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The Peninsula Times Apr 30, 1969

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,     -       ,        '< '    • "   ^ ' r.   < \      -   '• /        >       -       l   -    ■■    - > ' ....   y     "tit"
large attendance
SPEAKING as a decision making adult
and perhaps as a'psychiatrist but not
as an authoritative parent,- Dr. Bennett
Wong's advice to students is "Turn on, but
as. individuals.
1606/We3t':5thl Ave,; »\c;  y. ;,,'. ■',   . ,   -
iVancouver'ftr B«C«,.o ,,
FUTUHE      .,     ,      ,, -   ,     .
 _._ „V1.^W,W, „   AWl„W44, „,»■„  ,   'By ^e tun* of the century machines
not" with'drugs^Tyoulr 'own^h^^ifft   'wfll.do'the work and-people have to be
''Serving'the Sunshine Coast; (Hovye Sound fo 'Jeryi$ Inlet), including Port Me lion,' .4opklns,Landirig„<3rontham's Landing, Gibsons; Roberts .Creek-
Wilson Crdek,' SelmoPafk; Secheit, 'rtolfmoqn .B.qy, Secret Cove, Pender Harbour/Madeira Pafk^Kleindate, Irvine's.Londing; Earl Cove, Egmonr.
)  ' ill.'. '    ,'       .    ' '. . ) 1    1   1 1 ii r       f   .   1       I ' ■" ■» ■ 'J ' ' ■     'I [ -*'
"    f
Registration No. 1142
2nd Class Mail
Volume 6, No. 22                  *   IOC
t 'WEDNESDAY, APtflL 30        	
does not hurt anyone else and •afllso-bene
fits someone."
Dr. Wong gave the keynote address at
-last, week's meeting at Elphinstone Secondary School which centered around
'^Dialogue in' Communications." Attendance of roughly three hundred adults'
and students proved that there is definitely a> willingness to,communicate. '
- Student's comment ithat "drugs if used
properly can help more people ithin harm
them 'and more people should 'turn on\"
met with considerable student applause.
However, even greater ahd more general
applause greeted Dr.- Wong's agreement
that more people should, turn oh but'not
with drugs. " ' -     •   .
,In his preamble which:set the mood
for discussion groups, Dr. Wong referred
only- briefly to drugs despite the student
interruption which indicated that a few
students 'had latitended for the sole purpose
of drug discussion. Put to a'voter the
majority were niore interested ,in communication. ,._.,"-   . —
He did point out that adults had created the drugr situation and referred to
the variety of pills being taken. His ad; ,
vice is to stay away from all drugs as
much as possible, many affect the chromo-'
somes and the long-term effects of many
are not even known. > ...
trained,to deal with a new type.of world.
Most of us, said-Dr." Wong, will be put
away in institutions'''and"'looked'after < by
machines and 'will not "be'table'to cope
with it. ,The greatest enemy, against cop- -
ing with the future is rigidity, people'have .
to learn to be completely' ppen and prepared tc change tomorrow.    ,
Dr. ,Wong says he' is jiearning to appro-'
ciate everything he 'can so that he can
adapt to arty situation.      , v „ ■
It is no^love that'makes the world go
round but aggression. Now that we have
the latomic bomb, wars" are no longer possible and we are left, with our aggression /
to turn against each,other which'could
lead to self destruction. We-must learn to
wash-out this basic impulse with .a secondary impulse "love.''
Dr. Wong admitted that he was brought
up and. educated under the authoritarian
system and did everything'which his pat- ,
ents and_ tutors expected of him but .since
he took his medical degree has spent five
years .itrying to overconie discipline and -
be' a person. - '
Asked whether he was not* happy.with
his trainin'g which enables him to solve
peopled-problems, pr/ Wong 'replied that,
he'.doesnft"solve anyone's problems.' They
just use him as a,person,and learn to're-'
' late oil a person to person :basis.
1 „
r ^--*
Some people, he said, don't have" the
ability to "turn" im." naturally and resort'
to, alcohol or drugs, v others go to church)
He advised meditation", sensitivity and contemplation as a means of becoming sensi-
-tized to one,another.   -  --       . ■   -
"COMMENTS !—' '. ■   „   J   '—T	
w Opinions expressed by "students .and
adults "would'indlcate 'that the opportunity
to conimunicate was appreciated *and,it"is;
understood "that many;favor, further meetings to follow up the "Dialogue jn Corh-
miujicatiohs/'       '■   \'     \ ■   '  . ■
] Chairman of the Elphinstone meeting
.was Miss, Beanie, Patten of Secheit.
The present school system does not turn
-students .on, said Dr. Wong, it has the
.authoritarian approach which student's are
(rebelling against. On'the other hand the
."Free School" has" the uncontrollable, fun
toving   child-like   approach   which   also     #     • ' -       - < .     1 <b
doesn't work. The adult, type,- decision TOntllVPC TIOW 30*117331
.making school system now-being adopted *Ca*U4yO ^UOW ailAVaJL
and in practice at Campbell River; Centfen"
Committee approved
Arts Council Gallery
nial High and other schoctfs seems the
most acceptable,- also, open area type
schools.-    •'',_''      "" '     -;''v'
Young peopte are msiking. decisions- at
>an earlier age- and rebelling against*the
authoritarian system," they don't 1 want - to
be cogs, in a machine-like society: Their
ideas are adult, "says Dr.'Wong,'but*they
,are handling-/the situation like •children,
' "Commencing with.lOQ per, cent discipline at birth, this' should decline »with! age
NEXT DISPLAY at the Arts .Council Gal-
- '-lery in Secheit will feature the work
of a talented young newcomer-to this dis1
trfct." 'Jim Jordan grew up in' Brantford,
Ontario, and spent'four years at the Winnipeg School of Art. Since coming to the
c6aat lie has had "one man. shows ,at the.
Leafhill Gallery in Vancouver and .'the
Village' Square in West Vancouver.
' These- paintings are. all 'uecent. .work,
within the/past? two years, -yet they cover
CHAHtMAN of ..the, Sunshine Coast Lions jfor- the occasion.1 :It ,hadr been hoped to
May Day; committee, Terry Rodway.  \ bring in .a band from Kanilloops but urf."
told the Times; this J week  "things  are
really--moving an^ indications arejthat
we^will have one'of-the most successful
events to date, for May Day-1969-will be
the 21st anniversary of the celebration. %
.-   "To;this"end!, We'are encouraging'asc
many business's and individuals to par-,
ticipate*   witff   floats'* "and"" entries ~ as
possible." ...'.:''. ".!'.. I
a^variety -of styles- and 'influences. There
reaching' zero- at. 18 .years at the-same are still life studies, traditional, and ..realtime.', responsibility should increase ,pro=-""istic^yetTthe~everyday, grouping,of con-
portionately. -The -agerof~zero" discipline temporary bric^bractnakes,them neleyant
will become progressively younger in the^   to the sixtiesi'Some of the earlier and'Jrttf:'
future.      ,'••'. ,..''/.,«,;      pertt work, is representational of-' the—two      4 ,
\ Students'agreed that they are doing,   large; ^e^-^eflect-1 Jim's interest \ti the    tions,lhe popular carousels are'.presently
"their cwivth«i6?  despite'.their parents,   AW'l^yelaM of the".EdViaro^^
but'Dr^'WOTg'con^rjicitt^f.that'^ey' orei^^ougbt" Up^fo/b^Vwite"lo4«y*s bnlliant' ■ »M>rkiri#'on.;ci^o^es^
demeaning"'theniselve?".byUsUch .conduct f^co)tor3u]:,The* show,lasts^tnjtil.May 10;-the    tiqns/1.the,,Sech^lij\Ee5idential ,band will
He.believes thaf 'adults' will ^relate better, "GaUery;is open Wednesdays to Saturdays - again-take part ana" it" is "expected ah-
to young, people'if they are appreciated1 from 40* a\m. to 4 p'm.-     - "„,        other-local band WilT alsd' supply music
' Now 'more than,, forty strong, the
Lions club has & ntunber1 'of ■ enthusiastic
members woTidng'oiv-May .Day .prepara-
.fortunately it  was  already-booked/up.
: Last, year saw, entries from, out' of "town
which included floats and: clowns', however,'at .this time it is nbt known whether"
,'they will participate this year.
; , .Another improvement this- year "-will
be   a   greater .selection   of   concession '
.booths   thus   proyidingr, ample .-catering,
facilities.    .,,"".'' -
'•   '     ' *   ' 1   ,        * :   . ■* '
Another popular Lions "project is the
annual-pancake   Breakfast;' -seheduledU
this year'for. Mothers Day,"-Sunday'May
. t. Good Deed
Twelve cubs ofithelsfSechelt'CuD
Pack Under the supervision of Assistant Cub Master Bruce.OobleiglL'&perit
Saturday; afternoon picking,up. s*mall
stones on the .Golf Course. - Busy lads
are. Jeffrey. Redman,'. Rick. .Clayton,
Edward Sigouin, Frankr]Leiimer,,Scott
Jackson/Carl Montgomery, RobRit-
■ter, ^eil Clayton, Gordon" 'Bamson;
Bob and Scott Dray and 3jax$pxB!B$..
-rl©t':dogS'and pop helped make the
'task;a little more interesting.   ■ - :
Wine and Gheese Party
for Hospital Auxiliary
WINE and Cheese Party, arranged by the
Halfmoon Bay Auxiliary to St. Mary's
Hospital will be held .at the Legion Hall,
Secheit from 8 to, 11 p.m. on Saturday,
May 3. There will be danoing and refreshments consisting of "assorted cheeses,
fancy sausage, crackers, buns and a variety
of wines,, Everybody aged 21 or over will
be welcome*
Tickets $2.25 each are available from
any member of- the Auxiliary or can be
obtained at ithe door. If you have any difficulty inefolajnhig tickets, telephone Mrs.
A. J. Rutherford at 885-9672,
Ferry improvements
for Sunshine Coast
FERRY changes that will greyly increase the ferry service oh the
Sunshine ,Coast were highlighted today -
by The Honourable Isabel Dawsoni,
Minister without Portfolio, and M.L.A.
for the Mackenzie Constituency.
. The "Pender, Queen" will join the
.^Powell River Queen" as the second
ferry on the1 Jervis Inlet runyfrom'^June,6
to September 22, operating on a 5;day
—basis, '. „_: . !!	
• • On June'l, the "Queen of,the Islands"
will take ever the Powell River-Comox
fun. At that time, the "Comox Queen"
will go in" for'its'overhaul, and is expected back as the second ferry on the run
about June 21.
' Launching date for the new "Texada
Queen"- has been set for-May 17 at Allied
Shipbuilders in. North Vancouver, when
Mrs.' Dawson will perform the christening ceremony.' The "Texada Queen"  is
expected to take over the Texada Island
>run~ around June 21, with its InauguxaJ.
run taking place, the day before.
V    The last-two properties have been ac-'
quired for the parking facilities At the
Powell River ferry terminal and it is expected   that   the  parking  area   will   be
finished by the end of June.
St. Mary's, Hospital
- ' .. •       .'I   i,^'> *" - £j 1
." * l_   i • •.'«.&■■ ¥•     1* .    *«   »   1 .' T J"     w ■.
."•->.   ,    ■;"■->•'.# w^i' -' :'■ *> ■ •. :f "A -■'■■ -&\s
* - ». is *■ Of-F   _r n^*i*     ' 1     ***-jl* f 1      • .
+ f    m"  - ^ p   .  L*   *iJ* rf" UlZ     ' .      m TO ■ 1 "k l
FOLLOWING the annual"gener'aT meet- ' beep "experienced". Full extent of difficul-
,   w      --     „.■-,-.        .....    ,-™-ing "ef-uS^~St.;Mary's Hospital Society,    ties this imppsed,, upon- stafjt in ^handling
' This;evcnt,'att"^cts-"fanuUesCfrort 'all'   Monday- ,April>,21st"vat ;l^e^gior^^fl3|al^',,^hp^'extra^.-l^ uimosfc', appr'e-
;:_*- _* ii.- t»-„.-—, .....,„_'. . . j_^-.    gechejtj' George 'HopJuns", was "appointed- -ciatiori and any encouragement-vojiced. in
chairman; 'Jack Willis vice, chairman, and    this, regard is well Warranted. 't    ,
Archie. "Rutherford Treasurer. Two new
members' elected , by accramation werfej
Mr. C Dobell and Mr: A. Deatbn', Re-i
elected^' also" hy- acclamation Were' Don
Douglas, E. 'Hensch ahd Jack Willis.
Main item of interest • was annoujnce-
ment by |.he. chairman, of the expansion
points of, the Peninsula. whOi'lJke ,td take
^Mother out for her annual treat.'"^$. usual
it will',be;held in the showrooms of',Pen-
. insula Motors Ltd, and breakfast" will' be
served fropi' 9 a.m. ■ , .  ..,.,>
SENIOR CITIZENS .   ,''.]"'.'*.   '",
'.While a, great',portion of funds,raised
•by Lions projects have, in the past, gone
• toward .equipment'. "for.M -their hospital    ^IR-^^^^^^.y- l"J.^,uu
■physio-therapy rdom/^the^cjub'lhas>iso' and construction committee, Jim. Parker,
Ing project. Latest endeavoiris' include
provision of either a checker or shuffle
board- and it is hoped to make;ai start on
this project, as soon atf ithej:'May Day
.event is, oyer-with.'      ) ''::<:"--'r ':'•''"■■{'"■: •''
that official approval - for- the ■ $518*276
hospital expansion has now been; received, Architects , are presently preparing
working drawings)and specifications and
it is hoped to go to tender late summer
and,a'-start;'made on construction in the
early faJI.'. -'■;!' '.,;     '•,-■■
Mr. Parker said it had been hoped
construction would have been underway
at this time,, problems however1 have
cropped up and ' circumstances beyond
through financial support from the Lions, • control of the trustees have caused many
This year members have agreed to spon- delays. He added that a 95' per cent vote
sor a Sentor Babe Ruth League. It is also, approving the expansion by Referendum
planned to form a baseball .team within    last February made very, clear the'pub-
BASEBALL ',',       .'■' ''■■>■[.", '■'■,'■"
Sponsorship of'! a ball tcahi has long
been another ^ interest of the club and a
number   of   teams   became  established
An added service this year is that of
a. registered -Physiotherapist, Mr, John
Levvis, who joined the staff January 1st
and set, up the physiotherapy department.
Since that time he "has been occupied
with an increasingly heavy patient load.
Additional, equipment for this depart-.
, ment has been approved. ,
A survey has-been arranged of hospital services • and patient care With a
view to seeking establishment of "Accredited Hospital" classification.'
Administrator A. Wagemakers in His
report pointed but that continued growth
of, the' cornmunity has resulted in increased dernands upon hospital facilities
and has often called for setting up of
beds much in excess of the 35 bed
capacity.   ■
Indication of the steady increase of
hospital facilities may be gathered from
the following comparisons:      '
Trophies galore
Playing their first iriter-league shuf-
fleboard playoffs, Herb and Ann
Ebach of Scchclt Royal Canadian
Branch 140, club walked off with Garden Bay Hotel trophy, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 112 trophy and
'arc the first holders of, Branch 140
trophy. Pictured from left are Babe
Kammerle, Ann and Herb Ebach and
Margie Campbell. Pender, Harbour
players Mr. .Kammerle, and Mrs.
Campbell put up a good fight but just
couldn't beat the local team.
Above average . .,.' ■'
v'.-Scta rate
shows some 1969 decrease
>. i
t1^. \iimm
'.'PcparUnent -of-Education annouiu'ecl
hiat \vwk H has approved calling of 1*-n-
dcra-for nddilion of two kiicncc Inbora-
lorici at Elphinstone Secondary School.
Regular Soft Driiik porvicc for Canada
Dry and Coca-Cola products to the mi-r-
chnnts on the Sunshine Coafit will be
started noon by Coast Diatrlbutlng, n Pow- ■
ell River based oompany whose miuvagca* in
Jck» Cummlngn, one of the youngest Alder-
trust in C«in*da, wi ibo, aga ot 22»   , '.....,., .
MILL RATE for school taxes In the Secheit School District }\aa dropped to
,33.03 for  1969.   Last year it was 34.90.
'Education Minis-tor Donald, Brothers announced last week that 49 of the 85-school
districts in British Columbia will have a
■lower mill rate than in 1000. Another 23
will have Increases of up to 2 mills and
the remaining 13 districts will have in-
: creases of over-2'mills.
Provincial average for 1009 which covers elementary, .secondary bcIiooIh and also
colleges is 31.72 mills.
This'year, «ay» the "Minister, ehangeii Xii"
ilio education finance formula are being
fully Implemented! and over DO per cent
of the total gross amount budgcthrd by
School DifltrlctA f6r the; operating expenses of the public ftchools.la eligible for
grantfi by the Province. Local contribution
to these fiharenbte operating 'cxptmscs for
1009 baa been set at a basic levy of 24.110
mill)*, I960 b;jslc levy wna 24.30 mills.
'Also''starting thla year,ihe Provincial
Goverhn>ent Is paying 00 per cent of the
total of the School Districts' college costs
instead of 50 per cent of the net costs as
previously pnld. With additional college*!
commencing to operate, and IneronBCd costi
of existing colleges, thla Increase in grants
rasterUUy reduces the bunkn of taxes
upon thp local taxpayer. '■
Honoroble D.' L. Brothers aUio nointa
out, that in addition to the very substa'n-.
fciqV .increases in grants, the Home Owner
grant has been increased from $130 to
$150, as a result the majority of residential property-owners will find thcmsoWcn
having to pay no more school taxes In
1009 than thoy paid in 1900. .  "-
In spite of criticisms being made,,the
new education finance formula doca provide a more equitable dintribntlon of «ref»4-
er govenvmtarrt financial nld to School Dia-
Iricta throughout the'"Province,' isaid' the
Minister.'' Tliia eoupkxl with the government pay Ing 60 per cent of the college expenses ensures tho provision of the flne»t
educational opportunity possible to every
pupil and student iTgardless of the local
financial wealth of the community in which
he or shci*esldes.
The Provincial Government i« d6lng
everything powiblc to assist tho local lax-
payera Ih meeting the rising eosla of education by allocating 32 rxr ctnt of ita billion dollar budget for education. Hut, nitid
Mr. Brothers, the spending of these publ(<:
fund.-! Is done by the local education mi-
thorites, and it in their' responsibility to
make certain'that full value in received
for wcry educatiiois tAx dollar they spend.
the club.
■.'',;,.■ '■■',■•'
Aris Council elects
president for 1969
D'lteCTOTtS bi'tho Sunshine': Coast. Arta
Council elected Mr;, ,Stan Trufrnian
President of the group for the coming yoair
a;t,a recent meeting held in the Gallery
Shop at Secheit, '
Other officers elected were: Mr. Itoss
Giteon, Vlce-Pi-eaidcht; Mrs. , Doreene
Dockar, ;Trcaaurer; Mrs, Doris Crowston,
Corresponding Secretary; Mr. Bernlo
Baexrkmann, Re<?oi'ding Secretary; Mr, Bud
Blntchford, Memtjershlp Chairman; and
Mrs, Judy Bacckmann, Publicity pircctor.
, Anyone wishing to become a member
of the Arts Council or to renew his membership, la requested to contact,Mr, BlaCch- •
ford ait 800-2135, Yearly mernbcr«b'p» are
$2 for adulta, $j| for (Undents .and>old age
pensioners, and $5 for groups or families,
■ Directors will meet again, tonight In
the home of Mrs. Alice Murray, Davis, Bay, ,
to complete plans for entering afloat'ln,
the May Day parade and to dltscuBa future
projects.        ,
Catholic Women install
new slate of. officers
NEW OFFFICEI18 for the coming year of.
the Catholic Wnmen'n League were ln-
j.talled by  Rev.  P,  Kenny at candle-lit
Benediction Service In tho Holy Family. ,
Catholic   Church,   Scchclt   on   Monday
April 2lot,
President is Mm. J. Korgm; Vice
Preoldent,Mr». Fs Cnseyj Secretary, Mrs.
