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The Peninsula Times Jun 3, 1970

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 ,**yrto->,-* V"Si ^"^^"VV^r^rH^ nf£m*t <"*iS4Vv\'*VV^M^^V-^wM^VvN*-*V^^,VHt^-,w,
-of>r* ■*'
• ■^**« »r v fv ■**"•* -M^-n^fS^
*■**•* ■» 1*0*1 ■*» *■» -h      -««a/«wW*Hrw^1^* w «. <fc
rooJf exception . . .
wr& Ksid
Vancouver 9, B.C.
- - -vvw
• •» <1S. WVW  \^VW>,-.
Reglstration No. 1142
2nd Class Mail
STUNNED silence appeared to greet an
unexpected but spirited speech by Director
Frank West, at last meeting of the Regional Board, on a subject which would
generally' have been considered to have
no connection  with  the  Board. '
An editorial in last week's Times,
drawing attention to.the campaign which
had been waged against the School Board
■Secretary Treasurer since his appointment to that position, was apparently
considered by West to have been directed
at himself.
The editorial stated that at one time a
husband and wife team had approached
the Times seeking publication of an
advertisement for a secretary treasurer
for School District 46 as a means of
embarrassing the recently appointed
secretary treasurer. We later, in the
editorial, suggested that one member of
that team is presently occupying a public
position which should be vacated by process of resignation.
Of a school board, regional board and
two councils, involving twenty-two elected
public servants. West took exception to
the editorial and, while not a partner in
the husband-wife team mentioned, seemed to think it was his resignation referred
He told the Board that following release of last week's Times he had received
a number of phone calls from people who
had suggested it might be he who was
involved and that he is again under
attack. He said he would like to make
clear that incredible though the statement was regarding the proposed advertisement, he was certainly not the
persori responsible. Further, the editor of
the Times has suggested he should resign
and while admitting that a year or so
ago he had indeed been involved in some
personal feeling about the school board,
he had been elected by his people and
sees no reason why he should be obliged
to resign at the suggestion of news editors.
West also commented that at the time
he was involved in discussions with the
school board he had sent the Board a
confidential letter which, he added, he
understands thep ress knew of shortly
The letter in question was, in fact,
read out at a regular Board meeting and
a copy presented the Times. Next day,
however, a deputation of Trustees asked
that we withhold publication in order
to avoid further unnecessary embarrassment. This we agreed to do.
Silence following West's outburst was
terminated by the Chairman who suggested the Board continue with other
Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet), including Port Mellon, Hopkins Landing, Granthams Landing, Gibsons, Roberts Creek,
Wilson Creek, Selma Park, Sechelt, Holfmoon Bo/, Secret Cove, Pender Harbour, Madeira Park, Kleindale, Irvine's Landing, Earl Cove, Egmont
Union <s"> Label
This Issue 10 Pages
Rocks hurled
Volume 7, No. 27 —. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3, 1970
Look but don i touch
warns Wildlife Branch
LOOK — but don't touch!
That's the advice of the Fish and
Wildlife Branch to those' persons who
come across young wildlife in the next
few weeks.
Each year at about this time people
start "rescuing" fawns and other young
animals that appear to be abandbqed. In
almost all cases the parent animal, naturally "spooky" and reluctant to show
itself, often stands timidly nearby as its
offspring is abducted by people who find
it cute and cuddly.
"Such adoption and removal from natural habitat and mamma's tender loving care and know-how almost always
leads to unnecessary death of wild 'babes
of the woods'," it was explained by Dr.
James Hatter, branch director.
WASHROOM facilities at Gibsons Georgia
Park, established by the Kiwanis
Club as a public service, have fallen
victim to the vandal element. Alderman
Ken Goddard reported at last meeting
of council that smart-alecs have been
standing on the bluff above the washrooms and have dropped rocks opto the
skylights. Further, damage has also been
done to the barbeque pits. "It is too bad
people can't leave things in the park
free of vandalism," he commented.
Aid. Goddard also commented on the
fact that a canal dug out from the boat
ramp to low water mark appears to be
working efficiently. This facilitates
launching of boats at low tide but, unfortunately, people are leaving trailers
in the area and consequently creating
a problem.
It was moved the owner of adjacent
unused property be asked to consider
permitting use of his lot for such parking.
Administrator Dave Johnston indicated he
did not anticipate too much cooperation
in this respect.
Il_woiild seem a newspaper does not
have^to be printed off thc Sunshine
Coast in order to become another "Oops
Gazette", as implied in a recent journalistic diatribe over an amusing typographical error in The Times.
At last meeting of council, exception
was taken by aldermen and Mayor over
a misleading report in a locally printed
publication stating, in effect, that a proposed building project was being held
up pending final decision by council.
Aid. Ken Goddard drew attention to
the fact that tho report was the first coun
cil knew of the project and so far no
application has been made to council.
Mayor Wally Peterson said he too was
somewhat perturbed, also "it gives the
impression that council is holding things
up which is certainly putting us in a.
bad light and is misleading," he added.
Editor of the publication, F. Cruise,
told council he had permitted a member
of his staff to write the item in question
and "he must have got carried away".
Aid. Gerry Dixon reported that delivery of the new fire truck was expected
in August, however, it is now understood the vehicle is ready in Quebec.
Cost of delivery to Gibsons would be
$600 which will be deducted from the
cost of the vehicle should council chose
to have someone collect it. It was pointed
out by the alderman that to send two
men over would cost $700 or more but
former Fire Chief Bill Scott had indicated
interest in making the trip and has agreed
to pick the truck up for the sum of $600,
Council agreed to accept the offer.
withdraws resignation
SECRETARY treasurer of Sechelt School
District, Mr. Jim Metzler, withdrew his
resignation following an "in-committce"
meeting of the school board on Thursday
of last week.
At the May 14th meeting of the Board,
the majority of trustees approved a motion asking Mr. Metzler to re-consider
his resignation submitted April 23rd.
A".. F.-FF*'     ., *-'.       , ~,AA -f*.l?Aa.
,,-Fa-r-i ,> I-'I-'V""*.
'       -*  V  a £    r
« . ii V ■ H Vfia -<>
'  V,   '        F,     V*"'*    fiJ I
a a-" Y
■ '.^iA     / ..A.   ■> h' 3 '. * AAAV A If      f A V;
" A^IA^S^flVfA * A?aS Vi  »  WA** '•;<'<.   -f  A      u-
Regional sewer . . .
LETTER from an environment protection group, signed by M. West, secretary, was read at last meeting of Gibsons
Council and following brief discussion
was filed. In effect, it was indicated that
the proposed Gibsons sewer system, despite inclusion of a secondary treatment
plant, will still result in some pollution
to adjacent beaches as. "the cumulative
effect of the outfall becomes apparent".
At the same time,"the letter indicated
a desire for participation in an overall
sewer system possibly under the Regional
Mayor Wally Peterson stated "il seems
they opposed the project previously and
now would like to participate. As far as
the Regional Board is concerned I would
like to sec it complete its water project
first before getting involved in even
greater expense".
Aldermai. Dixon suggested perhaps the
previous protesters should be asked if they
would care to participate "they are going
to be faced with pollution soon," he added,
-\.-«n,-,   'V
■"I* i- *•»«-*-.
5    fa-    ''        .-a '    ' ■"—•a-,--.'-'
Mayor Peterson agreed.
It was thqn moved the letter bo filed.
Mayor Peterson announced that the
Gibsons brochures, combined project of
council and Chamber of Commerce, have
been printed and some have arrived. He
said Mainland Southwest -Co-prdinator,
Mr. Mike Ovenell, had delivered some
'of tho.brochures, and had asked that court-
. cil pay its share of the cost, $300*.
It was agreed a cheque be forwarded
to Ovenell, thc Chamber of Commerce
will be responsible for its share of the
Aid. Ken Crosby reported he has had
further discussion with a sign writer and
an agreement has been reached whereby
a sign will be constructed and divided
into six advertising spots. He suggested
a few potential advertisers be contacted,
Co.st to be about $35 each.
Aid. Crosby also suggested J no sign
could be erected on highway allowance
rather than the .adjacent private property.
Mayor Peterson pointed out that thc
owner would still have to be asked to give
Aid, Charles Mandckuu, the property
owner, said he could see no objection.
Mayor Peterson, however, added that
should Aid, Mandelkau ever see fit to
develop the property, it would he necessary to remove the .sign, He suggested
potential advertisers be made aware of
. this fact.
Not many artists can boast success at
six years of age like Lanedale Elementary grade one student Ross
Bown who has congratulatory letters
from Coast Chilcotin MP Paul St.
Pierre and Superintendent of Education F. P. Levers on being a finalist
in the Christmas Canada Post Office
Contest. Among the many thousands
of entries from across Canada, Ross'
design has reached the finals and his
teacher Mrs. Alma White is very
proud of her young pupil who is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. David Bown of
Hopkins "Landing.
At last meeting of the Sunshine Coast
Regional Hospital District. Director Jim
Tyner stated he understood that during
a recent visit to St. Mary's Hospital, Sechelt, Health Minister Hon. Ralph Loff-
mark had indicated he was favorably
disposed toward plans for a medical clinic
in the Pender Harbour area but seeks
further details as to the proposals.
It is understood that a liquor store
will be established in the Pender Harbour
area this summer. Rumors are that it
will be included in a proposed shopping
plaza at Madeira Park.
Trial of Harry Shindel of Gibsons,
charged with theft over $50. has been
held over to June 4 at which lime it will
continue in West Vancouver in order that
defence witness Mrs. P. Shindel whp resides in Vancouver area might appear.
Shindel is held in custody and originally
appeared in Gibsons before Judge Eric
Winch. -<
Redrooiis area
Beach parksite proposals
presented by sportswriter
AT LAST meeting of the Sunshine Coast
Regional Board, copy of a letter to
thc Minister of Recreation and Conservation regarding a possible parksite at
Redrooffs, from .sportswritcr Lee Straight,
was read.
Mr. Straight drew the Minister's attention lo a waterfront property owned by •
Mr, Jim Cooper which, he suggested,
would be a key location for a provincial
waterfront park, He expressed the view
that such property should bo kept from
private real estate transactions and held
for public use.'
Reply from the Minister stated that
his department has looked into thc situation and reports that it has little provincial, significance.
Director Archie Rutherford said he is
familiar with the property but this Is the
first he has heard of such proposals.
Director Frank West suggested perhaps
the Minister be asked to elurify just what
does comprise provincial .significant".'.
Director Wally Peterson, however, warned
thai should Ihe Hoard become Involved it
>/^vAA-«1^, '. aI«W - -1*:"" VV**A  *..   '       - *
^AS,',«Atfs   a.v^'^^'C*-'V,A~r*»--***¥ . '     «   <-   ' t   ..    •
*A t , >U^|r 7 i\ .,      a  *"»   \i* »pA. A *" * •     • .
Bargain offers . . .
ii lure
(iulf Oil Compsmy recently spent a
lartfe sum of money Installing pliable
oil pipes along the Sechelt wharf
which is used by lho company for
docking and pipeline facilities. It was
feared further damage by rough seas
might cause molnl pipes'lo spill thus
letting oil foul the beach area. As
may he seen Ihe wharf Is rapidly
approaching a slate of collapse.
Local students named
in UBC degrees list
tlNUVKU.'-ITY of Hrlll.Nl. Columbia con-
feiTeil '.endemic degree.*, on lho following, local Mtidfi.t.N (lining the 1070
{"ooiir.'g.ition ceii'inoiilc.N which took pl.ice
Led  week,
.Sechelt '.Indent'., all graduate*-, of Kl-
pliiiiMoi.c, are: Arlcne M, ,lohn*;on, II, H.
A ; (.loili. Helen HI- hop, H A *. John tthcr-
woi.a! Ilnyer., IV Se,(, Philip HiuoUh Mal-
|»J|:.|.,   H,  ftc
/ Ml:-i Lynda A Dockar of llopkliiN
l**...(Ui.i; received her H. Kd. (Klementury).
(Jlli.ions ic-ililci-ilii leceivini: academic
nwaidi. are; Peter Ma.*.oii. IV A. He, (F.n.t.
rhyMo.); Nancy Klalne I-chIIc, H, l*.d,
(Klcnienlaiy); Virginia bene I)oii|*la\ H,
I'd, (Secondary); I'.uc.cnt* Yat>l«»n*«kl, H;
K.., (.Secondary); Fiimt-i*. Madeline l.iowu,
Diploma In .-'ducatIon of Children with
Leuuilim Di-aoiduta,
Longest in B.C... . .
Transmission line crossing
$396,933 contract awarded
LONGEST over-water  Inin-imisslon   lino
eroMiliiR in HrltlMh Columbia — UfiMl
feet       will he built I hit. summer.
The huge spnn across Jervis Inlet will
he part or B.C, Hydro's nrw 230,000-volt
powei line from Sechelt to tho Powell
River area.
A SaiKl.tina contract to eon.Nlruct the
eroMiIng and M-pportlng towertt hut* been
awarded to IVtcnion Hleclrical Conntn.e-
Hon Company Limited of Vancouver- and
NorthweM  Klcctiic Limited of Richmond,
Length of the upan iierosH .IoivIh Inlel
to NcInou Inland will exceed thnt ol
West Kootenay Power and Light. Com-
pany'i. longrM previous over-water Iran,*.-
ntl-'-'.ion croj'i.ing over Kdotonay Lake by
.iI.imiI  .'t:U.   feel.
F.ach of the new llne'.i three conductor!,
will be anchored lo high rocky blurfs
on both •bore*, of the Inlet by 25.fool.hlgU
hteel   lowci>,
The new i.pan't, bighcl point will be
l.fiOU leet above high water mark lit
.lei \In Inlet, on the north .shore of NY I.so it
I'lom there the condnctor.t will dip
to a point lf-0 feet above the Inlet, and
thi-ii   .Lu *-t;.-in  lo  l.'J.,  leet  above  high
water mark on the opposite nhore,
Conductor to he u.sed on the .lervh
Inlet cro-Ning Is believed lo be unlqtio
in North America, employing a high pio-
porllon of steel to aluminum wires, Thi.-i
conductor has mi ultimate .Nlrengllt ol
'.'.■.Hl.OOO pound:., required to maintain adc-
.'tialc   clearance   ovci   Hie  channel.
A total of III aluminum airciall wiiiii-
•.Mr* rnnrl.ciM Will be Installed on tla* conductor*, to warn aircraft of the lian-i-
midMiin Hue ern,.i.ing, The marker,*! will
be (wo feet In diameter.
The  new *.!'I0,(I00-voH   line will mi|>|.Ic
ment.  i.ervice   to   Powell   Uivei   now   pro.
vlilcil  by a ..ingle  l.'til.lini).vhII   line from
Hejilde the ,lrrvi*, Inlet eromiliig I hero
will be a tecond water eroi*<lnj; over
Agnmrmnon Channel In Nel-oii Island,
ll will Im** (".,4','0 fe«-t l«.nn nnd will v««*»y
•12   aircrall    warning   markers.
Consli ih'Iioii    o(    the   new    wood-pule
powerllne  Is  now  r.bout   'M)  percent   cony
plcte   and     stringing     ol   conductor   i*.
scheduled lo .start aboul mid-.lune,
The powerllne Is e\pccte<l to be In
.service in November. It will be enci cj/cl
initially  ul   lUti.OUU-vollt..
TLANNINC,     Commiltee   of   the   School
Hoard will ulve further consideration
to propo-in'il.s received In reply lo the
Hoard's ndvcrtit'cmcnt -seeklnit rental
iieeommo<lntion for the School Honrd
Dlseie-'ilon revealed that Ihe Honrd
had on file an offer Irani Charles Knidlnh
Ltd,, CJIb.;on,N who would build the required -1,000 ,;.|. ft. accommodation and
leaho it to ihe Hoard at the rate id $1,75
per tif|,  ft, on a three year lease,
Clayton & .Sons of .Sechelt, In reply to
the advertisement olfcred 4,0(10 sq. ft ,
le.*,:* or more il required al $l,Uf> per M|.
ft, on a  II year  'ease.
The Limit Hlock in (.Himhin which was
formerly occupied by Ihe Hoard is also
avallabie for $l..!0 per *,q ft, on .1 to ,'»
yc.ii' lease, Space available is believed to
be   2,000   to  .»,()()!)  sq.   ft.
Chairman of lho I'lnnnlii,; Committee,
Shicln Klttion recommended lhal the
LiiiiK Hlock propo. al be accepted but
trustee:; Dr. Walter Hiirlnlrk and Hern-
aid Miilllnan fell lhal more connldera-
Uon  thould  be   i;ivrn  the  C|a>tnn  offrr.
I)i. Huibiick puinled out that con-
t-ittc-iinjj l-xljnyV l.tiikbof; pi >t*«,»* «U ,hif*e
I'llei'.s me a biu'-'Jiin. lie b'lt Ibat Ibis
miltht be the only lime when lho I.onid
would have n choice and If the Limn
Hlock was cnnslileie.i inadequate one year
aijo it would still be unsatisfactory, It'
wns also pointed out Ibat Hie requited
; pace is available jn .Sechelt with adequate
parkin*! l«c»hlit*ii. —.
KecreUuy .Ilm M(*t/.ler observed that
the LaiiR Hlock hud been vacated be-
eiuifie there had been a Jump in rent and
also, nt thai time the hoard office wan
divided between two locutions and it watt
considered more economical and preferable lo consolidate into one huildinjl. lb*
;,ul(l lhal by removing partition:, (hero
would bo an much room In the Lun,«
Hlock aii the Hoard now hiei in the H.C.
