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The Peninsula Times Dec 1, 1971

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 What goes on? .^  West C'MW'Uan Uraphie  aO^��Weat bth Ave,..  , nd-st^leg  COMMENTING on! a meeting oi tho fle,-  gipnal Board Water Committee which  he attended as village representative,  Gibsons alderinmi���CharIes Mandelkau said  thu Committee iiivety pleased with the  way Uie watei system is functioning. He  ���ndded tilat plans call ior removal of a  5,000 gallon wood-stave tank from the  Sechelt system to the Qowor Point area; ���  Hopefully this will be accomplished by  May ne*t year,  Alcl. ,Ken Crosby expressed surprise at  the proposal "l wonder if people realize  lhe expense the Board is going to when  all they have to do is hook into the village  lino. I just' can't understand why people  are unable to see what is going on," he  added.  Mayor Wally Peterson explained that  the tank is mainly for use as a reserve  supply during the dry season, it will fill  up overnight when usage drops off. He  agreed  that  the'village  has  offered  the  Board use of its reservoir and-fi"e'e~"Water.  Aid. Crosby replied  "it seems to me  Jhey are .going- to a great deal of trouble  - and expense -pver '"the whole affair, Aid,  Mandelkau , commented  "it  has   always  beetr the same story but it-Suems_Uiiu:ec-  onimendations have cpme from the engineers, Dayton and Knight",  CHANGE OF  HEART  ���  West Gibsons Heights Ratepayers As-  "j?4a&8&  1  tif  (iV<  i l  /fl  i.  ^  s>  s~~*. y  3 V  "  j\k jy-t.'.mAi  * *���**��� ���--" *-���*- *-���-, i *---vtiit in mm imii 1  NUT DRIVE  Wilson Creek Cups and Scouts are  holding-tlieir-annual Christinas nut. drive  Sytniday, December 4th. They will also  be collecting bottles and as* this is their  main fund-raising event, they are hoping ��  for lots of ep-gperatian.  ADVANCE  TAXES   Village of Gibsons-has set a rate vof 5%  on advance taxes. This compares witli 0%  last year when rates were considerably  higher. Administrator Dave Johnston told  Council this is fair figure and compares  with other areas,  ANNUAL BANQUET  Due  to unforeseen  circumstances  tlie  Sechelt  and   Distiict  Chamber  of-'Com-  moree ran into a series of delays with its  --annual   Grand   Banquet.   The  event   has  now been scheduled to combine with the  inst��llatiop, >|igl|t l January 29th.  j%(N<3Kt; )feguJfir iiicotipg. of tlie Sunsliine  CpflSt; l"*e��idnul Hoard has been, arranged  for '|MiurHday Deupinher' 10th due to the  festive season,  Power Squadron member  brinas home two awards....  fiUNSlHNiiJ fcu'uHt Power Squadron members wisrb joined' by students of the  p| lol ing. class when t'hey  met at Wilson  Creek Community Hall Nov. 20,  j lDitts |o the special nature of-the evening's program the regular'meeting .'was  (.'uncoiled and (ho 4f" persons present, eiii  joyed.(in interesting discourse op llio construct inn of ferro- cement, boats liy Cec  Norris, chief, architect, for, Samson Marino Design ItJntorpriHOH, Slides.were shown  a dopicting Iho various (dagos jp..|ho formation (;f th(!,|iii|lH. iipd'Mr, NoitIh ox-  ))luiued tho. different Ihcliniqims used in  llio finishing and filling out. of lhe von-  muIh.  Commander Werner Ttlchlor reported  , thai nt the Canadian Power Squadron  Nltllniuil Cnnl'm'oni**,.! held recently In Vic;-  loiiu Iwi.i iiwards wei" won by Lady As-  , nuclide Ann do Kleur. 'In (ho pholo-  gi'apliy I'ontuHi h1)d entered slides that,won  Iho li'ophy for "J.Wwl Ovurall", and third  prize ,In th" calugorj* for. nlldoH valualile  an  liiiiiiing aids,', .     .  HofrohlimenlH worn served ' to ,end  very liil'orniallvn cvohIph,  sociation sent a "formal letter indicating  that an earlier petition seeking amalgamation with the village of Gibsons is now  cancelled in light of a further petition  winch largely opposed bueh amalgamation. ' *-  -,  ' i 'Mayor Poleison said he did not mind  Which way the residents chose to go  His main interest had been .\o bring the  water'line provided by the village within villaye boundaries. Further, while some  residents of the area involved were'mis-  ,led-*:ipto-believing they might have to  ���contribute tp tlie Gibsons sewer, system,  tips was incorrect and" Council long ago  ipjade elear tho fact that only those on  (lie sewer line would liave to pay fpr tlie  service, ... ���;.,..  RECREATiOtf CENTRE ,  Members of the proposed recreation  centre c()niinUteeia.ppe.ai:ed to seels support of Council fpr the project, they included E. Hensch, L. Labonte, R. Branca  and Dr. J. Crosby. They told Council  that the pioject has been on the planning  board Jor the past three years; with the  object of such a development at the lowest  possible cost. So far it has gained support, in principle from the three Chambers of Commerce, School Board, Sechelt  Council* Farmers' Institute and others.  Also a great deal of support from the  Port Mellon ; Union. ;  The complex will provide benefits for  young and old, particularly in light of  more people demanding such opportunities. Mr. Hensch said it is hoped to go to  Plebiscite early in  1972.    .  Asked by Aid. Crosby for some figures  oh the scheme, Mr. Hensch said estimates  on 19-71 figures are about $,480,000. Operating costs could be between $5,000 and'  ' $20,000. This would depend upon whether  'youngsters are allowed in free or not,  plus a few other incidentals.  After the delegation left, Council discussed possibilities of seeking a vote on  the matter during the upcoming elections.  Aid- Crosby commented -'it is-as simple  as that, if people vote for it���fine, ,if__  they do not then it will be out as far as  we are concerned".  It was decided such a vote would not  be possible at this time bul such a plebiscite be held as soon as possible. AdministratorDave Johnston- advised that  such a vote would in fact be by way of  a money referendum.  Servmo the Sunshine Coast, (Hewe Sound to /srvis Inlet), including-Ptfrt- MelloPi H0PKins Unking. Qmnthoms Lqnding, Gjbsops, Robert*} Cree|c,   /  Wilson CreeK,,Se|mo Park, Sechelt, Half"*013'** Bgy, Secret Cove, Pepdar Herbaur, Mqdeirq Pqrk, Kleindglp, Irvine's Uncling, Earl Coye,lEgmont  LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY'PAPER ON THE SOUTHERN SUNSHINE COAST.      Volume 9, No  I  to&fyrafW Nft IMS  Unjpn ,$**"���"* Ubel    ���  This UsMp 16 Pgggs *-**Q&  WEPNESPAY, PECE^PEM/.mi  i  'V^V*-  y  J  ��� ���> i  '!  I  ~r,     *\  &  Li.  v**  >  1 ��  If'  '   'I   J4A  \   0*  V  -'  f^vr.  ?  ���*'���."...  *���*?  *�� i'  "* v. t* tA*.*'.:$)> i  .���vr  fl-~*-l    J       r*  N  ii.*.'  ���C3  ..'��  ���h  ��.^v... s  f  i*  - i  */ti  i  ,     **      '     -  I - ' ���        ������  Centennial Project   .  -Expansion of Weleooie Beach Community Hall is now complete and  was officially opened on'Saturday fey  H.on, Isabel Dawson. Centennial Committee members present for the occasion, are from left: Alex Ellis, Millie Leyland, Bill Fraser, Hon. Isabel  Dawson, Keith Comyn, Mary Tinkley  and Ed, Cook. The expansion almost  doubles the capacity of the well uled  GommunityJHaii andthe parking $i|&;  was tested and proved most satis'  factory on Saturday, ]   ,  Seeks legislation . . . -  Keep these fellows in line  suggests Pejader Ratepayer  Suggested Junction . . .  "WHEN a small v group of people^, set  themselves up against the.._we.lfare of  the people, the government should legislate lu keep these fellows ip.line^, Suggested chairman of the Pender and Harbour District Ratepayers Asspciation,  Frank While to Minister of Health Ralph  Loffmark at last week's meetirig gt Pender Hetrbour. ',  Mr. Loffmark had been explaining the  type of treatment'which the medical profession would permit in a diagnostic ^nd  treatment centre. He saifl,.[{"appears that  a doctor will -p'pt be allQiwed. tp.usg ana-  cslhetic or  adminislei; treatjnent  ini the  mittee which represents the B.C. Medical  Association, the B.C. Hospital Association, the B.C. College of PJiysicians and  the .Provincial Government,,.. ,..   -..   Question puzzling  many people  wlio  attended the meeting is how many doctors  on salary would be required  to offer a  " 24  hour,   seven  day   a   week   "on   call"  service. .  STATEMENT  Heading a prepared statement at the  meeting, chairman Frank White said that  when, the hospital, was moved frpm Penr  der Harbeyr io Sechelt, P.ender Harbour  residents' liad been  promised  ap  upHo  WATBH Comuiittcjp,, upfter, chairmaifslup . Ui^jV-yMPPruvph ^.ApUoipj  of i director  Iprne "Wolverton,   is ��td'  ,F.i���*,��  study u draft, resojulipn uub��nit|.ed by the  secrutfiry-tioasurer designed to give the  Sunshine Coast  Regional  Board  greater  control   of   watershed   areas   within' its  jurisdiction,  ,._. *'.;��� ^ Mt..    ._  .._ Mr. Quoding points out that other*regional districts are also concerned "with  problem's   whereby   multi-use   of  watersheds has already affected supplies or Is  in d'tngoi' of doing po. He suggested that  It would be financially impossible and  also Impraeficnl to seek absolute power  in Ils own backyard to control watersheds  nnd spell out. ground-rules, However,  a  more-'practical   approach   would   bo   to  umpha��l/.e necessity' of co-ordination und  .allempi |,o obtain the sipiple function of  .''I'rcservation of Watershed areas". This  would  unable    u   workable  compromise  solution  lo  ho achieved  where  ciinl'lict-  |ng demnnds occur,       ,. '      ���     ' ��  The resolution Iherefore proposes that  siipplopienlary Lo||ors Piitonl' bw issued  lo iir/uit mich a function for all Kleuloral  Arcair p|', lho Dislricl logoiher wlUi both  villages, Cost annually of Uio function  would nol excuod n levy of one twontleih  of ope mill on not taxable values of land  and Iniprovoiiiunls for gennral mpnlnlpal  piirpiwcH I'or the VlllagoH and school pu��";  poiiim I'ur Iho l"lec!oral ArniiH,  Mayor Wally  I'liierson oxprumuid lliu  a ,. ,v|cw,,,lh*|l mich  a  re'solullon    cerlalnly  could  nol   Involve  iho   vlllagus  without  oipatipi,v,:ln'^**ij/ Hti''ii  fupclipn as''fur' ag' ,^|t*iM;^0:"^'M^qi^/'is'  concorped would be'-^ubpe^fei tp' cleciiii(SiT  by Copncil, he pointed .out, ' -  ������, Djreelpr "Wolyertoh agreecl that such  is iiideed the case and before'." mali'mB  aiiy. decisiqns himself he would lilfo tn  obtain other yiews on the proposal.  , MSyor' Bill Swain comniepted "Sech**!!  has no water sheds so we will go'aloud  witl)'itV He wuh reminded by Mayor Peterson that there is,also the matter of one  twentieth of a mill involved, The nuit-  fer was left, wilb the Water Committee lur  further   copsdderalion,  Director "Wfiiverton also reported i|)iil  a suitable location is presently houbIiI  for election of a wood-slaye reservoii on  high'groiVprl in the Gower Poipt area. U*i  said this w��uW maintain pressure durinii  summer months and should bo nduiiuuU)  for qome years/  Regarding need lor a water s'ervIce tu  Halfmoon Bay--ttedroofl's, if was liijgK**:"*.-  ei| Uio Board shoiild give 'eoiiuiilernll'iin"  to wishes of the piioplu, The dlrudui1  said ho foil, some thought .'shoultr'lur  gjven lO'e��tub|||ihing the servieu a Hill"  at a lime Whole, pnspjhlp,  While a ppmbor of pump hpusos um  off Iho bealen track, dlrnclor Wolvmlnn  said the one, at Langdulo.ls in closo pnix-  Imlly to the highway, l|e,Kiigg(iHlud llm  building be boaulifled 111 keeping, will!  Iho CJIbHons pump Iiouho,    "       ,'  TiTinisiered.     ''."**" " *>���""- "*; - - --Vv. se|-ves; a,s *a .makershift pjin^e-witli yyo  ,*,     -'���''" .,           . ,,        ii    ,/    , <i enuij")i*npnt and a doetor op. Jiand from 2  One gentleman a   the well attended n!0         (    Tuesdays'and Thprsdays,  meeting commented that  laying! to* have '���  '     "       ������'          *         ,;',"'..,.         /.'  3 doctors and an anastlieti^tiuiding by. ,   Tlie s^""*'1,1 "-'thpect briefsr-sept 4p  sounded  like t|ie. good pld  iinion7tfe l ���? BftVPi'ijment to no avail and, reriue-ited  Hbion,, (  thought it disgiisting.'ihaat a' pei'^P cannot have surgery wit-hoii.t . three 'high  priced people standing by, l)lr.;'LoffiparK  said it is hard to believe bhl lie elieoljed  it opt and .this is what the doetbrs want.  IMMEDIATE NEED  Both Hen, Halph l^offipark'and Hon.  Isabel Dawfion atteiicled Uio ISpvember  aist meeting at Madeira Puiit to .ascertain  first liapd. jusl what type.pf service ,Was  rerpdved at Pender Harbour.  i After listening lo individual submissions which'pointed but'tlie immediate  need fpr a clinic and Vcfp the sprjl," ipod-  ical service, the Minister of Hdiilth pro-  mined his support' but also warned that  four groups would have fo-agree before a  clinic could bo huill, :;;  The groups named liy lhn ininislor  worm H|, Mary's lliispiudaSni'lely, {legion-  al Hospllyl Dislricl, BC1US and I'io Medical Professiiai,  HEADLINES  As Mr, Idil'l'niark prcdlcled, his enm-  ,mopl that the clinic he siiiffcd by a doclor  on salary rulher'lhaii, "fee for tiervlcu",  iniulo daily- pniHH  and  lo|ovii*|niv head-'  Hiivn. '     ,      ' '  , JGIaburnlIng nn hls.coiumonl, Hie min*  WtnivliiiH litiitod lhat. hn will, bring hm  .pi'fippsal fur a Hiiliii'lud H'irvic" Iwl'nm llm  iH>"^ly_ Vorippd Medical Miinpowor Cinin-  w   - ���'.'' ' '-,      '. ';  '  y "'."'' '  RGMP Corporal leaves  Iransferred lo Merrill  QVh; Oivllli) 'llnilorhiH who lum (moi  that Pender J-larbour  be  classed as a  Specified service area fo enable,the district  to bpild its own elinic, with help ti'ony  the' Provincial Government.  Mr, Loffmark outlined the trend is  away fnom smaller .hospitals to larger,  centres but agreed that a clinic would h*-.  feasible in Pender Harbour, Ho said that  liis job is to bring the peed? of the people  in the Province to the attention of,the  cabinet arid when he goes to the treasury  he goes With both handH open apd aHlts  for every, nickol he can gel,  Election standing?!  [test minute results  LAST minute election standings fqr, ?l��n=  ��� shipe  Coast include:       ' .'     **  , School hoard���aU encumbents    re-elected by acclamation, Agnes, JL.abopte,  - Sheila" Kitson,-Bernard    jyhU'igaiv Bill- -  I^immo.'  Regional bpard���for Area C (Selma  Park���Wilson Creek), Herbert Slade* by  acclamatiqn.       t ��� ���    >      '     -  Por Ar^a A (Pepder Havbour), Frederick O. Crosby and James Tyner. -  For   Area  E   (Gowgi   Poipt���Qibsops     -  Heights),  James  A.  Cramer  and   Frank  Wfist- -  Council for Gibsons���Walter Petersop,  "incumbent;  Ken  Goddard.   it   E.   Hume  and W. F. Robinuon fqr a.two-year term  by acclamation. Leaving a pne^eaxJewjiJ.  topep with no nominee.     -.t  Sechelt council���Ben Lang, mayor by  acclamation. Harold Nelson returned by  ��� acclamation-  H.  B.  Gordon,   a  two-year  term by acclamation. Norm Watson, one-  year term by acclarpatipn.  Ferry Manager replies  to Chamber complaints  GENERAL Manager of B.C. Ferries, Mqn-  '  ty Aidous, replying to ap earlier complaint Jay tlie Sechelt and District Chamber of Commerce1 stated /last weeH:  This will acknowledge your letter-of  November lsf. I feel that you iirst should  "oe  made aware  of  certain  facts.  Yours  is the' only area that has had a reduction  in fares once a tariff has been established  by British Columbia Ferries. Further, it  siiould be realized that the very name  4'Qqmmuter Fare" implies that the pepple  utilizing these fares do in fact; commute  or travel with great frequency.  In the  case of your area, it has been recognized  that many   of  the   permanent "residents  travel infrequently and therefore no time  limit has been placed on the commuter  tickets available  The normal practice of  any transportation system is to institute  ���, cpmmuter fares only in those areas where  there are in fact many people who commute yntually daily and I know of no  transportation system    that  allows    for  commuter fares other than'on a basis of  pre-purcbase   of   a   number    of   tickets.  Generally,  ip addition,  a  time  limit  is  placed on the use of the tickets.  ANSWERING  YOUR  COMPLAINTS  ' I. There is no increase in the fare'be-  tvyeep Earl's Coye and Powpll fUvef,  yjtiyyfe are rpakinjg pru~"4siop at this1,time  toflliTt'e''caie!6f'lh'')se people wild use-light"  rupiti--,- etc., ab their sole mppn$ of t*npif**-  pprtation^aijd who have'Municipal "Exempt) Plates" to indicate that tl>e trucks  are npt used commercially.   '    '   '  3. We havo produced commuter books  which contain a vc,,y small number of,  tickets aiid_ therefore which involve a  relatively small outlay,  4, I feel that the amount of niopey"'involved in a r^tprp fare is so.very small  as related lo tjie purchase price of a truck  or a car that |hiq complaint therefore has  litile base. In any case,' a car or a thick  undoubtedly at some time would make  use of the return fare pajc),  il is important tp pete that this reduction ip afare, which is very substantial,  is made available ap)j7 in those people  who1 are permanent 'resident of ypur  area,    ' ���''',*'   ���:. ' ",.,  Sechelt and District . ; . .7      - , ,  Unanimous G of:  for proposed bypass route  l-lKC'lll'lvr und District Chamber of Com-' to lh��ni that "the pchpbl wmh, in wsinp,  mci'i't)   ut' PH"' rogulur   nieothvg ��� IhsI mid whelher thoy i>|,|endpd' the rally nr  Wwliiiiiiiliiy IvJ|iv��>mhoiv 'Mih unanhnoufily i not  wiih  a  matter, InHwoen  tlunp  i��nd  niiiveil lhat a lollei',,be fiirwai'tleil tpo J)e- , their jiiireplsi !   ,,,,, >:J      ''".,.;  paitiueiil of lllfiliways supporting the pro- ,     Ah yqu Iqinw, Wo'no lopger require a  puHud mul*; uf lliu QibsopH hypiuiH,   ��� nolo from parentH when a student is ab-  cjibsonH .'Aldorniiin Kcp qoddiird and ��"1��l fi'��m Hchorilj Iherefore It In hh\iht.*  Mike nimioy, ii rnqmhor pf ilm qihfinnfi' "Mi,,'c" ����,i-ioJ**milno, by our; imimal",-nli*  uiijiinher,'uumiplud iin inviiatiun lo ap- hopI(!o .checlUng roiitlpe, wh(eh fitudenln  puiir nt Ihu Hwrhuit mooting In order, lo id opdedlh" Wi|ly without parental, |ier-  MNplalu tho /irgunienlii for, and agalnut, OilHHlqn. 1 himhI add that wo rlo no| mnho  tlio r.iiit.i NOluuluil hy lliii Dwi, of High- �� '"'�� U\\m\M pewpt eheelr mieli^day  wi��,vh, Thoy pulnied nut that, i-winonn Idr ''fn l'11'"' Hl��KPi��i��o��, whleh rim betwoep  finally doeMing on the pnipoHod initio '����� '" i70. *HiuIoi-|h, bul wo, do record |ho  woro piibllHliiid In lust .wnoli'H TlmcH and' iilbmuimjie on lhe n|ii/1oii|'h report card  una chief, fiidhii' was |he higher uloviilloii ���*���>', l)0 'lnf����nnlloii of pi|ronlH,  of llin alierniilo mim., Thin woiijd tpvolvo , , ''/'>" or, your iirganlzailoiv hl��ve any  :i,ooo fitni nMiifjf, urndlnni which,, iipi.rt ,ll|'1��">,n�� ��� mntmiUm odiuntUon or iho  ��-fl,,inv1vv1vnrtrtliVrf  J, It 110W lhat  Oi|lH'l��tlon   In  nf  vi'n, Miviiin unuuiniii won huh ihioii in ;i,iiiiii nun <u i\v'/v grniunm wpien,, npuri, r ���m...,-.  . -��� ,.|,a|.ffn-hr ihe-'firohoirnCMP"Pota^  iiioiit tor Um pasl four yuar.ii nud llii''*'* nidn, would lailn an area of gruiiler miow- '"vnlllpn"  montliM, loll lodiiy, Deccnihfir lul for jt/lov* toil; Kurilmr, llm iilhu'Daln'route wpuld [��",J"!'<'<'  llltfhwny 101 l��>|.wu��n Hocholl nnd  Pomlur' llnrhouir. Ih midurKoliiK <'oi,i-  Hldoi'MblM fO'CuiiKt,i1ictloii iuhI many of  Hloh^y PH��ct  I'lll, M.O, wlici'c lie will bu In charge uf  n new' diiliii'hmi'til,   ,J\ ,,,  .nni'lng Ihulr /iliiyln Rechell hoi If Cpl,  lulurhlll and Ii|m wll'u Ini'irld liavii huuii  ih'IIvo in ihu I'uniiniinlly, Cpl, lliidurlilll  Iiiih biHui a'muinlior of-llm I.hum Olnh  Jill'.four yeiu'tt, Ktit'ving un iliruclnr I'or-umi<  .vi'iir nml li'imiuiiw lor one ymir, lln hnn"  also beep nn ncilvp nii*nih��T of Die com*  Ipijliui wiii'ltlug nn ihn'pi'niiotiuil rui'i'iiiillun  lU'illl'ii,''li'ni- jhn pnnl Iwil VIU'M ||n couched   Iho   Wllmin' Ci'i'iik   lli'o'ncti .bnmilmll  mini an well nn playing op ll)��i V/iilpil'luli'l  limn'H sOl'lliull Umiii). lie wan iiIno IiimIiu-  ineiiinl in tiruiini/ing llm flint  bit*i"bnll  uiiriiiiiilunl hold liml minipi"', which  pioved  vmy piipiihti'.   .,        , . >  WA Ingrid"Iliidui'hlii'*HoVve'd' iiii' Tiiiir'  ,V"ar�� on tlm l(,A, to Itiownhm niiit,lltildi'H  huing, in ''Iimnn ul poblli'Hy ' fur iliicu  yearn, Nlmjili'n imrvml an Kulry Uud-  ipoHm!* in llni lul Miowiilo'l'iii'k nnd wnn  a iiieu��|^i!��ul'.lJ����.."H��*Udya4��lul>i��,t!J.Ml>��*--,..7.~,^  , .Cpl,... and Mrs,,, Underbill Jiavu������fpur  children, llm youngem wnn born In lie*  ��h��ll, i '    ,i -  lleplaclug Cpl, Undurhll) In Cpl, WU  (ioii![ijri| lu uvui'yopu, and I would  hi happy lo dlfWiiHB any aspeflln of our  o/wuiiKiition npd jih probiemH'\\>ith you,  at'nny.4lm'uf '.- .-��� ,:.. -. .<  U>'llllllllllinMllhHIIIII|l||||l|IOIIIMItll!gi!tII!i!:!!!!(llh  Ad-Brads  point  the way  io action!  ,,���.,,���,        ,     'n Toe/ay's Classified;-  - n>-��'��H'n'U io iMo-ini'i-'Uiu-.-.-nrni-uiuiui^..^  ���''  I'ilplihinliiiiii iduduuln  lunk   Hum  nul  hnvii nhmii ihi'iie nillen of mnxliiiuiii griid-  l��iiii nl llm u|uil up<) ninl half thnl nnniuiil  ai ihe wesloi'ly, npd, liiinu;, limn "iiiviuily  prnpni'lli'M nnfi Involved In Die' pi'iipiiNud  mule hul ipni'ii ilmu mm hundred In llm  iiliuriiulu, ���.-.'. '���������������   Afler   ,1'iii'iil'ul dlisnwhlfm,.���...i>M'inb��'*��0  nitri't'd Ihnl pr'npui'ly uwiinrn u|onn Die  .I'liiiln wiipld nnlui'iilly liiiynciuise, In isoipn  culms, ior inninhl, TIiIh wnuld lin|ipun  whli'lmver' illriuillop Die i'liptu would  Inlte, 11 wim t||ci'e|'orn iiini'eeil.n Inllcr be  M'lii m llm npin'opi'lnln ileparliimlilii mip-  porlinii the hliinil by Ulhsunii Cnuimll and  ('|iiun|nM',iif Ciiiunuimi,  AMCHITICA  llio |��i��| coniors')\)'h.,Mnn c-jinilnnjetl, , nlnghninH wiinrq'liiu clonnui nrm oii   iinm, hmiumIhi,, u,nn oiiv��r, n,c. who nr  Thin nU.'turo wuh tnlum ��ili lltilfinoon    iho |��ft nlmyvu lliu routo of llio now   rived in H<wimii Novemlier'ao,, cpj, Hnund  Huy llill on lliu Socholt sldq of Cun-   roiul,  oup apd hit wile M��nl�� have'livu children,  Irom m'IiimiI Iii iilli'iid Die AnuhHlui pro-  letdA In Vmii'piiviM", Die��� (Jlumilmr wintu  Dm  Hi'liuul  Dnnnl  nn'ltliui   lln  policy   lu  Midi mnllerii, The (iilliir wiih turned over .  "ioMfph1n*1Tmlc'T^lprt|w'"t)^^7MoTltgf)m;,  . wry whu In lurn wvnlo Iho Chamber fibtl*  inili        ' ���    ��� '  '",. 'The Aiiii'liltlu* rally wan mm of Ihose  hl/lhly-ehiiritcd ullunlioiiH within , the  tm)>on!n of Dm Vnneniiver ipea, An a |��nuH,  n pumliei' of filuiUmlH at tflphtDHtoim wished lo (like pint iu it, Wu mado it clear  "I  f,  WIIKKLH". Ill  Inch  fur Plymouth nr  ..' Vallapf wllh or wilhuiil Hinniimr Dreii,  r*rirm.*rmr*vm��0mr*mrm00\0m,^,,,*wvn0vrm0��<r,,**r..*,<,r,  ��� Tlll1pSiC|n��(,H|u.|i| ra.|(.|| ���vor 2,500 liuuiot;  a.~l|Of000.r#od#��*l,        ���        -      -'-*-��--  ��� JImcs,Clewl(l��jJ�� go INTO ��l��* hoom . ,  nol op \owm, *iwoi�� or In culvoru,  ��� Tlmfis' Cl��wlf|'w|�� nrn lowco*!, hljjhpotancv  ioM \4ft\c.*),     ,, ,     ,   thorn ��P(WM  ��� Phono Unoa opep Sunday; cfaitifM  ���1  V *  A  n  HI  It  J*  1   <l il*  *��� 'ir  * *-J*  9i *m4��J��fc������*i*��*j^ * a^ ***  + m0*^*.M*m 000.,-+u 00**1*   tf ������ ���**��� ����� *��� ^ 4* ***0^^*m ���0^-0T'*0 00*1*^   M m+   fnrf-' **��� ��MU|h ��-*������* 0*1.**.*.  r * 0  t* -t  W*  *<*\ *���  0*J  IS  y  f  it  J  uh  ��� **,  ?��  I '-; I m    *���    m*  &5  '*"''  w,,  m  pi'  I'f"'  ft*:  ,i i- -',;",' 7' - iJf-l.ftSiiJ7,,^-v-"-? **" ^y-?-f7 ���? * ���*if* * W-f *���?-i-tH-i-V-?<< V {-**-���)-*?-<-A-fa-j^S Z?-** *]*.% Jjj^.4*. l-s^'A'^V-'A'w^v^^  J'JAy^yJ'^J^': -y^r^-y-'   ������*>-. ��� ,   '.  ���  -,  - At   -"��� ' ^ ,, '   ,.        . ;.,''*<      -7^   , -:-    J���' -  -\  ww*s  The Peninsuxa^i^  '"-,    ' . '.'-   \ '        -       ' -    i ^ ,\  --I ma�� te iwvj?. ft*tf / shall not (w jsp ttfw.., as to jail fa w wft<w / Mi?v* *> te rfety "  ������Jmhn A i kins  DovotLAs G. Wiwi-BK, Editor  00i00*0r0&&0000m��**mvn0UW0M0W0* mmmm^mttm  000*00*  M**mwmm,W  wnwini  letters 10 llo> $di(or (ire the ooitlioun of renders, qnd not nemwn'/v those .of Tho Times. A  ttom-de-plwe w>x be "����< *w "J"'tyte<tfw*-, *?*��/ all original!, /hum* be .\laneil by tlie wlrter,-  Are We Brainwashed?  RECENTLY In an editorial comlcmnmg  tho activities of t|ie Truttemi Benevolent Society and the obvious leaning  KiHIor, The Times, ,  Sir; Now that Dip controversy of-Avp-  chitka us over, I would tilce to voice my  opinion, ] have never been so aware of  our laek ofivu'pdshlp with our ,nea\es|  neighbors. ]t U^k "l**y % Iew <JecVu*��te<l  rabble-rousers, and dedicated members of  �� livnt bul io pui over tho ease for ihe  aged. * *  While agreeing that-some new ap-    lttUHlv.��� ���..,   toward- nest-leathering by the members proaeh is necessary, it was explained to , [*"��"^id \vide conspiracy called com-  of that august soeiety, we again drew our caller that the anion approach would mj,msm to whip up emotions, .The vent,  attention to the" ruthless disregard bv be virtually valueless "in that the senior like stupid sheep follow, not Knowing, ov  ������    ���    ��� * not caring, what it involves.  ��  ipgte  a consequence, lean a little on repetition,  However, it is possible that if those of us  Who .appreciate the plight of very many  elderly people eontituie to scream loud  enbtigh and long enough, one of these  fine days a merilber with it conscience,  and adequate vpcal ability might succeed  in turning the tide,     " *.. * "  ���"  Wh^  elected representatives to the fact that  they tire'living -'high'  off    the hog"  through  the, earlieir  endeavors  of  the  opt the country could possibly pay ott.    aft     signing ���n agreement to*stop Jit-  ln general principle Old Age Pen-   mosphprm tesDne   Were there protests  sioner Associations avoid hecoming- po,l-    fltcaj���st   the Chinese atmospheric  tests?  (���n If the Kovevnniont \a given tho authority to **et forth a coije ol' personal moral  ht'lunior, the aovernnienl (auton����Ueally  ac((in��N l\\o power nerc>.savy to epfo"rce  that code (Shades of the Hark Ages!)  (51 Whenever Ihe yovmnnent (or any  orfiaiu/aUou)) upsuips the rltjhts and re-^  sponMblldies of l|u�� individual, perMinar  problems will not bo solved, but compounded  Because of tlu-so reasons, my approach  to the basically ptThonal HMtfecly of. self  destruction by drug, alcohol and tobacco-  abuse, is exactly opposite lo yours. I do  iet_ wt bsltev*"* we should expect the guvern-  nietit to" solve our personal troubles The  mine the government takes care ot us,  the less we are able to take caie of our-  Miia. raiur ghoss  r  ���p"*pp  BRANCH 140 ROYAi; CANADIAN LEGION      \  , iw year's m um mi* supper  SECH^UT LEGION HAIL  FRIDAY, .pEC*|p.pp 31st, 1971  Doors Open 6 p.m. : 1..,  V ��   ~        Supper served 7 to 8 p.nt.  Dancln^'9', p'.tp, r 2 a.m.  1 '-^-r^MU^C BY PPNN KINGS  *     Admission $7,50 por person ^��� Itefroshments Served  Please pick up -tickets by December 15 at Legion Club  VMifM  itical entities, but it could well he that  the time for change is long overdue.  li'niteit they w&ild control hirge blocks  of votes, Never let it be said that we  advc>etite a socialist government, heaven  forbid, at the same time^Tlie^NTDP's have  thus far proved niost vociferous in demands lor increased pensions 'for our  aged, Therefore, senior citizens and old  .. . -. .... age pensioners���unite arid vote en masse ,���..,    senior citizens they^ now chose- to stamp ��� tor the party most likely��to improve your to name the Chinese territories; am  upon? One suggestion we received last lot. The chaiices of the NDP attaining merous   communist   instigated   tr  week came from a pensioner ^vho in power federally    is extremely remote7  younger days played a leading part ih howeve^jhey would take enough seats  trade upionism. He feels senior eiti*rens  shouldTinite,and form themselves into  a union- and all subscribe to the employment of a capable spokesman, soifieohe  such as a senator who, for the right  firianeial encouragement, would m a k e  to waE^ other parties to the fact they  have been paddling the wrong canop.  Maybe in the process the media as a  whole would finally appreciate the fact  ihey have an obligation to fulfill to the  citizens who madev this connlry great.  Ciisiiii��lielt mi Wmm��ti��w>  SAFE Driving Week takes place from  December  1-7 each yeai; as a re-  , minder of the great toll taken by traffic  accidents ai?d what Canadians can do as  Jndividuals to prevent them,  ~ ' "In 1970, 5030 Canadians were killed  and 178,000 injured in traffic accidents  which represent the No. 1 cause of acT  cidental deaths,  "Cause is the key word," Philip J.  Farmer, "Executive Director of the Canada Safety -Coimdil said in. his campaign  message." The; luilf-m'illid'n'"traffic accidents taking place annually don't just  happen they are caused. Almost all by  poor driving " '"  -'It's time people faced up to Jhe  fact that half..of them will be in an injury-producing accident at least once in  va* lifetime, of driving unless they do some-  "ung about it", he said, That "some-  ihtqg" is Defensive Driving,  preventing accidents, Defensive Driving  requires know-how���know how to recognize potential traffic dangers, know  how defend yourself against the hazard  and know; when to take this defensive  .���,.n.9ti.Qn,.,,,.,,...,.........j.,...;..,:....,,,.... .,._.,, .....!.....,.,��� ,,,,;;....,..;.,:-..-;,,.  The Defensive Driving*Course, ad-  ���i ministered nationally by the Council  through the medium of co-operating  agencies in every province, provides the  know-how needed to prevent nine out  of* 10 accidents.  Already,  some "300,000   Canadians  have graduated from the course.  * It stresses that drivers should shed  their complacency in traffic and no longer operate on the misguided assumption  that other drivers will do the right thing  at the right time. Naturally, Defensive  Driving can't cover all situations���such  as rear-end collisions when you're stop-  * pet! at a traffic light or stop sign. Hut  it arms drivers with the knowladge 'need-  Based on individual responsibility for  ~-7x.���---- ''''''A-'iAJJ^A    etl t(l prevent the great .i^iS*foiiip1i>f"'i!ati  .. ^ i, ������;.'������ ���:.'��� -:-'A..'. .7-    ciclents and  avoid serious accidents  ji)  Th^NSULA*^*        ��"'^S  ,He  ���ver���8e  ���riveMs���,  Publishecr^etlnesdays'at Seclwlt mentally prepared to absorb the warning  on B.C.VSfunshiiie Coast message transmitted from the dreadful  -accident .statistics," Mr,' Farmer said.  "As a result, there is still not the urgent  national awareness needed to combat Die  ���traffic accident epidemic,'"  However, Defensive Driving provides  Die.   individual  driver'-concerned  about  traffic safety with the knowledge needed  to cope wilh irn^f.ic-ha/.ards \Mhout having to wall until this awareness develops.  "The encouraging   success of    the  Defensive, Driving. Course   shows   thut  more and more Canadians are discarding  the  potentially    lethal  belief  that  traffic accidents 'couldn't happen to me,"  We  are confident' Dial  ever-increasing  numbers' of Ctumdlans will a'diivit llifty  are not the best drivers around and take  Die course," Mr, Farmer said,-,  .   'Tho   scope   of  iho  traffic   nccideni  problem is siaggdrlng evcii lu financial  teniis  \yhleh' cannoj    rei'lecl   the 'even  grealer cost to Ciuiacln in terms of path,  , grief, ncrmnncnl impairipent and ruined  lives.  Traffic accidents cost the cotmlry  liiore than $l,(J00,0()O,()0() a year, dis-'  coupling lost production, and is increasing nt an alaniiing rale,  ; "'I'o cut this needless hpmim . aiul  material loss lo the nation, wc urge Ca-  nndiaiis to Icnrii hoyv to Drive Defensively'  and liraelice ticeidum prevention during  Siife Hrlvlni* Week and-every .week," Mr,  luirnier Niiid,  Powell Uiver News Town Crier  Sechelt Times U*\,  ;   v Box 310-Sechelt, B.te.  Sabficrlption Rates: (In advance)  Local, $6 per year. Beyond 35 miles, $7.  -. . U.S.A., $���>.'Overseas. *fl10.      ��� 7.s  SefolnB" the area from Port Mellon to Egmont  (llowe Sound to Jervis Inlet)  glllllllllllllllllUllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilliiilliiiii^  GIBSONS  \  SWAP & SHOP  BARGAINS  a  5 Pee., Dining Set  AM-FM Stereo  30*' Electric Stoves,.  BEDS Single and King Sixo  Chest of, DrtiwpriJ  Ook Drojsor  '  CoftJoo Tablo  2 sets Skils complete  ond MUCH moro  ,  ���.-;������ Located bohlnrl  j   MacGroQor Pacific Realty Xtcl,  I ,       Gibsons, B,C,  liitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)iiiimiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiii  Or the Fi-ench tests? On the other hand,  these protests seenvulilyto develop when  the Free World tries to develop its de-  fenees."We T-ompnuucl our idioey as du  certain politicians and hewsnion here, by  having 'no -moral reservations over the  actions of our enemy, the Communists  who are attempting a power takeover of  the world. (Who is protesting that?) Are-  we to be ji.nathfer_ "Hungary, Czechoslovakia, or another Poland or Romania, not  ���������**- and nu-  ouhle  areas of the world.  We were so worried about the bomb  hurting us (which may some day save  us) hut who cares when the Communists  try to wa|l\ in and take over? Look how  Trudeau is getting rid-of our relations  with the democratic countries like U,*3.A.  and Taiwan, in recognizing Red China,  and getting friendly with some Cpmmun-  ist. countries (Russia and Yugoslavia). He  has also asked for Russian military aid  in Canada in case of American aggression,  hut is lessening our own Armed Forces.  (It has heen said that at one tiuxe���.Tx,u-^  deau belonged to the Communist party in  Caned**".!)  Alp protests are against Americans  kilting Vietnamese without recognizing  that none Would be killed if Hanoi had  stayed home. They began the whole thing  and yet-not one word is said against the  Communists. Jf we let ourselves be"trerrf-"  ed and brain-washed, by a few communist inspired and well-organized trouble makers, we will be a sorry nation. Our  only strength and hope l|es in the free  World uniting. Le"t us help our neighbor,  the U.S., "and give it the moral support  it needs and deserves.  And one oniy has to read the history  of Communism to know what a demoralizing take-over they could" accomplish.  Even that disreputable -erew on the  Gre&i Peace would think twice if. they  lived in a Communist country. ��� No protest, there! No freedom -of speech! No  freedom of action! No freedom of ownership! Here we still have freedom; let's  use it wisely, "Why not unite with the  free world, to, at.legst withstand the on-,  siaught of^.Cornmuhlsm;'The Americans;  are our EMt defence* anH^'ally, in spite  of our present political stupidity.  A STUDENT  Open Letter  Editor, The times  Dear Sir: Herewith is a copy of a  letter to the Hon, D, L. Brothers which  you may wish to publish,.  .,,..  The Honourable D. L, Brothers, Q.C.;  Minister of Education,  Chairman" Council oil  DrugR, Alcohol,  and Tobacco,  ���    Dear Sir,  Your   eoneern  about  the  nbu-se of  tobacco,  alcohol  unci  drugs  is  commendable, hut.'.l  do not  agree  with  your    melhoclH    for    ("biitrollinii"   Die-He  allows, , .   '       "  T iim rel'errlng HpnelflcaHy to,the,ad  Insorled hr Ihe Peninsula Tim<w by Die  Provincial Clovornment, and over your  name, oi,i the subject of heroin addiction.  . 1 consider thin ad extremely ofl'cnsivo,,  and I" object injiavliin, my childien ex-  liii.'ioil lo lliln kind of HhoeldnK Hiumal-  lonidlHin, It1 Ih moiil Inappropiliiln- for lhe  f(nveriimt*nt of BiitiHh Columbia In.dop'oi  iiuch a wirflid and pitiful ticenu, in' ordur  lu ('(liifiate Iho (,',lil|ih'<fn of IIiIh pii.vlnco,  In my opinion, DiIh ad niluiil wdl do  in,or�� l|ann than tfood in thai It could  (M't'iito a, morbid I'nHcinaDon In lhe. po|i>n-  ttilll  dl'UK  UHoiv  However, ro(?'U'illetiM ' of Dm ''ef'fimDvn-  iichu of Dm ml, I object io tho Oovi'i'iinii'iil  'policy ofedui'iiflnn people  on  iiciminnl"  ; moral indium, for Dm following .nuiiiiiiiH!.  (I'l If Dm iiovi'i'liDieul hoIh Din mora/1 codi<  for tint people, we will have In rliuiiK"'  our niiirrtlii wllh every chaniie of unvorn  Inmii, ('!) 1 am itoi ImprcHHod wllh i\w  moral vol non of n Kov��>riuriMil whicli  ��� the one lllinili loiirliim Din ovllii o  ,��ii|l uliMihol whllu, llm oDuii' IiiiikI, m-ritpoti  in  mllllmiM  In  priifliH fruui  Dm mile nl  Dii'mii iiruihiciM, (!)) An an <i*xumplu ul' ��(iiv  fl(:JIII,Ull)L4!rUuHilltiii.,(iii,inoJ'al.,|HHiioMri'nh-  fildor ihu IikIIci'oiiii Hlliinllon which onImIh  eoiiceniln/j loachlnu ��ox In Dm mihoolN, I  lliink iiaii*il,nf un winild. iiiircu ihrn whon  h'lichln/i mm n Hfihonl, lhere nlicmirl Im m,  iikiiiDoii of llm nmntl Ibhuw Involved   In  oDmr wordfi, not, wlllt.oiit. moralu, Mul 'ih|H  In roiilrai'y lo llio |ii|||{loun Imlli-fo of hoimo  ponpln,   and   1,-ouiiDii'iloM  ���   vlolnilon, nt  winniijnn uI/iii'h rhihln, Whal, acoiiuiulnimt  8*9S  , uu  ohni'i'o  I  FtOOESCOVERll^GS LTD.  1659 Sunshine Coast Highway at Wyngaort Road; Gibsons  Phono 006-7112  A CARPETS    A TILES    A LINOLEUMS  .. HOURSi . ^ ,,  Closed Mondpy, Opim 9 a.m. �� 6 p��m.-'*������ firldoy Height TU 9 p.m.  ���IMM  0000000*00000000000  SAVE $ $ $  Mmltod number 4 foot  iioriscent Wght  "7T Fixtures" ~  New Cost-Tf4B  NOW,  Eac?��  Gulf Building Supplies  Plioin�� 003-2203 Sechalt  J���l.*i^^lW6^ffl^J^t���1^el(l^f,^!���^*^^,,,���^ -il*' >HS**^*'-"  Successful Campaign  Editor, The Times  Sir: I ,wi**h to thank all- \ytio gave up  iheir time; to canvas on. behalf of tho  blind, in the Wilson GreeH to Madeira  Park area,7^.v-;".^*' '" ���������;-.   -,-^.., ������'  Also m*** tjwnl'"-* to" all \yho pontVihuted  financially  tiy-tlte -\uu-^__s.uccesaful   HHi  .campaign.  f MARGAJIKT LAMB  Madeira  -by Sheila Harris  <��������  n  SOCCER jgame^f On November 19, Langdale Elementary School ventured to  Madeira to play a series of soccer games..  The senior boys played first,, with Langdale winning over Madeira 1-0. Then the  senior girls played, being their first "game  they played quite well. The score was a  -tie- 0-0. All four teams showed rough  .aompeiitioir and hope to meet again some  l line  House games: The house games are still  yomj} strong,'toith Panthers leading with  41 points, next is Roadrunners _wilh 127  following; close behind is Cyclones with 23  then Cobras with 16. The senior boys will  be playing flUoFTToCkey now instead of  soccer because of the change iii weather.  The senior girls will be playing volley-'  ball or-floor hockey.--' -.--   -  Volleyball game: On Friday November  2ti the senior girls volleyball learn will  play a game. The teachers of the school  have challenged the girls to a game and  we are looking forward to an exciting  lunch hour. Good luck to both teams:  Music: The music groups are bard at.  work preparing for the Christmas enn-  cpri.  ^unmine ^J^eiakk  ISI0N  WATEKFEtON? AND VIIW LOTS    ~  OMVf 11 LOTS ILEff  BOAT HARBOUR ~ ACCESS TQ'WATfiRf  TERMS AVAILABLE  QSBORN lOOGI^G CO LTD.  885-9767 �� Bon 189, Sechelt  i  !__  ali.J,,*.  Canacia works when CnnnclinnR t|flt  ,. Involved lofiolliHr, Ro tlifj Fetlflml Govhiii-  rpQiit Ir. ptillliic) ^Ofl.mlllfoi'i dolinrn lo work,  through n H��r|efj of tipMlllf* proiiwinu, lo  '   hfllpGranj.p:jobs'lorC)Qiinclinria,  CANADA WORKS WITH YOU  ",:f-Li..,a ��� You'ro n ruujor |or<:o In innKInn tho pro-  ' oram.worK,Wo'rocoiiniino on;you���Hlllior on  your owiririHInilvoo'i iliioiitili.yoi'ir oom-  ���..  ,'riiunlly urpupti, lo oomii iip wild Idmrn for llxj  ,, Lpc^j InitimivoH Program,; Tor o^cimplH, yon  mny luwo u'soclnl hoivIoo prnjoot or nil .(flfiri,  Hiiqh w a Qiilliirul'profjrn'm; Irriprovuiiionii*  to tJupBUnuJurd lioufilfHi, i.irbIhIhik'0 Io lhn  liniHllonppofli1 ()r oihor�� that oionio employ-  . ,(inoril and mako'/diir otiminijiilly aholltir jilano. 7;ijihomClLLIl'.  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Mti.l��lf��  ,'  t  ?4.*^   ...-  sit���**" ffirt^!C^Jf**iW��SS'  ?^> tfX^fl^t*'^ ^^^���^^���^,>*��ff 7J* "*?** *rf'l', "^   *"��� *" t* ^ ^x: * *.** "^-t&i "--^LfV *���** r C/*"C T \J - *?**��� ^-Mlvft*aA "* ^feif *?&* r  ***#t^*0*0*^0**f*0*^**,^*+^+4ti.lVm^*mr* ft**  *$*"-*? ^-AiS**1*C*"*f,*!'"gf^,,*!* *^ t^*->   >S'-' "j*--    j "fL*f"    'VJ***' "i.  v^j^^js"-** *  *>*��� -"v^        ^*       _   -   ^*^ Around^Gibsons .-^��.^i;fo*^^ n��*��  �����by Morion Charman  at. 8 a,m. Saturday*. ��� The passage Was  given by C"K Foster ^nd a tlpi'e of teljow-  EICUlTY-l'lVE people \veio present at a . **h)l? enjoyed. F. Wyngapl't Was congratu-  pubhc meeting hoicl Friday, Novembur " luted on his repent' W^'thday.  liti aLlI p.m. in the Rod and Ourj Club-  hoiibe In Gibsons. The meeting was called  liy the original group of landowners- af-"  Icoted, to protest the Dept. or Highways'  piopohed route through Gibsons district.  Mr. Fred Holland was chairman,  o U wab moved by Mr. Vince Braeewell  and seconded by Cecil Chamberlin that  the ratepayers ciiciUate a petition exposing the dcsiVe ot the undersigned,  lhat tho propositi highway be located to  the north# as Jar as possible, paralleling  Hie |3,C. Hydro right ot way (Route A).  "Mr.   Gilker   proposed' and   Mr.   Eric  Prill ie seconded  a  motion   that   a   pi ess  lolease ot the meeting  minutes *be forwarded   lo  the   Vaticqilver  papers  ailongj  with .briols  presented   by  the  ratepayers  It was suggested that all concerned  parlies send a lettei or postcard to their  M.L.A. pioteslmg the route ol the cutpif.  PIONEER ;^   ''  Born In Gibsons (52 years ago, a member of a well known pioneer family, Ha**-  risen Sidn&y-Leiunan, passed away November at) at Richmond Hospital-  Mi. -l-iehinan. had spent much of, h|s  life ia .the community ebgagecl in logging  'and lumbering, later he "was engineer on  coastal tugs and fish packers. U had bepn-  his intention to return 1o*lhis area where  he had many who cherish kind regards  for him including his sRecial fnends-Mi%  and Mrs.. J^el Raines of Roberts CreekV  llarisaii Lehman was a dependent" of  ,   he   luehnian   family  after  whom   "VIotirit  ��� Ijchinan in Fuaser Valley was named. His.  .parents uamcrto C^ibaona early in the cen-  luryvarul were of Pennsylvania Pulch descent ��� They made their home on-the site  close 10 where Sunnycrest Shopping Can*  tie now stands apd were friendly, neighbourly    people.   I'imes   wore   hard   and  " money   was  short  but  a  slower pace  in  those days allowed  families to visit and  -enjpy each otners company.  1       The Lehmans moved to EdiryojiUm 4��ut  retuiiK^ to GUisons at the .endnt lhe Isl  "JVorld *Wu��. staying for a while with re-  Mike clement has left7q join hn,--  cousiji from, Vancouver \vh,p *-*-w Aus-.'"  'traha. , '  ���Mr. and J\*Irs. Coyoy McKay attended  the ��� wec(d'pg of Mr. MelCay's niece in  jCranbj-ook. On their rptuw journey they  visited Mrs. McKay's iriother and sister  at Cleanvateivhavinig a pje^sant vacation,  M*'. and Mrs. MeCoiphe from Van-  coqver were weekend guests of Mi and  Mrs. V^.-'G. Price at Gowor-Poipl. Mrs  McCombe is the former Gail Price  Mls>s Karon Alsager Y"ho left in September with friends ffom Universary lo  see K\u;ppe was given i| jetter pf intio-  qluction by Mrs. Cloe Day lo some people  in Greece.. Tjiis resuiltecj in Karen being  Invited Jo stay with a lamily in.Lausa,  Greece whore she is teaching' English  She will remain' for three months with a  possibility of her time there hcijig extended until June. She is very happy and  enthusiastic, tlie Greek people are most'..  kind; friendly -*~nd hospitable. Karen is  thoroughly enjoying teaching proficiency  Jijngl'sh Ul strtcleiits ranging Irpm 17 to  2(1 years.  eo-<operauoxi  SQME of the merchants at the v *Se^fiide    Mandelkau, however, said tr|3> when res  PJ^ii, arg qpite happy With Ihe ex  isting ope hpur parking restriction and  last week protested any plans- cpiirpl  have tor increasing the one hour period  to  two.  iVti W. Ypudell uf the Cpast Inn appealed at regular meeting of caunc��l. 9.nd  explained that while his awn business  could- benefit from an increase^ parking  period, thc precept system is sq haclli'  abused, in 'most cases by merchants themselves, that a two,hour time limit w��Wlcl  piobably encourage far greater ab^se. Il  was pointed opt that one merchant wh��  asked for, the-extension has J.WP vehicles  taking up customer parking for long pei-  iods of time.  It was also suggested thpt those pre  senl|y seeking extended parking are doing so only ipr their own -.081'HWS P?P,:  veniepce. Maypr Wally Peiepspp .^pressed tlie view that.it mlgHt^e Jteqfspry-to  .obtain a count in nrder tp assertiih feelings of mercharitg involve^ Ak|., Charles  *) \\o\xy only bitf it" will certainly eliminate  ' the prphlePK  , A.\6\. Mandelkau suggested 3 letter fee  sept toe petitionee��� s^ekiiig- e*^tens|p|i  pointing put tof��t if improvements ��*.re  nought it'will he up tq them tP ?o=ftper^te.  Aid,. Crosby added "if they 00 np,t pp-qper-  ate they are the ones ^yh.q will bp getting  tje'sets". ^.ld. }&en Qod(i*3i*rd commented"  that the samg situation exists ��t the Su.n-  .    .., ijycrest (Shopping Centre .wherg sleepers  tnctions were first imposed the idea v^s-. ^e pa$ed all day long,        "      '  "  to gel rid of gleepej-s !'pnfovtnn3tely "the       \          7.   . *  For Quick Results Use Times Adhiiefs  1 m  lit rl  am  \\\\Rffi*iPrW>V^  .*���.." r-   *  sleepers whp ^hMSp the parking pre now  against life restrictions", lie adde^.  Alc|. Ken Crpsby adyoqated enforcing  exfbting restriction's "otherwise we might  as well scrap' thp regulations",, he said.  Mr. Youde}! ��ai4 he-feels-tbe-RCMP  have more Important matters to attend  in than marltipg tires. He said he does  not think the restrictions' should have, to  be forced but that people should abide  by the existing regulation.  Aid. Mandelkau pointed out thpit P'ior  to introduction of the ��ne b��ur packing,  ihe niatier had been thoroughly diseased  hy council "we have op}y limited parking, and if it is i.o be monopolized by  sleepers or business people, thpi} we are  gelling nowhere", he ac^ef!. Ife also  agiieed-i with the Mayor's suggestion that  oife'hour parking be ppforced-  Mayor Peterson warned, h<?w*ev(J*"i to**-*  such-enforcement w|U mean 'striptly ope  Classified Adirjef? reach n��gr!y  , 2f2QQ homes eygry vye-sk.,  Us^ thfsm fpr ��tefldyf law=cost  f       .  qdvierti��ing.   ���  the rim$  Sccjioll, B.Cf Phone 8pS,?$!j4  *T0v^fir*iy0vnp000ir0W0}tvyyi^^ '  %  ��i  aamrs  Cliff's Boqts & Accessories \AA. tafces pfefi^^re \n announciDg^itha!  Mr. Vic Ediponds is now a partner in the bi|siitess~and ^ looking  forward to meeting old ant ne^ fi$h|i||g a^d boating enthyMast**?  SECHELT  s idats  PHONE 885-9832  ���*i  y i $w|  '-*'["  V|  'ii'  i'  ' 5  Ai  1  -4  ���S  :���!  r  ACCOUWTAi^JTS  RAtPH C, PUISKWORTH  CH ARTERBI3-ACeOU NTANT  *~ T-" ��� ��� ^-  ��.     ? .   -. -  Telephone: 885-9515 - tolcpbone: 8B6-29U  SECHELT, B.C. GIBSONS, B.C.  ��� W. Philip dprdpn -  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Tel; Bus,  886r?7!4,  Re^886?7S67  Harris Block, Gibsons, B.C.  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He was  cremated,  ttil^lTEirr^been^riis  own  wish.  There are residents  here ih  the dis7  trict   who   attended   elementary   school ���  with the Lehmans~wh*en tire school was  one loom  with all giades  Mib Dons Blomgiup is a niece cjf tlje  laic ll,,L^pa,��r^  fl^^f^i n^,7 ..   . .  ANNIV^HSAHIES  U>*      <*    "  tVctyne find Cqiol dice Hpser)) "Skinner colehiuted Ihen wedding eniuvuKsaiy  Novemher .'JO.  J*o|) iui��l  Pat (nee Price) Gurnoy ob--  sorvod their 3rd anniversary on November Jill. "  ' .,  November was a big mouth for wedding anniversaries" lociilly - congniUilut-  fons lo Ed and Kay BuMur; Jtae and Nancy Krhiie; Harry apd Margaret Smitlj;,.,  JCen mid Sharon Gurney ; ,|l, A,.' nnd  I^iiuhi Lee' (pee Peterson) |..undi|) wlm--  were among those pusslng unotliur hiippy  milcNoiie,  BUILDERS  (continued)  TRICON PEVIUQPMINT& WP.  .'   CUSTOM HOME!* t PBI^FAP H<?MK J  _ High Quality . . . 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Wild   n|oii)|liilu   moiiIh   nro   li'iiiiH   iiliol  AUTOMOTIVE UNPERCOATING  '      STEAMS CLEANING  '.'���  COMPLETE CAR CLEAN-UP  >      SIMONIZING  Esslcmont Ecjuipment Sorviicps  '       Phone 886-2784'  , pox 436, Gibsons, ,B,C. : -,.  ^  ROYAL BANK OF CANADA  SECHELT BRANCH���Phono 8BS-220)  GIPSOHS BRANCH���Phpno 88<*.MQT ���   HOURS;       '  "iccholi: Tiios.-Thnri.. |0 n,m.'3 i>,m,  l:rl. I0n.m,-<i'|i.m.; Sol, 10 n,m.4p,in,  Gilwiosi Mon,-llinri>, IOo.nVi-3 p.pi/ ' ""  Fri. 10 o.n),-6 p.m,  CONTROLLED BLASTING  ALL WORK INSURER  FREE ESf iMAI W  FRED DONLEY        '  Pondor Harbour - 883-2403  ,^.liiJlioJir��ir���l)i,)y.MiHL..i^��ilm.IVI':i||i.��ifw.Uwi��|ii:{i�����^.  nl doiii(ii,lli' HDiilii hlioulil nun Hull llmlr  iiiiln'iiilii ilu .mil hlrny Inlo Iho wimiln lo  iniiih" IiiiiiU'im uny mml'iiiiloii,  ��� My, ,,niilJMi% A, ,), lltii'iiniii'li wor"  nw��i,v I'or ���'! w��!i)|oi wlieii llloy Iind no ��m-  Joynlllii VHi'iilloi) VlHlllllH Hl"l|' miil-lli-law  nml diiimhlci' Hlini'oii, Mr. mid Mm. Ilnr-  imll MiH'loiMi "ii'l l'"ii|lly id Knrl Ml.  JuiimH. Tlmy ii'iiv"ll"i> l��y li'iilp riinliiin  tin.* Iiiii iiiiiiiiiiii'iiiiii!' .ind'"iiio Miiiid.iiih,  rV>ri��M*i* loi'iil  n'HMunli"" wolf mid  hiippy.  All ui'ii hivlli'd In llm II.U.W. Molly  Tim nnd Ilii/aWii* In |in ImldJ'Vldnyi Duiuiih-  |mT II Iioiii:! ^ 'I p.lll. Ill III" I'lllled ('I'll''"))  Hull Tlmi'n will ho'lHrnm IiuMuk, immmIIo-  1 vviiiH,'undIn', iiovnllloH mid I'niiil'y, uh\, i'or  nul",, '    "       .      ���*  ('Imidii Liijolii, |iioi|)lmi' nf'1 piirliiiniiml  ��� lui' TiiiIh  lllvjoi'OH, Oiudii'i'1 mid Iiiu wild  "Hhvij 'Wi iii i 11 rv|Kl i" M mr i (ir,|n)o*�� "ii mi 1 mr  Mn,, |,, i<], Whon nl llopldmi LniidliiH,  ���J'l'iiy liad nol Immi lo lliln roiiiil, for "M  ymird wi'' iiolli'i'd inmiy i:|niiij(��in, 'I'lmlr  fflliy wiih luli'l' III)'* llm*',       ��� ���      ,, "'  ������,.Miuk,,iiiiy.Jliill��'i'..i*i'liiin��'il l''��Ji.luy iil'ii-i-'  nlli'iidluK   ii   lli'iil   I'lnlulo   M��'i)ili>nr   (m   ll  woiilui ill  llm Viiiii.'onvtir Vuciiljoiml  In-  tiillulci,  Thlft^im,, hi.'lpl'ul  mid  ��i)joyn|)l"  ��� omilillii/i ihoMn ii|i(,'i)dJii|< io |(i!oj) )fji|.wh|)  ",lill, llU'l I-"* IM"W |l) thill JlitoiimllllJl f|i;|d,'   ly  ',   'tlio /vionH )��r"ii|(J'iifir fironp pi'd id ilm  linmii ni' Mr, and Mm, I'Vmil* Wyouuuri.  l ���        ' '  WATER SURVEY SERVICES  for Export Plotting'  PR|;E ESTIMATES  Phoirid 88-5-2304 LrCrEmorfiort  , If No Aiibwor l-ubvo MA^'ono ot  Miihr/t,:. or mti-i'xp  R,R,  \, Socholt, 0,C.  BRlCHLAYINCi       A. .SIMCKINS   ���"""'." '���";";' yy -"������������"--'���   Box 517 - Sochclt, U.C,  Phono 805-2132  nuiLDEns  COR ZUIDEMA  ',..:,....For. All Your .Rohovallons,;.Repairs,.  ;��� ond Cnhlnot Work, ,,,  Phono 885-2135  i   PLY CONE DEVELOPMENT? fl.  HOUSING CORP, LTD,  Soiii,liiiio"Co'inul on<l litl(*iiids  , (.ONVINIIONAI-, MOPUI.AU AND PHI-PAH  W�� Hovp A Tlioosqnd Idaqs  '       Oiif Pfiaii Aro Comp'��llllve  cpm M^ii��ot*��'C9ii oqtr.97^7 ������ m-im  V/��l��o Pok 676 * ISochcU, ��,C.  G & W PKYWACL  Drywall acoustic and textured ceilings.  Now servings Gibsons area gnd the Ppninsifla.  Phone 884-5315   Bo* 166, Port M?||(?pf I^.C.  *      Ja"'H.12Ht��.MJ&I   AiK��J^*M*yi       fiirrV.irrV'iiit  ?- WW^ SUPSLlls LTD.  Yoiirlrly Bird Dealer L  ���   i  Phone 885-2283 Sechelt, B.C.  Complete line of biiilding supplies.  CABINET MAKEE3S      ���'  OCEANSIDE FURNITURE &  CABINET SHOP  HABDWOOP, SPECIALISTS  FINE CUSTOM FURNITURE  KITCHEN AND PATHROOM CABINETS    ,  Our Cabinet Unit? Are AH Profiipshpcf iJcTora  .InstqlMofV  '    .'.., '.'"'  R. BIRKIN ��� Beach Avp.', Robcrls 'Crook, B.C.  