(t.'Boniri and Trca«urcr, Mr.< C. Llzee.
Wlnncr« of the d\x>r prizes nt the Tea
and Bake Sale organized by the Catholic Women's League-Holy Family Council
nnd held in the parish hall on April 17th,
were: Mra. A, Rehiiie;' pHlte Mary Evans
and Master D, Petula, The doll waa won
by MrH. J, Wheeler.    '    ' '
C.W.L. members wtsli to thank everyone who made the event audi oaucxcais*
lie's desire for the project.,,
Opening the meeting, Mr. Ernie Booth, '
President, noted there were about forty
members present, he said _ membership
, has now reached a total of M to' date.
Much of, the, credit fori thls'goestd the'
ladies bt the six Auxiliaries to St. Mary's
Hospital.,    .,.'-,-'. :'  '   '. '
Mr, Booth expressed the view that
any organisation is as good as the members who constitute it nnd'it is the support given by!the Auxiliary'memberships
which often enables the Board of Trustees of the Hospital Society to function
successfully In various situations which
arise from time to' time.      ,
•In his report, the President states;
during the past year u further heavy increase of both In and Out-patients has
, .1900 1907
• Patients .admitted:-
Adults,and children
'    .1,502 1,000
Patient days
'•■";       11,105 11,509
Average length ,  ]
of stay per patient
i      7.44 days
,113, 122
Patient days
,.   557   ■,       '509
Average length
of stay
4.03" days
Out-patients:- '
2,11)0 3,550
4,470 7,210
Day euro
.   1968   ,
0.91 days   7.17 days
133    ,
*7U4     i
4.60 days   5.09 days
Board President
George Hopkins of Hopkins • Landing
was npiwlnted last \veek as ■President
of the St. Mary's Hospital Society.
He succeeds Banker liaraio Booth.
Report of Dr. Walter Burtnlck M.D,
Chief of Medical Starf, noted that n
period of exceeding difficulty was experienced through loss of competent
laboratory services for four months and
inadequate Radiological services for one
lfionth, also complete discontinuance of
Physiotherapy for six months.       [
During this period, he stated, there
was undoubtedly Rome decrease in the
provision or adequate patient care, however, through tho diligent efforts of administration nncl Hospital Board nnd
co-operation of medical staff, these
problems were completely "resolved. He
Js now pleased to report that not only
has edequato patient been restored but
has improved.
■" Co-ordinating Council of the Auxili- ■
orles report states; jlhe .Thrift .Shop..had
an outstanding year and raised over
$5,000 for Hospital use. .Services to patients was extended and now Include;
Volunteer shopping service, halrdrctutiiig
service,- baby photos, assistance to the
Physiotherapist and establishment of the
"Baby case".
Equipment   purchased   this   year   hy
Auxiliaries  and   the  Thrift  Shop   totals
$3,101.50,   ,  . , ,/(
' V\.H%***^lN|*P^^ *#**(***»*■   <"'
" «'^>i,^^',^   ** *■"*/>**' ** #* *T**^(rfff*««»J^k*^ ^i*»^ ^^L&*^^4*'#>h>l**<e#*'fr>***
ttyp #* ?* tf  -f # u#V' *"t i/f^Hmtki/j? h<* fl***^******.,^*^  »» »*iiA|i» f^^iBMfflS^^^fiff^Atp ,.   ^h^ji * A 1,j* ¥0f *ft ^mt^^Wrt. L\  ft «*t »#^«PiiW#i»-^i(Bi«i.^*~ij*rv**y»»*flf> ^p**,^ J«<,*fl.,^««^^J*w,#'
fr l^"*[-(f«™#»»*'M*>|.jfc^V^B*\f««.i*<P»l.^t» n^#fc*-(k«f* »•»«( <". *  .wwv-i* JoJ^,i-i>^,<w'>��wij��*-iri*ji-.j-f.i.��r*.^r^, j "Syr*-*1.  i  i  i   i  ? I*Age A-2the Peuirisula-f imes/Wetfnesday, April 30,^1969  j      ��wi*ji^.a^Mi|wsaiiMi.iiw.^��iwi*i.<^iwi^��i��p#ii*P��ipM*i>��>PM*^^ i   Ii     <i���**���^i���������-���������������   SMwdflBatr"-"���   mmtOTwmiffl  ?    h*V,4J^h>w^��V ^-*f<  !*g" ^r"** f** ^iiNPxtmjfmt,  REAL ESTATE (Continued)   REAL ESTATE (continued)     BOATS and ENGINSS  N-(   v    * AmA  LOST  -TENDERS  LEGAL (Gonfrinucd)  ����. 't'i'''   '" pa     , ���   V ,V      "*     " /**   ''-  'ThePbOTNSUIA t Mtone,885-9654  Oassifl&'d.j  IF, YOUR DESIRE TO  SELL YOUR PROPERTY  .CHOICE' waterfronVloVsat  '/Sec.ret,f"'Cpve &< Halfrrioon  Bay* Vaii Esmond. at"^���"*  Jrp.\*  ' "Published Wednesday by  The' Peninsula Times Ltd.,  ot Sechfeft, B.C;  Member, Audit Bureau  -   ,; of Circulations  September 30,1968  Gross Circulation 2250  Paid Circulation 1942  Cfassif feja Advertising Rates:  3-Line Ad-Briefs (12 words)  One ' Insertion 'J. 75c  Three Insertions  tV;  $1.50  _15c  Extra lines (4 words)  (k     (This rate does not apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs.)  Box Numbers JOc extra  25c Book-keeping charge Is added  for Ad-Briefs not paid by  publication date.  Legal or Reader advertising 35c  ..per count line.  Display   advertising   in  classified  Ad-Brief$ columns, $1.75 per inch.  Subscription Rates���  By moil, Peninsula area _$5.Q0 yr.  By mail, beyond 30 miles $5.50 yr.  By mail, special citizens ^���$3 yr.  By carrier I _'50c month  COMING EVENTS   TWILIGHT   THEATRE, . Gibsons���Thurs. Fri. Sat. Mon.  May 1, 2, 3, 5. The Beatles in  "Yellow Sutiifesriffe: Wedr  Thurs. Fri. May 7-9. Dick Van  Dyke as "Fitzwilly". Phone  886-2827. 2468-22  WORK WANTED (Cont.)  "CUSTOM    rock    drilling    &  blasting. Phone 883-2227.  '-'   - 2431-tfn  * *                         "                    \ '  ���r ->       ����� \ *~ ���*     ' *       " ^^  HELP WAITED;.}  WEST Secheit ���,X;a work on  small saw;mill, planer operation; " some mechanical  ability necessary- Able to op-,  orate chain saw,,assorted' hand  power tools, small cat, tractor.  Musthave own reliable transportation for 8.hi,'day,;6 day  week. Start at $2.75 per hour.  Phone 885-9722 after 6 "p:ni.^  ^ , v      .; 2407^tfn  WAITRESS wanted., Ph. - 885T t  2325. 2469-22  Peninsula Times.-  We^OlFfer ;./.  -^Continuous"' advertising   ik  .   four newspapers. <J  ���Effective  and. prWen/ad-  ;services   available  vertismg in our catalogue.  ���Real Estate sales staff of  six in two 'offices on the  Peninsula.  ���Twelve hundred Realtor  sales people off the'Peninsula when you multiple list.  ���Twenty-four hour enswer-  ing service.      \ '",  *    '  ���No charge to- you' if there is  ho sale.-   *    .   "''   ��� '  885-9683--  2349-22  15'- Cadilac'.alumihiuih' boat,  35. h.p. Evinru'de, with, trail-"  er &'tarp, 885-2007.'"; 2359-tfn  1 -,  ���_"      ~ * " ������**    r - ���"  COMPLETELY equlp^ed-lS) ft.  .outboard ^cruiser. - Fibre-  EXCELLENT, commercialJ lot  , ���^entre���Sechelt-highwayrlo- .gjass'ed deck 'sTtaul withloo  cataon, .level .and cleared. }AU   Merc. Trailer included. $3,200.  VAN'S pqcket watch, railroad  r style, vicihity ' Dayis' Bay  Rd. and Community , Hall.  Reward offered. Phone 885��  2116. - 2445-22  FOR SALE  Box-  1104  .1104-tfn  Ph. 886-9908.  2377-22  LOTS for sale,-4' cleared view  ,��� lots In Selma'Park. Serviced  ���with ,.power and water. Priced  at".$2,750 each. P.O. Box ,299,  Secheit 1 or" to ��� view contact-L.  N^stman/Seuna Park.  9659-tfn  '" t*4e sum SHINES ON  SEGHELT AGENCIES LTD.  ��� -    / Phone B85-21'61   ,     s  Box 155, ,Seehelt, 'B.C.  Box 369, Gibsons, B.C."  BLOCK BROS..^."  Phone Mr. Gdod 681-9700  CEMENT worker aiid helper       ' ' "coUect pi   736-5933  required   to   instaU   small   For fast service on, ail proper-  ��� wharf and mill burnfer, -found- tfes and business and  ation, -by hire or contrabt. Ph. .    -     .  885-9722 after 6 p.m: '247drtfh     ,  SALAL PICKERS WANTED  Phone Mrs, Naida Wilson  885-9746 or write:^ ;,  Box 390,. Secheit, B:C.  , calltson   ^^eVergreentco.-  Salal Pickers Wanted-  recreational  lands.  >   '        Selma Park  . View lots on Snodgrass Rd.  $395.00 down, terms to suit. (  Pender Harbour  ,   75 acres, with house, approx.  1500 ft. overlooking lake with  ' house. $22,500 terms to suit.  SECHELT VILLAGE     '  ruSClOUS ���.4   bedroom  ^home,   .Beam.,' ceiling   liying  VTOom^witb'* rfloor   to ^ceiling  - fireplace^-'Wall-tbiwall    car-  '  p'eting. A-oij| furaaef," double  plumbing. Vehetiah fence, en-  , sures   privacy,   carport, This  home is a gem, at $22,900.   ���  . 50', Waterfront5 Lot'.."$7;806��  WILSON I' CREEK '\i����"2}4  acres, creek! 2 bedrooms/base-  merit, A-6il heat., $16,900.' ']  , .SELMA P^.RK���Large tot,  $2,800 Terms.-   , (    v     '  - ROBERTS    GREEK ��� 2%  acres,  1  bedrooha house "and  cabin   with , she'd   for   your  ' horse.' Sunshine  Coast hi'gh-  '  way. $8,000.  TILLICUM BAY ������ Clos'e.to  marina, 2 lots $1600 each.  WANTED ��� 14 to, 16Jf. fibre--  , ,. glass' runabout. .-35-65- h.p.  motor. Full -top essehtiaL Ph.-  '886-7005.  ; ^     ,   ^       2373-22  LATE "mddel 40 h.p. Johnson  ' long .shaft, used about; 1 mo.  .$425. Can be seen'at Smitty's.  Marina or i)hane-886^7793.  >  ; , _,/ y   , t���2327-22a  "LAFF"   round   bottom.   In-  ; board   motor.    Toilet.  , 22' ���  long,, can sleep 4.' Price, $950.  . . NOTICE TO GENERAL -  ], - CONTRACTORS  1 Sealed Tenders are invited  ">for the Alterations'&,, Additions to the/ELPHINSTONE  I SECONDARY .SCHOOL for  \ School District 'No. 46  i (Secheit)/  %   Tenders   will .be   received  Form, No.. 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  IP  IT'S   suits���it's   Morgam  885-9330,'Secheltj B.C.  8893-tfn * until 3:db,p.hv. (Daylight Sav-    Notice of Intention to Apply  *."Vy"     ing Tinie) Monday,-. May  12, "    to Lease Land  1'969'   Location  for   receiving   r  In .Land Recording' District  of    Vancouver    and , situate  Skobkumchuek Nhrrows.  Take notice that A. P. Unrau of Port Coquitlam, occupation Bus driver �� intends to  apply for * a lease of the  following described lands:���  Ph'. 883-2449.  2412-22  2  CARVEL :built row boats.  .Id.', &  12';  good  copditiok  886r7256. y J.2411-23"  21' .' FIBREGLASS -"bottom  boat.  Ford   inhbard^'. sink,,   ph. 886-2160.  stove, bunks. Enquire Chevron  Station, Medeira Park, B.C. or  phone 255r7210._ y 2426-23  BITV   your   trash   incinerator  �����rJLr%LM��SL - -1 *ss" js *��� 'amounced at  A Bid, Bond amounting to  5, per cent - of the bid ��� must  accompany the Tender.  Plans, , Specifications" ahd  Forms of Tender --may be obtained before or after 9:00  "a.m.j D.S.T.; Monday," April ,28,  1969, at the, office" of, the  Architects,v Underwood, Mc-  Kinley, .Cameron, Wilson &  Smith, 612 >'Clyde ,, Avenue,  West Vancouver, 'B.C. on  deposit of $50.00.  The  lowest" or  any  tender  not necessarily accepted,  2462-22  LEGAL NOTICES  BEST selection of Books on the  Sunshine Coast. The Pathless  Way���Journey "/ To" ' Power���  Ghost Towns. of B.C.���The  Story of Medicine, Many hundreds of quality books'to choose  from vat The -Times Bookstore,  Secheit. 885-9654.    :,^ 2158-tfn,  1,000 FOWL, 50c each. Must  ., be cleared before April 28th.  Ph. 885-2048.    '. 23J9-20  ENGLISH saddle, use only 6 ���  times, A-1N shape, complete.  Value $200,  price $150  cash.  , 2376-22  20. FT. Skadgi't Cabin ^Cruiser.  '., 65  h.p.  oiitbqard;   Merciuiy.  Can be seen at Secheit JRod- &  Gun, Club. -2484T24  36,;xr i'6 Class 'A' combination  W.C.   Troller, ���"' Gillnetter.  Ready  b   go.   c/o  Box  339,  Gibsons, B.C.      ���     '   2480-22  BABGAIN ��� Decco -lawn  , mp-vver. Can be seen at Nuts  & -Bolts, Gibsons, B.C.  2365-22  ART �� BOOKS���Made Simple  v Series���Maps -& Map Making  ,-7-Childrens Books���Hunting-  Horses���-Something for everyone available at The Time's  Bookstore, Secheit Ph. 885-9654.  -^- ' "     " 2161-tfn  Commencing ait a post platit-  ted 100! .{South East.corner of  Lot 294, Group 1, NWJO;  thence 300'-;North; thence 100'  South East; thence 30JD' South,  --f;- thence ' following shoreline  to point of corJamencemeht,  'and fcontaihihg M acres, moire  or less, for the purpose of  sununier, residence.  Abrahi Peter ��� Unrau  Dateji March 28, 1969. v      /  2384-pub. April 16, 23, 30,  ' -   - - May 7, 1969.  Form No. 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  ANNOUNCEMENT  MRS. Edna Helmer wishes to  announce the forthcoming'  marriage of her youngest  daughter Shirley May- to  Harold Wray son of Mr. and  Mrs. Len Wray of Gibsons,  B.C. The wedding to be held  at 1 p'.m. May 24th, 1969 at.  Gibsons United Church.  " 2466:22  MR. AND MRS. Corey McKay  are pleased to announce the  forthcoming marriage of their  only daughter Leandra- Corey-  Anne, to Mr. Clark John  Dougall, son of Mr. and Mrs.  Alex Dougall of . Vancouver,  B.C. The wedding *to take  place at 3 p.m. on June 28tti,  1969 at Gibsons- -United  Church. Rev. Cameron officiating. 2464-22  CARD OF THANKS  ON BEHALF of my family &  myself 1 -would like to express appreciation to our  many friends for their-Jcind-  ness and words of comfort  during our recent bereavement.���Mrs. J. P. Jorgensen.  2118-22  Obituary  JORGENSEN ��� Suddenly on  April 22, 1969, Pete Jorgensen of Halfmoon Bay, B.C.  Survived by his loving wife  Gretha, 1 son, Frank and 1  daughter, Mrs. Joan Hansen,  Redrooffs, Halfmoon Bay, B.C.  4 sisters and 3 brothers in  Denmark; 3 grandchilden.  Funeral was held on Friday,  April 25th at 2 p.m. from the  Family Chapel of the Harvey  Funeral Home, Gibsons, B.C.  Rev. Canon Alnn Greene  officiated. Interment, Seaview  Cemetary. ,    , 2407-22  PERSONAL  Huckleberry  Salal     .  _ 3Tc Bunch,  plus 5c bonus  .40e Bunch -  ffir^^f^^Pil^"    \   Multiple LisT5mg-Service-  H. Gregory ,885,-9392  Don. Hodden ,885-9504:  eluded off hwy. nr. Kleihdale,  about   82. acres,   $125 . acre.  , Offers    ph.   'tentis.    Wooded  wonderland.  ,  plus 5c bonus  Contact plant,before picking.-  Located,    at    Roberts    Creek;  across street from store.  Phone 886-2633  2051-tfn  PENDER HARBOUR  EVERGREENS  Madeira Park  Soldi Pickers Wanted  Huckleberry   - 37c bunch  plus 5c bonus  Salal "' "   " 40c "bunch  plus 5c bonus  Contact Plant-before iplckmg.  Located 1st house north, Pender  Harbour Hotel.  Phone 883-2265 : '  2050-tfD  FOR RENT  HALL for rent, Wilson CreeS  Community Ball. Cohta'ct Mr.  "Glen Phiaips;; 885^2183. ,1095-|&1  3 LARGE roomed house,  newly decorated, Selma Pk.  Waterfront. Suit couple with  1 child. Will sign lease. Send  all particulars to Box 2437 c/o  Peninsula Times, Secheit, B.C.  2437-21  MOBILE HOMES  TRAILER for sale. 10' x 55'.  3 bedroom. $5,500. 886-7077,  2434-23  REAL ESTATE  ALCOHOLICS      Anonymous,  P,0. Box 294, Secheit, B.C.  Phone 005-9327, or 880-2979.  .....���.������,���... , \ 2457-tfn  "WORMS a problem?" . Uj(6  , "PAMOVTN" the ONE-DbSE  ''treatment for plnw6rms. Available at Kruso Drug Stores,  Secltott and Gil>s6ns. \    2174-22  HAVE you visited Tho, Tlrrtca  Bookstore yet? Tlio selection  Will  surprise  you.  Phone 885-  C854���Drop in & broWso, ���..,. * .  2159-tfn  I WILL not bo responsible for  any debts contracted hi my  name by anyone other than  myfitilf on or after this date,  April 24th, 1900, G, W. Dnvey,  General Delivery, Roberta  Creek, B.C. 2450-22  WORK WANTED  BLOCK .BROS.  Phone    Mr.    Good    681-9700  collect or 730-5933  For fast service on all properties and businesses.  WE TRADE HOMES  .,,.���,','..,    2242-tfn  EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Notary Public  Member  Vancouver Real Estate Board  Multiple Listing Service  PHONE 880-2248  ' Gower Point Rd. Lovely 2  bdrm. home, 'double lot, level  with beach. Asking $28,000.  offers.  Also 3 semi waterfront, lots  cleared with services. From  $8,500 with terms.  View lot oh Bluff " near in"  Gower Pnt. Rd. Terms to  $6,600 half acre.  Madeira Park  Commercial corner approx  435 ft. on blacktop with  Jfrateir,; & hydro. Terms to  $21,000.  Buyers start with us froru  Vancouver  Mr. Good 681-9700 or 736-5933  .Many other Sunshine Coast  properties  . BLOCK BROS.  2351-tfh  EGMONT: "Fisherman's  paradise! Secluded acreage,  with unfinished home ��� 200'  shore. Only $9500. On easy  terms.  ALSO: Delightful 3 room  cottage in attractive landscaped setting���glorious view.  Offered at $15,000. Fully furnished. To view, Call DON  TAIT 883-2284.  ROBERTS CREEK: Ideal  "Starter" home on 2 acres.  O.T. house has 3 Bdrms.,  roomy kitchen and Jge. living  room. Space for utility. A-oil  heat. Garage. Fruit trees. Attractive terms on $11,500.  We have some excellent  small acreages available, reasonably priced and terms are  good.  GOWER POINT: Land-  scajped V^ acre with 5 robrh  home, featuring heatilator  fireplace, W-W carpet in living roorp. Patio, garage and  storage, shed. Full price  $23,200. Some terms.  GIBSONS: Most attractive  hear new 5 room home , on  landscaped lot. Convenient to  shobs etc. Panoramic view.  Plan to view this desirable  homo howl Terms are excellent.  . H. B. GORDbft./  & kennettLtd;  Phone 885-2013  Secheit, B.C. :  -     -2476-22  * - -*   ��H *�����������  HOPKINS ��� Fully serviced  semi-waterfront      view      lot  close to excellent beach;. Ideal  permanent     homesite.      Full  -price $4,500. '  GRANTHAMS ��� 5 year old  2 bedroom bungalow .* with  part basement on fenced  i landscaped lot. Large living  room with picture windows  and brick fireplace. Bright  spacious kitchen.. -Matching  guest cottage and carport. Full  price $16,500. Terms. "  GIBSONS ��� 4% acre's on  highway, close to village. Anfc-  ple water supply. Property  slopes gently from highway,  with view over strait. Full  price $6,500. '  1 10 vear old 2 bedroom view  home" close" to "all services.  ~* Through' Tiall. Living room 22'  x 12' 4 piece Pembroke  plumbing. Auto-oil furnace.  Full price only $12,506. Terms.  NEAR SECRET COVE ���  Waterfront. Approx. 2 acres  with over 350 ft. shore line  and a view that cannot be  matched anywhere. Choice secluded building site framed  with colorful arbutus and  evergreens   overlooking   wide  17.V4;   FT.    Fibreglass    Cabin  Cruiser.   40   h.p.   fevinrude  outboard with, elective start, -  and trailer.  $i;400.  Ph.  885-  9392^ ^ _ _,   '2477-tfn  READY to go-^-ib ft. plywood  dingy'.in- good -shape. All  riewly painted. - Ideal as car-  topper. Just trolling or for the^  kids. Will take tliree^or fiVe"  h.p. ^ motor. $40."' .885-9366  evenings.  SPORTSMAN:. . .  f r %  Fibreglass Canopies    '  All models. Also Cartopper  Fibreglass Boats. 8-10-11 ahd  12 Feet. F.'O.B. Factory prices.  COPPING MOTORS. LTD.  Secheit, B.C.       Ph. 885-2812  Tirade your, Car/Boat pr . .. ?  ���-,*..- :.   2454-tfjnt  STARCRAFT ,'.\'  Aluminum*' Boats  All. models. ���>   Demonstration  available   in   18'., 6" . Holiday  "V", 100. h.p. Outboard.. F.O.B.  Factory prices start at $235.  Direct factory dealer  COPPING MOTORS LTD.  Secheit, B.C       P\ '885-2812  Trade your Car, Boat or ... ?  ��� '     '    2455-tfn  -      -       ���  MAkiNE.'..  ,  Accessories  top shape. $3,550. ��� 883-2555.  .,    ., .      ' 2369-22  OFFERS wanted for purchase  ' and removal of solid ,5 room  bouse . with hew automatic  Oil Heating and heavy wiring  ���Located -at 'Irvine's Landing  ���Ask "for Mr. Douglas. L. E.  KYLE Real Estate, 922-1123.  ' : 2408-22  ^0!���x���8i-National���trailer-,���in���Notice-of���Intention���to-Apply���  to Lease Land  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver, B.C. and situate,  North Lake, B.C.  Take  notice,'that Irene A.  Bernardih of. Coquitlam, B.C.  occupation Housewife, intends  to apply for a lease of the following described lands:���  .   -Commencing- ;at    a    post  planted  200  feet. East  from  North East corner of lot C of  ,Lot    6964; "thence  .100   feet  North;  thence 300  feet East;  thence 100 feet-South; thence  300 feet west, and containing  7/10 acres, more or'less, for  the purpose of summer cabin,  Irene Annette Bernardih  Dated April 13th, 1969.    -  1119 Hammond Ave.,  Coquitlam, N.W.  "' B C  Phone 939-1352!  2446-pub., April 30, May. 7, 14,  21, ,1969  Forni No. 18  -l(Section-82)_  Lifejackets,    Oars:,    Oarlocks,  seascape, with large islands. A    Ropes,( Rubber Boats, Pumps,  _������.���   1 .���   delight.   Full    Boat' WbidshieldSj   Cartopper  Boat Carriers, Paihts, Resins,  Gas   Tanks,   aHd   i'01   other  accessories available at  Savings  COPING MdTORS LTD.  Secheit, B.C.       Ph.  885-2812  2456-tfn  nature . lover's  price $15,600,  MADEIRA PARK ��� Semi-  waterfront, fully serviced  lots a few steps from .safe  sandy beach and boat launching. Sheltered salmon fishing  waters. Priced at $2,750���  $3,000.  Call Frank Lewis or Morton  Mackay at 886-9900, eves.  886-7088.  FINLAY REALTY LTD.  Gibsbns Burquitlanv  ,    , 2474-22  FOR LETTERHEADS, ehvel  opes, statements, invoices  and all commercial printing,  cpntact the times office "at Secheit or phone 885-9654.     _'  SADDLE horse for sale. Ph.  886-2289 after 6 p.m.  ,  ,.     2433-22  USED Speed Queen washer,  good shape $125.00. Used  two door refrigerator freezer,  top condition $195.00. Used  Easy wringer washer $39.00.  Used chesterfield $39.00. 24"  Westinghouse elec. range  $39.95. 40" Thor^ double oven  elec. range $125.00. Used T.V.  $49.95./ Parker's",, Hardware  Ltd., Secheit.,Ph..885-2171.  2438-21  COOK BOOKS- 6alore-^S6me-  thuig for everyone���Retty  Crocker's Cooky Book���Better  Hoines & Gardens' Casserole  Cook Book���Outdoor Cook Book  ^-Chinese Cooking���Pies and  Cakes���Favourite ways with  'Chicken���Adventures in Food-  Barbecue Cooking. Many .others  at The Times Bookstore,  Secheit. 885-9654. 2160-tfn  SADDLE horse for sale. Ph.  885-9374. 2475-22  HAMMOND chord .organ. Like  new. Write Box 2472 Pe"ninT  sula Times, Secheit.     2472-22  COAL 8c wood furnace. Phone  885-9927. 2471-22  . LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  In Land Recbr'ding-District  of Vancouver , and ysituate  Skookumchuck Narrows.  Take notice that W. Unrau  of North Surrey, occupation  Production Manager intends to  apply for a'lease of the following described lands:���  Commencing at a post planted at ,South. East, corner, of  Lot 294 Group 1, N.W.D.  thence 300' North- thence 100'  South East; thence" 300' South,  +'; thence following shoreline  to point of, commencement,  and containing % acres, more  or less, for the purpose of  Summer residence.   '/William Unrau  Dated March -28, 1969.  2383-pub, April,. 16, 23, 30,  May. 7, JPfift  Form No.' 18  (Section 82) .   -'  ,      LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  In.Land Recording District  of Vancouver . artd situate  on the East side of Sakinaw  Lake. ���  'Take notice that Ahinore  Homes Ltd. of 314:175 %  Broadway, occupation kafyd  Developers intends jt'6, &P)ply  for a le'as^ of the folloV^h'g  described lands:���  Commehcing at & ^os't ftrante  'ed on the West side &f  Secheit Highway, thence  Notth following sinuosities of  \-.$  FormNp.v18  (Section 82)  LArtb Act  Notice of Intehti6h to Apply  to Lease Land  ,In,JLahd Recording iDistrict  'of Vancouver ,a'nd situate  East bf "Sakinaw Lak'e.  , Take notice that, Anhiore  :b'mes4 Ltd. of ilf-175 E.  , rdadway, occUp'atio'h Lah<l  Developers intends t�� aP^V  'for ia lease of the following  described lands':���  COrrtmencing at a posit plant--  ted   oh   the   West   side   of  SELLING    due    to   sickness  Work boat hull, 32 x 9, $50.    Voad"to *a"point "diu7"S of   ^echel't      Highway;     thence  ^   ,���nrn   1���,1��    l(lr�� ����,.,   WO g g    c0rnei. of L()t 4(J9^    thence       OAUVU    MI��..|MM    ��t��..'��,UI��.   rt*  ''tMV^.?  Jeep warn hubs, like new $30  Brummell, Roberts Creek, B.C.  2460-22  VIOLIN with case, $25. Phone  885-2185. 2405-22  ^^.,iu'.tavB':l^rmaiuoh,^na"  bbbldh'g's, MariB^ret MacKeh-  srie idbcal, rc^),, Eatph's;,Where  To Go Travel, 886-2960, Xi\Wi#,  9968-tfh  West 80 chains to N.E. corner  Lot 4695;, thence South, 40  chains to ,S.E. corner \,of Lot  4oD5- thence West 25; chains*  thence So^th ipO chains i^orb  RUBBER stamps of ah dea-    br'less��-thence East���'jto point Of  criptiohs may be  obtained    cbmi^pncemeht,  and cbhtajh-  at;The Times. Phone 885-0654. ' big tH0.^ri^.'^o^.',bif.iea8, fo)c  Quick service oh, all brdera.    '"--'"---'-1'--   '-'- ���*���----- " v  B"USINi�� O^Rf UNITY     mm*�� SUPPLIES  LIGHT construction, specializing in additions nnd  ^Iterations, .Cottagesr, , carport*  & cabinets. Ph. 1105-0300 evenings.       ' 2450-24  NEED \ a spring clean up?  ,., Can't see the water ��� for  trees? Let ,ua solve your tree  problems. We limb, lop nnd  fall trees expertly and to your  satisfaction, Free estimates,���  all work insured. Phone 809-  2100,-   - 22tJ7-tfn -  COMPETENT     Boom    1m"  available with power saw  nuiUper for drilling boom sticks.  Phone 885-9645 or write Box  82, Secheit, B.C, 2381-tfn  TILLICUM   Chimney   Service.  Eaves cleaned and repaired.  Painting,    gardening;    Janitor  service, old Jobs, etc.  All work  eaSt��is.t8��d.���.imi.,jSechrtt, Phona  eS5-21">l or B3S-��it       Wl-iia  Largo lot, approx. 1 acre,  overlooking Georgia . Straitfi,  closo to beach, handy, to Gib-,  sons; Full price $0,(500, tcr'rwi,  Magnificent view lot. (MLS);  Two largo lots together  over 02 feet on, finest satld  bench, Each $0,000.,  2 lots, npprbx. l acre ea'clk  with thrpe-rbomed ,, hbus^,  close to Gibsons: $6,600 full  price.  , Keats Inland; Semi-waterfront cottage, tnree rboniit,  close to teach irid. 'wharf.  $2,800. Lot hdjolhih'g may tye  bought for $1,000. Some terrrii  , Gibaona: On very fine view-  lot, three-bedroom home, nlc-  oly renovated,, el. beat, for  quick sale $11,000, terms.  Gower point area:,%Va area,  view land, l'/i bloqka jfrbip.  beach, with comfortablo little  house nnd jguest hOuRe: an excellent property , for hoUdjiy  " privacy or for tfevelopmeflt.  $15,000 full price,  Qualified for VLA? See this  3-l>edroonv���home on 1 acre,  clo:se in: $23,100 full price,  E. McMynn  Do Wortmon  Vince Prewer  886-2500  886-23��3  886-9359  Only $2000 down gives possession of cozy 4 room cottage  on level lot.  --��� -������ ���  Well- built 4 rborh stucco  homo iri good location-, ]ge,  carport. Can be purchased  furnished or unfurnished.  Terms available on $10,500.  'P.P. ,  Fully, florvlced view lot.  Only $0f)0 down oh frill price  $3900.  Delightful small waterfront home with guest cottage  Private setting. Terms on  $10,000,  seeing   is' Believing,  Jet us nhow you an , Imma'cu-  lnto 5 room, full bnmt. homo  on view property, fiervlcdl.  Hot water heat. Completed,  rec. room arid lot^ of istorago  in bsmt. Only $7000 down on  $22,000.  K. BIJUER REALTY  ��r INSURANCE  '" .Glbiori3,fi,C." ���". '     '  Phone 88O-2006  ., .MEMBER  MULTIPLE LISTING  SERVICE  shop in Gibsons. BestJoca- lW#   ^0.2042,   Glbsoha.   B.C.  tion now available. 880-2559 ^^ .^4^.^d C0J,ctctd  2479-22 'gfovihi the area for 20 years  ';-'. ��� ��� ������'"��� ���"   ;��� ��� , -��� ... ,                  '-Bo-thi-  Box 2.30, Glbsohs,-, B.C  K. Dp'tler  lion McSavnriey  Ed Butler  Don Tolt  ��� 880-2000  ��� 086-9056  ��� 080-2000  ��� 883-2204  2463-2*  CARS ond TRUCKS  1903 POr^TIAC Parisir>nne  Custbni, two door, hardtop.  V-8 auito., radio, bucket aeats.  A-l condition. Low mileage,  Also hew Mobllairo ice cooler  for camper or trailer. Ph, 885-  9345. 2310-tfn  FOR sale or trade for lot of  sflme value. '07 Chev. plcki  up, 22,000 miles, ctbttom cab,  lieavy duty. Apply No. 2 Vie'a  Motel, DavlH Bay.        2370-2i  1001   CADILAC,   All   power,  good   condition.   Apartment  104c Maple Crca. after 0 p.ml  2374-tfA  1063 PONTIAC LaurenllanTl  .door, perfect tndltlon. B03>.  2243. 2404-tfrt  'S5   MUSTANG,   0   cj^lrKkr, '  many extras Including radial ply tires, New paint & new  running gear. Ph. 085-9345.  ' "���;���;;"__ ��� ���' ������;-_243��-2��-  SECHELT VbLkSWAGEN  '69 VW's  From $1898 F.P.  COPPING MOTORS LTD.  883-2812 885-0040  See Hcrble, The Lovebng  100% Financing  PETS  POODLES,      clipping      and  grooming,    years    of    experience. Phone 800-2(t0l.  2420-tfn  GUINEA   plgff.    $2.05    each.  Baby hamsters.  $1.40 enph.  ' Young   adult  hnniirtera  $1,00.  Phone 885-9427. 2447-23  WANTED good home for, kitten. 885-2O30. 2483-22  WANTED TO BUY   GOOD first clasa mortgage or  ngreement , not   over , eight  years. 865-2280. 2402-tfn  WANTED,,,    pick-up     thick",  l-easonably priced. 005-05(14.  2452-22  ji 1.11 mi.n-:.   . 1 i'lJ *��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ������ ..-.���.������.������  uyfesTOisEt ' ���   ,;  (JrOOD -miBe goat.. 'for wle,  apply John G. MncIx>od,  R.R. 1, Pratt Road, Glbaons,  B.C. 2401-22  WANTEP    .   -   - . .  WILL,', purdvase    patches    of  stahduig Urribor.  Phono 880-  2450.;.���,_ ,,;,.,  ;������ ��� .3681-tfcl  RE0U1RE hiarihe engine, V-8  /'or itt. ;H,,TWhib, Madeira  'Psttfe.:wi^3i��'   ;".' $mi-^'  1960 Raleigh, ten speed toUr-  ihe: bicycle. Like new, $8Q.  Phone 085-0332. ;; 2449-24  ,'68 FENDER Bassman Amb  with Nomad portable prgari,  ekeellerit cbhd,itioh. Good for  ftmall band., Prick $700 cbiri-  plete. No ;bJfeb. Ph. 885^0771.  2450-23  2 --MOBILE   homo   windowa,  size   39   x   48,   screens   &  storm windows, new $45. Ph.  80.J-2301, 2451-22  JUDY LaMARSH-Memolrs  of  a Bird In A Gullded Cage.  Now  available  at Tho  Times  Bookstore. 885-9054, Secheit,  2157-tfn  MARINE ACCESSORIES  palnt^Flbrcglass^-Rope���  Canvas���Boat Hardware  Compressed air service for  skindivcrs air tartka.  Sklrallvcrs avallablo for  salvage work.  WALT NYGREN SALES  ' ' LTD,1 ';   Phbrio 886-9303, Olbsoris, B.C.  vj^v 1300-tfn  MURRAY'S GARDEN  & PET SHOP     ; ' "  Gibsons, Phone 886-2910  SPRING SALE  Hart?. Mountain Baby Biidgtea  1^3,95 each, Rare colors,  3 and 4 year old FrUlt Trees,  Bedding    Plants,    Fertillicera,  Gladioli nnd Dahlia Bulbs.  (Come to \tk wjth your  Ganlen Pr4>blr��ma)  :' " "'      '     ' tllfttih  (the purpose pf Rccreatioh ii  Retirerherit Homo --'Compiex.   ";edvA^ilt,- 'i0. r.,;���". ,.;;���  ,. . - v Laurent,E. Riydrd  for Arimbre HbnVes Ltd,  314-175 E. Broadway,  Vane'bhVer, B.C.  S&&!l-pAfcb. Aiiril io, 23, %  , .     May 7',"^  South following pinubsitie$ of  Highway to North boundary  of Lot 3976, Gp. 1; N.W.D.;  thence 25 chains West moire or  les.i to, N.W. cbrh'eV,, of Lot  3969; thence North 20 chains  tb N.E. .corner of Uot 10%  thence West arid Noirth Jl Jt'6  chains moire or less to NE.  pidrher. of Lot 4330; thcric6  North 30 chains mote br less;  thence East to ftbirit bf icbrri;  imericeirrieht^ "and ebntoBmg  640 acres, more'bV^ le$3, for the  jpufpo's'e oif, Rccreptioh, riria  Retirement Hoirrie., Complex.  b^iei'.Xiprit fei ,i^ii>. ���; ���'���. ���".'..: v:'  ������:,' .F^aerfc  Agent for Arimorb Homes Ltd.  314-1% E. Broadway,  -   ������   ������   - ���-���- -Vahcouveri B.Ck'  2390-prib. April 10, 23, 30,  May 7,1009  Forin No. 10 "  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention td Apply  to Lease Land  Iri -Land Recording District  of Vancouver, B.C. and situate  in Porpblflo Bay, Secheit Inlet,  B.C. Off Jot 1 which i��. between DL 4087 and DL 1657.  , Take notice that John B,  Kennedy of Vancouver, B.C.;  occupation engineer, Iritehds  to apply for ri lease of tlio ifbl-  lbwirtg described lands:���  Commericlng    nt    a   , pbit   Po'lrier of Hahef," bB'"c��cu^  planted at highwater mark 33    patiori Jcbok, l^etida tp apply  Form No. 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT ^  Nbtice pt mmxah Vd A^iy  to Lease Land  ., fri Land Recoiling blatrlet  "of Vnricouv'er, B.C. arid akhatb  Nbrth Lake, B.C.  fiii%,'.''aoiiiSi.,th&t 'Brn'cA .M,'  feet cost of S.W. corner of Lbt  1 of DL J1557, thepco West 650  feet; tlxerice .North 500 feet;  thenco East 050 feet to H.W.  Mark; thence returning along  said high water mark in a  generally S.W. direction to  the point of commencement,  arid' containing approximately  0 acres)' more or less,,for the  purpose of construction of a  bargo loading facility,  JOHN % KENNEDY  Dated 27 March, 1000;  " i��2tt$u6 iprll % 16*, 23,30.  for n lease of the following  described lands:-���   jCbmmehcing"   nl '" ift, jiost  planted 4d0' N.E. from the  N.E. cbrher of lot C of Jot  6064, thence lOO* N.E.; thence  300' S.E.; thence 100' S.W,;  thence 300' W. arid cbntolhlng  |4 ricres, more or less, for the  purpose of summer cottage  O. M. Polrier  Dated April 11, itHSh  24it-pur>. Aferii iSst H Mfty  s;  K  u  I  V*%  V^���f**n'*#A->tir*tl;<.tfHi><#ty,'lfl*'**tVi,"F'<f JB"1 M*1 **)!�����=  ft *PH *��kH��iI), j" m  i*i>r>n   I -,w ���# *t* rir** *��� ** A  '*'��� "' "*��^   **(, *>"*" ^c*111[ *r*i *j*j��Wi 1 ". <"��� "   if**',*pw-f^��.*'��'**hn��i���A1.i#f*!iDt ifti,,,**!* ^^.ft,*, *^..wv��� fttvfjn^tnu^^^it^jtt,,^^^ ���t��^ t> nn<����*nv��V'f**~��*c��,��*'*'si-*1 ^ **> * j" ^ ***><ih '',*^*����*"*^ *���" &*V *"��yf*��*^< gifrrfiftuHMfr ^*i- ^��w��Ww^>HWi��w��Vnif��4��** at��jq��u����*t^^w> jPv^^^a^^ir^m^Jaw^frPeyfw". % ^.^.m^i^g^^ ufat^wm* &a^��mlHmw9liipi&m***&'^^ &l <w^*fp w*w��<*��^f1w��%y*i*tfpw'Vff t ym*>*^&i>$h>fy<if$��**tMto^ ^^l&zzti^^  *?fcl  .<  LEQALS (Continued)  LEGALS ''ftitmflqMeti  i   LEqALS {Conjipued)  11 >���'.!���  LEGALS (Continued)  HfVWC(����niauw��  , - Form No. 18 .  (Section 82) >'  LAND* ACT-  Notice'of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land -  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver, B.C. and situate ���  North Lake, B.C.  Take notice that Donald  Walter Mueller of Coquitlam,  occupation salesman, intends  to apply for a lease of the following described lands:���  Commencing at a post  planted 300 ft. North East  from the North East corner of  ��u  /Form No.'18-  , (Section -82),  LAND' ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to 'l^fase Land  * *'  In Land1, Recording District  of   Vancouver,,  and .situate  vicinity of" Secret -Coye. -%  Take ,notiqe'that .Richard B.  Lucas of 2860 Marine"Drive,  West' Vanccjuver, E|.rj.,.. occupation * salesman' intends . to  apply for a' lease" of .the following described lands:���  Commencing'" at a post  planted   approximately   li'oo  Form No. 18  "(Section 82)  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  -  Ip Land Recording District  of . Vancouver ' and situate  Secheit Inlet." ."   ,  Take notice that Tuwahek,  Development  Ltd.,, of   Vancouver, B.C., occupation Land  Developers intends' to  apply  for a, lease qf the following'.  described lands:���; ���'   i . *  \ '       ' ' < - .  