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The Peninsula Times Mar 18, 1970

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 V*!^*l***^tl*&t^y&^n**'~>?1'?*l*****V?V ■W.ir-W-j'v-aF-^-. "yj-W^.^. aw,*!. *f^ *y^f £■£"")- JP M- ^^.'a'-fTj'   S"*** T*J ""-""•■y-^ ** "^
".   VV-.T-"
vrr-rTT- - r?:*",''a,TarC,1"yrr>"aF*>; ;»,s >*?> v*. jrjvr^r:*.^.*',.'-' ?.-";.;' ,*.>>:> ■*; >«7\"7TV*
,, V v ■• ■*.-*V-    .F—^
"J*       'a   (-»    1    -V-?    V   *.    '-  -va>F  <-".    V Fa- F.   r "   a "»   ",--■,--,   a^ ^ ar    a„ a,  ...a.   a,   -    a    a^ a. j   ... ^   /t   ..   f    ^    .      %  a.    .     a    af*-^!
Public hearing-.m r
20 ®&
I    *Vh*M-ib
ears sewer plan protests
West Canadian Graphic Industries Ltd.,
1606 West 5th Ave.,
Vancouver 9» B.C..	
* ■ ••     Service
Ep crp.
MR. WM. N. Venables, Director of Pollution Control was Chairman at a
public meeting at the Sechelt Legion Hall
on1 March 11th regarding the application
of Halfmoon "Bay .Developments Ltd. for
a permit to discharge treated effluent
into Halfmoon Bay. He" was supported
by Mr. J. E. Dew-Jones, P. Eng, and Mr.
Lorne "W. Topham.
"Mr. Venables, commenting on the fact
that no representative was present from
the Regional District Bpard, read a letter
from the Secretary, Mr. C. F. Gooding,
stating that the.Board did not wish to
advise on-the application at the present
time.but would do so in two weeks' time.
• Mr.Len Van Egmond made, a state-
ment on behalf, of Halfmoon Bay Developments. Ltd. in which he suggested that
no-one had as much to lose by polluting
the waterfront as he had and'he felt that
a central collecting system was superior
to a septic tank system.
Representing him, Mr. R. F. Davis of
D. \V. Thompson, Consulting Engineers,
described the treatment proposed, an
consideration, he said, that the ocean, has
an-assimilative capacity and can provide
part. of .the treatment, it was considered
primary treatment was being contemplated and that the proposed plant might
become loaded beyond its capacity by
more intense development within the area
it served.
Many Objectors felt that researqh and
independent studies should be made to
determine to what extent winds and
water currents might effect oyster beds or
beaches in the area.
It was pointed out by Mr. Walker
that since shellfish are exposed, to pollution on a 24 hour, year-round basis,
sanitary requirements for water that is
, suitable for shell fish are far more stringent   than  for bathing beaches.  Bathing
' beach permissible coliform standards are
1,000 microorganisms (M.P.N.) per 100
milliliters as compared with 70 microorganisms for 100,ml. for shellfish culture.
Dr. McClaren commented on the complexity of determining ocean currents in
the area and suggested that unless turbulence is adequate, treated material can
.remain, in a* fairly undiluted state for a
consid^Jblel^tiine.-^He--doubtedr- if suf-"
TTcTelrTlength of outfall had been planned
to allow .chlorination. to take place.
Concern was expressed about the
maintenance of the treatment plant and
Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet), including Port Mellon,JHopkins Landing, Granthams Landing, Gibsons, Roberts Creek,
Wilson Creek, Selmo Pork, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Secret Cove, Pender Harbour, Madeira Park, Kleindale, Irvine's Landing, Earl Cove,' Egmont
^Registration No. 1142
2nd Class Mail
Volume 7, No. 16
12 Pages
that;-..primary   treatment,  together  with   , it was suggested that it would be more
-chlorination-- could satisfactorily' do .the
job. "He said, they were prepared to conduct on wihdF and tidal currents.
Briefs, relating to the appeal. were
submitted,by Dr. Melton McClaren representing Buccaneer" Bay Holdings, Mr.
and Mrs. C. J. A. Dalton, Mr. Peter B.
Finlayson" on behalf of Gibsons Rod and
Gun Club, Mrs. B. J; Lumsden, Mrs. Violet
Lyjids,--Mr.- A. T.-R. Campbell and Mr.
P:;w. Walker,' representing Redrooffs
Beach and Country Club, Mr. Carl G.
RehiX, Mr. John Ruffelle and Mrs. Mary-
anne West representing Sunshine Coast
Environment Protection Society. Submissions by .the, Sechelt Rod and Gun Club
and the Lower Mainland Wildlife Association were included as addenda and
would, Mr. Venables advised, be considered by the Board in reaching their
decision. . <•»
Many of the briefs stressed the importance of preserving the amenities of
the area from, a recreational point of
view and.there was concern that the
granting, of a permit would establish a
precedent with an eventual cumulative
danger to the overall amenities of the
Concern   was    expressed     that   only
k t*^\&k-jiyray>ta*>r&r/AifrviQ-*.- n^n.^*.****!
1 w&wsAfr .
Sunshine Coast Golf & Country Club •
holds;.,bridge, and... crib . games.. every
Wednesday, at. -7:30 -p,m, for- members
and-friends. Last Wednesday* Mrs. Doris
Pringle. won the/ door -prize. Bridge, win- ••-.
ners taking first prize were Norm Burley
and Orv_ Moscrip. Second prize went to
Doris. Pnn'gle a'rtd Roy Taylor:
Crib "winners! Mrs. Marion Hopkins
first and Harry Schindol, second.
Gibsons. Cubs and Saouts Boxing
scheduled for Wednesday March 18th has
been postponed until Tuhrsday March
26th in Gibsons .Elementary School due
to the number of public meetings taking
place on March 18th.
Sunshine Coast Environment Protection Society plans a roadside refuse
cleun-up this 'Saturday March 21st between Gibsons and Secholt. Volunteers
welcome. Refuse picked up will go into
plastic bags to be picked up by Sunshine
Const Disposal Services which has kindly
volunteered its facilities.
Little League Baseball registration
takes place on Saturday March 21st from
10 a.m. - 12 noon at the Gibsons Athletic
progressive to bring all land and its usage
under a central authority — an authority
which could plan its overall development
including the operation of all sewerage
collection and treatment facilities of this
nature. Only by the constant monitoring
and intelligent maintenance of these
facilities, said Mr: Walker, would the
public be assured of proper pollution
abatement standards on a continuing
Mrs. West probably summed up the
feelings of most of the objectors when
she quoted the following from Dr. Michael
Waldichuk on "Waste Disposal" — "It is
essential to carefully examine the environment in order to determine where
sewage or other types of waste may cause'
—See page A-S
Golf and Country Club
new type of membership
NEW type of membership was discussed
at the. last meeting of the directors
of the Sunshine Coast Golf and Country
This membership will be called Annual
Club Membership and the cost will be
as follows: $50 per annum plus the annual
green fees similar to what regular members pay. Green fees for family membership are $90 and for a single membership
$70; Therefore under the new membership the annual cost will be either $140
or $120. These memberships will run
from September 1st to August 31st. The
'usual' applicable terms will apply for
junior- fees.        '
' Annual Club   Membership   will" not
carry voting rights in the club administration but Will carry fuiliclub house ahd
cq-urSe  privileges,   j ..•',;..
■■. .; The. directors will• retain the power
to stop, issuing this type of membership,        «.na{,P.a«P hastirrie it should mak'p
if they so decide at' any time. For further a spage-age pastime It snouid maKe
information contact R, Taylor at 886-2020; an ideal recreation for space travel-
K. Wright at 880-777&' or any of the lers. Plastic chess pieces were turned
directors: * in the metal shop at Elphinstone.
-   .    .        |.'.,.l»l|    lj    >      .M,„—l..„,l,,„-'—!.—I.       1,    -    ,- .-... -.!■-      ■  —II-     H—- ^      ' -       ' I ...I'- II    _      "   ■— "'■         ■     ' — ■■■*■■■ ■ I.N>—■ i.,.--,..    ■■
Questions asked . . .
t—-■■  ii' ■   ' '■'■ ■ '"     —
3-D Chess
Pictured with the three dimensional
chess board which he will take to
illustrate his paper at the Fourth Annual Humanities and Science Symposium at tile University of Victoria
is grade 12 Elphinstone student
Dorian Gregory. Chess pieces; twenty
four men and 24 pawns are placed-in
first position" bf ^^gaitie which took;'f
Donah tljte^
is riot hi its final stages yet. Definitely
Dorian Gregory . . .
Mi i
PERTINENT questions were asked at
last meeting, of the Regional Board
by Sechelt Council representative Norm
Watson who first queried the fact that
minutes of the previous meeting were not
in sequence.
This, he stated, indicated that the
Director for area E. Archie Rutherford
was sworn in after the meeting commenced, "I was here when the meeting
wns called to order and ut that time, it
seems, Mr. Rutherford war. already sworn
in". Such u procedure, Mr. Watson told
l»£Z&3ir"''"<7r* "'.""""'TTrirr" Vt'-r < ■
',«»  it?"J. ¥t*   -' ■     •      *■ -'' ■     •  •   •
\m,^'&7(A"7*7\Wx*<,. \i\
High Aggregate
Member of Junior -Sechelt Hod nnd
•Gun Club, fouileen year old Dorek
Nelson won Ihe (unior hl)!li a}!{;rei;al<)
trophy competlnn in all classes in
the recent weekend shoot. Beside.-,
being u good shot with pistol, shot
fiwrti rifle and bow nnd arrow, Derek
ulso pluys a pretty good trombone
In .•.Iphlnslono Senior Band, Derek
Is the son of Mr, and Mr.s. jBnrold
Nelson of -Sechelt.
the Times later, is certainly not in order.
Director Lorne Wolvcrton said that
Director Watson was only partially correct in that the meeting had been called
to order shortly before Watson arrived.
This was quickly denied by Director
Watson who stated he was present at the
time the meeting had been culled to
order, ulso, Director Rutherford had quite
obviously been already sworn in.
Further, Director Watson while making
clear the fact he held nothing personal
against Director Rutherford, said h*>
would like to kno\v what stops were made •
in light of Rutherford's previous resignation, to obtain another candidate?. "To
the best of my knowledge the Board
made no attempt to contact the West
Sechelt-Board which Is a very powerful
body In area E;" ho added,
Director .'"rank Went replied that when
nominations for Directors closed there
were no candidates, Tho Board was then
faced with two choices, one was the former Director or his runner-up, which was
Wutson. As Watson was already on council It wiis decided to go for the man who
was available,
Director W.itmin then asked Director
Rutherford If ho has yet appointed in-,
ulUsriii'tu director, lit) wiui told, "I urn in
procetiti of doing It now, it ir. ,'ioineone
from West Sechelt urea.
Director Witt son commented, "It Is an
urea that ■seen.'; to lie neglected and 1
wondered  why   no one  was  contacted,"
Chairman Cliff Gilker Mild the whole
thing was advertised hut there was no
effort matin on anyone;, part to show any
InturuHl, "No one came forward and when
Mr, Hullii'iford heard thin Im agreed to
.itund for one year",
It Hi recalled Mr, Rutherford Mihm.t.ed
hi*, resignation hint year for health rea-
.loim hut agreed lo t,tay ,m until tin* end
ol Ihe year providing he win not put on
any   rommtttce,
Chairman 1'ilUei drew attention to ih«-
fact that ,'ilnce the pi(*\*liiu,s ineeliiig, lli<*
Hoard has been notified that ConMructlo-i
Aggi-eg.ilcn \\m now been token over by
Ocean Cement. "They an* titlll after gravel
In the area and have acquired a lot ne.u
the St'lnm Park brenkwaler hut *«> fur,
there hi no further pio|{ie--> to repot I,"
ho i.aid. The chairman iiIm. ,*ilati*d the
company had agreed to let the Hoiml
know any, further developments tli.il
mlgtft occur and at that time the public
will In; notified accordingly.
REFRESHING: change of procedure at
- last; week's school board^^.nieetirig was
tlie^introduction of grade>12 Eiphinstone
student Dorian- Gregory-'■'who has been
selected to attend the fourth Annual Humanities and Science Symposium
at the University of Victoria, April ,3 and
4; _   _ '•'..■
Introducing Dorian, District Superintendent R.R. Hanna told trustees that invitations to the Symposium are only given-to outstanding people in a particular
field of interest and require a high degree
of academic excellence.
Subject of Dorian's paper is "Chess
Analogues in Three Dimensions" which
has taken several years of study. Accompanying Dorian will be the three dimensional chess board pictured above.
Three years of research were spent on
feasibility of the game before the chess
botird designed by Dorian was made recently by Mr. Fallows of Roberts Creek.
Explaining the game to trustee Dorian
said the idea wns sparked by references
to 3-dimcnslopal chess In science fiction
magazines and thc board used is equivalent to the cubic area of an 'ordinary
Eight standard Bxtl chess boards are
stacked one above the othor with checkering alternating vertically as well as horizontally, Then: are 24 men and 2*1 pawns
per side, New pieces hitve been introduce! the Regent is a combination of Hook
& Bishop & Knight, The Chancellor equals Rook & Knight, The Centaur equals
Bishop & Knight.
Thc King's powers are unique, ho controls the 2(1 spaces Ininiedlati'ly surrounding the space lit.* occupies.
Some pieces have their powers restricted to their own b.'iard and the ones
above and below and this is denoted by a
bar oh the chess piece. The pawns have
their horrhal chess powers ahd promotion
conies when the pawn reaches the far rim
of the board. * '■-•
Dorian says in his paper that he developed the game as an exercise .in logical' development and extension of chess
principles from 2 to 3 dimensions. He is
• now satisfied as to the game's feasibility
and looks forward to further work along
similar lines for he wonders why a chess
game should be limited to only three
Sunshine Coast Lions
launch Calendar drive
SUNSHINE Coast Lions Club is about to
launch into its annual , Community
Birthday Calendar campaign, proceeds of
which go to such projects as physiotherapy equipment for St. Mary's Hospital,
Senior Citizens Housing etc.
Last year the club sold 750 calendars
and sights are set this time for 1,000. Individuals and organizations may, for the
sum. of two dollars, have their birthday
and meeting dates on the calendar.
Chairman of the campaign is Don
Hadden who may be contacted at Box 93
Sechelt or phone 885-9504.
Another benefit contributors derive is
the fact T that retail merchants. .who_j}Uj>
chase advertising space offer certain discounts to those who participate.
Canvassing this year has been undertaken as ,a fund raising project by the
United Nations Club of Elphinstone High
School under the supervision of teacher
Gary Foxall, also a Lions member.
P.CJJ.. Director raps
Regional Board Action
POLLUTION Control Board Director
W. N. Venables and other Board members met with the Sunshine Coast Regional Board last week prior to a public
hearing, the following day. regarding a
proposed sewer outfall at Halfmoon Bay.
All directors were present with the
exception of Director Frank West who
apparently had other commitments.
Mayor Wally Peterson, .village council
representative on the Board told The
Times he had not .been notified of the
meeting but had been, advised by Mr.
Venables and had consequently attended.
Mayor Peterson states: "The Pollution Control Director, in effect, made
clear to the Regional Board that it was
out of order in protesting the proposed
Gibsons sewer outfall. P.C.B. policy calls
for submitting copies of sewer applications in the area to the Regional Board
with the object of assertaining whether
the plans conflict with Board planning
proposals. NOT for the Board to take it
upon itself to make an issue of something
not a Board function.
"Further, the P.C.B. has thirty fully
experienced experts to determine efficiency of the proposed secondary treatment plant. The fact Gibsons council decided to put in a secondary plant rather
than a primary, was hot, as suggested,
due to endeavors of the Regional Board.
Council, in fact, volunteered to install a
secondary treatment plant some months
. lit. Venables also made "clear the tact
that council could have got by with a
primary treatment plant. His Board did
not enforce secondary treatment but is
quite happy to accept a voluntary proposal to install an even more effective
system. He also explained that there can
be no strict rule for any specific type of
system. It might be necessary in some
instances to request a secondary treatment plant, yet somewhere -else a primary plant would prove adequate.
School Board plans . . .
REFERENDUM No. 10 to cover cost of
emergency classroom construction in
Sechelt School District is almost certain
to be presented to taxpayers within the
next   few months,
School Board Chairman Mrs, Sheila
Kitson told trustees at last Thursday's
board meeting that she had received a
cable from Education Minister Donalel
Brothers at 0:20 p.m. Wednesday stating
that the board's submission for emergency classrooms had been approved and
could  go to referendum.
Trustee Bernard Mulligan asked if a
breakdown could lie provided for circulation in tin; press. Rev, Barry Jenks also
remarked that as Referendum No, 10
had been mentioned several times at the
meeting, a public statement should be-
Department rules , . .
Traffic crossing hazard
responsibility of Village
TRAFFIC hazard to Gibsons Elementary
School children crossing the main
highway ot thc intersection of North Road,
School Road and Highway 101 lit still
causing concern,
Let in* to Department of Highway.*-,
from the school hoard led lo positive action being taken on one out of three requests. The* crosswalk will In* re-palnted
when weather permits but In fuluic It
will be (he responsibility ol CilbMins Villages, slates the department.
Letter from the traffic engineer salt I
policy does not pi unit Instidl'ilion of a
no-passing j-one leading up l:> a school
t'lD.'swalk mid .i 1(0 nip!* /one is nil pi*r-
itiiMftl  mi ,i  main   highway.
-."'ilcon.- Village, (1he .■■ehtj-Jw tartl and
Ci-l.ou-t KiiiMiieii 'in* all pr>|||tv. the <!<*•
p.utiiK'iit iif liif-hwny-' (or iii*tr.illiilion o(
a pedestrian actuated traffic light to give
children the positive safely cf ,-t red stop
light ...th, r than |h«* fhe.h'n,* .!i|»ht. Vv.ui,.
ing signs lor motoriM-i lo --top when nov.-
■Wlilk is occupied hnve ul*.ii been leque.-itetl,
The board planning commute** is al*,-n
working on "ideas* to relieve congesting
which includes levelling the boulevard on
.•school   road   and  install .tin";   a  gate for
bus   loading   and   unloading   which
Hutter Mild  would  cost  about, $150.
Sechelt and District Hetarded Children's association has received permission
from the school board to erect a portable
classroom on school property but the
hoard Is in no way responsible for Installation, maintenance or operating costs,
Dlslrict Superintendent Mr. Hanna
told the hoard thai If more accomodation!
was available IheYe ait* possibly ft or II
children who should attend the spcelal
class. Time an* presently in attend tnee
inlng ii small room In (ilhsons Klmx ntuiy
scho >l
In (tut* nt t (1 of inure accon'iod.tth.n, ihe
lletardiVI Children'*-. Assoflalloii Is Only
In the ; luge of Investigating (*(>.-■.I of a
poit-ible el'is'irocnn at  the pre*=e|.t  Hint".
Department of '-'diication ■.•.III only recognize h class of III trainable children
when esli'u'ii>tli*i)* <-<*wt of tilt- N»Mr f-fttirn-
llon   progiam,
School ttte-tees accepted with itgiel
the veMgnatlon of teacher Mr*. Jo "Crane
—Bct» pafjo A'Q
. dilEMiillll
Secretary treasurer Jim Metzler pointed out that It would have to be published
anyway but approval of Lieutenant
Governor in Council hud to be received
To enlighten the public a little bit,
Mrs, Kitson commented thut tho referendum would cover emergency classrooms
required at Sechelt Elementary School
and Elphinstone Secondary school, Additions to Langdale would be built from
funds already approved,
Provincial Government imposed freeze
on referenda In British Columbia, pre- .
vented referendum No. 10 from being
presented to the district in December.
■Only emergency classroom construction is
now being approved by Victoria.
Chairman Shield Kitson Invited tins*
tecs to attend a meeting with the Heglonal
Hoard .scheduled for March lllth when
matter,*' of common Interest would be
discussed, Including the need for school
hoard office accommodation,
Trustee Agnes Labouto reminded tins
chairman that Victoria would not approve
an agreement with another body, Ml*.
