box 036 - 885-2812 Sechelt, B.C.  Bajketbajjjournarnent. Other .competing  games wenTAgassiz, Tfldergrove anoT Mis- "  sion.  After this series of well fought games,  JEfiMeiT-ivon th.e..Jto_irriament. Joe Cox  was chosen as most valuable player and  Gordon Kammerle was. picked for the  all-star  team. �� -  . That evening was rounded off with  all   teams   attending  a  dance   at   which  Volleyball Winners     if''. '  The Cliff _Drive_Elementary-School - the  volleyball  tournamerft tield"'~at"Saturday.  Girls from Surrey were winners of    Elphinstone Secondary 'School    on  4'     \Y\\      4,       4  i    '7 7  Group.  On February 15th Pender : won in a  close game with B$pbks Senior Boys who  came down from Powell Rivejr.  r * February 19th -iPender Boys travelled to Pembertp,n to.take part ijigpother -  - tournament. Thistimp they did *not $6  "-"sorsaati^xxtr^ongmte  Elphinstone who came out victorlbus.  gQNQR RQLL,;    .-'.-.   x57Honqr-^Qll-4or--rthis -reporting period  is a long one and congratulations go to  everyone,..q4r-.it.���They;.7are:; Grade   8���  gusahne Gjrard.,   Jim7 Cameron,' Susan  Rae, Susan McCrindle, James Daley, Mar-  gone MacKay. Grade 9���Judy. Tait, Eva  Rysois, Mary, Cameron, Porjeldq Hyatt;,  Grade 10���Audrey * Treseskey, James"  Northrup. Grade 11���Nil. Grade 12���  Billy,RJGd>,^andyirTait, Cora Beale,, Janice  Oummings,'   '' '".' " ""l'""     ���--'  This is o |3 SPOT I  (Loss when on contract)  Your advertising In "thl^jpaco 'will '''reach  <?Q<;h week, It'p the rripst economical wqy to  reach nipre Sunshine* Coaqt people becquso  Tlnies ads go Into more homes fhqr| any  other  newspaper   produced   In   tfjis   arear  885.9654-<Sechel��i.    886-21311: (Q<|**on9)  NEW CAPLESS WIGS  HAVE ARRIVED  LONG, MEDIUM AND SHORT CAPLESS, SHAGS  i^i.^AJ.-,  Trade "in your old wig!  It's worth $10.00  on your choice from our capless collection^  $1^00    l  SHAMPOO  -  SET      ^ith this  $2.00  OFF coupon  PERM  - COLOR  BLEACH  $4.00  OFF  CONTINENTAL COIFFURES & BOUTIQUE  TRAIL BAY PUZA7 SECHELT -8854339 '  This QjMpon Yulid MqndqyrTiMOiilfly^Wednojday in MareW 1972  -ft.    Our Boutique is a collection of   Gift Ideas jfomMou^ -   . - ...,...,,7i���,���;,  it you want to make the trip yourself,          the TRAVEL AGENT on duty will be pleased   to help you.  ^yfW^"���w*Hr^  All Airline Reservations, Tickets, Tours and Cruises,fly Nqw���Poy Later  FOR ALL YOUR TRAVEL NEEDS   ConYacTYo^  " ���  " COMTINENTAL COIFFURES      .  7    Trail Pay Plaika, Socholt air Ph��?no;885r2339  Volloybnll crost winners    ���  Winners of crests at Saturday's ole-  mor*!, hold nt Elphinstone Smurdny  ..,.,..worei^bnck.rovMloft���to right) Stacoy, ,f;,  Romlor, Surrey; ,11m S'/.lahon, 3w-  ^iTjyi^'i^rDirOTlCTV^^  ��� ���QunnrDolt^ripUn SncrorDelta; Topi  Moononj Ynncouvcr, Front row; Vol-  mn Scmgham, Ql|asbnfl; Jo Anno  Frew; Vancouver; Leanno Meyer,  Stirroyr*DnriorQt|lreinffrDolta;TPam'  Qobln," Stirroyran<il Keoly Hookwoll,  Newton,  Matfti��-^^  immmmmmm***  im^mm��tmtmm)t*mm^^ii*ii*mtim  wtm*i>#&mm  ������>***_-   M   ���wt��ww(WT*.,����l  J~tlV*pH* ��*���������� ��f-UJIfW4+ *��!.   ���-r..wt>T**nj  i���   DQ7,YOU:HAYE  30 ANTENNA'S AND SOPHISTICATED  ELECTRONICS SUPPLYING SIGNALS  TO:;Y*)UR!''T.V.?' ~  VammMwa  mm  mm  mrnmrmmm  Ti"  HOME HANDYMAN PAINTING TIPS  JBERS  NYGREN SALES  ���  (1971) LTD,    Your BAPCO PAIHT  On the Wharf - B86-9303  Quollty^Howp^qridJAajIno  Paint. ^  ivw*niw**xmirwwimmiw*iimm*innnm*  awMMMMtojwwMMWwxtwnnwwiwwmuwx  pESTORINQ OLD FURNITURE  ...XI  Roscuo those antiques from lho attic qnd with Jui.1 a little work  proudly display Ihom as family treasures,  To roflnlsh a ploco of furnlluro^ you may have lo remove tho old,  finish,, A non-flammahlo, wa��"lroo paint ond varnluh romoyori Is safe and  easy (b use, Wear old clothes. worK In o woll-vonl||atod area, and l*a sure  o uBo rubber aTovaTTbnwlMTn^TlKfi^^  mrirvwiV* "^Fl **H'l^1*nWf*Hl*i  mmtmrnmmn>��i  m^9^i.U  Men's Wear  Work GIoyos  SECHELT, P.C.   _  1t4��Ji.-��*���, I '  ^umnnnnnnnnnnnnn^ww^-^ SprC��d  ,h��  r��m��VOr 0"  "l>0mlly W,,h �� brU"h��  S,r0k'nfl  '" 0, Q,tllr0Ctl��n    , ������,  f***"**���^^^^^  only. .Apply to,ono section ,at a time, .tatting It soak In until the entire ^^^^^^^  ���finish- la-jSofu^Thon.scrape.carefully-wlth.-q-dull,,!putty..knlfo.to.iqyold  .'sciotchlnp, lho,wood, To take off (cmovor.ln. grooves or other tricky areas,  use steol wool< an old tooth-brush or a-pplntorl'stick, .  . -��i,^rt,NMir-*ih*'  GULF  BUILDING SUPPLIES  TRtTTARP  t    ���  TO SERVE  ��JCH*J5UNSblfc!R  Af|or ncraplnp off tho romoyor, sand the surface smooth^ beglnnlno  rricdlum or' flno grqdp pqpor and flnUhlnq with Yery flno. Sand with'|  the flraln to prevent dbop acrglchos In the .wood.  ' If iho color Isn't |ur,t rlrjht for your'contemporary furnishings, change  It, If lho wood 'lr. too dark, brighten It with a commercially prepared wood  bloqch, Apply with a brush or spongo1) lotting It dry until y��M roach tho  right' shade; "NOKrrrlnne-acconllnD'to.-tho.mQnufqciijrorla. fllf.0,9HPJl"jJl!!^L  the furnlturo Is perfectly dry���It may take a day or two���sand lightly  again' with very flno parif-r,   ,  ���  If tho wood-h-ioo'light slalp It,, Flr��t,���remPYO a|| oxposod harclware,  7Thw,��<leor�� ��fl-or��a����-��r^  , , Apply tho stqln with a brush, working'or�� one ��octlon at ��tlmo. Ut  It stand, for ��'few. minutes, tli"n Win0 Uflhlly wltho llnt-frco cloth until  you obtain a. uniform solo'rr, pcgih w|th tho mor'p |ncpnVpicuei3f��"r)an��r��5ini-J:  do the front and top last, Let (he stqln dr)" overnight, and ypiVrf ready ta  apply the varnish,  TVVIN^CREEK  BUILDING  SUPPLIES  ,' "Your ". "  Gllddon Paints  Deal or..   .  7Jrwo^,��atlon��  .' ,fo.. forYO   \you  , Sumhino-Coart  Hlghyroy  gi^sonI  886-2291  ,t*+tv^-����^ >-|fvplf. jirt-  '������Al**f��'l 4��liUH* ,F  SECHELT  885-92^8 ���V  ���__���.���  ��� I-  -\- --  -I  Page B-8  The Peninsirla Times  Wednesday, Marcl* T, 1972  van  -PRIMARY concern of The Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society is  service lo patients. The Travelling Oc-  ��� cupational Therapy Van is one of the  special services available to. the doctors  of. those suffering from arthritis. This  van will be: in Sechelt (therapist in  ^charge Miss Gay Law), u�� -March 7th,  1972.  rfThe occupational therapist,' who man-"  ages the van, can help the patient IowjuxL:  -^ch-teving maximum   irrdepeTicience7 Patients must be- referred to her by their farn-  ily doctor.  The-Trave 1 ling Occupaliona1���TITcTapy"  Van is a fully equipped workshop on  \vhi2ej_s. The therapist assesses the patient's functional abilities and makes  Working'splints, lifts in shoes, and many  oilier aids for patients who find it dil-  I'icult lo perforin ordinary, everyday functions because (.if painful,' weakened or  stiff.'limbs.  