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The Peninsula Times Nov 22, 1972

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'   1*   *\  =S*    V    rf\V    <,-   >"     (f,    *.
$429,000 referendum due .
A $429,000 referendum for a new;  freestanding  gymnasium  and   automotive
shop   at ; Elphinstone   SeconjElary_._School,-
will be' presented at the-n\unicipal elections, Dec. 9.      '
7 According to Sechelt - School District
board cotrustees, half of the referendum
—$214,500—\vill be paid by the provincial
government. v     ' .
Ih a press release, trusttes said the
present gymnasium was built in 1952 for
a much smaller enrolment" and therefore
has served the larger community for 20
. The release states: "The lighting is
poor, the floor is wearing out and while
the shower and dressing-room areas have
been renovated, many times, the facilities
are hill inadequate.  With  the  increased
enrolment, the: school-must "deny a full
physical-education program to a_ number of students, or -place up to 70 pupils
in the^ gym With two teachers. In either
case, the situation is not satisfactory. A
new gymnasium will provide two proper
teaching  areas."
-D. L. Montgomery, principals of Elphinstone, calling the gymnasium the
number one  priority said: ^
"A proper gymnasium will be built
directly behind the existing utility hail.
JMo detailed plans are available; however,
We anticipate a proper-sized gym with
the required storage and change areas.
The floor area will be divided by a
folding door to provide two teacher stations.
■ "As our 'present students are not re
ceiving the required time allotment for
physical education, and many- -of tlie
classes have 50 or 60 students in them,
I feel that a new gymsshould be our number one priority."
"This does not mean that the' present,
gym will be vacant," said a spokesman
|or the school district.
"Some physical-education classes will
still be scheduled there. Drama groups,
large discussion groups, dances, films and
lunch room areas will also be accohx-.
modated. ^ \
"The community will have greater use
of the present gym for public meetings,
roller skating, adult, badminton, adult
education, keep-fit classes, volleyball and
floor hockey," "he said.
An   automotive  option   for   the  boys
would Jae added to the industrial education ai-ea; it was  indicated. \
"It   is   rfot   intended   that   this   shop
. would tyrrkout fully qualified mechanics.
'However, many boys are\interested in
the -operation   and, repair   of   cars   and
v motorbikes. Through .this interest," it
was stated, "some boys might gain useful
employment in the local garages, while
others might continue their education in
\ technical and vocational field.
"This building," said Montgomery,- "is
to be constructed behind the existing
metalwork area joined to it by a common
welding area and surrounded by chain-
link fence. We will equip as well as possible with the money available; however,
it will be necessary to purchase additional equipment for it in the future. I
feel that this area will complete our industrial area of the school, giving a great
many boys an area of high interest for
therh and providing the necessary motivation for them to remain, in school."
"The board has tried in the past to
up-grade the old gym," said the' spokes-
man7 "A very activ^ sports^ program 4s
underway and students and their teachers require more space, proper dressing
and shower rooms and equipment storage space. The proposed" automotive shop
could be used by both the students in
the regular program and by adults in the
adult-education program."
Montgomery -added: "The two new additions to our school- will cut'.into the
existing soccer field, and as a result we
must continue with, the development of
....... .7■■- . ■•-\.'V~ .■ > .-»» __H4.--v wJ*^_.w
-.   .    -*   »-    ..    ,.  -J,   .,,   „   ,.   -., .4^, -#...».-,^.4.y»i..V,.V"-".4-r^'4V..35-^,-.kj.^. a^-.Hw-.^.-^...^.^.;^..*.^^.^^^^^
\ ■ ■  ,   \ '        "''      ' ' '-   ' .''V'a.   a-."
V • • " . ■ ' V .'•■■■•■ * > IS-, '.
the, top half of the property/This will    7^-
involve levelling off the area, placement
of a drainage field  and finally  turfing.
"I know a.great d^al of planning has
been  done: Before  presenting <mr; plans     7~
for    governmental    approval," he    con- v
tinued. s
"Now that we have this approval it
is hoped that we can count on the ratepayers' final approval as well. The key to
success for a student is TnvolvemeTTtTWeT
the past two years our students are becoming involved in the schooling process.
We hope that we have the taxpayers'
support, providing these necessary areas
that will definitely increase student involvement.
N    The  vote will be limited to owner-
electors, v
Report to school board...
American students lack
respect, say Canadians
he Peninsula ^limeb
WELL-equipped schools, small class sizes,
an education-oriented community.
This was the overall impression gained
by 13 Elphinstone High School students
after spending a week in Eugene, Oregon, living with American families ahd
attending a local school.
But on the debit side, they felt Oregon students had less respect for their
teachers than Canadians' and Were remarkably ignorant of the Canadian political system. (See accompanying article ,. r^mc-r^o •.. " •. u • *il :
and Pr.itr.Hai .                                        ■ .■     ■ ~ GIBSONS village council has  given the
are not academically suited for," he felt.
Fuller said that 20 American students
would   return   the   visit   from   April  23
to 27.
Council OKs
22-unit motel
Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervis, Inlet), including Port Mellon, Hopkins Landing, Granthams.;Landing, Gibsons, Roberts Creek,   /
Wilson Creek, Selma Park, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay/Secret Cove, Pender Hrb., Madeira Park, Garden Bay, Irvine's Landing, Earl Cove, Egmont
Registration No. 1142
_dnd Class Moll •
Union   <IHB»»    Label
This Issue 12 Pages— 15c
Vol   9, No: 52—WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1972
and editorial.)
Summing up a report to the school
board at their recent meeting, trip supervisor, Frank Fuller, said: "I prefer the
Canadian school and educational system
to theirs."
The students had a ''wonderful time
going down there," said Fuller. "It was
interesting for all of us going from one
beautiful area to another."
He   explained   that     schools   in   the
1 Eugene™area~ "fought over" the studehtsr
It  was  finally  decided  to  attend  North
Eugene  High during their  stay.
"It was a good cVioice," said Fuller.
"Eugene is an education-oriented town
with a community college, four high
schools and a university. (University of
Oregon). It is a. "combination""industrial,
and university community."
One of the students, Valerie Simmons,
said the family she stayed with were very,
-very rich. Her "dad" was an executive
with Weyerhaeuser Company, she said,
and the family owned three cars and a
swimming pool.
"Family life is really different down
there,"  she   told   the   board. ,—Ifcoeo
around the television."    •
North Eugene school was "very big",
she said. "There is one parking lot for
teachdrs  and  another  for, students.... The
go-ahead to a new 22-unit motel at
North  Road  and - Hillcrest.
Clerk David Johnston told council's
November, meeting that certain steps
would have to be taken to allow connection of the motel tb a new sewer main
According tb Dayton and Knight, consulting engineers, motel developer R. O'--
Connell had two choices, said Johnston.
He., cpuld_ either raise^ the level of his
motel to allow gravity feed to the sewer
main, or the main itself, could be lowered at a cost of $1,100.
The engineers had recommended lowering the sewer, he said, and O'Connell
should be notified of this.
........Council ^approved   the, proposal, and „
agreed to pass on Dayton  and  knight's
A proposed extension to the Sunnycrest motel was referred, to the village
planner for his comments.
7 Seventy   to   80   percent   of   Eugene -SECHELT-Buildrlig    Supplied     is   coi
cf,.ri7.fari>   »rt   ™    .._   ^n^„«     i_.fL„j structinga", new • office-re-ail-wan
studefTCs- go on to college, explained
Fuller. In a wealthy, industrial community such as Eugene, there were plenty of jobs available for college graduates
and ,it paid students to continue their
■ ^Another, of the students, Mike' Egan,
said the American school system;,. was
very good.'"There are more subjects, so
students aren't forced into subjects they
LIONS CLUB district governor, ,Al
Purschke of the Terrace Lions 'Club,
made his official visit to the Sunshine
Coast Lions' Club at   their regular
, Mrs, .,F,,. Jean,,. Mainil... has-been _appointed returning (officer for the Dec
ember 9 municipal election' in Gibsons,'
constructing    a", new • office-retail-ware-
house facility which  will be known  at
Sechelt Home Centre.
According to Hayden. Killam, owner-
manager . of   Sechelt   Building   Supplies,
the $125,000 project (including land costs)
will stock items for the home.
  .._...'.It,.,;.,will  be  a..centre  in .which, the
housewife can go into. We will feature
plumbing, electrical fixtures, all types of
lights, wall coverings, carpets and building supplies.'! Also, the centre will rent
The two-storey store-office wijl be a
total, of Jl5,0p0,, square feet,, said Killam.
There1 will bej7j.,2Q0 siquare feet each for
the retail and office facilities , and 6.700
square ^.foot warehouse. The^b . .
fii ^f 7,C°^6r", 4D°lf^in   Si^et i*"a    A  GROUP  of  Canadian  students   visit-    companying lhe students, was classroom
Wharf Road next to the new Canadian 1 - - ... '   <= 1
Legion hall.
,,Killam,said the building will have "an
attractive mansard roof and will be of
frame construction," A feature of the site,
meeting *• Nov. 16. • With " the-district • left "are 7 Jack'Gibh, ,vi'ce president,
governor was the local zone'chair- - Sechelt'club; Purschke; Bob Scales,
man^ Rod Ruttle of the West Van- j president, Sechelt. club; buttle; and
couver  Lions ' Cliib.  Pictured  from ~* Garry Foxali, secretary, Sechelt.
Elphinstone pupils report on visit .. .
U.S. high school students friendly
hut ignorant of Canadian attitudes
building in which you. could, easily get
ing Eugene, Oregon found American   discussion   on  Canadian-American  rplat-    lost. They have three gymnusiums, over
students friendly but,ignorant about Can-    ions.   Living American-style  with  f'ami-    CO classrooms, a large cafeteria, four main
ada, 7      nJ" 7777"' ■''""■'' 7 "ri ">;'■''7 ^-■'■■"•■■■"■' ■■"'•■'" »■■•■'    ijos included weeUerid trips to the Oregon    halls,  a  student '"lounge," an  audilorium
•>*^>Basically;*those>»were 4to lhe""1
„i__ i_____.        o         o__i 1 1 _ _ a _       rrii   _     _--      .11 _ 1 .    .   .' _     .   '    ^9 .1           .( _ * » _    __ 1 _ 1 ■ 1 :u\"J   fl! _ 1  1 1 1 ffiffnorl    _ n 11\   n   nnmm il 1nrt_/^P_ni_-k   iirl-_^l_-^    _ r\
garbage collector
SECHELT Village Council will continue
to use the -services of Kelly's Garbage
Disposal even though Sunshine Coast Disposal submitted a lower bid.
The bid was read at Wednesday's
council   meeting.
Sunshine Coast bid on a mileage basis
on total evaluation of the village with
a cost of $3,060.60 annually for collecting two standard size cans weekly from,
each residence. _ •
'T"keliy^na'fges ' tlTe *v'iilag"eT a 'flat * rate"'""""""
of $300 monthly or total of $3,600 yearly.
Aid. Ted Osborne said that while Sunshine Coast's bid is presently lower it
could be anticipated that on the mileage-rate basis due to the building in the .
village, an increase .of  $1,000  per .year	
could be anticipated within three to five
Osborne moved with a second by Aid.
Harold Nelson that the village retain the
services   of  Kelly.   The  motion   carried.
Council gave three readings to the
firearms bylaw,
Osborne said that signs should be
posted at the village limits so that" persons will know that they are in the
village and therefore not discharge firearms. .    ■-
•j The bylaw, which will bart_ the dis-
-ehai'g'e 'of--firearms within the vilia|fe
limits, is not yet in effect. The bylaw
requites approval by the lieutenant-governor in council before the village can
adopt  it.
Nelson and Osborne were appointed
by Mayor Ben Lang to work on a culvert
Consideration  will also be. given by
the 'village to the adoption "of. an anti-
noise bylaw. A copy of a similar bylaw
was obtained1 from the village of Montrose inJthe West Kootenay. Council members expressed concern over the frequent?"
screeching of tires within the village
Council will hold back $500 to. Coast
Paving for work done on the launching
ramp atJPorppise,Bay,...The,.council agreed.,, >l(
to pay $7,500 6(7 the cost and are withholding the remainder until pot holes are.
filled in and other work is completed.
The  meeting  which  started' at  7:35    '
Meetings this week: Sechelt District
he said, will'be a' boulevard surrounding
i7with7nativef trees. i<if British^ Columbia^
growing on it.'
'He,'expects a staff of about" 12 full-
Chamber of Commerce, 7:30 p.m, Wed- time persons when the store opens Felj.
nesday, Village Cafo; Regional District1 15.7 Rq presently employ's nine | persons;
board,. Thursday,'7":30 p,m,( district office,, He (said the building will consolidate, the
Davis Bay -and School board, "1. ■ p.m. present two yards, He has sold his build-
Thursday, school -board, office,  Gibsons,    ing on ,Wharf Street,   ' ■..',.'
phinstone ;( Secondary,.,,. School,   students   The Canadians wore alsp .tafteiv,to Coos- three gigantic playih'g fields, and a huge  , ■formed into a commilteo-of-the whole lo
found(they visited ;,North. Eugene High    Bay to see the North Eugene Highlanders    library  with  every   type, of   pook 'you    £r:uss sa'm'le,sv Abs^n_^w^
Schopi'during the weeltlof Oct. 367      '     clefeat Marsh Field High School in foot-"' could want arid in any language. Eugene 7WalsQirwhp'-is. vacationing.
The Canadians'were guests of the
North Eugene High School teachers, students and' parents, belonging to the American Field Service committee.
Highlight of their stay in. Eugene, said
Frank ,Fuller, social .studies teacher ac-
fwM •■■■• I..,....,., itself is a city of 00,000 people with a-uni-
N   "The Canadian students werb, a credit vcrsily nnd « ,arS° community college. Ferry engine bredkdovrn
to  their, community in Eugene*''  Fuller BY VALERIE SIMMONS • ff.Tri__ *r_i<_>o____-7 c._-r*7tn_^c.
fold The Times. It is expected the Amcr-        The American people we como Ih con-. loxCG ^P^" s"^n^
leans .will  make  a' return' .visit  iri'tlio tact with were totally''ignorant of, tholr B,G-  FpftlllES'^Suhsh^^
spring.* '' '       . ■•  ■•     '  ■ neighbor to tho north, Canada7 nnd'had        missed, two sniliriRs Nov,15 when-eh- '
Tho students who made the trip were:
Dcbra Baba, Cheryl.Guclph, Valerie.Sim-
mort.s; Elaine Slcvons, Bill Sneddop, Mike
Ii.g«h, Thorcsa , Labonte,, Susanne Jorgcn-
hod, • Wendy Allnuft, Iloalhqi' Han-lson,
llalph JjilniH'on and Kitm. DomhrpwHkl, '
Somo of the ntuclonlH wroloa of.tholr
linp/'CHsioiiM of Ihu vJal'l TlicU- comments
j'oiiowV '
1,1 Thojirsl, diiy or two at Kugono w« foil'.
Jipmo, But Ijicn after ,we got our timo-
tables straightened out' nn- to what wo'
wanted In do wo enjpyed it much, moro,
Wo you Id go into olnuBroomH nnd tlioy
would nslc "uk quotitions nlxAu Canada/
my   Hconind   very   li{ii«ranl   of   tl\olr
ilijlislibprinu country,
no  basic  Idea   pf   our   life   stylos   and
customs,,     ' ;   ,
■ .Tho , kids a with whom wo> were1 able
to, cIIhcuhh, Canudn and U.S. rclattlons
had no idon that thoro was such IH-fcol-
Iiik in Canada towai'dH Americans. Thoy
did not'roallzo that a largo pbrccntugo of
our bl« Ih|hIiic(.h is American' owned, and
lhat our lauds and ualiii'al Resources aro
being' bouglit up by AmcrlcanR,' Yot,' these
, —sotf piago   A'6,
Nominations close
for Dec. 9 elections
ALL tlm.u Hoats availablo on Bunuhlno
CiiumI. Mo^loiml Bourd, will b«f filled hyi
A,      .    |.    .,  ..     ...    .    ..     , . .     ai'i'liuiuitlun t'oi" tlio coming term,  Minn
•■Almost.n|l  oi   llio  1.ids  In tlio ligh    m{ r> rt,llr- jialfmobii Bay  filed papers"
^hooi-AveawMe-nt-wl 1; ro; onto'hJfiher"3ro)Kiny
education, ,U ucomod th? natiirul.Uilna to  .wuii.lrow ills  nontlmitlon   in  favor   of ■
f,(l'rr„    y .,„ . 7    '   ,.  Mlnfl  R«tt.„ln  'Aro<i' 'il,  }h\xry  'Aln.
glno trouble forced repairs, said a.'.spokes-
man for, the ferries at Langdale.' ''
.'"'The forry broko down und-missed iho
12;2f> sailing from Horscshpo, Buy'., Bo-
causQa sho didn't loavo Ilor.so.shoo Bay
lho lorry also missed the 1:30 ' p.m.
sailing;from Langclalo,TEngirics were ru-
pajrud aiid llio Quc'pn sailed from llorse-
shoo Bay at ,'J p,m, Homo tf() mihutos
Tho spokesman said  tlio ship hasn't
had any, trouble Jn years and Is ugaln
will soon bo duo for hor 'annual refit,
'   GRANDMASTER" of tho "grand lodge 7 official visit to the Sunshine, Coast Roberts, Creek, ■ past   grandmaster
">  of B.C. of lho Indepbndent Order of   last,week. Greeting him were Ivan and Wally   Schad, Powell, Rlvor,
, -Korostors, Warren Godfroy, of Van*    Smith,  loft, district doputy  grand- Malaspina    Lodgo 40, past•-grand"
.. • cunvc*r( nouond from-left,-mujilo h\»■■■muaiw ol District 29; EurJo JJlngl^jy, ' iiuitdur,                 ■ . -    ,
i*ho fomlllcfl, woro ,vory, jileo ai|d
frlondly. T(ioy all roomed',tu bo, fairly w«ll
pi'j,. having, two or throe cars, blj< houson
niftl color T.V, It loft me with iho Inv
prj'fliilnn Ihnl wc niol only llm cream of
ll)^.oro)i, , ', '        ' ' ',•"'"' "  '„ .
t'On tluv we«'ln'nd Ihc.raiiilllc.'i' toplt hm
U)icn\, places. I won inkon'to tho'Oroflon
 coast.io acq. the sand ftimon, Thoy oxten-
• dud for inlliin and woro very hoaullful, Wo
wont,-on a "duiift-buKf.,y rldo, It was lots
hioop hlllt..
On tho ,wliolw I think ovuryono onjoy
r.d |ilmnn|f and mont woro norryto havo
n.con)Q.homo. Tho timo iipnd by and w*>
ara  how louUlnfl  forward, ti]  whon  tho
Kuijcno Htudonts como hack Jioro,
• North Kuroiu' Hl.(h Hohool, ono of tho
lour bcntor U\).U iiclioulu In j'-utjunu, lu u
ond, Area D, und Lprno, Wolyorlon, Area
1"\ wore rotunjod by acclamation,   ,
Kour nominees will fl«ht for two scat,1,
on,'.".cc'lioll,,district school hoard, Thoy
uro Mr. 1, Mary L, Kiilunlon, llnlfmnun
liny! rnlrli'U .1. "Murphy; Halfmoon Bay;
I'.iL. I'mii'i'iilty, Mud-'lm I'ark: and Mrs.
the way
lo action!
•MW-jlMintif nMw^n.
...... i >f i.;.'
WJB*Wft.. ' +«>.«" j
liotirlnit  jncmbers  John   IInycn  and
William Malcolm lMWOjpfilflnod.from.ihu
ln GlbHonu -thoro «ro four nomlncon
fions; Normnn Richard Harris, Lau«dalo;
Herbert lloohno, Olhnona, Holh rotlrluH
member., havo'resigned.   , ''
JncumlicntR Norman Watson nnd Kd-
miind Osboi;no will defend tholr souls on
Secholt council ^December 0 against Deni
nos Shuttloworth, ,, ■,.
.   School  trusloo Turry. Uuuth w*w"i'U-
luiiicd by .ucc luim.Uun, ...
In Today's Classified:-   ;
ttC'Ul.A' dlvinij (Hjiulpmcnl; Mafjki mh'oiv
,lank, boot,  Jet, ho\t.  ncnr.bnd,  dnfiih
ttuuee, knll'o (Scubn.Pro). Wot auit, (%"
shiukskin, nylon inner, will noil separably).,  ' ,'
• Tlmia Classifieds roach ovor 2.500 home*
"•"ti Q;0Q0*.ead6rt.r"*"'"" ""****" ,""w'    " *"*T •"•■**
• Tlmos Classifieds go iNTO th« bevrm ..
not on lawns, straots or In culyerts.„     ..
• Tlmos Classified* aro low-cost, hlflh-potoncy
talcs tonics        .,.-,,   ■. ,.