Phono B86-255\  jm*m000mm*m0*000mm0*00**m*m00**0000Mm00000000*.nim        ��� **,  CONTRACTORS  COAST BACKHOE & TRUCKING  .......,.:,,i;,f.,.,....;.'..;,1.,>TD,  . ;_  Fill, Cement-Gravel, Drain Ro(?k, eic,  Dox 09, Madeira Pork  Phono 883-2274  L & H SWANSON LTD.      .       flEAPY-MIX CONCRETE  Sand pnd Grovel - Backhoos  Dlichliip -.Excavations   -  OFFICE IN 0ENNER BLOCK  885-9666, Bok 172, Socholt, P.C^  PHONE A85-9550  RON'S CONTRACTING  Clonrlno - Excavations - Rond Rulldlnn  Grading - f*||| - Road Grqvol - Crushed Rm.,k  Phono; Socholt 885-9550  Lqnd Clonclpo - Road DmIIiIIimi  Tl'QQ Top|')|no - Soldoliva l-oouiiKJ  ~""~*~" ^?���~������ �����  TbloplioiiQ 883-2417  R,R; 1, -Madeira Porh, B,C,  DISPOSAL SERVICES _  SUNSHINE COAST DISPOSAL  SERVICES LTD.  <���"'<   PORT MEU.ON to OI.E'^ COVE  T��|| flQR.2930 or 605-9973  ,     P   C(j(| Un p��^ Youi pliipw*! \-ltm,h,  VVI)��n Ri)i)i)vn|lnn Or Spiliifi Cloiiiiinn,  Containois Avn|)i*)|i|fl,  11" '1�� "I' I l�� ��� ���M^W��W��M����Wi��W,M.MI^W���^���i    I ��� I  ELECTRICIANS  _  :~;-"ACTON"tLECTRICiLTD,"-"- r  H^ldtnt/il - IrnioiliM <lnd Marine SVlrlna  M��ir|i3||bql-L'li)i'WniK'",.  Phoni) 886-7244  RetMcntfq! - Commercial - Mw����rlql  ,    SIM ELECTRIC LTD,  Gov't Corllfled Electrlclons  Phono D"y or Evo, 885-2062  ill,  l,  J3P|I</;.  ANADIAN     f^ROPANI  Serving th^ Sunshine afppst vvith reliable apd  economical Cooking, Heating and Rpt'V/atfr  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone 885-2360  Wharf ond Dolphin - Sechelr, B.C.  RNIE WIDMAN  for all your  SSO PRODUCTS  IMP||l!AW ESSO DEALER     .  Madeira Park, B.C,  For Your Fuel Supplies  PANNY WHEELER  your  IMPERIAL ESSO AGENT  886-9663- Hopkins Landing  FURNACES  PARKINSON'S HEATING LTD.  GIBSONS '  ESSO OIL FURNACES  ���~ "' |<Jo ^oVn payment * fiohk Intorost  Ten years to pay  For frao c.tlmoto���Call 8B6-272Q  Complete |lno of appliances  At the Sign of the Chevron  HILL'S MACHINE SHOP  & MARINE SERVICE LTD.  Machine Shop ��� Arc and AcfyWeMiDQ  Steel Fplarjcgting rrr* AAarine Wpys  .AutPfnotiYe artel.Mprtn? Repairs  Standard Marine Station  Ros. 866-9956, 886-9326  Phono 886-7721  _GIBSONS MARINE SERVICE LTP.  at ESS^ MARINI  HAIRDRESSERS  Ga?; Diesel Repairs ? Welding*"  Evinrudp Sales - OMC Parts & Seryfco  ���'���"���-���- Boat Hsylirig  Phone 886-7411 Gibsons, B.C.  HilRSEflV , ,     .���   i .,   "  u.  MACK'S NURSERY - Roberts Creek  Landscaping r Shmbs.,- Fruft Treps - Fertilizer  Perry Plant**** r Beddipg Plants -Peat /vjoss  fi^lly Ucepsed Peit|c|cje Sprpyipg for  Landscqplng and free*|  ������  Sunshine C?oast Hwy, .*��� Ph. 886-2684  OPTO^aETRIST        ���  FRANK E. DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  Bal Block -Gibsons  Every Wednesday  886^2248  PHOTOGRAPHERS  ANN'S COIFFURES  ���..    !��� r In the Bql Block  NeK| to lhe Co-op Store  Gibsons 886-2322  SECHELT BEAUTY SALON  Dlpnne Allen, Proprietor  Expert Holr Slyllna  CowrlP St,, ���       ��� .���;������    Phone  Soc|he|t, I3.C,  885-2818  HEATING & SHEET HHETAt,  HALL SHEET METAL  poifietillc - Comowc|q| - Industrial  "    Telophono 885-9606  "" ~B-rT<54-^i;pit,--B,cr"���-"  OIL FIRED WARM AIR HEATING  .   QiiJmm wATim heaters  Noihlno Pown ��� 10 Yearn To Poy  llnhi I'lMinlsIno  Roy hlancho Modolw Park  8B3-2401 883-2778  fm^mMtmmimmmmmiimmmtmmmmmmi^^  IRONWORKS   PENINSULA ORNAMENTAL  IRON WORKS  WRQUGI IT IRON RAILINGS  ANP MISCtI I ANIQU5 ORNAMENTAL  IHO** WORK  Phono 80ft7039 ��� P0A-70SA - mh-in**  _,.���,...������.������.. rRC(,;,pT(MAT(JS _ _ ���.  lAwrciiL^^  Wflicomo \o Tho Floopshlna Const  HOWR SOUND ' ���  *   ,  JANITOR SERVICE  SpcclnlUU In Cfconlno - Floor Woxlng  ISpffly IMflno ��� Wlrt-'ow Cloanlnn  '*  RUG SHAMPOOING  Phono 886-7131 - Gibsons, B,Cf'  PENINSULA PHOTOGRAPHERS  A Comploto Photographic Soryko  WEDDINGS - PORTRAITS - PASSPORTS  commit*.*-  C. APPBNETHY  Gibjoni, B.C. r Phonp 886-737*    <.-'  or 886*7*15  PLUMBIIMG AMP HEATING  7 SEASIDE PLUMBING  Gjbsopii  piwrnl'inrj - Plpofltilno - steapiflMlna  .   Hot Wpior Hoqiinn - Plpo Lonolno  m\* ESTIMATES  Phono 886-7017 i�� 886-2848  , Ropolrs ��� Alt��ro||Dn��' - New lns|o||o||ons  LAURIE'S PLUMBING &  HEATING  LTD, f  -"'  rj(,Yt, Coriifiud Plmnl'or   ���,'24 |-)anr Sorvlco  Phono 886-2406  :<L_(JI:Hi;RALi ptlJyjER?|^^KHI*LTfJ[,Cl;  806-9533 -** PfNIMSUI-A PLUMPING LTP.  Snlci. nnd 5orv|ca"  Plinm, llfiniinii Snpplios, Fnwcoit Appllon*=��*'j  Sorvlco and ' Rupnlrii to Wol��r, SyMuini. ond  'PunVps. Frco FMImoips, ,  Snpplloii loi t|i�� Po-ll-Youii.��|(or  Jock Marthnll ' ���, J��c|k McHooit  086-9628 808-4460  Norm MnelCay, 886-7770  RENTALS  .iiiinji.i ii ii ma.  "RENT IT AT"  THE RENTAL SHOP  at Pavls pay  "Wo Rent or Soil Almost Evciyihlno'f  Typ��iwi)t��rs - 1-fnhHnp Plonts - *|olov|*��loi|*i  Po)o Tlllow - "Comcnr Mjxar* ��� l-own Rok��i  ���J--V-JJ-'i' ^|ir.|w>|lc'*Tortir "*'"���"  rilONE flflS-2fl^ ��� 24 HOUR SERVICE  RETMt. STORES  S HARDWARE  SICMSLT, B.C.  APPLIANCES ���* HARDWARE  ,   HOME FURNISHINGS  Phono B85-9713    ,,  Ladlj^s1 gnd Chi|dr��n's Weai  Open six days a week  Phpne 885-2Q63   ,  Cowrie Stfoet*. Sechelt  TASELLA SHOPpE  Ladies' - Men's -. ChjIdreiVs Wefl'  Ygrc-j Qoods r Bedding \ Linens  Dial 885-9331 - Sechelr, BrC  UNSHINE " Z T    ~tt~*r  EWjNG        P rn,na        rn-9w  ERVICE      ?c'^s�� P?rt?i Servj*?*  ��� FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION  'REPAIRS AND SERVICE-ON ALL MAKE?  Mrs. Mono Havies - 885-9740    .  SPOTTING GOODS  CLIFF'S BOATS  & ACCESSORIES LTD.  Fishing Supplies - Boqts neyv gnd  Used . . . Large & Small  885-9832 SecM<  SURVEYORS  ROY & WAGENAAK  B.C- Land Surveyors  Marine BMllcjing - Porpoise Bqy  Sechelt, B.C,  885-2332 or ZEnith 6430  TIRES  COASTAL TIRES  Sunsbipo Coott Highwpy  Box 13, Gibsons, B.C. - Pfiono 886-2700  SALES ANP SERVICE  All Brands Avpiloblo  Mopday to Sofurday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.*m.  Friday evon'ng hy oppolnt(iicnt only.  TOWING  Scows ���* L��91  SECHELT TOWING & SALVAGE  LTDr  Heavy Equipment M^lna & Log Towlno  ���      L. HIGGS  Phpne 685-9425  TRANSFER  LEN WRAY'-? TRANSFER   Household Movlno, .ppekino. Stp'rocn��  ,     PocMno Mftorlols por 5a|o  Member of AIIIpiJ Yan Mrjo"V      '   '  Cq'nwffl'* N9- I Moypm  Phono QQjMltM- RtR> l/^jbBp-ip/^C,  HANSEN'S TRANSFER |,TPf  WAHPHOUS^  Gibsons 806-2172  DAILY SEf^VIC*: FROM VANCOUVER  Sfc'RVlNG THE'SKHeLt PKiNIHSULA  Gonerol Froloht. Uw-M nnd hopvy howlloo  pi�� "I mr*******00*0. n i ������m***00000000000*01  T,V. mid RADIO  sunshine mm TV, SAMS  8, SERVICE p,T��f  ADMIRAL pnd ELECJpOl |0ME PEALERS  j  GorcjonOlivpr   -   W N!cholsor> >  \i\ Tho Heafl' Of PawntoVYn Sechelt'  Pox 799; Sechelt 085-9016  , /ciosfip ON m'qhpays  Phono 0Q3-2513  HARBOUR SUpPMES  BERNARD GERICK  -���    --P.O. |3oH58   Madeira fork; B.C,  pWfflMI  Ui>H-OI.ST(ESIY  BELAIR CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY  ANP DRAPERIES  Rciiphnhlerlna - Pcsly|lnQ - Comploto Proprry  Scrvlco - Somp|c$ frhowp In rl)�� honjp  Phopq 806-2050 of tor & p,m,  or JB86-2H73  ���M.  ����  ��� i  n  -I  ��� m  i *^>  ���i 6  m  ni  m  '���51  v-  ,. M t   0   n 0. 0.0, 0. 01*0*,0.0*,1.0**  1 0K0- S.f*  J ^r!. ��.��.,*' A J. ��,>, 0,j0.J*Jh** A.4 , P<*fr> A��4      Penlnsulo "flim Wednesday, Dee,'1/1971  -m-wimph "imtl+mi  - g^^^^wwwiwwiniMwwwiw^^  REAL ESTATE  m  %t  m-  vqpi IT  to  'si  ���H  '**    .  .   *  ThePei  NIN9ULA  Sechell- - Phone 885-9654  Classified  <l'lwwl'^"**wfwT*^^*'**1'*''*^'^'^T^"'^'*^^'"'*""*^'^",^f^^^ nrnwrwiniMuuimmium  ��fWV  Published Wednesdays bv  Powell River News T^wn'Crier  Sechelt Tiroes Ltd.  at Sechelt. B.C.  Established 1963        '  CARDS OP THANKS (cont)  Member, Audit Bureao  ot Circulation!  Sept, 30, J971  Gross Circulation 2915 ;  Paid Circulation 2478  As filed with the Audit' Bureau  of Circulation, subject to audit.  Classified Advertising Rates)  3-Line Ad-Briefs (12 words)  ,0ne   Insertion , $1,00  Three Insertions , _$2.QQ  ^xtrq lines (4 words) ^-.20*".  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A composition charge is made for  advertising accepted and put ihto  production, but cancelled hefore  publication: Change from.original  copy when proof is submitted to  customer is also chargeable at qn  hourly, rate "for the- additional  work;  BiRTHS  GIBSONS AND SECHELT  WESTERN DRUGS  ...  is  pleased to sponsor  this  Birth   Announcement, space,   and  extends Best Wishes to the happy  parents,  PERSONAL '   '  TO " Doctor Swan, Paetkau,  OWing and Knsson a thank  you tor looking al'lor mo during my long illness. A thank  you Is not very much for the  sorvioe I received. My good  friend Dr. W, Vosburgh must  not ho forgotten. To St-, Mary's  Hospital, A wonderful place  to lie when sick. Thank you  "Me. Tony Wagemaker ��� and  office staff, nurses and all who  ���. worked looking after the sick  In each and every ward. The  Medical Clinic and all the  girls wl\o take great care of  you wljeu you visit the Clinic  to see the 'Doctors. To Mr  Bootlv and. staff ol Bank of  Montreal* Supcoast Develop-  emnts** I4d., per Morgan Thompson. Harry Gregory 'and Mickey, The Kennedy, .Gibsons,  B.C. for the wonderful flowers  and plants. Thank you people  very much they were beautiful. To the long list of my  friends who sent "Get Well"  cards, They were so many T  could not mention the names,  tlio telephone calls and the  many people who made a visit  to the hospital while I was a  patient just to cheer me up 1  thank you. It Js wonderful  feeling to know you have, so  many frientls%"and I thank each  and everyone from the bottom  ���oH'-.my heart���W, J. MAYNE  7623-1  Work wanted  r-r^, ^ ,   ROOF repairs, odd jobs, cleanups, etc. Phone 885-0830.  ,       ��� 7021-3  HELP WANTED  FEMALE clerk  wanted, apply  Bank of  Montreal,  Gibsons,  B.C. 7fi03-tfn  MA-WC - female *-~ Attention  local artists, wanted handi-  crafterl merchandise for retail  store, carvings, jeweliry; glass-  ware, corsages, arrangements,  etc. Phone 885-2330.        7830-1.  HELIABLE    couple    to    take  care of moteil. January and  February.   Box   472,   Sechelt,  B.C. 7(i28-l  .-���'-. ..r-ry*-* ; ���r : ! . ^ , ,~. _���.  NljRSE   requires   baby   sitter  occasional weekends. 2 small  children,   Ph.   885-9978.  *t%i*ii''lS'\s.(*..��v��s ,  .....   ,     i- .-J.-...   . .. ,  Y',"  JWfc*  WANTED  SALAL WANTED  I (you ore browned off,  try me.  .NAIDA WILSON  885-9746  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous ���  Meetings 8:30 p.m., Tluirs-  days,. Wilson Creek Community Hall,. Ph, 885-9327, Bflil-  2343. 4070-tfn  WISH  to contact  I-nltor Day  '������'���'* Saints meinboi'.'i. Pliono 8(15-  !il75 or 880-2540. ��7fl().tfn  OBITUARY  7503-52'  SLACK���Wcky Sliiek, "ag����d 13  years,.,died ucoldonlidly on  November 13, 1071', Morn In  Kamloops May 1050, lie leave's  to mourn In panning bin lovlni;  * iHironlH, 3 luolheis, Donald,  Mark iind Timothy;1 "�� hIiiIoi'm  StKian and .lane,, nnd gru'nd-  pnronlH Mr, apd TvTi'm. A, Gray,  IiOi)dou, England, also mime'r- '  ,-*!iiB,.l'rliM)iln, In lien ���f t;i,)wiirH,  clonalilnim may  be Nont  lo llio  * boy' wiiil's oipliuiigc work In  Boguiii, C'oliiliililii, c/u World  Vltilon' of Canada, Box 7111 II,  Wlllowdale 425, Ontario.  ,.'���',���''���    ���' 'A^'    ___   7013.1  ' aULMWANPRN-'-' Nbvonilioi'  ��� 2(Mli lir/i,.,Evelyn Gnllbraii-  non of Clllimliis, 1,1,0, ngeil 411,  yeani, Formerly of Huinnby,  Siii'vlvoil by her lovlm; lum-  band Cipntf-o, lour miuih; f.ari'y  nl CalMiiry, -lorry, lllcliy and  Mli-vo at home, Iwo dn'ujtlitoni*  ,,,.Mi'ii.,4t. (Miulu).Cruliio t��f,Gll>����  '���ilium,  Mi'h, Mi (.lanU'ii)  Wohor  of   Hiii'imby,' I'lvn  /(rundelilild.  ��� roil, Iwo iwiiluwi ami f,<*j,ir  Hliitorn, Ilev, J, , Wllli'immii)  conduclecl thu mtrvlco In fitnil��  , ly chapel of tho llnrvey Fun.  oral  Homo,  tlibftonii,   Novum"  , boi* Jill, Intormont Seaview  Comoliuy,       , '.     7HI0-1  CaRCK)F THANKS*  MH. ami Mrfli Wally Oo'rry ��l'  1  Hoclioll, wl��li Io i>x|��r��Mii' mIii-  I'cro tlifinktt'fii all tli'n rolaMvcN  mul frlmulH who helped make  Iholr CJoldi'ii WrtltWtiH An*  nlv<'i*n/ir,v mn'li �� woniloffully  ' happy    ocomilon,     The    kind  "fitoti/^ntf;���rinuroivr,*���wirrn���/in^i--  vuvtfo wllJ, nlvvayit bo ircnmirod,:,  7oon��i  6n liohull' of my wife, mynelf  and my clilldron, I would  marm wwrwirnwny. mm*?  ond ncqunlntimcef on th�� Hun*  flhlno Coftul, tlw vory honl In  future , yoar��. Knowing Mitch  flno pooplo bos m��d<i oui' *tny  In flecltclt un m.oynhlo om,*-*  Orvillo ���UndirWII.    "    7010-1  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  SPAVtR TIME INCOME���no-  f|ll|nj? and collecllng money  from New , Type hiuh-(|iin!ily  e'Dl'ii-opnruled' dispensers In  your area. No sdlling, T(] qualify you must have1 car, refeiv  epcdM, $000 lo $200,0 cash, Seven to twelve hours weekly  uan-nal nxcollenl. monthly income, Mori? full time, For per;  moiiiiI Interview write Cana-  penn Dintrlbiiiing U'd,|"Dopj;  lovlni!   A K'0 "Hny Hi., Siillo 205, To  runtu     I,    Ontario,    Include  phono niunlior, 70311-1  FOR RENT  WATRHFUONT homo wllJ*.  miuili'ck, ll' room and buml.  wllh A-oll furniu'o, Aviillal'ilo'  linmi'iliiitely I'll, 203-4035 ol'  733-4121. 71110*1  ���SI'H.MA   Park   Hall.   $1*    per  meet Inn,   I'h,  ltll5-0437,  7343-tfu  COMI^^U'I'AmTJmwu' lidnm  hn'il.'ie.    Mmli'oolM,,    I'll,   ,11110-  II3H7, 7034-3  UAhh for runt, Wllmm Cronl,*;  C'oiiiin'unlly    Hall,    Contact  'Mrflr^Dlano ��Ander,ionr**Hon-  ''30(1, Mfln-lfn  lloiniiiluKtpliift    room,    wnriii,'  cleiin,   all  round   nl   Molina  I'arH, -Woi'Miik  permin,  i'hono  11115'IWiri, .7��ll��-irii  PRIME elevated waterfront 4Q  {icres at West Porpoise Bay,  Includes large modern 5 hed- ,  room house, broadloom throughout, S bathrooms, hoi water, heat, etc, $97,000. F. I  Whitcroft (owner) Vancouver.  Phone 112-738-7165 or. 263-  7031. 7455-tfn  One    lovely    view ' ac.   with  \vator���    Lights    hod    phono  available,   .5   min.    walk    lo  beach.  $5,00.0. ' .:  GIBSONS: Unfurnished "(hvel-.  Jmg on oyer I gp.'.^onts on  hlk. top road in "desirable location. Work on it in'.your  leisure time and have some-  vhinss really worthwhile, -l*ry  '$1,500. down.  Charming ft room home featuring spacious rooms and  double plumbing. Fireplace iii  living room, lge. finished rec.  room In lowei- level. A-oil  heat, Carport has vleck roof.  Natural setting is the theme,  of the .landscaping. Attractive  terms on $''1,5007���or~illiseHunt  for cash. '  HOPKINS: Just minutes lo  beach, ferry and P.O. Attractive 3 bdrm. home, cab;  kitchen and separate dinning  area. Spacious Iiv, rm. Rec.  room and extra bdrm. in lower level. A-oil heat. Lge view  lot. Cash to 6 per cent mort.  K. BUTLER REALTY  LTD.  ALL TYPES INSURANCE  Gibsons, B.C.  Phone 886-2000  MEMBER  MULTIPLE LISTING  SERVICE    -  7026-1  REAL ESTATE (Cont) REAL ESTATE (Cont) REAL7 ESTATE (Continued)    FOR SALE (Continued) FOR SALE (Confirmed)  WINTKll aeciiininodalion avails  " iililn from HopliiniboiV tfepni'��  "f((<rlMiif{ rm, and hdrni. Hallh  room Wllh iihowin*, Heaiionalile  I'nloif, Al, Lowe'fi, Mudnini'  Park Molol, Phone Il03.*i4li(i,  Undo/ ni'W iniiuiii'oiiionl,  7l��34.|fn  MOBILE HOMES  ONE moiille home upaco avail-  ������ |-, jw,-'-1) 11 {- M a pi o - - ���'J'r*i 11 er  J'/irli, Wllnoii Cninlt. Plione  /WW!- Oi-HH, 724fi-lfn  KNIOHT Mobile Homo,.2 hoth  room wllli air cowl!' Ph,  lillil-  ���:?.m:"~~~ m>.-ui\  MOim,V; Uomt*, IMII), % bed-  rooinii, I'oinplolo wllh wklil'  ln�� and aliiiolnum awnlnil.  Only ii year*! old, Phono llflil-  -7JHI7, ������, 7000-Un  NEW - VIEW    '  SELMA PARK���31 x 18 living,  room with golden shag eav  pet,   Dble.   vanity   plumbing,  two   bedrooms "wAv* eavpfts,,  L,oads o% f3vipl*i0a*'d}iiu"w*l*^*i>d^��  kitchen,  Open  .t'or-^ilHsp'dtip'iv^  sorfn. Priced to sell !ft*'$2^afl0*  PM\ ��� ;��� jjjyyjyyj.;,  s^A v\W:yAj(jy  WEST SECirai,T--liarpil/  ; -feveil  home,  V0Uld.-.bC,*ll4JR|l  lex,  Dble.  fireplaco, 2 bdrmsl,.  on  ma|n  floor.   Carport   and  sundeck, Extra large treed lot,  Easy   walk   fo   bench.   $32,1)00'  F.P.    SELMA   PARK���W.atorfront--  2 'bedroom fully remodelled  home.    A-'O    heat,    fireplace,  right   on   Iho   beach.   Asking  .$27,000 F.P.  WEST SECIIELT���High  viow  lots, 211,0000 sq.  ft. each in  new  home  area.   Real   investment, '$4.R00 Full Price. *  O l BSONS- S    cleared,    acres,  on  paved  road.  Some -fruit  trees.   Fenced,   $10.S00   terms.  GIBSONS HUHAL���10 level  acres 42 x 72 cement block  bui'lcl'ifi'tJ, **"pa\'"e^""a roadr~\!valer  supply, handy location . for .  storage warehouse. Priced low  at  $22,000. Terms.  CALL - J.. ANDERSON  Office aHfi-2823    Home 885-205**.'  MacGREGOR PACIFIC  REALTY LTD.  Selma    Park    Divn.    085-2323  7012-1  CUTE    cottage,    t     bedroom.  Large  level   lot,   fruit  trees,  and landscaped. Municipal.IVSz.  4er.  Principles only. To view,  885-21.13 after 6:00 p.m,  -  7304-tfn  2Q ACRES undeveloped, view  property, Village ef Sechelt,  lane access, $3D,p00. ���WUl sell  in f" acre blocks at $fl,0Q0 each,  Write, Box 310, Peninsula  Times, Sechelt. * 74834ftv  PENDER HARBOUR and EGMONT  NEAR MADEIRA PARK  2 BR home dri'ldrcie view lot. Owner now^'rebuilding, redecorating  and  also  building jo  3rd BR.  in   basement.   Oil   furnace,   stove,  lri.g, Can be b^Ofll^t. now (or $1 3,000 with tfirms-^-as remodelling  "'":''"' progresses, price will be; acc.Qrfljngly jlipher.  ���'*"���:"   GARDEN BAV'    '; /     ~ :'  310 ft. waterfront, over 3 acres on 2 separate parcels. Very  large home���6 (could be 10) bedrooms���an excellent start for  a fishing lodge and resort. Good begch, lots of floats. $70,000  full price, good terms. Or house can be purchased with 100 ft.  *    waterlront loi (or $42,000.  MADEIRA PARK  of   semirwdlerfront   parkl  Located just aboye Madeira Park yoy^-wharf,  Approx, ��� j Vi   acres* of   semirwaterfront   parklike; yiew'i property.  rk at  REDROOFFS ROAD  Lot II Is a larne view lot���85 by 550. Look for our sign on the  1 property. Priced at ($5,0Q0 with terms,  PENDER HARBOUR  Now 2 bedroom 864 M),  (I. model homo,'..Electric heat,  sione  Iirepiace, wall lo wall shoo carpets iHronghQMl, Oil choice siimi-  waterlronl lot ovorlooklno Pender.Harbour and close lo store and  marina. Full price $25,^00 with $5,000 down,  WATERFRONT.LOT? '  Lot 14���90 ft.--\ I 3,000,        Lot 20���100 ft,���$14,500.  ,     Lot 16��� 125 (1,-413,500.      Lot D -98 fl.���$|0,5Q0.  Lol 19���75 (i, $12,500, Lol 1 �������135-fl.���$-1 A.000.  Lot'M- -80 (t:~ "$10,000,  B5 It, walorlronl lot ot Farl.Cave���413,000,  Appiox, 275 In walorlronl, CiordfthUoy--;i>2o,000,       , MADEIRA PARK    , "      ". /  Approx, 3 acre'*, nl the llne'il view properly In* fonder 1-lnrbuur.  $17,000 wllh cioad, i��rm"��.  '���'"   SAKINAW LAKE    ,  Approx, .14 ocrns with 330 It, water!ront. Full price $25,000,  with $0,500 down-  LAGOON ROAD  i very pood bulkllnqi lots, l/osy wnlkln'o rl|r.|nncfl to r,chno| ond  itlon"i ot Mndelrn fork, Can ho houghi w)lh low down poymmil.  FARL ���COVE���BARGaTn  ,,   llorcio li'iriii-wolitrfriiiil view lot' (or $4,000 f.m,h,  1 EGMONT WATERFRONT  : 200 It, wnioi|ioni,*|lo'i 2 iinllnl*.lied bulldiniri'i, On poved rood,  V��uy nlrn  pinpncly   lor dnvnloprnmil.  I'lUi'd  nl   $22,500  with  *���*   , ,$12,000 down  l-ARL COVE  A low Ion Mill nvallohlo on lliln 30 loi milidiylnlon, I'rlcwl (rmn  1    ��� ��� "  .       "madeira park ' ��  Clmlco vlftw |oh 011714 lot MihdlvNon,' friers from $4,000 |o  $11,000, '"(lino <;lncir��d rnody lor building,  /  NEW, WATERFRONT Wm. '..,  . On 115 Hi clmlco W'tlnrlionl, thin approx,   1,200 m\,  ll, 2 On  r.nold Iin 3) bedroom homn'linn onn lbird bnsflmunl, 600 ��u. II,  snndech,  olnclili;  heal.  IVIrit" liiclndwn   Irio,  Movn,   c��f|io|   ond  diopriH, Full filrn only $,'l'l(V00 wllh ijooil tnrmn,  '"     EGMONT  Approx, 460 ll, of wrilmifinntrign, im Ihh ft orr�� lot, roll pilrn  ' .   '    $29,000 Willi $10,000 down.  MOUILI; HOME SITES " "  ,..���,.���,���.,....,���,.������.��,.... ���,_,;..S((w)m(.|nt(..,nv)rt)|r)|Jtrtr..,.,,.,,...,,.,,.,, -,.���....���, ,...���.  Mony othflr vlnw nnd vynp��f||on| |o|n In fb�� ptiottfif llrtibonr ornn.  REALTY LTD,  i-.       ���  Madolra Pork, B(C,  Phono PerVler Harbour 863-2233  SDC^upiED'btit accessible by*  fiood l^p, }Q0 aovea beautiful    well   \elevftted    undeveloped property,- year round  creek, some.ocean view, near   ^______    ^��^t ; Qpv^ff" $��0,000,    Will,  7"' "-, ' '���'-.^//"^eptv-sbme:^^^^ Box '810  ���vpARPKN  HA^-^TTere's .Yow."''.-P^I��'ittte\^nrtM;';"Seqheit.  .���.;",jphanep  To 'Mftkp  Money!!  - ";���:- [;-r.i---iiyy:yyi.y.:..,,,),..,������  /Jhst move in i\\\(\ bring yonr  "p-nui hnisbes y..., Thui.li'tJl'lN-  ^SilKi) 3 bedronnv homo sits  *on a nvarvelous y|e\v-4ot o\'ei%-  "looking Oardoh B?iy, Has.,no\y  ^tiioinuiie oil fiu'mice, ebppe'r  plpe,s, 220 wirtntSv modAyi kit-'  eheii, stove ivnd fridge',. A "nice  su'idoik    overlooks - hnrboiir.  Ciivuinstanees   force   sale.'.at  only  $ii.8.00.00,   Sell vat   BIQ  PTUiKI'r after WTtLE'WO'RK  joii> li.-rinon llg-M3-27-|*),  RKnHOOFS.'- ROAD���A plea-  suiv \o show Our Tine sejeo-.  tit'ii' <4' senu-watertroitt we,w'  jdis' in this prltpe area. Each  b i.At-1- nn acre, nicely treed  and lfvi-1. Due to retire soon?  Buy iiinv while the price is  right1 These lots will sell on  siylit1 (Oee,, it rhymes) Jock  Hri-iwiMJL2i8gS-27-|{t. ���  Mmi)I,KlK)lNT ��� Far The  * Huyer VVho'.s Hard to Please:  A iaif opportunity to pur-  c-huAv n 1500 square foot ex-  emtiw class rancher on 12  view acres. ilSubdividalile)  This quality built, full basement home has double everything AND A VIEW QF MAJ*-  ASI'INA STRAIT.* Here is a  viiliiablc and impressive estate  for only $30^00, May be had  for $12,000 down with A/S to  voiului at 9 per cent. .FULL  PAKTICULAUS ARK ; AS  CLOSE AS YOUR TELEPHONE.^ Jock Hermon U2-  Hii:J-2745     .        . - '-'  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  Gibsons  7024-1  VltlVATE parly wishes to  purchase waterfront proper-.  ly, Gibsons - Sechelt area. Not  least- lancf." Phone ^83-2220 ou  (1115 l-lltl. 7li07-.\  EWART M<;MYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  -,'* Multiple���-Listing Service  Box  238,  Gibsons,  B.C.  GinSONS RURAL AREA:  Withi ntwo ihiTes of Gib-  son.i Village centre, we offer  3 'level easily cleared lots, size  Ii3 x 2(i4' each. These lots front  on a paved road May he purchased either separie-ly or "eh  him" These lots have an ex-  ci Unit potential, FP. Tor  KACH lot $3,000. We pj,sn olfer  CHA^LRS JfslSLISH CTD.  ; Not ��i^ ^T^i^>XVp"77^; 7": A'plpv" istn Is'  S^JN^bREST -SHOPPING -  .   ":7^*:.-;��prmE:--  7 Ql"t|pns,' "*3,C5, ���  "���.  1''COHNE^sloNE^ Gibsons  - mbstyv^eslred corner com-  pleie with two , DUPLEXES,  overlooklnp; tlie |-|{irbor, with  imniaenlat^r^ppl grounds,  with fruit tw-i and Piiltos,  ?ani| outside sinvage she^s, for  every-Unit; *i*w*o Units 2-bedroom and Fji'oplaces , electric  bent, all very modern. This is  a revenue Property and sound  investmeni. Dlittfils on request  and viewing hy appaintmfent  only.\. .  ao��-24Ul  The Action'Line  . RETIREMENT OR STARTER  HOME:   With  a  view  over  Jrlowe Sound,.,neat Stucco one  Bdrm, house with part basement, fireplace, porch, auto oi-l-  heat, close to transportation &  .shopping, F.P. $12,200.'  Call lis at 0HG-24R1  GOWER POINT ROAD: Love-  ���ly well kept, *2 Bdrm full  basement home on spacious 75  It. lot, fireplace, hardwood  floors, vanity bathroom, finished' rec. room close to Ihe  Ocean in a nice flat treed area  F.P. .$20,300 with terms.  ��� 880-3481  Good sized lot ou Highway���  $3,500.00.  Peach Ave. 50 x lhi) Ready to  "   build���$4,500.00.  Bench   Ave.   75   x   400   Parity  cleared���$5,000.00.  Lanjidale View  Lot���$3,850.00.    7     880-2481- -���--���    -���-������  ACREAGE: <* ���   2-j-i acres will" view  4.5   acres   Chamberlin  'fi  acres Chosier Rd.  1 (ill acres Vul,   Rd.   .-;:  2' acres Chaster Rcl.  l~5.fracres on Highway $22,50(1.  0ft acto Oca-njje Rd. -   $1.1,750.  " "Tfefi-^481  CEARGE prop��pe heater, like  new, with thermostat 'control. Oil heater complete with  drum' anci stand. Complete  aquarium including light, hood,  pump and filler. Phono Hflfi-  2963r 7(1084  MARINE ACCESSORIES  ; Paint-~-l',ibre|i(']nss-*-Rope-^  Canvas���Boat HoriiwiU'e  Compressed air service  NYGREN SALES-,-���  (1971) LTD.  Phone 880-9303, Gibsons, B.C,  ,, ,_���������������-,.,   ,..���,Q ..^.i,.... ���������!.���      i   ���   ���i ������������.-���...��� ���������  SCHAEFER ico cream cabinet, $,150 Boys jjiiKlish blazers, '$8:-' Latlfes ��iko, $��.- One  floor polisher,; $10. -Ph. 885-  ��)Di)2. '.      7809-1  "'SITCCK tbe Brownie is back"  - ..see ibis wonderful children's-, lutok. by Eliiuiy"'CroW  ul The. Times Bookstore in_  Seclvelt. Also Grandma's Country Cookinji and. Honii'y Meets  tlie Ciidhorosaiii'iis. Ph. 885-  9854. 7579-1  PRAWNS   as  ?ivai;table,   fresh  80   cents   lb.   or  $1   cooked.  Also   frozen.   Ph.   883-2282.  7(I3(i-tfn  '���THE Last Spike" and "The  Natipnal Dream" in stock at  The Times Bookstore in Sechelt. Also the outstanding  colored pictorial ol The Royal  Visit to the N.W.T. Just $5 95.  Phone   885-9854. 7035-2  2  WHEELS   13  inch   for  Plymouth   or   Valiant   with   or  without   summer   tires;   Phone  888-7730, 7811-1  ELECTRIC football game, hot  Wheel   s track,     spirograph,  men's iep slcates size 1V&, small  men's   karate" suit, -Ph;~ 885-"  0580 after 8:80 p:m,        7833-1  1?,0 "fiASS Accordion, like new.  Profess\omI htpflel *With 7  treble and 4 horn,switches and  n mute, netwost. .rMor to $325.  Also a car bed, ;$R.-<-.Phi--ft88-  7flt��; ' 7837-1  GOOD looiil hay for sale, $i  bale jlelivered. Ph. 112-948-  rimti.- 7570-5  . C.C..M, *'5- speed boys bicycle,  .;    like now, $50,' Ph. 885,(1318.  * - ������ ���  -���������.' 