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The Peninsula Times May 28, 1969

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 ~F^,-W-,   t ^ft-v�� _/     V^W  ���*,vf,>-.-f F*^^wvs(,y>v-vF-^-y'-**VYYF^^ ^--v. >*/��� y->f,^<^,-vft"  I       *  SF F f    *> *  <f*f .-v^'-iTf-v v'> '  ���v _ iv-J-** ���  JS-!  ������y-.v f->, / ,v-fV*','{;'|i - -VV-* *'JrFp��''j*;A-F,v>>'[F.|( ;"',*'��*-!' **. _ ,<*  * F F    J    ^,*- -- *  l|-. "tl     F *  v�� y~. y- j.^to-'^y/"  ^V.  %    .<  lor Iesf pton  .~V,  ar�� teme residents; object  ��est- ���c__aadi��-tt^*pai*i*��--l^  _,kifdfcBaa* ����.��- Ave*'/' -J I^'p -'^  [. 'Vmumar- 9* Jf��C�� *.*. y 7*- ".7 -^T" *��  gravel pn possible itirea  SINCE  plans were ;* announced  by*- two , higlytyay .  down- through; ;'the  companies planning establishment of /reserve^ across, the waterfront, r  gravel pits in the area a. number of* ob-    over pilings to, the, Nrge' loading  jections >have - been  raised by residents   TheY company .involved .informed  and-part time residents ot the areas, in-, .Times at that ,t|me that there  volved. Noise and dust appeared to'be    jjeitHgr poise-nor dust and. "ah  main cause of concern while others fear  devaluation   of   their   properties' might  result.      ,    , ', '    .  Original "plans of one company was  transportation by truck from the gravel  pit to a stockpile above the highway between   Secheit   and   Selma   Park  from  with * exectuive   was . reported  Times,  , , Objections were still- expressed a to  various*'authorities* with the -result;,that  consideration was given to an,, alternative . arrangement,, that' of barging^ out  from Porpoise -Bay,-but this; too has given  where it would be .conveyed beneath the   t cause for alarm and once again objections  are going the rounds.' , * ��� - -,*  ,' .This time a letter has been sent to two  real estate companies, - Hon.. Isabel Dawson and the Sunshine .Coast* Regional  District. Written on behalf of the. Sandy  Hook. Property-Owners Association the  letters were 'signed by Mr.' 'W. -John  Bishop, president-df the organization who  gives his address as Kingsway, purnaby.  The letter, copy of which arrived at The  Times, states: *   i    /\\,  % am- writing this letter oh behalf .bf  the approximately seventy' members of  the Sandy Hook Property Owners Association,   " * * *". y,'* -f  We have heard various, stories about  * a large 'gravel pit operation soon to be  started somewhere, along "the "shore' of the.  BEWARE  Swimmers in the area of the breakwater at Selma Park should not venture  close to' the creosoted dolphins. A number of youngsters who haVe hung onto  the pilings for a rest have suffered burns  which are^ believed caused by the creosote.      ' '   '  Las*, week young Billy Charleton suffered a particularly painful bum to his  upper arm and the side of his face. Similar cases have been reported in the area.  '   f^~   F.J.U,    V-^J.    if.   ,  M  2 RECTI.  Registration No. 1142  2nd Class Moil  Volume 6. No.<26 *      - - > *   %��Q  WEDNESDAY, MAV 26J1969  -        -        * * r /  ����� ��       f*->e s *"f "J*  ..One.District \yy;v*;r-  _ _,   _ _ Executive- members -of--the-*mwfy-  Secheit7oIet between Porpoise ^ay.,ancL   fdrmfid* Siliisdlihe Co|_.t- Dfe'ta&| Boy'  Sandy Hook.        ���  , Y. V * * '-     $cottts ji'Cmafa, enrfflei&> ftsian.  Amalgamation-  ���  CONVENTION  Local ��ions members together with  wives attending the Seattle convention of  Lions International are: Mr. and Mrs. Joe  Benner, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Farewell, Mr.  and Mrs. Neil Campbell and Mr, and Mrs.  Chuck Rodwiay. Convention was a four-  day affair ending last weekend.  ',���  tsmefs merge  UBGIIillSIOllS action  :r.  DESSERT PARTY  Wives of Ministers, Mrs. W. A. C. Bennett will accompany Hon. Isabel Dawson7  as guests of a Dessert Party held at 6:30  p.m. June 3 at the Eagle Lodge, Farring-.  ton Cove, near Irvine's Landing. Everyone welcome." Co-convenors will,be_Joy  Ph-lp. and Jean Whitaker,   ,  We have jfound it difficult to discover Thursday's , i#ee'_ingr' tsy. .jB^fdnfll*  _   exactly wi^re this is to be'iocated- How- *tJommi-rsid_iferl.I>OFa Bmce'^re^frj-itti;       .����������-=,-  ever, we fell that" any where, in this geh- leftr |fl'r. Gffit Beeman; -M^mtfeK dts ;   ' &%?&&.%��  I     eraj area could be ^ threat to the value Lafge; Mr. E& Shennatt^ Honorary Y  ;' Y,^ / ���  lil    and iise- of this fine recreational ___nd_ ��-���-?.i-^ - -*-**-- ��� ��    '.��-_..-.-T^_:i. - LAST -THURSO  We understan4 that the gravel  be' transported to barge loading facilities,  washed and 'then shipped out. This gives  rise' in our view; to two potential prob-       - -. ; -��� ,--    _, _,_ ir ,,,   -     _ -, .._- . , , ..        , , . , . ^ ..  lem*. in narti-riilar          ''   - > .-*    -                           ,             '        Port Melloni�� Esnont.'     ���   ,  '; .;y\.   ���-more,action- and'less committees at the  Is i   < *   ..'.    "_��.!. i   ^..**   .�����_- }   -_._>-   . _- v.-.*.**....  -��  ....���:    -..-  -   * .-_*T'  '  ��p__,:m:__��   t*^.������.j. t>vJ^,..^.������  ���J.a- t,..Ca\^  and (2)1 the possibility of- silting the floor  of- the inlet and so disturbing or destroying marine life of'many kinds/ ,,_ ">' .  > Cai*- y��u give us any,information "on  this matter? Can you suggest any other  way. in which we might act, to ensure  that - the great recreational Value, of this  *area might be protected?        . *_,   .  ::  meetmq OH handicapped :<**& ** -Mr.:^urt J^hne.theramalga,.: ^n^/^gram^Re^urc^ _irid-Public  ihwuii^wji,i_����-wvIi^w*i , mation* wis. .unanimously/ approved -by Reflations, ddea behind .the change, is-to  *wnwm..ATt,Tji. Rain*!-, r  Tvoffmark- Mm- - jiepresentativiM of **lhe *two disfects hoys  ing the.meejting.. ,'  ,0,( y:in .the .'community.  Interesting movie..  ���>   *  f 1  I '\*  f 1  i  S*.  'HONORABLE..Ralph-R. Loffmark: Mhy  *- fistert. of'.Health ServXces/an^. wo&pxtaL  Insurance, hasc-dled' a' meet-hg of'  forty        "'-<��� ������'-"��� -----      ^  work oi services.to tnertanajcappeo.     .   ;...,������{'__����_,.," 'rtvJ -r-.^.���;...��a���!^wA*   e*���*".   Pirf'rf i_vt__if'-__>'.Tarir Ariair-reminded  .... ���        ... __. _.   ,_, ^,. .    e     ...... .. _ ,_,is  the possibility (__r^._l��_-a5iUty*j,' of-fofm-/-i l^->3_-tive,IJacJt Adair',ah^''Rfegi5___t'R_if>.:r*the( Va^uvCT-<^^.'_^^h-eamp;ahd'  ing a.B,C. Coi^jcil.of Agenci__5tto,co*pr-v^ resentative-JBob Simmons. ^   p    *-.-".'  -     'canlje used by local- Scoij-ters;   It .i. a  dihate^gra-nii-with'a-'viwtri-rf^^ " '  '    *  *  "; ,Y    -' -'>   i   ���wildern'ess-cajnp-of-ering'mprie challenge  gaps in jbe'service* and-avoiding. dUplica**Y^OF*iC16?ll5Y2"--' -Y..____.^-YJ �� '     to b��y,s and local ^^ flnd sct?ut;S. are.wel-  tion-of effort:"*~ *' ' ' '   '��� ^\    "V'T   * --.^rvmgthe new Di^cttirelionoi^y . .come-to^'join groups-in .residence.   The  '-;��._;"    '_.*,    * '���.," _. *' _. Vi ' '-��_*_���"y    - Presidenl l��r^^.^het^^n,_Ppii,M_ai_in;    camp opened, in 1&22 -and- Scouters-used  The meeting iyill.be (held..on Friday*;-President Mr. Bob Janis, Secheit;* Execu* * K*awwensa~ v*.*.���* ��*���� ocuuw-r-.  SURVEY carried' out in the^ form" of; a  - questionnaire.by the Sunshine Coast  Recre-ation" Centre-Committee .reveals that  up to May 24, "with -some, returns yet to  dome, majority of residents ,are in favor  of a center. ', ",..-,  ' "Overall ���picture! shows 62% in favor  with-a breakdown'revealing greatest support in Secheit of 81%, Gibsons next with  60%, < non-resident * landowners 42% ? and  Pender Harbour 41%. Oi the total questionnaires sent out, complete with stomp**;  ed reply envelopes, about 50v% .were returned.        *    ' > , - * ,  These returns are considered-significant by the Committee and reflect definite  support for' the proposed project.  Some  of the questionnaires were returned due  to-incorrect addresses,-others might not  have received theirs hecause of difficulty  in' obtaining   up-to-date   mailing   Hsts*  Those who have failed to return theirs are  requested to do so as soon as is convenient.'  |     Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Eric"  Taetkau, has expressed enthusiasm with"  the obvioils'support and explains that another survey, recently completed, shows  Roberts'Creek to be the population center.  Population is equally divided each side  of the commumty~jand .was.the..same .ten,  years ago.  Further, indications are-that  it will.remain this way for. sortie years  to come.' " r  Location has not yet been decided  upon but, it is understood, the committee  has been offered choice property in the  Roberts Creek area in,proximity to the  Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club.  - Any individual.or group^intecested���'in  more detailed information regarding plans  to date are invited to* contact, the Recreation Committee at Box 638, Secheit, B.C.  Coast CMlcofin MP y  opposes bureaucracy  SECHELT and District-Chamber of Commerce holds its" regular general meeting -tonight, Wednesday, -* May 28 at the  Peninsula  Drive-In, Dining  Room,   Se-  . ���     chelt,.commencing'with* a social period  i1. ).. ��� at (J:3y.p.m. and dinner, at 7:15 p.m-  Jr* ..    ..<   '     t   _r"_.**   MA^l!>-ii1nw_-_.i._>v��<A>r>_'._-l4ll ���!_<>_ 4 Uifn  dives from the lower-mainland,-Powell  River and  arrangements  matter has  meeting tonight.  fMAv���-io^l3^^^^ SLS>?'-fS? S^'.fW- - to come^cro^ by boat to Roberts-Creek  *May 30, 1989, beginning.at,2:00 p.m., in - uve tVic^P^idehV:jry!-**.^im 'iJ^ahiewick, l "and hike to camo     - * ,..,;,.<-  c   */..���  the   lFuberctdosis- Society  ^Auditorium,  -Secheit: Vice-Pread��its. -_-_u*'BJ___geman,'   ���������J^ZTZ-'    -.-__,a*  r.       __      ~-  Tehth'"ati-4 WUl^rStj-i^y-VancDuverj . GShSOri; SttS/GffistS^Sy    T  ^eate ^invited to* q^^Byng^   ,    .����-.���* ����, ��.- r 3-*-- -r  B.C.yand will end tto.later than AWjJfJ. , Booth, SechSfc sSSSy S> jfr��-    5J^1 _Sfe '&~i*���* &��f?&��&   prosecutions under the .Northwest Tern*  _'iWe.^ow*thaty^uT-r(illJw'_rtt--ie^ ry; Treasurer ivlr.'Kurt'Hoehne..  BILL which would have  given' a "bu-  vnjaucratic body the power to- decide on-  ��   J-fen-Ss    S-^e %W*��&S*9&' U^?l^3^Y,    tones,Gas and Oil Conservation-Act has  'Cfi___S; " ^'tb? J^i'P*.??** aovely!, A-frame    beeh amended by the Parliamentary .Com-  , V/UU.o��v>,   .fWaiwif.ic _h_>tttW..'htiil��'Kv_.iS��-ii.t<_._iTiH_Won- -., ^_    t_j."       am-j ���    HT���__u���~r,  _    ^  ��� i  '-1  mittee dn Indian Affairs and Northern  Development. -    -  Paul -St.* Pierre (Liberal,.Coast-Chil-  cotin) moved *an^,'*amendmen'.;to' Section .  ������ ,&.:*��*fca^W'B%Frt^jfeffivl^ ojcAy.  g ,- ^otriif ���Baysg tsudi pQtyep,' *- -; y     '.r  M , * .was' ."fundamentally * wrong1,*'.- said  Coast -Chilcotin MP,  that* any appointed,,body should have, such.-powter.  He could not'accept the authority being  prior to the ineeting. ���** -  '-'��� through Gibsons' 4hey, will* -^ - f 1-^rrl. *0y ���������'****-* ffi+MM ;.m$*yp,j^^*\XY;   ^V*^*^?*^ ^'  ';.,.-���; -a^tiai'Cominisao^.tmiB^^y^ata;  ���This wiD be the second dinner^meeting : Tyee Airways to Pender , Harbour where- ,    '��� ' ^ -,, -^ -.-        ��� .--��-~v^-  this year following decision earlier to re- , they will be hosted by the Pender and , EO��ayiEJK ;ElpUlnst9ne^and Pender  turn to the;pld dinner meetings which - Egmopt* District Chamber. .On'ireturhing     "   *��.**^.WW  were dropped V few years ago.       , to Seehelt they will be supplied a tea ^ *   ,r'*^/S*tet   ���    a     u*      . _,.       -a m     hm* r_*iw- v.  .   Chamber President, Erich Hensch, said courtesy of the Peninsula Drive-In Dining    and'd^UmyeK-ity of British CdJumbia.      .daughter of Mr .and: _vl��-.Ba4 GojMwtt B ^^ AO JWW WIU>  today he .looks forward to a good turn out Room .prior to their departure; --..,',       *. -M?s Erica. Sail,, -daughter, ot Mr; and    jvho-Deceives her Bachelor, ot\ Physical    Qijjsp^, Qroup.' Irt ' recognition of -their Two Liberal members of the 20-menv  of members and wives for-he has some Mr. Al Campbell of Tyee Airways has    Mrs. NprmanBall of .Roberts - Creek;'re-    Educatioiv degree, also from,tJBC.(   *   -        ^ggy^ && will receive a'set* of _5ooUt-    ner parliamentary committee voted  important announcements to make of gen- - kindly volunteered to fly the girls-over    ceived her B.A. degree from Simon ftraser.    ,, v Mrs. Frances Brown, daughter' of "Mrs.    hig Spoons, Mr. Wolverton who was the,  against-the* St. Pierre amendment Other  oral interest. , the area on a sight-seeing tour and. this is    Erica attended Elphinstone and���'actually , A*. G,  Fellowes of Roberts ,Creek,' has    oniy ope present received his token of    Liberals and Opposition party members  Plans are to hold an Associated Cham- but one of a number of such gestures he qualified .for her 'degree^ last* August 'at    qualllfled for her Bachelor of Music degree . pppi-eckrtipn from .Mr* Adair.* * ���       combined forces to vote in the amend-  '4 ber meeting in Secheit next month which  iwill.be attended by Chamber representa-  has made in order to help the Chamber  and boost the area as a whole. "  the age of nineteen,  'Pender Harbour students ore Miss S61-  Tvrrn'S.  *   �� . * *    ,   F.7 .  from UBC.  TEACPTJNG STAFF ' "   ' ,  , Members ' of t School District No:, 46  teaching staff receiving degrees "in-Faculty of Education at UBC are Mr. George'  Cpoper, Principal of Gibsons JBlemeniary  School, who receives his Master of Education degree, 1     '    ''    ,  .Mr?, Ma*o��,W.,Bejrnon, of Elphmstone1  Secondary School, also will receive' Her  Master of; Educatlo^* degree.   FINANCES  Anialgamatipn of tho two districts will  mean a saving of $200 to the combined  group. Each district originally paid a $300  assessment for service giving a total of  $000- which* has now  been reduced lb  mo., ��� ;  Mr. Gage explained how the $3 registration- fcp \is spent: 13c insurance; 37c  Provincial Assessment; 75c Notional As-  ��� ' ,_.  r_.v.i,.'���:��:���.';.'.;   '   iw   '   .l^..* ;**sessmcnt^ 50c Conadian-Boy 'Magazine,  . Mrs���NotfUcq Wcfctpi j��ngdalcJ3cf*pol���-, ^ remaining $1^5 goes to Regional Fin*-  and hef, husband.Mr^.'Ahdlt'fiw. Mgtea of    kncin$ which. "Js put towards Camping,  Gobsens Elementary Sehool will ���hojhfve-:yrr^^:\^i^y^iiyli  :c6^' fie}d  ons; Elementary Sehool will holh/  i_eive their bachelor of Edur;atl9n.decrees  from* UBC:, '*��������� ",*l :: -;;",' ''':''', v,',*,i ��� ���/-  PRIZE' WIJNNJBR?.' f '*.. v ���,,'''.'.'''' ��� ���  ', Former,' Elphinstone .'^'entVSoriia: E.  'PuchiifpM who. graduated, in lid03 J**;pr-f"e-  dntly studying pngllsh at VjBC and has  gained the* dtstinctiori of ��� Winning .the  yrilversHy ;'j__ssay Prize.:  \' /   ���', \ ,;,.*;,'.;  , Sonia,' who has returned to;University  after working for, a few ..'yeans,���, li 'the  daughter,of Mr. and Mrir*. Alfred,C, Pu-  chaiekrof Gibsons.     ;      , ,,���/,;,'".:   \  SPRING cdNGREGATioN  StrVices and- other" essential pcrvices .vital  to the fiUccessfiii pperatiori of the, Region.'  meat.  Under new parliamentary rules, government bills are scrutinized by .he committees. If- amended on return to the  House of Commons, the government may  move to amend the bill again to its original form. Jn this case a new debate on  the proposed law'is opened.  St. Pierre said discretionary powers in  the enforcement of an Act of Parliament  should be given only lo the elected par-  , liamentarian responsible, He was strongly  supported by Martin O'Conncll (Liberal,  Scarborough East) who .said;the move to  give discretionary power to the Oil and  Gas Committee under S-29 was uhprcce-  'dented..', ��� ', 'Y^1'1 '!','���.  .������,���,'   ',   ; ' ��� .  Cdnvertible Hips , _  ;.atitO:;iciccideii'  wolllo";hbspIta^  Isabel DawBon host  . A.C. Bennett guest  at Secheit Ladies Day Tea  Soaforffr Highlanders''  Led by Lleultonant John Ayrfs -local  Seaforth Highlanders went or* patado  for May"  part "  tl��e oj  oampa.      , ,   ,:, .,.^: .'..u..*,,, 1 ���j���......i.-.:..*.-.  i-ADIES of the Sunshine Coast are invited to a Tea hosted by Hon. Isabel  ��� J.iwh-on who will be accompanied by Mrs.  J. A. C. Bennett, wife of'tho" Premier,  ���nether  -with   a ���number   of   Ministers*  ���1 Ives including: Mrs. W. Black, Mrs. L.  ���" ���teraro, Mrs. F. Rlclnter, Mrs. 11. WlUis-  . a and Mrs/SheTford:.        ���" '���' "  For ladies only, the Tea will be held!  ,.1 .he Secheit Legion Hall between the  ��  urs of 2 to 4 p.m. Tuesday, June, 3,  i leUminarics.wiU include greeting music  i-'aycd, by the' Scchclt itesldeniial B.md  if.sdvr the '"direction of Brother Ed Mao*  . maid.   Indian   Princcw Geraldlne Joe  ill pixwnt JWrs, Bennett with a'bouquet,  .1 :> fjuard of honor will be provided by  * ��� )u'riic-., Guides and Hangers, organlawd  -* Mm 'Le Warn and Mra. 1L Stockwcll,  *   licit M��y Queen Cindy Steele together  t'h  the   Job's  Daughters  Queen,   Pat  ,vk, will g��*C!t the guests and pin on  '-   .iges. I  Lanje number of pourers will be n*pre-��  '.lUvcs of the varloutf organtotlon,. in  ,itva arid will perform, their duties In  ��� H groups, changing over at lialf-itoui-Sy  . intervals.''' ������,,''.      ."���'  ���.' ;i, ���;  Color will l>e added to theoccaslon by  the nine serving glrlu, nit dre&sed In traditional costume of the dif/eixmt countrlea  they "will represent. They ore: Valerics  Johnson, Langdale; Nianey Mlllier, Port  ' Mei-on.;   Evelyn   Gokool,   Port   Mellon;  Ch*?i*^Bra<*ke��; Gibsons; TrudI Muehler_-  kanip, 1 Gibsons;, Wilma MandellcaU, Gih-  jsopr*.; Debbie Baba, Rpb^*ris Creek; Lygie  ' i! Jviftriinez, Davis Bay; Leonora Paul,, Sc-  -   Mrn. Dawson told The Tlmca this week,  "���'"Thlji will be the fitit time, for Mrs. Ben-  ; nttt-"to;vi8it;the Peninsula but JI feel:mm  her visit will be highly sacccssful for ehe  has on excellent personality and thoroughly envoys, meeting people.'" .  From Scchclt, the visitors w|Ul proceed  to th<r'Jolly Itogcr for dinner prior* to continuing to the Pender Harbour area, where  they Will attend' a Dessert party at Ihe-  Eagle 1-odge near Irvincs Landing.  Ttd�� event will l>e open to cveryono"  and h scheduled for 6:.,0 p.m.   Co-host-  wtc-9 will be Mrs. Joy Vhltp and liliv.. Jean  Whitlsken  warns  WITH tho summer travel ecasdn Vtaplhg,  thti B.C.) Automobile , Asnociatlon,. h��8  warned motorists ho\', to,, ofj"��fr; rldea to  hitchhikers. ��� ' ���������' : -  Y    Y  .�����  ;;*'Don't  takjp the';,rlalt; of .completely  ' ' FOUR .peo^ w��h sentenced to H days  L   -    .'     ..'.