Cianiihorn commented that according to
press reports Victoria won encouraging
amalgamation and cost sharing with other
bodies. The chairman felt the matter Is
worth exploring and a visit to Victoria
if necessary,
Trustee Barry Jetilts- also felt a meeting with lh« Regional Hoard would be
worthwhile and give an opportunity to
discuss future school sites,
Letter from Mr, Hen Lang offered the
hoard an opportunity to rent lis former
quarter.'-, in ("Ibsons and the hoard will
acknowledge the offer which has been
referred to the planning committee.
Asked about referendum funds ap
proved by taxpayers for constructing a
school board office, Mrs, Kitson salt!
Victoria will not allow such cxpcwlltuio
at this point.
The board has to vacate its pie-cut
quarters in Ihe H (.', Telephone Huililing
on December Hist.
Tin* ho,oil will seek approval of tin*
l.ietllemiiil Governor in Council to sell
one ot, the tciiche rages nnd sites at
Madeira Park anil one at Kleindale, Nei
tbei of these has been used by teacheis
for some years.
fr <M,.»il>JJl>wi*ii^iM*"W
*M>l.ill<»M-» ^K.^tA
*.4*t*lt*.mty,ii.tmp^i**k iff-*-**!  *^^ii*iii^i»*lN>^«^W^-^-4»*Wi*fci.]>> ^■^1WsT^'t*l-«*''
l*.**,^*.!*.**^*.^.**.****. *
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Special  thanks to the doctors and staff  of St. Mary's hospital.���Joan  Jim and Ken. 4139-16  OUR sincere thanks to nurses  and staff of St. Mary's hospital, also Dr.  Irish  and  Dr.  Swan.   ���   Mr.   and   Mrs.   G.  ���*'���   Smart. 4158-16  PERSONAL  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous ��� ,  Meetings 8:30 p.m.. Thur-p-  1   days, Wilson Creek Community Hall. Ph. 885-9327 or 886-  2979. 3300-tfn  WISH to contact L.D.S. members. Phone 885-9547 or 886-  2546. 3790-tfn  CONCERNED about Pollution-  Contact Sunshine Coast Environment   Protection  Society.  Box 135, Gibson.*-*, B.C.  .   , ,i ',  i 399-16  a.-,   1 )   ALL    Commonwealth    Trust  Company   losers   please  Ph.  805-2864. 4157-18  WORK WANTED  CARPENTER   expert   in   all  I        lines,    reliable,    reasonable.  Anywhere on Sunshine Coast.  880-7423 eves. 3010-tfn  TILLiCUM Chimney Service,  Eaves donned nnd repaired,  Painting, gardening, Janitor  Bcrvice, odd jobs etc*. All work  guaranteed. RR1 Sechelt, Ph.  085-2191 preferably evenings.  275-1-tfn  HEAVY   duty   rotovatm*.   Ph.  1180-21197. 4017-tfn  MacGREGOR PACIFIC  ���REALTY LTD.   WORK WANTED (Cont.)  EXPERIENCED drywall acoustic & textured ceilings, now  in Gibsons area and serving  the Peninsula. Free Estimates.  Fast service. Phone G. &��� W.  Drywall, 886-2402. 4119-16  DO   YOU   require   part-time  book-keeping,      statements,  balance    sheets. Personal   income tax returns. Ph. 886-9331.  4127-tfn  WANTED   PENINSULA   EVERGREENS.  Salal wanted ��� Please contact J. M. Hayes at Sechelt,  B.C. Phone 885-9962.  2837-tfn  GOVERNMENT employee requires 2 bedroom house for  minimum 2 years. Phone 886-  7471. 4113-tfn  REAL estate salesman for -the  Pender  Harbour area. Call  Sechelt Agencies Ltd. 885-2235.  4154-tfn  HELP WANTED  VOLUNTEER  ladies required  for   part-time   operation   of  Chamber of Commerce Tour-  "ist-Bureau. Sechelt. Please contact Mrs.'C. Murray, 885-9662.  4146-18  MATURE baby sitter required  "to live in. Ph. 884-5377.  4142-18  SALAL PICKERS WANTED  Phone Mrs. Naida Wilson  885-9746 or write:  Box 390. Sechelt, B.C.  2910-tfn  CALLISON  EVERGREEN CO.  Salal Pickers Wanted  SALAL 35c BUNCH.  Contact plant before pi-cking.  Located   at  Roberts   Creek,  across street from store.  Phorfe^886-2633  3457-tfn  PENDER HARBOUR  EVERGREENS  Madeira Park, B.C.  Salal Pickers Wanted  SALAL 35c BUNCH  HUCK 32c. BOXWOOD 32c.  CEDAR  Contact plant before picking.  Located 1st house north of  Pender Harbour HoteL  Phone 883-2265  4079-tfn  HELP WANTED (Mole)  NORTH SLOPE���ALASKA  needs men for oil field work.  Pays $2,900 per month. For  complete information send $2  to cover cost, Job research  Service, Box 1281, Whitehorse,  Yukon. 4038-17  WANTED TO BUY  JET pump & water tank for  shallow well. Write Box 346  Gibsons P.O. 4140-10  USED baby carriage in good  condition. Phone 085-2412.  4134-10  1400, 777 Hornby Street  Vancouver 1, B.C.  Phone 688-3501  Francis Peninsula 8 acres  Grandious view of Strait of  Georgia. Road through property. $22,500. Community water. Arbutus ��� Pine ��� Juniper.  Do not wonder when driving by. Have a good look at  our Seaview Subdivision lots.  $4,000.  Uncleared Lot in tho Bay  area 60 x 130. $2,250.  West Sechelt two bedroom  waterfront 81 ft. Fantastic buy  for cash $27,500.  Selma Park along the highway new two suite-potential  house. View of the Gulf. Lot:  66x260 $35,000.  View lot on the'Bluff looking onto the village 140x140,  $3,500   cash.  Jack Warn  886-7244 ��86-2681 eves.  4153-16  PENDER     HARBOUR     -   ***%  ���.J$Cni���\ V,e'V ^  protected    moorage.    Sailors~ieS^rS^ch��lt7Tive a����^ocIt  3  BEDROOM home on Abbs  road,   Gibsons,   good   view.  GIBSONS: Older 3-bedroom  house on good view lot, approx. 884 sq. ft., new s-t; dur-  oid roof. Full price $8,500 cash  a minimum price for housing.  Large level lot, with two-  bedroom house, concrete perimeter guaranteed by vendor,  approx. 675 sq. ft. Terms on  $9,200.  One bedroom home on level  lot: Living room, large,  good brick fireplace. New cupboards throughout, tiled floors  all bright and clean. $11,600,  terms.  Gibsons area: Family home  with six -bedrooms, large living areas, big utility, full  basement with rec. room, A-  Oil heat. Good outbuildings,  large garage. All this and 1.7  acres complete for $24,000 or  nearest offer, with cash to a  6 per cent mortgage.  Three bedroom house with  full concr. basement, brick  fireplace in. living room, open  living plan, work-shop, etc. on  5 level acres close in. Full price  $24,000, cash to just over  $12,000 A-S at 6 per cent.  Country: Excellent ranch-style  post & beam home on over 5  acres view land fronting on  blacktop: 32x26 living room  with w-w and big fireplace,  family room, studio and two  big bedrooms. This home you  must see: Terms on $46,000.  MLS.  New   semi-waterfront   subdivision,   large   half-acre  lots, -  some   cleared:   fantastic  view  200 ft. to beach: $2,700 down  will carry, easy terms.  31.39 acres level land, close  in: Subdivision or Trailer park  or? Full price $38,200, terms.  13.8 acres wooded land,  with "springs at upper end of  gradual slope. Close to highway, view land. $16,000 cash  preferred.  Two country acres with  three-room house, view, well:  for cash, $6,000.  LISTINGS WANTED., Given Every Attention.  EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  fishermen and water sport enthusiasts should avail themselves of the excellent selec-  . lion while they last at the low  price of -$3,500 each with easy  terms.  WILSON CREEK ��� 27 acres  of beautifully treed, leyel property traversed by year round  trout stream. Ideal for youth  camp, subdivision or holding  property. Realistically priced  at $19,500 .  GIBSONS ��� Your choice of  two fully serviced, level, cleared lots in new home area. Excellent view homesites. Full  Price $3,000 each.  Gibsons RURAL ��� Two adjoining ���% acre lots���level &  cleared. Excellent soil. Full  Price $2,250 each.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� 9.5  acres nicely treed property  sloping gently to .the south  with view of gulf. Tremendous  subdivision . potential. Full  price $12,500,  Call Frank Lewis or Morton  Maekay  886-9900  $7,500.   Box   4024,  Times, Sechelt.  EXCELLENT commercial lot  ���centre Sechelt���highway location, level end eleared. All  services available. Box 1104  Peninsula Times. 1104-tfD  150 ACRES elevated view  property near Secret Cove.  Lane access. Just $60,000 for  quick sale. Write Box 4023,  Peninsula Times. 4023-tfn  BLOCK .BROS.  Phone    Mr.    Good    263-4993  collect or 736-5933  ���if  For fast service on all properties and businesses.  WE TRADE  Notary Public  Member  Vancouver Real Estate Board  Eves. 886-7088  FINLAY REALTY LTD.  Gibsons Coquitlam  4152-16  PENDER HARBOUR: Newly decorated 2 bdrm. cottage.  Fully insulated, low cost elec.  heat. On 1.6 acres, 500 ft. Hwy  front. Potential S-D. Try your  offers near $13,000. F.P. Terms  Available.  SECHELT HEIGHTS: Near  new 4 bdrm. home. Full cone,  bsmt. Auto-oil heat. Fireplace,  Lots of comfortable living area  for large family. Carport, heated workshop. On 2 acres lovely grounds with fishing  stream thru'. Only $27,000.  Terms. Call DON TAIT 883-  2284.  ROBERTS CREEK: I acre  lot with westerly exposure.  Power, water and phone available. A real buy at only  $3,500.  GIBSONS RURAL: I lovely  ��� flat, acre, enjoys sun all .day.  Cozy 768 sq. ft. home consisting of 2 bdrms., living room,  kitchen has- lots of* cupboards  etc., utility, some finishing to  do.s Front in lawn and shrubs,  excellent garden soil. Priced  to 'sell at $12,750. on attractive-terms.  Approx. 3 ac, in desirable location, back, of property nicely wooded. House consists of  2 bdrms., large living room,  kitchen and nook, utility. A-  . oil heat, wired for1 range etc.  Terms on $17,850.  Approx. -Ms ac. level lot,  cleared ready for bldg. Excellent location. $2,500. F.P.  GIBSONS: Priced for quick  sale is this attractive 2 bdrm.  full bsmt. home. View living  room, bright kitchen; also lge.  bright utility. Finished room  in bsmt. Workshop, and storage:  A-oil heat. Grounds are beautifully landscaped and with a  neat vegetable patch, fruit  trees. Concrete wallcs in. Car  port. Attractive terms on  $14,500.  K. BUTLER REALTY  & INSURANCE  Gibsons, B.C.  Phone 880-2000  CHILD'S crib nnd little chnir.  Phone 883-2080 nfter 7 p.m.  4130-10  FOR RENT  Multiple Listing Service  Box 238, Gibsons, B.C.  MEMBER  MULTIPLE LISTING  SERVICE  PHONE 880-2248  K. Butler               ��� 08fl-r2000  Do Wortman  Vinco Prewer  Lorrie Glrard  886-2393  886-9359  886-7760  Ron McSavancy     ��� 886-9650  Ed Butler               ��� 886-2000  Don Tait                ��� 883-2284  4150-10  4151-10  THE SUN SHINES  ON  ROBERTS CREEK ��� 4.75  acres. Close to Golf course.  Now only $5,800.  ROBERTS    CREEK '��� 1.25  acres, secluded, treed, on Hy-  -dro. $2,800 cash.  West Sechelt ��� 5 acres  with 150* of Highway frontage. Gulf view. $12,500.  Sechelt Village center ���  Flat and cleared building lot.  $3200.  DAVIS BAY ��� 2 bedroom,  bas-Btnent, view home. Auto-  oil furnace. $16,500.  Several Fine Waterfront  Properties.  NOR WEST BAY -r Half  acre of waterfront where the  fishing is great. 3 bedroom  cottage with stone fireplace,  Hydro, and lots -of water.  $7,000 down.  DAVIS BAY ��� 165' W.F.  with 2 bedroom home. Finest  Beach on coast  WEST SECHELT  VISTA   VIEW ��� Lots   on  water   system.    Going    fast,  choice of eight. Now $2950.00.  Terms.  SELMA PARK ��� Lovelj  view lot with older 2 bedroom  home. Bird sanctuary with  enclosures. Imported birds.  Take all for $17,500 cash. Also  2 bedroom home on large view  lot at $15,500 cash.  New home in Sechelt: Fully  insulated 2 bedroom, non-  *basemeht, panelled living  room with floor to ceiling fireplace, and laundry roof. All  electric heating etc., wall to  wall carpets ���- choose your  color now. Colored Pembroke  bath. Attached carport. A  really delightful home at only  $21,900  Davis Bay ��� Selma Park  View lots, 2-66" x 180* lots,  both fox $9200.  KEATS ISLAND ��� 100'  Watefront lot on Collingwood  Road. Piped water and Hydro  serve next lot. $7,500.  SIVER SANDS ��� View lot  on highway 101 and Bryan Rd.  Water and Hydro by. $1,500  down or $3,300 cash.  SANDY HOOK ��� Waterfront lot with southern exposure. $8,800 cash.  Multiple Listing Service  H. Gregory 885-9392  Don. Hadden 885-9504  H. B..GORDON  & KENNETT LTD.  Phone 885-2013  Sechelt, B.C.  Phone 885-2818 days, 886-2600  Peninsula    eves. Write Box 4039 Penins-  4024-tfn    ula Times, Sechelt, B.C.  4039-tfn  GIBSONS   HEIGHTS   SUBDIVISION: 18 lots, 72' x.130'  cleared with fruit trees. Terms  on  $3300.   Close to Shopping..  Centre. _���---  886-2481  CHASTER RD. 1.86 acres  and 2 bedroom house. Corner  lot, si2e 110' x 687*. Garage and  shed. Ideal" family acreage. FP  $14,720, with $3,700 down and  $100 at 8 per cent, '  886-2481 ���' ,-  2.31   ACRES.   On  Sunshine  Coast Highway with 3 room  house   and   well   built   work  3061-tfn    shop,- chicken   houses,   stable       and coral. $3500 down on FP  $8500.  886-2481  GIBSONS VILLAGE. Stucco 2 bedroom house, very neat  and trim; open dining area to  "L!R4'pc. bath, car port, attached. 3 blks. from Shopping centre. Fridger and stove included  at $12,500. Cash.  886-2481  ' LOTS in Village 5.0' by 265';  $1650 to $2200 all services.  MEMBER MULTIPLE  LISTING SERVICE  LISTINGS WANTED  Representing Zurich and  Western. Union Insurance  Mr. Crosby, eves.       886-2098  Mr. White, eves.        886-2935  Richard F. Kennett  Notary Public  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  Real Estate & Insurance  SUNNYCREST   SHOPPING  CENTRE  Gibsons. BC.  Phone 886-2481  4148-16  1956  AUSTIN  A50.  Excellent  'shape, reliable-   1970  plates.  "$250. 880-7013 or 886-7098.'  4141-16  CONVERTIBLE, Private, -*63  Ford, 59,000 miles, A-l condition, carpet & upholstery  like new, P.S., P.B., & radio.  Phone 880-2765. 4159-18  1969   HONDA  CB   350.   3,500  miles. 885-2455   or  885-2076  after 6 p.m. 4097-17  1965    FORD    Anglia   Station  wagon for sale $700. Write  Box   3928,   Peninsula   Times,  Sechelt. 3928-tfn  1965   MUSTANG   289   hi-per-  formance.' 4 spd. transl rally  pack. $1600 cash or trade for  Ms ton pick-up. Ph. 886-7438.  4121-16  PONTIAC CONVERTIBLE  One owner, 5,500 miles, all  power, as new, $3,800.  Phone 883-2386  3917-tfn  BOATS & ENGINES  10 FT. heavy duty utility trailer.   High    sides,    running  lights, spare tire. Phone 885-  9519 days. 885-9995 eves.  4060-tfn  16'.  CARVEL   built   boat.   5'  beam/Easthorne 2 hp engine.  Built by Coid Harbour Shipyards. 885-9712. 4144-18  MOBILE: HOMES  45 x 10 Travello. Washer, dryer, oversized hot water tank.  Fully   furnished.   By  appoint-  msnt only. 885-2314.    3873-tfn  MOBILE home service & distributor. Ron Thomas furnace  repairs. Box 398 Gibsons. Ph.  886-2728. 3932-tfn  NEW 64' x 12*. 4 bedroom mobile home, complete with  running gear, washer, dryer,  freezer, T.V. all furnishings.  $11,750. Apply Sundance Trailer Park, Sechelt. 4087-17  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITY  LONG established grocery-  general store with living  accommodation. Would consider trade as part payment.  Mortgage 7 per cent. Full particulars write Box 4089, Peninsula Times, Sechelt, B.C.  4089-16  SPARE TIME income ��� Refilling and collecting money  from NEW TYPE high-quality  coin-operated dispensers in  your area. No selling. To qualify you must have car, references, $600 to $2900 cash.  Seven to twelve hours weekly,  can net excellent monthy income. More full time. For personal interview write CANA-  PENN DISTRIBUTING LTD.,  DEPT A, 160 Buy St.. Suite  205, Toronto 1. Ontario. Include phone number.  4149-tfn 4129-10  14 F^  CELLO   finish   boat.  New electric   start.   35  HP  O-B motor. New trailer & canvas. Ph. 885-9519 days.. 885-  9995 eves. 4061-tfn  11 FT. PLYWOOD boat and 10  HP   Scott "motor.   Forward  controls & day tank etc. $175.  Phone 112-325-3329.       4137-17  10' PLYWOOD boat with oars,  in good condition. 885-9342.  ..-���^T             4036-16  i        15 H.P. Evinrude  motor,   remote control, as new. 14 ft.  fibreglass  boat.   Ph.   883-2646.  4125-16  35 HP Mercury outboard  for  sale. $250, Ph. 885-9384.  4120-18  BOATS & ENGINES (CoRft.)  21 FT. log salvage boat. Fully  equipped.   Ford V-8 power.  Ph. 886-2883. 4085-17  SANGSTERCRAFT F.G. 14'  4", sleeper seats, 35,.hp Mercury (1969). Holsclaw trailer.  Licensed. Outfit never been  used. $1800. Phone 886-2196 or  write H. Reiter, R.R. No. 1,  Gibsons, B.C. 4124-16  TRAILERS   "SCAMPER"    trailer    16   ft.,  electric      brakes,     propane  oven, toilet etc. Sleeps 6. Ph.  885-9361. 4143-18  MACHINERY J OR HIRE  BACKHOE AND  FRONT END CRAWLER  LOADER,  For digging, backfilling, loading, levelling, clearing, & excavating.  Phone 437-3596 or 433-4494  Vancouver, B.C. .  4068-17  PETS  TOY & immaturepoodle puppies. Male & female. From  $50 innoculated. Ph. 88">9797.  4131-18  PURE bred miniature poodle  puppies. No papers. 2 males  $50  each.   I  female  $35.  Ph.  886-2965.- 4123-16  SWAP   VIEW    lot    Hopkins.    Value  $3,000 will trade for backhoe.   Cash   adjustment  either  way. Ph. 885-2096.        4059-16  WILL   trade   '56   Volkswagen  for 18 or 20 hp outboard motor.  Phone after 6  p.m. 885-  2142. 4136-16  WILL trade guitar and amp  for  wet  suit with flippers.  Phone 885-2315. 4155-18  FOR SALE  IF IT'S suits ��� it's Morgans.  885-9330, Sechelt, B.C.   I  8893-t��n  BUY   your   trash   incinerator  from   Sechelt   Kinsmen   at  $3.50 each. Phone 885-9542.  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  VIEW LOT, SELMA PARK���No.. 1454  Lovely view lot located on  Highway  10\t  just 2 miles from  Set-Kelt. Corner lot with municipal water and electricity available.  The most reasonably priced view lot available. $3950..^  Call Stan Anderson 885-2385. .,,���.,.".,.  LARGE VIEW LOT���No; 1475-  90'x150'  located, in Redrooffs,  just  1/4 mile from story^jnd  marina.  All  services available,   $5,000 F.P. with only  $1,500  down. Call Stan Anderson 885-2385.  DAVIS BAY���No. 1471 i  Cleared and ready to build upon. Fully serviced view lot located  on Arbutus Drive only 2 blocks to market and beach $5,000  cosh. Call Stan Anderson 885-2385.  