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The Peninsula Times Aug 11, 1971

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 ,-~>l --���   ���'"���' ?���*���.:     . ���     "*T.. ;'������ -V" -V    f< '-*:��� '*, -V- */.   -*��� ':   -*'���>' : < ��� v -.:-**=.;,,.. -.- *���-:,." -������ -���>**- ���-*",*���    ' .ro .-  -. * .-���������     ��. ;. .-- *.... -. mv.. ��  ^jr^r��u.r#ih1^Wyv^?.^ i^ **^-vfiOi.-ii'-<-*->��vvvy "*a*\vV**$��* v^>.vvv��vs55SVi*r<Varv/'5 vy v^-cvv fs v v,V'''?^V"*a'''*''^^ y^^^-w^yi, i/Z\ i^^^v^vvssffv^t^ffip'  ��  ii  #.  1  J\To JbJcrmp attached /.  ACCIDENTAL deatji with no b^me attached was the verdict given hy- the  juiy at tho inquest held pn Thursday,  August 5th whei e- witnesses described, the  plane eiqslywhigl-i rpsviJi.ee" in tlie deaths  ot thiee mop fit pibsons on July 2nd  The twq houi nicjiiest "igld in -the  Ha-vey Funpial tfoj-pe, Gibsons ended  when faiem^P pf the ~uiy JVjf F^ank  Daugheity announced the jury's yeidict  that Biphaid Ian Bailey, pilot, James ��  llusbcll and Donald S Lilly pp;-,sepgeis,  died at a lebiilt of a mid-��"pi collision-witlr  ap eaglp, i exulting in loss- of cqntrol of  the anci aft which ci ashed Death due to  impact oi fne was unnatural and accidental No lepoipmendations were made  Coionet was Judge Ayliffe Caiey and  Coipoial Lou Biggeman ot the Gibsqns  RCMP detachment conducted the examination  Chi is Ryan, dock attendant foi Au-  webt An lines Ltd, con-fumed tliat the  Ccbbna 160 fJoat plane tqoU off fiom Van-  louvgi Haiboui at 12 20 pm July 2pd  destined to land at Gibsons, the only  fi eight was a metal bai earned by Mi  Rusbcll  Eyjdence given J*y 14-yeai-oJd Donald  Tuienne, 15-yeai-old David Hauka and  a statement tiom Di Jim Hobson con-  fumed that thc plane did hit an eagle,  went into a spin and clashed  Pnoi to the clash, two laige eagles  cu cling the aiea atti acted the attention  ol David llauUa who is a scout He continued thctt they weie bald eagles with  while head and tail  Mi Ivoi C Stiomqmst of Abbs Road,  Gihsons who was waiting on the whaif  at Gibsons to boaid tlie plane when it  landed, did nol see the plane oi the -  accident Planned destination oi the plane  attei leaving Gibsons was Beavei Valley  in the Egmont aiea  LARGE  BIRD  Sixteen yeai old Ilean Soionsen, on  holiday in Gibsons decided to seaich loi  the body ot Uic eagle which was lepoited  to have collided with the plane, attei  seeing a bud seaiclung foi something on  the evening of thc clash On July 4lh  she and a fuend found the body of a  laige bald eagle about 300 to 500 feet  nilo the biush in thc tavine Constable  Biost lepoited that the bald eagle was  found 800 tt downhill in an EasAeily dn-  ection liom the site of the ciash It  had a wing span of 88 inches and weighed*  appioximately 25 lbs Badly decayed, it  JidfJ Jaceiations on its stomach and tail  and a small hole in its back and its left  *��� -������>  >  !  wing was brplfep.        ���  Ifof CptyPLETE  P'vd aviatiqn -airciaft lqvestjgatiqn officer, lnsppgtpr Roy Jpbling s^ted that  investigation into the eras)-, will npt be  pprpplete-for a mopth or two at least  Rjif" iptesfinps- J>nd pJufnagc fpppd  splattered- pp the starboard wing ef the  crashed plape yseyp cpnfi*rpec} by University of Btitisb Columbia pefsopnel fo  be |haf of ap paglg  . Joblipg said that it lopked ��as thopgh  the pippeller of the airciaft sti-ppk the  bud and splattered a portion qf it op  tlf�� Wing  Ifis ipvestig-ation indicated tjiat the  plape ' stalled after sti iking the bird,  Starlet" to sppaj, was \oo low for a lecov-  ejy at|pnipt, struck thp ground, exploded  apd caught- firp  '   The plane parried a valid certificate  of air worthiness and the pilot, was prophet ly qualified tq ipakp the flight  Members   of   the   jury   were   Fpanlc  Dapgheity, Fiank Havies, Haig Maxwell,  H Phillips, J. Sorko and Lome Blam Mi  S   A  Levis attended the lpquest on behalf of Au  --Vest Airlines Ltd  The float plane Which was about fo  land at Gibsons, ci ashed on tlie corner  oJ Bals Lane and Highway 101.  Popular shell expert  dies in Shaughnessy  LENGTHY  illness  claimed    the  life   of  Qiai les A Bedford, foi merly of Gower  Point and Roberts Cieek on Fnday night,  August 6th  Mi Bedfoid who died in Shaughnessy  - Hpspital was well-known and veiy well-  Iike-d on the Sunshine Coast Before he  went to Vancouver he gave his shell collection, described as the best In the woild,  lo Gibsons Village wheie it is on display  in the Museum He loved to visit the  schools in the distiict where he set up  foi display, shells in bis collection, and he  would patiently answei questions and  give youngsteis an idea of the tiea&uies  lo be found on the sea shoie  Funeial sei vice was held at St Aldan's  Church, Robeits Cieek on Tuesday In  lieu of floweis donations may be made  to St Maiy's Hospital, c/o Miss E C  Han old, Hall Road, Robeits Creelr  Mi Bedtoid is suivived by two sons  Dopald and Roy and one daughter Mis  Eldoia McManus, all ot Eastein Canada  Scryipa tfie Sunshine Goqst, (Howe Soupd to JpP"�� lnle��/ Including poff Mpjlop, Hpp"-jns Landing, ^rflnthoms (-andipg,'t^ilssons,'Bobprts Pfee(<,  Vy|lsop-*3re"e|<. Sejrnq- PgrK *\^M., H^^mogn 99Y< Secret c��ye/ P��niJ9r HprpPUri fAadeiya Por|4, j-Cleipdplp, Imne s j-qnfJjng, fod.-Coye, fgrpont  UBJjgST CmCULATION OF ANY PAN ON THE~ SOUTHERN SMNSHlME CQASfj"       Vplurne 8,Hp. j*T- WEPNES*>AY;AMG*Js7iiVi971  Farewell party honors  local Gathqiic Priest  MEMBERS of Pt Jury's Catbqlic Chuiph,  Gibsops lp��jc5jp farewell tp 1/athei D  Kenny, pastor fpr several yea^s, at ffgai-  dep parly }ie)d Apgpst 3jd, i^t the home  of Mr  apd Mis. "Greg Gnaid.  A smorgasbqic" featuring the culinary  effoi ts pf members of "the parish, and a  cqke ipscubed with the words, "God  ]E|l��ss Yoq'-'wer^ pppyed by all  Mr. Ppte Fjoniagei made the presentation of a w-ajlet and cheque, and both  he and Mr. Larry Labpntp expiessed pn  behalf pf tn'e PaFlsl"*> thapks to Fafhci  Kepny_foL_his lqpp^antL-loyaf-seryjce as  slj^phard of tjie chijrch in Gibsons  Invitpd guests included Rev\and Mis  )3rown, Gibsqns Anglican ChunshTT^ev  J Williamson, G10501"*3 United Church,  Mr and Mrs William Haley, and Mis  Ted Hqme^ gibsqns, and Mi and Mis  F  W" Bonipf Sechelt  Father Keppy leaves in lale August  to take up his new duties as chaplain at  Mount St Joseph's Hospital in Vancouver, BC  J  0*  i:. 1/ W  \  r.  ��� 1.  '-1-'  (,  ;,���"���*   'la'-    ���*     ��,J       -t J-?T*>*��SSFl''v>iU��  it     *rfj'13s-'>">'' v    t   &* ���*���    '�� 'P'4  ^'^'--ni^-���--a-'t���r-ai-'-'ir'irLna^r,"iJ^'riir^.',^i -h"  Hopkins Flotilla  Decorating a small boat is one thjng,  paddling it is another, and the youngsters who take -part in the Hopkins  Landing annual flotilla which precedes the water sports, do a commendable job Gibsons Athletic Association came first and there was  another boat being towed by tbe pne  pictured in the foreground. Youngsters were Jimmy and David .Douglas, Clay and Kathleen Mullen and  Neil Fraser  Alderman protests , . >  ; Growing tourist traffic  lacking toilet facility  Sun and crowds ��� ��� ���  iDsons &ea  another great success  NEED foi public lestiooms was brought  iip foi discussion al Jast meeting of  Secliell Council but, while appieciating  the need, Mayoi Bill Swain said that no  funds loi such a pioject aie available in  the cm lent budget He suggested it be  con ldtied  next yeai  Aldnman Joe Bennei pointed out that  the ain-u is developing as 'a tounsl centre  i'Wc li-jvc a fine beach, but no toilet facilities, ' he said  t     M��i>oi  Swam agreed it is a situation  Itliai wjll *have to bcpppsi^eied pventually  move the lane pbstiuctions  It w,is moved a lettei be sent mfoim-  nig them of the infraction and asking thdt  a]!   obstiuclions   be   lemoved   forthwith  NEW LANE  Aid Lang, who iccently levitalucd  waning mleiest in a pioposed lane at Uie  ieai of business piemises along the ocean  side ol Cowiic Sheet, icpoiled on his  investigation into thc situation  Aid Lang icpoiled that all piopeily  owpeis (iad ouginally signed appioval to  dqpat}pg tcp fopt ot pippcify. Tbp qwpe��.s,  Restraint recommended  on restrictive zoning  MUNICIPAL Afians Mipistpi, Hon   Dan  Campbell hais foi warded the following  dirpctive to Municipal Councils and Regional Boaids thioughout the piovince.  At some time in the neai fuluie thc  Minister of Finance ^(Canada) will announce "Valuation Day" upon wjuch will  be based the inciemenis of value taxable  under capital gains tax regulations.  It is theiefoie essential lhat in tho  enactment oi apipoval of community  plans oi zoning and tenoning legulations  out governments, piovincial, icgional, oi  municipal, should not Jay our action ol  lack of action piejudico the tax position  of owneis ot ieai piopeity in this pip-  vince  Each Regional Bqaid and municipal  Council is theiefoie lequcsted to immediately and ui gently examine the land  mventoiy undei jls jurisdiction by the  following headings  1 Aie all pioperties now zoned for  best use and value  2 Review agncultuial-use /.one aicas  as to whelhei they aie long-teim oi shoit-  leim foi  sucb use  3 Review aicas with icstncUve <son-#  ing (suph as laige paiccl size) wlijch aip'  pqssibly so zope4 as a tpinpm rxt-y mpasurc.  4. pppsidpv t}*JP a^ls&Pllj'-y Pf "-estMint  4>    ,  *.  'a  \ *���  pi| W3J")P^ ''W^W8B(i^h8ta JtVVfilyPfi i-Rr    .��j:4bP V��c*WJ- I?"** Pfl 4hRrffM��P��. (g^flp-jpt.   Jflv-'i'bV'Ut-o.^^^^  /Ijcthpi   with   tlie   cpnt-nuing   yandaijispi      (lit pipposed 1   "'" J   ' *      *       "*' '--"J '     *���-**.*  WORTHWHILE    ���  Mayoi Wally Pelcison, speaking at last  meeiing ol Council, commented on Iho  (���Mcllonl job done )>y the leny hostesses  opualing between Jj.uigdale*" and Hoisc-  'shuo Bay. He said Ihu service which com,-  ihuiicod  this  .scasim   Is  of  grcut  beiicfit  ������"tu l|ie area and the girls are to be com-  ���iPL-'-ted' for their efficiency.  GIBSONS COURT  a'J'wo Gihsons men appeared in court  lust, week: Hrinlcy "Charles ��� "}cnn ��� was  fined $'250 for driving wllhoi'l insurance.  ' .J^inies ')', Hold was fined $!J0(| and huh-  pended fi'oni driving for ono inonlb for  (h'ivinu, wilh tip''. a|cii|)()l cuiitopl. in Jiis  hloqii ol' ahove ,()!).  BUII-DING   BOOM     ,  "��� At. Iiisl ineolliig nl' Iho H'-f-|i>niil Hnnrri,  llic iii;(,'i'(ilui'y-lroanui-i!|' ("harli.'H GfHi'llnga  i'(ipii|'U.'rl a  tola)'ol' ,"10 buildini' porinils  ��� liilu.-n dill from .June HOlh lo July Zliyd'  IDyi, Ji'nr lhe hiiiiiu pcrl^l, a loin) ol' ID  p|ll|llhin/l   |)0I'I|')|In   Wl.tO   JKhSlliiil,  HOLE-IN-ONE  Anollicr  ho|o-in-o|io at  II)0'Bii|)hI|Ii>u  COMMJSPfCING op Friday  evening with  the now liadiliopaJ demolition .qf Ihe  pualc ship in Gibsops Haibopi, lhe third  annual Sea Cavalcade was another  outstanding success^       ���,  )-  Sechell   VoJunlcei   Fi'ie   Dept    again  ciimo out top in  tlio Wai   of lhe Hoses  on Sulprday. morning and liy olevn a.m.  Iho   parade   was   ready   tq   proceed   tp  Dougall Park led by lhree,mcmboi's of the  Gibsons   R.C.M'iP.   dctapliinenl   and   the  White (Spot .Boys' Bapd.  Sunshine Coaslei's Ra'dio Club ! did" a  'll'oinendous job with )|ic)r radio equipment and despite a' busy Saturday, the  pai'iid6 moved smoothly and by pnop, tfie  wlppers   wero   h,*.