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The Peninsula Times Jan 7, 1970

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 [ smtum^ w  >mf v
,uto. :f ©gistrati^ii increase
.ree._Y@cur plates
"ET3 e^3
' BRITISH Columbia's new three-year car
licence plates go on sale at ninety-five
.issuing offices, across  the  Province  on
January/5, 1970.
„ "'The new pllteVin addition,to being
used for three years.also display a new-
system of registration codes, which brings
into use,letters as well as numbers.    ' .
Attorney-General Peterson said "Brit-]
ish Columbia is the first Province to adopt
the letter/number system. We decided to
introduce this type, of registration code
now," in anticipation i of the growing number of future vehicle registrations within
the Province."
 Registration fees for plates remain the
s"arfie~as~iGG9, but the-plates-willTemainir"
on the car for three years. Upon renewal
in 1971 "and 1972 owriers will receive a
valid decal which will be attached to the
bottom section of the plate.. If the new
system proves to be satisfactory and the
^plates stand up under various road con
ditions, &, permanent plate will be intro*
dueed in 1973v. '- ,~   '
Motorcycle,' trailer and truck licence
plates will continue to be issued on Ian
annual basis, the fees for renewal of. all
licences are indicated on'^'e 1970' Renewal Applications which were mailed to
all registered'owners recently.
The new multiple car plates will be
blue on white,-' the reverse of 1969 colors.
Deadline date for obtaining the new
plates will be Saturday, February 28, 1970
when 1969 plates will expire. There will
be no extensions and motorists should be
aware tha^-the owners of vehicles displaying the 1969" plates after that date, are
liable to prosecution.
Best Ca"nadian/Gr*aphic Industries "Ltd.,
"1606 Bast;5th Ave., sv^J-
sVancouver 9, *B;C;
' .. ' Serv
Serving the Sunshine-Coost, (HoWe Sound to Jervis Inlet), jnduding Port Mellon, Hopkins Landtag. Granthoms Landing, Gibsons, Roberts'Creek,
Wilson Creek. Selma Park, Sechelt, Holfmoon Boy, Secret Cove/ Pendef Horbour, Madeira Park, Kloindate, Irvine's Landing, Earl Cove, Egnjont.
Registration No. 1142
2nd Class Mail
' rt».
. V.i
. *->i
,    '-,
''■*•-,< •:
■ i ;
i ■?■
5-1 (
*■*       '" ^"'J v~">. "*-
J  ^
*'  X
is ^> ^^ ».•■> -*~,******-^   . *** >>- ~~
The total number of motor vehicles to
be registered „ before the deadline is estimated at 950,000. Attorney-General Peterson advises motorists they can gain in
Convenience- and peace of mind by obtaining their plates in the first six weeks and
avoiding last minute line-ups.
-a i    ">i' .
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7, 1970        <fl®c
Volume 7, No. 5 -.8 Pases
Mo auto insurance
first offender up
"\' RECENT arrival in the area, Gary-Wayne
N;1        Meilleur,   of   Selma   Park  wasted  no
>| time in running foul of the law and quick-
■ I' ly ran up a number of "motor vehicle «bf-
' .    fences which ended in a jail term.
Meilleur, aged 21, originally__from On'
Opposition indicated ". . .
ctors* Jtefter
ST regular, meeting of Gibsons
council, disapproval was displayed at
the fact that a resident of Gower Point
has again appeared to use his position as
a Regional Board' director to' protest, or
attempttijjp hold up Council's plans for a
sewer system .outfall1 at Gospel Rock.
a Discussion followed reading of the
copy of a letter from the Pollution^Control
Board to Mr. Frank [West and as* it wais
addressed to. him'as Director of Area. "E"
of the Sunshine Coast Regional District,
i\ Vas assumed"We^tj had again protected
the, sewer outfall'project, by implying he
was acting on behalf of tfie Regional
Board.-  v  -   ■    ■
Letter  from W. N. Venables, Direct-
• The Honorable ^.,A. C. Bennett,
Chairman of Treasury Board, announced "
that''approval ha;s betejn given by. the-
Board to the D,epartmeht of "Educalion to
let contracts foil,: .§chop! District 46 Se-
"chelt—Glbsdhs Elementary—P-A. System
; ^Gibsons RCMP defacftment annouhc.es
that,.Safe;[Driving .Hweek, 1968 saw
fo&;accidehts. in; the1 Gibsons area. Figures/for Safe- Driving. Week 1969 showed .
something of a^disregard by drivers with
^he result a total, of twerity-one accidents
were recorded. A numbei- of charges were
Holly "trees at the Gibsons Memorial
Park, the did Cljurch corner, are to "be
removed and replace^ b;r suitable shrubs.
Council* were asked to reinovc: the now
.dead trees by Mr.'Ross CUbson.
Former medical centlre on the second
floor of the Harris Blow in Gibson is to   '
be-opened as a second-hand clothing shop
under  the  nahYc of "The Thrift Shop." ;
.Application for a busir.ess licence to so!'.,,
operate was granted Mis. M.-Kpsakpff at,.!},,
Jpst meeting of council.       '      ' ■'■'*
Sechelt   Homfcmai^e,fs:  Club   will   be
holding election of officers, in the Village
Hall at 7:30 p.m. on January 11, All mem-
bcrs are urged to attcnd.valso those wish-
. ing to become members. '.     L
tion Control Board, acknowled-
letter from West and in answer to
queries pointed out that a recent
meeting between the PCB and members
of council December 4 dealt with technical Jreasons as to why an earlier sewer
pernjit Vad -been refused the Village of ,
Gibsons. \Also, discussion had centred up''
on pQssibhty of a new application being
made, at which time- procedures for qb-
> jectihg to an\pplication are set out in the
act, a copy of* which- was enclosed for
West's convenience.
Significant paragraph in the "letter
stated: "Finallyrp«>ase"be advised that at
no time has the pWcto'r (W," N.- Venables) .suggested or will the Director suggest to anyone as to\how the intent of.
the Pollution Control \Act may be cir-
Similar action was tak&n last-April by
Mt'West who informed cbunclf he had,
ui his capactiy as elected Director of Area "E" of the Sunshine Coast Regional
Dsitrlct, been requested to fdnvard five
petitions to the Hon. IsaSeT Dawson, MLA
in connection with the planned stowsr-out-
fall at Gospel Rock.   '     '>'■•"""-C*
At that time, Mayor Fred Feeney took
strong exception  to the  fact thatiWest'
had written on Regfohar Spard'stationery".
and that he had wntteri as  a Director'-
without  authorization  of  the  Boardl .It.
warded the Regional Board together with;
;a copy to tho -Minister M Municipal Af-
:falrs.'.      , .„'._" r''',^. ..     :        .-'-. . ,'''
At ta ■subsequent'.,ibe^mg'-io'f',-the'''-:ER>jrd''-
a letter.froha council stated; "Cbuncil nas
received} from the JDirector -of Area E"
Mr. - Frank West, a copy of. a'■•• petition
•which he has forwarded to' the local member, Mm, Isabel Dawson. In doing so he ;t
has used as a cover the letterhead of the
Sunshine Coast Regional District", copy., at-
taclicd. *■
"Council dees-not ^Ueston'the right of
individuals or 'gidiips to forward petitions
.. however, wh<;ti the,Director uses Regional
District .,staU,6helry<vthere is the implication.
?.that in Jri> d<pihg he is acting.on behalf of
the Bo3rd. ; • '
"As^thLs matter has not bepn before
the ..'Board for, its decjsion. Council feels
th^ijrtatter .should be brought to your
notice."     '    ,
'''?**'<■* i/,N*V''"-   '-vV  »l"li     •" •     :i'"> "' -'-"-"*-   -J'<v T,', ^"W '.    \    " ,   •   l   >      lne I,Iln  Ior HICgi
■m!.',,/,  ,-\v."''v^   '- iA":''^tr^W-\"   ' '   -l   '      Illegal parking
".,,'-   .-vVr.     ^:^h\>\L:'t^?*j\j.->-%    ving without>ajic
•   v., -
THifteen-foot-long and weighing 3,400.
pounds, female bMy whale is hoisted;
from waters of ^Pender Harbour on"
first stage of journey to Marineland,
Los Angeles.   Placed in a long box
aboard  a truck, the flippers were
^packed in ice and the, whale almost
covered in;plastic sheeting and kept"
■"moist during journey,"Once out of
thl water the huge mammals offered
no resistance and with care.and experienced handling, no tranquilizers
were given or necessary-  The loose'
ropes were used to keep the stretcher
in a suspnded position in the box.       '
Social welfare, costs
New venture
tano, was the first driver to be charged **
locally under the new act making auto
liability insurance compulsory.
Appearing before Judge Charles Mit-
felsteodt January 2 he faced a total of
five offences. Three for driving without a
driver's licence, one for no insurance and
the fifth for illegal parking. '.   -
netted a fine of $5, dri-
cence, $25 on each count
and for carrying no insurance, $350. Fines
were to be paid forthwith and as Meilleur
rwas without the necessary funds he was
..sentenced instead to sixty days in jail.
ales proyids MdiistrY
UNION of Britsh Columbia . Municipali-
. ties has expressed tconcern at the roc-
ketting rise Jin cost of social welfare in
the Province and a. recent newsletter from
U.B.C.M; headquarters states:
WHALE-CATCHING, has become a new
source of revenue for Pender Harbour
fishermen skilled in the art of trapping
the huge mammals whp adapt so easily
to the role of aquatic entertainer.
It was in February 1968 that Killer
Whales or Blackfish were first captured
in Pender Harbour when the fisherfifan
fainilies of Gboldrup, Cameron and Reid
coralled seven in Garden Bay. Four were
sold and three were kept at Garden Bay
where they became a tremendous tourist
attraction. They were christened by MP
• ■ Paul St. Pierre at a_grand_opening_cere«-
.li8S—~71113Tiy' atienaeoTTv'Mr. H. R.'MacMillan,
Fisheries Minister Jack Davies and mem
bers1 of the Vancouver Public Aquarium
Society who sponsored the Pender JHar-
' bouir whale station project.
,-    . .    , ..   ,,        ,.■*„-, . :   As one by one the whales disappeared,
Municipal councils, throughput B.C. are ^e Pender Harbour stations-became lipn-
exi'sfent/'T|re'-Iarge-maJeI--3kp6kum Cecily
Board Directors, following a lengthy
explanation by West, discussed the' maU
ter further and finally supported his ai>
tion and rejected suggestion* by Mayor
Fecncy, that in future a firm policy should
be established •.whereby, in future, Director's do not use Board .stationary unless
approved bv the Board as a whole. '' • v
 —~——r «-,- - ~~\--- ■	
concerned with ■ - ^he^-r^pid'ly^ spiralling
costsr of ^social: welfare.-; Since- 1958. when
tKe; "90/10 sharing formula was introduced
the total program has risen,from $22.1
million to $73:7 million or 333 percent. .<•
For 10 years, until the government
changed the formula" to 80/20 (by increasing the municipal cost to 20 per cent-and
reducing its p'wn-to 80 percent) the municipal portion' remained generally in proportion to the total although the annual
percapita charge levied against municipalities advanced to $3.96 from $1.54. '   -
Since the 80/20 formula was imposed
in   1968  piunicipal  costs have soared by
an  alarmrig   6G7; percent  over   the   year
1959. The annual "per capita charge against
all   municipalities  mow   h   nearly" $11.,
While the municipal .per-capita'grant in-' i
crease  in 1960 to $28" (from $25)  partly '
offsets   these  welfare, cost   increases,  the!
value of the grant is being eroded at' an
increasing  pace.   Municipalities ^tirc  now
paying to welfare alone more than one-
third of their .annyal grant, which is star-''
v*ing other, municipal services and forcing
welfare into being, n tlircrt anrl untenable
levy against the local mjfl rate.
}*X*> \#fa
~* • tXi >•"* *•"• "5 <■* •''"v
/    'V
escaped first and after making his final
farewell in Porpoise Bay disappeared presumably to join the rest of his kind. The'
large female Natsidalia died and was given; a sailor's burial at sea. after an. unsuccessful first attempt. The beautiful young
male Hyak who had been trained to, perform spectacular leaps and .play - with a
Iaj-ge orange ball, disappeared,one night
and it was understood.that the net had
been deliberately cut but the whale was
not seen again although a sctfrch wa.?
made., ,
1 'i     I'      ' i ' * *
, louring the unusual storm which sent ,
huge rollers crashing against the beach
December 11 and 12 the whales returned
again to Pender Harbour in 1909. .The
■Reikis, Goolclrups and Camerons agqin
went out and duriifg-the stormy night
captured eleven or twelve whales.., Some
say that the big male which* led the pod
was none other than Skooltum Cecil;
, The capture again made..international
headlines and- Marineland, Los Angeles,
.aiul Marine World, Redwood City, California, jsoon ,sent their curators hotfoot to
Tender llarhour. Also on the way was
Ur, David Taylor, curator of Flamingo
I'i|iU.Zof»' tit Mplton near York,, England,,,
■nrconipanitd by Martin' Padlcy \vho work-
< d at I'ort. Mellon two years ago und in
now at Flamingo Pork where he 'is'.training a killer whale which was captured in
Pugot Sound,        ■'■'--
', With Marineland purchasing the throe
;iiiiallf'M whajes,' Marine World purclias-
ini; tluci! larger ones and tin? British buy-
m'h iMiri'liasing another, operation whale-
lift commenced before dawn on Saturday,
Winter issue out,
December 27. •
As daylight broke the fishermen had
transferred the three-smaller mammals
into a double net corral at the foot.of
Madeira Park wbarf. Commencing with
the ten foot baby, each was separated into
a net for the stretcher type sling to be
slipped in place and the whale hoisted by
hydraulic crane into the cctffin-like box
on a flatdeck truck;;   ■'■.'■■ ' *•
Packed in foam rubber"and ice and-
covered in plastic sheeting "except for the
blowhole; the whales were.Jse'flLjnoist
""wittra'spray during transportation. -With*
in two hours the three whales purchased
by Marineland were loaded and on their
way to Vancouver where they were placed
aboard 'a chartered aircraft, 'arriving at
their destination the: same "day. They included.^; 14-foot, 4,000-ppund male;" a 13-
foot, ^,400-pound female and a lb:foot,
1,000-pound baby.
',, -JO^Su^
for Europe- •■ was ..'-loaded and .'.■ two Of the
three destined for' Marine World, California; the third escaped) just before the
transfer from the net to the sling.
RELEASE '     ,' ".   <-V-'
The other large .whales were released
by the fishermen who had kept a day and
night watch on their charges, Thecapttire
had led to crank, telephpnt- calls and at possibilities.'
least one critical letter in-rthe daily papers.
*The large bull whale defied his .captors and although free did not leave the'
other whales until one of the released
cows had given birth to a baby when the
three left together.
Price paid for, the whales has not, been
New Year's quarrel
lediorairsoif charge
, RESORTING to an^unusual-form of retribution, a  Pender Harbour man set
fire to the'mterior of his home when his
house-keeper walked out *on him on New
Years Day.
Charged with arson, Chris Johnson appeared before Judge Mittelsteadt the following day-and admitted the offence. He
told the court he had quarrelled with his
house-keeper who ultimately threatened,
to leave." He warned her that if she diet
-he would bum the house down. She then
left and he proceeded to carry out his '
threat. ; """"T^x
Pender Harbour firemen were' fortunately quickly on the scene and the home:
was saved despite damage to the interior.
Johnson* was remanded, to January 9th
• for "sentence. .„
Centennial chairman
says olan now for '71
PLANNING .in ,70' mesms^fun m'Tl, says
L.   J. Wallace,   General Chairman of
the British Columbia Centennial-71 Committee, in a year-end message.