PORPOISE PAY���No.  1365  this is  the best  waterfront  lot on the, market at this  price.  Naturally landscaped, fully cleared, located near water for best  view. Just $7950 F.P. with $4,450 down.  Call Stan Anderson 885-2385.  ACREAGE���HIGH WAY  101, ROBERTS CREEK���No.  1393  27 Acres with nice 2 bedroom house, 2 large garages and several  livestock shelters, 7 acres of cleared land planted in hay. Roads  through   tho   property   for   subdivision.   A   good   investment   at  $32,000  with  $25,000  down.  Call  Stan  Anderson  885-2385.  BARGAIN HARBOUR���No~T288  Most  reasonably priced   waterfront available.   500'  of  useable  beach, good sheltered boat anchorage.  Service available,  could  ��� be subdivided into six lots, $22,000 with $11,000 down.  Call Stan Anderson 885-2385.  FAW^gTb'sONS���No.  1150  20 Acres, mostly cultivated on Village of Gibsons water-supply  ideal for subdivision, Property borders 2 roads. Nice cozy 2 bedroom stucco house,  large barn  for livestock.   Reasonably  priced  ot $45,000 wilh $15,000 down. Call Stan Anderson at 885-2385.  RITZ Motel���Hntes by doy,  week, month. Commercial  crew rates. Full housekeeping.  Electric heat, 880-2401, Gib-  so m, B.C. 3959-tf.n  BABY Nlttiiu; .service;, day and  night,   Mrs.  Beryl  Sheridan.  Phone  1185-9508. 4107-11.  WILL do  work  anywhere  on  Ihe   Sunshine Coast:   Chimney   fnclng  and  Kenenil  brick  work.   Phone  collect  521-54(51.  4095-17  HANDYMAN     w:ints     work.  Carpentry,     phunhlni!,    youi  name it. Ph. (1115-2177. 40811-17  HOUSEKEEPING room, nil  found. Private entrance.  Warm & clean, Selnin Pork.  Working gent only, Ph. 005-  1)535. ,405��-tfn  HALL for rcnT-Wilnon Creek  Community    Unll.    Contact  Mr, H. Auhln at 885-0575.  2035-tfn  1    HH   unfurnished   suite   In  GlhuoiiH    area,    $110    month,  118(1-2254   between   fi   p.m.   and  7:30 p.m. 4145-10  BLOCK BROS. REALTY LTD.  4701   H,  Hastings St. - Burnaby 2, D,C.  2 Bdrm   7 yr. old toml post & beam on la. vlnw lot,   %  bunt,  KfQ furnace, Only $16,900 F,P.  CABIN on   100' wolnrfrontofjo, only $3500 clown or 2 bedroom  w. t.asmt. on bench, only $19,500 F.P.  50'x280' waterfront lot priced to toll at only $9250,00.  LOOK! Only $700 down buys you nice bldo lot located 200 yard,  from Ix-ach. $2200 F.P.  1 n*��d Llit���no* In your <m*<m for Vancouver Clients  Phone mr* NOW ond lets SELL your property.  G, KNOWLES  298-0541 (collect) or 291-2881  rw   ���_   -fi��w��ff  * w, ���.*���������*     *:' \7 *��� ��� ",  -�� ��� ' ���,*-'    V     '*        --  j . S I. ^IFF.^.^. ,  ' ''J ' �� i -    *V*1      ,   a.tJ�����a��.,4 "���"���"   *--���%  J       ' \ >^     '��/ i ���, ,1 -       * -^ay�� .���*->���**'*"-'';'--'!->   ,  11 V    ,~-:7l -" "      ,   v   ���?<   *    -':-   7',i{,.ji , ..-, '  '    :"':j'-'<J .'* i; '"'    ���'-'    r<   '     r\;- '{X7 "���  :* "* x. '       ^ ' *    i      "*?��-       J    ���* ���,** A + >.     , *��-./'        j  a        Fa.'- ->���'        *" a If*        -i.t ' aV"      .��"     v./.'.*-     '-,.*.     'f      ,'  a        *-a!     ^X   a' r^, *-   ..(   -^a ^ .,   a-^- ~^ ^ ^ -      ^ ^a^ ^ \��.   -,.,-;> T^.,      ^   Fa--*^,-^  . .  F a     .     -0, <_  3     P   ..     .-!..��' ..       * .. a ^kV.fc^Ml"'       i     ',   ,���   ,  ..     *,     A.  A   Xr'^a X    ,** *���    -     3   Wi        aj ...^   ^wa J-' ' ..   **  v      a". ~a.,' '    a   " a    *���  .^    ' -_aV * '      '"���-      *' ' 5      I     *���'*���* '���!.       II -  MADEIRA PARK*. 2 bedroom houso, easily converted to 3 bedrooms on  130 (t, x   150 ft. vlow lot overlooking Lllllo. Loko.  Full Prlco $11,500,00.  99 it. wotcrlront lot at Madeira Pork.  95 ft, waterfront lot at Earl Cove.  131 ft, waterfront lot at Madeira Park,  2'/*i aero Wllllom Uland In Pender Hoibour,  23 lorgo view lots In Madeira Park ond Earl Covo.  Terms available on above propert|��n.  BLOCK BROS. REALTY LTD.  For Our Representative Call Mr, Good Collect 263-4993 (24 hours)  or Business 736-5933; or ask our Mobile Offlco to Call.  2695 Granville St., Vancouver,  WE COVER THE WATERFRONT  OLLI SLADEY  Madeira Park, B.C. ��� Phona 883-2233  REVENUE SECHELT  4  suites  or  -iummer   rentals/year  round   steady  on   thc  beach,  $5,500 down payment,  LOTS ,    ;  $2,450 ot Garden Day Lake, soo signs, Or from  $3,950,   I0��jii  down at Selma Pork near wator, |ulit off hlohway beforo Sechelt,  WATERFRONT.. *  Two desirable  lots  at  Sechelt   $9,250  -qnd   3  acrc,s   subdivision  Pender Harbour, Into 3 lots. Low down payment,  HOMES  Summer or Perm, residence Hollmoon Hoy, Garden Day, Ponder  Hartxiur, split level $16,900, Larger modern homo $10,000 down  Or 300' near Hopkins Landlnrj, Howe Sound, about $25,000 will  handle*, Will never bo repealed, As a prestiaa waterfront residence.  Over 5 bedrooms ond Quest accommodation,  large grounds,  RESTAURANT  On the beach, finest locotlon available for tho discerning buyer,  v��ry txi%Y *�� handle, 100 feet ond a going concern. Do not wait,  buy now, try $10,000 or your trade.  COMMERCIAL  Tho ccntro of the Peninsula 300' near services; available for o  motel/hotel, complex subject to /onlno ond licenses, never again  at   $60,000,   Also   the   only  Ladies'/Children's   Wear,   Toggery,  Special Listing,  Commercial Business ond Large Acreages, Phone me, Mr. Good  263-4993, 24 hrs. I represent In your area with Dlock Bros,  Really Ltd., the largest In the West. And I om a realtor ond a  member of the Industrial, Commercial and Investment Division  of lho greater Vancouver Rcol '."stole Board,  FOR  THE  SUNSHINE COAST,   PHONE   ME  AND  LIST YOUR  PROPERTY���WE SILL!  2695  Granville   St.,   Vancouver,   Ask   for   Mr.  Good   263-4993,  BLOCK BROS. REALTY LTD.  *. .atV  -1 l f  <fe 7 ���& *. ���' .\ l*  .**.. H?#**^t*aVa., ^,aa..a W,  "TV,*.  '    a.1'    F    "S  , J"*.   *'  \:~\  , GIBSONS WATER VIEW���-No.  1189  Rcflnlshed A-l houso, 2 bedrooms, fireplace, jqulct street, all services,   many  bullt-lns,  all  cash  would  rcducjo  F.P.  of   $17,500.  Call Peter Smith 085-9463;  .  PRATT ROAD, GIBSONS���No,   1473  Level garden lot, coxy I bedroom homo, good wator supply. Try  your cash offers on $11,000 F.P, Call Potcr Smith 885-9463.  GIBSONS RURAL���No7")447~  2 bedroom 4 yr. old homo,  lorgo gar, and  lot. a gem at  F.P.  $ 14,000? Some terms, Call Peter Smith 885-9463.  SECHELT WEST���NO.   1472  New 3 bedroom, beautifully finished and appointed home, large  carport, $15,000 puts you In this 10B9 s,q, ft, home,  Call Peter Smith 885-9463.  REDROOFFS ROAD���No,  1443  Good  view  lot,  on  wator  line,  can't  bo  duplicated ot   $3,000.  Call Peler Smith 885-9463.  WATERFRONT��� PENDER HARBOUR���No.  1476 ,  I0U   waterfront, deep moorogo, good float, 2 bedroom home, all  facilities,   completely   furnished,   Fisherman's paradise.   $20,000  down gives you possession, F.P, $35,000.  Call Peter Smith 885-9463.  PENDER 1IARBOUR--Nor 1120  Ji ii ��! !,,WQbV ��,n i?��d ,ron,a0��* Commercial corner at entrance  ol Madeira Park. The gotewoy to fabulous sports fishing tourist  centre, F.P. $25,000. Try yoW terms. Call Bob Kent 885-2161.  -���ASK FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE         ���  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  Box 155, Sechelt  Sechelt 885-2235 Gibsons 886-7015  ��A m+Jk.^. ���*   ���% mm  ���* ** *���   a��.A.<  i A  -*. * A*rt    ��i*  *-^#^��-^fc ���    ^ ���fc^ .*�����   ���**  ���  i��    ��**��������>���*-��� -*   0-^. mim. -A.*.*** -*A-����|�� ^^ **����*<  1   *-A^aIiAAa<I   ' FOR SALE (Continued)  CHESTERFIELD    and    clialr  with   chair throw  Included,  $40. Ph. 885-7438. 4122-1.6  LESAGE player piano and SO  - rolls. $450. Also carved oak  desk.  $75.  886-23C5.      4102-16  LEGAL  Form No. 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver and situate vicinity North Lake.  Take notice that Donald G.  Marshall of 4820 Pender St.,  N. Burnaby, occupation body-  man, intends to apply for a  lease of the following described lands:���    '  Commencing at a post planted -600V from_N'W. corner of  lot 7000 group T, VTW.D.T  thence 100* N. W.; thence 300'  S.W.; thence 100' S.E.; thence  300' N.E. and containing %  acres, more or'less. The purpose, for which, lease is required is summer home.  Donald George Marshall  4049-pub. Mar. 4, 11, 18, 25, '70  Dated Feb. 18, 1970.  FOR SALE (Continued)  ���---��� -������������ ���**�����<'���-�����-. ������.������.���.������������.,. ,. ,   ,.  SMALL Beatty* fridge,* 2 door;  -���large International Harvester   fridge. Ph.   885-2818   days.  886-2600 eves." 4040-tfn  USED   wringer   washers.    To  clear $257-C'.&. S Hardware,  Phone 885-9713. 4112-17   , i-ja^J! ,   19G8    VANGUARD    10 Vz    ft.  camper,   jacks   &   furnace.  Complete,   as' new.   Ph.   883-  2403 eves. ."-"V '     4084-17  PHILCO   portable-  TV.   Also  Singer Lazy Boy chair. Both  in excellent condition. Ph. 883-  2481. 4126-16  WEBSTERS new standard dictionary for * home, school &  office,   $1.29.   At   The   Times  . Book Store, Sechelt, Ph. 885-  9654. 3052-37  BOSER CEDAR PRODUCTS  SHAKES AND  SH4NGLES   .".  For local; sales call  in at -  Wilson-Creek Mill.  Form No, 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to  Lease  Land  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver and situate vicinity of North Lake.  Take notice-that James Rus-  sel Marshall of Burnaby, B.C.,  occupation ironworker intends  to apply for a lease of the following described lands:���  Commencing at a post planted 500' from N.W. corner of  Lot 7000, Group 1, N.W.D.;  thence 100' N.W.; thenee 300'  *..W.; thence 100' S.E.; thence  300' N.E. and containing %  acres more or less. The purpose for which the lease is required is Summer Cottage.  James Russell Marshall  x)ated Feb. 17, 1970.  4050-pub. Mar. 4, 11, 18, 25, '70  NOTICE OF APPLICATION  TO PUBLIC UTILITIES  COMMISSION  r I  SANDY  HOOK  WATER CO.  LTD.  Notice is hereby given that  thc Sandy Hook Water Co.  Ltd. has made application to  file for approval.the following  Tariffs with the Public Utilities Commission:  Schedule "A" ��� Rates, (a)  Upon application for service up  to and including 1 inch connection $85; (b) 1% to 2 inch  service connection $150; (c)  Over 2 inches, service connections charged ut cost.  Schedule "B" ��� Domestic  Service Flat Rates, (n) Minimum $35; (b) Maximum $50;  (c) Shut-off $5.  The Sandy Hook Water Co,  Ltd. will bill twice yearly, on  January 31st and Juno 30th,  nnd the amount will be payable ten days after hilling date,  By direction of the Public  Utilities Commission, any objections to this .-ippllcatloi. on*  t<j�� be forwarded to the Secretary, Public Utilities Commission, (120 View Street. Victoria,  n\C to be In his hand*. oi> or  before March 28th, 1070,  4132-pub. March 18, 1070  NOTICE OF APPLICATION  TO   PUBLIC   UTILITIES  COMMISSION  TUWANEK WATER CO. LTD.  Notice I'm hmhy nival, that  the Tuwunek Wator Co. Ltd.  hnn made application to file  for approval the following Tar- ,  lff.1 with the Puhlle Utilllhm  Cniiiml'i.slon:  Schedule "A" ��� Hales, (a)  Upon application for iicrvlci*  up la and Including 1 inch  rnnnivtInn $115.00; |h) 1 '.ii to 2  Inch .service coiiiiiTllnii SIHO;  (c) Over 2 li.ehr.f. mi vice connection'! chirked id cesl.  ���Hchedale ">"���" - - Donuv.tle  Hei'viee Flat .Hnkti. (a) Minimum $ir>; (h) Maximum $tU);  (e) Shut-off $r>,  The Tuwanelt Water Co,  Ltd, will hill twlre. yearly, on  .lanuf'iry 31h1 and .lane 30th,  and the amount will h*.> payable, ten d:>y.i ��ffter hllllnn  clnlc.  By dlrecllon of the Pilhlle  IHIIitUv. Conmilmilon, any ob-  jectlonn to this i��pph<*atl<Mi  are to Im* forwarded to the See-  n-tary. Public Utllltlen Com-  inbslon. 620 View Hind. Victoria, B.C. to he In his hnnds  on or before March 28th. 1070,  4133-ptih.   M.irch   18.   1070  FOR SALE (Continued)  PHOTOGRAPH Tripod, pan &  tilt head $10. Trade new  style slab exterior door 80"x  32" for old style with glass.  Want, used windows any size.  Ph.  885-9401. ' 4128-16  NOW AT Ths Times Bookstore, Sechelt ��� Complete  hunting, fishing1, sailing &  horseman's bible series, $2.50  each. Sunset gardening &  hobby books. Canadiana books  for adults & juniors. Ph. 885-  9654. 3340-tfn  GENERATOR ��� 1.5 kw Onan  perfect condition. $300. 886-  2945. 4161-16  30 INCH band saw. 8"xl2"x40"i  Keel    6"xl2"x40"    Keelson.  Ph. 885-9735.  . 4135-16  MARINE ACCESSORIES _  Paint ��� Fibreglass ��� Rope -���  Canvas ��� Boat Hardware  Compressed air service for  skindivers .air tanks.      /  Skindivers-available for  -..���::   ..    salvage work.  WALT NYGREN SALES  TENDERS  Phone    '  LTD.  886-9697  .     .- "            a.  Phone 886-9303, Gibsons, B.C.  4156-tfn  1306-tfn  DEPARTMENT OF. LANDS.  FORESTS,  AND  WATER  RESOURCES  TIMBER'SALE A02597  Advertisement  Sealed tenders will be received by the District Forester  at Vancouver, B.C., not later  than 11:00 a.m. on the 3lst  d-iy of March, 1970, for the  purchase of Licence A02597, to  cut 28,000 cubic feet of Fir,  Hemlock and Cedar on an area  situated on Gray Creek, Sechelt Inlet, New Westminster  District.  One (1) year will be allowed  for removal of timber.  As this area is within the  Quadra P.S'Y.U.,' which is fully committed, this sale will be  awarded under the "provisions  of section 17 (ila) of the Forest  Act, which give's-the'timber-  sale applicant certain privileges. |        '  Further*., particulars may be  obtained from the District  Forester. 631 Marine Building,  Vancouver 1, B.C., or the Forest Ranger, P.O. Box 69, Sechelt, B.C.  4138-pub.   March   18,   1970  Bilingualism costs take colossal jump  FEDERAL government scheme for promotion of bilingualism is running into  soaring costs and during the next fiscal  year will cost Canadians $53,531,000 and  will be a far cry from original estimates  for this so-called "Nationaly Unity"  project.  Majority of the expenditures on bilingualism programs come under Secretary  of State Gerard Pelletier. His is one of  the fastest expanding departments, in the  Strata Titles Act . .-.'.  ��momstratioii homes' scheme  ed ��y isape  MINISTER with out portfolio, Hon. Isabel  Dawson released plans this  week  of  a housing scheme .designed to help senior  citizens   or   persons   nearing   retirement  age. -      -  .   -Mrs. Dawson states;  I am pleased tb announce that plans  are well underway tb construct a demonstration housing project under the Strata  Titles Act that will be of particular interest to persons nearing or now enjoying  retirement.  I have been impressed by the number  of senior citizens who want to own their  own homes but find the care and maintenance of a traditional house and garden  a burden. We want to demonstrate one  method of meeting this problem by providing one and two-bedroom homes in  attractively designed settings close to  community activities at a price ranging  between $13,000.00 and $15,000.00 including land costs.  .Under the Strata Titles Act several  homes may be constructed on one parcel  of land in the form of traditional apartment houses, row or town housing garden  of semi-detached residences. We believe  these can be developed and sold for  around $15,000.00, and we want to do  this in the Victoria area without any  special subsidies or considerations.  The British Columbia Housing Authority will act as the developers and pro-  Vide interim financing for this demonstration unit. I am convinced, however,  that there is a ready market for this type  of accommodation and that developers  in the near future will follow the lead  of realtors in the States and Eastern Can-  nda who are now building and selling  condominium housing. This type of home  ownership will be eligible for the regular  Home Owner Grant and either the $1,000  Home Acquisition Grant or $5,000 second  mortgage under the British Columbia  New Home Building Act.  Our first demonstration venture in the  Victoria area is concerned with locating  nnd designing a unit that will particularly appeal to senior citizens. In order  to find out what this group wants, be  lieves they need and can afford, we have  enlisted the aid of Silver Threads Services. >.   a,.^'  Sechelt Bowling  ���by Eve Moscrip  AL STRACHAN in the Commercial league just missed the magic 900 when  he rolled a big 894 (318,314) Lil McCourt  (Ladies) rolled high Ladies three of 733  (288, 251) closely followed by Rita Ono.  also of the Ladies League with 727 (310).  LEAGUE SCORES  Sports Club: Don Bishop 777 (327, 274).  Frank Neven 728, Shirle Stroushnoff 609,  Bob Benner 664. ��� Ladies: ��� Lil McCourt  733 (288, 251), Rita Ono (310). ��� Ladies  Matinee: Gladys Ritchie 583.  Commercial: Al Strachan 894 (318.  314). Lion McCuaig 699, Millie Gray ��20,  Cauleen McCuaig 626, Dick Clayton 282,  Orv Moscrip 683 (301), Roy Hutton 291,  Hazel Skytte 679 (273), Charlie Humm  278, Mary Henderson 604.  Ball & Chain: Helen Phillips 624, Al  Lynn 620, Bubbles Creighton 253, Roger  Hocknell 612, John Bodnarek 607. Gladys  Ritchie 265, Louise Middlemiss 636 (282).  Juniors. Brett Housley 338 (179, 159),  Darcy Stephenson; 331 (191), Laurie Nest-  man 320 (170, 150), Lance Gray 166. Lori  Rodway 163, Larry Richter 304 (178).  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Church Service 11:15 a.m.  Evening Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSELLS  Davis Bay Road and Arbutus  (2 block* up from Hlghtrey)  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  MERMAID & TRAIL, SECHELT, B.C.  Sunday School ��� 10:00 a.m.  Church Sorvico ��� 11:13 a.m.  