\pu   annnncoi' -|iy   Mr  BJomglon, 1st iiinnoi-up Miss Wendy  Allnutt a��d icluing Miss Sea Cavalcadi  Cnllocn Husliy apnopnced hei succo&soi,  Miss Dobb|c  Mm fall. r  WATpii SPORTS  Sunday was a full day ql waloi spoils  and il was not possible io got the )csi|ls  of tjie swinpning competitions Jiandlpd  )>y thp Gibsons Fjre Pcpt, )  .w-))i|o' yhv SJU cjpb incinbors vcrp  ^skinpniile; over tjie water, four ' *tn.1inr>  'ea-jpps  were cnr/ipelin'^ in  faces  which  'saw Hie JSfoi'lh Vu'TeqMVor canoe St.  Torpid JI cqmijig fiytii clpsc|y i'pllow'id  by recently launched and' jo'muliy ciirvcd  Mi-ss Sec|-olt,  li1!)!' t|)o second  IJind Skytte's Jiiinnv  John  WHson  in  Pniigall  Park Whare~a-^jn(W;ai���0 firtit and second in  Die .siil'o-  liifgo crowd  gathorod,, )win*ior  cp��floB|,   wfll)   Davo   Kiiuio   1hI.j  Flout winnpi'�� were; Jacl. & Jill Npr-  sory S'-'IrOnl; Peni'nnula Cleaners; V/lnsloji  Spoi:J|))g Goods, will) J)on<>nratilo'iJ-enlion  in poriMpilrin Cnipmitnlty Assoclntion.  Cninics; Ijonu Kopji or Biwl; Tl"��3 IJ��k��  and llio Gavu Poqpjo. fjorsum Tlio Trail  JtldorHj Silver Spfir, Blcyo|oH! Kovip, Mc-  Kopzlo's, ij-'oiry Bout; ^o|i|- Wwh-'nH;  Brian Grplg. W��H*��|itfi 'Tho JJill|-il|los,  Mli.'i-elo Boiilido,in apd Ali({Q|u l^driiiuj .  Coniury   (3um   />pd ��� Conionpiul,' Laura  <!,,.,,,l[(i���'|j' l.n.r(VM..,i.'y/cl..b(;lScorod July   P'!"J'l'l-|' '">-��� c,"'��'' Aim Pnrroll,  'AUril liy Giliiuins cnnlrii'.'loi' pii;k'Gulnon,  wMiiohsoiI by Alou (ill).' Jl.' iiui.'iiri'cd ul.  llio Nn, f) linlu which is u iliuliinco nl'  ***i(| yards, ,  |!)vui)ls J'nllowdd Hucoosslvely IJn'ough-  oiii iliv <|uy an1' It wuh not pui)H||)lo in  glvo down covorugi) to tlnnn nil.  Butch Burba- tipd; Bf-uco *Puohujskl cuinu  thlfd for L & K J-.ogging. ������  TUG BQATS  Ainldst all |))o oxciloinont llio inn  bonis V-ore clownlili't will) waloi', li|di|fi  await)!)'" lhn slnrt of tlio.woi'Jd'H hin'iti.'nl'  )l|g hont rui.'o ui)d dodglii'g iifound wm. u  pnrplo onlnufoij soplio lunk powecoil liy  iip oulbourd njfilor -- Ihul. roa|)y n|iuii)d  Mliirl HonictliinH n<iw fny pi-xt yoac  Amusement arcade , , .  iAUont|on was d?awp to the fiequfcnt van  daihsrp at lhe Hapkelt Paik test lporns  Aid. Ted Osboine pipppse^ what he  s<nd might Jjc copbldeicd a ladical idea,  iiaimely lhat as Ihe business people gain  Die gicalcsl bcnolil Jiom toun.srn, why  nut uicicase cost of a business ircence This  would help p.iy"co'sl ol such Jacilitios He  aidded that it Jind been suggested to bjm  lhat ippch vondalism would be pjirnjiiated  hy piittini' toilet facilities in a prominent  location whore tljoy would bo ppdor cop-  , ni��nt'.sii-"y.oillan*.'o..T|*p rn"ttpf vVus left for  lurtbcr discussion ut a laior dale,  OBSTRUCTION  , JL,eltp|' from Nolary Public Jack Muyn<J".  dm behalf 'nf Mr. Noll Hansqn drew' attention to t|)o fuel a fence upd largo guto  lius been erected- at the old Peninsula  Huilding Supplies prqppi'ly blocking off  ii gazetted ucco.ss June' A small plan sub;  liiiltcd will) ll)o loltoi' s|)owod l|)o lupo to  lie  c|cur|y designated,  Aid.. Jicnncr said |jo h,an looked into  ilio.Kiliiuilon nnd I'indH I Im'i iho coinpliilnt  ii. a 'genuine oho, Up nlsO' asked j)UH a  liull'liiig iiermil bpon issiiod for (Ijo I'nncp;  M^yor Sj'wnln Hiii'd. ho flid not Ihinl' '���  iioi-ii)|t )h nooossury l'i)|'.o|'octlon of n I'pnqq  bul agreed will) Aid.. Bon Mum l|mi tbo  ii.<nuj-|H of llio building will'huvo lo ro-  lane had alsq grven appvpva*.  AJler cpepking witp all conocined, he  has found thoy 0'c slill in .igiecmcpt  Howpvpr, af pre.scnt it is impossible fo  ta|ce the Jape light fhiough because ol  a house on InJet, This would mean a tpin-  uiound and would call for at leas) 100  Jcet ipilcss it might be possible.to have  ���see  page A-2  (ive'zorpng (as a ho]duiK ciccivej until af-  tci Valuation Day,  f.Vl-WlKJfjaa-,11  TJie J"oyaJ Cojn��rfbnn Ho.sprlal in New  Wostmipstoi in J804 was a one-sloioy,  wooden budding equipped with bedding  and funplMie acquued fiom thc Royal  Enginei-is and a ")argo' and vaJuaJiJo"  balh  inhoiilod fiom Colonel Moody.  Alderman replies �� ; .  lick  i wat-s  AJVJUSF.MFNT iiri-iiiJi-H sooni ;doii!ino|/ lu  ilostion) I ori 11 ip (jlhsoim upd |usl 'wood  DBMOLfTION  i ���,���',_-..  A�� ���; U- p,in. upin'i'iuoh'oil, ��� orowdn. gatj��-  iirod at Sunny'Toid lo wulohllio |)oipo-  lllion jWby whoro ll��o C'1'II,��ho)ih |!'|i;o Dupi,  orow wiih biiHy hoslni' 'iDo'dimi. on iho  rii|,<god htyrulp, prior lo Iho pvopl,  Buimliini) CiiiihIoi'h gu'vo ii oiininiontiny , .  on iho Derby und kopl l||u enwi nndci-"*"I1--*����"��*P)��hI|i����jiH  mm)  control,  '.ijS Jflnloiod In llio uvonl worn Cln'ln Dan-  .. i ^���^���:roi|)-(0<-rorH)r^M��c**n����nrofh('*"W*'Chry-*-  slor);   Boh   CoHon,   W   Bii)n|)Jo|');   Hick  und Jjiu-old Wruy ��,U Cl����iv/| Duvp Vor-  pnp OH <:||**y��l<>-')| Dojig (lurjnlcliuol (liy  Council approve^ inquest  lor slot rmachihe''"bu$in-^s&-  j-'onDj 'IIHC Sklnnoi' '(US .If'ord);  Jiiirry  Muiihowfl nnd .|ohn Chrlstniun, .   ���  ..Boioing u VDilcly nf n|ogiinn. ipoul of  Uio oioti got inuMlo oxoojil Uio opu (|)ow-'  clod by prnypr." J>o.u/.< Cunnl'.'liiiol ppitln  a' yiijluijl jillonipl lo Jiold ' on lo Uio  trophy hntii wun Hjok upd Ifurold Wrny-'n  (fl   Cliov   wj))c||   opiurgod Jim   hutlurnd  a second )ipp|)cui|rip for a norpilt for mi'-lr  aiL/abiliihllHlnnoni,  tiupht. h  fnr iippiovii),  Hoipiost l')ir ||)o biislnoss liooni.'o ounui  ��LJh^rt^..K|}|l��"y!/i��lB����)a. Willi.liliiliiiaiill.ppia'l).:-..  m "ft In " 'Vii'.'uni Htoi'o In tho Hi-m-Mo  I ��� , pimi hi |-'|owi.**'|iif!o KlorliifN, Ap-  plli.'i.lion l))il|oiilod pul iiiu oi . hniiiiii'Mi  would   bu  (.'iinlooUoiunyi   gtipiou  ul   uiilll  und miuhIi.', ,i  ,   A)) curlier t'oipiosi |imt Mun'll hy u  roH|<)oi|l for a Jli.-f.-nco lo null bool��n, "M'''  mul puw l|op)H oh;,, wu�� lurnod down on  lUniinilii Unit lliu pioniliiOK woi'o hnlll over  u Hfjptlc lunk wliich win* contrary to luiullh  )i!)ni|iit)onii, /riwiow niundurd wli'lnn i*y-  niop). and fiir(l)o)', |i djii not |)uvo lot let  wlnnor, John "'brlf-nniH wpi^ l|)0 i.towiI'h    or plumbing J'ik;J||I|on  uppfiivul w|l|i npi.-od and n)iinoiivofll>|l|ty  wilii iiiu fjii JVoi-d ���|nnn|niu olri.'li.'H uroiuul  Iho  pihnyn  10  bi.'i'oipo   bogged   hul - ullll  running, Mlko Dunrolh look Uilrd pluio  wiih Hob ("i-iion /(cuing liu con��ojiiijon  pil/o,  an lo Jooulion ol'.1. M wmi thorpf'oi'o lublod .  iiondlng fnrllior  ini'orinulion,  flUESTllOJMEn  )l)|l fpr supoi'vlHocy ft.iux fny il)o ('1)1,1'-  iMiiM iipwo)' sytiioni i.'oiiiili'ii'a'ilon dui'lpg  .hoii} Iron) o)))(lnooifi'Duyloi) fk K��)lMh! wnn  -iu��i)-��cfif!��--of*^Mj,()i|i|.'��--Aldi)mnn>��'OI)��iiw��  Muii(lol|(uii ��pioiillon<a'd Uio uiiiouiiI nnd  wns Ipfqi'ipoii by Adinlniidiulor J)uvo  .iiili))nion ihul |n��!|iiilod w��ro Iruvol ox-  (((.'Ohos, ipttnlti, fiii|io''|oii for vurious nioin-  U'l'tt.tif llio oni'lhcur-'i ultitf thu,  HUBIG SHOP  . Anolhor uppllcnllon lor a b,un)))0Hn  ii'a.oni.-o In ihoHoimidi! Pinfii wim ���for llio  iipi.Tiiiion of a ninnli; (iliop, Tliii* would in*  ���'' I'ldi! a fn|| riiii)-i! nf inui.inif fiiM'i'iii|)��?pln,'  ulitm,, nniKloop,','.'ouoi'll H'iw lln apipovii)  iu Iho npplloiiiion by Mr. II, H!<-)*urdM,  .MimM^myMmi?^ ,_. ..; ���,._.���.  (illiM-mi Whnrf ww. lliiniiiiod willi  piMipio iinxlmii, Iq lion)' Iho roiaill of Mlwi  riou (luviili'iidb ('unli.-iil._TbJN your Mitt,  II, Km in/, Di-gunim.'il llio opnioHl apil ul  7 pin, the glrl/i 'loolt'iiiclr jjliiro on Hi'!  (la, aiaiuUd (.UlllaUll, Maaic lliun M lit I (o  IH'IViion  bi'fnio  Iho M'li  l|i'   liptUI ni'll  fin'i'K,  llio iiiil.'i wi.'io )ol)ovoil whon Um, li>ubo)i  Jlnwiion doi'lipod l|nr> vihAmrn ininnnun*'  i,)ng w)U) (.ocond )unnci-uj) Mhn J pun  Miniitoii of tlio Miirol) :ioih inooilnn  iiiuio: Movod by Aid, (loddunl, soo, h,y  Aid, ))|xon, 'Tliiii'wo do nol upprovo of  Uio ii|)p|i'oiiiioD on ii)i> promiiai'ii loo not  fiiiijiifnciory. from u ininiiiiliiin iiiiimlpoipt.  Luul wooli, Mayor Wnlly Pi'lor^on  oop)n)(!)iio(i iiiiii iho iprnior uppfloapi )m<|  |>oop-��i|vj^ijcj-"j|p)l- pcropripoy di-jjo/iilod ���  upon boxl|)|( off l)io imjH'Ioii ovor ii iaopl|o  Isnk imii bfiiigipw vi'irhift up *n tPimlunl,  Tho prosopt npp)|i'iil)l Iiiih ngrci^d lo do  ih|H liioiofo/o, proy.l'|,|ii>K ibot-o i.'ond|i|onN  ion I'onflnni'il io no i<ooii no rtnmnn Inr  )<l'll��a||l^    ��ll��    ��jspllc*ilta.ll     t'(alllll,l|   Hl^lffd  iiiiii   iipjaovoil   Iho   Jii-oiii o,  Al    l|)0   pilWiOUH   nil'Otlng,   )T''|U��'M    fill  ii (.liunm' ppi.'iuilim from nnoihor JocuJ  ronldont fiiJJvd to provide Kiiffjcio/tl d��.'iu)J  HPJHNJCMNa  Aid, Mundolliuu d/'ow iillo))llui) In llm  hn'l n n.'iddoiil iilonn J'iuIi Uoml law Id-'i-'f)  iiluiiilng ii|ii;l|ikiliifi lognliilloiiii. Worlwi'  i��)ioil)ilo|Mlonl I'Vi.mI llolluiid liml npolion  id Die offonijor who Iind imld lio would  ii'um), Jhiwovor, Aid, Mii)|di.-Il*iiu |iUUg''Ml-  -��'d t'oiipoJJ 'loiiow IIJ? w)llin-ltill��'i'-wiiii��---  ni|< o| 'Iho ci))ii,oi|iii!ni'i--i idinuld I|im pl'uc-  'Aiiltoil' wind ni'llon iiiMId 'he lulicn, In  iui'|) a am!, Mr, .lolioHlun wi)d il In (dOip-  ly n mniii-) nt laying u I'liuigiv Ho milled  "'"H.tnc pf-T^op rrfprrrntPli.' >-��-* *����-��."��� *>  'i'"0'|iHi-/J��V   '"id 'n)(/hl   mul  hut hi''ni  V"l|)|.(|.    JCWIIM    lOOVI'd    II    ll'H'T   llO    M'lll  l"'��l()n��  up lln;  winning  of  Uio loipor-  jun-ndont,  AT LAST rogiiliir ipeoting of G)|5HpnH  Cqi'in'oll, 4|dern-)U)-i Ken,C)'os|>y fipes-  liiaiprl ||)e fuel tbtlf slior(nge of wa|er' in  iioipo'iii'puk of Oui Uogio),;:} Pislriot lias,  to some extent, |3oe)i bbniwi upon Uie  fuel llinl Council declined lo j,ap up wilh  iljo llefdopji) sysloip,    .''-'  A|d,'Crosby droy/ attention to n well,  ;uin|i |iy t|)o Diidrjct noiir (hiwcr, l-olpi.  w|)|c|i is pndoi'Hl.ooil lo bo ")) ''X'-'ollonl.  mmii.'o of f'upply bill twpiiins onppod'nnd  unhippoil by Iho lipui'd, "TI)PI) !b'*J* hnvo  Iho poryu lo blnmo un for llieir prob-  Jonis," l)otin|d.''  Mayor Wn|ly "'piprspp ngrooil npd iv-  lini'lod Uiul Uio )m.| lloiiri) fpooling wuu  very short ''ovo)'y||)fng ))rou'gl)l up won  |fiii��|)i!d through nup'kly��� nijd |l wns all  over Dy.nboiil ll,;j|j ))n),"j)o nddod, ''I'lSo  ~.M,iiyoiL.jil*'u���i)*i*;i��J)oi)S.,iiJLi|}!lL,ii group of  llulopiiyiD'ii I'Wiiro prwopl, but wo)-o inil.'  houi/l, An lo il)��i wider ti||iiii!|on, lioHuldi  "Mr., Wont now- udii)lt|i llicy goolod by  iindori:Ni|)))niiiig pHiigo, T|>i.*y flgui'od lliuy  ,1:0111(1 got by'1, '  KXTKHS^ON  Wo|'|< In oxpooiod i,o ��i��r| H|i<iiily on  Uio MiinK'lix'l Hull (.'xiiiiKtlun wiiluli will  ���^nrpvJdi?<^iKTprnrnodiiOoriwfor-A*Oi'}'-upobli��''''--'*'  librnry imi) Im'gor '|uiir|cni fo)' llio JV)u- .,  NOIIIIl,  l lllllll llt.'llJI'   Will   llll   J(|l,'|)UI'll   (IllllIOII  of (Jllisooii w|io liiibmlilod Uio op)y bid,  Admlhinlrulof l}nv,! 'hilpwinp wild bo  liuir checked upon Iho Jogul uspociH ninl  nil |n ujiinj. i-u /(o-u,iM.-i'd, gufiio of fiu.uya  ,  hy Mr." fluli'oM w/iii i:onii|ili:rod ii lonnon-  ulilo fl/niro und l|)o iiii.'liiloct purl udvlncd  il   |)0   IK.'COploiJ, m |  ^'"0RQtf|EST'!"" '  'Jocopil 1'nipinttt I'ny nun nt lpu prufwnl  llbiury |^||d|pg wl)i:/i |l boi.'o)iion vuViipl  won loi.'oivod,  T)i)h  linio I'roii)  Uio Juok  nnd .|l|l pui'Mfry  ���������.'hool, Tl)o flrsl   wnn  1 bom ilio Ai In Couniil.  Jl   wu/4   nilggonlod   Uio  m.'i'iihiI   ii.'i/ih.'i.I  , ho lopliod lo, im wll|| Un�� -Ul'''-1; Uiul whop  Uio. boJldJng  boi'imn'M  uviillublo ni||  nn*  ijiiiilim wi|| lio I'pni'ldi.'i'i.'il lii'ibro ii ilooj-  uloii In reached, ,  RELOCATION  Owner of,C"||)Kfin,s Ijadlo pi)l)�� inforn-ioi]  ))o plans on pioving" frprp |]is present  iopatiop. Ifn |)iis mi)dc nr)'i|i)gonioiil;i to  oslubiinh twocubii on llio oornoj-'bl' School  Jtoad ,ni)d Highway Ifll but wpfild |lko Iq  roinln oiio parking, i-pot ppxt to ||)ii  JJurbor Sliop nenr llsold locution.  