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The Peninsula Times May 7, 1969

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Array "4.
1365 iigures . . ,
ASSESSED Values of land and' improvements in the Secheit-School District;as
certified',under the-Assessment Equalizaj-
>■ tion Act show an increase of $4 miildoni"
over-1968 jissessmerit'1   ' 'i   I
Figures released hy School Board Sec- -
-wrtary Jim Metzler last week 'give 1 the
, (total assessment as $49,451,032. There was
very  litffie .increase in  assessments between 1966 ahd 1967 arid comparative fig-.
1 ures^or'the past three years are:   -
"assessment ; ; ''
.,  *     1969 ,       1968 1967
Gibsons- .,
Village "   2,670,209   2,571,927 , 2,390,671
Secheit <  *    <    • • - '  ' "
Villa|&-—i;7U,736 ' 1,601,042 ", 1,507*851
Rural     '   45,069,087 41,227,925 38,943,508
'Total    *     49,451,032 "45,400,894 42,842,030
Last Wednesday the Board of * School
Trustees passed, Tax Rate By-law No.*2
hudget for 1969 is $1,853,185
Seryirjg' the Sunshine CoW, (Howe Soundto J^vls^thtet^ including Port A/le lldn^'.Hopkinstandir
.Wjl'son .CfttslC SeWa'Pa>"k;'5eaiet^ Cove,' Pander Harbour], 'Madeira Park
)    ,;i     .      .'ill      ,      '    ii      ' ' i H*  i i   '     i   , nil OI    J'r'l      ii    ' i       », jr   .; j   i i  .Hi   t       ll   i
„.. Jing; GrOTimom Vi^ndinrj,-<5ibsons/ Roberts" Creek.
Parkj Kleindaie,. Irvine's-Landing," Earl Cove, Egmont'
Volume 6, No. 23
, Gibsons   ''
« , Vluage-
"Secheit/. -       -        :     ' y   '
' .-Village 57,906      ,56,012..   ,.'46,233
;Rural,Area, 1,524,851   1.441i929 • 1,192,796   .
"Ck>5«parisonir between Secheit School,^
.District milJ rate and thV provincial aver-;,
age is^as follows:      '  , /
<   '     ''    >s , _ Secheit.. Brov. Av. •
Basic levy   .,.
• Non' shareaible     •    ,
operating" costs',.,.
College .' }.'.,...„ y,
"Non Operating   '.'	
Debt* '& Capital "....
Less local share    '   *
surplus & revenue
; Total y.: ., ".
Last year the mill rate was 34.98 with
"non - shareable operating costs phis non
. to raise 1,673,101 for school purposes,'total    operating costs giving -a mill,'rate of 9.05.
<™'   "■■■- P ■■■■    !■■—   W^IIIBIIIrtlMIMi.    HI    ■■■!   llllll,HIIMI.fc.WI—      MllllllUIII       ■ !>■■      ■ ■«    I    I ■ II    |     T     I   | Ml .WMIMIHIl' ■    I ll»
Secheit Coi Cf9 . .   -.-'—»--• '-. ;;	
,    i
f A
elegalion ■: gpe^t|i©a§: 'BQUf
opposes gar sage lee
1 <■-•
V  #
iy —^«.
DEPUTATION,representing the Sec^lt . eminent institutes Ranges.' Ithis might
Chamber of* Commerce -met last.Veek   take yearsJ', he/watnear:.,^ .        fa   \ r^j ,y-, mmi.,. V    • :«   -
with the Siihshinrcoast Regional B;oard-y*.:Watson said he did m% .-fat any "Way'  DOStU^ CclilS IEG6I131(f
to ask, questions regar^ng propt>sed-garrv Question integrity of the fidard in pecept-,    *T** ...'   "   .•'.•..       *     »
bage .collection and,'method of collecting . ing,thiswmeth<Kl,..he does nd^ like it; h'ow-
payment.     \ (,   ^ ^ ,'}  '  ~r'    ^ever, and-due4o",inequitie$ involved feels
Norm Watson was spokesman'for .the, ,that blame wiU.fiall up«n,(the Board,',hot
group 'which' also "comprisea "Chamber,  Victoria. /- .-   7i    ',-[>} *   " \""~ \
it h
President1 Erich Hensch and Frank Par-
,ker., Mr. Watson had been sitting in as ji
Director"of,the Board but excused him-
'self In order to participate as & member
of the delegation. "    '-«-".
' ' Main concern of Watson was'"decision
of the -Board to collect garbage pick?up  '
payment v through the Mill rate. This" he
has argued, in the past, is inequitable and
unfair in that owners of Jarger and more
Expensive homes'will be forced to p^'
"more^for pick-up of garbage than, those
Hving'in.smalLlow cost homes. '
* * \ Board ChairmanL Lome Wolvertdn explained that the'system of garbage piefc-
•up will only involve certain areas at this
,time and 'will be let put to contract. Pay~
m.ent .by assessment levy bn.the Mill rate
is simply a- matter of- dollars and cents,
and at this .time .is, the-.only means- by"
which the Board may collect. Originally
it was planned to establish a land! tax^'a
means approved at that time by a Board
of which Watson .was a, memberrUnfor-
tunately, -Victoria has since'indicated that
-such a--method is-not-possible. However,
it-is hoped
ford long'an'd";
lecstioiTwilf f
He-said, it is„his intention- to-lay -the
blame where it belongs,-in Victoria,-and
>ur:recommend * action; be "taken by "the
Chamber under section 615 of, the Municipal Act, making, clear the fact that the
Board is acting under^ pressure.' ''- .
-. Chamber Chairman E. Hensch",^tated)
he wGulcflike'fo hear views, of the Board
members' for he wohld not like to do
anything* they dissaproved of." Mr. Wat-
^son^ told -him "that will. be -up . to -the
Chamber."'   .       _
^Director Bill Scoulaf of Pender Har-
-■''■- ■   r   .-*see i»l9» A-4
IT!WAS leportect atdast meeting of ?Gib*
f -sons' Council that the Pollution ,Con:
trot Bpardj' will, cimdifct "aw inquiry, ihto
ppiliitidh.' control problems involving" wat-
m of «the SlSraib of Georgia' inthe" Gibsons -
areay",'^-^   "."     ' "'   \""7 \
. Clerk Dave" JOlmston-told council -tiie '
vilja^poUutiohi-p6rmit is "'proceeding >ancl
he'.uiH^stands the; meetiiig'is hot relative
to the permit - t •"';'""' - » - •
r Mayor Fred Feeney; expressed the view
that1 the meeting'should have been called
t\w>,m6nithsrago.. i    . '•'7h   , -' -'   *  i
; yfche inquiry will be held in the Gibsons.'
Le,gion Hall .starting-at, 10 *a.m/May. 14,
when evio%ice,.iricludhig ^ritt£n submiBr*
sions, will be'received under oath by,the
Ohairman of'jthe Bpard,,Mr. y.'S.' McKin-
non.' '     '   ' '    ~      '* .•    *'- "     .   --
y      ... . v  "- >   - ■ Communication
•Jpk.. Egan leads, one. of the. group disr   tions."
cushions between parents ana-students a!f Pender -.Harbour during- last
week's,/'Dialogue  In -Communica-
New leqistlation * * ;   .
Students favored small group
discussions which .occupied most of
Uie Hiree-hour meetings
Slipping behind .
PARKING within the village-of"Gibsons, -our eyes toritrnmaVwe--arir-g<»ng~to-have
PEtoER Hartxjur's '^Dialogue in. Com-
• mumcations" was considered a tremendous success by its organizers, Tvith roughly'; eighty. people,, half of' them "students,
participating in absorbing group discussions. •- - ' • " ' •
'■Youth.psychiatrist Dr. Bennett Wong's
'keynote address given at the Elphinstone
meeting did nothing for "the Pender Harbour audience due to the poor sound Te-
productiorii'of the-taped recording. How-
'ever resource personnel'took up Jhe slack
Ituuing initial group discussions which
.set the mood for,a second session of ih-
group discussion which was requested by.
the students.                   /, .       .
Brief -panel -discussion 'indicated com-
•cern regarding equality- of,-treatment of'
young offenders.   Probation- Officer, Mr.
-Ted Peters,explained that new legislation-
^introduced April 3 is designed to'steer as
young people to t$a$* courts, .asi'pos-
SUNSHINE Co'ast Kiwanis; one 'of the
larger service clubs in the area, is presently workmg«toward establishment of a
Senior Citizens Homes" project for the
Gibsons area but is stuck temporarily for
a suitable location.l
Various sites have been; investigated
but most have proved unsuitable or unobtainable. -Ait this time, the committee
working on the project has issued a call
-for assistance in order to speed up estab-
UsHment of .homes for elderly- citizens. -
Current .concern is an acre or more of -
land which should be reasonably level,
proximity i}x> stores, post office and such
' facilities, adjacent to V water system arid
in the vicinity of Gibsons.
- This is considered Jto 'be ,a "project of
great merit and the club'asks that anyone
wilh suitable land and interested in help-
-ircg, contact Ron McPhedran or phone
886-2854.     * .      ' ,   .
' * r
Chamber of Commerce
opens Tourist Bureau
-SECHELT- bus terminal has become the
Information Centre for the .Tourist
Season. President of the Chamber Eric
Hensch announces .that the facilities once
used by Tyee Airways have been taken
over and wifflL be operated daily-between
' the hours of 11:00 a.m. and-5:G0 p.m.
At 'a recent meeting of the Tourism'
CommitJbee", plans were made' for asking
the various organizations to enlist volunteer hosts and hostesses to meet and greet
all who visit ithe bureau. If the demand
increases, the Bureau may open on Sunday afternoons or at other times. It was
announced that any firms from Gibsons,
Pender Harbour as well as, Secheit -which,
wished to distribute their business cards
through the Bureau would be-welcome.
The Chamber of "Commerce has secur-
•Panel member-Dr. Egan expressed the
view that the chances are, .a child from a
lower social group will be referred to the'
court while a child from a more affluent
group will stay out. '
'Mr. John' Daly also expressed the opinion that the law discriminates against
yOiing offenders in the "lower economic >. ed permission from the owners, to" use the
| ,4 to the problems-encountered in estab-   sbBuld^eonsldered in order teovmorne   willhe quite highi-'liv-wm.have to~ha"ve   ,
B  dear.    fKa.rmVhlAm' .-..   . J     v -   J   - A „-^»rJ...^, ~._«.f.3«4 «•.—  _* — .._~v   ~ ...Ml *L.
level. Hippies have -been harassed by
the police sill over B.C., he. said, and we
have to be careful- not to alienate.youth
as well       -,   ■ .     -    -
Mr. Peters replied that such statements
are being directed at the probation officer
continually and he hopes' the new role
,'wilThelp, steer away from it School District -Special Counsellor Bud MacKenzie
commented that he has found no discrim-
' ination against people from low sociatt
economic brackets," in fact they are given
"Special consideratibn."":      ,     "      , ,y
Panel ."discussion, ended at _ thaji 'point
j£.students who
parking space across the road from the
bus. terminal for visitors only. No local
cars may be parked in this area. Bus
tours which, come to Secheit will be given
a special greeting to all passengers. Brochures, pamphlets, local notes as well as
bus and ferry schedules will be available
at the desk,- Canon Minto Swan is chairman of the tourism committee.
lishing a pick-up service and made clear, the-problem.'
, ,| the fact that it is a question of carrying " ;«tWe'have been gettjnfcj I^mnd". wltlf
i'   J on as planned in order to have.garbage parking' facilities'! "and; I feel, we .should
* pick-up or-wait until such time the gov- budget so much each year, we can't close
if*   l
*A> * »■  ^**    ■ •    i1  ^•■«u.
■ v- ■to-
.a • *
■*   i A
-        .1
■    M
&.   I'*-''
•r '^*?%a*«»-5*
■■ Jr>&«J«
y   -
* **•
J -If
/;       y '.',' May Qiieen   ' '
Tabby kitien gets a happy little hug Secheit Elementary School to reign
from twelvc-ycar-old Cindy Steele as May Queen for 1969. Cindy Will be
wjho was chosen by fellow students of   Sechelt's 21st JVIay Queen.        ;
Cindy Steel • . .
Twenty-first May Queen
elected by youiig students
SKCHELTS twenty-first May Queen was
elected lust wecft by-students of Secheit
likiiientary School, who chose grade elx
&*j^dent Cindy Steele.  '   .,,,...
Cindy is the twelve-year-old daughter
r>t Mr. nnd Mrs. Lawrence Steele of Selma.
Pwk. .
Attending the May Queen will bo Lynn
P»?*'is and Vlckl Fearnley. with young
Krvin Augtn.t as gift-bearer.
Flower 'girls chosen from " Scchclt
School are Sharon Hall, Bonnie JtmiewJck,
Sh-jn>n Nelson and Lorl Ritter. From
%nt Secheit School, Diane Kelly and
Rosalind Egan; from Davis Bay School,
Grdl Thomas and Kim Bryson,
With May 19 fast approaching, plann
am well underway in the capatite hands
of th« Sunshine Coast Lion* Club with
IirA I/'e Kedmnn in charge of the Crowrr-
L.Z- Ccrtn-^ivy ail* May..%«i,&,.B«3^p&t
': '   .    i ' "'   " -"*;* - ;■"
and,: Dance.   ■       ; ,      .'',:: ". - .'
Chairman of the? Llona May Day committee istatcd today, a number of flottta
, have,.b'cenj prpmlscd but bo far a, numljfi*.
of btislm'ss concerns have lieeh reluctsmt
to make n, committal. 'He cxplahvi that it
la heceasai-y to know as noon ws possible
ahd Urges utmost co-operation in (order
rthat this year's1 event may hH a new rec-
,'CH*4.-'ior.'popularity7itt view.of.•the fact it.
will bi! Ihe 21t$ Anniversory of:the Secheit
May Day celebrations. *
Doth Lions members omt Mrs. Rcdmahi
nnij putting in a great deal of work behind
the scales, two bands will be participating, Lions carousels arc undergoing reno-
vatiori and will prove an attraction Tor the
youngWrs, entertainment for adulta will
be plentiful ns usual, greater variety of
concession booths Is planrml nnd! indica-
tlona are ttiat a great day" of 'entertain-
:.. mxk Wat in store for all, -   ■      .
serious'consideration of course,,so,will the
c^^ir>volved.tl-he-.p6inted-out.— - ... .
, Clerk Dave JdhiistmUold'wuiicil.he
has' discussed,-the matter with -engineer
Martin' Dayton '.who has agreed'to study
the situation' and' make'recommendations
bearing- in' mind' council  proposals -for
.harbour development.'     \       "     ' 'j i
*   Mayor Feeney noted that the parking
had been previously, discussed with-Day-
' ton who at that, time had "shied away"
from it.'    	
Alderman Gerry Dixon agreed that
something will have to be done to im-
proveythe situation and Aid; Peterson
warned that'unless wharf parking is permitted the village will be hi trouble this
summer.    • y   '   ;yy       v''''';'..''"'.'■"•.■- '
:pOG',ppuNDy ■> ■.:':' ".;;■'.: •';.',„.' ■
' Alderman JCen Crosby reported termination of the dog catcher's duties. He
said that'.m he has quit, the job it will be
necessary to advertise for a replacement,
however, following , past experience it
shoutUcl be possible to offcra more, attractive proposition this tjrne.,'.'.'.:. ',"■,,,'
A number of likely candidates for the
position were considered but it was agriped
the correct, way will be to ■auvcrtise the
Constructional work is proceeding on
the Seaside Plaza block' and docs not, up?
pear up to standard suggested Aid. Peterson who told council he hod seen work
taking 'place , such as laying concrete
laround existing posts, he doubted if it
would pass tho building code.      '
Mayor Feeney.Bald that if such is the
case,, the  Building  Inspector  should be
notified,and' charges laid If necessary, he
■'...'■ ) ■ '''' — wo poo* A4
Secheit Hod and Gun
SECHELT Rod and Gun Club nhnouncci
It. will j change the date of the trap
shoot, normally held on the third Sundjay
of the month: to ..May 25 in light of the
fnct that tills year the third Sunday falls
on .May Day weekend,
Report on the annual Trout Derby is
.that not too many fishermen turned out
but a Mnge number of fish were in evidence.
Winners of events were: Large Hah,
Ed. Rennlc; Second, Tim Rcnnlc; Most
Fish, Tim Ttcnhic; Smallest fi»h, Tim
Rehnie.       ,    ,     ,   « ■
One of the, club's moist popular programs,. the, Junior Training Program, Is
proving extremely successful nnd latest
..odtdt.ot young sportsmen.to pas» their
fcsla are: Steve Lackso, Jerry Mercer,
Johnle Branca, Dean Crick, Mark Gray,
Robert Bulger, Tom Bulger, David Bulger.
Verne Fraser, Onry Hendenron,1 pat Hen-
4vmn\ Geordle Henderson, Frank Kingston, Dermis Fraser, Dale Stophannon.
Application form^ nre now available
from member Bill Rankin for those wishing to take ttie instructors course. Minimum age Is 21 and 15 participantjs are required in order to get a course going in
th« an*a.
Accusations made
J .f
\i\ i
MEMBERS of the Sunshine Coast Regional   Board   overwhelmingly   supported
Director Frank West in a dispute involving a? letter he had sent-Gibsons Village
CpuneU''Vfhieh/a4yi9ed he. had, as, repre^
sentativeof Area^E,'' submitted a petition '
-to Hott Isabel, Dawson protesting plans
by council for a sewet- outfall at Gospel
Point.'   - '   . .".^.,.',. -    ''''■■'■
•   . Mayor Fred Feeney had suggested letters be sent the Regional Board «and Department of Municipal Affairs protesting
Direotdr West's use of Board stationery for
this .purpose in that it wrongly' implied
he was acting ph behalf of the Board.    '
As a Board Director, Feeney told the
Board, he f^elt it should establish a firm
pci'jicy that in", f ulture * directors ■ do  not
use Board .stationery unless approved by .
the Board as a whole. .',"''
■'    Director ,W«st admitted''he had indeed
used- Board stationery in this matter but
was writing as representative of the petitioners", who are residents of the area to
which he was'elected.   "I read in the
press some of the comment's made in council which included the suggestion that I
was, guilty of mis«-'prcscntatlon. I would
have ^thought the ' matter had ended but
now find;letters of complaint have gone,,
to both the Bpard and the Minister, yet^
council has faiicd to extend the courtesy
o\ discussing tlio matter with  me,"  he
wild; ;'     '■ '■ ■';''"'.' '-'.'        -'.''.-
Director West added tliat had .the.contents met with approval of council, he
'had no doubt,; there would have,been no
complaint, He paid he feels very/strongly,
'nlbout being accused of n felony In puttrac
and tliat -lie is sure' It was simply, because
•oei'tain membera of council disapproved
his commenta. :   ,
Director Feeney told him, "I have had
a.letter back from tho Minister," .Director
.West comment**!, "Yes ' 1' know, I also
know you have gone to your solicitor yet
you. have not. had the courtesy to tell me,
Uic accused."    ' ■
Mayor Feeney n^orted, "I still question) •
your right to use Regional District sta-
tlontiry." '        •
Director Cliff Glllcer Said he sees noth-
h»g wrong Willi n director acting on behalf
of his area «s its representative, Alternate
Director *Nonn Wilson, sitting in for Bill
Swalhv,6ai,d it appeared to be a U'mpcst.
In ta tuiacup but Is a matter of principle.
He expi-e«8l the view, that the matter
fshouht have f^ne through, the Board but
at the'same time did not think the Board
could have refused.
Put to a vote, in the ateeiicc of Feeney
and: West, remainder of the Board unanimously supported Director West and rejected the* motion put earlier by Director
Feeney, iDlrcctor 'Archie Rutherford concluded'that it seemed to him the whole'
ffhuatton was polittcal.,
Letter from  Gibjcaig  council  which
started the furore stated:
Council-has received from the Director
of Area "E" Mr. Frank West,;a copy of a
petition T^hich-he has, forwarded, to, the
local member,; Mrs, Isabel, Dawsoni In'
dOing so he ha? used as a cover'the-letterhead of the Sunshine Coast Regional Dip-
iri-ict, copy attached.!     ;, ;',.',.""."" ''   """'' •",""
Council does not question, .the right of.
individuals or groups to forward^ petitions,
however, .when the Director use's Regional'.
bistriet. sfatiohery,: there is tjae; impHca-
t|on thai,, in so doing he is acting: oh behalf of the Board.: ' :
,    As this matter has not| been'before the j
Board for, its decision^ Council'feels "this
maittor should be' brought to your notice.- •
Awards night for Sunshine Coast'Ju-
yenile Soccer will be held at 7 p.m, next
Friday, May 9, at the Elphinstone Audi-
.toriijm. Prior to the trophy presentation
there will be a 45-minute film of the 1958
world cup".
Davis Bay will be in the news on
Tuesday, May 13 when Mrs. Dorothy
(Dallis) Carter of the House of Dallte is
featured on the Ida Cameron Noon Hour
Show on (television- channelsi 6 and 8, Mrs.
Carter is taking'some' of her exquisite
lamps, jewellery.and rattan'-work for display during her interview with Ida Cam-
-eron.,",. ■ .'■;," ';■■'' "• ■■ '■.■■ " -'-.-.-y''."' -
■ Pender; Harbour Secondary School
Honor Roll students for the third term arie:
Grade 8, K'aren Dombroski and Jack
Helm. Grade 9, Janice Cumming, John
Malcci'lm and'Jim Mercer. Grade ,10, Bruce
Cameron.  Grade 12, Jackie Griffith.
    Lucky Haul
Quite a shock for a young fellow to    tunately
hook a fish almost as big m himself
but that is just what .happened to
young Corey  Mattishaw last week
while fishing in Porpoise Bay. For-
his dad Brian Mattishaw
was on hand to help boat Hie 32-ll>.
monster, Tim pair were using strip
herring just oft the Islet when dame
fortune struck.