7032-1  Democracy n0eds  careful tending  SENATOR John Nichol of British 'Columbia:   -      7_^      The terrorist crises in Quebec has shown Uuil. democracy  is a delicate plant. It~n'eods  careful tending. If 41 is abused _  il will die. It does not go on  forever, afitomalieally providing shade and comfort   to all  wlm need it-   r :   -    ��    ~ L���  A' serious threat to democracy never appears until a  new generation begins lo lake  the system for granted. But  after October 1970, very few  Cancicltxins aro taking* anything  for granted. Suddenly, wilb  all its glaring inequities and  maddening inefficiencies, the  democratic society has become  a thing to be defended. Every  law restricts freedom. An excess of law destroys freedom.  But without law there can be  no freedom.'.  $4,700  Rd.  $7JiO0.*  $8,500.  $(i,(i00.  $4,(!(io:  Ken  Crosby  880-2098  Jack   White  ,      880-2935  Joy Visser  -    8,85-2300  7031-1  PETS  Jto-HPSS-nt <*oVnfH& nt:^P?s-^Kn{f:^B��11dog    pups',-;-.li-  *   . "' '     weeks -old. .Ideal   pels.   P"t  W A TER.FRONT ACREAGE,  ICE AT ISLD.: On West  Beach, we offer 2 acres of .land  With 700 ft. of excellent waler-  frontagd. Property js well  treed with southern exposure,,.  View Is towards Salmon Rook  and Gulf of Georgia, Property  has good rofid 'access and several very suitable' building  Sites, FP $38,500,  ROGERTS CREEK: Close io  BEACH PARK al Roberts  Creek a clenrod Vi acre block  wllh view, This is n pul on I l-ni  3 lol subdivision, Offered for  ONLY $ I'1,500.  GHANTUAM'S: View lol'-fully  serviced,   Priced  to  soil,  IIOPKIN'S; Ideal family )iomn*  with 2  bed,, baseinonl, nnd  a lerriflc view.'On Pbinl Hdd,  ,$11,000 vylll hiindle,.  (IIBHON'S   WATEHFHONT:���  I hire' In n n|(!0- :i bed, -htNiiin  in tllliHon's Bay *ir*u*  on  llm  wiilei'lVoiii property yoirhii'vo  Uceii  looking for, $11,1*00 F,|',  (HURON'S '- GOWEU PT, III).  Near ii"W !l bod, homo, wllli  lull hiihomnnl, Thin truly is n  lovely family homo,������ ||<niwni-,  nlily jii'lcod,  WAITED: 2 bed, homo, mIiIim'  l,y|io, (llliHon'ii In Roi.'lioll or  .Porpi/lno Buy Arnii, Purcliiifior  Iiiim c|ihIi nnd will lot vendor  ,lny In till H|H'lii|(. I'rien I'linifn.  I'rnm $0,00(1 lo $13,(100,    ���,,  i.OTSi Wo hnvii' lot IVnrn $2,-  noil  lir fully  iiiTvlecd  loin  nt  ��� $4,000; "Tomm,  WATNHFIIONT   Piopnilleii;   >.��Otlwr���VHi:y-JiU��i.U!*ilJnH (>!'?.';������,  pnriloH wllh honion nr for ��ln��  viiloponionl  lo,$7ll(8l>(),   '  Moinl'MT..  Viinniuvei' Honl  Enlulo nqiinl  PIIONK ftlWl-'W'lll  Noiory Public   '  LlflTlNClM WANTED'  Vlnco Prewar        BB6-9359  Wally Peterson     886-2877  ,1, R, (McSavanoy  B8<6-96!36  Box ��.'IHP CillwmiB, H.C.,  7020-1  880-0841',  -    7040-2-  CARS & TRUCKS  1959 Volkswngon, running or-  ���t|eiY-^of)iL-rubber, offers, Ph..  885-0031, 7804-1  lotyl" PONTIAC JF^ieTin^  i good condition ���Ihroughoul,  many  extras, Phone 885-9784,  TfloTr'aMC'   910, ,4x4    warne���,  hubs, stylosldo, 350 V8, All  heavy duly (ifpilpl, I,ow mileage, (,'onilllion excellent, 19(19  Ford , F2r>0,,'4x*l wui'lie bubs,  Slyloside, 3(10 V8. All heavy  duly oqulpl, Very low mlloiige,  condltlnii excellent, Ph, 883-  'W,h  ��� , ,n,   7492-tfn  Special, 302 * 4 npd, Best offer,   I'h,   Ililfl.ori.'IO,: 7(127-2  IIHill ('"lll'iy,  ly Mound,  *$lft0, Mitcluuiical-  Phono 11115-9474,  7(118-1  111(12    OI.DHMOHII.E,    power  Mli'i'i'lnu, power brnluts, Bonl  i'HhIi ol'l'vr.. I'll, 1185-111)87,  7(l2lb I  FOR SALB,   ,        '^     ,  AlKHIH iiiipni' llinovlo ciunei'ii.  Ilollox   cuuin,,  IiimIiiiiI   i'1'iii'l--  I'l'lge   loiullng   I'll2,   Used   just  once,  IMi; ,11811.22(17,  i      7(,l|7-l  WOOD cook iiliive, |iii'|(ool(ic-  ' ', Irle Mlovo wllh ' wiil'lil|lij{  bvnii, olecli'lc g|'l|)i|ii|' wllh  cinirmi nml lino Mloim, Slmilo  bed,   I'h,  llll'KHIII, Win-1  COI.EMAN lliinr fiiniuiMi, i  ���-"Phnno-iiim-Mnofir���"7(11  140,  'hi  W   ITI\   iiiiIIhv-IPh   Morgiiim'.  Illlfl-II.TIO, Hmilnill, H,(,!,  '���'' ' llllfin-lfir  AOiii^AN"'riij(i"l',i<lil'  w.Vl'ii  uiidcriHid, Hiijio griton, iioiiil  comillliiii, VMV  I'h, 11115-OIKHi,  7(120-1  !I0" llniidiiiiwi '"hitlliihln bonl  blinding nr nhAlum,' $200, Ph,  llll|H��'/;i5, 7'1'lli-flll  ('Mii.mi ��� iiiuiidi! ;ii��'ii. iuiVi  innh'hin/*   iIcomhoi',  fyW; "I'h,  88(1-2744, < 7H22-1  MARINA  WNPf-fTHAIWOOR ARPA T "      1900 fl. boqullful Inko fronlagp, 39 acroa wllh baach.  I-k, swimming, fishing', hoailno. 2 cahlna, Jflp.car,  parking..Somalncomo, parking & 909.*ial��B..Po|onllnl  Un\lmltQd~i-**trQl\Qr ,park<--��rnotijf��--mQrJna^'lodg<.�����  ronta|��, PULL PRICE *M'55,000, Torma 1*1 Rollahlo  Parly. Phono 254-1060 ofkir 6 .p.mi'WrHn, H62,  ���     '      Hqsl   hli, Vnncouvar, I3.C,    ,',,.,  Member of the .Multiple Listing Service  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  SECHELT No. 2316  Brand new.3. bedrpomalj electric hoi^e on full basement, Large  level lot, close io^hopping centre. We may be; able to help you  with a mortgage. Full price $20,500. Don Hadden, 885-9504  eves.  DAVIS BAY -r���- No. 2217  Ideal 2 Jjedroom retirement home, bright anrl convenient, just 3  years'brcJ On large view lot. cleared..ancl landscaped, close to  Ipeach at. Davis Bay. Cash price $20,750.. A hank mortgage may  be arranged. Don Hadden.  885-9504 eyes.  SECHELT VILLAGE . No.   1864  Attractive all electric 3 bedroom home, over 1,000 sq. ft., stone  fireplace. Large lot with JrQil trees, berries & shrubs. Garden  shed, garage, palio & level lawn, close to school -and shopping  centre. Full price $22,950 Try your down payment, Dop,Hadden,  885-9504 eves. .      *  selmA Park '      No. 236b  Beautifully finished 3 bedroom house, fireplace,A/O"Furnace, over  1400 sq ft floor area, plus carport. House just & year old. Well  located lease-lot, rental $70.00 year. Asking $I9,30��0 with  $10,000 tlqwn Excellent value lor large family or couple who  enjertqin guests   Peter Smith. 885-9463 eves:  -I*  }i'f.i'i.',.-,,h  DAVIS BAY ��� No. 2J22  Gently  sloping  lot,  cleared,   facing  west on  black   topped t.road,  size 72'xl5Q'. Very good value at $4,700, requires $2,900 cash,  balance at $40 per month, 7Vj% interns!. Peler Smith, 8Q5-9463  "eves. -....,���  ROBERTS CREEK   No. 2314  An-ac-re of seclusion, 158 feel walerbonl, & delightful 2 bedroom  all electric home, >& fireplace. If you wish to combine privacy ft,  waterfront, this could be llm opo, Ask Inn $42,000 with $18,000  dowo, bqlance nl B'/iv?., or |ry your offer, Polo) Smith, 885-9,163  eves,  PORPOISE BAY \     " "      " ,    No  2387  DeLuxe 3 bedroom family home. Pull bsmt., o*lra largo cab,  elec, klldien, 4 pro, both, plus en-jullo, Qimllly finish ihroncih-  aol. Large lot, omnn vlow, access to sandy bench. Full price only  $41,500. Try your down poymonl-. Prod lloioslnd, 085-2478  ovos.  "SECHELT VIiIaS"- RESIDENTIAL/ ^No,' ?326  Pino poinnliol for Ibis close.lo-soo insklonllol lot,  Pronis on two1  pavofi roods rlghl in VJlloao, Hydro, phone, Coblovlslon and city  ick  . .     . . .. V��ur  homo. Nolo tbo oosy tiirms; $1000 down; $60 month to Inciudo  9% annum inlorosl. Bob Knot, 805-.946I  oyni,  water. High ground wllh tioollo slopo lor vlpw^AS^iij "no I'l*'  lo wol.<irfrorll,'"nni( 3 to shopiilnn. Rondy nOw for buildlnn yf  SECHELT VILLAGE No??00  Soo for yruirsolf lhn Irivol wolrnlrnnl |n| In Iho villogo. Qul��l bqy  Willi lahuloiiH vlnw slrolchino I'M uiilohl rhlilnn ond lioqlirui riol)!  ol hnivl with riiy wotnr, hydro nod phono, llnb |<cnl; 085-9461  ^IVOfl   GUI-SONS VIEW '"'       " " * . No, 2328  Elogoni fomlly homo, vlow of lR|qnf'l*i unlmpodod witli wlro^.  Povod rood nnd dilvo Pull bnsonmni siillo for iiiiii, or In-lnwi.. Two  cor gnioflo, Conlrnl, yn| prlvnln in .Snnvlow. subfllviiilnn, pull  Pririr $36,000 VholUqsh, Jwk Worn,, 086-2681 ovmi,   ,   ���     ,f  GIRSON5  No, 2361  Wilb vlnw Irom kllrhnn, rllnlno nnd llvlni; room Iboklnn out to on  oxpoiHivo MK)t,ropo( Ihis 2 bndioom cotlauu wllh Ulllliy, Morogu  room, wnils nl clonnlu ond ri���r:rtrporl|-h o urool Imi (or o rollrlnn  roupln, $20,800 Eull Pilro; minis.  Jack Worn, 8I16.96HI  ovos,  PENDER AKEA  No, 220.**  ���joinMOiiii h mlfislno oui on, llmlr dionm conoo��l Whun'i miYyoii  ��� got ci' 3 budiouiii, pod bo'|iinii.'iil,  liilimldn ��;olhnl��i wilh rliipoilj  lorgn mmniiiioliil or hobby wo|k,,nliop (flin��M Iiuiimi II ,yfl(i wihh),  Miiqll hwlinrulnfl jionl ond Innilwiripod oioiinilh with HMi pnnrlf. lor  . lout, ihnn��� lliUP  $26,000;  lormH, Clow  to nmi nlwi,. ,lnr|<   Willi!,  886 26(11 iivch, ��� .,  'SARGEANT MAY   ""'" 'T '"J " Nn  rm  -������viwibvyhmmilmm'M^^  886,2601 tiyii!,,  PAMPER AKEA      """'"'""* " ' Nn, 7'M\9  4 ociflulo iioidno, pul mnlol uniu on, or mnkn Inlo o Iroiil torm.  Inroo fn'rin,Iioiimi wllli Iokjo i*inr)dy Minnm bouudlno nronnrlv,  $M,nnn; ���/* cm,i��. ,inck Wiini(1nfl6a26ni tw*. '  ROflFRTS CRFrK     ''"'", ���      "  " .'   ��� m,,   m|9  12 nrr��w.( jmrlly rtlfinrod, n��nr f|o|| rourw an lllnliyvny 101, Coinm  proiiorlyr /onml II?, $|9,fif)0; inni.,.,, C, R, r,(|||Hirn,)^ |J86 /01!)..,.  GIHSONS |<? "'*' ,   , Noi-MOf!"  Poik liko orrongn only nilnuhh liom iir|i6l)|i, nml hhopi),' Two t\nm\  ilwiillliiuii nnd, ouibu||i||iii|A, Tully Imirml, i,|in��un,  l*��<��llitnl   Im  tetei- r't'r !^,,',",^ 'iroLio,/i'.,fl,r'   r,,,m" "Wom** on  $48,(100, .C, M, Grilliiirriiln, 8ll6-./l)|b,  GIHSONS , ' No 2109  6 odjoinlnn blorkh, lotnl 29 unmi, Ennillnni w||, iwn hlii'iivi** oikI  ��� wnlllnn, ConvfiriiMiii liroiion |ih,i oil | tlfjliwny 101, 'iulinbln loi  dovolopmiMil oi, hobby buni, inmlol uuidnii oi iniv.ibly Houi hum,  ,_Cnn.bii;,iililldWI(l(id,.,$37,pOO;,|��iiin*,,C, Rr-Gr.lhnrrnlfr'  |||I6*?I)| (j, ���  ASKfO-*: oqft FREE CATALOGun OP RRAL- P4TATI*  Box 128, Sechalt Phono. 805-2235  ��� (E.a.0,1;,)  h  i  #- *. 4   m jr�� t% j* rnt ��| *��� *.,  ���' *' ' '  "' ' ' ' '. i *'... i.f     j.., >s. ��� .  ...   -'. ���  . ^ :��� ,,;. , -.     *.,�����*..*. ;���*-*.    wa, ,.. ���,   ���   */** .   .7, *i ..,��-��_��� j , -. :��., ��� , w.-v ^,"��"l'*vr*; * *. > ������ ;, .  ,"-- .*,.... j \\   -   . .     .... ����,���- r     * .* *��� *-' '-jl 7 �����.*-��� >v :  V...-"..,..-.   u-^.%_. ..^.r>!]      ik..                                                   .                                      I��                   ���                                                     *  J.       +  \    *���*   r *0 *��� i  -*���             .         ���   ���vvi   ���       *             ����� 4           "1                   ���   I ���'       ,       ,           ">    -    -           -J*         \        .   ���        I      ��                             ^t   r 0,*r ,,    0* *~ ���*/���*.  -Tr-       -      -   jvvArpV^   J* f -V /">�� v ^.r. 0-r- 1*^0   * r ��** ���*.   , *.   0 0 *.   f *���   0   . ��.-����V��.    J fr*r. -"-",,�����WV. J ~        /f  vr-��rfrr�� rv^^��-�� ��� *���������. fry ����������,, r y'w vv ig ^^(tv^rtrw*^.) ��f + -**M���� *-*-^-.-**r-r*^-^n*^ r*0**y^-*~r*r*^'^'^^ *Swfe  v     .               --            *">yJ<jy     A        1               '    *                                '-.       V.- ��� ,.   ��� 7                    , .                      ���                          -            ���            \                        , ' .^      - \ \fi4t  The peninsula Times Page A-5  ��� Wednesday, December \, 1971  HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE  BAHAI FAITH?  Phone 886-7355 or 885-9B9S  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School ��� 10:00 o.m,  Ch|i��:h Service ��� 1V s 19 q,m,  Evening Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASS^LS  Davli Bay Road and Arbutus  (2 blocks up from'Highway)  PENDER HARBOUR  TABERNACLE  (Undenominational)  SUNDAY SCHOOL AND BIBLE CLASS  9:45 AM.  Madeira Pgrk A 883-2374  * CHURCH SERVICE���11 ;0Q A.M,  Pastor Rev. Walter S. Ackroyd   ���  Baptist Church Services  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  ��,-Mermaid, qncl Trail, Sechelt  Sundayjjchoq! lD:00 a.m..,  Morning Worship 11; 15 q.m.  CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH  Park Rd., Gjbsons^  Sunday School 9:45 am.  Evening.Worship 7:00 p.m.  Pastor, Robert Allaby  (885 2809)  A WARM WELCOME AWAITS  YOU,  The United Church of Canada  SERVICES _  St. John's United Church - Davis Bay  Sunday Services - 9:30 o.m,  ,..,,���.,... ....v.a.,a..||oberts.Creek.United:,,.;.-,,,.-a..-..,,i  Sunday Services - 2:30 p.m.  Gibsons United Church  Sunday Services "- 1*1:15 a.m.  Tart Mellon United  Sunday Services - 7:30 p.m  (2nd qnd 4th Sundays)   Ministry .���.,  Rev. Jim Williamson - Gibsons - 886-2333  The Anglican Church  _       of Canada  SERVICES  ST. HILDA, SECHELT  Every Sunday at 8:00 a.m. & 1 1 :00 q.m.  CHURCH OF HIS PRESENCE; REDROOFFS  2nd & 4th Sundays in the month at  3:00 p.ni,  PENDER HARBOUR; ARB4  1st & 3rd Sundays in the month at -  2:00 p.m.  EGMONT  lit & 3rd Sundays In tho month at  .>..��� '       4i00p,m.   ,  Pr|eit: Rev. D. Popple, 885-9793  -  .#*  *H%  PAPER - TINSEL - CARPS  AISP C3ECQRAt|PNS   c  Vmfm^wBi m   ,���  Flight Tm'mr* complete wjfti  Engine anti Engine starter jft(f.  SEE THE H# SELECTIONS  pplfT Bg DISAPPOINTS  '"A VARIETY Qf CHRISTMAS  SHOPPING  H0WE;S0UND 5-10-15$T<M 1H!Cl!WS^  When Is $22 per Hour LESS than $15,00 per Honr?  ^ use TD 24s - Approx weighs 37 tans - ot $22 p. hr.  ^v-"t\   Ql^ers. use approx. "|0  ton  machines���doing  local   rqod  yftok  ^-"^Mk  3/ M   the |qwer fate, takjng many hours to complete th^-jofj. ^$22.QQ is      J'<i*%  %7?   ^Ess   than   $15.00,  WHEN   THE   JOB-TAKESr 1/Q   less   time.   *-^*  "���^We-jeave-onnCustomers Completely Satisfied''.  QUNPOAT BAY ROM�� mil&mS  MADEIRA PARK,-BiC." PHONE 883-2324  r!f%.  f^y^~yrn-.  ti--ii  %m  7  '  ���  it  (7  .;.   SECHitLt AGENCBES DATS PAP  ��� Thii freerernlnder of coming eyentii |s a Service of SEC+iELiT AQENC|ES  LTD, Phone Peninsula Times direct for frpo listings, specifying "Pata  Pad". Please note that space Is HmlMnnd spme ndvanca dotes may  hnve to wqlt their turn; q|soj|hat thl* Is o "rflmlndtJr" ||st|na only ond  cannot a|vvqys carry full defolh, ;        7   t     ;  Dec, 1���7:30 p.m. Wilson CrimkCommiinilV-Holl. S.C,,ReQ|ona|,Ralev  payers Meetinu, ,.,     ,���.;.-,    '..,,i.   ..  _....,   ,  Dec,  I ���fl p,m> Sechell Uqlop, hqll. B|n0o,,>. , ,, '   " '  Ppc 2--fl p.m. Rohoris Crock Commiinily llnli, filngn,'  , Doc, 2~;-fl jxnv Ptiiirjnr I larMoiir ConirnMhliy Mall, l||nnn.  Doc 2--'/i'!"b ii.m^Wolcomdi Hunch Hoi|,f-|im-Show, Germnrty,  Doc. 3--~2 p.m. 'Rnhorlii .Crook l-of|l��n, MpH. I*., A, hoioor ��. Too,  ���Dnc, .3--2-'l p.m, Gihiions tlnllod Church ��� |-|n||, (J,C,W,  llnlly Ton "fl.,  Ro/oor. '  '      ,' ! jl';,  . Doc, 3 M--*" p.m. Glhsans.Unlliul ^"lurflil'lfill^piiliwnnfl Plnynrs,  Dnc, 3 fl p m,' Siichnli Indian llnll, |j|npn,  - Dnc   4--1 mm  10. n,m. Gihsons, Rnlwlfi Crook, VYflnon Crook, 5qc|io||7  Scni||h and Culis Chrlsimns Mul Prlvn.  Hoc, !v 2 pm. SI, Mniy's ri',".pllnl,So(;ho||( Opijhlno.nf 35 lw| addition,  trftr.,,.6���'-'���*?��� p,m, l-lonlih Conlro Gihsons; .O.AiP.O, Rinnch 3fl, Riipiilnr  " ,,' M��mjnii. , . ; .   m|  Ony. d--ll p,m, Socholt Union I kill, Rfnnch M0 l.,A, Qonornl'Miwillnn.  . Due, ?    10 n.m.'Tmilpriy Coijiro, l.joiir, |���ndios ChiliiiinniiJInko Scilu,  ASK FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE Op REAL ESTATE  Multlpla Llitlna Snrvlca  Vancouyor Raal Eilat*  Oriard  REAI, ESTATR  INSURANCES  tests of carpet-  course, the kitchen,  not  appearing  pet,   that  those    -|  our advice and  ihen   carpet,   are  Their   recom-  oh  appreciated  r _ Comparison'Ttrf���benefits  inevitably  is  \I    made   with   the   traditional   hard-surface  /]    lulchen  floor.  Carpet  is  morje  beautiful.  j    Three-toiie tweed and multi-colored pvint-  "      ed pattiJrn'i1are ^ailbblfe. Carpet -is rnore  V    foinforlflble and'; lesis tiring to \vorlc on.   ^  '     (Carpet, provides    the hiddep    acoitslical   |  .   " benefit, pound js deadened or modujajfed . %  f     IJlroughont  the  Jiilchen,  dampening  the  tension-building clatter of dishes and  .',    cupboard door Jatphes.  Tho final andpritieoj comparison deals  .,  Ori Gijarc" with  hygiene and ease,.,of. maintenance.  Ills mnslQl* Is far flWfly,  b��5y *yvor!(-     Carpet is (he easier lo Iteep clean. This  transferre  jfjicni conditipiis;  Wb would weloomn inquiries and Iho  nppprlunily in oxplnjn iheso tests, iind  to show lhn necossary cnpslI'ltction of  ;���)*��� lichen c.'iiipelsj, . ; * ,. ��� "  RUriniTT BHO-S., sixly.ll'vo yonyn wirv-  |lig (he I^iwer' Md'inlnnd, Saks, Service  And Clenning. Kd, BurrlM, Gower Point,  flBU-341***.              , .. (Adv|,).  Phone 005-2235  AGEMOES UTtD).  Box U0, Socholt, D.C.  AH( A, rpfliOl, of  aiT��nH��Hn<*ntH    mmio '  . Ihfnngh |liq linn, IkiiIhiI D'nw.son, "Mny- H  nr H||l Rw'ilri nnd AldoriTmn B��n |jimn (if  fioohnl) woi'ii (n VijJlorin Ihiri ixml wi.-rl*''"  Hi)d-vhH<wtl\fti'fi hud n mnn'jlim wllh Min-  IhUm* of latimdH ninl 1��V��iv��'ki�� npd Wiloi' Hn-,,.  HPIHTOfi Mny WllllHlOl), .  Al lhn monllng v/ll|i Hm iplnl.slor nnd  lH|i|jnl .OAwHini, II' \vitN niiroMil Hml inia  bin HI'HI (mil I, a, I), nml, JO of lol 1171  ' ?\     v/i)i||(|   |)p   Iniinifoi'i'iifl   In  tho   Ylll'W* "I'  1    (Snnlmll for ii iinmlniU'I'on. nf nbmil .fliii'  J!|    wllh   Iho   Hlipiiluilnn   Ihnl   jlio   Innd mi  (|(U|itlr(!(| idiinI |tn dovnlnpod for pnlillo.iim*..  Tlm inlnlni'ir, luw iw|i|{in|od Hml Hi������  c)m|l Villngo Coiumli Hh<i*.v umpfi' lndl<n-  '}    I Ion of-plnilH for lhn r|nVn|ii|imoiil. of lliimn  J    lnln mi iionu (ih dohhIIiIo, ,       ,.  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WYGREW SALES  (1971) LTP.  Yowr PAPCO PAINT  DEALER In GIBSONS  On tlm V/dqrf 7ep6-9303  Qwqllly Houso and Marino  Palnl.  Work Gloves  1 *  SECHELT, B.C,  PO'S and pON'TS  PART 3  PO���Rn sunn Iho first.strip yoij ppply |a slrnlahl up nnd ���dovvn, Prnp'P  pliirnh Hnu Irom o sniqll nnll.. Chql'k. Iho lino qpd after It slops mnviiifi,  snpp (I hgainst lh" wall for qiruo vorl|ca| lino. - .  PON'T-'-iAkbihtio walls nfoiplnmh. Po.'not try lo jndqo this; hy oyp. .  PO���Apply poslo or aclhoslvp hy loyloq Mrlp, pollnrn sldo rlown on iho  from of the mhlo. Ornish pqf>T�� 'on Trofti |op tn hoffony |cqv|nq tin Inch,  nr so'unpnfilcd at llio'lop, Pqsio q|>oni on<?r thlnl of llio s|rliV'l)on fold II  oviir lis��ll, noslo m P9**l�� h<- cnrofirf, nnf In crooiio n| ih|s point. Posit tho  romqlndiir nnd lold OQalnst l|so||, |<uop,||jo odnou In ollnnmwnl,,    ", J.  ��� WON'T---Forool I" "so o drop "cloth nndor llio mhlo whllo opplylno pa^lo,  pOr~Pnl|nw rnqnnfociiiroifi dii'ictiopii ��?<qc|jy Wfion uslnq'-.prppqs|nd vyqll  mvnilnciH. Flpi stop In ihoso cnnos oro Ip roll oqch slrlp, pn|lorn ��lf|o In,  fifm'i llm hot Km) lo llm Ion hoforo p|qc|nn Inlo Iho wnlur l>ox,  PONT-' K')"l* ih" pnpor'in lhn vvnirir |ono��r Ihnn nocnsGrtry,'qs sinlnd 10  ilm |niiiruc|ioiti|.  PO---Sii)oi)tli oui nil ih�� wilnM'i" and oxporb' pnsto.wlil) q limoaihlpQ hri'tMi  -nfrftr*'npplvlnnfStrlp."'r'r��i��lr'Pr��ner-nlvvnv'��'frT��rn,-tho'rcntrB outwnrcf��r~','^-*'"u^'-*-  DON't Poroiii |o nllnw thai oxt'm'Ipch or,Iwo al llio lop qpil bottom  of onrti ��lrip whon applylnq. Trim oil oxit'fcss w(il|o Mill wot, '     ���  PO Spnnpo oil nil fiiirlnijn no*i)o wllh door'waifli' altoi' hanqlnq oqch  hiil)i mul inl| lhn honnm, Thin nous no| apply In f|pc|<od or omhoBsml pqpiifs,'  Po this afinr ihn pap'or hos hiinn for, Imii lo f if mon inlnums oi mliilml,">;1  ii.i)n|iin, ' a ''',.' '  P0N'T-Pnr(jnl lo rnyor th��*J,BNVItch p|q|oH,,and n|nc|||cq| mii|ftt8, Mn|c|i  |iho pnllnin cmoliilly on nil slilos. |m|nr�� mplnclno Iiimii,  \>  i0m**m.u*0m*0*0m*0n0m%tmmmumt,m**mi0m  TWIIM CREEK  BUILDIWG  SUPPLIES  qildflen Paints  Deq|er.,  Two Locations  "to ���oryo  SunsfilnQ, Coast  ....^.^...Hlahwtiy.^,.,^,,,,..  GIDSONS  SECHELT  QQ5-22QQ  ^f����<M����l��MMM  {    ���.  ��� ���  I'   I   fi  O ��� ��� ' Ma,,,., ( > , , ���,      ^  1  0004 **���   _ _,:, rt6ATURDAXJ^|M^  : ^-:- ^  Enter Nqw:* ��� ��� 'Iw.OMr Chrlrtw'^^.-lS'rii'w ',.  # ��� . 10 speed blk��# numerous .other, prizes  1  ���.-������������ ���      '   '���    . ��� ' 7,       ��� ���!    '��� ��� .������'.���. ��������� -    \       i      ---  i��  f I ��� ,*��� I    V*. V     __  Page, A-6^       *�� The Peninsula Tlwei       Wednea<layt December li 1971  &000i\r0m00000ii00mwmt0i0ivifvu**mm0000wv000000*00m^  ll")",' IIIIII.H.I1I IMII^HIIIIII   III   I   II! HIUMfl, |,|���|IM ll.lirill.lMH.H.l Hl.l.n|.ll..,l ,1. IMIII. II IHI I" II IH 1)11.114 I  &  m^r  ^  Jjiaion  11  DAY MONDAY    ANP TUESDAY  \ i  Tirecl'of yourold wi^? Don't throw it away, we will TRADE it in on  tfye purchase of any of our fine quality fashion wigs "regularly priced  at $24,9$, Choose from the latest!styles . . there's one just right for  you! Professional hair stylists are in attendance to assist^you in your  -selection, Lay-dwpy forxChristrnas, '      *"~~~  CONTINENTAL COIFFURES & BOUTIQUE  Trail Bay. Plana. - - 7- Sechelt, 885-2339   n iu M..  3  �����niwniMiw^iiMWB<wi^����^Bq��)n��w��^��������mniw��iMMiniqii.w  I  J2  i <,>k  w * *.  ���0t%**#  "   ���" ���:������ UJi.���-t         ,'i:'..'���.  *'                                                                \      ��        J  x    *              >J  ���      J     *         '7  '          <**���**���*         '  -���:.*    ���������.  ".���-���  00. \f   * .  ' j ��.���.  ���*-*:" * '  .   '                      ��� *       ���-���.������''  . -  ^ **rV ,''..7 ,   .   '*.  1_   -I**!  #n  "���"*-*  fr  jv  **>:  " \  * i -  '..����� sS  i  %>  ^iS  ��  tf  7T*--,  fn.  \  ��UJ*.  "9 O*  **���*?  Brie/s submitted ,  trong* ; opposition  to proposed dibsons bypass  THJSRE"appears to be growing opposition in some quarters regarding tlie  proposed reconstruction of Highway 101  wliefe it involves , a Gibsons by-pass, A  number of routes have be6n scheduled  in .the past-^and^in each case protests  have been registered, Latest route comes  after two yea,rs of study by Highway Department engineers, surveyors and planners. Reasons for rejection of an alternate  direction have been presented by Uie Department and were > published in full in a  recent copy of the Times.  At a meeting last weelcat the Gibsons  Rod and. Gun Club, two ratepayer groups  and other interested Individuals discussed.  action to be taken in order to protest the  project, Prominent, spealter-was Mr, West,  a director on the Sunsliilie Coast Regional  Boards      , ��� .    ,        I,.V.X,.;U,-..,.,-  Two briefs have been drawn Jiip, olio  from the West, Seciielt Heights* Ratepayers and 6ne from the Gibsqns Heights  Ratepayers. Both register strong objection  to thc proposed bypass route. Both contain wjiat are basically sound objections,  unfortunately  greater safety, higher speeds and scenic  qualities.  Apparently a feasibility study has  been done on the route we suggested and  although the results have been biased  against the higher route, the figures show  that it would be feasible, if not desirable,  'to"use 'the'higher route as we have suggested. ~~y         \  1. The grades and distances issued  indicate a climb to 5J00 feet above s^a  level while to the best of our knowledge,  the route we p1f0p9.se...ligs very, nearly  oh the 700 foot eontpyr- or lower.  2. Deeper cuts and fills were also cited  as objections to the higher foute, wliile  we concede that greater quantities of  material may be involved, no comparison  was made between the procedure of- cut  and fill, which Woulil be possible on the  higher route arid tlie .'JjauJipg 6f JiJI- to  build a road bod through ,tlie lowest and  swampiestareas hi the district as would  be (ho base with the Dept, of Highways'  routed " '** ' . . .__  The higher route apparently involves  A  lve.We.Ht Gibsons Heights:   Tnoro longlh of paSfling- |a,ies, Wovsiibmit  Ratepayers   Association, brief   has   bt'en ������.*?-������.     "*:..  carried  away  with  wordy  surcasm   and  snide remarks which, 'npurt from bearing  a familiar .ring, takes away from, the, true   .  purpose-of a protest by many genuinely  concerned residents,��  Brief frnnitho Gibsons Heights Ratepayers Association irf restricted to--outlining objections tn the proposed route and,  in fuel, such objections ova representative  of both briefs. Thoy are: ,  1, 'A"bypass should go n'rmuul Or cir-  cunivehl, In this .case, a populated area,  The piesent Dopiu'tjnun't' of Ilighways,  .proposal procQeds diiigomilly Ihrough n  rapidly developing residential urea creating severe soverancd f,)f properties,  ���2." The proposecl diagonal route would  crentu ninny small  badly shaped  pieces  of properly of1 no'furlhcr use while nl. llio  saino  Umo seriously  devaluating (ilhnrs,.  3, The proposed  route  would  create,  '"'"fiiiirloiiN  proliloins    wllh  lhe supply    nf  , 'iwjiiiulpnl kui'vIcw such 11^'newiti'H, Wnler,  slronlfi,, sldowalkH, nlc, The ciihIK uf lliuse  prohlonw would he horn hy Iho Incnl lux-  payoni, Al  the same Linui, local goyern-  nlontH' w,olild ho deprived of much needed  taji  riWenuo on  liuidn oueuplod by  this'  highway, '   } ���   ���  ���' -I, A hlghw'liy in lliojiroiinutly prupumiil  locilliiui.would place a serious restriction  tin Iho, expansion of llio vllln|(o of tljli-  nnii'i. , ,  J li, Many prohlonifi uf iu'cohh would ho  created, to llie nroas north of Iho 'propon-  e<l roiiIn, I'or Hchool cJilldWiii'iind oljior  pedoHlrliin Irnl'l'li'!JlfO and dinorguncy vo-  lilclcii, and Horvli'O voIiIcIhh,  (I,...Tlio Propound route would ho n  Ihl'eiil lo l|ifi iinionlirimiuid iimIIioIIc viiIucm  of our dlsl/jlet. wlilt'h nro llio idiHoiii'n uf       ^llll'KIUIUlUIUlluH-of.^vcililouliii'-liNifl'Jo-Wlllr^''^"*'  its iimincliitcd proliliniiH uf air nml uul'ie  |mi|IiiII(iii luid.ponional Im/.iird, ..  