Altloi'inmi Crosby n/iid )io ):oii|il noo  nnUiInK wrong will) llio propouu). 'C.buij-  oll iiccoplod liif! locimpnoiidutioi) l|)iit llio  roipiosf liu up-proved.  DEER  GARPEN  ���cjibsiinn fCipumun ns|ied.J'or'))orn)liK*'ion  lo iiiio ,i|ip lopnlfi ooiirl Augiml iill) niid  711) for iho pip-pono of u' "boor ipiytlitp'hi  Mny ai' I'l.'loriion suid ho undornlioKln llm  .flfgupj-iiiOftn, Jpiii )))p, l���n,oi:i:iiiiin'y ljcpiifip  f)'0ii) Iho ialijiior Conlrol Donnl nnd' "Ino ,  Oppr.iivii) of l|iii jiomji,  (  ,|l wnn ngroisJ Ibo');oi|i)otil Im'iipiii'iiviiil   hul oii iho wlvl'i!') pf'^Jd.'Gprry D|xop.  Uioy will bo iihIioi) Ip o)om| |ip rofnno, enr-  lopu olo, iiflorwardnf       ' ' ,  ���'   '  point  the way  to action!  PONATIQN     '    i  . HijinwiJIci- I'uvo J'luluioy bus provJdfi'l  7i|gnn for botl) I'ion'.'iT I'urJi nnd' Holland  J'iir|(, Jlo wrolo (.'onni'll liml wi'i-k on  bi'hnjf nf Iiiu w|lo mid hiim-i'lf slnling'Uio.  Mtut'; uio U. (JiJliulluii hi ia()pi l.-clullaan of  Iho I III".' Job riuili'il mil  will) hulJi jiiulni.  Coiini.il p,xpji.',,i,cil nppii.'i;iiil)ini of Iho  goiiluro und pinvod u Jollor of Uniiilm bo  laopi io Mr, and Mr*. Pipkncy,  In Today's ClqsulUect;-* J  f*'*VMlM'V-*"*>***��ff^^  JIKGIHTJ'UU':/) ��)|iurloi' Imrnp f|)ly, a ypi,,  good sliowor broi)il|i|i!( piimpocl; Am))  ipttp'iur IpirHu guiding, 7 yourn old, bun  jumped npil guinod;. JSpglln)) nnddju and'  Western undcllo.  nr^rrv*r**r.*^rrr0.0r,n^^YvwM^v,nt*r*r0.r.*rint'r*n0.**, '  �� Time* c|(jssil|K<.'�� rcocl) over 2,600 "iiomoo  ..  Whom) iwlml,  ��  Jlincn ci����s||/c(|�� pq INIO llm homes , . ,  pol "op li)wo-, ��)iecl�� oi Jp ��,p|vofis,  ���"Tjiiioi ftlqwilficillif 'nip loV-toii/ |)liil) pi-tiiticy  '*olc�� Ionic*, '*,''��� y  "t?"',"t*'*'*"f"  Phono Unci o'pcn,i5��indoy; classified  0*00***00*0 WinWPU i Ml m ��tunm**t����''*'fv^u^^^H*^^^1  t*+0*00***^****l*'**lt4**0*lri  ���mi^lt0mm*i0jl^ir>imm^0rmatwm^0^0^^t^t0Lrir00^00mA^^,i^ ** ****** **~Jwn*t0 0**fm*"+.  ���     *i _ ,��� *   n ,lf,    ���   i'-u0^0i   fV-f      fr*   Z ? #C  .fc  a'     ..  ���V%"V>  a***i.v- -1*   -��-��***"���.����-��� ��J"*- ������**  *     *��,"-*- -j ,.v* �� ��Jt'��� * ,   :">4*. -  * 4 ��**!?��hr/'��*** *"  V-- "/��"*- tsT  wvvvw  ���A-  TtfE PeNINSULA^^  ^ I tmy h wrong, but J shrill not h so wrong as to /fl/J lo say .vital I MfcvMj^ JJgJJ  jiiiiuiiimii i '' "*���        '"'  Douglas Q. Wheelbii, Editor .  ...ininiliMtiiLiuiiimiii'iii���**  "' 'I" " *" "'  LlKF'mnnv others-wo linve continued K�� - doublo  I illy  gflllon diuins,  established  exiZnd tie virtues ot tourism, cer-    primarily |or the convenience of  oumi  taln^nTtittd gL .oison. tor to- .l.��flic.  Inn already proved  totally  ,n  clny the industry of tpuiism is diissecl ns  our second largest -With one of the best  clitpntes in the* woild and scenic beauty  second to. none there is little doubt it m  will eventually inuleiiali*-e as the greatest.  In meat, .such as the Sunshine Coast  it is, to sonic extent, natiual lhat ciies  of protest blossom forth the moment  other industries ure even mentioned.  Particularly in light of desecration' left  in ,tbe wake of some former industrial.  .iindertakings. ������-���-   ^However, it would he, a sorry mistake  to. wfslcoipe tourism with open arms without first appreciating the fuel that it too  brings with it problems of ecological  contamination, and  as wilh, any  other  . industry preventative measures are nee-  esssary,     -���.."'  Many of our present industrial undertakings, pulp mills, factories, plants etc.,.  are creating problems because no steps  were taken In the early days to combat  contamination arid pollution. Effluent and  .mill discharge, often of a toxic nature,  were allowed to flow unC-hecked into  ocefin, rivers -ind Makes. As a consequ-  ence.jnii||ions of dollars now have to be  poured into wnys and means of eliminating the hazard,  This season has proved an exceptional one as,cars, campers and trailers,  ~ have poured into the area in far greater  numbers than ever before, This is only  the stnrt for as new government ,iind  private eampsites open up, new resorts  and dining facilities take shape, tl|e influx can only increase.  Unfortunately, it is ajready very  clear, a new refuse dumping situation  is arising. The two roadside locations of  idequale despite iegiilar pick-up. All  they do now is serve as markets lor refuse dumping and in this regard they  piove thoii worth. "   .  Mountainous piles of cardboaid container, paper and plastic bags, completely hide the containers Even worse,  mauutding dogs up open the bags wjth  the result the pym resembles it caadskle  refuse dump. Usually it smells, just as  b'id. Even worse is the fact that some  of our ingenious travellers figure they  are doing the world a favour by stacking  their plastic hags in and . around the  small containers "in the village. ���  It   would' ��� ^rob/ijiiy.   he  argued  that  this is preferable to incliscriminate c|ump-  ��ing, and certainly'this is a point. At the    [  same time, this was-not the purpose of    I  this Village receptacles, They were simp^    \  ly for dumping of cigarette packets, candy  wrappings etc. '  ���A: similar situation exists at the Gibsons wharf and the Porpoise Bay wharf  at Sechelt, While some semWence of control seems-to exist at Qibsons, the mess  on the Porpoise Huy wharf is something  else again. It would seem that some of  the litterhugs are such slobs they do  not even bother to use the container  even when there is room; Instead they  prefer to leave their filth scattered nearly,  ���** This then is ope of the upcoming  problems that call for action now by the  powers that he. We cannot turn -back  ...the clock:by, ignoring inevitable progress.  Tlie problem thus far is relatively minory  but unless a little forethought is, brought  ��� into focus without delay, .fcW^ whole very  desirable area could quite easily become  im evil smelling dbgpatch.  Page A*2 The Peninsifia f'mes,  *  Wednesday. August 11,1971  MOttK   ABOUT , . ,  �� Sechelt Council ne^s  ���from page A-l  a ntjht angle turp in oider lo get thiough  Aid liiirfg said he w'as simply lepoil-  in-y on his imdings ai thib time but pio-  vjding Council is mloiosted in pui suing  t|ie pioject he will be piepured to .study  jibe matter further in legaids lo the. problems involved i  Council agreed lh.it with such n Inno,  home, .six" entiancoh fiom the highw<tv  could he boaled oil thps piovidin.** additional parkin'' spncfis. and would eliminat-*"**  ha/aidoits side lanes It was agieed that  Aid   Lang .investigate huthei  WATER LEAK  Aldeiman Benner commented on a  Water mains along Poi poise Day Road  Which is leaking ip a numbei ol places  Aid 0>>l)Qine agieed and added, "They  "pro complaining uluiut water shortage  , yet this leak has heen going on for some  time." ������     ' .... ���  tJ  ft    n  ���?*A v��  -*>&  A  ��i  |a ,���r  ,   ���*- 0,*0.*.rJi~..��   1,11 ��'      mf*.*��IL, I        *��� ^'-   "          Salmon Fest  R e c ft n t weekend fishing 'trip off   are Lorl and Caryl   Daughferty ol  Thoi;manbv Island gave these youny-    Gibsons and then cou,sitis Lesloy and  stftrs bTtiiiin with n salmon apiece    Jim Tronao fiom Honey.  t*ij(i mm IP spare. Happy anglers ������'',-..    Halfinoon Bay Happenings    '^rrr^^-irr^-r-. ���      ������    -       ""^    ~ ���':.'; ';"'["���"'._'. J''"-_' ' _jr(Jy Peggy Connor  C.  ���fc>rt*a pf ihe regulars  ���������������'" Every 2 or 31 months a Chinese gentle-  nian co'mfes through the door of tlie Uni-  TiarlirrTieP^cB^^on-nri^^ -Sparks  Street, Ottawa and makes a contribution  pf between $35 to $50 "I'or hungry child-  'rep." Because fond is the first rung in the  ladder   of   rehabilitation,. the   USC   continues its relief,, programs overseas.  $mmtmmi'^��&&--  lie  Prom tlie Jniirn.il of Commerce  THE INEVITABLE has happened.  The 18 building trades unions have  been so concerned with squeezing every  last cent from contractors and, indirectly, purchasers of construction,) that they  have started to price themselves out of  work.  Already,, a number .of*)forestry and  industrial companies are establishing  their own trayelUrig.work crews to handle  out  of  all  of  construction  tradesmen  proportion to their skills.  These extra-high costs have, in turn,  prompted construction purchasers to  search diligently for ways to cut labor  costs, Introducing f"ictory'-systems that  pare on-site work to the minimum.-  Instead of recognizing reality ihen,  when their volume of work first started  to  slacken,   the   building  trades  chose  "f*ESl^fP*G"B Harbour .Junior Girls Bftskol-  bpM iea.pi ore back from their tpur-of  the aib'Uigl!"tsles where they made a great  i*Plpi-p^mprt,-^pol only with -their playing  bid, with thp way they conducted them-  selves.vThey.wpn 10 haskeibull:gci!nes;4iul  ot 13i-a*hd* G volleyball mil of B, a good  record for any league.  The pe.op|e were most hospitable they  were billeted in a home in Scotland ami  in Yopth centres in England everywhere  they enjoyed themselves immensely.  They made a side trip to, France and  a few other places. Their coach was Mr  3pck Tyernan and the girls were: Cindy  Harris, Darnel Gerrick, Lorraine Bilpik,  Jpne Crosby, Cherlyn Dubois, Geralcjine  Higgins, Deb, Bathgate, Lynne Rae, Kim  Lawrence from Pender Harbour iind"  peidre J^urphy apd Joanne Kingston  from H^ifmpPP Bay. - |  71 Mr. and Mrs. Pat Murphy, Slilila,  Jlaouise gpd Stephanie flew to Pul|liii,  Eire for a reunion of Mrs. Pat '���Mpj-ph><  family, daughiei' Dei'dre joined tljem  there. Pat's brother Sean Keyes thouglit  this Was a gppd titne to get married Win,  alt ,\\\4 Iflttiily th/ei4' The Murphy's Wfre  JTippcl. ' -  Itedi'ppffs Hefieh and Country Club  lipid tlieir Sports Day August 7, al thu  <3ajg pp l3ilccaiieer.Bay. Great fun was had  With the running race, treasure hunt and  .specer, gipnk ..The egg llp-pwing contest  was won by Mr* Dalfbn aiTd1 Mi-; Wihtoh*  musples bulged in the tug-a-war.  Area B. l"tatepayer's Association held  a General Meeting nt the Welcome.  Beach Hall Aug. 7, 8 p.m. There were  29 member? present, Mr. Tampion London chaired the meeting with Bill Clark  Treasurer and-Miss Rita Relf as secretary. Area B. Ratepayer's is officially  recognized with its charter from Victoria. The main "part of the meeting was  spent in covering the constitution and  vby-Iaws. The matter of electing* directors  brought the meeting to a close. The  directors elected were Miss Rita Relf,  Alex Ellis, Tampion London, Bill Clark,  Maurice Tei-rilbn, John Grognet, Mrs.  Pal Murphy, Mrs- Janet Allen, John  Kelly The directors, will hold a meeting  to choose I heir otlicers al a lalei   dale  11  1  ys  UIMITED  BY FLYING WITH _  TYEE SEAPLANE SERVICE  Summer Specj|l||M��ie 15 to September 15  One Way Fare -��- Vancouver���"����� thprmianby  VancpHver* FeMer Hl��r.  Vancouvpr ���-,. SaMntW Lake  $12.00  $15.00  $20.00  $20.00  MONDAY TO SATURDAY  Leave Vancouver for Pender nrep    Leave Pender area to Vancouver  and  Nanaimo  9;Q0 a.m.  .1:00 p.m.  5:00 p.m.  6:00 p.m.  Fri, "only"  7:30 a.m. Mon.  11:30 a.m.  3:30 p:m.  only  I  Sunday and Holiday  Leave Vancouver  1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.  Sunday and Holiday  Leave Pender area  3:30 p.m.  