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The Peninsula Times 1971-09-22

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 We.' i - v*-*--:*****-"* *?*""' ,c^ *���'*���������'  Ji      ^V"**"'* /iT-i"'".''':v '���"��    J**** "^  .conning up  REQEST by Sunshine Coast Disposal Ser-.  vice for a business licence in order to  ���operate a refuse pick-up and disposal  Within the Village of Gibsons was held  pve? fpr further copsidoration by Council  at lust week's regular^ meeting.  Administrator Dave Johnston explajp-  #���etftlTat tho applicants ate presently' co.n-,  tr��icting to the Regional District for the  outside territory, He said he understancjs  7j  ���V  III  'il  ll  ;1  project  and  pointed  out  that it  would  require a ramp and float.  . ft was agreed to look into the matter  fm'thef,     ��� ;  ]>Iayor Peterspp/drew a.&t'apiQn.tQ tjie  fapt that the nominal charge by coiipcil-  pf 50-cents per day fpr hyctro hpok^pp at  the wharf imposes a hardship in some  cases?, H$ referred to. fish boats that*  might be  tied  up for .the  winter wi.th  they had agreed with'the Village collector > possibly ope light hurjllOgT'-M ��Q cents  to keep out of the Village providing he  stayed from thoir areas. "Now they are  asking for a permit to operate within the  VilUige."  Mayor Wally  Peterson suggested  the  application   be   tabled   pending   further  fatiidy of the situation. Aid. ,Ken Crosby  agreed,, and expressed the view that  "it  would be silly to have two spoil services  in a relatively small community such as  Gibsons."  Aid.  Gerry Dixon  added  that  there is no way'two operators could make  a living within the Village.. .���.  Aid. Ken Goddard asked if Council in  a position to discriminate when business  applications are applied for.  Mayor Peterson replied that fie pould  see trouble looming with two sucli operators apd  on his suggestion  the matter  WJisJta^ledJftJiiiurLher investigation,  Aid. Dixon reported that things appear to be going well.al the wharf, however, he had been speaking to the Whar-  "x-Tvina thP Sunshipe Coast, 'Ho\ve Soupc" 'a JprYi?.Inlet), including port Mellon, Hopkins Lapcjipg, Grpntbams Lapdipg, Gibsons, Roberts Creek,  Wi|sqn Crepk, Selma Park, 5echelt, HalfrnPOfl Bey/Secret Coye, Pernor Hprbopr, Mafaiyo Pgrk, KMndalp, Irvine's Landing, EqrLCove, Egmopt  y>~  Wni?n  Label  URGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY PAPER ON THE SOUTHERN-SUNSHINE COAST:  sv$&&*\?.   a*a? r?^\ cr tt nb r**  This Issue 12 Pages ~r 12c  "volMme^B;* No. 43 - WEDNESDAY^ SEPf^ 22, 1971  rt^rit-^Sf-fr   S  5C  *-"p  ^^=^.^:Mm^J^^ Pow* Squadrpii holds  ���MjC^-QmS&Jj^ first season's meet  "si  a day this ������'runs fairly high" he said,  Mr. Johnston told-him that Council  actually gets very little revenue from  the present- arrangement' anyway-  It was agreed that Aid. Dixon look  into   possibilities  of  coming   up  with   a  more equitable method -of charging for~  hook-up, ' a  Aid- Charles Mapdelkay told the council he had attended a Regional District  Water Committee meeting which was  also attended by .engineer Martin Dayton/  Aid. Manelkau said he liad been asked  how Gibsons had made, out fpr water  during the dry spejl. Jfle said he had explained that although there* had been  times when the reservoir was flow, np  real problems had beep encountered. He  added that the BOard is now interested  In opening UP the Chaster. Bead jy&LL^and_  that Mr. Dayton had suggested that if the  Village is interested in co-operating.-he  would get figures as to how much pump-  i*^*",*',r.��  r*v*     '��  'W  I  0*  Uff  I������������*   -\*m  I  .--���>  finger who had  suggested an  additional' ing would be required.  ��<*  float on the 'North side of lhe wharf for  small boats. This, he explained, would  alleviate some of the existing, congestion.  He suggested there might be a chance of  obtaining some assistance from the Federal Government for such a project;  Mayor Peterson  agreed the proposed  location would" be a natural for such a  Mayor Peterson replied . that this  woiild depend upon how much water the  Village would require but he did not  anticipate it to be very much.  Aid. Mandelkau added that the Committee has no plans for. Reid Road- but  are going ahead with the Langdaje system. ���  '�����r��-f  FIRST meeting, of- the "winter season for  the Supshine Coast FSwer Squadron  was held at th�� home of Dr. arid Mrs.  Alan Swan. Commander Werner Riel-ter  was at the hplm apd ably assisted by  secretary Ron Mooreroft, treasurer Ray  dhamberlain, executive officer Dr. Al.  Swan, training officer Don Hadden, fleet  surgeon Dr. .Tim Hobspp, *23Wc��tipn "91=*"  ticer, Mr. Lien van |"gmen&  There was a gopd turnout" pf miifthers  iincl associate member** with $0 or sa/j}'t.:e=  sent, including Mr, apd Mr**. Bei-f apd"  Fran Scott from Vancouver Power ��cjua-  cjrqn, also members of thie local pipb.  The Sunshine Coast Power **iquadrpn"  will again this year of fpr a ntght'sclippi  qourse" in b-asfc piloting. The pptirse fpr  all those who gp boating for relaxation,  shows the satisfaction to be derived f ro*m  H  *Y'i  i'\,"  Hi  m  Vff  Young children could be seen dm\y  pteying on this badly dilapidated  structtire within the Village of Sechelt Qitite clearly it was a veritable  {   Youngsters' Playgrounds '  danger "to life and limb" as stated  by the Sechelt. Indian Council in a  letter of protest to the director of  Lands. Last word trom Sechelt Counr  cil, before a, chilcj .fell tQ her death  'from a hple in the decking was ''it  wpuld seem there is little  Council  can "do*1.  Halimoon Bay area  IT WAS a paclied and lively meeting at'  the Welcome Beach Hail' on September 15 when almost fiO people greeted  iwo representatives of the Regional Boaid  to discuss "tlie rezoping of sections of the ���  Halfmoon Bay  area.  . The meeting was opened by Cliff  Thorold,. Area B representative on the  Board, who said that planning director  E. R. Cuylits had explored llie area,  studying the' type of homes and needs  of the residents and had "reached a con-  glusipp that the most .-suitable, zoping' for  Rediooffs Road was Residential II.  .Mr,   CuyJilti . ropoited     thfit   he   had  (found a number of bmall summer liomes,  lpany of wliich were added to when the  owneis retped. Theie weie sopie penna-  nent-smal) homes as well as some vacant  luptj owned by people pjannipg to build  ���summer homes foi- the time being. Theie  wore some high quality liomes but these  wore seatterpd throughout tho area, making   any   special   zoning   impossible,   A  period of testing, he said, hud boon necessary after the original zoniog, but he  pow foil  there  was'��� cpoi'igh' evidepcu  lo  warriuif. ucaroful .ro-examination,  Will),  ho m.iipy sinalj hnmcH, he fell that Resi-  duptlul  I  zonfng  was too Ktringenl. and  (���ould prove u ha.id.shlp,  lie -pointed out  for oxainplu thiit under  the RJ   zoning'  hy-luyv, an owner could not add a small  addition  lo n ,400 square ft, linui-e, Any  ullonilions would liavo lo bring it up to  Iho area of HOI) square I'l, Ho iind coipu  up willi the rocoinmoiidulion of rpzonlng  jo llll us buing most Kiilliiblo In llic sifiui-  tion iih liu found  it,  Iill /.nning would  ��� ��� lump tlio-cost of living within Iho moans  of many pooplo and wouj.d not roslricl,  any  ownor froip   hi|i|di|)g  n  pruliJiilinus  hiinio If ho no wiHhud,  ll wuh a niniior, ho mild of whnl l.ypo  of'|iiio|)|o rii'ii living luu'o und wind do  Ihoy wunl, 'I'lhi Hourd Ih lipxiot'm lo do-  vtiliip iiomolliluu , liml will iimliuit llio  IuIoi'ohIn ii|' Uio local poiiplo, llo poluloil  Dill 1 liftt C00|l<.T'fl Gl'OOII wuh /onofl "Com-  ... iiioi'ijIhI" hut It wns llio rncopiiiHindiillon  'of. 11)0'Mpiird Ihul |ii) iilloiopl. (in Hindu In  iit,i\i<iThiy(ha"plhof i'omnioiclHl npd IndiiH-  "iViiil imllvllloH nfnii' Highway 101 aiul  MJiiilo Jtoud, rullior Iiiiui um (hem ticut-  luriiil ifiriiuiilioiil li��u;.ai'0M.'      (     ,   .  Mi in I of llm i|U(iMlloi)ti   J'lrod nl Mr,  Cu->lits "reflected ail anxiety that" Rll  zoning would create a lishackville'"��, with  oveiciowding putting a stiain on water  and sewage .systems and that the agricultural activities allowed by RII zoning  would cieate a nuisance In reply, he  said that with today's building controls,  shackb, such as weie Jieing built 15 years  ago would no longer be permitted. He  pointed out tliat while two houses would  be allowed on lots 15,000 squate feet or  more, only one house would be "permitted on a lot 7,500 squatc feet in area.  Hp did Hot consider agneujtuval ficti-  vjties would provp,a,.problem. Pig farming, hu -.aid, would be allowed only 'op  handling  boats  properly.  This first course offers a basic minimum aod enjoyment. It alsp is goffd1 to  increase ' the knowledge of experienced  bpatmen. After faking the first course  you are then eptitled to go on into the*  seamanshiR. The final P"��rt. deals with  additional asP!?Pts of the fascinatin.*g suh-  .iec.l>70f-|)-iloting.        - <  Actually the information obtained  from this P0Ur��e is of interest to all ian4  sailors who get great enjoyment iv9.Vh  wafching others ip their jDpating acfiyir  ties as they go past their windows, to  know why that particular boat dip" what  it did, why it parries cgrtain lights etc. "  ,,,: fThe .next, imeeting^ f>f<ithe>-��un*?hine^  Coast Power Squadron willTbe  held in  (Ilibsops ai  the  home  of, Dr.   and  Mrs.  Jim Hobson.  ' :��� ������ /.  ^i Aa-JU "'*-}&* *Vtf  \A ;vfzrf :��� rr^r^��  'y   -* ** " ��> J ; / J I  Ljsii     !,,   ft t. , ^S--1 ~-t    ^*-*. ~\*  T-  *v������.#.*.)��� t.  ^ r>_S* .ii^i i^^^rk^)^<J^^^ij}\   >       ���  propertied W not Jesslhan fiveVtW and   'TaKdW'T^^BfejC jiefpt'e tTlUCh'of it  ipust he 100 feet away from Uie propeity  line, He felt there were very few propel ties in the area which would lie suitable lor this typo ol development. Chicken laiius and similar activities would he  allowed only on parcels ot one acre or  ino.ie,  A quostion was asked about water  ���suppHos being ctiptaminaled and polluted  by farm animals and Mr. Cuylits assured  Iho, mooting,'��� Ihul. , ll)is whole quesMop  would-ho Investigated very carefully before any such permits wore granted'  Ip onswe!' ���') another question, Mr,,  Cuylits h'uid there wore po homes being  built ut present where the -jewugo is discharged into the sou, und that if people  found this was being dope, thoy who"  quite in .order in reporting it to Iho Rb-  (jinniil Hoard,  A volo lu got Iho fooling of the meeting producod iho following results:  ' l*ii-ruki*' MuJ'ji'ily in I'uvnr nf bomming  liofiiclonliiil II, Huuci'uhI: .Majority In-fu,-  vor of hocoiiilpg ItuHidonliiil 11. Woii.'pmo  Mm  Itoiy  llciiii,  r.|o(.u!  IIONil  i widorfroiii;  In favor   of uliiylng  uiiiiiH i, llcdi'iiiiff'i mul Wi'l'a'oiiiii  i hiifik lolsi Ip favor ol! bociimlpg  Iniitiiil II,  Thorn wcro mil opnuuli< owiioi'h of-  Jti.'di'onl'f'i wiiloi'l'roni, proHdnt lo got up  opinion, m Mi', ('uyIIin iigrood lu niHuiii'iii  Ihis iii'Ou wilh Iho co-oporallon pf Mr,  lli'liniii Ilunl, prut^idoiit. of Iho Hoilroofl's  Walorworks Disll'lol,  , , :_^ ,������~*c : ;���,  was demolished by, a mysterious  fire which broke out- twice ip Uie early hours qf la**t (Saturday morning,  'the old Sechelt wharf has long been  ���considered a hazard and this proved  to be true 'when a three-year-old  child fell through one of lhe many  holes in the decking and was d*'p.wrir..  ed Sunday September 10th, _  Staff co operation  wins presentations  COlNSJbl-niAl'HJ!"    hardship    has    been  forced   Upop   *��iu|'f   mopihers    of   ��SI,  Mary's Hospital as, t\ result of tho oondi-  ���tjups Imposed by (ho prolonged construction, ',...,...,.,,,,.  In iipproulullon of thoir pa|ionco and  i!0"oi)orii||op, Hoard of 'rninloon chiiiruuni  Dop Duuglu.i, Hi) liohfilf of 'Iho Board,  pi'iiiioiilod ongriivoil pon nnd pencil miIk  lo l|io til ii I'l' iiionilioi'irihirlug rul'lco hiciik  '1'iiendny tfoploiiiljoi'  Mih,  flxll.'lltihlll    Of     till)    hlllipjllll     lllll'     Ih'CII  huHot wilh iiuiiiinuod cunKlfiiotion hold-  upH, Coihplolidp wim iinlie/i|)u|i'd onrly ii)  llio yuiir hul doliiyM huvo coplinuod ul  copHitloruhln  liiciinvonionco    In all  i'mii-  :Early mowing,Maze.'*  ,��    - ��� "-Hi��   - �� ���  ��^^***UJ^Y-p,^a2iU<L.3J  coined. II is iiiHli.'ialoo'd oouipJutinn  iiow hoiHid for bijforo llio ond of I  .your.  Ill  UNEMPLOYMENT DOWN  |)i!t.pllo li hiiI'hIhiiIIhI liMU'onmi In llm  labor lolcit, iiiiuiiiployiiKiiil  In JJ,(J, wmi  "down' hy JJMintl in Aiiijiiki, Iti'fl nvor Au-  gilhl 11*70. T'orconiiign niio of (inomploy-  iiionf for AuipiHl. liml your, wim '1,1% iind-  "ilowu to ,'!%  for��� AiiHuiil. of thin your,  IMPAIRED  a llli'luu'il Anllioiiy Duvoy of (JIIihuiim  Wim I'll'oil ifftliO ni I'l i4Uii|iond'id Iioiii dilv-  liiK fui"duo iiiuiilh liml wool' In (Hiinlioll i  WllOlt  l|�� ll|)|lO|irod   liufoi'il ilpilgn <J||lll'|��iti  Mlllo|h|oiii|| lo iiiiHWnr ii olinrgo of Im*  ..|)idi,ial->di'lvlii/|t.i.��(-'hMi'|-ui-...ai,oiio.-..."i,i��in.��-an.-  Ini'ld'iui ul H unl Mny !i7lh wlmn u inoin��  |>ii|' of lh��t HUMP wim loici'd off llio ruud  ��� iioar��� IIiiv|m Miiy'i l,)iivoy-ii|iioi'oi| n jilnii  nl "nut iii'iiliy''.  ,       '     ,_   ,  ��� ���   i '       <  AMCH, TKA (JI*AST-*�����-~ ~   Dpportlliun lo llio pjiiupud o^plo.-ilon  of a f|v��Hi|ii'*u!un uloiuli! Iioiiib In Iho  Al'iiillium linn I'liui'li'id llm MiidhIiIhu Coiml,,  .Inhn Mn-'Novin of lAn\ W Poll M��llon  1 InforniH UK Hint a combluMil niilltion In-  iiluiiul hy ilm union Inmiglil, In jiill'l  pl��nniili'��m from |-niw����>n Hociiolt und  (Jllwonil liml W'-'oluind, 12,000 uio oxpimlud  )>y Mnndiiy of (IiIm w����I*,  ' ���  '-A'   ; ;��� ; .'  ���  Building debt cleared . . * , H  Sunshine School enrolment  incx$as^  MNimiiMriNT (il llin iiiiiiHliino lii'luiol in  ' 'iilmoniH liiriiiiftiiid Ihlii luriii lo ihivoii  ntiiiloiii'i wliiiiio iiiohi riiii/ai Iioiii flvu  lo hlNlo'iin ycurii,'       ,.   J .  |(iinl yuui- llio iinu mum (���������linnl which  Willi bull! Jiuil ovitr ii yuiir ugo hy- III')  I.uriil (Jliuplor of tho lirill-ili Uoliinihlu  Aiiitoi'imiop for tlio i Montully lloiurdod,  -Und'(in oiitnUmmi vt llva HUnltnhH,  ��� 'rriipiiMidoim lui-ul mip|n;rl him onulilofl  Dm Louni (!|iii|iloi' in (i|ouV; llm l)iilliiini,t  fund d.iiii uud imiu|i||Hl)nd miff|i*lont lundii  in llm guimi'ul ui'i'iiilnl lo muliituln opnr-  u'lloi' of tho rtuhoiil lor ii whim.  ,., ��� AI lutit wniil*'-) inmillnn of oxiicutlvu  unit nioiniioi'H of tlm f'criiui! anil Hintiii'l  Hiiiiirilnd , <!|ii|ili'oiy-i, AtiHorliillon, tlio  i|imi<l|iMi uroi'o wlmlhoi' (ho ,m*|iinil In  wlithilly- for niniilidly- i'��liii'dmlnhilili'Mn or-  I.llllillll    I)    fliTUpf    I|II|IiI|''II)I|HmI    t'llllill'HII,  |l��'lou'Ju/{ to l|os I'lMmMliitlop, lU'^ld*  oiil Mr,- Alborl l-yiin*i*iilil' Uiul llm pin*  liuni' pf ||m Ahiiih'IiiIIiii) Im lur llio lioltiir  !iiii|i'n.liiiiillim of Iho liiiiidii'iippcil child  und nimtPt'Ttrtjintnltrtn.  |t wimL.iwivilii Hud llm m-~Iu��-J ulinuld  mm'vo lhn nionlidly rcliinlod rhlldron llii>i  und If Hmro I'm ruoni und Iho fimllilioH,  hund|ciippd ciilMi'oii would do ���������������mjil-'-d,.  |i]��l)luinlng I'tm d|f(liniliiuu, lining ilm  Hdhool thin your, Min, (tludy-i l.ogh mild  Uiul it Ih liiipiiHullilf! vfor moro lhnn- iwo  piio|)|ii io' nlvo i |nHtrui!t|ou In onn room,  J*M|)IJ*i liirliidii odd iigcil fj, ono ugnl 7, nno  iigoij  HI, nun ugitd II, nno ugod  lil uud  ono iigiiad HI youiM,  Cliiili'iiimi pf lhn Kiliii'iilloii (liiiiiinllhHJ  JVIi'h, l.oo IMui-ny H|iid that II |jn�� hitcii  imrimmiry lo hlro un imMliiUuif for lhn"i  duyn a w��o|t, Voliutli.'oi'M lm||i 'ul lliu  koIiooI on u coin huM|Mt for tho roiniilniim  tWO, l|ll,VH.  |\1|',   WuIhI)   Wl)0   ill   Hl'||io|il||ll||l|ll|||   ill'  ���,|��rlrl��n Hill Minn* w|l| vjujt Iho dlnlili'l'  on Tliucfuluy of lliln wuolt und In iixpni'linl  to, vlhlt. tho liuimhliio fi'^hool mid ofl'ov  udvliro pp I Ih laillulilllly lo moi'vo (il|l|di'uii  ul'fllnloil wilh .ijournnti'M,.'   '  ruwp nAisma   ,  Wlunlnn i|cIui|m w'o|-o itcuwn on Hi"  Coffin und Men, W, H, Horry' of "ionimli  . .won���..lhu..Hni)lMHl. rug u-udo���liy -tiuiy  liiilliin, Mm, A'riiiio Muliollun woii Hm  glir I'ortlllfuto iluoiiti'il by Uiicji! Mlrli'i*  Hioi'o ul Hoo||o|i," Miw Hylvla .limliMin  iiImi nf Hnchnll  won u Iiiii lor iwo un  Mr, iJiicdoi) IIiiU'i, viutmil "Tlio tiny Niim-  Ut'*.". ,������,-������_,.,������.���,      ' .���...,.���.-i...-.,  a I  Moiiiliioit nf Dm AwMM-iulInu-nro-now  inllliilt Uhrlnlinim nui|N lo ln;Jp inli.n  I'iiihIh fiir hn!|) (ho l.oi'iil Uhitpl'-r mid  Iho.. |',(", AHMoclutlon,  Ton I'ludn urn Moiling foe Iho rMiu'od  prii.'ii uf 7li��i upd ipuy |io (ihlulimd from  any of l|m ,||ii!|i|hocM, Thoy nuiy iiImi hu  ohlulnod at Um Tlnum Hooloiioio iu f*n-  l-lmlt,   ' ��� , '   I    '.   a    .     ,v    ,  JViySTliJRIOUS firo whicli destroyed most.  of |ho old Sfecholt' wliurf luat 3atpr-'  <l|iy niorniiig wopld ��eeni to havp talten  euro  of   u   prohloip   which   hus  assuilod  Villugo Council for koiuO oionlhn und him  boon a-souciiq of concorp' to muiiy rc^i- .  dc|)(y of tho urou. i'\  At a mooti'pg uf Council lust. IJocci))*  hur both  Aldocmou  Ndwio)  uud  Wutaon'  ' ricow oltoniioi). to tho fuel iho Htruciuro  poi-od u poloiiliul hii/,iird, Jl wim pointed  out Unit iho whurf hud boon built by the  PopurlnicnJa of l-iiblic Works but wus  Uiulor conlrol of DOT.  At ii Jiiiuiury inoolinii of Council, llpi  , clerk loporlod having rocoivod ��oh)o-cor-'  ro-ipoiidopro   ludlculiiig   Iho. wluirf, hud  boon ducliii'i'd  Murphm   |u   Hlfil) und   had  lioiin pucoliimod by Huulioll  Kifshfiritm up-  jiiiroplly uporuiod by Mr, Ai*l.\i*iinon'  , Oouimil fioiighl furll|oi; uctlon bul wun '  udvlwe'd by' Clerk Tod Huypor thnl ioh-  luiimiblliiy niiii.. i'omIh will' Iho owner, H  wuh moved furilmr nvpiiuoH bo p|i��o|a'd  Jn ordor tliut hoous uelion might bo |ukep,  In Muri.'li of llil.s your llm TIiho'h puh-  ilNhed ii^ pleturii of llm djlupiriiilod tilriui-  ,. tiii'o ujii'i. wui'imd of |l�� olivloim imionliul  ilimiiorti lo Hhipping Ip ,t|io., ovout of u  wuhIi-uwu.v by n mivoro'Htorui,  In opr Immiui of* Miu'i'h 17 wo cojaiiiod  Uiul, tlio flee Muiliull luul pul ii "'.lop"  uiiliir. op llm wliurf, llmceby ci!N|r-||n|n|i  livi)  nil   ooiiipuuleti  from   un|oui|iug   oil  .,��� J����� ��� i����11mrjfi,,J?y������ w'<,v.,f.��(7.Jt.1 *!n''Ii11*?.^MI>...thM,���  "ill'Ui'lurn, Ah ii iniimtupieiieu ul leimf Olio  of' Hm ciipipiiniiiH i|ei'|ncoi| ||m niiiicuct  w|l|| Hut owner un void, Al llinl uain't poc  loil, |ho Hedmll Hod mid Onn Clu|) ulmi  i'ojuIhIoi-oiJ u piolont ivlih Co'iimH ut llm  liii/urdoiiii i'iiinli||iiii of Um wIhuI',  Jp April ol lliln youi' Ci|iuni|| rooolvoil  nnoll^ic leiier from Victoria, i|i|h|Ipio thu  liuiiin and mlili'imn of Iho owper wuu l'e-  (,utiKi'fMi,���" Coiiiioil replimi iimintiniily unil  a Iho   Hiibmllled    (lie ��� plcluro ' provlo|in.|y  cilikoi) to l|it- Dirpctor of ���L-in'l'" oxprc,ss-,  'ing concerp 'apd a��king what niousurca  might bo takon,-particularly In light of  the fuel, llial the .wha'rf ia no longer in  uao,,  ,  \  A ro|)ly to Aid. Lang last *3at.ur*"|ay,  Scpl, i'lth ndvism-j that if ia aasunipd Iho  whurf in question ia tliat held under lease  by Socholt MaVina ahd Resort J^imiloo!,  I'-iii'thur, the JDialriot Uind Jn'spcclor 'has  been aaked lo study the ailualion when  next in llm urea, .  On Sunday, Soptoiubur lii a three  year old Indian child fell Ihroughwi hole  h) llio rolling deeklna and was c|rnw'it.-d,  Hlnce tlidp, many local residents have  oxproNBoc) conceip and puz/.loniopt at lhe  fad Iho liicul, powecH have indicated tlioro  In nollilpg lhat pap |io done,  Tlioro hayo beep a few minor i'l con  break nut", uf ''night on llm wharf during  ��� pasl mi'mOu'. hnu\ Salur'luy >morning ut  :i ii.m,, fii'union worn nguln ciilloil out  lo ii ralhei' moro lupiuim firo but do'spllo  lhe duniieis of numerous hojes in lhe  dneklng inanage'd lo pul out; iho INiimoa  which had liriikun unl In Iho wharf building, Tlm alarm \yiml put uguiii (,about fi  n.V'i/ bid [Ibis Ibno a largo hluzo won uls'o'  taking liokl neai' onlrapce lo Ihq w|iar",  at ll)o Miunii time tho hufldlini was, iu  flumes,  Aflui' burning Ihroligl) iimnl of "iulur-  duy, llillo of Hm old landmark remains,  celebration luncheon  ���Publicity Chairman, Maureen Sleep  LADIES   Gioup   of  the  Sunshine   Coast  Golf and Country Club wound up thc.  season  with a   celebiation  luncheon  attended   by   eighty   ladies   at   the   Club  Ijou&e On Wednesday, September 15th.  Special  guests* weie pres)dent  of the  Ladies Golf Association, Mrs   Mary  limpson   and   secretary   , Mrs.   Dorothy  lanklin.   "' t. ,  ttfollpwjuig the cnjoyal)lc lunchppri,  catererl by \\\a Jcitcjicn staff of ||ie club  lindor Uie leadcrthip al M*% Nocm?"  Hurley, tiopliy presentations were mac|p.  l^adics champion for thc third coitbcc-  ulivo year is Virginia Douglas, rtunpor-  up is Doreen Grcgoiy. Is) Flight���Bplle  Duho'i second, ,Jeap Whilla. 2nd Flight���-  liva Mollick; spcond, Maureen SJcep. 3('4  J>'Jight���r"orma Games; " second Vopa  Clayton, 411) Flight���Rosa Swan; second  Ann de Kleer. fith 'FJiglH���Glcppa Sa|a-  hub; seeppft JVorma Hanna! ' ,  Senior Ladios Cluh champion is ileap  MeHwaipe, runnoc-up JJetty Turpbuil.  QP*?|CE|F}S , ,7  ','Election of officers followed, the trp-  phy prcsentiilion will) the following rp-  sults! Captain Doreen Gregory y'l'eo, captain Hello pubc, secretary pd|;ofhy Mhl'*  ipw, tfeoaurer Jean McI|wa(no., Match  CommiHpo, J-fUcilJd Mueller and Dprce(>  MatthcWa. Phopipg .Compii.ttco chairman,  J'Virda Gallier, ,,   .....[,.,'.,..',.  errors in Synopsis  FISH   and   Wildlife   Ibauch wis|-o��   lo ...  ppbil   old   lo, l)i|i)|ei\H   tho   following,  isyyiwti in  tho ".Hunting  Hogplatlofis Sy-  nopaia, for  lUU-W *' . ' '  Dr,  ,1,   Hatlciy Dlrofitor,  -itatofl; thllt '"  tlioco In uii opun aonnoi) on bl'iok boar ip  Mamuc'inont Area No, I m\(l tlio Hoji��on  Ja from Soj)lo|pbor ||t|) lOaDoeoinbuc ,1la|,.,  .IU71.  Tho  other  correal ion  Ja   that   llfo  houkoii   op   Ai)t|orli:t*a   M\\\o   ('Jlnoktail)  Deer and Anlloplona ���Whlleiull  Dooc  Jp  Hint porlloi) of Mmnpiomonl Area Mo, J| ,  iioinprlsod of Iho wulocal|od of, l|i,o Jippto-  '  nay Hlvuc bulw'oon ll)o Foil Slvc|o Held-  hyit Murnhiill Irum Viiiu-ouvor vyuH called    ���.,, ,        .   ..       .     ./  io TIiiuih  Tlm dork, ul lliu Hum, m*  JhivIiiii had a . runviir-nit'  Mi  luiimn,  Ion will)  who Ini'l mild Im  Iho wharf1 up foe  In T  purlin  Iho owimc,, ,���,, ,  pliinnod to nhoelly pu  ''"limlltlon wilo,  ^ipporllng ^'oun.'irn nlaiul, llm Hcc||.  