PHONE 005-9665  All Welcome  ANGLICAN CHURCH  SAINT HILDA'S���SECHELT  8:00 a.m. Every Sunday  9:30 a.m. Church School  11 -.00 o.m. 2nd, 4th, 5th Sundays  7:30 o.m. 1st and 3rd Sundays  SAINT MARY'S���GARDEN BAY  11:30 a.m. 1st and 3rd Sundays  7:30 p.m. 2nd, and 4th Sundays  Redrooffs���3 p.m., 2nd, 4th Sundays  Egmont--���3 p.m. 1st and 3rd Sundays  * t *> 1        ti t-' *ii  SECHELT AG EMC 6 ES DATE PAD  ��� Thli freo reminder at coming events Is a servico of SECHELT AGENCIES  LTD, Phono Peninsula Times direct for frco llstlnos, specifying "Dato  Pad", Please noto that spaco Is limited and iomo advance* datas may  hava to wait thoir turn; alio that this Is a ���'reminder" listing only ond  cannot plways carry full details.  BiflWBIiiai^  March   18���8   p,m,   Gibson*  Legion   Hall.   Public   moollng   concerning  (acts o( Gibson*. Village Sower Proposal,  March 19���1:30 p.m, Sechelt Legion Hall. Senior Cllliens As&oclatlon  Branch 69 mcetlna,  March 20-���11 o,m,-2 p,m, Sechelt Legion Hall, Branch MO L.A, Codec  Parly Oaklng & Rummage, ��  March 2Q���-8 p.m. Gibson*. Rod fi. Gun Club, SPEC meeting and talk w  ���water pollution by Dr, Grn.mill,  March 21���8 p.m. Wlhon Creek Hall, St. Patrick's Day Dance,  March   23���0  p.m,   Selma  Pork   Community   Holl,   Centennial   Pro|ecl  meeting,  Morch 26���9 a.m. Tasella Block, Sechi-ll, L.D.S. Boko Solo.  Morch 26---..om 10;30 o.m, Wilson Creek Hall. Coder* porty,  Morch 26���-7:30-9;30 p.m, Gibsons tl<*mi*ntory School Cub and Seoul  Boning,  ASK  FOR  FREI CATALOGUE OF  PROPERTY  Muttlpto Llttlng Scrvlca  Vancouver Reol Ettnto  Board  REAL ESTATE .  INSURANCES  Secholt 885-2235  ARGNCOES LTD.  24 HOURS Gibsons 886-7015  government,  The promotion of bilingualism and  "national unity" is one of the top priorities of thc present federal government  and consequently these funds are exempt  from any austerity freeze.  The expenditures of bilingualism in  the department jumps from $1,835,000  this year to $53,531,000 in the year" 1970-71.  The development of bilingualism will  cost Canadians $51,090,000 more in 1970-  The^Peninjsufa Times ' Page A-3  Wednesday. Morch 18, 1970,  ,. 1* -T-V ���  71  compared to funds  devoted to that  subject in 1969-70.  Establishment of the office of official  languages commissioner will cost another  $150,000 according to estimates under the  privy council. '  The translation program will receive  $8,000,000 up by $2,450,000 from -last  year's figure of $5,550,000.  �����-��.���.-V��� --����� -���--���- >ti\l^MM&\*��mt  ttv*f r i*st *v<��" *rr*-  .-'*���, A <jutJtMtr:*rn  ���A  ��� p^F*.-* *M*v".--"     I  OCEANSIDE FURNITURE &  CABINET SHOP  Hardwood Specialists  Fine Custom Furniture  Store and Restaurant Fixtures  Furniture Repairs  Custom Designed Kitchens and Bathrooms  in all price ranges.  R. BIRKIN  Beach Ave., Roberts Creole, B.C.   Phone 886-2551  PLUMBING CONTRACTING  SEPTIC TANKS - REPAIR WORK  GEORGE FAWKES  Tel: 885-2100  R.R.  1, Sechelt, B.C.  MICKIE'S BOUTIQUE  Specializing  in Permanent Florals  Sechelt, B.C. Phone 885-2339  In the Benner Block  TWIN CREEK LUMBER  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  Dial 886-2808  When You Need Building "Supplies  _ _.._   Give Us A Co1^-  ^    free estimates  controlled blasting  All work insured  free estimates  fred donley  Pender Harbour - 883-2403  L & H SWANSON LTD.  READY-MIX CONCRETE  Sand and Gravel  BACKHOES  Ditching - Excavations  Office In Benner Block  885-9666, Box 172, Sechelt, B.C.  Tolcphono 886-2069  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  Pottery, Supplies, classes & firing  dealer for Duncan's Ceramic products  Pino Rd. & Grondvicw Avo.  P.O. Box 62, Gibsons, B.C.  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER  Household Moving, Packing, Storage  Packing Materials For Salo  Member of Allied Van Linei,  Canada's No. 1 Movers  Phone 886-2664, R.R. 1, Gibsons, B.C.  At tho Sign of tho Chevron  HILL'S MACHINE SHOP  & MARINE SERVICE LTD.  Machine Shop ��� Arc ond Aery Welding  Steel Fabricating ��� Marino Ways  Automotive and Marine Repairs  Standard Marine Station  Phono 886-7721       Rei. 886-9956, 886-9326  ANN'S COIFFURES  in the Bal Block  Next to the Co-op Store  Gibsons 886-2322  HARBOUR TAXI LTD.  Harbour Motors  Shell Gas and Oil and. Repairs.  24 Hour Taxi and Wrecker Service.  Garden Bay Rd., Pender Harbour, B.C.  Tel: 883-2414   READY-MIX CONCRETE AND  BUILDING SUPPLIES  Your One Stop Building Store  For All Your Building Needs  GIBSONS BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  1653 Seavlow - Phone 886-2642  ALTA RAE BUILDERS  HOME - COMMERCIAL  RENOVATIONS - CABINETS  Journeyman Finishing  Box 14, Secholt, B.C. - Ph. 885-235S  JOHN'S WOODWORKING  China and Kitchen Cabinets,  Bookcases, Coffee Tables, etc.  Free Estimates,  Box  169, Gibsons, B.C.  Phono 886-7211, ask for John.  AUBIN'S UPHOLSTERY  Furniture Recovery a Specially  Flno lino of fobrlcn,  Somrilos brouoht to homo.  HAL AND MAY AUDIN  Tel. 885-9575 - Davli Boy  CHUCK'S PAINTING &  DECORATING  INTERIOR & EXTERIOR  '    Freo Estimates    >  Phono 885-2375 after 5 p.m.  On*   59.1.  Sechelt,   B.C  PIANOS  Tone4 ond repolrcnl profctslonolly  WE BUY AND SELL PIANOS  Phono 885-2846  FRANK E. DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  Bal Block - Gibsons  Every Wednesday   886-2248  HOWE SOUND 5-10-15e STORE  1589 Marine - Gibsons - 886-9852  Everything from Needles to  School Supplies  For Your Fuel Supplies  Danny Wheeler  Your  IMPERIAL ESSO DEALER  886-9663 - Hopkins Landing  PARKINSON'S HEATING LTD.  GIBSONS  ESSO OIL FURNACES  No d6wa.paym.ent- Bank interest -  . Ten vears to pay  Complete tine of appliances  For freo cstimotc���Coll 886-2728  THE TOGGERY  Ladies' ond Children's Wear  Open six days a week  Phone 883-2063  Cowrie Street, Sechelt  SECHELT BEAUTY BAR  IN RICHTER'S BLOCK, SECHELT  (foj-m-sj^Nito's Beauty Salon)  Phone^885-2818  Bernina fit Omega  Sales, Paris, Service  UNSHINE  EWING  ERVICE  FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION  REPAIRS AND SERVICE ON ALL MAKES  Mrs. Mono Havies - 885-9740  HADDOCK'S CABANA MARINA  All electric cabins. Boat rentals.  Launching ramp.  Mercury Outboard sales and service.  Marine ways, Repairs.  883-2248 -Madeira Park, B.C.  John Hind-Smith  REFRIGERATION  and Major Appliance Service  PORT MELLON  TO PENDER HARBOUR  Phone 886-2231  from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.   Res. 886-9949  C & S HARDWARE  SECHELT, B.C.  ' APPLIANCES - HARDWARE  HOME. FURNISHINGS  Phone 885-9713  HALL SHEET METAL  Domestic - Commercial - Industrial  Telephone 885-9606  Box 164, Sechelt, B.C.  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Vt   ���">- *** ���**"      'l.u'    Z~ '+< "3"'     ^l    **** **'*'       "' ���'l  "*'-   ?jt**��*i*        V^,  ".     tf /     '^F1--    a K (���,",.*? <* M,   %        " ^       /    " !'^      **��� *I, "> <        * *��    } ^ -    ' '*'  Vi  .OV <{ <*���      ,"���* ***      *> /-   -  ���     f    a    ' > ' "    '    '    * "  *'       - '" *      t  " >**        7** ^1���^ '"      iVi ' "*   ' '   I     i^ >'       . r^ y        ^   I  ?  " - I  BM��i��wi.-����r)��������wi.wm.i ,   ��im��im��nFinnrm����l(��MF��mfMni��������?lmil��Mnc.Mnii^^  THE PENINSULA^m��^  "/ moy be wrong, but I shall not be so wrong as to jail to say what I believe to be right."  ���John Atkin  Douglas G. Wheeler, Editor ��� Stewart B. Alsoajid, Publisher  ��--w-K��-F**-n.��M*��u����,inwivOTnnr--��i^^  WlaSto IPapei0 jpHMMteste gufODw  WITH stoppage of the Vancouver daily  press, Finance Minister Edgar Benson's notorious white paper shows signs  of slipping into obscurity, at least in  this part of the province. This, if permitted to happen could very well prove  disasterous to all who value thc freedom  of a free-enterprise system.  Just recently we have, in editorials,  suggested   the  Trudcau. govcrrfmenj/ is  . socialist state"  effectively reduce individual Canadians  to easily manipulated economic units.  "Other legislation, notably the proposed measure dealing with investment,  will shackle business to government so  that business decision... would be at  the control of central authority. When  that day comes, Canada may well be,  in everything but name, an authoritarian  hell-bent upon a course of socialist re  publicanism. Since that time masses of  literature have reached our editorial desk  and all makes abundantly clear the fact  that we are by no means alone in condemning the Trudcau regime.  One respected Ottawa columnist  writes in a popular newspaper that he  has heard several very worried members  of Parliament express the view, in effect,  that all the major policies introduced  by the Trudcau Government fall into  a pattern designed to produce radical  changes in Canada's social, political and  economic structure. Thc ultimate aim is  seen to be transformation of Canada  into a "socialist.state".  To accomplish this aim, the transformation hypothesis maintains, Mr.  Trudcau, who in his earlier writings  advised Canada's socialists how to go  about it, has to convince the country  that our pluralistic political and economic  system no longer works. Hence his  constitutional rigidity on" the one hand  and "creeping-republicanism" ^on the  other (presumably to pave the way to  a Gaullist-type semi-dictatorship as a  way out of seemingly insoluble political  difficulties).  Saskatchewan Premier Ross Thatcher  is quoted as saying "As a Liberal I want  to say that it is thc most abominable  piece of legislation introduced since I  have been a Liberal. If*Canada adopts  thc White Paper we are^gOing to be just  like England ��� irieentives and initiative  will be discouraged and it will be a terrible country"... I must do everything  I can te^defcat this White Paper."  Speaking in thc Ontario Legislature  last December, Leonard Reilly M.P.P.  stated "We arc on our way already to  becoming a completely socialist state.  There is no question in my mind that  it is Mr. Benson's intention to speed  that process. A socialist state ��� with  all its apathy, paternalism, and real  dangers to thc democratic tradition's we  have always valued;  "1 believe that what is really at stake  here lies in what is NOT said in thc  White Paper. This is the choice Canadians must make: Is this country to  continue as a nation of FREE people,  dedicated to the worth of the individual  and the individual's right to - achieve  through his own efforts and dedication  ��� or are we going to allow government  to become so big and powerful that one  day we become a nation of robots responding to the commands of "Big Brother" in Ottawa?"  Last word comes from Hon. Robert  L. Stanfield who lias said "We've had  galloping inflation, It looks as though  we're going to have galloping taxation.  The Lord knows things are tough enough  for most Canadians and they are goinj  to get tougher.  "I won't go along with tl  the humane way to fight inl  deliberately create unemployment  1 won't go along with a proposal  reform that gouges the Canadian tax  payer and which would do great damage to Canada if it ever became law".  There have been many more condemnations 6f the Benson White Paper  by members of all parties and indica-  /fto-arcssive,     Conservative   Gordon _, tions are that a rift is already splitting  rRitchie stated last January "It appears  to me to be a strong possibility at least  that, using the combined provisions of  the Estate Tax Act already passed, and  the proposals in the White Paper on tax  reform vet to come, the Government will  the present government. If as we  strognly suspect and have, indeed stated,  a socialist republic is the ultimate aim  of Trudeau, then that rift will widen  considerably for not all Liberal members  are painted with that brush.  FOLLOWING adaptation of an original  story entitled "The Little Red Hen"  comes to us by way of a reader who  clipped it from an American publication, the Dothan Star, Alabama. It was  submitted to that newspaper as a guest  editorial and we in turn publish it without comment.  Nothing gets a point across so well  as a story wherein barnyard creatures  have an animated role. This observation  was made in the Manchester Union  Leader (Manchester, New Hampshire)  in presenting a guest editorial fjrom  Alabama's newspaper, thc Dothan Eagle.  It's a lesson in economics, based on thc  original story of Thc Little Red Hen,  as suggested by Gaylord Sutherland of  Muskegon, Michigan, to-wif.  Once upon a time there was a Little  Red Hen who scratched about and uncovered some grains of wheat. She called  her barnyard neighbors and said. "If  we work together and plant this wheat,  we will have some fine bread to cut,  Who will help me plant the wheat?"  "Not I," said the Cow. "Not 1,"  said the Duck. "Not I," said the Goose.  "Then I will," said the Little Red Hen  .��� and she did.  After the wheat started growing, the  ground turned dry anil there was no  rain in sight. "Who will help me water  the wheat?" said Ihe Little Red Hen.  "Not I," said the Cow. "Not I,"  said, the Duck. "Not I," said thc l"'g.  "Equal rights," said the Goose. "Then  I will," said the Little Red Hen ���- and  she did,  'ihe wheal grew tall and ripened into  golden grain. "Who will help me reap  the wheat?" asked the Little Red Hen.  "Not I," Mikl the Cow. "Not I,"  said the Duck, "Out of my classification," said the Pig. "I'd lose my ADC,"  said the Goose.  "Then I will," said the Little Red  Hen ��� and she- did,  When it came time to grind the flour,  . "Not   I,"  said  the  Cow.  "I'd  lose  my  unemployment compensation,"  said the  Duck.  When it came time to hake the bread,  "That's overtime for me," said the Cow.  "I'm a dropout and never learned how,"  said Ihe Duck, "I'd lose my welfare  benefits," said the Pig. "If I'm the only  one hel|).i.{.>, that's discrimination," said  Ihe  (loose.  "Then I will," said the Little Red  Hen -    and she. did.  She baked live loaves of line bread  and held them up lor her neighbors lo  see,  "I want hiinie," said the Cow. "I want  Minie," said the Duck, "I want some,"  said the Pig. "I  said ihe Goose,  "No." said the Little Red Hen. "I  ���.���nn rest 'for awhile and eat the live loaves  myself,"  "Excess profits.*" cried the Cow,  "Capilalislie leech!" screamed the Duck.  "Company fink," grunted the Pig. "Ii|iiiil  lights." screamed the Goose.  And  Ihcy  hurriedly  palmed  picket  I  signs and marched around the Little Hcri  singing, "We shall overcome." And they  did.  For when the Farmer came to investigate the commotion, he said, "You  must not be greedy, Little Red Hen.  Look at the oppressed Cow. Look at thc  disadvantaged Duck. Look at thc underprivileged Pig. Look at thc less fortunate  Goose. You arc guilty of making second-  class citizens of them!"  "But ��� but ��� but ��� I earned the  bread," protested Ihe Little Red Hen.  "Exactly,", the wise Farmer said.  "That is the wonderful free enterprise  system; anybody in the barnyard can  earn as much as he wants. You should  be happy to have this.freedom,, In other  barnyards, you would have to give all  five loaves to the Farmer. Here you give  four loaves to your suffering neighbors."  And they lived happily ever after.  Including thc Little Red Hen, who  smiled and clucked, "I am grateful. I  am grateful."  But her neighbors wondered why  she never baked any more bread.  Readers Right  Sincere thanks  Editor, The Times,  Sir: May I, through the medium of  your newspaper, express my sincerest  thanks for the assistance given me on  Friday, March 6th when my fishing vessel  rolled over and sank in the Sechelt  Rapids.  Special thanks to the logging crew at  L.M. & N. who first - spied our plight,  to Greg Howitt, the most welcome sight  we've seen, for responding so rapidly to  LM & N's phone call and pulling us from  the water.  Thanks to Mrs. Edna Howitt and the  water taxi for a fast trip to the warm  boat and blankets of Josh and Vera  Grafton.  Many thanks to Bud and Kay Cook,  and thanks also to Bud and to Josh and  to Jim- Jefferys for attempting to locate  my vessel.  I'll soon forget any financial loss, but  not the consideration 1 received from the  people of Egmont.  To my "hitchhiking friend" Bob Ten-  ney from Storm Bay, who went swimming  with me, I say "Sorry for the inconvenience".  JOHN LLOYD  No ill-feeling  The Editor, Times,  Sir: I was surprised and pained to  learn recently that a few people believe  I entertain some personal hostility towards Mr. Frank West. I would like  publicly to state that this is not so.  Mr. West's willingness tb undertake  public office, his devotion of much time  and effort to public work, are well known.  He and I may disagree on some  political issues, hut that disagreement,  I repeat, certainly involves no personal  ill-feeling.  Raymond Hull  Facte presented  Editor, The Times,  Sir: I would like to point out a few  facts for some people who don't seem  to remember.  When the High School was built in  Gibsons some years back, a permit for an  effluent line was issued by the Pollution Control Board to the SchooL Board  for an outfall in the Gibsons Harbour.  The permit was granted with permission  for the village to tie in Marine Drive over  as far as the Co-op Store east arid as far  as the J. B. Furniture Store west.  Approximately four years ago the  Pollution Control Board and the Department of Public Health wrote to the village council stating that the bacteria count  was getting too high in the Bay area, not  caused solely by the effluent line but  also from septic draining down the ditches  from up the hill, there was also an increase in hepatitis; as sewage disposal  is not a school board function, they requested the village to look into the pos-  ^  sibility of accepting this responsibility.  