Telephone Huildini',. It wan also pointed
out that there :,; a close working r<*la-
lloinship between the Malnlenance Shop
and the Hoard office.
Trustee A|;nes I.abonle fell lhal the
Clayton price of $r>f>0 per month for -1,00(1
sq. ft, Is exorbitant and thai nunc wink
,-huuld be done on the possibility of tbe
honrd  hiilldlii'*. Its  own  office,
Mr Mel/lor pointed out thai Vlelorii,
is i.till ri'hiclaut to build School Huanl
olflcei. and many aie enteriiif; Into loiq;
term aiireenunls with laiullonls
District Supcrintendenl l< II llannii
commented on the loom reqiiucd by (hi*
Insti action Depaitment, winch he tell
would not lie available in the Liuq;
Itlocli Also when the new elassroorriM aie
.built at Sechell. tbe bmldinu pn".->ntly
lo use as an Alt i lass will be available
and make an ideal Tils it let  I.Unary, Ho
fell that the decision Is crucial lor the
district rij'ht now and mote exploration
falmulil be done.
Dr Htii Intel, advi-cd that Mr Mel/lcr
be present when the nuittcr is (ItMtissed
luithcr Uy the I'luuninu Couitiultcci
could end up having to provide funds
for development of the parksite. He suy-
Kcstcd that apart from .seeking clarification as to "provincial significance," thc
Minister be asked how such financing
would  be arranged,
Earlier request by Pender Harbour
and Kginonl Chamber of Commerce that
the Board give consideration to establishment of a garbage pick-up service has
revealed the fact that the Pender area
i.s not yet ready for such a facility.
A subsequent survey was carried out
through the Pender Harbour Katepayers
Association and Director Jim Tyner
stated that of HKI circulars distributed,
121 replies revealed 12 in favor and 10!)
opposed to a pick-up service, The Director
reported that a petition from another
group in the area bad also opposed such
a  proposal.
Chairman Clilf (lilkcr commented
"that this would appear to lake care
of i\". It was moved the Chamber of
Commerce be  notillqd  accordingly.
Application by Construction Aggregates for lease of properly in the Trail
Hay area was approved alter Administrator Charles (funding explained Ibat the
area involved, has already been approved
by the Hoard, The company simply required a smaller area than nrirdiinlly requested which meant another application,
Approval was given subject to existing leases and right of way held by the
West Howe Sound garbnge dump
whlrh, It wilf* reported, Is the best cited
and easiest to maintain is continually In
need ol clean-up due lo indiscriminate
duinpini',. It was suggcslcd the situation
Is due to dtuiipin'i limn areas not having
organised   garbage   collection   service,
Director Wis! commented lhal If il is
not possible to get co-operation of those
who are permitted to use Ihe dump consideration should be given to closing It
off  (o  (hem,
Director Peterson warned that Council had already experienced problems re-
suiting from pultini; up n i;ate and explained that once a i;ate is used lo cine
oil the dump, indiscriminate ilumpini', In
carried out around the gale area lie said
Ihe board would then have tn keep a Cat
In jiroMmlty In the gale In keep Hie
entrance   clear,
Chalim.in (iilKci -,.iiil be did not thinl.
people in Unorganised anas can be I >|.< 111< • I
and certainly not toiui'it*.. Ulnclor Lome
Wolverton agreed thai u gate would be
Impractical but suggested mon* sign*, be
creeled   pointing   Ihe   way   lo   the   dump
Dliector    West    a* kill    Dliictui*    I'elei
ion   ll   (bhanis   Council   llM<   i noslilei id   a
coinpul'oiy   pick  up  scivlre'   He   wie'.   told
that   Vei v   few   people   In   Ihe   Village   til>
Jciled   In   Ihe   pie cut    p.i\    * > ■letii    Wi -1
lidded    that    'oiiieoiie    |-i    dumping    along
till*    Poll    Mellon    Ho.ill 1    be   did    not
think it wm, hi is* luiliK*.
' -tSAj-a,^,^        *m—    .A        4H      ft**     -Mufaalk     ^S^flk —j      —^   „       {*_  f-      f-,      J^,--,       J**.    A ^.    ^^^M      ^      *^ Poge A-2 The Penlnsulo Times, Wednesday, June 3, 1970  ����ll<ll'ill����ll��*Ma����*Mrnp^1f����M*��B����M*tliMWM  The PENINSULA^^fift* Sechelt - Phone 885-9654  Classified  FOR RENT (Continued)  TRAILER  10'x50'   in Gibsons,  furnished or unfurn. Newly  decorated.  885-2010.      460D-27  WANTED TO RENT  REAL ESTATE (continued)      REA�� ESTATE (Cont.)  Fj^||MMMMliMliliMWM'--'>MWMWMIfllT*#��'alVliM^^  Published Wednesdays by  The Peninsula Times Ltd.,  at Sechelt, B.C.  Established 1963  Member, Audit Bureau  of Circulation:.  March 31, 1970  Grqss Circulation 2538  Paid Circulation 2281  As filed with the Audit Bureau  of Circulation, subject to audit.  -Classified Advertising Rates:  3-Line Ad-Briefs (12 words)  One  Insertion '. 75c  Three   Insertions  Extra lines (4 words)  (This rate does not apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs.)  Box Numbers ..   $1.50  ���15c  lOcextrcA  25c Book-keeping charge is added  for Ad-Briefs not paid by  publication date.  Legal  or Reader advertising 35c  per count line.  Display   advertising   in   classified  Ad-Briefs columns, $1.75 per inch.  Subscription Rates���  By mail, Peninsula area���$5.00 yr.  By mail, beyond 30 miles $5.50 yr.  By mail, special citizens ���$3 yr.  By carrier ������_ '. ������_ 50c month  COMING EVENTS  TWILIGHT THEATRE  Gibsons  Your last chance to see "Zab-  riskio Point" Wed.. June 3 at  8 p.m.  Thurs.,   Fri..  Sat.,   June  4,  5.  and 6 at 8 p.m.  THE LIGN  IN WINTER  in    color���starring    Katharine  Hepburn and Peter O'Toole  Sun..   June  7.  at  7  p.m.   and  Mon.. and Tues., at 8 p.m.  THAT COLD DAY  IN THE PARK  in color���starring Sandy Dennis and Michael  Burnjs  "Warning,     excessive     sejxual  realism" ' i  R. W. McDonald, B.C. Censor  Restricted  4599-27  ANNOUNCEMENT  I.O.J.D. raffle postponed from  May  26,   ljWO'io  June  9th,  1970.  ���.--"'. 4582-27  CARD OF THANKS  TO THE Senior Citizens.  Branch 69���Your appreciation of my husband's work in  O.A.P. Branch 96 and Senior  Citizens Association 69, eoulcL  riot have been more clearly  shown than in subscribing to  a fully furnished room in the  new wing of St, Mary's Hospital, Sechelt. -r- Great fully  your.*?,  Francis  E.   Hill,  ,     ,. 4591-27  PERSONAL  WISH   lo   contact   Latter  Day  Saints    members.    Ph.    885-  9547 or ��8(J-2.r)4��, 4505-trn  I ALCOHOLICS Anonymous ���  Meetings   11:30   p.m.,  Thursday*, Wilson Creek Community    Hall.   Ph.   885-9327,   88(1-  2979. 4431-tfn  WORMS     a  ��� problem?     Use  Pamovin the one dose treatment   for pinworms.  Available  at Kruse Drug Stores,   4.101-80  20*;;   OFF drapes nnd .'hosier:  field   covers,   fur   coat   storage,   Peninsula   Cleaners,   ph,  [18(1-2200. 45211-27  WORK WANTED (Cont.)  HEAVY   duty   rotovator.   Ph.  886-2897.       ��� 4017-tfn  TILLiCUM Chimney Service.  - Eaves cleaned and repaired  Painting, gardening, janitor  service, odd jobs etc. All work  guaranteed. RRl Sechelt, Ph.  885-21-91 preferably evenings.  2754-tfn  ROBERTS Creek Drywall ���  Taping; Filling & finishing.  Spraytex sparkle ceilings. Reasonable rates. Free estimates.  Small & large repair jobs given 1st class attention. Phone  886-7193. 4480-tfn  DO   YOU   require   part-time  book-keeping,       statements,  balance    sheets.  Personal   income tax returns. Ph. 886-9331.  4127-tm  EXPERT carpenter (all lines)  reliable, reasonable. Anywhere on Sunshine Coast. Ph.  886-7423 evenings, 886-2120  days. 4336-tfn  PAINTING     and    decorating.  interior and exterior. Phone  886-9684. 4572-tfn  CONSTRUCTION ���Will  frame houses, cottages, finishing, remodelling also plumbing and wiring. Phone 886-  2417 or 886-7560. 4581-29  ANYBODY   Interested   in  nin-  iiteur horseshoe pitching  ph,  il��.r>-201.r). 411011-27  WE HAVE MOVED  Near   SI,   Mary's   Hospital  next ti> Peninsula Motors  Safeco Insurance  is available at  -SECHELT AGENCIES LTD,  10'. sayings for 5 year accident-free driving, Phone Itllf,-  223;'.   or   call   into   our  office,  We   are also  ngenl*.  for  Kniflht & Squire  Prefab   ami    Mobile    Home-.'  ���l.'iOliri.  _i , ..    ,   WORK WANTED  PERMANENT  reliable  family  wishes   to, rent 2 or 3  BR  home   from   July   1st.   Phone  886-2103. 4548-28  EXECUTIVE wishes to rent  with possible purchase, waterfront home for July and  August. Privacy desired. Call  collect Vancouver. 112-683-  4731. A      ��� 4585-27  RESPONSIBLE   party   wishes  to   rent   3   bedroom   house.  Ph.  88C-7491. 4590-27  FOR SALE OR RENT  1 BEDROOM house available  end  of  May.  Wilson  Creek  area. Ph. 8853153 after 6 p.m.  4482-tfn  MOBILE: HOMES  DONT buy a Mobile Home  until you see Neil Armstrong.  Send for our current listings.  No. 2 904B Brunette, Coquitlam, B.C. Corner Lougheed  Hwy. 524-5921. 4440-35  REAL ESTATE  F.XPKIUI'.NCKI) drywall acoustic .V textured eelllui'H, now  In Gibson*! area and se.'vlii,*;  Ihe Peninsula. Free F.stimab*;i.  Fast service, Phi me (i h W  piywnll,   IIIIII-2-I02.        ���I'.llll.tri.  I.AI.Y   i.itliitK   i,i i vice   day   or  iibthl.   Mis,   H-lyl 'Shoi'ld.m.���  Ph  iijin-tirioa. -tnr.ii-isa  JOHNSON'S  Building Maintenance  Sperlnltrln,, In pnper hanstlni:,  Interior -"���-  exterior decoratln,;,  rug  eleanlni:,   All types of  htiiliili.,,  niiilnleniiiiec,  Phone 8U5-97I5 afler *1 pm.  ������..!!">:.��� tfn  DRESSMAKING   and   alterations.    10    yrs.    experience  North   Vancouver.   Mrs.   Bennett.   Wilson   Creek.   885-9956.  4586-31  HANDYMAN���Roofing, gutters, down pipes, drains.  Repairs and installations. Vac-  icuum equipped chimney service. Free estimates, guaranteed work.  Phon 885-2478.  4587-tfn  HELP WANTED  SEMI retired gent for care-  taking duties i at fishing resort from September 30th to  April 30th. Applicants would  be expected to do odd jobs  around tjoe-^pfemises. Moorage  would Tje provided for applicants boat and a cottage at no  charge. All replies answered.  Apply Box 4575, Peninsula  Times. 4575-30  WANTED  PLAYER piano required. 886-  7740. 4512-27  REAL estate salesman for the  Pender   Harbour  area.   Call  Sechelt Agenc!��s Ltd. 885-2235.  4154-tfn  GOOD    used    electric    range,  preferably    w i t h    garbage  burner. 886-7734. 4610-27  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITY  GENERAL STORE  Sechelt Peninsula  Write Box 4490  c/o Peninsula  Times  Ltd.  Box 310, Sechelt, B.C.  4490-27  SPARE TIME INCOME  Company requires responsible  man or woman to refill snack  vending machines with national brand products. Can net dependable person excellent second* Income, Applicant must  be honest, energetic, have .serviceable ear, devote H lo 10  houi*s weekly and be able to  Invest $1,500 to $3,000. for in-  von lory and equipment.  Routes established, No selling.  Mole info provided If your  letter contains details on self,  When willing please Include  phone number,  Sunway Distributing  Ltd.  Suite  2100,   Place do  Villi*  Ottawa 4, Ontario  ���1(102-27  FOR RENT  illT/a Molel .-- Hates by day,  week. CoiniiWcli.l crow  rates. Full housekeeping. Electric heal. II.hV.M01, Gibsons,  MC. 4423-tfn  (���KNTItAU.Y located furnished suite, Light K- heat Included, Private entrance. Suitable for rpilet working gentleman, Ph. imil-72117, 4502-27  HALL for rent- WIImoii Creek  Conimunllv     Hall,     Contact  Mr, II.  Aubin  nt 11115-0575,  2035-tfn  HOUKFKF.KPINti room, all  found, Private entrance.  Warm, *�� clean, Sehnn Park,  Woiklnr, gent, only, Ph, liUR-  9535. 45-13-Ui.  WATF.HFKONT cottage, one  bedroom, fully furnished, all  modern facilities Including  .iiitotmitk' heat, Level property to lovely beach, A few minutes fnun .Sechelt, Available  September, suit one or two  teacher.', or nuri.c-t, Write Hox  4(101! Peninsula Tiine.i. Hcchelt  or  phone  l��2tl-13-1(1, 4(100-30  1 V= ACRES waterfront 250'.  ' Well treed, parklike. 1S30  feet ramps and floats. Semifinished cabin located at quiet  bay at Pender Harbour. Full  price $35,000.00. L.D. payment.  AH replies answered. Write  Mrs. Binns, c.o. Duncan Cove  Resort. R.R. N.o. 1 Madeira  Park, B.C. 4574-30  DESIRABLE waterfront retirement home on Franklin  Rd:. Gibsons. Stucco exterior,  electric heat and tank. Fireplace,-, combination living and  dining room. 2 bedrooms, carport, kitchen and utility room.  Clear title. $16,000 cash. Ph.  886-9520 or write 1074 Franklin Rd.,  Gibsons, B.C. 4573-29  Less than 1 mile from Gibsons, guaranteed road access,  watcrline .Handy. WATERFRONT LOT, 100 ft. front,  ready to build upon. $2,500  down and good terms on balance. $10,000 full price.  GIBSONS: Level lot, view  of harbour, handy to shopping, etc. 80 ft. frcnt, full price  only $3,350.  Gibsons: Three bedroom  view house on large lot, excellent area. New roof, new  paint. Good rental investment:  $8,500 cash.  GIBSONS VILLAGE: Well-  built home in Gulf area, good  basement. A-O furnace, A-E  hot water. F.P. $16,500 with  $5000 clown. Offers considered  for immediate sale.  GIBSONS   RURAL:   Within  2 miles of Gibsons we offer 7  acres of,, prime, level land.  Highway and rear road frontage. Develop or Hold! F.P.  $11,000. Terms.  ABBS ROAD: Large lot 65"  xl20*. Panoramic view. See  this  today!  F.P.  $4,700.  SARGENT ROAD: Marvelous view lot 70'xl40\ This  is a very good buy for only  $3,500.  NORTH   FLETCHER:     Try  all offers on this 50'xl30' view  * lot.  Fronts  on  N,  Fletcher  &  Martin   roads.   Lcycl,   cleared,  grassed &  fenced,  GOWER POINT: New subdivision, lovely semi-water-  front  large lots, Easy tei'ins.  EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Notary Public  Member  Vim-louver Heal  Estate Bonr."-  IVjultiple Listing Service  I    PHONE 1180-2248  LISTINGS  WANTED  ,Do Wortman 886-2393  Vlnpe Prower 886-9359  Lorrio Girard        886-7760  DAVIS BAY ��� $3,000 down.  New 2 bedroom post and  beam. Built-in range. Dining  room, living room with, fire- ���  place, sun deck and carport.  Treed lot. quiet street near  beach. F.P. $22,900. Owner  will carry mortgage. 885-2019  or 987-0734. 4550-28  PENDER HARBOUR: Over  3 ac. with nice frontage on  quiet lagoon. Full price only  $11,500. -*��-*-���  Own your vei*y own. island  in good fishing area. This little gem is_ going for _phly  $20,000.  Over 600' prime waterfront.  The buildings offer a challenge to the home renovator  wanting the unusuaL Attractive terms on $37,500.  WEST SECHELT: The aristocrat of waterfront homes.  Over 1 acre with delightful 2  bdrm. home at beach level.  Spacious living room panelled  in Ash. Step saver kitchen adjoins bright dining room. Lge.  carport. Landscaping kept  simple for easy care. $12,000  down on $31,500.  Here we have 4 level acres  with unfinished 4 room home  crying out to be developed into the dream home of some  happy couple. Low down payment on $14,000 F.P.  GIBSONS: In quiet resident  tial area, approx. % ac, level.  Only  $2,500  F.P.  We how offer a 65' level lot  right in town���new homes all  around for only $2,275.  2 lovely view lots at Hopkins, 100' frontage total. Both  for $5,000.  K. BUTLER REALTY LTD.  ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE  Gibsons, B.C.  Phone 886-2000  MEMBER  MULTIPLE LISTING  SERVICE  4605-27  GIBSONS    BLUFF:    Overlooking Howe Sound and harbour,   large   lot,   all   services.  Buy it for the future $6600.  886-2481  FOURPLEX: Live in one  apartment and rent three, ig.  Gibsons Village. Two-two  bedroom and two-three bedroom apts. F.P. $45,000 on  good terms.  886-2481  , NORTH RpAD: % acre, pie-  shaped; priced for quick sale,  $2200.  886-2481  CHASTER ROAD: Acreage  with well built house, good  trees on uncleared part. $20,-  000 cash to A.S.  886-2481  VIEW LOT:. Tuwanek,  walking distance to boat  launching and beach. Ready to  build. $38f.0.  