Commencing    at1   a-    post  planted at southeast corner'of  Roberts Creek Mmi  ; win endurante awariils  .'TWO ROBERTS Creek ' residents, took*  awards at the 3rd annual 50-mile eh-  7durance ride held hvAbbotsford, on Easter  T,rweekend., Second prize of $100 and a trb-  -| phy was presented to Peter Christmas and  -.^fourth prize of a monogrammed horse  ^.blanket went to Don Hairsine.    -  j, First prize was won by last year's win-  ; ner, George Heppner of Abbotsford. Shar-  v! on Moss of Powell River also took a prize.  !-    Sponsored .by the MSA riding club,  ,   r   the ride is planned to test the condition  .Take ��� notice;, that, X-   Eric v and stamina of the horses and also the  Allan and Norman A.'Pater- ^.'riders' knowledge of horsemanship,  son of Vancouver, BC. occur.. '     Ha]f' of ^  ���50_niile  course ^^a  pation      Land       Developers-   roa(Js and gQo^ ^ but ,the ^ was  mountainous terrain, very rough country  Form,No/. 18'   .  ��� (Section 82)'    .  - land Act {\  , Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land/ \  In Land- Recording" District  of Vancouver and situate  Secheit Inlet.    ,    '.  h Pierre  Land  -intends to-apply for.a lease of  the       following,   '  described  lands:���        ,    >''     ' f  Commencing  lot "C" of lot 6964 thence, 100 ,ieet East from-the North East  ft. North; thence 300 ft East;  thence 100 ft. South; thence  300 ft. West, and containing  34 acres, more or less, for the  purpose of summer' cabin.  D. W.Mueller.  1128 Spruce Ave.,  Coquitlam, B.C.  Dated April 13, 1969.  2432-pub. April 23, 20, May  '- ,    7, 14, 1969  corner pf D.L. 4681; thence,  100 feet East; thence 300, feet  South; thence, 100 feet .West;  thence 300 feet North and, coh-  .taining ' three-quarter acres,  more or less: for the purpose1  of a summefr residence.  - *- JRiebard B. Lucas  Dated April 13. 1969.  ���2422-pub. "April 23,. 30. May  '   7. .14. 1069  ���.���������.,        at    a    post  D.L; 3259 thence, north^200';/ lanted South, East Corner'  thence east 800'; thence south D L 7255 thence North 725.29';'  1200',; thence west 100 inter- thence East2250' to Secheit  secting Jackson' , Bros. Rd. Inlet. thence South East 1000*  thence .west to southeast cor- paraneiing "'- Secheit * Inlet,  ner of D.L. 3259 and contain-, .Road;"thence "West 1625' and  ing 22 acres,, more or less, for containing 32 .acres, more or  the purposerqf Land subdivi-    leSgf foi% the purpose' of Land  Subdivision."    ���'   .  sion.  Tuwanek Development Ltd.'  per: N. A. Paterson  Dated March 24th/19��9l:-  ' 2418-pub. April 23, "30, May  N. A.-Paterson  Dated March 24th, .1969.   .     ,  2417-pub. April 23, 30, May  .7, 14.  Test packs supplied . . .   ."  Public invited;:!��; assist     -  _ in color. TV^dzitapr'd surveY " ,  AN implementing government policy to .,anr| returned to the Radiation Protection  check     color     television     hazards,  -^Division  in  Ottawa' after\20  hours  of  National" Health  and   Welfare  Minister .'jewing time. f , .  John Munro today announced plans for' * \V This test will not' interrupt jnor' h|n-  a national- sampling survey. . der viewing and will have no effect on  Mr. Munro stated his'belief that color', tpe 'operation of the "set.. The survey is'  television receivers currently being pro-- . being conducted according to a statistical"  duced or imported into Canada have been'   pattern "providing sampling for" all makes  designed to meet the recognized "standard .with respect to the acceptable radia-"  tion level. He also noted recent reports-  from the United States that some sets ex-'1  amined - during use show radiation"'  emission, in excess'of the permissible  standard. ...  The Department of National, Health',  and Welfare will survey, a sanipling of  privately, owned T.V. .color sets." Owners  participating in the survey "will be supplied with, a-radiographic, film pack to be  attached to the outside of the T.V. set-,,tliem by mail  Extra industry  athd models..  "'!x Persons willing to cooperate in the  research survey by having their", set'  checked in.the manner described above  '.are asked to write, to:,Radiation Protection   Division,   Department -qf   National  ,'pealth : and ;Welfare,  Brookfield'' Road,.  . Qttawa 8, Ontario. A "questionnaire form  will be sent'to them, and if their set can  ���"op 'used  in the  survey,   the  necessary  .' material  and. instructions  to' carry  out  the test exposure will be forwarded, to  TWOFEDERAi. GbVerriment' departments"  will' combine in 'a 'resource 'survey of  shrimps in-British Columbia's -Bella vBellia-  area of the Coast 'Chileotohv riding, with  the hope of involving local Italian fishermen in (the comnierciarffehlrig "industry.  The announcement was made recently  jointly by Fisheries Minister, Jack Davis  and Indian Affairs Minister, Jean Chretien, dividing the responsibility, between  the two departments. -Fisheries has contracted with Millbanke Industries Ltd-�� to  outfit five vessels to find out whether  shrimp exist in commercial quantities off  r I,- ,  i   SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School lOtOO a.m.  Church Servico 11:15 a.m.  Evening Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSELLS  Davis Bay Road ond Arbutus '  (2 blocks up t>om Hlghttey)  Hon; Isabel Dawson  reports road plans  r  .THE' HONORABLE Isabel* DawsqiV^-  . aster without portfolio and MLA for  the (Mackenzie constituency, was pleased  to ^announce today thafr paving and reconstruction work will take place on several  roads in her area, according -to information received from the department of high-,  ways'.  ��� A total- of 7.5 miles qf paving work will {  be done on Secheit Inlet Road, Redrbofs  Road, Padgett Road, and Sanderson Subdivision roads, and reconstructioh. work  wiBJ take place on Maple,.Dixon and Finn  Bay roads. "The rough stretch on the Lund  Road will also be attended to in. May or  June.  Mrs. Dawson pointed out that all'road  work is subject rto weather conditions, adding that she hoped for. a "sunny spring."  Hard-core unemployed  concerns government  A NEW COMMrrTEE1<to find work for  . hard-core unemployed has been set up  in British Columbia. Premier Bennett appointed Phil Gaglardi, minister without  portfolio,^ chairman.  * Mr. 'Bennett-called the establishment of  the committee "another major'development  in'ithe progress of'our dynamic society  leading'to a better life in British Colum- \  ���bia."'  .- '",''-,_-'      .      ���  '. - "Ot our great' resources, people are the ,  hiqst valuable',"-the Premier said, "and we  want all oif them to have the opportunity  of contributing to our development This  means finding' .the, unemployed who are  able to work, giving them either initial  training or retraining if they need it, and  Ithen finding ithem. jobs. In that respect I  would hope that ^ll'employers would aim  at haying a certain percentage of these  reclaimed1 workmen on their staffs."  The-Premier ^expressed the hope that  industrial, leaders, will increase their on-  the-job (training to help this classification  of i workmen, that labor leaders would endeavor to ensure that no job is closed to  v" with bush, bogs and creeks. Veterinary  'checks are conducted along the course<to  /'determine the condition of the horses and ,  .' inhumane treatment or unsportsmanlike  "conduct on the part of the rider may  .'cause disqualification.  .. " First prize in the 25-mile ride for  " juniors went to Pat Moss of Powell River  ; with an honorable mention to 12-year-old  ' Nina Christmas of,-Roberts Creek who'fin-  nshed well within the given time with  ,her horse .in fine shape.  Altogether there were 48 riders entered and it is encouraging "that a few  local people made the' grade.     >  When illness strikes  ���WHEN illness strikes, see your doctor immediately, says the-federal health de-  ' partment .publication, Handle With Care.  Never get drugs.advertised as> treat-  , ment," preventative or cure for: alcoholism, arteriosclerosis, blood poisoning, _can-  cer, diabetes, epilepsy, ulcers) heart disease,-gallstones, kidney stones or bladder  stones.      *' ' *,  Advertising* which claims to prevent,  treat or cure these^ diseases is banned"-^  for your protection." These are" serious disorders. Delaying, proper treataient.may  have dangerous and even fatal consequences.   " -" , ,  ���Letter from Parliament Hill  IN A BACK bench qf' the- Commons,  there sits the Honorable Member for  Trois ^Rivieres, Joseph-Alfred, Mongirain,  plump, "black-spectaeled, owl-like* sometimes in his sober respectability. " ,  He is noted, in the House, by his habit of rising whenever, an, English-speaking Members refers to.,hi9 city as,Thi;ee  (Rivers (Mr. Mongrain was elected Mayor  of Tfois Rivieres,"from 1949-53, 1960-63),  and reminding atl'that the proper name isf  Trois Rivieres.,  This has provided sport for some  .'members of the House. Even-if they prefer to use the'FfencX name, they adopt  the English one in' order to have Mr.  Mongrain drift upward from his seat "on  a point of order Mr. Speaker."  I have introduced Mr. Mongrain to  you in Coast-Chilcotim as he was introduced to me���a distant figure, who had a  thing about names.  ' The reason I pursue the matter is that  Mr. Mongrain contributed something  profound, stark, eloquent, to ,the debate  on abortion sections of the Omnibus Bill  on Criminal Code reform.   -      ���  These small burst' of words vbelow are  now his. These are mere snippets from  lengthy speeches. They are therefore incomplete and do riot cover the full range  of what he said.. However, his,were the  type of speeches which makes the House  of Commons worthy attending, at times"  arid ^ a few words are better than none.  .(He speaks French, needless to say,'and  these are translations.)  ' "... Let lis mow go back to- what I  said a while ago when, someone stated  'My conscience will,.not allow me to vote  The Peninsula Times   .;,...   Pago A-3  Wednesday, April 30, 1969  for this bill.'  "Now, I ask that person, by virtue of  - what principle \he wishes to impose upon  all, Canadians the dictates of his consV  cience? ,       , %  .   "One's conscience is a personal thing.  "Other Canadians feel that the bill is  right. Some members of the clergy feel  that .the bill is right, while spokesman  of certain denorrunatiqns tells us it goes  too far.  _'VWhat is a legislator to-do?  "Above, all, he has no right to impose  his religious convictions upon his fellow  citizens.  . r "... I ask those whose conscience  dictates that they vote against the bill  whether they are not troubled at the  thought of condemning to death the  ���mother of children whose life, according  to doctors is endangered by her pregnancy. Will their conscience not bother  them' for having condemned ��� to death  both' mother and child instead' of choosing arid saving the life of the mother  whom the other children need?  "... Mr. Speaker, I am against abortion and-1 shall not allow any member of  my family to have an abortion . . . my  attitude is dictated by my conscience. But  I cannot impose my religious principles  on the believers of other faiths or the  people who do not share my views."  So spoke the Honorable Member' for  Trois Bivieres, in support of the abortion  sections of the-Omnibus Bill.  The end of. this short story is that,  some years ago, \ Mr. Mongrain's wife and  child died together in a hospital where,  had law and religious principle permitted  one qf them might have lived.  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  MERMAID & TRAIL, SECHELT, B.C.  \.  Sunday School-��� 10:00 (a.m. -  Church Service ��� .11:15. o.m.  MR.. ROY ADAMS,. PASTOR  PHONE 885-9665  All Welcome  ANGLICAN CHURCH  .   SAINT HILDA'Sr-SECHELT "  8:00a.m. Every Sunday  " '   -9:30 a.m. 'Church School  11:00 a.m. 2nd, 4th, 5th Sundays  ; 7:-3Q p_.rn.;lst prid 3rd Sundays  Services held regularly in  GARDEN BAY, REDROOFFS-and EGMONT  For Information phone-885-^793  Every Wedi 10 am H. Communion St. Hilda's  John Hind-Smith  REFRIGERATION  PORT MELLON  TO PENDER HARBOUR  Phone 886-2231  from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  ' Res. 886-9949  iCthe Bella Bella*-coastal-area.���Indian Af-  fajrsjaave,contracted with the same cqm-  pany to train'' at' least ten, Indian .women  and- one Indian -supervisor hi shrimp' pro-"'  ee'ssing. In addition, an > Indian f ishermami  ".will accbmpany~eacji of the vesselsTbci leann  tthe techniques of modern shrimp trawling.  '<) \ Depending on .^.success of'the survey,  the numbers of Indians to, be trained in,  this pilot project, could reach as'high as  ���forty. ',    , ' i    ,' ���   "'  ��� The ,survey is ���beinp undertaken to,  offset the effect of 'a*cannery closure in  (the central Ashing district "of* British, Co-'  (lumbia. Shrimp caught duripg .the" survey;'  ��� will be processed- by the IVJilHibarike cane  nery, using Indiani workers.  Operations are -scheduled to begin at    ,fi*m�� uQnd *!��* f^low workmen would  'the>ndotAP^landkaiepnttT^efor<iive '��� ��per "help find encouragement all along  ntantb-   The Fisheries Dopsutoerit also,   tne "^     - ���  hopes; to diversify the local fishing Indus- "This great enterprise will need the  try which has hitherto been dqinirarted by help Of everyone If it is to succeed," the  salmon fishing. The, importance, oif the Premier said. "I hope that not only labor  , project.is| i;uritlher emphasized by the fore-' , groupa,ar|d employers, but church groups,  oa,st of flmaller salmon runs'than usual for ' service clubs, chambers of commerce, ond  l^SO. , ' ���     , others wM co-operate."  GIBSON GIRL BEAUTY SALON  Gibsons-Village  Experts at cuts, coifts and colour  Custom Perms ���  Phone 886-2120  i    ,    (CLOSED,MONDAY),      .  AUBIN'S UPHOLSTERY '  Furniture Recovery a Specialty  UNSHINE   .        AUTO GLASS  COAST REPLACEJv&I  ERVICE LTD.      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'���'    Tflr.  ;''    ���&  '������������' ( ,'���-   ���  Technology I* advancing to faif ttlfl*  (clentUr* predict tho houto of tho future  will be out of date before it** completedl  ic >      A  Tho family room or playroom ha�� emorfl-  ed from tho batemenf and  found  its  place In Hie *un������� ��tr��*�� l��vel.    .  The great boom In do-lr-youre<slf homo  workshop* hat ikyrockctpd ^ho *o|o of  tool* and band-aid*.  ft ft  But don't do It yourself when if come*  to buying or *elllmj a. house. Call  "i  ,.*  I-  u4  ..' *      PL  \:  May  |l���Z p.rn  Pender Hprb  PETER SMITH  AT  SECHELT AMIES LID.  l****0^THrm<**^ Vj^^*^^>,^��^wW^'���*"> '* & *  t   $"jfi jjj*!.'^M*%*f^^��ip^*^Pi��il*1  READY-MIX CONCRETE AND  BUILDING SUPPLIES  Your One Stop Building Store  For All Your Building Needs  GIBSONS BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  1653 Seaview - Phone 886-2642  L. & H. SWANSON LTD.  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Ms(MD9*Pubtisher  iw>n��raffrtriTiiffiMaafffiiw"niiiimwwww  ����Ik����l tart a ��F��iiitt  FOR some years many parents and other   ing a large number of young people re-  residents of the Sunshine Coast have   quires a very-special type of person for  looked forward to the day when sufficient talent will emerge from Elphinstone to comprise a competent school  band.   ,  Establishment of a music program a  few years ago in the school district quickly revealed the fact that considerable interest existed among the students and  while it has taken a little time for the  long awaited band to materialize, the  recent music concert made abundantly  ^ clear, we now have a band to be proud of.  , This is the more remarkable when it  is considered that most of those in the  band actually commenced in the program only last September with the appointment to the district of the present  music director, Frank Postlethwaite, who  in a snort time has accomplished more  for school moral than probably any other  programme. Young or old there is nothing more umpiring than music to the  average person. Given time there is little  doubt the band will hold its own with  the best and in all probabilities will succeed in winning awards. The feeling of  pride this will instill within the entire  school district will perhaps prove difficult to access but will assuredly be considerable. |  To form a band such as this involv-  not only does he have to create enthusiasm and retain it, he has too the difficult task of fostering a spirit of teamwork.  Perhaps one of the greatest benefits  derived from a good music program is  that of providing the young people with  an interest. When it is considered that  there are possibly one hundred seriously  studying i music in one form or another,  it is a fairly safe assumption that few if  any of them are likely to be getting into  mischief ^for want of nothing better to  do. In order to attain competence with a  musical instrument it is necessary to devote long hours to practice and this is  one bond musicians have, in general,  dedication and a great sense of comradeship. ,  < There have been programs instituted  within the school district which have  left a great deal to be desired from the  point of view of the taxpayer. In the case  of the present music program we feel  great credit is due for it is the end result  that counts and this is one project which  shows every promise of justification- Mr.  