Phone Direct far further information ...  VANCOUVER 685-4922 - NANAIMO >53.?041 - SECHELT 885-2214  I  1  to use this as -a' lever in pricing even  ..,,������     . ,       .. -more money out of the public nwket,   ^r       ������IW_f       ^  , simnl? c0n��ttw6tlort?:i nn*4:;: nvnntenanQe:   arauinBvimfef*they*n��K^ pppid bei at tte wedding r ,  ���#.-*'^ for tbe shrinking worK        Weather,.'���':-was marvelpus, tlie  pucts  -   the building trades.   , , "a."******^* Iimi wnrt- venr.  And this trend appears lo be growr  ing, simply bccmise building Uiidcsincn  enst tot) much, Forest firms, for instance,  cnril'iiie IntcrniUioiinI Woodworker mem  bers to clo the same work ni considerable  pavings In wages and benefits,  'Though plumbers and carpenters'"  mainlain llieir "broilicrs" in ihe iiulusirial  unions are cheaiing in "sienling" work  Inidilioniilly handled by building trades,  lhe plain irulh of iho mailer is Ihal ihey  themselves are lo blame,��� Thoy, along  wiih other building unions, hnvi-.liu.Hied  iliemselves into llic lop'puy bracket-of  all Canadian indunlry, inllliling lhe cosi  The PeninsulaT^*  Pliblinlicil Wcilnefiiliiyti r��l S?clielt  oli ll.C.'a fJiiiiNlilinb Const ,       i      ,  .hy  Sechelt Pcnlnmilii "Tlmci \M.  Ilox 310 - Secliell, II.C.  OrinnUiH (I, Wlti'i'ltir, lUUlfir nml htfilMivr  Mulmui'lpllon Kiileil (In ihIviuico)  I Yciir, %1 r ���}, Y��nrH, %')���* 3 Yc��r��, 113  U.S, nml I'oreiun, ^5.90  leivlitH Hie nrcit front fforf ,MelUm to Itgmtmi  (llowflSoiititl to Jfirvln ItiM)  wce|< and work year.  Rven now, its. the Canadian Labor  Congress prepares a special executive  (,'Oiineil meeiing lo clel.ihe.rule the sitim--  lion, huilding trades across the country  are eonl'inning to press wage deinaiHls.  that are so unreasonable tjiat they can  only be won by striking contractors-Hind  construction puiehasers, How can the.y  persist in this approach when other union  spokesmen are already winrning llieir  liienibeis. of "an em of crisis"  ahead?  This- aUlliide can only serve lo en-,  cotirugi.' cijnslruelion users to look  fur  cheiipor services, jusl as llioy ifo for any  coniniudliy in the competitive maikel ol"    ��� l.!v,7.',,Y  '"  fieeenlerprlse,     . '      ' .   "'        >vl,��'- ,������- u"  As'lhe ChiiK'se philosopher l.uo T/u  warned in iho 'hiIt centiirv D.C,: "There  Is; no caliiiiiity greater ihun lavish der  sires, There is'no-iroater guilt limn dis^  cojiientincni, And thero is no greater  .cllisi'sler than green."--������.���  tannnloy I'liilrlu ihirlveilillH niiinn from'  upd win* 'hhhm'iI m 11 <tt' a dliiii'loi' ul Ihu  l|ii<javni';, Wuy t!oii)pii|iy, Thulium |aiil||d'<y.  Mnrly a��pliii'i'i-H eiilliul thli. rii){i'in;i "IIHIn  plain" mid nviniliirilly II wuh liBuwn an  Ihu "Hlii Priih'lii",  V  fife4  WA  I , ri .  0.  ,    *  /S\\ "Tlm I.ijv Pnlnl."prnilii(it��nrnf|iinllty(|iinrnntnoiJ#  nnd nmry th�� will of ��|inillty upprpviil, "lhn Luv  palnl." I�� n flrutntiiilliy nntlniiul i��r<��f��i��blpnol  duciinitor la'iiii'd nf pnlnl. Ynu wf uid wpna to jmy a  jirmul|'ui ptlno fnr Hiln oiimtiindliKi t-u��l)iy, hul;  jiufiinisn w�� nmdtt It |m��t tor you, Jljn lioi|i��iov��*r^  .you'll liml IthUrnr.ilviily,prlwl, M''V l-'��v'' now by  Min p\tM, hy ih��, fliillmi, I'lilut imllw libmity of  "Ui'v," If I '  f Ml  (Juyltnt  MAR 8 HALL? WE 1.1.8  -,.s  THAII* PAY-jHARPWAME JLTS>.  atrooipps, miicli iiigher than when the  Murphy's were there tlp-ee years iigu,  Old--age pensioners travel free all over  tlie country and get, into the hiy .shows  nt. half price.  JVIr. Pol. Murphy travellod lionu: with  them as ,he Htlll has time left limn hIJ,  job pp (he" DJ"W Una.pud will Im hero  till pear tho end nf the moiiili The  Murphy's travelled ou Iho buiiu' ,riuntoi-  us tho Bh'lo bnsloiilmll loam, Wai'hu.i and *  Iho ior.viee was-oxi-iipllopally'giiml  flupday iiiglll, thei'o.-was a Mirjii'lm'  birlhda'y honuh parly at tho I'al Muriihy'si  .for Noil Hoaluilpi Inr, his Hf'yiMu, with  j'rioiidm iioinli)/' from us 1'iir nn (iiii,siiiin,  Mnrry iHlaiid is hoepmlnit oii-ioiiimi,  bin iiiiilnlloil fi'uiii llm iii'iiln-  Kiilii, Ihls-lH pari of Iho plu'is-lug nui nf  HghlkooporN oh Iho liglilliniiWiH,'Alrriidy  HOIPO ' ill'   |.|lll   Hllllioiis   uu   Hill  'Went   ciiiinI  urn cut from a thi'oo inoi) opiii ni mn to  ���twn, Thoro will Hill I ho a iiuml for wi'iiilicr  ropoi'lN  from   lliiisu uiul Ion hu in,iii|H'wt'r  Will not bo out, imi nil |ii|(ul|iur,  Mr. and Mrs, llu'nry Aus��orii'j. uihhih  Ul 'Woli'DlllO Moni'li worn: llieir non Ilii'll-  ril'd and aW,lJ'it..,W'iJh-'l'oiir hoiih, liny Iniin-  ehiid lliiilr now linnl, llm ' Mm I. Wimin  II, Tho lioyii won,- liii'ky wllh-iinn huh  II, yum- o|i) Wnyno caiiuhl n. '*'.' iniuuii  Hpi'lnu id Rnrgouni Hay, liynin oi.i Mm I*  iill II pound ('nIui al, I'liiili' HimK 'nml  ovon ���! your iil'1 Darron Imiilnii n mn. a  |ioiiinli>r, Tl)n iinlni'Ky in,iiinlii'i ..i ihu  i'nnilly won (Iriuidpii llnnry who ini,.ii'i  i-iiuuhl n flwh wllli his imw houi,  , Mr,  anrl' MiK ('.'nr|ii .Vo'li'le nf f'a|.  (jury WlHl llpilr 11 iron hoiih nlnylnu ..I l||n  Hiiilrii/iffH   Ijomirl.   Mr,   Vulolr   mul   tvyo  III'   llll!  iSIIIIH'Wo   OHI'llllll   III   I'll'lrllflinjliilh"  lirwl HiiJnion, T|io I'ainlly hull i'iom" tiiy-  Iln-i'ii YilKoiihivlu /niiii' '1'rli'Hlii, Hul', mid  Iiinii1 priivlniiH I'IhIiIim-; .oKpni Imii i' -.- .i ��� in  ihu Adrliillo Hon,  Munly. and <lln|{or <'iiiiiiiii|ihuiM imvn  rocnivi'd wilrd (h".v huvo phhi.piI iin> 11.,/pi'  -Ciiim��ii:viihi|:^nL.A1ii!j)i.!jiK(.MUi.ul.i'i^iii.iii.iu,,��..  IIUHly in Ornilo II uiul UlnKm   in ihniln  %         ,  A now raillu uliir in Jlin Wm n*m |i uf  I'upihir iiinhoiii' who wim (nioiyii v.tii on  cf.JLfJ, rndlii hmt wookon hln t'A "��wvi*  willi limn lliililiig, Mr, Wiirnui'k wlm i�� n '  hrulliiir-ln-|iiw of ilui'h Ihirrnwi. iri rally  iiwlb'lioil iivor./rpin unluioii io innu h.ii-  Ion  mul  Ii'oIIh  for  Alliiirorii   hn.,,   ...inch   uvncMHu. Imtv/diiu-M und HO poiinil,,y\,, [u  n\ j/ri.'imnl  I'luhiug ulinul IHI mill   oil  lhn  ' D.Ci, riiniil 011 a 'Hl-I*>, (lay lilpi, uint iimn  Iriivrlii  lo  Vminiuvrr. or Vlrlmii,  i(,   n||  li|n loud,  (IiiohIh ul (!iinon (Iri'i'iin'ii mn IiihhIh  nf Kuriilliy rirooiiim Mr, nml Mr:. Miiiml  and Miidollno I'lhim nnd hoiih y i|,h ji ,���  and Man* II frnih I'iiI'Im I'Viuicr Mi  pj���(iM.,  wni'lnt fnr f*��wl���� Air In I'liris, tin /ijirvv  to   Now   York,   (lion   In  Umiltlr    i nn  -.,(,)   Vni|"OUV��ll'( ���Yllllll- Willi -llll'l llllll   la, a,||||.)|- .  11 Miilinon wlill" mil IIhI/Iiiii'wilh Mi   Inik,  Tho  fuiully   inn  ilr)l|{hlril   wilh   lln��� "lt.0,  ' 'mmwy npd nro lookiiig 1'orwnni to ��trip  In 1'pwoll Hiyor,  Mm, ,,1(1)111  Troii-'ilnll  in ��-if1��-i toituuiK,  lur ; JTroth��T   Jlnlplr-���H*wi<t*tll��r-mri-~Jnt*~l  ll'i(y, .Willi,1���biihy,jion Illmynr,, ,hom\.|  '.-"iwh'huii     Hliillon,     Mm      'linuiii p'n  roiuilii  fjnv and  IiiihIiiiiiiI  ('llll  Tmi ,nn  _] BVh.llill|(   Ilinll   l|i'W  H|M/I   nil   llm   Jlnli i,i,j-J-|(  ^'HARVEST S.ANE"   .  UY HARDING,  SOlaAl" GOLP r- "y/OOPLANP MOSS.  Hfirvost Loiiu Ii pcanly Tlii'1* Eo^y To Coma  Py, Ibirvust |.onp is a truly liimirlous llvinq  Vinm enrpol Itiui's Moth posy fo, |iyo -ylf|i oml  oo��y fin. own. Sua It. Thin you'll Know y/liof wo  mean liy "lic<ui|i(nl|y toxturoil" nnd "colors  Ihaf limit lliuimulvp* to iporu linilllioiiol snl-  flng", Harvoii l.ono tioi lough, ilurnlilo J00"u  nylon nil" ond mi nilficlic<| riilihar Miiiloriiail,  Avollohlo In 12 fool- wl<lfh, Uso |t whoroYor  .you wonf lnu|i|ion��lvo luxury, .  P��ir 5i|iium Yunl  1  QNt H01LONLY  EGYPTIAN GOID  Randoin S|��eqr fpxtura, tho deep ond  deusa pile is made of 100'^i cojifinuous  nylon  fibre,   Long  v/ooring,   rosiliont  and  oosy to cciro fpr,  Installed over  1/4" tlifelt nndorpod with Inljonr 'h-  ���pM*"!^  par SlMOm Yord  OZITE CARPET  FOR IN/OUT DOORII^  in stock,  <��' wMm  a Pur Sqnaru Yinrd,  OZITE CARPET with R|il��l��pr Boch,  A cnlnm In stntM,  )V vrldo,  I'or S<|uuru Yard .  ^Sj{^|pg  WI  . 0rM*0l**lrtor*0* *~  EXTRA SPECIAL  MADE BY HARPING  Two rolorfl������Horvutt Gnlil and Fornsl Grnnn, A  ��tf��r��ly^ l����r��i woorlnfj'*'"dofilih, tnfn hpt\* cntfict  with nylon toco Jforn, Inst ailed ovor ,1/*1" thick  foatn undorpad, Our Ipsttollod prlcn Incliuloa  iindorpmJ) door trim nnd Inhour, im  Pnr Sfjnoro Yord ���. g &t  ti  1  1  i  H  SHAG  ARMSTRONG-ILLUMINATION  Oranflfl rn��t�� M��rln��r (hlnn-fjrannl.'A lirnadlnom  homily with p calif nl n|r/ doop cut, pllu sling lox-  tHrn, inriq Vflcirliig, u\nhi i��"sMnnt, nintlt proof,  mllilntv proof, nan n||nraonlc( IpO'/f Nylon, In-  dollod pynr 1/4" thick Hndurpnd,  ' kolionr. Inchnlod.     '.'<���*  V*.   . *�� .' m.0   . f ' '  a^f|^  FiOOR COVERINGS LTP.  1 fiRB BiiiialiUta Cortfit Hlfjliwny nt Wynfinart-flonil, Q\hnom  Phono Ofla-7112  >  ��*j*,0m*m*0000*0^ 000 ^  ���MWHtf* H*+**00lA flN��*W*'a***>a***1*ta*^***'  n^L0*0^0*0K0* *.0000***^0*0***A00^.0i.r* 0e0^0*00*0^0^0*v^0*i*********'t^t^  * J.7*..U aJl*.  , ,J.t-l. t  iv��r t vs. *- ��  -   -��� j-   v-v-:  jl      * T^Vf / **;; ��5*pvas?"o j** &���* i -, ��� fi*N��-y*^*n#  ���v-  Jt   .  >*v.  -f.  .'       ���   ��       , . " '       .  * , a,      i  *   . i ,.  i0fi^i*Y>0Yy****!*VT'^'>0Y��VYYY*0>^^  \    a-  Around Gibsons  ���by Marion Charnwn  ' MRS- 0. Mmidelljau and Mrs. S. Cameron  'were hostesses on j3unday  allerwion  Anglist 1st," when Ihey enter! a mud at a  bridal shower in hpporpf Miss Mipilyn  Uopkihs.  T|ie fleligl^tful- parly was hefd at the  home pf Mrs- '������ Irvine whoru pink and  wkit'o streamers and wedding hulls Mutably ornamcpled the room. A decorative  pin)c umbrella was above the specidl eiiku  and Mis Cameron p'rppnspd a loatt to  tho happiness of tlie bnde-elccl.  0|liCii-& present wcioj .Mrs. Marion  UnpUins molhei nf l|-G~*hqnn!cd gi'iesl;  Mesdiime-j Carol Jlercius, Nokia Holland;  Dianu L'tiUasluiU; Ella Iivine, L,inda Yab-  loiTsl-tir4ean Scott; Nancy "Douglasf Rose?,  "'uiary Lawson; Barbara 'Cl-.jqsi.oi-,;- Poveen  Dockar;. the Misses I^am Boyes; Ann  Lelhain; .Christie , Kilahj Donna Mandel-  kau; and three charming young .helpers,,  Christine Irvine; tylava Schneider ^ and .  .June  Miindolkau. ������  Unable to attend hut sending gifts  were Mesdaines Vivian C|iamherlin;  Marilyn Hanriiger; Paddy- Richardson;  Val Jioyes; Lou Mcl'hedran; ' Muira  Cieiuent un'cl Pally Clement; Miss Daiv  lone Lawson;. Mrs-. Mary poug;lasL_tha_  bride alect's grandniolher; * Mrs. Marie  David and Miss- Pam David; Mrs. Hilda  Girard; Lynn Bredy; Mrs. Mary Snlnik..-  anil .lean Affleck  who is bridesmaid.  OVERSEAS  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Harding were overseas for fiM; weeks. They pie! Mr'. Harding's sister and hiother-iil-law' Mr. and  Mrs. Dove Taylor of Oakland, California  in" London, England, where A hey hod a  .reunion with cousins over there. They  attended plays and visiled cathedrals etc.  The Hardings found il very convenient having a train pass; they met  many interesting people and availed  themselves of lhe bed and breakfast  stops. They enpoyed going to the Isle of  White. ,also Wales and Scotland before  HHissii-^k^-he-J^  Holland, Germany and France.       ,       HERE AND THERE  A good crowd epjoyed* a "get  acquai nle.d" picnic supper at - Hidden  ���Reach, Georgia J?ar~\i~ /when Highways'"'*-"'  Depaitment employees and tlieir wives  welcomed three .families whose meh recently joined' the employ of��.llie Dept.  