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The Peninsula Times Aug 6, 1969

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 i 4 fj* ��^        t ���W-k,. (���*,, i;  *   " *- . *' ' c 'f, ' *    ���      *  f\UG8   REC'D  "I 'don't intend to lose . ;���/?-  West Canadian Graphic Industries Ltd.,  I��0J&J_Jest 3tJj Ave*, ,    -   Vancouver 9* B��C. ' _  ��� Service  ROBERT "Bert" Forrest has been chosen  by the -laterals to attempt to take the  provincial legislature seat from Mrs. Isabel Dawson. He was nominated at a Liberal association meeting held last Saturday,  He was chosen by secret ballot over  Joe Benner who carried the Liberal banner in the last provincial election and had  hoped to try again this election. Forrest  was nominated by Bob Wells from Texada and seconded by Alderman Frank  McCloskey who also spoke for Forrest.  Alderman McCloskey, in his nomination speech, outlined Forrest's background  in education which he gave up to work at  MacMillai- Bloedel, He said that Forrest  quit teaching "because he was fed up with,  the education system." He also reviewed  Forrest's long association with the Liberal  party.  Speaking on his own behalf in a prepared speech Forrest said that transportation is the main issue in this riding. "They  say that we have toll free roads, in British  Columbia; but those of us who live on the  Sunshine Coast have to pay to use the  ferries; part of the road system."  He added that the government must  establish a new system of priorities, as  well as re-examining the finance and education systems. Jn speaking about himself  he said that he had*"the desire to vth\  the capability to'win, and the determination to win." He then asked for the support of the party and added, "Second is  _x>r losers; and I don't intend to lose."  Immediately after receiving the nom- *  ination,*_ Forrest shook hands with Benner  and stated that next time it would, be  Bermer's turn. -  Federal MP Paul St. Pierre speaking  at the nomination meeting told the group  that Canada is'still being governed essentially by the bureaucracy and the Trudeau  government has made attempts to change  this by putting control back into .the cabinet, "but so far this has not happened." '  He added that for Trudeau to bring  bureaucracy under his control will he  one of the supreme tests that he will have  to face. St. Pierre said that right now we  were witnessing, in his opinion, and he  emphasized that k was his opinion as a  participating observer and not as an inside , information source, a change in the  system of government. He said that it is  changing from the present system-to a  congressional system that will see more  work being done by committees and less  emphasis on the Commons, He said that  the government feels that more work can  be accomplished by these non-partisan  committees because, "Debate in the Commons is becoming a series of set-piece arguments with the points and outcomes  being very predictable, where a committee can investigate, push, probe, and  , change .legislation*." He said that the* committees have this power if they want to  use it,   On the subject of economics St.*Pierre  aerVinp the Sunshine Coast, (Howe"5oUnd,rtd jervis Inlet), including Port Mellon; Hopkins Landing, Grantham's Lending, Gibsons, Roberts Creo��.  -Vilsort Cftiek, Sefma'Po'tk, Secheit, Halfmoon Boy, Secret Cove, Pender, Harbour, Madeira Park, Kleindale/ Irvine's Landing, Earl Cove, Egmon'.  J&~i  ** i  *��.       T*  *1    ��  C  ***���  ��  I.*  i       1  "* -  * pUiLC?  ���**���*��� Jr  r  J  \  M  ���*.  9  1��  .~><  Board protests . ��� .  Preparation -  stated'that tou^me-aiires"__re .needed to   Tfitiree weeks ago, The Times vso. this   Cove for installation. The sheltered   age proves just how great this activ-  ���see pago A4   i>ictui*e showing barge load of styfo-   cove lias always, been,a hiv6-of- ma-   ity is, as illustrated in picture below   : :    foam packed'floats arriving ^tSecret   rine activity but installation of moor-   taken last weekend.  *      .-    > i ' ���      * "        "^  v..  MEDICAL clinic for the Pender Harbour  area still awaits department approval  and a letter read at last meeting of the  Sunshine Coast Hospital District' from the  BCHIS stated the matter is still under  consideration.  Director Frank West said he had heard  a new broadcast which indicated proposed  changes in the act which could make possible such clinics under -the BCHIS.  Director A. Rutherford said he felt this  information should be withheld" but was  informed it had already been on the air  and was therefore no secret.  Secretary-Treasurer Charles Gooding  reported that as yet no funds have been  received from Victoria for administration.  Neither has permission been received to  pay bills.  Director West suggested a letter be sent  the Department asking where is the District's tax money, pointing out that money  borrowed in the meantime is costing- the  ''f^p^sc^F^^'iu:- >;-<���"������*. * /;-* .* \  GARBAGE COKTHtfCir '       *  Surprise was expressed by some members that a contract between th Regional  District and the garbage collection contractors had not been signed. Discussion  arose following reading of a letter from  the contractor's lawyer questioning * a  clause in the contract permitting the  Board to dismiss , the contractor at one  month's'notice.  Mr. Gooding explained that this clause  was in the contract plus posting of a  $2,000 bond. It was requested by the contractor that this be changed to three  months and this was agreed to providing  the bond be increased to $6,000. Now. the  $6,000 bond is being questioned also the  fact that three month dismissal can be  without cause.  Mayor Bill Swain of Secheit expressed  the view that thjs was unfair, he also said  he thought the contract had long since  been signed. Director Rutherford commented ^"apparently not." Chairman  Lome Wolverton said "no, it is not signed  yet".  Check of the contract revealed the fact  that dismissal at one month's notice could  be given with cause and three months'  without cause. This, stated Director Cliff  Gilker was not In the original agreement  when we went to tender and I do not  blame them for protesting.  Director Rutherford agreed and commented "we cannot deviate from terms of  Water users support  Regional Board move  REACTION to a news item in last week's  Times regarding conflict between the  Sunshine Coast- Regional District and the  former owners of the Secheit waterworks  system has been substantial support for  the expropriation action taken by the  Regional Board.  Secretary - Treasurer Charles Gooding  reports that users are supporting the  Board by paying their bills to the Regional Water Authority at cither the Secheit  Village office or the Regional District office.  ' - J  Changes in Courts Act  Magistrates now Judges  MAGISTRATE Charles Mittelsteadt became a Judge of Provincial Courts of  B.C. as of August 1, 1969 and District  Magistrate Eric Winch became District  Judge. Protocol which previously called  for addressing a magistrate as "Your  Worship".will now be "Your Honor."  The changes, affecting all magistrates  in the province, were brought out under  the Provincial Court Act.but do, not apply  to Justices of the Peace.  Also under the Act. Small Debts Court  has been, repealed and is now known .as  the "Small Claims Act." Family Court of  B.C. is now "Provincial Court of B.C,  Family Division." *  \'  *^ *     ���_,  ���*** _." t    f  .-_  *  ���J-.-P  J  I  Imprisonment ior lite  break and entry maximum  FORMER Pender Harbour man, Maurice  Gardner, who previously entered a plea  of "guilty" to four charges of break and  entry with theft in the Pender Harbour  area, appeared before Magistrate Charles  Mittelsteadt Last Wednesday, July 30, for  sentence.  In handing down sentence, the Magistrate   warned  Gardner   that   break   and  entry  of   a   private   residence  carries   a  maximum penalty of life  imprisonment.  The same offence involving a commercial  premises   carries  a  penalty   of  fourteen  years.  However as this was his first time  before the court he gave him a suspended  sentence of two years and warned . him  that any further such offence during that  period would result in the sentence being  carried out in jail.  He also ordered him  |   to be placed on a $1,000 bond and to make  '.    restitution to the amount stolen from the  *    properties.  Gibsons' youth, nineteen-year-old Bar-  rie Barnhart, entered a plea of guilty to  a charge of being a minor in possession  . .,.following aajneident July. 19.in. which  "" ^police Investigated complaints of a noisy  party at a private residence, He '.was  fined $50.  Mrs. Ethel Arnold of Powell River  appeared Friday in Secheit Court and  entered a plea of guilty to impaired driv-  the area and provide a plan for study    *U5 .esuiiiaiwu   uai uw  bhwu^ ��������� ��� . -   ,        ing Sunday, July 27, near Secheit.  Police  bv the Board'���and Granthams Landing    pleasure Craft Can be accommodated.     ORIGINAL   request  for. water  facilities,   a .long term plan under,the Regional Dis-    said she had admitted drinking and had  *^ .     , ��� ���_*** '..   '__ ',1 _-'__* ._.    ���   .       .'__"__* __ ______ _J_' _-____.___' ��4__ a 1-1 _> _>       i _f_>xM    f ' '  t '   .��ma___*_   . /^��i ��� _-% Ail      _*-.f '  /*"___ _-.rinv.r-      l"n_ p    - _*_       j-_"����j-__ _ ���>���_ .'        _t _*_rt>_ T-4 itflf        win* __-__.].       4-L* s-_        l_T_r_��* 4_--i     .   Tf I #-__-_ _pl.' l-_ _-_._-_��       _^_ ������ i _-. .    _r��_-_    la_a_^.._-_ 4,.../v ��_>!_. *_       _._,��_��__��.        __*��� ___.'__. J  tender, it is not right."  Question of annual review and. renew  of contract at three years revealed the  fact that'the annual review is simple in  case of expansion and financial changes.  Three year renew does not neccessarily  mean seeking new tenders.  It was moved the Board Lawyer be  instructed to follow original contract.  Regarding plans by Secheit to go on  the garbage system, Director West said he  disagreed with comments by >a member  of Secheit Council that the contractor do  his' own collecting. This, he said, would  create a time problem and would result  in a more expensive service. He said he  favours the whole system being under the  Regional Board, thus eliminating .any  question of the collector having two- bosses., ,r    . t r        i " ��� '     .  jMayor' Swain replied that Fit was he  who'favoured -the. contractor, doing his  owh-eqllectihg,; however;.council has'de-   ^^iMn^^jifKii^w&r^ in ��la<___ ' _ii '  i_IH__d to iroon &eM_Il rate..,..-. -'re-- ���wr.-* ~f&PQ91!h&*_wP**w.tW^^  STHEET-i-KSHTma-   *���'.: '   "        ''quarters of moorage was occupied  Request was received from Granthams    >   r ^  weekend.    Now  one of a , .  Landing for information .regarding street    T.   .       - marinas  alone the  coast,  lighting. Mr. Gooding stated this has .been    ��*"�� �� J^ggJ of Zf inessmeni-    '  acted upon and B.C. Hydro will survey  _*wn6?. nh.J^��m^^^Zrii��-  plan for study   V .estimated that 60 average sized-  *^ ~  1 _ ~ _���_._.u_��   ^-.~_._n._Cl.' _-k_-_ v_   !-._>��.   A��./_/\rv.m/.i.<.T/./.  ���'���, 1  S  - 11  . /Instant Growth r     *       j '        Y-*  New. moorage facilities instaUed by   engineers repOXl  Siecret Ct>Ve.Marina"Ltd. wpre infuse  property owners. Meanwhile the property owners have been advised of requirements for a Referendum etc.  Public concerned . . .  Pacilities offered are strictly for  marine use as road access is somewhat hazardous.  from Council of Gibsons by a grpui. ..trjct.7 It   was  moved  the  Keats  Island  oh   Keats  Island  was  turned  over,   by    group seeking water be so advised,  council, to the Regional Board which in! List oflandowner's segregated by elec-  turn -sought, recommendations from  ein>    tond areas, long awaited by the Sunshine!  ginterin'g' consultaht Dayton and Knight    Coast Regional District in- order to com-  ippies of growing concern  lawyer tells Secheit court.  LOCATION CHANGE  After twenty-seven y��rars residence in  S<*chelt tlie Maurice HcniMwets h��v���� w)id  their home on Mcnnaid Stmt and moved  to larger quarters with an acreage at Roberta Creel-. Maurice has plana for his  acreage at �� later date?  RATE INCREASE  ' 1 Letter from tlui Glhwonn Dank of Montreal Manager to Council of Gibixm*. re-  wntly adviwd that interest raU-s on borrowing have been IntToaw.-d fnim fl to  fl%% effective July 1. Thin is in accord  with general bank Increase-..  UNLAWFUL ,   t  Giliaoiw Rod & Gun Club Mwnlrtfrr  warns: It in unlawful to fhh m any manner within 25 ynrds downaln-ani of the  lower entrance to any flshway or rannl  obhtance or !<�����[>���  Special speaker at a n-c**nt chib mwt-  h,�� -4-UiU-d: Then? an- 100 outlets of raw  K*wagc plus tmiicd M-wugi- Utwi-in llojx*,  JVC, and Point H'*t>crts.  LOCAL DENTIST  HliiKtr*i-��d Hillcle on rat-lnR <y�� Il��t  Roger S.nnt��er of Vuncouvrr In Inst week n  W��*k.-tKl Sun Magazine, n-lnllni' hlu ��1-  umpl to win a 300 mi)'* !'������������� b^k-  i-.M-.*, hM ncmvR local Jntcrv,-.t. llofit-t, u  (ft'litlsf. Is ait ��,Y"��~!af.r* o. Gil*-**.* a**/***  Terry W��*t��t> and ps'lsl*, part tiiiMval u>e  Dinlal Clinic at the Hun-nycrrst Slioppin��  FOUR local youths who previously pleaded guilty to charges of mischief following the roughing up of a gang of hip-  pics camped at Wilson Creek, appeared  again before Magistrate Charles MUtcl-  steadt, .last Wednesday, July 30 for sentence, J   ' ���  Representing the four, lawyer Brian  Williams, of Vancouver told the court  "there Is no question of the seriousness  of the matter regarding property damage  and legally it is without excuse. However,  there arc circumstances in relation to  human conduct, and it would seem the  situation arose as a result of growing concern by local people over the increasing  number of hippies In the area. There appears to have been growing trouble between !these local youths, who are all  good workers, and some of thCse people  who do not like work.  "One of the. local boyn, Ronald Brack-  ett visited the hippy camp originally land  was laughed at by a group of them, all  of whom would only speak French. Later '  ha and the other accused went down to  talk or perhaps cause trouble with them  and the Incident startx-d."  Mr. Willbma al��o told the court tliat  hippies ore a growing cause for concern,  they are causing a great deal of trouble  and are cluttering up the Vancouver  courtn. He alao drew attention to tho fact  that while nom. of tho local youths had  previously faced charged, they were of a  minor nature. Further, they all have good  work records? and have already Bcrvcd  15 day a in custody.  Previously, there had been Miggftftlons  that an ox�� had beon used in th�� ruckus  with, danger to a fenialo im n tart. Tills  was denied by each youth under oath and  Mr. Williams brought forward an Independent witness who also elated he had  not awn an axt* UM-d.  In summing up, he (said, "the pre-sentence report tvhowT. thcM* yoiitbn all have  goo<l work reconls, Ux-y are oil under 21  and it would. worn they have pmMAy  hern a little fo*o keen on partying in tho  paHt.  "H(.-uing Sn mind the fact they have  already M.-rv'*d 15 days In Jail I would  Miggrst a ���.uspend.rd i-entcnc�� but certainly agree that restitution be made, bearing  in mind th'* fact that it in not right to  crpt-ct them to provide a new tent when  the old one w-w full of liolew to titarl with.  A];m>, the liist for restitution ii* exn-tt.ive  and, in fact, is ludicroua In tome cases.".  Magistrate Mittelstead, speaking in  regards to suggestion that involvement  varied, said each was equally guilty in  that they were in a group and not one of  them _-.tten.pted to stop the trouble.  AH four were sentenced to one day in  jail which meant immediate release.  James Stockwell was fined in addition  $500 and ordered to place a bond for good  behaviour of $1,000 for a period of two  years, lie was given 30 days to < pay the  fine or 0 months jail if fine is not paid.  Le>vIs Higginson, Ronald Brockett and  William Lewis were each fined $300 and  ordered to place bonds of $500 each. Ron  Brnclit-tt was fined an additiona- $100 on  a second count of common assault. Thty  were , each given one month to pay) or for fire protection,  three monllis jail. - Cost of euch a Bystefn was cutlmatwl  Restitution to be shared between the ��� at $125,000 and Regional Board director*,  four was "assessed at almost $150  agreed the .scheme would be feasible, as  Fight pollution . . .  Environment protection aim  of: newly organised society  Ltd,  Report from the engineers has outlined the situation and reveals that varied  water systems exist on the 1700-acre island. Largest single lot is owned by the  Baptist Church and houses a church camp  and about 100 subdivided lots. Other Jots  involve varying numbers of homes, many  of which. have individual water systems  from springs and water collected in rock  crevices. Most of the homes bcto'wi the  250 foot, elevation and on the waterfront  are (seasonally'occupied.  The engineers consider the water supply to be inadequate and propose a water  supply by submarine .connection across  Shoal Channel from Gibsons through the  Baptist Camp property and t�� the middle  of the Island with a large terminal storage reservoir.  Cost of a system only to the camp  would prove excessive and a system capable pf providing for 750 people or for  J,COO with booster pumping was su^ge-rt,-  ed, It wuld ah-o provide up to 400 gprn  pije voters' lists, will not now be available until 1970. ���   ' ���  The Board has-been in need of such  lists for-the past two years and was repeatedly assured by' the Dept, Municipal  Affairs that they would be made available soon. These assurances were followed up with instructions that the Board,  once In possession of the lists, would be  responsible for providing lists of electors  ���see page A-6  been quite/ co-operative. She was fined  $200 arid /her driving licence suspended  for three months.  