oil Indian Council inrwi.nl.n| a loilor |o  Iho  DJrecloi'  nl   J.uiiil.i  puloiliiH  out   {It,   mmrmn\\oTiMi> iiCw  Mini lo llm Caul thai "In lln priwul miudi-  tlnil ||io wharf in u nmiiiiiui lo hln uiul  ill/ill". T||o lotiur uli..) niiniimiiliiod "Wu  piwiMlin you ran ninrol l|u: |oici,||oro \iuy*  ^.ilH.tMtlMI^.:.tl|U,^wJuirJ'  Jt4.n<��t. iihi-��l   uud  Jiu*  ,J.,!!'',,,,,,,;i'b��|.f>niood,M   Nood|i��HM Iii nay, lo liml wi.'i.'k-oiiil,llm  Indian (���ommll had, mil  \mm given llm  . "iM'loay pf a jeply'/  f*loi'lio,lj Al'lonnun lion Lang, who bun  lung i.'ui|ip'ilKnod ip Cooni-H lor action,  linully Imcunio no illnguntod nl being lo|d  "llmm in nothing Coum-ll ran ��lo" tlmt  ���'ItI Huplemliec Dili ho wrnli) un u pilyulu'  l  I  over lo l|ivi'n|lgi||o,  Community Association  FJieci Market October 9  l*|-;iNl)l*"H Hacboiie Community AhhocIuI-  lun ��� In  lioldiuii  a  ThuuliHglvlug   Fluu  ,Mnck��!l In llm Conununity Hull ut Mud-  iileii I'aek on (iiiluciiny, Oclolmr IJ,  Fli'ii MiorUulii aip fanciniiliug piucim  wlmeo II In ponnlbliilo pii|'f.|)uo Junt nbniit  nnyllilng. growii, In iho1 gnrilon, ipmlo1 by  llm hobbyl/il, palnlod liy tlmaiiinl, bukoil  by ||m honm-cook, niiidu by,tbo cupdilu-  piaker, In (acl || la a market piano for Iho  lioniiiiidoiia vueloiy of goodn produimd  by laloiltcd pooplu Ip lliu iti'.iu,   7   '   ^-��.-AnyMn'��'--liit'ji''''i,ji',i��l'-^iii-"''������lil'iji/' Hmir *  'wiiri-in nl ll)o k'log Marl'ol nliould conlnci  Mrna I'J, WmipHk ul Mudi'lro J'ark, phono  IIII.K'i'lfl'l,  fui'   I hi ii.n   wlnlilug   lo  attend   iidinli.-  nlon In *il) I'i'iiln und llio piuikcl   w||| |.u  iipi'iTTl ii in, lu -I p.m. Ten nnd nil I no will  )m mtrvnl,  'J'Jiii punk of driving efficiency in  ii:iic||i:il ufiue a few bourn at llm wlufcl,  On long iripn )mv��? -mvi.eal peenona fihaei!  llin delving i <((', lake a break ovory iwo  or Ilu.'ii bumh, Knjoy your holiduy-- und  "Hilog 'cm l'u-:li AUve|"-HCAA,  .    .     - A   ,   '       '  y-llh ua shown |p  Ad-BHch  point  lite way  lo action!  In Today's C/ass/i'/oc/;^  ru.nrv*PM**ru*nnrir,nnr,r*.L*.H0,nn0t^\*nnn0rKKn0,r,nn0.nr,.,  Uiilll TOYOTA Coennii AulO.Doluxo rgdin,  ;ii|,i)|MI, Opo lady ownoiv I'l'Wi or offoea.  AImo light bulge 1S��III ��'ll|'pi.'lriibOfl KlPljW."  r*0v^rrr��*0*r^*rm0,rm0*0*0^nrm0*0*r*rvn0*0trm0V*,*0**,,n^^      '  ��� Times Cf'n*-)lf|crt<i' fooch flver 2,B0U |iomu��'  i)b,(H)(l tarirlwu),  ��� Tlipd* Clo*.*.|||cd�� 0" IN 10 'hi- (lornoi , ,  nol on lowns, blienu or lo nilvfiil*,..  ��� Tliiifl* C|obkl|icd�� or�� \iivf-coil, hlgh-poioncj,  1 iiotci pontes,  :*--  "0.  >'.  fl  a>   1  I  *t*  IK  h  '4-  0*0.'  ��*J-  ill1  .i  11  **\i-  11  n  ii  * *���  *��� e  T  7'  i /  !  Phono J*t(|{$-9654  Phone )ine$ open Sunday; nJI<its|Mo4  J a*  iMgwtfpwwtfi'M iij mpjf imi m i**m  imp*m&Q!M)fmwm<) 9  Byyw��^ywgiW  ^$$y^ip-4i*>^*^rf&%"X yrcx  ���*n.-*3^�� & i~     '. \  X -     ���   I r,  .-ju'^-if'nuL11 JH-i1 miwijumuJiJ. i^[ijjiijii m^cw "jflimr'iiiiiip'iii.nr-i. i- innir-i. -1r-lcrr-71��� in f' '"ij" 1 "7" "T"^- "in ���7"i,n 1 j n "1" "������ "n ) ������  ��� ,hi   1   v     j " '"'  '/j1 ^' ���* '_' ��� m��i** * ^'_j     j  * -    -* JT$J **��Mtfc��-  1 **    \ * ~     ^ - -  ^   - '    - ' ��   * -**  "**. ~     r    0.0,        ���*  ������������*M*����f��^^M:WWiff"  Btf^l*^Wt*^i��Wj!*��|Ii^^  f      -" Poge A-& The Peninsula Time*. ' Wednesday, September 22, 1971 Submission balance  .*- h  -I'  ���*r  ��� Ti   1  -���*���   t ���������  a --r  >jj  "Jj -"I i  i'l  ���1  1     ���  *    i  ' "l  . j  ���    \  J  ,    >  I  I  I  ThePeninsuia*^*^  *# may be ,.'roiigrbut I shall not be so wrong'at to fail to say what I believe to be right,"  *-     , " " v���John A'nciNSi  - " ? Douglas G. Whbbibr, Editor ���'..���'.  0mmi0000ii00Kmmtmm0W0wnmmti00m0mm0000000!0*v0i00��**  <JWI*��*WITIIIlMllW��IIW����IM��l��fW��m^W��lt��H��l��MII��^����ll  Fingiice chairmaii's^ replies  tisider "Study by Ratepayers  0tOT*fl��  DEATH of a three-year-old clti-ld who  fell through a hole ih the dilapidated Sechelt wharf was a tragedy long*  anticipated and one UJkely to he repeated' unless remedial action is taken  forthwith.. ^  It would be futile to attempt to lay  blame upon any -particular individual  for if blame exists then il lies \vith a  society that .permits what has been  publicly described as "a hazard" to remain and become increasingly hazardous,  day by day.  For his part, the owner claims he has  stuck up a nbmber of notices warning  that ,the structure is private property  -so. keep off, but. they are- continually  ripped down. Even so,, infants would  .know ho better and being what they are,  and always have been, it would be almost impossible to keep them away  from such a popular playground'. Certainly the owner could hardly be ex-  _pectedilQjiiounLiL^iiMd_lor^2_4JiQuri ji  day.  Toward the end of last year, members of Sechelt, Council expressed concern for the safety of children, and also  for shipping should particularly high  seas wash it away. At that time -a letter  was written, apparently, to the Director  of Transport but to' no avail. In other  words: typical civil service run-round  was encountered. "~- ''  The matter was again brought up  -early this year by Aid. Ben Lang, resulting in a letter to tho "Provincial Dept  due to the fact a. provincial, water lease  is involved. Result of this exercise was  a letter asking for legal description and  picture of the wharf. Needless to say,  there has been no further response by  Victoria.   --   ��� ���  Aid. Lang has since renewed his  concern and, .after being again told by  the-Village clerk that there is no more  Council can do, has written as a private  citizen to Victoria seeking, ways and  mettns by which action might be taken  to remove the hazard. His letter was  written some days before last week's  tragedy-but with the speed our public  servants reply we might well have more  /fatalities in "he meantime.'  Here we have a most incredible situation; a large structure in an obvious  >itate of near eoMapseHr-framber of Commerce, Rod and Gun Club and Council  Jia\^_alL-expressed���concern -at- its po*---  tential danger, a concern now justified.  "The owner apparently under no obligation to remedy tl\e situation and governmental departments indicate '"hands off.  We -haveTprotested--foi-- years  at���tlte-  hazardous .condition  of  Highway   101,  now that a number of lives have been'  lost it seems reconstruction is likely before  too long.  Let us  hope the  same  SHORTAGE of space in last week's Times  resulted in balance of the Regional  Board replies .to answers submitted by  tho Regional Ratepayers being held over  "to this week'. Tlie ne.plies were submitted  by director Frank West who had been  delegated, 'as finance chairman, to come  up wilh.answers where possible,  It will he seen that West's .submission contains the .questions as pose^l by  the Ratepayers which are "followed '\yith  his . replies:   *     ���  4. (a) "Water supply and distribution  are far removed from the published request for Assent Qy-law No. 21 (lDdtJ).  Why and who is. responsible?" -  For-a very large number of households, which tire on a normal residential  parcel of one acre or less the sum total  of water charges does not vary too much  from' the figures originally published in  connection with the plebiscite. The  charges for Ihe Sechelt and Selma Park  areas had to he increased, however, to  cover the increased costs.  The reasons for the increases were  previously set out in detail'.in various  board meetings and press releases. Nothing new can be added in this report, but  we shall give once more a summary of  the causes which led to higher rates in  the areas formerly served-tn' -the Sechell  Water ..Works..Ltd. *  '     .'....       a. The actual acquisition costs of the  assets of Sechelt Water Works Ltd. were  more than d.ouble''of"the estimates provided to"the Board by their consultants.  These estimates were fully supported by  user on their consumer* roll, who would  have helped not * only in .the future development of the supply system, but also  hy paying-water rates materially Contributed to the financial strength, of the  water authority. The board dujybound  and without hesitation, accented the  wishes of the... taxpayers mainly of the  Sechelt and Selma Park are�� and refused approval for tho industrial opera-  lions. Let ijs faee up to tho facts of life:'  We cannot have it both ways, So further  development.of the supply system, which  will be necessary is" the not too distant  future, has to be paid for by the domestic  water consumers without thel help of a  large" industrial, user. It is essential that  air water users keep this in mind when  ihey "consider present or future, water  rates. ���  situation w  the vSechelt  11 pot apply  wharf?  WITHIN the next week or so local canvassers will undertake their annual  campaign on behalf of the Canadian  National Institute for the Blind (CNIB).  Just one of the riiany worthy and charitable organizations dependent upon public   support   in   order  to   continue   its  ..wor.k._ -:.-,:..,.-!..,-'. '-    ��������� ,������r; -: ������*- ���������  During the course of a year the requests, for public assistance are many  and varied Most of them have some  merit, a few are exceptionelly praiseworthy, while others warrant closer investigation;  Of those in the top bracken there is  little doubt CNIB is indeed one of the  highest respected of. charitable organizations. Proof of this lies in the very  iaqt that certain and questionable... organizations, both in Eastern Canada ^rjd  from the United States'hWe-seehvfit fo-  launch fund raising campaigns within  close proximity to the week of the CNIB  canvass. Each has claimed to" be connected with projects on behalf of the ���  blind, as they might well be, but wc  would .-suggest thc possibilities are more  than remote.  Gimmick used by the Eastern Canada outfit was to send siatements'throngh  the mail, usually for the amount of $10  supposedly I'or a small advertisement in  some unknown publication we aire supposed to believe '"if I'or the Blind organisation, 11 < did npi lake too long to find  that a number";of business peppll* had  mwmw0*m0**,*m0%0m0mn0mv*v*&0l0mwwm0uwwm0vn,m0*i*n  I'l.        . -~'l      fl    '  The PenInsula'T^^  t'llblislicd Wcilticsdiiys nl vSechelt  ��� on H.C.'aS Siiii{,liiiic Co��ihi  ��� ."'"     ....     'by  Powell It Iyer NewnTowii Crlor  Suclioll 'Hiiich tub  lib* ."���lO-Sccli.-ll, 11,0,  '' Si|hscrlpllon Itiilos; (in mlvmiec)  I.ociil, $d per your. Iloyoiul 3,*" miles ,"��7.  ' U.S.A.. V). Ovcihcim, $111.*''  0  SV/W/w thv ami (iviii /V/;/ l\1v,lUm io l\nmtwf  (I I owe Soinill fo Jt;n>ix Inlvt)  ^llll!lllllj!lj|jlll[ll!!ll'l!l!l!l!!!l!!!!!!ll'll|il|ll!!)k  in the case of  3  no knowledge of ever agreeing to tbe  -advertisement, knew nothing of the  organization, yet some of them were  prepared to send off a cheque on the  assumption that they might have agreed  and forgotten. *  Another operator has canvassed the  area within a short time of the CNIB  campaign and his approach was "I assume I can put you down for your usual  five dollar donation". He proved to be  representing an obscure group in Nebraska USA whose work on behalf of���  the blind was to provide blind people  with; religious tracts in braille. Who the  tract recipients were and* where they  were from is something we have yet  tp. find., out.  This latter deal WiRlirought to light  seven years ago by the Times when the  gentleman called and���asked for his  usual $5. He beat a hurried retried when  told we were not in business the previous year.,  It is hardly likely either of these  two approaches will be made again,  However, continually lhere arc unscrupulous mincls at work devising new���ways  lo relieve the gullible of their hard earned money, Once one scheme is exposed  there are always others ready to replace  it.'  One of the best rules to follow is;  give only to those you know to he ���.honest and roput-uble campaigners, It is  luird enough to keep up vvith genuine  canvasses without gelling taken by  crooks. ���*���'     "*  Minute Message  figTires~eontained~Tn the so-called "Mo-  therwell"-report, submitted some times  earlier tn lhe Council of The village of  Sechelt.   Based  on  the   information  con-  ���tahiftd    ji)   Ihwfl   l\\;\   m<-lt��ppnr)Hn'    i-ppni-4^-  lilt'  fo  arbitration,  owners  could  NEVEN'S  RADIO 8* TELEVISION  ,  doalor for:  /     ZENITH  FLEETWOOD  ���#^^  nt'    -|t     ��ii     in  EVERYTHING FOR  HOME ENTERTAINMENT  ,  ip H'        H* f  4  Ph. 8B6-2280 Gibsons, B.C.  Si^iTS  ���by Roy. Walter S. Ackroyd  IN TIIK Second Booli of KingH, wu rend  .thnl did right In the night of tho  Lord, .Ichoash II Kings lit! I-H, Aiiuo'.liih  M: Ul. A/.nrlnh ir��: l-H and lk-/.i-l<inli III:  l-:t nnd yet, whilo throo nf thoiie kings  Iind ii me'iHuro of niicccwi,' Ihey ended In  di'l'eni, hero ah ll'O/oluih hml u gi'"lil victory. ���   , .  .h'hOliHh gnvc llie ,|)iccIoum Ibing-i rnf  Iho lemplo In iippoiiNc tho Kliigs of .Syrin  nud In the end wnn iniinlei'i'd, Ainii/.lnh  inel di'fi'iit by l|jn,Ivlng of Ifiruol and llm  prcrtnufi thhujs of the tcinpio wf'i'o tiiUun,,  lliMili-io wiih inilrdi'i'i'd, Aziii'lnh ondi'd up  dying a li'i"'!',  Iln/.i'liliili wnn lliri'iilcncd by Iho King  of'Amiyrlu, bul bu laid Iho nuiltor hel'iim  llio l.iird, nud llu< Lord hdiiI ' an migol  who dcMli'iiynd  I In* Antiyrlnn  nniiy,  Wiim   Ihi'i'i' i\  dll'I'i'i'Cficn  holwi'0'i.i   Iho  llni'o dcl'i'iilcil  kiiign nnd   Iho  vIcIoiIouh  uim'V There hi nn iiiimwit In II ICIiikm li!*!l.  , lA}\ .!1.!1 ^!il*L!iJ!i4u,!J'!?.!;Kloli-��:��!m��.v��iiL  "~ I ] nci i Im I f" | > 11 iT-i'-��, \v 11��N'tM i n iho ('thorn biulii't,  .Could li'bi-, Ijio true cluiri'h linn lout.  iniii'h of ilu ti'iiiliiiony nud'power, bcciuifio  ll  hnpgH nolo the high pIiiccm'(fornix of  woriililpjo Clod, not found, |u ih<> |||h|��r  but Inki'ii l'i in11 |)ii|tiiulMin7)   i '  '      Now   ho   Ihul   pliuilHli   nijd   ho   Hint  wntmoth nro onn: nnd i-vcry iiiiui nhnll  rt'ct'lvf nut own-ww��rd ni'iomllng lo lilt/"  own Inline J Cor, 11 ill, < '  VIUAGE OF GIPSONS  TAX $AL��  10 A.M. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1971,  ���..Tho~-f0|lowlri9~pro|>orlloft.-.wl^  offorerl for nolo nt tho onnunl tax snlo, ,10'nmi Thmvlny, Soploniher  30   \97., In Iho Municipal Office, South Flolchor Ril,, Glhsom, ,U,C7 <  unless 1I19 clollnc|uont taxes duo aro'provlourdy paid;-��� 1 ,  I".  Folio  00723-   "r  Description,.  Lot 8 0/ Lot 20  miock 2, Dlitl, Ul  Plan 3307  6B6  ..,������.,....,Addre8��  Hwy. JO I  Gibson-,, n.C,  Soptcmhor 15,  1971  DAVID JOHNSTON,  Municipal Cnllrrtor  Jr*- Jt-       0   ^IWa-^Mff^fWlO.Ifijti*<^j^>WWl'<^tw*IWMM****'y|>*<AffPto0lWr&!*iiit��*t'**to.JiB^j*W  '"-^���4 ' i^fS,^^vnu't^tS',*   <   -�� _   \*" V^^. ^ ^ "T "1^3*'^'W!*Jh^'^J^^  lhe board decided to  after agreement with  not   be reached.  The final price, was set by a jodicial  arbitration court, consisting of three  judges The Board could have appealed  against tjie .decision to. the Supreme  Court, but because of the substantial  legal-costs involved in such a'n appeal,  even a considerable reduction of the compensation award would have most probably still further increased the ultimate  total cost.  b. The works themselves were in a  very poor state of upkeep with many of  the installations in need of immediate  replacement. As it turned out, .the estimates of economic life expectancy for  these parts were more properly evaluated  by our consultants than the evaluation  accepted by the judges for their setting  the compensation to be paid to SecJielt  Water Works -Ltd. " .  c. The cost of re-construction of the  works taken over and of tlie new works  was based on 1967/68 price levels, when  the engineering report was made to the  Board fo serve as a basis, for the plebis-j  cite, A? (-ftiistructipn only started late  1969 with the main construction taking  place in J970, we were exposed to the full  impact of steeply. rising labor and material costs, .which affected the whole  economy of B.C., Canada and Ihe wesi-  ern world. The Board admits that it did  not succeed in ordering n halt to inflation on the borders of the Sunshine ConM..  d. Before nctiinl construction [-darted  iind even wh-fh it was in progress, sevornl '  changes in overall plans worn forced nn  Ihe District, which not only delayed the  start of revenue-flow, but also reduced  rather drnst lea liy the number of potential  u.-ici'ri in Iho more densely populated  arens. The situation was further nggrii  voted by 11. nunilier nf slrikos in llm con-  slriiclion- and ceinonl luduslrlos, which  delayed lhe (���i��in|)l,elioiii of ipsiiillaiioih,  essential for tho ,stnrt-u|> of 'oporiitiuiiti  With coiisi'(|U��i|il adverse effect on rosin  nnd roV'nniio.  e. Inlli-ro.-il i'iiU'h, which tho cousull-  nnl'i 'ropnrt, Htl|>iiluli��rl "l*i��r rule purposi-i  id 1% hiiul IncrcMrtofl (luring 1970 Id'I'd'',"  nnd sn,nddlug op to .$l!^,fi()(> per ionium  10 Ihe (iv-nriill i'ii|illiill/iillon  com).  An   oxpliiliuul   nl   iiuiiiernuH  occiiflloni  lu tlin'pioit lhn lloiird in mil yet In 11 |>iimi  lion lo I'lindl/.c lhe iilliiiinlo wider into,  milII we Ifimw iixiielly wind  rule of ill-.  count nndliilcii'Hl llm MI''A nblnliiH, when  Ihey Midi llmlr dcbenliircii to pick up burs ���  Thc llonrd uhiirofi^vs'llli' llio ,wider iimci',  llm   IVrvnnl   hope   Hint   the   eo.il   of   lhe  il("b(-|iliiri- liimm will nol bn loo oxcohhIvc  W��' onn  only  coiimoIi;  ourmdvim  Ihnl   \s��-  Hi'o in Iho iiiunii bind wllli olhor rllfilrli'lii  '/nul iiluiilclpnlllleH, \V<' eiui hnrdly oxpei 1  nny pri'foi'i'iitlnl ironliimiil I'roin iim MI''A,  only   bceiiiimi  wo   Iivo   In, ihu  Hiiinilil  Cni'ml. '��� .   '     ���     '  Allociillon  of   pei-MOiinl   bliiinn  fur  clrciiiiuiliiiici'ii ,l<*iidln/i    lo   llm  coid   In  ci'i'iimon nnd .iwipoiiiilblllly   for  |irovl(llii|(  11 wnlur -mrvlon for tho whole iiron, heenifi  to be mirimwhiil nulnlde llm ncope of Ilu,  ���'''' *M,' i, 'v- A^''  (���( ��� 11 (' 111 u u 1.1 y ..*, lo u v 4��w. H ��� 1 r��v, n 11  "Willi,"!''limirii  lo  pii'in  I'nlr  ,|ud||i'iiioi|l, 'll  hnii   been   mild   llllll    lllldor    Iho   elreuiu-  /dn'liri'h   lhe  Itiiiiiil  M.lioilld   nol   hlive  pin,  vlilml 11 wider Hei'vlciia ill  iill, Much  win-  .'M'l'MI hhldillglil could peihu|iM hoiiiuI cun ���  V'llU'lnil In ii' fnw of Um people who linp  imimil   In  havo   iioiuii   comiiiiiiuil   wider  ,   nllliiiilitli   Ihoy   elnlnied   nl    ||M.  ���iinfil   vlnoroiiiily  nml  1,1   ninny i.e  oiuiluiiH- Ihnl l||f .'inrvli-vr UTi,s very  iii|iile  <|iloti>, Tjihi, of cmirm., ihlghl  have Imi'ii  fni/ioll-'ii eoiivi'iilenlly How. W��' urn" run  idimed  llinl /'iieh iinrrow, vlewn urn nul  hold by llm miijorlly uf lhe  iii'i��.��'i'iInluly not uliiund  11(111 imw pin UripmilM  :ilMI(l  n.liilhi nnd child  llm   Ihnl   Hum, have  which  (inco (.'oiiiil nml ion  llie  III  fmrvlcn,  Horn  I'OOpli.,    '|'||,,y  by ihohe vim ���r  '���������primoiHIiil! IiIhiiiI  Iron- who now'I,,/  "  ri'imlnr iiiM'vicn  - , ^^r^'l^/'-'^-niifi^l'v  I'lilen  Ule very  l��r plnee'ti  -Ire-fOin*  ill-Ill' J'llliun mid  lhe inllier  iiyHlom lully  loJiJmirod,  (Juimrnlly up rit/jiird.i tlm'waloi  nuiy wo iilri'iiH Unit our rnlcii  comparnblo with ndo pnld iu ol,,. ,-r,  .,lo,i'. no\v��.!i,,..lo��t*|thtt^n*l-t��rt orr'nrittinilTy  liijlhcr llinn Jor iddcr tiyuU'toH, wlikl  not yol. ii'/iclmd Hm end of llmlr  life, Hynleiiiii, which bavo to Im reimwiil  hi, llm near luliiro w|lf moul prblmbJy  rpilrp much hl||hcr ridmi In nmnhti  ll<in|dfi|bif|,  Wo muni ithii nmnllon tllnl when ibit  into hliiictui'o wim reviewed Inn  i'l"'!'!!   in   um  loll|(n|||.|,.|l|.||  > hnvrr  iiioinle  ro.  Mllf-  dliilrJct niiHrlp'ilrd to hnvo rill  1 your Hie  liidiihliinl  4. (b) ''inequities will have to be rec-  onciled. where "charges are being nnade  to lands not being capable of being served  with water,-where a %-inch line serves  a single family' dwelling, the acreage  ^aUae-hed-4o thi& single dwelling -cannot be  lajtecl for water." ���  The finance committee cannot see ahy*^  inequity' in the ease as described. As we  understand it thero is a single family  dwelling on a parcel of land. This family  dwelling is connected "With the system  by a "Ki-doch connection, as provided by  the water r*5des~-by"--Ta\vr. Apparently the  dwelling can be provided With water  and all stipulation of the by-law are fully  met. Once the land is subdivided and  ���additional houses errected, each dwelling,  -vv444<47^ffl^i--^epvieed,-\vi,ll -be provided  with its separate "V" connection and will  attract its separate water billing.  There wei'e a number of peculiar cases  bmiuiht to the attention. oL_Lh��_Buaj*  m which the owners were advised of  means and ways to secure "a more favorable rate by either subdividing, consolida-  iimi, correction of land registry records  fti'.. vvbich apparently brought satisfac-  -|.iy solutions to the problems.  .Generally any law or by-law, which  has to cover a great diversity of condi'r  in mis and variety of circumstances, may  i.mse in one or the other case a certain  amount of hardship. Every judge, who  hml to deal with such cases in his court,  will, confirm that laws or by-laws cannot  be I'hanged or bend to suit everj^ indivi- s  dual tax payers' peculiar" circumstances,  a-- long as the by-law covers adequately  and equitably the overwhelming majority  ni conditions. No evidence has been.pro-  \ ided by the prortem. executive of any .  cases   of   discrimination    against   water  users.  If the pro-tem. chairman lias the one  cnse in mind, where a part of the land, on  which the dwelling is situated, is above  lhe 200 feet elevation, we have thoroughly - discussed the matter with the owner  and   advised   him-���how he   can   change,  thipgs to obtain a more,^ayorah/le,water _  rate. However, as much as'we sympathize"  with him about his present cSireifmstfrnees,"  we are sure he realizes fully that be him-'  self has to  make  the  necessary  changes  and   that   he  cannot   demand   from   the  Board to apply the by-law to everybody  else,  but  not  to him.  4. (c) '"Why does the Board not ask  for bids on any construction by I he Water  Works','"'  All construction projects not being  carried out by the water works* own labour force is put out I'or tender, Occasional contract work by tho hour or day,  such ns backhoe work, is being done on  fixed and pre-arrnnged roles and nllnc-.  ated to such local contractors as huvo Ihu  most suitable equiituient for the job in  hand,  '1 .4, (d) "For how, long will the Wider  Works keep renting iairricnden, signal  flrishorti, elc,?".  