Guests at the home pf Mr. and Mrs.;  P. Quarry were Mr. and Mis. Don Jarvis  and   family  from Calgary,  also Mr.  and   '  Mrs. Ray Jarvis and  family, West   Vancouver, brothers of Mrs. Q,uarry.  Mr. and Mrs. .loseph C. Todd were  accompanied by the latter's mother (who  was 02 in July), when the.Todds spent  a week at their son's place up 100 Mile  I^ouse direction. All enjoyed a pleasant  vacation with the weather being agreeable.  Ron and  Arlene Godfrey and  family  ' from Montreal travelled lo the west coast  by  plane.   They   visited  Capt.   and  Mrs,  .1. Hipks, Arlene's parents in *Nortli Vancouver,  before coming  liere to spend   a  ���Veek wb-h ftpn's parents. Mr..,apd  Mrs.  mbg Godfrey. Richie remahied^ifl-^lont-- ���  real where he is an,,ai-dent, gpljei", He is  employed Tor- the���summer... Randy  who.  is working in Vancouver weekended here.  -     'vyhen lyjrs. Ji'lp Hicks, Davis Boy, entertained nl a tea op Tuesday lasl week  in Honor of |ier daughter-in-law Mrs. 'Don-'  nits Hiel-s of Aldergrove. nine were present  to epjoy a.pleasant allornnon, including  Miss Beverley Hicks nf Moose Jaw, Susie,  and JSorln Hicks of Aldergrove,    -,  Staying at tho David iN.VKlri.ni home fnr  o copplu. of weeks are Ml', and Mrs. Gordon Field and fi children from Richmond,  Miclinol Gojci- from Merrill is epjuy-  .. big a, siipimor holiday  wilh his. graud-  pliieiils  Mr. iipd  Mrs, Wll.jo Wiren.  ,     Mrs, Bon ynii|diu mid Huron roliirriOd  liml   week  uflor ii, visir nl   Group   Lajui,  whom I buy worn giicslK of Mrs: Hull llni'd-  lllKa , *'  Beiiiiliful parkllko soiling (if lliolr pro-  ' \ porly on Grown Roifd, lluli'orln Cnuilt, wim  llm miiipo for n ooini'l'iil worldiMit v/hi'*h  iinltoil in niarrliigo Wllliifm Homo BurnKliu  nud Miss Dliipa '.-'riini.'oH Mnrgiiii/lu/il li'ij-  day, Augusl fl nl 1 p,m.  " " Hnv, ,1. Y/illiiinii-iin porhiriniMl tho cprp-  niony iliid w'iliioiisoH woro Mil unil- Mm.  j'Ju.'-n Moi'KUil nl,,Wm,|il|i|'hiii, " .  Tho biippy youn/l'llrldo Imilu.rl I'lini'in-  |iii( In n bliiu willi! I'nwn mid 1,'loworni, In  Imh' hnlr. Him wns given nwuy In ni'nr-  I'lngn by hor, I'nllior Mr, a|iinop'h Mnr/diii  of Bpnlllo. jlor inollini, Mrn, IJoiiii Moiwiii.  a 'wuh .ntllred |n a Hiininior I'lorid pnllnriioil'  It'    .' tt i  nick, ..;.������  All Rovrin nl' llio1 IVIiirgiin Himily worn'  |ii'iiiinnl fpr iiinii1* iiIhIoi'ii wnddliiit, I'nullvii  diii'oriilliiuii lirl|(hloi|oil  Hm nimnn wlilii,'  win) |')iriiior ,nnl,|imi'od with �� (irol'iiwlnn  ;������  Hf lii)iii|i'ii)H< ill' Imudlll'Ml I'lilwnrii.  |>,'olluw|ni(, lhn iiiirouiiniy,. n  ilnlli'lniiM  ���i��ivji|i������w>A��wttjwi��"��W"��>��"lM'^^  H  *  a  ineal was providec( for the, guests wh��  humherp^ rppre ,^n a hundred.,,,,^   ,  Music was provided by an prcbesj.ra  wliiph was ^ccompapied by Kep Dalgliesh  op' the pian'p.  ' -Many neighbors were present to enjoy  the supriy ctay and participate with rela'-,  tivea ip  wishiiig^ the -happy" cqi'tple lots  pt happiness.      ~"       '* i  1^ PRIEP-^  M,r, Robert TlqYding, attending summfev  school, tppje time nut tp visit his parents*-  Mr- mid Mrs- Ptml llard��lg-  Mr. nnd Mrs. Nelson Mporp werp recenl  hpfiis to Roger Pdler and Hal Piper pf  California; JJeap Sykes pf AthPll-^rfireppe;  Miss JVTorgaret " Peri.-ie, Tpronjpi Miss  QJona Mart'in, the Moorp's daughter Ma-  1-yap.po apd thoir grandson t*felson, from  Vanpouver.  Qijl and Cptby...Y^q^lpwitg 3nd children .frppi   William's  I^al-te,- spept   Ibrpe.  days whll Fred and Msryhejle Hpll^'r)d.*)  Wplpppi'p" to Gibsops -Ml'., gncl' Mrs-  Brian, lido', fprmoi'ly of Richmond, whp  last wppk look ��ver ���lnappgenient of the  lrowip Mpte|. ,  JVJEMO^IAL S*S*RViqE  In St. j'arlbolcjh'i-sw'" AngHppn Churph  last Friday^at.,llvam, a memorial service  Was-.i:pp(j\l'*1ed by; Rev  Davis Brawn for  tbe-.lHte,-Ii;oy MalyBft,.The.high esteem in  \vh||5|l he was hel$ ,wj?s ,eyji"dfnt froiri tlle  large number  who attended-    '  William Haley was onanist apd play?  ed "The Old Ruggpcj Qrpss", one of the  favorite hymn** of the deceased,  Rev. Prpwp 1'ead fropi (St. Paul's letter-to the Corintliiaps, drawing parallel^  and demonstrating that the scriptures -are  just- lis applicable tadqy in pui' own area.  Thpple pf thp message wns "love". In Jieu  of flpwers dopqtinns may he sent to the  Canadian Cancpr Soejety.  VisiTORq  tl is si|mmel' in Gibspps and it you  i-mpt. qn i Qvprs)7.e prpwd of .opt-ol-town  Yi&Uprs playing gqmes op yop)- poigli-  bprs', lawn, ofer them thp \\t*'e of- ypur  spare bedropms. pfiod peighbor policy jn  actiopl It happened recently in lhe vil-  f\lt. and' Marie Glavke of Winfie|d,  bei"e:-_tp visit - relptivps, iittf-pd the Sea.  Giiv3Tp0e shdaqtfend the. gr-adualion of  Bpverley Sz-ibp���< when slip 'received her  R..IST. at the cerenfony ip tlie Queen Eliza-  heth Theiitre, Supdpy. .       .       ���  Lpp and Gladys pates of ppi-t Gonuit-  lam, Ml" and Mrs. Rny. Coqtes pf Port  Moody; apd Mr-, qp^lVfvs. Lei|jphare of  lyll^sion were in tlie area-visiting friends  last week '  Safe motoring  THE LIGHT -is never, against you, says  [ thc I3.C, Automobile Association. H's  fpr you���that's why ifs there! Wbelher U  lie i\ n^ffic light, i\ chanpel buoy, or thci  candle in the cathedral, if serves well  those who respect it. They all have the  fame things in common���guidance.  ,-,   Tin1 traffic light���tlie law's i"eferee at  he nilersectipn���docs a great job-  .  j    Yet a gambler will lalec cluifypps, and  p chcMiur will cheat, resulting in tho trpg-  p(b nf collisions that  arc totally nnnoc-  fs!.a'ir\ and often involve inpoccnl pedep-  h/i'iiij. Ono ol the coun|ry'swgreutes,t pipb-  )ems hi  safety   education   is  developing  gnutei    respect   lor   the,   red   light-���Iho  ^veiy essence of danger itself.  -..  Cluldipn learn  eayly that  their very  -}i\es depend vjpon plertpess jn crossing;-  .ft"eels Btld obeying traffip  Signals.  Yet  WJy mptorists fprget this basic training  \yhuii ftiey  are  behind  t\ie  wheele  and  'flpvclnp a pare(e��& attitude towards juni[)-  ipi, tlie light and risking .in accident  i   Improving, your     intei^pction   habits  by respecting youi  lellpw huipan'b lights  and obeying tl]e (uilfic lights will lessen  Jptir cligpces of bocomipg involved pi an  yiii.iecessary accident, lonnnds the BCAA,  >Yednesc|qyf'AH9UsM1f 1971 The Fpni^ulq Ji***?"*  Page A-l\  y0*"~*.  jj^ti^t-i^   FROiVI  FIJI.L 2 YEAR WARRANTY ��� ELECTRIC 1 YEAR  fVWUUWUUUUMMttUWIW'WMUWalMi  irannrnvaiuuviiuu  \-'  WNAT WE  *ntu.xnnnnntuyvHinrmr*Hn0UvvmiBinniwnn0*i0\  CASTROL, VEEDOL AND O.M.C. 2 STROKE OIL AVAILABLE  Phone 885,2812  A.  Jf  *i r  *    ���      i.*  t- 'i: *���  0,    \  ** i  ���I*  ACCOUNTANTS  RAI^PH <?/ DUCKWORTH  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Talcp'ipne: 985.9515  SECMELT, B,C,  Telephone; 886;2912  GIBSONS. B.C.  W. Philip Gqrdori  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Tel;   Bus.   BB6-2714    Res   886-75^7  Harris Block, Gibsons, B.C.  ARfjiipPi,iES y- -***"**  Telephopo 886k2069  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  Pottery, S.Miljes, classes & firing  dealer for Umean's Ceramic product!  Pine. M & Grondview Ave.   P,0, Box 62, Gibsons, p.C,  BUILPHMG SUPPLIES (Cont.)  BUY DIRECT FROM MILL  - $0 DOWN. -*T{*BM5 available:  Cut a|l sizes. .'Titpber and Plank.  Dimensional  Lumber qnd Plywood. We deliver on iho  Sirnshins Cpast.  Chec|t Our Prices Before Buying. .-  TRANS, PACIFIC MILLS LTD.  -  1349 /yiitchejl Road. Richmond, B.C.  Plione Vancouver; 321-2388 - Local: 886-7036  mW SERVICE  SECHELT HpMiE SERVICE  Atlas Pqrts r GoqtJ Year Tires  24 Houi" Toeing  885-2812 or 885-9979  CABINET MAKERS  ' OCEANSIPE FURNITURE &  ..,...,...,,..,....;.��� JABlNETJHpP^...'^..,  HARDWOOD SPECIALISTS  FJNE'CUSTOM FURNITURE  -KITCHEN AND BATHROOM CABINETS   -  Our Cabinet Units Are All Prefiinshed Befofe  Installation.  R. BIRKIN ��� Beach Ave., Roberts Creek,,B.C.'   Phone 8B6r2551  ELECTRICIANS  (Cont.)  JIM McKENZIE  fillECTRICAL CONTRACTOR  Residential Wiring and Major  Appliance Repairs  PHONE 885-9978  Box 387, Sechell, B.C.  SlM ELECTRIC LTD.  t^rieol-GonlM**��!*   Wiring Supplies^  Electric  Heat  Sechelr - Phone 885-2062  Serving the Sunshine Coast for a quarter century  IAN9TOB3 SEiiyiCE  Welcome \o The plporshine Coast  HQWE SOUNP  MANJTQR SERVICE  Specialists in gleaning - F'opr Waging  Spray Buffing - Window Cleaning "���  "   RUG SHAMPOOING  Phpne 886-7131 - Gibsons, B.C,  JOHNSON'S  FUEL  Canadian   r  COlCKETE  BLASTING  ^CQNTJWI^B^Il'MiSTlHiia.^^  AU!- WOR|< INSURED.  FREE ESTIMATES, ,  FRED pONLEY '  Pender Harbour - 883-2403  WATER SURVEY SERVICES  For Expert Blqgiring    *  FREE ESTIMATES     .'���  Phone BQ5-2304 L. C. Emerson  R,R. 1, Socholt, B.C.  HPRTH COAST CONCRETE  FpLtndationS - Driyewqys etc.  Alf Harper Office 883-2240  Madeira Park Res. 883-2223  CONT^ACTd-RS_^__ ^__   "*"  :"cp^T:-B^^<9^5*iR^k  ROPANE  Serving the Sunshine Coast with re|ipb|e find  economical Gooking, Heating and Hot Water,  FI^E ESTIMATES  Phpne 885-2360  Wharf and Dolphin - Sechelt, B.C.  BRICKLAYING  A. SIMPKINS  ' Box 517 -..Sechelt, B.C,  Phone 885-2132  A ) H v MASONRY  1 AH 'Tyyiek "Of -Stone Work  Also pricks nnd Ulpcks  Rosidonliol and Commerc.|c��|  Nhvy nnd Old Bulldlnrjs  Phona p86-2Jt31  Bok 259, Gihsons, B,C,  BUILDERS  Fill, CernentrGrayel, Prain Rock, etc,  Bok ��9^M��?i4eirg Pp*  Phone 883-2274  L fi. H SWAHSON LTD.  flEADY-MIX CONCRET*:  , Santl pnd -Graye| - Bpckfioes  PltcH||ng - pxepvotjons  IN' BENNER BLOCK  885-9666, Box 172, Sechelt, E.C.  Land Cle-ifing. Land Development  Road Building. Roqd Work  >       ^lf,   -  OSBORNE LQ^eiNQ CO. VfD.  pox 109, Sechelt, B.C,  "-.   Phone 885-9767  ~ PHONE 885-9550  RON'S CONTRACTING  .,  Clooflpg - pxcqypl|or-'s - Rond BnlklliMi  Grilling -rill - Roml Grnvol- Crudiuil R��-*.k  "  Phpn^t Socholt 88S-9B80  ERNIE WIDMAN  for all your  SSO PRODUCTS  IMPERIAL ESSO DEALER  Phone 883-2663  .'���a-i.a-Mgjsirg..ifeafe��Mt--.1  ppr Ypur Fuel Supplies  DANNY WHEELER  /      yoitr  IMPERIAL ESSO AGENT  886-9663 - Hopkins Landing  i     .     BUILDIHG MAINTENANCE ~~  SRecjalizing in:  Paper Hanging, jriferipr & Exterior decorating,  Rug Cleaning. All types of Building       >v-^ainten9'|)ge..jFl9pf_Jnsta!!atJon..;  Wiri-jlpwcleaning-  PHONE 885;9715 AFTER 4 P.M.  .    Box 642 - Sechelt, B.C.  ^AJDHINfe SHpfe>   At-thp Sign oftho Chevron  Hiiu/S MACHINE SHOP  & MARINE |SERVICE LTP,  Machine Shop t^ Arc and Acty WRlding  Steej IrahricaHng -t? I^qrine Ways  AutorTiptiye and Marine Repairs <  Standard Marine Station  Phono 88677721        Res. 886-9956, 886-9326  93ETABL STORES  C 81 S HARDWARE  SEGHELT, B.C.  APPLIANCES - HARDWARE"  HOME FURNISHINGS  Phone 885-9713  *\ * .  TASELLA SHOPli  LgcJies' - Men's - Chjldrea's Wear  Yard Ooods r Bedding��� Linens  ���-V  Dial 885-9331  - Sechelt, B.C.  THE TOGGERY  Ladies' and Children's .Ween**.  Open six days a week  Phone 885-2063  CoWrie Street, Sechelt  sewing Machines  marinas  FURNACES  4  PARKINSON'S HEATING i-TD.  GIBSONS  '   ESSO G|L FMRHACES  No down paymtsnt - PonK Interest  Ten years fo' pqy  for froo BMimoto���Cat) 886-2728  Cnpnplqlo lino of nppliqncos  HAIIIDRESSEit  GIBSONS, MARINE SEJiyiqE LTD,  at ESSO MARINE  Gqs - Plese| Repairs - Welding  .    Evinwde Sales - OMG Parts & Service  Boat, Hqiilind*  Berninq & Omega  Sales, Parts, Service  UHSHINE  EWING  1ERVICE  FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION  REPAIRS AND SERVICE ON ALL MAKES  Mrs, Monq~Hov|es ���* 885-9749  SPORTING GOODS  Phone 886-7411  Gibsons*, B.C,  Madeira Marina Ltd.  