Frank Weimer of Selma Park also  pleaded guilty to a charge of driving while  impaired, following an accident July 23  when his station wagon sideswiped another vehicle, left the highway and ended  up in a private property.  Weimer told the court the vehicle he  struck had come around the bend over  the white line in his wrong lane. It was  pointed*;iOut by the magistrate that the  charge only involved impairment. He was  fined $250 and suspended from driving for  three months. His request for one month  to pay was granted.  .Action condemned  Gibsons Rod and Gun Club  opposes chemical spray use  FOLLOWING �� meeting on, pollution  held last Thursday July 31 at C��lbwm��  Rod and Gun Club the Sunshine Coai,t  now has tin organization dedicated to the  preservation and protection of its environment and ,the amenities' which many  talt*. for granted. Name of the new group  onlinating committee in at work.  It was agreed to (.import and continue  the' Gibt*>ni. Rod and Gun Club's, cor-,  respondent with B.C, Hydro in nn attempt to find come ani-wcr to the apparent divergence of opinion between Hydro which  contend*;  that  Tordon   101   Is  "Sunshine Coatst Environment Protection  , harmlesa   and   Dow   Chemical;.'   printed  Society" reflect;! the feeling of the thirty  people present that the Sunr��hlno Coat>. Ik  at present, fortunate, that local government is looking to the future and <)n*t  immediate meed-t are for long-range planning and for (lathering relevant information and making It available to the residents'of the area.  An executive committee under ''"'  temporary chnlrmaruJiip of Mr. Peter  Baker wie. act up t. > formulate a comtitn-  tlon an��l by-laws, and to Invite Dr, I"). I.  GcinmlH, Director of the Coast-GaribaMl  Hoalth Unit to tlK-jnext lix-'ting, ("omnut-  tces t<i lay the foundation for a Hun tin -  C'Ktst Conference on Knviroiiment mul  H<t.o��uee une, and to prepare brief*. (<T  local candidates in the Provincial eln -  tion nro twin,' formed.  Confinued concern that 'proposed r. <-  vel* devrlopmcnts may W'll our hr-rit:.;*'*  for a mtn*8 was expressed aiul a fact co-  warning*, of the potency of the'herl.icide  and tho euro With which it ���ihou.d he  UKcd,  Affiliatiw with the Vancouver bund  Society for Pollution and Environmental  Control was approved, ThiH will give us  II"* benefit of their renouree perwmmel  and add our voice to problem, of��� mutual ���  concern *��uch 85 water and air pollution  h�� Howe .Sound and Georgia Strait. Appreciation of the support and help from  Glth.oj,a Rod.ami Gun Club was cxpny<>d  and the generous offer of tlioir facilities  f��'r meetings was accepted.  If   the   Sunbhlne   Core.t   Knvln>nnient  ' Protection Society is to .-.intribute to ��h'-  future of thiii area the activi* mjojuiM of  ���rwident/. will he peeded. You may obtain  -your membership <$*,2 00, or $1.00 f����r O.  " 'A*P. and htiufnits) from "Ml*. iMWMur  Evans In arhell ami Mr. John Hind-  Smith in Gibfiomi,  GROWING   concern   over   pollution   and  contamination has increased recently  as a result of spraying of hydro power  lin<*s, by helicopter irv the vicinity of water  sources. Prot��*sts have been regislered by  Regional Board, Council and organizations  in the area.  An early protest ,was registered in a  letter'from a local resident to the Hydro  Authority which brought a reply from  Hydro Chairman Gordon Shrum Mating  that the concentrations used are safe* and  will not harm man, animals, birds or fish, <  nor will they affect grass, He explained  that utmost care is taken before spraying  jn regards to wind and weather conditions  and that licensed applicators only are  used. These applicators have to obtain  maps from government services showing  all registered water supply creeks, not  lKM-aiiM* fish damage is expected but because the compound Imparts an objectionable odor and taste to the water. Spraying  is therefore kept at least 100 feet from all  crce'ks.  Following a meeting on the* subject  July IB at the Gibsons Rod and Gun Club  building, a pit'test ha,, since Ix-en registered with the Hydro Authority stating.*'  Be it r<'solved that the concerned citizen's  of Gibsons and District condemn the* use,  of "Tendon 101" by B.C. Hydro particularly the indiscriminate manner in which  it. is sprayed, even across waterway., used  for human and animal consumption. This  condemnation in further supported by tbe  extreme toxicity of "Tordon 101" as admitted by <bo manufacturer. It in further  j-csolved thai the concerned citl/rn*. of  Gibsons and District demand the immediate .*c*.f<;itUm of (.praying hy all toxic  chemical.. Including "Tordon 101" within  the .Secheit Peninsula and Sunshine Coast.  General information and directions for  ii. i* of Tordon I'll circulated at last rnei*t-  (/,/; nt the Regional Board warn.*.: Do no.  spray Tordon 101 from helicopter uning )t  in woter olorw*, ml ulonx. or o�� on "invert"  emulate!* as vanieia fcii.ee, excessive spray  dHft may occur. Spray drift may cause  injury to trees, including conifers and other desirable broadleafed plaiits outside the  desired treatment orea and may render  soil unproductive for broadleafed plants  for extended periods,  The directions also warn: Since Tor- *  don herbicide to extremely potent, more  so than 2,4-D, even minute quantities may  cause damage to plants during berth growing and dormant periods. Therefore, do  not apply or otherwise permit Tordon 101  Mixture or spray mist containing it to  contaminate soil Used to grow desirable,  susceptibly plants such as vegetables,  flowers, grapes, fruit trees, ornamental.!,  beam of all types including soybeans and  other desirable broadleafed plants, Application should be carried out only when  then; Is no hazard from drift. DO NOT  allow the material to contaminate water  used for Irrigation, drinking or other domestic purposes.  Water Board calls meet  considers amalgamation  UNDRtl' tlie auspices of the West Secheit  Water   Board,   n   meeting   has   been  scheduled for Tuesday, August 12 ul 0 p.m.  In the Secheit Legion Hall,  Considerable interest has been indicated by a number of West Sechrlt mi-  dents in amalgamation of We,*.t SecJ-elt  with Secheit Village, It is understood the  nx-etlng lias been called at thi.. time in  older that nuiiuner resident-, of the WcM.  Secheit ana as well as permanent resident.-, might have the opportunity of asking questions and cx|.re*.;sing views of the  subject.  Water Hoard executive member John  Hayei. huK extended un invitation to Mayor Bill Swain of Secheit to attend to give  his. vse-wn. ft ml th-ii c.J council m to the  proposed aiiial|{*M..i_IJ<ji��.  Anyone intercs-ted ia welcome to attend.  ��  I  .��u, .,�����,���.,  M��-**J��',��,'^n,*''"1SH^*tf*W**'.�� ii  *��M �������-*H*'**. ���*�� ���  *����**- mis.��. ty ***_��������  �����*'*.*[.��'*>). .-.mum**;.< m$*tmiVMfV'ti*fi)rl,i/*pNi ^twwif/^^^mm.'i^^Km.ai^��^^*>^*^'��^:nf^'^' * i(?"Afei��>fiw��w �� <r��A  ���?��� i -*- *r-  k $ J. v��  ^    i*'i"/,,W^/nyVy"'^'^'^^"^V^ H^iy-Jh**' ***v^V''"V'I*^J''^'*iVJt<*' *V^^J**M*1-,**l��^''*JP*lt4** >>V-^Vu-VV*^**vV'*>,iVJ^'VVV*1u'nB^  ^w^i^ji^^jjj^ <HV'ir>"*��fc,'*VS<�� *** -+."\  ��+   t'.'-i-* "* ^''^-*-'*~**^y*,p^*"#'*l^>^^*F^^ **�� "-��-**.*���.������ -5* 4.  ���*. ��. jo_--^* TlSf  **-*  V(l��**  :><i*��U'ti4**-*VjM*>'lsV,i|_*-'��^-i*--t*. <_^��C <  *;u^>**^*<��W"*i^*J-*''*vrt^^ j ��^^-w��.w*hA*^*^piV"^ 1>^��*J'*^^ *^i*.j -v^i-i^ V w ������V'ti-y"'' *v -jj-��^�����Ah>^ *',>���'*"-^ ** ���*     . ....,   ./-     .     -.v/ _.     ���_,..*,.    " '_..   . ��� *.,   *" r >'���<���. ";*.?-'���       *-*> -   ���> '��    ��' ,-* ���*   *���*'   -^/* >       **nf     * . ������** A   '*J'    .   '*������  .   J_.  J*.*],-^   $_- w^.  1 .-,   '  ^ - I -* _       ,  \  O" A  PI *M. '  ��_-      ��� ���     ���_" Uf   J J __ "__     ���mm '    '      **"'"* i -       * } ������    '��� i ��� -' ��� ���   ii   i I i i   imm.i ii I'liiiiiifc "    "i      1    "���     Page A^Z The Fenmsulo T.meft,Wednesday, Aug.- 6; 1969   pKOp��RTyi:wANTfO. ***- REAL ESTATE (Continued)   REAL ESTATE (Continued)      FOR SALE (CbnHnued) LEGALS (CopHnM) . ^;r;   ^(EG^;^t1h^dP;  '->  U^"  >*nn|n*tffpf^nn'i)nwic*i_iww  ;*lHBpENINSULA^����e* SecM* - -Phone 835-9654  2 - 2 bedrm homes on Vi acre ROBERTS CREEK���Lovely. 3  or more suitable for'VLA , bedroom home with .view of  tenants, not over $18,000 ��� ocean on *A acre. Private sale  ,Cash buys. 2,-2 bedrm houses * ���terms. Ph. 880-2744. 2923-36  on the flat, older type at $12,  Published Wednesday by  The Peninsuja Times Ltd.,  ,ct Secheit, J.,C.  HELP WANTED  Member, Audit Bureau  of Circulation*  March 31, 1969 -  Gross Circulation 2360  Paid Circulation 2081  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-Line Ad-Briefs (12 words)  One  Insertion  75c  Three Insertions  $1,50  Extra lines (4 words)  15c  (This rote does not opply to  i commercial Ad-Briefs.)  Box Numbers 10c extra  25c Book-keeping charge is added  for Ad-Briefs not paid by -  publication date.  Legal or Reader advertising 35c  per count line.  Display advertising in classified  Ad-Briefs columns, $1.75 per ineh.  Subscription Rates���'  By mail, Peninsula area _$5.00 yr.  By mail, beyond 30 mites $5.50 yr.  By mail, special citizens ���$3 yr.  By carrier 50c month  COMING EVENTS  TWILIGHT THEATRE  ' Gibsons, .B.C.  Starting Wednesday, August 6  for six days  ���"BULLITT"  with Steve McQueen. In color  Adults $1.50 ��� Students $1.00  Children 50c.  Pass list suspended- Show time  8 p.m. Wed., - Sat.  Aug.  13 to 16 "The Stalking  Moon" with Gregory Peck.  Tel. 886-2827  3033-36  ENGAGEMENTS  MR. AND MRS. C Mandel-  kau of Gibsons take pleasure in announcing the engagement of their daughter Catherine to Mr. David Leslie, only  son of Mrs. Marjorie Leslie  and the late Mr. Hector Leslie of Gibsons, B.C.       3029-36  PERSONAL  ALCOHOLICS      Anonymous,  P.O. Box 294, Secheit, B.C.  Phone 885-9327, or 886-2979.  2457-tfn   n   HOW CAN I help my children? For one of the finest  ways, see your local World  Book and Childcraft representatives.  Ph. 886-2744.   2924-36  SKIDDER operator ��� Front  end loader" operator. .Ijlxpar-  ieuced preferred, but not\ essential. Willing to travel. P &  V Services Ltd. 885-2314.  .     ,;   - -   ��� 3019-36  WANTED, correspondent to  represent Dun & Bradstreet  of Canada Ltd., in the Gibsons  ���Secheit 'area on a part," time  basis. Job requires direct interviews with businessmen in  the area. Retired persons acceptable. Apply by letter stating qualifications to W. Per-  reault, Dun & Bradstreet of  Canada Ltd., P.O. Box 2077,  Vancouver 3, B.C, 3015-37  SALAL PICKERS WANTED  Phone Mrs.^ Noida Wilson  885-97.46 or write;  Box 390,. Sechelf; B.C.  2910-tfn  TIMEKEEPER  FIRST-AID MAN '  A camp Timekeeper First, Aid  Man is required for a medium  sized logging operation on the  Sunshine Coast. The position  offers challenge and possibilities for future advancement.  Logging experience and a *B'  First Aid certificate are  required-  Address replies to;  Chief Logging Accountant  Canadian Forest Products Ltd.  505 Burrard Street  Vanrouver J, B.C,  3032-36    i  FOR RENT           HALL for rent-^-Wilson Creek  Community   HalL    Contact  Mr. H- Aubin at 885-9575.  2635-tfh  VACATION accomodation! in  new view Jiome near beach-  Use of kitchen. Business woman. Day or Week, Ph. 885-9401  after 8 p.m-        ' 2830-tf n  2 BR UNFURN. suite for rent.  Heat and hydro Included, $85.  Granthams .Landing. 886-2041.  3044-36  "DAVIS Bay, 2 bedroom cottage. Full plumbing.  Furnished or unfurnished- $75 plus  utilities.  E.  Cuylits, 738-9925,  Vancouver. 3037-36  2 BEDROOM furnished house  at Secret Cove. Available  Sept. 1st to June, 1971, Phone  D. K. Stewart, 885-9791 before  8:30 a.m. \ 3028-36  000. Village or area. Some  terms. Waterfront property'  with beach access. We have  the buyers, we need the listings. Write or phone: Ch3rles  English Ltd. Sunnycrest Shopping Centre. Gibsons. 886-  2481, 2949-34  REAL ESTATE  WANTED TO BUY  GIRL'S bicycle with 20 inch  wheel wanted. Phone Kitson  886-9335. 2996-37  WORK WANTED   TILLiCUM Chimney Service.  Eaves cleaned and repaired.  Painting, gardening, janitor  service, odd jobs etc. All work  guaranteed. RR1 Secheit, Ph.  885-2191  preferably  evenings.  2754-tfn  COMPLETE gardening service, . , . Lawns trimmed,  flower beds weeded, shrubs  pruned, fertilizer supplied.  886-2003. 2005-36  EXPERT   carpenter.   Cabinets  or what have you. Ph. 883-  2201. 2575-tfn  NEED a spring clean up?  Can't see the water for  trees? Let us solve your tree  problems. Wc limb, top and  fall trees expertly and to your  satisfaction. Free estimates,���  all work insured. Phone 885-  2109, 2287-tfn  TEENAGER available for odd  Jobs,  experlenved.  Ph. 880-  7104. 3014-3J*  MOBILE  welding  rig. Certified   welder    with    pressure  ticket. All types of welding. 7  days a week. 11(10-9541.  3042-30  M/T CONSTRUCTION  General Contractors'on  the Sunshine Coast  WANTED TO RENT  3 BEDROOM house or large 2  bed required by school  maintenance man. Will sign  lease or lease to buy Ph. 886-  9870 days. 886-9912 eves.  2999-tfn  2  OR  3  BR  houKC.   Children  aged 4 and 2. Please call L.  McCuaig, 886-7261.        3045-36  PETS   POODLES,       clipping      and  grooming,    years    of    experience. Phone 886-2601.  2420-tfn  OWNER sadly has to part  with charming silver grey  cat. 18 months old. Female,  spayed. Poison, West Beach  Ave., Roberta Creek, B.C,  (Sorry no phone).        2981-37  PURE bred German Shepherd  pups, mole & female, taking  orders now, $35 and $50. Box  3020 The Times Scchclt,  3020-38  DAVIS BAY���Arbutus Drive,  1500 sq. ft. spacious medallion home, 20 x 36 carport. 4  pc. *. bath. 3 bedrooms, Ige.  family room. Cabinet kitchen,  Godd view. Some mortgage  available, H. Aubin. 885-9575.  J|*. 2862-tfn  IF YOUR DESIRE TO  SELL YOUR PROPERTY  We Offer ...  ���Continuous advertising in  four newspapers.  ���Effective and proven advertising in our catalogue.  ���Real Estate sales staff of  seven in two offices on the  Peninsula.  ���Twenty-four hour answering service.  ���No charge to you if there is  no sale.  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  Phone 885-2181  . Box 155, Secheit, B-C.  Box 369, Gibsons, B.C.  ,  2181-tfi.  ISLAND RETREAT: Two Vz  acre lots, close to excellent  beach and wharf- Can be  bought separately for $2800  each, and on terms too.  Last chance to buy 10 ac.  view property suitable sub-dividing or develop own country  estate. For only $10,000.  Choice Gower Point' view  property. Only $5,000.  Level 65 x 130 lot in serviced area, nicely wooded. $2,000.  Golden opportunity for a  cozy cottage right on the  beach,- suit yr. round living,  wired for range etc- Priced  for quick sale at $16,200.  Double access view lot 66 x  140, area of new homes. $4,000  Roberts' Creek area, oyer 2  ac. with 300' on blk top rd.  Older 3 bdrm home, auto, oil  heat, fruit trees etc. Priced  low for quick sale.  Corner lot 75 x 140, easy  clearing only $3,750.  Private playground for the  whole family���72' beach, 4 rm  house on nice level grassed  area. The low price will surprise you!  K. BUTLER REALTY  & INSURANCE  FOR SALE BY OWNER ���  House with large living '-  room and modern kitchen,  furnished on 3.8 acres with  200 ft, waterfront, overlooking spectacular Jervis Inlet,  at Egmont. Ample water supply; garden and fruit trees.  Phone 885-9404 or write Box  163 Secheit, B.C. 2986-37  For the most complete  selection of proj>erties  on the Sunshine Coast  call  5ECHELT AGENCIES LTD,  Two offices to serve you,  -   Secheit and Gibsons,  Phone 885-2161  MacGregor Pacific Realty  presents  SAN SOUCI ESTATES  Situated In  SECRET XX)y��  We can proudly say, these  are the finest lots on the Sunshine Coast,  For information contact: D.  Brynelsen or L. CampbelL  688-3501 (collect 24 hrs.)  MacGREGOR PACIFIC  REALTY  1400-777 Hornby, Vancouver 1  2865-tfn  SUNSHINE COAST  SHELTERED WATERFRONT lots with excellent  beach, marvellous view and  safe, protected -moorage for all  types of craft. Each lot is fully  serviced with access off paved  road. Perfect location for your  retirement house and just  minutes from salmon fishing  ' at its best. Reasonably priced  from $8,800. Terms available.  VIEW ��� Fully serviced lot  -with south west exposure just  one block to sandy beach and  excellent   fishing.   Full  price  1 $2,750.  PENDER HARBOUR ���  Large waterfront property  with modern fishing lodge  consisting of two self-contained two-bedroom units,  each with large bright kilchen  and modern plumbing. Common living room with large  rock fireplace and picture windows overlooking harbour-  Ample cleared space on prop-  �� ertyfor' cabins etc. Full price  $40,000.  Semi-waterfront lots all  fully serviced with access to  launching and moorage. Full  price $3,000 to $3,500.  Call  Frank Lewis  or Morton  Mackay at 886-9900, eves.  Gibsons, B.C.  Phone 886-2000  MEMBER  MULTIPLE LISTING  '               SERVICE  K. Butler                ��� 886.-2000  Ron McSavancy      ��� 886-9656  Ed Butler                ��� 886-2000  Don Tait                 ��� 883-2284  2951-34  886-7088  FINLAY REALTY LTD.  Gibsons                   Burquitlam  2900-33  \ EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Notary Public  Member  THE SUN SHINES ON  Vancouver Real Estate Board  Multiple Listing Service  EXCELLENT commercial lot  ���centife Sechelt-highway io-  cation, level, and cleared. All  services available. Box 1104  Peninsula Times.     ' ' I104-t___.  WATERFRONT LOT and 3  view lots in Garden Bay,  Pender Harbour. Box 1, Garden Bay, Pender Harbour. Box  1, Garden Bay P.O., B.C. or  Phone 883-2336. Owner.  2882-tfn  WATERFRONT ~ Choice  beach lots. Buy now. Going  fast. Stop in at our office at  Halfmoon Bay for pamphlet.  Phone 885-9683, 2694-tfn  ��� mtm,nmm*mmmmmmmimm^mm.m^ammmmmmmwtmamm^mw*  BLOCK BROS.  Phone    Mr,    Good   681-9700  collect or 736-5933  For fast service on all properties and businesses,  WE TRADE HOMES  2242-tfn  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  Gibsons, B.C, 886-2481  Specializing in West Howe  Sound, Gibsons and Roberts  Creek properties.  