'■■■   ■.--"-.-V- —
*^[i^>M '"aCUf *fy ■"'ni *i
* *.(  iAr **v* «* **«* 1
„ #r»B"^f^ #*^n#»T)P #*'<^wr^'^^ietM***l,^fy^^y*f^
*.*#*■* AflWinW^aji*,^/**^,'*
,   *   j^hBWwt^ 44 ,
^,^«-i^n«WMl^^W«rt>^%»«WlW'«M»>t*^te-««V* 1!P*1 ***>-.» (HI*. b~&*» 4. .
v        ** '•'V * "*  i *
f !
froge &2TBe Peninsula Tiffles, Wednesday, May;7,;1$69 . -j^ BtXtS
? i*-' - *
n ..tininr.nlni uffi'll'ift^'V'Wfft'f.f'H
{THEftl^NStiLA^!^^, Secheit, J-. Phone 885r$l54
80' FRONTAGE—approxraM
acres,- abeess^'roaii to^ "beach)
oh Secheit Highway. 885-9415.
REAL ESTATE (coniinued)     REAL ESTATE (Costfihuerj)   BOATS end EN<Slfe
. ,       ' ^1 '    '       \       -'pi -i,
\Tr%4UN SJHifeoN'
FQR„ SjAU£ (Con*inwe$) „ , ■
ii tr.uf hi}i[r|iii Jiiit'ijrt^i^wpiiwppiwiti i>*M>niti|t'
LEGAL. (Continued))
Published Wednesday by
The-Peninsula Times Ltdi,
at Secheit. B.C.
Member, Audit Bureau
of Circulations
September 30,1968
Gross Circulation 2250*
^Paid Circulation 1942
Classified Advertising Rates
3-Line Ad-Briefs C12 words)
One Insertion.—1—j :—
Three% Insertions 	
Extra lines (4 words)
(This ,rate does not apply to
commercial 'Ad-Briefs.)
Box Numbers.
10c extra
25c Book-keeping 'charge is added
for Ad-Briefs, not paid by
publication date. v _     „ _ ,       ,_    ,
Legal or Reader, advertising 35c    guaranteed. RRl Secheit, Phono
per count line.
Display  advertising   in  classified
Ad-Briefs columns, $1.75 per inch.
Subscription Rates—
By mail, Peninsula area _$5.Q0 yr.
By mail; beyond 30 miles $5.50 yr.
By mail, special citizens —$3 yr.
By carrier 50c month
 i-i—__- -—^—
TWILIGHT TheatreT.rGibsons,
B.C.'"Wed! Thiirs. Trf. May
7-9; Dick. Cafnt Dyke as\"Fitz-
willy". Sat. Mon. Tues. Wed.
May-10, 12, 13,- 14y"West Side
Story"—winner ; of ■ 10 Academy Awards. Phone 886-2827.
•    - 2509-23
MAY   14,   10 . a.m>, Canadian
. block;
Phone"   Mty. 'CW6H   681-5700
CQllect or 736-5933   -
For faist .service oft all" propertied and b&sin^ssea.-
' Wattfffer-. ...     „
—Continuous advertising in1
four newspapers. '    . ._   '.H
—Effective janft proveH, sid-
veriisirig in our eatsUogtie.
—Real .Estate .sales' sta^^of
sjx, in two. off ices ohj th¥
Peninsula.      ' , ~ ^
—Twelve himdreij, Realtor
sales' people'off tKe^Pehinf-
sula wheh ypu, mti;lti|»le list.
—Twenty-four hour answering shrvice. - ,       -   *
  —Pfo1 charged to, you if ther^ i*
SUN COAST Electric Electri- "° Sale.          ^             .-.
cal Contract Ph. -886-2613 SECNELJ A^ENClES^ tTE>.
or  885-9327.                   2496-25 p^iie  sfej-2161 *v
^ ^-     .LVSCtPDS — ■14^bsd«Jom   ,J\
otinc , ' ' > ' ^oxcie- ' ^^   ceilint\-living   3—
1 DKU3.~. —-~    /roohr- with^ floor- to-^ceiling- 'EXCI
LIGHT construction, -; speciar
lizing in "i additions * and
alterations'. Cottages, carports
& cabinets; Ph. 885-9306 evenings/     -T     '        ^-2458-24
NEED "a spring clean tip?
Can't see the water, for
trees?, Let us solve your -tree
problems. We limb, top I and
fall trees expertly and-to. your
satisfaction, > Free estimates;—
all .wofck insured. Phone, 885-
WEST SECKELT-H:Afl elec-   35V Cadilae'/a^u^inium..brjaf , BVIf   your ^trVsh^ineiiieratbr,
the, ,two   bedroohr^ho^e, .   35 h.p. Evihfude.^withiraU- f?om-  Secheit 'Kinsmen   at'
lVS.acre^'vifeWi garage. 885-   ef & tarp. 885-2007.    2359-tfn $3.50 each.' Phoiie!8^5^543..,  .
9386- ob Box SU;seehiStt.i;y    .—• ... ."iiv,7y^,y;. .-./-..y .."Vfr^w—y '■;. * v
^J 2510^5", 2 .CARVEL buiit 'xfrfcb^is. * 1*000^ ItOWL," 5^;each.:Mt??t
-«v«,5   ^^.iA^s,'-  A.rrrrr   - <»i°J*-& 'W* '2oda ^ediiditi&& -Ibe cleared"before April 28th.>
ceiling   EXCELLENT-commercial lot   886-7256.   •   ,,. "       -2411-33 Ph; 885-2.048., ,   * .-23i9r2,0
fireplace.   Wallr-tOrWatt   car-     -rcenfrevSephelt-liighw^ .to,    ■,  ..'      ■  ■■■'■■.'.   < ""T f *?£" iVC'j'Jv 'I   »' iu >-
peting..A-.oil • furnace,,double   eatiotiylevel aftrl, dearetJ.,^AU   &V>    FIBREGLASS.,   bottom B]^T sfelectiott(of Boofi|i ojnjhe
plumbing. Vetietiari i^nce eh-   Services,, availafae.   Bo3i   Wi -. .boat.; Forcr Unhoak; - sink, Suiisntee Coast.JEhe Pathless
sutes  priva^  carport This   Peninsum .Tin\es; , t .jifathi   stovei bunfe. Enquire,,Chevron, Way-Journey.    To*   *v*&r
, home £ a g?m at ?22,90O.'       TrtW^    ',- \,K^ M ' Statioh, fieKpalk, ac,-or g^st  < Towns - of ^B.C.-lhe
LOTS fQt $ale, 4 elear^d    —     '        --—                   ^— .* *».ji..«»  »•—... .Pilots in Selhta'-^k. 1"
^th.power «md wa,ter.      ., ^.^ __T_. _.,__.. ..,.._.                    „
at $2,750 each. P,0. B<^ 299,    -'.65'-h.p/btttboaro,  Mercury. Secfielt W-Mi,       ', 2158^tfn
Secheit or, fe.view coita:e£ h.   Cahhfe seek at Secheit'R<fd W
Nestman^Selttia £arky 0fi59^t|n ' Gun Giub.                  24o4-24
"«5ft', Waterfront'Lot. ^$7,800.
"'WILSON ,'CREElC i- in
^ acres, ereelc, % bedrooms, base-
meitt, A-dil heatr^ld.EiQO. <
•^ .   ',     -       "■ ■* ;
, SijjLMA PARK-^Large Lot,
$2,800 Terms.   <•'   , '    l
.■    *     .     !   '        ^    > -
.ipBERT^/ CREEK I— 2^
abires,  1 "bedroohi.iyiisfe arid
*t 1
TILL1CUM -Ciiiittney> Service.
Eaves cleaned and repaired.
Painting,    gardening,    Janitor
service, old jobs,1 etc. All work
885-2191 or 885-209*.' '   ;i871-tfn
CUSTOM    tock   oMilirjg    &;
blasting. Phbne 883-2227,
.     - 243i-t£A
-FOR.piano tuning,-Phone 885-
9301. J/Wilkie* Hayhes".
;"r  \       - ;• '2501^23
opes;1 statements, invoices
and , all commercial printing,
contact the Times office at Secheit or phone 885-9654.    _   ,
Box 155, SeeKett, -B.C; '
Box 36^.QiMonsr B.C. o*
' /     /,'-  . .   *: '   '2181-tfri
.L * ■>"       ■/v       * % "** *" .^ t   T  'f '*
   ■■""■    mimmmmmmr^mW^>> ■■  mm  ii.im
SECHELT INLET  1017.. 25,
; T^tXICTJM BAY,— ptdseto
tndtina; 2 lota. $1600 each.;,
-Multiple Listing Service
. H: !Grego>y ^8,5-^35?^   ,
. Don., Haddea 885^9504
, ;HvJ.f GofediM *.'-,
& KEiNlkETTLW ''
' /Phjirik 885^2013    *'
Secheit,, B.C.
• V .      - -        J-    -2476-22
...        »     ^-*     ^i*x.-*       -.^^
• BLOCK, BROS.    -.
-'Pliohe :Mr- "bVod' 68i-9700
,coUeejt-of- 5(36-5933--
GRAi^THAMS"— Near' new    17*4' ~2 FT- ' fibreglass'. daoin
fullv1  —*-^--ifc   i»._^i*-'.\   *--'        fif»»{iii»-    ^n   h«    ir*Mhm4rf»
living    v ^^^ .„,.,__,.„. , .    ___„ . .
^?7*ttn $39.95.f4d:* ^hor;doUble. oven
w^w^wujuuw^,or« MADrY- to eo—Id ft nlvwood e1^ range-^125,.00. tjsect.T.Vj
^Paciohs kitehem /^tciung «Sgg ^^J "^w^g $49.95.,'* Peer's .MdWate
cuest'eotiaae   and . haroort.    • ...?¥»r  %; ,§°°* .sl1^e-  ^   Ltd., Secheit Ph.: 885^2171.
-,     .   ',     .,.       ' 2438-21
■^■■.■^■■H.mw.ilKi   'P -F ■     ■   i     itl ■   p       i    I i     '   I  i       ■
1968 Raleigh, ten speed tbur-
.^ing bicycledIdke iiew„'$80,
Phone 885-9332. 2449-24
, * Forn> No. 18   , '   ,
"(Section, 82).    \    •
Notice of Intentioh to Appiy
to Lease Land
Land Recording District
r Vancouver    and   situate
SkooKumchuck ^Narrows.   ^
USED Speed -Queen , washer, .Take notice that ,A. P^ Un-
iood1 shapa ^,$125.00.   Used rau of Port Coquitlam, ,oceu-
two door refrigerator freezer, nation Bus, driver- intends to
J       "         ' ""    " -*-■**'••   *— "   l            *■   the
eabb   wi^y^g^ojir   ^ ^SSWSPJS m"l\?.
^TiMto*™  c*?«:1**-   frdr^>tu^_vvmd6Ws.:irrghi, ^ir^.,   J<
way. 48,000.. ,.      .*      SpaciouS    kitehfeii, T liatcffing R|AD;Y to gp-
gyest \ oatiage   and;,, j*arport.
price' $1#,500; jtferms.'
>'.-,'      < - n.p.. i motor.    $40.
GIB$ON& ^— ..View^cpeage 'feveiatigs. '" "    J
close, to {village suitable, :for  ,
subdivision5'.is Wfcomujg ^ealiy ONE>.,^ET^ Johnson two lever
scarce, Hete-S oneoi;aimost ^cohi\rols, complete with 12
5 acfres^witb:^oVfcetfo'f road |t;? i^hles. $15.; A^ol Steering   ex^ellerit: cohditi6n..4 Good for
frontage. which, w^t ,retur*{ ,* wheel, ^mew - $7.^ 883-2824r „ * *   sfriall baiitt.' Price $76.(1 coni--
handsoi^yp^fitloAawJmve^t->     •, „v   -   -   y-     .y. 2494-23
or. Priced at only §7,800.      , 1^'^TclW^.j^^,^
WATERFRONT*'"-r 'Eialy *. Marine   Briggs   9S    Cabin,
serviced -lot 4n-- Gibsons:. Har« Gook -condition. 886>2026:^ - *
bour with execellent -moorage. ' , 2495-23
'68   FENDER/Bassman   Amp
with Nomad portable organ,
plete. No-offers. Ph; 885-9771.
. *     ;-yi 245IT-23
Lot ,29^, Group 1, NtyD;
thence -300', North; thenc;©, 100'
Soutli East; thenqe 300' South,
+; thence following shoreline
to point of commencement,
and containing^'acres, more
or. less,-1 for; the • purpose^ of
summer ijesidencei
*  .     * Ahram Peter. Unrau
Dated March 28, 1969.-
*   2384-pub.'.April 16, 23( 30,
1 •   '   -v May 7," 1969.
Legion- Hall, Gibson^. Pub-    WEST Secheit — to -work on
lie-Inquiry into proposed sewer outfall at Gospel Rock. Are
you concerned with preservation of sport fishing in this
area? Attend the inquiry and
make your voice heard. Advertisement sponsored by
Gower Point Property Owjiers*
Association. 2507-23
CAPT. and Mrs. H. Stuch-
berry wish ,t°, announce the
engagement of their daughter
Linda Sharon, to Mr. John N.
Gunderson, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Nels Gunderson of Port
Hardy,.B.C., the wedding to
take place June 27th..   .    ,
MR. AND Mrs. C. Bain wish
to announce the forthcoM-
ittg wedding of their daughter
Charlotte" to Mr^Frank "Beale,'-
soh bf Mr. ahd Mrs. C. Beale
of Egniont, May lOthr Open-'
reception at 7 p;.m. in the Legion Hall JMedeira Park.
WE WISH to thank all our
relatives, friends and neighbours; Dr. E, Paetkau and the
staff of St. Mary's Hospital for1
their kind messages of sympathy and help in our recent
sad bereavement of our beloved husband and father.—
Mrs  E. H. Book and family.
I WISH to thank my many
friends and neighbours for
their Words of sympathy,
cards and beautiful flowers
sent during my recent v bereavement. Special thanks to
the Rev. B. Jenks fot his kind
message of comfort in the funeral services of Mr. Crltchell.
I wish also to thank Dr. Burt>
nick; Dr. Wiebo and Dr.
Stuart for their kindness and
thoughfulncss while Mr, Crit-
chell was under their care in
St. Mary's Hospital and also
to all the nursing staff. Grateful thanks to the friends who
sent donations to the Memorial
Book at St. Mary's and to
those who donated to tho
Cancer Fund of the Eastern
Star.—Hazel Crltchell.
small sawmill, planer operation; some mechanical
ability necessary. Able'to operate chain saw, assorted hand
power tools, small cat, tractor.
Must have own reliable trans-"
portation for 8 hr. day, 5 day
week. Start at $2.75" per "hour.
Phone 885-9722 after.6 pan.,,
CEMENT worker and. helper-
required to install small
wharf and'mill burner foundation, hy hire-or-contract.1 Ph.
885-9722 after e.p.m.  2470-tfn
HANDYMAN"— amateur-carpenter for light inside
repair-remodel. 40-50 hrs. ..at
$2 hr'. Suit your time to-complete in May." Pender Harbour
area. "tVrite name, Sddress,"
phone to Box 2488, Peninsula
Tinies.     - 2488-23
Phone Mia,,. Ndid.a .Wilson
885-97^6 or write:
Box 390, Secheit, B.C.
acres,   1500   feet   waterfront.    For last service Oh-all-proper-
-   -   --      - ■-   - f. ties and business and -"
■'; ?"reoreatioftEa,;isn^s.
-*- /-SeiirforWk
View lots on Snodgrgss Rd.
|395.O0l <IqwH, ieiiriS to suit.
.. .    Pender Harboilr    -
75* aicres' with House; dpp'rox.
1500 ft. overlooking lake with
house." $22,501) terms to suit.
Also whole district lot se-
Salal Pickers Wanted
37c Bunch
plus 5c bonus
40c Bunch
plus 5c bonus
Contact plant befoto picking.
Located;   at   Roberts    Creek,
across street from store.
Phone 886-2633
Madeira Park
Salal Picker* Warited
Huckleberry 37c 'bunch
plus 5c bonus
Salal 40c bunch
plus 5c bonus
Contact Plant before picking.
Located 1st house north, Pender
Harbour Hotel.
boundariei.; Cafrcbe developed
mto* the .subdivision of the
area. $20,000 ? Sown;" bal.^ 7%
"carries". 6ALL: Peter- Smith—
885-9563,. y      -       ..",:.
Comfortable living &'revenue.
Ideal'for retired couple. Well
planned' triplex. Good conr
striiction., Neatly landscaped^
yiew: Shoppmg V block: D.P.
$7,000; reasonable terms^ on
balance. CALL:" C. R. Gather-
cole "886-7015.
REDROOFFS 1021; 2 bfed-
« room home. Buiit-in Tappen
gas ' ovem & * tabletdp stove.
Large lot. Has' small guest
cabin. Covered patio: $15,000.
Call Peggy Ayer 885-2375.
135"ft.-,WATERFRONT 1091.
bwners. home'plus 3 rentals.
Cement seawall full length of
property; Ideal ^retirement or
investment. $23,000 full Rrice.
Call J. W. Anderson—885-3053.
,  ,$lti,dOO   FULL  PRICE   747..
" Retirenient cottage, handy location.. Large'treed garden lot
in Secheit. *A cash. Call J. W.
Anderson—885-2053. ,   t
Secheit Acreage 962. Rare opportunity, few such acreages
left, and,still low priced;i 27
view acres in the vilklge of
Secheit. Beautiful subdivision
property., Only $27,5Q0 f.p.
Call 885-2161.
Phone 835-2161
Box 155, Secheit, B.C.
Box 369, Gibsons, B.C.
 •   .2518-23
ORI! 1200' W'front. 15 ac.
wooded. 2 large guest houses.
Sheltered, . deep moorage,
$20,000 down.
PORTABLE , ^ p'ower     plant.
Simpsoni. Sears 1750 'watts.
.-*.- .--      «.       .           -               >~              ■               Ph. 885-2191.".   -f    ■-2486-23
or >vE$rfageT' 8iY ft:tfroh^ge "^rr^^— , ,—.      —^—„ j.—^~
on safe heh'clir FkbulouS"view "SMALL   eiectric   stove' '$25; GQOK   BQOJSS   Galores-Some-
property. Full ;price $8,^00..;-    > standard  limp. $3; > long ^tiling   Jfdr   ^vferyone-^Betty
iA?^<'itk'"^,Aii4r    ■ -'? rc'ii* - cju-iain poles $2,-rkitche^table' Crockers   Coo^y;*■ Book—Better
?*Pi^.rV^rr*nrj ^W-   &-2> chair $2,\venetian'!l>lindr Homes * '&' Gardens  C^ssewle
rvtr^d v,r.™r 'lot w,hS   aanttte       ^^ a  «r.*r,   ^ ^   ..i.   #.,..      C(jdk ^^^JCj^CpX Cook'BOofe
—(Chinese - booking—Pies", and
Form ,No.t18
(Section 82)"
,WOOD,-BAY- —„ Waterfront.
Almost. 2,, acres; „ over ,;350 ,ft.
waterfrontage.y Treed, with ar- ,
butus and. evergreens, fabulous - westerly view. Choice,
building .locations. Can , be
subdivided. Priced at only
$15,600.   '   ■   ;' '
£iided off fcwy. rif. I&eindale,   waterfront, fully,serviced' tots
about 82 acres, $125, acre.
Offers on terms. Wooded
- Gower Point Rd. Lovely 2
bdrm-home, double lot,, level
with, beach. Asking $28,000.
■Also 3 semi waterfront lots
cleared with services. .From
$8,500 with terms.
View lot on Bluff " near in"
Gower Pnt. Rd. Terms to
$6,600 half acre.      -•        >
.' ' * "   Madeira Park
Commercial cbriier approoc
435f, ft. on blacktop with
water. « hydro. Tefras .to
Buyers; 'sWrt( with lis; frona
Mr. Good 681-9700 or 736-5933
Many other Sunshine Coast
Kotary Pubiic
Vancouver Real Estate Board
Multiple Listing Service
a few steps from safe ^sandy
beach and Boat' lauribhirig".
Sheltered-... salmon. ...Wishing
voters. Priced at $2,750 —
Call Frank Lewis or Morton
Mackay   at   886-9900,   eves.
Gibsohs  *        ''   Burquifhhh
'    v     -25i3-^3
TRAVEL "     "!       !
FOR aU.tr4vel inforjr^atSgn^d;
bookiags, Margaret lllacKep.
aie (ipijal rep), Eaton's Where
To Go Travel, 886-2960. Gibson^,
I'  -
GIBSONS    Building    Supplies
Ltd,   886-2642,   Gibsons,  B.(?,
Quality Ready-mixed .concrete
Serving the area for 20 years
, ,    , - ,.,.--y ',■
US#D" furnitiire^"- Simmpns
h'eds, Cr]esterfields"ancL Bed
Chesterfieid,' Kitchen t. ^pe
chairs—wqod, Colemaii ■ p,il
heSters; Electric and, oil ranges, , Misc.< Phone 3^- Pi'eper,
Irvine's Laridihg,' 883-241,6, or
883-2460.  t k     .   a„      2503-,23
Fibreglass Canopies .
All models.' Also J Cartopper
Fibreglass Boats; 8-lO-tl arid
12 Feet. F.O.B. Factory prices.
Secheltr B:C.   " Ph.  885-2812;
Tr&de'your, Cslr, Boat or..."?
i ?,2454-tfn
"i i    'I J J     is  "    " "'J „
• STARCRAFF i . , -'
" Alurriirittm Boats
All.' models. . Demonstration
-available- in 1«*- 6" holiday
"V", 100 hproutbpard. F,Q.B.
Factory prices start at $235.
Direct faci*8ry'dealer'"
COPPING motors; ltd.
Secheit, b;c. Ph. 88;5:2812
Trade your Car, Boat or ... ?
Notice of Intention to Apply
to Lease Land .  ,
* ' .,    .
, In Land' Recording* District
of    Vancouver    ahd   situate
Skookumchuck Narrows.