^-'--tnUti-    I-   .. '  M-vu'ii   1Y/t-t_l_Mt        (fill   -inH   RiiKri^iii-l��a   *.i*fim   Hrfwlflff   fni*   nni'  '   IWoro.tliaJi'. wsveh' hundred   HtudenlA '   '   weri* iiaaihed in -St., Mf-ry's Hospital Jail arid .suspended from driving tor one  from allVpart�� ,of British'���,'Columbia! will " follo-^ihg'* afm'otbr vehicle accident at the year'. Tnyloi* was charged after (stopping  receive tholr d_*gret_i at the Uhtvcrslty-of ' notorious* Gibsons'���_> Bend last Saturday , and seeking Information from a police  British ".Columbia's Spring /C^ngre^tiort ' ofto'moon'.'-^ ;;         ...  ,   ,; ���".., , officer who .noticed hla condition.       -  TO*,              ���   r,������      !���   ���'.'* ��� ��� ':������ ���    :'' One "lb.al! man; Gcorgb  Mobriey: of ., Wf; Undffay  of  Burnaby,  diarged  ���M    HighllEhte. of tlic three-rfay ooreraOoy1,   criinthlima viras a bas_engcr in the auto with driving without due care and at-  .i.u..^..^ !.._..,1.., _..%_nr-__.<_. 11.                                  ��* tention after loosing control of his car  and plowing into a ditch at Halfmoon  Bay, was fined $50.  Patrick Charles John, a, Secheit juvenile, was raised to adult court to face two  charges of assault following on incident  at Elphinstone, Secondary School, March  10th, Involving a teqeheir ond-a student,  Stay of proceedings was ordered on  the one count and a remand for ono week  on the second,  imnmY       *1 "i  ___.   ~.".i ^J^_"  The Veh c o |s understood to have failed  ^L* Sfjf^ TK- ft'tTf7 fr ricgcitlate "lie bend and flipped into  M�� three distlnguiehcd sdentisits, and,a   Vh��''aLh'  fntiiHes ����� stained  were  ciit  iWted Canadian public servant at Spring    }J�� ^ffiVIffi^'^ ��Tta,nc(I   wc,:c   ^ut  Congregation. , ���    .  Oh May 28, .the lw"n*or��rry* degrefi of  doctor of laws wilj be -conferred' on' Di.'  Arnold C.^ Smith, pecri**Ury-gcher(iI of the  Comm6nw��*iltli ScctWarlftt elnce 1005 and;  formei* Oah��adlai> amba��sador *; to ItiiiMia 1  fljid-the'Uhifctl Arab ftepul>l^. Dr.:Smith'  wlUalwdicHwr'-hoC^gregaMvrtWd*^ ,     _^     , .   ����  *; On May 20 UBC W|tt ^er,-^;l��/��.-.'.��'.,ft��.r1^�� 7^>��f�� thP Tuesday.  ,.     .    ���         ;,     i^,u "u.r ^.�����.u������   ��raty degreoof dixrtor of ���science or�� Sir   pni irr ronnT  ruining your vacation^trip by fiombltog    Mkha0  W,  PeWn,, the  Cahadiim-b^m.. P  TheodmSfSLon of Granthoms an  on .a . h-tch^mcr/' .^PAA  prdsidcht ;G.    chalrrnknottht ^h^Tmnd^ikon nM    'SSl',^"    ���   Oranthams ap  leffa f9nd broken ribs.  Corporalrt^tt' JBiggcman of the Glb-  sona1 ROMP; detachment '"reports excellent  co-operutio��. ��� by > heavy ferry travellera,  mqnyr ot whom, had to wait up, to ifive  hours ilv.line.. More than' 1000 visiting  weWele*.left;the Sunshine*Coast on Monday, following the holiday week-end and  rejects  rated tenders  ;-Conway; jParrott; said-  "This practice is really k one'of the  ntiieancc* of the roadside drid- rriany a  would-be Good .Samaritan has ended up  without his cash or without his car. Even  worse, In'some (raseji drivers have been,  badly beaten oi* murdered.'.'.'.,..'..'/.  ; Mr. Parrott added, "When 0 motprlst  takes a stranger Into hits cnr,J?e Js permitting himself at the merof* bf that  stranger." ���; ��� < ���  '  'The best rule to follow is one we've  !*��* ix.nin4JiK;n*oto*.��f_j of tot year*," h&  gaht, ''Thnn-te down on *iht��ilwf��,**  ���..'.'���    Jl ���  a"'leading figure lm tlie development of  ���*tomiC'*rrjp��*j^ Sit^ieh- ,  act Will* give the. Congregation oddr*?.m. ,  ' "On May 30 honorary doctor of science  dograea will be conferred op Djr, Alfi*d  W. If. Needier, deputy adnlftjer of' fj|��h-  orlen.for Canada, and Professor It G. W,  Norrjsli, , former proteKior of phy^ic'il  chemistry -a* pamhridge Univei-��lty, find  ��, Joint wjrmer of tljb Nol*el', Prire for  chemistryt^, 10*37. ��������� PrsNopvitfo. wilt give  tlle.CForf^^&rti)��ml.addre6a.*, ���'������* ������'���������  "��':.Ck^etn<mhk$"Mgtn\'M' i'.US' "p-'m.*" eo'ch  -day-lsi UBU& War!M��!Etorlal Gy��aaslum,  p��red before Magistrate Charles Mlttel-  eteadt last, week charged with Impaired  driving. Incident arose when Goc^on  rstruck another vehicle, stopix'd and drove  off, again. He was stopped, shortly after,.  wardi. by police who had been looking  for him earlier.  ' Guilty as charged, it was his second  conviction" for impaired driving, he  therefore received 20 day�� jail and had  ! his driving licence Suspended for six  months,      . ��� ���     .  Also facing his second'charge of law  paired driving. Charles William Taylor  ..^^.���.i^*,.,*.*,.,,...,^ *���*"  . ^* _* ^.Jtiiw-   Pn J1��.lf,f!*^^,1J^^���Jft-��*.������,  BOARD of School Trustee* rejectsjd Urn  only two tenders received for addition  of two science lahoratoriea and u growing  area to Elphinstone Secondary School,  Aifhltect's ifstimatc for the concrete  block' Mmcture was $00,000 but Ui-dara  received were almost twice as high. Guran  Construction submitted tender of $104,000  and Tcck Consinretlon, Ltd., Langley,  $175,029,  Planning  Committee   Chairman   Mrs.  Shlela Kitson ntated that plumbing was  the most expenslvxvit/nn,  It is understood,  (hat (ho Planning Committet. is now reviewing the' Bjtuatlon,  , ft tfb, tfft "i#.v([�����������,��. ���*'!'^��^i***'.^; ri����B^ **j*^)M^i.*>*.*��*>**. (^^fjt.*?!.^* ^-v ���*( k-^ '^n I   Y   ''-   -Y'yY-    \��   "      s '     ***'���'   '"'     ,y  ,       '.'...'       -    i\     '     .        '     ''.   v  ^        -    ,. "     ., '1<*..      y'i y*'   /   ,-    / y;J ", ,��� * !/" y';''Y/.^Y^V'  ~Y    *   ,,  ,   ,:Paa&AAVh^ P^tn^ntn Times.Vf&AnesAav.^Aav2B. "1969    ___._.._. ____.___..._.__iL     __���_.   _W^V__*_________._-___   tbavrI ��*��� __AVe'.��.___________2___       * --��___- _,*i_ _ __ W__i.____i:__<*.-   "'t--**  <*r'r * *   '     MPJ^   *>C      *  .J-V^iS  ffqge A-2 The _*WiMfa.Tliii^ 1969   BUS!NESs OPPORTUNITY    REAL ESTATE (Coni-im-ed)   TRAVEl,  FOR SAi.g (ContitiiietJ)  lp   , I: THBP?m��lJ-7��^0_* Sfeehel* - Phone '885-9654-  .'''       ^v'- :*'-;^ J" '___��� --���^ ir*****''*-^  __sm^  _.. __���-���.    _r*  . y      *      *** WSiEtSI     Bl_au___-3__  r       w^fir>___*_i. *^���_**SeJ%   ��.������� *��3"'Stt-l ���H_3t*iWI,ili�� I^'_*'"^��**(*���,-  7.  'ft  -l ...  islfied a  BUILD PART, TIME business  j>i your '-owh - to indepen-  defice.Jn e^months'/with-new  Cahadi_inv Comp_my ,-ihartufdcf  tiiring * natibnal' - ���'' con��u_hei.  camper, ^sed  Gupbpards.jFpateo',  *"-20l-Jf2G18-26  Published-Wednesday by  The Peninsula Times Lid,,  f  ot Sechelr,, B.C.  WORK WANTEP  Member, Audit Bureau   '      \  , ,\     ���   of Circulations     "   -     ,  (       '    March 31, 1969   v,'     ."  ^       Gross Circulation 2360      '  , Paid CirculaHon, 2081  .   das-ified* A(iverti_ingJ.at_si '  3-Line Ad-Briefs (12 Words)  One  Insertion ���: 1_ 75c  Three Insertions  . $l.'50  Extra lines (4V words) ��� 15c  (This rate'does hot apply "to J  commercial Ad-Briefs,)  Box Numbers'_____- ^10c extra  25c Book-keeping charge is added  forAd-'Briefs not paid by  1 -       publication date.  Legal, or Reader advertising 35c  ,       per count line.  Display  advertising  in  classified  Ad-Briefs columns, $1.75 per inch.  * " Subscription Rates-1- *  By mail, Peninsula area -$5.00 yr.  By mail, beyond 30 miles $5.50 yr.  By mail, special citizens ���$3 yr.  By carrier 150c month  TILLICUM SC.Mmneyr Service.,  , Eaves" cletm-d and .repaired,  * Palatini * gardelunl, ^atiitor  '3_rvi'ce,'did -jobl, ���.___*m work  guaranteed. Blti^ch&lt, Phoito  -85-2191 or Bfe-2094.   '    1871-_ro  NEED a spring ^cle&n tip?-  Can't,,'see ' the? water J for  trees? Let us "splv-j your tree  problems. We limb, top ahd  fall trees efcpertly and'to your  S-ttiSfafction. Frfee estimates,���  all work insured.' Phone 885**  2109. 2287-tfn  1666 Feridrell, "Vancouver 103,  B.C. Phone '683-51973/ 255646  REAL ESf ATE  LOTS for sale, 4 clfearedUview ...  lots, in Seirria Park. Serviced   Frtytr4b  wdth* power Fond>ater. Priced   w^���*"  -- V^^U.^JJJTJ   i,     .;  - .      yJfpl l^��* HPUMTi>< -*_��<  HELP WAHTED  COMING, EVENTS  TWILIGHT - Theatre, ' Gibsons  ���Wed. May 28-Sat. May 31;  "The Devil's Brigade" with  William Holden. Mon. June 2-  "Wed. June 4; "The Wicked  Dreams of, Paula Schultz"  comedy with Elke Sotomer &  Bob Crane. Phone 886-2827.  ,      , - 2621-26  -* j .     _ .  BIRTHS  SUMMERFELT ��� Lyle and  -Vera are proud to announce  the arrival of their son Darrel  Albert. 8 lbs. 14% og. on. May  12th, 1969 at St. Mary's Hospital. 2626-26  ANNOUNCEMENT  MR-. AND MRS. Fred Crosby  of Madeira Park, B.C., wish  to announce the* engagement  of their, eldest ^.daughter Maureen to Mr. Sidney Lee, son  of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lee  WEST Secheit ��� to work,on  small  sawmill,  planer  operation;      some     mechanical  ability necessary. Able to operate chain saWi assorted hand  power tools, small cat, tractor.  ���Must have own reliable transportation for 8 hr. day, 5 day  week. Start at $2.75 per hour.  Phone 885-9722' after 6 p.m/  2500-tfn  CEMENT worker and helper  required to install small  wharf and mill burner jfound-  ation, by hire or contract. Ph.  885-9722 after 6p.m. 2470-tfn  ��� LICENCED Real Estate Salesman,   knowledge   Sunshine  Coast   preferred.    Box   2599,  Peninsula Times.,   _ -,2599-26  WANTED ��� Correspondent to  represent DUn &*Bradstree't  of Canada Ltd., in the Gibsons  Secheit area oni a part time  basis. Job requires direct interviews with businessmen in.  the area. Retired ' persons  acceptable. Apply by letter  stating qualifications to J.  Mansfield, Dim .& Bradstreet  of Canada Ltd., P O Box 2077-,  Vancouver, B.C. .*.??._'*?7  3-4   WAITRESS'S   for afternoons and week-ends. Peninsula Drive-in. Secheit. 885-  2311. 2617-26  IF YOUR DESIRE TO  SELL YOUft rWPERTY  We Offer ;  ���Continuous advertising in  four newspapers.  ���Effective .and' proven adf*  vertisirig in bur catalogue.  ���Real Estate sales staff .of  she in two .offices oh1 the"  Peninsula;,>." .      '. s   ,  ���Twelve hundred Realtor  sales*people off the Peninsula when you "multiple list.  ���Twenty-four hour, answering service. ' '   -*  ���Nocharge'to you if there is  no sale.   -.  sechelt Agencies ltd.  Phone 885-^2161  Box 155, Secheit, B.C.  Box 369, Gibsons, B.C.  2181-tfn  THE SUN SHINES ON'  SECHELT'VILLAGE^ ' ,  LUSCIOUS ��� 4 hedroom  home. " Beam ~ ceiling 'living  room with floor to ceiiihg  fireplace. Wall-to-wall carpeting. A-oil furnace, double  plumbing. Venetian fence-ensures privacy, carport. This  home is a gem at $22,900." "  50* Waterfront Lot. $7#00.  WILSON CREEK ��� ZVz  acres, creek, 2 bedrooms, ..basement,* A-oil ,heat. $16,900.  SELMA PARK���Large LOt,  $2,800 Terms.  WATERFRONT ��� 181 ft.,  sheltered by Island, finislied  home with full width sun-  deck. Extra 2 room cabins  $53,000.*  MIDDLEPOINT ��� 4^ acres  with 423' waterfront. Post &  J<_�����������(   _&���-���.-irfT y1  at. $2,750 eaeh. P.O. Box* 29$   j p^ift 0i ^etfs glasses, in .the  , Secheit or to^ view coatait ,L.       ftedrodfe vicinity; Ciai'm'ht  Nes&ian, -S&hia, Park.  96594fn   Play's Barber Shdp.  . 2Bl5i26  , M-OVING���Must-sell���Nevv  4  ,  v bedroom " home,   Lbngdale.  Lge. livihg room, dining room,  cabinet kitchen, -full cement  basement   with ' ree.    room.  Bath, storage, gktage. Hot water heat. Secohd'hotise withH  rodms & utility, on\12 "acres.  334'  highway frohtage.  8__i  9832. 2614-26  1-383 PONTIAC'Larurehtiah, 4  door,, perf^pt cHditibh. 88'3-  2241  .      ��-*-..- _1404-tJ;n  =___:  $39.95.v40" Thor^, double overt  elec.rapge $1^5,00'. y_ed.3?kV,  $49.95.' Pai*kerTs ' Hardware  Ltd.; Sefihelt, Ph.. 880-21.1;  PRANKtlN   firepliic^   dohi-  plate. Ph.v 883-2871.^ "25i2l-__6  *i_f       (*"***���*   w_y     f I  ���"       - - - ������ * ' . . II  SMITH , Corona,, "'slahdai-a  v typewriter with extrd-lar^  type, in new cohdftidh, spfecial  at half-price. Ph/ohe, 8_ls-i9654:  tiESf selection of Books on tho  'Suhf^iftie Coa_t^Tl_e Pathless  Way^-Jo-arney     to     Power-  Ghost < -Towns    of  6 YEAR _Ji!^er_b.;Gbod.'condition;  peW'" mat'tres_f.,, $12.  885-9432.y.-y,. _ -   'gtor-su.  ;;;A^;5HbP  ���  1 Gibsohs, Phone 88G-__9i9  :   ,  ^PRINIS/SALE.*/ v  Hartz Mountain:Baby Budgies  ^3.95 eaeh. Rare colbrs...  ^54f5itfri   3^ and * ^ yea^old ^ruii 'Trees, >  '"'" "     fefeddihi * Plants,',' Fartiliafers,  jGladioli arid'bahlia Bulbs. * -  rabbit   cages  auto V-ate'tMng,       $40 cothplete.  "ftabbits   available   also,   Ph.  885-9427/    '.. r      v     2523-26  LfedALS (Gbh.iriue-1)  Form No. 18  - (Section 82)v  LANb ACT  '64 CHEV. plck*iupJ s_6p side,  '68,Security?'14 -l_*ailer.,Bbth' Ghost < Towns    of ^' B.C.���The  inekcelifeht cO-idi-lo-i. Unit^r Story of Medieine. Many .hun**  separate/ 680-^567. *. \* 2549r-26 *S**V* of W bpoks-to choose  (Come -to Nus',^tth ydUi*  ' Garden PfdBlemi)'  B4iBitJm  of Irvine's Landing, B.C. Wed-    SA.__AL_ PICKERS WANtED    beam summer home'  ^S.OOO.  ding to take place Saturday  August 30th. 2595-26  OBITUARY  BRYNteLSEN-i-Suddenly May  20, 1969, Anna Marie Bryn-  elsen, aged 81 yearis of 5670  Marine Drive, ^West,-Vancouver. Survived by her loving,,  husband John, three son, Ber-  ' nard,      Vancouver;       Ernest  North  Vancouver; and  John,  Secret Cove, also three grandchildren. Mrs. Brynelsen was  one of the founders  of the  Soha and Daughters of Norway. The funeral service was  held Friday; May 23, 2 p.m.,  from Mt. Pleasant Chapel Rev.  G.  B. East  officiated.   Inter-  ihent Ocean View Cemetary.  Harvey Funeral Home, directors. 2597-26  tB.IM1.__f ...*   '  "  BLOMGREN���Suddenly   May  - 18, I960, Edward Blomgren,  age 27 of Roberts Creek, B.C.  Survived by his loving mother Mrs. Olive Blomgren, four  sisters, Mrs. Doreen Nestman,  Selma Park; Mrs. Elsie Loitz,  Gibsons; Mrs. Orla Moe, Williams Lake; Mrs. Louise Radford, Vancouver; six brothers,  Arnold,      Gibsons;      Eugene,  Cumberland; Ronnie, Warren,  Nord    and    Wayne,    Roberts  Creek;     Grartdmothcr     Mrs.  Rose Peterson, Wynyard, Sask.  Funeral  was   held   Saturday,  May 24   1  p.m.   from family  chapel, Harvey Funeral Home,  Rev. Dennis Morgan officiated.  Cremation. 2508-20  CARD OF THANKS  I SHALL always remember  with deep gratitude many  nets of kindness and expressions of sympathy during the  illness and loss of my husband, Charles Tinklcy. Special thanks to Canon Alan  Greene, the Rev. Barry Jenks,  the J doctors, nurses and staff  of St, Mary's Hospital and to  Dr. Alah Swan for his devoted eate of him over mnny  ���yehVfl,-rMary Tinkley. 2620-20  ' ..PERSONAL....   ..;...'".������.:.:...  Phone Mrs. Noidd Wilson  885-9746 or wrjte:  Box 390, Secheit, B.C.  SCHOOL DISTRICT'No. 46  (SfcCHELT)  ^ ; _ TJTILITY MAM   "'Y>t'  Nature of Position:  Under the direction of the  Superintendent of Buildirigs  and Grounds, responsible for  grounds, maintenance, installation and upkeep of play  equipment, fences,x planting,  drainage and ditches, and  other general untility duti_s  as required.  Required Knowledge,  Ability  and Skills:  Ability to operate, repair  ond maintain grounds, equipment. Understanding of turf  grass, pruning and planting of  1 plants and shrubs. MUst hive  a valid driver's licence.  Salary and Hours of Work:  Initial appointment at  $472.00 per month on probation for three month. Normal  work week Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Mark envelope "APPLICATION AS UTILITY MAN"  and mail to: Mr. J. S. Metzler,  Secretary-Treasurer, School  District No. 46 (Secheit), Box  220, Gibson**, B.C. Closing  date for applications for this  position is June 6, I960,.  2608-26  FOR RENT J  IIALL for rent, Wilson Creel-  Community Hall. Contact Mr.  Glen Phillips. 885-2183. JlOSK-tfa  SMALL office to rent, Whit-  oker block  Davis Bny. 005-  2200. 2503-tfn  CENTRAL SECHELT. 3 bed-  room all electric apt. W.W,  carpets, L.R, ond hall. Stove  and frig, Carport, All roorna  very spacious. Laundry room  across hall. Ph. 805-0300,  2565-tfn  DAVIS BAY ��� 165' W.F.  with 2v bedroom home. Finest  Beach* on coast.  TILLICUM BAY ��� Close to  marina, 2 lots $1600 each.  *   Multiple Listing Service  H. Gregory 885-9392  'yJ3on. rladden 885-9504   %  H. B: GORDON  & KENNETT LTD.  Phone 885-2013  Secheit, B.C.  2610-26  BLOCK-BROS. .���  Phone   Mr.   Good'' * 681-9700  collect- Or 736^933  For fast service oh hll~ ���properties ahd businesses.   '  -WETrlA__��E;HiM__S ���  .- ���._ .      -_242-tfn  .,   ,   ,   rv rv-"T--r*H; ���  MODERN ��� SECHELT HOME  '. "V '7.  ' * '!   *101  3 bedroom full basement  with A-O furnace 'on "level  landscap-d lot' lacing soiitn. 1  blk.- to 'stores "ii school, 2  blocks: f to * public - beach. Low,  10JV. down payment on, full  price of $13,500.-' Balance $110  month. Bob .Kent,-885***946i.  -SUNSHINE-COASTS   ��� ���  ���   HIGHWAY 1039"  2 be'drpom bungalow, panelled living robm with fire*"**  piacb. Level corner lot' 2.15  acres suitable for residential  _suh-uivi_.icta. Conveniently  situated close', to - shopping  centre r_S: schools.' Pull - price  $____sO0t> terms. See ,R.' Gathercole. 3815-7015. '  - SECHELT AGENGIES-LTD,  , Box -155, Secheit,  B-.C;  Ph. 885-2161-     -  *    '    '      'V       '2611-26  __WART*Mr_fVWNN  REALTY'& iiNlSURANCB  < t      .       * -  '   '' Notary, Public  < Member" *  Vancouver .Real Estate -Board  ��� Multiple" Listing ssrvite- *  PHONE 886-2248  1960 *CAD_lAc; ,*4*-dr.'i.iiard  top,' ? good', eondiiioh,   snow .  tires',-__/e-otra -wh^eli;if: in*  teresteci. - Phone. 885-960S/    ;  ."     .?      - >    ~   -154^26  -ti;  jErdrii at The. Times, Bqojtstore,* LgfeALS  Sm&K 885-9654.,*        Y2l58-tfp r"^**-  *-*r�� ���^tBr't    9^.       >j-'*f**i. .". 1    f  PANASONIC AM-FM,lRad'ar-  Matie; transistor' radio/ lots x  ot pdwjar5, brand i new;.. worth *  Over |00,  willrs'ell  for  $50. '  ���itfSCTn  i...._  '64!vA_L.'edhv. ^3 ^4 aiito.   AH sightly used^B&K Tube  duals. tefc-'RiV, l^'Jtehrorhe   -T^*%..��d. good working order,  reverseYW.-'ovals  low iniie.  Ph. 883-2332. '    *      *'f554-26  1^55l Buick \Station  ,Wagon.  bood.-, transportation. ,.< May  be "seen' at" SMma/Park,' store.  Ph. 885-9336aeyes.; ^tRbfaVfo  Noti-e of1 import' to Apply  '. to LeasS I_ahd_  v fri fcttid- fefebbrdiht District  of Vatvcoave'l., B.t;. afid situate  riotith ejisk bf Coekhurh, Pdiht,  Nfelfjbh Islaiid, B.C.  . like .notice-that William, A.  McCormick.of,X*^c��wv6_*, B.C.  occupauon Engineer, intends  tp applyfor a lease of the following laridsi-r-Y  _;*. Commencing' at a post  plaht^d-approx. 27 feet south  aud^OQ'.east, of survey marker jndi.cati_j.g-*. S-E corner^ of  -ci_��i- A�������tj��     i    -i     -      <- i ��� * ����t 1425  thence  660!  notth;  single-cut* 'aWa^'-'SSlTc   Notice vpf-|nttention;to. Apply ��� .thence 100* .