IhiViTcTiVle^'fliiiihlli'lit-i rind niher wifely equipmehl is rented lo comply with  Mil'ely rngii lid Ions during const rncl Ion  period.'! nt |i|i;allon nt! required,  ��� ; |"(|ulpnmiii Is'rimled rid hor Ihun pur-  ch'nKed, ns rented of|iilpiimiil is malnluin-  od by Iho uwnei'N nrno cont |o llm |)|hf  triet 'nphidlng repltieement of any broken  or destroyed items. It Js the opinion of  the people in charge of construction that  such is the most economical way and tho  finance committee, responsible for , the  proper use. of funds, fujly agrees with  this view,  4. .(e) "Why are there inadequa|4-iwm^  hers of fire hydrants?"  ,.    The pro-tem.. chairman did  not "give  any reasons, why he thinks the number  of hydrants is inadequate. j  Hydranta were placed on tho lines tn  accordance 'with undorwrilers' recommendations and on the advice of our consulting engineers. All fire departments in  tlm area have been advised of the position of the hydrants rind the locaj fire  marshalls and fire chiefs invited to Jet  the Board k-now wheie additional hydrants are dtesirable.' $0 far-no- request has  been received.  Would the. pro-tem. executive please  keep in mind that the installed cost 'of a  hydrant is presentfy about $500 and has to  be paid for by the water users. It is rather  difficult to reconcile the pro-tem, executive's complaints about the water rales  on the one haiid and the request for additional expensive, installations on the  other, without at least supporting their  opinions and demands by some specifics  where .the shortages are.  1 &r-ia)--ufneqtt+He.s in gaijjugij'';> collection  taxes   will   haye   to   he   resolve'd.   Why  ...should vacant land.be charged for garbage collection, further the numbers, of  garbage cans allmved must be reconciled  with the source."  Whether tlie garbage taxes are inequitable   is  a   purely   personal  opinion.  --The���thtnrg-ht behrnd"TnalvhTg"vaeanT"Tcils"  help in defrying the cost of collection'  from occupied lots is simply that compulsory garbage collection gives the vacant lots protection from indiscriminate  ���use as clumps. If vacant lots do not m��ko  a small contribution for 'this protection  the householders, serviced by the collection will have tOpay more!  The demand that '"the number of gar-  "be   reconciled  to   a  comprehension as  -farnr  source" is beyond our  to its meaning.  (i. Statements and questions contained  under this heading are partly rhetorical,  partly opinions based on wrong or inadequate information, heal-say without  any. investigation and part ly completely  untrue" without any, basis in  facts.  The finance committee "hesitates to  judge whether the elected directors are  particularly blessed or unblessed with  wisdom, whether they replace their lack  of wisdom with arrogance and dictatorial attitudes, In respect of our en*i7  ployees we have no hierarchy or do we  need one. We have a body of devoted and  good employees, who, we are fully convinced, make every effort, to do their job'  . and. give service to our taxpayers. We  do not mind in. the least to be attacked"  and abused personally, as.we can take  care of ourselves. But we take great exception if people without even the slightest effort to find out any facts grossly  abuse the servants of the district, .who  cannot  defend  themselves.  We are also convinced that all directors, participating^i-n- many committees  and jtybrking hard in doing their home-work, liave always and are still devoting  their time and efforts in the service of  their fellow citizens, even if such is neither realized, appreciated nor recognized  by a few people who appoint themselves  to be the so-called spokesmen of Ihe ratepayers.  In refuting some of thc worse slogans  ami vituperations, contained. njn the last  few paragraphs the finance committee  can only repeat:  a: Financial statements nro published  regularly since tho inception of tho Dis-  Irtcil fully complying witlv the prevailing  statutes of Ihe Province. Bonks and records me open'lo llm public for inspection  ,,n.s, prescribed  liy   law,  b, Neither Iho Board as a whole nor  any Individual dlreeloi* nl any llnm slated  -���or had ren^in to Mule that the District  In in a 'sorry financial nioss', Such claim  by lhe pro-tom,' executive or anybody  o|mo is 11 puro Invention. On Iho contrary,  by careful budgeting nml oirciiinspucl  .'spending' Hm District ho fnr bus ended  every fiscal year wllli 11 snuill ovoi-iill  ���iurphiH. ,      a ���  v. The proficnt nnmiitl cost for'roglonnl  , Hei'vlei.H on i|ifil)0ll. nnw.'Hh'mnnl, is monthly  about $*-.fi3.' Tf n taxpayer lives In an  area serviced by garhage collection his  additional cost for "this service ifi - an  other $���.55; or a total cost per month  'Of     $148,.-- .'���  A $5000 assessment has been assumed,  as the average -local assessment leaving  -tmt the putpmill at Pprt' Motion is est j,  mated to be between $4000 and $5000 in  jhe elect'oriil areas. AddecJ to tho.1*4,25  per annum are the special services rendered to the properties for lire proteotioiv  street lighting etc., which differ in each  Specified service area, but are all relatively modest. .:  We agree that nobody likes to pay  taxes. T.his includes incidentally your  directors, who. also happen to be taxpayers and who do not get any special  coqsiderati.011. Compared with the costs  ot other necessities, or .pleasures..of- our  daily life the costs 'of your regional district are really very small at' the present  time. But we cannot promise that we  can hold such rates for ever, as demanded  by the executive of tlie SCRRA, when  they say that not 1/10 of a mill or about  15c per year could be added. We could  only make such a promise, if the pro-tem.  gentlemen, would give us tlieir guarantee  that they can stop the inflation on our'  borders, a foal the Board cop Id not achieve.  ~* In conclusion, because  limited membership of  Coast Hegional I'atepayt.rs'  relation, to ���the number id'  in the electoral areas of  questionable whellier a  live of the association or the association  Jtself can be .lu'cept.ed presently as a legitimate spokesman i'or the ratepayers in  all  the electoral areas;       '-'���- ���  Despite this lhe finance committee  recommends that this report ,be received  hy tlie Board anil accepted as our answer  ���to1 the questions by llie 'pro-tem. oxectt--  live of the Sunshine Coast Hegional Hate-  payers' Assomatiou.  It   cannot   be  too   greatly  emphasised  ���that tbe directors of the Board have been-  of the very  I lie Sunshine  Association in  voter-electors  the District it is  pro-tem.  execu-  elected by the ratepayers of the electoral  areas to represent them and during their  ���term of office to govern the District tq  the.best, of their abilities. Under ho. circumstances can this.-mandate l>e abrogated to, sir shared with other elements  of the District, who lack both authority  and  responsibility.  ,-We are sure that the directors will  agree'when u e -most 'strongly state that  we fully trust and accept the sound and  fair judgement' of the voter-electors,  whom we endeavor to serve to the best  of our abilities. The same voter-electors  'throughout ihe District may be less than  flattered for being lectured by the pro-  tem. executive of the Sunshine Cuast  Regional Ratepayers' Association that-  they are not capable to elect suitable  representatives without the advise���and  guidance, proffered in srrctrtiumble modesty by the self appointed pro-tem. chairman.  . ������ chain saws,  accessories audi  1 'attachments  '  ���   >i  SECHELT  >3��a/iEH SEuWQCE  Box 636 - Sechelt 865-2812  'I*  '.i'  S ��� ��� I ' 1' ' S  s  a  _���  SHBNE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  a:  L3  1. Tho Votor'a Uata to bo used In nil Regional District, Hospltnl District nnd School  District elections and plebiscites is being compTlncI this year by the Regional  District under tho provisions of the Municjpnl Act.  2. ,Tlio.llsts,wlll bo complete for each electoral area of the  3. Those lists for Electoral Arona "A" niid "B" mul those for Elootoml Areas "C",  "0", "E" nnd "F" will, respectively, bo the lists used by the School Board for their  division of tho School District into their areas "A" and "B".  4. Each list will bo In throe sections: Owners, Resident Electors, and Tenant Electors.  5. Tho ownor-oloctoro roll will be compiled by tho Regional District from records  :;���-   obtained from the Surveyor of faxes. Tho Tenant and Resident Electors rolls will  be compiled from applications received.   '  Applicants for inclusion on Tenant and Resident elector rolls may obtain tho nocea*  pnry forhis from tho Regional District Offlco.  0:  7.  Tho main requirements for Inclusion are; Canadian or British citi*senshipf full ago'of Jk  nineteen years, property ownership or In the enso of tenant or resident electors six   |  Pull Information  B.  months occupation/residence prior to submission of declaration.  on eligibility may be obtained from the Regional District Office; ~ ^     - r^:-.-T:7~-  Corporations will only bo, entered on the roll if there Is, on file with the Secretary,  a written declaration naming somo qualified parson to vote on their behalf���  9,   The lists.of electors yylMJ>o.clo9od.onnSoptQmbor.30^roll��.propiir6d-.for'-publicln-^  _ formation by October 20, Courtn of Rovlfjlon hold duHno tho flr��t wook of Novom-  her, and the lists as finally revised and certified will be printed, ..  (    '.' ���''��� '       ���'������������!������ ,    ^ q, ;*gr OIRARD    "/  Assistant Secretary  Dated August 10, 1971 '  F?/s///////////s^  1  5  1  I  ���I  ���    **       t       +   -f 0, ,0   ut '-W- J fj  1971 Graduation  * ��� ��  Accept life's challenges  FORMER principal of, Elphinstone Secondary School, Mr. T, G. Ellwood, now  Edueationfij .-Supervisor at Saanich,.gave  1Jie address to the lp*".1 graduates at the  graduation 'cereinoi*iy last Saturday Spp-  temper jath in the school auditorium.  Mr. El'lwopd staled, in-part: - .  This evening in this small, yet symbolic way, we have met to honor.these  young people, who are about "to launch,  out into a new phase of their adventure  with life. Already ;the ringing of school  bells has faded into their memories. This  .moment . provides'us with'a brief opportunity to reflect upon the past and to  speculate about the future. ...  We,   who   are   teachers   and   parents,  . appreciate the fact that there is no way  thai our schools can specifically prepare  our students for a tomorrow that is beyond  the comprehension  of our imaginations. We are told that all knowledge that  was accumulated in this world since the  beginning  of  recorded   history  and   195(1  Was  doubled  between   1!K%* and. I960...  and that  this increasing body of knowledge continues to jjxiulile every 18 months  ��� uv   so.   Our   economists    advise   us   that  young   people  entering   the   work   force  today can expect to lie retrained at  leas  three  li<mes  during  their  lifetimes.' How  _tJ^n.LiLj_JWLJb��-.scJi(K!l_^  dents for such'an  unknown  tptpprrow?  What are the essentials thai our young  people  must   have  to  survive  in  tomorrow's world? I submit that  they are the  same, essentials .that are I'oquircd to sur-  ���vrvc in todayV-worktr���W^-Jtve~  gi-oups.        v.',  Where dd we start? How do we isolate  the factors that*- 'contribute'- to a lack hi  iinderstanfling between .people) between  generations, between man and wife.be-  tween mother anri daughter, and father  and son. Perhaps ft is time -that we vec-  iiogni?;ed the fact that our. expectations  for aS'omeone we lvn<nv*"'ust may not be  the same as those he holds for himsetf,  How many times liave \\[e been disappointed ip someone,.,. because he-failed  to live up to OUR expectations of him,  Too often we are totally uhaware of the  expectations that others J^ojd for us. Per-  .haps the first step hi ..developing better  interpersonal relations wou,ld be for each  of us to frankly share with each other  our expectations for them... so thai at  least we are awaf'fe. of them.*-  Our world ... both its good and its  bad... didn't get that way overnight.  It is the result of the efforts of millions  of people over countless centuries. Each  generation in its turn must matte its contribution to mankind. The world is ndt  '   perfect... but it .is a lot better in many_  resgects than it was. What can you da'  to improve it?  May i suggest that you can ma.!?p. \, ���  .significant contribution by' simply bw!$"7  - ing a'bridge,pf .understanding abetween  people you Uww. Many people di-earn  of doing great things, Wit never dQf ils-n't  is far bettei- to plan and then accomplish  small things a step at a time? The,MThe  to start is now, the plape to start i��  here,,, and do not*be disponraged when,  qtbers   fail, to  respond   immetUalelytP  "'" ypur efforts as yoy expect them to dp.'  ��   Each of its'can maHe a woi-thwhi!'5  contribution to others and give 'our own  lives real purpose and meanin'g py sim- .  ply  being thoughtful, sincere,  tfonsider-  _ ate,, cheerful, tolerant, ahd'honest in PW  'dealings with others,  -  " J am very proud tQ Jtave been associated witlx you  and I share with ypur  parents and friends a sincere  and ��pn-  tinuing interest  in  yodr future,  Vou  have but one life to live... live Jt well  ... arid  make  it   worthwhile.  And also that every man should eat  and drink, and enjoy the good of all his  labor, it is the gift of God.���Eccless. 3;13-  George S. Patton JW  for week at Twilight  powerful ,.stray .of human rel.*��tipn-  ;, ships told against a background of  'war is the movie "Patton" showing fov  7 days, starting Wednesday, at the Twilight Theatre in Gibsons.  George C/ Scoft,- who won an Acad^  einy A\,vard for it, plays the title role of  Gi-iitiial George S. Patton Jr., a. profes7  sitfual soldier whose miJiary brilliance  "made him subject, to much controversy in  tlu> li.s. armed forces during World Wa!\  Jl< Karl Maiden takes the role of Generat**'  (if'ilic Army Omar N, Bradley whose pei--'  sonalily is almost opposite that of Pat-  ton's. Jn early 19.43 Bradley was RaiLonls. [,  deputy commander, but due to a rash ip-.  cident on tlie part_of Patton, in 1944 we  sec Bra'dley .as Patton's superior. It is. this  cojillid of personalities that sets the  , scene for this wide screen epic, American  ���wur movie,  Filmed on location in Spain, Morocco,'  Cre.ic, England and the United States,  "i'alion" proves to be one of the biggest  pictures around right  now so don't miss  il.  Wednesday, September 22, 1*97 V    T"hs Pe*n?HBula Times  Pftg6 A-3  .,>,  ,0iS*t000i*Af0000f0ff0*000000  FAST  FOR  ACTION  WITH A  CLASSIFIED  AD-BRIEF.  PHONE  885-9654  ��� Mr, Advertiser:  These advertising  spaces are real bargains for you. Sold on  contract pnly. Fpr details an how to stretch  your advertising dollar, phone 88579654,  ask fpr special ad  rates.  ACCOUNTANTS  RALPH C. DUCKWORTH  -eHT^RTERED-ACGOU NTANT  ui a ra-  pidly changing society which requires  mliclv- retraining... so you must have  the ability and the skills required to  learn new skills and new ltnowlftdgft Vou  .must hg flexible so that you can accommodate change;., or face the .prospect  of becoming a human dinosaur.lt is essential lhat you have confidence in yourself to cope with the challenges of today  and tomorrow.--1 am confident that you,  who are members of this graduating  class, have acquired these essentials for  survival and success during your 12 year  educational odyssey ..-. and that you need  not fear tomorrow.  You will face many challenges in the  years that lie ahead. We are engaged in  a great urbanization movement which is  crowding more and mdre^-rJeople into  smaller and smaller spaces. Despite our  fantastic technological advances, we still  have failed to "learn how to get along  as  individuals, and as groups.  I am alarmed at the depersonalization  that appears to be occurring as a* result  of our mass society. I am depressed about  tlie general mood of apathy and indifference that permeates, pur society. Do  you really care what happens to others?  Are you not shocked when you learn that  a person can he attacked in broad daylight on the streets of our great cities  while passeiiby' ignore ^pleapAf or help?.  > Are yQp*nOt upset when-'-^^^ear that  injured ppopje often, fail to^gjspany^as-  sistance from strangers...' ljecaiise they  don't want to get involved? Are-you-not  concerned about the grow jog trends in  violence,,, hostility.., indifference..,  intolerance.., ignorance ,,.?. All these .,,  like a cancer are kmiwiug away at our  society, apd they must be checked if W<*  are   to survivp. , , ..  It is popular these days for many people to talk about developing better inter-personal relationships and under-  titnndings.,, bm unfnrlunalnly, lliere is  too much talk und too little action.  This Is ft serious problem which we,  who Klinri! Iho present and the future,  nuiHt, come to. ftripst will). Jl. is' a challenge llinl we ciipnol fifford to ignore,  Now is (ho lipid io build t* bridge of  , luidtirKiiuiding-beiween   individuals   and  Telephone; 885-9515  SECHELT, B.C.  Telephone: 886-2912  GIBSONS, B.C.  -W. Philip Gordon  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Tel;  Bus.  986-2714,  Res, 886-7567  Harris Block, Gibsons, B.C. *  ART SUPPLIES ���������./.:..TZ-  Telephone 886-2069 "  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  Pqttery, Supplies, classes & firing  dealer for Duncan's Ceramic product*  Pine Rd. & Grandview Ave.  P.O. Box $2, Gibsons, B.C.  AUTO SERVICE  SECHELT HOME SERVICE  Atlas Parts - Good "Year Tires    *  24 Hour Towing  BUILDING SUPPLIES (Cont.)  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Phono 885-2132'  Pernio and Pal- Shnlnfjan,  Hyw 101 a        . PlVrino flfl5-9/| H M  ^lUnillllllKIIMIIIIIIIIICIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIlli  p�� ut  The .Shop With  EXparltwcn  CHAIN SAW CENTRE  COWRIE STRICT  Phono 085-9626  J fl, P MASONRY  All Types Of Slono Work  Also I3rlr-ks ��nd Blacks  Ros|d��nllal and Comnwdal  New' anrl Old Buildings  Phono 086-2231  Bok 2$9, Gihsons, B.C.  c  II I     ������ " MMt      II   HI      ���        ���      ���..I.II-!   II. 0*0  BUILDERS ,    COR ZUIDEMA  For All Your Renovations, Repairs  and Cabinet Work,  Phono 885-2135  TRICON DEVELOPMENTS LTP,  CUSTOM HOMES - W-FAl* HOMES  Ill"-li Qunllly , ,, Romwnnblu I'iIcus  J(liiy n IHickha** rnvl|��i��^l II yotiruttlf, or pol  our |iioffl(.ii|oiKi| liolp.       <  (SAPPfN BAY, B,C: Plion��fv��i, 083-2723  "EASY-LOQ" VACATION HOME  'CONTACT  -*���* *-'-----'- Vinco Pracflvvflll ot   " ���*  806-7720 Hopkins Landing, H.C.  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B.C.  ���     Ladles'* gy\dl.Children's' Wear  Open six days a week  Phone 885-J2063  Cowrie Street, Sechelt   ���*���,*)   **:   -���-���-������-.  - -    _  SEWlNfS EV3ACHSWES  Bernina & Omege  Sales, Parts" Servitia  UNSHINE  EWING  ERVICE  FREE HOME PEMONSTRATION  REPAIRS AND SERVICE ON ALL MAKES  Mrs, Mono Havies - 885^9740  Sochelt, B.C..  885-28 IB  SPORTING GOODS  CLIFFY BOATS  ���A & ACCESSORIES LTD.  Fishing Supplies *��� Boats new and  Used .;.' . Large & Small  885-9832 ]     SecheH  Phone 886-2684  OPTOMETRIST  |���qiic| Cloarlnq -, Road Bull'dlna  Trno Topping -��� 'Sa|db||vd I'ofloinri  PETE DUBOIS  Tolophono 093-2417  R,R, 1, Madeira Pork, B.C.  DISPOSAL SERVICES  SUNSHINE COAST DISPOSAL  SERVICES LTP,  POUT iMIrl-l ON 10 Ol.ls'S COVR  Toll 006.293A or 005.9973  Cull IJu'l-nr Y'U|r PlniwhUl Morids, .  Wli��M Roiiovriilno Or S-ii!ri|* C|��mj||ij).  Conininers AvullhWo.  EtCCTRiCll'ANS   '   -I  ACTON ELECTRIC LJP.  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PMii- 806.7729  JANITOR SERVICE "~  Wolcorno to yho , f^loorshlno Coqst  HOWE SOUND  :*-; ��� -^-MNITOrV-'SERVICR- * -   Spnclnllslii Six Clonnlng - Tlotir Wfl��fnfl  Sproy hulling - Wliulow Clepnlfig       RUG SHAMPOOING- v  Phono 086-7131 - Glbians, B.C.  JOHNSON'S  PUILDIHQ MAIHTENAMCB  SpccloliKlng Ini ��  Poper Honqfng, Interior, & -Exlfirlor decorating,  Rug Cleaning, All lyp"** of HnlMlnu  (Molnlennncrt, plnor ioMoiinU^n, <  VYlii'lovy Clcnnlng, ;  P^ONK ms*97U AfTER 1 P-M. ���  lie* MZ . $,cl,0li, n,c.    ,  FRANK E, DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  Bal Block - Gihsom,  IHvery' Wednesday  7 806-2248  PHOtOdRAPHERS        ' "*"*  PENINSULA PHOTOGRAPHERS  A CmpplolH P|p|uqfnphlo Sorvlrq  WPi-"*l'��lHGS - I'OUTHAITS'- PASSPORTS  COMMERCIAL ..   ,  i q, ABERNETHY  "'**'<Qli.��pn��7fi'fC.'. Phona Bfl��-7374  I       ��ir fl06.73llS  SURVEYORS  UU3i  RQY t% WAGENAAR  B.C. Land Surveyors  Marine Building - Porpoise Bay  Sechelt, B.C.  885-2332 or ZEnith 6430^  TAXI  HARBOUR TAXI LTD.,  Harbour Motors'  Shell Gas and Oil and Repairs,  24 Hour Taxi qnd Wrecker Service.  Garden Bay Rd��� Render Harbour, B.C  Tel: 883-2414  TIKES  COASTAL TIRES  Sunshine Coatt Highway <  Pqx 13, Gibton��, B.C. - Phono 886-2700  SALES ANP SfRVICE  '������      ���       AH Brands jAvoilqWa.  Monday to SQ|iirday8;3p a.yt), \o SiSO p,m.  s Friday eyoo'lna l��yop.P0lntrn'erit'qnly.  TOWING  Pl\U^|BINO  SEASIPE PLUMBING  Gihsons  flumblnn -aPlpofliilno r Sioomf'llllno  Mot Wfli��r moiioa - P(pi (-'oiiaina  fflEfi (iSTIMATliS  Phono 886-7P17 op B86-284Q  RENTALS  "RENT IT AT"  THE RENTAL SHOP   ���-*'������ -"i^PflYli-ppy-V -""���  ^'Wo Kent or Sell Almost Rvcrything"  Typnwritora - l-inhtlnn Plants - Tolovinlonn  'Hnlu T'llloi* i. Ceir-oril Mlx��r�� - l-own HnKoa  Mei-liQnlc-s To��ls ( ';,'  PHONE 08".jie48*^ ��4 HOUR SCRVICfi  m*m0mm0**0000��mi0000i0m00000m0m000ii00mmm0m000000M0m000m  RETAIIU STORES  C H S HARDWARE  mnm, p.-p.  APPLIANCES.>. HARDWARE  HOME FURNISHING* "  ''Phona 085-9713  Scow* ���-��� Log��  SECHELT TOWING 8* SALVAGE  '    LTP���  HfiQvy pqulpment Mavlno *- hop Taw|ng  ,  L. UI6GS  ,'Phono 865^25',  *00*0>  TRANSFER  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER  Uous��'!*old Mavino, packing, "S|orgg��'  '       pfl^klpg Ma|or|al�� por Salo  ������~^--Mcml>or pt"AII|ed Van"Mn-cr��^���-���������-��-"  ' Cgpn<|t*'s No. I Moyorfl ��  Phono 886-2664, fl.ll, 1, Gibsons, D.C,  HANSEN'S TRANSFER LTD,  WAREHOUSES  .Gibsons 886-2172  DAILY SERVICE FROM VANCOUVER'  "���serving rm sec-if-cr peninsula  purnltMra to anyvvhoro |n Canadq,  General FfolpliL l-ow-b'od And ha^yy houllna  SUNSI1INE COAST T.Vt SALES  & SERVICE LTP,  ADMIRAL nnd ELECTROHOME  -- ���'''-���"pEALERS 7 "~"'~ *^���  Gordon Oliver *     Ed Nicholsen  |n Tho' |-|o'nrt Of "Powhfown Socholt  Box 799; Socholt 885-9816  OPMOiSTgRV -  �����"������"������ * - '" ������ "��� *-**��*r***~H-  BELAIR CUSTOM UPHOLStERY  ���,'"��� AMP PRAI-ERIflS  ,  Roupliolstprlpg - pestyllnoi r Compl��ffl Prppery  ''    Servlco . Saipple* Miown In difl-hamo >  Phono 006-2050 attar 6 p.m.  *i> 006-2073       m  "*)." '       ,"  ',f  ���i��i  ���ii  i t  'j v  ^p.  *_4R> ^inJJ0l^t*-m*-*0S**i  ^M.A^W'IiMIm'* 0*   1  ^��J��*--V-*%*^  . *-.��*�� t  *��� * i ,  tl     ri  a-****--*" ^fc  ��  l)i^WI|��^l*ffl^B*W"WIWHg��itfWj*i< ^Wgg*jWfflW|i|^ ,W>w^ji^WiipMl'"W>^^"i<J"iiWWMPl��*^^  i, r���  J      *��� -  ���* ��       -       *   I   0  Kjdi*,Av��t.Jit0ithl'.*~  I  t  ���1.1  �� i||  m  IU. iniuaW^��WB>>J<^WiU|aw.W(J<MW^.^'^'W^l^l^wl1'L1W!^^^1^'^  a^r*^^.iar a .**-?~*W**&.  m  mi  *Lb^rs.��-i  11  i -  j&r'  , I *-* ���  i    fr  , i  'it  1  'I  Page A-4     Peninsula Times, Wednesday, Sept' 22.f 1971  ��^**    I l��IWH ���!��������������^M^Wf^^l WW I   III      ���1-llllwWIM^mill���HMF���I   ��!����������� l^ M| ������ �����     ���     ��� ���*,'- ^P"���I�����  ^ ww-umwMiyiiywim mmim**m*.****^m**toM\**^^  ~Tni.Vrmi1SMAS7wte&, Sechelt - Phone 885-9654  Classified  r""*"****"* ���'    ������������p���~-���-���^--.���������1-lrl nnrnrrinniiij"  Published Wednesdays bv  Powell River News Town Crier  Seche|t,Times Ltd,  at Sechelt, B.C.  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Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in  qny form whatsoever, particularly  ' by a photqgfaphic or offset process  In a publication, must be obtained  In writing from the publisher. Any  unauthorized reproduction wilf be  subject     to     recourse    in     law,  I, ^    a I-;.;''. . ;     , ,      .   s  ���>-BIRTHS:5*"*-"-":'-,r-'vl"r"-"'1^"^',-;      "~ GIBSONS AND SECHELT  WESTERN DRUGS    |  ...   is   pleased   to  sponsor  this  Birth   Announcement  space,   and  extends Best Wishes to the happy  parents.  BENNETT���Brian and Bonny  (nee Pazurik) are pleased  to announce the arrival of  their daughter, Sara Terisa,  6 lbs. 9% ozs. on September  5, 1971, at St. Mary's Hospital,  Sechelt. A sister for Leah.  7254-43  ANNOUNCEMENTS  MR. and Mrs. Hans Htmrncl  ^of We.it Secjielt, B,Cr, wish  "to announce tjio engagement  of tlieir eldest daughter* Mar-  iirit, to William Gary .BilJings-  ley, only son of Mr. and Mrs.  W, h. BiUingfiley of Sceholt.  The wedding to take, place,  Saturday, OctofW 9, 11)71 in  St. Hilda's A'iiglit;an Cluirch,  Sechelt, Ilev, D. Popple officiating,      ' , 7250-43  "Mil, and Mrs. Stun.Iey G. Moffat of Halfmoon   Hay,  wish  j,    .10  announce  the   I'orthcoming  marriage of ��� mocoikI' clauglifer,'"  ISlulna Gruco to John Kennard  liohinson,   eldest,   son   of   Mr.  .aw|   Mrs,   John  'Robinson��� of..  Ocean Falls, B.C, Wedding to  take pliicc on  Saturday;  Oct7  obei-23rd ��t-7:30,- p.m.��� in St.  Catharine's   Anglican   Church,  North Vancouver, B.C,  ���"     ( 72r>7~13.  OBITUARY  " Utl'I^IIKHKOHI)---On  St'plcm-  '   '.|)i)'i'  14,   11)71,  Williert   Hull)-  orford, 0t' RolxutH Creek,  JI.C,  Survived   hy   Ids   wll'o  Helen,  lirollior Mitchell, Onl/nlo, Prl-  ,        v��lo servlco lf'rlday, Hopt,   17,  '   Cremation, 7**0<M'*  <    ���   I  CARD OF THANKS  siNCisTiis Uiuiiks*ToliwJjioc���  a iocs ' iind Nui'hok of Si,  Mary's Ho.ipltnl Sechelt, wllli  njhxjIiiI lliunkH lo Dr, W. Hur-  Illicit ,��||<I.. Mr,, .luclt Uoundy,  ���. .Aim' lo ixil/ilihoui's mid frlowln'  for'lliiilr every1 kliidnesH diir-  Ing my liunlmnd'H lllnomi Union Ihillini'l'iii'd,      ���      7!"ill"'i;i .  WRSONAJ^^  \VUlir lo coiiliicl,  i.nllei'  j)ny  ���"���   .Sa ti il ft iiiniiihniH, J'liuim 'llllft-  ;!i7i> or tiii(i-��ri'iii,       nviKi-iin  WORK WANTED (Cont.)  FOR your plumbing" or heating jobs contact Dave Lau-  4g1_JSo"vr,   Certified   Plumber  at 886-2406. 7237-45  WAITED  PAIR of Poodle -clippers wanted. Also brass bed. Ph, 885-  9685. 7 . 7272-4;3  HELP WANTED  CAPABLE, woman to help  with housework, one morning a .week. With own transportation to Davis Bay. Send  particulars: to Box 517, Sechelt,   B.C. 7253*44  WANTED TO RENT  NEEDED for CBC film series  in Gibsons, medium sized  bus (not VW) to seat 12 to 15  peop'e. Required Oct. 3 to 7.  Phone 886-7117.  ..       '7262-44  MATURE responsible couple,  no children, require good  unfurnished home immediately between. West Sechelt and  Roberts Creek. 885-2495.  ���     7241-43  FOR RENT  'HALL for rent. Wilson Creek  Community    Hall.    Contact  Mrs,    Diane    Anderson,    885-  9385. 5455-tfn  HOUSEKEEP.    room,    warm,  clean,  private  entrance,   aU  found. Working   gent*   Selma .  ,Park. Ph. 885-9535.       7116-tfn  OCEANSIDE collages at Half-  moon  Bay.  Winter  rates  to  responsible   couples. ' No   pets  please. Ph. 885-9534. ���    7197-45  WINTER acommodation available from September. Separate living rm,.and bdrm, Bath- .  room with sliower. Reasonable  rates. At Lowe's, Madeira  Park   Motel.   Phone   883-2456.  7097-43  MADEIRA Park area���New  deluxe, fully equipped units  available for monthly rental,  Sept. 15 thru. May. land 2  bdi-ms., $150"per month. References required. No children  or pets. Write Box 7160 c/o  Peninsula Times, Box 310, Sechelt, B.C. 7160-tfn  3  BEDROOM" house for 'rent,  $100    month. Pender    Harbour area. Write Box 7165 c/o  Tlnies   Box 310, Sechelt,  B.C.  7165-43  DAVlF1j7y77-viid October ���  30 April. Superior one bdrm.  apartment, unfurnished or  partly furnished, references,  Ph. 112-228-0182. Write Box  720|), c/o Times Box 310, Sechell, .    7209-44  rHL,A.RGE  house  for  rent,   Porpoise   Buy.   S   bedrooms,   3  bathrooms. $200 per month, P,  J, Whltcrol'l, Ph,  112-7311-71(15i  7224-tfn  ItOOiyiY   one bedroom suite,  Luuit-illocl*, .Secliell,   stove  a/id Iridgo, Available- October  1st, $125, 1��||. 1)85-1)304.  ,    ,   ��� ,7230-11'n  li-  TRAILERS & CAMPERS  14 FT, Travel trailer for sale,  $600   or   best  offer   .Phone  883-2417.        '        *        7238,43'  REAL ESTATE  REAL ESTATE (Cont,)  REAL ESTATE (Cont.)  PETS  BLACK*  , teacup    toy poodle  puppy,  female.  Regd,    and  tnnoc, Ph, 885-9797,      7170-43  PUREBRED Golden Labrador  Retreiver.   Ph.   112-483-3106,  J, Van Bynen, 5947  Nass.^.t^  Powell River. 7214-44  LIVESTOCK  J?WO 1971 i*eg, Quartei- Foals.  Both '^re show prospects.  Als-p good local.hay al 76 cents  bale, Brushwood Farm. Phone  886-2160, 7208-46  ELEVATED undeveloped 10  ��� acres within Village oj' Se-  olielt, '** residential] location.  $16,000 cash. Box (549!)^ fc/o  Beninsula Times, Box 310,  Sechelt,. ' 6499-tfn  BY owner���qne lot %.%qv{A.  view and .'nicely trepdi ^t  Madeira .Park, Full price,  $5,000* terms, $4,500 cash, Close  to schpol, stbres, salt Wftter,  Frank Lee, Madeira; Park,1 Ph.  883-2607, 7105-44  CUSTOM built deep V 28 ft  solid fibreglass spovts erv'i*:  ser. Twin Chryslers, Sleeps 5.  Many extras. Boat house kept.  Will .accept WF property as  trade or part payment. Phone  112-922-3134    or    1127987-5822..  7275-43  SHELTERED waterfront, Pender Harbour, 700 ft- southern, exposure, ten acres wUh  2 bdrnx house, AU facilities.  Ph. 885-9565; Write Bo?* 6749,  c-d' Peninsula Times, Box 310,  Sechelt, B,C,  , 6749-tfp  100x135'   CORNER' view   lot.  500 ft above highway 101.  "Nestman   Road,   Selma   Park.  For sale, Ph 885-2192. 7162-43  IH'DHOOM furnished hout^p  ntMt,S(ilniii    Park,   Available ,  Oct.,   I,  $12(1   m'unlh,  For  u|)-  stainoi's     aiul     iion-Minoluii's,,  Wrllo Box 7273 c-o Peninsula  Times,   Hox   310,   Secliell,  7273--I3  HOOMY     I     hediooiii     tu'ille,  |,ii|ig   Mlovk,  Sechelt,   Slovo  aiul" l'i'ld|{ii,  availuhle  Octoluir  Isl, $125,  Ph, lll��r*."IMKI,  .,��� m 72112-11'n  ' MOBILE HOME SPACE  Avpilablo immo'diatoly  MuxliiHim size 12x42 nii Child- '  ,   ron or diigti pleui'ti,  13IG MAPI-E  TRAILER PARK,    7  i Phono -885-951.3 ������  ���/V j *���; y-j-�����i r a'V<i I ""*"*' i i^T^I ���[< u ���'"���',,*'"1rT| >T�� V-^fT"  iividlnMn by llin nioiilh,  , 7102-ll'u  AIX'OHOJ^IL'S Auonyniou�� ���  ���i, i1 MmillnHH H;tlO f/.m.';' TlllU'li*  duyn, WUhoii Ormik Coniniui)-  Jty J lull, Ph, IIIIIJ.U327, IIIKJ-/  2343. 407l).ir|k  WORK WANTED  l/oiiNA^EN'JiAirwioimlit irnii  iiillln/{H,   I'Vim  'iiiillliinlciH,   llllll-  ; 7020, 111111-7000, (IlllCI-tl'n  MO0ILE HOMES  JKHUIIJ1; wl'i'i icdiiml i'nr  tfnlc, l)Mii)oi1iStral|on iiKidfil,  Muni nun lo iipproiilitto, Quality  built, in'tny l��itlurt>�� not. ���found,  in olliiirii.May li��i l'|naiic(;iT, To  view,  I'.ni,  iiiioiio mtri.2if);i dftor ii  7oiif)-;ii)  WJ'J Oimm n romploto trci-  nni'vlcn   to   llin   oiillrrj  Hun*  iililuo Coaiit, Our wiirl'  In  in-  ,,��� mirotl .until,(ixi)��i:Uy.+|ii!rl'iinn��,..  rd. I'liniio lor lion 'i!ii|liniiUvi!  Prrrlcwi 'J'lfH! f-w.rvlt't'ii, IMioih*  flflfi-MlOD. (ISftll-tfn  WJLI/  Imliyfili   In   ni(y   lionm  .    durJini, Uiu,Uay.. 11110^417.,, H,���  V2II)-I4  AMIKl'T'H finw ��iJndl|i/{ nnd  miw flllii(f|. Iftll) HU and  CUiwiiv lid.,- I'l block*!' wc-Mt ��� of  Pr-ilt Url) J'lionflB,nil(l'270l.  Write Jlox 'Ml, "('ihitoiw,         .      V��3(l..if��  MADEIRA .PARK SJQRE -  ".���'"it  I  IMI     ������  ll" ****** tf       I ��*^-  (*?r^5��  w*-v     i fr- 'i  if  General store: wj.^ 2 bedroom owner's home and small sleeping  cabin. Price" includes all stock at time of sale, buildings and  land. Approx. 100 ft. on Madeira Park Road and 4 00 ft. on Hwy.  101, containing 1.09 acres���a Very choice property. This business  shows a nice prpfif with lots of-possibilities for expansion. Also,  purchaser could possibly subdivide land into 2 parcels. This is an  exceptionally good buy at $35,000 with terms.  IRVINE'S  LANDING  -  i  -  ii  '  *���*  ��   **"  -  - ��� . .. _  -*"V>  *  t   '      J  Lit  J -   -J  1Fl fjVA' ' /  1  .-���"-   ���  F  I ���    -,  i   :- i  ���wf  l  ���  1,  ,' ��  1             w  1     S        .  * t              *fc*  ;  1  Fully furnished home overlooking   famous  Lee's  Bay.   Over one'  acre of land. Price now reduced to $24,000 with terms.  \  "MADEIRA PARK  100 ft. commercial frontage on Madeira Park, road across from  Pender Harbour store. Property runs 449' deep with 100 ft. ori  Hwy.   101  and also, has a 2 bedroom home. Full price $27,500.  ��� EGMONT     ������  500 ft. waterfront on approx. 5 acres on paved road;-2 bedroom  partially   finished   house   now   rented   at   $60; per,  month,   full  price $30,000 dn te'rms."' *'���'''"'  CANOE PASS  4 waterfront lease lots to be sold in one parcel. Full price $| 1,000  with  some terms,  EARL pOVE  A few lets si ill available on this 30 lot subdivision.  $4,500.  Priced from  ���MADEIRA PARK  Choice  vlow  lols on  64   lol   subdivision, ��� Prlcus   Irom   $4,00U   lo  ���     $8,000. Some cleared ready for buildinfl,    '  "SECRET BAY, EGMONT . ..  Water taxi and gas station on 3 waterfront lols, Approx, 2'h  acres of the best commercial corner properly in tgniont, adjoining  Govt, wharf. 3 bedroom owner's homo with fully furnished revenue  suite oh lower IcVol and Post Office building on property, Can bo  ���purchased In.separate parcels, .  ���-���: "*     i.    RUBY LAKE MOTEL '      7  Appmx.   125 acres of   lakefronf  property on   Hwy,   101,   8  alf  okctrlc homekooplng units, 2 sleeping units, offlco wilh manager's  Hying qunl'tors,  largo well  built reslnuranl, owner's  4  boclroopi  homo, 2 sniallor homos, 10 aero camping and Irnilor aioa, Approx.  ,4,000 It.' watorlronl ,on tmall  lake, approx,  600  It, "wpterfronl  on Knby  l-akxi wilh  2  floats,  2  |jonn�� and  concrota  Iminchlnu  1 romi').   Lfitt.   of   ptissibllliios   horn,   Full   prlco   $150,000   wilb  $50,000 down or rnalol can bo purchased separately for i  $85,000,  FRANCIS PENINSULA  2 t>Hlo by "ildii vlnw loiti n'l np|��rnx,  I Vi ofirmi (inch. Only a low  h-indiad tool Irani Marina, toch ririccd <it $10,000 with $,J,()()()  down, ,     ���   |      ,     ,    " :'       '  -  "MADEIRA PARI<r~  r\ bmlioom hnirio wilh'2 full bolhio'inift, 2 (in |i|��iu��i,, I.nvui lui,  ayor I acra It) uUi>, C|oso to i.choo| nnd Murou. Lull pdcu,140,000  wilh $15,000 dawn,'  ��� ' SAKINAW LAKE~  Approx,  14 ncrtit. wllli 330 h, wal'irlfuiii, lull pniu $25,000.  with $R,500 dawn,,  fill  In  WATERERONT LOTS  'onilor I laibunr, wilh vy'il'or ninl  $IO;0()0  Wi  liyilni.  'M (1,5(10  AOK  MOIilM*! liuiiin, IUUWl 'A bed-  -  i'whi'm, cnmjiloin will) ultli'l."  luu nnd   jiIiiiiiIiiuiii   nwiilmi.  Only 'X ynm'H old. I'liniio MHll-  ���71117,  ' ��� '    Vdflll-ll'n   jran.. i.idn ,ir ,h ;ir>i.,|imi.iMiiy.   '   lililili.dril    in ii |i| I ii '  Iiiiii it',  $-��,(ll>l), I'bum* llllli-ltltlHi.  '/���"������'MO.  ()NJ'!'tii<ibll<! Ii'ini!' tipunt ji villi*  ,i���i���,iibl��*,.,.,J.UM ���1,.Muyl��....���....T!'4AJJ.<.!i'.,.-  Pink,   Wiliicin   ('ii'iili,   Pboiiii  llllll. D5in,' ;~ '  'im-\uJ  JOxft?    FT,    fi-nllcT,    lifiiMtlfiil  caiKlllUn,, tyltHHI down, bnl*  linen pi) por inoDlh on Hpjoov-  Ofl cmlii, PJioiio IIIKI-IHIlf",  yiWM'i  ���'! '   " '   .' k i    '.  EGMONT MAUINA AND  ,^;'lliJ^'hi(*iy*nnflprnfiTnf��lrt rrsnrp r^n  II ,nii!|i>| nullum, (I. 2 and 3 bodiuniird, I��ii|(|<i wijli H iiliuipinu  iii(|ini., iiwimii'u .1 limlniuiii Ihhiih, loninur'int, i-Mim. bnll wilrr.,  filnndaid inarliin fcintlun, ApMiux, ��)00 ll. ul ||imi|'4, II rj<i<��l mmiIhI  boon wllh Cvlnrudo inoior*., 'Iniiiirlilnr) xini|), r.uni|i(ir i^umi  All on 660 ll, ol diok.n wol��iliiini wilh loH o| room lor u*|innMon,  All oxciillwnl oppoilunlly (or copltnl n|ipior.|i|||on |i��i|(l, lull |.|im  $210,000  wilIT ^110,000 down.  To vlow. by (ippoiiiiliimii  uuly,  .,      .   MADEIRA PARI<  Appiox.   I '/*   ��*.������ ��>l   itcmi-woloffront  jiarhlil'ri  view.  I.oi.(ilml |ii'jl ribovn Mudiilio hak gov't wlioil,  FRANCIS PENINSULA ROAD  'iinrill l��iv#>l vlnw lo|, full pilni $3,500,  propcrti,1,  11?  I  l|0|im,  RUBY LAKE  I,   11 mil')   v.oli'i Imnl    lul   wilb   Miiol  lloi,  OfoiiiJlcploic,   bolhiooiii   will  wnlm, fiitl ptiro $  :��,OO0 with $5,000  ioi  inoiilli.  p'llll'illy  'ihowi'i,  I  own, iioloiini ui  MOBILE HOME S|l  , :>fl>iT()l 1n\f, nvnilotifo,  \.:j  Mony nllmr vlnw oml wnlcifioni |(l|i mihli I'mnln Hoili.,.1, m0fl,  ���ymg*-*  REALTY LTD.  Mndfllrn Park, B.C.  Phono Ppw lor Harbour 003*2233  IHIIlC.Ill ||  lydio   liml  IIIII  SECLUDED but fWef-siblfe by  ��� good lane, 160 acres bej-u-  tifuj K wejl v elevate^ undeveloped property, year round  creek, sofne ocean' view, near  Secret Cove. $60,000. Will  accept some terms. 3ox 310  Peninsula Times,' Secbelt.  .,        "   .    6981-tfn  WATCH   the   boats   drift   by  beautiful    Gibsons    water-  ��� :. -...:,...��� ..���������.-...���-.,..hi-:.. _:,...��� _��� ..-.���--=   .front  HonriP  Qn  the  bluff,  3'.-  CHARLES ENrtLISH LTD       y^rold  1,700 sq.  ft, ^pacjous  LMAKLW tfNt3L,!b|-| UID       3   bedroom   post   and   beam  . Real Eistate & Insurance-:���-TiQ^e, one half coloured bath,  SUNNYCREST   SHOPPING  CENTRE  Gibsons, B,Q,  HELLO FRIEND!  JtiSDRQOFFS ROAD; A hum-'  berof big view lota ���in the  $5,000"   range.   See; these   for  your future plans.  Just call 880-2481  TSAWCOME;    First    $4,500  takes this neat cott-agef, steps  from beach. Lease lot, 66x130  feMLS 5.-4349,      ���  ���      886-2481   ACTION. LINE!  GIBSONS: Bright 6|iee r y  home.on Martin Roftd" fireplace in panelled living room,  two bedrooms, deligjitful Jcit--  ��� chen, utility area, workshop in  carport. ONLY ASKING $16,-  500 on  terms.  886-2481 .'....,., -NAW!  GJiORGJA BLUFF: View lot,  handy to park and beach. Only. $4,950 with (GET THIS!)  frontage on two streets,  10 per cent OFF jor cash. This  won't last, hurry -now.  Just call 886-2481 immediately  LANGDALE     SUBDIVISION:,  A    number    of    good    size"  VIEW lots, prices from $3,500  to $5,000.  Buy  yourself  some  land,  you'll  never  regret  it!  Ca!l us  at 886-2481  wait to wall throughout; built  in dislywasher, walnut cabinet, raised hearth and massive stone fireplace, enlarged  sundeck, beautifully landscaped without removing the  wonderful setting of trees.  Vfew the water from etfery  room in house. By owners.  Phone 886-7080 or v>rite box  584,  Gibsons  B,C,        6850-tfn  Jack White  Ken Crosby  Juy. Visser  886-2935  886-2098'  885-2300  7240-43'  EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Multiple, Listing Service  Box  238,   Gibsons,   B.C.  COUNTRY ESTATE: 12 choice  acres in the Gower Point  area with 847' frontage on  Chaster Rd. This has ��,road  allowance up the- side, water  available and has terrific potential as a subdivision at only  $2,000  per  acre.  GIBSONS BAY AREA:'MLS.  Apartment sftfi, *4^1ot8 with.  60' water fiontag'e. Sewer and  water available. DoiVt hesitate  on this one,  GIBSONS RURAL: Gut tliut  country home now before  winter sots in .This is a very  comfortable two-bed.,honie on  u nice flat lot on all utilities  for only $12,000. Open to offers. �����'���',  IlQnEHTS CREEK: Largo lot  size 75x250 ft, frontage on  Lower Roberts Creek Road,  partially cleared, Semi vlow  properly, An excellent, building site, Moderately priced at  ,1i,-),5()0,      :  GIBSONS VILLAGE ���Centrally located, two . BR homo  very close lo shops and PO,  New CroKtwood kllqicw, very  bright and spucious. Good  iHiscment uiul workshop, lire-  place, W-W carpels in bedrooms and Uvliig room, Very  productive giiiil'Mi, A neat well  kept house -with a ylow, KI! >  $20,000,    , ������      r  WILSON' CIIKKKi' .lusl" off  lllfdiVvuy 101. Over 15 'liunm, piii'tlnlly eleui'iid, Willi  llireo Hit bouse iii good coixli-  Hon, AH modern I'licilltios,  Jluiise ,ln wull sltuuled with n  pleiiminl, oiillool' .nver Houlli-  ern sld|)d;' Lgc*. ��� w��ll bulll, 2  slorny hunt.Ihnl' could In cod- ;,  verlcd to oilier uhum. Fruit mul  mil IrooH, It'orlllo |<ui'de|i ui'im,  Ji'.xi.ollonl wid(*r mipply with  righbi ��ni Mlronm. This property, nl'l'i'l'ii ((i��od porttlllillll Imi  for 1'iii'llmr dnvi.-lopineiit. KI'  ^l.'I.OOO, ' ���  Moitibc)'  i  ��-Viiii<"ivi>r -Ho'il- Eiilid'�� Ihmi'd��  , I'JIONK HIHI-SMM l  Notary Public  LI.'JTJNGH  WANTJCD  Vlnco Prowor        086-9359,  yy-ally Polorsot\    QB6-2077  !.  JiilK   2.111,   GibHODB,   RC,  ' '",' m\i-<i\\'  REDROOFFS "ROAD - ��� Lo  75' x 268' 10 min. drive to  Sechelt Quiet area; close to  water and good fishing, phone  and Hydro available. $3,900  cash. Phone 885-9654. 6804-tfn  MqcGREGOR '.pacTfTc  realty ltd.  Box  799, Gibsons. B.C.  Van  Direct:  685-3133  GIBSONS: New 3 bdrm family home, large living and  kitchen areas. .Level landscaped large Jot, close to shops,  etc. FP $23,500, DP $6500.  GIBSONS: Buy now while the  price is low! Spectacular  view lot 50x150. Paved road,  ori vil|age water, underground  wiring^ cablevision, cleared  ready for building. How can  you v lose?" Only $3600, your  terms.  ACREAGE: Must be' sold, Pri-  , ced for quick cash sale.Fan-  taslic buy in acreage. Gibsons  rural. 3.67 acres selectively  cleared and park like plus adjoining 4.54 acres. Buy both  for only $11,000. Seeing is believing.  Call   LORRIE   GIRARD,   886-  7244 or 886-7760.(eves).  CENTRAL GIBSONS:   Waterfront lot,  level to beach, on  paved road and-village water  supply. Try your offers.  MUST BE SOLD: Fantastic  . view lot, 65x160, close to  shops, paik and beach. Nicely  treed quiet street. FP $4500  cash.  REAL ESTATE (Cont,) '  <L  '"     .' MEMBERS ���  SUPPORT YOUR GOLF  CLUB. LET'S HAVE A-FULL  HOUSE' AT   THE   ANNUAL.  GENERAL   MEETING   MONDAY, ��� SEPT,'   27,    AT   THE  CLUB HOUSE AT 8 P.M.  ROBERTS CREEK; T^'xaBO'  is the size of this choice ac,  close to shopping, PO' and  beach, Only $5,000, on easy  terms. - .    "  View acreage is hard to find,  Here's   OVi   ac   with   hwy.  front for only $14,000. $5,000  down.  $12,000 down puts you in this  charming    3 - bdrm    Ranch  home. Situated on l level ac  conveniently located.  Related living is the keynote  _ of. this .delightful view home  featuring spacious living room,  din. and mod. kitchen. 3 bdms.  and finished rec room. JTerms  on  $30,000. ,-^^A~-  K, 3UTLER REALTY  LTE>.  " ALL TYPES INSURANCE   '  Gibsons. B.C.  Phone 886-2000  MEMBER  MULTIPLE LISTING  SERVICE  7268-43  BOATS & ENGINES  FOR SALE���Fast 27 ft cabin  cruiser; BrandJmayr design, built 1961, mahogany  lapstrake hull; ex. cond.  275 h.p. Chrysler Marine rebuilt 1970; head, galley, icebox, sounder etc. Phone 886-  7268. s013-tfn  16    FT.    Glasspar,    fiberglass  hull   with  cabin,   no  motor,  $800.  Smitty's Marina.  Phone  880-7711. . 7056:tfn  32' Gillnetter, A licence, Chrysler Crown, Sounder, good  condition, rigged with herring  seining gear; one herring  seine 85 x 10 fathoiiis; two  net ponds, ore st: ��� winch  suitable-vessel -140' 1,1' more.  Phone 8B3-238I*. vviie Box 1,  Garden  Bay  P.O.,- B.C.    *  7202-43  CARS ft TRUCKS   1061 PONTIAC V-8 auto. $350,  phone 883-2513,        6817^tfn  '66 VW "Bug". Excellent con-  ditiou, Gas heater ind, Car  rack, .$700. Ph. 886-2082 afternoons. 7223-42  1963  DODGE pick-up, Needs  mechanical ,.worl(i $200, 1JJ50  Pontiao  oar, ex.  shape,- $150,  Ph, 886-9988,   - 7274-43  LATE '69 Fai-go pickup and  camper, Immaculate condition, 30,000 miles, 318 V8 motor, radio, vinyl cab, $2400, Ph,  885-9970 or 885-2342.     7265-43  SACRIFICE!' Must   sell   1P71  Ford JPinto. Take over payments. Phone 886-7211.  7247-45  Tor saw  ELECTRDLUX Sales and S6r-  vice.  Bob   Waltham.   Phone  885-9878. 6593-tfn  ,JET   water   pump   and   tank,  one year old. Ph. 886-9951.  72,18-44  IF IT'S suits-- it's Morgans.  885-9330, Sechelt, B.C.  8fln3-tfp  "59    AUSTIN.  guitar   with  fers.  Ph.  886-:  Also    electric  amplifier.   Of-  2138. 7213-44  MAN'S new modern type grey  bouble breasted suit. l3olyesler  and mohair. Chest 38", waist  32", Leg 31". $75. Ph. 88(i-  7078. - 7258-43  SAVINGS, very special, ex-  rental units. 4 hp Yardman ���  Rototillers, reg. $209. Sale $100.  Honda Mini Trails, reg. $299  from $150. Mini Cougars from  $?5. 1 utility traler. 3 Smith-  Corona typewriters, legal size,  were $150 now $79. 1 chain  saw, 2 chains and bar $60. 1  shop vacuum, powerful, $45.  Sunshine Rentals Ltd. Davis  Bay, phone 885-2848.     7270-43  MASON electric sewing machine with cabinet. Reverse  stitch, $00. Scott, Chamberlain  ltd , North of Reed Rd., Gibsons.' 7269-43  30"  McCLARY electric  range.  In   excellent  condition.  $40.  883-2318. 726(5-43  SHIRLEE   JANOWSKY:  3133  or 880-7244.  685-  DAVIS  BAY:   Over  one  acre  view   in   Davis   Bay,   fully  serviced, nicely  treed.  Largest  lot in the .area.  a,  DAVIS  BAY:   2 cleared   view  lots ready   for  building.  All  services   availitble,   FP  $5,500.  NEAR NEW: 2 bdrm home in  Davis Bay, fireplace, W-W  carpet, 'built-in range and oven. A-O heal, landscaped,  Trades accepted,. FP $23,250,  LARGE two thirds'' acre' view  lots, Nor West Hay Rd, Easy  access,   I hose,  lire, zoned   for  trailer Hlbis. FP $4,5(10. lei'ins.'  GIBSON.**-!.  