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The Peninsula Times Apr 23, 1969

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»       '*H
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.1 __
No Hope
West Canadian'Graphic Industries Ltd.,
loXlSlf est^ Sth -Ave-^t*—->  „., *. - *,
,' 'Service'- ' ". -
, Serving the Sunshine Coast/(Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet); Inc'ludin|| Port Mellon/ '^bpkins Lending, Gronthom's'Landing", Gibsons^ Roberts. Creek
Wilson Creek, Selmo Pdrk^Sechelti Holfmdon Bay, Secret (Jme; Pender Harbour,' Mddefro Park/ Kleindole/ Irvine's.Landing/ EoriCov^JEgrnont
. ifoberfs Creek jncrn hurt f
Registration Nc 1142
ind Class A^ftl
1 "
Volume 6, No. 21
r 1
, in sDoxis cat accident \
AN ACCIDENT near the-S*bend,-Gi'bsons,
, last /Saturday at ^ about- 5;20'p.nl has J f
sent 21-year-old Alex Skytte of "Roberts >E
Creek do hbspil'al in Vancouver" suffering»
head. and. internal injuries. ",-   "
SkyltteWias-diriving a small sports convertible which is understood to haw .gone,
out of' control and struck a stump, •fchrowr-^
img him out.' Jtiad" he 'been wearing a' seat -
belt he^ would, probably been killed outright' as the.oar ^turned over.	
Police are investigating circumstances
of-the mishap.'  .       ,       _..-.«.«■
Nine month sentence:
follows break *&: entry
- t\       '% i A  ill Miv M4c3f><
vr>»   >-
*»« ^
\"; (GART ^EStlB MaqKensie .aged: twentyr ,: 0^.^-8^ nmfecf r
i- -   two-of Gibson's,' was serntenced to-rime    rroqTeBWV& pi&JGCh ....   .
&££ SST *'??ie^'clltFi ^d,4^clki^*^
Wad«f* jyiar^nas had-come true, -the ficer. Bill, Mason.-ttf'gtw, xl pefuge.. determinate~&t ihe<,Haney ,correction|d
yewtfipg- buck would have livfed, but i&oviit|j\eare ahd,hot,:blanke'lsJVer^ institute ' when, "he 'appeared" bef^
he-«ueeuki!b^d-4o-sho^k~Sumday eve-- not enough-'to'tcombat;tho ordeal' Magjsffate:dharies Mitteist"eadt\at^Gibf
ning .«fter, being ■chased initio -the sea 'rwhiebi<;tHe .^ericeleps •)df^llure,rSu^*7s>n&.iast Monday^ April jisthr. -V' - \ys
at WiUson Creek by.dogs on Saturday, 'fered,; ^Ttiis -week's: ^spe. ^dVeMs^s'' *'-, Mackenzie-entered-a plea-of" iuiity
Mr, -Totf Matfsnas recovered Ihe'-dreer T.sitriiigeht - measures,' Mia ' kh?* bAiran ^' -,„ „»,«u^ i^.'u^vu: ^«f^- Tj^irti
fppml waist deep'water and-had* a.
fu&sueoD t^fauw CKfcn&t wish* sum
»«»•>       f* iS/mw
»■ ^wi
raots': giowisigr-response,
Mr. FiankWest
. .            carefully considering all aspects,'decision
pfe-sentence;repOrt. , .     , ..   , .   , ^ fctuld'the ice Arena - Curling Rink -
. fames ^'McNeil ^ndT James Allen Senior citizens FacUity,'as the first step
Holland" both appeared; resulting 'front d . in the" overall pl'an,7tha-s. peeh made. . ';
disturbance; -in «je> fPen^sula-Hog; 0v€r m w<4ganfe&ti0lls f ^ ^ "area,
Marchi 31st. .McNexi- was fined $5^ for , moluding. all- chamfers of i Commerce,
cre_atmg.a_distu^rbance_during which he".VHfe cua^ ;Sfe«ri6e. Clubi,- ^^Vor
used obscene language,,and -Holland $100 ^. >-»_^ii__^-_'-    -o..*^   ^nt, ^—«-^u,^.+
REGIONAL' Board Director .Frank West
cam?- wider fire'at'last meeting"pf
application toJease the lacilHy."V
for wilful damage. _,      ,   ,.        ,      <
Archie Mcljpllan in his late sixties,''of
Selma Parlir faced.^_c±iarge_Qf_inipaired
driving'resulting  f^rom an, accident" ,m
'Regarding the "closure, of Ithe wharf for       .. ... . , -    ■    . , . .. ,„
Gibsons" Counc£l"resumng from a "letter in    c>r-parking, Mayor Feehey suggested coim-    which-he paused; damage, to.-two vehicles
^hicKKe -stated he hadbeen requited i»  -cil arrange a meeting with\Mf.' Brooks-of    parked r along   the   highway   at. Sehna
forward letters,of-complaint to-Hon. Isabel
Dawson regajding-.tiie proposed sewer out*
fall.at Gospel Rock._' , ; -,
.' Letter irom' Mr 1* .West, written 6nucui
official Regional, Board letterhead stated,:
In my capacity as.elected Director].of Area
1?SW «tf ,*he- Sunshine-Coast Regibnal District,/I, was requested to forward'five
petitions )to the Hon. Isabel Dawson, MliA,
Minister without Portfolio, in cohnection.
with the planned sewer outfall at Gospel
the ■'marine* division to'.discuss the_matter
•further. }t was fclso agreed to invite Cor-
-ponal 'Biggeman'"of the \lpcal RCW-" de-
tax^wenit'libgether 'with his commanding
officer.      •  "''-■•        ''.'.<  .
Park. He was'given a 2 year suspended;
sentence and had-his- -driving licence sus
with a*'stamped^ self-addressed,- envelope,
we 'urgently- Vequest a'r response,. as the
future ot-the project hinges oh this.
v To date, many majifhoufs^of work have
been voluntieered,' The Lions Cktb b.as
cwtrtrilJuted' $250.00, and has been the
major ■supporter''pa. .cash) contribu-Qons.
_.„ „ ,.- r „ ,    Monies Kave^also beeniT^ecaved^fronir -the.
Church, School ^and Legion groups; and, JCinsmen,, Howe Sound Farmers',.Institute
responsible itrusteeships,"have .indfcateE a, aaxd school1 children.' ' ' '---'•■•'> '>'
strong desire-to see'-ftiis project come into The .second major <hutdle will involve
being. Letters will be sen*.to mctivodual    selecting a site! 'At- this rtime the-contmifc-
land owners- requesting^ support.  A .com.- t itee is in iihe- torocjess of studying^popula-
parable facility .built" elsewhere recently ' ^ori growth trends in the jtfek^The, (resultv,.
cost roughly $400,000,100 at'today|s prices,    of this'study will serve as ^m& basis-for
Various other sources oi funds includihg    selectj^g^a «ite.v Choice acreage'has,beep
'  «>&WrvM&X*.4t*#16    & /Phil's JH-tAb, &A a*. A
1 -' ' Mylti-Purpose Complex
- This artist's conception of the proposed Sunshine Coast Recreation
Centre has,a long way,to go-.before
approaching reality. It has, however,
already received considerable'support fromrgronps, individuals and organizations throughout1 the "area.
Donations of money are coming in,
<lahd has been offered free of charge
,'and this colored painting was, donated
by'architects Underwood, McKhuey1,
Cameron,. Wilson and Smith.
-Organizations,- PUtp^'mHBiinanagemeht,
TRAGEDY was  narrowly -averted- last
Friday .morning as a result of promt
"action by -Mrs. Audrey Bennie of Point
Road Hopkins Landing who rescued two
perided, for'itwo years. He "appeared'be- "- private capital, government grants, fttnds;   offered, in -Gibsons,'Roberts Creek and.^ and a half year-old Stephen Dame from
fore the Magistrate - April .l&th.   ~~ ' -    \ from the Indian'band, etc., willbeaotively-- Secheit. JMie~cominittee is,prepared--t6-re- •  the sea in front of her .home.
RAii»T-yp   .       -;-."■"":**;"-
' * t tast year's clean-up ^paint-up program
iji "tihe' village ,*was considered'successful
•anct it was agreed to proce€d'_with_a,simr
•flai' ^ttojeqfcJthis year.. Administrator Dave
-     . . w,r ' -  *,w-   'Johnstoji-'W'iU' con-tact, the- Chamber, of
Rock mithe wamfy of theTiMage of Gp>-   ^c^mmerce,in'-this regard and .an^officiaL
sons. ,  ' '   .. •_ —' 'a^nhouncement'-wilLbe made in dud course.
Copies"jof the' petition are forwarded to   K.isplanned to launch the campaigh-some-
you for your, information:,        *" ,    ,time*i!h Afey. "   ■. "' _   • ■'    *■" ^    - -
.The letter was signed Frank West,-Di-    ittilLblNbs QyESTIONpb1 '   - "    '
rectorfTArea^B'f-StmjShme Coast Regional   , ^^ A:-Bairnes'of GoWefPointRoadao-,
T%:-t-:-i ,> .. - pearjed:bef6re council* to question"feiuilding
^Also'on April 16th, Raymond Henderson was fined" $200"and "given a~ three
month   driving^ suspension  following.a
charges  of   impaired  driving  April ^5tiu  ,
Henderson is a resident-of-Port Coquit^ -
lamr - -;      - .       '-'.,'/ """':'-
•William Dick\of _Chdll^ack_;was_fined
$250 and ha"d his licence suspended, for, »
three months: He was charged Vitb/ijp.-
p_aired driving following ah. indidfent between Pender Harbour. and garden Bay, '
in which- he cut" in bjt.'another - vehicle
causing it to" run off* the road sustaining
$200 damage. Police later caught up with
Henderson and charged him\ accordingly^
pursued. -'Specific inquiries in regards, So
financing have been, received front Mac-
ceive .any ^ther. offers. -r, A -minimum of
it^ acre£ would' be required. <
Aquatic sport site
•     *:#
Mayor. Fred vFeeney'told, council: .''I t e^n^ohs-carriecl out by a' neighbor._He
,. ipkk'&vn&exoe^dniAri^ i./as^efttwbalher-ja4>er^
^tght'to ufee^Ro-gfoh^^ardfeiiatidneryl^ '*w&Hoe~rtfatk; ynhich-Appears-^Ainvolvo
IWs'so^ o^thuife/'nelml^ has'hVbeea». ^ie!Krt^ ,  ,    .      ._..,_     .,_...
authorizeduby-the: Board-to write-,on', its Further the,one»btjilding has gone,<ohto , taays on his desk.. Instead.he has four,
behalf. J have no objeotion.to him'of,"any,- fte/ldt lihe,-Vhich, he suggested, is.illegaij marked" "Frantic,", "Urgejvt," r "Pressing"
Oirc else iregislering aoi objection,, but in' '^nd'against the -bylaw," ' '     """'' "r»"-~*:-" '     ■      '
thls",case I feel we should register a strong   ."' ■';  .,'-v'-i   -. *	
ALDERiMAiN -Norm~Watson-reporting .on- a 'Bylaw 'be prepared .enabling an increase,,
progress" of* his.plans /for development    in ithe present mill, rate -from-12.24 to 14
of,prpp'erty(m'ithe,"Po^)bise.Bjay area.iold    mills. This*will take care of the requisL-
; Glancing through, her window, she
noticed a four year "boy accompanied by
two dogs on the beach and when he proceeded to remove his' Shirt, decided to
investigate. Spotting what' appeared to be
a bundle floating in the water, Mrs. Bennie waded in above her waist and grabbed the near lifeless body of Stephen
Rushing him to her house, she turned
the youngster upside down in an attempt
to--dispose of water, then attempted
mouth to mquth resusitation and started
him breathing again.       , ' , "
Police report Stephen is now recover-
S    .r^J^.'.r '■—-r-r4'^ ' VCo\tncil Wseehelk last -week that.if'ajl   -tion.    ',';•']'.' .»< .' "•'. A   ,--'r?   -. ' •     ing satisfactprily in., St, Ma'ry.'s, Hospital.
*    " "'Sp4te scie^spD^JiSn^y^^ , ATdermari Wats<m als^quiried"tfrinfcrW wair^pWently stayfng af the-ho'me-^'
e;' Jhash't^etwoTegular'Jn" 'iandJ'Ch4,,„mail    aMremendotis tourfet'attraction.''/    - / '     rate in the oiitwdeareatr and .expressed the    of  four year  oldV Gordon  Mooney  at
and "Overdue.'
< rjAlderman Walter P.eterson agreed, •adding "it seems to me, this is misrepresentation, and quite serious."
Jf was agreed a letter of 'complaint be
forwarded the Regional -Board together
with a letter to Municipal Affairs Minister
Dan* Campbell.
Indications are that the village pound
keeper, might be considering giving up his
duties as dog catcher. Alderman Kern
Crosby told council he doesn't appear to
Latest models
OYercratt, ser¥ice in June
pending no, iurfber 'hold-up.
VlCp-PRESIDENT '. of B.C. Hovercraft
,. ' 'Ltd., John Laing, told The Times today
'"we'have had many problems'to overcome
but »U being well we hope to be in opera
Crosby told council he doesn't appear to    tion between Vancouver and the Sunshine    stop overs. ■ ■
have been top>adiverecently. He suggest   Coast'.about ;JMhe.";': V.;:;.:;;:,^.'^-v^r:^'v'-ii\" 16 feet ahdj
council should consider advertising for a
replacement.'',- .-'•' ■,
- !'.' Departnieni of Transpbrt, Ottawa, has
put the Gibsons wharf out for lease by
tender for an amount not less than $1.00;
per arinUm plus 15% of gross revenue
derived from use and management of the
facility.- Term of lease will be not more
than-three years.
Council has already indicated interest
iii .'.leasing the wharf but has suggested it
bo given control of parking arriingcmdnts.
So far no reply has been, forthcoming, it
was therefore moved council'make, formal
reservations, for these "flag" stops.
The cra4 have a' cruising speed of 40
mph but average operating speed will be
35 mph which includes pick-up delays and
stop overs. .Interior width of the craft is
nd passengers will be seated eight
with two ' aisles. • Each craft has
two rest roonis, refreshments will be, available and seating is the comfortable air-
'craft'ity'pe.;..';'',';";'"'   .,,""l.""       '.■;.'' ,■■•■
Mr. Lalrtg .eijcplained • tliat the interior
of the Hovercraft IS yery similar to that
of a 'large Boeing jiircraft and ah interesting sidelight is'this'fact that the Boeing
Fh-st main port of call will.be Gibsons,    company; is presently 'planning cohstruc-
„w fmm irMr,uir «f th* n*vahrirn t««     tion 'of, 4,()Oo! ton .ocean', going hovercraft
of similar design to the,#M 2.; (       ,
-Mr, Lalng, who recently returned from
an extensive study of hovercraft in Britain,
says ho is cxtremely'ehthusiastic about the
service and has j every, confidence; that
hovercraft 'are here ,'io' stay.  "     '','■'■'.,.
An official announcement will bo made
by B.C. Hovercraft shortly together with
more details and a ■ schedules of service,
!';Mry La,ing; said the, two craft/fpresehtly
hear, completion in,(jreat;Br[tain^ .will'.'be
the';', '.very,, latest, models, they; are;, ^hc
Hov^m'arine HM;:2; side wall, and;, "hear
silent; hovercraft, 'and ride on an aircushion
which lifts the vessels three Vfeet above
.'.ilhe',Water;'/;' /', '.'"..'.'i'V^'v ■■'''" ^'ll  '■ • '<■'
/.:'t;,.;Fh-st.'n; ._ ,-  .. ,_,
leaving, from vicinity of the Bayshore J"P.
V*ah<i9Uver. Next official, stops will, be
Powell River arid Texada Island. ;,How-
oyer,,; latest plans include "Flag" stops at
B^Wjfcih Island", Scchclt, Buchancer Bay and
Pender'lljarbor. This will depend lupon a
picic-iip of at least four passengers at each
Stopin order to make such a'stop cconom- ,
i'oal. In all probabilities nh office will bo
("ctnblislicd In Gibsons  which will:  take
■ iHe exp'Iained 'that the Bay ,iS;.un;que
in:that it is .protected, and literally debris
free. This renders it particularly ,'suitable
for aquatic Sports such as hydrofoil racing,
and witli:the right development could attract visitors from near and far.
' ' The alderman said he has been corresponding with various governmental':do-
partments and is attempting to ascertain
ownership of property adjacent to a strip
of village waterfront land at the .Bay
which' combined would provide a substantial public access. He stated he is also
working in conjunction with a private
marine operator and there are hopes that
a federal matching grant might be available. W(ith this in mind it was suggested
council budget $2,000 annually for the
next' five years, the matching grant could
then bo, applied for on that basis.   ,, ,,  '
Reporting on the municipal airport,
Alderman Morgan Thompson, said the airport committee" has been approached by
ithe owner "of, property, sale of which Has
held, up,hopes1 of,extension of the runway,
t/atest offer of $500 per acre is considered
much-more realistic and the, committee
will be'discussing the situation at the
next; meeting this week. •
bvdg^,, ;■..::;.-■.■ ■■' ■...■■'.,;
! Regional District requisition is calculated this year at $2,100. This could'be
dssumed by 'the village and talccn from
surplus funds but Alderman Wntson suggested that this would be no way to Operate., Council agreed.and it was later moved
Vice-Principal of Sechejt Elementary
School, Mrs. J. Wallis will still be on the
teaching staff of Scchclt Ekmcntary
School next year. \. : '. ■. ■
Telcplwnu call from the School Board
office reveals that Mrn, Wallis hn« only .
relinquished hW position aa Vice-Principal
nod her name wn» Inadvertently included
in the list 'of'(resignations which wei-OiAe-
ceptcd, byrlhc Board ,at the April 10th
meeting. ' •   ;    •
Mr, W. S. ThOmaR of Const', Cable
Vision Informed The Times today his company Is presently In •proct'Ss of complctlm?
negotiations in Order to eslablbh a muttl-
nehvork, s>-siem for both Scchclt nhd Gib-
sorw. Indleatlorjs are that a start will" be
made 4hl« spring, i '       '   .
';LnU5. report Jh' tlwt the Public, Worku,
ongihecr wa« in thin «rdi last wet«k «nd
indicated 'that $17,500 hos been budgel.tcd
for dredging of Porpoise Bay and that n^
immediate jitnrt is planned.
llaixl-Hn« tao|Lic8 by 1h« l>oslmasU>r-
Gcneral to ^rconomlze has caught up with
S6lrrm' Park and the Post Office in the
Sotma Park Store was officJnlly cloned )a.tt
weekend.   It is underidWHl that rnatl for
Mighty proud of tlieir ceramic work
which Is on display at Hie .^edielt
Gallety Shop are Stove Joe,  Vo'rn
thatflrca imiy how be; picftcd up at' BccWTJu   Joo, Marvlii Xroigan, Eafl Joii and
S ■■*.'.
and expressed the
view that it is, more thah likely the outside
rate will exceed' that of the village. -
Attention, was drawn*to a vacant lot
next to the Wigard" Block and at was suggested perhaps the owner could be contacted with a view to clearing it up and
benches set up for elderly folk to sit down
and rest.   , \   <    ■'
. Alderman .Thompson stated this had
been discussed previously-with the owner by the Kinsman Club but at that time
he had( stated he wished to have no part
of such! a scheme
Council .agreed that there could be
problem's involved and moved the matter
be filed,'     "'  .;,  „      ',     ..,,       ,  ,
Three water line crossings which left
village roads with' deep ruts have been
the subject of correspondence' between
council and the Secheit Waterworks for
some months. At an earlier meeting, April
2, it was reported that at last one rut has
been satisfactorily filled.. |     ;.
'Last week further correspondence was
read starting the! company's local! superin-'
tendent would be approached if the, work
had riot yet been completed.
Clcrjc Ted Rayner said ho had been in
touch; with the superintendent who had
indicated one was complete, a:sceond was
still unsatisfactory and a third was still
to be completed. These would have been
put right but for rain, ,.
, It was agreed that further action be
withheld' in light pf„ assurances the work
will be completed by next meeting.
of four year oldV Gordon Mooney at
Grahthams when the" two wandered off
and ended up along the beach at Hopkins.   ' ' ,
Local marksman wins
Gold Expert Shield
FRANK. G. Jorgensen of Redroofs Road,
Half Moon Bay, B.C., has qualified for
the Gold Expert Shield, one of the most
difficult tests in smallbore sporting rifle
Dominion Marksmen officials announced today the 34-year-old logger had
achieved a perfect score of 6,000 points to
■qualify.- •■■ '";     ■•:; ■
;Forthe Gold>Expert Shield the shooter
must fire perfect scores with a 22 calibre
, sporting rifle on 20 targets from each of
the regulation positions, prone, kneeling
or sitting, and standing;. This. means ho
must put a total of 600 shots in the "bull."
, ',',"" Mr. Jorgensen, a member of the Scchclt
Rod & Gun Club, has been shooting for 18
years. Before winning the'gold! shield he
had to work his way through a series of
Dominion Marksmen awards , beginning
with the bronze pin which required^ five
targets scoring 80 or better out of 100
from the prone position.'
, The 22 sporting rifle used In Dominion
Markmcn competition |s a general purpose
oho and is usually quite Inexpensive. Under conditions of the,competition it must
not weigh more 'than. 7 Y* pounds, Slings,
telescopic sights and other features of the
heavier motch rifle,' a ' pa'dslon target
rifle, are not allowed. .
One shot aftair
Special Display
Bruce Joe.  Students are thoroughly   of thO intriguing -patients in.'.the cor-
enjoying the new course oMnstruotlon
which Mrs. 'Joan "Warn-is conducting
'at'SocIicIt ElcrtieriCary ScliooL Some
 ■■'""""■■" "■''■'''4
amictilo Were produced using different types at nuts, bolts, washers,
screws alid oven £|pb(flo*Ojpoii<^
assists Ba
APPLICATION^ for financial support In
order to. help establish a Junior Babe
Ruth team gave rise to a heated discussion
at last meeting of Scchclt Council. ,
, Alderman Morgan Thompson told council ho had spoken to the, applicant, ft°iw
Hocknell,' and, W«|e, given to understand
that about $500 Is required altogether In
order 'to purchase uniforms and equipment, About $400 Is expected to be. ac-,
quired from other, pources. He therefore
expressed the, vleW'that council provide
the $100, "I don't feel tlilni would be out
of the way and it will not be n recurring
grant," ho 'said,
;, i Aldcrmani Norm Watson asked what
lundL'bcch'. icbuneil poliey in .-pitch; a situation.' ^H'Bccms to mo there are endleitH
, Hitch orgjinU-fttionH on the. PfininHula," he
aald. Mayor Bill Swain agreed and warned
flint such a gefiture now could, mean netting a -precedent; He• stressed the fact that
recreational funds usually are for provision of park'facilities, Improvements and
equipment, "If, we approve this, what
guarantee do wc have that a number of
other such groups will not 3t,nrt seeking
nlmilar grants?" he asked,   ' '   - ■
Aid.  Thompson  argued  that  he  was
unaware of similar 'groups-_ likely to iiiako   six at this lime.
similar requests and added that $100 is
what council , normally donates toward
swimming classes.
Aid. Watson expressed the view that
he agreed With n previous suggestion by
the Mayor that the youngsters should bo
encouraged to ralso their own funds, however, -as this In to be a one shot arrange*
inent, he would support tho application.
Further, he pointed out thai AM. Thompson, rcereatIon chairman, is not obliged
to recommend other such appIleatloiiH and
can call a halt whenever he wishes, It
was tberefore moved the grant of $100
be 'made.
Questioning the provincial recreation
jyxant. Aid. Wubon asked whether It Is
t<till available, It was explained by Aid.
Thompson thai In order lo obtain tho $300,
grunt it in necessary to form a recreation
commission. Some time ago he attempted
U> reform «'commission but failed due to
hick of Intercut.
