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The Peninsula Times May 14, 1969

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 It  "'-  �� l��, .1.*.  :'..,*  ,     < .   ,      tS *"���"?, - ft vy    f     v   l-''      '   5        ?"����� 1 * **���      -j +*( *"       -*-"��� "J     -. ,*''**��� f-J-1 ����� t"i.      .    -��mi,*v-   vvnif|       .j.      �� ->��. j .   >,_, < -        fl4 t f     \      f,    { r*.  a ^^y- *'  /".    . ,      -'v! "  .V,  ������'������, .    MAY 16 REC'fl  a?  FiVe-year, plcfft ��J_, >  'OmacM to seek - estimoif @s  PLANS' for a sea-wall along Boulevard  are slowly /forging ahead and Seehfelt  Village council, hopes, to carry out/tiie  project on a five-year basis, It was W-  ' nounced ,at' -last* meeting, that one -local  tontxactor has submitted an estimate but  had '/reconimended' that' dther ��� -prices - be  obtained also.*  '<.*-' ,   >  ���  i       .**  ; Acting chairman, .due -- to < absence '-of-  nest Canadian Graphic Industries Ltd.,  160^Sest 5th Ave,,  ?Qi3ccaverr9, B.C.  ____��_>ir,^viH *v**-.* _*_- *  contacted. :'.'��� ''  y    > &.";,'    ;    /,        . , Servln_,tye Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sou^  < ^Alderman- Watsoft, reporting* on "'last   ' ��'*^-'--���--* ^--^^^ <*���- <--- �����-���- _-_.-������.- .^J-j.--'��i'J-*i/i..ijjri^iA*i_'-��:,_J^_ ____,,*_.._ _��� _  meetiijg-of- the-^j?#oma,l -Board,- explained-  plans' of the'Board for amendments in ihe  'Building''ByUaw'./This;-He; ^said,. *would,'  pmrut1 mobile- homes- as/residences in.the  area. He stated, "an acute.'housirtg shout-.  age"-is;becp.min"g:veiy much' in -.evidence--  and ,while' (ther-e have* beei>''p!rejudic^s't,e-,.  Wi(mCr_iek/SHino"Pa^ Secret Coy,e,_Pendfer Horbour, McdelroParjc/klelnddfe Ecjrl Cove, Egmont,  ���p���*����^ii^,"^l^i||p^pp*?*�����p" " ' " J  rtn     ���Mmr. ������    iw mar ��� ���������iwir.     >wpivp����p  ���  I*-  - r * Registration'Norl ��42  2nd Class Moil < -  Mayor Swain, ��� Morgan Thompson said at gardtog. mobile v homes^, a <��� mobile :home  _,woiild be advisable to obiain' other ,quoties residence is' usdally; ���a, minimum .of 450, .  father than have It said "liter that others -feet- /They ,ane in ,iact; -^ctualiy factory -'  had notibeen given a chancel'       ,     " '. built horrjes aaid:are-'on.wheels-for trans-  Alderman Norm* Watson agreed but lotion;convenience,''.he said.. ', >. -.-  added tiiat he doubted if-there' is anyone * ^Proposing that council TOnsider'ehanges  us the area ilikely to have the rock--and  fejuipmenfr available for such a project.  ��� ttrwas. agreed .a.run-dowii, of requirements be drawn .up and other-contractors  ,,*���    ' '   i. '.ii   .      .   * t  r.,,, . >     ~ - * -  in the .villagej bylaws, Aid. Wafeoh drew*  -aWention to "the faclt that'' many >people .  are unable.to,payr$20,000/to $30,000 for a  home" but many could purcharse-a..raotdle���.  Borne" wlflch'7'TOmesrft'Jiy equipped and  furnished for $7,500." "These. *3i*e, then^puj;.,  ottriaoper concrete foundartions and hook-.  ed to septic tankf? or sewer systems and-  rnake/vejcy nice,homes/'f;he said* '   >'   -  , .Clerk,.Ted Rayner agreed with Watson A  ���that- ak present, mobile homes would not;  be- pennitted in -the Vfliagea's residences','  and added that to'change;tfie bySsw; wojild"  i^olve'si-pirblichSaring." '* "n   '���;>'-?,   '  firrADMur oroAai e����e *     r '    "'Aid. ^Watson therefore-ihade a m^ibhr,"  rPl^ ,    ���-T" ..���r*>       m m-'"-���,'     tftat'the. ina^r-be;considered:atal-iulL;  V'^^���?^ilvtine?tJ?ie'ot -���    ^    wxtfmg ptebTiru^tJujie^-atF-which time,' *  chelfc Distinct Chamber ofJ^mmerce^.con-    j^j^. gwain wiU;b^ backifrom vacatittfts.-  *>  cern regarding parking difficulties akmg     ..y^�� ���� .'*.^2# Lw��;I-i.., * "- p-*-"   '   '  the' ihairi 'street during 'summer months'   GARBAGE ^OLLECTIQtf      ��� ----*-  was-^xpressed.���It- was-suggested^ by en*--   " * * i-vor^msntrng^on,' RegionAt *Bojard_p^ms j.  tertainment chairman Neil CarmpbelL iihat    forj*:jgarbage coU^pniF^sfcem; iDd. FVkfatr  . K  merchants and. ;-*-*t* "-'-- ��� -j~'s-��^ ?jcl *X.~,    sni>, *2)*x1��>H. uJihflf ,t>w*tv> imim<"jl's. .in-tantirm*?!*.. .  disadvantages  the street and  the businesses'have .parking-,. ,-, ���      ���.,--.���        .-  - _______        _  toe not used, it was pointed out.1 ;,'..': &$& ��^, to W d^ired' and ithat<.councU ^i^'gi^ itis ^surei_iii_g(everyoner-- more tasty fish netting 2 ftnmders.-  BX'HYDgp-FIUM:    " '"    '' ^^y^^ra*'^"4_,kyD_vTd:Hvi:ste .'_..'   '   /--*���  V/___. _nter_Bting film,  _.--r-- --,-- v ,"-,-T7~*. T^iT���-__.    -       wiztr uui. it jus a suit;, uung ,_vwju��_  dioidd^eftmnly looker- a;E^tter, _ur_mge- -^{nn^ - DavM^y^stfoWS'Off' Ms  irterttr ���'������ x�� ������;-"���. ..    .*"   ���.,':,.. '   ���   ��� >��� ' ���      ���-" ������'    _- -   *  ���     *''  'Canyon of De's-    : ���Aid- W��tt_oh'Wd"h6.u1ader_!_ands the  tiny" to be.__^wn',at next meeting'of the    presehlb'villaige c_��Uect_on-,i-i-*to-^b^^isg<��i*-"---jQ*qf|j^ vetdJCt"���"_��I*."*"~  Se��d_elt Chamber of Coinmerce, has been    tinued'ince--''t_-e-R^gionF_il';Bokrd''ro ;.~���i���_..���-������  . ������-���   m^cte avta-ilable to schools inMiie area and    c-omes. into effect.'-,,    ' l *t;j '���-'* '- * , *' ���  ���  ' '���.  will be shown from-M_��y 28 to May,-28    ;-  let w^inbvedjthatiAld;'W^tsonL chair a  at. the following schools: QJbspns, Elphiii-- , co-nmi_>t^"tp,in^^ arid  stone; Langdale, Roberts Cieek, Socheli \ to discute pOssiMlitifss, ot entering*into ao,  Pender Harhoiu* and' Madeira Park;        -      $igra__i_ent- "with the "Board amtractwr.'  ELPHINSTONE BAND . \  ' Official _x_t&te/were''iK��t known when  Ihe'EIphinstbne School -B?i_d left the-Atr-  bdtefbrd ^Intjerivatiortal-BaLnd .F�����<&v___._last  weekend jout at^fhat' time' 'the*'-band had  made a -high sHowihg-and-was tied."for  second - place.- -A ���- .total-5 ofi 'about- twenty  l>andscompeted. TheTimeshassuggesteijl  iijn^ mi_^-t*be _*_used^for; _ir_ulo_^.fOT  *the7music_an_�� .and ,so' f_cr-'1he;.Suns-une  Cp^st Liojvs.have the'- matter imdef* exj-ji-  sid-Sation,' jothers have also'inoticated interest.. ���' ' ���  .- ��� -."���.  y "-_  ���*    i  CHAMBER GRANT  --'-SecKdt- Chamber of'.CJoi_uner__j_xa-de  application-foi*. itsannual gr__nt fromcoiui-  cil _^'_ll_��te^__uI^ed^thatJii has "agreed  &'BeriiX^^ipn"i-i"the'.bus depot ior^use  HON. Isabel Dawson,  $4__uste'r without  ,.,  Portfolio,  announced  in'5 Victoria on  Friday, May 9 that Dr. til li. G/emmill  has been 'appoiriied to the {position-, of,  Director bf Coast GaribaldirHealth Unit.'  ' ! -DrrGemroill's ' appointment_effe��tiye  - -Jirne 1, 1969 is the result of negotiations  conducted, through the ,health_branch._of  -Department-of-Health Services and?Hos-  ^pjtal-Insurance. Aged 44. years, Dr. Gem-  "millJ 'fe--'completing- aj; Department ^f  Health) Course at the University of-Toronto jmd__will; ?receive his Diploma^ of  TRIBAL customs, _aUeged .police .brutal- . belong to him. At this titn^he was-swsiyr ^y^.^^.^mmp^\^^Totxo.  J1y,-i__c��>ns_stFencies-inevidence and-the- ing arid' staggered when he walked  He, employed as arx .aslant dirtectorjrame-e  ../.'___._.-_._.__���__.._ ._ ._..- ... _, __>____    ai^ Ucame antagonistic and refened to'-.?��eJ P^?���}*? 1967 m ���*�� ^tith Unit  ithe police as a bunch, of -.--?; He said �� Kamloops.        -        > -   - - r :     . .  he. had been speaking, to the Attorney- - ��� -Mrs."'Dawson expressed' her pleasure  Generaland he too had said the Secheit at Pr,* GimmelL's appointment -desCTibing  pclJice were a bunch of -*-? 'Fatther they,, ^ ,^ a, ^^ "-fitpinentiy 4ualified to  had nothing on him so they'* might 'as well     -.-..j ...-.v. ��� ^^tis^'J" . _ . __    a_ra*'*Ottrist bootii; -It isaioted th_*Jt. the,: impeccable character of the-accuse__,^wew..  provirtdiar government - has_ iriCTeased/thF*-- aU.-part of the* defenee-put foiwatd-onbe-  per capita' grant by .$3 iwhith is, pairtly half Of Clarence.iToe,-charged with im-  'for touir&t; promotioru '_jtr,'w��s_ suggested paired drjving last "January.' - .1." /...���_*.-  that perhaps the a>'unc_l**tyou_dj<*areFto "/Appearing-before Magistrate Charles  consider *tu_*hing someoir,a_l;of this-over, Mittelsteadt Ta_^:Wedhesday;-May.7rfoi^  it6,^fe',CJ(��W.ber toward-oqst*of-its tourist /a<w'ng-atn_unfcer of remands and'change"  Jet him go.  __ctiv_tM_f,y*-,'    '    ;      A     .<',".    V..'  S Offence lawyer; !Joe entered' a plea' of Arrested and taken to the Secheit po-  y{.feting. Mayor   Thompson; expressed    mi guilty and,was repre^nted, by J, Ppy- ' lice office, Joe said he h_id had a couple  _nirpfise'at the letter which,-he said, -fail- " <ner who-took over the case when.' -T. Ber�� - of beers after attending a funeifal earlier  edtoin__t<Jai4^pecific tisesfor suchgraifls ' g<^bowed <&��-',   "''-' *i "-."  '*">   *,"   t in the day. Constable B_,yah said that in  Times as>f M___xrh Slrigealhrpm-the^Au^t   ,Jh^ wunciL      .   _r,   ".'r-il'".    !    .-\\>  . i j^/rp officers told the count they were    his wew, Joe was itt an advanced state Of  Bureau  of- Clrctdations ^how. -the-, new   * v-Aid,watspn'mbvediihe:l_^,be tabled ��� j-^^   ^ *  ; ,.  Gross figure now at'236ff,'up lip, and tho    until- ^ch-time^coimcil'; knows exactly / ^ tneyii'ght' of January; It near Fclosing - *   Constable -George- Humphrey substan-i  ,139, ���'The-    ^natitwiM^o^tiijh^^ditional$3  __-_._.._.._ !_l._  i..*���     _. :-^fli-^_gcoupo�� pc*bpleand'e*iipr    inconsistency, ^garding, estimated dis��  feojn_Ho1__J_antte^v/^^^ %^^��%&^J^���ig& '��'$&-$��.  hold such a position.'  Volume 6, No. 24  - ,  WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 19fi9  Marijuana charge laid  against Vancouver man'  BAIL TOTALLING $1,500 was set against  , John Michael Kirkpatrick, aged 23, of  Vancouver, arrested in the Pender, Harbour area for offences involving canabis,  marijuana. First charge of possession, was  laid August 28 anfl a second more 'serious  charge, that of trafficking, was laid'last  Wednesday, May 1, when he appeared in  court before Magistrate Charles' Mittel-  steadt in Secheit  No plea was entered and Kirkpatrick  asked for &l remand in order to. obtain  representation. Case was remanded for  one week tentatively.  Teacher resignations  reacli seventeen mark  FIVE MORE teacliii'g sfaff resignations  .'brought the hiimber'pf "teacher resig-  rtations*' in the Secheit Schdol P-Striet*; this.  year to" 17 which includes 'l_h_:_e.. super-  visors. ,.       ,, , . _ ;,     <, _  Resignations accepteel by the Board at  ' last* Thursdays meeting included-that of  .Mjusic Supervisor -Mr- Frank Postlethwaite  together with Miss Diane Weaver, Gibsons  Elementary; Mr. Donald MaoMath, Pender  Harbour; Miss Joan>Guido, Madeira Park  and Mr_ Geoffrey CJowell, Elphin^one;.; -  Correction! was made to the minutes ol -  the, April 10th meeting, regariling the  resignation of Mrs. W-CUis whoJ only resigned- ai Vice-priiiapal of Secheit Elementary School, and will still he teaching  in the district,    .  '  NEW APPOINTMENTS    " _-',"-  New appointments x include: Miss  Leslie-Cave, Mrte, G^be_*t,C-��mbs, Mr, Alan  Crawford and .Mrs. Maureen Crawford,  all at Gibsdns Elementary School. Mr.  Vembn'Wiishlove as Vice-principal of Secheit ___!ementary; Miss Patricia Edwards*,  Mr. John Burnsidle, Mr. lDouglas. Honey-  bumi and Mr. Terry W[iller, all at Kir_hj-a-  _rtoi_e Secondary SchooL / ' '  Mrs/Clara Lee of M_vdeira Park School  has been 'granted leave of absence.  ADULT EDUCATION.      ,  District Superintendent Mr., R.^ R,  Hanria rcporjed'that the Adiilt ISducertioii  Program-has, come jto ap end for this season with only the Mathematics course  openating-at "(the moment.    '       ____. * i_ ��� . "   *   ' . ^_   MEW CIRCULATION- FIGURES  .'Audited  circulation; figures' for ZThe  nwtfk'iiguix) xtowat'2081, up  Public concern.  associated' Chamber meet  proposed lor Secheit area  \*  M  QUARTERLY meeting of the Associated  , Chambers of. Commerce had been  proposed for Secheit July 7, 1969 aind  apart from 'representation from lower  mainland Chamber, members from the  jSunshine Coast and Powell River are expected to converge on the -irea.  1    Matter will be discu_>sed further at . ��_._���._.  ������  ,   \ho next regular meeting of the Secheit    duled for May 28  Chamber at which time more details will    rri  be made known.'   >  : -AA   last   meeting  of   the   executive,  I    chaired by Vice President Joe Benner, it  i*|    was  reported that  a  number  of  local ,  t   business men have been contacted  rp-  f|   gardlng formation, of a Retail Merchants  U1j   Jvssociatioii, i^najority of those contacted  have indicated Interest in Buch an associations It had heen prvlously suggested  at-Chamber meetings  that retail mer-  bhantg'of the area needed greater representation,   a   comniittco   was   thcreforte  fornied to Investigate the situation with a  view to operating within the framework,  of* the Chamber.  Recommendation   by   Norm   Wataoh  jthat the Chamber take exception to the  broposed  method  of collecting  garbage  feca on  the mill rate by tho Regional  Board  was carried  vytth one dissenting  yotc, John Hayes, moved'a committee of  three'be formed to Investigate the, situation with a view to operating within the  framework of the Chamber,  Recommendation   by    Nprm   Watson  that the Chamber take exception to tho "  propposcd method of collecting garhagc  fees on the .mill , rate  by  the  Rcgionai  Board wn�� carried with one dlwicntinH  vote. John ileyes moved n committee bit  1 three be formed hooded by Mr, Watson  who  would, choso his  own  committee.  This too was carried,  During n discussion on tourism, Mr.  Watson  reported  that  former  Burnaby  Reeve, Allan Emmott, now President of  the Greater Vancouver Tourlct ABHOcffl***  tion, would :bc-prepared to-vlnlt-n chnm-  hcr   meeting   providing   he   be   giver.  rcauonabta notice.  f Canon Mlnto Swan, chairman of the  , iourlot' committee, was given the go-  : tihead to rent space at the bus terminal  'I for a lourint Information centre aiid np-  \ provnt was aluo given* his committee,'to  . operate on its own budget without  \ {specific reference to detail.  \ Mwh and Hlghwayi. chairman,: Fred  * Jorgcnhcn. elated lie haw . been adviHcd  } that paving of the SCchelt Irilftt and Red-  I rrw>f�� r^a<t�� i�� to be completed thla year.  1 Davis t Day Road lb he paved next year.  ���    Special 4hanka were expressed to At  jCampbell of Tyee Airways Ltd. for fly-  'jng , h Cliau-lwr deputation  to Nanaimo  last month. .  .  John Hcyes, past prctiideht, auggested  the  tourist committee   consider   maklnft  available to visitors, 'and potential vjai-  ^��� torn- ntxhmg ��� inf-flrtnai-on*.-��� a..Ikt. of tho  belter places' to eat. He! explained that  many visitors v/ill soon be arriving on  fyus' trips and usualy they seek information, in advance. ,  Suggestion that the Chamber establish a "Good Citizens" award gained  general' approval and will be discussed  further' at  next general meeting sche-  momenls, later, .th* .car   **"* *# Poyner.whd brought, ih the bar  nick F&e'front ehdtrf the    hianag<?r.and, owner of % Waltefield J?in^. T B^d fldnrfhistirati^ __ffairp'.ahd alsojcb^i-  sdar^dto.drive^forward   Frank Woods,^as.a' witness.  Mir. ,Wocfd&,-duct,'an "audit fox"1969-70."tru_tees"aft  T. BryaW left the police    Mid that according'to >me_tsurements he  "proyed Finance Committee Chairman Dr  oar and *ran around .to ��the. ptherr vehicle    tad since taken, the accused would banns'  striking the side of the door and shouting    ^d difficulty m driving. ���_tway. from the  tor ��he driver' tb-lstop. ���> The.'.car! finally  came to a halt some distance away after  _h��'co'n_>tiable had flashed a fed. flashlight  ana shouted further'requests to stop.  He opened the; door and recognized Joe  as the driver. He (then asked Joe to get  out but at thaftime he took his foot off  the brake and started'to move forward  r ��itice systems reirie  ���   '.'IF...'. t >     ,' *'"��.' ' \ . 1"    ���  glJftMi M 'ma__age_,ial^^n^lt_ic'}_r.^^ ,,>:��pe-tditUr^0t^  ' cai^-out a, sjfstem Irevie^!'^f Schools of $192,40S^and"revpnue for the month  y>y u U{\, y*   ,.y ��� //,fv,iu/\(  again, halting only when Bryan' shouted  at'aim toi stop. Ciimbihg from the car  witiH some difficiilty,' "��� Jpe produced his'  driver's licence but said he had no regis  tration! certificate for��, the auto did not  scene without driying over a stump" at! the  side of the parking -lot: He also said that -  in his. view. Joe was. quite, sober.  Another witness, Mrs, Emelia Craigen, .  sister of the accused, said she had be-eh'at  the Joe residence together with a group  ot friends who had come .to attend the  funerdl Her brother, according to tribal  custom, had stayed up all night with the  body of the deceased    .. , ,; -    ,  In answer to,questions by Crown' pro-'  ..ecutor E. Rose, she said she .had* had  some liquor as,did some of the, other vls-  ���Wseo pago A-A ,  Dr.  Walter Burtnlqk'e  recommehdatron'""tjiat  the firm of .Clarkson, Gordon & Co. Ltd. ���  of Vancouver",be"appointedr*      ,",  , * '.'*** F, J'.J  This firm was chosen out of four possibilities because it will conduct, a sys-  i^ms review in 'conjunction with . the  audit. Reports' will be 'submitted to the  Board before June 30th.  ;Dr, ,Burtnick stated that in view -of  public concern, such action is advisable  and the-cost to the Board will be no greater than''$1,006! , '       '  .,". '���,' "i    ; >    '    ���   ���   ��� I "'    : '       ''������'.���  purchasing1,-., '.-��� ���'.���.���,'���'���������.:���'.  ,   .Commenting, on-'the fact that monthly  Express criticism  lous snow concern  at grant w^ryi^l!i^i^i'.;,\  Lunch-time  ft is nesting time for the pwuns at  ft why, Ukc but .when it's time for n  snack they head for the Resort. This  one makes full use of long ntick to  ^eg &t1i_M_i:.vr_Uto Ureacto^ water  with big feet, Darnello Gerick doesn't  (lisapnolnt the beautiful Bwan wliidi  ���was hatched'oil the lake-ond is now  busy hatching a family of her own.  COUNCILS of both Gibsons and Scchclt ,  have, expressed dissatisfaction with' a  memorandum   from  the  Department  of  Finance; Victoria, outlining uwto'which '  a recent $3 Increase in the per capita grant  may be put,       : ���  Mayor Fred Feeney of Gibsons stated ,  laat week; "This money comes from tax-  ..tion and Is therefore ours anyway, now ,  they turn around: and try to tell us how  we may spend it." .      :. *    >  i Council of Secheit' al,.o' expressed corr-  ccrn and. wondered"hint what'could lx? '  provided for Uie grand annual total of  $1,50Q it would receive. Aid. Norm ������Watson noted that while primarily the, grant  la for provision of a /.free .'ambulance service, anything left.over, is to go toward  tourism'arid'bidiiHtrial development. lie  wondered If council should perhaps turn  the "money ]owr to, the ' Voluntary' Fin:  Department_ with the suggestion that tho  pr^'serit.i-escue wagon be renamed "ambulance." '   - ' \'        ,..,...������  Aid CluickRodway poimed out that  this would not be practical for the fire  service has no qualified m<"n uvrithible for  operation of such a service.  Clerk Ted Rayner said he him'written  to the Finance Department for further information in light of the fact tliat'at. the,.  moment there a its  too many intangi'birc  involved. '   ���    ' ' .  ' 'Tho mcmbnuwlum i,tnt<:.*j; Your frtten*-  tion to drawn to tlic Act which o'utlinca  .he three,dollars, per, capita grant nhall  bo first applied to ambulance services nnd  thenrin cneouragcmait of tourism and  indu.^rlal, development..,..,    .   ,  In thin connecUorv the jftx-vindal Gbv-  ernment cxpfcfcs you lo flrat provide from  the.'additional three dolli��r�� per caplia  grant authorized at the 1969 Session of the  I_��gia<_aUire, free ambularece service for  m\y person in your municipality going to  a hospital or home from, a, hospital who  phyaicaUy need*, and r��quirxr*i mieli ,n.  servicer. The form of arrangement for ��j>-���  plying Uw ��ml)tilnnee wilt l�� left to racli  municipality and the advfe'e of a dodpr  -;-or fUio hospital could be utilized to am*  firm the fvxd.     , .  . You are also reminded ''The Municipal  Aid Act" as amended in 1968 requires the  funount of the grant,received by Municipalities to be shown separately in * the  statements: of _*evenue and1 its expenditure  accordlng-O*; toJ the authorized objects to  be separately accounted for in the tjtate*-  mente of expenditure prepared undw'.the  Municipal Act. ' ,'','..  is $140,000, Seiyretary MxciMty&er stated  that there wiU'be &. cut'back on aU but  cssentbl purchases' until ,August when  tocrq'wfll be no teache^ payroll. This will  avoid- temporary borrowing' and bartk  charges. *'    -    - - -  -  i r r -* p  EtPJHINSTONE  - Tenders for the science addition at  Elphinstone Secondary School were to be  opened in the architect's office in' Vancouver on Monday with School Board  chairman Sheila Klt&'on and Mr. Metzler <  in attendance.  Mr, R. J, Rutter, Superintendent of  Buildings & Grounds has, been appointed  Clerk of Works for the new addition.  