"We hope everyone in" British Columbia will take part, personally, in the 1971
- celebrations of the Ccntejiniar of" B.C.'s
entry into .Confederation," Mr. Wallace
said.""A.great deal pf organization is- already ^underway, and :;1970l should ibo; a
year of planhirigj Tor individuals as »werll .
as communities and cojmmuhity groups/'
Mr. Wjlla'ce~a^edvindJusiiry,:Vorganiza--
tions, family groups and individuals to
plan,for pefspnal projects. "The field of
ideas »is wide opeh»" he said. ''Scholar-,
ships, restorations, clean-and-paint campaigns, garden improvement, scrapbooks,
assisting others,  arc only a few of the ■
over 300 communities -will have local
'committees in all parts of the Province
\yorking on celebrations, and permanent
commemorative projects during "1970, Mr.
Wallace said, but the true measure of success for the '71 Centennial year will be
the amount of individual interest and active participation.
Hungry thiei . > .
, lis® liiM
APPEARING before Judge Charles Mit- .
telsteadt at a special court in Gibsons
Saturday, January 3, Frcdcrelk Robert
Reed of the Gibsons area, entered n plea
of guilty \o u charge of break, entry and
theft.'    , .,•    ' '
'"'' It^ed,, aged thirty-three,  was charged
following  u  complaint'by  a  Gronthnms"
Ltuuhng resident who reported  that his
-house had been entered the night of December .31, bread, ■liquor, and two rifles
had been' stolen.   Also papers, involving
Here he is, ■wide awnkd, chubby und
very handsome, Iho .Sunshine Const's
New Year Bnl)y who arrived nt 3:10
a.m., .January 1,1070. Kor proud parents Mr, and Mrs. lioy Frasor of (Jih~
sons, his arrival is very special for
they have -waited 12 years for-him
and stslitrs IZ-yoar-iOld Dorothy and
1.1-yenr-old Sharon are nnxioanly
awaltinfj his lioinocomlnj;. The^nine-
pnund, ten and three-quarter ounce
baby delighted the staff of St. Mary's
Hospital, Sechelt, for not often does
the NewTear baby arrive on the ap
pointed day,  Dr. Hugh liyjlls was in
attendance   and   the   i)al>y   will   tie
christened Hoy Adam Hugh Fraser.
DEMAND for the Provincial Government
Publication "Beautiful jl.C." increased,
annually and rale,-! of the colorful inagu-
ztne hv llie Tinicfi reaches a new hif{h
eiu'li "yi-ar. Tlil'j pn.sL yeav-wu.s fxceplktiml
as more and more t't'aderu purchaiied aub-
M-niitioiiii, ,-,;> ChriMuuif! gifto.
ll appear thin fiimc ,iltuntion 'exi;Ur*
llii-diu'chiiut the province with the rrMilt
th it Mipplie.'i are ended,
Notification from Victoria Inst wr.ck
We wlfih to advii.e that due lo unprn-
veiirim.i (lemiiiid for Mihiicrlptloiu; tn
*;u/.lne, we hnvf romplftely rxhau.ited our
Moek of iho rurreht Winter Ift.-iuo, A:i oC
thi. date, w<- /ire pro<•e^^inK nil Mitocrip*
ti'Hi inriviil, however, the 'nvipients
^ ill mil receive the Winter |xmh\ We are
however, forwildiiu! the 107(1 Holui:( V.t\\-
«nd,ir I>inr>' ivith the grrtllngs as requcS'
ImI by Uie'|>ui^lw«<er. ' ,
Wo will mail the find,'issue of these
MiliMTiptionH to Hie reclplenlH with our
Spring, 1070 kimie wltich vvlll.be available
ially in 1070 tind wc wlll'sctj tluit tiicJl
recipient rercUen the Summer, Fall, aiul
Winter, 1070 Irsuer, us pub)i«hed, ,   "
We are very sorry for any convenience
that hasbcen cawed In thlti respect, however, It i?i primarily due to the tremendous effort* of agencies Mich as your.i
that liati helpe-l ut» obtain more MilwrTp-
1 tlonn than ever before, V/e winh to assure
you that we will do our 'utmo/.l in IIh-'
future to print .sufficient magazines to
ipeet,  untiflpatM]  demand.
Afi «ta(<'«l above, we are ;ieelng that nil
Mih.H-riptionfi are proce,sf;i-(| and the i recipients will receive the Jlonua Calendar
Diary. The proct•>.<; In/; of all ordei> l,s being carriixl out in the nurmal matiner
and the only Hem thai will not be mailed
in the rurrenl Winter i.jue of IlKAUTI-
TVl, MHITI.SIf r01(UMMlA M:i(;a/|;ic
Our taipply -of the Monun Call lidar Diary
Jti adequate lo meet all requests,
A;. :» (inlnt of inteiej,!, 'wc printed
aOfl.flflO oopli-fl of the current Winter Immc,
which \h the largi-.sl (|iianlily ever prinl-
ed and a:i mentioned, the wonderful re-
ceptlon tojair promotion during U»» past
Jtw months ha!* caiued thla jsituutlon,
RSrCA work, had been tampered with,     .
As a result of Investigations, Constable
Barrio Roth of the Gibsons RCMP Do- ,
, tnehment told the court, Heed's home was
entered with n search warrant and one of
the missing guns was found. Heed admit-'
ted the offence and stated he had visited
the Granth'ims home n couple of days previously. On the night of the offence be
wiiii pawing by and decided to cay in. On
discovering thnt.no, oho was home lie
entered the house, found n loaf of bread
which he shared with the dt>g, had n
drfoik and" picked up the two gun« on his
way out, Later- he visited another acquaintance to whom he gnve one of jthc
rifle.s in'exchange for tl ride,home,
Heed told the court he had" no recollection of taking, liquor,' In fact, ho did
hot thinltlhe hifcj taken it, forJu: hud bin
own. lh; [laid he intended returning t|i«
guns next day but could not explain why
he had taken thorn,
Asked  by  the Judge  if, ho 'wan cm- '
ployed, KeeU f;ald< he hiul been but was.
probably liicjw  without a Job,   Coniitablo
Hoth  commented   that  the ■hccuticd  had
no previous record,
ICemariding hint in custody pending a
pre-M'titence report. Judge MlMelulcudl
warned Heed thai theft from' n private
home is an indictable offence and could
cany a sentence of jail for life, Maximum
penalty for theft from a commercial or
business prenilsen Is only fourteen years.
Appearing In Gibsons court before
Judgi; Pat Carey, December I ft, Kiirnest
Albert Thompson faced a charge of drlvT
linj^vvhlle under tiut.peiv.lon following a
driving offence October t, He was sentenced to three months Jail.
Harvey Hlggiiison fof Selma Park appeared before l)istrlct Judge Krle Winch
in GiliMins December P.! lo answer a
charge of impaired driving resulting from
an accident on North Hoail September III,
Hi> was fined $M)0 or Ibree months Jail
If lit default {iiid bis driving licence, sum*
fended for three yean*
-^•-^.jpi «.i-»^
. ^ g**,, ,■,..,» m.n.. j » »,, ^^>
^ >��.y**^���J*"\^*w"ir *V* W ���*�����*^'N*,*^'^*fc��<*^ y^����*<^M^*4.>f^*��M 0���*'^^*>**W^"**''llP^^Sfl*��**>^S�����ym��.irv*vt^i^*��vn��M^y*.*  "'*'" **'*  **'    ����������!  **���*���>    ���       ��������^aJ^.J, ||���y������     ���>J..|<^VJ.t ������|.*|J*t. ^  umiJ^ltllng���Ijl^ll  /'  ���**'^'**L~u-iir*-u-Li��w_i*i_fi_iiM_i*t_^ ri f^rta-^r. ���   --���- ���im <i^i r��wii^-t-"n-ixriuJ<_"u n m*f om^<Y>i t~>"��"i��rui m'tfm w~m~ih*^*"ii**m^ii~m- wim       a  Poge 2 The Peninsula T'"^^"^ '��"��* 7'"*��   REAL ESTATE (Continued)   REAL ESTATEj (CoSel)    MOBILE HOMES.  /(���  The Peninsula/^* Sechelt - phone 885-9654*  Classified '^��=��1  LOST  FOR SALE  FOR SALE, (Continued)  ^awi��>tn<wifiiUVMi��wMMMMWiiMinrii*wiw��gwwwin>Mwiiwifwwn��ji^^  "A published Wednesday by  . Tho Peninsula Times'Ltd.,"  ot Sechelt, B.C.  Established 1963   .  ,    Member, Audit Bureau  ���  of Circulations <*  September 30, 19,69  Gross Circulation 2526  i^aid Circulation 2287  As filed with the Audit Bureau  of Circulation subject to audit.  Classified Advertising Rates:   '  3^1rve^Ali^r1efsrtt2-vn3rds)   One  Insertion ��� 75e  _$1.50  _:_15c  PERSONAL ICont.) ~  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous ���  . ��� Meetings-8:30 p.m., Tnurs-  ; days. Wilson Creek Conunun-  -. itv- Hall. Ph.- 885-9327 or 886-  2979. �� ���'     3300-tfn  TEXADA., Island: 2 level lots  by- store, Gillies" Bay? SEA  VIEW. 10,400 sq. ft. area for  $5,000. Cleared, water in. Handy to'power, phone, T.V. cable.  Box GO, Gillies Bay. 486-M33.'  * 3722-tfn  ��� IMMHIHII. ������   ���          % ��� ���  % BLOCK BROS.  "Phone , Mr.    Good    263-4993  ^/--collect or 736-5933  "For fast service on all prop-  u    "erties- arid- businesses.    .  WE TRADE  MEMORIAM  3061-tfn  Ac  ���**  ��� ���<?���. V  /  Three   Insertions   Extra lines' (4 words) .  -   (This rate does not apply to .  ��     commercial Ad-Briefs.)  Box Numbers 1 Oc extra  25c Book-ke'eping charge is added  for Ad-Briefs not paid by  publication dote.  Legal or Reader advertising 35c  por court, lino.  Display   advertising   in   classified  Ard-Briofs columns, $1.73 par inch.  Subscription Rotes-���.  By mail, Peninsula area _$5.00 yr.  By mail, beyond 30 mites $5.50 yr.  By mail, special citizens ���$3 yr.  By carrier 50c month  COMING EVENTS .  HEAR Howard J. Klassen,  Canadian Director. Wycliffe  Bible Translators^ in Calvary  Baptist Church, Gibsons, B.C.  January 30. 31, February 1. "  '"   : 3799-9  TWILIGHT THEATRE  .Gibsons, B.C.  Mon.; Tue., Wed., Jan. 5, 6, & 7  >V "THE SERGEANT"  starring Eod Steigor v  .    (Restricted)  Thur., Fri��� Sat, Suh., Jan. 8,  ,;   <9,; 10, & 11     "  ���/.,*  .^rascal" .���:���.*...s  'and .'.._���������  ^;HANG YOUR HAT "  JDN THE WIND"   _.   ,  'from Disney . ..-.-���  Mii%ieeT��rr-5atJur4ay--aL2_43.rn.  ".McNUTT���In   loving   memory  of Gladys McNutt, who passed away January "10, 1968.  <\  Nothing can ever take awa'y ���  The love a heart hoLds dear,  Fond" memories linger every  day,  Remembrance keeps her near.  MacGREGOR PACIFIC  REALTY LTD.     .  - 1400-777 Hornby St.  ���r-,-Vancouver���I, B.G-;   EXCELLENT ^ "commercial lot  ���centre Sechelt���highway location, level - and cleared. All  services^ available. Box 1104  Peninsula Times. 1104-tfn  WELL kept 7 room house on  5- acres, West* Sechelt. good  soil; Oil heat. Full plumbing. ���  Cash $20,000. Private- sale. Ph.-  885-9547. '-^j   3789-9'  ONE large lot, Wharf Road,  Porpoise Bay. Asking $4,000  or offjer?. Contact W. J. Erick-..  son, 885-2854 or G. W. Gee,  886-9806 .Write Secretary  R.C.L. Box 47, Sechelt, B.C."  ���   - 3780-6  For the most complete  ��� selection of properties  on" the Sunshine, Coast   21'   FLEETWOOD.-trailer,  all  ��� facilities,   2   propane jinks',  spare wheel,  and truck>V88G-  2916.  ":3"784-��  CARS and TRUCKS  1964 VOLKSWAGEN window  van for safe. Superb eoildi-  Ooo* 883-2668. -    ��� 3741-6  1963   FORD   Fairlane.   4ldr.  automatic      trans.      Radio.  Power Steering. 1 owner. Ph".  885-2470. ���     3796-8  BOATS & ENGINES  LIFEBOAT, off tug "Sudbury  I for scte. 21* x 6' 7". Double  endcr, new-decks etc. Mast,  sail, 20 HP M&cury. F.P. $950/  Frank Lee* Madeira Park, B.C. -  " JN    SECHELT   'Laundromat,-  Ladies i Brown  leather. wal-~  lett. Owner anxious for its return. Reward. Phone 885-9|78  "or mail to Box;387, Sechelt.)  LIVESTOCK  PET hornless Wether. Goat;  .-gentle, eats"salal,- blackberry  vines-, $15. Jack Nelson 885-  9558.     , . 3800-6  PINTO gelding sound & well  mannered. Ph. 886-2619 after  6 p.m.        , 3795-tfn  RUBBER stamps of all des-.  "criptions  may  be  obtained  at- The Times. Phone 885-9654..  Quick service on all, orders.,  WEBSTERS new Standard dic-  - tionary for home,' schbdl &  office, $1.29. At-The Times  Book Store, Sechelt, Ph: 885-  9654.'   .   . ���    .        ���.   3052-37  DOUBLE Hollywood bjid, "$20.  Youth, bed, $15. AM/ in very  good condition. Ph, 885-9348.  .   ������     3797-6  IF   IT'S   sults-  JtT  %,  885-9330, Sechelt, 'B.C.  Morgan*  8893-tfE  ���Ever ^remembered by her  husband, Fred. 3788-6  WORK WANTEJB  i  EXPERIENCED    , dressmaker  & alterations. Ph. 886r2963.  , 3208-tfn  TILLiCUM Chimney Service.  Eaves cleaned and repaired.  Painting, gardening, janitor  service, odd jobs etc. All work  .guaranteed. RR1 Secjjelt, Ph.  885-2191 preferably evenings.  2754-tfn  CARPENTER   expert   in   all  lines,    reliable,, reasonable.  Anywhere on Sunshine Coast  886^7423 eves. 3510-tfn  WANTED  PENINSULA   EVERGREENS,  Salal -wanted.-i- Please cqn-  tact J. Mv Hayes at Sechelt,  ' Ere. Phbne^885-9962. x *-'���  :>-  ?837-tfn  Telephone 688-3501  Lots   at   'Longdate   Heights",  convenient   to   school   $2,250.-  View lots from $2,350.  Choice of view lots in Gibsons, including Seaview sub-  division^ from $3,500.  2 only, one acre lots, gentle  southern slope, 125^ paved  road frontage, access to clean  gravel beach, no water problem. $3,000'each.   .  Cleared  semi   wf.   lot,   100*.  wide, paved ,road.  Term?  on  $8,500.  s  Building sites with view,  close to Selma breakwater,  newly supplied with water.-  Spacious living, quarters for  large family, part bsmt., car  port, close to Sea. Half cash.on  $l'3i000.    ' ��� '' .  - ,   Salesman/. Jack^Varn.  Phone,..886-7244-or 886-2681  * :'!> "���        3803-6  coll  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  FOR FREE CATALOGUE  Phone 885-2235,;." ,  32-79-tfn  "7117883^607.  NOW "AT The *Times  Bookstore?"  Sechelt ��� Complete'  hunting,    fishing," sailing   &  horseman's 4>ible series, $2.50  ������: ���^     .each. r "Sunsets-Gardening ��� &  FOUND in Selma Park,- light, ^hobby booko. Canadiana books  *��� green   budgie, with   yellow  ' for_a'dults^&-juniors, Ph. 885^  ._ 1 3340-tfh.  FOUND  3791-8    head.  Ph. -88?-2292.  3786-6 . 9654.  BUY   your   trash' incinerator  from'   Sechelt   Kinsmen   at  $3.50 each. PHone 885-9542.  fl  % SNOW tires, used once; size  775 5 15, $20. Slide projector, $35. Ph.^885-2357.     3798-6  MARINE ACCESSORIES  Paint���Fibreglass���Rqpe-'     ���>  Canvas���Boat ��� Hardware  Compressed air service "for  .-skimiivers air tanks.  Skindivers available for  " ������   ,' -'salvage-work.     _    _  WXLT NYGREN SALES  . LTD. --  P��wne-^6-93()3r-Gibsoits>B,a���  13p6-tfn  BLOCK BROS.  REALTY LTD.  ef  HELP WANTED  HOUSElCEEPER: to   live   in  wanted. Phone 884-5351.  , ^,     -    .'3793-6  BANK OF MONTREAL"  ��� ���   Gibsons,' B.G:''  Conripetftive salaries offered  ,, tp career^ minded"girls.  ���"  '���'.-;' '"    .'   *      -  "' '-;37B1-G..  'Note: Saturday '5lalm'ee~Clutr  members. Bring your member-  -ship card. We will be" drawing  "for the bike, Sa^u^day,: Jan. 10  ..'���    ^ at the' matinee,  , Mon".;- Tue.", .Wed., Jan. 12, 13,  .'.-"���'  '" "'���     ..& 14'  "A FINE PAIR"  starring  Claudia Cardinale &  ���     Rock Hudson  Phone 885-2827  3801-6  BIRTHS  BILL and Carol Duffus are  pleased to announce the  .birth of their son Willam  Alexander, Z' lbs, 14 ozs. -on  DeeemW-r 25, 1909 at St..  ivmry's  Hospital. '3804-6  ANNOUNCEMENT  MR. and Mrs��.'F. G..'Fisher of  Pcnticton,." ,B.C. announce  the c'ngagemp^nt ^of their  youngest dnugliter Margaret  Ann to Mr. Richard Gooldmp,  son of Mr. and Mrs. G, Gool  drup of Madeira Park, BO;,  , . 