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The Peninsula Times Feb 23, 1972

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Array ��������   '  ���.$.;). ���   ���,.;,WS��*$'^^^*!S':?*  mill rate dr o pping  ite^erx&neous^ comment  DESPITE erroneous  statements  nrade'at  public meetings recently, school taxes  cannot possibly increase this yearf even  if the School Board does have to hold  a referendum on- the operating cost ����yer-  age^ ���       -    \  Although - no   official   statement   has  "bleTPrgteasfetHby   the   School ��� Board,   a  comparison   of   figures   points   to   a   decrease in school taxes, again this JLear.  'Ihe provincial ^government introduced  new legislation to control the operating-  costs of school districts at a time when  school taxes were increasing rapidly.  This coincided with a warning issued to  the local school board by the villages  of Sechelt and Gjbsons, that unless some  control was exercised the village councils would not approve such high expenditures.  In 1969 local school taxes reached-an  -aIL-lime-.lhigiil_of_33.8a --m-Uls-whea-^the:.  provincial average., was 31.72 mills. With  government ' imposed restrictions, the  school board has been working for the  past Ihree years towards operating with  in, the new cost formula..  In 1970 the operating section of the  budget was $1,7-58,930, this exceeded\the  amount allowed by Victoria, by $.239,622  and resulted in a mill .rate of 30.63. OT  In 1971 the operating section of the  budget was $1,885,455, exceeding Victoria's limit-, by $212,465 and resulting in  a mUl rale, of 29.36.  This year the operating section ��� of the  budget, is $1,934,310 but still.exceeds Victoria's limit by $90,679. Taking" into account increased assessments in the district, it is obvious that the mill rate will  decrease, and probably quite considerably.    ..... y-   '    '     ������  The only difference .this year is that  the provincial government^ has taken  away the power of village councils, to  ���approve excess expenditure, and. given  it io the peopie. It is up to the people  to make^sure tliey. understand theimiew-.  responsibility. If a referendum is called  by the people and the $90,679 is voted  out, then the standard of education in  . the school  district  probably  will  suffer.  berving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Soundvto Jery's Inlet), including Port Mellon, Hopkins Landing, Granthams Landing, Gibsons, Roberts Creek,  Wilson Creek, Selma Park, Sechelt, Hal'moon Pay, Secret Cbve, Pender Harbour, Madeira Park, ("Cleindale, Irvine's Landing, Earl Cove, Egmont'  Union    "*B*��   Label     -    y-���  7  This Issue 16 Pages ��� T2c  Gibsons meeting . . .  LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY PAPER ON THE SOUTHERN SUNSHINE COAST.  New. policy assists  Grade 12 students  *? ���  THIS year Elphinstone Secondary 'School  administrators have "aliowed a -ntim--  ber of Grade 12 students to register as  part-time. The conditions for this classifi-  ca'ion are that the students need only  one or two subjects, -for graduation. Ra-~  ther than have him take two or. three  studies a day. he is given the opportunity  to come to and go from, school on his.  own, as long as he attends the required  Masses. This freedom gives these students  ThlTchance to have^G^su^r"parMLime, or,  in some case's, fulltime. employment.7  This  year  36  students  have  enrolled  on   a   part-time' basis.   A  breakdown   of  -4Jieir^Qu4^ol-schoi           . employed, 5 housewives  Volifme 9, No  13 ��� WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1972  3i[Qmfai^ opposed  progressive Centre project  -A-Bet-JT-s1My^peijpl(?^attenaecira  public  meeting in Gibsons oh Wednesday the  -Kr-ef-ffeterttary to -hear committee���mem��  year in taxation and that the recent government  increase   in 'homeowner  grants,  -$65-wotrld-meyc than cover any im?reasy  bets  talk  and  answer .questions  on  the    in taxes of the remaining pensioners. He  proposed recreation centre. '���"'        pointed   out that   tax   increase   for   the  ^T^Brr^jta-Grosby^opene'd-the^me^!^  by   detailing  construction  and   operating    be about* $15, a small amount, he felt, for  costs   and   giving   reasons   why   such   a    the  benefits  the   project   would   provide  centre is necssary in this area. to the community.      ���     . ���   Arcim^cts-worlun-rdrawings were.SS=~~~^b?T q^es^-oi-bwing-. was"l-aised,  5 mill workers,  .-, 5 .store -workers, -1. houseworkT -1���com-'  pensation,  2  cprrespondence courses.  The largest portion (17) has been listedas unemployed. This means they  do honfeve^-a-^8Su^ar-4��b--wlth deiihite'  hours;' however, -many of these are employed by their parents or do .odd. jobs in  the community. ~       ~  We feel that they have accepteof'the  responsibility   for   their   own   education,  and must lie congratulated.  NDP GandidaiaJavors  IQCIB  ex  p'ayei Showing an ice hockey arena and    onejieniber_of_ the audience feeling that |l3QN Lqckstead, M_7c^rLcUdal^ioLjy[a__.  -"^uailbrium-StTI^ted iri^^cresTMpark-"   as ���a  BiiS   service   had   ��en  tried  on  a \~   kenzie^onstitaenay^aysrmeetingr %.,  ���  land    " ���~-���^=-^"^���prmnriiir nnjaiiinn and^ t_\\0A. \h_*___]7l 'Gibsons on Feb- lZth^said, jyanswer to  -[    -   ������    '          7   , ;.   ,.���,     .      -         not   succeed   this   time.   One   committee ������a question from" the floorTTKaT he~was���  tum-eould be  used-asTthe-headquarters    children  and  old   people   to  get  to   the      "   "   "'"  centre would  now provide  the. need for  ajbus service. - "   .,  | Some   members   of  the   audience, left  before  the end and the  meeting vtook  a  for the old aged pensioners for'the en-  tre area. The centre would therefore have  something for people, of all ages!  The construction cost would be $490,-  000 and the Regional board has set an  --upper limit- of-3 -mills tor cover this cost,-,  This tax levy would  cover  construction .  cost, interest oh the principal ;and~oper^���  atihg  costs.  Operating, costs  could  vary  betwaen $5 - $30,0007Dr.-Crosby pointed  out that all community centresTruS at a  ___Q_$_JEhe���Jiiihale^^  centre is that it should be available to  everyone at low, cost,   so  that it would  plex, particularly if there were facilities  provided for senior citizens and youth.  "Because everyone on the peninsula  would have access to. the facilities, the  three  mill rate  over  20 years  does  not  "''������"''.'        7���, r^esenTaTion  The Lions Club of P'eridet-'-H#iS6it^ ������'Lions Club at the charter banquet  became  one  of  the  World's 726,000   -held  in  Madeira  Park  Community  Lions  Clubs on Saturday., when its   Hall on Saturday evening. Mr. Mer-  more  placid  note   with  questions  and   seem too exorbitant, .particular]y_ in fiew   president Gaylo'rd MerkjeT accepted    kel, pictured on the right is a charter  from construction de-   p���^:!8^^.11 :�����V,ldg/^rreducr theTcharter"fiom ^ffl&F1$Miffirii��^&_of: me Parksville X^b.  answers   ranging  tails to the increasing juvenile delinquen  cy in the area. Rev. Jim Williamson spoke  from the floor expressing concern for the  increasing problems of drugs, alcohol and    promiscuity   amongst  the   teenagers  and     provincial and federal governmentS-JZQAilpt,,w  ���^1stiTrg~-tirartr-any   attempt 'to   solve . this    ^er a Sr^at deal m��re financial assis-  problem must be worthwhile. Committee'   tance'to   these  projects,   particularly  in  marnher Labonte said that in many areas,    areas like the Sunshine  Coast."  the   fees   for   use   of   the   facilities,   and   . -n^u   r ajRn  help  cover    the  operating    deficit,"   he L,aur .- .    ,   ���  stated.   . ....        -   . ..7... 7.., .7.  77..7 *        ,,.:...:..:....-.  "However," he continued. "I feel the?   Council OpprOVeS .; ,. j.  Vancouver  Regional Board plans  "Project Sam" cleanup  "PROJECT Sam" is a Provincial Govern-  ��� ment operation-under the-guidance ���ot-  the Parks and Recreation Minister which  opera tng    deficit    however,    would    be  covered by the 3 mill tax levy.  The; - question   time   which   was   conducted by Mr7 Hensch revealed that there  _waa.jx^^a^..hu4^  audience who Verei PPPpsed t^_:Jii^,,.<;eii7,':.;v.^li  tret'The meeting became, quit��jboisy with 'l"  one membey, of- ihfi^uitJiianPf^Pftmpl^TTtH^  lowing   construction   of   recreation   centres.  The  meeting  closed  with  coffee  and  cakeS provided by volunteer ladies.  t��^r^m,���'r  thatrSewage costs and now another, pbs-    WILLTve or ,wilt wci not continue w*th  ^ble'^rwiiriDcrease ''would-be'ian':ilnbear-', our'annual May Day celebiations in  tnyieAburdentpjthanyold. aged pensioners,.. .(1,,.S'ephqlt? Mayor Ben Lang wishes to know  He aslted  the ' committee members if    how hie public feels r<?gaiding this mat-  thciy ^pOTsonaliy; woul'cl 'petition'fthe"'' ^^/\ t'^ ,'^'' 7' '���' "'\  7^tialfJ36ar<JvrSq^  ^xpmpted the 3 "mill increase. Mr. Gilker,    in| :\vill be held  Thursday, March 2 at  -���������a,committe member, pointed out that sev-,^2:30 p.m. at the Trail Bay School,  cral retired'people in this area are weal-';     'Says Mayor Lang "We tiave held May  'lhy''''s6'JtHiat'':'SU^ now is the time to'  reasonabje. He.also pointed dut-that many   'say Yes or No. For further information  of  the  pw^.����,.;s1^  States Isabel Dawson ...  4 ^^ **'  _  **���      4.   *  provides equipment and a crew to compact and pile automobile bodies at suit-    ,  able sites for disposal as scrap.  ^l&-_R_gi^aLJ3isti;if,t.  has���requeued-^-  permits  the "Project Sam" team to carry out a  cleanup in this area and a preliminary  survey   has   been  made   by   the   project  supervisor    Though   firm   dat.Ps   hayp   npt  new inspector  REPORTING   on   the  "f 0  "VHedlth.,Umt,  Ald-  ' Sechelt   Council   labt  Coast   Gdiibaldj-i  :.*v4^\.'v.sfti..-vr:/u.fr.ltt..i.v.t^1'-,'.ii..f^4t^.-^..  cobtb   and   ecological   values  He   added  -yet "been fixed it is expected thi|t the  cleanup will be underway within the next  two months. . * ....,.'  . Car bodies wiU be crushed,, at existing  Regional District ^garbage dumps at Gib-  MUTiblcT RalplT^Lolfmai  imposition of a Ij>15 per septic tajik pei- ,  "      ini*-  Fiom funds bo laised it would then  DONATION , bc   p6ssible   to   appouft  anotliei   health  Bianch   140  Royal   Canadian  Legion,     inspector foi  the aiea  ;Sechelt. h^s made another cash -dojiatioiv   . ;yA^ ^ - ^atsoitaskeUpeiepie  -to-a"' worthvr cause; Sum .of-$50 -was ore-^ 7*_;���:������������. ���.������<....���  ��� ;��������� ',j-,rV7-.r���' ���!'��������� ''��������� x_,>.:_y.'i7ty-.i.-"  senteX last week, to the SecheU Indian    Minister  would   be���'.prepared;-*,��� put  it  Residence; Band. Money goes toward upkeep of uniforms, instruments etc.  the Indian Affairs. Department but has  so fai received ''little Ui'elp,other than a  veiy terse note; ..'������������.'  BY-P^SS. , ���"��������� '-''������'*��� ''77 - '���:"���'���" - '���'��� '���-���'���*��� :  '"' An7earlier request7for'7ihfdrmatibil  regarding Highway, Department .plans for  a by-pass, for ISechelt brought back the  reply that no plans are under considera  HIT AND RUN  Marshall Lloyd Marshall of  Hopkins  for b:lternate route  * ���/"������n*.*  Perimsuld  in writing, He agreed the idea Is 7��ound  for there ate long delays''in (obtaining  permits due to the area thq existing  'health'" officer"-has t'o'',cpVer.1'''1,'!",'-'l'li'J!r,:'''."'aJ-w  _ It   was   moved   council   support   the  .���Landrngi7enterel^a'/guUty :?p^ : '^?" d,is1"  charges  involving  hit  ind  run  after     tri<* could be assured of another health  striking  two  vehicles 'at-the  Wakefield  Inn  and 'impaired 'driving  atter,-losing  control -of  his'"car.  Which  ended   in   a N,   Ald_ Bul.nel Gordon ropol.led thiit he  ditch.  Incident  occured  Saturday,  Feb-     has becn Wdrkliig, when possible, on a  ,-,���,,.:,   ���    .,,, proposed plan -for future development of , _,      .    _,     .,,-.       -.....���     ,  ,     .  ll,i08*SLUola!?ad,li nnd.,r5     Lot 14^- raoriUy .turned' over-officially- ^jPW-Street7wos^n^dered^^y c  jof-^OO-and-disqualificd'-^^nf^ill^^^^  Service Station in the Roberts Creek area.,  A site- on Pratt Road may also be obtained; .   . "   7 7. ' ���.V'7..''"  .While -the Regional District can pro-'  A<ide<*the sites- and^some asslstancein 'the;  preparation -of ^working, 7 areas^ra  dumps'  they  cannot  collect    car   bodies  from private property or road allowances.  The public are asked io cooperate-in-this  inspector.  PARK PLAN  i'uary  12th, He1 appeared last week bo  fore Judge Char''-1^"1-*-"'���*' -���-'Jl ���  -finedssastotal  tion,,at,7his,,time:,rHowever,,1s|iOHld the   :^  '.  matter conie'up for-consideration coun-    oi' similar    equipment    (fridges,  stoyesj .  ell will be notified. *deeP  treezers. may  bo included  in' the  ������ ���' ���������71 ���.'-.;���' '������������'       ���;���.������, ,crushing)',to..an^Qf;7thd'��abpv^loaati6hs.   ���  NEW BUSINESS ' In"���' conjunction   witli ^'Project   Sam"  Amusement arcades seem to be flour-     ll,e Regional District may, where neces-  Ishing, on. the'Sunshine Coast .and, one is�� ^5*U7,., implement,, the ,.provisions.v,of,, the  ���  now scheduled for Sechelt, Application    "Highways   (Scenic   Improvement), Act"  for a' permit to pporato a games arcade    which ��� requires discarded materials, car  in   the  former  Shop'Easy, building  on    bodies,  etc,  Which are unsightly'"to7Bo"'"  '    "'     '" "*     '  '     coun���-���removed "from roadside pi'emisesb/tbc^^^^"  would��'^P*'0P0*^y-^0WJlOl^����w*��*.t4,��*��-.��.  i. '-.*...1 t,m&i ifj.m^'i, ^ijWi*, \n,a_ 1  ..V_.i _,���#$��� iflifty****  *"��4..  ,J  >-lIION. Isabel Dawson oxprcHse^ satisfaq-  "'llon -last' week with' w'oi'k-1 wicjor way  ���on���^conKl'suctlon- ofr H4gh'way-ripii--be7:  tweon  Socholt  and1 Ponder  Hwrbouv!  ^p,ouklng��tdltho^budgct,clcbatQ>.,8he.,tKmRd���  from-driving for one. year^  READERS RIGW  husband,or wife Is (115 years or over and , We a&ixln stluSH tho fad thut ,loUor8  ��� the- other - Pju'tnor ��� is under (10, tjs ��n^__jo^tho-cdltor-4diu..|Hil,>lteiU-ion-|mwt-lTa  -patcd^that^hD-^ecl^iFn^wlll apl)ly  to. signed by the bona!fldo writer. .Ncjn-do-  1-oU} partners. plumes-will bo used If rcqupHtcd but lot-  WhQ4rprogram.willvOxtend..from,Octor>-��,aeiu  ^-:One4)f"thorconditlonH-had-|-ooiHthat41^-,-.^ toilets etc,  yillHgo. supply.a projcolcclrpiatVlfor.th  futyre?,"w��() of the property, Aid.. Gordon  Add. life io7^iuiii^i*-��^^  futurdHwo of the property. Aid.. Gordon   ' ed   subject   to  approval   of   tho  l.ojOllL^-WUJvlilo-ijy'TociucinK your risk of heart  Md-toJlDSnina^ attack., For  free  heart  literature  write  ,   ' aruati ��� are   growing   rapidly   and   would  ' benefit   greatly   from   having  such  development," fiho said.   ,' "  '.lt(lH assumed the member for Maii-  ������ k'onzle r'ding_wns referring to the.Jong  uwallcd road from'Poi'l'Mollon through  X^tCpWnodf I lJi:a-4ind7SquamlRU��...Thlfl~. has  bbqn dn Issue for Homo yoarH,ai*d''at''6no  lime, when tho riding. was 'represented  by un NDP MLA, tho jllghwnyf. Mlnlslor  ��^--*I-Ion?"'Phll-GaRlardl��h��d��i,opoi'tod'��-Uiatiiho  was negotiating, with a view' to consti-ilct-  <   ing  a  road  through,  Little  or  nothing  hiiH  boon  heard  01  tho proposal since,  NEW PROJECT,   ,  ���   Ke��nly  lntorcslod in tho wolfaro, of  -   our sonlor clll/,ons, Mi'��7Dawson , luuio-  unccd )����� now program .priwmtly on lho  ])1annliif( ixiard, This ls a schoino wherohy  "*""p'drmms fifi'-'yoars"of���n''*oraiVd7"ovfir-ml(jhl  onjoy'a vacation at roduccd cohIs. ',  SI10 slatpcl, "11 would Hcom rquHonablu  ",'"' u'rassu'imf'tlvnr woro7R(mlor ��� cltlzonR'-to'��-  jilan  holidays, durlnft  other   than   peak  season porlodH^toui'Iat-o'rlonletl indnstritf.-j  "mluht consider oxtondlnR thorn a reduced," '  rate whether Ihoy travel Individually, or  ' In Ki'oups,' within tho provlncfc ofn.CJ,  ,    "To  thlH.cnd  1  lutvu hiidTnicotlngH  .������nvjijpnonrifrnf-trnnRpnrtntlon^compnnlcR'-"'  hotel and ruslmn'ant iifiHoclutlons, 1 also   Malnmont fields, JJum-Uiui opi'r|d,orn, rail-  ,  'road nnd "water truntiport offiululn, hofol' ,  AUiO��aUurauLpoopUu��!U��^iwi;<;(L!|U^oL,^  entlllo'them to alL available reductions  under tho programme. '  "Ah far an I am aware, at' this time,  ours in Iho' first such programme of its  Jdnd-'in CanadaL;���.  1 'Verylengthy reply by the local teach-1  ur's ansoelatlon to tho School Board, wuh  too long for inclusion in this weeje's  Times, It will ,bo published in full no;xt  wcekw ,   , .''.',  that the plan Is In the making and will    volved.  bo forwarded along In due course.,  SEWER.SYSTEM ..... 7 ,,    .������  , ��� Reporting on progress of' his investigations into feasibility of a sewer system  for tho village, Aid. 'Watson said ho plan.s  to meet with a representative of. engineers' Daytbnfi\hd'Khlf5ht"in ol'dor'to dls-  eus.s. updating of ; a 'sower survoy thoy  carried but for Secholt some years ago,  Ho also hopes to check comparative/ costs  j of''alternate typo systqnwiiin', i^gard, to    '���  J~..m-mm~. ��� m^mm^mm-^-.^ g/wMmnmi ���9��mmw*w��Jil*, 11 I iL��*X���� jit w IfU^nyMw M��!^��.i.i��.J*^WHMWW  to tho B.C. Heart Fund,  their inton:.'.t In i.uch' a,, projocl,  " ���"So"'f n rlHVdVft^lroft rty" li tt<l'' f\n* indlen-  tion from ono railroad company of a 2fi%  reduction  on  a  regular adult  faro  for  "tiny'ono own* (W ycnrn nnd over trnvol- ...  Jhi{{ a'tcerlalil t|mes. The Hotel Arfsocla-   'lion'lias offered tho"hnmo/G(lMCl|on.'.pn .  tT  Sechelt Village  ,  ;r~:r:-���ry: r-.-z:_^:7.:":-Z7r^^.;::.7^^.-,.;..-  Sidewalks to be repuved  beautiiicatioh schedukd  ,_V~��,mf_H  way, Tor rebuilding and,paving tho hIoq- <"a< iN0��l"  waison said no1'elk  ��� walk from Trail 'Avenue |o "lnlot Avonun ' wppl-ovo  buying  property for  sucl  .along Cowrlo Sti'��ul7���9thor. paving will ��� l>uf foil lho, fchainliar should glvo  bo carried out from lnlot alon'g'to Yf\w\t ' ��l��l��r��U('n" to lho fact lhat much 0  !~$IfCI-M^                                                                                        . -consideration1 -to.  ;.   , boauUfluatlon , pi;ogn>m .which,,���whon(,, acquiring,.proporly for future parking in ���  -complQtedrHhould'Tpiftl^ '���-���   ���  appearance'of )he village which .during    '   'Mayor Lang expressed., tho view that,  paKUyuurfi��l.uu44.UUtuiuo.uu,..Hh^ '  1 tonanco; ,    , ,; ,,        ; h| ordoi'i howovor, as i\ woodon oulvort  Alderman Harold Nolson reported lartt   ,>'nn, down that sldu. oflhu road'ho did  i week, to.coimoll, tliat 'plans ui'o. under-  : not ,lhlnk paving wine,  ' way, for rebuilding and,.paving tho"sldo- ,'.. Ald�� Norift Waison said ho"did hot  lv use  vq con-    n  ,. of lho  ', and will Includo building up and paving ��� P''ol>lv��n ,1h   duo , to   busluossmcu" wlio  7Jhp. urea. l>V)i)Hn�� tho Post Office,,bank     _._,'. - 1S. .       Ts0<* Ptt9�� A-6  olo. Part or llils will bo paid lor by lho  "������property''ow>)(*rf|',, , "   ���"   Tndl..Avcnuo._Iruhk..llm-.hlHhway._^i)..,��jA'fl-D|��jalf  ���lho widorl'ron.1 will irtlilo bo pavod and", MU^UIIvl*  .pa\di]uJoiVu:.HnuiilQr,.MWiJo.lnij)no.()Ltwu.^l_     jM|^^^���.  other locatloim ,an funds will pormlt. 001111  , ���, Aid. 'Dcrnql'Clorrinn Indicated that ho    rw^"M  will probably pavo tho balance o( lilfi uwn  .property, from tho sklo\valk, at lho same  tlmfl.���.Fui'thor,^counclUhns���mKracd1^to���.ft���  study, by Aid. C'oi'don with a vlow to  ���..plai^ln'j-trtHml.jilunii. soh*o-iil'-tlie-roads-  within thovJIIago as a tnoans of hcntitl-  1 floaUou.  .Kdhhmt iMTf^nm,  'he way  lo action!  ...I     .lfc..(4*-||.~.    .1    fc '_. I        I.     "J f        �������'  ��JP,AHKINC3L  Mayor HonLang'agrm'd wiih a loll or  rn'oiVf llio^BoWolL^rind 'Dliifi-liirClmmliof  of Coiiiiimmvo polullnn to iificil for parking aroas, Ho said tho matter should bo  jiursucd and fell lho Chamber .Mioi'ld  be thanked for reminding council of tho  In Today's ChssifiQd;- ;  a,iail^^4V-?i,uUy~<��^ia��iiea*-ir��iler��>*0itu-  FJrat-*to��� 'Arrive -'-''nt ���' tho Rccrcntiort", ��� rillv :Kull��11at'"o(I,''wiinnor'*  ,V^nmmnH7Hftn"nn'iiaho Motft 1 ��!1l��i��TO*'��iTivB--'ni' uiq  uccrcnuon���;��� hhvibiiii��twhi ot.wmnor.1*. wlU:.l?cvwU)^.7.,wllli.cnlly.:4'fipre,sent,1her..^iaHe3,vof,^ r,Wlll A.y\Mn,  '���   iirKin^^^  ,    uriimmo and wo should hcW,,from,'them   Jogged-Uio.B mi es from. Gibsons in   pthQ,r jjcoplo would likp eycryonojo   sot up ln:c��chl(clcctoroI area and In   p^d.and marked off,for ahxuontt pwk-  .shortly,,.   , .������'..  40 mlnutesnnd.lsdcclnj'ed the win-,   vote ��� next Saturday, so ihut Lho result   the villages of Secholt ond Gibsons.   jng, Thin, would   accommodiiio a sub-,  PM^U4W��,.HHlw,^#t%��l^444%^���4^HP^^^Vn..MMMWMN��M.<ll,lia.l.^|lW|l.*.MI.n*. < ��ll<Wlll IJ<��UWII>I>HMI.|"A., Wgft..^Jto4��4��rtt^4^ffnW��4W.fi4ciW4iW4.4w4'.WWW*4MI444.l4H.II<m4 .W.��^WW44riW*MWaMai4ll4l44Ui4^WW.rt.M^44W4lm*^l4l..jll44^ ^&_*l4Aw. fc J,fW4W��4Hl.rtaW*iW��4��W 4H4. MM.^4 .4HI.IWifWIM^WW4W,HlJ,.ll44,4UWI^.��UI.WJ14W4ywi'Wff >ywW��Mt., ^.HW4Wm..l..aiWI.I.^'.*^J'*4l,llWll,iW.a.lluH4a.|I.MWII.Wlli..4.4.|iliini|..ll IW.W.W4.I.I4W.I ������ ,. '^m��l .���HiMB..'. ,IW14 4lW I..��444W^L..44..4^|U. 4,4lW4M4WW��^��  K ��� 1    .     ��� ���.' ... . �� .  '      ��� . ,        ... , v��    /��.,.���'". *  <V  Iftufim m&k '*H*��f**��*4M'*��%*'F*,4 l^w**-!  ��� Tlnitis Clowlflttlj*, reach-ovor 2,500 home*  ^.aOrOoo.-Tcadaij),..^,...,.'..... ,.;...,, ��� ..  ��� ��� -Tlrnos ��� Clowlf Icda- aQ' INTO tho' homoi*."*;'"   ;,   not on lawns, ttroott or In colv��rt��,   .���^TiiXinsXIaMlflcds. pro lovy^coit,,hloh^potoncy '.,  t ,��qIc�� topic*,,,��, , .���:.,-, .���,:;_/ ;,;..!;��� ��� J^y       7  ��� Phono lln��i�� open Sundays cios��lHcd  085-9654 Socholr, 886-7244 Gibson   .-Li'iiHI        ' " 1"!M_,   <i'i '<!������������>   .��!���,,>*, ���  *��-r';- *>t  ,,    ���"���,,,,., 'j      '        .     .     .   , .'.    ��� -       ���       ,    - ll  ���I     I I  ��� ��"������  ,-��� ���* ��> ����"|.  I.   ���.--���.  1 1 ��� ,'4 V  I ,'!.,������ .  0\'  ��������,���,��_  ^Vi'  0  ^4 ....   .4   .'^'fttVl.i'i  4-*. -*.A .... .& H*'  4  ' V",  \  l��,l'  ���> 1^ a/�� ^I'lki.'/'i... .^*-H*,ri.��4k  _*     _.  1 .-.�����-.  ,1,1,1 .  *  ^ 1  I   M'.'... Jl  '.  !    ���!   '     ���  II'  .fl,./'iV(,'JMll,VillJAf.  1 �� 1. *', (,'. tt.','l.��>  ~4v-. ^4.,,.,-w-M .4<*^'f     .  '.I'fi-.jWlfc'ymV.   . <^hntoatwagiftfaBMttir.ArjattaaMUaw^  TliE PfimNSUlA^ftW^  "I may be wrong, but 1 shall nat'be so wrong as to fail to say what I believe to be right."  '-������������ 7"' 7 % y, ���.John Atkins  !  Sifwart B. Alsgard, Publisher .. Douglas G. Whp.f.i.er, Editor  The  Pot  Calls  The  Kettle?  premier. Attorney General Lcs PetersQr^,  summed-up the feelings of many people  throughout the country. He stated "Wc  have  had enough-' sneers���we haVc- bad  enough   shrugs*���we   have   had -enough  sarcasm���we have had enough profanity  from the present prime minister". _  _-.:.. lL.Iiiiid��iuiJm^djdmie__^lract!6n for  this country of what Bennett has done ���  for this province, then his arrogance and  conceit could  perhaps  be tolerated.  As  things  stand   he   has   nothing to   offer,  rather,  he  poses a threat to our whole  existence.  As opposition leader Robert Stan-  field^ stated^ recently: "The Trudeau  government has made, many rrilstaEes.  The   Prime.   Mir/ister   either   does   not  States, revealed his affinity to the Reds.     recoSn|f t.hem as. Sl'ch; f he ^f"0'  ',      _,,        .,    ,     "7    .    j u   .   ��� care.  He  has said  that  he  would  take  -xre^-x-ShcFngn^ tor the-tfead=beats -^ sameTdi^a^tr^s" ec^omic" metres  of   society   at   taxpayers   expense,   vir-     aeain_measures  that   resultcd in   masS  tiKilly trodden upon  the senior citizens  OUR Crown Prince of vanity, profanity  '������aqd subterfuge, is in dire straits. As  the empire of 'Pierre Rlliot Trudeau  crumbles around him. he strikes a new  low by screaming, invective and throwing tantrums with all the gusto of a  penitent spoilt little rich boy caught out  _jrr_a niisd_emeanor._  __ 7.7 '...'.. ..  His astounding gall in referring to  Premier W. A. C. Bennett, as a "bigot"  proves very clearh/the petty nature of  the^man who presently holds the highest position in the nation. This^ person  has continued to abuse the trust put  in him by the Canadian people by his  at-t-kude-in the-Housev-his total" disr-egard-  for MPs and even .members of his-own  cabinet.   He   has   insulted     the. United  of thj-s country, made a jack-ass of him-  s&fTin many countries of the world;*and  Q it goes on, all at the expense of^hard  working taxpayers and to the detriment  of the country aTTErwftute: ���������  Change is not only long overdue but  is well on the way. The next federal gov- , nadian  businessmen, are 'frustrated  and  eminent -will'-be Conservative  and one    confused about their relations with the  -thtftg-ifr-eeft-ain, it'could-nev^F-mateh-4he���presttrt���federal  government  unemployment    and  economic    stagnation."  The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, a powerful body with the econ-  omic interests of the country at heart,  recently submitted a briet to"the irudeau  government   stating,   in   part,  that   C&-  Sing-a-Long ,:  Operarrg--pfr-the-extended care wing    Day, a specral-party was held last  ml St. Mary's Hospital, has brought    week  when  Mrs.  Ann  Ebach,   Mr.  many patients back to .their home    Lee  Brown  and  Mr.   George  Page  town.  Celebrating  their   return   in    entertained with popular songs.  combination   with   St.   Yalsftfae^s ������ '��� ���. _���_  sorry record of those in power at this  time. It might prove a disappointing government but at least it willnot be dev-  -ious^ahd^   who -knows, _we JfiighJL be_  Ttfeaswt4y-~srjTpiised. _ conquering new horizons 161fg=StCT~the  In a spirited attack against Trudeau sorry' memory of Trudeau has happily  and  his charge; tff  bigotry -against the- fadeo\ .��� ������---z���.-^.~ . ���  There can surely be no illusions as  to who is the true bigot in the political  arena and he certainly will not be found  Jn_..VjcioriaL_.W_.A.C.   Bennett will   be  Must Parochialism  Ritle?  VOTORS on the Sunshine Coast are  ���asked to turn out in force this Saturday February 26th in order to make  known their decision as to whether they  approve a one-half million dollar referendum for the establishment of a recreation, centre.  Worthwhile though the project might  ' be,   and  despite  support  from   far  and  no iuriher..ahead.  %  $y approving the proposal at this  time, we will enjoy the advantage of  present day costs but will be shortly paying for it at a decreasing rate as population and development increases. It  must b.e.borhe in mind that the committee behind the scheme has provided  maxinfum  figures  all  roimrf, Thprp  arp  wide, it would be foolish to suggest it a variety of "ifs" involved by way of  will receive an overwhelming vote. of ^_possible._grants, both federal .'and���pro.^  appTovaTr"!^^ but in most cases are dependent  the case for, behind the scenes, the in^ upon the' Centre actually. going ahead.  evjtable opposition is at work preparing Therefore, the estimated cost of 3 mills  its last minute onslaught. could easily be substantially reduced.  ��� Trmrin no way is meant as ciilicisiii        ��� There*"OTe'/^^a^1 mahvii/i'trends   p["'*���'���  ygry*"1, many  .against those who oppose the Centre for    thought  regarding  the   Centre  and  we  they have the right to their opinion and^ can only suggest that all opposed should  feel us equally justified in their views as    carefully  consider the Validity of their  do those  supporting it. 7    objections.  Most important .is the need  Unfortunately^  some   of   the   most     for everyone  eligible  and  able,  to get  * vociferous objectors have failed to put    out and vote. One thing is certain, the  -iMt)g-ted--ef^Ur--xaa��-ji*gi*iML_the    'hard core  minority  who would protest  regardless wlthbencrarin^orceT^cs-iisuahr-  the answer lies with the public, we can  merely point to the main points of the  issue and await the decision.  ���np-  scheme. One of the most sorry argu  moots-is based purely on parochialism.  There are those who think nothing of  going over to Vancouver to a show or  some other event of interest, yet, claim  they cannot see having to drive thirty  miles to a skating rink.  Then again, there is the person who,  depends upon tourists for a* Hying. .This  . involves   people  from   places  as   much  ���      as three or, lour thousand  miles  away  1        who journey  here   and 7 keep  him 'inv  business with the money they spend. Yet  ���he doesn't agree with spending .$15 a  year  for  ii   facility  sonic   thirty  miles  away. One can but wondcr%ow he would  make out should the tourists adopt a  similar attitude  ,,_..���,���.���_���_,���, loom bark -on -an  ^taMMlMMUUllSII__U��_VeMigII^MM��ffJFM^JfIU^UJfi^  30 ANTENNA'S AND  SOPHISTICATED  ELECTRONICS  SUPPLYING  SIGNALS  MMffM/fffff  DO YOU HAVE  ra^iWH^Vi*  CABLE VISION SUBSCRIBERS  Vision  "8S5=22tf(2r  SflMiBSnBgeBClt^^  Sechelt Notes  ^5, '"$*V>7       '  w<7wn tVv<7f"' -f " '  ,���7)tlvMl, kViA!,v-  , [WkUn ^ K V.-" * A,'t  T'ISS.10  '*<  Ul. \f  -by Peggy Connor    ?ww<em^  \!fh ,'���' M 7;wiMV.  ' vw '   '      Celebration  Mrs.%lma Scott had the honoi of  cutting.,the,big,,Valentine cakd .decorated with .hearts and flowers, for the"  RF.SULTS of tho hard winter on tho  ,wlld life on tho.Peninsula are beginning to show up, Conservation Officer  Pat Mulligan rescued ono ot last year's'  fawn's from a snow bank near Port Mellon, last weekend, Near dead from starvation the deer is'being nursed back To  health at the Mulligan homo, It will bo  PENDER  TO EARL COVE & EGMONT  celebration'''- enjoyed by , patients of  i.)     i       . im    '" i." "������ "     neann ai me wuiiignn noma, u ,wm no .,-.   ������������,   ..4.a ;,. . . ���,,���rt ~f oi. _nn_.,<_  . It's almost hko .recusing' ��� ��� nip- a'nd tuck whether'It will live, but if ^q extended care wing at St; Mary s  uiiovcrscas,.lliglU.,bccauso.,.,,faitlr.and,..care-.can��..d  the airport is not in our own buck-yard,    0f both._i_  - slstanoe if  required Is nurjse Mrs..  valueless  and' certainly  a   poor' reason    Scott Henderson six teenagers who had        ��� *   v^v^  lor:depriving 1.Qlir...youilB..|W1Qpfe���J*I>j| tmcund  a   snow  goose  near Wakefield,    (l^^^^l   I,  clean and healthy pursuit. With the cur*    poor thinrj had a broken wing, ThO teen-       "*'*  rent  leaning jow,��rd youthrul.,drinking,. naora^woro moat gonoornodi-Mrj Mulll-���  piirtioipa-tion in the drug cult and ,sk|r-   J��n P"1 'sfillnt�� Pn .u? .^Ing nnd bandaged  HAWMPSS^IELp;  PRESENTS ���* ���  EXCEREIS FROM    .  1"*"Wtf*Hi l'l"'"TTT,*"T  partioipat  niishcs with the |uw, wo would consider  any project designed to guide thcin along  the right track as being more than desirable,- - ���      -        ' fy' '  As one objectors points out, ll" nil  bolls down to dollars and cents; and  thif, Is really lho only valid reason where-  It up, goose hipped, him for hlH-klhdnoss  Tho thinking In1 the goqso wns shot'hoar  .Radnor and blown in on a otrong wind.  Snow gooso will repovor and be on It's  ,way, ,..,''  Mr. and Mrs. Pat and Morle Mulligan  had Just returned from a throo wbbH holiday outside Desert Hot Springs. Tho pool  !, for extended care wing  by it liixpaycr eiuv,p<)sslbly.7abj^i,^^^  OPENING of t)ie oxtqndcd care- wing of   ,S^i.^f*ryfEtJlpsiR).tlaL,h��*fl..br.ougUL��,.now---"  cH��Ue'ngOv.to*iho-.comblned.,hpapUal���ou*<U1-  llarief*'whoso ' rriombei^ 'worlr' with suelv *  outst��ndlng; dovQt.lqn, for' tho  happlnosn  and vVoll"bdlnf,{ of hospital patlonts,  SULLIVAN  SAf URDAY, MARCH 4  * 8;00 ������.p.'m,V'."7  Pefnder Harbour^.nigJi^Schoq^^^  For���yoiir^Real���Estate-r  and Insurance requirements coritdct  :-Mit':.i5HN'JkI^N^  at 883-2794.  Mr; Eireen hqs ��had e'x-,-  tensive experience in  ' Real Estate , and Iri-  sucance and now resides in the Pender  Harbour Area'.  .:r:.  Box 128, Scclielt  ,.",,  \ "i  AQlE^flfi^^LTfP,,..,,,,.  Phone 885-2235  n i  ���"TTT'T i  YOUR RECREATION CENTRE  owners, by way of lho, now Increased   "w ,n' im'\ Vr ���'"' ..      ;7(   i  "u"   coito^  lc����.cr ^Mmlw.r0f Jnrgflr bonic\ qwnl-rs.^^ ^'"'M.T'charloR, McDonald Ifl.progrosfllng   St., ValqntlncV  Day   artd   patients   had  Majority of ihcso have it nmnber of  yoiingsicfru who In turn will drive tho  creMcrtl benefit from th6 proposed 1'ncll-  ity, Tlioroforo, in lliolr cn'sc-, $15 per  year is prolly cheap recreational ontel'-  Lalnmcni, <- .      ��� ������  ���"^7 Ifcnn-nlso-br-nTguwHhrtt-ihe'pomil-"  fit Ion of the area cloeis not,.at l,|il,i lime,  Wnrrunl   u  half  million  dollar  projeot  -and-to- some-extent";this���is-pcrha  However, Ii must  be cbnsldcrci  within n few vcnrs the plctmo wll  In St. Mary's Hospital, ,  $OCCE&        ���    '    .,���      -. ,..   (,   '���   *(      ,  Tho Socholt .Chlofs Soccor Toam lost  on  Saturday  to   tho  Now Wontmlnntor  made dQcoratlons. (\nd mobiles In tho U'i."  dltlonnl rod ��� nnd white Inco-pnpor pnl--  torn?. ��� -.        ' ,   - ��� ��� ���  '       .   '  Whllo hiombow , of Secholt HospltnJ  Auxiliary  In  tholr  ohorry  rod  smooKt,  ���)S"'50,~"  that  hiiYo  Oddfellows  changed coni-fdcrably, It cannot'1 go miy    1Q79   nffir^nro   olafn  other   way.  To' drop, lho  Centre  until    MIL   OmCGIS  SloilG  (hat time means that awl will have clou  ,hlcd,4��lf*noUlrlhlcd,-and-wc-wouUUbo  * r w   Spurs, tho Hcoro 4 to .1, Noxt Saturday   kopt.fln  cyo ,'on  tho  patlontfi'  comfovtl  .wJlLb(uUlonld-flnlnl},.tho,Cl^lbftUT'c��tln���I\..pllyfllothornpl8l,, Mr: John LkwIh, nhowui.....  O.V.l.C,, Oroator Vancouver Italian Con-   a flolcaj.lon.of slldos tnkon nt Jho Alborlij  tor.'al tho Rosorvopark. '       '" ,     Gnrno Frirm; This ww, followed by chtor''  . ' tnlnniont provided by Mrs, Kbnch on tin*  okjctrlo organ - and, Mr.��� Loq Brown ��� and   .,Mr...Qcorgn..Pngo���playlng  guynrHr-.MrHj..  Ebacl*  and. .Mrs, Mary Redman Ml jn ���  filng-��-longn arid  _ vory happy evening  ondcd.wlth light rcnuslunontH. and , the).  cutting ot a decorated 'Vnlontlno oako,   "  ,l_^.Qulotly4.BupQt,.vlRlngrln���U*,c)J)��ckKroundw  "imtjTrwKingTMrfl'tttnrQ^rydh'o'whH'cBm"   fortfrblo wan Head Nurso ol tho Extended  SUNSHINE C'ono't Lodge No, 7�� 1,0,0,1?.  7;:1iTdd t flTO uiUa lint IShTofroracorjCACa:  rocont coromony at which tho' following  ParTVII -Finale - The Bargain of the  What Can You Buy For  ' t i i , I . W ,|   i     f  I I , I l|   ,        ,    ',< ,|      |.     4   ,|  c  A  \Atw*_&y' n  ���V":!  ' '     i '' > '  Npf^Miicli-7.. -Btt^iWlMR1!!^^  , '��, *        ' ' i*      " ' ' ' h ' ' ' '  Build q Recreation Centre for US.  ade.  I'   * i  ,, ��,,  t*T ^ it*l **r4f*t. i^ fc ii ��  ���'<'    V  *,4M>��*rffttiifef*t,^,ttMb mWifa'i.WMl.iWW'rU.Mil'iil^'*!**!  ^,r_V_t__r*rl___T'n*7j_+._-A offlolfjtocl: . ^(\ F.. Andorsoh  D.p.G.M.7 c   e WJn    M     j ,.pon,0      .  ... v '        ry ' 'Q-i n,'��' c- V/rlght P,Q, of Mnlnaplna      * nrilortalr \_v_ nt _nch fiinoilnn  Pub shed Wet ne^dnvs m &____\i i ���i,>��� Mn  4n Pnumii 'iiiuav. oi (jmonmnoiB ��i oncn lunouon  ��PiJblIslicd.WcilncsUtvya.i,lScchcU.  on ll.C.'s SiinHhlno Const  _&Wi_fr��ci9>p4pits.iJtau**t.vt-m ���*  ��>wrM^4AW4����rd4Ml^^3iw*i4W>��H��i*li;  Powoll River Nows Town Crlcr  Scchcll TlmeS Ltd,  ~���norJia-sccheit, h.c; -  .,.(,.  -Loduo-No*���40��PowolURlveiv  Inntailod   into   offlco  woro!   Iiro.   F.  ^allioiS"Nol)16~dF��iT(irTTrarMrOvQni*r  Vloo Grand1,'.T. 11. flmllh, Recording Sec-  Votary |H. Roller, Treanurori J. Marnhnll,  Financial Rocrotary; ^5, Tynon, Warden*  Rabscrlptlon Rnlcsj (|rv advance),      ' '   T, Tarry, Inside a��y��rdj .1, noundy/Rlgl^...  lx>cnl, $6 ptr year, Jioyond .. mllc��/$7.       . Support or Noblo    Grand) 0,'Nownhnm,  ���',.',.  . ' , U,S.A.,���l|l9;���Ovcriion��kl!|iJO.���:,,,��� ������. ,., , UlH)U,^u��polrtor���1,yicp,'pi,a\'Kl; 3. CoIUiih,  Utrvlnfriinr'arto from Port'vmtrro'Riwwnt' ��� W"��Pl��^l iai,,mnRloy,;W?f'arAn<), Moot- ���,  "    (llmrti Sann4 to Unit Inlet) '        y  1��H wub, wall 'nlmndod 'and. rounded ;>tf  ont fironp  with each'  miKl1lftry^rnTtI{1n(rihiy"iirrnnReTnentffr  �� 11._ <  nm����niw��.>  ���~'h*t*f f m-*srtw*jny^=ic.��k  *��H��itf/lViWpwy*r��*)��!**(ip����i*(^ri��  v,'",,"'mr��';" f,.i  ,:A  '  r] \'.l* f  I V        .  Dloko C. Aldoraon D.C.  :;.  CHIROPRACTOR  Poll Office DiilMIno S*ch��lt  tiioidny tti frtdoy JOjSO a.w, to 9t30 p,iM.  Satur<laf 9'30a.m, t�� liOO p.m,  EVENINQS BYArPOINlTMeNT  .* '  ���'.'ini.MVu i, ,':��������� .-.rrr  .���y- -_��j���:���. : .  ��� Average Tax Increase $15.00 a year. Maximum Irtdrease  : Willt be three Mills.    >7  '. "..J.. 4,\;*'i,  atn&tilmi^inii***1  a.<**wy)waiMMWiiM��HwMy<t>''fc'te  *��ywwtt> i��bi".����ww^af^nJtgWiU  Mii4(^*HJMwi4t��<Ht<w^  f��**.fj^*Wj*+*'mHttoH  W*)iWWC^W**!,Wt-'ltf"l- ������14-  MMT', ���. -   ilttlir<+W*'lhll.ti*\'*fH9'  l"< >  li��*0***iii#ol����  **<M;m%w^^^ ^X.2'7^.,,..,,��� .  p*If<h^MWi|lt4n  ^mf*  |,'V  I. . <'u,  .��>..��.  ,.V\ ^
-■■;■*•' ■
*.    ^ v", j-> 'J^^;<^i>^ifeffl»^
li >-
School District 46
4 ^ '      ' ■
QHicial Regional Plan . .' » 4       *
Regional district Piannefr
Wednesday, February 23, 1?72 The Peninsula Times
Page A-3
PRESENTLY the Sunshine -Coast- Regional District is undertaking a long
range planning stiidy with the hope xof
defining sofne development trends in the
area. These trends once analyzed by
technical staff, the public at large, and
theTelected officials will be written into
an official document called ~the Official
Regional Plan. Such a plan will state
the official policy for a balanced and orderly development of the Sunshine Coast.