Postlethwaite is to be complimented for  his endeavors. In short time he has accomplished much.  IwtjranuBWrjinHI WIpjVH  p|A|/vt��>MWBiiiwitfL a**  &��TT��ft up* so&i&ry   rm B.c sws &%umrt  "But officers, I only asked jor my dividends from the 'Dynamic Society' in cash!"  66  ,99  'ansims  IN our earnest desire to provide the  Sunshine Coast with ^a good family  newspaper, we do our best to cover as  many events and organizational activities as possible. Being human too, there  is naturally a limit to what can be achieved in one working week, and consequently it is impossible to be everywhere  at one time.  Very few weekly newspapers give  even half the picture coyerage of The  Times but again it is not possible to be  dashing around with a camera everytime  someone picks up -their phone and, often  literally, demands that we photograph a  subject they personally consider to be  newsworthy. On the whole, however,  people are very understanding and usually notify us well in advance of a pending  event with the understanding that if it is  possible to be there we will, if not well!  maybe next time.  Invariably there arp the small minds  who take exception to the fact we do not  appear. There arc also those who call at  midnight to say they have returned with  a large fish and would we care to dash  up to take a picture?  This is a situation most newspapers  encounter and an editorial in the Powell  River News last week just about puts  into words the problem affecting all  progressive newspapers . , .  One of the problems a newspaper  faces in trying to do its best on community group coverage has to do with  photographs. Wc get calls at, say, 7 p.m.  which go something like this: "Will you  get right up here . . .we're having a  presentation at 7:30 and wc want a  photograph ..."  We'd like to be able to do it, but it  is just impossible. For one thing, a community newspaper docs not have the staff  it would like to have (for obvious economic reasons) to be able to" take short-  notice assignments. For another, it be  comes quite impractical for us to make  up for all the shortcomings of others.  When we say the "shortcomings of  others," we are reiterating our theme  reganhng publicity for local organizations. We can only help those who are  willing to help themselves. We'll find  space for all newsworthy happenings of  such organizations, when they are ^supplied to us. Larger organizations often  stage an affair to which we are justified  in sending a reporter, to get our own  coverage. But smaller groups must help  us to help them. "We cannot print these  newsworthy items unless we are given a  lead on them. In other words, the organization must help itself.  So it is with photo coverage. Many  organizations have events which are of  wide enough interest to warrant sending  a photographer. But when this happens,  we have to have reasonable notice. We  think it is quite unreasonable when an  organization that has been planning an  event for many days, probably weeks,  suddenly remembers 30 minutes before  "game time" that they'd like to have a  photograph. We think the publicity could  have been thought of at the same time  the advertising and announcements were  .planned, i ���. , ';.    '���'\'A',  If we were called into the arrangements at that time we would be able  to assess the newsworUitness of the event,  and if wc agreed that a photograph was  warranted, we could arrange our schedules to include it.     '  Wc make this pica in the interest of  ouc busy news staffers who also have  families and meal-times and enjoy a little  time to themselves. It is to their credit  that they are willing to often forego more  of thjs than the average person, but wc  still think they deserve some reasonable  consideration. '"'''���'  So wc come back to another Problem  Readers Right  Request report  Editor, The Times,  Dear Sir-���The outcome of the Finance  Committee meeting of Secheit School Dis- '  trict No. 46 with Mr. West was to be made  public as requested by the Tmstees.-Cou3d >  we, the public, please have -this report  published? Thank you. ' ;_  (MRS.) E. COOPER,  I  FORCES arc now converging that make  possible, for the first time, the hope  that many of man's deepest aspirations  can at last be realized. The spiralling  pace of change allows us to contemplate,  within our lifetime, advances that once  would have taken centuries. In throwing  wide the horizons of space, wc have  discovered new horizons on earth. For  the first time, because the people of the  world want peace and the leaders are  afraid of war, the times arc.on the side  of peace. -  The greatest honor history can  bestow is the title of peacemaker. This  honor now beckons North America���  the chance to help lead the world at last  out of the valley of turmoil and onto that  high ground of peace man has dreamed  of since the dawn of civilization ....  this is our summons to greatness.  The simple things arc the ones most  needed today if wc arc to surmount what  divides us, and cement what unites  us.  The Middle East situation is ripe for  More discussion  Editor, The Times,  Sir ��� Why was Dr. Bennett Wong  brought here to be the keynote speaker  for the meeting April 21 and by whom?  . Dr. Wong spent over an hour enforcing  his pet theory, that present unrest among  young people is due to authoritative parents and institutions. - -  I agree .that most institutions are authoritative as even the over 30's found  -when we presented a brief to our local  school board, but, most parents are more  inclined to be permissive rather than  authoritative.  Pr. Wong could have covered, his  ground in about ten minutes and left more  time to communicate with the young generation of our own community.  . To me the whole evening would, have  been considered a waste of time were it  not for the time spent in the discussion  group.' I found the young people very  interesting, easy to talk to and easy to  listen to.  I, personally,1 would welcome any opportunity to converse with more of the  young people and- the over 30's of our  own community.yl feel that only we, ourselves cap solve* our own problems.  Please- give us more opportunities to ;"  have   open   discussion   among   ourselves  without the long winded speakers.  LEE MACEY.  Help sought  Editor, The Times,   \  Sir���May we use your columns to ask  for the help of the public in compiling a  booklet on "What to dp with your child's  art work." ��� The Association for the Support of Progressive Education is assisting  the art teachers in collecting ideas and  suggestions,  A child's work is very important to him  and parental approval  and  appreciation  e   .    n are essential 16 his feelings of worth and  of the Press, one which js rather easily" self respect.  Parents with two or three  -_i.���j  ��i-._ .t��� .^ ,   .   .,    . children in school are faced with a con  tinuing problem of how to display their  children's work.  Wall space and notice boards are used,  and we heard of a mother who sandwiclieii  a painting between sheets of heavy plastic and uses them as place mats. What do  you do with the drawings your child  brings home from school? We would like  to include your Ideas on how you use your  child's paintings, ceramics, sculpture, de-  signed fabrics, etc.,' so that we may share  them with others.  Please contact Joan Warn, 80G-2081 or  Maryonne West 80C-2147.  JOAN WARN  MAHYANNE WEST  Group overlooked ...  Editor, The Times,  Sir:, It is with deep concern that I  read an Account of the recent S.C.A  meeting held at the Legion Hall, In your  Aprill 23rd edition. \  It left me cold���it Js nil very nice to.  have the Provincial President Mrs. Smith  of the Senior Citizens Association of B.C,  present the Charter to the Branch and to  announce the Provincial _ Government  had proclaimed June 29-JiUy 5 as Elder  Citizens Week. Also to pay tribute to the  work of the'Honourable Isabel Dawson.  On behalf t of the Senior Citizens of B.C.,  she had been responsible for the appointment-of Ihe Senior Citizens Counsellors.  Now here's where we come to the  point that is "so important to-so many  citizens in "the 67-69 age group and  should not be overlooked.  Mrs. Smith described the work of the  Federated Legislative Council which  represents" all Senior Citizens groups.  Meetings are held once a month for delegates" from the" various groups and reso-  luti&ns decided on at 'these meetings and  submitted in- person to Victoria. It goes  ���on to* say, Mrs. Smith said "Every effort  is being" made to'change the legislation  which discriminates against those in the  67-69 age group who receive the Old Age  Security Pension but.are not allowed to  claim the $500 age exemption." It had not  been possible, she said, to get any = alleviation of this legislation for the current  year.  Only two days ago I heard Grace McCarthy, Minister without portfolio on an  open line programme, tell senior citizens  who phoned in to her complaining bitterly of their.plight, that she suggested  to- them to 2et in touch with the Senior  Citizens Counsellors in their area. What  good will that do them when'they will be  told, "Nothing will be done to alleviate  the situation of this legislation for the  current year/' -  What in the meantime happens to  some of these people? To be told to wait  another year, is not good enough. Action [  needs to be taken now. Some of them  may not be alive next year. It seems that  even if they are on the supplement and.  in the 67-69 age group, they have to pay  income tax to the Federal Government,  and ntf matter how small the amount, it  also puts them in a different group for  the medical pllan, which means they will  have to pay more for that. Things are  bad enough without this added burden.  " Some of the stories that come over the,  air are so tragic it makes one think. They  say we want to make it a just society���  well here is a good place to start. Many  people in this plight are too proud to say  anything. The results-nothing is done.  Events of today prove this. Mr, Hell-  yer wanted action and did not get it���he  resigned.  I urge anyone who reads, this to use  .action by .writing to the Minister "of  Finance, Mr.'Benson, Parliament Buildings, Ottawa. If you write now while  Parliament is in session, you will not,  have to pay postage. ",  CONCERNED  Page A-4 '    '    The Peninsula Times  Wednesdoy, April 30, 1969  Festival of Insanity  at Waterfront Theatre  THIS WEEK the Secheit Theatre on the  Waterfront presents ."The Anniversary''  with its berserk possibilities and, of course,  Bette Davis,"     '   ' *(   '  Having a field day in this British  shocker, Bette Davis portrays a wealthy  widow who holds three sons in thrall not  only employing them in the family business, but by playing with vitriolic skill  upon their separate weaknesses, guilts and  fears. One of her nasty little amusements  is* her annual gathering of the 'clan to  celebrate her wedding anniversary, and  the present evening is such an occasion,  given ever to oat and mouse games with  her all-too-vulnerable offspring.  The eldest is a transvestite; the second  in,childhood had accidentally caused the  loss of one of his mother's eyes; the young-  ' est in open rebellion to his ultra-possessive  mother's- aversion to other females, has  brought home his pregnant fiancee. Making a dramatic entrance in glowing pink,  with eye-patch to match, Mum keeps the  baleful fiesta sizzling with vulgarity and  malevolence, and ends lip smirking at the  reinforced maternal stranglehold that the  anniversary has provided. Miss Davis, of  course, is a prima donna supreme in hate-  fulness.  New arrival christened  prior to leaving area  STEPHEN Richard James were the names  i chosen for the infant son of Barbara  and Don Hamner of Hopkins Landing,  B.C., when christened at the Holy Family  Catholic Church,'Secheit, by Rev. D. Kenny on Sunday, April 13.  Sponsors were Miss Phyllis Tyson of  Burnaby, B.C., who is Stephen's aunt,' and  family friend Mr. Gerald Lemieux of Wilson Creek.  Tea followed at the Wilson Creek home  of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tyson, maternal  grandparents, where friends and neighbors  took the opportunity to say farewell to the  Hamners who are moving shortly . to  Peachland, B.C.  Out of town guests included Mr. and  Mrs. H. J., Hamner, New Westminster,  B.C.; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hamner and  daughter-from North Vancouver,' B.C.  The spruce  major   threats  -balsam forests.  budworm is  to   Canada's  one of the  spruce   and'  Safety outdoors  TO PREVENT your toddler from having  accidents when he is outdoors, the federal health de'partment publication, "Keep  Them Safe" suggests you take the following precautions:  ��� When he is still crawling, he should  play in a playpen. Later, he can be kept  away from the street by a sturdy fence  with no easy foot-holds. The yard should  be cleared of glass and jagged-edged cans.  ��� Be sure his playground has no deep  ditches, ponds, uncovered wells or cisterns  containing water.  ��� When taken for a walk, he is safer  in a carriage or stroller, or .wearing a  well-adjusted harness.M . . ��� ���  - ��� Teach the toddler that when you  say- "Don't," you mean it. Keep these  orders for times when his actions incur  real risk to his safety or the safety of  others.  solved. Help US to help You!  a�� sumraQife tilings  The PENiNSULA^wed.  ���   1*uMMjc4 Woloett��!��y�� m, Secheit ���  on Il.C'a Sunshine Coast  by  fkchclt PeninMiUillmcs Ltd.  ilex 310-Secheit, B.C.  Dotijitm (I, Wheeler, Editor  S. H. AlxRard, Publisher  Subscription Rata: (in advance)    :  1 Year. $5 - 2 Yearn, %9 ��� 3 Years, $13  U.S. and Foreign, $5.50  Bfrying the area }rr>m Part Melltm to Egmcnl  ,,. lllawe .Sound 4| Jen Is Inlet),,...,. .. ,  settlement. Heretofore, to settle a war it  was necessary to move in and contribute  men and arms. Hero is something new.  It can be settled by withholding men  and'arms, flowing from four countries  to the Middle East. Israel and the Arabs  arc trying to say they wop't accept an  imposed peace settlement. They will.  They want nothing more than ' peace  and they know they are unable to effect  it between themselves. After 20 years of  trying this is evident.     ���  Fletcher's Philosophy  ���Harry W. Fletcher  LUSTRATION  Whenever I mention sonic symptom or sign  of illncM attacking my vigor,  Thcrc'b always some boor like u neighbor of  mine >  who claims that'* what he's got, but bigger.  'Ihe doctor* report MinK'thiug wrong with my  Rum,  prcwribing a rare ctmly.tonic;  Hut the joker, next door Iim had it for year*  with complexc* near autonomic.  |-nch *pring I plant nulislici. cabbage and corn  nnd fertilise far, wide and handsome;  Then crff to go ffahing fm ��� salmon ��� at dawn, ���'��� ������  with ln��pc�� M get lucky and laitj wmic.  KcKardlcM what whoppers my pumpkin* will  More,  Mime neighbor boast* hit are litiuiic;  And oilier folk* fi.sli will nvifili twice mine ��>r  mote;  competing bring% nothing but panic.  But now I've decided that wrnietbing mmt give:  fn��tration ��� I'll manage without it.  My vtnturcx In future ��$ long �� I live  I'll try, bin 'tell no one about It.  ini'��ii����miniiniin ��� >�����  No Cents  lai Waiting  The Times  Classified  "afc-'You-  oney!  i r  51  Phone  &85-$654'  k*��m  A>  Even though the 196? VW ^uareback,  Faslback and Notchbofk sedans are rheortl^c^rs.  in ih�� world with computerized fuel injecrion os startdarid equipment,  underneath ft at! thnfr4 fffll humbly h^dworkirigVcfl^warjeris,'  You still jge* cw airvfcooled engine in the rear that doe^'t need water  , or antifre��*��,    /''<<"<'[    /'���    ���''        '  ' ' ,'".','   ''' . \  <"  ,  You stfll set around 31 miles to a gallon of gas,  And'despiie ortie'r inriovaitom tilt*  a new double joint rear axle and  a heafed rear window, we've  still rpade sure that you get a car  that iWt loo smart for its own good.  Because we wouldn't want it said  that we let our electronic brains go  fOourheOds, (    ,  ******* ig^i^JfcJlowf'c^ istcW Aikmobtk lor ifa�� mtm oi tk&SkMjm%m&M^M&i*>ii you.  j  *v  !  r  IP*^'  ^^^^^w^****"^^^ r^^-^^-^^v'^  ��������(#*.   IdfwiJI   ,"P  *t  , A-yWl*��� t'  / ' '     '   '    a * (  fiaijmoon Bay  Happenings  i      *�����  ��  9  ,' /���.     ,1  ���by Mory Tinkley  (jfi '*,  .HALFMOON Bay was shocked att the . Presence, .jEedrooffs.^with Canon- A%   '  i^pew* of the sudden death of Pete   Greene ^officiating, Mrs.