3787-6  SALAL PICKERS WANTED  Phone Mfs:,;Naida Wilson  885-974<S or write:  Box 390, Sechelt, B.C.  2910-tfn  CALLISON  EVERGREEN CO.  '    Salal Pickers Wanted  ,    SALAL 35c BUNCH  ... .]  Contact plant before picking.  Located 4at  Roberts  Cre6k,  across street from" store.  Phone 886-2633  /  3457-tfn  \  CARD OF THANKS  WE wish to sincerely thank  Pender Harbour Volunteer  Firertieh''for their effort.-, to'  sfivu pu'r'hohie niid also our  fri'uids in Pender Harbour  and- Sechelt for their kind offers of assistance,���Kny and  Clmrlie' Mi'ttelstendl,      3792-G  , I WISH to thank tlu> IndleiTol  the' Legion Auxiliary and  ladles or St. Hilda's Church  for* their very nice Christiiins  j;lfts, We shut-Inn do npprl'-  el-iti' being reinemhered -Mr;i,  Dorothy Browning'. 3794-0  Carol  Duffuti. wsh  ;:i their aincero 'ap-  to    Dm,    Crosby,  ���luitiocinte.i also  the  PENDER HARBOUR  EVERGREENS  Madeira Park, B.C.  ,,    Salal Pickers Wanted  SALAL 35c BUNCH-  Contact plant before picking.  ��� Located 1st house north of  Pender Harbour Hotel.  ' Priori 883-2265  ���' ' 3458-tfn  EWARt.McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE .  ������ -     ' Notary-Public        ";  .Member ��� '  , .  Vancouver Real Estate Board  Multiple Listing Service  PHONE 886-2248-  "������'*!  Gower Point�����> acre (ap-  prox) Lot. Waterfront, mostly  ^cleared. Prime location. Excellent terms with low D.P.  FuH/price $10,0%  ^'Glb_SQQS-^2   bdrm.   home   in  cen^rglT^lgeatipn^wttlr view,  2 -  level M.L.S. older .type home,  loyver level contains good rev-'  ertiie ���' .suite.     F.P. -. -$12,600  w/terms>4D.p: $71000. /.:%���.������������ '  GibsonS ��� Waterfront; 2  bdrm. home w/guest cottage  & carport. Good central lpca-  tion close to shops etcV-Fore-  shore rights.- F.P. $15,000 with  D.P half cash.  Gibsons ��� Waterfront; 3  bdrm. home, 16,000 sq. ft,, floor  space^fOil furnace heat. Fenced lot, CO' x'129', beautifully  landscaped. F.P. $33,000.; oh  terms.   ��  Gibsons.j-r- Excellent cleared  vievy lot-on village water wjth-  fro:Vt & rear access, F.P. only  $1,750.  Phone 263-4993 collect or  738-5933 Mr. Good  We Cover-The Waterfront  +��� 250 ft, about, on Lagoon Rd.  Madeira Pk. 3 lots, facing the  water, $5,500 dn. 3. lots* as- a  packaged deal. Mr. Good 263-  4993.  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY  ��� Good holding property 6n-  main   stj.   in   busy   shopping  area. .Store size 3000  sq.  ft.  Buy   at   todays -price.   Only  " $15,000' down. Terms. Mr.  Good 263-4993.  SMALL HOLDING ��� Just  off highway oil high ground-  'with year round water supply  pi us two room.cabinI abotift 4.6  acres. -$ll,950.~Mr. Good1 263-  _j4$i3.:-..-..-.-. -���,-    V .'���.���;-���'-.  REVENUE PROPERTY on  the beach.' Four Suites'permanent rentals or good, for retirement, plus income. 25 yr.  lease. Only $5500 down. Fully  furnished. Mr. Good?* 263-4993..  F^or the Sunshine Coast Call  Mr. Good, collect 263-4993 and  .    list your property.  - I COVER .YOUR AREA  " LIST NOW     ,."  "Mr.   GbodH263-49g3r *'-  3LGCK BRC  REALTY m  IS,  3650-tfn  Anouhd B\ C;  * i     i ~, -i. ���.     *    ���-  ;     . '    . . . -Miy Edgar Dunning  jram his CBC Neighborly News    '  broadcast Sundays S:S0 a.m.    ���  HELLO; Neighbors: ���     "  Womenl Are you becoming perpetual  nags over that empty freezer as the hunting "season drags on to its end and all  hubby has produced is��a promise? Well,  take a leaf from Mrs. Harry Mueller's  book. _ - ,  The Prince George Progress says she  grew tired of having "several moose cross  her path, while at the same time her husband hunted every weekend without success.  So two weeks ago sfiS^gpt a hunting license and started carrying around  one of her-husband's three ought threes.  The next! time she was out on the highway with her five children, a cow moose  . wandered out of the bush. This was the  . sixth moose she had seen since hunting  season began. Dressed in typical feminine .  attire, high-heels and skirt, she grabbed  5her gun and charged out of the car after  the, beast. ^'1 yelled at \he kids to keep  their distance," she told the Progress ^e- .  ��- porter,, "and ran afteJ' it into the^bush."  She fired three shots before she was .sure  the moose was a goner. ahd: ttieh^ier /  youngsters caught up to her by the carcass.   The only  unhappy   qne ��� was" her  ���o five-year-old daughter who couldn't understand why Mrs. .Mueller couldn't just  rope it and britig' it in alive. . *  �� * She said shg'd been put a lot with her  husband on fishing and hunting trips^nd  always enjoyed the- fishing part but "sb%  decided that hunting can't ^ust be for "the*1  . ,,'men only. - Mr.. Mueller .says she won't  have to go after moose alone <next' year.  She's "already been  invited out  on hts  first trip.     . y^.    f      -  And the Progress.reports,that|moose|"  - goatr she^_biack^e^^;caribou.^and elk-  ���kills are down from those of'last year,  - according to the figures released by" the  "Cache Greek game checking station.   So-  - can't give away; it always comes back.  >T?he editor of the Comox District Free  Press had some, forthright opinions in a  recent editorial,'-Here's how it jead:  ��� . "The biggest rap on the Social Credit  government in B.C. in,'recent years is'that  it has grown arrogant. Since the "latest  election ��� if appears Premier Bennett and  his cronies have become criminally arrogant. A Lower Mainland radio station is^  campaigning to have people put pressure"  on the government tq take action against  pollution. The public has responded' but  the Socreds apparently feel the campaign  is a .personal insult -and refuse, to ac-  r knowledge the letters.       '        ���   -  "It's not a very reassuring thought that  in this' democracy we can't voice a protest, even on something as critical as pollution. Scientists warn that; unless man  can.���clean< up his environment, he will-  poison 'himself.' The Socreds choose not  to believe these claims. Pollution is a  problem, they say, but "it isn't their pjrpb-  ^lem. They are mouthing a few mamby-  pamby regulations-governing pollution  but they are doing very little in the way  of enforcing them." ���   >.''.'. ?  ''.."���       '���"-' ��� .   ���     * '."'. ,' -' ���,--:if   :  .. Sixty years ago a Miss Laura Scott  was brought from Ontario by the British  ��� Columbia,government; to organize a huih-  Ser of women's institutes in this province,  and this year branches of the organization  all oyer; the province have been celebrating 'the anniversary. I couldn't begin to  �� repprt.ori them all, but the report of the  celebration staged by the Salmon Arm  .Women's Institute is typical. The branch  there was one of the first to be organized  ' by,Miss Scott, and one of the two living  charter -.njuembers . of the institute, Mrs.  Maud Turner, \vSis on hand for the birthday party. Women's institutes play an  important part, in the life of many rural  areas, and the Salmon Arm Jnstitute was.  no' exception.   The members raised the  .money to buildJa^c6mmunity������hMl, spbn-  ^sdred-the- Salmon Arm rMay Day for .many  years, organized public" spfeakmg" contest,  | helped" build ; dressingVrooms for hockey  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  ���''��� ���' ���".���' ���^   ",���'���     ���! '���-n���;.           ACTIVE partner required,, prepared   to   ihvest   $8,000   or*  acreage ��� to   that   value.   Bpx  3783 The Times or Phone, 876-  9933. ; '3783-8.  5500.  Only deer and grmly^ bear'figures-  were up from lastyear^ the deer up by  -A60 to 1559 and the grizzlies up'.from. 57  ;tp-:63.\ �����'��� - ' ���'��� '���'   "   .Y  And   Fred   White   in   the   Rossland  Miner; says: kindness is one thing you  It reads:  "Kitimat has seen him soaring, riding  the air currents of, the valley above the  city center, circling over the gullies,  sweeping down across-the river. He .is  protected by law in,Canada as one of a  dwindling species. Persons found destroying him are liable to heavy penalty. British Columbia���and particularly this part  of,British Columbia���is" one of the last  remaining places where he may be ���observed- pursuing his natural habit in hisJ  .natural environment. He is a king among  North American birds���the magnificent  bald-headed eagle.  "We saw him Monday���dead in the  back of a truck. Gleaming white head  feathers, gleaming tail feathers, marking"  him as a full-grown male, were dull and  dirty with dust. His wing span measured  82 inches" and his weight was less than  H) pounds.  "He had bge'n shot with a .22 rifle  through both "wings and left to die wherev  . ho fell. Slowly he starved, this creature x  of the winds and the treetops. Sunday he  was found close to town,'abandoned near  a logging.road. His whereabouts was reported to the authorities and, because he  was beyond help, he was; quickly put out  of his misery.     ���, . ���  .-'.". "Some   grovfti   person ���no   child���    .  jnaimed him:-'ancDleft him to die..     >  "Forjfun?  For kicks? For what?^' '  . N Well, that editorial from tjie,-Northern  Sentinel of 3Kitimat tells one side of the  story .about these magnificent birds, but  there are people who oare trying to save.  For instance, the' Alberni Valley Times  says' that the latest additionjtd the family  ���of George Dryden is a baM-headed.jeagle.  The bird^apRarently; flew into a power,  line* damaging av wing artd suffering  burns to- the body. Mr. Dryden says that  it's most unlikely the bird will ever fly  ^^gain, but that to release it would cer-  " tainly cause its death. ���  Meanwhile the -eagle, is; housed in, a  'big cage outside~Mi.: Drydeii% hoine a"t���  Sproat  Lake. 7 ltV'te^everjr-secorict or  '.- third day* ,maihly:-'-on; deer meat and fish  supplied by,'"a, host of friendly neighbors. a  Tiie big ;bird ; isV quite tame how iftid* is  apparently quite happy in i its. new- home  .far this "yeap -the total;-, of moose bagged    teams" in the Memorial Afeha and assisted  ,^5 4086, down'from last year's score; of :���;;the^ comraunity inImany-'other ways. The  Salmon Arhr Observer-says the institute'   ���--���-       -rf-A-      ���&-.--,,  -        -1 .i     ...������������. and ^answers to a whistle every morning.  Mr,. Dryden is^ interested .in wildrife  conservatioi}, but he" is* afriiid that the  bald-headed eagles are on their way to,  extinction, though the bird's only enemy  is man himself.  there has" a record over 60 years. to be  proud, of. pnd that's .true of women's institutes all over tlie province.    '���-*  This editorial from the .Northern Sentinel, of Kitimat, needs no introduction.  ">  "-it-  Do Wortman  Vince Prewer  Lorrie Girord  886-2393  886-9359  886,7760  Box 23,8, Gibsons, B.C.  3802^6  ���*r���~~���:���'��� : ���  "  '��� ��� ���  THE SUN SHINES ON  FOR RENT  HALL for rcnt-i-WUson Creek  Community    Hall.    Contact  Mr. H. Aubin nt 005-9575.  RITZ Motel���Rates by dny,  Week, month. Commercial  crow rntcs. Full housekeeping,  Elcctrlq heat; 800-2401, Gib-  sohb, ���B.C. 3550-tfn  SMALL cottage  At  Halfmoon  liny, Phone (183-0534. 375ft-0  BILL 'and  , to expre  pm'lntiou  (iwnn and  entire ntnff of, Elt. Mary's Hospital for the care received by  mother and son while in hospital. __ nnofi-ii  OBITUARY  Willlnm Cronhy, ngetl 67  years of Gihsons, B.C. formerly of 7000 Ontario Jit,, Vancouver. Survived by his wife  Gwendolyn; 4 Knivti, Lawrence  Calgary; Kenneth and Murray,  CilbitoiiH; Tcrrenoe, Ottawa; 12  j;rnn<lehll(lren; 1 nlstcr,, Mm,  Mabel Kelly. St. .Fame;!,' Man,  Private Funeral Kervlro wan  held on Tuesday, Div. 30,  from ihe Fnmlly ChnpelOf th<��  Harvey Funeral Hom<-, ,<*(!>-  ho.im, B.C. Hev, D. Morgan of-  firiaUn;;.  Cr��.;sna'.l��,��n.  PERSONAL  WlilH to eonlait 1*1),S. rnein-  ���beni. Phone fl��f)-0M7 or fiM-  2540. ', 37ff0-tfn  t\  FURNISHED   modern   waterfront cabin at Madeira, Purls.  Ph. 1183-2(143. 3785-8  , , k . "  4 ROOM house on 1 nere on  /���"ifJKhwny 2 blocks from illjih  r��ehoiil, Madeira Park. Creek Re  power. For rofu>or sah4, Ex.  terms, contact Mr, Poppell  870-4100,  Vancouver.        3778-1)  WANTED responsible couplo  to rent 12 x 4ft house trailer,  Cnn only connlder couplo  without dogs or children, Rent  $100 month. Ph. 0115-9070,  3770-7  REAL ESTATE  MADEIRA PARK  ���PENDER HARBOUR     ���  Jii!,t approved ��� n**w subdivision of "0 Inri'n. choice vlo\v  k4'* ���overlooldni; hnrbour .and  ljulf,    Clnsi>     In    nhtreM     and  ��� ipr'r'ynh, Kjrrrllrnt terms avail-"  ��bl<?  ,  OLLI SIJSDEY    .  Madelm Park,  B.C.  PI ION K  003-2233  a768-tfn  . West" Sechelt ��� 5 acres  with 150' of Highway front-  age. Gulf view. $lli500.  , Sechelt Village! canter ���  Flat and' cleared building lot.  $3200. ;,  Enrl'a- Cove, -^ .Next to Ferry slip. G acres with "over 500'  of highway frontage and over  400' of waterfront, Also sec-  2035^", ondnry access road. Plenty of  room for Marina, Motel etc.    ,  DAVIS BAY ��� 105' W.F.  with 2 bedroom home. Finest  Beach on coast.  WEST SECHELT  VISTA    VIEW*��� Lota   on  water    tiystein.    Going    fast,  choice of^lght. Now $2050.00.  Terms.,  NEW WORKMEN'S COP/JPENSATION BOARD PROCEDURES  Effective January1,1970 the' Workmen's CompansBtlon BoardwWintrodUco now  procedures designed to speed compensation payments to Injured workmen  covered under the Workmen's Compensation Act, simplify paperwork tor work'  men, doctors and employers, and reduce administrative expenses associated  with tho processing of claims.  Alter that date, hero Is whet will bo required:   ', ,  "N  >'\  '���MXw  ' Y��  SELMA PARK ��� Lovel>  view lot with older 2 bedroom  home. Bird nnnctunry with  enclosures. Imported birds.  Take all for $17,500 cash, Also'  2 bedroom home on largo view  lot at $10,000 cash,       f,  New homo In Sechelt: Fully  Ingulnted 2 lx>droom, non-  bnBcment, panelled ��� living  room witii floor to celling fireplace, and laundry roof. All  electric hentlng etc., wall to  wnll carpets ��� choose your  color now, Colored Pembroko  bath. Attached carport, A  really delightful homo at only  $21,900.  Davhi Bay ��� Selma Park  Vluw lota, 2-00' x 100' loU  both for $0200.    ,    .  Multiple Llsiting Scrvlco  H. Gregory 885-��392  Don.  Hodden 085-9504  H. B, GORDON  & KENNETT LTD.  Phono .885-2013  Sechelt, B.C.  ,m 3T53-tfn  THE WORKMAN  THE ElflPLQYER  *|   Provide eultablo tfans-  portatlon nrt'd oltontlori to  tho Injurod workman from tho  ocono of tho injury to tho  nonroat doctor or hospital for  initial treatment, If roqulrod.  O  Report the Injury to tho  fc WCB within throo days.  ^^*e*JUS*!  te^f3Eica 1  i^u jp-but ����:������= ^���c^*l  UAS^��Si��Jit#A^Wi^^  ���\  Report to first aid attendant  ���  If one Is available  2 Got medical aid, If required.  Q Notify your employer  �� advising HOW, WHEN and  WHERE tho Injury occurred,'  and tho namoa of any wltneaaoa,  A Spnd In on application If  you lose mora than throo  working days a3 a result of an  ln|ury,jYou do not nood to  oubmlt on application In othor  C0903 unlosa tho Board oak? for  It. When4ho Board rocolvos  notice of a "time-loss" Injury  (mora than throe working days  layoff) from tho doctor or  employer aft application will bo  mnlloa to you. An application  will also bo mallod In othor  ensoa where It la felt ndvlaablo.  Tho now procodurea will In no wny affect tho workman*^  rlnht to compensation and will speed up tho processing  ��� of clnims, By accepting tho doctor'o or omployor'a report ,  of o "tlmo toss" Injury, In many cases, an Initial payment  ��� cnn ho mada to provldo for tho necoasltlos of tho claimant  nnd hln family ovon boforo his application la rocolvod.  It in still important that workmen Inform their ompkjyora  ot any Injui}e9>/4hAt Occur..     <  To ontum further that tho workman's rights are completely  protected, a claim will also bo Initiated upon rocolpt of  notlflcntlon from him. Tho now methods ore oxpoctod lo  fltronmllno procedures for tho workmen, doctors, tho WCB  and tho employe ra of tho province who finance tho  entire coat of workmen's componsatlon.  V  >Mfri^i4i.iiW!i  *mm?jt&��amm$Nt<M ^^_^  ���r  -i  Tho new procedures will  eliminate tho doctor's, first  report of Injury in most casoa  whoro d workman will not bo  disabled for mora than throo  working dayo. .< .  In tho majority, of "no       *  time-loss" caaoa tho doctor's final report end account  form along with tho omployor'a  report of tho Injury will contain  sufficient Information to allow  payment of modlcol old.  V$^wk  ujQRKmerfe  comPensaiion  7p7 Went 37th Ave,, Vancouver 13, B.C.  Phono 206-0211, Telex 04-507705  Cyril Whlto, Q.C., Chairman .  "  Hocfor Wrlflht, Commissioner  n. B, Carponlor, Commissioner  t _ _.  **l��+*l>��l^   ���*    ��**.*1.W    UK ������    �� ���.��   Vk      v��^��  "    KMTW4^(  ���fl��A  ^    ft****** * m��-��*�������** m   *-v*U��(i*  %fV*'  ���s'*����u*,��-t��ih��-*'^lA^w ����� *��* -i.��ua> jr* * -��*^* Easier frufh      -  Editor, The Times,   ���."  S^r:' You have one basic truth in your  editorial of December 24, 1969, "no crossroads in politics" .when you state Paul St.  Pierffe's action in voting against his party,  "will not go unnoticed." "I fully appreciate my position in taking "issue with the  experienced editor of a newspaper.     **  The point you make-that" the action"  mentioned   would  not   go  unnoticed  is  about the mayi part of your editorial with"  which I can agree. I can well imagine, be-  ,��, fore proceeding furtheiyjhe flippant statement made to the effectf^what else woukjl  I expect from a commie or. Socialist." Regardless ot-that, lirst I wojuld like to point -  out  how closely your line  follows the  much   quoted   statement   of   a   famous  ��� -American "my Country right-or wronq^!-  7-  ; Seerrfingly  youM  positively   agree ^with  .  that position. ' ���  .. I only s^w'.Paul St. Pierre once when,  ^..attending an all party rally in !6ibsons  during the last Federaft-election campaign.  Having,, attended many political meetings  in B.C., in the last sixty odd years, I  frankly'state I was quite impressed with  his unusual candor. I sat in the meeting  with two friends, members of the Liberal  s<- party for over twenty. years. We have  many "times refemai to the way StrPierre  conducted himself that night- Duringvttte  question period when it is'customary for  the candidates of all parties to promise  anything St. Pierre, took the position that  ���he couldn't pretend to tell the audience  what his ��� position would -be" until such-  time as he had sized up the situation in  Ottawa shbuldjie be elected.  A simple honest statement and, to say  the least, not the customary windbag'  promises. You state his ���p&st activities in  the Hjguse.."shows,a-"rather disturbing  leaning.towards socialism," then you say  - if this is- his outlook, well and good, but  in a nutshell you suggest he shouldn't-  have done what >he did. I don't like to  quote'you much further but would mention two more points���he would have  been in a more enviable position had he  merely, abstained from voting. Finally  you suggest .to,my mind a definite insult  to a man of St. Pierre's ability when you  make the claim he was carried away by  the oratory of Stanley Knowles. '"'  ��� In my humble opinion it is the most  cowardly position'for an intelligent person to take the weak position of abstaining from voting. We all know the ques-  ' tion of abolishing the Senate is not something just thought up recently. Hence to  say thejeast to refrain from voting on  said question would be inexcusable.  Any progress which rias^een. made in  the last 50 to 100 years has been brought  &jbOut largely due1 to the odd individual  Hiving the courage to strike out'against  the powers that-be single hancled^as Tt  were. ' ',, *     ���      ���  . -*  I think the average person grown to  maturity \vill agree that, yi^e .owe ai lot  -      Wednesday, Jonuory 7, 197Q'      The Peninsuio Times  Eiphie Highlights  Poge 3  ONE_Saturday in, December, the senior  girls played the Nurses VolleybajLl  League. On ^hat same day the/Senior  Boys played the men'js local league' in  basketball;- unfortunately I do not 'know  the outcome of these games.  . The semiformaj NChristmas -Dance on  December 12 was a big Boom! The decorations were arranged by dedicated volunteers" who stayed, after or came before  school. The "Subterranean Firs" provided  the swinging music.  The photcrjrapher returned to the  school to��*ake pictures of students or teq-  chers  who  wf.re.nnf   plpa^ri   wjth   their  -���by Dennisc Dombroskl  ���and senior girls. This was all arranged by'  our sewing, teacher Mrs. Crateh.��,    �� ���   ��  A group of young boys who called  themselves the "Backwoods Brass" played music in the "Tijuana Brass" style.  Also Mr. Burnside's English grade 8  group performed a play called "Stand &  The night ended with the senior -band  playing a series of Christmas carols. It  ��was a very enjoyable night!  SAYING OF THE WEEK  s ��� '  Before~you decide between the words  Bring and Take, you have to fhid out if  were absent.  December   18,   the ���  ith a Christmas Con-  band played iirstfdirec-  Then an array of  suits,, formals and casual wear was fashioned by the grade 8  you're commg or going.   <e   O'Hare International Airport in Chicago will build a 13,000-caf parking lot���8  arjd one airline is already planning tourist flights from your car to the. ticket >  window.  .���J,  Sanctuary  Familiar sight in Davis Bay are the",  log booms seeking sanctuary from  threatening storms, forming an acreage of valuable timber iri the restless  sea. ���With skilled handling on the  part of tugboat operators the long  boom is curled up like a serpent at  rest, the kerosene lamps are posted  and lit,to mark the boom's position  and the seamen take a well-earned  rest while they wait out the storm.  _ -i��� a ���C -m , -.  have  been,  there  woujd ..have  been  no  chance of that nasty Tittle word "Collusion*' creeping into the pictu^^.,���"  -,.p   Hefe we have a Bona Fide Collector  that has invested, niahy thousands of dol-  Unemployment  insurance  Q. If a single jrian and a man with  a family are earning the same amount of  money and therefore making equal" contributions to the. unemployment insurance  fund, why is it that a, married .man gets  more when- he is out of work?  A. While it is true that a family man  contributes the same amount of-money to  the Unemployment Insurance Fun4 as a  . single man earning the same rate of pay,  h& nevertheless has a greater" -obligation  than a single'man, being'obliged to sup?  port-,his family;, The'rate"'of benefit is  lars in modern equipment* constructed es- therefore adjusted to permit him to dis-  pecially for this work. He is cpntracted to 'charge these responsibilities. As a matter  pick up all garbage from Gibsons right    of fact, it is quite common for a. single  to those who made such great, sacrifices  in years gone by when- fhey dared to  ���criticize the action of tjhe tyrannical proff  -iteers. True: it was pleasing to note that  there wassthe oddest. Pierre in the ranks  ' of the owning class who felt their position  was hardly proper". - = ��� ,*. ���  through to the village limits, but is barred  . from the most important pick up. Surely  Secjhelt should come ahead of the putly- ��  ing district, they forced us to Incorporate  so as tojeeep up to modern progress and  look what the' city fathers have foisted,  .on us in 'the garbage business.  The Disposal Unit is so. constructed  that all rubbish is "forced up into the main  body .of the machine as it is picked up'  and cannot,spill along the road. The 6p-  ^ erator wears white. clean coveralls and  the whole set up is a credit to the people  availing themselves of this, service.  When the Unit is loaded it proceeds  to the dump where it- backs up. to-the pile .  and the contents are forced out by pres-,'  ^ur^__and_the^Load-_comes-out ihria-"SOli<P:  mass. '-  . ' <-:    ���'  ~       'the next��s��ept it is. driven back be-  yjiih-d, Swansons -gravel pit and there the  whoT^unit is thoroiighly hnyd down in-  We^eannot  side and out aJso wheels and* all exposed  ,par-ts> by a high pressure hOse..��I have -  .no axe to grind'and did not ever! know  the operator until the other day, hut the  outfit thsft picks up my trash,' by the time .  he gets to my place with'his lumber trucl^'  it is loaded to capacity and .piled -\yay -uj)  not 'get away from, the fact-   and at .the mercy of the wind frOm the  thatrihe average editor is not very desir  ous of dealing with the actions of the  handsomely paid powerful lobbyists who  in their* polished Wa'y tell our government  what they must do. Our governments  know where their party funds come from  regardless of what Premier Bonnet w,pjild  have us think. w,^-  �� Newspaper editors arc" naturally hesitant to unduly score those who supply  lavish advertisements arid so it goes. One  could, go on and On but despite the mi's-.  .under.s'taridings between the uridcr, and  over thirty-year-olds we arc deeply Indebted to those who, had courage "'enough'  to break with tradition as it'were and  show up tho reason for the unwillingness  ;of those .controlling the old order to.  Change their ways, risking any' small  comforts they cnjpyecl by so doing-^blafck-"  balling being their general rewards,  , Having gone into the mines the next  day after my twelfth birthday I' could,  well imagine the plight of,,, those much  younger in the mines before my time.  S'��4".c fow changes made increasing .the  npfri before a boy cbuld enter tho mines  'was  most  plcushig.   Therefore  I cannot  help   when   opportunity   presents   itself  paying   tribute  to  the St.   Pierre  brpkc with tradition,  DAVE HEES.  -������'    '     '   ���        ������    ��� ��� r  Step backwards  Editor, The Times,  ' ,  Sir: Would you please  lowing letter in your valuable' paper.  I am referring to the latest utwhago,  deal which in my opinion positively  stinks. If this' whole business had been  transacted openly and In n .straightforward and.bus'r-esM like way, as It should  man to be^ljsjing a dependent, for example-an irfValicI mother who he wholly or  mainly supports.  ��� Q-. I hired two employees over a week  ago and both of them told me they had  not obtained insurance 'books this year.  I used" to be able to go to the Unemployment Insurance Commission office here  in town, but now the office is ���closed down.  What do I have to do to get books for  these men?  A. Write jot telephone the'nearest'office of the Unemployment Insurance Corri-  missign. Many employers have already  switched to the bulk payment method,  which* one day will become generak^ln  that case, insurance books and stamps will .  both become obsolete. ������ ���  ��� Q. I read in the paper where someone was fined $50, _or five days hi jail,  for not reporting earnings that he had  received while -drawing unemployment  insurance benefits, t thought it was only  necessary to report th^nVif they came to  mpr(e ^than half'the amQunt of benefit  beitigreceiv^. Is this correct?*  A.',' In this particular case earnings  were such/thakhe was not entitled to any  Unemployment Insurance benefits dl alb  On the claimant's report ������thai .must be  sent in every two weeks, it is essential  to list,4he full'and actual sum that has"  been earned Jluring that two-wee^t period*   ��� , ' | ������''_ "* "       ���/ ���   ..  Q.   We are a' charitable organization  Numbing contracting  v septic tanks - repair wokk  george >fawkesp'  fel: 885-2100  R.R.  1, Sechelt, B.C.  -        MICKiE'S BOUTI0UE   /  Specializing   iri  Permanent   Florals  Sechelt* B.C.   ���.._..      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' The City Father's "have^for-year^ been and so^x ��^our staff^vould like to be  trying to, get WcSt;/Se'ch"e1t;;to^ouf up ' ^vere*:,*y:;,unemployment- insurance,  with the village, but they are unwilling    ^ow can. they ego. about it?  ,to'turn over, their affairs and relinquish A.   This lias 1o be an  all-or-nothing  "'having any ;'s'dy. If thej^ had lost control arrangement! Normally, the employees of  then"they would be in the same position    chan,table organizations are not covered,  ,'.as wc are. In ether words they could not HoWtever,;'ff,..jhe'-d��sciora .of your organ-  be serviced by the unit. I understand.the ,Jetton think that it!would be a good idea,  new, man just underbid the. Unit by $75,, -thcy�� could apply to the Unemployment  per month'; very close bidding, Eh. If any  OCEANSIDE f URN1TURE  AND CABINET SHOP  Custom cabinetry for home and office  Kitchen Specialists*  R. 