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The Peninsula Times May 21, 1969

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 *"���/,  ' ilj)      I1*!   "^"'     '       *   'V'*>      , *     ^\     ,-<J- jl*   -tr   .    <f   .- .���W,    ~J,    ���,   W,f,      |F_. 1   *��     ...        ���   t      ,    --        �� r  ^��� ��/_ yj/      I     .UM        .1       ,y,  ^'W^'i-^.-WC _ *',?w^.i'">_Ft'>'S'.*>"'' *'*^y'^^,���'->'*^*(f.__ w-. ,1.* >v��,, w^>**. f,. ,�� ����� y���'^w j. f i^v^Ff, y -  * *J    *��� !     ' ,y \ i '- YY ,      ' '"        ,   *���- * v   "  />v>. Y-5-  -J  'I  'ii  it  iJWv ^^ ��*> _,',>' -"JfVw ^f Vf jKy-f��. _' ,-^.V ,<T ��>-* "�������"*.   m   f,_ J)-* ,rt? _.   f  *    _*^V     u"��,,V ���>! V  , WV ,' i   .-iV-v ^.-"V .   /vi"*;//;  >*'*���*; rr:r!,*Trt#ir*fYV?.rt)r^f-r .<*�����<��*���#-.���*���."��� * r ���* v r y * �����* yn ��>*��� + & * *>r~ _��� * fr* w j> y * * f *'.-*'?�� ^j. * ? r * * r * * r r r r " * * r t r r .  "    ' " i     '       , ' i * ' f  ' _ f     *       I        '    ' ~* '  I    ' f . I - _ .      ' v  /. �� * *��� V  If   -  ^*^��>    JVV ? )-J-,"f".   ,��_ , ,F| F- *_,'   jl J J> - ^ r/(,)/ i ,   ,.,/f jit   >"!,,'X' "f-'"^''! ,, FfV-( f rf/,f ��?  (  ^ fee Regional site ��� �����  ���iff. .-if  --.(..  i?es*fc Cacadi&n Graphic Industries I*td.e  l^B&'fJest'^h A*fe^��;v*~" 7-"' --*---- -  iS  MAY23REC0  V,*"*   V     *_<  '  >  .r  fop refuse :dumpyniiictiO!i   ;,  VJUAGE should now consider'getting:   injg* jurisdiction/has gone-to Ottewa'jTer .*S__9t^p��iw*&un-l>|./j_��Coqsf*>~tftei��f(rSctifflrid-ft.Jenife fnlet^ Itjcludltiii-ForrAOofl-Nri;,HqplcM^_Usoc8_r_gu *<3��wjrfHotjy*JU-Kvd*uiflU;-���-4��on_v Rotberts-Oeelv  ���-*-   '"      -���-���" " ' '   - J    - '     ���"    ������ *"     ilonY'1  J'1*?. W'lsor> Creek, S. Imo'Perk, Sechelr, HoifmoPi. Boy, Secret Cove. Pender Harbour. Madeira Pork. Kleindole, Irvine's Londinq, EdrlCove, Eqmont.  r.     j. _,   . -*��^-       ".F _* f- . ^       M         n  a      iB     i    mm, ,    i      ii ������ ^���^m..^^^.m^  out of the garbage dump business^,' ap^ further eonsi-ieratlw  peared to be general view of council at Y CFOwncil agrefed >Mr>r S-^sfelkau* des^  last-regular meeting. It was reported that > erves ^commendation.for taking such ac~  the old village dump hasJ been cleaned , tion and'ppe ^rhn^nt'was that he is one '  up and locked off according to agree-. ot'the;few who really inoyes.     -  . ,   ,  men. s        i -     �� f ,, - s        *�����' -i    . �� , >���  "   ' -   S'     ' DOGr POITfJID ' . '   -Y  The Regional Board dwni, near-ky/is-    ^Cp^}., is" to' advertise- ibr'a dog  ^x^0^^ 8,nd ^r?^,^fp-3i^/k.ceper,4:oliowinjg resignation '&���  Goddard said ne feels eouncd would be*-f^, first keeper. Mayor Feeney' said.he  well advised to get out of the business..*, j^ noticed'that dogs *n'_h<f area appear  Alderman Gerry Dixon sa��d he underr   to ,fre Tunning ^0und in good shape  l\*  f  ���SteglstrotfonNo.J.4.2.  2nd Closs Moll  A  it  /  stands the Regional dump is-in' a mess  alreadysnd that the collector has been  experiencing trouble getting to it, ClerJ?  Daye Johnston said he had been speaking with the collector and had been giy-  ven to understand be could not even _g*et  into it the day prior to council meeting. ,  again.  *��� While a number'of-people who might  be interested was? mentioned,. jt was agreed the'.best method will foe to advertise,  BBS? BOOMS   :  .      -  '--/ --   '  " '.Probems also appear to be assailing *-  ��,�� up to tne wgionai iJoard to look, ^y ^ j^;jie ^ apparently janitor.  after the suituation,  PABKING , ,      *   '  Attention was drawn to the fact.that  a parking areg_ to accomodate approximately thirty cars is being1 established  Within the village by Mr, Charles Man*  service is MiMg'down,  ���   ' It was suggested Mr, Johnston look  Into the sltu$!oh,y   -    v - .   A   .,   * _,  FWB3WC IjtBA^O - ;"  /fRegarding thie- jpublie. meeting >po be  held Mayv 14 at^whieh/^siWe^  delkay and already a number of. spaces -at Gospel Point V-as to be bussed Al-i  have been booked m y * p^^ g^^ ^ jjade^lamj-? there' is a  This, it is felt, will help eliminate well planned campaigo' organised. This,  some of the paring "problems in the, it is, assumed, jis in regards to eouncil  village which- became worse with' closure plans- for a' ssewer outfaJi in -that area,  of the wharf, tn this latter regard, it was -, Mayor Feeney commented'��l v/ondzr  , reported that- councils' application to if aajrcn^wiU think to meuiion pollution  lease the wharf, providing it has park*    alt Popt Mellon.'* '*-   k  < /  *J  ���f.  j ���.  r ^  "_  i#  ��*>.  "���*'  �����*  */  ��� i  If..  proyiding  Possible reduction  '���V  i  '/  ��.  1  / 0  i *  'J 1  .1'.'  7  s  - *  rl  -.' ff  1  '*v.  ^1  l;  1  (^  rfL   i*  ���**> -Aii  i  *m  .  /  "a  i  !.    _._*  '*!  r  .. '  HEALTHY   financial  situation*   of   the   for water, ia#es and one tor water rates. -  West Secheit Waterworks District, Mr., Thorold- explained that the two bil-  could lead to a reductioa in water tolls' lings are separate,. Improvement* tax is  during the forthcoming year,     -_ .     levied on ail property within the Im-  Chairman. of  the Board,  Mr, .Cliff, proveroent District capable'of, being ser~  ,  Thorold announced the possibility at the    ved'.with. water, is  payable  in  June,  well attended annual  w^insr h*>w  ��n * Actual water- toll to consumers is billed '  �����. *  �� ���-���  i.  If  ���*.  V-1  *. ���  1>Y  _.  >���  ';���  t  *-��� _  ?s��  z>$  ���i_. .-A-nig^-  Vbtume <>, No, 25  V/��DNESDAY,MAy 21,1969  Annual fish contest  for Davis Bay wharf  WILSON CREEK���Davis Bay Fishing  Derby for children 12 years old and  younger will commence May 31 and continue through to 5 p.m_ Sunday, June U  Chairman of the Junior Fishing Association, Mr, Charlie Brookman states  there is an added attraction this year���a  Pie Eating Contest with boys and girls  eligible to enter. Originally the contest  was for boys only but as Mr. Brookman  says, women are demanding equal rights  today and the girls wanted to get in on *  the Vie Contest, Uncle Mick of Uncle  Mick's Shoes, Secheit will donate the  prize for this, contest,  AH children fishing from the wharf  must wear life--jackets, Mrs. Ray New  man and Mrs, Wilson will be on hand 4o  untangle lines and Mr. Brookman and  Mr, Walt Taylor will be ayailable to offer advice.  Weigh-in stations will be at Vic's  Motel and Peninsula Market.  Mr, Brookman expects competition to  be keen this year as the boys are anxious  to remove the stigma from the beating  the girls gave them last year and 4hey  are out to prove that it was purely accidental,  Competition is restricted to young-  .sters 12 years old and under because  they don't get much opportunity to fish  from boats and as Charlie Brookman  says, "We have *o stay on shore, wo have J  swallowed the anchor as we used to say  at sea".  U-^  well attended annual meeing held on.  Tuesday of last week in Sehelt JLegiora  Halt  Giving a brief history of the Waterworks District, Mr, < Thorold stated that  West Secheit Improvement District wais  incorporated in 1905 under ..he Water Act  separately, md those with a limited j$v-  ,come can pay on a quarterly, basis.  /��      Maaeira Park Curies    /  ThSs'groai-p of-mwamn daheers are  perhaps *Dete Joiown i�� the Pender  Harhour area where they have made  a. nutnher of'appearances/ F*Ta3_-tng,  jrartM the Ser_&e&:Miay,Day 'selehra-.  Interest shown  *__�� *  BISECTION  V Trustees whose, teirms of office ex-  water to the ribbon development west of   dined' to stahd-agaim MrT Jolin * Haves   a-��ew��omer who^ identity was not ���  the Village of secheit, ,.        "   '   ^s eWtSto ��S^_jfcS52S   reYe_aedtmtil later ia the'day, Ouess  At the initial meeting some I5v rest-   &&&? trustees stUl in* office are Mr '" W^io?*- M_A. ^Hojl * Isahel _ Pawson.  den|s indicated that they, would hook up'\ j^m^ Parker; Ms. JB, Montgomery and   See�� Wi^h MatfS&l Myex$, Harold Clay -  to the proposed systemibut when it came, Mr, John &&&;���;.''       <"    r     ?>-;    and DeJMtiiS tQamhl^' *���  to actual commj-tment only 50 agreed.- ��� '    "   The board finaMy managed to persuade"'**'��� -.'     -'" * *-"' "-i     Y    ~y   , ' '  "    --- - - >���  others and from-an initial 77. the'num-    W-?*g_W GUq.Uiry *  ber of consumers-has risen 4o 122 with 4-'  more applications pending approval JEor  highway crossings, ,   >   -       -        - r  - "-,r-F,>W   S--��      ��^iF*rti.��l____rt��'l-*rf.fcU-F>.^   J-V. .   >    - 1  nzVBNVZ '       "        *'   ' ' YJ  Secretary Mr, Fr^k'-Parker read; the:  financial report which shows the excess,  of revenue oyer expenditure as .$2;75f5.8'_,  Secheit Village Alderman and former -  ecii@M -residents  4**  Begional Board Chairman Norm Wateo>r.'  commended West Secheit Waterworks  trustees on doing a sterling job for water  users in (the area. He reiterated Mr, Thor-  old's comments that it is inevitable that  the "Regional District will take oyer the  administration and stated that he doubts  very much ' if the Water Improvement  District will then be operated administratively for so low a cost. Trustees have  worked long and hard, he said, for nothing.  Various motions were proposed by  taxpayers to reimburse trustees for out  of pocket expenses and with only 7 dis-  benting votes it was ftnally agreed that  trustees be remunerated to 'the extent of  out of pocket expenses. Approximately  50 Improvement District taxpayers attended the meeting.  Mr, Reg. Athcrton who introduced  himself as a newcomer to the District  commented tliat tlie financial report  should be circulated before the meeting.  He also queried the two billings, one  .%  ' WIDESPBEAD concern at; the growing   Owners *'Association, P Gibsons  Bod  and  .prpblem, pf'-.pollution resulted' in. (an  attendance ol seventy 'residents, mainly  of the Oibsons area to aF-mepting held by  the Pollution "Control Board! last week  in.-Oihsons,       -        . i  , Chairman'of the Board.'Mr, F, S, Mc-  Kinnon, made clear at the outset thst the  inquiry-was not called to hear evidence  for or against the proposed Gibsons Village sewer project which entails an out-  ���jall at -Gospel Point, This , proved  something of a surprise to many present  for a number of briefs had been prepared  in protest of council proposals. Howeyer,  the chairman advised that this matter  will be examined in the ordinary way  by the Board and a decision announced  in due course.  Purpose of the inquiry was to seek  general information concerning discharge of pollutants into salt water.  Four briefs, submitted by various  groups of the Gibsons and Gower Point  areas, were from; Gower Point Property  Gun*'Club* Mr.'"flnd "Mrs, A, *Moorcroft,  arid ''Mr.-,and, Mrs,'-Fraak West, * ,  M;While' the briefs .acknowledged-need  for a" sewer "system for the village, main  concern, was, an .inadequate, treatment  plant and affect of resultant discharge  on fish/ which play a large part in. the  economy-of the district. Sales of fishing  ���tackle, bait and equipment, boat sales  and rentals are all dependent upon the  fishing industry. Tourism also would  suffer through pollution of beaches and  surface water. While *uch pollution  might not -be immediate, establishment  of sewers will result in genexal and accelerating growth of* the area which in  turn would mean greater volume of effluent.  > One _brief asked;'with construction of  new apartment blocks and increased effluent volume how long will it be bcfoie  pollution of beaches and surface water  becomes evident and how much more  /���see pago A>3  'ANNUAL meetings of the West1 Secheit .future.it could well be that taxes will be  Improyement -District, Waster Board, ~, higher! outside J��he village, said Aid. Wat-  are usually very poorlyattended and in   son. -**---  one instance without a quorum fit was Explaining the interest of the Cham-  necessary to call another m^n^-How- ��ber*o| Commerce,,Mr. Hensch stated that  ever at the Annual Meetiflg hplcU Jast ' it h?_> three,*proje<*ijS on the' agenda; Bee-  week with proposed amaJgatlon.oir-We'st ' reation ' Centre j Village expansion and  Sec-heSt Improvement District and'the   --development: of' breakwater areas.  The  jiljage.  <Jance *#&>  ���'   Chairman  ^ynow^^n^on&l'Pistmjt^..^^ t i&zplrtng'to tfeVcommetiHhat we  mcludedijhe function ot Y^F^^T''"have'-ttfo imreh'government,for the pop-  tion m its letters.PaenVJA'/sta^gWe^ - tdatwn,,*Mr/;WaiS9n a^reed^ stating* that  that the Improvement. Dastnct farmed the,alternatives jfre.to do* away with the  for the expre^purpose tfry^m&. viJia^ :vfc 1me ow, jtegiondV District  button will *8^.^Jfc&** .^afd, or.haye.nXistrictFMunicip-iJity. Tne.lat-  to take over West Secheit ��� Waterworks   ^wotdd rWean becoming, r^po^sible.jfor  . such1 services as. police; Welfare; probation ,ete'and iR any case Victoria, will not  NAME CHANGE  At a recent meeting of the Pender Har*  bour and District Chamber of Commerce  it was announced change of name of the  Chamber is now official and in futuce  will be Pender and Egmont "Chamber of  Commerce, Change resulted from* increased activity in the Chamber by residents of the Egmont area.  SAFE BOATING  Safe Boating Week is from June 29 to  July 5, 19*38 saw an increase in registered  vessels of 62,171 over 1*967 to a total of  789,**.8$, This does not include unregis*?  tered vessels of less than 10 h,p. Police  adyise tne public to exercise eyery -pre-  y.y* y , *'�����>��! v ''*' ,-j,*.'-* ,.,, /. *       , ��� ��� *,-,'**i,   ". -��*  W   f   '.i >'>, H* Wf'\ V.^iftSl'  |i>'<!' * ������'"''I  l<i    'i|lWf     ' ,''j,nl'(' i i  i ,  i    rf.tt'';,.     .;   i  (a*,* '   *i 'i. ,i,v,"v,'*>i. i",,'.,', ,\.' ',>>"/���'      ,   *��� * r.    i    -'    ii1  Company,*  West Secheit residents who'addressed'  the meeting were Mr. Eric Hensch' presi-'  dent of the Secheit'&' District Chamber  of Commerce. Mr. John Hayes, chairman  of the Chamber of Commerce Committee  to investigate amalgamation,' and Mr,,  "Norm Watson, Secheit Village Alderman  and former Regional Board-chairman.  BENEFITS  Amalgamation would not mean that  Secheit Village would control the affairs  of West Secheit but the reverse, said Mr.:  Hayes. His committee's investigation  showed tliat West Secheit has 354; people  eligible to vote'and Seclielt Village 350,  but, 32 of those voters own property both  in the Village and in West Secheit which  could give West Secheltt a majority of 36.  The enlarged village would benefij. from  the $28 per capita grant for West Secheit  residents, ������,���.,.. ,   ,'  Mill rate icyy, for (garbage collection!  in the Regional District would also be  avoided as-the village can decide on It-s  own method of collecting for garbage  'pick-up,'. ' ��� ���> ;-- ��� ���'-.:   ^ '���" t   .  Alderman Watson oongraitnlaM  Water Board trustees on tiie fine job of  administration, stating that people of this  calibre would be available to run for,  public office, yillagc municipalities' have  more control over effair�� than Regional  Districts which'.are.'restricted by Letters  Patenl.,���'���,���' ;   i  At (lie present  time there  Isl  very  little difference \n the tax rate but jn the  entertain,!, at this,time.  <&h4vf.' of hands indicated that'many  approved , amalgamation, ".a> few -were  against it and a lot still undecided  " *It 'was unanimously decided to hold  another general meeting of (the Water  Board- in August when summer residents  will be able" to attend.  1:907 but latest figures are not yet ayail��  able,  SPEED ZONE CHANGE  It is understood that the various speeds  posted from Davis Bay throujgh to Secheit  haye now been officially standardised at  a straight 40 mph. However, until the old  signs have been removed and replaced  'the situation will remain as is,  BREAK-INS  Police are investigating two break-ins  and thefts which itook place last Saturday  night in Seehejt, Benner Bros, was again  entered and a sum of money stolen. Second yictim was (the Peninsula Driye-ln  where cigars and pies were taken.  He-open school . _ _  Location of students  coBsiaerea By trustees  RE-OPENING of Halfmoon Bay School  was again'discussed at the May meet-,  ing! of- tne School Board and mtft wWi  Irustee approval. *      ��� ,'   *-���  New plans for allocation of *3tu.<ik'nts  were outlined by Elemcntoiy Supei-viwr  John Barton. Twenty six children attending the school will, include 5 grade 1  children from Halfmoon Bay; 21 grade  2, children will Include'7.from:.Halfmoon  Bay; 7 frpm the Residential School and,  7, from SechehVillagei  Parent*, had been txmmlted and > m**&.  are aware of the difficfulties facing Se-  ,ch<flt School and are pwpjired to co-operate, provided ' the burs, trunsporiing tJ>*e  children leaves Secheit and return? ot a  Secondary level -��. _  ������I  This.Jarge turtle, eight inches .on$f  was fouiid. hy Mr.Ilay Witt o�� Davis  Bay, trotting along'the road in the  ..Tr��A4,<ake im*a,...1rle..** fasth^onv.  Ing %'UmvasHy pel-hut ��veiyaae H-cuxU  Curious '  otu to know if the turtle is u*aus_tally  large for this area.  It would-appear  that he must be a Pacific turtle but  ..The Turns tartte any ft-loraaite oa..  turtles'native to this area. This <>��<*  has a dark brown almost hlack carapace and yelllow and gre.cn slripcs  ,M^..smm..Qvm&^ -ipols 0a his peck.  SCHOOL trusts Bill Malcolm siiiggestFfd  at May meeting of the Schwl lio&rd  Inat t}je semester, system ��t the secondary nchtxA level *lwwld h*�� e*p,lor*;d.  District Superintendent R. R. llanna"  stated that a few schools have adopted this system and it will become more  Important, rnaking for better utilization  of tvf-hoo].*. find wlvinu (the Job proflilem  fur ttudenlis." "However It" does " h'Vtve  pmbltrm ��� with ��� ttxtlidiyp m4 <puvnt i����-  vwjvement.  Affe^-t of the sidopihn of the p*.ne��ter  ��y_t��m is indicated in department of ���_*��.��-  raitioij'ts ����w policy on Oovernment  Examinations which will now be conducted more oft*irj tium owee Q year, Tlii*  cxamin^lion i. f^>r thow* who ora n��'t  recomnwndr-4 by tlio sch'wl.  Marking iSdcrdurfa huvh ?��-f-'il ritnpli-  ISed.SO.il'.JJt T'.-mlU cxn \>c r*,l'-'i-,'"*1 *%''r-  iier. In the p?tt, many ntudu.?-. c����ul<t  not make the.neocesary -"rrangementa for  MliUmding oQlk'ge until .the last, minute  tXTauiSe they were awaiting result-.  ���SIMPLIFIED- .'PR0CE&UIU5 !' ��� " "'. -; ��� ���  To simplify marking procedures St has  lWW ..n^c^&ry ,toi malce tb�� examination  more ./objective'in'format, tbl will pl��,e  f$,rt��wr emphasia on the K4'h*xtY�� evaluation of the pupil In more subjective ��s-  pedf, euch as essay "writing*' <>i"��l exp<).i-  tforr, t��bw*i!jt>ry--wwk vtt.        ���        :'  Effective June Ujisyesr,, a jwrljolartliip  frandidate irmn m\ fieenedited b<-1jo<>I who  is eligible for reo.mmendttio��ii *tt_ndjni;  in a grade \% examinable courtw will no  longer bo required to write, the regular  Department.01 Examination should he  wi��h p> offer that courwj for wriwjjarthip  purposr*." **  A candidate's scholarship average  .would lvs.,.hased,on hi% jrerformance in^  reasonable hour for such young students.  Outlining the financial aspect Mr,  Umna stated that re-opening lhe-��chooi*  would give the District another instructional Mnit valued at $12,000. One  teachers salary would be $0,700 and  tran��port��tion in the region ot $3,400 so  that it should be econornicoily feasible.  Recent announcement by Deipartment  of Indian Affairs rcifardSn?j,��tudents attending the Residential School which  tnay result in 25 less elementary school  .ctudenfto .and' ��n extra 28 -*?eoondary jstu*'������-  dents has thrown Boai*4 plans out of &i#x  for theltime IxtitW, Final decision will be  reached by Indian. Affairs in June; which  leaves the local board Jn a precarious  position of baying already arranged for  a specially qualified teaelwr for It<)lx'rls  Creek School and not knowing whether  to jjo tx> the expense of moving a portable classroom there.  