- Kathleen ��� Ma1?y   v  -Jorgensen on April 22nd. He had left    WBght exchanged marriage vews wiw' r  home in the'morning to work'an a hbus�� �� Clifford ^dvidfJolpfr Sb^e ;wa& given in  eJaimed; him. %      Following a hbrieymoop in Wales^,^   ��  [s  Jans Peter Jorgensen was, born in couple,,will make .their home, at, Garden   [  Denmark in' 10^ and emigrated lo/Can- , Bay, The brid&is well known hi the Sfi#   j  .ada as a young man. He worked on farms crest; arpa ��� where she and her late hus--  an the Ladher- distriet where he met a fel- band, Williams Wright, owned1 % lot next  (>lpw countrywoman, Greta Skytte. They to ihe 'GuyvCjbar Property. For a time,  i were/ married in 1931 and later moved they rented the- property now owned- ��y  .with their two children, Joan and Frank Larry  Reardon[ while  they  started to  ;fo West Secheit where for a while they clear their lot and build a' retirfemep;  lived in 'the home which now belongs to home. f.        '    '    ,         ,      " *        b  'the Newtons;     *                                   ' - It 'wast4"dHng4n��s\peVW at Seapresjt  ��   vThey later mdved  to  Middle, Point -that Mr.-Wright  developed the ilmesjJ  where Pete worked as a faller in the from, which  he subsequently died.  H?s  ^bush. He returned with, his family ���to widow sold the lot'about a year, ago anp,  -Denmark in-'1938 and there they,were settled'jif Garden Bay,.'   "v���> j .         ]f  'caught by the second world war. It was *   "  ���    "       ''     >  *                       1%  ,1950 before they were able to return to JW ��*��?���'< "������ ���     tt >   -"��� v v * v-*k  Canada. The family settled in Halfmoon, .  ,ferme. .?*��"*** f^M $*&  ' Bay, where Pete started, to build the at- & �� ^"J* f***** fl^^^M  tractive home which is now one of the ***.%*'"> *n ^/ft^f, Genei��  Bay's beauty spots. Of recent years, hi 2��3pite\S^L??d *^ cmldren wei|  worked as a e��pehter ahd painter. 'J gj�� lnto TaftcouVer^l^t week to. sf  A kindly and genial 'man,'Pete Joi- - - ��.'   nVTC-UlZ' j" ***     ���    -����� '��  gensen wJ liked and respected by all ^^J^i ��2^'ft" VjSX  who knpw him                ' couver last weak to attend the christen*  who knew ham. .       of hej.   knmds0     Davia   Warr6n  He always had a srrule and a cheerful McCraUir/She was tKeJu'esi of ber son  word. He was mdustnous, a good family Fr9&:jnAM.ri& &&.* J >'          ��  man and a devoted .husband whose loss __     _.. '.   ,,  ��� _ >             ',.-.    .   %  will be deeply felt. His death Is mourned Mrs. Elizabeth Pearce, recovering fro^n   *    ..  riot only by his stricken fanUly but by his ' f  ^^ ��{*;flu-^d  a' ���A  from^    '   numerous iriends all over ihe Sunshine   Shter' ^' ^W         *  toast.      1    (                     -                   . nabv'   t ���    -  ,  Among the-out of town guests in the " ^^ <MLthe*��hi.  Bay for the funeral of Pete Jorgensen ^���"? Mr%Pa? "J  "were Morgens and Irma iNTissen of Laligley. ^^ M*st Jerry VP?**-;0**  -   They -took Mrs) Jorgensen back to Langley  with ttiem ���or la visit.               i  m  I i'tt  ^1  Ml  'I  ! i  !#  ���V  M  'i  H  <i  ^^  IS-  f?l  .v  '^��  :^  i;  ;  ���   ��* i  i r  a    **  '.*   *  "* i.  g lime resident  Mlti/'iisSi! (tonBisen,' who-a^iVfa ^  . SieJ^lt, with .busb^ij.d' William^ SW*S-  ajider Youngson in^e, year 1$26N ist,i#tv-  u& Secneh> aiid,^iU,be,Uyteg,in Vancouver, wit3t Hdauifhter Betty liigram. .'" f  \}$&. ^oimgson.was^^p^sekeepef^lor  Mr. and Mrs, Fleck, who owhed. We p��dp-  ^^"^i^tay.^chased by Capt. Jbnel  fiomi^-li^eimds. t     ' 5  ..Mr. JKbtingson, was .the -J gardener 'at  .-��   r   '  '..  ft      i-   *"��� ���"����� *    *��*��������"  ' > r      r   ��   *���  >      *  .'  '".  ehief ri^lchame lanjd, left for Secheit to get  g$  |r^%?%3t��dibivMr/iUjd Mrs'. -Ted  flayj#V':Jt;w^/,"a'^estvh^use.w% Mr&  yolin^n^rviiig. as, cook,.ahd, shewWas  iMe^a-#nderful eobfc, h^vjng,Teceiyed  ilkr"^dii^m",P^,,Fi��tese' where she  bbi^Siied berrdipfiomai ,\'*<\  ,i  X >rt  , I  ?6fi Mefloi AimUarl  _ garaens  |reif'always a^ieture and an auction^  visiwrs: '        V }\ .: .,   y'   "'.     -y. *'  < ' Manv ^I^fo, 'M^|r ge^ f'��:  ^aH#a#��^heFj|-!^pc^ef-  ficef,when Major'T.' D. Suiherland was  I Ptooyjncial POlice/ofifjeeE ip floS^ district. >  ! *She^"mawi^'aixd^tived'in Carhpbell Biver  i   ^mftl,herhii#andJdied."  . : '   '  ��� ;i-BilltXoungsttn Was Fire "\Varden during  !^^Second:"^lir/and *was* then.asked to  "take {ch4rge,'of/ ^���weat^r/si��1^hr wbich  visit  chance  SH0FFLEBOAHD  '    Followinji play-6ffe of the Shuffled flpplllnP^ aHl��iffaTTiatintl  board tournament at the\ Welcome Beach "Pvr**'���d CUJia|Sjaill"B^MII|  Hall oh. April 24th, ��the contestants ad-�� BjEGUIiAB -rtiomAy mee^hg-of thePxp  journed to the Patio Gardens to celel-" Mellon Branch of the Hospital AuxilA  brate a successful season.                    h iary to St Mary's was held on April 0 M  Dainty refreshments were served con- theAhpme o\ "MrS-^Cb^stiansen^ At 12  fisting of fancy sandwiches and cakes members present" M^i^^discussioJ,  from the kitchen of that most expert of ^^ &le recent iFasiuoh-Show, and way?  eake-makers, Joan Cunningham.           ' <* "nP������*g the next one.  It was con*  <i<^ai~~r r~ rt��� _^   tu   i   j  -r   i * sidered a financial1 success.        '          f>.  Secretary Jim Cooper thanked Jack A .���     .    -   _..       ,   .    ...          ��|  JH^U for organising the tournaments, The wJ^S^��2&f fuxibary w&  nr* prize was ,won by  the Welcome rlS^^i^^t^^^lS  gurel^a  team of Mr.  and  Mrs. Anton    stetus at flS titne.  Jiarln' , The next meeting is to be held\ & the  Trirftt- ��trpnriT��ir> home of -Mra. Booth, inxport Melloii! "on  '*��� n,    a    ^ m?    ��� ���.   ^u     u    . ����� ' ,May 13' Visitorsorprospectivenewmem-  ^y^JW��� 12th, at the Church of His   foers iasre welcome to attend the meeting,  Uneiftpldyineht Insurance V;  0Ul* j,���t.        .^ -(.        j^  Ally Questions,please?  *. i^n'L1^^ ^l?4 centersJ^> btiild   mation Services, Hnemployment In  fc housb'for me."-too^^^^loymeht    ^mission, Vanier Building, 2^2  Insurance for themr,  . ��� '  .   i.   h       ,    '      o+   r\*^��.����, aw s��r   .   m.i   Ana on.  Insurahce  Nepean  St, Ottawa Ontario -i. Tel. 995-2975.    ',  yOUT ' ' f>**l<   >  rr���^ /j.    ��        U,i. ���        ^     /I      ^  ^.^ ,    .    . ^,        ,��*����        Select the ^igfti ejn^na-size:    '      ";   -  W^^^^W f�� ^tonwith your   - w^:^:^;XlcZ ..'^^^-togr-j '  trade or busmess.j As it would be of a        '" '���    '��� "' "    ^   ^n-continuipg, or casual nature, Unemployment Insurance would not be payable, ���  In the event the house is not tou be used '  as your own home and if you are building it for revenue purposes,, you Should  provide full details {o your nearest Unemployment Insurance Office and request a  ruling.  Q. My old boss .gave me my Unemployment Insurance book when I lost my  job, but there are no stamps in it for the  last twb weeks I worked. Can you make  him pay up?  A. It may be-thai; 'the stamps were  ohiitted by an oversight Point this out to -  him. If they are not forthcoming, corkiacti  your area UIC office. They will take a  hand (to., ensure that-all the stamps due  are credited (��6 ybu. \     '  Questions should be relrc'rted/to IhiV  ���prmimim/Tr/rmm/rjJrmmfmi^  \  | SECHELT  1   "On tho Water Front"   g  |  ��"PEN 7 Days a Weelc  | SO MSJAY 9 a.m. to S p.m. |  ^���n*. w 4.  O  flew House  '  wiring;  &  '  ���I  box 745  GIBSONS  ���M  te Zurich Snsyroii'te Col  \        is Very pleased to announce  the appointment olF  ClrfAIILES EMGLISM LIB.  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  GIBSONS, oritish Columbia  as its  SOLE AGENT FOR THE SUNSHINE COAST  /  Mr.  Richard F. Kennctt,  with many yearn  experience in .the inauriincb ftfelcl,. will be glad  to' ctiscuaa your General Insurance*  reqwirementa.  ,J        ��; r-��. ,.-."jr -v.* " -,"    >?> L *i"- ''.'^-y\.<'' -v. v���v:\��,'t' '  ,i i  ," 'j ' -   -���,,.'*, '   -    ->   .i *   'w',���'," '-^/. ���-"'-. fi,v^ "s .,.>,"*?.' vV*4i" �� ;-*  , -  >,  ?,y. -J-*        jsa^i��  ' ��,t     ���   ^ /f        -v     5'lj        -'V   V       ' ''5-'        ���> *> ^i ''* V      V "������* iiSSSSi   ' .''  '. -i-  "/.U''  t-:  ���)  ,- v    . <���,  A^ iVIacMillatl lBIO6deH#0.try togiyd  trees the pest possibla rartjrt life-  and the most careful Jupbrirlgte At  the same tlmey WeVe cohstaMly striving tor trees that will grow faster and  produce better quality wood,      From carefully selected parent  trees wo gather thousands of cones  from which seed Is obtained to raise  sturdy two-year seedlings. These ar^  planted by hand In logged areas where  natural re-seeding may take toojotig  or may not be satisfactory. Ireqs  planted this way, spaced and protected for maximum growth, will reach  maturity in fewenyears.  Through Ihtehsfv/o forest manage-  mefit we are Increasing the yield of  wood per acre up to 40% more than  .- untsndedtorusfetiswaljiy produce.  That nftaris more wood products  fdr wx>rJd mancets and more jobs for  British Columbians,, ^  SinBloitidl  \)s  p  r?  *>  ^ *  *  ��  "r*  I  .,  ! V  . I.  v ^,- ..ft,rt-, .,,,�� ^v-'-^-fM-?.^^-^"-*^^*^!*,^*'^^ ^.^,^,��,^.-'^*^%.^,'fl|.iJT'-^. *.^-S-^%^s���.f^t^V^fr^.,^^'^>^,^1^.-^ 'T. -A'^J^n^^��^^.-����^^^^^%��^w����A^^A^H4,V^^PtewW.��w��^v��,��w**  ...w^. .fc. M^fci. *H.^��y^JM.#. e*. #"*■*, ->?"\J 'rf» ',J-i,i
^f, h^KBfcji'wsI'
. i
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'-<: -
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'. i .■
■f                           *r
Page A-6  """     Tte-KMflNila.'Tim^
Wednesday, April 30, 1961 '
Iri'-Your G
i <
IBYrto: -KSttUtfttfr
s -
i 1
.   '              '1
*•■ .,
r      ,    r              "*" """ T *"~
,. -^y The Ola ,R6ke
TH? "POTATO is without-db'ubt;tne most
'Cultivated vegetable" we have./It is'
often referred to as a "spud",and "as I read
the other day how that name came aboulv
it niight be of interest to some.   ...,' -    ',
It seems that in Ireland at one time it
was a favorite food'and consequently was
used' a- great deaL - Some people, fearing
that "they were eating too-many for "their
own good, formed a'society, to-warn the
public. It was called the "Society-for the ' |
Prevention of Unhealthy Diet." \So .irem ~
the first letters of the society's name came ■
the word Spud, ..'-'- "\   •
There are three "types namely," early, .-
second-early, and late or main1 crop,, In -
the average, home garden" a few hills "of -
the first two should be planted," but considerably more of the main crop" for star--,.
ing for winter use. ' •■      ' „' - "
As soon as the soil can ,be worked it',
pays to put in a few hills of the early
variety do have new-potatoes as a treat
in late June. When-cutting the seed make '
sure that there is at least two. eyes on
each' piece and dust the cut part with
lime or dry wood ash .to 'prevent rotting.
"When the plants are about eight or ten
inches high a side dressing with, sulphate
to enjoy superb cooking at their Ruby Lake
,   -;     Restaurant.
$.30 A.fv1. TO 9:30 P.RA.
seven days a week and. offering twenty years
experience in catering.
Enjoy home cooked foods, pastries etc. Steaks a specialty. Why not bring
the family along for a Sunday Special Turkey Dinner.
'     ' All at reasonable prices.
!. '
.   Parties, Organizations and Receptions Welcome.
on Friday. Standing from left^Mayor   couye>Inter-High Red-Cross Council;    son.
Fred Feeney; Elphinstone Junior-Red  'seated:' Mrs: Bea Raiddn,-;spon«or.of
.    '.             -    -      . :.  ,, RedCjros$Workers            /                        ••             -     V    ;,  _& „_e „^. _tt_^
Mr. Fred Feeney" Mayor of Gibsons Cross "President,- Steven,, Lee; ,Mr. "glphinstone Jr., Red  Cross;" Vice-' of ammonia will encourage tiaem toreach
Village Coirnriil -welcomed out'of town Floyd Sully of PEC; 'Principal of El- President, Marilyn MacKenzie; Mrs; out ana so produce more. At the same
students to the Iriter-eigh Junior Red phihstorie Mr;'W.>S. Potter^Mr.- Peter I. Service, Director Red Cross Youth" tinie a spraying with. Bordeaux mixture
Cross Conference "held at Elphinstone. Farneen,' President of "Greater Van-   and Elphinstone Secretary Su* John-   F s°?d "durance,against blight, which
._. ™_.-_.<_„   m._j!_.i._-—»-£•.. -«*__'.—    z. .-_ tL^—t«-^ «.j «^—« :*.    —     r ■• > ' ' usually strikes when the days get hot,and
muggy. ,tV'        'v,\"r ;, ' ">'.
, In sandy soils they should be hilled up
slightly, but in .heavy .soils they should
be well <hilled up to allow the sun's heat
to warm, up the soiL Always use certified
seed,, as using-'your own seed year after
year is one" way of keeping'Sisease around
if there is any suspect. A fungus disease
cabled phyzoctonia appears as a brown
cork-like substance, which although it does
not affect the eating quality of the potato,
should never be used as seed. -
• -Common scab only affects the appearance of the spud ahd is often caused by
using manure that.is too fresh or. by liming the soil just, previous to planting. Wire
worms or leather jackets sometimes are
'„ troublesome but ence they are seen, it is
usually too late to do anything as they are
hot noticed until digging time! If blight
should get a start on the tops,' it is too late
to spray, the safest way is to cut the tops
down and burn them." Do not put them
on the compost pile.
".*'/ N
*             P
-     \       ■
t .
*      y
#       »
/ »
'   PL
t       *
M    *
■■    ^
«nr     v     /
i >«
V j
*    *
i  ,
*   »
■V      -
... jlf*
Geraniums- Lobellia - Snaps - Petunias.. &, Etc.
Fresh Stock Arriving Daily.
®pen Monday-Saturday
Till 9 p.m.
b   Shop early and be sure of the Best
Selection for MOTHER'S DAY!
* -.-'
Perceive the see-drift in fickle attention. ':
Cowrie Street
Phone 885-9711
Med Cross- YoiilK Cbnlerenqe
hosted by ElpMiisfbiie club;
x* i     '" »      w. ,      "" [ 3Twi  *hri£   iT^STdSTltiS  of "CSCfl   31*^3,   tvilil^  "ErlP
Forty-five students from Powell River ^ Mrs".'- Islat Service, Director of the "schools-so their children can be'trained
and the Lower Mainland gathered for 'B;C, - Yukon- Divn. of .Red Cross for employment. The film was taken by
the Inter-High. School Junior, Red, V<>ilth is/ pjctured ,, addressing .the Floyd while >e was in .Peru-and ihen
Cross Conference which was held^at*•<■ gathering.' - - '/ ';      '- * narration/ music (by a popular ^outh
Elphinstone on Friday of last week.".   .•      - -• '      —Secheit Times ^photo   American singer), and editing, were done
•,   -   i - *        t < . " '   • in Vancouver.   The film's first showing
Bv Steven Lee  • • ♦    ' ^v^ •   "'   "' ' >   ,     '  i       ,    was so successful that it was decided the
film would be sent to elementary and sec-
<mdary schools around the province; arid
not just elenienfaries, as originally planned.
At 5:00 p.m. an excellent dinner, consisting of turkey, roast beef, Chinese food,
salads,   and  dessert,   was  prepared,  arid
served by members of Elphinstone's Red
Off FRIDAY, April 25, students from van-    the possibilities of va'Red Cross sponsored    Cross Chib. After dinner, students held a
ous points on the lower Mainland gath-    tr>p for chosen students 'to go to Japan and    dance with music provided by *a band from
ered up in Elphinstone, room 123 to attend,    visit the Japanese Red  Cross  and  the    Vancouver, and later, a beach party was
an Inter-High school  Red  Cross  Youth    Osaka World's Fair iri 1970. held near. Gospel Rock.
Conference. The premiere bf a new film was pre- The members, of Elphinstone Red Cross *
After out-of-town students had arrived sented by Floyd Sully, a student from Youth Club would like to extend their
and lunch had been served, Mayor F. UBC. Floyd had been sent to Lima, Peru, ithanks to those who assisted us m the
Feeney of Gibsons welcomed the visitors by the Red Cross last summer to view hosting of a successful conference at our
and opened the conference. The meeting Canada's "Project Lima." (Project Lima school. We would like to thank all those
was then,turned over to Mrs.-I.•.;Service, ;' Is a program<tb build technical <and train- who took billets and helped in preparing
Director of the B.C.-Yukon Division",'oi the ! ing schools in the stums of Lima.) meals. Special thinks goes to Mrs, C. Day ,'
Red Cross Youth. /'^j'/yv'^ who opened her home to 13 visiting guests, /
During the afternoon students discussed,  iihe building materials for these schools    at her Centennial Guest House "The Teepee" where Miss Phyllis Thatcher  and
Miss Diane Fisher acted as hostesses, and
to Mrs. Baba of Roberts Creek who prepared some delicious Oriental dishes; to
Mr. Potter and the-staff of Elphinstone>
who were most co-operative and helpful :'
in arranging the conference; to Mr. Turner ,
who came out on Friday evening to super-:
vise our dance; and to Mayor Feeney of <
Gibsons who opened the meeting oh Fri-
'day. ■'.'■'" ■''/".'"■'.
■/■   ,SE<iHELT(^LEG.^N':-HALL:V\;y;'^':,
^calurdoy, Ptoy SrcHrartni i-1313 [p.m.