• Phono Knot oppn Sunday; clauifjad
885-9654 Socholf, -006-2121 Glbioni,
Wim. iJ^tiiWWWWWtlliaiMf^nlUHtM^MBth lHuMW-W-thlMliMliO •HM49M.Wr. wnnm*_-^ft»
Ss 5k  X,  _.\  .    v  ~   :        ";            \  X   7  \  \  Nf'       '.        .. .  7  ^  .��� \  \  The pENINSULA^y^e^  DITORIALS  "7 may be wrongj^but I shall not be so wrong as to fail to say what I believe to be right''  -_.    ���' . .   \ '     . x ...        . ��� JpHN^ATUNi  "'    \ Richard   T.   Proctor,   Managing   Editor .^   ___ _._.  \  gx^s��^_?xx'x'x'jjijcxjttii,^ac3canc'jc'xicac^^cay^ccxa^cx^jx:  ELSEWHERE in today's Times there  are comments by a group of Elphiti-  stone Secondary School student., who  recently spent a week in- North Eugene  High  School.   Eugene.  Oregon.  Comments V the students arc rc-  'vealing. Revealing in two senses. Ap- .  parently, l'rorn the writings, the students  went to Oregon with preconceived notions, they didn't know what to expect, yet' they apparently felt Americans, were ogre-, ready to tear into them.  Happily, such wa-. not the case. The  Canadians rciur^d home with possibly  somewhat diltm-nl impressions. Obviously tin.' Americans, too, have different impressions of Canada anil Canadians.  is~ tnle~ Americans tend tr> take  /anailians lor granted antl they feel  ia! Canada is' not much more than  ii huge land mass filled with nice people. There is a reason for this. Americans '.aist Canadians. They don't feel  they must study them. Canadians have  never given Americans any real trouble.  The two nations share the world's longest undefended border and other than  normal customs checks, there is no  trouble passing between the two on  visits or business.   *  As the world's number one power  and most technically advanced nation,  Americans are held in awe or contempt  by many Canadians.  The exchange between student  groups is one ol* the finest programs  yet devised to breakdown preconceived  notions about  another nation.  Eugene students obviously had their  ' eves opened, albeit slightly, and when  they come to Canada on their return  visit they will have their eyes opened  even more. Student exchange .is enlightening on both sides.  ln the United States the exchange  program is advanced and has been  working lor years. President Eisenhower initiated^ many ideas and innovations. There is the American Field  Service committee jn which students  from around the world come to various  high schools in the U.S. They live with  American "parents" and attend high  school for one year. Many stay on to  attend  university. American students, in  turn, go to various nations, including  Germany, France, Brazil, Japan, Sp'un,  Great Britain and others where they lh\.  with their adopted "parcnt's'Xirrd .actually become part of thai family doing the  same things they do, eating the same  food, taking in the same entertainment and spending approximately the  same amount, of money as other student1.. .They attend t_)e schools in their  adopted country and study the same  subjects and are subject to the same  rule-, and .discipline as their classmates.  When they return home they generally  have entirely different impressions ol  lhe countries which are no" longer foreign  lo  them.-  When the exchange is over the students often continue correspondence"  with their "families" and classmates.  .Visits are arranged between them. The  one fault with the program is that il  isn't  widespread  enough.  There is also the sister-city program  which the United States has with various-nations. A city, through its'municipal government or chamber of commerce  or service clubs, will set up- an exchange program with a city similar in  size in another nation. Then the two  will exchange students and ideas. Communities may send displays of their  manufactured products, pictures, books,  newspapers to their sister city, it is an  excellent program and one well worth  investigating for this community.  Recently, The Times reported on a  UNESCO Associated Schools Project to  carry out experimental and demonstration programs in teaching for international understanding. The idea was  presented to Elphinstone students and  staff and received favorably.  These are just a few of the ideas  that are possible but some must be instituted and soon. A community must  hot sit in splendid isolation criticizing  Other nations. It must move to recognize  changing ideas and mores and take its  ideas abroad.  : There can be no better plan for  international understanding than the exchange of high school students between  nations. Favorable impressions received  on both sides can go a long way to  bring about peace and. understanding  throughout the world.  Remove car bodies  ABANDONED auto bodies are eyesores and should be removed from  sitrhl. This includes cars that arc not  licenced for the current year or have  just sat for a period of lime and arc  nol   being  used.  An opportunity to remove the bodies  is coming. The provincial government's  SAM, a team touring British Columbia  with crushing equipment, will be in the  WtafkMMMtftNflMMMMMMMMM^  The Peninsula^**^  Published Wednesdays at Sechelt  on B.C.'s Sunshine Const  ���"���������'"-, ���"-���-       ' by'""1' 77" "'���'"77:- ���,,  Powell River News Town Oder  ,....,.���..... .Sechelt Times Ltd,  Box 310-Sechelt. B.C.  Subscription Rntes: (in advance)  Locai, $ti per year, Beyond 35 miles, $7.  Servlitfi the area from Port Mellon to Egmont  (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet)       art mm wm iw��ntmwm^mmmt^mmi4minm0*mtmmmmmmm0mmm^m0mmmmmm9wm^fm  DON'T MESS IT UP  MWVWVMMmAMMWWUWVWWWUWUWVMMMVVWUWMMMMWMWMWWI  COMMERCIAL  *, ��� i  ^#��^M*W*WW��tf<WWSl4^^  1 '  mm^^mmm>miismi��\^m  \  Page A-2      ,'���   the -Peninsula "Times  Wednesday, ^ovember 22^J 9T3"-,  ���i+ -    (*>^~;"  IIvp other Roberts Creek or Gibsoris?  WiY^t ��amp .-: better "Than 'hockey, re-  qiijiing Vuick thinking* and courage?  One does not. imagine "that two- skatv  7ng rinks would cost any more than the  whole'Roberts Creek project, which was  '  to  contain one skating rink, anyway.  It ha^ been stated,. pro-recreation  centre, that people think'nothing of driving 30 or 40 miles to sports. To some  big event, yes, but I cannot readily "believe that'" parents will drive their kids  from Sechelt, Pender Harbor or Gibsons  to Rohert. Creek, to\ play hockey, or  swim every day or night. And every day  is what a recreation centre should be  f0,-_f()!- the. young���and not for senior  citizens to play cribbage, even if they  had some way of getting there. How are  the young to get there every" day or  evening-?  Thum  rides?   Bicycle?  As regards the ^and' being already  there and partly improved, what is "the  inside dope on that'' In the event of the.  project being anti-referendumed again,  is there any-other purpose .to. which the.  ��� tanH could be put or perhaps sold to  pay ffir tlie projects I have outlined,  or swapped   for -the sites  of  the  slcaling  i  nn  ke?  WW  KWHTOHWUiyW..  "Maybe now the government will know what it feels like to be in a minority."  READERS' RIGHT  Letters to the Editor are the opinions of readers,  and not necessarily those of The Times.  A  noin-de-plume muy be- used for publication, but all originals must be signed by the, writer.  Proud ot Band  Sunshine Coast  Regional District within  four weeks.  This crusher will pick up derelict  bodies and work at the garbage dumps  and at some existing accumulations of  car bodies. Details1 of location of sites  to which old automobiles and the like  may be deposited will be revealed in,  coining issues of The Times.  Suffice it ,to say, this is an excellent  opportunity lo have the unsightly ear  bodies picked up, crushed and disposed  of forever. Then legislation should be  brought to bear to keep the area clean  of c;ir bodies and other debris that cannot be disposed of in a normal manner.   'D��\-/��"-"1k)'-'A"   BEAUTIFUL PLACE  Editor, The Times,  Sir:   It   was   very   heart-warming   1o  attend the armistice service and to listen  to   our  high   school   band   under   the   instruction   of  Mel   Campbell.    The warmth and feeling that was  put into each piece by each student  could not go unnoticed by anyone in  attendance. -The highlight for the senior  veterans was the playing of "It's a Long  Way .to Tipperary." The looks on then-  faces must have made the student's feel  appreciated, as they were.  So often in the past this band has  received very poor support, and publicity which seems so unfair to a lot  of children trying to do their best and  a very dedicated teacher who together  turn  out  very  good  music.  To each member of the band we say,  "Keep up the good work, most of. us  are proud of you". And for putting up-  of the chairs and the clean up after the  service,  thank  you. ���  GERRY, and   GOF.DON  CLARKE  Gibsons  Hikathon a success  Editor, The Times,  Sir: It is difficult, to find adequate  "words in the English vocabulary to describe  our  first   regional   hikathon,  Although   the   weatherman   failed   to  processed for logging in the period of  present crisis arid allow a return to normal Scheduling of timber harvest by the  end of 1973. We are not proposing an  acceleration of cut in which the annual  allowable cut budget will be ignored,  weare Only 'proposing'a"'change''"in'''pr,ior'-  ities.  Such flexibility is essential if there  is to be minimum curtailment of employment  from  January  through  April.  We request that your office initiate  an instruction, inviting individual logging operators to present proposals for  winter logging areas for harvest in the  period January  through April,   1973.  THE TRUCK LOGGERS ASSOCIATION  V.   T.   Williams,   president  cc.  The  Hon.  Robert  A.  Williams,  The Hon. William King, J. S. Stokes,  I Cameron  Not tunny matter  Editor/The Times  Sir: The last. paragraph in the letter  from J. S. Browning (The Times, Nov. 8),  regarding legislation to outlaw all mother-  in-law "jokes" brought me much joy.  "What is'a mother-in-law? She is a woman who, in most cases, led a good life,  never had a record, never took a tranquilizer, helped little old men across .the  street, and brought up a good family.  One  morning she  wakes, up ..to . find  support  lho  event,  our  scouting  family.    ^through  no ..fault of. her. own.   her  r,  ING  Whatever Your Printing Needs:  envelopes * letterheads �� invoices �� memos  place mat^  postcards - business cards ����� posters �� signs  bumper stickers �� Invitations * work orders  name tags -statements77dodgers �� etc  PENINSUtATIMCSLTD  ^     . f,r     1, nil, .J.tf I . , ���  _ B.C.  "  '"'   '   IV   * " ''-  , Pl.nn_v f  Sochelt B,C,  Phone 805*9654  .wywaiipiMW',^^  W^SW'MW'W^iwHff*^^  ^f9m9^4Zfm^pkmJmjmutm^  SI  rr  ��E��lC  IIIIW   wmm  *..!���' W-   .��,,*���<��.�� I  pfW^Wl^  wtJWfBWaiWtti^^  and friends who braved the elements  certainly mado il a most successful adventure!  Close to 1,800 pledge sheets were  turned In, However, we know there were  hundreds of moms, dads, brothers, sisters  und; frlei)ds .who, did ��� not rogislorbut  hiked the route' jusi the same. Thoy  would have brought  the number of hlk-  ...er,s ���ne. ivoiv the 2,f.()H... mark! , ,, ,,.......,.,,  A I'ii'Ht counting indk-ntes $17,501. has  boon pledged in support of group, district  mul regional scouting activities, 7  Wo nre indeed   Indohlod  to you  fpr  ��y(),iui��HpJondkUuo()punitl(>n*��nd-.u.snirttMn'co����  Ihnl  helped make  this vast undorluklhg  portal bio nnd so succeHsful. '  1   ThunUs'ngnlii Tor "'nil your help!  M.   A,   THOMAS,   I're.sidunt  Vancouver-Const  Kogloiv  Boy ftyoulH of Ciiniidu  ������  Winter logging areas,  TFldllor, Tho TlmoR,   " ���������'  Sir: The I'ollowlnK In u copy  ul' the  loiter will  In lhe Mi'vornnioni of Hi'ltlnh  ���Cnlumbln, N..v'7i); .1072;, I'mm lho Trunk  LoHIU.i'H AsHoOliiliun,  Tho Tlontiui'ithlo Duvo ."urroll,  Pronilor und  Mlnl.ilor ul' "'"Innnco,  ������-Provliw.or 1.1'iilf.h Columbia,  Pni'll-imiinl  niilldlnns, Vhtlurln, 110,  .  Dour Mr. Pronilor: '     ^   Ah you ��� wl 11 bo ��� nwnro,' wl Idcnt st I'lkofr  In tho ourly pni;t ul' 107^ provouUid foil-  lni<  mul  l.i.pkli.K.'/AlW  labor (ll��piilon  �����w��iu��^fiolia|(Hlp��n��tiorlniifl*~lnl.nrT!ihniM'nT��'^  lint, (.uirtullocl Ior production,  ."���.�����.. At (ho proHiint  tlmo, tho Ior/jIiir In*"  I   duHlry in o|K.rn!lnu .it, only 70 por i.onl  ' of citpiioliy duo,' Iii ivinjor "purl,'j(|' |olf  ^���vncnnolcii.r*nntlwchronlo;r,w',hbiionloolfim,;of  hltitorliuilly ntnl>lo work orowii, Whiiiovoi'  Iho omiHo, ll,C. hiiH iho unlriim Hltunilon  ..nl'.noiuiy Ii por, cont of t|ig work foruo,.  ,^if_.Jni,��q^nunilxu,.��oi'^��_wi)oiu����iu'o-.younHr  riblo.hofllful mon, m'll of woi'k nl n ilmo  ' whon our IhduHtryaiuiH lho IiIhIionI lovol*"  of unfilled John In moro than throo <loo-  ndoH,       '  , Tho Iom Mhorlmto Ift of mioji miifinihidQ  (l)��l  mmHifli(it,urluH pliui!.,. noluhly  ply-.  wood, lum.ioi. i\n<l nhliif|lo producorn will  bo, I'umid  lo  mirtall   thin   wlnlor  and  thoroby luy Al'filholr wurlunoiT, Tho iohh  -Ll!l��t3!UUloyJWyiL40ilidr!UUI'tJJl  to U" IhmtHiind/jlolw for iinwiU'jlN of hIx  ���-7   Tho'Foi'phI, Sorvlco  \�� In n ^nnltlon-'  to Inlllnlo I'inmuclluto plni.H thut \\'\\\ ����.'  Hint   In  mnlnioonncn' of   omnloyinont'  ���^��4li.MJUKh(nit��the��^VilnH��t^inoiHli��i^l,hr*Tt^  ��mM0UMUVl'J).Uulli_'i(jl.l��_.U)  lio niocllflod to rnuko nyullnblo for hiirvcnt  to tho mnxlinum oxtoin 'ptwlhlp winter  .Imiuliitf uroiwHhwl- In1 ,lo. H��yi.��ruim .that,.  nro normnlly, froo of unow,      ^  In 'our vlow, offotitlvo plnnnlnii of  Hl7a��7.'l myl 1073-74 oulllnit \mm\\. will  nllow wlnlor nt'orm to ho npprovod unci  M^<4MM|iMllll^^  child has married, ahd the paragon son-in-  law, fortified by ignorant commercials  and two-bit .comedians, is using her as a  punching ball.  There'is ho legislation to help us live  With dignity,' but we have a more pow-.  erful weapon. Money! Absolutely refuse  to buy any'product that discriminates in ,  this Way, and use our power to tell the  TV stations that; we are not laughing!  The only women who tough at mother-  in-law "jokes" are the conceited ones  who believe that this is not personal, it  just couldn't be them?  I have no axe to grind personally, we  do have an MGP in our group, but I will  join my sisters in anything that will help  those who do.  If I live long enough, and the trend  towards living commonlaw becomes universal, there will be no mothers-in-law,  and what will the poor writers do then? -  Mother   out-law.  (Mrs.)   M   FT.OCKHART  Gibsons  How about two ice rinks?  Editor, The Times,  Sir: It is said in the world of psychiatry that when a child is seen to be performing some undesirable act, such as  pulling the cat's tail, for instance, the  parent should not just say, "No, Aloysius  dfear,-do not do that," but rather should  direct his attention to some more worthwhile project, such as counting the tapioca,   perhaps.  So, I do not just say let us not have  a recreational centre in one place to serve  a community strung out in a thin line  for. about 70 miles, hut rather let us  have two media of recreation strategically placed which will be more "get-  able" by the young of the whole coast.  -What could, be. better than two skatjng  "rinks,'one say; in' the vicinity of Sechelt,'  Far be it from me 1o be "agin" projects for the recreation of the young.  I would by no moans degrudge the  extra taxes but let il be for the benefit  of all. In the winter they need recreation,  in the summer the whole coast is a recreation-centre, at least one would think so  judging by the continuous roar of traffic  and smell of cars' exhaust experienced  by residents along the highway.  Sechelt J.   S.   BROWNING  Defends hitchhiking  Editor,  The  Times. ���  Sir: I-was.rather disappointed at tlie  negative (and sometimes over-generalized) "Attitude expressed towards the  young hiker in your Nov. 8 editorial  "Hitch-hiking on ferries". As a resident  of Egmont since March (I don't consider  myself transient), who has only recently  acquired a car, I can say that I have  spent many hours hitch-hiking between  Langdale and Earl's Cove both on and  off the ferries. In my experience, the people who have ofte'n given me rides have  ������' shown kindness, consideration and a basic  ���see  page B-4  ���xa_auu____ujaiau_ui^  GOOD  HEALTH  FOOD STORE  - Cowrie St., Sechelt - 885-9063  ���    RECIPE. ~  BUCKWHEAT-MUFFINS "^  2 cups Buckwheat Flour  1   tbsp. cinnamon  1 tsp; salt  3 cups water  A sprinkle of roasted Sesame Seeds  Mix dry ingredients, (except sesame  seeds). Add water gradually, mixing  thoroughly to make smdoth batter. Ladle  into dileci muffin tins���half full. Sprinkle  on sesame seeds. Bake 30 to 40 rrtin at  400 degrees. Muffins are crispy on outside, soft inside. Makes 12-16 muffins.  _mm4mm9mmmw9mw9iwmummtmammma99nHmmm9mM9imuM  Buckwheat Flour, 1 lb.:.- 26c  Roasted Sesame Seeds, 1 Ib. 94c  Vx lb .....:;  49c  ________9_W_____________^  V.  -  ���r  i.'  ft.  it-  ,-  ..I  w  Sr  i  )'  ���;  t  '.-  r  r,  * \  ..a*  \  Wrdnesday,.November'22, 1972    The Peninsula Times Page A-3  -      ...    -.4   a,    ,-        . ���.     -.    ..."   i ,    I �� " ,   ���.   ���    'J   happenings ^ar^and Elphie  \  Strait talk  P RO P 6S.BD     DEVELOPMENT  '  ��� --   around Garden Bay Lake would dis-  ��� - , - ���-��� ������   turb the tranquility of the body of  ��� by Joan Proctor    w^ter.^ource of drinking water for  the community of Garden Bay. Many  residents fear pollution is already  in the lake and further development  would aggravate it.  SOME   people   are  fortunate   enough   to   '  possess a green thumb. ��� I -seem ,- to. ���  have been blessed with a pollepc that's .  the touch of death to all vegetation. -  . Despite the numerous gardening books  I'^e acquired and digested over the years,  things jitst refuse to grow when they  take  up  residence  at my place.  We've had numerous tree-planting  ceremonies. Some of them even took  place appropriately on Arbor Day. It  didn't help. All came to forlorn endings. .  One of our last efforts in the tree department took place a year ago when  we" planted ^bamboo. Everyone laughingly warned we'd soon be trying to  hack our way out of the ensuing thicket.  Their admormhments were needless. The  poor thing lasted only two weeks, then  began going brown and crisp. I left it  there hoping for a miracle even after a  leafless  skeleton  was all  that remained. "  When folks asked what it was. I'd  say my intention was to spray paint it  silver and hang lights on it. This worked  fine around Christmas season. My excuse  for the other months of the year was  that I was going to make a prayer tree  or flag pole from it. Then one day I  came home to discover my husband had  uprooted and  disposed of the thing.  But, it's not just trees that perish  under my hand. Shrubs, flowers, even  indor fir"use plants wither and wane un-  dei; my care,.    ."'.  This whole thing is particularly embarrassing since I possess a dear little  grandmother whose plants- have always  grown to gigantic proportions. .Upon entering her place you'd swear you were  in the tropical section of the Bloedel  Conservatory. From philodendrons" to  violets, all  is lush and  verdant. '  My own , African   violet   is  the  only-  one in the neighborhood still flowerless  after three years. Sometimes I wonder if  I've been  giving  it. the  wrong  kind  of  pill,  ,..,' Then , a friend advised, me, to talk to  my plants. It's evidently supposed to  make them feel more like becoming ac-  MR.. AND MRS. Charles Evans were plea-  . santly surprised by a cablegram announcing the birth of a daughter to their  son Roger's wife, Carmen. The baby is a  sister for Sean. She was born Monday.  Nov. 13, in Lima, Peru.  Mrs. Elna Sloan of Roberts Creek and  Mrs. Glenda Drane from Sechelt attended the-Pacific Coast Conference of Parents without Parents, held over the Re-'  membrance Day weekend at the Seattle  Hilton Hotel, Seattle. The conference covered California, Oregon, Washington and  B.C.  Earl Hughes, son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs.  Roy Nygren of Wilson Creek has been  making a big name for himself as an entertainer now has added new laurels to  his .name, by winning the karate championship for B.C., heavyweight division.  Nov. 11 he was victorious in the three  contests to win the grand championship.  An instructor from Surrey, won this  match and so the title.  Sportsbeat, Channel 8 last Thursday  showed the karate championship.  ; Dr. and Mrs. Eric Paetkau are calling  their new boy David Eric. He was born  Friday, Nov. 10" at Vancouver General  Hospital. Both mother.and son doing well.  Father is on the road to recovery���having  a baby is hard on Dad.  The government is finally waking up  to changing a few laws regarding sea life  on the coast, Restricting Die oyster take  is a good start, Hov* about commercial  licenses banned for spearf-shing cod. This  one bfclter be passed fa.it even now it  may be too late to save the big lings.  Visitors to thfc Peter Smiih's have  been daughter, Mrs. Teri Loutet and her  daughter, Kelly from Kelowna. Pete's  brother and  sister came up- from Van  couver for a short visits  They are  Mr.  , hiovers insteadr of just; hanging ?;around|J and .Mrs.'vPhilip and * Norma ��� Smith' and  being potted. ' Mrs. Mary Lefroy.  Well, I sat clown and had a serious     ,  Mr, and Mrs, Hirokocrick, newlyweds,  ���-by Peggy Connor  the girls with signs, "This way .to. Brownie Land." A path "of leaves led to an  archway of big-fir boughs done entirely  by the Brownies.  Achieving their first star were: Eileen  Bandi, Julian Sheridan, Heather Catta-  nach,  Virginia  Derby.  Second  star  and  golden  ladder  went  to Valerie" 'Tait;   Rhonda;   'Doyle,*   Lynn  Creighton, Cherie Martin, Lisa English,  Louise Higgs and Wendy Olsen.  Badges were- awarded to: Heather Cat-  tanach for knitting, Julian' Sheridan for  housekeeping,-and cooks, Rhonda. Doyle  for cooksand collectors, Louise Higgs for  housekeeping ��� and  Valerie  Tait' fbr pets.  There was a good show of mothers  for the occasion and brown owl and the  girls thank them for turning out, it makes  receiving an award that much more important if family and friends are there  to see. -  Deadline, is Thursday so let us have  a/11 your  news early.  