-west; thence ^ 660'  bhly*  i33: Phone^ 885-9654.,   .  Formt'TdyiB  (Sec|[oh'82)  ___AND'-ACT "  "P'raMUS"'  guiltu*,; brand .. new;   includes  .to^Lease ]_>and(  tuning pipe, spare strings, ahd In Laitid' _.ecord\rig 'District  ,���. . ,,mll_ ^ 1(    t     . ,      picks. Worth dvet* '$l70,' \vill of*. Vapepitver   arid/.situate'  '61 PONTIAC station wagoiy   ^n. tot $10ot phbhfe 885H9654. Skookuih'chiiek Narrows and  \$45d; or-nearest.- offer. ;Ph.     _ ,                .,/������; 2&89-tfn' adjac'enHo' Ept 7'2_*S;qroup 1,  8.6-2160.  2602-26  SECHELTi VOLKSWAGEN   -JM.VWsi      ���  - From$1898.F.P.,^  COPPING MOTORS LTD..  885-2812   - '        88_i'9G46  - _3ee fierbie,- "^he' Lovebhg  'lW% Financing  ^ a  j J. I 2282^tfn  DEALERSHIP  ANNOUNGEAAENt,  Honda /6*9 from ,$'25>9.0b  All -new Hoftda MihiiTi'air  Bikes.  9b-Trails*.6fc5, 450 Honda' Road  ,   Bikes.      * ���     "  Avaible now. at: . -'  cooping MotOrlsifa,  Secheit, B.G. .    .Ph: 885^2812  Vancouver, prices---no-freight  Financing, available,  PIONEER    chain Ysaw."40O.  N:W.ft*  ��Take  Newly serviced. Phone 886-   ^.A^c-- W*&:> that '^n^  7078.  9fi(nJ>*   Edward'Wrightman of'9689-  m��6 &   ige'steeet^N^irtVS.-trr^y/BJG.  south; .thence. 100'  east  and  containing, approx  1.5   acres,  .more".or. less;-for the purpose  of summer cottage.  Wjlliam- Albert McCormick  DSt-d-ApHl'28, lSed.  ' :  2572-pub..M*iy 21, 18, June  '      -���      * 4, 11, 1969  HAMMOND chord organ. Like . occapation/^alyst^inteiids to  new,' Ph. ,��86-2050.'feves." ;.,   aI?ply, tor ,a; lea��e of the fol-  ���  1    * * -2606-28   Ipwmg described lands:��� .   *  MONTH'old tent, 7x7x5, price J^^Sl/L Jfc 12 ''  to'.  _>!.������ ofi. 9io_��       - planted* adjacertt to .the S.W.  $25. Phone.885-2184. corner,of Lot^SO?; Group, 1,  ������..*���.    .^''fr, N.W.D., .thence: l-COJFeetN.W.; .  .VdLKS.���Gas   heater,   .clock, thence -300 ^Peet W,y thence -  TONTA    catalyst^ he&ter, 100 FeetE;; thence'3Q0.Fe^t-  antique writing  desk,  power S.W. and containing % acres,  drill. Lantern- -originaVT>aint�� ~Tnore-orlessr*fbr the-purpose -  ings,   gem boxes,   tools,   and of Summer Home:  other miscellaneous items. Ph.  885-9662' after 6 p.m.   -2612-26  -*- ���t*r-rr +  ART, liOOKS-^Made Simple,  - Series���Maps & Map M-tkU-g-  -TChildrens Books���Hunting���  I_orse��-^metl-i_ig��� for every-,  one aVailable' at Yfiie'" Times-  Bookstore, Secheit. Ph. ��BS-_>654.,  '.   ' - _$161-t_n  Donald Edward Wrightmat  .pateci'April"20/i9_9.-  2558-ipub. .Mayv^l, 1_8, Juhe  ,     ,��   ..i    -f.      -4;*H, 1989  iL  HAVE yW visited Tlie Tlmca  Bookstore yet? Tito eelecUeh  will stiriirlse VoU, Phoho 883-  6854-^Drop In ft htowso.  '   ���������������    2150-tfn  ALCOHOLICS      Anonymous,  P.O. Box 204, Secheit, B.C.  Phono 885-0327, or 080-2070.  ...,,Y;.;..,:. M.,,.'.,. ..;,-:���.:...-2457-tfn.  WORK .WAHTEi  CUSTOM    rock   drilling    &  blasting. Phono 883-2227.  2-J-I-trh  PART   or   full   time   b��ok-  keeplng work. At home or  office. Ph. 885-00.3.     2B22.26  iOTBRT  carpenter.  Cabineta  or what have you. Ph. 883-  2J-6I, 2575-tfn  CliUClt'S Painting & Decor-  atlng.   Ihterldr ������ Exterior.  Call 883-2375. 2550-lfn  LARGE 1 bdrm, apt, furh-  ished. Gibsons Village  centre. Semi W.P. Responsible  couple or 1 lady only. Rent  $110 per month. Call 880-7018.  Y^     '  '  _ '25^-20  2 BEDROOM bungalow, unfurnished. Water front view.  Secret Covo. Ph. 805-050*3.     |  -vi.,;--.../; ..-,- .-���-*������.-      2603-28  WAtltiPTO RENT. ,     . ,.  TEACHER retiulri.*s 2-3 Ued-  room unfurnished home In  the Secheit nren. Occupancy  commencing July. RetU or  lease wiih option to purchnse.  Write to: Verne Wishloye, 22  Wedeene St., Klthhat, fl.Ck-  2536-26  TWO bedroom house wanted  in Scehelt area by reliable  tenants. Phone 889-2818 or  write Nita's Beauty Salon.  Secheit, B.C. 2506*27  PENDER HARBOUR: 78'  frontage on beautiful Gunboat Bay, Cleared for trailer  or A-frhme. Only $6,000. Full  pHce.  NEA^., THE FAMOUS  SKOOKUMCHUCK; 60' front  in sheltered cove. Lovely 3  bdrm. home suitable year  round living. A must to see.  $13,500 down with excellent  terms on balance. Call DOIS"  TAIT, 883-2284.  ROBERTS CRfeEK: Approx.  414 acres, southern slope,  partially clear, excellent garden soil. The beautiful little  creek on one end makes this  a terrific buy at only $4,500.  FABULOUS level view  property, 145* beach, 2 houses.  Terms on a Bhockingly low  price of $30,000.  GIBSONS: Charming 3  hdrm, home situated on 1 nc.  level, close to shops and  schools. Living room features  heatllator fireplace and W-W  carpet. All electric kitchen ha'a  matching counter top cOoking  unit, wall oven and fridge.  Bright utility, Vanity bath  features enclosed tub etc. Attractive term., on $20,000,  LET US SHOW YOU thla  immaculate fi room basement  home with unblockable view  of Sound and Straight. Lovely  deep-pile W-W carpet in  charming living room, fireplace for added interest and  cozynesa on those coolish tall  evenings. Tiled bathroom features double basin vrihity ih  Arfoorite. Completed rCc. rm.y  utility and lota of storage In  full concrete basement. Only  $7,000 down on full pi-icb bf  $22,000.  We have n very good fleleo  tion of sdrvlced and view lota  foi* thb ohea who want to  Build 'their own home. We will  bo plcas-id to discuss your  needa.wlth you,  K. BUTLER REALTY  & INSURANCE  Gibsomi, B.C.  Phone 000-2000  MEMBER  MtJtTlPLE LlSTlNC.  Sl-IWICE  K. Butler  Ron McSavaney  Eel Butler  Don Talt  . .-\3$rtb nicelyl\Jn&&   parcels .   acr^*Jlb�� a^^SSSS )$$MMl iNii-Nis  nvertOoki-ief' Georgia. Straits.        '    5'/4 acres, road-access: $8,000;  ahd l.lB2,<aeres, $3,000r terins  on both.     -        *  -  Waterfront lot, cleared apd  grassed., road access: $9,500.  Semi-waterfront lots, $8,500,  Terms available. ,  % Acre view lot overlooking the Straits artd Islands,  with 15 ft. well: Close in,  $3,000 full price for quick _:ale,  Gibsons waterfront ,hpme,  large park-like grounds: 14 x  18 ft. living room, with fireplace, 12 x 16 kitchen-dining,  2 bedrooms: $25,000, $6,500  down.  Big family home, three bed-  rioms; excellent building and  finishing: view living room  has fireplace, plenty of cupboard and 'storage space: Self-  contained two-bedroom suite  below, , Doable carport, deck,  lot landscaped. Full price  $35,000, Terms. This Is a good  buy, with a steady rental.  Gibsons, on good street, a  somewhat older type, but  sound, three bedroom home on  nicely kept grounds. Full high  concrete basement, ahd garage. There is also a two-bod-  room cottage, li'ull price $35,-  000, onfe third down. An excellent property for the  lia'aglnatlvc buyer, with revenue possibilities.  One acre waterfront in tlio  Jtoberts Creek area, With  three - bedroom, bastrncnt  hrtme, And rcntol cottage.  Creek on proprty. No cliffs.  Ifuil price $i8,ooo terms.  E/McMyrtrt 8^6-S_509  br_vW6rtrri0r. ,,,. *88_5-2393  Vihce Prewar       886-9359  BOx 238, Gibsoh'p, B.C.  2i20-_fl  .CLOSE-bUf'.SAttV-  Busineiss .'Clds& ���* JtiWB.^J-4 -  ;' _S_i355tfn   Everything" redu^vin-tJlUding'  -peatmoss,-&,_-.atili_*ers.    >  ,Gerani_u_is" b ^for*'$i*.f"'.  15' * Cadilac' aluminium" boat  33 li;p. _-Vinfude, with trail**  'er F&'totp.^85-2b07.' 2859-tfh  13' - FIBRE * glassed (boat, 18  h.p. ISvihrude,' 1965 model  soiihd" cbh'dittoh.'_?h.; S86-*_i'.75.  Y_ 7 . _ Y-...1     .*??5.3",2.6  BOA,T Ipsurance Inforrnation.  , MartnjB. Insuraiice Clairhs.  Capt., W. Y: Higigs,. Box 339,  'GibSons./B.C. Tel.. 8��8=.954B or  885-9425. .2538-tfrt  BRANb  NEW  12 ft. "ai'uriii-  hum   Sta*rcra-_   boat   Wilh  1D8&  model ��  h.j). Johitson.  Never Used. Ph. -88B1707B.  i '    ^ ' ' .2bb8:27  14 FT. Clinker row boat for  sale, foal 8bod fehape Ph.  8*&45*d3._      2604-26  16'     PLYWOOD   .runabout,  fibrejglas** to watellhi**. Cohv.  top. 35 h.p.* Evinrude, 2 tanks,  trailer. 885-2033.        ' 2619-27  Tomatoes ,80c .per do^en..  GILKErt'SNURSERYf-  GiesbNs   , ���..  . Forpi No, i8 .  '    : ,', (Section 82) ,  ,    *    . ,'L'Ar.b AC.T '   '    -  Notice of'Intention'to Ap'ply  '.   '   J.  .toiLeVtse Ltmd    '   -'  In. Land /.Recording .District  Form No, 18  ^Section 82)  LAND ACT  .Notice of "Intention to Apply  .  to Lease Land  *In-L__d<- IlefeOrdih'g"l3istfi_-;  of Vancouver and situate  South    "Thqiroahby     Island.  . Block J of ^District Lots 1018  and -1019, Group 1 Westminster - District Plan 11122 and  *, District Lot ~ 1539 > Group 1  New" Westminster District.  * .     .     .     F ,  Take notice that Buccaneer  Bay ftbldings/Ltd. bf,No. 9dl-  500 W. Hastings St., occupation* body feorporato; intends  to ai. ply for a i'easd of the fol-  idwihg* described lands:���  . " ;Cc*nmeneingY, at ��' a ��l, post  ���. planted at high water,mark���  NtW.' Corner ot Lot 1 of District'Lot Ibl8(, Group 1 New  of    ,VanCouv$*,     B.C, . ..and . .Westminster   District;   thence  Phone 886-2463.  _-6J.6-.26  RHododendrons���$2t00-'  .��� .:   -* ���   ��� ���--���  Hydrangeas-^SQc, < ' ,  '   Asilbf_-i:5i_��c,\ ;  .Reid Spirfci^SOc '   .:  All other.Nursery stock  reduced,  Tomatoes ready to j^laht  GlLkeR'S NURSERY   ,  Gib'sbNs  Phone 886-_H63  _?541-24  situate rnorthr east of Cock-  burn Point,'.* Nels(?n Inland,  B:C.       ,  o'-Y *   .  Takej nfat'ite",.that Sheiia'C.  Pensoh/bf. ^hcohver,   B.C..  pc-dpatiori - *cle>k, 'ihteh'ds  to  a)p_>ly fotVd-lease 'of the fol-  \ towing.,aescriped lands:���  . -Commencing: ' at  .a    post  . planted, approx. 27 feef swUlh'  : of * survey marker indi_atlhg  /S'-E'corh'ef-.ofFLbt 1425; thUrmee  .100! east;-thence 86u' north:  thencb 10D1 wt-_t{ thehee 880  south,    and - contaihinf  , 1,5  aferes, more Or l&s, ior, the  purpose bt-fiummer ifOUdtge.  ��� - Sheila' CatherlHfe Pensoh  jbated; April, 26, 1065.  '2573-puh. .Mdy -2i,' 2S, 'Jlihe  4,' l\, lp69.  S.W. Va mile' to* the southern  tip Of Biggs. Island; thence  South to the northern tip of  District Lot 1539; thence following shoreline,to point of  comm*-hcemdnt, and containing 33Facres, more or less, for  the purpose-of Private moor-  *age -for the shareholders of  Buccaneer Bay Holdihgs Ltd.  'flit feWu-U beats' are their only  access.  Buccaneer Bay rloldihgs Ltd.  Agent - Iviarilyn B_. McClareh  (Mrs, M).  1010 Leyiand St.v  i     West Vancouver, B.C.  920-1630  .bated Friday, May 16, 1D6D.  ,2007-pub May 28, June 4, 11  18, 1009  SPORTSMAN . _ ��-  (Fikreglbss* Canopies  All models. Also Cattopper  Flbrtogiasfj iJoate, 8-10-11 and  15. t?eet. VjDfi. factory prlcba.  coppiNg Motorsltd.  Secheit, B.C. _?h. 885-2012  Trade your,Cat, Boat or.*.1  2454-tfn  PtSTS  STAkCRAFT _ _ 4  Aluminum * Boots (_   _  All    modeia, .^Demonstration  avnilablo   in   18', 0"   Holiday  "V'V i00 h.p. outboard. F.O.B.  Factory prices start at $233.  .Direct iactory dealer  COPPING MOTORS LTD.  Scchclt, B.C.    . Ph. 085-2812  Trade yohr Car, boat of*  POODLES,      clipping      and  grooming,    years    of    experience. Phone 800-2601.  ,���:..������   ' ...; .    ,.:.2420-tfn  -~~-7 ���������'���*��� 1 ; - * ��� *   ���WANTED good honw for kitten. Ph, 885-2030.     2534-20  POODLfeS ��� registered  and  innoculnted,   most   colours,  *|30. Also poodle elippinK and  grooming. Ph. 853-0707.  2501-lfn  _-__U-  .  ��� ���   *  2455-tfn  1 ,r, r..i���  WANTED  WH*!_    p**_r^_as&    psteliF-ii    of  htU&kiii thitbe-.  I^'i&na fef-  2459.   , 1681-tfn  tm SALl."  licnsns  ������1   .'".���������,���;  rtca-2600  886-0658  806-2050  2600-26  YEAR ohl filly for teale, half  Aijpaloesa. Ph. 603-2B88 br  883-2312. 21502*27  *��. p*"*-^**^.......!'    "!'i   m t,iT. 1, IT j, 1 , f "���,*  SADDLE  horse for dale. I��h.  (J8S-200.< ZW^Tl  MARINE ACCESSOr.lt-.  Pftlct���,nbt*er5-��*��t^-3^^  Canvas���Boat Itondwaro  : coHtpr��Mia ah* i#fic�� far.  ,    feMftdiVA-a ''mV'Wtttti  .SMndlvera avalli^'-jtor  ���   Wvlfe 'tw-'1  LTD.  rUotn ^3-9*353, C.!j_o_!-I, E.G.  -.   _.     >  *!!'*��� /'  *        '   ���    >  ��.l  ' >  ��      !  '       -: . . .*  .*���*������*__.-*���  *. It   ���  $.-} *  . ������ ���  ��*\��-p  ��� ��*t^v-  **.  %  1  '*   * .�����  -��..,  ,*    *  %  . For excltfrig holiday variety, your  homo provlnco has It oil. From big  city fun Ih V-iHedUv6H0 -fe.-ttlrift  .ranch life In the 6ariboo. From  ' hjatorlfe t\m im F6r_ 9_eo.ro id  , natural wonders Ilka tho Fraser  ��� Cariycin. from Sffhfin, iandy bm\m  to.moBnj.ican. mounla)n reaches.  ��� Name yo_��f mum kind of holiday  ��� co'uniry * chiociif fir�� you'll f rntt  It t\$hi m fmt dwft haek yard.  ��� oofttwNMEr.T or efriTiBH 6mm\h  mpmrniHT of travel industry  Mm. % Ki &BtMh, MlMltlf  ��� Ii ft IVM-JtA IM^y Mmottf r  ���|   * f|��  (*"   *���*  F��  .  i  1  m**& i     i   *�� # *# *"  ^4*v��,^yv*^M*-,��>^ H****** av<*v* * N?1 ^*.*#-A�� **j.^v^^* ,* (  a &   *,^f^.^*#iV��i^*.^^^*^4fS����>*<-i*>^rV^^ ^^^���^^K*fr^*'*^**%j*V^^*^ f   vy        ' i       ��� <  ���***. *���*��� "'M;'  *���   ��./!  ' /      Y       SY'Y.;        ;^Y'    Yy'     yr^Y^Yr;  i,Y        ' ,      '   ,���'l '      ^ J ,   .        ,    ' ���    J       -      .    -  I 1    ' . - ���'",���- J *" F,  v1* ,-v, ^wy^ F*  jf*"*";t.  " . ��.������-��.��->_,  *i*?  Tlfe- Penj-nsutouTinies, -.   " Page, A-3  11 '    ' "..      .'. '"!.��� I ���" '. ."  iU.  y<  ���.' ._.  Swollen glands  feMALL- lymph glands h are > 4lspeVsecl  ', throughout the body; Thesa>lnmps^of  tissue are najbuire'? second line,of defence  C,  *   __.��__  *  .i".**' t  VhJ  *_  Hi  _^<  S. "v'  *s.  .  ���--*./'������ .If  Recreation  .who cbi kBo*J.,hi a^amrhdll suffering thfe matter/and appreciate your public*.  and tot try; to do>1h^W( ami; it,^ ^ft,^ ^fctude, in takitig .the time __t*d  "There.were many ihdividual.? ahd Or- ^uhfe to put' your thoughts,-.* writing.-  gdnizations' who wjot4 to your Oov^h- ^ % wimt citizens shouM do, on this orf  ment complamingabduHhe> cruelty otthe ahy bth^r matter; ,  Seal Hunt whichfme_ns that, that five-     > iiiA���M,>ii. v -k-i-ij,.-!^ w��i^ *������� ^..i *���  v,n���^i���tYi, j,��� niv. it^a^ T.a.r.e .wrte 5-n ���,     However, I should^also make^my posi-  nour attack onMrJ swan, uavis was in +i .j*. ^i^^t.   ��_ii ^i/it,.*,**.- .-_?__;.. I_..i  effect anattaelc^h all who wrote; natur- fe^'J.^! ^HnM^U   -  Shi ston��:!shal^andther ^on^who^?aa?-if j&:  RepresehtativeC^e that'll. Bi*mnba- ���Ti a^YBM ^   '    '  * i/   ,i  vies andthbse who/wtotd _^g��_cdhig,this i.,1^0,^ a^66 that the examination bf ���  subjected to such uhigOhtle- Mr. Davie^*ne"of ^vei-al-such ^camina-  ., treaitineht again.      .'      ^ tions-^onstrtuted an attack upon people  How do ydu feel -abbut the teal itunt opposed to cruelty to animals., y  Mr. St. Pierre���is it not cruel to the baby        Further, and more; emphatically, may  seals and to the iVTo^hers as well?* , , I .State that if it~ is* yourv attitude that your -  \ Mrs,'X Me'ihlsef M  Parliament  should  submit  bearMr-i'x"   *    -;���*���'".'-,�� promptly and, utiquestjoninlly Jto your  TV��f'��^fe^��f*��,����mmm{<TfAF_Pv-.m vi&ws aiftl duenfeh all- his' euriosity and,  _��*S_? ^^LrlTT^iTSl ��h�� bf ^ubhe feponsibUity'because ox  Agreement stands ". . �����  '      '      ' ���- ; , i ' t  President FIR clarifies  tii4iistties' wage position  ��� V i  ' >  - * -Parade" -<r- v,v-"j , c  Long before the parade commenced  SechteXt'." hriaiti-Btreet was Me-d-wltfe  excited youngsters. Tyee Aiiwys  float j^Mnes dipped their, wings in  salute.to ^e 21st.May^ Day and;itiie  ..   '     .,*.:   -   *      , ,        *:.';>,>*?- .^-pni^-ttoniwound its m  _CHE,lWA'<>_��mni1_ed'i^^ -       -     - \\    y  ;  -rfability in its relations with the coasdY -15, 1969. . - *  ')"',' *' .    '- - -   ���* "   * -   ~ ���'  " ---   ->- --* /*' ^^  for^fc _nd'u$try",unt_l the present collective ,\ ; "With"* the conclusion of ^negbtiattons  agreement expires on, June 15, 1970 and ^d the sigmng of thh. contract, ^the union  the companies will not,agree to re-open committed Itself to a period of stabiUty  the agreement prtorto the regular date.     "fe labor-management* relations, until at  This wask the industry's answer today , }^ June 14> 1970.  to "a request* by the iWAfor an immedi-,        "At all times the employers are expect-  Negotiafbions for a new contract wiil v  re-open about 10 months from1 now.  BiningSjwenit,on to "say:  '',1*   Wage_. in the lumber industry h_tve*  John M. BiHings, president of Forest ' {jS^SfSJ*? ^ ^^ th�� cJ>t�� M  lustrial Relations which bararin*  for ' ^^if^^6^.^^^^^^^  to cost of hvrng sihce 1949, the base raibe  ���on June 15, 1968, would have been $1.67,  per hour instead of the present $2.04.    J J  MtMel baptist chMch  MERMAIP & Tltt.lv SECHttT,FB.t.  \<>  >m  ,n  Sundoy School ���10:00,0.01. ���  Church Service ��� 11:15 a.m.  MR. ROY ADAMSr PASTOR^  PHONE 885-9665  4 *t*yr*"'"1***i'^*"+*!'  \ 'M7Wetfpm;7/  Industrial Relations which bargains for  the companies, stated the industry position in a ietiter he handed the IWA regional officers in a meeting in Vancouver.  Billings refenced, to a section of the  coll-otive agreement which provides that  the wage scale may. be revised once annually, subject to the mutual consent of  both parties.  > But he s_tid this provision, entitled  Rate Revision, was placed in the contract  in 1947 to (take care of specific job category adjustments at individual operations.  "It has never been used and was never  intended to be used for re-opening the  Whole wage issue during the -term of the  agreement," he said.'  "The present contract was entered into in July, 1968, after protracted negotiations, and was voted on and accepted by  both sides.  "Under it, .till employees will receive an  2. Wage increases have far outstripped  lumber" price increase's in the last, few  years. Industry wages, have risen 172 per  cent since 1950/whereas lumber.has increased ari average 40 per ment,  \ 3. Prices in the todustry rise -and fall  in cycles. This is considered when agiee-*  meats are negotiated and wages have  never been related to product price.  4. In the past, when prices have gone  down, wages have gom. up. If wages weie  ito fluctuate with the prices of products in  the industry, there would be no wage  stability ait all.  5. Every Canadian must assume a responsibility toward the cost ol* jpurtnlng his.  country and no employer should be expected /to reimburse his employees for  taxes levied by government.  SUNSHINE COASt  GpSPEL CMtiktti  ,.      (Undenominotibribi) -,    ,  *t f       ,  . !    '  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  .- Church Servico-11:13 a.m. \  Evening Service 7:30 p,w. * ;  HPAStOR REVJ��S. CASSELLS '  Oavifr Bay Rood and Arbohis   '  (2 block* up from Highwey) ,  ANGLICAN CHIJRCH  sKlNt HILDA'S���SECHfeLT '  - 8;00 a.m. Every Sundoy  9:30 o.m. ChUnrh School        -'  11 iOO o,m. 2nd, 4th, 5th Sundoy?  