Deqlqrs for:  Evinrude O./v^.C, - K&C Therrhpplass - Sunlinor  Spring Bok and Pioneer.  Also PlMml'Inn' FiMliiQS and Fixtures.  Pender Harbour'- Phone 883-2266  NURSERY  CUSTOM BACKHOE WORK  5I-PTJC TANKS INSTAM-ED  '' GovflrniVionl Approvod'  .��� . ',.     *   prea pstlmqlos  p.xrnYnlio'nu ��� Prnlnnflo - Wnlarllnoi  ?  DON'T BE  BOAT BMIVip^^^ - OAOS  ���^-"-"^^^PADDLBS^*���-"-^  frAHler roils  Lof-gp oijd 5mc||l Sl?p*��  ���^JL.  ANCHOR CHAIN  3/M"-)/-4,,i-S/,l'A".  PANFQRTH air HORNS  PRESSURIZED REFltiS  nnd ELECTRIC HORNS  (72 Volt)  SECHELT CHAIN JAW  CENTRE ITD.  cowrtu:Aim i r   .  IHioiw lill'l'J(t'M.   :     1  COR ZUiPpMA  For All Ynur l<(?riovq|lpn��< hopqlrs  Phono 88S-213S  tRICON DEVEI-OPMENTS LTD,  <?HST0M MOMfiS - PRP-PAH M0M��$  I Hub Qiinlll*/ . . , Ronwiii'ililo I'llcni  ^���Jw^pJ'fi'Amjmijmi, )\ ywn,n\h JVJi01  mn |i|()((i^|iiini| |)Q||), ���'",  *     ���" "-'  QARPBM |IAY, M.C, - Phona *��v����, O03.a7a*l  "eAsy-|-6q*:' vacatio|s home  ������    ' CONTACT ,  Vlnco Bhcpwolj nt  006-7720 Hopkln* Landing RiC.  Pur |ifi|l/oii|nl, Voril'ml Trim I oq ljull��llnn hy  ,"     CA|fAD|AN IOa STRUCTURPS 1.1 IV  ���^.mH Iiinii I ihpi-.i m 1  (   11.11 mi 1  11 .11 hi in 1 11 "il  ��M.l^..!^iNa���i!iiPPMKs ,_  reArVMIH ^oHqRflTfi ANP  BUILDING SUPPLIES  Yn'if Oni 5lu|i IJulldlnii Klora  pm A|| Your Mnllilliiii Nomli '  GI05ONS PUILDJNG SUP|>MRS I^TP.  ...^6i53-5oQv|aw~��-.PhQno--B86*;26*15{.T���  "~"      TWIN" CRJiii: LUMBRR  ,"   RUILPINO $UPPMW I.TP.  OJol rt06--200Q  PIiquq 006-9S79  ���* f,y* i*K t**<>M***m,0m*, -ffV  your liiitilnes's Car'l  III lh\t) spqcq will    ""  loqeh nparly 10,000 poop|��|  tow cost - lilah i^yor  ���"����� ""���'"I PH1" ''I'1'"! '< l'"1."'' "l"*,''  DISPOSAL GEFIVICEQ  SUNSHINE 0(!>AST PISI^OSAI,  ���"'"������'"���'""''SRRVICESUTPr--""-  pr)|<t ,M|;|.|-ON |n nym cOVC  Tfili ��06ra?3�� nr OOfi-W^  Cnll lis fnr Y'lMr plnpusol Mopdi.  Wli'in I'lwvivnllnfl Or Jj|irlnu Wwnlna,  Cii/i   ANN'S COIFFUP5 "J -\  in ihe Bci| B|ock  Next to the Co-op Star-p  ibsona ���6*l���  SECHELT BEAUTY SALON  Corriplele  llai'hlrosNinfl fiarvlco By  Profesbio'nnl Slnff.  Cowrjp Street PJielna 885-2818  HEATIMC & SHEET MET/VL  HALL SHEET METAL  Dornosllc - ComiViernlnl�� IpiJuMrlnl  Tolophono 885r96Q6  -Bo?i 164rSocho|tf B.C,~   MACK'S NURSERt  Rohert-i Crepk  SUNSHINI" COAST HIGHWAY   .  Loridscnjilna - Shruhii - piull Trcns - Fcrllll'or  jJiiiry P|an|*i r Podd|ni*( Plaiil.'-- I'cal Moss  Tiilly l.lqniiwl P��st|cl(|q Wiylna *����<*  |.(,lif|s<:i-)|,lriij and T/��cs  Phono 886-2684  .. ��� r-." -,      ,  |. .11"'  IIIII . ,1 I'"!';1."'   illianaia^i.aiianl.nin.   a.   m.a'i,     m    .   ��� a      ^  OPTOIVIETRIST  CMFPS BPATS  ���'   .8. Ae*?E$SpW^>TISt     .   a  Fishing Supplies r Boats new and  Used ", . . Large & Small       ,.  885-9832 Seche!!  SURVEYOHS  ROY & WAGENAAR  B.C. Land Surveyor*  Marine Building - Porpoise Bay  ." SecheU, B.C.  885-2332 or ZEnitli 6430  TAXI  HARBOUR TAXI LTP,  Harbour Motors  Shell Gas ond;0|| qpd Repairs,  24 Hour TaM apd Wrecker Service,  Garden Bpy M>, Pender ||nrbourf liC  To|i 883-2414  TIRES  u^IW*  TILLICUM HEATING ft SHEET  MRTAM   '  ���,'"'-  OIL - P.|-I'C,I*PIC & GAS  ,     Ho ��|owii |��iymui)|  Phono 005-9494  !iil.)if)iini Av'ill'ilil"  MtaWfMaWMMMMlMBaiMMMa*  EHECTRICiaAN-S _ "  ^wjrvyaa*****^**^**!*******^*.***-^^  liniMMWtflWIitMWWl!  When Yw JIM Wwlldlnn S<��pplf��f   JMM M�� AC''li   *-!<|:|: EfiTIMATfiS  ACTPN ELECTRIC LTP,  |<Ait|ilont|n| ��� Indiinirlnl nnd M'��rln"�� Wlflna   ���  |:|tir,|i|r, |)on| * llpa W"lK   '  ^,ori�� 886-7244    i  piLL MfiPHEPRAH ',  f:LFCTR|CAI- CONTRACTOR  Froo fcullmntoai  Phono 60(5>7477 - GlM��>r����- p.Crr  Uso Ihoso epocfls |o  fonr-h pftnrly |0;000 peop|a  *""* *"** *"*"������*"- HYfi'iy wa��kt* ������'*- '"*"-  till: TIMW7 Phono MWmi'  OIL f-lfUiO WATIK MRATliK!"  H��'ll)l|Hl I'iiwii-    I'l Vi)fii�� Inl'ny  ''l.lijlil PluniMmi  R9K Olflpcho Modolrn Pork  888-2401 '   003-2770  U'ilr IHI'i  pUSINHaS PIRITTORY  TO KIACII  10,000 PIOI'I.I:  THE TIMES,''8B'/)-V6S'i  FRANK E, PECKER, OPTOMETRIST  Oal Block - Gibsoni  Hvory V/oflnosdciy  ,       086-2240.  'PHOTcK  PENINSULA PHOTOGRAPHERS  A if-'iii|i|ilnl�� l'l|iiliiiil��i|ilili". Suivl(��i'  " WmPIM1S7"Pnin*HA|T5;-  " ClAI.  COMMIHU.  C. AMBBMETHr  Gllmim*, ��.C. - flwiu.��q^737i4  or Mltr-Tilli  A!)!il'OI(|f)   1  iPJLUjVIBIjN'QL  SEASIPP ^UMOING  GillSODI ,.,. (  , llliiiiil)lii(|API|iMliili)a,-fii��l'inllH|nri  | loi Wnl'ir I l**-|ll"Hi- I'lpu I "iiiiliiu  .,  fffii tJjj'IMAUS-  phono 086-7017 oi 006-2040  COASTAL TlrtES  Simtlilno Coqjt Highway  Ron 13, GH,��dr.��, M.C. - P|,qfig B8l5ta700-i  | SAIliS AMP SERVICE      '","' '  '������   All Wniiidu AvHHqM"-  Mniiikiy iff'Suiiirdny 8|3C) q.m. <" Bi30 Pall-  |:ili|iiy Hvonlnu Uy ��|)|��i|iiIiikiiiI nnly.  TOWING y  Scovft ��� Log*  SECHELf TOWING ����� SALVAGE  '      -LTP,       ���/  -L.H-  noriGRa  .1  A  #      *      *,f    I*   V  09% l**"*,^ ^-V^^iMQ^^f^+mfMfQ^I^  I   **   I   *������   *   $    f   *    *    ���    *    *   *   '    *    **    '    *    *'    *    *    '  ftjt^*mif~ nfijirimt- fr *hMm******"**1**-"' ���*HaWi��^��*a��^a*|a*upii  0^**m^^m100^mt^^0t00.\^mi *M \t,m^*0*,m>>fr***^0.<**000***0*r  PALARON FARM  f-wollaiii |(ii;ilii|nii Mynilulil<i (iir.)iiinii|lnij 00*1  rldlim y'M'i Imumi.  ' Iriilivltliinl I'flililnfl"! V li'iliit'l fi'iva-.luu Pino  J '/l (l|llll I M<|l imik I Im K \ Ilil'H" I ("It  MOIST^HIO ��l.Ooni'filOCK'Fo'iTsaI fi  0,i, oni.pn., ��,g.        pii������*�� aU'im,  wmtAylm*^,*'  RENTALS   ..../'RPNT-lf-AT"..   THE RENTAL SHOP  ,      ot Pny|i Bay  "W" (''in' or-""H AlinuM I v��iyllilM(-"  'iy|iii-vill��f�� - Mi/lill|iij I'li'iil* ��� T��l��iv|i.l<ii)��  Modi | Ilium > Cnirioiil -Mlcfiin - l.nvyn l*'i|-"*��  M��i|ii)iili,'�� 'l!oo|��  .     PIIOHI: B��l��.'**fl4*l,r-i,2-t lloUK SM��VICE   ���'���������"���"���   '"I   '��"  'I  ' I*")"'1    "    " ' T'"'"�����  RESTAUIIANTQ u.  EARLS COVr RESTAURANT  Open *��� a.m. to tho lost porry  I lomn Cookod Gimlllnn' dnd  luroj)i��m Pli��|io8  JOI* ANI> MAfW FBASCR  T��M 883-2747    v  Unuyy l:i|ii||>inenl Muvliio &, Ipp TivylMfl  .'   I-. iiir^s   .,-   ���  hiona flpfi-9426  TRA_NSFER^ i _ '.  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER  ^->��^Hpi(��alii)l>l'Movln^liaPacklnij|iv��lOirR0ii..��^vn����^  I'di.k'liifj M*il��il<il* f-'wr atilo  Minilj'ir ����f AIII'iJ Von l-liioi,  Chiiiii|ii'�� H"*. I M"YPr<!  Phono 006-2664, R,R, J, Gllnoni, 8,C,  HANSEN^ TRANSFER ^TpT^"     ,  WARN -lOUSHS  Gibsons 006-2172  PAILY mivirf: [HOM VAMf OUVfK  SlMVlrW I Hf* ��>t-C|M * T  |;Mi'i|lliifi�� Iii onywlifti�� Ip ChdhiIo',  fiBimrnl ttclfllil, l.ovy Uu-it mul Itcqyy honllno  UPHOiTLSTE^Y ,; JZL   ''  BfiLAIR CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY  ANP PRAPERIES  RuufilinUin-lno �� Rfi'.lvllnfl.e,Co*7ii>l*3ln,PiB|",*��ry,l..��  ;��ftivliu - tym-iAniilium) In rli��j li'��mo  ph<m�� 086-2050 of lor 6 p.m.  or 806-2073  _ THIS SUMMER  \!  ,    0E WATER WISE  I  ., 0 t .>*���'���** .4  * 0  I f t * 4  a^ 4 �����> .'  I1  ��''  ,;JP  ���:-<' ���  -��� - |f">\- '*X  a,0i .^. i^ai, 0.L l^aaiainfa Wa*1*!'*' *ja*.aif 11 ^ |  -'^ " "*".--" --.*.-^rf3(��aiM*frw.-7,i    , ^ia^.a^;^^.^^  . r^*J^. i^^a^ a^?-��^^-  ify.f  ���&T-llf.  *'"��� J   'ri  .l-m *��� j':M *i ^ **%*i*z*J*o. **. jm* ;* ;*��  *-**���&  ,W*,D  ���      J��7  +*0  Pane, A-4 The Poninimlq Times, Wednea joy. Aug. 11,1971    y^/^ED TO RENT REAL ESTATE  REAL ESTATE fcont.)  REAi, ESTATE (Cont,)  BIT   \00t^.m000u,mm00,Km0000000t0000ii  \  The Prninbuu^w^  Classified  ��i^iiniiiyiia)��i��Mmi*<����'W'>ww  Sechelt , Phon? 885r9654  TEACHER   requires   2   bedroom    home    for    cpmir-g  school term, Soon as possible  ���after Aug, 16th, -3eel\eH/G'h-  SECMIDED hut accessible by    SHBL'TOR?!DtV��lirarfFO^, Pen  gpod lane, 160 acres' beau  tifill well elevatecj ' mide  vejoped property, yew round  1-00^00000*01010*00*0,0000010001  *000*l0ll0t000U0Hi00W0H00im0mi0i0*\  ���    .Q���   **,.<, 't?   Wpu-   3123"   creek^.sojrie ocean v-ey-, neiai  sons area. Mrs. H.  wen, osmo -   '    -i    -- M-nnnn   .-urni  West 10th Avenue, Vancouver >'Secret    Cove.. $60,000.    WU1  8.  730-0003, 0853-37  ���  ff  ��      *)  Published VVednestJqys bv *  Powell River News-Town Crier  Sechalt TimPS Ud, _  at Sechelt, P,C,  -r-'-'-Estqblished 1963  Member, Audit Bureao  pi Circulation.*. 4  March 31, 1971  Grpss Circulation 2BQ4  Paid Circulqtlpn 2396    *""  As filed with the Audit Bureqij  qf CircMlqtion, suhi^ct tp OUdit,  * Classified Advortlslng Rates;  3.-Line AtJ-Brlefs (12 wprds) /  One Insertion _^_^^���SI ,QQ  Three Insertions _^,,T..:,,,..,...$2.QQ  E^tra line? (^ words) _;_^-_.20c  (This wte does nP? apply to  cqmmefciql Ad'Briets)  Box Numbers ^Ayj^JJ*x~*y*W1*V  5Q.c Eiopk-Heeping chqrge js added  , for Ada-Briefs not pqld by  publication date,  Leggl or Reader advertising  35c  per count line.  Subscription Bote*-���      ���  By Moil;  Ucal Arep _���.���_$6,00 yr.  Outside Local Af��a -$7-00 yr,  U,S.A. _ .,$9,00 yr.  MOBILE HOMES  DOUBLE Wide, spacious, well  lighted 2 bdrm, dble plumbing with ensure bath, largo  family room ��� "With patio doora  Well designed kitchen with  bar, triple' axels, with elec.  brks/To view phone 8(15-2153  after(i;Q07.-���-, (I833=lfn  2.-3   BJCD1TOOMED   unfurnished, home wanted in Gibsons area, by Sfept 1st- Phone  886-7037. fi9BP-37  2 OR 3 bedroom 'hoube on or  before Sept, 7th. Sechelt or  Selma Park are* - Ph. 885-  5700 or write 4283 Weslview  Avetl Powell River,      8943-30  MO?I'NOi and must sell 10 . x'��� 1JJ..."*"����� ��� ���..;���.���-  j .��   ,.A   u���H���m    mahiiR   TRAILERS & CAMPERS  40'- two bedroom mobile  home, furnished, Phone 885-  24S7, - 6932438  FOR sAJJB 13 x 6(1 Parkwodd  trailer- porch,  sun  deck   &  fence, ph, 886-7561.      6063-97  SHASTA   Laite   Plyte   trailer  10.* 6' 6", propane light,.2  burner   stove, , ic#*~btix,   S.S,  sing, 'toilet, new condition. Ph  810^587.  apcept  some  terms.  Box - 310  Peninstila Times, Sechelt.  ���_   ��� ���    aom-t-fn  INVESTORS! DEVELOPER^!  ��� 37 clioice^ender Harbour ,acres W|tli 1800 water-  trojhtage, 2700 "highway frontage plus a brand hew % b^rrn  home. Property low.priced &  inside the harbovtf.  ijJALPMOON_ BAY j��� 3 semi  1     waterfront    view   lots- on  Redrooffs lid. One has lovely  ���%���  bdrm   collage   plus   guest  facilities.   Others    are    large,  der Harbour, 700 ti.' southern exposure", ten .���acres with  2 bdrm hpiise, AH facilities,  Ph, 885-5505. Write Box 6740,  c-o Pepjns.uls Times, Box 310,  Sechelt, B,0.       ,        6740-tfn  VIEW m sit Davi*? Bay,  approx. 71 x 150, land  cleared for building, back"  part left park-like. Phone 885-  2122.    - .      -6080-37  ELEVATED undeveloped. 10  acres within Village of Sechelt, residentiail- location,  $16,000 cash. Bpx 6409,' c/o  Peninsula Times, Box 310,  Sechelt.     ~       '���   -6499nfn"  Lot  6929738  RUBY LAKE MOTEL  Overseas  _$10,00 yr.  Special Citiiens,  Local  Area   -  - Canada   -.   By Carder  .$3,50  $4,00   , 60c mo,  Copyright  and/or  property  rights  subsists in all display advertising  and  other material  appearing   in  this edition of the Sechelt Pealn^.  sulo   Times.    Permission    to    re-  'f-*  \ly  -\J  produte wholly~tn-H|r-part-and-in���-I  6ny "form whatsoever, particularly" '  by a photographic or offset process  In a publ|catiqn,.must be obtained  in writing from the publisher. Any  unputhorized reproduction will be  subject     to     recourse    in     |aw\  J V  BIRTHS  10M  -������**  ll.