Halfmoon Bav woman  dies in one-car crash  MRS. Mary Olson, Halfmoon Bay, was  dead on arrival at St. Mary's Hospital,  Sechelt, after the car in which she was  a passenger struck a power pole on Redrooffs Road, west of- Eureka Road, Friday night.  Driver of the vehicle Was Mrs. Greta  Jorgenson, also of Halfmoon  Baty. Mrs,  Jorgenson sustained cuts and briuses and  was  released from  St.-Mary's  Hospital ���.  Monday.  ,���.,., The, women .were,., .homebound   af tor .,���  '��������� playing bingo at the Totem Club'in Sechelt when  the accident occured.  .SPORTS  Or: i .re. l and 2 Elphie will be holding .  ii,,-   econd annual C'ougar Invitational  Toi.iiibment. Instead nf separate tournies  fox i,,,Hi senior and junior boy "basketball  team-... thp C'ougar invitational will com- .  bine both groups into one tourney.  .  ,  Elphie's seniors will playoff- a-ga-inst  team; from" SqUamish, Ladysmith and  Urrcri.i'y Hill. Teams competing against  Elplue'v. juniors arc Newton, Edmonds  and. Pender.-Harbor.  ���Action will bet underway, at 4:30 FVi-  day. -Dec. 1, and continue late into the  evening. Consolation rounds will begin  at :'. o'clock on tbe same evening. Prices  are ;"o cent-, a day or 35 cents a d:aiy  for .tudent. with council cards, "the  coache-. plan to award IJ all start tro-  phie-- ... .he most outstanding and sports-  mnn-lil.' player*, on the teams. It is  hoppd iluii thepe irophies will be sponsored  by local businesses;  liefi-iet's'-are needed for this tournament and other home games as well. If  you are interested 'in reffing for the  Cougars please phone Garrv Gray. (886-  7392) or Larrie Grant  (886-7508). '  Six visiting basketball teams works  out to about 72 boys. All these buys will  need places to stay over the weekend.  Although students will try to take as  many boys as possible, there will probably be a few without places to stay.  If someone in the community is able to  help out by billeting any of the players,  we would be grateful if they would  please contact the school.  ��� The junior girls' basketball team was  picked last week. Members of the team  are: Kerry Mahlman, Barbara Dew,  Cindy Kurucz, Margaret Finlayson, Pam  Banner, Margo Metcalfe, Gwenda Havies,  Jjilie Gallup, Cathy Hamilton, Susan Dixon, Cindy Grafe, Colleen Kurucz, Valma  Scrugham, Kelly* Cryderman, Lily Mandelkau. Managers are Emily Fraser and  Maria Rinaldis.  The senior girls basketball team has  also been chosen. Members of the team  are: Mari'lynne Musgrove, Pat Hogue,  Joanne Jorgenson, Debbie Willis, Linda  Day, Gail Blomgren, Betty Topham, Valerie MacLean, Dathy Fisher. The manager for the girls is  Eileen Sallis.   Members of  the  junior boys'  basket-"  ball team were just recently determined  by Coach Stoochnoff. The players are:  Frank Havies, Don Roberts, Steve Miles,  Martin Swan, Craig Norris, Kerry Bjorin-  son, Dave Lamb, Richard Egan, Pat  Gaines, Ron Girard, Guy Fisher. Managers are Bill Nygren and Don Hawka.  The boys first game will be today when  they travel up to Pender Harbor.  Senior boys' basketball game against  Argyle Pipers was cancelled last Wednesday due to a delay in the ferry  schedule. The game . was , played Tuesday.  Last   weekend   the   senior   boys   tra-  V  -by Joan Blomgren  yelled to Princeton to take part in their  first tournament of the "seagon. Details of  the trip will be irr 'neSrt week's issue of  The Times. ^ ' ^    '  Cross country has finished for the season. Practices will resume in tire, spring.  STUDENT ACTIVITIES  The Red Cross is planning to' pur-  chose a- boffee" urn'* for tlfie school by  collecting Nabob coupons. If you have a  few coupons laying around why not send  them to the club, in care of Elphinstone  Secondary School.���������-   -  a^wC^rrrfc  \   V  r*.9i)  . *... p.*_.  \  \  Blake C. Alderson D.C.  CHIROPRACTOR  Post Office Building Sechelt  Phone 885-2333  Wednesdays and Saturdays  10 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.  SPECIAL  on Profit Quarters  FRfgMft B����f*  GLYNN TRACY  Garden Bay Store ��� 883-2253  "Fine, Meats for . Pipe' Pfeople"  Stones and  Fine Gifts  a Specialty  ��   100% WATERPROOF  WATCHES BY ROLEX  '"���'-'"ENIGA'R WATCHES  WELCH'S CHOCOLATES  SECHELT JEWELLERS  Sechelt, B.C.  885-2421  BONUS SUBSCRIPTION OFFER  Here's a gift package that will be remembered long  after the Christmas season: a year's subscription to  Beautiful British Columbia magazinep/us a full-color  1973 calendar-diary. You can give both; for just $2 -  the regular price of the magazine subscription'alone.  We announce your gift with,a greeting signed in your  name and the current Winter issue of Beautiful.  British Columbia. The 1973 Spring, Summer and  Fall issues will be mailed as published.   This offer applies only to new .and renewal sub-  scriptions, purchased for $2"and commencing with  the Winter, 1972 issue. Please order early.  ' :  \ i  Enclosed M.O. or cheque for   THE PENINSULA TIMES .LTD.  Box 310, Sechelt, B.C.  ���I 4.    t.   A     .  SIGN GIFT CARD;  Address  Purchaser  '' SubscrlpticJn'to'-  talk with iTiy ��� Afrlcnn ��� violqt, and - the,  next thing I knew, it was sporting an  Afro ancl claiming equal rights.  Even   my    pot. of    chrysanthemums  which had Idpk'ed' beautiful in the stove,  ��� have ��� moved Into1"West' Sechelt, Mrs." Hirokocrick is a recent arrival from Tokyo,  Japan.  , , WiVsop ,Greqk brownies enrolled by  commissioner   Harriot   Newton,   Nov,   fi  *Btartod~maklnB-exeusos~to*flel"out*'once"^  they'd crossed my threshold, Relieve me,    May Clvnml.crli.nd, Louise Higgins. Carole  llw.#8,.nothto^  mums, They  tend  to work  In  bunchtis    ro||cd later. ,        .  They  tend  to work  In  bunchiis  and It's nearly Impossible to split thorn  up. Finally, I became so tired of bring.  ,    Ing them drinks of wator in  tho night,  thatyl. ofTored   the  entire   lot  plus  tho  ,    '"������ ��� violets 't(>, n '. neighbor,1 At  lasl,. report  1     thoy woro very happy > together,  >'. .  I hIo love flowers and plant., though  nnd  am  determined  to  luivo^ti   lovely  ^-l^.^Mrclon'why^nejct'^Rlinimcr;r*'-MtfrborderR,  rockerlos, nnd hanging pluniors wllrbrlm  with vinos and flowers, Maybe it'll bo  ,  tho  show-placo of  the  Sunnhlno  Coast.  ',,1..-, ^.,.,-...!/va..,,.You .Moot-a-3!>vo ,fln��Uy.,,dlnqovonQd'..n'���fnll-  " "proof molhod of 'gnnlenlng. It's''probably  a bit, expensive i\m\ the frnsraoco isn't   i,iniii>oh;it.|i.uj.������i��ottl)lnyi oyor(v,c)ip^, JSyery-  '"'" "tjilng's'going 16" ).>o plaHtlc,'  "Sow, If tho lawn doesn't,1 hurry, and  <HWWNjpltyPJL[UaJ]ia!^^  lU'f.'  WEEKEND  SOCCER  RESULTS  ',DWIii|on   fli '"ItoAldonllitf    llpnVos  J,  ������' Chosfimpn ' l.���Dlvislon1"��7r   Henidentlnla  Warrioi'H 1, Caledonians 3, '  Thp hall wnfl partially decorated by  Pre-Xmas Sale  A'^L TOYS, MODELS  AND GAMES  20%ta25% Off  SECHELT FAMILY  Pftl ITD.  , '^Cross from the Bus Depot"  ���__������  " nAvc  _���  Www IHei  ^\        "jiiM^rtiftJit i .'rfiS^Jt  HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Buying Days for the Golden Age Set  MwimrMMMntMMWMMMinfHwinniinntHinnninnnnfi^^  10%  DISCOUNT FOR ALL GRANDPARENTS - ON ALL ITEMS.  A GENEROUS  REWARD  FOR BEING A GRANDPARENT:  <"��'. **:'  10% DISCOUNT for all Stedman ALL  GRANDPARENTS  receive  a   10%  'Slwppefii^tiM DISCOUNT    on . all "merchanilise J���*  Grandparents will save 20% even sale Merchandise! .  !4H4*9nam4Nmfi0itiiittt9im9i9m4M4t��imtitm4im49nitn^^  wym<\\u2   m/  \7'l  MrtWf    '  L_����  ,'^MiU��H$t1[JfM(t/{���fW*  ***f*  \  I i*(wit^��. wwrnw*..  <__>  0f  IS,'.,    -jre&iive  JjeaAoit  |-')A  aVrr,  ��� ���Ml  a*"*  *���������<  ��� ���IM  'tiff'  ��� ���IM  ,o  "99.tr-  4��  ������.M  ��� ���Ml  ���������II  '<W^  'C7  /  ^tamimt  ~~>how  MONDAY, NOVEMB^2?: n 7:2|0 p.m.  TRAIL B/^Y SH^RPIWQ IVIALL  ' In support of:  Z>ea  /^/;.;;.i.  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JWWWIi'lfM**    ' fw��"WW#W| t   (���"���"p^*p"M( ji  MaMM^mW)   .��� WMMHMMMI <|QMt  ^Froo Coltee md DougfinuU /\ttor tfm\ Show   \   g  ������������I  atSV  Mm i  ��� ���in  ��� ���im  ������������i  w ������������I  4^  ���>im  with ��pRcla| discount shopping at participating mocchants,  |,WN^M����y*W��Wr-a^MW����>%WWB#^^  Pubhlo Bath Powder  5'A o*.   Dcllcatoly  T '  . ,       7     r.   |      '  atHtoty^, rftt. jv ,piM  JUL __%'___�� M  A Great  4.97  Ladles' Hooded  Pulloverr  tweed Isffcct, Lace  Front Oponiing, with  Hood. 100% prion.  Bluo, Gold, Purple,  ,. i,    i'   i ^ .    i  ,, Regularly 14.99 (1  Special     JlJUclH  Ladies'  High Walsled  ~F6rtrel^Paitl$-  with Cuffs.  Latest Stylos, A Won��  derful Christmas Gift.  14.95  tlHl  w  ,  >'Si..  h y  MT  .*>*  mv  .Ah,  ftK1  *��  i��A  *,i't^..j.,l,,*-W4.-*^f^*lH-��      |*"**^*  ^ I \'  Milft.  th  vm  '(").?  t^a^M^efflSf^rsWap^WHW^t^lWII^^ f��*jlf i! 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Free Cpffco and Doughnuts  followed by V/% hour shopping spree,  20% DISCOUNT on all madQllcd merchandise'  :...!,.'. 10% DISCOUNT on all other merchandise  ������Sl>*^((l��>pMl^Ht����I��*V^i^fHl|^^ -^  m  LMCKY CATALOGUE NUMBERS ���-- r^.,,,,,,,   ��,Mli���*       ��.^��.r. ���^e *_��__  ^813, 712, 9%, 390, 2730, 41, 467, 1623, 45, j TRAIL BAY CENTRE, SECHELT        .PHONE 886-2335  6   Vanetu  ,,,,,.,.7,, ���. ....   ,��.,,..-.��,���,!,. (f ...  13,101, 36.  . \ >1%  mmw/mmm&mt  mmitfmmm>mm��9'  mmm����  m^mm^>mm��mmmmmmKm  ^��f��*IPV��)#llWllWiW^^ \ -  (I  77v-    -���>���  -    '   ���������������������  P-fle A-4 Peninsula Times, Wednesday, Noy. 22, 1971  \  ^������������������������...���M._|i._i-i-i-i-i..-i-i-_......._...r���,���,���tuinnrhnnnnnnnniimi-n-n  \   rr.    r% r-t. Sechelt-Phone 885-9654  T'    Ti x*ct. aecneit - rnone ooa-yod*  HE PENINSULAy^��^    Gibsons - Phone 886-2121  Classified  *��WlMWPI��I.IIWIil-l-l-l-l_l_lW-WWl��*tftfW��l*MWWtnflti��nfl��*'lili'^^  Published Wednesdays by  Powell River News Town Crier  Sechelt Times Ltd.  at Sechelt, B.C.,,  Established 1963  OBITUARY  Member, Audit Bureaa  of Circulations  March 31, 1972  Gross Circulation 3275  Paid-Girculation-242-1���  As filed with the Audit Bureau  of Circulation, subject.to audit.  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-Line Ad-Briefs (12 words.)"  Qne Insertion --���. ...$1.10  Three   Insertions   $2.20  Extra lines (4 words) '._'. 30c  (This rate does not apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs)  Box Numbers  _  50c extra  50c Book-keeping charge is added  for Ad-Briefs not paid by  publication date.  Legal   or   Reader  advertising   35c  per count line.  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A memorial service was held at the  Unitarian Church in Vancouver on November 2nd.       860-52  REAL ESTATE  REAL ESTATE <Conh)  _V- , : '��� r-, - .-$-  .4^>M6 14 acres west of Langdale   View   property,   treed,  water,  south   slope  R2.   Phon��  ..,,886-2861,       ������- 930-tfn     '.,:��� .... ..��� ���; ' s,  PENDER HARBOUR.   ���-_  Best Marina site in area. Heart  of Madeira Park. Over ��50  feet waterfVont with foreshore  lease. Try your, offers on F.P.  and  terms. \  Over 2000 ft. waterfront at  Secret Cove on 31 acres natural, park-like, treed land with  Southern exposure. Open to  offers.  JACK NOBLE  Rochester Realty Ltd.  Phone 883-2701   ������  8235-50  FOR RENT (Continued)       \\VANT|b  _v  Overseas  Special Citizens,  Local  Area   Canada      Single Copies   .$10.00   yr.  .$3.50  $4.00  _15c  Copyright and/cr property rights  subsists in all display advertising  ond other material appearing in  this edition ot the Sechelt Peninsula Times. 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Change from original  copy when proot is submitted to  customer is aiso chargeable at an  nouily rate for the additional  work.  COMING EVENTS  "3  RUMMAGE and bake sale is  being held by Roberts Creek  School. Parents. Auxiliary at  St. Aden's Hall. Nov. 24, 1-3  p.m. Call 880-2593 or 880-2025  .-I'or.. pick up,,,-' ,,.-..........i..,..,..  821-5,2  BIRTHS  GIBSONS AND SECHELT  WESTERN DRUGS  ... aro pleased to sponsor this  Birth   Announcement space,   and  extends Best Wishes to tho happy  parents.  liAHUY unci ...Collcon, Procknow ure hoppy to unnounco  tho nrrlvul of a bit by boy,  Child Andrew, 7 lbs, 12M. ozh.  on November 1(1, 1072, Proud  HninclpurontH uro Mr, unci Mrn,  , Normnn Procknow nnd Mr,'  nnd Mrs, ,Kdwln..J-Iuf.by...477.02  PERSONAL  ALCOWOUCS-"Ai)onymouB"W  Mco'lnflH  R;��0  p.m��� Thura-  dny-H, Wllnoii C.rot.1. Ci.i.in.uu-  ily Hull, Ph. I.lll..|..)27,  -;- <���"'"-'" ���������������������''������'������   ii.iri7-i-i.riV  11A11A' I li'iiimTi i i" fnrmiirTiiii 17,  ..- "IKyil'llll. II8II-2II7II HIII-LI'ii  i'"l'-l.)K!'AL    Lund     lnlUnllvo  I'ro^'imi  ���   11)7211)7:1,  Km...I  -Mrimp.i-tn'-liicllvltltuil.H-lntoi'Oftli  In iiiuk)i'lnkln�� .'.immunity  |iru,|uulH   wllhin,   tho  w I  ...Hbrvlco    ,           Vlll��Ko nl' Clllimnm nro InvlWxl  to conUu't Aldormnn WliiHtm.  lU)lrlntion throuKhthi^ Munlul-  pitl QITIuo, Cllhmin/i, ll.l.l-t!5'l!l.  I'or.inl'nrnintli.n und iihnIhIiuhju  in nmluiiH prujoiM imnllniiiunii,  ���    ��� - -iva-ua  100 ACRES beautiful elevated  property, some view, trails,  secluded. Near Secret Cove,"  $70,000. Write Box 310, c-o  The Times, Sechelt, B.C.  332-tfn  LANGDALE,   beautiful    view,  serviced   residential    lot' on  paved   street   79'xl65\   Asking  only $5500. Ph. 884-5371.  838-2  EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Multiple   Listings   Service  Box  238,  Gibsons,  B.C.  SELMA PARK: Just Ihe spot  for thai summer home. 2  bedroom cabin close to nice  beach, boat harbor, shopping  etc. Terrific view. Air this  can be yours for under for  less than $12,000. All offers  considered.  GIBSONS: We still have one  new two bed. home just  waiting for a buyer. This  home hag" everything; flat lot,  view, on all utilities, no steps  to climb, and priced to sell.  Come and see it.  LANGDALE-WATERFRONT:  Very attractive'2 bed. home  with rumpus room and extra  bed. in basement. Secluded  lot, excellent view, sandy  beach and one of - the nicest  retirement homes that we  know of. Asking $40,500.  GIBSONS '.I.R.: Take advantage of this terrific buy now  so thai y��ni will have that  summer home ��.!�� Ihe beach to  enjoy next summer. This is  an all electric home in a secluded home in a secluded  spot with its own guest house  and large storage-shed-garage.  Ask  for particulars.  GIBSONS: A three B.R, house  located on nearly One-half  acre lot. Homo has a large  pleasant liv. room, with an attractive fireplace. Stove, frig,  freezer and drapes to remain  with house, Home also has .a .  one B.R. self contained revenue suite. Property is conveniently, ..located to..���. shopping,  schools unci theatre). FP $37,000  Willi $15,000 down. Try your  trade on down payment,    A,  HOPKINS  LANLING:  Execu-  tivo   homo   wllh   71)   ft,   of  waterfront, Tho best boui.li on  ��� the-,const,  Largo fumlly homo.  . in ��� o.xoQllent condition; .yard,'  nicely lanu.st'iipud; Inrgo i\_-  phnll covered piny nron, .small  pnllo, Lovol ,nron from,,houso..,  lo bench, Unsurpassed vlow of  Howo Sound An excollont buy  nt  $47,500,  F,P,  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE  2.00 nerps of ��1,W"..oUvo, woll  troocl nnd lovol land, This nbro-  nfio"iiris 200 ft, fronli.RO on  pnvocl rond. Community wntor,,  hydro, nncl phono nro nil nvnll-  ������'���i\bl��jrr'Thlri'*i*'ia-��'Potentlnl'**'Viow  '''''!'p.'oporl,y'r'no'iU,''1)onoh,*i'(.ri'd''l''bJoiRO  to storo nnd Post Offleo..Aero-,  iiHo of -lhls qnnllly Ih senreo;  ninlui your ol'fur now, V,P,  $1-1,000,          '     !   '7���."'"������.-"���'  .Monihoi'  Vmiuoiivor. Runl ltlHfnlo.Uuni'U  WIONM BBO-aaiO  UI3,nNCIS,1WAM,lVfflO;  Vlnco Prewor        886-9359  Wally Peterson     886-2877  Rqn McSayanoy   886-9656  Box 'I'M. aihnouH, B,C,  TWO five acre blocks, elevated property within village  of Sechelt. In popular subdivision area. 'Write Box 310, c-o  Peninsula  Times, Sechelt.  333Ttfn..  PENDER Harbour waterfront  lot.. Sheltered, deep, very  accessible lo water making it  ideal for a year round wharf.  Water, electricity and road,  $17,500. Phone 886-7374 or  write box 708, Gibsons.  8202-tfn  GIBSONS: Post and Beam  beauty on large W/F lot.  3 bdrms. 1 ensuite. The unusual bath features shower stall,  bath, toilet and large vanity.  Open plan living is the theme  of living-dining and kitchen  in matching decor. Living  room feature wall has ceiling  to floor natural stone fireplace.  Sliding glass door to sundeck.  Kitchen features built..ins Av-  acado and Mahogany. Very attractive 2 level bsmt. has rec.  room, utility and. workshop,  children's play area. Priced at  below   market   value.  IN   area   of   new   homes,   65'x  110' view lot for only $6,000.  MUST BE SOLD! Well built  5 room home with full bsmt.  situated on prime view lot all  landscaped 2 bedrooms, vanity  bath, spacious comb, living-  dining room. Heatilator fireplace. Family size kitchen.  Finished rec. room, furnace  room, utility, toilet and cold  room in bsmt. Matching garage, plus many extras all for  only $28,500 on terms.  DEVELOPMENT    acre on the  level.  Terms   on   $15,000.  SPECIAL nionthly rates until  May 15. Adults only, no pe.ts.  Ruby L;f%e Motel, R.R.I,  Madeira Park a Phone 883,2269  _���    . 566-tfn  "2 BEDkOOM "house, West Sechelt. 885-9044. -792-52  SELMA Park Community Hall  meetings,    social    activities.  Ph. 885-9437. 828-4  ONE bedroom Duplex, Mission  Point, Basic,furnishings, $70  mq. -.icl. light. Goodvfor couple  or single party. Sorry no child- .  ren or pets. Available 1 Dec.  Phone 885-9463. .       851-2  3 ROOM cottage, basic furnishings, $75 mo. incl. light.  Single or couple, > sorry no  children or pets. Available 1  Dec.   Ph.  885-9463. 852-2  AVAILABLE for approximately 5 months fully furnished  2 br. mob. home. Located Sundance Court, Sechelt. W-W  carpet, full bath, double windows, $150 mo. Refs. required.  <"hone   885-9427. 855-52  WANTED TO RENT  FAMILY   transferred  requires  2  or  3  bedroom home with  storage.   Ph.   886-7551   after   7  p.m. 478-52  WORK WANTED  DRESSMAKING   and   alterations. Phone -��86-7589. 470-tfn  FURNACE    installations    and  burner   service.    Free   estimates. Ph. 886-7111.        36-tfn  TYPEWRITERS,  adding  machines, repairs and sales. Ph.  886-7111. 7-tfn  COLLINS  Handyman  Service.  Duroid  roofing  and repairs,  digging,    . hauling,      panting,  carpentry  etc.  Ph.  885-2391.  676-tfn  ODD jobs. $2 per hour. Phone  886-2686. 787-tfn  PEERLESS TREE  SERVICES  WANTED: v100    lb.  ta^k. ph.  886-9589.  propane  471-52  MOBILE HOMES  TWO   bedroom   mobile   home,  12x44'. CSAVapproved. 1 year  old, $7,000. Ph. 885-2079.   848-2  TRAILER space, available,  all  services. Ayers Mobile Home  Park,   West  Sechelt.  Ph.   885-  AUTOS & TRUCKS (Cont..  1963    RAMBLER    Cl^ssic,^-  door\sedah, automatic, good  condition. Ph? 885-2198. 859-52  1963  Ph.  jzSi.  window van,  $300.  886-7580  eves. 864-2  "-'   \\   2375.  863-tfn  BOATS & ENGINES  14'6"   SANGSTER   craft   with  80 H.P. Evinrude motor. Ph.  885-9046. 857-52  14'6"   K-&C    fibreglass  runabout,  $500.  Ph.  886-7081.  858-52  CARS & TRUCKS  '64 PORSCHE Cabriolet. New  paint (vintage burgandy  metallic), clutch, ignition", oil  seals, oil filter. Engine in excellent condition. Good investment. $1500 or nearest offer.  Ph.  885-2897. 784^52  CAR   engine,   283     cubic   in.  Hurst stick. Any reasonable  Phone  886-7853.   937-52  offer.  1968    DODGE    16  van,   side   door,  gate,   top  9969.  aluminum  power   tail  condition.   Ph.   883-  "     843-52  1965     OLDS     98,     everything  power. Steve,  885-9392 after  5 P.m. 850-52  1969 G.M.C. pickup. Sportsman canopy, custom cab,  auto., 42,000 miles, A-l condition. Extras. $2350. Phone 885-  2871, 849-2  1972 V.W. Super Beetle,  9,000  miles, only 6 months old. As  new   -   must  sell,   $1850  cash.  Phone  885-9654. 866-52  LIVESTOCK"  ���A : , _  SWIFT, Feeds ��� H. Jacobin,  Swift dealer. Nor'West Rd.,  Sechelt. Phoney 885-9369. Chicken feeds - Horse feed - Hog  feed - Cattle feed. Hay and  other feeds by order.    258-tfn  THREE-year old bay mare out  of      registered     Appaloosk  stock.  Phone   Susan   883\2732.  81(3-52  HEALTHY Lab. cross puppies  need  homes; all males. Ph.  885-9065. 868-52  QUALITY FARM SUPPLY  Open: 9 stm. to 6 p.m.  ,, Tuesday  to Saturday  Complete  Line   of:  ��� Buckerfields Products  ��� Purina  Dog  &  Cat  Foods  Pratt Road, West Gibsons  Phone 886-7527  8241-52  PETS  RELF'S Four-O-Eight Kennels, Redrooffs, . Halfmoon  Bay wish to advise their regular customers and other pet  owners that they are accepts  ing bookings for Christmas  and New Year. Phone 885-  9469. 842-2  WANTED ��� Husky/Samoyed  cross,    male    pup,    tan    or  brown. 883-2392, eves. 883-2738  collect. . 839-2  LISTINGS   WANTED!  K. BUTLER REALTY  LTD.  ALL   TYPES   INSURANCE  Gibsons, B.C.  Phone  886-2000  MEMBER  MULTIPLE   LISTING  SERVICE  8243-52  FOR RENT  HALL for rent ���Wilson Creek  Community    Hall.    Contact  Mrs. Diane Anderson 885-2385.  7815-tfn  WINTER    accommodation available,   Oct.   1st   thru   May  1st.    Lowe's    Madeira    Park  Motel.  Ph.  883-2456. 529-tfn  FURNISHED cabin in SccheU.  Suitable for one .person^ $75,  por month includes  hoat and  light. Phono 880-9097,     944-52  A complete Tree Service  Phone 885-2109  8231-tfn  HELP WANTED  REQUIRE reliable man with  driving experience for school  bus. Will assist suitable applicant to obtain 'A' licence.  Must be of sober habits and  lffve vicinity of Madeira Park.  Write P.O. Box 5, Madeira  Park. 861-2  Fleetwood Logging Co. Ltd.  LOGGERS SEEKING,  EMPLOYMENT  Grapple Operator  2 Steel Spar Hookers  Rigging Slinger  Landing Man  Transportation daily from  Port Mellon to camp and return. Interested parties call  Vancouver Radio Telephone  for McNab Creek or write to  Box 110, Port Mellon, B.C. All  enquiries, attention Tony Dur-  alia or phone 885-2435, after  6 p.m. Attention W. Brad-  shaw. 8242-52  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  Member of the Multiple Listing Service  E:  Office 885-2235  From Vancouver Toll Free  ZEnith 2012  DAVIS BAY #2734  3 bedroom home, fireplace, new automatic furnace, new bathroom fixtures and hot water tank. Wall to wall carpet in living  room and bedrooms. Kitchen requires some finishing. Quiet street,  superlative 135. degree view df Straits. Asking $19,000, bank  finance possible. Call any salesman or office 885-2235.  