The  plan operates as follows:  if "any
tely met?,     •      .
If these questions can'be answered in
a satisfactory manner, amendments to
^TYIYS^^4116"-'^1811^0317- be considered. However,
'■""«'?__ when urban development proposals arise
. .. for lands designated for -long term rural
development is-envisaged which is in 0y 0ther.uses, amendments 16-the long
agreement with a.long range "plan, such/ range plan are seldom granted. * In such
development is proposed on land slated . cases the applicant for amend'mLit must
for future urban development, the ques- s^0w whJ an urban 'extension V.nec-
..   .        u. u    h   .   . -j '    j      _■  u,     essaiT when many years'supply of urban
tions  which  must  be  considered. mainly.  .land ^ allTeady available.
• involve proper timing. Are presently urbanized  areas  filling   in  rapidly   enough'
must pass a thorough technical review
before it can be voted on by the Regional
Board'.  To  be  successful,^ an  application
xmust   get   the   support   of   at  least   two^
thirds   of   the  directors   having   at  least
two thirds of the vote.
This, in summary, is what is meant
by the Official Regional Plan and how is
can be used to guide development.*
Sundays 10:00 a.m.; 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday Bible Study 7:30
Gbwer Point- Road-
Before  the. plan   can  be  amended it,*
In Chinese restaurant: "Oriental cooking just like lyiother used to send out
so that the costs ^of public services are:
not unduly high? Are there other areas
which should be developed first?. Can
transportation   requirements   be   adequa-
- ■•' 9:45 A.M.
Pastor Rev. Walter S. Ackroyd
Madeirg^ork — 883-2374
- --Bom - in- Philadelphia^-^ir-s^-Wallindei'
grew up in Florida. She attended a Quak>
er Boarding School 'at West-town, Pennsylvania and completed her first two
years of university at Florida* Presbyterian College, St. Petersburg. After
moving to the Boston area, Mrs. Wallin-
Law 'Library for three years while attending Harvard University . Extension
nights and summers.
W. Phijip Gordon
Tel:   Bus.  886-2714,  Res. 886-7567
II wan in Boston 'that Mrer~Wirfllmfer
met her husband who. is a carpenter and
they moved to VancouYer_Jn-4S^9r-wh^	
-'     sli&^too'k "her teacher  training at  Simon
Fraser University.
•   Currently working on final credits for
the-BrA;- degree, Mrer^W^linder-returned--	
Your One Stop Building Store
For All Your Building Needs	
I633^eavlew - PFohe 1386-2642 ~~
Gibsons 886-2291 - Sechelt 885-2288
FUEL  (continued)
for all your
—     Phon^883=2663	
Madeira Park, B.C.
For Your Fuel Supplies T
886-9663 - Hopkins Landing
Pottery, Supplies/classes & firing
dealer for Duncan's Ceramic products
to Cambridge for eight weeks last surri-
mer to attend Harvard Summer School.
"This.is; Mr. and Mrs. Wallinders second year on^^-h'e-^iinshiTie-eoastr-^Virtg-
"TilhamsofflhS-LaBding. 7.——-r—
Pine Rd. & Grandview Ave.
P.O. Box 62, Gibsons, B.C.
Atlas Parts - Good Year Tires
1   885-2812 or 885-9979
* Esslemonr Equipment Services
Phone 886-2784
Box 436, Gibsons, B.C.
- -,     - G & W-DRYWALL        ■
Drywcill acoustic and textured ceilings.     J.
Now servings Gibsons area and'the Peninsular^-
Phone 884-5315 ..
-—-: Box 166,-Port Mellon, B,C. ^-7-
._.,,,,.   .i00l^,r
Our Cabinet Units Are All Prefiinshed Before
Installation. ■
R. B7RKTN— Beach Ave., Roberts CreekTBX.
■"~ ' 7J piiohe"8'86:2S5r: ' y—^-
All Work Guaranteed
Box 798
Complete  automotive arid  marine repairs and
parts; welding; sales; boat hauling;--OMC and-
Ghrysler Marine dealership.
SS6JAU—^-Gibsons Boxt397
-Marine Ways to 42'
-Bottom Repairs
Box 7 - Garden Bay, B.C.
All WorR Guaranteed
CompleteHoi^R:e^ovat1ons~and Repairs"
Phone 885-2021
Box 798
Sechelt, B.C.
about your \
Phone 886-2923
Sechelt, B.C.
No down payment - Bonk interest
Ten years to pay
for free estimate—Coll 886-2728
Complete line of appliances
SECHELT BRANCH—Phone 885-2201
GI BSONS BRANCH—Phone 886-2201
' ■   ■       HOURS:    ;       11
Secnelt: Tues.-Yhurs. iO a.m.-3 p.m.
Fri. 10 a.m.-6 p.rn.'; Sat. 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Gibsons: Mon.-Thurs. 10 a.mr-3 p|.m.
Fri.l0a,rh.-6 p.m.
Guaranteed Repairs Fast Service
'    WASHERS; - DRYERS - RANGES      '
t   n    ,   TT 1f n . ^   .   n TRAIL BAY ENTERPRISES
' SSr   ' 00° ^ ^      aV1S'    ^ ' Nickorson Road; Box 578^ Secholt^: 885;^18
, Miss The.vai'ga comes,from Durcynear .Carry In/tarry out service on small appliances,
Pombprlon..and .attended thq .Residential toasters,Jroris,; trypans,; pprtable heaters, hair
3clipor,aV7lVIissi6jri'*loefqre   going- to   stf"^w""'*;yryar^'>lii<'masters, vacuM.rhsetc.' '"'" '
Thomas. Aquinas   School   in Vancouver. i ' " ■
lor iv/o :years and then to Ullrioet jfrigh BLASTING 	
•   With a travelling - a.ssignment in  the
' Sechelt' School District; Miss" Th'elma The-
varge is a teacher's aide, helping at Rob-
No Mess VaqUum Cleaning
 '„;,,  ,  .    AH W^rls.G-^rqn^iyl,, .ri.,,. ,„
Complete Home Renovations and Repairs    ,
Phone 885-2021
Box 798 Se«:^eIff-# B.C.
*ft^W-*(lU.i' tttWft.ft-ittM i
,7ScUQ»i,7Jt:,;\v»s; Ujgiv; oil'   to■< VaWcouveri 7
1 course, At'tor coimploting tho course, Miss
■-«■     iTheyiu'go' i-etiired  to  Dai;cy  whore  she
— r.-,.j wus ,cpuhticllor;on the. Indian Reserve.' ■'
;:   ^Having ^v<*cl. ,ln ij, stu'donV,, ,re''sipu'ce"*~"
'  '*,oii';^oiwM^ry7Xot7hn,.:.liGr:7Kcli6
—-— -MlsH^bovui'go-haH,« deep understanding
"! for children who attend school away from
Ponder Harbour - .883-2403
..tholr.hoinps.vShp is «*,friend.and counsel-
i,lo|! ,to;i llio'Indlah; cl'ildrprt lr{ this school
i district who come from homos ih romotq
i...«rei*r)»7.,.,:;...;....... .7...,.,,  '
.,.,.) .;,4,,|,
" Sui^dqy School —, 10)00 a.m.
Church JopVJfi«jssJ| 1 il 5 amrTT
Evpinil^a Sorv|e« 7l30 p.m.
Pavli' Day Road and Arbutm
7 For Expert BldrStlh^i    ,
FREE ESflMATES , ' "   .
Phono 885-2304 L. C. Emerson
1 If No Answer Leave Message qt::
883^2763 or 886-7377
R.R. 1, Socholt, B.C.
United Church of Canada1
/,y ,       SERVICES   , .
St. John'i United Church . Dayh Pay
Sundoy Services - ?|30 o.m,
.   Robgrtii Crook United
. ',, Sunrioy SofYlcaa,- 2:3Q p.'rnj   . ,,^...ll _.
'. "   • Gibioni United Church" * *"*
'-, Siwloy Sorvlcoo - 11115 a.m.
Port Mellon United
.Sunday Services- 7:30,p,m        ..  ,
7 ' Mlnlitry
Rqvi'Jim Williamson - Gibsons'- 886-23,33
-4.Bp)(i*5.17- .Secholt,. B.C.,
Phono 885-2132
'    I
■4. t
*&»**&» M'*r>>W»r**fH&.«*-m
^Baptist -Ghurch^Services^
•''Mermaid and Trail, Socholt
Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  ,
iff   W \\*^\..*^P\j M^^l^,J~_.*A*r_.J9 W<Mh4]|V44n<[|lHK 4^^UMH»
' ,   ,      ParK Rd,, Gibsons . :
r~^pcl^y School 9\A5 am. ,"
""""' Evoninn Worship?lOQp.'nV
7     Pa»t6r# Robert AHahy
1      '  'V'-'/(885-2809) "•' '■ ." '
,For All Your Renovations,. Repairs
„:.'....... - v-a-^: cabinet' Work"'""'"'':>
Phono 885-2135
_   )       	
. Sunshine Coast ana" lalqnds
Wo' Move A Thousand Ideas
■ ^••■■■■■■■■■■•-ijD.
•     - , '     ' * ,    '    7
Fill, Cement-Gravel, Drain Rock, etc.
Box 89, Madeira perk   '. ", ''"'v".
Phtone 883-2274    v
READY-MIX,;;<^CR^ _ ■ ,^	
'Sand and Gravel - Backhoes '
Pitching-, Excavations
885-9666, Box  172, Sechelt, B.C..
7 |H6NE 885-9550
in the Bal Block
..Next to the Co-op Store
MACK'S NURSERY - Roberts Creek
Landscaping - Shrubs - Fruit Trees - Fertilizer
Berry Plants - Bedding Plants - Peat Moss
Fully Licensed Pesticide Spraying tot
~    : l^mdscaping~aT!d~Tree3^
Sunshine Coast Hwy. - Ph. 886-2684
Bal Block - Gibson*
Every Wednesday
Dianne Allen7Proprietor
* Expert Ha ir Srylirjg  -
Cowrie St., Phone
Clearing:-;Excavations- Road Building
h .
iMaltii3 *K.*)VX*aW.f
Grading » Fill - Road Gravel - Crushed Rock
Phone: Sechelt 885-9550
  ;.  i 	
Land Clearing' - Road Building
Tree T[opplng..a. Seledtlye Logging
^Telephone 883-2417
| 1™l*'f'"-M'l**>^Ui4^|r||t|M .Ml Hi,. ■■■■ ..4.  ■ '____      ' '
R.R. 1, Madpira Park7~BTC,'"■"■'"
All makes Vacuumed/ Cleaned and Repaired
.': . Al) Work Guaranteed
■*■'.- • •»l.,-^Phon,e,:885-2021 ■-..: .,.: ,,.,:.-
Box 798 Sochelt, B.C.
Telephone 885-9606     <-
Box 164, Sechelt, B.C.%
^^      ,      ,**T^|T|n,IurTiBTna " *~""
Roy Blanche Madeira Park
883-2401 883-2778
All Work Guaranteed
Phone 885-2021
Gower Point Road
Bernina & Omegei
Sales, Parts, Service
Mrs. Mono Havies - 885-9740
885-9832 Seche»S
Box 798
Sechelt, B.C.
Hot Water Heating - Pipe Lagging^
Phone 886-7017 oi 886-2848
Repairs - Alterations - New Installations
Govt. Certified Plumber   —   24 Hour Service
'■-■-■■"'"-^"vpK'onr 886-2406'"' 'VK
Sales and Service — 885-9533 ^
Everything  for the  Do-lt-Yourselferl
Also Paints and, Heating Supplies
'- '■"'':;'T' '"'""■■"•'■Ffe"e^'EstirMfes7^^r^~^^
■Port *Mel Ion *to * Pender *»»"-'»**"•"
Jack Marshall      .Jack Maclebd
886-9628 ? 885-2831
(Wit »ti#*W**i*ift.
B.C. Land Surveyors
' Sechelt, B.C.    .
885-2332 or ZEnith 6430^
Kinshtaa Coast Highway
t^oni, BX.^Jr!b9ne 886-2700
 ,,;. ' s^s^ANDL^siRVjcilT^";.;
All Brands Available
Monday to Saturday 8:30 a.rn, to 5:30 p.«».
Friday evening by appointment only,
■x ■■,,'!■    ■  : LTD,      7      ,
Heavy Equipment Moving & Log Towing
'■'" ,:;,',;i!,'','i'Phone''885-9425
, . .i...i7'.„i'.;i', * ...;■.-'... i ..',• '■■..,' '    ' ■ '.■•■
■j* 4Sl«iS4,-^ttMM,i, ti'M'
Phono Vancouver 602*3642
Writ. Dox 676 . Sochelt, B.C.
H/gli Qualli _.,__ _,. R(Poaonobl<j, Prlcoi „,«
,**» 4(-W - ■*»
... .If'.4.44^^141
Buy a Packaga nnd erect It yourself, or get
 our professional help. ";
GARDEN BAY^ P.C, - ;Phon« fyw. 803-2723
.,;f-»—:—;—~*""l : ■   ' , *
. Low 'cost * High power
  \      Your Puslnoss' ^ard .J,^ ^
a;'!*i',»J ,w..J!Jn'.4hlSl^pQCO«,W.lUw^*«.41-i'
-"'- roach noarlyft 10;000 pcbplol
4.Tols086.2938 or 0PS-9973 l
1   Call Us'ForYoui* Disposal Needs,
1      When Ronovatlfifl Or Spring Cleaning.
" Coritjjlhors Available, """"""   "'	
'—**■'■""*"     ' II* ■■■■■   —■■    —■.!>■■■,■.         ■■■!. HI,. |.   ..   .■■■„. 9,,^
Residential •. Industrial and Marine Wiring
Electric Hoot - Lino W/>rk
1    Phono 886-7244
    i    i" ■ ''   " '    i    ,	
, Rotldontlal "Commercial »• Industrial
, Gov^t Cortlfiea, Eloctclclans '
 Phono-Day-or-EYOi~8B5-2062 --*.
',     '     JIM McKENZIE
mml.i Applfancor*RopaIrs"4 w   ""
PHONE 885-9978
Box 387, Secholt, B.C.
I\%hi ■in i rm nmwiwimmiiiw umwmmmmmmmfmmwmmmmm
inffW^m. nt^^nyw"
m i*f iivawiWKti""!! ^iii^fc^f* *.w+M-af
Phono 086-7029 - 006-7056 - 006-7220
'        f FREE ESTIMATES   '    ■	
I ':,.,-.  ,  ...    , .. .,.''(.7.  .-;--..'.       ~T-	
VVelcome to The Floorshlno Coast;
Spoclollsts In Cleaning - Floor Waxing
-   Spray Buffing,* Window .(Cleaning
Phono 0867131 - Gibsons, B.C.
Spoclblklng In;
Paper Honglno; Interior 6\ Exterior decorating;
u.r..rRun.Cleanliia,>Alltypo8 of Building—	
MalntbHrince, FI«ior Instollatlon". ™
PHONE 005-9715 AFTER A P.M.
-    B«i 642-.Sochelt, B;c; 7'
'7 ""At the Slfjn'pf th« C^ron
M •• W*-rf» u. M,
Tools and Equipment
Gordon Bay, B.C.       Phono 883-2585
at Davli Bay
"VVo Rant or Sell Almost, Evarythlna"
-TypQwrllor^-Llohllrio^^ PldrtlTI Telovlslbna""'
Ro|o Tlllprs n Cement Mlxora - Lawn Rakes
Mechanic 'a Tools
,7iy^r AITTER HOVRs aa's-ai 31 „ „,„p
,    , ,  HOME FURNISHINGS   ■
Phono 885-9713
b-.i-w. rm»|i<.t>tf nfMttvttmw^,,
Ladles' ana* Children's W&ar
-■ 4	
Open »lx dap id week
Cowrio Srroot/Socholt
Serylng tho Sunuhlno Coast with,, relloblo ond
economical Cooking, Hioailrifi(,1"dr1a"liPt Water,
„.:.      ,   . ,,, FREE EsYlMATES     ' ,. |j ,	
*+_J^i*l^_mJm"l»OW0^885rX3, frfl^, f/Mfa^ttft,
Wharf and Dolphin - Socholt, B.C.
h KwvtmMWKiF^^**nw(4i
1   4,  ,
. Steel Pobrlcotlng —«Marine Wnya
"""'" Automotive ond Marine Repair* " ^ < "
1 Standard1 Marine Station
Phone 006-772) > R«i. 08a.9?56\ 006.932c
« .^^i^iun,,,,,,,,,!..,.^ 1-»* M,m,r,_r.m,im
■lypgR, -AD ;«Jn'jJHIS' PIRECTORY m
./REACHES "^Q0 ..HOMES ' '' "
I'   '    i. 7,"
I'    '■-.,••(.• i..,v.'V.   t   Hi>.;<> I i '   •>,!')' ^ ,
. \W";',Kii't'i' i'i,\ i.i  ..'
■".( I'I    I    ^l,_.  „,'.",|1,.....»-!
i    i      i ,
Ponder "Harbour - 883-2513
I *, jr I I , '
l«Tip»M WJ" l\#i*W W^p^^MR^^^s^iiispptwwf
Clectrlcal w«*«Plumblng *«-.«. Appliances.
P.O, Box 158 Modolra Park, Hvry 101,
,t at Francis Peninsula
U I.     .b.i.tHi4WWfr&$.t*'ii<'ifaft>*,>n
Household Moving, Packing, Storago
^^^^^pyocKlnfl-rVtatgrldls' For Sola' '    «yj '-^-^y
Member of. Alllo'd Van Llnet, - •"      7
Canada's No. 1 Movers
Phono 886-2664, R.R. 1, Gibsons, B.C7 ,    .. .1
- -■'T-l'"44-44^^"4",.*"iT",™*r'''^'~"'T~'*~|,'*'""'-,*~"'''''"~»|4'''ll-n.4«....    ,..„■—„
Gibsons 886-2172
Ftirhl^urc to onywhere In Conado.t ^
'Gonejfar^FrelBlifTTE^ "I""
'■'''. ''   .'»' 7'.'.7  '/■'. i |.,'; ,"■■'. ' '■'     i1    ',    i • r
f ,V7 nod RADIO
..."......,..' .,.).,,. .."■......' !.'.. ——	
All Work Guaranteed
^ k    Phono 885-2021	
' Do* 790   , Socrtclr./B.C.
'& SERVICE 'LTD. „_, . 7^
•and    ZENITH    DEALERS,
Gordon Oliver   r    Ed Nicholson , ■ '
|n«ThQ Hpart Of; Downtown* Secholt
• Pox' 799rS"ocheip'7-7'--—885^9816™
"   ^CLOSED* ON "MONDAYS'   ;  ' "vv
•'■■■■.>  ,        '. <
-'it, 1
#H*A*,ii.m +.*+<*ff**i*.rt>£*#+**^
'■'U^lt'M_u_°_ml_7_ VU»*_ _____"__**ll'>***_7!*'___ "MWs^^^i^l^wwiMiitwtiw-lwwW"*^WWNWiMwrM#
'. r
.Hi. • 11
11 M" \
Use those spaces to
reocfi" rioairf*/ 1Q.0'0Q p'<^Splq' ""
 dvory w'ookl '.•-!■•  v1.
Agent: for 'i HermosTTypowrltors
PHONE 886-2728
■ i ■   /   '■   i ' i   ■ i
t ' »
.4!%64°44,  -
[-H*1* «W 'i 'Mrt-4^i**t\«^
UPHOLSTERY    >>■ ...?..„;,
-" g         nri     i rfrrVi.n n,...i._.. m  tv/rnir ■■i.irrnnT i mi|—nr"ir4—
'T.:,ur^f;,^iND;,pi^|P8RIB$--7'v;^jb ■,   * .„
Roupfiohturlno-•{Fcmjryllngi'« C^mp|et«.Dropff*!■'«-.<',", .
,».,,', jSftrylcftj". Sampleji^hown.lirk.ihf homo ',,lf*r,irA,.,%,7'
'  am a_t__.<_afi»'   ' •'   * *  . ' v
'   *   i   ,
_#«*i^mmmmtqfi]w&mmm®ytmmHmm vm
/ »*
'      .11.1,   I.H.l'HJ'   I'
.        4(.«.t(*l.   .i      ,i.   4«4.
.   <        .,   »,  .|/ki   .  _   ......   ,.. , \ ..    ,..,, i.,,.,.,,' ,..,,,...l'M!,,i.7.i7'.'ini'ii..i|., .J,
Page A-4 Pehlnsulo Times, Wednesday; February 23,t19J2    REAL EsTATE (Continued)    REAL ESTATE (Cont.)        v   HELP WANTED
.        6
_ x r7>        Sechelr - Phone 885-9654
Published Wednesdays by
Powell River News Town Crjer
Sechelt Times Ltd.
\      at Sechelt, B.C.
Established 1963
Birth   Announcement   Space,   and
Member, Audit Bureaa
of Circulations
Sept. 30, 1971
Gross Circulation 2915
Paid Circulation 2478 '
A. f,)._ with the Audit Bureau
extends Best Wishes to the happy
parents.    „
MANGAN—To Constable and
Mrs. Ron Mangan of Sechelt,
born February 13th at St.
Mary's Hospital, ' Secheit, a
.daughter, "Angela Dawn,. 10.
lbs., 4V2 ozs. A sister for Kerry
Lynn. 8284-13
of Circulation, subject to audit.
Classified Advertising Rates:
3-Line Ad-Briefs (12 words)
One   Insertion ..$1.00
Three Insertions $2.00
Extra lines (4 words) 20c
(This rate does not appjy to
commercial Ad-Briefs)
 Real Estate & insurance
Notary,   Public   &   Appraisals
G'hsons, B».C, -'
-    ■'   TNVESTMENT.
be; matip in these 2 duplexes
in Gibsons village overlooking
the "Harbor. 2 units are 2 bdrms. and 2 one bedrros. on
beautiful landscaped corner
lot complete with patios and
storage ^heds. These are rented permanently,' and can be
purchased on terms, call for
details—and   -appointment   to:
'"•    8a*6-2481
WATERFRONT: 68 ft. of level
—EtTsff Porpoise  Bay
Phone 487-91 09
NR.   h_   acre   lot   on-Redrooffs
road,    10   min.   drive   from
Sechelt.     Potential     view     of
Sargeant     Bay;     quiet     area
' sightly from the road with hydro,  phone- and  possible  well
site. Will accept a good offer
on $390(JV eash. Phone 885-9654
to contact owner.- 7979-13
AGENT—to sell a quality line'
of "advertising specialties.
Lino includes calendars and
business stationery. Excellent
commissions... Apply giving a
.shprt resume 16: D. W. Friesen
ad Sons Ltd., Box 720, AUona,
iflanuoba.ROG.OBO.    7987-13
H ELP \M4NTED (Continued)
SWIMMING instructor tor the
Daxvis   Bay,    Sechelt,    Halfmoon  Bay  area. Write  giving
qualifioat-ions—to—Lions  Swim=_
WAN/PED—Cat   driver  to  run
I..V7LA.- J*aniiliar» with   arch
logging   and     road   buHding.'
Osborne Logging. 885-97^7.      7
  -  '— ^ ---8271-1-3'-
DAVIES—-Ed and Dawn (nee
Rowland), are happy to announce the birth of an 8 lb.
5 oz. baby girl, Stacy Lorraine.
Born Fenruary 17, 1972 at St.
Mary's   Hospital. 7845-13
Government wharf •.  . .  225
feet  of deep  protected  water-""
front on over. 4 acres.% Perfect
for   marina-resort   type   deve-
beach goes with  these  two.    lopmeift. Tlrsl   tinie ' offered^
Box Numbers
10c extra
<50c Book-keeping charge is added
for Ad-Briefs not paid by
publication date.
Legal "or   Reader  advertising   35c
per count line.
Subscription Rates—
By Mail:
Local Area $6.00 yr.
.:.    Outside Locol Area ■■$7.00_^rJ_
U.S.A.  _ . ■    .    $9.00 yr.
ALCOHOLICS Anonymous —
—Meetings 8:30 p,mn Thursdays, Wilson Creek Community Hall. Ph. 885-9327, 886-
2343. 407p-tfn
 : 1   .   7^ '—
WISH  to  contact  Latter  Day
Saints members. Phone 885-
2175 or 886-2546. 6766-tfn
■JLEIS        —-.'     ■'	
.$10.00  yr.
• Special Citizens,
Local  Area  _
.Canada   —	
By Carrier  	
8  WEEK old puppies,  tree  to
kind   homes.   Ph.    885-2080.
2 bedroom homes at Roberts
Creek. One rented all year,
Vound, the other ready for
yourself. Nicp wooded long lot,
all services. Could be good
revenue investment also, see
this, at  <j,37,50(fr
_  _B8fi-2?8l     .       \.
old, on a landscaped view
lot. This- well built home features a wall fireplace, hardwood floors, dining room opening to sun deck. 2 bdrms. upstairs," furnished and rented all
year. Good investment as a
Duplex. F.P. $31,500. Some
■ Terras.
sPt.fthg,   with   a   stream   and
TWO ONLY.  $9,375.00  EACH.
built.post & beam home. 4
bedrooms. 1 acre Of land. Newly decorated inside and out.
Just lovely and la buy at
COMMERCIAL LOT: By Madeira Park shopping  centre.
140  feet  of  frontage^ 7,900.00.
JOCK' HERMON -  883-2745
Vilfoge of Gibspns
Applicati.Tns  will  be  received
by .the   undersigned   up   to   5*'
p.m ,  March 15th,   1972, for a
perron capable" of c-peratiiig a '
loader    hackhoe     and   -doing
general   municipal  work.   The
ability   to   maintain" accurate
records   would   be   an   asset.
Further   information   may   be
obtained     from     the     undersigned. .    .
Tel. 886-2543.
David, Johnston,
Municipal Clerk
Dated' February 18, 1972.
ming Prpject, Box 275, Sechelt,
B.C.' '     '"     . 7995-13
SHALLOW    well    -pivrnp   and
- -. tank-in. goad, condition.  Ph.
883-2706. ' 8272-13
""If you are browned off,
try me.
885-9746  .   •
- -Member of the Multiple Listing Service",
SECHELT AGENCIES LIMITED invite you to Ifst your property
with one  of  our salesmen  and_ thereby avai1  yourself of  the
best-possible sexvice.to sell your property..
Some of the benefits of o listing with Sechelt Agencies Ltd.:
\\  Competent staff of   1"2,  to give prompt, capable attention
.to .all   details, of. your, property   regarding,  appraisal,... advertising, zoning and possible subdivision, etc. with personal
attention .and supervision of this back-up service by  your,
personal salesman.
2. Continuous advertising^ catalogue'available in two daily*
Vancouver newspapers.
3. Regularly updated catalogue of properties available.
4. Continuous advertising  in two local weekly hewspOpers.
5. Well equipped office located at the. point of most traffic
in  Sechelt   with  adequate   parking. *
HALL forwent —Wilson Creek
Community    Hall.     Contact..
Mrs.' Diane Anderson 885-2385.
STORE   for   rent   in   Sechelt.
Available  February  1.  Sun-
srfine Coast T. V. Ph. 865-9816.
2   BEDROOM   suite   in"'West
Sechelt, available March* 15.
No. smait children please. Ph.
885-2087. • 8296-13
ponds, make this 140 ft. of
waterfront very exclusive to
find   A modern 3 bdrm. home
-60c mp.