Call JACK WHITE  (Eves. 886-2935)  2869-tfn  CARS ond TRUCKS  1966 ��i TON .truck, near new  condition, I ' owiier-, 38,000  highway miles, rubber-fair,  292 Big 6 motor, 3 speed, long  wide box,'asking $1600 as is:  885-9542.   '        ; 3012-tfn  GET your hands on a Toyota  ���You'll never let go. sJap-  an's largest selling "car. For  information on this automobile  call Don Pye at 885-9602.  2728-tfn-  BOATS arid ENGINES  15'   Cadilac   aluminium boat  35 h.p. Evinrude, with trailer & tarp. 885-2007.    2359-tfn  BOAT Insurance Information.  Marine Insurance Claims.  Capt. W. Y. HIggs, Boj_ 339,  Gibsons, B.C, TeL 886-9546 or  885-9425. 2533-tfn  SACRIFICE sale���10 hp Onan  inboard   motor  with accessories.  Asking $100-  Ask  for  Doug at 886-2041.      2832-30a  18   FT.   clinker   built   cabin  cruiser. 50 hp Mercury O.B.  electric   start   Al   condition.  Ph.  885-9582. 2932-36  15' BOAT  withy Johnson  40,  electric  start,   with  trailer.  Will sell with or without motor, 886-7005,  ' 3022-36  18^     BRANDLMAYR    design  cruiser, oak frame,  used  3  seasons,  45   hp electric   start  motor. 886-7430- 3036-37  10   FT.  fibreglass  rowboat,   3  hp Elgin motor, good condition, $100 cash. Ph. 885-9772.  3026-36  TRAILERS  8' x 12' SOLID plywood trailer for sale. Ph. 885-9568.  2953-tfn  UTILITY trailer for sale, 4 x  10 box. Steel lrame 'with  spare tire, $50. Call at Chevron Service Station, Madeira  Park. 2994-37  FRASER Valley hay for sale.  Any amount .delivered/ Box  2955, c/o Peninsula Times. '-  2955-36  SMITH     Corona,     standard  typewriter with extra-large  type, in new condition, special  at half-price. Phone 885-9654.  2540-tfn  QUALITY    Ajax    drum   set,  complete. Sell or trade for  good boat. Box 2954, c/o Peninsula Times.    - 2954-36  IF   IT'S   suits���It's   Morgatu  885-9330, Secheit, JB-C.  8893-tfc  POPULAR Singer featherweight sewing machine, near  new condition, cost $160, sell  $65. 885-9654, 2976-tfn  GOLF bag and clubs, 5 irons,  / 2 woods, $45. 885-9654.  2977-tfn  SMALL       electric       kitchen  range.  Good  condition. Ph.  885-2174. 2978-37  SLIP covered chesterfield and  chair, dinette set, wooden  .table (afborite top) Rogers  Regency cabinet of flat-ware,  silver tea service and misc.  items, G.E, kettle & steam  iroii. Franklyn fireplace. 885-  9598. 3007-36  BEST selection of Books on the  Sunshine Coast. The Pathless  Way���Journey To Power-  Ghost Towns of B.C.���The  Story of Medicine.' Many hundreds of quality books to choose  from at The Times Bookstore,  Secheit. 885-9654.        ���   2158-tfn  S.Q. washer, automatir, ,very  good working order, $75.00;  4 wringer washers from $29.95  ,to $49-95; 40" wide electric  rarijge $115.00: 2 refrigerators  $24:95 and $34.95. Parker's  Hardware (1969) Ltd. Secchelt,  885-2171. 3038-36  VOLT-Ohm Amp meter with  leads,  $15.00;   Also   quality  German 4" speaker $3.00. Violin and case $20. 885-9654.  3041-tfn  YOUTH bed, suitable for child  ajged 6-10. Complete with  mattress, 5ft. by 33 inches. All  in good condition- Phone 885-  9479.    - 3040-36  ONE Pinto Mare. 11 years old,  vrell   broken.   Games house.  886-7147. 3043-36  WELL PUMP  or general purpose W Jabsco  Pump and 5 hp B & S engine  DOMESTIC WATER  HEATER     .  Ascot  instant propane heater,  good  for average family.  i        Only used as demo.  E. S. Johnstone  Madeira Park, B.C.  Tel.  833-2386  3035-tfn  LEGALS  Form No. 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to  to Lease Land  Apply  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver and situate, Egmont (Skookumchuck Narrows).  Take (notice that Mrs. Dqr-  een Margaret Student of No.  43, 2773 Barnet Highway, Port  Coquitlam, B.C., occupation  Housewife, intends to apply  for a lease bf the following  Hands:���  Commencing at a post  planted 200' S.E. of Lot 294;  thence 300' N.E.; thence 100'  S.E.; thence 300' S.W.; thence  following shore line" to point  of commencement and containing % acres, more Dr less, for  the purpose of Summer Cottage.  Mrs. Doreen Margaret Student  Dated June 23, 1969  2931-pub. July 23, 3D, August  6, 13, 1969  Form No. 18  (Section 82)  'LAlf-TD ACT  Form No,tl8  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver, B.C. and situate  in Pender Harbour neat Madeira Park, B.C.  Take notice * that Harold  Ross McQuitty of Madeira  Park, B.C., occupation fishing  resort operator intends to apply for a lease .of the following described lands:���  Commencing at a post  planted at high' water mark  on the west boundary of Lot  2 Plan 7966; thence North 50  feet; thence North East :220  feet; whence North 230 feet;  thence East-325 feet, thence S.  60 40' W 60tf feet; thence West  along high water mark" to the  point of commencement and  containing 3.3 acres, more or  less, for the purpose of installing floats. *  Harold Ross McQuitty  Dated. July 17th, 1969.  c/o R. J. Durling,  4726 Marine Avenue;  .Powell River, B.C.  2972-pub. Jjuly 30,' August 76,  .      . .13, 20, J969  l ,    , i   1      ���     '-   J   *        i  NAVIGABLE WATERS  PROTECTION ACT  R.S.C. 1952, CHAPTER  193  -John S. Kennedy P,- Eng,  hereby gives notice that he  has under Section 7 bf the  said Act, deposited with the  Minister of Transport, at Ottawa, and in the office of the  District Registrar of the Land  Registry District of Vancouver, B.C, at Vancouver, B.C.  a description of the site and  the plans of a barge loading  facility proposed to be built in  the Porpoise Bay of Secheit  Inlet at Secheit, B.C, in front  of Lot Number 23 to 28 of Lot  1 of DL 1557 NWP-  And take notice that after  the expiration  of one month  "from the date of the- publica-  > tion  of this  notice  John  S,  Notice of Intention to Apply  to" Lease Land -  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver and situate Egmont (Skookumchuck Narrows),  Take notice;that Mr. Gerald  Roger Student of No. 43,-2773  Barnet Highway, Port Coquitlam, .B.C., occupation Counselor, Vancouver City College,  intends to apply for -a lease of  the following described lands:-  Commencing at :'a post  planted 300' S-E. of Lot 294;  thence 300' N.E.; thence 100*  S.E.; thenee 300' S.W.; thence  following shore line to point  of commencement and containing % acres, more or less, for 1 Kennedy P. Eng. will under  Form No. 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  the purpose of Summer Cottage.  Gerald' Roger Student  Dated June,27,-1969  2930-pufo. July 23, 30, August  6, 13, 1969  COOK BOOKS Galore���Something for everyone���Betty  Crackers . Cooky ' Book���Better  Homes & Gardens Casserole  Cook Book���Outdoor Cook Book  ���Chinese Cooking���Pies and  Cakes���Favourite ways with  Chicken���Adventures jn Food-  Barbecue Cooking. Many others  at The Times Bookstore,  Secheit.  885-9654. 2160-tfn  .������I ���!   .^ I���    H-i���l  -��-.������ ���.      �����  ��� -  ART BOOKS���Made Simple  Series���Maps & Map Making  ���Cliildrens Books���Hunting���  HOrses���Something for everyone available at The Times  Bookstore, Bechelt. Ph. 885-9654,  2.61-tfn  Section 7 of the said'Act apply to the Minister of Transport, for approval of the said  site and plans.  Dated Vancouver this 24th.  day of July, 1969. -  ' ' John S.\lCennedy  3005-pub. July 30, August 6,  13, 20, 1969  /fememfezr  Only 'yoM &aa  TOY   male   Pekinese  $25. Ph. 880-9887.  puppy,  3027-36  LOST  BLACK female cat lost in vicinity    of    Mi'-sion    Point.  Write  A.   G.  Graham,  RR   1,  Scchclt. 3030-30  FOUND  (BUILDERS OF  QUALITY HOMES  Phone 800-7493  Write: Box 709  Gibftonn, B.C!.  3023-37  WANTEP  WILL    iMirehafM-*    patches    of  standing Umber,  Fhone 88*5-  34S9. 1081-tfn  PF.N1NSULA    EVenCSREENS,  ft-ilnl wanlcd ��� PImh.o contact  J.  M.   Hayes  at Secheit,  B.C.  Phone ��e5-99fi2.  2037-tfn  COUPLE    vihhcn   to   rent   2  tH-droorn home lx*twvm Ro-  tartB    Crefck    awl  . ll&lfnvcjo***.  Bay. Ph. ,835-9722 day or eve.  3025-tfn  FOUND In Wost Scchclt, July  27, ftmnll female dog. Mostly  spaniel, brown body, black  muzzle, collar, no ta^ Well-  trained, n great pet. Ph. 005-  042-1. 3030-37  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  mciTpI/f beauty" wlrm"for  sale, For information phone  085-2818 days, 886-2C00 ever..  3017-tfn  SPARE  ilme ��� Income���-Refill-  Ina   and   coll<*cting   money  from  NEW TYPE  hif-h-qual-  Jty    coin-operated    dispensers  in your area.   No polling.   To  qualify yo.i muM have car, references,  $000 to $2,900  ca*.  Seven to twelve hours weekly can net excellent monthly  income.   More full time.   For  pemw.nl lntervi��*w write CAN-  APENN DISTRIBUTING Ltd.,  .DEPT. A, 160 Bay .St., .&ilt*  205, Toronto  I, Ontario.  Include phone numljcr,   3031-30  SECHELT VILLAGE  LUSCIOUS ��� 4 bedroom  home Beam ceiling living  room with floor to ceiling  fireplace. Wall-to-wall carpeting. A-oil furnace, double  plumbing. Venetian fence ensures privacy, carport. This  home Is a gem at $22,900,  50* Waterfront I-ot.  $7,800.  WILSON CREEK ��� 2'/i  acres, creek, 2 bedrooms, basement, A-oil heat. $16,900.  SELMA PARK���Open plan  family home on two floors. 3  bdrma ��� 2 fireplaces ��� 2 kitchens, $28,000 try $7,000 down.  Pavii.  Bay view lot���$3,950.  MIDDLEPOINT ��� 4 acres  with 423' waterfront. Post St.  beam summer homo, $45,000.  DAVIS BAY ��� 105' W.F.  with 2 bedroom home. Finest  Beach on coast.  TILLICUM BAY ��� Close to  mnrina, 2 lots $1000 each,  TILLICUM BAY: 2 bedroom home, ImH large living  room with W-W and stone  fireplace, new A-oll furnace.  Good value nt $11,500.  GIBSONS: Well built 2  bedroom homo with bsiftcment  or�� landscaped ground... A-oll  heat, elec, range and Amana  frcewr. Asking $19,500.  GIBSONS ��� Thla new, well  planned Westwoo.1 home offers  lota of living upac.. Lorge living room, 3 bedroom!*, 2 fire-  plnce.., full bawetnent, car port.  On 0 acrca. $28,000,  Multiple Listing Service  H. Gregory 885-9392  Don. Hodden 885-9504  H. B. GORDON  & KENNETT LTD.  Phone 885-2013  Secheit, D.C,   ,  3002-35  PHONE 886-2248  FOR SALE  Seven room house, plus, on  over 1 acre at Gower Point,  This is a .special. Tee-pee-type  gueht house with double plumbing, also pony stable and  small cottage. House has -triple  plumbing, large view livim;  room with (date-front fireplace, office-nook, etc. Fully  modern kitchen with built-in  electric appliances, overlooks  Bnrfleur Passage. Full price,  $50,000 on terms. Extra waterfront lots at $7,500 each, term ..  With 10 ncres landM*ape<l level  land, three bedroom home, U20  wiring, in lovely treed iHtlnj:,  fireplace, double plumbiiu!.  etc. Small creek, village witter, out building.--.. Full prici*  $31,500, term**.  View:, of Howe Sound ��r<< m.|*-  crb from thia three bedroom  home at Soames Point. ..-j:.--  ���nmt iH-ing completed, concrete. A-oll furnace, 220 wiring. Family-sized kitchen, |*||*  living-dining area. Close io  good Iwach, $13,000, CTM.  Five ocres, Ilolx;rt�� Creek urea: $4,500.  '20 actvn, highway news*., lnj*.  j���'ed, hut grown, fitrenm, f*prli)i'���  $l,,000 down handles. $18,000  full price, good terms,  Small home on blacktop,  $7,000 full price, $5,000 down  or best offers. Close In. Scjii,  occupancy.  Tliret-'-lxwlroom vk*w home,  (���mnthntm. Tops for view, All  big rooms, BtiBement, Jand-  scaped 50 foot Jot, $3,000 d<w*i,  Terrific view Jot, S<Miri_ ���_  area: $2,500 terms.  E. McMynn 886-2500  Do Wortman        886-2393  Vinco Prcrwer       886-9359  Jhw 238f|(C_ll>soti9. B.C.  3034-30  1965, 250 c.c. Yamaha. 5 speed.  Cash eale. Ph. 885-2087.  2945-30  GEOGRAPHICAL Iwoks, will  (sell for 50c each. Box 2950, c/o  Peninsula Times. 2050-30  "EMOR" saddle with 15" padded seat 8c rawhide tree,  Saddle blanket, pad and  brtdlo go wilh it. Excellent  condition. Ph. 885-0374.  2902-30  GUITAR, electric semi-acoustic, German-made, brand-  new, blues styling, with ca.se  and strap, worth over $170,  will sell for only $100 cash.  Ph. 885-9654. 2055-tfn  BUY   your   trash   Incinerator  from    Secheit    Kinsmen    at  $3,50 each.  I'lione 8854)542.  OIL floor furnace, central  heating, no ducts, good for  5 room house, Excellent condition. On view, Open to offers.   Ph.   605-9037.      3010-30  NOTICE OF INTENTION TO  APPLY TO LEASE LAND  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver, B.C., and situate North Lake.  Take   notice   that   Irene   A.  Bernardin of Coquitlam, B.C.,  occupation  Housewife, Intends  ' to apply for a lease of the following described landa:  Commencing at a post planted 200 East from North Eat.1  corner of lot C of lot 0904,  thence 100 feet north; themee  300 cast; thence 100 feet pnuth;  thence 300 west and containing 7/10 acres, more or less,  for, the purpose of hummer  cabin.  IRENE A. BERNARDIN.  Dated July 11th, 1909.  2925-pub. July 24, 30, AugiM  fi, 13, 190!)  ELECTRIC Gurney range, $40.  Call  885-9409. 3018-30  2~NEW ijnlroynl tires, 700 x  5, 6 ply oil Dodge rims. $1)0.  Box 3021  The Time* Swhelt.  3021-30  REMINGTON   portable   typewriter,   excellent   condition.  $00.   Phone   885-2010   after  6  p.m. 2M4-37.  MARINE ACCESSORIES  paint���Flbrcglas*���hope��� '  Canvas���Boat Hardware  Compressed air service for  sklndivara atr tanks.  BJdndlvers avallablo for  fialvAgo work.  WALT NYGREN SALES  LTD,  Phono g8��.93<-3, &1m<mm., B.C.  330Slfn  .A  HMH-i��MPtM  Form No, 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply ,  to  I*eflf** I/cmd  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver, B.C. and siituute  North Lake, B.C.  Take notice that Donald  Walter Mueller of Coquitlam,  occupation Heating Contractor intend.-, to apply for n  tana? of the following described lands:���  Commencing nt n post  planted 300 Ft. North East  from North East corner of Lot  "C" of lA>t 04(54; thence 100  Ft. North; thence 300 Ft. East;  thence 100 Ft. South', thence  300 Ft. West nnd containing  ���**'�� acres, more or Jew".  D. W. Mueller  Dated July 13. l%1,  3004-pub,  July ' 30. August fi,  13, 20, 1909  Just pull the zipper  for tweWe smooth, easy  drinking bottles of the great beer-  tdbatfs  rv.  h  If  l1  ,:  ���W  TW>����-��its��tr,._lti^f^^ \  I ' F '  MC_Wfl_f��M��  I"  r ���  '/  ��,x^��  r  ;*V  '��     It  '7  t * * v* P  _*  .*  L  ^  /  fr  i  **.  >**  y  Vt V  V  I I  V  '1/  \  I '- ,  Shared  Three excellent swimmers, Bill Latham, Ian Thomson and Mark Hopkins  tied for highest aggregate points a*|  Hopkins  Landing  Annual  Water-  Annual project . . .  i .,.* :f^  \  .W-'|1��'PI.|>I|��W-'*NM|-1 ���'  -*n    | =���-'���'  |���*i-  f-    i        '   -       -,������*���-___���. -���     -        A-.  The Peninsula Times _       .Page A-3  Wednesday, August 6/ 19.69  _    _ ./  me Bell, Sharon Twamley.  10 and 11, boys: Mark Hopkias, John  Brodie, Ian Manning; girls: Taryn Brodie,  Stacy Johnson, Joan Laird,  12 and 13, boys: Edward Davies, Don  Avis, John Rea; girls: Robyn Young, Gail  Mardon, Donna Mandelkau,  14 and over, boys: Ian Thompson, Dar-  ry Rea, Ted Rea; girls; Marilyn Hopkins,-  Christie Kiloh, Janie Johnson.  DINGHY RACE  7 and under, boys: Mike Fyles, Bruce  Neilson, Geof Pednault; girls; Dallas Brodie, Mamie Young, Sandra Twamley.  8 and 9, boys: Joey Pednault, Ryan  Matthews, Scott Brodie; girls: Sharon  Twamley, Bernie Bell, Joan Avis.  10 and 11, boys: Mark Hopkins, Shawn  Twamley, Doug Avis; girls; Kathy Hamilton, Taryn Brodie, Geraldine Brodie.  12 and 13, boys: John Rea, Bill Letham,  Don Avis; girls: Julie Manning, Robyi  Young, Marion Brown.  14 and over, boys: Darry Rea, Ian  Thompson, Gord Letham; girls: Sharon  Davies, Shean Bennie, Anne Letham.  SWIMMING RELAY  12 and under: North won with Bill  Letham, Mark Hopkins, Steve Chila, Mar  ion Bown, Donna Mandelkau and Nancy  Johnson."   '_'���_���     Y _' ' * "  13 and over: Noj-th - won with Gord  Letham, Stuart Manning, Peter Kvist,  Janie Johnson, Anne Letham and Marilyn  Hopkins.  South won the Adult Relay and Tug-o-  War. \ ,  Ladies' (Nail Driving: Gloria Fyles,  Marlene Bjornson.  AWARDS  In the evening everyone gathered in  the Community Hall for a sing-song led  by Tom Wade followed by presentation of  awards. Eagerly awaited, was the announcement of the Grand Aggregate winners,  Taryn Brodie is the proud holder of the  Esso Trophy donated by Mr, Dan Wheeler.  The Florence Hopkins Memorial Trophy is shared this year by: Mark Hopkins, Bill Letham and Ian Thompson, each  boy will have the trophy for four, months.  Winners of the trophies last year, Al-  lyson Bell and Mark Hopkins each received a cup for keepsake.  The whole day was a great success and  many thanks go to the people who organized it.  , *, ��������.  BFTHBt BAPTIST CHURCH  MERMAID & TRAIL, SECHELT, B.C.  Sundoy School ���-10.00 a.m.  Church Service -���11:15 a.m.  PHONE 885-9665  All Welcome  Victory. '" /  Sports and will>each>possess the Florence, Hoplqns Memorial Trophy for  four nfiojitbs of'the year: "Miafklield  ���"-the trophy last year. -' *  HOPKINS Landing Annual Regatta was'  held this year on the last weekend in  July and on Friday evening at 7 p.m., the  Decorated Flotilla which commenced at  the south end of the beach and ended at  the wharf, launched the aquatic event.  Float deeqrations -syere extraordinary  good, winners being, Good Ship Lollipop;  Help and Hopkins Horror (Howe Sound),  but all entries deserved an award.  Saturday at dawn, the early birds were  out fishing and at 10 a.m. the six-year-  olds and under streamed down to the  wharf for the shiner derby. Official weigh-  in, took place at 11 a.m. and the following  winners announced:  Fishing Derby: Heaviest fish ��� Mike  Acreman (7 lbs. 13 oz,); Most fish���Bill  Letham (5); Smallest fish���Donald Campbell; Strangest fish���Scott Bown.  Shiner Derby: Most shiners ��� Cathy  Cooke (-18); Kirsten Falk (42); Aaaron  Kennett (40), Smallest shiner���Iari Noble;  Largest shiner���Steven Spain.  SWIMMING   Swimming events tcommenced.after a  lunch break with following results:  PADDLEBOARD \  7 and under, boys: Mike Fyles, Tom  Sleep, Bruce Neilson; girls: Marnie Young,  Dallas Brodie, Nadine Smethurst.  8 and 9 boys: John Bell, Bryan Matthews, Ken Chilla; girls: Sharon Twamley, Joan Avis, Patricia Brodie.  