7:30 p.m. 1 st ond 3rd Surjdbys "  Services h_ld reouloHy in ^  GARDEN BAY, REDRQOfFS^ond EGMCiMT  For informotlon phone 885-9793      ,  ,Evfcry Wed. 10 om H. Communion St Hildas  InflaHon bone.ltn tho homo owner by Increasing tho voluo of tii�� property and  decrcostng tho value of hit mortgage.  ���A1  ���ft  In  old  England  monatteries could  uto  certain lands if they would offer prayer*  for the ioul of Ihe' owner.  >'  it  1;  I  ���**V  ft  ii. Y��  Property atteiimenra in different- locoll-  tie* oro to variable that tho range run.    (  from 5% fro 100% of market value.        {'  ft  ft  For profetilonaf o.ititanco in _c.ect.ng  a home, call  I  i  ft  \  PETER SMITH  AT  SEC(HI[____.T AOE^CSES PATE PM  ��� This free reminder of coming event* Is 0 servico of SECHELT AGENCIES  LTD, Phorte Peninsula Tlrtica dlrecf for free llstlr*05, sp**iclfy'r,3 ^'Doto  Pod". Plcoso note that space is limited and some odvanco dates may  have to >volt their turn; also thai this is a "reminder" IJ-tlna. only and  cannot always carry full details.,  May 28���6:30 p.m. Peninsula Drive-In, Rcoular Genera! Dinner Meet-  loo Scchclt & District Chgrnb^r of Commerce,  May 31���7:30 p.m, Halfmoort B6y School. Family Nloht. [  June l-i-4 p.m.. Camp Bynp, Rabort-i Creek. Dedication of Retallbck  Mcmorlal Chapel.  Juno 3���2-4 p.rri. Secheit Legion Hall, Ladles Day Tea.  June 3-^6:30 p,m. Cqgfe Lodfle> pcodtr. Harbour, Desiert Paity, Every-  ono welcome. .'  June 5���2 p.m. St. Hilda'*. Hall, Se_hi.lt, Regular meeting Secheit Ho?.  pltal Auxiliary. ��� | *  i !  Juno 14���-1:30 p.m.-4 p.m. Scchclt Indian Vlllaoe Community Hall,  Homemakcrs Club, Dozaar; Oak-* Sale and Tea.  ASK FOR mm CATALOtl'JE w PnOPErtTY  MulupU tlsft��)g Servlca  Vancouver Real f stota  Bwtri  ttEAI. ESTATE  IMSUEUNCf-S  Gibsons 006-7015  mm&m  ��GE.i  f  ���2<-.u6ims  SECHELT A6EHCKS LTD. \.  inihg Mr. t>aviesi who is to bfee-tlled bef  fore us again. Uhcter tne ^h-ddmstahces I  do not think'it would, be prdper *for m_s  to comment on the inatter'Of his appearance. * Y . *       '       ;1  However, in answer Fto your closing  question, other; BicpeH; witaesses wHlfecl,  particularly |_h "Tbrrv" Hughes, of the  S.P.C.A., have "given evidence that sfeals  are being killed by the fhctet humane  methqd praStieaL- Mrj Hughes -tesliiiecl  that the methoo-S, used ax^ le�� crttel than  those of Ordinary' siaugh*l--rhouses itt inany  of the provinces oi Canada,  Finally, may I say that the fcOmhuttee's  interest vis to detormih'e whether: a) killing methods are liumahe; b) Statemehts,  television prbductions arid other iovtnb ot  th-r ifchb-at hi losing vo)es at a subsequent  election, then I decline to pjajr such games,  I do not wioak your vote under such cir-  <mmstances,>Ma_i--mF     -" ' *"  '' Paul St. Pierre, -ftp*. Coast-Chilcotin,  ���tiffies; _4d_JriSl��'  Will sell ifetly- ferit  trcld-1      ,  BAHA'I  NATIONAL OFFICE,  VeslieYSr Sfeeles Ave.,  Box 519,  Willowdolc,  Ontario  Nome  Address  City ���  Prov,  . John Hind-Smith  REFRIGERATION  " .PbRT MEU30H:.  TO PENDER HARBOUR  Phone S8_i-2231  from 9 'd,rnVio 5:SfOfp,rh.  Rcj. 866-9949  GIBSON GIRL BEAUTY SALON  Gibsons_Ville.ee  Experts iot cuts/ coiffsand colour  Custom - Perms ��� Phone 006-2120  tGL^ED'.>M^DAY)    >    c '*  Fuml-lite-r^co��>e^:a specialty  Fine line of -fpbffe*.  Samples brotfaht to boihe.  haIva-nd maV^UIIN,  Tel. 885-9575 - Davis Day  BOB Lftfe  GRAVEL & EKCAVATI^G  t  Madeira Park B.C.  Tel. 863-2412 Or 88^-2265   _..',,   1M   I f,i,   'mil     If  i'    .������,���',������'.    ^ I ll  OCEANSIDE FURNITURE  Af4D CA138MET ^0_>  Custom colblneW-for bbWvehhd officd  Kitcht-n Specialists  XL OlJIdil, bcocl. Ave., IUM fircct.  Phoho t.^-_>55. or Ug5-226.  NltA*S BlAUtY u\m  Open In the Hlch-ffer Bldck  Sechllr, B.e.  PERMANENT VVAVES ��� TJNJt .,  HAIR CUT ��� STYLING -a SHAPINQ  9 w,w. h S p.fa. jf-a_4gy-_^tat-la!f..,.  LEN VVrtAY'S TOANS^Kl  Household ���V.dvir.S 8. StorS&S  CAMAblAH CdNmoatlS  SERVICES  Dry-Wdll Thplrtg, Sprd^-TeK Ctelllnga  (Arty Cblor)  Anywhere on the Sunshine Coost  All elect He z&him. to fatote.,  IMyricHm WH.p.  Wtrrcttff ��� C^lbr_*fa I6i�� tend MM*Set.  Mdrih�� Ways, ItSpcilra.  ,; m&i'sM -^f&mm p^ i-fj.   ; ���', mmmAH iiictM- lifn.'  1       Residential - Commirtloi  industrial Wiring  Elciciflc Hetstlh^ Specialists  '' . C^Y;o;;3 ll0_>-*>5_.->  ������������ ������ ItCAVATOfll      '  Fouhdaliohs - treia,, rlirrldvlJd  GlearinO and iRoad Bulldlnfl -  " ' 'ISrdVel, Navvy B< Ml    '; '  A. SIMPKIMS���GD5-2132   ���-. . BRICKLAVlHG    RtAbY-MIX CONCRETE AND  BUILDING SUPPUES  Your One Stop Building Store  For AH Your Building Needs  felisdHI tuiLolNfe suw-tiii iLt-O-  ll$|:fei?rVliwr *!PImw�� *_r|p|r*>J-l4_t''-'-  UN5HINE AUTO GLASS  COAST REPLACEMEN1  ERVICE LTD.      A SPECIALTY  ;: cdtLi^iON repairs ,.  24 HOUfc TOWlNG~886-28n  Ldiest Equipment for - ,,  FRAME & WHEEL ALIGNMENT  V/ilson Creek, B.C. - 385-9466  FRANK ___. fdtckER^ WOMttRlist  Bal Block - Gibsons   ,  f   iEv^rVFVv'e-l*4esday:. ,i.,    ,���  'ri7\Zc^::c��^^..7l7l/Z,  \m Matmo -\G\biom - ��3*3-9852  fev_.fy-hin& fro% Needles to  .   ., Schodl -51*1^11^    ,  For You. Fuel Sbpplioo  _5anny V/heeler  rm  IMPERIAL ESSODEALfen  886-9663 - Hopkins Landing  inuumiammmmmmi <.l*kw<-ili-i��i_h_il..llI_*i>_._^..._^__^_iiW____..l.W,ll', ,nMil��.ll|fc���i>,..l.IMrW  PENINSULA CLEANERS  1521 Gowor Pt. Road .  886-2200 Gibsona  faftybm FAMILY DflY CLEANUP MfeEPS  Ladifes* ahB &hHdrfeh'_* Wear  Gpeh six days a Wdek  Phdnte m^-Md  totftib Mm��, Sbchelt  S^  tlOSG a AUT EMTiiaPRSSES  *fo$6& S^PP"*1.' classes 6, flrino  dealer for Duncan's Ceramic products  Plhd fid. aOrdndvlow Ave.  f>.0. 0ox 62, Gibson*. B.C.  traVicE     *��^3' Potta'Scrv,c0  tm mm bmmukrm  REPAIRS ANt. mtltk m Ml MAKES  Mife. f.*i0t.a Hciviba - 005-9740  C & S SALES  SECHELT, B.C.  APPLIANCES - HARDWARE  - HOME FURNISHINGS  Phone 885-9713  BELAIR CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY  AND DRAPERIES  R#upholstering - [ Resryl ing  Complete Drapery Service  Samples shown in the home  Phone 886-2873 'after _S p.m.  ^*^l**&P-W__**4--P^W_��lW^^  *'*      * Scows -i- .tojtfS    -       ��  ,  5ECr4_.LT TOWING & SALVAGE  Heavy Equipment Moving & Log Tovyiog  L HIG6S  Phone 885-9425  TWIN CREEK LUMBER  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  Dial 886-2808  Wheri YfaU Need Buildihg Supplies  Giye Us A Call.  FREE EStlMATES  PARKINSON'S HEATING LTD.  GIBSONS  ESSO OIL FURNACES  _-__.  .--���.mCm   AH.._^i;?iC.t{1_tycyi_fi   tllLL'S MACHlN.: Bt.0?  & MARINE SERVICE LTD.  Mochlno, Shop ��� Arc orjd Aery ArVfctlding  Stool Fabrlcoiina <���Marino Ways  Automotlvo and AAarino Repalra  _t_y'._J-._-J Mbr.no S.G.JC.J  #M^gtRA MARINA LTD.  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Whltaker Block - Davis Bay  ; R.R. 1 Sechelr, B.C.  885-2332 or ZEnith 6430  "****" "* ���������-ii���iif-mii- ���������WW.���I..H1IIIH.IIWI. ii   ._.w..-.l_w_ii��MM���_|  ^SIDi* PLUMBING  Gibsons  Plumbing - Pipe-fitting  StcamflHing - Hot Water Heating  Pipe Lagging  FREE ESTIMATES  :' . mm CD5-7017' Or BB6-2B48  mMntimi-m^mmi* i��m*iifin^-ni wW w n phi I iimn i_mi0w'w*-�������������������*�����������^���muEmWp���i.hh ii ihiiii���mmmmmWrn*  : ^''^''^M^^r^^'Wuk^',  lUITS; In Stack and Mode to Measure  Hbodqt��sVt**r�� for G.W.C, Work Clothes ,  , Stonfleld .Arrow-McGrcoor  Currlo f Pioneer Clothe*  -v ��� - '.���-��� jrafvaiiY- TiMex watcHB'- - '������  '....���;,; WATCH REPAIRS  IBOa Mftrtii-. Dr., Gibsons1" 886-21 Ii  HANSEN'S TRANSFER LtDY'  WAREHOUSB  %mhm 685-2H18 -Gibsons CO 6-2172  DAILY SERVICE FROM VANCOUVER  SERVING THE SECHELT PENINSULA  FurrtltiirB to anywhere In Canada.  ' &SShM Jm'uht. kswhed md Itiavy hauling   ff'Wfh-.**,^ j. f,,^, ^0^^,mmm^^^^m*%<hf^*f^<����*^  fWt.^,^/*** ft*r<*��jr*<*tm"��t*"*>i--<*f- t*0' **  !,*.*��.   ��%�����!,   m^MtAl^tJKjtuA  (*���(����,#. f*< ^><��    ��^0f^*^f��^^\fi    �����> J*  * j** ,*** fih **��� J*S**  ���*' ���*--**'  **  /=* (*-,#/ A ^.^ ^*,***  *��t  f ��<*��.fA rff.ri-*,**. *-,/e* ,*, ^,+ * frfiB^tv^V^P*,,!*!!*.^^   <f* J**.,*^  Ci ,Wil^***�� i * ^* <* ��i  ".j#p> ***a.��-4.r_| ^*jrj*'K  ��* ^** a*. **h ^*. (���>** f"*- JCt,^" ** j��>- ft  ^.^. n*rf* j��.ft#i,y��,^1*tj.^iF>(H��**,^^.rrtr ,*.^ **(j j^yrt,#%j*fn^*t,i*n^.ii'S-y'tviA,.*)*' ^^. ^is^*-,/*^^ .^^irti Paga.A-4  4 * : Tl,��- E>^mcnT��i V.*Mf.n      _ W___!neS_f_i��rUM_iV 58   1 ___��yY .Y * *  t,^^f^*-^^S:.A'^V-^.':l^^;i,''^'_  /   ,n      /*  \  >*r\^ vyVf'- *<  M  T1_e!PeB7BCTiIalTlrtrBS      Wodwesda^Mtty, 28��; 19i59  tm _ f' 'V'.'A "d_i-<'"J '  f ^  y^ ^ ' " r'" "' "'T-' y ' ydoe��jii*V Carriage  Butterflies and flowers Wd a golden- ke" float which carried" the iacojuiiig  ci&wn decoraW &e very ^tractive Queen and,,her entourage was ttoe  May Queen's tfloat in the-May Day center of attraction in the colorful  Parade.! Mad�� by $_e Horn Ladles ' parade,      , \    ^  * * it  .Y-.' ' il,(Y   y_        '   V   < .   Best fcomic        ' },   ',  Small clowns ride in the' lions car   the parade route taking first prize in  While father lAow .clown It up along*  -fee comic section.  ' y~7%l yea�� .Y  Benner's Furniture float celebj&ted   and ttie new.  May Day's 21st birthday with.iftfe old  v '    . r. Princess   - *   -  Incoming President of the Sunshine'   Geialdine Joe to the dais for the May  Coast Lions Club Mr. Jack Nelson   Day ceremonies,  proudly escorts little Indian Princess    *  JW��7i^-,-. .&>���<?. Y' -y/;y; V. -Y -���>* j  *' ���#__     ^*> -.f**, .wY ��3 - '  ,% ,,* *. ��� ; * ���    >, -r f- ,  ��� WhatOffers?  If you want reliable traiisporiiatlon,' sengers in this device driyen by Alan  c__Bon_heHen___*treet--LamtoCor^orF- Hemstreet with  co-driyer Tommy  aHon,' they can build to specification. Lamb.  Mary Lamb and Bill Quarry are pas-  ,-  ->  Arts; Council. .���...,,  Adding to -tbe interest of ihe May Day   work- on tke cute little Art Gallery  parade, young artists displayed lihear   Shop float.'   '   r   Y     ,' '  Prize winner , - .    ,     . ,     .    , b_   Daoahrer_t * ���  Taking first place in commercial   elling swim-suits and sun-wear and .   * ' *    , < ,?,>'��� ~ ��� MM(U  class. CamnbeU's Variety float was a   the talMnc Mvnah bird doing a lot of   ?����*_>_<-. and  wmte  float  of  Job s f the May Day paraded.  1 _  *&������-- ���*- -YY j,'     , *iv ,. Yy ;y|  W^^^^wn  .   <���",     ,        ,   Uf   <* i        .*-   \      . f> ^  IWTVV * *'Y ' ^" '   .   ��',**��� ',���> *  '  �� ' *-Y   V. >y  Mini-Hot    *-  If you wonder who lives in -this little   first prize in botb Secheit and Pender  grass-shack just "look" below.   The   Harbour's May Day Parades.  Pender' Harbour Serendipities took  class, Campbell's Variety float Twas a   the talking Mynah bird doing a lot of  blaze of color with pretty girls mod-   whistling.  Daughters made a colorful entry in  IrtS^iit  _*/*'i"*^��^^l!:->i;      ^M'./*'.!*.;*.  '���'/���^*/i*.��  l_i-<&atta-l_-*-____-___i*>       ��� ,���_  !!..i.i,V;.��ill!��:i   ,K  .   "ii'  _*^.*_j  ^*  H1  Bis"1  M.^  fivuf-^i  "''f  *��  Mssper; v.'  iTvH^/Y;  ���i At    / "    ^ ��<  \;>  r Y      1 V j ,; ."( '   y * .    l'  * ,'' **,  , *'   ^ ,ft t"j*'��it,ii .*,<*>    *f^   [,;\���i)��i  ��      i  J   ��H,,*.t    J��^^^   ^   t-*IMtW4_.F--F"_"-^**,^_.t     W-i.,-. ".   ���>      U.|       "**��  Retiring Ouccn  Coming to ihe end of her reign acting   richly   decorated   car   which   was  May Queen Karen Spencer and her   greatly admired,  attendant Nancy Stroshein ride in a  Slapstick  We hope conditions won't be qui.��   St. Mary's Hospital,  this bad when construction starts at  Aloha ' '  Swaying grass skirts, one very mini,    son had been persuaded to join Itay  wigs pnd sun glasses helped disguise   Maier, Harold Clay, Dennis Gamble  the Pender Harbour Serendipities and    and Mark Myers,  no-one realized that Hon. Isabel Daw-,  IS-BMfe--��^i^SBd5t8k^B  ���BBjgBjiS  "'        i    *__i_.__t - *��� *  ���i .W'.*.f  - -Jcs^V+i*?!? v  \    �����r-J-JL.::' .'J ,vj  '7"!"',',  ^;* ^��>-^:/toMs  ^��3i-��r.*M''  ) *�� y ,   7\^H^i $. 77x^0^mf*^1^  ;C.rv'''.jiF**���'^" .     ��-.r ,,��','��- .        -/��� ) /'     ,    i '   '  '      * ,i ,.'     i Y  KJ^$k&  ' 'Y."Y."   . >.V"*, "'. *"Y'     '  The Rider**  Beautifully groomed horses in ever  increasing numbers take part In local  parades,  -Jhdr riders dressed in a  varitrty of costumes.  Rickshaw  .*_.!_. .  .���   _.__���  .    *i    r      .-,      * Forty-el��W ptr cent of Can*ida*B two  Jjcms 3rr1erna.iowal RickiRhaw was a    a delightful nde Cor the tv/o young    and cw half WiSion am* ot Jand .s dcii.-  3tmg jM-Ji for lion.Ervine-Bc��3er.lMii ...3___0M.Kp.*-il--d*passengers....  .......   *   .....   ifiesim fowted. ....  Secheit���SSS-^654  g|gaaB��{gs:^ggB  fri  ��OUT HISS THE WPOHTUIilTy T-0 SEE  THE WORtO IHEPIfTED FILM  ������'���  a Proff-irctccn of-Hi��..  B1I.I.Y GKi^lHAI   "Evasigeiisllc Ms��cSatS��-i'';'."  Has olw-ays thrilled ond attracted young people  SHOWING WILL BE AT 2;30 P.M.  SUNDAY. ��� JUMI 1st  'Ff  SALVATION ARMY..HALL, LANGDALE ,  Special Bus will bo leoving Secheit ot 1:30 p.m. Roberts Creek at 1:50  p.m. and Gibsons (North Road ond Highway) at 2:00 p.m.  ADMISSION FREE VOLUNTARY COLLECTION  SPONSORED BY "GIBSONS BREAKFAST GROUP"  FOR CBR^TIAI4 FELLOV/SH1P  3EB8  _f&B_SSS  i(  ,   1  t k  Y  *   * .i* # A"** ,f^ <�� f ^t^ ^ ,#^�� ^-i^^^v -i^ ^ >*  * I*.'���****. *..*t-^ Jttfpiy* ^"^J* F-tfl-F.-*. ,# _* .���Ye1 ^ ***. **/�� #��������, f. / *r ^ ** ,  ^-*-*^r rf.* ii-^^-^^-^Ti^^^f.Ayt-Ai^^-F. ��^*h,.*\^r^.***^H*-'*i*��^*j(v��^ t/.%^>^'-jl,>*iVp��ff1*iV7^^^^0rV '-vr-^t* '*������"**%'.',*-    -1 %y ^.v,y ^-h * .rt4YC^CtrrVw^ a%"w'.j  /  j^i.,**.  /t,/fc^��i **�� ^jrf*�� art ,*���*   *-,-..     *) Ii  _���'-  fy  is*'  AMOJ-G the briefs sa$nvttod,at �� public' 'is left, to pollute these 'last.beaches would  * * hearing by the Pollution Control Board, *he felly Of ihe tyorst kind.1 . Y Y., - y  held recently in Gibson?, is the-jtoltowing *y. .It'is doubtful that aibsons^i'10, ever  on behalf of the Gibsons Rod and Gun -fee an,industrial, centre,?but*certainly, its  Club. It (arrived too late for."inclhsionyn wealth wilih he measured by> the^feerea-  last -week's Times but isuof general inter- * tional area that it offers to the metropolis  est and we theiefone publish it'-this week,    next door;   '   '* * *- f        - i  A submission of our view's presented * -J* mtfslmiojt'WO believe ,-Jihai 'the de-  at a hearing e^iducted at Gibsons, B.Cj; �� 5hr__bJe way to control* pollution in any  on May \% \%w relative to a proposed! iornXis to try to eliminate it at its source,  sewage disposal system planned for th>v Siwely that is, the target we should >be  village of Gibsons. ,        *       apmhg for, rather than aiming -to -pc^-lute  Over the vears' there _____ been a steadv    $�� *sa^ Uf^oW/and r then haye to take      ��� * '- i '     -x    , ..���... T.v... , ,  erosion of'quaEtyrec^-Ftioji-ra^rand ^^ve ^eas^ Ja^, to cobeet our   AE t^es turn^ards.Seebelt's new Fearnley, flower girli. Sharon Hall,   lips on SOte trailers      ���  also wildlife habitat close to urban cen- ^ati ^fSwLwA^ ^ '  >7  .   "May ,Qwen Candy Steele ^s retog .Boraiie Janiewiek,  Sharon Kelson,: tiom Canada council      -  treS, and this is due to lack of consider- *   Bus% Wfi teaUv exotorGtl t3lA *"*.*_,<_..-    ��..��^ ����*_-.c��__��^��.-lorftiirn^ _*__ .r^  r...*^__   r�����  *,_��������� ���__._��_���_      r  tion when .land or water is -required for  industrial, agrieultuj^^oKddmestic use,  Main Event  Especially .we decry the present pollution   SS?,^^     . ._ ,      .-  ., .   *.���  situation caused b/disp&ge of dWic, *2& W_C^_?i_ffiiTFt?*'?**  and industrial wasteinto Idal- and 'nob,' /' fSS.S^L^f.^^ ^ ^ e?  tidaLwaters and wc are all awat* Of the   ^^f^S?^1^ ��**��������** ��*  w have yet to exploit  Sunshine Coast Division . . .  ���our        ".'  -���  j, .-. *' ���; x   i  ��'���" Mk<  _*m  .>������  J^ould:_-li^  eiegates return  ides conference  Campaign for 1009, Y  -        t  The Council recommends a* ma-dnuW  speed of 50n miles ,per liou-. when towing  vehicles. -This takes' into account the fact  .that.trailer tires jjirii-much. hotter'than  ear tires; at high .speeds..'O    "   <    Y _   -  Drivers should'.refrain from bitting,  the brakes, too offen when going down  hill. Instead, drivers .should shift to lower  gear,- .'t  - Motorists are advised to slow'down  when   encountering, "side"- winds . which -  probiemsrwhen they-hit the  damag*  coasts  bia. .  To date pollution control pmgraniS ifi,  %re\^Zt%^^nd^dZ,fl   '^i^^t^^^^  natural capacity to dispose of 'wastes and: f^ ^^ ^^fWdSfe AsaQaafaoa.   ; t  that we a&*-*emiired to <use that 'capacity    ���---'-*���*���-���- -^-.j-^-."���^^����,/��,.-. ..v.-   ~jFOHTy*-riixth-Annual' Meeting and- Con-���" visual T^orts-o^-ti_e-d-!paTtmcnts- were  to"jts .limit* The ynajor fallacy in**tftis*   ^f*f*ij%��  iiifH.lia /**fti_f*i*l��riiE< Y . ' ^erenw oi the Girl jGiudes of Canada,   .the Honorary President and laonorajy   cause eor_tK)l pro  prexnise'ife'lthat 330 one'to oxrr bmOwledm ~ i&klfflGp iluiilG'UihlwV:     JBriti-*hL;tC^l-unhia' Couneii,- was, held" ot\ Vice-President of the British' Columbia   trailer broadside,  has yet bmiable to define the so called s|-1Y^y,i ^y;.^. ^, ^ v.* \>;,. ^ ;r'   *s". i^eT<>tem_?a-rk<^nieirehceCent^ j. r, Nicholson*-and JVIrs,        The breads'on trailer"tires also.have  'safe limitS'Wwbieh this ^turai'afeshni-,  hriflflfeT!|atlir PniTiniPTlf^    Unive^tity of British CohJarfeia fropx May W, A, C. Bennett, At the conclusion of   *�� be checked Bald tires arersubjeefc to  lative capacity can'be exploited in mean-   ^ffralr "^^J^r"^^!^**- 12"to,-J&fey ^4th. JVIrs: |ferg Wheeler, Mrs, the meeting the honored guests were en-   *sk<Idia��o�� greasy or wet-roads,,   -   >���  mgfulF terms'. �� *r   -, .        r -    l^C,J_?UlE^.'of'*th,e.*ll^ Betty JAEen,'and "Miss Judy .Baldwin of tertained informally at tea by the Pro-  Wexread in si-brief and'Study submitted    y s��e -of fT_ie-T-me*5 brought n___nyopm-    tSupshine Coast'Division, delegates from1- vrneial  Commissioner,   Mrs.   C," E.' C.  to the village of 'Gibsons by Mr. -Martin   meats and one thing* is*^rtaivl^urtl^of,  Gibsohs^/i-etuip^: today i!from the three Stewart.  Dayton, dated t963 that the .sewage efflu-   -ihaft .-size - aire, ;4uite .cominon. -V,    *.'   "f day, confer^iee svhere adult Girl Guide        r %*��**��.*** n���,*-,,��� ��^" �����*��_.   t '��  ent was to be untreated, 3n-_-he same - YM_i "fja_jk-tl_ee *taf <i?ehder> '   ' ��'*��~����� -rt��������~s��-.���- ~.^��.i^_<-i -a���.        *jreuwMW uovernor-aao Mrs, J, ��,  r_. -   __.    ��� - -      X.-, .,.-.