Ii i'drm  home on  Flelcher Drive, Vlow of bar-  J*'or,   close   lo   everything,   KI'  1)>14,600, toi'ins,  Call STAN ANDIMKON,  Rus,  IIII5:2:��II5,  Ofl'ico, )IIH5-2!W;J,  GIHSONS, Most buy, Jusl, Imagine   lull    price    uf  only  ' $,13,000 jil'vuK'yo'll' M 'Hiillll Wli-  Icrlrnnt honio wllh two bedrooms, good big living room  wllh fireplace, view, of llm  wider,   on   loaned   land,  wild  ��� fine garden,  NKCRK/r COVE W/K, 00 foul,  of widiirl'i'onl,  lull    proleis  llfin    Ibr    your ���   InvoMmonl,  $11000.      J'rotet'led      iiioorugo,  ;; powtir nnd ' roads In wniiir  proven good building tiijo, low  lii'opiirl-y,, ,'"  WATEHKRONT, ��� tl I biio nn,  inngiill'lcenl liohui, ihrci-  bodiooiiiH one un milln big I'li'i*  room dud 11 living ruiim thai.  Innveti you liroalliloiiH from llm  view I'lritpliu'ii and ninny olbei'  (ixlniH,  truly  n hoiiie fnr llm  'Mtmi 1 va: -p^mw immi my ""M  lA')'l'}} 'I'Mili, III Heron iirlini)  Ibi'iilloii nn bwy, Mil Roliurlii  < .i Midi or II piiicelii, I) ncrcri ul  $070(1 or li at $11000 nr li ni,  ���t 11,01)0,  .IOJIN   L,   BLACK,    lllll|-72'M  ,   duyn    or   11110-73111     uliililn,   Vlilli'iiuvei' loll lii)ii,llllfi-:il!l!l  ' T*W1-V,\  18 FT. BOAT trailer for sale.  Ph. 885-2822. 7271-43.  33  FT.  Fibreglass,  heavy lay-  up.160  h.p.   Isuzu,   also  one  cone   muffler.   Ph.   886.9690.  7255-43  WANTED���Old,    but    sturdy  rowboat any condition, write  I),   Newby,   Box   36,   Gipden  Bay,   B.C. 7259-43  KELVINATOR -auiomatic   de-  lrost.fridge witlu^O lb. freezer.   Excellent   condition.   Ph.  886-2513. 7264-43  MARINE ACCESSORIES  "-*aint ���- Fibreglass ��� Rope *--  Canvas ��� Boat Hardware  Compressed air service  NYGREN SALES"  (1971) LTD,  PJione 886-9303, Gibsons, B.C.  Member of the Multiple Listing Service  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  �� ��� ', .      (  SECHELT. VILLAGt; ���'; No. 2316  Now 3 bedroom, oil oloclnq homo on 0 full borsonionl, Laroo lovely  loi, close |o shoppirta ceniro, You can try $25,500 cps.li or drranpu"  a mortgoae, To vlow, call Don Hadden, 885-9504 ovos,  No, 2286,     .   , , ~     "       T~~'     ~~ ...       -J-,.     ���  For Holiday, For Roliremonl, For All Year Uivinal Lakeshore wllh  cbolco of &oa Ironls, minutes away. Brlohl, clean coitano with  baautlful' groundb ahd srtieill swim pool, 20'x5Q' worK shop a|bo,  wtr^d and heated. $26,000���$ 10,000 dn, Jack Warn, 886-2681  eves,  SKUMA PAl-K���WAlwFRON? 60 FT,"    . No. 2303  Two bedroom insulated summer homo, lUiiinino walor only, Leyo!  to  beach,  Oiillding   Is solid,  noeds  a   llnlshlha  lonch,   Sllnaled  on Icaio land,   $250.00 p,a.  onlll   1976,  wllh  Asklna   price   $8,500,  085-2235 olllco,  Tormii.- Pclor   Aolbers  0  886  yrs,   option,  -2991   eves,  FOR SALE  l-KIMi; IILLVATI1I.) WATHKLRQNT AO ACKI3 AT  LSI  r*.  Inclndflfi |uiyo iihhIohi :) liodtoont  HllOIIClllDlll^    lIllOI)   IxilllMHMlUl,    hul  )OU*.*i,  wnlur,  LlOllllloDIII  linnl  ole,  ���'5,97,000,  !:, J. WhllcrDll  (Owmoi) VanuHivnr.  Phone 112-7387165 or 263-7631  WILSON CHECK WATERFRONT No. 23MM.LS,  lioqiililu^ <?cru yvni'oi'lronl homo In voiy f|iilol moci, 2'bodioom;  all * albcfric, llrenlace, onroae,' woikslwp and nlorna'a bldos>,  $18,000,00 will'handle, 10, year |orm on hnlnncu, To viow, coll  Polar Smith. 885-9463 yvos, ���  SELMA PARK " ^ ^ No, 2315  Mr, llnllrlor-���b lots, oocli IOO��l3!'7'*lfir.u wusl lo siinsol, very  quiol, Each $3,400, or Iry yonr"��ller lor all' Iivo und havp your  own d<jvu|o|inwl nr"' Iwldlno properly, Coll poier. Smlib,  805-9463 oyos,  WEST SECIiliLT " No, pMl  .  'Approx, 30, ocips In west'Socholt. Sonie yvllh qwhI slopa lof view,  Vendor Ift willing. |o onlorlalri your' i��r��/ii* pi low inlorilM'on Iho  halniico, allor approx, 1/3 down on F,P,V$3,1,000,00,, Idnol  holdlno (iropitrly, ln��05 now Iohb Ihai) $125,00, Good |oi 10 your  holding olnp, Acl now bulom llio prlco chorion, Call Dob Konl, ���  ,flfl5"'94<H uvut., or i'i|l|co'fl8B.223b,    ,'���,,,  |U.DRQqiT:S -WELCOMMPACH AlVfiA^ ��� No, 229/  l-arpu I'osldiinllal lo| nf.oyor ono ncru with vlow, Few ulnpi. lo  ��icii,y nccniiiii lo hunch nrno, which ollow-. cm jilcom, io dual lannr.li*  luu, All i:ii*,h ollum close |ii $!*-['00,00 i)lv��in linmndlolij ollinilion,  Puloy ni/iy <,tii,\ your thnncu nl llilt, \Htnitiily, Coll Dob Konl,  fl0!>.')A61 uvoii.(^^   _ ��� |if'__ .���.1���-.,���^,.,^:J.��-,-,..,.  "mAWIRA PARK VIEW "      '     '" ' No,,,20/4  AIhhiI n hull ocmi locnluil on pnvnd idod noor wlmil li, '.hopplim,  School |oo, Wnlur, hydio, iihoiia, ' Nill 'jiiiui $!i()0l),l)0, (Jply  $3000,01) down, Cnll 0o|��, lj/l!)-9/|A| uyut,, ,  ,SB.MAPARK     '  *"' '' "       "    Nol Mil?  Wo|l rnolnloliiod vlow homo with mony firtiinion on loino rofnftr"  |o|, Snnrlock over miynni, drlvnwoy linnl ond bock, miimiioIu  24x30 woikshop, Fully IiimiIuPmI honso |kis <\ hudniomD, / llin-  plncns, Woll 10 wnll corpnl, nulo/oll hon|, oml o mm  ol 2,400  PAVIS MAY No, 221/  ldo��| 2 hmlioimi Millrmnnnl homii, lulahl mid roiivmiloni, Inn,)  3 yuaiti old, Op loioe view lol, cloorod niid'li'iniliii'i'ipud, i.Iomi Io  benph o| PnyU Day, Cosh i��il<-ri $2(),/!j(|, For appolhlnienl roll  Pon lloddnn, WU-.9IHM,           CIDSONS RUHAI.  T .".7: nKilT *):><m "<towJiii.il i] ii.ii-k'iw-rigna'a;  Joild^l, |)l|!).9!)04 uvosi   .,,.,   , ,.'   ' ���-'',      *     '"  Cl|()|cn 23. ociiirt  (iilnnd ||ini�� bedioom dwni  .     ��� ,,   ,1 ,     ���  ./No, 230("  'iiniini ond i|nvnlo|Mul loi bum, Woll iiioin-  dwiilllnu ond Iwo bedioom ilyvolllijo (t, *��if|-  HiHdiii|inr-lwo'i��irf)orti!��rilorrli?|!S'On ln'd"fi|dfifr|!yHoods, l.-M.filliiiif  liiilcolKil Im i,olnllvihioii, SI toi | dlMniicit lo shop|ilii(| ond nVlnvoU.  All lor $48,000' wilb ����.miix^����Ii|o let mi ond down iwyini.iil.  C, R, tJrHhpfcolp, l|||ft-/0|f), "  AtiK FOR OUR ntElIcAfAlwUK pp'RhAI, ISTATC  Box 120, Sechelt  AGENCtEG LTD.  Phono 005 V235  (E, 8,0,1:,)  fi  2*>*tii&Q&0*#0m^  tomfgHffte^ tL*mxz^if^-0^fy>#iiff*^^ f^i}^^^^f^^>*^'f*'^^*mv^i  I t 0f. t * - i r -   *  * V  L       ��li*X*ft^^K��lglisl(ini'i *H#&&��*��;��r**.  ,  !^^tfi^W^Wi9'^wW^*%-Will^^  ^w^i^^^MSfatf^^^h^^ih^^ ...   iiiiii iiirrtillfljrWJIpMlLl^lllUliil^rftrimi^ n   m   -    -- -    - t ���\v<y*  rWfflMSaflbW*  'm.i i .->'  FOR SAW (CoiiHrtiifcl)  Will,   a;.,g,l)|.|a��   IT0,  , , u,,,^ ^.. ,. ^^ ,��� ,   ,f    ��� ,^,,r , j,.,,,,,,,,,.^  SEE the wonderful new Qlym^  llio electric adding marine  at ��� the Tin-03 book store. Un-  Phone Soohelt 885-0654.  ��� " 72(>i>44"  CHROM/E Ifitchen suite, $15;  toffee table $7.50; bedside  tables $3 each- small 8-way  mirror $4; wooden ���'roning  board $2, Ph. 1I2-H03-34W).  .   ���     ' 7263-43  STAMPS   on   approval.   Fiolc  your own from lots of 3c or  5c, * K.   Cqe,  4515  Joyce  Aye,  Foxvoll   River,   13.C,       7242-45  ONE/year   old   red   bens.   $1  each. 'Phone BHti-2592.  v <��� 7243-43  HWW*^��IW>*lJi'ill W*>*-i'pHWB*-iWn^^*��^i��mfwwr  IV  i*  ;f  * :  1068 TOYOTA Obrona Auto.  Deluxe radio, 30,000. One  lady .owner. $1005 or offeus.  AlstJ-trghl beige 12x18 carpet,  good shape. Phone Hflti-0372.  ��� '        7*244-43  ENJOY tbe winter evenings  rending Dr. Seuss booU  With your children, Or the  VViud in the Willows, Hiawatha, Children LiteratHre.-  New and exciting hob.bfc''  books on order. Times Bookstore,  Sechelt.   Ph.  005-0(554.  7200-42  LEGAL NOTICES  NOTICE TO CREDITORS  Estate of Mary Jane Rae  WILLIAMSON, deceased, late  of Box 142, Sechelt, B.C. -  Creditors apd others" having  claims against the said estate  ��.re hereby required to send  them duly verified; to Ihe  %7|     PUBLIC  TRUSTEE,  035  Bur-  ,       ^     i*a}"d  . Street,, Vancouver- :'*I7  ? i B.C., before the 131b. day of  : ��� 1 *Ocluber,4'��firirfTBr which date  I the assets-of lhe said Estate  I will be distributed, having re-  I gard only lo claims that have  | been received.  ]     ��� CLINTON W. FOOTE  f PUBLIC  TRUSTEE  7104-pub,   September  1,  8,   15,  22;  1971  %.       ���*.    -^.*,0^ri ', .    ,  1   a, <���--        V       f K^ .ll J a-  ^><e-v r.*s -V'- *���*'   , ���  si\-.v" .V..-", ���  '*" 7*' # <-' .-"���  * >7'>'  I    r  ? *  .   *.  **���      * %*��� -  y *%$&'  .*;  r     "*  ' k*'  .j * *we ^M. ��i..'iw ���     y    " *** -    ��i* ���    * *  WO*'-7: ''���>*���'���; ���.*-���', .-���  # VJ.*.    JA. .������';.: ';  Wednesday, September 22, }f7!  Hudfsori^Macleod , , ,*   : ���'.'.������.^.::;.-t.,m:. ���...���;.. ; r-  Si iohn's United Chiirob-  for double* ring ceremony  fo H��ur^conierff in dtelflc*?  WJLSQl*^ Pree^ Vn*m C*ru?ph fiends  ORANQE and white ffftWefslverp clios^ vUtd,  Poyt   Coquitlnm;   Mr   Franlc" Gal- '* i'8!^^1? wrtc��mP*tq^H newep^ers jr*.  to decorate St  John's United, Churph, Imit, Qpesnel, Mr. Wayne Ilmdson  Van- ''le Sech^lt- &^m** p^k Wd Davii Bay  Bnvis -Bay' fpr iupvptly warding on Sep- cpuvei                 .                              ' *     - ^'pa****. Services aie Jjejd each Sppday ^t  It-mher 4t'h, 1071   When Qlepys Qpiliana  ���  8:3(1 ��* m  Mucleod became the bride of Mr. Avthrpy' - Cl^iJdrep are welppme to attend Sun-  "   ' Who  is a wise man,  a man endued ds-y -School hald  at  the  saipe  time  ^t  V  rl)I-'l  , i  1  * .  ,     r   f,   ~ ���     *     *\;  W^-0'--^r-. '- *''^'"V -  ��  *; jet' '* j    . '4/sKi'   -*-.  'Bi'i****^.����   .���  �����   -  '*- -' I.  ,    .    .   ��i'.      f,"*-''.tev f*"*.  *   \>>* -1. :**%������������'-v  ,1^.  1       -  -     y  *   tV.  ���. *"���,. - *  \ m,     .      *"���     *"���  ., ' .-     ���   ';  *     * -a    i   *     *���            ^ *             *  '  ,    , ���* 0A   ..*  -' s -  J1 r*  *���.**. *0    K *   .<iu V *��� 1  ' fi     y    *    .* *      f h    "    iJfKlV     ..{*      ���-  *        ,0   I    ~  ^ .    *M.0r' * ,��     ,      . .S  .1  rUj.  Mr. and Mrs. ;|l. E^ Scales       _.   ���  ���pix hy Derjnjs Gi-ay  Double-ring wedding unites Scales-Moors  fri-ll?  'riunbntr   -c   u:      n  .   ��    , .     .  a.       1  few  PfNDBR HARBOUR  TABERNACLE  (Undenominational)  SUNDAY SCHOOL AND BOLE CLASS  9*45 AM  Madeira Pork -4 883-2374  . r  CHMftCH SfBViCl^r-11 ;pb A?M,  ' Pflistor Rev, Walter S, Ackroyd  llii; *  THE CHURCH of Hib Piesenee at Bed- was, held at the Casa Martinez where the  -   , .AIJ  '-c^1ed, *-Yilh:JM"'ve    i\xid toast (p. the bride, was -given.'by :her~un-  wlute flowers, .made a perfect setting (m; ole, Mr. E. M. Gollev of Powell River  a  pretty double-ring  wedding on  **&*��$>**-The   bride   presented   her   bouciuet.to     ',,,,,|j;,SBir. ",t; u,as' ,0 !��f FW��- easier ol  day, September 11, ,yben Shelley BrendTMrs.  M.   InghL  o    Duncan     he Sand"        t&*������ ?>** Mr. Jphn Robinson. The  Moore,  only  daughter  of  Mr.  and  Mrs. mother of the groom and the only gra d-    tS^rT   "^ ^      "* ** J��b'S  A.   W.   Moore   of   Welcome   Beach   waK parent on either side *'VPV'tLJ'  united in marriage with Robert E. Scales, Out-of-town guests'were Mr  and Mrs     p honeymoon was spent  at  Powell  son of Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Scales of Cobbie R. S. Scales of Cobble HU   Mrs  M  lnB-' ^J��� t,-avelllllg lhe W&  wore  Hill, Vancouver Island, with Canon^n ham of Duncai! a d Mr  ancf Mrs   EM     f11 em^'d  green  three. pieee^Wt'with  Qreepe officiating. Gollev ot Powell River T"^ accessones ai"d ** rai"sage o'f orange  The   bride,   wearing     a   white   pant The couple  left  for  a  honeymoon  in      'a;vauan ��?ellght  roses  VM> wl"te hea-  dress and floral head piece, was given in Mbefta'will! the bride wearing a mauve Ml.    anHiv/r        a.  marriage   by   her   father.  She  carried   a gabardine   dress   and     matching   -jacket   �� **"-    M-S'   Aubre*y   Kuds^   wlU  bouquet of red and pink carnations. Miss with navy blue accessories   On their re-  Barbara Jaeger, dressed in a mauve papt turn, they will make their home ih West  dress  and   carrying   a   bouquet   of  pink Sechelt..                         ,  carnations attended the bride. Best fpan                 ' -                                           "���  was Mr. Morris Odegaard of Kitimat. TT          -j.    1     ��          -i*  Following the ceremony,  a  reception. XlOSPlISl  Huncan Jludson.   ....,,.,  ��� ...^,,  v,.,,���>.v, ~^      The bride is the youngest daughter pf . ��T!!\, kn��wl^Be  drnone   vou?   hei  him 0 .'10 a m  Mr and Mrs. John II- Maoleod of \V��lspn      n  ,   ou'ot aSot,d conversation his Further information may he obtained  Ci-fti'U'. -B.O. and the gropm is the son of    fylKb w,,h meek,iess of wisdom���James bv phopipg Ajis  Marg^iet: Lamb at 885-  Mr. and Mrs. Milford Hudson of Oxforcl,'     . - W5 -   '  H,'\ii Scotia.  While heather and oraiige'ribbqnrbo\vs  marked the pews for the dopble ripg  ceremony which took plate at seven P'-  (inck with Rev. James WUhan-sop qfT  filiating. Organist was Miss Margaret  Mclntyre.  Given in marriage by her father, the  bride was very- lovely,in her floor length  g"wn of white polyester crepe with, em^  pire waist lace bodice and sleeTes.''%er  lace train fell gracefully "fropi the should-.  ers and the short bouffant Veil weis held  by a spray of flowers. The bridal bquqiiet  v- us a beautiful arrangement of yellow **���"���  iiiui orange Hawaiian Jieiight roses, mixed with white carnations and heather.  Maid of Honor was Beverley Simmons, gowned in floor length orapge  polyester*'crepe with empii;eJ.waist��� and  white trim at tbe neck and bodice'. Junior  In ulesnuiid was Laverne Johnstone,-cops-  iii of the groom, and flower girl was  Debbie Robinspp, niece of ,the_, bride, .  both wor'e grefin floor length gowns w,'th  while trim. Tbe bridal attendants' bpp-'  quels were beautiful arrangements of  orange and gold crysanthemurps.  Best man was Mr. Wayne Hi'pdsop,  cousin of the'" grpo'm" Ushers were Mr. *-���-  Stanley Macleod, brother of the bride and  Mr Frankie Gallant, cousin of the grooni.  /Autumn colors were predominant in  the beautiful decorations at Wilson Creek  Community Hall where the reception was  lu-ld. Orange colored candles and flowers  ���p-aced the bride's table and the.-floral  arrangements were done by Mrs. Lorraine Conroy. ���'  '  Uncle'of Jthe .bride MrTRobertQuigley  piop(ised;rhe toast to the.bride. Master cit  ft '  It !  "Sir  * i  ,.     -    tf" "-V "���   ih        ��*  o y u r~ r - **< 1  1 J t    **      {   f ��*���    i   *  >  J  ���J * <*���  -*��� ui  *  ,    J       *,*..*���   \l~'A Is*  '   ;-. *     /f  r r. :^* A<*"*'}.   ���  ���-   -     ��     ��� -N '    -.       "V     '"��� ���**-   * 1  *       *. " ''     J.  * v       "���    i      ^  ���-    t  .   < ^      7-".. *    il[-     JV ' * ,        K      '    5 v^7  7  \ f *   kj&kSiwI       < '-^j '��*iw*      *a  4a , C  i *   r~  ^..-���'S ��Wsii.  SUNSHINE COAST  GQSPEi QHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School -r-. 10:00 a,m,  Church Service ��� 11; 15 a.m.  Evonina Service 7130 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S.CASSELLS  Ot vU Bay Road and Arbutui  (2 blocks up from Highway)  The Anglican Church  of Canada  SERVICES  ST, HILDA, SECHELT     <    "  Every Sunday ot OiOO o,m, & 11 tOO o,m,  CHURCH OF HIS PRESENCE, REDROOFFS  2nd & 4��h Sundays In tho month ot  3)00 p.m,  PENDER HAR0OUR AREA ���  1st & 3rd Sundays In 'ha month ot  ���-   '   2i00 p.m.  ...      EGMONT  1st & 3rd Sundays in tha nionih at  4|00 p.m.  Prlasti hoy. D. Popplo, 885-9793  Th? United Church of Canado  SERVICES      '���  St, JohnV United Church - Davis Boy-7  Sunday Services'-^9i30 a.m. ��  Roberts Creek United  Sunday Services - 2:30 p.m.  Gibsons United Church  Sunday Services 7 11: J 5 q.m,  Port Mellon United  ,     Sunday Services - 7:30 p.m;  ,   (2nd ppd 4 th Sundays)  Ministry  Rev, Jim Williamson -..Gibsons - 886-2333  Baptist Church Services  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  Mermaid and'Trail, Sechell  '  Sqnclay School 1,0:00 a.m.       ,  Morning Worship 11:15 am.  CALVARY 3APTIST CHURCH  Park Rd, Gibsons'  Sunday School 9\A 5 qm,  Ove/ilng Worship 7:00 pnl.  Pastor, Robert Allaby  (885-2809) *  ,A WARM WELCOME AWAITS  .YPU.  returns from recess  RpfiERTS fcreeli l\ck$\t$\ Auxiliary''-re-  -ii..- cpnveiieii gt'tei- Jl^e. sviit-rtiei- recess, An  Mondpy Septemlier 13th 1971, at St   Ai-  don's Church' Hall.  .Reports were made on three successful" caterings during the summer.  . Mrs. Raines read a report on the Coordinating Council's recent meeiing und  the forthcoming, convention to be held in  the JloleJ Vancouver October l()-22nd \yus  discussed, Two delegates were appointed  tn allend, Mrs. Raines being the voling  delegate aiid Mrs, Nova Newman will go  ns. an  observer,  r"77*?h!TAio:i*limw^^^  Red   Cross   R|nod   Popiirs   Clinic   |o   he  Held   in  fieohell   rm  October   |i>(h  al   R|  V.NUl.r.V's Mospili-l from B In 11 ii.ni,  Nuxl nieeting will  ho*ho|cl'()(.|. .jn,,  Around Gibsons  reside at Bay Road, Davis Bay, B.C.  ���OnlfOktown guests included Mr. and  Mrs. Bern Macleod of Prince George:  Mi. and Mrs. Jaim_ Robinson, Squamish;  Mi and Mrs. Jim Radcliffe, ParksvilJe;  Mrs. Violet Little, "Vancouver; Mr. and  Mrs. John Lawrence and Glenys North  Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs. Chris Johnstone  and Laverne, Saltery Bay; Miss Joanne  Bvummer, Port'-.Cnquitlamv Mr. Lynn Sil-  Mr. and Mrs. Audrey Duncan Hudson  0Oes Your Club or Group report its  Activities Regularly to The Times?  Or  -*-w��*'Hr#(ttfcSS^^  Ji**'j"-,\ ~*-\ \y- i" ���**,-? *z>*   x%  iT  ������SRICHCLT .AGlSNQIES PATE PAD  ^ Thu fr���� rnmlndor nf comlnQ ovonls Is n sarvlcn nf SF.CI l|:LT AGI-NCICS  Ijp, l*hon�� |'��nin*)Mlo Time's dlrocf for htm HsilriQiJ, spocllyinq "Pnto'  Pnd". ,1'Iikiso nolo ihnt.fipnco l�� llmllod nnd &r>rno nilvniipn dnlos moy  huvo to wolt Iholr turn; olso thqt this -Is a "rupnlndor" llsilna only ond  ennnot nlwnyn corry full dotnlls,  ���iiipl,   ??    7;.'in   p,m,   Cllhfinni, ' ninmnnloi*/ Srlmiil,   ?,onlii(-   ily'-lnw'  fiiimiidmnnl pMinilno.  f.oiil,  ??���   7;30  p.m.  GUimidh Unllml��� Clinrrh  Hull,  On|d<.   I\  llrownlfl  "-^"iiiDI-tmimiir*" r���'���^-^ .���j.~~.u.--,  'Inpl, '?') H p.m. Smiioll l.iifjlon |-ln||, |l|i)N(j/r  . Sopl. ';.'!��� -IJ ji.ni, l'��iii<)or llnibfiur Cuinninnlly Hull   lllnuo,"  Sopl, 94-'fl p,m, Wlmli liiilliin Hull, lllnuo, '     '  "*"��pl, ?6- ��� -7j30 pain, Punilur llniliuiii' fiiicfiinlniy Sr|ii'in|, i*iri|i|init|nn,  Snpl. ?/��  ���? p.m, Hmillli Conlm nilinnmi, O.AJ'.O, Himirli rill Kurjnlnri  MrilllMil,  lirpl, V)    ft ii iii, rilliMiii', |.)(|lon (lull,. pp|i||r Molina, !��p��'ula��i  Hon,  Oi ii i fiiinpli-��ff in Mnn, Iwlinl (Viwsyn <  'Sitpl,  UV   Dondlino for oppllfrilloii Inr iiKliiiloii on  |ionli��nn)  OMilr.l  V'lllMh |.|nl,  Or|, n    It p.m, Si, Hll'lfi'ii llnll, Si?*lml| Oiiii|��<n Cluh Mniillnn,  Od, '/ ������ 11   n'.m.-'l pin,  I'um Inr llnilinnr r'mnmiiiiliy llfill,  Thnnl-v  plylnii lion M��iihi|, ''  ASK FOR OUR t^EE CATALOGUE    OF REAL ESTATE  Miilllpjn Mitlno Service  Vancournr Roal Fitpta  Bflord  REAL iESTATR  INSURANCES  ':���"      AGEMCIES*-I,TB.  Pox 120, SocMr, fl.C  -'-by Marion Charman  MR. Ji'RANJvAVyngiiorr v/\,a had iho' nils-  I'nrliiiH! lo (md'or a full on Hepl. lilh bus  iH'Oii    iu    Vnni.i-iivi-r    Cluneivil    IIiihpI'IiiI  whom Im undorwnni Huriwy"liml wc.'-k  Diuiiiy Ho|hw��dl,.who has bmiii lionio  MM' ii imilil.li nr so --fUn* fi ��p|l| nl Osoyoos  \vh1ln ��� Tiding,   pUms, i,, ,r��iU|.���   i��� ' n,���  ���HIilUiH In n rmipln of w(ui|<H lo rosimin.lilH  Jockeying,      ��� .'���,'���....  ..j Ilai'nld Miilyni wiih his wife M.liin vis-  oi Hill and *lu,./t |v-���|yei, |���;,.��� w)���|��� ������  Miolr wn,v liiiinn to Quiiilm j���|,���,,| ���f|,���.  'i I lip lliln .111** Ihlerlor and IWo Mivor  �����ioiiulr,y,-,vvliiir�� ifnmld nml n frlnnd wllli  whom ho Imd mi.Hided m,|,(>���| r,��� Vll)|,  ii/io,      '    '  Mr, nnd  Mrs,   Wlllliim  Mumiy  hnvn  whirimd nllnr ,n f|.\Vhn|<  vip-i.llnn, <y\m  ���''i^Urd III.. I'oli.r r,,i.l,, |0 iho CnniinMn'i  ml  \'l��llml  Iwo of Mm.  MiurnySi  bm.  IlKll'H, .       , ,  .    ��� a  Mr, npd   Mm,  |l,  M, V||J|  fn������   Vim-  wiiivor  nn.   vIkMIiik ,nl   I|io  .liMniuml  II,  VS .���..���. U'l 11.-,111.111 lU,7��.-V^a^��--^Vaa��a������~^-��^v-  'Jl        Th�� Himi-Viiiiiliiii fllll1,|iV (1|1(| ,",,��� W||,  M|     111111)0 01,1111111 family  Wi>rn nwny In  Villi-  lift    <'��)iivi)i' for n low ilnys,  ���JI'iHAPPY PIBTHDAY  Mr, .(ind Mm, ("lorry Young .or down  RoihI aro hnpptV over lip. \ihih of a dim-  Hl.H��r, .Inliil, born id HI-*Miiry*n iIohuiii.i/  Iholr firm  rlilld. , .  bWM'. anil Mn,. Jildwlp |lo||���Wlnl(, ll  l�� �� Hlij,"t'liiirl|i',n Mi.r.il burn Hopi, :��ml  .M H. Mnry'H \Um\.\U\), U ||)Nl, :.',���/���, �� ,i|h  l"i. for .loi-y, '  Int  -EtECTHICAI."������-*  CONTHACTOHS  Wiring Siippllofl  Specialising In  mmtirttL  Electric Heat  , i.........  .,       ���., -.  Lnurol Avonuo, Davis Pay  BOX 351, SECHELT  ^mmdaM&MJ&^^m^^-^^^     ***  Phono or drop In today.  Move up to SUiiSHINE miGHTS,  ���    "��� ���-    -      ,    i        ���     ,,        . , 00,  00000000  t '  l  I  i  \  V     I  *{'  ,1  t  i  s  i  i  ��� i  , ���  il  I  H  ">  i\  It  ll  J  '-,.1" ^^*'*f.  ,��,. ,K��i>  ' U > ,U ��� ������  .i.f.i.i.l  ...  "    * l    J - V *-      '' *   I a**   -  v^*r���fi-  HimilMHwW^X  ^{  ,   * *   1     *.   -JJJ   *    -* ��: 7, < u.i4"; -I- fc r*  * *'^-%-.  > r*  <  N  ���** I'l  Wffpil 1 ��PW  "*.*  (V  '(  -.J  1   1  J''  r  /-"*>-  1  t -_  I'  "l  1  '<i. I  ,*o-  nf  "i i '  -. ��;���?-  ^>e    -4* /    ��  #���' ?**  T.-> V " 1  -"I    * '  f'      tj      i  *--���'.  i.  \  i-  *4  -j  *    *  1%*  !! J- ' "������"  r I  ���   i  V -  1 t f-  j-  ���/  "i^r  ���v  fi  Nl*����7JB  t  -f  /"***"  Annual ceremony  ���   ���   ���  Centennial Emblem theme  for 1971 Graduation event  Ppfle A-ft The Penlnuula Time?  . Wednesday, September 2% 1971  FIFTY-seven   students'    graduated   from ' Scholarship    and  is' attending    Victoria  Elphinstone    Secondary   Softool    this.   University; *  *l  il  r  - v  I \\-  I   '.  w'l  *',  /pr*  /��� *  /-    -  t i  /j  year and thirty-four of tlieir-. attended  the ..graduation ceremony held on Saturday evening in the school auditorium.  This year the fttckdrop featured the  Centennial Emblfem ip ,blpe and gqjpl  and a wide stairway had beep erected  to give easy access^ to the stage. Carpeted  m blue and decorated with baskets of  locally grown flowers, the stairway lent  dignity to the ceremony which attracted  a capacity audience of paients, friends  and fellow students of the graduating  class  Rev. James Williamson gave the invocation, and Mr. L,orne Wolverton, re-  prebenting the Sunshine Coast Regional  Othei: scholarships wero awarded as  follows: Pacific 'Command���Rick Gibb,  Wm, "Qockar. Norman MacKepzie���Steven "Lee, Masonic Lodge���William Dockar. , '  Sechelt Teachers' Assn. ($150)���Steven  Lygie Martinez���Honor Roll,; Roland  Kurbis���Honor Roll; Shirley Hoehne���  Honor Roll.  