PLANNING  / Board approved Planning Committee  Chairman Mrs. Kitson's recommendation  that a 40' x 80' area at Madeira Park  School be blacktopped using Referendum  No. 8 funds, This will 'life done when ft  blacktop firm is in the area,  PtIBLIC RELATIpNS  'Press release issued, by the Board and  published In this week's issue of the  Times outlines main projects for Referendum , No, 10 which will be presented  in the Fall.  .  Trustees diBcuiiiicd Publicity Chairman Mrs. Agnes Labontc'h proposals that  public meetings be held to discuss the  referendum- on May 20, 22 and June 2  nnd it was decided to postpone the meeting until later dates when the board has  ',' ���coo pag to A-4  ��',-F_ *-  Popular event  Secheit Annual May Day  swings into 21st year  SECHELT May Day committees are work-  , Ing all-out in order' to coniplete last  minute d<-talla for what,is expected to' be  the greatest celebration to date, particularly In.light of the fact It is the 21st  anniversary bf the event., '  , Apart from many floats, clowns,and  I marching, band's a , BerJos /of .entertainments, pre planned to provide lots qf fun  for all ages from popular XAom csircnisclt.  to games of chance, Bingo, coneessions,  dancing, fsqdare dfln_e gi*oup, musical selections by tiie SccheJt*'RrtTsidentiiil' Band  and the Elphinstone High Sclwol Bond together with ceremonies leading to crowning of .the May Queen, all help provide a  d,iy to twr rnrnmilKTcd.        .     ...  - ',Prficw*dln}J*ri 'ctFirrnwncc ��� rather; '.rwrlier  this *r*<ar arid <J��e parade ��_ienil>leii at  fl;30 a.m. fit the Residential Scliool  croand*-, Monday) May 10, Judging of  floats is echedulcd for 0:45 am, and parade to mow off at 10:30 a.m. for lloekett  Park. Parade Marshal is George Eberle,  parade Judges are Mr. Don Douglas, Mr.  Rudy Crucll, Mrs. Ann Kurluk and Mrs,  * Audrey nenner.  May Day Chairman is Mr. Terry Rod-  way, Mrs. Jack Rodman is In charge of  the May Queen ceremony and entertainment, and Acting Village Mayor, Morgan  Thompson, will give"a welcoming address,  In event of rain, It Is' planned to Iwld  the ceremonies in the Secheit school activity room.  This year's May Queen, Cindy Steel,  succeeds May Queen lflflfl Jan Brophy  who will be represented by Karen Spencer, Flower girls are Sharon Nelson, Bonnie Jimlewlck, Shnron Hall, Lorl Rltter,  Diane Kelly, Rosalind Egan, Gail Thomas  and Kim Brywm. Gift Bearer is Kevin  AugusL and Master of Ceremonies���Mr.  George Hopkins.'  May Day menage, printed In the programs diistributcd by the Sunshine Coajft  Lions Club, *tnU*s: "On this our 21��t Annua'. May 'Day, 1M9, wc -ot the -SerheU  May I>ay committee extend a winn welcome to you all."  "How font-mate wc are to he able to  look iKielt, and be proud of our heritage.  May our future be* bright and nwiy ttiin  arjinial celebration encourage greater un-  d<*rsUinding and goodwill within our community.  "To our gracious Queen of the May and  all of tho children, may tints be a happy  and memorable one,"   ��� .- ���!.  1  'M  ����� jftmfiir��Kc*Fi^ ��  (. -��. t,(t    - fc,_B��H ,>���*��*.** **" i��J_!��<S   rf*  4 * ^*   f  >t)f\ -t��,^Bir,jfr^i*li 4*t id)  ���^j^jW�����*!���� ���*��   ^**,^ dft.j.w^n^-jy^,  I  i��i<n  ^*��*"*i ��,l^l�����n,���*1t,l��'-l1^_��^(***''1'M,  *itW����Kj*��fN ���*--*.��-*���� m  *, ,^�� #rt^Ji_J<^*t'i*1^''*wl*��**~ ����,,irt*��-t*iv��w��**��*-FV -wwiPB.tp^ ��*w *��t**S  ���ffi^a.HJn  r  i)l-f-V*'! '^<f^'^-l'*^*<^"**��t*1*<it.>*'*'<��iJ*'ll>*<<'lllt-fii  ll** 'toA* "*?    *ii(b-���i*"-  .i*tf\ &+&****��?*&*  *���,  1  -��t^��, ��^^v^^rf^|_..^*-ifft.��,jBl\��<iiVtf^����H *��* ��M *n**?t4��-l. ��!^V-Fft*V1*"��^'Mf '*    *(" '%���*���'. ������ _-,UF^_V.^._.^Fl-V-*F V*-0-i-** -l^-Fflv-^ '^V^iAA^W-XJF^rfSV-l-WV-l-* V'.ifFl'w^_Fl_,^lvV_^*V  ^_..V*^-*-_3' -*-_._._��_V^H.^,. x^r ,  ���^FFSi^F,   -  .11 ,-. rfW I jt :  i s,y_^_.<^^  "��L  .^���.u   ~-  f>agSA^1flisfe'^  *1WII'P  ,*?__-  _t_*f_if_tMM����irt��i��_____.  _____  ���*#*��!_-*���.  ^a>*iwAi>wwiawvwiww_a  REAL,ESTATE (continued)/    REAL/ESTATE (Continued)   TRAVEL  ifti _U**i_ i_H liW^j-^fr ,  i l>lllinji/JfW^llil^l4_*.*Jt(!|W  BOATS & ENGINES <cont.)   FOR ^ALE (CpnUnuetl) LEGALS (Continued)  The tlsmm^^bmi Secheit �� 'Phone 885-S454  Published, Wedhesday* by -  The Peninsula Times Ltd.c  . -. ot-Sechelt, B.C.   .  Member, Audit Bureau .  ,   ���,' pf CircuIqHbns  ,  March'31, 1969 ���  Gross Circulation 2360"  , Paid Circulation 2081  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-Line Ad-Briefs- (12 words)  One  Insertion ���. -  vyORK WANTED (CdriU,  'WEST: Secheit---r* tb, work bn  - small - sawmill, - planer operation; ' some , mechanical  ability necessary. Able,to operate chain, saw," assorted, hand  power tools, small cat,J tractor.  Must have own'reliable trans-  ^iJOTl *or sale. H'J &<kred -view"  lots in,, Sehjj^ I*ark. .Serviced  with i power and, water. Prised  at ,$2,75f�� -each, y.p.-, Box 299,  Secheit ,or to view contact X.  Nesitman/ Selma Park.  9B59#n  ;'* ' GRANTHAMS"~ Near new,  '��� fully ,< serviced: bungalow on  fenced, landscapedt Jot. Larger  living room with "brick;, fire**  place-'.and" marvellous 'views  from picture windows. Bright,.  spacious Iqtehen. * Matching  guest'; cottage and- carport.  Ideal retirement ;*home for enjoyable, lovy cost living. Full  ���WEST ^ECHBLT���All elec* : FOR'all travel, info^matlottand  trie,   two   bedroom' house,'"   ;bookings, ^argsjret.MicKen-  lWaerek, view, garage. 885-';'zie (local rep), Eaton's Where  9386'or Box m-'Secfafclt. }To Go Travel; 886-2960.,Gibsons.  (    ' *- *    ..     I    '     2510-25  f "    ��� *      ,  --  BLOCK BROS.  ' BUILDING SUPPLIES'  Biohe~ Mr! . Good.,681 -9700  '   '' collept or 736-50_.:_- '  /til&SONS/ Bi_i|ding;   Supplier  ^  Ltd.  886-2642, Gibsons; B.C.  For fast service on "all prop- ' Quality Ready-tnlxed concrete  s " erties and businesses,- <     " Serving the area for' 20 years1  '���,__'<���'-��� * 90-tfu  WE TRADE HOMES      ���4     _ "  _   '  ���-   '    "*      *, 2242-tftH    LOST  portationfor 8 hr; day; 5 day   ,   .     A,���M��� x  week. Start at $2.75-per hour. -P��ce $16,500,* tearms.  75c  .$1.50  __15c  Three Insertions    Extra lines (4 words)  , - "(This- rote does not apply tbr  .    corrimercial Ad-Briefs.)- -  Box Numbers.  __ i_ 10c extra  25o Book-keeping charge is* added  - - CfocAd.Bders nat.paid fay    ..  > , ��� -   pubticatiorTctare.       ,  Legal- or f?eader'advertising^ 35c  .._._,.. per count Hag. . _ ?i.  Display  advertising   in  classified  Ad-Briefs columns, $1.75 per inch.  Subscription Rates���  By'mail. Peninsula area _$5.00 yr.  By mail/ beyorid 30 "mites $5.50 yr.  By mail, special citizens ���$3 yr.  By carrier     _.,'���;���~ SOc^'month  COMING EVENTS     -  TWILIGHT' Theatre, -Gibsons.  .15-16-17 May. "Camelot.  Midnight ,TV_ay ��� 18, 31oodjr Pit  of ;Horror. Iv_ay.~ 21-22-23-r24,  The, Road Hustlers & Savage  Pampas. TeL .886-2827/  i y1-   " " ��� * *  2550-24  OBITUARY^        ;  TUCKER! Geoffrey Ord, in his  -68th year, at Secheit, B.C.,  May 8th; 1969, after a lengthy  illness; beloved husband of  Clare and elder "son of the  late P.B.R. Tucker of Winnipeg and" the "late"' Mrs. A. M.  Jarvis of North Vancouver.  Survived by his step-mother,"  Mrs. P. B. R. Tucker of Winnipeg and two step^-sisters,  Virginia, (Mre. F. Bruce Robinson) of Calgary -and Mary,  (Mrs. Harry Taylor) of Winnipeg; an aunt. Miss Mabel E.  Ord, of Woodbridge, Ontario.  The late" Mr. Tucker served as  an officer of The British Columbia Hussars in the Canadian Militia for many years  and was on Active Service in  Canada during the * Second'  World War, attaining .the rank  of Major. Funeral Services at  2:30 p.m. Saturday, May 10,  J1969, from St- Hilda's Angli-  " can    Church, f Secheit,    Rev.  Phone 885-9722 after. 6 p.m.  - ' ���' -' *   ' ' " 2500-tfa  ���.mil     i"  .    r     i  i    i *- i ... ��� in.in     n >i    i'm   n i    i     "  CEMENT* worker' and "helper  required to install small  wharf and mill burner foundation, by hire or*co'ntract. Ph.  885-9722 after.6 p.m. 2470-tfn  ��� ���JnwiUpiiiinMiM in    -.-bin*,.. ��� ���   ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� i ��������� ���       ���>   SAU\L PICKERS WANTED  Phone" Mrs. Naida Wilson  885-9746 or write:  Box .390, Secheit, B:C.   s  *���������������P��������M IP l�� IWf(l-ll-lftllP^i_ilI-iPljM��l-IMII���l-lll-----*1*^��_-W_t  CALUSQN  ,  EVERGREEN CO.i^  Salal Picker-_y\f/anted    ,7.  Hqckleherry- - -   37c Bunch  . * .-  _  '. plus 5c bonus  C Salal - . -   40c'.Ru__c_i _  ' .plus. 5c.bonus  Contact" plant * before "picking."  Located   at   ^bertsT   Creek,  .across street,from storW  .    Pbone 886-2633  '   20Sl-t_n  FOR RENT  HALL fox  rent, Wilson Creels  *    Commutaity Hall. Contact Mr.  Glen Phillips. 885-2183. 1095-tfn  CENTRAL SECHELT.'3 bedroom all electHc apt. W.W.  carpets,., L.R. and hall. Stove  and frig, Carport. AIL rooms  very spacious. Laundry room  across hall. 2526-tfii  WANTED TO RENT      ,  COTTAGE close .to beach.  Pender Harbour or Gibsons.-  Wanted to rent Sept. 1.���15th.  4 adults, 1 dog, 1 child���Both  well* behaved Phone, collect'  738-6965,   ., . )     v ,^,2502^25,  , -WATERFRONT ��� Fully  H^tviced'lot in Gibsons Harr  _joitr'w|th'iexecellent moorage  or Wharfage., 80 ft.- frontage  oa.safe beadh. Fanulousview  property. Full" price $8,800. ' ,  - SELMA PARK ��� > Fully  serviced view lot with gentle  slope. Cleared and ready tor  h-dlding.' Full grice $4,000.  \,WOOD BAY ��� Waterfront.  Almost"2 acres, ��� over 350 ft.  u waterfrontage.'Treed withar-  i ^utus^ and .evergreens^ fabu-  ' lous westerly , view. Choice  , building' -locations* - Cait   be.  subdivided., Priced* at only  *$15l,��306., ".        '- , v '   .  -IiIABEffiA'PARIC ���. Semi-  ' waterfront, fujly serviced lots  a few steps from safe sandy  JteariL yand boat' "launching.  Sheltered S-dmoh." fishing  wate__r.-Priced.'.'at-J $2^750 ������  $3,000.   '.. . ;   .      '   ,  Call Frank .Lewis or Morton  Mackay   at   '886-9900, ���- eves.  ��� * ���    - ��� 886-7088",  . RNLAY REALTY LTD.  Gibsons    '     >    ��� Burquitlam  2532-24  IF YOUR DESIRE TO    ;  SELL YOUR PROPERTY  We Offer . _ ,  -M_!otttinuous   advertising s in  1 four "newspapers.^  ���Effective ahd. proven  advertising in our catalogue.  ���Real.''Estate. sales staff - of  "PERKY",  white/   cockatoo,  from   Roberts .'Creek. Reward, Davidson. '88B-9-.85.' >  ; '   2524-24  CARS and TRUCKS        T  .-READY to go���10 ft. plywood  ,��� dingy in goQd* shape. All  newly painted. Ideal as cartopper. Just trolling, or for the  kids. Will take three or five  h.p: motor. $40. ^885-9366  evenings.     ' v-  p'   '"��� "i �� �� ���w���_>����w���mm.mm���>������^  '  13' FIBRE glassed boat, 18  .h-p.' Evinrude, 1965 model  'sound condition. Ph. 886-2775.  2553-26  *2 Wj C_ Trollers, 1 diesel,  1  !' . gas. A. licences. Top shape  and ready to fish. Ph. 886-  9546 or 885-9425. 2528-24  BOAT Insurance Information.  Marine Insurance .Claims.  Capt. W- Y. Higgs, Box 339,  Gibsons, B.C. Tel. 886-9546 or  885-9425. *    2533-tfn  1963    PONTIAC ^Parisiehne  Custom, two door hardtop.  . - .    A        ���,. .,    , V-8 auto., radio, bucket, seats.  sM-v.iS - ^ * oth9es on the . A-l cwxditiom*' Low. mileage.1  Vanitumlft. -....' ��� A]so ng^ Mooilaire ice ^ool^.  WANTED  TEACHER requires 2-3 bed-  *room unfurnished' home" iri|  the Secheit  area.  Occupancy  commencing   'Julv,.    Rent   or  lease with option "to purchase..  Canon Minto Swan officiating,  'Write "to: ~V-erne rWishlove., 22  cremation to  follow.   Harvey    Wedeene St.,' Kitimat, B.C.,  BLOCK BROS.  Phone Mr. Good 681-9700  collect   of   736-5933  For fast service on all properties and business and   .  -   recreational lands.  Selma Park  View lots on- Snodgrass Bd.  $395.00 down, terms to suit. -  Pender -Harbour  - 75 acres with "house, approx.  1500 ft.-overlooking lake with  house. SM.SOO/'terms to suit.  .XA_sO->wholfi,.district lot .secluded off hwy. nr. Kleindale,  about 82t acres, $125 acre.  Offers* on .terms. Wooded  wonderland >   '.  Peninsula.  ���Twelve ^hundred,, Realtor  sales people of�� theJPenin-  sula when you multiple-list.  ���Twenty-four hotir answer-,,  ing service.  -r-No charge to you if there^ is  " no sale.    -     w        %   .  SECHELT AGENCIES'UTD.  Phone'885-216L1   '  Box-155, Secheit, B.C.  Box 369, dibsons, B.C..  -    . *-      -     ./     -     2181-tfn  THE,SUlS.:SHltSES^pN;.  -  SECHELT-VILLAGE* ���  ^LUSCIOUS ^-...bedroom  home. Beam ceiling living  room with floor to - ceiling  fireplace. Wall-tq-wallj carpeting.. A-oil furnace, double  plumbing. Venetian fence ensures privacy,-' carport.- This  home is a gem at $22,900.  50!* Waterfront- Lot. $7,800/  WILSON * CREEK -��� 2-VS  acres, creek, 2 bedrooms, basement, A*-***1 heat. $16,900.   ^  SELMA PARK���Large Lot,  $2,800 Terms.  ROBERTS - CREEK .��� 2%  acres, 1 bedroom house and  cabin with. shed for your  horse." Sunshine Coast highway. $8,000.. . :  TILLICUM BAY ��� Close to  marina, 2 lots $1600-each.  Multiple -Listing- Service'  H. Gregory/885^939_>: "  Don.-Haddea 885-9504  ���  WJGLV  purchase   patches   of  ". standing timber. Phone 886-  2459. t 1681-tfn  it  u    '��� *J  ���   -1  Funeral Home Directors, Gibsons, B.C. in charge of  arrangements. 2529-24  PERSONAL,   i   ALCOHOLICS      Anonymous,  P.O. Box 294, Secheit, B.C.  Phone 885-9327, or 886-2979.  2457-tfn  HAVE you visited The Times  Bookstore yet? The selection  will  surprise  you.  Phone 885-  S854���Drop in & browse.  2159tfn  WORK WANTED  LIGHT construction, speeia-,  lizhig in, additions and  alterations. Cottages, carports  & "cabinets. Ph. 885-9306 even-  jngs. ^458-24  NEED a spring clean up?  Can't see the water for  trees? Let-, us' solve your tree  problems. We limb, top and  fall trees expertly and to your  satisfaction. Free estimates,���  all work insured. Phone 885-  2109. 2287-tfn  TILLICUM aitoney Service.  Eaves cleaned and repaired.  Painting, gardening, janitor  "fcrylce, old Jobs," etc. All work  guaranteed. RIU Secheit, Phono  885-21M or 885-2094.        1871-tfn  CUSTOM    rock    drilling    Sc  blasting. Phono 883-2227.  2431-tf__  SUN COAST Electric Electri-  cal Contractor. Ph. 880-2613  or 885-9327. 2490-25  PART   or   full   time   bookkeeping work. At. ,homo or  office. Ph, 885-9975.     2522-26  2536-26  REAL ESTATE  HELP WANTED  SECHELT nnd District Arbo-  ciatton for Retarded Children requires a teachor'a aide.  Pleas�� Rtate qualifications nnd  salary expected. Applications  must be in by May 23rd, 1969  to.Mrs. Roberta Cramer, Secretary  R.It.l., Gibsons, B.C.  2527-24  PkNDER HARBOUR  EVERGREENS  .Madeira ParJ*"  Salal Pickers Wanted  HucktelMsrry 37c bunch  plus s�� bontui  Salal 40c bunch  plus 5c bonus  Contact riant before picking.  Located Ut hems* n��4t��, Pcoter  IlMimir JI^dL  Phone 883-2265  ���> 2050-tfn  LEASE \ your own beach, or  semi-beach campsite in  beautiful Porpoise Bay, Phone  885-2080 or write Box 101,  Secheit, B.C. Porpoise Bay  Estates  Ltd. 2546-24  EXCELLENT commercial lot  ������centre Secheit���highway location, level and cleared. All  services available. Box 1104  Peninsula Times. il04-t_o  PENDERS HABOUR SAILOR!! 1200' W'front. 15 ac.  wooded. 2 large guest houses.  Sheltered, deep moorage,  $20,000 down.  EGMONT���from sundeck of  3 bdrm. modern* boat & fish  hayen. Sheltered W'front.  Store & Marina close. Sun  side, $13,500, down. Call DON  TAIT at 883-2284.  ROBERTS CREEK. On two  acres subdividable* land, 3  bdrm. home, lge. living room,  kitchen-dining, combined.' A-  oil heat. Garage. Fruit trees,  Attractive terms on $11,500.  ; Excellent acreages and  small homesltcs available nt  realistic prices, and on attractive terms.  Holiday retreatll 72* beach  lot, level and In grass, ONLY  $15,000 F.P. .,.'���'���'���/.  GOWER POINT. Immaculate  2 bdrm. home on private V4 nc.  W-W and fireplace in view  living room. 2 patios, fish  ponds, fruit trees etc. Storage  shed $23,200.  GIBSONS. Several good  buys in view lots, all (services.  Only $9000 down gives possession of 6 room home designed for gracious living. 14*  x 24' living room open to (spacious dining room. Well  appointed kitchen. Utility and  extra rooms in -H bsmt. Hot  water heat. A real gem.  Low down payment and  easy terms!! 4 room homo on  lge. level lot. Just a short  walk to shop* and P.O.  K. BUTLER REALTY  8* INSURANCE  Gibsons  Gower Point Rd.' Lovely 2  bdrm. home, double lot, level  with beach. Asking $28,000.  offers.  Also 3 semi waterfront lots  cleared with services., From  $8,500 with terms.  View lot on Bluff " near in"  Gower Pnt. Rd. Terms to  $6,600 half acre.  Madeira Park  Commercial corner approx  435 ft. on blacktop, with  water & hydro. Terms to  $21,000.  Buyers start with us fror.i  Vancouver  H. 6. .GORDON  &;kEnn__tt ltd:  Phone. 885-.2013 '  Secheit, B.C.  for camp&r or trailer. Ph. 885-  9345. > / '  2310-tfn  , ,     .      I     .,,!��      '     l nil  1961   CADILAC.T All' ,pQWH%  good condition. Apartment  104c Maple-Cres. after*6 pin.  \     ���       2^74*.tfn  1963 PONTIAC' I_aurentiaui 4  door, perfect endition. 883-  2243. "   ,-  ���     -2404-tfrt  '65   MUSTANG,   6   cylinder,  many "extras including radial ply tires. TNfew- paint &"new  running geafc>Ph..��85-9345.-   .  ;    y .     2453-24  1963 MORRIS'l/tuii. Excellent  condition; PhV886-7256.  2498-25  MOVING���MU-Jt'seOl J62-V:W. ,  Very good condition, -new  motor. Also.'56< Mercury care-  vertibla, Very good condition.  New top/Completely Auto.  885-2827.        , 2516-25  '64 CHEv*/ pYcfcrup 'step side.  '68 Security 14 trailer..Bpth  in excellent condition.- Unit or  separate. 886-9567.       2549-26  1960   CADILAC,   4*-dr.   hard  top,   good condition,   snow,  tires  &  extra wheels if interested. Phone 885-9602.  2548-26  '64 VAL."conv. 273 V-8'auto.  duals. Rev. RA 14" chrome  reverse  W_ -ovals  low  mile.  Ph. 883-2332. 2554-26  '59 VAUXHALL station wag-  on, good rubber;' excellent  motor, just right for parts,  with some- of the body in good  condition. Phone 885-9654.  2539-tfn  FOR SALE  f  "*.  24V6-22  EWART MciWYNN  REALTY    INSURANCE. .  Notary Public.       |  Member  Vancouver Real Estate Board  Multiple Listing Service  " PHONE 886-2248  Gibsons:  ing     lots:  Residential build-  Two excellent  sites, .gently sloping, view of  harbour, no builldings in  front, $2,500 -each: On quiet  street, lane gazetted, at rear, 2  lots uiicleared for $2,00; One  acre leyel, clear,, could .be for  large, home or subdivision,  now" for $6,600.  Gibsons: Well-built home,  large view living room, fireplace, open to dining and kitchen areas, hardwood floors,  A-Oii heat, 2 bedrooms; self-  cont'd suite furnished, below..  Fantastic view and develop- Neat garden, garage. A real'  ment   potential.    In   village   buy at $21,500, terms.  Mr. Good ,681-9700 or 736-5933  Many other Sunshine Coast  ���...;.. - ��� properti-s1--''-  BLOCK BROS.  2351-tfn  SUNSHlNE COAST  SECHELT INLET 1017., 25  acres,   1500   feet   waterf;ront.  Gil)'-ons, B.C.  Phone 886-2000  MEMBER  MULTIPLE LISTING  SERVICE  K. Butler  Ron McSavaney  .EdBuikt ���  Don Tail  886-2000  886-0650  883-2284  2514-23  boundaries. Catm be developed  into the subdivision of the  area. $20,000 down, bal. 1%  carries. CALL: Peter Smith���  885-9563.  SUNSHINE COAST 1056.  Comfortable living 8c revenue.  Ideal for retired couple, Well  planned triplex. Good construction. Neatly landscaped,  view. Shopping 1 block. D.P.  $7,000, reasonable terms on  balance. CALL; C. R. Gather-  colo 886-7015.  REDROOFFS   1021.  2 bedroom home. Built-in Tappcn  gas   oven   &   tabletop  stove.  Large  lot.  Has  small   guest  cabin. Covered patio. $15,000.  Coll Peggy Ayer 885-2375.  135 ft. WATERFRONT 1091.  Owners home plus 3 rentals.  Cement seawall full lengthrof  property. Ideal retirement or  investment. $23,000 full price.  Coll J. W. Anderton���885-3053,  $10,000 FULL PRICE 747.  Retirement cottage, handy location. Largo treed garden lot  In Secheit. -Vi cash. Call J. W.  , Anderson---885-2053, ���       '.... #.,.,  Secheit Acrmg�� 062. Itaro. op*  portunlty, few such acreages  left, and still low priced. 27  view ncrea in the village of  Secheit. Beautiful subdivision  property. Only $27,500 f,p.  Call 885-2161.  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  Phone 885-2161  .....: . Box,, i55v, &_cb��li,.. B��C. ���'���" -. -  Box 369,.Gibsons. B.C,  2518-23  Gower Point area: View  house on % acre on southerly  Blope, overlooks Georgia  Straits, open plan living area,  2 bedrooms, cl. heat: $14,700,  terms.  Excellent country home on  . half-acre, 20��/4 ar 15V4 living  room, three bedrooms, 4 pee,  bath, full concrete basement.  Somo minor finishing needed.  Full price $17,100, terms; on  excellelnt buy for 1555 sq. ft.  modern living.  E. McMynn  Do Wortman  Vince Prewer  886-2500  886-2393  886-9359  Box 230, Gibsons, B.C,  2531-24  PETS  POODLES,      clipping      nnd  grooming,    years    of    experience. Phone 888-2601.  2420-tfn  WANTED, board or loving  home for 2 year old female  German Shepherd. Fully  trained, wonderful with children. Owner moving. Pure  bred, Box 2552, The Times, or  Phone 277-0674, 6 to 0 p.m.  2552-24  WANTED good home for klt-  ten, Ph, 885-2030.      2534-26  HORSES  HORSE for sale. Ph. 886-0314.  - ���   ��� ;   ' 2347-24  SADDLE horse for fsal**-  Ph.  885-037*4. 2530-24  SECHELT, VOLKSWAGEN **  /'69 VW's  From $1898 F.P.  