Watson suggested that'this might be
a good time to start again but was told
by Thompson that it requires at lenat six
membeiK and while It might Iks possible
..to find, three willing to accept office, he
doubted If it would  be possible to find
*-*f-m.f V*f **4t**(*»
» *J«"WW™ *»«1^IW*>"
t-^aflt*^*^*^  jt"1 h*.# W
t ,^*«^,^%j«b a* ^,^M^^«|W^«^.,#l^w.^jh#Bi*«^!^+,^
"n»*>#*'^ fAt^
'*&*(W*>P>*bMm*w*^*r*«*#t!^)^<to^^ ^rti#h*^-«*r^V°»f**nM''^f»*ik*^(l1"P'»«f*'' W**«fftW^»Bi^^W^Vf Wf<"'''^W^*fr ^^-^^'^h^^tt-^mfHt^Mt n>«iW^«ir'
«fc6W*W ,0k;
■■ •
-   i
<       i
<> IM   ', r
,   *   -
NgeA-2th& Peninsula times, Wednesddy, April 23,1$69
-i.nffvi fitaUfr-
iTttEPEOTNiuLRTfe*34, Secheit > Phorie 885-9654
» ii hi « ii 'Mi ■!■< iiiriiii>nii'niii milii-   - iTt'i'-n'ir-' ■ '■-    ■    '"•' -L ii -'■riiiiiinir. i.     i     i   "ii r i   p«wU»». . i   n , ■ ■
REAL ESTATE (Confiniled)    REA5.' ESTATE (CoRimufcd)   REAL ESTATE (continued)     WANTED
FOa SALE (Continued) LEGAL (Continued)
Published Wednesday by
The Peninsula Times Ltd.,
at Secheit, B.C. -*    '
Member, Audit Bureau
,     of Circulations '
September 30,1968
Gross Circulation 2250
Paid Circulation 1942
Classified Advertising Rates;
3-Line Ad-Briefs (12 words)
One ' Insertion  ! , 75c
Three  Insertions —s '.—$1.50
Extra tines (4 words). i.15c
(This rate does not apply to
commercial Ad-Briefs.)
Box Numbers J . 10c extra
25c Book-keeping charge is added
- for Ad-Briefs not paid by
publication date. ,
Legal or Reader advertising 35c
per count line.    /
Display  advertising   in   classified
Ad-Briefs columns/ $1.75 per inch.
Subscription Rates—
By mail, Peninsula-area _$5.00 yr.
By mail, beyond 30 miles $5.50 yr.
By mail, special citizens —$3 yr.
By carrier v 50c "month
TWILIGHT theatre, Gibsons
'— Wed. April 23," "The
Legend of Lylah'Clare" with
-Kim Novak,-Peter Finch and
Ernest Borgnirie^Thurs., Fri.,
■Sat. "Burt- Lancaster in "The
Scalp .Hunters".. Mon. Tues.
Wed., April 28-30. "The Bride
Wore Black" 'with Jeanne
Moreau.~Ph. 886-2827."" "*
.     . 2413-21
III! * . I   Wl—MWWflM    lll.lMHB<m '■—
PENDER Harbour ; Hospital
Auxiliary, "Night In Italy",
wine and cheese party. Sat.
April 26th from. 8-11 p.m.
Community Hall, Madeira Pk.
Tickets $2.00, for persons 21
and over. 2419-21
OSBORNE — On April 13th,
1969 at Penticton, B.C.
Pearl Osborne of Secheit, B.C.
Survived by her loving husband Edmund (Ted); one
daughter, Mrs. R. S., (Edith)
Dunn, Vancouver, B.C.; one
son, Edmund, West Vancouver,' B.C. one sister, Mrs.*
Laura Maclntyre, Port Moody;
one t brother Lloyd Jackson,
Vancouver. 7 grandchildren-
Mrs. Osborne was a member
of Mou."nt 'Elphinstone- Q.E.S.
No." 65. Funeral Service was
held ore Thursday, April 17th
at 2 p.m. from St. Hilda's
Anglican Church, Secheit,
B.C. Rev.- B. Jenks and Rev.
Canon Alan Greene officiated.
Interment Seaview Cemetary.
Harvfcy .Funeral Home, Gibsons,. B.C.,  directors,
.*<•'■— • ■(■*■■>■■ ■       ■"■' '  '  •■'■"■" "
CAMPBELL: Passed away on
• April 19th, 1969, Archibald
Campbell of Wilson Creek
and Secheit, B.C. Survived by
hb loving wife Viplet, 1 stepson Russel Deane of Ladner, I
brother Liston of North Vancouver and sisters in Scotland.
Funeral was held on Wednesday, April 23rd at 3 p.m. from
St, Jolins United Church, Wilson Creek. Rev. M. Cameron
Officiating,; interment Sea
View Cemetary. Harvey
Funeral Home, directors.
■"■!';■ '. ;:    2*44-21
ON behalf of my farnily and
myself T " take this opportunity of expressing sincere
appreciation to bur many
friends for their,, kindness;
words of comfort and flowers
during our 'recent bereavement. A special word of
thanks to those,who travelled
so far to pay their last respects—Ted Osborne,    2442-21
PERSONAL       i..',..'■'.      ~
rVLCOHOLlCS Anonymous. P.O.
2-jx 294, Secheit, B.C. Phono
pj.j)870. fldo-ftfn
"WORMS n problem?" ' Use
treatment for plnworms. Available «tT Kruso Drug Stores,
Secheit and Gibsons.      2174-22
IIAVE yott visited Tho Times
Bookstore yet? The selection
-, will surprise  you.  Phono 885-
B854—Drop in & browse.
(. 2159-tfn
EXPERIENCED        carpenter.
You name It and I'll do it.
Written references. 1183-2440.
-- - •<■ ■■•■'■■- 2355-21
CUSTOM    rock    drilling    &
blasting. Phone 003-2227.
NEED a .spring clean up?
Can't see the water for
trees? Let us solve your tree
problems. We limb, top and
fall trees expertly and to your
satisfaction, Free estimates,—
nil work Insured. Phone 085-
2109. 2287-tfn
TILLICUM '; Courtney Service.
' Eaves cleaned' and* repaired.
Painting, gardening,' janitor
service, old jobs, etc. All work
guaranteed. RRl Secheit, Phone
885-2191 or 885-2094., ■_   1871-tfn
HELP WANTED.     ''     ~~*
WEST Secheit,,— to work-pn
Small sawmill,"-planer, operation; some mechanical
ability necessary. Able to operate chain saW,; assorted hand"
jpower tools, small cat, tractor.-
Must have own reliable transportation, for 8 hi day, 6 day
week. Start at $2.75 per hour.
Phone' 885-9722 after 6 p.m. ■
; 2407-tfn
Phone Mrs. Naido Wilson
885-9746 or Write;;
Box 390, Secheit; B.C.  "
i—L r—-       -    i" - .       	
:Sald! Pickers Wanted   ■„
f37c Budeh"
plus 5c'bonus
40c-Bunch -
plus 5c bonus
CHOICE   waterfront   lots   at
"    Secret -Cove"  &   Halfmoori*
B&y. Van Egmond. '885-9683*
"j '    \"    • r    ' "   2349-22
*           ,       T                    X
,».>■.■.■ .>..^—t^^ii   iyjt.nA iii V<  i   ) ii   m ■■■f ■■■-■fj.i.i*
SMAL't' house 'atSelma.Park
for sale., Lot 100 ft. Hgwy.
frontage. 213 ft. deep. Ph. 385-
9389.  ' ^        2410-21
'     '   t .     . ill n i       i     '     ,.      i i I *        I
,' '•*   BLOCK PROS.    1
Phone Mr. Good 681-9700
'      ' collect   of   736-5933 ,
i      '     ■
For fast service on nil properties and 'business and" -
recreational lands.  Ws   j
' ■.-*■*-"
.Selma Park
' View lots on Snodgrass ltd.
$395.00 down,1 terms to .suit,''
Pender-Harbour. <■■
75 acres, with house, jappf ox.
1500 ft'overlooking lake with
Jhouse.\ $22,500 terms vto suit.,
' AXso. whole district- lot' secluded off hwy. ;nr. KleinrMe,
about 82 acres, $125 acre.
Offers on. terms.' .Wooded
Gibsons u j
Gower Point -Ed. Lovely 2
bdnn. 'home, 'double, lot, leyel
with - beach. * Asking-' $28,000.
offers.    -
. Also 3, semi waterfront lots
cleared with services. From
$8,500 With terms..    <  l   %
. View lot on Bluff,".near irf?
Gower ■ Pnt. ' RtL - Terms' to
$6,600 Jialf acre.
EXCfiLXE,NT "commercial- lot   WILL   purchase , patches'  of   VIOLIN, with pase $25:'Phone
,.     --centre'Sechelj^-htghway lo-      standing timber. Phone 88&«       885-2181. -    r-: ,    •* 2403-21
cation",'leveljand cleared. All   2459.- ,   -   .   \ 168i-tfn   —: ■—' v h'<   i.  "	
cation"/ level,-; and cleared. All    , ,       -,  , *^.—
servicesr available^ Box,ii04"  ; ; ■—r—'  COOlt   BOOKS '.Galpte—Some-
Pfeninsula .Times,,*      1104-tfo REQUIRE marine engine^ V-B      thing < for'' everybne-^Betty
c. .r.;r^ . advertising ."in   TftfewJr. J-;'• ''   .     ' m" ",v  W   Whifo   M^iM
four, Newspapers.  - /   - .     L?^ f^L«fle- * cleared view
■Effeqtjve' and. proven, ad
<   vertising. in^ bur catalogue.
-rRear Estate sales staffs of
.   six in - two" offices > oh ' the
Peninsula. : ; . ,       r
—Twelve ",> himdrfid    Realtor
■''  sales people off-ther\Pehin-
sula wjieh you multiple list.
«~JTwenty~fodr hohr answering service. <     *t
—rTo charge to you if there is
, no 'sale; - _'   '\   ,*-   ,
. phohe-885-^161;;.   ,
~< Box1155, Secheit,"B\Cy* -
1   Box 369,-Gibsbns,-B.C7>
j' i "-      ' - %-•■ r\ ■ i. -_   2|8}rtfn
loW ih SelmSi Park. Serviced
with power, and water. Priced
at $2,fa0>Sch.  P.O. BOX 299/
Secheit or'„to vievy, contact L;
Nestman, SHmdpark.  9659-tfn
or six. H, White/ Madeira Crockers CookV ■ Book—Better
Park.. 883-2392, . ' 2401-22 ^ Homes ',6 ^Gardens .Casserole
l_i—:—' - - ■ Cq'oI; BooIc—OHJtdoor- Cook Book
--Chinese   Codking-^-Pies   and
CjiKes^-Favourite   ways , with
block, bros:
Phone  ,Mr.    Good    681-9700
collect or 736-5933
For fast service on all properties' and'businesses.   ,
we VrAde Homes
- .r ...     . 2242-tfn
15'  C'adilac "^aluminium boat,
35i.li.p. Evirirude,iwith trailer^ &,tarp: ,885-2007. ^  2359-tfn
TILLICUM BAY-2 fee^rm.    C?Si^L>Y e#^dj,f.9 ft
summer   cottage/  ott.wifer       ~" - —-       «•--
system, sheltered- moorage
close by.-^errns^on'$4t5fjtf;. -.
50'. Waterfront lot.'$7800."^ /
'„ iwiLSpij .CSEEW^cies,
creek, 2 bedrooms, basement.
A-oii, heat.. $16,900.-    >t "
SELMA JPAltkr.Large'-lot.
$2,800. Terms.      -
Roberts    creek:  ,iiz
acres'! 1 bedrbom house & cabr
in"with." a,shed for" your- horse.
Sunshine Coast , Highway.
$8,tJ'00.." '-*-*'  w . \.,' ll
outboard ^ cruiser.;. Fibre,-
g^assed; deck & hull with. 100
Merc. Trailer included. $3,200.
Ph. 886-9908.     . , '     2377-22
16'   CL^JKER   boat — wide
double-ender. Good condition, ,-with 'crankshaft   start
Briggs. $250. 886-7095.' 2380-21 (
WANTED — 14 to 16 ft. fibre-
glass  runabout. '35-65   h.p.
motor.. Full top- essential. - Ph.
886-7005.:; .      . . ,  , 2373r22
Madeira-Park   - • , , ,
«   "-     ., •- ^ DAVIS .BAY*/-New*,Unique
r,   l„   *■ * * ,     . . -i.« Commercial corner. approx design; ijSOO It-of iSMcipusf^liv.
Contact plant before picldhg.;   435   ft.'   on   blacktop   with &£% .gjjnj; rliiSg^Som;
Located!  at   Roberts - Creek,   YS^- & ,hvdro-   Terms   to dining:«om jaadrfeitclte^. gp£
§21,000. Vani pltunbjng. Split .level „wi&   3 CLINKER :boate/14'for sale.
LATE jhodel 40 h.p." Johnson
long shaft,'used"-about" 1 mb.
$425. Can be seen at Smitty's
Marina or phone' 886-7793.-
v   ' /   r : ' "  ' 2327-'22a
- - across street from store.
- Phorie" 886-2633"      '
■ -    ' ■    •'••'•      * 2051-tfn
Madeira Park
Salal Pickers Wanted
Huckleberry 37c hunch
plus 5c bonus
Salal '   *  "     40c bunch
plus 5c bonus
Contact Plant before picking.
Located 1st house north, Pender
Harbour HoteL
Buyers start with us- fror,<     parent .afcl   toSrge   lamdy
•   Vancouver        -      \ r<wm .over. Some finishing. WUl
fj, Vancouver , ^ ,|mffl|jg||e4 OT. wHi/ gaj^,
Mr. Good 681-9700 or 73615933    $27,500. .      .   - ,   , ;
Many other Sunshine Coast
-   properties
Phone 883-2265
HALL foi  rent, Wilson-CreeB
' "Community HalL Contact Mr.
Glen Phillips, 885-2183. 1095-tffl
3 LARGE ; roomed house,
newly decorated, Selma ^k.
Waterfront. Suit couple with
1 child. Will sign lease. Send
all particulars to Box 2437 c/o
Peninsula Times, Secheit, B.C.
NICE Bed-sitting room for
' rent. Access to kitchen, 886-
2001. 2421-23
TWO bedroom house wanted
in   Pender   Harbour   area.
Ph. 112-327-6466. 2409-21
TRAILER for sale. 10* x 55'.
3 bedroom. $5,5Q0. 886-7077.
available with power aaw
mifer for drilling boom fitlcta.
Phoned 685-M45 or write Box
02, Secheit, B.C. ZMlHttk
HOPKINS — Fully serviced
semi-waterfront! view lot
close to excellent beach, Ideal
permanent . homesite. Full
price $4,500, |
GRANTHAMS r- 5 year old
2 bedroom../.') bungalow /with
part basement on fenced
landscaped lot. Large living
room with picture windows
and brick fireplace. Bright
spacious kitchen. Matching
guest cottage and carport. Full '
price $16,500, Terms.
GIBSONS ~~ 4% acres "oh'
highway/, ctose to village. Ample water supply. Property,
Blopca gently from highway
with view over strait. Full
price $0,500.
10 year old 2 bedrooiri view
home clone to nil services.
Through hall. Living room 22*
x 12' 4 piece; Pembroke
plumbing. Auto-oil furnace.
Full price only $12,500. Terms.
Waterfront, Approx, 2 acres
with over 350 ft. shore lino
and a view that cannot bo
matched anywhere. Choice secluded building site framed
with colorful arbutua and
evergreens overlooking wide
aeascape with largo islands, A
nature lover's delight. Full
prlco $15,000. \
wnterfront, fully 'serviced!
lots n few rteps from irnf*
sandy beach and boat launching. Sheltered salmon fishing
waters. Priced at $2,750—
Mftckay) nt flOfi-9900, eves,
Gibsons Bufqiiitlam
 "•'■ ; :.'■ "'"'*M24^1'
ultimate. in. gracious livingl
Charming 5 rm, home. Situated on 93' W-F lot. Spacious
living room and dining room
are separated byr a ' see-
through fireplace, glass en-\
closed. Bright kitchen planned
for utmost conveniencevBase-
ment nicely finished- and
ground level entrance. Large
suhdeck with extension
around house for"ease in Awia-
dow care. Panoramic view.
Year round sheltered' moorage, float in. For Realistic
price and terms, call DON'
TAIT 883-2284.
EGMONT: Fisherman^s
paradise! Secluded acreage,
with*, unfinished home, 200'
shore!. Only $9500 on easy
ALSO: Delightful 3 room
cottage in attractive landscaped setting—glorious view.
Offered at $15,000. Fully furnished. To view, Call DON
TAIT 883-2284.
your own homesite on this
secluded 5 acres' with a
stream, close to transportation.
A steal at $4500. •
For the young family, here
is a chance of a lifetime to
own your own home. Com-.
fortable- older; 3':bdrint' home
on 2 acres. A-oii heat.,,Stnall
covered patio at rear, garage,,
few   fruit   trees.   Terms   on
$u,5oo. '-■    .- ,. .■,.„.;. ';..:.;.;
and beauty! Be sure to view
this charming 5 room cottage
situated on ft ac; 100' W-F.
Spacious living room features
hcatilator fireplace and WrW.
2 Bdrms., bath, all with.W-W.
Dining room has feature wall
With built-in cabinet, and
separated,' from kitchen area
by arborlte counter. Utility,
A-bil hdat. Priced below mor-
ket value nt $23,200.0P.
• GIBSONS: Charming ; 3
bdrm. home situated on one
„ acre. Close in. i Living, room
features hcatilator fircplaco
nnd W-W. , Attractive dutch
door to kitchen and mahogany
louvred folding doors leading
into hall. All electric httchen
has matching counter top
cooldng element, wall oven
and fridge. Bright utility.
Vanity bath with enclosed
tub. Lge. carport with storage
room. Attractive terms on
Unsurpassed view from thla
desirable 7 year old home. 8
lovely rooms on jnnln floor,
Beautifully finished roc, room
with entrance from carport.
Oil fired hot water heat makes
for economical heating. Spaci
for extra room in basement if
desired. Attractive terms on
Gibsons, B.C.
Phone 880-2000
THJ3CUM-BAY;,Close to
marina, 2 lots, ,$10*00 each.
entry-rlarge L. poom, twin kitchens & 2 fire, places. Dandy
family home. $28,oop..
" multiple ListinglSejvice ..
Jh^/Gregory ^885^9392
* Dph. Hodden' 685-9504
Phone 885-2013 ;
Secheit, B.C..
•;> "    243b-2U
'M* T' ■"     r""''»        i    i    i "I.—. ■■■■T%.,.y
Notary Public
t        • , Member ;
Vancouver Real Estate Board
, Multiple Listing-Service
PHONE 886-2248 -
Qlqse to Gibsons^ on Village
water,"a pleasant three^bed-
room home on. one acre level
land, suitable for, VLA; 3A
concrete jbasement with laundry tubs, house wired for
dryer; full price, $23,100 includes upright deep freeze.
Terms,   ,
Thirty-three acres, partly
cleared, with 2-b'edroom hse,:
Ocean view possible with
some' further clearing. Creek
and1 sprlrfg. Worth investigation as a development. Asking
-$^6;Q0O/t^rthsii;,'.'' )£-^;i,;:-',;
/ Tv)6. $§dro$mi ho)n^: '^^'Oib-.
c»hci^t^\h'9?em^,;^r^^Wr-, :
ing,J,rop»n'" ^v laie^hi1- :p*#-
ehtiy r'ep$&\m .3 MW, tyfiw
d<Jwn''on; ,|10,700;v:M|(S.;.;ii-: '■';; ■■;,
On view .lot, GihsonaviWe-
bedroom home with 12'A ,?c 17
ft. living room, htltr firieplaee,
hig,kitchen; syitQ iri P^m*iht
A-O heat: FulJ prlcci $2J,5()0.
. Ternis..: ;; ,; /.,,, [,+:,. A ,.',■■■ ',
Granthams, with the: country's finest views: 2 50 ft lots
with an excellent two-hedrm.
home: Full concrete basement
With 2 nicely finished rooms,
20 x 13 ft living room hoa
hr|ck fireplace^ good, modern
kitchen, vnnity bath, utility,
economical A-0 hot water
heating. Landscaped. Only
$3,000 down on $22,000—a real
In Gibsons — K three- bedroom homof with flowing rm.
Attic could be made into two
additional fbedVooms, Located
on (juiet street with a view.
Trees,, flowers & phrubs. Truly
fenced. Full price $U ,000,00.
^oom<)3 Points-Very largo
waterfront beach lot. Fully
modern two leyel homo, with
self contained imlte on lower
level. Electric heat^ hentalator
fircplattes. Two • ear garago,
Excellent view. An outstanding property. Full price
$36,000. Some terms.
Situated on tho lower
Roberta Creek rood, A fully
modern 3 bedroom homo. Cut
stone fireplace. Very large lot.
Landscaped in, front with two
gardens In rear. Excellent yr,
round water supply. Cor port.
Asking $16,000. Terms.
$55. each, as is. 885-9563)
" 2354-21
i"LAFF"   round   hottom.   Inboard   motor.    Toilet.    22'
long, can sleep 4. Price $950.
Ph. 883-2449.   • 2412-22
■!-■■  —■■«■■   »«l«l MWH ML......        ■   I I
2 CARVEL built .row boats.
10'   &   12',   good  condition!.
886-7256. < .        2411-23
21' FD3REGLASS bottom
boat. -Ford ' inboard, sink,
stove,,'bunks.- Enquire Chevron
Station,' Med'eira Park/ B*.C.J or
phone .255-7210.—•   -. -2426-23
ONE- year old, 15 "ft.. Farrell
runabout with 55 Evihrude. ,
Electric' hilge pump, docking
lights, $1,550. 15 ft. Lonest'ar,
55- H.'P." Chrysler, electric
start. , Try - $1,495. ■ Madeira
Marina " Ltd.,' Madeira Park,
B.C. Tel; 883-2266.   -  2423-21
198$' 'POJ^IAC ?arjLsienne
Custonii two door' hardtop.
Y."§ _aM0.-« -fadjo, bucket seats.
A-i 'condition. Low mileage.
Also ,neW Mobilaire ice cooler
for crimper or trailer. Ph. 885-
9345. ,        '     2310-tfn
■.«.■ ■■ ■'■■'■ —■■«■   i      i   !!■■■■ ■» ■!
FOR sate or trade for" lot of
same value. !67 Chev. pickup. 22,000 rriiles, custom ,cab,
heavy duty. Apply No. 2 Vic's
Motel. Davis Bay. ,     2370-22
jl      .   i.^ninn n.l ■■      i' '  J - ■       -
1961'   CADILAC   All   power,
• ( good' condition.   Apartment
104c Mdple Cres,-after 6 p.m.
"»««»»'r' B    f"
1963 POMTIAC Laurentian, 4
door, perfect endition, 883-
% VOLKSWAGENS for sale,
;S6;&,;l/59.r running; order,
reasonable;, Ph. 885-2086, •'■!;/,i
,,;•;.';;;■' \r,.:';,, ■■..;.;*;■•;;„■ ;2436r2ip-
X-»j^—r-■■■'■■■ p'*'»"■'''; ■'; '!■' r"»;' "'" <'i»^:;——l"f; ";■' ■-■^■"■_|'—'
;8;85r28J2:'..';',,,-''  ,885-9040
j fijee^erhioi-.-'ThQ Lovebug
100% Financing
TRAVEL       ! 7
fHITWII*—IIWt — nL ■"*P"«W ' «»>——MflMP—^ij
FOR all travel information and
.bookings, Maifgarct M^cKcn-
zlo (local rep),. jiaton'a Where
To Go Travel, B8U-29C0. Gibsons,
GIBSONS,  Jluildlng    (Supplies
Ltd.  880-2642,  Gibsons,  B.C.
Quality Ready-mixed concrete
Serving the area for go ycari
:■ eo-thi'
VALUABLE ' papers 'have>
".been "lost, byt an army pensioner. These rjapers are of no
usa to any other person < ahd
were removed,from an envelope addressed to me, 'later
found discarded near the Pen- -
der,Harbour'Chevron Station,
entrance Francis Peninsula
road. A rewkrd is offered for
their return,and they,may be
forwarded to > The Peninsula
Times'or phonte 883-2438. ^o
actio]* will be taken on" return
of the papers. 2415-21
 1 ,,  ,    , .
MAN'S pocket,watch, railroad
style, - vicinity Davis Bay
Rd: " ahd Community Hall.
Reward offered. Phone 885-'
2ll6.'   .     ^ > 2445-22
IF tlIt!'S  s.uits-~it's. Morgans-
885-9330, Secheit, B.C.