This was discussed by council, and it  . was decided to hire a professional en-  Fletcheifs Philosophy  ���Harry W. Fletcher  AFFLUENCE  I say to my friend, I'll concede, as it were,  Your pedigreed pup is just lovely,  But what it has more than any lovable cur  Is something beyond and above mc.  My house is old-fashioned and needing repair,  My neighbor's is quite ostentatious; r  But mine is a home and I'm happiest  there  When? love is abiding and gracious.  The place where you live may be showy  or plain, a-  Your work may be manual or mental;  And what you achieve or aspire to attain  Is important, but quite incidental.  For people who don't have a millionaire Dad  It's wasting your time to regret it:  You never will miss what yoii never have had,  So face thc cold facts and forget it.  ���All wealth is to mc just a relative sham;  If 1 knew thc answer I'd give it.  I've got what I've got and I am what I am,  I'm rich 'cnuse I'm satisfied wilh il!  Page A-4 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday. Morch 18; 1970  gineer to look into the design and costs  of a proper sewer system. The first thing  the Engineer did was go to the Pollution  Control Board, and the Department of  Public Health to discuss with them what  was required as far as the treatment and  outfall for a sewer system, and I know  for a fact that he consulted the Pollution  Control Board on every phase of the  design.  Mr. West seems to persist in implying  that the village council decided what type  of treatment and where the outfall would  go. You don't hire an accountant to design  a sewer system, you would hire professional engineers who are trained in this  field.  As far as the secrecy goes, when I  was village representative on the Regional BfJciifd, at that time the Engineer  was working with the Pollution Control  Board re: treatment and outfall. I told  the Board that as soon as it was possible there would be a public meeting  held to inform them of the proposed  system.  This was done, The United Church  Hall was rented, the Gibsons council was  present, along with the engineer who  designed the system and Dept. of Public  Health ��� officials to explain the system  and to answer questions. I fail to see  what is so secretive about this. It would  seem that those present didn't want to  listen or accept what the experts had  to say.  The village council doesn't want to  see pollution any more than anyone else,  but it is quite obvious that something  has to be done about the problem, and I  feel that the council has taken the proper  steps and hired the right people to do  the job, and if anyone is at fault it is  the Pollution Control Board and Dept.  of Public Health for not accepting their  responsibilities.  There is one thing I notice about all  these demands for prevention of pollution that no one seems to mention; the  cost. At the present time this burden is  carried by the local taxpayer and this  can become astronomical as these treatment plants are expensive and it needs a  lot of people in a community to share  the cost.  I think all/? organizations in the area  should be working towards the senior  government accepting a bigger share of  the financial responsibility, instead of  fighting among themselves.  FRED FEENEY  Ex-Mayor of Gibson's  MMMMmmmMMEMm  WILSON CREEK COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION  ST. 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No nows is good mows.  Copping Motors Ltd.  CORNER 5UNSHIN"; COAST HIGHWAY (V WHARf RD./SCCIIi:iT/ri05.2012  ;  1  >*��^M��>.��.M.^^*.��   ^.m .��   St . I  ^MMmMmMMlMMMSMMMIMMMmiMMMMM^MMMMMMimMMMmiMiMMMMli^  ��  Skating again on ilonsfay evenings at S p>.rn.  Afternoon session��-.��ii Saturday  from 1-2:3�� p.m�� and; 3-4:3�� p.m.  50c under 13 years - 7Sc for SlucSents  $1.0�� for*A<IiiIts  if  ���������iiiiiw'**Fialu*ii*wwwm**iiw)i^  Annual Meeting  Members of the Sunshine Coast Credit   Picture* from left are Director Don mittee chairman Mrs. Eric Inglis;  Union   celebrated   the 29th Annual   Chappell and Mrs. Chappell; Director Chairman of Board of Directors Mr.  Meeting with a banquet and Dance   Gordon Walker; Secretary Treasurer Eric  Inglis  and  Director   Gordon  in Sechelt Legion Hall decorated in   Mrs.    Florence  Johnson;   Director "Wing.  Irish theme for St. Patrick's Day.    Mrs. Muriel Ball; Supervisory Com-  Examination results  provide Honour Roll  RESULTS of final departmental examinations have enabled ^Elphinstone Secondary School to publish names of grades  11 and 12 students ; who have achieved  Honor Roll standing during the first  semester which ended in January.  DIVN. 1: Donna Nelson, 3.0; Eileen  MacKenzie, 2.5; Angela -Willis, 2.5; Dorian  Gregory, 2.3; Elliott Trueman, 2.3.  Honorable mention: Karen Alsager;  Robert Bennie; Cheryl Brackett; Dennis  Macey and Denise Quarry.  DIVN, 3: Cindy-Wray, 2.3. Honorable  mention: Patricia Carmichael; AliiLaHem-  street and Carol Olson...  DIVN. 4: Joan Gory, 2.5; Frances Fin-  layson, 2.3; Steven Lee, 2.3.  DIVN. 7: Donna Mark 271] Juanita  Chamberlin 2.25.  IN YOUR NEW OUTFIT  from  Surmycrasf Plaza, Gibsons  mmnimMnmMimMneutitmtiiMir, rmmeirmnimmnninntmnmma  8B6-9S43  ,d  I.  ���  jtF*i��juuMuuu��ju��iui-��4i->iii<inniiiinA  Appreciation  Sunshine Coast Credit Union mem-    parchment stationery; on the right  bers   showed their appreciation   to    is Mrs. Eleanor Cater re-elected to  il^fli .^&T.-     ���        ��� >--      *���"    ^.-.*3��^te����.'��. J  The Peninsula Times Page A-5  Wednesday, March 18,1970  AiU*UUUIi\l>tWU>JUUIJMUU>  Classified AdBriefs reach nearly  2,200 homes every week.  Use them for steady, low-cost  advertising.  THE TIMES  Sechelt, B.C. Phono 885-9654  ��� >vinriinr*OTnrinrwinnr*wir^^  m  i^  men  *fe  Hi  fit  MUfiOTY  .Refreshments 8:0��'p.m.,fo ��2:���� p.m.  Dancing ��:���� p.m. to 1:00 a.m.  ej  U.i  m  t;  *'r^ "hi" ���-    -"    ���    *i   '  "yfumy  til  .if  I  Secretary Treasurer Mrs. Florence    the Credit Committee and also lucky   *C,-���,":a:���-, ���������� m/>.,:n  Johnson and her assistant Mrs. Mil-    winner of the door prize at last Satur-   JZaXGlIinCl  SPy  lilOV16  lie .Forbes by presenting gifts  of    day's Annual Meeting. i    i      i  Exceptional year... for Sechelt ineaire  "���-���   "     '..IM'   " ���������'������'������  '"'���    ,.��������������� mm   ^'i ������ ���   Credit- Union annual meet  .  repeals successful  ECONOMIC growth of the Sunshine Coast  during the past year is reflected- in  the 29th Annual Report of the Sunshine  Coast Credit Union, presented at Annual  Meeting held last Saturday in the Sechelt  Legion Hall.  AMERICAN biochemist (Gregory Peck)  a Nobel prize winner,- agrees to an  espionage mission for the United States,  England and Russia, that will take him  into Red China. This is the plot of "The  Chairman" showing at the Sechelt Theatre  on the Waterfront this week.  Intelligence has evidence that the  Chinese " have discovered an enzyme  which enables any crop to grow in any  climate, and wants the scientist to smuggle out the* formula,  inserted in, his skull  A ,tiny transmitter  ! keeps him in un-  fast service. Also the decorating committee, Mrs. M. Ball and Mr. G. Walker for  the St. Patrick's Day decorations which  made a gay setting for the banquet.  Gifts of appreciation for their services were presented to Secretary Treasurer  For the  second   successive year  the     Mrs. Florence Johnson and her assistant    ceasing contact with head quarters. Un-  mceting was combined with a dinner and    Mrs. Millie Forbes. know to him, it can be detonated, blowing  dance, attended this year by 37 members MrSi   Eleanor   Carter   won   thc   door    him  to. pieces if his situation becomes  and 23 visitors. prize, dinner for two at Patio Gardens. hopeless. His world-wide reputation gets  Tribute Was   paid   to   the   late   Eric Mr.   Chappell    expressed  disappoint-    him into the presence of Chairman Mao  Rosen, President of the Board of Directors ment that there was no guest speaker himself, and his scientific freedom and  last year, who died in June 1909 as a re- from the B.C. Credit Union League, safety are assured when he agrees to  suit of an automobile accident. Speaking which brought the 29th Annual Meet- work on a missing detail in the expen-  on behalf of the Board of Directors, Pre- ing to its adjournment ahd the evening ment. From here the movie follows a  sldent Mr. Eric Inglis said Mr. Rosen's continued in a gay mood with music,. trail a high suspenccas Peck is caught  services are greatly missed. for  dancing   provided  by  n   Vancouver    ^between the threat of his own couhtiy  Members approved n 0 ' per cent di-     orchestra. and Red China,  vidend on per.soi.nl shares, based on the  minimum quarterly balance. Also a 6  per cent interest refund, on loans carrying a 12 per cent interest rate.  Re-elected director was Mr. Don  Chappell, Re-elected on the Credit Committee was Mrs, Eleanor Carter, and Mr.  Ron McSavluiey wns elected to serve on  the Supervisory Committee.  GROWTH  Assets show the greatest annual Increase In tho history bf tho Sunshine Const  Credit Union being shown In thc report  as $245,275,40 compared with $154,105 in  lOOHnnd $153,4111 In 1907.  Treasurer Mrs, Florence Johnson reported im Increase In volume this year  with the total over the counter business  amounting to, $401,307 compared with.  $.5111,507 In 19011. There has also been a  big Increase In members' chequing accounts, which have grown steadily from  a small nturt  In  December  1905.  In 1909 one luihrlerd nnd twenty-seven  loan applications were made to the Credit  Committee compared with seventy-two  louim In HKIH. Four applications were rejected.  I/Otma    approved    amounted $193,120,  Amount available for distribution to  members after the "JO per cent deduction  to Guarantee Reserve was $7,2113,22.  APPRECIATION  President Mr, Krlc Iniills expressed  thanks to the committees and all members who make the whole operation possible,* the? m'cretiu'y-lreusurcr and a  slstant who helped make this year the  greatest.  Banquet Committee Chairman Mr.  Don" Chappell thanked the caterers.  Ladles of the Royal Canadian Legion  Branch   140,  for  the  nupcrh  dinner and  (��00.1In*��fe��@G iMl��}to IJagM��  j-.    ���*-*-*,   ^j,^  ^*m��&mgm!ms^  'SSSSStmt3S^.  PlibLIC MEETING  To Consider  1971  Centennial Plans  WELCOME BEACH HALU  Morch 24-8 p.m.  �����".>  �����>,  -1.  \y  ��  I   J*. 'Vr   ****^ \      \l ���  �����..  i. *  ,     M A  "i  .- i   .  -*" v  > f   **���  ' << .  \>  NT Ii r'  22-010 n  ���^ODTJia.BTniOl  odoMeinJ/n.l.y.l  INTERIOR  SEMI-GLOSS  WHITC  * ������nil \ tt4��   At�� ** A  '.i/iVWojUJl ';* t-l'H-b -ft'l-l'-M  "i  A[y=  (���MHrx'/'VhU'll'W '���iianJ.'iVilHilsiK-l-K-l-lftHiitM''1! i\ ���>>..l��i*"HiM'l.i.iui *5*\l*lt id-b  ���n-ltilH-tlWI.   fll��- 'lufa \'\')-MU U��Vi��Mi1 Hul-IVK il \V.|,��Mlilil��T'1v/'iM-  iM��i.��ir-- 1-JWffH-iri- �������"?��.     lil-SHfl'lffk-lJlK-JK'lUfh'UMiti*  ,7r.\>...-,<���-���.���!'! fr *��:i��'frn.'tmi,wiiii��fn,ni  'Arfii \'/-i" s Vii ��� iMj) .�����> W<-n\ n'(-��V/ !i|-��r.fti i*/-i���� .!)'tv  (SALE EMPS AiPKBL 1st  II  wmm s  LJLJ'U V  Highway tOl Glhcona  IJ  I  "II!!  o  m!mm^��mi^m^m*0��s0tiitm��#gi^^m^S#��t>>!^��'^^>*!^'*  Phono *88*5-2CIIS        /  0 *    I  'A Return To Italy"  Auxiliary party theme  PENDER HARBOUR Hospital Auxiliary  held its regular meeting in the Legion    f>}  Hall, Madeira Park, March 11th with pre-  sident Mrs. O. Sladey in the chair.  A letter of thanks was read from those  in charge  of  the   "Show   Case"  at  St.  ,!   Mary's   Hospital,   thanking   ladies   who  ..,���!    knitted baby garments."  * Mrs. M. Rae volunteered to represent  &m    the Auxiliary at the May Day meeting  ���?rcd it was agreed to decorate the May  13 t Queen's stand.  Reports were heard from various con-  venhrs, 'then business turned to plans for  f|    the Wine and Cheese Party.  |>J Theme will be "A Return To Italy"  l���*^iJ    nrtd tiekprs are S2.50 each. It will be held  4th from 8-11 p.m. in Madeira  Community Hill. The popular "St.  Wishing well" will again be a fea-  GooldruD is convenor and  Mrs. L. Alexander in, charge of decorations.  Anyone with artificial  flowers to,  Poge A-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday. March 18, 1970  lend or having used coloured, detergent  bottles to domte may arrange with Mrs.  Alexander to have them picked up.  Next meeting will be held April 8, at  2  pm.  in  the Legicn  Hall  at  Madeira  Highly Trained MORE  ABOUT...  Much practice and a determination ��Pollution board  to do their best has brought Madeira /      _from page A-l  Park School Gymnastic Team to a the least harm before proceeding with  high standard of proficiency. Com- a pian for disposal. It is always much  mencmg With a Simple roll Students, easier and much less costly to develop a  according to their desire and ability sound  plan  for   long  range   elimination  executed flying somersaults, together of sewage and industrial wastes than it  with other gravity defying feats which is4�� try to correct polluted conditions."  brought loud applause from visiting Mr-   Finlayson    expressed   the  same  relatives during the school's Educa- !JjSug,ht,.in hlf submission when he said,  tion Week Feature "We believe that-only by foresight and  uwi ��iu xediuiia.     . planning  will we  benefit from  our  resource < heritage and certainly our great-  MOREABOUT... est resource in this area is the environ-  ��   Tmfiif   hrt7rrrr1 mental quality that supports our recrea-  inuniK,  iiu^uxu lion and wiidlife^Let H not be squander-  ���from page A-l     erj for -short terni gain."  and retirement of Mrs. Cloe Day of Elphinstone and Mrs. Lois Stannard of Sechelt Elementary Schools.  EDUCATION  Education Committee chairman Rev.  Barry Jenks said there has been positive  ryp-nse *i> the Operation Understanding  mtc'ings.snd a''.endance had been gcod.  L st cf the ssries of three meetings took  place on Mcnday.  .A. brief report was given en a rec-snt  meeting cf the Advisory Committee on  Eduction and concern was expressed b3-  cau��a it -was learned there would ba a  phasing ui.it of Indian teacher sides. It was  felt that the program should run for at  least two years.  FIRE HALL  The planning committee will study a  ��� request  from  Pender Harbour  Fire  Protection  regarding use of school  property  opposite  Madeira  Park   School  for  con-  struc'icn of a Fire Hall.  ���3  'm&mmmmtmmmmmmmmmmmM^immmtmmmimmm  l  ��� a  El  ELECTHICAL  COOTRACTQI-tS  Wiring Supplies  Specializing  in  Mi  Electric Heat  WHARF ROAD, SECHELT  Phone 885-2062  &^::i7^7ii!! i7^w$mmw4^  I  i  w <'MiHMgB;f'W��Mii|ina' j,'. ��F''|',*'.i,Tl-l��'VJ^I"'r') "*���'* -.  Topsy Turvy.  Flying Flip being demonstrated by co-ordination, timing and' skill. Vi-  12   year-old   Bruce   Gerick   under sitors  to   the school during   Open  supervision of Madeira Park Eele- House 'were greatly impressed with  mentary School principal, Mr. Hart the athletic process of the gymnastic  Doerksen,   requires high  degree of team.  Take  advantage  of  our Annual  m NEIGHBOUR  ''SALE  and  Boat Show Special.  All gas burning Appliances at our show  booth    or    Sechelt  Showroom  /,  '^.-le^l  Buy Better  Sawe Utere  ���Phone 836-2424  |**S*?-J)  Limited  REAL ESTATE  AND INSURANCE  Phone 886-2481  A Complete Line  of Shoes tor  the Entire Family  Phone 836-2624  VARIETY AfclD-    '  PAINTS  You May Pqy Your B.C.  Hydro and B.C. Telephone  Accounts Here.  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We give 3 prizes each month  One $30 and Two $10  Draws  \-   i   a>~*X i r&.ffl'  ���*-,/ M *. .VJl ���**-. ff'  V 2 A*\ *"��� V '  ���a-SS^*^*"^^  m^^S^^mmmmm^^^^mmm^mmmm^^^mmmm^m^  '-I*/"*' �����   a*'*"    C*�� *" -f*   tk'jA   4 xgt Mi wmwvts;  ��� I  ���'  THE ' EARGERLY - awaited Morrow  Royal Commission report on thc Liquor Laws in British Columbia was tabled  recently in thc legislature by Provincial  Secretary Wesley Black, and it recommended wide reforms.-.- -  One of these recommendations, which  will be particularly favorable for the  Mackenzie riding, is that licensed hotels  or restaurants should be used as liquor  stores,- to provide, a service to- people in  remote areas of the province. This was a  recommendation I had put before the  commission, and I.was pleased to see it  included in the report.  A two-year freeze on the price of liquor, wine and beer in British Columbia,  was another recommendation of the Commission, "to hold the line on inflation."  After this period, the Commission outlined  a new taxation system on .an absolute  basis, which they suggested should be  implemented over a three year period.  The result of this would be-a -decreas-t  the retail price of spirits, a slight increase,  ~itk the price of wines, and a moderate increase In' the 'price of beer.  Drinking on Sundays and lection days,  the licensing of neighborhood pubs, sidewalk cafes, beer gardens in parks and ar-  und swimming pools, as well as drink in  hotel ���rooms, were other far-reaching recommendations of the Morrow Report,  which marked the first time since 1952  that --drinking laws- in British Columbia  have been subjecte'd. to intensive review.  The Commission Chairman, Judge  Charles ,W. Morrow, as well as Archbish*  op Martin M. , Johnson and Teamster's  Union:official:Ed*Lawson, said they were  unanimous in their recommendations, and  that'/they had followed "the middle  course."  .".'"''  Testimony was hear from 153 witnesses and in addition over 5,000 letters were  received and considered. The report said  that all testimony included comment on  the abuse of alcohol. "Everyone of every  age group���imbiber and abstainer���agree  that excessive consumption is totally unacceptable to modern society."  ���One of the strong recommendatltma*iof  the Commission urged the Government  to appoint a cabinet minister to head a  "crash program"* for prevention, education, treatment, and rehabilitation of  those who abuse alcohol. "In terms of human-degradation, broken homes and broken hearts, shattered wills and damaged  intellects, accidents and tragedies, many  will see this recommendation as perhaps  the most important contribution of your  Commission,"  the report i*aict.  With regard to neighborhood pubs, the  report suggested they slj.oti.ld Jbe introduced in small" numbers on an experimental basis until they are proven successful.  The .report said, "We envisage them in areas apart from strictly residential area.s,  for example, in a shopping cbmpley."  Only two main types of liquor licences,  were  recommended  in. the  future.   The  public house licence would remain basically as it is in present legislation, and a  Sechelt Sea-Wall  Face  oh a  tractor Ted Osborne commenced the  first stage of a sea-wall. Approximately three hundred feet of wall and  fill will be completed this year and  Section B  of the Sechelt waterfront took   will be increased annually according   HllQlfiOUS COIHSClV  new look last week and con-    to budget. Note of interest is the. old ���   *  crane built by Northwest Construe-   a* (.1 kenno  ill a a \ra  tion of Chicago Illinois in 1926 and   CU UlUaUlld IIICCUIC  Still going  Strong. ,-.'       ANOTHER   hilarious,   chaotic,   comedy  from the "Carry-on" gang again this   :     week    at    Twilight    Theatre    Gibsons,  "Carry on  Screaming".  Then starting baturday evening,  "Charly", an academy award winner for  Cliff Robertson who shares the billing  with Clare Bloom; Charly is a gentle  adult with the mind of a child. Because  of his determination tb improve, he attracts the attention of his night school  teach, Clare Bloom.  His efforts at education are fruitless,"  but Alice refers him to a clinic, where  he is eventually the subject for experimental neuro-surgery. From here the  movie takes the viewer into the depths  of a very frightening and enlightening  exprerience; as Charly changes both  emotionally and intellectually.  Auditors delav  Wednesdoy, Morch 18, 1970  Pages 1-6  Trustees make big decision  reluse to approve accounts  FOUR school trustees would not approve  statements and accounts for the  months of January and February because  they had not received copies in sufficient  time to study them before the board  meeting on Thursday.  Chairman of the Board Sheila Kitson  said she was not aware of this and together with trustees Mulligan, Ganshorn  and Jenks refused approval of the accounts. Trustee Bill Malcolm said he had  not received a copy at all but rather than  hold things up would give approval so  long as copies were received by all  trustees in future.  Mr.    Mulligan    commented    that    if  trustees accepted the motions and there  ' - maw uinnlbng^i^e^won^ ' ��� Was an error-they would: be ^tlfying it.  of liquor where dining facilities arc of- Finance    chairman    Mrs. Agnes La-  fercd. bontc explained that the two months ac-  Whcrc the proposed omnibus liencces    counts   were  together   because  auditors  are held, it was recommended that sale of  alcoholic beverages be allowed every day  of the year, except Sundays and Christmas .day when drinks would be served  only between noon and 11 p.m. And on  Good Friday, drinkwould be permitted  only between 3 p.m. and 11 p.m. Conventions and banquets would be allowed to  serve alcoholic beverages on Sundays and  holidays between the hours recommended.  Te report recommended also that in  future, music, radio, television, and live  entertainment be permitted in all licensed  premises, with a new regulation that  would make it thc responsibility of thc  licensee for the keeping of orderly conduct in his premises.  The points I have outlined arc the major recommendations of Ihe Morrow Commission Report, which is now in the hands  of  the  Attorney-General  for  study.  Guaranteed Watch and  Jewellry Hepairs  SECHELT JEWELLERS  885-2421  had been .in the board office in January  and it had not been possible to prepare  the statements,  Mrs. Labontc hoped that trustees were  not going to turn down the next resolution which was to pay trustees honorarium of $300. There were no dissenters.  POLICY  School Board policy is once again  under review and report of a special policy  meeting was discussed by trustees. A  special' committee comprising of trustees  Mulligan and Malcolm working under  chairmanship of School Board chairman  Sheila Kitson was struck to revise the  format of the policy manual making it  easier to consult and use. Rev. Barry  Jenks felt that District Superintendent  R. R, Hanna and Secretary Treasurer Jim  Metzler should also bo on thc committee  and trustee Malcolm said he took it for  granted that they would attcpd meetings.  There seemed to be .some confusion  because ^trustee Mulligan thought the,  committee was going to chi-uiRc policy.  He also stated that he feels people in  command should ho answerable to the  board and he would not approve minute:,  of the committee meeting because he had  not withdrawn notice of policy changes  but only withheld them pending striking  of one policy committee.  Trustee Dr. Walter Burtnick abstained  from voting on policy committee report  which met with approval of remaining  trustees.  Installation of a combustible gas alarm  in Elphiiistone Science laboratories would,  in his opinion, be a frill said Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Mr.  Bob Rutter when consulted by trustees  at last week's board meeting. He had  never heard of one being installed before and thc architect thought the request unsual as a defense tight piping  system had been used as provided in thc  contract. Cost of the equipment alone  would   be $1,750.35  without installation.  -Suggestion.'that one>be-installed. Had  been made by the Fire Department during the final inspection of the laboratories. Concern was expressed that a tap  might be left on overnight.  Architect's letter stated that such an  alarm was not requested by the Provincial Fire Marhall's office and secretary  Metzler doubted if Department of Education would approve the expenditure if thc  equipment was not mandatory.  Trustee Ganshorn commended that a  chemical tracing device could be used  and the matter was held over by thc  planning committee.  And Remember  we have beautiful  EASTER FLOWER  ARRANGEMENTS AND  EASTER LILLIES  nn 5  Sechelr  885-9455  \mmMi*wmMmmmMkm*kwmmmkn*mm*wmnmn mAmmmnmmtkmakWkmmmmniukwiN** r  have a complete selection of Smiles 'N  Chuckles Easter Morning Surprises!  a'"'     "���   *  1 ,��V    "  Everybody's favourite. 14 ounces In  tho famous striped box.  SUNSHINE  Coast  Juvenile   Soccer  League games came to a close on Sunday  with the following results:  Division 7:  Sechelt  Tee Men 2,  Local  2!)7   0.-   Gibsons   Cougars   2,   Residential  Warriors 0,  Division fi: Gibsons Tiger Cats 1, Super Valu 3. Shop Easy 0, Sechelt Timbermen 4,  Division ���!��� Gibsons Legion 7. Residential Braves 1, Sechelt Legion 9, Gibsons  Chargers' L "���    '  Cock-a-Doo  Crowing Eastor roostor,  attractively boxod. AVz ouncos of  smooth pure milk chocolato.  2 0J5  '^S-JllW.Cll.-"-!  Q&V*^ J^'-'X    ***  a\ -;':;M    *|  1 MAIL ."��       .. .    M    ..    .  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Smith of the ,Chiluktharn  Lodge, Ladner, together with Mrs. P.  Chapman, Deputy President of the  Ladner Lodge.  Total of seventeen visitors represented  seven lodges.  Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary,  President Mrs. C. Raines, took care of  the catering and provided an excellent  meal.  An/ informative meeting was called to  order at 8 p.m. by Noble Grand Mrs.  Emily Parsons. An address by the Pre-  - sident stressed the need for Lodge participation in community affairs. It was  pointed out that among Lodge 82 members present were; Mrs. Eileen Smith,  President of St. Mary's Hospital Auxiliary, Mrs. C. Raines, President Roberts  Creek Auxiliary, Mrs. Madge Hansen  President Sechelt Senior Citizens Association. Also, absent through illness, Mrs.  Olive McGregor, Secretary of the Senior  Citizens Housing. The Lodge was complimented by the President for its endeavors and outlined various projects of  the Order. These included; Residences  for Senior Citizens, Pilgrimage to the  Nations, visual research and eye bank,  bursaries, etc.  Meeting terminated with presentation -of a gift to the President and was  Page D-2  The Peninsula Timet*       Wednesday, March 18,1970  p-jaT.'&'ar^^^  'W VMWMlfllMN'VMlrM'MM  I  s  CAMA��IM3 LEGION BHA^CB-i  &40 L.A.  HUE SMI  8  a-"-*  - ffl ci.Bin. - 2 p.m.  * Rummage  &BS"^J3g-^  h   * Refreshments  Enrolled last Wednesday as Guides of   ^^ Jith \f]��e���] e^t-together of  ii     ������ii;��.---,ri;-4.����u��   '-fki^Li^.i. - :��'- +u~ old  friends  in   Oddfellowship  of  lodges  the M S^8011? .Ppmpamr..;...:an: the includin    Fairview. Powell River, Kam-  candjehght. ceremony  where  each loopS( GbibsonSf Ladner and Sechelt.  candlesyrpboUzes a^uide Law.were        Duri    hei. st     the President visited  from leftstanding "^Heather Duncan; all members indisposed at home and in  Laurel Davidson; Robma Josephson; hospital.  Sandra Whiting and Sally Phare, In _ _ ���  front are Nancy Honeybunn; iBrenda        The shortest  distance between   two  Derby; Iris Vedoy and Susan Vedoy. jokes makes a perfect speech.  Madeira Park Highlights   by MAUREEN CAMERON  EDUCATION Week proved lo be a very  special week at the school. The school  was decked in an array of colors and  displays. Everyone seemed to be involved  in one way or another.  Tuesday, March 3rd, was the climax  of the week. Almost every pupil had one  or both parents drop in to the school.  The guests who came early enough were  able to hear the band play eight different  selections. This concert was followed by  a well-executed display by the gymnastic  team. Those guests who didn't object to  the noise of cheering students watched  the track meet. Finally, the guests who  stayed after 3 p.m. were treated to the  to tie for second. The Thunderbirds totalled 93. The Firebirds received a large  trophy for their efforts. It now is in the  display cabinet in the halL  The current house standings, including  the points of the track meet, are as follows: Thunderbirds 154, Firebirds 149,  Mustangs 148, and Chargers 14.  A special highlight of the afternoon  was the presentation of medals by Mr.  Doerksen to three boys and three girls  who completed the 100 mile run. first.  A gold medal went to Judy Tait and  Randy Warnock. Silver medals were  presented to.Martina Phillips and Paul  Phillips. Donna Clay and Wilfred  Phil-  Guide Promise  Mothers participated in the candle-    Daughter banquet held last Wedries-   dellgMfuTsound^ lips each received bronze medals,  light enrollment ceremony for Guides     day. Sally Phare is pictured making    performed    during    the   afternoon   ^ea. Wednesday afternoon the Elphinstone  bf the 1st Gibsons  Company  which     the   Guide   promise   before   District    Both the guests and pupils enjoyed them- -Grade 8   band   performed   for   Madeira  "               '         -----              -                 -    -          --         -���     -                     selves. Park pupils. The concert was thoroughly  The indoor track meet included such enjoyed.  followed   the   Annual  Mother  and    Commissioner Marg. Wheeler  ����**...*��>S*!)-"'*���',> tji i ���[���IK'.Xl Vr"  &^Jj^vQ%��rfdgH��V$QSp!p'MFj"*fY,lUJ-��"'.-'iP��.   tk"Wl.1^    ul   HEI!  * 'Jv***. -"'"*���      '  y *���   ..*"**%  aJ   a.ft  < ���*. *+.-i   ,*-��  ���*   '       n-*-> -.7 7 i^;*'; "���',  .   ,\ ' -^M.ll    P       *a-"VV  <fc��a��Fvr.!a*���. >< jLlj     L     -la ,'jt\   !  a.. a afiaFr *^aafi WaV<  i^.^a *>%. ' * **" fi  I l_"*i      ��^fcfKJWn^raFa.]^  ^"V-  f  H  \?  ��*- ;  5V4a   3 t    ,  M*>*A.*t-i���*'*V!>.  (,V{  71-f,   a        V?    *     '?'->    ''  ,i^ s^.ivv* .*  >} I.  tTiTt'    / .**  .'w  y��  --*       f r      /   ' ���***    ^,  ��'P<la     '  f!i -n./;//j\'"  o��v  events as bean bag relays, dribbling contests, hoop pulling and pushing,, obstacle  races, rope climbing, tug-o-war, and many  other exciting events. Additional interst  was created with the house cheers and  giant posters. One funny event was the  dress-up contest. The final score saw  the Firebirds win with 103 points. Mustangs and Chargers each scored 99 points  Thursday noon saw the band students  of Madeira^ Park travel Jo Pender Harbour Secondary to hear tHe^ Elphinstone  Senior Band. The superb concert delighted  the Madeira Park band members.  This week preparation for track and  field begins. The marble tournament and  skipping marathon will also be held this  week.  Royal Canadian Legion  Branch 109  j  t  a     b_  'II    "I  >      li'fo**.*>*AV   ��� ��# *s!.*W.!>��   f   l>  Leaders  Guide Leaders are very special people besides giving their free time to  keep Guiding active they also work  for badges. From left is Captain of  1st Gibsons Guide Company Mrs.  Shirley Horner; Untenant Mrs. Lily  lsl Gibsons' Guides  hold annual banquet  FRESH spring posies of yellow nnd purple flowers decorated the tables for  Ihe Annual Mother unci Daughter Banquet of the 1st Gibsons Guide Company,  held on Wednesday In the Christian Education Centre of OlbsnnK United Church,,  ���Mothers of the 2nd Gibsons Guide Co.  volunteered in help In the kitchen so that  no kitchen chore.) (-spoiled the evening's  enjoyment,  Guides had n special treat when jtrndc  eleven F.lphlnMone student Debbie Mnnu-  lutn (*ave n talk on chirm Including n variety of pointer.*-* which nil help lo make  a younf: Indy more personable, Debbie  took such n course herself nnd h now anxious to uliare her knowledge with other  youn,*; .jlrl*-*, helping with the demonMrn-  tlon wns 1'oxi.nne lllnz,  A eatulle-lli'hl enrollment <-eremony  followed the banquet and mothers parti-  clp.'iled" In the ceremony conducted by  District Commissioner Mrs, Margaret  Wheeler ,*<-,:il**led bv Guide Captain Mrs,  .Shirley Homer; Lieutenant Lily Edgren  who was pre-ieiited with her warrant pin  and (.ompni.y Leader Laurie Hentt,  Guides enmlled were; Jlenther Duncan  Lrum-l Divldsnn; RoWna Jo<;rph'fon; Knn-  dra Whltlnc; Sally Phare; Nancy Honey-  hum,: Itrenda Derby; lib; Vedoy and Ku-  sun Verloy. Each received a po-y to present to her mother nnd n special poiv wns  presented to Gndmnther Mm. Jenn Bctrtt,  The Company -entertained with .ionits  accompanied by Jenny McHcffry on the  ���guitar h*e'for�� T��rm btv��iglnt fh* ��vmlng to  ��� clone,  Edgren who received her warrant pin  at' the Mother & Daughter Banquet  and Company Leader Laurie Scott.  GIBSONS LEGION HALL  at 8:00 p.m.  TICKETS $3.00 PER PERSON  INCLUDES SUPPER  MUSIC BY PROFESSIONAL BAND  TED PRESTON & THE WESTERNAIRS  iiiw.w.r.'W/.r.n/f^^^^  or  ii  DTO  ��n  UV.  o  6\  Jtiulf  Jk  ���yy*M--l--yi*'*-*'tl'W,*l>^^  WALT MYGKEM  i  SALES LTO>.  Your BAPCO PAINT  DEALER  in  GIBSONS  On tho Whorf - 086-9303  Quality  House ond f/arlna  Paint.  M'MMM*******"*-^-**"'!*^^  lAKE EASTEH SPAHHLE WITH PAINT'  PENINSULA  PLUMBIH�� LTD.  Dealer for  Super Kom Tone  and Shcrwln Williams  I!   Gibson* - 806-9533  wwmww*mm0%mm*mi0wwMmmKmm'***<*n*irW  Morgan's  Mew's Wear  G.W.G.  Work Clotho*  Work Glovoa  SECHELT, B.C.  A small can of spray paint will glvo last year's Easter  Basket a new look, suggests the Canadian Paint Manufacturers Association, Placo tho basket on an old dropcloth or a  large piece of cardboard. Shake the paint can thoroughly ond  spray. Add some gaily colored ribbons, and PRESTO . . . your  baskets will rate compliments from the Easter Bunny himself!  DiHESTOftE FLOWEH POWEH-WITH' PAINT  I Take a tip from \tho Canadian Paint Manufacturers  Association, and cheer up your breakfast area or add aSprlng-  time note to a shelf or bookcase with some plastic flowers, a  little paint, some clay flower pots, a handful of aquarium  stones and some clay, First, spray paint tho pots, and then  fill with clay or an artificial material to hold the flowors in  placo, Add tho flowers and scatter some bright stones to cover  the clay, You may also want to decorate the pots with bits of  rick-rack, a little gold trim or other odds and ends from your  sewing basket.  PROTECTION ON INDOOR PAINT PROJECTS.  Spatters and spills are sometimes unavoidable on Indoor  paint projects, so it mokes sense to plan ahead to protect  your furniture ond floors. Newspapers, plastic dropcloths ond  tarpaulins offer good protection, advises the Canadian Paint  Manufacturers Association. Protect yourself, too���wear old |  clothes!  "Time*   AdBriofo"  ore  MIGHTY MIDGETS  j WJUMMWIM**-*** W A/> WIWWM*MIMU  TWIN CHEEH  LUMBER &  BUILD5NQ  SUPPLY  *  Your  General Paints  Dealer  Monamol & Breeze.  Paints  Sunshine Coast  Highway near  GIBSONS  phone 806-2808  iDKuwim mmrw ww��" �����������-�� ��-����*���  WltfUlaW*-M*I^IItW*��Wll����*tF��l*UUIWII��  s&w  OVER  PER  SET  vjumsutokXfNfttmnma*%rtttmBHiu%iUiBii  HURRY!  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Around tho provlnco Irom Kitimat to Kolowna cheer  sinowy skills as darting contestants lonp hurdles, hurtlo  ovor bars, sprint tor a ribbon nnd the long distance  runnors bronst tho tnpo for homo. Zone, nroa nnd  championship track, field nnd cross-country running  ovonts at thoso centres: Victoria, Chilliwack, Doltn, Now  VVostmlnster, Kolownn, Williams Lako, Kitimat, Torraco, '  Control Saanlch, Colwood.  