ELPHINSTOWE  Shift operation at E3phinst/��ic Seconds  ��ry School will require wpproyal of tiie  Superintendent of Education in 'Victoria  who is:'���,bcinjg asked t,o vary iK</lw>ol hours  at ths school to permit *>hift classes.  Two p0ila-Jr>)> porteble classrooms ��t  Elphinstone will Jje difsposed of at tlw  earliea. possible duU: U, permit cwwtruc-  , tion,,of,IJjc.new.science wing. Lease expires in September ��nd tlw* twmr litis ��0  days (to remove tliem, according Ifo tho  eontrect.  PEnKOMNEL  Personnel rhafnnan, Mr. Don Douglas  rer-Orted'lhi'l' negotiations with fowl Z\  C.JXP.E. h����*ve been compMed and n nrw  twr>iyr��r ngreemenl is being dr>tfi*>d for  premutation to the Board for ratification,  A*_��st��nt f><,<tT*.i��ry Treasurer' Mr.  "Lloyd Voj-kston attended Umj Seentlmry  Tressurers Workshop jn Parjbyille latt  week.  Mr, It. J, Butter, Superintendent of  Gmwidfi and JJui)ding^$ will utU?nd B.C.  School Plant Officials Assn. Annual  Meeting June 10-12 at, the Jloyml Towcra  Motor lloiei, Ifcw Westmlnj.tej'*  .!%...  ^^^#��fl(V^WS^^���?e%,^���^^ t**,^' f\Af^,^^^^-^�� &i$^,f<lhjt��it**i';-#"*0'?*'M>**  f. #i ��** i��% mt* ^ rf��fi *��   ���� ���'  * i*#V*<*>n^t.^s't#��-  V **   (f I ^tfifttf- t^V *" *ftoWiws^'<JM)t��'1"^lj,"��*  rt**>iJ�� f**n��fb*i*'* ,��*   tv $.^>Mfa��fit-t.it!py&~)*f   , y^,^_F  . V^tfl.,^  -J,  *.  ��� __ ����f>V  - .      ���       - v -   -, .        ,      ,-,, -,       ,'.* Ik*,-'*. ^*n',"rrf<ff,,''*ii,*''i.','lM i".-/"}!'.''?!!-' ���.*-.;-   ..f �� r-.**F\,-..f   ��� ** '"''" ''..?''",i<''y ' -"C"-",. ���?."' *Y"   *  .  V'**-^**   fFW^VVJ^^.^, Si^*^^>!F*i^VS*"'-*VV*'*'*'-1'*'^r^ ^-^FV,^s^^>4^yJi?^^,4y^^>^>_yA-yr^,^ ^_V'Nf_<^��y.h^,  ' ,l- ,v' * A    A      ) 1'       t -*.*-,,>. 'F , F       * ' F FJ 1 '  FO l ^ *     > ' J,..,'* J- *      ,  -    'i,    '������./ j.     , I.     ^ .'i'jl^hf  ��m f ,    j  ' W- ���.-^^'^iviuV-^-#'V(V'v>FFFw*-vF'V-,i?   9> .F^S&FV-'fi-V'V V V*-5  - -Y^Y  ���     ~i   ���_.        \_,,.il.-,._r  ��� ^    .-   _   . w   f._        ,.���,.>���   j-,   -"'*>n .       J-.  ^-vf^i .^-o yj,*ff'Vw**'' ***W'YJV*v**.-' y^t-^FFV-v**if*"--** fvs*yl.^-v v**^lj**if -,��- y-iJ*tftw _. jK^s^^i/^-.,  *'   ,        v ' i* *���     �����4  k_g* A>2 the fonimufo fIraes, Wg4to*ia*��Mtty ll/IS-fl - 1"J?\faJJ '"  *.-  _*__*trth*4t*,, ;llt)^fi>i*^;^i)!��,^1ii;.fii.  __*.  ���-liW 1  ���hmmmU  'r*.        "aY  iwaBwAaffari   . Hf AL < g$TAm ,<ContfRweet>   g��AL ESTATE tContinyed),.  FOB SAWcHb'ice W water-   WJ3ST* SECHELT��� Ali/feled '* EXCELLENT  commerce��� lot  ^ojit lot^.Seckelt, west of . ytrie,, two..heclroom   house,.;") -cer-tre.Sechelt*~*_igh\vay to**'  ���wharf, 'he&utiftil 'beAte   m'ms/MeA &mH MBSP'-^tlon,, te^W/^Sfta. AJl  7fift... .���*.--    .<   ���*.   - ' .fSlfoqi   9386 or Box 311 Secheit .      .'services ��� available.. Box, ��*" ���  AUTOS &; TRUCKS (Cohh)    fOtt SAL* (Cpn_inued) # , ,'IsEGAlS {Cpnti-nued).;  I960. CADILAC,. 4-dr.   hard   B__ST selection of Books on.the-  top*  good condition, 'snow' , ^Suifshin^ ^fstr^e Pathless;  tires- & extra wheels  if in-'  terested. Phone 885-9602.,-  ' *    2548-26  AXCPHOLlCSi. - ,&noriy*mnus,  ^,P,0. Box '294;,Sec&H..B,C,  Phone 885-9327, hi *m-m��.  fetdck BROS.  W&y-^Joiiriiey' - To '' ~ P_��iver-i  ���fjhost Towns ' of B.C.���The  Stqry of Medieifte. Uany hundreds of ^isillty book*, to choose  Bookstore,  -2158-tfn  jueen washer,  good  shape   $125.00.   Used  i^!Ai��M^t'^l '^Contiriuoiis ^dy^tising' in, i9^9 VAUXHAL station wag-' two door refrigwator fr^zer,  kitchen;   f^atehinc.   .   four riewspapers^       , , ,, on^^excellent  motor, tyj*es,    top   condition   $195.00,   Used  ^ MmmSSmmVam  form No. 18  " {Section'SS)     >  LAND ACT,  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  Member, Audit Bureau  of Circulations  . JMorch31,J96f.     '  "  Cross CJijcutoHpn 2360   ''  ' t ' Poid Circulotion 208t  ���lo$sifle_t Advertising Rote.*.  3-Line Ad-BrJefs (12 <_rords>     -  One Insertion r^___y75c  Three fnsertforis  -$1-50   15c  Extra lines (4 words) .  <Th!s rote does not -apply to  ,   .commercial Ad-Briefs,)  Box Numbers,���ew__ iQc extm .  25e Bcok.-keepJng charge .is added  for Ad-BrJefs not paid by  publication dote, i       , ,  legal or ^e^der advertising 35e  per count line.  Oisofay   advertising  in  classified  Ad-Briefs columns, $1.75 per inch.  x   , Subscription Retes���r ,  By mail. PeninsuTo orea . S5 00 yr,  Bv mail, beyond 30 miles $5 50 yr.  By mail; spgcfal citizens ���$3 yr.  By carrier' , 50c month  NEED - a spring <clean\ ;uip*  Can't see the water fjo^_  trees? Lert us, Solye your; fre%  problems. We, ilrnb,, ,ton'; and  fall trees expertly and to.your  satisfaction. Free restirnates^--  all work insured! Phone 885-  2109.*      -     ,.,      -,, ..8287-tth,  WE TRADE NOMES ,  2591-tfn    elec, range $125.00. Used T,V.      ���"�� ' ���������'���     <fe4fl.fl*..        VarV&r'a        Tfar/.tirairn  '^ ����� -     >y- TWFtf-.,^^., jt t^irv.-.  ,, >*.!.:  Rfer^lLTV & JNSUfiLAHCE  Notp,ry' Pdbik.  Member  price $16,500, ternis^  rWATilRFBONT, '~ .^V i^^T"^ *���_.      * w 'Z,7"7 ^^ r-t-   $49.95.    Parker's    Hardware  m*> t*��   serviced', lot in Gibsons Har- ^���Twelve (% hundred^   Realtor 19*34 . VOLKSWAOON,    1500   Ltd,, Secheit Ph. ��85-2171. -  ^j-jgfcfcaa . j>0ur<with. execellent 'moorage.'. " ***** P?0^ oit'the Penin- * TS. Oas heater, Badio,���885-  or,wharfage. 130". ft. frontage      sula when you multiple list  2033.  TILLICUM  ^mnssr.  "-tervlci"   ,.'  _ Elives cleaned and tepairfed.'   Yancouyer Ijeal fcstate Board   iJuildinte. Full'price $4,000.  Painting, gardening, ^janijoj*  service, old iohsj^e; __J^W0jrk  guaranteed. BRl.Secheit, Ptioue  885-2191 or 88^2094Y      X8_?-tin  M_dtiple(Lis.mg Service ]  pMoNE S86-2248.  , __^ir>g4ale,' o_it shore; OlcU  f^hiohed, "Hutpiner'.. Camp"  with 60 ft��v waterfront; 4 jrms.  oh safe beach. Fabulous;view   ���Twenty-four ,hour answer-  property. Full price $8,800.      ''   mg service,"   *. *  ,t y ���   ,  SELMA, PABK   -/Fully ^"No ch^ge to, ypu if there is  serviced.view lot with' gentle      m sore-      -   .  ffe>cu��r-t?. a"d ^a^for" SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  . Phone > 885-2161   ^  Box 155, Secheit; B,C. ���  Box 369, Gibsons, B.C,^  ... ,, Y-   .i, _2ttl*Ttfla  2576-25  2438-21  2201.  2575-tfn  883-2265:  . 256,9-tfn  COJvUNG EYf KTS  . .       _ ^    u i.i.j __. I, i  OBDEB Ea**tem Star;." Surhmer  Garden Tea, 2 p,m, Saturday, July 12. Home of Mr. and  Mrs; Viv Frahske' at "Wirson  Creek. ���   -      >   -   ���    2587-25  TWILIGHT * THEATRE, 'Gib-  i- sons, 21-22-23-24 May, The  Koad Hustlers & Saya^e Pampas. 24-26-27 May, Here We  Go Round The Mulberry  Bush. TeL 886-2827;" 2588-25  ^NQUrjCgMSNT��� , .,  MB,, AND lims, L, Patten of  ^Secheit,  wish to .announce  the forthcoinirig marriage of   ���-���"���^ -  ' their ^daugfater' Deariie Patten WE^T Secheit ��� to work on  to Mr. -fames Siiideryson of -axiall sawmill, planer op-  Mr. and Mrs, Gordon Snider eration" some mechanical  of, Powell, River^ 13.C, 'Tljie "ability iiecessary^AbleJo pp-'-  wedding to take place, June 'erate'ehain saw, assortedn'and  2_t,,1969. .,'."���   . ,   , 2^71-25 power tools, small cat, tractor.  T"   T~~ 7. ;��� Must haye own reliable trans-  MR; AND MRS/Cliff Thorold p0ftatibn for 8 br.,iay> 5 day  .Wish to announce ^he mar- w&k. Starfrat $2.l5,per hour,  nage of their daughter^Anne phon^ 335.9722 after 6 p,m.  CUSTOM   r��_&y<i��iUng   &  ���blasting. Pliohe 883*^23^_,  ,   /,vw2431-tfn  mmmm. WW.,..,.��������� ������-���-. ���r-P.i.^.-i.i.P .w if ��� I.f����� ���> ���_**-�������� 1 w  SUN COAST Electric Ejlectri-  eal: Contractor. Ph, 886-^613  or 885"-9327,,  H^-..^%W4&  PART   or   Itili   time  Isbokr  1 keeping wprk.,At liome or  office. Ph. 885?9975,.    2522-2^ f&ep)ace.,in living room, open  2-^^~��� :��� '.' ���-���;     ������������ plarv( plumbing,   water " and  EXPERT carpenter.  Canmets hydro.-,$12,225',   with   $7,000  ox what have you.' Ph* 883- down.  ,W0Od;BAY '��� Waterfront; ^  Almost *2 acres; over 3_.0,ft,,*:,  waterf rontage. ;Treed ��� with ^r- n I  ijUtus and Evergreens, ffibuV'j  loui. westerly - view." Chbiee ^   *.1*.-   *.> -���. ii ���   ��� i.   --���   *    buiicting, locations.   Can   be?  iS?Bfffrr_   subdivided.   Priced   at   only?  Jpokrng Sound.,, JSand, Beach   *\*ifm  within few $&& -Water and   WW**'.  Hydro available. $8,0QO cash,  for'quick sale.  ,Ruby l_ake_, Modern summer- home, -eadily accessible,  120 ..feet   waterfront,   Acorn  THE SUN SHINES OH  a SECHELT VILLAGE  LUSCIOUS ��� 4   bedrpbin  SECHELT VOLKSWAGEN  '69^ VW's      '  _   From $1898 F.P.  COOPING MOTORS LTD.  ��85-2812     ,     . 885*9646  See Herbie, The Loyebug  100% Financing  2282-tfn  TRAILERS  TBaVEL Eze trailer, 8 x 20,  Toilet, shower, 'fridge, pro-  MADEIBA .PARK--Smi-   <W   Beam   ceiling   living  waterfront, fully serviced lots. r00m   withP, floor "to  ceiling .  a, few steps from safe sandy i fireplace; Wall-to-wall car- ^ane heater and ,cook jstove,  beach arid " boat Iaiinehing, peting. A-oii furnace double G<?0(i condition. Jack Nelson  otfeitP**.     Baitv,n-o     ifehin>f* plumbing. Venetian fence en- '��lfi-0Wfi     '  Sheltered     salmon  waters. Priced  $3,000,      l'  at .$2,750  885-9558,  2567-27  sures  privapy.r rcarport.  This  home is a gem at $22,900,  ��� Foi|r-bedroom view liome*in  BOB LEE.  Bulldozing. .Mad- < Gibsons.* Large view ,lbt on  'eiruPark, B.C, 883-2412 .or   -quiet, street. Big bright airy  rooxris/Full concrete basement,  (tiled floors). Glass doors to  lawns, decki pleasant .landscaping. Full price $21,500.  Three bedroom country  home, on level ,a'cre, Hose to  Gibsons*. , concrete   basement.  Call; Frank Lewis or Morton  Mackay   at, 886-9900,    eves.  886-7088  50* Waterfront Lot. $7,800.  WILSON-'  CREEK��� %Vz  _-._.. *v# n^A.-^v __t^_     .  acres, creek, 2 bedrooms, hase-  ��� FINLAY REALTY LTD.. ;  ment, A^il heat.Y^i6,900.  Gibsons     ' Burijuitlam*'"      ' 4   '  CHUCK'S Painting l& JDeeor-  ating,,, Interior ��� Exterior,  Call 885-2375. 25.9-tfa  2S32-24y,  BLOCK BROS.  HELP WANTED  Phone Mr. Oood 681-9700  collect  of  736-5933  l?^J&r.^*rJ?c'i^7*oii:'   TPftr fast service on all prbper-  . ^ ^^ business and,  ' * recreational' lands. > -    -  2500-tfn  CEMENT worker and lielper  required   to   install; .small  wharf and mill burner foundation, by hire or, contract, Ph,  .886-2500  -r*       t..--' -VT-        886-2393  S85-9722 after 6 p.m,. 2470-tfn   v,"ce;Prewar      * 886-9359  Box* 238, Gibsons, B.C,  *>  to Mr> Sandy Hately, son of  Mr. and Mrs, Samuel Hately  of Pender Harbour,     2583-25  '        t    1       I    '  ���'  TINKLEY���Passed away May  17, , 1969,,' George ( Charles  Tinkiey of Bt-alfmoon -Bay,*  B.Ct in his 88th ,year. Sur-  vivecl by his"wifetMary, a son*,  Charles in Orlando, Fla, 'a  daughter Madge (Mrs. Mer<ryn  Ringer) of Christchurch,  Hants, England, 4 grandsons,  3 "^eatgrandchildren, a 'sister,  Miss Jloten)^ Tinkiey, oi  Leicester, England. Memorial  service will be held Saturday,  May 24 at 2 p.m. in St. Hilda's  Anglican . Church, Secheit,  B.C., Canon A. D, Green officiating, assisted by the Rev,  Barry Jenlts. Flowers gratefully declined. Arrangements  though the Memorial Society  Of B.C. 2584-25'  LARSEN���On. May 15, 1969,  - Dawna Leigh Larsen beloved infant daughter of Mr.  and Mrs. Wayne Larsen of  Gibsons, B.C., also ?^rvived  by twin sister Leilaima and  one brother Stephen. Grandparents Mr! and Mrs. H, Le-  Nobel, Richmond; Mr. and  Mrs. P. Janiszewski, Vancouver, Funeral service Wednesday, May 21 from the Family  Chapel of the Harvey Funeral  Home, Gibsons, B,C. Rev,  Father D. Kenny officiating.  Interment Seaview Cemetary.  'Yy.Y, .'���,���';.���, , ',',. .;��� . ,,; ���.2586-25'  .'��,',"),'\'" '('.",'.'''"'."       ' , ' ''      I, ',."','  QN6~4-Passed., aWay on May  I8,i,; 1969, Matsuno. Ono in  b/or,(BGth, year^ of Secheit,! B'Cr*  &^%t3iSk^ :wfr:��mt.^��  Creek, Mrs. Mitbni ywnashlta  of Toronto, and Mrs. Kimlko  lectio of JUethbridge; 1 sister  in .Japan; 24 ( granchlldreh;  ario\ 12 great grandchildren.  Funeral Service, Wednesday,  May 21st at*2.p.m.,, from the  VimcoUver-,. Buddhist Temple.  22b Jockriori Avenue. Rev, D.  Yakumo officiating. Cremation. Harvey Funeral Home  directors. 2585-23  ities; $23,100, with terms.  Unfinished, but entirely  liveable; Large three-bedrppm  home, with full ��� concrete  basement^ and A-bil fuhiace,  many attractive "features'; on a  half-acre close in; Ideal .for  someone able to complete carpentry; k $17,000- With half  down or better.  See us for Lots and Acreage,  LISTINGS WANTED  E. McMyh'n '  Do .Wortrn6ri  Mjf^N |or 1 week's work_*r4ght  construction. vand' landscajs-  ingJ'Pnone 886-7005.   2592-25  PROSPECTIVE school^Jeayer  ' "wanted to train as. Dentist's  Assi&tant, starting Saturdays.  Apply in Writing: Dental  Centre, RR.l, Gibsons,', '  .    ,2560-2$  ���i������!-������> -iii-T-m*��� mi������_���������������_���_���___���>��������.  SALAL PICKERS WANTED  Phone MrsYl*JQidb Wilson  88"_j-9746 or write:  Box 390, Secheit; B.C.  FOR RENT    ���   ,      /  ,  HALL foi  rent. Wilson Creel*  Community Ball. Contact Mr.  dkri Phillips. 885-2183. lOTStfti  SMALL office to rent, *Whit-  aker block  Davis Bay, 885-1  2280. ,foea-tfa  CENTRAL SECHELT.* 3 bed-  room all electric apt. W,W.  '2568^25  PENDE.R . HARBOUR: 78*  frontagfe on beautiful Gunboat Bay, Cleared*:for .trailer  or A-frame. Only $6,000. Full  price.  WAR 3?HE ' FAMOUS  SKOOKUMCHUCK; 60'.front  in sheltered cove. Lovely 3  bdrm. home suitable year  round living. A must to see.  $13,500' down with excellent  terms on balance. Call DON  TAIT, 883-2284.  ROBERTS CREEK; Approjt.  4V_ acres, southern slope,  partially clear excellent garden soil. The beautiful little  creek on one end makes this  a terrific buy at only $4,500.  FABULOUS * level view  property^ 145' beach. 2 houses.  T^efms on a shockingly low  price of $30,000,  CLOSE TO GIBSONS. De-  Selma Park" -  ^y^ew lots on Sno<$grass Rd.  $395.00 down, terms to'suit.  Pender Horbour  75 acres with house,-approx.  1500 ft. -overlooking lake, with  hou-se. $22,500 terms"to suLl  Also whole-,'district Jot se-  rluded off hwy. nr.^KJeindaie,  about- 82 acres> $125 acre.  Offers . on terms,. Wood**4  wonderland; .   * .  * - v v \ Gibsons' '.' '  ' Gdwer Poiht vBd, Lovely 2  l>'drm. .hOrriel double lot. level  with  beach- Asking  $28,000;  offers, >  _, Also 3 semi v/aterf roht lots ^  cleared JK with services.   From  $8,500 with ierms.  . Yi?w lot pn Bluff " near in"  Gower Pnt. , Rd. Terms to  $6,600 half acre. ���  Modeiro Pork  Commercial corner approx  435 ft., on , blacktop with  waiter & hydro. Terms to  $21,000.  'Buyers start with us fron���  Vancouver  Mr. Good 681-9700 or 736-5933  i        ' i  Many other Sunshine Coast  properties  .    BLOCK BROS.  2351-tfn  SELMA 'PARK^Large Lot,  $2,800 Terms.  ROBERTS. CREEK ��� -2&  acres, 1 bedroom house and  cabin, with shed for your  horse.r Sunshine Coast highway. $8,000.  TILLICUM1 BAX-r-,C.ose to  marjna, 2 lots $1600 each.  Multiple Listing Service  i-l. Gregory 885-9392,.  Don. > Hodden, 885^9504  \H. B. GORiX)N  .    .&. KENI<.ETT LTD.  fhone 885-2013    -  -   ' ' Seifielt/ B.C    .  f-f..- '      2476-22  PETS  POODLES,,     elipping " and  grooming,    years,   of   experience. Phone 386-2601, *  '  ,,, 2420-tfn  -*"       "������^*���WW^pwp-pw        i    ii    rnwrnwi ��� | ���  WANTED goOd home for kitten. Ph.-885-2030.    -2534-26  POODLES *��� registered and  �� innoculated, most colours,  $50. Also poodle elipping and  grooming* Ph. 885-9797.  2561-tfn  HORSES  YEAR old filly for sale. Half  Appaloosa. Ph, 883-2588 or  883-2312.- 2562-27  SADDLE  horse  886-2006.  for sale, Ph.  2579-27  THAVEL  very spacloui. Laundry room  across hall. Ph. 885-9360.,   ,  LARGE   1   bdrm.  apt,  furnished,      Gibsons   ,: "Village  centre. Semi Tlv*.F, R^Fponsitye  couple or I Ifdy onlyv Ren*  :| ���'��,..jy*,,,i,  ���.ii.'i ���  CMP OP 'THANKS, .  TO MY frienda who were so  good to me while I was in  hospital my grateful thanks,  especially to Dr. Stuart, nurses  and staff of SI. Mary's. Thank  you oil.���-Emma'.Edmund., '  ....... 2582-25  MRS, G, Adams and family  wish to express their uinpere  tnph-ti for'..the many, ki.ndne.s-.  fies and expressions of ��� sympathy 'extended",to' them dur-"  inti the'Jr- recent beircavcmtnl.  *-Mrs. G. Adams .nnd Family.  2564-25  fEUSOMAI-  __^  E\VR y'ou vltflted 11ie,. Time*  * Bookttore yet? Th.��. flection  Will mirprise you. Phone .885-  HS4���Dr��r|v la'4 broW��_,..,.,,,,.,...,   *'��� .,,., -.,. .ZlSS-tln  i  aTdPefSrL2;��dt W 5SS    >^^ti W^^wiy with  and,_fpa Carport. ,AU rooms    J()fj-  wf>tferfront,  Attractive  2  bdrm, home on nicely developed , 'A ac, Utility sh'ed. and  carport. Priced way below  market i valueat, $23,266.  -.';, ,,oi[B^OI?St.;; ;Charm.lng;-'',; 3  bdrm. home situated <j>n I ac.  im-m h\it^iiorMm\aU,ar^nyj^J  carpet, fyl electric kitchen hAs  patching,-counter (top cooking  uni*., . wall,, oven, and fridge.  Bright utility,, Vanity bath  "features "ehclosedrtub" etc"; At-'"'  tractive terms on $20,060,  LET Uf. SHOW YOU this  imriiaculat-* 5 room basement  home with unblocknble view  of Round and Straight. Lovely  deep-pile W-W carpet in  charming living room, fireplace for added int��net?t and  , coz^ss"oh';tiio^e .c-3<>teh.;:��"all.''  evenings. Tiled bath robin ''feu-  tures double , basin vanity in  A?***borite,. 'Completed-, rebj \ rnvi, -  u.jlity and lota of storogo in  full concrete '''basement; Only  $7,000 down on full price of  $22,000.  , we hove a very good selection of Ecryiced and view Jote  ���"for 'ihe''j6ne*/ who " wont |o  hiltild their own hoi-oe. "y/e will  bt^; pleased to discuss your  ne'eda with you.  SUNSHINE COAST  SECHELT INLET 1017.  25  Fantastic view and devclop-  pOtehtial. In village  acres, 1500, feet waterfront.  bouh_l4rle'3.' Cam be developed  into the subdivision of the  area, $20,000 down,' bal. 7%  cwritrls.rCALL: Peter Smith���  885-9563.  FOR all travel information and  bookings,  Margaret MacKen-  zie (local rep), Eaton's Where  To,Go Travel, 886-2960, Gibsons,  9.G8-tin  BUILDING SUPPUES  GIBSONS    Building    Suppllcti  ,tt4.  88^-2642,   Cihsons, B.C,  ���Quality Beady-mlacd concrete  Swving the area for go yearn*  1 CO-tfu  LOST  2 FOLDING aluminum & blue  duck   lawn  chairs.  Wilson  Creek beach area. 886-7285.  2594-25  Pender Harbour or Gibsons.  Wanted to rent Sept;,l~15thY  4 adults, 1 dbg, J child���Bo<tri'  well  behaved.  Phone  collect  738-6965.     ,   ���_  _ /,';;^2502-25;  TEACHER requires 2-3 bed-  ',��� room unfurnished horrie In  the SecJiolt area. Occupancy  coinmcncirig July. Rent, or  lease with option to piirchai*fe  WfHe to: Verne Wishlove, 22  Wedcene St., Kitimat, B.C,  2536-26  , SVNPHNK   COAST   1050.  Conifbrtlible living & i-eVehue,  Ideal for r)etined couple. Well   ��� ���' '   plfi^rj _d irjplfx. Good con- eA-lS <m6 TI_UC.CS  strtictlbri. Neatly landscaped,  view. Shopping 1 block. D,P.  $7,000, reasbnoblc terms on  balance. CALL:C'R, Gathercole 880-7015.  '  'REDKOOFFS 1021. '2 'bedroom home.; Built-in Tappen  ���^as  oven   &  tahlctop stove.  ."Large ��lot.,' .Has \small  gue_it  cabin, Covei-cd patio, $15,000,  Call Peggy Aycr 885-2375.  1963 PONTIAC Laurcntlan. 4  door, perfect endition, 883-  2243,.:.,;...;:. -,,,.', ���,*,-:,  ^oirtm  MOVING���Must sell '62 V,W.  yery good condition, new  motor. Also ��56 Mercury can*-  vertibie. "Very good condition.  ���tfevv top. Completely Auto.  885-2827, 2510-25  ft  "iiinf ifi.,.,".  BUS.NBS OPPORT  BUILD PART TIME business  bf your owri to indepe-ni-  dence In 6 months with new  Canadian Compnny manufacturing national consumer  products. Above average, income*; investment secured.  Replies confidential Call, or  write; 0. L. Holmes, 1301-  "li�� 'Pendrell, Vancouv��?r,';,lW,"  ������ B,C. Phone ��83-2073.   2556-26 ������  EXCELLENT business opportunity for ambitious persoi.  $10,000 per year,'wltli,',,part-  time effort. Small iny<*stmcnt  required, To arrange ,'appoint-,  ment   call   112-930-0034 v ian<f  leave     name      and      phone  number   with   automatic . 24  hour answering scjryJc'p^B.. J.  ������%.