' ,   ,      , , 8893-tfn
BUY^ your , trash   incinerator
from "Secheit, Kinsmen   ~at
$3.50 each.- Phone.885-9542.
. v *_    * * x
1       '*  ""I™    ^ J H   ■!!■
BEST selection of-Books-on-tiie
, Sunshine Coast. The Pathless
Way-^Journey ' To Power-
Ghost Towns of B.Ci—The
Story of Medicine. Many hundreds of quality books to choose
from at-The Times Bookstore,
Secheit 885-9654. 2158-tfn
1,000 FOWL, 50c ;eaeh. Must
'be cleared before April 28th.
Ph. 885-2048.       ' ' *.   2319-26
ENGLISH saddle,.use only 6
times, A-l shape, complete.
Value $200, price $150, cash.
JPh., 886-2160.        *        2376-22
BARGAIN    —    Decco    lawn
mower. Can1 be seen at Nuts
& Bolts, Gibsons, B.C.   -
50'  x  8'   National., trailer, .in
top shape. $3,550. 883-2555.
, '   -   2369-22
MOTEL" cottage <to be moved
pff property.-Mission! Point
area. Peter Smith,- 885-9463.
A STEAL — hardly used tape
recorder,    auto   reverse,   3
motors,- 6   heads.. $785 . new,,
only $350. Ph. 886-2657.   ,
" 2414-21
OFFERS wanted for purchase >
and removal of solid 5 room
house with new 'automatic
Oil„Heatinff and heavy wiring
—Located at Irvine's Landing
—Ask for Mr. Douglas. L. E.
KYLE Real Estate, 922-1123.
BEIGE chesterfield, modern &
in excellent condition/i, $37.
Ph. 886-9544.^ - -     •    2428-21
SPORTSMAN canopies & car
toppers. Also cartop boats &
dingys. F.O.B.' factory prices.
Copping Motors Ltd., Secheit. Ph. 885-2812. 2429-tfn
MOVING, must sell furniture
only 18 months old. Frost
free refrigerator freezer $185,
Kenmore 24" range with
rotisserie $125, Hide-a-bed
$85, Bedroom suite $200. Plus
small household items. Phone,'
885-9485.:       '■■■• I'■..' -■"'•'   2440*21
Chicken-rrAdventures < in Food—,
Barbecue Cooking. M*my others
at The Times •', Bookstore,
Secheit., 88£9654.< y.,   2160-tfll
■ ■.■■—■■>■ i ii«*"iiipi .n.iwpiwpi.nitiwM
JUDY LaMARSH-Memoirs at
a,Bird W A Guilded Cage.
Now available; at The Times
Bookstore. ,885-9854, Secheit. -
• ■ " ,2157-tfn
_i—i ' v -* ,   ,'	
legal Notices.
Form No.* 18
(Section 82)
Form No. 18
, (Section 82)     ,
Notice' of Intention to,Apply
to Lease Land   /
In Land Recording District
of Vancouver and situate
Skookumthuck Narrows.
Take notice that A. P.,Uh-
rau.of Port Cbquitlam; occupation Bus - driver - intends tq
apply, for a. lease of the
following ■ described lands:—'
Commencing at .a post plants
ted 100' South EUast corner of
Lot  294;  Group  i,  mrtx
thence 300' North;.thence 100'
■ South East; thence 300' South,
-f; thence following shoreline
to point - oft commencement,
and/containing AA acres, more
or -less, for the purpose of
summer residence. -      ,
Abram Peter Unrau
Dated March 28j 1969.   -
,   2384-publ April 16, 23, 30;
May 7, 1969.
Notice of Intention to. Apply
. to Lease Land     ' "  '
In Land Recording; District
of Vancouver' and. 'situate \in
Garden Bay^ in the rProyince
of ^British Columbia. \. ■
■ Take notice-that'.John Daly,"
of Garden Bayi B.C., .occupation-- - fisherman;-- -intends—4o
apply for a'lease of the following described lands:—   ,
Commencing>t a post,plan«
ted5 at the S.W.'corner of Lot
One   (1),   District   Lot, Two   Notice of Intention to-Apply
Fprni No..l8-
• (Section ^2)-
Thousand/Two Hundred and
Twenty-six (2226); thence in a
southerly direction :approxi-
fnately 200- feet p the N.W.
corner of" water lot1 * 6063;
thence north-westerly following the boundary of the said
water lot 6063-'approximately
300 feet to a post planted at
the S.E. corner of Lot One (1),
District Lot Two Thousand,
Two Hundred and 'Twenty-six
(2226); thence" following the
shoreline" to. the, point of
commencement,, ahd containing %. of one acre, more or
less, for the purpose of mooring boats.- .
Dated March 35,* 1969.
2337-pub. April'2, 9", 16, 23.
to Lease Land
, In Land. Recording District
of Vancouver- ahd situate
Skookunichuck Narrows^ '
Take notice that W. Unrau
of North Surrey, occupation
Production Manager intends to
apply for a lease of the following described lands:—
Commencing at la post planted at South East' corner of
Lot 294 Group 1, N.W.D.
thence 300' North; thence 100'
South East; thence 300' South,
-f; thence following shoreline
to point vof, commencement,
and containing.3A acres, more
pr less, for the purpose of
Summer residence.
13   FT.   Thermo,  .craft   boat,
trailer,   28   outboard.   Also
1056   Volkswogenl   Ph., 880-
2474/':,; ,'.';, ' , ',;;',:. 2439-21
SADDLE horse for sale, Ph.
086-2289 after 6 p,m,
•',.'-' -'..--.-    '    ..',-;   ,': 2433-22
- "•  Form:NoM8
•y -'  (Se6tio^,82)
- LAND ACT '     !*
Notice of Intention to Apply
-   , _     to Lease Land
In Land Recording District
of Vancouver - and situate
on' the East' side of Sakinaw
Lake. ■   > '
.. Taike ootice < that Anmore
Homes Ltd. of 314-175 E.
Rroadway, occupation Land
Developers intends to apply
for a lease of the following
described lands:—*,
Commencing at a post planted on the , West side of
Secheit Highway, thence
North following sinuosities pf
road to a point due East of
S,E, corner of tot 4694; thence
West 80 chains to' N.E. corner
Lot 4095;'. thence South 40
chains to '6:feWrher of Lot
4695; thence "^est 25 chains;
In Land- Recording District
of Vancouver apd- situate
East of Sakinaw Lake.
Take notice -that Anmore
Homes Ltd. of 314*175 E.
Broadway, occupation Land
Developers intends to apply
for - a lease of ithe following
described lands:—
Commencing at a post plant-
ted on the West side of
Secheit Highway; thence
South following sinuosities of
Highway to North boundary
of Lot; 3976, Gp, 1, N,W-D-;
thence 28 chains, West more or
less   to N,W.  (ijbrper of Lot
thence South 00 chains njore    lsaa   lu  ^ „ # „.,,
or less; thence East to point of    3909. thenco North 20 phains
commendement; -and  contain-    to N.E corner of Lot, J025;
BABY crib. Antique singer
sewing machine. Cedar
splitting frows, Crab traps.
Stock of garden tools & fishing supplies. Ph. 886-9000,
ing 640 acres, more or less, for
the purpose of 1 Recreation and
Retirement Home Complex.
Dated April' 'fl/"'lD'O0;     V
Agent for Anmore Homes Ltd.
314r-176 E, Broadway,
Vancouver, B,C,
2391-pub. AprllJO, 23, 90,
May 7,1009
K. Cutler
Ron McSavancy
Ed Butler
Don Tait
v.<»^i,<r.,t^*»,tow*«^,*rY«^fr*^«"''J--^«"'A'i*'>*!"^"''"^V*^ wrv
E. McMynn
®q Wortman
Vine Prewer
38, Gibsons, B<C.
POODLES^      clipping     and
grooming,    yeara   of    ex-
perlcrii?e, Phon(J 880-2001.
,      ;      2420-tfn
GUINEA   pigs,    $2.05    each.
Baby hamsters. $1.49 each.
Young  adult  hamsters  $1.00,
Phono 885-0427. 2447-23
GOOD    homo    wanted    for
flpcyed    female    part    Elk
hound dog. Phone 885-2094 or
085-9304. 2448-21
jt. ummu»mmmnmmmmnmmimi^mm»mmmmv iuiw»Wiimp»^hp»"»
WANTKD~to' buy good  first
mortgage     or     ogreement.
863-2230. 2443-21
^■■* )'»"*w   ■■■■■n.i»..>^...ft  ,,.mi,, ,» ■j|iilwi>MP——f**«**">^
SMALL kerosene or propane
fridge wanted. Bos 07, Garden Bay, B.C. 2400-21
USED Speed Queen washer,
good shape $125,00. Used
tWo door refrigerator freezer,
top condition $193,00. Used
Easy wringer washer $39.00.
Used chesterfield $39.00, 24"
Westinghouse elec. range
$39.05, 40" Thor double oven
elec. range $125,00. Used TW,
$49.95. Porker's , Hardware
Ltd.; Secheit, Ph. 005-2171.
,,, ';-;-/ ,;     .'..:2438-21
1    Clanvas—Boat Hardware
Comprcised air service for
fildruliveira »ir tanks,
Skindlvbri availahlo for
salvago work.
Phone 088-9303, Gibsons, B.C.
Glbsona. Phone 686-2919
Harta Mountain Baby Budgies
$3.95 each, Rare colors.
3.and 4 year old Fruit Trees,
Bedding    Planfci,    Fertilizers,
Gladioli and Dahlia Bulb*.
(Coma to us with your .
Garden Problems)
 "   '      2416-tfn
1  ■ftfmmHgtm_^_
Form No. 10
(Section 82)
Notice of Intention to Apply
to Lease Land
In 'Land Recording District
of Vancouver, B.C, and situate
in Porpolsq Bay, Secheit Inlet,
B.C. Off lot 1 which Is between DL 4687 'nndVPIf 1857.
Tako notice that John S.
Kennedy of Vancouver, B.C.,
occupation engineer, Intends
to apply for 0 lease of the following described .landa;—
Commencing nt n post
planted at hlghwater mark 33
feet east of 8.W. corner of Lot
1 of DL 1557, thenco West 650
feet; thenco North BOO feet;
, thenco East 950 feet to H.W.
Mark; thence returning along
said high water mark in a
generally S.W. direction to
the point «t commencement,
and containing approximately
9 acres, more or 'less, for' the
Surpose of construction of a
arge loading facflfty. ; •  '   "
Dated-27 March, $109.''
" - "2352*piih"AprH"0,''36';. JB^ftr
thenco West and' North 110
chains more pr less to If.E.
corner of Lot 4336; . thenco
North 30, chains more or less;
thenco East to point of commencement, nnd containing
040 acres, more or less, for the
purpose of Recreation and
Retirement Home Complex.
Date# April 0, 19(}9t        ,
Frederick;■$. Cuhpihghah>
Agent for Anmore Homes Ltd,
314-175 E. Broadway,
• >- • -■"■■•'■"•.■• s--'-Vnmx»uYeri','|j.Cf-
2390-pub. AprU i9, fa'* 30,
May 7, I860
-   William Unrau       [,.3
Dated March 28; 1969.                  M
2383-pub. April, 16, 23, 30,        \,
.May 7,1969          ^
/                                l
Form No. 18
(Section 82)
Notice of Intention to Apply
. to Lease Land
1 ,
IA ,/«*'   "t t  n|,t* # **n
' ^)i»l)i^^*«f^-^^'^*«ffl*fl'^-«*-*«.'H
Form No. 18
(Section 82)
Notice of Intention to Apply
to Lease Land
In Land Recording District
of Vancouver, B.C, and situate
North Lake, B.C,
Tako notice that Onion M.
Polricr of Haney, B.C., occupation cook, intends, to apply
for a lease of the following
described lands;—
- - fSmnmcming ■- at - a post - -
planted 400' N.E. from tho
N.E. corner of lot C of lot
6904, thenco 100' N.E.; thence
300' SB.; thence 100' S.W.;
thence 300" W. and containing
% acres, more or less, for the
purpose of summer cottnf©
■ O. M. Polricr
Dated April 11,'1069.
2427-pub. April 23, 30, Jltny
-"» - - "--7;-M,-JWW--
•    t„Jp»     n    *,»!*     Am    *     ■*■*    "V*    *HP.«*w.*u,iMi*»,     »^« ��i����*-M.J^ji;">w.1^��'*i>-��p^i  'V&^wO u-->6  |V    *.      '      -  J." T JT   '  mill i iii i  MMal��H*M*nttri��toi^*4MWlaMMftoftlt  LEGALS (C0BtjiiHerf)J ,;,;-     ,LE^U (^|^ejd) " V LEGALS (Coritirtuea) ".   LEGALS (Continued)  �����P���im���w ��� piiiu^i m�� w ���wi.w..��.>i��*w    *i   .   ��� ��������� ��� -*      p-n .���>���<��� in   ������������! ������' ���^���iwL^l.r.,,,.!,.. ^���M%'��1 .*....mi ��w , i       - wl�����wi*i    <"' *������ ��"j  ���' '' W*w�� "���' ' '   p-      ��� ������<*������* ���   '       -'-    '      ���   "'. ���'"���'  ifsfwivinitaus**.  '>_>,  -   Form No. 18       ,��.   .  ��� , (Section 82) ti  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  In t Land Recording District  ^Forn>:fe,:tr^ 0 '  (SfeUon aaj-v     '  LANPkq^/^>,  Notice of Intention: to-���-Apply  to ��ea$4lLa)$V7,   ���  In Land R;^cordipg\ District  Form No, 18  (,     ^      (Section 82)  ���LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  ;     to Lease Land  . In Land Recording District  of    Vancouver    and    situate  of Vancouver, B.C, and situate   of   Vancouver,^ ahd ^ituate  .Secheit Inlet..  TtT���...M.    tnl,A     T> n ��Mn!��lfir   r.#   Canmt ^XnA     i  '    ; .    ,.  North Lake, B.C  ��, Take notice that Donald  Walter Mueller of Coquitlam,  occupation salesman, intends  to apply for a lease of the following described lands:���  ' Commencing ,  at    a��� post  planted   300   ft   North  East  vicinity of SecYettfeye.^ <Take nbtice that Tuwanek  Take notice&iBicHato B. Development Ltd., of Van-  Lucas of 288Q'''Marine/. Drive, couver, B.C., occupation Land  West Vahcauver;,B'lc;^occu- ,Developers .intends to apply  pation salesmafe- intends' to, tor a-^ease fof'the following  apply for a^i^sep^'the^ol- describe^ lands:���  lowing descnbed^lahds;^ , ., . commencing '. at a ,post  >��.-*��.,. c.��.j....,    '-Q-st'. planted-''at southeast corner of  FoAm NO, 18  (Se&tion 82)  '    LANL> ACT , '  Notice of Intension to Apply  to Lease \Land/     " ,  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver a&d situate  Secheit Inlet, "'\    ,  Take notice that \Jv $��e  Allan and Norman A.* Pater-  son of Vancouver, B.C^ occupation ,Land ' Deveiopers  intends to apply for a lea"^e of  the . following described  lands:��� ,   -  \   *  Commencing    at    a    post  piaiueu    ow    ii.    xnu^wi   .cast ���   .   CpmmenQm0'^l1'at .4">'a. '-f"^"!   ��+     ,��(��  *u��u���X '..Jn t'onni. ~~....��.w~���ei      ~-      -      *���--���*,  fro'mtheNorth'East.cornerof   planted    ap^okrhateir /U00 ���%*<^t^fSjS wh    planted   Soi^th  5aSL J��?o?  , ^ .,��,,  '..,_. Jrt������. x, _.      .����    ,.ji n j. J,r^i'iL'J..-M,-_,.1-, ��s_��4.    thence; east -800 > thence'Soutn   t��t   mrk tv,innQ wnrfi, 75s M1:  .feet East froU:.th'e^orth;East - S,c^f J '800'' ??��5f' .so"th-    D.L. 7255 thence North 72fc2?';  .  ^yi^../ ri��w.,   iA'i_^_ ��� 1200*: '<fchefiee west .-100'  inter-    it., r��������i ' 6oka>   +��   Co^oU-*  lot "C"- of'lott8964 thence 100  ft. iNorth; thenqe 300 ft East;-,  thence ,100; ft; South; thence  300- ft.\West,\ and containing  %- acres, .more or-less, for the  purpose of summer cabin. -  , D.W. Mueller.'  ',   1128 Spruce Ave.,  Coquitlam, B.C.  Dated April 13, 1969:    ,  ���2432-pub. April 23, 20, May  ,     . .    '    1, 14, 1969  comer, of iM 4601; ,-4H6nee ' 1200'; ��� thence-west--100' inter  100 feet EalS^hehce-300" feet, ^tinS", J^kson ..Bros   ^ Rd.  South;, thehcekdq/feet? West;"  then��J,5?t to southeast W  > * aha   m>* * i fV* ,    . * ^ .-*   ���*��� *  thence 300 feet"|l0rthrandLc6n  taining ' threer'quarteK - acres,  more,or less.'-tor the'purpose  of *a summer cresidence,  Richard" B. Lucas  Dated April'43rtl969.,  2422-pub.-;Agril"'23^Q:' May  :        >?'.*: , -7M4.'.1969  ner of D.L., 3259, and contaim-  ihg'22 acres,.more or less, for  the,purpose "Of Land subdivision. , �����  " Tuwanek Development" Ltd.  -per: N. A. Paterson  Dated March 24th, > 1969.  2418-pub'. April 23, 30, May  = /    ';   -   7. i4  thence East '2250'   to Secheit  -Inlet; thence South East 1000'  Paralleling      Secheit      Inlet  Selection  Jmporting,- - direct from; Hollah'd; - S,e-   dverdeve&t,' wHose, -.family, > have been  flie Penlnsufa fifties Page A-3  ' Wednesday, April 23, 1969  tulip oah'produce as many,as 2,000 seeds  but the Usual average is 809-900. There  is always an, element of surprise, seeds  from, one tulip produced what appeared  to 'be all red tulips but closer examination  revealed each one to be a little different.  One particularly lovely tulip which  his father hybridized is "Oriental Splendour" and one bulb,alone was sold to a  nursery for-$5,000.     r"'  Mr. Overdeve'st travels throughout  Canada, United' States and Europe and 50  million bulbs are exported each year. The  Pacific Northwest is particularly suitable  for Dutch bulbs as the climates are similar  and the traveller so enjoyed his stay here  that he wished all his customers"were located in this part -of British Columbia.  Wine and Cheese patty  Satutdayl Madeira Park  PLANS have been'finalized for the Pender  ^Harbor Hospital Auxiliary's Wine and  Cheese, Party to be held next Saturday;  April' 26 from 8 <p.mT. toll p.m. in the  Community Hall, .Madeira-Park.  Wine, crackers and a variety of cold  \  �����>- ���,,  Road; thence West 1625'/and    chelt Garden Shop-owner, 'Mr:, Dave   -in,, the". ���bUlb .farmirig"^ business .-feihce    meats as well as coffee will be served at  containing 32 acres, more or  less, for the purpose of Land  Subdivision.  N. A. Paterson  Dated March 24th, 1969.  2417-pub. April 23, 30, May  ' 7,, 14.  D��>i'g. has - just - finished. - selecting 100  species o�� bulbs from' Mr'.,vAdrian  World tiavelled\*\ ���> \  ia78  LewisSwanson  ngiican  cuicoux&r  SquaringlyYours   by Maurice Hemstreet  !Nl^REST|NG^visitorido���S.eeheC,'laj5t  ,we.ek was Mr. Adrian- Ovefdeyest from  arrive this fall. - .i-\  (          -,    ,      ^ c "Mjrl Overdeye'st'^'-JEatheT' specializes in  -   HI! square dancers, iust,anote to let you    Wassenaar, 'just- north.,of-A>nste?dam;iri hybridizing  and: his; son; , while' leafing  know-that we motored to the Hop-    ���a^��hAfa��^Qverd��^b^ been through,the" catalogue,'told the' fascinating  *���..      kins. Hall  Anglican< Church^- Vancou-    nSJ^y weds will reside, at 2647, Manitoba    Harry     Robertson  ie" scene of sa pretty-Spring-   St��* ^Vanc<|dver; "B.C.'   ������"" '.    Squarenaders wind up  a "Night In. Italy." Specialfeature will be  the ,"St. 'Mary's Wishing Well"���toss a sil-'  Ver coin into the well and make a wish  which may win a prize- Merchants-of both  Secheit and Pender Harbor have been  very generous and- donated a variety of  prizes.  Hospital Auxiliary members are busy-  selling tickets at $2.00 per person and  tickets- will also be available at' the- door;"  no persons under 21 years of age admitted'.  ��� -This new ahd different - entertainment  feature should. prove .to: be a delightful  evening.. ,,���'���,  ST.- PAUL'S  ver was the  wedding    Saturday-' April" ~12th    when  Diane GaiL Swanson -became the bride- of  square  4#  Out'ofctowh guests included-Mr. and  season till next September. ;   - "  ���    ,    ���,      ,   ���  T     -���,,_���,_,. MrsV-'-Toby^Millage,  Nanaimb-' Mr.  ahd \   Tom and Gladys Parish picked usiup  Darryl Theodore Lewis..The double.rmg. jy^ A> .'5wanS6n;  Mrs. E/ Spanks' and ^j away we went. You know? travelling  ceremony took place at three o clock m jj^gg, Mr:,and MrS; v. Spanks and.fam- with   others  is  only  part -of   the  true  the, afternoon with Rev.< Ellis officiating.' iiy^jMr., att(a Mrs. Shepherd-and family;- friendship  that   one   attains   from  this  The.bride is the'younges.t daughter'of Mrs./and-Mrs.  Reg Cawlard;  Mr.  and wonderful world of square dancing /and  Mrrand: Mrs. Harold Swanson-of Secheit Mjg^Halladay and family, all ���from.Sur- if you are thinking of joining a -group,  and. the 'groom -is-, the -son "of .Mrs. Jo/ rej��_M^arjlyn "Swanson   and   Otto (Olt- now is the time to Phone 885-9941 and  SouthwicR of "Vancouver,'B.C. mannsi "f rpm Peachlahd."' ikr. and "Mrs; L,' leave   your 'name,   address   and   phone  Given in marriage by- her ^father, the ^anson'&id'family; Mts. G. J?otts;.Mrs. number. It is also possible to, teach the  bride wore a simple gown of white satin- SV Montgomery;. Mr., and 'Mrs. T-Parrsh;. fundamentals of square dancing to those  brocade;   slightly ' A-line" with - 'empire Mri^nd Mrs. H., Stockwell;.Mr. and. Mis. who wish to learn with just three of fpur  waistline,arid long sleeves. .Her"bouffant ���* '**--*-*-" -�� *  H..t.u n..-...,^ i         . , A  m.��� ;��,  r  generations  JU.  . Secheit now; has''a 'direct''link; with - family./ .'���;> :.'..;;.'���/_  Hollandr^or- new- owner- pf-;"the.;*Sechelt ../He .to;ld 'hoW ��'polHnati<Sp'-takes ^place  Garden Shop, Mr. Dave Doig has 'ofderedr when the flojger,peaches.-A. certain stage  one hundred species "of bulbs which "will    and is always done" at high noon.'-One  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  MERMAID & TRAIL, SECHELT, B.C.  Sunday- School ���10:00 a.m.  . -, . Church Service-��� 11:15 a'.m.  >     .  MR; ROY ADAMS, PASTOR  PHONE 8B5-9665  Ail Welcome .  W.C-R'ankin. all -from SJechelt Peninsula.  veil was heHd"by a'flowered'headpiece  and she. carried, a .bauqufet\of White Gardenias and. Stephapotis.  Matron, of Honour t was Mrs, .Val Mil-  lage, sister of ,the bride, "gowned in  turquoise blue gown of' Peau/de Elegance  designed "to' match that of' the ' bride.  She carried a bouquet of yellow tulips.  Best man -was Mr, Ron -Potdter.  Reception .was held. at''H.M.G.S. Discovery, Stanley >-Park . where [Mr.v Alf  Shepherd proposed the toast to the bride.  Spring colours of yellow and mauve formed the decorative .theme 'arid the. bride's  table waS gay''with' daffodils. The ornament on the wedding cake'was the s.arne  one used by the bride's 'parents on their  wedding day. -  -V,."^'   *' ���  Servers were two WRENS,,from the  base and Marilyn Swanson arid Susan  Bruger, sisters of the bride and groom,  passed around the wedding cake.  For her daughter's wedding, Mrs.  Swanson chose a wool turquoise blue suit  with rose accessories and deep pink carnation corsage, '  The bride's bouquet was caught by  her sister Marilyn' and the garter was  caught by Otto Oltmanns.  For the wedding journey to' Manning  Park, the bride wpre a pale blue and  green wool-suit and brown ^accessories.  Her';-;,cors>ge---';twas:V,a',;i'grwn;.V'o'rchid.' The  i  ANGLICM CMJRCH  SAINT, rJILPA^Sr-SECHELT  8:00 a.rn.lEvery^5tmday  9:30 a.m. Church School  11:00 a.m. 2rid[, 4th, 51b Sundays  ' 7:30 p.rn. 1st Ond 3ratSundays "  Services held regularly In i    \  GARDEN BAY,; REDROOFFS and EGMONT  For Information phone 885-9793  Every.YVed. 10 am H; Communion St (-lllda's  .* "*   v>*  \  -   -J,  'A  '    ���*'  .                    I                   ���   .  r  *.?���*'�����- ft        1  .-it*   'if    f*  ��� ;. ��� ' \  1    fiQTyt*  .. ^  *   4*-,^*.^.'t  i  ��� *   , ,*(',,  * i     i  "   r *  <  i  '   .    . .��� ���"  <"������ rY>       '  ��    %  <      ���.���*'��,  ���:<*   J  1  '    .   *.  -���"j.-  ���  ����  ���*        i  m  *     . r-'v  i  4-    ���  >���  *  ,"    >  / '."  A              ���     *��  '\      /'   �����   -���  T  -  .-      '      .  *.  *    '       ��  get togethers in ^our basement. There is  nov��\ a new method of teaching that  makes it fun for everyone right from-the  beginning, so! 1 am here.  At coffee time when dancers stop, to  energise their forms or bodies, whichever the case may be, then the talk ranges from "long time no see" to "guess  who got married last week". Someone  wanted to know why I was limping;so I  tried to tell them the truth, that I had, a  little gravitational problem, last Friday.  Then they wanted'to know what that  was, so I had to tell them -in plain engr  lish/that I tripped .and fell.JElat.on my-rrrr  .vwhere'I was limping,     -, ,     '-y/\'t  ��� Anyway,, we had a terrific evening'of  square dancing and I take it upon1 myself, from all of the square dancers'who  participated in the' past season, to thank  caller; H^rry-Robertson for his "faithful  presence on stage and to his wife Deanna  for getting him to the dance on time. -  The last square dance to-be held for  the Pender Harbour Jr. Squares will be  at the, Legion Hall, Madeira Park Sat.  