- 1 -p^Z&tesf&toafeJay'itoieSx^egga tor warm   were ente*flfcrmed':"_lt; a^-cOffee party -hosted 'bv a __^h*r V7he^'_-i.ii^X_-7  ���� -tS 1^ SEHWJS; '. t^^5B-SP .^^I?^�� ���' by ��e D^>rovi^aLn4ione^ .& TSnJaa0^ ^Sll^fSd  SICWEI-T THEATRE  .PRESENTS  *; DEAN MARTIN * ��  * JAMES STEWART *  ' " -'       ond    *  RAQUEL WELCH *  Officer,  following the banquet the Annual Awards were  presented by the Lieutenant Governor.  * *. ,i; *j*p  / u-  u  be neghgiWe.* ^ ^    ^.turtle who ^ having a hard time\ KtoX 3g_?.' eSrie^  - What is negligible'pottittioni and In   digging .a nest, in imdisoil.    r   . /     X Su^��S<��Sr5 SofcSdini''  comparison with what? -    > . - '.. Mr.- Alex Gihnore. recalls that when ' ^ThfoffSial^cSSSp Ss held S-        Wednesday morning, ieatured "Open  WhEe we 'believe that, the 1963 brief    IJ^W1^ ^to.bring summer vis-    ^   SternoOn^"when DlSon 'C%mmh- ' Une" a <^tio�� and anBwer.peripd for  has been revised; effo_ts-to ^obtain.copies    *!***&& ��fV'* was a.common sight - S-M'-TrW^waiti S __S_teCcSm.    delegates. The Conference coiiciuded that  'or to view ithe content .has been without "J?** y��w^s X^^**i��b9_iie^l__ bffiiSto iSSlSfiSffifi afternoon at 2 p,m, following'a short dis-  suceess.' ;We,can only assume \th^.t by ,1^^^';^;s?ys|1^# one^ge llSdSfiS'S^tS^event wliluS "^urse by Mrs, Filer and-Mrs.FSJeWartin  vvi^oldix-g'this-brief^from public faa___�� yfe*1^,^ J?��'.** WJ' WpZ^mliemv ^00^: V*hich ^^ re-iterated th^yO^nference  that ithe conient and study of same is. ffiSA^f?tu?e Plx% hoars^Tm^s^apd    ^L^f* C-maSk SS^Stiv_?orSe ' the^e '*> ^r�� * ^ share; toish^is to  . somownat se��*et, which seems a shamis... tfSSSS&fi fwO>l^.. t,',. ' <��� , '        ?ff__ySijS% ?SSffSJf��? a!y ' care" and'rented it 'to' ^the" shape of  When the effect of these implemented    ' rMo^^^ple!f^^ ihU,^ ^,e^^e    ��^^T^,^ ^^ St^��,flA^Y .'things to come" ' > <  plans could affect so many woiJteffie ''m,s<iii: ��#P^ef inltheir .wb']^:,    *  '    erica. Jfegion Vr, .and Mrs. Nesta \Ash-    Imngs w coroe' , t t     ,.   ,.    <  fishery and ouV xe^^on^eSnniS   ^.1M��K^ cpi&id^iiyjhe'Pw-,. J^;tSJ!S��*?^ '       ' *"���" ' '~ ";   -   ' "-   ''  ^^ks^^r^s^- f ��^^��_^�� sB^^ssra^A^, ��-. ^ says ^^ �����,  t oflnforrhatlon* <|^.taifM_f? Y^F' ^1^��^!^^,  r"'   f ima&suming that the ef-Vntpr* ' ��--^��- <  ��� tic Sewage from Gibsons does* meet1  ment before outfall/ how efitectlv^fii./tsie*  treatment and -what is the treatment? W��j  have heard chlorine, and to what "extern '  does this purify?   Can chlorine hsuidle  accidental  spillages of oils rand otheri  wastes -other -than domestic "sewage ;thai- ���  finds its way "from homes and light in-"  dustry? Could,septic lapks use, chlorine *  \and run out into open ditches? We doubt'  it -    .  '      t    ,    - *   ���  In the pulpmili industry we. read ith_4  even they cannot meet the agreed stan-.  dards of effluent treatment befote dis^i  charge at outfalli and the most eftteotive  control standards are met only 8Z% ot  the time, at the -worst 44% of ihe total  time.  What ithen becomes the condition  of our beaches, and our recreation values?  Assuming that, the new and revised  brief has been "���Veil thought out and well  engineered, have tidal studies been comi  pleted by oceanpgraphers, apd has an independent study been made by the Pollution Control Boawi  We ipecognize that over the years thai.  Gibsons by lack of -foresight ond effecT  tive control has ireached an intolerable  situation aftd is no doubt forced to ssoek  an outlet for ito domestic wastes. If <Jib-  ��mis is, to grow and build and expand it  is no,doubt true that the sewage problem  must be met, but fui ...er lack of foresight  will not prosper the area by pollution of  its immediate recreation aieas. The beach  at Gospel Rock to Gower Point is all that  SUPPLIES?  Wont' to make your homo  larger, more comfortable, mora  modem, more beautiful?  Whatever homo improvement  project you ftavo in mind,  you'll .irsd helpful idcos end  Information at your eno'ctop  eupplics chop  Penisisula Building  Supplies, Ltd. '  Phono 005-9669   SICHILT, ������ ��<G,   ^ A Truly AH Fabric Washer  * Complete Flexibility. You Control The  Washer, f  * 3 Cycles. 3 Speeds.  * Safely Lie) Switch.  * Rinse Condition Dispenser*  * Two Year Guarantee On All Parts and  Labour,  * Ten Year Guarantee on  Transmission.  * Lifetme Guarantee On Exclusive Stain  less Steel Tub.  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DgHE MB DANCI TO L1��I MUSSC  Sme*w$ber& 7:30 p.itt- to 9 p.itt.. *- E����iy��ifi�� Welceni�� - *$S.OO 'Couple  _BB  *i^i^^^^^isg^^9s^i^^iti^>^.^^^.'F-^--^F,^F^>^^.^^^f'^s^^iiaH--^ia  ]-  i  i i  ���**-'    ���'   ,Y'': *'   ' i    5 '   s (    i>   "    .   ,   fc  ^. ** * * *  tjFJA fl,.l   r��   ,fl  *,*Ar<C/|.'M'ni1JlFk1,jll|l��ll��,JF* t*-*.**/      '  '   JIW**a*,*l��M��t*^'.��*"  p *    j_   W    *  *    .  (,-*.���*��#*  Jr,  J.*..'*^    #^^    i   ,***���;   'J* ^,rtf .fv ,^fr,** ^V^llftV*  T-    I ' i 1   _ **��� " . ' 1 ' ' I '" ill h  - I ft   rf  FT***"    ._,  ���>        . ' " ' . ' . I '  J��<.ge;S4.  Tho Peninsula Times /���  ^ffiM&jj -Mfl'y $8.11^^  -Wm-wwwi  IIWItMlU��MM��lhW|HHMI��UI^^  ^EPieteNSli_-A^^_i.  "I may _>_* wvflg. but11, shall hot'be so wrong as to fail to say what I believe to be right."  ^ - s    ,__   ^   \      _ r. i - , ���John Atkins  *' , DouglasG. Wii-teLER,, ��_��/<"*.* ��� St*_wart$. AtSGABb, Publisher.  ���   intfi-nnrmnm^iiHiiiiiiMnrniiirir" ii"~rniiin��iiimntiiiiri-intnnT��r'rhnniiTiiitinmnriririffnrmriirff-----'-^-'i-'J-'^*'*'*-  ii__m f mmiriiMWn  OtJR MJLA. Isabel Dawson has, so far, improvement -on the antics of some of  little claim to any -notable achieve- the crumbs parading through the prov-  tnent as far as the Sunshine Coast is con- ince - at the present time who specialize  cemed in regards to highway or* ferry in discrediting innocent people, tearing  improvements and both are -a major down all semblence of decency and ex-  source of complaint by residents-and plotting anyone sufficiently gullible to  visitors- to the area. This, as we haye* fall for promises they can never hope to  Stated on various occasions, is hot the* kepp. , - , \  fault of Mrs.. Pavvson, the blame lies with . These types are -anarchists of the  departments which either have no con- worst possible kind and by' their own  ceplion of our problems or are just not utterances .make" abundantly clear the  interested. . ' -���"-,. fart' that shoiild we ever be sufficiently  - In many "lesser ways the member unfo_tunatelto;s_*e;them''electedasa',gov-  has worked hard behind the scenes and eminent, :we would have an abominable  lier dedicated interest in our senior dictatorship second.to none. *  \citizens and concern for the well being . There.*are those of us-who spent six  of young offenders, while under deten- years, helping eliminate-a fanatical diction; is something we possibly hear little tator and this was a man-who promised  about ' - * his supporters the-earth. His empire  It would therefore appear���that while ^^ S*^^>f^r^^nB^  weJ'tend to discredit our representative^ e^epse to^enttre world. It would bo  wHen expressing disgust at lack .of con- absurd to visualize, such a situation here  ^deration by <*ertain governmental dep- and;n;fac -thesis no comparison How-,  artments we,-only too. ofien,-overlook ^��^��:<*fo*_\***�����*  {ho fact that she probably works hard, P*"* ��*���* J01^ *��r ashort penod  behind the "scenes on our-befialf aikl feels <* ^^ld,drast_c__Uy, affect the eco-  equaUy as. frustrated at the.-lackof;co- noia? f f*^province.; ,  o? ratjon                                                    -Xetnts make-no^mistake, this is pro-  *^_     'i.     .       ���_. ���   _Yt_'_  - bably/one of the most prosperous and  One thing is certain, .Isabel is an _^_y*_...^ ��_^^^-_���-.._ji__ __ __._.-   ��ji  Sunshihe Coast Queen celebrates furst' yearin service.  emissary oi good will and public relations ptotebly' works* harder and* with  greater sincerity than any of her more  prominent colleagues. This she has proved repeatedly by attending, whenever  possible, numerous local events however  insignificant some of them might be,  rapidly "developing1 proviric^sin the' country and~ wli^;tfie;socr<L*dX have made  various mistakes-along tfie^way, the same  can be-said for any government we have  ever- had, prownetaTly or federally." The  end result is the important factor and it  would take an extremely misguided individual to .suggest this present govern-  Half moon May Happenings  '���    ���  Y ,< ��_.hy Marry Tinkley  RESIDENTS have heard with deep regrets  of the sudden death on May 20 of Mrs. ,  Anna-Marie Brynelsen, the mother of John  Brynelsen of  Secret Cove.   Born Anna*.  TT ���_._������__ ���"�� * ���=       Marie Kiiutsen in the Norwegian Lofoten  Her most recent show of commumty   m^t j^ failed to p^uce vastly more    1sQaxas in- 1888,  she came to  Canada  nn.  \i;__ ha.   nnn/>i_l_lpn rwrfrirrjrMitinn in      _n ____.��� __���  ,_. ' . ._*:-_ _-.    -       m .... '. ._  spirit was her unheralded participation in  the Secheit May Day in which she joined  a group of men from Pender Harbour  and donned the attire of an Hawaiian  dancer. It was not until the secret'leaked  out later in the day that her presence  became known.  than any "of its predecessors. This is the  very reason it has remained so long in  power and whotheheclc would wish to  take a chance onihe.possible alternative?  While people such as Isabel Dawson  take time out1 to participatein small  community events without loud -trclama-  HECJ_EATION . .   . k  The Halfmoon Bay Becreation Commission has organized baseball at the  Halfmoon Bay School, with practices on  Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Whenever possible, a game is arranged for  Sundays.  Don't-forge* ihe Family Night at the  School  at  7:30 p.m.   next Saturday, .to  around 1904 and a few years later married  John Bryhelsen in Vancouver.   She was  one  of the  founders  of the   Soils and ^ which aE residents of the area up to aiid  Daughters of Norway. - including Secret' Cove and Nor'West Bay  Mrs.  Brynelsen  had been associated     are cordially invited. Some of the attrac*  Needless to say there will be those' tion ahd work "diligently behind the  who suggest it was simply a political scenes for those same communities, we  maneuver, but such was not the case, would draw attention to the contrasting  She was simply accepting a dare and is garrulous' politicians of another color-  to be credited for entering the spirit of who are daily seeking publicity by tear-  the occasion in such a sporty manner. ing down _md_o__:e__ng the earth. Old  If in letting her hair down this way adages die hard and it might be time to  she acquires a few votes along the route,  then good luck to her. It is a far greater  give a little thought to "Greeks bearing  gifts".  ���*,  "   ^.iai��_i_.- wny >to, QTOCBi?*kte~'  FROM time to time we are offered the   free of charge to the students. Which was  great treat of a movie spectacular   extremely benevolent of them?  with this part of the coast for 35 years,  and had spent many delightful holidays  on her husband's~boat exploring the coast  and, in particular, Secret Cove. They  bought land there in 1944 and built a  summer home on the property where the  Jolly Roger now stands.  RACKETEERS  The Editor of this paper has continually warned its readers against racketeers  and confidence tricksters, many of whom  thrive on the theory "that" there is a fool  born every minute.' - -  Two of these shyster .gentlemen set up  business as the Deluxe Vacationer, Co- ot  iHO'llywood, California, and inserted an advertisement'in "the TV-Guide of April 5  tions planned are baseball,,a fishpond, a  cakewalk,'bingo and refreshments. .  SURPRISE  Mis. Pat Murphy decided last week to  take the train io Winnipeg to meet husband Patrick flying south on leave from  the Dew Line. As her train neared Edmonton, she was paged with a message to  wait at Edmonton at Pat's station was  fogbound and he was unable to fly out:  After spending two days -with friends  ' in Edmonton, with still no sign of a Het-up  in fog conditions, Mrs. Murphy decided  to return to Vancouver. Imagine her sur-  jpopse whear'heT, train,"arrived, in Vahcpu=  " ver, to findv husband Pat waiting there to  meet her.  With a sudden lifting'of the  and Mrs.-*W, H. Gray. * -  For Mr= -a__d*Mrs>Doug Fctley of Squa-'  mish, last Saturday was a very sad^ day ���  for they"wef_nn the "area to" attenST two '  funerals/"that'of their fornier *Tfedro6___. '  neighbor, Charles Tinkley, 'and'that of  Doug's ..cousin, Edward Blomgren, who  diedv_aiddenly by .-drowning on May 18.' -  Accompanying them from Squamish was.  Mrs, Jim Scbutz, also a former resident  of Halfmoon Bay.  Visiting old friends in the area recently was Mrs. Joan MacDougall of North-'  Vancouver. Mrs. MacDougall plans- to re- ~  turn'to Kamloops in September to take up  her work as a school librarian there.  Mrs. Eva Lyons was hostess at a fere-  well dinner party on Sunday in honor of  her niece, Mrs. Rene Haig and husband  Ron of Hopkins Landing, who Will be  leaving the area next month to take up  residence in North Surrey, Other guests  were Mr. and Mrs. Curly Lueken and Mrs,  Ruby Warne.  Mr.  Milford McAllister  has  left  St.,  'Mary's Hospitsfll much improved in" health.  He spent a few days with his nephew,  Mr. Sidney Wilson at' Gibsons, and will'  ' be visiting a niece in West Vancouver,  before returning to the Bay,  Readers'r Right  &6ftMeniipuS  Edifcfy Ifte Times,     t . J ��� ���    J  Sir���It is quite obvious that Mr. Nor- ,  man Hough is^verj/ conscientious and a*  man of courage to back" up lus convictiohs"  arid resign, when he had no altertiative,  Through the medium" of your fine paper  may I please ask I_fr. Hpugh the'foffilpwing:  (1) Would you please publish the arrogant  *, and  patronizing   letter ypu  received  from the Sec.-Treas. in connection with  your resignation, -  (2) Could you please give us an example  . of the unwarranted Pplicy changes that  is wasting taxpayers money.  (3) Under what doubtful circumstances did  the former Maintenance Supervisor  leave?  (4) How is the See.-Treas. taking over the  duties of the Maintenance Supervisor?  (5) Please explain what is wrong with the  * Sec.-Treas. method of bulk buying.  (6) How does the Board and Sec.-TreasL  deal with compl&ints from taxpayers? r"  (7) I have heard-in past years you could  get a copy of the School Budget just  * for the asking, this year NO-ONE.  Erincip-p-S, etc., are not allowed a copy.  Please explain why the secrecy to- this  document?  -     (MRS.) E. COOPER,  Gibsons, B.C., May 23.  ' Editor.. Note ��� We would suggest it  might .be a .simple matter to phone jar  write Mr, Hough personally on this matter. We' are not interested in using The  Times fpr airing dirty linen, particularly  if, as we strongly suspect,'a little group  lacking the courage to stand up and be  counted is behind this letter.  The last word  Editor, The Times,  Sir-���Re my bicker with Mrs. Webb,  Mrs, McGavin and Miss Mclntyre about  cruelty at' rodeos���X .am obliterated,  squashed and pulveriied. Odds of three  to one Taint, fair, especially as two of  them are Scots. What is a poor Sassenach  to do'  Nevertheless, as in arguments with my  wife I always have the last word, which  ��� is���-"Yes, dear."  J. S. BROWNING.  Sugar maple's scientific name is Acer  saccharum.  Service  mmmm  Highway 101  PHONE 886-9662  presented by outside interests and usually  sponsored by one or other of the local  oi-ganizations. The theory behind sponsorship of a known organization is that  it' immediately creates an impression of  goodwill. Having obtained such support,  it is then comparatively easy to operate  at minimum overhead expenses.  The bait usually offered is a cut or  portion of takings after expenses are  covered, and, as most groups are dedicated to one or more worthy , causes,  iherchants raiie little or no objection to  In this particular case, we understand  the film was good and do not in any way  doubt it. At the same time, the theatres  in the area also offer excellent films at  various times, and at lower admittance  fee, regardless of the fact they have no  kindly bodies to take care of their overhead operational costs.  We could all do very well under such  congenial circumstances but we somehow doubt whether the taxpayer would  care to provide free premises from which  we could operate, with voluntary staff to  with a Vancouver- address.  Readers were ' fog, he had been able to fly out and had  asked to fill in a questionnaire expressing! been fortunate in connecting with a plane  travel preferences, and prizes offered were . to Vancouver almost at once.  It is esti-  allowing posters to be posted in their' sell our wares, not to mention free publi-  windows. Local halls are made available     ���      --��� ���  at little cost, the press, if sufficiently gullible, undertakes to give substantial  coverage, free of, charge and others even  trips to Hawaii and Mexico,  mated that 2,000 British Columbians received notification that they were winners and were asked to send $25 as a  registration fee to be refunded on the day  of departure for the trip. One of them  was Mrs. Bill Pallant of Curran Road,  Halfmoon Bay, who received notice that  she had won a trip for two to Hawaii,  good for a year. She did not send $25* because she thought the whole thing sounded just too good to be true. The two East  German organizers of the scheme, under  arrest in Los Angeles, have been charged  with mail fraud.  -'IN BRIEF  Mrs. Vera Sallis is home at Eureka  * after a pleasimt .trip with'Mr. and Mrs.  ' Gordon Wing of Secheit.   Travelling by  the Hope - Princeton Highway to Kel-  yown_t, they visited her brother-in-law, Bill  Sallis and her niece, Joan Gray.   They  drove home by Kamloops and the Fraser  ���Canypn.  Also home after visiting relatives is  . Mrs. Ted Surtees who spent a few days  . in Vancouver with her  son John who  then drove her to Cumberland for a visit  111   " '  I  '__  >-_>_  'Si  I  I  I  I  '��._  __!_  >{j?l  ��.l  *SI  ��� .,-. c  ML LADIES OF THf SUI! COAST  You are all cordially invited to attend Ladies Day  Tea honouring Mrs. W. A. C. Bennett and guests from  Victoria, at the Secheit Legion Hall, June 3rd, from  2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.  i  i  1  is  i  i  I  city. All very nice if you can get it?  Fletcher's Philosophy  with her sister and brother-in-law, Mr.    ^fjffljfy^^^  get conned ii*to selling tickets for the  promoters.,        ,    ,  This, despite any merits of the actual  movie, is a very cosy situation but one  not likely to be appreciated by the local  theatre operators who p_iy taxes in the  area, turn back the bulk of their profits  into the area, have to pay for their advertising, in fact pay the complete shot.  