-**  i     ,  ���1  m  *����#  -V--i  t*00��.  bd&*  4 -*;i  im  I  4  GIBSONS AND SECHELT  WESTERN DRUGS  -,---,- .is  pleased to sponsor this^  Blith   Announcement  space,   and  o��toi^ds Best Wishes to the happy  parents.  CARD OF THANKS  OUR sincere appreciation to  the doctors and nurses of  St, Mai-y's Hospital and all of  our wonderful, friends for  their care and kindnesses  during Loren's illness ���  Lpren and Irene Shaw. 6948-37  PERSONAL ^~  .MaCOTiOuiCR Anonymoua ���  MfeiingB  H:30   p.m.,   Thursday.*, Wilson Creek Community .Hall.   Ph.   885793S7,   880-  ������2343. .   4970-tfn  WISH to cantuut- Lnttor Dny  SuinlH mornlWH, Phono 11115-  ; 2l7r) or IHIil.-2fi4(t. (I7(l(l-tfn  WE'uro  (lupiible ut   12  yoius  t     of -11^0 to do uny  odd  John  urniiiid yuui' homo, AII.,,ciii-ii-  intiH go tn "Giii-o of Canudu."  I'liii'iif! :iiu5,-2:i47, (iiiw,n  V/ORK WANTED  WE OFFER u enmpUita troo  norvlcii  Iri  Iho  imllio  Sun-  " ���. ulilno Qnwl, Oiir work Ih In-  Hiirod iind tixporlly perl'orm-  <h1,  Phono for froo oHlJmilteH,  1 " PMorlniiH ''JV��ip HorvlcoH, I'lmnn  iiiiR-aloo, nmuin ,  OHNAIilllflNTAI, ���yri'"Klil- ��"��*  i'lllllnKh, Fi'iD imlliniitnii, llllll-  7(i2f��, iiiHi-Yomii (iiiio-ifn  ROPERTS CREEK  DRYWALL  TiiplnK  unil  Filling  l��y  hand  (ind iiiiiuliln'ii, Hpruy Tux Hpiir-  lUo Cnlllniiii,   .  ��� Phono 806-7193  " i i     RoborlB Crook, P'.C, >  10 Unit Waterfrpnt .Motel  .,..:.,..:. .,=...,,,,.-*..^-...g. j^e-n-hb,jsekeeping units r^^--->    ,-..,..,  2 sleeping units.  Office building with' living quarters far owner  Units ore all nicely furnUhed, have electric healing and  are well maintained   "  There   is  approximately   800  ft.   of  waterfront   on   lagoon   and  approx   200  ft, on  Ruby Lake with 2 floats   boots, and  Tconcrete  launching ramp.  Excellent float plane bose.  -���.���^�����*��-Asklhg-prlce;-*$fl5jQ0a-wlth.-.$351p00-dqwn  To view by appointment only.  wooded and private. Steps to  safe sandy beach & launching ramp. Tlk per cent, financing 11 Other Pender Harbour  properties  from $3,500.  QALJ-ai Jock or-Evans Efer-  mon at Pender Harbour 883-  3745. -v7 Charles English Ltd.,  (3itosons; - ;BA 693%3li  TvAqcQREGOR PACIFIC  _ REAlafY LTD,  Box 799," Qibsonst_Jl?6;   Van Direct!  885-3133  ROBERTS CREEK ��� Semi-  waterfront. Threo Juts 14.  acre, selectively cleared,  power and water, some view,  area of *good homes, beach  access. Buy now and protect  yourself from zooming prices.  DUPLEX OR?  ��� Large  city  lot,   centre   of   Gibsons,   on  all services, tremendous view.  FP $4,500. ���  NEVER AQAIty ��� None jefj  "/ Properly also includes 2 small   kitchen,���Vanity"   hath'   with  IK  "v���**  ���*.*r     -  "il  \'T  St  MM*  ���If  I  f ���  like this 200 x 200 view property, .semi-waterfront, beautifully treed, beautiful beach,'  secluded and private. FP  -$6,800,.,...,,: .���....:.���:._,..: ^ ,-v.: s  .    JOHN     BLACkr;   880-7244  or 886-7316.  INVESTORS-��� Twenty acreji  prime property, fronting op  J:Iighway  101,  the  main highway of the Sechelt Peninsula'  REpROOPPS   ROAD  75' *>f 368' IQ min, drive to  Sechelt Quiet **rea; close to  water and good fishing-, phone  unci Jlydro available. $3,000  cash, Phone 885-9684, 88(H-4fn  K, BUTLER REALTY  .,..;.. Xm ..,:..'  Mkt TYPES INSURANCE   gibsqns,'"B.G,-  Phone 8867-aooo,  MEMBER  MULTIPLE LISTING  SERVICE  JUST LISTED! Attractive retirement cottage on 65' x  130' level lot, l>lose to everything house consists of 2  ��� bdrms, nice* living room with  fireplace, stepsaver ail elecUip  kitchen, open to attractive  dining room. W.W. in L.R.,  DR. Md. arborite and tile  bath. Small sundeck, attached  carport. Easy terms on  $16,000.  VIEW LOT on Georgia View.  Close to heach and all facilities  available.  $5,600,  GRANTHAMS;    ' All   " offers  near   $9,000   considered   on  cozy 3 room cottage on 2 level  view lots.  GIBSONS; CharmUfe Pctsj- and  Beam style 3 bdrm home on  1 level acre. Fheplact. and  W.W- in l-aiv. rm. Counter top  range and wall oven in bright  WATCH  lhe boats  drift by  _heavttifi��l . Gibsons   w^ter-.  front home ion the bluff, 3-  yearold 1,700 sq. ft- spa'oipui-  3   bedroom   post   and, -beam  horn?) one hsU; pqlQip-ec-, hath, *  wa.ll to wall throughout; buiU  in   dishwasher,   walnut   cabinet, raised hearth and mas-  siY-a sfone fireplace, enlarged  sundeck,     beautifully     landscaped without removing the  Wonderful    setting   of    trees.  View  the   water  from   every  room   in   house.   By   owners,  Phono 886-7080 or write bojp  584, Qibsons B.C.        6850-tfn  "WATERFRONT ��� New 3 bed-;-  room Panabode homo orv.a  large water-front lot on  Pi-enfchman's Cove, Flo^t anci  protected mdrag^e, for $10,900,  ^lso extra.-lotJpr $7,200,  WOULD YOU ilLIEVE ��� A  well built 3 bedroom cottage  Wjth   an   excellent  View   300*  from .boaph, on soon to be  hiack-'tpppeci roafi,  At : Jlalf-  moon Bay  for un4er $li��,000 .  with --terms..._ ���. ..__..._   PENDER   HARBOUR   ���   %  bedroom on *h acre on High?  way i-Oi, Only $14,500, Terms,  LOG CA-BIN J. In the heart  of Sechelt on 1 lacie with  fully modern extension, plus  guest, cabin. $17,500.  SEMI WATERFRONT ��� Lots  at Secret Coye  from  $2,000  on good water system.  5UNCOA5T'  ESTATES LTD.  See Len or Susanne  Van Egmond  at  Halfmoon Bay  ^-Ba*L0flia^ Vancouver   433-6548.  flEAl PSTATB (Cent,)  PENPER HARBOUR t\$*\\**  Call JoeK pr Evpns H,ermoo,  Macleirq PqrRT &-c^  .    Tel, 883-51745 "  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD,  ���>   . . . 6066-tfn  WANTED TQ BUY  CLEARING" bl?"t> .for   cat  watited.     phone     48S-5743  POWPU Biver, '    6878-37  BOATS -&-ENqiNBS  IQ i-T-i GABIN cpiiiger, hoac|,  sink, bunte 60 hg Morpury.  BOATS $ ENGINES (Cont.)  ���"- J = : ?***  1AFT.   ^ydropiano   with . 3P  MWPHTy for aftle. phope ng-  8B373PB5- Q87a-a7  TBNDPRSl  TENDER FOp,  CONSTRUCTION  SEALED TENDflHS ' Wjll be  received-by the undprsigned  fqr the cqnstVHPtion of Senior  Citizens' Housing for Sechelt,  B.C,, for. the Sunshine Coast  Senior Citizens' Housing  Society, R.R, No. 1, Halfmoon  Bay B.C.  TEjNDERS will be received on  or before 5:00 p.m. Friday,  Ay.gu��t 87, 1(171 (P.D.T.), at  the office oj" tbo arphitiaptg,  Qariborg;, ^aqHson   ptirtners.  Jike^new, Trailer, $1,950, Ph, . .-., .... -,..  . itf.  aagrpOQ^ 68034fn���3L3 .S-Xtlv_S,tfeet, Now  Wogt  minfter, B-G-, or to Mrr M  Na  Burley,     Boulevard     Street,  Sephelt, i.C;  PLANTS AND ' SPiqiPigA-  TIGNS may be obteineii by  General Contractors from the  office pf the arphltects, Q-p-J-  j-ei^japkfon Partners, 313  ^isth Street, T*ievr^wegtmin-  stey, B.C., after 0:00 arm., Eri--  day, August. 6, 107 V, upon deposit of $59,00 for one set-  EACH TENDER must be  accomeanied by a Bid Bond  in the amount of eleven  thousand ($li,0QQ) dollars  accompanied by a letter of  Consent to Sprety, issuetl by  a 'Surety licensed to conduct  business in the Province of  British Columbia.  o.   mv��r^^r,  1    ,     *   1   ,       THE    OWNER   reserves    the  9   PLYWOOD  boat  oay-locjis     lght lo ,.eject ,the  lpwest Qp  b^pe-��a%og68'SSt4S7 .^^^ without e.piana-  I4FT.   slU   boa.t,   75  Evinrude* MR.  N.   BURLEY,   tWileiJr���Best���Offer.���Ehnne . Boulevard  Street.  17' PLANK Hull, a 59 hp.outboard,    ellectric    start    and  control*-, $859, B8'J-?870.  ..-��� ' y- ',;;;.;���;     686.I737  jy'i^V.iroiiil'^i-rrstr^on  Marine, ready *to go $150,  HtJsgTgaeitk.J__^__J32}tffiL-  WANTED, WL   eiinlVer   in-  boar4. Must be in good con-  dition. Ph; 888-g7Q7.    696O737  FOR quick sale, 3Qft, troller.  J3 Jipenpe, Chrysler Crown,  just gone over. Lots of gear,  6 Swan gurdies, $2,500, Phone  883^239, '   6951-37  0 FT. fibreglass cartop, double  bottom,     flotation     under  seat.   Good     condition.   $125.  Phone  886-7793.        '   6952-37  6977-37    885-9988.  6983-37    Sechelt, B.C.  "W8��W  -V.,       r        f  houses   ,could   be   revenue  **-  Don't over-look this one!!  JOHN BLACK: 886-724-1  or 886-7316 OR: Lorrie Gir-ard:  886-7244 or 886-7760.  HURRY HURRY!  This  won't  last.      Lovely       waterfront  properly   with   cozy   cottage,  glass enclosed tub. Utility.  Carport with storage end  $25,000. ~    a    ." -"  CHARMING 5 room full bsmt,  lime with a view of the sea..  Dble, plumbing. Simple iland-  scaping for minimum maintenance.   All   services,   Terms  .MAPtlKA PAKK  Approx/ 1,600 sq, ft, spacious home on 2 pork like acres wl  maanlficenl view of Pender Harbour, Only 250 ,'fl'. lo water!  maon  ' Ownor would consic!  Ilh a  ront.  lor s'.llina homo with only V*i acre at $30,000  ,|th $15,000 down,  WATERFRONT LOTS    ,  In Pender Harbour, with wnlor and hydro.  80 li'.*���$10,000  122 It.������$.16,000  **T   Uandymiin.   Bring your  offers        clowp   and   $50   per   month-  ]    \q  $13,600 '''A     y^m-^*<    l?Pi $U,aoi)i- JubV oho  sivWiluhle  right    at   waters    edge,    rentii   on  .$33,000.  year round at $70 per month   G1BS0NS: Lge view ,ot in de.  Good, safe, level beach. Ideal ^  5SlSSnffl^& aT & i�������� ^ f- ^  onel ep $ 14,500, J  t1l?P'-'  ''<:::����  ���-   Yon  EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Multiple Llisting Service  Box 238,  Gilisona,  B,C,  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  Real Estate & Insurance  SUNNYCREST ' SHOPPING  CENTRE  Gibsons, B.C.  HOi'KINS LANDING  WATERFRONT ��� With  well- burlt three bedroom  home. Actually two lots involved, house on one, the other"  being lawn and garden. Lovely beach.* $35,000 in terms, try  your offers.  GIBSONS VILLAGE ��� In the  Bay   area   we   have   several  nice    homes    listed    in    the  $16,. -  $18,000  range.  Enquire,  for particulars.  HILLCREST    LOT.    ~   $50Q  Member pf the M-Mltiple Listing Service  135 II.  70 ll,  |b,000  $14,000  EGMONT MARINA; AND RBORT,  huby ond proJlinbla resort is%oljorocl for,thu Ijrsl llnift. I las  iiotol unllos (I, 2 nnd "A Iind rooms), larloo with fl s.luopina  ��� ���     ���    ������!���   ci,,..  las  joilri'iniTl home,  rot/loiirnnl.  sloro,  Imll   stilus,  , 400'lu of' floni'6,1 fy'o/iod. renlal  camper   spticg,   JWHTilflL.  HELP WANTED  MAIil". ��� I'**����omi  iiiuiil Im imr  Ovit 'HI,  Ap|i  ,1'iiiiiiiiiiilu      I-1  Hnnlinll,  n rnul, wimli'd,  ly ��iK|>o'i'i<i|ii'('��l,  y   Ip   piiiiinn   In  lilillt     al.iiiilllin,  IIII71-JI7  This  ll  mot  foamsi ownor's 3  ���Slondard marina slnlion. Al'P''0)<  boqts   wilh   l:-V|nr,udo   niaiors,   launching   rnni|,      . ,  All on 660 ft, of choice wntarlront with lols ol room lor, u^Kinslon,  An excellent opportunity lor chpllnrdp|��rocln|lon,h'od-; Pull prlco  $210,000 with  $80,000 down, To vlow by .nppolrHm'onl  only,  MOBILE HOME SITES'  ���    ��� *'   Sovoral lols nvnlldlilo,;  IRVINE'S LANDING   /        ,        :'.  3 bndiiioni hoiTio nyorlooklng lamous Luo''s ll,ay, lully )iiinis|m<l  lrK,lii<linii ".nil c|oonl|-|(i. fliociflc rona't, Inrrjo linn/ni, wnsiior,  rjrynr, Irltj,, oic. /Over I w.'Yo o| pilvncy on .lhlsiTonilM-.oiii��l loi,  I'lircliasiii ijan Ikivh i|UlcK occupoiicy, lull pjlr.o $211,000 wilh  npprfix, '$12,000 down wilh awd  lurms,  KhcqIIuM vnluo lioro,  '"  MADEIRA PARK  ���Cliolco vluw lols nn fiA |nl sulii||v|s|on, Prlcus Imm  $3 '-W l"  I       $11,000, Soma tliiarwl rwady (or huilding. "        '      ���  SECRET UAY, EGMONT  ' WoKir luxl nnd gas Mnilon on II vynmrlmnl lo|*��, AppuM, 'Ax  ncrus rd lliu Inml cominoiclnl rorimi pinpuily In Idinoiil, iid|iiliilii(  (mvt, whdiI, 0 bMiliooin owimr s homo' Willi lully lurii'i'sliml 'ovuni'.  