Take notice,, t^at W. Unrau
9f' frorth. S.tirrey, occupation
Production Manager intends to
apply for a lease of the following described lands:—
Commencing ait a post plant-
xr«-»   »/r - V-   w-u   tf*ii •"    «* at South East corner, of
H^ Mountam Baby Budgies   Lot   294   Group   a>   NWD
       " thence 300* North; thence 100'
South East; thence 300' South,
■f; thence following shoreline
tb point of 'commencement,
dnd containing 3A acres, more
or less, for the purpose of
Summer residence.   -
1   . Williath Unraii
Dated B^areh 26, ,1969.
2383-pub. April, 16, 23, 30,
May 7, l?6fi
Cakes^-Favottflie. wdys witfi
CMckeij^Adv6ntures in Food-
Barbecue Cookirig. Many" others
at The . Times Bookstore,
Secheit. 885-9654./ 2160-tfn
»■■ 1^.1.    .mtm.nmm»<..mmm*   n ^ '""■""^
,      & PET, SHOP ,
Gibsons. Phone 886-2919   ■
$3.95 each. Rare colors.
3 and 4-yearoM- Fruit. Trees,
Bedding, Plants,   Fertilizers,
Gladioli and Dahlia Bulbs.
'   <Come to us with your
"" * 'GArderiProblems)   '
*'.   • \ 2416-tfn
,   -    Form. No, 18
(Se?tic£ 82)
•  lA^d,Act      '
Notice ot Ihteaition to Apply
i      to Lease Land
In, Land Recording Dis^Het
of Vancbuveif',B.C, and siittia-ie
t^orth Lab, B.C:
EGMONT-from sundeck jyf HIONE 880-2248
3 bdrm. modern boat & fish^GiBSONS;  Can  you  raise
haven.     Sheltered     WfroHt    $7,t)00    as    down    payment?
POODLES,      clipping
grooming,    years    of
periencef. Phone1 886-2601.
GUINEA    pigs,    $2.95    each.
Baby hamsters. $1.49 each.
Young  adult  hamsters  $1.00.
PhOne 885-9427. 244^-23
i   » t     > \
CAltt ahd TItUCKS
AAARiNE . . .
Llfejackets,   ttflk    darlbclts, io JifpTy'for'tt ledse"of &elo>
Ropes, Rubber Bom, Pbmps, lovvipg described lartcls^
,, Take notM .that .Irene,, A-
Berhardih of Coquhiam,,B.C.
occtmatlon Hotisewlf^ Intends
and    Ropes, Rubber Beats, PUmps,
ex-    Boat   Windshields,   Cttrtoppe*       nnU,+JiW^tU    „+     »     ua *
Boat Carriers, Paiht?, R&,      WtW^K ^.at^ *l   P*?1
accessory hvaiiaWe at fjpjjft <$&«# Cf^t
Secheit, B.C.
Form No. 18
(Section 82)
Notice of attention' to Apply
to Lease Land
In Lajid Recording District
oi Vancouver and situdte
East bf Sakinaw Lake.
, Take notice that Anmore
Homes Ltd. of 314-175 E.
Broadway, occupation Lahd
Developers intends to apply
for i lease of, <tho following
described lands:—
"v^3 f , NOtih} tfeo. 3.00 fcietfeast; t C
MoTdRStm iihfjoo «f* mk %» *«
ku   t,an UtA W..«^t wegl, alia contaihihg 6ec.„.^     ....„-. „^	
Ph. 88S-r28U 7/lft ricrt*  fopfe i>r less, for Sotiih following slttuosities of
Conihtendhg at a post plant-
*   on   the   West^   side   of
hg    sechety , Highway;     thenco
Phone 883-2265
BOOK — On April 28, 19G9.
Edwin Hem7 Book aged 73
years, of.Lower Road, Roberta
Creek, B.C. Survived by hlft
loving wife Elsie; 2 sons Edwin and Jnmcs of Vancouver,
B.C.; 3 daughters, Mrs, Blanch
Miller, Vancouver; Mrs. June
Buchanan, Winnipeg; Mrs,
Joan Shaver, Matsqut; 16
grandchildron and 2 great
grandchildren. Funeral Service was held on Friday, May
2nd at 2:30 p.m. from the
Family Chnpol of tho Harvey
Funeral Home, Gibsons, B.C.
liev. M. Cameron officiated,
Cremation. In lieu of flowers
donation® to St, Mary's Hospital, Scchclt, B.C.       2487-23
ALCOHOLICS      Anonymous,
■■ ■•'■ iP.O.""Boi'"Jf4,"-Sectelt."'"P.C.'
Phowe; 885-0327, or 886-2970.--
HAVE you Vl9ltc<l The .Tlmw
Bookstore yot? Tho selection
will surprise you.  Phone 885-
C854^_Drop In 6t browse.
MIDDLE aged lady employed,
with   car  Wishes   to  share
houM or.cotumcetc. In Sftfh-.
clt area. Box 2489, ■ Peninsula
Times. {^489-23
HALL 'or rent, Wilson Crecii
Community Hall. Contact Mr.
Glen Phillips. $85-2183. 1095-tfn
^NfEbfd,^ENf ':[;\   .
WANTED to rent with option
to buy ,2,or ,3 bedroom unfurnished house in Gibsons
or Roberts Creek area. Ph,
886-7264. 2499-23
COTTAGE close to beach,
Pender Harbour or Gibsons.
Wanted to rent Sept, 1—15th,
4 adults, 1 dog, 1 child—Both
well behaved- Phone collect
738-6905. 2502-25
TRAILER for sale. 10* x 55'.
3 bedroom. $3,500. 08G-7077.
■ For drhbitiou^ ' peirsdrt."'
$10,000 per year.
Smoil  Investment required.
Call ij 2-936-0034 for ap,
pdintmont May th8 ond *?lf»
 *""", '^toTZnobn;
Store & Marina close. Sun
rfide. $13,500, down. Call DON
TAIT at 883-2284.
acres subdividable land. 3
bdrm. home, lge. living room,
kltchen-dlning combined. A-
oil heat. Garage. Fruit trees,
Attractive terms on $11,500,
Excellent acreages nnd
small homesltcs available nt
realistic prices, and on attract
itlve terms.
Holiday retrcatll 72' beach
lot, level nnd in gross, ONLY
$15,000 F.P.
GOWER POINT. Immaculate
2 bdrm. home on privnto W flc,
W-iiV and' fireplace in view
living room. 2 patios, fish
pOnds, fruit trees etc. Storage
shed. $23,200.
GIBSONS. Several ,; good
buy* In view lots, nil services,
Only $0000 dowti glVeai fioa-
sesslon of 6 room home dea-
iKned for gracious living. 14f
x 24' living room open to §pa-
cioua dining room. Well
appointed kitchen. Utility rind
extra rooms in -14 bsmt. llot
water heat. A real gem.
Low down, payment and
easy terms!! 4 room home cm,
lge. level lot. Just a short
walk to shops nnd P.O.
Gibsons, B.C.
Phono 880-2000
Here is a choice of buys for
you: A fine two-bedroom
home with an, excellent self-
contained furnished suite below, on landscaped view lot,
full price $21,500; or well-
renovated 3-bedroorH home
with basement o!nd useable
attic, extra plumbing, laundry
facilities in basement, ori view
lot, $11,000 f.p. or—A country
homo on 2Vi acres; three bedrooms, big cobble fireplace in
view living room, elbse to sen,
a-oil furnace, etc., $18,000 f.p.;
or—A wnterfront lioine oh
largo parlc-like lot in Gibsons,
2 bedroOhis, unfinished attic,
furnace, $25,000.
One acre good level land,
with creek, in vlllogc: for residential or subdivision: full
price $6,600, with tebhs.       •'■
park, 150 ft. highway front:
$7,500. Acreage (2*4 a.) with
two cottages, corner lot: $20,-
000. Lot just under 2 acred,
200 ft. rond front: $6,600. Lot,
over 2 acres, 150 ft. road
front: $4,500.
,j SECHELT;., Large rnmbllnit
hotjae, fl bedrooms, living ,in4
dlrtlng rooms,/kitchen, bn«e-
ment; garage, about one block
from waterfront; $15,800,
terms, ,
;-SEL^A. PARK; -area; Com-'
poet three-bedroom home,
view living room with Arizona ^sandstone fireplace, open
plan' to dining area-kitchen,
concreto basement, lohdiicaped
lot. }\M down on $15,500.
PONTIAC    Parisienhe   WANTED $& 6UY
Custom, two door hardtop.
X-8 auto., radio, bucket seats.
-1 condition- Low mileage.
Also new Mobiiaire ice cooler
for camper or trailer. Ph 885-
9345. 2310-tfn
1961   CADILAC   Alt  potver,
food,  conditloh.  Apartment
c Maple Cres. after 0 p,m.
1963 PONTIAC Lrturcntlan. 4
door, perfect cnditloh. 88.3-
2243. 2404-tfn
'05   MUSTANG,   0   cylinder,
many extras including Tad-
ial ply t'res. Now paint & new
running gear. Ph. 086-9345.
1954    ZEPHYR   sCdnh,    also
starter flhd carh vrith intake
timm- for tn<t Zephyr, Pli,
88D-2367. ,     ^497-23
1903 MORRIS Mini. Excellent
condition. Ph. 886-7256.
' 2498-28
GOOD first class mortg<l<je) or
agreement, hot   oveit   plght
years, 885-2286. 2482-tfft
24^-iffl   iho^tiriidse 6f summer oiihin.
 L—■ Irene Amietto Bemardin
    ijatod April latH, i960.
lliO pammand Ave,,
Coquitlam, N.W,
Phono f)^0-id52!.
Highway to North boundary
of Lot 3976, Gp. 1, N.W.t).;
thence 25 chains West more Or
less to N.W. comer of Lot
3969; thence North 20 chains
to N.E. corner of Lot 1025;
thenco West ond North lio
chnins more or less to N.E.
K. Butler
Ron McSavaney
E4 Butler' y .
Don faU	
. MI-2QWI..
E, McMynn
Do VYortmon
V/nco Pr^tiet
Box i3«, Giteojie, &&'
'06 M(i-Ped 50 c.c. Motor Bike.
New paint, motor overhaul"
cd. $50. 885-9741 after 5.
:i< _   ,  „ ,,,_„   ,...g5,04-23 ■
GOOD  1957  Vauxhall Crista
..,. ongino. tadio 8« parts,. Offer,
*!*■■' 88Mt2^v  ; , 251B-23
MOVING—Must noil '02 V.W.
Very gbod  cbhdltloit;   hew
hiotbh Also '50 Mercury coiv
irertlble. Very good condltldh.
New   top.   Completely   Alito.
HMWiMinni! I     ""'"■" ' """Ul ■l-'-IL-"
■     39yw'-s .,..,'■
From $1898 F.P.
683-2B12 065-9Q46
Sfcfc. ««ttte; Tilfe lh*Nl«8
100 % Slntmcing
WILL   purchase;   patches   ol
standing timber. Phone 888*
2159. 16B,t-tfn.
■ «■  ii m ,mm+~**~~**+i******mm**mmm~*mmmmmit* m ■■»»
IF  IT'S  suits—1W   Morgan*'
885-9330,  Scchclt, B.0-
ELECTRIC stove tfor sale. Ex-
cellent condition, glass door,
2, ovens. $75, 885-9477.
,,.\;y,,. i-■■:•■:, ...: ■■.^UrJffl
,     »»ll».»iHPiiiWfi WN.Hi «m,,m,»^mr^^tm>mm»pmmmmi«^mmm-immmmm.>m»mmi<<<i<m»
; ]Paint---Flbrogla9S—Rope—
Canvas—Boat Hardware
Compressed ah* service for
sklndlvexs air tanks.
Sldndivera nvallnblo for
ofllvago work.
Phono 880-9303, Gibsons. B.C.
' ',' ■', ......i..  .i»»,.i'i  "i in in.),),,    .
shrur 'ctbs'^o'ijt sAL^
Boxwood, Yucca, Zebra Graai
All half price.
,  Weigclin 75c,Shruh Fuciisia
  ': ■- |l.-"V v'-' '
Blood Meal; Hoof & How;
10c lb.
Iiysol 20-2(J-2u, 50« lb.
Good Assortment of Bedding
Plants now,
Many varieties of Torhato
• • plants Inter.
GILKER'S nursery
:.-.y..;..:.,..:. Gtisclfe r .:;■.. :..'..'..
2440-pUh. Al>rli 3b, May 7, 14. «°rn«r^f J.ot 43^0; th?nc0
21  1909    North 30 chains m6re or less;
— , ,—«——«.—'  thenco East to point of commencement, and containing
640 acres, more or less, for tho
purpose of Recreation nnd
Retirement Home Complex.
Dated April 6, 1069.
Frederick M. Cunningham
Agent for Anmore Homes Ltd.
314-175 E. Broadway,
Vancouver, B.C.
2300-pub. April 10, 23, 30,
,.   May 7,1069
Foi'tii No. 10
(Section 82)
Notice of Intention, tp Apply
Jh, Land Recording District
of Vancouver: and sltudto
ori tho East Side* bf Saklriaw
Take (notice that Anmore
Hornetf Ltd, bf 514-^5 E.
B^adway, Qccupatioh . Land
Developcra intends to apply
f?l.% le«Wft,v9t'itho-. following
aWMd'iaflSir^.i,.: ,.:•':'
Form No. 18
(Section 82)
Commencing at a post plant-   Notice of Intention to Apply
tlWy.Wett'.'iiiao- of
ed, (on
Secheit ..„,1..^, ...„._
... North follrtg ^jnuosltlea of
road W a Jiilnf duo East of
S.K, cornier M Lot 4694; thenco
West p chnN to If.EJ; cbrne*r
Hlgh^Vay,     thehed
to Lcaso Ltmd
In Land Recording District
of Vancouver, B.C. and sKuato
North Lake, B.C.
Take notlca that Omen M.
'I    Phone 680-2403
M^yichcc;, South  40   Poirler of Honoy, B.C., occu-
chamiS .to 6,B..corher of Lot    patlon cook, intends to apply
#^5;-(:iA^i^. wA'-^-chatirwj'■ for. «;■ lease of the" following
the|ice; S,oMi, JQ'., cluiins- more. - deacribed la-nds:—. - .-   ■ - - -..   .
llWM!*^,^       Commencing,   at    n    pont
planted 400' N.E. from the
N.E, corner of lot C of Jot
0084, thenco 100' N.E.; thence
300' sis.; thenco 100' S.W.;
thenco 300* W. nnd contalhln«
^4 acres, more or less, for the
purpose of summer cottage
O. M, Poirler
Dated April 11, 1060,        7
2427-pub. "ApdUaa, 30, May
}■■     7, 14, 1969
eomihericeriiptit, arid, containing «j4Ci dcr^, morei or Jess, for
itha purpose qf Recjrcation and
Retlremcht Homo .Complex,
Dated April 6, i960.
■i •    •   •    . ■ . " ,
_, .... .    .tauKmt'E. Rlvnrd
Aieht foir, Ataiorailor^e^.Ltd.
,,',.,     , 3i44||, fa B^adwfty,
•-' >__';- ■»;<-;■; ¥W'W*ver,-B,C.
2391-pubi April 18; 23, 30,
May 7> 1060
,, ** 'Ht^^Hpt'w'*^** *+ ifiwW«f**'[n*T •*&(*«*.^* frnWwMs,** <)iv«iiwt»A{^ -^*!^[*>*»!»*S^tr*fli*'i«f!*^i.*»!B^™^'w«*^**'»i««t ft,**,,^ ^«j«^J«.-«*^»iBq%^,1WYn^»\)iVi»-W)i|!^
>*4*P-V* ^'t *■* iusf e
*^^V"^^«*^^«^'^^^^b-*W*J''*/#" f\'it 9**,*,
*   4   *i   «  *.   4k   ,
.*.* A^^!^*'f»f»f«^%.*i«««^.4^»*n5t~»I*.^l.lfc.,^.rffJ,(^, rK, .,.,
■ir^i >  ��-^-Jv ,C*,f - I-",  r  " ���***''*��� *wjp^^i)Kpi iM.mm  A *   w ,  .lj it'  1\ r **  *    'k ���   -  w>f-       .    '  ���  A 4 -  t  L   * . 2A. /   ,   ���, r ^CJ f   '>rr��,X\*mr^,,VrrL^. *-Z~  .^������fctm^iiim md��.��. ft.  ���UpH^-^fj+H "  -. Enrollrne\nt/\ - * -    .    > , \   _- .   ,  Big day for three little tweenies ar-    Pack "by. District Qomrftisstoner Peg-- merit are from-left: Jean Tfaattchery  rived on Friday when they were.offj- - gy L<��' WarnQ. Proftfltyoimgsters,en-. Versha.Oza and CaVla Derby.'. -  dally enrolled into "thc"12na" Gibsons*   torinV th'c^orld-witic "Guiding move-       ' "J -   -.   ���  Presentation of awards  lor Gibsons 2nd Pack  ENROLLMENT of three new Brownies  into the Gibsons 2nd Pack and presentation of Golden Bars and Ladders  made last Friday's meeting in 'Gibsons  Elementary School a special-occasion,  . Parents ,were present when Jean  Thatcher; Versha Oza and Carla Derby  solemnly made the Brownie promise before District" Commissioner' Peggy Le  Warne. Golden Bars were presented to  Christine Irvine; Gail Neilson; Margaret  irid Nancy Duncan and <Lori Bigger-  mann; Sally Phare and Rhonda Cooler  received their (Golden Ladder awards:.  It wasn't only Brownies who received  awards ^ this time, and Mrs. Le Warne  reminded Brownies that leaders 'also had  to work for awards when she presented  Tawny, Owl Sue Whiting with her Warrant Pin.     '  Former. Brown Owl of the Pack, Mrs,  Linda Comeau.was presented with a very  lovely cup and saucer as a'token, of appreciation, from the Brownies.  Led-by Brown Owl, Joyce Ripper, the  29 member Brownie Pack. entertained  with songs while four of their members  served, refreshments to visitors, bringing  the ceremony to a close.  Wednesday, May 7, 1969  The Peninsula Times  Page A-3  i  ���a  ���   /  i  I  ft s   -  \ -  V,  ���[������  ��.''  . r  "it yS  V  .1  ���/>  _ J  ��� r  'i  -I. j>  ���A  ���I       J  J  i (*  /  L  ���11  * /  ��J*  '/  . i j ,-..-..     ,    Hostesses.  Busy witb" oafces, cookies, coffee and   -ceremony..*   From   left  are   Linda    da received their "golden ladder"  orange juice," four little -Brownies of   'Lalngy Sally Phare,- Brenda Derby   awards and will become Guides in  ���the second Gibsons Pack enjoy being- ^and rthonda Cooper. Sally and Rhon-    the fall,  hostesses a"t last Friday's enrollmerit, >"��� - ^ - - --��� /  LEGALS (Continued)  LEGALS (Continued)  LEGALS (Continued)  LEGALS (Continued)  Form No. -18'  (Section 82)-  h  .AND ACT -,   .    .  Notice, ,of ilinteptioh' to Apply  to" Lease Land  In Land Recording; District  of Vancouver, B.C.-and situate  North Lake, B.C.  Take notice that Donald  Waiter Mueller, of .Coquitlam,  Occupation salesman, intends  to apply for-a lease>of- the-following described lands:���  Commencing at a post  planted 300 ft. North East  from the North East corner of  lot <��C" of lot 6904 thence 100  ft* North; thence 300 ft East;  thence 100 ft. South; thence  300 ft. West, and containing  % acres, more or less, for the  purpose of summer cabin,  D, W., Mueller,  1128 Spruce Ave,,  Coquitlam, B.C.  Dated April 13, 1969.  2432-pub. April 23, 20, May  7, 14, 1969  Form No. 18 t  . ��� (Section 82)  '  , ;LAND ACT      '    ,  Notice ;ofi Intention to Apply  to Lease" Land * '  >        -' >  .  ,    .   >  ' In Land- Recording District  of Vancouver, and situate  vicinity of .Secret Cove'. >  Take, notice that Richard B.  Lucas of 2860^ Marine ,brive,  West Vancouver, B.C., occupation -salesman intends to  apply for a lease of the following described lands:���  Commencing at a post  planted approximately 1100  feet East from tho North East  corner of D.L. 4661; <thence  i 100 feet East; thence -300 feet  \South; thenco 100.feet West;  thence 300 feet North and containing three-quarter acres,  more or less, for the purpose  of a summer residence.  Richard B. Lucas  Dated April 13. 1969.  2422-pub. April 23, 30. May  7. 14. 1969  -Form No, 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT.  .Notice of Intention, to, Apply  -['. >rr    r ito,'Lease, LlanoV ,v *r  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver and. situate  Secheit Inlet.  Take notice that Tuwanek  Development Ltd., of "Vancouver, B,C, occupation Land  Developers intends to apply  .for a.lease*of the.following  described lands:���  Commencing at a post  planted at" southeast corner of  D.L. 3259 thence north 1200';  thence east 800'; thence south  1200'; thence west 100' intersecting ��� Jackson Bros. Rd.  thence west to southeast corner of D.L. 3259 and containing-22 acres, more or less, for  the purpose of Land subdivision.  Tuwanek Development Ltd.  per: N. A. Paterson  Dated March 24th, 1969.  2418-pub. April 23, 30, May  7, 14  F'  Shady  homo repair  outfits bilk  homeowner* out of million* a year. Watch out  for phony bargains, "no caih required"  dealt and high pressure tactics.  >Ar  ���to  Tip for slxing up a house: Head first far  tho baiomonr.  That's where you'll find  evidence of leakage, foundation cracks,  termites, etc  ,' ���        ��� ��� ft YV  Tip for selling a house; Invito a neigh*   '  for or two In for tho second visit of Interested  buyers.   It'll  make your buyor  fool   at   homo���and   that's  tho   whole  Idea,  ft.        ft' '    !  The house of tho future may, coma with  Its own robot. A Prltish engineer already  has a model for ono that will do household chores, then lock Itself in the  closet at night.  , '     -k YY    '  In tho meantime, we may have tho  house you want TODAY. Como and seo  if*S  PETER SMITH  AT  SECHELT AGENCIES DATE PAD  ��� This froo reminder of comlna ovents is a servico of SECHELT AGENCIES  LTD. Phono Peninsula Times direct for freo listings, spcclfylno "Dato  Pad", Please note that space Is limited and some advance dates may  have to wait their turn; also that this Is a "reminder" llstlna only and  cannot always carry full details. ,  ' ,  imiMMHimMH.MimB��i��HM^  May 7���8 p.rri. St. Hilda's Hall, Secheit, Secheit Garden Club Mcotlna.  May 8���2 p.m. St. Hilda's Hall. Scchclt Hosp, Auxiliary��� mooting.  May 9t���2 p.m.   Roberts Creek  Legion * Hall. I LA.  Rummage Salo-^  i        Donuts and tea.  May 11���From 9 a.m. Pen. Motors Showroom! Scchclt, Lions Annual  Pancake Breakfast, \ .  May  11���2 p.m.  Community Hall;  Madeira  Park,  General Meeting  Pender HarbOur Community Club.  (Aay 13���-8 p.m, Secheit Legion Hall. Important General Mooting, West  Secheit Waterworks Board.  May   14���2 p.m. Legion Hall, Modelra  Park.  Pender Harbour Hosp,  Aux, meeting.  May 14���From  10 o.m. Legion Hall, Gibsons. Inquiry Into Pollution  Control,  May J/8=k.30  p.m.  Legion  Hall,   Sccholt,  General  Meeting  Branch  ;.^69S.CX     . \ ,       A  May* 17���8 .Jp.m. Welcome Beach Hall. Special  meeting  to amend  Constitution.  May 17���Pender Harbour May Day.  May 19���Secheit May Day,  May 20���8 p.m, Selma Park Hall, Community Assn. Regular meeting.  ASK FOR FREE CATALOGUE OF PROPiRTY  Multiple Listing Sorvlca  Vancouver Reel Estate  Board  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCES'*  SIClillAlllCiiSill.  ciis ui  Gibson* 886-7015  to*"*   *���"   fc*J��    , -4    I * i -Wi*r  Happenings ArbUnd Elphie  ���������  \ I'    ' - * ' i I       '    "i      in  *    "���   '      ''l i       |i"m I* '��!  ���by Marilyn Hopkins  , University-trained foresters are responsible for managing forest land to  produce the maximum', continuing .yield  of forest crops and to maintain or improve the other benefits. Jrorn. forest.land  including recreation, wildlife habitant  ,and .watershed protection.;"At~ present  there are-3,000 professional foresters in  Canada.   .   , ���        '     'j    ���.  ���EVERYTHING seenfis to  be happening  ���iskt around Elphie since we returned  from our Easter Holidays,  This week our Drama Club put .on  three plays during one .afternoon for the  students and in,the eveningsior the public. The first one, put on hy the 'grade  8's was about & Hillbilly" family. Pa was  set on marrying ,off the eldest daughter,  Snoddy, and he would go to any extreme  to do it. When a mother,and her son arrived from-New York^Pa decided! that  this was the boy for Snoddy. But the boy  thought differently. During the ceremony  while Pa Had his'shotgun, pointed at the  boy, Zeke, a neighbor, opened his mouth  in <time to save the boy. He, Zeke, wanted  to marry Snoddy. So everything seemed  i�� work out fine." The hoy was saved,  Snoddy married^Zeke and Ma and! Pa'  gave their permission for Prissie Tow,  'another daughter, ,to go to New York with  the boy' and his moither. It ,was a good  showing for our grade eights.  , The second pl'ay was a murder-mystery  which featured Denise. Littlejohn playing:  the par-t of a lady in a wheel-chair Whose!  husband had been accidentaUy killed! by  falling out of a window'. Slie hoped to  get his money but-only her nephew was  entitled ito it.. She ^tried -to 'admit her  nephew .into' an asylum but didn't get too  far. The ,ending turned,put ,fairly,-good.  The last, and perhaps the best, one, .was;  sort of a take-off .on Sha,kespearefs 'iMac-  tieth," Three" witches, portrayed by Shan  non Arthur, Marilyn Swabe, and Dayile  DIMingsley got into the U.S. illegally and  Opened a business with fortune telling,  palm reading, and the like. Everything  seemed to run pretty smooth until one  man came to them complaining that he  thought he might have killed a man by  the name of Duncan King. The man then  left, went into -the waiting room and killed his wife. One of the witch's, boyfriends was an inspector. However, he  didn't do anything about the murder in  their waiting room but instead caught  (thein on their income ,tax which ha'dn't  ibeen filed' since their 'arrival in the  States. The witches then decided ito go  back to Scotland but their maid had  (thrown out their witches brooms and curtain then closed as the witches were tak-  . ing off on a new vacuum cleaner.  Congratulations to all the players and  - between the -two performances about 750  - people saw our drama club's production.  Thaiiks also to Mrs. Postelwaite, .the director of the plays, and to Mr, Postelwaite  whose band was part of the program for  the evening performance.  During this week our third reporti  cards came out. Not always a cheerful  note,  Also^durinig this week a few riew faces  "have appeared itt the teaching staff. For  those who might not know, they're student  teachers.   ' / ' '  - toiree' weeks left until"the grade 12  dinner-and'daiioe,. '��� '   ���"  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  MERMAID & TRAIL, SECHELT, B.C.  Sunday School ��� 10:00 a.m..  Church Service ��� l*fcl5-a.m;'  MR. ROY ADAMS; PASTOR  .    PHONE 885-9665  Ail Welcome  ANGLICAN CHURCH  5AlrJr-H,LDA'&���SECHELT     '  ,8:00 a.m. Every Sunday   -  - , 9:30 a.m.Xhurch School  11 :t)0 a,m, 2nd, 4th, 5'th Sundays'  7:30 p.rri. 1st arid 3rd Sundays  Services held regularly in i  GARDEN BAY/.REDROOEFS and EGMONT-  For information phone 885-9793  Every Wed. 10 am H. Communion St. Hilda's  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School'10:00 a jri.  Church Service 11:15 a.m.'  Evening Service.7^30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASS&.LS  Dovis Bay Road and-Arbutus  (2 blocks up from Highway)  John Hind-Smith  REFRIGERATION  PORT MELLON  TO PENDER HARBOUR  Phone 886-2231  from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Res. 886-9949  Form No. 18  (Section 82)  J* ���      LAND ACT  Notice -Of "Intention toT Apply  :<''''y'   to'tease Land'"  ,  i s * >j ��� -        '    > -    "i  In Land, Recording District  of Vancouver and situate  Secheit Inlet.  Take notice that , J. , Eric  Allan and Norman A. Paterson of Vancouver, B.C. occupation ��� Land Developers  intends to apply for a lease of  the following \described  lands:���  Commencing at a post  planted South East Corner  D.L. 7255 thence North 725.29';  thence East 2250' to Secheit  Inlet; thence South East 1000'  Paralleling Secheit Inlet  Road; thence West 1625' and  containing 32 acres,' more or  less, for the purpose of Land  Subdivision,  N. A, Paterson  Dated March 24tti, 1909.  2417-pub. April 23, 30, Mny  7, 14.  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Through the  media of the  press,  many of these situations are exposed and  after all, it might be claimed that the  . press does have a duty in this regard for  . in most instances it js the only means by  which the public is made aware of what  " is taking place.  It  is  therefore  comparatively  easy  from an editorial point of view to con-  "tinually   focus   attention  upon   wrongs  'which should be remedied.   This is all  very well and providing such exposure \  .contains at least some semblance of constructive criticism, some good ultimately  emerges.  Unfortunately, in carrying out a campaign of this nature, it is very easy to  overlook the fact that despite the many  and varied topics of condemnation, a  tremendous amount of good goes on behind the scenes-  Only too often this is  \  which despite a wide diversity of fund  raising projects, _works toward one com-,  mon goal, the St Mary's Hospital Ladies'  Auxiliary.  Six individual Auxiliaries,cover the  area from Port Mellon to Pender Harbour, they include a large number of  dedicated ladies who during the course  of a year give a great deal of time and  labor, not only to raising funds but to  provision of numerous extra facilities  and services on behalf of patients in the  hospital.  There are indeed many other hard  working organizations worthy of considerable merit and all go to prove the fact  that the malcontents and trouble makers  of the world are but a small minority.  The average person plays his, or her,  part in society by contributing far more  than is called for. It is only when one  encounters public spirited groups of people engaged in their activities that it is  realized just how many good citizens we  have compared to the few who seek nothing more than destruction, dissension and  anarchy.  During recent months,  The Times  -'��� 5   *A A," ^  - ��� - ��� s;<,. vi  y  He's got to get it by Sunday!  overlooked in the, perhaps, rather more   has had a series of announcements pro-  Government project  urgent desire to rectify-wrongs.  We have more than a hundred organizations on the Peninsula, the bulk  of them dedicated to a worthy cause of  some nature. It would therefore be difficult to name each and every one together with whatever project they work  toward. However, as an example we  might name the largest overall group  claiming certain weeks for recognition of  various organizations: Senior - Citizens  Week, Order of Oddfellows Week,  Chamber of Commerce Week, etc. The  list is endless and impossible to consider  for space is limited. We therefore suggest one proclamation as sufficient, that  of the one we have yet to receive: "Good  Citizen week."  AM a w��i��#Iay <eaiat����  LAST WEEK we drew attention to the  fact that Elphinstone High School  now has a band to bei proud of although  still in comparative infancy. Under the  very able direction of its instructor there  remains little doubt it will continue to  flourish and take its place among the  better school bands in the province.  Some years ago, a similar music  program was instituted at Powell River  and today a number of bands exist in-/  eluding the main group, seventy strong!  "This band has won acclaim throughout  British Columbia and- apart from a pleasure to listen to, it is a sight to behold  with its colorfully uniformed musicians.  Story behind the uniforms is that the  instructor at that time was seeking  .means of outfitting the youngsters with  new uniforms. The Powell River News  took the' matter up and launched anrap*  peal which was-subsequently taken up by  various organizations in the area. In  short time1 approximately $2,000 was  raised and the band blossomed forth in  an inspiring display of color.  It might well be argued that mode of  dress has little bearing upon the ability  of a band, but such is not so, neat and  colorful uniforms play a twofold function. They add considerably to the appeal of the band and also serve to encourage interest by other youngsters.  We stated last week that this music  program rates among the best endeavors  of the School Board and when the taxpayer sees his money channelled into a  worth-while project it certainly makes  taxation rather more acceptable.  Therefore, we have all the makings  of a first class school band which, presently, is devoid of uniforms. The School  Board is not in a position to supply such  accessories, neither is the band. It will  therefore fall upon the support of the  public and more specifically organizations. Most of the service clubs and other groups have their own particular project for which they raise funds, at the  same time, many of them entertain a  number of functions and it would not  take too large a donation from any one  should they all make a contribution toward this extremely good and worthy  cause.  We are continually asked lo donate  toward, often questionable, enterprises  outside the area, the province and indeed  the country. Large sums of money are  regularly contributed lo projects we  never .see, many of them arc organizations which absorb eighty percent or  more for administration, with the result,  The PEmmvLi\*Jwte6.  Publiihcd Wednesdays (it Scchclt  on IJ.C.'s .Sumliinc Ccxnt  by  Scchclt Peninsula Time* Ltd.  Box 310- Scchclt, I��.C.  Douglas O. Wheeler, Editor  S. B, Alsgard, Publisher  Subscription Rates: (in advance)  1 Year, $5 - 2 Yean, $9 - 3 Years, $13  V.S. and Foreign, $5.50  Serving the atta from Port Mellon to Egmont  (Howe Sound lo lervls Inlet)  often only fifteen percent of funds collected actually goes to the cause for  which it was donated.  We now have an opportunity to render a service right here at home with the  knowledge that 100% of funds raised  will go to a genuine cause and not one  penny to expensive administration.  We have every confidence such funds  will be forthcoming and look forward to  announcing in due course the donations  as pledges come in. -  Fletcher's Philosophy  ���Hany W. Fletcher  .CONSOLATION  I must be geUing old, though morning chills  and rains may later on bring daffodils.  Just now I'm^most concerned and wonder        ,  ;v.   vndrere * y; i-���  somebody hid my long John ^underwear!  Sorwintcr comes and then the budding spring  as nature's promise makes for wondering.  But future summer blooms and hollyhocks  i   can't  warm my tender feet. like woolen  1        socks.  Unlike the migrant birds I can't fly south,  but need to stay and work to feed my  mouth.  So while the carefree birds arc soaring higher,  I'll warm my tootsies by a roaring fire.  How comforting to know we quaff the ale  with friends; but still that's only half tho  talc.  While season's cheer may help us  face the  storm,  it's coati and sweaters keep the body warm.  And if the gods are kind and let us stay  * to greet at least another Christmas Day,  Let's hope our only problem, mine and yours,  is solved by putting on our winter drawers!  MINISTER of Travel Industry Kenneth  Kiernan today announced the establishment of the BRITISH'COLUMBIA  FESTIVAL OF SPORTS, an. annual event  to be held across the province each May  "to encourage participation by all British.  Columbians in all forms of sport activity."  The Minister made the announcement  at a meeting of the Provincial Tourist Advisory Council in Victoria. I  The Festival is to be sponsored by Ihe  government Department of Travel Industry in co-operation with the British Columbia Sports Federation.  The Minister said financial support for  the administration of the Festival will  come from. ;the $10 million Sport and Fitness Fund announced during the last session of the legislature. The promotion of  the Festival will be done by -the Depart-1  ment of Travel Industry. -T  Aoinual interest from the fund���estimated tat $750,000���-has been designated  for use to promote amateur sport and fitness in the province. The fund will be administered: by a committee of, cabinet ministers and an advisory committee made up  of persons prominent in amateur sport in  B.C.  Kiernan salcE'the Festival of, Sports'nas  a two-fold objective. One is to promote  involvement in sport by young people and  adults across the province and the other  is to bring visitors into communities at a  time of the year when very few visitors t  are around.  "Those associated with the travel industry understand the importance of having these events of interest taking place'  in communities, because they not only,  bring people into the area, they also cre-|  ate a desire for the visitor to stay longer  once he has arrived," the Minister said.  The Festival of Sports should also promote community spirit as well as encouraging involvement in sport,  "Your government is convinced that,  how we enjoy life is, in many respects, as*  important as how we make a living," the  Minister added.  The Festival will be held annually in  the period ranging between Victoria Day  weekend in Canada (May 18, 1970) and  Memorial Day in. the U.S. (May 30, 1970).  It is estimated that there are more than  m  'stage events during the Festival include:  , , Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basket-  badl, Bowling (5 and 10 pin), Boxing,  Camping, Canoeing, Cricket, Curling, Cyc-  ���ling, Fencing, Field Hockey, Figure Skating, Football, Golf, Gymkhanas, Gymnastics, Handball, Hard Court Tennis,'Ice  Hockey, Judo, Lacrosse, Lawn Bowling,  Lawn Tennis, Life Saving, Marksmanship,  Paraplegic Sports, Rowing, Rugby, Skiing,  ���Soccer, Softball, Speed Skating, Swimming and Diving, Synchronized Swimming, Table Tennis, Track & Field, (indoor), Track & FieTd (outdoor), Volleyball, Water Polo, Water Skiing, Weight-  lifting, Wrestling, Yachting.  Other sports -which will be considered  are: Auto Rallies, Bird Watching, Dune  Buggy Races, Falconry, Fishing Derbies,  Frost Bite Races, Logger Sports, Marathon-  Swimming, Mountaineering, Predicted-  Log Powerboat Races, Rodeos and Stampedes, SCUBA & Skin Diving, Skeet  Shooting, Sky Diving, Soaring, Speedboat  Races, Sports Car Races, Squash, Surfing,  Trail Riding.       i  Ladies1 tea parties  announced by M.LA.  HONORABLE   Isabel  Dawson,   Minister  -without Portfolio  and MLA for the  Mackenzie Constituency, announced today  thait June 3 and 4 will be Ladies' Days on  70 communities in the province, in the  eight -tourist regions, which are capable of  staging one or more sports tournaments or  related events.  While the Festival is primarily interested in promoting amateur athletics, professional and semi-professional organizations -will be encouraged to stage events  at the same time.  Towns and cities that already have  historic pageants, carnivals, parades and  similar events will be encouraged to stage  parts of their program in May, in order to  benefit from the promotion that the Festival will get through the British Columbia government Department of Travel Industry.  Kiernan said cities and towns interested in participating in the Festival will be  asked to make application through the  British Columbia Sports Federation, 1336  West Broadway, Vancouver. Details on  how application should be made will be  publicized through local newspapers.  A Sports Festival Directorate and Selection Committees will be made up of  representatives of the B.Q. Sports Federation, the Provincial Gdverronent, the Pro-    nett, wife of Premier'W. A. C. feennet^ "but it would seem the matter is nowjiip  vincial Tourist Advisory'Cotmcil and othj    will visit the m*ea,-,. \t :i ���*       Vi > |V ;,-, ji-io the Regiynallr Board. '  er segments .ofVthe'' population yet to be Mrs. Bennett will'be5 hoifored at.'teas Aid.' Peterson' said he does not feel  j���*���:���i    ���._: l  ...-.it* i.-   t-,���4..    ���j   ���_��������   ���1;~.  ~t   mu���~~~   cLnnh^if     council should leave the gate there but  could perhaps have a log rolled across the  road. "That would be the end of our obligations," he said.  It was moved the owner be notified  of the situation.  Page A-4 - The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, Moy 7, 1969  MORE ABOUT .. .  o $echelt CotC  ���from page A-1  bour statedhe would have thought it was  a question of what the Chamber wished,  not a matter of what the Board .feels.  Director Fred Feeney agreed' and added <  "It appears the provincial government is  at fault and I see no reason why the  Chamber should not register a complaint.  Director Frank West said that he too  had been unhappy about the situation)  but after studying property taxation regarding inequities he- now feels rather  less unhappy. He pointed out that should  an inquiry be carried out by the provincial department it would find that it is  also guilty of inequity in> that roads tax  is based on the same system.  Watson said he did not anticipate any  inquiry "these are complicated and expensive, all I wish to do is draw the situation to the attention of the Department," he added.  General view of the Board was that it  had no objection to any assistance the  Chamber might render.  MORE ABOUT ...  o Gibsons council news  ���4rom page A-1  added "they have been told previously."  MOTOR VEHICLE  'Mr. Johnson reported considerable appreciation |shown from "all over" that  motor vehicle licence plates were now obtainable at the village office. He said returns have been very good for the short  (time the village has been in the business.  NEW BUSINESS  Application was made for a business  licence in order to operate a beauty parlour in the Ball Block. Mr. Johnston said  (the proposal]) appeared to be in order but  he has turned ithe matter over for approval of the Building Inspector.  It was moved the application be approved pending acceptance by the Inspector.  REFUSE DUMP  New' road through to the village garbage dump has been completed and the  owner of the private road which (has been  utilized for access pending completion  informed council he understands the new  road will soon be in use. He asked that  council clean up his roadway and lock  "the gate by May 1.  'Mayor Feeney (stated council had  agreed to clean up' until such time the  Regional District took over. The gate had  been put up temporarily by village council but all council is obliged to do now  is remove the gate.  Aid. Peterson suggested the Regional  District Board be asked to' block the road  off, however, Mayor Feeney argued that  blocking the road off was responsibility  of the owner, not the Board.  Mr. Johnston explained that originally,  following discussion with the owner, council had agreed to clean up as necessary'  ���the Sunshine Coast, when Mrs. Mae Ben-    and to put up a gate. This had'been done  nett, wife of Premier'W. A. C. Bennett, " v"4- !t ,J "~~ *u"���**��� : '���  determined. Chairman will be Deputy  Minister of Travel Industry, R. B. Worley.  The committee will arrange with interested communities and the province*  wide amateur sports associations to allocate events throughout the province.  Sports affiliated with the B.C, Sports  Federation and which will be asked to  and coffee parties at Gibsons, Secheit  Peninsula, Powell River and Texada Island, and it is expected that she will, be  accompanied by wives of other Cabinet  Ministers.  Full details and a complete schedule  Sf events will be announced dloser to the  ates of the visit  Carelessness causes most forest fires.  