10 and 11, boys: Shawn Twamley,  Mark Hopkins, Doug Avis; girls: Taryn  Brodie, Geraldine Fyle&, Kathie Hamilton.  12 and 13, boys: Billy Letham, Scott  Brodie, Edward Davis; girls; Robin Young,  Allyson Bell, Mai ion Bown.  14 and over, boys: Ian Thorrjpson, Ken  Rea, Bob Avisj girls: Sheah Benny, Nancy  Wade, Anne Letham.  FREE STYLE  7 and under, boys; Mike Fyles, Geof  Pednault, Bruce Neilson; girls: Dallas  Brodie, Marnie Young, Patty Owen.  8 and 9, boys: Ryan Matthews; Joey  Pednault, Paul Godman; girls: Elizabeth  Wade, Bernie Bell, Sharon Twamley,  10 and 11, boys: Mark Hopkins, Doug  Avis, Ian JVlanning; girls: Taryn Brodie,  ' Stacy,Jjo_wso2.,_K.athy Hamilton.  y - 12 and 13, boys: Bill Letham, Edward  -.Davies; Don Avis; girls: Allyson Bell, An-  . gie Johnston, Robin Young.  ,' . 14 and-over, boys:-Tom Johnston, Ken-  , ny Rea, Bob Avis; girls: Janie Johnston,  , Bobbie Owen, Shardn Davies.  '-   ' Dad's, Free Style: Tom Wade, Jim No  ble, Hall Brodie.  Mom's Free Style: Anne Twamley,  Daphne Avis, Gloria Fyles. \  BACKSTROKE,  7 arid under, boys: Bruce Neilson^" Justin- Webb,, Don- Chila1. girls:-Dallas Brodie,  Kathy Laird.  8 and.9, boys: Ryan Matthews^ Brian  . Hamilton, Ken Chila; girls; Susie-John--  son, Pat Brodie, Sharon Twamley.  10 and 11, boys: Doug Avis, Ian Manning,* Len Wheeler;-girls: Taryn. Brodie,  Karen.Owen, Stacy Johnson.  i       12 and* 13, boys: Bill Letham, Don Avis,  i Edward Davies; girls: Allyson Bell,-Robin Young, Donna Mandelkau,  14 and over boys: Gordon Letham,  Stewart Manning, Ken Rea; girls: Janie  Johnson, Sharon Davies, Debbie Irwin.  DIVING  8 and 9, boys: Paul Godman, John Bell,  Ryan Matthews; girls: Dallas Brodie, Ber-  -  BSffifo:; ^MiM&  t  .  M.-n.-I^^.'^-A^'*' ��'*"r"*-��,*t,.V^... ^...miii,--".^��-��-���/*-*,-"',*V~/t"n"7tV^.3  Modern ard-ftectt.ro rcflccti Iho Spoco   L  Ape:   prominent   _tcel  framing  give*  a   \\  bold hituri.fie look,  while cxpo/ise* of  o(a._ _U0<jcst open cpocc.  ���to     -A-     w ���  , firmer,   better   carpentry   results   when  no Hi era drfveM ocro��_ th�� groin, rather  than with the grain. 'j  ,     ft ft        ft \U  Domb-proof  rool  e��tbtq���fituated along ��',  tho fqr��OU�� Moglnot the���provide,  un- J'^  utual weekend cottages. A major tort rest f  recently told for $35,000. Gun cmplace- ��'  ment* are mora modestly priced ot a  $1,500. {<  ft     ft     ft y>  Open thelve�����odjottafcto, colorful, mm*   ) .  fill���double  a��   room  divider* ond  de-     *  coralivo feature*.  ft ft        ft  Today'* overage one-family House hat a  finished floor area of 1,670 tquqore feet,  compered with 983 Ktuoro feet In 1950  and 1,300 in 1960,  .    ,ft        ft        ft I  Whatever  lire  you  wont,  Peter Smith  will find It for you,  *!* *** * W��� f '*"  h  -3ECC-3E.lt AQEHCIES DATE PAD   '  ��� This free reminder of coming events Is a service of SECHELT AGENCIES  LTD. Phono Peninsula Times direct for free listings, specifying "Data  Pod". Please note that spoco Is limited ond somo advance dates may  havo to wait their turn; olso that this is a "remlndeS**" listing only onJ  connot always carry full details.  Aug.   12���8,p,m. Legion Hall,  Scchclt. West Scchclt Water Boorl  meeting to discuss amoJoamatlon with Scchclt.  Avg. 22, 23 and 2-4���Gibsons Sea Cavalcade,  Aug,   31*��� 5 p.m,  Deadline  for tiling  application  to  bo  Included  on  School District Voter's. Lin, Resident and tenant elector- cl'glbU  I  PETER SMITH  885-9443  AT  ASK FOR FREE CATALOGUE OP PROPERTY  ���^@G#  Multiple tilting Servico  Vancouver R����l Estate  Doord  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  Scchclt 805-2161  AGENCIES LTD.  24 HOPRS Gib.on. 086-7015  SECHQT AGENCIES LID.  Make that message sluice through the  senses like a spring freshet.  ANGLICAN CHURCH  SAINT HILDA'S - SECHELT  9:30 om.���Every Sunday  CHURCH OF HIS PRESENCE - REDROOFFS  11 a.m. July 13, 27, August 10, 24  SAINT MARY'S - GARDEN BAY  11:30 a.m. July 6, August 3  7:30 p.m, July 20, August 17  Phone 885-9673 or 885-9440  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Church Service 11:15 o.m.  Evening Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSELLS  Dovis Boy Road and Arbutus  (2 blocks up from Highwsy)  Gala Award  Proud young holder of the Imperilal who competed in lO-ll-year-old class.  Esso Trophy: awarded aggregate Taryn is tlie fifth holder of the trophy  poin'te.winner at HJopJcins Gala Waiter which has been held for .three years  'Sports I>ayis Taryn Brodie, daugh- toy Allison Bell.and once by Marilyn  ter of, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brodie,    Hopkins,  ___________  aKpSpS  PLUMBING CONTRACTING  SEPTIC TANKS - REPAIR WORK  G7EOHQB FAWKB  Tel:. 885-2100  R:R.  1, Secheit, BjQ.  GIBSON GIRL BEAUTY SALON  Gibsons-Village  Experts ot cuts, coiffs and colour  Custom Perms ������-  Phone  886-2120  (CLOSEDMONDAY)  AUBIN'S UPHOLSTERY  Furniture. Recovery a Specialty  Fine line of fabrics. "  Samples brought to home.  hal and- may Aubin  Tel. 885.9575 - Dovis Boy  CONTROLLED BLASTING  ALL WORK INSURED  FREE ESTIMATES  FRED DONLEY  Pender Harbour - 883-2403  OCEANSIDE FURNITURE  AND CABINET SHOP  Custom cabinetry for home and office  Kitchen Specialists  R.f_3irkin, Beach Ave., Roberts Creek  Phone 886-2551  . t Telephone 886-2069  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  Pottery, Supplies, classes & firing  dealer for Duncon's Ceramic pfroducts  Pine Rd. & Grondyiew Ave.  P.O. Box 62, Gibsons, B.C.   LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER  Household Moving, Packing, Storage  Packing Materiols For Sale  Member of Allied Van Lines,  Canada's No. 1 Movers  Phone 886-2664, R.R. X, Gibsons, B.C.  HADDOCK'S CABANA MARINA  All electric cabins. Boat rentals.  Launching ramp.  Mercury Outboard sales and service.  ! Marine ways, Repairs,  883-2248 - Madeira Park, B.C.  ANN'S COIFFURES  in the Bal Block  Next to the Co-op Store  Gibsons 886-2322  \        ��� EXCAVATIONS  1 Foundations - trees removed  Clearing and Road Building -  Gravel, Navvy & Fill  A. SIMPKINS���885-2132  BRICKLAYING  READY-MIX CONCRETE AND  BUILDING SUPPLIES  Your One Stoj_�� Building Store  For All Your Building Needs  GIBSONS BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  1653 Seaview - Phono 886-2642  ALTA RAE BUILDERS  HOME - COMMERCIAL  RENOVATIONS - CABINETS  Journeyman Finishing  Box 14, Sccheft, B.C. - Ph. 885-2355  COAST SEWER SERVICES LTD.  Backhoe and Truck Rentals  Fill for sale  Phono 883-2274  Box 89, Madeira Park, B.C.  BILL MePHEDRAN  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR  Free Estimates  ^   Phono 886-7477   McCullough Chain Saws  Sales, Service, Repairs  SOLNIK SERVICE STATION  Sunshine Coast Highway  _      8869662   CHUCK'S PAINTING &  DECORATING  INTERIOR 8. EXTERIOR  By Hour or Contract  fhono 885-2375 after 5 p.m.   ^  Box 593, Secheit, B.C.  FRANK E. DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  Bal Block - Gibsons  Every Wednesday  886-2248  HOWE SOUND 5-10-15c STORE  1589 Marine - Gibsons - 886-9852  Everything fro**n ' Needles to      School Supplies       For Your Fuel Supplies  Danny Wheeler  Your  IMPERIAL ESSO DEALER  886-9663 -Hopkins Landing  PARKINSON'S HEATING LTD,  GIBSONS  ESSO OIL FURNACES  No down poyment- Bank interest -  Ten years to poy  Complete line of appliances  For free estimate���Coll 886-2728  THE TOGGERY  Ladies' and Children's Wear  Open six days a week  Phone 885-2063  Cowrie Street, Secheit  Phone 885-2818  NITA'5 BEAUTY SALON  Open in the Richter Block *  Secheit, B.C.  PERMANENT WAVES -��� TINTS  HAIR CUT ���STYLING ���SHAPING  9a,m. to 5 p.m. Tupsdoy-Sotwrdoy  Bernina & Omega  Sales, Parts, Service  UNSHINE  iEWING  ERVICE  FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION  REPAIRS AND SERV.CE ON ALL MAKE5  Mrs, Mono Havies - 885-9740  At the Sign of Hie Chevron  HILL'S MACHINE SHOP  & MARINE SERVICE LTD.  \     Machine Shop ��� Arc and Acty Weld'ng  1 Steel Fabricating *��� Marine Ways  Automotive and Morine Repairs  Standard Morine Station  Phone 886-7721       Re��. 8B6-99S6, 886-9326  BOB LEE  GRAVEL & EXCAVATING  Madeira Park B.C.  Tel: 883-2412 or 883-2265  MADEIRA MARINA LTD.  Madeira Park - Pender Harbour  Parts & Marine Servico  Dealer for Evinrude,  O.M.C. Stern Drive  Lawn Boy, Sportyak, Springbok,  K & C Thermoglass  Ford Marine Engines  & Pioneer Chain Saw Dealer  Phono 883-2266  MACK'S NURSERY  Sunshine Coast Highway, f  Roberts Creek, B.C.  TREES - SHRUBS - PLANTS  LANDSCAPING  Phono 886-2684  TASELLA SHOPPE  Ladies' - Men's - Children's Wear  Yard Goods - Bedding - Linens  Dial 885-9331 - Scchclt, B.C.  R. SCHULTZ PLUMBING  PLUMBING SERVICE AND INSTALLATION  SecheIt to Pendtt Horfeowr  Phono 883-2426  RR. 1 Ma-fdra Peril, B.C.  _____ _  WELDING 8. MARINE  Arc ond Acctyl��no Welding  Mo-chine Shop . Steul fotxicaiing  Complete line of nuti ond bolt*  MARINE WAYS  AU. for Lorry  Phone 883-2535 - Madeira Park, B.C.  R. J. DUELING  B. C. Land Surveyor  A726 Marine Avenue  Powell  R��v��r, B.C,  TcL i 12-483-2*04  UNSHINE AUTO GLASS  COAST RipLAiCEMENT  'ERVICE tTDy     A SfECIALTY  COLLISION REPAIRS  ���24-.MOUriTOV#^^  Latest Equipment for  FRAME & WHEEL ALIGNMENT  Wilson Creek, B.C; - 885-9466  John Hind-Smith  REFRIGERATION  PORT MELLON  TO PENDER HARBOUR  Phone 886-2231  from .9 a.rn, to 5; 30 p.m.  Res, 886-9949  C & S SALES  SECHELT, B.C  APPLIANCES - HARDWARE  HOME FURNISHINGS  Phone 885-9713  BELAIR CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY  AND DRAPERIES  Reupholstering - Restyling  Complete Drapery Service  Samples shown in the home  Phone 886-2873 after 6 p.m..  Scows ��� Logs  SECHELT TOWING 8_ SALVAGE  . LTS....Y  Heavy Equipment Moving & Log Tow'na  L, HIGGS  Phone 885-9425  TWIN CREEK LUMBER  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  Dial 886-2808  When You Need Building Supplies  Give Us A Call,   FREE ESTIMATES  Phone .885-2062  SIM ELECTRIC LTD.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  APPLIANCES ��� ELECTRIC HEAT  Phone 885-2062  ROY 8. 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"vF-v -~ is* ~i   *'.  v-_.'A^<  Page A-4  Tho Pemnsulo Times Wednesday, August 6,1969  i  ft*  ft  f>t_i  f.   '  The Peninsui_a^&0*��*5*  "I mey ie wrong, but t shall not be so wrong as to fail to say what 1 believe to be right,"  ���John Atkins  Douglas G, Wheeler, Editor ��� Stewart B. Alsgard, Publisher  Kmimmmtumrmxmmm*imimmmtmtmmmm>mMmMKmmmBmimmMaim0icmmmmmmaKKmmmmmmmmmmmm*mmmm  IHIMIIW  SELDOM if ever axe election campaigns  conducted with the good taste and  decorum one would expect from potential  political leaders and their campaign  organizers and one of the more deplorable aspects of the situation is that of  posting cardboard and paper signs on  telephone and hydro poles. ^  Apart from the question of legality  there is the more important matter of  litterbugging, for nothing is more unsightly than an array of brilliantly colored posters urging one and all to vote  for red, green or blue. Mile upon mile  of expressionless paper faces which become tattered blobs of pallor long after  the shouting has died down certainly do  nothing to enhance the green countryside of which we are normally justifiably  proud. We see large and garish signs  \ erected proclaiming the virtues of one  or other of the would be saviours and  these too have been left to carry their  message long after the aspirant has ruefully seen fit to seek other occupations.  It could be argued that an election  comes .but once every four years so why  complain, but we also have federal elections in between times, consequently,  considering posters are usually left up  for a year or more after each election,  then tne sign-post parade is in existence  for tar too long atinie.  Another side to the situation is that  EXPROPRIATION is in many cases  frowned upon as not being in accord  with our democratic way of life and consequently, under a free enterprise administration, it is a measure taken only  under extreme circumstances. A socialist  dictatorship/ however, flourishes on state  control and has little conscience over  such matters.  Fortunately we do not live under the  restraining iron hand of a tyrannical administration and therefore have a natural  dislike for any form of oppression or  governmental "take over" of private interests. As a resylt, it is only natural to  expect a little opposition to "take over"  of the Secheit Waterworks by the Regional District, for to many people, expropriation is an infringement upon human  rights.  Therefore, it is logical to assume that  when free enterprise launches forth upon  a venture of "take over" there are usually  very solid extenuating circumstances justifying such action.,  In the case of Regional District versus the now apparently defunct "Scchclt  Waterworks" there is an abundance of  justification. First and foremost is the  fact that a private company is in a position to hold back progressive development of a public utility at the expense of  both the public and district as a whole.  By no stretch of th6 imagination  could the past owners of the Waterworks  claim to have had the interests of the area  at heart. Dirty water has been a constant  complaint over past years and the one  laundromat in the Village of Secheit had  so much trouble with clogged pipes that  it finally closed.  [��� Extension of water supplies to outlying areas was obviously considered  beyond' the scope of the company ?ind  although West Scchclt has water, now,  it is certainly not due to the generosity  of the Scchclt Waterworks Company. It  was installed at great expense by West  Scchclt users.  Other communities are in dire need  of water and the only way they will get  it is through the auspices of the Regional  District. Until they get water, progress  is held back and economy of the entire  area suffers, The same situation existed  with the P.G.I*., Blackball Ferries' and  B.C. Hydro which is why they are now  public companies.  In the ease of it company out to take  all it can out of a community and put  nothing back, then any signs of sympathy for that company are  no more  certain hazards to life and limb are  created by the practice of attaching signs  to power and telephone poles. This has  recently been brought to attention of the  -people involved whh news releases from  both B.C. Hydro and B.C. Telephone  companies.  It is pointed out that there has been  a number of instances in the past in which  linesmen have been injured because their  climbing spurs have slipped on cardboard  posters and nails used to attach the signs  have caused lacerations.  Civic bylaws and the Workmen's  Compensation Board Act contain provisions prohibiting posters or other foreign  attachments on utility poles. A Hydro engineer states "Attachments such as  posters and nails endanger workmen, and  a resulting fall could cause injury or even  death. We are counting on campaign  managers and workers to avoid needless  accidents."  The answer is not simply issuing  warning statements, the solution requires  appropriate action and we would suggest  that from all aspects, prosecution is long  overdue. We are not permitted to flaunt  the law in other ways so why should it be  permitted at the risk of human life? At  best, it constitutes a tedious eyesore and  most -assuredly, does very little to enhance the standing of the individuals concerned.  ��F   F��gF����_��  than crocodile-tears. In the case of the  Secheit Waterworks Company, it is sufficient to ponder the fact that the price  asked for the utility is double that suggested by a reputable engineering consultant and considerably more than the  price recommended by an independent  engineer.  It is worthy of note that an associate  company charged our senior citizens the  sum of $15,000 for a three acre site for  the Senior Citizens Homes. The same  company went one better by asking the  School Board $65,000 for five acres and  although this was later reduced to  $50,000, the amount was so outlandish  that plans for a new school had to be  temporarily dropped.  This is our free enterprise system and  it is no crime to speculate and profit,  indeed, this is a situation open to all and  may be started with very limited capital.  However, when the progressive economy  of a community is in jeopardy because Of  the failure of any individual or group to  fullfill his obligations in relation to an  essential service, then local government  is correct in taking appropriate action.  Fletcher's Philosophy  ���Harry W. Fletcher  HAPPINESS  When I was young I didn't think ahead much,  But now I've found out things 1 wish I'd known.  To mc all words of wisdom never said much;  I've learned it all the hard way since I've  grown.  1 won't admit to being dumb or lazy;  When called upon in need I did my best.  Adverse conditions never seemed to fuze mc,  Yel no one else but mc became impressed,  I've learned that iio one yet knows all the  answers,  And no one knows for sure whut's right or  wrong.  While history gets written by romancers,  Reality is more than just a dong.  You can't be hclf-sufficlent needing no one,  Wc have to lean on someone else at times.  And those who don't have ulcers learn to  grow ono  When baffled by accumulating dimes.  I started out in life with nothing on mc,  With all my future course still Undefined,  And idler all these yearn it dawns upon mc  That happiness is just a state of mind!  . . .\ .  .  Secheit Notes  MR. AND Mrs. Lloyd Turner have spent  a month visiting in Burnaby and Nanaimo. While in Nanaimo they * egtebrated  their 46th wedding anniversary.  Mrs. A. M. Lamb of Penticton and her '  daughter, Mrs. Anargiros Gilitakis of  Greece spent a few days with the Jim  Parkers. Mrs. Gilitakis is on* the coast  with her husband Capt. Gilitakis aboard,  his ship Calhopi Pateras.  Mr. and Mrs  Gordon Potts are home'  again after touring Vancouver Island for  a pleasant two weeks  Many friends are happy to welcome  Miss Henrietta Campbell who is spending  a few days with Margaiet and Tom Lamb.  Miss Campbell made many friends when  she was deaconess at St. John's United '  Church and lived at Selma Park.  