Cjtiaengiiip stvidept Coppqii Awards;  Qr, l�� Jtal-ert Blakeman^fjash; Steven  Lee-7-3rd stai'-i JiianHa .fiharnb^Un-^-  flashi Lygie Martinez^:-. 2pci' start Qveg  Hayes���2nd star; Mary (3prdon-r-fia*-iv,  Marjorie Mae^ean-^-llash. Crjv \\: Diane  Fisher���2nci star, Colleen, tf--sqy-^2nd  star; Oinny Ateager-^crest; Qna Bvh'nett  ���crest. ���,'-���'  onB00���,ii^iAj&^j^. ^f^ms^^kim^  on Booth. Elphinstone CQ7op($^)^-Ste-  vep Lee, Greg Hayes.   ���  Canadian Legion, Gibsons Branch 109  ($150)���William Dpokar, Marjorie Mac-  leap, Rick Gibb, Steven Lee. Canadian  Legion, Sechelt Branch HO ($100)���Evelyn   Gokool   Canadian    Legion,  Sechelt  The 1071 list of graduates is as follows; Lloyd Barnes, Bob Barnes, Liz  Berry, Charlene Berdahl, Gordon Booth,  Jim Brandon, Paul Chevalier, Juanita-  Chamberiin, Alp Davidson, Bill Dockar,  Wendy- powdall, John Duffy, Frances  Finlayson,   Colleen   Fuller,     Rick   Gibb,  "    '^-      /'       I  ���    7   1!  s  s  \ ���  Fareyve|l  Boa.d,  offered    congratulations    to    he     ^^9   ��^ Col,een   Fullei''     * ��*   Gibb,  ^,dduales- (*7B)-R ck fe��b   Sunshine Coalt Kiwa      l��b G^SOn' Jim G>bson- *ve]��n Wm.,  Piesent for the occasion was foimer'    n,s ($200)-Tridy Mn"hlenkamf MmyGordpn, Joan Gory, Anne Hansen, -  Elphinstone; principal Mr,  W.  S. Potter.     Motor   T.ansport   ($150)-Ma^i^T Mac-     �� ef H?��se"..9^g Hayes, Linda Hensch,  Lean- David Hill Memorial ($206)~Eve-  lyn Gokool. Rqberts Creek Parents' "Auxiliary   ($50)���Marjorie  MacLean-  ��� ��.wT.w,. gooa rutijre, gqai  A sentimental moment for parents    thoughts are already in tlie future.as auditorium aftew    last   Saturday?s    scholahshtp*  who suddenly, realise the years have   they follow Elphinstone's principal impressive graduation ceremony.            WnSS ��������??  flown by'all too fast but the students'    Mr   Don  Montgomery    out  of the ureS the scSi  Mi Tom Ellwood who >vas school principal for the past two' years gave the ad-  di ebS  Also remembering the graduates in  a telegram which arrived just prior to  the ceremony was a message from Mr-  Gene Yablopski which wished the gracjs,'  good future, gppd health and happiness.  ii<vcr ti up-***! mm*  -     **-  V  ./  >���*(���*  j *r  t.i��  �� fc .  1*9"  '*.  \.  > r"    **  , *. , r  ll        " ��_  ���    f  ,***>*.  'K. J  )' . V(  v *  ���   '";;.vf--. w1'.  - J-V ?n -A{  '���������^jfA'JA p..  .,     .A i  �� >  'Mil  m  .. ir/'f..  t  V  n  *j  * i ���  *00f-*i r  If  1  r't  \  ��-���       fu^H^Aikrf     *  - ��� ���     -   ' ������''      ���Centennial Grads  ���Si-y^Jf-,10 face We worl{l ^tef ^   of t*le graduating class which num-    Junior Choral Group sang a musical'  exceptionally wonderful   gradUaUoii    hered-fifty-seven students, Grade 12    tribute and Majjorie MacLean gave  ceremony at Elphinstone on (SatUr- ' students were responsible for the blue    the Valedictory Address  day evening are thirty-four members    and  gold  theme    decorations.  The ���  *��irwnvn>mnwnnHl i--iiviw<ii>i  ������/  . %f*  ,\  ��. ,f*  \  0  n,  A-  \  Tir*  Scholarship Winners i :'������' J  KlnhiiiHlone .scholarship wijinorfi on Shield,and numerous other awards;, nUond UBC both of whom were aw-  Slolr V lo hlghei- education are Gordon Booth, who Is-going to atton<! nrdeU \\)o Cnnudinn Forest ProduolH  Steven Loo who won a 1st class pro- British Columbia JnsUtutt* of Tech- Hcliolm'ships. \, . Vs  Vinclal, scholarship, the Uondlands   nojogy and William Docltnr who will      .���.''.  *��� *r        J  I  '���I     **1     $  yzi ;?*, i  :��  ��� i  777:/.  !'jy IM, V:;t^.^l  "**!., +*6'lS5*if(��   ,kf aft.,*!., ^irS\EifW^^*.-jk^*Wi��^^>ir"^W -"1 " ' I ����'>������� i" -��������'�����-.<'�� Sw*E^"#Vw ^-jaf*',^0l*fl�� ,<�����(��� a-   ��i./  j,* *), ,fA- Aniyh'yn   a f ,''Ww<ii.wvwi1t     ��>   <?'   1    ''T 1-^*0*09*^ lm,v��if��.����yi"'i'li> 1 >'   1  ,   \<00h'<               |> f    '  %,        yHl*r*r,    '        '   J't      *   S'r* /<,             '\            A "^*>^*PW^'��'i/l 1 li 1  ���    m ',  J         I ,,'                7    (��..'i . v //          7>' ',   ,'..',''',7(7,  , "��    'J      ,    \   ". 1 1            '    '�� / 7'  1/    ' 1 '   -            //             '         -' "7.''-.'Hi/'  I                              ,1'f^     '                  '.,.'/'���                                                  '.                    ,'"                  ' ���                                              M  -j .-,,.,.���.            .                   .,,..���                     Award Winn��r��      ,          , ,  Award and Kebolurtfliip vfUuwvn pic-   Muehlenkamp who. won tho ,Sun��h)no mlho nnd   Valcdlrdorinn " Mnihl.i,,  hired nlMpMmUme'n gradMiitlon In-   Cm-nt Mwwh nnd Hecliplt Legion MHolxinn who is Iho fink I SR J  c|udo from leftr Joan <Iorv who won - Uf,.",Sc|jolnr��hlps;- Lygio mnUw: lli<hSo<")j��U'Moloi*Ynm^  ftie'fJUwnrt rM#y. Kvofyn Gokool    who comphded grndes jl nnd Win snipf" "-^'   ,-",^,w,-f 'Niolni-  who is tho first holder of the D��vJd v.vnb year, and wonthe special book Auxlll  IIIII Mc-mofJwl   a'hohir^Ip,, Trudy  IIIU  1  ...-���'  and J*2 In   ��lilp and llunfoborlH Cniek j*hh.|i|S��  '"'"' ' ''    A""Wy ttt'bOJnrwblp,     "  Principal 'Mr, Pop Montgomery expressed the school's appreciation to tlvose  who give financial assistance ip the  fQJ���J^-o^schpla^���ghips apd bursaries. Presenting awards for ;t|*e first time this  teaj; were: Sechelt Motor Transport;  Local 297, Brotherhopd of Pulp, Sulphite  and Paper Mill Workers which presented  TROPHIES AND FRIZES  Trophies Gr. 12 Elphinstone Cup-  Frances Finlayson; Headlands Shields-  Steven.Lee; Coast -News Shield���Juanita  ChamberJbv Gr. 11 Bob Fretter Trophy  ���Ciana Watson and Karen Fearnley,  tied; Dave  Rees Shield���Cindy. Alsager.  Prii-es; French Consulate. Book prize  Hendricks, Greg ��� Hogue, Denise  Howe, Glen Stubbs, Kim Inglis, Debby  Jacksoti, Dan Johnson, Darlene Lawson,  Steven Lee, Mike Ltioma, Georgette  Macklam, Debby Marsh, Lygie Martinez",'  Larry Matthews, EJfriecta Moldowan,  Trudy Muehlenkamp, Sharon McConnell,  Marjorie MacLean, Danny Nestman, Doug  Oram, Linda Pearson, Mrs. Marg. Pearson, Franklin Roberts, Ridhard Sicotte,  Joe Skelton, Terry Stewart, Rex Sutherland,   Phyllis     Thatcher,   Phil   Towuley,  thp nawiv- Hili n/r^^.- 1 c. .   1 K\->-?~i**--*** _  wwiuwismji piwueuL uouncu Awaras:  Rubers CreLk PAjT^i 8^Q^,shlP anc? Gr. J2 Frances Finlayson-Hoilor Roll and  ReceiSn? ��S *T M^al^: ,  ��� 3ld s^l"< JQ��� Gory-Honor Roll and 2nd  Receiving fust class Provincial Gov- .star;   Steven   Lee-Honor   Roll   and   1st  ernment scholarships this year-are Steven -start Rick  Gibb-flash  and Honor  Roll  Lee and Franklin Roberts. Franklin who Franklin    Roberts-r-Honor    Rol    Grll  also won a Pacific Command-Royal Ca- Ginny    Alsager-Honor    Roll; * Sheahan  nadian  Legion Scholarship was not pre- Bepnie���Honor Roll and 2nd star; David  sent for the ceremony a^ he is attending Bulger-Honor Roll and 2nd star   Cathy  mduary ��� college m Quebec having  been deKleer-Honor Roll and 2nd star   Marg-  Ciana Watson; French book prize special     J>fona Veaie. ^nda Williams, Valerie Wil-  ���Lygie  Martinezi  Gibsons  and  District    son* Peverly Simmons  Kinsmen SS 11���Sheahan Bennie; Senior  Textile^   script   award���Frances   Finlayson.  "  Scholarship Student Council Awards:  ������,...ur*fe,ri fr,~ ��>��-.U'    T       ���    ";���.���"  �����������     "~7-.~w    "uuui in.u# ami Jim siar   iviarg7     b - Locaieq  pen na  accepted for officer training, his awards     aret   Gory-Honor   Roll   and   2nd   star;     i    MocGreaor  Pnrifir  R-lnltw I M  were re-assigned to other students. Mary Muehlenkama-Hnno,. nJfiAnA TJi     I    Mac(jre9��r  Pacific  Realty Ltd.  Mary Muehlenkami>���Honor Roll and 1st  GIBSONS  ARE YOU MISSING THE  BARX3A!(f-JSr~  Runabout,  Wringer Washers,  Chrome Sets, Office pesk**?**7  Water PressureTTank,  Located behind  ni .l.   r<!ui, ���7    . "**��j ��<uviiiciiivcuiif���nuour tiuu ana  isi     b r*iucn���.    or **  ^���T**"*5  &U- A J hjJ; Jaa^J ir'jyzr^^  momiivm  BILEL McPHEDRAN  (II-pCTRICAU CONTRACTOR.  (806-7477 Gllmoni, B.C,  005-9970  jim Mckenzie  XI.CTMCAL, CONTHACTOK  ���m���,,:,. __ ���,���., ..������_,...,,.���.,., Sccln.lt, |),C,..,  SIM ELECTRIC  LTD.  *    ; TLrCTRfCAL CONTRACTOR  003-2062 Socliolt, 0,C.  ROBILLIARD  ELECTRIC  ri-ICTRiCAL CONIKACTOR  005-2131 Socholt, B,C,  fi,fi, } Marfalro Parle     '     .NICK'S  pLECTRIC   ELCCTRICAU CONTRACTOR.  003-M1-6  ��jj^.0l^g)Ql��Gy^00pupmm*m*0l000HM0000*0n0*& Jl  VJ  , I *V M  l   ;     1  7",  M0~r**  '     ***.  **,  I  V  M  Section B  Wedpes<|qy, September 22, 1971  Pqges 1?6  JJ  V  r* f  *-**  > s  \  *-/  September meeting . , . , .  oiidr Citizens Branch 69  membership approaches 200  0*0**. *,  \  fi&^'f."  -4  ���A  ��,.  i.'f  wllirt*4iji awtWfcB*     ���       "fas  -V  1  I  t was��"Happy Birthday" and "Happy Centennial" celebration for Mrs..  Mmgsixet Macleod of Wilson Creek  la*3t week,  pictured    receiving her  * *;  lAifcMAIJM  ����f>-��s'-�� Mm    ,  .V.r*  w^jzr  Warnin9:  language.  Much    swearing    and     coarse  R. W. McDonald, B.C. Director  SEPTEMBER���  Wetl.   22,   ThHr,   23,   Fri,   24,   Sat   25,  Mon. 27, Tucs. 28  iWWt^itimft}'*  Congratulations  pioneer medallion an4 a ��^opy of "It chairman Mts. J)\gm Andersori and  Happened in British Columbia'' from , her d^ugh'ter-inrlaw, Mrs. Rite Mac-  \VUson Cr,eek Cpmmynity Associatioii lepd pipti|re4 pji the right-  Margaret Macleod . . .  edoillion preseBiatiosi  honours commuiiiitf  r'l  "I  W hi. S*  IT. TOOK members pf Wilson Creek Community Association a little while tP  catch pp with one ot their busy piopeers,  but last week'they presented fttrs. Margaret" Macleod with lie-- pioneer medallion.  For Mis. Macleod, to be busy is to be  happy and that must be the reason why  eighty-two years sit so lightly 'on'her  shouldeis '  Visiting Mrs. McJeod, to make the  presentation of one of the' especially  minted* medallions . together with a copy  of "Tips Is British Columbia" and a beaiV-  tiful basket of-fruit, "were Wilson Creek  Community Association president, Mrs-  Diane Anderson, Mrs. MacJeod's daugh-  terrip-law, Mrs. Riia Macleod and Mrs.  Cay ITranske.  Mis Maclepd's industrious nature was  evident in the quilting frame which occupies a large part of her sunny front-  100m ovei looking the ocean. Being quilted was a very lovely comforter lined with  sheep fleece brought back after a recent  visit to lelatives on the JPrairies. This one  will be foi grand-daughter Glenys who  v/as  recently  married.  "I should have given you a needle  apiece, and the quilting wpuld almost be  finished," chuckled Mrs. Macleod while  enjoying a chat over coffee with her vi-,  sitois ���  "** f  On Fuday, September Iflh, Mis. Mac  -leod  celebrated   her 82pd  Jairthday,  she  was. bojn -i> <**>ptariQ and ip 1909 Bjf^rgaret  Pattef-spn   (secafTJe, f.j)e   krjcle:   of  Ifec^r  in 1941 an^ Mrs- jyiaclepd has always bggn  very active ip cprnmunUy affairs, being  tlie first member of the Wilson (3--gek  PommpnWy Centre, 'serving pn the exfecr...  pliye. She is a faithful member pf ��1*".  John's United Church Wpirjen's <3rpup  and-3 ver^���active meoiber of������������ihe.-'Sgsi'r-  ern Stai'-  ,fMrs- Macle'pd still makes the besj,'  pancakes and bread", said her lpp|* Iffhe  "frjend tjnd neighbor Qay Frans|ce; She/  also helps out bazaars with her pickles  and beautifully embroidered pillow slip*"'  and other handicrafts-  Trained to be a stenographer jp Jier  yppnger "days; Mi's. -������"i-Mcl'3pd~"'-h^s^'"*iei3ii*  fully occupied with her family and ifc��  community apd was an active wprker  for the Red Cross in. bolli worlci wars,N  She is jpst a wonderful person gpd very  proud of her three children; eleven grandchildren and seventeen great granSrChilr  dren, taking an interest in their prpgress.  Living close by -are her sons Jack  Macleod of Peninsula Plumbing; Bob  Macleod of Peninsula Market and daughter Mis. Emily Quigley and their families.  SecheltNotes  ??~by Peggy Connor  TAKIJ^Q , a   well   deserj/eif���rest- after  serving the area for fiffeeri years, Mr-  .Gerry  i^acpppald pf "\yiJspn'.Cf-eeli  lias  Macleod   wjio' 'was ''fonT ni   Aberdeen, ^���1}8n^''^VBp'W*Stw��iwraU Agency to  REGULAR meeting of the ��enior Citizens  .Association, Branch 09, aftpr 'a, two  months' summer recess, wa held on Thursday, Sept, 16 in thp Sechelt Legion Hall  with-over 80 present. , -  After '0 Canacja' a minpte's sjlence  m memory of Capt. Sam Dawe and Mr.  Bert Rutherford \vas dbserved, " Mrs.  Madge Hansen, president, then extended  a-warm vveJcome tp newcomers and vis-  itors. *       ".   ", .x  Several p'ew members joined and  membership npvy totals 191,-  The Christmas Ejinne--' and Party will  he held at nopp pn Thursday, Eiep. 16, jn  tlie Sechelt Legipn, jjall. Members planr  ning tp attend shpiiJd obtain their- tickpts  from the Sect., Miss Adele de Lange,'885-'  2208.         7"   .".  :-"' '.'" "  Mr. Daye Hayward expjained abopt  tlie Hobbycraft that he has planned for  members. He had on' display several- 'kr-  liclus- illustrating the craits to be enjoyed. Anyonfe interested should attend the  lirst lesson toi be given oh Friday, Sept.  ���24 at 10 a.m- In S% Hijda's Hall. If yop  haven't quite made up your mind about  what you want to do, you \yill be able tp  decide then. After a lesson or two ypu  will be able to continue in your o\yp*  home. Ceramics will be taught by Mrs. j*o  Gibson.  Namfes are npw being taken for orders  ���for The Elder Statesman"for 1972. If you  would like to subscribe for next year  phone the Sec. Subscription price is $1.00  per year.  Nominating committee for 1972 offices consists of Mrs. Joan Korgen, Mrs. Ann  Todd and Mrs. May Garpett. The annual-  election takes place in November  The-bus trips are .proving very popular. A mystery ��� tr|p , is planned for Oct.,  hut the date is not determined yet. However, if you wantj-p go on it, meet Mr.  Hayward at th Sechelt Bus Depot on  Thursday morning at 10 ip order to, reserve your ticket. All that is known about  the trip is that it' will take you places  not visited on previous trips. The" usual  pre-Christirtas trip to Vancouver will be  in Nov. and a Christmas Lights trip is  planne'd for Dec.  The monthly raffle was won by Mrs.  Mabel Gramnan. Greeters- for the day  were Miss Hilda Howe__and Mr, May  Garnett.   - ���   "7      '���������'���'  Plans for the fall ba2aar are being finalised. If you wish to help in any way,  phone Mr,f iTist^^Vfa^Ber^Sli-aTgar-Bate-  Mrs. Marguerite Smith will preside.  Our regular "* monthly meetings will  opep at 1 p.m. instead of 1:30 p,m-  The program consisted pf a few songs,  led by Mrs- Dprothy Stockwell and ending with "How Gpeat Thou Art". Refreshments \vere then enjoyed .  See you on Octobr 21 at 1 p.m. sharp.  (Outboard and! In-Out)  PACIFIC BOATS  1    ���-      for  Repairs, Winterizing  apd Storage  29p W 3r*lf Yon? - 874=591?  '   11  *^'Cn*  vr*s  -*<*?;  r*i      *���  *'\h  -   *     aaJ5  \-  fa-  ���r^r">.  W*  ��� ���;���*  !�� *ii  ���' ������.-*"  ir.  ,-t;  ���'" ��*  * > ���).���  PLAYERS  OVER  16  ONLY  Qfh  20th Oijn  i��  j. ij  3  ea. - FUR A CARDS $1,09  1  **   *-.  J  n  -ij  1-1  \'i.  *. r��� .  n  *? ������ ��� ���**  . -1    ..  ..**     .. .  '."   '        *  -J <��  *- ��� ��� '*  AJ&  �� \tI  Dr *C*n3,  ;^A  ft ii ���:*  !**���%  rh *'  .v.  *%-  C: A'  ,��- 1    T.  A* *ti  1 *    fc ��� M  #1 *��   *, ��  ���"?��� *��  ���ir*,  ���0..  ,1 . .   ,  irtl   ',  w  of the \y*;ya$.y is Sat., Optober 3Q at 2 jp.m.  *Mf|?>m$/��VH-��filjl{hii|  '" "ulnsiui ��� TV ��Ui|oJi 1  SEPTEMBER  ,yfo4, 29, Thur, 30 , OCT. 1st  MATINEE SATURPAY, 0?T, 2  2 p.m. PI-US Disney Cortoon  7 IN COLOR  ��� ''���    ��� Sa ' ��� , ��� ,.  PRETTY M'AIDS'  ALL BN A ROW  WATCH l-OR  OTHER GREAT HITS  THIS FAM-  wmwmmmnw  iwm���wwwmwf  ^ Million Dollar Duck  Tlio Chocolate Factory  P'nochfo  Pefor Rabbit and Tolos <��f  ,    Pcatrico Potter  M00^i0mn0m00mmm0mm00*0u>*0i0mm0mm*vm*%0W0m*t0*  ScojJapd MfeMsclepd whf>; passed ^wsy-:-1  -p lOfip, was a prjpfgr ahd "-i QlVp lime:  owned Jus own printing business in Tq?  jpptp, Jie  wprlced  on  many   ripwspapers  including the Herald at Uetbbr'dge be-  foie tlie family moved to Vapcopver  w||e>:e,',.Mr. Macleod was compositor op  the Vapcopyer Sun for twenty years be?  fore hiS retirement in J05fi.. .puring tl]e  S'ecpijd- Wor|d War he went overseas  With the Seaforfh Highlanders,  The Macleods came to, Wilsop Creek  mmvffw.v'm  TWILIGHT THEATRE  GJPSONS V . .  MaiWKtwi)iaei)anaiK9m^^  r  i.  Irirplted number 4 foot  fluorescent light  Fixtures  New Cost���$48  *.  Gull Building Supplies  Phono 805-2283 Sechelt  i  *  M^- ! lyiaedej, liis wjfe Margaret and  three sons Will liyp on boulevard' Street  apd pomp here frpip Ocean Palls where  Mr, Maedel was Standard Ojl Agent for  three years.  11$ BRIEF  Touring the Sunshine Coast fropi  Nanaimo are Mr. and Mrs.' Robert Wilson. After visiting with Mrs. Li|y Punlop  in Sechelt t|iey will complete the circld  tour to hqipe,    .  M''s- -Isabpl Laipperson is spopding a  ..week'ep- so with Mrs, Lily punlpp, the  very active Mrs, Lamperson is president  of CAJ^S |n Nanaimo apd also'president  pf the Business and Professional Women's'  Club for Nanaimo.  Mrs. Appa Moore js back -ifier a vijiit  to .her sfyi-in-law and daughtc|' Major  and Mrs, Winchester at Camp Horden.  ��� Oplai'io,  Jn Halifax s|io" wiik tl*o guos|  of her  ���sister whom she Jpid iip|. scon for fifty"  years, at tJ-6 J3pulderwood  home of her  pipco-'npd, hi^Jjand Dr. W, h* .Ford, hoad  of Ihu pninlpinp OconpoHraphy,  The day befpro the f||g|i| n, J*,C!, h)iu  was cpler|a|���ed- at a "Hail apd paio-  jvwJI" tea |n memory of DfilhpiiHle's class  Mr," Willie Takahaslii'H hjhIop G|iii:e  yo|��o fTa|fuh,ashi died, Huridonly In bur  homo if) V��i)��ijiivor ufioy p (wi) apd one  half ytitty lllpesa, t.  .    ���     .   ,  MmmOTmir^^  "/���������������; fiECHEUT ���r 885-9416  Ak p/smoim  LIQUID DETERGENT  24  ox,  i  * WEST  MARGARINE  lb:  SCHOOL PI$TRSCT No. 46 (SECHELT)  Length of Courses: ,,,.  Courses start the >vee|k ctf October 4th unless indicated, Mosf courses have 20 sessions���10 before qnd  TO after Christmas, unless otherwise arranged with  the Instructor, ,7  Fees and Refunds:'  Tho Programme must be self-supporting.  Ij^oes ore payable on the first mipght- and arc not ro-  ' fundable, Fees range from $10 to $25,  f\!ew Courses:  The Public is invited to suggest courses not fisted  hereunder.   ������ ���      ���    ������--���'������  For Information:   '-������  CONTACT; Schiooj Board Officc-^886-2225  Pender Harbqur area���Jack Tiprnqn-������  883-2666  ,       Gibsons-Sbchclt area���  , Mr, Glen Bawfinboimcrr-r886-77l]i 1  The Instructors as listed  ELPHINSTONE  LAPIPARY Monday, October 4th ��� Mrs. f.rak$ar, 886-7246  TYPING '* Monday, October 4tb ��� Mrr Egan, 886-7722  ",p(3 ISCAMNG .   .Monday, October4th ���Mr. Brandys, 88^-9617  ENGLISH (Now Canadians) r Monday, October 4th��� Mrs. Bcynon, 886-7722  HpUSE pESIGNING AND PRAFTING Monday, October 4th ��� Mocker, 886-7389  CAfipENTRY (FMrnifnro)  HOUSE CONSTRUCTION  CERAMICS,  KEEP-FIT (  POWER SQUADRON  BADMINTON   ,  MATHEMATICS .,  JEWING .,, , '...:  DRAMA      GUITAR  PHOTOGRAPHY (Boginnorm)  BALLROOM DANCING  FLOOR HOCKEY .....  BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION  WEAVING  charming! woman  YOGA ,      ..  DEFENSIVE DRIVING  KARATE  Monday, October 4th  Tuesday, October 5tb  TMPsdqy,ppfqbor Sfb  Tuesday, October Sfh  Tuesday, Ocfqber 5fh  pap Wcinhandlo, 886-9819  Mr, Almond, 886r9825  Mr*-, r\mM, PB6-2Q6?  Miss Wilson, 886-7722  Mr. Hall, 885-9986  Wednesday, Ocfbbor 6tb-T-Mr, Aldorson. 885-2333  ; .Wednesday, October 6tb ��� Mr. Arfbor, 886-7722  Wpdnosdoy, October 6f|�� ��� Mrs. Norman, 886^9626   .Wodnpsdqy, Ocrober 6th ��� Miss Johnson, 886-2162  TliMrsday, October 7th ��� Mr-Bulmer, 886-2084  Tlwsdoy, October 7th r-Mr^Mckor? 886-738^9  qiBSONS PLEfVlfiWTARY SCHPOL  ... Monday, O^tobo*'4fh ��� MrJ ond Mrsf Richardson, 006-9527 ���  ...... Wednesday, Ocfobor 6th ��� Mr. Gray, 885-2114  SECHELT ELEIVIEWTARy SCHOOL  Monday, October 4fh ��� Mr, NciMn, Pay 895-2171 r Night 885.9692  Monday, October 4th,���Mrs, Atherton, 885-2858.  Tuesday, October 5tb ��� Mr��, Mooro, 885-9485 ,|   Wednesday, Ocfobor 6th���Mrs. Loojtso, 885-9617  Wednesday, October 13tb ~ Mr, Pyo, 885-9602  Wcdnosdny, Octob��ir 6t|i ��� Mr- WMblovo, 886-974^        " '��� "  ...SH0P..��..���������..,,���  KEEP-FIT  BADMINTON  CERAMICS  EIR5TAIP  BANR .  PLNOLH  HARBOUR  SECONDARY  SCHOOL  ���,.���.,M.,���^,.,a.,.i,.��We^^  .��.-. �� ..,���,,..��� ,,..���  Tuesday, October 5th ��� Mr* Tlernon, 883-2666  Monday, October 4fh ��� Mr. Tler^an, 883-26^|ii  7 Tncsday, October 5tb ��� Mrs. fair, 803-2230  rviAOEIRA PARK  SCHOOL  Tucsdav, Octolior 12th ��� Mr-.P-yo, 805-9602   .*...'.        ...Tucsdo*jrf September 21st, Tlmrsday, September 23rd���Mr, R. Tarnoff  i "t  .'     C^*r  ���\  IT; .*/���  **.  r. \*\  V, ���     -  0 0  "X  **0 f* *���"  ���i   * ���*���  ��� "v  . *".  -XT  IV-  ���������*  ��� ���.  I >  1,1  '���IT  '"���I  ART  wvym fs^-AWP  Mi��/Cartqr, 947-9308 .'...,  7  000m  WW  7-7-1  I ,*  t0t���*Mim  ��ii^*Wi('"'-*^"i'��'"wn^"' '~* J^/''j"***"**"* ^.^rt��Zs^jf:***'it&~*n*-*,+  ,"*iSf*f?^r?*^^ ft-���  Page B-2 The Peninsula Yilmen  Wednesday, September 22, 197 V  J.J.2  a^sTl  Wjy"  'V  ?*"*���*  "On  ���ft  k1W  nSPPntrnV  f. >\     i  ^ With  v ^P^V'tj SONSHIN6  iWSsffiM C0AST RCMP  f^v^"*"*j*V  Highway Patrol  (Questions pertaining to traffic laws  and driving method may be submitted to  Cst. Ron Mangan, c/o The Peninsula  Times, Box 310, Sechelt, B.C.  SEAT BELTS: Superstition?? Sense!!  A horseshoe nailed over a dbSrway was*  considered a potent charm against evil  a few years ago. So the superstitious believed. Today another good luck charm  has taken tlie hoiseshoe' place. It doesn't  , guard a doorway but instead lies crumbled on an auto seat Seat belts are now  installed in millions ,of cars* but surveys  show that only about half are used at all  times. The other half often lie on tlie seat  ���just like -a nylon lioreshoe tov ward off  harm,  Expert have proven beyond question  that seat belts save lives, 'BUT only if  they are worn Are you putting your  trust in a supeistition? Do you, rely on  a  Nylon  IloreseshoD?  