1 7,iThn proiioully propoMeil roulollos  11 low hundroil yiii'dH pnrii'lldl lo llio pro-  MeuJ, hlghwiiy, Ah w�� nil mo nwniu of how  long lhe' proi|ionl roiito lum hnin nlnioiolu,  how din .11 new highway no" clomi lo tho������,  orlglniil ho Jiiiillflnd as huilding for tho  future? ������'.,������'.  Our iiHMH'tttiInn |)ro|io,��i<'i| nii nlloi'iiiile  rdlilo piiriilleling lhn JI.C, Hydro Trium-  ���nilhiiloii lino iim , clii.-ioly iim |ioilnlblo, TIiIm  I'niilo, while iillinliMilliut nil Die pi'tihlenui  which wo oullliie with tlm propound Do*  piirliuuiU of lllghwnyM' roulof presentod 11  a, nunilioi' "Vif  (loHlrfflile    fenturoM  nuch   iim  J.^^CCfiMmiNG -i  ��     , AND -    fc  I    BOOKKEEPING  �� SERVICES  I      'AVAILABLE  �� PHONE 112-682-7688  ^���v.  that the costs of incensed passing lanes  would bo offset by the necessity of fewer  intersecting roads with (he related turnout lanes, traffic signals, crosswalks, and  pedestrian  overpasses;  No comparison'was.made oh the costs  of property acquisitions, No consideration  was given to. the costs which ;woulcl indirectly be born liy,t|io local taxpayer if  tho IDopt, of'Highways' route whm chosen.  " " We tn'alntnin tlinl1 if iill.of these factors,  aro considered, the route which wo have  proposed would' ho Ihe most favorable  for all concerned, .  Willi regard to Iho recent endorsement,  liy the Gibsons. Village couhell of llie  Dept., of Ilighways' 'route, . wu arc nt 11  comploto 'loss iim to thoir reasons for  adopting UiIm policy, At our ihoetlng with  llio Dopl, of, Highways on July 2H, l��71  a volo wns taken on llio Dept, of Jllgli^  ways' ' proposnl, The result was it un-  nnimoiiM vole of rejuctlon, ll In olonr then  Ihal, Iho (JlbHoiiH Council did not have Iho  wishes of llio pooplo, ni,ir Ihu welfare of  lhe village under eousldornlion whon Ihoy  i'Jiono to ondorso tho lllghwayn Dopnrt-  menl'M proposid.-   : ^ . ;--������  Cinematic Smorgasbord  this week at Twilight  HORROR,    action,   adventure,   suspense,  passion and eomedy=-"Hll on screen, in  one  form  or another,  this  week  at the  Twilight Theatre in Gibsons.  Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at  7:30 are yoiir last chances to see the  double feature action-horror show which  includes "Bunny O'Hare" and "Cry of  ��� the Banshee", a good wholesome program  of vice-#nd withcraft.  Thursday and Friday the theatre is being leased for a special presentation of  "I"a", two showings each evening at (i:30  and 8:30. An intriguing record on film  of the latest ocean-going., adventures of  Thor Heyerdahl, tlie man responsible for  the Kon Tiki expedition and sinuiar exploits. '  Richaud Benjamin and Carrie Snod-���  grass star in "Diary of a Mad Housewife", a restricted feature, starting on  Saturday evening at the" regular time qf  8:00. A sarcastically humorous look at  the tormented life of the-wlle. of a com-  pJjElgtyi^ junior partfier in a laW firm, wlip  tiil^^tp s|t lier jljfe straigiit;. iWithj Uitf��*><"@  lietp dl ti**sejfisli young writer, a group *������  therapy sessions, and then gets wise. Recognized by some of the meanest critics  around as being a very good bit of  movie making.  Starting next, Tuesday will be "Plaza  Suih)", a '"'-piece laugh drajnu starring  Waller MaUluui,  , St, Mary's Hospital  Extended care wing, located on the  upper floor of-St- Mary's -Hospital,  Sechelt, will be opened officially on  Sunday, December 5tb and will double the, capacity of the hospital which  was. opened by ]Hon. EHc Martin on  November129, 1964: The well-eqiiipped  and accredited hospital is a, tribute to  those who donate Uieir time to volunteer work and to those who execute  their jobs in a spirit of dedication.  The hospital can now accommodate  48 acute, patients and 22 patients in  the extended care unit. ...-_..  ft**  *;.*  ���141  ��������  ���*������  *fift  NOVELTIES AND GIFTS GALORE  SEE OUR TABLE OF SUGGESTIONS  Something Different Mew Arrivals  SEE���.Indian Designed Totems in    HollaBaloos, Hobby Horses, Toyi  the Form of Beeswax Candles,. etc.  -YOU CAN SELECT ONE AND LAY-AWAY FOR CHRISTMAS   CHRISTMAS CARDS and DECORATIONS  ARTIST SUPPLIES: Canvas Boards, Paint Sets, Oil and Acrylic Paints,  Sketch Pads, Daler Pads, Easles, Foster Painting Books, or many  other items make suitable gifts for the artist or beginner.  SECHELT  PHONE 885-9343  ���If  <**��  99i*  *&  ?  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I, t     , ,*rf  I",. .      ,_ .,..,,.  ,r. ... ,0*.    .r 0*00", '       * -"���   ���' *���*.** ���'*****-***'A *���'   -f***-.*-*: ��.***^r*0 ..<* *        .  ,*0fi*\.  i \ \ ''-, *.;i �� �� i ���  *.'��>����� fi*>  *'       '      *    if,i\f^/h^f^,^^''*^^^^i^f*L0^^0L,^0*Jr^0.,.,^,^,��^^,^fiL^^f^^^.0fM  0,  0L0.'  ^��<S*aj*a.*W��  Jt, e-^ Ai'i*1 .*.J-**h.- ���'��� --,-*- ���*�����.������.*���- .  "* F  �����. - W^   . ?* j   !**   "it  *.       *r  *     -    ���       . fcJr*   *h x.r-��^   l*  'fr *��� r       "t.0 ���."��� **i  tr", a rVi  ��   > '��   **���      '      !  C* . f   0* . *.,  .        i'i      ���     . 0 0 ����� ��� 0 **  1 l ���"    .L   -Jt   1 .��  ������V~**0*9^r4ltlcK  7\  ���\  The Peni-isuiq Ti��i??     -'*��*-*   Candlelight ceremony  Wednesday, December 1, 19/ ���    =���-���  t-  Inforniative discussion  followed Gwide enrollment  Elphinstone Secondary  1st semester honours  EIhPPPNSTPN-E) Sepnnitary *3phpQl"S Honor *U��U< publisher! I lus week jjvlicalP*�� f - -���   Ihnl  MllcU'nls  hi\vo  hpen   \yorl>'ng 'hattl AM IMPRESSIVE ("'Uiclloliglvt  cpvempny en Is r\q1 in Meiytonpe put equally as iu-        '"''   *  -.������---.    ^..���--^     i-��_i. JoiniPfl o*> their cjaugliters.  "Php harmful effects pf mariiuap*^,  USP, .spucil, niesraym, hashish piic] hnyoii*.  wf|p iliscussprt as well as. t\\o \\\\\m,s \o  look for *-in"T>T'lev to fletprpnine \vl\efher  a yonngs|cr is uMpg dings. CorpM-al Bjg-'  fii'ipan "stressed the danger.1) of using a".V  and all drugs with the acjcled danger of  impure dings con taming lpt-h*U poisops.  Also discussed was the exorbitant cost- of  duigs, in order to m^ko some dishonest  l\  \\i\t\ \y-\si. \eyxn. Vw>\ eprnester results aft*  as follows:  It'irst sempsli:T-:li,ir6| Iprni, PivjsiPiv**!:  Cnthv l>o|tlc*i< 2 7, Mi"B��fpt Oory 2.7,  F.lpniVjr SwtHi -2 3: I'M virion 2: ^ Mary  Mtu-hleiiUiiipp 3.0, Phoalum y,e\\\W 2-r'-  Wendy qwney 2 5, Upland ]^0\'h\s 2.'3  Division 3: Claim Watson 3.0, land*rGW  2.0 Division 4: Cheiyl Guelph 2.715, T|iei-  osti Labonte 2 5, Pompania Marline/. 2 25,  Lisa rerlnni 2 25, David Ilobrion 2 3, Wil  Ijtim PassiuorP 2 3   , _n  Division ��: Linda Dav 3 0, Lpslio'DiMjn  Mr Handy Kampman 3.0_Bet|y Topham  3.(1, HObPmary Uoeisloot 2.75" Eliil V^dOy  2.7,'*, ,lo-Anne Jorgpnson 2,7, PebbiO Willis 2 7, Jills Zuidema 2.7, J*iuk fllakonu\n  2 5, pennise Dopibroski 25, I*tutb Blpm-  grpn 13,. Pot ppodwin 2,3. Uvm Qike'P.  Kfiren spent'pr 2.3, Lori ���Mimtgnmery 2,25.  Division ttr Ken MpflhiwlU, 2.7,. DPhorflh  gcNevin 2.7, Judy Newton 37. Eleanor  Lqnneburg 2.3. Division 13: DVan. Cfaddard  .3,0, Him Gregory 3t0, Debbie Hill 3��-  Cindy Kurupz 3:0, Kerry Mahlrnan 2|7,  Jeri Mnllen -2.5,   *������'  ; ,       .        |  Division H: JqIco Znidpiua 3.pr^YlpH|e  saw Christine Irving, D'ohm* Bob.  .Tjiinip "McPh^dran and Gail ITpafl ep-  inlicd uitci tho 2nd GntTTp Ciinipnny in  NdViMubrr Laws wpi>e iepited ps each  lii I wan pipsciitotl  Badges wore awarded to tho fpllpwing  giijs j>y thp Company Lieutonapt,'Mis.  .hiM'o Sinpthuist  Hostess: Ileather ' Ht-'id, Geraldme  T'Mi^, Stephanie Gib-sop, Jennifer Blake,  Viilma Rcrughqn  eWYs  ON THE  mm  1-72; Divl  }    Fprsylh 2,25  Honorable mentipn 1071-72; Diviston|  nWaltz'of thp Toreadors" presented    l$*p,m. Stars of tllQ play aro Opl^ep    M��?knErigils?^e^^^^a%i^i^ h-',  by Driftwood Rloyers runs for two   JeHih^brr \ylii0.pJa^fi 'yi-evU^neral b ail-. '^"vinne"  ('ojleUoivValina SiTpghan, Linda Lang,  .l.moP"Mi'Kay Team "spnrt.s: Gprqlclme  I'Mp-i-Bakers- Boathor Reid. Perkeepeis*:  .1.11 io!  McKay  OiiLs ipciMMng stars were: 1st year  C ullecii Kuruiv., Jepniler Blake, Sheryl  Stionuiiusi. aid'yeip- De^na Bob, Linda  l.iing, Christine Irvine. 4th yeaf "T^ynne  Wheeler, Colleen Hoops, Stepjianie Gib-:  son. Janet Mc*l<ay, Yvonne Inglis, Cindy  tifiHiclry, Janet Scrughan-   , "  5th year Geraldihe Fyjps, Dianue Pel-  lirr, "Heather    lleid,   Valma    3pptighan,  Heather .Wright. (It'h yegr Cilery I Pepfokl.  Alter   the   ceremony,- guest   speakers    .,.. .      'Corporal   Lou   Biggeman   and   Constable  Fearnley -2.75, Kflthy Grafe 2,7, ��"aU|y Harold Anderson spoke on drugs aiid The  Marcrot't 2.25. DiA-Mhh 10: Susan Pix(?Ji mothers who were present wept home  2.5i Lisa Kanipmap 2.5, Julia Ggllnp 2:2f. primps a little more informed than par-  'Division  20:  GhJ' Fisher 2,35, 3<#  Cooks: Cheryl pppfpld, Louise McKay. -   and unscrupulous person wealthy and the  lact (hat ono duig alpiost invpi'ilah'y  leads to anothei and evcntnally-the 'poiftt:  ol po 1 el urn''is "reached Hopefully the  guls at this meeting will never have tp  fate this 'point'  Many thanks to Iho men of ppr local  HCMP detachment wlipTgive their lime  to the benefit of everyone.  Blake C. Alderson D.C.  Post Office Building Sechelt  Phone 88512333  Res. 886-23211  Tuesday to Friday 10:30 o.m, to 5:30 "p.m.  Saturday 9:30 a.m. fo 1:00 p.m.  EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT  Confrontation  niore nights at the Gibsons United  Church Hall, December 3 and 4th at  ing and .possessive' \Vite, i��nd John  Driftwood Players . . .  Waltz of the .t^i^^^*;".'.- ���  produced wecitth---'Qi/tj^n|  IT WAS"���oiiphiius night for the Driftwood"  :\ Players' production of.Jeqn Anopilh's  *^faltz of the Toreadors at Gihsons United  "Church* Hall Thursday Tifovemher 25; The"  piny, a fast-moving comedy incorporating  pehetraling characteri'/atipn, was given a  fine performance in Ihis presentation.  It \vas a personal triumph- for John  _ flurnsicjcHji Jhe..huge and_ demiipdipg./part  of an ageing playhoy, Generail St. Pie'  whose 17 year old-th-eam of ideal love is  sliatlwed during the course of tlie play,  and for producer Colleen Johnson who  also plays the General's possessive."WiTe;"'  Mme. St. Po'. ' .  Adding  lo  his stature as "one of  the  most promising and talented young actors  J in the area, Pat Baker portrays a young  celibate employed...as "tlie General's secre  diverse theatrical fare for peninsula residents. ..'.*'., .-���' ' 'i.-'  It is hoped that their efforts meel with  _.-,the: .clesqrved j:ew��ic4> QE>coi)i"inu^*iahft; kh,-- ���--���  qreasing-=su.pport.                              -   :  Red Cross Work Group  winds up busy season  ROBERTS Creek Red Cross Work Group  has completed and sjiipped 601 items  of clothing for the 1971 seaspn> including  328 tropical and Vietnam^ dresses yond  pant spits; 59 wool sleeveless sweaters;  204 infants filannelette blankets and c|iq.-  pers; 10 knitted wool afghans.  A very special ihahH's goes to all'the  2,0, Dale Peterspn 2r|).  Division 2: Darcy Gregpry 2.0;���Divisjph  **: Gloria Cprey 2.(1, M^ry LeEage 2|).  Divisipn 4: Vljski Gregdry 2.6, Michael  Sluimsky 2.0. ,.., .     f .  Division il: Valerie "VTa^Lean 2-0,"Eile^h  ��allis 2.0. Division W. Cheryl Francis  2.0. Division 13:.Mike Fuller 2.0, Kathy  SSuefr  2.0.  Division J4: Kim Cousins 2.0, Barbara  Dew 2.0, Vivica Watson 2.0, Dehhie Wun-  c|$rink 2.0, Division 15: Selvyn Gokooi 2.0.  Division Vfi: Trevor Swan &0, Randall  VVatsop 2.0. Division 19:' Isahelle Martinez  3.(1, Trevor Quarry 2.0.  - Did ypu hear about the'fellow who  crossed "a motorcycle with a joke book  Ejpd got a-Yamahahahaha. -   ���  m.*wm*LM*.**,u**ait**m ��>n����H<ii>iNnt>*Bi��M��WK��mt��  pa'neing 9:30-1:30 a.m,  MUSIC BV  9  ^v  ^  *r  Saturday, December 4  Highway 101  i��MwiiiiiMiiiin��ii|iinwir  COVER CHARGE  aHBIMMIIMICMUWUMKUl  Phone 886-2472  !".T!"rr"-^rrj*'~~~r3"i' rimwn n  MOVING  liV  STYLE.  BUY  mow  Flairs,  Straights,  \��$i>  ^IdlO^IWlOIOIOIOIOl^i^iOidiOIOIOIOiO^iOIOId  ���������������  '"<*��'  ������?���'���  -��'  ���������������  <*��.  *������**  **'  ��*,0 .  ...,���  MIHtlCUIIY  (Outboard and In-Out)  .��� SEE:"'.,,,-;.- ���. '.���'..-  PACIFIC BOATS  ior ���'..���  Repairs, Winterizing  and Storage  290 W 3rd, Van. - 074-5919  -ft*  ��������������  *,;���  ��� T"t��  o  O'  "2i!  ���r.,0  ���Ofr  ���!1��t  ���,.*���  dedicated   ltidies   who have   gi'vep  their  ,,.        .- u"^    tipie so geperpMsly thrQUfihout the ye^r.  tary. His. performance wasjc.onvinping and       ' ",'"*���    fe\ "cf   ,;  Jy.J X    ���:' ^.-  ..fnioyBblc. The General's daughters, play./ ..fi Y^^^^W^yl&J^ft ^  e<lji:iryiivingsione nndljehlie Mo/'."M*  ^^fe|^?4#!'s'  A' f-' M*  2 Nevin, nrcriniovo with Uie seCr^ar>ra#^^  come to  blows over him.  Mary laving?*-    . ���". ;.r -- 'A^-J *������������������ t- -���:       ��:  stone's imweilconip pvorliires were parfi- Pink  SlSl'fish  flipye nn; thoHsands  iif  cularlv effective,  . ,        '"Tiflll UiPP feet, each of \vhich is eqpip-  '    ������ \ ' "      "    ped with a sucker.  Debbie McNevin is a newcomer to the  Drill wood Players as is Barbara Williams  who mnkoK, a charming maid, Also new  In   Iho   gioup   is   Doug   Honeybunn   who  pluys   lhn   In in ily   friend   and   doctor  to ,  , Mmi��.  St,  IVs ���iinnginar.V , ailments, . 1-IIh  singe   presence   was   vory   good   hut   liis  delivery   rather   wooden.   The   circle   of  family  and  I'rionds  is completed  hy   Iha  hnxo.m uud coipioiii^h dressmaker, Mm<>.  Diipiinl-Pn-'diiine, who combines a flirla-  tlou wilh Iho (iiiiuirnl \Vith her duiUw nn  , drewinukur  to Iiiu daughters,  This .part  wns well portrayed by Lynno Qroone, >  Tlm voliillld elide Is spill npnrl hy iho  iirrivnl of Mile, do ttfn-Kiivcrlo, Iho Con-  enil'ii IdciiJI/'.cd lovo, who has been wiving  liorsoll'   for   hlin "since   limy   danced   the  Wnll/. of Hit! Tiiriiiidoi'H nt( n bull hovoii-  '   loon yniii'M earlier, This pnrt wiili played  by NokI  I.i'wIm who hIiowh-ii nalu/iil I'lulr  for lhe utiige im she (lid In Hoe How '1'lw.V i  linn, hor ���l'i,rnl.'|)iirl hi* any n!unn proiliic-  linn,        '     "    ' ���  A nor Inn nl' ciiiiipllcnllonH follow until  (Iniil'gn (!oii|>ni' H|ipiiiilii nenr  IIk'i olid of  llm ilrinnii, n ihun nf lli<' clolh oiico iigiiln,  to rifviuil n I'nnillv Hi'cri'l, Tlm iind of the  piny hIiuwh Hi" (linieriil driftln�� buck Inlo  his lllimlnnn.y/hh llm now mnlil jilnyoil by  .Siiilill .lohiiHiin,   ,  A'pei'lod'plecc, nrii'd on nn opon Hlago,,  ' thli"(lplii,v pi'iiiiiintiiil inimy (**hnll(Min(*B to  our liii'i'iiiinlni(ly expeilnnri'il Im'iil drniii-  "��� nllcgroup. The sol  wan designed  hy a  ,loiiin lii'iiiloil by .llin MnrhOr of Iho C,H,C  -    who  Iiiih   with   llm" MeiK'hcnnihoi'H  serion,  Tlm opi'ii hIuku iniulo tipci'lnl iloniuiidii on  'Hm hln/te nnd llithlin*' ('I'iiwh, ,  A  iliii'k' of  HiiiiMilhiiiuiii   In   lhn   Act   II  ji'iiimlllnii fi'iim Hm mIimIv In the lindriiom  Hi'iuin will nn diiiilil Im r����i!ll|'lo��l In mih-   .,HlUflMtll.l'^y.HII,riil,M)ll'(IUUH>^*Or)HLtl|ViLnf|^ll��l��lil|':*'>>..<  llm ���iii|)(ii,vln|(in of Nmil IjiwIm wore very  flood,   All   In  nil,   HiIh  Wnn   n   voly' flno '  iivnnlii/i'M   I'lili'l'liiliiiiH'iil   wlilch   deiimn-  nlrnlcd  uliinii   wllh   pi'iivloiiN' "iiniiliii'louit '  ���'"llinl" liicnl lalent In, rnpnhlrt of prer*on1ln/('  ALL AT GREAT SAVINGS !      <^.#  '!^v^^m^v^>���^^^0^*^*^^v^^^l^���,'  ��iQS$ illf  Wostefree  <CG?��AGE ROIL  Sweet  Pickled       lb.  1C.  From Hawaii g|  Each  j&.  ARPfVIQWA PEAJSS  14 ox, ,-.������., ym ,;,. -,;��,',;-i  '������siae-s-ii-  ���:������"���������;���.", I :���:  for  ifrl  ARDMONA FRUIT  SALAD  14    OI.    ���    :   ���   M' 'j|       /  ���size .7 ,,-fl. for JLqI  OLD  FASHIONED  Green ��talons  ���00  lies  ' * i     .-'   ���  ������- ��� - ���       "i  California. Salad Mate.  ~6e  bunches  APRICOTS  Co-op,  14 oi. siie      T. '..  fpr  HOLIDAYS COMING,.,  HOLIDAY  WITH  Fresh   Cfllifqrniq,  Crisp   Head?.  ���'"No.M,    '���:  0*  heads Hp^  !  Of  'Gihsons Phono 086-2622  SERVING THE SUNSHINE COAST FOR OVER 54 YEARS  j|i��i-*��i>i��tfi��i��wi��wi��i��wi-<t*>i*��i*��t^0^ \i  1 LAWNBOY  lawn Mower  SPECIAL     '������**  1 USED  CHAIN SAW   ,  �����^4W jsx';��a��  .    CAIMADA PRY  '���PRODUCTS  24 can* In cnio ^  Par Caio   1     J?l  Sechelt Home Senlce  Pon 636 - Sochelr, D.C.  Phono 005-2012  l���,0  ���'55?-  "O.  aa>.��  ���I,.*  ma*  nit*  11,***  tttt*  rO  mi*  ,a,����  rV&l  #$*  IIII*  <%*\  ���nu,  iV/tf  .[��������  tfa'  L".*  tit  ��� M����  ���Vflr  iii.*!  tfjfri  M��M  O'  ,,,.0  ���^$1*0,  ���',.0  IM>*  itS*>  ^w*>  ���I.,.*  e!p ��op  ��lp Others  **  HERE'S HOW; If you donnto $6.00 to ono of tlio Chrlatnms  Clinrlty Fundo liototl bolow, Con��t Cnblo Vlqion will -present  yoii with o' froo cnblo vision connect Ion (or extra out lot).  ��� Moro |i all that, !��� rnqulrcd" Hand  u�� a chequa ar money, ardftt In ��hi  amount of $9.00, ��lrawn In favor Of  0|HR 6f TMfi CHAHITV flfNOH  8HOV/N PHOWl  Lad'o* Auxlllarloa fo  St Mory'i Hoipltal  '    _'oi^^'  ' '  Sunjlilno Coast Lions Club  ,n> u.itm uiu imw1'  TNts SPECIAL CHRISTMAS OFFER will apply only fo  provide sorvlco fo now subscribers or onfohslons on  oxlsflng Installations. (II doos NOT cover loccllmovos  or surcliqrgos, etc)  NOTEi   Thli   Special   di��|ifmo��  olloropplloi only ��n ilia iHAihlnn  "Caaif"' And Only WlierS'" CAOI.fi  VI5I0H   ffltHMei Am fmtlitiy  Avalldble,  0���l&  lMO��t  PHONE 006.2444  ,>r \ya will icndooyor fo ��om-  p|afo all  CHRISTMAS SPECIAL  Initallallons hofora Chrl��fmas,  huf this cannof ha guarantood.  OFFER   IS   EFFECTIVE   ON  NOyEMPER 13fli ANP"KX-;  HltESATl P.M] DBCBMBET  10th, 1971,  -1 -.r' *������>���  i\ n |i a i**f *  iNS PRESS UP  V    '';'   FOR':.;    ,".".'  CHRISTMAS���-  FROM  IOSE TO TOES'  ���*,ifir��^my00\m,,pim*i~*wm*0,00i0*0.i  \  $��!��Wflt��t��W9WM!0l0!0l0M��!WWM  0*000*00���** -in ml,,,,,n^000l0rm*-*i'000imw*0m,K000r����00i'-,''.tl' -"��� "l"""' "T   : ' '���������;'       ��� V  cowniE st., sechelt  PHOWE 006-9330  ���r  \wM  >i  ^*A*4S-^-^-y^'^!^*4'?^^  .tVinna'w^"""t���- V  local boatbuilder ... .  y>  D.'L/^    /**00+.0~**m*00 00**M.        7 interested mothers       > PttgojA.fr"',        tKe:Peninsula Times Wednesday/Pccombor 1, 1971  bible Lomment   ���,fioHJ"U��,B{:,mw��i    t;*,.'.   . -.-.... .���r-* :���:���  -LONG time residents.of tlie Pender HarT  bour area last^ \yeek nominated  Fred  Crosby  as  candidate  for  Av  11 Pender Harbour, * Egmont and aroi  the Sunshine Coa,st Regional Board,  were JMr. Rod Webb and Andy Aitchisor       ^ v w    w_   .    ; _,  Resident  of  the  district-for  the *22    f^SS^SjTJf  years, Mr.-Crosby is a well-known boat    R^MisJ'MJi^J  builder and has built very many of the  fishboats   presently   operating  from   the  ������ community. He is a married man, aged  42 years, with six childien attending local  schools.  - -_ -A presk*legit  of-the-Pender-Harbour  - Credit Union, Mr. Crosby also devotes a  __great deal of his spare timd to coaching  of Division 7 Hotspur" soccer, team,  He  said last week he believes m fair and  t.*  "���/  CM SAW  t *  Cowrie Streef, Sechelt - 885-9626*  FOR DAD'S  CHRISTMAf  USE CHRISTMAS LAY-AWAY  ������i?j&p  ���** .  Fred Crosby  Following representation from many  locial;residents;: Mi\'^red Crosby of  Pender Harbour has .agreed to accept  nomination as candidate for Area A  of the Sunshine Coast Regional Board.  lionest representation ior everyone. He  is not happy with the way the Regional  District^iias developed into a massive  empire and feelsl.that in many ways it  has extended its activities far beyond its  original concept.  Mr. Crosby told The Times he is not  ' happy With the method-.- decisions are  arrived at. He points to leases, in that  area whereby some have been appioved  and others rejected. "These appear to  depend uppn the decision of one man and  could easily be open to personal likes and  dislikes. This to me does hot represent  democratic government, it is distasteful  and something we do not heSd," lie added.  Mr. Crosby will be contesting the seat  lield l>y J. Tyner tlie encumbent who, it is  understood, has also accepted nomination  again. '.*...  At tlie ollJef' end of the Sunshine  Coast, Tyner's Board colleague, F. West  is also believed seeking re-election mid  faces competition from long time resident  of the. Gibsons area Jim Cramer.'"**  At Selma Park, encumbent Bert Slade  who lias completed one year, left vacant  ;on resignation of H. Hubbs, announced his  decision after careful, consideration to  . seek re-election. He says it has taken him  a year to find liis feet but is feeling much  more confident with the experience he has  se far gained. He too. disapproves empire  building and sees tlie need for a steadying  influence-on the Board.  Up to last. weekend-it_" was hot "known  whether ^anyone would be contesting Mr.  Slade.  ���questions answered  SEND questions to Box 468* Gibsons, B;C.  Question: What is tlie "meaning of "For  by one Spirit aro we all baptised intp one  body, whether Jews or Geiitiles,^ .(1 Cor.  The Spuit was given at Pente-  apostles pi ior to the immersion  Jews, and  the same Spirit  4he Gentiles in  the houso of  /Inch  also   led   to  their  immersion Now the one Spirit given to both  led   to  this  declaied   oneness.   So  Paul  writes,  "For  in   (the  reception   ot)   one  Spiut,  we all into one  body  weie im-*  morscd, whether Jews or Greeks, bond or  fiee."   The   statement     iollowing:   "And  weie <U1 mado .to dunk into one Spirit."  is not in the Alexandrian MS, which reads  instead, "And aie all one body", which  is ceiUinly in hat mony with tlie context.  (Reads Act Chapters 1 and 2 Acts 10 to  get the setting )  Question Is the commission oJ Chust  (Mathhew 28.18-20, and Maik 16:15-111)  to legulate both pieaclung and obedience  aU thiough the Chnstum dispensation  without levision''  Answei: Christ has issued no other.  Will you believe Jesus Christ or a man  of this century? It is on* eartlf that He  must be obeyed, as alone having authori-  ty^here, and it is into heaven that the  obedient are to be admitted. Authority is  granted to Him in order to personally  admit them there. The reception of the  gospel (1 Cor. 15:1-6) and the obedience to the ordinance sparating disciples from tlie world is only Uie beginning of the Christian life. The commission orders teaching "all things  whatsoever I have commanded you." Because this is so, it behooves everyone prp-  .feeing Christianity as a way" of _.life, to  learn and obey His commands as "lhe  captain of our salvation." (Heb. 2:10)  al Guide-Brownie meel -,  . Lci&J contest winners  0*0  It  STUDENTS from' up ond down the peninsula sent in so many very good entries  marks) Davis Bay:' Penny Ann Berdahl,,  Ci**.dy Clarke, Donald Dombroski, Bryson;  ���for the Young Canada Book>Week Contest'   Edmonds, Eugene Vrancisi. Mike/Higgins,  thot/itywis very difficult indeed to decide    Cheritf Mat'tinT Clifford  Martin,  Tlmmy  on "wJnrier-s^Most-Qi the entries showed    Nelson, Wayne Tyson and Kitty Visscr.  v$l\\ effort on thc pai;t of the children'   Egmont: Brenda Silvey. Halfmopm Bay!  LAST week 120 invitation*? to a Guldo'and  Biownic' L,A. coffee party were sent  -home'to mothers of Brownies and .Guides,  Oh November 10th, 7 interested ��� mothers'  .attended the meeting to find out .'wlurt*-  ancl 'how'   their .daughters  were' doing,  Theie are, of course, many valid reasons  why some mothers could not come- but  seven, out W 12Q is' a very poor averugc.  On hand  to  give   "information   were  Joyce Smethurst, Liuetenant' of the 2nd  t Guulo Co. and Evelyn Shadwell,, Brown  1 Owl I'or the 2nd Broyvnlc, Pack, "Chaiiv'  man, Joan Mahlman, again stressed the-  ivcd for a "Brown-Owl to replace Mrs.  Shadwell. - ���  '  As help from mothers does not seem  \d be torlhcoming, the yearly -piajstmas  bake sale is being cmieeflcd and in its  place a "No Bake Sale" is being hold  whereby $1 will be asked for from ench  gul's family. It must be remembered that  , without mothers, there is no L.A, With-    ���i,-i i .     ���    , . , ^  out (he  L.A._ there is' ho  fund  raisin^ 7'Pl^v��\^hO sent in good*flbook ilhistra-  W .tivout funds there are no trained leadeVs ��� 'MM&"SK"?or- ^yH;���' ,>-  '  and without leaders there -aw**; or will be* vJJm^J ^��l pv^es): Gmtis Crego,  no Guides or Brownies, 17  Madeira   Park;   Mickey  Donley;   13,  ., ,,   ��� ' ��� -ii     . , y ���   -    y   ."���I--' Madeira Park; Neil Fraser  9, Langdale;  Mo hers will get lettera re their dpna- Annette Hansen 8 Roberts Creek-Fred  !' ���m 23* ?fNr^^ev 29th and will dy Haiisen! fHattri Bay? Sri^  nnuTr^l^aflO^rr^ A"$**>"' f ^ ft-'��"v* ^7 Leslie Je^kihson 10.  r -h h- ll Co ��n\^W '��* AJr^f^ langdale; Doug. Lloyd, 10, Madeira Park;,  punch hall. ^fee>yffl.t!e. served, and a Denise Mansell,9, Davis' Bay; Tim Mont-  baby sU^vwU be on hand for those wish- goniery,  10 .Roberts C feeki-'k$�� IS,  ���'i?f���!1^dgf^^tal^^WPC^"     10,   Modeira   Park-   Lillian  TomihiS   8  tion to and from can also be arranged.    Roberts Creek  Help us to find our lost mothers!'"'   Ypuiig Canada's Bidok Week  attracts many fine entries  and -it was decided to increase the number  pf Wk, prizps to twelve. JEven this nunv  bor, te; quite inadequate to recognize the  effort' put into thejmtries, therefore gold  modal book * marks" are being given to  another twenty-nine entries Which, it was  thought, were .almost as good as the  withers".and worthy of .special mention.  Young Canada's Book W<jek book  mark? are being., given  to many  more  Sherry Jorgensenr Langdale; Cill ford Bob,  Palti Ann Boser, Bradley Grant, ..Lance-  Green, Darin Macey and Glenda PdSvell;  Madeira Park: Elaine Antrlla, Dean Bosch;  Erin Hudson, Susan Kammerle and Brian  Scoular, Roberts Creek: Naida August,  Donald^ Baker, _Lisa^DewxEuzabeth Puss-  more and" Travis "Pohlmari,  TO.wra��i��WM-^^^  t.  '^^T,^^^-^^  M-M-M! GOOD!  