COPPING MOTORS LTD.  885-2812 885-9646  See Herbie, The Lovebug  100% Financing  2282-tfn  DEALERSHIP  ANNOUNCEMENT  Honda '69 from $299.00  All new Honda Mini-Trail  Bikes.  90 Trailsters, 450 Honda Road  ., .Bikes, ���,; -  Avaible now at:  COPPING MgrpRS LTD.  Secheit,; B.C.       Ph: 885^2812  Vancouver prices��� np freight  Financing available  :.',".'"!���,   '   2535-tfn  ������' boats, -'^��4.^mh^-7^  ^,���111 ,_����^-_����I^I|--_.II-f4|.-_--WIIIIIiIIIIII|P*_��I*|PIiII  III. 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Tiie' Pathless  Way���Journey To Power-  Ghost - Towns of B.C.���The  Story of Medicine. Many hundreds of quality books to choose  from ,at The Times "Bookstore,  Secheit. 885-9654. 2158-Jfn  USED Speed Queen washer,  .good shape $125.00. Used  two door refrigerator freezer,  top condition $195.00. Used  Easy wringer washer $39.00.  Used chesterfield $39X10. 24"  Westinghouse elec.- range  $39.95; 40" Thor double oven  elec. range $125.00. Used T.V.  $49.95, Parker's - Hardware  Ltd., Secheit. Ph. 885-2171.  - 2438-21  FRANKLIN   fireplace,, .complete. Ph. 883-2671.   2521-26  .SMITH Corona, standard  , typewriter. with extra-large  type, in new condition, special  at half-price. Phone 885-9654.  , .   .    2540-tfit:-.  BRAND '-   NEW      Panasonic  A.M.���F.M. transistor radio,  regularly over $90, now only  $50. Phone 885-9654.     2545-24  JUDY LaMARSH���Memoirs  of  a Bird In A Guilded Cage.  Now  available  at  The  Times  CRIB for sale'in'good condition. Near new mattress. 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Flay (885-  9429) ��� or ��� Ron Spencer (885-  9433). *  To be considered, each tender "should, be , submitted" on  the forms supplied by the  Secheit Rod'& Guii Club, and  must -be accompanied by the  security specified in the tender documents.  One year will be allowed  for the removal of timber.  The highest or any tender  not necessarily accepted  R. A. Spencer  President.   .  2537-pub, May 14, 21, 1969  LEGAL NOTICES  t ,���  Form No. 18.  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land ,  In Land*, Recording EJistrict  of Vancouver, B.C. arid situate  North Lake; B.C.  Take notice/that Donald  Walter Mueller of Coquitlam,  occupation, salesman, intends  to apply for a lease of the following described lands:---  Commencing ������# a post  planted 300 ft., North East  from -the North East corner of  lot "C" of lot 6964 thence 100  ft. North; thence -300 ft East;  thence 100 ft. S��U-b; thenca  300 ft. Wesi, and containing  % acres, m��re or4ess, for the  purpose of summer cabjin.  ' ��� ��� D/W. feller.1  1128 Spruce- Ave.,  - Coquitlam, B.C.  Dated April 13,; 1969.  2432-pub, April 23/ 20, May  '      7, 14, 1969  Bookstore. 885-9654,  Secheit.  .   2157-tfn  1968 Raleigh, ten speed touring bicycle. Like new, $80.  Phone 885-9332. 2449-24  BINOCULARS: 16 x 50, new.  2 pairs of matching dTapes.  3   widths   each.   Phone   886-  9566, 2542-24  1959   GERMAN   Ford,   as  is,  $60, Also 12* punt, $40, Ph.  885-2836. 2543-24  BRAND NEW "Framus" semi-  acoustic electric guitar,  carrying case and cord, regularly over $170, only $100, Ph.  885-9654. 2544-24  ART BOcks-Made Simple  Series���Maps Be Map Making  ���Chlldrens Books���Hunting-  Horse*?���Something for everyone available at The Times  Bookstore, Secheit. Ph. 885-9654.  2161-tfn  MARINE ACCESSORIES  Paint���Fibreglass���Rope���*  Canvas���Boat Hardware.  Compressed air servico for  sldndivcrs air tanks.  Skindlvers arallabto tor  salvage work.  WALT NYGREN SALES  LTD.  phone 886-9303, Gibsons, B.C.  1308-tfn  j   in.,   ni i   ������������    '��� ������ ..������-.���-���--���I i.  MURRAY'S GARDEN  & PET SHOP  Gibsons. Phone 886-2919  SPRING SALE  Hartx Mountain Baby Budgies  $3.05 each. Rare colora.  3 ami 4 year old Fruit Trees,  Bedding;    Plants,    Fertilizers,  Gladioli and Dahlia Bulbs.  (Com�� to us with your  Garden Problems)  2416-tfn  Rhododendrons���$2.00  ���-'-���Hydrangeas���-50c ������'���������  Asilbe���50c  Red Spirea���50c  All other Nursery stock  reduced.  Tomatoes ready to Plant  GILKER'S NURSERY  GIBSONS  Phone fif.rt*2*ut,.  2541-24  Form No. 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT    *  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver, B.C. and situate  North Lake, .B.C.    _�����-. ,y      ���, ��  Take  notice  that Irene A.[  Bernardin of, Coquitlam, B.C.  occupation Housewife, intends  to apply for a lease of the following described lands:���  Commencing at . a post  planted ' 200 feet East from  North-East corner of lot C of  Lot 6964; tjience 100 feet  North; thence 300 feet East;  thence, 100 feet South; thence  300 feet west,- and containing  7/10 acres; more or less, for  the purpose of summer cabin.  ' Irene Annette Bernardin  Dated April 13th, 1969.  1119 Hammond Ave.,  Coquitlam, N.W.  B.C.  Phone 939-1352.  2446-pub. April 30, May 7, 14,"  21, 1969  Form No. 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver^ and situate  vicinity of Secret Cove.'  Take notice that Richard B.  Lucas of 2860 Marine Drive, -  West Vancouver, B.C., occupation salesman intends to  apply for, a lease of the following described lands;-*-  Commencing ' at, a post  planted approximately 1100  feet East from the North East  corner of D.L. 4661; thence  100 feet East; thence 300 feet  South; thence 100 feet We��t;  thence 300, feet North and con*-  taining three-quarter acres,  more or less, for the purpose  of a summer residence.   .  ' Richard B. Lucas  Dated. April 13. 1969.  ������\    2422-pub, Aprii23. 30. May'  -���'j*'./.-.,'    i ���    ���'''  7. 14. 1969  Form No. 18  (Section 82) ,  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  In Land Recording District  ot Vancouver, B.C. and situate  North Lake, B.C.  Take notice that Omen M.  Polrler of Haney, B.C.. occupation cook, intends to apply  for a lease of the following  described lands:���  Commencing at n post  planted 400' N.E. from tho  N.E. corner ot lot C of lot  6964, thenco 100' N.E.; thenco  300' S.E.; thenco 100' S.W.;  thence 300* W. and containing  ���V. acres, more or Jess, for the  purpose of summer cottage  O. M, Polrler  Dated April ll, I960.  2427-pub. April 23, 30, May  7, 14, 1960  Form No, 18  '   (Section 82)  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver and situate  Secheit Inlet.  Take notice that Tuwanek  Development Ltd., of Vancouver, B.C, occupation Land  Developers intends icy apply  for a lease of the following  described lands:���  Commencing at a post  planted at southeast corner of  D.L. 3259 thence north 1200!;  thence east 800'; thence south  1200'; thence west 100* intersecting Jackson Bros. Rd.  thence west to southeast corner of .D.L. 3259 and containing 22 acres, more or less, for  the purpose of Land, subdivision.  Tuwanek Development Ltd.  per: N. A. Paterson  Dated March 24th, 1069,  2418-pub. April 23, 30, May  1, W  Iways hold  matches rill cold  55]"  Form No. 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver and (situato  Secheit Inlet.  Take notice that J. Eri!  Allan ond Norman A. Pater'  son of Voneouvery B,C, occupation Land Developer*  Intends to apply for a lease of  the following described  lands:���  Commencing at a post  planted South East Corner  D.L, 7255 thenco North 72529",  thence East 2250' to Secheit  Inlet; thence South East 1000*  Paralleling Swhelt Inlet  Road; thence West 1625* and  containing 32 acres, more or  Iwn, for the purpose ot Land  Subdivision.  ft, A. paterson  . Dat*��d..M*rc*i:..2'lth,..l,i69.i.,.  .  2417-pub. April 23, 30, Ma*  7, H.  I. ... .,._., )��,(*_,_y,���*j<��>t,���^4*.,j,���.,s,l,*,^,>-t-*_,,,,.,,. ...j���Srt*,-?,  "'-**'  '  *.",**,".'  'I"  ._*._*������,  ^ffjf. t, F.;m�� i,*|t*��.^#nt1F>��^w.l��F,I��1i��,WM^MW,  .��,.mjW^_%K#Wirt^WftFd>  ���^��WF* _..*      -   \j I   _.      .'*    , ��� >���'.'_- * . , J >. j      j ._ *     *     V    , *"      1'-<_  t.     _���      ,>.    _._   +.     .  t  fogiigumrmeeffag _  ������-������  Unempiofrhenp Insurance  Wednesday, May 14, 1969  The Peninsula Times  Page A-3  ON' TTHURSDAY, May 22,'1969, 8:00 p.m.  at, Camp, Byng, the Vancouver - Coast  Regional Campsite near; Roberts Creek, a  new era wild be.bonn for Spouting on the  ��� Sunshine Coast,    , >  - At this special meeting to be-held in.  the main lobby at Scouting's beautiful  200-acre campsite, the Mt, Elphinstone and  Secheit District Councils, Boy Scouts of  Canada, will unite to become one and will  be known as the "Sunshine Coast District." y      ���'..',  , The nominating Committee are pleased  to report a slate of officers is prepared  and ready for1, approval at this inaugural  meeting. Additional nominations from the  floor. wiElj be in order and greatly appreciated. . '-  This "new look" and consolidation of  the administrative levels of Sccuitfrig in  this area will assist everyone to meet the  challenges that Scouting has'to offer in  this day and age. ' |  The new' Council is designed to pool  resources and enable the volunteers to  strengthen the present Scout groups in the  area and expand by forming new ones.  Immediate' objectives include the reorganization of a-group in Port Mellon,  Roberts Creek and Pender Harbour areas.  More and more boys are wanting to  join and enjoy.the fun of cubbing for boys  8-11 years, ScAuts 11-14, the newest section���Venturing���14-17, and it is hoped1  the first Rover Crew on the Sunshine  Coast wiM be formed in the near future.  Rovers are for,young men 16-23 years of  age. �� -  To meet this increased enthusiasm, new  leaders will,have to be-recruited and  trained. *       ,    '  Men and women wishing to assist with  leadership for Cubs, and men for Scouts,  Venturers and Rovers can offer their -service to any of the following group chairmen���Richard Gaines, 886-7417 for 1st  Gibsons group, Mrs. Phyllis Pearson, 885-  9580 for 1st Wilson Creek, Rev. Hi B.  Jenks, 885-9793 for 1st SecheK, District ,  Commissioner David Wilson, Secheit, B.C.,  at 885-2203 or by mail"direct to Scout  House, Vancouver - Coast Region, 064 West  Broadway, Vancouver 9, B.C. -  Everyone is welcome to attend this  inaugural meeting on Thursday, May 22,  at 8:00 p.m. at Camp Byng. Come out and  I meet your new Executive and see the  - Scout Camp. ���,  Wont to moke your home  larger, more comfortable, more  modern, more beautiful?  Whatever home improvement  project you have in mind,  you'll find helpful ideas and  information at your one stop  supplies shop  Supplies Ltd.  Phone 885-9669,  SECHELT, B.C.  LAST Thursday, May 8, Mrs. R, dimming, entertained members of St, Aldan's ACW, Roberts Creek, at a tea honoring Miss Ena C. Harrold Who is leaving  for a two-month holiday in England  Brilliant sunshine flooded the beautiful Cumming garden bringing out the  colore of the garden chairs in bright relief  vying with the bright dresses of the  ladies.  The tea table was centered with *a large  bowl of deep pink Japronica and Mrs-  John W, H. Sear presided at the urns.  With a few appropriate words, the Rev.  Dennis Morgan, Vicar of St, Aidan's, presented . Miss H__r_x��ld with a fitted-out  Flight Bag, a gift from the ACW members,  Mrs. R. Cumming presented, a purse-  size combined manicure- and note case  while Mrs, W. Oakley presented a beautiful . miniature etching of St. Aidan's  Church, the,, work of Mrs, Oakley's  brother.  Mrs. A. M Harper presented a corsage  of pink rose-buds and blue coi__flowers.  Among the guests were: The Rev. Dennis Morgan, Miss E. C. Harrdld, <Mes-  dames L. C. Bengbugh, R, Bernard, C, D,  Clough, R, Cumming, F. Dawnes, N.  Ewart,. A. M. Haiper,D. MaiWhall, J.  Matthews, L. A. Matthews, G', Mould, W.  Oakley, B. Roberts, and J. W.'H. Sear.  Miss Harrold will be greatly missed at  the Creek,,but all wished her God Speed,  a Smooth Flight, and Happy Landings.  Q, I have paid unemployment insurance contributions regularly from August  1941 to June 19, 1967. However, from the  middle of July 1967 until recently I ,was  working for the Quebec Lands and Forests Department, which does not participate-in the Unemployment Insurance Plan.  I have been unemployed since the middle of February 1969, and I wonder, if I  am entitled to some compensation, in view  of the contributions I paid previously?  A. Since you were employed for some  time in employment that was not* insurable, you may apply for an extension- of  the qualifying periods.  However, you must supply the UIC  With a document certifying, that your  employment was not. insurable.  The contributions paid for-a period  equal to the duration of your employment  by the Lands and Forests Department but  not exceeding the 208 weeks prior to the  ���filing of your application-for benefit could  then betaken mto"axx*ount,'  If you succeed in establishing a benefit  period and are not otherwise liable to  disqualification, you could then be paid  benefit.  Questions should be referred to Information Services, Unemployment Insurance  Any Questions please?  Commission, Vanier Building, 222 Nepean  Street, Ottawa, Ontario ��� Tel. 996-2975,  Fire drills in the home  YOUR CHILD had a fire drill in school.  recently. How long has it been since  you had a fire drill in your home? Children are more apt to escape fire injury in  a school fire than in a fire at home. School  fire drills are the reason. Children know  what to do as soon as the alarm sounds.  Their response becomes virtually automatic after a few drills. They know exactly where to go, how to go, and how to  get out of the school building.  Would your children know what to do  if a fire broke out in your home? Why  not work out a home fire drill with the  whole family and then emphasize the  urgency of getting out as quickly as pos^  sible. Explain why smoke is so dangerou_*.  Practice fire drills will reduce panic  should the unexpected happen and will increase the chances of your family escaping.  'elding - Machine SMp  X  \  x  !  s  w/wmwFfmffmjwmwfmimjm  \  0-riroe wcays j  i  S    (Formerly Duncon Repairs)  ���y_fl?_-w/wr/��y^  Telephone 883-2535.  I  J  W4  _M_*_3  A flurry of hurry precipitates people  to obey whimpulses.  When turning corners, watch out for  pedestrians.  Qualified teacher need for retarded children  FOLLOWING last week's meeting of the  School Board, Secheit and District Retarded Children's Association is' now* advertising for someone qualified to teach  trainable retarded children."  - Distrieli Superintendent R. R. Hanna  outlined steps taken to date amd -trustees  were informed that the cost to the Board  for training 2-3 children would be a  maximum of $783.68. The teacher is supplied by the Retarded Children's Association. As this extra financing was not considered when the budget was made up  the matter was transferred to the finance  committee for recommendation.  ��� Elementary Supervisor W. J. Barton  commented that establishment of such a  special class would be a great step for  ward even if only two students benefit  Mr. Hanna explained that the idea is to  keep the children within the school system where they can play with others and  possibly benefit from music, art and PE  in the general system. The only space  available at present is the nurse's room  at Gibsons Elementary which woifld take  two students.  A primary special class will also be  housed in Gibsons Elementary next Sep-'  tember and Mrs. Alley will be transferred"  from Secheit as the teacher.  Summer school classes will be conducted in the district again this year on  the assumption that they will be seHi  supporting.  AT OLE'S COVE  WILL BE RE-OPENING AS  A YEAR ROUND  RELAXATION RESORT  IN JULY 1969  5 cJLodt  fi  Secheit���885-9654  Vf��.^'_iVf.ftM  -..���.���J-....j_i.-j-..-..-jK,',.,_��^^_.  ss  ________  :___r^'?ip;^  mmm%��mUmmmAMt^>B  SSS-I  a*.  SECHELT AGENCIES PATE PAID .  ����� This free reminder of coming events is o service of SECHELT AGENCIES  LTD. Phone Peninsulo Times direct for free listings, specifying "Dote  Pod". Please note thot space, is/limited and some odvonce dotes may  hove to wait their turn; also that this is �� f reminder" listing only and  cannot always carry full details.      . _j__L_' '  Moy  1-4���2 p.m. Legion Hall, Madeira Park. Pender Horbour Hosp.  Aux, meeting.  May 14���From 10 a.m. Legion Hall, Gibsons. Inquiry Into Pollution  Control. *   -  May  15���1:30 p.m. Legion Hall, Secheit. General Meeting Branch  69S.CA.  Moy  17���8 p.m. Welcome Beach Hall. Special meeting to amend  Constitution. |  May 17���Pender Harbour May Day. ��� ���   -  Moy 19���Secheit May Day.  Moy 20���8 p.m, Selma Park Holl. Community Assn. Regular meeting."  May 22���8 p.m. Main��, Lodge Camp Byng, Roberts Creek. Inaugural  meeting of new Sunshine Coast District, Boy Scouts.  ASK FOR FREE CATALOGUE OF PROPERTY  m  r-  ws  i__!#  fewl?  Secheit 885-2161  24 HOURS  Multiple Listing Service  Vancouver Real Estate  Board  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  Gibsons 886-7015  W&4  _*_*S  I   *>'  i  *-  ?������  ��'  T'^m1.-*^^  ��    ��    ��  CALL AT OUR SECHELT OFFICE  AND VIEW ANY LOCATION ON OUR  50 FOOT DETAILED WALL MAP,  W0IME SiHWICi  16-701.  ASK FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE  FOR A COMPLETE SELECTION.  s  1  'i  ROBERTS CREEK WATERFRONT���   No. 1103  Lovely new custom,built home on unique worcrfront lot, Approx.  16,000 iq. ft. of floor area with no expense spared in the design., Custom kitchen, 2 sets of plumbing, hcatilator fireploco and  full basement. Full price $45,000,00. Terms.  Call: J. W. Anderson���885-2053  GIBSONS RURAL���   No. 1102  Fully modern 3 bedroom home of 1360 sq. ft. situated on 9,2  acres, cleared and fenced, mostly gross land overlooking Georgia  Strait, Large well built garage, There Is also on .excellent concrete block building of 1076 sq. ft. with headroom of 18 ft,, 220  ��� 3 phase power, and water. Suitable for manufacturing, boat  building or hobbles, etc, Full price $46,000,00, Terms.  Call: C, R.Gothercole���886-7015    ,  'SECHELT^-    No. 1101  Smollcr 3 bedroom homo. Located In tho heart of Scchclt, Full  basement. Full price $ 13,500.00 with only $3,500.00 down.  .'. Call: Bob Kent���885-9461  SECHELT-r-     No. 1099 -  2 bedroom homo situated on large village lot, Good Investment.  Needs painting, ond somo work would convert extra room (J6x  24) into a fomlly room or??? Handy location to shops, bus depot  and government wharf. Full price $ 12,250,00 with only  $4,000.00 down. y  Call: J. W. Anderson���885-2053  GIBSONS WATERFRONT���   No. 1091  135 feet of waterfront, Cement retaining wall, 3  houses. Safe  beach. Ideal for retirement with Income. Full prico $23,000,00.  Terms,  Call: J. W. Anderson���885-2053,  DAVIS BAY���   No. 1090  Level lot located close to bcoch, shorn and transportation, Full  price $3,950,00 with $1,000,00 down.  Call; J. W. Anderson���885-2053  ROBERTS CREEKS-    No.1089  5 acres. Full price $6,000.00. Down payment $3,500,00. '  Call: C. R. Gathercole���886-7015  GIBSONS RURAI���   No. 1088  Approx,  30 acres with view of Georgia Straits ond Vancouver  Island, Building* Include 3 bedroom dwelling, 2 roomed coftogo  and a largo chicken house. Gravity water supply horn stream on  property. Full price $37,000,00,  Call: C, R. Gathercole���886-7015  TUWANEK���     No. 1112  1/3 of acre with new attractive   I   room cottage. Near public  beach and boot launching. Full price $5,500.00.  Call: Peter Smltb���885-9463  DAVIS BAY���    No. 1108  Largo  lot.   Close ' to ' beach" and   stores.   Unjurpowcd   view of  Straits ol Georgia. Fully serviced. Full price $6,500,00,  Call: Peggy Aycr���885-2375  WEST SECHELT���     No. 1109  Large lot ol over I acre with view of Trail Island*, Situated mi  paved nx>d ami fully serviced. Full price $5,950.00, Down  poyment $1,950.00.  ���   Call: J, W, Anderson���885-2053  GIBSONS���      No. 559  Commercial���one storey frome; building on solid concrete foundation. Concrete floors���-1980 sq,' ft. Suitoble for various commercial ���; uses,  178 feet highway frontage and  100 ft: on jidc  road. F.P, $12,300.00, Vendor may consider some terms,  Call: C.R. G-rthercole���886-7015  SUMMER HOME SITES���     No. 681  Close to fbmpus Sorgerit Bay. Good fislhng area. Each lot over  half acre. Gentle slope,  Easily cleared. Priced from  $1,950,00  .     i     i to $2,350,00 coch.  Call: J. W. Anderson���885:2053  WILSON CREEK���     No. 977  Has stono Bar BQ on large cleared grounds. 2 bedroom home  with remodelled kitchen. Spacious living room. Utility wired lor  wash and dryer. One block from, main highway. Good ploying  arcd for children. $3,500,00 down payment, Just $60,00 monitor 6% intctcst will put you in rcsldencc.For further details  Call: Bob Kent���885-9461  GIBSONS���     No. 930  Three choice view lots, side by side, suitable for opartment or  private dwelling. Eoch lot priced ot $2,500.00,  Call: C R. Gathercole-886-7015  ASK FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE  FOR A COMPLETE SELECTION.  I  HALFMOON BAY��� No. .971 ..���-.  Over, 100 ft. on beach with safe moorage. Secluded slto has a  thrca bedroom family homo and fireplace in living room. Waterfront, nicely landscaped with own private driveway off Sunshlno  Coast Highway close to stores. Post Office, The SundeCk oilers  a view of Thormanby, Island ond Welcomo Pass, the homo of  | good fishing. Full price $45,000.00, To view \  ...Call: Bob.Kent���885-2161  or 885-9461  GIBSONS���,   No. 1006  Custom built two years old, some minor finishing requlwf.  