If time permits, the therapist will ana-  -...J.y'ii: u. ..patient's" home._for adaptations  furnilure, bathroom appliances, cabinetry and accesses. These save work and  ease the "strain of daily, living i'or the  arthritis   victim.  The  Canadian  Arthritis  and; Rheumatism   Society,   B.C.   Division,   has   a   l'ive-  parl    pwig-ramme   b^ combat   arthritis���  Rheumatic Disease Units, Research, Professional Education, Public -Information  and Patient Care Services. Your contributions to this programme, either through  UnMed Appeal or a C.A.R.S. Campaign,  ensure the continuation of these services  in   this  area.  'SORRY I'M LATE '0/V\tV\  PET; I 'AT> ID WORK   '  I     ' " * �� *�� * _      '  Sate Moioring    Keep your diamonds clean and sparkling  and  A   WINTERTIME   ot"  commuting   to   and  from   work   is   poor   preparation- for. ,.  Hit; day-long drives  many motorists plan  i Ins   summer;Msays   the   B.C.   Automobile  .\ssociafi6n.     ' '  . This is the time of year to review a  lew driving practices 'which have helped  ;.;ood drivers assure thai- long automobile  uiirneys  are  safe  and  enjoyable.  The   BCAA   askeM   diaver    education  experts   what   pointers  they   would   most ���  hkc--to-see   offered   to   motorists   setting  ,,ut On the highways. v     7  All agreed that the first point in  any lis^ must be to "fasten set belts  snugly before starting". The second point ,  agreement���is:: lhe.~ reminder -to. adjust  lhe seat and mirrors to the driver's com-  1111    and    pre-eheck   the   "feel",   of   the  'lakes and steering���and repeat this pro-  et'ss   for   each ^'ncw"   driver   during   the  ti'iu.    ���   -  ::        -.���,"-      -���..'  THE beauty of your diamond is thc\beau-, \year and \have. him check  your ring  xty of light.  The diamond is  the  mosi- other   precious   pieces   for   loose "prongs'  br-illiant and.the nio.-t lasting ol.-.all-gems and   wear of mounjhTjjs.  That   precaution  and your diamond is your  own  personal  beauty investment to wear with pleasure  and  pride  forever.  Yes,   diamonds   arc   forever,   as   they  still need care to keep them at their brilliant-best. Although the sparkle of a diamond is always there, it can be'dimmed"  .by dirt. And aiihouch the diamond is'*the-  hardest natural substance known to man  and hence  the most durable and" lasting,-  -.it���_c^ii_be-:cJiip.B.ed or cracked by carelessness.   With 'a* little   care,   you   can   keep*  your diamond  look:ng as  new  and^,brilliant as the  first day you wore it. -Here  are a few tips!        *  Clean diamonds sparkle and glow be-  cause the maximum amount of light, can  enter and return in fiery brilliance. There  are three good-wayi-lo ^lean  your  dia-  38w:-&::::-:y:::-::A:.--��^#^  Madeira Park Happenings  ���by David  Hyatt  INTER-School Floor Hockey���Madeira  Park lost one arid won one during  the last series of floor hockey games.: At  Sechelt, the boys lost to a strong Sechelt  team that never let up /ill .the...-last  whistle. Mi,-. JVfttetavisIi..���b"rQughLJJa��_BflbjL.  mugs out of clay.  