MISSION POINT , #2701  Furnished duplex On 60' waterfront lease lot, flat beach, safe for  children,   away   from   highway.    Duplex   is   easily   converted   to  single occupancy. Hydro, water and seotic tank. Full price $5,800.  Call Peter Smith 885-9463 eves, or office 885-2235.  WILSON CREEK BEACH HOME #2687  Unique architect designed home, over 1,500 sq. ft., 2 bedrooms  _ plus den, could be 3rd bedroom., very modern kitchen facing  water. Spacious utility and storage. Automatic oil furnace and  huge stone fireplace. Very large double garage, covered walk to  house. Easy steps to beach. $20,000 down payment, total price  in low sixties. See this and realize a dream of ownership Call  Peter Smith 885-9463 eves, or office 885-2235.  ncoast  ESTATES LTD*  REAL ESTATE  Box 769  _����___.  885-2241     '  Vancouver Direct Lino MU5-5544  See us at our Office* across from tho Socholt Bus Depot  FOR A COPY OF OUR LATEST LISTINGS ON  CHOICE WATERFRONT, VIEW LOTS,', HOMES  AND, ACREAGE ~ CALL LEN & SUZANNE VAN  EGMOND ���- Local 885-2241 or Direct from Van-  ,  ,   ,     '      ,  . couver-MU5-5544.  GIBSONS  19,7 acros wllh small I..H1..0;, 640' road frontage, K.n,<u clear Inn,  F.P; !.35,QQQ. Call Slan 'Anderson 885^2241, oves, 88SJ-2385.  ROBERTS CREEK  2 clutij'utl hulklutfi lots ��� all norvlcod, Ulacklo|,�� rum I, m.w hum.)  urqa, h'rull Iroos pn lho lots, p,P, $5950 each. <��all Slan Antlor-  PENDER HARBOUR #2669  Your choice of excellent lots, close to deep water and shopping.  Hydro and water. Quiet for Summer home or. year round living.  These are excellent lots at low cost. Prices from $4,950 to $6,000  down payment as low as $1,485.00, good terms on balance.  Call Don Hadden 885-9504 or Peter Smith 885-9463 eves, or  .   office 885-2235.  HALFMOON BAY WATERFRONT #2738  Sheltered moorage is hard to find but here Is your opportunity  to keep a float and boat in front of this gently sloping property,.  There is a wide south-westerly view from the 2 bedroom homo  situated 300 feet away from the highway and a guest cottage to  take care of the weekenders, See it now while tho price Is only  t ;' *;��� ���"���'"-v" ;$30;000.Phoner Don Hodden;"885-9504 eves'.  ROBERTS CREEK //2'733  , Ovor 1,000 squaro fool In this 2 bedroom homo With full con-  l  crcto basement and auto oil  furnaco.  Situated on one aero of  gontly sloping land on tho high sldo of Highway  101. Full prlca  $25,000. Call Don Haddon, 885-9504 ovos.  YOU JUST CAN'T BEAT  A. LOVELY "3 BEDROOM CEDAR HOME IN. MAD-'"  EIRA PARK, tl-IKRH'S OVER 1300 SQ,,FT, LIVING  SPACF,"ONI '-"AND" ONi: I IAI.|; -BATHROOM.), NICE  J, I VINC!/1>.11:11 l:IG^AU(j\_J^IXI;|^l^imNSIVfl-^^^.  gas ruw JAcr:; wikhd roR w/w -inn and omk  IT'S RIGHT ACROSS ST-Rf-I-T; FROM. /RXCRUENT "  MOORAGE AND LESS THAN 5 MIN, WALK TO  SHOPPING U;N TKh ONLYTWO YlfARS QLp AND  -A-FIN K-UUY-AT-42 lTSG0-ON-l:ASY-TERM^(l:i:5S~  883.2745,(any tlmo)  CHARLES ENGLISH LIMITED  1        f#< ** 1  :x  ib.   .���.,:....,..,. , n. ,,.,,7,., SELMA...PAR.K , ,.,.���,  72' hlfllivvoy fronlano ��� this Iol la vlow and cloarod; harvlcoii  avail,, F.P, $5500, Call Stan Andorson 805-2241, ovos, 005-2305.  1   ,      "     DAVIS 13AY  WaUirfroiii location,   . room c��!taf|u oivlho boach1 al Davlu hay,  Flmi-kia., Mi.lcir Intel.-.,.,  lovol \.\ 60'hl'iO'., 171'. $25,900, Cull  ��� \'Ma\) Andorwi. 88D.2;{41;-aval-adB-ZUBS,  ,��1s,��.F^.-,-*r-*^.s-w^.^^J.-tr|    u | j      j   nt i. -j.   i     ...1 7       -"ill '.iji   7' ii\ii[ ��? .J. |_j-'-'���-I-"* -* ,iA�����-9#.~,**#+r*-'4*t~ w,"��� -  .. 2 ^pR06M,H0M^ bAVl.S bAY,  V/all li*> wAll nidi pundticf;, full hosdmenK Cildor lirtnift wllh an  ftncollflnt view, vinyl nldli .0. Q\)\t> 611 fiirn0c*(ir".f", ���1>z4/900, Call  Slan Anrjoi'iion 885-2241, a.nt., 065-2385,  ,   . W'UST SECHELT.  ?./\] iicm\ 1 rood lot, nulldlna i<llo cloarod; culyail In,  1  Mi id h>  lxmr.li, Sorvlcod, f-.P. V/950; wllh 1<500 dawn, Call Tilnn Antlnr-  r,un l..l!).?.'..|, nvia Hllf)-?3flL��,  _am_      _      ^,-.^.^.��g-*__       .        ���i        .  Ycor-f'����ind <rrel., Hrovily trefd; nom�� view of tho orco/i only,  1 Mark mo bond.. Thlv Is n mvlno lot wlth'ISO' frDnlatio -on "  WuKullald Kiiad. Omlil ho Mihdlvldod Inlu 2 loli,, F,l'. IUO.LiUO.  1 Call Man AiuIuiboh 08JJ-224I/ ovoti, 005.23013,  SELMA PARK  Ong of tho finest vlow lots high up In Solma Park has a now  2 bpdroom mobilo homo .all ready for occupancy.  It has boon  qpprovod by CSA, tho, building Inspector and ,tho bank,, Lot. s|zo ,  16./I50 sq.ft. full prlco $17,900, To vlow Call Don Haddon,  885-9504 ovos.  PENDER HARBOUR COMMERCIAL #2.670  Gravol deposit, year-round crook and springs. Ovor  16 acros of  ,  pflmo, Highway  location,   Closo   to, wato.front  facing, tho, saa,  "froportyonly, offered at a fullprlco of ,$75,000 ,wl|h torms, Will  consider all  cash offers,, CALL Bob  Kont  885-9-461   eves,  or'  office 085-2235.  RED-WELAREA ��� ��� ^ - ���   #2566  Ovor an aero of land1 In this woll forrostpd lot. Excollont vlow  potential, Faces payee) road with hydro, Fow short stppa lo public  1   boach aroa and small boat laurichlijrj, F,P. $5,500. CALL Bob  Konl 085-9461 ovos.   ,  .SARGEWX.BAY-  /Q. ocrn Irood lot, LoyoI with driveway on excellent rccroallort  roa, F.P. 4700. Call Sinn Andorson 005-2241, oyus, 065-2365, '  area  SECHELT VILLAGE'  5 hodroom homo In ()<">(- control location, ||out,o U conlompoiniy  donlon, Shako ioaf. codar b|(lln(]i Sauna hath, loioo llyinri rooni,  all carpalml throughout; laroo utlllly room, "nunflocku, Full nrlco  $36,900,Call Stan Andaman 805.2241, ovo��, 005-2305,  , 13USINE5S OPPORTUNITY &,' INVESTMENT ' ' ,^2650  For q�� lllllo a& $2500 down you can purchase a oolnp huhlnoss,  havo ample llvlnp quariprh plus, an oxcollopt .Invoslmonl proporly  "Iciclno thdrocroallonalWalorfrbhl "bi tha Vlllajja of $ocholt, 'and'  still havu room lor expansion, For an appolntmonl or further dp-  lallft call Bob Konl or Polar Smith qnyllmo 005-2235,  tllll_.^.,lil^aif|al��_.1��'l_��l-in_.l_W.^^ftlUM  DAVIS BAY a//2600  'Cloao'iotho soawlth ocean vIowr'Noatly siuccocd two hodroom   '  modern homo foamroa lorao living room, with flroplaco and  Bpaclous! kltchon, CovorodBiihclQck, Carport' plus work shop, A  . roal?rollromontri��pocla| at. $25,900rtorms.'t Cash offors' seriously  consklorod, CALL Boh Konl 005-9461 ovos, br 005-2233 olflco,    '  GRANTHAMS ��� S'oulhorly Vlnw     ', !    '//27I7  . BAR0AIN5 ARI;" SCAI^CCr' iHoro'ii'^noi KOqiVcailVM^iirnJ 'ijV..V-  -side -dupicvr t?r* |an?e;fomi^tllomf."', -po'dfJl^WmHlnfl,! l'OCj. 5mpr"  < t,byty't^ll Iimoco,JiimJouh^flin-aOnd b<ii��monitM.'rttoU At  6nly tlfl,500, this>! ori oAcio|lonti Invostment for_ cdrbontbr or  handyman, f-op full hor particular* CALL C, R, GATHERCOLE at  SFCHI.I.T VILLAGE  rf2D93  ;:xco||onl lovol cloarod Iol In aiou of hikkI homo*, noor' kchooli,  (.hop!.; $5,250 cahh or $5,750 lorms, CALL C, R, GATHERCOLl   nf 006-2705, ' '  i  \  ������J-A9K"POR-p��r;P^CATALOGU".*9P-R"!Alrrr)TATR���  '9-*. t^��Wi��*��fl{^*Jl*,��pi*W u  . ,>AQIENdll��SrlLTD^**T,*","^"���,  tax 155, Secholt    .,���'.' ������   Ph6no 885-2235  .1 -.I . ' I ' .- , , ���  Or Call Toll" Frqo from the Grcotor Vancouvor Aroa  ZEnith 2012.  - (E.&O.E.) 7    ,  MADEIRA PARK  2 yr. old ranch style home with 4 bedrooms. Electric heat,, carport. Attractive white sandstone fireplace, wall to wall carpet in  - living room. Large kitchen-dining roOm with coppertone range,  hood and fridge. 12'xl2' utility room with cupboards. Plus a  24'x36' shop building, fully insulated. Situated on an attractive  veiw   lot  and   close  to school, \stores.   postoffice  and   marinas.  $37,500.  VIEW LOTS ��� GARDEN BAY ESTATES  In a beautiful setting, seiviced with paved road, water and hydro.  Pablic access to waterfront. Close to stores, marinas and. post  office. One steep lot at $3,000, the balance priced from $6,000  to $10,000.  WARNOCK ROAD  Level   lot,   79'x2007    Excellent   mobile   home   site.    $6,200.  MARY ISLAND  Beautiful 4.8 acre Mary. Island, just outside Madeira Park Govt.  wharf. Over 1,500 ft. sheltered waterfront, water, telephone and  electricity.   Large,   comfortable   log   home  with   electric   heating,  small guest house, float. $125,000.  KLEINDALE ON HIGHWAY 101  Over 9 gently sloping acres with" 2 small houses, roads throughout property. Price firm at $22,000.  MOBILE HOME SITES  Several  lots available.  EGMONT LOTS  Waterfront lots���$11,000 to $13,000.  BARGAIN HARBOUR WATERFRONT HOME  Good older home, 2 BR on main floor, 2 BR on upper floor; oil  furnace, electric range, frig and some furniture. 54 ft. level waterfront lot. Asking $29,000.  -SILVER-SANDS  2  BR  home on  level  view  lot,  creek  running   through   property.  Patio, carport and storage area. $16,500.  MADEIRA PARK  Older 2 BF< cortially furnished home with basement. Oil furnace.  Close   to   stores,   school,   marinas   and   Gov't   wharf.    $21,500.  "   VIEW LOTS ���GARDEN BAY  Very large parklike lots overlooking Pender Harbour. Priced from  7    $5,000 to $6,000. ..  WATERFRONT LOTS  75' -._.   Ruby Lake, 105'  $13,500      l/3  Fisher Island  90'..._....7 $18,500     88'.   54' beach front, with   14' trailer    $16,500  $16,500  $18,500  $18,000  GARDEN BAY -- ..,  Attractive   3   BR   home���approx.    100'   from   waterfront���dble.  plumbing,  fireplace, sundeck.  Fine  view of  Harbour.   Beautifully  landscaped  lease lot.  $35,000.  Investors and Developers  $500,000   POTENTIAL  Partially developed possible 86 lot subdivision site on 37 vieW'  acres on Francis Peninsula. Approx, 3,900 ft. of primary .road  constructed to service approx. 56 lots. Potential for 30 more  lots. Water main on S.E. boundary of property and own gravel  pit also on property, Asking price $150,000.  BROOKS COVE���HALFMOON BAY  194' deep waterfront with 3 BR Panabode home (4" cedar) with  sundeck, full bathroom, propane range and fridge. All furniture;  dishes, bedding, etc., included. ,No electricity. Access by path  only���850 ft. from parking lot to house, Immediate possession.  .    ��� . '     "$29,000;      '    ��� ������  IRVINE'S LANDING  2 DR""pariially"''''furnished1''older homo oh7'Jarqci view lot ovor-  looklng Loo Bay, Closo tp Marina and Govt, wharf. $13,500  ,   LARGE ACREAGE   ,  $50,000.  2, Dark'Covo, ���Jorvls Inlot���Approx, 1 mllo watorfront���184  a.  acres-���3 floo4-buildings���$150,000. ,-    3, Secret Covo aica���160 acros���-roads and trails thrc  fairly level property���$7O,0007  4, Pondor Harbour���approx, 33 acros���approx. 1800' Wtorfront  ���$05,000,      '-'  77,4;i,7.:::;;7;.7':;7:-MADEIRA.': PARK 4.7.....,,.:.,,,7, 7,7  2 BR homo on attractive landscaped lot with fruit troos, A fow  hundred ff.to school, stores and marina, Washor, dryer, ranga  .   and frldgo Included In price of $29,000, ��� " ��� >  EARL COVE  A fow lots still availablo on this 30 lot subdivision, Prlcod from  ,     , ,   ���  , _    -      HOO?, ,���.,,, ;  MADEIRA PARK  CJ.w|cc| ylow lol.u on 72, jot ��ulxl|y|alon7Prices horn,, $3,700 to,   '"' $10,0007861110 cloarod ready for'building,  �� '  ,   ��� .,���______  yr.C77x\b'.m&,}~.yj~,*,  m**mt**twmiimimmiwwtttMitiiMmm^^  Unfinished summar cottage with' stindaqK. on nico vlaw lot, Clofya  , Jo public bqach area, $0,200, ,t ,   ,  ,   ���  SMALL- ACREAGE WITH WATERFRONT  1, Sakinaw Lake���13tQ acres���approx, 350' cholco vyatorfront-n',  ��� $33,000.    -'���������.���'''��� ���'���..". ���������',���  2, Oyster Dayr-rneorly 10 acros In Pondor Harbour���approx, 550'  ,,���, wqimfmnt ���fruit troos,���,.'M5;000, ''  lJ_'_.n8^.,_??W!,Jt acro",r:c"|jpi6x, ��� h6p'  walorffonl���axcdlght.  ftlto for mM|jo homo park~tpdvcd Maple Rd, rum throuah  l6T At MAlBilS/TpARK  10b'xl72' loMfow hundred foot to ntor6j��� school, marinas, and  Govt, wharf, $5,000,   '  NEAR MADEIRA PARK  Nonr now 2 I'R'homo onapprox, % ncro lovol lot, Has aloclrld  hrnllno,  flrnplnm, w/��w rnrnol, nloincirt niv|, rnrimrl.  $21,500.  ,    ; '        IJAGGQN R^AD',  3 jj99d Nlldlnp ,1^1^ ��W waHV to school, Moras,: pom ofllcq and  marinas, $6,000 each,  .    ���      , , ,..-,. . ,. ,,  _J^yjS!��ols!Lqa_j^  arta-  ;OiiiISiSlill  REALTY LTP.  Madolra; Park,-D.C.  Phono Ponder Harbour 883-2233  [B*HH(*tt��i��yfW��>*l,W*W**  aMtt. ^th_Oim*>?M�� \"
u ' V ^VW-  ,i >S <.   £,
7 :"     J
7   FIREPLACE    wood    for.   sal?.
Dried   alder,  maple  and   fir.
FOR SALF  (Continued) FOR  SALE (Continued)     N      FOR SALE (Continued)
Phone 883^2417.
.    Paint—;Fibregrass—Rope—
xCanvas—Boat Hardware
X"dmpr-essed  air  service
(1971) LTD.
Phone 886-9303, Gibsons, B.C.
WORK   CLOTHES-sportswear
or  what  have  you  al  Morgan's Men's   Wear. 587-lfn
FIREPLACE   TTTocT,   $25  .cord,
delivered.  Phone 885-9715.
METAL   bed   and   spring,   $12;
12   volt   battery.   $5;   vanity
dresser withN mirror and bench,
$10,.   Phone   836-2585    after   rt
ELECTRIC     pressure     water
P\ltop;     water     tank,   -and
double   . laundry    tubs    with
stand.  Ph.   886-9883. 798-52
TOP   .oil -for- ._le   liuNi--\\'-njl
>$6chelt. Cohtact  Frank Jorgensen,   885-^706. 801-h2
71*«JP1 ■ a .	
RRI.GGS &■• Str.atton reel mower, dishwasher sink unit. Ph.
885-9044.     ' 793-52
37'   CEDAR  hull.   Completely
rebuilt.    New   decks,   ready
for cabin. Must sell, $600. Ph
883-9991  alter 7 p.m.        791-52
FOUR-speed     minibike,    near
new,     1972     licence    plates,
$200. Phone Mark 1883-2732.'
•    809 52
B E A T T Y wringer    washing
. machine. Stainless steel tub.
■Conditio*, excellent. Price $45.
£h.   &85-2054. '      853-2
2 ANTIQUE copper tub's, zinc
\lined fnr lasf hi.\*e . -<yr p.ant a-"
eis   Console table, ■oabms.  ra-
.   .■      "'    ■     '.'■  "!   '     , 7     '£*"-(..■ •,'"•''■.      •.'•'    '   -'■
\ •"•''■'■'■■    '■> 'H, , 2,1 ■_'■
TWO 6.35-yl 4A«now- Tires~worih
ahni.t     1000    mile--.     .W.irth
$°R >q.h   HPwV   Roth   for   $n'l
885 9333. 8f?fj 9!.0i_. 8H-.r»2
. ONE 670-775 x 15" Dridpe rim
and   snow.,  tire,   $8.^Phone
885-9610. 847-52
SfM'ftA      diving     equipment.
\t-Mj\k, •narkpl, jet  iihs, tank.,
hac-pstc, ^-Ik-v. reef.,; tank book
- —  •.»».- . ••   , v \.   i'      .'.-
. w. ..     ,  r .     i       ',-,-' i \- i.
b H t-    ■   '.;       n v '. ::        T,ta 'T.
will sell separately-^ 88^-2630
oV Collin Rewei'ts. Box 153. sechelt, .. .840-2
_ : ^—-^ :	
USED cement  mixer,  with  or
without  motor.  886-9584.
TAPE  recorder.  Webcor  r?el-
1 to-reel, $35.  Phone' 885-p654.
" 367-52'
TWO'Ecnnolino v¥n tiros, E78x
14,   $10.   Phone ■886-2580.
Real  Estate &  Insurance.
Pender Harbour - Egmont - Earl's Cove
ACREAGE—Approx. 7 acres on Highway  101; with
500' of frontage. FP $15,000.
SEMI-WATERFRONT LOT—Nicely treed, good location,   water  and   power  available.   Only   100   paces
*from beach. FP $7000 with Vi down.
PENDER HARBOUR MARINA —Good business proposition with winter income. Owner requires change.
Just $60,000 FP; offers on down payment.
Waterfront acreage—*y2 acres with 425' of
beach;  700' on  highway.   Ideal  for Marina,   Hotel-
Motel or what have you. Or, ideal for condominium
for 4 or 5 families.  FP $49,900.
Call John Breen at 883-2794 (24 hours)
APARTMENT   size   piano,    1
year  old, $500  firm.   £hone
885-2188  ot 224-6318.      866-52
BEDFORD parts for sale   Ph.
885-9444, 854-52
METAL bed  and  spring,  $12;
12   volt -batterv,   $5.   Phone
886-2985 after 6 p.m. v   474'52
SMALL   fridge,   $20.   Ph7 886-
7580   eves. 865-2
Residential   -   Commercial
Recreational       *'
All typesj.pf real estate financing inclucjEhi builders loahs,
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Call Lorrie Girard 886-7244 or 886-7760.
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Gibsons, B.C. 886-2481
In Gibsons on large, landscaped flat lot, 1 block
from ocean, close to shopping and transportation.
Two one-bedroom units and two two-bedroom units,
fireplaces, car ports, utility sheds, stoves, fridges.
A sound investment at $57,500 On good terms. Illness forces this sale:'
Almost new 3 BEDROOM RAMBLER close to Gibsons, w/w carports,  large utility.   18,000 sq.  ft.   lot.
Black top driveway. $22,500.
LARGE VIEW LOT — well treed. In the village ancl
fully serviced. $4,400.
GOOD  RETIREMENT  HOME on  government   lease
land. Two bedrooms, sundeck, close to beach, fireplace. Full price $13,500 ,   ,
REDROOFSS  ROAD — big   lot. (lOl'x.5050,   level,
nice trees. On pavement. $6,000.
HILLQREST  ROAD— Newly   remodelled   2 .bedroom basement home. Fireplace, carport, view. Large
50:x268' lot. $23,5,00.
Don't send
PORTRAITIST JO Warne of Sechelt
poses with ^ome--of-4_er paintings following a recent one-woman show held
in the Gallery Shop. The portrait on
the■ oase-l to .Mrs. Warne's left is
Tyrone Joseph, a former resident of
the Sechelt residential school and a
noted carver and artist. Hes painted
the' ■Indian,' symbols7:s?ti_. Cairved^the
tot'e'm-p'ole on'the 'refceryfe/' gyinita-
'.sium.Mrs. Warne displays some bas-
- kefs woven by fndi&ns in Oarcy an(* -
Pemberton.' Next week the Gallei'y
Shop will feature Christmas gifts, and
pottery by. Marguerite MacLellan
ancl Jo Gibson." ■•'•■■    ■;•  ••■
tlie Peninsula Times '-^a9e ^"5
Wednesday, November 22,1972
K. A. Crosby  886-2098 - J.  E. White  886-2935
/ J. Visser 885-2300 - Mike Blaney 886-7436
Around The Harbow
This holiday season
make sure your letter mai
isn't "Short". Be certain that
you have enough postage
on the envelope.
Here^fejthe rates for
mail under 1 oz.
Canada and U.S.A.
Letter mail
(sealed - first class) • 8£.
Unsealed greeting cards - 60.
All other countries (air mail)
Letter mail
(sealed - first class) -150.
Unsealed greeting cards -1.20.
Remember also the
dates for holiday mail.
December 13 for out-of-town
and December 17 for in-town.
For foreign
surface letters
and parcels,
please consult
your local
postmaster. ■
If you meet
our deadlines,
we'll meet
yours. ..'
I^L   Canada   Postes
., Wi   Post       Canada
RRRR! I guess winter is really here to
stay. The harbor is beautiful in the
mornings with ...Lt.s.Jcy_._white. _coat _^qt-_.
oris't's are requested to take extra caution
on the roads though, for the ice is quite
dangerous on several sections of the
highway. Many thanks to the highway
crews who have started salting most of
he road. Hopefully this will prevent
many of the accidents caused by skids.
The Community Clufc.held its general
meeting Nov. 12. Once again there was
a lack of participation shown with only
three members other, than the executive
attending. All members are reminded
that, their memberships expire Dec. 31.
Membership dues are now being taken
for the new year starting Jan. 1.
If anyone has old saucers that they
no longer need, the Community Club
would be grateful to receive them. The
saucers' Will be used as ashtrays at bingo
and other occasions and activities in the
hall. Donations will be accepted either
at the hall or at the Madeira Park Store
by Linda Mattis.
Two movies are planned for the
month of December. The first will be
held Saturday Dec. 2, at 8 p.m. The film
is; "Carry ori Doctor". The .second film-
showing, "The Russians are Coming, The
Russians, are Coming", will be held Saturday Dec.  10, at 8 p.m,
No bingo will be held Nov. 23 but
will re.sume-Nov_!30:with,•'a^bonus'■•night,-;
One extra card will be given free with
every seven purchased'. The Dec. 7 bingo
Is' a special night with 'a double jackpot of $100 to be won, The qnnupl turkey
bingo is ori Dec. 14 this year, with turkeys
instead of the .$10 prize for tho individual games, '.   ""'"'■''
— by Diane Phillips, 883-9978
Pender Harbor is our community and we
all partake in making it like it is. If
.Y.9yri??.L,?:--ri,eecl<. ,ipr..„.a, .change, „sax_,so.|_,
Senior citizens entertained
by Sechelt music students
STUDENTS   of   Sechelt     Elementary
School entertained senior citizens
musically  Sunday. ■-■-,	
Music was provided hy Mrs. G. L.
Brooke's  pupils   in  the   school's   library.
'it's getting to be an annual event
and we look forward to it with anticipation," said Dave Hayward, who arranged
the   program.
"It was quite evident by the stillness
of the seniors that they all enjoyed the
musical  program,"  said   Hayward.
"We are greatly indebted to Mr. Reid,
principal of the school arid the school
board for their generostiy in granting
the. use of the music room,"
Pender Harbour - Egmont Area
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883-2794 (24 hours)
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i«,_^.|te4iv.„fm. .«.*.--**■ 11'**»^tty.vfMi,;***!****#-?-«*
mW*i!.M Ww wWI. UaftiiiH
I'd really like to meet you. ir.mio mmma
lho fcllars.we earn go further and work harder Isn't easy. So-if
yon arq having any "problems willi bills and paym'onls or just hnnclllnn
irfepsyt.! think we QflnjTGj^J^'slnff^ancM hayo.any numbor of        ;
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koep your money matters straightened out. ■ '"'
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Community Corner
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Pi'i..r.ir |-lnil>onr Auklllaiy I'o
Sl, Mnry'ti lloi.pllcil Iwnchoon
Al prion-enki,
^efWng BritishColMmbiig^
M^clolrp, Park , '
TQlopnonQ! 8{i3-J2711
nurserV school
Serbndipity ..Nursery   School  la  now
1 in fiilT swlrigr'^lioro''''''wn'fi''''a'''''fl,root,'',M^ic'e'cl,''''
for n aohopl In tho nron nncl lhe, 23 young-
stors presontly enrolled nro enjoying their
olnfiHoa throe mornings n wook,
Serendipity fttiidonlfl Ihnnk nil who
mipporlerl' thom by, piu'chnfilni;,' lho bnkbcl
(M(iotlH Hold n|,hlnfio.iriat.'^iVui^Uft'y.,,''ilglVt,
Kvoryono la invltod ^lo, t\\\pnd tho
"Tioynl C((mTdlirr0Idgl^*lntlloi.!.Mbi. lo "ho
hold Rnlurdny Doo, SJ, nt JJ p.m., In tho
Loglon Hull, Bnkcd gondloa nnd hnhcll-
works of Iho Indloa will ho on anlo during tho ton, •i      •   . '."■."*,■■ ;.-i < ■',
HoapoiiHo to my rocntofit fpr informn-,
tion on Tipiioifiliig' ovdhla1 niuV linrhor
now'fl \w. boon noxl, to noho, Plonao don't
hoaltnlo Jo cnll ipo i.ny^fil'lonMwiL.oi"
ovonlng wlunlnylhln^ you mlgln hnvo,
lo report, Thin Infoi'mnjkm la oaaontlnl
"'to iTiiiko (IiIh oolumii linpiion. Mho, If you
would llko.to aoo nn notlvlly'got unclor-
w»,v Uml linan't .njrondy . atnrlod, Ihla
apnoo  onn 'lio* uHod   for  your  roquoata,
, -a      /
,..    ift.tli,.^lWt1f(VM'M^W*l)l1^ a" a.'   i,<
i i  - a It I, .       ,  '  I , 'l  -)i      1
l        - I'- <        -77,4	
<jf p      . ^tAn^pip^
Need   a   solid   foundation   for
your boaHhioMso ...
1 Rdtnarkablo combination of old
car tiros pressure fillod with
lightweight durable polystyrene.