��� Er>}*rpri*��*",   whtfilf*afe ���������-,  .. retail di��trJb6t-ors.. ........ ..i_555����_15.  K. BUTLER REALTY  & INSURANCE  Gibsons, B.C.  Phone 88*f)-2O0O  .,    ,   ,MEMBER ' V.  MULTIPLE LISTING  SERVICE  ��� ft86-2000  i- 880-0<*58  ��� eii��-20oo  K. Butler  Ron McSavahcy  Ed Butler  'Don Tali...,...,.  ,135% .WATERFRONT 1091,  Owners home plus 3 rentals.  Cement seawall full length of  property, Ideal retirement or  investment. $23,000 full price,  Call J. W. Anderson���885-3053.  ������r|ib;_H.0"'Ft^_i_^wtcfe-'747.  Retirement cottage, handy location. Large treed garden lot  Jp Scchclt, -ft cash. Call J. W.  Anderson���685-2053,   :S0chflt' Aprwsge #62. ftnreop-  p��*jrtunity, ..JEeiv iiuch ������e��ge��  left, and rstlll low priced. 27  vjwir acres in the village of  SecHeU. Beautiful .subdivision  property. Only $27,500 f.p.  Call 885-2101.  SfeCHELT AGENCIES LTD,  Phone 88S-2i61  Box 165, Seehelt, B,C,  .......Box,. 'M% .Gibwm*, B.C,  ��� ���  -^_'_..i.*"Y '- ;  ������* ' ���   -2��l@-��-  ���64 CHEV. pick-tip step side.  '68 Security 14 trailer, Both,  in excellent condition]' Unit or  separate. 800-9507.      ,2549-28  J0C3   Sunbeam   Alpine,  Good  condition.   Best  offer,  880-  2340, 2557-25  DEALERSHIP  ANNOUNCEMENT  Honda '69 from $299,00  All new Honda Mini-Trail  Bikes.  90 Tra!Jsters, 450 Honda Road  Bikes,  Avaihle now at:  COPPING MOTORS LTD.  Scchclt, BC,        Ph: 885-2812  Vancouver prices - no freight  FjriWncSng avaU%->__  10' x 55! three bedroom trailer.  886-7077, 2593-25  BOATS ond ENGINES  15' 'Cadilac  aluminium 'boat  35 h,p. Evinrude, with trail-  er &;tajrp. 885-2007^    2359-tfn  '174^    FT,    Fibreglass    Cabin  Cruiser,   40   h.p.   Evinrude  outboard  with electric start,  and trailer. $1,400. Ph, 885-  9392. 2477-tfn  13'   FIBRE   glassed  boat,   18  h.pY Evinrude,    1965    model  sound condition. Ph. 386-2775.   .    2553-26  BOAT Insurance Information.  Marine Insurance Claims.  Capt,' W. Y, 'Higgs, -Bbx 339,  Gibsons, B.C. Tel, 886-9546 or  885-9425,      - 2533-tfn  BRAND  NEW  12ft.aiumi-  num  ^Sta'rcraft   boat* with  1969   model   6   h-p.   Johnson.  Never Used. Ph. 886-7078,     . .   .    -        2566-27  16'     PLYWOOD   .runabout;  fibreglass      to -   waterline,  Conv.   top.   25'  Evinrude,   2  tanks, trailer, 885-2033,  .   ...        .        . ^     , 2577r25  ll      SPORTSMAN . . ;  Fibreglass Canopies  All models. Also Cartopper  Fibreglass Boats, 8-10-11 and  12 Feet, F.O.B. Factory prices.  COPPING MOTORS LTD.  Secheit, B.C.       Ph, 885-2812  Trade your, Car/ Boat or .,, ?  2454-tfn  STARCRAFT _ . .  Aluminum Boats  All    models.     Demonstration  available   in   18'   6"   Holiday  "V", 100 h.p. outboard, F.O.B.  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Janis, Secretary, Secheit  Rod & Gun Club, Box 377,  Secheit, B.C. will be received  until 12 midnight (PDST),  Saturday, 24 Moy, 1969.  Tender document? can be  obtained' from Geo; Flay (885-  0429) or Ron Spencer (885-  9433).  To be considered, each tender should be submitted on  the forms supplied by the  Secheit Rod & Gun Club, and  must be accompanied by the  security specified in the ten-  . der .4ocumehts,].���:l; .,;., ���,���,,���������,   One year will be albwed  for the removal of timber.  The hlgbi'st or any tender  not necessarily accepted.  R; A. Spencer  Presldeni  2537-pub, May 14, 21, 1969  LEGALS ���'  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  Tender for Clearing Municipal  Gravel Pit Site  Tenders for clearing the  overburden from a municipal  gravel pit plt-e m District Lot  1313, will be received by the  underfsignt'd up to 4 p.m.  Tuesday, May 27, 1969, Envelopes should be marked  "Tender".  Information may bo obtained by telephoning the Municipal Office, 886-2543,  The lowest or any lender  will not necesr-arlly .jo accepted.  David  Johnston  Municipal CJerk  Box 3.0,  Gibsons, B.C.'  .May. 16,..im,-...���'. '.. y _    .2580-.pub, M��y-...2l,-.-10��S-  N.W.D.  * Take notice, that Donald  Edward Wrightman of 9689-  126'Street, North Surrey, B.C*  occupation analyst, 'intends to  apply for a lease "of the following described lands;���  Commencing_ at a post  planted adjacent to the S,W,  corner of Lot 7292, Group 1,  N.W,D��� thence 100 Feet N.W.;  thence 300 Feet- N.; 'thence  100 Feet E,' thence 300 Feet  S,W, and containing % acres,  more or less, for the purpose  of Summer Home,  Donald Edward Wrightmai  Dated April 20, 1969,  2558-pub. May 21, 28, Jun.  4, 11, 1969  Torrh'*No;i8 '   *  <    (Section 82)  LAND ACT-     -  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver, B.C. and  situate north east of Cock-  burn Point, Nelson Island,  B.C,  Take notice that Sheila C,  Penson of Vancouver, B,C_��  occupation clerk, intends to  apply for a lease bf the following described lands*���'  - Commencing at a - post  planted approx. 27 feet south  of -survey marker indicating  S-E corner of Lot' 1425* thence  100' east; thence 660' north;  thence 100' west; thence 660  ���south, and containing L5  acres, more or less, for the  purpose of summer cottage.  Sheila Catherine Penson  Dated April 26, 1969.  2573-pub. May 2L 25, June  4, 11, 1969.  �� wf . vs* \  ^'lif**  Form No. 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver, B.C. and situate  north cast of Cockburn Point,  Nelson Island, B.C,  Take notice that William A.  McCormick tyf Vancouver, B.C,  occupation Engineer, intends  to apply for a lease of the following lands:���  Commencing ot a post  planted approx. 27 feet south  and 200' east of su��"voy marker indicating S-E corner of  Lot 3425 thence 660' north;  thence 100* weftt; thence 660'  souitb; thence 100* east and  containing approx 1,5 acres,  more or less, for the purpose  of summer cottage.  William Albert McCormick  Dated Afcril 26, 1909.  2572-pub. May 21, 18, June  4, 11, 1969  4&X  Form No. 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver, B,C. and situate  J^loxth Lake, B,C,  Take notice that Irene A.  Bernardin of Coquitlam, B.C.  occupation Housewife, Jntcnda  to apply for a lease of tho following described lands:���  Commencing at a post  planted 200, feet East from  ���jNorth East corner of lot C of  Lot CD64; llu*m%* 100 feet  North; thenco 300 feet "East;  thence 100 feet South; .thence  300 feet wc&t, and containing  7/10 acres, more or less, for  tho purpose of summer cabin.  Irene Annette Bernardin  Dated April 13th, 1909.  1119 Hammond. Ave,  Coquitlam, N.W.  ' \,S2.  Phone 939-1352.  2446-pub. April 30, May 7, 14,  21, 1969  FOR ,6uiCK..(tff*]Vt.Tf.,  tJ*��l .-TffMlS"Ctfi$$,pff o-  ,   it,  ^tft,^-, m(.^*  *���*��*! -a*. ,*  __>   Am ff# ^��fftH  **�� '1  *��*fc^,   iJUPj*"* **8    f*   >*nt*   fl*fc -SB   ��^^-*,(**i(*lti4,-%i*Pa^*J*'*'l ���* a��*   (#**<*% -*k*lf*, jfafjU^pk * #  ��f.   4Qt    ��*��1f*" ***"  .**���*'  ��� ���^(fW*^*^j��-��k#^��***'''**^,'"��*^'��w* *.*-#���*^.^a ���,*_*(* ###,��>-���-*.*,��,  y   I*. ^1.,  ^      \ m     *^|��.jtf�� ^   *t   **    ���^���^'fi    *    **^#*^^^*#*-l#'<il***^l*AAJ*'*V Jf^ifll   f*>4*\. (P* #"l   I*  m ���S.*#V'*fcf^*,*l"-* fl*��^��y**. ^l*W4��v '***_>( **  o     si*,   i   to   ' '>>i   i(U.*f it' < i .'  *,*)'/"  ' ***5**t^*f*J ' '   '. '           * ' ,'*"■ v y yy . /. l ,  .-, -   ' •-,   ,* , \>.,* w- •.•*;>'      - , . ,,     ,       .     '
- - ,           . • **- •          .;  *-V '  <■■>" V'*   '    *■   Y,_ *      V'  "**'*/   m    v   .• -.' ' ,*•■.'   -,«--, f
''.-•- •       y    ;-. 'v ;.'  -."*.. ..,"';' .< ,",*• *:.;.,,.-;• ;    - - .       -y  ..
'     >   v                 < --I*                                                                                     -i     /*■?■> 1?                yr..1,<                     ** ,*j                            J'J-*^'l.TP-*,^-.,^*'i.                        -    .     1                             >■ •_■     A          *  '*- '                                                       'I                               r
-.*■    -^v*  ' <■■  ,  **   —r    *\    *■■*•- -.     ♦ u - ■*•* (r  jt- ;-*--- f{ i    ■'it     f%       --"  A- *"■    -      -p   -**r**3k;   —, ji     <* »-    .      "l*f*--*" * *_;■*■■'J*
- # *•- j- 4 *r   ^  * ,*» «>-..> V * -.1 ,-vy y> , ^-V-Es*. >>•>-_. v'V1'-'**■-''*' t-^ ^^^t^^'^ * <•* V-*"**-- >   *»>*■ y ■~'*-   hV ■** J*?  *  y^.^ V\*  ,
*•■ jf ,*■ v )-y vy ■^^'vvy-^yv-vrY^v^v>v,>'^*>v+>***j^*>#^^^v^^r^*^y->^^
J***    .     r*    fV>    N  ^,
- .- ^ -v jr-*v r ■*** ^"^ >
The Peninsula Times       -  Page A-3 «•' P
Wednesday, Moy 21, 1^?S9 ^       ,
>   f.
Mooae about «,,;' /V  v    "*-,
• School board meeting
' y   , ~fr*_<m pajge A*1
the best two "scholarship  Departmental
Bxammzitons and will not include any,
mark made on the regular examinations '
should these also have been written, ,
Department of Education circular reminds students that the scholarship exam
is designed to bs competitive and rank
ihe best students in a course. It should
offer a degree of difficulty to eyen the
best student "and students electing, to
write the exam should not feel unduly
discouraged if they find the examination
hard. As scholarship students they should
realise tliat this is a so aciaL examination
to test them and is not justran achievement test for the average student.
Scholarship examinations will continue to include both objective and subjective items but with a preponderance
of the latter.
Commencing in 1970, grade 12 regular Departmental Examinations will be
available twice annually in January and
June, Until further notice grade 12
scholarship Departmental Examinations
will be available in June only.
Tnere is no change at this time in examination policy where grade 13 is concerned.   ,
. ■*■ *    1  A
*•**     -J
■*»f   '
---_".   " »     ...»l»|
t     «*
, r
Mmdteur event. .
^ '  . -*-ts
««.   .".J
r   t
>  *.     ^
.. r
t if*
>NE OP -the most impoj-tinit things vbovA   a#|icy,
„ -the panned British Columbia Festjyai    lumbia.
.for sm-iteur sport in British Co-
. .■'*-
.* *7
j* '
■*. iv.\
_ y i*
/  ■
h <
of Spoi-ts is that every community of any
size in B.C, will benefit, says -the President of the B.C, Sports Federation,
"It means that in towns large and
small right across the province, amateur
sports events of some kind will be taking
place during the month of May,: said Dr.
Robert C, Hindmareh.       '   .      -
"ft is this local participation that is
so" important if* we are really to.develop
the potential-"of our, young people, and to
encourage participation by all members
of the community in some form of recreational endeavor/' '*   ,
" Hindmareh was commenting on m an-"
nouneemeht by the Sinister of'Travel Industry Kenneth Kiernan, thai'an annual
Festival'of Sports is to' l>e held tte>ugh-
out British Columbia -starting in May 1970
to encourage participation, by British -Columbians, in all forms of sporting -activity.
- The Festival admmistrMion * will be
financed through a grant from the new
Sport and Fitness Fund set up by the
government dining the-last session of the
legislature. An estimated $750,009 wiirbe
i-yailable anniuaUy, from a ¥10 million
fund, to 'assist amateur sport and fitness. -
Promotion of "the*'Festival will be, done
by t!_^e'proyinciaYD^part.tn.ent>f Travel
Indusitry;/- y Y    i,,        „  ,
.^    _ .     _...._„, Hindhxawjh said, the BX,, Spores Fed-
—from saae ^1- v *'*.*' *"^* ^^T"JW*<:~'*  TV^^tZ 7" .* Mt apeisWmdyr FMy, Mi&i Mere-   eistion will have important roles,to" play
.   > ' -    , j -MA&ftrtf'lte both inyjhe organization of the-/Festival-
the bay has now eliminated:Fsmell, -1$& }     -last week when *r'-'-:-"—'-- -*--^--'-«'^t,i "*«-'-':_?-_. ._._•_.__«,—.-_..  _.__.._....  /.**—^-j..
said that unless steps Are taken now, the ' Secheit Pack^enie;. .^   , rrf. „r<r^nr,.   ^,„^„,^r, „_!W.
whole of the,Gibsons,'^rea-will in^ime-Y.G^ld^-B^prestation.eei^ony;\ "N y f-. '^m J^ek_t<m,r0_.i3|ja*V^h4t&' ^^iy   Pitness Fund. n
smell like a eesspwl. He suggested the, .   j^y fo^si-setting with'mo#y-^en;; 0ike, hm^^mstomtl &M'Ciir^    a, w^S^I^ttSifSrS^^
Pollution, Control Board seek* mfor^ .easpet **'ri&^po«I er^^-3.ust^Y^ne   UMe^-ll;;.Etfl* -J^ctev^h,    ^SSJfS^J So&Sf'aS
tion from the San Francisco Bay -area.-, r^b^i.^m^jphere,ior the delightful:story, .deGr,   SusaffF-.Biimis    crandmotiier'    Yr u     ■W^Zr?L*.»   young., people and
small way?    , " and other communities on the- Pacific- -Are ItwofcHild^n- visit .the. loUtf <\\ g^* r^S ^S'.v STKoA-   ^rJ*3 f}^*,- „j^ , ^ « ^
"  Another brief drew attention to the'   Coast that have faced similar problems/ *; nigbitdi:^^m^e'wi^>wrth__t'.they-- -gj '&£:  Sdren S    wiK^t^iS.^
fact that the consulting engineer's latest - -   A Gower Point' resident Questioned   «*n beeome^Brownies if they only. <«>ey ^ &£?fcJSf_?aan* ^ddrea w&<>    ^i^^L!^!!.^5 S^.*L^L!5f_r.
brief on the Gibsons sewer project has   ihe engineers' statement that the sew- Ahe rules by being considerate. and^Wnd,,
not been made public tout' that an earlier    age effluent' would sink to the bottom'   y Brownies -who qualified^ walked along
one predicted pollution would be negli-    when pumped into salt water. He said '-the golden jerth,- kneeled on a golden ej-tsb.--
gible. Such a thing ^as "negligible" pol-    the effluent will be mainly -fresh water    ion *anoYwere dubbed - "knights of 'the-'
lution was questioned and it was sug-- .and less dense than salt water; therefore   Golden Bar'' by:Br,own OWlMrs, Dpj-_alda>
"   Sigouim   Accepting -their first  Brownie
t ^Now^st las$, we nave something .hat
we can;get our tee.h into/', he said. "While
the Sports Federation has played ah aetiye
j-oleyn some -areas of amateur sport, the
Sumnier, *G_«nes in particular, it has lacked funds sto play the decisive role that it
The best recipe for ,a successful camp-
fire k4o dwwn it with w.ater after use,
stir 'tHe/^she^ then drown it again to
mike .sure, it ,-doe.sn't start a forest fire.
in 111 ■-
.   * -    ^JB. mm
^dilution Control Board
" ' ^    ■. * i - tm, F-Y • '*>   ,-'*=-■ &S-*  -;^rfameri-;yi«itQrj5 fast weolt by &>
will" be the effect on fishery? At that
stage, just-what remedy will there be?
Experience has shown 'that when such a.
stage is reached, the remedy is both expensive and difficult, Would it "therefore,'
be better to never let it start, even in a
became BtvmtieA,
Sports * Federation ,as  the- ;eo-ordinating
-  * * -        Sox 745
gested that perhaps a lititle more study be    it will rise to the surface. Further, most , Sigouan.   Aea _,   ,_
-given to land-disposal systems as used in""of'the year it will be -considerably war-" ~ badges were^ .Kathy BoaiTOy,_Elame;Mae--
m*3r than sea water, this too would com
pel! it,to me.
other parts of the world,
; Verbal statements were also accepted
ahd among them was one by a meehani- ,' , _^ Another power Point resident stated
eal engineer of Boberts Creek who said he ^has met' fishermen from the North
he had had extensiye experience in' " West Territories to San Diego who nave
California, For fifteen years the area in - travelled to ^this area,,£o"-#$h~'"our,fish
(the vicinity of'the San Francisco-Oak- -resources are famous^ "but if-we-'don't
land bridge smelled liker a/cesspool at m take cave, we wont have any fish to i>rag'
lew tide. Removal'of solids from sewage " about*-1 lie .said, "--Y"-*--* y ' . - .
on land and discharge of liquids-only into.
tayisht, Jennifer Maetayish, Meredith.Por-
ter,:Tjcr«ssaTn.odesQn and Wendy Flay;
' .* Cibri_-Ftine.LTndfirhill received her -Col-
le&s&^badm,. _,   .   -,'..i .       '.-"',"; .
Fairy* Godmother Mrs, M^y-M^jy-pre-;,
senjted Brown Owl-Donalda^Sigouw'and
Tjawnjr Owl Ro*?e Rodway with.pj"fit(ty'pur--.
pie vases containing a. large red rose^nd
Maiden "Hair Fern. „      *Y
Tea was served to visitors while-Dis-;
■ 10:00 euro.
\1 J ;15.o,P*i.
PHDWE S85-9665
All Welcome
-—Vtilkation* of -sewage by ^ome com- trie. Commissioner .Mrs, frothy -Stock*
, munities was mentioned by a Granthams well 3^d.vthe Brownies'in song; .   /"*''
-man, lie queried possibilities -of a similar 'Speeiaif guest "was Mrs..C. B^ 'Math
, splution nere,,Ths,w,as acknowledged by *»ro England who has l>een a^eader, b\
_ ttjie srhairman -who asked 1ioi. mueh are Brown?^s,/lGuides, and Rangers for;, the-
you prepared .tq.pay fox such methods qf' past fifty, years.
.^^1 . in    i1___._L     _>**.!___      !_._(__        *Iti _(_ **"
John Hind-Smith
Phone 886-2231
frorn,9'o;ro, to $:30 pm.
fiis. 88&.P94S**
&00 o.m. £yery Suodoy
9;30 o.m. Cburcb School
J hOO o^m. Zodi 4fhy *5*^. rSundoys
7.30pjn. lstond3rdSundoys
, Services held fCQutoriy in
For infarmotlor) phone *885-?793
Every Wed, 10 <am H, Communion St, Hilda's
Sunday School 10*00 o-ra.
Church Service 1*1;15 fl.W,
Evening Servico 7.30 {».bji.
OaVia Boy Hood ond Arbutus
<2 bloelts »p from Hlsbvoy)
dispiosal? that is-the big quesUon.?
.Discussion terminated . ^following' a
general'discussion on, the stffeqi of deter-^
gents as a-component of sew^e.Jt was
disclosed that in enclosed bodie| of water
su<_h.^s,Okanagari,.3t(ake, detergents have,
alre'ady produced* a severe'.pollution
problem* It is not yet knqwn atiwna*t
level -pf concentration, will nee^j' he given
abandoning use, of-detergents in, order to
protect our water resources.'; *
. .     . .*-   ,
In thanlting *lhe .audience,-the'Chairman stated A<we have learned much.of
your local problems. Now'leave us to, sort
it all over to combine it with'.what we
have learned in other areas. Let us hope
that Beautiful' B^C. will remain •beauti-
For (the, first time this year Golden    ^     -  ■<• »
Band^Br^niesin'*^ -"wMstOOT rem®.
^ing at Camp Olave  from May. 30 to
Jjme 1, -  . /
aunt-  t 1- ——
Experts "ot cuts, cciffs .ond colour
- Phone 886-2120
Woods operations (in ony oho year coyer a sano-ll percentage of the mufch larger
forest area wbich is producing the wood
on which annual cuts ore calculated. They,
also provide access to isolaited areas. Under pwper management, therefore, a forest region can supply both wood produpts
and outdoor reCretation, forever/
W^i*** to moke ybijr homo
larger, mbrecornforfobSo, mora"-
modem, inote l>eo_-t4ff*I?
WhotfcV-er .home Improyfimest-t.
ptojoci you hove fa ejin^
you'll Uirii- helpful idea_. *on_l
{nforrmof-ion ^f your otio stop
' fitippjiea thop
iiisnio nmlmns
Pfa'siti© 88S-9669
.   w     V ,       i .
Tho "FomJly Rooim"' 1» one of *l>o fc«*l«
feature- of fodo/j* foflclh*rn*$s. OHcn
oponiog off tbe h&tthen, it *sJvc_ mother
a chonco to keep en eyo «n tlio children
•whUo vrorkir*
Monor fcowjc* come Into tcing tn Eng-   J'  ■
load in Ihe 15th century. They woro de-  *] .1' •-
eisned  for <ow*fo»t  ond  prlvecy   with   ^    *•
work orcos, »toeping  ond  living  oreot   t '
sepcroied fro^n coch other.
•A*        tV
Movojo Indians even today often live <fa
eortbirn   hosons—rounded    mount,    of
«orth with a chimney In the center.
'"■ ', "k ;   "-,"*ftr" ■",'
Mohplo fe*w»e*»:*».i» -jwi>«l«r with ,tho fes*-
% i when   work  foktts  thorn  to many
■ git'sCOS.
- '   *&•       ,;-A"
Wo'il  eavo  you  time, annoyance ond
money whether you wont to feuy or to
. eesll.See- ■
'   Y  ,       /i,A  *».   »      i    ■     -*    i'      -1
• This -treereminder of comingiujyervtj.J.a sfervjoe of 5ECMELT AGENCIES
LTO. Phone Penlnsulo Times'Fdir^ct hr fro* rllstings, sp«sclfylnfj "Doto
Pod". Pleoso note jthot tipaca fa ilmiiod .ond some ^dvonco -dotei rmoy
hove to wolt their turn; ,ol*o jthot fihis' is o ''reminder*' listing only ^and
connot -alloys cony full detoill.
Moy 22—8 p.m, Main Lodge Comp fiyng, Roberts Creek. Jnauourol
^^ meeting of new Sunthlno Coast Olatrlct, Boy Scouts.
P" '"
Moy ?*4—'Secheit ond Wett Secheit Cubs Bottle Orive-n-ie Prepared.
May 28—8 p.m, Selma Pork Hail. Reaylar meetlna Secheit ond Di«.r.
Choml>er of Commerce,,
June "*-—12 noon Of.Wist ',Ofifrvtn0 oi Sunshine Coast Golf $, Country
Club.- , ■ r,   ( '•*•
* - ' ■ ^   ,, > ''
June 1—A p.m. Camp flyina, 'ftf.lt>er.s'Creek. Dedication of ftotaltock
Momoriol Chopfl.     " ,'   '
ask roa Hi* 'cArAutMnit m fistmmvt
Multiple tistWg Sorvioo
V*»*A«n»v«jr lUmif it««t«
avbms vmtnsrsnx '
fajmiiure. Recovery o Specfof|ty
." Firivjineof fabrics,^
Samples brought to home,
hal-ANp May aubin
Tel. 835-9575 - _>«vh 0oy
^i ■f>ii»i»>iii>i timmtutmn »tm%*mmmm* ■wiiiiiw^»ww »» iiw-nr.-
t. & H. 15WANSON LT1>.