886-2481  GARDEN BAY RD.: 2 lots  $3850 each. Building site will  be put in by owner. All services.  886-2481  REDROOFFS ROAD: Quite  a number of good sized lots,  some with view, priced from  $3900 to $5000. Investigate this  developing area,  886-2481  GARDEN BAY LAKE: lovely view lot,' half acre, with  several good building sites.  and easy access, Water service  can be arranged. Asking $4400,  OHli-MIU  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  Ileal Estate & Insurance  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING  CENTRE  TWO beautiful sea view lots,  treed and sloping, one approx. 100'.x230', < priced at  $3,750; one approx. 100'x300'  priced at $5,000. Terms. Phone  883-2318 or write Box 4546 c-o -  Peninsula Times, Box 310, Sechelt. 4546-28  EXCELLENT commercial lot  ��� centre Sechelt���highway  location, level and cleared. All  services available. Bo.\: 1104  Peninsula Times. 1104-tfn  THE SUN SHINES  ON  DISCRIMINATING BUY-  ERS!! ��� We now have the  opportunity to offer you this*  delightful home on lanscaped  view lot. 1600' of gracious living; with basement, double  carport and paved driveway.  Good size living room with  stone fireplace; large den w-  stone fireplace. A really big  kitchen with lots of cupboards,  family dining room, 3 bedrooms and utility room on  main floor. Only $35,000.  Some Terms.  SECHELT VILLAGE ��� %  acre of garden, lawns, walks,  flowers, shrubs, trees, fruits,  berries, plants, works, 2 garages. Also included���3 bedroom home, all electric with  fireplace and very cozy. Asking $24,500 with  V*>  down.  HALFMOON ��� Waterfront  lot, Almost an island attached to the mainland. 300' of  waterfront in a semi-circle.  Priced at $33,000,  Terms.  Sechelt Village center ���  Flat and cleared building lot.  $3200.  DAVIS BAY ��� 2 bedroom,  basement, view home. Auto-  oil furnace. $16,500.  Several Fine Waterfront  Properties.  DAVIS BAY ��� 165' W.F.  with 2 bedroom home. Finest  Beach on coast.*  WEST SECHELT  VISTA   VIEW ��� Lots    on  water system. Choice of seven.  Now $3,200.00. Terms.  SELMA PARK ��� Lovely  view lot with older 2 bedroom  home. Bird sanctuary with  enclosures. Imported birds.  Take all for $17,500 cash. Also  2 bedroom home on large view  lot at $15,500 cash.  Davis Bay ��� Selma Park  View lots, 2-66' x 180* lots,  Both for $9200.  KEATS ISLAND ��� 100'  Waterfront lot on Collingwood  Road. Piped water and Hydro  serve next lot. $7,500.  SILVER SANDS ���View lot  on highway 101 and Bryan Rd.  Water and Hydro by. $1,500  down or $3,300 cash.  WEST SECHELT���5 acres  150' Highway frontage. Gulf  view ��� $12,500.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� 4.7  Acre close to Golf Course.  $6,000 cash.  ROBERT CREEK ��� 20 acres. 2 miles from golf course.  Covered with trees, hydro by  and creek through. Offers to  $23,500. .  SANDY HOOK ��� Waterfront lot with tremendous  view of the inlet. Water and  Hydro by. try $8,000.  Multiple Listing Service  H. Gregory 885-9392  Don. Hadden 885-9504  H. B. GORDON  & KENNETT LTD.  Phone 885-2013  |. Sechelt. B.C.  4502-20  Box 231). Gibson*-, B.C.  ���1003-27  Gibsons  , B.C.  Phono (180-24111  Richard F.  Kennett  Notary  Public  Evenings;  Ken Crosby  880-20911  Jack White  IHHI-2935  Jay Vinser  IIIir.-230-O  4(100 -27  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  GIBSONS VILLAGF. No,   158'".  10O'x450' lot on School Rd, above nportment block, Excellent  lor home, or apartments ���when sewn go is In, Only $7800 f.P.  Coll  Peter Smith, 885-9463,  MISSION rOINT No.  1050  Ti>. to duplicate. 3 room furnished cottage, concrnto foundolloiv.,  oil n->|>lkinu-.; redecorated. All Im $4900 f,l\ Coll Peter Smith,  88^-9-163,  SfCMEl-T VILLAGE No.  I',04  .'I bedroom older home, excellent lor handyman, Walking ill',-  ���once to nil -.hops, etc. 964 *.<|. ll. Cosh oilers to 18000. Call  rotor Smllh, 8fl3-"?-1rV).  5rCMri.TVILt.AGi: No.  1565  2 bcdioom homo on lorn" level lot, neor beach ond '.tores Mew  fireplace, rrmrnl block .,0100,0, $/000 down, tosh olfers to |:,P,  $15,000, Coll Peter Smith, 11115-9463.  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  Bo;-,  155, Secholt  Sech^H 005-2235 Gibsons 806-7015  REAL ESTATE (conr.)  APPROX 21 acres prime fu-  ture residential property, elevated view, lane access," close  to new subdivisions, mainly  bush. Sechelt Village. $30,000,  , will sell block or 5 acre lots.  Cash.. Box 310 The Peninsula  Times, Sechelt B.C.     4489-tfn  3 BEDROOM home on  Abbs  road,   Gibsons,   good   view.  Phone 885-2818 day,s, 88G-2600  eves. Write Box 4039 Peninsula Times, Sechelt, B.C.  4039-tfn  2   BEDROOM   all   electric   at  Porpoise Bay for sale. Principals only. Ph. 885-2153-after-  6 p.m. 4483-tfn  RUSTIC with modern comfort: 3. bdrm log house on 9  wooded acres in West Sechelt.  Beamed cathedral ceiling, fireplace in lge living rm; all-  electric kitchen. Workshop &  studio or guest room in separate building. Large garden'  with greenhouse, fruit trees.  $"23,000.. Phone 885-2871.  4254-tfn  WEST SECHELT ��� 2 yr. old  family home for sale on  view lot with beach access.  Dining room, kitchen, bathroom & unfinished living rm.  on  main  floor.   Family  room.  4 bedrooms, bathroom and  combination bathroom ���laundry uo. Enclosed garage..  $26,500. "Ph. 885-2821.  4589-27  BAYVIEW  New  Waterfront  Development  Sargeant (Northwest) Bay  Offered for the first time���  Extra large, fully serviced  waterfront and view lots, all  with southern exposure. Just  minutes to Sechelt Village  with ali facilities. For full  details and appointment to  view please contact Frank Lewis or Morton Maekay at 886-  9900.   Eves.   886-7088.  FINLAY REALTY LTD.  (Exclusive Agent)  Gibsons Coquitlam  4604-27  BOATS & ENGINES  LIFEBOAT off tug Sudbury  I in excellent condition, 21'x  6' 7". Double ender, new  decks, etc. Mast, sail, 20 hp  Mercury. Full price $950.  Frank Lee, Madeira Park, B.C.  Ph.  883-2607. 4593-28  12'  PLYWOOD  boat  with  22  HP   motor,  remote  steering.  &    controls   and    windshield.  Best offer over $300. After 6  p.m. 886-2467. 4448-tfn  15' Aluminum with  convertible top,  55 h.p. Chrysler,  Electric    start,    single"  lever  controls.  All  ready to go,  $1395  or make  an offer.  Madeira Marina  at   Pender  Harbour  Phone 883-2266  4598-28  115 HP Evinrude 1069 ���$1197.  90 HP Johnson 1965, ... *$625.  90 HP Evinrude 1964, . *$595.  50  HP  Viking *425  45 HP McCulloch *$450.  40 HP Evinrude El. 1968 $525.  40 HP Evinrude M. 1969 $500.  40 HP Evinrude M. 1968 $495.  33 HP Evinrude 1968 .... $395.  33 HP Evinrudo 1965 $295.  20 HP John-son  1966 $245.  9.2 Chrysler     $200.  * includes controls.  MADEIRA MARINA  at Pender Harbour  Phone 883-2266  4601-27  BOATS & ENGINES (Cont.)     FOR SALE (Continued)  1968  McCCULLOCII Vk  outboard.  Offers.  Ph. 883-2296.  4594-27  18 FT. open cabin cruiser with  45  HP  electric  start  motor,  $G50.   Ph.   886-7430.      4555-28  TRAILERS  SMALL lowboy trailer camper. Full accommodation. Ideal for small car 'towing. Ph.  886-2566  from  4-7  p.m.  4596-27  4'x8'    UTILITY   trailer.   885-  -2306.^ -���- 4576-29  CARS & TRUCKS  ���55 CHEV. 4 door Sedan. Good  transportation.   885-2106.  4579-29  1956 GMC Vz ton pick-up with  canopy.   $395.   885-9549.   ,  4580-27  1967    FAIRLANE    G.T.    390.  4   speed   trans.   Immaculate  condition.    385-2358    after    5  p.m. ' 4577-29  LOST  BETWEEN    Davis    Bay   and  Sechelt.  Pair  gent's  Bifocal  spectacles.   In   Oxford   brown  case with clip. 885-9318.  4588-27  SMALL long haired year old  Chihuahua female dog, Sunnycrest Plaza area. Answers  to name of "Cheekie". Reward. Oscar and Helene Johnson, 886-2791  or 886-9941.  4597-27  LARGE light brown fishing  tackle box from boat and  trailer between Davis Bay and  Gibsons.   Reward.   885-2356.  4578-27  FOUND       FOUND   Sunday   on   Sechelt  Beach. Pair child's prescription   glasses.   Claim  at  Times  office. 885-9654. 4607-27  PETS   TOY    and    miniature    poodle  ^puppies from $60. a'-Uso older  dogs.   885-9797. 4556-28  MUSIC  PIANOS  Tuned   and  Repaired  Professionally  Tuning $15  WE BUY AND SELL   PIANOS��� 7  Phone 885-2846  4226-tfn  FOR SALE  FOR  Eloctrolux   supplies   Ph.  885-9474. 4421-26  PENINSULA Times Book  Store has complete line of  'How & Why' books, 59c ea.  Also complete series of Golden Handbooks $1.50 ea. Chil-  drens classics $1.59. Wonderful selections latest Canadiana  Ph.  885-9054, Sechelt.  4328-nc  '."'".* ������  1   ��� '���*,. i*-*.  ,   7* *    ���* t  A  ... _,,A v ���-*������; a -  v  *-  ,feAAAA ,    * ...  AaijA I;,*.1A    v - *   . * - -��� V"  >' a\'- '  , * ���> ,.  ,>*> J a. Ja^K^., "a" '  ��   a**..'*!'   '.      a   .'s  ,1-    ,      \  '    J        l,y i F  aa,a��c   T ��M < "V k( {���>,!"��;'    1 1  J   ,   ����      ..,^,.,��aaI,��,!V;,,,,i,.     1',^,  ,'    '7," l";'"7��y,..( ��� *'*>, Ti^i  T* f  1- A  -   *     J-  jut^niiinwBu.nwB. feu*. A "*  BEAUTIFUL 2V.i  ACRI. WILLIAM ISLAND  At   Irvine's  Londlng   In  Pender  HorlKiur,   1,400   ft,  woterfront,  sheltered,  drilled well.  Full  prlco  $35,000 with   $10,000 down,  9fl' Woterlront lot ot Pender Hnd>oi.r���$700(),  95' Woterlront lot ol Fori Cove    $9000.  Mi Acre f.eml-woti'rfront lot ot lor I Cove     $2500,  230' Woterfront, Pender rlnibour, open to oiler,  6V.. Amu*., Modelro Pork,   1100'  frontoge on llluhwoy     $8000,  10 Acres, Fori Cove, open to nller.  4 Vi Acres with 530' on l.lllln Loke, open to oiler.  I V.: Acre view lot, Modrlro F*oik���$4*300,  Many other view nnd neml-watcrlront lot*, horn $2!_>00 to $8000,  Term* ovollohle 011 oIkivo proper I lev  Discount Jot Colli,  0LL1 SLADEY  Madeira Park, BC.  Phorto Pender Harbour 883-2233  FOR LETTERHEADS, envel-  opes, statements, invoices  and all commercial printing,  contact the Times office at Sechelt or  phone 885-9G54.  IF IT'S suits ��� it's Morgans  885-9330, Sechelt, B.C.  8893-tfn  BUY   your   trash    incinerator  from"  Sechelt   Kinsmen, _at  $3.50 each. Phone 885-9542.  ELECTRIC Chord organ With  music  for sale.   Phone  885-  9308. 4592-27  NOW AT The Times Bookstore, Sechelt ���- Complete  hunting, fishing, sailing &  horseman's bible series, $2.50  each. Sunset gardening &  hobby books. Canadiana "books  for adults & juniors. Ph. 885-  9654. 3340-tfn  DOUBLE bed, box spring and  mattress.   72"x52".  Excellent  condition.   88G-7005.       4595-27  SIMPSONS-SEARS     piston  pump   $G0.   Phone   885-2068.  4583-27  SEE the Handyman books in  The Times Bookstore, Sechelt. Fix your Ford, Chev.,  Volkswagen, Plymouth series,  $4.25 each. Sunset books, ideas  for remodelling homes, building furniture etc. $2.50 each.  Also carpentry, plumbing,  house wiring. Ph. 885-9654.  3936-12  MARINE ACCESSORIES   -  Paint ��� Fibreglass ��� Rope ���  Canvas ��� Boat Hardware  -Compressed air service for  skindivers air tanks.  Skindivers available for  salvage work.  WALT NYGREN SALES  LTD.  Phone 886-9303, Gibsons, B.C.  130G-tfn  Boat builders and '  Sail makers,  Blacksmiths and   ..  Toy makers  Are just some of the workers  employed in industries covered  by Workmen's Compensation.  With free medical treatment.  Special therapy. And financial  aid. If you are unsure of your  cov'.-'rane phone tho WCB.  ujORKmeris  ...������  compensanon  BLOCK BROS. REALTY LTD.  SEE THESE OVER THE WEEKEND WITH MR. GOOD  Our Representative Mr. Good Collect 263-4993 (24 hours)  or Business 736-5933; or ask our Mobilo Office to Call.  2695 Granville St��� Vancouver.  RETIREMENT SPECIAL  At Madeira Park, plus 8 lots, $20,000 handled.  COMMERCIAL  At  Sechelt.  300' waterfront,  all services available,  Suitable for  Motel/Hotel complex. $68,000.  BUSINESSES  Ladles'/Children's Wear, little or no competition, located right In  tho centre of tho Peninsula. Excellent opportunity. Terms,  Variety Store 5 & 10c located on Peninsula. Prime location 1750  sq, ft, Ideal for man and wife operation, Stock $20,000. Terms,  Evergreen collecting wholesaler plus small theatre 100' watorfront  with four bedroom residence, Land alono worth half asking value,  High return for owner-operator. Investigate this and phono me,  Mr. Good 263-4993. Terms on $55,000, or your house In part  trado,  PENDER HARBOUR  Located  overlooking  Gordon   Day  West   nnd   Southern  exposure  just off  the  highway with eight overage sl/o  lots,   con  ho subdivided,   $20,000 down or your property In  trado.   Ideal  retirement. Mr, Good, 263.4993'.  LOTS  Two watorfront on Frances Peninsula, about 200', asking $16,000  eorh, Also 50 acre*. $4'j,000,  From $3250 Gaiden Bay Lake, ���*..>���< slqns,  WATERFRONT  Desirable lot ot S.'thell $9,250, Low clown payment.  Retirement or Summer homo on tho bcorh, Selmo Park,  $1? 500  f.P. Terms.  HOMES  Summer or Perm, redden��� Halfmoon Hay, Gordon Hay Pender  Harbour, split level $16,900, Larger modern homo $10,000 down  or 300 near Hopkins Landing, Howe Sound, about $2'i,000 will  handle, Will never be repeated. Asa i.i.istlgo waterfront resl.lence.  Over 5 bedrooms ond guest ncrommixlotlori,  lor-no grounds.  ^"T'TJ-.ni ',,"'*,^,���''���' "<* ��� irge Acreages, Phone Mr. Good  263-4793, 24 lioiu;,, I M-presc-nt your oreo, Block Bros,  Realty Ltd,, tho lorne.t Iri tho West, I om a realtor on.) a  member of the Industrial, Commercial nnd Investment Division  of tho greater Vancouver Real f state Board  TOR THE SUNSHINE COAST, PMONC MC-WL SCLU  2695 Granville  St., Vancouver, Mr,  Good 263--4993,  24  hour*.  B  : REALTY LTD.  ASK FOR FRLE CATALOGUE  ���K  u-fc^*^^ A* A-* ^ A^^^A A * 1*^^  -*�� A ^J-Kk Hft*^�� ^n*�� ^���4*-' * -^^t^r^-^-z^fy^Ci  V  New Westminster Diocese .  The Peninsula .Times  Page A-3  Wednes4ay/ June 3^970  Sixty-sixth Anglican Synod     Be example to cldren  approves new salaiY change use jyjer receptacles  THIS Sixty-Sixth Synod was the last at  which thc Archbishop, Most Rev. Godfrey P. Gower, will preside as .Chairman.  The Archbishop will be commencing a'  sabbatical year on July 1st daring which  ���time he will be involved in Anglican College affairs and also as Metropolitan assisting in 'Provincial Synod matters. He  plans to retire on June 30, 1971.    There  were  344  delegates  registered  ' of which 99 were clergy.  Seeking a new mobility for the clergy,  the Synod approved a Canon.setting up  a Diocesan Ministry Commission which  would advise the Bishop on all appointments to parishes and chaplaincies and  review these appointments every five  years. However, Synod decided that certain Diocesan Officers should be excluded  from the Commission and settled for three  clergy and three laity with the Bishop  as Chairman. A new type of license "to  the Bishop for assignment" is to be given  cler��y, replacing the traditional Anglican  license granted by the Bishop to a specific  parish or  chaplaincy.  A new salary basis was ^pprov-ed:  $7200 per year for newly ordained; $7500  for priests in orders five to ten years; and  $7800 for over ten years. An amount up to  $2400 would be.deducted for house and  utilities where supplied. The Diocese  through its Synod Office becomes salary  paying source, removing the practice from  rhany parish treasurers. No congregation  will be permitted to pay above the minimum if it falls short in its commitment  . or apportionment to the Diocese. The  Easter or Christmas offering, formerly  designated as a gift above stipend to an  incumbent, new becomes part of parish  income.  The estate of the late W. G. Murrin  is to supply a sum of $50,000 annually  from January 1, 1971 to assist with retraining and improvement of the clergy  as a result of the five-year review by the  Ministry Commission.  