HAVE YOU tlllED MlNN'S PIES  at  THE HOMESTEAD  WILSON  CREEK  Field Road at Highway 101  Phone 885-2474  &  Special  Mention   (Gold   medal  book-  Jhls is a $3 SPOTS  (Less when on conhqet) . ������  Your advertising In this spae'e will reach  nearly 2,500 hpmqs (over 9,000'people)  each week. It's the most economical way to  'each mpre Sunshine Caost peopje because  Times ads go into more homes,,thqn qny  other  newspaper   produced   in'. this   area.  .7. '���'''-     '  e TimfeiL  Phone 885-9654  mW  ffi$t&^;*"ig"*tf$^^  'i  'W^SW**.  FOR BOATS. 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"^s^?;��^i��.#is'^^&^*"lMS i  \  *f  6  fii>  -_l���  < l  Section B  Wednesday, December \, 1973  Pages 1-8  TPT|. ,        <   ,  I'     I       1,        *l       \    ~         ���Ttrr..,��                 *  \ ���������*,?*.*, "     -*"""��� 'J- '  "*?  ���i  I  k  $  AS  SB  II  hi  6  In High School . �� *>      �� 77  '' '' ���-.*'-''   'V    '  'rastees-eacpiress conceripiv  ,#  ' *     v ��� ���    ��� 7   , ���  question remedial reading  111  ' * I.  "eckett' ul$���  leuu  IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE--  ��*  f ,  STUDENTS taking remedial reading clas-   to  trustees  the   progress  t}]at  ip * being   tf  ^ses in'high school is not the result.oi   made. My, Hanna pointed out that "tjie    $ iaWuiatp/mi ���r.iirni v/ /-vr- r.^yi .Kir dcai-itv gai rMvi  inadequate   teaching in   elementary   surface is only just being scratched" in   f     ' MISS JOYCE WATSON FORMERLY OF SKYLINE BEAUTY SALON,  sclioaJs. tiu&tees learned at last week's this fiel4 and lhat special classes ^ave <$  school board meeting which was "mostly quite an, effect on pupi'l - teacher ratios %  occupied ,vVUh the subject of special cla.s- in schools, which) he later 'discussed wiih tf  pes in schools, ,;      trustees, in committee, . y  The fact that these students even av- < ��f  rfved in high school with a zest for learning is a matter for commendation not condemnation, indicated , Mrs,Virginia Douglas, a specialist ip remedial reading who  teaclies at Elphinstone Secondary School.  ���The spotlight was focussed on ^special  clashes when trustees expressed i"!Oflcejn  that students in high scliool were having  to take remedial reading, Concern was  also expiessed that some studdents -may  be placed in special learning classes without being adequately tested,  SURREY, B.C, HAS JOINED OUR STAFF.  A  Shlela Kitson���Prepared to undertake  another two years in office as a school  trustee,aMrs, Kitson has been on the  SPECIAl. EDUCATION  Elementary School Supervisor Hart  Doerksen assured trustees that substantial testing takes place before a student is  placed in a remedial class. 1  Mrs, Joan Aejbers who specializes in  remedial classes in' elementary school,  outlined the different types of learning  difficulties experienced by children,    J  One of the most difficult which carries through into high school until a stu  ff?  M  i *   .  tf  j  J  ���\.  H  ���hi  I"!  e.    .��     j.  ������..      -   . ��� WHHam _Nitnma-Stepping   in lasst  School Board for the past four years, year to fill the one year vacancy, left  serving three years as chairman. A &y Mr. David Ganshorn, Bill Nimmo  &Uln^ nurse and the mother of who worlcs at Canadian Forest Pro-   dent learns t0 understancUnd correct the  a^t^Snlk-^TlS- facts, Howf ^und Div,, has agreed   S��r^ ��Z**%��*��$ STtK  ?2��rt  Inf air SoTJf*��S,,'ST to reP^ent Gibsons Rliral area for    and normal can be afflicted with dyslexia  mteiest in all aspects of education    another two year term. A former stit- long with the retarded. In the past such  and., has put a. tremendous amount    dejit ef the school district, Mr. Nim- persons never did learn to read because  oiume and etiort into her public    mo still takes a keen interest in local the problem liad never been diagnosed.  sports and during the past year has Dyslexia  doners tremendous,   job as-school The diagnosis-of this disability r*y  trustee, The fact tliat no-one IS COn: quW'exfenslveUesting and consultatcm  testing schooltrustee nominations is wth a neurologist. Dysilexic individuals  a tribute'to all trustees. often see-the printed word in an altered  form, they^read "dog" as "gQb'V  Such'people can cope: with numbers  as there'are only ten, but reading requires  long hours of specialized tuition, t  office  U  tf  l*,    k  COMPLEX SOCIETY  District Superintendent R. Ft. Hanna  pointed out that we are moving away  from lhe agrarian or frontier society into  a more complex one which requires students to stay in school longer. This is  why special classes in high schools are  becoming more noticeable,  Many- other learning handicaps were  described by��� Mrs. Aelbers who; beside^  taking small group c'assejs assists regular  teachers In preparing ��� programmes for  slow learners. When- repetitive work is  involved,. Mrs, Aelbers said that it is  possible for a teacher aide lo work with  a child under the  teacher's supervision,  Samples of students *work illustrated  Guilty plea entered  on auto theft charge  RECENT offenders convic|ed-in Gibsons  court by Judge Charles Mitt*?lsteadt  include;  Two Sechelt men, Kenneth "William  Alteson and David Walter McClinton enteied "guilty" pleas to charges qf auto  theft, They were remanded in custody  to December 7th for sentence, pending  a pre-sentence report,  ��� The pair stole a three quarter ton  truck at Roberts Creek 3nd were chased  by the owner's son who apprehended  Akeson wlien the two ab^ijdqned tlie ���  stolen vehicle, McClinton loiter turned  himself in to the RCMf,  Michael John Musgrove pf Gibsons  faced three charges: possession of a female deer, using a .22 rifle to kill big  game, and possession of big game with an  uncancelled tag, He was fined a total  of $45, his rifle confiscated and hunting  privileges suspended for one year.   .-    ������  At an earlier court, Cameron Thomas  Hercus of Gibsons was finecl $300 and  prohibited from driving anywhere in  Canada for a period of two years. He  was charged with dangerous driving folr  lowing an accident involving three vehicles on Highway .101 near Roberts Creek  ' last June,  WARNING  RCMP warn that roadblocks will be  established as of December 1st and will  continue until after the new year. Police  will be watching for drinking drivers  and defective motor vehicles,  Motorists are also asked to pay closer  attention to posted -"?p&ed~iimit signs,  particularly to 30 m.p.h. pedestrian signs  ,on Highway 101 from village boundary  at Park Road to the Sunshine Coast  Trailer Park. Speed limit in this area on  school days is 30 m.p.h, when children  are walking on the Highway.  Dianne Allen - Joyce Watson - Hppe TfoicJcson  fi  fi  -is���  a  in  i  K-:  \l-  *-     "3Fi* !  -ft.*!  ���ir*?;  \  J  Bernard Mulligan-^-Sechelt School  District Is fortunate to have twbiormi  er Elphinstone Secondary. .School  students on .the Board of SchooL_ Agnos Latopnte���The Village of Gib-  TruBtce'*. Mr, Mulligan who Is mar- sons has boon represented on the  ried .with a young family, has' Just Scliool Board for the .past four years  completed his fi,rst two,ye3f,:tevn*tpf 7by ..Mrs-. Agnes .Labonte who is a  office ".ind "has 'consented to d&Vole dcyotecl and dedicated trustee. Ghai.r-  unothei* two yoars lo thisj .often'do- man of^ the Indian'Integration Commanding public'office, Employed at mittee for the'past two years, < Mrs.  Canadian.^orest Products, Mr, Mul^ . Labohte Is president of the South  llgan willa always ensure that'this dis- Coast Branch of the School Trustees  trlct got^ tlje.^pst0.value, for mpnpy Association, and is,prepared to take  invested' in education.             " qfficc for, another two years,  mm mm m  FIRST 3 GAMES  Thursday,  Dec.'2 and 16  COMMUNITY HALL  ROBERTS CREEK  BRING ONE CLIPPING  Siy^JA>:^MA^J4JJ^^m^^^  V,^.,|��M>��|-.,...0*   A.-XU-.M,    -..Ld���.T.,,..^.-    .^.J{.r<r rrv)r    1|ff|||r|^||..J.a .-1  ^&*"*mm*mmmmmmmmmmMmm*mmmmmmmmmf*m*mwm*&k  is  si  I  i  %*{  i  i  I  Thursday, December 2nd-Friday, December 3rd 6:30 and 8:30  ADMISSION $1.50 ��� CHILDREN UNDER 12 75c  yiifSn A  SUNSHINE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  RATEPAYERS'  ASSOCIATION    ;  DECEMBER I ������  1   7:30 p.m. ���  WILSON CREEK"  COMMUNITY HALL  .'A-'AA'-*- ���;    diary of a \  ,.    madhousewif��  Sot, Dec. 4  Siin., Dec. 5  Mon., Dec. 6  at 8:00 p.m.  CARRIE SNODGRASS   ���  "WARNING:���Coarse" languac'ie and simulated sex scenes''  No Admittance to  parsons under 18.  ���R. W, McDonald  iW^'"1'  Tue., Dec. 7  Wed., Dec, 8  Thur., Dec. 9  al- 8 p.m. -  NEXT WEEK "WATERLOO  a  \,*  * i  <<��� i  -rl       1,  I }  I '���  I-      i  !  *.     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I  ���   *f   ** tAr *���***   1 ' ������*���  Iff *  *. , '    #     ^r"  1 * 'it nr*   *��� *���*���* -i-f  ^  ��� .v   ���'��      f **.   i*. V   f* r��(i*  CHRISTMAS FOIL WRAP  By pfldo. Pour rq\\t\ of  plnln and pnttomodwrnp;  ench 26" wldq K 30" long.  Mio.'n Ruoanfliwl  iniull pilcn 1,0ft m  q��  Wontorn'A Prlco X.3zJ  PRIDE BOW PACK  30 jowol (tjowa wllh  ��� Bllok'On ��� Inhn.   fStUi  ll>Q~lln|shlng touch  to your glllo,   7  Mlfl.'B BIIQQOfllod  mimi prlco 2,(V0    ��.-*  ��� j. .*���<.- *x ��� *  "��� * i    -    .      ''L ���'. ��� '���  PRIDE  CHRISTMAS WRAP  s rplls of nnporwrnp,  ouch roll 20" wldo  x 72" long.  Miin'fi niiunofltoii  rot-ill prlco 1.08 -I vjq  ... *,.    ..  . H ,-r<,\, '  ���  ���   v;�� \ ,1/   >���.  \  0!^..  ���n  **.*  }r  ���*.,*���'*      iJi' 1' '.*,  *  lK*j$ib^  0|  w*i  ���,vj  'Mr. crhd Mrs. Wqlly Berry . . .  " "Golden^ wedding celebrated  ; by 120 friends and.. relatives  PLEASANT surprise awaited long time  i-esidents   of  West  Seciielt,  Mr.   and  "IVtrSj Wally Berry who were ushered into  Sechelt Legion Kail on Saturday November 20th to'he greeted by forty relatives.  Flash bulbs popped and many warm  -embrace'i-wereTeKehang^d as the happy  side table.  Master ot ceremonies was Mr, John  McMullin erf Thunder Bay, son-in-law  of Wally" and Doris Berry.  A%H^\tA^S^*:.A^s** Ak ^-  ^ Mtm^f^yA'-mi'^r  >���*���.      v��� ^ ^ YgHgzgvsrv       ' jr*^00000i*m^-- j  / v?* -)    A-1    - *i    ��� *  ^'*"fi'tM-* ^*  &3^\**2l2^R  PIONEERS  Wally   and   Dork  Berry    and   their  mim1.  ������-i��u������i-  ���,,.���!,     ���, -.,-. youne family came to live in West Se-  couple, celebrating then* Golden Wedchng ^ ^^^ ^   but |hey hwJ boen assoc.  iated  with   the  area   long  before.   Mrs.  Anmveisnry, were  reunited  with mem  bcrs of the family in one big. joyous reunion.  A small family celehration had been  expected, but - their six daughters and  close friends in the community had managed to keep the extent ot the reunion a  secret from the very popular couple who  have lived in West Sechelt for forty  years. Later in the evening, the family  was joined" by many friends and names  in the guest book,crept away gassed the  ono lui'ndred-and twenty mark as people  dropped in to ofler their congratulations.  Lemon and white streamers, golden  wedding hells and large bouquets' of flow-  eis decorated the hall and a large bah-  ner bearing family names wisJ\ed Mr, and  Mrs* Berry a Happy Anniversary. Two  beautiful arrangements of bronze chrysanthemums stood sentinel on either side of  the anniversary cake which stood baa  10% Off  Fri. & Sat.  Dec. 3, 4  ON  ANYTHING  IN  THE  ./     STORE  on Gibsons Wharf  Phone  886-9303  -  Gibsons,  B;C;  SIM 'ELECTRIC LTD.  RESIDENTIAL  COMMERCIAL  INDUSTRIAL  Gov't-- Certified Electricians  ELECTRICJHEAT BY MARKEL  WRITlJoX 351 - SECHELT  PHONE  DAY or EVE  885-2062    I  INOW YOUR-B1BU  ^ CAMPAIGN  In orcler to'encourage a greater interest in, the Scriptures a, special  FREE Home Study Bible Course is  now being conducted;  This course is:  ,��� Completely undenominational  Absolutely free'of charge  Conducted entirely by mail  (No one v/ill call except on  recjuesl)  Based directly on the Bible  FOR FREE LESSONS  Apply: E. B. Scvcrson,  Box '468/ Gibsons, B.C.  Ben'y's father and mother, Alfred Edward Genower and his wife Ellen liad  bought a five acre parcel of land from  the CO acres pre-empted by the Mills  family and as a young" girl. Doris Genower  often spent the holidays camping in West  .  Sechelt.   *  Mr. Genower was a Justice of Peace  and helped organi7e Royal Canadian  Legion Branch 140, being its first president. He served as Captain Paymaster with  158th-~Battahon. Vancouver, and a very  handsome man he was, according to the  portrait which hangs ni the lamily home  Mrs, Genower was a charter member ol  the Sechelt Legion.  Mr. and Mrs. Genower celebrated their  Golden Wedding Anniversary in their  home in West Sechelt in August 1950.  _, SCHOOL DAYS  _ _ MrS. Berry was born in Upper Hollo-  way, London, England, coming to Canada with her family when she was nine  years old. After spending three ' years  in Winnipeg, the family moved to Van- \  couver t*yuherg^Doris attended Sir Alexander Mackenzie School and Sprott Shaw  Business College." ~r~-  . .  - Even in those.days, Mrs. Berry recalls  "that a young lady was expected to have  business experience to qualify for a job  A family friend helped--a-nd-she.-gained  the necessary experience with the CNR  _ in the Dominion Bank Building, later  working with fire insurance. All the time  fate was leading her to the ^.offices of  Smith Davidson and Wright where her  future husband Wally Berry Was already  employed.  Wally Berry was born in Dumfrieshire,  - Scotland, coming io Canada with his family in time to celebrate his tenth bh'th-  day in7Vimcouvei\ He attended 'Strathcona School which he says was called "the  . school of all nations" as so many children  were of different ethnic background. He  later went to Central School, now on  vocational college, before going to the  firm of stationers and paper suppliers  where "he was" to meet hi-Twife aiid also  work   for  eleven   years.     -  FAMILY DAYS .  Doris and Wally Berry were married  at 355-51st Ave., East, South Vancouver  Von November 17th, 1921. Mr. Berry had  tried to join the First World Wa** but  his age was discovered, so he later joined  the 5th B.C. Light Horse, serving from  1923-1929-and graduating to, the rank of  Sgtv Major.  It  was  the  depression   years  that__  ���  brought the'-family tblSfichelt: where, they  ~ intended to stay for a year until things  % loo-fted better,  But after one .year liere,  .nO'-dne wanted to return 'to the:city.  Mr. Berry did numerous jobs in those  difficult days*- including working on the  roads, driving taxi and school bus and llic  Second World War "found "him "frozen"  in his Job at, Wilson Creek Garage while  his bossrMr. Roger Green who had gone  to Vancouver to take a brush-up course,  was compelled to stay in his job .ovei-  lhere,     ... -.-- .    .'  Air Raid Precautions wore enforced on  tho Sunshine Coast so -Mr. Berry was  in the A.R.P, helping to ensure that ,  windows wore properly blacked-out at  night, He also served as third president  of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 140 unci  Mrs. Bony used her business school  knowledge, serving as sccrelnrv for nine  years.1 ��� ',..-,  Mr, Genower and Mr, Berry- helped  build tlie .family home oui. of logs nnd  over the years It grow to Us present two  storey size, to acommodatc the family  -of '.six daughters:, .jj?a.n born, in im,.who  married Dick vim der Werff und now  lins two, boys Ricky and Mark and lives  in Burnaby. Mae born 15)24 nnd mar-  lied   to   Jol'n   McMullin   with   children  V. v- * ' ^ \  llllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllh..  . - ' NIVIN'S' '-> -'-'  RADIO & TELEVISION  I  dealer for:  ZENITH *  FLEETWOOD  ADMIRAL - PHILIPS  . *���  * *     *     ���*  EVERYTHING FOR  HOME ENTERTAINMENT  * * ,   *      *  Ph. 886-2280  1  Gibsons, B.C,  Family  Re-union  Enjoying a wonderfully happy- re-*  union with their family on the occasion of theil- Golden Wedding-Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Wally Reriy  of WeSt Sechelt are .-pictured, \yith  their sik daughters. From left': Betty  Laidlaw, Pat Gibson, Jean -van der  Werff, Mae McMullin, Gwen A$eltine  and Catherine BerrV.  b", '"<<   ' ���  ',.'0'- l/'^j*  jz'-'J')- A>'A  ffe   -    3'*      .C'-V^rt  f <Or&t' ^V  ---������-���    * J-^     v_  Congratulations  Carol; tWillialm; Douglas,  Patrick,  Janet,      , . ���       , , , ,, ,  Phyllis and-Ellen: All live at Thunder   Telegrams, flowers, cards and good  Bay, Ontario, except Carol'wlio is mar-"   wislies were'showered on*Ml', and  Mrs. Wally Berry of~West Sechelt,  on the occasion of the 50th wedding-  anniversary on November 17th. This  was tlio second such family c'ejejli-ra-  ���tion to be held in West Sechelt, Mrs.  ���Berry's mother and father Alfred*  Edward and Ellen Genower celebrated llieir (lolden Wedding here in  1950. ���'���������''"��������� "'-:"7':-.-' ';.::: :��� ' ���+-  CANDLES  CHRISTMAS GIFTS  POTTERY     ,  PAINTINGS  Batik, Boaclwork and Jewelery Hangings of Macramo or Coram^cs  , i   ond many articles by craftsmen on the peninsula. "  ��� PRICES REASONABLE  Sechelt  THE ART -GAUERY SHOP  Wednesday-Saturday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.  ried to Don-Patton and witli son Ian live  at Cranbrook, B.C, William Douglas is  married" to-Norma fuid they have a son  Jon. ;,-���"  ": , ,)���"   )      '    .  Third daughter is Pat born in 1925  and married to Alex Gibson ol' the Gibsons Landing family, who have two cliil-  dren Jim and ��usinv and live in West  Sechelt, Susan is married to Jim Burns  and with tlieir little son Eric live at  Langdale, \ ���"'  Fourth daughter is G.wen born in 1928  and married to Art Asseltino; they huve  ���three 'children, Nola,'Kevin and Hoss aiid  live al Cliquilluni.       |  Fifth dmightqr Betty was born in li)!)}'  and is 'hnviTtefl 1T�� Kti. l,.uidlaw, Hying in  Sechelt   with; their  three  sons   M|eluiel,  , Gordon and David.  Sixth daughter and the onlyl one horn  in the foriner Ponder 'Harbour Hospital  in 1844, is- Catherine who lives at home.  Before his retironiei'il, Mr.'Horry worked' with old friends Jack and Leo Rod-  man in their family stpro" in Si^idLior  ^leven years,  REUNION  .Together with ��11 tho children nnd  grandchildren wlio could attend lhevlmii-  p,*> celebration were Mr, Berry's brother  Sid and his wife Dnlsy from Vancouver,  Mr. Befty'fi sister, Mrs, Jean Homo and  Mrs, nevry'ti brother'"! wife, Mm,  Illl'dn  ,.Gni,H)Wor  frdm  Vniicinivcr,  Mnuy-nleceii  and nephews and their fiimlllcfi,  linportaht. guest wiih a childhood  friend who-Mm, Horry Imd known In Rng-  land and wlio was her hrido.smuld fill  yours ago, Mr��, Dot Tcllcfson iu^conlpun-  led by her husband Mr, Les TcllcfHon,  , Long I lino friends who were uiiiii lo  ntloiiil Included Mm, Allen Auinlln French,  Mr.'i, Kiln Wood, Jack and -Loo, Art and  , Mary Hcflnian, Mr, und Mm, ,Ii\iiiom Derby,  ���Frank ruid May Walker, Bill and Allen  7Hllll|JKfilc!y,��Ken���fliidJHaboLWood,4lar(ilil  and Cay Nelson, Mm. Mac Marker, ,'IVil  'Fis the- Sec&on, '������  -,���"'''      , ������, ,i ���. ,     '  fb choose gifts for the ladies  oii youvj list. Use our ''Lay Awdy  i ,      .   -  plan to reserve yowr choice now.  SUNNYCREST PLAZA  ��� "���Glbion's".  TRAIL BAY CENTRE  Sechelt  , For, Area E.  REGIOlAt DfSTRlCT  .w  .Ia  'FENDER HARBOUR-  RESBPENfS . , :������  VOTE FRED CROSBY  for Fair/ Responsible ond unblascfj  representation In Area A Sunshlno  Coast Regional Board, ..,,.���.���  I ask for your vote December 11th  jn order that oVoryono might got a  voice in-tho neods of our community, Area A.  DECEMBER 11th   ,  or  [4*  &i.  %y  Wfr&*\  Sechelt Region Branch 140  Legion Hall, Sechelt  EVERY WEDNESDAY  AT 8 p.nv  JACBCPOT $125  TOGO  $10 DOOR PRIZE  m^i^rm  vt'  ,, ROBERTS CREEK LEGION BRANCH 219  DECEMBER 4th - 8:30 p.m. to ?  Live Music by MILDE~WE  .���   r--* , Admission $1.50 per person  PS*m^!^��^S0iii^^  s   n       jmwmmmmwMW&Mim^  i^^.mm0U^,um*.*mm0U00m0m0m��mmm00m0��u*0*0*00n0mm**M*0mmm,*j*0*0M*immmuu*0**,*t*0*,*,*0*,m"0m,  (iflhorne, Vic nnd Ruby Q.sborne, Iflill  Scott, Mrs,.Florin Clay ton, Dick nnd Vonn  Clnyton. 'I.oiiorn and Eric Inglis, Jiklwavd  iuid"Botly Cooke, Pflul and'Hazel Skytto,  To*in t\\\t\? liim Forrester, Nils nnd\ Fnye  Hansen."   ��� - ., J"'"' * '''-,:v;"1 ���������.'  Anion'!! tlio ninny, tologrnmii jocolvod  were.-those', from "Tlio Noi^lilxiui'.s"''oiv  Mni'lluyouisl) , Hoad, T li u n d o r May".  Cirandfion bong and r��m|ly. His Kxtiol-  lency Lt. Ciovorhor J. U, Nicholson . of  Hritlsh Columbia; Prime -Minister .Pierre  Klllol Triidoiur, Premier of British dol-  timbin 'Hon, W; A. C. Bennett nnd Hon,  Isabel Dawson. - ,,  DWARF FRUIT TREES  APPLE, 10 Varieties     ��a. $3.00^^~PRTJNE  CHERRY, 4 Varieties   ea. $3.25 PEACH  PEAR^-2 Varieties   ^ea. $300 BLACK CURRANTS  FLOWERING TREES  ca. $3.00  ca.1 $3.00  jsa. $1.25  CRAB, CHERRY, ALMOND,  DOGWOOD, MAGNOLIA,  HAWTHORNEi etc.  IVHOIIIINf  ALSO A GOOD SELECTION OF FLOWERING SHRUBS  SHADE TREES AND�� EVERGREENS  CESEECCSDOE GtEEfJfi0ll3ES  R.R. 1, Raid Road, Gibsons Phone 886-2421  ���>W��M��M������MUWMWUMWWtNMM  *0*0m  "mt0*m  asss:  iwillllllli^^  siJNsniNK coftst' rkcionai: DISrKlCI'  : ,...-.:���..:.,.....,,..;,,^OTiCE;:  PUBLIC NOTICH is hereby-givon^to the electors of the herein elletf  I'LBCrORAL ARP.AS ofllie Sunshine .Coast Uej-ioiuil Dlwrict, Ihul n poll  has beebmo necessary ni llie election now.pending ami I huve (tnmicd such  poll for Uie P.lectonil Areas as cited below; ami, ftirllicr. that the persons duly  n'nninatcd as candidates I'or directors at the said elections, for whom only  voles will ��� be received, arc;���  i  t  Ulectornl  Area   ,   Surname        'Pihcr Names  Term of  ��� Office  2 yvniH  ,  Occupation ,  A     CWOSIiV    Fredei-icl' Owen  TYINKK     JnmvN llnrold.  .  Hoot Builder v  Accoiiiitiml  ,,(:     HtMW,       MulH'rtA.  M'.k'ckd liy Acclniuullnn)  1 yeurN  Kcfiivfl  M     CIUMIIR   Jiiiihn Arlimr  '7'   '   WKST'    '    Fr.Uik\  % ytaris  a,,                  '                   1  Kmii'yr DIkosUt   ,  Operutor  Aceounliuil  POLLS will be open nfi ,  IilLKCrORAL AKI*)/V7*Af'���-^   J-"'1'    '..���'  (1) l^iuonlElcintiilnry Scliool  (2) Mudciru Pnrk Kleinontiiry School    ,  (3) Pender Harbour IMolel, Onrden liny  ELKCTOftAL AKKA *'K"-<    MphliistiMio Secondnry Siiiool,  .������ * "   "    i   ' * ' '        , -^ "l""'" '" ' ' . "  on Hhj I llh day of December 1071, between the hours or ol/*hf (KjOO) o'clock  In the1 l|)ienooii nml eight (8:00) o'clock In llie,iil1'criio|0n7of which every  person Is hereby ie(|iilrihl lo,,lako noilco ami govern I'llmself iict-ordingly,  Given under my ham| this IWlh t\t\y oi November, l'*71,    .    ,      " ;   '   ' (j. U; (UKAUI)'  ���:.��,.���-.,������,..���.,,.,���,..���-������... .���....������ :y,���.,.,..,.,.y ..^���^,..._^,.._^_a���.^,..Itc!Uirulntl-Offleer..,  NOTH. Where inure Hum ono poll Ih held In an Uieel'onil Area, an cleeior  may vole ut only one poll. LIST Op BLIiCTOKN USIU) will be lhe llsl I'or  each Hlcclornl Area concerned as prepared by iho,Rbg|onnl Dlsirlci,  Btaiiia^  0*+im0000*m000m0miiim0m^^  ���*  ���8  'kXUfiiiiiim'mfsxae:  -^^Tl -m^MnwiiWl  mm000L\l*mm*^0*iii00,i  000000  DECEMBER 11th  For Monmff; Reasonable and  Responslbl0; Reprosentation;'  \i  ���&  !���  i*     ' I       *  r  *j0 .., .  e .* ,4 ** a*. A 0* 0  ���J***   I  '**������*'"��� '   . .       ' ,*���  0 0  r r. *.   .  r ,r*  ***2^0*&%0W^0*10^r0&^00i'**rS0*m&h4fcfi0^t0*0IW^^*00!^^L0L.0^^,^^  -r->i*�� * 1  * Jl   0  ���l^  ��*������  .���*. '*���'  w.  ���i  .    -      o,  lu'  -.*-���*  <-  **���  1     ci  A.  ii" 1  'tfVT -\  .��� *.  * ���"* r ������        J �����  l.aaMi^tfifc. .J��Ml��� *��*.,.*..<��...,..^ll����.��M".^MWp,.|��..,a  **0f     * ��P  *\r*  i��  >���?<*���'*  ^^*" / r^f" ��'*y-****'*^rr**S>'^**r^*>^<* * �������**+�� ���* �� ���***������ ^ ���*  J   0,     *   **m.-  ,."   *!  j. t '**  "'���.'-   - < ** -Ml      '     ' ' P-ljc'tl  ����l *lr**r**0  r* ,   fJ      * '~  i   J*  Wednesday, December 1,1971-..   The Peninsula Times.  M"     J    ��� -���  ��� Am ���|^ | ���   ���     T  "ji -   ���- .���������wiii���w��� , |      ^    |J���ir   ,r    T|l     ,k     ��� _  Sechelt News Notes  Page 3-3  TWO local lads, have gone "to see Nqw  Zealand,  Jim Stockwell   and,* Clyde  -Higgjnson,- They are at present working  In Aukland, on the North Island, dotyg  maintenance on ships and barges.      >  ���-by Peggy Connor  Uie hQttom with the time spent here,  ���    Mrs. Vera Nelspn made a beautiful  cake, a duplication of,the driftwood sign  ���in front of the RCMP buildihg. /  Grey cup weekend so ho soccer games,  In triree months time they will leave    Nov. 21st the Renegades played Burnaby  Tradition  Making the opening of Welcome   Hon.  m^Eh^wLSi  IsabeL Dawson in the ribbon  Beach Community Hall expansion of-   cutting ceremony held on Saturday  ficial,   -Canan   Alan     flrpunn    'assiste,     n-ffoi>nnn��  in tho f*ivi\t 'holl  Greene  'assists <   afternoon in the co2y hall.  Many tributes'. . ,  Halfmoon Bay Centennial  lect. opening ceremony  the score 2-2, Mr. Harvey Paul fullback  for the "Chiefs" played this game with  the Renegades. He fell on his arm thinking he had sprained Unpacked it around,  driving his car and on Sunday night discovered' he bad broken it in two places.  Saturday Dec. 4th the "Chiefs" meet  Club "India" a{, Winona Park >Vancouver.  As is customary, in Rebqkah Lodge  152 Sechelt, a birthday party was held for  those members whose birthdays fall in  NoVember. In this case Mrs. Emily Parsons and Mrs, Josie Reid^held at High-  croit the home of Mr, and Mrs. T. Ivan_  Smith. A very enojyable afternoon was  spent. Present were-Lodge members;  Alice Cherry, Mary Steele, Alice French,  Josie Reid* Emily Parsons, Eileen Smith,  Mildred Whitaker, Jennie Reiter, Evelyn  Begg, Madge Hansen, Ruby Brese, Olive-  Poite, Piiyhss Handfordj Jean Hamon,  Nellie Whaites.  