Septic TonfesWd Drain Fields • fJeckhoo ood
frotst End iooder V/prk *
Screened Cement Grovel - Fill «nd Rood Gravel
Phone S05-9666 - Box* 172 - SechclJ
.      AND CADJNET SflOP    .     .
-   Cusjtom (Cabinetry for home ond offlcp
.f   . Kitchfln Specialists   ,.
ILBirWn/l.efflcAAve./l.ot_y*»»Cree*_   -
pKone 0*3^_t_»51 or 806-2261
i  i    v i .* j.*** **■'     /    /p» -
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Ojper. in the Ricbter Block
Seqhelt, ,iB,C.
9 <o.m. to 5 pja. Jwesday-Sofwrdoy
Household Moving & Storage
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Dry-Wall TopJng, Sprdy-Tex Ceilings
<Any Color)
Anywhere on, the Sunshine Coast
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All electric cobins. Boat rentals.
'. ';.f^«ntH«ng-rornp.
Mercury 'Outboard',sales and service.
_ •' 'tfetrjae "ways. Repairs.
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Residential -, Commercial
Jndusfrlar VWrJog
Electric Heating Specialists
Si^ri/tg ^jbiit MiHIofi to F««i!er Mvr^mtt
~     ,'   iXCAVATIONS
foundations - trees, remwed  .....
Clearing $nd ®md Bulfdlng .
Growl, Nawy Ht fill
A. SIMf»KIIIS--*iS$-213_l
.    COLU5JOM BfePAIr^",     .
24 HOUR TOW-JN^-^8fj-28n ^
-     totest Equipment fcr
Wilson; Creel.. &€. - $85f 466
B«»l Block - Oibson*      -5
Every Wednesday
-     \i    ®VM&4$ '; \" ' ''*' y
MOWi 50MWD>l045c $TORE
9589 Marine _. Gibsons ^;$B6&8lXL
Ewryrhing frorri Needles io
School* Supplies •
*;.. '. ■  . -
For Ypur PmKSupptipi '
Denny .Wlieeler ''    ''
''    YotJr
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Ladies' _jnd ChiJdrenys Wear
Open six days a week
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Cov/rio SfreCJ, Scche-2-
' T«_ep'ho»o ^S6-20#
Potteiry^ Supplies, ^la*-s«s ^ firing
dealer for *_H-nparr*Cer«teie: praducti
Pino 84. & CwuMv^-'Ayef.
PJt>, Cos _>2/ C-hsipfisu B.C
_i_r« 'I  M«i»*««ip«PWN»iW«^^»M*MPII««W>»W«OW«^WWW»W»««NWW«»rF.*0*^^^ ■*■-**«
SJS»NB ■r*;;V?>
ERVICE'      Solc3' ^^s' SoWS?0
Mrs. M$F-io llovios - BS5-9740
 '      ......I. , i i
At (ho £i^*- of tho <-3$m*_j
Machine "Shop —■ Arc and Ac*y V/cWnfl
Steel Fabricating .— Marine yV*oy»
Automotive ond t^odno Rcpclr»
, Stanford.,M9<Uw. ttaifaa.
Phon# Mo-7721    , it**, 9Mg£itfWMtt*
m    in   ,     *"•'< » ■",'■ ■ ■■i»,.U,^,',»iy,,,,',ii,  'n   '    I
Madeira Park'» jP«nder fiorbonir
'■ - ''F,a,rts- ^'.-'Marine Sen4oa
Dealer for 'Evirinidiy :
O.M.C.'5t€m pr?v»„
, Lawn Boy, Sporryak, *_*priii-**
K, & C Thermoglass ,...,.
pord Marine Engines
*& Pionmr Chain Saw Oealtr
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Stt»*l»Ia© Cfiwsi* W#voy>
Pfions 335-9713
Reupholstering * Restyling
Complete Oropery Service
Samples'__hown in the home
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jPWiilfWWMi-i »Ikii«iih W-»iPI»>«0*ii*.r*^ifiwi»^WIW<WM«i«*_iiP**-iiiiiiWiP*.i*F  mil Ol
No down payment - Bank Interest
so year* to poy
Complete Jine of Appliances
Lbdlf's' - Men's* Children's Wear
Yard **3Soods - BficMing - Ui-tctns
D:y HfS-fJll - 'SmlmM, O.C.
,, ^T«n year* to pov
omplete lino of oppll
forfri* ettlM<>t0~~GtAl C86-272B
^i>i.ii»l»IW^iiiiiiiPiiiiii<»i%iiiip^ii^Miii_i>»w_iiir»-|Wnp>*._«^iiwi*« iw www*
:     •    fhmo 1.85-2062
jm,mmwm*mmmm il»P Mil 'I ■ KH ■ I  ■*■ IW,»Wr«lM«>WI*n-.«WiW»*WW»iNi* Ii WW' ■■■■■■■.r*_Wi_.n_*P
Vendor Matrboiir - £03-2493
P,C Lend Sonrcyors
Whitaker Block - pavis Boy
R.R. 1 Secheit B.C.
HB5-2332 or ZEntlh -6430
. ■, ,';:• -■" .   -Giiwosrta ■ • .
Piumbing .«• PJpefittlnsi
StettrtlflttJrig - Mot Water fi^at\ng
.   Pipe Logging.'
■'    ftom #86-7017 or #.86-2848
jm»m—mmm$miim<. pmm*mw™**~*mm»w^m*^>™+<* * wmiii. iwfmw <.«.tm ^i»ii_h », i. u.u .iniHwimiimmm*-
, MJffU In 5*odk ond Mode to Meoswe-
, H-pO-towrte-rs for G.W,<S. Work Clothe*
St®r»fi«l«l v Arrow * McGregor
Curri* - PJonoer Clothes
-;   ;   ' $m&Mf -TlMEXWATCHB
-   -WATCH mPMSS t
1$IS l^riM Dr.« 0bso<ts - 806-211*3
m"mm-tmwimmmmmim»mm\i*>mmmiwmm\mmmmummm*mmimmimiiiwm ■i»ii.ii.iwiiiiil.iii.«M<».|w..mr_*.
' ',  *° IfYAWEMOUSB
$mhm 0-35-2.10 - &b»<»»a 886-2172
DAiur msna. from vamcouvo-*
f-twrf^As «o onywhwe tn Coneda.
* Jft   M   #>   *   #    «t
» *-**%f*^iv«^^^"»"i!*'^}^-^^^«'^«*i^   fp"*i#'**+if*** *
iwV** -f*B-*™#"ft*ff*fl<P*f» **"»*'> (I'-ftff*
11 J*nf *js w sv> .**tf.-r
#*»^*f* /^.^■A^A^.'f-' a*:*^^^**^,^-^ « arf»*»»»##<_* • V  it.  "*,*      , > ',*'i>v  ,,'-,*  '.���"���(' i-f'^"r-v*,/' -  ��� r ���^'^./���f-"'���**-*''V {i.w'i'F  '*    ',.V    *  vi   .  v��' as,**1* ">��*''*'�� *V'Y ,Jt? * '-^ *,*���*  _ S^'.*tA.*^-^^.i)^.^J3V.^.^^.*.i^,^wJM.J*^.^ 1.FU^-,j^rfF,___Ufi^sJl^k>^V^A>^P1a^<J.*!-  ' vi . ^** ^^ivv^'"'^ *V'Y >? *  "* '**'..''���*^*��1c j ���**<���*>  yv*'   j!,^-'".'^y-r �����'/��� 'ky-'*-' *<*** *���-* ** "'vv-'._���'���"-_'  f^ - ^ ,,    ��--<  ���A��-��>'-��-v-v--*l^-*w'-V^y,y*"*^^ f^.-4f'*V^*VV'ff**WvvVvVvVytv^VVw,*y. .  -..-{,'<     *- ��� ,�� ''    /:-).*      " Y,   '*���.���->/        ".   V  ���     ' '    '   '      .���"ft*.   s  -.<���*,'  '.Fl     *��� .< ��t '   -  (*i_��._A.��J __���__ _.__,_..___. y. 1>>Jt-i*$*Jv^M:Vj_ "VvV i*ik*V^*i^'^^N^V^ V^VS**^ ��*^ V-^^f-*V,V'h-''T^%^4^^-*NA*Bi-^^  Record crowd  O   O   9  011*3.  5,4'      J     v ,    -  ^F*   T 1      v-"  4-jr^"*    ���-  -F       ��,**.  lay; !JaY;coiiiiiiittees  2  I  mark up imm^mdous success  BEAUTIFUL weather, hordes of [Willing  workers, Sunshine , Coast Lions and  Mrs. Lee Redman, all combined to proY  vide Secheit -with one of lbs besst" May  Days to date Starting with a well or-^  ganized parade led by members of'tho*  BCMP detachment in their colourful red  jackets and followed hy the even more  colourful Secheit Residential School  Band, a large number of impressive  floats, clowns, horses and other entries  all did credit to the 2ls't anniversary  event.  Surprise participant was Hon. Isabel  Dawson who joined the j>rize( -winning  Pender Harbour Hawaiian ..lancers, complete in grass skirt and the trimmings.  M[rs, Dawson remained anonymous *  through the entire parade until her fellow dancers revealed her identity later at  Hackett Park. The beautiful maidens  (ugh!) on this float kindly donated their  $15 prize money io^-tbe Secheit Senior  Citizens organization.  Taking part for the first tin.e was the  Elphinstone High School Band under the ���  direction of Frank Postlethwaite who in  short time has gained a great reputation  as bandmaster. The young musicians,  many of whom have been playing ior  only seven months, gained -considerable.  applause for their ability.  Following crowning- ceremonies, en- ,  tertainment was provided by both bands,  a selection of jnodem music hy, the  School Band and the ever popular and \  well executed tattoo by the Residential  band. A group of young square-dancers  from Secheit school and another "group  of ten dancing girls from the'" West  Secheit school provided additional _snter-  iainment. ,_ ��� -   t  Acting Mayor Morgan Thompson, introduced by able M.C George*" Hopkins,  commenced on the twenty-one year history of the May Day celebration amount  of work put into such a project and expressed thanks to Mrs. Redman and  chairman of the -event, Terry Bodway��  also to the Lions' Club and the <_&&��� fcx-*  ganizations whieh ��layed' __ ��� big part jh  -_ > .    ...  ensuring success of the day.  ' On the grounds, numerous concession  booths, games of chance,' bingo, Lions  carousels, all provided lots of fund raising entertainment. Big attraction was the  dunking pool y*hich dropped a voJLutcer  into a tank of water each time the button  was struck by a ball thrown by an  accurate customer. Yariety store operator  NeilJ Campbell spent a great deal of his  time under "water but Harold Clay of  Madeira Marina, complete with Hawaiian  costume, took the first plunge under the  impression it wasn't for real.  An estimated crowd of more than two  thousand lined the parade route and later gathered at the park - to enjoy what  was/Vjfenerally acknowledged to be a  highly .successfull community event.  ENTRY AWARDS  Judges were Mr, Don Douglas, Mr.  RUdy Crucil, Mrs. Ann Kurluk and Mrs.  Audrey Benner, Prize winning entries  were- Commercial, Campbell's Variety,  Private, Madeira Park; Clubs and Organization*--, Elphinstone Secondary. School?  Walking, Robin Hood <the Christmas  Family); Bikes, Mark White; Best Comic  Lions Clowns.  Pulp capacity rises  over supply results  -MEW AND expanded mills increased British Columbia pulp capacity by 500,000  tons and newsprint capacity by  _OQ,*000  tons during 19S8."  The Council' of-the Forest industries of  B.C. reports that pulp capacity is 5.4 piil-  lioa tons and newsprint capacity, 2.1 million tons.  - TheCJouncil said that continued -world  over-supply resulted in B.C. pulp mills  operating at 78 per cent of capacity while  newsprint production was 82 per cent of  capacity.  ���Ehere are 21 mills in the province, one  wider construction and four with timber  rights and jSnancing for future constmc-  -*tio_��     -,   ,'Y *-        I   * _*  .   ���***  i  , i     *  *i  *   t  V    .  J* V    . ��  f      -     iW    ���    '\~r-6     '  -.V "'*PS,       *  e*"  ���*]  i  , ^fc_._..i���.. i  l -F  /If  t:--  f       T  . ' __-  f<  ���*A^y**    '  L-J_    *_ **  w.y*  ���i/  y *?   $<��� ���  i  1 -    \  l_v  J I.  M  ��� t -  t  it*  -        l^-  Thomas-Budolph . * * '".,-' 7'-^7/ y .' ;'' \ *'  Y.Seelieit Catlioiic Cinircli-^;  ^ y v I A,-** II ^ - r *���  lor double ring ceremoiiY  o * ' * ^ ' i    '    * *       >  OH-TH-URSDAY, May, 8'ih the Holy *J, Thompson;-Mr.'and Mrs. C.'Saiahub;  '       ' '   "  "     Dr. and Mrs. H. Wiebe; Mr, and Mrs, L-  Summerfelt and' Mr, and Mrs, D. Cray.  * Unable to attend were Mr and Mrs, O.  Hopkins; Mr, and Mrs. A. Williams; Mr.  and Mrs, A, Gibson and Mr. and Mrs. L.  Gory.   ... , '  v _> <-  Industrial strikes  25% March increase  MARCH produced a total of 83 industrial  work stoppages across Canada, 21 more  than in Fetaiary. During March, 31  strikes ended, while 38 began. At Aprii I,  there were 52 stoppages in effect involving 8,929 workers.  The total time loss from all work stoppages during March was 1*39,120 *nan-  days, equivalent to 13 man-days lost for  every 10,000 man-days worked hy non-  agricultural paid employees. Comparatiy���!  figures for February show 11 man-days  lost for -every 10,000 worked,    *.���  An analysis by industry of all work  stoppages in effect during March shows  one in forestry, five in mining, 49 in  manufacturing, 12 in construction, five in  transportation and utilities, three in trade,  seyen in servree and one'hi public administration. , . , '.  Y"  '.  The breakdown. oj[ work ^stoppages in  effect by jurisdictiori. was: Newfoundland,  one; Nova Scotia, five;-New"Brunswick,  three; Quebec, ten; Ontario, 41; Saskatchewan, three; Aijberta, three; British, Columbia, nine; Federal, fiye.   <  Y Family    Catholic   Church,    Secheit,  Karen Lynhe 'Rudolph daughter of Mr,.  and Mrs. Herb Rudolf, of Secheit,' became  the bride of Mr.' George Robert Thomas,  son of Mr.' Bert Thomas of Vancouver, >  B.C,  Rev, Father Kepny, officiated at the  double ring ceremony which took place  at 5 p.m, >  t -Giyen in marriage by her father, the  radiant young bride wore a floor length  gown of cream satin with long lily-point  ..sleeves and a lace neck-line. Her matching long trailing net and satin veil *was  held by a single white rose and she carried a bouquet of red roses. Hsr only  jewellery was a sterling silver cross, a  gift of the groom. .  The bride's gown and veil were worn  by her mother on her wedding day, nineteen years ago.  Attending the' bride was Mrs. Ger-  maine Lizee who^wor*e a two piece blue  and white suit with white accessories atid  a. white carnation corsage.       - \  Best man was Mr, Rod Lizee.  Reception followed at the Peninsula  Drive-in Dining Room where Mr, Lizee  proposed the toast to the bride and  groom.  In the evening the bride's parents entertained a few friends in their home\  where dancing was enjoyed and refreshments seryed. . Later a delicious buffet  supper was served. Guests included Mr.  and Mrs. L. Goasen*; Mr. and Mrs. Ron  Werning; Diapne Ono; Wayne Bracket.;  Heather Hall; Clint Booth; Mr, and Mrs.  ���tH m.  Y ' Queen's .Etifcttrag-t  .    ;- ,-|-  Escorted bylieflatSierMr, hatfreiicp  Steele,J Seym's ;21st * May ���OUeerf -  C-xtdy is preceded by iser- m^ftaaftxj?  Vieki.?teal-illey,. tyaii .Baals,' _3o insst  ^ils, and 0i, bearer iKevin'A_iprst*���  as deleaves'tiie dais 49;-j_g_Joy.pxjf .  daj*^a^iiaeespepisdly t& -to-V-''���_ -���  Unenplbyrnent Jrikwgnt-e  _.  IS.  ,S  ** f  ���Q. 1 have always paid uneroplpymei-b  insurance contributions, 'but'l have mevef  drawn any benefit. X shall be retiring  soon and wonder ifXshall be,_5__t___ed tct,  receiye unemployment ins,urance benefit.  >   ��� ���>      .*,.,.  A.   On retireanent, you'yfill be en-  Bloke C. Alderson 9.C  P��st Office Building SfMh^t  ' Phono ��89-233?  Rcs.B86.232f" ; '"  Tuesday to fn&ov 10:30 a.m.*��9 $:?0 p-ra.  " - Saturday 9:30 o.m. to 1:00 p.ta. -  ��VENIN(5S BY APPOlNfjVifNT''.  *iM''*m*mm*<mmM*  v.Any Questions please?  titled to i*ecei_7e_benefit Jf you are ready  and. -^filling Ho take " other employment  Ifcu are* not necessarily entitled to receive  _>enefit becaitscyou have always paid un-  |mpioym(Bnt't insurance contributions. -  -/-' Tq J^ entitled to.receive benefit on recrement," *yo__ -most register at the nearest  ���JfjK^ office'and prove' that yx��u ere avail-  aTWe'for ���worlc'and ready to take any suitable work- -   ,, -  *7' QU*estions should he referred'to Jnfor-  mation -jtervl^es, Uneirnployment Insurance  **f5-_iin-ip5io,n, Vanier Building, 222 Nepeasa  gt^Ott-nya, Optario ��� TeL 996-2975. *  f   t *_ *   ___  , <t   n,    *f    I I -"  ������ �� W*PK "P^-i ���- ���  ������, ���' *--����lllHl*_  ���n^f-  ������ ^  ^ Jteip 'burning forest fires may burn  irn.-d^'^ow all winter.    -        ��� '  Fttnafad  for May Qu^e '0,1  MONDAY was, a day littW. girls dream  about and. for twelve-yearrold Cindy  Steele who was crowned Seehelt*s IVIay  Queen for 1969, it will he a day-to remember- Everything was just" perfect including the weather^- Elphiiistone' School-Band  played .sofBy as'the happy, xojjpg__*Jwteens  were led to.the,,dais and.drummers ^rom  Secheit Residential, School _B_and *-__*>, *__-01  Indian regalia \took' over with .i ^rand  roll of* drums ^athey, mounted.j-the.iiteps.  Regal visitors for the,ocpa_iionj'W;ere-  PegVA-4 * 'l ' . The Penfnsulo Times  .     Wednesday, Moy. 21/J969W''Y  ���"���P"^��"^*��"'^w^����wwwpj^i_-iai>*i^*iii*<WW>^wM   iiwwii-iii ipwi���__*�����������mmmm.������_  Farewell party held  prior 4o Scotland trip  ON(.*TH-E fiveiiing'of USAy 14, Miss Vatkr-  son*afcd-_$__ Reg. Smears gave a fare-  welj party '_��rF_Mx,'jand Mrs. Roy Gaines  at-the ^Peninsula;-Drive-In Restaurant  , MS*.*'arid Mia.* Gaines are leaving for  a trip to" Scotland Also present to wish  them a*happy journey were Mr, and  Mrs. Harry Sawyer and Mrs,' George  Batcfaelor,Y' ���''     '   '. "  ' An 'excellent' dinner was enjoyed to  the '-strains of ".pleasant background  musie.- "��� -        '  SMART PIONEERS  Long before .math-proofing-was known,  wives -of pioneers protected woolen clothes  and WanJsets Iby keeping-them in .chests  of red. juniper toed cedar). This wood has  a component irVhose'sroVll is reptilsive to  inaects-yct pleasant to people.  IliHilll  ���*_________      -JL.      _________f! **   6*"***********W��*" la^MMMHpJ  x  I  I  i  5  I  I  Si  ���  I  I  1  |  1  SEiF_W4G PORT MEUJm T0 W&IF m@��M BAY  We pick you up ol your home. Dual controlled cars.  Small automatics now available.  Reasonable Hates * ^rofessS-mal Ignstmc^on ,  Phone'886-2401 \y / : ,   <  m^^'^Mm^^>^^wm^^m^^^^^m  cess- -Geraldiae - Joe; - Gibsons-' July- -Is* ���  Queen Leer-yfwen-       ��� ��� ���-����� ��� *  Ka^en Sppncer performed the crowi-Wig  cereriiony Jdr retiring iviay 't_&eeii 'Jan  Btophy and* ^vicen 'Cindy'' ^graciously  thanked Jthfe May' Day dommittee, Ljoijs  ^Jiup and Jettehjfers. of SechfeltjElementary  Sc__ool*,for making the,day; possible.���'"May  happiness rei^n supreme,"', she said and it  surely 4id~ as. she., signed, t^e, register * as"  S-tciJelt^s-^l'St'MayQueen. ������< s ���-��� ���' .'  '" 'Quceri ^Cihd/s'attendants Were Lynn  Bullis and Vickl'Fearhley, jand-jseated on  r_.iitj_.er.- sides,of h^r '.were -.little. flower .girls*  in pink dresses. Looking very handsome  in his .dark suit and bow,'tie, young Kevin'  August proudly held the gifts for Mrs.,  Charlotte Jackson to present. .  Queen Cindy's first royal task was to  present trophies to prize winners after  which'she was'able (to relax and enjoy.  the music and dancing'prior to her next,  engagement which, was the May Queen's,  banquet held in the Feninsti-a Dhidngj  Room and the Ball held in the Legion'  Hall where Mr.. Maurice Hcmstreet was.  Master of Ccrlpmoriies.'    '      ''        -      \  .    -       * i   , .        ,ii,. ���_i_   ._.__._.-._.._.' '  ,  i i  Cf--, -  KOLIM  fU.3 BUYS  JUMBO EAT asid BALL  "fishing sets n,:: ������'.���������  .a. $1__19  :ea*_"$]129:  CHILDISEN'S GAHDEN SETS ea. $|.52>  CHOQUET CAftT-SETS  -,,, '; ��a.' .$4*98  BOAT SETS; \^. ���.,.;... ,,;:,.:,._-,_--^_w^a_ $|.0Q.  BUG' KEEPER SETS  SMIFIT SPECIAL  ��� TAI�� 'H BAT SETS  FRIS'BEE  CHILPBEN'fS  sHellcraft SETS-  HOLLEU SHATiES  HORSESHOES   BASEBALL SETS  SWIM FINS  MASKS'  _ea. ''$1_19  _jea.. <9gc  jea. $4-49.  ���O "O1  .      * j     i"    *    ^  /'   -^ a -^^ -.,->r-T5SL-?��ow*: - m.,"?**. ������  ������.v../v.,/"ik *.*   /.-���*���'���  I"..      *  ' Y'      *-'v'j^-*rr_-___n_:*___--<"./ -     ��� ' y,_,- \K'*^rrr--*���-,-r**-'-'wr"~s*'j! -1*-���  ;      -  .   ..     v.,.~ .ifc   _.-^/.   ,-��,-". ���        ��� * ** .    *-.'*Oi   ,       ���*.���-���.-     ���  -.-  .'f  I ��-    I ���     -      S_-    '-       _./" *!-;'>. i-���.' ,'V -    .        ���   - . *���' ��   ���   ' -    -   " r -      ���  j      * .     ��� .-.       >.���<_**,���%-���*".'- ������'..--���--      *   *     ���*       ��� ���  ���'    -jjT*-   '    -  j  1 ..     ���_. ���-- ��� -_-_-.   ���wtMlMW ���*   ��� 1MB���i������   ������>t-i_^ lt|r*)-l l��<h��yP>P"MHI|> H'W   U1"       P ������>������������     ������PW^*BP    ri__��M>^P> ' ' "  " *'        ' III     IIIWl       ���      --���*��������������� HI* ���_.������_. _������. H __ .   -__��� . _,.      _��� ������    - Yi,,,,,,  C^(3��HN-l8o��rorotopJlBtU,OlO'���^Blr��ltopCoup��l,^tel>Nr.���'^,. ,"*-'���';���' ������ '�����'- 0 .��!: .^n c...i,.c,: , ?L,',-.rtCoL,pc,t.*iir.j i m. .iW'ti^-j tpujjo,  You just won't find cars that'll give  . you more sheer; ego-pampering luxury���car for car;  dollar for dollar���than The Challengers!  Try io match Pontlac's -slandard .uxuries     ego ��� get a full measure ot fuxury. And a        x?ty fe^fc  flk$ full-glass f��ide windows and Upper-     very crianenging 1.reak _4way deal. And ''''&%***!��,**  level ventilation. Oo -.omctWng for your     give it.one Jiumarume "iho old heavo-lio.  ���������-. i  .MM*.., (ll  �� *,t.l,lt,l.N(.,(.  Set your loco! cuthorized Pontioc deoter  P-1765K3  PENINSULA MOTOR PRODUCTS (1957) LTO.  St-cfcell' Wsorc; 085-2111  mgjm^mmmmmimm  mmnm���m*  i �� . '  ��� v.���*tC'."F��,^t_j*.'FC<_-'C-_, ^;v>.��>,^;,_.��:,��.' <<^<-iv<c**^*#**,<4"*v#'i��t,",<'^''tft *!*'^<*^i4 #/^,>***-f*^/i/,#'^*����*vt-** *^>?<^^^f>f^^4-ie��ef't��-tf *.*���<��***.  ,4,       - .      , ,,_ j,^    '     ��rt f.     f   ,^b    ] ���. , v      i    - (,'       U,   # 1*   -j> *wv ���* im*'��-�� <i ^^,.1?^.. ,^5*"��%f,# kW4*)*rt,J[fW#.t��n,-,V,*nii* w*��*^,i^>��}a^**'��^i^t^|W^*^*^^��^ s��^-fi*        ;   *���      . ,   ^*   | *��� -f      *'  " *** */>j*<��-f'-0"m **���* * ** ^^ *$t?$'*$*��*?���$'��J��'* ^*^^y j^^'*f,*^"*^'^'4-^f,f-^���^'^*^ i***j����^i **�� .* **��***#, ^1.,*^^^^, ,,��� x,  !  .  1'  :s  ii * v-"*-V<-i -    , .^ift     vi        \       , ,  **"    ..'-v.     '>" ���*" r*-'!"<? ** J"'"-        ".'A* /��-.   ' ��- ?! I-'  j?  .-i����-;*<*f<-fp ��!��**.��� -, ��.-.f.~ "-..���'.-)��� <.,"."