Open plan, high beamed ceiling, Fatly Insulated, alum, window..  Attractive, well constructed two bedroom bungalow. Fully electric, Largo lot, unobstructed view, southerly, Owner moving,  anxious to tell, .  Call: C, R. Gothcrcole���886-7015 I  GIBSONS - REVENUE���    No. 1070  Well located triplex close to shopping. View lot. Tenant porkm*/.  Full  prlco of  $28,000.00,  down payment of   $7,000.00  with  reasonable terms on balance.  Call: C.i R, Gathercole���886-7015  ROBERTS CREEK���    No. 910  We have this 100 by 360 ft, lot for solo on a paved road with an  asking price of $2,700.00. i  Call; Bob Kent���885-9461  MISSION POINT���    No. 1053  IiKWw-a prwrrty-*-*fi.r>t ono *We, .live In other, Eoch ��M�� **<.'*.'���  front rente*! at $50,00 month plus utilities.. Fully furnished. rvrti  to Ifcddlng. Lovely view ocro_s Gulf to Vancouver Island. 60 II.  beach front, $8,950.00 full price. Terms,  Call: Peter Smith���885-9463  MISSION POINT���    No. 1050  One bedroom dwelling  located on  lease  lot,   I   lot back from  waterfront, open view to water, access I minute away. Sheltered  I from weather. Dry level lot beoutifully treed. 700 yds. to highway. 60 ft, facing to water. Full price $7,000,00,  Call: Peter Smith���885-9463  MISSION POINT���    No. 1052  Delightful open living area, homo view of Georgia Stroit to Vancouver Island, 2 bedrooms, one small, one larger, 220 volt range.  Oilspace heater with house, 60 ft, waterfront lease lot. House  leased ot $85.00 per month, expiring Juno, 1970, Full price  $10,500,00, Terms,  Call: Peter Smith���885-9-463 , '  MISSION POINT���    No. 1049  Beautifully treed area/with tidal boat lagoon opening into Chap-  mon Creek, ond into the Gulf of Georgia. Set up for campsite,  washrooms for men and women, 2 showers, 2 toilers and wash  basins, on each side, 220 volt water beotcr. Good garden soil.  Full price $6,500,00. Terms,  Call: Peter Smith���885-9463  GIBSONS���     No. 932  Well  located  homesite  (50'xl70').  Vllloge  woter.  Near beach  ond shopping. Full prlco $2,500.00.  Call: C. R. Gothcrcole���886-7015  ULTRA MODERN HOME-WATERFRONT���No,1656  Foul bedroom on  200  ft. watcrfrontoge  West Secheit.   Many  features. Must bo seen to be appreciated. Asking $55,000,00,  Down poyment $15,000.00,  Call: J. W. Anderson���885-2053  GIBSONS WATERFRONT REVENUE-*-     No, 731  132 ft, right on the beach, Owners two bedroom homo plus two  other bouses, A|l furnished, Revenue $165,00, plus owners quarters. Real Investment. Full prlco $22,000,00. Some terms.  Call; J. W. Anderson���885-2053  HALFMOON BAY���      No. 852  Good lot with large well built storage shed. Lot approx, 3Q'xl28'  located on poved rood. Water, avalloblc.  close to Post Of lice,  Store and Beach, Full price $2,500.00.  Call: Peggy Ayer���885-2375  HALFMOON BAY���      No. 856  Two for one���Well built one bedroom home, large living room  with brick  fireplace. Kllchcn fully fur'nhhed plus two bedroom  house, combination llvlngroom ond kitchen, rented year round.  Reasonably priced at $12,900.00.  Call; Peggy Aycr���885-2375  HALFMOON BAY���      No. 854  Larga building lot, approx. 75x700, located on poved rood ond  close to oil fodfillcs, Full price 2,500.00.  Coll: Peggy Aycr���885-2375  NEAR SECHELT���     No. ion  Business opportunity on Secheit Penlnvulo, Su'whioo, Coast, Country gervrol store fee-turlng meots, qrocrrrlcs and vcoetobles. two-  man operation, gross r,ole. over $100,000 00 onnuot, Store hours  9-6 on 5V_ day week,-On hlohwoy ckw* ���� dmu> population  area*.. Off street parking. Fo*.t Office drowlna attraction, fully  equipped $10,000,00, plu** "No.Dcad stork", Inventory of  ,     approximately $9,000 00.     ,  Call: Bob Kent���885-9461  GIBSONS���      No. 1045  Excellent two bedroom dwelling on fenced, landscaped view lot.  Full basement with self contained, furnished suite. Good garogo.  Full price $22,500,00.  Call: C. R. Gathercole���886-7015  SILVER SANDS���   No. 1042  Exceptional subdivision possibilities. Four room summer homo has  10 fruit trees, I acre cleared, About 450 ft, road frontage. Wood  stove and electricity. About 1000 yds, from beach, Boat launching at Silver Sands Resorts, Full price $9,950,00 cosh,  Call: Bob Kent���885-9461  OUR GIBSONS BRANCH OFFICE IS  ANSWERED 24 HOURS A DAY, CALL  ANYTIME FOR ADDITIONAL  INFORMATION.  GIBSONS���     No. 991    ,,  This 50x131 ft. lot Is already fenced, has several fruit trees  and a garden areo. There Is a fine view of How�� Sound Islands  and mainland mountains.  Call: C. R. Gothcrcole���886-7015  NEW WESTMINSTER���     No. 999  Two bedroom borne  with unfinished basement suite In duplex  ioncd, area, Largo,lot bos fruit trees. Full prlco $20,000.00.  Call: Peggy Ayer*���385*^2375  PORPOISE BAY ACREiAG_5--~    No. 962  Approximately 27 acres overlooking1 Porpoise Bay. Located wilhln  boundaries ol tho Village of Sechelr, Cleared homo site area,  with a few fruit trees. Full price $27,500.00.  Call: Peter Smith���885-9463  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE PLUS I  TWELVE ROOMS���   No. 947  Approximately 31 acres total, of which 10 ocrcs approx. ore'  cleared ond grai^d and fruit trees, Suitoble for a variety of  uses. Two year-round* streams clasrs ta Roberts Creek and park.  Idea! for subdivision. Full price of $38,000,00 Include* most  furnishing and equipment. Down payment $ 15,000,00.  Call: Jack Anderson���885-2053  ��� 011- ���I l<i_ �� 1  *   *   *      LARGEST SELECTION OH Tf-fE SUMS\  MM_ptM_MM*M_*IMHf*4-M>*3  SALESMEN  Peter Smith  Chrl* Gathercole  C. R. Gathercola  Jack Andenson  Hob' Kent  Peggy Ayer  Res: 835-9463 SELMA PARK  Res: 686-7015 GIBSONS  Re*: 886-7015 GIBSONS  Rest 885-2053 DAVIS BAY  Res; 885-9461 SECHELT  Rc��: 885-2375 WEST SECHELT  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  fiAvltlpU U��ffi��*3 Strvlt*  Vancouver Real Ettofp  AGiMOES LTD.  ggggggg5�����  i^&k��^teteb_te-^��__->3  ^aa^^^B^g^ggg;s^afc^^_a^^^��s^g^aMM8i^g^^^^Bg^aaBgB8^ag^^^ai.  Sechelr 885-2161  Box 155  Cowrie Street*  24 HOURS  Gibsons 8S6-7015  , Box 369  Marine Drive  g��sa^^  ,r  yFyf^ttf^f*.   -j"'(FF^4-*F_;{fr.^��^#W��*^��F*,f^M**^_'  ^F.^t��^%.*pFF^_fc^-N^,_S**_***<  ��V*��_*FF..*-*,-F^_***f-.**i ^,��^^����_^^_F,^_*^*.^^^*1���*^V^_��*-i.**W#,,_��..*.^*^  ��^W_.^F_ff__.^,,^^^*,. ~^F^F, M..,,,  ���[ #^F* ^.��^��^_*"_^..���F..^*,  i******FFlM4��,^.^w(ttw*^#^rt.^.^p.  ��_^ft.* ^t ,_��l"'frw**��^, ^._*,.^fc<%��F^*ffr^*,^  #,^ f^Hmv*^^n^^^v^^^^t^%^^^^k^^.*^mii^^^*^fmv^^^.^^^^^f^^^^^^^��^^^^^^w^^^mfl^ #.^f,, Vi  - , ��.*f  *>   '     H;*-' J-�� _St I*   .11...  I^,L. __-^^lV^,l^t-^A^KvJ^_.  I_UA._uF_f.Mtd.b-.V  ..... ._,- r-^j,,^., ���vf,***!.***'"������-ft-"*'' *. .'.y^ni   .'/-�����_.���.* -,<~^t-, -i. -S.4-. _rr-.vt-^?-.^-- -->-��'--' ^^���-F'^^^-^-t'-'.*'if-,-,(������,���_.'���'^,*,,,^  , ,  L._.v.-.v.> ,',��'--*f?: '���V/ vr,_- *'���,���������''- *������_,.'; -V <" *������,- t  _Vf ^"l'1. .-. V-fsrwi' yy ��� i"'.'^Vi"''* r ^ ' *V y '* '*'" '"  -   - ^      FT -^ r      '-       ' ^Wl - *" T *  "uFy<^,__J^V-^<*p_y,��<?-v.V^fF����-F-ikv-��-��J-sA_4i^S__,_,  .���"MS  ."'*./_'  " .'   \'*.'<;'*<*'r',.'/^,ip,*i- ".'  . i   ,J  . *rw    *  ^efokj^MvpM mm-"���"':   MORE ABOUT  *<r*,  ���y    *���"��� *  >                                                                                    -  ���.��  *    .  "��� ii    ^  ���     V  *���  \  ���*  ��\  ���  \         \    .  ���       i"  V .  r      *  \ '  i           I  v  ���   \ '- :���:���  1  \  1                         1  I    **                       '  '    vv  Y.   .��� -  v.   -" *���-���.  w  V      v.*  ���\  v;-\  V.  _���  I                          Vt-,>     **  IV-            ���     i'  ���  1- *  ^Y,-,-  "'  _  ' \\' ' ���  \\; *   \  * \\    ������-     JI  *    *��   ���*  . \.  v*\   i  \  \  o Hire's consultants  Thbma&WihQn  **- *  V:  -     ft       * _-_- __  -Mr.'and libs.^'Tb.mPath  Oiirlcrdir ^df.^Lourifels^  r._,.  .  _*_.oh.iJt:  '. _ v   \   ,,"~'ri),n P��S81  actually finalized, "content of the referen-*  di&n.     *s   / ''  D_v Burtnick expressed the opinion  that a number of meetings had already  been held. $nd ithe public should*be.made  aware of the board's thinking, the idea  being not to present a referendum as,  such but,' he said', ."thtpw ,fobd out for  thought and comrneht".  '' Mr. Uahna commented that staff and  pripcfpals had already put a lot, ot  thought j��to it. Trustee* Barry Jenks also  fejt'that the pijblic point of view expres*-  sed. when referendum No. 9 was presented Xad been taken into consideration.  Trustee Bill Malcolm. agreed, advising  finalise * plans first .hep present the  referendum to the people. Bev. Jenks expressed .concern over the press release  which does not include plans for Pender  Harbour School.  MORE ABOUT .. ,  �� Police, court.     .  ���from page 1  iters, Joe however was'too "busy taking  care of the gioeste and she Had therefore  not seen him drinking at that time. He  had, however, accompanied them to the  Wakefield later in -the day and did -have  a couple of beers then.  * - This evidence was contradicted by Joe.  and Chief. Biljie Mitchell of Pqwell River'  who said dvuing evidence that ftritiking is  not- permitted ��� during such an occasion  prior ito the funeral and that had anyone;  done so they would have 'been turned:  out*   .,  ���' Poyoer in questioning iConstable-Hum-  phrey asked���was there not bad feeling  between the police and tha Indians at that,  time regarding police brutaiity? He was  fold,, the incident involved occurred 'about  six weeks before the brutality accusations  &;:-xmq \ceremqnY p^^d^s_?ii_?o_,^_i  IN; THE beautttM'.ilndr^histmC'^lff^^    cading .bpu^uet .of .ice_ pink and white  ,'* Qur Lady of l^urdes, Secheit, on Sat- .^carnations. ^  urday, May-a/Delotes'SM-rc^'^lf^^ ? n Attending'ithe- bride were'Karen Edgar,  came the fcride of M_.'Tom-_?_vufe; The-i)abhhe P_iul\'and Valerie Moo^y, thedr  bride is the daughter of '.Mrs..-JMildred gowns were similarly styled, floor length  Edgar of Bella Cool^^suidvflie ;g^>jn i_} yrith Empire-waistlines; Karen chose coral,  the, son of Mr. and Mrs..' Peter j?_St_l" of Valerie' chose 'ipink and Daphne chose  Secheit, B.C. , ,    -. , f- , .^-  > ,     y blue.   Two littSe flower girls were Mi-  Father 'Ppwer^ officiated vat '$e$Stob\��    Ph?Ue Baiy and'\ Cheryl BiUy who wore  ring ceremony wbie-i.took.place/a^.���i^pW .watching dresses^of pmk satin and chif-  aiven in miiriage" by Mr. CftfefefKlly,-    *��- 'awi *��"_*-�� Wsegays of daisies.  The  the Vradiamfc young* biijde^-woire '^.rfloot  , fandesmaJds^c^ried bouquets of yellow  l^jgth gown of 'wjhite- 'satin: anclj^&a&m    *r9s1s'   "-' v      % '   -  with* Etnpire waistline "and. lace bodice. - .Best man'was 'Mr. Robert Williams  Her"?ace trinimed, tierM'veil-waS't-e'ld by - assisted by Mr. Robert Baptiste and Mr.  a single whifce[rose' and',"she\,_a_^ied'��cas>,   ^vin, August. Usher'.was Mr. James Joe.  .    , ',,,,, !_-_���l___i-_���-"'.- ,"���_. Reception followed in .the Community  jHall whefe, Mr. i>_tnkiBoudreau proposed  rfche toast to the bride.  JMr.- Tommy Paul who graduated from  Elphinstone has just completed ar cdu__~e  in Bookkeeping and he, and his young  bride will live in Secheit  . .Out bf town." guests inoTudedi Mrs. Mildred; Edgar and Josie*Edg_rr from Bella  Coola,.Mr. and Mrs. Cedric Billy from  ���Nonth Vancouver, Mr. and Mrs, Fj*ank  Bouda-eau from Prince Rupert and Mr.  AlviriuAugust from California.  ��� i w p .. i.  ANGLICAN CHURCH  SAINT Hll_DA'S^SEeHELT7v_  8:00 a.m. Every Sunday ' "_- ,  9.30.a.m. Church' SpKool '-1 -r '���  .'   11:00 am: 2nd; 4th,-5th Sundoys '  .    7:30 p.m.-1st and_3rdSundays  Services held regularly in  (jARDIEN BAY7^ROOFFS"andJE6MONl  For informatron "phone'"885-9793, \ '���  Every Wed. 10 am H. Communion St.' Hilda's  ity was later alleged to have been taking  place. '- ' *        '  Regarding a. statement made later in  which he told a police officer, "I wasn't  all that drunk anyway," Joe told Ahe prosecutor: "I .do nojt understand the English,  language too well and .these legal expressions-confuse me."      - _,  Police claimed at the time of the incident it had been a little wet but the, windows of the car driven by Joe were clear.  This was denied by some witnesses who  s_ud (the rear window was frosted up, .Another said it was covered by rain- and  others said Joe had asked his passengers,  was the coast clear and they replied ."yes."  Magistrate Mittelsteadt told Joe, I have  aio doubt as to your guilt and it is obvious  there have been substantial discrepancies  iri defence rtestimony. Mrs. Craigen acfcraits  to having three drinks in your house, oth-i  ers say there was no drink. One said tha  rear car window was covered in rain, oth-'  ers say it was frosted up. I .therefore fine  you $200 and suspend your driving licence,  for three months.  Caught our teen-ager'with herv hair  up in curlers and know what? She's got  eyebrows! ���<-     *���'       -> \ *  S-_  liil-iiy  H.-a.  I     .      Krt  This precision instrument is yours to keep wheti  yoy arrange jtohjavo a fc.C. Hydro lie^tfrig specialist'  make a heating survey of your home. He will give  you an estimate of the cost involved to heat your home  the modern wey. With clean, economical electric  heatlngp Tfhere is no charge for the survey or for tho  estimate. And whether or not ypu decide to have  electric heating, the1 thermometer is yours to keep.  This easy-to-lnstall thermometer tells you both indoor  and outdoor temperatures at a glance. Just call  B,(J Hydro fa arrange an appointment and it's yours  free of charge. Tjiis offer good for a limited time only.  B.C.HYDR0  C  M  \%    "1' "'f'T ^'iff'im-**1  '* (J'W^I^-?t1"-*" '\ ��*,*"V*"   s  [#������_.,,  ,....  ��iwiS(il|^^^|^^^fl��fr'  ON SATURDAY, May 3, in the Kingdom  ll Hall of Jehovah's * Witnesses, . Davis  _3jay,, B.C., >a pretty spring!wedding took  p>ce at 3 p.m.- when Wendy Ii. Wilson  became the bride of Mr. Ronald Thomas.  The bride  is  the .daughter  of Mrs.  Nonth Surrey.   ,  ;Mr, and Mrs. Limpensel and family,'  Mr. i and Mrs. Fred Cima and Sylvia, Mr.  and Mrs. Stan Shreeve, Mrs, Vivian Red-  ctfkop/ Mesdames Lois Smith, Eiva Martin, Janice Teewen and'Stephanie Kohal-  Frances Wilson of West Secheit and the    ���*<*-. Mr, and Mrs. Joe O'Conm.11, all from  groom is the son of Mr. and-Mrs. William    Vancouver, B.C,  SECHELT  I  "On.the Water Front"  |  ��PESI, 7 :' ��ays a Week  | SUMDAY 9 a.m.. to 9 p.m.  I  i  ���Jftomas of North Surrey,' B.C  }" Officiating' at 'the jceremony was-Mr.  Grenville Drake of North Surrey and Mrs.  Drake was the organist *  ^ For the ceremony^ the bride chose a  white knee }ength,' shift with lace coat  "and carried a bbiiquet, of red roses and  white carnations.   Bridesmaid was Miss  Valerie Wilson, sister of the bride who  twore a yellow shift with'lace coat and  Carried white carnations.  Mr. Dick-Buzza of North Surrey - was  best man and master of ceremonies at the  reception whjch followed in the Roberts  Creek Community Hall: 'Two hundred  and twenty guests gathered to offer con-  gratu_atioi_s to the young cpuple who will  take up residence in Gibsons. .  ���   The honeymoon was-spent in-Albeita.  Out of town guests -pclude^^hje'bride's  grandwiother Mrs/ JVJaty Kaiser'and aunt  Mrs. Feter- Dernier -from* Manitoba; --the  groom's paren-te Mr. and Mrs' Bill Thomas  and brothers <5ejxy,. Bill and I>avid from  North Surrey; the groom'3. grandmother  Mrs. Ennis, fifc-^nd -Mrs, -Hopkins and  family, Mr. and-Mrs, Kelly, Jtfrs. Fik and  daughter,' Mrs. Batty McKenzie,: all from  Bev Caldiwell and Ken- Ardeal from  Squamish,' Florence Bateman and Delia  Segec from MoBride, B.C., and the Lloyd!  family from Powell River. Former residents of Roberts Creek, the Hanson family  arrived fropi, Honduras in time for the  wedding.,    ���  Be'diverting if you would divert:, *  Nothing  memory . .  minded.  - -  is  as short as  the public's  . it is little more ban week-  SUNSHINE COAST  GQSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)^  * Siinday School 10:00 a.m.  Chureh Servipe 11:15 p,m.  Eyenin0 Service 7?30 p,oi.  PASTOR REV., S. CASSBLIS  Davis Bay Road and Arbutus  iZ (-.ocjcs up from Hf.grj?K-f)  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  MERMAID & TRAIL, SECHELT, B.C.  Sunday School-���1O:00-a._a. *  Church Service ���- 11:15 a.m.  MR. ROY ADAMS; PASTOR'  PHONE 885-9665  Ail Welcome  Service  :  Highway 101 ' ���  PHONE 886-9662  John Hind-Smith  REFRIGERATION  I   PORT MELLON   "  TO PENDER HARBOUR  Phono 886-2231 .  from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m/  Res.. 886-9949      .  GIBSON GIRL BEAUTY SALON  Gibsons-Village  Expert? ot cut?,, coiffs onr4 colour  Custom Perms ���-  Phone J 886-2120  (CLOSED MONDAY)^.  ^^""^"l^ ������"���      ' ������iw     |iim��i   p^ p -P-ipppni   _,  AUBIN'S UPHOLSTERY  Furniture Rjecovery a Specialty  Fine line of fabrics.  Samples brought to home.  HAL AND MAY AUBIN  Tel. 885-9575 - Davis Bay  f��������WW!������-��� M     ���������.^��������_p^_       >l��nH_H^^M-l..-lll. I���������  EXPERT CARPENTER ���  Cabinets - Finishing - Framing etc.  Reasonable Rates  Phone 883-2201   . , j*   L & H. 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A &A-.S A��* J> ��������>���* '* > ���* <�����'�� �� /u'#  .*���<-���!(  l.<)W*Wv,M(M!y-^'r*~**-,'-   f^��*M����<.^'^l_'#--^i^r^4t*��^^,rtr^^ .*,,*?��,(���*������"if I  F -  ^,.    V2V'     ".H*-/*!4-"      fi J*1     J.<v-,fr<_._    ���>��!>  ���   ��   '*!   /> ("   Hi ��' ��'   .*S   ' >t-i�� .    ft  ",    ./_     ��,..    |{    '*.   Alt  S"*. V- _fj15m*)v*#*��^"*^WBf_yyF*Fjf-_-*^yrF^v*����*_��vv-iiv..jiwita,v4_)SF~toi._iifei.-^,.'v''*i"��^W*V*>*t��V^VjifPY f^fy^  ,    ,     ><���'   > *     '        "      (| ) *    ' ' I        >" '  ._-,����� ,^_ tj*_._: _    j^C. _l-__��.��      __r__ *  ^Jypw-ji^FSfiFy^rfisF*)^, i*Sv_ ^y, SiF  '"^  .*.__  /-���S <���*>!��� J*      .       ���_,   f)   1 �����?��,_, .,-,_.�����*  **���>  "'f  ;*'   /  i"ho Peninsula Times, ,      Pflge A--5J  Wednesilay, May 14, 1969  TWIN CREEK Lumber atid $uilding Sup--   sctaie tremendous'ideW Which- will please"   GO|*v COUTSe OtHCSalfy  tilVn    T_rf_rl.        I^Liinrc/^rvc       wanAnHtr    mn_nr_ _jT___y3 1i_i_r<r   mi*_>*Wm__i.i.   <_ _-. _~Jk_��_~__*v-'kr-i._4    _��.   -J��� f_���_.__**.#**_   _du,*_T  _. _Pf__ *_.___._. T _________ ___      _F  ng_i   .J'  IJ y .u    *^ ^ r.   J v 1 �� ^ has been connected* with the area sine*-. ' 3 2S 3 SrilZ!^,  Rodents of the Sunshhie Co_Jt and    ^ te ^ great grandfather owned the KlMfnthS iSi   ���SSi 5  visitor posing through tave a cordial in-    property where the Presbyterian Camp -^nd, any, other interested members of  vitatiph.t�� drop in and see theyvast selec-    ���W^ain&> &t Roberts Creek. ���'Sur-Kateh" ' tfce pubUc> Mfc-��*dkHy invited.  Hon of items which have beer* arriving , is both, Terry's nickname and the name of * At the present time, it is planned tow  daily *o meet customer ^demand1 in tbisr $& _0____ng tackle which his former whoje- invite a number of B.C. golf professionals  growing community.,   1 ^    "���    .   -* _y sate company *_old throughout B.C. and both .male and female, who will put on an  BudandT_r_yarebo%yoimgmenbuiF? across'<5anada.   Sporting goods will of exhibition game during  the  afternoon.'  each has a vast ahd specialized knowledge    course be his main specialty and what There  will  also  be representatives   of  vichich will ensure not only excellent serv-    better advice could any iisherman haye other B.C. golfing associations present.  ic<?\ but sound advipe for* customers seek-    than from a man whose name is synony- "Fountain drinks, hot-dogs^ coffee and  ihgTpurchaseinformatpn.                             mous with, trophy-sisred salmon. sandwiches will-be available; president  Twelve1 y*%s  experience   in  retail        Mr. Raines helped organize and pro- qf th$ CIub  Keith' Wright Will give a  hardware,  sbop.ing[goods and  building    mote the>B,C, Salmon Derby^which will w&]e0Jmng speech iin^ ribbon cviiitii a%  supplieS. -.gives-   Bud -Ncaris   extensive    be running again .this year with a $25,000 ^ fir^ tee will be carried out by the  ���.     knowletXge  of the "business.   Employed;    cash prize.      *                                 ' club's1 onlv Honorary life member  Wil-'  ��� '���    formerly "with T. Eaton Company, ,he wias       Jt was Terry who first ihtroduced Butt ��?9A<2*L_:" ^   K        memi?er, wu-  Divisional Buyei* wheh *te left to join    to the Sunshine Coast when they were     l   _7y.f^^      '..   '    pattnership swith Mr.* Raines,.'Bud, -his    fehihg partners and their future plans <.~hal??W? ol-w txmt&itym corn-  wife  Pat  and  foiu_tee_i-month-olo_  son'   a^ p__4iners in Twin .Creek Lumber kn& *"��?**, ^ isernei ��or<ion.  Keith have taken up residence in .he flat    Building Supply Lftd^ ?ire ito offer the best     ', > .'w   ,~ r~-r, r~>  < ��  above (the store. Mrs. Norris will be busy    service possible and expand'to meet coin** >��� x, "��� Slogans strfve to make action ,.. mot-  too with the bopkkeepihg and she also has   J;rnunityF requirements.     *                 *    v toinatic."   ry    >"> \  '           ',               :  ui  i >  ~ i  "���***���**������*  .**��* - *  .        ._, ��L      ����_ **  14M_3_8__M____B  j;,*H  <     *     *    *'"      '  ft'  i*fi,\i-  mi  ��� >*i**,n?