■ *, A float- that meets all marina
requirements, ,    ,,
* Light weight Aluminum Ramps
-   , also available,     ''/.    ■
Each Topper Tiro Float
support! approx. 20O Ibarr
Pocks - Walks - Poat Houses
El Mar Sales Ltd
garden «3ay' Ph,"883-2671
W»W|tWWlWltMlffJiW*»^^tag^llllP^I_i.*. t^*»WiWl"
I  '
,i. <».,«. n,t.fn„ii#mt4 Jl,<i ' i"»>i(*W#»t| 1  -M.;  Y  ,7-.  Page A-61 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, November 2^, f972  MORE  . \  ���fri]  ABOUT   . . .  .*'. Pupils report on trip  .."* ���from page A-l  same kids," Were very knowledgable' in  their own nation's current events and  not informed on any other country's problems, unless they affected their lives in  a very visible manner. _  When we arrived back on the Penin-!  sula   and   had   a   chance   to   discuss   our  escapades with our classmates and teachers  at school,  I -formed* another  opinion ������  about our country's" attitude  toward the .  United States. Most of our students seem  to   be   anti-American,   and   this   feeling  seems to be based on two issues only������ ,  the  Vietnam  War and  American ownership in Canada. ,  BY SUSANNE JORGENSEN  We were invited to speak in various  classes about our feelings concerning Canada and the U.S. We told of rules and discipline and corporal punishment. The latter subject really floored them, an adult  actually authorized to enforce respect  with such violent measures and actually  given parents' consent. This to them was  unreal and they thought that it was a  good reason for we "Canucks" to protest.  On the social scene, the kid^ were very  strange.'To view their apparent rebellious  natures in school, one would assume the  horror of the police to have them to  worry about after 3 p.m. But to our surprise, the kids did only as told at home.  If told to be home around 10 - 10:30 they  would walk in exactly one minute to the  hour.  BY  BILL  SNEDDON  During the weekend each family was  supposed to take ils billet on some sort of  an outing. Most of us wound up on the  coast.  . Probably the most exciting part of the  coast is the vast expanse of sand dunes  just a few miles inland. Some of us had  a good time with dune buggies while  others just had fun running around and  throwing frisbees in the strong wind. Although the sea was about two miles away  you  could  plainly  hear  the breakers.  Some of us went down to the sea lions  caves while others.just travelled up and  down some of the coast and all its state  parks. One group decided to return, to  Eugene via some obscure, dirt backroads.  They eventually did make it back after  an interesting tour of Oregon backwoods.  BY DEBRA BABA  When some people think of Americans, they think of loud, boisterous persons who want to buy all the land and  resources. True, there are Americans like  this, but this is mostly big businessmen.  Like all countries, Canada included, they  do have their fat-cat tourists. It is too  bad. because this type of person sticks in  your mind longer than a polite, normal  everyday   being   does.  I found that there was absolutely no  difference with the pfoplc in my age  bracket .when it comes to amusements  and fads. True, they are ignuraut of the  issues between the U.S. and Canada. This  does no' mean that Ihey are stupid or  idiotic, ll is just that they are not subjected lo llicsc issues as Canadians students are. They do not have a major television media from Canada, as Iho people  in this area do (CBS). Canada is not a  major power in the world, so whatever  she does, she often does nol. make the  headlines in the papers.  Another  thing  is,  Canadian   students  arc  I aught   about   Ihe   U.S.   I'or  years  in  grade-school and high school, even though  they are not conscious of it. Wc arc sub-  .   jecled lo text-books printed in the. U.S.;  'for example, oyr French books are printed  ln  Now  York. The studonts  I  talked  to  '"  said* thoy'look Canada for, a' few' days in  tholr  world  study  class  in  their  junior  years.   Obviously,   they  cannot  take  the  topography, goagraphy, politics "and economy of our country in a. few clays, So  thoy   study   Ihe   intcroKting  purls.   Thoy  lunrii about, Quebec, Oltawu (.sometimes)  Jiiid   North west   Terr! lories,   Noi   wonder  speak "Vouch. ,  YOUNG WOLF pup pondersN hi,s  next move after being outwitted" by  a groundhog in "Brother of the  Wind'7 family feature opening Nov.  27-28 at the Twilight Theatre, Gibsons.  Wolf pups star  in wildlife film  "BROTHER of the Wind", an unusual  outdoor wi'dlife movie filmed in the  majestic Canadian Rockies, opens a limited engagement Monday and Tuesday,  Nov. 27-28, at the' Twilight' Theatre in  Gibsons. Two shows, each evening will  be" presehl'ed^at 7 and 9 o'clock.  This family film was directed and  co-produced by Dick Robinson, noted  animal handler and wildlife cameraman  whose work has brought Oscar and Emmy honors lo many film productions.  Robinson also stars as the lonely  mountain man whose life is changed  drastically when he rescues four wolf  pups from certain starvation when their  mother   is  killed.  The frisky youngsters soon make  themselves at home with the old man  in his cabin and become his constant  companions. Their playful behavior and  comic pastimes provide some of the most  delightful animal scenes ever filmed.  Joining the wolves in the Sun International production are over 30 other  colorful animals indigenous to the Canadian Rockies, including ��� bear, cougar,  elk, deer, raccoon, beaver, weasel, musk-  rat, fox and many others.  In the course of the two years lhe  film spans, the wolves grow to a mature  weight of 150 pounds and experience a  series of dramatic encounters with -other  animals  in the mountains.  During a (mestion-and-answer period after a talk by playwright Edward  Albce, a member of the audience stood  up and prefaced his remark;, with "As a  budding critic..." At this point Albee  interrupted and said, "Budding? I thought  they  just  burst   into  full  weed."  .      \        :  Yukoners looking for  sqii^ for anniversary  f yKOttERS ' ute''-'p?ariA'til&  8 goyd bVtf- *  fashioned  northern  shino!^. next year  to celebrate the 75th  anniversary of the 7  famed   Klondike   Gold  Rush.   But,   what  party   is  complete  without  music,  particularly   if   jts   c6mposed   specifically^ for  * I il  the occasion? \  So, to complete1 the party the Yukon  territorial government and a Whitehorse  radio station have, orgahized a nation-wide  song contest, xjpen to Canadian citizens or  residents of Canada. Eitherx amateur or  professional. Deadline for the contest is  Dec. 31, and the winner stands to net  $1,000 in real Klondike gold or cash  .equivalent.  "We're looking for an original Yukon  sbng that should include things like 'the  Yukon's romantic history,-. its wide-open  frontier wilderness, the pioneering spirit  of its people and its growth as a part of  Canada's north, Russ Graham of the department of Travel and Information said.  "A good example of what we're looking for is the song 'Saskatchewan' which  was composed for the Saskatchewan-  Homecoming in 197-1," he said.  Judging will be by an Independent  panel of judges in Whitehorse and the  winning song will be announced Jan.  31. Copyright for the song will be assigned by the composer lo the government of the Yukon territory.  All entries must include original sheet  music with lyrics and a taped rendition  of the song. Team entries will be accepted but no sheet music without tape or  tape without music will be considered.  There is no entry fee.  All entries should be mailed to: "Klondike '73 Song Contest, CKRW Radio,-  4103  - 4th Ave.,  Whitehorse,  Yukon.  Cancer facts  SCIENTISTS from virtually every branch  of modern science are utilizing an impressive array of weapons in the fight  against cancer. One of the most important  is  the  human  body itself.  The body's natural defense mechanism  -���its immune system���is able to dispose;  oi' a variety of foreign substances, including foreign  cells.  Research people want to know why  this system breaks down so that the body  tolerates cancer cells which, in effect,  are foreigners. ,  There is some indication that cancer  cells accomplish their invasion by disguising themselves as  normal cells.  One area of intense interest is "autoimmunity", in which cells of a patient's  own cancer, when injected into the blood  stream, reduce or halt the spread of  cancer, sometimes after the cells have  been modified.  Another deals with the phenomenon  in which mouse tumor cells grown in  tissue culture for long periods, have been  found to lose their ability to produce  _ tumors when transplanted back into mice  and to protect them against subsequent  exposure   to   cancer.  Pamphlets and information about cancer can be obtained by writing to: B.C.  and Yukon Division, Canadian Cancer  Society, 968 West Eighth Ave., Vancouver 9,  B.C.  \  \  \  Pender Hi-lites  ��� bv Cecile Girard  *\  \  'J if.  Vpor.s���On Wednes$aj\ Nov.,...22 (to-  tlav) Elphinstone comes to our school to  play some basketball games against our  junior boys and girls. Come pn team,,  let's win! Everybody welcome to come  and watch. '     . ,     ���        '  This bit of news was supposed to be  in last week's- Times but there was a  slight mistake, so, here it is:  On Wednesday, Nov. 8, our. ..senior  girls travelled to North Vancouver to  play a series of volleyball games against  Deibiooke at Carson.. Gr a ha m High  School. This was to see which of the  two learns would travel to Kitirnat. to  play in the provincials. Unfortunately  it was not our senior girls who won but  Delbrooke. Delbrooke defeated Pender  three games out of fivfr to the scores of  5-15, 1-15 and 10-15.    ^      .   '  Hopkins Landing ^  woman wins color TV  MRS.  E.  J.Minahan,  Hopkins  Landing,  was the winner of the  19-inch West- .  inghouse   portable     color   television   set  given away by Trail Bay Shopping Cen-   ���  tie merchants to mark their second an- *  niversary.  Drawing  the  winning  name  Nov.   18  was Adrian  Cattanach,   18,  a student  atv  Elphinstone High School.  Winners of the hockey tickets were:  Sherry Walker, Rory Walker, Bobby Sully, Donald Paull, Terry Rodway, Craig  Rodway, Bruce Goddard, Brenda Clarke,  Denise Lawson, Brett Housley> Peter  Evans, Janet Clayton,' Grant Clayton,'  David Farewell, Mark Whyte, Sandra  Jorgensonj. Tim Brackett, Bob Dixon,  Mike Gough, Albert Dunsford, Slade  Watson, Tom Saunders, Michael Higgins,  Rena Joe, Michael Danroth, Glen Brown, ���  Mike English, Eric Luxton, Eddie Edmunds and Dale Brackett.  ENJOY CAN ADS AN and CHINESE FOODS  at the WHIS>ER|NG PINES,  Sechelt  STEAKS     ��     CHOPS     ���     SEAFOOD���Served Daily   _��� -^-������ : ��� ; ^��� ���; ���^������ ,  Good   selection   of   Chinese -Dishes.   By   reservation  Friday  and  Saturday evenings only. Take-out  Orders  6 to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday.  f  FOR RESERVATIONS or TAKE-OUT ORDERS ��� 885-9769  ACLD  (ASSOCIATION   FOR CHILDREN  WITH   LEARNING  DISABILITIES)  RUMMAGE SALE  NOV.  ^-4_lLl!!.  ST.   HILDA'S  CHURCH HALL ��� SECHELT  ANYONE WISHING TO DONATE, PLEASE CONTACT:  Mrs. Doreen Gust ��� 886-9861 or Esther Reid ��� 886-2581  \  A woman has reached real women's  lib status when she is the one who forgets, the  wedding  anniversary.  BEFORE ���XHIE^!blOJ^t^MiS^^  WINTERIZE  YOUR MOTOR  NOW!  NO CHARGE FOR STORAGE _  Pay only for necessary costs to  _ keep  your  motor  in   top shape  and ready for another f��R filled  season.  MADEIRA MARINA  Phone 883-2266  ���%M  SECHELT AGENCIES DATE  PAD  ��� This free reminder of coming events is a service of SECHELT AGENCIES .  LTD.  Phone Peninsula Times direct for free listings, specifying ''Dote  Pad". Please note that SDace is limited and some advance dates may  have to wait their turn; also that this is a "reminder" listings only and  cannot always carry full details.  , Nov., 22���8 p.m., Bingo, Sechelt Legion Hall.  Nov. 24���1 to 3 p.m.,'Rummage and Bake Sale, Parents'Auxiliary to  Roberts Creek School, St. Aiden's Hall.  Nov. 24���8 p.m., Bingo, Sechelt Indian Hall.  Dec.    1���_ p.m., L.A. Bazaar and Tea, Roberts Creek Legion Hall.  Dec.    3-���1 p.m., Horrtemakers' Club Rummage Sale, Reserve Hall  Dec. 13���12 noon, Pender Harbour Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital  Luncheon.  Dec. 17���1 p.m., Legion Children's Christmas Party, Sechelt Legion  Hall, previous enrollment necessary.  ASK FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE OF REAL ESTATE  .  Phone 885-2235  Or  call   Toll   Free  [Mu&iph.  Listing  Service  Vancouver Real Estate  Board  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  AGENCIES LTD.  Box 128, Sechelt, B.C.  from   the  Greater Vancouver   Area  ZEnith_2021  ��, ii1  _ \f%.  l'\)H Units.! vory  special CluintmuH  Tree  Decoration..,   o o m a   to   Miss     Uoo's,  Wharf Himd, Socholt.  Mr. ROBERT J. DURLING  British Columbia Land Surveyor, of Powell River, B.C.  is pleased to announce the opening of an associated  office in th&SetheltLu^  W. ALLEN, British Columbia Land Surveyor.  R.J. DURLING, B.C.L.S.  4760-D, Joyce Avenue  ��. PQYfol.l.Riyior, B,C. , .���,  485-2404  487-9215 (Res,)  Zen, 61.74  COWRIE STREET, SECHELT - 885-9416  PRICES EFFECTIVE  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Nov.  23,  24, 25  CARROTS  This is one house  ������;���  Jj3   Ei ES Hi }_W 7' wl \_w    ^Q^^ Ul Iti ^BB$      19 IS^Hfflr ��y| [SmS \fe___J '"'��;.,.  that Westwood bissit  v;^^y^J ||KI   |jp t$'Ij B0)��< tB ' RsaJr :: ^H n^*iF%_Pi&4___l    H ET5Ur B _\_\ _''������'-  | I ��� I I t I �� �� ���  u.s; Noj i  mmmmmmmmm^mmmmmummm  KELLOG S CORN  FLAKES  KRAFT^HEESE^LI^B&  Tho Klldnro hnn two boclroonw. nn Ul.npocl  llvlng/dlr)lnp room, n carport and ovor ,1000  Bfiunro foot o( lloor epfloo,  mitni-a44>amiH?i4*iiw**99rmf��tti9i��Qiim)ii,_,iii*miii' aws^^fitv^t^fit^fwi^ittf^rtmii^  ., a. 1 .  HONTAci'mh'Msritiomwmm  WaMMM^mMf.  II '���'     ,  'i'yi MrtlWaW  '_'  > riMitliSlmil). ii  Froese Bros. Construction  Gibsons r��� Phono 886-2417    .  W��l��tlfttt)i<*i��uu'fcsw^  T  PRIME RIB ROASTS  1   '-j-"--        ���    2,.,.,,, .,     "ijl^ll   ��IfcH  ��� Canada; No.^21*-.......,....;....,.-... ���  Hiiniiiiiiuii.mmiminiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimimiiHii  I '!     ?!_____     .  SPARERIBS  f^Mf_^r#VW*_^.i_^.f|Ba_J*  .alp". .1 Hf�� -ny       .   V  I    I.   i|l.t��l  if  *.  1W  :.7h7  '����:19  Va  i' .   '   V |T .  i.t.lMn  .���^;,���.,).r;r.  FNim wwWt& Jf ^0   mm "%_*"fc_p VW  \^m"^ ^m ���W I fl"^* wi^    Pw^rfp^r"!^ pfc��*  (fir  mmifflmiiiimiiHBiiiHinnininiiiiiiiimii  l      I'  '   1   '  XORK ORANGE  MUICE'''' '^  '^Fi*'*���'-"������''������"���"���'���'���''  %t94r,]l   . ��� _��  2i  Da^s Chocolate Vqriety Pk  "'' ���' ':;1,��_. ���''    '     .', '.:     !i7a  COOKIES^ ,2,4 ��0Xf ^^.��^tt^**pwp*^*��"��^M^-r-i*^r'  !    ^.0*,   I'  ll     ,\   'I.   V  JAPANESE ORAHGES  1  '(BOX').,,'_MA',.^,.M.U,.ai.i�� .'.,:.'.'.��i. $?.7,9 ���  WE kES^ttV.TrHE BI6HTTO LIMIT OUANTITIES  [IIIIHIIUUIJlUIJillilltlllCtCCEIElIIIIIUIIIIIUIIUllllllllItllllU  UCQfinnnn  tSllllUUU  BUILDING SYSTEMS LTD.  ��iwm mum, .iw mmmini w��,o, cut*,�����!���-!- ir  Suncoast Estates Ltd.  Socholt ���~ Phono 885-2241  .7l)lP.7^7  V1" "^" iiMfc"x'"^w A_wmtAn_il "r*J" JbslrtM "^" __tlMWllilMHl1-M'"i*^'^llWH__i"'"1��� ll_iM___Mli_>^ ���_m__'"'  OTATOES  IIIU-IIIIIIIIIIKUIIIIIIIJJ  ICE  REAM  DAIRY LAN  ������.,:.:���::������"..*  1 Pint ,���..���. mm  W**l(Mii(IPIt��>TII '  ______L_t''" ': 7: '...:.,  ���j��8��fW����W|fflW^^  m^m��ww��#j#4����  ��� .   f   * *   i  mmt<mmmimm0tm>ift*t'ifm\*\  i';  i * i  ��mmiwmmsmw4m*mfi.*w��mm^m��i^wm  i <   ,' ��� i !  '���a    ,'   , ) \  \  \  x\  'tmeb  :    .!  N   ���      '        ���   \ t ���      *:'  ���   N V' \   "'��� 7     '" \ ..x;. 7'  'A'es-i  Canddi-an Graphic   Industrie,.'  204 West btj^ Ave. ..-;. ^  Vancouver'ij, ���a.-C.  ^   V -  7      Service  Sectibn  B  Wednesday. November 22. 1972  Pages J-6  ,���-.. ti.       _ ~TSi    I       ���  Preliminary work by owner.  ���\  ���v  is a si  proce  U-DRiVE  TRUCKS  By E. R. CUYLITS. planner  Regional District  A COMMON question  is how- do  I  go  about subdividing?  you hit ground water) data tor each lot  to the Department of Highways, 1690  Main St., North Vancouver.  The" department refers your applica-  SUIMSHIWE  RENTALS  885-2848  or 885-2151  eves.  Jiid  land  surveyors  who have had  ex-  !>��� rience in site-analysis.  In the simple one or two lot subdivision much pf the .nrelimmary work  can be done by the property owner.  ' the first, step is to look at the property and visualize the "possible: ways to  subdivide (keeping in mind the local subdivision regulations % of lot seizes and  shapes). When dding so, take,'!into4 consideration drainage patterns, the slope  of the land, the location of plants (including trees) you would like to keep,  qccess to roads and 'the like.  Once having decided on a layout, do  a percolation test on each lot and mark  the test holes for the inspector. This is  to determine whether a parcel can or  cannot support a septic-tank.  If your property is situated in the re-'  gional district, prepare two qopies of a  sketch showing all proposed lots, roads,  their relation to adjoining property, the  location of the percolation test holes, the  proposed use of each parcel, and all  measurements. The sketch must be to  scale and must have the complete legal  description of the property (which can  be obtained from your assessment notice).  By  Allan  J.  Crane    .     .    ,       . Liv Ullman  (seen in the same  film  as    ment's are also included, in the theatre's    p0   not  forget  to   show  which  way   is  - - A V ARIEQ and-inipressi ve ^ U  ;_. _,.������__.. *,... _->^____v.i���r. ;�� *v,__ <,*rt_     .u_   ������������i���j���   ���*  ��u���   tvt���.���   v^^j.    rv;+.���,,     jn ���   ,,,u.���k a,   �����..���    ;i���ui��� ^jus ivfQ copies Of the percolation' data  Frequently-the answer is simple and -tion to the health unit, the regional dis-  U... procedure can be followed easily, trict and any other agency that may be  rI here are cases, however, with larger cpneerned. The department will even-  Mi bdivisions or in areas with drainage tu&lly inform you of their tentative ap-  pioblems. where the answer is not sim- proval or rejection and will also advise  pit- and professional help is required. This you what has to be done to,the site it  h. lp can be obtained from site planners     rejection is given.            _ K* a*"V<? V  WHEN THE STRETCH of Highway halfway between Sechelt and Half- weather holds, woik should be com-  101 north of West Sechelt is again moon Bay. Paving 4V_! mile stretch pleted on the section within two or  opened, motorists will be able to see is OK "Paving of TVictoria. A spokes- three weeks,  such views as this small lake about man for the firm said that if the  Top bookings planned . ���. -  Khahtahmoss Film Society  movie program  is announced for screening in the sec  ond series of International Festival Films  to be presented by the Kwahtahmoss Film  Society.  Included are the most recently released films of Ingmar Bergman, Shame  and-:the Passion-of Anna (his first- film'  in color, Sweden 1971); Brendan Betian  directing a film of his The Quare  Fellow "starring- Patrick McGoohan;  Black Orpheus (Portugal, 1958); Juliet of  the Spirits (Fellini's first color film);  Rene Clair's delightful fantasy, Beautiful Ladies of the Night (starring Gina  Lollobrigida, France 1952);'..'the British  film of Goidirig's Lord of. the Flies and  Jean, Luc-Godard's Brechatian anti.war  fable The Carabiniers (France, 1962).  Enquiries  on, ,m.any, . other . titles  are  the accolade of the New York Critics  in 1968 for- the best picture, the best director and the best actress.  The appealing and colorful Black Orpheus, set in Rio de Janeiro during carnival time, is next, showing on Dec. 6.  The soundtrack'of this film made a "great  impact in jazz circles in the early '60s  and established the bosanova . as a popular form in many continents. Further  films and -their playdates are listed in  the society's second program of International Festival Films which will be  available at the Twilight Theatre on  Wednesday, tfov. 29 when Beauty and  the Beast (not The Trial as announced  in. the program) will be screened.  January  which   is   now   available.  Housing Society seeks  honors for Gr Greene ^  MEETING of the board of the Sunshine  Coast Senior Citizens' Housing Society Nov. 13 was the first held at Greene  :Court and. President Frode Jorgensen.  in opening the meeting, said how happy  he was to welcome the directors to the  first meeting in the beautiful new committee room1 and he hoped they. would  enjoy many happy meetings there.  Some may consider the ending of this There was considerable discussion jrea-  filmto.be weak, but it is ,a fairy tale    garding ��� a   .memorial    to    Canpri.   .to,  pending, but availahility. is often, a. prob-     fpr. ...adujLts ...which., children,, would   also    Greene,  who"rwas  the  society's.;J ou^M,....'.  le.��. ^Nferiy/^i^ ' eihilwWi^t^^^ lan^-^'arnd>first1iH^^  16     mni    format'*-(which     Siws     a     nnniwiV''":'���'**.���_:7^. j.r.i.iJiA'i.^t��j4'i.^7:nne,t.st    ^e'.'Aka    V___-._.f     . __-_>_.     i.V.__Ar>     ��nn.Mi_raotint.''Q'i>->.   ioSarninnA  showing  in  the theatr '  not   available   at   all,  prints exist In Canada of,the British-films The., executive   of   the   Film   Society    stalling an prnamental garden and fouri  Richard III and" The.; Tales of Hoffman realizes, that.not all of its fil'Qgr&ms b.ave tain on the central lawn as the -'Alan  or of Von Stenrburg's The Shanghai ppbular^ appeal, but feel "that this is as Greene Garden". The directors would ap-  Express   (Marlene   Dietrich). it ^liould be. One of the reasons for hav-    predate receiving suggestions from mem-  Substantiated . prints  are  being   pm-    ing a. Film Society  at  all  is  to  make    bers and friends before making anv final  sued;,for a number,,.of interesting.,, filmp. -Tiyail^ble:;;��fnmsa::.which vare, -,Aot , usually    decision on this 'matter. Suggestions-can  of  various  vintage ' and  nationality.  In-     availaihle' :'i]rvl'\.regular   theatre   programs    be sent to the secretary Mrs Mary Tink-  eluded, in no particular order, are:7Eisen-    and',.which'*6ng .would otherwise be un-   V.   RR   1 > Halfmoon Bay  stein's Alexander Nevsky (Russia, 1938);    likely to seetexcept per chance, in some '    '  '   '  Mutiny on the Bpunty (Charles Laugh-     cases,, in. the reduction of television.  ton/Clark" Cable;' u:s;A7'l 934);   Alan"   'This   provision' is "not"   intended   to  Resnais' Last Year in Marienbad (France,     Restrict   programs   to   continental   films:  1961);,pr.iJekyl,and Mr.H^ In'  March/Ingrid   Bergman)'  and   Luis   Bu^ ''fact, the prbportioh of films in English  nuel's Viridiana (Spain/Mexico, 1961). It    to films in other languages is one to one  and water-table elevation (level at which  Once all the requirements are met, a  B.C. land surveyor must survey the .property and prepare the necessary plans for  final approval. "  When submitting the final plans, cerr  tificates need to be submitted certifying  ��� all taxes are paid. Photo copies of any ���  required licences, permits and a $2 fee  must accompany the application. If . all  is approved the arrangements must be  made to have the plan registered at the  Land Registry office, 777 Hornby St.,  Vancouver.  In summary, first prepare a sketch  and submit this with the percolation and  water table data to the Department of  Highways. Second, if tentative approval  is received, the property must be surveyed and the legal plan must be submitted along with the required certificate^. .  Finally, register the subdivision in ths -*'  land registry office..       - .  This discussion on procedure is more  elaborately described on form H 237  which can be obtained from the Department of Highways. The subdivision regulations can also be obtained from, the  department. Zoning information regarding lot sizes can be obtained from the  local village office or the regional dis-  ^,tricW^.��~w-.-4-.~-^^  Next: What happens to a zoning application. '     '  MINI-MAC 1  TQ" bar ....  MINI-MAC 6  12" bar .   