��   *if-**   ���"* -* **i     -,--, *   * "���-i1  .11    -     .    -. (   .  .   yf    _     ^-^ .  ���r �����* '-.1-V--BP- y ff ���  .'tf   -|       ^^* V��"*-��1<.    ^iJ\*  u ^V/r -^lfp-y p _���* j*  >*v,v >* i "v .v,.^^^  *j*(1  'V ���> jp'v****'*/**'/*  /^il-   //** "P  V * *,i     ^  <<*$     ^    /V ���  Jftif j^v-v .vyj"-' ���"���*��� V  ^ *7 v -^-v /-v j- i  Suhshiti^ Coast)$$cirts,  v  BASEBALL'is.'riow'In full swin^and so < 0,0*? p.m.  . aire the:bats !the;men ���'_��_;'swinging in.     , Sunday, May 25/WiUs^ Secheit Resi-   Section i  ' the  Fenifl_n___��.. Men's -Softball -League,, -deri-ia!. at IBor* Metton, Roberts 'Crgek at  1 With, min^ stftball'teams, sirs Little Lea-**   -Gibsons playing ���Gibspn5F|,irement and"  /-gue Teams' and .two" Babe RytJv teams   Gib&m~' Merchants  will- 'host  Wilson  plating on the Pen&sula this year, your , Creek...  '        < *'    '.,',. Y  loca*. ballpark is'-, the place to /go tor aY  Y Little League insults *-_��& standings  iWefaes(lw,Moy2h 1969  ���x  Pages 1-6  ie~  good evening's entertainment on almost  any night of the -week.     -"    - ' -  f In men's soft-ball, action -this week;  Tues.-13th Port Mettow edged BCMP 4 to  3 on the-' pitching of Denny Carroll, and  who'was ihe policeman walking' around  Secheit this*- week -with a, red face? JJt  seems he got a home run in'the last  inning tliat would' have tied Ihe game  biit in his hurry-to score -neglected to  (touch first base. /  "  ' The Shakers outlasted the Firemen 20  to 10 with Bob' ColikeU getting the win. ~ Port Mellow;.;..:  ' Cliff Salahifib threw a 5 hitter to help   Firemen.  Wilson Creels, beat Hydro 7 to 4, Buss   fP^J '  Clarke in-relief gave up 3 nuns jn' the    Secheit  7th to get his first'defeat of the -year..  **y<*ro  Cliff picked up all the help he needed tor   *0,0,r"  ihe win. from Bruce Redman who hit a  sacrifice/ a 3-sua homer and a single for  5 >BBls for -the game  will* be-reported* ��woe -the ^tearn managers  rej>ort all games > to 'the "League storekeeper, v' - - - *. , * -  J i' "_r_.es,; May 27. 'Shakers at Roberts  C-^k, .Hydro play the Pen Hotel at'Gib-  &ms] and. Secheit plays the ROMP at  Hackett Park, ,  -'' All 'garoes start at~7;00 p,m.*  '.  STANDINGS  Fteninsula Hotel  Wilson Greek  A-  *A*,*?***.tT  Shakers .-......-'���._...  Roberts Creek"......  w  L  TPts.  .'4-  1  0    S  \^'  * 1  0    3  ���*.  '*'  _r f  6  ���Us.  ~2  i    5  ��  '2  o   4  ^'  2  0    4  l,  /l-  '1  "3  i  4  0    5  0  4  0    0  SUNDAY BESULTS  Three Little League gam^s played on*  Sunday saw same dramatic results with  Wjlaoni Crgek ppimding the Kinsmen 'with  #? *o 3. "Residential School 25, Merehattts  11 and Firemea 10, Part Mellon 3,  PORT MELLOW" - SECHELT  ' y Thursday -night action saw Port Mellon  beat Secheit 17 ^>'%with Lee MeGee making, his first; appearance of the year for  Pori^Mellon,' Terry. Kwa^ney got the loss  as Port Mellon struck tor 10 runs aa.  the 7(j_h_ >      r,    *   .  PiBST SHUTOUT  ' ,  . Pelly Poulson pitched his first shutout  of "the season "to cswy Wilson Creek to a >  14-0 win over the Shakers, Beto Coiutell  -TWO $250 S_-holaT*ships axe offered ^nnu*  picked up the? "l^ss when Wilson -Creek   .'* - a��y ,io stadewts, attending jEip_4nstone .  hit for 9 runs in the first Riming. Bruce;   Swohdary'^hool byy^he, Ho>ve 'Sound  v Redjnan who is'hoi'dt plate 'Ms wpek.hit   ?W Divisioj-rFofs Canadian forest Prod--  2 doubles to bring hisJRBIs for the.week   ,��c*fe:m,.P^rt MeUon, B.C She,scholar- -  - - -   - - ships *ff*e part-of* a-oontin_*ing' program  lUjdertakejj. hy i|xe,Company to emphasize  -the,jp-eed- foi l*4gh.*y-tea_ned.personhe,_ in  ���v_  >���  . .%*?  'l    �� V *-\  '   *       *_  _���   * *     f !  *^      -/   ''  V* _  ���cy*^  A'-  ���***-���   �����.  -*f  . **-*-1   ������  * ' * - \  1**  % i  * Hi  !-  ��  :* ���_  t j  /���"i"  '*  �����'���.  _t"-  ��>.        -���    <!���-  4FP^,  -     _ ��*���  .   u * *  /���"  _���    ������ 1  1 SC'.    *.V  *��� ' ft  .      ^  v   (.'-Vir -��_i ���*���"    .  -*>  rm ��i  a.  / *.  /���*  7  '����  i  *��  ��� S   *  i  t *  y*'  I  5  //  ��*     3*  v***  ���_  ft *  -*  jn        ^ t-*�� t. ����� ,--r~ _, ^^^-^. r**"T  Gibsons Village ...  *m*mmmmwminmmmmmm��mmmmmmmwm!mmm*mmmm*Zmmmmwm^ 4 >  General mill rate increase  total remains steady at 57  OENISRAL mill rate for the Village of  Gibsons for 1089 is 22.24, a�� increase  of 1,1*5 over last year's general tax rate,  Hbweyer, total mill rate for the Village  will remain -the same as last year at 57,00.  due to a reduction- of L15 mill's in School  District leyy plus a reduction of .01 mill  in Hospital levy,  Levy of 22,24 mills wjUd bring a revenue of $56,734 and Provincial Grant will  be $40,500.  Estimated revenue for 1959 is,as follows:  EXPENDITURE  Administration  7,400  Water supply  2,900  Distribntipn (maintenance)    -  4.000  Debt charges  ,      8,533  Capital works  5,207  TAXATION  General rate���22,24 mills  $ 56,734  Hospital rate���,93 mills  2,373  B.C. Telephone  202  Licences and permits  4,545  Rents, concessions and franchises  750  Court fines  50  Interest, tax penalties, etc.  3,200  $28,040  CAPITAL BUDGET 1959  General Government 1,275  Protection to persons and property 3,000  Parks and Beaches   \       -          �� 5,000  Public Worki> 26,900  Miscellaneous 11,904  Cantor Scholarships  lot Elphinsione High  , Presentation  Casfcisr*.*-*. Hfoei ^unsbine Queejd; Mrs, *_ da'in Harry Stwebbervy made tfee i_3re-  Wsxy '0diig3iais;liasi mm re^m.and ywell presenl-atiojQ oi a purser ,  , _  l^Safamaiyatth&C!e<i__reJj��L,OaQ-'ty-  ..*-.,,        . -,���..��  CONTRIBUTIONS  .Provincials  Local Govt, grant 40,600  Secondary roads  grant-in-aid 12,000  Street lighting Assistance     394  B,C��� Hydro  Misce'lflaneous  fe.094  926  325  ito a toted ol 3,  VICTORY  * ;The' other"Thursday night g&toe-^aw  -_h_& miU 4.perditions,', ���.,  * y^e ^^^o&is'hip will be-offered to a  ,ifcu_i__.t .jsnter&g- .the: B,C, -Institute of  Technology -and, the other to a' student,.  planning to enter *the Faculties of Science;  or JEngineering at any uniyersity ,i�� Brit-  ish.,Columbia,        ,     y ^        "   '  ���Recipients of the scholarships will be  selected' by a committee .made up ot yep- *  i^senta-fiyes of Cariadi__a"7-onest PsosUiots  Udl Howe Sound-Pulp Division and El-  Freeman Reynolds- -pit��hf -Jus- Peninsula  Hotel <tea��i ^a-J-t^-2-iry^ory:_Hrer the  Firemen,-with ^VanlrJ-^dshaw g&tmg the  loss as thfe Pen Hotel "got 5' ruiSs'in the'  top of the 7th/ ,;  COMING. EVENTS  Ne** wedfs- games_ * ThursdayyMay  22, sees Secheit at Wilson CreekiTFeh Hotel  at Roberts Creek ind RCJ^PJ play Fii*e-  snen at Gilasons,1*     ��� , J-  , Sunday,. May 25; "Firemen at Secheit, - pijin^one- Secondary^ SchooL ,1Jje' corn-  Port Mellon at Wilson Creek' and the   ��iiWee"vciSl"consider-Academic'standing,  BCMP play Shakers. '          ^MUde, apd work throughout -secojadary ,  *    '  Sdhool-and the stjtdenj.'s interest in the *  JUNIOR BABE RUTH fields of science, engineering or  tech-  - In Junior Raibe 'Ru0i action over the   siology, , ���"        *���...-_���  weekend our local ieam, Legion 1-40, tray- . .7��� Applicants ..will 'not he > required -to  elled to North Vancouver, where they write the Department of Education exam-  played a double header;       '. '.',.; ,* j'-    jjoati^*:for scJiolarship' to flualify forthe  The tirst'saw -them beaten--hy the c(l_!ayEortr'-��cKoi3^dups.- -Application "forms  North Vans Eagles'-by a 1Q-Z score,'and in wii|.'l>e'a:yaila&le. from School .counsellors  the second they <3roj^>ed a 9-8 decision to and-must-foe suhrrtitted 1��� T-��� ,e*t*  ihe Cove team from- Deep Gove, ['���  ,. ;   ea.chu year, Y-'*- -���  Those who-tiayelled toNorlh-^an-M    .K.;��j::Y j-   I,     .    ..  Y   *  watch the games report that our tteaiji r^f%vl - -v    t  .      "*'"*'  %'  Played *wo. very good games, especially    iHJfgg; IQCB' BISl  an the-second- whep Rodney S^nr*ath and. . ���?_:__-_: ^   *<T   T,*f, . 7  Robert. Charlatan.ieamed ,up ,$o -.pitclj. a  good game 'for'Legion -1-40 in, a. losing  f*��,use.. . .   ^. '���".'  Rober?. Solnlk* and"  had a good day at  going 7 for 9 ai>d  the two games.   ,       .    .         _."-y>r-,.  Their AeMt'games are at Hackett Pa^k,   ^Kicking. ���   i ..      .      _ * r    ���  Sat. May 24 when they play a.doi^We      " <%&*&* WJowed Kirkj^teK's-armst  WHMpW  .."  ��� i -_**  ��������     C* ^  '*"*.  ���    J  J*F.    JI  r *   _���  ' ���     *.  "������/.-pj"  ���?.  -   \  .** *-��.  "t  i <  *    . *  > ���- ���  .     -  4 '���*���  ...'  vc-  u{  total '$122,599  Transfers���  Gower Point Road reserve 3,000  Revenue surplus     . 3,654  -*j- -,"���".'"���-  *J|  /������-  ��r  ��� *^v,  -V.'- *  r    ..-  ..  total $129,253,  School District No, 46 levy���  33,33 mills  90,333  '    '          total reyenue $219,586  EXPENDITURE   i  General Government  24,731  Protection to persons and property  9,390  public Works-  15,200  Sanitation and waste disposal  1,000  Health and Regional Hospital Dist  3,752  Parks and beaches  2,250  Debt charges  9,403,  Allowances and reserves ,  5,000  ContriFbution to reserve fund  3,500  Contribution to  capita.' and loan fund  48,97_>  Joint expenditure and  Regional Dist.  4,032  Misc. expenses  1,500  total  $129,242  Transfer���School Dist. No, 46 reg.  90,344  total $43,979  Scouts-Cubs committee  holds annual election  GIBSONS > 1st Group X^mmittee for  Scouts, and Cubs recently held its an- A  nual election of officers and it was most  gratifying to see^ three new people attend  Mr. and Mr& M, Voleni, Gibsons and Mrs.  r; Weston, iPort Mellon. "  ' New slate of 'officers elected; Chairman Mr, Bill Laingj Vice-Chairman Mr,  Richard'Gaines; Secretary Mrs. Maureen  Sleep; Treasurer Mrs, R. Weston-; Financial Chainnan Mr. O-jzie Hincks;  Quartermaster Mrs. Peggy Volen; Ladies  Auxiliary Mrs, Jean Scott; Outdoor, in  Safety,Mr, George Buggies and Mr, Mar��-<  y;ij: Volen; Resource Personnel \&c Transportation,. Mr, Lc-rne Wolverton; Publicity' Mrs. Gayle Pednault;. Building  Chairman Mr, Richard. Gaines; "Kiwanis  Representative Mr; Dan Wheeler; Chaplain Rey. .Dewiis' Morgan;    ,   "' ��� _.  The majority of these people haye  pjat many years of service into Scouting  by serving the Gibsons Group Committee and are continuing to use their com-  / bined^ effort? to maintain Scouting in this  area  Retirement  tfGom Fi$Mn'*\ wiU-be tle^iga/oji  WATERWORKS FUND  Revenue-  Sale -of water  hy ^une  !5_h   f^^llQfc   JlOnOrS  iVJkly^lml   ImuVlfflml    from Me B.C,  Fe��y-Se*>yfc^le_st . Connection fee  T$��y&h(miZAB. -faces* will- be .missing    w��ek. * Ag��nt Mr. -Peter* Fjwlaysson.  ,:fr4mt^-B:G^erxy'Termmalat-Laxig- * 't^de^^WeWoxesexMon of a  fees and service  $219^86.  24,400  340  1,800  27,040  Sales and Service  REPAIR AND OVERHAUL  TO ALL MAKES  daie^T^iiih^the 'retirement.of Mr, Rocky  Qray^-and W&jJM^*Vwg]ps,*; >* ��� ' "������'  f '^^^t^trday- fining-, at the/ Ctedar.  Jnr|-FoW?'5evehty-irieri.^ gathered ,to wisih  ..���._> _/..., ,���. ^^. g^  i&siiijig rod ^-.^ssst-.B&imdsLy^tai^-  Transfer from Revenue Surplus    1,000  SERVICES IT��.  AT ESSO MARINA GIBSONS  R.R. 1 Gibsons, B.C.:  PKone:  ��� "-  886-7411 - 00��.-2891  header -against Woodlands.. Game time is  at 12;30 p-ni.  NEW TEAM '   '*  This Legion-1-40 iteam is a new team  just starting out its'-first season 'and' anyone having "anything to do with organ-'  ized sports }_-ill-realise the terrific (time  and expense going into this tmdertaking,  and the coaches^ of this team wish to  thank all Uibse who -made donations toward gieitting the team started with a  special thanks to ithe Vi'Jlage of Secheit  for their donation of $100,  THIS WEEK'S GAMES  Little League games to he played this  week;-on Wed., May 21, Wilson Creek  Orioles will be at Roberts Creek, Gibsons  Merchants will play Gibsons Firemen and  Secheit Residential (will go against Gibsons Kinsmen at Gibsons.  Game time is  'at'Pewder'Haff_��tifVApril'.l_S)}?y Corporal  - Allla'a-4e-St-Remy-of-1_-e'''Mar^-e Division.  He ^e-lecled .tfcria.. by judge oyithovi(t j-try 'hut  faces preliminary* trialclvjay 28;, Bap* was  ��� set atJ$l,trOO,=*F   >' ; '; "'   * -  ��� f ��� Also of ya-pcouver,'- Harvey D, Schoon-  over faced a cjiarge of possession of marijuana' and was-granted a remand to May  *2���l, .��� frail was aset "at '$500.  ��� * ^mes Roy Jordon, presently residing  in the area, was charged with possession  of tnarijuana following an incident at  Madeira Park last February, He too elected itrial by Judge without jury but indi-  <r-aicd agreement *o proceed with a preliminary trial during which Magistrate  M-itlelsteadt ruled sufficient evidence existed to warrant higher coyrl,trial.  ���/   .i   i   i   i   .   i     . ii   ii   ���       i -���!���  Wood cellulose is used in manufacturing cellophane and rayon.  Black  Ba}l>|^ri^;-in;*ther,?3*:ly _50^ iwas Assistant  AgefttF-a^'^ngdale.. H^ f?_^>^ll &{% Xrom  felWjX*- 'employees was. a ��whirig rod and  reel,"Agent Mr."Peter'Finlayson made tile  pr^ewtation; , :'��� '. '.:',',���' ' 1 . 1 ' -'  ;Mi*s. .Mary lJtougFta?-Fwho*was ,a cashier  made,,the first irip*on -t^be-ferry service  in, Howe'. Sound - in 11951,. .Captain of the  vessel/the'^uilliu.' was' Captain Hairy  Stuchberry and .he made .the, farewell presentation of a purse to Mrs. Douglas.  ; To determine the age of trees, growth  rings must be counted at ground level.  AtJ-jjgher levels the number of years to  reach that height must be added to the  ring icounrt to get total age.  The Canadian Forestry Association and  member Provincial Forestry'Associations  are tpi-bllb service non-profit organizations  formod to encourage people to use Canada^' natural resources wisely.  *ir.  ll  -rf*  X.  tX  '^  �����  *tg  V  SUWAY^ ".��� JUNE 1st - 2:3CD p.m,  ���***c<  Ah.  K\tK  ���V  ���**.  ,n  "��r*  -    I    ,l.,V  i    -   ,.   ('..  v v  lift - siGie - sfltii 'iiii  Voluntary Collection  ���Ci^j  iH'*  .-��._fe  F#*  winh to express fh@ir sincere ^{i^ouks  'uuiy MORRIS  _a_*r'"  fhcif tSusre' .ore1 muBf ��� wohdeiffi  -- :bmrQmm$*-,$�� -drop m, w�� mm  - '- 'always''glad to .'serve;'.  >_v  '*  tO^W*"**-  ���   *     *  *        _.  ._*.** .. ���  Mam^mJ  sumsmuE c#A6t''iWHWi%��  Jo  C2G-2C���-3  ******  i��Vf��Ai<M AW -Ik-i^ . wirtn^fF W��if* *��  i*"*.!^-* i  ���s  > **''��'. 1 *' Y.,,;   ., _���. ���*- ,>-?<* ,���*..,v.Vn.      -YYV   \ '�����*�����.���. .v.---'-- *��-"V"* v*** Yy' 'r   :\.y-"-',v''"'"Y*Y'' -"**f '* 'yYr "'^ *nt' f Y;   ^'*.ii\''r--";v,,i ,*,,; ^*-*s,i    ***- "' '"'���' /*' '. 't7!'"  ���'{*'. ^.":*'>/.i y .  .      ; '      * '-I    - ' *f                  ,                        -.               "             ,'"'.,          ����� *'   **V   '         *' Y''    :    *                                       "                       '   '     s      ,'                  '        '    ,   "'    '         '        '    "M          ''.*-';                ,    !    -                                  ,        -          v   ,  - f*^��  * '*' -'   *f- - '   " '       '                                         *                  ^   "                                  V    ' '-        '"   ''         '         Y "              '    ' *'    ,*         ,V         '       '''.'*���       "  Y            '      ;             ' ''   ' ', '        "        "            ,-    -     v' 101  ......                                                              .   ,                                                      .....                              .                                                                     .      ......                                                                                                  '                       .       .                   .,..,... 1.4.  Pender Hi  Page B-2^, ���.,   The Peninsula tinjes ^Wednesday, Mdyt21*f-1969  >" ,   i       i in    i    i  tin 11   ��� in minimi   I    i, ,���i   ii   I   ii i    ii  mi-iiiI  iltn   n ��� in f  i i   . <S��liMiTf��ili>. iw. i JjatBiN...  _...__.    ���*_._ ��<_^o��., jr-**"-* ���  jhmuubwuiwh_i mi ww-njiiiuwwwmst--  IWIUIWBWWUWU*--  ��WWJWUU>��UIU-_IIWa_?  - <*_.  f\  M/ may be'wrong, but I shall not be so wrong as to'Ml to, say what I believe to be right."  f * i ��� y        , -   *,    *     * ~  \ ,    ���John Atkins  DouglasG.Wuebibr.Editor,������ StewartB.Xisoko,Publisher /.  '     Y,  foiniWii_i*t��iMOTiiiroiMiira^^  r?     /��>��/ <M CO ft* //?.>/'  AT FREQUENT but irregular intervals those who appreciate tlie peace of mind  - we see fit to centre attention upon of a relatively free, society .have little  the ever deteriorating Sunshine Coast choice.' This is what the Social Credit  Highway 101 and on. each occasion the progressive government as Premier W,  condition- of the road has become pro- A.-C, Bennett likes to claim* even though  gressively worse.          .             ��� progress has been sadly neglected on the  At the present time, following winter damage and repatching, it is a disgrace. The nature of the highway with  its multitudinous bends and curves is  Dad1enough, with the added hazard of  ruts,"? patches, dips-and bumps, it is* an  abominab.e imposition to expect taxpayers to shoulder the burden of higher  automobile maintenance costs/    '    _  The political promises to which we'  have become well accustqme-d are no  longer a joke, they are-actually an insult  to the intelligence of the voting public.  At the same time we have no desire to  Sunshine Coast. Certainly the odd crumb  is handed out when occasion demands  but We are not exactly a bunch of country yokels and there is a limit* to just  how much of this type of appeasement  the public will take;  If the Socreds are to be returned to  poweri and we.sincerely believe they  should be and will, then the time has  come for them to start, showing recognition of the good faith bestowed upon  them at the last election. .Instead of saying "elect Isabel and you* will get your  roads" it might be worth changing it this  + _n*n   +j��_    ������l'A�� ^.Alll^ lv��r*i   *r/vM_r*.  ��"\**__"I    CSV ft*-  f   *  K-  r  T  \   I ��*.  ���V  J  1  i  '���>  A  ites  *.  i  r  !\  tj *  v.  r-  V  >  *��� .  r  i \  _  a  make a political issue of the, sorry situa- \ time to, "you *now have your* road sa re-  tion for should we' be sufficiently, unfor-^ elect' Kabel" Trom past endeavors, it  tu'nate to see an Nt>P government head-   is more than likely the public would keep  ..1.,.;. <t,.:.+ ���*  , ��_4j>y Karen Danif.roski  WITH T^tB real hp^ weather coming, ^most  of the' students are outside at nopn and <���  after schodJi enjoying the beawtifut sunshine. To cool off, a pool was'dammed'  in the near-by creek by Mr, D��� Mr.Tuet-  nan��ancl many of the helpful boys,        , ^  The money raised fromt the carnival  is going to be* used for a trampoline for  the school. , , ' '    ,  IVftu-k'Clay, Grade 8, from Pender won ,  the semi-finals in the soap-ljox: racfe,' Tom  and Jerry Mercer gave h��tn the starting  boost., - - ' ���     ~  This year, a May Q*_eer_ was chosen'-  from the High School,, Jackie Griffiths'  < was chosen and she wore a* beautiful long,  flowing *bbe with sequins galore, Wendy  Mercer and Pat Bathgate were the two  < attendants., "    *   ' , > ���    "  1 The two student teachers; IVliss Church-  field and,Miss Ball,' left on Friday, after  , being two .week? at the scfcoo..   . ,  On Thursday ahd Friday the Junior  , and Senior Girls played a game of baseball. .Haida won 23 - 8.  j  Elections were held Friday afternoon  for���aT president for next year's council.  Pat Bathgate was chosen for. President,  while Barb Cameron was chosen for vice-  president.  The saying of the week:  1 was not born to be forced.  - 1 will breathe after my own fashion . , ���  If a plant cannot live according to  Its nature, it dies; and so a'man.  ���H. D. Thoreau.   *.  "V-fJ  ed by people such as, Berger, who pres*  ently seeks headlines .by attacking everything free -enterprise represents, as a  means of gaining future votes, then <wr  prospects would be extremely, dim. Under a strong Liberal government we  would have little to fear, for it would at  least be a stable government. The possibilities of such a change however, are  more than slight. Somewhere along the  line thfey have slept.  Which all adds up "to the fact that  faitfi to �� far greater degree ��� than the  government., -,  With an election drawing near, it is  obviously impossible to suddenly construct a new highway through, which Is  the-only solution, a start could be made  nevertheless and this might be an.excellent time for uS'to have a demonstration  of the great powers we were given to  understand our MLA was able to exert  iri the department prior to her election  to office. i  *   ,  Board camera meeting will be Ofien to'Press .,_.?"���  f_,     _-      .V  "UNITED we stand,-divided we fall"  is an old but still true adage in many  respects. It is the reason countries pull  together in the "event of strife and emergency and the reason groups of individuals, be they good or bad, join forces in  order to strengthen their cause.  It is also, the reason adjoining communities ultimately merge into one In  order to become an integral and forceful entity., .Unity of two ojr more, strug-  .gling communities inevitaibly marks a  new era of progress bf generalbenefit to  all concerned. .Certainly from, the.point  village as admin_stratibn continues to  soar. Already in a short time we have  two administrators, a stenographer and  building inspector. This is��but the start  for so far its only accomplishment has  been establishment of a number of already Inadequate garbage dumps. The  cost when such functions as water are  actually taken over, one can but speculate.  It would therefore seem that while no  one is likely to acquire instant prosperity  with amalgamation, there are a number  of good' valid and sound reasons for  * "J __.-*___ �� _i.t_.__    ___.__._-_.___._*_-.-_!  Readers' Right  Lost idn:. ���  Editor, The,Times, ,      ,.   ' ,��  Sir���Wilson Creek Chinese Smorgas-y  bord was a'terrific success except for one  thing. Some of ihe decorations were lost-"  including a blue silk fan which was on*  loan to the dhxb by Mrs.' Baba who would  like it returned. -       ,,     ���_��  This-'fan has sentimental-.value and asfl  it has no value to whoever took'it, the  Wilson Creek Club would welcome its return. ���"  Mrs. Baba was very good about loaning ioyely things for decorating the halV  Members feel personally responsible, for'  the 'loss andvfeel sure that whoever took-  it did. not realize it was just a piece oi  inexpensive decoration with personal  value.  Would whoever finds it please turn, it  in to The Times office or phone -Helen  Phillips at 885-2183. 5,  HELEN PHILIPS'.  of vie\y pf the individual, any advantages serious consideration of the proposal,  are perhaps intangible,.the overall piet- At the present time we have.on Se-  ti*re however is usually that of improved chelt  Village Council, two  Aldermen  growth .and deyetopment which in turn who. are residents of West Secheit, * The  indirectly assists everyone,        -   - - Mayor resides at Halfmoon-Bay but all  PubUc minded citizens _who. dedicate three have businesses in Secheit.   It is  a great deal of their time "to community therefore, quite obvious, with extension  betterment have, for some time, realized of village boundaries to encompass West  that amalgamation "of Secheit and West Secheit, council could ultimately com-  Sechelt is a desirable and logical proposition and are presently working-to this  end. A similar suggestion was made  some years ago by Secheit Village Council but a subsequent attempt to bring  about extension of boundaries fell by the  wayside for a number of reasons, some of  a rather interesting-nature. -  This time, council has very wisely  avoided participation ancL remains noncommittal, it has in effect, left the matter entirely to West Secheit and has not  indicated whether it even approves of  such a union.  Council certainly cannot be blamed  for this attitude for last time it went to  a great deal of trouble to bring about  amalgamation. Reason for its failure  was olamcd upon lack of information  and inability of council to provide a  clear picture of advantages involved.  ��� The story will have little change this  time and even though the ending might  be a little different, a meeting last week  of the West Secheit Water Board revealed the fact that the same old ingredients  for fruitless argument -.till fill the pages,    young people  One of the previous objections was  likelihood of restrictions, particularly regarding building construction. Shortly  afterwards, formation of a Regional District established these very same restrictions, thus eliminating one of the big oppositions. Fear of increased taxes was  another reason for opposing amalgama*  prise all residents of what-is presently-  West Secheit. Thi*. then would rub out  the other argument that additional taxes  coming to the village would be spent only  for additional facilities within the present  village. ,      ������  In plain simple fact, tlie village coffers would increase considerably with  taxes that are presently going to Victoria,  plus the per capita grant. Much more  would be accomplished by way of progressive" development which in turn  would attract more business and population to the district. Such growth would  result in more opportunities for our  young people and right now it is a disgrace that so many of them have to leave  their homes to seek, employment elsewhere when we should have opportunities for thcrn here at home. It is a sad  state of affairs when people for selfish  reasons can hold back this type of badly  needed progress.  Amalgamation is no magic wand but  it does pave the way for economic growth  and, we hope, a better future for our  Extend thanks  Editor, The Times,  Sir���May I extend our thanks here at  Divisional Headquarters to you and your  paper for the fme support and co-operation you gave Mrs. Carolyn Stuart and  Mrs. Irene Burtnick in their 'recent Very  successful fund-raising efforts in aid of  the Canadian Bed Cross Society^ B.C, -,  Yukon Divisioit       - '  As was pointed out in your columns in  the issue of May 7, 1969, the services of  Red Cross have certairily been of benefit  to the people on the Sunshine Coast, especially through the Blood Transfusion  Service and Emergency Aid.  At this time we also thank all i those  who gave so generously to the campaign  ahd can assure each one of you that Red  Cross stands ready to help, not only in  times of emergency, but continuously  through the year.  WALTER J. McCANN,  Campaign Chairman,  B,C.-Yukon Division.  Appreciated  Editor, The Times,  Sir; As Commissioner of the British  Columbia-Yukon Division, Canadian Red  Cross Society, I continue to be grateful  and delighted \rvith the wonderful .support you'and your staff give the'many  services of the* society through your  mediau     ' t >        " ,   , '  The past year has" seen aj great expansion of the work in Red Cross throughout  our Division. We are sure this would not  have been possible without the?, cooperation and encouragement of newspapers,  radio <and4elev_si0n in carrying the stories  which inspire our thousands orRed Cross  volunteers.   ' *  Your generosity is ihost' appreciated'  by ���'myself and all members of the Executive.      .   * t  Kindest personal-regards*  B. R, HOWARD  Commissioner B. R. Howard,  British'Columbia-Yukon Division.   .      t  Canadian Red Cross Society.  Fletchefs Philosophy  -     ���HiirryW. Fletcher  PATIENCE "      ,  How patiently beside a brook  ��� ���    or standing in-ihe surging surf,  The fisherman will bait bis hook  as though withoiit a care on earth.  He'll, wait for hours, then try again  and cast at ev'ry.spot in *.ight;  Rebait his hook and not complain  - ��� If fish at times are slow to bite.  At home, in office, shop or. store.  ,    he may fee cranky, nerve, all tense,  And not fhe same chap anymore,  which fails to make a bit of sense.  There's lots or people just like him,  and you and I are not immune.  Our -lark approach to work is grim,        ���  with patience sadly out of tune.  WelJi cultivate Jc&s irritants  and sleep much easier at night  If we'd relax and change our stance,  like waiting for the fish to bite.  *M#:��;��������M3s*��s^^  I  Mf SECHEtf. WAMfflHS M  j  REVENUE  Taxes'levied under J3y*-Iaw*No, 28  Water Rates ' Y_.   Connectfon' Fees  Interest-* and' Penalties.  Other Revenue    3,060,74  8,386,83  610.00  77,73  585.07  i  EXPENDITURES  System Operation  ,   General and Administrative  Debt Charges   $ 12,720.37  1,914.66  1,055,95  6,992.94  Excess of Revenue over expenditures for the year  $  $  9263.55  2,756.82  BALANCE SHEET  \  \  ASSETS ,  CURRENT  Cash in'Bank  Accounts receivable���unpaid taxes _^_  Term Deposit���5 3/8% due March  Montreal, and accrued interest ���  5, 1969 at Bank of  I  !  Douglas fir was; named after a Scottish  botanist ��� David Douglas ���who reported  the tree features during an 1825 exploration of the Pacific Northwest.  tejg��'Ji!LH����M .. t*.'. -y '^m^r.^.^;um*.*w��� w  HXliD  System properties   Office equipment, less accumulated depreciation  DEFERRED   ,  .Discount Op. debentures ���_^���,   -less amortized to date '. ,   UAfilLtTIES"  : CDRRIiNT ��� " ' "���   * "���  *  ' AccrUed interest on debentures  LONG TERM  $127,731.75  51.23  4,323.60  345.88  $   4,451.28  *    840,67  -    10,089.83  $ 15,381.78  127,782,98  i  3,977,72  .$147,142.48  1,120,00  Debentures issued under By-law No. 21    $116,000.00  Less redeemed to date         4,000.00  SURPLUS i  Capital-  costs  EARNED  112,000.00  -Winter works portion of consfruction  Balance January 1, 1968 ' ...  Excess of revenue over expenditures for the year   $16,143,95  2,756.82  15,121.71  18,900.77  34,022.48  $147,142.48  FRANK PARKER,  Secretary,  g,�����!*'$_*-a]j^  ���ROY WEST.  tion but this too is no longer valid for  co(st of the Regional District to unorganized areas will far exceed that of the  Highway 101  mom CB6-9662  THE SUNSHINE COAST  To spend a week on thp Sunshine Coast  You don't even have to be bossed.  When the tide is out, the (able is set  And when it comes in, the dishes arc washed.  You t.tep ashore and there are berries ��..lorc  You eat and you eat till your tummy gets hore. .  Yon iso sit down and hold hand- wilh your Jano  And w;*'* for the tide to go out again.  Now, 1 hsive lots of friend- on the Sun.hino  Coast  Who live like Itoyal Jerks,  And if they have luck in getting their chuck  The heck with tho man that; work*.  You don't have to tbnva, wash or oil your hair  Not even take u shower  Just lay down on the cool, green grass  And while away the liours.   ','      .,  IMIi-.-S' SIGHTS V��E&��  Ptityie G0S-99_>4  Surmycrest Shopping Centre  i, ,. , > t. ,���.... .,.       .           ra&0_S-��i0O?��i^^^  PEr__3E_"_- HAilEOUR  * ������       * -     ,       '   , * t  Dining _R��oom overlooking the mouth of Peiu__.r ilarlsoti-**  Char Broiler for Delicious S.esalts  RESERVATIONS PREFERRED  Traiispo_-i��-tiafi mny h�� mrmQ��d  003-2202  Siw�� MoEriey  AT YOUR POPULAR  LUMBER AND BUILDING  SUPPLIES  $ , . i  n i  Servirig -The Sunshine Coast  s_*  Al^i^m'i.*rim>mmiicps^  ;_*#6^#)&K^M_^^  ���'f'lf-"^-"'""���*���"��� T-"- "r itiirlTiff  11DBNG  SUPPLIES  0B_i-__--03 - Sechcl., D.C.  RECIPES  Brought to you by  these progressive  places of business  KING SIZED MEALS  AT BUDGET PRICES  FRESH SUMMER VEGETABLES WITH &ESH  \  ot  ^ypsosopsogmrooa^^  ISULA DRIVE-IN  ON HIGHWAY 101 ��t SECHELT  FOE TAKE OUT ORDERS  PHONE 005-2311  WEWENS '.TELEVISION-   '  -_4   RrHPIO  STEREOU {! &yt end COLOR T.V.  Fully _*p_jtttp|MNl for Cdtor T.V.  Dealers for  ZENITH - PHILIPS - RCA  i pumtooo ���  Better then City. Prica  Pfiopo. 806-2180  >6.IS0NS, i.e. -  When local surnmer veoetoble$ come Into ocoson they ore holle-d with joy ond  m> wonder. These QOrdcn frcih veoetobles ore so good tasting most everyone relishes  them most,������ simply cooked until jusr tender/then buttered ond'twsdned lo t0ste>,  However sometime* wo like them dresj them up, qlqne pr. with another veoetoble.  Spinach Is surdy dressed up and ready tor a potty when cooked as a souflie ring ond  filled with creamed mu_hroom$,  SPINACH SOUFFLE RING WITH CREAMED MUSHROOMS  1 cup finely chopped cooked spinach I cop milk ���   *i  1 tablespoon chopped onion    < 3 egg yolk? ,  "..���tablespoon, butler tolt and pepper  3 toblespoon* flour 3 tQg whlte.  Melr hultcr In saucepan. Add onion and cook about 2,.rr��lnut*s. Blend In flour.  Add milk and stir until eauee thickens. Add epirweh. Blend well beaten ogig yolks with  a f/M.6 of lht*j hot sauce, then odd to souco and slir over low heat about 2 minutes.  Season with salt ond pepper. Cool, fleat egg whites until stiff and fold lightly Into  iplnach mixturw, 6r#as��i on 8-Inch ring mold and fill with mixture, Set mold In a pan  of hot water and bake at 325* F until firm, 30 to 40 minutes. Loosen edges with  Mifo and Invert on platter. Fill center with eream_4 mushrooms.  ss��wmm��mmmmmsmmmmmmiixim!istsmi��i  n  FurnlsltEngs and  Appliances  VISIT OUR LARGE DISPLAY  OF TOP QUALITY NEW  AND USED FURNITURE  Appliances - T.V. - Radio  Phono 885-2058   -   Scchetr, 0.C.  is  pjiigisia  Ltdv  HtEATM-lli a SUPPLIES  Your Komtono  Sherwln Williams  Paint Dealer  Phono 886-9333  Gibsons, B.C.  1 pound mushrooms  2 tabf*tpoon$ butter  1/8 t��*jsp0o��i salt  CREAMED MUSHROOMS  . 2 to_tl*tpoon_ -lou.  I cup milk  Cut mushrooms Into thl_k slice*. Sprinkle with sail and taute In buttert unfit  muihmoms are tender and lightly frowned���obour 5 mlrtuttt., 0len<t In- flour ���atii  gradually stir in milk. K��*p stirriny until sauce thicken.. Cook 2 to 3 minutes,  Where  Fashion is a byword  Smart Shoppers are  found at . . ���  >  Mclono'o  Fashion tthoppo  ��b$0M, B.C. - Pm, C0_i-9941  _n____wi-Miriffwa��Mi��M_.r)lii,,,W|.i  AS liii AS' ���'  25���.'A.:OAy:.-.:.  ���- WILL COMPLETELY'IMSTALI-  A NEW SHELL FURNACE  Complete  with  oil  burner, 'ducts  work ond oil tank In your home,  Coll  Bud  Klewltz your Shell OH  Distributor,  8S-S-2133 at��i��fi*, 8.C.  an,  1 f *, /'  -J,'**.,  ?$,  -. %  s -i  ,.��  .  f #*  >��*-j*\_n.��*.i��(** i^^j<<*��**-rf^-ii^p��*..Ai"!"^*^n****l-t*,^^*rt^***��'itJ��!>*��������  j ��*n**i��-'t^'jMfl,-vH'*p*��<l*-/��'.i<'*fl**-7ir1'  '.*t't*���^'H'i��lnrt��^*^**P^��*��lf����^^^ i-i</f   ^^M  ^^^JfaM^t'V^W^f^ ^^'���^^^,ii^t^(*MP*'^',f^?^ J r,,.., ^_ ^ v*^frf-_f-  t-SFF-FF/��*-^iW��jS  _>WJ(.  v^,  ^,W,!.*-|F.,<l.����s,V  ,W^^C- .F-V-NF   J-  '   * F " 1 .      I F,  * ^ ",  ,**',- I '     -  ^hc��f_ln_fs-H%T'>f9, Y     Pog��S-3    r  -      Wednesday, Mov _>1. I960  *>w/) '-'*  >���V**' **Ly"^P #.**�����*�����*_**y p    j��  -   .   1   * ��.>���>._>  T"  v.*, �� <.,. ��<y'Y,    , /' i��   "    '.��'j>*    ���!'��* -_.'-(���_: -"_'* '  *<���*���-("*-   >i^*^^*^*^1^r"i>**.t^v'^"'   I   ��   ^V^^^iA-,** S?*Vv*V  ***  *-^^\Jr*��|E��,'^'*'>*iV -^^"-V*-   y* h*^/*W ���f;*^1^-'**-Ji**  \*Yi.   _�� *i* y^-'v1 -i- * ���*-*���*'y->*J-.J* **V ,Ai ***�����-'J'���V  '<> .^P1 ���*���"-->  -MC-V "^*(r��'ir"V*u  sj^-^Wjj   vr^iv c-j i"1*.  **����^W**fm *��jmwui ���i wwf-  ct  1  Around Gibsons  A BOOK of, 39.ppems by a.loca��� -resident  Peter Trower, will have a first printing iu. ui ^        >  1QQ0 copies. The 60-page. book is put . .< ". f$^ J  by Talon Books; a Vancouver publish- J *< * ��� *5 ���* * Y*-  n"*"- >*.  ifc  .���"������3J*  "���>_���  1*. --**  f\  *>.  Of  out oy Talon Boo_cs,a Vancouver publishing house, in both hard and soft cover,  J* was done in collaboration with _u*tist  Jack Wise of Texada Finland v/hpse*-t2,  black and white Chinese-ink illustrations;  add to the attractiyefcess,^ of the  book,  which contains poems dealing with the  brighter side ��f life,   ,  ': In the October '1967 edition' of "Poetry  Australia" Peter TroweiVwork The Sea  Runs Diagonally" appeared, Borestone  Mountain Poetry Awards in. California  later sheeted it as one ot the best poems  published in the world that year in the  English" language,       '  ' Mr.r Trower is receiving recognition in  _, "An Aniholo|y of West -Coast Poets" published by Talon Books, A London Mend  showed Trower**; poems to an -English  publisher and his work is also being recognized in A'An Anthology of Poetry" pub-1  Ijshed in England. *  Peter G, Trower who was born in England in 1930 has lived in British Columbia  for about 29 years. He wrote poems at an  early age," having one .puhftished in a  church magazine when he was 13, leaving school"at'17 he has worked hard at  different Jobs, but mostly 'as a logger.  Trower enjoys rural surroundings.  Jack Wise has received approval for  his application for a major Canada Council grant     '        .''".,'  SHOWER  Miss C^rey-Anne-Me^Cay was guest of  honor at a brid-d'shower on Friday evening when Mrs. JNfita Sanderson and Mrs.  Ruth Jiogberg were hostesses at the home  of the Conner, The rooms /were prettily  decorated with pink and white streamers  and wedding bells, A spot-light illuminated the attractively trimmed, chair where  the bride-to-be was seated to .receive" the  many 'lovely gifts. Games -were pGayed  and delicious refreshments .were enjoyed.  Servers were the Misses Brenda .Sanderson,. Diannel Small, Deannie Sanderson  and Barbara Thompson. Other guests  present were'Edna Husby, Doreen Mus-  grove, Lillian Hay, Eleanor White, Helen  O'Shea, Trudy Small, Terry Thompson,  Joan O'Neal, Irene -Puchalski,' Brenda  Montgomery, Carrie, Crowe, Esther Myers,  Coleen Hustoy, BlaW .MacLean/ Velma  Bhodes, Freda Mullen^ and Mrs. McKay,  mother of. the bride-eiect..  Unable to attend but sending gifts were  Dorothy Swinney, Margaret Townley, Lillian Butler, Aileen Watson, Evelyn Ber-  dahl, and Florence McElroy. -    -  VISITORS   Y ,  ' The William and ���the -Stan .Youdelis  hayse grandfather' Ernie Bilsori from Van-  Oovwer visiting'* withj-hem... Mr. Bilson is  Enjoying the,, company of his great grandchildren.  * \ , *. .      -  ~ Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wiljo Wiren for  seventh 'days-wipe, ihe former's iMiother-in-  laiv .and sister MT. and MrB, Don McPhaii  from Vancojiver. - \  '  The H, B. Hendersons out from town,  to Iheir bea-ch home ��t Hopkins were entertaining friends ten England, TPrevkrus*  visitors ���feoJidayteg ^t.-^hs .Henderson place  wez��.' relatives from Edmonton,  Mr, and Mrs. BAtsseU-E,^ Black from,  VaiMwuver are yacatioriing at. their Hopv'  kins Latjding home.       1  iir. and Mrs, Harry VT."Johnson/ also"  Mr. and Mrs: Harry S. Johnson; with their  four daughters and friends, all "from Vancouver * are at their country  home ow  Point Boad.  * Miss Mary Diinmore and Miss Alma  Dunmore of Vancouver,- who are known  ot Granthams where they have a summer.  home, will" be leaving May 23 on a trip  to Ireland arid Spain. *  - ^Iiss' Betty TumbilJ and Miss Edan  West have returned from a six-month vacation, spent \h Arizona, California, and  Mexico, *       '  ' ^few residents' at the S. Rowley property, Hanbitry Bbad- aie -Mr, a)nd Mrs.  Art.lfcettle'and f&mfly, foripery of Van-  <��ufer.' -/    "   *    .  w-eeke^d guests 'with Mr. and .Mrs,  Corey MfcKay were Mr, and Mrs, Archie  Crowe from, Vancouver,  Mr* ,and '"MrS. iim Eldred were weekend visitors to Cloverdale where they * attended the Jrtodeo.  > i  TEA  The Annual Mother and Daughter ���J'ea *  was hpld at the Christian Education On-'  tre when Gibsons Brownies 1st, 2nd and  3rd Packs wpre ptWent to mark the clos-  '.in-g.ot-.the Brownie Season, Entertainment  wasjprpvided when songs were given by  ���the'.girls. United Church Women catered  for this delightful affair and rnainy were  Ithe complimients heard regarding the very  delicious _iefreshrnentf--��trawberry ���short-  cake^or all, hot l>everage for thc.moth-  ,ur& and cold pop for ihe Brownies.  A Brownie hite, with treats,' is plan-  '^d to taW ph^ before the end of May.  :,ME��TIf?d  At meeting of the Women's Missionary  ��� Council of the Pentecostal Assembly at  the home of Mrs. It. Prackett on Monday  evening last week; there was. a .fair ,#t*  tendance. Those- present anwered roll  ���call by giving scripture vwses. BIWe  reading was takr<-n by Mrs. E. Lawren.*.  f*tem wtre made to assist an ujXioa_*t pafr**'  ���f/or by isending- a grocery hamper, ��� Cash  offerings were received to be forwar-ted  to support * native mlsslortary in Africa.  Mrs. F, 3. Wyngat-rt delivered a compre-  fnensive report of the, PAOC.Confcrcnoe  which 'she had at*te'ndod in Kt*town's,  bringing helpful Ideas for the local, group.  Refreshments were served by Mrs. Brack-  ett and her daugh1**rs.  *;  i  i **  -*t  V'  &  *w  .1  C'  m  tj  :__PA  ��� * &  t*  H  *��� *��> $  \   v  �����  -   ���}  ���^fif  X Tfjr  - '_.  . f ." *- *  -*>      TJ  ^    1  f.'  naljmm;B��$ Happenings  ���&y Mory Tinkley  GEOEGE' Charles, Tinkley died la-St,    nessei* and too,residences on one* line,  Mary's"Hospital,,Seeh^-op'May 17 Ue said there was njothing the Com-  at the age of 87. BQtnsin-London,.Eng- pany could do about;subscribers who inland, he 'was appraised,*fco;'the; South , dulg-e in -Jtnreasona*blyi3ong^onyersations.  Eastern Railway at .an ^arly age and most   The Company had monitored calls which  ***'__*��� 5*   \  Y\%< -AT  - S F*       .      *  *- _  it * *  \  V  K/h ���jljs-*   ?-f ^ r  ot his-45 years seryice,wa_j'in"4he Trea  super's Office. -- , *";"a/ r  t As Assistant1 Treasurer to the Southern  Railway, he hakdiedH7.mill-wnfic.unds  _4er.ifjg each, year;':While ���stiUJ"working  for the.railway; during the second world  war, he also-served as an air raid warden-  He retired to'<4.94ZAM<-k was not juntii  1947 that he wa's able tpAfulfii a'lif*slong  ainbition to emigratedto*Canada,, Mr,  Tinkley lived Ut'steyeafs at Doriston,  Seehelt Inlet, and for lbs- pastio years 4b  Halfmoon Bdy^herR he devoted most of  bis, time to his fa*/oriW hobby, gardening.  SPECIAL tiBBtmi' 7  The Welcome B^ch,C^>Mn>unity; Association held a*speeiaj mating on May 17  at the Welcome BeacK'Ha31 *>, revive a^d  consider the^report, of-jUje: special Cq^n*  lasted as long as V/i hours. This, however,  is" a matter that the peopled on the party  fee theroselves^mitst h-UJdle, 'He. urged  subserihers to exercise courtesy and con-  sideration for other subscribers on their  line,  v Mr, Abiam gave particulars of the  Night Owl Service which operates be-  , $W������ midnight and *S a,m_ and which  enables'subscribers io call by Direct Distance Dialling any number in Canada or  , *the,U,S, for $rtor a threc-mhajte call.  ; Subscribers, he said, should take their  problems to the right quarter. Dial i<54  'for'*B*Fp3ir service &hd there is no charge  for ��Fcall to ZenithMQOf the Worth Vancouver office of the Compjany,  The pro-am closed with the showing  ���of "a, -jyevy interesting, film' "Beyond All  " hamers^'a. story of wmmwnications from  Trail Riders  Fifteen-Bmlaer Trail riders -teoH paft " Jr-.h \B'^tme Cramer who-rnade pre*  in a 15-mUe endurance ride last Sat-   seu3atiofls-  Mrs, Mavis ChP-stma**.  Timber TraiimerobeKs  mittee set,up at the last'Annual; General ~ ^3^ t^ and throu_Jhout the world.  Meeting to xevise^eConstMoh.,, \,," & hearty'vote of thinks was tendered to  Major change? apprgyed,-iyere".clauses,,1 Mr,- Ahram for his able handling of the  relating.to-miti-J-ion' fee,'screening of applications for membership and,payment^  of fef&efc Jibes, ,The Seeretarj) Mr., Jim-  Cooper, wiirbe pleasedlo'reeeive'applfca-"  tions for membeiihip-Yrom"former*members a'srweU-as newt_ipplicatic��ns-.  'Realistic approach  year-old Mark- <.hTistmas/tfollowed.i:_i'-_:if-  1 - teen-miie course across rough terrain/ * ,*  Judges were Mr, Norm" Hough -of Gibsons and yix. Bill Bexson of Cloverdale  and they based their deeision-on .the 'con-,  . dition of the mount as well*-as-time,    ' -  Champion trail rider is eleven-year-Sold  Boddie Stanway who rode his pony .Jewel,  at" the' WeloOme^Beaeh.Ifc&Vpn MayY 1_.  was well attended, y / -7' '��� .,. .  '/Chairman Ed.Tjensvold-welcomed everyone and e��presse4''gratification' at* the  excellent -turnout,* '^e.'introducted; three  representatives of/the''B.C.* Telephone  Company, Mr, B, ,F." A%J*-am, .Customer  Service'Supervisor, CVJk. Bennie/ Custbm-  nieeting.;  IK BRIEF  : * ^faBfmoon-'Baylrlecreation -Commission  is planning a Family Night on Saturday,  May 31,-at-7',30 p,m. at the'Halfmoon-Bay  School. TheJiewillhe football, and base-  for the chiidre'n, a Fishpond, Bingo  IMr^hnieKts, * *, ;  and Mrs.* JFrancis Stone have set-  tem^o^trily in'the*D,'H; St^vart-wt-  ,-at 'Secret Cove, Their niece/, Miss  Lesley-'Bennett of Compton MaVtin, Jffr,  Brisol, wlio'aicxswnpanjed them from Eng-  Jandyis their guest.- During their tour $hey  visited Jamaica where1 they were gu^ts  of the Bey, and Mrs, Jim Jf^rguson.  1 Mrs. Jjouise Bath, and Mir,- Boh ���or-  maek, former residente of .Welcome Bea-sh  now Jiving at, New Westminster, returned  coming - first of all riders but -qualifying   er Service Manager and ��Ppn 4Chubb, Com-' " to, <^te area for a -visit last week and Mte.  frtr   fi*-*c+   im'I'.a    .r_   +*V___k    Tt.7..r_y-r_-..rAT.4-      *G_rSfr>__'*      wiAt</HAl  <!**+.��Aj>j>\ KZiivx^nvri^rw^      ~i . ,onil.   _i_,��.__I��.-___��Vj<v.f4.   a^j***,   4v_   <_!+     IVflA+^r*o   _WT_r__?.  NEW REFERENDUM (No, 10) being prepared for ihe Board of School Trustees  includes 91 recommendation 4hat a new  secondary school be buiit at Secheit  (Grades 8 through 12),  f The purpose of the new school will be  to serve students between Hall Boad, Bob-  erts Crefektiand Pender Harbour, Grades  8-10 students - between Hall Boad and  West"Seehelt will be eligible to attend, as  will Grades'11 *-12 students who live from  Hall Boad to Pender Harbour, s  , Enrollment projections for the area indicate that by 1970 there will be 300 students who could attend the new school.  By 1973 there- will be. approximately 400,  The school will-haye the ability to enlarge  to 600, students.  Eeasohs for the selection of the Secheit area -were;'  i; Enough students living in the area described above to build a" secondary  ,y school and offer suitable subjects,  2." Students from Pender Harbour eouML  ��� attend, -giving them a wider choice of  * "'subjects and a chance at wider hori-  \  Tons,' . ' " >"  3,, A junior Secondary .school would be  *���   too small to" start a suitable- school.  The buildings required for -a junior  -, secondary school are almost the same  /"as required-for ��� a 'senior secondary  "school- '   Y  y The. interchange of students at the  senior leyel between Elphinstone Secondary and.Sechelt Secondary will prevent  expensive duplication of courses. Courses  with small- enrolments would be offered  at only one'of the schools.  . An additional* advantage 'of the secondary school will be its community use^���  roller skating, Jit-tle theatre, keep fit and  adult education.  The building of the new secondary  school at Secheit is dependent on the ap-J  provsl of ihe referendum by the proyjja-  ^cial government and its passage by the  - taxpayers of the district.  By-monthly reading  for BC Hydro meters  MOST of B,C, Hydro's 800,000 electric  and gas meters will be read every ���  second month instead, of each month  commencing June 3, Letters explaining  the change are being sent to customers,  Don Dayis, Hydro's manager of customers' accounts, said the reduced frequency of meter readings was part of an  efficiency program to hold the line on  rising costs. There will be no change in  the .price per kilowatt-how for electricity  or price per therm for gas.  The change will affect ail customers,  except- large commercial and industrial  accounts,  Davis. said customers whose average  bill is less than $6 per month will receive one bill every two months, " -  *' He explained all other customers will  continue to receive a bill monthly. For  the. month the meter is not read, the customers w��U receiye an interim bill, the  nmoiunt of "which will have calculated on  the customer's average ��� monthly charge  and adjusted for the season.                ,  Payment of the interim bill will be  applied as a credit to the following  month's bill based on meter readings,  Davis said the decision to switch to  bi-monthly meter reading followed analysis of Hydro's billing system and practices of other public utilities throughout  North America.  During the past year, Hydro tested  bi- monthly billing in selected areas of  British Columbia. '  for first prize in the Junior,'event. Second ^ in the juniors was Karen Parsons  riding her Quarter Horse Cindy; third wasj  Colleen Husby on Buddy,  , Roger Pentacost from Boseda'le came'  first in, the Senior class; Mrs, JVIavis  Christmas on Kitty O'Doone second and  Debbje Marsh riding Star came third.  Fourth in the Seniors and winning the  hidden time prize was Ches Day,  Other riders were; John Fallows, Steve^  Chaster, Dianne Bergen, Phil Townley,  Nina Christmas, Mark'Christmas, Georgette Ifecklam and Debbie Jackson,  Timber Trail Elders celebrated with a  dance in the evening where air, K��n  morcial Service Supervisor,"  '���Mr. -Abram said'that, BXV Tel had  spent millions of -dollars, on the ?Sechelt  Peninsula and'hadmade^ tremendous prog**-  ress since 1954,'- ft was now costing $54,000  to bring, cab> from the existing eable^at  the MJason Boad to tbe.Half moon Bay area  to replace the carrier type of .service. The  cab^ he said, is up and there is still some  splicing to do but he estimated that, the  change oyer woti^, f^e, complete by Jime  15, after ���which'.con-Uijoris should be much  Bath underwent tests in St, Mary's Hospital,  - Also' a patient in St, Mary's is Mrs.  Mary Harvey, -  . Al Laakso jeft tot the season's fishing  last w��ek, heading for Hecate Straits*  where Mts. Laakso, Steve and Mitch will  join him as soon as school is out.  Home from St, Mary's Hospital w&h  the Bay's newest a?esidej_r. is Mrs, Laity  McHose. Her baby girl has been named  Toreen,  improved.  .    Party lines' were being divided up with ��,*-���j if.!,-.^. ���lI-,��-,2^  a viiew)io,naving,--s;fer>s possible'only MlenU ttlOSe allerqie  1-���*__[C*-..    _l._rf-     __.    TJf. _^_^     _t-H_, __. __r _*p_n     ��___.     __��_____L_�� __.    ____*. .Tr-PI   VC3    ^*- - - *��� _��� n__-ii _ ������_[    _!.__.    _L__p__p_._*.   __fh#__>.__li____#__!  s  four-parties to a line,^though in some in-  Fiedler was master of ceremonies and, stances, for the timfi-$e'mg there may still  Diane Cramer presented the prizes.,. Pro- * ,b<-/some Jines-Fy4th|*as-many*'as'Six-si--b-  ceeds of the dance will go to the Cori-    seribeo., * Jr* - 7 y,Y ' '..Y -'  - - _      , '    *     2_>_;_i_.-_[_*_**�����  Lee Fund and special mention went to  Boyal Canadian Legion BrahcE'T-O-1, -Tor  "donating the hall and Siaper-Vaiu Store  for providing light snacks,   . -    ' "  _In-i^ly 'to^u^rtion-v; Wl?.; Abrajn-ex-  plamed the free^ mil^g^.^area* rates apply"  where ; there' .is - a 7swficiehV wpmbet. ot  'families, ^increased irates apply-'outside  ��� p-7*.     t r -     these areas of density, -He promised that    -,���,������,_, ,.^-~v ^- ,^___- _.  Although Quebec has the greatest for-    ��n effort -would'be made/to.gixftip -busi- quirirsg prolonged investigation b**/ -a doo-  ested area of any province in Canada,' ness together and*hat every,effort would tor. Allergy*is a very complicated proh-  British Columbia has the most",timber ' "be made-itO! ease the tension in the Secret lem and your doctor's aclvice should al-  volume.          '                        *-' '-��� *    -    'Cove area where"- theiie *we^e three .'busi-- *jfray?s-foe isought,           '  IT'lS importatsit to have medical a*_tentioa  , in the-cases of allergy, not only for immediate freiief htrt also to deyeJop what-  eyer proteeiHon is possible against future  attacks. By, eartyyhg ��ut a series of tests,  the doc^orjs able, in most cases, to prescribe for the relief of the ^m-Sitf-on. Sometimes the cayse is quickly determined; in  other eases, many tests are necessary *_*-  J2S  I  ____i��:-._^Y.gg^aj^J.MI^  TYBE 'AIRWAYS LIMITED  MLY S���H0_p|Jik SERVICE  MONDAY TO FRIDAY  leaves Time  ^Ponder Hbr    7:30 o.m.  SecMt    ,    8:00 a.m.  Voncouver       9:00 o.m.  Secheit _  11:00 a.m.'  Hd. of Jervis In!et. 11:00 a.m.  VoncOuvcr      Secheit    ,.  Hd. Jervis Inlet  p.m,  a.m.  p.rn.  Secheit   ....  Voocouycr  'Sechelr ....  12:00  1:00  3:00  3:00 p.m,  '"4:00-  5:00  6:00  SATURDAY ONLY  Scchbl.   ;..L _.���.   8:00  Vancouver    ., ���   9:00  -.-.     10,00  Secheit  Hd. Jervis Inlet  Secheit  .,���' ...  Vancouver   . .....  p,m.  p.m.  p.m,  o.m.  a.m.  o.m;  EFFECTIVE MAY 20th, 1969  Destination Flight No.  SecheJt    ��� 731  Gibsons & Vancouver  801  Gibsons & Secheit    901  Hd, of Jervis Inlet 1001  tall points northbound)  Secheit   ���.���   (oil points northbound)  Gibsons-Vancouver  Gibsohs-Sechelf ...���  H6, Jeryis Inlet,.,���  <ol| <x>Jn.s northbound)  ,Secheit ���    ,,<oll points northbound)  Gibsons-Vancouver  ���. ���.,���^1601  Gibsons-iSechelt. ���,.i.�����.���  j 701  Pender Hbr. Area ~.��� .1801  ���...... 1101  _-___ J 201   . .1301  - 1401  ... -..1501  �� 11:00 o.m.  12:00  1:00  SUNDAY ONLY  Sechelr .....  Vancouver  Sccrieh' '...",  Secheit  ....  Vmcouver  12:00  1:00  ' '2:00'"  p.m.  p.m.  p.m.  p.m,  Hd- Jervte Inlet .������.   3:00 p.m.  4:00  "5M  p.m.  pm."  Gibsons-Vancouver  Gibsons-Sechelr    Hd. Jervis Inlet ....  <ot| point*, northbound)  .Secheit  ...__. ���,  Ml points northbound)  Gibsons-Vancouver  Gibsws-Sechelt .....  Gibsow^-Vancouver  ,G��l��on$-$echelt  Hd. Jervis Inlet ...  foil point* porthbouod)  Sechelr  ...,),.-..,���. ..,.  teilS points northbownd)  Gibsons-Vancouver  'Git>s��His-$��chelt ....   801  ��� 901  . 1001  .....1101  .......1201  - 1301  .......1201  ���.1301   1401  -...1501   1601  .....1701  * Mondays Only       'Fridays Only  Pmdzr Harbour includes Pender, oreo,. Tbormcmby |��.-'& Secret Cove,  Special Excursion Fares in Summer months���-Phone for further info,  *   Children Vt fore when ocaxnponied by on adult.  BfeSfe^^^tt^^S^^8^W^W  WW  -tfWS��*"1WW��).fflWBWFiH.W_.m-  y**-*.  ff����# e*-# tf*#r f$Q VW 4ttAm *MW��iO��^��ia. f��># e** tmrnM ymi U t* **_�� *W*��w F*tg*#,  SSS  ��SS3  *ffW>^^*^^��*aj?^,^rf^*Y^  >) t*t*t*<ffi<H��f J*K ^ftt^ #1 ^^����, <W   J^'l,M*^fA,,lfv��^ tfW.jWnrf^; #f rffatftlji&i.f,   4tt\#f   <*tyvm *!*��("��� ^nt*���***" ^%s  .'V1^'*'^**'  ���V * **  ./  * r  A-"  *  HI-  ������,*5  "*vt** *  Little Mouse  \olksv.agei_s have been called bugs followed Pender Harbour Tabema-  but "Church Mouse" is iometlimg tie's float with its gleaming white  ne ������ With long snout floppy ear* church model m the I.Iay Day parade,  and wi^jgly tail this little grey mouae  budget-minded  /  JL,  Two day event ���  IPiita  . I   rn   -,. y y       *   w*Gpg*Br yr, ^v-a   Four Queens     ^,..lfy  <~>rs    fr*. ...     ,. , ^ , .. ,,.%  It isn!t often* that Vender? Il&ikur^ Ito ;iv__ayiD_^|*__^^ retifihg  has. tiie pleasure ^rwelcornJi-g foiir*  __tariwiir'3^nda#Y$^^ Susan  mgi__ng Queens "but Bst Saturclay- JacMe f <_r_*_fi___;v XHSsq^; July. 4st" > "Onl-L aadlittle flower girl April,, ,j.  loveVyoungladies who'"took part in * Queen." Ibee YWhreh;'"Secheit" iSflayY.* *-  /-*  ����� *�� r*s  4  ,)���*.  ���*.  .  J  i -  5*.  __.*.--���  V  A  ��� r.  v-J^*"  *^    ���*       rf_l    I  J*.  J��"l /   *  "���*   >* '     r* -V  _. /    "-^  IT t  t  o   ��-  -.���**  PENDER Harbour-thrilled io the stirring* winner  was .Madeira Marina 'with'' its  music of pipe, drum'nhd bugle as the' little grass shack, and the Pender Har-  May Day Parade wound it's merry way hour Haw_tiian dancers,  from the BJghway to the^chooljgrounds ' Vwpi���** _*����*_*��� "       *   '  at Madeira Park on Saturday, ' ENJ^T-~~P^V ,- <, _.-,_." _T   -  c^^.^4. 1s��� ... ,    -,    ,��� ���        Secheit -Residential School Band, en-  wf^^JS? ^.^."^J."f.'fertained with tattoo.drill"followed by  Ant ^f^^Tr^T^T'*' the Highland-Laddie Pipe Band and,iheh  AUan de St. Remy and Constable Garry the M      j  ^      to��k      �� r  Van Zant.m scarlet .ceremonial dress        T .. Y     ��� ,    _.,�����>       - 1    -_.>���   ',-Y  ,       - *-        . preceded the^.15 member Jr, Highland        j-1**1*5 ��gf�� ^ wearing red skirts  A    '      " " Laddie Pipe Band from Lowell Biver, ��* *** f�� ����?, **��**]"'**"*���*^  ��� Decorated bicycles, floats and very lovely ***** ^4 ^^te and blue Rosettes  young queens and* attendants won lots of ����� *he* ^Jf ^ ^^d the todltional  admiration, then came the Secheit Res!- JJSy ?y DanC6 to%&e BWSie ** P13"**  1  dential School Band, their brilliant red,. Mrs* C*311*6^ " * -     ,;  blue and gold Indian dress gleaming in *    Dancers were; Sharon MacKayjBohi  .   the-bright noon-day sun  Knights  and K��id"   Dalaine   Gerick;   Jean  Cameronr  * ladies op draped horsey as weE as cow-y Sheila Secular; Diane Iverson; Linda  boys* ended the colourful procession. ' ' Christian; Yvonne Campbell* Katy J3il-  '       Mr.  'Bob   Crichton   was  .Master,  df c'k"    Shelly   Ward;   Geraldine   Bilclk;  t   Ceremonies" for * festivities   which  com- -Sandra Gough; Deidre Kammerle} Col-  j   menced with the crowing' of this year's tee��   iNewick;- Martina   Phillips?   J&etiy  J  May Queen Ann Crichton, Lawrence;    Kathy   Lloyd   and   JDonna  f        Queen Ann's first duty was to pre- Kelly. _ y - <   -  sent prizes to winners of the many events Games for the youngsters arid a* mens  j   which preceded the day of celebration. softball match followed by dancing in the  PRIZE WINNERS ' " evening brought a full day to a close. \  Elemental   school' winners   in   thel ��� Executive membeb of the May Day  .   poster competition received shields which ^ora/",tte&   *f   ^r   were'_Vfr. _. Bob  "1 J   will  decorate their classrooms for the c"<*ton president; Mrs  Lois Ward seo   __..__��.__.___,_ ___������. J   year.   - retary and Mrs.,Jane Reid treasurer, but  -    Y   ' ,'���"   Attendants    7'"    * Grade U2: Ddrlene Kammerle; Paul f fuJ1 f3** of *��e*P?fs made the-day.a  ^nY  w;r1T"J? ZZrnina  ��f  *!._>   ^i^PS and 'Michelle Daurn.  2-3: Brian *re��endous community success.-  . "Pender Harl��iurs^croW_��ng.��..ae   s^^. Teny mid 3-4; Elaine Antilla;  Jfey,Queen WSTOy-iUy^attended ft   sheUy-Rae; Mark Sladey; Linda Christ^  GlOna - Youpgberg,   SuSan   ��ato,   ian; Andy Peters. 5-7; Judy Tait: Eva  .Kar^n.yaughan __nd Sheriy.<Jr��aiton   Dubois; Steve Laakso.  ���'and'little flower girls: Violet Bilcik,        Fishing trophies; Mark Slacley; yai-  y._5_U__b-.-__ae;,jC_h-_-S__Jie-.Stig_^   and   erie Reid; Doug Kammerle..  . Sherry Duncan-   Gowned in pastel   SOA^, nay. nrnnv ;���,,,,  SZFJZJRZ SS^Sy^ ^2?l*S_T Vara An* Pet-'  fcire seated on the carpeted steps ers-Lorna Reid Grades 5-Y> Dmi/cros-  which led(*to the Queen's golden eb�� %3L?g2L?^��VSSLm*  draped throne. School   Built:    Steve   Laakso;   Warren  Clay; Mark Sladey, High" School: Mark  1  r  .-���jr* "��� r-      c  .i) ���  vTheSklTwin  33 was built  for sKiers Vyhji wVe looWog for a  mot. r Mg enough for nlatom skiing  yet'snifll eriough for a beginning  skier's budget Jtsjriigli displacement and Wgri torque ghz*. exceptional pullingjH)werforitS-i--.,But  sJuers don't have a comer en this  favorite, fishermen and families  have discovered its wsatiJily, Ois>  ���coyer the Ski Mn 53 for jowselt,  Forest fires cause water pqOlution,  Madeira Park, B.C.  883-2266  gVI.JRUDE SAIES & SERVICE   I*" i  ��� '  mi  Secheit, B.C.  imiMMMwui-n  Power Steering  Unusual Go-cart which came first lo second place to faiioiher race,  in, the High School category caused  much amusement because the operator could sit back seemingly indifferent with artns crossed while hi_*  feet did the work of guiding the  speedy contraption. Mark Clay came  first and brother Warren steered it  Do your meals look goodt K CLay; Phil enchton  appetizing enOUgh tO eat? P^faffS:SJim Cameron; Kelly  AN 'APPETIZING meal is not just one Lawrence;    Russell    Cameron.    