#'  ��_^* ,*y /jif^  ^P:iri^di#^^^yt ^y;y;: ^l!  '         * ''      '    'Sur& Thit.^ [ '. % , '    ' (   '(  Now a partner in Twin"Creek'l_ium-   "Raines kiiWs' jiiVt l.w'.to'gola'bbut ,day.^Terrytand his pai-tner.Bud Nor-  bpr and Building Supply where lie   catching the A*big ��nes.".   TJuSf.,35- vfe will, be. celebrating the official  will be in charge of the. sporiti^'g   ppundervyas caugh[t,near Bort-Mellon opening of thedr new business ven-  goods  section,   Terry   "Sur4Cateh" , * %n Febr^jry, j.Ofl Friday, and S4urr tureF  -1346'" GiAIlK - DRIVE - ������ VAUIJIIIIVER, - B.C*  \  WSSHES:��!*.  rr        r  ���V'f  I    )  -"'t/"    Lr )    "^ M   *,*^    -^ ��**���''  :^iGC ly^im <i_ iy^��^�� syiPPiLi^  f   (MM  20SIS ^ALf. ST.''-*VAI*ICOUVEir," B.d  c?o hmhmi  Good < people/ fo khow !  *ta��*** *ff rw'r'^'^rs^itv ^^^'w^^^e^iT'sy^-pf ^nv**"t _i  tteVl^S f * rS��wfrv tSSfN^^ ��w.,t-**t*��--**^i* *J^4S__t��i_V-��W^��*. .<*WWWM <���*  3475 6HOLI0 A��EMME - VANCOUVER, B.C.  �� ��j1^b**i����,*w*V^;  ���^���a**-"* -M��So^-��WrB_.j_i_( .-���*t��w*<if��*��^a)(*IR(^^ ^,rt*v��IMl,*��#*h'*^"l^i��*fcr***^^  ni^i.,**4tit*v^D,<m<_tTA)/i,A i*^* _A-.srt **�����* jtB-.j*** Ff^*^^*("*.*A.*^^>F��.,��>i_��f'.-'  ^*^i^^f*''%j"*'^"**F'*'**^,!'',v ���**  *�� F^t-^^  ffiN-1 P"-TFF*?*'^_"'*f*|(^|  *�� HftarfWft' "'^'^ ltt**J'*FI  - .     -f\ y y-,y>y;vP^y,fyyv, yV'*^;/. >: ^.y1 s^yy ^ ,^;"r^.i!i      ~ ''����� ���/,"' *  '    ^"^t^" ���   "-'-'\ y .*.r*Ak_.��'v.' *_,,.->  y     L���L'i   v-J, y >*,.*..�� V-^'���.-./v,-^ \ '-^A- ^'*. *���*  r    '^fil^ ;y-4.y\yy > ������':/, ?y-'--ryv.yy,vy- ^  - -  - ^,*;-y^ *.;., ... y    /'.'.;,'--,,.. '!-'*..* ,  ,,_, |���^^M^^M   /  1        I f��   ,- *__��wT__^*r\'^ )   "> _   [ '_   u     .    *  ^    -        f     .      _   'L * ,J, r ** i _     u. r   _���  _. .._���..._"*'     .j   . H * "J .     -IT       V r      , ���*     . ��� r\ rf       f J. *.*/._ t     *-..<. 1 r. ,    >     __^.3_-Sf$5_^_s3^^ n  l   ��v*r^ %r  -___J____i ___W <^L��$��.  I  '     !  ��� \  ,  *-      '4~'   '*   ,      if, '.     v.*  *   ,f     ; ,**    *.' '���*,*_ ",  yt, i,.>? ,*,���.>_: y,  -y'/_.;,.'a .iV v.; y  .. i, ���**'!." < y  **���   ' >    J'y,  ;     I  > ��   J    F-* , ,  f T  , Hh  il..^,      '*  ?**.  i fir  <.'���*?  ^ I i  ' I  F,       -  f      ^ < - 1  'BUO' MORRIS  .  *.�� \ . r."   ���   > V '*,'**   f  t. . �� ,f ,  ' \>, ,  \\  TERRY RAINES  - ��� i/. -*-  'I-.'/.'-" ^  '0  ������"   'J, -  ^ ' r  . . . _. rf"     - ? v.  .* c  y i/  Regular 49c to 5.89.  SPECIAL   to  5.6 Cubic Feet.  BALE   SPECIAL LAWH MOW SPECIAL  20" Rotary Mower adaptable for grass catcher.  Regular Price $99r50 SALE _���, r.  _____  ��_  A will�� selefltfioii off i-fltHliig e��n_S|Mi_eB_ft is now  available, to suit the most -urdenl; Isaac!; Walton  LONG HANPLEO ROUND tlOUTH SHOVELS $1.S��  BULL";RAH;E:i ',;  ���'-;'��� :";;:;  ������' " ' "   \ ������**-'������:��� ftj#'  PISTOL TYPE MOSE, NOiZLE ���  "      7^  Those Suppliers will be on hat  DOMTAI? CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS LTO.  ..������' '  *\ -  E. L. SAUDER LUMBER CO. LTD.  GRANT INDUSTRIES OI VISION OF  ,  ;���'. 'EO0Y irlAtCM COw' LTO.  ���    *  ������   ���'WESTERN OVPSUM LTO.  y  cssiswer any ot your inquiries:  HICKMAN WE HARDWARE CO LTD.  CANFOR LTO. OOUON & CO. LTD.  ,, , '    A. p. ^ SOUTriAftb' CO.' LTD.   : .  W. __5. ^EIAV a CO. LTD.    <  '  ��� ... ��� ... ���".:;^ACd'vLTD..  n  ,y,. ^  'km  VJJuLn  vi_y  L-n  SUNSHINE COAST HIGHWAY  ft LOOM 11  'Aft  r.  ff   jil" ^ a <��*   *   .i   t*.-f*t, f.i*,���#*, if-rfWi f*.rf>*.rf*^i��i��i,,^,��r(.*wt,*'  f "'  ��^'^fhF^.i��^^Vi^lflBB^-%���-^^ ' i. r     ' i "  y^*��*_jF._-l__&i^  ���      ���   �����'   r.'7r   -  > l*   ,    '������   *     >�� '  >      y  '/''��    ,��-  $38_i$��_l^^  .    ' J v '* l '/''">,     '<,/"!/' * S       ? . . \ , I.,, 1 ,     ? I.    . , F r      '    )" ' 'l        ' I  I '   - ' ���     , * .-< * ,    f  .    *   . ;     * -   ' i <- ' ',     tl ��._,     '        , i , ' ,      ' ' f       k  ' * l' *.'    I '      ' '    . ,<-" '     '<   ' S      * "'       u     <. '  A   '"  f,  ��� -"'/'Ty"   ���/, "y^y,y-* ��� ^'..* 'wy* -^���.^./^���..^���/fe^^ V��-><--��� 'y*;yY --^ ~y -- ��,-**;��*-*-._.��� ^��� --'���--, j.-���-;f'yVi  '^;^,s^"'��'^^ ;   *" �����.,,-;'����� v^yy >yyy.,,rr^.ljyy.y *.. .-..w." ^yv^^^^y, - W*'V' -itii'*i* .^��ta_W��,f��t}>''��'��u y��k ��hi: ���#,��,��. ���  v^SSa^^ Y1: y:}-Y yy/Y, ������ fe^^llt^v 'S* ~^.  i--v a y.Fv*^..��.,���,,* j ^ ';,'. "���.���fffl-f-}",    ..i��f��**i ��� .->*���>* .*0 *. yv. ,.#-j.' --�� ..' ~-��� .., ���" w'."--?.-*,F��"-C;    /    necessary tor aooa run     -    ;i*h*>- f4na_iiai. .  '' >____��� $__���� sh^" _,__���� '���' :��� '��� Pam.t,;,J^aii^lacJtui-���|_fs ��� ^siau-Y ^*$4*�� w>* ***��'  /Hlie ^OWer ^flOW piCfnS _ ->��� , ...     -y,   .^..,v;/,>L"ii:,',.;:y*/i   ":Y?UYY+v         ' iwle^the*tojrv-boaf. Outdrive,  jacket of specialde_  ���'__a*f__^____E^>_*_*. 1 offers tfriliiciMer��^               W^��_jm*#' _��_��E_I!__S  nifcbi^riqrapod'MW<  WjpN, 1Vatfcr,   ' people ia^/i  /the boat ahd./  thls.wfefepUhlshabl^^eEthe;^ skiing. Ski belts mi npt>ec��min��n_te_t;;,   \. ,' 7 ; ' *  r*rt/l_av-   *K]/>.__>v_r hdtittrAat.   ama l.Aw'u n��f/U. a��U ��_���__..__*���.*.*_.._.���._:  _i. _^��_._   __-   !_._._.__     .._* -_._ y_^ ___.1.L   j'    '       _*>��_:_i    __.    ___"____  '   iiitii^B>i>SrSwffi^^^^ * ABETcil!r 'P^nnihg .to' Vei>airit? ^hei*.'��}- - -' end walls' of a "narrovtr room in/a.'^mer Code, Skiing be^n, ^W hqu^affa guty t b.irt they may^hiltt % keep an- qbxp&0*'> 1 Put, a, pqke jpty th## v^bal, spokes. ;  '; are w^ilt,;ttndeb��#Tfor^:the' June Flower.     "��^m^'' these 'color ievninpvs\irotrt,   or 'deeper eolor ttenfthe pQtige .walls; will b^^jm^-^^ r-  ���������> ,.:.-;*!;^->.5gg*  ���   |how 4o Khehi Saturday, June 28, from ��� ^Canadian Paint Mahufaeturers Asp.' ,^^ Jjjg- ^ ^y; ^d ^ M --��_____  1    rLif^��^    '"   '   _."''.   '�� .t.       'r-L    ,       ' .''4'*r"   '     r  ,-^        night It n_ay change in, oliffia^tli^F  Butcha^GkirdensinVictorw/withiicom-    dark tones cause, it;to appear smj!Mer.y ann avoid electing only iteutraL ton^.  -mewtary by Mrs. Janet'Alter". These slides ..Painting a high ceiling darker thaii the . cheer up those rooms wkhottl windows  ���were very much enjoyed by everyone. *-,   ' wijtot will visually J'lfwef; ,i%A Coyering ��� tyb decorating .them in1 reds> or y-^lows.'  ~r~' '     ~~~~"^ '        '    "' ' "       ^~    VABNISKHINTS*.  .>  ; \'-. -*-  ;r  <,  .          <   '    \ < - ��� *���     ��/,  , .' Alway>s use a minimum of ^hr-�� coats  ' of varnish on bare v>ood. Each'coat wX\&t  be "allowed to dry thoroughly, befotfe applying an additional one,, Vm&sh sbouh^  be "flowed ort'J working from,an unfin**  Ished to a finished wea. Do not brush  back and forth. This makes, ,i^u_ni^h  stringy and 'may cause .-mtal^b^bble&iw  form.      % ' f'-.-'j^ ^'. ���' U\ k ,^'.%  MIXING STOBBI? PAINT ^ . .   f   1  .  -' If'* you * plan to use oil palni ,whi#  you've -hao. for -a while, follow; M% pm  cedure to assure the proper mis{rtui*e'f<!��  ^ even coverage-and best durability, fksf.  open -the can and pour the'^rfacfei oil irm  &. clean container*  Then -thoroughly-s^  s up 'the*pigment from the,bottom of ^h^  '. orjginai can, arid begin gj^uaily .pouti**"*'  , baelp the e|U while sttotog. After blew:  ' all' of ihe oil, lb ack into the can, po��* %  pain* back .and, forth from ean to can  i unittl it is, -thorough'ty mijjed.   *     ,     \-  PATCH BEFORE PAINTING       *��i> V'4  " >;.Carefully fill 'all cracks.-in _��a_ngan_l  ^ walls, before repaintirig, Besureito-j-mootti  'palejie!*. .level.with the surface.   Small   H  hairline, erackscan be filled,with spack-*  ' ling materialJl It sets vCTy rapidly, spf.  ., smooth (the soirface-before the^fiu^gjWia^;  L-terial is. ���quite dry. Apply the filler wirfcb/,- a  a- putty knife, an old kitchen knife/ isf-i  Mm your, finger or thumb,  SPECIAfr'WAU. EFFECTS  WITH PAINT s .    -f .Y, *'  ,      Add a -dramatic finish to your walls, >J  ,*; while covering sm^ll defects,���wel4 maife, \<  or pin holes.* f&xtm^d paints giye'<umen~ j H  f sion and. a rugged, han-^rne, finish which )  blends, beautifully with, many deeqrs, Ban^- \  dstpn' j^tons are, created by ^<rush, cor j  1 spray and^<little'imagination,   \  Squat  ours  ��cincouver# MX.  ���by Maurice Hemstre_*_ ,f  WEIX, here I sit,' broken -hearted, don't ��  1   , know where or how ip get started, ',"**  grquare dancing has come to,a complete;!  -siop'to end' a season that-Is still on topffW* ~i  futt'and friemJship.Of'coittsewekno^ |  , there .will: be "lots more square dan^if  this fall, so get on the phone anidt gjye  Tne a call, at 885^1.941, Try something  new; like "a carefree' square thru, I'm  sure you Mil-have fun like I do. -.  ���* r 1 guess as a poet, X probably will come  in last-but getting back to square-danc"  th^'y/b^^h^Ufj^A oft another: Reason  an^itiicliidiin x��rei&" spl*OTd��ji^0nii�� dft^s  ��� not need to just' set back and let the  ' whrld go wand, itfs-going^ to do-that any-   ���  'way,  ��� Now there ane .several ways of puttin��<-  in the summey ar��4 keeping active; Pirst  . off,; lets ^ake May 10th, better known as  .May Day,.why don't you come up with   >  an idea for an entry to make this one of   '  the biggest May Day's ever, A float does   ,  not have tp be spectacular or take first  prjjte, it's the thought behind the project  of helping out ttyat counts and comedy  floats still take' the most applause. They  also tend to give a gay, up-ralse feeling  to the people watching and once, again a  better day will1* be had.  Ne?tt^week, after I do a littje research.  to find the right words, we will deive  into another great hobby called "Rock  Hounding"   which  has   it's  thrills rand I  spills and the odd dunk in a cold creek.  We have  found  some   very  interesting,  rock formations locally, it just takes a 1  relaxed attitude to look at and turn over  a rock which may be different on all  sides, f^o till next week, lets take to the ,  great outdoors, it's a healthy environment.   ,  ^;*y^pps^^  o fiie mew mmwi<��emmi  '^^^^^^f^^^^BW^fiW^sx?a^  O  f^f^^mmmmbmsmimmsm  ^ritficanenf Hoof ing: crnd! Insiilat ion ff cl  E_     D  eflo  *ff  fribreiiass timmmm  IT JlSf  o-Co-loc3e Pip��'a  . J>^,���<f;-^���^'v��-*���"'-*I,''  '">!     . *v'.'  y_.?��'< , ,;^:    ��.v  .-��        l AJ *      n    i      _f *   "  . .   ''   i \      *- '.  V 3 r i ,  i\i     ���   'j -*. ���**   *  mmmm  BREEZE OUTSIDE lATEX  MONAMEL HOUSE & fTRIMAPASNT:  GENERAL PAINT PORCH 'St  FLOOR ENAMEL  REGULAR $12*08 GAi4.0f*i ������  REGULAR $3.0�� QUART  BREEZE OUTSIDE LATEX  MONfAMEL HOU3E"& TRIM  $UPE!WPi?�� PAINT  REGULAR $%$SB GALLOfl  REGULAR $4,211 Q3JAQT  c  TbtiUmtfrififc@s of tl���� year on flfio.b*��9t. ��*cterlof.,i3W.nt��,yfP,,.,  con bury. Swo over 40% on more than 1000 colon on tfto new  SPIEWMIUS ot your local General Paint dealers.  Fjgggfof, ������p_^-___-___j>jfaKa__��  .VANCOUVER^ fLC.*;'   ,,   "   .,.....���.. _. .,.y  ffl_fiiMit___ai<^^  ^^^^^^  Tho tm%% gfcp In tfi@ forfgitl itirectlon  AIL THOSE AT GINEiAL PAINT WISiH,TO'E_i;ff^P,,OWR BIST  WISHES' TO BUP NOIIIS AND IERRY RAINES OF  '   '    TOm CI1EIC WlMliR & BUILDING SUf pLIES LTD.  mjr,  * ^^^PF^rt^^.4%,^, ^^ y_r^^ ^^^_*^*^  h__��7 a*.^-*1*..**)  ^L^J_-^^4*r1r^��H^^n��^_^^ *^.^^^^.<%^.**%^.*^ M^lMr^^^^^  _f��l^^**,***A^^*^A#^ ���*                  <T���������                  '��"1-T-  \*  -ft                                  <���  ���._������������*���   *fc <  >v  -J*- . .1        ���*   *  1 V  ft I  1  *   r  ,   *.  ������  -_<  _  ��  ..  '  ��*  1  .-  i  1 ��  s-i    i    \  r-  * T-t  4                   4  ���la  -.��  *  n?  ��F i r      * "  _- i. ��    .  O -**>   I  Trophy; cxword presentation  - **_   / t  rvA  i:**;;1*   ��*  y.  f    r  /  ^   ,  iu  ,'- '  \<  r       _.  *��        I*  ;-*  i  _  *m  +4 '  _  - .  V  N   ���J i OVER two hundred'boys played ^soccer ; qoa?t,New�� Cup era behali of thecapfcak  1^ '   last season and,most'of them,',tu____s_t   who wait not present. ,        t v- v   *��. .  y out to watchthe" 1968 World Clip Soccer        Andy liartle of Dim, ,7 Itob_dfe'Gre__kr  '*  ftapresented.last^  J Auditorium pnor to trophy awards'pre^* aWe player winning the Peninsula Times ���  ������   sentation. r *   ���  '    .    \ t    tftaphy. y   ,' *     v '  ,'  7' 'President of thfe iSun__hine Coast :Ju- '    Y     "������   ' ,'  '���. ������'������>���* ������->-  j1: venile Soccer Association, 'Mr. Terry Coh~ * iM��^  |    nor announced that he woujd step down        " ���    Y. r, < * ~ Y - " ��  {' i from the presidency which he has held '  -  | ' for two years but will continue to Jheip  ;, in. every way possible.  He appealed'for  Y more parents to ton out jand help,* ex-  *v plaining tha^ Soccer i& a team game and  ' so also is theoi^anization a team game  y which requires mpre-players.      ���>}     �����  v~ "Miast season jftisre were'14 .teams on  Mbe field and to keep Jthe boys' playing,  , coaches devoted, long-hours \to training.  Mr. Connor thanked coaches, parents and  J   'referees for their "time. TrEmsportationiis  | ^ one of the main twoblems and'this is  where parents can help make things easy  for the organizers. *' '  $E^JI��& :&p;ii%7ari& '0.8  MERC'S ON DISPLAY  'ff  COMMERCIAL PRINTING  '   see FHE Tf^E$  ^A    -i-u,,.        *"   ^/^      ,,*      C<  ,  "V  i,v,  *       '     _'     .",            J   '   ^'  *     >  .  1     *          it.           .   j  ' * '  'y*-7>_^^X,  ' r  '/ *  S^*1'"'  i5^_^^s��  ,ff  Y'.' ' v'NbsSS.  **  >*         *?    , iE9__b  ��  '   ?      '   Tdl/^Ssi.  **S  '  " 'f \l/��^^  l   r .*   ^., ���  *F^fj * r-�� % ? ?  CABINS - CAMPING -BOATS  Madeira .Pork, B.C  Phone 883-2248  .YOJJR MERtURY "SALES  ANP SERVICE PEAUR  <  AWARDS  'y -.    ;               -               -   ��*-��_- Awa_.��i_,    .                 l        *-     -                                   , ."^,iV:,   Secheit Kmbermen won the Divn. 7-  ���l-l.   -   - <''����._ t''",  0"Sp^eera,A?*T*,"5   "Y>v Y  ...      '       "%" '' Business chanae-OVeT Iv-League cham^onship and captain Scott  ^tb over^200 boys pl__yji_g socrcer : Eugene ;B_Uper,- paptain tof jDivn. ^5 owna^a^ c_iui_y_-;-i_-</,_���_. ^ R6dway accepted the trophy .donated by'  flifs past season', BIpliiiisbme'Gym' ResM for Madeira Park area !Y^hd>ta>_n__aim_iry., ^-  vras; padsed for trophy,, presentation   'ton-trophy andAndy.Hartlfi <J| Kob-   NEWCOMERS to Madeira Park are Larry      ' Residential Brav^ won Divn_~4 League \  s.  <l*  -V        *  * _.  son Troy, "i winning itefttegue.'trophy donated "-br  Pormerly &om Vancouver, Mr. Larry'  �� \2,%I>1^S^n!^^Y'Cap^n�� '  Clayton has taken' over Duncan Bepafcs. > ^1^ accepted the .trophy oaf behalf ,  ���from Mr..l!ifelcQlm.D__nc__t_...,.- , ���   -   91 ��� ^h.*uY*''' ��u-' l' ? "' ^ ":- - *"' k  ,   A    _^���a.   ' ,_,        _.       ���* i  .�� i*Y -    Dlvn- 5 Gibsons-:Chargers who never"  k��� n^^^i^An^filf 'loSt heai�� despxteo^vhJrning- o_W_iwxm��.  ��omuuoa Sndfee, fMr., Ceylon wtill <^er-    ^ j,,^-. ot j^^ ^e^pg,, ^rfsinanlike -  4^l3^^^SP^^ngmmaC^-  tom ^ CoadbfRori. West accepted the >.  Biggesc problem for the young family ,,  light now is finding, a house but L."Clay- -  ton Welding and Marine at Madeira Parkf  >-ready and open for businesi.  , i  \  \  The most dangerous ages of child acta. "��  "dents are ^at two a__d .three and |he yrbrst -  times 'of the day, are the late afternoon ���  'and the everimg. hours. -   .       / *,  Blake C. Alderson D.C.    ,  ORIROH-ltAOTOR     \ -  Post Office Building Secheli     ,;   V  Phone 885-2333 ~  Res. 886-2321 * <  Tuesday la Friday 10:30 a.oi..to 5:30 p.ra.-  SaVurdayJ9:30b.rrj.tt) 1:00 p.m.   -  EV ENINCJS BYAProlNTTMeNT  _,     "i  t r f  .1  >..  -��      Tfc  "������'���v  *.4 \_  .    /  ** ���*���_������ ���*!;���% **    *      "^    *  .���V^*"**1,-i >*''���_>/      _      ���  ��� - . _ -r* "*���*"  p   _>  I >    '  : , /    j \ s Dlvn. 2 Award J  ''*���''(  Ke&dential Totems are League   behalf '^>f his team'from Mr. Pete  Champions of Divn. 2 this season and   Mouzakjs of Gibsons Athletic Club,  captani Eon Pielle accepts trophy on  IISSH COLUMSLfiJEiUB  F   _.'.)*  ������ /  \  Addifioiicil rspilpgs  befweeti  topffdoBe  ��nnd* Hlorseslioe Buy IFridiiy rd��id>S|nidcdys  ' bme been suspelided' uiif il  ,_ j'..  s  s  ',  Yj;  /,,    ),.    ,     i    ',*,u I,-*-,    I,,  %  ���'   '     ���< * "i\ Yi ' -     " 'I i s ";'��� f-  no*     v     *'    **' ���-'''''M*''"iy4. ^  ii y:>'' 'v/��,  ,i   i i.  j *,  ��� t y  (tUi|l  .   . **��v  *   1      '��     r      �� ,>, I, fl��  l^f^l^^��4_yVHiyvV i,** Vi',>?Hf  tSBSSImtS^Mi^i^^SSBIvKllimtb^        ' '  ���*   .      >*',*'_  ___tt_i^tl_-l_,  I , II)' 'I  I., >    '' )     , F. I      I    l||  SUPEl-fMU  Buy Better  Save Mere  Phone 886-2424  Ml'  v I 'V.   * *  M f f    ^     ; . m  ,_���_> .,______&_wRSTy Z!!m4��diJb___  odd's Drygoods  Children and  Infants Wear  Lsislles' Sports-  .    ��� ��� Wear ,.,  Phono 886-9994  Pork Yotir Car Mnd  Op All Your Shopping  In Comfort. And  ige  Opr Monthly Draw.  ��� ��� ���  -I i * Fino: Effort  'Division 5, Gibsons Chargers was de-'   Connor.  Chargers played 13 gan.es  iclat-ed the most sportsmanlike team   winning only 2 but every week they  ���and! coach Eon West; on f_��*ist, ^ac-* made" a tremendous effort and never  cepts  trophy from Sunshine Coast   lost heart.  'Juvenile   Soccer   President   Terry  -.'>.   ..    .'. . ' ������������I'... ��� T ������  '   ������ ���'-' .   . . t.:... ���* 1_.  *.... :.     Sunnvcrest  Motors  Phono 886-9962  TBte Service -Station'  witli. everything 'for  iho Motorist1'  ^a__ia__wiBea_H^^  CASH YOUR FAMILY  ALLOWANCE CHEQUE  AT ANY SUNNYCREST  STORES AND A FREE  ENTRY GOES INTO  THE DRUM FOR OUR  MONTHLY $50 DRAW  One $30 and Two $10  Winners.  0_!T popular monthly  Fea|niiy Allowance Draw  How i_fwe& y��ta a feisttcjr cto__f��o t�� :  win; We _l,-f�� 3 piitees *s__��li moil'  One $30;::;anil 'Two'J  f:       /Drawsy :*;/;-  Vtllnnem annotinceil monttSif!  ifUM^flipip'.ilpll'p^'fifcl1^^  '$������  aiKS- DOD_  S_UEE_t*,:l1__.  J$30  iiis.: ooi  J$I0  OIGWARD;. ���' ,������...';'���, $10;  I  "Anything You  Won* We Have"  Phone 886*2615  !  iseirags Ui  Phone 886-2726  On the Sunnycrest  Plaza for your  Shopping Pleasure  \  Cfjarles Enillsl  Limited ;  Real Estate'  -'and "'Insurance :'  ,,���' v'y'Y Y '  Phone 886-2481  DotfiSlee Store  ������:A',Complete Line  Y . * of'Shoes ;for',  il2_o Entire; Family  Phone 886-2624  i  <?0MmfimfiWMwm/MiJfjmfmM?fiJiimmmMr/mmrM?rfff?rrrrQ  a .,,.���,  .  S ��� -i ���    -��� ������" ���   '",;;v'",;;'   ������ '"   ',  s . ������ ���* . . '  S      i '  e*   *i "Two Boot Woys  5-  I ��    * Welding  ,5!.'-.'""  IS  at' ess�� pa^b^ee:  DIESEL  OUTCOAUD  |   AUTHORIZED EVINRUDE DEALER*   '     O.M.C.'PARfS & SERVlfcE  DOUBLE EAGLE MEGIM BOATS  Tel: 886-7411  rMiiM!l��llMii��M��Ill.  *  ......    . .... .   -?  GIBSONS. S.C  Res. ��86-2891  TmiiMMMmmmmmmMMimmmBum*  NEW ZEALAND'BHF'"-' (_OV*T INSPECtf��  MtliiT'-Bone .Chili Steal ,*,'z  NEW ZEALAND - GOV'T INSPECTED  Srillif TurkeysFrcsh ,co pock*  Average 5-9 lb*.  Grotfe  lb.  ifci's leiles ���  i.     .  ipple'Driil m  Sunrypo  ox. ...  12 ox. 5  irarJetJ.et..  Robertson*,  for  for  ...for."  FtEiZiR SPECIAL  Ireti Sean *** .t*7*'.  ' 10 ox. pkg.... ...--..-...  'KeraelCbml^  pkfl.  for  for  ic  SSIPEO-V/ILU  ��f(,J( ���    i-rti  ���*  j  .(*���������*��� ������'"'��� ***���*  ,��!,+,*>*<;,*������( -ffltyy* ****** ��u-ff*.i *lrF_^,o^w^Bl^^'l*^^��^*.u�����Jr*^^��,.. #��.,^  :**,'��    4    *   4,   4    *#-_i(��.rt,^  fej^mt-^w^��, ><-w��.C ,f**if,��.)  **X.J!. ���*. ��,.i.^ *.**. *,.��*i^ r.">./ * Jt ^ ^ ^ *i v,)*���*>"*'- i^il"*'i!;* ^ f" *i j'v-'"1'^*1^ "V"**1 ^-^k-fri*^^^^��-^��^i****,VF^'^��wMfc*^ iith * ^..h'*/!, i- ".- f*'< il-,v ^ff. u'rt*   »_,   -» v  i*"! \h3 F^,f-*.F, M ft*, «Af-r^*F J»/ ,^",t^<%<f ,.
***^-^. L.^'^^.F ' .. ?^F
',-'** * '      '      \     , ' »>.' ',     -' ' >'^
*      _ ,. _■      *t   » .«fJ.' . -.1 i  ._.i a
! *- f     "      I
Mxiliary meeting
shows memberships grow
\- ,MRS^PnyU^»?a^ the May
« ! ^  *Vi"regular'ro_^ting"ojE4he Seehelt Uos-
roges i»p -mtal Auxiliary, fpvpiy, spring weather
L-^>*l-_4-_^__>>_     A«HnnH>*i/«k' /.n     Anyj*«_r_l __r_*Ki4     •_•«_■i*m/\ii.     _"_♦
*■' '
/    -4
*■     .-  Ft
•*     i
,' helped entourage 'an* ekceltent turnout of
'   members, y ••   ,.  ,Yl-i
««  « ' ,    ,.; ^-, ^   ,v « , , ■  v, ,■_ *    '   *   .    •, •■  -    «      -   -M*5* Ada Dawe e»ye f^ report on
Educ^idMY-^piSiimitlee' f©meet ' * MS- SSlLS^hefi^
1' - '  '    T ;t/4#S/Y', .'   /'.'Y ^ ? V* "Z ' "  "''" --V '    '" V" * " bers of'the aiixiliary'attended recently,
plan mdiaJB. mutsbw ^spJaooL  -• *■*.-. «•**««_r-MnM the
*       *    , ,,.,.. ,j-" **v-   -    I '■>*$ .'.;• ;;t\*', .< „"<Y i, '**     ' -„ **        * auxiliary at* the  co-ordinating  council
SISOHELTJiKban Band Has ioftnfe&ra Spe-   .School* teacher be,enccwaged,-< Also that , meeting and-gave an interesting report,
rial Educaton Ck»nmltfee^mp^^ ,   „t,A**   ^{_ «„,,'/_ QM „_«„_■ ,„Ji _„
Mrs. Sadie Johnson, Mrs.,Sar_tH Paul-and >f ,the'Iridi'an B^nd Education^Committee ' _.^°^5ip.!™s. are fi01ng weU
t'boafcl me&irigs' and*
*\ *
*   _-
i   .