TOY    Poodles    puppies,
white, two blacks, 9 weeks.
Xopyr4gbt-ondA»r-property- right*_ 7Ph,-S8fi=9ia7 __ 8297-15
WANTED     small    waterfront
  secluded  home on tjie Pen-
features onto a patio, all mak-    for   &emi-retired     couple.   No
ing  this a  fine place to  live. _ dealers or  agents.  Hav4  cash
subsists- in all display advertising
ond other material appearing in
this edition _of the SecNfelt^Penin-
sulg^-T-rm€s. PermissU>n~M:o7~Te=_
"produce wholly or irrpdrTand in
any form whatsoever, particularly
by a photographic or offset process
in a publication, must be obtained
in writing from the publisher. Any
unauthorized reproduction will be
subject     to     recourse    in     law.
CHAMPION   sired    registered
'    Beagle puppies tor sale. Ph.
Make 'an"" appointment to view    foP iH^nghr^rdj:
at   $52,000.
"In the event of g typographical
error advertising goods or services,
at a wrong price, goods or services
'may not be sold and the^ifferencg^---^-'^*
Home of the Guaranteed Sale
Plan __..._'
 88(5-2481 —	
■ -^__        its   Panoramic   view„ of    the
"'       sound.   Lots- from   $3,500   and
     up  with  all services.
GIBSONS VILLAGE: a finished  recv. room' makes  use  of
both  .floors   in.  this_ 2   bdrm.
—7Euiri>&»U-family home. Hard-
to Mrs.  Hammond,  1523-West
3rd Ave. Vancouver ., B.C.     "
and E
Open 2-4:30 Satdrdny
At lovely Selma Park, '•/'TTmle—
north of Royal Canadian Leg-
_ P^rk A   BR  horo°  on   lor1*10  view  lot. -Hqs  oh
Turnace, balcony on 2vsides^l'hnmedrdte'Jpossessioh5^:::==^~;:^;:
tising is merely an offer to sell,
and may* be withdrawn at any
time."—(Supreme Court decision).
Advertising is accepted on the
condition that, in the event of
typographical error, that portion
of the advertising space occupied
» by the, erroneous item, together
with reasonable allOwaf.ee for sig-^
nature, will not be charged for'
but.the balance of the advertise-
ment'will be paid for at the ap-
pilcqble rate.
A composition charge is made for
advertising accepted and put Into
production, but cancelled before
publication. Change from original
copy when proof- is submitted to
—custoroer-Js-dlsQ-chargeable-ot qn
hourly rate for the additional
On a lovely Pender Harbour
Bay. 3 bedroom house, 3
cabins, 4 boats, float, tackle,
tools, the works! Booked
solid Junt- to Sept. An excel-
lent starter,. tty all your trades
-       and   terms ~:   "
wood floors througlT'TratHfe-^^^an^ only min-
place.  dining  room,  all  on  a     utes   from . Sechelt.   See   bur
spacious 75 ft. lot close to* the    signs  on  Iligh'y No^lOl   and
ocean,   make   an   appointment
to  see  this   at $26,300.    .
large ..living   room   opening
to. simdeck,.. vanity   bathroprri,.
view the Doll House rental
with a panoramic view, then
inspect the spotless "Fable
Cottage" &t the water's edge.
Priced right (on lease land).
Mrs. Fletcher in attendance or
8  acres  with  oddjox.   450'  choice waterfrontage—Large   3   BR
home—-^Revenue duplex. $120,000 with terms.
Always remember there ijJ NO CHARGE if we DON'T SELL!
Call anyone of the following Salesmen at their home number
 : .-:    -- ■«. r___ai__.ir..__£ir..     R85-2235 . . .-■    -
'DAVIS BAY "No. 2311
This has to be one of the finest view lots in Davis Bay, elevation
& sun exposure just right for the discerning^ buyer who wants the
besF"Wqter &" Hydro, lot Is" cleared & neaf~level;-No"Sign on lot.
Asking $6,250, let me show this to you. Peter Smith, 885-9463
eves. ..  •    "
WEST SECHELT -    • No. 2241
Nearly 1 100 sq. feet of lovely home, had only 2 birthdays, three
bedrooms & living room all wall to wall carpet.Kitchen & bed-
ro6ms~"FusFjT6n~Tirr6; Rosewood panel walls in-living room/and
toasteful papering in bedrooms, evolve a relaxing atmosphere.
Attached utility & furnace room, everything on one floor, also
separate workshop. With Gov't 2nd. mortg., .$8,000 gives you
occuponcy, on total price of $23,800, could be less for cash.*
Peter Smith. 885-9463 eves.
Completed one year, this 2 bedroom home with  Elecfric  heat &
"eoDtetng-etc.,' flrepluu1, wull tu wull ouipef, fiidye, deep fifeeze
& range included, larrge attached garage,  is offered at $2,2,000
-fafl-pTice, with $11,300 down, Vendor is flexihle,  so you mnke
your ..offer on  terms & price. You will  enjoy seeing  this quality
home. Peter Smith, 885-9463 eves. '.*
69 feet of waterfront and  delightful  2 bedroom home,   well  in-.
sulated, stone fi replace, _part baserSent, sundeck, concrete drive-
way several Arbutus trees. Hydro, phone and piped water, just
ITrrffle^romTechelt. Ful|-prrce $-*-97950.-:Don-Hadden7-88,D-Si§04-
Attractive oil electric 3 bedr0en*-4fflHfle;-o^r--47fte{^^
-2_fiRJ3omfi-mtbJMsement-Qn-.85 ft. waterfront lot (over 1  acre)
and overlooking  Pender Harbour.  Fireplace,  oil  heat.   Immediote
possession. Full pi ice $35,000 with $20,000, down
Pender   Harbour   883-2284   or
4488 Main St., Vancouver   '
SECLUDED but accessible by
good lane,  160  acres  beautiful , well    elevated    unde-
"velbped propeTtyrT«BCrT*ourid7
"ToF   preview"
886-7512  or  683-8*11.
Kitchen includes dining area;
on a large lot, good area.for
children. F.P. $18,000 on terms.
ELEVEN ACRES running from
•Highway to Lower Road,
and a good rebuilt house,^ 15*0
sq. ft. Three bedrooms, modern bathvopm etc. Located in (
qn area with excellent growth
potential,  you  could move in    PART time  bookkeepin
2 side by side view lots of approx.   )h_ acres each. Only a few
hundred ft. from Marina. Each priced qt $10,000—Terms.
1       7 157 ACRES WITH TIMBER
I. WOULD like.to express my
sincere thanks to the staff of
St..   Mary's   Hospital   and'  all
fered •kind tokens of gifts and
words during my stay in the
hospital.' A- special thank you
. to Rev, nnd Mrs. David Brown
and members of Branch 109
Royal   Canadian   Legion   and
—Ladies' Auxiliary, as well as	
was   very   much   appreciated.
Tl.nok you, all—Mrs, Dorothy ,
TCoso. 7841-13
creek, some. ocean view, near
Secret    Cove.    $6O,OQ0.    "tym.
accept  some terms.  Box  310
Peninsula Times, Sechelt.
WATERFRONT property wan-
tod. Approx, 1 acre with accessible beach, Reply L. Bridg-
man,   4494   Ruskin   Place,   N.
"'""""""'^ ■-'"*" ■■"*"•""■'•* '""'"8282-15"
I WISH to (hunk Dr. Swan,
. t'lid Uiu nursing nt.i»ff of St.-
Mnry'fi' HoHpllal for |holr core
during Iny Hlny In hospital,
and oIho_U.o ni«ny vlHllbi'g^nnd
"pooplo" wlTo" ho nt **'W(j"f "'^."cTIT""
i-nrrln.—A. .1. Ravna..     0201-IS
'canny investor, Jpvel  Ms  ac.
treed lot for only '$2,500. easy
terms too.
GOWER POINT: Summer fun
the ideal spot for you. Cozy
2 „ b<h'm. cottage, .nlcqly paneled living room ha.s fireplace,
"Convenient in'OTTCiT~n)T)orr--lT)-
dlning loom. Charming on tho-
di'ftl Oh.U'hnco, cleel., A-oll heat.
Funcocl gnrdon offorfl complete privacy, Tormt* on $211,-
...ooo,u.„ .L__:7_ ill____li
-and   stall   iiraking—piahs^-for-
subdivision into 2 parcels.'Water right..*'. . „
CONRAD ROAD, two lots side
by side, total acreage almost 10 .acres, Convenient
location, roads two sides. $10,-
500  FP.
"."'"^■r."- ■-7;''*88G-2481^.f":-'7-"'7r-7-
ONLY   $0,500   DOWN   to   put,
you   and,   your   family   into.
a" three bedroom NHA house,
on Franklin Road, the best
part of Gibsons. House is only
flye years old, FP in large liv-
to find out how you, can buy QV t ftofosaionolly up.
for suduUpw..down payment. p,led ^ gUornnteeci, W|U
'. 886-248r^-^-™---~™.-,xbHng~crtlouK„sa you,,
 LISTINGS==WANTBD—BIU-083.240(5 7P3Qal[q
Lot us coll your property, wo
got results, qur sales exceeded ono million dollars In 1071,
.1199 TWesft Pender       683-841?!
accounting   services.   Pho.ne
886-7577. 7964-13
FRESHEN up for Spring—Mr.
Tom "Grace of Grace Signs
(Vane.) will be working in the
Sechelt area, starting Monday,
MarcrT 13 th, 1972; Contact by
phone 201-5717,' or write to
,1921,.W. ,45th,,Ave.,, Vancouver
13, B.C. Get Tyour' order in
early  for Sign  Painting.
D.L. 3&78, with o considerable amount of,merchantable timber,
has approx. 550 ft. of waterfront on Mixall Lake^road & creek
through property .and an old house which coul3 pe rebuilt. Full
price $50,000 with $25,000 down7
fireplace. -Ldrge lot with fruit trees,, .berries,, .schrubs.,^Garden.
shed, garage,. patio and large lawn, close to school and shopping
centre. Full price $22,95.0. Try your down payment, on Hgdden,
DAVIS BAY No. 2414
2 bedroom retirement home just 3 years old. Large view windows.
Eqsy to care for! Cohcrete~wcTfKs around-the house on cleared and-
landscaped  lot." Sfib'r'f"walk to beach af 'Cfdwis7 Bay.  Try a 'bank
~rn&rt§QQe-aa-full price,.of $
Approx.   1%  acres of semi-wgiJerfronL-parklike_^dgw  property^
Located just abovi Madeira Park gov't wharf.
-Ngyr^bea1*&oTTr8"64 ''sq.'- ft. model home*.  Electric heat/ stone
fireplace, wall to wall shag carpets throughout. Qn choice semi-
Waterfront lot overlooking Pender Harbour and close to store and
' marina. Full price $26,900'with $5,000 down.
t i   i      < • i ii ».
2 homes—one 3 BR, one 2 BR—on very large view,lot qpproved
""""■    for 4 lot subdlvlsionrFull price $36,000 with terms. •
Outboard Motor ond Boat Protection—
Three Plans available as follows:
BUSINESS machine repair &
servicerTPhohe 880-2728.
On Hwy. 101/fronting on 3 sides of P.H. Secondary School; Approx.
10 acres partially cleared pnd  In grass. Would make excellent,
subdivision,or..mobile home park. Fuji price $32,000 vyith, $,10,000
down. .,,..
Featuring po deductible and" replacement without deprecia-
tionNup to amount insured. All risk protection. .
AIL risk protection subject to $25 deductible clause. Loses
paid on actual cash value.
„AJew lots. stllLflyollablo on this 30 lot subdivision. Priced from
h. tpym.^*1 M-VS(Hin*i
.„,.i ,«*»■■
TvrRsrncTKnnJwinu ot r,ib-
, sons Ih ploasod to announce
tho ,on.gnf{iMY.oi.t of liOr daufth-
tor, EVolyn Annolto to Alan
.Kiiiizk) .UoniHtrool, huh of Mr.
und Mr,», M. llohislroiot ol'
llnlmi'tH Cropk, B,C, Dalo of
lulor, IWDI-Ki
GIBSONS: A flno lovol, olpar-
-,,ed4,iot an,oxcolloiiUlootUlonr
•4*-BfibUOOM HOME SEEKERS: Lot w. show you this
y,L.A,.' built homo, on; lovoly
vlow lot'. Opon llv„ kit. and
dining ,'■ muHlor bedrm, cnsullo.
Full concroto. l*Hmt.,i'w^y„.Jo»,
finish to your UkliiK. A-oll
hunt,   All   roasonnblo   offers
• -  building - AU types.
Roofing - Duarold shlng|es -
""" iTfinfeT'^jntiwimimr	
PnlntlnR - Int., Ext. - Res. &
 ^_     ,, Comnwcial .
20, ACRES undeveloped, vlow"^0«c^rG*---"baj.cir*cnttt—nlde-
proporty, Village of Sceholl,    walks ■ noa & rolalnlnH walls,
Jack • While
.lay  VIkhoi'
""i'^^"/ flint i*r*m
'.'. .Cliolcia view lots on 64, lot' subdivision, Prices from' $4,000 to
  _ i $8,Q0Q, Spm9.5kor«4 Tpqcly fo^bHljdlnfli^ \J__
■ ■ GARDEN-BAY^-:-   x
3\0 ft. woterfront, over 3 acres on 2 sepqrato porcels, Very
largo home—6 {could be ■ \0) bedrooms—<\r\ excellent''Start for
a fishing lodge ond resort, Good beach, jots of floats., $70,000'
-full-prlcvflO0^-*«rms^40r,house-c;an" bo-purchased-with 100-ftr-
watorfront lot for $42,000,
——-*~Hn3mz=wcmfw form.:•:■■.■    ——
Covets ashore or afloat against  Fire, Lightning  apd  E*-,;
plosion;, also theft of entire, boat, motor or trailer.  Losses
paid on the actual cash value basis.
JOHN BREEN 883-2794
.Inho. nccoflfl, $30,000. WlM.,B«H
in ft aorq blbcHfl at'$8,000 each.
Write pox 310, Ponlnsula
Times, Socholt. 7483-tfn
.Floor, coYorlng.,:   insulation,
Phono 886-7320
MR, und Mrs, Hon Sponcor of
Dnvls  Hay  nrtt  plonsod  to
annovinco  tho enK«}'oment* of
iholr olcloni dauHlUor .lacalyn
Ann, to Mr, .lamas Poylo, non
of Mr, nnd Mrn, A, Wilson of
WchI Seehell, Tlio wedding lo
""1.il.<i7pli,(!u nT'OllvTons' Uiillod"""
Church oiv Saturday, April 10,
10715.       V '' IMD!W8
  '"LTD."" ' "\ "	
AlX"'types,' insurance
Cllbsonn, B.G,
Phono (HHI-aOOft
• MEMBER     ■
,,.7, Mu^pjiB -L1BT1NO ——
.*■>.*», i^i »•*#*>»«
A^pormanamposltlonls availablo for a clorK-
\ \
\\ MfMM*V*<|«t«Wl('
Preference  w|||   be given  \o applicants  with
clerical or buslnoss machine experience.
rriont  'a (Hompotltlva sialqry and excoljont' wprKlng
conditions ana benefits,       ,       • ■       .-
... ..., Reply Jn-confidence to^i    .   ,    ,.
,   '    .     personnel Supervisor*, •    '
'    Canadian Forest Products Ltd.,   '''   , T''
,„■ , '   ,'« 7,Hbw^^SoypjJXwIp Dlvn!;;7."
, ni'ij..,.'.,":!.;; • Port Mel loh|', B, C, ■, ■  . ■   •. *
BOX 799 >- GIBSONS w- 886-7244    • ■■
"Developing With the Sunshine Coast"
HILCRESTAVE.-2 Beautiful-building lot^T-50,x268»,
potential vlowron vlllago water supply.' Easy walking
to school, and shopping,  Exceptional1 buy for only
Lot 19—75'-
Lo| 15—'
Rurby LaKo-
'i 'l^'f*l! pp*,m'M!''ft>>'!*'«f)i.iiivi*",i,!>_'1
, MADEIRA PARK,          .             .
2' BR homo on largo ylow lot, fronting on Hwy. 101, ot a vory—
 roQqonql*lo prlfco, Ploasa phono for further dotaih.     ■    	
"marina-site" ^
terminal, Approx,  51" acros wllh approx,   850 ft.  waiorfront,
• 1 ^300 ft. on-Wwy;«101,-Full prlco $75,000 with $30,000 down.
,       '   „ ; IfJvINE'S LANDING      "' " ""
3 DR 'furnished homo on' larao vlow' lot approved for 3  lot
,   subdivision, $28,000 full prlco with terms,
WILSON CREEK AREA    ' m* •    ; No. 2458
3 bedroom" Home' featuring' real privacy with a; commanding Ylew
over the Georgia Straits, Cozy fireplace, picture window In 1400,
square feet home, plws garage and shed situated on 1.3 acres,
Just off Highway 1Q1 on McCullough RQad,..On "dry" water,1
hydro & phone.A really quiet residential area* extremely well
Bob Kent, 885-9461 eves, or office 885,-2^35 for details of terms
...on Full Prrlco of $40,000.00. '
WEST SECHELT lt        No. 2416
paved road; at the spoclal-for-cash prlco of $4500,001  100 feet
.toLj&S fe«tJBR9U»i9tex»aiU3tlslR49teltrtl* ysflL H.,l?9,HQiJ,o.,Jn:>,,.,
c/easo values, Over % acre and zone R2. Gof yours now whllo
youistlll have, a choice, Look,for our sign'aboutr400'feet past'
Nicl^erson Road on the "high" side, Bob Kent, 885-946Ireyes,
HOTEL LAKE        ,, No, 2460
- Hotel ■Lake«Lotr70'J waterfront,* Nicely -treed,- little ■* underbrush,
■S, FL'£TCHERi"Lovoly»QldSi:.b?m9/ situated In the heart
of GI BSONS, Fantastic view, 3' b^rodm4. NEWT0-*
duccd price <Jf only $ 13,500, See this NOy/.
RESTFUL,' PEACEFUL, pUIET —; Lovely,» bedroom
homo, )ust' stops to^hlco beach, Panolod living' room
and bedroorps, convpnlent^ galley-typo kitchen. Very
MENTTO VIEW. >r. 7    - "
Contact Lorrlo Girard; 886-7244 or 886-7760;
,     ■   Phil Stif«tr886,.72,44-or«i—r ^^^:
John BlaqHi"886-7244"or^88/5-7316.7.;.""'
-Garden Bay—oyer-on<rac.rorDeep.-sheltered 'moorage.-Full prlc«J«-
,  $?,6,0qo< w|ll(i.$j3,000,down.    .
7   . LAGOON, ROAD    • ,'
jl,.vory„go,od„bi'l|dlng.lQta.a.Easy„yyalKlng_dihtancQ t,Q,.achoQl..ond.'...
otorcs a| Madeira Park, Watch far our ulgnn on thosa |q|b , , , ,
^   -$6,000 oach, with only $1,000 down,..
Annrox, ?.*__ acron wllh water la«l, gau Motion, largo 3 BR'ho'ma
* ,  , iini-m.ii'ii.nii.j.1 i..n„ ..' ■■ *
,',    ' MOBILE HOME SITES;;'     7 "'
" Sovoral'loiaavailablo,'"',	
v^n^-)^4'H<w4iw4«WMirM*'*^¥t«*ww«'^^Wi»iwti<v*?4.^*w«.H44(.iw-«^ „,„  ,-»   » «i»»L  „t,i ,%,   (Wl     d ^ '
>%jy' !■■ "W1        ^^9.; ■<■■' ir"%' fUr um   U
'MM\WW_^W |,,,!l7"
"M Phono Pender Hgrfequr 883-2233" ' ! :
,f   4'j   f.f        I    * !   ,' *_*,,. till. <    «.«,44.44. f.    i^*    »,w4'«*p4^»«^«Yy***4«4,w,.«.,., ,.,^     .
,, ji "1., ,i,.i,»w „,^,H,i,',., .1, .;,7ifi,i/iUMiit,'
";;;' 12 acres wl,th aproxi 3 cloarod oh Highway 10 l.'.Cb'rnqr p'rbji'ort'y'.''
With undeveloped ga?;otted road of approx, 960', Near Golf Course;
 Gathercolo, .886,7015, ,..,,,„.,.,,„,„,..,.,..„„.,.„„.A,.„. 7,7,,,., „..„«,,«,
GipSONS       .   ,   •                     '   '                 ' ,    -No.12430
furnace, Centrally locqtocl with unobstructed yIow of Howo Sound. ,
fMil prlco,$21,000,00,:.C, R,.,Qfl,t.l)frcp|p#.;886.^0.ie,:Mt^wt  ,,, 9 v
1    ,'     1  ■       . '     1   ., j.      1    i
GRANTHAMS'' .7...       N9, 2437.
Fnrplyhome, I M) storey, 4 bedrooms, Full concrete basement with
grade entrance, Near shopping, Splond|fl vlow, Full Prlco |16,500,
C, R,'Gathercolo, 086-7015. _ ",
. • ' ■ ''-f1 ■ "         '' ,    ■
■REDROOFFS RpAD   ... .    .  No. 2431
- 27goc-d«building »lto» onfa.good.vlflw.,up-Sargeont.,Bay,..Water.,.
rrialns In—water on demand, Lot slao 60' by 269', Jack Worn;
, 886-2681,"oves, ■ ,    " '   ' ..''''"
GARDEN BAY ROA6 . '     No,'2382
-4"ocres~oftl|Yoriio'|Qnd"from-roak bluff to rlvor-bottom|-flo,nko<l-
hy trout stream oncl dlvldotl by road, Multl-usq property with old,'
but solid, farm hoiiao, Good oardon, Ppsslblo trout farm, motol slto, ,
etc, Jock Warn, BQeV2681 ovos,
;t |iiiiw,jr*)»*"'*»»«ifi|
ARTIST'^PARADISE 7, , ,    , No. 2045'
largo work aroo op jho promlus, Log haiiso haa boon tostofully.
finished with 3 bedrooms, Maircr b«irooms with sliding doors ond.
balcony away from,other rooms,'Truly*0. masterpiece, Jack Worn
for details. 006.26B1 qvob,
1 i t_ 1     , '     ' ' 1      *
flOi,. («V>->-l) "31»
1,' _
1'A1', |l,|i'|(M,,f|,|'V''lJ( 1,   K\ 1 'I'M 'H/1""
r*'i<irr.>' I
-,'Bwi' 128/sichoii".: "i/.y'-xy.,: .i";iphbno.885;223&,
I. 11 hi Buhl
1   1 '    ,, 1 ' . "f .   1 < "1 ,  " I ,' ' >   '
'"» ''777'„',:,',, :,"..*,/"«. "; ■ '".7-i;"'1','•....'  ' ( '",:''V' Jk:::}:: '''/'r^1    •  7'''* * 'v •'• •'"'.,.". ■.....;,  "'ulf< ',i"";
*• '_ « 1 I '
'» ^li^ i,M«^{'-"  U- t,   ,. '    I,!     i,1 i
. «■ ll
i   .        *,
11        ,     .  i    '
..••,„,     „   4,4   ^   ,
(  I    ,   '   l
, :i
'i, ■■Wjg"
FOR RENT (Cont.)
AUTOS &-TRUCKS-4ContU-   FOR SALE (Continued)
^CQTTAGE   at, Tillicum. Bay    1967 ACADIAN 2 dr. hard top
-!°5.3ent' .$60 month.* Phone .      327;  -4. spd,.. PQS.'**traction,
SELMA:   Park
-meeting.  Ph:
Hall.    $5 -per
885-9437.       ",
v      7343-tfn
7971-117. good  tires. Ph.- 885-2496  afte'r
JL£^a~~^~"7 *     7986x14
$95. TWO bedroom'waterfront-.
cottage, Halfmoon . Bay.
"Availab.ie until June 15 Ph.
■7L12=433--.3610.    ,. . _...        7990-13
, =. i_°77 ^_ _.
14  FOQT Shasta trailer, $800.
Brake*,     s1ov(»    wiJJr    oven
furnace.  Sleeps  five. 883-2567.
GRANOLA .:-.;.:% 7 lb 89c
■ Unprocessed  Honey Jb..5.Dc .
—"Woodward's Old-Fa^hroned.
Peanut But^r 3 lb: for $1.60
Cowu-v Street - Sechelt
885-90^3 -^~-
S 8290-tf
OFFERS   being   flrpppted    fr
SECHEL1 area—Smaller  1. or
2   bedroom   home.   Permen-
ant  resident. • Ph.  885-9816.
—We ne&
to rent near Sechelt. RENT,
lease'or option to buy, need 1
yr.   or  longer. .The  house  we
' had ■' tented" * didn KoV ' coma
vacant a4 the ;.time it was
supoosed' to, and. here we are.
.4 So  we  need  a  house  as soon
as  possible
24 x 60 - 1440 sq. ft. of grac-
io.us living. 2 bedrooms, 2
baths, large family room, large
closets and'cupboards. Built in
China 'Cabinet. Furnish to
your own personal tastes.,This
Is the best basic unit on the
Peninsula   We—ha-ve—pavd-tHe-
•g'ree'n' building * at Selm
Pari; breakwatersPhone 88E
9425.     , . .   . 8293-1
RUBBER   stamps ■ of   all   dei
eriptions may be obtained
at The'Times, Phone 885-9S51
Quick service on all orders.
double ferry charges! Put this
fine home on your own foundation and be eligible for Home
:t)Wflei's—Grjfflr-"Otft,a" 'luwest-
,1968—12x47    fully   furnishe
Trailer.  Situated in Sechel
Phone  885-9816  before  6 p.r
—,%_ .,—*. ___+—*8_zg_:.
References. -i|h.
price,   $15,500'   cash.   May   be
financed.  No agents.  Ph. "885-
2153 after 6 p.m. 8280-tfn
SECOND - hand     lumber    fi
sale  Ph,   886-7780.      7984-1-i
USED   tanks   1,000   gal.,'  2,000
_^ ■"   galr and 3,000 gal. Goodcon-
-1-967   PONTIAC   Parisienne -2 • ■ dition, "good prices. Phone"Bob
dr.,  H.T.,  P.S.,  PB^-oustom- 883-2248..       ___.__B2fifi=14..
12    FT.    Sea-dozer   353   'G.IT
Olympic    200     drive*.     19' i
John Deere 440 A power shi
skidder. 21 ft. tug yarder M
dill 671   G.M. motor 3 - 1 r
duction.  Phone' '886-9946.
 -   - ^  _SB_=}
radio. One owner, 37,000 miles,
A-l.  Ph   886-7751  or 886-2807.
■    y. - 8255-12
1960 FORD panel in good condition.. Asking   $375.   No.   3
Duplex, Sunshine. Coast Trail -
..EJ*.,. Park, nr Pho»»-88&*23tft——
34   FT.   Gillnetter.   A   licence.
Phone   8:83-2336. 7963-13
GOOD   trail   ho.rse   for   sale.
—Experienced '1'fder only. $12o."'
Ph.  885-9312. 7967-13
NEW ed,'Lions lpf children's
books, ideal for birthday
presents, plus many old favorites, at The Times Bookstore, Sechelt where the selec-
tion    of    r-anariiai^.—Hetrby;—COMBINATION
FOR SALE (Continued)
i      1 s| 1)  i,    , I    Ii p 1
i      I ii ii       1
'   . i "ll)
FENDER deluxe reverb arnp,
: excellent condition, $13$:
Vox built Wah Wah, new, $30.
.Companion Fuzz box, hew $}8.'
Ph. 885-9654.    . ". 8264-14
Gardening and Cook books is
excellent.   Phone   885-9654.
stereo, B&W TV, radio,' used
1   year.  Solid walnut  cabinet;
In.   excellent   condition,   $1200
-ragg-iS-MC .. ton pick-up with    CHieKS^^Payntester-^-Hrr^ed - —' new, !will - seir for; $8007 cash.
canopy. Excellent shape.'Ph. Cross, white Leghorns, white    UNBELIEVABLE  But  True— p^   885-2368 or 885-9817.-.   7   '
886-9539. 8265-14:-.'Rocks.  Order  early,  send   for        at    The    Times    Bookstore, 7' .     8275-tfn
 : ^ ,—    prices. Ncpier Hatchery 22470-    Sechelt—See the new Olympic' ..   ' '■■•..•
.968  FORD  Ranch-wagonJor_^fi4th- AVe.,   R.R.   7,   Laagley, EleclncAdding Machine. Just I NEW Uroko web, oV*-- 28.,-:
7840-tfn    $99.50. Limited number' avail- 23.. Rivers   Inlet, $175:  Pbone*
a\}le. Ph. 88.5-9654. ' •' 485-2282.     7 . 1-7       13 4
sale,—$4^650—or--traae^for    B.C. 534-6268.
smaller  car.   Ph.   885-9312. .   '■
1966 ,Va. .Ion Fargo trunk, ovpri*-
load springs, excellent condition,  low mileage, new bat-
tery,—radio,    good
1970  DATSUN 2 door sedan..
Undercoated,     radio,     9,000
miles,   A-l.   Ph.   886-7751   or
886-2807. 8256-12
1968   CHEVY   Vivar-console,
automatic.     20,000     orignal
"12'" x' 47   MobiAeJiomL-iun^
furni^yair^^S^tuiated   in   Se-
Broadloom    in     livng
roomr^coppertone   range   and'
fridge. Phone 885-9816, 9 a.m.
to 6p.m. 7844-13
Box 769
885-2241 •
Van.! Di rect
MU 5-5544
- Canvas—Boat Hardware
Compressed air setvlce
extra snow tires, A-l conditon,
$275. down and payments of
$37.  per month. Ph.  885-2848.
1964 FORD Galaxie 500, automatic; 2 dr. H.T. 352 motor.
-885-24C6.     '• ,'" 8287^-8-
(1971) LTD7
Phone 886-9303, Gibsons, B.C.
WHITE Arborite table  and  4
chairs,   $35.   Ph.  886-2978.
■ * 8283-13
See us at ourOffice across from the Sechelt Bus Depot
GIBSONS—Pratt "*R6'ad;-'2bedroom'■co1ttage7orj'"l!2'''oVres'"6f'''ld'nd.'
Cleared of oil stumps with cedar trees left. Cottage is 640 sq. ft,
Community  Project       >
Ilu\    imp til  b\   tlu   hundreds,  on
tool     on   hoiMbul     on ^biGyeleSr
m(iloK\(.l(.s   < us   mi even ih' pfe'r-
amhulatoi ^    to  \ i it  their new 115
aci e pi upei t> set a&ide4T3i*7reT3reattonr
purposes, and hopefully the site of
a   recreation  centre   including- icerink. On the 1§£1;, this property 'over-
with its  scenic stream ^rid; waterfalls .stretches'... to the right iahd is
des'tin^ed -for playing fields, )niature
trails and.gaipdeKsi'^t^
Sunshine . G^>ast, a  UtiarjC -«Audy.su-nT"
■says the 'Recreation Geiatre. jiromo-
tion chairman Dr; Eric PaetkatiV Voting-day on the '|lecr!gatioh7eQn'ti;e is
'Saturo^^-AyiiiT^t' 7Rdva*1cfe7J>jP^--i«:
Gibsons and. ^t^e.^^biia'l^B'o'il^.Of-
fice on Thur'|d^y.
Wednesday, February 23, 1.972
'^ ■'*%___**.
Surprise Baby sKowef
honours new arrival
...... , ,.    Giant  Loader , .v „
One of the local men;giving7great"7wtiich"'weiDev p^t.'-at the disposal of
support to the proposed recreation  ■. the Centre conwijuttee all day Satur-
center who is seen putting: his giant    day.   Two  bucket loads   and  each   MRS   SGOtt Huff was guest of honor
loader7to_gOQd7useL,loadmgJup^aJion^^Mxuck was full.vr ■
stop stream of,heavy vgcavel.trucks . - J
-seyerot-cn^bm'd'Tigs, cortiprantty-woter-su|
1966  PONTIAC Paresienne,  2
dr.    hardtop,    $1,200    good
condition.   Ph. ,885-9747.
- 1965 V-8 automatic Ford pickup  in   good   condition,  also
• canopy top to fit, 9 Jpoi box.
Ph.'885-9333. 7982-13
30   GAL.   electric   hot   water
heater, $40 Ph. 886-2361.
IF   IT'S   suits—it's   Morgans.
885-9330, Sechelt, B.C.
HAGSTRdM elec. guitar with
2" humbucki'ng pickups, *ease
?.._ $16,250.00.
1""™'     ■ ' ■        "' ""
WILSON CREEK—2 bedroom older home on 103'x320' lot. This
lot could be subdivided as there is a road at the back. House
has   full   basement,   fireplace,   hot   water   heat  and   many   more
' extras. Carport and good workshop.. F.P. $15,500.00. A
DAVIS BAY—View lot on paved street. Community water available, new home area. Lot is level and cleared   F P.  $4,700 00
»        . Terms.
& accessories new, 150. Fender Deluze Reverb amp,, excellent condition, $135. Cana^
dian built amp w/ re.verb $15.
VOX buiJLt Wah Wah; & "Com-
pamon'Fuzz, b'6th',t>ew'& both
for $45. Ph. 885-9654.    7978-13
1959 INTERNATIONAL % ton    __ — 'v        ;
* pick-up,  $150,  can  be  seen    COLORED, T.V: Admiral 25",
on6 bloclc  south Solma Par-k       walnut console, $250 or of-
,St0re. 8273-15    fers. Ph. 885-2324.       ,8294-13
ONE   ton   Chev   for   sale,   17
inch wheels,  A-l  condition.
';..PX'',',886j'7343,..'i.,,          t". ^ '
1955    G.M.C.    Rick-up,    $300.
Ph.  883-2336.   * 7985-12
SELMA PARK—2 bedroom home, good sized living room, modem
kitchen.' Paneled throughout.'Lor !Js Dominion Lease, all cleared,
some view., Handy to village. F.P. $13,000 00, Terms.
SECHELT VILLAGE—Cozy 2 bedroom home in village close to
shops. W/W caroets, riew-plnmhing^nnH-wuing^Jslew-shake-roofr
good garage. Lot is all landscaped. F.P. $18,500 00.
WEST SECHELT—Large. 1*4 acre view lot on highway.  Lot  is
125' frontage by 420', deep. Many trees left. All serviced. Level
"with good access. F.I P. $8.800 00
—. ■ •.   '■;,
SERGENT BAY—2/13 acre recreation lot'iust off Redrooffs Ropd,
165' frontage, level'with view of Sergent Bay   Very quiet area.
 • 7 •* :"' ■"•• ,;'F;P."$4;'150;;00.''"'
^* _\_.^_it Jt? ^ ^.^jfl
f* .      -._■*!_____'■_,
.U.1    hJf   tit.-U-'
. „.-'   H   -I (j
WATERFRONT LOT— WT on  Sergent,Bay by  165' deep, all
cleared with good road access to beach.' Lot has water and Hydro,
A good buy at $1 1,500.00,
;- .when.Ta^elightfuliSurprise„baby.show-..
er for her young daughter Lisa Diane,
was held at the home of Mrs:-Tom Myers
on Wednesday evening,
The rooms were gay with colorful
balloons. Mrs. Huff, seated beneath A
spire of white and pink streamers, was
presented with a large decorated basket
containing a Variety of prettily wrapped
gifts.. She thanks eacn' one for the at-
tractive ancFliseluT
Amusing  games  and   interesting  contests were enjoyed.with prizes awarded.
Delicious  refreshments  were  served  including a'special''shower cake.
Guests   attending  were:   Mrs.   Robert
Hubbs, Mrs. Jim Young, Mrs.TDon Maf-
croft,   Mrs.   Kerry   Eldred,   Mrs,- John'
Darwin, Mrs. Ken Wood, Mrs. Dayid
Cavalier, Mrs, Ted Charlton, Mrs. Jim
Eldred, Miss Sandra Corlett and Mrs.
G. Charman.
, Unablexto ;attend;;,;but;rsending; gifts-
were Mrs. A. Williams and Miss Cathy
Call Stan Anderson—88S-2385.
J/Velcome  Help  , „   ,„  ,,       ,
Considerable support and tangible for a' full - day1' 'damping sand ancl
help has been given the Recreation gravel on, the access road to the
Centre committee,, and last weekend Centre * site/.This, gesture is typical
eight large gravel trucks and drivers of the supportUhat_has been shown
together with"cats and'loadef worked   the project'.   /,,',   » >,   >
FRIDAYS, 8:00 p.m*
Jackpot $300
First time offered—This is a very attractive 2 bed,
gardens etc. for only $ 13,500.
, ■  ■ i<ii
P^pw*"""""""™"""  *"m
 '   ...    PENDER, HARBOUR;       ...     ,   ,.
?• Acres of prlmbvlew...prppfir.tyj^xLQ^9JtonS3L.„
,,lsl,qnc):with nearly 1,000 ft. on highway, Serviced by
district"*water and power. Full price only !|»16,J>0U.