Authorities estimate that more than  2,000 lives could be saved every yeai- ii  all* car occupants used seat belts at all  times. Few other traffic programs offer  such promise, Probably no Other safety  measure has been sunounded by so much  myth :in the minds of tlie public, so much  . unreasoning -prejudice, such ' blind refusal to. accept massive evidence and documented*^ fact,  All new Canadian cars'now have front  seat belts as standard equipment. Yet  many "owners of older cars still refuse to  ' install them, and many othe���rs fail to use  fhe one ihey have. Wliy? FANCY vs  t'SCT* FANCY; "I use a belt on high  speed road b*ut it's a nuisance jjjst driving  around, town,-V-PACT:, Half of,,a.Ll: injury,  producing accident occur at impact speeds  of 10 MPH or less. FANCY: ."Some people are thrown clear in a crash and walk  away- with hardly a scratch." FACT: The  chance of survival in a crash if five-times  aso great if you stay inside the car: JAN-  C^:.''I.don'tlilce the idea of being trap-a  ped by a belt if/the car catches fire  or goes into water." FACT: Fire occurs  in only 0.2 per cent and submersion in  only 0.3 per cent of all injury producing  accidents. Even then, the chance of escapes better if a belt keeps you from  being knocked unconscious. FANCY: "I  don't want, to be strappedi in a convertible if it rolls over. I'll take my chances  si*  - - ,   7/]Us=-*y     ,   *   ,:<s. ^��,--t"~���  ���,* *  . 0 -.;.- ,***  .r'/A Jy... -yj.-yzi-   _*-  9"S  *���    {fl.  !j��'OV"*w����K>';K^^\^,,N/.*f  (   ���_J2   .y  , 0**C--w  ^r*,0***  i  *>���** i'-'M  ���     **.- /, **  )S,*r;''**  *=t)J  Well   Done  Juior bowlers gathered at Sechelt  Bowling Lanes for enrolment,m the  new season,- applaud two of**-their  fellow bowlers who won awards .last  season. Mrs. Eve Moscrip -on far  right presented the trophies to Cvaig'  Rodway and Sam Casey on Saturday afternoon when forty youngsters  'registered for the popular recreation.  In Your Garden  \r* l       , ��� i   ���by The Old Rake  THERE comes a  time in  every garden  when clianges ai,e made. Some sluubs .  and trees outgrow their positions or else  the gardener decides to move things  around.'When homes cllange hands there  is usually some changes made. .Whatever  the. reason, jf'trees or shrubs'a*r'e to be  moved now is the time to do something  about it. As Jhe best' time to move large  stock is three months away we should  clo some preparatory work  now.  First' of all, reduce the subject to a  size "that can be handled, this usually  ivieans "removing some of "the big,"older/  branches or li-mbs. Conifers, however,  should not be trimmed in any way now,  but can wait till early spring when the  new gi-Owth will start and so coyer up  any cuts that have to be. made.  Sharpen up the spade'^and go around  ���^Ve shrub or tree about two feet out..  Push the spade down as far as you can  ���and leave- things that way until it is time  to move it. Between now and then fine  roots'will form and help to hold the soil  together when tlie root ball is moved.  Be sure that the -hole to receive the tree  "* or, shrub is lav.ge enough. Make it as  big as" possible sO thaT you can get dots-  r  j  \  * *  S  v  ���*..    .....   ...jl,'..^,!!,   j  Sunshine Coast . . .  rarual canvass  siate  CANADIAN National Institute for the  Blind has slated its nnnu-al fun4 i*nia-  ing campaign for October 1st to lflth  again under chairmanship of Mra, Margaret Lamb of Sechelt,  Mrs. Lamb points out that your support .for tins worthy organization is badly needed. Its activities on^hehalf Of-tlie  meat officer of Tho Canadian National  Institute for tlie l"5lind, enabled n blind  woman to assemble tour different sized  .pages for a direct mail job of nine thou-  tSflVul. sots of printed  muterml,  4 Seven thousand blind Canadians use  the'braille and typed books of The Canadian National Institute, for tlio Blind.  blind   aro  many   and   complex,   A  few   >-W|ion you donate to the current appeal,  /I  U'XW The   t  ' )S\ clock  ^, - ��P.  <i--1 Car  examples of its achievements aro listed  below: '   ,  To boil a three-minutg*Jipgg was^ veal  problem for a blind person until The  Canadian National Institute ibr the^Hfid  introduced the, touch type interval* tiJJifcr.  imei is designed like a braille  and  a  bell rings  when  the  time  you provide a library through lhe letter  h.ox tor blind persons right here in this  community.  And unto man he said, Beltold, tho  ���fear of the Lord, that is wisdom: and  .'to depart from evil is understanding.���  "Job 26:20.  \ *  \  "Z\.   f  \  '1^*-   r"  !  ^**/  <i  >,>  r/*  *��.  1 \  )  If  --,-.-'        i  Canada was the first country in thc  world to set up free mailing privileges  Jor tl\e blind m *1808, Since tlien, thousands of books, first in braille, then on  lecords, now on tape, are carried free  each year by^ tjie  mailmen.  More than 3,000 blind bowlers try  their skill fon the bowling lanes ��� each  yeai'Jm*(Canada A guide rail at the foot  ol the lane and lhe advuie ol a sighted ���  coach help many a blind player to strike  up a one game total of 250 tn five pin arid  200 in ten pin,  Whon the surgeon does a corneal  transplant on the eye, he uses tiny ro/.or  sharp nfiedk-s to cut out the detective  part of the'cornea Using tissue trom a  donor eye, he extracts a section tho exact  shape and si/,e of the defective piece and  sews it,.into the patients cornea. More  than 50,000 Canadians have pledged their  eyes  through  the Eye  Bank  of Canada.  A simple jig,  devised' by an employ-  0000000/  at  Ja,  ^jg^i'VW"A|!^^MaSW'"it'aiVJ'��g*}S  Sechelt, Legion Branch 140  '���f^^  M  m s  Legion Hall, Sechelt  EVERY WEDNESDAY  AT 8 p.m.  JACKPOT $125  TO GO  %  'ii-,  "ti,  'a  fi  h  i  ft*  J  -.A  -JLr  Bowling Champs  In competition througliout tl^e Lowei' on left vvon a trophy with his top  Mainland in the Vancouver 5 pin score 253 and Sam Casey won his  Bowling Association, Oaig Rodway,    trophy with a top< score of 266.  ,   -      .       j      , ��� ^,A^,m   a      ���         . of good" soil in. If you hafre any old sods,  on being tossed out.   FACT: A rollover m put tliem in tn��f bQttQift oj-^ ho|    u   We  a convertible is dangerous with or with- down, and by the time the rootg. get to  ��t-<a-ilSr--HHMH-<errt-^^ nou.  ous  accidents  involve_ji jmJJover.  FANCY: "I don't need-rfo wear a seat belt  rishment. When transplanting, have a  Jiose handy aiid Jet it run into 4b*>J-Jiole  asyou fill itdtfi^liniu'iate any air spaces  wliicli is tlie p^rrtcipal cruise 6f failure in  transplanting. Firming the soil with the  feet should be done as you fill the hole.  In the case of a tree it will'be necessary lo stake i.t with a strong enough  stake and should be tied* in three or  more places to make sure that there will  be no root movement during a wind.  Bi-oad-leafed evergreens ' should have  their foliage sprayed with water to counteract any transpiration that may tnke  place, Of coursei tjiis should not. be done  just to drive to the grocery store."  FACT: Half of all traffic- deaths occur  within 25 miles of home: FANCY: "I'm  a careful driver���never had a accident.  Good drivers-don't need them." FACT:  Four out of five drivers in accidents  never had an accident before, Seat belts  will not prevent a single lone of the  thousands of traffic accidents every, yeai-  BUT. they can prevent or reduce injury  if* tlie worst happens,  TIP OF THE WEEK: DRIVING EMERGENCIES �����-. YOUR ACCELERATOR  ���STICKS!!!!'You lot up on the gas pedal    if .!���!'*- .temperature is below freezing  and nothing happens,  I. Keep your cool  % If you are on the open highway, try  to pull \ip the pedal with the toe of your  shoe'.   DON'T   roach   down  yourself/.and  take your attention from the road, .1, If  you don't have itimo to reach dow'h, turn  off the ignition, shm, to neutral and brake  to   a '.stop���but   remember���with   power  brakes and steering, turning off the engine   will   make.,steering   ahd   braking  hard work, Be ready for. this stiffness and  liear down, If a quick stop nr manuevor-  Ing Is noces'snry, you can leave the engine  on and shift Into neutral or dopress the  ofulch. 4, Gel stopped in i\ hurry and'shut  off. engine a I once���a mqtqr racing with- ,  out loud can tear Itself to pieces qucll-ly, '  HASNEW0WRS  AS O^ THIS WEEK!  To Serve  You With  Everything We've Got  MENU IS EVER CHANGING  . Hours79:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.fnr *  I .,-.. ...,-       "���**"'  Watch For Dining Room Open  Announcement  ���' i       ' .- At  Pat ana Geo  Highway 101, Pender Harbour  Phone 883-2286  im0Mmnmm0Mm00000*0000*00m0m0^mnmmmmm0*wun0mmm0M*.M,Mm000*0*.  No family yet. But maybe. Someday. How big a<house fo buV  today ��� tor tomorrow? How much is a realistic down payment?  Bob's salary is modest. But his ambitions are hi^h. Anne woiks  too. How much can they atford to pay each month?  Cart Ihey get a first mortgage? And how big should it be? What  if they need a spcondmortgage?   ...    At your local credit union we have the answers to all those  questions and some that Bob and Anne haven't even thought  up yet.  Islot only will we answer their questions, we'll arrange a first or  second mortgage for them atone of the best interest rates in town.  If you.need a mortgage "drop iri tayour local credit union. You  won't regret it. We lend a helping hand.  .G. Central OredH Union  YOUR LOCAL CREDIT UNION  SUNSHINE COAST CREDIT UNION  Sachelt - Tel: 885-9551  PORT MELLON INDUSTRIES CREDIT UNION  Gibsons ..Tel: 886-2833  NEED  MONEY?  USE  WANT ADS  TO SELL  SURPLUS  ITEMS  FOITCASH.  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Phono 886-7355 or 085-9895  .���0mMm^mmmML0MMmL*,m^mM.^0m,*,m,..,^���.i,,^*mm,i. ,ii .m..m. .,, .,,,   ,. ���   . |-1���irr -il'liTwirr'rm/iiiMxuiiinjuniuu^  ���i-.moil Tim���1~ ���������--������-���" - '������- ' ������ 'ir.il.    ���- "�� " �����,�����������  fhe Other Gaiys"  SATURDAY/SEPTEMBER ,25th  9 p.m. '���' 1 a.m.  Sunday Serving Full Courio Moals  PRIME RIB ROAST���4,95  4i30 p.m. - 8sQ0 p.m.  CHINESE SMORGASBORD  5 COURSES  SATURDAY"-^ 6(00 P.M. - 9l00 P.M.  AdulU 11,9b Children Undar \2 %),***  HOURS IN BFPPCT NOWi  r  DlnlAg Room Open 'Til *?i00 p.m.     ~  Prlvo-ln Wlpdow Opon 'Til 11 (00 p.m.  fa.^&f.ft.i.^a^^rm^[|||)l|||i|)i||||||||*|i;ii|*lyilTIl TTf WlrnfT*"'  Dcarricing 9:30-1:30 a.m.  MUSIC BY  on Express  ',      ,       i�� <  SafurdayrSepfeimher 25  Highway, 101  COVER CHARGE  %i  IOXEL   Phono 006-2472 ,  -...n.|i I,- ���-------- - ��� -------��� ���, - _,   ���  ���    ��� ....     -f   ,.r..  ,���      |    |--|ri|l-|||||,in)|,���|,-���|Irril||1|���|���|)|||r)f>||,(n  Phono 005.-2311  �����*iiw��Mm��w������������ ��� ----.. , 'Tp7J1irinj,IJI,1>ii(|Wiinmiiiiir]ii-i'.|i-n--n ���r-r-i-r~-----������-- ���.���.�����������  .... .,���������- ,.,,.  ��� .  ., ��� ������,,.,,���,,-,., ���|-n-TMrin���ri-"-~.,*rfr'-"''"runr" n<t>'n<im>iitm��n0iitn*mim,nmu,mjihj,i.i  '���u^lVi"iT^'f*ly*i1  ht.  ; AM, .i'Si W i'*.i*jii'.i/-*-'��^ ,.l.ii ..'tlti.'.AV 'C, ki'lfWtt t'��il,Mi tAiUHJl  A ���    '  fUt'.,i*f>. Wtl*)..t-u,  V , !{,,;? ,,'*  Does Your Club or Group report Hay  , Activities flugcpladr to The TUmeii?  t ���     ' . . '       ' i        , ' 0       '.  ,, .        ��� ��� . - ��� ��� , ...  0 i ��      - r    ��' .f      "���  ���"  SMMUdsLOM o^^^.sp,,.���MW^.iifOi?^  Clearer, Sharper, Moro /tollalb^ WltK Greater Soloction.  No Uniljjhtly Anlonnai;  WHAT DOES M��t THIS COST?  As Litflo As 18c por day, based on $5.50 por month  HAYB CA0W INSTATED NOW!  ; ;  PHOWE 005-2444  '..��������   . (���,���    t,  0mm0mm*m0jm0mm0��00000m��'m0i0m00m000,000nmm0,m0mm0ti  000000000001000001011  .^��r^,,4il.^.^*,i^..a...*m....*i   *^.. .,*. *,t.*0tLi*ri*  ���rr.^0^r*.^if. ... ^ rr 0. ^.r.rr.0.* r^ *.*. &.^v*,,, *wr,.*r**r* ����� ,^ ** *^a-*^.  -**..  1*- ***��� **��*#, �����* *  *xtn^i^.**vf000m ���'****.���**,"'���  *.0*v0+0**.00i0~.0* ,'t*00+viP*i***t<mi*,p+0*'i mmm*0\ t\mm**mi, m  H^Pft-m^im W0mttt*m.m00t00+mq00f0*}0tll0m* --*-*'--0-lty r  J  **M*  * r  ��� - .     ���   . _ Happy Celebration * ���   -  S�� ��hSa/n om*' a!'e�� P,one-rrf w|"�� Ja?P^^e-  Pictured from left, Mrs. Elsie'M. Klein. Standing: Mr.  h,, ^    ^,0^tend the special ce e- Iron !  Mrs. Martha Warjlopk, . Mrs,' Napoleon  Desbiens,  Mr.  Joseph A,  biatton arranged io.; them    by the Nellie McKeague,   Mr.   Gordon  M. Cormier, Mr. Adrian Bell and Mr.  community .Association, had a very Ltddle, Mrs, Constance Harper, and Lor'ne Edward Maynard  i> <  (���   "J  i V..,.  *-"  ���*.  i \ f  ,'rf * *���  * *���  -*;?��� $.r'*,  ���   ifr"'^  J..- .. *}l   . *' ���'.   '** !���*     V < V  *v -,  v ������ ���.  ��->  Pender HcrrJbour . ,^ ._  , i.    ,   ���*  ���*t*  The Peninsula Times ' Page B-3  Wednesday, September 22, 1971  Safe Motoring  Pl'i'ING the winter months you ean  eliminate tlie possibility of a frozen  Jock by keeping both door and trunks  Jinks lubricated with a little powdered  gianhite or a.light oil, reminds the B.C.  .Autumble Assocatioh. .    ������   :���  11 you haven't taken this step, and  some frosty morning you find a lock'  fiown, you can-thaw it quickly without  i (ism-ting-r to the.- use of boiling waterry*  Never pour water directly over a. frozen  lock for the simple reason lhat it is  likely ��lo freeze and seriously complicate  Hie problem.' _ '���-*  The easb;t solution is to hold life -key  in wraps and warm it willi a cigarette  lighter, or matches, held a ,lif11e below  the tip of the key. Then insert lhe heated  key'into the lock, which should melt the  ui' inside.  li may take several heatings to com-  _ pfetely melt the ice, and- you can...speed;  up the process by cupping your hands  ���over Ihe lock and blowing through them  ; to warm the metal. Be careful not to let  ���; your., mouth touch the freezing metal,  however.   JaaelviB^-a-lighter���or- matches, the key  ���������rail also be warmed by holding it light.ly  ��� in a hand kept warm by gloves or held in  ;' n pocket, says thfe BCAA,  MODEL BOATS  16'  COBRA WITH  50 H.P.  EVINRUDE  16'  JAVELIN  DEEP V WITH  6^ H.P.  MERC.  14'  COBRA SKI  BOAT  14' K.C, THERMOGLASS WITH 50H.P, JOHNSON  ��� BBT  18' PLYWOOD IN GOOD SHAPE 50 H.P. EVINRUDE  18'  PLANKED  DISPLACEMENT  HULL���INBOARD  .)!, M.,l, I'1.,', ���  Jt  m  *>.���&. >**1  V6  B** $  '.ft  < -A  i.   "S  J?  * I  \'.^*  * �� i*  , v *  rJ-J  J-  I   *  f<      it  i i  -   LAST ONI WEN? QUICKLY ���  i only mm Marine head  m^!*i*0i*fm0m!*0****0000*  Full. Line Of  PRIMUS HEATERS  Single and Double  Burners  POLY SHEETS  " Utility" Size." --������"������������������-���-o^."--^^--'-'-^;-^^--  Covers,   Protects,  Stops Wind  and Rain.  !   Si  HOjJW UP TO  500 FT.  CABLE  CyFFS BOATS'  &. ACCESSORIES LTP.  -'  .J.s  J- 't '���' *"**���, ���   '     '"    ' Y.c  Many actmtie$ \ . > " .  ^.i.w���,!���������   -.ir-,,��� ,.^,,,^. ,���...,.���    [plipmmy !���������,  Lively sports programme  scheduled for Pender Hbr.  SOCCER program *}t Pendev Hai'bouf is Thursday   evenings    Anydne   with   band  well  undeiway  tips year with  moie experience who would like to help in w  than Jilty boys practicing after school and ,     ,',        .   . �� ,<��������,,.  on weelcond, for-the gomlng season way 8hnu,d co.n,��et Pnno,pal of M^de,ra  It as expected' to have teams in four Park Sclloo)' Ml'   Vern WibWoye.  divisions   and   co-o\'dinator   ol   the   pro- Tbe Brownie Pack is already hard, at  gram is Mr  G. A, jyferkel who is albo a woik  with   a   full  pack   meeting   every  coach, otlier cpacjips'are Cpl  Alan de St Tuesday after schooj in the Community  Remy;  Mr   Vein   Wi^hlove;   Mr. ,W   E Hall under the Leadership of Biown Owl  Bomloid  and  Ml'   D,  Crqwell   Alternate Divall and Tawny Owl Helen C'm&tian.  coaches would be veiy welcome and any-        There is a great need of leadership for  one wishing to help covtfd contact any of Guides as there is enough interest fiom  the persons mentioned- girls to form-a full company   The seven  The  Community  Band   is   also  being Brownies   who  found   their  wings   have  reactivated after the summer recess with nowhere to go and aie anxiously 'await-  praalices being hejd 4P the activity rpom ing tor someone to take oyer as Guide  of Madeira Park Sphoo} on, Tuesday and Captain so they can enjoy Guiding,     '  fH4  r- *. ���$  i *l.  * "i  ..* *'  fV. ?t<  '-'fi '��� ft-  -0 "J***  1*.  \  -ii  li  k  v-.  "'4  -*A  1 *,;,  I    r ,  S*SF !.���  1.    ,   i  ''A  i'vrw,  Sechelt  885-9832  - f   ���.   r  entenniai t'ommii  honours area pioneers  PENDP.n.JIarl-iour Cofitennlnl Cnmmlttee 'bnhi  Mny   1st,   IBM), In   Vnncouver,   Mr,.  bunored  pioneers of tho urea with a Thomas Grabam Prn��er, born January lst"  hnppy cnlolmition on Priday, Seplembor 11)114 jn Nov'n Scotia, Mr, Tupper Diinlap  I7tb,  which  Included  n   wonderful   bun- 'Pulton,   born   April   21st   !����()   in   Nova  .'liml., |>ri>$��'n.iiti<>ii iiiid;film nhow, '^witjii, Mi'H. Mono B. Gibson, born ApWl  KlKhteon   pcrHunn  Imd' complete*!   the -7l'>i 1^00 in Bi'iKhnm, Mr, Daniel Johns-  Ihem  oll(*i|)l(!  t'b  re- '"I1- ��"������*�� April 5|.li, HMD in Sidney, Nova  Speculation  The speculative look which Canon  Alaii Greene is giving Mr. Joseph A.  Cormier who celebrates his flOtli,  birthday on Christmas .Eve this yoiitr,  is due, to the rumor circulating 'Pender Harbor arid told by Mr. John  Haddock who chair.ed last week's  Pioneer Dinner. Mr, Cormier's.centennial project is an'extension on his,  house���the rumor is that this bachelor is thinking of gottlng married,  but ho just won't tell!  i ���.��  r   \.  i /-/-  ��� la,'  foi'mn whjchj inndo  ciilvo. l.h'o"i"-loneei": mednllion*' priwontnd  lo IIkwo who linvn' lived in Cunudn I'or  wivonly-l'lvt) yoni'H. AIho Invlhul In nllend  llii- ci)|e|ir,iillon were niHlilenlii mivnnly-  yourn of iviii* or .nviir who hml lived in  llin ineii prlnr to lOfil),  MhhIoi' ol' ci'riMiiiiiili'N wiih Mr, John  llii'diloi'l*, nnd Canon Aliin Greenn who  In iiIho n nlnnenr, pruM'ii'od tho nicdiil-  IIiiiih, The warmth 'vI*Ii*Ii-IIh* cuniinunlty  1'nuln lowurflu lift pinni'i-urH wiih itvldnnl  In the HJinclnl rirniniu'iiii'iitH which h\*  eluded llm |)iiimijiiIii||oii of hcnuUI'iil <'iT-  (iinli'-wnrn iihkU) Ini'iilly by Mih, Klnu  Win'liock, Tin* Inrlli'is' ri'cclvcd ii (|iHh ,  lieiii'lnii llm Doi'wood omhleiii und Ihn  /H'lilliiiiicn received n i))U'{ hOiii'lui! lhe  hiiin nud Mold ('iMilniinlnl ci'ohI,  > Each jiliii'is ,(fiii'd wnn,, a work nl' ii'rl,  lliiinl-|)iiliili'i| by Mrn, VI Tyrmr ��� und  liimrln/" llm I'lunil I'liihlem of the, pro-'  vince   which  wiu'i  tlm . r<ui|iltinlVi  tilrlh-  i>iiii-(i,;      ��� -     ��� ,���'������'���,'  J'lonefir/i prnmmr I'nr lhn occiinliin  were! Mpm, liil-iln'M, Klein, born Mny -Hli,  IIIII!) in Henvi'i'lilllH, ,Alh"i'ln,*.-tylcri. ,C!i��n-  Mliiiicn lliirpi'r, Imiiii C/i'lolmi' lifilh HUM Ip  Kii(|illimilt, l'l,(.', Mr,-., Mnrlliii Wiiriiock,  born July   I llh,   lllll-l nl   l,im(|iml|  Inland.  ""Il.C.;"" Mi'}C" NTt'I I To"' Mi'KiiTTi'iriiV -'|*i^;*if* R^jiV'"  li'iiilmi' i'.OIh, UIIIII In ('hi-Mli'i', Novu Mcolln,  Mr, ilminph'A, Cni'inlnr, burn Di'i'diibiir  , 'Mih, llllll nt I'l'liu'i' Kilwiiril IhIiiiuI. Mr.  Iaii'iio Mii.vnnril, born Mny Kith, UlIKi  In Orllliii, Oiitiii'lii, Mr, Adrlnu Hull, liuni  Mnpliiinhi'r llllll, ,1111)1) hi iSiirroy, Mr, Nn-  IKiri'iin l)(!iili|(inn[ horn. Ii'nlirmiry llllli,  lllllli   hi   l.nwi.l,    Miimm,   'Mr,   (iiinluii   M.'  al.lddlo, buVn<a,liiiniiir,v liUnd, UIIIU hi the  Dliilrli'l ul' Alitiinn, Onlnrlo, Tlm Inlo  J'llnlly Jnfl'iJoH ineiliij y/tut nccepli'il piifil-  liiiinniiiihly by I����>r iliiu/ihli'r,  IliinhJn In bo pi'i'in'iil lor llm pi'i'iii'iilii-  llon wni'i**, Mr, Mnyiiiinl /.iil|i|im Pulinlri,  Scotia, Mr,s, Nellie. MaeKay, born November 2nd IflfJH in Newfoundland, Mr,  IU-rfrnnd Wllllnm Sinclair, born January  Dlh, IIIIJI in RdlnburKh, Scotland, Mrs,  lylitb Well**, born Decemlier Ifith 1J)I)()  Id Toronlo, Ontario,-. ,7  Many of Um plobojur.i hnvo \o\n- of m"!i  Morion lo loll and ihe baii(,uo| wnn t\ ���.  IHmirnly alTnlr nullvenod wllh Utile aim,- '  (iMHifi .-ihnrocl   by   llm-so  -who   pioneorud  llOI'O,  . I'ViIIuwIiik     lh��   itiodMllion     premtnlu-  lion,, hum Union! Hljowod colored i-|ldi-n'  , taken >( of. tho  cjueen .Chnrlnllo  ThIiiikIh,  l-rnJor.'li*d   (inln(,a, larMo   Hereon   a.'id   In  color, tlm (iconic hIioIn kiivo vluwoc-i nn  '    "^    : r~r~  idea of the. rugged boauly of the islnnd.-)  and the ni'live Indian cilllure of lhe  llaldas.      ;���'������.,  Member-* of. tlie Penrler Tlurbour Community 'Club did a wonderful Job of ur-{-  .nnlzln-a*   tlio��� very   ��uWnHHl1ull event'  nud,  would like lo-ihnnl* nil who conirlbunid  '">,V wiiy, eKpoclally llm fn||i)wln�� poo-  Mr,  and  Mi-h,  John  Haddock,. Hum  -anion!, Julia Held, Ulna Waniocl', I.imllu  Duiicun, J'VKnk Hardin'.!, Wendy I'liiillpH,  DorlH  J'hilllpH, , Del I.  AnderHon   Mr.   nml  Miu, Ackroyd and Ann Anllll'a,  rf'he labor of Ihe -rlyhlnoun tondoih In  ���life: the frull of tlm wicked In mIii "  I'rov,  10:1(1,  Wntch and Jewelry  Repair**  vr~ 7"^  Specialty  Fine  Jewelry  and Gifts  SECHELT JEWELLERS  I Socholt. U,C,  mmmmmnrtmmrmy*.  tm000000minml iiiiui n  /\ll '^"ho l-uv Paint products nro rjunllty (junrnntood,  win! dnriV 111*' e"'��l of 'lunlliy iipprovnl, "jlia hi*/  w  I'nlnt"   Is   h   flrBt-f|iiolliy   nntlonnl   profusolonnl  ���     r clfjoprnror nronii of pnlnt. You Wf ti Id ox|)��6t (����|)ny ��  iwimliim prloo for tlild omaimidina qiwllty, but  ', Ihwiuiso wo mwlo. It Just for you, iho immolovor,  you II find It niiriiotlvoly prlcml, Buy "Miy" now by  tji�� quart, by tho qoiion, Pfllnton-Mm liow-ty pf  ._���,��!��-"<'.������ _,.,.,iyi   a.J.     .. .... .      .  ��� ��������� Ruylut'- ||fI  TRAIL BAY HARDWARE LTD.  Socholt Phono 885-9828  I i,l  ' I  ', i  I  i j  I  ,?>'  'ft,  Hf  *"*t  -  <j  V.  7;  M  J  1.1  Tn !Flniorp:onc.y iU"Vnncouvoi* ,' Jlvory yony. l-rldn dio or firo  ('piiwiI I lo,s|)il;nl, Hc-nnoH'ilko Uil^nrc pliyfilcnlly or monmlly nrlpplcd liocniwo  rnpciilxnl many iinios fchroughoul*        ,' thoy rion'i; know whntiClrngrTpnn'do  tho your. ,, tri thorn or won't WnUm whon MioyVo  ;i)oi!l;oj'H mul nniw-fl enn tell you told, Jf you'ro a parent, yonown it to  nhoiit tljom, Ho can Iddn liu-ky onouglv your children to bo informed. If you'ro,  r,o HUi'vivo, Kidft who tliought they  ciinlil liy or were invisible to 1;rofllc,  K'ld�� wlio (llwsovoi'otl moro than thoy  iiai'Hained for wlx^ii thoy took i\ 'Mi-ijV-'  on LSI), turned violent on "npcccl'V.  or went; into a coma from an '  ovw'do^o of heroin.  ft teenager, you owe jl; to yourHelf.  