May 3rd. at 8:00 p.m.. Although this is a  junior club, caller, Bob Crichton, would  just like to have all interested square  dancers there to help finish, off their  square dance season; I, tbinkl will' go,  how about, you? and how about travelling in a group from tho Gibsons end  right thru just ito make the evening more  pleasant.1 Keep that date in mind, jvlay  3rd, Madeira Park, Legion Hall, see ywl  John. Hind-Smith. -  REFRIGERATION  PORT MELLON  TO PENDER HARBOUR  Phone 886-2231  from-9 o.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Res. 886-9949- -  Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Theodore Lewis  ��'���'��� photo by Meyers Studio; Vancouver  ....���._ ' ������ i .'������'/''-!-. ��� "'- ��� t'^__i^  , "Cruising the U.S.A.," an SS^page g^iide  to eruiaihg waiter in North America "xa  available free of charge from, the Public  Relations Department, Klckhaefor Mercury, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 54935, ���"  .t/'s.'  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Church Servico 11:15 o.m.  Evening Servico 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. 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ALS0ARD,'P��6/wAer   ���  - ms  WHAT has been referred to in the past   to locate better- scenery and as so many  as a mud-flat shows" every promise   of our visitors appear lto enjoy fishing,  of materializing into what those witH  vision long ago" predicted as a tremendous tourist attraction of great potential.  .It took;a local man to reveal the  wealth of, silver sand beneath the mud  and there was a time justfour years ago  when he offered to dredge a-large quantity'free of charge juid deposit it along  the foreshore of a three and three quarter acre block at'this end of the Bay  should village council chose to purchase  it for a waterfront park and recreation  site. At-that time the property did belong to Secheit Lands and naturally was  hot cheap. However, that price today and  with* the "addition of an excellent silver  sand >aterfrontage would be quite  reasonable. -  . > Such unfortunately was not to be for  there were those on council, and a few  others hi the community, who saw fit to  reject: the proposal. The property was  therefore subdivided and sold as lots.  Village access to the Bay is now ,a total  of 130 feet, an additional 120 has been  discovered and is presently sought for  the village by Alderman Norm Watson  then we have a threefold year round attraction.  Unfortunately, in Secheit, we do not  even have boat rentals and accommodation is presently limited to one good  motel within the village. The visitor who  comes, to stay for a period of time, generally, if here for fishing, will chose" to  seek accommodation in close proximity  of boat rentals and marinas. He certainly  will not stay in Secheit and travel ten or  more miles to rent a boat or anchor his  own vessel if accommodation is available  close at hand. - ,  This then points to the potential of  Porpoise Bay. It has so many qualities to  command it and, we have no doubt, time  will establish the fact we have a virtual  gold-mine in our midst.. Certainly very  many tourist meccas have considerably  less to offer from a natural resource  standpoint. It requires only the vision  and financial resources of progressive individuals to establish a fabulous resort  centre equal to any, anywhere in the  world.  While it has proved obvious in the  Maltreatment-of children ever increasing''problem.  who in a short time bas made great past that many local residents fail to ap-  strides in an- attempt to utilize to best predate the potential of the "mud flat"  advantage the little we have left. it is significant to reflect on the fact that   ja*   Ipa^f - flflffi   3   TTlflTltli  THE ALERT driver- pays special attention  to his itires before he sets out and while  he's on the road.  . The Canada Safety Council's Car Cheek  campaign ties in tire maintenance with  the symptoms of tire trouble the driver  should be able to spot when he's behind  Check tires for trouble Happenings Around Elphie  Providing we have something to offer, the     provincial     government     spent  tourism is an extremely desirable indus- $100,000 on a future parksite on the east  try, it; is an industry which in most areas side of the bay just two years ago. Other  is strictly seasonal/and even where it acreages are not only becoming increas-  spans no more than^a three month-period, ingly hard to find but expensive, and  does prove lucrative. within a few years, there is little doubt,  Here on the Sunshine Coast a unique will be at a premium. When that time      situation exists in that we could quite arrives the taxpayer will have good cause   the wheeL  easily establish'a year round tourist po- to thank people such as Alderman Norm  tential. We have a climate second to none Watson for having sufficient intelligence  and this is number one requisite. One to make good and sure some public ac-  would have to traverse many continents ces has been retained.  ^   @   0  FRESHLY elated with the successful  play for long sought power, the new  leader of the New Democratic Party .in  barrel and there is always a certain  amount of scandal somewhere along the  line. What has to be considered is which  -     j          ���   ��� ,  uivb"1    ncoi    wuiu   aigjjcu.   wvj.jj.-uut  British Columbia, Tom Berger, quickly   party does the most for the people as a   shock absorbers. An in-car symptom that  bared forth his soul and made clear his  leftist aspirations. Take over B.C. Telephone, put large companies out of business if they fail to toe the line, regardless of the fact ^ many of his followers  would, lose their jobs in the process.  Higher industrial taxations, also a threat  to employment but undoubtedly all very  desirable from an idealistic point of view.  Such is Mr. Berger's idea of a socialistic Shangri-la, the philosophy all  reads like a fairy tale providing one is  content to let fantasy erase all semblence  of reality, but we-have only to consider  the rise and fall of countries such as  whole in the process.  That staid old British House of Commons has not been without its scandals,  the Federal Government in Ottawa is  not exempt, most European Governments have had their moments of tempestuous intrigue and at the moment a  storm rages in France, To discredit a  progressive government because of the  questionable activities of an occasional  malcontent is quite ludicrous. This is  precisely what is happening in Victoria.  On the whole we have a vital, progressive and forceful party one which on the  whole, has accomplished more for the  \  THE first week back at Elphie after the  Easter Holidays was a pretty busy  one. Wednesday just before lunch about  60 students from McPherson Park Junior  Secondary arrived. During the lunch  hour our senior boys challenged their  basketball team in a hard fought battle.  Up until the fourth quarter it was a  pretty even match, but in the fourth  quarter our hoys seemed to be all over the  floor and came out victorious, 46-20. Top  scorers for our team were Ken Bland  with 14 points, and Al .Gould and Len  Martin with 10 points each.  At 2:30 p.m, the students of our school  gathered in the "gym for a band concert.  Our own band leader, Mr. Postelwaite  is from McPherson Park. Their band put  on an enjoyable concert, some of the better parts being songs from this year's  your-tires are defective or wheel balance - Academy Award winning picture "Oli-  .�� i    *._ ver���; ^ medtey*of Henry Mancini songs  ���Proper inflation is the most important  tire check and air pressure should be inspected at least once a month. Symptoms  of improper inflation are tire squeals on  turns or poor readability when constant  steering is needed to keep the car on the  road. \  The itires should also be inspected for  wear, cracks and alignment. Signs of uneven wear can be evidence of other vehicle defects.  Irregular wear could signal worn-out  is off is car vibration.  Tire checks and mechanical inspections  are inter-related parts of the Spring Car  Check campaign which promotes trouble-  free cars in <the interest of safer driving  all year round.  Great Britain to appreciate the cold hard   province than any other government be-*  facts" of practiced socialism. Apathy,  soaring cost of living, excessive taxation,  increased industrial dissention, exodus of  brain power, jobs for the boys who voted  right, nationalization of large industries  and subsequent loss of profit; all side effects of the demoralizing! shackles of  socialism. Employees of these state owned companies became in effect, civil servants, they still had overseers but were  all chums together(and whether they  .worked or not the government paid so  why worry?  fore. It would be futile and indeed  catastrophic to dismount a winning horse,  particularly when the propensities of the  contender leave' so much to be desired.  Change is no bad thing, when indications are that it is for the best, when  that change offers ah unknown but radical quantity, then the general public has  good reason to run shy and we have little  doubt that in the next election a very  real and well justified fear will result in  rejection of socialist government. ���  TENDERS  Four tenders for Sunshine Coast Regional District garbage disposal were  opened at a special meeting of the Regional Board on Friday. Tenders were:  Sunshine Coast Disposal Service $19,200;  Gaines Construction Ltd. $21,840; S. F.  Waters $30,212; E. N. Benner $42,000.  Two lowest itenders' have been referred  to the Committee fpr consideration. Garbage disposal area covers Wood Bay to  Lahgdale,  March is the month which all those  first payments don't begin until.  and a few selections of Dixieland music.  Most .of ithe students really enjoyed the  band's performance.  Later , in. the evening McPherson  Park!s band got together with Elphin-  stone's band ,for a public concert. There  was a good turnout and both bands did a  fine job. Congratulations to both.  The   students   from   South   Burnaby  were  billetted  with   students  from   our  .school   and on Thursday  morning  they  left, headed for Powell River and then  on to Courtenay.  Then on Thursday at 11 o'clock speakers from Vancouver and different industries on the Peninsula arrived to give  our grade 10, 11 and 12 students talks on  the working force. Each student could  attend 3 sessions of his of her choice. A  few of the industries represented were  Canada Manpower, B.C. Telephone, IBM,  Amalgamated,  Constructipn,   St.   Mary's  Unemployment InWance  Any Questions please?  ���by Marilyn Hopkins  Hospital, CBC, Forestry, Civjl Service,  Art School,' Vocational School, BCIT,  Capilano College, and many more. On the  whole, the speakers were very interesting and informative.   \  Sechell's annual event  reaches 21st birthday  ONE OF the most popular events in the  area, the Secheit May Day celebration!,  promises to be the best and most successful event to date, for this year is <the 21st  anniversary of the celebration.  With financial backing of village council, the Sunshine Coast Lions Club is again  accepting responsibility for the project  Past President of the club, Terry Rodway  has agreed to chair the May Day committee and Mrs. Jack Redman has again  agreed to take charge of the May Queen  ceremony and entertainment. A panada  marshal has yet to be announced.  In order that this event comes Up to  expectations, it is requested that a larger  than ever turn out of floats take part,  During recent years float entries have  shown an increase ai>d it is hoped ah all  out effort will be made this year in light  of the "coming of age" of May Day in  Secheit,  Extra assistance has already been  promised by a group from B.C, Hydro  who have volunteered to erect the platform. Lissiland Florists have again promised to donate flowers and decorating of  ithe stage will be undertaken by Rebelcah  Lodge.  ' Mayor Bill Swain will be away during  May but Aldcrmani Morgan Thompson, as  acting Mayor will take 'his usual place  during the proceedings.  Banquet for tho May Queep will bo  ���held at the peninsula Drive-iri Dining  Room., The May Queen's Ball for the  younger people is still in the planning  stage-but it is expected to be held in the  Secheit Legion Hall. ,'  Pag�� &4   ,       The Peninsula Times  , Wednesday, April 23, 1969  Citizens'homes named  Greene Court' by vote  WHEN THE Board of Directors' of the  Sunshine Coast Senior Citizens' Housing Society met on April 15, one of the  items on ithe agenda was to decide on a  name for ithe senior citizens' homes in  Secheit. It is an interesting fact that of  the 53 wanies submitted, 28 contained  "Green" or "Greene." While Canon Alan,  Greene himself was not in favor of such  a name, it was felt to be the wish of ithe  people" of the Sunshine Coast that his name  should be perpetuated in recognition ^ of  the part he had played in getting the  homes established. Following a ballot,  the name decided on was Greene Court.  The Directors thank all who submitted  suggestions and expressed so much interest and goodwill. Suggestions even came  from people in Vancouver. Mrs. Gladys  E. Kean, for instance, who had lived for  many years in Secheit, submitted several  suggestions and wished the old folks who  live in the homes many years of peace  and happiness. Mrs. B. Angenman,' who  lived in Dr. White's cottage at Roberts  Creek as long ago as 1930, telephoned her  suggestions from the Kiwanis homes in  West Vancouver where she now lives.  The landscaping of Greene Court is  now completed and the lawn seeded. The  road has been graded by courtesy of Jackson Brothers Logging. The tenants have  been busy gardening and .the fronts of the  cottages are gay with spring flowers. The  installation .of, a.checkerboard and picnic  site on the property, which is a project of  the Sunshine Coost Lions Club, will undoubtedly make Greene Court a centre of  activity during ithe summer months.  There are still some memberships outstanding. K Please support this good work  by sending in your $1 for renewal to Mrs.  M. Tinkley, R.R. 1, Halfmoon Bay, First  year membership is $2.  Twe keys hang in an undertaker's office���one for the organ in the chapel; the  other for one of the cars in the garage.  Two small signs above the keys read  '<Hymn" and "Hearse."  when the wind  gives out...  WCHTWN  .,1111111111111...  Stow It Anywhere!  The 4 hp YachtwJn is the high  thrust version of the woodless  Lightwin 4. It's designed for  sailors and fishermen who  don't plan on tangling with  weeds���who want maximum  thrust from a small outboard.  Can bo fitted with top*  mounted controls and 6" of  15* shaft extensions.  ,There is little doubt election of  Fletcher's Philosophy  Berger as leader has proved a tremen-    :���  ~, r   "L  doiis advantage to the Sccial Credit gov  eminent. Faced with the normal public  ��� desire for change, over a period of time,  there was a slight possibility another party might topple the Socrcds. This is now  extremely doubtful for while opponents  like to accuse the present premier of  being a dictator, with a socialist government ; under the control of Berger,  Premier W. A. C. Bcnnct would appear  a babe in arms.  Likelihood of the Liberals obtaining  a majority vote is slight. Elections with  a genuine aprbach to seeking power have Certain scientists state that a man can expect  to be planned and worked at well in ad- To double hi* normal ilfo'n span  vnncc, not weeks or months but considerably longer! It requires sincere candidates in the field who, over a period  of time, arc capable of winning the  respect of the electorate. In this area  the boat has long since passed by.  Which leaves us with one choice and  ���from what has been accomplished by  the present government, despite its failings in some areas, it is by no means a   n"1 h'�� those precious minutes we fritter away,  teul choice. Whichever of the moderate   Wo cmlil tm tm Profit l��<ucad.  governments happen tc? be in control,  there is always the bad apple in tho  ���Harry W. Fletcher  INCENTIVE '  How often I've heard some young person  complain  ''    '     ���  There aren't'onoiigh hours in the day  To reach thoso objectives they hope to attain  And not interfere with their p(ay.  But tho weeks nnd tho months and the years  slither by,  And scarcely accomplish a thing,  While yesterday's dream they discard, with an  eye' '  "'   - '  On something tomorrow may bring.  With health and the function to Mill walk erect  And do all tho things that We plan.  But I entertain doubts, that it's time that wo  need  So much as the will lo begin;  For it isn't the drive and it Isn't tho ��pccd  Thai gives the Incentive to win.  And it isn't (lie year or the month or the day,  Nor all of the time up ahead,  The Peninsula,5^^'  Published Wednesdays at Scchclt  on n.C'd Sunshine Coast    by ,. .,���...........  Jicchcjt pcrtin��tda Times Ltd,  Pox .110-Secheit, B.C.  Douglax C, Wheeler, liitltor  S. O, Alsgard, Publisher  Subscription Rates: (in advance)  1 Year, $5 - 2 Years, $9 - 3 Years, $13  UA and Foreign, $5.50  Serving the area from fort Melton to Kgmont  ; (Itowp fiountl to Jervli inlet)  w ������>M,i.����.��itin)it ��i,iH��%<i��i>.^l^iiW,.;.^,t,�� ���.��, ��.i...i.��u,.iiJj,.��  And die older we grow the more surely wo  know  Thai (imc asks no questions, hut Mow?  So forget about yesterday���get up and go���  For time isn't futuro~ii'�� NOWI  ��*������W'��M��i��m��m,mnii.ii��in��i��iiin,��i,,WM  , Q. A "farm laborer I employed on my  farm told. me he was not liable for Unemployment Insurance contributions. 1  believed him and now after he loft me at  .the end of,the harvest, I have been told  he was liable and that I must pay both his  and the employer contributions for all the  months he was with mo. Please help mo  put. this matter right. How do I go about  it?," ,  A. If he is a member of your family  he was'not insurable, but If he was not  he was insurable. You must then pay your  share of contributions and' that of your  employee.  1        .   i ' '! i' .    . ' .,  Q. "I will soon be moving to another  province; Am I required to obtain another  insurance book, or can 1 continue using  ithe one- I have now?  A. You will not be required1to obtain  another Insurance bdok. Your present one  is valid in every province. The Unemployment 'Insurance Act nnd Regulations are  ���tho same 'throughout Canada.  Q. I recently received n retroactive  increase in my wages, but my employer  did not ndju.it the stamps. which had already 'been placed in my book for the back  period. Is this correct?  A, Contributions nro not adjusted on  retroactive Increases. At the time tho  stamps were affixed, they were based on  the actual salary received. Your employer, however, should have added tho'retroactive'pay to tho current pay period at the  time the monies were paid, and tho Unemployment Insurance deduction should be  based on the total amount.  Questions 'should be referred in Infor-  nmtlon Services, Unemployment Insurance  Commission, Vanier Building, 222 Nepcan  St., Ottawa, Ontario ��� Tel. 990-2975.  By eating potatoes,  one keeps one's  vitamin C supply high,     i  Madeira Pork  Pender Harbour  Phone 883-2266  EUINRUDE SALES & SERVICE  m"mT'" '��-������������������-��������������� | i��� 'iiininiiumtrmnoiHiUULu���,  HALFMOON BAY HOSPITAL AUXILIARY  liflrlSlW  SECHELT LEGION HALL  'Scfturday,,May 3rd. from 8-11 p.m.  r  Tickets $2.25 per person available from any member of tho Auxiliary  Telephone 005-9672  t*MM$M*tta  4.  MM<^mi��MbM����mi��Ke^��MiMM  ��� ���  ,-,, .  -I  .. ..v <  .���S t-��*'  r  r  j MariTfeii  '*�� w  ,'i       rmi ruv��v* ��iH��*'��   ��Wl1  You'll find valuable gift  coupons on every; pocket pack  of Mark Ten cigarette tobacco.  But for a special "sure thing",  mail t|ie front of a Mark Ten  pocket pack or a reasonable  facsimile along With this ad  (make sure to fnclgde your  name ano* address) to Mark Ten.  P.O. Box 7575, Montreal 3, Que.  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Senior? lumbers 6i :Mc$\ieTs6&$ajflg  English, Peter Audet, Gordon Clem-\  and ^iphihi^ne^chborbands^iajsp^ss'  ents; Tony Baker,-Mr. Kerry Turner,'  , with-* their' /musip>.supervisoriS>;4ast;   supervisor of 'Music Dept.at MePJieiv*  ', WedheMay> "concert-,which'<Was��-"a - son and.'Mr." FratjkPostlethwaite, Se-  CARSON Graham  h'< , Jones'Avenue,'  host, the 4hree-day''  Witnesses .April .25 -  -'. Mr. ^ohn'Bisbey,  -ister, will.be among ,tfoe vmany, attending  ..as delegated Irbm thV'Sechelt'PeniHSUla.* ��� ���  .  .        ... ''.p.   ' ,,   i . i,   -. ,  . ,  ' '��� The theme for the'Conventioh;'isr"Mak-,  ingvWise* ,Useu/of ^the"^ Rernalriing/ Tiiftei"  Due to the* widespread, pubjjic acceptance,  said .Mr,-Risbey,V.'The pro^^-.wiJl.o'ut-,  iKne arrangements to ekpand,r1^-six-hwiith  Bible ������research, -course Iriow' being "dffensd.''  free to all interested people."   ��� -.  ELPHfN&TONE "School;"Band- -made^it^- ; band are chosen frojn, various grades,and  ...... .r��� debut'.Jon' Wednesday: eveiung^pf-.last, ; the visiting' h^id" of-5? students :ha.d. one  ; '^e-tfeat^-rtalfc'-by ;^ .grades and'about -nine; grade\9^musi-  mur of,Toronto "oilTSunday at^3:7)QTp.TnV_^ari^y" expressed   appreciation"1 of." the- "ciahVthe' remainder being grade ten.  wiUbe"Law<and Order���When and How?"    fledgling, band's -progress. ���  ���* '     '-/l'    ^qgrAM     '  meets wilh Local 801  AT-A SPECIAL meeting of "Local 801,.  ' C.U.P.E., held on Saturday, April 12,  ' 1969,   membership, had the privilege of  having as buests  of ' honor, Mr. Harry  Green, National Vice-President of C.UP.E.,  President.of the B.C. Division of C.U.P.E.  and is also on 'the Executive of Local-389  North Vancouver; Mr.' Jack Philips, -who  is the negotiator and Business Agent for  Local 801 C.U.P.E. (Secheit. Disk School'  Employees); also Mr. Tom. Kelly "who-.is  on-the Executive of Local'389 of North  Vancouver.'  The meeting was very lively - and 'in-  Around GibsoHs  REGISTERED ' Nurses Association'. of  British Columbia, Gibsons Chapter,  gave. Miss Beverley Szabo a lovely ham-  psr containing stationery, pens soap,  nylons and other 'useful Items and treats  on her recent vacation frp'm St. Paul's  School of Nursing, when Bev, was" visiting her mother, Mrs. Dorothy Szabo, The  presentation was .made by Mrs. Benson  on behalf of the R.N.A.B.C. Gibsons  Chapter.  