MAC 10-10  16" bar ......  109.951  129.95  149,95  Special  awwvwwwwwytw  on powerful  lightweights by  f McCULLOCH  nan.  SEGHELT  CHAIN SAW  CENTRE LTD.  ** PK&t 885-9626  It was ftlso considered that it would.  be most suitable, ��� to > have> a painting * or  portrait of Canon Green in the conimittee  room, The directors are looking into this  matter.       ' ,'..'"'      -      ' 7,  All the units are now occupied; but  is,;oW  have expressed, tho ,,,married^couples^  The Battleship Poteimkin, will be ayail-i 7';ipp(inipr> that' thp most purely entertaining    to have thei.' nameS ori the'waiting list  able for screening next spring,'     -      ��� ������.-' ��� film7.of7,6ur current program ���has" been   should request ah application form from  '!>'. '  Members   of   the  Pm   Society  and  . te .Vbyeu   (known' also "as   Simon  the    Mrs. Mary Tinkley,'R.R, 1, Halfmoon Bay,  'guests should:understand! that  the spcr��."-iriiB,^l88)^i^inodorn,;jWeRch''*film'-;(1971), al-    or telephone her at 885-9347;   luly,s- Program... aro.^ubject, to��� change,; _!g|ugh!;twice 7as .many, people, attended. 0,M���������B,������������������^ii  as are tho theatre's regular programs. , Tho African Queen. Wo hope however,  If a scheduled filmtdoes not arrive eithor ' that' those "people who walked out of  because of rctardattoh in \he > "express','' The Trial or Wild Strawberries will still  service or because p dlstrlhutor has erred feol it worthwhile to try Lord, of thp,  or found a more, lucrative booking, there.' Flies or Bergman's first color7fllm, Tho  is   nothing   anyone  can  do  other  than    Passion of Anna.  hofip Ijnprecdtlons upon, all and'sundry '   ���   Of possible interest to Film Society  . and endeavor to substitute a reasonable , rnembers are the following, films sched-  altcrnative���an   , unenviable    task.  This' , u)tfd for' the Twilight Thc&tve's regulur  happened In tho case' of Boauty and tho     pvogwim:' Tho- French Connection,  Cab-  a^t and Tho Clockwork ��� Orange. Schcdn  ,ulcd, for future showings are, Fronzy.and  re-runsa>of Gono with' tho -Wind, Dr.  Zihlvago ond Tho, Sound .of , Mualo. A  number of  popular    family ' ontortaln-  Boasj. (presumably; still travelling across  Canada by; giant' sloth), and ,it' was .ncc-  cst'ary to .reserve>,.the" annoi4nced order  for this film nnd The, Trial.  Members should ,also.rcciUsQ that the  considerable physical work > of .tho society Is undertaken' by, unpaid volunteer.].  They wu.nl to hoq the' film 'too,', and' ]aio>  comcj's show littles consideration fora'such  work or for.tl\o enjoyment of the major',  ity of lho audlonco whioh hm arrived  in tlniQ.' ' \    ��� '   '  ^^rivo..umoi,inUof��workla.lnvplvccli'ln,'f'rHn-  nlng   weekly  pr6grams  mnl;cs  if''very'.'  ,. ..clUflo-.U lo Undertake any .more, ibut tha^'  Hodoly's Qxooutlvo will endeavor' to"1 con-  '," tribalo'periodic articles* to tho Ponihsulu".'  '��� Times, particularly ns tho paper's^ pyb-' ���  '   llcatlbn day how coincides with tho- spc- ''  iotyVflhow c|n'yi Barring uhloroseon1 qlri.'  ,   ^'uniHlanqcs Inthc.'TwlUglU Thentro'fl.re..,",,  ....,,.., fl��J��i*D>oolUngs, ^hiN,wUlw bQ^WcdnoHduyei H���  ,    at tho'jX'Kuliu' lima of'*' p,m, " ���   ,  '- '" ���',l,'Uvn,l;in Ihu. HodQiy'K' Hew Inlaid"'of''  1   progrriuw in ^ ,reco|��t|y, raltiitNcA flluviof^.'  ��� lY\%mil_ Uoi-ghmn, .Shamo, ip \i_ neroonpel'''  ��� on' Wcdncuduy, Nov, SMI Tl��lp filnv til'uni   '  GliillHir   l31fil.ii_itHdl   f^fMi'iirfi'/lfiliiilv   j_m   ',  B^UHHIBBHRiRIRHMBHIIHIIUUBMU  LORD JIM'S  LODGE  Take your family out  , for Lunch or Dinner  , Heated Pool and Saunas .   ,  , available at extra charge  WEbDING RECEPTIONS,  STAF,F PARTIES, ETC  '������'.' Fqjr ^fiesorvations'"7i: 2  .��� ..Phone 885-2232   ,,,,,..  flllRRHilliBIBBilNraHBHRRMIIRRRRIRIIKRII  E  .*���.��� Wlf.^ --wt, ^.M ~  ,i,, i.  - i 4. ,  FOR  RENT or  LEASE .  ��   WABCO 600SD1   ROTARY SCREW  .'   i' ''','..' "' '. "7 ',   ' ���  v W-t .j --taf  --t'.mw���' M _.* B * ��� l*nw*^* ___\t*^*^.'��#ilk}* ___\^  Portable Air Compressor  ���  WABCO  SELF  PROPELLED  Crawler Drilling Rig   '  FOR- LOGGING ROADS or CONSTRUCTION WORK  H1.W.WII4W* JiWWiUBW.  '!.< ''  a.,'  | Contact  FRED  DONLEY  pontior /Harbour i  .��� '  883.24^  '"   ^^^70I;,ln WUclSirawbo-rioo),und'W-WmS^^ I 7i ��H ' 71        i i1 i i    i in .m ! in iXi ,.n il Imnhim H lfi  j ��� ��� Limn  fl ���'___���__�� i*'^1  ��� C0t0RT.V.7199  ,        I      ,   ,    a    ,       I a , . 1 a      ,    ,        I      .      ,,        , ( , , j  1   w��^*^ f#.t U p. ip*(  . ^^a^jw. |^ ^^p-.,tfrl^-it44 b.^1- ���l-\^a 4.^,1,^. ^   f j.ft4 ^l^4,*ww ��,*4   t a  I .an * ti    . .A* ~y 4   .4,(^441^ ,v  jfe Record Players  ^Iw  '. i*'', it l (ii -11,��' ,��� 71J11 7> 7. : 1 x- ' ('"���;   i'  y ,, aj^"!'.';*! ^ '"' V ��7 *.v  ��.  * Components $1*t00AND  ',       .  I      .,ia,i '   ,' I   171 .'ll, Ala. I '  ',7  Ui  'My,'!-. ,l|,)  ..,   ,U"l| II  ('      (I     '     I I ,'.,      "f  ��t^W1|��1W��n��M����MaNniM^��y��WM^V��^W��^^  a t    k      1 l    I  i i'i it  it..  ..  >  >ft i'i  * ��a��isw*^*!f*it* f  PHONE 085-9B1G  i'IIm-'Ja1.1  js*4*W*{W  '1, ' <^ ,',/ H,',tiw,*'i .^ at1 '<���(   M'   ii����!^  3S  Eiip Wis^i^^**i0^   m^nm^f^^^Pi  BARON^of^Bte^F'^Dii^  Drtuco to o Popular COUNTRY nnd WESTERN BAND  ���77       I,-  ^7       ' '.���. ; 7_ __    '���       am^ >      t  | t -^      ,,   ,     \ 1  rPINING^IiOUNGEHIlira  "c AbmeT'; s-^t(urpav  PM. T01:30 /KM.  vim  nil    'I   *,'.    1.^,(1  *t' *** �����'!�����i4 ,��. ((rt.fUv^1 ''lf|(i > **���*  7i,.,vy,  l|ii \ t��M.  Sunahino Const  1 ''. .a<     V    ',"  Hwy �� Socholt  fWfWWWM^^  ���FRI P'/^Y^'f I tr.SU N DAV  SPECIAL:  . ,i ',,n y i  SJEiecefs'.' 'off- Crisp  1.1 >  .  I.I ,  1,14      4  .    Jl'       ai'Ua'7   '     *''  lf'f  ��  -  t> I. [  '    ' '   " " "3   * ''7 *      * *   *   1   i   wm   * ^ ' "* i ^' * '1   I + i<      j1      tf*' wm  *    us.     1 . *,  ny} ^     i      .^.   *���  .    .   (,    f 1,^4 ,  i m$fm^mMe��iei��m��mmm��.  *n^i����i  mmm$mw$mte&  mm^mt'et^mmmpim  mmmmtmmm��^m  Sffi��*������l��(W!f^^  j^��(f��^��^tip*����Wt��tf^^  P  Chick<in-and~Chips  1     l'* '    '      i'     '   77i��  ''.  ���___.  ^vil-  hm -it)'���,^���^^*>*,'��, ft+tmK#..iJff��' "1*4. *  7   .   ' '.i'    ''i '!     !  I,    In IH I      1 1  I I        I      4  tJNIjY:$l'rf55r  ^^m p^^ ����� ^*w ^^   ( t   , H^w mm ���^r ^  1 \ ' 1 ..i---... i... 1 1 '.7..- .1 111 ;' \'"*.*ii'> ') '���''''       '    '  1    ,iii   'I,!-',, .(^     ..,   ( >^ ,      ),i   ,|   ,1 ��,�����(.' K 4jb>.   .1,', ,,ii   ,' ',    ,,     |'li.      I^,!,.,!  |i�� ����u.t 4 *.< (niw.i.iiV i i^��*i[.|TPl_%!'��'_ri'A|rB,��t>4^\| |1''rl-*"**'1,-"ilii''i''i>"����,'Wii-"'a"i't��iii  m^m^mmmmmfmm  *��iWi��**��i^^  mmmmmmA^mmm^  I  <f^!Mt��*^^  ^.**.-w)ii��'ltoi��^)'  n^m\*)m*mmn'm  <*fy-mm*w>*mmtt>w&  -&mmmim&#mmmm<mm>*9im  J '  iyWM��l**^'*w^'*!*'^  Vi 1  >*,\>-��imkM^W'��mwtimtiUf'i*  1 ��� 1 'it 1 �� i t f ��� f .  M  *  '      " < ��� 1' n ��� 1 '   _7 1 ,t  ,  ,,i t,k��4,t ,.��. |i| .* <���,..��  p, _i,��nk.Jf�� ^<*i����a��i^*lll<|��M�� .4'tMn*��'��,��l^,<������ltf*J*��.*(''*'l' ' '\  V  77X.  V  \  'Wm^Mm.W^m^mMM  \...\.w^  ���Xvlw  8862  vtvX'vtvXvX  ��  ���v.v.  ���  Anticipated salary-increases for teach  prs  are  cited  as  main Vause  of  the  in  $214,000. increase seen  in 1973 school budget  SECLIF.LT. School     District-, provisional-  ,   budget- for  19?^ shows  an  estirhated  increase-in expehditure of $214,000 over  a  Va'-.t year. s .       \  inci  n V  'ciy-:.sp.   They   account   for   $1,-117,000   of  budgeted   expenditure   against . $1,225,280'  in  19.72.  Total expenditure in 1973 is projected  a I.  Si!, 4 re, 118.   againstla.;t   year':',   tigure '  (J   !.-,..04,142.   Salaries   and   wagt-s   comprise over 80 per. cent of total -.pending,  board   figures   reveal. ,  Cost of health services is one of the  few items on the budget to show an  (������Uirhated decrease���$4,400 for 1973  against $5,145 last year.  Page B,2  The Peninsula Times  W,ei!nesiloy, Novernber 22, 1972  Mothe  .others* wanted ��  \  open 'in  sddretafy-. pmts  unit  Anavets Corner  ���Gibsons Army, Navy and  Air Force Unit 357  oy Adam McBride  GREETINGS!  For what it is worth, I give my sympathy to every poor soul who has the  M'lu. I've heard of "getting over the'flu?Y  "catching the 'flu", "being up the 'flu",  and the old Scottish saying, "flue the  noo", but by any other name, my nose  is still a rose.      -  The best medical advice available  (Howard Blondcau) is to eat aspirin and  drink as much liquid as possible, which  will calm you right down. I forgot to  get. the aspirin but followed the rest  of his advice wholeheartedly! I have  been so calmed down the past week I  can't hardly move! Worse still, every  time I fall off the chair I cut myself  again on broken glass. I phoned the doctor last night and told him I must be  getting better because I could actually  see these little black 'flu bugs jumping  off me! After asking two or three very  astute questions about, the name of my  prescription, he rushed over by taxi ancl  drank the last five bottles.  ' Out of curiosity I did some crt'reful  research on influenza (although I was still  undo.- heavy medication.)  On reading my research notes, I find  that it is not listed in the Yellow Pages;  Being  confused  1  was  probably   looking  ,  for. yelloyv., fever, /\.s Jar. as .J, con .tell, ..���  " influenza   is   a 'Latin   woi.1,7not   to   be '  confused with cadenza which is a throat  ailment, In Italian the slang for a .small  (iol ��"v' bod '"Vs"' ri'iiu. "CJoi'ri'fe!" on* "ih6'"*u.s-"umi3-'  lion 'that   tho  last  part   of  lho  word  is  I hint   or   fourth   general Ion   pidgin   Italian, onzii must, moan like "It on/.u horo".  ""('o n el uh 1 (i 11 *"'( lul Pin f liToT./i. "TtioiTi is "*'' I' i n'i s \{  up in bed", I'll drink  to lhat I  "���"��� TIkmionM AnavolK glnnt bingo Is NOT  on Doc, I, Apparently iho (yposollor Ih  curing himself of the 'flu, too. The next  big bingo Ih Doc. 1(1 and Hon Irvine linn  added tu tlui lulul $1)110 to bo given oul  hy, rounding, up oyer $!)lll) wortitof door  prizes I'.'ilvi, niori'lianiH unci .biiftlnoaamon  In the R.i'hNl.li.(.'Co.ud nh.n,' Thin .moiuw  nl'lor every lilngo Ihoro will be IV door  jjiT/.o oidlcd nnd  litem nro mimo  berni-  .IIUHI   ���  Rome nro nrtli'loH or neeoHHorloH bul  niOHl (if Ihom nm $20 gifl oorlll'lonlOH ho  ,Vou onn oIiuoho whnl you want I  'i An long' nn Ihoro nro 'follow,1, llko  lion Irvluo nround lo work I'ur n olub  an linrd iw ho (Iooh, thoro'H nol loo niuoh  hi .worry nboul 'for AiimvoInI   So, noo you nil nt lho KoI.oiTh Crook  Cummui.lly llnll on Doc, III, li.yon If you  airo��uui!lnH��.yuui,Hol|Wul'*|lio^|,lu*iiiicl-'0(\n't:  hoo ihe  numborM, Jum  Htl(.k your ,doo  'I'.'luil   on - yotuv fm-whwul- and   If !you  win a door prl/.o, Hoin.ono will toll yon I  GIANT ROOF BCA'MS are lowered  gently into place i1 the new Gibsons  Legion hall on .c .tool Road-Work on  tlie ouUn- ���:_��,-=������. is almost'complete;  and organizers are confident the club  will ������move into its new $135,000 home  on Dec   .  Legion hall  ready Dec. 9  CONSTRUCTION work on the new  $135,000 Gibsons Legion building on  School Road came a step nearer completion Friday with the installation of  giant   roof-support   beams.  Legion public relations officer, Dan  Dawe, told The Times that they would  be moving into their new premises on  Dec. 9 and  10.  "It may took like there's a lot of  work left, to do," he said, "but once the  roof is on, the interior work can be finished fairly quickly."  The 8,500 square foot building will  be divided into two parts, he explained.  One section will house a dance floor and  refreshment facilities, with the other devoted to expanded gaming facilities���  shuffleboard, pool, darts and table games.  Steadily increasing membership over  the past few years forced construction of  new premises, which, will have seating  room for 400 persons, against 7G in the  present building, ,  ; a ,4 "Wo expect an 'influx next year,"saidi  Dawe. "As of January 1974, sons and  daughters of Leglonnlros will be eligible   to^joln. .We. expect .this will double our.   membership." '  Emphasis will be on entertainment in  the now building, and Dawe hoped thoy  would have a band every Saturday nlghi.  ���..,An,1.,olaboralo...Hound>,H,yKlc'ni.4��wll|4,..alH()-��bu....  Installed,  No advance poll;  slated at Gibsons  NO ADVANCE poll will be hold In Gib-;  " h'oi.h prior' to 'lho Dooorriboi' I) .min-  lolpnl oloollon, vlllngo council Iihh decided,  Mnyor' Wally ' Poloi-aon told, .obuneU"..  November mooting thut ndvnneo po'llH  had boon 'hold l.el'ony "but only two or  throo pooplo Hhowod up,"  On, lho mollon of Aldormnn Clorry  Dlxop,, It wh'h (Vgrobd' "nol to hnvo nn  ndvnnoo poll duo lo nor enough pooplo   wanting.. lhQ.���i'n,oUHy," ���.,,.,,.,,...���,,,.,, ,,���,.���,,.,....������,.���,,  seen  on school board  DON   Head,   owner   of   Don's   Shoes   in  ���������Gibsons,   has   been   appointed   trustee  nn   Sechelt   School   Board.   He   replaces  Mrs.  Sheila  Kilson,  who resigned.  Thirty-seven-year-old Head was born  in Mission City, but has lived on the  Peninsula since he was three, finishing  high school at Elphinstone.  He was an active member of Gibsons  Wildlife Club when it was known as  the Rod and Gun Club.  Married with two children (Gail, 11  and Blair, 10) Head views his appointment to the board as a great challenge,  and prefers to reserve comment on his  future role until he settles into bpard  procedure. '     "\  He will sit as trustee for one year  until Mrs.'Kitson's term expires, then an  election will be held.  Trustee Bernie Mulligan told the  board at its recent meeting that J. L.  Canty, superintendent of administrative  services in Victoria, had suggested they  hold an election to fill the vacancy rather than make an appointme.it.  "We weighed the matter and I think  we should stick to our decision" to make  an appointment, he said. "We need someone  right away."  The board agreed to endorse the appointment.  Roberts Creek auxiliary .  sets coffee party Dec. 15  ROBERTS Creek Hospital Auxiliary will  hold its annual coffee party on Friday, Dec. 15, from 10:30 q,m. Ui l!2;:|<)  p.m. nt St. Aidan's Hall,  ������.��.1"|.tf��dat0.,WrtR,.w  mooting Nov. 13. Chairman at the meet-  Ing .wns Mrs,,, Gladys Ironside,,in tho nl.'-,  Monoo of Mrs. Nowmnn. Mrs. M, Grose  tool, the minutes In Mrs, Mellwnlno's absence, Two coming caterings woro reported, Mrs, M, Arbucklo reported on lho  annual oonl'oronca of B.C, Hospitals.' Au>c-  illnrloH' hold1 In Vanoouvor, '",'.��� . 7  At iho ��� coffeb- parly, n froo rldo will  lio available from lho post ol'floo lo lho  hull,  McotlnRR-frir'Ppeomher.'Jftiuinry t\\.d  Eohrunry vi>IH'b(V hold on tlio second Mim-  dny of onch monlh at 1.30 p.m, Doe, 11  will ho tho noxl mooting nt SI, AIUw.'h.  School busihg will cost the district  $91,707, the budget estimates, against  is!?,430 in  197?..'  School hoard administrator, .Tim Met..-  ler, told The Times thai the provisional  budget is not binding. It allows lho district to operate for the first four months  of  1973 until a final  budget  is  prepared.  The board approved the provisional  budget at their recent meeting, and it  now goes for approval to the Department  of  Education.  From the pulpit  ���by Pastor Gerry Foster,  Gibsons Pentecostal Church  ONE of the most damaging heresies ever  to creep into theological circles is the  concept of God as merely love. Most of  us have our views on the nature of God  and we are all entitled to that view. For  a vast number today God is love, period.  But if we take this stand we must  admit as well that it is the god of our  mind we are talking about, hot the God  of the Bible. And in a matter so important I would much sooner observe and  accept the Biblical concept of God rather  than trust my personal tastes. It may  seem right to you, that God is merely  love, but scripture says: "There is a way  which seems right to a man .bi.it the end'  of that  way  is death.,"  Now we read in the Bible that God is  love. For i lis fa nee in the book of Exodus  it says: "God is merciful and gracious,  abounding in steadfast love", bf.t in the  same sentence it says:. "He will bv no  means clear the guilty." God is holy and  just   and   cannot   condone   sin.  Furthermore if God is merely a Cod  of love and turns His back on sin, then  the person of Christ and His death on.  the cross are men ingless. Look al the  cross of Calvary and you will see that  God hates sin and will not clear the  guilty.  NOV.   10   saw   Mrs.   A.   McKie,   district  commissioner  chair  the  first \meeting  this  fall of  Gibsons  LA  to  Guidej.   and  Brownies. ,   . '      \     .  The most important business was the  need to fill ihe positions of chairman and  secretary^for the auxiliary but as the  attendance was small, this was left until  the Dec. 4 meeting at 9:45 a.m. in the  Anglican Church Hall. It was hoped more  -me+hers^-wmtltl���torn���eu4���and���that-^sofne-  Nov. 15 welcomed tjhe following girls to  the 3rd Pack: Diane Perry, Vicki Rdw,  Clvriflinc .McPhee. Michelle Mayo, Shelley Marie Fyles. Sylvia Passmore, Susan  Brandy.., Erin Prittie, Scilla Webb ' and  I'.-tibara   Bnken. N  would  be  willing  to fill these positions.  Rangers are still on the lookout for  a leader. This \r. an opportunity for someone who enjoys w or lying with teenagers  to do n good turn. Contact Mrs. McKie  ftfhi-2fi2fl  or  Mrs.  White  88.;-2_.73.  Girl Guide calendars are being sold  this month-at. SO  cents each.  Gibsons 3rd Brownie Pack has had  a busy beginning this fall with a romp*  ing Halloween party, an enrollment and  participation in the Remembrance Day  services along with other brownies and  guides. .  The following badges, bars arid stars  have been presented to girls from this  pack:-  Swimming badge, Kathy McPhee; seconder, Lynn Paulosk-i; sixer, Annette Bob.  Golden bar: Shannon Macey, Deidre  Dempster.   Gwen   Bob  and   Dawn   Atlee.  Second year star: Kathy McPhee, Joey  Hogbergh, Nadine. Smethurst, Jackie  Gaines and  Ajvnette Bob.  First year star:-Shannon Macey, Gwen  Bob. Lynn Pauloski,' Dawn ' Atlee and  Kathleen Hume.  The enrollment of the new. Brownies  Custom  Ornamental Ironwork  . Railings installed from  $6 00 per ft. up.  Erwin Kieselbach,  Shell Service  Halfmoon Bay, B.C.  Phone 885-9311  'tmiiil-iimiiM Hiiii-ii-ni-i-iin-.iiilil-liimi-iliiliiii;  I f  re /\ m nA ^ytpecici Is \  ���$���951  1  This is a $3.50 SPOTS  Your advertising in this space will reach  more 'tfian-2,500 homes (10,000 people!)  each week. It's the most economical way tc  reach more Sunshine Coast people because  Times ads go into more htimes than any  other  newspaper   produced   in 'this  "area;  The Times  88S-9654 (Sechelt)        886-2121 (Gibsons)  SKINNY  RIB  SWEATERS  DENIM  JEANS   -   ���1  JEANS  in  Cords ond Velvets  LEATHER  BELTS 7 7...-   NYLON   SLIPS  Sizes 32, 34, 36  i ^_/4eli  C7  4f99  7,95  2.95  i  en 9& ^J-cishlons  Gibsons  886-9941  mm���mmh.......... i-i_in_ui_iiuinniuuuui.��  MISS BEE'S  t CARD & GIFT SHOP  K    Wharf Road - Sechelt - 885-9066  P.O. BOX 213  Hallmarlc-Coutts cards and wrappings.  Fine English china cups and saucers.  Boutique  items,  local  artists paintings.  vimmmmmmmMmmimmmntmHMmmmmmmmm***  mmmmnmmmmm*.  Mi<M^Ml_��__IM��MMMM����MM����M��MWMMMMM��M����IMMMli��MMl��M^  DANCING  9:30 to 1:30 a.m.  Pizza Available  The Best In  Live Entertainment  SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25  JOIN THE FUN  PENINSULA HOTEL  Highway 101 ��� Cover Charge ��� 886-2472  ^_MMIMWM*��MM��t��W.W>fiaMMMMi->--W^^ IWIWMIWIIIWIIWIIMIIilMilllMMW  Il'fl oxti'omoly difficult to build n po  tlci.1  plnti'orm  tlml  HupporlH cni.cll.lMM  .���.,WlUn.!UlJ.O].U.U|,.,.up. luxpnyoi'M,���    ,.���.,.  IMIIMMIMIIIMMfllMlHMRlR^^  Youum; pooplo lodny don't juion. pm'.  itlmlurly oxdtwl idxmt tho kdi'lujouh llhln  nnd Iuioh of llio nulumi. wnndn, bul Ihoy  enn undorn|ni.c| how 11 must hnvo boon  n-very-bl/j (���vciil"bnck-ln'thr,-oltlcn"1)mo,s-  iel'oi'0 coli).1 loluvlnlwn., , , ������ : . .  DRIVE WITH  CONFIDENCE  a safa car starts with good brakes JJ   S  WR-ARE-MOW-EQUUPPED-^B  TO TURN ���'n m  DISC BRAKE ROTORS    m  '., '        ' n  , New oqulpmont to compliment n  I    t ^^  CONYENTIQNAl; PRUMS      *  H.Ufop: Moro_s ���  ! ' Sunshine Coast Highway      ffl  886-7343;" "...7,:   B  ��� PI-  -������  0  Gibson*  ��M1Hmm*#^M,*rt^.^��rt**'- -���" ���"' "    -"* ���   " ���*-���  a ia a 0nm a\a>o flj m*-.m  m#mtoimmmimmm*��iim�� nv<mi*��mmmmiim^iimimi^M9mi mwmm*i��wM9im<&��*t  . ',"\;t> .. i ���*', . f 1 '')'     '''.*'    '.' '������"'  -��!|il��f^    i  '.|      > I 1        -      ' T*     '    I      t |  KENDeVRIES  FtOORCOVERINGStTD:  SUNSHINE COAST rfjWriwAY/GIBSONS  ffiftiiQ 886-7112  ����� Cnrpota # Tiloa ; "Linoleums * Drnpoa  Closed, Montloy^ Open 9 a.m, 'fo G p.m. ��� Friday Night HI V p.m,  IPPIP liaiBBBIBWP*lip(ipip^��  TI}�� rules, have changed, So has ihe "uniform. But hie special  tJCaqcl ,of ���ravy qourage la still the same, Arid, his special brew:  Old Style Beer, Still slow��brewad and naturally aged. St|ll full  of honeaVto-goodness flavour. It's his style,'And your style,  T>Gkl<p"orif:tp,nlght ^hd see,;.��� ',.,.., ���". ...���:!'....,.'" ���.; ,.,i7 ���  �� <^m!u? ^!!\SS!^!!f ^**jpS^f^^v^^? w*yw yyyWi-iftpwip^iPJMippi  7  -'V-^'"' 1/ '���  , " ' ','  im^mm^mmm^m^^  I       Wj'  8��,0WBRI?WB�� AND NATUPAIW AQRO.  MWIIMW.Wl!anfWiWm'iBl^i4��|ltl_l.m_��^^  ���MMp^pft^mWJWWM^W  9\    \  I  \^mmwmi**m!Mim*m)w  1  A 1 U(.��f .n<.. a  Mf#   1^^-aA^f   Vi) .��!���(,. { T   * .. ."i7^4i^*rf^'#**:i  \  The Peninsula Times Page B-3  Wednesday, November 22> 1972  Bniidinq permits top  $SlMOmtibvemker  BUHTDIHG      permits-   for    construction  wd^k" totalling $57,100  were  reported  issued  at  C.ii_.snns  village council's  Nov-  pmhp'r riveting.  Ponvii.r.     I'tir- r.in��lr>   dwellings     were  issued to R. Scott. ...Merest Rd.~ ($16,000) \  and   C.^ D' Meredith,   Seaview   ^Estates  ($32,000). -  ALo .approved were thrc\ additions,  H/o carport:., one stuierouiii and u parage.  Tire hydrant proposed &y  lew-qpaiiment deveiopers  GlSS'OttS * Ullage J5uTteiL7llas, recommended installation of affl. hydrant  to service apartment development and  the new Legion building on School Road.  Fire coram il tee. chairman. Aid. Jerry  Dixon, brought up tbe matter' nt council'* Nov. meetiii(4. "We'll have to take  a serious look at provision of a hydrant  near where the new apartments are going  up,"  he said..  Mayor Wally Peterson agreed that the  area  was developing  towards to higher- .���  density situation.  Council will investigate the best location for a hydrant.  Gibsons firemen seek toys  *o renair for Christmas  WIVES of Gibsons Fire- "Department  members have appealed for good used  toys,' whirl, they intend repairing and  distributing to needy children of the area  at  Christmas.  Spokeswoman for the wives, Marilyn  Ranniger, said they held a toy collection the year before last and "we got  a very good response."        '   ..  Anyone interested in donating used  toys should contact Mrs. Louise Carroll  at "886-7115.-  Boats to be directed  to reserved moorages  SIGNS "are to be posted'arGibsbns*"har7"|  bor directing large boats to the moorage reserved for them.  Village council' approved the move  after Aid. Jerry Dixon reported that "We  are si ill having problems in keeping boats  40 feet and oyer in one place. If we  could get signs made up, I don't think  there would  be any  problem."  Difficulties would be aggravated this  winter, he added, because several local  fishermen were getting larger  boats.  Clerk David Johnston added that  signs were also being made up to keep  the sea-plane floats clear of boats.  |     GLAD TIDINGS TABERNACLE     I  | Sunday 10 a.m.; 11 a.m.; 7 p.m. 5  E Wednesday Bible Study 7:30 p.m. |  | PASTOR NANCY DYKES I  5       Gower Point Road .886-2660        ��  MiiiiminiHIiiiHliiuiHiHiiii ���iimiiiiimiii.mimii.S  GIBSONS PENTECOSTAL  Highway and Martin Road  Sunday School: 9:45 a.m. "^  Sunday ���Services;; 11 a.m.; 7 p.m.  Wednesday: Bible and Prayer 7:30 p.m.  Friday: Youth Service���7:30 p.m.  PASTOR: GERRY FOSTER  Phone: 886-7107  SUNSHINE -COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)      '  Sunday School ���- 10:00 a.m.  