Horses:  that tastes good, but one that looks "Luke  Peters; Andy   Peters;  Billy  and  good.   Its worth it to work at making Melinda Peters.  Novelty:  Shiela Harris  yourmedlsattractiwfora"good-kx)kmg'' and Tammy Brown< organ g;inder and  xnealwillwMt appetites and Imake meal- ^oftkey.   Unda Brickwell who walked  times a more enjoyable and festive tune the whole route with a fresh caught sal-  n-*Y *~._v   i v.   u-u j     __      I      _.,*/ moh wrapped around her neck.  ^ f^L^K ^arUnentJ^bht Third was ^0 Lions International  cation,  "Healthful Eating"  suggests you'   Rickshaw  picture each meal as a whole,  Copsider  contrasts in color, form and texture and    FLOAT  combinations  of  flavors.    An  aH-whito Winning the local trophy for 1st place  meal or all-yellow meal is uninteresting, was the Garden Bay Fire Department  Avoid serving more than one creamed' w^h houourable mention going to Pen-  dish at a meal, or more than one dish der Harbour Tabernacle and the float  with the same pronounced Jftavor, such' which gruesomely depicted the need for  as tomato. *    a   doctor  in   Pender   Harbour.   Overall  Avoid monotony by using an interesting variety of fresh, frozen, canned and  dried foods.  Give consideration to the availability  ol various foods at different seasons. This  applies particularly to fresh fruits and  vegetables.  Use   your   imagination.    Pleasurable  mealtimes will be your reward.  rrfM���M*^^  HEW,,fAffltiWAiS, AT:  Phone 835-9343  Beach Towels, Towel Sets, Stay-up Stockings  1 SPECIAL, raYLWS, 29c pair  Souvenirs and Novelties '.  |����Bi������^^  SEE ALSO:  t  I1  Locally Bmeedle ,  Doll's Clothes  Reduced Price  i__w^aif,��aaaaB  I  'i^^^^ssjssjfsssdx^^^se^^^misn^fap^^i  For Summer Funs  PICNIC SUPPU_k,JPlAST!C |  COATED PLATES, FOAM  CUPS, PLASTIC SPOONS,  KNIVES ond FORKS.  BEACH PALL*; SAWH5 (PAGLS ETC.  Open Monday through Saturday 9 o.m. to 6 p.m, (Friday to 9 p.m.)  ��  <  i  TIDES FOR THE WEEK  MAY 21 to MAY 27  21  0442 om 11.1  W. 0714 am 1IJ  0322 pm    2.9  1134 pm 14.6  22 0607 am  Tii. 0304 am  0412 pm  10.7  11.2  3.4  23  1219 am  ff. 0727 am  0914 am  0457 pm  14.5  10,0  10.5  4.5  24 1259 am 14.3  So. 0807 am   9.1  1114 am  0552 pm  9.9  5.5  25  Su.  0134 am  OS37 am  0109 pm  0647 pm  14.2  8.0  , 9J.  6.6  26  M.  0159 am  0907 am  0249 pm  0757pm  14.1  6.6  10.5  7.7  27  T��.  0229 am  0937 am  0404pm  0857 pm  14.1  11,5  ���'���.7-  "AUTHORIZED' WMJEKS "fto*  ��� Mercury 6ulti_Mi*nr__.  .  ���"Pioneer Chain.Sowt  * Conadtcn Choin Sows  - ������ * ��� Homelftfl "Cft-si-t"' Smw ���   ��� ��� * ���������StiM Cfiolfi - Sfws; ��� ���  REPAIR - PARTS - SERVICE  IN SAW CENTRE  005-9626  smmmmm  | Cowrie Sfreef  1    $!'��  Wb*w got all the answers.  Forsyth dress shirts, sport  -ih-rts, ties, and jewelry. In  all tho new colouirs. We'll  gladly advise you on which  colours go best with, your  ���new clothes. So jaa soon as  yOu'ye chossen your new euit  or fiporta jacket, don'fc  i   forget that Tivo'vo also got  * a ____at-*-i for every man.  ���  ^��(rt.^*tf*W^i*��fl, ��fM1u1MifFl>^|><lVMMy }<>f,| WW "wnlMf"*^ j.  i ,'t      " ''   ',Y ',  v*t'v*4'V  Cowrf�� Stw_t#.i��:feeft  Phono 885-9300  i '.Acr  '.'  >'  !  ' ^Llfi'.'i Wi"*fH .,���  *,<-*# .��;, ia��l  1 fVu^l* A .j     ,,  (*$WU*i*    !s��j*_, *,     _^. ^-iiiu. ____._, _4_L___'  **   . r��      ���   *��� ������  t  **"     ���     I *}S*  fW^V-. '  "*Vr_i_*��  Of  Thousands of Visitors to British  Columbia see our provlnco as ono  of tho greatest scenic and  recreational aroks on earth. And  those visitor*? are absolutely.right*.  From the sahdy beaches of  Vancouver Island to tho rugged  grandeur of tho Rogers Pass,    ,';���  thero's boiinclless opportunity for  exciting holiday fyavet. Thl�� ypar#  plan to jied nwo of British        \  Columbia ^bnd *fso what holidays  ore al| a|>out  m  mvmumwi of British Columbia  DEPARTMENT OF fjRAVEA. lNDUSTR*  Hon. W�� K* Kl*rnan�� Minister*  R. fi. Woitiy* 0*jpu^l_llnl*iter  ;  f!  * (* v* *# *-  |     #��� A  <��� t*t-*f*al'<tJt��(H'il"'*i��i*  ��� ������r  ftj*. f"t'1',fl-*j>v,>tBf ���".   -'P* *��^ ^t*"* ���<.*^*S 5��***t,*wj#*-*i:*^i*''*,1l-i4^*S3" ^^*^tfi**i ���i**l*F*^^*��^WWn,*,f*<  **-*���****��,��. k.^,*,^,,,^   .   ,    v     4K  * "*-   *   -*   *%^W",.-*h^��*1A.'**' *.����>1**��*>****       **���** -    _���    *    *      **��,*._* '--^.j.       .   ,k    *   .       ***.**������        '  ^^���^fv^fVt^^-^-jrv^^ '^Tk^/^iMt^^TiilM  1 ." ' ,-  '\  sj. (��-!_(. t-_��� > >^(Wj>7->ji.u j>f^jf>Vv'v Jk.v'fV ���f***"*1'. *   rtj,i^v,^-v-v ,*.      /'  '   _ i - '**-' f'' ,y ''v r*     ' *��� ' ,*-  ��� ��� ���;: i:\MMf&t,ik&  m  asft%a��apa_f-gi_i-tfe  'MW-f  ,. *..      * ^f l, ,**f|^"*v^*>_^^^^,��^*^!^0___'*_!  rjgi*j_-_Uiatjcedaj.*!��.  iw IprHhis, the -tm    -   ,,,���    ���  ' ���*    *'   '       ' OI&lJ*F.PKITfi" ~  F_F  J-'^tf-F-a.-iF.'"    ���*"   V  i>|lVI-,X. *"|.�� _T   -      1    ,     .J/f    ^F  ,/ y ��"?.    - y* ���* \ >  Cploiffui, and'Merited),  _*  ._. V,   J,*,��*i-**_r     _���*_       * .*���"* -w. .    _. l  ���,V*. T VM.  pades jLt'��hitght>ha*fi-iln _,iore" for* us, Bat  all the eMnarad&ie, both professional anil  social, had to fend, and end*itd|d. > > suddenly? Thp sotnpiny soldi oUr shi|>' out  from :unde*y��#r $0' it* |r_naliyr>.ha|)pe^?df  thatiwer~t&erid$���all'zrparted company ahd  went our separate uraysr  . Now once, tnorei^eispeti^nee mixed  feelings oftregrei and nos_algia"��-just as I  had done 'then. Triis is ihe last jeolumn-  wan-z  %Jime has  mice*  , . .. j   , .   -~    ..w**  ^   oyer 4|ie year jspent here and 'think. t of  "^" how good Jlvjhl Kere'has been!'   ' r ,���  So mapy V*oadfirf>_i people inhablJQg.is'  Sechelt^Winsuia, My family attd I oatf}  the' etfqulsife* ^oftd of-MeMship $hat <orf-  1 staptly-prevailed'within the eie_ie-con*-  j fines 'and walls ot ''Fisher's? on Porpoise:  j Bay,jRoad,. Ah, the fme times we ,had*~l  \ thought, -that the mgh���Metv Messnefi  ' son was fom'might .have been ihe ewl  for Jall.of us; I stUl-have grass-staim on  itbeF-jn^s\-o_S thfe 'ta.iu_.ers I was wearing-  ihat flight!  Ho# e*m t rsihgie' out anyone for individual thanta., my friends! Jmpossjple1-  But to' the Messners- Ed, SU, Gill and  Merv ,y"YVthamj yotf' . , , tor ���heh>h^''  pac^t my��� iwpiture, aiouno, not 4�� tnen* \  tion. -tlifi^million^andyFone other -pensions  you Ja6tped ii_v "hz&me that's wha|; friends  are for/' .<3od ble^s ydu aiways! *'  . To Ton^-itidXiwie Pike���next ,doot|  neighbors .without equal���may I extend  to you orily fee* best that life has to offer,.  There was many a time Tony pulled me  out of a household jam with his uncanny  ability as a 3_J_*. JS^-it par exeeltefcee. To  Tony Pike I,would say, "keep the home  fires* bmxnngy .But, ot course, his job oj-*  the pentosan is ts�� preVeat things such as  that {poor pun, % know), Jackie will miss  mm^^m7:f;^i  RIM_)C^Ti00C^  IN JUIYyl%9/'    4*  r*w���p_*>m*.i-i.���ui���tia tun* iinmiij  J,  53;  t*   y >   JARRING (   _  *���/ * JClTrfc-liw^fls,, 1��_ne P-si^pqS'     /  /S7^pA&&n~$$&\i '' ' .  yj?!\^^ARTODN.ohfi;Slriet^ . .y  < SSfirri J. %��/ ' - - ,*/   f^t 1*-#mi  i.A    Wiy*   x-**"-;f*,f��fF'* 5, ? * -     ��J    ^  /i^^.S-^iiiddy*^ Monday,  ?i -* Mdy23rv24 lifrid HtS      -  *- **- >  /feT.^fEK;  spjawaMWMr.ii'-g-i-ii-^  ^, ���.,j,..i     in ..    mi.icFi,    /i.   H Tiil.i.'il        it ii   ii^ii. In n li IB  ,|li,i L  '" t<'     l|* i wjrw   ,l��l->Ft>    ��_j   ^    *F>i.    *"*.** j2*  "  Thep'B*�� eight j different species or  &i   "     *'  ���^..^...-���.1 vgSfMft vfMM ^am?k w**" (��J  yy_-_-;ii!i!^  -   ;!tfeot;Fim% J l*  Enfertoinment.   ���  f hour: WtoR nm  "tho film  Prince  .^.��., ,,]*  ���MB  Presented Jirfpetaon, l>*r}?1Pi^i__:?-i3ij4^l*.y��rr <Hof>|j^>ak^  AUDITORIUM  -4*  CAH JDi SERpflE^YQU-?  .��       ��F*  ^M..,J.fIC  ;^syQnl;M%)ir>6pre^  1 (  1'  If,  ,:-- /y  '*** 1      'J  ' s+ r  .     -^     ^.^F1'S ^ .   "    ?       *      ...      1 " * ^*-  v"'*' -    will beat V- -������"- -  '���'*'*.fcV.   ^'L'Clfllljr R-jgeSfeliiiir'^    " /   *   -  y t       .�����'    Secheit, B.C. ^'"     -  Iff^ii regiilfej terrri loan for a .new or  ��  .   ^4'^ ��tisine|si you are|nyitedto'dJ_j-  '_*.__ J-Pjf1^ V83^ rte?tl-_^t)^ithCWmF. Ppi appo'mt-  .��.inentcaD.;Warra^0edi%/;t0l^hpnihg  ;y?*.* /-��� ^^^^^Ci_l^iSW-^'f "  ^-.;   'j; \ ^oj-vjji_v*ie��iEfiF.74pfr ���- ' *,  .:  ��� .    , .;.   L<m4l_____?.  <   -  y.  -"���v ��*  - F. f I  ; o  a  ' _�����   *.  i_.  T "  - _. ,-      /  ' i  7\imi(}7fiv,  S��A?*_4  ^i .    �� *  .    *r , ���: * ���  ^      - _�����   *  *.  ��*2V.^*_p-'  V    -J  T  *  r^t  .r   -. ��**  Jut-flf-h*-��� 0  *       * ���  .'���in; *. ������  '"*-  ��_.*.���������  ^f4'#Jvt^     > ^or'thc fisher^n, new^t^tmotons, y^ho has dared to speak out in favor of  7^mlWMl    newJSoais and^,-tackfe1 shopvwm^caWr ��&w p^ peevt.'he miiTht he liarborutg'?-  (i WSSmLm    te ��1 #��? 5^^ ^tatuf^*''      y, m how many "citizens" are willing to  l%..��*. mm        TJle wols^ncrofts are hy no w^m stand up and defend what they bt-lieve to  newcomers io the arte /or 'they' hawi be r|ght tn spite of public opinion? Ifaw  tovelled faa^k ond forth itm. N_-wjy��*��ft- man*yf citizens wili speak out in favor of  mm^.to their famm^calbih at Pehde^i tteir  beliefs reg��wdless/( of .what some  fa&MrtM i*mj�� WlJJ��Jj�� "holier-than-dhouH iypa W *b4 corrimwity ,  ^i^^^^fl^^f^^116 ndeJrt-tfiiiUtft JU Vany citizehs will  t gMtae'Coast' that ihey* ftnMly aban; s^ai_ out ^g^  ^frt- C.yu5e  f0r ^.*tren<luilMy  ot        Freedom of the press ,is a yery relative  >e$Wty living. m ,��,    ��� ', �� , ���. thing, especially Sn a small |own such as  Y'i ���'"  ".j"11;"'^111."^";' '^^y:":1' .    .    ' jthis���with a seasonal transient population  Z%mp^ rtm pmQtn-\ ./,    -��� ^eluded���isn't it .Doug!   The Peninsula ,  ,    /, Whe|i forest tftre, ihazard ���_*. (f3ei*crihed as pnies is ��jEM-lblic service. Congratulations  ! , ^rem^.it means that fm��may *fa$\{tom, IDouulas Wheeler . ...ad maiores aliitu-  ���'- ' sniaW sparjts; ^Ul bdjtti timely amid jump dihe/M    ' Y   '  . i ��� t&t jdistancel., trough' the Mr to, unhurht ' , And *o the readers of this column oyer  ;   ,__t*j$s;i And ^npe'i^hnlng rha*/' be alm��?st the months it has appeared, may I offer  ,,    kfaosatite to d��p>f.. ;   , f,       ' ' ft v&ry stocex?..f'|hanlts.".,If t have, glv^  !���   '*���!, .'.*    ' ', y-y -'���;������*-,, ��� (,     , you^any small measure'of eritCriahunent  \} < y* Wncareful attention is noi paid..'10; die then I feel" my writing, though far from  p;, J^ltoJe' ahd altitude,,under; whicliv trees heing awlculate,' has been a success, ffa  feiro>( -aaturaliy, at*M(ap^to phw^t-iiem, In columns  have been  somewlxat, periodic  different faBiypjjt may prove ju^sm^^uI .o^er'ithe last several wufcks. You mljfht  *,  'V?^<.  -:���;��� '���  mmmtmmm  * Y , v.^6wM��tt*a|r��-$J#��t/  '. ' '  i|Hi_niMimmi*��������������� ��� ��������� *���.*mfrn-**imiw mmiwinwnwuim.,ii*��� m...��b.^h��w(,i^i  ������tf1   4*    U_* ^_    _J>i    !_,   **���*_���/��>   1      .- -P*-!-  'r ..>,  l'   i   'A* \   '       t  ! .'  i ,f.l'  Wanlring^ everyone for the p^ivileie l, /inn Crich-ton.wHS^  of being May Queen for.1968 r^irte ��� pre^eiite yrtm f?M trophies'to  Pender Harhmir Queen Susan CWklYmahy contestants in>���_!_&.Mby, pay  p^sen^ the orown to radiant young   activities/,; ,y:   ,  r' ^^#?^^^l4V;. /: Ml >W{7  n ?��<���* t1* (** jwws 'WV^S*  ��*%  'f*        ������*���!     ���        .*_.*��*        ^  ;.'IPP^tiMy*^"-ci rtti^v'-���'��� ;V;/24^/^ysi(.&"  i ��'* */*c-1* >*';J'. /v^J-i    **/'���,      ' ��� *   tK'iTv ;r��iiw^l^&^^,''YP_*  I'  l:  > !  .1  ���  i;  y  ,.       r"'' -��*. >-i*<*"-  ���'   ' \^.'*.' - /-l ".   .-'",'*  :V'-. ��� k ���' �� ��� i  *- *j  wyt  ' it* s4  ___<  -i^^V.'  ���s' ��r Mwt.  IW-fl*1  kl  "-��������,  y ���  >*��� i     j : .' ��� '.*     .    ' ������     - ,��,,'���  now fciko  loon look!  *   " *"> i.''*)^^nsiw"i��^����-,''  "> " ���-., '��� -, ,.��-*- -' " ."'-i    ""   M0^   Hond��  ��   ..,1^fJ.if.^^^i,^,^^^^^)^^^^^,f3^   'UnintfM   WW  -'' ffour-.tr��feo verlicol  twin cnglno ,,'��� pro-  duce* 45 bf-p @  9^000 #pm. Wi.l�� a  top ipeed of over  110 mp% the Svpct  Sport _!o** th* quarter in a fast* 13.2  . ��ecottd*s.  * v    ?ikiBiV * -* ^*J|��8_se!sa_ "Sw**"., ����� *. ^65  1   If  Monkey Business ,   ,    i    l    t  Gay': lilti�� Fop'.Corn Gart won first   before Tammy Harris art ,lll^}fe^ -  prize iiTchlldren's Novelty class at   key Shieia Hnrris cdmmenee tbeloil).  Pender ifcrhour.   Ijukc Peters and   walk to Parade ground,      -.���<_..,  Kelly LwTpnce try some of ib wares ,    v     . ;���m��� ,^, ^ m .-,. ,  By poputm ��fn@st otir Dine ond Dcmed $r����i����te*d will b�� bmd  stsrm cSerys fa w^%ltommtix'm��l^;2ii',p.fnr   We^Swisd ^eclol  SmofgosWrd wilh live music eoch Soturdoy for only $2.50.  -_i  *.. *,  **  la^t^ona  teKjc-^iy  F   #  , l  &cf*stf#-B.C  riiono t,0i.-2G12  ).*  VAHaHmK>-t*m*--HO'mi1tWr ��� tlrlAHpN<�� AVAlUftU  *L   * w * *  '���' winnyi  ll  If  \  v��w��*t��*��?#M^^  ,#-^^1,^a*^dlt''-*W',*'^>-^*'ft''��^*  t*   ���r*^*-*,-** i^,4i *����� ^^^*J^4^��^��jiH*#t## ���*,iri��j!,^.rf��. -^i.jw.^v**-**' ^>^rflN^**^>',iM^'**,'**,'^'^,^'^M*' ',H!������,*,��� "**i**��** ���* -<^r-*M^^,i*,i^^^^,^-^i^^%^  l.^^^^m,,^^,^.^,,,,^^^ rtt-*!,^,^,^-.*    <#>-<���   ^)A.-^H#��*bJ<f%Bl��,^,i, ���^.^��(*r-it*.t*.^Ili^*S**..^��^'*" ** ^**  ^w^V^S***-^*!' '���ln^V^****"'   ^'^'���'���^Iff**'-***"-'*^*^^ - w    ��� -J' -*-*-. )       *,   j,      %      u ,,  iYs'-y/^ _?>������- *?*..., ..< .  * ."���* f^>Tho Peninsula Tirig_  i,11, --..k ���***"*��� '* "   ��� u"1  if. ^Mir^Mntikfftratl  \Ki'':i *_��__;  appemngs  ,    .��   .fV      ...^F,  .       .t  ���YYi'.7:   ^7^p��,l^tLr9717 r'\ ,y y; \v*m' y*>��y*>��'^ILl^M**^''* J:m m  mS' y'*<& ^yyr5^^?^^ -  Wr-    '  y  :;''V- ff ��� ^' *w ' ^ "���-L*,' "Mil��� Mr; <:yJR^ /<" '  "Y ���. v   ;m^NY things hkviheen _aking*pl% ait - he the, h  ?���*��. ,/ Jfy ^oldEIphie'during the>��asfc~few weeks.      ' nnU  t*_' '* F^%"Wilh*the grader12'dinner'  *- -'���>      '    a^eek and fa halt away,  J 5. ,,    * Mye'iheen' busy. ^Thursday at noon,  y       Y* they held a Slave* Pay on1 the front, lawn.  l **!  ��� / y Just <to show'the * enthusiasm of the stu-  <  *      -* dents, whetnV one -/teacher, was4 auctioned \ '  ' *      y ofi-namely^. Yabloi*ki, there was a, '^^^ ^ving during ttoYlast-few  .   -  *  grade ll's have been pretty busy.  Gradei2 rY J J ***'  .of^May. The  p.m.   and   again  Daughters are .catering. All parents ,--     ,   ,��� > - ~   - ��� ���,.-- -      _,   __.>.  grade 12 students are invited to attend   perqi-s   May. Day,-Holiday* apd-^there  1 both the dinner and the dance.; This-will ' aren't> too.mony sunburns!   ,   , , .   ,  7  Ii  V.  \  y>  Resolution deteated 7. >  > Branoli;;6#, :Se4ior YCitizens  ' votesr agdiii^t resignation  n-t f ri        .,    to*7     /<���    ,,,     ' V    s  \ ��.r   *    '      1-        * .     ,<" s -^n  aavisuty cux_iui__,i.c_; v*  ww*  wxuv:  MEETING of Br-uxch:"69,^ S.C.A.-' opmed    Bill Arnold sat1 down .together and made the regional board director o��'Jj_dividu*iai  last Thursday with 1st' *v"ice-President t such niusiq that'all feet were tapping and' areas has brought a pretest Jpoin^he^  Mrs Madge Hansen in the chair, ..     ;       all yoicesfjoined in their joyful music.    ' Pender and Egmoovt Chamber of,,Cpjn-^  First Uem on the agenda was the* reading    .Y.When >4ea, was served,  a  beautiful merce on grounds that, one repi-esentetrwej���  of a letter of resignation-from Presideiit; decorated   hirthday. ca^ce .was   cut   to from Egmont and^^another from^Mede^ ,,  of the Branch Canon Mmto Swan.'1 Mrs. > rloftour.the 80th birthday pf Mrs. Z. Mc- park is insufficient for^u^a-large^ea.!-  Hansen explained that', she had. called' "a - -Crea on June 21 and Mr. J. Enefer's 85th        The Chamber asked -that it, ^gxvmu  Following comments regarding pother,. Du:e<*|or Guker' moved a letter -jeior*-;  Board dumps! Alternate Director^ 'Noarih-j warded^ to the Chamber advising that a  Watson, said it was his .undeirstanding" committee has 'already jbeen formed and  that the three dumps in operation were*�� that channels^ to contact,are available ,io\  originally considered adequatefHe ad^--A" the.areaj'^iiel-^i /Dire(cAw"''IVner^with.i  ed that, there surely must'belsujtable. whqrnl>rablei6i hmy^he.* discussed.- f '< ><  dump areas without having to foul'iip;^  -���-., <>] * 1��� r.:,.;���'J! .,  creeks., ������ \ '      ]'       \ ,"'*, \)  It > was agreed" a search, for more suit* |  able sites be carried out.   Y   ,*    >i �� /y4  An advisory committee to work "with!  * *     i  i      ."������__.______._ __._B*1 i_i_ __l______! __!.*_.li% \  COMAAERCIAL PRINTING  \f" F*  .   .*  f��i  ,Yj -''  meeting of the officers'to discuss the    hirthday.'  President's resignation. Canon Swan, .Jit;   *   a letter which he lias since sent 6ut!to all  members explained his action 'by'statiil^.  that the calling of ai^Executive^nieeth-g-T  to discuss organisation business' '^thout     '.  notifying  the President ..should <a_way_.  motivate any President "to jregisterfl his  disapproval,by Rendering his ^resignation. '  After _a. lengthy discussion,, a, resolution to accent n Canon Swan's resignation  was defeated toy 42 votes to_28. It .was -  agreed that k letter "he senf requesting  him to carry on^as President. "  Unless further bookings are received,  it will not be possible to proceed with'  the bus trip |to Vancouver on' May 29.  The trio is scheduled to include, a visit  tol Park and Tilford Gardens, Stanley  < Park and Queen Elizabeth Park- Please  telephone Mrs, Alice Batchelor or Mrs.  O. McGregor ^without delay if you wish  to join the trip.        -    _,  In. the absence of Mrs. Ruth Mitchell  who is at present on holiday, Mrs. O,, McGregor reported for the Visiting Committee, , x  In St,-Mary"s Hospital "were Mrs. Rid-  dell, Mr. West, Mrs.,Gray, Mr. Lonsdale  and Mr. McAllister. Mr. Harry Hill had  ' undergone further surgery hfc "Shaugh*  nessy Hospital and Miss Emma Edmunds  was in Vapcouver-for surgery*- *x ��:*���"'/. .  Mrs. Jack Whaites advised' that the  Social Committee would need" extra help J|  * for the next meeting as Mrs. Whitaker  will be away on vacation and she would  appreciate hearing from volunteers. ,    ���  The   meeting   voted   $100   fort Mrs.  O. McGregor's expenses to act as delegate to the annual convention at Crestpn  \ on June 10 and 11.'  A resolution was carried that, all bills  paid by the Treasurer should be authorised by the members. Members wete reminded'that emblem pins in an attractive  dogwood design are available frohi the  Secretary at a price of $1.30.  ( The meeting ended with a most enjoyable program of entertainment arranged by Mrs, Hazel Evans, which  sparkled with life and music. Mrs. Cecile  Mueller gave an excellent rendering of  "Getting to Know You" and "Sound of  Music". The Sunshine Songsters, under  their leader, Mrs, Dorothy Stockweli offered a cheerful program including  "Whistle a Happy Tune" and "It's a  Grand Night for Singing". Mr. and Mrs,,  representation-oh the Advisory <��mihltF*. ^  '*Y .*YY' ~h  \&e&$tUr   I   ;'.$ih .\.*'\t'�� -j-*.. f-' "t ?-, -*,    '���_J  To take part In this contest, simply ask for a demonstration of Hornelite  chain saws. Convince yourself that they are truly  worthy of their fine reputation.  See the entire rango of  Hornelite XL chain saws:  the newXL-902 AM, Super-  XLfSM.      HOMELITE XL Chain Saws  the fastest-selling chain  saws in. the world .., ariel  for good reason.  Ask for* a demonslralion,  and tako part In this exciting contest.  CKAIIISAWCEUM  . Box.489 * SecHett,, P.C   Mimm. ��� S*B5*#&2S .-   i.  A     *.-*,   tn&J^-A     *4    "*��    *     *     *���     %   ft   *< ***-   *Y   f-*


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