The Howe Sound Women's Institute  will hold a Coffee Party,at the W.I. Cottage on Fletcher roajfl, Friday May 2nd  from 10 to 11:30 a.m.; there will be  plants, books and,baking for sale. (  Mrs. Ethel Barnes visited at Williams  Lake wilh her daughter recently and Phil  and Hilda de Leenheer drove her back  to Gibsons,    ' ,  ��� Miss Maragaret Collins has returned  to the Weinhandl home after visiting her  brother ahd sisters, in' SanDiegoj California.  Mrs. Verna Turner from Kamloops  visited relatives here.  Mrs. Lucy Franklin of North Vancouver spent a -month with her son -and  daughter-inrlaw Mr. and Mrs. Dale B.  Franklin. She took care of Darren,  - Dwayne and Douglas while their parents  were-atthe 4 day B.C. Teachers Federation 50th Anniversary Convention in  Hotel Vancouver.  Mrs. D, Horseman .with Gary and  Lorian also Mrs. Blanche Horseman flew  to Victoria where they visited Mrs. Ellis  Lindsay for 6 days.  Mr. F. Ross Gibson was a visitor to  Nanaimo where he found Mr. A.,G. Andrews well settled in his home there and  quite happy.  ��� When the Women's:Missionary Council of, the Gibsons Pentecostal Tabernacle  met at the home of President Mrs. F. J.  ���   Wednesday, April 23, 1969   < , jfaffiftt^Qgfa - -:-L ������t>oge,/A-5  ; Hobbies     J   ���>;; .  Wm Sophia Smith? one of tiie resi��  dents ,of Greene Cottrt, Seclielt;i has   r.  _,.,  a- variety of hobbies;: all.of which fce- , - ^ '������ -\ >  qiure endless patience-and'dare? Id-' ;  'trieate necklaces, lampshades made��  from multi-colored fine-yarn; ceramr.  ics,   baskets   made -from, pdpsicle.  sticks, .crochet work ��and; fascinating  sug'ar Easter Eggs With a.little.peep-:  hole to view the three-dimensional  picture inside.  %k$ies  > ~hv Karen Domhroski  ���BACK "to,, school!;.''And;.that's -what' hap-  * pened'iast Monrlay;>.;Tesfs/-griKted''us  bacli:"/an^rer^jrt^U''bfe"cofti4ng 'ooit on  May\\','"     \.".*'~   : : -*���-// ''" V- -  ' 03\ Thursday^we���were delimited-ifco  have MacPKefson Junior-High" School' stop  by "to play-us'&'concert'.-' j^tnisSriahd'.iliefte  TIP   1.1   ���     ni'     i    '     '       ���  J"* '��� are^W iirls,and 45 bpys,dreslsed-'ipi-grey  H nhhV"Show a cretin ~ -mmah^ k':*&<&*& *&-. -The.&&&���  "UUMl-W*y���-"   WW*w   n^st^'snanie--feMr.-T^rifi'r.-Sofnevery  lonely piecei.werevplayed such as, songs  fijonx'Jthe. Academy"Award'mnning-.show  .'.'QUv^r,,^ TheJb^l'^y^Jor.Juheh-and  VARIETY of hbbbies,exhibited-by senior    then went^mi'to^PowelL River., , \  to senior citizens  set  efacH _w , ,v ,.       ..  ,the <nipst.'; The Grade, -Twelyes won.* .by  quite'a margin: ���-All* the.'-foo'd was^dohateja,  \fbr;��hVb'ig door',prize, s.  conclusion' ~with a swinging - versj6n.',<:Ojf  Mambo Jambo. 1'.;.*'.;-  ,. -McPherson Band which h>s-:x;wpn  numerous awards ^was on a thrfee-'d'ay  tour,' performing ^at"' Gibsons,".-;Peiider  Harbour,; Powell River ahdLake.^Coi^  ichan before participa.ting_ in ^eg.&G.  Music Festival in Vancouver on'r.^topd^Jf.  , In March they won both junior,'aji^ sen-      _     ���        _  ior band'awards   at   CoquitlajM^i?'   constructive" criticsm of'ac  FestivaL f !-?-;��%���''?.���*���>    'l" ~  V^*'t'''%%.    ELPHINSTONE   ��� ���     ������-     '   -    *  INCENTIVES      ; - -^^^'^      J< Introducing Elphinstone -School Band,  McPherson   Park   Juiiior-^ec>3$ary    Principal Mr. W. S. Potter commented on  fqlk tunes, The Oak and the Ash;' Barbara Ellen and British Grenadiers. A  Dixieland selection was followed by Ballet Parisienne which ended, with the Can  Can. The,band excelled in two selections  wjbich will be played at-the Music Festival,' March .Lamar and Rossini's,  Marriage.of Figaro..    .-         "' Commenting on participation in festivals, Mr. Turner said he appreciates the  adjudicators.    ,"  citizens, at th&.Hobby-:Show nnd.:Tea;  held. in;the :Legioii -Hall, Secheit ,on ^at.  anjazeti the -numerous visitors.:  ��� Displays','were, -exhibited" by''people"  f��5jn���Gibspns> Madeira; Park -andjithese'   ���. ���.��� .���.���w   _. -.    were so"many very wonderful items that        ,     ,,. _     (   _.  Wyngaert on Monday evening last week,    to list names woulo ,be difficult' for.there.  t"- ��$y&$y'jfck bigkay catnej; ���nie'carpival  special guest was Mrs. F. Rayner from    were so" many exhibitors. .        '���; ��� o^ened^ViOOp'.jn: wto^big-baiig, Bal-  Powell  River  who   is "WMC   president The successful event'w^'.convened-by.'lbony;oI-eV'ej^;^  - Mrs."^01ive  MqGregor,'and-, opened  by; the^darVjjh^  n'. .���<   ^.���^^^1   ��_!_:_!- ,��r.   n___:j__i'   was ve^-colorfial With flowersi��i��4 if had  a sfro.W'rligiit,,wnich' radiited' a bright  red. -  teresting as Jthe; membership was brought ��� has. about�� four, Hundred stud^njH inr.tite ,the���fact that;although some students'had  up -to date on,many .interesting factors. band'/ programme - divided J\V$i"\ f$v$ been piayingVfor one' or two years, the  Two delegat^'Mrs.Dorothy Szaboand- .-Aro^Ps ��hd band'^actice "%.held; irom tpajority Commenced (the band pro-  Mr.. Ed Sandy-f-alternate delegate Missv 7/30 in the morning. According'-to-a. stftEf gramme last/September. He thanked the  Mary Harding; were elected'to attend in member, the" students are ve'ry. Ceen and Community, for support which will help  June >the four-day B.C. Division Canadian participation ih the band.-programme the band travel to the International Fes-  Umon of PubHc EmployeesvConference:,to -;seems'to give ,added inc'ehiive in-other tival at Abbotsford but besides financial  behold at the" Empress' Hotel Jin Victoria. studied' Mernbei*'of - the award winning Kelp the ydungsters need community encouragement . .  t              ".���'*'"  **-'!��� 'I  ,/ Led ,'by Music Supervisor j\tr.* I*rahlc  Postlehwaite, the 35 member band played  a" well chosen selection which displayed  the band's versatility. Commencing with  Mendelssohn's War. March of the Priests  they effortlessly played Moon River;  John Henry; Kind of the Road; Vanguard  1 March; Grenada from a Fantasia Espani-  ola;' Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C sharp  .minor ending with what their conductor  described as a challenge which the young  ��� musicians met and 'thoroughly enjoyed���  Mambo Jambo.  Mr. Turner's eagerly, awaited comment proclaimed a nice balance, good  feeling for music and the performance  ���fpr from being that of beginners.  For the final part of the programme  t>oth bands merged and the 93 member  mass band ployed two unrehearsed selec-l  tlons bringing the programme to an end  ��� with Frere Jacques conducted by Mr.  Poatlethwa|te.  ' * Expressing appreciation to tho com-  m'unity for hosting his bond, Mr. Turner  stated that the concert was a rewarding  ' end to a hectic day and extended the first  invitation to Elphinstone School Band to  return the visit as gueats of McPherson  Pork Junior Secondary School in  Burnaby. ,  (   .    .Springtime^  Secheit Carden :Club held a spring  bulb exhibition at St. Hilda's Hall-on  Saturday and among, the many visitors were Mr, and Mrs.'Gordon.M.  fiddle of Madeira Park who were  welcomed by Club President Mr,  Prank Read (right).      ,;'     (  WILSON CREftC  COMMUNITY CENTRE  iSirdafr tof 3rl, -If 5f  DINNER 7;O0 p,m,  DANCING  LIVE ORCHESTRA  ,    WIISON-.'-CRCik    '  COMMUNITY HAIL  $5,00 fwrpenon  Secheit Garden -Glnjjls  first bulb exhibition,  SECHELT Garden Club's, first annual  spring bulb exhibition held last Saturday: in, St.. Hilda's Church Hnll was, a.  tremendous' 'success and attracted "a  large .number, of, Yisitors. ," K   , ',  Rev. Barry Jenka, vicar of St.,Hilda*s  opened the'.Went and congratulated; jtlie  very active'dub ^ members on itheit w^r|c  and particularly for their flower shows  which,bring Into focus the orderliness of  creatiop and tho beauty of the-orpa in  which we live,  The hall was fragrant with many species of daffodil and nnrcisspa;,almond  and cherry blossoms; tulips; polyanthus;  fonrythla nnd many other fiprlng bios-  eoms and indoor flowering plants.  The plant and flower stall did a tre-  mcndoti.i butdncas ��nd club members  served tea In Ihe very pleasant atmosphere, nnd gave ndvlec and Information  to interested vlsltonv     *     -,    *  A so-cfrlled Lalwrcr on tho over-crowded  city payroll had complained because he  had no shovel.  "Wlmt are you kicking about?" hi*  foreman wild. "Shovel or no uhWel,'- yon '  got your pay every wvck, don't you?"  "Yes," said the laborer, "but the other  guys Heave fjotnelhlng to lean on."     *    Woman, wobbling on skates, ��bo friend:  "It's a lot like two daiquiris,"  there.    .    ' .,  Roll call, was answered by each one  giving a scripture verse/ Donations were  sent to an overseas missionary'1 who is  supported by the group. A letter of  thanks was received from a pastor's wife  on Vancouver Island acknowledging a  gift. An interesting account was read of  medical missionary work by Dr. and Mrs.  N. D. Abbey in Morija, Basutoland,  Africa.     - '---..  Mrs. S. Fladager told of the progress  being made by some of her relatives who  are engaged in spreading the Gospel in  Mexico. Mrs. Wisken showed mementoes  which she had brought from Israel recently. Mrs. R. Cramer sang a chorus and  delicious-refreshments were served.  Mrs. Andrews from South Burnaby  visited her son-in-law and daughter Mr.  " and Mrs. Don" Horseman and! family last  week.  Welcome to Gibsons Miss Emily Carolyn Thompson who has taken up resi-  ' dence oh Gower Point Road. Miss  Thompson, formerly of Vancouver, 'is  happy "to be making her home oh the  Sunshine Coast  The Anglican Church Women attended a corporate Communion Service  preceding their regular monthly luncheon meeting in the Parish Hall on  Wednesday last.  . Former local residents George Reekie  and his mother from Nanaimo were visitors here recently.  Guests of Chris and Marlene Danroth  for 10 days were the latter's sisters Mary  and Susan Hildebrand from North Vancouver.  . Mrs. F. Rayner from Powell River enjoyed' a 5 day trailer holiday when they  went on a fishing "trip recently.  The catholic Women's League will  hold a rummage sale, Saturday May 3rd  from 10 a.m. tiil 12 noon at the Catholic  Church Hall.  A missionary film about Rhodesia and  the work of Rev. and Mrs. James Bush  there, was shown for the Friday evening  family night service at the Pentecostal  Tabernacle. >  At the Legion Auxiliary's Zone Meeting held at Vanando, Jean Crawford of  Roberta Creek was named secretary to  Pat1 ,'Schlndel, the new Zone Representatives. Tickets on tho Zone Raffle were  drawpi $50; went, to Mrs. G. B. Butler of  PowoHVRivej*, $25 went to Albert Don-  roth bf Roberts Creek, and $10 went to  Albio; Clarke of Powell River.  Senior Citizens Branch : 69 President,'  Canon' Minto SWan., Flowers 1. were dbha-%  ted by Secheit- Garden Club and St.  Hilda's Anglican Church ladies prepared  sandwiches for the tea.  Powers were Mrs. Fred Feeney of  Gibsons; Mrs. Eva Hayward; Mrs. Bonnie  Paetkau and Mrs. Carolyn Stuart.  , _ Hobbies displayed included lapidary;  ceramics; models; etching; weaving; crochet work; painting in water colours and-  oils; needle-point work; wood carving  and collections of shells; stamps and buttons.  Mr. Alec Znotin of Gibsons donated  one of bis paintings for a future raffle.  The beautiful,cushion made and donated,  -by Mrs. Margaret Gibson ,was won by  Mrs. J. Turner of West Secheit and the  door prize' was won by Mrs. Hicks.  The bake sale and white elephant  table made, a nice profit and many people concluded that our senior citizens  must be .the.most active people on'the  Sunshine .Coast,    ,,."..'     .....  Immunization���measles '.;';  DEVELOPMENT of'substances for immunization against measles is proceeding rapidly. Ask your doctor or your local  health department where measles immunization'can be obtained in-your community.  - The winners were: Door Prize, Mrs.  Edwardsop (a food hamper);.Bean Guess,  Gwen Lester (a teddy bear); Raffle, Patti  Reid-(big-st!uffed elephant)VRaffjfi, Muriel  tetheron (a picture).  , A saying for the week:  ,Why sbould we be in such desperate  haste pi succeed, and in such desperate  enterprises?     " ,. ���   ,  ���' If a man does not keep pace with his  coniparuc-ns, perhaps it is because he  hears a different drummer. Let him step  to the music which he' hears, however  measured" or far away.,  '���.,,������ ���.H. D. Thoreau.  SECHELT  S      "I  Oh the Water Front'  |  5 OPEN'7 Days a Week  ��  B      ��.���,,.       : B  (BOOK 1)  by Harry Roberts  4.95 ([pfc ta)  Scchclt ��� 005-9654'  am  ttMtfftte  mama*,  M^w^iMww^!itiaiiiiiwtiii(����iii��ii��^n��TPiii''i<wiwWMWMMf��iiwiii<ri����  I  CHABiM SAW!  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Page A-6-  ��� The Peninsula'T?mesV- - - Wedhesdoy, -Apt?il"23^'1959-  jj ��" .iff.  t  , FRIENDS arid, relatives' travelled'"'from - quently* the' Osborne home became known  near and far to pay their lastiespects    as tho ;'Bjg House.'��� It was' situated ���in  *o one of Sechelt's most -respected resi-*-" the approximate area of the'present Shell  dents who died'sudde^y-^urjHjay,-ApcriIl,l;3,    service s^tKrft.''\. ,.-.   "��       \      -        ~,  Mrs. Pearl Osborne, '.���HtooVhas been in       In lMft Mr. and Mrs. Osborne moved  poor health tor the-past two 'years,' was   into1 Secheit and. purchased'the house 'on.  '(L  w  r  \  fatal heart attack.  , Born in Altamont, Alberta,' March"SI,  1900,- Mrs. Osborne, then Pearl Jackson,    u       olhe>.viiStow ieave wMa>ut eithe|.-    i  came with her family, to Vancouver .m ^fltJl^ *��J��ki-t "*^rSSr";����;T?S    4l  lived there ever since*'  An avid gardener, Mrs. Osborne seldom.  1907 where her father went into the hotel  business. Following service in,"world.war  V  / i  flowers or vegetables.  Arthritis curtailed  many of her activities 'during recent years^  and her greatest regret was her inability    f  Provincial President  ����^   u^r- -FofV.0,. ���inB����^  !,!*'*.��,��..  ju' sma. nee gn^iu^i. regret was ner lnaDiuiy  one, her father relocated;, has- <B��m!y, At fe   ^ ^e    ^0 *^ ^d taught ^  Mission, B.C., and it was here that sfoe muc^ov overlie vears           DTOUSni ����  Z^^S^t^SA^ at ��"^ big"part in her life  thai-fame was logging as he is.today. and at the time 0^^^ Residmtlial  During days of the  depression,, Moe band under direction of. Constable Jim  many others, the Osbornes were hard hit Fitzpatrick badly needed funds, Pearl Os-  bmt managed to get by;,  In , those days borne persuaded a group of friends to dig  -s  -%  ^���te.fliitvM^M   est membei:cjIMOf Bmnch, .Mr.   SpSSS^S: 5t?�� fiSTMl-oi 'ftff&r  formed  Senior  Citizens  Association   J. Milford McAllister who is n'tnety-   ether friend they formed a small orchestra Many native fodianThave had  em-  Uranch 69, Mrs; Marguerite {^Hi'tti,'   two .and  enjoys  the" lively  Branch   which under the name of "Timberwolves*' payment 'with the Osbornes and  Mrs.  ��.....��__��._,,      --^���x   _,...,. :j.u -u      *.-                 . ���                                   played at local dances'and helped provide; Osborne was respected and liked by ait  money for food: At-that time togs were who knew her.  This; was emphasized by  selling for $10 a thousand foot.;' ���      < - * - the attendance at her funeral of the en-  Always active in hef husband's busi-' tire Secheit Band Indian Councii.  ness, Pearl' Osborne in earlier days cooked.. She rwas a Past "Matron of the Eastern  for the crews/ looked after "Ehe' bookkeep- - Star and a past Orand Lodge Officer. Her  Provincial President, chats with old-   meetings  Canon Swan President . .  - w  **t  _ * *  ���   ' in..  ���            +  4 >x  r         /*  ��  s>  .'it*  �����*  ��f  it*-"  f*  1  1 V  .���  : presented official Charterr::  liAST- Thursday's -meeting of Branch 69    ises 'to be a big hit .as a -theme song." .���'  r-S.C.A. held aVitjhe Legion Hall,>rSe-     .  The afternoon concluded,with refresh-  ohelt,r opened ,with ^a moment's sirence in,   ments served by the Social Committee uiv  honor of-Mrs. Pearl Osborne whose funeral   4��r its-Ohairman, Mrs. 'JackfWhaites.'.  was taking place that afternoon. ,-,-���'  President CanOn.Mintp Swan hastened  to give members news -of the progress- of  Mr. Harry ,A. Hill who was now^able to  walk a little after surgery in Shaughnessy  hospital.  '        . -      " "'  '.  Carion , Swan . introduced , Provincial  President of the Senior' Citizens' Assoda.-.  tion of B.C7Mrs:"Marguerite Smith'who'  presented the Charter to the Branch. 'In  a clear,'well-spoken speech, she anhpunced  that the Provincial Government had pro--  claimed June "29 - July 5 as Elder Citizens^  Week and she paid-tribute to the worlc-of  the Hon. Isabel Dawson on behalf,of'the  senior citizens of-B.C.-     .  - ���   ���    ;   ' '"_  Mrs. Dawson, she said, had- been responsible for .the appointment ciVsenior  citizens' counsellors, a service which'waSj  proving of so much benefit ;to those with  problems.-      " ' ���       ~  ~    d   \ <;  All present must know how much'Mrsi  Olive McGregor'was" doing to give^'helb  and-counsel-to the people of the SecheTfc-  Pender Harbor arear.. - .-..,--  ���   Mrs. Smith said work was being;, done  towards establishing a" hearing "aid'Clihic,  with* a mobile division and she expected  there wouM.be important news, soon re^-  garding hearing aids., In the .meantime,  she advised the hard of hearing ifo consult  (their doctors before buying hearing aids."  There are some types of hearing.trouble,:  she said, that.cannot be helped by aids-  and it is unfortunate that some senior  citizens of Vancouver have heen -victimized by fly-Jby-night salesmen who have  sold them expensive hearing aids which  were, of no benefit '^oo them. '  Mrs. Smith described the work of the  Federated Legislative Council which ,repi  resents all senior citizens' groups, Meetings are held once a month for delegates  from the various groups and resolutions  decided on at these meetings are submitted in person to Victoria. Mrs. Smith said  that every effort is being made to change '  the legislation which discriminates against  those in the 67-69 age group who receive-  (the Old Age Security Pension but are not"  allowed to claim the $500 age exemption.  It had not been possible, she said, to get  (any alleviation of this legislation for the  current year.  A heated discussion followed recommendation from the Executive that 'all  funds from the rummage sales 'be paid  into Branch funds; A motion to cohtinuo ���  the previous arrangement whereby alternate months' proceeds go to Branch funds  and Greene Court Ladies Committee was  passed with only one dissenting vote: ,;'  Appointed ��� as delegate to the;:.annual'  convention at Creston in Juno was Mrs,  O.; McGregor. , ;  ::[ ���  A bus trip planned for May 29, may"  include visits to the Parthenon at Eagto  Harbor and the Canadian Park and TiU  ford Gardens in North Vancouver, All  reservations should bo in the hands of  Mrs. A..M. Batchelor by May 15.      '   : /  Senior Citizens' Pins, in an attractive1  dogwood design, arc available . from the  Secretary for $1,30. ��� ' .( ���..���.,'  Members; enjoyed an excellent pci*  formaiico of Handel nnd Mozart'music witti  Mrs. A. Wogemakcrs playing the viplonr  cello accompanied by Mrs, Ted Peters (it  the; piano, Mr. Wm. Baiter uav6 two  humorourf Henry Drummond���readings.''  ��� The Sunshine Semesters, sadly deplotccll  by sickness, sang "In'Joseph's Lovely Our-  den and dhon led community singing.of.  the Senior Citlwns* Song and a now number. "Singi Your Way Home" '.which .pro'm-  j,w_ tut? uixjws,' j,uu&ea axu:ir 'ute nuumstsep-��� Dtar ouu ��t jJtcsi, vrivtna juuage wicer.  ivsr   ,      / \'     ���/ 'i *v -  -   -   ,''   ,* ��� ���  t *v|wanlS PfOjeC?.^  ^.,,.1",,'. ,',.'".-.   ,  , { <���-. -   ,  ing and payroll/ She and Ted came to death leaves a great sense oMoss in the   Oh,e of the most sought after prizes value" is atoqut-$^300. -The draw-is a  Ha^ocmBay in I93fr^ at'oAethne' conmunity ai^-'among her numerous   on the-Sunshine Coast,"this Beautiful popular"annuaLfuttd. raising project  had ais many as 100 men-employed. They friends iaxroughout the province. , Z. ' *7T -    T*7*,?' ^rai'^UiW' "C*TW*1" *V*1^\; 9.^?.K '"��*<_?^^"*�� " aTZ.  built Jtheir <?wn .home at -Halfm&on Bay.       Mrs. .Osborne is survived by her hus-    Sangster  1*6"   fibregtoss ^boat  tr>- of the1 SuftShine;Ooast .KiWaiUS. Glub  with lumber brought down ircm. tHear . band Ted, .daughter Edith (Duffy) Dunn "-gether 'with; 35 hp Mercury motor e^d'^eeninspedfirig the-n^wly arrived  own-sawTmii'.at.^Mission. The:house,wa�� of Varicouj^/.sm, Edmund, w^ >V^ ^ be drawn fbron.-the everarig of prize; areV .frorri le.ft:.'John Harvey,  through necessity^ large, due to; <the, fact couver,  sister Laura Maclntire of Port    A���^\, �����  ~ . .      ^.i,  ...        *   ��� *,.���-   ���-. t .iJ'' ��� v-   '* ���-' ' * ��ii.*S ��  transportation was limited and;, visitor^ Moody,* brother: Lloyd Jackson of Van- .August 23: Complete With "sleepeSfite"- Bill/.Woght  and t.panny ;Wheeleir,  frequently had to stay overhigh*.,. <^��nse- - couver, and seven grandchildren.' - ' seats; and' Hobslaw trailSr,- the tdtal President.       "���- ��� " - *   ':- -"-    ' '  '   f  SECHELT THEATRE  ,    ���   PRESENTS  .��� '���''���  IHDIAHPAIHT  STARRING      '  Johnny Crawford & Joy Sllvcrwhccls '.   '  : ANDTHK SAMK lllUi".      '  TARZAN AND THE  GREAT RIVER  STARRING  Mike Henry & Jon Murnty  CARTOON.TfXHNICOLOR  5tor���� 8 p.m. Our 11 p.m.  FRI., SAT., MON.,  APRIL 25, 26 and 20  This beautiful new heater poys  for itself out of fuel savings  , alone! Special burner ''design^  new-type combustion, chambers, and other exclusive  features get more heat from  your  fuel  than  ever beforef  For warmer floors, more Comfortable rooms, and quiet  operation; come in and see the  new Empire Wall Furnace  today, .'���'  .'.'':'      '     ." ',  |i|1C**  mm  :LUFFIER..<  f OR LBS Mm m LOAD!  The most useful Gas Heater for  km EtOOil in the HOUSE''  < ���   'I- -rs- -: 'l-is't -i  4;      ��� ������ "��'*���'���*.. "Jr.-*��� ^'  r'��^te-^4'^.':  ���r^vt*  i i  This heater with many uses jjs convenient and economical.  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Section B
Wcdnesdoy, April 23, 1969
Pages 1-4
C of C Week » ,,',;
ChairmoM'& activity report
indicates steady progress
ws^s'&jvi anvil
' —from the Legislature, Victoria
DURINGf the ^decade 1958, to' 1968, pur
provide "has'grown at a'rate unequalled in the. rest, of Canada.