ri^v-i  The British Columbia  Sports will give a big boost to tho  Ivower Mainland and adjacent areas  say the representatives of the Greater Vancouver Visitors and Convention Bureau. Left lo right: Jim Ben-  slcy, general manager of the Bureau,  Festival of Sports 1  Festival of Dr. Itobert G. Hiridmarch, president  of the B.C. Sports Federation, Len  Larson (Pender Harbour), Sunshine  Coast Tourist Association, ihe Honorable W. K. Kiernan, Minister of Travel Industry.  >><�����  M :  3\  f  :'M  ft  For exciting holiday variety, your  home province has it all. From big  city fun in Vancouver to relaxing  ranch life In the Cariboo. From  historic sites like Fort Steele to  natural wonders llko the Frasor  Canyon. From warm, sandy beaches"  to magnificent mountain roaches.  Name your favorite kind of holiday  country - chances are you'll find  it right In your own back yard.  IS-  ��3  99  ��*  GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  DEPARTMENT OF TRAVEL IN0U3TRY  Hon. W. K. Kiernan, Minister  R. B. Worley, Deputy Minister  ?Pmxm^^  to m  n  on'f Miss ?he;Most Popular Event Of The Year  ttc  ggooMoaoeopoowo^^  ���4  'HHH0M #%n*M  v^^at  ,*�� #*>#*.���*��*<��"* /*��,�����.vtfW-rM  4.  <*��* ��a'n��*jf��.!*'it**tl *"W*��1 jN* v(*,''<'*w,*,* *'  * j*^M ^ e-"1^ ���r#,*W'*fc*^u> *���  ��l*,^l   Mritfy A��rfB.Wwl**.WI  W��***^-M-*|-6#       ��t  ^'*,^W%<e#wf^,,^^^vlW^fl'lfM'**,*a'*,',**,t'S';'''f f if **��*-,(. i**" *���  >*>;i<  r 0, t-WMl qftg ju^ of*, 4.** I TUB- 4* ���*��� #. HI 0 f M4f$ * f ��^*-  - /ftH.fciNijflle  'pH-lfiV^bij* -vftn**    d,    ?   ���   >J , i* x  h.  u-/ ^,rt      ���     . ��� ,     .' ��� *��� y-''> **,-.t ",   -M ',,   :   t  ;  t  i  , ���rajrt*sflsaisea��ffla��  I ^ 1-  V  "����"����" Hiiiijiaijiia.uiuuiBiwuuuuiiiumiwaiMmwawgwinaaw  ���*����'  Asa  &3  ���tint'*��.  ���*j.yy  ���*  ��,       f  ���^Srii.   r j"-   -* ^iy**v,  'iy? yy<",/- ��� v v.v"',/���."*'<v >v  :���* y ' *v.- - -/il-y; <^yy<^  y.  '/rr  ? r *   *  *  '  ���^    ���    ���"-'-,i"/   ry-\.   ,   ,5'MS,  ^ H y V'-'h-vsM%y I >^i  ��� t,**S-i*. ,?.^*** i*/*-*��s^/* ^"i*^-, ^L^r,^  ^��tt  ,J     jJSi    *'.n.t^>-i       *Mt ^-  'W  fii^  -A' V  /^Jw^  J^t','  ,1   A  mMBfB.  ^  I   r  U    \  V   'f  U       $Ki    ���rys.\f a      I       t//'*   >^-r  iy'tt^ifefti'---';,''  . y VJ"*-vH .y<-  hr   y -yyrpi r:  f ,  ^>��   ^ J   ^ x *      u  V    *.f  *+r��.ttri,   m$  0S�� IIMs ei^f S  wraywwiafeaBgp  '  'Q  GIBSONS - SUNNYCRE5T PLAZA - SECHELT  886-2234 886-2726 885-2238  REMEMBER MOTHM ' .' l"v>l ;  wifh a gift of clothing or something to sevv or somethihg  ",    ". for the .house- :w; U ^?. ^i;^ "  TOWELS - TABtECLOTHS ^ REDDING;! WO(^tte  i /"Ir   >i>   f  " "',; "bftEs'sts-  YMgLUl Si  t*  i   \<~  ALL THE LATEST  1 -' in* -  -<>  SPRING AND SUMMER  GIFTWARE!  Just* in ifitf> f4r5He>:DayJ  )     .        '��  TME:PEIiFECT01FT-  885-9331  Sechefe-1';&  ^.IHIilll^'^MUlLtlUllMJiUi1  i:yy  (r r jrt ft ���   |l4 (i j ,  1556 Marino  ���     i  y** 11* j  . > i  ���t  fMCE IT A  CliOOSE FHOtlrl  A1^  > 1  nCM^BGClMOMTHJSSyNDAYMAY 11  MOTHm'S DAY SPECIAIS  hanging Baskets ���. ��� C'  Ndhtca with Fuchsias, Geraniums etc. Fbtl    f'  of bloom, A gift that, is sure to plebse Mom.    | ^^r^^rx^f^fj}  Cowrie St, Scchclt  ;88S:Ife|;  I       I'M  f    ��, i  Cheef Up Mom! ,  Ffbwer��, jfi^i'  go with Moihetfs  '> Oay! A pretty  corsage or bbuqvtet v/ill  cheer your Mom'ii il^iiy.  USSilAi) FLCR1SI  & 6IRT SHOP  806-9345 - Gibsons  885-9455 *. Secheit  LINGERIE  SKIRTS  BLOUSES  SLIMS  CHOOSE FROM.A GOOD SELECTION  :. ��� -..:.. of --VAmcrriEs-   kMBE W$m PLAMTS FULL OF BUD  AND BLOOM  1530 Mght.s^ Gibsons  &qIvq you? proMfiHi ��� ��� m ��$y i ^Ifi i^ftiteto  ��� "���"���:r-'   ���'       Amu 4 �� .    .  M��*itSI-9711  " "Mend��S^citr?��s  ' *^ *f\ ( *"*?  S^MMMt  Scct:ct^ D.C  /i|.:','..;, INVITES All-MOTHERS'TO PA1TAK1 OF  OUR SEAFOOD-:BLUEN09E-SPECIAl PLATE,No.,2 OR'A'PIATE OF BAitON OF BEEF  ;_���;:    "     ;;, '.llfMiiiliiAi PSlTiON^  NEW FOOD WITH NEW LOW PRICES _.; ������ , ' PLEASE RifEkifB  ;       ���       ��'iV  '     - ��� ���������   -  '   -'��������������� ;  ��IPI[��PIIM��M����I>MIIII|||||>��IW>��^  *#!RlflK��**M)W*.K*fcM��#> ^(Wtrtfh^^i. tftn^r fa&0llrtdfati!&*&4$<riJ0tl^'*^'tl*til*dbll^^ j. ���"���Wf l^f*1'.*'"'Wf'* *<**jr ,    ,  -*-^��*^i^Hw[''^''*^,'fcM^f*"*^*^^^'<^*'^ ^iPWflW**^^*-^^**-^,.^ ^^^*^^H�������^^^^1^��w^-^^,rtft^!(^ *^��P����^^^^.��*ii*%'^��^r^����^^"^ *^^^*^#%^*'���#������*if**.^^* yk:'t,'-V^t'"   y>��'' < ' *: -\   ��''^^,''yy^^1'-:'*,fc, "'^ ''-   J    /v-''?T"P  "iN>!/y*y'"������.      /y t,   * - ,. '   o     '...-'   .,    y    r^y-'��a^   ' ���* ' ���      *��  '-,_-     ^       J , _ *   .( 4,   _,.,,* '        *'       -������'.' ���..,    ^       Y ��.       ���    "..I. ���.���,..-.,^.,,.,,.l .���.���������,,,,l,,^,,.;,,, ll;,l,,,,l,a,J...iii1,.,,,.l.,,.-,.U.-|.J...L..J.J,l,'fJ'i  .      '     .   , !��  '.%-v  1  ���k-   ���*  \  4.  " Si  rJ  .'l  ���  J  I, \,  J*    >'  .f    -   ��� ��� -   :      ^  'i ���> f n, *,-���",, h   , *    ^    v-' \y-v    -.    y ' '     -^     '^i   ,��-    ,     &  SUNSHINE Coast Kiwariis Cltib.is'to be understanding-which Is the goal of- the   t n  w    the, .sponsor,, of   thk'-'worl<l��famous , Children to phUdren-Cj^turaj Exchange.     |&  ' Brnensky Dfctsliy Sbor (Brno. Children's,       xhe coraa&IwilV be at\ Elphinstone  -A\  ** Choir)' from Czechoslovakia  during  its Secondary School, July 3, 1969, at���8 p.m,      I  visit to Gibsons, July 1 through July, 4, Tickets will3>e'available on a "first come",'; f  1969. T^ie Children to Children-Cultural basis and the places where tickets mayJ Kk  Exchange * is^bringing   this * choir ,.-to be purchased wijl be announced late.*'Be-     !-���  Canada for  seven  concerts   in  British causa of limited' seating capacity it .will  Columbia, between July 1 and 16\ this be necessary to arrange for tickets 1 as  summer-'     -> >>-���������>      ' y    y -   - early as possible:'   ."       ,   '      y ���  .   Bill Wright-, chairman of the special The Brno Children's Choir "sings in -  committee of the Kiwanis Club* composed six languages,' has toured in Italy, West  of ,George Cooper and John- Harvey, are Germany,   Austria,   Bulgaria,   Hungary, ,  working * hard to make this event (one France  and England.- This"/is the first  <  long to be remembered by our coin- visit of the choir to Canada.        %  mirnity.'A'long list of community ser- Many people and community groups" *  vices is credited to the efforts'of Kiwanis. have joined Kiwanis Club in helping to J  To mention a few helping to establish the provide ttu> unique experience for young  Gibsons,Library, -supporting sucfr enter- ad old of. the Sunshine Coast. The first \  prjses as CN^B; CARS, RED CROSS,- tne contact with Canada' wtfl ber in Gibsons,  Salvation Army, St. Mary's Hospital and Secheit  and  other parts  of  our  com-1  organizing   the   Easter 'Seals campaign, munity. ' '   'j  Working for'the welfare of young people, ,   The Kiwanis Club, is providing a, way v  .boys in particular jhave benefited from for our people to shoyir the children from '  assistance in"-the Scouts and Wolf Cujb behind the "Jron Curtain" what we Deprograms. This new .project in music has lieve, how we live, what "we have created .  international' oyertones. j    'v       -        * and most of alT that we are offering our ',  ''   In present the Brno Childrens' Choir friendship. '  of six boys and fourteen" girTs, ages 1% to These   are   gifts���understanding   and  15, -the Kiwanis Club is planning a con- friendship .'. . the-beginnings of peace,  cert and/other events which will bring . ^ /���; , 'I���~,4" One of the top awards in hand^ui   Gun CluJb'.hjas'sh.dt ttirougl*. a series  ^ '^i?teil aT\d a?^*s ^ose'::to *e Pe.��r ���  Never block pedestrian .crosswalks, or ' sliootittg has been awarded <to Sepnelt   of awaiwis^ Including Hie {3#ve1>Shield  pie of, Czechoslovakia. At a (time in his- leave pedestrians; stranded when they are ** barber George'.Flay.  George, an^c-    in picture."-' ' L . * r-_  'si. ,..  Local marksman awarded  ;^oAreted':hahdguri^^  ^ GEORGE W^ ^y.WlSecheJtt hak qnayfied .  y /for^e.Golcl^xperlShield, one'ofthe *  i, , top aw^fds'.hi handguit jshootingy     "y -;  > r "  I>omihion Marksmen "official^ ^hraounc- ,"  U ed '���'today-, rthe, -S^yearr^ld' barber, had  < achieve^ll a xscore vof 5,635 �� poi*iits * outT of "  �� 6?Q0O,to qualify.^   ' \' l    * *'"t. A A    *  - : ,'For.the Gold Expert Shield .(Handgnn) ,  u- the shooter mt^tflre 20 sets, of-three tar^y  y gets;; each set,consi4ing of "one slow, one,  ' % tirnedand one rapid-fire target, and each-  , ,s��t scoring 280 out of StiO or better.  _   *;Mr^I*lay.' a member.of-1she Sechelfc  . Peninsula Rod,,& Gun Club,- has^bm*.  . sihcoting for three years; Before winning  '' the gold shield he had to *ork his wiy  , u#��rough a, jseries of jDominlon Marksmen ,  >- awards beginning .with the bronze pin  t    which required 10 .targets'scoring 60 or  .better out of 100 In slow fire/  Pistols ��*td��,revolvers of;any calibre  y may be used hv Dominion Marksmen  handgun�� competition.-s   :> '    .  \ At dusk or in darkness always yse your  headlights, NOT��your parking lights, eo  ihatyou can see pedestrians and' they can  see you coming.    ;*-',-  < STARRING  , Mqrty Robins, John Ashley,     f  1    -   '   .   '   Gigl Peroult ^  *       ,'CARTOON and SINGLE  )    '      Technicolor  Shirts 8 p.m.   '   -      " Oat 10 p.m  J  Friday, Saturday, Monday,  May 9, 10 and 12  o  Sharpshooter Qualifies  f   & i    " f * *��� t  tory when so many values-we live by are crossing -rthe* street-  being "challenged, such as love of country,  thepreservation of a. rich cultural heritage,, and the very foundations of a free-  society, it - is timely that we can ' come  face to face with the wonderful children.  from.Brno. They and their parents and  families and friends* have stood "up'to  conditions, pressures atfd faced dangers  ihat we in this country have escaped. The  'admiration of the world has been lavish  and sincere for the Czech' people* in\theifc  struggle for freedom, -    , -    y|   "  \ Not only will-we* be able-to'share  great music superbly performed, .but  also will be be able to shafe-ourselves;  our ideas and our ways of. life. Children  of ,the choir will be billeted with some of'  our'families. The children of..our,areji  in "contact with children in the choir will  have the .opportunity that, comes-seldom  in our lives, of discovering how, much/a.-  like we are-^-not how different as "we  seem to, be! This is* the key-to peace'and  tive member of the Sechett Rod ^nft  1 aft ESSO MARINE  GAS -. BEf$a - OUTBOARD 4 MLDli  mimmmmm sales  ohc parts & wife  Double Icigle Fibrealas Boats  Phone 886-7411 ��� Res. 884-2891   .  ���** ^    ��> &>'''l^H ^s-J^mB  Si? * �� - " * -���(<''  *.���&  V -'i  \:,\r  "��� k  !  W  ^!ll.lu^^lL1^J^^1llll^a|i^llll^��^l)nJl^^,^l^^Bl;uuuv,ll^<luil^T^M^Tl'MU^^^���' ,^iii.j:ii*i-niiiii.!i'jiiirniiLiriii'hwinfceeam���apaamanmaaai  0CKGAS  Germany Bound  Probably remembered from his appearance alt the recent Elphihslxme  Band Concert, Martin T. Summers,  16-year-old , Burnaby student band  enthusiast, is one of two Canadian  youths to spend this summer in Ger��  many as participants in the Volkswagen Youth Exchange Program.  Martin plays both saxophone and  clarinet in MacPherson Pai*k Junior  Secondary School band which took  part in the local'concert two week��  ago. *   '..:,.��� '   '       '���-"'  musician wins  exchange trip abroad  WORLD of music opens many doors ondJ  to 16-year-old Martin Summers, clarinetist, In the. MacPhcrsonj Park'Schodl  Band which pluycd nt Elphinstone two  wceltH nfjo, the door hns KwimK.opniv for  n summer in Germany ns ar�� Exchange  Youtli Program by 'Volk��wngcn,  Son of Mr, nnd Mn?. Maxwell D, Sum*-  men?, 5071 Carson Strvet, Martin ViU  tipcml Ihe (rummer with �� German firmily  while their son lives in Canada with* ,th��j  Summcra. i  ���,.,,.'��� ������  ; Another Oanadinn Rhulcnt, Ann-Marie  Rcnstrom of Pointe Clair, Quebec, wiBl  also participate Jn rthe���cxciuinuc.,,,;,,  Sponsored by Vollctwagcni Canada litd.,  tho program Is .designod to increase k��kkr-  mfitlional undcrrttsinding of differing en-  vimruncnta, custoins and manners. It was  cstnbllshwl far 11)62 by Volkswagen of  America, Inc.  Cirewt chikhen paiitielpato in the eamc  ���������famHy- activities, mcrudhrg-'-'hoaaehoid  chorea, as those of their exjclianccca.  The, Camidian younKsU*ni will arrive  in Germany after n visit to New York and  Washington, D,C, about one wc(:k before  their Gcrrrum cxftintcrparta get out of  K*ho6l., , '        y  A Grade 10 student nt MncPhcrsotn  Park Junior Scoondnry School, Martin is  first clftr|nrti��t in the school ImikI ftml  plays paxophon�� in *�� jaxz basxL JDuring  the i>a��t year ho has Ixen tstodyirrg the  G��rrnan k��n.g\*age m ��n ejrtra ^��fl,��r��ey'   ���comes out  FASTEL  iVFFIER...  dlmimHEYPERIMD!  This beautiful new heater pays,  for itself out of fuel savings  alone! Special burner design,  new-type combustion chambers, and other exclusive  features get more heat from  your  fuel  than  ever beforef  For warmer floors, more comfortable rooms, ' and quiet  operation, come in and see the  hew Empire Wall Furnace  today. ,  OAS ' WAll-f U.HNACe  ��AS WALL SHIATSU  This heater with many uses is convenient and economical.  NEW-VENT is ca$y to Install on any outside wall, Saves  floor ��pace. No chimney, flue, or electricity needed.  Hermetically scaled so combustion products cannot enter  the room. Vented outside. Room will not become stuffy.  Ideal for any room in the house where heat is needed.  ���M.  i' '"It    Ci'V*"*'" !-"> .-f-'jw - '"* "  -��fift-f *M***I (      ' j  JOHN RODINSoft  Servico  h : wr��i^  \  ���'-'���* ' -   *    r*   I'i'.i,,..'  S"  id McColm  Solca  We are ploascd to also announce the  appointment of Mr. Ed McColm as permanent sales representative to the Sunshine Coast*  Ed brings to, the area over* 25 years combined experience in the Propane Industry.  uA f               . . *>   ..���   .  A  ��� )      ���    '*, '  i  ���y    '    A'  ���   "     I  ,.  -,   ������ ��� r  ,  / -        '    '        "N  *JJ'        ''   ' "  ,���'*./***  ^��                     ���y* >��� - * *  i  ^m y      i-B" ^ t ,,....  j  GORDON WING  Bulk & Cylinder Dclivcricfi  .  <*���  HIM  ^|F**rt^W(|P.,*(Wl*��H*-   f  tpmvttifrft^jfaem, t^kt&utfat^^^ *>���4*--*  if i^ir {$*���')?*   }**** ^*���^'*, **��� ***^ ��-%v'**'^'* **J"rV rt"M'''lH-'*l  *"4**��f.-*lnJ��' ��  ^*-^'^'����^fbf^M#*iFf��>^^^^#i<^ ^lltj^j**^*^^*  .4^^.  1   ���  :;��� r ��    ' J       '      r 1     *   ' . -  ' , ���-     ~    , , ~ J , / , ^ * ' '       . . . ''''..I '  %, ,       ."���        ' . ���     ��� '   f .     '   ,      .     1 , ,-'���'. ��� S    ' , ' ' ' ' '' >   .  '   I - I .' ' ' ' i   ) -       I ,        - S ���    ��� ' ' \ '  -x'S  iS  *-r  ��KjL*  ���*���  >i  ,.".  /  /  ''  Section B  Wednesday, May 7, 1969  Pages  Parents too  "Wirt  82nd Birthday party  Excellent  Mrs. Ann-Pearson and-Mrs. Bessie'; Wilson.  Creek .Community   Club's  Baba were mighty busy people at last   president Harold Aubin who positive-  Saturday's ^Wilsovn   Creek   Chinese   ly beams approval as he samples one   L^-,^---   0#t.��li/-J*   mnn  Smorgasbord, servifcg the* piping hot   ofthe;delicacies.  Over one hundred   IlUilOrS   ���56CflclI   111311  dishes at, their peak of flavor. Sue-   people enjoyed the annual event,  cess of the event can* be judg^froan .    ,. .  Happy ;party:.'.*  Eightieth birthday event  1    -^ ' "t *  celebrated with surprises  APRIL 29th was going to be just another  -' day "for Mr." Alex Znotin of Gibsons,  but an unexpected invitation made the  day a happy eightieth birthday celebra-',  tion. '__    ,,-.,.        , ..'     ���   ,.  "As unexpected' as snow in June.��� but.  a-very pleasant snow", .was Mr. Znotin's  delighted  comment  as  he  enjoyed  his  second piece  of  cream filled ' birthday *  cake.   Very   special   friends   who   had .  planned the surprise were Mrs. Doreen  Gust; Mrs. Maryanne West^ Mrs. Trudy  Small;  Mrs.  Norah  MacLean * and  her'  children. Norman and Andra.  I  : Four score .years are no deterrent to"  Mr.'Znotin'sinterest in new activities, already, well known, for his exquisite wodd  carving,'he-is now, studying painting at  Mrs. Kathleen Wells-night school closes.  ', On Sunday he helps Mrs. Trudy Small  with her children's painting and hobby  work classes in the old dentist' building  on! Gower Point Road,- where he gives-instruction in wood* carving.  Born in Russia, Mr. Znotin spent 29  years on Gambler Island as a fisherman  before'retiring in Gibsons. His'work'was  recently displayed at the Secheit Art  Gallery and Senior Citizens Hobby Show  giving inspiration and pleasure to people  of all ages.  Knowing his- special love for the sea,  his friends chose Farley Mowat and John  De Visser's book on Newfoundland, "This  Rock Within-The Sea" as the gift to commemorate his. 8,0th birthday.  SURPRISE party at the Peninsula! Drive^  * In Restaurant on the night of April 24  'honored Mr.- Reg Smears of Secheit who'  was celebrating his - 82nd birthday.  Friends gathered to enjoy ~a' wonderful dinner and social evening but it was  the" exceptional care and service of Mrs^  O. Korgeh that made it .such, a success.  She provided a lovely birthday cake and  other specialties and her, care in preparing everything will long be Temembered.  Young guests had a fine time with paper  hats- and noisej-makers, provided.  TO NAVIGATE safely through today's  traffic, young cyclists need>4o know  the same rules of the road that car drivers are required to know. They must  be skilful at handling their 2-wheeled  machines and know the importance of  keeping their bikes in a safe, dependable  condition, '    ' *-   /  Parents are urged to accept the responsibilities for making" sure, that their  children know and obey the rules of the  road and that the bicycles their children  ride are mechanically safe. '  \ Here are some tips for safer cycling:  r^bey all traffic laws, signs and lights;  signal turns and stops with the proper  signals, with the left arm out and up for  a right turn, out straight for a left, turn,  and out and down for a stop; after signalling, return your left,hand to the  handle bar promptly, and keep .both  * hands.on the handle bars; ride in single '  'file, close to the curb;' at busy intersections, stop at the curb, get off your bike  and walk it across. At stop'lights, walk  your bike across only on the green signal;  walk your bike when you are on a sidewalk. Only very small children* with  sidewalk bikes may use the walks for  riding; carry parcels in a carrier, not in  your hand; a regulation bike'is for one  rider ... no passengers allowed; if you  are riding after dark, or in poor visibility,  your bike must have a white or amber  front light, a red reflector or light on the  rear, red reflective material at least 10  inches long and 1 inch wide on the back  fender, and white reflective material at  least 10 inches long and 1 inch wideon  the front lorks.  . *   *   *  SCHOOL BUSES: Remember that the.  red flashing lamp on a school bus indicates that .students are either entering or  leaving the vehicle. By law, all vehicles  following or meeting a school bus are required to STOP when the red light is  flashing.  ��� - *   ���  ITS A' FACT: In North America as  a whole, traffic deaths add up the equivalent of the TitanicJ disaster EVERY  NINE DAYS.  Medical Centre plans  for Madeira Park area  PLANS for a two-bed medical centre at-  Madeira Park were submitted to the  Sunshine Coast Regional "Hospital District  last week outlining estimated costs and  proposals.  Building and equipment will be in the  region of $50,000, it is planned -to have  the services of a full time doctor and a  nurse. Location of the building was not  settled but it is hoped to find a site as  close as possible to Madeira Park.  Alternate Director, Bill Scoular, sitting  in for Jim Tyner, explained that due to  the time element in rushing emergency  cases to St, Mary's Hospital in Secheit and  the fact that the Pender area has only part  time medical service, it is fe5t the time  has arrived for change.  He said a private doctor is interested  in operating the clinic and will be quite  independent of the present medical clinics  at Secheit and Gibsons..  The Board agreed to forward the,plans  on to the BSHIS after explaining there  is nothing else it can do at this time.  Be   cautions  parked cars.  when  passing  rows of  Of 5,412 traffic deaths, 805 were chii-  , dren under the age of fifteen.   Of 1,379  pedestrian fatalities, 569 or 41.3 per cent  were children under fifteen years of age.  ^//ffm//ii////////mf/f/////f/f//wr/f//i////f//f////i//fi/i/mr//m//f///r///&  m  ���%  m moth m nmm mm  FREE t^loih Proofing on  , everything we clean. -  Sunnycresr Plaza, Gibsons, B.C.  hllMI/J/f/ffllfL  I  "A  t   ,  ,v-*>,  11,  yfx  ���K,   'If  ���I ��  i  -S-^-Jl  + %#!&%  ��-WV*V  .���1 -s*' v  ���\j *��� \  L .  x_  ��� I" ���  '.*  *-, ��',  r��i  J" .-  '?,  A.  LA  Surprise  Wishing Mr, Alex Znotin a happy 80th ,, learning the art of wood carving un-  bil'thdaV    are    VOUnC    fr,j**n��-'c     AnA'pa     , rtnr TV/IV    WnmtAn1*!   /��oi"i��fii1   4iili*rir>n  and Norman MacLean,  Norman is  fBfpfyf��^^  I  q^Sgpf  ��^jfiaapfHS��ripafMp  3*S  SfflfiK  IT SHOULD BE: ,  ������'���.��� At least one acre ,  'if  ���Reasonabi'y level  # Afear Stores and Post Office  facilities     .. . .  # On a water system  *������������ In or near Gibsons . ���'���,..-./.   Ahyb'iie .wit h 'iancl "of ^t his fcitjid who woold  like'to -dimwss" if with the-club ^ is Jnwited  tO'Cbhtactii'y'''' '," ;^J"."..'"'/������.  ' ���' ��� '���' MR.. ft' McPHJEDRAN '   ���  KIWANIS GLUB OF SUNSHINE COAST  ' '': GIBSONS" ;      -,    "  or Phone :SS6-2S54  i  ^K^BSMaMOc^BVr^^  4  The people of British Colombia are incited to p@rtteipafe m  \he feats of Nancy Greene, Elaine Tanner,  Harry Jerome, Ralph Hutton, Debbie Brill,  Karen Magnussen, and many others In the  Held of Individual athletics In recent years have  thrilled every British Columbian. Nineteen Canadian Champions and three World Becord holders  come from bur Province. Our rowers and other  teams of young people on playing fields and courts  tar from home have been an Inspiration to us all.  This year, your government has announced a  oroad prograrn to encourage British Columbians In  oil forms ot'sport activity.Vfa part of this program  the Department of Travel Industry has been  chargedwlth helping to organize and promoto"Tho  British Columbia Festival of Sports", an annual  event which I hope will gain participation In every  commuhlty of the province and become a groat  source ot encouragement to the youth of British  Columbia.,  The time period chosen tor tho Festival, ranging  between our "Victoria Day" wookendand.the U��,  "Memorial Day", was selected Initially because It  Included or was edlacont to tho broadest spectrum  of athletic,activity. .,,.���.,..,,,��� .... ,���,���.  Tho Importance ot this ovont to tho visitor industryIn every region ot the provlnco Is vital as well,  I hope that fans and families ofathlotos will take the  opportunity to visit communities throughout tho  provlnco, make new friends, onloy tho fine recreational facilities and see first hand tho groat developments In tho provlnco. I hope, too, that these communities will help glvo tho. Festival International  stature. These Festival oventa, falling In adyanco ot  the peak of our visitor season, will receive major  promotion by the Department ot Travel Industry In  nearby states and provinces.  ��� Youaro Invited, through your constituted muni-  cfpgl and regional organizations and through  the British Columbia Sports  Federation and tho British  Columbia Recreation Association, to plan and participate In  this great province-wide event.  Hwmmy r-n*ht*ni,  ilttmhla FMitvM d Cpott*  Tho British Columbia Festival of Sporto  lo to be organized at the community level..  It Is estimated that there are more than  seventy communities In tho province, In  tho eight tourist regions,'which ere cap-  nblo of staging one or more eporto tournaments'and related events. ,  , A Directorate and Selection CdmmHteo  will bo made up of representatives of tho  British Columbia Sports.Federation, the  Provincial Government, the Provincial  Tourist Advisory Council and other segments of our population. This committee  will arrange with Interested communities  and tho provlnco-wldo amateur Sporto  Associations to allocate events equitably  throughout the province.  The Festival Is primarily Interested In  promoting amateur athletics, but professional and eoml-profesolonsl organizations will bo encouraged to stage events  ��� nt the oamo time and thus benefit from tho  British Columbia Government promotion.  Cltloo, tliat already have historic pa-  fjoants, carnivals, parades and similar  events during the oummor months will be  encouraged to stage some pads of their  program ,at thlo earlier time In order to  gain: additional bcrtbflta from tho "off-  ooaaon" promotion.  Athletics In British Columbia  The following eporta ��ro organised Into  the British Columbia Sports Federation.  Federation members have peon asked to  submit proposals for tholr sports on a  provincial basis. .  Archery�� Badminton * Baseball ��� Basketball ��Bowling, 5 A10 pin ��� Boxing ��� Camp-  Ina * Canoeing * Cricket ��� Curling��Cycling  ��� Fencing ��� Field Hockey 1 Figure Skating ���  Football * Golf * Gymkhanas ��� Gymnastics  * Handball * Hard Court Tennis ��� Ico  Hockey ��� Judo ��� Lacrosse ��� Lawn Bowling  ��� Lawn Tennla ��� Life Saving ��� Marksman-*  ship ��� Parapslegle Sports ��� Rowing ��� Rugby  ��� Skiing ��� Soccer ��� Sollball ��� Speed Skating  * Swimming and Plvlng * Synchronized  Swimming ��� Table Tennis ��� Track ft Field,  Indoor '��� Track & Field, Outdoor ��� Volleyball ��� Water Polo ��� Water Skiing ��� Weight-,  lilting ��� Wrestling��Yachting.       .   ,    4  Other sports which should bo cort-'  eidered although not presently members  of the Federation ������'  Autd nalllea* Bird Watching ��� Duno  bugglea ��� Falconry * Flthlng Oerblea ��  6. A list of ancillary events that might bo  organized In your community during  tho Festival: '  a. Novelty events  b. Parades, pageants and  extravaganzas  c. Cultural displays, festivals'    '  d. Historical and commemorative  events  6. An Indication of the earliest convenient  'dates your committee could meet in  your community with our field ropro*  oontatlvo.  ��� ���      *  In order to glvo regional balance to tho  assignment of ovonto, thd Directorate of  tho British Columbia Fostlval ol Sporto  will bo made up In part by ono representative from each of tho eight constituted  provincial tourist regions, This director'  should bo selected by tho Interested communities In conjunction with their rcopco*  tlvro tourist promotional body:  ''A" Vancouver Island ond tho  Gulf Islands  **B" Greater Vancouver, Fraaer Valloy,  Sunohlno Coast  "C" Okanogan and,Slmllkamoen  Valloya-  "D" East ond West Kootenaya  "E" frrana-Canado, Yellowhead and  Nicola Highways  "F" Cariboo-CbllcotlnCounlry  "G" Hlohway 16 (Prince Rupert to  Alberta)  "H" Peace River ond Northern  Districts  Names of those Regional DIrectom  should bo submitted to tho Deputy Minister of Travel Industry, Mr, B. 0. Worley,  Parliament Buildings, Victoria, by May 30.  1000, by the President ol tho Regional  ' ��ZifnFVYrThFirH�� and "nih��r"n��l,Hnfin(   Travel organization. Approximately four  erfatlng capacity and other pertinent   d|fCctor8.,mee,lno8W,|,,b,oholddur|nolho  year and these dlrectora will rocelvo travel  allowance.  ��� ���      ���  Frost Bite Races ��� Logger Sports ��� Marathon Swimming ��� Mountaineering ���, Predicted Log Powerboat Races ��� Rodeos &  Stampedes ��� SCUBA & Skin Diving ��� Skeot  Shooting ��� Sky Diving ��� Soaring ' Speedboat Racea ��� Sports Car Races ��� Squash ���  Surfing ��� Trail Riding.,  How your community can  participate In the British  Columbia Festival of Sports  Written submissions are bolng requested from municipal councils ond/or  whatever group (Chamber of Commerce,  School Board, Fair or Rodeo Committee,  Athletic Association, etc.) Is designated to  be tho constituted body representing the  community. Those submissions aro requested on or before Monday, Juno 23,  1069, and should bo addressed to;  Dr. Robert Hlndmorch,  President,  British Columbia Sports Federation,  1330 West Broadway,  Vancouver, British Columbia.  During the summer and early fall, field  representatives of tho Soloctlon Committee will then visit your community for further discussion. Announcement ot Festival  locations will bo made soon afterward.  Tho written submissions will form a  catalogue of community Interests and  facilities with tho Idea that it will be upgraded In years to come.  These submissions should Includes   '  1, The make-up 'of your Festival Committee* (names, addresses, posltlona or  particular sports interests),  2. A Hst of sports facilities that Would bo  1 available during tho Fostlval period..,  stadia, arenas, playing fields, swimming pools, etc. (giving dimensions.  features).  3. A brief statement outlining what sports  events your community bos slagod In  tho past and how you might bo pre-  pryod to stago an event In conjunction  with members of the British Columbia  ' Sports Federation, Each ovont (should  bo desfgnod to bo self-sustaining.  4, An Indication of how many extra visitors could bo handled In your community and environs during this period.  Like our highly successful centennial,  this is a great chollenge to British Columbiana everywhere. From ihe Interest, the*  hpalthy environment end tho sports .aclll-  llos developed locally wltl come tho athletic champions of tho world. This annual  event could bocomo British Columbia'��,  foremost single visitor Attraction.  The iritlih Columbia Festival of Sports Is oponored by tho  DEPARTMENT OF TRAVEL IHDUSTRY.  Hftm. fV. K. JClemm, MMntr  M. B. WmUy, Deputy MMtter  +���        ���   ._...���   W-J  '   *l^<)ivJ��^iMh��'>��*MvM^4t^M^**^ Af** <|��n>��*1<i<l"'A('<# ^ *^I��^t^^v*^,*^*^,^^*kmr��^^'M*��^��A.*���^' >#*  V��f,*��**,*1*'*��*�� **  ^,Jf��^^.#^.��^^A^s-^^<#^^'r^^^'^'^ ����**�����*���.��* ^fWf*^*^^^��**t.*Wprr  fc,-**��5fr, ^^^^fM^ifi*iw0<^^i^^$m^0^titift.^i^a^ ^��n^rt��i^^^^,fi^^��Jrtt(M*��-#*i����;nir' *#Hi^*W'V,e��4#**i!**,!^^ .��"^iw**3,*jr-��*^ii1j,*f *frt* ��**? "����� �����+ j Ms1*,  y  C  i   \  t   ���<  ,    X^^    -..-'���*-/ / -: * vl      * ��� v)    f��� / .        /* * C  phomi>sott.'?r  ,L. E.!l&eadow&"was thfe"winner-otaiNoy- V  eftr/ from --tfte^uie;-' o�� TDaiW? ."vVusdh   |  Creek - anaRl^d Tazewell, was the' winnerk  Mfcs. l^cAufey ^was the^ winner of'a $*#*��  Gift -C,i^Mcate^"don%o: tby' ,STaclsorfew;'  Logging," and- a T>ute}ieri knife, ^the��� gift, of -  KinMislierr'Agencies;;. Secret CoVe-, went <*  38   toS|i^��M^^^Sb^on*.^W^ag-the,    yy  '(���'"^'V;''   winner of a"VjS$m*tri�� fqrtWo to "Van-*  of twpj'com^liihentar^ tickets to Secheit^. -    ,    .���vV,-,-   w.^ *�����-">. *   ��  The^tre'.^^^Vr'^yV*^   X^VJ*    y~*ortaJtergi*4sorw0^  ���r i'Jo-snow too much 'tea :���.j_jui_c~.-^_^   . i"  v t  �� v '"  H J  V '      i  ���J-l\ ^--'  M  V���  n  ���i.  \  ���:=.  'S  A  _r;  I"  rf  ���*. V --J >  :o  -'-J. ��" "'���   t6  ' ^ ���  v^      ���-J^* -~       .    *  i--^ ,.< * % *"t*-  .... �����  ?\ss^'2 '���and. g^pes -a^dB^^-flieme^ee-  �� JjASKr;  ^t^rday-'nigJlfc,'wpand^ up -the      ���;.<���-- .-^ ���'* ������ * l.A^V >^t**y   -^  >���  square .d^ce^seasofl,'0^^ Sunshine  Cjoast"'tiifne^,i^,"*^'if-^U'havera~h"an-^  kerlng4 to t,do something  diffcerent, na^t'  winter;- try *^aarc*dam*ingrGet m,'touch  ���^itfe.1 one- 6f4^e;jlojcrai;<aullere_a44Jeave  XOuF-naroevaddress and phone nunOber,  \*5-e-\Vilt be "overjoyed to -give yot��-4-call'  ^he^the^-aettoir st%rtsyagain,^riext" S^ep-,  *   tenibeR~-:;:.���*~..~~<~- ^. rt~~- ,j���.,�����-. ���^'._  , ^e'-Madeira^Park^aH^-wa^ just-a  jumping Jast,, Satjurday^j^hii'; with''the  Pender Harbour Jr. Squares and their  caller Bob Crichton, with guest callers  Harry Robertson, Jack Ingl|s and squar-  inly me, plus square dancers from the  ���Gibsons Squarenaders and the Secheit  Promenaders.  All counted, Bob has twentys-two  young square dancers fast becojriing pSo-  fessionals. I asked Glen Crichton how"  he was doing and was told "pretty good"  so I watched him and for an eight year  bid, I have to agree -wittt'him. r -  Upon cornering- caller, BobJ I asked  him who^he thought was the.bes^and!  most progressive'square' dancer' in his*  club? He said to give hhrd a fevSK years to  think it over.'* JBeinjg 39-^ today I *said-1-  couldn't wait, so his, selection of best  dancers were; Nancy Cameron on the  girls side and Neil.Seaholm for the boys.  A good square dancer is judged'upon  his or her,ability to learn the calls quickly and sfiXoothlyi be always , a wlady: or,  "gentlelfwanraBafabiafe tfythe\'r$k hetter  known j as  the   ten (commandments   of  square ~ dancing. Maybe" next year there  wilL be a prize for the best girl and boy  square dancer for the season, just think  about that!  There was this balloon race where the  girls were at one end of the hall and the  boys at the other; somehow Harry and I    ������_ ,���,  .  got mixed up in this and it turned out to " <-     I \     '   rrae Grape  be real fun. At the word go, the boys    T |mio WplPnmP   IwinTTI^!      Mrs- Bonnie Cameron and Halfmoon  ran to the girls and were handed a bal-    ���"*"*"*   ��vlU\JUl%0  1&.VXU.0      ^^   Hospital  Auxiliary  President,  X^S&^��JS��*J& to Pancake Breakfast ^s^Bm^dT^  wind, tied, and handed back to the girls 1U   * OUWUkC   UlCaiUU^i      how ^ wjn a pnze by pjuckmg a  who sat on them to break them. Win- MOTHERS Day looms up and the Sun-    lucky   numbered   grape   from   this  ners   were   Lois   Blakey   and   partner shine Coast Lions report their annual    novel method of fund raising at last  Harry Robertson; 2nd Kathy Reagh araj Pancake Breakfast which has gaineo) great    SaJMrday's W^e and Cheese  )=��arty  Phil  Crichton; 3rd, Susan  and Russell support since establishment five years ago,    held in Sechelt's Legion HalL  Cameron, , t will be held as usual at the showrooms of  Door prizes wen^ tq Sheila ScouUtr, Pentosuria Motors' Products.  (April   Edwardson,   Neil   Seaholm   and The event, Sunday, May 11, has atU  Gordon Reagh. So you seer it, was a ter- *tracl?ed; residents, from, * all points of ��� the  riffle night, although a caller did, hov Peninsula and has proved a welcome start  you say, goof. Square dancers don't make *o making a success of Mom's big day of  mistakes. Oh yes! tthcre* were over three the year. Lions President, 'Ted Farewell,  sets on the floor and many guests on the who has freely donated us�� of his facili,-  sidelines, but the hi-lite of /the evening ties each year, says club members wUl be  was   when   the   Pender ' Harbour   Jr. ' up at the crack of dawn prejoaring a first  Squares presented  caller Bob Crichton) claj�� breakfast which commences at ��  and his wife Doris w*th a lovely s,et of am*  Master chef in charge of prepara-  crystal glasses in appreciation" for their tloAs,wiu ^ pierre c- R��*way. "nder-  ever present efforts*in teaching square    t*���*1 *�� he an expert in the culinary,  dancing and b^ing friends to one; and all    (Mit3"   in the square dance world. )  A belated, bMhday wish goes out to  '^it^'tic^ if1  3  +    ��      f      .   S  Remember Mother  Mqy,lt?��h  -v  ft  % -.* /< ^ ���*-#.?����� �� **h  KJbilyV &oger %as Syliia'' Jones',  tJ"'-^-< \    whSle' Marion, "Foley of .Squamish5 won. -a  '     trip to.'Buccaaie&r' Bay "for hferself''and J  family,- bjK^urfesy of Nygard JLofe'gingi f "  Halfmooifr Bay. "Judy Parish* won-two  compliineritary' tickets to Gibsohs's-Twi-  UghtfTheatfe?anii a.BOttle'6f, Rye dona-    m  ted by >H^m6ta Bay, Tirnber Products      *> r " ���  was won*}&#?! Wn?., Stuart. Sharpn1 Mc-��   f-"-  "���'  Auley-als^wonash^ajai^po and setdOna-    |       'f ,    - , . ,, -  tea"^lHe:; Doris' Beauty" Salon "ofWikon    |     Morino-OVive  CreeJcyana^SylftiaT'^-Jones1 -won ^ a-Gift    |     " '   *'   ~ l:\   ,   .'       \'~    '-,','.  eOTttfieate'-aonat^ctVby-^ Morgan's  Mens   I      * '*    '     '    -        ,''>���>,*''���>'  Wear. A gift from Kruse's Drug Store,    ?���-���;���"���"���" ������" "Br��"1" ���������"�����"��-���> ��   Secheit was won by L. E- Meadows and  Dinner for 'two', donated by Cunningham's Patio Gardens, Halfmoon Bay was  Gibsons, B.C.  ^' j>-y���, i >  Sat $QUStyw.Itfa 'The times'  ^o^^^m^^^^si^^^^mE^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m^a^mi^^^m^^^m  $m��mm coast  'j-.  m    m    ��,  ��� Mothers of the - Sunshine  Coast look forward each  year to this popular event,  SO/ once again the Lions  have gone alt out to provide  the best Pancake Breakfast  yet. Good music, fine coffee  and   all   the   trimmings.  Jysf $1.25  .   Ch��idren< 65c  < '    ��� < ������ <  As eisiaal al  !      L  Starting 9 a.m.  Doris Criditon and a great big thank  you to Bob Crichton for a wonderful  evening of square dancing long to be remembered by all of |Ug, from Gibsons and  Secheit areas. All I can say now is may  God Bless ajl sfl^ar^danwra*',  -*. .���   > Canada leads "fthe civilized world in the  accident rate for children under one year  and for childrenrberfw^jen 5 - 9, oxxx>rding  4b the Canadiani jMedieal Association. In  the 1 - 4 bracket, * Canada iff second to  Japan,;,- ���'.','.,  ;' .y :y, ,'*���-',,,,:';:; ��� ��� ��� .   ,'...���  OLE  Sales  Service  ; SERVICE STAH0S  Highway 101 I  PHONE 886-9662  i ���  WEMB       ��f  ' Phone 886-9994  '   Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  ,' * * t  \    *   n �� *'  < \  -  ��������*-M*JiM��L4a*��WW��i]8����9J -. ���  ��� ��� :'i-,7 ' I ���'  HAPPY' MOTHER- DAY"  MOTHER'S PAY, SUNDAY MAY 11th  We havo many items suitabfo for MoiherY  '   Day, Gifts---  CERAMIC WARE, CUPS 6V SAUCERS,  AND MANY MORE NOVELTY ITEMS  Sdwe Money  AT YOUR POPULAR  LUMBER AND BUILDING  SUPPLIES  Serving The Sunshine Coast  6ULF BUBifWG  SUPPLIES    '  005-^203 - Secheit, B.C.  iM    >  Brought to, you * by  these prdgressivo  places of business  ==  >iW',��!a;,i:ii  i *  ste buk MOWLES  AND OTHER NEW  NOVELTY ITEMS  [jmnuwiiiimmi  WE HAVE GREETING  CARDS FOR ALL  OCCASIONS  MOUWMMHMt^iflMMW^^  Crop��' fa|*#r ���>* Scof^h^ 'Tapo - Thumb Tacks, etc. for Decorating.  lE'S VARIETY'S!  