The annual assessment made upon the  parishes by the Diocese is now to be given  in two amounLs: one earmarked for General Synod (National Church) needs and  the other for Diocesan expenses.  The Diocese will undertake, says another Synod resolution, a special appeal  for $100,000 to meet increased clergy salaries, extension of the Diocesan Program  and appointment of a Program Director,  and further Diocesan Mission outreach.  Synod also ordered a study of local  and world-wide relief and development  so that a plan can be presented next November to fight in a conserted way both  poverty and injustice. Synod also instituted a study so that an amount could  be budgetted "considered sufficient to im-.,  plement these plans."  Diocesan Council, the executive branch  of Synod, was directed to ensure research  into current issues, expose their moral  'dimensions and develop policy statements  leading to involvement in meeting these  issues. ,       ,-  In its efforts tb 'face" up to poverty,  Synod rejected a moratorium on new  church building but supported the phasing out of congregations of less than  viable size that can be served by geographical or ecumenical (Anglican' or in>  terdenominational tear.}) parishes but only  with the consulation and approval of the  congregations involved.  "In all policy decisions," Synod affirmed, there must be given "absolutely  top priority to the imperatives of the Gospel, rather than to buildings, property,  security sentiment or expediency by themselves."  ELECTIONS TO OFFICE  Clerical Secretary of Synod: Tho Rev.  -Harold J, McShorry, St. Albnn's Church,  ^Richmond.  Lay Members of Diocesan Council: Mr.  K. Pierce, St, Stephen's, West Vancouver. Miss J, M. Sutcllffe, St. John the  Baptist. Surdis, Mr. A, /���i, Culver, St. Al-  Jin'.s, Richmond.  Clerical Member of Diocesan Council:  The Rev. R, J. Maggs, St. Catherine's,  Port Coquitlam.  Delegates to Provincial Synod (Lay):  Mr. G, C, Hodge, St, *<"raiH*is-ln-the-Wood,  West Vancouver.  Alternates: Mr. E. H. Talbot, St. Sheph-  en"s, West Vancouver. Mr. Ralph Ctacey,  St. Mary the Virgin, Sapperton,*- New  Westminster. Mr. K. W. S. Bate, Christ  Church, Surrey Centre.  Clerical: The Rev. E. P. Willie, St. Peter, Hatzie & St. Stephen, Deroche. The  J3e_v_PaJa.JElljs, St. Helen^South Westminster, Surrey. The Rev. W. J. Bishop,  St. John's, Central" Park, Burnaby.  Alternates: The Rev. T. D. R. Allen,  Holy Trinity Catheq>al, New Westminster. The Rev. D. R. Chassels, St. Paul's,  Powell River. The Rev. F. E. Smith.  Church of the Epiphany, North Surrey.  The Rev. A. R. Waller, All Saints, Burnaby.  Delegates to General Synod (Lay): Mr.  G: C. Hodge, St. Francis, West Vancouver. Mr. $,y. fierce," St. Stephen's, West  Vancouver. Miss A. Bishop, St. John's  Central Park, Burn,aby.  ^ltei-hates- Mr. E. Burnett, AH Saints,  Ladner. Mi-.. W. L. Norman, St. Nicolas,  .North Burnaby.  Clerical: The Rev. p. R. Ellis, St.  Helen's. Survey. The Re v. H. J. McShei'ry,  St. a-fMban's, Richmond,.  Alternates.: The Rev. R. J. Maggs, St.  Catherine's, Port. Coquitlam.  Ministry Commission (lay): Chancellor  A. H. W; Moxon, Holy Trinity, White  Rock.  Clerical: The Rev. J. L. Clark, Holy  Trinity, White Rock.  BE A GOOD example to your children,  asks Recreation Minister Ken Kjer-  nan. "Teach them to place trash 'into the  proper receptacles, and not onto the street  or highway."  A new litter act designed to discourage  litter goes into effect in British Columbia  on July 1.  Parents who throw cigarette packages  out car windows, gum wrappefSj^or  serviettes are despoiling British Columbia's beautiful countryside as well as  setting a poor example for the youth.  "You wouldn't throw such things on  > the floor  in  your home.  So why  litter  the countryside?"  Teach children to drop their discards  in the nearest trash can, rather than in  playgrounds, on streets and in lakes and  rivers.  When you go fishing with your son,  leach him good outdoor habits and the  proper disposal of wastes. The lakes and  rivers are for swimming and sports fishing, not targeLs for old tins, empty bottles, discarded food and packaging.  Haphazard disposal as practised today  is a health menace, as well as -a costly  aesthetic nuisance.  Think clean, when you think of B.C.,  and set the right example for your children. Wrap it up. drop it in a garbage  gobbler, not on the ground, or on the  streets.  The price of an affluent society may  be that by the time one is well enough  off 16 turn the dirty work over to someone else, there will be no one willing  to do it.  JESUS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD  PENDER HARBOUR  TABERNACLE  Sunday School  10 a.m.  Service 11  a.m.  Madeira Park���883-2374  Special for Graduation  Engraved:  CHARMS - BRACELETS  RINGS - EARRINGS  DIAMONDS, ETC.  Jewell  Phone  885-2421  ANGLICAN CHURCH  FOR ST. jHILqA'S SERVICES  Call 885-9440  or 885-9673  SECHELT AGENCIES DATE PAD  O This free reminder of coming events is a service of SECHELT AGENCIES  LTD. Phone Peninsula Times direct for free listings, specifying "Date  Pod". Please note that space is limited and some advance dates may  have to wait their turn; also that this is a "reminder" listing only and  connot always carry full details.  ya^OBfiZISR^  June 3���-8 p.m. St. Hilda's Hall. Sechelt Garden Club meeting.  June 6���8:30 p.m.'Wilson Creek Hall. Community Club Dance.  June J.7-r-2:30 p.m. Sechelt Legion Hall.  Undenominational Service to  honor Pioneers.  June  10���7 p.m, Gibsons Municipal  Holl. Court of Revision���Water-  frontage Roll, By-law No.  217.  June   12���8  p.m.   St.  Hilda's   Hall.   Sunshine  Coast  Senior  Citizens'  Housing Society, Annual General Meeting.  ASK ABOUT OUR SAFECO INSURANCE  AND SAVE MONEY  g^iS  Multiple Lilting Servico  Vancouver Real Estate  Board  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  A-SBM-CIES LTD.  24 HOURS Gibsons 886-7015  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  MERMAID & TRAIL, SECHELT,  B.C.  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Church Sorvico 11 si5 o.m.  PHONE 005-9665  AW, Welcome  ,1     at   *,>V*W>��V     . T/V     'jj-'a-PP"!.'--'--'-^1"**^  NEAK ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL  Next to Peninsula Motors, Sechelt  ���I  OCEANSIDE FURNITURE &  CABINET SHOP  Hardwood Specialists  ' Fine Custom Furniture  1 Store and Restaurant Fixtures  Furniture Repairs  Custom Designed Kitchens and Batrwooms  in all price ranges.  R. BIRKIN  "Beach Ave., Roberts Creek, B.C.  Phone 886-2551  -     -    ��������� ��� -������������ ������ t        Free Estimates - Fast Service  G & W DRYWALL  Drywall acoustic and textured ceilings.  Now serving Gibsons area and the Peninsula.  Phone 886-2402  Box 185, Gibsons, B.C.   PARKINSON'S HEATING LTD.  GIBSONS  ESSO OIL FURNACES  No down payment - Bank interest -  Ten years to pay ���  ���      s���  Complete line of appliances  For free estimate���Coll 886-2728  TWIN CREEK LUMBER  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  Dial 886-2808  When You Need Building Supplies  Give Us A CdH  FREE ESTIMATES  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School ��� 10:00 q.m.  Church Servico ���- 11:1.1 o.m.  Evenlna Sorvico 7|30 p.m,  PASTOR REV. S, CASSELLS  Dovli Day Road and Arbutut  (2 blocks up from Highway)  .   ��� *"-;*,;F.'?"n��*i.'^1    Y  '    ,I..  .,/���? .'* >^*.��**'PK     A- -   i  l, ��, \\ ..'.  ����� r </A, ,���   / it \     ''A*'' '<  ...��� .�� B-i ���;,*}.��*,., .'   ,s  ��� !'��� '  | '-d- ,   *ai   V*.   '���%'���       t      ��� ��� JT-     >"' ?  * *  .        ?" >\  "^.'^v 'J..***  ���U.K. a,.    .'.   .-a>'..��   .   ,   ,   irf...     ���.  "Tho Spiritual Revolution*'  BAHAI'S' OF SUNSHINE COAST  885-2088 - Secholt, B.C.  ftahaj  Fireside  ov��ry Tuesday - Phono 886-2078  <i*tll-l   A.l'/#"' -*���        ����" ���**'",   -     -   ������*-�����< 1  trl I' [i      H i- W.-'fll :f-'J^��"i\  -Si'.^'Nj  tfi  if|.   p  I i -m |;| ci* J,4   1 j   t  >**TBnw|"'��*���* I 1 j ...      .   '*" �������* di*i   <"*  {.:���   : "; A-A.  ( :   ..',>���-,'�����>.��� >r^.\ ,   fr-"    7> '77  aFFFlMFSF^.J-��a aV,.,��-     a, a. at    a  i  ,) i , (a-aflaWaa*. ,'����*a^AaW a*  Our Now Building Looked Like This 48 Hours After  Arrival On Site.  SEE US AT OUH OPEN HOUSE  We aro Agent* for Knight ��S Squire Mobile and Prefab Homes  HELT AGERKIES LIP  PMOME 885-2235  CONTROLLED BLASTING  ALL WORK INSURED  FREE ESTIMATE  FRED DONLEY  Pender Harbour - 883-2403  L&H SWANSON LTD.  READY-MIX CONCRETE  Sand and Gravel  BACKHOES  Ditching - Excavations  Office In Benner Block  885-9666,  Box 172, Sechelt, B.C.  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Page A-4  The Peninsula Times Wednesday, June 3, 1970  ia(mmuimmmwmwmi  ^THE PElNnNSULA^fe*^��^  7 may be wrong, but I shall not be so wrong as.to fail to say what I believe to be right."  ���John Atkin  '��� Douglas G. Wheeler, Editor ��� Stewart B, Alsgard, Publisher  S<MMM***ai*����l<��*MIMIMMMaB*��*M����MI��ll��MMMM^^  m  .aliius  DURING the last provincial election we  made abundantly clear our opposition tb socialism and its inherent leaning  |o state controU More specifically, at  that time, the plans by that party to  take over B.C. Telephone Company.  It was our opinion that thc B.C.  Telephone. Company was providing a  comparatively efficient and ever expanding service at  reasonable cost.  Condition of the service at that time  formation, more silence prevails. Having  to repeat the process with the same results two or three times, tempers inevitably wear somewhat thin.  Finally, on  thc  frequent occasions  this problem is encountered, one reached    as they do.  Readers' Right  ���EvilrJnterest   Editor, The Times  Sir: Is it not about time for the long-  suffering public���the 'goat' in any strike  or raise in prices, to strike against both  strikers and* profiteers.  Why cannot we have an honest and  fair monetary system, with money nothing but a means of exchange, with no profit in aiiy way of interest attached to it?  Interest, is evil in any ease, and is forbidden in the Bible.  The Government should issue their  own 'money' as a mean of exchange only  ���non-interest bearing, and unhoardable  ���to do whatever is needed for legitimate  public use throughout the country, and  deny' the banks the right to make money  the number requested only to find  response from the other end so faint that  it is necessary to ring off and explain  the situation to the operator who gives  a credit for the unsatisfactory call and  was  reasonably  good.  Then came  the���*-puis the cafT through herself  sorry situation of a prolonged strike and  manning of the operation of .the essential facility by staff members who,  despite the extremely difficult conditions  under which they had lo work, carried  out a commendable job.  Strangely enough, since termination  of the strike, telephone service on long  distance calls has deteriorated considerably and there are times even the most  placid temperament is driven to distraction.  Local service is generally quite efficient and comparatively trouble free.  Long distance direct dialing is for thc  birds and becoming a disagree. In fact,  it is already a disgrace.  So bad has it become that one businessman who depends on long distance  calls is arranging to have a direct line  to Vancouver at a cost of about $3,000  per year. This is abominable and should  not be so.    Wc can now smile at the time wc  dialed Powell River and ended up talking with an operator in Illinois. At least  we got through to someone. Of late,  anything might happen but usually the  response proves negative. Most frequent,  after going through the motions of dialing ten digits, is silence. Or, thc operator asks "your number please" and having  relayed this  item of necessary  in-  To a person who has nothing else  to do, this could develop into faSCimiting  past-time, but for those ih business who  find time of thc essence, it is no joke.  Without doubt, like everyone else,  thc telephone company has its problems  and in this case wc understand changeover to new equipment is  responsible.  This might or might not be so, we  do not know, but we do know the situation has been going on for far too long.  It might be sound public relations for  the company to send out a news release  on the situation. An informed public is  a far less hostile public than one left  to ferment under the impression that  thc situation  is a permanent one.  Wc do not suggest the complaints  outlined are the only distractions arising  from an attempt to dial long distance,  in fact we could quote more ourselves  and feel sure many other subscribers  could relate equally frustrating encounters. '*"*  Thc situation is by no means thc  end of the world but certainly merits  greater consideration than it appears  to be getting. Thc service is not cheap,  it reaps a substantial revenue for the  company and like any other commodity  of major importance, should operate  efficiently. .     - -  &-B11I.1IF  IZCf-IIS   E����J  PRE-ELECTION hysteria described as  "Trudeaumania" carried Pierre Elliot Trudeau to power as Prime Minister  of a Liberal party overcome with thc  jubilation of success and belief that its  leader was a man destined to create a  new and progressive image for what  had become a rather mediocre party.  With thc dawn has come the cold  hard facts of disenchantment and realization that thc Liberal party is a horse  of a far different color and the socialistic  propensities of our playboy Prime Minister are strongly reflected throughout  his regime. One might, in fact, question  such a parallel for in some respect even  thc socialists too have very good reason  to question some of the activities of  our present rulers.  On thc credit side, Mr. Trudcau and  his colleagues have little to draw from.  On "the debit side thc picture is becoming quite awesome. Biggest and most  monstrous reel mark to-date is undoubtedly the proposed Benson White  Paper. Close on its heels comes the report that our Quebec controlled government has now approved the additional  spending of $300,000,000 over a four  year period for the questionable promotion of a second language, namely  French. This is over and above the already excessive amount presently budgetted for litis purpose.  Our gallant and dashing leader has  increased his office staff sixteen times  and his own department costs Jjfave increased from between 50 and !S..0,000,  when Prime Minister Lester B. Pearsons  was in office, to almost SI million.  One of the more despicable actions  of this so called Liberal parly will, we  feel sure, bring it complete discredit in  the eyes of our senior citizens. That is  its complete disregard and obvious eon-  tempi for the elderly people who have to  survive rocketing living costs on the  pittance known as "old age pension".  A motion was recently presented by  NDP Stanley Knowles which rend "that  an immediate anil substantial increase in  the basic of the Old Age Government  Pension Plan be instituted". Both NDP  and Conservatives supported this long  overdue proposal but strangely enough,  the very people who recently grinned  themselves an annual increase of some  thousand of dollars, the Liberals, voted  il out,  Credit for speaking out publicly on  lliis soiiv situation goes lo I'd, Murphy  of CKWX bul equally strange is Ihe  fact that vw see so little ol" some of these  figures in the Vancouver daily press.  Our senior citizens have played a  large pail in the development of this  country, those of llieni who managed lo  save a link* for their later years i|te  lucky, Mum* others were nol so fortunate, for bringing up families and stir  The Peninsula^^^  I'libliili.