J.        I
A.      ft
,.'     '*.-.
-    ' /
.    -   >
*    ■».
M-ra. Teddy Joe; who will wwk.witJiiep- ; to'a-tend'boaf-d meetings' and* share in, * V°rt$ Sylvia. Jo»es,   '
, resentafcives of *the School Board, Secheit ' diaaission. Y':w''.   ;    -  .'    '     i    '     , MrsYEve'Moscr»p reporting ^irom the
. • Teachers Association and BCTF oti" ifre :,    h^v. Jenksalsd reeommended that the' ' Secheit* Hospital Board of Trustee? gave
"•    pilot projeeb being conducted in/this dis- , -needsFef Secheit Indian Band be consid- * a total" of 410 members now registered in
trict on integration.   ,'<'[-,'■'',,    t ered iy;hen»j^nmngF future AduJtTSduca- * the^St. FMarXs^P^l^ciety, Due to
RepoF^ing on a recentjnUe$|ng held in. *. tion Work in^hedisixict. He also drew the >' excellent canvassing there are 251 new
K the Secheit Indian Hall, Secheit School '.Board^attentwn t» the lygency of hav- " hie^bersWps,      r   .     .
I    Principal Mr, Sam Beid stated.'41»at un- ' ing-a Counsellor and Keld Worker Under '    . Appr<>cigtion was ,#wfl ny the Red
1 ■ fortunately, Mr, Canty of the*Dept, jtrf    the terms suggested by the Department    Cross  regarding interest  in  canvassing
* Education «nd Dr. Johnson"of Indian Af~ - »*t Indian Affairs to,the District'Superm- ' f- g^fo/a worthy cause
' m™ ?e^' we^ T^K*? '^.Pvesent. rtendent.      4    v . .-,       .       /     .      . ; •   ^  j^.c^ 'convenor of the
a Mam topic was the formation, of a nupsejy ,   - The educa^on .committee report also A 7--7   .^^jleW  has Dlans well undfer
■ schoo-. for some 23 youngsters atUie Se»    aidvfced th^t principals _ihould be etfcxnuv A ™*^v.r__i_^Sfeo_?m1_S_kS a2
1  i
r I'
«i i*
Recommendationsmaae •• •
Anvinii.  Parent
. *}ihe^e, resppjjabilitiei. f ejjtended
^    Trustees'approved Miwafion/^nnnit"* :,^, ^e^;?®^"*l;^!e«'*, .',.*-*''", *    J A. thank .you go&o.ut to the refxesh-
Jp*v   C.hatrmHn    H-a»n_ir    T«_nl^_.    r4_/>Xr>.Vnan'/l_>_. »        T>1._»   RnF.r_. -><»<,   -^1^f_ <ioW>.1    f^   »An«/ll_.   '   Tnpnt-    -. flmmltl_>_      COmPrising     MTSf      Par-
Breeze and Mrs, Fitz-
iiowjiy n^t on Buby Lake at Pender
|_^^ur:.Sbeisjl3iisy4i^g'tah^   r-
eggs w_u*ch* Mrrpldk .Gerick of Ruby ;
Lr^ke Resort believes are not,feMeYv:
The beaittSfiillakeisiasai_c|traryff()r
^_ __> M *«' * * + ^ '   •*.   ■'*-'-
' -F   '— i—-,- yr    ;   * - .„*, ,x   -i     .trustees approvea £^uea!tionrti?onjmij»* .,«««»iw*«,««»>;««.irT. <•      r<-t .    , a. wwiMiFjtm BW8,utH, w Mre !».»«.
gax&fta GrOOSe, blends MIfWUJi tfte tee CJ_airman Barry Jenks ,reeommena_i- , * The Board: i$w also asiked to .consider - xnent -copunittee ^comprising Mrs, Par-
carefully chosen sun^undiligs for her \Vvm that close liajison between. Secheit , the pos'sitjil|ty^of.hiring,a&.leas£ phetea- ; jso^-.Mrs/ Buby, Br""* *nA M~ ™+"-
-     •    "' _  .    _   . _<    --«•>-'* Kindergarten teachers ^nd'the Nursery J che_v's.aidetar the^cl^It.Scheot'. *' -       , gerald,.    ..-.,,
 -""*' •—"■      -■ — ■-<■'" .mipiipt...  pi.ii.iii...!*.     n,-..-.i..*-,„.i_iPiWi.i,, nf _■■■*. —■!,.— h>»-i--..mh»... M.. ii.pn.il. _.■- ii.-!-^.....^.-,—i|i.i, ,n ■■ww.^—mm-«mm — -_.
j f
* F
this Referendum is, approvea'1>y "the De- . mentary School;
partmerit of Education if1 will" be pre- !     4. / Addition'4to: Secheit ■^met^xy.    P'clrltrin 'aff' fill'
sented to the taxpayers, of this district in     ,/$» Madeira Par^ Covered, play ar^i; - Jj&_&!UIU  Clli jU**'
the4 fall of 1909.      *,   -    -^.i    /   .'    esterase;, possibJ_e}'Iibj^:extemsjon,Y.,     ''yrt-V^l't'i -'i W-ll'--'*   /
v   Decision to prepjire^ the -new referen-"       e, Gibsons Ele^ntary Scliool:. l^ch- * at ^SfiCnfill   ATl  uSilfiry
dum came as a result of the ed-ic-ationai - anical,.ventilation Jn'^pen.areaypq^ible' •-"*. j^.Vv~y™/*r** ;VW*7TT.* -  T
problems the School Board.fficed follow- *jacquisition .of a jgctVwi'JsiteYp^jjdiij.g^va t"CHABLI|S" the- mannequin -from' Marine .' i
ing- the^defeat of ;Referendum-No, <9\in .iwcthet sutvey. i % y^; , *,Y >$** ^*, . _j.(Men'sAVeaMn Gibsons is g'olrig'bnF.a , ,
December, 1968. One of these problems is , _..T3ie_architeot_J _^ "iai, piiesEpt. .working* two week* vacation to,Secheit VKere- he ."
the unavoidable shift arrangement«which on"sketch, drawingsTof*.the'specjificatio'ns *will "be rriodelling'an authentic Esjdhio ,
will be in effect at ElpJiinstone-Second- . for the above, rec9_hmertdations-.In popae , outfit at the" Simshine Coast Arts' Council ■'. >
aiyScheol until some building is.donel     peases it ,will'b-^possible;tQ use the dr#y— yGaliery Shop,'Charlie willbexpart of the \ ,
, Principals of the, school .district have • |n^ prepared for Beferenduro I*>. 9. Cost '_j_slam0 Ait'display loaned ^to -the Gallery ,   ,
made'student enrolment projections '#p to .r^ipiales.-wJll ne^^availa^e.until'.the" --by _ Mi*, * and -Mrs.   Boss- -Gibsons , who
1975 for ^ach'of their schools: They *have    arehitects have'dpliver^d then^^^eporfts,' -, -spent, niA .years- in-' the Eastern'' Artie , - ■_
alsofdrawn up. educational' plans' W\any r-:< .Project-;- listed do-nptyipake: *up the; while on duty'.ivithrthe Boyai"Canadia» u I
additional development which could.be '. entir^ referendum,' otljer,plans* are under - Mounted .Police,' .     . \        -- --■>    '
supported1 fey this projected,school,^opu- * consideration an^>ot^^yet;-finaU_ted,r, , -     '- ;Theye.xhibit '^iilinclude^Wpstoiie -
lati2__"" -o   Y'      * *•-'-''--■<•."       ,-    _    .vThe Beard -is ^waVe-iand-concerned - andyivp^r  carvings.. photogr_^>ns   and . ,\
. TJie JBoard of School Trustees,edis- dfcoiit the cost'of tlie^additional* aecom--'models -of"^ols-and equipment-used by
tnct'staff and" principals have'worked 'modation-for ourtpupUs/It^'is'especially .'the_Eskimo whicli^'were made (for Mr. -' {
together to thoroughly stttdyand eval- ;concerned'about-'ttie.incre^ed eost of *Gibson.'ljefore.'he.left Port'Harrison-"'lt •' |
natethe facts'and information "prepared. ,*-building',whichy is imhg' en^duntered., 'is only quite recently that the JEskinio ; ..
by the prinxapals, -After-careful cofeider- . a^yarevrnaldng'^ery'Effort^'present ''*&$&& hii skill'in carving to rnake>b- ,J \
■anon the Board has adonted.-m -nnltcinle.  - -_; -_i^~- *_- *«.. _«».-si», «a.s--u-f.^_i  v__ "^e- - i*M* A'urf *J  *-'»"-       •*  ''-.A/ **. -   t
alionthe,Boardhas,ad^ted/mpri_Mple, •&.-plan*.to".the <Ms|rict w^ich'will be of .'jeets.d'arty', \'\*~    <" \"{'\'
the -following recommendations: , . %^  - ^bejiefit ectucati<>__-aiy aiid-at'the-i^^ ,;"   Previously, the ;things Jie*__»=«-, ;7»y«
.   1.    Jrl-Sr,    Secondary^-School"   wf \be.*iritnln-tW"provnici__l,D^^
Secheit. y   '-v " /-'*       i tl Y    '^-; rEducationlbuilding giudelines,'* '"//y*' . " purely rufilitariarv -the   neces-sitiesvFlie  *
Donald Lockstead . 7*
k« 1*
,t' i
i ,     , ,,,»-, -   .v   - .'n^d^'an'b&.-fclly^lifieYJim Hou_4on>( jmi ,
» ""    - y ' /'<"-*" ,' ""' * *' >// ""', - .artist* jSt^'pntaribVw^ <me^of't_tose'int- "!*
f ' '       \  ,' i * > - strumentat ui helpmg the Eskimo r^lise  .
s*___4m_ f*'Y-**>'_•"-,.'j sLC.^i..'-* ^,Vy.3,     'x*.  Wj_5potential;in making soaps*tpne carv-   ,
. ., ,    ,. „ .,_,„,..   . .   ,*W:PfF. .^_p«^__r_K_^w*T^^ ^yl;jp^lntmak^ng,n^thods   which .fte. later
"Iff"     *;.*<•"    '' «#    « ' Y /'"'"'  'i' ■*I '•      v     showed^ttheriEskimos.at'.CapejDoi^ejt,
attacks dogfish policaes   '.-.• :,- \tt$Si&&\£&& -
*'r-'   '--'   :-J    >' — --\.*-*"i  r.~-*-*r.<c.t        f    .'rnetho^ eachis", an "originaV.W-two alike  ,
.__. _._. ^ ____._.-^ _._. "'•""Houston,   .,
open, Tuesday
invitinc the Jananese __shc?rm*-*-n infi. fa- w*r '^*ve 'tnc P^P'e an*? «ne iociu«es   ,"»»;y«_»»* o^v»*.««^o ^w >j>e'i summer and
Sn waters to feh dogS It%m fw a P0^1^1 *«IWl P^^^ ^^^ Mrs,Gibson will be at the Gallery.Tues-
T^^SiStS^4^^^^' MB^hmumb^lti.hnvm^yet^l ,day May 2(), willing- to *ive etpMtiod.
the welfare of those in our B.C. fishing *f ^Ve effective planning and research' ,and answer: questions; The Eskimo Art
industry. " , i     > Ti t8^ federal level, '      «   ,       .   ,: will be on display until Saturday May 24.
By inviting the, Japanese fishing fleet r*, .      .
to fish dogfish, the federal government is       m   '
setting a dangerous piecedent, whereby,    ,
should the Russian and Portuguese fish-        " \
ing fleet demand the same invitation^ at
would be obliged to grant them the same
concession,    i
-It is highly unlikely that foreign fishing fleets would confine their fishing to r
dogfish alone. We would probably be
astounded at the number of salmon that
is taken aboard these foreign trawlers
every year.
We have a very capable B,C. fishing
fleet that is eminently qualified to oon>*
tain the dogfish population explosion. '    i
If the Liberal government concenti-ated
on increasing all species of salmon finger-
lings and jjpen. more money on salmon
spawning grounds, rather than advocating
tho jwfcrjction of licences, we would mot
'be confronted with poor fishing seasons,
i and the accompanying social and economic
probDlems, which of feet all B.C, residents
in varying degreea '
All logging operations should be re-
sti-icted within a quarter mile of spawning rivers and more fish guardians should
be employed to assist iM local fisheries
officers, thus enabling them .to perform \
tlieir duties more effectively. ']
I believe that in areas where the fishing industry has declined (which arc many
and ever increasing) the dogfish catch
should be procc«»ed In B.C. for shipment
to foreign markets, This would also provide employment for many of our p<x>pJe
who are at present unemployed because of
*»w!)v   rfr '
' " It's stii&tt to*'ib§ke ftfServ&tiOnfi In advance. FWKen you hit the roatt
make sure of Courted;   "-..' "> \r-. \ \ '->.:',. , /.'    "- [    ." >'
'. ij i   . . .     >.,',,,
* Phono,085-2266 or
-■* 086-7107";offer, S "
„ Tfiurssloy. EyenJnf«.
for 14 ond under,
• * --l:00'--2:3O"p.m. *■*•-
3:00-4:30 ALL AGES
8:30- 10:30 for over 14
CHILDREN 14 ond under 50c
ADULTS $1.25
•YoMP'oboblytoowJdclc..     - *   ••
When Iiq'j not* liking <fors ("AH MoVes-lM'
tAbdetel Or ptjiVtpinrj gps info thorn,' he"i selling
' one or iwo foreign r-idkes on >Iiq side,
And Jack's a preflygbod s-clesman. ISo pood#
ho usually sells more cars than tie con service.)
' But 'if- jack We're to come Id work lor _»$„ wo
could lei*ich him a few Ihlngs,   '
f «rjt# we'd send him to a VW Iroinjng school.
Thoro ho*d loa.n VdlbwdgW Inside 6nd ouL
B)fja\ur\g..6p6rt _»v#ry.port.ond pwliin-g. it bock
»og^lh©rogdm,.lJin*<3fl|jrtiii.©.    '..   /-■-
Then we'd f&och him abdiit our deoierjhips.
He'd learn that ho'd hayo to tear down his
grimy old garage and put iipa ?hiny new building.
Wilh five times mora ipaci-in th® bock (for
servico) than op front (for fhow).
With enough service bay* ond hoists to prop
erly sfervico ^very single c_ir he sold<
And Willi a Parts Department large enough' to
store a 3 months supply of part*.
Now, whilo all of this might make Jack a mast hr ,
ot selling and servicing VW's, just selling ond
servicing only VW's might not make Jack happy.
But  that would explain ono very
important thing; Why Jack isn't with us
rin tho first place.
Jhtf • <*r» o.»r 2SQ Y VV d (Ml*'* osfPi* CAftftflf.. !>>• en* nf «r»if yOv n »" th* V»!lo* fc|#*.
•■"■■■     ' ":""""" "■ "■"■"■''        ■'' ' """' " *;";l"
,~*^#^ j***.^*^!,,^!   •»* *\ ^„ m   p_- ^   #,"*  *    f  » ^. *i4  # m-.rftt.^   *  im^,,*.**^*^** ""
"*^-«p»ft-* <(if"*«-_**  Z1-"
l-tTrMV""**- **f    #»«•)«,    '
i. # >r"i *^   ■* ™*** ■*. f** j*^ j^y-****
^qiAlvtfeltWt » BW^i* -*( -j   .,»*   1rfrfc J,!(V ,J
.!,,«».**<, *«»* »^t *^^i^^*-^#ft**»j".-^^H»*^ ^llf(*^^^(1^wm»^^*w«^^ ***^-*,#*«***•*.*»■ #w**if »*»*«*-ti-ftrfv «^^4*r*«i ** ���. vi^yw^vi, y\  ^'VV^'i  ^p^*^*j)K*��-->*,y^p^^?��^^  t *��� f. "  ''',,"?'      ' '*'    ' *���   *  iv      .      '      '  '   --    y       y 'i-^-r  i_j  _;>.>.��_     .__ .. '* _._.     > .-.  "/ may be wrong; but I shall nof be so wrong as'to fail to.saywhat'VbieUeve to'be right."  ,*     V    *'             "               *    "V* ;   "-             C        ''         ���John Atkins  Davcnj&G.V/lvmxR, Editor ���^Stewart B. MsahKD, Publisher    <    HOWEVER large, luxurious and  sive, a mobile home remains a  trailer and as sbch sticks out' like the  expen-   small oohimuriUies^an^'ind.eecL larger   '^hy   <seal�����trapp  house   towns _ind cities, have areas ideally suited    called ,'sportr-what  Sikdhge attitude      v'  Editor, The Timbs, Y-^ L^a,, .  Sir: * That ��� your con*espondant Mr.  .Browning is a man,of sensitivity js evident; sinpe; he bas^ takepr the trouble to  look into the matter of cruelty to animals  .very .thoroughly. He cites thet lulling of  seal�����trapping���hunting jfor so-"  a fur coat entails etc.*  .anwug . iCTUMiwu-   ������� * __����^.   * ,w# fw"-^ ^^-^*�� -^ McGavin) go right, alonjj with him in  Consequence is that prejudice to varying   roads,, services and come nnder control acknowledgjng 4hat all thief cruelties  degrees is still very much in, existence   of the existing Bylaws, they could prove exkt_although' the text, of; his letter  even though, in some cases, the mobile   an asse,t rathfer than a" detriment. How- giv^ 0ne*fhe irnpfessibh that he doubts  home might happen to be far superior   ever, noititogTaoks more unsightly than this. There are numerous brganizatiohl  to" theadjaceht houses. " .     a haphazard'groiip bf trailers with haVe working for ^Ke b'ettferinent dr animals  Suggestion by Alderman Norm Wat- ' additions of weird lean-to structures at- and mSmjr consistent numbers of sutfp  * A**V�� %ff^f ��.����*,���, y    ;. . zs&tjl1* ��&���?&&  permit establishment of mobile homes in        . infringing aJJout Bylaw changes in ^d indeed some of us are nutty enoiigh  the village as' residencesi could well re-   thi_rregard, cojmcil will be well advised to prefer not to eat the flesh of our, $hi  suit in heated-controversy,' regardless;of   to takeilonghiirdstudyot'thesHiikion "mat friends/   , .".*,.  the,suggestion they are simply low cost  homes. In actual feet, some of the larger  fully equipped trailers of today are by  no means low cost Tiomes, often they  for, such an innovation^ calls for ex-   *   ��   is; difficult   to.  understand   Mr.  tremely dearly  defined  and  stringent   Browning's   attituderegarding   rodeos  .,/   vivaii*.   *���"*��� **��� to"       unless he, is 4hmkmg in terms of years  regulations. It would be the height of   |iveM1)y amateurs and different to those  _.   _.,*���,. T���*    ������ii   folly to-hand out an open invitation to   past-performances then more lively to be  cost up.to $15,000 or more. This still   anything that might vbe described as'a   of today.  does not alter the fact they are mobile * ^objie home. If would be e^uaUjr ab-   ,   i haven't .been to a. rodeo eiti  Homes  which look somewhat put of - sfo�� fa permit such homes on individual   "-~L J��� -*-- **-*- *- -���- !-*~ J  place, ^onglpermanenthouses. .Among joJ^���in residential -Streets, whether -the  a group of shacljs, such trailers would   quaiityi of existing homes be good or  assume the dignity of a palace, in a rest-   j^ ,, ���.'.  ,  dential area of good, class homes they  are also out of place. Not from the .point  of view of value but for the same reason  that a limousine would look out of place  on a race track.  either but  then does one. have to jump into" the fire  in order to iearh ihaLit_burn_i2. Do we  completely  discount  reports of  modero  rodeos as presented by people o| Integrity  who  look into ,these  matters and  These? and numerous other'questions   publish facts together with actual pie-  wiU no doubt he considered irt due course   tures? Today's  barbaric-spectacles, are  and, we have no doubt Mr. Watson has   completely   commercialized   and   when  already cbhsidered most'of them. Such   ������*y *?<* a���maJs1ar?.t^ �� *?ge��ier  _YY__.       *   ..7~   ..     . .. i-    ������-   i -    then look out. Surely in this sophistica-  There is'no doiibt a modern mobile beuiS ^ ����* ^fn/* **&*��� ���be. ^f   ted age we can <__> without this sort of  home offers a great'deal and provides as��ume ** h��� suitable locations in mind.   stu��f % be primitiVe if we don't have  the comfort and luxury of many high Prejudices die-hard hut we live in   to?                    \  priced residences, often with fewer rncon- rapidly changing times, and jn order to  veniences than a tradittonalhouse. As a , keep,up with' progress, outlooks have    ft !-##-_.  means of combatting the present housing, fcybe tempered with reason. It is-good    \jpen lenei  shortage they are excellent and there is to see new ideas brightening up the coun-   TEXT of Mr. Norm- Hough's ;leifer of  certainly no reason why they should'not cil scene, changes are long overdue but  take their place in any community where indications are that we > are about to  the right kind of conditions 'exist. Most- start catching up.  :$*=  sound andswccfessful ' -;">'--'> ease> SUch as-.emphysema,;chronic brcm-  - I _*on_*ider'-it1- absolutely - wrong --for the ehif is and astkmar-'As you niay also, fcnow,  secretary-treasurer t�� take qver therduties * the Society is'now co-operatmg"witK-the  of t__e_m___r_tenance.��upei-v__^r..witlC ��� B.C.'-Can^r-lrtstitute'in^prbvi'ding lacili-  support of, a small majority of ���board., ties and province - wide organization  members." I do^noj wishtO'become^party ' ��� through Chfist-mas^Seal Operation -Door-  (Mrs.) G. E.^WI_BB  resignation was not read at last meet- ^v^ii,*^ ^w-\  ing of the Boaid of School Trustees, his ^v^jrr.  resignation was, however, accepted.' Mr. 1 mamtam  Hough feeUs that as he was elected by the  public his reasons should be made known.  He has therefore asked the press to make  known his comments:  Sirs���You have my letter -of resignation before you and I feel -that I have a  duty to explain to you and' the taxpayers;  who elected me, the reasons for my resignation  before  my  term  of  office has  to'the.removal-of _m-exceUent_nai_-ten-  ance supervisor by .underhand- policy  changes "and *so' .forcing "hint;to 'resign.  This ��_:p_<a_i_iy; as-llisrpp^fe^siOT'had -to  leave _mdex _r_Wher unusual circumstances  and Hfe present supervisor'is doing an  that the seCTetary-treasur-  er*s method of bulk'buying is wwmg in  the way he is doing it, costly in handling,  storage ..and .financing, and will.itot be a  saving to the taxpayers, when all .expenses  axe properly added up,  I strongly disagree with the board's and  secretary-treasurer's /handling of complaints by, taxpayers about alleged short-  comings^ in cur school administration and  financing. I feel that it is the board's re-  _*pon___bii__y $0 provide satisfactory explan-  BEFORE the holiday week-end actually road.   '                 ...  arrives, statisticians are able to fore- Ignoring a-stop sign or sipal.  cast, well in advance and with a reason- To' ensure   surviving  the  holiday   usLKfjx  able dgree of accuracy,^ just'how many weekend the BCAA has this additional   endedm  Canadians will be killed as the result of advice for motorists:                                      Firstly: I have submitted my resigna*   . _           . .   .     ,  highway accidents. .       N Don't exhaust yourself.on long:trips,    tion with letter of April 3rd, 1969, which   arttoBi tothose expressing concern.  The same carnage continues daily but The tired driver is a dangerous driver,   the sec^et^y treasurer refused to.accept, , ���. Th^^^Jte oray ^n^ble_  shows drastic increase during holiday ,Plaa your trips to include stops. Use  periods. The untold misery and hardship ' highway rest areas,  left in its wake is only felt when those Always wear safety belts, and made  we know are involved. Until that time, sure all members of the family do���jn-  few of us give more than a passing eluding. the children. A study of more  thought to the heartbreak behind/the than "28,000 highway crashes shovv that   ^'Em^Saildr-.TO  news story. Perhaps the most sdgnificant not one bf 9,345 occupants wearing com-    giy^, to' the secretary-treasurer, strictly  fact so often ignored is that the same bin^tion shoulder-lap safety belts was   according to the Act, thene was no caHl ;^sans' BC-�� (v. -f^*?  tragedy faces any driver or motor, vehicle fatally injured in serious accidents tat-~ whatsoever for the secretary-treasurer to  /5w?.-Sttn, ,1^-5?,,��y *>�� ��  ^     " -   - ___*___.*       - i^*I     -������*._    .-_.     .-.-.__ _.*_:._     XT -       1plrihir��a mt. fm /**<_ Ri'Vinnl   AM   with   _r_i<*        __. \   .     i.  allegedly for not being correctly addressed  to him. I take exception to the arrogant  and patronizing letter he wrote me in this  connection. My letter of resignation was  put on his desk to be placed .before.the  board. That I addressed the letter to the  ehiurman bf the board appears to me not  way  out of .this impasse'lis for me to resign  fo_-thm1h''__rom'ft3ie board and let those,  who fleeted jne,, know the reasons why  : I cannot; serve them any longer in the  ' manner they should be served, if I wish  to live up to the trust they put into me.  I regret that 1 have to take'this step, but  feai- that (there is no other choice left to  'me.  NOEMAN H. HOUGH,  Step for a-Lttag- Cancer Cell .Tes., which  seeks- out -early -lung cancer ��� among male  smokers.  _..*'.  - Art interim report -on the provincial  financial: picture- was* released* to news  media at the end of Febmary, which indicated then that $410 thousand had been  donated.  Since that time the additional five  thousand has been contributed, which  makes us indeed grateful to residents of  this province'for their support and awareness of our needs.  Last year the final provincial total was  $367 thousand. This year the Society  recorded its best campaign ever, showing  the greatest increase of any Christmas  Seal campaign in Canada.  As always there is no way our story  can be told without the co-operation and  support of public-spirited news media  around B.C. for which the Society is indeed most jgrateful and again sends its  sincere thanks v to you and your associates, , ��� K. S. VAUGHAN-BiBCH,  Vancouver, ���   \ President.  Fieicheifi PkUospphy.  ���    "       , "~____nyW. Belcher  Desuetude-, , ���       .  . When autumn comes, as come it must  .    in seaspn,' ihen dealdi leaves will fall*  Which once were green, nowhere with rust,   >  ' disperse likearearhsbeyoddrecalL  FF ' '  Wf, ioc\ had thoughts borne brave and bright/  unspoken words of love now gone:  Well-meant intentions lost to sight  with nothing left to build upon. ;  Intended kindness left undone  may cause a lonely heart to yearn..  A word of praise for merit won  is worthier than unconcern.  An empty promise fails the need,  and hopes that might have soared fall dead  Because for want of words or deeds  some hungry soul finds tears instead.  Suffocation fatalities among, infants,  generally due to regurgitation of food or  smothering in-beds or ^cradles, .accounted  for 64.1 per cent of all suffocation deaths.  Successful campaign  Editor, The Times,  Sir���It is my privilege on behalf of the  Board of Directors of the B.C. Tuberculosis - Christmas Seal Society to thank you  most sincerely for the assistance you have  given fthe annual Christmas Seal campaign  and to report on results at the provincial  board of the necessity of proper up-keep', 936 was donated by British Columbians  of our buildings and equipment and the during the last campaign to assist the  waste of taxpayers money caused by un- Society in not only continuing the fight  Warranted changes in maintenance and against TB, but expanding more concn&te-  other policies, which previously proved ly into the whole field of respiratory dis-  ?