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Irrespective  of the season Ihe dally meals must not only satisfy tasre and appetite but the adequate  nutritionally as well. Fortunately most foods have about the some food value whether  eaten hot or cold. For good summer eating meats. can be ��� served cold ir�� many ways  ond In every way with potato chips,  JI3ULIED CHICKEN MOUSSE WITH POTATO CHIPS ��  Peninsula Plumblnj  Ltd.  HEATING & SlfFFLIES'i  Your Kcmtono  Sherwin Williams  Paint Dealer  Phone 886-9533  Gibsons; B.C.  MiJiaimimw.wimw.WiiiUriitfMM w.'i' ��i '������l,M,t.r.i,i ,n,:.'Hi.mau,! i,,��� ,i  1 tobtespoon gclalina  1 3/4 cups chicken stock  2 cups finely chopped chlckw  V* cup finely chopped celery  % cup finely chopped plckla  Vt cup rriayohnoiso or Kafod'dressfnrjt*  1 . .'���>'���!��.���  , ',.,*,      �����!'.'.���.' '.:    ,...,,,. ...  Soak ocJaJIrw* In % cup'of the chicken stock. Neat remaining, 1 % cups,stack and*  ; dissolve gelatine lr�� It. Cool and.^^when partloll^ Wt combing with chlct^o,.-'celery,.,'  .. pkjfax^-mayonnaise-Tattm&nd add salt ond pepper If -needed: Rira��'6 Kfa-lna'Ma\>a&--  molds with '.cold .water,;GarhliH hot torn* and tidm. with thin strips if pimento ot frwrat  1   pepper, fill molds with mixture. Chllj until firm, Unmold on crisp lettuce and s^rrOund,  with pototo dilps. For a richer mousse'1 cup of whipped cream may ba HqIAwI 'Into  mixture before putting .Into ntolds. If using on�� lanpe mold In placo of fsviivjdool ,<om%^<-  invert chilled.moussoCFn.a.plotter*and!orrar��ae potato chip* around it or-servtj.tit�� .  chips-jjeparately. ���  .     y.        ;.,   .  Where  Fashion is a byword  Smart Shoppers are  found at . . .  I  lolono's  ' f cislfipn Shopjie  ��� <Sit��s0ti8, 0.C. - �����" Ph/ 886-9941 -  25e'.A..:l>AY.....'........  -WILL COMPLETELY IHSTALL'  A NEW SHELL FURNACE  Complete  with  oil  burner,  duels  ;work ond oil tank in your home.  Call  Bud   Kiewitz  your Shell  Oil  Distributor.  8864183 Cit������s, B,C  .  !  %��*$  l^^,*,***^*^  tf41.A���^*��1���^*-^*,'',>"*'i***'��A^*���,'^'*''*' f*  ^,,*�� <A *r�� ,��k^.    *��J* tr*^* *# s  ���X fS i"X^* ** J$^<b^^>^~*^\^**i''>* Aiwf;^** *,U 4,��mptwf^i^ ^ ^ ,^v* 4 ,#^m,*, ^ ^. # ^ 1  **, a 4 �� .�����*;���  ��n#t��*��'*,S*��*''*'*"*l f*-^��"  K��, **t^t**�������,����*   **��    ����*ft^=*4-  n^v W^W ** fc*f"F   ft. ''^(*f i*>**F -^*  *  V T-V*,./ V?��:yy^yy %, </  ������s^**"*  ykj l*y>  T'i'fr^ <tJ>' S .  b* ^>t ��  ^#*yfc^  * * i     sh "' K "* . i.       y ,*��� , - fvv    ��? s v  ���*      i-J - J t      ��       .  ' f    7       *      r v,;  UJ> '    1  JXlU��~Ut'Z~~'-*'+   jjjf   *  I  I   l  \   ���  /  V  t*  r  ��V  1 *  s  /  <.  a>  <3amp Olave^ weekend training ses*-    are ^Ju%^aldwm, Antife"VeSifflof,    Rher'ahd'Bdtty Allen fiom GUfcori;     ' ' W# "AWJ * J VV*/.. M WPPr' ftt! *=? T  '*" ��� 1- -T-���  ���V       .V-��* ,   , ���  _          . ���,, ���   I ,   I  || I     I       I     i  1 \  s   *  1^  ���j   !      /  /-,  "-' r  '   �� *       !  V  ft  I,  /  _ ���  ^ MaryyTillRtey  JtoMBEttSoffte^W^comiti'^e^chr-Com-   Pat Hilton at Sloean/  ^    - t*-/,* *�� '*�� 4  ^i>fl^>^mi5es#ft.'- -'  Learning t new ideas to,keep.  EtoWnieS .ittfei*e&ted* aild-Vbusy. n&rt  fall,'leaders from-Texada XstewL ,  through to Gibsons gathered-atfealap ,  Olaye, Rojoprfts CreeH*/ fer3a-wieKeiid  munity . Association   have   received        fd-^djniin^^lnyQo^  notic> from *&Jfc<&id E'Cobfaer   JJ T^^^L^ShT^fiS^' ^'��M ;ff4��nes, p^sielfe  ,    thataSpecfelMeetngwll^e^d^the   ^^i^J^l^^m^'di, ***�� iiHSSjfc SStf&l* St  i    Welcome Beath* Hall- on Saturday, ^ay,, tie^bitaaByZl^^C^^hy^ shells and S(^PS ^ COlor^M^ .are  I    ._..���    .  ���          i_    ...     .:^_i._  ^.  *:.rrr_r' :.;���;,-' ��j_j: "-i*_ii." *rri��-i*jTr.; '^j^ from left Brownie leaders Nan John-  17 r    ;";.7wii.-",' - v'  u   "��� ley home. Mr B��munds has .gone;north' ana.���viyjeanair iwmm tiromu liiosons,  bui t^^ Je^^mci. wfto;have ig ftw     to itaM*^'Iif bi^rV Betty Robinson, Tmda and Shi^ey  ^'Kfp-SS S^TLfS^Sr P^ar*a*            ��� -   ' .   -  ������ Marcittek-ofclfoweJlBive^    r.'.  ajnd CQUfie^hopjwul.oe.a��j^m,Dy_their, ?>   y,^..^.^.^^:^   4   >'.;..,.���.,,  . -, -�� ,,   *.    ., r.L -  ...,.- c~^w ,;r  daughter and son-in-law, Alice and Ted tmiAteS^^  v.  c  rJ  .* *���  *w^w^w��iia<.|iiii^ni.iiiii in j i^uihi  1  * 5,       Homework-? '   -  Bfo^e^defs s-Sttle'down to a huiy  -. ��rltorn|^n-l3^a1iungVses^   at Camp  n tWave undelr /Uie guidance .of Brown  Trainer, Margaret Woodhead of Tex-  'ajaa. ���Studroiis' Brown fj-frlff are froih  left, A^lfene,^!*,^^^^, 1st Pack;'  " Poiiald^TJagcruin, Secheit l^t Pack;  Pliyfils Soles^Texada1st Pack; Mrs.  ; ^ood^6^andrBev:Divall of penUep  :; H^^ur^o^wal'��e;5tar<Mig a mew  Bmw#e1plckinHffiefell., /  Toth. The Harpnipk's have a younger  daughter Janet, in Grade 3 at West  Secheit School and the Toth's have one  son, Jimmy. Both families come from  Bevelstoke,  Miss Pauline Andrews has arrived  fpm her home near Winchester, England  for a visit with her sister, Mrs. Alan  Green. Mrs. Jim Cooper has returned after a visit tto the home of her daughter,  mm. Maw  <'      BFokc C. Afderson D.C.  Port Office BuMlno Secheit  .,      Pho����'885-2333  ,���'   /    '.'    ,1%^S86>2321L    r   '  (Tubsifoy^taFriday 10:30 a.m^f��ta(;30'p.m<  - Sahirday9?30a.m.rol:00p.ro.  . EV��^INGSrBY/APPOJNTAtel<IT  1 .'.     1   1 '    \i  'Pembt Harbour  Community Club  at _2 p.m.  Sn mduf, Moy 11, '69  ];"   ^ Cvmmvmiy Iff 3 '  .17-2 \lmaLMurfi and the family  r;; f& a[Wonderful Turkey pinner  - ���": :/'-J-    &t the * . .    ,  /; t. .> ,  SwpeMy �������ked Ymkey PiiM^r  or your choice with Apple Stwdte for dessert.  FreeJCorsage for Mum on her day.  Make It a day to remember at  RUBY LAKE.  Pining, room now open from  (3:3�� a,m. to W:3�� gj.m.  .   . . ;7���.0ays a  ii'^iaif'^Pf^^  JUST Aamv^  coMi Plastic mwmm��.  Special      DOGWOOD ASHIRMS^l"  A LARGE SELECTIOK OF  ���LAoiis shift mms> "*  from  IK0l{DS,LP:$Vo",ekws98  as long 03 itef losf ~-~ Only  MOM (HOCdUTB i^te  FOR THE KIDDIES, gel them 4u��-of'M*(i-/t fio^-lo^ a tle^r  SKIP4TV same *hrt^$$&.-"  HOT rMGSLS ^Ol^ 0^ 5����SCCr  dud: ��Med Mcde^mies. ^ > '  ... . /��   i., v.-. ^f ���  ,��� vli'-'^i'- r.';;1,!^;, '.'  ���f.^MimrmiMB-ii  ��tk��  ar<82  See our Wonderful'--'"'-^  Buys bil. 1^10 Ettdsy:;:'::':  Moke beautiful ffirow matt, Awsoitul'.*  colors o����i ���!����*. o reoi   '   '^"���^'d';   . f    --,. ..������   - ���   -��-�����/ ���"���--       ���..--.--���      -----    . - ���  Oood buy at  f3WF#'-;      t -.*j /!���,��%';fei*-.'",-'      ^�����*-  ^^ <-"-': KfS)??-^)5-"  1T#, Maty* ^Uftdtrt^ !fi0 8?a��n��! ITte Yettow  Pages section of your telephone directory Is  cfoslng NOW. Pleas�� check your (IstingJ** and  ���mkk$Mtd$&��to rorrect Then checH to see'  ii^at you cro listed under all the headings to  nbfee *#uf hilfiinis^ easy to itiid. Hrialiy, m  that yaw ^ employees and their positions  fr^ showj*}4n. proper order and that other firms  yoU rtiijy jfe^resent ere' shown. 6ek vduif share :  of lfi# b^sttiasa "Mill ��Htiha li@tlr>ii lb tfid yatfdW  Pages. Call our Business Offico today.  **S) 'if?& flQ',BmB        ,   I.WBBBS  -: ,-1/yi7!  i���i ,"-\ r~' \  jAyhw  n r fTT\r^i n f^7\  \t,'\ t-'-i f;" r:i-;n/y"1*-y Uv  L'Ma.\ Ll  Cowrie-Street# Secheit  lA/7P3/\.F5)  88S-9330  :^^^^s^^^^a��^JMq��^  ^  ^^WBrtllM^H,*^*!*^^  ^^^^.^^ *-* �����*��� ^*-* ^h-^P*^ A**-^**k*S ^ ��l  .���������,������� ^^(twe-fMrtSh^ ^mvfHn**^ti��^^H,t ��^f*Wfl*rtrf^*^���^***,'*^^',  k-^^^(^>��>,*.^^jph^M'**:(S[' ** >f*^��*-j**-^**^w'*l,'^-!^,l*r**B'T f4^^*^^.^A-**��^-^"l^^%��4^A.F^ i>*H**iH^^ft^i^*^^t^.^j*M��*^^ i)|,*wii��.^iiiA#U'A*,*w^i��i^-(M1?"��^'^,m��- J**.-,4*irtt.**,f j��.^*��*wfc��Hi r c*:<.  M  y  ...��  if.  ���5'  I,  Readers' Mght  Repeated interruptions   >y  Editor, The Times, ' ',''���,        -    '*  Sir:'With regard to the'letter signed  \ Lee> Macey in your April 30 edition, I too  would' like td^know by whom Dr. Ben-,  net Wong was brought here to .be the,  keynote speaker at sT meeting bn .communication held at Elphinstone  Secon-  . dary" School on April 21. I would Jik'e to ,  <,thank them and congratulate them for ���  being able to persuade such a busy man  'to come to our community.' His coming  proves that he is prepared to go "anywhere"' if he feels he can assist young  "people in any way.  .Not only is Dr. Wong a,very eminent  psychiatrist, bu,t he is fast becoming a  legend in Vancouver and other parts of  Canada for his work with Youth Resources and other like groups'. Hardly a week  goes by without some mention - of him  v in ��the Vancouver papers - in - connection  with his youth work, If anyone,can help  us to bridge the so called- communications or generation gap I, would say it  would be Dr. Wong. -  ''  I do agree with Mrs. Macey that possibly Dr. Wong could have covered more  ground in a shorter period of time, and  perhaps he would have, had he not been  repeatedly interrupted by parents who  obviously went there to challenge and  disagree and who just could not wait for  the question period.  (Mrs.) HAZEL CORLEY  Puzzled        ���  Editor, The Times,  Sir: I read with interest in your last  issue a letter from CONCERNED regarding the last meeting of Branch 69, S.C.A.  and I entirely agree that income tax discrimination against the 67-69 age group  is a serious matter, but I find it surprising that a report of what is being done  for senior citizens leaves CONCERNED  "cold".  For many of us who are working for  the welfare of senior citizens, there has  been encouragement in what has been  accomplished and in ,1 co-operation and  support we are receiving from the Hon.  Isabel Dawson and the Division on Aging. With Old Age Assistance, Guaranteed Income Supplements and Supplementary Social Allowances, we -know  -that no senior citizens in this poor man's  Paradise, the Sunshine Coast, need be in  want. Furthermore, many of those in the  ��� 67-69 age group are congratulating  themselves that they are receiving the  Old Age Security Pension several years  before they expected to do so. Doesn't  CONCERNED consider .this progress?  As for the Senior Citizens' Counsellors, many of them are doing a fine and  useful job. The great advantage they  have is that they are on the spot and can  give personal help and advice to senior  citizens with their problems, particularly  in helping them get the pensions to  which they are entitled. All they can do,  of course, is to advise within the scope  of existing legislation.  If the Hon. Grace McCarthy, Minister  Without Portfolio, advised senior citizens  to get in touch with their Counsellors on  the matter of Income Tax discrimination  against the 67-69 age group, she was obviously not too conversant with the problem. It is, of course, the Hon, Isabel Dawson whose special work and interest has  been devoted to the  wellfare of senior  citizens. ,  i  My own recommendation is for CONCERNED and all senior citizens particularly those affected by Income Tax dis  crimination, to join and whole-heartedly  support any senior citizens group. In this  way, they will strengthen the negotiating power of he Federated Legislative  Council which is continually striving for  an"> increase in the basic Q.A.S. pension  and better living conditions for all senior citizens,'' ,  ,   MARY TINKLEY  Page'TPf The Peninsula Tiraes  Wednesday, Moy 7, 1969       -  > \ ' *���  cowpoke's horse ever went that fast. The  steer decorator does not rope the steer at  rodeos.' He throws himself -irorn his horse  <to" grab the steer oy' the horns with his  hands iarnd puts a rosette on the steer's  horns. In calf roping, the calf is roped  from horseback. The cowboy dismounts,  ttips^the calf over and ties its feet.    " '  This thing of yanking its neck round  at 50.miles an hour, I have never seen.  Why should ehuck-wagOn racing  be  any more cruel than any steeplechasing  event?  I'll bet 'there are more horses in-  .jured   iri   the   Grand  National   than  in  chuck-wagon racing.  When there are so many cruel forms  of so-called sport, far worse than rodeos,  why pick on rodeos? Could the periodical  outcry about rodeos be to district tourists  from the Calgary Stampede to come to  B.C. '    .  * To mention cruelty,- what about trap-  iping, killing baby seals, shooting deer  ���and moose just for their antlers -and not  for food and to be able to crow about it  (at the office, killing elephants for itheir  tusks, rhinos for their horns, bears for a  ���sitting-room rug or a guardsman's busby,  and a host of other cruelties all far worse  than rodeos.  As long as you beefeaters want steaks,  calves ha-ve ito be roped, branded and operated upon on the ranches. You women  have to have your fur coats. But if you  do wear a fur coat-don't lecture me about  cruelty to broncs. My impression of  broncs was that it did not take any cruelty to make them buck.  J. S. BROWNING  Ancient or modern?  Editor, The Times,  Sir���It would be interesting to know if  there is any other civilized country in the  world today that has only a five day mail  delivery service?  E. W. ABRAHAM  Victoria, B.C.  Jehovah's Witnesses'  support law and order  "JEHOVAH'S Witnesses will continue to  uphold law and order despite the  growing lack or respect for authority,"  reported Mr. John Risbey, local presiding  minister. He was referring to the lecture,  "Law and Order���When and How" delivered by Laurier Saumur of Toronto,  at Jehovah's Witnesses' convention last  weekend.  Closed circuit television was needed  to accommodate the overflow crowd of  .1802. - -   ���  "We advocate that law and order be  motivated out of love of what is right,"  said Mr, Saumur. "Those who do right \  only out of fear can eventually follow1  their innermost desire and join the law  breakers."  It was also learned that about 95  ministers attending the assembly are  planning to move this summer to -areas  in North and South America where there  is'a greater need for trained Bible educators. Many of these will settle in the  province of Quebec.  Among the 27 new ministers baptized  Saturday were seven teen-agers. "These  will not engage in student rebellion as  they have dedicated their lives to uphold  Bible principles, one of which is to uphold law and order," said Mr. Risbey.  The next convention to be held by  Jehovah's Witnesses will be an eight-day  international assembly in July. It will be  the largest convention ever held in the  North-West with a daily attendance expected to exceed 35,000,  1    .,Oi,��w**NII--^*^'^>C*'^^ *    ly^i.���*-^i**.-y>.ArrJ   V *f*!*J1��Ji --* 'WJW ^*Y** W>^ ���**}��wfc.^%t-w  iLKft* *���  v^+^-Vf **"?">��� y**  High powered  Editor, The Times,  Sir���In answer to the "come uppance"  I received from Mrs, McGavin ^counsellor)  and the authoress of "Place of Quiet  Waiters" (whose book I have read twice  with groat enjoyment), may I say u few  words.  No, I have not been behind the scenes  to witness'alleged'brutalities','to bucking  broncos. But have the two ladies done so?  If they have not and if Mrs. McGavin, got  her information from the same source as  that of the 50 miles per hour steers, that  Information might not be quite reliable  Those apparency jot-propclled steers  should have been safe from nny cowpoke's  horse, because he has /to como up from behind and catch up to tho eteer and no  Want to moke your home  larger, more comfortable, more  modern, more beautiful?  Whatever home improvement  project you have in mind,  you'll find helpful Ideas and  information at your one stop  supplies shop  '       ,.  Peninsula Building  Supplies ltd.  Phono 885-9669  SECHELT, B.C.  m  Annual General Meeting West Secfiielt, Water  Board will t>@ held Tuesday, Mmy 13 at 3 g��,m, in fiae  Secheit Legion Hall.-  Ab this ie the only General Meeting of the year  it is important that you turn out in order to learn  what your Board haa accomplished.  ALSO ... It is planned to hold a discussion on  proposed amalgamation with Secheit. We hope to  have a guest speaker to discuss this topic.  Frank Parker,  **��� ���"�� *"% 'i < i  Secretary  v   ������  '���'  r  ~i ���  i  ir  #  r  7W6rttiy cause *> . �� ���,..  'Local Med G  f * l *- *    ��> N ,  -  lduhe'h, iwndL  f  rv        t  f>  \  y ���  ��    t  t       *  r'P*  "V.  1  *��  -;.���-..  -   %.*  mJtltmmml^  ���������nnrJ   1  ON TUESDAYyMay 13, -two local volunteers will be conducting aVcampaign  to raise funds for the Canadian. Red Cross  Society,, British. Columbia - Yukon Division. "      ' <\> ���  '  -  Canvassing for funds is' aViough job  hut as nurses and also as the'.- wives of  local doctors, both Mrs. Carolyn^Stuartand  Mrs. -Irene Bunbnick have iirst hand  knowledge of the vital role which .the  Canadian Red Cross plays in sickness and  disaster.      , -   .  Besides the well known Blood Trans-'  fusion Service, the Canadian Red Cross  offers services in the home and sickroom  supplies; many people turn to the Red  Cross for help in time of emergency and  disaster; it ialso operates Youth'Programs,  water safety 'training, comfort for veterans  and works internationally, to alleviate  suffering  sions. Gross cost of this service was $1,182'  with savings estimated at $8,300; the average* cost per unit of blood outside Canada  in areas where there is a charge is $40,  ,    Six families received assistance during  ' emergencies lat an "estimated cost of $1,410.  One hundred and thirty-six pupils were ��  : enrolled in water safety programs at an  estimated cost of $114.  B.C.-Yukon Division has set a target  of $725,000 for 1969 and 90 per cent of  /this money is spent here at home to provide services to communities.. The other  10 per cent goes to meet the^Nationail and;  International commitments of the Society.  Campaigners  Busy preparing posters and leaflets' and Mrs. Iriene Burthick know better local help  for their Red Cross Campaign in Ihe* than anyone.the vital,part played by Statistics for -1968 show that on.the  Wilson Creek to Pender Harbourarea.^ the Canadian Red Cross at home and i Sunshiiie Coast 166 units of blood were  next Tuesday, Mrs. .Carolyn Stuart!  abroad.     ' issued with 30 patients receiving transfu-  Of 5,412 traffic.deaths, 805 were1 children under the age of fifteen. Of 1,379  pedestrian fatalities, 569 or 41.3 .percent  were children imder fifteen years of agei  MmM..gs>��MS!im!ms^i��im^mWi>mts^mwxum!&X4&-��mmm  CAPACITY crowd spent a delightful eve  ning at the wine and* cheese party.-  "A Night In Italy," held in the Madeira*.  Park Community Ball on Saturday, April-  26. ' J,  ���  } *���  The party was sponsored by Pender*  Harbour Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital.*  Special thanks for the success* of the"-  evening goes ito Mrs. Ray Lee the convenor and her assistants; Mr. Ray Lee for  the St. Mary's Wisj^g Well; Mrs. L.  Alexlander and Mrs. S. R. Maddison for  their decorations and all who assisted with  help and donations of gifts for the wish  ing well ancl door prizes^  Winners of the door prizes wereMrs.  E. Warden, Tom Scales, Ralph Maddison  and Mrs, MacQuiddie. , ,       \  Active members are reminded that the  next regular meeting of the Pender Harbour Auxiliary falls during Hospital Week  and will be held at the Legion HalL Madeira. Park, 2 pjn. Wednesday, May 14.  A special invitation to-all associate  members and any prospective members  to attend. Meeting to be followed by a  tea and Mrs. S. G. Hewitt, Regional Representative, has been invited to attend.  SEE  Doctor of Optometry  204 Vancouver Block  Vancouver, B.C.  