Ij In 1959,'our population was i,482,0D0.
,  Now it is'pome" 2,000,000, an increase of
35 percent.     - -
' - With tone-population growth has grown
the need 'for services for people. Something in excess "of 5.9 billion dollars, .derived directly from the productivity of
the .province,, has_ been spent on services
for people,
, Many people in many areas of our
province, reach out to our treasury for
cash to meet- human needs., On occasion,
it is necessary to portion out available
funds so that no area or group would be
neglected^ . -      .   \
., Our province is .described as-being
divided into forests, agricultural .areas,
fresh water areas, and rocky, barren lands.
Something over half the area is forested,
two* to-'five 'per'cent is agricultural, and
two per cent- is- fresh water' area. --■"■-•'
r In.a 'hundred years of development ye-■ _
have, of necessity,, made use of our rugged '}'% *
land and its"resources and havebeen sue-*?
cessful in establishing communities Where . -„
the natural advantages were of a continU- .. g
ing nature.      ' ■.   "      *' * ?
' The prosperity" of the province depends .
on <the overall use of natural resources. > *
A lot of work and effort has gone'into
developing travel -in our province and its'
potential growth is almost immeasurable. -
In the period 1958 to" 1968, tire travel
industry'.in British Columbia,grew from",
Members of the Secheit Home Makers
Club,Jr^Jatives and friends- gathered
to WishMrs.. Cecilia August happiness
on>her 75th birthday. Pictured'standing'from left: Mrs/Riuby'Paull, Tilly
Augusts, "Louisa-Paul,'-'Kay Leiiriieux,
yioJei; Jackson,. Stella Johrisori,. :Bea-
PRIME Minister, W. A. C," Bennett and
the Cabinet have proclaimed the week
of April 20 - 26, 1969 as Chamber of Commerce Week. The Secheit and District
Chamber of Commerce is one of more than
850 Boards of Trade and Chambers "of
Commerce doing a vital job of Community building across Canada, yet to many
people the words "Chamber of Commerce"
have very little meaning.
During this special week of April 20 -
26 it is hoped the people of the Secheit
area will bake a real interest in this worthwhile non-profit organization of men and
women who give freely of their services
and time for the sole purpose of making
this community a better place < to live.
The Secheit Chamber has experienced
just recently the pleasure of an increase
in membership which now totals 81 mem-
triceHuens, Mary Jackson, Margaret'   bers, and any persons interested-in pro-
Joe,' Sarah Paul, Madelaine Joe and    moting better public' understanding and
Sister  Lucienne  Trudeau.    Seated:*
Mrs. Ada Dawe, Mrs. Cecilia August,
Mrs. Sarah Baptiste and Mrs. Elsie'
• /  ■*—-
y ■»
-,  »
O it
/>j,4** J
Happy .Birthday/
eeciii^Augustys:hu^'l^rthday cake •' Stella   Johnson, ' Mrs.
August  and
tially 850 .milJioh dollars and have risen . c;ecina.,August s nuge MW. ua«« " owu"   Juuua.ua,   ivu&.   rtugu*.,   «•
to 2;o35 million, dollars.        '   -s ' '.      which helped celebrate her-75th,l»-pth- - grandson-Barry Johnson. ,  ,
^TKe1iigh:level<or'e-c%^ .   _   '        «    .   .   ..'Xi^hii
our province has vcati&&&> after jive"; have-. ■■m-^-'M^ i*« t^ •«:-;•'Wt'r.vr-4,v-   *.   i ,„ *   ■   •    , ,r
appreciation  of  provincial ' and   national
problems within > our economic system,'or
interested in the improvement and progress of the'Secheit area, are cordially.in- *
vited ito seek* membership in the Secheit.
District ChamberNof Commerce.
Someone might ask what does this or- •
ganization specifically'do? and the ^follow- -
ing may give some idea of the scope of
the undertakings worked out by the Secheit Chamber.  For example:
We were pleased to assist in the pro- "
motion of able and capable candidates for
election to the School Board Trustees and
the Sechejt Village Council.
We have been happy, to,-prepare and <
submit "Briefs" to the Government regarding Highway 101 and also the Ferry Service, and in this connection, in i both of
these areas have succeeded in bringing
about improved conditions, and we will
continue with these projects until satisfactory conditions have been obtained.
Meetings are held regularly, executive
monthly, and general bi-monthly.
At recent General' Meetings we have
had guest speakers as follows^ The'Honorable Ken Kiernan, Minister of Recreation; Ray Perrault, Liberal Party Leader;
' Paul St. Pierre, M.P., Mrs. Isabel P, Daw-
1 son, M.L.A., and B. Smith, President of the
B.C. Chamber of Commerce for 1968,
We have very active Committees working on the following projects:-    '     -   -
The enlarging of Secheit Village Boundaries: the institution of a Sewage Disposal System, in dose liaison with the Village Council in all 'Municipal matters.
'    With  representation  from 'the' three'
ed .to meet with the Honorable K,
nan, Minister of Recreation, on
29, '69.
The Chamber is giving its support, in
principle, of an irregular Air Service
Secheit to Nanaimo,
The Secheit Chamber recently canvassed the area .to obtain Memberships for
the Sunshine Coast Tourist Association
with very good results. This we feel
should help to promote the "Tourist" industry as more publicity will be received
(through Vancouver Visitors and Convention Bureau.
Through-the courtesy of Tyee Air-ways
arrangements have been made for eleven'
members of the staff of the Vancouver
Tourists' Bureau to Have a sight seeing
tour by air and car of the Secheit Peninsular—this to promote berbter public relations and" more'explicit Tourist informa- '
*iti6n'.   "•"•*■..   '	
.* Negotiafciops for„the're-development,of
>the breakwater area haye been in process '
and will continue with the B.A Oil Co.,
Ltd.'     ,     .
Roads\" and highways have received
much attention and by requesting through
a "priority 'list" much work" has been accomplished, for example, paving and im-
provements'to "Redrooffs Road and we understand the paving is to be completed
this year. ,
'Northwest  Bay  Road,   Mason   Road,
Sandy Hook, East Porpoise Bay Road have .
.■all received attention and are greatly improved. In-the Davis Bay area the work
, is in progress.
The President, on behalf of the Chamber has already-this year made three spe-
Cial -trips: 1-. ' The opening of the House,
Victoria; 2. Meeting of Associated Cham-
' bers, Mission City; 3. Twice to Powell
River Chamber.
Since January two extra meetings over
and above, the regular meetings have been
-held, one in January when Mayor Swain
and Jus aldermen joined with the Chamber Executive to discuss items of mutual
interest.  This meeting proved most helpful in obtaining views regarding ways and
means to improve and build' up the community of Secheit and surrounding areas.
On February %Z't 1S69 a special meeting of
the Executives of all three Chambers on
the „ Peninsula,   and. the   Powell   River
Chamber, also ^he Mayors of Powell River,
Gibsons' and Sechelti was held, with a
guest speaker, from the Vancouver Visit-
r ors and Convention Bureau, also a Representative from the B.C. Ferry Authorities,
and much useful information was received
andrhelpful discussion carried out. So the
Madeira Park School
for drop-in session
MADEIRA Park Elementary School will
, be 'the scene of a second drop-in session
for'adults and youth on Monday, April 28,
1969 at 7:30 p.m, in the Activity Room.
Subject of ithe drop-in session will be
a "Dialogue in Communications." The
drop-in will be sponsored by the student
councils of Pender Harbor -and Elphinstone Secondary Schools, Secheit Teachers'
Association and the Board of School Trustees, School District No. 46 (Secheit).
Dr. Bennett R. Wong, well-known Vancouver psychiatrist and popular speaker,
who made the keynote address at the El-
ihinstone Secondary School drop-in on
bnday, April 21, will have his speech-
featured on Educational TV at Madeira
Park. His speech will set the tone for
small group discussion between adults
and young people.
The drop-in session is the outgrowth of
a series of meetings, initiated Vy the
School Board, between students, teachers
and School Board members. This group
has become increasingly concerned about
-the misuse of drugs and alcohol in the
community and the lack of communications between and within generations.
Objective of the drop-in session is to
give both adults and young people a
chance to talk to each other about their
problems. Dr. Wong's address was designed to/ create the climate for such a
The public, both adults and young people, are urged to attend.
our province has" pa»rH6ed* ahcFJve~ have
reached these levels,because-w? nave not
s%t back and wasted olir timeiahd'energy.
If we/did not have the resources and'the
people energetic t enough to use'them, we
certainly could not have reached our present leyel of achievement. '   ,
- The path ahead for us points to a
search for a "better way." The search involves taking time out to examine basic
causes—to seek values which will permit
us to survive in the age of technology—
and this search must start with the.individual.
' To have a strong and viable society,
we must spread the responsibility for decision and 'action to the most practical
degree, and we must always bear in mind
that people are human beings; no one Is
infallible and we are all of us seeking
the same basic needs.    .■:,/.,..,,
Government and industry will have to
spend ever-increasing sums in. order to
maintain the standard of our i, environ-
mcnl Conservation concepts "must be
broadened, "to > embrace wider fields of
human purpose, and as we develop technologically, n,wb must learn to use open,
spaces ps an essential part of tho "better
Me.M'" ;'■'■■';    ■      ...      , :..■'  ,     '":'
Automation makes' for" hard work," and
as our,/basic needs expand, so will our
need' ,fot recreation areas.' ■  ;
.; j >",, a     "Where do we seek to go?" I Would
j, 'd IH say,  "Into; the future, working together
„',,) I to fulfill the common desire for a better
I, », ,'4 way of iife "for all of us, There is no olhw
,'i /'^choice." ,'.;' .,...,'.■.,. .;■ ,., ,, : ..-'
i    i i|     '^How can wc get there?"   By devel-
,',- jgoping a greator understanding of the dif-
;  ,  liferent areas of bur ■■society,, recognizing
,. ,^'that producing goods and services is not
.. s/1 ithe end, but only, the means by which wc
As,,;;. can help people hot; only, here, but in less
' , - ^fortunate areas. We can look forward to
,/^thc next decade- with confidence, working
:„   „ together for tljose things we all desire,
. mi"-*v«<!j«'    "■" '■ ',■."'' .   'i    '<.■«'—' ''',','",''"'•-".' ''' "'"       ■»■-■•■
\']'Ji   On smart.boats, the Boft spot for sleep-
, .,( Ing is ntoptah air mattress.. It offers con-'
. ,«l ^idurablc comfort and, when deflated nnd
''[''"'polled up, doesn't require much, atoragc
' J,;#ace- Before leaving on a cruise, check |t
,vǤul for leaks, advlne camping experts. A.
i,   Jtpattress that runs out bfnir in the middle
i ,i.   gf the night is hardly an asset.
ew^ntf'MW- "fear-resident "'•
 ariW»4aY party
Ii r,,
i» v.
LAST' SATURDAY many^"rfelatives^and
1' friends 'gathered at the home' ofi'Mrs.
Cecillia' August to wish her every happiness' on the occasion of her seventy-fifth
birthday. '.
•- Smiling as she always is, Mrs. August
mot'her guests at the door of her neat and
gaily' painted 'house' and  had la special
greeting for her friend Mrs. Ada Dawe,
for (they were born- within months of each
other ip ithe village of Secheit.
" . ■; 'rMrs,', August has always' been very ac-
;tive• both in/the Secheit Home Makers
Club' and as a member of the choir of
Our Lady of Lourdes Church.  She still
. crochets and embroiders without the aid of
glasses' ahid I stilli sings as sjveotly, as she
did ihi'; 1914 when she joined; the^ choir.
Chambers and Organizations on the entire . _f ^  	
., Peninsula a Committee of ;p members pliis.^ wprk?o£)the Secheit,District Chamber of .
T5 it" large ."are,werking 'for ihe provisioh of _ Commerce- continues, "whife we strive for
the proposed "Sunshine iCoast-*Recreati'on , success in all our un4e1rtakihgsT^we'"cannot
Center," and in this connection one of our ■ command it-^-but we* trust* it will be said
- local Doctors and the President of the Se- "of us now, and by posterity—They deserv-
chelt Chamber of Commerce have arranjg- ed W" states President Eric Hensch,
in" her/riajive tongue. Also singing in "the j
SeoheTft/%>pgue were Mrs. Mary Jackson f
and Mrs.' August's son-in-law and daugh-'
iter, Mr. ahd Mrs. Andrew Johnson who'
sang a duet, ' '
Mrs, Cecilia August's husband was tho i
late Jack August,'well known 'as a fine
athlete; he was. baseball pitcher for the'
local 'team and played trumpet in the Sc-r
chelt Indian Band. Her daughter Mrs. r
Stella Johnson and her husband Andy i
have six children: Dean, Angeline, Debbie, ,f
,; Barry, Jeremy and , Andrew Jr. Mrs. Au-1
gust lost her other daughter, the late Mrs. |
Peter Williams,who had two sons, Peter |•■•
Jr. and Robert;
During the afternoon,' the guests on
mm mmm mm m nmm damao
FI3EE flloftSi tProofing on
everything we clean
Sunnycrest Plaza, Gibsons, B.C.
Meet the Merc
110... the
ideal fishing
motor that's
spoiling fishermen everywhere. 9.8 horsepower and
deluxe in every way. This beauty will
ouf^erfarm any outboard in "the te~h"
horsepower class .... and do ft on
less fuel.' '   •   -
0 Forword-Nentral-Revcrso
• Twist grip throttle
o Roller & Ball bearings throughout
• Shcorproof Prop Drive
0. Easy to carry 3J4 gallon
remote fuel tank
This fishing favorite is so quiet, and
trolls so slow and smooth that you'll
catch yourself looking to see if it's
running until you got used to it.
Stop in,5000 to.look over your noxt
fishing motor.
Gibsons 886.7711
...-,.-..,,,, , ,   -..—,-.; , ..Ti.-.„ ..,.,,..,, ...r.,, joyed looking at the very f be photographs.
Mrs. jAuguairattended the first school to   of Secheit'as 4t ..was in the early port of •
b«.;bui;i:'inVS'echeltv,;v ■::•/,;. ■ ''■, V./.'     .;.',:■....■ ■»«•'«'—"---■-■-•-«'-'-•»*«■ -—-^---- • -•
1 ijAmdng,! the; guests at the ■ birthday
Juhchfeoh were: Sister; Lucienno Trudoau,.
iVlcsda'mesi ■ Mary.;'Jackson; Madeline Joe,
li^arjorie August, yiolet Jackson, Louisa
Paul; Beatrice, Hucns, Margaret Joe, Sarah
■Paul;' Ruby P,aull, Stirah Baptiste, Tilliei
August,' Pat Mujiphy, Elsie,Jphnsphj Kay
Lemieiax andi A^a Dawe. Also invited
were' Mrs. Cariri<j Joe, Mrs, Jennie Erick-
son, Mrs, Corrine Jefferics, Mrsf. Sadie
Johnson nnd Mrs. Eliza August.
Beautiful. bouquets of spring flowers
graced the long luncheon table which was
centered "with the huge birthday cake
wbioh said simply "Hoppy Binthday,
Mom/,'..., ,  ,. ... ■-. ;.. ,,'■,..
, 'Hostcsa was Mrs. August's daughter
Mrs. Stella Johnson'assisted by her eldest
daughter Angcllno Johnson.   ,
, pThe,\BUC«rt- of honor received many
lovely glfti and later she ■entertained her
visitors by singing n very beautiful bo'Iio
ithe. century,' which Mrs. Dawe had brought
along.■' There was 'lots of reminiscing and ,'
chuckles over ■ amusing incidents long past
ns old friends bridged the years {which
separate three quarters of a century.
• . '■'   '■ ■'',..- .■'     ,  ■ .    .     .. ' '. :'   ",'■.- .■-. -    ']   '
Catholic Women's League \
schedules rummage sale
CATHOLIC Women's, League, Gibsons,
will be holding a rummage sale Saturday, May 3, in the Catholic Church Hall,
Park Road, Gibsons, from 10 o'clock in
the morning until 12 noon.
Items to be sold will include an oil
stove, card liable, clothing, books, toys and
New CWL officers elected at a meeting
held on April 10 are: Mrs. G. Boscr, presl-
, dent;  Mrs.  W,   Nygren,   vice- president;
Mrs. C.  Bulger,, secretary;   and  Mrs.  P.
Flnlhyson, treasurer.
WflOt to mokb; your home
larger, more comforroblo, moro
rno^ern/'. ' triors ". beautiful?
WhrJitovor Eiortio irtiprovcmcnt
project you ft«v#, Jo mind,
you'll find helpful ideda and
inforrnotion ar your one stop
• '".';•    euppllca efjop '     ■
Peninsul-ial' (Eluildiilig-
Phono 005-9669
...    SgCHEtT,(.B.C. ...
Scchclf, B.C, fbono 885-9343
;;   'THE STOflE' PEQPLE KEEPV,,   .'.' ':
.     COMING BACK'TO   • •"!
MOTHER'5 DAY MAY 11fh-Cards, Gifts
for Motfibr
m^m mmrnrn - mmm}i mm
;; ; •     COMMENCING SEPtEMilEiir 1969.
->■""•',.)   .r"ir.i > ••
»i»0'»''P'»'pi'i|"»M"pi mil wjf Piwut niwimw ■ »>
Sun Glasses, Hara, Caps, tor
all ogci. Sco our DJfplay of
Beautiful Incko Pottery,
,   '   '•■./'  ',  ■    ■■■,*;  • •
<—n»»w»ni»inn»m>»niiiMni»4.|inui«,i]»'<i,iiiii im ii
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■ i
I '   " ■* Ai '
* ■   1
■? t
' "■■»   4T"
/"   7.*'*  ■ •:  *        k.       .j.'* ^"* " •.« ^ --   £[ '      "      *■ ■
i    !-       .      ■-<'  „t,^h\^K'&^&r-&F^^'>   *     '*.'--■
• a programme doloncd ipeclflcolljr for a
colleao preparatory education, preparing boys
for Canadian and American universities,
* a fully qualified academic staff drawn from
icvorol different countries. Each of S houses
<    ha« a moiron. Resident Reglitered Nurso lr»
;■ -(<rier)pja ef Hfafih.     .'j,,..:,,.,,,
<k Tho prepent M**d«nt l>o<!y includes boye tram
tattcm Canada to the; Far Ea»t-r-from Alaska
to South America. Some applications already
in for 1*7S. t
An athletic Programme which Includes rugby,
rowing, track & field, basketball, cross-country running, cricket, gymnastics, squash, tennis, badminton, volley ball, field hockey,
weight training, sailing, trampoline, hiking,
climbing, Indoor shooting, etc.
140 acres of land—all of It In tho country—
with water-front on a lake 4 miles long.
Include* 13 acres of playing fields,
a broad bobbles programme; Including Photo-
eraptty and Film-Society, Outdoors Club,
Music, Drama, Writing, Woodwork, Stagecraft, Chess Club, Stamp Club, end others.