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'     ,     '       '  Insurance ^Commission, for coverage of  your staff* It would mean, though, that  all full-time cmployeesjkiust be covered  ���not just a few, However, professional  r people, Such as doctors and nurses, do not  have to be covered, nor do those others  whose salary is over the salary contrlbu-'  tion ceiling of $7,800 per year. The application should be sent to the nearest area  office of the Unemployment Insurance"  Commission.  ,'iirt  print  I ho fol-  w  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  MERMAID fl, TRAIL, SECHELT, B.C.  Sunday School ��� 10:00 a.m.  Church Sorvico ��� Hi 15 a.m.  PHONE 005-9665  AW. Welcome  Mi  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Unrfonomlnollonol)  Sunday SchoollOjOO a.m.  Church Service 11:13 a.m.  Evonlng Service 7i30 p.m.  PASJOR RCV. S, CASSELLS  Dovlj Boy Rood and Arbutui  (2 hlo^ki up Irom Hlphwoy)  ftftl  znzzxsxs&zsscx'  |      ANGLICAN CHURCH  f,AINT  HII.OA'5 -SfCHtLT  /l.00 n.m. f.vcry ftundoy  9,.10 nni. 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Pi/blisher  VwM��>uw��'i��tf����WMWMUu'avtriiiiwMWirairr��ri>uw��reMiwwwwwyvwi^^  Page 4  The Peninsula Time*  !- i^S?.VT*V^  &&.  !P��iraaB8sslve <��B��sa passes  1969 HAS come and gone ljut by no  [ means will it be forgotten for it terminated a decade which,will assuredly  take' a place in history as the "permissive  era". * : - *   IL was an era in which the beatnik  in that country became so acute that, in  some dives waitresses operated in total  nudity. Even female shoe polishers^be-  caroe topless.  Then again', it has" proved an era of  the big money grab. Home ontertainment  j",   r.  ��-'  n �� ,  r*  v.*'*,1  X*  ���v.^v  '-, " _ ��t  :*^v^;  ��-iK* MV.ta.o4  jt'   'Vv1.,'   >-Si^.- rt*^Y&3  element gathered force and graduated4o was thc-��lln" thing. Holidays which  the ranks of the "Hippy" cult, the un- viously meant a week with relatives  washed, long-haired, unshaved and work-    veloped to a'month abroad, all  shvicharacters who conned the idealists    terms and subsequent big bills.  among us" into believing they had some -turn0broughTTonh demands-for-highe  kind of wonderful philosophy! to offer the salaries,   at   all  levels,   including   th< ,���.,...  world. In actual fact the philosophy boil-   professional field with the result that |he   f-^:\l*'"Z,  cd down to "let the suckers keep us".,It ��� country has suffered as a whole. Thcfre-   *, "*"l���  also offered an escape for the American   fore, indications are, 1970 will set/ an  " " Hockey Fans Ahoy I  draft dodgers, few of whom contribute   enforced belt tightening as the Federal   Welcome opportunity for hockey fans    transport groups right to the games  Wednesdoy, Jonuory 7, 1970^ -  Great entertainment  for Gibsons Theatre  THIS WEEK for your entertainment the  <Twilight Theatre- presents first of all  "The Sergeant" with Rod Steiger at his  best,, arid probably most- dramatic role  ever; in this taut drama set in the contemporary U.S. Army. Steiger pprtfays a  tough ���'sereeant who liad-.allthe necessary  qualities for a good soldier-r-ejeeept for^i  just one weakness. ���This film is Restricted.  Then for entertainment to suit the  whole family a double bill "Hang Your  "Hat on the Wind*L and ^Rascal" both Walt  'Disney productions. "Rascap is ah enjoyable film about the adventures of a young  boy and his pet baby racoon. And\iftHang-  Your Hat on the Wind" is the'story;of a  boy .and .bis mule who searches for a  prize hqrse 'in the desert lands of Artebna.  Bo|h are delightful show's and bpth possess the unique Disney magic and colorful outdoor photography^. ' '",."   \    '���������:���^-^-���:���������������;���;���;���rrr t~��� .���  one iota to the progress of the country,  in fact many draft dodgers and hippies  are to ��be found in the welfare line-up.  It has been a decade of violence  throughout the western world in which  -Government enters into conflict with rising inflation.    . ���  On the destructive' 'scene, public  opinion is showing a definite swing from  the permissive to the "aggressive. It is  to visit the WHL games is offered by  Capt. Martin * Higgs with his latest  acquisition, MV Hyster, an excellent  s,ea - worthy forty - passenger ve��sel-  which he intends operating between  hordes of idiots have been permitted to   veryjtossible the 1970s will produce a   Gibsons and Vancouver.   Mr. Hjggs  smash up our universities, batter down  stow fronts, looting, burning, shooting  and in general, "destruction" has been  the battle cry.  We havewitnessed communism at work  in its most"'insidious form, infiltrating  responsible organizations, working on the  radicals of society��who in turn work on  the gullible. Numerous so called "Peace"  movements have played a part in creating disruption <!and in many cases that  "same red^clenched fist has been in the  background.,    ���~~r^-^v *'���-���"  It has been a decadVot^ebahchery  in whicfi the theatre Wt a new low. Sex  '-in its "crudest form has invaded the screen  and live theatr^.hot'by popular demand  but in order to fill the coffers of messiahs  of the' errtertaihrhent world.'        :  ,Perhaps the'greatest display of degradation emerged M^the- United* States  with, the- birth of a^new money making  brainchild, the "Topless" waitress. Greed  return to sanity with a demand for drastic  action in the event of rampaging mobs  and trouble makers who tear down^what  has taken many years of hard work to  build- ' '��  ��� Perhaps too, we will experience an^  awareness of the the fact that insurgents  are twisting the knife in the midriff of  democracy, for once the public appreciates this fact it will act accordingly.  It has been said that things have to  get worse before getting better. We can  and back. Present B.C. Ferry schedules do not permit those .attending  the games to return the same night.  An ad elsewhere in/The Times carries  the phone number to call for information and reservations.  told The Times- he will be able to  Around Jervis- Inlet  LAST SPRING a 120-foot yacht on its  way to Rivers Inlet detoured into Jer-  vis and anchored iri a cove at the'head of  Hotham Sound. The captain was.a friendly man who spoke in ajdeep, southern accent.   He repeatedly asked us "You live  jOUt here?" as though-it was uncompre-  ohly hope that stage; was reached during - -hensible to -him^that=anypne could dwell  the past ten years. Certainly all was not    in��uch a remote place: %d the,captain  a great deal was to' be desired,  and timelofcliangeasjong overdue.  We do not foreca^tinlrcatesjn^l970,  in fact it could prove to be an  period, it could also herald the start of  ��� a new resppnsibile, healthy and progressive qutlook with promise of a better  life for all who are, prepared to. strive for  "'that end.  stayed through the summer he jwpuld  have learned y/e aren't as isolated.as it  sometimes appears. Through this ��� past  year there were seventy-five persons who  topped to visit us and there were many  moTe^who^waved as they travelled by or  who we sliwTromladistance. .' ..  The captain, howelTeiyJSfaSn't the only  one who had trouble believirrg--gpeople  would live out here, I was sitting pn"fhe  steps of our home enjoying |he sunshine  one, day when a beat with * two men in  it came slowly-by. Our dogs; ran/fto;sit  lon_tha���bekch andJ?ar1<ediatiJthemLJlte  ���by Pat Kenoyer  worked -in the area. One woman who  lived) and worked in a logging camp on  Hotham thirty years ago returned with  her now-grown daughter to^see the coun-^  try and to fish in Lena Lake again. We  enjoyed hearing her tell of their" experiences in that logging camp years ago  arid of other people who lived on the  Sound then." A young man who made  cedar shakes here years ago returned with  his^wife to show her the beauty of the  area. She was a lovely East; Indian girl  and entertained us with stories of her  homeland. This young couple caught so  many blueback salmon and had, such a  good time ;,they**rowed they would be back  to visit again. ,�� ^  One near tragic incident happened to a  ^man and his wife who anchoredlin a-Ione-*1  ly cove out of sight of other people,, The  man wenT~cioser_to shore in their plastic  ��� dinghy td" set a cr^b-Jiap^ and somehow  caught his foot in the trajTKrieg. He was  unable to swim so he hung there clinging  to the little boat" to keep himself from  'drowning.' My husband and father-in-  law '.happened by and heard the man's  wife screaming from the yacht. They  were able to free the man and7help him  aboard the larger boat. He was so weary  he said he could not have hung on much  longer.    .  - Most of the people we've met out here  have been from the Vancouver area.  Many have been from Seattle and other  Washington state cities. A few have come  from .far away points such as one boat  which was" from Florida. **  BUSINESS  ������������������.SAB-ArLOG;;"..;-.;.---  im of construction of authentic  log cabin homes. |"  Franchise    and    Contracts    available * to  established,  rcpurablo   contractors  on   tho  ' Sunshine Coast.  Canadian Log Structures Ltd.  570 St. Giles Road,  WEST VANCOUVER. - 988-388?  ;  ' nBM��>mii����au����uki��m��vtruni��if��miitvi��mnniwi<��j>ruuuii>  SECHELT, B.C.  *' Electrical 'Contractors  *.'  Co  PHONE 885-2062  ies  'iEL portable Heafers^nd Small Appliances  m GaUoei Hot Water Tanks^_  _JL0��.H��  30 Gallon Hot Water Tanks. !���^99.50   [ , from 1S9.00  'I  ufhWiTiriAr  ^m^mxm^mmmmmmmsmsMmmmmmfmmmmmt^mmmmmmmtwmammmm,  ATTORNEY^ General^ I^slie Peterson,   economic   circumstances   and   carried  ,<D.G is,to be cbrt^atulated for legis-   limited coverage hirasejf. Driving along  lative changes calculated to reduce con- * ��� a main highway he was struck by an  siderably the  between man  men evidently' didn't see me;?��pr the  smoke" coming from pxir ehimneyl|foRll  cleariy; heard them discussing yhb��w tWe  dogs could have gotten there/" One was  reduced but" a start has, at least, been  made. *��� t        '  Number one .and already in effect is ��  "���< *    the brcathali^cr test which is both mandatory and remorseless. Refusal to take  ���l^-the test carries a penalty of a fine or jail  or bpth as does failure to pass the test.  ���   This innovation o^asJjcaib/ireduced drun-  ��   ken driving in Great Britain and, no  ��� doubt, will have a. similar effect here on  the local scene".  '_ A further deterrent to bad, drunken  ,or irresponsibleTdfivcrs is trie "Penalty"  Pbints" system which for the first time  has been written into the law for offences  under the Motor Vehicle Act.  Any driving misdemeanors now carry  varying numbers of points until such time  a tojal of ten points has been reached,  thus bringing a fine of $25 or suspension  until such time the fine is paid.  Another long overdue law is that x>f  the compulsory auto insurance plan  which came into effect January 1st, 1970.  Not exnetly a deterrent to bad drivers  little or no money either and consequently  action against him would have proved  costjy and ftitile? The victim was therefore stuck with the costs of damage which  amounted to some hundreds of dollars.  This is an example* repeated daily  throughout the province and one might  well visualize the plight of a man dependent upon his vehicle who .becomes  an innoe^i^^tim, of some character not  covered bylrnjurancc. Suddenly deprived  of his  transportation  and possibly  no  ing'-ai tier'Jail''wherltphii'pf^dur�� boys': walkejl  out^of the house and hollered at the'dog's  to quit -barking. ;  Many of the people who stopped to  visit us were exceptionally interesting.  One such w& a man from New \Yestmiii-  ster who sat on the beach and talked with  us for a long tirrfe: He told us how the  political situation ih his home5 country of  Czechoslovakia became such that he had  to leave. A friend of his who worked for  the railroad smuggled him aboard a train .  and he thus escaped across the. border.  He; immigrated to Canada where he later  married and,had n son.  Now he has his  **  damage anyway  *~ This is but one aspect, there is also  the "matter of injured and disabled victims of siritilar circumstances.-  The new acts will take care of such  eventualities by making gopd and sure  each and every driver carries adequate  insurance coverage.  Wc arc- by no means plugging insurance companies, they arc something  else again and arc, unfortunately, -ncccs- ,  sary at the present time.  ..���,-��� . One thing is certain, the Compulsory  it docs, however, orfcr protection to the   New B.C. Auto Insurance Plan is one ot  y.'C !mS ��f .l.hosc w.ho hav<? had> lho 8��M    tl,c best items of legislation yet devised  means-of-raising elpital-to-pay-for-the- - own-business and-jleems-Ganada-thc- land-  of opportunity. His great concern is' that  the people who live here would value  tlieir freedom and protect it so Canada  can never become an oppressed land.  Several of the people who came ��� here  oh   holidays   were   folks   who   formerly  from our representative,  ii. i&osden  ho will be at   ;.  POWELL RiVER INN  "Powell River, B.C.  Thursday, January 8rh  "  IV  If you require a term loan to start,  modernizedrexpandypurbusiness,  we invite you to discuss your needs  with our representative.  l$$kl(HDtlSnUAL-  DEVELOPMENT MM  'TERM FINANCING FOR CANADIAN BUSINESSES  900 West Hastings St.       ~\~~  Vancouver, B.C.  '.I ..f.MJ,*'  ;���>*  'W����*������a��Wl!����P��i������Si<lf������%^^  to drive without adequate coverage.  Until how a sorry situation has heen  allowed to exist. Typical example is that  of the man who, ironically enough, was  an auto insurance salesman, Ho had been  out of work prior to obtaining the position und was labouring under rather tight  and we give the Government top marks  for taking the initiative^  '���  The fashion industry hns Its ups and  "downs���Us  hemlines and Us necklines,  The way things nro going, by  1970  the  two will pass each othcr.-Curreiit Comedy.     ,      '  '���'     "������,      | nini miii   f^PP'S  CHILDSiEirS & 1IWAI3TS'  Ti  HE PENINSULA^Jfeefl.  