Marble   season���With   the   nice   wea-'  ther during the  past Jew days,' many of  the  .students   have   been  enjoying- themselves by playing marbles. Listen for fur-  fher ngw's about a marble tournament to  Once on the.jocyi,. keep .pace Willi"  the rest Of traffic and teach yourself to  .uilicipate stops and slowdowns by observing traffic two or more cars ahead.  4v(M^--a4~Jeast���one car_ length .joL..iipace^_  between your own car and the one ahead  every 10 miles per hour'of speed. As  you drive,, learn- to spot "outs"���places  lo steer toward if you get into trouble.  When you slow down with traffic_ behind you, pump your brakes several  times;_JFhe flashing tail lights will warn-  other drivers that you are slowing. At  night, dim dashboard lights to make it.  easier to notice light signals given by  cars ahead.  When passing another car, wait before  cutting back into the traffic lane until  you can see all of the vehicle you have  passed in your rear-view mirror.  In rainy- weather;' rememberthat orr  ..l.rmnd   jpwpllpry   wtipn   Ihf   st.nnps   are   set  in metal and  not cemented or glued:  The Detergent Bath��� Prepare a small  bowl of warm siids with any mild liquid  detergent. Brush the,pieces with ah- eye-  will   prevent .the  loss  of a  stone  from' a  loosened   setting, v  Enjoy your diamonds- and wear them  with'pride and pleasure���which will be  all  the greater if you take care of them.  Sechelt TOPS Club  plans Peniielon trip  "SECHELT TOPS Club meets every  Wednesday in the Sechelt Legion Hall.  Weigh-in starts at 12:30 p.m. and the  meeting begins at 1 p.m. Usually members remain for a cup of jcpffee and_  dlscus7rhen-~~pro"blems "oTTover^weigh'f.  Right   now,   members   are   concerned  with   laisiftg���-HW:ney-4Qi-���a���bi+s���l-i4p---to-  by self taught artist  -AN-EXH113IT o  Gehrig   of   Roberts  oil paintings byCa r rnerT  Creek   will   com-  -men^e--in---4he--^a41ei-y   Shop   begiiiiiiirg-  March   1st.  ���   Miss   Gehrig   who     is   a   self-taught  artist, paints  large  landscapes which are  coiorlul   and   very   individualistic.   As   a  Ju��ther.   interest, Lhii;���lady���whfisE73Ife"  has been spent largely on the Peninsula,  is carving puppets and hopes to become  a skilled puppeteer.  The Gallery has a very fine collection  of   candles   of   all   sortsi ��� colorful,   often  scented and all made by'craftsmen of the  -Peninsula.  Drop-in to The "Gallery Shop, Sechelt,  it is a non-profit outlet for the crafts of  the Peninsula and staffed  by volunteers.  ert's   Creek   boys   to 'Madeira,   and   after  a   hard-fought   game,   Madeira   came   out  on Jj&p^wiih a^corc-of���si^to. four. Both  "Teams  played   very   well.  Volleyball   tournament���On   Thursday,  -February* -44,���the- gir Is'   teams���from���the-  five elementary schools on the Peninsula  played a tournament at the Pender. Har-  bour Secondary School.  The teams play-  chooe5e a school champ. Keep practising,  kids: --   7  House Games���The House Games are  l^TTtTT-oiiliuuirrg-^with- the Hjiuse-HI play-  ei-s 'still   out   in   front   of   all   the   rest.  Come on, the rest of vou! Let's see if we  TTmtti-la'iie ruuds tliit,"C,mi'singf lawes" ai"e~  likely to be more siippery than the passing lanes, because of more accumulated  nil   spatter.  brow brush while they are in the suds.  Then transfer tb a wire tea strainer and  rinse under warm water. Pat dry with a  soft, linrless cioth or gift-wrapping tissue  paper.  