'  .  7 SOAMES POINT; , ' , . . .,
On Marine Drive. Three B,R. horrio. Interior Just redecorated.   Splendid   view.   Immediate   occupancy. >
Close ,to good beach and Langdalo ferry. A/O boat,
A/E hot water,. 220 wiring. F.P. VJ 15,500. OFFERS.,
....,.,.„ )_._■,. ._i„ GIBSONS-VILLAGE;....,
. Newly decorated TWO B.R.,homo,,very contrallyhlocated. Excelloht view. Two street access, Lovely fireplace, Elec. heqt, pdtJp.'Ornamgntal trees.and strubs,,.
PorfocV:roVlremcnt7homo, F.P. ?lo,500 with $5,000
. . down, OFFERS. ■   ,
 _. s.^0^:>^RA1:rAR1!.Ar
level lots previously cleared, now llqhtly, overgrown,;,
Each.lot 15.63x264 ft,;frprj^age ori'lpa^r^rF.P.y;|7.
each .1i3#000, Also tho,ad)acont corner lot fpr F.P,
' '       '"  I?'500,       "    '" •"' ;
 ■■-• ' 'LISTINGS:tWANtEp-:,!
yinco Prewer~B86??359,
Tho RENFREW-^1 spacloLis lovols of motlprn llylno aroa,
1804 sq, ft., .,3 bcclrooms, a boamiful homo for araclous
Soo hovy m'uch mora you can act for your monoyl Bcovor
hps a complete selection of l»5'boclroom prcc|s|on built fqctory
homos, Our fully Illustrated1 colour booKlot shows moro than
50 homps to suit your needs ontl wo con arranoe flnanclno
tailored to your budflot.^^v,^,. i,tin,l "   ,
I ■    !     , ^
•"-Delivery*:ls*lmmedloto trnd'you'ro'llvlno In-
your new,homo, boforo you Know It, Thoro It
a  locjql   repros«ntatlvo  In your area  who
.knows, tho bulldlnp  regulations, and  will
i personallyq your needs,
Discover for yourself |ust how easy It Is to
own a new Beaver homo, Write u^ May, It's
an Investment In your family's fuluro—and
.^q. "ioppy«.Qxparlencn,.M,.^.4ALM4t^ih».i«,»* ' ■
Minister Supports
Among tho thouflands who walked,   hor support 'ttfltlite .wccllojit project;
Ulrove and, indeed, rode horses to   She poses with "Dr,-John Crosby at
i the proposed > site   of tho Sunshine    the sign welcoming .visitors from far
(Coast Recreation Centre last Sunday   'and, wide.    ' ,j   .
, was Won. Isabel Dawson who added        '     •   ■   . , > '<• w i  ■
"t he""^actsr'bS[the" 'r¥creation"-^ntre^.h/vveT
._____mmim'mm'm       \'[   ", ,'    ' <   '  PeaYer Lumber
Company LhK
*   {.
^^^Y/qMyT.^^^!^.8!3^:?87.^^! Av .v--'■ .v-'
^.flon McSo\jflrty^rPW^j656
in, i
Ml.     \\
, Surrey
,1     p     IMlhl     \ "      "»-"'»'l- •'*<    '     " ,t I
Addrott —
Ml   I
R wff M   pww«i«»i«wf*pttw«f»K*«■<•!•»*■ ««•"■• «***»,   ITI("JIV Vj^wt-yrrypf»ivtyr"*TiTl
•''.'       ,        p, I p|ar» to bMllct'tlhrs veor<   '   , JrZ«p
□ I ownmy;ov/p lot' p"|y/MI r«^M»r«,fJn(inclpq,
I .1
v ■. r  "**%p ,*rtf'* *'***
, I I   4   .'
ii '»>) •,,mi\i^if^;f*^fl^m..im
.IMiiiUiilil.il.i.lii^ ihihimiii in.il n,„imi).»i«i  i.tii. ., i n ■>i>i^i>i.Mi^ii.liyWwi|iiii>.rtii ii.ii
» ,     , i '^'''T.'-P.^'fy™ .] ■
D' _______ " <_W_W_ ___ ________ I
, ',,4';   , .''v'boo'ni': Opo^ 8j30" p.m.'.—, $ans\m tilp$!0k    ' '"
7'\"   "    For tickets Phono 085-9669 or 0&5-2459 '
^>prina , Im^peciqw
93 hP MERC 20% OFF
Mcculloch chain saws
,     OUTBOARD—$200.00
4 hp-50 hp
i m m m m »«i n m m ismnmnmsi m
Axoa - Wodfloa
__^__.^___.,—"ifr^f"* f^^Y'f ,m±~*~.^m jjjJi * • mmmmj**__
-ff ROPE
Cowrlo Street, Socholt'
','.,'    , > 'V, "i,"|... ,''\,<'.''.' 11, • ''".i> .'
*!** ltHlipA«^»*lltW««Wy
«.»,*' /
WB«WSt*l*Bt#*WW^^ ifflfiMtij^**^^^
. / .'' \ ■ l\
^ .W;'V"'p
t  .(^ M   ,1 ,t.\    ,,..    ,, ItlH
I.   I'  I
, 1 , {••li'tll'' ,•     I
'l'C   I I i'ji'I 1
rl' ((•,   I IV I"
I    I
U   ■'«■ I
^^6WW44W^J^W.miM^MM^»^.|WtoW^MI^*l4.ll»lWW«»^4iU^ WmW.W'WmW.."J'» .ll)|M^»4WB^t4Wl^^'WWWW|lWWiWW^|l^^4I^^W^^ft^^.,^W.^ffft^^ ^ .....  -.... .......   .      .......—    ...   , 	
* i.:- a ■ 777777"7777777777waa77, Ayhiyyvlyyy,..„,
t,   %    '!> ,  ,. I 1,■„)<'; ;.'•.,    Jl.>»  MH'^,,44    .,  : I y\iU ,, \i », ,h.il'.,j, **< I'. ''^fi^M—«M,M,, Ji
1 ., ', '     '1    1  '*    ..''  •'",•)   '1    ..    1       .'.IIPPv*'"  1 - \  '��4"  *�����.  Around The Harbour  ���by Didndv Botfiford���phofte 883-2440  Travelling Around  -^Mby~M��xJIjnJkJey  WHILE  some   of   us   hav  existing   through   one  e   been   merely  of   B.C.'s   most  miserable winters, some 01 our more for-  tunate neighbours have been visiting faraway, exotic places where snow is unknown and the sun is always shining.  ���-^Miis^-Hr-erCratsch is-iwrne-atr-SeacresT  alter a visit \el Mexico. Troubled with  ar|Jintjs,_she.Jffip��dJo7Eind_xeli^^  one of the social functions of the cruise.  Leaving Vancouver on December 21st,  -PiwHMsee-a-Rd-  Successful Participation  On January 26, 19J2, at the Seaside  Hotel in-Port Mellon, 33 -supervisory  personnel of Canadian. Forest Prod-  _LUCj^U:d., Howe Sound Pulp Division,  werecongratuiated and -pre"  with  individual  certificates by Mr. -  SHORTLY befoue noon , on Saturdays-  February 12,.firemen were called to a ���  . tire .at..Ah1* Madeira Pa>;k M"'0'. Tlip fn-e-  m-en were pn the scene within minutes  aiter. trie can but-theHie, was well under  vVay when they arrived and although it  was extinguished quickly .trie* building  was gutted. An over-heated faulty oil  stove Was'thought to be the cause of  the fire in cabin 6 at the motel. ' p.  \ New co-owners of the Madeira Park '  Motel, Judy afid Barry ^Wilbee and Linda  and Larry CuTtis would "like to* express  their sincere thanks to the P.H.V.F.D.  for their "prompt and very Efficient way  of handling the fire."  The Pender Harbour Volunteer Fire  DepartmeVil .would like, the public to  know that the Madeira Park Fire H^ll is  pquinped wi'h :<n B C. Telephone radio.  In the event of a toll (long distance) outage any emergency long distance calls  can be placed with thfe^&cmipment simply by contacting any Volunteer firemen. t  -bOMMUNITY HALL  "  Users of the Madeira Park community  hall will be pleased to see the new lights  are  up ,and   working.  RECREATION x  The Pender Harbour Bowling League  rhet in Sechelt Wednesday evening and  following are the high scores. Women's  high three games was taken by Kathryn  Ross "with a score of 612. Kathryn also  stole the women's high single rolling  a 243. Romy Talento bowled 609 to place  for the men's high three.. Men's high  single was Red Robinson bowling a 243.  Team high game, 1109 went - to the  "Sardines" while the'- team high three  wi'tu to the MTjpchwr^m^tmalled"2^89r-  The executive of the Recreation Com-  4er- Harbour Hotel and this Selma Park  Legion has turned into a weekly- tournament since the Selma Park group visited  the Pender Harbourites Thursday, February 10 and trounched them" seven  games to two. The Pender Harbour HoteJ  returned the visit the following Thursday and were beaten again but not quite  so badly. Out of a nine game .series, the  Harbourites /won three.  IN THE SCHOOLS  ��� Distrjgt Dental Hygienist, Mrs.. Bland,  gave a brushing demonstration tq grades  3. 5, and 7 in Madeira Park Elementary  School Thrusday. A 7special film presentation was shown ���to the grade 7's. After  taking a red colored tablet orally, students were asked to practice the brush-  _7nj'r~teTffinque^^  in the teeth showed up with the coloring from the tablet: Each child received  a tooth brush and' a check up.'Notices  were sent home with children who require dental attention. A follow up will  be-done.  -yy-~~~' ~~~   '   Eleteerrtary teachers of school district ,  number 46 held a three phase Workshop  on Science^ Mathematics and Language  Aits last Friday in Sechelt. Teachers are  allowed one day per year for' convention  purposes   and  this  year "decided, to  use  the day for a workshop. _ ���   Public health nurse, RutH ���McCTugan,  visits, the school in Madeira Park on/  Fridays. Child health clinics are hela  every second Thursday of each mopth  from 1:30 pjn. to 2:30 p.m. in the Madeira Park Legion Hall. At Egmont the  clinics are held at Egmont School every  fourth  Thursday.  Pi��ge A-6 The-^eninsulo^Times-  Wednesdoy, February 23, 1972  v"~"        ~  MORE    ABOUT   ... v '  '��� Repaying sidewalks  "���from  page  A-l  park most of the day on the main street.  "ManV'of these are .Chamber numbers,"  he  added. .      ���  Mayor Lang a7./ised -against buck  passing, "there is *no harm in askings  merchants to co-operate but Mt is up to  council to take the initiative." he added.  He said that if the Chamber is interested  there is a possibility some arrangement  might be made with owners of the swamp  property between Cowrie Street and the  waterfront. Aid. Watson agreed and indicated .he is'sure the property owners  would be  pleased  to co-operate.  Agreement was given to pay a bill for  $744 for wo* carried out on West Por-  izamvumTr-eHom-  An adult Community Choir was start-  -polSB-Bay ^oa^^-t^e^-Avaa^-and-^uM^���.  of" a D-8 cat amounting to almost $2,500  w^s doned by Aid. Ted Osborne.'  A great deal of work has been carried out in widening and straightening  the road and, though not yet completed,  is now in reasonably good condition.   AM .Osborne_ reported   that   he   has  completed  the  second  phase   of  the -seaf ���,*  wall  along  Boulevard  and   also  levelled  out  the  free  fill supplied  by  the  highway ��� works  erewr       '       ,   >.     "       " *  ���  Aid. Watson, referring to plans, by the  . Chamber of Commerce' to establish a  paved ramp at Porpoise Bay, asked fyad  a specific location been designated by the  federal department. Mayor Lang refilled  that this is not a council matter and  therefore is not for discussion by councij-  Plans for extension of the municipal  hall to provide 7 a reasonable ��� council-  chamber have been temporarily, dropped. Aid. Watson moved the matter' be  tabled  and  council Untotmously���agreedi���  ^km-^e^^sdayr-^ebftt&fy,������ 15   at ed Sunday, February 20 with a practice  . . held  at' the  home  of  Doreen  Lee.  The  a,combined meeting with the Commifhity choir  wiu. be   ni^etiring'-fbr   the   Aprii--  t ^^P     ineTJ^��hejiear- futurMack cortcerti^Anyoneinterested in joining the  Ledingham took top honors at the Tues- ���group may call Margaret Thompson 883-  day night Bridge CJub, :--- 2528 ��� Doreen Lee 883-2283  or Joan Rae  A snooker' challenge between the Pen- 883-2367. Male voices are especially wel-  :          "       '   " -come.                    "    ���                                    ^  TJ  ��trfE~enana called-irry~b-att  Los  Angeles.   On  Christmas  Day,   while  the  stay-at-homes   were  busy  shovelling^    acknowledging  their successful com  jmow,  the__Ojjana'^_Ras��ejigers^wieje  enr_nMLon ofareSent-GOffipa:  joying The 74-dfegree temperature off tlTe"~~*^       -  Baja,   California  coast.   There  were  two  calls  at  Mexican  ports,   Puerta  Vallarta '  gram,.  E.  C.  Sherman,  resident manager,    the home of Cathy a;d Ross McQuittj;  ed management   development   pro-  ing some of the hot springs, and soaking  -up the, warm Mexican,syiishine. She tra-  and   Acapulco".  In  both  these  ports,  the  ship   anchored  off-shore   and  a  fleet  of  veiled alone and most of the way by bus,  ___sometriffl��s���through the night.- She���first  tried San Jose, Jurua, a famous health  resort a few miles1 west of Mexico City  but found the water too cool to offer her  any relief, so after five days she moved  on to another spa, Ixtapan de la Sal, a  few miles lo the south, where she stayed  for three weeks.  ' Both San Jose and Ixtapan are in high  country, With an elevation between 5,000  .    and 6,000 feet, and though the days were  ��: ���jlorin'u.sly Twdi'rti AM sunny: mornings-ant}  "launches 'Supplied "a*''Steady :-strip*toTrfTOre-  Jj^MarylsJImpital . . .'  -SGOtJTS-  ^servicg  A little after midnight on December  29, they arrived at Balboa, at the. en;^  trance to the Panama Canal and next  morning they left for the 50-mile journey through the Carnal, which they  covered in less than, eight hours. The ship  climbed 85 feet by way of the two Mira-  flores locks and the Pedro Miguel lock,  then through-tke-Galliard Cut, and a._-  descent' to  sea  level  by  the  two  Gatun  Auxiliaries annual meeting  attracts large attendance  Scouts   are   having   group   committee  meetings. They are still looking for volunteers to help out in variousjsapacities.-  AnyoiiB" wHa ~ n^   /time 7x7 contribute^"!  please   contact   Mr.   Verne  Wishlove   at  Madeira Park School.        N  USE  WEE BONNIE SYSTEM  For summer and residential homes.  Example 40.0 sq. fr. Cedar Cabin,  supplied and installed on your lot  for $2,600. Do-it-yourself kit with *  plans $1,800. We also do framing  for economical houses. Phone after  6 p.m. 987-1893 collect.  e.Venings were cool, and Mrs.' Dratsch  found herself with a very bad cold. She  decided to head south to the coast in  search of warmer temperatures. She stopped for a visit at Taxco, a centre of silver  craftsmanship   for   which   the   Mexicans  pulco, where her cold was soon cured.   ���  Mrs. Dratsch had made up her mind  to try to Mexican trains, so she returned  by train from Mexico City to Juarez,  which is just across the Rio Grande from  Texas. The journey took two nights and  Ni   day.   Travelling  by   pullnian   car,   she  Tfoum'l the tripnunfortable anxr-Tchnringr  The faro- was very reasonable (about $27  I'or the Crip*) and there' was a dining car  with meals at moderate prices.  ^ On arrival at Juarez., she took a taxi  across the Rio Grande lo the Texan town  of El Paso' where she boarded a bus for  Flagstaff, Arizona. There she stayed. at  the Flamingo Hotel, close to ihe bus do-  pot and booked a trip to the Grand  Canyon, One bus took her to the canyon;  whore she transferred to another which  loured lhe rim of the canyon, She then  lofcits^-^hipg.^iQ-.juoJL^igSS   throughthS ^^  SIXTY women gathered together at St.  Hilda's Church Hall on Wednesday,  .^February: 16th.-vfor the annual meeting  of the Auxiliaries to St. Mary's Hospital:  Good representation from each of the six  locks under their���own���p  towed by powerful electric locomotives,  called mules, running on tracks along  the lock walls. Tlie average toll for ships  using the canal is $6,650, but even this  is a considerable saving compared with  making the long trip around the Horn.  Passengers had some fine opportunities  for shopping in the towns in the Canal  Zone and were able to buy many articles  free of duty. Whisky, for instance, could  be bought for as low as $2 a bottle.  The ship emerged from tlie .canal at  Cristobal-Colon, which perpetuates the  _uJ.im;K nf Christopher Columbus in their  Spanish form. Colon, which was little  more than a hot-bed of yellow fever and  malaria in 1905 when, the Canal .Com-  niLssiou arrived, has now been raised and  drained and is 'a healthy and modern  city. - ,      -  New Year's, Day was spent al La  Guaira on the Venezuelan coast and the  ship   then   headed   for   Barbados   which  has been governed, as, a- Crown Colony  by  the  British  for  over  300  years,  but  is   now. independent.. It  is   not  only   its  Volunteer director Mrs. Amy Bryant  was in the chair, Mrs. Ada Dawe secre- t  tary. Reports were heard from each volunteer chairman, Pender Harbour: Mrs.  Eunice Porteous gave the report for Mrs.  Jean Sladey. Halfmoon Bay: Mrs. Frances  Cuoke, Sbch'eli; Mrs:- Maureen1 ���Hail, Rob--  erts Creek; Mrs. E. Reece, Gibsons; Mrs.  G. Richards, Port Mellon; Mrs. Margaret  Swan.  Mrs;. Madeline Gross, chairman for the  girt shop gavc her report. Stedman's  Variety Store had loaned a shopping cart,  a courtesy carl so to speak, while wait-  _-J44-b���toi^-the cart, ordered���but not yet  here.  well and interested in projects, to mentally   brighten  them   up.      ���       " ���  Staff at other extended care units  have found when patients have"something  to  look  forward  to  such  as  wheelchair  ~-"*!���.+&* ��� ^*aS>�� KflftW^ijj'i.  the medication is cut down as it is not  needed. .  .      .  Lady volunteers can be invaluable,  supply social recreation, diversion, games,  crafts. Staff, they see the. same, people  every   day   so  'new,���faces,  Mrs. Donlon then, spoke, suggesting  .members would������ like it if the Auxiliaries would plan the social evenings,  what would be appropriate and other,  things that Would be possible for volunteer workers to do.        ��  Put   yourself   in   the   patient's   place."  Bring   the jjflht aUitud^-aBt-^mpfrirtr  but   understanding.   These  patients   need  hoaclecl westward'' on a-l */j.'dayR >bu^  Mrs. Rosa Swan reported ou tlie baby     M-hour  nursing  care,  usually  physically  photos,   Mrs.   Margaret   Burley   for 'the     weH but disabled.  hairdressing which she recently look over These two informative speakers were  from Mrs, Lillian Thomas who, for quite     ���� ��� inspiration   to   all. -We   are   indeed'  awhile,  handled  it all by herself doing    fortunate to have, such dedicated people ':~i^  an excellent job. on the staff of our Hospital.   .      ,7 {|  Mrs. Amy Bryant, volunteer director, ' ' :  then gave her annual report. The report  .ran from Dec, 1971. to .Jan,, 3lst.. 1972.  Services   included   were,   personal   shopping, flower arranging, haii'dressing, baby  Sechelt Legion Branch 140'  to Sun Francisco, Arriving there early  on a Sunday morning, she look, advanlago  'tit the 50 coiil .sli'oot car'passes which aro  issued every weekend for u 24-hour por-  loci from midnight Saturday to luidnight  Sunday, With those Jickots, says Mrs.,  Dnilfu'h,   one   can Travel   nil   over   Sun  has given it tho nickname "Little Eng- gift sjiop, extended cajce. Christmas gifts  land", Its gently rolling country is re- and tray favors, New Year's Baby spoon  miniscenl of southern - Englund .and it received this year 'by-Mala-*Singhr* a  has outcrops of rocks similar to those spontaneous Va-lonline parly' for the ox-  found on tho Cornish coast, tended care patients. . ���  I__Wcx.C'Pl��'1 ot'anW was. Martinique, a- A-npeclnl mention ol' Mrs,'Irm'u*-Lay-  French Island in the Lessor Antilles, an cock  for  hor  job  of  looking  after   lho  SECHELT AGENCIES DATE PAD  This free reminder Of coming ieventS'fSTrgervice of SB6H��tfF-A6EN6j-  LTD. Phone Peninsula Times direct for free listings, specifying/'Date.  Pad". Please note that space is limited and some advance dates may  have to wait their tiirh; also that this is a "reminder" listings only and  cannot always carry full details.  ��M_M_________m_M^^  Feb.-23^8 p.m. Sechelt Legoin Hall. Bingo. ' ,   -  Feb,   24���9  a.m.-5  p.m.   Gibsons Village office  and   Regional   Board  office. Advance poll for Recreation Centre "Referendum.         .',,,,.���>  ' Feb. 24���8 p.m/ Pander Harbour Community Hall. -Birigo.      '  **��� ,,  Feb. 25���8 p.m. Sechelt Indian Hall. Bingo. '.  ~~l\  /Feb,   26���8  a.m.-8   p.m.   Polls open  tTirpugRoUn^urishine- Coast   for  Recreation Centre Money By-Law, ...... ...';:  Mar.  2���7:30 p.m.  Trail  Bay School, (Sechelt.  Meeting  to  organize,,,  May Day.  Mar. ,4���8 p.m. Pender.High School...Harry Mossfield >Trio in,- Gilbert ���.7,1  and Sullivan Concert,     -v     * " .""     "  7  - ;      - ��� ' ���  .'"y  Mar, 4���8:30 p.m. Wilson Creek Community Hall. Dance. : '  ASK FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE OF REAL ESTATE  .1  In  mlw-MuHo-..-.lof,of��SH..44.'n��i��clHCK��l,4nolu(l >n��J��SJd^^  -^ipS'Ir 'immnm^wsmTrwiTrfri  luiv I'lulu-mxVK wli-nT ��<ncl  tho, Golden   ���'Ph ��o,-who w��s  W ��MUBhlor;.o  ,u Mm-    ln,,a1w��^  Uulo Bridge, "llowovov; Hfloi- olfil f ntrooi    Unlquo phin tor .Tho economy roM|.o 1��- a^ m mo fo.   this post but only,  THuil'IK'Tn^  buses  but thoy arc obhiiiuiblo only from     numerous streams which, become raging Mrs. Amy Brynnl who luis served i'or  11)0 c'ublu cur uudcImuUm. at llio,.cunior torrents Jn,,lho���n��lny soiuion., First popul- ojio yoiirjis viihinlevrj^  of IVhii'l.o! SI root unci Povy^ll JSU-(!eLpcL_"fttacLbyjDaulblIjKlii*nfsl.-it-WHH--Hovernod���Ini'-dowiras-'SlrcTis oxpoctlrtg lo do some  inmn?irrml)mT|p"oTrTh^ liy thoI'Vench I'or 300 years with oonstunt     Iruvolllng Ihis your, Mrs. Bryant has done  nun, 7 , ullciiiptti  by   tho  British  and  Dutch  lo'   admirably, well ospeelnlly when working  " Wllh her Till von I.  puss,  Mrs, Dratsch    1,lll1lJX  il- 0n(? ��f l^Q ^uv\ni atfnictlons     wllh pullonlH, taking Ihom down for thor-  HTib-"*"  two  luncl In founded on Us mgw crop. woro^Hubmlttod,  ono  I'nm. "So^uilt and  Tho Orlnna proqcoclod lo-Slr Thoninn, .!.���� [l'mx ll"JK;1l',�� c,'����k- Wm tvv�� woro  ono or llio VirgliSlRliWlKS^^^^ *w��-  rimi   HlKhUxJ   by  C'olumbUH   nearly  480 ''-.c-opnnco-by tho iiclnInlHlrwlor. ���        ,  ,vcui^jibq,JJJWJalftniLJiaaJtoQ^^ '"lUcd Mrs., Urym.i  by tho Fronoh, tho l^Usl*, tho Sp.uiisli     lm lTO1r;'ob^^"l��nte  tho Dutch, tho '..Dwnoj.iflnd-.lho.; U.S.A. Tho, ,P^ !;h^ ^w dlroetor,  'l���)(.uuit.y of tho iHlilndrmd thd' porfoetlon  o'l' ltn ollmuto h^yoipitclQjt j^\piu:��(l)TO,/or  lOUrfHl'i. (Uicl.tunl,,tNlutQr,;<;lM.y.olc'PQra,..7,',;:7.4..,.  J\Jlr, Couthani look ti plcturo of "Uluo-  boiiid'H, Towor" and lntoroHtlng old build-  to u'hotol, mi ,lrtm bound cIVohI, l'lllocl with  old,, nnutUHorlplH,, wtiH^dlHcovarocl, inid,  unions Ihom woro tho Mi'omuJi'H of Musu ���,.   .  Don Hit.smm who pi'obnblyoumo from tho   .''hiiuir own,   ,  , Bu��,b��"y.v^wuHlv^^1l*Ow-nia��UH��rlpt��,,ivj.l.whoiv?.        iim Mcuvntu  IninHlulotl, llilil  In  clotull  llio, Hlory  of  JMuobuiird, who wim uppitruntly no othor  thnn Hon IIiimmimi hltnnolf,  l.ouvlnn Ht, ThomuH, tho ship lournnd  ^Soullnvosl urCurncmirih'o'1��'i'Ro'nl,"hr lluf  Kotir Hiinsltluo Const  rosldontH, l\nv��   ���liiilfh-AiuIIIom, which lum boon �� Dutch  iTcontly'rotui'iKMl homo nflor n dll'l'oront   ' P��hhobh1��i�� ��Iih;�� 10.M but Ih now nuivlnn'  typo of hollduy whoro thoy onJnyaU nil    Jownrdr, comploto hulopondonco, Tho In-  ..ll>ua��int^l��j)fl;-Uulxm:yJlnflLj^.vn���M��bul. Mm\.M. nlmpuL. m.loly.-dopondoiit-foi Mm  ' AlKonhoml iiikI Mr, ClMM'lon'Conhnm worn    PWwpm-My; nn  oil* nnd -linn* ;ono ol  two of lho v��HHoni��*rM' on tho PM & O,    InrRonl rollnorU>s In tho world, Tho, fiun-  f3,3, Orliinii, which covarcd Ja,7R0. ihll.tw  Legion Hall, Sechelt  EVERY WEDNESDAY  _ .'-���i-ATr-8-psm- *"  Multiple  Listing , Service  i,Vancouyor Real Estato  Board:  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  JACKPOT $125  TOGO  v  i Phono 885-2235  Box 128, Sechelt, B.C.  M  a-  $10 DOOR PRIZE  rldRo. "llowovov, nftoi1 olRht  cur vlcloH, sho wiih  boRlnnlng  to fool  n  JiUJiU!iB,L which  Is  hnrdly  suvpi'lsluR  '��Jufvii liltlo...Uicly, who had just, complQlQct  n 3(1 hour bus rUlo, so sho loft tho'further  -oHpliirtiHiiii���(��f--Biin---FiM��nolfioo'--Hu\1.IWtQr--  iitixt Viisll i\_<\ relumed lo hor hotel to  7'OKt, ������      '      ���    -'7 ������-���/���   ���-.���'������'��� ,������'���' -  ���-.���-���.������--:,���.  Tim following dffy, sho hondocl  north  lur homo, but the bus run Into somo bad  ��� wuiiihor-nml~Kt>1-��lupW���rlpur Qlymplit nnd  iif'iiln  outiiuki  Kontllo,  nrrlvlni'  In   Viutr  cmivci' llii'oo ho'uri, Into,  voi'y'lltllii-HpiuilHh.'Mrs. Drnlitoh soonis  to huvo miiclo iv vovy fiuucoHHrul* Job of*  I'lndlnii bur: wn,V,.,un)und,Mo*<l(!o. Sho Is  n numt iixnoi'loiu'ed trnvollor, l..nnt your  nho li'iivollod by Hum Id Mlnml, which  wim hor Htnrllnn point for oxplorhu, lho  Cnrlbbcnn, Slui hnn.ulmi trnvollod ox-  cluslvoly In Kurupo,  Mr. 'John' l^owls,  phyHlbthornplsl,  for '  St,, Mury'i. Hottpllnl wim tho rikihI sponk-  or,  md  wllh him ITrTp6uir*"'wiiir 'WiT"  Donlon,  honcl'mii'HO for "lho KxlohdiMl'"���'  Ciu'o. Unit,  Mr. Lowls sulci tho pullonlH who conni  Iholv Job Is to luitlvnto tluini to Rot thorn  voncjy to ro homo iiRHln'unci 'fiiiH!t,loii,+'  in lum lo bo nW'iy from  lIoHpllnl ouvli'oii.monl, hu Ihoy nnml (Ii'ohh,  In ololhoH Ihoy would hovmnlly wonr If  nt homo, Kiicihii'iii'Iiik thorn to nut in-  I'othor In lho dining room, feeding Utoin-  tiolvoH,'. do tholi* -owiv:tollctr ilnw -thom*  riojvoH, with, uldn.lf nocd bo, Tho.dlffo-  I'onco Ih If n pnt'ont llos Ihoro bolnn h.\  It, In  (Uimornll/.liiR,   Koop   ihom.. hnppy,  iiuiiiiiiiiTriiiiuiTiHiTuiniim  mo- ��� ��� - - * - ������ a  I      I  HOME HANDYMAN PAINTINd TIPS  I X      ���* ' 4 t I1 * I r ' I ' ' . I ' ,(     i   I I    i,  IWYSHejOaCIs;  (1971)  LTD,  Your BAPCO PAINT  DEALER in GIBSONS  ,xx.  REDECORATE WITH PAINT  Change your color schema wi'thout changing your fur  . nlluro, Paint a high coiling darker or brlghter.color than tho  ���^|l^^'ifi|ltW^i��^WW��WWyj��W��W  walls���-pick up an accent colqr In your carpet, upho|story or  draperies,Orvjn'"q large room accent a painting^ flreplacoor  On tho wharf..... 006-930^' i fgrnlturb ohsomblo bypalntlng-lho background wall a vibrant  Quiiiif'HoasrondMoflrio   colbrr suggosts'tho Canadian Palnt! Mqh^factu'rdrs As^ocla-  Palnt<. ,   Hon,  r,nnninm����vm��)nmw��y��mMv��vl  IVIorgaRi#s  mm Curnono lUpioour, thouuh it oriftluntod  ,'fhuiuwiih ho niuiili to do ,od tho iihlp that    wontrlos, Curnono, lis, howovor, mill tarn-    ,  nirninroToT*inii^r^  Tin, Tlwro wml ii nuNl ,nrri��i�� mul n dully    bn;r  1|\, lho ' world   (IInIHIoiI   from   sonl "  1W  l",'',   .        , ,      ���  ..    .  ,. uo\vii|Hi|ior��pi'li>UHl im,,boui'(l,,,Thor�� woro  two iiwlniuiliiii  pimlii,  inovloti,  (tiinolui1,  1 bliiRfi-' nnd' bi*l(li;�� tounimnniln.  l,ui7Uiut.o,.whujini��ht���uUwi.��thcU'_tl,U*u  BERNIE'S  t*h��4'Hkl��.l��F��*Mt *-,.*��,  >vnlor, WlllijinMiul; ,11)0 .nipltiiT, ln.,dli\-.  tiiuitl.v Dub'b In uvi'hltvoturo mid churno-  lor, with i-'U'iui iili'tiutu ill id brlnbtly pullit-  oi^inihhMlJhuulli'iV,'      '   ,   ,    >w  ^ _^  ,   to lloiii). llinro woro fruit jiokor inuohlhoii ' "Hl'llviiii WiiniliifuTTrTin^r^^^   ATfJ  ^^TO-roiQliTw<^1U��-��nfo'Jlu  upoclrtl l|it<ii'OHtH  thoro    worn n  LiuIIoh!    f��>i'lt''j,.  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Why hot'spoccl'thing's":  up by using,la'tpx.jpplnts, suggosts lho Canadian Paint Manu-  ���fqcTuro,rs;A5s6clatl.oprWatprnh  dry quickly and wash off equipment In a flash! In addition  thoy adhere well. Jo slightly moist surlacos-^qn.oxtra plus In  IRLY YARD  ,  vTO SERVE  THrrSUNSHINE-"*  COASX  ,.;.A..  '"rf'V'4���jf"*~  (��MMMMW��li��WWmlMW����MM��IM����n��IIW>*l*'l1*  TWIW CREEK,,  BUILDING  l7:..-suRPLi'ES;L.;:'r'  ��� "   -  <>Your ������   ,,���',  ,  qjldden,,Paints,,, ',  ANTIQUE SPATTER FINISH  Puling a spatter fln^h on an anlK|ued picca of furniture  Is as easy as a flick ofihpwrlsf, accoiclliig |0 the Canadian  * Pa I nt-Manuftrcn* rerWwsac tartars  -offpcts-you cpn-gefYfllh antlquclno kMs^slmplfbyVa'ryill^llTtf  -woy.|n-whlclvyou-app|yUha:lonorr.Horo!B^io^||'.M|(>ne^it3o-a-       ���     i   ��� ���    ��� i    "��� j *   ��� I.  ^#^M\IUi����    nun  Prion or Hoyden  686-22813  w,"v"��'tth4i.ki���<',4.r,<,;��4'l,L,^,. ,..,.,.  6vvwvvvwvviorWiwn��wi>r��fwwwwi��ww'  stiff bristle brush~an old loolh brush Is flnp,���D|p,lhq bristles  Into the polp^r'-sprlng" tho brush with your, finger to throw  a fine ,spray/6f toWcr oyer, the"untlorco^ng. D6n't,'|oq'd the  brush t'oa;,;jipdV,)ly>ltl>,,tonorr-yQM'||' havo, s'pldtchAs^not1"'  :'spa(tcr5;:,i vv!''"'. 7v" ,'"l'l '  '.**���;'' - ' r'Vf";;!,":';' "* ������' ,l'" :" *"  y_t]p**��**i��'��<tt>**P  Two Lpeotloni  *,��,',. to ^ iorvo^.  ���SUriil)fn*f"Coait7*���-  HfgKWay  GIBSONS  '"'BSd-Wl",'"^  ''"SECHELT '*  '.^85-2288 .,  m.  i  ��%��  i^'im^^tm^'  i  ������ ���t  I. * liUf-'l UK ntt.   -if. H*. *tft>'** ** *  * * ��' J_li I   '    ( '  i i   i *%  ..���^(l,..  ���' ^ .   ���' '' ,, ^ , ���'     '7^. .      ��� 1   \        ',.' ���       7       ' r ; 7 T    -7<f ,   , , 'i   ,  !' ,"  ll. '" '', 'i  i '  ,!'" '    l      '''.'. ����'*!>m^  H*' ,,      7    ���> 'it^vM,."      'fti'"��>|i.' ",f|1 "'':"V " v     '"'    ���*"''   '    ''' ���"���*"   7     ��'|H't^     "     .-��   |i  \h-*   "'Uia    '.' - �� mi iif)'7 |"'U7 '   " " '"fi'ii' "      ;"*i|  ��� \ u i-     ���,���.,)   yy i ��� i        i i   ',','''��� .'...,'      ��� '  ,,,, i ,   i'',.. 11 ���      i,   . ,.,..���, i, ��� r��� ,.       ,. ,i.4, ��� ���, .  .,    ,,,  i '      .        ff 11. < .   < , / .,. .        ��� I..,        ..,..,..',.,'    .',���.  Ii X  v'��n- _  i'  ,�� ,i�� (  \ \>_i  iiHrh.i hh.wim^ium, ���|,y^i|',,'i^|'. '  17,  ,   '  V  "'*'.; ''<^  /;  r7*  -,..'^i'i Vib% t/!7Vfi|,7h-7;7'i.v,,,!!'i;^7ft|  .,. ^^t-vi^'if^.TV '' 'if ',ri> "'',| h  '") l|H 'HiliHIIHI.. ,llll    I   .   ,,n    ,1 ���(,    I ,,    i    ,  ��i,    ',; r     '  f'.i-.i. i,���'.'; ': :-'S \  '1,1  .' ii   ' ,', i' i ' i <i,t i - -| i    ''       i     i  V i        i1 il' '        'i  1 i ,*'>' i iiU . . '. V i '���  ���' i  M ',f ^. '. I �� ��� i ���  .,' M.  ''    '   ���"������������',��� /   ���    '     ' -Vr-~  f  J��0*��  '.-..X �����* 44- ._*^,\^J_SX7l^  ~~         .: i_i. V    ���  Letters to the Editor are the opinions of readers, ami not necessarily those  of The Times.  A  noin-de-plume may' be used for publication, bid ��//  originals must be signed by  the, writer.  Rec. Propaganda  Editor,   The   Times,  Sir: I would like' to comment^on the  - pmpa'ganda being 'published on behalf  ot* fhje recreational centre.  In submission VI, a special plea to  those planning to vote "no , section 5  'states: Those who are "satisfied with  themselves, their' surroundings and the  job they have, done with their children:  , Bravd!