Published Wednesdays at Sccholt  on B.C'b Sunshlno Coaat  "_ 'i by  ,   Seclielt Pcnlnsuln Times Ltd.  Dox 310 n Sechelt, Ki  Doutfa* G. Wheeler, liditot  1  S. It. Ahsaril, Puhlhhrt  SubscrlRtion Rates: (In ndnnco)  I Year. $5 - 2 Ycnrs, $9 - 3 Yeirs, $13'  U.S. nnd Forelfin, $5.5jT  Serving the area from Port Mellon to Egnumt  {Howe Sound to fenlt Met}  1 '*MJ*^,tJ*J***lkf**t***M*l/kJ^^  AHFIOUE^���E& C0UESES  J'AHMAEY %4r IS70 .  LASSIES' SPORTS' WEAR'  Phono 886-9994  Surinycrest Shopping Centre  THE  PENINSULA TIMES  S  *0tt  'SB OF 0^V  Registration starts January 7th. Classes will bo hold A days a week,  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday only from 10 a.m. to 12  noon and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Classes in" resin craft; rattan craft; dlppity  glass; feather flowers and ribbon, Accomrnodatlon for 6 persons per  class, Courses will terminate March 30, 1970.  AT YOUR POPULAR  LUMBER ANP BUILDING  SUPPLIES  Serving The Sunshine Coast  GtJU BUILDING  ''SUPPLIES''.'  885-2283 - Sechelt, B.C.  Apply  Houso of Polli* Ltd., Cowrie Street, Sechelt - Phono 885-2813.  ^wrwwyw*^ysww^yil^Myi#��iTg1g|ys%^W��fy^  Classified,AdBriefs reach nearly  2,200 hom^s every "week.  Use thorn for steady, low-coat  adyprtlslng.  * *     me Jims  Sechelt, B.C. Phon* 003-9434  V. v.vk^&'ltt//If If u  Brought, to you by  these progressive  places of business  Awaken Appetites with Mushroom Potato Pie  This l�� o happy time of yqp, for <n lho an"* bofllrtVto nroyvVo rjet a now Iqoio on  life. Appetites awaken and aro cc^cr to try new and different dishes. Tiiji plo it. a rn^ol  In Itself burstlno with mu-.hrQom'i, bocon; oniony ond creamy potatoev  Keep a package of fresh mM'^hroom�� |n tho rofrlQcrator to odd distinctive' flavour  to everyday meals. Thoy arc often thot o^tra special touch that make* a feast out of  ordinary food. ' ���       ,  MUSHROOM POTATO PIE "  HEVEf��f5' .TELEVISION'  & HAM��  STEREO - 0 & W and COLOR T.V.  Fully Equipped for Color T.V.  Dealers for  ZENITH - PHILIPS-RCA- -;  FLEETWOOD  Better than City Prlcos  Phone 886-2280 ,  GIBSONS, B.C.  4 slices bacon  1 cup sliced mushrooms  117 tsp. Jcmon |ulco  4 med, potatoes pwl��d omt thinly slleiwl  I 117 tisp. oalt. ' 1  1/4 tsp. ptpper  I IK cup chopped parsley  Pnitry for 2 crust 9" plo  3 tBsp, butter or mara,arir>��  I coo yolk rrljped with 1 tl��p, cold wot��r  1 1/2 cu(js'cr��om nrrnllk  FurnEshings and  Appliances  VISIT OUR LARGE DISPLAY  OF TOP QUALITY NEW  AND USED FURNITURE  Appliances - T.V. - Radio  Phono 885-2058 - Seqhelt, B.C.  eninsula Pluming  Ltd.  & SUPPLIES  Ypur Kemfone  ,S/iervvm Williams  Paint Doaler  Phono 886-9533  Gibsons, B^C.  Fry bacon until vary crisp. Drain on pop��r towelllna, Crumblo, Pour off oil but |  tabloipoon aroaio, AWd mushroom* and lemon juice. Fry over blah beat for 7 minutes.  Drain on paper towelling  Heat oven to 400��. Combine mushrooms, bacon, parsley, potato����, (.oil and pepprr',  Una'plo ploto with ono holf paslry. Put potato miKturo Into ploto. Dut with butter.  Add top crust. Seal ond crimp edoei well. Cut oxtrq larQo vents In top crust,  flrush top with eflg water mixture. Put a borrow.strip of aluminum foil around  ��dpo of plo ���to-prevbat It froni ofl'na loo brown during bating,  .    Dake at 400" for 30 minutes, Reduce Wit to 350'   ond continue baking Until  potatoes aro tender, obout 1, hour. .  Remove from oven. f*frur creom slowly through v*mts. R��tum to wen ond hak��  another 5 mlnutM. Serve hot, Serves 6 to B.       . '       ,  SaSSS^^SSSSSSS^S  Wlmio  Fashion is a byword  Smatt Shoppers aro^  found at . . .  HELENE'S  FASHSO^i SHOPPE  Gibsons, B.C. - Ph. 886-9941  I,  PEWiNSWJI TIMES  <-Sech'blr,, B.C. 885-9654  Soo Tho Tfmes Book Stor@  for lho host sofocfion  on tho Sunshino Coast.  Stationery ond Offlco Suppllca  (SwSm  i  ***** J* -*WH* ^V******!*^!*^^**^   *���������*>.*��!��� ^**-*-^     *I>����*.-1��  A    *,  mh *���.-+   liAA��|   *     ���#M44N*P��*  n*^^e��**-����i��-,M^*w J*si^w^��h.**n*.l|i**��*>iw*��(*(^t'-<��M*-i  li A* J*u^^*,J^-^��jjWni>*��-J*^��ii i"��n>.tK,n^i^^||  N-^y*,,-. *t "��*-��*rfStfc-i��L^^  ���^���iA^AA^HAi^A^^a^i^  ^^,^,^^^-s^^,^^^^, ^^^ ^-p*��.^����^����*  ���-^ ;���>��  \  ^  *\  V  ���6  /  Paul\Sf Pierre  *���Leffe* from Parliament Hill  TWENTY Questittns'Day:    V       '/f    ^  Absence rriayN rhak,d the Rearr grow  fonder, but it dcjesh't help the understanding. I say'so, being thveg^thousand  miles distant from th.e vast riding of  Coast Chilcotln, which happens l& be approximately .the size of England.  Coast Chilcotin people are therefore  invited to- voice their opinions on a few  current political issues, as I can best distinguish them at \\ie moment.  This column may be clipped, placed in  an envelope addressed: Paul St. Pierre,.  , MP, Coast Chilcotin, House 6f Comrnoris,  Ottawa. I regret fliat the pressure of work  in my office" is such that I will not be able  to write acknowledgments, but.the results   'p"���  ^ijttli��rtiSWM^i*3*>��fr^i';tt��i��.^  .V-'fK  {���  <> ?  1' -z  .vS-v/-  \ WOT  ,T  <���   ���* Pj"%*^v~4 !���'  > if ��  �� 1 '-'  *  gf^t-" ;   /*^*J.��cl(  will be published in a later column  There are four ��ca$gones of answers,  indicated byT four "symbols:  Y ��� yes.  N ��� no.  X ��� not much interested on way or  the other.  O ��� uncertain, or not enough information on the subject.  CONSTITUTION  ' 1. Should the power of provincial  governments be increased at the expense  of the federal government?  (     )  2. Should the power of the federal  government be increased at the expense '  of the provincial government?   (     )  3. Should a new Constitution provide ' Uncle Mick's Trophy  {n���f^n?tnvtrmCPnn!JenfrraI ?" * Highlight of the Sunshine Coast Golf' cle Mick's Trophy from Mick Mc$ky.  ciS (." >   8��vernments of Canadian   and Country Club Christmas party Champion  girl  was   Denise   Dom-  TiyM-wM8MW n-on^t.                     w^s  presentation  of Championship broski, unfortunately absent at time  *   ���      *nce. tra^de                     trophies. Junior Champion boy was of presentation.     ~               �����  t^af^BS^o^tSSaS   Martin,Swan, seen receding toe Un-  ('. ) ���,: ������;. ..."'.���'��� ::' "\y "   5.   Specifically do you favor:   ��  The proposed capital gains^tax?  (     )  6; Tb^ increased taj.on small businesses? (    .)���       ' v    ^     ���������������  7.'"The-iprop6sed-alteration of tax provisions |oi--ihe\mining industry?  (     )  % 8.   Dp you favor wage controls? (    ���)  9. Do you favor price controls? (     )  10. Should a small, guaranteed minimum income' be paid to Canadians, -irf��  eluding those not willing to work?   (     )  11. Should the government provide  considerable subsidies to create a Canadian merchant fleet?  (     )  SOCIAL  12. Do you favor some relaxation of  the law concerntng' the use of marijuana?  (     ) ' ��� *  13. Do you favor greater control of  pollution even if it costs you noticeably  more per year in higher taxes or higher  prices for goods? C  ���)  '14.   }iav'e the "permissive" aspects of  -4ast���yearV CfImirrgl^Cotfe* ^haTTges   on  abortion laws, etc., proved beneficial to  the country?  (     ),; ���  NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL  15.   Should  the   federal   gpyerament  .have imposed a'settlement on companies  and unions involved in the British Columbia dock strike?  (     )   -,.  1.6.   Should the Indian Departmept be  abolished; as proposed in the white paper?  ' (��� .)  .-������"���'    ������  .! ":.  .-���������:  . 17.   Should Canada declare sovereign  "   control of all waters in the Arctic archipelago? X     ) ���  18. Should the- governhient express  public disapproval of American involvement in the Viet Natn war? (     )  19. Should the Canadian government  aid the United States .in the Viet Nam  ,    war? (������')���  I  ol' forest ioaid  VIGTORIAv B.C. ���Increased importance '  of .forest lands being used'for multiple  pur poses will be among subjects discussed  lay the province's district and assistant  district 'foresters at their annual meeting  Jaeing held-in Victoria January 5 to 9.  In a recently prepared statement, tfohn  S.   Stokes>  deputy   minister   of  forests,  points out "it is inevitable the forest service  will become increasingly  concerned  about and involved in matters relating to  the integrated use~of opr forest lands."  On January C the district foresters will  -discus? "Our'New-" Job. in trie Field  of  Recreation"; and the following day will  Tlea1~witrrthe i<ubjecr"TShe .Need iorXorF  Wednesday, Jonudry 7,1970  ~ The Peninsula Times  sprats  Page 5 \  jsideration of ail Resource Uses in Forest  Administration." >  British Columbia's Chief Forester  Lome F. Swannell will chair the meetings, with principal sessions being held in  the new provincial museum.  District  foTesteis   attending   will   be  Harry B. Forse, Vancouver; H. M. Pogu-e,  . Prince  Rupert; William ifiToung,   Prince  Gep^ge; A. H. Dixon, Kar\loops; and J.  R. Johnston, Nelson.  40 Passe|iger,M.V. Myffer eivsiilesbje f��r  trip from ��ibsons  Heght lo Ckotrrae t&M &mk.  WW(������II  nj "'   l"P ' mmpn  w^r-  I'.   I  --* *t-J-i   -"-t*"-  i iirt^HnfBi?  tVi  njrftJifJri!  r?*  There ore three tnlilton* people  around the world today who be-  Have that tho unification of mankind  It lho will of God for our age. They  calllhemtelvet Baha'Is.  Perhaps Baha'I b what you ore  looking for.  EDNA M. FOOTE  Boh'ai's of Sunshine Coast  885-2088, Sechelt, B.C.  H  ' t  -.- -Tne ABC  DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE  (1) An 8 hour-classroom course fof' licensed drivers.  (2)' 8 sessions; 8 films, 8 instTucrof-studenr dialogue-periods.  (3) Illustrated Occident situations���how to avoid becoming  involved in accidents. ��� >  (4) No formal examination; candidate'material includes self-  imposed tests complete with answers.  (5) Official   graduation   card, ��� recognized   by   the   Motor  Vehicles Branch as approved training.      . *. ��� ....  (6) Cost $8 (includes candidate materials). -''  (7) Instructors-are-approved by Canada Safety' Council.- �����..��-  (8> D.D.C. ��� a Canada Safety Council Approved Course."  $) Enroll now by"phoning*Adult Education, '��. ��� t  SLOW  OIIE  rH0Ut  PARglHG  CHILDStN  PUTIKG  First Lecture January 19, 8:00 p.m.  For information Phone 886-2225  NO  PASSING  ZdeadS  \end/  Say You Saw It In 'The Times' ".  Fletcher's Philosophy  INCARNATION  In strangled hope another year has dawned  in fear of seeming immature tomorrows:  but aswe drown wc reach for fancied floats  and gasp for breath of what ourdrcam  connotes,  that'somewherc in this sea of endless Borrows  the; future ,,,.���'  .20.   What is'the largest problem foe-,  ing Canada today? '(Please mark by letter, and if answer is "other," write two or  three words to describe it).  A. Inflation,'   a better dny, a saving thought is spawned.  B. Unemployment,  C. Threat, of war,  D.     ���;;�����., .'/���.      ..     ,��� .       .  Threat  of  social  unrest, ��� riots,  etc.,   E.     Between the now of tunnod and dissent  Threat of Separation of Quebec,' F. Threat   ' m^ future grace of brothcrhc-pd uchieved  of Separation of West from East, G. Loss     there has to cornea period of peace  of overseas markets.   H. Other.   (:".)'  Earnie Brown Trophies       Recipients   of   the   Earnie   Brown  -rHafry w. Fletcher Championship trophies, presented at  the "annual Sunshine Coast Golf and  Country Club Christmas Party, were  Mick McKay and Virginia Douglas,  seen viewing their awards with, due  ��� pride. '  ../  >oefs Corner  TEST DUIVE THE  MSSN LOGIC M THE  'ALL INEW 1070  1970 INTERNATIONAL, ]500 D,  V/z Ton C-|-C, Blue, HID Suspension, Power Brakes, 304 ci V/8, 4  spd. trans.; big rubber. TRY ONE!  1970 INTERNATIONAL, 1100 D,  4-| 4, 304 ci V/8, 4 spd. trans.,  Hubs, Tie-rod Guard, big rubber.  tirHb-Gtcon   Metallic.   tRY   ONE!  1970 INTERNATIONAL, 1100 D,  304 cl V/8, 4 spd. trans., posi-trac,  big tires, rear step bumper. Deluxe  exterior trim packago, radio, and  much more, ,r     TRY ONE!  TEST DRIVE ONE TODAY AT  COPPiHG MOTORS LTD.  "A,uthorl��xl Intcrnotionol Dooler"'  SECHELT  Phont 005.2012 or 003-9646  "WHCRt: SERVICE CREATES SALES,"  when warlike thrcnts and attitudes must cease,  to substitute what mankind has believed  must be the measure of our bctlcrmcnt���  I'll turn away despair and walk in light '  to reach a beckoning obnew-born uuth  that's base;1, on undcrhUindjitg that nil men'  , still share n common faith and latent yen   '    <  for brotherhood exemplified in youth  which never should have^gottcn out of Bight.  Tlicn let us, brother, cxcrclso our powers,  Resolved at last to terminate all Mrife;  'That tomorrow and tomorrow (.hall be oun  Since nothing loflks so good on Man as Life.  GHOSTS  <      My h.  -by Louise M. Davenport  ' >��� ���,/  ' ' ' '       "'  is/ full of ^lighter,  Noiseless tears -^      ,   *  Midst silcr/t chatter.      .���   /���.  For the niMbt is very still,  And the ''{posts 7���  They romp nt will. *'  Old friends of long ubo���  Forgotten!' ,'   ,  Gracious, no.       "  hut tuckeil/iway, they are��� ,  Invisible iff eye ajar.  Unfolding! pages ���  Memories past,  KcnvlndinB mo ���  That goodlfrlciuk hat.  t  A  MMW ��  885-9343  SALE SPECBALS"  CHRISTMAS CARDS AND DECORATIONS  ' "���    ,    .���..",'��� Vi  Price [_  PAINT BY NUMBER SETS Vz Off  NYLON HOSIERY,  1st Quality 29c  MANY OTHER ITEMS AT REDUCED PRICES  ^TO CLEAR.  PLEASE-NOTE S^EW WI^TEI^ STORE.. HOURS  MONDAY TO SATURDAY (EXCEPT FRIDAY TO 9;00 P.M.)  r      9:30 A.M. TO S;30 P.M.  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Radio,'4 spd. trans. Baltic Blue,'
"8Wt«rM-  $%£^t
*. Jr>
_$H~§f I
1968 VW CREW CA3
...        , - All"Hands'
Thz two skiffs iacfc&nife in- and the " ed.   If the -killer whales really lived;   J&Tpart^the fisher'raen and Arrow
nehKomS smallerS all hands up- to their savage namef the opera-   Transfer operators who are becom-
are nS to slip  the  suspend t£n wouldn't be quite to easy but , ing adept at this type of unusual
stTetcher under the whale whose flip- even, so-i^ requires a lot m skaU on    work,
pers are fitted into two slots provid-
Immaculate condition, loW mileage, radio,
canvas canopy. .