Plnn to pnrllolpnto. no plnyor,  a"#'A Fts*      ���*,PQc��o��o*' ��** oionnlzor.  M1 - &?.    Sponsored by tho nmatour cpotta  **?        ^1^*  organlJ-ntlona and tho  ~% GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  Dopnitmcnt ol Travel Induatiy  W. K. Klotnnn. Mlnlntor  P. 0. Woiloy, peputy Mlrtlntor  MAY 16-JUNE 1,1970  r-  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  For For.llvnl Cnlorulnr of flvonta wrlto lo:  nniTinii coliimria bports FtronnATioN,  1330 Wont Drondway, Vancouver 0, D.C., Cnnodo  NAMR.  ADDncsa.  ! 1  ' H     i-  , 'ft  ���������n^x^ iw^^imwi*!1* vw'^m'^m* v "^r*^ "^^���wi^^S^1'^ *4h'n  ^n^-*.*^<*y<i^' '^������^'W'WW^--**'1-^''^1*'-'*'1-"*-*'"'^'^'-* l"^i-'^ra^*>*-^��-^->''tf ���'tfi-^ i|*>yvn  l^V*^wVW^1 ���*" ���**����� *"�� ����-*''M1<**,��^'h'%*^*��*ll^>ff*V*'^^ *  r *^*Nrv*^-*B*w,,N*,*%*tw*v-,��  U~.11                  D             II                      ' The Peninsula Times            f>ageB-3  naif moon Bay* happenings wed,��day, Mo��h is/two  '                                                               :                       -by Mary Tinkley e��ing tests in St. Maryjs.  .__.,.,                    .    / i 'It looks as il still another of our head-  AIjL residents of the area are minted to    daughter Pam, while her daughter Bever- aches on the Redrooffs Road is about to  Speaker will by Mr. D. M. McCocey, Rec- ' Kay>  -reation  Consultant.   The  Halfmoon  Bay Brenda Douglas is home after under-  Recreation   Commission   will  sponsor an     ,-: =���  Easter Egg Hunt for the children on Saturday, March 21 at the Welcome Beach  Hall at  1:30 p.m. All children in Half- -  moon Bay  up to and  including  Secret * m0.     \  Cove and Nor' West Bay are cordially invited. '*���''  ing road. Perhaps our "dream of a bus is  about to be realised.  Elphie Highlights  ���by Dennise Dombroski  ST. PATRICKS ' ^^' *ts *ess ^an tvvo we(-*s ^-* Easter    worth about $30.  The Welcome Beach hall was decorated -  wl^^H^.0^.,e". t.h3n.l"l��'..!e!:_ks IUI The former president of the Student  with  Paf*  i-ith shamrocks and leprechauns for St.    Easter exams are sprung upon us for our    Council found it necessary to resign from  'afs Night last Saturday. mid-term report cams. hig   position,   The   vice-president   Denise  It was a do-as-ycu-please evening with Lord  of  the  Flies,   a   film  that  was    Littlejohn will take Don Smith's place.  "  wr.z  to Mrs. Ralph Lynds for  the attractive  decorations and to Mrs. Lynds and Mrs.  Alan Greene who served particularly in- .  teresting refreshments -.with a-new look.   .  ASSOCIATION MEET  Halfmoon  Bay  Improvement  Associa-.  tion met at Rutherford's on March 9 and  reviewed the past year's activities which  ...   . _,     . . were considered very encouraging.  ;   ���      *       ' ' " Kitchen   Physicists      ��� Following a public meeting sponsored  Fast talking Mchen physicists, Billy - montstpation - of Sechelt School's* in the science room and student pro- by the Association and which had been  Higgs; Joannie Brance; Dennis Pe- open house held last week. Various -jects and work books of very high attended by representatives of the B.C.  tula and Dennis Wynychuck attracted   experiments   were being conducted   standard were on display. Telephone Company, there had been un-  plenty of v attention during their de- - - * -- doubted improvements in the service.  The Association had made submissions  regarding completion of the blacktopping  of the Redrooffs Road, grading of gravel  roads in the area and a white line on the  new black-top at Halfmoon Bay Lake. Efforts were still being made to get a bus  service through the Redrooffs Road. The  Association would welcome new members.  The next meeting is scheduled for Monday. May 11 at 8 p.m. at Rutherford's.  BACK HOME  Horne at Welcome Beach with most  attractive tans are Rob and Vylo Wilkinson who have spent nine glorious weeks  en thej Hawaiian Island of Maui. They  were there during the bad storm in January when their car only just missed demolition,: by a falling tree, but most of the  time they enjoyed perfect weather.  They spent much of their time hunting for Maui "diamonds", pieces of quartz  washed down from thc mountains and  worn smooth by -the action of water and  gravel. Mrs. Wilkinson hopes to get some  of their finds made into jewelry as mo-  men tos of a delightful holiday.  Mrs. Pat Ness has as guest her grand���  shuffleboard,  scrabble, chess and  bridge scheduled for an earlier date, will prob- The weather fortunat��lv  is slowlv but  tables ably be seera on th�� 20th orthis month The wtather t.ortunatviy, is siowi> but  The <���'-" *-" ������*'������ ���'���*" hv <'���A�� "I**���* ^ te��� in lhe Twilieht    surel>' getting warmer and the boys and  by Art  tjon '" " English course,  President    Keith    Comyn    expressed        The Lions Club has asked our school  thanks to the ladies who  had arranged to sell  their Community Calendars.  For Saying Of The Week: The way to re-  such a happy occasion, with special thanks each  calender  sold  the  student Council     member a body cell from a prison cell is  football machine recently donated    by grade elevens and lens in the Twilight    sureiyvg^uing warmer ana ineooys ana  ipo.Dan macnine recenuy aonaieu      j t> *        giris p.E. classes are star ting to get full  Armstrong proved a great attrac-    Theatre, as this novel ,s  part of then     sw|^g into outdoor games such afas basc.  bait   ;i    ������  will receive 25c; the person selling the    that they ai-e,in people, instead of people   ^  most calendars will be awarded a radio    in them.  wmimirM'Mxt^��ur<?,wn  T��!^u^r^ntimnrMMm^  Royal Canadian Legion  Branch 140  I  Tickets $2.50 per person  DOOR PRIZES  friMy, Mprch 2��fh  From 8:00 p.m.  SECHELT LEGION HALL  MUSIC BY THE DRIFTERS  Includes Buffet* Lunch  SPOT DANCES    |  jf'tWCT'TO^  _,/���)..     ^Jfia# /s  r*5*s^  &4*mtA&&Ii>*4��"t *vf��,fl  i*^^!/,'i,.M  ...rf-'A,.. WSSMiAm        -  Weaving  Visitors to. Sechelt Elementary  School's open house found many  centres of interest, especially the  live art and handicraft display in  Mrs. J. Want's room where students  were working on the Inka looms  pictured here. Charlotte Bandi is  having no trouble with the intricate  task of threading this loom made by  the school maintenance department.  A chaperone, says Kam loops Katie, is a  gal who could never make thc team but is  always in there intercepting passes.  ���  Bride: Guess what I cooked for dinner! Groom: Just serve it, darling, and I'll  do my best,  TIDES FOR THE W.EEI  MARCH 18th TO MARCH 24th  18  0401 om 13.7  21  0516 am 13.8  W. 1018 am 10.4  Sa.  1123 am    8.1  0201 pm 11.1  0441 pm  12.3  0903 pm    5.0 |  1058 pm    5.8  19  0431am 13.8  22  0526 am  13.9  Th. 1033 am    9.8  Su.  1153 am    7.1  0256 pm 11.5  0526Pm 12.6  0948 pm    5.1  1130 pm    6.5  20  0456 am 13.8  23  0546 am 13.9  Fr.   1058 am    9.0  M.  1218pm    6.1  0356 pm  11.9  0611pm 12.9  1023 pm    5.3  24   1213 am  74       A  5.1      >*  *S-      Tu, 0601 om  r*               1243 pm  0706 pm  13.1  i      I  *   X  AUTHORIZED DEALERS for  ��� Morcury Outboards  ��� Pioneer Chain Saws  ��� Conodien Chain Sawa  ��� Homclitc Chain Sawa  ��� Stihl Chain Saws  REPAIR - PARTS - SERVICE  CHAIN SAW CEHTRE  Cowrie  St.,   Sechelt  ���  885-9626  LrLSu\JUiivir.)-v.|yi|i/,a  I'W  i/r-Flliiu  iviiliUii n ������.��] l.-.vJ'A'-ikvl!]  n  ^  HIGHWAY IO& - SECHELT  Pliono 0SS-231I  (Lndics, Uo Slaclts)  HEFRESHME-MTS 7:30 till 11:30 p.m.  MO  IM  (IIP?  7*30 till 9 p.m.  $6 A COUPLE  ($4 after 9 p.m.)  { &*•'
\fc'i m'i
'it *
.■•a   IW^''
" f-*Ji!
Sts-.mim;,. Mm
-*.*£ i„\ .*.
as usual tier
all   the  baking
Winner of the L & J Fox trophy for
two successive years Mr. Harold
Nelson receives his trophies from
President of Sechelt Rod and Gun
Lucky Fisherman
Club George Flay, on left, during    31Vi  pounder caught in Sergeant's
last Saturday's Awards Banquet held    Bay, other winning fish were caught
in the Wilson Creek Club House. Mr.    in Porpoise Bay.
Nelson's  1969 winnirig' fish was  a
Bus problems
BOARD of School Trustees was advised to
try new ideas and a new approach to
transportation problems in the Sechelt
School District by Mr. D. M. Sutherland
who presented a brief at last Thursday's
meeting of thc board.
At last month's meeting of the board.
Mr. Sutherland, Mr. May and Mrs. Jensen
who live on East Porpoise Bay Road requested transportation assistance which
the board refused because a bus docs
service this route.
The families concerned, maintain that
tho bus is scheduled for secondary school
students only, leaving the area at 7:45
a.m, which means that the small children
have o, long wait before and after school.
The road is dangerous for walking being
used by heavy .logging and gravel trucks,
No complaints wore registered during
the first term of school because lh«> secondary school was on shift and a special
bus for elementary school students serviced the route at a reasonable lime, Mr,
Sutherland stated thai there are 2(1 students In the area and by Ihe time the
bus arrived at Sechelt School It had .1
full load, lis il picked up students along
Mr, Sutherland stated that he received
tranf-poilatlon assistance last year but
was told thi*i was a Hoard Office error
and he wan not really entitled to it. Thc
Sutherland:; live about 2.W miles from
(school but the families of May and .lun-ion
live ..,.'. miles away,
Hefrrring lo I'muieil of Public In-
ritrtirtlon rules regarding conveyance of
•itudcntu, Mr, Sutherland mild thc*,e were
guide lines only but was told that this
l.*i not m>, they are actual rules,
The Act -Htates: "Grunts nhull be paid
with respect only to tho conveyance of
pupils enrolled in grades 1 'I who live
more thun 2'j mile;, from public school in
which there Im a grade for the pupil, by
the ni'inesl passable road," For grade;.
■1-1.1  the distance  l*i .1  miles,
Mr, Sutherland who Is presently pay-
ing taxi due for hi:* children Mild that
although the brief wii-. concerned wllh
tniiisporla'lioii asslsbince, a bus would
re.illy he Ihe Ideid thing, lie Is well
' aware that bti*; problem.*: are cast prob
. where the hoard ,* hoiild
•miliar to the .V bit--,
in Ihe (lil-Min*. .tii'U. Mr.
he uniler;,lands a bu-i
could' ge| llie-.i* lilu-
about  five past nine
colm told Mr, Sutherland that he must
understand the district has an acute
transportation problem and he is not
entitled to assistance, Board chairman
Sheila Kitson commented that the budget
had been set and transportation assistance would be an added expense however she felt the brief should be studied
by the Transportation Committee.
It was finally decided to refer the brief
to the Finance and Transportation Con.-
h.lltces giving them the power to act
as Mr, Sutherland requested t^iat board
reach  an  early   decision. '
Later in the meeting trustee Dave
Ganshorn pointed out Ihut the lie bus
is not operating In thc Gibsons area as
no-one had requested Sechelt Motor
Transporl to put it buck into operation.
"There lias been a luck of follow up",
commented Mr, Giii.slu.rn.
The matter had hcen brought up at
the February meeting when Principal of
GlIk-ohm School Mr, Gkinrgo Cooper re;
quested that the nickel bus be instituted
again by S. M, T, The Hoard will now
make such  a  request,
Sharp Shooters
Scores were higher than anticipated
in Sechelt Rod and Gun Club's first
aggregate shoot. Scoring highest
points was Bob Janisiof Sechelt with
501 pictured centre with the shield
awarded for the first time this year.
Second with 491 was Constable Barry
Roth who also came first in shot gun
competition; third with 486 was
George Flay on left who came first
in both large bore rifle and pistol.
Lions Ladies prepare
'Spring Fashion Show'
HARD   working   Sunshine   Coast ' Lions'
Ladies, who annually turn over to
their better publicised menfolk hundreds
of dollars raised at their winter bazaars,
are now preparing for what could grow
into another popular event — their first
"Spring Fashion Show."
Lions' Ladles, who received a plaque
of appreciation from the Lions Club at
the Valentine Club dance last month, aro
now preparing, with the kind co-operation of .loan Hansen*,*! Toggery and
Morgans' Menswear.
Presentation of fashions for the 19T0'h
will attract a Peninsula wide audience to
the Roberts Creek Hall  April  30th,
For up to th<* minute details on this
event read your Peninsula Times,
Ad for cottage cheese: "Why weight?"
Around Gibsons
—by Marlon Charman
SIXTY-FIVE year old Gibsons landmark
was destroyed on Thursday at approximately 6 p.m. when fire broke out in the
home of N. Wiren, Payne Road. The owner
who lives alone was absent at thc time
of the conflagration, having gone into
From her home on Reid Road, Mrs.
Cecil Chamberlin saw flames on the
Wiren property and although she at first
thought it was a disused building or
old lumber pile when she turned in the
alarm, firemen responded quickly but the
house was completely razed and contents
a loss, including family belongings, old
pictures, hand  carving tools, etc.
The house which _ was built in 1905
by the late Mr. Wiren Sr. and Mr. Wilt-
man was of cedar construction, the material being from the bush and hand
On Friday March 6th, Mr. Fred Kirk-
ham celebrated his 96th birthday with
many friends attending an open house.
—Mrs. Kirkham reports that
husband enjoyed doing
for the happy event.
Everyone had a very pleasant time
and Mr. Kirkham was recipient of many
congratulatory messages and remembrances. The festivities were continued
the next day too, when relatives and
friends joined Mr. Kirkham for bridge
at which he made the high score. Second
were Mr. and Mrs. W. McGown. Other
players were Mr. Kirkham's 85-year-old
brother Mr. Sam Kirkham from Vancouver; nieces Miss May Kirkham and Mrs.
Joyce Duhwcll; friend Mrs. Dorothy
Hanson, all from Vancouver. Mrs. W.
Davis, Mrs. Mike Frontager, Mr. and Mrs.
R. St. Denis and Mrs. F. A. Jones. Tulips
and anemones graced the rooms and a
special birthday cake was made and decorated by Mrs. Davis.
Mrs. Keith Wright held an evening'""
bon voyage party at her home for Mrs.
Frank Bailey, Mrs. Earle Bingley and
Mrs. Fred Holland who are going by
plane to Honolulu. While in Hawaii they
plan to tour at least one other island
besides Oahu during their three week
vacation. Guests at the party to wish the
travellers happy holidays were Mrs. Fred
Feeney; Mrs. Dave Latham; Mrs. Nelson
Moore and Mrs. Harry Smith.
Mrs. Fred Feeney and daughter Shannon from Pince George were recent visitors at thc home of Mr. and Mrs. Dave
Clarke and Coreyann Dougall visited
relatives in Vancouver for six days.
Dwayne   Burnett   from   Ladner   was
• guest at the Thomas home West Porpoise
Bay for a week.
Bod and Jackie Burnett from Ladner
visited relatives in Gibsons over the
Dell and Mary Crosby and Shannon
from Pince George visited Mr. and Mrs.
Ken. Crosby for three days.
Randy Boyes and Bruce Edmonds
travelled .south on the Oriana, then sailed
to Japan aboard the Canberra. They
plan to visit other parts of the world too.
Mrs.* John Corlett Jr. (nee Margaret
Collins) is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wm. 1
Weinhandl for a week.
Mrs. H. L. Warn who observed a
birthday Thursday afternoon was joined
at her Seaview Road home by many
friends from Gambier Island 'where the
Wilms had lived for many years. The
delightful tea-party and visit was enjoyed
by all.
Miss Brenda Weinhandl from Vancouver was hostess to a group of student
nurses on a recent weekend. All the young
ladies, found it most pleasurable to visit
beauty spots on our lovely Sunshine
Croft and Anna Warn arc the happy
parents of a little girl born in Mexico
City where they arc visiting Mrs. Want's
parents Dr, and Mrs, Pablo DeCruz,
Croft and Ana with their new baby and
small son Pablo will bo returning to
Gibsons in about 2 months time,
Owners of dogs, take notice that ffrcm March 25th to the end ot
June, 1970, in the area of Sechelt Peninsula, any conservation officer
or constable without liability, may destroy any dog found running at
large and harrassing big game (deer).
J. HATTER, Director
Fish and Wildlife Branch
iS*l-jKsJ.V.F«...afe^^  .,A.u,,.cMh.Ai.WfflA.9k1.,ii-.%.
community HALL
Mr. D. McCooey
Regional Consultant
*    ;
I ARCH 23rd at 8:00 P.f
.».|,UlJMi,¥l IIM..J,
11 1   n iltitil*? -   '•
T< "X. " 11? A,-4 1, til 1 wit **■ "i*? ^ trWLSj/ *
. >'..v ^lAii^idffllit*-- - ;!
vii,,!';,, I.,,;
40 Different Items to Choose From
$3.50 per person
. 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
$2.00 for Children (under 12,years)
OR PHONE 885-9504
Admiral 23" Black and White Television
Admiral 21" Black and White Television
Elcctrohome Combination
Kenmore Washer	
Viking Dryer
Viking Washer
lt'lDfi  .till!   III!,    I
try   nrw   iilr.i*
whirl.  <i|i<r;it<•:■
J.nlliriliiiiil   j.ity-
I*   iivulliilile   vyhuli
*l«*nt*.  to ,cln.nl  at
<IH<I    hi'    wollltl    In-    |il*<'p.M <><l    tu    |»ilV    llMs*
linr. He t'uiiiiiii ntiil "Don't >,,(i|» liiviiiiM'
today von hnvi* a ,\"i<*iii which n, mil
W'oikhi,*, try  n«w  Idm:.",
acuti: pnonu.M
Tntin.'HJi latum    iliiiiiniaii    Mill    Mul-
Cowrlo Street, Sechelt
(1969)   LtD.
Phone 085 2171
V.      ^
"Nilno profit eutv»$
Uiually follow n fcot'or-p'/mned ut.
Of longdlttanco ctltlng."
TAPES  (8 Track and Cassoltos)
Our WIS. ArtMl Wephono 0*rvlc« h#l «ut «oi(l »0| m#ny B C- butte-MHt-tienl  v.. mJ
Your phono opr-ni floors to tho poopto that count.
II lots, you hold r.rnr.-.-cnuntiy conloronco*.
,,. hionk up holllonccka,., oxpodilo .ir.tion*...
,koop C.I01.0 to illf.l.-inl cilalofnofu... all without loavlno your rln:M.