*WfiSe^8$rit^^  passenger for however careful one might speeds up to 60 miles, an hour. Non- l����ure me on the School Act, with which  be, there is Always the -unpredictable be��ed^upants v(er^ killed at speeds \��j$Z ����^vmg served " &  other driver. Who knows the circumstan- as low as 12 miles per hour, por ^^y months now have j seriously  ces under which an approaching vehicle Don't- drive when you have been wnsid-ered, how to persuade the board to  is being driven. The person behind the, drinking. Recent studies fipd that drink- fete ft ��">"������ serious view about our ad-  wheel could well be an irresponsible road * in���   especially heavy drinking, plays a   nunistrntion. As chairman of the finance  hog, r, even ���ore 1_H<= drunk, ^ �� ��?M _�� * ��__! ��tai    S*S_��.,_53*_S_. S. 7 _SS .___,,���*_.���,,�����.,.���,���������  a sigh-seer with eyes for everything but and m two4hir^s of fatal crashes jn    majority. All my efforts to live up to the    level. By now you no doubt have heard  the highway or it could be a malfunction which only one car is involved.                  trust placed in me by the people, who    from our campaign chairman with results  throwing either vehicle out of control, Share the driving. Even brief relief   elected me, have persistently been frus-   . in the area served by you.  In the latter case there is usually from the constant decision-making of   ****- In vain did I try to convince the        I am very proud to tell you that $415,.  little to be done in order to avert an driving Will help revit_u_ze reflexes, which  accident but this is on extremely rare must remain sharp to drive safely.  reason for a mishap, the majority are as Avoid drowsiness by taking prcven-  a direct result of human error. tive measures. Keep the car well-ventilat-  With the approach of the Victoria ed and play the radio or encourage lively  Day weekend the B.C. Automobile As- conversation. Light meals and comfort-  socialion   has  announced   a  campaign ahlc   clothing   help   Joo^-but   nothing  which, it is hoped, will bring about safer works so well as adequate sleep the  driving, not only for this holiday but in night before^  the future at all times. _    Maintain your car m good shape  With the slogan "Bring 'cm back ^3JZS^T&"S'tScs  alive" the Association advices; replace damaged or badly worn urcs  m    n^.. a    <      ,       .   _���         ^ promptly.  The BCAA says tliat six frequent *   M you need glasses for driving, wear  kinds of driver irresponsibility which faemt  generate crashes are: ���jt;ccp yoursetj jn 6afe driving con-  ^ Refusal to yield right of way. dition with regular, health checkups. Ask  Tailgating (following too closely). your physician if your physical or mental  Violating maximum speed limits. condition or the medicines you use will  Driving too fast for road and weather impair your driving. Follow his advice,  conditions. and if you have doubts about your ability  Driving on the wrong side of the to drive safely���don't drive.  wFmwwmFWWMPMffmmMWfwmwMFmFMiFiimwmirmfifm  g ���-,���*-.,���- js  I _____.��vn��    raB.���_M^     ^���^.:*_.ARi.     a^ I  ���I    MJiiMf OMU ffHiiffftllffA&f till     S  9       tiWH tmWMKA-.ll**a m umtm lMQl_fl__.Mll   '.t.igl.Iiaill*'.'"'.  on completion of existing contracts. -  the above cornpany will cease to exist,  but from July 1st will continue, under the name of  Box 212, Secheit, B.C. telephone 0SS-9S39  Signed:  Derek Mark  ^fMIF/IFJII/WlUt/fIFf//FFF/JmMMFIiiftMfFfitf/FMIIMfmFWmfMjm&  i_Ahsesv spcdhts weah  Phono 886-9994  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  ^^^.CTfliMfl^iia^*wii!a*v-!^  piU-MiMW wimimp* '*��* * ^p  HOeSESHOE BAY - LAN6DALE  ,.Rtplar. Schetlule in Effect Plus  Extra Sailing$ Friday and ffcuday  tv. HORSESHOE Bkf  4r00pm ' *������  6;00 pm  n^)Opm  .... . JOKiOpm  far U��torm*tl��n phatm: .'  Hori-sho*- Bay 921-7411  iV. LAN COAte  "��� '- 3*4o itm '  5:00 pm  7.-00 pm  9:00 pm  tAn$All��"h&$-2%n  AT YOUa POPULAR  LUMBER AND DUILD1NG  SUPPLIES  Serving The Sunshine Coast  ���  \ -SUPPl  0G5-'*283 - Secheit, B.C.  Brought to you by  these progressive  places of business  e  Furai_._iEtig_t _3-.-3  VISIT PUR LARGE DISPLAY  OF TOP QUALITY NEW  AND USED FURNITURE  Appliances - T.V. - Radio  Phono 885-2050   -   Seehelt, B.C.  rr  nrs  SlilUfPttPISII.  i  ���'KlUG SIZED; MEALS '  AT DUDGET PEICES  ot   .  OH HIGHWAY 101 ot SECHELT  . FOR TAICE OUT,. ORDERS  PHONE 835-2311  POTATO CHIPS STAR "IN CASSEROLE  Although summer has become synonymous with barbequcs ond outdoor- living,  tnany, occasions still coll for nwk��-pbea_l coMerolc.. Chicken and Chips ou Mornoy ,  Is'an et��ti_.nt ond yet tx>%y to preporo porly casserole yMch Won raves when t��rved to  o to��0��.oroup or a oorderi *uppcr> Chicken, ham ond cheese ora layered with potato  chips In o rich cream souce ond topped with more d.lps." Serve It with frcih green  beans ond a tossed solod.  Potato chips plv�� body ond ciwicJj to this ond many other cosseroles. Remember  '������to'dwm'iM"- the�� ��aJf Ir�� a recirxs* wliera ftutntiffutJog tho fine flavor or>d iexh<ro of potato  chip* for bread crumbs. For, cosserole toppings fry combining crushed potato chips with  .0 tirifa curry powder or.oregono. A favorite toeing with the children Is made.With  equal quonti tie* of flroted chces�� ond crusl)��d chips, ,  CtflCfCEr. AND CHIPS AM MOIMAY  IHItaATl^^ a SUPPLIES  Your Kemfono  Sherwfn Williams  Paint Deafer  Phono 886-9533  Glbcos.3, B.C.  urate  tiMWllWlliMi  HE��E_IIS Ta����ISfOH  STEftEO - o & w ond coioa T.V.  Fully c^��Sppe4 for Color T.V.  ���Dealers for  ZENITH - PHILIPS - RCA  FUETWOOD  Better than City Prices  . Plioao 88��S~_fc280  ���IBSONS# i.C.  2 cups of milk  1 <���<._.  'f4 cup of light cream  6 ihln illcefcoolted ham  6 ifice_ Conodian pfocessed Swl***. C*heeH*  I cup cruvhed potato chips  jiytitt **hole chlct<���� bmastu (6 Holyet)  A tbs^, butler  2 tbsp, fioidy choppvd or>lor��  4 tip. Woiir '.,,',  y,    '  f* Nt>. tfoulity IcSsdnirKi  ] tsp, ealt  1 /8 ttp, pef^jer  StrnmerchtcluFft'breads/.'c^^ fttfmavv  Wtft, "bort�� "ond 'Sl1'_4''lwch;ibr��3_t'l0to thrw ptec-esr 'jMnrtt butter" In hWry' muo<^m%, ���  Sowt�� onlori until lender. Blend ji) fbur, poultry seasoning^ tolt and pepper. Gradually  stirring milk orid cook over rpttdiurn bear, ti'cring comtontly until thickened. Remove*.  from' heat.'Beor li>gg'Wtlb cream, Add 0'wnoil omowrrt of hot souce to egg ��� mlxturt,'  Stir* 'bock itnft�� sauce isloWly, '  In o brood shallow buttered baking dl?_i layer altem^tdy chi<ken, ham, clilps end  cheese*, fcover with sattct, Sprinkle crushed chips on lop. Oak/s ot 350* 20-25 minutes.  Serves��� _.-.jo 0. ,,  ...      ,.,.,. -     ,  WJberie  Fasnfon h a byword  Smart Shoppers are  found at. . .  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Campsite 'near Roberts- Creek, Van- { >f  ra^veryCo&st Region Boy Scouts of Can- ' ''  ���-a da,' -has a new chapef, v        I        *  [ This irqpr-S^vesthictui'e, built In the  __tiape of an "A* frame with cedar shakes,  nestled in between the tall trees, was built  by-volunteer labor with financial assistance from the fyetallack ^Memorial Fund. t _  . OV Sunday, June 1; 1_��69,, at 4:00 p.m.,  this'-very attractive chapel will be officially dedicated as theRetallack Merno'riial  Chapel by Rev. Peter Collins of Baney  United Church.  It will be dedicated }n.memory,of,the  late Mr, and Mn,, Hex Re-attack, two of  Vancouver-Coast Region's dedicated  Scouters.  ....    u,,-*.      ���      _    ,  Mrs, ftefcallaek passed away December  25, 1907 and her hu__band' on March 8,  iw& ���/ ,���., ,.   .: t  . ,  . y  -  Rex began his Scout leadership as as*;  i*  ���*_,    .  ^** ..HH.    *  ?3_*!fcj_��^^  f-t*. v"-   r~*- i r  '��> A' i>  *    *a   .��� 'i   '  i'     V> ,  ./*  fcC    -___J_ ^_S_> '- '__t _Kji  ?   *AJ1 ��� - " _ . **>    *  .1   *,  ____}  I  ;*  *-������**  ������-���     ._���  Weekend Activity     * .r   ,,      , -     ; ,Y  Beautiftil-Eaby iakfris-the scene of   ^ay. to transport ��suppliea' to .'-Uieir.  increaiting activity as more and more   lakeside coftajje are Mrs. Kjlt Ivlilne  Iiitereistiiig wilii life.  Movie for Elphinstone  UN3DER the supervision, r*>f.3_trkiRankin .the students efah were giyen a.^ouvemr  and tW; sprot?sb-,^JWis*. Robe*rfeoKi^ the cardtrbsrd* matt, ^from  which the lead  Ifgpors Society of JBJlp^insJo ne enjoyed a piote^ are made,  trip to town laefc -ThuiKday, Aj��-jJ 24. On '  Thanks ho ihe Honors Stay, Elphin-  the, agenda for,the, day ,^vas^ first, the s^ne his,been, well represented at the  *  Planetarium.  The students had 30 min- p&n��tanum.   Mr, J, R. Pollock, Educa*-  Uteri to, wander .about the* lobby of this <ti0nal pirector U the Planetarium, wrote  modem buildlag.   '   i  - ^ jett*^* toMr- Potter commending our jsiu-  ,   .Ushered -to the duat:firee theatre" of the dernts, for, their thoughtfulness and good  Ptehe|FaHu_n,,'tihe 'students ,werte, given, a. , manners,  tebture on the ni^hoidi.,use,d to project the i."    .    '���, \'< ^^  ''*    ,  ^Jioyif.  The show -Uwt was shown was - THE HONOR SOCIETY-^    -,.;  called Tlw?' Mansions of the Sun,'' which - 1st and.^nd Terms who attende'd: ,  dealt with -the; zodiac ��igns ?r4,.fhe riela- -   'Sandra'Hansen,' John ,Barnes, .M_ir,ilyn'  tiohships of, t*he,stars to, the-pJanets", ,, - Hopkins, Wnda Price, EIMt-,Tru#nan,  , ' >Aftei* a ^ulck Ittncji in the>u��et>istyled> titaney, t LeWiarhe, iJuahita -Mi^', PoHon  restaurant jof the P^n<^riurnrrthejHono'rs Gregory, .J^nria tN^JsW Boberi Behb|e,  Society boarded. Xnel blip aiid .headed to- j-iark Rug^,FEHeenFM^.ken7,ie^iKSLren  wiardii the-'Pepific Press-''BuJldiiifey,The,. Ajsager/JPennis Ivjacey,,Frances Pinlajr-  ^uidps, taking 10 -sl^dents -each,,jp-rbceed- s6h\ Joaji*pory,.Steven JLee, Bob Barnes,  ed to lead the way through the-great maze Greg',Uayes, I^ygie Martinez, D^vid Btul;-  of offices and;finachmeTfJ-le4 rooms,. The ger, Claudii, Headlpy.1 Sheahan1' Benni^,  stud^^ wa*clmih^?nakSrj& 'Cathy; yDeKlwr,, Mark  English,   Mary  *_ ___T1t r C.I*_'_**rfMii*��     *%4F     \TV_i*mFi/_.t_ arrfvi*       *^��'*|i_ *���_    -4ir^i*����    j*k^L^k,lr- IV "T1. __r_t_TJ_i-V___r-^i*-iF~ trv   * _^L����f(. *���*_���������� A 1 <��� *_V__r_.lM     *.       J_l*_l_jr. w_lr_  jf-illed a very active Scouting  the time _rf.4_i"eir>death, y,v       , ,\ ,  '.   Huitdredij of le_(ders-*tl_rdughoult Brit-  isli Columbia will remember this famous   ������ r  u    Jla       T*i__rt��._r ���  J>usbandand lyjf^team1 tor their hours of' "Y      ,   r* "''    Y      .*'*''                        Y                  "TT")' Mary, iinmey  devoted ^lrMi#^ 1?itllV0 back to QueDec 3__fier a family HEBE AND THERE '       '/.,-:  ifcfS'SS^SdlS" ,'^4"r^��7h *^rM^^J_-l5PS5&  Silveo* Accrn.                                               * ; ^ui^mghlam, h_s Wife Mardyn and two pitaljare Mrs,; Mary -JKxngston andi Rhonda  ceptly finished a,tour of V��'neouv;er'Island,  communities showu*-g tbYeapacityi; a^dl;  ence$ is ^ming to JBlpniivstdne Audll^ifFtrh  on Thtfrpp.fa ,May v 22..J $he\ .^o-hb'-jCr  color film re����rds some of the Mveiit'ures  of .D^vid Hancock and- his jpsie I*yhr6%  expeditions along the.B,C,.^ist- Bfesides  being" anrex^llentr-pholwgr^phey--I>a'v^  Hancock is a biologist and conservation-  ^*^.^iil^ill^^^^������^ii^ei^^^^E.^^^^^^Ha  birds, and also mtb~br_*a^taT_wg^  ...... citing adventures,  .  , JMrs: Bruno Doxabxp&i v_h<?,had a _>hort - Da^-who��� cOMes"trom"' VL<3tor?3Cirtet  stay in hospital, following a car^aecident,' his Au-tealianborn, wife Lyn~ while he  yr^ sufficiently-recqyeriedHst weekend'to was at UBC,             - -       *              '--.  accompany her family to Vancouver. -  -._ . while living in .Vancouver, Pavid .and  Guests^of ,M^-:Pr9��k:JJyons la_H;���3veekr. Lyn adopted-a dyings orphan fitcj'seal  of service to the youth of their community Joa&�� paints, Mi*, and Mrs. Art Arm-    |&��A1. ister ^and 87-year-old* Charles ;Tink-  ahd country.  -                '           ' 'ftro^*f yY     ���  i'ijL-J              ,}*&>'  "            '       '  '         - -   - ��� "jjastVe-ek the Cunnuighains also re-  Golden BaTS awarded - '   &iVG& a-surprise visit from Mr, and Mrs.  ���, ,     " ��o�� ��}J��fae�� Ed ^Ajjtyp^vitch ^ pr^ce George. Lynj.  WtlSOn Creek BrOWnieS Antypoyiteh. is the former Lynn Hunter  mUSON  Creek BrWri4s  and  leaders ��fe parents,, were, drowned in Garden  Y -welcomed mothers for a very special " ^f^/^^^^u^ , ^    end. were her granddaughter Carol and    which .they riur&d successfully; back-.Jo  occasion-on April 26.                       - bficatoe the foster child ot Bob and Joan    husband Ed^in BaSh '0f Tsawwassen. ���*- .\  health., Sammy' has featured * in. several  . f Golden Bars were awarded Kim Wil- vunrungham. _           r                     ,           .   At'-the JohnBesfon cottage are'the' escapade includ^,. getting.lost and be-  son^ Kim JBemier, Flossie l*/oods. Carta LUNCHEON SHOWEB     ,        , ,          -   Restons' daughter. Janet, with, her hiis-    ing returned from the Columbia' river, .n  JP&tkaii, ItebraCai-by,  Brenda 'Clarice ��� Qn ^ ^ ^^ g^ jjj^ waj5 host.     band Ken Pare and baby boy;      ,         '     A""^  ^*vJt!fL ?yS_^ ,���f_^ �������.^ i-t.���, ess at-a luncheon shower to honor Shirley         Visiting the Stan Moffats are their  ^roKSrr^fi ?Sp ' H*w*" ^^ & ��> &oomeJ-t-ie Jwide .of    daughter; Lorraine;":,with husband Lome*  man.  .ii    r  * ^  Edith Vesely-was-enrolled as a new  Brownie, A sing-song followed the cere-,  monies with Mrs, Porothy Siockwell leading the singing.  ., PM you know that May, 22 is Pickle  wjeek?���Indianapolis 4Ind.) Star.  Wray, on May 24.    ��� ���    :   ,   - .   Oueits ^ Mrj5."Jonn; Hall, at Welcome  ', \ Shirley,- seated on a. throne, dewratedv _. Beach have 0eni-her brother and sister-  withpink and white roses, received many   4n-law, Caiptain and Mrs, Pouglas Mar-  tt^ul gifts from the Id people present;    shall of 3(I-xac8e,','Beaeh_  Guests.included her,mother, Mrs, Edna,      r Mr. ��nd*fMrs, Francis Stone, returned  Hebrier 'and Mrs, Len Wray. v ;"      .A'om'theiryear's -tour of the world, made  ". FThe hostess; assisted lay Her- daughters,. ' * sho^ visit to thePeninsuIa but axe visit*-  Elaine and Kit, served a delicious cold    ��>�� friends in  Victoria before settling,  down temporarily at Secret Cove,  Then*  occu-  -pied, by the Pombroski family.  Mrs. Pave Stephenson -with Suzannie  and Sean are enjoying a few days in Vanr  couver.  OTICSIIICi  O WEl^ MOUSE  Hh  ||_V*i|;|^  MBUSTmMm .  O ELECTMC heatim  pfete lunch. The table centerpiece iyas a    <wwn* temporarily at jjecret KX>ve.  eake de<tbrai��d in pink and white with the    "Welcome Beach home is at present  message '"-Showers- of Happiness."- --' *-  Shii.ley i^pent most of her childhood in-  Half moon, Bay but accompanied her mother ix> Gibsons after-the, death of her father,  the late James Helmer, jn 1967, - -  BACKHOME-  ���~ Mrs, Janet Allen' is home, after a few "D_i|l A --.^-.-.^^J- 1*M1~.  days spent in West Vancouver as the ��uest XlalllC MrOCccUS J161u  iof^Mrs, I/wne Burrows, .She accompanied -          ���* V ^  Oregon  Pavid and Pynno<yv live itiSaanich-lon  where they operate the Wildlife Research  Centre. Sammy is still with thep, a beau-"  tiful four-year-old with' a ^growing tendency to herd aUjcrther^animals and people with whom he comes in confect-  " Submitted "rte.Wild, Lonely Coast,"  its purpose is te make available to ,the  people1, of this province the beauty and  ntajesty of the sea shores and islands and  tfc<? wildlife which tnha1>it thehvfrom the  oata*coast of tVancouver fejand to ^he-  Queen  Charlottes.   (The  Hancocks;, feel  privileged to have been ablcto-visi'caj-d'  cHriroi b  i.5-/\BniURPJAC0BSp*c_.��  ���   m hwm-jmfmtafe jamb dajy  ���|��!_*0OVC,,#$  wmnwi\tem  MICMlV/liSON RODSBaiflS mmm'Aamsi* fWUWSlOH*,* WUffierfE-JXE  CARTOON  Starrs 8 p.m.  *   -  TECHNICOLOR; y*-,  INCEIEASED ADMISSION  CINEAAASCdPE  Out-10 p.m.  A . *"  film so much of the coast and in sharing  .    .        _      .      .   ��� itheir adventures they   hope., to  arouse  are enjoying a few days m Van?    feeHngs of responsibility ;to' protlst- an  Mr.   Stephenson   accompanied, environment w__5xrn wehave"'liee-V_��?or-;  them there, but has returned to his post  at the Merry Island lighthouse.  environment which -we wve-'beew so for-.  tunate to inherit, Coast^Safifffi-ii-- being-  sponsored by a Gibsons group interested  in education and,wili bevpresented^by-the--  Student Council of Elphinstone Secondary  School     w    ..'. , ' -  FIUDAT; SATURDAY; MONDAY; MAY ltSth, 17��h ond %9tU  1 > .* '  jay ao.-i mmnmm $mw  'i Jrf,",  J*-. Ji.-F��  f,*. .TERENCE AikSAN,;,RONAUDf' HOWARD..  iPQWtZ:  *b> } -*,,��^%> -,**.��,,>'���'  r*--   TECHNICOtOR  "*'      CINEMASCOPE  iwiwiiw.w.a  r_n  DMm  /^   f>^^V\^.t-^k^5*^jF*U.^,^���1    V���FF*^���*   *  *V^F..*._-  ��F ^. ,  ;r    ,r,,,*.r,,rtt~v i^^n'f  ,ij .7f��/<3.> .   *��,��  Vffi'oi T}W  ���fc- 'i is  AT A meeting of Green Court Ladies  Committee on May 9 at the home of  Committee ".Chairman,* Mrs. Sam Pawe,  arrangements were made for this year's  raffle. First prijrJe is the mahogany  framed   needlepoint   picture  made   and  iELSOPJC LI!  Box 745  GIBSONS, B.C.  Pfoom SBS--0S09  'Chuckanut Bulb Garden, north of Mt,'  Vernon, W^hington,' where' daf fx>dils and  tulips were at their loyeliest and contin-  ued.on io laCohner to enjoy the magnificent display of tulips and orchids.  COMMUNITY ASSN.  All membe?s"of~*tlle. Welcome Beach' , donated'by Mrs. L, P, Hansen. Other pri-  Community Association are earnestly re- SMS;are, a 400 day clock and a folding  quested ���'to attend the special meeting at garden lounge. Tickets, 50 cents each,  tho. Welcome Beach Hall on Saturdhy, three for $1 are at present available from  May 17 at j8 P:m. for ,the pu'rposie of Mrs. Sam Pawe, Mrs, Wm,' McGregor,  ���amending the Constitution.; , Mrs, Charles Tinkley and Mr, L. P, Han-  Raffle .tickets are still available for the - s^n,  handcrafted garden* bench now On display' Proceeds of the raffle will be used  at the B, & J, Store, and ckn be obtained for the comfort and welfare of the ten-  from Mrs, Grace Rutherfor4 or. any mem- ants of Greene, Court senior citizens'  ber of the Halfmoon Bay, Auxiliary, homes, at Secheit,  ���-.,.        .  JOIN IN THE FESTIVITIES PLANNED FOtt VOU BY THE  SUNSHINE COAST LIONS AMb THE VILLAGE Ol- SECHELT  ASSORTED COLOURS  HEAVY WEIGHT  A-Rr-AL-MAY-DAY-SPEClAL  IDEAL FOR BEACH OR  HOME  $177  LADIES BRIEFS  ASSORTED COLOURS  AND STYLES  u M^Y-DAY-SPECiAC  ��_si_-if_^s_is  __s__  .  aroa   IN A PKG.  $1.20 VALUE  NEILSON'S % WILLARDS  MAY-DAY**SPECIAL  -   ��� ONLY  I l*1 ! I "  owls Hie IflBtme lo Chedi Our Svnm Worn. Stock--: Going-  USE 0\SR LAY-AWAY PLAN.  LADIES', GIELS1, MEN'S AND BOYS' SWIM WEAR AT CAMPBELL'S  I  ':<.r.1/ir.lt;-i:;';��.'  !Kffi>W&i  You already Jmow "rvhere most;,priee3 are gojjn^. Flip; ��>6  *yoli*o_ *wa|F_u'-i-ly expte'cl* ihe bmm-jnevv Wcam B%omi  lie're to cost a lot more lliari tai>l year. Fact is, many   ,'  cans in this year's line-up frorm'CIievroJet-cost.lea-, Y ..  much less, than last year's models, For instaixe,the '  2-'door Impala', equipped wilh powe_*disbhraltes ' ''  Tuib'o Hydrarmatic transmission,.whitevvalis.-  wheel covers and head restraints, plus a bigger  motor than Jast year, is yours for $120.50* .e*?s K'^3  than last year's figure. And comparable savings  are waiting for you on many Nbva,  Chevelle and Camaro models. In  other wordB, you can buy many  of this year's care at less than   ,m^��7M7M3  MAIt*. Of  mm) nci'  ���/;��*<*(/ 01%. manufutfurtr't tuggrstHt fnoxtmum rrtoll  f>rUr*. including Miial Mile anUfKiu lax and  tuftifriiteit dralrr tirtlvtiy and handling rhai^fi.   ;���"'.*���*������.���-see your, local authohized Chevrolet DEALeB-  ors-Jft^o  SteWt*  PEHlNSyLA M0TOt*piODPCfS (1957) LTD*  Phono; C35-2111  __--,  :tt^^^4 ^^^'���mf^^'^  >��**��>���rf�� jrfv V **..  .^���fcrf^.^-***"** ��****��� *-*�����.���(** m***i*. �� "^ ���**- w^fi^- /**���+���"*���  ,  iUft,*, /f   0 f.JH   &  .�� ,^*_     ..J^h ^v   ���  '#    *���' i#.   -1*   ������*���*}   ****   ���****   f1* &n<fttfa m��&t   1*  r** -** j*.   ifttj * ,*v Ad-JI**^   A��*-.*P> ntftF"*! ^ ^^^��*fr!��Vi_#N��l^f^����^*!^f*-!#''  ������^'Ivi'''*"  ���^^rf^HM^^HM^J*^^ ****** ' vi i r *���' ,- >ir  *  lT F       *   ^  *>tr  J    ,   .      t?  5  Y  1 91  1   .  F  I  I       ��  c  -/ :  i    ���  -. _    * '  ;   c^lebrattpn^?^4W^^ue"WSatw-   yp$����r*.Steve {Laakso'4 Jeg J but nothing; -v^  t.,j,~* , .     .. ,  ��^1^^^ ^K'S^hSan Bonnie, 'ite*��  ��.__ _--__.,_.>._.___.__.-._.       F��*_       J^J^^g^  '        A  \; *���  r*.  I-  9:30 p.m:  FISH PERBX >  ���_.-.  Lynnsey Young. >    ,  .������... _..-Xl-^aVjd Bulger,.Wendy,Giirf  . <.  .    ;    When forestlure.danger is high or ex-   ney/   ',       , "-       *   *Y " , YY       ��  C:Y    P^89*' -*?wb. start readily froft. Rowing'    ^$>iy�� XVH-^Cheryl! .Guelj^ySusanne  "j embers -or cigarette butts,' ..._-,..-,....  The boys tric-sd hard hut  who caught -the- heaviest  der   Harbour   Children1  Derby." Valerie Reid  I IW ���'      HI   ������������� fmtm   m   m ���  . .'*  There were sOn-eYerivioiis glaneW cast,  ��  oyer the water-'where weekend4 sports-  fishermen -were weighing,'fn some nice*  salmon and a btu_3*ing'red-i5napper;4Fv i "  SOAP BOX DERBY  i  I  overlooking the mouth of Pender Harbour  ropier forDellclws Siei-fcs  ��� C " �� *-- '* *.  f*E5E$VAT_{6#$ _^R___FERR1B        y  Transp��r2aiif �� si may ^toe -aBTsngesi.'  *.   f.  7   '-  35  A new event thk year was,theFSOap  ^immjm^mi/iimmmmMmMmimmmmmimimMJMMimiMsm  4   '  ���* ��  *_ '" '  1    pl_  r   '  V*  *    1     .  _F _  ,_   '  ,' J, -*        f      ?    < F , *, ^> F *    V **     **    ���-- S " ,tF-  '-j. -   .*���,,��� rh, ._ j������._,. ,,,->,, i ...   - _. Soap Box*Derby   , -,./,-  JEJarly arrivals for Pender Ilaxhoiir -Eurnier,"   Gordon  Kewick,   Ijomec Pender. Harbour  youngsters M_a$e  S��ap,Box Berhy line np for starteii-":'Held/ Doug Crosby, l-orne Bla&y plenty olmechanical ability and*#.i��  orders. From i���tft_ir^Bra����__rei^ more imagination. -        i  Mark and Warren Clay with -"Road  .this number entered proving that  wvy v. * f   CI ��;  ' *   '  i  My-^Y' i,/ ..j,Plf ������  p(*������/ ,r, * Yi yj  ���* ��*y , "i /1    <  Winner  Speeding across the finishing line   Box  Derl>y.    Coming   second  was crack of dawn making last minute  young Kerry Ward outdistanced more   Lome Beid in ''Sniffy'' with Andy adjustments for the big race. Grand  sophisticated vehicles in Pender Soap   Peters third.  Kerry was up at the finals are at 9:30 a.m. next Saturday.  _^J ^,.i,-...__^tF_l.i^_itf>tatWiJ,I ,y.tt{|,tr_F_tf>��.  <   **-���  1        -"��..-  " ��.1,J.  1 I       ���  ,���     ��  I   -  *   .      1-  *s _w  ��� J  v..   ...  -���      _  V .  \-   _  From tho towering grandeur of th��  Rockies to tho sandy beaches of  the coast. From th�� charming  Okanogan Valley to tho sprawling  Peace River country. From the vast  forest reaches along Highway 16  to tho gardens of Victoria. Your  homo province offers endless  opportunities for enjoyable holiday  tr-wel, Hi��d tho call of British  Columbia this year.  I-  *-*���  F*\_  1           ' 1 ���          ������  ...  f                    '   ���  '  -        ' ?.  *-  1  .  ^            - -i_%,*ferf1.-ft. _,  ���  -   -'   .    -*a_a.._���.*_.  GOVERNMEMT OF BRJTtSH COLUMBIA  DEPARTMENT OF TRAVEL INDUSTRY  Hon. W, K. KJtrnan, Minister  R. 0. Worley, Deputy Miniater  M>    4PI     #    #     ��*     -  ���V r    <t   ,if      ^�� , ��**���   V        i*  -      *      __      4^      *     *     ,  ���    #     J��    *    *    (R    *    #  ��� ^ ,^m ifi .^iyiv^~!**^'^����H_'^^*��^)#W(^^ i�� ���V"w' <*# i^*^^H,^*Ft.*s,it����(t*^'^v*jF^^ **" r*^J,f^^"     ,  ��9_  Jto^-fUffl 1*1,^*^^.  im��^B w%i ftifs  !*,, ,(tK, -Fft   *f* # rfff  *  !�����*. f^i.1.   B-f*!*-!*-" "Ih^Sl ^���f'***'.-^    -P-j^.     "f-^'lffl^iUMffl-, i V f*    \r Y                                     I       '                 ,                         ^
tO^YY^;^^ %-y, im>jv; ?x& ^wtyw^'AuJiA Y^?y ,yY^^ ?-.:
-"* , t ** '  * '          '' .'■ *       -* y <■ '.i*      *<v . 'f1'   *'                           c '      y
,w*' , %<<           y c \ "      * '• *    ~yy 5>v>   ^           >\   t                 '
_■   y V ' -,/ **' •*'"       I
->S   *   -v. .    i--*.       - t o* * .