Montana Rod.
Only 5000 miles.
1969 CHEVY NOVA 350
4 spd. trans.,^osi. Silver and black interior.
Tach. 5 chromics and rcdlincs,
10,000 miles.   -
Beige. Goodi tires.
t<^W&&*M^<<ti^&$.   ^Hi^^r^^^^y^.J^HV^XaT^. ^ »?$^.)&>^\JZ<&        Reception followed
Page 6. The Peninsula Times Wet-Nurse
Wednesday, January 7,1970 When.Martin Padley left Port Mellon
"    *~ ' . • where he worked two years ago, he
TlnllnxsntiV TVlTmnnt never considered the possibility of re-
IlUXiU W I1I&-XF lUllUUl       / turning to pick up a 14-foot whale to
( ritac af TcaiXrwacCATI takS ba^k t0 England-   Trucked" to
^ IllCO Cll   1 aaW W aoocll Vandouver,, the mammal was flown
December 1st, 4989 was the date cho- to   Manchester,   England.,    It  wilf
-    sen   for  the  weeding  of  Aline Marie sperid two months at FlamiffgO Park
Dumont.  second  eldest  daughter.of   Mnv Zq(>  near  York.   ^OTQ  gomg  to an
and- Mrs. Alphonse Dumont of Tsawwas- aajiarium   being . built' itfL_Erance!S-
sen. to Edwin Ray Holtowmk. son of Mrs. r^^Ta™,.    w&'rtin-trainq the 'killer
Marguerite Hol-lowirik of Gibsons. B.C.. C°le. a AZU,r-   Mai¥n irains £?e ^r
>°,- ^-r^i    y j.   ■   .u   c whale  and  porpoises  at Flamingo
The-ceremp^ tool; plade in the Sac- parj-    <     .." ,.—■       -
red    Heart yChurch,    Tsawwassen    with • ■.•..'.''     '     . ' "       -'.   ' -'
Father Othn/ar officating.                    ' -   -
Given inj marriage, by her fatheEi; th,e
bride wore a gown of pink nylon  lace
and carried a bouquet-'tef pink roses. Mat-
I   *<Jn of. HtSnour was Mrs. Sharon Dumont.
Attending  the . groorri' was  best  mah?;
3/4 ton 6- man- cab. Bronze metallic, new
tires; Only 8500 miles.
Radio, low mileage.
Beautiful condition.
ONLY « :.	
1 only '69 beetle
- (demo) save $$$
3 transportation
1 Boomer buggy,
SAVE $$$
Phone 885-2812. or 885-9646
in the Fisherman's
Co-op Hall where Mr. Roger Dumont- pro-
nnpration "wliale^lift" began at dawn    handling on '-the partXof fishermen    ard Gooldrup and Bert Gooldrup are  .*>** ^ ^ to the bride.
rS^fflavT^mber^tPenoS  "and dolle acceptance of their fate on    pictured in the skiffs as the ten-foot    r For her daughter's weddmg the moth-
on oaturaay, uecemuer ii#, at ^«-uuci     «iu www ovvxf «    , ♦^■--._*iA     Lu., ,„Vialo ic r»t«pr1 to thp <?nrfare    er °* tho bride chose a blue< dress with
Harbour when three smaller whales   .the part of the whales led to gentle    baby whale1 isrraged* «e OTitace   ^
were lifted from the dpuble jiet corral    handling and speedy loading.   Rich-   -before being transferred to the simg.    a pjnk ^^ M. ^^ ^^
and loaded onto trucks   Skillful net " '  _     '  ^mm;„1<„, , JW The young couple who. have taken up
For those interested in
Coul^eswitrbe;heldeo^h Sdturdoy morning^fromSaturday, January. 17th
fo May 30th. with qualified instructor Mrs. Estfclle Enman from Victoria'
Vocational School. ,'
For further information contact Mrs. Kay Franske, 885-9561,
-/"►  AP ^^w,*-'   >«-'„^V.   1  »   *M-'1 '   ^V. ,. l^'-'^irf*"  .a-'i/K'  ^vhV,.
•!'#iwv, ^\       >;: i,v     -   "«  ■"-'-■■
' ', i ''<M   .     •>,
, ,-t ''«V»-< ->l
  ,.l.,J. „i. -l.-i.„>,ii,3,
I!T?^g^:;^!l?W^3:S2^ . .,'$, ^t„! 4;; a:	
Blake C. Aldcrson D.C.
Post Offlco Building Sachet!   •':'
Phono 005-2333      «
Roj. 006-2321     '
Tuesday to Friday 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.rn..
Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Full modern facilities" to Government Standards
in central location to Sechelt.    .
■ x
Phone 805-2312 days 835-9646 nights
Hcrf (iooldrup iiaTius onto the whale's    taut (Wound the squealing but other-    m lho Los Angeles Marine Park,    ho
!$rwX™ie Camerons and Relds    Wise t\nprotcstlnR 14-foot, 4,000-pouml -wlinlos have been guarded day im\
nd Marineland r.s haul lho stretcher    hnby vVhalc destined to become n star    night since their capture, ■
ti\J u Uijy^
'■. w
1 'X7i *r,
,       I''i
On tho Wharf . 006-9303
Quality  Homo  ond f/arlno]
Variety &' Paints
Dealer ,fo<-
Point , \% the <lno mootlscttcr which con hfi chanorxl easily ond
quickly with the 5cov>n.' For In'.tanco—the-Icy l»ltip% or greens «ncd to
convoy coolncw <lurlng vuipmnr's hoot should bo replaced with deeper
tone*—perhaps. In tho retl of aold &poctro—to produce on opposite oMcct.
>■'•(* mkwic ••#r.'>;''
'   'IPa^tt^MJ mwffli^l fMP^^MjjT
4m th"e.-.paci,"
•m toones
With five whales ,-oini' t» California .whalos which -frequent lo^nl wulers. • this export could   ..come an amm.i
a. do.w  I ► Ku'lnml   uid thence 'in If a market for the whales pmlsls ,v,ut Hnles. ihe whale, hecu.a,, M
i'rnwJ  p\"«U'r■ ilnrlMwr Is liocnmlnK nn.l the whales Jhe.ns.-lvei insist on rare they nre protected,
renowned for tho black wid \Vhitu nmkinfi the HarbuUr their port of call,
Dealer for
Super Kcm Tone
and fjrtenvlrt William;
Gibsons - 886-9533
Don't be fooled. Juit/nf, yoii con ploy tricks with colour, it con ploy
trick", on you, Tho-.o r^iourr. classified os '^lork" and/or "worm"--deep,
(orest or«cn, royol blue or purple~ob*.orl) llrjht. II uspd too cKtonslvely
on walls, they tend^lo be drprcsslno ond con ocluolly moke o room teem
smoller. ''
Look - Dotlor - Lopner
Sunnycrott Shopping Centre
''Worm"   colours   generally   Include   the   reds,   orongns,   yellows   ond
yellow-Qreens. Allhough they ton mlnlml/o tho !-l*o of a room If over-used, ]
these   tones   usually   convey   o'*lee||riQ   of   warmth   ond   are   emotionally ;
stlmulatlnq. ■    ■      ' I
"Time*   AdBriefi"
It your rffoms  ore  too small,  yet  too root, 'ihere ore other  ways  to ;
achieve on atmosphere of wormlh without forfeltlno apparent  sire,
Apply   o  polo,   pole  tonrv—perhop*  onn  of   die  off.whitek—on   three <
Waits ah'd n -ploshy, worm colour on the fourth, This trlrk will moke thol |
wall a focal point, ond yft allow -(>octoii".ne-s to continue As the n\er-all ;
i"imr>re%sion..Also try relrcUno o rolour whirh is worm    such os tine of the ;
yellows—ond yrt llfjht enoufjh lo create the Illusion of tire.
Once you've mode your colour derision fill crocks jh plosler wall-, with
f,|infklin(i material; (Icon all suifaces, either by Mi-.hino or ihoroiirjh dusting;
remove linrrlware ond li()ht fiKtures, ond cover the floor and furniture, Moil  !
Important, leurl label directions <ok fully and follow them closely.
v       Your
General Paints
McfTamel fi< Breeze
Paints '
Sunshine Const
Highway  near
Phone 886-2808
, r
J <nir%nirir>irinrirwTrwrwinr*r^
XI "
«*4»«hiAA        •*-• rt  «fc-**  » *
^^^^^    «m.«smA«"^*^«> Kr» *.*,*-•-^ 4^**.^*m **j*.^ V  r*"?'VJV%^VV'VwV%'V%^^V'M^i��Nr��V'V^��^t^  ^^  ^If^^^'^''l^l|,<y^^tf^^^''i^"rwi*^^ tr^'*V"i/*V^lO|tf^pr^^V^r*V^ir'V*^y'V'^,fV'V"^  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, January  Page f  7,1970  Secnelt Notes  CONGRA^TULATfoNS'to Brufife and Gail  Redman,on the birth of a son, Darren  .John who arrived on December lUtti at  St. Mary's Hqspital, Sechelt. Baby Darren  who' was a bouncing 8J>ounds two ounces  has" an elder brotherKyan Bruce.  '    Hotfie for Jh(^ Christmas holidays with  v their parents^Mr.' and Mrs. Norman  Franklin, were'son Robbie from the Canadian Coast Guard College, Halifax and  1 daughter Jacqnie'from Victoria where she  is attending College.  Serving with "the Royal Canadian Navy  and enjoying every  minute of it, Gary  Newton was home to spend the holidays  with his family in West Sechelt before   goingjjLAJJiiiseJ^varrner-^limates.   Visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.  '    McCalluni were Mi-, and Mrs. Bruce Mc-  =   Galium and little son Jamie.  Mrs. Ken (Cherry)" Whitaker visited  "old friends accompanied by Geoff and  Jane! . " -    *  *Cs Tne Gordon Potts had their daughter  Joyce with her husband Micky McGuire  arid their young "son as house "guests as  was daughter Alice, who-leaves for" Britain shortly. /  Mrs. Helen Bishop enjoyed the corn-  pan^' of her daughter Gloria, on holiday  .from Ur&.C. /  ��� Mr. and Mrs. *Ern Dawe of Sun City,  California; Mr. and Mrs. Ha Dawe of New  . Westminster and Mrs. Norman Cook visited the Sam Dawes.'J  Mr. and Mrs/Bob Barclay spent the  -  holiday witl^, their son David and family  at Kitimat,   /  Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lang journeyed to  Port Alice with Howard, to visit Mr. and  Mrs. I. Gary rnd children.'  The Leo Johnsons had Ted and wife  Donna; Caralee, her husband John Arendt  and baby son Kevin and Arlene at home,  also a family friend, Bruce Proctor.  -<?  I  Half moon Bay Happe  ^~  ^-,   SVSl *��,''.!,.*. e��.   .T .   'V   -       -      .      l "��� '< * S   -1 I  .ji>M.,A��rt.lA'a,V.^  ��� \Ll   'i...i  -.    .  __,_ ,^,v j,u" ,.���_ .j.i.,   .......w*  ON the stroke of midnight, heralding tho  New Year, an-unusual song came from  Merry Island, strains of "Auld Lang Syne"  tootled on the Foghorn.  Among   the  many   visitors   over/the  holidays was a surprise visit by John and  Lillian Brill and Barrie to his lister Mrs.  Frances Cook and husband  Mr. and Mts. Bill Fraser and Mr. and  Retirement  "Wishing Mr. Roy Blake a very happy  retirement; from *the school, board    ,r���   ,������.    maintenance staff, feUow employees  ���by Peggy Connor   gathered for a happy party at ftob-  ..  y.   .    ,.  , .. " erts Creek Legion Hall just71*efore  fnertds m old clothes.- . , d^tmas.   Frora- left are Ma'inten-  ghes���nygren ' $nce Superintendent,-Mr. Bob Rut-  In Hamilton, Ontario, Thursday, Dec.    ter,  Mr. and'Mrs. "Roy Blake and  u, 1969, Miss Royleen Margaret Jean   j^rs.  Dorothy Szabo,  President of  (Tiny) Nygren became the bride of Earl^CUPE Local'801. Mr. Blake has been  JSghK-?i      ��i-y"    ��� ^ r,    "-uiA with ^e School Board for 14 years  2olt\^t^^7^X^ and received n^any expresses of  Lenore Nygren of Wilson Creek. Sisters  appreciation from the staff.  Mrs. Petit shared their/felatiyes Jim and^ Cindy and Joanne were on hand to greet  Pat Fraser from Vajicouver and Mr. and    them.  It is - predicted that before long the  average person will work six months and  vacation'for six. And thei'e will be some  sharpie in every- office who will -figure  out a way to take a long weekend on  both ends of his half-year off.  .    kJ.*, Jl �� ^^34iW.1*l|.>MU�� Wt^tfhMJH  ^Three-Year Plates  Something a little different thfs year  in auto licence plates which for the  first .time contain code letters as well  .as numbers. They are also for three-  year.duration. Cost will be the same  but a decal will be issued each year,  *-��� for renewal, which can be affixed to  the plates. v  TEST DRIVE THI  1970 VOLKSWAGEN  NEW LOW PRICE  $1849.00  at COPPING MOTORS LTD.  1970 VW DELIVERY VAN,  Montana Red, 1 ONLY.  1970 VW 1130 BEETLE,  Diamond Blue, 1  ONLY.  "'TtesU^^^ Soon"  COPPING MOTORS LTD.  f'Authorized Factory Dealor"  SECHELT  Phono 005-2012 or 005-9646  "THE ONLY DUG IN OUR CAR IS THE  NAME,"  Mrs. T.. Thompson/New Westminster.  ^'Mrs. Pat Ness, happy to have a visit  from daughter Beverley and Larry Silvey  with  their/granddaughter  Pamela   from  Powell River.  A/most  interesting guest for several  days at Jack and Millie Leylands was  Ray Hall of Vancouver, home from  'Lebanon, where he is a film Director for  United Nations Film Board.  Mr. and Mrs. John Byrnelsen of Jolly  Roger, wjiile. busy with guests, had time  to enjoy a visit with daughter Dana,, son  and Dal arid Corrinne from West Vancou-  , ver.  Norman Connor, Burnaby was up for  a short visit with brother Cliff, followed,  by Jim and May Connor and sons Norman  and David, Taking J-im and, his sons on  their^fir^t trip on his '.boat" Cliff with  "daughter Mary" Tiad" "qulte~Tan~,"a"dventure  when the battery failed and they floated  around all. afternoon before being rescued  by the Coast Guard ship HM "Ready".,  Jim and Audrey Wolstencroft enjoyed  Christmas 'with family and "guests, at  Lord Jim': Lodge which was-; filled to capacity. A,^joyful 1 New Year's with' many  ��� people going for a lip in the pool after  midnight, balloons and all. Penny Wis'e  was so' -delighted with her visit at the  Lodge.. she'*wrote a wholes column about  it.    *  "       v   ;." ',.-;   ������ . ' ���  Celebrating:, New. Year's ���at their summer cottages to name a few The Frank  Burns, L. Cook, Shaws, Mike Shanahan,  Fosters! Currre's, Mrs. Alice Burdeft,  Clarks, Shannon and Houghs.  Canon Alan and Dorothy Greene returned from their most'peaceful trip to  Deerlodge, .Copblehili,' Vancouver IsT  where they m.H with many old friends.  Coquitlam was the holiday, scene for  Mr. and Mrs. Ernie White where they visited with son Eric and family.  , Happy to be home for the holidays  Pat Murphy left Monday for his work at  tho Dew Lino Station. While home Pat  and girls Dcidre, Sheila, Louise, and Stephanie sang" to the Patients, at, Pearson  Hospital in a show put on by ..the Lions  .Club to entertain the Parapelegic and  polio words.  Settled in at West Sechelt are Fred  and Joyce Allen, formerly lit the Secret  Cove Store: ..   .  .  An i explosion Friday, nt the Half moon  Bay summer home of his parents sent  Rod Johnson 21, to St. Mary's Hospital  suffering severe shock*,' loss of the tips of  three fingers of his left hand wnd a badly  smnshocHnKioinp.  The big storm that piled nil the rocks  in llonps has left tho beaches nice and  smooth also lifted n red ennoe from Welcome Bench and owner Lionel Cook  would npprcclnte its_ return "If found in  one piece, " <dww  An unusual event, which promises to  be most entertaining Is convened by Mrs.  