The Cold Water Soak���Make a half-  arid-half sbTulio'n ~nF" cold water7 aihd any  household ammonia in a cup. Soak the  pieces in the solution for half an hour.  Lift out and tap gently around the back  and front of the mounting with an eyebrow brush. Swish in the solution once  more and drain on tissue. No rinsing  needed.  _The Quick-Dip Method���Buy a brand  name liqnid-dQAvril^^vTrJaajiai^ai-irl  fn|lp\y  P.R.D. (Provincial Recognition Day) to  be held at Penticton in April. This is  where the Queen from each club is recognized and also it is very informalive  to all members who can possibly attend.  A car-wash is planned for Mardh 4th,  to be held at the old Shop Easy parking  lot xin Sechelt from 10:30' a.m. to 3:30  p.m. Now is the time to get all that accumulated winter mud and salt removed from your vehicle.  Also s -rumfnagfr sale-is-- planned-Ijot-  March 8th at the Legion Hall in Sechelt,  from  11  a.m. to 1  p.m.  Some women with small children,  and working girls who just cannot attend  afternoon meetings, would like to get  an evening TOPS club started. Anyone  interested should phone Wendy Steele at  -865-9798. Don't forget, the TOPS car-wash  -and-rummage7 sale:    "'""'" "  ~". "  can change the House standings.  If  your   windshield   is  dirty, "the "ex^r  perls  say,   so   are  your   headlights.   Ask  -the serviee--stetion--a;t-tendantr-wbo���eleans-  its  instructions.  Once   you've  e'eahed   your   diamonds,  . don't touch them with your bare fingers.  Handle your  jewelleiy  by._lhe  edges, of  the mountings.  Even though you may w.earTvour dia-  ing   were     T.angrUilp���Gibsons, Roberta  Creek, Sechelt and Madeira Park. The  Madeira .gark girls coached by Mr. Wishlove and Mi;. Bulmer won. the tournament by winning five straight games  without a loss. The tournament games  were well played with good sportsmanship being shown by all teams. .  Pottery--Mrs. Warnock started-a new  lass" at TlYe~sclld~o"7Xir the mem7  Beautiful place  Don't mess  it up  the windshield to also clean the headlights and, while he's at it, the taillights  and any reflective surfaces.     ._.  mond ring   24  hours  a  day,  you  should  still give a thought to its care.  Don't ever wear your ring whpn ynojlra  An important point which all experts  stress is that driving efficiency is exhausted after a few -hours at the wheel.  On longer trips, ask other persons to  share the driving, and plan for all drivers  lo take a walking break every two hours.  Finally, in the rush to the seashore  or mountain's, never hesitate to yield the  right of wayT"especially'"if"Tlie btrTer  driver "appears to-^be less" cautious~"or"  efficient.. .,The, best place forHi faulty  driver is out of your way.  doing  rough   work   Even  though  a   dia-*  mond is durable it can be chipped by a  ... hard.. blow..., " ...-. __..���.,-, .^ .,.,,   Don't let your diamond come in contact with a chlorine bleach when you're  doing . household" chores. It can pit and  discolour the mounting.  Don't jumble your diamond pieces in  ,"  a 'drawer or "jewellery case"because cTTa-  monds  can   stratch - other  jewellery  can even scratch each other.  Do see your jeweller at least  once a  DOG F00DiA,,r  LIGHTBULBS  INSIDE FROSTED,  40s-60s-100s     ,  IACAR0NI DINNER  KRAFT PEIUXE,  14'Ox.,,;,, ..,,..,   CRESCENT DINNER ROLLS  IDNCHfONlMT^  ll'����1P"H'|lP(��liH'(WH hlfHUw^l-.flt^llllW^.  