And it floc-i nil Ihin, nndnioro, rhenpor nnd fn'.tcr
Ihnn nny other method, .hi'.t ttilnk ot tho COM-Mwlncr. on
«*.o<-.»ihv*(>t.' timo .«loiw I hon put your phono to work... at n profit,
n w ,,irtTii-i.-Ci«MiT»l*-»ti.M ti»tim Wednesday, Morch 18, 1970 The Penlnsulo Time9  Hon* D. Brothers . . .  Page B-5   f  M--}fltiiUI-lj>y-#,^-jj*--��^^  t     .���     -���-"���r<-----|-r-'----fj.-.--.Jur..-...-���l.���.^.^  f.��� ��� .,.���-���������,��� r a.^.^^!.^.. ������,���.>�����>������.-���J.��..11(||j|.tf|||[- a   ^  mister annoimces eiranges  in government scholarships  v  \  Vs-'    *, f-0*"  ' ' , ������>���"  ,j   I 5;*r   f.   */* 1,'ti'"/5 .     *0        v.'��-  - *���* '   ��      -  ���'/' ���*. *���  "������ >' -*?���  /^ Vjf.   *)   *>,>.-���   I   a      .' -, ��� J*  dMr' -JWEL ji^S    *>ni��m Hfi-Ht wl>-t.iwi*i��i^-a .*"��� nun-A lift iii.i��-  I'  _  *n  COMPLETELY new system of awarding  British->Columbia Government scholarships to the most academically-successful  secondary and post-secondary students is  announced by the Honourable D. L. Brothers, Minister of Education. Henceforth  the top 17 percent of all Grade XII Academic and Technical students, as well as  the top 17 percent in Grade XIII and in  each of the universities, public colleges  and the Institute of Technology, will be  elegible to have a portion of their fees  for the next academic session paid.  Scholarship examinations will continue to  be written at the Grade XII level.  Fiom the 17 percent of the students  eligible the five percent with the highest  standing will earn a scholarship worth  three-guarters of their subsequent year's  basic tuition fees. The next highest ranking six percent will earn one-half their  basic tuition fees and the next highest six  per cent one-third.  The new plain is designed to create a  leaving about $1 million for bursaries. A>-  bout 10,000 scholarships were awarded in  1969-70. Bursaries, in which need as well  as academic competence is considered,  numbered just over 4,000 in 1969-70.  , Winners of secondary school scholar-  arships will be selected by the Department of Education on the basis of special  scholarship examination results. Each  post-secondary institution will be asked  to provide the Department with its list of  successful candidates who will thus not  have to file an application with (the Department but will probably file one with  the institution they are attending. v  That hardy perennial of movie classics  'Gone With the Wind', has been reissued  once again. Perhaps it should be renamed: "Gone With the Second Wind."  NEW LOW PRICE  �� FULLY EQUIPPED  ��� READY TO 60  Trades - Terms to Suit  W.6  LIMITED  SECHELT  885-2812  iH  ���*&  IS"  >Si-  -w-rfv^''  i-^.  *  0>'  HfWv4ifJ7  \  -  I  1  -i;  ,<V--  t Trophy winners  Sechelt Rod and Gun's Awards Night  held on Saturday was also a fun night  with dancing and late supper. Plenty  of good natured ribbing accompanied  presentation of trophies. Winning the  ladies aggregate trophy was Mrs.  Mary Flay who surprised a lot of  male competitors, Scoring 149' out  of possible 150 in the .22 rifle class  was Mr. Frank Jorgensen on right.  Mr., Joe Mellis on left tied for second  place in* shotgun class with' Bob  Janis.  greater degree of equality of opportunity  for students as well as institutions and  faculties within institutions whose grading standards may differ.  British Columbia residents who complete secondary school graduation on the  academic-technical programme, as well as  Grade XIII students and under graduates  at other institutions, may be eligible if  they reach sufficiently high achievement  and meet other requirements of residence  and course .load. As in the past scholarships will not normally be awarded to  any student obtaining less than 70 per  cent or its equivalent. The 17 percent figure is therefore a maximum.  Government spending, estimates for  1970-71 provide a total of $3.3 million for  Provincial Scholarships and bursaries, an  increase of ��400,000 over the previous  year. It is expected that this year scholarships will take approximately $2.3 million,  14. Hi'.i��Utiil,-|,(inHJiJl.iiF��  W^ijiWi)iW��'*��-*��*i--iMi'F^"'r^  K  TAKE NOTICE that the Annual General Meeting of Provincial  Teachers' Medical Services will be held on Monday, March 30th,  1970, in the Alouette Room of the Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver,  B.C., at 9:30 in the forenoon.  W. E. Whatmough  Secretary-Treasurer  Sn.iwi wi^t ^"-^'''iMm "A'   v l|,'i| ���������������- ^-iiif-'iifIm ^'wy^y^^^  After 13 years . . .  ROYAL  Canadian   Legion  today   announced that, effective immediately, it  is terminating its national track and field  program.  The decision, announced by President  Robert Kohaly,  came  after the Legion  was   noj'fied  that' no federal financial  support will be available for the program  ^llOliS^ialaSl^S^I    **is- year. It marks the end'of^3.y<*r3  of Legion involvement in track and field.  Valued Award During this; period the program-���at  Chosen by members secret ballot, the   day's Awards Night. Previous hold-   provincial and (.national level ��� has cost  member who has done the most to   ers were Mr. Harry Batchelor and   over"*?*. miUion. The federal contribution,  ���j promote Rod, and jGun-fClub work,.Mr.,RpnS]  % thrdufh^fi! thi%-ar1s"Wi*^^  in holding thee GusCmcil Trophy,    done a tremendous amount of work   athletes It was the successor of the Ca-  Glub secretary Mr.  Bob Janis an-   withjuniors and visited schools giv-    nadian Olympic Training Plan which was  Spencer. Besides^aciing in   st^8,n;W6^-am<��ntedto,$4i*4,oopv  * clollTtieTSr Ranfinllas Prior ta"^e  federaV **5iSitance; * the  capaciues Mr. KaniCin nas    Legion   operated  a   national   clinic  for  nounced the  award  at last Satur-   ing instruction during the year.  A GOOD  ASSORTMENT OF  EASTER GIFTS:  * Perfumes  * Colognes  * Chocolates  rmm*MMM*M0MM**0*KMMMr*maMMB��B0��MMaaMMM*00*M**gKJlJI*ir,  FREE FILM OFFER:  With development arid printing order of each  roll of Kodacolor and Black and White Film.  9m0/r****0*M**m00M**0m****m0*M*MWMMMA***m*M*******M***  SUPER SPRING DRUG SALE ��� NOW ON,  136 drug store items on ealo at specially roducod prices.  SECHELT  885-2238  Proscription Pharmacy  886-2726  GIBSONS  886-2234'  originally formed at the Canadian National Exhibition in the early 50's.  In 1962, the Legion staged its first  national clinic for coaches at the University of Guelph. Geoffrey Dyson, former British national coach, was retained  on a seven year contract, and subsequently  1,300 coaches were trained by some of the  world's outstanding talent.  1 Former world's hammer-throwing  champion, Harold Connolly, who has attended clinics on both sides of the Iron  Curtain, had this judgement a few years  ago:  "I think the Legion clinic is one of  the finest I've ever attended on either  side of the Iron Curtain."  Fred Wilt, noted U.S. track authority,  called the clinics "the greatest in the  English-speaking world", adding that he  wished the United States had a similar  program.  In 1906 the Legion resumed its national  Z  py��j^'^��-wiP1''1 ijywgwgi  z\  Say You Saw It In 'The Times'  ^  �� PEHMAWEMT  y  -    -        t      5  kr     '���*   f  <_-   V   -*���"  r ��  <         *-���'--  .    a    a -  a.  . ��� '.M  "v-  J  .. tho Typo o�� Fonco  ���nSr*- &a LHc;un0" "  Mado from tilgti quality diofn  link steel fabric-a standard material for  security purposes. Yard-Guard Is Ideal  for places where it Is desired to ttave sturdy fencing that Ii ��!��o smart In appearance.  ��00 WILL SAVE Of*. COSTS 1 fH�� L0S.G RUH WITH ... YMD-WD  v  Boforo you build your fencfi, Jnvcstlgoto now Yard-Guard  FOR FREE ESTIMATES CALL:  FIT!/?  JlL  E^csixEig's GOMiM/aisii mm im  COWRIE ST., SECHELT  PHONE 805-2171  1  clinics for athletes and about 475 promising young athletes have been trained  since then. Private assistance to this program in the amount of $44,000 came from  Ottawa housewife Mrs. David Henderson  in 1967.  t  During the period of the Legion program Canadian track and field- record  applications increased from 40 year to  well oyer 600. It is estimated that at least  60,000 young athletes have derived some  benefit from the Legion program.  Legion branches sponsor about 20  peroantlof ;alt? registered Track and Field  club's, arid It is expected that track and  field activity at branch and provincial  level will continue in spite of the end  of the national program.  igaviiSfiiaw'S  *3E  vsmffSRfT^szn  /  Presently located in Powell Hiver we will lie establishing an Asphalt Paving Plant within the Sechelt area in  time for your smmmer paving requirements. Call us  now for estimates or enquiries and take advantage of  twenty years experience In the paving industry.  rife i@2i 95 P@weli Hiver  ^-.aa^-^    .  Z-" ..     la#W --| " _-        .^ .  . ..........       _  Phosie C@Iie���t 485-6118  ^.TO^M^'CT^  A��MMIB[WMM(M��,MICmFMI^^  BOOHSTOUE  A Good Selection of.  Popular COOKBOOKS  Sechelr 885-9654  BROUGHT TO YOU BY THESE  PROGRESSIVE PLACES OF BUSINESS  FRUIT-FILLED EASTER BREAD IS TRADITION  FROM OLD RUSSIA  Almost every country has Its favorite Eastor breads. Most are rich with cogs,  studded with fruits and olastcd with frosting, Perhaps most enchanting, of all Is tho  statuesque Kullch of Old Russia.  Kullch Is a rich, fruit-filled bread baked In tall cylindrical pons so that tho  resulting loaves resemble tho domes of Russian churches, (One-pound coffee cans aro  used In this recipe). So delicate Is tho dough for Kullch that It Is said housewives  used to placo pillows around tho pans of dough to keep It from falling. They also kept  children and husbands with heavy boots out of tho kitchen until tho bread was  baked.  Easter In Old Russia was a week-lono feast beginning with Midnight Mass on  Saturday. Each family brought a piece of Kullch for blessing. After Moss, tho Holy  Week fast was broken and feasting began. Tho Eastor tablo was a splendid array  of food that was weeks In Ihe making, There wcro four main Items on tho menu:  a suckling pig with a rose In Its mouth, ham frilled with Qold paper, Kullch ond  Pashka, a molded cheese dish filled with candled fruits and nuts.  You'll wpnt to add this modern version of Kullch to your collection of favorite  holiday recipes.  KULICH���MAKES 2 LOAVES  2'f4 to 2*)i cups unsifted all-purposo flour  "i cup sugar  1 teaspoon salt "���'  1 teaspoon grated lemon peel  1 package (I tablespoon) Fleischmann's  Ropldmlx Active Dry Yeast  "A cup milk  Mi cup water  2 tablespoons Clue Oonnct Margarino  1 eog (at room temperature)  '4 cup chopped blanched almond**  *,, cup seedless raisins  Icing Sugar Frosting  Colored, sprinkles  eninsuie iuniitf  Ltd. ���  SEATING & SUPPLIES  Your Kemfone  Sherwin Williams  Paint Dealer  Phono 886-9533  Gibsons, B.C.  Where  Fashion is a byword  Smart Shoppers are  found at . . .  HELENE'S  FASHION SHOPPE  Gibsons, B.C. - Ph. 886-9941  In a lorgo bowl thoroughly mix *Me cup flour, sugar, salt, lemon pool and undls-  solved Fleischmann's Rapldmln Active Dry Ycnst.  Combine milk, water and Ohio Donnel Margarino In a saucepan.  Hoot over low heat  until  liquids aro hot to tho touch (hot to tho touch  Is as /  hot as the hond con withstood),  Gradually odd to dry Inorrnllents ond hoot 2 minutes at medium speed of electric  mixer or vigorously with mixing spoon, scroping liowl occasionally. Add egg ond ���%  cup flour. Beat at medium speed 7 minutes, or vigorously with mixing spoon, scraping  bowl occasionally. With mixing spoon stir in enough additional flour to moko a soft  dough. Turn out onto lightly floured boord; knood until dmooth and clastic, about  0 to 10 minutes. Knrod In blanched almond* and raisins. Place In oreoscd lx)w|(  turning to grcow (op, Cover: let rise In worm place, free from drofr, until doublet! In  bulk, about 1 hour.  Punch dough down; mm out onto lightly floured board. Divide dough In half.  Shape each holf into boll: pre*, each Into a greased 1 Ib. roffeo or shortening con.  Cover:  let rise In worm placo,  frre from droit   until doubled In bulk, ot>out   I  hour.  Raka In moderate oven (350* F.) obout 30 to 35 minutes, or until done. Remove  from com ��nd ��oo�� on wire racks. When cool, frost tops with Icing sugar frosting  ond decorate with colored sprinkles.  Icing Sugar FrOMino���CombSno: I cup sifted fclna sugar; *4 .eairxjori vanilla,  ���sufficient milk to moko o stiff lelng.  TODD'S  CHILDREN'S &' flNFANTS'  WEAH  LADIES' SPORTS WEAR  Phono 886-9994  Sunnycrest Shopping Contro  SAVE MOMEY  AT YOUR POPULAR  LUMBER AND BUILDING  SUPPLIES  Serving Tho Sunshine Coast  GOLF BtJlLDffMG  SUPPLIES .  885-2203 - SochoU, B.C.  TizxisasssamxsszxMmilex  i����l��'MM&a��il��8l-^^  I  *��**fe^A.HfM*. -A.* WF   ���VS)l,.-f/T  -    *. I \   *���      ,<A   f^a  ayWMjiiOF  Hon. Les. Peterson  Around Jervis Inlet  Pago B-6  the Peninsula Times       Wcdnesday^Jvtarch 18, 1970  new muumum wage coverage  .HONOURABLE    L. R.  Peterson.    Q.C..  Minister of Labour, has announced.a  hew Order which raises the minimum  wage for employees in many industries  and occupations to $1.50 per hour, which  will be the highest minimum wage in  Canada for comparable areas of employment.  - Effective May 4, 1970, the new Order  replaces those presently in effect for the  following: Manufacturing and Merchantile  Industries; Hotel and. Catering Industry;  Laundry, Cleaning, and Dyeing Industry;,  Fishing Industry; the Hotel and Catering  Industry in Unorganized Territory; and  in the Occupations of Elevator Operators  and Starters; Office Occupation; Bicycle-  riders and Foot-messengers.  Minimum Wage Orders in British  Columbia do not provide lower rates for  inexperienced persons or for female employees, which is the case in a number  of the other Provinces.  Minimum wage coverage is generally  wider in British Columbia than in any  other Province.    In   British    Columbia,  minimum wage regulations apply to all-  employees to whom the Male and Female  Minimum Wage" Acts apply.  The present minimum wage in most  instances is $1.25 per hour.  The new Minimum Wage Order, to be  known as Minimum Wage Order No. 8  (1970), was made* by the Board of Industrial Relations following public hearings held at Kelowna, Nelson, Prince  George, Victoria, and Vancouver, at which  interested parties were given an opportunity to make representations.  This is another step forward in our  attempt to keep minimum wages and  working conditions in line with the current economic situation," said Mr. Peterson. "At present the Board is reviewing  other Minimum Wage Orders and I am  hopeful I will be able to announce further revisions at a later date."  Pender High-Lights  HI AGAIN! After a couple of weeks with  no column we have a lot of happenings  to cover.  An "Education in Democracy" trip was  set up in Viltoria for students of various  BC schools and we were lucky to be able  to have one student from our school attend. This student was Wendy Clayton.  The trip lasted four days and was enjoyed by all: Some of the other schools  from which students came are: Port Coquitlam, Hillside, Elphie, Max Cameron,  and a few others. The total group consisted of 37 students and three sponsors.  Th group stayed at the Dominion Hotel in Victoria and were taken on tours of  the famous sights of Victoria. We visited  thc legislative Buildings. Royal Roads  Miltary College, and the Undersea Gardens. At the Legislative Buildings the  group were lucky enough to be able to  sit in on a session of Legislature and were  later taken to lunch with the speaker,  Mr. Murray. They were all given pins,. to  wear on coats or sweaters, of the Mace  which the Sergeant qf Arms carries in the  Legislature. All in all the student enjoyed themselves and the. trip proved to be  most successful. *  PHYACA held a dance in the Community Hall en the 28th of February. The  band was Penn Kings and their music  was enjoyed by all. The dance on the  whole was a great success and it is hoped  that this group will be putting on other  dances for the teenagers of Pender Harbour.  The school trampoline whiclvwc talked  about earlier in the year has now been  ordered and it is hoped that the school  will receive it before, the school year ends.  The money that has yet to be raised to  . pay for it was borrowed from school  funds.  Next week wc will talk about the happenings of the Student's Council.  SPORTS ...  On Friday, February 27. Elphie  brought all four of its teams up to Pen-  dcr.to play basketball. The games started  with the junior girls. Our girls won with  the score 14-5. The junior boys game was  exciting with the scores fairly close. Then  With the final, score 33-22. Due to poor  shooting on Pender's part, our Senior  girls wer trounced with thc final score  6-12. The last game was the senior boys.  In fine form Pender won once more with  ���the score 35-20.  On Saturday, February 28, the intermediate teams of J. N, Burnett, a school  from Richmond, came to play basketball  wilh our junior boys and girls. The junior girls started. After n fairly hard  ictiglit game, Pender won.with thc score  0-(i. To round off the evening our junior  boys played, With a lot of fine playing  Ponder won with th.* score 3(1 - 1!).  Last Saturday, March 7, we wont clown  to Elphinstone. To start the night off the  junior boys played. With three players  missing our centers and captain, the  game was .still won. The scon; was 39-20.  Hlght after, the junior-girls played.  With I ho odds against I hem, our junior  girls played well and we won 111-0. Next  1ho  senior  girls  played   with  two  Junior  ���by April Walker and Wendy Clayton  girls playing with them.  The game proved to be exciting as it  was close all the way, but due to some  fine shooting on Pender's part we finished with the score 15-12.  To finish off our basketball visit the  senior boys played. Our senior boys were  not up to their usual standard and with  poor shooting we lost 22-32.  SECHELT THEMR  ���    PRESENTS  HJURMAN  STARRING:   ���    *  Gfcgory Pock, Anno Hciywnrd,  CARTOON - COLOR  CINEMASCOPE  Start* 8 p.m. Our 10 p.m.  FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MONDAY,  Morch 20, 21 and 23  Next Week:  Hun Wild,  Run Free  Devils of  Darkness  (Midnight Show)  Coming Soon:  Tho Italian Job  T/ioso Woro Tho  Happy Times  Carry on Docfor  Che  LENA Lake lies at the end of Hotham  Sound.   It's   wonderful   place   for   a  family outing and is* a favorite spot of  a few trout fishermen who know how.  many trout are there.  The old logging road starts on the east  side of the head of- the sound. It meanders  past a pretty pond, then through a wide,  shallow creek. N,ext it travels up a hill  which is so steep a person often has to  pause to breathe deeply. At about one  and one-half miles the road swings down ���  a hill to meet the lake.  The lower end of the lake is choked  with logs downed by some former, logging  operation. But even there. a person can  carefully walk out on the logs and drop  a hook between them and catch small,  speckled trout.  The road follows along the side of the  lake to the upper end. It's a pretty walk  on level road: At one place a small creek  tumbles over a rocky bank, and runs  along the road. This is a favorite spot for  hikers to rest on a log in the shade and  scoop drinks of cold water. *  ���f Near the upper end of the lake the  logging road climbs up the hill but a  ���Vhort,-deadend portion of it reaches down  toSthe water's edge. Someone has built  ^ wooden walkway aeross-tthte-iahe here  but one end of the walkway is now loose ���  and floats in the centre of the lake. Tied  to the shore there is a sturdy raft.--���������-���.'  Last summer our family used the raft  to travel to the log and board walk. We  then walked along it, stopping often to  look down at the many dozens of trout in  the water below. While the rest of us  perched a logs on the far side of the lake  and ate our lunch Bruce,- our youngest  son, stayed in the middle of the walkway  to fish. In a few minutes he had six trout,  ���by Pot Konoyei  *  measuring eight and nine inches in length!  Wc all felt there were bigger fish there  if a person had time to really fish for  them. One man, who has lived on the  Sunshine Coast for seventeen years, told  us Lena Lake is the spot to go trout, fishing in the spring. He specified that it is  smart to leave all the fancy lures at home  and use common angleworms for bait.  Sechelt Auxiliary  prepares for raffle  DESPITE bad weather and many cases of  the sniffles and flue, twen'.y-two members of the Sechelt Auxiliary to St. Mary's  Hospital were present ��� for the regular  monthly meeting, with Mrs. Eileen Smith  presiding.  ���".    '  Tickets will soon be available for the  raffle sponsored by the Sechelt Auxiliary  with Mrs. Elsia Johnson as convenor. Prizes will be an afghan and a grocery hamper.  This is a reminder to members and Associate members that dues are now payable and overdue as of March 31, 1970."  To the general public, please be  o  f liitii goifisgt?isi��i Mo*  Architectural designers ��� General Contractors  Will ise -opening a New Office in Cowrie St., Sechelt*,  April 1st. INQUIRIES BEFORE APfilL Est -Phone  ��85-2013, Sechelt or in Vancouver Phone 732-9ES��.  Alex Foley or George Ardley.  RESIDENTIAL & COmiE&CiAL '     O  i  vised that St. Mary's Hospital Society will  held its annual meeting lit the Sechelt Legion Halloa Monday April 27 and all possible support will be greatly appreciated.  Anyone wishing more information may  telephone Mrs. E. Moscrip at 885-9322.  The mass of men worry themselves  into nameless graves while here and there  a great unselfish soul forgets himself into  immortality.  'tmxmmmistaimimmms^ssmmiMfsmtm.  wmmmmimmmemmmimmmmmwmmmmmmSM  v^-tmrnmEsssn  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  Users are advised that all (1969) rates due either The Sechelt  Waterworks Company or the Sunshine Coast Regional District  remaining unpaid on March 27th, 1970 will becombrecoverablo  as taxes in arrears and applied as such to the 1970 tox roll.  Charles F. Gooding  ,    + _ Secretory  V  1  III (111 x\ \\ 5*6 Cllb*c ��� *%\ n\'  yUlU/"^)^)   Ft. Bale wJo-vH/  2'/2 Cubic Ft. Bale $1.99  .. 7/y/777nnn/7/77/7n/7/ja  ��*  i,., J ^ F-'���.t  a.   a* a*** a* j* a**a.Faa4 ^-a*, <"W* F"*" #*^> a*^ ,!*��,*���*' ^**F^aF���� ^i.Aa^A^ .  h-w.^. Jfit a-F-FFF*. a*- ***. ^**if"*S*-i <t


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