--but th^se are some of the people  who also do not serve on boards, councils,  chambers, fire brigades, nor do they help  with soccer, service clubs or auxins  'These are lhe  people  who "beep a  good-  communij^ from' becoming a great community./ .'-...  How' fortunate that this -group has  someone so knowledgeable, that he can  pigeonhole everyone. I would have  thought that the- reasons many did not  serve on boards-or councils might be that  they considered themselves not as well  qualified as others. I would have thought  that many might be* too old for fire  brigades^ I might even have thought that,  many people'were too retiring or toq Un-'    as they say?. Are we depriving our chil-  small vote if J am not content with the .  preterit. I feel an obligation to youth  and tjio future'-as well as the pensioners  who had this-.responsibility in The past.  - As a newspaper reader I try. to put  all reports- in perspective knowing .full,  well that I am refining mjuiy things out  of context and often hearing only from  the  noisier  members of  our society;  Tomorrow- I will get  up in the mor- .  ning and1 care for my family, eook meals  and clean  house, guide my school class,  earn my money, pay my tax dollar, think  about my next vote- and read my new's-  3er~befxrre-going to bed with a rather  heavy  heart. ~~     ~ :     ;  Good-night to all you. .ether average  citizens.  (MRS.  AVERAGE  CITIZEN)*  Deprived oi What?  Editor, The Times,  Sir: Is the Teachers' Association think-*  ing of itself or the dedication its members  are supposed to have for their studuents?  Are we such, a backward  community  v-  qualified lo- teach soccer, etc. I might  even have been naive enough to think  that perhaps some of these people just  were not interested in trying to direct  or control the affairs of others.  J As for those who are satisfied with  their "surroundings, (I thought our surroundings were the finest" in the world)  and those who'were reasonably satisfied  that they had brought up their children*  to be honest, law abiding, respectful and  -i-reapa^e-tif-d^g-a-day's wur!  pay;-Well, I must confess Lthought these  were  the  desirable  types.   It  never  oc  ���-curei.to me they were undesirable, not     ��/ T*J7  until, it   was  pointed^^ut--by^wtioever" ��  dren?  Of what?  I think not!  E.   EVANS  ther discusisinn on that subject. His outburst is startling since, as a member, of  the <HospitalBoard,_ he 'knows, or should  know, that cost o1' the' recent extension  has 'o be niet. Since Victoria only pays  a percentage of that "cost, if the taxpayer  'does not pay it, then how will it be  raised? Bingo games? . . A suggestion  he might try for size in getting his re-* y  creation.*centre off the ground.  As. for the mood ot'7he predominantly  acquiescent and fairly, affluent audience,  1 heir" indifference lo" the 'less I'ortunale  placed 'memhers of. the community is re_-  I'lecled in lhe_iollo.wing.;     .,.       .           ���  One   of   our   associates   directed   this  question  lo Dr.   Crosby;. "In-as-much   as  we believe.you to to have an inward degree of concern  for people over  pension   ,  age,  'f , your project  is approved  by  the  electorate,   would   you   be���preparer*���ta_^.  petit'ion the-Re^wnal Board to the effect  that taxpayers ^p-wr 65 be exempted from  the three mill .rate increase?" -  ���yTJfHCrOSby nodcl'id assent and fflff thfft-^  we  applaud him.  However,  he  was  im-  "medfately ~taken_to task and the suggestion  vetoed by Mr ��� Hensch who shouted  *'thats your job". He was joined by other  members of the committee  in  a  general'  yelling   ,ma^h in    which   one   of   them   shouted "what about the millionaire pen-,  sioners? ��� v  On that harmonious note the meeting  broke up and we left convinced .more  than ever that its our money they're after.  Mainly to satisfy their own narrow interests. .     .   ���   ���  Unlike tlie Recreation. Committee, we  arc ^e-HThg' you how to'vote but we do  hope to see you at the polls.  "Cost"   (Citizens   Opposing   Soaring  ���   -. "   ' Taxation).  .Editorial  Note:  The preceeding was submitted without  Lots Of Nothing  Editor, The Times,  Sir:' When Prime Minister Trudeau  campaigned for the last federal election  he promised.us "nothing" and has given  us v just  that. .   ,   J-f-Ji^had-any-i^-forn^  the   promise   to   hold   Canada   together  In   three   years,   Canada   has   never  been more divided. In catering to Quebec  by way  of the "equalization"  payments,  ing  of  Expo  and  probably  the  Eleventh Hour  Editor, The Times,  Golden   Days  There's no generation gap m Scouting Where a Cub badge oi a Scouter's  50 year pm is a joy shared internationally Pictured with Wilson  Greek CubSr-J aaison -repgesefiterfa^e-  'W f~r6=SC��ire pm in Scouting the nrght beftfre these    Beits and "Michael Higgms  Cubs  received their badge's at the  The Peninsula Times Page A-7  Wednesday, February 23, J9?2  Gilbert and Sullivan  Father and Son Banquet Cubs from  left front Brian Anderson, Brian;  Brysbn, Danny Flummerfelt, Michael Anderson Centre Clifford  ���3yfe*rttnr���'Mr���S*hh��0��&;���Bek~-4��e-  Wiu&_J_Q$^Mm. Andergfin^JggthftyL  the rest  of Canada, the.padding  of, the  Civil Service ���wiUi-Q��ebecere; Canada has  rvfTt two camps,, East, .and .West.  ii^-^ll-the-"answeTs-for the pnsheTrof-the"  recreation, centre. ������* < ���  GiVen another chance, now -that they  have been advised of-their folly, no doubt  -these people wouT&T endeavor to raise a  few dope a'ddicts or- -.vandals or ne'er-  do-wells. ���  Gibsons  ,          , A*^A._ MOQ.RGRQFT.  Dedicated Group'  Editor, The Times,  Sir: It has been many years since we  have seen a more hard:working and dedicated group locally as the -prolnotors of  ���the Regional Recreation Gentre. However,  stripped of its trimmings,  it still, comes  ��� down to hard dollars and cents. With a  ..  total  PJBPlilallQn_ja7-abQ.ut:. twelve  thou- t  PremierTwith a good old fashioned Eng  sand,  only about half are  taxpayers, it ' ~Tr~~    ^~r^~  would hardly seem reasonable that the  proposal is feasible.  It   has  been  stated   that  three  mills  or an average of $15 increase in taxation  ���JCOukL-iie.���expected. ~,&y ^gii  MUSIC   lovers  who have   been  looking  forward   to   an   evening   of   excerpts     xxr_i r*_.      1_ C*  ~,- ... ���^_     --__��������� ^ m ,       fiuin   Gilbeil  and  Sullivan,   are   recom-     "W\lSOn'Ureek b(  Q.lyjnpM*_gainj^j^^ meriQ^-to-rtia'  tion  forcing  the  French  language   upon     Th-e case- has been fairly presented, and     _h___fr~rf. faffr fof in-  i���note-  The last time this was done, we wound"  up with East and West Germany, North  and South Vietnam, North and South  Korea and- more recently with a divided  Ireland.  To add insult to injury, Prime Minister Trudeau has changed the Queens  Printer to- Information Canada, removed  the Royal coat of arms from our mail  trucks and plans to rename the RCMP  and quit putting the Queen's portrait oh  our postage stamps. Further, he doesn't  even- have   the   courtesy   to   insult   our  _nowL_^in���4ytfe���dei i ibe'rattc     lashion,   the  voters   will deeide.   "Than   you   for   your  -coverage fittd support. You obviously-be.  -orfrrthe ~~  iiirry  Mossf ield, the Cahadiari-AustraUa'ff bain  tone arid his Western Savoyards. The cbn-  ���   ... . cert is How t-etieduled for Saturday, Mar elf  lteve  in the Recreation Center  and  did     4>  Qt pender Harbour Secondary School  your share.   ' at 8 p.m. The change was made ne'ees-  J3ecause of   a ' few  persistent   rumors f  sary  because the  tenor,  Edtoard  Gree:  ������_r-e^_.-x'-MXMx.x^^__-~-_-fiir.!lA   lllro  tnrmnlrp    ���*i-J'_____w*_^____-r__^_r~.LrL'T��_^-^r^  Banquet  ���mmemorates anniversary  "and false beliefs^ we would "like to make  a final attempt at clarification.  The center will cost $500,000, to build.  Naturally there are interest charges. Also  we expect to operate at a deficit, so all  can enjoy it, at minimum cost. A maximum of 3 mills has been set. This will  raise"$135,000" 'annually,' and will more  than   cover    the  capital     cost,   interest  -ohar-gosf-aad���opfer at in g���dafieit  Thalgn'7is shortly to^^ leave for Lohdbn,;  the  Hospital Auxiliaries  who  are spi.  llShepTtaprT5"ufni^^  of" French origin once used by the French  against   invading   Normans.   Or   did   we  miss the message? Perhaps Britten Col-  eas opt out, aad 3 mills cannot pay  for-4t^he--PCoiecl^jy^ be dropped. The  mill rate will not be raised. The average  tax increase will be $15 per year. Some  will .pay less, some more.  WILSON Creek Cubs and Scouts celebrated Scoutmg's Anniversary  in true  ��� _  .u-      ��� -4.   . ii. ii. i. i_ .j.. ,     family style last w6ek, when the mothers  soring this visrt, felt that the peqplef of^^^ /very fin6 banquet to appfeci^  the  Sunshine Coast would  not wa^ft to "   ������tv.Q��� ��.^ g^c  miss, the delightful performance of this . *'atJ\ers;af^.'-&ons-        ,,-     '.���..?>__  famous  comedy singer  who  is so  well- ^ead table-guests from Scout House      __    known on this coast for his work with?    were regional Liason representative Bob     Casey,  Bob Le Warne,. Michael Ander-  the   Vancouver Little. Theatre,  T.tf7T.S.,     Simmons   arid" regional - field' 'executive "= gon^  the-Greater Vahcnijvef' Oppratic .Wikty..   Jg.ck Adair, joined by Rev. Dennis Pop-     ginss Btiah Brvgon^ Brian Anderson. Alari  m-some- -^n^^^rTTT'n.uyTheatre. pie; district commissioner MrT'Doug -Ho-     A ndRrsofTarid" Clifford Martin.  cheers"  in  recognition of Mr.  Simpribfis;^  contribution tb Scouting  AWAflDS  b:masters Ed. Le War he arid Doug,  Savagl-'^esetitgd badges and p'ifts to  Wilson Cree^cubsr-Kevm Caseyy^hawn.7  Mr.   Mossfield  is  a   singer   and   per-  f'ormer   of  international  repute   and   his  group   has ,   had*"*mars'tS5o%ig"^^  throrighout Canada and the United States.  Fliers, giving details of the program-  Dictionary   formula   of   iriultiplying   the  assessed value of the property by the mill  rate I found the tax rate on my average  ; home  would  be  considerably  higher. It  ^lsb,r"f61iows that higher property values  '"V|rt>uld come about if the' Centre* becomes  Treality  and  any future  mill rate referendum would be On the increased value.  There   are   several  other   points  that  umbia. under Premier  Bennett  has  had Unfortunately  the  landowner   has   to-. merare available and will be distributed  i��^y^4o^ehallenge^the-t-hrorie--of-     pay fbr SUOh a tax increase,"*btifIbhaf^s��� 'IhnwglrtlTe^SXygor-cmidfen and Auxiliary     COl^^^rtteK^'MTsrNolInle^e1ge^^^re^Tiiquiglr  sec coddling federal Pnvprnmsnt     the  syst6ni  0f   oXir  society.   However,   a     members 'of  your  area.  Tickets,   $2  for *''^ *"**��� "a^ +" ""*  fT"* ���"+1"-1'  our Quebec coddling federal government.  (Mrs.)   MAE   ROSS     Recreation Center  will bring  new  peo  Vancouver     pie to the area, just as do hospital facil-.  '....���. . . ities, sewage facilities, and all other im-  NameleSS    ' ���  ���*>** provem'ents, This means more taxpayers  Editor, The times 1 to "share, the  load  Sir: A very vociferous group is work  ing-hard tryirig to convince the taxpayers  adults, $1 for students and senior citizens,  will be on "sale sOme tirrte this week at*  the Hospital Gift. Shop and the Sechelt  Ajt_.DJil.ery as. well ^s* from the-Auxilia^ -  ries. Special buses can be organized if  ,' Ariy major exparisiori pf the Center enough'people' are iriterested. A bus f^pm  will requirfe another referendum.. It can-     Gibsons wOuld leave .the  depot at 6:30  '������u    u u      "   ".7 "T  ������   *- "         ji,~*K!��� a ������" iC-i +u       u    u *���      * "7^      not automatically grow- in an unlimited', p.m.-with  retutri  fare  $1.25.   From   the  ^hpuld^e-eon^dered^uth-^s^he^e^ fakim It Is voter'controlledrCmftmnmliy--Segrer bus depbt;  a~buS  could  be  or-  ���age age locally is 52 -years.. Iri > bther  'words, what value,is an ice skating rink  ,tp senior citizens? Tenants will share the  ..cost, through increased , rents and not  "even have" the privilege* of a a vote.  There are several community halls in  the area now, pimply rotting away. The  building of a recreation centre. Members  of the undersigned group recently .attended a meeting held at Gibsons United  Church in an effort.to learn more about  the firiancial obligatib'ris we are being  asked to shoulder. ���  We listened tb members of the Recrea-  interest alnd Use grow steadily when such gahized to leiive at 6:45 p.m!, with, return  a facility is built, as we saw in the ten fare 85 cents'. Thdse who would like to  Centers visited around B.C. take   the  bus  should  give  their  names  ������.'���'  This is not a pet jprivate project of . ijt-'OHce tova'riyitif'the following: Mrs; C.  a few affluent people. The'cotrimittee has R&iries, 886-270'6, Mrs. J. Willis, 886-7430,  worked hard on what it feels is a truly Mrs,   G.^D.  McDonald,   885-9393,  Mrs.  worthwhile comhiUnity center. We have J. A. Donnelly, 8'83-2536. All tickets, both  chased in advahce.  Elphinstone Secondary  4,^w0l1 ??1a4rdvfor. ��.ne'. ir! a]l.probabillty,.,_tionjaCq^  had ,en(htjsiastic,- .widespread Support, 7for;vthe7^^^^  will shortly be going to referendum to    feUldgy on the blessings and many bene-,   and feel mo'st people wa'rit to see it built   " ^iinsi��"fi''in,"ii"i��o������  cover $90,000  in  its  budget  Which wiU    ttU '","~'-   "���'��� ",J   ���-,J   -" *'"      * *        "  ,,reflect ,in a higher, mill,rate<again.  Ih'short, let's think hard before we  vote. This letter should have been sub-  , Emitted,.much���,sooner,,,,for. the purpose oi  r^buttle, however, it has been nqted the  --~"promoter4s"~u(sed'-every--way-possible-'to-  obtain a "Yes" vote', including the brain-  \yashing, of school' children to reach the  fits which they said, could only result ��we' hope that thdse who are opposed  frotn the building...pLtheiri che'rhshedrpro- w.will;re-epmihe:all'aspects-6fi this project  Ject" ' ahd p'e'rhaps agree that it's heeded, and  We   were   informed   that   total   cost    could-not be'"achieved  any other way. ^Fincil Tf>rm Ffnnnnr Rnll  ��would.1b^^nly-$500;0ff(r^hicHraooor<JJng-'vv^!.4,^. /n�����Mn*w..n^w..Ammi.'����,w ^^^^^4**H����H^��9��  ���      .   , (Recreation Center Committee) ���  to-the'promoters, would cover everything  Our information lias it that, including    Editor, The Times,^  FOLLOWING is the Elphinstone Sec-  1" ondary School honor roll for the first  semester of the final term. ���    -    ���.  o .       _ .^  ,      ' "      "���'".  Division 1, Margaret Gory 3,0, David  P,^l,entS.*M��<,..t;��M.}��4,|,Bto��,.,M,��,.^,��  -In conclusion, I Jhave children of the    fnct, be nearer $1,250,000, If the operating,    Mie   buaJii>os9. people  and t promoters  of    Swan-aj--Division 2. Roland Kerbis 2,7,  ",ngO"tO~'tako full advaritago-*rif���tb^^ro'��-���aefi^  MMy���MuehIenkamp,2.'7, Shoahnn Bonnie  ���*p'tfse4,i'(a'qlllty/'artd',"I--'^6UW,,'''Hk6''h,fb,w'ae'ti'' Bnt esUm^te'the fihal count could come'�� " -������^.^r  such^ centre, Many others would, do so    much higher.       ,      < .- in every cn^e where dollars aro required. Division 8. Ciaiia Watson 2 75' Allan  also but keeping the proposal in the pro-        From whftl wo hnvo been ablQ to.leqrn    Whnl   in ImpoBaiblo   to   understand   Is:    Hoofsloot  2,B,~Dlvision. 4,  Debra   Babn  POi-uperspeetive wo simply cannot ^fford ,it:nppoars;.th��t in'-some -aroas.^ -andHfr>some.^hav ngral flihed7th��t:uhfl^tor ng position - 2,75," -Clieryl Guolph 2.75, Pomponia Mor-  - to-spend-upwards "of'n half million dol-    instaaoes, after the initial honeymoon is    In the back seat, wo> should not be expect-    tlnoz  2.5,  William  Passmore 2.3,  Vickl  neybunn;   district     president    Mr.   Ivan Both members * of the Sechelt RCMP  Smith; Mr. R. Keeley of Sunshiije Coast Detachment;-Scout masters Bryan Hock-  Di5tricL_and Mr. Glenn Plulhps, ;iyi��fei_ang^^7jGecirge_. Humphrey presented  chairman of the Wilson Creek Group 'badges and pins .to. Scouts: Wade Goe-  Committee. son,,Dan  Olseri,, Briaii Phillips, Wayne  Chairman of the Wilson Creek Group     Phillips ��� Tim ' Olsen, Rick Pearson,  Leh  ed her seat to assist the mothers. Case'y, Kerry Jaeger, Dave MacLeod arid  This year will bte a special celebra-     Larry ?age\  tion  on  the  Sunshine   Coast  for ^tiamp      Mvpc-rrrt 'tip  Byng   celebrates   its   50th   Anniversary.     INVESTITURE ,      ,.   . .  Charter member  of Camp Bvne  is Mr. Highlight of the evemrig was the very  Bob Simmons who received his 50 year coionut ceremony where i,en rage, Mike  p"in at the annual meeting of the Region English 'and. Kerry Jaeger were inyested  on Monday  February 15th. * ,bv  district* commissioner  Doug  Honey-  ' "       bunm     o - *   1        . '  -GHALLENGE7   Addressing those present, *Mr. ,* Simmons said that his only Challerige. is to  take Cubbing arid ScbUting seriously and  get the most out of it. He told the boys  that this training���wilL last as long-as,  they live and Scouting skills are useful  throughout one's career.  -   He  expressed, pleasure  at  seeing - so  -many-fathers which shows-that'they are-  supporting the leaders of the boys who  put in many hours.of their personal time.  In thanking the ���mothers, Mr7 Simmons  said theirj:o-operation shows reaWomlly  . spiritr-" <  Tribute was also paid the Wilson  Creek Pack for partigipation in Scouting  in Action where the boxing, exhibition  really wont over well.  Cubs  and    Scouts'    extended  "three      ..  am..     ���*-       , ��< Mt , �� t~   .    . 1 -    ,      v \  t      is . f  NEED TEMt��6ftARY  OFFICE  SOS  "' !  sigftefMiAtL.  ���' Secrei_ri<)s        ~"~  ��� Copy Typjsts  ��� Reccpilo.Ws  1 ��� Bobkkeepers,  By hoiir> day/ yfall or month  Phone 886-7326     ,  Alio offer PHONE-IN dictation  and .typing service,, . . tome'  A   doliyory, ' '    "  lnrs,-^ would- suggest a centraHzed area    pvor ^d tliorQ'has; bponlafalKoff of uffors  populHtlon   of ,doubJo,j.,that  of^,^  would be tr^ore in keeping with grandiose o( n0CCQSRity piny R not inconsiderablo  nS| ��� part Jn tho solvonny 'ot such a venture,  and drqp-off reprer,(*nts a loss of revenue  wh^ch In'turn ls roforrod back to tho tax-  payer,! Converselyi, if the Centre fnclll-  Editor, The Times,   ties did receive maximum mho,,tho time  It. TRACY  edio balk al p^^  ,:,.....Secholt;fpr,medlcal.attentlon, .Roberts , Lehman 2,25.       ; ��� ,     .    -  Creek  fof recreation,' Gibsons  for  our   '     -��� - ���  High  School?   Forgot   our  Average   $15  taxe8���)JorMk,a7,.v^ Jot  }n  ,PQridor.;4'I^ can our  community, stand? How much ineonvo-  hlehco.ul'O wo willing to buy?  Animal Lover  foitor, The Times,   ties did receive maximum mho,,tho time    '^T7nl'r^ \_u_-n'a_A*Z\  t^rn4^"wTtltu^^  ette, regirdlng.;P^ for Senior Clt,?,ens.    ho l^ked, to finance* phas* tw|;,  ^   ^155^1^^^  One.o  our group pointed out that in 'abm bf'lhoflo things wo are \o\d  rnear-futuro,a Sower,Tax of,,1)5115 over .���8Qtimn0rinnt tn-nthors: Cnmm.mosoi  Division H|. Julio Gallup 2.75, Susan  Dixon 2.25, Gwonda Havlos 2.25, Lisa  Kampman 2,25 Darcy, Stephansoh 2,25.  ���Dlvisloi) 10, Brondi** Mackenzie 2,25,���  piyislon 20, Kathleen. Cojquhoun 2,5.  I  Division 8,  LeriHo Dixon .1,0,  Rnndy  lotto*?   !, ,M*"8v French  la  well-known  as  be   Jng^anTanto^  lor citlzohH, and I heartily agreo. Pots  are  most, comforting at  any  tlmo, but  iiM��iwi>tjiiiwMww>w* ^4^A^i^^ A." |.iUri ^Hfe*��^V^^K-W-��  thoy should bo controlled.  rtho;  tnonear:twiurQ,a.ftwovxaxoi'^UDove^ H0 important -to- others; Camrn'mofioinshl ^  and   above   normal   taxation   demands for my community I am, Donniso DoiXoskl 2 25 '   7  would bo levied oh every property In tho y w^mm^    ,��oh,  wonniso^oinlJiosKi,mb, fl  ��ViUaHo*,oLf.Glb0ona,����AddlUonui��.rato����ln"4  crooso of throe'mills to pay for tho Con  LLOYD DAVIS,  ^GSrWiriW  ;    I hope the .by-laws.are changed to- tro would lmposo hardship.on pensioners <.(_r>ht>H PrrrJrinrr     ,      help   console, and  ehcor   those  In  tho nmi |.hQ'lower incomo groups,,He stressed ���,��� ���* ��� ^   -  Indian summer of-their lives.^     ���   . _ ��� also that homeowners would receive' no 'HdHop, Tho crimes,'  , (GETTING THEUE) nss|fltnnce from any sohrcp to aid 4hom       ,slp!   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"uppiicu ny mo, uiivoiih, ywiato    t0,   .   d    th ��� f0iiowina. ., >.. .  ,. .-Linrfh   n���nB'i   9_\  ( represent  tho  mnjorlty of  tho  populn  Hop,  My (name, is nlwnys' ujnlmp6rlrtnt,  I am' also' n parent, holnofhalter, lonOjjo'r,  taxpayer,  voter andf newspaper rtoridor,   ;.���.'; .After "rondlnR" today's ..TlmQH, ,1. nm,  ' doing ah unaverago thing nnd writing,  1   a loiter,to tho'editor, ,      ��� '  ���  ". ,As. a parent l know.that at prosont  my child enjoys his touchers at a small  z=dlHiWinc-^ch6ol-ti,iv--oi^-oni,lohedtantmQ-.  sphoro,. 1 am always concernwl mxiut  his future.  >Ah ahomomakorH nm worried about,  rlslnw contH at lho, storo but am not.  fitupld enough toWnmp, tho, tax-employed  ,l>cr��QTr^nny*,tnorcHihi*h4''th6��unlon��,  ��,���Aa��.ftJLtoi*chcr��JL.nt.t>>��lr��^nf  mooltngs  nnd  state my  views  Nygron 2.0. '  ���      ,v  In,his,mind, to revise tho flguro down  i_ <km" ti "'0���Art,0 ,.;'���" i,���l���Vn,�� ",';���.���.,�� .���'����"    i>iu''t ^0,u' cnr ,woll nwny from tho prowd-  intha,clorkVjo.vntth?mm1lclpnl]hall?7.^  nugn^n   amiiiiiiy   i\\   1110   nppropnato ness, by nil moans parlt as close .to your    Kurura   2,0k Kerry   Miihlmnn   2 0    lori  t,m,p',   ���"   ,'        ,      ,'",,'        , destination a_ you onni but niter, pfonnn '.'Mullen 2,0, Lo|��h Wolverton 20���hiviHim  4'hp innfn nponkor,, In hhi1 oponln| por- puU imy  M M00ll  ����� , pomlblii. . , H. Kathy, Grn 0 aT.  orntionpflt��ted~WiHirV.tt(jeoi%Un^��ite-b      - - ��� _....*..  matlen  nuppllod  Ijli'n by  iljQjJiioBTP*^ "~  Board" tho majority of pensloncr>��dn  iircm paid only $1 In tnxos. Tho ro'mKli  yrould he covered by tho Increase /u   homAownol" firnnt, Thorofore^ ho argued,   'Office, ltohlc of Medical clinic, theri Ho'' .    /��HMo3on    nTTiiaTTOir wouia ho Innicted on pon��    away tTvHTfor an hour or ho, I'm ono / ^rMMMtwlMm*mM,**~^~u��~^  /s,' I "tttko   RWiinrs"ftTid**othor**loW"lncoTha-BraupHr^^"ot^thQra:woi,fi   home-^ ' ?')?,-'2. ttfe UUJ pmcllco 'hopo you  WATCH���FOBTHErF��;YIEH  i'i  1J I mr-rqm-^'yyj,  ���Ulnder I lew 11> tanaaemenl  leh  ' Iftx  load, well', spent  Iri' good  project  whloh  both  omnov- nnd unpporl other    Ignored-but tho. second was Jumped on  .p-^SLi!21lL^^ .���.��� u,, .i^.vodlculedhy lho chairman Mr., Rrlol  .  .      ',AhVi\ votor I Inlprid fa use jny.,,onp,.,.lite,iJflc]r\vn'6', roJnKwf^o.-Unifn-'iio^julujj  ,'       . ' 'I <    iX     '    \ , . h '     1 I r '        "  Seal's.  !44*W*��*���.��.W,w,i^��tflMHwM,  4^*VV4  I  HKrT J. IhANQ  *   Socholl, J1,C.  see THE TIMES  '        '      '' ,'   "> 1. ' .   '  SECHELT BUILDING SUPPLIES  ^"yr|J,��r*P1"��PHl*|**������T��IF������l"��*  Box 778  4AOX  88S-2i83   "' ' '       '  ' - ' ,'.4,VlJ,>   4, I  ..JW.4^%.  1      I,   ."  ,,'*-. I-4M44.  *> I* S1^'^    ^  ww&mwam&Bm  mw*#mfaMH#t?m  Sodholt  ��� ,>-,'-  * I '  -N irft  nAte^awtgw nypy whhwhimwhi1  6Y*w*-Ww,^'��**^i;^^  ��-*ar��4UM*f^mMin4k#*fi��^^  \,,,,,}. ,..tk,%,*,   ..'��.,f<,��.   l<(fUiNHu'r< u*|>i I'rtthi,-*i|Cn t% ^.ii:**! 1 n,u �� 1  I ...      '���  .���^"���"  T.  ��'��1Wntt_pU*}'ll<*i*tfS_I*l'__ilt&Vl4tl*l*tH*t.ti4_*.\. 44^*  ..''''  7 '.-,., ,1     ��� .���  .... .,4,, 1 ^,,(11,11  - >'  "1 ������',>��� vV'i   .��*?'  ���*m^m.mp^t<im��^^mf^m^m04 N  %A  .'.^i ��',iif h ,|7ft^<**��A4'iM,''',*lirf't"t-fH��'lj*��BlS Page A-8  tKe Periinsula Tiines"    Wednesday, February 23,J972  <Many clubs visit . . .  \        Pender Harbour  s  PENDER Harbour Lions club received^ u  :j royal welcome into Lionism on Satyr-,  day- evening when eighteen Dions clubs  were represented at the Charter,Presenla-  tion Banquet*- held in the Community  Hall at Madeira  Park.      I .  Two   hundred   and  sixty.  Lions   their  iadios and guests a"U'chaea_rmrim'l5CTOty-  organized banquet sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Lions and co-sponsored by  Burrard  Lions   Club.  Visiting clubs included the recently  chartered Texada a-nd Pembei;lon clubs,  Burnaby North," Vancouver Easl,' Vancouver Burrard, Vancouver Amhttrst,  Vancouver Mount Pfeasaiit, Vanccmvei-.  South, Vancouver CJiinalown, North Vancouver, Mount Seymour, Powell River,  ''���Sunshine"Coast, Lynn VaHey, -Parkaviller  Peterson PDG 'from Ldrigview Piojicer  ' Ciu-b,ga��e the address, and stressed the  fclose international tiesof_ LionismL "Your  Power Commission may cut off your gav  but  the Lions Clubs will  never  lose.re^  ��gard'  for  each   other",, he  quipped  in, a *  . lively addressXvhich emphasized a'posf- '  44ve-a4t-U u d c. "T h p ' m a n -ttdio-wj-ns���is-4he���  Pender   Lions*  Charter executive officers of Pender1  Harbour Lions Club pictured from  left back row with district governor  Jioli Labron are: Fred Crosby, trea-.  surer;   Lloyd   Davis,   director;   Ted  -Alexander,   direcioi^-7Har^d__lciay^-  ��� director;  Ray Kraft secretary;   Peter  Berfjafield,   director    and  John  Haddock, Lion Tamer. Seated: AJlan  De St. Remy, tail twister; Multi-district chairman Arne Peterson; president Gaylord Merkel and yice-pres-  ���~~1rfetrrr-&>!&-~^BeHi�����^^  ~Rotjs��ti . *��� "  Port Alberni and from the United States-  Long View Pioneer and Tacoma North  West. .  Although Lionism is new in Pender  Harbour it is hot"newTcfTfs charter president Mr. Gaylord' Merkel who- is a  charter member of the Parksville Club  which not only sent representation but'  also   a.   telegram   wishing   the   new"  club  man who thinks he can", he quoted.  He warned that after two or "three  years, the new club may meet with problems but warned members not to give  wp. Although there are close ties between clubs, Mr. Peterson said Pender  Ha'rbour will be autonomous with members having the choice to jfetermine what  proj ecIs   they   wT1T~ undortaklF  CHARTER  ��he���G-krH4e41���whs���P^c^eded-   by   dis-  -tiict governor J3ob Labron to-president  Gaylord Merkel who ih 'his acceptance  speech pledged the full support of himself and his officers to the citizens of  the community. Club paraphernalia "w^sv"  presented by Fred SmhhvPDG, Burrard_  Lions Club, to Pender's 'executive officers. Many of the clubs present gave  miniature banners to the new. Lions Club.  every  success. ,  Pender Harbour brings  an additional  Although less spectacular than forest  lues, insects and disease probably destroy"  i ore timber.    7 7  thirty-nine members into the Interna-  -tional Association of Lions Clubs which  is now close to one million membership.  Charter executive is: Gaylord Merkel,  president; Bill Bomford, vice-president;  Frank Jloosen, vice-president; Ray Kraft,  secretary; Fred Crosby, treasurer; Allan  tie SC Remy, tail twister; .JorTn~HaHHbck7'  -HoTT-tamerj^^loyd Davis,���Harokp-Giayr  Peter Benjafield and Ted Alexander, "directors. "' "* 7  HEAD   TABLE  ^-[^.ad-table-guBst-s-iflcluded-zone chair  man Garey Ham and his wife Jean; Rev. .  Canan Alan D. Greene who gave the  invocation and benediction, Canon Greene  was accompanied by Mrs. Greene; Joe  Benner PZC and his wife Arvella;- Sunshine Coast Lions presidgriLJije&wEngltsh----  ^ndlhisjjolsJNa^^ PDG and  his   wife   Kay;   District   Governor   Boh^'  Labron and his wife" Joyce; President of.  Vancouver Burrard. Bob Sowden .and hjrs  efcOSE-TiES  wife Jean; President of Pender Harbour  _Crub Gaylord Merkel and his wife Jenny;  Multiple  district  chairman,  Mr. ^Arne  District Council . . .  Raiph Long~TTJG~ariQ~tiis wife Irene;  Arne Peterson PDG-jyid his wife Maureen; Ray Sheward PCG and his wife  Lottie.   Address  Multiple Disttoct 19, Zone A^Ohair-    der Harbour Lions Club on Saturday  man Arne Peterson holds the atten-    evening. Mr. and Mrs. Peterson were  .hosfiTro "Tail   Vatigfim  -TMBWTES-  JkibutesJEei^=paid_��o_ps  ." Sunshine  interest  tion of-  4aim~a4iifiBnce  w2n�����u  addn  laBZ^��7Egft&2tfc  very Lively  presentation of  the\  I which .preceded'   during Lions sponsored student ex-  sharter to Pen-    change, some years ago  RegularFeb.meet  MONDAY   May   15th,   1972' is   the   date  for  the  annual  meeting  of  Sunshine  Coast   District   Council,   Boy   Scouts   of  Canada.  At their February 7th  Council meeting  vice-president Terry  Booth,  Sechelt,  was appoir  REGULAR meeting of the Roberts Creek  Hospital Auxiliary was held February  34-hi the Roberts Creole Legioa-HalLadth-.  Mrs. Gladys Ironside in the chair in the  absence pf Mrs. Newman.  ing committee. and also chairman of the  annual meeting. Plans are in progress to  hold this meeting as a dinner meeting.  