Dorothy Greene a "Bum's Bistro" Ala La  Hallos Paris, Bilingual, to bo held at Welcome Bench JIall, Saturday, January 17  in aid of Greene's Court, The Sunshine  Con.st Senior Citizens, Housing Society,  Entrance fee $3 Includes 3 glasses of wine,  hot onion soup, homemade bread, assorted chooses, dnrtelnR fl p.m., floor show 0  p.m,,, prizes door and'hast hum'a iiitire.  Supper   10   p.m.   Come   and   meet   new  A reception was held at the Sechelt  Rod. and Gun Club, Dpc, 27, where ap- -  proximately 50, relatives and friends ga- -.  thered, including out of town guests; Miss  'Joanne Nygren, Mr. and Mrs*Nate Gran-"  boys and Ricky from Langley, Bob and  Sundi Haslam, Laclner, Mrs. Esther Wen- '  dell, daughter Eilosn, Central Bute, Sas- -  katchewan, Miss Elsie Nygren, Vancou- \  ver, Jerry and Myona Mielke-and Ruby |  Stroshei'n,' Surrey. j  , The beautifully decorated wedding';  cake' was made by the bride's Mother ���  Lenore Nygren and decorated by her sis-'  ter Mrs. Paul Stroshein. ;.     i  -Master of ceremonies Mr. Ken Nelson, I  Toastmaster    Mr.    Rene    Oppenchinski. j'  Music by the groom Earl hughes on^gui-;!  tar, Bob Nygren on Accordian, a delight-1 \  "ful  rendition  of  "I   Bless  The  Day   l'j.  Mon., Tues., and Wed.,  Jan. 5, 6 and 7  was  sang  by  j 4  Earl  to  his'  Found You"  bride.  The Happy couple left January 2, by:J;  plane for Tormto where they will reside.!} i  Surprise shower lieldj  MANY    guests    attended    the    surprise?';  shower held on Sunday, December-^ J  to lionoitr Maureen Orchison. The'party1  was held in the.home of Mrs!! Elna War-  nock at Madeira Park where decorations <>  were in keeping with the festive seuwm, ���,  featuring a small Xmas tree decorated!,  with wedding bells and paper hearts.  The honoured guest ��� openeTJ many '  >eautiful gifts, assisted by her two sisters,  tors. Sue Gough, and Mrs. Sylvia Hanson ���>  of North Vancouver; also nieces Anne',  and Nancy Hanson and small daughter !  Wendy. " i  Guests included the, Mrs. Caryl Canter-  on; Bobbi Mair; Ellie Scouler; Lucy Shaver; Ruth Walker; Elsie Lee; Joan Cam- '  ei-on; Luellri Duncan; Clara Lee;' Jean  Sladey; Marg Dohely; .Joan Rae; Doreen '  Lee; Charlotte Fulton; Bonnie West; Sco-  tty Cameron; Maggie Wray^ Dot Donely;  Irene Griffith; Kitty Wald; VI Bernzson,  mother of the bride from Egmont and  Mrs. Linda Johnson from Victoria. Sev--  ��� oral young Guests were also present, helping Mrs. Warnbck in serving ten and  shower cake were Kelly Mair; Susan  Sladey; Randy ..and Fred Warnock.  } -m]l-  ���ifmmwmu tea Em-sma jihts  RESTRJCTED        ^  Thuf., Frj.; Sat. and Sun.,  Jan^S, 9, 10 and 11  . ���; ^ Here comes s'. - > -;.  ��� : the masked bandit!:  X  ;��%; iJitiifb'cliCfls  .1-  ^J��X^a��V��^i  THIS IS VOUR CHANCE TO SAVE ON MEN'S WORK  ^VID CASUAL SHOES, WOMEN'S DRESS AND FIAT  SHOES, AND CHILDREN'S AN0 BOYS' SHOES.  CT3  AND  \V\LTIHS\EY  raaMinovk'  I.   * :      JEClimCGLBR'    ^.a;.,  Matinee: Saturday at 2 p.m.  NOTE: flaturcJoy Matinee Club members,   bring   yowr  membership card.  Wo will bo drying for tho bike- Sfcr.,  Jan. 10 at the matlneo,  Gibsons Phono 886-2827  *tmv  Y@U'��!  !)  9  3  1  [O)i[3��0M�� SCHOOL  41 THE RITZ  SEHV8HQ i��OHT MELt-OH T0 HALF fiOONI BAY  Wo pfek you up Qt your homo. Dual controlled car*. ^  Small automatict now ayollatjlo.  PENDER HARBOUR AREA SATURDAY ONLY  - Reasonable Hates - Professional Instruction i  Phone 886-2401  rmnmmmnttmnmrimmmmmnmmmi*%  "\ ncra  m ml Rwmim s?��cbc .  DRESSES * SLACKS * SUITS  SLIPPERS *  SWEATERS * SKI JACKETS *  BRAS * GIRDLES  LOUNGE WEAR *  * HOUSECOATS  HAPPY HOPPERS  FUN FUR HATS  LINGERIE  JMMMMM��A*UMWM��*A**iMMMI.W**MMM  l�� Vz PRBCE  ��i������wyi.<i��<ri<��<rir��r��T>li��i.i����ir��iiii����>>������>����ii��'��,<����.i��vi>��i.��imMin��m��>gyi.����rnm<����������'i'������<����''��''��''����>  (.  im\\  hnvsdi  ^r4ele  1 J  *JsCt&��l  )  IIOIV  torn  Gibsont Phono 886-9941  (OPEN MONDAYS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE)  ���t  \  KJ  :i  ni  r^ff��  !r?  *it  "Footwear h our Business and your Phasuro'  Secfteft Phono 883-9519 ���,*V"f  ��-  sfe  _V  Page 3 The Peninsula Times  ���. Wednesday, January 7,1970 <���  ��MMMHHIMaMMIH-MMMa��HMMMB>H��MMlMiBMMM*>P��l  ? * " ���  f g  Around Gibsons  ~'\ i���by Marjon Charman  SUNSHINE TOPS had a pleasjirable social time following their December  meeting on a Thursday afternoon at the  Health -Centre in Gibsons when 23 were,  present to enjoy a Christmas party which  will' be an annual affair. There was an  exchange of gifts and light refreshments  were served. ��� ��     ,   ,   -  On Tuesday, December 23, M & W  Logging Christmas party was enjoyed  when about 40 were present for a delightful smorgasbord dinner, followed by  dancingrat Casa-Martinez. Home for the  occasion were "Mr. W. R. Malpass and  Mr. and Mrs. Bill .McDermid from Dominica. '.  ]   Commenced January 1st .* .'���.  K  P  ?&���  it  m  i��i  m  At me .Legion Hall, Sechelt, a happy  Saturday night? party was held by a groupT  " of employees of St. Mary's^ Hospital_whenr~'  a pre-Christmas smorgasbordTdinher was  enjoyed. Local musicians provided lively  music for dancing.  CHURCH NOTES    "  St.^ Bartholomew's Anglican. Church  Annual Meeting will be preceded by a  pot-luck supper at the Parish Hall on  January^ at 6 p.m.  St. Aidan's Roberts Creek will hold  their annual meeting at 2 p.m. on January' 28.  Scheduled for January 25 at 3:30 p.m. "  is a joint meeting of Roberts Creek United  Church and St. Aidan's Anglican Church  to discuss Church Union.  ROUND AND ABOUT V  - �� Holiday guests at the F. J. Waterhouse .  home (Reid and Park Rd.) were daughter -  Judy with her husband Brian Kabaluk-  and Shannon-from Powell River, Miss  Audrey Waterhouse from Vancouver, and  ' Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Waterhouse ."of Victoria.  Mrs. Ingram from Vernon is visiting  her daughter Mrs. A..W. Robertson, Sea-  view Road.  Coming from Washington where they  had been residing were Mr. and Mrs.  ����� Randy Wiren and daughter, arriving to  ' visit Mrs. L. E. Wiren for a few days. -  -Randy, who returned Dec. 21 from an  interesting assignment in Japan, has now  accepted a position with Canadian Forest  Productkat Fort St. James and the Wirens  ,   are now on-ihejr way there.  Mr. and Mrs. ��� Harry Robertson and  family motored to Kamloops to spend  their holidays with Mrs. Lil Morrison and  other relatives. -  Miss Beverley Szabo was home for a  week's holiday from St. Paul's Hospital,  Vancouver, where she is talcing nurses'  training. Her brother David who has  been working at Terrace also spent the  holiday with his mother Mrs. Dorothy  Szabo^before going to Vancouver to attend college.  Miss Lee Wiren who attends school of  nursing, at Vancouver General Hospital  was home for the holidays.  Bud and Joyce MacLean and -Monty  are happily settled vat Abbotsford. Mr.  MacLean, who had been doing- secular  work for a time, has given "up his employment and is now pastoring a church  ���   in the Fraser Valley. ���  Mr. and Mrs. Ron Ward are congratulated on the birth of a baby daughter,  Laura Mae, on December 18 at St. Mary's  Hospital, a sister for Kathy.  Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Bert Harding  over the holidays were Mr. and Mrs.  Charles Harding frpm Vancouver.  *���. '"  Terry and Janet Nickerson were hosts  at an especially delicious Chinese dinner  at Weir home on New Year's Day when  among .guests were; Norm and Evelyn  Berdahl and Gary ond��Diane Berdahl.  Robert and Ivy St. Denis from the  west coast, of Vancouver Island, visiting  their home here 'had as guest Mr. St,  Denis* brother from Victoria.  John Charman has rcturnedfrom Mexico where he was holidaying for a couple  of months.  Having"1a happy holiday overseas' was  Mr. M..M. "Curly" Martingdale who went  by plane to England where he visited his  sister in Liverpool. He had not been to  tho "Old Country" since 1943 so he saw  many changes there.  Mr. and" Mrs. Robert Harding and  Robyiy from Port McNeill left Jan. 3 to  return ho\ne after spending the holidays  here with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hording.  Mr. and Mrs. Jim Eldrcd entertained  at a dinner party on Christmas Eve in  honor of the 29th wedding anniversary pf  Mr. and Mrs; Norm Berdahl.  Visiting Mrs. Terry Thompson and  other relatives here were Mrv and Mrs.  George Boudrcau and Marcclje from Victoria,  Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Duront Irgens  on Boxing Doy were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas  Wilson nnd baby Tom from Armstrong,  also Mrs. It, W. Wilson from Surrey.  .Mrs. E. Lawrence visited friends at  Toflno over Christmns.  Mrs. Murdo Stewart enjpyed the Yulo-  r  *'  ,   v.- I  ��~*^��J14��J*. &AM&  -I  >  ATTORNEY-GENERAL, Leslie Peterson,  ^/Q..C. announced today revisions in the  penalty point .syitem under the Motor-  Vehicle Act.      .     * ",  The Order-in-Council for the firfet time  eliminate the penalty points from a driving record, which forms the basis of Motor-Vehicle Branch suspension actions in  dealing with drivers with unsatisfactory  records. But when a driver-pays a $25 as-  writes into law the penalty' point values,   sessmenfc for penalty points, the,points  for offences against the traffic rules of the  <*vMotor-Vehicle Ayct and Motor-Vehicle  ^ Act Regulations, and for. driving offences  covered by the Criminal Code of Canada.  Previously,- ths Motor-Vehicle Branch has  been using point values as an unofficial  rule "in' evaluating "driving records.   J  tide season at the hemes of her daughters  at Port Coquitlam.   . f  David Charman from Egmont was  among guests at the Wiljo Wiren home for  Christmas.  Leaving by plane on Boxing Day to  return to Edmonton after a brief visit  with  Price  Price. 'Miss Gail Price from Vancouver  spent the holiday with her family here.  Douglass Lowther has returned after  spending two and a half months in Mexico  and the States.  -  Mr. and Mrs. Pete Dumonceau and  family from Surrey spent Christmas vaca-  Serenade  Fascinated by the little paper carol-  ?lers made by Sechelt Elementary  School art class and on display to  cheer patients in St. Mary's Hospital  is two-year-old Alan McNutt. Alan,  Recent, changes in point values are the  reducton (1) from four to three points for ;  ."following too closely" arid (2) frpm five'  to three points for "loud and unnecessary  noise from motor-vehicle." The poipt value for driving, v/ithout compulsory liability insurance coverage will be 4en  points. The new Criminal Code of Canada .driving offences of (1) not providing  a breath sample and (2) driving with a"  blood alcohol reading. of over 0.08 will  each result in ten penalty points.  The significance in writing the penalty point  values  in the Motor-Vehicle  Act Regulations at this time is that com-  which caused the assessment will not be  used in making any subsequent assessments. The monies received from these  fines are placed in a special Fund for Driver Training, Traffic Safety and Research.  The Attorney-General, pointed out that  'value of penalty points is a matter of constant review bv the Motor-Vehicle Branch  and changes jin values will be made from  time to time in light of experiences dealing with specific traffic problems.  Wilson: Creek resident-  taken ill dies in UK.  FORMER 'resident o|�� Wilson Greek, Mr.  Frederick Mutter, passed' away in  Minehead, Somerset, England, on December 17�� terminating .an illness which had  prevented him from returning- to his  home in Davis- *Bay for the past five  'years'.     '. ��� -  Mr. and. Mrs. Mutter had retired to the  property* new occupied by-the Big Maple  Motel, some. twenty-six years ago, from  Vancouver where they owned a bakery  business. About six years ago they sold  the property and moved into a home at,  Davis Bay and later, Mr. Mutter went to*  England to visit- relatives, where- he ivas  taken ill.  -MrrMutter, who was-in-his-85th-yearr  ���'Pull yourself, together" is seldom said  to "artyone who can.  leaves to mourn his passing his loving  wife Edith who is now living in Vancouver; one -daughter, Mrs. Freda Thompson; one son, Fred Mutter; three granddaughters artd one great-granddaughter.  Also two sisters in England^ ' '  Funerdl  service   was  held  in Barnstable, England.  who is convalescing and has captiv-  ith7her~ parents,"Mrrand"Mrs;"wrG: ' ated the devoted nurses, is listening. ���Xr~T1^r��\���^Tln*cZ��n%Z  sory liabilty automobile insurance  plan,  parents are Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Mc-  . Nutt of Wilsori Cxeek.  tion at the, home of Mr. and Mrs. Alf  Clarke here.  Mrs. E. Begg visited her' son at Port  Coquitlam over the holiday.  the Motor-Vehicle Branch is required to  assess a fee of $25 aganst each driver who  accumulates ten penalty points. Failure  to pay the penalty fee will result in licence suspension until the payment is  made. .The payment1 of the fee will not  ���WI  "�� \  y  ��r oi@f ace  THREE  m TOE ATTBC  Starring*..   v>  Christopher Jones ond  Yvctto Mlmleux  IN COLOR  CARTOON ami DOUBLE  Start* 8 p��n��. '      Out 10 p.m.  Friday, Saturday ond Monday,  January 9th, 10th and Ifitfi  H�� AdmlHane* tm  J..


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