Many friends called on Mr. Joe Greg-  son last Saturday to congratulate him on  his 93id birthday Joe is well known to  the oldtimers, having logged along the  coast in the early 1900*s He came to Canada from England, after serving through  the Boer War.  Mr and Mrs W Storey of Seattle visited the Dave Haywards of West Secheit  for a few days  Mr and Mrs Stan Bryant have returned from a most enjoyable trip through  the Ydlowhead Pass, stopping at Nicola  Lake and Wells Gray Park. They were  impressed with the beauty and untouched  nature of the park. On the return trip  they stopped at Mt. Robson, Kamloops  and Nakusp  Mr and Mrs Ed Tack with Shane,  Troy and Deanne of Vancouver are guests  of Mrs. C. G. Critchell. :),  Mrs. Mary Gray back from Redcliffe,  Alta., will now make her permanent home  here.  Mrs. Tony Eberle is visiting a sister  in North Dakota, U.S.A.  Five children from this area are attending the camp at White Rock which  receives support from Sunshine Rebekah  Lodge. Active members of the_ committee ���?  are Mrs. Catherine Nelson,  Mrs. Jennie"  Reiter and Mr. Ivan T. Smith.  Mrs. Gladys MacMillen of Vancouver  has been a guest of Mrs. Alice French. A  former member of the Secheit School District teaching staff, Mrs. MacMillen has  been a patient for some time in St. Jo-  WaterworJcs dispute in hands of lawyers?  soph's hospital but is now feeling much  better.'  Mrs. C. G. Critchell of Davis Bay recently entertained a few friends at high  tea: Mrs. Ted Surtees, Mrs. Gladys Ar- ���  mour, Mrs. Dorothy Moss, Mrs. A. French,  Mrs. Bessie Thicke and. Mrs. Vera Clarke.  The gardens of Mrs. L. Yates, Mrs, M.  Williams an-d Mrs. L. Conroy of Davis Bay  were viewed by 12 members of the Secheit Garden Club. on , Sunday, July 27,  This was the second summer tour and was  thoroughly enjoyed by those who attended. The joint tour which commenced at^ '  the home of Mrs. Yates ended at Mrs.  Gohroy's home where delicious refreshments were served.  JXSUtttp  "Nothing I like better than a long, drawn out legal battler'  $30,000,000  \  UNDER the terms of joint agreements concluded during the last fiscal year between  a number of school boards throughout Canada and the Department of "Indian Affairs  and Northern Development, the Department has agreed to contribute $6,720,000  for the education of Indian youth, the  Honorable Jean Chretien, Minister of In*-  dian Affairs and Northern Development,  announced today. "  ���7-77:The., /total -amount paid within the  framework of this program since it was  established in 1949 now exceeds $30,000,-  000. In each case, the amount contributed  by the Department to a school board is j  based on the number of Indian students'  attending the schools operated by the  board.  The purpose of this program is to give  Canadian Indians the opportunity to reg- *  ister in provincial schools. Thus, the  Schooling made uvailable to them is widened and enriched, extending from kindergarten to university.  Tho program follows a Departmental  policy which makes it possiblelfor Indian  students to be educated in provincial  schools through joint agreements under  provisions of the Indian Act. Tho agreements cover building and equipment costs.  During the fiscal year ending on March  31,1969, a total of 55 new agreements were  ratified.  The two largest grants went toward the  construction of The Norway House school  located northeast of Lake Winnipeg in  Manitoba, which received $1,112,000, and  the Howard S. Billings school, at Cha-  teaugay a few miles west of Caughna-  waga, which received $701,925.  The contributions made in various  provinces.by the Department were as follows: Maritlmes���$283,507; Quebec���$805,-  950; Ontario���$674>425; Manitoba���$1,404,-  705; Saskatchewan ��� $950,845; Alberta���  $810,543, and British Columbia���$1,780,282.  P��*P'P��P��P>PPPP*W'P<'P��PPP��P��WPP����I����WW��IWIVMMIJMM��IVM<II1IMW����-  Secheit Agencies Ltd.  Announces   It   Is   Now  Operating  The  Insurance  Business Of  AL. A. LLOYD  We Will   Be   Pleased  To  Discuss  Your Insurance Problems With You.  Phone 885-2235  Write or call in to our  Sechelt.-Offico.  LOOK AT YOUR FINISH TO  DETERMINE EARLIER MISTAKES  If your finish resembles the  golfer in illustration No. 1, you  probably slice a great many  shots to the right, but occasionally pull one to the left.  The fact that the right foot  is on the ground points up a  lack of weight shift to the left  on the downswing. The lack of  shoulder tilt���failure to lower  the right shoulder on the downswing���indicates an outside-to-  inside* clubhead movement in  the hitting area. Both the  weight to the. right and the flat  shoulder turn ,will cause slicing  and pulling.  Such golfers must shift more  weight onto their left side at  the start of their dowriswhig,  and they must lower their right  shoulder as the club comes  down. Both of these corrections  will help move the clubhead  straight through the ball, and  thus produce ^traighter shots.  LOW SCORES! HIGH POWER! Get plenty of golfing help In Arnold  Palmer's booklet, "Teo Shots and Fairway Woods," written exclusively for readers of this column. A copy is yours for ?0�� and  a stamped,' self-addressed envelope sent to Arnold Palmer, c/o  this newspaper.    ,,     ,  I - Pro.  Sunshine Coast Golf & Country Club  Highway 101 at Roberts Creek Phone 886-2020  fi  I  \  . ntmMlB��dBxgfmammamMlliMaMBmiiamneaim**Ham  DHYGOODS  CHILDREN AMD INFANTS  WEAR  LADIES' SPOISTS WEAR  Phono 886-9994  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  Meeting called by  WEST SECHELT WATERBOARD  SUBJECT OF DISCUSSION WILL DE  kMMM  AN   INVITATION   IS   EXTENDED  TO   ALL   INTERESTED   TO  ATTEND,  PARTICULARLY  SUMMER  RESIDENTS   WHILE   IN  THE AREA-  LEGION HALL SECHELT  Tuesday, August 12flt at. 8 p.m.  SAVE MONEY  AT YOUR POPULAR  LUMBER AND BUILDING  SUPPLIES  Serving Tho Sunshine Coast  GUBJ BUILDING  iriiMiiF'^^^^  IES  885-2283 - Scchclt, B.C.  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Or, spooned Into your prettiest, dish, It Is plcailng enough  to olfcr company. It Is particularly flood after a hearty meal with an accompaniment  of a plain cooklo.  Doth California plums and peaches will bo available from now through September.  PLUM PEACHY DIS5IRT  12 red Colilornla fresh plums 1 cup suQor  !        0 California fresh peaches 1/4 cup woter  I i  Wash plums ond rcmavo Mems, Cook sugar ond water together unlit mixture  becomes syrupy. Drop In plums ond cook over low hoot until plum skins begin lo burst  and syrup turns red, Remove plums from syrup with n slotted spoon. Torco 6 wholo  plums throtjQh slev�� ond stir plum puree Into syrup. Chill In refrigerator. Put rcrnalnloQ  whole plums In serving bowl, Peel and slice peaches ond odd to whole plums, Pour  chilled syrup over fruit ond chill. Serve veiy cold, Serves 6,  BENNER BROS.  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I  t      "  \ .  II  I       **.  ^      ^  S^  ! -i  /  ���  I  *"7 '  s>\  i  1/  ���A'-  ���*.  r  (7  4  ���  ,'t  *. �� i \J  .        -v  ',<  /      1  ^  /s.  /��    >".  _�����*���  ",'^-^  f *  tf .-  f ���  / I II.  SALfES IT��.  Your BAPCO PAINT  DEALER in GIBSONS  On tbe Wharf . 886-9303  Quality House and-Marine! ~,.rtnt.a  Paint, B surrace  lOTTOl - He? to Mslure Problems  Many, coses, of* unsatisfactory paint performance can  be traced back to water in one form or another.. Moisture  finds itj> way behind the'paint film, saturates the wood, pro*  motes decay-and. destroys the adhesion-of the paint-to the  D. ��. DOUGLAS  Variety & (Paints  Dealer for  PITTSBURGH PAINTS  in GIBSONS '  Look - Better - Longer  Sunn/crest- Shopping Centre  886*2615  -V       "   ." ,-   .*". 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Before t you point,, the'-'��� Canadian-Paint_ Manufacturers *  Association��suggests you: tour your* home,) checking, problem-  areas for -inadequate.caulking<;and sealing. Pity particular  i attention to moisture-.target'spots like chimney-roofr dormer-  roof, door"framies,, entrance^ oyeriiaogs,',foundation .edges, ~    ~  siding edges and'Corners,-dr)d'Windowdrip-capsy..framesandf  sills. -- . -  GULF  Building Supplies  BAPCO PAINT  DEALER  in  SECHELT - 885-2283  Iii Crtillgiki & Billing S��pp!f  YOUR GENERAL PAINTS DEALER  *     Monarhel ond Breeze Paints  SUNSHINE COAST HIGHWAY NEAR GIBSONS 836-2808  WMMP  i*iiwmvmmrk*u^.AnHrmiui*imniwm*iimmi.mwvmnr*m*mnmivMm  Your Dealer for  SHERWIN  WILLIAMS  PAINTS  SECHELT-885-2171  F.    ,, t  iyimiim__M  .   ^  ">  4  c  I  f"  p*  >���  1  *i_l  I .  Happiness shared  Mr. Charlie Brookman is, always gold" that is usually found at the  thinking-up-ways to make children rainbow's end^ended up in Mr. Brook-  happy but on Saturday the young- man's hand, presented by Margaret  sters turned the tables, for they-had ; Gflrtfohs~ol_."_e#. and Barbara Proctor,  t-Kju* own-plan-and th&dLittle Vpot of   ��� *       ,    /  _-Ml.ri.lW��***4��'PWltlWW-l��*-��>lW*^ia^^  H yputy fish'ernnert  5' Final day of Wilson Creek fishing ^ "from left:,.' Jean ��� Bdtts, P^ttt  �� derby, ran from 11 a.m..- 4 p.m. on ���OampbeU. * Ken. WhitjaJ-er.: fFvjftj$  Z Saturday, and six youngsters who Da Vis .Laidlaw, -Frfcqdy 7flaftyi$ri aijid  2 worked hard to win prizes are, back    Kitty Leroy. '  *     f������-���"-��� �����'"��� ��� ��� "������-���!��� p"p- p*--1 ' ���'���������*-'Pi. '�����' ii" ��';;���_";������"���_' p-1 "ppp��-i��*ptwpp<| J*_"���"���������;'""',"-';.*���'"!"r."_"  ^BB^fllM^^^  ^EIURiMBMG BY POPlilAH lEpUESI  ills  cirunez  -LEO AQUINO ond HIS ORCf-IESTflA.  STARS OF T.V. AND RADIO  ���\   ��� 'mi �����"���'       '."ii1,,,1  I'll1'.!-  I.  i,MJi.    -I  ���    ..IM-  i    ���.Il.,l,_l.l.,l..��l-<JL._I__._,,| ,_J1_JI���I        II     , Ml,"I  '    I    lln.l'll  Friday & Saturday,  August 15th & 16  Friday Smorgasbord at 7:30 p.m.  Entertainment from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.  Saturday Smorgasbord from 7:30  p.m, Entertainment' from 0;?H# IMP*  to midnight.  * _���  aMjWBSsgBffliSISWMSW^^  \.  mbaumsmammmmiHKaimima  f:  i/  '.  f'.-fF*        l  ��� ��� \ . . ��� v'-' *'.<*''   *"'      -',''_   ; '- *"��./,"'''* * '  * .ir '���       i    . ,     *    * , - -.��� - ' ,. ,c   f^ ^'. ..j. - *<t , /, .^i    ij'1,1,.''. .1-1, i   /I- .**u', .���,*, ' '; ,���. ,- ���"  f o prpteitithe health and safety of tho peopla  .'by British ..Columbia, Air Quality Standards haye  been issued by th^ Department of Health. These  Standards are enforced by the Pollution Control Board, and by Health Unit Directors (public  Health Officers) and by Municipal Governments  throughout the province. The Air Quality Standards prevent/abate and prohibit nuisances  including the fouling or contaminating of the  atmosphere through the emission of smoke,  dust, gases, sparks, ashes, soot, cindere, and  fumes of other effluvia^. These Standards are  being incorporated In lyiunlcipal and Regional  District "Air Pollution Control By-Laws," Jn cooperation with the Pollution Control Board and  the Department of Health.  Air sampling Is being conducted on a continuous  basis In the Lower B.C. Mainland by 14 fixed  air sampling stations and 2 trailer laboratories.  Similar air sampling will be conducted In other  municipalities and districts throughout British  Columbia.  .  .  For further information, please write: HEALTH BRANCH,  HOI*!, RALPH R. LOFFHIARfC MJfnfefer  4. A.TAYLOB, m.D��� Doputy Mlnltter  Parllament Buildings, Victoria, B.C  :3*S__.  8-C3  ans^ssBs^s  s^msms^^ss^s:^^s^msxsss^^^^^^^s^s^^s:^s^s��  *  *.#*!, ,* b����^.u ��v  t(i*ik��w . f .i-V ��  ^���f   ���*��!** -*      *���*���** +**,*^#, ,+.***.*��+**  *T.[**��F**H,l  B��W*����''*I f*M*l "���  *-}'�����,F,.^  -  *i ���*^   j��-v f .���>_,^ j^pi  ��f..v*).   ���C.^J��^f ,*���*.  fJ*v.e_|*<    ,���*( ,j_!   -f*    i*),i*t ?&&&*��&��,,��# *^H^-^*^s4^IcC><&- <��*&��&*&#��  ^^<***-^*_*-&-f~& sp^^'^v*^-*'****'*^-*'^*^^ .^v^^^^^w^-y-^-j-w^^*^^ ivV^^^1**^^^**^'^**'*^*''''''^^^ 'LYi'S ���%, *J _:��� *_; > -J<-*_. N*^ --iC '- 1__V,    ��     ^JL^vr, '��.'".!_ * i"-''vyj_ ;_���.-     j   _ >��� "^ .      i.     '  ,i>.q�� ���^-spp-v-^H*'*6 v .  Hi.t'1-p  U ip"5- fc*-i.*<-.  Weatherman reports . �� *  GIBSONS weatherman, Richard Kennett  reports:  Generally speaking July was very  pleasant and normal except for rainfall  which was just a little more than half  the regular supply. Temperatures ranged  near" normal although the highest tern-'  perature for the month did not measure  up to the standard as noted by the following statistics:  July 1969 Normal    Extreme  Total Rainfall  Days with Rain  Highest  Temperature  Lowest-  Temperature  80  47  4.74"(1964)  13 (1964)  84       96 (1965)  46  62  43 (1955)  69 (1958)  Mean Temperature 61        ��� .  Perhaps you will all remember British  Columbia's Centennial year 1958 when in  July there was absolutely not a drop of  ram.  Unemployment Insurance  Any Questions please?  Q. Can I continue to be insured if my  weekly salary exceeds the wage ceiling?  A. Yes, under certain conditions. You  must have at least 30 contributions to your  credit and be willing to pay both your  share and the employer's share of the contributions, unless he wishes to continue to  contribute. You must indicate -to the Commission that you wish to continue as an  insured person by completing a form (UIC  585) within the six months following the  date on which your earnings exceeded the  wage ceiling.  Q. I am married and work only two  days a week as a saleswoman. Is my employment insurable?  A. Employment as a saleswoman,  even two days a week, is insurable. However, ii. you do not derive your livelihood  from insurable employment and are not  available for work more than two days  or 24 hours a week, you may apply to be  excepted from insurance by completing  form UIC 587 A and handing it to your  employer when you begin work.  Q. A friend of mine who owns a fishing boat is engaged in commercial fishing^  He has asked me to join his crew for  about a month.  He pays me $75 a week  while the other members of the crew  share in 'the catch. Is my- employment  insurable?  A. Yes, your employment is insurable  because you are paid a fixed salary and  your friend is your actual employer. In  your case, you pay fishing contributions  based on your weekly earnings.  Q. I have hired 25 fishermen for the  summer. They are all share fishermen  who will receive each week a pre-deter-  mined amount. After the fishing season,  all the fishermen will receive a final settlement, if the amount obtained from the  sale of the fish exceeds the advances  made each week. I should like to know  how io pay contributions on behalf of  these fishermen.  A. Under the Fishing Regulations, the  weekly contribution is based on the payment made each week to the fishermen.  This payment is each fisherman's share  of the market value of the catch less  25% for operating expenses.  Questions should be referred to Information Services, Unemployment Insurance  Commission, Vanier Building, 222 Nepean  Street, Ottawa, Ontario ��� TeL 996-2975.  MORE ABOUT . . .  ��� Forres* nominated  ���from pass A��1  stop inflation and he predicted that, in his  opinion as an observer, in the .next two  months the government would be making  some economic decisions that would "make  past government decisions pale in coni- ,  parison." He explained that severe measures were needed to curb inflation end  oommittees are meeting "all the time" *to  work on this problem."  He added that the government was"  about to make "some hard decisions which  will- make them extremely  unpopular."  He speculated that these decisions will involve the firing of some civil servants and  government   cutbacks   on   welfare   pro-**  grams, "which the government cannot afford."   He said that old age pensioners  "who need it" would not be affected.  '  "We have to face up to reality," he  said.   "We need a government that '.'will,  stand up and say, 'This is reality'.   The  truth is not pleasant.   We have to have  government on a realistic basis and for the  past 20 years the governments have not  been realistic."  When asked about any dissension  among the ranks of the Liberals, St. Pierre  answered he did not know of any. He-  noted that 90 of the 263 members of parliament were in the Commons for the  first time. "Most of the members from the'  west are not so concerned with traditions  in politics' as the members from the east  are," he said. ��  V^hen asked about the government's intentions re the ban on commercial fishing for salmon on the Georgia Strait, St,  Pierre replied that the decision to close  down the fishing on the coast was the personal decision of Jack Davis, minister of-  fisheries and wildlife. "What Davis is  concerned with is how to get the most  money out of the salmon, through commercial fishing or through the tourists."  St. Pierre said that he could not stay  in the riding for long, and would soon be  travelling to the Arctic for a month, to  check on something that he had been  working on for some time.  He   congratulated   FoiTest. for   being  nominated and also thanked all those who  had supported him in the past and said  that he had respect for anyone who was  willing to enter the complex world of    Page A-6  politics.' -  Forrest said that "his campaign should  be in full swing by the beginning of  this week.  Also speaking at the meeting was Fred  Orez, president of the Canadian Youth  Against Profanity who spoke briefly on  the danger of profanity which he claimed  was slipping into everyday jnedia. He  said that his organization, an off-s}ioot of  the international Youth Against Profanity,  was mainly concerned with the profanity  "that is creeping into our everyday lives  through magazines, books, movies, and  television screens." He reminded the  audience of an incident last March in  Miami in which the lead singer of a pop  group was picketed by YAP members who  demonstrated to clean up ' the language  used in the concert. Orez, who said that  his group is based in his home town of  Ottawa, said that he, himself, was a strong  Liberal supporter, having worked in the  Trudeau campaign in Ottawa, and was  speaking at the meeting to try to gain  support of the Liberals so that if they were  elected they would take measures to stop  profanity in public media. He was received with a warm round of applause.  