-.l Wi-dnrvliiyi ul ,N<\hcll  on fit",',. Sunshine Co..***.  by  ,Nr. Iirtt PcninMi|�� Time^ I 1.1.  Hon 310 . Scvhcli, ��,(',  l)oni;lii\ <i. Wheeler, t'dilot  S. ll. Ahgiird, ruWsUrt  .Siil-H-iipiion It.iiri; (in mlvnnir)  1 Yc.ir, M -2 Vers, %') ��� .*"��� Vcars, JO  U.S. onrt l-'orclpn, $5.1.(1  Herylng the urea from Vint Mellon to I'gitwni  (//cu i* .Sunn,! lo )i 1vi\ lull I)  viving the hungry thirties was certainly  not conducive  to accumulating wealth.  When the next election comes around,  with its multitude of superficialities and  political degeneracy, we have no doubt  thc many senior citizens organisations  will remember and urge their members  Fto vote accordingly.  Of particular interest is thc fact that  of those who voted against thc proposed  increase in pensions, were Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudcau, Post Master-  General Eric Kierans, Supply Minister  James Richardson,' Treasury Board President Bud Drury. Transport Minister  Don Jamieson. These people arc all,  by their own admission, millionaires.  Other Cabinet Ministers include; Eric  (White Paper) Benson, John Turner,  Donald M,acdonald. Jean Marchand, Leo  Cadieux, Allan MaeEachen, Herb Grey  and John Munro who after only eight  years as an MP could retire today with  it pension of $5,500 annually.  On the local B.C. Scene, those voting against the increase included: Hon.  Jack Davis, Davis Anderson, Grant  Deachman, David Groos. D. Hogarth,  Bruce Howard and our own member,  Paul St. Pierre. Absent from voting were  Ron Basford, Arthur Laing, Tom Good  ahd Ray Pcrrault.  Sixtv-six votes were cast in favour  of the increase one-hundred and five  voted  NO.  all  Liberals.  It would seem forcing of the French  language down the throats of our young  people at fantastic cost is vastly more  important than provision of a reasonable  .standard of living for aged residents who  largely by their earlier endeavors made  possible the present high standards most  people enjoy today.  If we don't do something.soon we will  be into bankruptcy and complete chaos.  1929 will be child's play to what we may  expect.  E. W. ABRAHAM  Thanks  Editor. The News  Sir: I wish to publicly thank the firemen and fireladies for the efficient and  capable demonstration of team work afld  equipment at our school last Wednesday.  The students and staff were very impressed with the speedy deployment of  fire equipment and the professional way  in which the crew utilized the self-contained breathing apparatus and portable  extinguisher.  Thank you again.  M. B. MacTAVISH  Principal  Tax penalty  Editor, The Times  Sir: Unions aa* needed and anyone  who has bargained individually with an  employer knows how futile it can sometime-; be. Support should be given the  .ugb-aSt workers to get safer working conditions. However those of us who believe  that wars should be discarded as a means  of settling differences would also agree  that economic wars, strikes, lockouts and  walkouts should be thrown in the ashcan  by  reasonable men.  The government should put a tax penalty on any party which breaks a valid  union employer contract. An employer  should be penalized in proportion to an  individual worker. The money could be  channelled to people on fixed incomes.  With the public protected, walkouts  would be less attracive even though the  weather is nice, the fishing good, and the  income tax rebate big next April.  I. J. M. Local 297  A NASTY MISTAKE  I don't know what got into mc  I killed a fly with DDT  It dropped and there beside the road  -   - 'Twas gobbled by a tiny, toad  A hognosc snake came slittcring by  and ate the frog; and, from the sky  A hawk swooped down and caught  the snake  But dropped it, writhing, on the lake  Where, naturally a pickerel lay  To put the writhing snake away  I caught the pickerel in the pond  A fi^h of which I'm very fond  And baked it, as I now recall,  and ate it DDT and all, ' -  I don't know what got into mc  Except some ��CI1@$'/; &!!;-���/ DDT.  Author unknown  "The Lion in Winter"  ^reai formoviefans-  PERHAPS the nitty-gritiest of all centuries is explosively depicted in Joseph  E. Levine's multi-million dollar Panavi-  sion and Color presentation of "The Lion  in Winter", which starts -this week at the  Twilight Theatre in Gibsons.  Christmas 1183. England is a young  country with an aging monarch, obsessed  with finding a successor, to the crown.  (Young Henry Plantagenet, heir presumptive to the throne, has died the previous  summer.) From various parts of the kingdom, Henry II, King of England, (Peter  D'Toole) summons his estranged wife, the  remarkable Eleanor of Azuitaine (Katharine Hepburn) and their three surviving  sons.  It is less a family reunion than a state  convocation, a fact which deeply worries  Henry's mistress the French princess Alais  Capet. When Henry names a successor,  Alais must marry liim to keep England's  holdings intact in France. Henry favors  John, his youngest son and \s anxious lo  disinherit Richard, the eldest and Queen  Eleanor's favorite.  Starting Sunday, "A Cold Day in the  Park" filmed in Vancouver and starring  Sandy  Dennis and Michael Burns.  This movie is restricted, and is a very  frank and sometimes frightening story  of a society spinster in her thirties who  spots a nineteen-year-old boy in a park  sitting on a bench, and then invites him  up to her apartment, out of thc* rain, to  dry out. .And to find out what happens  then you definitely have to sec the movie.  Fletcher's Philosophy  ���Harry W. Fletcher  PROPHECY  Well, now that our flyers have circled the  Moon.  It won't be much longer 'til others will land  And build us a town by some lunar lagoon.  Impelled by Big Business and Public Demand.  It's easy to see what the next step will be.  Since other explorers arc on the same quest:  Another great city, perhaps two or three.  Will rise, and the race will go on, as you've  guessed.  From there they'll be shooting for Venus and  Mars  And franchise thc Greyhounds to tour outer  space  And colonize many more planets and stars:  The only hope left for the whole human race.  Some won't live to sec it since life here is  short,  But that's not the all or the end of the rope,  For many achievements, at present unthought,,  Await us and promise unlimited scope.  For instance, when space is our domain to  roam.  Some Braiii will come up with .solutions for  Peace  And maybe can clean up thc mess here at  home;  Or is that too much to expect from om police?  ���ywwawaa^  VW-H1! ''M*' ^^"^p jlTa*yiiy^y^ll"ill.>'*Wt'al'''''4l'��Jll'.-a-i ��� *c|y��ii*��.��..����.  GIBSON GSRL  BEAUTY CEMTRE  Downtown Gibsons,  next to thc Florists  "We ore tops in perms, colors,  cuts and styling"  WIGS (thc latest)  (Dill McCulloch)  886-2120  r^IMyMWiWIIIMMWWMtlMMa*^^  WE HAVE MOVED  near St. Mary's Hospital next  to Peninsula Motors, Sechelt.  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Hillcrcst Avenue  From Pratt Road on  Highway to Bal Lane  Abbs Road  North Fletcher Road  O'Shea Road  DAVID JOHNSTON,  Municipal Clerk  i  3HHBES  ��*����!*fflS����S5��W8^^  /���-  "^A-VA--  7; &^vfii7 ,   ->\wy.   "- **-,  K^  The beer  that  smiles  with you.  MroisDuua>  Zabatta)  tuxMimur  This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control  Board or by the Government of British Columbia.  i  K��**��**SBas*S*SM^  BROUGHT TO YOU BY THESE  PROGRESSIVE PLACES OF BUSINESS . . .  1970 "COOKING WITH KELLOGG'S" CONTEST  Mrs. Loretta Johnson. 2116 Vista Street N.E., Calgary 65, Alberta  TANGY TOPPED SALMON CASSEROLE  INGREDIENTS:  2 cups Kellogg's Brari Flakes 2 tbsp. lemon juice  1 can (.15'/2 oz, or 2 cup*-.) salmon  (clraihecl and flaked)  1 /3 cup sour cream  1/4 cup finely chopped onion  1 /4 cup chopped celery  1 tbsp, chopped parsley  1 tsp, salt  1/8 tsp, pepper  2 egg yolks  1 cup milk  2 egg whites  Tongy Topping  METHOD:  Combine cereal, salmon, sour cream, onion, celery, parsley, lemon  juice, salt and pepper in a howl, Mix yolks and milk, stir into fish  mixture. Let stand 10 minutes or until liquid Is absorbed.  beat egg whites lo shiny peaks; fold Into fish mixture. .Spoon  into greased I '/*> i|tioil casserole, bake in moderate oven (37T> ) about  40 minutes, or until knile insetted 1 inch from edge tomes mil almost  clean.  Immediately spread lattgy lopping over -uissciole and bake I)  minute:, longer. Make -> ample serving!..  TANGY TOPPING:  Wend   together   I   cup   mayonnaise   ond   |   tablespoon   pn-parc.1  mustard, beat  1 egg white to shiny peaks; fold In mayonnaise mixture.  BOOKSTORE  A Good Selection of  Popular COOKBOOKS  Sechelt 885-9654  P@ninsyla Plumbin  Ltd.  HEATING & SUPPLIES  Your Kemtone  Sherwin Williams  Paint Dealer  Phono 886-9533  Gibsons, B.C.  Where  Fashion is a byword  Smart Shoppers are  found at .  .  .  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N%-%"VN%"VT*��XX^V,X*<'*'C*'X%,<X^  " "^-^'-'VVV'W'V'^XXX^X <r ���'���'���^  -     fff'J,:    a  jfeAA.*, ���  fAA'A'  iAAAV  iv*,F",i��ifl -*  l ,'Vt  FI>        F  ffsi a  ^fe.   a?^,<T%  ft,s*:.AV f,t'l  �����*/',> >fk..��Ll  *U, "f^  .A*.'.  ��.   *" -A  /a  \  ���MW*"  h ,<.,,-. ^iA%C" Vei/ A  A*,ftMiAf,4i        ^  %  i   j   ~if>\ jf*#^V  &$*W&   -I  *  ()f> . 4 v  .4   S!?.'*WV '"^a����l  to*,  A*.  .*. <** J  l"    ' V"*,    I"   "**   V."l   -F       '  * * �� -fa- F> <1-     A    Fajji a        , ( ft    ,       ���  ������-*-      7T^7�����    > )  .- ' '        , ,    -        -F -  F  5 "4  -    ���"- **>  ** F*l   "    '   F --IF, iF-F.F(Vi7,      J^Vf*  .;.H-  ,' 'AH -A '  * -a*' -V .*:^��r?!SiF;i'���,"  Wednesday, June 3# 1970  The Peninsula Times  Page A-5  ������'A ;.,;: -M* .   ;;i'  a,W4 ** IC  ���j :* ; -A-^Aa.      F-,,A;*!i-*  SS*I  T*a*f l���ll-n-..-. ��1T  f,1, "    f fa-Mr.  ���m,..,;'* -;:?^^ A^-STBflER GOOD BUY  from PARK!  m  mardwai  i        SMART NEW ADJUSTABLE SBIELV1MG  Here's one un/f for example:  3 SHELVES 48" HIGH, 48" LONG, AND 8" WIDE  iri wood grain finish  approximately $3��.  SECHELT  885-2171  rrfi.,tow,i^iuBiU^**^  Sportsmen ~       ��� i - .       n   v    j     i  Wilson Creek Cubs and Scouts justly    activities to a close. Contestants who    Petula;    Leo Clarke;   Eric Clarke;    oUflSlllflG  ilGj36KdilS  deserved    the   Sportsman   Badges    all gave a good account of themselves    Kelly Bodnarek;   Kelly Aubin   and  presented after last Friday's boxing    in the ring are: Chris Hedden; Gor-    Mike English.  bouts which   brought   this season's    don August;   Dennis Petula;    Tony >   A' ^  |4A*��#  },*.v ^;r.-* tv^'/'.,,,i  ^^^S3?*v^' \7-%  ' jars" "i^^aV".**^ *i  .a-��a    ,'   ,,  >    ^J.   a,;F���  |     ,*. 1.1, -, ,    fa1;  1/a,<4"t..'-2-.*,H^.,  'JfXFj.FWr*. J7    ^  j  ^a, ���!     Ftal-F,       .'  ���f-      '-;     a a!   ' '     a^,  f��~*~H��Wfaa.Wfti;  *  xy  V A-3  celebrate 8th year  SUNSHINE Rebekah Lodge 82 recently  celebrated its- 8th birthday and guests  from Arbutus Rebekah Lodge 76 Gibsons  and Sunshine Coast Lodge 76 were welcomed after a short meeting presided over  by N. G. Sister Emily Parsons. All enjoyed a lovely smorgasbord supper, with  turkey, ham and all'the trimmings.  Three of the lodge sisters honored and  presented with corsages for long membership were: Mrs. Emily Parsons who wears  a 4Ei year veteran's jewel. Mrs. Lola Tur-  ]...���!��� with 45 years and Mrs. Jean Hamon  with 40 years.  Mrs. Jennie Reiter was presented wilh  her District Deputy President's jewel.  The evening was spent in a sing-a-long  with Mrs^R. Hatcher at the piano. Contests' were convened by Mrs. Nellie  Whaites and a very funny action song  convened by Mrs. Carrie Surtees. Mrs.  Lorraine Conroy won a very lovely dressed doll. Mr. Jack Boundy moved a very  htarty vote of thanks on behalf of Sunshine Coast Lodge of which he is N.G.,  and Sister Alice Cherry for .Arbutus  Lodge of which she is Vice Grand.  Legion Hall . . .  hold second boxing display  BOXING as  an  athletic sport  for  boys  was adopted this year by Wilson Creek  Cubs and Scouts and last Friday in Sechelt  Legion Hall the second in a series of  exhibition  bouts was  held.  Public participation was not as good  as the youngsters deserved but those who  did attend were well rewarded with fine  sportsmanship  displayed   by   contestants.  Every precaution has been taken by  coach Hal Aubin, to see that the young  boxers are well protected and the last  exhibition bouts raised enough to pay  for the head-giiards. This time the goal  was a pair of gloves'; those presently in  use  belong to Mr, Aubin.  Even the ropes of the professional style  ring have been carefully hand spliced by  Mr. and Mrs, Aubin, using blanket strips  ovor  the  ropes  to  prevent  "rope-burn".  Exhibition bouts commenced with the  smallest Cubs, Mike Anderson nnd Darren Petula making their first public appearance. Mike English and Greg Petula  proved well matched and quite stylish in  their boxing. Chri's Hedden has a really  fiercesome style which kept Dennis Petula on thc alert, Donald Rathburn proved  equally aggressive but young Slade Watr  son came back lighting in the second  mil nd. Two fine young sportsmen Kelly  I.miiuuek and Leo Clarke had everyone  cheering their well timed blows.  Three decision bouts gave judges  George Flay and Ivan Smith a tough  time awarding points when Tony Petula  scored a close win over Gordie August.  Two experienced young boxers Kelly  Aubin and Erice Clarke gave a fine display with Kelly winning on points.  Final bout between Tony Petula and  Kelly Aubin had everyone on their toes  with Tony  gaining  final  decision,  Wilson Creek's Cub nnd Scout boxing  programme made Ihe cover picture and  feature story In the May issue of the  Scout Leader published by the National  Couneil,  Boy Scouts of Canada.  Cub Boxers  Wilson Creek Cubs proved they know  how to defend themselves in the boxing ring during lastrFriday's exhibition bouts in Sechelt Legion Hall.  Winning tremendous applause for  their fine effort were from left: Greg  Petula; Mike Anderson; Slade Watson; Darren Petula and Donald Rath-  burn; boys also received the Sportsman Badges.  LA^D CLEARING  LAND DEVELOPMENT  ROAD BUILDING  Call  (Mmnm toggingto. BM  Box 189, Sechelt, B.C.  Phone 885-9767  rtJl".  mmm *V'T ��"7  -VlrrrMI-f'*^ri'&^*!-'*  i>yiwiwiififi,Hi'tiiiiijjwijiia;*'i!j��'iji|iiiw)i|iJii|r  i    (A  /,  14    1.   ht     itiF  Around Jervis Inlet  ���by Pat Kcnoyei  AS I write this our best weather and  most enjoyable* ,'cnson Im just beginning, The Dogwoods and wild Columbians  are blooming In profusion. All around us  the world Is alive wllh the activities of  birds mid wildlife. This Is the lime of  year to get out and really explore Jervis  Inlet, We thought the member,*, of our  Tamlly would now be making many adventuresome trips around the vicinity,  gathering material for this column, In-  titead w��* find ourselves packing our belongings, preparing lo move away from  the Sunshine Const,  We are looking ...head tu wluitcyer  new experiences lie ahead of us, but we  are going to miss Hit* lildxlly, helpful  people nnd serene beuuly uf this men,  Our lime hen* has been n special one and  will always rank high In our sliiie ol  ini'llliii les  ,.|,i.i���i a,, ���.a,..,.,, .. . .. . jumi IBll I i,|HI��jlW y��ri��.'M Jf aV  ' "*" " t       ' Y      1 I     a* "'l>*t' 1       e* I    *(      '* J 'flit  ..      .,.'    ���'',.,,,...,   ,VfA.J,l..a.Lj.J.I,^...lF.,,.,,,?.,,J.,a-g^  o  ft MAP^BURGEKS ft  HOT DOGS  ft SOFT ICE-CREAM,  ETC.  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Ellwood replied that secretaries are  already overloaded and he is trying to  prevent a need for extra staff.  