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THE planning of a second group of  Senior Citizens' homes in -the offing,  it is necessary that applications be made  for admission in advance of the commencement of any building. The government  1 wiU not make a loan until it is convinced  that there is a need.  The' Directors are therefore requesting  that any individual or couple who might  consider living in the homes at any future  time, should now present an application.  Of course, many changes will occur before any one is asked to move in, but it  is wise to have your name listed, -A priority list is kept at all times. s  Application forms may be obtained  from Mrs. Charles Tinkley, K.R. No. 1,  Halfmoon Bay.  It might be pointed out that the government regulations do not permit a couple to live in the homes if the combined  income is over $300.00 per month. It is  to be noted ihat it is income not cash  assets. The rental scale will likely" be in  the neighborhood of $50-$55 per month  single and $70-$75 double. This is subject to ratification and acceptance by the  government.  Even if the application is never taken  up, it is worth while to have it on the  file. Act now.  Cooking up something spooky for ���-' sented, with interlude music by the  Thursday night's concert at- Eiphin- popular Elphinstone School Band, ft  stone are two of the witches in the ' promises to be a fine evening of en-  grade 9 presentation of "She was a. ,tertainment,and all the students want  Lazy Witch." Three plays will be pre-   now is a,ltitle appreciation.  The-lightest-Canadian wood is cedar.  BOARD of Directors under the British.,  Columbia Centennial '71 Celebration'  Act was established by an Order-in-Coun-  cil approved last' week. The celebrationi  will mark the 100th Anniversary of British Columbia's 'entry into Confederation,  Members of the Centennial '71 Board  are: Honorable Wesley Black, Provincial  Secretary and Minister of Highways; Honorable W. K, Kiernan, Minister of Recreation and Conservation and Minister of  Travel Industry; Honorable R, G. Willis-  ton, Minister of Lands, Forests, and, Water  Resources; Dorwin R. Baird, North Vancouver; J. S, Gifford, New Westminster;  G. C. Hacker, Abbotsford; S.' E. Hughes,  Burnaby and Salt Spring Island; W. E.  Ireland, Provincial Librarian and Archivist; Mrs, Emily Ostapch.uk, Vancouver;  T. F. (Bill) Orr, Vancouver; and L. J. Wallace, Deputy Provincial Secretary.  The Order-in-Council also' designates  Mr.- Wallace, Chairman; Mr, Orr, Vice-  Chairman; Mr. Ireland* Honorary Seere-  ' terv-  All of <the Board Members are experienced in centennial activities; all but three  were Members of the Board ��� during the  successful 1966-1967 celebrations. i  The three new Board Members are  Mr. Baird, Chairman of the Cultural Activities Commitiee in 1966-1967; Mr. J. S.  Gifford, well-known New Westminster  businessman, former mayor and athlete;  and Mrs.. Emily .Ostapchuk, 1966-1967  Chairman of Ethnic Organizations, and  Executive Director of ithe Vancouver  Civic Unity -Association, fj  Mr. Wallace has served as General  Chairman of Committees celebrating three  previous centenaries; the establishment of  the mainland Crown Colony of British  Columbia, 1958; the Union of the Crown  Colonies of- Vancouver Island and the  Mainland into one,Crown Colony of British Columbia; and the celebration with  the rest of the nation of Canadian Confederation in 1967.  The Centennial Year of the establishment of the Crown Colony of Vancouver  Island went comparatively unnoted in  1949, close to the end of the war.  Mr. Wallace s)aid today the 100th Anniversary of the year British Columbia became the sixth province in Confederation  and established-"Dominion from Sea to  Sea" should bring the most enthusiastic  response of'all. "We're hoping for total  involvement. We want everyone to become interested," he said. "The first way  to TTecome involved is to send suggestions  and ideas to the Board."  Suggestions should be mailed to the  Board or to Mr. Wallace, Centennial '71  Committee, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, British Columbia.  Mr. Wallace said the Board will meet  soon. "The full Centennial Committee encompassing honorary officers and subcommittee chairmen will soon be organized, then local centennial committees  throughout the Province," he said. "We  want everyone to get into the act. In 1958  there were 333 local committees���for the  1966-1967 celebrations, 384 committees."  The main objective of the Board at this  stage is to receive suggestions f roni everyone interested. "And I hope the interest is  even greater than in past celebrations,"  Mr. Wallace said.  Forest fires and litterbugging are both  due,mainly to the same cause���human  carelessnes.  Bloke C. Alderson D.C.  4 days weekly  Post Office Building Sechelr  Phone 885-2333  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday *  12 noon to 5 p.m.  EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT  J*  4?  %  f.  * 3,-      I  r1 -'  V    *  f  *  ?s  ^���r^  *��  ft  ** "*"������ -^i*r ��� m n^ii ���  k - -  - ���*     ' -���  - .    -' -   1 I /  r\ f)'.",\\  -*      "    '���<*  i.V*-*^  l * **�� fit*-  '**>  �����*  m .1 n   i i ���  Drama Night  Thursday night is Drama Night at Elphinstone Secondary School atid. for  ' the past' few weeks students: have  been busy painting scenery and rehearsing forthebignight. Classroom  practice of the hillbilly play presented  by grade 8 pupils shows Jeannie Wallace choosing a reluctant husband  Arthur Hoefsloot while" Pa John Hummel tries a little persuasion.: Curtain  time^7:30 p.m., Thursday, May 1.  >l\.i-'n^!. .,j.":1.j��� '^u.'i.  lfl'"'   '   "    :_',.�����.'  1 mmki Mi��'  Pender Harbour  Community Club     .  at 2 p.m.  Sy ndcay, May 11, '69  Community Hall  MADEIRA PARIC  Community Club plans  Chinese Smorgasbord  WILSON Creek Community Club is once  more   holding   the   annual   Chinese  , Smorgasboard  which - has  been. a  very  popular event for,a number'of years.  < The  Smorgasbord  this year will  be  .'held on May 3rd at the Wilson Creek  Hall. Dinner, under the capable super-  1 .vision of .Mrs. Bessie Baba and Mrs. Ken  ... Pearson,  will,, be  seryed   at   7:00   p.m.  ,, 'sharp*. 'On-the'menu will be'barbequed  " duck' and -barbequed jSofk; as" well' as'the  . familiar, sweet'and* sour, abalone octupus,  meatballs 'and" chow hiein that Mrs.' Baba  is famous for.      ,    . -  The -orchestira,'- well   known*  for /it's  good music, willl be The Pen Kings.  ��� Admission -to this ��� event is' $5,00 per  person and as there wil be no tickets  sold at the door people are reminded to  buy their tickets now!  'Mrs. Peter Dyck is chairing the committee and tickets may be obtained from  .hqr by phoning 885-2802 or from Mis.  ���  Andy Byrnes at 885-9698.  f��^a��sa7  Break up those long looks with pcek-  to-pcek glances.  Car��si1t-West Lif��  The Great-West Life Assurance  Company is pleased to announce  that David A. McElhoes has been  appointed as. the( Company's representative. In Secheit and surrounding area, A representative of the  Company, since 1,964,.Mr./McElhoes  is well qualified in.. all .phases of.  life, health and group insurances,  and'pension .planning.' ! .[  i  For enquiries, . . .  ,   ' Gibsons - Res: 886-2660  Box 564  ...OR AN OUTRIGHT  David A. McElhoes     ^  mLiy^i^^^  WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE  A Second Mortgage Loan to a rnaximurri of $5000, with Jnlerest  lower than Federal N.H.A. first mortgage loans, is noirv available for construction of a new home.       s  TOQUALIFY: !  1. You must be the first occupant of, ihe homo.  2. You must have lived in British Columbia for 12 monlhsrim-  mediately preceding the date of purchase or the date of  completion of construction of the homo. y y  Providing payments are made promptly as required, 10% (up  to a yearly maximum of $50.00) will bo refunded to you thus  reducing the effective Interest rate. For e.g. this would mean  on a $5000, 25rycar loan, tho eUectiva interest now would  bo7Vi%. " ;  A$100p Home Acquisition Grant Is available as an alternative  to the Second Mortgage Loan and may be used for building or  purchase of a new home started on or after February 9,1968.  1. You must be the first occupant of the home for which application is made.  2. You must have lived in British Columbia for 12 months Im-  , mediately preceding the date of purchase or the date of,  completion of construction of your now home.  3. Previously received Home-owner Grants will bo deducted  from the $1000 grant (  Complete and send tho following coupon If you wish further  information.  THE i    -  -  /\t>3UMANCe  COMPANY  unrai  THE GOVERMMEMT OF THE  PROVIMCE OF BRltlSH COLUMBIA  DEPARTMENT OF FINAfslQE  HON. W. A. C. BENNETT, P.C��� Premier and Minister of Financo  ..        . , G. S. BRYSON, Deputy MlnlBlcr of Financo  I  Provincial Administrator, Homc-ownor Assistance,  Room 126, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, British Colurhbia  Pleaso send mo full Information with regard to tho  D SECOND MORTGAGE  ' Q HOME ACQUISITION GRANT  eta I have indicated.  Namo_  Address,  I  Stfp����}ill^  i   .  if-  \  Jt  If  AT PENINSULA'MOTORS:SIIOWftOOMS from 9 a.m.  '  n  n  p        Wj**��*tW��*W<n!*'*VW'rt*>^"^Vff. f^*****^'*'1'"*"'^ W*-'**!*-*,*!.  A+m)��T#,s*-*<Jv(f**^*f*<a*tei'��" ***v^t '  * ��� ���^t-w*.* *���*��#��������*�� #^>,��    fe^^*���^^^ ��,lfl* *ij,^,i*ri.��fcj����4rt^^*i^*tr*.��^,m^ ^Jj.jH  r <  >  * 1  ��� ! K  ; t  5 i  * i  1 I  t   I  ���   i.  \   (I  p*��S?-P.*?s  thePenirfsuIoTirhefl       Wednesday, AM 30, 1969  Happenings Around Elphie      \  ���by Marilyn Hopkins  ','  -   I                  r           .     J*      ,     r  i *                '  !    .��                    *Y.  >      pi  ���� i  If.  '   t     *       *         ' -  M*         ^  -  '  ���   ��  '     *\��  y-u  *s  _f -  I1*  A  ���:�����'���  /'-  i'��t  * L  4   �����  ^7  V,  ? *  I*  j*  ' >  TIME IS drawing to ati etid. There is now  ldss than two months left till summer.  The year has-gone dUickly ahd for many  of us, we hope it is our final year.  At this time, 'the grade ll's are busy  preparing for 'the grade' 12 dinner and  dance on May 31.  Again this year Job's  half an hour to wait. Many thanks to Miss  Robertson and Mrs. Rankin for organic- '  ing the trip.'  Last week our school was the meeting *  place for parents and the youth alike to.  ���hear Dr. Bennett Wong lecture on Parent* -'  Child Communieation. Af teb the lecture a  Daughters Will be catering and looking discussion period was held in - which" the  Hack oh the last couple of years, it will crowd separated into smaller groups, Theni  be just as good this year. 'to wind it up there was a question and  '     On Wednesday afternoon Doctor Stew- answer period.   DrvWong seemed to get  art accompanied by the Public Health across to the audience what he was getting^  Nurse visited our school. During the first a* and sent many home' giying, it sohie  period, grade 9 to 12 girls met in the gym thought.  Here are some comments from  Balcony Scene  ymtoOif .*.. ������  ****** ~.-,.*wy��*v-*fc�� -*&  Madeira Park HaU was gay with Ital- wheresome of the���busy workers relax   LoCal�� uGlGCf St6 - SttGIKlS  ian theme decorations .for Pender before, guests arrive; from leftrJPresi- ^  Harbour - ......   and Cheese  vines," wine casks and baskets of flowers   decorated   the   balcony   scene Maddison..*  ��� Hospital Auxiliary's  Wine   dent of the Auxiliary Mrs. Olli Sladey,    PoniirlfVn   Tlalia 1   mao}  sese^ Party.   Trailing grape   Mr. and Mrs: R. Lee, Mr. and Mrs.    A .CllliUlUil  JJQUa I  1I1CCA            : 1, a u������v���*��� ~t t\~,r     L Alexander^and MP. and'Mrs.,Ralph    NATIONAL Convention of the Baha'isrof    Sun and "the Province are'published.  At  for a film land discussion period on ven-  .ereal disease'. The boys'followed the nefct  period.  Thanks' to the doctor and nurse  for their time. ,  < Thursday morning JVtiss Robentson and  Mrs.' Rankin along with. 30 honor society  students left for Vancouver. The first stop  was at the' new Planetarium. Besides  Elphie there was 'about four or five other  schools .there. The large group was seated  in a round theatre with a dome-shaped  roof. The idea of planetariums is to relate  ito us. about the stars. One thing we learned from it was that the zodiac has changed with one new sign and <lifferent dates.  The zodiac signs range from a length of  -seven days to Virgo, which the sun is in  for 44 days. After this was finished we  had our lunch in the cafeteria at the Planetarium.  ,   Next was our tour of the Pacific Press  Building.   This is where the _ Vancouver  students who attended. "It could have  gone on longer; there needed to be more  time to discuss things.'*���"Tiie discussion  was really good."���"I think <DrI Wong  iiaJIked. on a pretty high level for those who  were there."���and finally, "Dfc. Wong succeeded in taking people out of their role  playing personalities, so meaningful dialogue between people - could be established." ' *  Numerous cases are known when old  trees struck by lightning burned in. hollow trunks for many days during' heavy  rain, then started fires in the forest when'  surrounding fuels dried out.   .'        ��   "  STARRING  I Bette .Davis  IN COLOUR^      ' ���"  CARTOON  Srarts 8 p.m. ,   ^ Oul-10 p.m/  v -    ���.?    j. ���       ', * ���     -     .'' ^  .Friday, Saturday, Monday,  May 2, 3 and 5th     ..  i  Canada was held,last week in Pen-  ticton, lasting from Thursday through to  Sunday April 27th. Delegates and observers gathered from across the country  from the Yukon and the Artie to Newfoundland. Representing the Sunshine  Coast was Mrs. Edna M. Foote of Davis  Bay.       ''    "     ' *' -  -  On Saturday a public congress was  held based on the theme "Canada Blueprint for the Future"���a consideration of  Canada's exoeriment on Unity in Diversity and its very great importance for the  future of mankind, as a preview of the  social development which the entire  world will' undergo.  Chairman for "this meeting was Mr.  Douglas Martin, a member of the present Canadian National Spiritual Assembly, who is completing his doctorate  in American History at the University of  Saskatchewan. Speakers included an-  other ^ Assembly member, Mr. Thomas  Anaquod,. a Saulteaux Indian who will  discuss the spiritual nature of the Indian  culture and the contribution to be made  by the Indian people to Canada's destiny.  Also Mrs. Nedra Greenaway, an anthropologist of Chinese Canadian ancestry,  who is currently engaged in a special  study of the culture of Western Canadian  Indian, tribes.  Annual conventions are held ' by  Baha'is throughout the world at this  time to coincide with the Feast of Ridvan  Wishing Well  Mr. L. Alexander was supposed to-   wall.1  Mr.'Ray Lee attracted even  have been throwing coins intlhe wish- ' mofe attention-ilv Vancouver with'the " a-twelve- day-period commemorating the  ing well at the "Night in Italy" party,    mannequin tucked under his arm, he    declaration of Bahuu Hah, the founder  not holding hands with ihe cute figur-   later   spent  many  hours   carefully  ine which graced the very attractive    coating it With plaster.  pool surrohnded by moss  coyered       ���,  of the Baha'i Faith, in the Garden of  Ridvan in Baghdad, 1863.  3;30 we left for the Bus Depot and had  Squaringly Yours  ���by Maurice HemstreeS  LET'S TAKE the most important part of  ithis column first; the coming square  dance this Saturday night at the Madeira  Park Legion Hall, 8:00 p.m.  IBob Crichton and his Pender Jr.  Squares would like to see all available  square dancers there to help wind up a  successful square dance season. So, if you  live on the Gibsons or Secheit end of the  Peninsula, pile into your cars about 7:15  p.m. on May 3, as it takes about half an,  hour to go up to the hall. By the way,  any square dancers who are travelling  through the area are more than welcome  to join in the fun taking place that night  on the floor, square dance wise; so won't  you come you^all?    '  Well I must cut this story short. As you  lenow, I quit alcoholic beverages about  sixteen years ago. That was not bad, but  I saw the doctor last week and he said  that if I wished )bo continue square dance  calling I would have to quit smoking! This  is a bit of a problem but I intend to do  as he says because square dancing and  calling are more important to me than  smoking, but I don't think I will go back  ito the doctor again.  Next week I will have the story of the.  last night "of square dancing in Pender  Harbour so don/sfc miss the Times if you  want to keep up with the news.  ���HM^JJWJUftUW iXf'Vf X.' "iW-WJZ.W.V -WJejl KLf.Atl*. J'.'j.' ���A*.-^.V VUkkW.Vi rWEJMi.'g,  Tfli*"'*rWtrrv,npfJs***'iT T' 'J'1*"!  fe  ��Wft3EfS$ OF EDOGS-take notice that from the 19th  April 1969, in the Secheit District any conservation  officer or constable may destroy any idog found running at large and harassing big game or deer.  Signed���J. HATTER,  (  Director Fish and Wild Life Branch  fcMMsaa  ��3����E��������^����;M)rai^^  Chee&o Connoisseurs ,       '  Ralph Maddison ahd Ray1 LefiViiiprk'/'Vr'irle and Cheese Parity held last Satr  up an appetite cutting cheeses for the   urday.'   '  Pender Harbour Hospital Auxiliary;.. ,   ,  HQ  fct'siaefsBJWMi  msm  . TODD'S  DRYGOpbS  CHILMESi Ato SLANTS  ; ;^';\-'";.;'WEAit:  '���"������ '.  LADIES' SPORTS WEAR  Phono 8p6-J9994t.       ,  Sunnyctest Shoppir.a, Certire !  Annual General Meeting > jUlfepf: ;$��cf��ett r-WtfteF  Board will be held Tuesday, Hiay O nfc 3 p.m. In I6t^  Secheit L^gfion Hall.  t  Aa this is the only General Meeting of the year1  it is important that you turn out in order to learn  what your Board has accomplished.  ALSO . . . It is planned to hold a discussion on  proposed amalgamation with Secheit. W�� hope to  have a guest speaker to discuss this topic.  Save Money  AT YOUR POPULAR  LUMBER AND BUILDING  ;_ ;.yySUPPLIES  Serving The Sunshine Coast  '���OiiltpF BUliDING  ,   ' ::';S(UPPMES;  005-2^03 - Scchclt, B.C.  ^Si^^^^^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i^^  ^am  Frank Parker,  SecNbtary'  KING S��ZED MEALS  AT BUDGET PRICES  ; iiiispii dnmt  6^ Wl^WAY 101 at SECHELT  ;";.FOR';.TAKe-.OUT ORDERS ;   v  PHONE 885-2311  NEVENS TELEVBSIOII  i      l\ mmm  STEREO -1 & W and COLOR T.V.  ��� ^tifly dqwlppe^l ^or Color T.V.  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'���!  ,iV **, >   !r��j��Aft. r\*,<**  *�� * ->A ^ ivA-.,*^ �� *<f��i *-./�������4  s  '^��,^%r^,^vi>,,**i*tz^f&?^^^M,>^*m^��* ,<H,jt,t*&, ^^sti^^^.f^.M^^,^^^*-*^ ,.*.i,-fct^^A, ^ ^v*51*** Wf.*'��**��� ���*����� fa^^^^>M-i&Hm*^mm����%^>^><^^  -,  **,,,*.i^,** flH��^-w��r '^^^���*��-W^,^n^)|i,,*^^W ^eH,,^ ,W.A  .^j**,^,!^  IK^IE,.,.   ,��*j#* VV|W tfy��*i'<X*-  p-Ht-v  *L*toM(*LM*JMIf** "****&  1 f I *���    *      * v * fvt  vV V #4   V1""^ *   ^  ^ 4    *���    rf   /r    ***,  writes.  ���from the Legislature, Victoria  HERE IN British Columbia we can say,  with justification, that our citizens enjoy the benefits of the most progressive  labor standards, in Canada. This" is particularly noticeable in relation to our minimum wage,- holiday with pay, hours of  work legislation, and the new Workmen's  Compensation Act.  Officials within the Department of  Labor are engaged in checking to see that  good working condition? are maintained in  our plants and offices.  British Columbia has the highest rate  of unionized labor in Canada and it has  been stated that the working conditions as  set out in thousands of collective agreements ensure levels of remuneration and  fringe benefits second to none in Canada.  Pur expansion in the forestry, mining,  land power fields, have resulted in a great  increase in production of material wealth.  In keeping with this increase, our labor  force has grown in many areas. Looking  into the future it is easy to project an even  faster rate of progress and development of  .both our statural resources and the. people  who will develop them.(  As litot'h. any vast development, there are  problems. And despite our rapid growth  and expansion, the introduction of technologically advanced,equipment, and an  decreasing population has-brought attendant social problems. Even in this age of'  affluence, poverty still rears, its ugly Tiead.  There is a need for more housing for l$w  income and.middte income groups. Urban'  congestion, air and ^water pollution, and  ���the increased need for recreational and  cultural facilities too, are problems that  must be looked at long and hard.  >  The Department of Manpower and. Immigration show ifchat 5% of our labor force  are unemployed, and indeed, 5% of our  population *epresents a great many people.  Our Government's philosophy is that every  citizen should be able to expect to find  employment with satisfactory working  conditions. The Government is working:  to achieve this by encouraging investment  and providing confidence to investors as a  means of securing full! employment.  