,»..0i^@^i»t4-'Cult».i»l ■#rid..'*lMet-k-ti8#rf-tO' lur^pO'-rrery' two years,' ■
For illustrated prospectus, applications and ontranco
requirements write*or.telephone
The Registrar
.; ; , .,'■.   Shawnigan Lake School)
743-SS16 . :••'•,
IMfi   .l^it   ^>,S^
i^MMP^tr^^ -
n,^Vn*«!i**im!*M*' J"*" "*~* "■
I   *KJMf«"-^tt*l«1^'*>* ps" **-**V0-r4
». >«l>)w**^''ft''lp,«^,,»"**,r**,"***,*,
w*M*.m-««^**iw'*<(^h»J,**u*f^'**^'S >r<^(.*.K|»!iBii»«nwi«( ^.j-S^^^uW* (1  -Vj  -8  ���81  i  4wiih to. **-*y  ^ *- * ���   �����  j%<s&& ; : "   the PiriMiufd f l^es  Wednesday, April' 23, Iffiffi ,     ,  Readers' Right  Behind the scenes  '"Editor, The Times, . >    v  Sir���May I through your carper answer  .- .the letter written by Mr. J. S. Browning  regarding the cruelty to cowboys by the  ��� bucking broncos.  If .Mr. Browning has nsver "seen an  injured bronc it is because he did not go  behind the scenes.  Moments before st horse is let out of  the chute, attendants, suddenly clinch a  budbng strap a'round the animal's body  in the area of the large and small intestines.  This strap is cinched to unbearable  tightness. Sometimes a sharp "pointed'  piece' of wire is placed under the flank  " or buck strap to add to the torture.  v To further ensure that the horses  and bulls Used in bucking exhibitions  will run into the arena, bucking constantly as if wild, sometimes electric  prods are applied to their bodies where  'electric shocks cause the greatest pain.  Mr. Browning is right when he says  that cowboys are injured during a rodeo  ' performance,  but  he should  remember  - that unlike the cowboy,- the animals involved most certainly cannot voice ftieir  " disapproval as to the way they" will be  ��Ji^|Mm.|.iiim.��1 <,r-yS,ipti..  '     '^  * Jfc*c V"W*�� *^ A*r*ft-**iJ  it*.  /l#*��s!fe*-sj{>is>fjs^^ *fcj  psossj^*1       �����"'Mr-   ������*     p ���������        r1  ��"��wsjifl      ***f  ���> w  > -w JSp,   J.  ��tf  V  lON**"  >  ���5*  ><?  J  ^jBJJJ %a fa^jfe .^;  )  ���< >  ���*  ^  J1 f  "J��t  '>ft^-*  '   .  V  *  1  ��^-  ��1  1  1  -1  THREE -Sfechelt teachers,' Dale Frarikliii,.  , Malcolm Mactavish. and^ Eugene Ya-  >    blonski, attenrjed the Sard Annual J3eu\  1    eral Meeting of ,the B.C.^Tearchers, Peder*  ation, held ih. the frotel-Vancouver April  7 7 ia   ' "       *        "��� *    > ?  ,.   .Mohdijfy was "Professional Day-'v Pea-  ture speaker - was.Lloyd 'A. Dennis, co-  chairman on 'the Ontario Royal; Commi9-  5   Jsion on Education, ahd one of the authors   record in support of  of 'that1 commission's report,' "Living 4and   f^-Cu-rtictifdm' '  Learnirrg."' Mr. Dennis' theme was basic-   a) preschool ediicatior. for alt chUdrfen  ally, that foo^ rirapy. teachers/, are ^tiickirs   b) a family life and se>�� edtioatlon pro-  1    grani as parVof the curriculum,  c) pUb|ic. schools Inat ate primarily concerned wifch gehciial ediioatidn and noi  in con'trdll 'of eniry'to jUie profession, jn  the Jrainifig^��ui.d  appreritieeship' of  leathers, in odfitrolof- incompetehce,  ''and above dll, in having iihe right to  , * assist students' to an education appropriate to ithetri, riot t6 d system,"  During, *he three-day business session  following    Monday's,  prqfessiohal    rjay  teacher delegates debated ahd went on  a rut, use cumculiim giiides/as. d('bibl6f  andT'.are to intent on, making ^neir own'  jbibs.easier. 'Essentially; Kis'mei^age1 UO-  teachers was:v "Ease- Ofr' dn thei forrnal^ for s^fficjobimTning"^  teacjiing (and Help get ihe learnin^process ii-^ftules. oi CoOneil el PujbiSc Inifruction  mto full swing- ( ^ - > f.': ,.-, ,a)>eh'ane;es put would,delete regulations  , BCTF president, Tom; Hutcnisoty in / -' requiring weekly flag raising services  his actdress to teachers, covered 'a broad,  b) removal 6f���ithe section relating to exer.  ^���Hr*****  Derform for the thrill-  made to  viewers.  Humane human-beings are not only  concerned with bucking exhibitions but  with steer-busting, chuckwagon racing  and calf roping. In steer-busting,' the  steer is roped around the horns, head or  neck and slammed to the ground on its  back or side by a rope that twists its  head around in.a neck-'breaking jerk ai  about 50 m.p.h.  In calf roping, the baby cow is subjected to great terror, pain and in many  cases the young animal has his neck or  back broken.  Actual pictures are available taken by  humane organizations officers showing  the horrible injuries performing animals  have receved.  I would like to suggest to Mr. Browning that instead of a look of satisfaction ~  on the face of the horse in defeating his  tormentor, the expression would indicate  his relief in knowing that at last there  might be an end to the harassment and  pain.  .    Sincerely and humanely in service,  (Mrs.)  ROSEMARIE McGAVIN,  i.. Counsellor.  OUtia^e  Editor, The Times,  Sir���The screams of outrage from  Messrs. Peeney and Watson over the salary to be paid to an assistant at the Regional District leave me cold. What is so  outrageous about $4.00 an hour these days  for a well qualified man. It is not a question of whether taxpayers money is going  to be^ spent but .how wisely and in my  opinion the BoaroTh'asshowji sound judgement���infe^iorv help js always false, economy.     .    '  .'"."''  However, to ray astonishment I find  that Mr. Feeney receives what amounts to  $8.o6'an;hour for-sifting on the Board and  Mr. Watson had no- qualms it seems about  accepting twice that amount while he  was a member of the same board. ��Surely  this is a "high price in anybody's mohey  to pay for unskilled men. What makes  these men ednsider themselves worth it,  fat foeaifc and Mid rriouths are no indication of intelligence.  CONPORT (Vancouver)  Editor's note ��� Board mehib&fs receive  $25 per meeting and at the time Mr. Watson was a member, meetings lasted between four and five hours.  Podr cowboys  Editor, The Times,  ���Sir���Regarding the letter from Mr.  ���Browning concerning rodeos. I tarn afraid  Mi*. Browning does hot know very iriWch  about the inner workings of this most  inhumane type of "sport."  As <to his remarks about the poor cowboys, it would be a good thing to rerhem-  bor that the cowboya arc not forced to  partake in rodeos, the animals have no  choice. ,   ,  (MISSy MARGARET McINTYRE  Elphinstdae presehls  2J�� ill sfar dfaifia night  Special Guest.  THERE' will "be no" ''restricted* sighsMvlay  . - 1st. "\yhen, Elphinstone ..School,present .  three plays .on Drama Night.^'-  ' ,Excfijement"'iVinounting;as. drama" students,; directed t by _Mrs. Postlethwaite, go  into ,the final week of rehearsal.  _  --- Grade eight pupils arercaught up in  the fun of a  hillbilly play, /'It's Cold  "in Them Thar'Hills".- Shakespeare's witches go modern in the, grade.nine.and  ten/presentation of "She Was, A .Lazy  Witch.',' Those .Who. like, suspense, will enjoy a change of pace in "High;-Window",  directed  by ,Mr. Cpwell *of .the: Drama  Club.  Interlude music will, be supplied by  the school band,  ~ -For those who find -'Adult Only* and  'Restricted' signs have discouraged family movie-going; * this promises to .be a  good night out for all... be there Thursday, May 1st, at 7:30. p'.m. at the  Elphinstone School Auditorium. Adults  50 cents, children' 25.  executive ^'secr^iary" Mss" EieaAor Joariflfe, Hotflu^f.  'Graham, _|as!t>eefc; r Betted; from1       " *"  V  !Gra-  Mrs.  spectrum of educational" matters,  highlights; , ' ��� -  1) Critics of the BCTF Commission  Some*  on  eises prior io Vicioria ��� Day that bear  directly on! $e,hi:stdry. arid resources of  Canada and the British Commonwealth,  in order to promote "a1 spirit of true  ^    _____       palxibtisWa^d^lOyalty.^*.      *  ' the reporto^^NOT^ s'Wtenientof-BCTF , ' K 'Botli oCt��e'ioregoing"rules. it was felt  ��� policy; Jbu#IS\an\atteiT)pti��^ ineffective and  ted.  Education; report,., "Involvement,'* had  fHeir a'ifention-Smwh ��tO ifie'-fdc, -'that*.  ,- J  reflects^ opinions ;o| other- interested - ^^enslons ' :  .&gJ8&-��^L��&^:& -'��La.: -.1 -Inequities.ari  preparaxion.       v      .-^r- -       - ��^es"pT'p^sals^fp�� improvements  JtolSSS^*^^ leg!?laXve,-changes   were  rting: ,*5For;!the firstafmewni^iory" -" - ��� ��� ���' -."->-���'"-'  Tive^in.a ^ietV'vvtiieh'^akraffaM - .IVr-Op6>?alina.Heferehaa  '   ;<-  Contact-lenses: lVIini-monocles.  CHANGES vin;the field .of'health science  " are affecting'the nursing jprpfession  which now recjtrires a-gre_ter percentage  of nurses "WjTO"have received their basic  preparation in* a university sdiool.  - Guest speaker at the April meeting of  the Sunshine CdastrEegistered Nurses Association, Miss Eleanor Graham, executive  secretary of ihe Registered Nurses Association of B.C, .stressed the h'eed for more  baccalaureate shufses in the pwifessioii  . Speaking/to about twenty nurses a*  the meeting held in the Welcome Cafe,  Gibsons, last week, Miss Graham stated  that the supply, of nurses today is better  than ii has ever'been since the depression  days.. This year the B.C. Institute of Tech*  $63,000 fund a . ��  To'make ah effective "UgKthtttise" to  guide you back to camp at night beating  authorities suggest 'lining a wdodeh box  with aluminum foil and placing a lantern  inside.  SECHELT Sclwxrt District's reserve cap-  V ital'ftmd was explained to; The-Times  by* secretary-treasurer 'J. ��� Metzler, last  week. The'fund is made up' from previous  referenda7 surplus And refunds of federal  and provincial taxes. In the case of referenda surplus, 'half the money was an  actual grant from the provincial government, for in previous referenda the provincial contribution was fifty per, cent of  capital costs. In future referenda the  provtrttiarsbafe'will -be- 75 -per cent' of  capital costs. _  This fund which now stands at $63,000  has been, invested, in short. erm treasury  notes where" it earns - a substantial interest and is available for emergencies. Asked what wpuld be considered an emergency, Mr. Metzler explained .that often  expensive items of equiprhent are required  which could be purchased from this fund.  This would mean that instead of taxpayers  paying the full cost of the equipment  which could happen if it were included  in non-shareable section of the budget,  they would be purchasing it on a shareable basis. , ,  Such a fund is permftted by the Provincial Government.  fcdRHECtioft >  Capital .funds were used on extras  spent at Elphinstone, Gibsons and Lang-  dale schools, During August lffC8 Seh66t  Board meeting, trustees gave approval for  temporary fcoriov/irig' 6p refefehduni' No.  6 under section 190 oi PurMic Schools Act  for! expenditure/of $7,926 at Etph'iristyfte';  $1,573 at Gibsons Elementary find '$2,36tf  at Larigdalcj the��� necessary-ou'ib!pjt;ity was  never obtained but the money had actu-  nologjrtwilf/hold,its iirst graduation'ceremony tor seventy students who have completed the two-year program -iri general  nursing.   -  Preparation for practice as a registered  nurse is also provided in six schools of  nursing,, financed and 'controlled by general nospitals in the province. These are  three-year programs f ocussed primarily on  meeting r,(the needs of ihe patient in hospital. Miss Graham said that the RN.A.  of B.C. hopes that Regional Colleges will  eventually iake over the hospital programs, reducing them to two-year courses.  The university course takes four years to  complete.  Miss Graham said there is still a shortage of,male riurses although there has  been some^ianptoveirJent in the number  entering the profession.  Outlining activities of the professional  nurses lassoctotidn, the executive secretary  stated 'tiiat RNABC is active in two main  areas���under a public act of the Legislature it scrutinizes the calibre of people  (admitted -iiito'tthe Association both to safeguard the-public and the profession itself.  It talso supervises schools of nursing in  the province."  .-   ., - ���    _-. . - _. _._. ,,_.    , ,..     2.'!*   ". The other field of activity covers things  April meetmg.of the' beard, expenditures' ��� whicli, ^^rs want the Association to  given in, the  minutes  are:   Elphinstone    do; ^^r ^^ have bee,, ^prized  in conjunction with the extension dept. of  j UBC.   It provides bursaries and loans to  members'; trperates a placement service ior  Board Secretary-explains  reserve' capital: sittlatidh  the: <ndeal:for-manF'Studeirts^OTVer- - <^.7l" ^^MfeS6:^^ and  ���   sity preparation.  "  3)   Mr.        -'���--���  qtfoting        _        we live^in.a society''wffieh'eanrafford; ^IVr^apefcaHnii;Heferehda  mass education, <which'.yialues'"eduea-' * Seven-School 'districts "face, severe cut-  tionv but which' is hi danger of turning '-��� backs hu educational" progress due to de-  off students, because its/ concepts; &of' f���^t of referenda for operating .expenses,  education no longer, correspond with' Teachersiix Powell River and Kitimat have  the realities of 1969." .     \ <��   f>    *    '  voted .to strike it the 'crisis at ithe Ibcal  4) The 1968 Educational Finance formula: > level, is. permitted to continue; and pro-  "A giant step badkwards.. .4. hidrvidu- : posed cutbacks take place; and the derealization and change are m the/ air/;,,' gates, at, ithe, 'Annual .General Meeting  a formula that looks to -average prac-* unanimously voted BCTF support iri their  face." In other words, our government^;  is more concerned with talking of j?  equalizing educational oppcoitunity,'-  while in feet it is trying to hold down'  educational costs. 25 percent of the ���  population is in school! A million dollars a day cost is quoted by politicians.'  This is $2.00 a day per student!,  5) The averaging principle is shown .tb'be/  unworkable in several cases.  For ex- '  ample Kitimat: with 220 pupils more  .than Castlegar, it gets $80,000 less for  its basic education program.  The antiquated and moribund introduction of  attempts Ho preserve-quality education in  their districts.       , v  -  Many business firms  assisted careers day  ARMED with pamplets, films and a  ... wealthv of, .information, officials of  training^ institutions and business firms  converged on- Elphinstone Secondary  Schpol Thursday, April 17, to participate  operating referenda' by the provincial' *�����,the 1969 Careers Day.  ally beeri spent. '/Trustees were again asked to sanction" the borrowing during last  $1,982.63 for building and $7,920 for equipment; Gibsons .$1,139,00 for building and  Langdale $2,369,00 for equipment.  INVITATION  - The press has-been invited by the Board  of School Trustees to attend "committee of  the whole" sessions of the Board.  The letter of invitation states: "It is naturally understood that the courtesy of the  press would respect the need for privacy  of the subject matter in these sessions. It  is hoped a better understanding of the  reasons for some of the decisions of the  Board win ensue. There may be the odd  occasion   where    personnel    disciplinary  Eroblems might, exclude the press and'the  oafd ieds you will understand the position in such instances." v  w^'yy'-Tj   J%*��ag^gft^��,,iiliu) J  fiiiirn rJiraHJ  members; welfare fund and is active in  labor rela'tions'. In ��� conjunction with the  B.C., 'Hospitals, Association it has set up  an eighVweek Intensive Care Training.  'Education programs, said Miss Graham,  are geared to providing the best possible  care and a growing number of hospital  v adm'inifitratibrs recognize the value" of al-  lowing staff nurses the necessary time to'  improve their nursing techniques at such  courses. '  [ Members of the local Chapter took the  dpp'ortunity to ask their visitor a number  of questions and expressed  pleasure in  ���the visit.  _.,A-   *���...���. .j.    .   ..^-^  '^^'i&^P-^ms^.'^^r.k.mv.^^a  foote's  YGO0EDS  cmbltoen Mm mw&ms  IMBiBS9  WEAH  Phone 8^6-9994  Sunnycrest, Shipping Centre  At V^tiR Popular  LUMdER AND BUILDING  ,  . SUPPLIES   Sefvirig ,TM Siinshino Coast"  rmW ililLPING  C05-22G3 - Scchclt, B.C.  government for districts wishing to  have a better than basic program is*  going to have this effect in Kitimat.  In September 1969, 40 fewer teachers,  300 more students! Kindergartens are  going to disappear! Department of Education courses will! be reduced! Authorized libraries will be there, but no  librarians! Teacher aides %frl xfisap- '  pear! -Substitutes will,-be available in  - emergency situations only! Distriet em- ���  ployer specialists will disappefur! In a  short time, an educational iightihouse is  reduced to an educational slum!  6) Mr. Hutchison suggested that lack of  ���reaction from trustees with regard to  the finance formula is rather startling.  "They have been virtually silent on  the plight of those districts ithttt now  face dilution of the educational program entrusted to boards. If they can't  protect education, they're useless."  7) "Teacher power is only beginning, . , .  "   It's the pdwer that comes from corif-  fidence in;professional preparation and  experience. ,. . , It means a constant  effort to educate ourselves and the  public on the needs of education; . . ."  8) "We   need Wore   authority  in   many  , areas; in pensions .(poorest jn Canada),  t."^'.'-9.""gaBr'jf' '  i|ni*M^i'Wj.��^ipuy,fep  According to their pre-selection, students in .Grades 10, 11 and 12 attended  three sessions each dealing witn a different form of career. Speakers showed  films, outlined career opportunities and  procedures, arid 'answered questions.  Student"chairman introduced the guests,  and other, students proposed a vote of  thanks at the conclusion of the session.  Those participating were; Amalgamated .Construction; Association, Mr. B.  Law;,B.C.,Institute of Technology, Mr. T.  J. tField; BjC; Telephone Co., Mr. Simt>-  son; B,C,. Vocational School; Mr, D. Pea-  ersen; Canada.Manpower, Mr. W, White,  Mrs. K. Mercer; Canadian Broadcasting  Corporation^ Mr. Bob Service, Mrs.  Coiitts; Canadiari Forest Products (Howe  Sound Puljb Division) Mrs. Quarry, Mb.  R, DeLoiVg; Public Servite Commission,  Mr. JO, R. Lfearoyd,-International Business  Machines,1 Mr., Jack Fleming; Vancouver  School of Aft.Mf, Fred Peter; Vancouver  Voeational Iristitute, Mrs. J, T. Moore,  Mrs, ��� M. Baigerit���' St! , Mary's Hospital,  SecH61f, Mrs. "Gray; CapHano College,  Mh-Gjenesk", Prinfcipal, Mrs. Hutchinson.  All coneerrie'a felt that it was a worth  while.grojecl,,;/./._...      .  Brought to you by  th@s3 progfdsslv'c  places of business  F^reparaiiort  Next Saturd-ay. ..'Girl... .Gttides -..and  Brownies will bo conxluetlng.. tliel��r  Annual Cooki^l sale wliich helps raise  funds for Guide Cnrnp.4 rtrtd Attivlfe.  Getting ready for the big day and  hoping for good public support are  Secbett 1st Guide Company new leaders, Captain Lore'l'ta Copping and 1st  Lieutenant Lftrraino Sim helped, by  Judy Newton, Lorraine and Debbie  Nestman, Barbara Jackson and Bon-  ' nio' Whyte."  me  I  SOLKlit SERVICE SIAI50I  ' ������������'���' . 'i.^iiVfty 101  KING SIZED MEALS  AT BUDGET PRICES  ...   , i    at  MA BRIM  '6$ Hl��aH(WAV ibl ot SECHELT'  rOR TAKE OUT ORDERS      !  l��NdNE 0h-2311  STEREO - B & W 6nd COLOR T.V.  Fully equipped for Color T.V.  * Dcalori for  ZENITH - PHILIPS - RCA  FLEETWCOD  Better than fclty Prices  Phono 8��|S-2280.  GIBSONS, S.C.  V��dETA6L��S SPARKLE UNDER HONEY GLAZE  Traditional!/, wo think of honoy as a spread for toasf. buns ond pancake*.  However honey Is sd oood tqstlnfl and such a flrcot sourco of qdlck cnordy ft hos corno  to bo used In many other ways, One delicious uso for honey Is In ojailno oj veoetablcs.  Wilh Iho obunclance of fre^h vcoctahfes on tho market riaht now we worir to  servo them of��cr>. Thef.provide essential vitamins and minerals, arc easy on ��he pocket-  book on'd coojti ias^ino too."  '     " .   '.'   .*���''��� ! "*        -  (jbrirots, porsrii'ps sweotpotatocs, turnips ond squash are a few of the vegetables!  which fjlaza well. Tho extra sweetness of the honey alane often tempts small children  who ordinarily dor*'* cor vcaefables. Simply cook the vecjetobles fh bollina salted water  until tender crisp, Drqfrt; cidd feqiial cjuaritltik of honey apd butter o dash of salt ami  heat, stlrrlno constantly until tho vegetables ore shiny. One quarter cup each honey1  ond butter is sufficient for six ��� sen/fog*. Try adding a little orange or lemon rind, a1  dash of niitrneg of a littles' orongo Juice (or variety.  HONEY CITRUS BEITS  3 lb.frbh beet* (itrned.or 2 conil I tkp. cornttarch     ' .. ���-.   ...  , V* cup lemon Juice Vi Up, salt dash pepper  % ci/# orange Jute�� V* cup butter  2 tbtp, wJrt�� vinegar ��� % tsp each grated lemon ond orantfo  Btmwm  romras  W*&M  ' iFii^hU^H6 and  VISIT QUR.LARGE DISPLAY  OF TOP QUALITY NEW  AND USEDFLfrtNITt/RE  ApplidrrcfeS ri f.V, - Rfldlti  PU  ScchaJf, B.C.  ���*-��**��l*M'(..>.T  hKatmil &' siippyeis  Srierwiri Williams  Pdlnt Dealer  Phono GOfl-9333  GlhiMM, D.C.  a.j.,^l.>��i,iUM. ut.'tH;i.1l,}'>.  whm  Fashion is a byw&td  Smart Shoppers are  Mrid iit . i .  "   in   i ���.-i;'n.n,La  p��i��  souc<!pon���  Prepare, cook, drain and slice fre'.h beets. If canned, drain well. In  combine fruit |ulcea, vinegar, honey, cornstarch and seasoning. Stir until smooth. Brlna*  0 ri bki.-sUrritifr c��tetatiffy, cook i/nftlf sa��fee ft cl����ar hM tlilck! A</d feceji; butlef ami  fruit peel. H&*r*ta'*ervfr.a��ferflp^tur?. Serves 6.  -.' F^s'hGoin'.'Shoppe  ssarsJi  #���    ������;..     AV'Ll  WILL COMkftrtLY' INSTALL  A NEW SHELL FURMACE  Cort^etrj vyilH 611 fcurrter, duets  work arid oil tank In yoxir home.  Call Bud Kiewltz your Shell Oil  Dlstribufe  ^ *l��rll*l*<*Vi,it��i*H*lwi*ii����*��    ���*-"��     i  ^4.H*'i*J�� |^��K��**pmpiMHM*�� *&to,m*t*r>*** ijs^*^��w*V^^r *  **-wf(��*Pt��lf11 A ���***>, 11 W>V*% ^'tmr'f^^-ili r If^^ft-^ii^i^y ����*���*��* ��(i*jif* mJy*^i*w*Afl^^t*^)^ *.^Vi" *��� a***-" if  "^,'fif ^fxfr'i       '"A ' i,W*vt��*\%,B'/,",%*J'h "t ,  4*&tr vsVtfy ^V*^*"vi^ ^  v #����*���. 1*iF�� ��"*{��Wf iP^*%  f*"7'* Af  **irt?v* >��!��n(^f*wi��ti rmmfi*w  "���"#f*>��*<mi��>m f^r m  "^fffi^tf****?.  ^tTf^FM^ifi^^ ^W��HWV*���^��^^��*��,^^ U*v��4 ^Ag^U M</ t  ,-> \  **>���*��.���! V*"��","f*",i      1>      ���>��� U* fet ^*,  rv  ^^/ i^i*- *~,  "? ** ;"?"*?*' Y'r ff Y"<^^v*)>i*"j*v " -ff"*-f-Y ���  T .U       ,   |^,_..^      u  ~,t    ,        ^O^^i. .  . -,' -I. . 1  ���/���I,  ',  . >.  1  I *  J  jt   ���*    -��)��������     r-  ��p-   rf  i*;"��"-( --  ,7s  1        -��    <����  TNe ^uia .tiMtt s; * m pr C6sir$3mM0:+  -    Wednesday, April 23,1969 -  * ���  4  fC  i<  "if'J. -rf>  -r rv  S&heit Notes  iy{lSS>'Ai)ELj5i de Ljuijje of Wilson 'Creek  ammofli itidtisMmdldiif  water, poiiutioii"' projee  is hcrhe% again after a, trip rthat'started "     ��� .   ;' ~    >    <-   .  ���"-^ n>" when she left,for-��>aft Pfan-   ONE OF the largest projects, to -reduce * ocean inlet and an assured, adequate sop-  /     -  Ji  /.:  i  ,i  <r  f  t  0^  ���ry>  ;'-.*  Jantiaiy 2G  Cisco.-;.From .there she. sailed "ort a ship of ' water polltttioh at a'British, Columbia  the Pacific Par East Line, .Her first stop - industrial piant will begin immediately at  was at Yokohama, "from there, spe made the Alberni Pulp and Paper Division of  side trips to Tokyo, < Kobe, and to Kyoto MacMillan Bloedel Limited, at a cost of  the "old capital of Japan. Here she visited $3,500,000.  many of -the beautiful old shrines. The .Honorable J. V. Clyne, Chairman  It was a little early for the spring fiow- . and-Chief Executive .Officer of the Comers in Japan, in faet there >,was a -heavy pany, announced today that the project,  snowfall "in Kobe.  