Dental Topics  Dental Implants Not for Anyone  ARTIFICIAL teeth that are "implanted  into the gums and jawbone are not recommended for alcoholics and mentally  unstable" people, say some dental rese-  <ii'��hers.      .   -   '   " "  Other groups that should not receive  out for sometime, the game shot and hufig -these   anchored   dentures   include   those  for the ..South Island where they plan  to work for awhile and see the country  ' Phil .Bland of Roberts Creek is laid  up in hospital and will still .be there  come Christmas. It was Oct. 6th when  Phil had a log crash into him, crushing  his leg, $t. Deserted fcay.^ He�� is in. taction and unable to- have a cast on duetto  ' an infection in his leg. Pretty rough-on  an active���17-year oJcJ  to lay abed^oi  , months in one position.       ���    ���     _��� "j  ~    1 The  first  baby  for  Bill  and  Linda  ^McDerjnid checked in at 7;3"*Lp,m._ Saturday night 7 lbs 3 oz. a boy and his naqne  is Robert Charles. ,     > j  Mrs. M. A. Shaw of West Sechelt hurt  her foot when she jumped from a stalled  elevator. .   ���- '       ' *       \  "Mr, and Mrs. Shaw were on their way  to visit friends in West Vancouver when  - the power went off, Mrs. Shaw panicked, jumped into the'pitch, black hall,  bigger step than anticipated' and suffered her foot injury, It was concern for,hei  husband: Who has a heart conditipn that  made her- panic but he": remained cool  and collected throughout tjh^whole incident.    , '7     " '���     -7 .,';..  Everything is in readiness for the Sechelt Jftqd and Giin Banquet to,he 'held  this Saturday at the Roberts' Creek Community Hall, The tickets have been sold  "Ori  \     f  Patrol'  , With  AA   ,  '^���SUNSHINE  COAST RCMP  Highway Patrol  li"OR"tlie opening ceiemony last Saturday,  the Welcome Beach HaJl was packed  witlr membei s.   fnonds and  wellwishers  who came fiom fai tind neat to extend  congratulations Tlie ceiemony was chair-  , :cd.by Mr, A. J. Rutherfoid who said he^  J\ad been a-'foundei membei of iho Wol*  come-Beach Community Association whei>  the late Hehiy Fulleiton liad given the lot  to the "ass<Jjiiatjon iii tlie 1940's. Hi* could  not at that tune have inicigmcd o hall  such us this being built there.    -   -  ��� Mr.: Alex Ellis, ctiu4Hiiaii_uLtlie-Half-,  moon' Bay Centei\nidJ Committee, reported  ..^_i,i.Jhe successlul completion of the Cen-  tenial project, unpiovcments lo tlie hall  and parking.space fie said he had woiked.  with many committees, but that this Centennial Committee was the finest he had  evei- served on Ho paid tribute to the  men on his Committee, Keith Comyn,  chairman of lhe works committee and  Bill Fraser and Ed Cook who had given  whole hearted suppoit and many houis of  , their time to complete the project. lie  ^xjCirqHsed grutilude for the!" generous help  of Jim Cooper and Andy Hansen who  had donated Uie use of bulldo/cr and  other equipment foi woiking on the pacing area. Other men who had given <)f  their time and .skills on the work were  Jori-y Williams, Alt' Young, Anton Kadin,  Etl, Edmunds, Ross Conquest, Ralph  Ly.nds,-Oliver Petit, Fiank Kingston, Fied  JMercer.r.AI Lawson, Hugh Dulf and Guy  Clour.'Mr," Ellis dlew the attention of his  ' listeners'.'������'('ir tlio beiuTtilifl cedar podium  I'roin whicli lie was speaking nnd ex*  pressed grutclul' I hanks lo Jack Moignn,  the ei'liftflnuin \ylio had niiido and donated  ,.,- - it.: The Ladies' Auxiliary to tlie Welcome  Beach Community Association, said Mr,  Ellin, liad .supported tho Cumhiltlpo with  , ii' nio.st. ,Bi|cccSHful* OJofitonnlnli Fair lust  July. ,rlV> all of these, he expii^sod tlm  gi'j\tili;ido oC himself, liis Committee and  tho community in general, He felt that  somothlng Svo��"lhwhU��v l"1^ lioeii ncliicved,  - for the; hall \y��,'.si�� piiico wlicro jujoplo  could meet together, and ejijoy'j'oll^vvhlilp  and hrothcrhopd,  ',;''; ���"' '.yyj.i'J,'"'.������;' ,   *���-:���-'��� The Hon;"imtliol P,--jiiiwiioiv o\i\, the  ribbon. Uud dcclurod the oxlon,s|on: o|ion.  (->|io offered   hop. (jongi'iitiiliitionsSt'o  the,  "   Corltoiinlul ComhVitleo: und' jill iho,"peikploi  of Ilnlfnuiqii. Buy ��mi.,lli'e isu(."(.'crt.sl'iij;i'i)ni.  plelion of llioir project wlikiHytd:--'(��|jv1-  ��� oiiifly Ihjuii n yoi\l comniuiiity (hulu'uvoiuv  (iho lull Unit in tiiiR) llio younger people  ,.   would coino Ui.iippnHlliito'wlial, t|in, oldwis  |)L'u|)k; of iho vimuiuinity luui (loiu;,  Aniuiig (illKir iiu'oHtH ol'((nllii||n'iiiHi,ulU'-f  lullonii and gond wlnliimwiiH Mrts, CIii'Jh-'  lino .lolinslon who bud opened. Uiu' inill  Whon H ���: wilMafli'lif liiilll'lil/IIWHV, At': ihnl  llniu fiho;. |'uIt' it,,wiih fi  iiiimt uiiililtloiin  ��� pi'tijoel for isiu'l;! a mni\ll ('oniiviunily ,hi  uiKliji'liil)," unit hIhi wim now 'linppy'lo hu  ,' |>i*i*iii*iH hi NuiVMilsi)iiJurg��inoi)l7Sli(),know  it wiih u wlill-UHoil; .hull witii'ii very imtWu  'iiuiiimunlly,       ;"    ' '"'(  "Nnrimm 'Ihirldy/cliiilriViiii) 'iif, tlio Hor  I'luill,���Cunlunnlii'l "Cuiiiinllluo,,'!!! .cuiigru-  nilulliiM Hi" I'oniiuiiiilly on llio wiirk I huy  -"**Unci iiclilovc(l'r��<iVl lift envied'I|iemJtlieir  hull, In, Hnulioll, ho' tjlild, tlnij; hud h  howling alloy unfltlioy Iind'n nuuilclpnl  hull, hut,; tliey dldn'l li/iv'u ,�� .cniiiiiiiHilly  linii, If yui'i wiuit. tu' iiHu'iliij iiiuiiicipiil  ��� linii, liu mild, ynu Juive, lu 'Hi'iid' lii; mil Ico  wuy liliuuil lliiil; yiui, winiilo ii|)))��nir llo-  I'oru LViiiiicilf'        .   ',. ^   , :a,   ���'. ���  IJcrok Mi Nli-Uuiioy, J|oglo||iil IU'|H'(hI��iii-  ,    tiUlvu-of C��ivt��nnlul Jl\', Wlio' lillil diivmi  from  Aliholnfui''!' '*>'' .Uiu/iiccuhIoiIj ii|il*l  v    Uiul  on  Iniliulf uf Mi",  Liiurio .Wulluco,  .gunurul clialrinnil ol' Uio BrltlHliCuJiiUibln  Coiilonnlnl Coninilttuo, lie vvoultl Ilko to  extend, vory warm conni'i��l.ulnt,ionti lotho  ,���I'oiunilUco and tlumo ronpounllijo for Iho  work on tho hull, During bi�� fll'Uuniyofuri'  work  witli rccrciiUoiia,, Iin mijd, ��� hu hud  hinViii^  riiMnto.  Garden Day/'D.G.' �� B03-25B3  1.2-3 Ion Coin's Alnna*  Tlio Cutiflr-lino Roller '  .   Appllaiico Dolly"^WBiiti  Tahlo Sawi ��� Atr Compr*i��*or  foitJacki*-Hydraulic Jacl<i|  ', Chlmrtoy Prinhot - Rool Routoti  PIpo-CiUNiri t- PIm - Dendon - Stand      e  PHii Mony Other Tooli ' H  lmmimm&nn.mmmmmttMimi.minim��w  found the 'Welcome Beach Community  Association t'o be one of the outstanding  organizations both as regards the quality  and the amount of recreation being provided.  AreaJB j epresentative of the Regional  *Board, Chff Thorold, .introduced the Cen-  tehniul-theme-into hi,s speech and talked  ��f the.inspiring past, a present lich in  living and a future bright with hope.  He congratulated Till those concerned for  woiking together lor Uie betterment of  'the community.  Keith Comyn, president ot' the Welcome Beacji Community Association in  taking over tlie finished Centennial project fiom the Centennial Committee, said  he felt that Somothing had been built for  the futuie���something that many pjeople  would enjoy,    After the singing of "O Canada", the  ciowd in the hall thronged the long tea  tables, bright wiUi white linen and silver  and tastefully decorated with flower ar-  jangements by Mrs. Janet Allen. Pourprs  were "Mrs. Cliff TbOiold iind Mrs. Alex  ISIlis. Tlie ladies of the community," u\*.  ready well-knewn for their cooking prow-i  es-fi had truly surpassed themselves on��  this nccaMoii. If tjie men of the ureiKarfc  gretit builders" and hard wprker.s, the  ladies arc, ceHainly flfst nile cooks. Who  knows*? perhaps the t\vo'go together!  ready for cooking, A banquet of garhe  followed .by an "evening of excellent  dancing. .    ��� . I  Twenty friends arid "relatives join|d  Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Sheila Strosheipi  of Wilson Creek to celebrate their 3?|h  wedding anniversary, at their home, Saturday Noy.> 27th Paul presented his; "wife  with a beautiful orchid corsage, Ou't-ojfa.  town guests were Mr., and Mrs. Ken atiid  Bonnie Nelson from Powell River ahd  their two children, Mrs. Sundi Haslam ai^d  her girls.from Ladner,, making a totalJaf  seven grandchildren. Niece Miss Yehqa  Strosheim from Vancouver and visiting  with - her parents Mr, and Mrs. Rueben  Stroshein.  .Mr. aiil Mrs. Roy Nygren's daughters  Were up to help "their aunt arid uncle  celebrate, Miss Joanne,.Nygren and, fter  boy friend Rene Opocensky of Vancouver. Mrs. Tiny Hughes and Amber from  Langley. Husband Earle was unable to  attend as-his 5-'piece band has a steady  engagement at "Wild Biirs" in Surrey. *  The Sechelt Browriie L.A, Christmas  meeting will be Dec. 1st at Selma Park  .Community Hall, 6:15 with dinner'at  6:30.-  A Farewell party by fellow officers  and friends was held in honor of Corporal  Oryille and Ingrid Underbill Wednesday  Nov; I*7tlv at "Wilson Cj-eek Hall. The niem^  be'��:.s and wives of the RCMP Detachment  ��� organized the party and invited the many,  friends made by the Underbills.. Tliey  Iprespritecl them-'Wit'i a beautiful Norm-  Undy chime clock, also ihe RCMP Tn  signia in form of u plaque engi'aved-on--^BN��idBfcBB��Bh��  suffering from bruxism���teeth clenching  ���and those that dislike foreign bodies in  their mouths and those that get used to  the gaps between their teeth to the extent  that they would miss them.  However, some people can receive  much benefit from "rooted" dentures, A  new method was described in last week's  column, which has met with great success. ,  Implants can replace missing teeth  when there are no neighboring teeth to  hook a bridge on tp and full; sets of these  dentures can be a boon to those who  have lost all their teeth.  (QUESTIONS pertaining".^ traffic Taws  and driving methods may be submitted to Const. Ron Mangan, c/o The Peninsula Times, Box 310, Sechelt, B.C, or  phone 885-2266), Safe , Driving Week^-  December 1-7. .  The Canada Safety Council urges all  Canadians concerned about the tragically  high toll taken by traffic accidents io  support^Safe Driving."Week. This campaign is aimed at reducing traffic accident's during Safe Driving Week, and  eVefy_week, by focusing national and  community attention bn the magnitude of  this serious social problem and how it  can be cured, Cold figures show traffic  deaths have been checked as a percentage of the population in recent years  but the figure remains intolerably high.  However, injuries and property _ damage  accidents  have been rising 'relentlessly.  The following are loea^l statistics which  have been gathered for the Gibsons,'Sechelt and Powell River areas:' Gibsons:  3 fatal accidents with three killed, 32  personal injury accidents with 42 persons injured, 64 property damage accidents with damage over $200, Sechelt: 3  fatal accidents with three killed, 31 personal injury accidents with 48 persons  injured, 68 property damage accidents  with damage over $200. Powell River: 5  fatal accidents with five killed, 101 personal injury accidents with 184 persopsv  injured, 282 property damage accidents  with damage over $200. Grand total for  hwy, No. 101 and other roads on the  Sunshine Coast from Port Mellon tq  Lund: 11-fatal accidents with eleven killed, 164 personal injury accidents with  274 persons . injured, 414 property damage accidents with damage over $200,  These figures are from January through  October  1971.  How can traffic accidents be reduced?  The main onus is on Canada's more than  nine .iqiljicih., ^rivete., Qovernmentp and  industry can' do' arilj*", sor;;nweh "to lower  the huge*' "cost' -j&\ tl*e country i?> Jives,  health, and'��P"vop��Hy,''damage', because of  the big! part, RlayV^^y.'in^iyi^UaVresponsibility; , All' rhotoristsi'/e^h lsupipoi?tr Safe  Driving ^Veek.by .driving t-defensively,  based oi*.Tthe prmciplefe.^J'-recogpi-ie the  hazard,' understand ^thV, defence and act  in. tlme.J' The goaf of reducing the traf*  fie 'accident toll1 significantly''depends*  entirely on the personal contributions of  all mo]torist<s ��� and pedestrians. May' wp  count! op' your support?  STUDIED TWES: ���        ���  , Studded tires' Teduce winter driving  hazards, but' ,driv**"rs need  to  be-cautioned . about,1 oven-confidence from the  extra traction provided by the tires. Despite tfye added'grip, studded " tires do  not giyq_the same traction on ice'as tires  on a dry surface. On ice, the manoeuvrability of si car equipped with, studded-  tires 'cap- fre compared to that of a car  with'regular tir^ori a loose1 gravel surface., W|hen driving  on  slippery _ roads  With i studded tires, the motorist should  take into account the car's superior braking-power and pay particular attention  to his rear-view mirror. The car follow*  ing may not be so equipped, raising the  possibility of a rear-end crash if the car  with studded tires stops quickly. Studded  tire's provide no advantage in loose snow  conditionsl' ��� ���    ,  -   J j  i��wa;it5i ;^7if,.,^aii*g:sTt;ritaiaaa  FOR ALL  YOUR TRAVEL NEEDS  .contact  TRAVEL AGENT  i ,  at  TRAIL BAY PLAZA  SECHELT  OR PHONE 885-2339  r        '"   I  i  w*mam  13mci^^s,��� .2 toH2Slip  ' 1        '   '   ���- ** "        * If'- ".    i**       >   '  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  *r AAtA^ A''  PHONE 883-2266  *IVl|,   I.    I>W|   *> r, ...ilitl*.*.*t**     I  FftER ROSE OW SATURDAY (Dec. 4)  ��l��l��l��llll��illlOHll010illl01-*l!*l��!OIO,WU��IO!|  2-piece Chesterfield  Blue Gray  i   (    i  2-Piece Suite  Colonial' pavonpqrt, l  12-Piece Suite  Gold & Black Herculon  ozes#  REFRESHMEWTS���BE OUR  GUESTI  E LB CTROHOMB  ,, $n extra decree of excellence  ,*matorlql  1 +n     if  2-Piece Suite  DolftBluo  I    t*, *���    i't    , ,   i  I  Colonial Coffee Table  By Bossctt. Rog. $139.95  Colonial End Table  .Rog, $139.95  Hostess Chairs  ONLY ., . ���.*!  ewei  Im cJJi  y  ep  L  Corp Cost nine Jewelry  Jj'-:-J\      $1 fO $4  "a     '      '    I/ '���        '-'    ,'    ,'        Vla*!1."-V, '-���**     ,,.,���,������     ���" "���'       I   '''"  |^����'ii?i��i��i��i��*��i*'<'��;,��'��^'��i��tMtic'<i��Wf��"��i��'��'<'��'C��  Jimex Watches  '���������', i    J J'       ,-      ..".���      '"-..���-' ' .1 'a  j^tit^i��i��;i<ifiifii��icic'*;^'��i��;'��*��^*^^f��r��i*i��i��  (i^i��i��i<*��r��i��i��i��'��tW��CiKii��i��^��tWi��i<'��W  Quality  ; pjamoncf Rings    .  nnd Acco&porlos  Hif,w��^  GUARAMTEED WATCH AMD  JEWEtRY REPAIRS  '   '    . a   ' I a    ��� ; , ' , "   (  ,MC;t��'*����t��kMKl����*��"*'*������V��*MR*WMRI��"^r��t*l^l^l*l^ *  * Earr* FlorcedA by appointment  W*  ^  V'  t .  ''Str.  *4'*s!  /*���   ���������  r t*;\  *-? ii  . ****���.  PI  ' *'F  & if*  *"i*i  *�� 71  t*SM ���**  .���*r��i  Pv  V yi  i  ��nH.a.r.*~0~0.0*.*.*.*./���***���**"    .0*0* -  )^m^^'^*>0^  iii ' ! ' . '  ���" ", ' ������*        " " "   I"'        " "��� -' *        '  ���       - . I , , ��� ;...-. ��� :        ,��� , ' l ��� < '  n,  I  0.     *     f  00*    *    r*        ��    #1 ��     *��� *��� ^    A��'  ���BlMm^n *fm��***+0*  r*   *0*l^.*0% '"''���(-^*lrt*   ,  t  ti + r j, r A I* *^j***r ���  - a ��*��� * e r, > J-.,*  *\ ** A **  " l*�� ��* f*  i* j    r Hi  h-1>  Wi  V  ' <  GIBSQNS Athletic is starting a picture  *\7 series  ta__help  introduce (the 'people*  who make up. our association ���te'Ith*^ general public. We are very prdn^Vid^'gate- ->  Jul for" the part each .of"-tlj^\^��epple  play in making this" a b*?tjer""a~**ea 'in 4  jyhich to live and raise yourv children. ,* '  *.'   These'are the "Soccer coach"es*"''flf the  teams in Division 8, This division K jriade  lip of-6 to 8 year old, first" year .soccer  boys. Next year the 8-year old ^pys f'Wi  this' house league will "go np"\ to .Divi-'  sion 7, and the new 6 year old?, will take  th6ir places. In this way, there ."will always be a place fo^ a bo^ to -learn soccer "  and" progress through the > various' cfivisions appropriate for his age^and ability..  .This division is sponsored by "the Gibsons  Athletic Association..   ^       ," ,v\/��� P-\  *.��' IMr.Rudy-lCurucz is the 'coaclhof.the*  ������"Mustangs",  whose  colors ' qre'" red ' and ���  white.  Rudy  is a family'*nw}ni\he and-  his wife Carol and three children reside  bn Abba Rd, in Gibsons*, Rudy AVas'boni  in Alberta raked in New Westminster and  Powell River, and became a > resident of  Gibsons six years ago.  Rudy works ] as a boonrunan,.' and is  a very sports-minded individual. ��h" ;belp-  ed coach girls softball Jast spring"." and  both" he and his wife'CaroLare^veryv^ctive  members of the 'Gibsons Athletic ^sgocia?  tion,      ,.  ���     %.   "    ,    -��� - *A\'tJ^J" "  Rudy played soccer durihgCjhis* school  :1M  f-_    1 *Z~ r  X  J~\  h  (      I  ������i  /. .     ^[rZi t*\  , r  !    y       ^***^rr^r *        i ���  ���  f '.  ���ii  ���'        4 '  4 000   +0+  l^.liLWrfH.��   Ai^tf  CD :  ' /  ���r*  ***.   - 0 ���      It   ,** ******    **   -....frA  "'O  ii  (,  (:*>  C";  <3  Monthly Payments too high? Need a first or second  Mortgage? Homo Rcspnirs? or a car or a now home?  All your bills con be put Into ono small monthly payment-���   ���       half of wliot you are" now paying oijt  Act Wow! Pay all you owe and have money left over .  each month  EVERYBODY'S CREDIT IS GOOD���BORROW $1,500 TO-$20,000  ��� IF YOU HAVE A STEADY.PAYCHECK  FOR INFORMATION CALL  REID RD., R.R, 1, GIBSONS  "Xasa���.  .1  J0..  years,-but.this liis first-fyear.as*o, "soccer  coach"' and'he is enjoying" it" unntensely.  Elphinstone Cougars win one oi tworgames  were Bill Snedden wilh 10-and Art Dw  with .10 points. '  RUDY KURUCZ  ELPHINSTONE' Senior "poy's Basketball  team were vjetomous once in two  starts* this week, losing to a well .playing  Argyie team and defeating a team'"from  Tender Harbour. . -  ��� Last Thursday the Cougars ���'travelled  to North Vancouver to meet 'the; Pipers  of Argyie Overwhelmed by,the>good>play  of Argyie and lieiped along by the in-  consis't^nt play of the Cougars, Elphhv-  stone suffeied their first defeat of the  season, by the score of 02 to 47.  Travelling to Pender'Harbour op'Fri**  day.' the Elphinstone team .met somewhat \vpaker competition ���"and trounced  the Pender team 63 to 3R. Playing what  may he called a shaking game, the. Cougars ' managed to hold a slight edge of  play over the first few minutes and in  time' took full control of the game. The  Pender team, erratic al times, showed  tgood talent, though the score rtvay liave  i semed somewhat one-sided;������.  Top scorers for the Elphinstone team  Mustangs  Mustangs are eager young players  in Gibsons Athletic Association House  League* games played on Saturday  A ga'rte, scarred with |llegaltactips^*Qd^_.tov.: pictllv7d from ia�� back  flaming tempers. 27 personal and 3,%ch- ^Tein����n?- *J*fU*ieci ^y.-m ^u ��fCK  nicai fouls wc-e aiotted. Because of^Lh^ro^Chris Blaney,' Mike' Brandys,  oiighvess j of the game., a rematelt||^r- TD^nnyi Machpnj Lyle Aittlree-ff, Brian  McKay^iid Mark Boothi-Qyd% Front:  Rene-Cbifjeau,' felint M$i}iiman, Kevin  fJorner^Tqiad^  anil Tommy "Kurucz. .Missing are  Doug Lyit�� ancKShaWn Wolansky.  Men's Floor Hocftey first round results  WITH  the  first round'of-games;'com-" Elphinstone squad 21-9.  pleted ju men's floor hoctay^Jfchfi, Gib-  ^pns-Sechelt combined:team emerged���as Jim Gray (G-S) . ,    _  the power in the league. - It. Gpmarhe (G-S)  ���f Attendance and pai'.ticipation, An, the D. Kennet (G-S)  Tuesday night games a't ElRhi|>itone* has H. Ray (G-S)    _   ._ >  been extremely.keen' as was illustrated- in T. Gibsons (El.)    .���  last week's-.Elphinstone V  PennJHotel Norris   (El.)"   gftme. The contest'.was evenly matched A. Skytte (PH) ��� --.���  with the final 10-9 outcome settled by El- H. A|igust (G-S)  phinstone in sudden 'death overtime. Green (El,)  '" The^other scores saw Gibsons-Sechelt C> C*'*1^6"1 (G's)   -  defeat Penn Hotel> 19-4,,and the Gibsons- Penalty leaders: tD. Kinne (G-S), and  Sechelt, team  defeat ^a * young' hustling Woolly JPH)/0 .rninutes.  GP G  A Pts  2   9  5   14  2   7  1     8  2   7  .1     8  2   6  1     7  2"  5  2     7  2   4  3     7  2   4  2  ,6  2   S  2     5  2   3  2    n  2    1  4^     5  tween the'two teams seems very doubtfiil.  The Cougars next games will hefTa  tournament at ;Pember"om Tlie tjeams\in-  volvecl-are not sure'yet, ''--Jy  Puture games of the. Cougars are:4s  fojlowing:  (Schedule  subject   to  change)  .Saturday. Doc, 4 - Cdugars at tpurn-  mont in Pemberton. ���'. ���    '     *,. -v7  Friday, Doc. 10 ���> Pemberton' at Elphinstone. '    * *y  Saturday, Doc. 11 - Cougars at Max  Cameron. _���-.....��.  * Friday and Saturday, Jan. 7 and. 8-  First Annual Cougar Invitational Basketball-Tournament with.: teams from Caribou Hill, St. Patricks!  Friday; -Jan. 44 - Max Cameron at  Elphinstone.  Friday;', Jan. 21 - Cougars at' Pemlier-  ton.  Saturday, Jan. 22  -  Cougars  at   Squa*  -mistl;''""-' ���.a;.:,;-,...Iaa..,.,,,..A;u,^;i.. ..--.-      '    ..���.--  ,i...  .  Friday, Jan. 28 - Templeton at Elphinstone.  Friday and Saturday, Feb. 4 and 5 -  Senior Boy's Tournainent at Templeton  with teams from Elphinstone, North Delta  and Temletoh.7    .'''". A A. '  February 18 > and ;---19:-"- - Howe Sound  Tciiirnament atiPembertbh. r      ..':  Idiirnanient  ELIvHlNSTONE'S first annual Junior  Roys' Basketball Tournament is set  to begin 'at^4*pjn;s this Friday:"Syith a'  game between. Elphinstone and Alpha, and  continue through until Saturday evening.  Admission is 50c, students with student cards are admitted at half price.  Schedule is as follows;  FHIDAY: Elpljinstone y Alpha 4 p.m.  Camhie v Carson Graham 5:30 p.m. Tem-  pleinn v Kensington 7 p.m. Burnett v  Tupper 8:30 p.m.  SATURDS*k^ScJi(HlulFis not yet arranged but games will be played at .10  n.m, 11:30 a.m.> 1 p.m., 2:30 p.m��� 4 p.m.  and f>:30 p.m. The tournament trophy will  be awarded following the final game.     .  Anyone available to referee at $5 per  "game should contact the Elphinstone P.E.  Department.  Sechelt, B.C.  woam ot jmstees  cordialty invites you to attend  r ,    fhe. opening of  St. Mail's Mospitai  "35 ^s^hMdithn  on Sunday, December 5th,  1971  at 2 p.m.  The wolf-eel, the bane of*all fishermen has huge powerful jaws and special- .--.--.���,��� ..-,   feed molnr teeth which,it uses to crush    ^W*^M��Ml*lMi-lW^i*l��i0M^  shell  fisli and crustaceans.  <Cfc.  sXWi -rn^-�����'v,",���*?  ��A^t j   w    t' ~ j-^ vt,  j  'hitm��(.**,/vy  *t\**t * <*>**���***���   ^i*"   i*f*"fl  PLUS  CABLEViSION  INSTALLATION  MONTHS RENTAL PAID  WITH  EACH  COLOR T.V.  PURCHASED  BEFORE DECEMBER  18th AT  ": : ',i  <0"  ..tl*  X- i  4tk  '��        .              ���   '  ..*�����  V-l,        '  ftSt*  Mr   fir          *( *  ;#��***��(   frf^   n��*��*t>  ' -*     ' !  .<���������  '         . 1  1 >o  '   r .     t  .'!-..        a   ,...���  *0          1  i  -v .-s  \      ,'fffj.  b    tr.        ,   ,  .,..0  ,'r.      *,  ��� <$8r  ' *   " ��� i  ..���������  t "    '  *0"  '; - i  <o  -��   ���  ...fl*  00 \     lJ        *  45**"  0                          "  ,.       .<������*  r' V* ' '  *o  �����."���'  ���>���������  ��� *           *  <o  . *���*���'        ���  ..�������  ���'      \  tit*"  ...�����  ,A  '  48>  ���������  vs. ;  4tA>  ��'������  i ,      jg*,  .....  '"* ,  <rt>  ***���' ,'  "������"������-" ^0%"  ..���<���  ���** ������ ,  ' - HsCt*  r ���* .  *****  ; *  2'  .... f/j*f  , if!  "-        .  ,���*0  rO  t    --,  ��� 1,00  *                   '  o  "*    ���(..���#  *t  ^  r  ,,,.0  'i 7,  4l&**  >�����������  .���i';;i ���               i           ,      .   , i           ,   .   ,               V   ��� Warriors ,                                                  > .'%��.  (lonebed(by Al, Jack.son Division,,7   piolnml from left back row: Darin munds, .lack Dan, Noll���Clrjint, .le<iso   o  ��� Hfi.sidonllol Wa r riors, havo been   Joe, lamie-'Pom, Perry Williams, hm ,Ioiu\h, Im'rrv Wilson and Tim Nelson,   :&'  ,tf)m|>lnK homo wllh som�� Irompmloun', ,loe, Adrian Joe,  Dnniel'   Dim   and mlssinj; Is'Tim .lohnson.                    2  .scores  this season.  Young played J<ev^j\uKii.st, Kronl; ������ Bryson M- ^  WHERE YOU fcAW SER THE LATEST SELECTION BY  ''.-77v-.  , "., '   ";.: ''������".���������������-��� '. 4tf\ff $.**.   *%��9f  ISM ALL CABINET STYLES  f&  1 YEAR LABOUR  ' '    .     "i '  B YEAR PARTS (pro-rntod)  " ^ll|��l i|r��|l!��  COSMETBCOLOfl  i i, \>  ,!.��� i * > if ti  i,   V  ,\ ,     af n*w   ,t*y  ELPHINSTONE SECONDARY SCHOOL, GIBSOWS - SATURDAY, DEC.  11, 8 P.M.  i00  4CARDS$S:60  EXTRA CAiDS 3 for $1.00  ISMSTANT-ON  (Auto Chnnnol  Tuning) r I  , '.   .    . '.'',. ,        ,      '.   -'���     .   - y  .:���...: see fifeM..Mi:.,lf.: .... i  rrml ��� ." ���J..'::-. .a APVANCEP. SALES ' .    : . _.j   ...  GODDARD'S FtA$HIOQI, GIBSONS AND SECHELT - HOWE SOUND 6c and 10c  SUPERVALU    OR    ANY MEMBER  O'  ���^fSffl  m^ffl  jg . Players Must Bo 16 Years Or Ovor ^��  Phono 885-2171  **   Cowrlo Stroot, Socholt  S��!-fl-��rt!������  '-*>!��  .^y*-ry&*��~^j**r<&��..'r*.-*-. j.*: t7��� v i..,aa*'*;;'";x-^^C'-�� >*��*s*^^"*,%.- *^"77~'^'*r'Vs**>��''^*C.- ^*  ��� V^'-a'^.:^>^^^a^,���^��^^'aa^W''**S^!^i^fc.��W4��VT0fl-.^^aW ^^SCia-taa^ftW.    ��? ^(BC- . *"Cj?*,'g,"' '    ~?��i*. * .'^^*\     -.*  ^���k*8&^f&f��rr?"*> ^b**?^ %'*telfc~i&yr^~*3!^ 7 ^JBn~&��. "^^AM^/'A "lA^^sssrc^  , ^s,^^^��^^��ii"2^  J-V'^^-S-'^'-jrawM^K-Tjs**^* -yiiz��**^f>-<yf*t^ ^^zJ&fi:>i+��:* vLAs*r^   yM^^iX^j^gZp. ��5f^ *r,wtaa��r jy^-j &%   ^jJfciwv "*.*�� ~} ~ 't****. : A
I '       -l*
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»*<W«!"''^«l»JJi>*.t»^^P<>>»«t»WP»ll»»'W»»W»i !!■>■»
        _ y ; , 'y,    f ,
We-faestfoy, December 1,1971     The Peninsula Timet! Page l«5
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•i. t*. -*.     r'«kh.'     «-i^v    *      - s. "^    * ■   ,      H   ■+-   0    a    0       f ij!.*  i**r        ^«-*-i    i       *f      i.