The Peninsula Times*      Wednesday, August* 6, 1969  irinnniMirMMmiiiMinii_Mnniiii__i-ii��i��mnnm^ i i' '  MORE ABOUT  ...  �� Engineer's report  ���from page A-l  to the Board of School Trustees.  Letter read at last meeting of the  Regional Board from Assistant Deputy  Minister, Jim Baird, advised that the Public Schools Act was not opened this year  and complementary legislation was therefore not enacted.  In addition, it is physically impossible  for the Provincial Data Processing Centre to produce for the Board the necessary lists of owners of land. The Centre  is in process of duplicate programming  required for conversion of the present  system \ to the more up-to-date tape procedures. Consequently resources are not  equal to any further loads imposed at this  time. In the meantime, a Departmental  Committee is working on the problem in  co-operation with the Dept. Finance to  ensure that the best possible lists be provided by 1970.  YOUR AUTHORIZED  MERCURY DEALER  TIDES M IHE WEEK  A GOOD SELECTION OF  USED ITEMS  * GARDEN TRACTOR  * USED.OUTBOARDS *  * ALUMINUM BOATS  * LAWN MOWERS  * LIFE JACKETS all sizes  REPAIRS ��� PARTS ��� SERVICE  AUGUST 6th to AUGUST 12th  6    0732 am    4.1  W  ' 0334 pm 12.7  0732 pm 11.4  9    0209 om 12.5  So. 0957 am    3.3  0614 pm 14.1  1117 pm 11.3  7    1214 am 13.0  Tit. 0817 am   3.8  0439 pm 13.4  0912 pm 11.6  10 0304 am 12.5  Su. 1042 om    3.0  0654 pm 14.2  1152 pm 11.1  8    01Q4 am 12.7  Fr. 0907 om    3.6  0539 pm 13.8  1027 pm 11.5  11 0349 am 12.7  M. 1122 am    2.8  0719 pm 14.3  20 0657 am    2.9  JL,     So. 0319pm 14.0.      A  ^            0827 pm 11.2     W  Cowrie Street, Secheit  Phone 885-9626  MI��IIM��M>��W<-1MW��_����-IW1��<>��IWI��������WW����M1��W����W��I��IW>^^ T  ����_g��^  g����f��a��^  ^."���^���^IMS^^  m  i����i��^  I  CALL AT OUR SECHELT OFFICE  AND VIEW ANY LOCATION ON OUR  50 FOOT DETAILED WALL MAP.  ASK FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE  FOR A COMPLETE SELECTION.  3 ACftES, REDROOFFS ROAD���  No. 1217  2 bedroom cottage on seaview property.! Two lots, own water system,  good soil, private.drive, mostly treed, some fruit. Ideal for retirement investment. $14,500. FP. $4500 cash, balance,at $90 per  month. S. Anderson, 885-2053. 'YY  SECHELT VILLAGE���y No. V209 (  Close to all shops, 2 blocks to ocean beach area. High ground, view  of mountains, next to picnic park. One block to school in new residential area. Call B. Kent, 885-9461, FP $3950.  -,     \    ���   ���-.   ���':���     ���  Y      '    ',  -     ������  BARBAIN HARBOUR���     No. 1202  Waterfront: This large lot offers a wonderful view plus approx. 100'  of waterfront at Bargain Harbour. FP $6500. Call Peggy Ayer. 885-  2375.  GIBSONS AREA, FAMILY, HOME���    , No. 1196  1.7 acres arable lond, village water, 5 bedrooms, full basement. Excellent condition throughout, garage and workshop. $24,000 FP, cash  to mortgage. Try your offer. Peter Smithi. 885-9463.  WEST SECHELT, SEAFRONT���    No. 926  160' waterfront x 150 highway. Rood at side, ideal for motel development, old remodelled log home, plus largo new garage. $32,000  FP. Some terms. J. Anderson, 885-2053.  GIBSONS���       No.  1189 '      Y  Up to date two bedroom home. Excellent view, Good value at $15,500  full price. Call Peter Smith. 885-9463.     . \   -     '  PORPOISE BAY WATERFRONT���    No. 1182  This three bedroom home is situated on two acres of land sloping  1   gently to the waters of Porpoise Bay. Large living rdom and kitchen.  Priced right at $22,000. Call Peggy Ayer, 885-2375.  WEST SECHELT���     No. 1181  Lorge three bedroom home on one ocra property. Largo living room  and kitchen, Six rooms with sink facilities in each In full cement  basement plus utility room. Full price $33,000. own payment  $10,000. Call  Bob Kent, 885-9461.  DAVIS BAY���    No. 1180  Large lot close to safe sandy bfcoch. Portly cleared and nicely treed  on the balance. Extremely good view lot. full price $5,500. Call Bob  Kent, 885-9461.  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY, SECHELT���  No. 1178 and   1179  Three lots with buildings.. Full price $50,000. Two lots without building- $25,000. Coll Bob Kent. 885-9461.  MIDDLEPOINT���   No. 1161  Waterfront lease of 115 ft. Wooded and secluded waterfront with  view of Texada Island. 21 year Crown lease from July 26, 1968 to  July, 26, 1989 at $110. per annum at 5 year intervals. Call C. R_  Gathercole. 886-7015. U  ***_"  HALFMOON,f~BAY ..No. r.U 60  Ideal summer home site for I or 2 families. 2���two bedroom homes  on 170 ft. safe, colm moorage waterfront in Priestland Cove,, Hqlf-  moon Bay. Good road/easy occess beach. Rent one home, IJiSte in  other. On Holfmoon Bay waterworks, domestic water, lights ond  telephone hooked up. FP $15,500. Call Bob Kent, 885-9461.  ��s����i��^  DAVIS BAY'S CHOICE AREA���No.  1156  Herewith, within, a block of the finest beach area  on the Secheit Peninsula, a choice home, sturdily  built on a  flat  level  lot  Only $15,500.00 with  terms. Call: Bob Kent, 885-9461.  WEST SECHELT���No. 1154  View property, 2 bedroom home all electric heating. 14x16 living ropm, compact kitchen. Large  garage wired 220. Situated on 1.3 acres of gently  sloping land, View by appointment only. Full price  $15,500.00, down payment *5&^5b0.00. Call Peggy  Ayer, 885-2375.  _ssm  s__s  gnasgagssg-  yAilipig^i'gaijfa^ffig  idjsmasmmms^i'^^m^^i  WILSON CREEK���No, 1205  View acreage, 2 bedroom homo, 125' on Sunshine  Coast HighWay. 16x25 living room with fireplace,  auto, oil heat. 1.10 acres, ideal for future subdivision, real investment, I block to public beach  . and store. Fruil trees, park-like setting. $22,500  FP. J. Anderson, 885-2053.  M��l_��wip.'ifjpiEwy^y^^  WW��KBBWiw��il��M^  WEST SECHELT���      No. U72  Very large home, over | acre lot. Tlie main floor contains ihe living  and liming 100m plus 3 bedroom* and modern kitchen. Built to NHA  t-pccilicationv. Tim homo alto ho& 6 bedrooms in the full cement  boscment oico. loch bc*drrx.in in iho basement ho. hot ond cold  running woter, Time Is o lull bathroom dnd utility room Jn lb�� base-  ment nl_o, lull (.(.to $33,000 with only $10,000 down. Call Dob  Kent, 885-946).  PORPOISE BAY WATERFRONT���    Na ' ��m  NKHy treed wot��froot lot. Full prk�� $7,950. Term* Coll JcJ.n R.  Goodwin, Bl.5,2161.  DAVIS  BAY-  No.   1162  Out>.tor..|ii>'j nr-w of IVjvi*. Boy, Gcirdfi. lot cIum. to windy Im-o*.Ii,  Hi,.me ho*, c. da im*.) low i.M-d o_ beauty U��op. Could bo in-law Miito.  Ilm lorge thrrr l-rdrooni horn*** on a lorgo lot K priced at $24,900  with >,-* down. Coll J, W. Ande-r-on, 885-2053.  GIBSONS RURAL���        No. 1150  Cozy 2 bedroom stucco home. 20 ocres Ideal for subdivision. On  vlllogo water supply. Extra  large horse and hay born,  Alum,  roof,  Real hobby farm,  close to shops ond schools. A  real  investment.  Full price  $41,000, down payment   $15,000,  Call  Jock Andcr_on  885-2053.  SELMA VI EW-i-      No.   1147  Outstanding view from the dining area, Compact eoiy-work arcq,  kitchen with 3 bedroom home over full cement basement containing  large rec room. Situated on over l/i acre of all view property. You  only need $10,000 to put you In residence now! Coll the man who  will put a roof over your head while you're in good hands. Bob Kent  885-9461. (  SELMA PARK���     No. 1146  Clean, fully remodelled cottage plus rental cabin. Rented al $30.00  per month. Stdve and electric refrigerator to bo Included, Full price  $10,500. Call Jack Anderson, 885-2053.  ROBERTS CREEK���    No. 1143  % bedroom homo with 5,5 acres, Full prlco $17,900, Call our Gib-  tons Branch office. 886-7015.  GOWIER POINT��� No   1136  Lot ond storage building. Full price $1,500. Coll C. R. Gothcm.k-(  886-7015.  ROBERTS CREEK���    No. 1135 ,  8,56 acres. Full price $9,000, Coll C, R. Gathercole, 886-7015,  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES���  No. 1132  Several businesses available. Call Bob Kent for full Informal ion,  8859461.  SELMA PARK���     No. 1125  Nice treed waterfront location. Clc��o to iktorc, tron., and |>rc*n. >  woter. Land h kaM}, 10 year renewable, Ideal family rctical, Largo  'sundeck. Could be uilte in bunt. Homo' H "furni**hed. Full pn��-  $8,600.  Vx down. Coll J. W. Anderson, 885-2161.  TILLICUM BAY��� No, 1124  TH�� lot ta. iltvotrd ck*** to the Morlrao, beoch, etc. Fully serviced  Asking only $1,800. Call Peggy Aycr, 885-2375.  Roberts creek-  no. 1113 ond 1116  One left, 3 M.ld- lorge lot%, full prica fiuin $2,300 to $2,500 cofh  Call C, R. Gothcrcole. 8886-7015.  ROBERTS CREEK���    No. 108?  5 ocro. Full price $4,500. All C05.h. Co'l C. R, Gathercole, 886-/015.  DAVIS BAY���   No. 1108  Large lot close to beach and stores. Offers unsurpassed view of Straits  .of Georgia. Fully serviced. Asking $6,500. Call Peggy Ayer 885-2375  MASON'ROA.D���   No.  1109  Lovely- view of Troil Island*., Poved rood on wafer supply. Lot: size  ZS^Qpy -full pries $5,950, i-vyitbooly, $l,9507down, Call J. W.  TVr^sori, 885-2053. ' -      >!������*���< . ������.��� " fyy,  .Y " "TyY-���.  GIBSONS RURAL*���   No. 1088     |     y  Approx. 30 ocres with view of, Georgia Straits ond Vancouver Island.  Buildings include 3 bedroom dwelling, 2 room cottage and a large  chicken house. Gravity water supply from stream and properly. Full  price $37,000, Call C, R. Gathercole, 886-7015,  SECHELT,RETIREMENT���,   No. 1081  \  Clean. 2 bedroom cottoge on large garden lot in quiet area close to  shops and bus. Electric range, fridge, garbage burner and heater included. Fireplace in large bright living room. Full price only $9,750.  cosh. Call J. W, Anderson, 885-2053,  ���   I  SOAMES POINT���     No. 1077  Attractive well maintained two bedroom dwelling with single bedroom, self-contained suite and small work shop in basement. Fully  electrje. Range, fridge ond water included. Lot 1.47 ocres with ,55 ft.  highway frontage extending approx. 900 feet to beach. Waterfront  163 feet/Lovely view of islonds and North Shore mountains. Full  price $36,000. Call C. R. Gathercole, 886-7015.  ; MOTEL, TRAILER PARK and CAMPSITE���No. 1076  I Sunshine Coast Hlghwoy. Davis Bay area close ot Wilson Creek. Nino  housekeeping units, All family units self-contained. Steady trailer  bays. Six r/ented at $36. per month Washrooms and hot showers for  campers in lovely park-like setting. Shade trees. Putting green lawns  ond trdlls to yeor round steelhead fishing. Swimming. Close to sole  sandy beach, Owners quarters, plus workshop ond storage. This is a  business that must be seen ond hos q bright future. Lots of room  for expansion. Steady year round clientele. Full price $110,000.  Terms. Coll J. W. Andcrhson, 885-2053.  MIDDLEPOINT���   No. 1073  This fine 2 bedroom homo hos everything for the dlicrimlnatlng  buyer. Wood panelling throughout 1300 sq. ft. of living orca. Unsurpassed view of tho Gulf of Georgia. Situated on 12 ocres, this  home is offered for $35,000. By appointment only. Call Peggy Aycr,  885-2375, .\ '   ���     ���  PORPOJSE BAY WATERFRONT���    No. 1063  Corner lot 75 foot frontogo on Porpoise Bay, 75 ft. frontoge, rood  ot rear. Quiet water, Beautiful view facing up Scchclt Inlet. Full price  $7,500. Down poyment $2,000. Coll Peter Smith, 885-9463.  WEST SECHELT WATERFRONT HOME���   No. 1062  100 ft, of easy access bcoch frontoge. Soundly built 14 y��ar old 4  bedroom home on landscaped property. Splendid view of Troll Islands. Two blocks to commerce centre of Secheit. Basement, garago  ond recreotlon room, Attached greenhouse. Full price $32,500, down  payment of $20,000 required. Call R. 0. Kent, 885-9461.  ���MISSION POINT��� No. 1052  Delightful open living area home, view of Georgia Strait to Vancouver Island. 2 bedrooms, one small, ono larger, 220 volt range, oil  spoco heater with house. 60 ft. waterfront lease lot. House leased at  $85. per month, expiring June, 1970, Full prlco $10,500. Terms.  Call Peter Smith, 885-9463.  MISSION   POINT���     No.  1053  Income property, rent ode side, live In other. Each side waterfront  rented ot $50, month plus utilili.es. Fully furnished even to, bedding.  Lovely view ocross Gulf' to Vancouver Island. 60 ft. beach front.  $8,950. full price. Terms. Call Peter Smith, 885-9463.  ���  MISSION POINT���    No. 1050  One bedroom dwelling located on lease lot. I lot Ixick from waterfront, open view to water, occrss 1 minute away. She.fered from  weoMier. Dry level lot beautifully treed. 700 yds, lo highway. 60 ft.  fdcing to water, Full prlco $6,800. Call Peter Smith, 885-9463.  PENDER HARBOUR���   No, 1040  1250 ft, wotcrfrontogo on Oyster Boy in Pender HorlxM.r. 16,8  acres mostly level to the seo with year round cieck. This |��op��ity  includes small islond, All cash offcri- will be given Instant attention.  Full Price $15,000. Down payment $3,000. Call Bob Kept 885-9461.  i  GIBSONS HOME AND ACREAGE���    No. 1039  Comfortable well maintained two bedroom bungolow. Living room  panelled in red cedor. Roman tile fireplace. Convenient location on  2.15 ocres. Full price $22,000. Call C. R. Gathercole, 886-7015.  ;26^ACRE RANCH-^*'':No.,i036':'-^; .-y^:,- ;\,y y";,-7-y-  On Sunshine Coast Highway-F-Roberts Creek orea. 2 bedroom home;  Large ishop, plus' 2 small barns. 7*JWo; $eaf round streams. 1st water  rights. Some timber. Approximately 7 acres Cleared. Ideal for horses.  Full price $29,500. $20,000 cash or try offers. Coll J, W. Anderson  885-2053.     .       '      ' ,:-. ..: ���. .", '        ',- : Y  ;���':���������;��� -,-  SECHELT^  No.  1033  Level waterfront lot within village of Secheit. Full price $9,500. Try  your down payment. Call Bob Kent, 885-94oI.  REDROOFFS���    No. 1021  Two bedroom horjie, plus small guest cabin, Partially landscaped,  fruit trees, shrubs. Situated close to good moorage, fishing and right  across from beach, access rood. Full price $15,000. Down payment  $10,000. Call Peggy Ayer, 885-2375.  AGAMEMNON CHANNEL, (42,4 acres)��� No. 1012  1500 ft. waterfront facing Nelson Island. (Three miles southwest of  Earls Cove ferry landing). Year round creek, Good moorage. Well  wooded In gently sloping valley. Rood feasible, present access by  boat or plane. Good fishing os well as deer hunting. A yachtman's  paradise In seclusion. Small cobln which takes odvantoge of the  view. Full price $42,000 wilh $21,000 down payment. Call R. B,  Kent, 885-9461  or J. W, Anderson, 885-2053.  NEAR SECHELT���     No. ion ,  Business opportunity on Scchclt Peninsula, Sunshine Coast, Country  general store featuring meats, groceries ond vegetables. Two-man  operation, gross sales over $1QQ,000 onnual, Store hours 9-6 on  5^ day week. On highway close to dense population areas. Off  street porklng. Fully equipped $10,000 plus. "No Dead Stock", Inventory of approximately $9,000. Call Bob Kent, 885-9461,  \  MOTELS���        No.   1008 ond 942  Various pricos from $90,000. to $120,000, and various locations.  Your dowri payment may handle. Call Scchclt office 885-2161 for  details. i  GIBSONS���     No. 930  Three choldp view lots, side by side, suitable for oportment or private  dwelling, Each lot priced ot $2,500. Call C. R, Gathercole, 886-7015.  ULTRA MODERN HOME - WATERFRONT���   No, 656  Four bedroom on 200 ft. watcrfrontogc West Secheit, Many features.  Must be seen lo bo appreciated. Asking $55,000. Down payment  $15,000. Call J, W. Anderson, 885-2053.  IB���8  SECHELT ACREAGE���PORPOISE BAY  27 acres, best view property in tho village offering  tremendous high class sub-division potential at tho  low price of $27,500. This one can't last long. Secheit Agencies, 885-2161.  ______a___s______t__^^  SALESMEN  Ted Surtccs  Peter Smith  Chris Gothcrcole  C. R. Gathercole  Jack Anderson  Pegsy Aycr  Bob Kent  Re��: 885-9303  Res: 005-9463  Ret: 886-7015  Rc��: 886-7015  Res: 885-2053  Rci: 885-9461  Rc��: 885-2375  ���   .���.   ���...  LAE6E8T SELECT!OM O  SHINE. COAST'    ���   ���  HALFMOON BAY  SELMA PARK  GIBSONS  GIBSONS  DAYIS BAY  SECHELT  WEST SECHELT  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  Multlpl** Lifting S��rrlc��-  Voncouver Real Estato  Doord.  AGEIMCIES ill  Secheit 885-2161  Box 155  Cowrie Street  24 HOURS  Gibsons 886-7015  Box 369  Marino DrJva  '3SiS3Ska^^^a^^te��^stai&iB^^sss0  Ba^Bg  samiMsagM^  s  fM^a^m^smm^^^SM^^^K!^^m^^m^l  .     .J-   ..F-     .     .,.  .- ,5..   ,.u,j  .     ���<  W^     ^j     /^Jrf-u, TF   *.-*'  .Jr   >(,    ,. ^.  v..     I"   V   *v-  #* F      ^.^,  X. *V V%F V %/-  iVi*v   r.    r .  v^**  I  r|-^-,F^^-F,F-Fv^       . V     ,1    ^,  V v\ v*r'i* i^%r*i^*V���'b *- *>�� .��  M)'��'/wi'>-.',<|S'u -i si yi>���.J<j.^ jf-J-Jt WeO"**-^  ���--������t.  I*  t ���  _���  4  ^.  -I  i -   -��.  -.   -,  t  r  1   i     ��  *._  r.   r."  y**  Section B  Wednesdoy, August; 6,1969  Pages 1-4  r   e^filP^  A  *    ��  -.    1  ���./  I  r  f!  /  r^~*J  ���1    r i  -*��r.  J.  *   I  f   -.  jLj  ..   .  __  )���  .I*"'  /-*  Here's How  i-1*        ,     - .S'-Of*  . *       -        -;.    *   -     ��1'7*  * .  H/1 _.-   * _.   ___<_ *, *-*  % \   , .1  Pie-eating contest has added a little start without him/  Despite encour- Vnlnnfaav Pivn Qorinno  flavor to Wilson Creek children's fish- agemerit from Leo Richter -and David V UlUillCCi JL 11U Ocl VlbC  ing derby and organizer Mr. Charlie MacLeod,   Mr.   Brookman   retired -'          ���                i -   i  Brookman leads off contest by popu- after one section, in contest held laift QCQU1IGS   IWO   VGI11CI6S  lar rea_l-._?t..  for  vmiiwrKters  wmilrln'lt _3ati.r_.nv *  Jar request, for youngsters wouldn't   Saturday  *���-_-��  ' \  ��-.'  ROBERTS Creek Volunteer Fire Department is now operating with two tank  trucks purchased for a nominal sum from  Gibsons and Secheit Volunteer Fire Departments. Total capacity of the tankers  is 900 gallons  Fire Chief is Mf. Stan Rowland with  assistants Bob Watson and Jack Eldred,  Secretary is Mrs. Betty Fitzpatrick.  