Report cards arc normally sent out  four times a -year, being returned to the  school, signed by the parent each time  before the complete card is finally received at the end of the school year.  The new card consists of an original  and four carbon copies. One copy being  sent home and retained by the student,  each term. An advertisement in. local papers will advise parents when to expect  the report. Thc final report will be com-  [ V*^ - " "    - A\- f- ,'--. - C %>"<\*?7.   r<J -^r.AAA* ** "* <^ .wy-J^J pletc. being the last of the carbon- copies;  t  $ i, S i-1    A.1, i     * A    ,-*-/"> A * u AA ' \ -     . ���*'  ,'V. '1',. *f the original will be kept on file at the  Ltftg-'^A  ^^yf"**. . i     h<~      7f   v,,,.,,"-*.--'  , i        r  i   *   A *    "''*- school.  1T\     .^'V' Vjia'af,*..    a, ., ;,-'fA,-.\,/        <-,'-<      >.a       \ "f , '    -��� -        .."    '   -,' ", ��> .    ,*��  !AAAA    ^.A^^^l^ftn AAiA.W" -A ^:; ,��   -"A    ,? costs ���*    H  ia-JaaA-....-���aa*wa..,a~.a^Oza*^.~F��^ . . Report cards presently in use are sup-  High Jump plied free of charge by the department of  School Sports days include a variety mendous style at Gibsons last Fri- education. The new cards to be purchased  of events but the high jump is-Still day, Margaret Finlayson clears 3 ft from a firm specializing in multi-copy  one of  the  most spectacular  with* 11 inches in a contest which included                             -"   ~  young athletes straining every mus- the "Flip" style of jumping as well  cle to clear the bar. Showing tre- as the jump.  sheets will cost approximatcy $175 for a  two year supply and would be within the  scope of the school's general supply budget, said Mr. Ellwood.  District Superintendent Mr. Hanna  felt the card is excellent on an experimental basis but may require modification.  Trustees gave their approval.  SEMESTER  In his report, Mr. Ellwood mentioned  that approximately 25 per cent of B.C.  secondary schools adopted the semester  system this year. Indications are that the  trend will increase and it is anticipated  that 50 per cent of British Columbia's  schools will be on the semester system  next year.  CONSTRUCTION  Trustees approved tentative plans for  new construction at Elphinstone and Sechelt Schools.  Secretary Jim Metzler reported that  he had been able to reach an agreement  with Portafab and Harringdon concerning extending the rental of portable classrooms which will be required until construction is completed. Four units will be  rented for four months a- a cost of $903  per month from Portafab. The other 4  units from Harringdon at a cost of $700  per month. Thereafter rental will be on a  monthy basis.  Major step . . .  [edlator  Nice Try  Watched anxiously by fellow students, sports but those using the flip method  Brian  Evans   makes  a  nicely   co- seemed to be able to make greater  ordinated   jump at Gibsons   School height in mixed contest.  r  approval ��  DECISION of ihe I.W.A. to apply for a  mediator is the "first concession" the  union has made in its contract talks with  the B.C. coast forest industry, the employers* spokesman said today.  John M. Billings, president of Forest  Industrial Relations which bargains for  coast forest companies, said he welcomed  the I.W.A.'s decision to seek the services  of a mediator from the B.C. Mediation  Commission.  "This is a major, first concession by  the I.W.A.," Billings said. "It is the first  show of concern by the union negotiating committee over the welfare of its  members and its first indication of real  interest in getting serious negotiations  underway."  The I.W.A. broke off contract talks  March 9 when the industry objected to  the presence at the bargaining table of  negotiators from other unions.  Labour Minister Peterson last week  asked the Mediation Commission to inquire into reasons for the deadlock in  forest industry contract talks. The I.W.A.  twice refused to attend such an inqury,  but F.I.R. president Billings met with  the   Commission  as  requested.  "We have repeated many times that  we were ready and willing to negotiate  with the I.W.A. Committee as wc always  have in the past," Billings said.  Billings said the employers are concerned about the production . cut-backs  and the heavy losses being suffered by  employees idled by unnecessary work  stoppages in thc forest industry.  In the current labour dispute involving  Sechelt Notes  SPECIAL service, in honor of thc Pioneers, und Elderly Citizens of this Province, will be held in tho Sechelt Legion  Hall r.n Sunday, June 7th nt 2:30 p.m.  Ministers and pastors represent inc.  many different churches in this area will  be participating. Refreshments and a social hour will follow, so do plan to attmd  unci bring the family.  ssion. gams  II President  the towboat industry, many coast lumber operations have been forced to close  down because logs have been declared  "hot" and I.W.A. members have refused  to work.  This is a clear violation of the Master  Agreement which is presently in effect  with  the   forest  companies.  'The employers have taken all possible steps to make sure there would be  continuous operation and continuous employment for their employees," Billings  said.  "Unfortunately, the unions have been  successful in throwing about 13,000 I.W.A  woodworkers out of work. These men are  losing an average of $36 a day each, or  almost $500,000 a day.  "It is estimated that I.W.A. members  have lost more than $6 million in total  wages since the current disputes began."  A little public scandal is good once  in a while ��� takes thc tension out of  thc news.  inBiyiiimui.il MHlMii ypiii��^;--i��.afi^MI)i'P)^a\-!*."'IJ.*����ff��a''i''IJ'.'y  WE HAVE MOVED  near St. Mary's Hospital next  to Peninsula Motors, Sechelt.  Ask for Free Catalogue of  Real Estate  Agencies Lid.  BOX 155 PH. 885-2235  SECHELT, B.C.  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Our ��� sIihtc   coi.ftrntulatloiv; "t,,  IIk-m* .*itli(I.,lil"i,  \\'-*  vvi.sh  litem   well,  A  Itm,", time i-.',il.lc>i.t of West Hivltilt,  Wully   I-Jerry   I*,   a   putlnit   In   St,   |',l(lr.  Iliii.pit.il   jiihI  iloinii  wi'll   iiflir mii'/'iiv  Friend.*.      surprl.M'd  Mr.-i,  Fi.n.e.',* Hill  In: I Sun.Inv wllh n ten piirly nnd privint-  e<l  her  wllh  n  Kifl.  Mr*.,  Illll   lin*. tnlu-n  up   re.-.ldeiU'o   nl    HI SO   Conio.s   Slrivi    mi  Viiin'iuivor.  r.  ���^MW  /��: i  771,        -p   \     *flf    7}  "* Gibsona ��� Phono 806-2337  *1  "t ma 'a& '.nixs-ro^'ag^^  SUNDAY SPECIAL  Primcl? Rib Roast  a full course mcml   .   .   .   .  HIGHWAY 101, SECHELT  PHONE 8852311  irtrfH^ W-ll--*^.*--!*-*-!-*^^ idtuH  wABitSrt��t-��A-*i��h*i h  im Iktlm 1  ELECTRICAL  COMTOACTOHS  Wiring Supplies  Spcciall-iinii in  " MARKEL  Electric Meal  WHARF ROAD. SECHELT  Phone 885-20S2  >|j<WI-ll'MIIWIjffll  fc^'.'*..f.|.'*^*fttin>iiiftiff,^1.ijlanj|a,,1nl,l-,iiji,ill,   d  NO MATTER WHAT yoti wnnt to  iwivo lor ��� or for how lon-fl. wo can  holp yon, Docnnno wo'vo qo\ so  many dif foront ways to ;;avo that ono  ol thon. has to ho just ti()ht lor yon.  Wo cnn ovon holp you with tho  totiqhn.it part ol ...ivlnu ��� (lottinfi  stmtori, Onco you'ro on your way,  tho roftt is roally (.juilo oar.y, It's a nioo  fnnlifin to watch your monoy ��� and  intorost -~- pilo up.  So if you could uso somo help  whon it coinos to savin.), como in  and soo mo, Wo'vo a low Idoas up  out iiloovo to make savin*) almost  painless.  afte  OYAL BAN K  YOUR LOCAL BRANCH IS LOCATED  ON THE SUNNYCREST PLAZA, GIBSONS  Phono 086-2337  -.A,.,-   \XlA^J.a\AJsAXA^A.^4^Aa\/.^^lUA^Atla.^^/a^^A^^t. ,. >A*XJ.���-.^/aiAA/.A^^ -</--/���   --.*.*-��./.y^-. ��.��, A���A,..����, *++,"> ">**>"**  , ^ .  i * * * >��� -I tj^j' * * j* -*,'*  '  A  *. #   ��  .ft  A   *i��  J�����*  K^A  -h��fcAA*��4*.A, ��,*,.�� *_^.^.*.X.-*V ^^,K*s*.f|\ A.NN S ��. K  fs ^ A K Jss *H A^m^A - l^'T? 's.:  Section  B  Wednesday, June 3,  1970  Pages 1-4  Consolation award  eekly-newspaper contest  iechelt in winners list  ' Teachers' Association  holds membership meet  JOHN Ayris, President of the Sechelt  Teachers' Association, announced this  week at the May membership meeting  that several awards were made by the teachers to deserving community organizations. The teachers also elected their officers for the 1970-71 school year.   "  The donations, totalling nine hundred.  dollars went to three different groups.  Five hundred dollars was voted to thc  Retaidod Children's Associations Fund,  three hundred dollars to the Recreation  Center of the Sunshine Coast and one  hundted dollars to the award-winning  Driftwood Players to help the local drama-**  groups defray their expenses to the B.C.  Drama Festival. The Drama Festival is  sponsored by a branch oT the Provincial  Government.  Mr. Ayris also stated that the membership had raised its three student scholarships awards from $150. to $200.  AHl*?1 I^^A^'ci-j A  *'eP��rt "to  the  meeting   from   Mrs.  ' ft^t'^ ��S^4Ml'. $     Joan   Warn>   Public   relations   chairman,  ,t*^(p, Jfe��? ^^S*^    expressed   pleasure  at  the  fact  that all  "'ls %^��}}^^^s "���a*"*'    f0ul* Indian teacher aides at Sechelt El-  "^KS^f;    ementary school are receiving  assistance  from the Department of Indian Affairs to  continue their education.  She also voiced appreciation for the  good" work done by the aides. They are  Miss Linda Joe, Miss Darlene Joe, Mr.  Tom Paul and Mr. Walter John.  Mr. Ayris announced that a dinner  honoring retiring teachers will be given  at Lord Jim's June 11. Teachers to be honored are Mrs. Eileen Glassford, Mrs. Cloe  Day. Mrs. Iris Smith, Mrs. Jean Fallows,  and Mrs. Lois Stannard.  The Table Officers elected by the Association for 1970-71 were: Mr. John  Burnside, President; Mr. David Smeth-  urst. Vice-President; Mrs. Doris Fuller,  Secretary and Miss June Wilson. Treasurer. Mr. Ayris will also serve as a table  officer as Jr. Past President.  ����W��$��t8*'W^  The Sunshine Coast Senior Citizens'  Housing Society  Friday, June 12 af 8:00 p.m.  St. Hilda's Church Hall, Sechelt  ^m��mmam^mt^mimmmmm!^^^mm^m^^^^m^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m^^^^^^^^S^^^^s^mm  Good  Turn  Well there won't be quite so many cut  feet on Sechelt beach this summer  after Guides cleared almost a small  truck load of broken glass and litter  off beach during then* recent "Keep  Canada Beautiful" campaign. Public"  spirited Guides were Debbie Newman; Patty Wing; Joy Hansen; Rhyl  Woods; Lorraine Nestman; Donna  Whyte; Melody Farewell and Barbara Jackson working with District  Commissioner Dorothy Stockwell and  Mr. Ray Stockwell who provided the  truek.  Chartered Accountant  is pleased to annwnce the acquisition of the Sechelt and Gibsons  practices of  RICKARD, CRAWFORD & CO.  Chartered Accountants  (Effective June  1st,   1970)  Sechelt: Tel. 885-9515, P.O. Box 373  Gibsons: Tel. 886-2912, P.O. Box 378  i*��*'y'i'w|,y^  ���r  WINNERS of the recent province wide  Western Regional Newspaper Trip to  Calgary draw contest have;now been announced. As one of the participating newspapers The Times received a large number of entries from thc length of the  Sunshine Coast. Two names were drawn  and forwarded as instructed to WRN  Headquarters where they went jnto ttx  drum with two entries from every participating newspaper in the province.  Grant prize winner was Mrs. Agnes  Bowers of Box 2281 Quesnel. Of the  twenty-four consolation $5 prizes one  local winner is announced, Mrs. Bruce  E. Russell of Eeast Porpoise Bay Road.  Other winners are;  Abbotsford,  Sumas  &  Matsqui  News ���  C.   E.   Chrislianson   ���  33119   Bevan,  Abbotsford.  Burns Lake, Lakes District News ��� B. H.  Eraingcr,  RR  2   Burns Lake.  Campbell .River,  Courier ��� Mr.  O.  A.  Kirkham,  Box   340,  Gold  River,  B.C.  Chilliwack, Progress ��� Lorraine Laugh-  lin, 50009 Camp River R<J. RR 2, Chilli-  ���  wack. - -   -  Courtenay, Comox District Free Press ���  13. L. Frederickson, Box 2463, Courtenay.  Cranbrook, Courier ��� Mrs. Ivor J. Barrett,  SS No.  1,  Kimberley.  Creston,   Review   ���   Andrew   Wingcrak,  Box 31)2, Salmo.  Dawson Creek, Peace River Block News  ��� Mrs. Rose Marie Darker, Moberly  Lake, B.C.  Duncan, Cowichan Leader ��� Mrs. L. R.  Luey,  Box 284,  Chemainus,  B.C.  Kamloops, News Advertiser ��� Mrs. L. A.  Williams, 1376���6th Ave., "Kamloops.  Ladysmith-Chemainus Chronicle ��� Mrs.  Irene Mitchell ��� 137 Methven St.,  Ladysmith.  Langley, Advance ��� Archie McDougall,  24634���44th Ave., Aldergrove.  Mission, Fraser Valley Record ��� William Kruse,   11735���9th  Ave.,  Haney.  Powell River, News ��� Mr. B. H. Forslund  ��� 5834 Crown Ave., Powell River.  Prince George, North Star ��� A. F. Loen  (or A. Floen), 265 Wainwright, Prince  George.  Quesnel, Cariboo Observer ��� Mrs. "W. M.  Swanky, Box 1164, Quesnel.  Salmon Arm, Observer ��� Ralph Isbister,  No. 8���12868���229 St., Haney.  Sidney, Saanich & G. I. Review ��� Mrs.  Janel  Lander  ���  2328   Beacon  Ave.,  Sidney.  Smithers, Interior News ��� Judy Jennings,  RR 2; Smithers, B.C. ^_^  Surrey,.Leader ���Mrs. O. H. Nordinf*90lio,  160 St., Surrey.  Terrace, Omincca Herald ��� W. Klippen-  steih, 4526 -Park  Aev.,  Terrace.  "Vernon, News ��� Mrs. Tom Kocnig, 1500  ���30th  St.,  Vernon.  Williams Lake, Tribune -r- Michael Coster,  Box 2672, Williams liake.  Minister announces  Two-yecir college increase  leads fo Grade 13 demise  Elphie Highlights  MAJOR event of interest this week was  Sports Day, hold May 25th at thc end of  .second period of school day.  All those competing were divided into  thri-i* groups according to age as of January 1st. These were: _,Juniors, 13 and  under, Inloniia'.li.ilo 1-1 and 15, Seniors  l(i up, Various events were as follows;  Girls, (1(1 yard dnsh, 100 yard dash, 220  .varcl:;, -11(1 yards and I.H0 yard clashes,  High Jump, long Jump, discuss, shot put,  relay,  anil  ball  throw,  Hoys .-vents; 100 yard, 220 yard, 440  yard, and 11110 yard dashes. High jump,  broad Jump, di.seu.w, shntpul, relay, triple  Jump,   mile  and   crosscountry,  The "Mitslung.-i" won in the team compel.I Ion wllh Ulllt'a points. ���'Bombers"  cnn-ic M'cinid wilh .'Hi!.'.-, points and histly,  "Spilliii.'s" wilh   I!)!) points,  To gel individual winners, points  wen* given for Ihe ribbons: 7 points 1st,  ,f�� points 2nd, .'I points .'Ird, and 1 point  'llh. The Individual winners were; Karen  Spencer Jr. Girls Muslang; Karen Hrignal  lnlr, Girls Mustang; Wendy Mriiclu-ll Sr.  Girls Muslang, Hruee Smllh and Ian  Miielu'ii/.le Jr. Boys Mustangs; Ken  Browne lnlr, Hoy,* Spitfire, Kim Inglis  Sr.  Hoys llomlu'i;,,  Senior Girls l.n;.i'lmll team visited  IViulcr llat'boui- High School to compete  Willi lis learn, Resullf. were 20-11 for  Klpbie,   "Good  work  leuni",  The float entered by tin* Senior lU\nt\  tn ihe Sechelt Mny Duy parade won 1st  prize lor group I lout, The $20 prl/e money  was tiled I'nr'llieir hip to Campbell llivci.  Vein*   end   exams   will   be   held   June  ���by Dennise Dombroski  15 and 16 for those not writing the government exams which will be hold  throughout that week. The 16th will be  last school day and report cards will be  sent home this year,  INCREASE in the number of two-year  colleges has led to a steady drop in  Grade 13 enrolments in British Columbia,  nit was announced today by the Hon.  D. L. Brothers that under these circumstances it is no longer practicable to  maintain a Provincial curriculum organization and examination system for the  relatively few students concerned.  