Announcement   of   the   reorganization  needed to help build up a healthy support  ���"arm for the \solunteer Scouters. Anyone  wishing to-ho'lp-on���tire- Group Committee  should contact Mr. Bob White, chairman  at 886^2522 or, Mrs. .Nancy...Douglas, district secretary, at 886-2V03..This most ira-  jrtant committee does not Jh.ave to be.  just parents. Interested adult3 Of the community are most welcome.  ~Wji7rr~7oe~~~Beriner   and   Suhshine   Coast"  Lions   Club   past   president   Mr.   Chuck  Rodway   for   helping   get  the  new   club  _o_g_s_zecL^ ...^^^^���^_.^^^.^^^^_,_^_^^^  A special vote of thanks" was awarded  caterers Bev and Helen Robertson .of  Irvine's Landing cafe for an exceptionally fine banquet,"which was described by  past district governor Fred Smith as the  best   he   had   seen   in   all   his   years"  of  -.Lionism.. -   ..   ..-..,.. ,.- .'.������'., .^,_.^__,_^_.^~  The   highly   successful   evening   concluded   witn  dancing,   and  Sunday.boat.  tours atuund the haibuur were arranged  for visiting Lions.  Mrs. Ironside read the report of the  co-ordinating council. St. Aidan's Church  Hall will provide storage space for Auxiliary .supplies.  Mrs. C. Raines announced that the  "ctFordinaliivg���^crrtmcil���is���sp��m&r+ft#  meeting for 1st* Pender Harbor group and  the successful launching of this newest  ffluup"in"'thgidistricfr*was,'mad'e.        ���;  An appeal for. help to get 1st Roberts  Creek Group Committee reorganized was  made.   Regional     liaison   representative,  Robert Simmons  and  regional field  ex-  q.���eeutiv&^Jack Adair* held���a-special moot-  BEEN PRESENTED, ARE AVAILABLE AND APPEALING  VOTE YES FEBRUARY 26*  program'of Gilbert and Sullivan music,,  presented by. Mr. Mossfield and his singers, at the Pender Harbour High School  March 4 at 8..p.m. Tickets for the concert  ....���   4"*>   r._.   ..,17.I'I..   ..^rTI  are Ufa for adults ancT$l lor students and"  senior citizens. If enough interest is ���  'shown'.busses .Will run from Gibsons and  Sechelt, Tickets and information on bus  for the ' Gibsons area may be obiqined  from Mrs,' Raines at 88^2706.  Next meeting will be held at 1:30 p.m.  at St. Aidaris Hall.March 14th.  Daily   rait 'service     was   established  coast  to coa.st  in  Cartada  in , 188fi.  ing for all Cub and Scout, parents and  interested adults, at Roberts Creek School,  Tuesday, February 15th at 1:30. p.m. It  is hoped a full siate of officers will be  i?iTnrttni*-^Tnl*^Paeit^SwnTteTTs���-appointedr  Wayne Sacco * is the registered Troop  Scouter. 1st Wilson Creek Cubs and  Scouts continue to grow in number's.  1st Gibsons, has dropped mi Cubs arid  Scouts' but report the .JsxffiftVion of a  new Venturer Company under Cpl. Lou  Biggemann, RCMP,- with an enrollment of"  -twenty-eight���boys,���l^-l^yearsp-attend- -  iiig   meetings.   Parents  of   Cubs,  Scouts  und Venturers of this group are urgently  ^SHAMPOO���SET-  $2.00 OFF  ���with-th is r-^PER M������COLOR���-  coupon BLEACH   $5.00  OFF  CONTINENTAL COIFFURES & BOUTIQUE   ^7  7_TBAIL BAY PLA7A ^SEGHELT - 885.2339  This Coupon Valid Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday in February 1972  All Airline Reservations, Tickets, Tours and Cruisesr^ly Now;���Pay Later  FOR ALL YOUR-TRAVEL NEEDS  ContcAct Your Local Travel-Agent at   ���  CONTINENTAL COIFFURES  Trail Bay Plaxa, Secholt or Phone 885-2339  * l'lfS'i��f:Saift*i^!Siir��iBl��*ri��-r  Ua^h_m ��_m%_f#^i^t% iuitm liffir^ini w>  OHMYG  ��WW  .7, J '������'' Bp -.  I HIT A UTTLE GIRL!  uiEii^'^aaswm   wm    w^'r    ^     <dMttm_\   <     mmwjmxmmm,.Am  . Thank-You        ��� ��� , : -  PuM Zono Clmlniuui, L^m .)oo Hon- tor Jiuuquot wjiicli will lonp bo ro-  nor replies U) a very hIucoio tnhuto mumhorud hy the 2(10 Uoius and  ])^Ul',by:;i'oiHior;iil��ii)pvu7^ipnfi:Plti^  President CJnylord" Mpi'kel at IiihI gunl/alloiV '6t SAvii how club and '(he  Saturday'*.'superbly organized Oliar-   banquet; '   < ��� ���   ���  Halfmoon Bay, Centennial Committee���Area ffB"  .-,,, ,,.,,..,, .,.,.4.,., ���.���, , .���., /,A.^frmw^rTr*ir^T.';  Public Meeting to Receive Final Report  -.'���'��� ' i     ���  ���    ^ ���  ��� ! . I,,, | i  aMWIW.MftilH^Wy*^'!  Welcomo Beach Hall 8 plm; WodnoRday; March 8  *   I  The injury .ynlarfth ofudilM"..' 7 . . Yi^iikTIEl.vraWrSJlir, ''^!_l^!!S_Zi__^Z.,.  !hii loiriblcpi'lratoimy.for bnliovihi?   y/mi'fnmily, your J'Hnnils, und ...  t^...  ' ;���;:   ' vpaid.;on/ ." . ��� ;;  ]h;i lerrmiepru-eioimyvior ooiiovinn:   yjr>iu- xumuy, your j nanus, una  tlmt you, could drink i\M drive    ,       iuiyono elaw.who i�� unluvky cnoiwl  "' With Hui'oty. �����--���.- -  tp-bo-hlonff-forfchc-ride-or travoHir  $'_*rw^^>foft&^iiW��&/^^ 11  M<w��**)|t. *#<m_.tiKntWH$miii*_timmMnWWnul*��*w����i��wi  a\ '   -YOUI^CREDIT UNION  '. A  ��, ��  I, ���, ���* '"i,     .I,.    *      ��� i  ! 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Your ivi^tlojriH slow down.        #, jf yon drink, take a taxi or let, a    l        "     ; ^    , ��� . .  m,���, -Yoircan't-nton-fls-qtticklyor-flteeji* :- ������ soberdrimftafovthewlml; ---������; -.-���:":-! ������'������������ >������ J ��� ������-���-^���^���-���^^.4^;,^  your car m offit'i,ontlyas when           :. , 3. Ifyoii',think.iiqu cm drive as  *yMltbm>be\\ " .-��5-.���.���- -*���*_���_>-���   N it mo   1   AuMici'M-  ��^>��WI��H��*iinwwsig'ai|B,i.  imv**-to*tdi*'& H��w xlf*  mqi^&m*mt.*1**&m**  i��RWWW*^iyutiMH^WB^i^.*WJ^*MW>WiH��^  ...,.4.,.:7;.;H0yRS,V;,7,-.^M.,BUSlNKS70F(:ICt;7: ',. .J<> ., ,:7,J,,.  Tupsd^V 'lo'Saturtta'y    .." Wharf Street,    {,, 1 .,���.. 1,,. Phono  ���<������> if.  ,,   ,)0 ,a,m, - 4 p.m,      'i* , bccnoir, u.v-. s, ������,  m���fffwimtltraftrr^riftkinTa^fmi^^^���  ���~^,atd"before)Hhinlc*agam'-~i(i~ MK*  ���\ v.  il  I '  '* t   ,.. I.  .'��    '  885r955P'  ��':  mymmfmmm&tfMmmiitMfmm*  1,1,1  Rcmcmbon Koop March ?S open fdf ApiiimoI Meeting DIJrincr and Dance,;-,'  .'������'.      ; 4,1'/you excuse your behavior hy ���  r" saying,l.Itcatythappen tome",  7 '-remember that it can Happen, ��� ,  1   and it only has io happm once,,  t '������"      ^  GOVERNMirCCriJRITOWICOttlMBIA  tXHJNCIl. ON WU03, AWXJUOiAND TOW��CO  Hon, IM. Brolfmi, Q^C, MlnUhw ol Mu��rtk>n-Ch<ilrmon  1  n��    ,   i,i', ^'i*S,'  1 1 1 1 w*|  ,,,..*..*.,,I,..*,,p*,^**. l4y,Mtw4��    ,.,,(���,.,,    ,.,H.X.i* *      ,   ,l  -^    |^  ,.��,���.,7  I     ''     . Tf'^'-W'' .**��  THE PENINSUtA^^^i-  Section B  4-  Wednesday, February 23, 1972  Pages 1-8  W e s".   C awl l&ri' fl.rtfpiptire ���^^^ifMS'1  2-0-4   A'ys-t -b\ii -AviMj-I-v-i -..:_J$l___���.'7--  Vancouver   lo,   3 ." G,. -        - - 'y --���N  Service  /nfbrmafive meeting . . .  Centre committee members  "^ ;     ~~~ ��� : T-������ ;���' : * : :���> # .   ' * - ' * ��� \    w  at  OPENING  MARCH   1  Shared Enjoyment  14th were Mr. Eric Hensch, manager  -of   B.C.   Hydro   and  %Lr.   Malcolm _Mc-  favish, principal at Roberts Creek School  Introduced by Mr. Archie Rutherford.  These gentlemen were speaking on  bchalf_of the Sunshine Coast Committee  on the proposed Recreation Centre jrn  IKe Sugshine "CoasTrTSTf Hensch gave "us"  a rundown as "to how the program was  first formed with backing from all local  Sharing in the activities at ��eefrelt" lation  members  pictured  here  are   ����g clearfy depicted,-however, is'the  'Elementary "ISchfjol are members of secretary  Miss    Adele  de    Lange;    planimetry7Avpart of the answer to our-  the Senldr Citizens' Association who treasurer Mrs,. Alice Batchelor; pres-    question: '.'Where am I in all of" this?"'  ^rpp-in^to-offer-instructibn^n-e%���ss���ideMj'-M*s7=MSdge-Ha-nsen-and--social is.-e-vident^=ieiose-obseryatiori...raaj!7eyjen-  or' card games,' and last week en- convenor Mr,_Dave Hayward^Greene   -pick out your own house.  ^  ~l%M~watchmg "the "very Tfirie;'���".'puppet' Court residents also dropped in later     r 'As^rTecumrneTidmibhs���wen; you go  show. Schoolfacilities are also used to enjoy the puppet show. ahead and make' them���the vehicle for  Lfol^-SundQ^-SOCiarfunrtions,   ASSOC-  ���___��� expression is there in the>formot^te-  *"**�����w^�� _ =    navor.Bi    Associations,   Regional    District  a^g^phy   _  y.__A y..,rpr^_._____n_.   '. Chambers of Commerce, Fender Harbour,  Sechelt and Gibsons.  A 15 .member committee undertook a  survey sending out about 1200- question-  aires.-Ret-ui'ns--indicated--the���majority. ..Qf-  tiort with the Regional Board, who, have  made their legal machinery availafJleT"  >Questions asked by some of the 27-  p.eople there were: "Parking, hours of  puoiic skating", "everything seems to  be physical", "transportation", and  "costs".  Everything may appear to be physical  "but~^lTere~wTlf-be~a~3?60 square���feet���of���  seeondistory above the ice rink. Icet_and_  roller skating, lacrosse, fairs etc. in summer-. The second story will have folding .  '' dbors' to nvarSis rooms "ioV" dH-  art and crafts, games etc. This area wiU  also give. a .chance Co" rftake some money  by renting out to wedding parties, banquets  etc;���'��� ���- -     ���" ���  Mobile Home Park  Now Accepting  Reservat1mrsr~  MASON  ROAD  '���      Next to School  885-2375  Gibjgons-Sectefl .-.  council  members,  Engineering surveyor sees  s^ter1  payers  Representatives,   and  _���gtc- _.__.������.._^���^._::^^:_:^.r__���^^^  The Sechelt-Selma mosaics provide.a  striking   contrast.   To  my  mind 'a  truly,    ly park land has  been allocated. iri* this  interesting possibility exists in this area.    ��� area.       ,7  Why   not  create  a  public  waterfront        v What' has  been   done - since   has   ap-  " enclave   extending   from   the   mouth   of speared many times in the',paper; the don  people   were   in   favor  pf.   an   ice   rink,  curling77pTd"^wrmTning-poci't-ih- that-order���  of   preference.   Five   dollar   certificates  , ��� .     ��� . ���*       u       ,l- ,   ,, t,  ,j        _     ._ i �� .      seem to get to where they want. If the  were   sold   and     these   plus   donations     y ....     & -    .-  ., .ul-���   4V*7   ���_^^���_^rH_   ���^A__^1!r__._____ ___^^^._7.___t^^nnn_u_.. ..__..-sacilities. are   available_ihe_participants  rought them approximately.$6,00(TT;asn        ..v    . "  in the first 3Afe years. Based on surveys     wm De too.  ^-^fo^t^^P^j^  _\t.   'QhnnW   h_ The  cost of-course.will not  be^over'  between Sechelt and Gibsons. Fortunate-     3 mills, not more than approx.  Transportation: a bus will be available  on a "trial "basis at your- cost 7T">ut" "people"  T ARRIVED  Insence -. Party Jokes  ^DrPi^fures^^Giff^items  15 for  Chapman Creek to a point JNorth of Davis  Bay  Wharf?  A strip of .green  replacing  ations   have   been   fabulous,   men's  time  and  money,   goods,   equipment,  and  en-  the average family.  Mr. Hensch stated if everyone went  once a month- -350 people would use the  centre every day.. \  What is the novelty wore off? In  other areas it has'"been'just  the oppo-  POINTING  to   the   considerable   debate,  a^jmea^-aacU-discusskin   on-matters   r���  oninion  1 h^riT^lrttle'li^ih^TTrf     the-present ������ttghwayTmfr-its-^Ui.^^  ^LSal development bevond whakwe     ���telephone-power poles would be a won-    -$150,000, by June the contributions ��� will How close is the Recreation Commit-  now have   dey3Ll9pm       peyonct, wnau we,    derfat-eommtmri3Ma8e^^ ^ WOTRing?-^. liaftt haU supiflji I fi'onr  of community  planning during the past     now. have. a breakwater and  level beach area just   '. $?00 000  couple  of  years,  engineer  and  surveyor          But what we now haye will continue . north  of the mouth of  Chapman  Creek        7,7-    .   alrpaHv _ rPn,,P,tifin arM   ���nif  Bottg-So^ol the company Roy & Wage-__as_one   importantJncome_4��m��^^^ nZJJ of thP  St*   ln_ Z  naar has Submitted the following compre-.^^^0rtionHirti^orkirig population. while   ^t'"7F                                           ^y^mis^xr__^jide  ofjhe  site  and  on  hensive   article   headed   "Sechelt  Penin-     The future course of development will; Are   proposals     like    this   desirable*77p '*)ther  Slde "P-^eTHountain is  the  sula^wliich way?"       7���__ in-Ae^maiiy-be7det.prm-ined by���this and���physieaHy^osabk^-^dJ-mMt^  The Sechelt  Peninsula, unfQEtuja^tgiy . tnre^not^r-^rQiips of people.        , jeach?   Well.   I   think .io=if .not   ndw^^ 'M  Ahe   Regional   tsoard-ooe^  eveiy committee,  Not essential!���We .thii^k it is essen-  tial.  any  area.where  'they  checked  the  RECORDS  STEREO LP's  |-Each���==^=4,  .45f-       6^  29e each  .....  m  4 w&*��$  "Top Juke Wo% Mfts^  ssari^���in���oi^der���&f���impoy-���then soon���and���to-^i  tance they are: ^~"  Retired couples-^-the tendency toward  earlier ^retirement  willy nilly���-arei involved m the iuture as  well as the now. jxetirea coupies-+-i  As each planning concept (a thing of earlier ^retirement ' well   capitalized   by  ^���n-the^mMd^iS-^  an additiolial element in the pattern  of. Recreational  or   second  home  people^  development will be imposed. Its marks, ���along the Taatggfront and back to the  like -those-ofe-eurnearly "Crown-Land sur- hills   these  people  are seeking "a  peace  vey  system, 7wJili be  discernible for  all and quiet, away from it all atmosphere,  time., Not.-Qrily^tljat���-the  citizens  must f0r  their  leisure' time....This; group- will  .  live with-thisfesuitJOf a planning decision attach itself permanently so to speak���  ���-'��� for-a'like^peribdf^"-  ,.,.........;-?^^-,���..,_,_..  _ ,,, .j^gj.-^perhaps" becoming Tetirees7   -   It would be nice if the pattern were Tourists  are  next  on  the   list���these  ahle from���areTtransient, ��visiting^ for   short,  periad.  results were overwhelming  Eight-; years !agot according to another  resident-  arlike^prpj ect���"was���attefep^ted  mind  ��UCh"ima-')|ayT"'uc ro^:unctiiit~rregia.--witn jvucmttttoH^atH'   as   g���jg#j^^fei-VGnturo' -and���%as-^discoui^������  ginative development of the natural .'^������'f?fr^waM��^  sets in the Gibsons-Sechelt "Riviera'' is1    committee  will  have  to .answer  to;the    .S8id''i^''Timi6t'-''Be'''a .ebmmuriity:"project,  the way to gof                                                  Regional Board,  who in turn will heed          if pledple^ould. invest |n themselves  Mans and nhotos in hand think about7--^ie Pe��P^e-        7j^                   V.      ,              .others would bejencburagedto Invest in  ii, Now is the time! '" ''���" *     rri*"*��� ^-"-^~* i~^~���*~.~ ���~ ������*..      __ar-_.-__^ ������-.���*���       ^      ,  .THIS WEEK SPECIAL:  28 COLORS  oz.  25  E YARN BAR!  They Ijave^Ead trei&endbus" eb-bpera- -   the area.  ne 885-9305  ��5a#ife}7  the standpoint of amenity and economy., of time."Pretty well confined to the sum-  It beljpoyes us to pay attention. As the mer months this group may be more im-  receh't;?recb**d indicates, at least some of portant-to. the .upper Peninsula than to  us are! Where does the bewildered citizen GibsOns-Sechelt.' ���   ' '_   begin?  One approach might be to ask:-"Does  ^my"iB^ntalrpietffl3egefc4fa^^  Sechelt-'Peninsula* correspond' with   the  real thing?" Identification of- key Jeatures  on  All this amounts to saying that devel-  bpnient 'will be in  that form taken, by  ^^piiv^eel^s^JJi^Ani^nijieSuffi, t.he .WJSiQ.   for leisure* time and Tetiren^ntT^Not ex;  actly a dormitory community (as is,West-  are important:y   ,'7';., -_. 7 y ' * 7:-''y ..   ..{,  '��� *i Grid- ���is,;J''plariimetry~tns't wis- tlie^ pbsij  tion of roads, rivers, creeks,  the waterfront,  settled- -.areas,., schools, ^shopping  rentrpR and so on. -   ���������������'-������ ; :  Second is the topography, which has  tb do with .elevation differerices���so-'irh-  portant^ to 'road construction, water stor-  ��� age facilitieSi.,;yiew, etc. Contour Hrites.. tell-  the story here.        " - -     ��� Third  is ' the  broad' pattern  of  land  subdivision���private " ownership    is^ the  -Tock7b'o^ our ^system bF land,    n}Gnts-  il&:":- ideiit.^t'f^lbw^ tH^  oprtlent ought, to bp-such as to create and  enhance these-anaenities.;^;-,, ������-^-��' ,..-,���.'       ;  lHuw^^^ul^��w:g.JE^.'ta7g  pne; thing,   Cai;mels:by-the-Sea    are   in  "or^er.v.,',Aside 'fpofn'':"'' ti\at  o'tl)pr   h'aturai  gift of a relatively temperate blihiat'e, tlie,  >vaterf l'ont, js our-- most - important asset,.  Certain public enclaves on the waterfront.  m;u^!@Lcre��ledia^  ..Ih|���iloll.-ol-i.r.aiiic���and^high:iilse_  tenure and there will be "cbriflictl District  lot outlines are shown on the map.  ., ���Fourth of course ig, tlie*all-important  question: '"'''  "Where am I in all of this?" A^ittle  *r'ed-;r,dot-r;7swllWsu.��liqQ-~.to-vihdica^;Tybur/  position  plUnimetrical'y, topographically,  and with respect to a parcel of land,"  The little red dot will not,' however,  Deveibp^'ent''"lh''''''iiiierief'al will lie ' of  the atrip or ribbon persuasion���we are,  after all,, jammed,.between onountain and  sea. EVen so'there will be, and"in fact  ,are,-areas of   concentration.     Notable  arhbng,ihQse.are, Gibsons, Sechelt,*-Selma4  Davitf Bay, Wv the future I see the Rob  erts Greek area coming along.  Ih  areas    of  concentration    wisdom  provide- a complete answer to that trickyi���would dictate a, deqent .standard of de-  4����s" Whores am��i^^^^  the question', "Where am I with respect Uol,. I would tend.Jo^.emphqs^'o^protcc-  tb the controversy over location bf tlie tipn fv'bhi. all but local ���traffic���the crca-  lovopo^cd''Gibsons by"passV";^ '  ���; which-canrbe ;s^tisfactorlly7unswQrQd���,hyr,".c ample walkways, to und,  ���slmplo-reference-to-a-map���Qucstions-of���frbm-^he-w^  *  -lonirtcrrn^  '-���-������- "���-:������r���  Conflicts- of  interest enter  tho  picture.     Tho" thenio" "proleclion  from  traffic"  Value  judgements  are  involved,   There  ��� is emphasized; and- since the automobile  'will bo'differences-of-opinion-to .rcconcllo!    is-. e)sscntial-Jto- our-wny-oMifa^wofmust"  No doiibt there aro answers lo thoso    provide for its propcfrmovomonl both'on  quesllohH,, but thoru'Ir ,no' ono nnHwer." " rt'lhrpugh 'basls'iujcl locally,  i.Coi'lulnly, though, ���tho future is ablnijMmw^J,o,,aga|n,j,.olntQ���ouivcon'ccp.t.,(lli,uLll*lii��  ��� to'grow out,of today's controversy, There ;7]of ^ho��mlna)-*i��Klrtho'roHlltylllu,*nllo the  is,, a'process  of ovolullon  and ,ono  in ���,ffl}P< ^ndj^cntgd ,th'Qv,Qon7aro  oxlsllng  which citizens have an opportunity, to'" puplio''waiorfront''conol��VeV''hh4'pbsplblo  participate., ,i futtira ones, LlkowiKo," tho areas; of pro-  ' ; Coupled, with a map, tho-nir photo vlow' "^:v scirii ���������i*ihd'Vpo,saiJi1b:ifutuV6';P9pulifitiori '��� con-  brlnfis, ono evon closor to  _ real klon-    S",1}^'"^011, WQ  Indicated.   Threaded  bo-  ���JlXlcutloiilwllllu.Uio,dlHcoui-au^oiv.~wli��Ul��^^viteo  ' essontlally community planning;' * ���l"'''4'''������'���'������','��-���P^,ond���'^no'p^n;mnin���,t^,Hfflc^nrtel,y���-i-]rf^gh^  ,', Boyondtho moro facts to bo obsoVvatf. y/oy,101, , ,    bno' is disturbed, by tho i'bfJcqtlbn thj^Cawn r.pno firsti'hprosslon Is that tho aro,a's  ^t>mo"passc,s'Hhe*dlfflcul|KOJC*qnuM^  Yolopmoni, lo'cpnform to a* prpconcolvcd    Into, tho thinly popi'li'tod, ono Hor, strip,  ���plan- Increases. -Or,   putting  it  nnothor ," WhatNwlll '!i()-yoars bring? ��� .  Way, It Is" uvlcloht lhat planning for to- A' ffocond tljouglit would dwoll on lho  morrow must dofor soinpwhat to' things, location of Iho main (ruffle urlory, Gibus Ihoy are now; Tha hbpt* fpr ,lhq futuro' flons is olrcjndy vo^cd hy iho question of  is to build on this foundation, capricious �� cholcu for the future. 'What will ho  as It may apponr lo bo, noj-17 Tho Cohorts'Crcok vocaMdlon.com-  .    Back tlien lo the question: "Whoro nro .-plex now uborhlng?,  ...   ^,          r���.WO-g<ilng,>andfJvow, .would .. wo, Jiko4rtto-.-.��.*Aud.. wouldn't ,1't., bo,, nice, if-{hut-, butty-  go?" To u dogi'oo lho unswors avo a mat- waiorfront roud along DuvIh Hay coul'd  lev of opinion,' J3olqw is UilH'luymunVi ho nuWo(| back, Tlils Is'a tough ono wllh  vlow., "     ��� ; ,   !     ,   , "lho, Chi'pimui CJrouk 'Cuiiyon' being wlioi-o  lloglnnully,  l>��idc, Indurtlry' plays  its    His, fa  '"pavi7Thb'}iulp nilirnnd'logging aoUvlllos;'  ' ��� I^IKowIhh,  tlio coiiRirjclcrt Jls1 hnrUH  ������will bo will- us for, some Umo,, Of ugrl-,  forming Iho present heart of Socholt will  culture on ri,',<*ommqvdul basis there \_    bo1 difficult to by^pass, >  nothing���nor Is > thoro, likply, to. bo��~.l'kQ- ��� H 'iKxamli|��lion,of tho mosaics will bi'Jng ,  wlsoi commercial 'fishing Ih baroly vlablp.    U>(J ohsoi'vov ovoiVolosoi' to' spoclflo .con-  ,,LwQi'uv.��Ln.%tro'cttbiUhQr.Un\sJcQn;ancLina>/,��4J?i5^^^^^^^^^  bo again, ,Wlu\t, olsq? Somafflhaka, cut" ' Pi'��,vld��n,Mn ovorvlqw, otMho amUln'ough  ting  nnd  gyppo , logging���no.,uawmlllH    which the sb-cullod by-puns must, proceed.  ,���, .Jof U,��.Tho.:i iaur��'-foi^hu��to.*Jnd��Hti,y^Iiv"*j^   \:\.,You';*1iouldJ^^  c��<.,-,ri hovJinv roiWrm afreets vou If vou fedu rC'tukhJ,     rccc ycd. The booklci   Highliglils loi imm uuuis  tJonSSJ^^^ inbludes^a order iW'Thto form should bo com-  ,. . ������ .Uie fpllowing booklets.m available.   ���    ;, y , fc (i \ f,,    plotcd and mailed to:  ��� "Child Cure Expenses1' ���,.������..,' Taxation Distribution Cenim   :,^^.��,i4^0ving4ixpen8ci*^~---r-~���-���,���:���. 1���r-i>;orUo7C"848(4)~  .    -; <��n,.^!r.ii r.niiic" " "-"���"���- - --���-���-<-"���'-'''-' ��� -   ������ ������-������-  ��4.),����,-��4��W--..,���.,,.-,iJ.���y <  !'MKuIir|n^7n-miS  " ^c'memfe^^  ^���ffito^h:lK��uUla^..r:      ���     Ihrinic/youa-raiiow; the eMtepli^^^  ..l.  ,, ��i,�� tir.nr mi 11 m 'n lho Knrmir ol '73. >    ���  ��� ���:������"'  �����(�� irrniHwni m v���ri �����*����������" i  "iJasic Herds"    .  "Corporate Tux GuldoV  iile your return, irt.tho spring,of '73,  ���m^^^mm^m^m^^mi^^^ti^  CANADIAN LEGION  ,"   " i" ���',,   !   i  i "  Branch 140  ,h ��i\^.  '   '    '       , 7' '      *)\  . H7.        ,.���.,,    i        4      4.4,     f, _._4,___. _._l_______     ..___._  I  ^*<m������v  mmm&Q*tm^ixtfmmM#it0.  ��J*��l��#��WI��l(l(i^^  Ti��Jir  MV  ii"��  ..I.,,  ���A  wft^^i^^^^wMv ��� Y4i'rtMHM#v^.H ���<.v��,tot����i*i��i-��.*. ^ I*"4 ii m��h <i'������*��iwr��^*^>w#*''* f*��**��iw*N ���'���M^��tt��.vw, ^ a^^mwm* W'''v'^Rik Mn in *** _f _f^___J__f __^'_tf^ MM "T BF" _W^ _V__ Vll B^BI'*_____* V% wf"   ���.   ���'  ��� ��� ' ' L  '- *���   '- ' ������������ ' * ������ -  ������  *1��yl��W*rali1,^(iiW(ir'. 4*i(,[(frf^.tCJM<fif i^^M%M^I^I*frftiirtt*i^M*W*Mtt^W  (|T.    u,y--.i  mm?ymm��mm^ipy>0mM>&$m  til        i-v        i hJ      im**.t.     .   ��     -  t-t.* At        w   ��m}Jh>t    *ta*1im���   , i". f i  ti 4'-. ^i^fSi. v ,}jiU'M''-$'VMV* ' *-?��.*' Wi^'MWiEl^tW*''-*/'**'^*}** ���j't^  ���| l rf' �� ( 'A i i      '     " ;     >     '    yf!ft    rt  mw*wm**��^^ ' ,       (' t        i-'*   i     .,7*0        <  f^|pT���*l?5 *.'.'  #>  -*C^  luuuiniiiiiiniairiiinftimwMiHttfitdfM^  MacGregor Pacific  Real-Estate Bail ding  Box 739 Gibsons  Phone ��86-2121  '"   "       "  ~ 5 ~-~  '      ;; ""-" ���   -  ?**uvv*vuavvuuuu_uuvu*n*vuvwigjtjvuvHt*Uvvvvauvi  S_��  THe Peninsula Time's '"<  "Wednesday, FeFMary 23. Wtl  ~ : .,-..      .      .._ ���    _ .    ��� -��� - *��� -.���������,.*��� X .    . ' ._,  m**  Moit&LMm^ that  1  ies  ���* ���  ���   r-   ���:������   "- ���-��� <f     ���   .    ���  Have Been Associated With  &  PSSST...  (By Jack Mills)  riiw*%Mnt*vui.ivttti*imtvvittu*uvttuvuvvmtuvsnivtiv_wni <  THE  WALKATHONERS    valiantly    attempting' to push the recpeation- centre -  referendum   through   certainly   picked   a  good day Sunday to hike out to the site.  T'was  actually  a  typical  G'ibsons  day���  unny skies and  one  of the;  made ydu feel sorry  for  the other poor  people  in B.C.  and  the  rest  of Canada.  We .. didn'l-. gelx__ari.... actual_count__of __lhc_.  number that took part 'in the walk, but  from what we could picture mentally after making the trip (in  the car, by the  way! "up"~aTRi" tTown   the   highway,   we -  would have to say that the Sea, Shelters  put on a better show than the Gibsonites .  when it came down to the masses. One  on ar*a tu tctti bits  f  Wayne Vogel and Tom Godber  Oh thp jQpenihg Of  ON.  tHESEIM  ~Acro$s from  m&mmMGmppim  TWO LOCATIONS���  Gibsons���886-2291  Seche^���885-2288  fellow at the Plaza where the group  gathered commented, "I can get a" better  crowd ' than that to clean up my back  yard." He was being facetious, probably.  - And. Saturday is the big day at the  polls for the recreatinn mnflnls We arp  ��xt^6ing_J^-tTIa^e any predictions, but  we dS~tnink the results will prove very,  very interesting. We have our own con-  jae44e��s-en~4he���e*oo-l as 'weVe-seen���ft���so"1  far, but less than .two months here does  not give us enough time to assess the  sit uatiqn fairly- Consequently, rather than  stitft-gtic��lxig'it'up at .this^jaie_stage_iiv  .qyhil Dfly/lpft), Judy Ttefr and Pa;t.    during J,heir_regiiter Monday even-    Clu'b held at the home of Mrs. Rase  BJ��kaka/^de^ jng-sessjgns of the Ladies7 Hobby    GjraM in gi|sons  plTo^iandcr^    *..    ���- ^ ���.     ^.^~^^____  the  game, we  just  aren't  going   to  sick  -olir fat   npek ^>irt_       '   And   for   those   who   are   wondering  w"hy we have given free distribution one*  "rrreye=week^when  we settlecLinr afair.  week"' sampling, the reason is because. ���  But this is the "fihale^it"won't happen  again,, unless it is a. special issue.... And  t6 the lady who brought in three week's  issues of The Times, all we can say is  thank you m'am. She didn't tell us what  to do with them, bui by golly we sure  got   the   message.  Taking, pictures   over   at the   Ladies'  ---Hobby Club t'other night, we were confronted   with   the   comments,   "ymi   .?,_  take our pictures as  long  as  our names  ���derrt���appear���4n-��-tha-t���PSSST-^-eoltHaflv-  Gf5sh,   Kosie, U-irard   we  wouldnH  think*  ���   of it. ���   .      -  And   we  must   thank   our   publishers  -  for the raise - they���gave-us7 last -week. It-  was  a   note  saying   that   now   we  were  4a-4H~4bagr.��eek.���������������    . .-���  onapctiutctilond  to  ttSnSoaBerai-^  jr.*.  An owl, a voodoo doll, and a poodle,    July) I Weekend  . >  -i  arc* all creations,of members of-the  i,J,adies71J.Qbbyja^^^   01bsons_al_thoJio.me^iUMrA_i5SL^L  Girard. Shown arc (from left) Lor-  '  raino Barber, Mrs. Glvard,' and'Belle  Dubo. Mrs. Girard is tho organiser  * and Inslruelor pf tho Monday nigM  ���sessions"; ��� -"-  Or, as the boas complimented his  secretary. " At least'you're very versatile, Miss Smith. I didn't know that anyone could be so, inefficient in so many  different   ways."  Ahd Wh'eh-*it comps to meetings such  7 ^_^^sJJi��^hamber-^fH3omnnrerce7*Se*'a' CavaT-"  cade���where do you nt in? Take a look:  Some keep their organization strong,  While others -join, just to belong.  Some volunteer and do their share,  While, others rest and never care.  .;QnVj**oeeting. days, .some-always-show, ���  While some there are who never go.  Some always pay their" dues ahead, �����  Some get behind for months instead.  Some Jp their best; some build;  sOrhe make.  Some never do���just sit and take,  V�����-j ,,,,Some�� lag, behing, ...just Jet, things., go,  and hover help their group-to grow.  Some drag; some pull, some don't;  ��� some, do,.,,._^,.,,. ,..,;., ,��� .,��� ;   '"Consider pardneri Which are you?  GIBSONS MAWpEIMCE:  ON THEIR WEW VEWTURE  PENINSULA PLUMBING  Heredity is a major factor in assess-:  ing chances of acquiring heart disease.  ' '-EygmHH**^rt?tr^  Sunshine Coast Highway and Pratt Road, Gibsons   ��� JM*ertev886=9533^  l ' -\    'J./   l-.-r'-  ,(4.i^!'!��f,:i;*ia;.fe3A:r 'i -���-!<--  ���������  ��� y.$^$(:-';Mki 7'j- ���  i ��________mm  ���r_ __���B.CrHsOTrTSJRa. , 7-mL  lor Sea  -Teen hobbyists r T  hold Valentine lea  IT'S-all-systoms- gortw~Gibsons' ^urU^;, j)jo|^Porafle,7  -^AnnuaHBea-eovd.leRdeTa-nM  weekend was tho date solected ,by,i;nii3iTa-��,,,Glub>wlll htfndle "thinconcession; Branch  bon* at tho group's rogular monthly moot- ��� jpD R6 j Oflnndlan Legion, Will look af-  Ing hpld last Tuesday at the Gibsons lw ndvortiHlng nncl lho Qibsonli Wlklllfo  Athletic Asaaelatloh hull.,  A MOTljER and, daughter Valonllno 1o��    0^nc  was hold by  llio Toon Hobby  Club    u)eu,  uoucAsaociauon oou... . , , .Club'has been d����lgnatedHo��lookiafter-h  Juiy"l,"2ranc*. 3 aro the dates, o bo * t.Ho Jui^lhr I|Al1^][,'8:^l���iVp'���>r,���v"u'^^,���,';v"''H'���u���','  ic-l, organizers' npponi:1lo, bo well on       , . ', . ' ,.  lr way to mako thfn year's ovont lho    n 'Tho now gohcral meotlnR *of tho,Son"  ,,   at  tho. homo  'of  IVtrs,  J'nnot  Blflflomnn    ))oflt, 0n'record,   , ��� Cflval<;n'do will ,po hold  Marcl) ��ft  7:30  A^ Tuosdiiy. Fobrunry  IB.   ;' 7.^^,,toi^^���,7^4^^  ,y,y__  Inlorti.'it was shown by tho, mplhors |-ont prosontat|ons will tako place tho  I'or tho' various crafts mado liy tho Rlrls.    nnmo evening an tho dnntio, which will  ' MatMuuho; bolt'wonvlngroroohotinfj, Itnot- pl-obnbly bo hold on-tho , Bntjirduy. A  loci* dollies made on a  loom, and knit-    carnival'will ho hold nt.Kln Park,  ..linn   wuro  among   tho  different  handl- Jo-Anno  Rottluff  Ih ' roplaclng  Rich-  ^Hrir*(iiirj5iay(itr ht^i iwwr  :-" mot Ihm'Hj ��� 1~ ��������� ����-*������. endo,-  IHEjaiBLE.  