1. / T* ■ •*. r£vj^      — I ** ■    l*      1
>.*>*«./<_• *-*
./•___,    .
* "ej»«* ■*.
__. ****_     _ J*   Vl*
*-, _       J_F
I _
*   •_ **■        -f *£
*>- ^*-* ^
-^    .•.t.yy .
* • ■"" * s*    __*• **<5.
-   "i . -' *?* __, *
*-'. -J
f   ».       --F     F-,
-■> *L
*.       -_.
.   y *■  -s. - y.'* <■*. w
* * - i     **_ <    ~        r*      *■
J* -
.«' "■v*.    ".
^Vr«, Jf*-*"",
* r &
M^asvlring and weighing fish is a "
serious matter in a cluldren'-s fining
derby and yourt^ fishermen crowd
dnmnd Mr, Alf Harper busy weigh-
•ihg tbhuny-cbd .bn IVladcira Park
Wharf on Saturday morning/ Over
50 ybungsters dangled lines from atop
fLshboats, along the floats or between
the pilings.
The Peninsulo Titles      -   Page B-5
, Wednesday,, Moy, 34, 3£69
 '   ■  '   "' ^*^.^W*F.
Pipelines may be ha^ardou., too, says
Ralph Nader, V/e look forward to ins
next book, Unsafe in Any Joint.
, i
Onre a boy dreamsd of filling his
father's show, not hi* seat belt,    .
" i"    '   i -"■''*'3*-v'/ *"^**J' - "•■ V "■••''-y-Y-.*.-.* * * 'Y_ ,i' «<j* y ,, *r»i'^fF.:v'f/y,! v*£,'      "! *
*_ >*
>.","* **•>*
_. «?■   **
-3J'?~*'ii.1'**   ,.*><,,
.1 . * *-   l"_- -*,<*■'   <^ -.*; ?%
*'■*« *■  _......ft tdM...»-rf ..,_ i.Nim . i. i,.y.'i1rniF.in.*_»i if. n ^i.i na-. -*jj.-_* ■ m..
5* '
'if-f. '- -"-i*F, ,Vf-^' t, __i>^'V-w'(3FT_.* -.^V 'vv.^^X'.tJw* ^j„.%.    f   ,, ^ ^,    U'-f''',;*'!-^'-'.^ ,<, f-*i *~v—*^ ., *-*•»*«„,
mi, ui'i. }_|.ijj;i'il»ji,h in, uiin.. l_ih Llifaii. „uujiihW..><._Mluni'iln»_m muMiimii .iiiiiiuiim.i,hii..i»,ih..ii.i mil  I    , ii ifii ii..itii..ij _i _■ ii■ _».. -muni.  Iiiln.unn.if*.!in _J. iiiiiij»i|.||ipnl»ii_iii)   ll i.i in f --T-'frP^fcPW—^F^PW^*""—W^PWW^iSW.
,   rF —/y^x-^fFV,   y-,,^,-—_-  -«    .^'-        .»      „   ^'f ,.'';> c,    ^    l  .      -      **   t  ?
i'       ',    f. f-f - «->    »     ''  "-    ' YV'       , rt    " " "      ;f   5 V  -" , /     ' ,.,    „
,      .nl   %   i
* .
mi mill .ii il   i .l||i..ll Ii i
..in r. n it,  ir wTih ii j
J* I        1 f it t
wmr-A '•ji-f--i,'"r*a     ■; *aw~ :" *'*,'vfi*'**'***-'!' *»  *■
,.( , ( jrjot •Boji,' p7-. .\j7,77/. 7'^.   ".'i <
t GAily p_tinted and Well conitnic1«4  'jrt^Mp*^^;^
p'eritrir^M^tMio^oftheP^te   qr##&1 <?#g W ftf&fn^    ,
al1 Harboiirsfa^.Box Derby evehts.'B&' ha^fefc .*q M -storting Une/^re
l hind ihe wji^el was Steve Utakso who   Totn and Jerry Mercer, .;,'    ' y, M '
*    ,i     ■     'i .i i    i      .mil ....   inn i in iT   i   u  .i.iii urn iiipinJtimni'nui-..    ''i  '-    r'i'A -"^r11- ■"- •"-^■■' "f-—■ -t--J--- ■■■*■!■ ■ ■■*■■-■■*■■■  »      ■ *■■■■■*       '• '■ ■"■• ■ .._■ ■_..f..|.-i._.|-'
(Guides Cookie Week hailed^ig; success;
'■MAY 7,meeting of,the .Secheit LA'. i»f  '>'\lfamhm''W&® pkm4 tKk.lewrp'-fjat
|    , Guto <*n4 Bwwines w-* held at the,, .Wl|/4'T|okrtht; ,#ckwel|, to, t_Jo^ ,%r
] iKtti^ W Mri Mary Flay, 'f^f.M f W*wt mnpliskkwr,    <   . '
i"   It'was rmtLd m Cookie Week vw ^ W W ^«^^»^r4e' P^ek ,#m
s'ext^wejy eucMl wd ito. "toy « «p_^'aw©s^^p^»pi4w
' SwStf Tea' feld hi ihe U&kt HofJ wara J««ff r»ttth __wco*ha44e3y *mto» CK^t-
i again a popular and ^uciceisful event. «» Xl_w4 eirls toking part W the^atnp-
i Door prizes were as follows: the adUlit ou!t:-                                      -!        '"   u
| ptriase «f a cap, ssaucer and"plate *dote»A_i_j Guide tad Biwvnle l^adsew Are ulgenV
j by -L&'J Jew^U-*r5 w« won by JSrlns. .^ ^eded th%*w*«-p£ iSertartbMf fc* W||-
^ Irrna Laycocks boys" door prize, a foot**- ®pn Cfr&k. Any-interc-Ftfid MM iaiiiwA-
^baH*-Bmty Muldw«in; »rte *-p_£_-«vdtf) .to* Mr.*CI)«lcilr^'J*_rft_^
I with *vrard_x^--Wr-da llOdWayi ti£iby'fl -trf'tlhte l.Av< Guide or Brownie leadesr'lor
* prize, q, tiffed toy-Tcre&a tUfbniUixt ' further irifornten^,'  ■      "   '       '     • "l*
ASocond jfviortgago t©fin t<. a maxWni of $^000 w,th Interest
foir/or than Federal N,r.,A,flrfit mortgaTgo J0_ii.8,l8 nowavM-
'MU fdr cdnstruction of a new homo. I
1. Yoti must bo the first octant of the home.
2. Yom mu^t bavo lived In British *6oTumBTa for H2 months tm-
i^edliAbly precedfrti thi dat® of purchaw-or <h® dsto of
eSomptotlon of oorlstru'dtloh of tho ftbfaife.
^rovldlrig payments ar© mudg promptly as re<F}uirod, 10% fup
to a warty maximunl df $50,db) will ho refunded to yoti thus
f'iduclng tho liffectiw interest rale, For^g. this would mean
M 'U $#00, Sb-J^ar* toafy Itto cttectlvb interest no« wbtild
bb.^%_        i"-:.:: *    \"
A ^1000 Homo Acqulsltlorj Qront l_s Qv^flabl© da ati altomsfYt
to tftb Secbttd Mortb^gb ibib nnd Sway h® Msod fpr. building or
p«rcbii» of tl Mf b®$% MMl oH or ©ft«r F/Mmtwiy @; tPSCi
1. You mtjst h& th© 1 iw\ obojpant ol tho homo for which ty^ut*
cation 1*3 made,
&. Yoa mifot hayo fh»d |fi tdif|)dh ^wshla for 12 fwwtthf pm*
medtttfoly pr-ecbdfng th_. dAto Of purchest or if?o dsto ol
bobptetidrl of cbhitroei/on of ydur now homo,
3. Previously received Homo-owner Grantgf tsrffl ho iSoduetetl
from !M S1O0O ©rirtf        *    t *
Completo fihd $#nd tho following coupon If |rms -wlsh-finlhef
mtiiVLA. a BENt-asit, PA ^#ilr _# Npl^r of Nparibo
•flu 0. .BUY-SOU, t%iiiy Mfiraif«r- of -Bni^co
Pr ovinclaJ Administrator. Home-owner A*f^_4J_nof%
Roosn 120, P-trfiamiiftt BuHfSslgf,
Victoria, British bofumbte
Pleaso eend mo full fnformatten with r^fflfd to tho-
4 p seeoNo MdRTdAdt   *
-   aHOMf!^CCiyt$tTlOfl0fTAIlf      .   i
m I hsV_? iri<ilcat$iJ.
■ Address-
_,     t      *
M •* *Vfc-."
It     *J »««■ f*-^    *W'"!1
')/*•      f*      * ! .«'      ^      ^^T*.
*)»«»*-*   1*mu»4"
'    -A  #"      ", ^*f    ***    #*     )    «•   *V*    «#* W
» l-faAjj*    -at***, f w *     ^   '
i   rff>  I**; «!*»  >#    #f f **  *f** «p*» iWhi*  is**hj ^t*>  ;«i *«  rf_  ^»*  «-»  <•■« («i
*^ta^^-»#^^^^^H^^H^w*,.rf«K)^*-^^ ^if ***"'*   **  !«*>*' ^«*1*   ^f*   *.#f-*C  • fl it*'       'H*,'  M, fv  '        i'. .        _*���_. _       +   T i1   t tv c      * n _       ���     .  *        a*       "-Jt-mSi   Jt<*r^w  * l..-<   j.,      >     r    _      ���*.. .      r      i . <iY .-   ,   )      Mii -  < Y /',  X      F,  ��� V  Y*M**S. JN. Berdahl spent 8/,days ai 'the  Island Hall In PafrlftsviUe where she w^s   ."*-'  joined hy t hkc'��istfr-in-law����� Mrs* ,Fced   Va_ .,  . B6udre&it*of Canipl?ftrBiyer.y   *���    Y >     * -  >  V-i-T^M*.' and "Mrs. $ian Y^dejl - ^  wer*e ihe"4atte:rV, parents Mri and Mrs. * *     !k,     .,.���.. ^  Fe^S" ���wpSR*?*?'.*��*�� "helped* Horse ito It ME sirong  y^olauraScnrofers-celebrate her ��_ih!_4rth*r    ��     .,vi, - "     _.      _       v, ����.��.___. *.���'��_. ...     * ���*  dayonTuesdayhwrninklastV^ek,.After   fbnff^mht&e yomi1a?i_iri 1 of ffie G**��* area an idea forsan-j  a lolly niay^me^wiih hat��, -balloons and   lWl/�� JWf-iAd luy UiaiAvAi   unusual fence and after, much wrk *  favours; for all)*a >ery ��<&?�� h��P . �� j~E fe ; -^n^ w otiier fc^,.   and 1200 haskots he is seea;teMng  * cheon was served 3*��y.Mrs�� Karl Ss*iroe��?.        *f��w^^ �� ��**- j>u**v"-** a v����_ ****. ��_    fcM x^^ iMM*4.���MM*,i *���. ^_ ^.^  Mrs. A."R|c#ard Blake^n'returned     ^  - last WednesdayF)eVenintg after haying en- Tv103,   u. ^.^.    .  .     , -   ,,.   ���,_    - .  ��.   , B* ����.-��   -*   1   ��_��    <  joyed a)yish to^eat*Le.  *       , / -      - %^ers '��.*&��*,�� fence must be,��nonse, P*0e B-6 The f^umilo Tmms^  Ojng^tuiati^ Jo Bo��n and Dianne MgVbuU >*�����_*, and.pig tight" Bar- - Wednesday, Moy 14, 1949 '       '  ' Braceweli an'-jthe birth of a toby daught- ever, to *Mr/ Albert Weal- on Oildershaw  er at St*. MaTy/s.Mo^ig^ hw% 27, Candy BoadandSunsliibeCoastHjghw^iyafepce  JLouise^V (Jlifft.% bzf1 ���" V -'rV-. - * * * '    , ^ P^ <^ 0^^4200 wire ^ys disc_aid.ed|  v Mrs."m^W^fflpWS J�� hos- &wn jgj^jp^^ tanoouy^r, wJier-eMr,'  mtij wrdle^lngland^-vting her son WeaiHfe enjoyed.'      ''    ..    -    '-  ^liald, is no^piing ^|^id recent-     ; ^^ ^5^^^ &Imer^ u^ to  iv   _irm.(; F-fj.i f!Jfe*fn.anv. an.,v_;!t'  rrfatives    -_r__._��'j..i...i i-_... _.....,.-* ���*  . ~*  ��fw ***"Wv"**",,":', <*.*...   4,1. *^en raoreo. ror mree yeaxs now ansi is  jMr. and Mr& Hagehihd ofsAbbsLB^d ygry -r^y ��n ^eekewds.^ardeninf, ,land^  aj^ertsined at-a 4-?Hghtful dflmer gam <��eaphm���%s$. genearally fixing up hisjorop-  oii |ie,oepNon- of their weeing _H��r ^y�� Mr. Weal settled in this ^awsa ��bont  -wer^ry^^nong-^u^t were Mr^and��_ytrS. 4& years ago.*,  yiet<)_:. PMe��rv .Abbs 4 Bo?id who itufe   -*��� 1-   also observing their* wedding apfuvet*-  "Times Ad8��ofi^  ' will sell - btiy v��wt " -- y, -1  ���   - -to-fet  ^ F,4 ^ y j, *.��  -     - ��      ���_   . >"~*-t   .      *>.*     ���*"       "["  !        f .   * <  Ifemgooi^Q^*^^ 7&i&&it?&i&&izueMuQbeet* (ZabafTS:  , ; v^YiyYYy1-      f v"Y:"y',Y ^ ��� �� * ,1 >*mmmz~**'  _S��-4#^'-we___^ie_3^ a    '-'^ ; *     -f ;   -     ' t   "    ��� "   pwwfJSEEST  'f * -   ' t *>  ,  �� -       v /- y    >' * *   ,' ^   * ,    *���  4*- t*Vj. " ;��H?fe'^wJvwJii5emejjt foflot publisher* iWiiJlsirfwtrfl^^Uq^OOTU*^        ��_" iv.theCwwwnwt^ariU^^lumWa  jBSjy;'-"-*  i^t_t  *       A   i    il  - Mrs. T��33pry !33xojnji!fc>n .was a visitorF^o  Vancouver Island _&>!���*_�� lew days ^ecenff,  '. -A ianriily party 4t *th| hon^e-iof Mr.  and Mrs, lAraold Btomgren -was^in honor  bf- ihe birthday of. 15 yea*r-Qid C&emu i  ; V *V$fevIe0me to Gibsons _iflr, anil Mrs. B,  O;" Alderawj. oj Vancouver *whbtbav*e tajb-  en'UP residence ^1^89 M_u*ine'_*"rive^  f WrXsnd., Mrs. itpcar Swanson visited  M��*ids at Whalleyilast week," ' j* -"-'- *  - Mirs. fS/ Basey;/was hostess Thursday  afternoon, the .occasion "being the bh-th*'  day^^her ^siughier _^tte_  . Mrs; PhitUes _5r.^o^Harrison p*_i|l&^s  visit% at |_ie'3_oineyof her son Peg.  fMlli^.yMarlne Drive,'/. -  v *, .  JUhjj. 'and Mjs. Wayne Swanson are l>e-   |  Ing <*��ngr__&4ated on ihe t>irth of a sop,  Bradley Dean, 7Jhjs_ ifa at St Mai^s  Hos^^l AprU 29th.-n _     "    Y���   ^y'  Jr��s. <3eor?e B^er^lfe. T, ��, Bulger  ���jfajfcouver Archdiocesan <Jovuj#\ C?^-  f6rence' *wih1c|j, * wa^' held t-wsr-vy-js^at  Hotel" Vancoifyer on Thura^y#vMayk'iflt|j.  ������y l|egistf#iwi was a**# ^m** whsi de^*  _,s$es were iepresmts.1, msOTyifr-ow %e    |  Uw$? Majnland. Tbej?e were 2M -^.djfts  preset' The Ar***h%hop.an^ J&*pji#5  werfi'ii*. attendance.. Two "v^itcteWere    |  thWB frprr* Boston"Bar. �������� ', f v ,*,/'    ra  ' fit- wfs a worthwhile/ rfwarding .-^f*  Inteirspefsing the business meethilgs'were  two 15 jpinute eo_fee breaks, a -delightful  l_u*tchficm. and a dinner. All enjoyed a  time ofiinspiration and fellowship.' *  Mrs-"F. J, Wyng&vt attended a �� day  Pentecostal Assembly of Canada Conference 'in Kelowfca last week, _W61_ihg  with Mrs, Raynor and Mr, att^ Mrs.  Thieson of Powell River, 1  Mrs. Ruth Macdonald of Gibsohs accompanied thein as fear as Pentictoii.  While in Kelowna Mrs. Wyngaerft was  given a surprise birthday party by her  sister Mrs. Black who had the cake  beautifully decorated and complete with  candles. Relatives and friends were present, among them Rev. and Mrs. Kaiser  from Creston.  !  To take part' In 'thf&'tonV'  test, simpjy askfor.a dernr.  onstratlon*bf Homelite  chain saws.CoflvincejQurY ,  self that they ��� are truly  worthy ot 4heir>f��ne reputation., . .'. ���'���' -i ���  See the. entire trance of  Hbmelite XL chain saws;  thenewXL-902Afv1, Super*-  XtAM, *, ,'���;���:,��� ' :���������:��� y;  HOMELITE Xl_ Chain Savvs  the fastest'Selling chain  saws in the world ..; and  for good reason.  Ask for <** dcmottstratioiijf������-  and take part in" this exQtf'  ihg contest.  (HAEIlSAWCB.!  Box 409' - Secheit, i.C.  <��� ���.-���������    ������      1  Sprns Mrnns V/z !b-''_l_j$|_4i$  trfraft Ctie@s SStees 8 oz.  1:  ���39��  lUrafl Wte&lum Chccso .16 oz. g9>t.  ' Tastetf& Choice Isistiifi^ Coffee 4 oz. 99c  Kt^.fNMuiut Butler J.'8>z, y_^���t-t-59c-  St- ilraw_n_mir4��i*0om ��SI 25 oz. _ ygc  Wd.reca'1 lU^tfvlidl ��anllin 6s'._____$|. IS  ���  !  1   ,     !  -HJCEB  1  Mods fCfoklfCfi   ,  Meet ond Olive  Pickfo ond Pimento ���J.  ***&��<������      t0^n^.  CALIFORNIA  fm  FAHCMITO  CHOICE VAifHCIA  KrCf  lbs*  Bunches ;-...  *       '���: Y       \  '  bunches  for  ic  l_ONG'*BlfQliSM CUKES^^Jm^-^^c  " 0lt_^GE Mitt Adnma, 32 oz._____-.55c  i?r.ccs Effective: Tturs., May IS to $at, May '17  ��  T|          \                      ������_.....-���  ...��������� ��� ������    1 i.i...���^._ ������    ���   ^    ^.                ^..                  ���                                                               |         M|| nw              vfmt        |     ^ ,  ���   \       ':'  ./^             / -m   .... '. - .-        ,     y  " **���*    ..��.'.   ��� /            j'*        ... r ���     -   .   . -,- 1  &_��� ���_// 'A'r-'/ u / n Yd \r:,      // /���( r-.    x- '  3<__ll_____-____l8 /               r        \         ''e/                  //     / 7      //      ,t/     A   '/      r���~~/     .      /      \       ������        1       S-f.'-* '  ���^*y k J.��./\^L^L.-j/rnJiLj./J.:*\ 1  W^t&r: [  ^-         .--.^  jl ��� ji.   ^:ii* _'-  l^;^ , -              **���= - -���*'' "*{ '  ;AwiSfft# '    77Z'77Z*'Z7.r 77.Z 77. ...7 7,7^7.^            .*-!_.'li"J . I  ��� ��� ,  ip* i�����*V"_ *(*���./��*(%.>%-'%**?��-'(*��*%���-���#��� 1*. ��"0*.-**�� fV H^ %_<,)�� T%_!ta**�� '** "W   ^^f)h'%A'*i*>fl.#.1#  ��tfti>��.#**,,i** ^r-k,,*, *<|  **n # *!_ * #. 4: -tft <*}. ^fr^fS**-^**?^-*!*    tw^*^   ��F��   -��trf<-    rf rf* j  *    *   *  \�� ttS^Sw*>*> /.^^-^ JV*t****��^A**A^**t *,^f^,cv^*?T;^r^^^^.4t^^^^ . ^���^w


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