The next stop was at which will be virtually completed by mid  ply hi' 6xjrgeri .for fish.  , kacMijlan Bloedel will monitor the  effluent before ahd after treatment, tfie  tetter testing to take place both above  and below-the point where the purified  water' enters the inlet, tbv ensure the" Ireat-  meht system is functioning efficiently. The  Okinawa, the highlight here, Was a trip 1970, will greatly improve water .qua'ldty Company wul report these tests at regular  to the famous,Thieves Market, a huge in Albemi Inlet.and,ensure ,a healthful' intervals ,to the provincial pollution con-  place covering mahy aeresfr . _.     t1 , environment for migrating fish. , trol branch- ���      <���    -  On io\ SCtttH Vieth*am wbeife the iiav- The  pollution abatement installations      % "This' project is a fttajdr: undertaking  ages of wvi>ets visible.. Passengers Had will provide both primary and secondary ��� o^^he Company's part,*' Said Mr. Clyne.  to stay-below deck,while boats"ivere1 es- purifying treatment of 20,000,000 gallons ��^re have worked with fisheries and rqI-  oorted Mp. river to ^aiioh. ,JVom'-��aigoi? of process water used each day by the iution control-authorities to establish the  to Bangkok. Here .a trip was'made through    pulp and paper milX ; m0st effective 'nieahs 'of eliminating ,the  the candls to .the famous flpa'tmginiarjsets. in designing the .treatment plant Mac^    prob'^emuanci Ihe Corripahy is grateful to  s Mtes- de'-Lange  flew 'from Bangkok". to    Miilan Bloedel has had the assistance of    these authq'ritie&'ior their co-opeFatioh ahd  Smgapbretwhere she.sperit.fivedajrsrthen   th'e.foremost consultants in the pollution ' assistance." "��� .'-     ^  Started her ^trip ,,home .by,way* of, the    abatemeht field, said'Mr. ClyW The, de- ' ;,\^u^-nt.nia^ '.,'    *,-��,��� ^a**,! nr  PMiUntstaPs, *��*���.m���-,.����. -v M*M��r .��p   ^^ fo^ flnd ^commendatLons of tne    ^l^f^if^^SSf ^22?^ 1  rin^-Ht^^t- Ur,m<.u^^ ~r,a *t *v,a   MacMillan' Bloedel s. firm policy, to do  D SSST SJ^W P��v��Lt5 ��� ��*WtM*g wMclv impractical a��d possible  citeiJi- rn&&��'iei2z?r'rr' -t ~�� ^i���fcr'vri-',si�� "^"* ��s^ -���'^.j??^i1".1!*^.",1^ vif^^-��.y,y,��*?*t         ine comprenensive, lo-month program  7M^?SJS ^t-v'WPo '   r��rS ?^f^g- "?* slup' ^ ^ sightseeing there was more   ,wni raise MB expenditures'-to control air  ''   <SJ^'J^��S^r   ��V?-i    S ' Umite? ^^ she had e^Peeted.                    - and. water pollution at .the Port Alberni  r' ^frt^^^B;^{3HlCJ^:?0^��^^8 -MahyVfriends ofHWHss Heifrie'fcta Camp-    mill to a ��tal of nearly $10,000,000 by  jng-thera;"; stated Mr. Clyne.  /'Ttie /project < will' have ^ the, result in  layman's iterms, of preventing virtually all  , .,   Sports Club, 'ApriM^Lyle^Jenseiv 629    present time:, She left Toronto on Apru-l8���wilL7be-weil-past-$15^)0Q,O0Q-by-theT-end " &&' ''W&a&Jvfr^ U' Mfed 'S^'^r1-  ���,'CZSr," 2l^)7:(^HbH;McCoWt^61.7-^347). .' On a thi*e-week.trip-to .tnV-Holy' Land'. ' of I97ff. ,       ' -    ox^en\o>mand�� fr BOD;)   This shaip  -Glkdvs  Newman .275: .Ha*,! 'SfcW^'618    Tiaifeflirfe':W a�� -Mi*~fSrfJnhai. <�� ,1^        .Mr. Clyne outlined'the-features of the    ^^SX&^tj^^J^Sfe  new project- as -follows: liliet ?^^h? r^ers wluch enter the inlet;  '. '*Glady5..^ewm^n,_J275,"..Hazel. Blcyit��e?' 6*18 Travelling^ by' air "Miss * Carnpbell lis also1.  ? .'..(212, 226>;-'JacX\Elclred'.632 <2G1, tlS^til making stops iri Copenhagen; Cairo, and  " iMcCourt/65pv,(287),  Lionel McCuaigjBlS Athens.            -           ,        /         ,' ' ,  w(267, 296,'2J5)."'-      '                   ' < -',:'��� \ t A surprise biiSiday,visit to MrsV-Alice  1.   A-new��clarifier,-2p0( feet in diameter, will be.built at the mill site to re^- ���                         -.               .i*.���" ^  move silt and sludge. These solids will be . mag ���ftut/vvater studies -in the Alberni Ip-  e'L let sirtdfethe late 1939's, he ri6te,d. Varioui  said Mr>,Clytie'.  -"TheVlfeheries Department has been car-  * 2.'^ i. ���.   j.   _  :i_  *i._   Ait.'^i.!  fi  filtered, pressed and burned as'hog fuel  Olive'Pofte, arid^uby Breese.  High Average  Jngh average toophies-te sea-   ley  (high two.319);- Leonard^ge-^- McCuaig 253,'Lionei"McCyajg-803^(356).  ���son^at the Secheit Bowling Alley" are    (high' single 195).   Also rec&y,fcg?a  from left: Karen Spencer (H.A. 140);" ,-trophy is Kelly Allan (208).-v;7v/>  Kenny Casey (H.A. 123); Darcy Sfce-  i Ball & Chain; April' 13r-^Matfr Jaeger  7$3 (29i>, Carl,Kohuch 696"; Walter 'Ko-  huoh 704, Kathy Hall -622," (318)', Sharon  Middlemiss;"618- (276), Dave -Hopkins .-747.  ,\ .",Ball.& Chain, "April l��-^-Ol Lyrm 705  (302), Shirley Hopkins 660^298), Len ^ox  615   (27J9V Esther, Berry-686  (274V Pat  ;,-Porter 1636 (276), Matt Ja>^er ��� 630, (306),    Secheit Schpplrdisttict; tiOW retired.'.'  qdadys. Ritchie 663,(243).; .>;:     '"     -     ; Visiting Mr. and Mrs.iaclc W^aitesvis  Commercial,  April  10���Orv ��� Moscrip    Miss Margery Mellish of Vancouv;e|,.a sjs-  , 681 (27P), Al Lymr 673 (278X,MUdred.Tttr-    ter of Mrs. Whaites.  ner 777 (348), Fern Taylor 609 (264), Buteh SorryvtoVreport -several of our residents  in hospital,1 Mr. Joe Grelgsoh: :aiidkMrs.  Harvey HuJ*bs in St.. Mary's;.jMrs^Dick  aoua  Tli   ctortRell   water] "alcff with ^^^^J^^^J1^  Waterfromanotherclarifierwhichalrea'dy ^^ ?f?K?,fc^?jSl%t  -., .     x       .-,-...        is inopeTation at the mill, will be pumped ml ^J,��^-newXmc-^A%l  . Guesti,from Q% British' Qm^ote^in    by pipeline to a^-aere aeration lagoon ���d, H*1 & ? T^^ ^P3** riiei^  Selttie Mrs.;J. *%**&&,&& vMth    which wS? he bulft o^landTSosfthe" ?^oS ^atirig the ���ffluent were e3cam'  'her cousin, ,'Mrs. Alice French, ��Iso. Miss    Somass River from the mill. med' -    - ,   .    . ,     ,.  t^J^FSfii La?��^ B;C-' * ��T MTS' 3-   In ^e aeration lag��on a secondary        As a result; the project aruiounced to-  ?JfZ 5   ^n of^neouver who was     treatment will be carried out oii.the ef- <3ay waf selected. Although it will be a  SL^ if q tf^^JStif S-ng^f? ��f    fl"^ During the four to five days whieh more expensive undertaking, it is the only  Secheit School-district: *ow retired,. ft ^R ^k   ^     ffl        ^   pass through positive'solution to the problem.  the lagoon, the oxygen [content of the effluent will be replenished by the action  of mechanical aerators floating on the surface. These devices, each powered by, a1  75 h.p., electric ^motor,' are designed to inject large volumes-of air into the effluent  The'iiew project will be carried out by  MB,in co-operation with" the federal fisheries and provincial pollution control authorities and MacMillan Bloedel will pay  the'full cost of the .project.  1MB officials estimate that because! of  Half moon Bay Happetiiti0  i^iU  - -ft. i  Commercial,' April 17���ATati Hemstreet    Clayton is/^. patient in St. ViruE9ents,f.Van-    to accelerate the normal rate of, oxygen   peculiar ' geographic aftri cUmatic condi-  673 (275), Charlie Mittlesteadt 732- (277)',    couver,; havjng undergone surgery. , - take-up .by the effluent.  The lagoon will   tioris in the Alberni Valley it lias beer  _/hii;- l:_ on a  mr��    At ex u_c nnn Thejalarni-Clocks were busy this;morn-    hav*�� a eaoaritv of iflo.nno.nnn tfatirnis. .^,r��,m, fn. <*<& r<AMnni�� in ��.<���;��) wrh  ing- a> a.' cKaiterecl biis leflron. thej^first  ferry with some forty delegates from the  s^1-  ON APRIL  -by      '���  ���hostess  Iiarry MoHose. Mrs. McHose received  many ibeautiful gifts from' 'the 10 people  present and(several others ���* unable to attend. I  and near.  .Eve Moscrip.664 (253), Al.Strachan.799  (290),, CauleenMcCuaig 818 (267, 296,-.255).  Ladies Tues., April 8���Esther Berry'664  ....   (223, 209, 232), Nora Leitner 602 (249), Syl-  *- L<f-7 - via- Jones 629L (253),  ���.    kA     < ��B*��-f riii"'-   '   Ladies Tues., April 15���Esther. Berry  ���by Mary 1 irtUley     ;614 (267), Lil McCourt'617, Maig Esbley  Wed, April 9���Hazfel Skytrte "657.  Cathy Hall 671 (267), Rose Harrison'  *,c:  senited   , Garden Club last Saturday,1-with exhibits' Bulllis 254, Cathy Hall 255,' Ruth Marsh  Refreshments were served smorgasbord    from two oi ��Ur most famous gardeners,   '317  style and the table centrepiece was a cake    Mrs. Janet Allen and (Mrs." Greta Jorgen-' '  decorated in blue ahd pink with the words    sen. It was" a''bilsy weeliehd for Mrs. Allen"  who also bad open house on Sunday for  hospital ^auxiliaries.  They attended^a* regional*', meeting of the hospital at White  Rock,-, with a tour of the Peace Arch Hos-  pital jioefuded. ', " \  \ Secheit T.O.P.S. (take of pounds sensibly)" club is holding weekly meetings At  St. 'Hilda's Ariglican Church Hall oh Wed;  oxesday afternoons at 1.p.m..starting, this  Wednesday, j Anyone 'interested in losinlg  Ladies Wed, April 1(5���Jean Robinson    weight' please' attend or for inforniatiori,  612 (250), Eleanor Gritt 710  (310), Lois    pho?te 885r2282 or 885r979.8_  been  have a capacity of 100,000,000 gallons. necessary for the Company to spend more  4. In the final stage the clarified water, money on pollution control at the ,Alberhi  injeoted with' fresh oxygen, will be re- Pulp-and'Paper Division,- than has been  turned to ,the' Alberni Met and rapidly spent on any .forest, products mill in Brit-  dispersed by the prevailing tidal currents ��� ish Columbia, and possibly more ithan his  and. the" fiow from the Somass River,   , . been spent on any forest products hull in  The result will,be cleaner water in the Canada,        -   .   ,_   .  662.  "Welcome Little  Stranger."   It was the  gift of Mrs. Ed. Towers of Vancouver.  Last weekend Mr, and Mrs. Fritz  Leuchte made the first visit to their Welcome Beach home for many months. Mr.  Leuchte, who is making a wonderful recovery after his serious heart attack, is  planning to retire and it is good news for  Welcome Beach that he and Mrs, Leuchte  plan to make their permanent home there  in July,  . Frederick Blechmann of Sun Valley,  Idaho, in Vancouver on business, made a  flying trip to Welcome Beach to visit his  mother-ln-l(aw, Mrs. Roy Holgate. Oh behalf .of himself, his wife, Clarice and  daughter Claire, ho sends greetings to all  their friends in the district and regrets  that he did not have (time on this occasion  to visit them.  Claire, who lias been a visitor to the  Welcome Beach home of her grandmother  since her babyhood, is now an expert In  skiing nnd was recently chosen from a  large number of aspirants to take part In  ski championships in Alaska.  Mr. Bledhmann is shortly retiring, but  he nnd his family will continue to make  their home in Sun Vnlloy with which ho  and his wife have been associated for  over 30 years.  Mrs. Penny Ncwcombe wns hurt when  the car driven by her husband went o"/f  the road and hit n roclt bluff near Scchclt  - on April 12, The Neweombes, who were  spending tho weekend nt the coUngo of  Mrs. Newcombe's mother, Mrs. Wendy McDonald at Rcdroors, wore returning from  ft wedding In Secholl when tho nraldcnt  occurred. Mrs, Ncwrombe was able to  return homo after thieo days in St. Mnry's  Ilo.spitnl.  Ken Moffntt made n flying trip <o the  Bay to visit hla mother, Mrs. Stan Mof-  fiUtlast week.  Charles Tlnkley colebnued  |*iiihimiiiiiii ��� in. i 'r"rf-*��."inriifiwnn>fii��nmtLmfM'��itWji  . To keep the ends of synthetic ropes  members of the club to see ber magnificent such as braided polyethylene from uhfavV  snow of daffodils and narcissus.             '. eiing( authorities recommend m'elting the  One report has been received of geese ,ends in the flame-of a match or cigarette  flying north on April 15.                    s ;' . lighter.  ���  ��� '"^Teloome to Secheit���Mr. and Mfs..C.  B. Mark from Kendal, Westmorefand yin  the La#�� District Of Great Britain. Mr. and  Mrs." Mark are visiting ifcheir son and  daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Derek Mark  who recently made their home in Secheit.  Potatoes provide bulk for good digestion. ,--   . ��� ��� ��� .  M.v^i^.^^^^  unsHirt mm mmm mwm  i coast m%mm rmnu  m  The April 25fcli meetihg o# ^e.^egSoBiai'^oatrd^liss Ue&n  postitoned. The Board wEBi-i?te$t at]'%Y$'PJttU-majf $M&t  &969.  I CHARLES F. GOODING,  Secretory  e  fe^��^^��^i!fit?S!MS^^  V'-lf"  ���;,,;'%    *'<.    ,  f ' ',   ����< '',   \*'    '*{  O  I  Bib Waiting  TBie Times  Classified  alee Yon  Money!  SSS-SSS4  Becouse w5 ^o^t iliaVe to spend  bf of litlmef ort^this ��1/ery year,  ,    Undwmealn the familiar Volkswagen y��u fn*Wofduiside^liH��\r^(ioe*ionlooKiigprotly  ,1h!r& never' dianflles yoOlt find something., much ttagMnb from tesfli year to tisdriftxt, -  quite surprlsmo:             i           -            ��� Wlifcb; 61 course, wo* the whofoJdoa.  Ayblbwafjenthatdoos, -    , Becduttf Jf��Jt hiedn*  ll^af  this  yltar's  .' Ovter lbs v?ears; we've made more Ihpn Volbwageri won't h��mxl year's has hom^  4,500'chanfjes to Jt.                                 ' And It ut&o meoris tho* when yot�� don't  .    Every ono an Improvement.   ��� ' hove to work on Ihe way it looks, you mm  ituf hi fpit��4of all thOift fhdn'oot going on, work that much harder on Iho way it work*.  So oven though tho WV g��ts Hordeola T*rK  prove every yeQr;everyyear w^ tryfcttrdV  to Improve it.�� (   , \ ,��'  Which puts us af�� bit Of a disodvoofa^tt  compared to the other carmakers ���      '"  tliey [ust havo to Worry about foyj*  dotnrj each t>\hm. ;   ,     ^^ ,  We have to worry about out-rldrnfj m.  i ;  i i *  ,: \ Ht Af #i *>vt��r mywi mMnv^ cartel tr,e^v-t-: w* ^, tv ����� *.�� **�� > * K .* r*& h  ^^M*j*h��1^^^Uf^^^^^fc^^jj^11^*^^  L.  ��� ��-��������, Jm mimti*->��  T  ^Xmw<SjW  ^w>��fcsfaM-iiiw���^��i��J  ��H^'^��<*^^V*��**'',*��rf'M^^  tf^9^Vt&.WJ**kl*stoi>lf^1*4l **/  m-^j, J*i j*^^,,*^- *�����"  i. j*. pp����^��rrt�� jtf*M-.#*^��"|li|^��l,^'Pi��J**'p**-J��'*.i����^"st-i.  -, ^^i^^,^.,^J^^B)^^^l^!��fW������^��^������*��.^lM^��rf^<^*^cW'  "fr't-W  a,.-��,  .**Mplfl!%4,)M^��*��^*T,^ ��(*(.(*��^��t^l*(��^J.^Hi��J*��*��l(*'T"  ���'P.I j'."*^  ^*^U..  11  ���3ftsge/B-*$  The Peninsula times  e Ship's  1*..  . i   .   i ���    . ���  i��f~ - '   -^ ii . �����  '<t,���'  -     . '  '' is'.    , j-\<, *     ..   <��� '  ���^ed��>e^^y/A|r5rir23; M9;  :l ^i  * ^ W .*. *�� �� *. w <  hopefully for some glimpse of what was   Hvay>"jand,' 'trying*rtoo'*hard:to'1 sljow his  happening   as .they   passed   the   police   ^brlety, stumbled- alojig' the dock. When -  j_.����� _���_* ��.--_.. ���^ ���u:t v..i^��*��    ^ -reached-the raft', "hevstopped: ,Ten feet',  <����elow - hircu the^other   deckhand -had ���.  climbed onto it. <But while Max debated <  ^LOw^tp*climb" down-lie*leaned "out too]far  and tumbled headlong 'into the.harbour.*���  Spluttering'��to .the J-surface-'of the  oily'  Water?, he wis met. by the* sound, of our  laughter. ��� Very lupset;" Maxwell   Hillier '  returned aboard the Ntiig. He had never  fallen 'in in twenty,��$ye years at sea.' How  we laughed J-   '~   '*".���*/���'  '  '   .When Max .and Imparted company he  looked; well. He was "happy, exuberant,"  cruiser and the" red and white ambulanee  parked at the' curb.- The revolving light  on the roof of the ambulance swept ac*  ross sallow faces peering.from nearby  windows as it flashed its red warning..  . .Two -.policemen in white- helmets  pushed back the onlookers as two white-  capped ambulance attendants' appeared  in the* doorway of the seedy east end  hotel, wheeling a loaded stretcher. They  rolled their burden through the apathetic  crowd'to where the back of the jambu-  lance was open; waiting to receive it.  A  grey  blanket  completely  covered    looking-forward to returning to Haida  Brave, following tjie. time'off'he had accumulated. ��� We /shook hands and ��� he  shouldered1, his olive-green sea-bag and  strolled up the "dock. One week later he  was "dead. ' ' *'''��� ' ""i , ' ' > ,  _' The news of "hjs~death,distressed me  greatly. He had made a profound impression 'on, me. The" tragedy of Maxwell Hillier is that beneath the" material realities  the "stretcher as it was hoisted into the  back. Thedoor was swung closed and the  ambulance, its warning light switched off,  eased into the traffic. In the'back, his  troubles now over, Maxwell Hillier was  being -.ushered through the darkened  streets -of Vancouver to a final destiny.  On title sidewalk the crowd dispersed, each  person-"-an entity���shuffling to individ-  ��fi\  .VT"  r  \     ��1J"<*  *i*jivtp ,/:  ,Vi    ' j    -1*1.  "���-i-     "if  1,1  fas.*  %. -t    *. ' '"**    S"*- **" 1  bered> . ^ '-'QoodbyeMax."  */"OdiTSciecce: That smali'inner' voice that  gives you the.odds.  z r ,,'"..  Ual oblivion through rain-soaked neon of his sordid* ekisfence," a. man of fragile  streets. The rain was coming down hard- tenderness,'arid Vrare 'capacity for comer. -    -      ' passion���a good man'yvi'th"a good heart  MaxwelTHillier died as he had lived   ~f^ unrecognised an<.ynfulfiUed: . .  ���in' a lonely, artificial world. He died    &- ^^t.^.^^here he is buried,  from an overdose "of heroin. He said he    9* h���� , signed the^icles and paid off"  had; given the stuff up; he-'really thought    ~hls.' troubles oyerf He will be remem-  he could kick the habit.  "' He was a man of about' forty, .short  in stature, bespectacled, thinning black  "hair streaked with grey. Born in New-  foiihdland, he lied about his age at fifteen and shipped out aboard a whaler.  The sea was all Maxwell "Hillier .ever  knew. \' ' -   _   ,  Times were hard in the Newfoundland "of (the 'thirties'and there.were'too  many mouths - to feed in" the Hillier  household. J There was no time, nor, the  facilities, for a formal education. Max  left school very .early; there was a large  family to maintain and' every codfish  caught in the line-slashed mess of Max's  bleeding hands meant food for/one. of his  many brothers and sisters. More often  than "not; the playground for young Maxwell Hillier was the, gut-strewn 'bottom  boards of a small dory skiff.' - ;    ...  He never left, the sea Wandering  froni ship to ship, port to port, hotel  room to hotel room, he_ never called any*  one. place home. Maxwell ~ Hillier sbon^  melted, like a sugar, cube in liquid, into  the 'perma-transieht .world of dead-end  streets and gutters with"curbs.like"sheer  canyon walls.- It was inevitable' that he  should eventually arrive, in Vancouver.1  . Ii came* to know -him" only a -few1  months ago. We were shipmates. He was  my deckhand on the deep-sea-tug.Haida  Brave. I immediately liked the efficacious, easy-going manner of. this, mi|d'��  bioffehsive "man. A good worker,' Maxwell- Hillier',always "tried to'pjeafe.; ..  During the long,- early morning hour&  at rsea Max and J would' be- aldp'e"^on  watch. ,A"d he would .talk.,. How. 'Max  1 talked! He spun ribald yarns" of the sea.  He-took'me on-verbal voyages i into th��  nether regions of the'other hslf of" .Vai>-  couver society--the hub which^beirat  Maip and Hastings. i  In the wheelhou&e.I would listen, fascinated, as Max seemed* to unlock 's6me  vault deep within his soul and, through  speech, release his immense burdens. -He  > related how, on booze, on drugs, he had  hit the darkest areas of despair and dCr  generacy. He finally hit bottom! put as  a drowning man clutches at a floating  twig, Max began to drag himself upwards���to some semblance of respectability; and arriving there.  As he spoke���clipped words tumbling  forth in a lilting "Newfie" accent-I  came to learn something about this simple, modest seaman who had become entrenched in tho world of skid road. Maxwell Hillier, with his talcs of booze, goof-  balls, and mainline Injections, possessed  a rare talent I'm sure he ddn't realise he  had. Maxwell Hillier was an orator!  Aboard the tug in port wc would all  linger in��� the Mess Room long after a  meal was completed, listening to* Max  tell stories of Newfoundland arid his  youth. "Wc were so poor," he would Bay  ''that for days tho only thing my mother  h|Kl boiling on  the stave was Water."  Verbal   paragraphs   poured   from   Ma*  non-stop.    Concentrating    intently, ' ho  would launch into a narrative with gusto  appreciative'of his captive nudlcnce You  see, Maxwell HUter had a rich capacity  for making a person laugh n woiidcrfu'll.  tranquilioing, soul-gratifying belly laugh.  Ills yarns came alive through colour and  rare wit. Wo all liked him! ,     ;  "I hate to have my fccllnga hurt/' ho  once told me. He went ashore one night  in Long Bench, California, and hit the  ale. And when he appeared for work the  next morning he wan Btill half-��oas-over.  The deckhands were painting the ship'*  side  from a raft floating between the  dock and the hull; and Max wna in no  condition to go over the aide that morni  Ing.. "You'll  fall in the drink, Max," J  naid.  "Go to your bunk and g#4 come  ulcep," ..  .1' .','������ '���  But it wan time to Btnrt the day's work  and ftc felt that it was his duly to do juut  that. "Look," he said, "IVo been atjjca  Hydro awards coniraci  fot iraifemissioniinkv  B.C. HYDRO has'awarded a $131,819 conr  -tract to Wright's Canadian Ropes Ltd.  of Vancouver'for conductor and fittings  ' for the- lopgest over-water transmission  line crossing in British Columbia. ' ']  . The'huge "span, which will be extended  11,642 feet across Jervis Inlet, is part of  Hydro's new 230,u00-vdlt powerline' linking Secheit, and the Powell River area.  ' Each ofr the line's three conductors  across the inlet will be anchored to high  rocky bluffs on each sbore by individual  35-foot-high steel towers. '  The new 53-mile-long transmission line  will supplement' service to Powell River  now provided, by a single 138,000-volt line  from Secheit. The existing line has a 10,-  100-foot-long span' across Jervis Inlet.  Construction of the new crossing is  expected to start in mid-July and be completed, in November. The entire line is  scheduled for completion early in 1970  and will Be 'energized initially at 138,000  volts. ' '  '  '  Longest" existing over-water transmission line,crossing in B.C. extends 11,223  feet across Kootenay Lake.  Hydro's new Secheit - Powell River line  will .also have a 6,450-foot-long , water  crossing over Agamemnon Channel to Nelson Island. Contracts forj conductor and  towers for this' crossing will be awarded  later:  Admiration  Mrs. Edna Foote, one of the volunteer 'ing Society raffle.- Many people are  " workers at Secheit Gallery Shop a'd.- longing to own this beautifully exe-  - mires .the exquisite  18 x- 28 inch   ctfted work and tickets will be on  , needlepoint picture which has- 'been . sale this week. Second prize is a 400   perts suggest outfitting everyone on your  ���"Mrs.-Madge Hansen's winter project. r day clock; third prize a folding chaise rjampmg_��nii5e-with-a^ood-parr-.of--boat-  flonated to the Senior Citizens, Hous-  -lounge. ' "  Leather-soled shoes slip very- easily on  boat declcs, wet rocks and the pine needles  and leaves onJ forest floors.  Boating ex-  shoes.  J^&W.^,.^^^  Bloke CvAfderson D.C.  " 4 days weekly  ',   Post Office Building Secheit'  Phone 885-2333  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday'  ���   12rioon to5 p.m.  EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT -,  ���t WfltE HAS  . CLOSf-D.  Mail may bo pIcEcdsl  up M iho  K  N*^.HnM4bWrWrf��f<i^.i*mft*l.^4AhiAt'ii *  -J w  i  "hi  13  ���1?^^^^^^^ kWOv^k^


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