Mr. Brothers said that it has therefore been decided to eliminate Grade 13  Departmental examinations and Departmental Grade 13 certificates. A full year's  warning is being given so that all prospective students may complete work  underway. Thc last Grade 13 regular  examinations will be given in June 1971.  and the. last supplemental .examinations  in August 1971.  Existing Grade 13 courses are of necessity few in number and cannot bo  changed in'1 content as rapidly as may  be desired, the Minister said. Because  there are too few students concerned it  is difficult to add new courses to meet  individual needs. With the exception of  the Institute of Adult Studies in Vic-  , toria, where 297 pupils arc enrolled on a  full or part-time basis in Grade 13, thc  total for the whole Province in 1969-70  is only 874. With the opening of new  colleges in September in thc Lower Fraser  Valley and Kamloops it is anticipated that  enrolment will drop to just over 400 in  the remaining school district offering  Grade 13.  Mr.   Brothers   said   that   there   is   at  present provision  in thc Public Schools  Act for those districts who wish to offer  Grade 13 to do so through affiliation with  an existing university or college. They  might thereby provide more flexible  programmes than are now available ' in  the existing Departmental bulletins.   -  Correspondence courses in Grade 13  subjects will continue fpr an additional  year, until June 1972, to permit part-time  students to complete outstanding courses.  lSL^7^7tlJsm7JsJl7��� aft., ii^a*.  IN COLOR  Starring: Katharine Hepburn and Peter O'Toolc.  THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY. JUNE 4th, 5th and 6th ��� ONE SHOW AT 8 P.M.  IN COLOR  Starring: Sandy Dennis and Michael Burns.  "Warning Excessive Sexual Realism"���R. W. McDonald, B.C. Censor.  RESTRICTED  SUNDAY, JUNE 7 ot 7 P.M., & MONDAY & TUESDAY, JUNE 8 & 9 AT 8 P.M.  m,mmmmm**mmmmmmmmimmmmmim*���.m*mntmmmmMMnmmmmmmmmmaHmnmmnMnmmiM^  ' Volkswagen 1600 sedan.  mgtm{t*w*VlMWf'mnwm  WE HAVE IVIOVED  near St. Mary's Hospital next  to  Peninsula  Motors, Sec licit.  Ask  for Free Catalogue of  Ileal Estate _^���-���'  Agencies Utci.  PM. Bfll��-223b  I'OX \l>\t  .NLCHr....',-B.C.  SIC US AT OUR OPEN HOUSE  Agent* tot Knight fl. Sqiitio  Mnfiilr   flml   Pirfnh   tlnmri  aiaiKm*<tU~+  -*-*'&��,M-OS**.  .��  - (���  .:  ���  *,  **     '                                             i  ���              "       "                   i  '  1  ��� 1.  "\  1      ���������  '""''"f   <  .f  /Ti-i  Pf'rn frfti#d��nit)na��."��'*}**r"��W-*r* r��'ii! r'!<'�� f.O.h Lot .ni*l \7��'.l P.O.f". PruvVirl-il Inxe. nr I:)���Vr"ri;1 <���'���'"������'<����� nv?rr��.  Copping Motors Ltd.     J   COmm SUNSHINE COAST HIGHWAY ��. WHARF RD./SCCHi;iT/flfl5-2ai2V  tm-MrP*f  ���ws*  ���qmmr Page B-2  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, June 3, 1970  onqra tu la lions  Mr.  and Mrs.  Ross McQuitty  on their new modern units at  FISHERMAN'S RESORT.  PENDER HARBOUR DIVISION  Phone 883-2502  W& r^tsAZZ^-'V-'-'-'-'-'t'-xw  E&H ,'&&t-.Va'..y.'.'.*.'^  IFFIFMM*  r#  Mightly  Leap Neat Jump  Already sporting five "first" ribbons,    ft. 2 inch long jump during annual   Taking the long jump in her stride   judging a variety of contests during  Craijf Norris of Gibsons Elementary    sports day held last Friday.  School leaps into first place with 12  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  ���by Mary Tinkley  REGISTRATION Tor Grade 1 children in with a bus service. As the Hon, Phil Gag-  the Halfmoon  Bay area  for the next lardi ^rated^in a  letter  to the "Welcorm*  school year will take place at the Half- Beach    Community    Association    a    few  moon Bay  School  on Thursday, June 4, years ago, it was not too far back when  between 1 and 3 p.m. Parents are asked the Redrooffs Road was little more than  to taki* proof of age by means of cither a cowtrail. Certainly it is well within the  a birth  ccrificate  or  a  baptismal   certif- memory of  some of the old timers that  icate. in wet weather  parts  of   the  road  were  BUS SERVICE under  water and  impassable.  You could  u^.  .f    ,.                .                  .       ���.    ���_ get a taxi from Halfmoon  Bav in those  Civilization   marches   one   step  closer ,         ,   .          ���                ���>   .,   ���    ,  r     -d   .     ec   r, a, i ~~ ��� i,.���.���  t-hlo ���.^i. days,  but   passengers  and   their  luggage  for Redrooffs Road residents  this week, ���' ,'    .     j         5    ��    .  .u    x    .,        j   . would be dumped off at the first pond  which straddled the road and left to find  Lori Lee Edgren makes an effortless a day which commenced with cold  leap of 11 ft. 10 inches during Gibsons,, drizzle, and ended in brilliant sun-  Elementary   sports day which   saw' shine,  teachers ahd parents" co-operating in'  ty.i'p-','>��i�� *i^^^  WE HAVE"MOVED.  near St. Mary's Hospital next  to Peninsula Motors, Sechelt.  Ask for Free Catalogue of  Real Estate  Agencies Ltd.  BOX 155 PH, 885-2235  SECHELT, B.C.  SEE US AT OUR OPEN HOUSE  Agents for Knight & Squire  Mobile  and  Prefab  Homci ,  '"%HM"'''F"J'i uyi^wii^v.wi|wi'"'M''''vff''jnj;'Fi|i^.fflMjii'i;  ,A  _ ���,_...  BRITISH COLUMBIA FERRIES  f\,  lil  Ml  Effective June 5 to September 20  r  Langdale���Horseshoe Bay  Earls Cove���Saltery Bay  There will be additional sailings both ways to  accommodate increased traffic during the Summer.  to September 20. Schedules may be obtained at  ferry terminals, auto clubs, hotels, motels and  tourist bureaus.  For Information phone:  Langdale        885-2242   Horseshoe Bay 921-7411  ii  mMsmmmms&i^ammmmmmmmmmmmmimmsmmBmmmmmmm  ,"A  k  -,.1.^ vlln^..-,ili....iV.i.;-...>,  tiilmtmiui.'id itAi\ti\iittii��i<k)tiMtiAMuii  B.GTEI��  BRITISH COLUMBIA  TELEPHONE COMPANY  wij^iijiufiij i.y^4,hjii^infiii>iiiii!Jiiiiii^yiuw.iij;u iiiupjijuuj'iu.i-i'iii i  AVA^AA'^AiAA  '\-/'' ,".*-.,**-"-       -'.AAA  {id *      \ ���' V*'1 7^ V  their own  way  home.  One of the famous ponds was in front  of the Hanley home at Redrooffs, but it  took  more  than  a  few puddles to keep  folks  the  ing  Jorgensen  en a  has  Kne  cur   actors   and   the  audience   would   set  off on foot  for their, evening's  entertainment.  HERE AND THERE  Cliff Connor's charter boat "Clefjmar"  has been taken over by  Stone's Marina  Cliff will still operate the boat  for John  Merc. r.  Dr. and Mrs. Donald Rutherford have  arrived from Walnut Creek, California to  spend the summer at their Halfmoon Bay  home.  Guests of the Archie Rutherford's are  Mr, nnd Mrs. Ed Rutherford from Van-  couvi r with their son Bruce und his wife  Moreen,  Visitinfi Mrs, Alex Ellis have been her    i*-"  sister.   Mrs,   Mildren   Sorenson   and   her  niece    Karen   Cameron    with    her   thicv  children all from Vancouver.  Guests of the Bruce Hallafs nt I,e:l-  rooffs were Mr. und Mrs. Bert Duel-slow  of West Vancouver, while at the Jack  Temple's were Mr, and Mrs. Morris Stc-  w:irt of While Hock and son Kddie Stewart from Williams' Luke,        ,  On vnc'ition ut the Connor home at  Welcome Bench is Cliff's mother Mrs.  Connor  from  Calvary.  egW��y^^  l**a?aMi��BaBteg*'  '-,**.- a I     FFl       1J.F. <,.*-  f '~ a   1  It     *    h        TW-s.     V*.   .1     "')      V-fI'Vi . I  Ml," **      >?' <*f   -*?������   <       'a,**  , I  ?.ti>*<��* i">y*>*> '* a**"*   'il|*** , t***1 ^*   I  ,,,, "f    ,">'*       .(>     f ' ���%  '     \7 ""   . '*���"-.   * .*"    , '* .       '  V, , -��� ir/'i"��� . \ '-    ��    '    AA'.vr  "     ���  ��� ���. i .1     I.��     a        .. Closo Second  vet* to visit  her mother Mrs. C.nu'e Has/  who was confined to her home followlnji     Every muscle put to tho test. (lcor{��le  a lull, McElhoes makes a fine effort wilh  Most local fishermen have now set off    a leap that spanned 12 ft. 1 inch in  for   the   fishinj?   grounds.   Al   Luakse,   in     close COIltest with classmates (luring  his boat "Cupe Wrath" has headed for   Gibsons Elementary Sports.  VisitInj;  Mrs.  i.etii  Hanney have been     the Queen Charlotte's.  Ed Edmunds who     ��� :  *���:     her son Bryon and his wife Airi'lll  from     has    been    flshlnu    around   Jervis    Inlet  Burn'iby, plans lo sail for the Baker's Pass area this  At   the  Stan   Moffat's   were   Mr,   l'bil     week.  WoikIs    from    Vancouver   and    daughter Ilnlfmoon Buy students just Krnduntcri  Lorraine Wilson was home to attend the     from   Pender Hif.h  are John and  Wendy  uradualion of  her sister  Ela-ine. Mercer,  Elaine Moffat,  Venn;  Eraser and  Mrs,   Millie   I/.-.viand   was   in  Vancou-    Gordle  Henderson,  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  a!er Frontage Im iflaw 1��. 217f If79  Public Notice is hereby given that the above Bylaw has been  passed and is in effect within the Village of Gibson.s.  The bylaw provides for an annual frontage tax on each parcel  of land deemed to front on the municipal water system, whether the  parcel is actually connected or not. A fixed rate of ten cents pers foot  on the taxable foot-frontage is levied on each parcel. The minimum  taxable frontage on any parcel is 60 feet (or $6.00) and the maximum  on any parcel will be 120 feet (or $12.00).  Each registered owner shown on the 1970 property assessment  roll, who will be affected, has been mailed a notice showing the actual  and taxable foot-frontage. A Court of Revision to be held at the Village  Hall, at 7 p.m. on June 10, 1970, will consider written complaints  received up to Monday, June 8, 1970, as outlined in the notice. The  tax will be included in the regular annual property tax notice.  The foregoing is for general information only, A copy of the bylaw  may be inspected at the Village Office, South Fletcher Road, Gibsons,  B.C, during regular business hours,  May 29,  1970.  DAVID JOHNSTON,  Municipal  Clerk  a^a.iinti.iiMi.mtm  T^ir-'dHf'"'- -1. .��~..r ,.���������-  SSEZE  Use 'Times' AdBriets to Sell Rent. Buy. Swap. etc.  IN  J. II. IHUJCl*.  Tho appointment of J. IF.  (.luck) liruco its Vice-President  ���Personnel aiul Industrial  Relations is announced by tho  ll.O. Telephone Company.  Mr. Bruce, formerly Director of Personnel and Industrial  Relations, joined B.C. Telephone in September, l'W>.  Horn in Windsor, Ontario aiul  i a prntluntc, in 1952, of the  University of Windsor, ho  Marled his career wilh the  l'ord Motor Company of  Canada. Ltd.. as an executive  trainee, prior It) an appointment in labor relations.  Mr. Bruce also was associated in various executive  position's Involving personnel,  indtiAlrial relations and corporate development responsibilities with Canada Packers  Lid., and latterly, with tho  Del Monte organization in  both Canada,, and lho United  "Sintcs." o,a\  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  ��� El ii*        x��k/ E*/ la-Kl M ��*, ft&r  f  I  On Thursday, Juno 4 the district crew will be  making a connecUon to the main supply line at the  new reservoir. Due to our present limited water  storage capacity we are asking your co-operation In  conserving water on that day.  PLEASE DO HOT SPRIUE OR USE WATER  HECESSARILY  SORRY  FOR THE INCONVENIENCE  ,   ��� G. DIXON  Superintendent  WSA  3  innpr  lUL-UUY.  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Work Cto.hes  Work Gloves  SECHELT, B.C,  ^��F|l,l��ll��ll*WW*��*.l*��W��'��-*('l��*��W*��,l*"W^'**-','a|-'  USE QUALITY PAINT  i'  You should qot  A-6 years servico from a top exterior j  quality paint applied according to directions under normal i  conditions, states the Canadian Paint  Manufacturers Asso-  i  elation, Poor preparation, lmprop(,r application, cheap paint, !  ond excessive moisture in the wood are all factors which will  decrease the service life of your next point job.  **    I  WHAT TO DO WITH  KNOTS  v.  Knots should  ho  scaler!  before  repainting,  warns  the  Canadian Paint Manufacture.--, Association,  You must  burn  off the old paint     either off each l<*,not( or the wholo surface.  Then sand the surface smooth, seal the knots with 2-3 coats i  of shellac and repaint. Your alternate solution is to sand each  knot individually, seal with shellac and spot point, Finish with  a complete coat for the wholo surface.  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Wednesday. June 3, 1970
Pender Hi-lites
by:'April.Walker and Wendy Clayton
ON JUNE 25, Mr. Kalley, from the Labour
Relations Board game to the school
to speak to the students. He talked about
the conditions that employeis have to
provide for employees and about the
minimum wage. Any students wishing to
talk and ask Mr. Kelley questions were
able to do so on their own will.
The big day is not even a week away,
On May 30, comes the big day for the
graduates. The grad dinner will be held
in the gymnasium. The dinner is being
put on by the P.T.A. and we wish to
thank them for all. their hard work.
Following the dinner, the Grads will
gather together to have their pictures
taken. Then comes the dance. The band
playing is Joe Kane accompanied by his
group from Powell River. The invitation
list is posted at the office. Tickets will
not be sold at the door. The grads will
theri carry on to their aftergrad which
is being held this year in Garden Bay
On May 26, gremlins once again visited
our school leaving a lovely gold toilet
bowl under our flagpole. They also wiote
on the pavement in fancy pink, orange and
gold letters. Maybe one of these days,
they will be caught.
This week we have a write-up on the
results of our softball trip to Brooks
With the girls' game, Pender lost 13 to
21. Our fourth inning proved to be the
best one out of six.*.In that inning we
struck Brooks' big hitter out and caught
some flies. We also clamped down our
The Pender girls however, made a
big improvement in their hitting. Not
one struck out even if she did not make
it to  first  base.
In the'boy's game, Pender, won 12-11.
In the first inning our boys were trailing 5-0. However in the second inning we
managed to tie the score. After that they
stayed ahead all the way. Pat Henderson was the boys' pitcher who helped to
the game by pitching wicked balls over
home base.
Journal oi Commerce .. .
^A battalion chaplain often left his
counseling work at a base camp to visit
outlying posts. Upon leaving, he would
post this notice .on his office door: "Take
your troubles to the Lord. The chaplain
has gone to war!"
nea^r St. Mary's Hospital next
to Peninsula Motors, Sechelt.
Ask for Free Catalogue of
Real Estate
Agencies Ltd.
BOX 155 PH. 885-2235
Agents for Knight & Squiro
Mobile and Prefab  Homes
-    - ■ -*■ -■-«"*■'-    ft .'-J, ■  - -■■»■   "-■**  t. .'--I   F-l-.l  -,
ion A
Dr. Pat Perry .   ,
on the opening
of the new
School and Gower Point -Rd.
in Gibsons.
Lincoln, Nebraska
VANCOUVER — The slump of lumber
markets during the past 12 months
appears to be a prime contributory factor
to the present chaotic labor situation in
British Columbia.
Not only has the slump stiffened the
back of forest industry negotiators
against the demands of the international
Woodworkers .of America, but it has
prompted similar resistance in other industries, it is widely felt in the business
A healthy forest industry operating
at peak production with strong lumber
and pulp markets injects both money
and confidence are not present this year,
of the province. However, that money
and confidence are notp resent this year,
at least not to the degree that can easily
persuade employers to accept high wage
settlements rather than take a strike.
Unions accuse the forest industry
companies of always crying poor at contract negotiation time. But evidently the
industry is not crying wolf this time, as
an examination of lumber prices and
corporate earnings over the past several
months will show.