Will be in Secheit  For on appointment for  eye examination phone  ?��'!<e��SB8!*S!d?^^^  !/    V   -    ;  ���'�� : Vv.v*|  7-   i /M  t   * V   7\ .*r  \       -^ '   //   ft      > -  ���,*..,   'i^iXi"-. %- i   '-**'      i *  -.      ���  ' *       t 3   **U\.W ,        (���><>   *," } '  h. A   \*-v.*^   P'   *"* ������      r       * i/^1 S  ' i"\\   j ^*��� /'*'���>���'-���-"'A://..,     .1    ���, '��� --���:   ';"  *y " *SS��  I       >'   ���        ������-t-^"'   ''    -   ���   ��� *"'       ^ "     '/ . 7   *Vi       *'>.  >w,  U       < .i  �� -in   ��� \?  ���  ___:_  uM  y%  mt  M4<  m r*tvfrmr<m*int**i*<  .   yy :y yes , y   l\f 7Y^y,*tf^w^ jvmwmmm,  , Photo Dill Cunnlnahatn  To encourage nnd oxpand the Intoroat and partldfpalton cf British  Columbia's citizens of all ages In arts and culture, the Prqvlnclal  Government has established this permanent fund. Tho money will  bo Invested to provldo capital construction funda for schools and  hospitals throughout British Columbia, and the, annual Jnterest  earned will bo used to encourage and oxpand cultural activity In all  areas of tho Provlnco. The funds are available to organizations of a  rion-commercial nature promoting the Arts and Culture throughout  British Columbia. Your suggestions are Invited,  For further Information and application forms, mall this coupon to:  r~  I  Hon. W, H. Murray, Chairman  British Columbia Cultural Fund Advisory Commllteo  Parllamoht Buildings, Victoria, B.C.    ,,  fVoaso ��cnd lull pattkuiata and application torn regarding grants  under tho BRITISH COLUMBIA CULTURAL FUND.  I  I  I  I   NAME.  ADDRESS.  I  I  Note: Completed applloli^^^^birtobml^tW^Oi^den^mpy th@<  Committee by October 17,1889* }.  To foster and develop tho health and well-bolno of British Columbia's citizens of all ages through athletic ondeayour, the Provincial  Government has established Ithis permanent fund. The capital-will  be Invested In school and hospital facilities throughout the Provlnco  and tho annual earned Interest will be used to ensure a continuity  of annual grants to sport ahd physical fitness groups In British  Columbian amateur spor|lng world. Your suggestions are Invited.  For further Iritormatlon ehd application forms, melt this coupon tb:  r  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  "**T  Hon. L B. Peterson, Q.C., ChalrrnarV; ,.���...,,..,���    y  Physical Fitness & Amateur sports Fund Advlflory Committee  Parliament puildlng3, Victoria, BfCX v  P/enao send full pmllculmand application form regetdlna aranta  available from tho PHYSICAL FITNESS A AMATEUR SPORTS FUND.  NAME.  ADDRESS-  *��� p'*'��� '' ����'������ ���'"��!���>>*������>'(imp��wmw��Iimm�� .mmini�������.  I  GOVERNMENT" OF THE PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  DEBAETMENT OP FINANCE         , ..���.;.:..:.,' .-.���,.-.  HottWAC. Bennett, PAiP/emler and Mjlnistef ��f Finaneo   G#8,Bryson# Deputy Minister of FJnanco  \.o "���" ' :' ' -  .'.'������ ' '"   ''   .;'���: :   '  A*  .j^,,/1,    *��������*(       ft*-..  , tfsffil ^-*##*,��f **?��><?���  **���  *%��$$*rA ��iH%'^^^!i^,'***(t'i(��Wtj** i 1  s^^'^-^"^ v-*^  ?  t *)  A'Yolkswqgen-,starfs:life-un!i|ce any other-carin  the world.  Which may.help a littlefo explain-why it daesrft  look or act like any other car in the world.  From the moment'its*first two parts .(of ao���eventual 5,115) come, together, It starts to. he. poked,  eagle-eyed, tested, re-tested, inspected and re-  Inspected by a group of the most uncompromising  "people In the World.  The 8,400 VW Inspectors.  . And as if that weren't enough, their work In turn  Is inspected by 562 inspectors who do'nothing but  Inspect inspectors.  Example: A spanking new Bug body has made its  way, piece by piece, through the gauntlet of body  Inspectors. To the human eye, it's perfect. EJuf' the  trained, almost inhuman eye of a chief bbdy Inspector  i!p*OT IywL"I W\ *1  \ ��M%i*��9l  f*��  '������>���'. "*vv*r>��.  'V . *{*..'  *    ? 1 *****.;; ���' -y y* -*"-���' .V **,��*' *'i Jl i  4   *y  ���* W "p*    I'   ���       ���    *���, j  ;.' :. , j  Each Bug is inspected 16,000 times.  notices a small scratch. He marks an X on the spot.  And the whole car up to that point is scratched.  A flttlek. farther along^ho line Is the unique water  tost area. ''-'���' ������-  Here, a -car has all the air sucked out of It by cj  vacuum.  Then, powerful fofs of waler are driven at it, top,  bottom,front and back.  Wo actually try to suck wator info the car. If it  sfays dry through here. Ml slay dry anywhere.  Som�� Volkswagens run on water.  hi fact, the legend that surrounds tho air-- and  watertight construction of Ihe Bug has been put to the  test many times. t  Notably* In Homasassa 'Springs, Fla., witnessed  fsy members of the press, a Bug with Its windows  fcrfl&f tt-p and its doors shut, was driven Into 12 feet of  Water, tt stayed afloat tor p rnlnules, 12 seconds*  Then 'thorp's *the.man in, Sydney, Australia; who -  equipped ra<Bug ,with a��� 10"inch propeller- and a  snorkel fitted to trie exhaust, and-paacQededta make  4 trips across Kogarah Bay, a distance of 2 miles I  '   Fortuhdfely f6r him;" the" legend;and 'not the car,  held water, t      <:���' -      ��� * - ������ ���    ''  Meanwhile, back at the. factory (which by the  way, is the'largest and most modern under one' roof  In the whole,world! some strange things are going  on in the gigantic destruction test laboratory.  Th'o VW House of Horrors,   .  '  Metal parts ai>e being subjected to several lifetimes of use in a matter, of hours.  For example: Keys are actually turned in locks  25,000 times. .    , .    ,     .     y  '  Brake .cylinders are made to perform 250,000  panic stops.  Shads, absorbers are made to absorb an actual  3,000,000 shocks. (If they lose more than 10% of their  "spring," the entire shipment being tested is thrown  out.) ,    ���  ,%! on and* prill goes.  yfar't after;.pqrt. Torture^ after, torture.  dnly by Insuring that every part of every Bug wo  make will keep gQlfjg ana\ going/,can we be certain  that every-Bug we make will do the same thing.  Mrs. Gafson firooks of Qxlord, Alabama, however, had idea?* of fier own.  SKe acliiatly,drove her "59 VW 605,439 miles.  , Av^rdging:3t0 tnJN a day, 5 days a week,  !|      ���   f* r.it ���,  ������'       "i   ,.'*,*>*  ' ' ��� Mr. PcjuI'Loofs of Trail; British' Gofumbia/ did 'her  ,even one"fetter. ; "  '* ' " ''  ���/    "*   i - *.He drclvethe sg/ii0 *^ug (Serial #r?0384^)'a total  -of7'timesarouridtheyWQrfd%Litera|Iy. ,     ' '    '  Me trqvellect' can 5 'continents and' over- terrain  i.    ^    a'  ( */tl*S/> *>*'/  t   ��*FV      f  r v ->yy-y.  i    >!���  r , tike driving to the moon  ," '< .        .  , 3 times.  Other than two underslapdabfe engine Irans-  plantvhor.Bug Is:i��lil -jjoing strong,.and. shows no  , signs ��| rfo^teg dpwn.  This dosort had no water holos.  Paul Loot's* Bug didn't mind.  It doasn't have a water hole either.  ranging from the roadless rain forests of the Amazon  to the vast Gobi Desert. Equipped with only a built-in  bed and camping gear, rio dnd his Volkswagen  braved the most savage driving conditions the world  has to offer. (Not to mention various and sundry  revolutions.I  On nisi return  Australia) wo asked  such an incredibl  "No complaint's." he said. ,.,*,--.    .-  And since he continued driving the same  V-�� y^.J-r.; ��?,?*  VW,'lt obviously felt the Same way. t v-^' 7/7)i  t  Continuing on our own |ourney however,we'    "-'  ' nexT'otfrrte to an amazing painting techniquo, Invented by Volkswagen.  first, wo paint tho Bug.  .��� Then wo'paint tho pcrmk'-.''.'-'-'";'''  We had to bo cortain that tho outside of a Bug  Would last as long as tho insido.  So wo found a way to do It.  Simply,. It amount* to electroplating paint on the  body, fit's so effoctivef that wo cart apply 3'/a- times  cis much protoctivo primer Ihls way for Instance, as  other people can wilh just an ordinary d(p*l  -   During this''step/'Ihe car Is never touched'by  human-hands. ^chlngj^t Ir^otv the a&U       , , ,  ,, Then, after this electrifying treatment and another  coat pf, paint,, yet another final coat of paint Is  applied..  . Naturally, there are Inspectors at each step of the  way, Inspecting.-both the work done by people and  the work done by machines.  Gradually, each perfect, Inspected part loins  another perfect, inspected part, and a., perfect  Volkswagen is created and shipped off, right?  Wrong.    ���  The test to end all tests.  ,    ...       \     .  The most Important test Is yet fo come.  Every fully completed Volkswagen Is moved onto  a fantastic device; called the Funktlonsprufstand.  (Fuhk^shun-pru^stai^d). Here, the entire car; as a unit  is minutely tested.   '; r    ,/   .  Engine, transmission, paint, theway the car sounds,  you ridme it; Ifs gone over here. We might also  m^ntlQh that while here, each Bug Is Individually  jut)e,d***-byhand.'-' ������/. -  (Incidentally, the highly trained men who perform  this final test must themselves be tested regularly with  eye and ear examindtior)s.r    '  If a Bug makes it through here, It {pins thousands  of others who make their way to almost every pdrt of  the world.        >^s  O  -���-.   ��.***       '.   .     I*.   "*   .jr.-'i.j        '.   ,    ��.  ^  Once, they even caught a speeder, ��� ���  Somo go on to become police cars. tCar No. 117  in Saint John, Now Brunswick If a Bog J  Somo go on to btcome airplanes. Or racing cars.  fA number of small planes and all Formula V racers  are powered by VW engines.)  Others become huskies. JAVW was chosen to bo  the car of the Australian Antarctic Expedition \o tho  SouthPole.)  But mdst of them fust go on to become  what they were Intended to be*  lftdoslracUbto.  ,rtt!(y��^%1^<^^.^^Mtw��wt.^,H><^^.^^^^****���*^ d"-*^! a^uf>|f>  1*t*frjfa q/lty 4P**UJ^U-Jf"f Jlf"t  ^^^^"rfS �����** -*w��tH>.*-,-^ ���*���*���*****���"'  ^   J^^\    Ft*.^   ******     **-    f        rf"1*      "  1, ,��*-���. .r*** ^ <f��,nirtv ,*��,<(���*    *   ,����������., n*H   (f*,*.^   ^   -,#���.,**)   *��   ��*fc. **>, Ob, >,   ^V^,���Ut-  ��*> #*i &4J***  ft   J*    *    ��  J^*     I*'   ,  *  \ **V(*"I* ^���"%fy"* -*>^ ** ��!*t''  \ ^ ty* ^, *t* -m, # jf< ^  ,  >.,A.**��       .f>      '"��� *      fl**..'*        f*      -f*1     <*!      *       ***��**'     -"      ^        I*      ���*      /        *')       '  4- ���* * .* -�� **t ���*"��� ,*  * *c ,**i *���*! ���** j(* -** ,*f*i *i A *���*������ <* ���** f#j **V* A ���"V;     *^-4"   ,  * .'.'        '-'."       ��� -   ������     -      . - ������       '      ' i^ ,- ,     -rs,k,v      ' ���'���''. /   ",   '       . ���    , --I- \     **     ;  fod  ;l  Per Capita Grants aiii for local Governments -^  The Peninsula Times Wednesday, May 7, 1969  > ���r *   ny  ���P..  I       '  as  V  l\  NYr  j  * f  -     'J.  fi.  ' 7' -  -r  J  r * -  -��T  -   >  J^  ^^Jr  *j\  Happy Anniversary  Golden Wedding anniversary was  celebrated recently by Mr. and Mrs.  G. M. Laddie of Madeira Park who  were honored with a family dinner  followed .by an open house at the  homes of their son and daughter at  Burnaby" and Port Coquitlam.  Madeira Park couple  celebrate 50 years  Smoking and lung cancer  DO YOU wonder why, if smoking causes  lung cancer, all cigarette smokers do  not get 'lung cancer?  According to a recent U.S. Public  Health Service Report, all cigarette smokers do not get lung cancer because some  smokers are more susceptible than others,  some may not have smoked long enough to  FOLLOWING is a'list of 1969 per .capita * lutiori, poUcingrand, parks portion '$500;'  grants-in aid-of  local, governments"  ambulance'service, ^ounsmf tod industrial  within the Sunshine Coast area, submitted    promotion. '$1,600; total per'capita grant  for readers' information by the Honorable    payment $14,000,(1969),-$12,500' (196S).\  Isabel Dawson, Minister without Portfolio, * 1966 Census of population except for '  and MLA for the Mackenzie Constituency. . (��.) subsequent boundary .changes,' or (2)  The table compares the 1969 grants '-with,    subsequent new, incorporations. *-  those of 1968:    * * " ' '\ "*,y      ,',    .��   ' ,- .      ,     '"  Powell River;   1969 grant population-* ��� rjM��� '4-. t,i**A �����-��-.'-rl*liUiL%��     '  12,578; streets and roads portion $247,248;, HOW tO Store Vegetables .  pollution, policing and parks portion $67,-; DO YOU know how to store vegetables?'  '202; ambulance service, tourism and in-'       The federal health ^department   says',  dustrial promotion, $37,734; totett per cap- that:    ' '   .-������.'"- .-I ' -1 "' f  ita grant payment $352,184 (1969), $314,350 ��� potatoes and turnips should be' stored irt.,  (1968).                                                   ��� a cool (40 - 50��F) dark place with good  Gibsons:  1969 grant population* 1,450;'        ventilation,       -   , *.  *  streets and roads portion $34,800; pollu-* ��� onions and squash may be stored at a  tion, policing and parks portion $1,450; higher temperature (55-60'F) in a dry  ambulance service, tourism and industrial        atmosphere, ���r        . - -  promotion $4,350; total per capita grant ��� beets, carrots and parsnips with tops  payment $40,600 (1969), $36,250 (1968). removed can be stored like potatoes, or  Secheit:   1969 grant  population*   500 small quantities  can be kept in the  (1); streets and roads portion $12,000; pol-        refrigerator, ,  Unemployment insurance  t Any Questions, please?  Q. When I started working as recep- permanent- public servant, this may be  tionist for the British Columbia Govern', the reason why Contributions ceased to be  ment, I was told we were to get stamps! made on your behalf,  for the first six months. But I ..was4; In such case contributions are not recharged for three months ahd then they turnable. If you now take up 'insurable  changed over to superannuation instead: employment; the' contributions already  Shouldn't I have got at least the three made for you would ..count towards the*  toriSft^SZ ISSSiSSS^ months l P^ for? *** l ** ^fore-my; establishment of a benefit qualification.  S^��uS^bete?^S^teS six months were up because of transpbrta- If contributors were deducted for a  by cancel                                   scncKen    tion problems> Should this not entitle, me" three-month period, but no stamps have  i  ���*"V       J4"*- p**,*;1,^*���>-���^���'���  4        * ���       ."I ,|lAlV .'%    - - ' /  \ U' m -ft  n  "1  GOLDEN   wedding   anniversary  of  Mr.    kind of lunS cancer than lung cancer vie  and Mrs.  G. M. Liddle of Madeira    tune who do w* smoke. By far the most  Park was celebrated March 28 with a    c?��������� lung cancer occurs almost en  '    Happiness  to the full five months stamps? I never   been-placed in your book, you should" take -,. Ten-year^ld David-Newton was the.' visor for W/H. Malkin Ltd., on left  Cigarette smokers develop a different    got any stamps at all for working the five    .this up with your, former employer.   ��  ' -   happiest  boy in Secheit last week    and Mt. Dick "Clayton, owner-mali  son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs  Jim Liddle of Burnaby. Some twenty-  two relatives and friends were present  to congratulate the couple on the happy  occasion.  Mr. and Mrs. Liddie were further  honoured with an open house party held  March 30, at the home of their daughter  and son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Doug Madden of Port Coquitlam. A total ofi 112 well  wishers signed the guest book. A beautiful painting of Chief Dan George of the  Burrard Band, painted by former Secheit  artist Mrs. Jo Michie, was presented to  them by the family.  ���Mr. Gordon Liddle was born in Sault  St. Marie and met his wife when travelling in Ireland in 1919, they were married in March that year in Belfast, Mrs.  Liddle's home town. They returned to  Sault St. Marie where they lived until  1937 before moving over to the west.  They had three sons and one daughter,  unfortunately one son was lost while  serving with the Canadian Air Force  during the last war.  ��� Mr. Liddle retired from the position  of manager of the Pender Harbour Credit  Union three years ago, a position he had  held since moving fo the area six years  ago.  Around Gibsons  A FORMER Gibsons" resident, granddaughter of the Cochrane family, well  known in earlier days, Betty-Jean Bailey  ���now Mrs. Mairs, visited the Sunshine  Coast last week after an absence of eight  years. Mrs. Mairs has recently ' returned  from New Zealand. She was a visitor  with Roberta Cramer here.  Mrs. Mollie Kennett attended the Scottish Country Dancing party at Holyrood  House in Victoria where she enjoyed a  couple of their "workshops." Mrs. Ellen  Marsh-ill was also among those attending,  the dancing party which was a lovely \  affair.  Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Rea out from  town to enjoy .their country home at  Gower Point.  Proceeds from a recent Fun Day put  on by Timber Trail-Riding Club were for  the Cori-Lec Benefit Fund. An Endurance  Ride is planned. ,  Don't forgot the Cori-Lee Benefit  Dance at the Gibsoas Legion Hall on Saturday, May 17, sponsored-by Timber Trail  Riding Club.  Arnold Wiren and friends from Vancouver were weekend visitors at the home  of Mr. and Mr*?. Wjljo Wiren, ���,,,,, y ,  Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Johnstone from  town were out to their. Franklin Road  place. '      ,������...���,���.,.���     ' ���.������.-, ;..,,,,.  Mr, and Mrs. D. AndrowB and family  of Coquitlam were visitors wjtl*. Mm E.  Lawrence recently.     ,  Danny Henry has'returned,to the Sunr  shine Coast from Northwest Territories  where he was working.  On Monday last week Janino Cramer  had an afternoon tea party on the occasion of her birthday when her 'guests-were  Gwendolyn. TMcConnel, .Glenda.. Stoniway>  Garnet Rowland, land Donna MacLean.  Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cramer and family  were recent visitors to Vancouver, whero  they were guests of Mr, Cramer's sister.  While In town the Cramers were joined by  Mr, and Mrs. Jon Nimmo when, Jon's  birthday was celebrated.  months- : Questions shotiM be referred 4o Infor-   when fie was presented with Hie lait-   ager of Shop-EJasy where of course  A.   If after your first three months in-    mation. Services,   Unemployment Insur-," <��ft model "in bicycles, won in  the    young David purchased his winning  ...     f* . .  . ���._, ���..,....._-'��� -.     ��*^,^ ��__��-������^-*  *.��-.�������.-    -0-...1.!.. -.-1.-1    Contest runs  until  more bikes to be won.  ^fw'X^^MTt JhoTnJT nfXir    &*& among "cigarette smokers and^"rarely    provincial governmeirt service, your status    ance, Vanier puilding,  222 Nepeah Sfcy/Malkirfr Freshie Contest. Making the . Freshie   label.    Contest   runs   Until  son^rJ^uehter-in-la^w   Mi^and S    ^^se who have never smoked - was changed from that of temporary-to    Ottawa, Ontario -^ .TeL 996-2975. -    -      '-]   presentation-are Mr. A. Lane, Super-    June 28 with  Si^fen^^^^  " '' *  1    ��� 1 ����� mum j 1 j...,   h COMPLETE  ELECTRIC SERVICE  o HEW HOUSE  WIllil^G  ��������� REWIRING ���  O  COMMERCIAL. AHD  INDUSTRIAL;   / ; '.���';,  ���  ELECTRIC HEATING  ELECTRIC  Box 745  GIBSONS, B.C.  Phone. SSS-fMiS��  mpm*m  wmtmrnmm  5f  Hr  ll  *  I  U  i  L  "  I'i


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