J.jf(j'u too.preeioim to wuhLo  on drugs, ,  For iiuirefvformal (mi, wall thfn coupon:  ,, ,i,t,>M...|IMII>.IM,,>.,>>���MIIIM||  ;  flov��rnnionli of llrllinli Ooln'inhlii  ^     r'niMW.II />n   l-li'illru    Alnolinl    mul MV  0  Cntnicll on J)nikn, A|<*ohnl; nnd 'JViJjnooo  I'niiliiiimnl; .111��11�� '  ! * Vlciorln, Urli;l^t itJolt'imt)ln- ���  ��  Vlt'ow mul a fret* copy of "CUdV IV  J 'RTHAIQIIV r* MiMfMU. ftliQiit tlyno nhwc"  Jl  'r*-  o  ^ M    GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COWJ^BIA  tflm COUNC,L ON PBU0S' a^0"01- AND tobacco  ' it <-> '��� Hon, O.l.Brotliiiri, Q.C., Wlhlmr of |d��wilon��Ch��*lrnten  ��NAm#^  nn m��0m0 mm 01' wi I'W^wm  If  A<1dnwwl  I  n   \    ���  ��� 0mmmmmmm  wnm��i#>wwwini*i>piiwiiii  \  ���* I  \\\  1 ii  l -r   *i  " .XT' *  -.-I'vir ���#��� ���-- *fts    '         ���                   ���        ,,'   ������-'V   >      .    -.*i. '     '��� ,y    * *a.      ���*���   *      .<*,���'���< ���      -     .       . : ���-���     - *     -������>���.. *      ��� ���       ���*-�� ���;'. r*vri"-fl*  * \jtHjA��'   " - -������{-*'v       "*      '   , *   ��� .v- *  *��� ������* **-"'���'' '*'**.     "**���      - *��* '- *-"��� *r "���"��,  ���<�������������� "��� >*    ' .   *������   ;' * ���*--���>������ . "<-., ^--.-<-*���* t .*- iv n.��..-i I*,*'. , ^   -   .      ',   w  A     ���yT^Ty^yrryyryfry^**^  *f  ^^^^-.c;^;";^^;^^;^'-'7     >/ ���  ���''*/'',    "^    ',  -7^7     -V * ^v ^a '"'Jny'/A .  vw "���'-*;     "   -I,'".-; ���_:><������  ,"-"'7'-   -; .;   >< ;��� ;".;'-  ��� ;  ,}J   AA*A]A ,,,p^yrvr  -:;-;v ��-f :���..*. <> / : *���' v^-   .-, ; >   ,   " ���       ..    :\, :���   .     *     -   * -       ^ "- .     *, ��� ;r , ,,      , ,'    *    ���*, , v ;   .    -p" ���������,   7. <7 \, '  ���:. . rf- .      ,������   7   : 7   ���    -*.���'   ���'.':,..,<.���, . '*-- ��� .   ,V* f .,       ,��� '* '  ���    . i   ,   ,, ��� . 7-',*    .  J   '*  I-   '     ''  .v.; ^  i ���  ���-7  1 Pqge ,8-4'      '     Tlie Penfnsulo Timea   Wednesday,' September 22, 1971V  \/  11 ,<  ���4,  I i '0  a.  \  *#  tP  '#*  tf'4?  &  *r-  >*$* **V  ^�� ^��  ,0  <  ^Mu   MM  "i**    -"ij!:. '^  .%. ^>  ��*  np^RM^iii*   I"H"��"  ��V.-  .     .   I -St      l  ',   $��� W ���  * ...  --1  <.  '* * V V  - .*)  *^L.- ^ ?o  'r  ,,  'ff*  1      ti  1  .  ft  WWWWWIWWWWWWWIIWIMIWWIWI'M'IWW'WWWWWWWWI'WWIWI.W^^  e.ea$U wci\  To keep up with your community  acfaVflffles,   read  ��� -        ��� - -      V ' ' '-,  The Times.  And for shopping,  you'll  save  steps  and time  if you  look through The Times adver-  i. ��� ....  tisements first before ;you dtart running around.  offer the best bargains! Times Classified will Rent>  Buy, Sell, Swop, Inform for you y . . . af low cosf  and with the largest circulation ot any paper on  the lower Sunshine Coast!  ���  :��� r  ,mAm00mmmmm*0.mm0M0rt.m*m9m0**M*0m*  HmmmmmmmmipmmmmnmmmmmnmmLium  %  %:  "A*  **���     J   Jm      ^  00..   -^  V  '��� ������������'��� mo? rl'--  '    I  *k     -&*\<r &  ���g^' s~.-"**'~ .--> .--~i,f-  a-,.  V    \    I  o* ...^  "I  '���)�����  %r��  i      *���>��      0      0* *      ��      t��l"*1**Ji#**      *J*��^��*-^��  ft M  ��� *���     ��-.��*(*    >rf ,  *    i 4    ��    *    f *  *�� W��||l**M-<��<M��llMM��B��lMM����All  ^��nmw*MM%|��IMMMH��wlv.    ��**   ,    | .    ��.>';-2S.��.i.-;��;:.i*-.0 '���*.-vT^-?^v*v,-fo��,t'.v**; ,��.:��� ;.y-r>.i^,,*rAP *->*>>>**5-.-". ^7'r:^"^TSTA-:*?  ^V-^'iAV^V!!!-;,  isapusE*  'BiOsiB"*W0  Wedneadoy] September 22t 19^1      TW'PfBtlWMla TM$    .   '   Page g-$  " ' ' ''!��       I    ���    il    J   i    iiji i   i   | i        ,,! ii   ll, iniiTjj.il nil   iiii, -.!>.-..��.,.,,.��    x  MT   ELPHINSTONE    Chaptei   6*"   OES  held a successful Fi-enfisbip Nlgbt '-  September Kith anc|. guests Irom Chap-  JpjiMn PoWell Rivei, West Vancouver,  Vancouver, High River JVIberla, Ontnua  and Oregon weie weleomecl by Worthy  Matron  J.muie  Bryson. i  ���     MiU Phyllis Parker, avamh'P-pUsenta-   i.  live, of Oregon and Mrs -Dorothy jUnkes,    \  Worthy  Matron, of  Powell River   were <l  presented'. '  An   excellent   pot   }uck   supper   was [������  provided by local members in the jban-.        * ' '  quet room, walls of which were-adorned  With Bluebird of Happiness, carrying the  words. "Happiness ih Friendship". > ,*-  An evening of entertainment ended on  a somewhat hilarious note with a group  under direction of Eleanor White dancing  on their hands.  .      It? is noted, the cancer dressing station  is still active, and members will provide    I  dressings for those requiring them. j,,,  Next special  meeting is planned for _      .     ....  October 2.1st honoring Grand Represents     ���    , I , JfOpHyi WlillW*  tiveof Oregon state, Mrs; Phiilfs Pavker,    Good membership maHes fPP He^ji   *ith .fJighiT, awl'pictured ah fa$ right,    Golf pncl Country Club Unable to be  Fall bazaar will ������ ���-"'-" "- "-- '-"-���*       Mmnntiann anft 4iinon *..,v~u5,*��� ,.,����.��     t ^Ji���   Wi..-.   <-A���^..i...     ....l^a. . ~. ���**.   _. ^ .-    ^ ���������.-.-  erts Creek Hall  N  f  ��lis, Pastels/ Velvets,  ORDERS TAKEN. SPECIALIST |N PORTRAITS.  INSTRUCTION IN VEIWT ANP PASTELS.  Whit- 4* Evergreen Crescent [Apartments  Wharf Road, Sechelt , 885-2866  tea^a^^  .;  4  1 be held in the Rob- competition and these trophies weee* Ladles  C1uJ> Champion    runher-qp, present were Club Champion Virginte  ovember 2oth.      ��� hard won by: Belle Pube, 1st flight' Doreen Gregory. Troph*e*^were ajy- Douglas and .2nd-'flight Winner, Eva  ''���'" o.��.l2"19 .9alIi,eSl, ^rl/lr^: JH?S.9 firrtedl^st weeH at tbe Sunshine Coast Mollick.             r��~J.-  Dental Topics  Swan,  4th flight;  Olenna' SalahwK  Forecasting Tooth  Decay  TOOTH -decay  can   be forecasted    now  even if x-rays don't show the signs,  Panics to a big step forward by bacterio7  logists worldng. with dentists.  A small .measured amount of yqur  saliva would be bottled by your dentist  and sent to a bacteriological laboratory.  The lab counts 'the number of acid-forming bacteria. This count serves as an  index on the rate at which tooth decay  ; I could already be doing on, or'could soon  begin. "  The dentist counters this situation by  $    advising a change in diet without inter-  7|    "faring with normal nutritional heeds." This  **-��� "|    lecent advance will be particularly" useful  * "I    m warning youngsters who eat too many  y^i   ���e#\s,Jy\  the.. cpse. of'a-.liigb :bacteria  t - |   count, the. dentist  would advise reducing  * ^   lhe   intake   of   carbohydrates,   especially  ��   sugary  food, to either prevent  decay or  ,.    J   stop it  in  a  short  time.  ,|        Other  periodic  bacteria  counts  could  j.   keep the patient, especially one who suf-  '   -|  iers frequently from decay, on the pre.,  ^.'j,  ventive road.  The saliva  test is not yet  * y,  as widely used as it should be. Ask your  (| ' ��*" dentist about  it.  '   J ���Canadian Dental Association  ���WW  *  ' . *?  -    i  i  .    I  ���7.,  " I'  i,Jt  ���*   *  ,     '��  i r ?  SIE FBREHQOD  G DISPLAY  Well knm/n woodcaryer /l/|r. Earnie Burnett  Will hold an mfw$siin& display  ol WQ<*}dMmrig v  SATUrftAY/ SiPlliWIlR 2Sth  from 10 2M!i. t^ 3 p.m. In the Sechelt Branch  of the Royal  Bank in the  .lltav; Centre.  _  A ���ORPIAL INVITMlQN IS EXTENMll TO ALL  m  SPLAY  A DELIGHTFUL  -ADMTtOlt^O   YOUR HOME..,  Now yon ciut fnstali a fireplace  Jn any rooni in the house, Freestanding, lightweight'FireHOOp  is a welcome addition to the  homo, Available in either wood-  l-urnine or gas-fiietl models in a  choice of modern colors.  *  ��  ���J ��  Distinctive conical design  Needs No Floor Support  Easily Installod  TWIN CREEK BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  2 LOCATIONS  .     SECHELT���PHONE 085^2208 or 22B9  GIBSONS���PHONE 886-2291 or 229^  Prlz*i Winners  ishine  Coast Golf    and  Country Rinners-up are from left: Maureen  pub ladies brought the season tp a Sleep, 2nd flight; Norifta Hanna, 5t.ii  happy. conclusion last week vvith the flight;   Anne   de  Kleer,  4th  flight;  annual dinner and trophy presenta- Vona Clayton, 3rd flight and Jean  tion, which saw these members in Whitla, 1st flight,  close cqmpetition for ,\he  trophies,  WHAT CAW Y0UL GET FOR 8c?  A SPMliG IEFKESH1I6 BOTTLE OF HGEi  I BROTHER VIWEHEART BEER KITS  $2.95  Makes 4 gallons���tt48 boHles.  Wide selections of ingredients and equipment for  STOUT* BITTERSr#!S i% iAGERS  : FREE RECIPE BROCHURE  [WE A lliaOUS iUICI MTIIIf 1  for 25c -t baffle  BROTHER VIMEHEART ROSE  Makes 3 gallons -18 and 26 oz. battles,,  Spanish Red. and WJn i t^ Ca I i f orpiQ RL**?^ qnd White/ Afn^n Passion  Fr^it, Freshi Fruit Wine ESases.  For ECOWOfWY and PLEASURE  i  your family pharmacy  ,   Distributor of WINE ART PRODUCTS  Gibsons western Drugs  Sunnycrest Plaia - Gibsons  Phone 886-7213    ���  mtm^sM  Sechelt Western Drugs  Trail Pay Centre - SechBlt  Phone 885-9833  WfWl  ^^^m^i^^m'm*-  Club Champion.  Senior UmIIor (!Juh Champion Nhluld'-   m ladiofi this sonson;, Tiimior-up Is  K!nel,S ��y ���|0"l    1��"V 'iVirnlMHI plciliirml on Ilia right,   ijQ��3 lo ow\n lyicilwpino wiio loppml   ^��� ��� - -  "-���  ' "i ��nm  000m  mmm  Illy  MWwmiOTiwwmwi���^��������ii��wi  WYGREW SALES  (1971)  LTD7  VoiFWPCrpXINT  DECORATING'  PART 3|  DEALER In GIBSONS  On  tha Wl.arl * 90M303  Qiifillly Hohiso nnd *Mnrln*"  Pnlnl,  \YINPOWr)i Whon pnlnlInc)1 wlmMVvft fin llm lidfih fli'M |n||nwnd hy  ,���..wln(lMW,Jrniiw,(iiiilJi*ihiJy,.Jhu.jilll,,.���,..,��.��,,^^^^^^  D0OH5* I-nl nl' Imllvliliinl liibidn pnnulr, holrii'-w .Unlshliio )><il<nnco of  iloiir, ���* ( ii->( ..���*   .i ,,.,,.,..  .  CUI'llOAI'DSt Sinri willi illlllaili io ronch inUirlnr mm flrfit,, Pnlnl  floors Inst,       ' ', "''''',  ��CllAIHSi Turn chair's upM'lo ilown nnd point nndernonJh nronn first,  iMPri'rrCTIOM'ii Tn nilnlinUn hinifiiinil ilnlnnih or widdiio riidlnlnr*i,  Yf>nl��, ��i|c, ll'*. n qooil |r|��m io pnim \hu\,) lhn finnn- color nn ihu hncls-  (IIOIIIlll. '  ,.wmiwi.mwwm��wwmu.mmw.��i I[" ROOM riPFM1* TOO fjMAI.I.i Pnlnl wnl|(i nnd vvoodwoiK In n Iiulil  molchliitj nhndn,"Poln' colors" opjiiiiii In' iiu-'rii/����,   '  Ifi HQOM SI-TMS TOO KANfili Pnlnl rrmm In dfl0|i*ir, rlflinV lohn-j,  SlMiiKi fMlnrt* fliv*iwir |o nilvonni, ,  ���   , '.,  ClilMNG. TOO lowi  Pn|ni rnlhnu** In  lluhlnr pn|nr limn ^nll��,  liilrofliini vurllrnl llmm nn wolln, ' ,     ��� ,������,'.  CITIINO T0f) IIIOIIi Pnlnl II n rlonpnr rn|nr Iiinii'Wnlln,' FmplloM^o  Imrlnnnlnr lln��n'nn wnll,      '     ' ���  ���    ,  FOI" A LONG NARROW ROOM| Hlnlillolil Hit, mul'wnll In o ilimpor  m|or Ihnn Iho nilmr wnll nrnn��, ,  |:(;ATl'l<r WAI-I-! f��lion|rl only Im numl whon'llmy orn ln,fn��-i ftiniiiiliKi   o���|lr��|ilnro,-rn|ri;"'rr:;pnlnllni7���nrprl����dTiirnlifilr*n*'i"",*~        * '   '  i   MOIU'lI'MOOMSi l<iu|iili" \vnim colons, rods, flmmjos, yollnwp, yn(lnw-  RPAOY-MIX CONCRfJTB  ANP  PMILPlMa 3UPPM*"9  .'-Yniir ono -sfpn-BHiwino���*  Smrpfor All Yonr  ��� Ulllldlno Noods  GIDSONS PUILDINQ  SUPPLIES LTI>,  1653 Sonylow  Phpnn B0ft,Stfl4S"  PENINSULA  PLUMDIIMQ ILTD,  Ponlor for  Siipor Koin Tail**  qnd Shfirwin Wlillami  QINona - 066-9533  \00Mmunm0*nimt000000*m*0f0m0m00,  W.WM����<W��.'WMIWWWIII'M'�������'  Morgan's  G.W.Q. Work Clothes  Work Gloves  '���   ,       ��'*-r tf"  SECHELT, P.C,  <alwimwm��wiim��nnMw��<i������m^��'����������������  orftfin*,  ,.,.'������  SOUTH ROOM*"! n<Hjiil|0 Cfio| colnm,'lili-in," vjo|ti|n, |>|iin-ormiiv, hliio-  arny��i  WAIL COI-ORRi 5hnn|il qonnmlly mohi n hncKfiioiiiiil for fmnlnhlhya  without dominolliiQ";CroonV7" *" """ ~"*" "I  Acqf.NTfl; nnntit mjnrft Minnid * im nwri ��pi*?rtno!yr l^nra�� amniint'*  imd In loM ovm nnd flaiinn from (nrnl'ihlrHi��,  DARK COIORSi Ahwh llnhl,' |     .,    . ���  LintiTCOioH-}, unfiflfi nnht, ���*' ���'������������ j    ^  RFMfiMPM"���- Colors npfieor dnrh'tr on n lorn* nroo, Tliorntoro your  Rfilocllon nf colors frorn o fimnll snmpln chip MkhiM olwoyn ho' llqhlor Ihon  Iho linnl rodiilpi^loi'lfiid, ,  TWIN CREEK  nUILDItMG  SUPPLIES  Yoiir  Glkkien Pqlnls  Poqlor,,  Tv/o LocaMona  lo uorvo  you,  1 Sunshine Ooail  Hlpliway  GIBSONS  886-2291  SECHELT ',,  005-2200 .  Readers Right  Face Conditions  ' KSilll.ui;, Tlio Tlm�������..  Hln Cunndu rmmi 'lii��;-iinl*\m;li*(l(��i(l II'  Hllo||ilii|{H Ihnl vv.hiil,! i;niidl|lnnn I'liriin" lni|'  )mi/'�� n��l|jil|iniii' in iluviiliiii hm' dnllni', or  '��--1)nlttt-oxfwpl lofvol >Hi*t(JH |Vf- l��rin(jf^hftr ��rnnw :  o|iiy   lnlii  llni!,  hIh, cmii  ooiiIIdiio  In  (to  "boiiiuiinil on wllli inp prniriiH iiiiii in|)  wmmhh, HIio hml hiiilor do hiiiiio rmlllnp  ��� IhichhII' mi Imth iIk*p�� HoniH. I<��|,hh |nnl*  Uw limn prol'ltii iimi hiiiiiIIim' wii|{i!n If  ( UupOHHiiry, mid   I'nr  Iuiuvihi'h  hiiIui  Ijhvo  hOllin IniU'OHhliil iilTlnluniw (Hid pi'iidiuillnii,  ... .HJiiU,lo|>,,vvlilnlnu.l(i.iiiii,.iioluli|>nr,,vvho In  lrylnj{ In nioi'i n ilimpDi'iilo hIIiiiiIIoii,  '   II. W, AjmAllAM  i  ����*��<IM*��iwll������������������"'Winan.i��>l,,nm����������  ^WW^ttWttttJteto^iii^^  *��W  J0tti*u*r4  VlllfimOU OF GIBSQNS  |S*?*jESI  .   1971^1972  QUALIFICATIONS  The names of registered properly,owners will qutomatlctjIlyUfl  placed on the list of vpfers, this sIiomIcI he checked when the preliminary  list Is posted on Ootoher 20, ,1971   prior to ihe Court of Revision held  ��� November 2, 1971, y ���    , ,  "'        Qualified persons OTHi^R THAN PROPERTY OWNERS, ,hiay hqva ���  .their names entered, op .the- list provided they have the qualifications  shown below. A PECI-ARATIpN to this effect rnnsi ho |i|ec) wllh th^  Municipal Olerk, on a form provided, wltliln one week of helng made,  at the Municipal. Office, South'Fletcher Road, Gibsons, R,C,  THURSDAY, SEPTCMBfiR 30, 1972  Quallfiflatloni for poMM other fho*i roe1��to''ed propoirty owners  RESIDENT ELECTOR *-* A Canadlop citizen or other British subject of  the full ago of 19*yoars, who has resided continuously In llio Village of  i Gibsons, as new extended, for s|x (6) months prior lo iiha submission of  Iho prescribed Declaration.      '      ;  TENANTECECTOR ���A Cnnadian Ciiizon or other British subject of  tha full age of )9 years, who has Iwn a tenant in occupq||on continuously of real properly In lhe Village pf Gibsons, as now extandod,  ' ioy npt'ltm than b|�� ,(6) monthsj Immwliatoly prior to'tho submission of ,  the prescribed ��� Declaration. Those ol|plb|e ore occupants of lonled  promises, who Aa not rosWo In Uio Village of Gihsons,  CORPORATIONS ��� Tbo name of q corporotlop Is' nol* nMtpmatTcUlfy"  placed on Iho list of doctors..Corporations owqlpg property ocqt|g|]fy|ng  "PflTfihaht-oloctor^  auth'drljiatlon naming some person 0f *rhe full a^o of 19 years, Cono(iiqn  or British subject", as Its voting qgenf.Suqh qMthPri?qtlpn niMSt bo filed  not laior than S n.m, September 30, 1971,!Thlo will romoln In effect  unlII ii Is'rflyoKGr(pLroplacedby.,t|ia,Corporation^ r^,,rm,^  , The foregoing applies to tho Yj||qqo of -Gfbnon?, Munldpqt List of  Elottors only, for use at tho MMplclpQl o|eptl��ins in paepmbor, 1971,  LL,,oih��r ���Informqilon' Is required jolophQrw tho MMrilclpql Office,  < nofi-25'13.   '  Ji  i*?  *r jrf\*f** * ���'<��� * r f t*T"f-*+-*frT-,��,TjfT'* f T-��t-��t ftf*T.*n'*T*- ^s1 ft > -ffTf-f^1? vt *r-^** r^-r^-^t'**---<�����;*��i-r-f rr�� *���������*��� 'f^rf-f? *^p^Nr?, -,, .pfi.YYi-.vpw., -, r<rrr yWt yvT y-r'm^ * **y-r ri * i^r'Ar^WrA?^^^  * ' '  (!>>  "I   '  S_  '.     M  Pago B-6 The Peninsula Times      Wednesday, September 22, 1971  '      ( . , X I  '���''���I* , , "9*'**'      ' '  HolfmoonBay Happenings     J    * a *$  ���by Mory Tinkley  ���*** i      - ' ���  . /  MH. AND Mlif* John Bi-ynelse**- of- Sec    the church, .After tbe service the offerings  ' ret Cove flew to Dawson , Creek re- will be distributed among the tenants of  cently to attend the weeding of their dan- Greene Court Senior Citizens Homes at  ghter Dana to Charles Doug]as Sauer, son Sechelt.  of Mr.  ami Mrs.  G.  Douglas -Sauer  of M  West Vancouver. The marriage took place NEW ARRIVAL              ,  at the Lutheran Church at Dawson Creel** Mrs* W" Braun ot Selwa Favk ^  on September 11, The bride wore a floor- the fort al the Gan'y Helmer home last  length dress with a skirt of sky-blue chif- week while her daughter, Jaye Lynn Hel-  fon and a ruffled bodice, and- full white W"**"* was in St. Mary's Hospital for the  sleeves. She carried 'a Victorian nosegay birth of her second child: Halfmoon Bay's  of rosebuds. A small reception followed at fewest resident is a baby girl who ar-  the Chilcotin Inn, rived on September 16 and is to be nam-  The bride and groom have known one Dawn,  another  for .many   years   and   were  in GUESTS  Grades 2, 3 and 4 togfttheij at a school in Guests of Mrs. Mary Walker last  "West Vancouver. After being out of touch week-end weie Thelma and Orval Rich-  for many years, they met again at Daw- ardson of New Westminster. Mrs. Rich-  son Creek where they were both teach- ardson was Mrs Walker's assistant for  ing. Recently the groom was appointed many years while she operated the Rose  principal of Moberly Lake School, while "Diess Shop at New Westminster.  Dana is teaching a few miles away at  I f ���  ���151^  v---  u  IP lo present top joiirnalism awards Oct. 8  AJW  i\  J0yRtoAl"4SM awards totalling at least. Veteran 'newspaperman and author/    *  71' ���"������fao'.will1 be .presented to writers oii        Judging is based, on quality of writin'g,  r VSV   weekly and semi-weekly British Colunv- journalistic initiative, promotion of public  as i'bi^ he\v^ip��ipe*i's at4he annual meeting of understanding,  and * perfor^aoc6'  'of. a  ~ A , B,C, Weekly Newspapers Association, in publio set-vice.    *  ���    Vieforia October 8,        ��� Entries comprise   editorial   material  * > It is the ninth consecutive year t'hat which  wap  published    during    UVe, 12  MacMillan Blpedel Limited haa conducted -Jnonth? ended^July 31, 1071, '   ,  the conr-petitjon. The winning entries are        MacMillan Bloedel annually conduct-;  \  -��� * " selected by a panel of three independent a similar competition tor wnters on B.U  \ . *   r3) 3w*ig-3s. the first award being $500, the Mly newspapers,  *^v -.     I       ,n       I.  sepom". award $250, and awards of $100  .   \ '���������]>        -ijarp xyst&i* for entries which, receive ho-  "Vf        I j,inprab}e -mention.  v I,, Jwjlges for the competition-this year  , | , ar*" Douglas .Sutcliffe, general manager,  I ' B,C,  operations,  of Dominion  Constructs ; tion Cp Ltd,, Alan Jessup, editorial page  > m1* ��� editor of The province, and Alan Morley,  7;-* 'K'iLui  Chetwynd.  The groom's father,was unable to at^"  tend the wedding as he is working with  NATO in East Africa. Mrs. Sauer' Sr. was  celebrating her birthday with a group of  friends at the Jolly-Roger last week-end.  THANKSGIVING  There will be a Harvest Thanksgiving  service at the Church of His Presence on  Sunday, September ,26 at 3 p.m. Donations of vegetables, fruit, pickles, etc. will  be gratefully accepted and can be left at  FILM PROGRAM  A great deal of thought, work and  effort has gone into the planning ol the  winter film piogram for the Welcome  Beach Hall. With the hall enlarged, there  will be plenty of room and it is hoped  ijliere wlil be many new members to enjoy the fine series of programs which has  been arranged,  Tlie series, starting October 7, will be  on alternate Thursdays right through to  December 2. The first show entitled "l��x-  ' pressive Calendar", is courtesy of the De  A*  k  Happiness  partment   of Recreation  and' will ifhow    Happiness for the Ray"PariseflU-fajTf**.'  Ho\y much better is to get wiscibm  than gold! And ^o, get understanding  rather to be chosen' than silver!���Prov.  16:18,'.  *���    - ��� - J.a  II a t ���    , r���rT���'  \m000,m0v000u00t^0000,00,00000,0r\00m000,0,00,0,0km0000u  Blake C. Alderson D.C,  CMKHOPI-3ACTQE!  Pott Office Building Sechelt  Phona 885-2333  Res. 886-2391  Tqesdoy to Friday 10-30 o,m, to 5*30 p.m.  Saturday 9;30 a.m. to 1;00 p.m.  EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT  Classified AdBriefs reach nearly  ��� 2,200 .homes every week.  Use them for steady, low-cost  advertising. .  THE TIMES  Sechelt, B.C. Phone 805-9654  g^LSITOlII^  f^^^^t^^  'm*a*00W00*,0*c0*,,*w,0**0,*00,000M���^    various aspects of Canadian life. There is    ily of Gibsons, is winning the Fleet;  hs*w   J^P1��^ 7$    a film on Emily Carr, one on the peoples    wood    portable    12"    television-7.ih  ^^^fS^J "A .js    of Canada, a scene out of Macbeth, jbal-    Campbell's Vai'iety "back to school?.'  ^    let dancing and a winter carnival in Que-    draw.   Receiving  the   set last  WEiek  ��   b?c- " * are Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pariseau afid  their four-year-old  daughter J^arb-  'WMtMIM^^  TOTEEV3 CLUB  FRBOAYS, 8:00 p.m.  INDIAN HALL  Jegekpof $300  $75 TO GO  ir DOOH PRIZE 7*r  *��m0*****0"000*J0*00**0M00Mm*0JtMm0m*m-M0MM000-  PRIVATE ZOO  Mrs. M. Tinkley is home after a drip $r&* s_ y\  to   Vancouver  Island to  visit   Mrs.  Vic.   ' "i   ""  Gladstone at Merville a few miles north fed five times a day. So famous has;her  of  Comox.  Mrs. , Gladstone,   the  former zoo become  that many  lost,  abandoned  Edna Brooks, is as ardent an animal lover and ill-treated animals have been brought  as ever she was when she Jived in tlie to her to be cared for until a home can  Brooks   home  near . Welcoftie   Pass.   Her be found for. them.  private zap, which she maintains on her Mrs. Tinkley  continued on to Gprtes  12-acre .property, .contains 16. dogs, goats,  , Island by: way, of aCiamRbeU "Riyer-and .two .  phickens, peacoclts,, pheasants, geese, two - ferries   to   Quadra  and   Whaletown.- At  ponies, a monkey and a 2-month old fawn. Cortes. Bay she  was the guest of - Mrs,  The fawn was handed over to her by a Olga Hyriek. ���  forest  Warden  when it was  only about        %        ������ ,   10 days old and nearly starving. For three Folly is joy to him that is destitute of  For Famous  -j    weeks she kept it in-the house where it     wisdom:   but   a   man   of   understanding  J , sleeps on .the chesterfield and was bottle ... walketh upriglitly���Prov,  15:21.       ���j.,'-1���  '  SEE  290 W. 3rd. Ave.  Vancouver 10, B.C.  874-5919  1NTH<>DUC��|>RY OFFER  INGUS WASHER  2 speed, 3 cycle,  3 level water control.  $299.00  0  MATCHING  AUTOMATIC  DRYER  3 temperature selection,  $199.00 \   ^��J"  ^0r^.^rl*r     ^f*$A  ��^Mi^M  t*  ^ f *,  ,0..*^ -^.tij* A y*>  -^ *   J*-    * *   -\ *  ���   ��� >  i *���  n    i -> *  ' *i t  <   a/   v  HARBOUR SUPPLBiS LTD.  Madeira Park, Highway 101 Phone 883-2513


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