Dtic to the fact die outsiders have  literally no overheads and obtain the  free services of enthusiastic helpers, it  takes little imagination to visualize the  killing they make, not to mention tho  fact they contribute nothing to the area  bi(t iakc everything away.  The latest ?suchehte^ri?�� gained the  Rupjbort of a small group which calls ��t-  JPfpgrcssive Education, the aims of which  self the Associqlibn for thie Support of  ono assumes arc self explanatory.  WiicUicr this grpup received tho usual  porccntage of profits we* do not know,  wie do kilow, however, us�� of the Elphinstone auditorium was .supplied''free by  thb school board office, Thisi was not  known by *lho ttoard for ono of the Trustees took Ihe trouble to investigate the  situation and learned free use had been  recommended by the scliool princijpal.  Reason apparently was that the people  involved had conic up early, set up their  equipment  and  run  the film  through  ���Hany W. Fletcher  SUPPOSITION  If we didn't have something to worry about  v. e*dl probably try lo invent if,  Though money is one Ihing yro can't do  without,  most people have tits 'til they've spent it.  Reluctant to trust well-enough to suffice  we search for what hell can provide us;  Though phy&icly healthy we seek to entice  IHubiom of ailments inside us.  Whatever we own wo worry at night  for fear eomeone brc^s in to deal St;  While* those who own nothing are in a worse  plight  dcvWrig vain schemes to conceal It.  The things we imagine to boltAet our fears  arc shadows of fjttost- we're afraid of.  Sup|Kv_ing creates in (tie mind what appears  to furrmh what panics are made of.  i ....        .     ,.'...  It'll right to be cautious and take proper care,  which moil people do, then forget it;  So whether rich pauper or poor millionaire    >  if worry comes oourting-i-rdon't let it 1  �� w'lUU U-UU-UI"  i  MwwBwwPPWiwiBiaaa^^  TOPHI'S  CMWUEffl AHE* !&_F/I$_TS  LADIES' $i**H_fSTS WEAH  Phono 896-9994  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  | w  ,m*m*lk  PubliOicd Wednesdays ot Scchclt  on IJ.C'8 Sunshine Coi-t  by  Eeda.lt Peninsula Times lid.  JS6XJ10- Secheit. B.C  t>du$a$ O. Whetler, Editor  S. B. Alsgard, Publisher  i Mmsripttott f*-t��4SjS:' (III advance)  1 Year, $5 - 2 Yearn, $9 - 3 Years, $13  U4S. and ITosrdgn, $5.50  Serving An .wtmjrfm Pari Mellon U> 6ptu>tit  (lloua Sound ta Jmls Inlet)  .oaae  AT CLE'S COVE  WILL BE RE-OPENING AS  A YEAR''ft6tiW6'Y;'  ftgtAKAtlO^^'iEto  IN JULY 1969  Suv�� Money  AT YOUR H>PiitAR  LUMDBl AND DUILDING  SUPPLIES  Serving The Sunshine Copst  GULF BUIWING  SUPPLIES    .  885-2283 - Seehel��> B.C.  kin6 sizep meals  AT ftUDGET PRICES  Ot Y  ON HJ6MWAY 1��1 at,SECHELT  JFOft f AK6 OUT OK0EKES  PHOKE 885-2311  r_CTEv.S TELEVISION  ���   ft HAWH,,..,.,.  SfmW - f & W am* COLOE T.V.  ���Fully equipped for Color T.V.  Dealers for   .  ZENITH - PHILIPS - RCA  FUETWOOD  Better than City Prices  Phono ��85-2280  5_^  _^_^';_|i!^_f��-S^^  W--S ��_S��  RECIPE!  Brought to you by  these progressive  places of business  FIT FOR A KING!  Asparagus Is (It for a Kinp whether served simply with butter ond lemon or In on  clenant sauce.1 You will especially Ilk�� this.dish fealurlno fresh asparagus and mushroom? in a rich lemon sauce*. Muihrooms and asparagus have mdny things in common.  Both arc largely water so require* little cooking and high heat, Both are very low In  calories. Ono pound of mushrooms has only 90 calories while one pound of, asparagus  has less than 200 calorics, A little squeeze of lemon brings out the truo flavor' of both  Vegetables.  '',  Serve* Mushroom Asparagus Royale os a luncheon or supper dish with horn slices  garnished with plncopple.  MUSf-ROOM A^AflAfiuS ROYAlf .  ttijiMiWyi  ��^:g^:jipy,S}��;frS  ^._.''.^W  FurnlsMngs a___3  "Sasices  VISIT OUR LARGE DISPLAY  OF TOP QUALITY NEW  AND USED FURNITURE  Appliances - T.V. - Radio  Phono 885-2058   -   Sccncl*, B.C.  sia Plismiii  ��� _-.tif_';  sac  2 tablespoons butter ormdroarirtji  1 cup % Inch dry brcodqihes  ' 1 cup ft)e��d mushrooms    ���  ...J feospoori lerhon Juice; ,..Y.,���  1 % to 2 pounds fresh asparagus or  2 packages frottn asparagus..  *._ cup tHitter or margarine  2 tablespoons flour  Vt tmspoori w\t,       . , ,  ��/���'teaspoon white pepper  1 cup water  2 chicken bouillon cubes  2 *abS_*tpoori$ lemon juice  1 toblespoon sugar ,  Heofr 2 tcbtc-PQans butter In h*��cvy_ pan. Add rbrtMKJeubet��� ��_nd. -<sooik oe��*."y sj_.!"{  browned. Lift out. If necessary add 1 toWrspoon more* butter.; Add siloed mushrooms  end lemon juice. Saute over high heat 2 to 3 minutes. Remove from pan.  Your Kemtono  Sherwin Williams  Paint Dealer  Phono 88-5-9533  Gibson., B.C.  Cook oj^arogus standing up In % fitch boiling salted water only until tmdm  Meanwhile) melt % cup butter in pan umA for,mushrooms. Blend In (lour, fait, pepper.  Retmove from fheor. Add wat��r**IOwly, stirring constantly. Add bouillon cubes, lemcw  |ut��s ond sugar, ft#-fum to heat and cook, stirring constantly, until boiling, thick and  ���smooth. Add mushrooms. Pour sauce over drained asporogus ond -sprinkle with bread.  cubes. Serves 6.     ,    i ,  Where  Fashion is a byword  Smart Shoppers are  found at . . .  Fashion Shoppe,  ���Gibions, 8.C.* - Ph. 88l$-9941  AS' LOW A��  25c:A' ��AY- -���'���'"���  WIUL COMPtfTliY 'iNStAIX  A NIW SHELL PUftNACE  Complete  with  oil   burner,   ducts  work ond oil' tonic In 'your hewn��.  Call Bud Kjwftz your Shell Oil  Distributor. .  ��86-2133 ���if>��OT# iJC.  :<  SYS  k  M  T>-  t>;.  ill  ?,<  s.  ?'  ^'.'  (F.  4r*  I  flM  ."-f  *, ft  K ':  Around Gifaons  Wed^-day, May %&,- HWfc     Iftje Peninsula Times S��age. S^  \ **.  ��� *  \  /*-   ,  \  -- t  -       ,''    *   "  r*  \  *                        I  _-������  If      "*  t    _.                 ���"-_.  ft  ��-  /  1  t  1*      ���"-I1**        \            ,.  f  .  *_-           <  *  m,                     J.  .  _  t  _  *���  I  -*  Homemakers  Fairy-tale cottage wreathed in "gay June. 14.  Busy Voridiig on colorful  flowers is ihe -design of this attractive - rug are from ieffc President of the  hool?ect4riig -which Secheit Homemak- ;G__ib Mrs. Buby Fauil, Past President  ers Club will yaffle at their bazaar on -          \             '  HANDICRAFT   session   and   picnic   at'  Gower Point on Saturday, May "24th  was thoroughly enjoyed oy Gibsons '3rd  Pack Brownies and leaders*, Brown'Owl,  Mrs. Eleanor White; Tawny Owl, Mrs.  Marilyn. Ranniger; Snowy Owl, -Mrs.  Eileen Strom; and Wise' Owl (for .the  day),-Mrs. MarleneBlakeman,,  ,  ��  Tweflty Brownies were divided into  groups of 5 being given -cards with pansy,  rose, and forget-me-not carnations, ahd  going with, the leader, who bad -the one  corresponding. They were a happy, and  well: behaved crowd of girls -as they  eagerly participated in the activities  planned for them; then had a bonfire on  th�� beach for roasting weiners and  marshmallows. Games were played on  the grass. It was a very pleasurable outing for _dL  St. .Bartholomew's Anglican -Church.  Women, held a luncheon at the Parish.  Hall on Wednesday in honor of Mrs. R.  Haig who was presented with a farewell  gift. Mrs. Eel-ford of Secheit was a guest  at'the luncheon. "  Mr/and'Mrs. M. L.'Nissen entertained  several families from Vancouver ai their  Metcalfe'Road" home recently,   .Mr. and Mrs. Floyd .Elrick are enjoying a holiday- in Britain;  -  Dr, and Mrs; Gerald T, Evans have  returned from'New Haven, Connecticut,  where Dr. Evans lectured at the School  of ^Medicine, Yale University, While away  Dr. and Mrs. fivansalso visited members  of their family in the "States.  Miss Chaddie Brenuner has returned  from a visit, to Washington. ,  * Visiting at the Home" of Mr, and Mrs,  Gordon Clarke for. a month, is, Mrs.  Clark's* mother, Mrs. Beckly from Victoria. - '   .'''.' *   -'  >Mrs. F. Westell' was the convenor of  the successful .jRummage Sale held in St.  Barts Parish Hall on May 23rd. The  A-C-W. "would like to thank all who donated, helped' and patronized this" sale. K  "When, the 2nd, Annual Anglican.  Church Women's Convention was held at  St. Johns, Shaughnessy- -attending from-  this district were; President of St.  Bartholomew's A.C.W., Mrs, Kennett; Mrs,  Flo Blake; and Mrs. Rita Hinks, There  were 450 present. The meeting was  opened by' Right Reverend Godfrey P,  Gower, the Archbishop of New Westminster. Co-adjutor Bishop T- David  Sommerville was the speaker.  Annual General meeting  Citizens Housing group  AT A MEETING of the Board of the  Sunshine Coast Senior Citizens' Housing Society held on May 21st at the home  of Mr- Norman Burley, the date agreed  on for Ihe annual general meeting was  Monday. June 30th at 8 p.m. in St. Hilda's  Church Hall, Secheit. Business will include the appointment of four directors  to fill the vacancies created by tho expiry of the term, of office of Messrs. N, G,  Burley, H. A. Hill, B; J. Lang and E, E-  Rosen. Mr, L. P. Hansen was appointed  .Chairman of the nominating Committee.  There are a number: of members not  ye*�� paid up for 1969 and they' are re- jjvj  minded that oidy paid -u*> memh^^will, j^ h^Thmy^O^j^g^W^r^ I  be entitled to vote at the annual general uznrifrfOr Ihe annual sale of bea_itt-  meetmg. Send $2 for new membership or fa iJ^^ft. H<wne��_abers Presi-  $1 for renewal to Mrs. M Tinkley, R.R. 1 �� �� M n,,**,, pflllii Mrs Carrie,  HaKmoon Bay. or M*�� ��M�� ��o    gJ*^J* **g' fiftjB ��K  sweater and .Sister Lucienhe Trudeau  display the raffle prizes; first is the  sweater and second the oil piai-iting  by. Brother Fr-mcis. Bazaar is on  June 14,  5  '1 J  ���*-_,-*  _  *.  -i  i.  ***��. i   *  f��T  -.  a.  -  ���   ^  'X-  .���**  ^      *  V,t"  b.=r-^  '*  s.  Mrs. Sarah Paul - and Mrs. *��� Violet  Jackson. Tickets are-' available in  many stores or from Club members;  i  t  i  i  ���V  ft  */**���?  A.  *- *  Y-)?';.  I*-  ���'/^  -..-^  N.  ** **ti  v-  V  ONB thing as disappointing to little league loosing a game-is to witf a game  played to empty bleachers,,  , Witn thQ action in the field, why not  a .bit more action in the bleachers too?  These kids are*playing1 good ball arid it's  pathetic -to see,"6n!y six -idults out to  watch, as happened a.t a' TVed. game, -  Come'out and support these kids, the  coaches' aren't glorifie4 babysitters,' they  put a lot ot time' arid work into teaching  these> boys to'play good b_lll and. "be good  sports. The least every one can do te get  out io. the games and. give. them, some  encouragement. Qrice you do, you will  realijje, it is good ontertainment and will ���  be back'for more.        ���- .    - "'   -  MEW'S SOFTB.^X.1.       '  In "men's softball action Tues, May 20,  Pori Mellon bombed Robert's Creek 15  to 4, with Denny Carroll getting the win  plus all the assistance needed from Parry  Lee, who hit 2, home runs' and John Duffy  and John Lowden with one honier each.  The only other'game-Tu.es. saw if ydro  strike for 8 runs in the first inning and  go on to outblast.'the1 Shakers 32 to 15 in  a high scoring ganj'e" with Ron Sim" picking up the-win,-      :   ;  " ~ .  POLICE DOUSE FlfUPMBN  Thursday 'nighty games saw Henry  Werb strike out 16 batjiers on his way, to  recording his" first shutout'of the season  ,as the R.C.'MfP.*s. dumped Gibson's Firemen 14 to 0,    '',    -'*"'.  The Pehirjsiila" Hd*cel Befeated'Robert's  Creek 12 to 6 with..L, pearl collecting the  win-''  "      *' * '     *     ' V *', .  Other Thur^*nightw games saw Carl  Kohuch-strike-out-0 arid-walk 4-as Secheit Beat Wilson Creelc 17 to'3,-Carl-added  insult to injury by hitting a home run in  the top of -the 7th.,      . ; .,       . \  SOFTBALL STANDINGS,  Peninsula'Hotel< '.L'S.:.  5   1   0 10  Wilson Creek ,....���.,.'.  4   2   0   8  Port' Mellon  ,....: i  4  E..C.M.P. ., ;..,.,  3  Secheit    ../J.  3  r  Firemen      Hydro    ,.���  Shakers    ���  Robert's Creek  0  0  0  I  1  0  0  8  6  6  5  5  2  0  JUNIOR BABE HUTU  A double'header' played at Haekett  Park Saturday, * saw Woodlam beat Legion 1-40' -by 12-2 and! 10-1 withi Tom  Carter getting the .��� first, win and Tim  Norman winning' the; second with an assist from Jim IVlacKionbn. -  LITTLE LEAGUE  In. Little League ball on Wed-, David  Lamb threw a 6 hitter for Wilson Creek  Oriels to defeat Roberts Creek 13 to 3,  David struck out 14 and walked only 2 on  his way to a very impressive win. in front  of a very disappointingly small crowd at  Roberts Creek. ' ,  In. other games Wed. Secheit Residential beat Gibsons Kinsmen'30 to 15 and  Gibsons Firemen defeated Gibsons Merchants 27 to 18,  In Sunday's action Allan Nickerson.  struck out 13 and gave up only 2 hits in  pitching, his first complete game of the  season as- Wilson Creek beat Gibsons  Merchants 25-2.' Allah also showed his  ability as a' base runner by stealing 9  bases in the game.  Port Mellon edged Secheit Residential  12 to 11, Richard Campbell got the win  coming in on relief for-_-_en_ Hinks,  In the other Sunday game Pat Gains  and Rick Blakeman teamed up to strike  out 17 batters as Gibsons Firemen beat  Roberts Creek 8-4 with Pat Gains recording the win.  EXH1BITION GAMES  . , In exhibition ball-on Sunday, Sunny  Crest Centre, hammered Gibsons Panthers 28 to'l, with Jim yery and Myles  Williams teaming, up for the win- These  are both Babe1 Ruth teams that failed to  make the. deadline for .the league, how-,  ever'they are playing very entertaining  ball and-will" be-in the-league next-yean  lv_EN/S SOFTBALL- .../.,-  '-Thursday,- May 29, Wilson Creek play,  the firejmen at' Gibsoijs, "the" Peninsula  ho'tel- wm^j__^t-^rt-Me_ion and Roberts  Creek will play -Hydro at the Wilson  Creek-park, bringing-to atvend the first  half of the schedule. The second half of  the season will start on Thursday, June '  5-  JUNIOR BABE RUTH  Saturday, May 31, Legion 1-40 will be  playing another double header at Haekett Park, Secheit, against B & M. Game"  time at 12:30,  LITTLE LEAGUE  Wednesday May 23, Secheit Besiden-  .tial play Firemen at Gibsons, Port Mellon r play Merchants at Gibsons, and  Roberts Creek will play the Kihsraejn,  also at Gibsons,  Sunday June 1, Gibsons Merchants  will be at Gibsons Kinsmen, Port Mellon  at Roberts.Creek, and Wilson. Creek will  be at .Secheit Residential..  I*.,'  *  * ���'4w^wF_.j��,��jWf_X-jdl _,  Annual Eve-nf. Excellent prizes *  Secheit Homemakers Club, members;?  JL_ ** y  i*_    I*. -L.   *" J&   ���_     *      ___^    _Ll__ **    k ���*  *   i  X    -*.   f  ,._&_sj_S__I  ���>-        fe .  ^.prJj'^ijL-^j^  VA   .  _., ���>*  ?tefl. AMAgf A _  *   ���  check whether your membership is in  good standing.  The Society has received another gift  of an. exquisite Eskimo carving from Mr.  Pat Murphy which will be held for a  future raffle.  Sfel istiid lineal lilli Imf  (from Port Mellon .fo*1&chcit,Jtetana$ ip Howe'-'Soyn^i  I,  or  Numerous events  CO-ORDINATION of amateur sport ia  British Columbia to assist in the organization, development and implementation of sport is the major aim of the B.C.  Sports Federation.  The Federation, which represents practically all amateur reports organizations in  the province, has been mimed as the major  co-ordinarting agency in the "British Co-  liunbia festival of Sports" to be held annually starting in May 1970 in communities throughout the province.  Announcement of the Festival, which  will lie supported by a grant from the  B.C. Sports and Fitness Fund, was made  by Travel Industry Minister Kenneth  Kiernan at a meeting of the Provincial  Tourist Advisory Council in Victoria.  It is hoped that more than 70 town* and  cities across (the province will stage  events in connection with' the Festival,  which is designed to attract visitors to  communities as well as promote* amateur  Bport among children and adults.  Dr. Robert C, HiryJmarch, an Associate  Professor of Physical Education at tho  MEMBERS of, the Secheit Homcmakens  Club are really busy these days as time  approaches for'the eagerly awaited annual  Bazaar which will commence this year on  Saturday, June 14, At 1:30 ��,m.  Sowing machines, crochet, knitting and  embroidery, needles are all busy and neatly folded in the cupboards of the sewing  room at the Residential School are boxes  of the most beautiful aprons it is possiMe  to fincl Rich fabrics with delicate embroidery and gay appliqued flowers make  the most delightful aprons for gifts which  are just right for special occasions.  Satin cushions, embroidered ond laoe  University of B-C, who is the presidentof^ . covered. Knitted slippers of all sizes,  the B.p, Sports Federation,>said*% Fes- > Embroidered pillow slip3, matching linen  tiyal of 'Sports provides a wonderinil1 op-  po,r_unJty for ithe Federation to play out  its role 'as the, co-orjUnsctiflg agency fpr,  amateur;'Sport.'', ,''.���,���:'������"''   ,-���.���/  ;'*Thii. is exactly the sort of thShg'that  thOiFederatixm was set up to do," he-said.'  i The tollowirig 6ix>rts are organized into "/the1 B,C. Sports Federation: jArdieryy,  l^adrnlhtpn. Baseball,., Basketbal-,:, fowling; 5 and 10 pin, Boxing, Camping," Ca-  1r*be^ri4f,���' pirif:let?t;. C^irling, ,'CycUisig,., -Centring,  Field Hockey Figure Seating, Fooiball,  Golf, Gymkhanas; Gymnastlcfl, HandhalJ.  Hard Court Tennis, Ice Hockey, Judo/'i-a-  cmg_^,I_awh'Bowling,' Lawn Tej_his,J Life'  Saving, Marltsman5hipf paraplegic* Sports,  Rjowihgii' Rugby,' SkUnuj, '''Bocoer,: Softball,  Speed''''Skating,- Swimming arid Diving,  Synchronized Swimming, Ta'ble Tennis,  TraclCaitd Field, indoor. Track and Field,  oui(doorr Vdneyball, Water Polo, Water  Skl^'.^jr^^lftlpi',, 'VSfrerytling,, "^1^  toble centers, serviettes and tea cloths wilil  all he offered for sale. There will also be  a bake table, fish pond and other attractions and everyone is welcome, say the  Homemakers.  , Tea and' coffee will be served and  somewhere around four in the afternoon  the grand draw will take' place"foi* the  raffle.. This, year, first prize is 4he! most  beautiful Indian sweater it is possible to  find; St will be on display fin local stones  and tickets ijrp available in many elores  in Secltelf. and at D. G, Douglas Variety  and Don's Shoes on the Sunnycpes). "Plaza,  in Gibsons. ������ .:','���;'���  St��ond prize is an oil painting- by  Brother FTancL. and. third prize is. a,.lovely hooked mg made by the Ilom-makera.  * A surprise raffle; which * will ��� be- held:  durihf?" the affternoon is another wonderfU1!  piece of handiwork, a ��� full double-bed-l  size patchwork quilt,   . *,  Everyone is invited'to .'visit-the Bazaar'  at the Secheit Indian Village Community  Hall on Saturday, June-14.  