Church Servica ��� 11:15 a.m.  Evenina SotvIco 7:30 p.m.  ��� PASfOR.REV. S.,CA$S��LLS*��  Daylt Bay Road and Arbutui *  (2 blocks up from Highway)  The United Church of Canada  ��� 7.  SERVICES  7    7,     7 ,  St, John> United Church - Dayii Pay  i   ."'.��� Sunday Services - 9:30 a.m.   ,,  Robert* prooK United  Sunday Services - 2;30 p,m.  ���  ������   -     Qlbsoni United Church        -...,...  1 ' Sunday Services -' 1l;|5 a,m.' IN   *'  Port Mellon Unltod  Sunday Services - 7;30 p.m  <2nd and 4th Sundays)  Ministry , .  Roy, Jim Williamson - Gibsons -' B86-2333  ���wrtKMiH^KitfSft  MPTIST CHUHpH SERYICftS  ���-GALVARY^B^PTIST���-  .^CHURCH    .  Park Road, Gib. oni 006-7449  Mornlno Worship 9i30 q.m.' *'   * ���  ,  Sunday School! 0; 45 a.m.   "   ��  Evonlng Fellowship 7|00 p.m,  Prayprj and Bll>|q Study, Thursdays 7.30 p.m.  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH   7 * Sunday School 10:00 q,m.  Worship Sorvlco 11:15 a.m.  ��� prayof ond Blblo Study,  Wodnosclay, 7|3Q' p.m,  REV. Wi N, ".RICKSON^Pastor  ,  '  glMIIUUIIUlllllllHMIIRIMlllllllllg  -::j07S^^6ui^  885  ^y#jm^* Man W&jk^^j^wmm^wi  (Pleaso make a note of this  now number)  THETims  (Evorybody Call* Tho Timet!)   ,  ���V  \  .T-'i^v*.  \  A. \  \   '   .    *-    7  .'    x \  ���\'\  \  V  \  ,f      *      ft   ...^JkhStf*^ 7.  i'_*^-s .(ii,   &<w#��3y*%_i   $&&&'&>''&  'Z-__\  .: lilt's'  T S NUl  l��� .*? r*f-  ���*' t     4'^  tS:i     ��� ;  n  FIGURING ON A LOAN TO BUY THAT NEW  ASK THESE BANK OF MONTREAL OFFICERS . . .  \  V  -U  v     <. )  GIBSONS  BRANCH:  Frank Daugherty - Manager  Larry Gemmell - Ass't Manager  ODBBSBBBBB  iZXllZiUXtii.  SECHELT BRANCH:  Ernie Booth - Manager  Bob Scales - Ass't Manager  HER  TS  C9  LOAN  MONTHS  TOREPAY  COST  OFLOAN  MONTHLY  PAYMENTS"  These Bank of Montreal Loaning Officers  invite you to sit down with them tq discuss  a Bank of Montreal Auto Loan.  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Hardtop, 327 V/8, automatic, power  steering and brakes, power windows, factory air conditioning, 57,000 $<  miles, vinyl top ....;....���    ���. ��,��....,���.  ���   ���  , ,       .'��� r   ��� ������:������..      .   .TiT'L\'~i>    ������'.���  1972 FORD F250 %-TON  CUSTOM, fii-tone blue, 360 V/8, auto.,  power brakes, radio, H.D. springs & shocks,  rear bumper, camper package. 750x16"  split rim wheels and tires $*ft#%A��f  12,000 rpiles ...   .7.     3Jf3?3|  *^^mmma______wp_i______wmM_mm_.  1969 METEOR MONTCALJVI  CONVERTIBLE, red, 302 V/8f automatic,  power steering,  radio, $^|^i|C  electric top, 45,000 miles  4__&iP_P  "' "-'������' ���it.''.  1969 TOYOTA COROLLA  1095  2 door Sedan, white, radio,    $  4 speed trans,, 46,000 miles  *: ��� .���..-���>. t ^ ti~.  1965 FORD  CUSTOM  ''4'dr.Sed^  std.,,radio. Runs good; Blue....  1968  FORD GALAX IE  500  "4 dir. Sedan, 302'V/iBf"aufbr $^ Ij jjg  P.S., radio, blue with white top JL&��30  ���r    ,   . '   , i :> "<,).      i; .  I      i    a  ������> .,:.'.'.  ll       . .  .'1       l| M  -J       '.1.1  Hurry, Don't Miss These Fall Specials With Fast, Easy,  1967 REBEL SST  �� ^oor NX, 290 V/8, auto., P.S. & P.B.,  radio, only 50/000 miles,    ,   $  i   , i  dark brown, with yellow, top  1395  BOM  'i7  41    #.'l*����ll<|ll(   Ii   ia(|i*l��"l ���?<��!���� , ti 1     ft   nl       a,  1 I I       I . ' '    I  ' * (* ' I Ii ' 1 '      1 'I     a    *  I     II    \   i*|    .      I \IIVVI   <   |J��|  % I 7, at ��� '|J(an, �������      ||i     |��, H ���   W .|'ll H in/   |1      f   ,    I 1 il    <���!   n   ,���'   ��� lil\ t   ) (       1  BUY A CAR OR TRUCK FROM CHESS ENTERPRISES  nFFFP      AND RECEIVE A CERTIFICATE FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS  TURKEY WITN OUR CpWJPMIVlENTS.  ��� ._'\."Ph \A 'Sii'n  "rfii": '���';��� '  . ���.��   i    fa��.S%+       Vt.Y-fcftlft*hit*'��i' ".I*1*" h *������.        '^   ���*4ttt*  i* Mi        H .     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' V  "      I  ���1     X  11 7 n   '  'I   *   *.  a.  *i  I    a    .    .   (i  (    I    ,,   .. M it  i,   *,   ��        . ^,   \   %   ^       ...t  jit  .       ).'(!    .   ,'   .     f4.',4  ���A.fltf f����\|fl4 * a����^|  ��^a^^^*1jl^rt_<��llllt*�� I.   ��.  V  X  "X  \   .._  a.      \  \  \  MOM ABOUT . . .  rs Hi  Page B-4 The Peninsula Time*    plus Other restrictions . . ���  Wednesday, November 22, 1972  respect   for  and   interest   in   rny   reasehs  Nfor   hitch-hiking���anything   but   the   resentment or regret that your fifth paragraph., implies.  1 suggest that the overly aggressive  person who forces his way into your  car (be he bearded oi\ clean-shaved, rag  tag or bob-tail) ir the exception rather  than the rule. He irf the maddening ex-  cepfiop. that, one will.,meet in many of  life's situations and he, in turn, should  be met_with reciprocated firmness. For  the most part, I -believe hitch-hikers to  be courteous, polito and< thankful, if for  rip other reason then because they are  asking   a  favor.  ' As to your demand that: "Persons  travelling the ferry should be made to  disembark and walk to the highway,"  its impracticality is so obvious that 1 suspect it was recognized. At Langdale, for  instance,-the half-mile walk to the highway very clearly denies the hiker any  chance of a ride with anyone who has  ��� just disembarked���and \ that means a  wait of up to two hours until the next  ferry!  The culprit in this case is not the  hiker but surely the most inadequate  public transportation system. Certainly  the Sechelt Peninsula (all the way to  Egmont) is now a large enough community to warrant'a regular and an efficient  bus service!  Your  analogy  of  the  car  as  a  home  and  your   last  sentence   "You  paid  your  fare,   why   shouldn't   they?"   arc. beyond  my comprehension.  Madeira  Park .    ALAN  STEWART  Thanks from Legiohaires  Editor,  The Times,  ''* Sir: On behalf of the veterans, widows  and dependants, I would like to thank  the people and businessmen of Port Mellon and Gibsons for their generous donations of $800 to the Royal Canadian  Legion Br.  109 Poppy Fund.  These donations make it possible to  give help where it is needed. Whether  it be groceries for someone hungry, assistance to take a veteran to hospital in  Vancouver, patchwork on a roof for a  widow, or aid for the schooling of a  dependant, the funds is there.  To those of the Legion; Auxiliary and  the others who gave their assistance we  thank you for the time spent on this  campaign.  GERRY  CLARKE, Poppy  Chairman  Royal Canadian Legion   109  Recreation centre bums  Editor,   The   Times,  Sir: In a recent editorial you mentioned that the ration of letters received  from the opposing factions in the recrea-  y tion centre controversy was loaded in  favor of the "pros"! This letter is intended to correct the unbalance. During  the course of recent elections there was  quite a lot of talk about "bums" and it  was directed mainlly at the "top" but  methinks we don't need lo look much  further Ilia,, .ur own area to come up  with a prize selection of BUMS!  For instance, included in the recreation centre fanatics are managerial bums,  professional bums and, so-called working-  class bums all tripping over each other  trying to bum off others includuing people on fixed incomes like myself. Ey.en  out-of-town bums are recruited ;from  some jerkwater place to stick their long  noses into mutters which are none of  their financial concern, Thq propaganda  the rec. centre bums peddle, "bums" on  the pensioners by trying to use them as  ���. part, ,of their crying; towel; we can't afford, can't use (carpet bowlinglll) and  ha.ve no desire to pay for a stunt dreamed up by a bunch of. bums who are not  -���continued from editorial poge  -preparecM:tf ^immce-^their own pleasures.  That jn effect, was the gist of a unanimous resolutttm addressed to the last,  minister of municipal affairs <�� by the  Gibsons  OAP Association.  So, do..7 feed us any more of that  phony %'lap trap, please!  Then there are these "election timev"  socialists who after the shoutings died reveal their basic "bum" philosophy. Since  1   voted   socialist,   as   I've  been   one   for  . more years than I care to remember. I'm  not knocking all socialists���only the insincere   phonies.  I met one recently and endeavored  to explain to him that in trying to get  by on a fixed income, there was no  way that I could underwrite the cost of  providing him and his fellpw bums with  ' the kind of expensive recreation facilities  that they want to enjoy after their "ex-,  haustive"  labors.  That was where he revealed his "fuddle" you Jack, I'm alright philosophy  when he screamed over the 'phone, "Go  after more pensions then!" Trying to  make me over in his own "Image no doubt  ���a bum! He even bragged that he was  going to "run" for council; with his outlook plus the freight he's packing, I  hope he can't run fast enough. Recently  this very loud-mouthed and small majority of recreation centre bums again tried  to bulldoze a large minority into voting  io. their bum scheme by subjecting Sechelt council to some very adverse publicity. And observing the large amount of  expensive propaganda they have peddled,  they must have unlimited funds.  If the taxpayers of Sechelt wish to  commit financial suicide by falling for  this bum scheme before they find out  what it's going to cost them in cold,  hard cash for sewers, that's their affair,  but I can lay out four damn good reasons  why the taxpayers of Gibsons should  tell these rec. centre bums to go jump  in  the  Skookumchiick!  FOUR   REASONS  ONE. A sewer bill which will' cost the  owner of each dwelling the initial sum of  around $350 plus an annual service  charge of between $100 and $120 imposed  in effect for perpetuity.  TWO. Now that the teachers have the  salary bit firmly between their politically  educated teeth, they are demanding a  pay hike of 9 to 10 per cent and no  referendums, thank .you. These boys (and  girls) are going places���in a hurry! The  tail is now beginning to wag the NDP  dog? School trustees (but not the teachers) are worried that after having met  that kind of extortion, little will be left  for the needs of the kids. Who'll pick  up the extra tab ..:?'  Three. Our local school board in making their contribution to soaring property  taxation have just renewed their application to Victoria for permission to build  a gymnasium-trade school complex at the  ���cost of half a million bucks. It will be  "explained" to us that "the government"  will contribute half the cost if it is  approved. It will not be mentioned that  the source of all this expenditure is  mainly you and I and with the hospital  workers, civil servants, ancl other public  employees setting their sights on 10 per  cent pay hikes, "the government" is going to have a pretty hard time meeting  all these"demands!" . .     ..  FOUR. Earlier this year the provincial  assessor made a thorough scrutiny of all  properties in Gibsons village and the inevitable result of this Q^ceVcise can only  ;be rise in property taxes for many homes  and maybe other premises loo, due to  .increased'assessments,   .      ��� ,  FIVE. Before all. or any of the above  items in this spending spree whack the  bums are desperately trying- to con us  into approving their freeloadin'g stunt, to  the tune of another half "a million bucks!  To them it is__ imperative, that ..they succeed in ramming through their schemes  BEFORE apy one of the aboy_e. expenditures hit the taxpayer���ha,rd!  Maybe the school board too, share the  same, concer-iV.  .If my pockets were bulging with a  handsome salary provided by B.C. Hydro,  the astronomical income of a medical  practitioner or anything approaching the  $800 a month ih. pulp mill pipefitters,  welders and millwrights are hauling  hume id have no kicks. As it is, trying  -to get by on a fixed and day-by-day devalued income of much, much less than  half the last mentioned figure I've got  ' plenty! I'd prefer to indulge in them  without the company of a bunch pf bums  re-created at my iinwillling expense.  Gibsons E. BIRCHENALL  Davis closes dcfcfrn Sjirait,  upset  \  ENVIRONMENT, minister Jack Davis has  announced a ban on herring fishing in  the Strait of Georgia and other restrictions on herring fishing. The United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union ' answered by saying Davis' actions make  _i "ridiculous farce" of the concept of  an advisory committee of fishermen and  processors. '  Davis' actions include freezing the  herring fleet and setting quotas for next  year's catch.  The 1973 catch limit has been set at  f)0,000   tons.  There  is   to   be  no  herring  ston,.at a meeting of the Herring Management Committee, Adyisors, put forward several proposals for control pf the  1972-73 herring fishery. On. September  15th a second meeting was held of the  same group, at which time it was obvious that the fishermen were not accepting the proposals, and required more time  for discussion. EJoth meetings were held  at the height of the salmon season, thus  preventing adequate meetings."  In a lengthy news release, the union  said, "A further meeting scheduled for  October 26th was postponed by written  ishing in the Strait of Georgia between \ notice  on  October  2nd.  The  notice  said  Poet's Corner  ���Your contributions are invited  Gathering Wood for the Fire  By Charles Zuckerman, Garden Bay  Sawed dust  a lately  fallen conifer  one of any kind  an ash  remain '  Lighting the fire  Mingling blue and yellow desire  red  eyes  glowing  the wind hearing drawing  breath into the fire  into the cool darkness velvet  Keeping the fire alight  The woodsman's, ax  rhythmically the cedar waves  a  deadhead in  a  channel's  bay  Watching  the fire  extinguish itself  Ivory coals  ashen dust  ghostly   pallor  as moonlit snow  as   eold  Drinking Tea  Threading desire  a  red  yellow  mantle  wearing   for   warmth���  into the fire it goes.  CHRISTMAS   Bells   and     Christmas  Chimes  at  Miss  Bee's,   Wharf  Road,  Sechelt.  Campbell River and Victoria except for  minor food and bait fishing under licence.  The number of herring fishery vessels  i.s to be limited to those who contributed  in a "major way" to the 1971-72 season,  a total of 97.  Davis said the west coast of British  Columbia was the only spot in the world  that is building up herring stocks.  "We have to -protect our resource  here," Davis said. "I am concerned about  the threat of Russian vessels operating  just outside our 12 mile limit."  Davis said officials of his department  had launched a protest to the commander  of the Russian fleet presently in the area,  and also through diplomatic channels in  Ottawa.  "I don't think the Russians will continue to threaten herring stocks that are  under licence control," Davis said. "It  is in their interest to conserve herring  stocks as well as ours." Davis said herring is an important part of the food  chain.  Davis said a herring appeal committee would be formed to work out the  technicalities of establishing eligible licences and to hear applications for licences from fishermen and processors in  economically depressed, small coastal  communities   of  the   province.  Davis will also meet with the herring  advisory committee, a- group of industry  and fishermen's representatives, to discuss the need for these measures and the  implications  of  the  Russian fishery.  In reply, the UFAWU said they considered Davis' announcement," a direct  denial of any meaningful consultation  between the fishermen and the Department of Fisheries. On August 18th the  B.C.  Director of Fisheries,  W.'R.  Hour-  Madeira Park Happenings  SOCCER  WE HAD two games against Langdale  on Nov. 6. The girls played first  under the coaching of Mr. Wishlove.  Both teams played strongly and the game  was tied at 0 to 0. The boys played after  the girls and they also had to fight the  wind ancl the rain. Don Brown scored  three goals for Madeira and Madeira  won the game (i to 0, There will be a  tournament on Friday to decide the  district champion in soccer. Wc wish  lots of luck to the boys on Friday down  at Gibsons.  TEAMS  A girls' volleyball team is being organized at our school as well as a boys'  floor hockey team. Competition in both  these  sports  will  be  starting   sopn,  ���by Ernie Kingston  IV  third  with  14 points  and  House  III  with   13  points.  ASSEMBLY  We had an assembly for Remembrance  Day at our school. All the students wove  their poppies ancl the Grade Seven class  did a choral recitation of In Flanders  Fields by John McCrae. Mr. Wishlove  and Mr. Rees awarded crests to members of both soccer teams.  'The meeting will be re-seheduled as early as possible in November'. N.0 date for  a*iy such meeting has been set.  "Instead, Jack Davis, by press release,  announced new regulations thereby making a ridiculous farce of the whole concept of an advisory committee of fishermen and processors to be consulted on  herring management problems.  "The idea that after announcing the  program, he then tells the advisory committee about the ��o-called 'need for such  measures' is considered by the fishermen  as a cloak to disguise the arrogant and  dictatorial method being used. He has  killed the concept of real advisory committee. Therefore the fishermen believe  they have a right to know why in a full  membership meeting.  "The United Fishermen & Allied  Workers' Union herring fishermen, like  almost all the other advisors had already  protested the quota of 50,000 tons. Their  objection is based on information from  the Department of Fisheries biological  and administrative staff that a quota of  105,000 tons would be within the framework of sound conservation policy. Most  of the other fishermen and industry advisors had already stated their support  for the larger quota. In earlier years,  the production averaged 200,000 tons.  Only when production went up to 265,000  tons was there, any decline, of stock.   -���   "On the question of closure of the  Strait of Georgia, fishermen are equally  hot. There was no suggestion of this at  all on August 18th or September 15th.  It is viewed as another political act by  the Minister.  "The whole issue of licensing only  those vessels which 'participated in a  major way' last year is a third hot issue.  Last year the fleets owned and operated  i>y the Weston and New England interests dominated the fishery. Fishermen  and small companies not taking part or  having only a small part of last year's  operation will be hardest hit! There remains a basic issue of whether any form  of limitation can be worked out which is  fair and reasonable. But the Minister has  moved   to  close  off   sensible   discussion.  "The Herring Committee is just as  incessed over the ridiculous suggestion  that license control will impress the Soviet Union enough to stop all herring  fishing. Conservation measures which  limit total catch can be used as a valid  argument.   But   how   many   boats   catch  "\the fish is of little concern to any other  nation.   . ^  "The Herring Committee considers  Jack Davis should be pushing for a  quisk meeting with the Minister of Fisheries of the U.S.S.R. He should be pushing for an over-all system of conservation all along Canada's continental shelf.  But to send a sub-lieutenant to talk to  a fleet commander is less than reacting  to a serious problem.  ���"The fishermen are wondering if  Davis went through all these motions  prior to the October 30 election,- only to  confront fishermen with dictatorial policy  ���as soon as he was back in office. If sp,  he hasn't learned any lesson from the  results of the polls," the union said.  Note_taped. on a public pay phone:  "This telephone swallows - dimes whole.  Do not feed it dimes. It eats nickels  gracefully, contentedly humming a dial  tohe while digesting."  NOTICE  Pender Harbour - Egmont Area  For Insurance of all kinds  Phone your Resident Agent  JOHN BREEN LTD.  883-2794 (24 hours)  _____  1  I  5!  Ii  S!  1$  S!  i  LAY AWAY  NOW ...  ��  Shoes  ���  Handbags  l/Uiaard5  ''9.  i  i  IIIIUUnUIBIIIIUIllUIIHIIIIIIIIg  Good Paintings and j  Good Pictures need i  B.  See our samples of  the best available  ���   CUSTOM MADE  ���FAST DELIVERY  JOHW JUNYAN'S  Variety and Enterprises  We repair ALL small appliances  Sechelt 885-9343 |  iHHMIIHllBHiflBHIIIHIIIIIHHIIlfil  HOUSES- -'vr.  . '  The  house standings are  as  follows:  House  II" in   the  lead   with   35   points,  Gibsons taxpayers, the recreation centre   -House  I   second   with   27*  points,  House  fit ^'*      >- i     v  2\' y _?t*}7^*V. r '  Tlt!f*1 i*  ___^_m______________________U_________ "*^  _4_____W_MtLm-mL_______m___..  s  'i ���"��� 77 .7f  *5 .*^"?""��>ia_ar#MWM^ t  I *J ..  _'N  5 _ 1  -- "*  <��� _;*:i&-_|  ���_ii'-__ i'-yi  ". -S--   '��� *-"���_������ 'i  ���-���*:-f_"p."r]  ./  ��� ���  ��� ���  When business was bad,  .WHsaMWt.1tV".#i^^f'. *.��'*>(  ^^WW^t^WW^^WIIMfi  H^^*^*t^WfS,WWB^ l#w^^��nw*^^ '���i^P^rWWiWftiK-WSH  Ui ifF^aWFiwjwwwtwMWM  A phone can be atrip back home.  _��\_  f  v.  m***��mtm*M&t*w*mwm  l t  ga^Bwaa^vasa^  loi iu ulalanca phono cnilnonio, . renvoi Bpwnbll by WUavoui Jngll lor  Wpfi����*����*S(��!|*��H��^  "���"T*" hours latar? ,  RomomlaQr the foollno of anticipation     nnmnmiw?  and tho flash ot Joy whon you hoard,     nomomDor/    ,    (  ���."HI Daddy!" ���-    - Remember to phono.  4   M^-t  \A phone Is wlipttyou imkek  444.. ,,.,lA.  cou  afford advertising.  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I I.  ��   a I ��    1*1    I  mfafrlxmimtimwmm  '. 7,  '/     ,"   7"l*   '   '    1,'   *   *'''    "ll    '   '    ���    ,        i\,\    >   I,    t    ."/....V,  ,,'', ,      .       '' ,  '   '     *,   ',    f     '    ,',   V   ''�����,'�� |Ml",.i'>"��.'Ml��''*iM' ���.-'.��*.-    a'- \  V  \  V  \ v   .     ��� .  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  Wednesday. Ht��vejnl��tr 23, 1972        ?"���*  Peninsula Tinjes  Paae B-5  HALFMOOM Bay was shaken by anoth.fr  tragedy last Pr.day night when the  car driven by Mrs. (IrPta Jorgensen hit  a power- polo nn Hedmoffs' Road west of  EureKa Road. Her passenger, Mrs. Mary  Olson was pronounced dead on arrival at  St. Maryv Hospital. Mrs. Jorgensen who  : untamed, cute andx bruise:,, ivs recoiving  tare hi St. Man-'_;, 'Ihe two ladies were  on their way home after playing bingo  at the Totem Club in Sechelt when the  accidents happened.  Mrs. Jorgensen has been released front  hospital.  -r-by Mary Tinkley  cards, st-rabble, chess, ahd the like or polish up oh your shuffleboatd techniques.  Welcome Beach. Community AssoiHa-  tinn Christmas dinner will be held at the  Welmm'P Beach Hall on Saturday. Decy  9. Tickets $2 each, are now available from  Mrs. M. Tinkley. All members are urged  to get their tickets at the easiest possible  moment as 'he number of tickets is stric-  ly limited and member-ship is at an all-  time high. _.  FILM ON JAPAN  Last   Thursday's  7  film show on Japan  CAftPET SQWLjtfG  Want to try your hand at carpet bowling? You will have an opportunity today  (Wednesday), at the Welcome Beach Hall  nt  1:30 p.m.  A team from tho ("Jibsons OAPO have  kindly rfgrei-d lo bring their equipment  and demonstrate the art and techniques  of the game. Running shoes are recommended. If enough people are interested,  the Welcome Beach Community Association will consider the purchase of the  necessary equipment.  SOCIAL   EVENING  On Saturday, Nov. 25, there will be a  social evening at the Welcome Beach Hall  at 7:30 p.m. In celebration of Canada Music Week. Mrs. G. L. Brooke will present  a concert by some of her-m-usic'students.  Tho second half of the program wil"  bo "go as-you-please", :���.   bring your own  I  offered   beauty   and   tremendous  variety.  ^.e-frlrFtvs-sh&wed--t-his-naUoh-af���iOO-tniU���niisUh��_^nd74:he^Viel��vite^^mi|3f--^enl-  pane^p   lane   of   beauty .   ._.-_...  N'tm  film  show will   be ot. ThiU^day,  Nov. 30. This will be the last program before Christmas  and  will   cothptise  liltrw  of defmahy.  LOST DOfiP.  I'.ob and Jorrv l.nvt Wick\vir<>,- their  two children and 'two gol(:lei\ retrievers,  have taken up residence at the Storey  house a' Welcome Beach for the winter  months  The Wivkwires spend lhe summer  month:- running their tishing camp un  the Babine River near Smithers and perhaps i�� was lhat the dogs missed all that  lovely snow thov left behind at the eanip  Certain i' i.   that onp morning they were  X iii.ti Mr lieinv Jiad tn take the  ,l '.. 