39  FROZEN FOOD FEATURES  ���    ��� . ,_        _       . ... ��-.,!. - ti    CARNIVAL 3 pt.  ICECREAM  YANIM-A  CHOCOLATE  STRAWBERRY  KE<fmifOT*  PILLSPURYr  <8*QK, k ,,,. '   \2 on,..  RUPERT  FISH-CARES  ^---^WI/iW^lfclCittlfcllCK'j  IW^lil)^��piM|MW��|iwah^  .��..  SHREDED WHEAT CEREAL;  5   OK ' '  Til  t, i'f   \* iU.   H  T  TV  DINNERS  mr, *  CHICKEN,  TURKRY  I 1 ��� OX,   .1*.,,..  C    HOVIS BREAD  '    :.....' ,.,   i...    ,1  COFFEE: CAKES  ��lfr#i��l��tBJ��H����J*ii��lPt^tlWlM 1  PRICES EFFECTIVE: THURSDAY, MARCH J2 TO SATURDAY, MARCH 4  Phono 085-2025  i  If n i ��� i '<i    ,\,    , ,'   ,' "').  i ,  **"l        (  I        ' '    "  ": t '  885-9823 Bnkory ��� 885-9812 Mont Dopt.  1 '-*\yo Reserve Tho Right To Limit Quantifies   ^\'����� '  (J.   t      ���.!.     'ti     ifrW .i,   *   *  ^MiWiMMr     ^rnvWrnm-W    ^K^^mWkW     ^MB^WmW     iRmf^fKmmJ     0mW_WlmWW ' fNmm\W&W    jRRHNHmmw     dmMHHj^W    ^WPPbWWT    (^WBWWWri   jmWMRmWIm    dMNHNHMT    (BBiWRpHr     ifWRMNHMWr    (l^WPWWr      (P^PpW^W     ^^^*     f^^K^mmW    ^^^^&*w    ^^wi^ww^ \ ^mmm^^^    ^^r*^*    t^^mmwHQF    ^W**^^^��     ^^mf^Nm*^ lflt_mfl^N^     ^^^M^^p     0mti*fOKW     0BmWfKmWmB/SSKmW    >^$bb____T     __m__\  ���J#Ww*��^l^t^'^i��i%i?W<^-  i    �� ji .       ���    i  *" 'H,'*'"''""-''"*'*''"^.^"������w*'*"'''",'*l'*'"'^��'*'��<����''��'*����w��^  �����.-.,���......�� I  ' n ',    ,    ,      '   ***' i      y*    / ,        " ..   i ' V  **        i,m_ ��� |"nn-��i(B.    f       i I ' .lAniwwm,  ,,*                     i                         .     i I . ,'     ' ' (                                    i            ,        ,   J, ���              i       i i,     ,     i                i                 '     I  ' .   ', ' ���''.' ',' ',   ' '    ";"'1'' 7   ,,    ��� "���*;��� ���<��� ��� ' n*"'  ���    '-'".."t. ', - >���    i ���'. --" " "ii '���-��� .        i. \\i     >��,���",    ;   "    ������ ���    ���- ,, "* ���> ,       < ������ 7 > , 'j,^     , <,''_,  Mi                                                             L    1                            * ' ti                          J                ' I                                                                                   1           i                                                                            '                                                                    '                                                   ' *                         f                         ���                              *         )         i                    '                                                                                                 fi '                                                                  .                                                                                                                                                                *                  .i\7f  -,          i' ,>' *. ,'   ���   ���                              ' ���   *'*.��' '���" .,.���', ���   ���                        ..��,��,'                 ��                                 �� ��    .                                       ,          ,             ,                   ���        i ,                          >       ,        i    .��'",:.* *  ,',,,���. .���,.���*,,  'i


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