Telephone Co. warns  keep signs off poles  B.C. TELEPHONE Company issued an appeal today to campaign managers of all  candidates entering the race in the provincial election called for Aug 27 to keep  election signs off telephone poles,  H. N. Maclean, B.C, Telephone's safety  administrator, said the request is made to  enable the company to comply with Workmen's Compensation Board safety regulations  These regulations state that "mail boxes, signs, clothes-lines, or other obstructions or hazards shall not be allowed on  or in close proximity to poles upon which  workmen are required to work."  Said Mr. Maclean:  "Election posters on poles endanger  workmen. A resulting fall could cause  serious injury or death. We request the  assistance of all campaigners in making  our employees safe on the job."  Work like a hit-song writer  opportun-smith.  be an  ^*��s-^i��_��w^  Winners  A little pale but still manfully munch-   renne was winner in junior class.  Meetings  and  training  periods  are   in�� Ws $everith piece of pie, Larry   Contest left many adult spectators  ���     "   Richter was winner of seniors in Wil-.   feeling a little groggy.  held on Mpnday evenings at 7:30 p.m. under Mr. Maurice Hemstreet from Secheit. son Creek pie-eating contest.* FuHy*  Mr. Jim ^etchfieid'of Roberts Creek is recovered  from   demolishing   six!  instructing, in first aid. pieces Of pie, 11-year-old Louise TU-;  Those who know how to ride cycles  work with the wheel of fortune.  smo   mWB   MmBMWWmtd?  Doctor of . Optometry  204 Vancouver Block  Vancouver. B.C  Will be in Secheit  Monday, Jl-Ugiisf 18  For an appointment for  eye examination phone  _i-����3��^  '   Be$t Friend ,      \     ��� ,'-''��� tf  Wen, they say a man's best friend "is- frierid to -go it alone* iri- Satui*a_iy  his,dog arid he can be a real pal in a morning contest on Davis Bay .wharf,  pie-eating coritest,. but the .dog pre-. Twertty-six youngsters enterf_d-_Ji'Uh-  ferred1 meat-pie and left his youn��    der-11-year-old cla_-S.  i  i  I  i  i  Starring STEVEJAcQUEEN  TECHNICOLOR  STARTIf^ %E��MESDAY, AUGU$T 6th FOR 6 DAYS   |  Adults $1.50 - Students $1.00 *- Children 50c   '  NOTE: PASS LIST SUSPENDED  Starts at 8:00 p.m.  LIGHT TMEMM, Gibsons, b.c  Telephone 806-2827  rmrmwwrfrmrmmmtrt.  X  i  *i  1  THE '69 HUE - CRAFTHMSHIP and DESIG  ym*tT *iuv% -"i;.i;. *i&.>  iXIm, W*.'1*.*  .���  I -ti\.  ���    ,   '''(*'/  ������ ���;$  I  ' * ' IJH.I.     I        ���*     '      " 1M-I*  j       irili jrf  . i' '  18 cu. ft. $239.HS  2X cu; ft  $249.SS  ��� Self raising lid.  ��� 2 baskets���-2 dividers,     ,  ��� Enamel exterior finish.'  ��� Lock.  ��� Glass fibre insulation.    M  ��� Porcelain interior.   ��� 5 year warranty.  -STORE HOURS  Monday through Saturday  8;30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Friday Open to 9:00 p.mT  SECHELT  mdmxmsMimaaMmxm.  -. '. **-  0  *. * r  \*. >_  1 !  7\\  _n  J(MSm1  ���  Alberni  McDIarmld, Dr. Hbward  Boundery-Slmilkameon  Richter, Frank  i  Burnaby-Edmondo  Chalk, John  .    Burnaby North  Walker, Hugh  Bornaby-Willingdon  |     Daly, William  Cariboo  ;  Fraser, AIok  ChUIiwackj  Kiernan, Ken  (Columbia River  Chabot, JamQa  Comox  Campbell, Dan  Coquitlam  Hansen, Paul  COwichan-Malehat  Ennals, Dr. Charloa  D��!ta  Wenman, Robert  Dovvdtioy  Muasallem, Georga  Esquimau  Bruch, Horb  Fort Georgo  Willlston, Ray  Kamloops  Gaglardl, Phil  Kootenay  Broadhurs t, Harry  Langley  Vogol, Hunter  Mackenzie  Dawson, Mrs. Isabel  Nanaimo  Ney, Frank  Nolson-Crcston  Block, Wesley  New Westminster  Edmondson, John  North Okanagan  Jordan, Mrs. Pat  North Peace River  Smith, Dean  North Vancouver-Capllsno  Montalno, Lorno  North V__ncoin.cr-Soyrr.our  Stukus, Annls  Oak Bay  Wallace, Dr. Scott  Omlneca  Shelford, Cyril  Prlnco Rupert  Y Murray, William  Rovelstoko-Slocan  Campbell, Burt  Richmond  LoCoure, Ernlo  Rossland-Trall  Brothers. Don  Saonlcti and tho Islands  Tlsdalo, John  Shuswap  Jefcoat, Willis  Skeena  Liltlo, Dudley  South Okanagan  Bennett, W. A C.  South Peaco River  Marshall, Don  Surrey  Hatcher, Tony  Vancouvor- Burrord  Merilees, Harold  Price, Bert  Vancouver Centro  Capozzl, Herb  Wolfe, Evan  Vancouver-East  Jacobson, Arthur  Moyor, Max  Vancouver-Uttlo Mountain-.  McCarthy, Mro. Graco "  Petorson, Le3  Vancouver-Point Grey  Rathle, Bill  Widman, Charles  Vancouver-South  Loffmark, Ralph  Krlpps, Mra. Agnoa  Victoria  Chant, W. N.  Sellings, Waldo  West Vancouver  Howo Sound  Corcoran, Lon  Yafo-Uliooot  Corbett, Irvlno  wium cmwuiA, tocwi.chidit ca��acah.n t-owwinie  mMtmammpumtim  I   if^j** *-"f��    . fc *-_,' ^wf^^,^^.^uo^v^^y�� tJrf"'+"*"++ ^ * ,* '  -   -    T- -���-   -W--^--*"^^|VF-*^-^l-I**WB��,V/��.U^*��li>��t^n  %-_.*v _w1. -j.-^ ���*fc^��^*��w^tsifc>^,*i'.rt^j* *~A !__:''_*__]  .^  J^-  ���s-*v'tf'^v1*��*-%  _- * (  ' _',.  f'^p^t'-T "V^V v****1  Ji.-r  _���*<�����.  ���I'  ���.:���*  ���'-.-."'/-  LofbVJim's Lodge  Page B-2 The Peninsula Times  ,    Wednesday, August 6, 1969  Architect's estimate  out on school addition  CONTRACT for two science laboratory  additions . to Elphinstone Secondary  School has been awarded Guraa Construction of New Westminster and work has  already commenced, announced School  Board Chairman Mrs. Sheila Kitson, last  weak.  New building will be- located on the  North East earner of the. school "building  and two portable classrooms have been  removed. Excavation is being carried out'  by two local contractors, Fiedler Bros.  Contracting and. P & W* Development  Ltd. of Gibsons, and will necessitate-cutting .into the bank behind the- existing-  commercial wing.  Tenders for the addition were first  called in May and rejected by the Board  for being too high. Bids were again  sought in June and eventually Department of Education approved Guran Construction bid of $135,425. Architect's estimate for concrete block addition was  ��90,000.   jM J   Lord Jim's Lodge  _ArYOie-s;Co>e';Wibni_ig'_?bst --fiSriuIg-':   - -" <'V. , ,.;  "J- ,'r ,._-. /". t. -.-v. v��l?V* J��*. -J^JJ.S*S��     >-  I  J*   l  t        t  * *      _.  '.*������,,  *.���  ��� V  \  1    I I  JI  r     _,  _  I,    >���  *    1   "  Jfj  t;* ���-  \ -���  .'���*��� ���  -***��� '_.     A  ��    i.        r   f  -*���>   -��  ip^**- *.  # * -*  RE_>RBSl_lKtiliG faith in the "potential of  the SuftShineLCoast and an investment  of almost a half million dollars, Lord  Jim's Lodge, at. the former location; of  Ole's, Cove,'opened quietly and "without  fanfare last Thursday, July 1.  Mine Hosts, Jim arid Audrey Wolstencroft, assisted by sons Brian and Andy  and daughter Adrian, were all pressed into service from the moment the doors officially, swung ojien to welcome guests.  Some sought accommodation, others .an  excellent meal in one or other of the two  tastefully! fitted and attractive dining  rooms.    -"������-.,  Those who knew the once popular  Ole's Cove will have; extreme difficulty  in recognizing t-fte resort as it was for the  former Winning Post Dining Bopm is now  but a small part of the -large' Lodge complex. * It is however, retained within the  math building ,and has been -renamed  "Ole's" dining room. It has also been extended, and in,-a<5eord with the adjacent  "Conrad- * dining room' has large scenic  windows offering beautiful seascape views  second *to none. The same floor includes  a pleasantly, furnished lounge, cocktail  ba_*,"*sta_-_lries" and* gift shop'and. rest rooms.  Lower-' floor; two guest rooms, sauna  pajthi,-jandy ejcerc_.se, ..room, Access, from  this floor is provided to the enclosed swim  pool - vi,hich will be heated for winter  months, thus offering year-round facilities.  Top floor includes ten guest rooms, all  with panoramic views from large picture  windows and- all with - balcony access  doors. The Lodge interior is of natural  fiiii-^'wood.throughout with wall to wall  carpet and the whole depot. e*ohanbe_! witii  .interesiiiig paintings dinttY the subdued  lighting of small crystal ehimdeliers. The  Lord Jim Room in which gddsts may relax  'and swap stories is fitted .in a, nautical  theme and like the .rest of ihe Lodge, it  reflects a casual, comfortable atmosphere.  An interesting feature of this room ,is the,  fact that the bar top is constructed from  the ballroom floor of the old and famous  "Vancouver Crystal Baliroom.  Eleven existing cabins at the resort  have all been renovated- and. in some  case? enlarged. Parking areas have' been  extended and paved, the boat house en��-  larged and renovated, -new floats built'  and together with rental power boats, excellent fishing facilities are available. -  ;  Although'completely new to this.type  of business, Jim antjl Audrey Wolstencsroft  . are by no means strangers" to the Sunshine  Coast. They.have owned a summerJoome  in tlie Pender ifcarboilr area for many.  years, -    ��� Y    - 7"    .  ' Now completely divorced * fromf his  former occupation, Jim previously owned  three real estate offices * and employed  seventy salesmen. He admits he could  have retired, m'Comfort"but instead chose  to accept the challenge7of 'something en*-  ���tirely-new- and different. He says he and  his family are sold on the Peninsula,'he  could see the possibilities, of .a .year round  resort which apart from keeping them all  active in surroundings they like, jvill provide the area with what could.prove- to  be a smaller Harrison Hot Springs tjrpe of  facility' . ,  At the present time, apart from build-  .",.���.,.   WS-V .*V*^-��-V-~--^iiV��� V*.^-^V-J,"'^f*<f-h"'-f- -   ��-������"*���"'-* ��*��� WS" ���- V'M.'Fi'l-- M-,,..  ers -still occupied on unfinished jobs,, ja  "staff of "sixteenYis employed. This, it is  expected, will average out to twelve or so  -when completely organized.  *'- lAs much business as possible has been  giye'n- locally arid although 4he main con-  ���tractors were from the lower.mainland,  much of the work has been carried out by  local sub-contractors.  '" '. Some hundred or more colorful signs  have been painted by a young artist who  some months ago hung up his shingle in  Secheit. He was invited up to discuss  work at the Lodge and has been kept fully  occupied ever since. Jim Jordon/ apart  from his sign painting has been a. guiding  influence on decor throughout ihe entire  construction and is responsible for much  of tlie color scheme.  In order, to get -the Lodge open last  week, already behind time, the entire  Wolstencroft family became painters and  general factotums. Their endeavors, however, were not in vain for they now have  - a truly great accomplishment to look upon  with pride.  Somewhat overwhelmed at the realization of his dream, Jim Wolstencroft told  The Times it is his desire to offer something to the local residents. He seeks their  indulgence during completion of the Lodge  f^r at this time a number of small details  have yet to be finished. It had been hoped  to open earlier in the year but first blasting only commenced in February and  actual construction in mid April.  A tremendous transformation has taken  place in comparatively short time and it  is -a great credit to all concerned that  such a project has been established and  actually in operation after only four  months. Jim and Audrey Wolstencroft are  to be congratulated, for .their investment  and labor have provided the Sunshine  Coast with a facility we can all be proud  of and, certainly, one which will ultimately prove a great asset.  ��� _-..   --_,_.���,--���_���, r���inrmnnnnnnnnnni-mrtnn��rifimnnrannni.nnnftmmn^ ���"���---���-���������------"  I  _.  Sfs^-S*^.^^  ^M'^aawsMB  YS LT  Schedule Service:SECHO.T-1 NAE^AI^IO |-SECHELT  MONDAY THROUGH, FRIDAY  LEAVES SECHELT LEAVES NANAIMO  8:00 a.m. * 9:00 o.m.  xl2:00 noon ��� 1:00 p.m.  x 4:00 .p.m. - 5:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m FRIDAY ONLY ���      8:00 p.m.  SATURDAY ONLY  LEAVES SECHELT  8:00 a.m.  xl 2:00 noon  4:00 p.m.  LEAVES SECHELT  12:00 noon  x 4:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m.  LEAVES NANAIMO  * 9:00 a.m.  1:00 p.rn.     -  5:00 p.m.  SUNDAY ONLY  LEAVES NANAIMO  ��� 1:00'p.m.  5;00 p.m.  8:00 p.m.  Extra Flights - Fridays, Sundays and Holidays as required.  * Connecting Flights to Pender Harbour Area,  Nelson Island, Jervis Inlet,  Egmont,  Scchclt Inlet, Narrows Inlet and Salmon Inlet. ..^  x Connecting (Flights from above points to Nanaimo. .       .   ** |  ,   '��� FAHES  Nanaimo to Secheit���One Way Fare, $9.00  Weekend Round Trip Excursion (Fri. to Mon. only), $12.00  return  EFFECTIVE JUNE 15th, 1969 TO SEPTEMBER 1st, 1969  Secheit���885-2214  Vancouver���685-4922  NOTE:  Direct Lino Phono Number from Nanaimo to be published  when available.  All Rates and Schedules Subject to Change Without Notice.       ���'   "  fc-r.^eis^^^   _ 1  Ole's Cove  Dwarfed by the new "Lord Jim's  Lodge" the former Ole's Cove served  a great need in the area for-many  years but has finally bowed to the  great growth generally taking place  on the Sunshine Coast.  *���  Bag and possession  '69 limits unchanged  BAG and possession limits for ducks in  British Columbia will continue at _  eight and 16, .Recording to the 1969 Migratory Birds Regulations, released today  by the Canadian Wildlife Service, Department of Indian Affairs and Northern  Development. An additional 16 ducks i  may be held in the possessor's residence  or a cold-storage locker.  The daily 'bag and possession limits  for geese are five and 10. of Which not  more than four and eight may be black  brant. An additional eight geese may be  held in the possessor's residence or in a  cold-storage locker. ,,   ���>.  Bag and possession limits for rails and  coots are eigjit and 16, excep^ that Indians, Eskimos, Metis and other persons  living by trapping and hunting may take  ,25 daily with no possession limit. The  limits for Wilson's snipe, mourning doves,  and band-tailed pigeons are 10 and 20.  Mourning doves jnay^be JuinVjd in  Provincial Management Arejas 4 to 16 inclusive, 18 and 19, from Scpptember { to  October ?6, Band-tailed pigeons may be  hunted in Provincial Management Areas  1 to 8- and 12 to 26 Inclusive from Sep'-  . tember 1 -to October 26.  When hunting or transporting migratory game birds, hunters must carry on  their person, a valid, Canada migratory  g-ame bird hunting permit in addition to  any required provincial hunting permits,  The permits are sold for $2 at post offices.  Sunshine Coast Highway - C-Sibsosts  mA0pm  -a���-���-.  . ��� _., .,-- , _. -������_., .7,1, !���..���... ,,..�����������.���, i.���.i, ' .-j....-, ,r. -_���_,.,���,���������,��� ,.,.������. _.,__,._���,.���..-,_,_���._���,..,_.������...-���  nNtafa  f-MR  H  m  The public revels in the notion of nl  13-egg dozer) and is oblivious to its cost,  Vr  'Hi ��wn��r �����  Is soB-bBy  possession ��  elf waterworks sysfem  0��@  '0!T , IWi0S  ofin  ''i-'f**!  yabSe to SecBielf Wiferworlcs Lra^ ds set  ��_)      9 ^_r  in ac-  reQITGt  ^HTOj*F>ANji  Como to Whom Iho reMly Wfl ones are. Seo both oala  Grandstand Show*; tntenwtional Wat��r F��BI����, Aug,  10-23, n Buporb nquncadr. with singing nnd dancing  potlormed by beauties ot tho woild; and Man th*  Daredevil, Aug. 24 -Sept. 1 with ita 10 denlh-dofyinfl  nctn to tnko your breath nwayl There's enlattainmont  fjaloro right down lo Horte Hnclng. Participate In tho  fiction or ace It all atop tho Splro-Tower. Don't rnlBa  tho West's nig Showl  TNG cnlulcn Japan In nn extravaganza of color nnd  excitement. Vim Rta North Amerfefm' pf^irt Of  Japan'a ravoluUonary rotary angina, ��� ffl��tur�� In th��  import Auto Show. Visit tho Llvettocl. ond Horticultural Shows. Festival of Fora^uy snd V/ornsn ��nd  Her World. Swing at Music UnHmtttd end relax at  DttKlngWitm.  Chnnco winning tho Grand Program Prlio Homa  valued at ovor 555,000 or ono of 17 new cars. Thoro'a  104 ocron packed with fun. Il'a a family affair. Como  boa part ot It all I  PACIFIC iATiOiAL EXHIBITION �� AUG. IB-SECT.'1  VANCOUVER - BR.T.SH COLUMBIA (NOW OPEH 5UH0A.YS)  be necessary, also i  iff, to discontinue wafer serwice to any  customer who fails to i  ayiinents - to Seei6  ciKe ,irei|iiireci w  ater  ltd.  iafecf this 6fh day of August* 1����9  A*  Lj. (ISaillie  Generol Manager ' 4',��)%t��l*4f<J-'C >���  V  'Jl^.i,litt<|  l.-l.-'V     **V    f MP'   ^^V*^  -*���>���"  i  ���/.'���-^'"wJ-s��- '-*��� !y m.* V'-  '. / -  S_  Around Gibsons  ON WEDNESDAY/July 38th at, noon  . Mrs.. Lome Wolverton was a luncheon  hostess, at'her home when the guest of  honor was Mrs. Isabel Dawson, MLA;  twelve ladies from Port Mellon and Langdale were present.  In the afternoon, Mrs,- L. T." La Fond  held a tea at her home in Hopkins Landing, assisted by co-hostess, Mrs. Vince  Bracewell with Mrs. F. Ross GibsoA at  the urn. Twelve ladies enjoyed a relaxed  and interesting time cliatting with' Mrs.  Dawson.  <  Thursday morning, July 31st, Mrs, F.'  J. Wyngaert and Mrs. Cecil Chamberlin  were co-hostesses at a delightful coffee  party held in Mrs. Chamberlin's beautiful  garden. Sixteen neighbors and friends attended this informal gathering to oecome  better acquainted with their representative who is candidate-elect for Mackenzie  Riding.  Mrs. Robert Alsager was hostess at a  ���i ftjlf imut i   Hint i     ���   ������ i i  ��  .*  m  *f-1  P  mm mum  PRESENTS���'  THE BOSTON WRANGLER  (ADULT)  Tony Curtis, Henry Fonda  Tedhnicolor-Cinemoscope  Cortoon  FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MONDAY,  AUGUST 8. 9 and 11  Starts 8 p.m. Out 10 p.m.  INCREASED ADMISSIONS  Next Week:  THE WRECKING CREW  %  &'  luncj.eon.al her, hojne lot Mrs. Dawson..-.,  In the afternoon, twenty-four friends  met at the home of Mrs. F. A. Jones to -  honor Mrs. Isabel Dawson and thank her  for >ihe work she has done. She was jpre-  sented with an exquisite corsage. Mrs. J.  S, Macey assisted Mrs. Jones; Mrs.. W. Pa-'  vis poured tea while Mrs, (_.. Legh presided at the coffee urn.   ' - ' , ���  HERE AND T&ERE     *      ,  Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Reynolds -have  returned from a happy 2-week' holiday  at Long Beach, ;  Mrs, W, Davis was in West Vancouver  to attend the wedding of her niece,   ���  Visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Macey at  Shoal Lookout were Mr. and Mrs. Charles  Macey, their daughter Mary and friend  Linda Kelly all from Indianapolis, Indiana. Mr, and Mrs, Macey and son Dennis,  travelled with their guests to Merritt, Cas-  tlegar and Kamloops.  