Display of painting;  celebrates birthday  ARDIS Crowston will celebrate her 21r_t  birthday this week with the first display of her paintings at  the Sunshine  Coast Arts Gallery in Secheit.  Ardis is the elder daughter of Mr. and  Mrs, Bruce Crowston of Porpoise Bay,  and has lived here for most of her life,  except for 4 years in Vancouver where  she first went to school; and since graduation from high school has worked in  the city,  i From an early age, she showed, talent  for drawing and painting; art was always  a favorite subject at school,  I; The, paintings which make up the display coyer a wide spectrum of .subjects  within a variety of media/though, at  present she likes best to paint tan velvet.  This is a medium also favoured by her  mother, Doris Crowston, whoso flower  studies are admired in (the Gallery Shop.  Ardis* paintings will be in the Gallery  until June 7th. The G al lery is now open  Tuesday thru Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  J from. Rural Area B  We, :_. :  request that jMr. Frarjk West, R,R. Na 1, Gibspns, B.C., be appointed Schopl ijruste�� for Secheit School District No. 46, to fill  out the. unexpired' t^rrrx of Mr. Mormon Hough, who recently  resigned.  Our "School Board needs a Trustee with the business experience and financial knowledge Mr. Frank West has to offer.  If you agi'ee, please sign your name on the lines above ond mail  this portion to Mrs. J. L, Wolvertpn, Hopkins tanding^.BX,  TbeUcetival was conceived by Deputy  tyini^.'oLTravel Industry, R. B. Worley.  mmaomxia  ���>,  appaqiM^y^  sca..dia mmw m  00 ii$  or:  0H .'Gill  NOW:iA��lliG  On The SyfishiBio Cocisf  < y '  We will be in the area for the next few  months  on<l   wdcome  your  enquiries.  FOR FREE BTIMATE CAU COIXCCT*  988*77>(|6 or '987-5110  SCAM BLICI1IQP LTD.  217 Weit 2nd .Strttf.  NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.  ���f rue * ��Pi-ff��c|p��  o.r wtl#tnilfl,  paving or pssrliiog,  culi on ll-..  1  TaaaxoGomaswaaoQwa^^  OR SIIMMEIt VALUES ��ISB?  ���f,*%"   >/   '���     r1*'  ���^���r  ��� BABY $E^f|9fl,  Bc^utifuf new stylet in Dresses,  Rom^crs^   Blankets,   Bonnets,  Sun Suits, Washable  Sunhots.  CHILOfflEfl'S SECTBOr.  5H0RTS: Stretch, Terry, ftnaddoth,  1 and Denim,  TOM: Stretcfi, Terry, Knth, Coftonf.  JtAMS - 4LIMS - PtAnUITS  DATHIKG SUITS - SHORTS  ���" loys' owd -Mon's: Cum, St row ���' Hats  Girls' osiid ladles': Cops ��� and Pots  LARGE SOMBREROS & MEXICAN HATS PLAIN & WITH TASSELS  BEACH TOYS GALORE  ifocli JolN# Swim ftiitg%,, Wis, Shoyels, Largo and Small Boots,  Surfboard-. Thongs in oil size*. Sun (SJoifef to lit f veryono in many  styles. Beautiful Beach Towels.  5-5CHELTV B.C.  PHONE 885-9343  ��M��ga������giio��^^  jostpll tfie zipper  for twelve smooth, easy  (IrinWni bottles qt the great beer���  mbaifs  res mt mm eiuvinir  as*} mrm mm*  1Mi ��t*����tl����tiitll w! (kWAp* a fli)*%*f lij Dm I3������ t#to4 N���� m % ftn CmrptPfM*** ol SittMhCdliitntt*.  .-   '  ��v*1_!% *,P wrt, i^V #*;<i *f ff ^ "**  \  hd*v*fa&*^>&^^ �������<���.  *���*��'  *���* _j_  -F-      ^,-  _-.  frVpgfe B-4  �� iM.ttft.HV'W. *Wi_�� * *, /",'  ^^ -M v -..JF-, .... _ jl,,,  ^  -The Tenlnsulo Timea  'i ' " *���*���'���' i' i �����  <* y j  ��� i   t     ^  .Wednesday; May 28^,19**_��9  ,i m.���s-*-i���*���   , ^ i rt-.j. -.  . \ A      , i. .  ,   '   , )V   FJ^F       Fj'<  .'    W"Y  iy  ),     F     >,   *     1  j?ecommenda<ions made . , .   yiiii|ii-Hiip��_wiii-iiMii Mi !�����*���( M ,m ii ���mwiiMi ���.�����.���  ,  , i,,,, y,,,,,���,,���  Indian fisheries 30b studv  F ( 1   ���*     <-J   \ ,       1    *. �� , i '      ^   \  J  .      * A , * ( (- -v   > '  [ollowisig cannery closures  V \*��Er A��� ���_,*,.   * H*tp*��/.ti . , _.�����,'_  Secheit/BowUfid W^  THESIS are the Filial jBpwliastg __eores far��� Jo^enson Cap^'-ind PlaoeyTeam No, I  "���-������'���**    -    -,ian-c_-��rd Motors " (Uale, S%>fiahson Capt,),,,  ,     .'.,.'*      *  ieanp vofJ eaeh       ,B'a|l ifdfein;>_|y*rof&, Cw* * & Bob*-;      *  -^ of jt|ie( Ball tb.rs. - Y^-TYy^,,, '*,/   y -'   >  '   j  -     **_ �����        -"'o'Sfa I** -��  ���S-* *    *\ .   -_���"���''*���.��,  *��.    Sj  ,_**'  ��� , ��� the Seaso-njbi, the Siandgrd Motors '(lJ^S^fiahson; Capt,),,,  ,  f roU-o�� tor Hhe.winnipf ieanp ,of" eaeh .BaJl^Sc dbain;.Pl?y*rof*_5,1  league, the Cops & Bobbers of jthe Ball tbers. - Y ;;,yy,Y,( ���../   --  & Chain league eme^ed' as the,winners ' Siwrt-^, Club:t-**Cbamps,v Jsing , rms  _.   of a yvey^amg^r-oSt ,' y. y jm * (4066X Bwivefs-M^,/Coasters (3937).'  y��   ^_vdi^>'T,^es^'W-nnem, paisy'gae's ^IJAGOE SC^BES aIpbII. 21 to MAT 6  -    ffi1 Handfor^ ^^ Vo*r,��axne^ota\ ;, , Ladi^'fe^Bose*Bodw^y~464 {2j56,  *_./  _.  �� ,' **>   *-  t  PEPAETMEI>(T * of - Indian * Affairs Vhas ;of coneerneji groups to p*ovi&e occjupa*  commissioned a pilot feasibility, study   tional" SstabiiSLty   '-i  -* "<���*"'���" "T/"  ' by a north coast laidian consultant relat-    unemployed Jtod  ing to1 possible measures for counteract- N tionally dspendet-'i  5LefSotyw^ '    ' "*'' -"'- *    * .*"       '        '*.     fl Commereial League: J^eague Champs,  .   , j^^. wedJ   Gl^d^ lNewm^n-��30  ies and mergers of iishing co'moanies. u :   yd^^o^b^i^ of b^ajmn-*^bie fuels   Wate^d.     , . - Commereiali- Sylvia- Jae^on ��� 660  This^folJows the '^���JL^pti^ ^I. M^*��* ^^ ^g J"**    ' *   -���_ -. Se^orff* CilF��Ps> Tearo^ 3*<Susant <306),y Dennis * GarnbJe^u-t; ��,   Al  -.   _  *> j*-  ��:v  .'s.N.'*"*  .43  Cy\^\  r  f  f �� ** *.  -_) K\ ���  - _!1-1  Unemploymerit Insurance  1 '" _A   '  ^���..    '\ ^ilLlim Charlie rHumm-^0 (290), Eve Moscrip���  , _ *Any *Q��eshOB8 -pleoisf? ^j ^57);   *\ ^,, ; J   -.;*.     - , -,  , ...��., * "        * ���-   i   H....I .ii1,i...|. .1.7.1        "i    i.iii.i.ini     ���->  > **    'T*"'"l" fl   ^i-ri-��n *.  -��"~.��   <-_i��*n y��..i,.^ ,.������ ���,^.  ,  * -   T-    .***   >'f, ���_���!*-   *  * _/    .     ��r      ���  i. _-mi��_��. i ...in i. iiiifim fii  j  - ,1.T Confident Volunteer  Constructed by members oi ffae Sun- ' Campbell, is seen Inviting customers  tion pf t*  the North Coast (District Tribal Council  whose nominee, 'Stanley"JM. Thongs,of  Prince Rupert,  was ^retained, to report  within three months on the feasibility t  and effects of a prototype project- Postu- v  lated as the basis for .study is" a* hypo- ?  thetJcal salmon cannery and specialty*-* 1 ,Q, ,For' years 1 was what was called > obliged to maite, available,  sea foods processing plant at Port"Simp- J a casual employee with a federal govern- * On leaving your insiirable'gdyernrn.erit  son employing Indian Workers and sup- ment department J worked fiill time, employment, you have probably received,  ported by an all-Indian fishing flleety ���< , > Now t am out of a Job, and when J asked    in a handy folder which has been designed  The data and conclusions submitted tbs personneYofficer-for my UnemployF** to hold the documents you need, a 'Bulk  by Mr Thoftias will be available for eon-' ment Insurance book, so that I could ConMbutlon Certificate*- (Foi*m UIC  sideration aUong with other studies an claira Wb&e looking -for something else, 443M), You should mail .this to your VIC  depth and proposed projects which are i ** ***.*?* I dicWt ijave a hook.3^    area office without delay. ,       ,t  being simultaneously developed for re*- ' wus rn^n I cannot claim? lam sure ttxey -^ ^^ ^^ ^e government depart*  view. One of these is a compi^hensive    ^^ regularly docked contributions from    m���nt> or t^ f^^i Fay otn.ee/toxwards >  study by Canada Manpower. Another is    mypay* v *'*    *   ' a record of y��ur contributions to the VIC.  a current experimental shrimp fishing -A-" Federal government -employees Howeyer some departmentts do i not -use  and processing plant exercise at* IjBella ooyered hy Unemployment Insurance'do Form UIC -44?M. They prepare a state-  Bella, conducted under joint contract for n<^ normally receive books on separating, m#nt of contributions whieh Is given io  the Department of Indian Affairs and *"t *���a 'A���* nil+: mpan' con*rihu'tions are ' tlie ____��ia��n�� ��____I__Vb__. ' *l  Department of Fisheries.  Also there will sooni be ready for eon-  lfS^jt^^At^ma&   ^ increasing number ofprivafte employ-    -   Of course if you- were not te govern*  ^^fSLK^T^^^SS^   ers makes ?__lk payments to the TJnem- - - -  Straehan~720'(30r), Catdeen McCuaig-  , 706 '(253, 276), J_ioneI MeCir-Saig^-307, Ted  Kurluk���784 (305),, Mildred-Turner�����95  <272;"*280);   Dick- Clayton���722, (327),  but this 'does noV mean conitributions^ are the separating employee,  not credited or that a right to claim, is        So don't worry about the lack of a book  * prejudiced. , , jn yojn* ease, but do make sure you con--  The fact is that the government, like tact the tTIC- as instructed in the folder.  S! C EL? %hW  ����WY/iMMTf,  pules :  ment service and, your employer has .a  sMne Coast lions, this dunking pool   to mraw a -ball-and trigger oft his   complex uoon which the Native Brother-   ^f5 **&*** *"** w^*" v .��� ._yr"%    :**T 4^*"* "-"X r'^^r^JT"C  proved an extremely popular SK-   sudden entry A, tiie a>ld ^water   STi 2c?^hSW pai_S__ingp m-   ����** Jaasiaanc& CoBnmiSSMn ,nstead   i^35 to ^^ *�����* ^ ^^ ^ ^  tion at -the Secheit May Day celebna-   below his- seat  tions. First volunteer, "daring Neil"  ?-, ~ * h -i t*i. *   . *r  ��*<,~a e��� +u~ Mcf in ������__,._. <   w buying stamps and sticking -hem in mitted too. .  gag��i tor xne past i�� years. individual books- " ,   -Questions should be referred'to tntor>-  J- V, Boys, Regional Director for the        There's no disadvantage to the eni- mation  Services,  Unemployment -fOwr-  Department, emphasized that all these 4 ployiee, ands_ior (the employer it can mean, saraee Commission.  Vanier Btdldhyg,*rZ2&\  programs are pa# of a concerted and in-    a big saving of time and trouble.. He Nepean Street Ottawa, Ontario <-����� ;_teL  tegrated long-range effort by a n__nr_$-Jer    keeps contribution records which he is S36-2975. " -' "Y      ','  SUPPLY IS UMJTED  (sjtill'a good selection  of bedding plants)  SCHttl eAtM I  ��� Frosts <MS-S7t-i  -t.  Aaaa-h!   .        . , , / ,  Shocked' surprise replaces the con- * a number of similar dips before the  fiderit smile as''daring Neil" plunges da;y ended, ,Sp, we under_*4and; did  into the water tank the moment a acting   Ivflayor  Morgan  Thompson,  well aimed ball strikes the seat ejec- who later volunteered his services,  tion knob.  Needless to say he stook  f^asga^^  <  "'.,'.-QAILY .$CHED.IILE I'SEiWIC^^::;;���;{, .  MONDAY TO FRIDAY EFFECTIVE MAY 20th, 1969  Leaves' -',,'  ..* Pender Hbr.  Secheit     ..���,..._.  Vancouver   _....  Secheit    ,.:   Hd. of Jervis Inlet ..._���-.._..  Secheit ;.1.���.���.������.._..........:���....  Vancouver' ..._..._..:.���..... ..  Secheit ..._.......��� ...._..J..  Hd. Jervis Inlet ..___ ;  Secheit;' .,  Vancouver ���_.��.��,y,.  x Secheit    ......  Secheit  Time   , Pcstination  _���_���_. ,.,���7*.3p o-.m.... Secheit;,.,;���������,>������:,,';',;   ���..���:....,  8:00 am,    Gibsonsj o-i;Vancouver  ....���.��� '9:00 am. '^Gib$^Si;:&^._iecr.elt   ,��� 10:00 a.m.    Hd. of Jervis* Inlet  (all points northbound)  11:00 o.m,    Secheit  (all points southbound)  12:00 p.m.    Gibsons-Vancouver  ,    1:00 p.m.    Gibsons - Secheit  ..j;'2:0p. p.m.    Hd. ^erviv Inlet;.  toll points nortlitiouna)*  3.00 p.m.    Secheit  (all poinds southbound)  4.00 p.m.    Gibsons-Vancouver  .   5:00 p.m.    Gibwins- Secheit  6.00 p.m.    Pender Hbr. Area  ���     i   ���   ��� jf *  m     * t*     *   \       * -__. l I ���   v    i * ���  * . ��� ��� ���. . ��� /" ' ���*_.i:j*! *,(.*-���>- ��� ��..'.. ��  *   *   M     .       _��;***��S��'*     1  ���p*->_-m�� *l     ���**��� ���������l-iNW-WwWl Hf���� ���!���<���*������__ _JL___ri_ui__      -  - I  -fY-    lull if*   I      ���      _l  Vancouver .,..   Secheit    Hd. Jervis Inlet  SATURDAY ONLY  .. _.���,   8:00 a.m.  . i ���   9:00 am.  _. 10:00 am.  ���.���.., 11:00 a.m.  Secheit  12:00 p.m.  Vancouver       1:00 p.m.  i       SUNDAY OHW  ..'l.Y...........:���._..." 12:00 ptfi.  Gibsoms - Vancouver  .Gibsons-.Secheit  Hd, Jervis Inlet  (oil points noriNbot-nd)  Secbe!t',; ',rl ��� ::������..  (all points southbound)  Gibsons r�� Vancouver  Gibsons - Secheit  yOR Aisf OUpiGHt  Secheit   ........I...  Vancouver   ,  Sechelf  ..................  Hd. Jervis Inlet  Secheit'v.;L.���......_.  Vancouver .........  Gibsons'- Vancouver"  1:00 p,rK.    Gibsons-Secheit  2:00 p.m.*   Hd. Jervis Inlet  (all points northbound)  3.00 p.m.    Secheit  ' " / " (ol G&n1t''ioiMhbourxfl,  4:00 p.m'   Gtbs^s*;Vi��rK.ouver  5;00 p.m.    Gib'sori's - ^echcH  ** Mondays. Only       x Fridays Only  Pender Harbour includes Pender area, Thormahby Is. 4%'Secret Cove.  Special Excursion Fares in Summer months���Phone for further info.  Children V2 fare when accompanied by an adult.  Pdx4l40-Socr��ettll85-2214 !  . Vmcotsber &BS-4922  tz\\\ I v itxiQi ippri  WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE  A Second Mortgage Loan to a maximum of $5000 wjlh Interest  lower than Federal N.H.A. first mortgaso loans,la now available for construction ot a new home.  TO QUALIFY*.  nvYou muti pe the first occupant of fhehprno.  2. You must have lived jn British Cplumbia for 12 monthsJm-  . mediately preceding the date of purchase or the, date of  completion of construction of the home.  Providing payments are made promptly as required. 10% (up  to a yearly maximum of $50.00) will bo refunded to you thus  reducing tho effective Interest rate. For e.g. this would mean  on a $5000, 25-year loan, tho effective Interest now would  p67Vk%.  '  THE GOVEBNIEMT OF THE  PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE  HON. W. A. C. BENNETT, P.C., Premier and Minister of Finance  G. S. BRYSON, Deputy fJlinist6r of Financo  '.SI  A $1000 Home Accjulsltfon Grijntls pyfiilablo as an ^Iternaf Ivo  to the Second Mortgage Lo^rj ^nd may be Used fdr buildinp or  purchase of a new home started%^^^rjfe^t^ary^iB^%  %. You must be the first occtirjant of the horrid for which appll-  y   cation is made. ��� ���        ��� ���''���- '������ ' - ���        ���  ���. (  2. You must have lived in Brlt|sh Coliirnbla for 12 mbpthi immediately preceding tho dato of'pqrchBeo' oV the date bf'  completion of construction'of your new homo.  . Previously received Mome-ownei^^ Grants Will,bkideductSd  from tho $1000 grant ,Y  ,*     .  ��� " ��� ���.;���   ���/ ���[������' y  _.)   (���;���"- ���'  - ������*������ '  Complete andsond tho fpl|pwlng coupon If you wish further.  Information. '.. ..   ",  v, I,':,;,: .: '::������"::: ���-:'. :;.".,%:", r-, ,������ -���":'.  I  I  1  I  1  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  Provincial Administrator, Honfe-pwocr Assistahco, '   '  '  Boom 126, parliament Buiidlngsi,, ���'���,  .Victoria,Brt*U&hCotumblt.'..., ..>.!..���,. "...v;v- ��..-.���������,,, *��.,, ,...  .' Pteaso tiend -mo foil Information ^jth regard to tho ���  . O' SECOND M0RTP4G.f*, " (,,.'..,.',.   '.*',,  O HOME ACQUISITION GRANT  as I bavo indicated,'y "  .Name _���__._ -    _. ���  .1'  I  Address.:  -I  V  */'  r-    ,   ��.  ,    <���*     ff     M*   **���   *  �����   ,��   j*   Mr   ��_,��,  t   fit*   if.   ^H- pAtpAsf*' j***(rf#,y^i^(����ifjl. iJi*��i��f ��W'��  ��� ���K , T,^^t^.   J#ft     A/,   ^ ���^ ^ ^ ^j  ^    Jta_ ^  jp   ^  n^r^rii**     *P*   *CS -*"V- llj-B*.  *f_.^.�� Y*y(" .?, vY'1   -.  * l Y*r  Y��.'      MYY*   H*'-" . '' -       .,- Y .     *     *-'      .   "    <     ' Y  'Y   *- i   , 4.   >    . , '      ,y  *     *     c*. af  Jf    '"(.'#''       ���- '    ' u..ir:i.n., ������,,��� ,it ,���., V.-������i,'-.,iii7��if~*Ji,_-,f."--'i)i,i..t��   >   *-  -V i.  f  mm^\mmtmmmmwummn'tm*mtnnm<,m����Z\i   m*ii yjiMnwum '.P��mni***��ipiin^ii>|<piiiijiiniMjiiiiiiiii|*in ^    > ^ ^ ^i '        , i*W ^    S  4��>|4; ^K%* ^#^ _��iMgi c;i;"iii;^aiitc'OBfer'-Maf Tittr  fo.i'yY'-^^f^fl^" sistence tb<mbnleip_-;ities; find an -Sttee- >m^.-_ - -  load already &m& % the p*>pfe,    *- problem fro* a monetary angle, -* bb&   ^^^^^^illf^rll/^rtK^^' rfF  Jfcmy p*oj>lf *ire finding g# it is m- with! fegard to ^iAan^^ltekl Jo   J**"** t*^Jg��JS?Z^grfSj  f���.!..��jit��'...k __ ��� _.J.��_.      .ii ._ ��,H*s��frviti��/__ .rn��*.��iA��-��UA' a** ��,_&.   S*??y *>*��d aaugnwr iwp. a*, o, {t,veiyn)  fatmxon of flaney*; fotU*" grand*$dttlrenf  _  v^   brot^. ^iUi-jm, T#c<>n% ^^-1^  pressures-                '      -                   *' ' "'      -��������*="..-���....��. ^._.���w���.Wfc ���Vi  hospitals,  by the  and ^ _ r ^ _      _ __^  _    .Jr���__f__ ������T  payer wjtoi roust pay for theit costc of b^Xn^ss ^t��4 \iaojB$fey, in *&e'iietd ot  construction. yt          ' I  '���     _ ��, finding; en^irofnt 'fo-y p-sople- wbo  5   ,   Mr-'Lbiii. Sasbuislty, governor of tbe wotfld be classified ^s ^iro^ijjplpyed em?  Pank of Cana4a, outlined ihe diff&uliy ployabtes,'"-!^*' hn^'with (eonslderable ,  . yery clearly "when he ssiid', "Tripes and response in %h$��e, ateas* and I feel thai ^  * costs "are still "nslng'too'rapidly despijEs as Urne p^ogrgss^s, #u> Vgqing fo be oP ,;  . the . emer^e^eF of - considerable - unein- great benept-to^botb, rnate and female  ployment and unused '-capacity,          Y * unemployed persons/as" It "swings' into "MI (  ���'The growth of tHe-economy has been #893",    "*- -^*. ���* s. --*< .-*      i-*           ^  well within our potential J^or more than  ;^f*YC. yi-^Y* -^  F-   .j'.1"  -*****-'_���  . y _**-,  Residential School _3and    ^  ^l-Ji^��i_r/^X_,___i__'_i_ri��__.i,*��_ ���"      <_UT_<rwvi1 #*��*-_v*^��    fy\i�� *��� +-l*_irt  1 "_ **   v    ���**   ^ *f  Cf f,: X Y  *_ /.v F'r^  PllbliC Health deleCfate , Vott$*Hhimmm sirtm^msiim-: ^kamlwps toi'ta* m'4m^r.T^\m  f^"  two years, ,but> sq iong as the ,upwavd  trend'in prices and costs' continues, < tftere  are real risks in taking steps to ^ele^te  the eKpansioij of total spenjding in the  economy,." ~     -  The problem of too -rapid price and  wage gains is not one which cah be  solved on a regional basis alone, but we  would -.ertainly" do*~*weirto~ keep' in mind  ihe nature of our provincial ecohomy.  Our prosperity still depends, to a great  eatent, on cur ability to sell raw materials on world markets, since we have a  /-based economy. In recent years,  - market for most ol our products  gteigp_]fji  M  mmmmm  COMMERCIAL PRINTING  see  ;<-y$il#s tint Sewfm  lifAiRANo dyei^HAMi.  j/**  ���\  TO AM. MAK��S  1 ^|E��iCSS ITO,;  AT ESSO MARIMA GIBSONS  Y^R. f Gibsons, B.C.   _  ,r.Y'.,F>.       ' Phone;  886-7411 - 886-2891  ��� ;��ii i ,i i. ii  *��� ��  esudieMMi  products  sold "which have t��een aehie^gd, techno- ���  logies in primary ~i_idus4rl^have resulted in1 less people being requiiTed ^er uapit**  ��� of output-than was'fofnlerly the' ease.  **      The main ' area ^bfch ^ili permit i  << stable employjnenris^u-fthey develop- s  ment of ^econaairy maniufacti-ring, So far  Health Home pursing -was the, voting . Pf ^yiiap|#;,pjr^|0f |  deleg-ate of the Sunshine Coast Chapter^  attending the 57th annual meeting of the  Registered Htu*ses .Association' of British,  Coiuipbia at tlie Bayshore- $rmy.Vanxio>-    "''       '   , /\       / '' -l Y    Y   ",   \  -:.*-    -^  is��Vm&%KSW&:. * p_^ci-Nf__i* tot giant Tattoo  delegate-   *     *-  ,         -'     .,5.'.  ;..',Y"YY"   -'*'      -    -*    f '* < ," .*yv '   '       -[% some manufdctu_*ing jfirms liaVe been-^ble*  1  Hon,   Ralph  l^offmari-.   minister -pf. FO-H, THE past/weeks the most popplarj   Jim Fi-tepatr?^/,*form^ ^llCiaP o*^i^  Health brought greetings, frpnK.h* .pro- * -m f^f^Wf^^M^^ ***$��%'" &***&��4>* ��f ?*��^f '"' 1 costs* pf material and labour, $hsm their  Seattle spoke at ttoe iedueaton,a3,,se&sion " WB��r.r ** *W ^w ^w***-         ,...._....,.,  .   ___.  ..^. _.     _.._.._.,_._._.. ^   .    ���. .    __.  on Wednesday,  FOR YdURCWORRy-FREE  FUR CARE AM, SUMMER LONO^  Y6U ckU OEPlND ON Ul  Miss Margaret McLean; senior tnurs- ^-j^;  ing consultant, bos^tai nursing service R.uper|/  j,-, ,.*   and   health   insurance,   department   of Ciity, S  YJ*|   national   health   and   weEare,   Ottawa m_,���v ��f *.Hb��<ri^��rM*'����i.i^w��nV.aii+��i,i��n     ..      -        i                ..........  spoke at the Thursday educational ses- tic,S^nSPS^             * J"{��&^ ��*^fi*����*^ ,  ^Provincial Archives director Willard ' f^XfSt ******* **^' wwk '   ,-Mrs. Oawiiix s-aid she'knW that ^i  Ireland spoke at the dinner* Thursday '     U���SkS *v^-   v^lAl '* wn, Y���f,m    those at*endmg ihe Tattpo watt be toWlted  evening.                                    ' T ^^f^'^^/^f a^ ^Jlve. at ihe display'of talent and oolor and .  Newly elected officers of ���$* 12,000,   g^J�� rSKiZJW^^._S*J&    *^ ^ *��** ^^ thrw.gb.out the ,  member association we^ instaM a! the g-3! SSdSSJ of cSi         ' P     ^" ,' P1*^ wil1 viSit ^^P3 tt�� ^ 21* '.  yu^��-i^.1n^.itnrt   <-a<_g_s\*_   r\r\   TTfpS/lnv   ��_'ff_ft*,>n_Sr_*_, **                                     ^"  "                  "*                                    '                     i                    , _���                                  J  ppncluding session on Friday aitem<.on, ,  The Tattoo 'is one pf the special proj-  j^cits of the B,C* *pul,tiural Fund, under .the  Sprays rus>ed* to clear, vegetationi must  Bach conifer cone contains hundreds    idir^-tion of the' Honorable Isabel I>awso����   be carefully applied to preyen* dariiage  of seeds. .    >.     with the very eapab% assistance of(,iMr. ..to nearby trw?.,^ ,  mom^vmmf^ntm��mmfimvimmjm^^')'iMv>i  ���1.1.'l.m i, Fini[i ���l��.f|i,iniil|.|.i.il.ilm...iu.|i     ..ill  |l��|    ���i ,.i.i,���  jiiiiiii         ,,|,  WWI-IBII^IyiWP��ByW^��^  eoch  inch te Sheari ^ .; 4.  ��^11^1 nihogdni  Deiii, Ifi  'BUiy NOSPUS  The YEttOW fMCS SECrtOft 0f y our new  t��if phono director*. MS CLOSED And th��  ALTHABETICAt (whlt�� paps) 8ECT10H Is  ���cio-Jng wow; ftw_w *W��c*'y&ur,iisting  right wy 6n��| (p��j| ��r* If wti islihi io nwko  ��nychanges..# ;,  ,;'.;, |    '   .  For iristance, Utilt^ o\Hft mm$��n of  0iit *-**Mily/d��i*w *. ifflf j^tlcinst ,��| JrW r  key employees or other flm,�� vou moy  repre��wt fj&t�� |tetinp ��ftrt p�� ttl��* wwJ  ��.** (io imptiiUntf&ft 'OW ��wstness  Offiootoday. ,   ' ',    '  E81L IMIcGIVElill - MISS IDA-fJF- OLA^Ev.lA^  _V_r?- GEO. WEAi - PIAWE' FitOftlA-SEIl  tills*, DICK ROTRUFF '^ M#- RtEtf  '."-"II.'V.'BOOtHROYD - IL ��� HWHVll  BILL fllM-YEA. - R. MARSHALi.  i..->.r  X *���"  ���-���s  *���-*  _r_>.  4  �����**������*  ���*��      *    *.   i  *.i  _*. * *  .���**"*'  ���r>" y    "  I.  n ��� J  *�� ^-.  r^pn^np  ^Ul._  -- l r���i /   ;  '__;"     '  x r-*  ibSi-M iLi\..JV   J  __.UN8MlflC CO-^T -IIIGMtVAV  # ^ * _.. #  MMMMAweetaa^^  6SSO-5'.  f TE-9AY RAtllES  ���I f--�����t p���-j p- ���������S.  . i i in;* ��� -.it ,**,;!",ni u '  n r ~ni  -^(^���a^iBtJjJ* rf*{*l',*',t,'*tl-f**  ^^ fP*^-^ ^^f^-^^** ^.^^^-fcrfU-J.  ^ipVA^-t^Hrrn*^-^ -p*-p��^ ^���^j.'VV   ** i'C'w."-  "^Vf%*   *t#- ^m  '"      \    4   ,      '      "       r*   t��   ;J*i* ,fiF*u*  -*W.��. ^ vv, #p. rt, **V��v^����^-^-pr*M**^^^��^t^ 4#^^4��  ��#.����"'  ��� ,^ j�� ^#  rt* ��*��  '  ��0V*^^M*^  ^^^^y*.***** ^5% f# #< jft * '                         ���   '      ���                                                                                    .            '            "*                                                                                                                                                                                 "                                     ,                               .   * Y                  r                                   ,                                  '                                                                                           ��                                      Y                              ' ! '                                 i  \                           ^i.   \     ^       Ji^     .  *   *      ' -^  \'      *J-\       ...."              ,F    .           ,.     J                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ,                              f   ^.                 ,***���&  ��t   J          -*                        V       ~,                    "                                   .                                                                         14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ^             1 1                               _i  iir'nfi"  ^,W*��*-"***^n^**f^'^i��iA��>f'^                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      y;t(rfk��^yvFvF'"#wi-Fy"'^-7-v*y ������>^^,��^3^\r^"^>v"v,*<^.F'v^ *" fi  .    >f'        i   -1   v -        *���         -       - v       *        -      ^._-,}', ^ ,    v   <��� i     '        .              >          -*     '  '                     ,                     j "*���.->    ,   * v            ���* " t     *<     ''���</".V ���    '-x-' - **,!:,'t .   '       ,*v     **      ,              *                        v *���   ' '               >                                   Y^ *�����'_*.  .| '    :   .V       f           '���*   .i '   '           i^.-..-        t              .       '                       .    '     .       :.Y:-.'~Y*y^ '.-   , , '* ' * Y   Y5; ,���;          .'..-.>-;    '       '    .'.,'      *'       - . -                 ,     ���,   Yi ^  '"���*;;������ ���.<���   ,,   - '--*'* -- .          .y.    y   ���             -       ...-���'.':". 'Y-,*-yy'yy,;;^   m &*;.&'*$, '..���.,,' .    .             ���  , -         iyii  The Evei CkcmgiM Scenei  *��� IdSEfe TAKE a swing through the Big 81  * . '*I*?o, it isn't at carnival ride, or Fa nev*/  .: 'danoei' -It's a huge up-and-around-and***  taen-dowitftbout tour through some of-#ie  <  b��sjt Jnterior scejiery and sights that'Brifc-  r iit_x/*Ck>lumb_a has to offer���and th^fs  -plenty.,.-   < .  - . ' , <���   '    >  , ,-* One bates -sounding like a slick travel  brochure, but this Big 8 ride in all things  toya_a people���"whatever you want,, you'll  find it.- ���   /'  ���"   Swimming, lazing on sandy beaches,'  wal-^hing salmon spawning, boating, by-  r c-roplanbig, fishing, rockhuhting, skiing,  ,   skidooing, .. hunting,    hiking,    mountain  climbing, horseback riding,- star gazing,  gb-L watching, -browsing through ghost  , towns", .attending spring festivals and fall  fairs., Names it and ifs in this country,  ' "'And the bonus���we throw it in because  * ".you couldn't miss it anyway���is the scenery,  mountains searching for the  s__y,  ^pinetmeadbws ablaze with spring flowers, smoky; autumnal valleys _-_retebing  '    miles away, lakes blue as the summer  "skies and. dotted with sails,  and sage  - brush plains and f latlands beside green  rivers ablaze with fruit blooms.  "   ,, Enough, you say? Okay, enough. You  get the idea.  v , So what about the Big 8 Bide?  , You can start it anywhere���the Upper  Fraser Canyon, the Nicola Valley, Kamloops, the Yellowhead Pass, the Shuswap  Coui-tiy���anywhere you happen to live.  Just for fun, let's start at Kamloops,  that booming, get-with-it cattle and con-j  struction city on the Thompson River, a *  community of more -than 35,000 people  -with several fine motels and hotels, gourmet or /just old fashioned dining, the  heart of the ranching country.  So, one bright and shining summer  morning.we head east out of Kamloops!  Now, you don't have,to do everything I  suggest, but' don't hold back" either. Do  your own thing.  First stop, the Shuswap lakes. If you're  ���trailing or carrying a boat, dumpit in .  here and spend a few days. This lake  system is shaped like a huge H gone  haywire, and it has some of the finest  boating on the continent. About 600 miles  of shoreline, a .settlement- here,- a town  there, a cluster of cabins by that point of  land, and'all the rest, just for you.  In mid-August, I have taken a 16-foot-  er up to'Seymour Town at the head of  Seymour Aim and found not a soul on a  huge sloping sand beach, and the kids  have chased 'large schools of trout in the  shallows. This is a whole country that  still has to be discovered, and not .too  soon. I hope. Salmon Arm, Canoe and  Sioamous are, the towns where, you .can  get supplies for a camping trip, and there  are houseboats for rent.  Don't forget to take a side trip" into*  Mara OLake, or up the rivef to' Enderiby,'  or down the short Adams River���past the  old white Indian church���into Little Shuswap Lake. Great country, Year'-round  country. I  Eastward Ho! To Revelstoke at the  junctwm of the Columbia and IUepiUfew^efc  Rivers. Get a local'president to prcmouno,'  it for you. You're ui the__elkirk_v_Wend,'  but if you !R>ok around you'd think it1  was Switzerland.      ,        ,  At Albert Canyon, the 9ff.mi_e stretch  of Rogers Pass begins. Should I say begins? Rather, it crashes over your senses  like the opening of a super-colossal Hollywood extravaganza. I've never read a  travel writer yet who doesn't pull! out  every adjective to describe "the grandeiur  of this stretch of highway. Worth the  price of admission anywhere. It's a  money-'back guarantee.  Then, into Golden, and you'll understand the name if you visit it in the  autumn. All along here, get out ot the  car and admire the peaks and snowy  spires wheeling around you, but don't  forget to smell the flowers, too. And the  tangy drift of pine scent will always be  in your nose.  Now make a right turn and proceed  to Lake Louise; and then a left turn up  the Banff-Jasper Highway, another high*  way that goes through Switzerland,! minus  the Chalets, ski tows and cuckOO clocks.  Watch the gas gauge, and tho dinner  bell, for there are no towns on this streich,  and only a tew service stations and  . motels. ;:���..., 1' ���.  .  Now you're in Jasper. Go up to Pyira'-  mid JLake, Watch the bears at the dump  at dusk. Take tho.gondola lift up tho  mountain. Play some golf. Go out to the  hot springs and soak. Drift down to the  station and watch tho train come in. Buy  a souvenir. Climb a small mountain and  throw a rock into tho va'llcy at your feet.  And, tna la, now we're out on the Yellowhead Highway and in a .few"miles,  back into British Columbia. Watoh for  Mount Robson, whose head Is1 usually  , t-carfed In cloud. You m��y be lucky.  Waten  ^r  bears.    You  can  atop,  but  ,;������>'' ���by Sorry Brcmdfoor  mustn't touch. Moose too. But you'll see  them' more by chance than design. The  'ro*?d'".is spanking new. straight as an arrow  for miles, 'and downhill all the way to  Kamlpops/     \ /     l   (  Tluough' Kamloops, or stay the night,  and then down "the, Nicola Valley,-by  turning left at" the top of thek hilL There  is no more scenic country in the.west, in  my opinion. A broad, flat valley, filled  with .lakes, .between low hills, and cattle,  cattle .everywhere. ,' ,  Thoke little roads that snake off into  the hills might be to a ranch, or a 3!ake,  or wind* up dead-end. If you have time,  try a couple, hut for Pete's'sakes, if you  come to a gate, close it behind you. Cattle have the wanderlust, the same as you.  Nicola Lake lies serene and blue before you, and the fishing is good. After  taking your limit, drop in at the old Quil-  chena* Inn and go around the <baek into  the, coffee shop and have a snack. .There  might be a few cowboys in off the range.  "Real Uve cowboys!" yell the kids. The  clam chowder at noon, thick and creamy,  is out of this world. ,  ** Merritt, a ?owtown no 'longer. A town  all grown up, booming, cattle, lumbering,  mining, new feces in the stores .every day.  ; When you're ready to push on, which  shouldn't be too soon, for the town's tourist motto is: "A lake a day as long as you  stay"���Jtake the road out to Lower Nicola  and Spences Bridge. It's a quiet, mind-  ing-my-own-business sort of road, a road  to stopr and have a snooze by. The Nicola  _Jiver mutters through the green valley  and occasionally you'll see "a ranch house.  A very pleasant land.  Thei_ if s up the Trans-Canada Highway through the canyon of the glacier-  green Thompson River���which drains out  >'  L     _.  -��� 1  "*f *  _*>,  _���  !���  ;**.  .JJ-*  ', v  >\ .-t ^i**,**,*  ������.y.-Viifr  r V -, *    V ***' *  ':*���:--���/."-  *.        -'  ��_* p  ���^.   '*��.  *    *    **T J  -c*  ��'_ '  V5M   .t  w  -,- ^'  Pfla'0-B'fr-    * yTfto-Penins-ilq Times Wedwesdoy. May 28^19*59  -,   ; ��� >.-    ---   ,, ��� '    -    ' , ,/     ' ' -        i   f  Hospital'group*�� ��.  ;i  -S.-1I  -'resiaer  reports project success  '.  >/  REGULAR meeting of .the.Pender Har-*,  ,' bour Auxiliary to'JSt- Maty's Hospital  was held on May 14, at the Legion Hall,  Madeira Park.-"President Mrs. O. Sladey  welcomed all members,' both active and,  associate; with a special welcome to Mrs.  Hewitt,-.Regional- Representative..  1. Mrs, -Recourse' gave a very interesting  report on the* Regional Conference held  at White Rock which she attended with  Mrs. B. Warden. She told of the activities  of the other .groups and their fund rais-;*  ing methods' and* their trips through the  Peace Arch Hospital, Extended Care unit.  They were impressed by the care given  these mostly elderly people.  Letters' were read from Mr.. Wage-  maker thanking the Auxiliary for the  cheque*for the hospital equipment and  for, canvassing new members bringing  the' Hospital Society membership to over  400..  ;*_ha_!*^iU'j^ ers, and Mrs. J- Donelly  rigpx$L\ :<:,   \;' at ^^tthe'^i^.becatiE*. the Banff-   -shop, Tuesday June'3.  \  l*____f_^F      .T"h/V_ _���_+   ,   -��_���_.*���    ,- *!_���. >*_*__-_����     _____*_-iNP ___-����u-_4 v-1'* A    _Af_*hr*A_r_l * *  Reports were heard from Mrs. G.  Gooldrup. on the co-ordinating council'  meeting; Mrs. R. Deene, volunteer work--  on the Thrift  of Shu .t jp Like���and through thc^cmi-     Dont,do it m k\, -th_rn 10 day:. vIf jou'v^  arid A_4_croftre_aom.Thi_i,is'-m*e_f?^n-apn5?got*d^^ five'days, forget it.  of, the Great _^-ric��inyD^_i,ff.'but.you'r"   >It*s.T*^utiful-.in spring, fine in sum-  shoifld see the vegetables^  on this .land when xi is irriL  At Cache Creek, j__mp^'.%>oint>for'; ^a-^-^ignway'is olosed,. ..    -*    -      * * -m��  n  ^^�����iQ ^��_���rtv_D^ ������ +!,�� c���r.  the Cariboo, Prince Gebrg^'.'Vtote'horse, * r ?*5Sf-_'fcv&to ofrbetag stuck-for ao- M^th ���a m��. t aw^S iSS  Afaska arid Point Bartow ^d,t_&:North. "op^^^ilrt-^here is plenty' and plenty f^? ^/^ Mrs.,-L. Alexander, bless-  t>��i_. ,���� ��������. ,���i.. o^ feii^-r^h^-iiA^*" !_. iS!!v3>i-i_. +^i.i.<, Zs^i��Z:^".~<JLT   -ing jars and novelties, with an invitation  wishing to, work on novelties  Mrs. Ray Lee for their work on the Wine  and Cheese party and one to the decorating committee. -' *,  Mrs. R. Lee in her report showed it  to be aytinancial success; a letter, was  read   from   Casabella   Wines   thanking,  them for using their wines at the party  and complimenting them on .their efforts.  i  Mrs. D. Phillips then read the proposed revisions of the constitution/ to be  voted on at the next meeting.  J   Mrs. Gooldrup told of the plans for the  coming Fishing Derby to be held from  sun-up on Saturday, July 5th to Sunday  July 6th at 2 p.m. Tickets will be $2 a  person. First prize $100, for the largest  salmon and numerous other prizes. Tickets must be presented' at (the "weight-in,  Mrs. Hewitt then gave a short talk  and hoped to see many "members at the  convention in the Fall She closed  by  wishing everyone success in their work.  Meeting was adjourned and was followed by a delicious tea convened by  Mrs, G. West. Next meeting .to be held  on June 11th, Madeira Park IJegion Hall.  Pole, you turn right and follOw;theJ  valley, and -then along- Kamloop:  through- "burned  and ranching  loops.  How long  ieJ broadV. of, i*^: .frOd- too;* bdt - picnic' every .'mteal   ' lJ^ 3ars -aa  **;..__^A-*ak*S^^ NobodyYLs   ���T ^3^  .r*scRJ_b_A'_jd__--iHfcA^bbme*a_bnf*.and saV.-'K^o mov-��    for t__act i;  Fall's Carnival to come to a  at her, housey.Thursday, May  m.  - i -  thanks went tov both Mr. and  Bloke C. Alderson OX.  Post Office Building Secheit  Phone 885-2333  Res. 886-2321  Tuesdoy to Friday 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m,  EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT  tlDBFORTH-E WE  MAY 28 fo JUNE 3  28 0254 om 14.11  W. 1012 om    3.6!  0504 pm 12.7  0957 pm    9.61  31   0434 em 14.5  5a..  1207 pm .0,1  0744 pm 15.1  29 0324 om 14.2  Tb. 1047 em    2.1  0604 pm 13.7  1047 pm 10.3  1     1237 em 11,2  5u. 0514 em 14.4  1252 pm *0.6  0839 pm 15.5  30 0359 em 14.4  Fr.  1127 em   0.9  0654 pm 14.6  1147 pm 10.8  2    0137 em 1M  M. 0604 e��q 14.2  0137 pm -0.7  0934 pm 15.6  3    0237 em 11.3  ���k T��*ffi.;: ":_ .'���*������-  1024 pm  15,6                   \  AUTHORIZED DfAUERS lot  ��� Mercury Outboard*  ��� Pioneer Chain Saws  ��� Conadicr. Chain S��ws  ��� Homclifo Choin $$w$. , ,  ��� Stihl Cfioin Saw*  REPAIR - PARTS - SERVICE  CittlN SAW CENTO  Cowrie St., Sccfwlt .��� BB5-96M  y*Yf  ���. * ���__  M  ���jv*.  > ;-'_j_  Fj v,^^  ?' jH  . ,*i '  *** ���' tf -  r ?4  it  *   ��  It!  i.  V ���  M  e  r  1  4  'if^fjt ���"���.���*"^j��', ** ��** .<���". **  , ; .  j F, ^ ,      ��^ .^   , ,.  ,1, ... ,  ,   **,*.*^*   *"   ** *l   *   "\  *   ^  -. * f'   "  F*^**..,.   *1   _   .. ��   '  *���?.*��'  *",',��' r,-  :.'. '.,%,'*, ?,*"��*-<* * *-.���<,*�����*> *,�� ���*}��*. *���* - %*-* **������*���* ��,a,*.*.** ����� f\.��fh.. pv-p^-fv*^***,^**,**-"^.*^*,*^ - ��,^.*- ���/


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