'I' i\- ��'j*' bji.I. to Vancouver, with  ' Thi-    \V.r..wiVes   eventually    heard  :'   "    ihf  RCMP wlffere  their dags  were  la'.id la' rtiake ^ trip info Vancouver  '''���  ���    i.'\vint,7.lav tu p'uk .them up.  NjNIORGETTABLE   WEEK  I*'"m- Mrs. Mary Walker, last week was  i>in. he will not forget, for she came in  ."���'I'** i wi*tv both'drama and tragedy.  Shi. v.-a, invUic Broadway and Gran-  -llli -Branvii of. the Royal Bank of Can-  ..���'.. wli?n it was held up. The teller close  ' ��� h'T handed over S4S00 to the hold-up  in.in. bi'ti he. was slopped by one of the  r'a-ik -.i_ soon as he stepped1 outside the  ...l...or and within minutes the money was  L&y.soii':yjyailuble ... _ ^  No fancy ability n@fd#  to become square  lion people, as a gfeat industrial power,  -with industries such as the mafvufactnte  of cars and musical instnitnents throhbhig  with vitality. With colossal equipment,  mountain'1, are lining levelled and the fill  carried many miles to make new kind."  Their modern and intricate road systems,  their trains running KM) milt an hair.'  are s'ill hardly able ��� -> cope with the density of traffic. Subways relieve the surface congestion to some extent and tunnels facilitate ^travel between the islands.  Some of the films showed another side  of Japanese life whfiie some of the old  traditions still exist in the making of  beautiful pottery, lacquered bowls, paintings and bamboo crafts. They showed a  land where eating, drinking and the serving of tine foods are arts, to be enjoyed  graciously and with ceremony. A delightful fairy story "Princess of the Moon' performed with puppets, showed all the Ja-  sevefal hours searching for thefn. They  talkeM to several people on the7r>edrooffs  fto'ad asking if they had seen the dogs,  -but ...uortuna.elv they could not give a  telephone number as their telephone had  inu  yot   ben  installed.  One of 'lu people thoy lalked to was  Carl Ronix who had spent the weekend  at his Redrooffs cottage and was on his  way homo to Vancouver with his wife,  two children and two dogs. Sure enough,  he found the two golden retrievers on  the road heading hotfoot for Sechelt. He  stopped and picked them up, and as he  did not know where exactly to find the  Wickwires arid he was in any case heading for the ferry, he continued to Sechelt  where he asked the. RCMP to take custody  of the dogs and. return them to their owners. The RCMP declined as they also  did not know how 1o get in touch with  Mr. and Mrs. AVickwire.  The outcome of  "idfr'v back in the bank, fteturnirig home  to Welcome Beach, Mrs. Walker accompanied her son-in-law, Cliff Oontior, to  the Totem Bingo on Friday night ahd they  w.-if on their way home when they eamo  upon Mrs. JorgeuseiVs wrecked car hy  lho r.urdsido. Mrs. Walker and (71'il'f stayed sa.h1. Mrs. Jorgensen uidil the RCMP  ami ambulance arrived and she was taken   to  hospital.  ���        ��� *  Aftev all we lost our bet on Stephen  Foley who. had to pay the bill for the 72  ounce steak dinner at the Bola Room at  Squamish. He just couldn't make the last  six ounces of that mighty steak. We are  indebted to his aunt, Mrs. Chuck Ayer  of West Sechelt, for the final outcome  of  Xh_    story.  Mr. G. L. Brooke is making a good recovery following surgery in St. Paul's  Hospital.  EDITOR'S   note:   This   is   the   first   in   a  series  of columns on square dancing.  Tho contributed articles will appear from  lime to time,  What   is   square   dancing'.'   More   properly   described     it   would   be   ''square  walking"    because   no   fancy   ability   to  dance   is 'required���you   simply   walk   in  time  to   the   music  and   "listen"   as   the  "caller"  tells you what  to do.  ���~~Some perrp-lie-wa'trlr^r-V-'and-?ee^sqiiare  dancers doing a lot of jigging. fantastical  jutnping' and  tajpfrihg  their feet  so fast   ���  it   w^uld   simply  exhaust  everyone���'this  is   stiietly   for  TV   and   7   not   done   at  any club square dance.  Square danc.ing cannot Br done by  just one person, nor a couple - in fact,  it' takes eight friendly people, to form  ��� ono square and then star, to dance. To  square dancers, il isn't the difficulty level  of a dance that is important, it is the  friendliness, uniqueness and warmth '  they find that causes them to remark  "I want to dance with those folks again."  The most entertaining and exciting  dances in the last 20 years have'been-������  ���'fun nights, unorganized, non-club dances,  where someone suddenly decides to have  a square dance. No one is upset at the  lack of square dance costuming, or at  the fact that beginners and experts, and  .even  non-dancers begin dancing together  at the very beginning Tand are most pi>  ten quite proficient at the end of the  evening and most important everyone had  fun!! '���������''���.'���- 7- ":  A. group of beginners at the Wilson  Creek Hall are n<jw in their eighth week  ���ofNlessons %nd thoroughly enjoying^square  dancing and making plans for a fun night  later this year.  * Put your message into more  than 2,500 homes (10.000)  readers in these economical  spots. Your ad is always there  for' quick* reference   anytime!  Sunshine Coast Business Directory  ��� Here's an economical way to  reach 2,500 homes (10.000  readers) every week. Your ad  waits patiently for ready reference .;..._. anytime!  ACCOUNTANTS  W.  Philip Gordon  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Tel:   Bus.  886-2714,  Res. 886-7567  Harris Block, Gibsons, B.C.  ART  SUPPLIES  DALLIS STUDIOS  COMPLETE ARTIST'S SUPPLIES  CUSTOM MADE LAMPS  Classes ih Resin Daily, Tues through Saturday  Candles, Macrame, Beads, Arts and Crafts  Cowrie Street ��� Sechelt ��� 885-9817  Telephone 886-2069  ROSE fit ART ENTERPRISES  Pottery, Supplies, classes & firing  dealer for Duncan's Ceramic products  Pine Rd. & Grandview Ave.  P.O. Box 62, Gibsons, B.C.  ;    (.. ���'��� 1 .'��� ��� ���  UTO  SERVICES  SECHELT HOME SERVICE  Atlas Parts and Tires  Phone 885-2812  BANKS  ROYAL BANK OF CANADA  Sechelt Branch ��� Phone 885-2201  Gibsons Branch ��� Phone 886-2201  a Pender.'Branchv;7^-phone,!;683-2711-1^:  Box 153, Madeira Park   ,.,,,._.���.,  ..,....���,,,,,. HOURS:,,  _ ���,,,,���,���...���������..  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W*^-��a) If a  *W)��Wpl^^)lfWWiWW^^  PEN ENTERPRISES  Suppliers and applicators of  Cascaro Pro-Cast Stono and Brick  ' Phono tot (fOG ettlmtito ;" *;  Bob or Dick 884-531* '      ,  A  *W>ia*������<����!|<)f<yi(|!fa|��^  Your Business Card  In this space will  1    ...   i.        i .    i i ���', ,    ,,.  reach nearly 10,000 people!   '������������ 'tr , t-i-,-*���(��� - vj    ���  Low cost * H/flb pow��r  K LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER  Household Movlnfl, Packlno, Stbrago  Packing Matorlala For Sale        ,  Member of Allied Von Lines,  Canada's No, 1 Movers  Phono 886-2664, RR 1,'Gibsons, B.C.  NURSERY  MACK'S NURSERY - Roberts Crook  Landscaping - Shrubi -Fruit Tree* �� Fertlllm  Berry Plants�� Peddlna Plants - Peat Mom   '  Fully Licensed Pesticide Spraying, for  ***---rr--~EI^^^  SHmhlnQ"Coast"Hvyyr'**PhrB8<S-2<i84*  OPTOMETRIST .,7 .: -     ,"7.,  p-mii i.ili.ln��iinii.nl^in.il|iiil> iii.i|iii,w..i���fw��.iiwniwini��|i ' '"i��* " ������������������� m-m <mm**m m  FRANK E. DECKER, OPTOMETRiST  Bal Block - Qlbions  ., ..   ,   , Every Wednesday,  88d-224$  C & S HARDWARE  "T^SWHEaLTTB.cr^w-,*J^^^  .APPLIANCES-HARDWARE,   ... HOME, FURNISHINGS  '   Phono 885-9713  1  1 ' ���' ��������� - '��� ..I  Pender Harbour - 883-2513  HARBOUR SUPPLIES  ���*W-k*l*>a wfTir^il-W  * ���' ,      1       ��� mt*T*��qi ft,KJr*t4ff.   ���  Electrical, -   Plumbing  -  Appliances  TVs - Furniture and Carpets  |P,0, Box 158 Madeira Park, Hwy .101  ot Francis Peninsula 1  ,,1 , ,     , ,  ._ t  . .   '    .  roofing amp flooring  -���7����� cAlitstan^ihilstAd-^-���  ',  about your .  ROOFING AND FLOORING NEEDS  Phono 886-2923  ROBERT W. ALLEN  B.C LAND SURVEYOR  Sechelt  Lumber  Building  Wharf St.,  Box 607  Sechelt,  B.C.  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Solos and Sorvlco \  .i Authorized DqalorandRppalrPopotfor, ,  1 "���"'-"'���    QUASAR (Motorola)-8, PHILCQ('  Cowrlo  Street,  Sechelt  -���  Phone   B85-ai 71  SUNSHINE COAST T.V. SA^.ES  8, SERVICE LTD.  ��*rw��*i"��*AbM I RAL^^^ELECTROHOME"*^**"^"*  and   ZENITH    DEALERS     ,  '"   Gordon Oliver   -    Ed '^Nicholson  In The' Heprt Of Powntoyyn Secholt'  Box ,799, S6chelt 885-9816  CLOSED ON MONDAYS '   .  1  WPHOLS I t|lY��,'''"-n��'','*'-"'''"'-",r*,M  ��t5*.t'jXPJ��fJUSUJ~LUATHH*  : *' '   " "Uso th'eso spQc'os, to" , ",  reach nearly 10-OQQ people  i        ,       : oYory weekl  PELA^R CUSTOM UPH9LSTERV  AND DRAPERIES  1 ''' '  R^upholsterlna - Restyling - Completo Dr��pft>  Sf rvlc�� 9 Sample* ��howr�� In trio homo   Phono. 086-2050  USE;JBIS  BUS! NESS, DI^CTORY   '""TQ RE^dfi;';7'"';"  16,000 people;.'  t'fSiWIwnw^^'m^W*^^  .'* COMMERCIAL PRINTING  RUBBER STAMPS  ���> *       t I J !->      Ml I'     1 l    II"       Itl "��� 4-1" H      a,    -   -.   /      ,       -   1  V  m^mmmm^*mmmmwv>mmfm^iiimmmm*i'm  ll   HI  m��^tmmmm^mmimmmmm  ' i  tm^mmimm^mimmmiim4m<9%>  m#wmmmw>immiimm  mmmwim^mmmi��M>iimm  1 * '��!���* ( * ^lttWbMih��b�� ���"���-������. V  \ -v  \  Y.  \  \  ������,���'���*; ������ >  \ ��� .  ���   .     V-  \  \  \  Aifn For Healthy Hearts  \  Vs CHRISTMAS approaches' Ihere will  . be busy shopping for gifts to fill the  stockings to be hung by the chimney  with care. In the interest of protecting  hearts, the-B.C. Heart Foundation urges  all mothers to pay as much attention to  whirl goes into the youngsters shiny new  liinoh boxes, and onto  the family  table.  A mother's skills in selecting and.pre-r  paring foods can help protect the entire  family's hearts. There is increasing ev-  \ idence that eating habits which control  the intake of cholesterol and saturated  fa'ts call reduce the hazard of atherosclerosis, a disease of the arteries which  'underlies most heart attacks. And youngsters stand to gain most from such risk  reduction measures". In their formative  years they will develop a taste for the  right kinds of foods, and thus find it  easier as they mature to choose foods  that reduce their risk-ofr'premature "heart  disease.  The typical Canadian meal is rich in  foods that contribute to the progress of  atherosclerosis. To reduce this risk, scientists recommend foods that are low in  cholesterol and saturated fats, but which  still provide all the nutrients essential to  good health. Adopting this plan usually  requires only moderate changes in eating  habits.  There are four goals to keep in mind  in following the suggested tliet:  1. To meet daily needs-for protein,  vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.  2. To   control   calories   and   maintain  TWILIGHT THEATRE  Gibsons  886-2827  All Shows 8 p.m. and in color  One Wonderful Show '  Walt Disney's  Swiss Family Robinson  AND  101  Dalmations  Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun.   November 23-26  EXTRA LONG SHOW  Note new starting times for this show only  Thurs., Fri., Sun., 6:45 ending 10:20 p.m.  Saturday 2 complete shows:  5:30 p.m. ending 9:00 p.m.  6:50 p.m. ending 10:25 p.m.  desirahle "weight.  3. To avoid eating excessive amounts  of food containing cholesterol and saturated fat, Nby -lowering the total intake  of such fobdt.  4. To see that more of the fat eaten,  is   polyunsaturated,   and   that   less   of   it  . is saturated. ���     '    .     ���  The B.C. Heart Foundation can supply you with two booklets containing'  recommended diets, recipes and tips on  food preparation to achieve those four  goals. The publications are: The Way to  a Man's Heart, and Recipes for Fat-  Cqnlrolled and Low Cholesterol Meals.  Scientists agree that eating' habits are  a factor in reducing the risk of heart  attack. But there are other factors to  guard against. See that your youngsters  do not acquire the cigarette smoking  habit; have them exercise regularly; keep  their weight at appropriate levels; and  take them for regular medical checkups;  This same plan of action applies  equally to adults as a program to reduce  their risk of heart attack. It is never  too early or too late to start a campaign  to protect the heart. Do it this Christmas and help to give your family the  priceless gift of health.  Red Cross club  projects set  ELPHINSTONE. Secondary   School    Red  Cross Youth Club held its first meeting recently and besides electing new  officers, decided on its projects for the  coming  school  year.  The officers are: president, Els Zuidema; secretary. Doreen Scharf; treasurer,  Cindy Frykas and poster chairman, Joka  Zuidema.  For the school the club is collecting Nabob coupons to get a coffee urn  for use at school functions. It is hoped  that there will be a generous assistance  from members of the community in saving coupons fpr this project. Phone the  school and they will be picked up.  For the community, the students plan  to assist the senior citizens and as an  international project, they are paying for  a child in Bangladesh who will heed ah  artificial   limb   and   therapy   treatments.  They will also continue to support  the school in Greece which they adopted  in 1960 and to give donations as available to assist in the provincial dental  work for secondary school students who  have no tfther resource.  School referendum fppic  x  at chamber meeting today  A   REPRESENTATIVE  from   the  school  board   will   attend'*   the   Sechelt   and  .District  Chamber  of NGo-rrimerce  meeting  tonight   to   outline   the   proposed   school  referendum.  The general meeting will be. at the  Village   Cafe   tonight   at   7:30.   ���<  Other business to be discussed includes the chamber's new bylaws. The  executive has gone over them and if  members would like to look at them previous to the meeting, copies are available  at Morgan's lylen's Wear, said Morgan  Thompson,   chamber  president.  Dental Topics  REGULAR brushing is  the  best  way" to  keep tooth decay at bay and the teeth  good  looking,   but  there  are  many  that  just can't keep up a good schedule.  In our. busy work-a-day world, many  of us are too rushed to brush after every  meal and snack, or else it is impractical.  Although no dentist would excuse you  for inadequate health care, he does understand   your  plight.  Most of us are near a drinking fountain, so the next best thing to brushing  would be to. swish and swirl water  through spaces between your teeth to  remove food particles. Chewing a fy'm  apple also helps to loosen trapped par-  'icles.  Salesmen and others who do much  talking in their .jobs, frequently f i n d  their breath ^oing sour. The bad breath  may nol he due to a serious disorder,  but may merely be caused by the membranes of the mouth drying out too.  much. Small sips of water periodically  can help the situation.  The be t way to prevent smokers stain'  on your teeth is not to smoke. But if  you can't kick the habit, at least remember that the last third of a cigarette is  collecting about 50 per cent of the tar.  Instant coffee seems to stain teeth  more than the regularly prepared ..variety. Black tea may also stain. Stubborn  stains may need help from your dentist  who can clean them off without injuring  teeth or gums. Girls can keep lipstick  smears off their teeth by carefully blotting toward the " Inner "surface of their  lips after applying  fresh lipstick.  Knowing you have stain problems,  you should make a greater effort to do  more brushing. That way you can drink  your instant coffee or black tea without worry. But do try to kick the cigarette  habit.        ���Canadian Dental  Assn.  s\  \  Senior citizen  notes  Pago B-6 The Peninsiilo Times  Wednesday, November 22,\1972  ���"Y  LAST general  meeting of  the - year was  well attended. Our next meeting date,  Dec. 21, will be taken up with a Christmas dinner and party for one-half of the  members., The second installment will be ,  on the following day, Dec. 22. .  Members wfto were present at November's meeting were able to obtain their  tickets for the dinner. Members who do  not have their tickets should get in  touch with Adele deLange at the first opportunity. This dividing of the membership into two groups is not a simple  thing. The executive' asks that members  be patient if they find themselves assigned to a sitting which is not their  first choice. There is a definite limit on  the number of full-course dinners that  can be served at one time, in the space  and with the furniture and equipment  at our disposal.        *  Our secretary" reported on the results  of her correspondence with officials on  two projects which have been concerning  us for some time. Re: follef facilities on  the ferry deck, or a^ lift," for travelers  who find the long stairway on the Sunshine Coast Queen more than just an interesting challenge.  The only commitment she got at last,  from W. B. Weston, operational manager  of B.C. Ferries, was the promise that any  senior citizens' who find the_sl_airs too  forbidding, may ask for assistance -from  the ferry workers. How about it, members, shall we take him at his word?  Picture, the situation on the ferry if all  senior passengers should ask for assistance in getting up the stairs. Note two  items in The Times for Nov. 15. One  was in Chamber of Commerce notes, and  an editorial. What about open letters  to Mr. Weston from individual members.  These could appear in the letters to the  editor in The Times. It might be fun!  ���and it might get results.  Re: free ambulance service in unincorporated areas���the regional district  is still working on it.  Mrs. Evans reported oh a meeting  held on the North Shore to consider the  formation of regionals in the SCA. A  suggestion from this meeting was that  the three branches in this, area, Powell  River, Pender Harbor and Sechelt.; combine.       ���   .  Delegates from the three branches will  meet at Miss deLange's home on Dec. 12.  Delegates were given authority by the  membership to proceed using their own  discretion in this manner.  The executive"asked the^membership  -^���by M. E. Wagner  to approve a donation, of $5  per month N  to the Senior Citizens' Housing Commit- -  tee,  for the  use of  the committee room  at Greene Court for executive meetings.  Approval   given.  Mrs. Stockwell. reporting for the entertainment committee asked for suggestions for games suitable for the  Christmas \party. She also issued an invitation for interested members to join  the musicad \grqup who meet regularly  at  Mrs.  Hatcher's.  The group, is now working on some  numbers for the party. If youi are interested, contact Mrs. Stockwell. Mrs.  Evans reports one member in hospital,  Mrs. Ni^con. Mr. Hayward announces a  shopping bus trip cm Dec. '6���to leave  Sechelt at 8 am; leave Vancouver at  4 p.m. Mr. Hayward also reports the  Sunday afternoon sessions at the Se-  celt school open area are on again, They  begin at 2_p.m.    -  Guests from the Canadian -Legion,  Mrs. Ritchie and Mrs. Nickerson, -were  introduced by our president. They had  come to present $500 to be used for lawn  furniture at Greene Court. Mrs. Mary  Tinkley, acting on "behalf of the Senior  Citizens' Housing Committee, received  the gift.  This being the last business meeting  of -the year the meeting was next handed over to the nominating committee.  Mrs. Evans and her committee, Dave  Hayward and Mrs. Alice Batchelor, proved their worth by presenting a full slate  of officers. All were elected by acclamation.  Here is the list of officers for 1973:  President Emery Scott; first vice president, Hugh Duff; social vice president,  Adele deLange; recording secretary;���  Gunnar Hansen; corresponding secretary,  Mrs. Ruth Mitchell; treasurer, Mrs. Ruby  Hatcher; directors: Lionel Singlehurst,  Robert Foxall, Vernon Shuttleworth.*  The nominating committee was thanked for their good work and then dismissed.  We received reports ironr two mem-  bers who have applied for New Horizons  grants.  Emery Scott has gone ahead with his  proposed. project, and has ic lively group  which" meets every Tuesday" "afternoon;  2 to 4, for dancing. If he doesn't get his  grant, he will find it difficult to drop  his project.  E. M. Shaw describes his project as  phyto-engineering. It is a method of  growing plants under artificial light, under  carefully   controlled"���'conditions   'and  ^  involves the use of some highly technical  equipmenJL "if he gets his grant, members  will certainly watch this project with  interest. .  The meeting was rounde^tVbff with a  delightful skit by "up-coast'-' members,  Mrs. Tinkley, Mfs. Clear, Mrs. MacCready  and Mary Connor. Even thex audience  w_ts mystified, and much relieved, in the  end, to find that it really was a little  girl,' and not a spirit, AhaH was playing  tricks with the blackberry  pie.-.  Be sure to get your ticket for Chvist-  mas dinner. Be sure to bring it .with  you. Be sure, to look at the date.  B.C.  ISA  BEAUTIFUL PLACE  DON'T MESS  IT UP  SUM ...TERNATIONAt.  PRODUCTIONS  Presents  TECHNICOLOR*  <        ��    *���  . *        ��"V  .���   ', Ms** '  .   _ ���*��� \A__ i a. fvK  tV-vAjx.1^'     2**    ^ ^   *  v'vt*;  5} r    *  . -~\ . 7"'V   txf ?*. * .  ..._���.. -     *\-*  v .**.������  \0*<  Monday and Tuesday    --  November 27 and 28  2 shows each evening  7&9p.m.  TWILIGHT THEATRE  .-...; :_.,-, (3i6SONS.,;,��� _ ;. _. _  WMWWMMmWMWMA  '��� >'**>;  IlfTl I     Iflflil  DINNER  Macaroni and  Cheese, 7 oz.  Kraft Cheese Sliteirif :    gj*  _a jyaWaHW M���*������M.iUf.i*"tettw*WlM'a*'"''��� fc'-.''yiK *!.. .<���!..ImW-. I iiiYjt|._Wa.i.\  CRACKER   Medium  barrel CHEESE  Kraft Dutch Goudas  Squeez-a-Snack  i     ���' ���-,     I       "I . '��||U    i|   i   '      ' t   .,   HI   >|   .I'll     ti'l..    �� ,  Ye!veefa Cheese,  il<Y'W*.M'.'iiyi&. i<s*��_ffcaL^.,.:, fj.^ftAJ-i.V  8 oz. 65c  S**!...,.i IWJtifl*. !!>_'��.    |ir|f,.t.,|.^i.;.^V!^l)Si^'V1.li.rr>ll<:!<.'r/Wit)l-p>^)'  12 oz. 89c  16 'oz, $1.15  8 oi.  u oz.  W��i""*'.    !   I��^��������  6 oz,  69c  49c  1    r . ,  ��� -rMGAi^SJPECIALS   BABY BEEF LIVERS        79*  I *"t II.I.��HtaiMl.H*l<HHllaa.l.M'MI ft***.* ^9        ^^  bJLa*Ss*Xt*��*. ���.~, , ,-  ZEALAND  SAUSAGES  !1!**-1>��W4si��5U()b ^��**l^llllt'*^��a^PW#T*^iV!#��{ *flM^S��W��ft^-W^-H^.*fwt4*  PORK or      ___ _ ^ ; '  J.��'?!*���" " *i *?',J>'������� ttmMiffi'JUI-'f.t^finWIt.llW't.mmxmf^'i.  w��_.*r^��J  ���W0 ^rt**  Burki Portion ineese ��_    75��  MtnSiiW  McLarens Imperial Cheese 7. 79c  Parkay Diet Spread 16oi 45c  Kraft Macaroni Dinner ?:."r  45?  . ��� 1 . a           ,rw.*T. ^  Kraft Cheese Pizza ,5 oi.      55*  *mt~mmmmm~mmmm*������mmmmmmmm~mmmmm~mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.m  PRODUCE SPECIALS  [''!__ftIIIT* < .   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T^r  SEVEIM F^ltlMS  tiriibto  Ycgctoblo  SOUP Jt^'0:*: 7.0,1.00  '��u %J ii i^wi,!t*w*^iw'^^  fcjBMit  1.29  1  1   '    \ '7  p-ii^immiHmm^mm'^mk'mmi  iyiQCOBlVilciiSr~r  M*i ' M M '^ '���*W  PR(CES EFFJECfiVE; THURS; n6Sf: ^TOySAJy HOifl 2B  Salted  1 lb, ,:  flifWii^^lWWII^MW^  1  #*     PP*|    ����pmikiiim|M  1.19  SEVEN-FARMS  CANNED MILK 5 <;r i.00  aWiwwp^i^wMiHm*^  Phono 885-2025  1885-9012 Moat Dopt. 885-9823 Bakory  i'i       l   I ' '       a If      '   '        '        '      I       7 ' i        " ' I       )  Wo Reserve Tho Right TO Limit Quantltloa  i.   .��*���*��� irf      ( j*��l     u.v  iWlWMHI!^*-^^  11,  ( m I ' ��� * ���>,'%*.>., r   �� ^ ,v(.. _., , , , fi  mmtmfmmmmmmMmififo^ i__m__^__��M__f,,_^u_,*m_9__,i__^__^J/__^^       rT .^-^a^..,,.^^  ,,,,,,,.,,_,��� i,,i.ll.,ft.n1_.___ff.w^im_1^fl_r_^f:^^  *  t  mmwtttm  ,"..d'  i  i  y  !  ^ W . *4-Hi(i-^yjt,-.i  i\i\    \ \t>    ,1 )Hit_  !>,>.*  y..i ^^.i , nan,,.*  9 *����Nt.4^n_w��fl^n)*MiJi  Wtttttrnttosmmmmmmtit.  m*���Mm4mmiwtiii.wtiM  ,    ��- ��,,.,.,.,n j.,j..��,i����l-^.-rf.��f^ .,a|.,, ���  ,,.,������, 'U  ��� i f, ��  ,  ����'��������';* t   /  at    * . f.��   ,y #�����*   *- fi  *a  I  fik   '  " I' ��� il' I" I f**   * f|    . idt  ��a V, .  ��,,��.,<,, ��.,, t( "f��^ii.    , fa  ���


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