From a strong profit position in the ,
first half of 1969, the industry  dropped
30  per cent in the second half.  Profits
dipped even  more sharply  in  the early
months of 1970.
Comparing first-quarter earnings this
year with the first quarter in 1969, MacMillan Bloedel was down 29.5 per cent;
Crown Zellerbach 35.5; B.C. Forest Products 55.6; and Weldwood 88,9 per cent.
Combined net earnings of these four companies wore down -10.5 per cent.
The slump i.s due almost entirely to
weak lumber prices, say the companies.
Demand for pulp and paper has remained
relatively strong. But Douglas fir two
by fours that sold us high as $138 per
thousand sell for $70 today, Hemlock
standard or better grade dropped to $07
from a high of $1011. Utility cedar two
by  fours  have fallen $100 to $28,
Shingle prices have virtually collapsed. No.. 1 shingles, which sold for
$2(1 a square, nre now $10. No. 2 shingles,
which reached $21,31 last year, have
dropped  to $9.20.
As poe forest industry spokesman
obsorvoll, i "When the forest industry is
booming, everything i.s booming. The indirect impact of the forest industry on the
economy is tremendous, So, when the
forest industry slumps, other industries
soon follow, ThLs reduces a lot of the
pressure to keep operating at any cost.
Falling profits make an employer far
more. resistant   to high  wage  demands,"
Negotiations between the International Woodworker,** Association and const
forestry industries have been stalled by
managemvi.t protests that the IWA
'negotiating team includes non-IWA people.
Labor I Minister Leslie Peterson has
ordered   t}it'   B.C.  Mediation  Commission
to conduct an inquiry into the forestin-
dustry dispute to ascertain the problems
that exist preventing collective bargaining.
In the towboat dispute, a decision by
the federal department of transport to
present the draft of revised safety regulations to the men and their employers, was welcomed as a positive step
by both parties. But the new rules alone
are not expected to settle the dispute between the B.C. Towboat Owners Association and the Canadian Merchant Service
Guild, which climaxed in a strike now
three weeks old.
An estimated 14,000 workers in the
coast forest industry are. out of work
as a result of the towboat strike.
A spokesman of MacMillan Bloedel
said, the strike so far has cost company
employees more than $1.7 million in lost
wages. Each day the strike continues will
result an additional loss of about $320,000
in lost wages.
Compensation cheques
to be mailed now
WORKMAN'S Compensation Board
spokesman said "all compensation
cheques to claimants and pensioners will
be mailed out immediately." This rescinds an earlier announcement that WCB
would distribute cheques through the
board's office in Vancouver in Hit.* event
of a mail strike.
Virtually unknown over tho oceans
and in the polar regions, destructive hail
occurs most commonly in plains areas
downwind from major mountain ranges.
Thus the Great Plains of Canada and the
United States are among the world's
worst hail belts, along wilh central
Europe, northern India, the Russian Caucasus, Argentine pampas and central
Africa. At some places in Alberta, in the
lee of the Canadian Rockies, it hails an
average of .".!". days during the 90-day
crop-growing season,
-Mow operating for Up and Down Freig
from   Egmont,   SaEcinaw   Lake  and   all
Pender Harbour districts daily.
Please contact IWr. Gene Berntzen,
Egmont Services and Water Taxi
for direct service.
Above Districts ...
Pleas© contact Pender Harbour Division 883-2502.
*#\*m iwpmmiM*. iiijiuwn--.
/*5a\Y' K-A FJ. lO*-*-"'*,'        /./t
Foiling troos,
cutting foncoposts,
and pruning.
Frco demonstrations .at:
Cawrio Street, Sechelt
Phono 885-9626
Tight Corner
It is their first time in the boxing
ring and Mike Anderson Has young
Darren Petula in a tight spot but
wide-eyed Darren is keeping well ^rf^ViW'^'^T'T'l
covered and with -a. little more expert Aa .fUAAM^A
ence that left will come whipping
out to catch his opponent off-guard.
Two plucky little fellows were first
contenders in Wilson Creek Cubs &
Scouts boxing exhibition held on Friday night.
Or. J. Pat Perry wishes to announce the opening of the
PHONE 886-7313
The office will be open from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday
with clinic hours between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. by appointment.
i —
Jj-U .... jff.a.    V A,........it-a.-.
..A^flAAlAi^.A:A^^^ ?S3
School and
Gower Point doad,
"**              "" '->                             j*     --1                    J
>',"I3              '             '
H&„ A.
' *'tv
'7     '"   - A   , »f
' :
i              ' *<-'-<■    V  a, *r*
1 t
"   i v.
3 W-
' ?           \
■   '      \
!  f
/  ■
\^                        1
;:• jh'>>' ■
,                                                                                         t
'          "        ,   i*      r              .'.,
< -
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fruit pectin. Certo makes your jams and
jellies taste so much better, because
you only boil for just one minute.
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away, so you get a bigger yield and
perfect set.
Get a head start on the season. Clip tlio
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urn ntt. i, filii*. IC Itipiniiiriii, f roviilv.t you
IIIKl I'll' I II'lull I I ll.lVll 1 liltl|j||i.|| Villi,
« l«*ini. Aiiy i.llmr »i>|i!ii tlinii
i nn-itiliilr-t (i.iuil, fvlnil io(fn«niuil i .1111)011*1
n; (iri,fi,,| |ooiia. Limited, |'.U.lJgA<Ul3
[iilnminl A, loiunlti, OllUno,
'a.'W'iAAA'V'MsAAAA* * ���j   IV     ,<. ..- ,..   .    a- a  - ,      a f * ' V   �� J ��.��...��VV.Ia4aF<.aFF^J-"J .  Page B-4 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, June 3, 1970  Around Gibsons  ���by Marion Charman  OLD glue factory on thp waterfront will  soon be put a memory. It was built  before the turn of the century. A Mr.  Lepage was in charge and a man known as  Doctor Francis had some part in the  operations but" did not get along well  with the others so he left. Dog-fish shark  were used but there was some difficulty  with chemicals, formula etc; and the  manufacturing of glue was discontinued  alter a fefw years.  Mr. Herb Stelnbrunner recalls that in  1DD2 he could notice the "stink" from  the glue factory right up as far as the  school (air pollution, even in those early  days). However old timer Mr. Bill Fletcher says that thc smell did not travel  as far as Port Mellon odour does when  the mill is working.  The old glue factory building has  been utilized for different purposes over  the years. At one time it was used as a  summer dance hall. Later it was converted into apartments but in more recent years had fallen into disuse.  BRIDAL SHOWER  Mrs. G. Legh and Miss Anne Tritt  were co-hostesses at the home of the  former, on Sunday afternoon May 24tr  when tKey entertained at a delightful  surprise miscellaneous bridal shower in  honor of Miss Sharon Davis whose marriage will take place on June 20th.  The guest of honor was presented with  a beautiful pink rose corsage made by  Mrs. B. Duncan as was the loveTy pink  carnation corsage given to Mrs. W. Davis,  mother of the bride-elect. '  The many attractive gifts were presented from a large gaily decorated pink  umbrella. Delectable refreshments were  enjoyed. Pansies graced the tea table.  Present were Mesdames A. Whiting;  J. L. Myers; W. Greggain; A. Greggain;  C. Dobell; M. Nelson; L. Mason; B. Duncan; L. Blain- C. Comeau; G. Berdahl; W.  Davis; R .. Denis; L. Labonte; W. D.  Peterson \. Becker: R. Oram; E. Freer;  R. Taylor; G. Legh; Miss S. Davis and  Miss A. Tritt.  HERE AND THERE  Ten year old .-"vnnette Murphy who  is1 blind has attended Jericho Hill School  at 4100 West 4th Ave. Vancouver .for  4 years. On June 5th, she will be playing the piano al a Musical Festival there.  Attending this event from Gibsons will be  Annette's two brothers Shawn and Kevin  and parents Mr. and Mrs. K. Murphy.  Mr. and Mrs. D. Rorison, Pratt Road  have sold their house and will be moving  to Stilliwater on  August  1st.  Michelle Phillips celebrated her 10th  birthday at the home of her parents Mr.  and Mrs. W. J. Phillips.  Mrs. J. S. Macey and Mrs. G. Legh  attended a 4 day Retarded "Children's  Association conference at the Villa Motel  in   Vancouver   recently.  Miss Penny-Lee Davis who has been  in Montreal with the Royal Bank will  be transferred to Vancuovcr. She will be  visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. W.  Davis June 17th, remaining to attend the  wedding of her sister Sharon on June  20th. In thc fall she will travel to London, England to study ballet. She has  been teaching ballet in Montreal.  Mrs. Joan Rigby spent 3 months at  Joshua Trees, California with her uncle  and aunt Mr. and Mrs. Gorham.  Mr. and Mrs, George Owen accompanied by Mrs, Owen's mother, Mrs. McQueen from Vancouver and Mr. Owen's  sister, Mrs.* Kincadc of Mission, also Mrs.  Joan Rigby of Gibsons have returned  from trip which took them as far as  Manitoba. In Saskatchewan, they visited  Brock where Mr. Owen was born, and  Caronport, where they spent a few days  with students from Gibsons who are attending  Bricrcrcst  Bible  Institute.  Miss Maureen Owen graduated from  high school there; she received a crest  lor being top uihlete among 55 in the  gradual ing class. Maureen received many  awards at'a Unit track Jfjicel with other  schools nnd Stephen Rigby was on the  winning junior relay team, The graduation  ceremony where Robert Thompson M. P,  was the .speaker was especially enjoyed,  Places of Interest visited included Gardiner Dam; Dinosaur Trail, Druinheller,  Alia; and .'! Valley Gup, RevolsloUe,  COMMUNITY LOSS  Mrs, Victor Richmond who passed  away on May lltli Im her 70th year is  missed by a host or friends In this community. She came to Gibsons 20 years  ago wilh her husband and was a wonderful neighbor; always kindly and help,  ful and'ready to assist when there was  n  need,  Born In Victoria, Mrs. Richmond was  a resident of Vernon for .10 years and  also lived at Williams Lake for a few  years. When Mr. Richmond retired, the  couple made their home in Gibsons, She  was   n   tireless   and   faithful   worker   for  -'    '     "      *"   "e\     "      "a        '  Clariiication . . .  Company anxious to proceed  with dock-pipeline project  the Jehovah   Witness's  with  whom  she  was associated for many years.  Friends came from far and near to  pay their tribute of honor when Mr.  Grenville Drake officiated  morial Service on Saturday  in the Kingdom Hall.  at   a   Mc-  May   16th  If you are kicking up a storm, don't  expect clear sailing.  Hazardous  No longer safe for vehicles, the Sechelt wharf is still used by youngsters who like to dive from it during summer season. It was at one  time the source of great activity as  the Union Steamships-regularly visited the community. However, today,  it is sadly falling into a hazard as  holes appear in the twisted, decking.  REPORT in last week's Times regarding  denial Gulf Oil thst it intended providing facilities "as previously outlined  by Alderman Norm Watson" led to some  concern by thc company for, in effect,  it has agreed to construct a portion of  seawall along the Sechelt wate.rfront  providing approval is given plans for a  docking and pipeline facility near the  existing dilapitated wharf.  Council had written the company seeking written confirmation of some of the  proposals related by Aid. Watson. Letter  from Clerk Ted Rayner stated: "Further  to the above proposal, Aid. N. F. Watson  has reported that in conversation wi-ih  representatives of your Company, the  suggestion to incorporate,'*'provision for a  boat launching ramp, a small boat refuge etc., in your planning for free public  u->e, apps-ired to be agreeable.  "I have been requested to enquire if  you could give written confirmation to  these proposals, as it has been suggested  that this might have a bearing on the  lease application".  Ia-ct!cr frcm the company, read at last  regular council meeting, stated; "We are  not too sure -who suggested wc were planning for provision of a boat launching  ramp, small boat refuge, etc., however,  this is not the ease.  "What we did agree to was that instead of offering the S200 a year that was  outined in our letter of February 18, that  in its-place we would be quite prepared  to provide the sea-wall along the 170' of  waterfront that we would be leasing. We  would also be putting a small rock  fill  partly into the water lot to avoid the damage done by the logs near the shore, to  our pilings. "We would certainly have no  objection to the Village of Sechelt running a bo::*, ramp into our water lot; and  providing any small beat anchorage that  they would require, as lciv, as it did not  .interfere with the operation of our dock,  cr damage the pilings.  "We are ceit-iinly most anxious to proceed w:'h our own dock at Sechelt as  scon ej possible., and if a further mealing  with the Cour.a'il would be of any assistance, please let us know as we would be  available for any future meetings."  Should Council a?ree to the Company  proposals, it will mean rczonin" part of  the waterfront to commercial. A recent  application by occupants of commercial  properties in that area that the existing  residential status be changed '.o commercial was rejected with Aid. Watson arguing strongly against such rezoning. He  was supported by Mayor Swain and Aid.  Nelson.  TIDES FOR IHE Wp  JUNE 3rd TO JUNE 9th  3     0421 am  13.71  6     0223 am  12.0!  W.                               Sa. 0611 am  12.9  1203 pm     1.8:  0153 pm    2.3,  0746 pm  15.0,  0946 pm 15.1 i  4     1253 am  11.9  7     0323 am  11.8;  Th. 0506 am  13.5  Su. 0656 am  12.5!  1238 pm     1.7  0233 pm    2.8  0826 pm 15.2  1021 pm  15.0  5     0133 am  12.0'  8     0413 am  11.5  Fr.   0546 am  13.2  M.   0726 am  11-9  0118 pm     1.9  0308 pm    3.5  0906 pm   15.2            1056 pirvj4.9  9    0513 om U.O  -4r      Tu. 0816 am  11.2     <^r  ^               0348 pm    4.3      ^  1131 pm  14.8  yjA  t'i  Overheard at the water cooler: "Even  when 1 try to think young I can't get  under 50."  Bloke C. Alderson D.C.  CHIROPRACTOR  Post Office Building Secfic.t  Phone 885-2333  Res. 886-2321.  Tuesdpy to Friday 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT    .  WE ARE NOW OPEN  MONDAYS  ���  ROTOTILLERS ���  ���  RIDING LAWNMOWERS ���  FIREFIGHT1NG EQUIPMENT  AUTHORIZED DEALERS for  ��� Mercury Outboards  ��� Pioneer Chain Saws  ��� Canadien Chain Saws  ��� Homelite Chain Saws  ��� Stihl Chain Saws  ��� McCullough Chain Saws  REPAIR - PARTS - SERVICE  mm saw  Cowrie  St.,  Sechelt  885-9626  1x //YjS  m  ���JW.  ;**��:,  ****��**'-'  �����&:>*���;  m  $1A  Pis��  >Ai  \ -7  ??*?��?  '.   ** aS"!  [fl  ifSa-a/  m  Af$wA  jpftiE"- )t  ],i'li,1lii"���i,i.a  '���:%&  wa  mm  F-A;Syfm  *%il  ��� r%&H��3  '  -a  al! ���'   1  <***.   SVf    a.      J  fe .���.��� ���*., ���..*,'l  ���*A  *A?��  MS  _a.te  ft*-**  m  ��i!  ���*"<?  TOT  if*4*  iw'i  atowi^.  f^7kS  ra a;  Svf'  iiaiaVal  W9t  *&.;  [^  tJ  o  y  TRAY PAiK STEWING  .GRADE  ^y  m  lb  lb  Piece  ib  FRYING  AfintvtnMMfln*^^  HWQifWH  mm*  mm  mmmmrmp  ���teiU.hm.iAt.h.lii-al^ I'-'llin ���MiHtfC.'Ul.l.  SECHELT THEATRE  '-���    PRESENTS    ���  THE MOLLY  MAGU9RES  STARRING;  Scon Cdimciv, Somonlho foflor, ond  Rlr.hnril llarfls.  COLOR CINIMASCOPI-CARTOOM  Slo��ii B p.m. Out 10:10 p.m.  FRIDAY, SATURDAY,  MONDAY, a-UNE 5. 6 and 0  ���4"~.**i'm*Kmrrmi*rw*rmmmma>mm��mmrBmir.  Next  Week:  Oh What A Lovoly War  Coming Soon:  Carry on Pimpernel  PLUS  The Mad Room  .,., Easy  Ridor ,  mm  viy  (V3EXICAN  ��>  B.C.  No.  1  -  HOT  HOUSE  %   j|  *-3  ���pc  ���arc  VH/  B.C.  FAMCY  VARIETIES  mum i  Wrafi, 32 oz.  Salad Dressing  ���     ��� (IMU.^  Libby's  ia   14 oz.  Fancy  LIBBY'S  48 oz.  HSBSAftSD mm  LIBBY'S  14 oz.  E       KRAFT VELVEETA  2  Ib   AYLMER  TOMATO or VEGETABLE  *+i*m0+i+mi^F***m**0*i****i*+m��mm mm.%r^mmmw^mr*mmmwwmm^  CARNATION FROZEN  L  MAXWELL HOUSE  10   ox,  YORK  48 oz.  LIBBY'S  4 oz.  ��43-5c  . n.75  E.  D. SMITH  CHERRY or BLUEBERRY  PRICES EFFECTIVE: THURS., JUNE 4th TO SAT., JUfNE 6tli  l :  /  f  n   h J.  ro  V/  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES  885-2025 - SECHELT  7/7/7/"7/7/~?/'~?f >7" /7"77'T/~7


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