The'Economic Council of Canada devotes a good deal of attention to the problem of poverty. Here in British Columbia  we pride ourselves on our high standard  of living, yet our province has not escaped  from the poverty problem in the midst of  an affluent society. While low income by  itself is not a conclusive indication of poverty, we are aware from the number on  social welfare, reports of inadequate housing, and other indicators, that poverty has  not yet been eliminated.  This problem and the mitigation, of- its  effects, has been approached both in Europe and in North America by a number  of social security measures.  In Canada, we have relied mainly on  transfer payments such as pensions, family allowances, unemployment- insurance,  Medicare and hospital "insurance "to" alle-'  viijrte low incomes.  Our government .has been a strong supporter of these programs, although we  recognize that our province is called upon  to make a larger contribution to these  national programs than- ma,i3ryi-otherjprdv-  inces. * ,*'   ' ,    -    1 -    <  The federal government looks upon us  as a "have" province. What we must bear  in mind, however, is as the Minister of  Finance pointed out in his Budget Speech,  'Ik was mot until the large deadweight  debt of tiie province had been completely  provided for in 1959 and the development  policies of ithis administration had changed  our economic structure, did British Columbia move out of the ranks of the 'have  not' provinces."   I  . i <.'.,  - Wednesdoy; April ���30j>1969 - ��� -The Peninsular Times  Page B-3  v  4  r��S  ���  \  it  Liberal leader  \\  v;  v'  'i  /"  ��i  /  .-���-  /"  ���<<���  ' s.*  1  \.  '{  1  I *���  r  lor new left to - play in  c~  ^   ��*��sLfc.   /��  Jrn  *. v.  I  :v>  i  i i  *yL  \*  >�����  A'  If  1 v  f-  **N.  ^~sJ  I/',  "it'  /  \(r \(  ���i  ���j  PAT McGEER,- leader of the B.C. Liberal  'party, recently told the Windermere  Chamber of FCommerce ihat "The'NOP  under Thomas * Berger has become the  most anti-Industrial party in North 'America."   ���  He called for strong action to oppose  Berger, "The NOP must' be reduced to a  small minority in the next eleotiort/' Mc-  Geer said.''    -     - * '' ��� '   .  , McGeer said it was one thing for the  NDP to keep industry on its toes by  criticism, but quite another to, suggest" &  complete take over, y :'  'He, continued: "The.��,<3. government;  cannot' be a political'sandbox for the new  left. But this is what'ihe people of'the  province are being'driven to.accept by the  far right government oi Premier W. A/C.  Bennett. To continue with Premier Ben-'  nett in office is to 'guarantee a' socialist  take-over atrsome futtire time. The Social  Crtedit government', is"simply not performing in offioe," he said.'  British-Columbia is no place to experi-  ' -Senior,Babe Ruth ���      '   -"'" J :     :, ' ��'  Sunshine Coast Lions sponsored, Sr>   left'back: Coach,Dave Burritt,. Man- ; glis, Coach Ken^ Johnson' and Jim ment with socialist *pconomic theories,  Bate Ruth played .their first game   agei* Florence Vjoniisdh,' Kirk Thomas, - Gibson. "Wm\ ,'Jrofti left:-' Jim Gib- ��i*er now or<4n the' futtife.% our iMustrir ^  against;North.Vancouver team-on   Boh   Gibson, ^Ken   Bland,. Dennis ' sdn^GregHogue/iSenVerhul^Mafk jsljased^rim  Sunday -with a 6-2 win. Pictured from   Blatchford; Greg tfarrisdn, Rim' Inf   Retlnie, Boh Benner,andBob Jdlmspn.  * -* ��� - i. I  eltiier npw or'in tne' fvittire. - Our indlistry  y.��rimafUy on export.to world markets, Weantist femainv competitive on  'these markefe lib surVive. Mahy unthinking socialists' believe our industry is so  ^curettiat" governments can" propose any  taxation scheme .whatever without it affecting jobs and prosperity. Having such  people even close to government has a de-    _-   ..        -.-��,.        -    ..,     ,     ,    ,  pressing effect* on ihe future. This is be- " Kocrtenays puffer on the other hand when  cause most of our industrial and resources    ar?as saxil >as *he. Okanagan on the other  development  requite' capital   incentives.  and development of recreation are in an  advanced state of decay in this province.  To continue with Social Credit under such  circumstances will only guarantee a continued downgrading of all these fields.  Premier Bennett is slipping'f arther behind  each year in these areas���areas he has  never been able to cope with adequately.  -  i'Just'as important an area of lack of  performance for^ocial Credit* is in bringing" secondary industry to British Columbia. The area of industrial incentive program "of the federal government had a  spectacular effect in the Premier's own  riding "of South Okanagan; ~ Many secondary industries came there' because of the  'Federal -incentive program and this has  provided an imbalance of secondary in-  .dust^"ihyB.C.   The only way ito bring  equal-^nd1 fair treatment to all of B.C. is  ^to expand Jthe area incentive program for  'secondary industry by adding a provincial  program Jto cover those areas -not given ad-  ' vantages by ithe Federal government. The  province of Ontario has already done this  with great success in that province.  '   "A new free, enterprise Liberal government will bring* such area incentive programs to,'B.C.v,This will have a tremendously beneficial, effect on areas such as  the Kooterjays which now are completely  ���disadvantaged from an industrial point of  view.  The Kootenays suffer on the one  t'hand "from a <5 per cent' s^les tax while  neighbormg^Alberta has-no sales tax. The  tvi  H  ij  /  ,*  ���s>  - ^  /  ~v  /*  CS9l  s  !  />  Two actresses were feuding over which  one of them was more popular with the  guys^���and why.  "Well, I've been out with dozens of  men," said the first, "but I haven't let one  touch me."  "You dort't say I" commented the second skeptically.   "Which one was that?"  Toreign bodies in ear  major cause oi trouble  MANY children seem to delight in push-  ." iiig1 small objects into their ear canaL  - Foreign bodies in thei ear is one qf ^ the  ' major ' ear ' problems,' says the* federal  health department publication, "Up " the  "ifears from One Jto Six. "Beads, peas, seeds,  or pebbles often have to be removed* from  the child's ears where they may-irritate  the ear canal <and damage the ear drum.  Unless-'the-object'is visible and easily  (taken out by hand, let your doctor take  care of it. The same holds true for hardened wax. Never probe near the ear drum!  Remember, the ear'is a highly sensitive  orjfan, and disorders of even seemingly  small importance deserve the attention of  a doctor. Warn your child against putting  anything in his ear. But if it should occur .that he gets something in his ear, safeguard your child's hearing by avoiding  caf 'trouble���Get professional advice immediately.  ,  ^  - Fir,st Game  'Playing first double header of the watches  season at Hackett Park on Sunday,  Sunshine Coast'Sr. Babe Ruth team  won first game16-2 biit lost to North  Vancouvef's Morrison and Chadwick  jM); iir second,  r TJmpjre   Len t Fg^  intently but Kim Inj  makes it, to-home plate just.ahl  anxious catcher in exciting .game  which.s&w*i)ennis BlatcHfbrd geofce a  home run::' , .  Large amounts of money must.be invested  over a long period'of time to get a particular plant going. It may be a pulp mill  or a new mine.  But confidence can only  be built if there is, a common sense government -which wilt honor long term commitments and lay out clear, positive and -  constructive ground rules for the future.  "This-is precisely what-a-new, free  enterprise government under the .Liberal  Party intends to do.   The keystone .is a  department of conservation and resource  planning.  This department- would1-establish priorities of land use in B.C. It would  say which, areas must be'preserved for  recreation, which areas should be reserved  for agriculture,- which areas could be developed for forestry,   and  which  areas  would be permitted for mining development.    There   would   be .rigid   controls  against pollution and land "despoliation.  The recreationaLvalue of land would have  the highest priority.  "A.iar4right government,, such as that  run by Premier Bennett and Social Credit  can often provoke terrific resentment 'in  the people; against industry. It is not because industry fails to do its job. It'is because the, government fails' to do a job in  those areas where xmly, governments can  do?the joh.  ' "For, example, .our educational, health'  and .welfare services,-anti-pollution laws  -side are given industrial incentives which \  do not apply to the Kootenays. Such dis-  . crimination against some areas of B.C.  mifcst be ended."  In case oi poisoning  ALLTOO"often children die of poisoning  because 'of delay���in calling a doctor,  in getting ithe victim to the 'hospital, in  identifying the poison, in determining  correct treatment.  If you suspect that your child has  swallowed poison, don't delay, says the  federal health department publication,  "Keep Your Home Free From Poisoning."  Here'sAwhat to do:  1. Gallya doctor inimediately. Delay can  <     beSataL If "your doctor is nqt'available,  call the* emergency services of your  hospital, police or fire departments.  2. Tell* the doctor not only what the child  has swallowed but also the brand name  of the product. This ensures proper  identification of the poison involved.  3. If the doctor advises it,'"Waste no time  in getting 4he child to the hospital.  4. Show-the-.label or container to the  doctor, or take-them to ihe hospital  with therpatient. ��� >���  Remember that antidotes are not the  best answer. Prevention is! Educate your  family to the dangers of household poisons  and drug overdose.  Rheostat that rhetoric.  e^wme'm*(,Vmmm&ltmtt<awuummmmmummwumK<V��IJHiii>mw*Um**itutoWK  wwwiitminf  Ljlfh for   Ill/other A cJ3aiA  Dainty Blouses, Cardigans, Handbags, Scarfs,  Costume Jewelry and Lingerie  .*-//. (fSlmopy Secheit  Phono 885-2002  ^LADIES WEAR IS OUR ONLY BUSINESS-  mnrr^*Tiiitonnn-in.r{t--'tn\--li)mm*��miinntMm*mmnmmMtw**m*mmmmmfmm'''*m''mm  Special church service  honour oi Patron Saint  ON SUNDAY April 20th, the congregation of St Aidah's Anglican GhUreh,  Roberts Creek, held a special service in  Honour of St. George, the Patron Saint of  England.  Suitable hymns pertaining to saints  and martyrs were chosen and the Vicar,  Rev. Dennis Morgan preached an appropriate sermon oh St. 'George to the  children, later adapting it to the adult  congregation.   ���  St. George (',was martyred for his  Christian religion by dioceltaln in 303  A.D.  Beautiful red roses adorned the Altar,  the flower of Merrie England and St.  George. ���  The Queen was sung to honour Her  Majesty whose birthday fell on the. following day.'        ,  On Friday of the same week, the  A.C.W. of St. Aldan's held n successful  tea in the Parish Hall which was opened  by the Rev. Dennis Morgan.  Mrs, A. M. Harper received the guests  each ohe being presented with a small  vSt. Geprge flag to be worn during the  '���'oftemobihy''!'':';' y\'.';',���"v '������ "'"' ���',";;   '        ���'���  The tca-tttbiei? were in the cjuirge of  Mrs. R. Cummlng and were 'centred.1 with  miniature red roses anoV St.' George flags.  Larger roses nnd flags decorated the hall.  The cars that defy you to find Iheir equals!  Small trees may be killed by even- a  light,fire because their branches are closer to the ground  and their thin bark  'gives lea* protection.'  ....'.,,/:,:���....  *l  iff/ '  k'S/"//(/>  %;  :���* ���'       ������  ��� *-;'V;  '���v.  ���f  *>y  ��� '��'it ' i'-i' s.*> *  ��� y ���   ��� ���   !*>��� i y��� . ���  At?   ..  T.  ��������**  - s  ���yV  S  r  ..- ���>  '  'vy-  -w*��ja��  ���*���<:  ^U\l v  ^y:  "* - K -��  **��**:.  u  ^  **"<���  ���(  \  .. *  -��*v  r      -���P'V-."*  ���J1  Fornflmund:��+2 Convembl*. 0��tVgtowi<J, Ip�� t�� rljM. 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SkA*^*  0*. riW*-'^!*^���* ^^t^fJte^ifBsit^iwrWpV  i  m.ur^^^^^^^^t^^H ^^,<^^tllt^m^^^>^^^^^^  PjTlfflT  U��Mf��',,j*|0��1ln-*���^��^��M-*l jfajttPn^i^teAlp ^iflfl^J^iift. /jtk^dlKqJtH #V'**V (fl  0rjT4%*^ .ftj^rtfc��j)l^'h^tf*i#^.wiP5H��j*p*^**Mvf**w^ni'.^^.*  "t\ #*%��� .^vif'fr- riP*Mff*F WV 1     v   .   r ,v*'  ;j33��*a^jp^^^.ii*^j^s*^fct^.^4^^^ J���$*&*���  r  ���>* 'fi\ <?^y>-^^^^��^Hv'*^Yy'^^"j^v^t>-~-rd'-' -.f^j.^j.***1'*.  "GUESTS of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Rich-  "f i ,    "    ���' <*ards e^uer'this' month were the for-  '���* lf/>*, ' '"jtn%r,s hrq&er-in-law 'and* sister Mr. and '  y,.'' v. ��� t Mrs. Peter Akhvtrst- froni Chilliwack.  / V - Mrs, Julie Boser had-her aunt Mrs. Jean  .. - Bates from Homeglen,  Alberta, visiting  ���."   with her., Mrs. Boser accompanied Mrsv  Bates to Powell River where they were  ' .'ct'gufiste of Mrs. Boser's sister Mrs. Lena1  'Price for a couple of days.  '    ,Mr.vCornelius Olsen who celebrated his  90th birthday Sunday, April 27, was guest  of -honor ait a birthday dinner at the home  of Mr. and Mrs. N. Berdahl recently. Members of his family from Vancouver visited  him for the weekend.  Mr. and Mrs. Fred ,C. Saunders were  visitors to Chilliwack for four days where  -    they were, guests of their son-in-law and  daughter Mr. and Mrs. Sam Nutter -and  -girls.  .Ron Peers of Cioverdale visited friends  at .Gibsons on Sunday.  Spending a week at the Edmund H.  Gill home was E. H. Gill Sr. from Vancouver.  Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W-'  Richards for several days were their son  Robert, his wife and son from Vancouver.  Mr. Robert Richards who has 'attended  UBC for five years has now graduated in  Commerce and Accounting.  SPECIAL MEETING  As ladies arrived at the'Christian Education Centre for the special thank-offering  meeting of the Gibsons Memorial United  Church Women for "a. Pot Luck luncheon  Thursday, April 24, they were greeted'by  Mrs. Val Boyes at the door.' She lettered  the name and home church of each guest  on a small yellow map of China which was  then worn for identification.'  PqgeB^S     ';   ~The;Peninsul<i Tirries*     Wednesday, April 30,1969*  Many topics 4: . y        .   , .     y  ; S^piposiiiiii' on-integration  erne ��j  ,11  1A  1     '  INDIAN Children and the Public Schools:    trustees, superintendents," administrators,  A Symposium on Integration is the \ teachers, clergymen, Indian Affairs per-  .1  ft  Ilk     ���    k,  \-.  V    ��V  - **   * ���..      t-  '<'   :��*- V  *-<f"HA  * J.   ���  ���c  y.-v- -  ' * T      ���  *..  1  1 .1:  3,  ^ *  'V  .v **-*  " jl ^n  ���U v*  1 ���*��>  '>.  ���o  '*:*  theme of. a province-wide conference to  be held in Kamloops, B.C. at the'Canadian Inn, May 15-17. , ",<"*'  / 'Sponsors of this major conference are  the Department of Indian "Affairs and  Northern' Development and the' University of British Columbia Extension Department in copoperation with' the B.C.  School Trustees Association, the B.C.  Teachers Federation and the Faculty of  Education, U.B.C.  Speakers, among others, will include  Mr. G. Kent Gooderham, Assistant Chief -  Superintendent,   Education   Branch,   Indian  Affairs   Department,   Ottawa;  Mr.  William Mussel, Epecial Assistant to the  Minister^   Indians. , Affairs   Department,  Ottawa; and the Hon. Mr. Len March-  and,,Member of Parliament.  t , Topics' will   include   "The   Canadian  Indian:     Educational    Experience    and  Hopes for the Future'-'; "The Way It Is",  a panel presentation hy Indian Students;  "Expectations of the Indian Community",  "a panel presentation by Indian leaders  ���and   parents;^   "Sociological - Effects   of  Education on the B.C. Indian Community"; "Overcoming Barriers to Communi-  cation"; "The Teacher and the Program  in the Multi-Cultural Classroom". Other  sorinel; Indian people, and everyone concerned about the education of Indian  children.  For more   information  and registra-   -  tion forms, contact Education-Extension,  Extension    Department,    University    of  British  Columbia,  Vancouver  168, B.C.,-  or phone 228-2181.  1  Drew McKee, of Secheit," was one of   Tsawwassen, recently. The workshop;, teaching. Picturedabove are;? left to mteresting and challenging topics will be  Immediately upon entering the hall one   $5 teachere from all parts otthe prov-   sponsored by the B.C, Teachers' .Fed-'' right: .George Collisy Vernon; v G. C. dealt with during the course of the con-  observed the beautiful decorations,; dainty   ince'who took part in an elementary   eration; introduced teachers to'newv   Jarftieson, Pon't Alberni; S. ,G; Pea-, ference.  Oriental type fohage m Chinese urns and   gCgnce wbrkshop at the'Pillars Inn,   developments in elementary science   cockv'.Maple Ridge and Mr..McKee.       The Conference is directed to school  vases and also pretty floral arrangements .  *               * jj^ *���������*.     - >     '     ���':'-* '  ���  Wont to make your home  larger, more comfortable, more  modern, more beautiful?  Whatever home improvement  project you, have in mind,  you'll find helpful ideas and  information at your one stop  -supplies shop  Supplies MA.  Phone 885-9669  SECHELT, B.C.  and tiny Oriental parasols.' The tables  were graced with covers having charming  Chinese lantern design. Souvenir' place  cards in delightful variety each decorated  in Chinese motif," the artistic work of Miss  Hilda Hinder, were much Appreciated f$or  their beautiful cover design and Chinese  "proverb inside.  The tables were laden with gounriet  dishes���hot and cold, oriental and western,  in generous quantity and superb quality.  Mrs.'Ev Vernon was at the piano when  grace was sung by all "Be present at our  table Lord." Guests renewed old acquaintances and made new friendships. There  were close to 100 present. Seated ait the  head tasble were Rev. and Mrs. W.' M.  Cameron, Rev. David Wen, .Mrs. .Kay  Moore,; UCW President, and Rev. D. Morgan.  Mrs. Moore. graciously welcomed the  guests who included 12 ladies from Powell  River, representatives from Wilson Creek  and Roberts Creek also Roman Catholic  and Pentecostal ladies from Gibsons. ��� '  Mrs. Vernon of the Gower Point'Unit  UCW, under whose comrenership the" meeting was held, conducted the devotionals.  After prayer there was a vocal solo by  Mrs. Lee, "It is no secret what God- can  do." Mrs. Vernon was accompanist" also  for the . singing in unison of "Onward  Christian Soldiers." The , collection was  taken for missionary projects at'home and  abroad.  Highlight of the afternoon, of course,  came when the speaker was introduced.  Rev. David  Wen was  born  in Canton,  China, He spent 10 years in United States  of America where he attended Berkley  University   and  Lancaster,  Pennsylvania  Theological College. He has been in Canada for six years and is now ministering  at the Chinese United Church, Vancouver.  Rev. Wen had brought a large chart  showing   how   from  2852-206   B.C.   the  Chinese  Empire rose  from  unorganized  primitive culture of prehistoric age to a  consolidated and well organized nation,  there was development and Confucius and  Lao Tse lived during this time.  206 B.C. - 1644 A.D. saw the Han, Tang,  Sung, Yuan and Ming dynasties; there  were inventions of paper, printing, gunpowder, arts, porcelain, etc. 1644-1911  A.D. there was change from despotic imperialism to democracy of the Chinese  .rcpubMc, In 1949 the Chinese Nationalist  government moved to Taiwan and the  Chinese , Communists now called Red  China established their government in  Peking.  Rev. Wen showed pictures taken three  years ago when on a conducted tour.  Slides were of Hong Kong and many other  intercstings sights, rice farms, tea picking,  boat transportation on canals, steel mills,  ;'.tractor factories, There were 1000-year-old  pagodas, huge statues of Buddah, shrines  hand-cut, from ! caves representing 30-40  years work, and views of the Imperial  palace, etc. In some of the pictures of the  young people their expression was more  revealing than words. The Great Wall of  China, started 300 B.C., was constructed  over many years as n barrier against tlio  barbarians.  A question period followed Rev. Wen's  talk, touching on the subjects of compiil*  Hory military training in China today,  Konding money in, Christians being mar-  tyrcd, etc. .  On behalf of all Ihe women, one or the  visitor* from Powell River ��bly Chunked  the speaker.  Mis��i Margaret , Giesbrccht, former  teacher tit Gibsons Elementary School who  hu* been in Manitoba recently, will bo at  Sunshine Con��t Gospel Church, Dnvls Bay  Road, Wiltion Creek, on Sunday, May 4, to  ppeak to the children at Sunday School at  10 a.m. She will also bo present at the  11:15 a.m. Morning Worship Service. That  afternoon, Miss Glciibrccht will.leave from  the local airport for the Bayshoro Inn;  thence she will fly to Japan-where she  will teach,  AU nre welcome >��t the Sunshine Coast  Gosjm'1 Church, come in nnd bid au revoir  to Miss Giesbrvcht.  Sales  Service  SOLNIK SERVICE SMTIOH  Highway 101  PHONE 806-9662  ������}���  "^rf^^^fy***^^^^!!^^!) .t> ^wmvtfiw


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