Recent guests at ihe Walter Nygren  home were Mrs. Nygren's brother Mr.  Kyle Liss and 3 sons from Middlechurchi  Manitoba who came by train io the Coast,  Not having visited Gibsons for 9 years,  Kyle noticed many changes,  Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jepson had their  daughter Deannie with her husband Keith  Booker "and four children from Kelowna,  visiting.  Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Ver-  hulst were Mr, and Mrs. Sogge from San  Diego, Ca_ifor,nia. Also visiting the Ver-  hulsts -were cbusins from Calgary, Alta.  Mr. and Mrs, Pete Dumonceau have  returned* from, a- 2-week,-holiday;   hey  touied the Intend, including Barkerville  and Prince George in their itinerary. They  went, to Edmonton, going on to Swift Current and Ponteix, -Sask., visiting friends  and relatives along .the way; Later they  stopped off at Gibsons to pick up their  family before" returning to Coquitlam.   ,  Mr, and Mrs. P. Sluis enjoyed a trip  to Vancouver Island recently when they  visited Bill and Jean Lissiman in Victoria  and friends in' Nanaimo. They returned  by way of Powell River. Spending a weekend at the Sluis home were Mr. and Mrs.  John Rogers and son from Nanaimo.  Congratulations to-Mr. and Mrs. E. A_  Dig Pedneault on the birth of a daughter,  8 lbs. 5 oz. Janine Elizabeth at St. Mary's  Hospital on July 17th. Mrs. Pedneault's  mother, Mrs. J, Thom from Kitimat is visiting the family.  Guests of Mr, and Mrs, Dick Blakeman  were Mr. and Mrs. Steve Piskorik from  Delta. ;  Guest of Mr. and Mrs. F. Ross -Gibson  S&mmntmna^^  Secheit  885-9343  O     SPOT SPECIAL    ��  ENGLISH CUPS AND SAUCERS  11 Patterns to choose from���A new line at'a special price.  SALT AND. PEPPER SETS NEW VARIETIES  STAMPS AND STAMP ALBUMS FOR THE COLLECTOR  PAINT BY NUMBER SETS  HEW NOVELTY ITEMS AND SOUVENIRS  BOYS AND GIRLS  SEE THE NEW GLOW ACTION FLYING SAUCER  IT GLOWS IN THE DARK  WATCH FOR IN STORE SPECIALS  3_f303Q330339KZQI  WasHiss Jean-Snair from-Kent vilTe^Wpva  Scotia, whom they had not seen for over  # years. Miss Snair was very interested  in the Sunshine Coast.  Recent   visitor* of Mr.   and  Mrs. W.   ,  Davis was Mrs. Jean Ham of North Vancouver.  , Mrs. J, L. Myers' sister-in-law and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Anderson, motored from Cupar, Sask., for a week's visit;'  they-had not been to Gib&ons since 1964.  The Andersons stopped over in Vancpu-y  ver with their.daughter who. is employed  with C.P.A.  Recent guests of -Mrs. N. D. Mclvor  were her sister-in-law Mrs. Leslie Thompson and 2 daughters from Steveston, Arriving Sunday were Mrs. McIvor*s brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs, Guy  Mayhew from Edmonton.  Mr. A. G. Andrews, a former local resident, recently observed his 79th birthday  at Nanaimo.  Visitors at the home of .Mr, and Mrs.  Norman Hough were Mr. Hough's cousin  Mr. and, Mrs, Trevor Beck from .Portage  la Prairie, Man,  Mr. and Mrs. R. Stevens and children  who came out to Canada from Essex, England now live at 1655 Sunshine Coast  Highway and are happy to be in this part  of the country.  Coming from Penticton to visit Mi*, and  Mrs. A. J, Kiloh at Hopkins Landing were  Mr. and Mrs. Benson and son.  f Guest at the home of, Mr, and Mrs,  Cecil Chamberlin was the latter^ sister  Mrs. Jean McKeating from Port Kells. \  ��� Mel Hough from Falkland visited'his  parents for a week and has gone on to  Vancouver Island,  Mrs. Edmund H. Gill enjoyed a 5-week  vacation at Sand Point, Canim Lake; Mr.'  GUI joined his wife for his 2t/2 week holiday froni work.  Enjoying a week's holiday. with his  parents Mr. and Mrs. Alf Clarke is their  son Clifford, accompanied by his wife  Barb 'and children from Vancouver.  Guests of Mr. and Mrs, Robert Clarke;  Twin Creek were Mr. and Mrs. George  Gain from'Vancouver.  Dr. Ian McLeod and his wife from  Durban, South Africa who visited Dr. Mc-  Leod's parents Mr. and Mrs. Dill Jones  at "Waratah" are now touring Europe before returning to South Africa,  Mrs. Mary L. Husby has returned home  after being a patient in hospital. Staying  with Mrs, Husby is her daughter Mrs.  Arsenault from Montreal, also visiting is  daughter Mrs. Henry Vandeventer from  Everett, Wash.  ANNUAL TEA  Sr. Bartholomew's A.C.W. held the annual Raspberry Tea at the Parish Hall on  Friday afternoon, convened by Mrs. R.  Kennett.  Mrs. W. Haley was at' the door and  Rey. Dennis Morgan declared the event  open-  Mrs. Wm_ Thomas was in charge of  the Hanging Basket which was won by  Miss M. Thatcher. Mrs. Minto Swan received the door prize.  Busy at the home baking table were  Mrs. J, Wood, Mrs. T. Parry, Mrs. V.  Dickson and Mrs. J- L Myers!  , Looking after the cake and ice cream  were Mrs. F. Kirkham, Mrs. R. Nimmo  and Mrs, J. Atkinson.  Miss Brenda Weinhandl, Mrs. Blair  Kennett, Miss Colleen Husby and Miss  Susan Kennett served. .  In charge pf the.ffeh^ppmljwas'irassf^  Dianne Cramer.  A feature of the well attended and successful tea was the profusion of georgeous  flowers which decorated the hall and drew  delighted comments.  CHRISTENING  - In July when Mr. and Mrs. Vince Roth-  well of Martin Road celebrated their first  wedding anniversary, their baby son was  christened at St. Mary's Roman Catholic  Church by Father D.' Kenny, being given  the namfcs Vince Reginald Following the  ceremony, guests at the Bothwell home  for a smorgasbord Iuneheo_-_ were Mr. and  Mrs. R, L. Easterbrook, Mr, and Mrs. W,  Ayre and Randy Easterbrook, all from  Vancouver. Mrs, F. Craven, Mr. and Mrs,  -Wm. Hutchins, Mr., and Mrs. Vince Both-  well Sr��� Mr, and Mrs, James P. Bothwell,  Mr Danny Bothwell and Shawn Bothwell.  MISSIONARY RALLY  Going from Gibsons to attend a Mis-  isionary Rally at Pender Harbour tabernacle on Thursday afternoon were Mrs.  F. J. Wyngaert, Mrs. B. J. Wisken, Mrs.  H. Marshall, Mrs. T, Myers, Mrs. M. Cas-  sin and Mrs. G, Charman.  Visitors including ladies from Secheit  and Davis Bay were welcomed by Mrs,  W. Ackroyd who introduced Gwen Pym.  Sponsored-by Africa Inland Mission Miss  Pym who is a school teacher will be going  to the Congo after attending'a language  school in] Switzerland.' She gave* an inspiring talk.  Second speaker was Miss Shirley Joyce  a missionary, on furlough from Kenya,  East Africa who showed interesting slides  and displayed curios.  Following the meeting, very delicious  refreshments were served by the Pender  Harbour ladies and a ,time of fellowship  was enjoyed.  Wednesday, August 6, 19&9 ''*    The Peninsula Tirhes  Page B-3  5     _��� %      -  7/^////////////^^^  SERVING PORT _V3SLMM TO HALF WiOOU BAY  We pick you up of* your home. Dual controlled cars.  Small automatics now available.  Reasonable Rates - -Professional Instruction  ��2BH��!K��9KiaSr-^  WFFFi  '.WiWiW/^^  fiowfwfc  Sunnycrest Plaza  Pfione 8��6-9��43  L_^���    mum  i  ���T  I!  I  i  !  Customers on the Secheit System (formerly Secheit  Waterworks) may now pay their water bills at the  Secheit Village Municipal Office or at the Regional  District office, Davis Bay. Rates for the quarter commencing July 2nd are now due. Cheques should be  made payable to the Regional Water Authority.  CHARLES F. GOODING  Secretary-Treasurer  rt<��p,��Wp.Kl'W(��P>|rpii  33!  __m  Your telephone directory* is always a gteat time saver-  Use it when ever possible to obtain the phone numbers you need.  If you can't find the -lumber you require in the directory, we'll do  our utmbsttb helpi you quickly through Directory Assistance. But please  check in yoUr telephone book first.  m i0 '  M Prlp&r&d in EmiHgeticy  Check your telephone directory, too, to find the numbers of safety agencies which serve your area. You'll find most of them on the inside  front Cover.  Write them down and keep them handy to your phone. Then when  you need police, fire, doctor or ambulance assistance urgently, you can  dial direct for the help you require.  Our operators always do their best to help in emergency, but sometimes you'll encounter delays in reaching the operator.  3e sure there's no delay. Keep emergency numbers near your phone.  \Q_toJ  iflJU*** J  '��>&_/��   if U=rVz*      \J2J^  jmms/icowium telephone compahy  AUGUST     0m0mmmm**��**mmt*mmmmmtmmtniwmmmm*%f���^  MNDUNMff..  EY POPUI_Alt;REX|Ue$f..  We Are Pleated To Say  Hie  "WfSTERN RHYFMW'  wiSI return Attfti*st *t��3rcf  <MI��>��Mlt|-MpWW'WMp*U-^  mm0m0-m*mmm*m*im*mmmmm*mmw**mm  DANCING ONLY  No Smorgasbord  I   After 9 p.m  $3.00 Cm_ptd  IW-MWiIMWIpp^^  The "Penn Kings" will play music for Darning Aug. 9 & 16  Reservations Only... $6.00 per coupta Smorgasbord from 7 p-m* - _, Dance �� p.m. to 7  ma  i  .K...P- __...._���_.,_ t*'?������;. :>'*f,"'',y*'[,.,\ ,"*''.    ,*is*?-'",y, -.-\*-'" * -��� 7 "���."-' ...-". Y7 ',"��*,, F-f^M. /'o;   ���'-   -*"1  ���_ _ Y  '' ' . .    *  >^lwwj,-M��tl��� (j-r"1  ^i* *^ i^t-V ^-l-  n  'I?  Hatfmoqn Bay Happenings  ���by Mary Tinkley  AT-THE 22nd annual general meeting of  the Welcome Beach Community Association held at the Welcome Beach Hall on  August 2, President Roy Holgate reported  a satisfactory year despite the hard winter .which had curtailed activities for a  few weeks. .  Another successful country fair had  been organized, the kitchen had been remodelled, a piano dryer had been installed  and the constitution had been revised ,in  line with present day needs. It was hoped  to have copies cf tbe revised constitution  available shortly.  Officers elected for the coming year  were Keith Comyn, President; Mrs.* Fritz  leuchte, Vice-President; Mrs. Olive Comyn, Secretary-Treasurer; Directors, Mrs.  M. Tinkley and Charlie Coatham.  Canon Alan Greene moved a vote of  thanks to ihe retiring officers for all they  had done to make the year's activities so  successful. Special thanks were extended  to Keith Comyn for the time and crafts-  . manship so generously given in remodelling the kitchen.  ��� Mrs. Hugh Duff, President of the Red-  well Ladies' Guild, officially handed over  -to the Association, the projector which  had been in the custody of the Guild since  1961 and which had been on loan to the  ��� Association for the past two years.  Mr. Holgate was appointed Chairman  of the entertainment committee. He announced that he had already lined up a  series of 12 film programs starting on  October 29. John Hall was appointed to  organize the Shuffleboard tournaments. It  was plann3d *to run two tournaments during the winter, with the first one starting  in October and any members interested  should contact Mr. Hall at 885-2881.  The Executive was authorized to proceed with partial insulation of the hall.  At the annual meeting of the Welcome  Beach Water Board held the same evening, v/ith Chairman Fritz Leuchte in the  Chair, Cliff Connor was elected to fill a  vacancy on the Board and was appointed  Secretary.  IN BRIEF  Last Saturday was a real fun day at  Redrooffs with a day-long tennis tournament organized by the Redrooffs Beach  and Country Club. In the finals, John  Dalton and Brian Cruise defeated Andrew Birrell and Bruce Caple. Prizes  were attractive trays and paper weights  made by Mrs. Lee Straight.  It was open house for children at the  John Hall Museum at Welcome Beach on  July 31. A great deal of interest was  shown in the Indian arrowheads and the  telephones, camera, cash register and  gramophone of former days. Mrs. Hall  served ice cream to all the visitors.  On August 2, Mr. and Mrs. Stan Mof-  fatt held open house to celebrate the 21st  birthday of their sen Ken. Besides Ken's  many young friends from all over the  Peninsula, many older friends of the  family participated. Mrs. Moffatt, assisted  by her daughters, Elaine and Kit, served  one of their famous smorgasbord suppers.  Probably the area's busiest hostesses  this past week have been Mrs, Mary  Walker and her daughter, Mr*_-.-,01iff Connor. Both the Walker and Connor houses  were needed for the recent family reunion  which brought together all three of Mrs.  Walker's daughters and their families.  There were eight guests from Montreal,  Mr. and Mrs. Vic Smart with their six  children, four from Souris, Manitoba, Mr.  and Mrs. Ted Stephenson with Geraldine  and Brian, and four from New Westminster, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smart with Sandra and Norma.  Mrs. Ralph Lynds is home after spending three weeks in Banff where her son  Laurie Lynds is teaching drama, at the  Banff School of Fine Arts. She took care  of her son and two grandchildren, Gay  and Mark, while her daughter-in-law, actress Pcgi Lynds was working in Vancouver on a one-hour film which will be  shown on color television in the fall.  Mrs. Lynds was able to sit in on some  Readers' Right  Speakers  Editor, The Times,   -  Sir���I wonder if any organization in  your community is l<x.king for an interesting speaker for its full program? Muy-  Ix** we at the Canadian International Development Agency can help,  Because of ;u> intensified interest In  Canada's international development programs, CIDA last year organized a Speakers Bureau of experts who hod returned  from lending their knowledge nnd training to developing countries all over the  world.  A new group of experts arc on their  way home this year willing to talk about  ������their Activities in countries as Varied an  Mauritius, Kenya, Malaysia or Pakistan.  Some are teachers, ot hen. are technical ad-  viners���-accountant*.; foresters; air traffic  controllers: and others in a variety of professions. They will address church groups  and community clubs in their own arena  on this important subject of international  development. Our problem is therefore, to  bring tins service to the attention of club  and church secretaries.  We would be pleased to put organization*, in (ouch wilh speakers, Write to  nie, ihe Director of Information, Canadian  International Development Agency, 75 Al-  lx*it Street, <|>tUiwn 4, Ontario, for n list  of . peakcm in each province.  NOHMAN RIDDIOUGIl,  Director,  Information Division.  Stupid question  Kdilor. Tin- Time;..  Sir: Well it looks as if Premier Bennett  Im. i_'ti��..'( to call another clfctinn,  wlnrh remind*, me -.. j-,;veral people have  a. k<-'i AVlii.1 hut. Tony (largrave done for  th!;. riding? now tliat, 1 think, is u mo��t  (tophi dm,,lion, they tJnnild know [Ual  mr-mlxr. "f 'hr oppo.-ition can't do anything white the iw,., Man, Mr. Bennett  hold** the purse Mrm*,'*..  Now with Mrr. Daw.on, things are n  bit different, here wc have a lady who is  right up there with the ruling party, a  cabinet minif-tcr. no le**,-.. What htm uhe  done apart  from hokiiti}*; a ten-party for  4  of the classes at the school and also.visited the Indian rodeo and took a ride in  tlie gondola. She hopes she has some good  pictures c^ a bear with its two cubs which  went through their garbage at Lake  Louise.  ��� Beverley Silvey and her husband Larry  are spending a vacation at the home of  Bev's mother, Mrs. Pat Ness.' Bev and  -Larry have recently moved into their own  home in Powell River.  Page B-4   .      The Peninsula Titnea  Wednesdoy, August 6, 1969  Mrs. Keith'Comyn spent, last week ih  Powell River-visiting, her son Roy,Mar*,  shall who is a patient in the Extended  Care Unit at* Powell River Hospital. '  ��� Undoubtedly the most popular visitor  on Duck Rock Beach this summer is Mr.  and Mrs. Hugh MePhalen's first 'great*  grandchild, six months old Suzanne,- who  is accompanied by her mother, Dianne  Morgan of Tsawwassen.  Vacationing at the Jack Temple cottage are Mrs. Temple's sister, Esther Anderson of Wcodfibre with husband Doug  and children Pamela and Kelly.  Dedicated pioneers  iO  ALLAN "Yukon" Fraser, President of  the Vancouver Yukoners Association  which is hosting this year's gathering  states that plans are underyay to make  this Re-Union one of the most historic of  all celebration���one that will establish  for all tima a,place in Canadian and American history for the Pioneers and Sourdoughs who blazed the Trail of '98 and  made possible the - riches now found in  Alaska and the Yukon, the real Treasure flousa of the North American Continent,  Most of the Trail Blazers of '98 have  crossed their Last Divide���but their children, grand-children��� and great grand  children are carrying on the traditions  of tha early Pioneers and are going to  see  to it that their  memory and spirit  will live for-ever.  These early pioneers and explorers!  came from many countries around' tht?  world, they were men and women of vision, courage end conquering spirit���and  their motto���"There is no boundary Line  here" ���tells their story in 6 words. The  cornerstone for world peace. This is the  spirit that make:, the SOURDOUGHS the  most famous Club in the world.  Hundreds of SOURDOUGHS from  many Darts of the United States, Canada,  Yukon Territory and Alaska will hit the  Stampede Trail in September to VAN-1  COUVER for a gathering that excels in  fun, laughter, merriment���and the swapping of yarns that grow as the years roll  by���and to honor the ARGONAUTS who  conquered the North and found The Golden Fleece of the present Century. '*  - Ladies Race  Enjoying sheltered Secret Cove and  making the most of a brisk breeze on  Saturday morning^ ladies take to the  sailing dinghies and show off thelr  prowess as husbands and youngsters  cheer from newly installed moorage.  Growth at Secret Cove proves the  need for even more moorage facilities  t along the ,coa$t.. .  \  t    **���""" I  -     ������       ' !���*-���        mf.      ,    ,       .  ..__.-,         ���,.  U4,a^,Wnm^  ;  Blake, C. Alderson D.C.  -   CEHIfSOPISACTOErt  Port Office Bpilding Secheit  - Phone 885-2333  ,   *        Re*. 886-2321  Tuesday to Friday 10:30 o.m. to 5:30 p.m'.  Soturday 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  '      EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT  .  .  1  SATURDAY DELIVERIES  GRAVEL * EXCAVATING  DITCHING *  BACKHOES  Box 172  .   rf-, #,   .*   .#    .  <"��� - ���rrf'*"f' **


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