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* 2       J   *** **t\!&0    00      ft      *^l   |tft l^t       -1 ?» ' -i ,-v-,
~A* l ��;:.��>  tmstwmsLm  wmAy.' \j v , ���    .<��� ' '.* . -    a ' *' **i        ^   -  '"SI""'    '"' 7 a1 ������ 7   I  .    -     '       7 '���  '^      V  bK A\       > ���/* i * *"���. ***" ��� " *      *���-  *\j*f'  ST**-'  ter  History of Halfmoon fiay  *%l   ���  is*  **��f.  *0#p&  ���Us  few  TApI^Qf .the^comni.unitV'iS' tlyi splendid  tumaut foisth'e Hon. Ralph .Lttf ���''mark-  Isabel Dawsom session; and how particularly well various irieihberst'of 'the,audi-  enceT pleaded our case for a/loc^l dlinic,  TO BUY TSNK TRUCIt, * ; "  '   Trevor  Payne  reports-the  following  business as'< having arisen during the^No-  vember 20th meeting of the Pender 'Har-  l*jom\-Fire Protection District.   . ,    '      _  .  $5,000.00 is' tp be used in purchasing  a| "tank"  truck." TJWs" truck is, to cpm-  plement present firo. fighting equipment  in those*instances where insufficient Ty^ter  is available" at the fire site. The purchase  price   is  available  through    a  $2,500.00  grahLfrom the Department of Civil Defence, plus-42,5Q0.00  from  Pender Harbour , Volunteer Fire Dept. revenues. An  operating surplus of f*r;200.00 is on hand  as_a.contigency against unforeseen ex-  -penditures.  -   There was considerable discussion regarding various rumors of extravagance  on the part,of the Fire Department. The  chairman gave a resume with facts and  figures to refute any such allegations.  NEW FACES  Verne Wishlove is our new principal  Hind -home room tea'cherfor thei gipade  sevens.' Verne holds' a degree in educa-  . , .,'" A":*' '���by Eydns Hetmon  ��� .guitar., Recorder, Mr.DIck Tarnoff.'a ,yol-,  unteerC' Grafts,' Mrs.' Silvey, Drama, Mrs,  MacKeuzie, !aiided by volunteer parents.  In addition to the Cultural Opportunities Programme, Vernes' interests include -  Karate, '.which he teaches one evening  - each week at Sechelt.  Verne,  his wife  _ Shirley;. ancLtheir three year old son live  in West Sechelt, where Shirley, with the  help, of other mothers, has formed a Coop jplay-schpol. This endeavour is a new  experience for all, concerned but is working out extremely well.  Mr. William Buhner is the new grades  3 and 4 teacher. He and his wife Marie-1  Belie have a daughter and are expecting  a son (?) in December. Mr, Bulrner formerly taught grades 4 and 5 in Surrey,  B.C., and is just a couple pf courses away  from a Bachelor of Education degree.  The Buhners are currently located at  Roberts Creek.  Miss Sharon Davidson, hailing from  Vancouver, teaches grade 6 in the mornings "and then dashed off to Pender  High, where she teaches afternoon classes  ' in Home Economics and Social Studies.  Miss . Davidson applied for this area as  Ihffir ��� parents have a summer place on  %ancis, Peninsula and she has grown to  know and like tlid area. She has a Bachelor of Education degree and this  is  Pogq B-6 The Peninsula Timed  J Wednesday, December 1, 1971 , ",  Half moon Bay ~~  ���by Mary Tinkley  FllM show at the Welcome Beach,Hall  , on Thursday, December 2nd at 7:30  p.m.- will consist of films on Germany,.  always a happy source of Christmas,  music. This will be the last programme  until the new season starts on February  3rd. Mr, Leuchte has already lined up  a very interesting programme of films for  the new year including travels* to the  Caribbean, Korea^ Australia, Malaya,  United States, Japan and more P.&Q.  liner trips.  Will  all   members    of  the  Welcome  Beach CommVnity Associal.ion_who.havc  not  yet  reserved   their   tickets   Tor   tho- , whtfn tliey discovered Halfmoon -Bay in  Christmas    dinner     on   December   11th     i9jy, their roaming clays were over. Thoy.  SOME of Halfmoon Bay\s early settlers  wcie loggers, miners and fishermen  who stuyed a few years and then movod  on. Some found the life too hard or too  lonely, some returned to the city in search  of*hotter educational opportunities for  their children. One of these families was  the Shoebridge family which was here  hefoic 191U but after a few years moved  back to Vancouver, where Reggie Shoe-'  bridge still lives.  ���Not many stayed and "put down deep  rdot.s as did Mrs. LyelJ, the Russell Brooks  and Mi; and Mrs. Tom Wall.  , The Walls had come from Nottingham  England around 1012 and Had tried, living  .in Pi nice Rupert, the ^prairies and running a  store  in North Vancouver,  but  7  ^-by M<pVy Tinkley  and carry theip to where thpy were build-  please  Telephone  their    reservations  to  Mrs.  Ed.  Cook  or  Mrs.  M.  Tinkley  as  -soon as  possible. Tickets  are  being reserved for members "up till December 4th.  FITNESS AWARD  ,  One resident of the area who walked  202 miles between July 1st and November  20th has  qualified for a Centennial '71  fitness ,medal,_,He_Js-_.]f&utz;.Jje!icJ^te_Q|;,  ' Welcome Beach.  .ion and is working toward.���i,MaSfe ��� W^ ^S^affiir* frpdi"*��%? g<$gSl%&��.fZ ��  He taught at both Kitimat and Kelowna  before coming to Madeira Park -in September where hehas started an interesting "Cultural Opportunities" programme,  held each Tuesday. Under this programme, students may participate in the following activities: Choir (senior) Miss M.  ���McKee and teacher volunteer Mrs. Pres^  cesky. (Junior), Mrs. Talento. Folk singing,  Mr. Bulmer, with Mr. Wishlove teaching  11      VII  %  ���  all*-'  V  .4  '.**  '  FEDERAL  NDP  CANDIDATE  /  :1  V  -    HARRY MAGNUS.  OLAUSSEN  "Federal NEW DEMOCRATIC  PARTY .Candidate, ior Coast-  ���Chilcotin; 42 year old bachelor; born and educated in Far  Ea^t; worjd traveller, multi-  lungual background. My,~ interest !'"is PEOPLE;: It will bc^ati.  honor io serve youlbs^a 'Mbnr-  ber of Parliament, InTne 'mean****  lime, can I be of Service to  yoi|? Homo address: 6887  Fairmont, Powell/ River, B.C.  Phone number: 485-4755.  hobbies are skiing, reading, sewing and  crafts. .,--,,  All three teachers have remarked how  well they like Pender Harbour and its  schools. Everyone bids them warnt welcome. .       -  JBMJ**M3E /  "High"scorer iri the PendctJvidge tourney on November 23rd was Bob Lamont.  (About time, Bob;)'  BOWLING  SCORES  2nd Quarter Bowling Standings are:  Road Runners 72 pts, Sardines 62, Drivers  ���60, Alley Cats 55, Duds 54, Watusi and  Moochers 45, Springs 41. Men's high three^  Gay lord Merkle with scores 729ancT721,  and Ron'Poekrant 719. Team's high three:  Drivers 3109, Alley Cats 2957, and Sardines 2911. Team's Jiigh singles: Drivers  1167, Alley Cats 1091, Sardines 1041. Men's  high averages: GayJord Merkle 202, John  Cameron 1977RoO>ockrarit 192^ Ladies'  high averages: K. Ross 182, J. Donley 171,  J. "Merkle 165.  NUT DRIVE  ��� Mothers. Group to tlie First Pender  Harbour Brownie Pack will be out this  weekend selling tins of mixed nuts: The  money raised goes lo support our young  -girls so that they may learn crafts, take  camping trips, etc. A Christmas party is  also being .planned so please give them  your support.  ��out if ill plcico  mess  not yet in sight of their target. They have  just received some news that should soon  get them out on the road again. The  scheme. which was to have expired on  December 31st has now been extended  another six months, to" June 30, 1972.  This sounds like a wonderful way of  coping with those extra pounds of flab-  bincss which seem to develop after the  Christmas festivities, so why not register  now?  To qualify, for the medal, you's must  register to walk 200 miles, run 100 miles;  cycle 700 imles_or.swim 25 miles before  June 30th. The scheme is sponsored by the  B.C. Physical Fitness and Amateur Sports  Fund in conjunction with the-Community  Recreation Branch. Telephone Mrs. Keith  Comyn evenings at 885-2378 for particulars and registration forms.'  HERE AND THERE  ��� The Halfmoon Bay Improvement Association is expressing thanks and appreciation to the government for their'  quick action in fixing the small floats at  the Halfmoon Bay wharf. A deadhead  became jammed under the floats, tilting  Uie, floats and allowing the. flotation to  be carried away. Beachcombers picked  up the flotation and carried.it into Pender Harbour.   . -^  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mercer are home  after ii week's holiday driving around  the interior of "B.C. They travelled by  Kamloops, Vernon and by the Arrow  Lakes to Trail, a roiite they hadn't previously taken and whicirthey found very  interesting. Wanting to take in a wedding  on Vancouver Island they came home via  the popular tQurist-roule, Comox, Powell  River and Jervis Inlet. ;  At the Ed. Tjensvoids ���last weekend  was their son Jolin who is now working  in New Westminster. Accompanying him  homp for the weekend were his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs, Ed. Tjensvold of  Haney. * '  pre-empted 160 acres* of land up the  Trout Lake 'Road beyond where fhe Ed.  Tjensvolds live, and..thei;e they set to  work to transform the bu^h into a ranch.  It took hard w��rk,;_resouvceiulne.s�� and  a true pioneer "spirit, but the "Waljs-were  pioneers at heart and did not easily give  up- *-s.- ���- " ..���������.'���''  ������'Thoy worked from. 6 o'clock in the mor-  ^tlfng LiiiUXl^o^lpe^  built a home from logs he cut but of the  bush and he-.cleared ten acres of land  Tliere was  horse and cows  grew oats and wheat for feed, "and fruit  and vegetables, partlctilarfy greenhouse  tomatoes, for whicli he became famous.  He introduced electricity to Halfmoon  Bay by installing a pelton wheel, and a  32? volt lighting plant for the summers  when the creek was too law to-run the  pelton wheel..  Mrs. W)all was just as busy. There  Were cows to be -milked* am! butter and  Cheese to be made,; 1000 hens to be trap-  nested and the school teacher to-be boarded In season there was fruit to be picked  and canned. In addition, she did the  laundry for the Redrooffs resort. One.of  her daily jobs was to pack rocks, off the  land they were clearing, in two buckets  h��ise^-��?tid���wagon,  Later, Mr. Wall introduced Into the  Bay its first car, a Model T Ford. It is  small  wonder ��� tlie Walls -cluimed -they  had no need of sleeping pills and were,  ' in fact, too busy ever to got siclt,'  It was a busy life, and little happened  to disturb its' serenity, until the murder  of Bob Rainey. This shocked and upset  them very much because it was Mr. Wall  who accidentally discovered the body of  the murdered'-man,  In 1938 the first road to Sechelt was  completed. It followed not the present  route by the Patio Gardens, but what is  now known as Trout Lake Road, Mr, and  Mrs. Wall with their 2-year old daughter  Pat, were passengers In tho first car that  travelledabver it. They \vere accompanied  by Mrs, Clara Lyell, Mr. Dalgass, the  road engineer and Tommy Beasley, a  -young man who worked at the Redrooffs  Resort during the-rasumrner.. and helped  the Walls during the Winter.AWheri they  reached Trout Lake (Halfmoon Bay Lake  ,.as it,was-th^n called), the-.car,struck ;in  the mud and had- to be pulled out by  the road crew, It was obviously an occasion .-fov.s5��lQbw��Uan, bccau"if**. the party,  spent tho night at the waterfront hotel  in- Se.chel.tj returning to Halfmoon- Bay  the following dayi . i  .; Aft&* the death of Mr. Wall, following  a heart 'attack'*IriMlHO, Mrs,* Wall and har  -daughter,moved down to a-small houso  - -highway w'here Pat  Mrs, Wall has'liv��?d io  a'guest'tiame in FoweU-River for the  pa.^t^2 ygars'after V. ..ears', residence in  Halfmdou Bay. Mrs, Pat Ness 'has^ lived  the whole of hm\4*3'years as,a'permanent  resident," a record" which'no other resident  is within years, of .equalling.'  ���"  The Wall ranch .has passed' through  a number-of-hands since Mrs. Wall moved  down neater the Bay* IUbel6nged to the  Ernie Pemble family apd** then to Mrs.  Shane pt Vancouver. During Mrs. Shane's  ownership, the old log house which Mr,  Wall built burnt down. The present owner  of the property is Mr. G, Franke of Vancouver, i  COMMERCIAL PRINTING  see THE TIMBS  pasture^ be fence^ for hia    ShMMtWlf M^  iws. Cultivating the rich soil, he    <��* .!&  Sechelt Peninsula Bod and Gun Club-  .�������  o  .-�����  <e*>  '&  ���������������  ..���������  '������������  ���������������  ���������������  DECEMBER 12th at 12 NOON  WILSON CREEK CLUBHOUSE  TRAP    -    .22 SHOOTING--    BUDD? SHOOTS  MISS & OUT- SNIPE SHOOT - LUCKY TARGETS  Games and Refreshments at Club House  .....  1*0.  ��� ���(������  ��� �����������  m\wm\^^m.mmrn\}m  9fi        "**"**""���*���*������w**����wiW-wKiwiWiWs mmmmtmrnmammammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^^ ������ iipn^���*w��� *^Sgy SS  5��S gw j*   m ' * ,   %ff. jmmwmmm tuimmmimijiimmw  mr*-* *������ ���"&       ^Wlwga     jgpyiggM Sfi  ���2!q -���iiP��MKrTpiiiiiifc. j g_   -   - *_ .J��SSW!??5SS5 M^WSmmMw&ssgWSmm^ wr\*** i��Af .'w lA'y����&vjffiim      JF^^W '  PS*  i  .q*  ;;:y,.Mf 'rft.!;V  ft     ,Y   *  ���|,tai>M-.:a  :ii:i:*;i.';.i.'^-:.'  SlWM  ttMA-;  'MJftJAyJM   "JJiAJA^  Cards  ��� Business  posters - Tags  4i,ii*a��ii''i"'"'" iyyy^yfjy.y^'^''''"''  ��� '        .' ..,,.' ��� ��     ' l#>i'tL'''i''''i'''"'" ' . ���!., ... .  a  UHorheads - Envelop^  ,-jteee---'*^^  totters ���- Labels - r����  Calendafs  OR\NHATEVER ��� ��� ��� ���  'J/J,  <Ms&j,  ���<4m&&$$!,  a "  JJ  Y<- v/ltif/'i  \      I   I.  ^^  The Elite SctSon  Christmcas Cards  RUST CRAFT. BOXED.        <%    s  Up to $2.00 Value  m  TOWSLS  Just great for  every day use . ...  tUtNK CASSETTiS  30 minutes.  2 packs    ,����  VBIW MASTER REELS  Good  assortment  TINY TONKA  Car or Bulldozer.  Reg, $1.19 ca,  Lady Ellen  Hair Rollers  Magnetic.  ' JL '*or Kmitm  MICHELLE MARIE  FRENCH PASTRY  SET 7.. .'   SOUTH  MAID ^  Crochet Cotton,  Assorted colors.  JL balls' Mfs  ,<���  LIFESAVER 'GAI  In a book  form     books  CHRSSTMAS  RECORDS  Reg. 1.98.    *fi" ��� M,  FRIDAY   .. lio^  DOLL  NEW FASHION/  ROOTED HAIR  SLEEPING .jg',., M.  PLANTERS  COCKTAIL  Ponnuts  13 ot,  2 for 1.44  wMaSnjSlJ  QUEEN   SIZE   PANTYHOSE  160-210 lbs,  IRONING BOARD (OVERS _1  AND'PA0-::;.:::;:;.;::^..:::..L:.:.:....Lr,...  EDUCATI0NAH0YS take apart  TWIN PAK PATTERCRISP OR  PEPPERMINT WAFER CANDY  flBniX:YAMI^^.^  MATCH BOX TOYS  for  i��1  pk0.  balls  for  ���fr  YOUR  CHRISTMAS-5T0RE  WITH LOTS  1 MORE VALUES  MfaBt  '^m^a^m^^^^^^^^fm^^^nm^m^^^^^T^^,  YOUR  DCALCR  well J    Varlehi cJ^lih  ,...'      t ���: '   '     '     .,     .a-*.,....'.  aim,  TRAIi; BAY CENTRE, SECHELT  PHONE 805-2335  SB  m&  SSSSBiS  ***��� " Vu  *b. ,   ^-4.^-^■,,y>y:yy.y>yy'*,\ ;   ,   \    ,    yy'/J ,,-  /  ,( „ < l 4 ""■''
y   *.    * ,•; -..<><-.7^,-■'*',(, Jr   '» :,i v<a •; \i'    , r ,-" «*■
•;*:    - tj -'^        Wednesday, December l^^gj-iv ^V^^jPj^fe*Wlci 'Tlmg*' y y.-tiily ^
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Bo$|ne$$ PeopS^^ .
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""',,,' Soclioln -.*.„,...„''       "  ' ' •
Sechelt "'■'"'''!
Sochult '
ROYAL BANK - Sechelt
SOCllOlf a       .. . , .,
Sechn't „,..',
R,R, 1 Mn«J<ilr« Path, P,C,
Giirden Poy, 0,C, - 003^91*2
Mailrlro Pork/ 003-2749
,...■■.(-   ■ i Pernler Harbour, P,C,
Madolra Purk, 0U3.23M .   - ■ ,
" —"*""-" —'• -—-—^—|:fd|ka|(fn«'Mn'4IA0'^— f* *•""•*:""" ""■"""' **"
TlH'eumPfly   v
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Sechell    • -
,    ' .Sechelt .7'.
Socholt       ,
■;," '. >Soehoii,   ,:.',.,  , '„',..;; ;■■.,.'
, "™-*- V--  . ',Glb«im 7  ,
■ Gibsons
HOWE SOUND 5 8* 10
7   , "   Glb«on«,
-.'.■■ -'■-.-1         -•--  ---■* .,..--. i.        Gibsons ---- ■■  a- -.--
1 Gjhsons i
.,...., , > ,   Gibsons
■   - ' • ■-- ■■•   -        Gibson*   ■ ■■   ,
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• Gibsons . ', >
Gibsons and Seclioll- /
Gibson* '
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FloM Rood, WII«on Croul* °        '
Glbioni I.
Povl» Poy
■  ' ' ' So'*!)"'* '.' ""'.
PALM DAIRYS - Jack and Al  r
"'   Sfldiolt '
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*!„<     I >-\      »-
■ -   If it    -.
^j;   **   *^i,* .
' «■'    .-""i* Opposes West * , V  N1  (1 '  JAMES Arthur Cramer of Cemetery:  Road, Gibsons has announced liis in- -  tention of seeking election as director for  Area E of the Sunshine Coast Regipnal  Board. He will oppose Mr. P. West who  has held tlie position fpr some years by'  acclamation.'  Jim Cramer is well-known^ aud le-  spected in the community and has for  many years played an active part in many  worthy 'community organizations. He has  resided in thc district ior*20 years and  has been active in the Kinsmen"* Club,  July 1st. Committee, Gibsons Riding Club,  helps his wife on behalf of the Retarded  Children's Association and is presently  vice chairman/of the Gibsons Heights  Ratepayers, all non-profit organizations.  Mr. Cramer, an employee of Fort Mellon, said last week he s.eeks office due to  representation by many friends and associates. He too feels tliat all forms of  local government call for a responsible  , and (steady outlook. He deplores empire  building and dictatorship, particularly  when taxpayers' money is'"to be considered. Fuither, he sees no reason why a  good and friendly relationship with village council should not be established.  Asked his position regarding the proposed Gibsons cut-off road, he explained  that as a directly affected property owner  J**'!-  \  ^���\Jiy^A^'\.!.i  .-;"% \ '-������-' #*\  <s\ "*��   '\/k  ��� --r '������   ^0. v\ol  i-  MmiMtHWHHliaiiUKHHHHBUtUWIIUUHtlfl^pfp^l  For Famous  SEE  T!  290 W. 3rd. Ave.  Vancouver 10/ B.C.  77:874-5919  Jim Cramer  Mill employee, married with three  children attending local school, Jim  Cramer has filed nomination papers  in order to oppose Frank West as  director for area E on the Sunshine  Coast Regional Board.-  he is strongly opposed to the piesent  route. However, he stiessed the fact he  is not protesting for any political gain,  simply that he does not agree with the  proposed route and as a consequence will  lend his lull support to those protesting  it. He added .that he has thiee children  all attending school in the district and  under the present plans his property  would be on the high side of the highway, thus necessitating crossing of a  busy highway for his^ youngsters to and  from school. - **   ���  Page B-8       v   The Peninsula Timea'  Wednesday, December 1, 1971 ; *-.  ^^���iii��i��iifi��iii�� wi- um ���  wm iim iwiiwwin���fwtwwiw^yi  CARE Food Crusade  seeks $750,000 aid  JtySLlEF crisis\ "created by the influx of  Pakistani refugees has been compound*  0 ed by floods or drought in six states of,  India, necessitating an increase in the  1971 holiday-season" "World of CARE1'  fund appeal. '    -  To conduct emogency aid for these  groups in addition to scheduled -programs  aimed mainly at saving children from  hunger and maltnutntion will ' require  $750,000, CARE Director Thomas Kines  announced. The fund goal is 10% more  tlian last year.  Combined with operating support from  1 host governments and donations of farm  | abundance, the Food Ciusade will com-  | -plete an over-all plan to help- feed  28,350.000 people in "35 countries or areas  during the coming year. Public contributions wilJ be applied at the rate of $1 /  per food package or unit. * /  Emergency  aid  in  India    will  go  to  2.750,000    persons,    including    Pakistani  refugees, drought victims in Mysore and  Maharashra, flood victims in Bihar, Oris--  sa. Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.  Of the 25,600.000 recipients in regular  programs, 24,900.000 "will be children fed  daily at baby clinics,- preschool and nutrition centers, schools .and other institutions���often, in facilities built under  CAUE's Self-Help program and hospitals  wheie CAR-MEDICO teams are based.  Adults are helped in lood-for-work projects  Food Crusade units vaiy according to  countiy and nutritional needs. Supplies  include commodities, pioducts donated by  the food industry and foods bought by  CARE Under tlie direction of CARE's  protessional staff members in each area,  deliveues are made in the name of tlie  CARE donor Contributions may be sent  to: The Woild of Nutiition Piogram, 63  Spaiks, Suite 402, Ottawa, Ont. KIP  5A6.  AtGibsons ��;,'��   ,j /'* '���; ^.^-^  MentailJeaitE -  7 stresses fcumily, usiit-need   ,  1 l *      , , 0a    i       l     , , *  ��� i , ' ...'.'. - '  MANY cultures have tried differei.it mo- \ filled by. u mentally ill person. It'il ex-  Vlhods of bringing up children, but the pected that one sixth df the > population  family unit is still the most basic source will spend some time in "a psychiatric  ot .satisfaction that people know. __  _facility and it has been calculated that  xj Speaking to a group bf about thirty    the' cost of mental illness in Canada is  people including teachers, parents, nurses    $2 million pev day. i  and ministers, at  Gibsons    last    week, i    , A lot nf good could be done if all the  George Kenwood executive director ot the" ) community  resources    co-operated  with  Canadian Mental Health Association i��v ."' eacluother:  B,C, stressed the importance of the fam- ''. ' -It'has b(  under tho Adult Education pjjogramm^ on  I'umily lil'o.'     ���*"'.*       ' "       ,   ' ''  Commenting on these    courses,.-Mr.  Kenwood said that family life educatiqn  is valuable to .young people  aud ,holps  .them to enter into marriage with a"little  more cbmmon sense, '.    ���  . * '   ... .      i. i   ���  In Canada, acute respiratory-conditions caiise an .estimated 44 million bed  disability days a year, nearly 12 minion  school loss days and 14 nullipn work loss  days. Give more to Christmas Seals,  .000000****0*****0 000000*0 0******0***0*****,  i  ROVER & LAND-ROVER  genuine factory parts  Jay's B. & E. Motors Ltd.  1257 Seymour St., Vancouver 2  Telex 04-508558 Ph. 681-4826  -WHATTA BLADE  A monstrous saw-tooth blade was latently developed bv the engineeis of the  B. C Foi est Service for Jand-clcaimg  operations. The blade ��� wcighes 8,430  pounds, is 20 feet long, and more than six  feet wide. It's mounted on the front of  a powerful tractor and was first used  in 1969 in the Cranbrook area,  ily unit. "If children cannot find love in  the home, where can. they find it", he  asked A child needs parents and the  physical contact of being picked up and  hugged, discipline is required too, but not  the punitive type. Character building is  ulionte proposition and families'cannot  abdicate tliis responsibility and leave it  to the scliool or. the church, said Mr. Ken-"  wood who has an extensive background  An the tield of mental health and believes  that many problems are formed in -childhood ���<_.  Thc importancecof the advic,e of a family physician��� when\anything unusual is  _ not iced such as behavior out of character,  was a lso mentioned. b*7;Mr. Kenwood. A  doctoi who knqws the ftimUy can often  help in emotional problems^.  COUNSELLING* j  Discussing the qualifications of a coun-  selloi. Mr. Kenwood said that common  sense and a vyttrixv? personality can doNa  lot of good ih counselling people with  .emotional problems. He also agreed that  good, wnmselling in elementary schools  ���Would eliminate a lot of problems before  they reached high school ago. In this  lespeit he believes that elementary school  classes are too large.  Asked what could a community do  when there is no co-ordinating centre,  Mi ls.eiiwood said that the Public Health  Unit is one of the best community  re-  souiLes  Ife also felt that if enough people get  lo<,ethei in the community and exert  enough pressure it is possible to get government support in establishing a local  centic with a resident pliychiatric social -  woiker who will be able to handle counselling  PREVALENT  Commenting on the incidence of mental health illness in Canada und the United  States, Mr Kenwood said it is so prevalent  tliat every oilier  hospital, bed is  been proved that when a distinct has a good community centre there  are less mental"hoaTOf problems. Physical'  , woi^k-outs   holp   relieve  mental   tension;  ^discussion also helps, said Mr, Kenwood.  'FAMILY LIFE  ' Probation officer, Mr. Ted Peters  hoped that the meeting would generate  enough enthusiasm and community interest to help with the formation of a Family Ljjfe^ Association where all resources  in the community would be brought under  one roof to offer advice and help on a  volunteer basis.  Last month's meeting pf the local Family;: : Division  Committee  drew  attention  7%$M^.c��^ other  "'     '.Iii the" sprint* a'course Will be- nf fprerf  7   ��  ���' "I  TOTESVt CLUB  FRIDAYS, 8:00 p.m. 5  INDIAN HALL  Jackpot $300  $75 TO GO  ���& DOOR PRIZE it  ************* 00 00*****00* 0^*** ***********  CLASSIFIED  AD-BRIEFS  WILL DO  A JOB  FOR YOU.  PHONE  885-9654  FOR  ACTION!  * Mr. Aqdvertiser;  T h e s e . _ advertising  spaces are real bargain* for you. Sold on  contract only. For details on how to stretch  your advertising dollar, phone 885-9654,  ask for special ad  rates. .--���*..;/  M'M  i  ���&'iHw*:J'JM  r^^Zr ��� ~-f\\  <*0V ,.&JLt*il*i<**'   \ .    .   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