iU  :eAN:BE.UNDERSTOODr  For^ >4// /fs D/fficu/fi^s,  The Book h A Gold-mine  Worth Wor/cin^ At  A Frco Corrcspondonco Courso To Moot  Yowr P^nonol Hbcd�� Is Available, Send  Your Roqucn To Box 468. Gibson*. B.C.  In New Modern Quarters  (to serve you better)  ,-',, .,  *  * Complete line of O./VLC. and  Chrysler Marine Parts  '$ Evinrude and Chrysler  :i���n:-':'lHbdt_'td' sales'" '","'' '"' "*'"  it Double Ectgle boat sales  r\^^wm^vpmsi^^T.:i..i__^r.^.~.rz\:^::.:  A "'(JpJl<j|(H��H" lii'noli was propiirod rind Tho following mom bora woro namcTl <  nerved by tho. girls, whllotholrmothqrs to head yarlguHOoinmlttoos!    ,  ,    goLacrimilntod, and,somp, now Ideas and Dona darmichaol, Domolltloi. Derby;  ��� miHHOHtloiis  woro  oxohan��6d  for fi'turo nuunborH of the Gibsons Fire 'Department,  t moothiHH. , wator s|)orts; Kinsmen, danco commUtop;  ' -.  Mrs, Truoman, Arts Council} Gihsonn and  Every hour of. ovory day," nine Xa-' District, Chamber of Commerce, bnvbe-  ��� nnil1iriVrt"\?li�� bf'lion'i-r'dlfionhoT-ClimJjircfaw^  oddn by nu|)|')ortlnH tho lloartlPiintb .   < ri'i4rnor,, wharf oommlUoo and Jon Nim-.,,,  I  i i,  ;. , , Extends  EST WISHES  MWIWWVimwWMWWMMWWMllWW^^  ,  whmmm&m  I  ���:.f  FABRIC  ^|^J%i#--W**'i#-BpI  * "Glfesons      ,'.,, i        ,   886-7525  SPRING IS  Sew wise  to save on  ���.i-m^-v^mm^mmm.  f1��KR 5  ; Many spring"iabri��$-npvr'in^stpckr  Aly$0Ta complete line of knit fabrics*  ���vi*i����* { <��� -1      t'*\t<  ^SirYOU R XHAllGEX'l^-.!  .{-.  \^9m^^it^^^*^<.\^\^fvff��t^^���'^^^^*z'*^^^���*^  on the opening of  -_. i.��. wk��>*&r^i*^m^m&ii^i^t^4Wjf^*B��^i^*Hw^*^�����*���twi)Hi^��%wt^^  b*iiw^��hMiWWw^Wi**ISWi1^ ��WW��i��'MW*fi!w��'*!��#i��' ]l*��wlWi*  GIBSONS MARINE SERVICES LTD  t',"i '     (,'     ' ���' ,     ..'..,       ^i,  ���^��ctnd~would���like-to-congratuhte��� ^ .  I ,    i >     i M ' i i .......  Tom Godber anci Wayne Vogel  fi Tdpti D&Jks, S^^^  Q\jtomotive accessories.  ���MMMk  wimm*mtt9_mm  HEAVY-DUfY:  LICENSED MECHANIC  ,|..,.W.!��.H,,.4:l.,|...,.j.,J,,4,ni���.���., 1.4.,,u,J!,|..,>..�����.l,��|...'|...ll,.4.|,J��il.���4)..,��. ,,  ,        ���,,,,)  MMlMtapMi  |f(lMlllMI|^%#m^t|H��ffl!*|^  '("*  !lt��^^rt��MIWB��^Mll^^  l       < ' .1  Wo aro pleased to have tho opportunity  , t,�� to supply parts to Gipsons Marine  BESTVrWQKV  m>iMiim_.mm_m___mm*_m<_ mwww. i, ._.__.},?_._ __________  "MWlWWWMW*!*^^  v0mmww**i*m  Mwmmmv  ��ww��fli��miffW*��**v sstty&Wf_ Wta^��'!W^t^**w��fflf^*i^^  Sunshine Auto Parts Ltd  '������'Cmf.rit'Sfiv^ Sochelt.,-"�� ,>,, -��� ' '���   ���*��� ������, , -   Phono fi8d-22^  Phone 80^-2^6  "A* licensed  , Welder  i ' Y  jc Gasoline  pumps being  installed  |W*��a*tWWtfWw#**>W*  If^marme   -repairs-  ��^��f��M��^iqa^fs^h*4>>v^m^. ��U  i-a,<eemm��eK'WM'i't  fi Complete '.   ���,B...,aufompji-/e  ^ repairs  HHW^iWisWiiMW fe��i*(��friWt'  CHARGEX  j,  ACROSS FROM TWIN CREEK BOILpING SUPPLY  H ''" '���   i 7 '    '.    '7    ''  lW"Hw��i����iiHflNrawi��a!��ist^^^  GIBSONS MARINE  SERVICES  *WtyWwwtW*iWW'^^  Box 3^7  ,-ihsit  SiinaHino'tpQit Highway  8Q6-74M   .  V^v��."'',T';��  i- \~t.  t^yttwiw**"  ^^wwwwiWJWMyja^ml^a^fai^.  _*_w  iV7  ��m^^j^��,���i.nl.���i�����,a���  T  Ij1   I i  I > ' ' i I* fl        ' , , I I i . * H��  (���.     hi     n   t *   I, *  I It    ' * ' ' I  '      \ \ '   ' '        '    �� i*      , ' J St*1 i ' ' )   *    .   ib �� f i fc       '*  $��s*"  7*  V"  AromdFGibsons  ^Sf^9^.0wit^ntW^9^2  BRIDAL SHOWER  i ���  T^S77DoTlr-Sl^ll(m'-a^^  SkeHet-t- were .eo-hostesses at theh-  home honoring ^ Miss Marcy McHeffey  with a delightful surprise bridal shower.  At Miss McHeffey's marriage to David.  Bland, Miss Skellett will be bridesmaid.  A lovely, white Carnation corsage was  presented to' the guest of hdnor, who re- ^  ceived beautiful miscellaneous jifts,  which were presented in- a large pink  umbrella decorated with flowers and ribbons in pink, mauve and white,  r���Games- -were- -en-joyed^-TBhere���Avasr-a ���  _ special; shower" cake   and   a   variety   of  delectable refreshments  were served.  , Present were Mrs. Clara Nygren, Mrs.  Nancy Nygren, Mrs. Sally Garlick, Mrs.  McHeffey, Mrs. . Marion ��� Alsager, Mrs.  Crystal Hoehne, Mrs. Bland, Mrs. Raines,  ���MrsrHVlusgro've;~Mrsr^^ ���  Mrs. Susan Fossett, Mrs. Mollie Kehritett,  Miss Cindy Dodrnan; Miss- Robyn Nygren  and Mis&4J^4a^.y���.Als-a-||eW ���~  juwtfww  Box  739,  Gibsons, B.C.  886-2121  Newcomers Weteome^at^������^ ^^erfpes^^^ The Peninsuldi Tjrnes_  J*mM=  'mi%Bvrm0*nnnna%0innnnM_w_Tm_in____^  v    > .. '  ��� '  Meet your volleyball coaches  ladies'Ho^by jChib^-   -  ALL ladies  are invited  to take part, in  ��� the  Ladies" Hobby  Club,  a  group  or  eager beavers who m^et at the home of ^  J^rs^���Ro^e���G-irard���eveiy���Monday   night~  and   nfake   everything   from giant���crepe���  paper flowers <tb smocked round cushions.  '   A new pj-ojfect is shown -at -every jneef- -  ing and different, yet easy-to-make items  so far have included, as well as the cushions and flowers, wide-eyed foam owls,,  impish ruban voodoo dolls, etc. ���,  '  Plans.- for   future     meeting's   include  knitted poodle tea-cosy,_crocheted child's-  purse,   bead  rings  and "many   other. ��� in>.  teresting items.       ,     ' 7  ���v The  group���holds���ver-y^-mfor-mal���ses?"  sions of fun andjiobby work to make' a  very pleasant evening.  ���   Skiing-is-a-sport-in--whieh-you- try-to���  avoid' the breaks of the game.  gra  mctt^t^riwmr^  GREEN-WHITE   UNITE  , On February 17 at 3 p.m. in the* vestry  -oLthe 7United-Gh-ur-eh-4:n-TSummei--lafld-at-  a quiet service attended by members of  their respective families, Mrs. Irene  Green and Robert White of Gibsons were  united in marriage.  Present for the wedding ��� were the  bride's daughter, Mrs. May Briscoe and  two children, who had travelled from  Calgary ' f-er the occasion. (It was Mrs.  Briscoe's 10th wedding anniversary). Also  present "were the bride's son and'daughter-in-law, David and .Gail Dyer and  their two children-from  Gibsons:  The groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.  ~WHniriJF~SiImrff^^  Mr. and Mrs.  Ron White and  son from  Revelstoke. Ron White, the groom's bro-  "ffier, was best man. Following the ceremony a reception was held at the Inn  in  Summerland.  VILLAGE  OF GIBSONS  A 7  -.\w  1  5  TAX PftYHNTX  BMW- FAITH?  Phone 886-7355 or 885-9895  Made between January 1st and May 15th  ���.7' ,      _         \  Interest/ atthe rate of 5%~periinnu'irij will be credited to any prepayment deposit on current (1972) taxes made between January 1st and  -May-15th, 1 Wl^lnterest-will be calculated from the datirof payment  to June 30, 1972. Such deposits, in any amount up to the total of the  1971 taxes, will be accepted; ��.;������'  Any furtheFinformation required may be obtained from the Muni-"  cipal Office, telephone 886-2543.  December 22,  1971.     ,  ~~ Mrs-. - rStie_Whiting7Tier~husbarid���Ra:  and four children, live on Franklin Road  Irr Gibsons. Sue was borrrtrr"VancouveT  and raised in Roberts Creek and Gibsons where she has lived for 18 years.  Both Sue and Ray are active community-  minded people. Sue not only is a vol-  leybali-^ctrarhAbuIrshe-is~aiscr H-quarter^  master for tlie Boy Scouts Group Com-  ittee. an active member of the Gibsons  Athletic Assba^ticirT,-- and "a -st  for the Esso Marin Cheetas. She has held  MISS ELLA STAR  Miss Ella Star is trie second youngest  daughter of Mr  and Mrs. Bud Star, who  Live oh FranlUm^irfoad" in  Gibsons.  Ella  is   a   Grade^ll)   student   at   Elphinstone  Second^TSchool. She was born in Cal-  wed^i��--��aiTCo*u ver "ancTKam-  5ops  prior to moving  to Gibsons three  \wkn*s-pe��i*ie��s--0v��i^~i9u^  FAREWELL   LUNCHEON ,  ___Mrs. Mollip K^nnett, who leavps shnrt.-  ly for permanent  residence  in  England,     and beliej  was honored  guest, at. a  farpw.  in the Brownie, and Guide Association,  as well as being .secretaryicr'fhe Cala-  donian soccer team, -pf^wmch her husband Ray is manager^  Sue   enjoj^^wfrrktng-���with    children  with a little more parental  ���ball team last .spring and enjoys playing  volleyball in the school program.  This is her first .year as a volleyball  coach. The Gibsons Athletic Association  is  very   grateful for young  people  like  ,by_jn0i*e���oi~~the  public   a  Ella who take time to help other young  eon  given  by  Mrs.   Oney   De  Camp  at     top" notch community could result.  her Trueman )Road���home���on���Saturday---^7���^  -JEebruary 12. 1972.  people learn to participate in the sports  . prograrS.  '. _  f*HOI\IE-8e6=7*  .GIBSONS, B.C.  ' . 4   ' 7 ,"  Where Finance Terms Are Quickly Arranged. Low Down Payment. Low Monthly Payment.  ALL  THAT  WE ASK IS  THAT  YOU HAVE A  STEADY JOB  OR OWN A  HOME.  7 ~TOW r���  RAMBLER CLASSIC  .A-door���sedan.  6 cyl7~SFandar3Trans.  The   guests   included    Mrs^-itennett,* JieffcTllnpaJTeaTTr".  ,4Mrs...rt:M.^Sco.t.t,r^  E. Hutchins, Mrs. W. Lovell, Mrs. D.  Drummond, Mrs. S. Garlick, Mrs. E. Pilling and Mrs. R. Telford. ' . y  Mrs. E. Hutchins won the door prize,  a lovely blue vase. Mrs. Telford, presenting   Mrs.   Kennelt   with   a   money   tree,  -recited 7a  verse  which she  had  written  TorThe occasion. "Dear Mollie, when you  court cases  fly  away,  across  prairie   land,   and  sea,  j^Kfi-hofieffiat you'll rememfier-^this little  money 'free. It carries all good wishes  that the best of days- will. be; for you  in dear old England, far away across the  sea.   ���s.    -  PERSONALS  ALL court cases handled in Gibsons court  -""earlier   this   month���HvvelveeV-l?'   who do not live oh the Sunshine Coast"  Donald W. Jenkins of Vancouver, was  charged   with   attempted  theft.   He   was  fined $100. Court was told that Jenktfis-  removed   a   fire   extinguisher   from; its  1200  2 dr. 4 cyl. engine. Automatic  ^amimssi��nT^20iOOO-mfies��  7FULL  PRICE  J&80$p^qwT^^  ~197  1200  2 dr. seddn. 4 cyl. engine. 4 speed  trans. Custom radio.  ''1,7 20,000 miles.  TRTCl=  $75;0Od6ij(rncV?$75i0Opermdiith?  1970 DATSUN  2 dr sedan. 4 cyl. 4 speed. Radio.  25,000 miles. New clutch. Fully.  -Richard   and   Yvonne.. Flumerfettr  a short distance away when - apprehended  whose wedding -anniversary was February     by a B.C. Ferries crew. There have b-fiOn  ,   21, are well and happy. a number of minor, thefts-on the^ferriGis  9  ��r Ml^^'^^.%WX�� %> ��l^ne   ��r    in ;tbe7paSt,   p&^cul^-iayol^l-^e  ��� ��������� West ?xa^co'uver>7j  ^r |�� fi'I.,,'   ���' equipmenD."' --'������'.. ' '  f'ft'"  i       Mra.-Helen Lau,-wlio spent the winter Gary  Howard Semrau, recent visitor   ���at���^nti'id^tii^^^fiflffl��7-h^s-^i^fai-i'riPFl-frnrl  fi'ohr fhr�� 1 Tniteri..Rtntps, -was plmi-gpri w* 1 h  is   visiting   with   Mrs.   G.   Webb   for   a supplying liquor' to  a  person  under ,19  .   <       while. years of age. ,He-was fined $50,.  Mrs. Lau  celebrated ���Her"82hd birth- HjortOr ' August: Bjoi'risbh   of   Saska-  day in Vancouver earlier this month. tchewari was charged, witli impaired driv-  -   '    Mr.   and   Mrs.' Stephen   Holland   ob- inS and .refusing;.tp.iake. the'breathalyzer  ' served   their   wedding   anniversary   last ' test He was fined $300 oh'the first charge  anniversary-was- one week ago Monday.    Pr g ltcenso.rwas suspended .forgone month.  Pastor G. Foster attended  1972 min-  .   tstcrs'  seminars  at Chilliwack February   ���* w"i5"'t6n'i7:'* '"'" "" ; " "��� "���'""'  Miss   Eileen, MacKonssie    expects   to  , ��; leii)ve.:Fcbruary.^'28-;.for.r'',Lond  ^Ko plaiis7'to' visit fri6nd.Cand3blativc.s.  and see as much of the old country as  ,������. ��� _., sho voans,for,a month, ,, ..,���.. ,.,,���, ,.,* ������.,..   NEVEN'S  RADIO^^TEtEVISIOH  ZENITH  METWOOb  ADMIRAL.- PHILIPS.  EVERYTHING FOR  HOME ENTERTAINMENT  / . "...'���������������������,  .  1* 5JC )f( JfS '  Ph. 886-2280  Gibsons,, B.C.  W.  reconditioned.  FULL  i>RIZf���  1967 CADILLAC  COMREzBEMiLt^z  All accessories including ��ir con-  ���dit4oninq executive driven.    .  ipnwg-  46,000 miles.  FULL  PRICE     T  wn^ondr^lOS-per-month-,  z   ~ACA��IAN  Performance Coupe 396. V8, 4  speed, Z28 option built for'show  purposes. ,  f  $2495  I.- .^Vf. .... >.  ,.7-y_<.  1 A��-v> -  7,.' ,--7;.iT.i. .V.,*... ;'..>��l4,.;...,v7^;!i;.7^^iM'> ���-" i 7 ��������������* xn-^:r:7;A^ 7-,'   .&_���_..  ..���.���: ,yyx-$i.(_yi?_,.,!ii��<<:..i. -,._, &t&.>m-'.y[ik-:i. 4r��sK.a. (' ���-;.��� ���(���-,.- *7&iiv  ' '���"'���'  ��� 1 jJa>4)s<.<��,;--1T"- *<h.,-'.i_-.         -   ' ���  S 'FAREWELL  PARTY  ": -',    Mrs; Doris Drummond was a charm-  ,, ing-; hostcs.s on -Friday,-when ��� slip cnter-  ,   tainod  at 7a  deljghtful  buffet .luncheon  '           |ind farewell party nTnonor of Mrs, Mpl-  , lio Kennelt,   r,'"r''l',v'flFrlort'ds,,"'enjoylng'''the','pleasant("ovening '  I  _���.���.^,vv<5re Mcsdamps Flo Klrkhom, Sally Gar-  ��� "Z.M^ZMs&2lM<.Um,.. ElorpncazCraveh,,..."  ���-���-Sallyri;iH9nipsonn"Oney-De-"Gnmpr~Mar--i-"  ~��� Jor.fer���X.a,.i^^^  S��w��ni JcnniQ  Splcrs;T,lfranccs-"~WoU8r'*PJor'-'*cP,l'"vewu'  Mary StonnoivNicki.Gregory, Doris Skol-  Jctt,  Norn , Haley,  Zoo ' EndOs,  Florence  Gha.Hl.9r and Gladys Sluls. T|*o guest of,  .honor  was  presented,,with va+ gift ,and7,  ;  many good \vlshoa, *   <        ���    ���    '���,.��,���  BABY SHOWER ��  _. Mi'H.  Marilyn  Iloblnsoi*    ontorlalncd   "'  on "Thursday, c vonTn^'^'TiWTlio'ffio wKBn  i\ baby shower wife hold for Mrs, Palsy'  .' poser.' Attondlng' woro Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. ���  ,��� Julio, Dosov,, Mrs. J3��b��, ,sr���,,Mrs,.'J��iH't ,,  Flumorfoll,  Um,-< Carol  Sklnnor,  Mrs,  -������ Colla-Fishor and ���MrHr-L,-Flumorfolt, -   pj'lsiofi"*woro*��nwardod4��J!oiwwlnnori,��-bf  F.R. P. SEPTIC TANKS  by  ROD  M//Be Gone  1970  CHEVROLET CAPRICE  2 door Hardtop. V8 Automatic. Power steering,  power brakes. Radio. 16,000 one owner driven  1V-  OF FIBERTRON PRODUCTS  1 11  s n      't      M  ...,, .!:,.fiamcs. .T;ho onjoyrtblo^vonlng concluded'  r��  "���'��� "''with <-'tho 'soi'vlnH'"of' dollclouH'.; ri*frosh��r.  ���^monlH,-"-,.  ...^���...^M,���,,..^!,,.,,  TSSmm  .,^���4..l4il'll>,l..l|ll,|.,a.~  Fibreglass septic tanks are loglit  (140 lbst) ^ep^ to handle. ~"  AVAILABLE AT, YQUR LOCAL  Building and Plumbing  T~T  ~r~i  J tL.  Septic  lul   1   il,,    11  i7'7    "  . 1' I ��� ���  araaes or  Contractors  ''y""*" f t<+  *.,<r\r   .'w������.��� U  1   I  ""'Gibsons'"'''     "���-���7-\: 7,;7i77 , i  886-2546  Support Peninsula Industry  > miles. Factory,warranty, 7  iiWai jrt,*'!.',j#i ufitdsiiiifcw tftuiisna iw sH4^>l**''-*H'l i��.*_tiM^t MW. (i*!*WS.4l*^r.M>lr^W',pf*1t^ ,4ifa_f)i. _\&#<M M^wpl VK.^w.-��i��',i��^' *>si Wi Amww*  77.7.., ��Jf3d9S:   ..'   i "     .ii"' "n,|i'   ' "  i    I' 9_W ��� ���T>r  mU~-���n~*��~~ i   /  '"44,4,., W ,.U,4���I  <*N.  ��� |,.|:,,,.;,V.|,-;,'>;,  DATSUN SPORT COUPE  j    ' '! i'i '' |!    "  ^4 cylinder. 4 speed. Radio, 13,000 miles.  *.��.*   it*"- .    -t I'  w.  FULL  ^aO^OO^down^hd^^O^pO^  J -.-.,  HURRY!!  .1 > u  ANOTHER GREAT SELECTION OF CARS ANP LOOK AT  THESE SALE PRICES FOR FULLY RECONDITIONED  VEHICLES..., ���   ,.v ���  44   ,^ 4^^ ��� 4,     ,#44fW,        I   ���,,   4 H t4*>4l  4*^^! 4-      ^,4+      ^^.f.^^Ut  I �� i     im      I -il        i.   ,'        ,      i    I      i       'ill        (   i<    i.   H  ^^-4      lie     444��4-"4*4,^^l4|  ', ill,   t     I ,1    M, i, ,41��  Jl^,  ^^mQM^^MLteME'L  W�� ARE CLOSED WEDNESDAYS AND SUNDAYS  ALL OTHER DAYS  OPEN 9:00 A.M. TO^B:3tt PM,  ^WiM��Wn.M��lM^,tt����*��HWff^W|^WWW��l4J��f4^  ,.l ,,   I  1 V  I  MWMM��M��|4fem  ll  <imlV����''*W>^tH"W����l*  ,��', il '       u ,  i      i   i  I .U  xa^r^imw��wj.M,Mm��t,"i|."i4.^.w.  111 f* it v        ' QotHxiiiciixwnfliiniHiiiflniMMiflniMi.  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MM*  <b.ty pt\0 -jKiy/t *5"v'*'l^S* *-. , 4j' I^W^^i^^^^iWt^WltM^^^SftwM^  1* ���(��� mWi;! .i tk u��.*t j �� M  * *"*< ��*��  GIBSONS  ^ f''(��*��+,'-V* ������   &J->*i t'-'M'M *  ; t - n',"..'.  77,   H'i'i ���'  p4+*k **<.&%4t��0*ft  W*W��**(I#��I)^^  ^H��W^JW*i��Wy����^^  iii#^iiij#ii>(t#>yij^*WWW  ' *>     '*      1. .. '   i  $86-2563  7���" y '    �� 1 ' ;'""' ���    1 7 ' 1 i|| .,  ,    ''" '   (    ���' *'i ,7'T*" "���','*',*  ( ' ' * . '' ��-^ - *'\��    'I'     iT<   M '   l��   , .      *h        ^        1 ' '       '        ���  ' ��t *���! ' 'l,l* l"11*'  *l        * '      I I     *' 7_r���  !_&______.  The Peninsu'o Times  J^q^e5_d^^Felj^#jy23L 1972 i  Free soBcer-,iilm  to be shown here'  \   FREE  soccer   film   will   be   shown   at,  lhe  C'ilisons  Elementary  School   gym-  i:i-inn, Friday, February 2fv at 7 p'.Yn.  The presentation of the fijm. is ipade  |),,4s-ililo through the co sponsoring ol'-the  Sunshine Coast- JiivenUe Sower Association and the Gibsons Athletic Association.  All.youngsters who take part in soccer  are invited to attend the ,showing. Hot  dogs and soft drinks will be served.  Those wishing further inform a lion are  asked, to  contact  Mrs.   Carol   Curucz   or  ���j-Tcriy Connor,. '        ���    ,,  Zeppelin & Murders  pn screen this week  JOE Namalh  and  Ann Margaret  ride  a  mean   motorcycle   tonight   aft- 8.   p.m.  at "the.   Twilight   Theatre,\don't   miss .it;  its called  "C.C.  &  Company". .   But whelhcr you missv'Joc#Namat'li or  not, you'll surely want to see Elite Som-  *" mer  ride  an  airship  in   "Zeppelin".   De-  -������ yp'opme-nl-of Gexmaay's ultimate weapon  in World War I, a huge airship known as  the Zeppelin and a test flight that turris  -into high suspense; as a BritlslT^^TnH  a German crew embark on a mission to  Scotland   to^ steal  things.   All   in   all  an  intriguing War movie^ with very unusual  ending;  starting Thursday at  8  p.m.  for  3 days.  Starting   Sunday   evening   at   8   p.m.,  Alan   Arkin   directs   a ~ whole, bunch   of  ���Jules   Feiffer's   "Little     Murders"..  Yes,  "^sniping starts in the home; with a neur-  ^==gt'4=4a��*ifo^ki^ "  and the family lives in New York where  the recognized city sport is mugging. As  the "typical American mother"; Marjorie,  cheerily -sighs, "It's so nice to have my  VILLAGE-OF. GIBSONS  PROCLAMATION    Brotherhood Week���February 20 to 2>, 1972  I recoijhn-iencl to the resident's of the Mtihicipal.ity the observance  of Brofi'-ierhoocl Week,  February 20th to  Edtjruary 271)1/1972, as  sponsored by the Cqnadian Council of Christians and Jews to promote,  justice, amity, co-operation and understanding among-people cliff ex-_.  ing in race, religion and nationality. .    ���        ^- ���l ^~ML^ier^etej7MQrLl___  February116,  1972 * ^ ^ ,. Mayor  <?  'A  Aluminum  Windows  And  1  I  Doors  Safety Glass ,Cut To Patterns For Construction Equipment  NOW OPEN AT  1779 Wyngaert Road, Gibsons Phone 886-7359  ARE YOU UNEMPLOYED!  ���Eaffi-ily^aljgtHttg-a^nT^  satire complete with blackouts, riots, and  ".creep" phone .calls.  visitTbps-!*��!^^^^^^  (Behind DeVries Carpet shop on Highway)  Your Heart Fund, through your dona  tions^ "sponsors TratioTrwttte^Tgrog  of research and education.  C^r^B? Volleyball   Team  Shown are the Cobras~~entry7iiri-,the lene White,  Mrs.  Eat Braithwaite,  Gibsons  girls'  volleyball tWg lie; Elizabeth  Egan.  Missing from the  Back'row;    (left, to  rigfttY   Kelly pi^we-^r^^ennifej^MaJf^^Lonia,  Cryderman, Velttia Scragftan,. Dean- Boyd and Heather Reid.  na Bob, Collen :fe  i n__n__^m_Sfji%i}/hmy_tm9mmm_^ i  Meeting here March 6 ���. > .  ��� ������  will be February 25 to March !  ���&3Q to 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays  '     JIO to 1 p.m. Saturdays^1.._  Bring your Unemployment Insurance problems'  You can also registeriFor available jobs-  lf-yout-have~a-job7AMicancy7- phone-J&86-?2722__  Wepnightbe ableto h^lp7you   -    ~w  LEARNING   Disabilities   Week   will   be  held   in   Vancouver   February .25   to  March 5.  Purpose^oTlRe week~iirT6_in1*orm the  community, that many children need  special assistance in learning both in and  otit pf trii^is^Sim"i~THe'nTTaln "ai^^gg  And no apparent cms weirs ���.-. .  " tinstone  is an open problem lor all  the week is to reach'out to families haying these difficulties, and to help ih any  way possible 77"  The  workshop   will  present  displays,**  films, panel discussions, group discussions  and   educational  material.   It  will cover  four main areas: the early detection  of  Eood Service Centre Serving  The Sunshine Coast For Over  Jilj*frrWiffr-���  The , Community Every Year  a, new engineer in tlie area, so the matter will  be  looked  into.   .  Alderman Ted Hume suggested, "if  we don't get action on this by the time  the new road gpe,s through (Gibsons bypass) we will be stuck with it."  Village clerk David Johnston pointed  out 'that: responsibility ��� r for,-sMewalks7  curbs "arid gutters" lies with "the village,**  while the ditch itself is the ward of the  highways  department,   ��� ���_���---'���   ------  The mayor added that the provincial  -dQpar.tmont-of-hlgl.wayR-has-.agreed-thttt.  thoy would bring tho highway (101) up  pnrtmont   of[  highways    concerning lhe  ' lo .standards before thoy  turned  it over  *dimfi^n,n^^ nonhe^villn'Ker*"'���^^  ditch in front of .the Elphinptohe Scion- The way It looks now," hp an id, "it  d��ry School.".7 ���,   >   -  .,.���..���.���,.,-,,.,.,,   -.��.��.,,-.-,,,,.will* .probably   bo   next ,...w,lntoiv���,be,foro,  "NoodlcsH to aay," tho l(Hj,Gr concluded,    work on tho now highway gots  unclor-  "the Board got nowhere1', as far ;p the    way. Even planning la hold up until tho  provincial government Is "concerned," location of tho now highway becomes a  """TYIffyor Wnlt.orJ^ojwo|ij^,ld,J;hero..wafi -fnoir" *-* *"-. '   IT'S that ditch again-���the!...';OpejrL,.on.9,;���'n,v  front of Elphinstone "Secondary School'  ���and, although the matter has been 'tossed from ��� School District No. 46 (Sechelt)  to Gibsons village couno'l to the provincial department of highways, there  still appears to be no solution, at least  not. for the present time, Mir,> t        (  ."  Gibsons council was thi^lreciplent of/a''  .letter from  the school  board asking if  village fathers cou'd do cinything to ini-  prov(i" tlie'"hazard'. '. " "' '"^._ *"."]'' -,' "7,.''  ���   "At the last regular board meeting/',  -tho"lettorTond7~"correRpondenee-wnfrre  viewed from, Isabel Dawson, and the,de  learning disabilities and "lh"e~7fmrctiorr-^f-  "learning assistance centres. Participants  include teachers, . child psychologists,  speech therapists and parents, as well as  representatives from the Vancouver"  School Board and the B.C. Teachers' Fer  deration. ��� ' ,"  On March 2 a free workshop, He  Looks Like Other Kids, will be held for  all interested ih%, the,;education,,and:,weU  being of disabled ch^ldiien, at Magee  Secondary School, 1975 West 49th Ave. in  -Vancovwer, TWrneis^^  " There"wi'lF"be'Tpprdxiffialely"^  people attending the workshop and will  bo availablo for personal or group ��� discussion, ���   _Qther_events_for7-tho���weelt~includp-  spocial'progrnms on television anc) radio,  as well' ns( newspaper articles.      '      '"  A public meeting will bb hold March  -("'���in this area. All  those interested  in  Learning,, Disabilities are invited to .attend ,  Further informntlon may bo obtained  by contacting Mrs, E, Reid at 000-2601 or  ���''"������Mrsr.rr"Ripper-"nt"-08fl-20787--  ROBIN  HOOD  CAKE MIXES  Council is concerned . , r ^s      '  slaGecis.  in-post 6lfiee~e^  .^..,��a.^.  This is the month filled with winter  days when, the world seems Uphill coming and going.  ^/I////////If/fffi//I//ItII/f/tUl,I/f/��  THE,PROPOSED luUlltlon to tho Glhsopp    lho plmis nro^oxpodlod shortly,,  ���    Pont  Office  will  moan  loss  pnr.,ln)j *��' olll(M' ' counojl    hunlnnm.,   Mayor  "RPPW I'or - piUroi.fi the way IV hi\H"be��n  submltlod,  and   village   councillor-)  arc  .':."'.nVOl.n.OB)J,..��^..a��,.M,l,.,llww.WN^.,.��J.,l, ���;i.-^^::-,-luai.a;-.s;.';,'.-:a,C4��.  W��ltor. PotbrHon, doularod, the woolv ,of.  Fobruury 20 to 87, National Brotherhood  Wook, Brotherhood Week chairman UiIh  WYGREW SALES  COST  "UjitTft-icftWBVlonln'ir hy AJdorronn Ted        'Counoll giwo npprovnl to clork DiwUl  ho had already written the fodomJ gov-    (',��  municipal    pffioo.   Mayor   Potornon  ornmont ndvlslng thnt council m. ��� not   .comrtontodL U*nnnioml*oi''i Dhnuld'*ho coif-  , wttatt��^wlU\v..p"M������ttbroUtod,^^ nut\\.  the building expansion would, ���UJovtotra    tlonal nti-ff for lho town works cUipiu't-  parking area, ���   '        -,       nieiil, It was also docldod that an nd-  , ,  ������.  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Electrical Appliances  PENINSULA  ������   i   *.",'   7 '    ��      '    fit 'rfp'Wl"'!  '''I*    '"   '.        ���  Hlflhw��y101,;;^;.r,r7:ih:.:C^Y^:'CHAR��E'7ri  Phone $B6��M7%  m>mmmwm.mmmmiimmm  _ i  i   ���' i     - ' "  < i '  i%%ifafwwm*wmw*Mfiitw#*rMm,*mm*m*t^^  \  f   ���     ,'     > ,      . *  mm.  NYGREN  . ,.., 'SALES - -���  ""������"��� (i971) ltd. r;y  ,.    ', (On tho Whdrf),-, ;'  ,*' "  806-930^" ' Gibsons  Yfffffffftfj'/fffd'fffffiffffiJiffrjTmfi  ���mm!����mmifi��mmw^mmtmm(m  IIKIWIHiW^^  ^tm��mm^.r>0!m  __'  ;'-"i '7:'">'77  f^fmmm^i'mi**��mm^m^^t^^ a$mmmm*<imwmti*m  wpm&*te***em<i*  I&MI .x-  The Peninsula Times Page B-5  _    T^et'nesdojr, Februoiyj3, 1972  ���''���If '���; t  In 1.816 there were 10 post offices in * '  Lower Canada and nine in Upper Canada. |  Today there are approximately 8,827 post 'j  offices in Canada,      \ . .._. "7.  ^  PENINSULA TIMES  OFFICE  WOW  OPEN  IIM  GIBSONS  Phone 886-2121  Gibso  ns  886-2827  Tte* OedtWars  Warft.t .'<f>_i).pi,_nt__  m  Michael' York  tike ^ommer  *>4f tH  '  tK\t��w._    '   <���,,Han* brcMk.  Cr��7  THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY  rFebruo>ryL24---25-26-  GENERAL  j-2 '   ~  '   I   S"|   7  OB  ���   \  ra  , >^:-*  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  ~1_7  JilMHyjUUJflEe  "*MCWS,7  El lio.t.GouId and<Donald. Sutherland,  the stars of MASH, are back  _ ,"rl fii       together,, '  SUNDAY^MONDAY.TUESDAY  ��� ;j..'w.-^Feb.ruary,.v2?ra8"a9.^wWt^y'.  ADULT: Some swearing ancj, coarse  :��,. ,.-,.,,,:,,,��,4.7c,.-language, ,,.,,,.��,,,��� ���,,,,.. ,,!���,  lUMUMHMWUUHUMWHUmMIWtniWWUUWWMMHMUVIMnniWWUI  ���        ^M(5^or-vehicle-li6ences  are available'at-the Municipal  Office,'  ���: South FJetcher Road., Gibsons, B.C.;during regular hours, 10:0-0 a.m.  to 12;00 riopn and 1:0Q t.o'4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.    .   -  ���v  v ���, ���". v     ��� ���   \; ���     . ��� y- ��� ��� *      N      -  ',, 4      The Off if e will be open for licences on Saturday, February-26  L. during reg||ar^*,aurs...    v .N ^  '.-    77' \  Cheques must be-xertified and made pnnynhlp to..tine Minister   2.  of-Frnpnce- 7v7"     . x   ��� Daw^-jQhnMon  February 16? 1972.  Municipal Clerk  _l__ ^_!tt^3^ ^i^W-^~,  *.-((   ���   ^    J   ,��    t     ^^   I.      L^f   t-j   ���- Zt  -^^-V-^^-.;rrj,J',i(--.J.l^-.^r    -.   >(!   fi^^-V!*,    -^     4r     ,l*-'M--      |   T-  _^^ V____ _______ ' ___________  Sj..\ UZ'&j.'i. ;3i" S "&J i/*)* i*''���s-i"���'* &��� ;!V>"-'���* ��� *"* ���)-��-1" "*-���?< J���*-" t-jVt V*" *  Box ^39, Gibsons  Super Physcs-VorreybaH-  Showrfare" the Super Physcs entry iri  the girls' volleyball league. Back  row (left to right) TSnfcLairtg, Colleen K\*.rucz, Ruth Madison, Stefariie  G-^son. Centre: Cheryl Grant. Front:  ' ���- Patti ;Star,   Michelle Whiting; * Mrs.  ���SneH^*hitni:g-^0aefe)���^nd^-Gienda_  Powell.  Mrs^^mnl^eBitqhcock . . .  r at  Women's Day oi Prayer  to be held here March 3  e___f.7._h _...__? nm,_.  shows film on marijuana  en's   World   Day   of   Prayer   will   be  held on Friday,-March 3 at 2 p.m. at the  ivj   Catholic church. All ladies are cordially-  --MRS-'fF-'anlrie    Hitchcock  -from-yNprth- problems-is-encouraging. :      ---    .-*>  invited to;attend. The theme this year is  Bijrriajiyi,: who, works'with the W6rh> Mrs.  ffftchcock,   who   has   spoken   to    A11 Joy Be YoUrs' ' "*      "  ,p!s;,;papdian   Temperance   Union, aW|s     thousand?   of. young: people,, finds ;that A planningmeeting, was held Monday ,  .guest,speaker-at Calvary Baptist Church when adults are not present duringques- afternoon of last week at the home of  m-Gibsdns on Wednesday,���"'February 16, tion periods, the young folks feel more Mrs, A. Boyes "when those present were  when she-presented a'film Marijuana, free to discuss their problems and receive Mrs. S. Spain, Baptist; Mrs.D. Brown  The Great 'Escape.   ��� advice. .     ^ and   Mrs.  J.  Wood,'   Anglican;   Mrs7 t.  .Mrs. Hitchcock,"who has taken many'1 Tni~guiiFipeaWT^^  ioUi;ses:;3di-nsi[he.-evas of ���drugs,.,alcohol a.nd     Detective Menzies of the Vancouver Pol-.   .,,���   ^ ??a ttr^'''|fTJaro5;,;  5^"'?"  ���smpjcing;^^ 90Stal,,and Mrs. Boyes,^^'ed.��hureh,....^r_  as she'accepts speaking engagements for and   institutions    such   as   schools    and;-.  _,  . ''J1'"'' ������" ���_ '_   .  -^ny-diiprent^ Mmps.  She TipTolher films  and  alwlT" nBlack" spruce^ in northern muslteg; may"  Locally the interest shown by mem-: ?mokT/    ^   PupPet   Jt  f ^��Ped  to    be only 2 inches thick after 100 years of  , 1.44   -,'   ��t ii7tl     u     u '   ,'   j ,u     -       i, h,ave Mrs' Hitchcock come to, this area    growth .      (  bers-ofairihe churches and the-oyerall" a'gaiH  when  a "visit  can  be  fitted  Into"' growtn"- '-' ",'7 "  community interest in helping with the her schedule, -   .  Jj>~.   1_   ' ������_  For Sunshine Coast  Canada has 1,700,000 square miles of  :forcst:,althQugte,only7���7.20,0Q04Squareimilcsi.;2.  of this are productive and accessible.  'flinwlHAf   I $4  wmimmsmm.  TWO  CQWVENIEMT tOCATIOWS I  TO  SERVE YOU  Your one-stop building  supply centre. Everything  forthe^^OBti^ctor-qnd���-  home handyman alike.  >_, V   "V"   ->4C.  it FIREHOOD FIREPLACES  AND ACCESSORIES  ir GLIDDEN PAINTS  * DOMTAR-BUILDtNG  MATERIALS  .���<f*,/\j-^,^y-  ?r^       ���* .  * - 4-  +7 REMINGTON CHAIN  SAWS  A GOOD SELECTBQN OF-  "fi HARDWARE AND ^^   ,���TVOLS      -  -   '..-- - '  ir CABINET HARDWARE  ir DIMENSIONAL AND  ���mUSUWG^LmtiMER.  * PLYWOOD  ir ALUMINUM WINDOWS  '   AND DOORS     ?  ^ CEMENT PRODUCTS  BUILDING SUPPLIES  GIBSONS  -J"- �������������+.... .mt��..  SECHELT  Phone 885-2288-9  f��     *'    .     *\]    * ' t'   ,    p >, '   i��, I   ?'   '^V   <Mi(i   -   I'm,    ' l,i��i   i   '       >  ?��iBiiiiwwnwwin^^  Phone 886-2291-2  r1-���- -1-* -��ffl If.  'NEXTr-^'   ;   ~���  , ESCAPE\ FROM THE  PLANET Of THE APES  -.!��'.m-'l:M*J  , 4���'' '.' ' 7 ���' iW  ��� ill  . *'  aid agreement  'I *   H     f v   ' 'u 11 '     ���   '   I.  council okuy  * mo.  ���7m  >H7,t"7  7  -deaphmtijf wiSil!>^��ni,��i--. ��s  FREE SOCCER FILM  , TO BE SHOWN AT THE  GIBSOWS ELEMENTARYr SCHOOL- ���  '     . (GYMNASIUM)     ,  FRIDAY> FEBRUARY 25 - 7 jj-m.  All youngsters who participate In'Wccor aro Invited to'attend; HOT, POOS' AND PO��  -WILUBE^EaY|ED^FJ��rJ^ti^toJnf.CJMat!.^i0!l!ac,'jMh.jCarpl'CHruex or Terry, Connor,  (Co-sponsorod by tho Sunihlno Coast Juvenile Soqcor7AssdcTa't>Vft^ahdnGlb��ohr'Athktlc-r  Aisoelatlon.)  in   r  tfffMfii^ g-^nttft-em *p��*  WHEfjIKOMK  -___W  CARPETS  :...;,',.. 7..,10'.'..  g   A FIRE "department mutuihl','aid'''''tigree'.''1'''''''''"''''' v  mont that could see lire equipment  I   fi>om ono municipality or��JLho, Sunshine      ���C'oaliT"'BeInI"ufietinor:ligra o^liin^on^T " ~~"    "  other  municipality   was  given   tho  approval of Gibsons Village  Council  lnist _ . u._ r.  -"Week,-----  ,- --" ���     1 ��� ���  ".' ~~      1 .  Part of tho agreement stales thai, In  the event that tho fire chief of Port Mel-  ��� Ion;1]:Gibsons, .Roberts -Creek, Secholt or  'Ponder'-Harbour   require'  assistance   In  ' f'ghtlnj^n flro, then on his request, pro**  ��  vldodalTQ qqulprnqnt and personnel are  ���not~i,equlrod7~by^the-iielgrrbor|ng---fit'e  chief fop servicing Ufl own�� nrop'i H may  bo dispatched to assist at the flrq in tho  first nrpn,    i p   , ' it  , In addltlohi the aiding area shall not  bo liable for Any'l0ss, injury or damafeo  ..^.'���curing la^L^y^OflHlPmcaLQJLPflftUr-*-.  sonnol of tho nren requiring assistance,  Such "JabilfUy will ,be tho, responsibility     ,���  of tho area requiring tho assistance while  .. on.thaUpnrticular.caH~and-.unW"J,ollevcd. - <��� *  or recalled,by��U��0 officer In chargo to Jtri  homo halli        '    ���      '       *  In U10 ovorit.thrit.on area has surplus  or stand-by oqulpmont, which Is not re-  quired*to give full protection,to his arch; ' '.'  "*��the*-chief,"upon'**request"of nmtunl"nId���v*,^<~<��~~'_'~~*"  from, any. area  slyhlng  tho  ugioomont  1 may dlspntoiv th^ surplus oqulpmont or  .  poi-Honnol ,lfi accordance wltlv tho < iormn,   ���.ofrtbo-aflrooment.-~~ - ���  ���  .   The agreement, signed by tho mayor  and clerk, may bo terminal ed by oithqr  parly filing the otbor'PO days notice in'  writing by rogislernd mnll of such Inton- ',  tion,       , , 1  -ArptooReiean be^omelhing l^titiftil;  pertalnly a phone pa|| ppn be beautiful     Lej 0,0, Tel lo?ta|l the Styletlne In  but so canjhe phone on which the call -,your home. The Stylellne, an artlstlo  Is made, The Stylellne* Is a blend of     Instrument:  -''���"bewTOwi^^^  A  ,,.iii...|ii^.i���i..ii^,j.l.f.���,  ��  IS'  it  1 i> , 1 1  1  1    1 '     t  ���������iT  KEN DeVRIE^  ���wWm*  ������.T, -l��TD.-  ,  ���  v fi 7 ~f 1 7  1659 Sunshine Coast Highway at Wynaaort Road, Giboni  .    '7, Phono MM[1iafyK;; ��� "   ���  * CARPETS   ^ :T|^$-^^?t^0LEUMS  ���'  ' >���<!,��� ���<���,>><     ',' ���    Hounsi M</# 'V      ' "'   -   '���  Clwcd Monday, Open 9 a,mi-- 6-p*mr,*-^lfitdaylNlj|bt'TII 9 p.m.  If/.        4  II " ���> -f I I '   #   J        J I  . i ,,.' , ,i. ,,, . --^',   4.,,. ,.   . , y ,   i   .**,, | f,^  ...,.*,    ^ . .    ;    I  I     , ' , .    , .      ( '     .1 ' , '  This is a $3 SPOTS  ���(   ;      (Uss when on contract)  ',:    t_  I i  ��Your.-.odvortJ��Jn9-ln-lh|��-��pac����.wll|��feacb  Jf<*fJW#50O,��^omc8.{pyi>ifT9,000wpeoplol  eoch wook, ||'b ^h<�� mojt ec<inom|co| way to  jroacb ,'mora Sun>blno,,Coait pnopl^.becauM  Tlwf.ad* qo JntQ mow l*omM'thon*��ny  other nowspopet  prodycod  In" thli�� aroa,  *    Th�� Times     .v  8B5-?fiB4 (S.the|*>       8PMU1 (GlWom)  ' 'in����'' ^i1'; Jlimwmiiwwjliimiitiii ��>iiiii��  _m.*��*wm,m  ��#��*mmm***mmti*'i^mfo.l)JiHww>iwm*#*mm#tommm^  1    , i ^i.\  ><wm*g#<inwefiMa^mi#^  flltl'llllt*-  ���>vr  1 ���^���ItB^UwWW^IWWilWlWW. ^iWfW*llii��WWWIW^<^^  i^jpln^wffiiM  l��ll I "II  V  l#*Mlp��WWilllMlil^BWjl^^  rV    ,  ,'   '  4     . 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PARKIM  k+.JrrA*^*��ti;4i��il.l.-t'ri,i',-t,''V\ ,' 1, '17-1 ..-���-,  1 '1  !*>-  mi���"  V'i.  '���' >��< "tf'A  M  "7r*i���p"1*"  _,J���u.  ���*'" pi  riW"\:'i-v:;B."!;- ^r'-V'f��� -vl.-r-K ,j  FAMOUS  BHMHS  &J     r.,f,��,.M,��    "l|��",>),'j��L  ?'�� li ' ,i i 11 Hi V     'i 4 i,   ,��w��.l  II I , ,  I    I ' . I I  .;.f'-v*>f';.:'r-*Av wy.\ii>i\,,mi i-*i .���'-_>i  :", ___^__y\____\w__]MB_wW__L\.  V-'^Ttt__f*__T_w BM_W_W__, __r*\~:  M DKm SB__W__. Am..__��____.' r  "T." "���" "���jy-y"'-' i  fyffi i    i'  I ,  "   n.  ' .V.  "^TO(t��lW��W*i����'1WI'��f'�����iW  T7  ,fel A7.C,'       ",   FIVE-'-ROSES1  'I ll  1 * ' '  A  Wt��t^l��B��wtft^'W*��*'^Wllil*M p  SLICED (feVorsvvoot)  SIDE  BACON  ^C:,..7  t' iMM.''' ^tB!  "I Mi  4-',, PW4M^*4��*444��  skinless:  '. ',,..i��r ,       *     ,  '���9W.  m  .  SAUSAGE  1-4W wrtaip%ajBt!��^^  i |*Mf  i jB -, n,n-f��%yf4-��t -"*�� .w^.^hfitf'^f1''*������# "M i)if w��i#i- iU-tf *.* },tfi-v.-  ijj(SXi��r��(i(Mi^**ti����tit*|i-M*i  FLOUR  ,     l|    m ,   '\ i     ,i.     (  .f.tn^ -,i,l  PANISH CANNED  Li' 'I    'I   I'l     '     'I      'I    I  ,,,44- AV ��� |USm~i 11 -'"���  111 I I.    ,   II       .   in' fl/w >(t liiiWUl-l'  ' I       ' I 'i, ii      ' '  .  I  4��B^44,,44*4  Penny  Pinching*  *4 4^4rf|��4^l4f. W���J*44W�� 4    M*^4  I  r.' 'i'i i  'i  T lb;  PRIOEiSI  ,41      , , *,���  ,  _1M  ^ 9       P^Ppf ( l���MM0WM^HR|��M,wr��*��w^fi^����*\p0W*W^U'i.����"P*'ii����*����i������'''| in\*  ' (  ( .      i  ��      .      *1i i     . f 1,       rf   * t   t* i    ' f I.    ���- i   '"*        ,1.  1 '      *       '    ' HI   it,I     '  0  ^.URM-'    <l "ll    I,'' I / "Ii I  ,"l      ' '    Hri|'  /' ',   't       ,|  i      ,,       ���'.-,,> *"    "       l'1*'     I   I1','   '��  11 ii' 7   i7   !/  ���-1-nMwiMliYnB* im����i|iii  y\  !! IIMpIHHPHM  I Li.  ,  I    1  0RAH6E JUICE  1��� ''      7V     ��  " i     ' ��� i     ," ,"j '*' i'if*-��Tri-"(-;  SUPERVALU  *4SM5*1W(%tti^Wt%  j_ _r%     ' r        i  1   ',l; 'i ' .ii _  ���^SUPERsVAtU"  j:1!".1   thr.  ..i.y.;...M-^  ~ *mfym^fm'm$*^wm*m  .**($*$ ���**��(��*��#'ijfir^*.��  ��� r ��*^.JBtB_W ^T^'  i.  i ��� i,,   i ��� ' i ,  .14. oz:,,;.;;,i\aiu^  Hs  klMl^lmBHlMllHiwI  GIBSONS  ���II/.  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' i  <    ���,,,'��*  (.j   4     41    4,    4     4-^   .     ,     #      .\     I    ,  I    ,  l^fl.H'  J''l     J     I    I1      *7 *, ' >*   V     4     .     1^,   ,(     .     ,.    .     .1   ��l(   ���   ,l   ���   |l   #    *    f,    |   4, ���     ^j.j-.'ll      |    M  ),   I'    |,(,   'll,'M>, 4,   ,     ,k,,,,),|,  ,������   *  n     i   /    m ,'" "   * ������  , 7  ,#���  f   ��*'#��� (���   f��    I nH   t*    <^   #     ��    |   Mi    ��,, fl ,       ��    *    *     n ,. ,    U        ,|     !'f     I  i , ill I     t     . . $£■-» .
—-A^dnwdoyyrl^brAiqjy^^ 1972   ^h^Qnjnsjj^^ '  Paflig B^7
r_, ______ nt^
VOT| YES FliRlMY—2¥*fi
Sechelt Lanes
Girls' Soccer Teams
are the girls' soccer teams MacPhedran, Margaret Duncan and
(Minis and Maxis). Back row (left Mona Siweges. Missing from the
te^-i*ight)4-Susan- M-aa^fer-^m^tta—picture -are- Anne Plourder-Angela
Camposano, Bonnie McHeffey, Mi-. Pedrini, Heather Duncan, Janet Mac-
chele Phillips, Janette Swanson and Kay, Louise MacKay and Wend;
Barbara   Johnstm.   Centre:   Colleen"    Gunther.   Coaches   are   uayie   Pe
—by Eve Moscrip
. HIGH score last week went to Al Strachan playing for the Commercials with
fa nice high of 758. Another high scorer
Other scores  include:
Mixed   10   pins:   Pelle   Poulson   367,
Henry Christianson 320, I^il McCourt 316,
• Betty Rantala 263.      '
Sechelt Commercials: Ena Armstrong
252, Al Strachan 758, Carol McGivern
694. Reg Thomas 706.—B & C: cW-ilie
Humm 657, Roger Hocknell 739.
Seniors": Tom Creighton 435, Dale Berliner   584,   Darcy   Stephenson   488    Andy
—tUMuleriiOn   '< 1'V".—Juniors:'  Mike   Ehglish
442, Barbara Wilson 280, -Wayne Phillips
318,   Brian   Phillips   323    Jennifer   Mac-
" tariKtrr2Tl7"Brah:^(^waV"T!50:	
J^unskine ^Jwelohh
me... ^rteianu SUBDIVISION
885-9767 -Box 189, Sechelt
Hoops, Diana Bob, Cathy Star, Patty
Star,. Carolyn Sandy", Michele Beau-
doin.   Front:   Sherri  Phillips,   Ruth,
Gunther.   uoacnes   are
• nault,   Virginia  Reynolds,
meau and Maureen Sleep
• • •
..WITH' only   3 vweeks- remaining  in : the 'ai?d score-keepers has also' been-greatly
 .League,   tho   Giboono —Sechelt  team appreciated.  Thanks  agatrti
continues  to  open  up  its   lead  over  the t.-.,Mhni«c, '
Perm. Hotel  and Elphinstone.  Following STANDINGS
the  C^npMlon of the league  Will be  a ,Teaift	
playoff of possibly  a"besl of  five belles    -gibsflJ^Seyrelt
between the top two teams. *7r"*1. Hotel
-It" is" expected that for these 'playoffs,        K
the two teams involved will "draft" be- TOP TEN SCORING LEADERS
tween'-three and four players each from Tm     Pyd     Gls     Ass     Pts
the  last iplace team.   .  . J. Gray G-S       6       30       12       42
The, Penn. Hotel in the past„iew weeks R.Gemache    G-S       8       17 6       23
has shown some added strength, and with D. Kennett      G-S       8       17 4       21
the return."of two or three kev  players H.   August      G-S 7 y? 13 20
could make the play-offs quite interesting.     J. Sanders      G-S       7
Finally, all the players involved in the     G. Gray        Penn       3
league would like to  pass on their ap-     W. Lamb      Penn       8
-pfeeiatiort—to Ross Cumber land—who—has——D". Kirme—r—-fi-iEfc==8
to nothing. Also the work of the timers     B.  Norris    (Elph       6
—by Mike Shumsky
ELPHINSTONE Cougars won- the Howe Squamish. A close game through the first
-:-'.--v'S-dlirid'"b;*a^K6tl3&il *Sh'a*fliJi'dW!|ilip last half, the.Gougars were-leading- at shalf
-weekend,   qualifying   for   the   provincial time   2146.   But,   Squamish   came   back
-playoffs. Next weekend the senior boys fast, part-way through the, third quarter,.
will play in Vancouver against Hope and and scored 12 straight points. At three-'
two yet to be decided Vancouver teams. quarter  time   it- was   32-30   in   Elphie's
VQ^-w^ekend^-feeW-e^asV^he^-teattii—iay.QUr...— ■■■'-■—'    '    * .— " ;	
concluded the exhibition  season With, a The  lead   changed    hands    5   times
.successful trip to the Okanagah Valley, through the last quarter when with 45
' and last v-feekend travelled to Peihberton sees  left and  the  Cougars  down  42-40,
7ahd..to0k:tQpahQnQrsr^^ fouled, He
" play of fa " '""• - """"- """." " made his  1st foul  shoiTbut-missed  the-
"Onp'of  the  most  successful  sports second, * fortunately    though,  MacKayV'
♦*■       v   °'Jr  ™»  SS  ™h teammate Art Dew grabbed the rebound
trips,- I've%,been  on,    commented  coach ■. ■kxpi* for - lwn-noint«r-ConBBfS-wnn—
■ Larry Grarii, as the team-returned from |Mm\JXm,M9.- P?ln^s! ,VWS^S Won.
the three day trip to the Okanagan. - '**' ...
The .beautiful,.scenery and the warm PE*PE,HT0N ,.    ,7    A,   .,.,,    *'
people of the,'Galley -seemecl1'major rea- Pembertoh'Jeanne the! other team, to '
sons for the successful trip, with the add- qualify for the finals, as they defeated a
ed   pleasure, of. winning  both    games hustling  Pender    Harbour    team- With
'played, m'alcing,'it all the' more'enjoy-*' Squamish coming-back to defeat Pender"!
•able 7 handily for consolation. honors,, a large
; Playing Ssummeiland Friday night,     ^uVrS'S *** *athere*: *°r
Hhe Cougars played one' of their shakiest    *ha tpu^ameijt fljalj      ...„.,,
for tho 1st half.of/the game ennblbJJJioPl} °J°^i ,.?™«^the^rt   quarter
rihti-a■^rvi"7i-,^rtWn»"■■"■■''•■"£ ' 'i, .4 >v i.„ ias'. Alan i-McEwan, bombed ? five-,. quick.
point OC'the' gatnoi
The much,.,
'0u-.,i__ Q,,mmn,.int-,ri innm    basketf, from the outside, But, tho Elphie
i, m   «M i SS f.;.c  K? WpiI   __    PreRR "Hly rattled the up-to-now cool
couldn't,  hoid  Elphle'R  Brad   fforrl    as    ^ Dovn< 'hel ,     E1 hlo ' ln n 7    ^ t
hc..flcai.c4-lu-PQlntM^  lf»ftd-Blr-hB]f..time~
7:thQrgwer7TJ*o-final-scoro^ cume
stone,;03y Surr>merlnndv 30,^7^7i:^:7i)^|Ii':talthird quarter,-cutting the-~
.'''Saturday);\nlBht though, the Cougars ^nrg'ln; 29r27f But, 3> quick s^enls by
had no storting, problem os. thoy mado Elphio coolpd down tho Red Dovllf*' surge,
ovor 00 poifcdntiOt their shots, Princeton, Finally tho disappointed-Peniberton learn
:::7:i;:h^ylng^h^"*'3tarting -cdntre injured, the R0ixled {hQ[v ..pwh^^ofqat^whon *Blartbr, .
Cdugft'riJ tqp"7tdtar control; fi of their Alan MoEwnn and Robin Snnky fouled
players scdi^ in double figures. _   , 0u1. Only when/ho blazer sounded ,did
.,     Elphinstpnd Was led by Brad Norris    u^ extremely happy Cougar team relax.
, ,21, DhveMncDpnakl, 13, The trip, con- Captain Bill Sneddon and co-captnln ■
IdWihg ihem with their 10 and (I record.    Rhip trophy.  Cougars    top    tournament''
 'i),1(RXhlhition)(,,( ,,„, , „, „ ,, ( ,    ,,BC0rprHjverq;„,Bji'a(l, NorrlH 24,,Bil.l, Sned- .,
pt ftv nhura ' (,on nnfl ,Tocl,: McPhedran with 14, 'Dan
SI'plnylwn began this wool*, with MflKMLia.«W.AttJ>flw..W.palnUi.. ,
patQ'fov  tho  right  lo  ropronant  Howe Elphinatono Cougars  won thp'IIo^o1,
Sound in tho provincial play-offs. Alfio-- SoundvBasketball^Ch^
'rcompoTihTwere Pombfti^
, hour and Squninlnli, ' *"   play-offs, Next weekend the nonlor boys'
In tho prollminnrlon Elphlnslono wns     loam,  coached  by   vicQ-prlncipnl'JUahy »
sol, ortnlnst, tho well-drilled squad from   Grant, travels to Va,ncouver.      '•      >'
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.,      jri,*.- ^.4 ,,» 4,44'^Sf V* ^444-l44.4j.|"*^4*(44- ^-   <4W  f # U   ,    ,. ,   4.4 4 I* • ,  .^ t * M-,-144,    ^44 4
 i    ■4'\""i"-   ;-i   j«    '"  ii-s„, ',    »V'.i   ,   ■-•■■■,■■■ |"/;
- --.    • -  •<. -^    'i       ,i  -    ..  ,  ' r.
44,  • f   I     ,r.,, lo,!l*w,,l
I -I
,{., I III  ...44. . ,,.
I   I .
'     I      If*     (,4,^      ''''      AM f J * % ' '- "I        '
r - ",   w» •* v T1" ^'V',"/^"i" ��� _ i '���_���'���" <r*~  ^^a^^^n22S^^appenmgs  PageB-8!__''_.     The Penjnsula Times  r-~*^Weahesddyf February 23, "1972  ��LAST \\��.eek, with t^fi'ic diverted Jo the  . Redrooffs Road because "of;work on  the highway, residents .had an opportunity of seeing what it was like to live on  a highway ��� and unanimously they, agree  that they' do', not like it. Around noon,  when-'ferny traffic from  often met  congestion .  with cars passing slow \ moving*1 trucks  and trailers at. speeds quite unsuitable  for a road such <& this. Archie Rutherford^ found delivering" mail so difficult  in such egnditiohs that he plans to change.  his schedule to avoid ferry traffic while  the present situation continues, so R.R. 1  patrons should look for their mail later  than usual.'  ,      ' '    ���  both directions  on the Redrooffs Road, the  was   really   bad,   particularly  ACCIDENTS  Several resident,? have   by Mary T��nMey  which -pictured-the identical Cruise, just  "com'pl'cTe^'by'Xha'rTie'^Coathai'n' and Mrs.  Mabel- Aikehhead,.showed some fine stu-*  dies of the ship navigating the locks of  the Panama Canal and of the sunny and  exotic Caribbean islands.  The Himalaya cruise had., some* interesting pictiuaaa-ttf t'iji and Maori islands.  Que of the'most popufar films of the dancing pjogramme was "Land of the Red  Goat", Which contained some magnificent  photographic stu'duies of yild life<*in the  Stikine Plateau in Northern B.C. There  -were pU^uj^C-uf���kvlco-ti �����*> ui-W-i s hi-og���i n - Go Id-  Fish Lake and amazingly intimate studies of st(jne^sh(:jep,- mountain goat, cariboo,  mariYHfl and a family of golden plovers  rearing their young. Next film show will  he on Thursday,-March 2.  Legion .Branch 140 /  Long service awards  "L.A. TO Bianch 140 Royal Canadian Leg-,  ion    recently    presented    their   senior  members with long service awards.  Thirty-five   year      phis    have  presented    lo:_Mrs.   Alice   French,  Alice   Batchelo'r, "Mrs.   Jack   Mayn^  , Mrs.   Wally     Berry.   Twenty-five,  'awards   presented   to  Mesdames   Jo  son and Madge Hansen. Mrs. Jessie Luck  en and Margaret Gibson received 20 year  been  ^Mrs.  and  year  Gib-  Tn car accidents during the past week.  Mr. and Mrs. Frit* Leuchte had a blowout on their way home from California  where they had been visiting the family  of their daughter, Anne-marie Hickey.  Their  car   flipped- over   three  times   and  been  involved     83rd BIRTHDAY  -a-nd���Hi���year piTre-TCspecTiVely  Akuig with tlie 25-year pin presented  to Mrs. Jack "(Jo) Gibsons, was a Life  Membership in the Auxiliary: Mrs. .Gib-  s<m was a charter member of Squamish  BraWh.   In   her   eight   years'   service   at  ���^quanWsh, she served in several executive  "was a toTaTwreck. Mrs. Leuchte received  a cut cm the head and is stiff and bruised  but otherwise they  are unhurt and congratulating, themselves   on   a   miraculous^"  escape.  ���Mrs-...Greta Jorgensen was uninjured buj.  had her car damaged when a car backed  out of a driveway on the Redrooffs Road.  Three days later, her daughter-in-law,'  Mrs. Frank .-Jqrgensen's car skidded on  the road near Brooks Road and went off  the highway, turning over. Mrs. Jorgensen was unhurt and was able to climb  out ofo the car and- go for help. A third,  member nt the. Jorgensen' family,���Mrs-  Last Friday afternoon it was almost  impossible to find a parking space in the  region of Kilally,, the Redrooffs home of  the Rev. Canon Greene and the living  room of the house was crowded- with  -f-r-ieud-s who- had-comeT-to���honw-fiiii'���on  Joan Hansen, is still keeping her fingers  crossed after narrowly avoiding a collis  ion with" your correspondent.  the occasion of his 83rd birthday. Many  came from Sechelt and some from as far  off asTpibsons. The oldest person among  the guests was Mr. Jim Anderson of Halfmoon Bay wha gave Canon Green an encouraging demonstration -of how young  one could be at. 91.  Tea was served and as Canon Green  took knife in hand to cut the birthday  cake, the sounds of organ music flowed  from the kitchen playing "Happy Birthday to You". Organist was Mrs. Richard  Laird and the organ which Mrs. Greene  l3^.(~Ls_?��LeA!y--ch'g dut.from storage for the  occasion, was . none other than "Little  Jimmy", the small portable organ which  -heed aevoinpa'iiied Canon  Greene on  hit;'  journeyings up and down the B.C. coast  capacities. Slie" subsequently - served  we  'with the membership of Pender Harbour  and   Alberni   branches jof  the   L.A.,   before   becoming   a   dedicated   worker  Branch   140. * *  Congratulations to all these ladies  who have worked bard and long. The  Auxiliary is. currently planning the- annual rummage sale and coffee party for  Tuesday,   March   21st. ' v  Greene, rector of St. James' Church, Oril-  lia, who was Stephen Lea'cock's inspiration for the character of Dean Drone in  "Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town."  At 83, Canon Green is still active and  intensely interested in all that goes on  around him. Greene Court Senion Citizen's homes at Sechelt, named in his  honour, were built as a result of. his  dream", a'dream which he played no small  part   in   bringing ����to   realization.   He  has  Branch 69 Sechelt ..-^  ���   m   ��  Assn.  attendance of seventy  "becrr .President ol the Sunshine Coast  Senior r*ij.i/f itis7 Housing. Society������dncfi-iiiL.  incorporation and it will indeed be a  proud moment for him when another 14  units of housing are opened in June. He  is also Cha^lain__ta_Branc-lv-l-15-Ganadian  Legibnr"  Deeply loved and respected by people  all along the coast, Canon Greene is con-  REGULAR monthly meeting of the Sechelt Senior Citizens' Association was  held in the Legion Hall, February 17  with an attendance of more than seventy  members. Mi's. Madge Hansen, .president,  was in the chair.       7  Six new members welcomed into the  organisation, -included: Mt,���and     Mrs,  when Mrs. Broo.ks will provide a musical  interlude with the help of her students.  This meeting will commence at 2 p.m.  Tour Convenor Mr. Dave Hayward announced that he ^Spes to arrange a daffodil tour in AprfPkbut more on that  iater. �� " r  ���. ,��� Sotaa 1, rnrnmitlee- convenor Mrs J_  Last Thursetay was surprise day for"  Branch 69 Senior Citizens Association when slips were drawn for the  two hampers presented by Shop Easy  Mo. - 5, Pictured froHTJeft, -Mrs;zE]5E, I  i-te���Glayton���of-Shop-Easy presents  the hampers to Association president  Mrs. Madge Hansen and Mrs. James  Derby who won one of them. Mrs.  Tommy Mars'tin won the other. Every time the senior citizens collect  $5,000 worth* of sales' slips, Shop  E"asy, Sechelt makes ', the hamper  -award-but members have to be pre-  sent*on that special day to. fill in  nifty ,tilii>K.���^  -FHjM-SHOW-  Last Thursday's film shew at the Welcome Beach Hall took viewers on three  P. & O. luxury liner cruises, on the Ori-  anajo. the Caribbean, on the Arcadia to  Alaska and ^n7iie_.HimaJayajlo_JJie_F^  Ttslandsr^ew ZealancTahdTAustraliar ���  All three film's gave an attract  lor many ol his 48 years of-service with"  the Columbia Coast Mission. It had supplied the music for services held on the  mission ships and in community halls  andpiiyate--homes in isolated communit-  5s7Togging camps and Indian villages: The  birthday cake was appropriately decorat-  Buck, Mr. apd Mrs. Athinson and Mr. and  "Mrs.  Newcbrribe. ~ ���  ��� Apart from normal business, members'  dealt  with  a   number   of   resolutions   in  preparation   for   the   annual  .gonyentieftr-  Mrs.  Evans  was,-namSHconvenor  of  The'  hospitel--T5atlents   visitation   committee,  she will be aided  by Mrs. Whaites  Whaites reminded rripfohprs-lha-*-��iw--win  welcome assistance in serving at the  monthly  meetings.  Mrs.   J.   Dunlop,   convenor   of   Ways  ive pic- ed wifh a'small model of a mission step,     starrtty���bemg^���called���on   to���officiate���at���a**^���Mss-.���Whitta'ker.���Both   volunteered  rand���Means committee, reported that the  spring  tea,   planned" for   May   6th,   will"  also feature a bake table and white elephant section. The Arts Council has promised   a   display?   In   recognition   of   her  the two hampers for our first draw and  these were won by Mrs. Derby and Mrs.  -IVfo-rerliB-. Continue to brinp in vour sales^  : slips to Mr. Hayward. -It- looks- as though  the draws will prov4" frequent.  Meeting   concluded' with   tea   and.   a  snack  to the accompaniment of old, time  ture of life aboard and the Oriana cruise,     complete  with   cassocked   priest   and   a     christenings,   weddings   and  funerals   by     for the job.  ====-- miniature "Little Jimmy" The modpl was femi4ies--i)44K)m-4ie-rras-1lhown tor 50 years "       ~ "  PENINSULA TIMES  OFFICE  NOW OPEN  IIM  GIBSONS  Phone 886-2121 _.  eighteenth   birthday, ��� Mrs.   Livesey   was tunes   with   Mrs.   Hatcher  at  the  piano.  MTsTDave   Hayward   accepted 'office    1*esc-ntid ' wILL *". s^1- VOLUNTEERS  given to him., on his 80th birthday "by his     or more. It is not unusualfor him .-to-be - - of  convenor, for- the  Sunday -social  ga-v.-^^5"Aest.._fpr^the.r,mgeUng,..was,:-Dx..,Jric    4Membersr-.of--,the-.--S.echelfc-Boy^.-Glub-,  daughter, Barbara Greene who had had     asked, to journey  to Campbell River,  or     therings at the Sechelt elementary school.     Paetkau who outlined plans for the pro- seek weekend, jobs to help senior Citizens,  it specially carved for him by a famous     one of the Gulf Islands to christen a baby     These  meetings  havev become  a  regular     Posed  recreation  centre.  He  referred  to They  do  not  ask for payment,  just- the  Ontario carver. whose  grandparents  he  married  on  one     weekly   event   for  many   members   who     benefits  to  be made available to senior satisfaction of knowing they have helped  Canon   Greene   was   born   in   Orillia,    . the mission ships many years ago. What-     enjoy Ba   pleasant   chat,   play. cards   etc.     citizens  and  explained  the  costs  to  the someone. Anyone requiring such help that  Ontario on February 18, 1889   His fathp'r     ever calls are made on him, he gives of     and  enjoy  refreshments.  A  special  pro-     average house owner in the area.  ^ high school boys can tackle, please phone  was    the   Rev.   Canon   Richard    W.   T.     himself generously and ungrudgingly.  nam  has  been arranged  for March 5th  Mrs. Clayton of Shop Easy presented     Bob  Allaby  at  885-2809.  ��*W**W*M***M**MMMM_  I  5  DUTCH  OVEN...  BLUE RIBBON  J  lb. pack ���   ^w^wvJ^l^^^M^^Nl'y���*tf���;'���'W'i���t��^'ife���l-K*.^w'.wl.  BATHROOM TISSUE  PER TOWELS  TOMATO JUICE  ���^,,T-,...���,���^.,..���  MALKIN'S Sixo 4  14 ox. Fancy  "Vi f 11' 1 it  TUNA FISH  EA!)  CREAM CORN  ' ; ;,',���!.��� 7. rT-''���������.  If EC ii D Eft Hi 3  MARGARINE  SPAGHETTI  ,'49  LAMBIIGS  89  SAUSAGES  ZEE  ~4~paclT  ZEE  Twin Pack   "WfJ'EnCKiJ^ribr'pkgrrr:^^  MALKINS   48,~��x,.-.,.  PARAMOUNT  Solid Light, 7 ox   pROPUCfzFBATURBS  ,14 ox. Fancy;-  ��>|Hitfif#>ntWl�� ^MtUf  L CALIFORNIA ,LB  ���t fin** 7*h��������.- ��- ^1, ���  14 ox, Faricy  BETTER BUY  1 lb, pkg.... 77  AMP TOMATO SAUCijJt    J  1, BETTER BUY  ^7T'*���'^|fc'^'*-^'���"^'���,*"������M'!^^^^'^'w*,'T'*',,'"��� *"*  WArrLti^AUNT 4EMlMAr10 ox) ���*���,  FROZEN PEAS  *^liM��WM*'llii��ii>>*iqKpiM��M<*��f��  1"-  BONNIE BROOK  2, 39  SOYA CAR0BBREAD 57c  BRAN MUFFINS    7;,   6��47c  1       '      '   t "11        1  S PEANUT BUTTER  W_M''"'"DEA^UBC    Okanagan Freestone;   7,      ^    0     CO(  ^|        ITKf^^llKfc#     Molkln's, Mot.CholcQ...     S*     R  ��� JHf ���  ^PINEAPPLE  ffiLKIN'S"**"^**"'"-*  ,7 ..7.!f.9n^y...l^,.,ox.-...V,--,;.*,:,;,7.  '4"  ,in,i��., ",.���.   COEFFEEMATE  CARNATION $1   H@  Cut fearCrctinieT~l fi-oier*^ Wm%mm"  , ,*  Saturday,  ''FobruWy''26'  RECREATION  "CENTRE       f>ay.'  t^ >    *!.!���*(   i  . PRICES EFFECTIVE:  THURSDAY,,'FEBRUARY, ?4 TO sAtUBDAY FEbRUARYv26  ',"   - ���..       ���, ���    ��� . 1, , )    ,<-. 7 f>, " ��� 7,' - /, i\ ���,   . 'f',77 71 77i_.���'i 'V'v./;. ' i',.l , , >j7;>' i,;, v>.7' 7'7 '*' ' ���  ^ifo^.j,#"i|h^,'l'<|'B|'"l^  ftpit^fiNIMM^^  M*S<��Wl��W*m'(}^^  SYRUI  OLD TYMp PANCAKE  39  \���t ������..  H"  v., 1  >|luu|��,t   MMMtfWffW^  Phono 886-2025  wwiai-nrt-i *>w��N ��i��HIWfl"**'*''"w'*''"'''"��'tl"W"'l  1    fl   '     ' 1  fl8B-9823 Bakory 085-9012 Mont Dopt.  ��� Wo1' Rciiorvo -Jho< Right-To ��� Limit Quantities��-r��� ��� *'���.<��������� ���"���-�����.ff���,�����..J.yu,-.���.,���,*.,.,   i.*,.��.)  ���       , ���        ���   '.        ���       i k   . '    ,      ,    i   ,'.    ���      . ,,,!''',', ���'.���it'   ��'    .'.(���'  'i., ���, rt*,,,^.*,.,^^.  .4���,, 4,1.^.14', , 1,1 U.i^W. \ .1,1. ill 1 . .  ,,.;,Ji,!.  ���  /i.'..*.'.   ,.  : ,v. ,'. ... i...-.,.'., ., - ,4...,.,  *,.:<  i,,.   ...  ,....;   ���,.     .   ...   7       7 ,,  .       ���',       .���,.������   !',".,..n' ., ,   !."���'.���, i, , ,i..   ,.,.  ...",,,,,*,,   ,.,.,:..  ,.,.  ,.,... .71 :., ., .,,.,,.'  .,. ���,/.' ,  . ,.,,.���'7..��, ,. ,., . ��.n,���, .1 ,,,,>>,,<,.  '<��!Wf,<WW>WiWiiW^^  t ,  % 'I i , ��        "% I (  M   , f I , I  ��� 4,   I    ,      ,        ,1.. ,��,  1 IT  "T"  tfmmmmmwi*'**  !��� 1 �� 1 > ' I 1     ' . ,  , . I   r  , ,���*   ,. 1 , 'i .   f   t   t    ����#����*,��,����   4 f>, #l>t I,    ��.   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