sullu on |nwiir lnvol nnd Pniil Olf|r,ii ,bu|li|in[| 'i.in.piopiJrly, Con l**>  |iiiif,linsm| |n Mipi'irulu pnri,iijs,  qTolc'SWfcr station site  Or bulldliKi Mippllns, Al M'|d��lio Pnik wllli VU fl, on lllnhwny.  101 dud 380 li, on IMmur Vlow louni, .This. Ii n,r \i,niml s|io(  Idvullml und inndy lo liuild mi, I Imi hyrlin, 'mul wulni, In 2 lilin.k,  l:il|||il|r,ir$|V,!)00,  ""silVer"sands '*  9, hmliiii'iii) vluw l|tiiiiu orinpproM,   I  i'hiu, |'u|( ju|i,h  $ I'/,()()(),  ��ELL "Yoyii j;qAlt!   r-_   Yfiu  -Won't need il,*with Ihia co?,y\  relireiiiunl homo. Centre Gib-  koiih, uimy walking diutuncu, In,  shiips,   P.O.,   honuh,   etc,  FP:  Only, .$.16,110(1; DP; $7,000.  THINK' AUKAOil ~ You  cun't Uiku It with you, so  hivusl it now tiiid walcli it  growl. May ��� WO' suggosl:���  Lovol lol,- Couhrunt* . Hoiul,  ClibKiiiiH", $2,'l|5(l. Try nil ihh|i  ofl'erH, Or:-- View lot Itnli.uTs  Creoii - Luo|v. Iloud, Only  $2;ilfil), Oil:��� Lnvoly l��vi-l III)'  wiitoi'lTiiiit   lot, ' Souriil    Cnvoi  $11,00,0,    , .     a, ��� .-       . . ..  1,0111111(1'    CllllAIlD;     lillil-  7a��l-�� or 111111-77(1(1,  'IflXCEldililNT. BUY ��-- Ap-  pi-oviid Tnillor Pink Him  10,1)11 iiiiriis, Houlli Hlopc, iiinily,  Iniml block nl' liind, |iliim> lur  trail'ir pitrk iivnlluliln.-D'ii-ni'iiy  iicirnsH    from     lliu    I'lini.liino  C!l|IINl    (ll)ll'    Clllll'llll.    Illlliil   HItt,I  lur ilrlvlnu ningir, l'p'$,.*i>,*ji*(i,  ' Vll'iW LOT   ���������-> "'I'hriM." Iiiiito  vlnw lulu, un MiiiWiiil liny  Ilil, lulu Hl'it ",'| liclii mn h   |.||hy  iii'i.'iitiii,  Cliiiii'iul  I'ltiildiiii', iiildM,  tlllisONS    BAY  '   Naurly  Jiew,   II  A llii:A    ���  B.R.   liouso  I    I'll'I..   ft'll'Mll),  \.  HI  "KKrlKHJi^NCKir'w^irriiisKrriur  nr la-nfl  Hum, llvn In or llvfi  oui; .lolly Hl|{"r Inn, ulio-iiiiliii,  .   IW7IMI7  FOR flENT  ilAliii i'ur run  , Cninininiily  Mm,    lyiniiii  r,mj  WIIhuii ILy^'l"  Hull,   (iTrnbii't  AiKlmvi'Hi,   H'1^"  *.  mti'irn  rinmi  I'TIHNIHIIKil    "("I'li'ln    limilml  ',', lull III llllillll ill I'clliNi I '(ilh,  liviilliiblii Hnpl   lid,  ~ .Ililli- "1%  $i'(n iimiiiii, Ph, iix-jtiift-oa-in,  Willn 11.in (llllll ,i/ii PiininmiJii.  Til , H.rlmli; IIIMII ;ui  FUiiNmill'll) '% lii'dr.iiini itiiliiii  Wllnuii    ('i-i'i'lt,     widi'ifiiiiil,  .,|ii'iip|ii��jii,,.,Miilliilil(i,..i:ilili(ilu nr.,.  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IIIIII, ' ���      lllMITfllii  in n good rcHlfleniiul-  (iriin.V Wull iiimiliilcd. El. bonl  &i H.W". Undsruiiucl, Vevy  (ilnnu\lu Hhopti, P.O. uln, FT',  $17,01   Glhei')NS   CI'IN^IIAIa   AllHIA  'A i.-iu'i.l'iilly bulill, wu  l-urod for,- it ,11,11. Iioiiho, ln7uK-  ciiljuiif i:i)iid|iiuii btilli iniiidu  nnd mil, Fill,! IiiinoiikjiiI, .Woll  (.'oiiHlruiiliid U Hlnrny jjiii'iiijo.  Wull )ui|il iii()iiiiil.H lully I'oii-  upil unobHlniiilod vlow IuwiuiIh  KmitH IhIiiihI ninl I'lianiiul, A  Kluirl wulk In uliii|ipliiH luim.  Tlio I'Kirl'nri rolli'iiiiiniil homii,  I'M1, Mr,,ll!lii HniiuV lui'iim Iii'ih-'"  hII'iIu,   , -��� ��� ,  (JIUHONH VlliliAill!;"T~ <!"ii-  Irnliy IiiiiiiIiiiI *.', 11,11, liuiiin  itliimt In i.lni|)i, mul |',0, Nuw  C'i'iihIwiiuiI klb'liuii, ��� Gnnd ���  |iiinnir'Miiii: mid w��i'l'jali<i|>, 'AO  hpiif/f, r|i i lu^uy,* iilHi.'fllMiil/illiW:  iltin, W.W, u,ni|ii.i|n in IkkIi'iioiiih  Hf, IIvIiik mum, Flriipliii H'ml  JH Iim $L!0,(|l)(l,  (HUHON'H, -������ Thin Invuly  ,iliriii.ul .liudri'ij'i l.jiDI),. mi,. fl  liuiiin iiuihI Im Hold III fl lil'liil-  llmilly ivui|iiiiiiiI prlmi nn ilon'l.  liu/.liiiiii in <,ai)inu*lii wllli yum'  iillur, Tim hiiiiiin In' iiniir ii"W  mid linn n I'nfl 'liiimiiiiuiil. iiimI  bulll in N.II.A, HluMilnrilii,  GIIIHON'H .-��������� I lurn In mi lilmil  rnllriiinoiil, Iiuiiu"i Hml I imii  tiiini ynu woulil hn proud ul',  ���'M'lLWiiliUlJf!!!",'! '"' " .M'llll'Hi  i  ilnillii'    vlnw    HU  I'l'iinl imhI "Imhu  llnw   mill   yon '  $*/.l|,l|IIO'i'  UIMHON7J Hhi'  iiiiiiir-vv/iirti'r'  o uviirylahlnKt  nml.  Hint  I'ur  |ii'iinlli(ii Iiuiiiii  on Iheiio teripu. Village amenities,       "     ���  88H-248I  QH3HON8    VILLAGE    ���   A  gnind viow I'i'iOHi. liiOHo very  niuo 3 bedroom home with full  basement  mul   large   sundeolc.  Insido   Htups lx}_i busml.,   gpori  'purkiiiB und eusy to muiniuin'  loi. fp $ao,noo! '  UOPKlNiScLANJDlNO ��� Vory  n|.i!c   yipw   lot   wiMi   good  Ii'uc'm, . Allj soi'vlc^H   uvuilnble,  FP;$8,H50.j       ��� -'���-'���  .ameoNe vilI'Age ~-.��.iwU  room new hmnu on huauil-  i'ul vlow lot pit' h 0Q\ Vfllh  lino nf|, ft, of 'livrug on o(id|i  fluor, l.,,!),, in iKimliinulinn 'Jin-'  lug room Ifl!xa4' npnnlng onto  uxii'ii liirgu mmiUiok uvur u��r  purl, lovuly gully typo hilulmir  wllli liunuy Hpieuwnnil, cup- .  IiOhi'iIh, il pn, nnlor vunily hiHli-  , I'uum rungliml hi (Inwnntnli'n,  w in' w ii/iri��i|n iinfl I'liyor cm-  li-niiiiii, FP $Kll.(!()li Willi'Icirmn  to Im uri'imgeil,  , ..   WI|I|-��4III (  *iM)Aw/Mv.vy-��ii'^M.'^��Ui1  (lull pi''iliIn world, i(>�� ,i      frnin' lliln mnVlcirn'"!4"'  .iiirm piml, /ft Iwinn lumm, wllli  purl liiiiinni'iiii un niuuly liuid-  nini|iud lot, J living 'rnpin ,ln  (iKlrn Inr^R, npc'l dining ��r��*��  in 'siimhiiiiMl wllli Ui" 11 nhiinod  ronni. W lu w mirpul mid mm-  |u((li:iilly plli��'"d,  iKiorn    F,P,  liinhmi lliln n mill lug In /inn, nl  Fl�� 1(1^,1)111), fluiliu lul'wn, ; ,  ||||(|tCllF.HT HOAI) ��� Thl'ii II  Inlifii liiinin In un n lung lul,  lilrnly |iiiii|miiii|iikI A/, Kiii'ilnn nil  fiiiiiinil,   lilimoir iiKlurloi'i   full  Jj|iiHiiiiiiiil,.JiiT|.('U,*tJi.,,JJI,l!��L!'.M-.,.,  i'Iiiiii   nlunn   |n  nli'ipplng   itijir"  Hiilmiiln,' FP  $111,1)110.  Hun   lalilrt  lodny, -,.,,.  ,|)IIPlI|i|X   HIi'VI'INUI*!   IIOIVTIi!  Ill lhn li'ini'1 nf filliHopH wMII  ...  u, ,i  i  RIGHT IN SECHELT VILLAGE .No. 22<H  2 bedroom home, solid comfortable. Full basement dncT double  garage. F.P. $19,000 with terms. Call Jack Warren 886-2681 or  peter Smith.M5-?4u-l-  '  SEM-M PARK ��� No. 2220  1700 sq. ft. home with five bedrooms, 1200 sq. ft. basement ond  two rentals an leq.se |and at Selma Park jpr 120,000. A very Qood  revenue property and work base. Call Jack Warren 886:268,]..  BARGAIN HARBOUR No. 22.37  Professionally designed one year old post and beam summer  reisdence. Part basement with finished room, acorn fireplace,  carpeted living room. Only one block to beach and good moorage.  F.P. $16,000. Call C. B. Gqthercale ,886-7015.  ROBERTS CREEK         l No.' 2238  Excellent residential lot pear good beach. Gentle southerly slope.  Hydrp, Ph��nBi rum! mail, F.P. $3,500, Call C. R. Gathercole at  88<V7Q!5. '  '':'i3A^ ' ���"    No: 2173 *'  Resicjential lot 70x149 feet on pqvod side road. Low price for  this locqtlon $4,950. Coll Bob Kent at 885-9461,  pORPp|Si*BAY       ���      : No. 2021  H$9' Wolorfronfago, Level trpocl, |,8 acres. Paved (gad.on Socholt  , Inlet pqqcl, Call Bob Kent at 885-9461. '  SECHELT VILLAGE���ClosrTVWhqrf' " No, 2042  4 BDR home on cleared |o| 53x125. Full bsml, ImmodiiJto pass.  f,P,.$ 16,800., jerms, Call Bob Kept 885-946),  MISSION. POINT      ���      T~      ~~~ .No. 2)84  Lease* Lot���$50 por yoqr, Few slops lo I'ocich, summor cottnoo, 3  year old, mostly furhisbed.- $5,000 F.P. Cqll Bob Kc'f-il at  885-9^6), i ^ f  DAVIS BAY No, 1993  Level wqlorfran' both soo and rivar over 500 fool, Modern full-  bsmt, homo on oyer 2 qcrtis of londscapod gmunil*. Best boach  arof^, AIIKoly molol silo. $30,QQQ down, Cgll Bob |<on| 885-9461,  PAVIS BAY APBUTUS PRIVE H<v 2lU  pxcnllonl view homo,   1858 fr, on mnln floor will) double lot, '  N.H.A, approyotj and bulll, lo .lost,. Full cemonl bqsomonl, largo  polio, wall to wull llv, room & 3 buclroonib, $20,000 down. Call  Bob (<ont 805-9461.       '  ���*���-.���  ROBERTS CHEEK UPPER  No,  1809  llqblo (or l)O|60  V|>W in  ���yiiu' Inuli  $3,500 ��iown pnyment. Older housa 3,9 qcros, mi  or? F,(��f only KM, ^ "'' Knni 885-9461,  ROBI-RTS -CKIifiK LOWI:R '"     .  N", 2226  Trnljor ncru on Pnr'k Avo, Only $750 down. P.P. $5,000, Sullnblo  ' for Rps.TI qr��n. has 'div' wnior, phono, hydro, good v|ow poiun-  l|n|,'Ca|| Bob Konl- 885-9461, ./  WI|.��toHlj|iK AIRPQraW,,^ Ij'^Sfifii!  MPPiummii4 HM<hM'<tm\; ��wi  U nmh(*U,M*Wf,\l: WfkQh.Wrfyaiir m/rrii,  a  |V"  WILSON CREEK  i,3 ArrMS uood soil, a  'Wi.2l.ll  ,,  _ .,   ... kdrvlcca**, 2 Imilinont honio,' A/Oil huol,  |>rlirio Inr aordnn, or lump n linr&nf Anklnu $14,900,00 wllli  $10,000,00, down.',Tiy nil V.oi��li nllur. Tri1 vlow, cq||' Pon llnilikni  8115-950*1 or"Nor s,1,l,,,Jf.,"ft*'?l',:i m)U' '  Sfl-MA PARK     ' "'"*'    "   "���' : "     ���   ;       Hn.MW  Ono hodrc'id homo, ��c,|.in'im|rn| oil hunt plui Moc If ynu uo nwny.  Vory qood wndlllon, IhvuI |nni>u l"l 50x100, nam btmu nnd irons-  (Dtlrillnii, A^ldriq only $8,W)0, Mnlui ynur f.nsh iiflm, ymi irilohl  hi surpt|iin<l, Thin l-t good viImi). Cnll piiiur'iinllh fllJ5"'//|ft3 iivud.  PAVI5 UAY   ,      """"*" -������'-       ���  2 prii'H Yl��iw lols, iifii.h 6nn|f)/| ioii'I linnl nnd unit, nimd iuhu  n|| bmvlais, $5,000,00 <n"li lul, m i|<i| u duol im liolL i>Ii|ii In  i,|dn, Cnll Mob Kunl fillh-^'lftl  in Piiiur Siniih IIH5-94rt;i nvui.  "' &  No, 2043  11...I     u.,ll    IlilUII    II   WIIVII    Willi- .   '       IIIU   ll'IIUI   'II   Mill  hdrm, linim cumldiiiillon UM,  ��� '-J* - .*$. .,                        '  Jf* 'j'   \ ' ���  **JrS��*T                   B'*^: J��.��*l    "**   la*H^   jL-^l''<-'**IJ-r'|l        I'                 -!�������������������*��������  I M**TVfl>tZ-   ..I     ' I             m  Mlull' Ihnl mny. Im Jimi  wlm  "ynil urn InoMiiK '*�����''. '''''!' -f*��ll'  jiiiillciiliiih imiiiM Und mm tm.  MOIIMKT'H   UliKWK ,    ladlii,  lobi,   lulu,   Now  Hiilidlvliilui)  nil  ii  K'llillu hiiuIIi nlopn wilh  nil  nui'vli:"n  fny yipiy  $'1,0110,  (���iiiih, Aul nuw,   ,  JVI��i|lllM'l'  Viiiii'uiiv'M', llo'il l%luln Jluiinl  J'JIONII HlHhaiMH  U^jd'CilmpI ^Mfi*77m'  MoiqiV Public  MHTINMH WANTKI)"*    '  Vlnco Prflwr       fiflrt-?3S?  Uox nil, mhmmyiiv,,   ���  )     . - iim-ii't  bli|n by  3 ii vu.,    . .JiITIImT/T'  VAI-U|ji 2 binlroiiin huma, A/Oil hum pluu I-, plm.n, pluw luirlmii,  ��/, f.niir:rMl��i Iwiil, A .Mho! ni  $12,900,00," only $5,500 down,  mid' dliiliii! in nn. iiiiNiim'mla  Vhi'Iv lionii" invii-iliii'iiil, I'T'  $*/,*')l|i|i|, Hninii lui'iiiM,  IIIHI-M1III  H|i!A('|| ,AVK, ��� Vlnw I'd  1 niii'ly lu hiilld on, All iwy*  v|��ii:ii mn liiiiliidnd, $'1,1)1111,  llrlii/l aV'i'ir tilt urn. on Utuix  llllll    I'll/ill, < .  OHANUK JIDAI)        H',11 m'jitfi  ~ -iif'-'utw IJ l'i ud *"*' wiih ipwi --  iii'i'inm   mn)   iinmili/ln   In   uph- <  dlvldn,  11.1,71.0,   Tmmiv  uvulh  HKMViA   I'AIIK   ���  (.uynly   ii  ,���..���hi,'ili'um..Jiumu ...wlllt ''Iuh'-'Uhl,.  Ii'ih-Ii    lu    ulllily,    (,'uiMiriilci  diivrtwiiy find;iiirniiiiTipml um-  TUTJCUM MAY  J|:i 2 bndu  ilirnihi huy  Cnll Pulnr Smllli ��ll��5-946.'l iivon,  WATlRITtONr , , . "  ' Hu, 2161)  ���9.0 uiafiid nl unluiK.liiid luiii'l wllli ,'l,/00 |��nl nl l/nnih |in,i 'lh  inlbi't Imm h��f.hflli, 2 muuninin frtfunin**, cinuu, prlvni'v imflud'id,  Toll prlru $120,000 wilh $.;M,IHI0 down. \*m\ llriildun, 11115-951)4,  Wf:ST SI'CHliLT    '"'" ���'"77 ; ���" "'- NV,;'**Tft4-  l,rir0��,w��un vluw lot nvor V, rum wild 90 l��ol un Hipbwn-' I'M/,,  |u.l min inil'i Imm Surbull, I lyilm, n|(nun mid wnlm M'iv|r.ii nl'  lhn mod, lull piH'ii $7,000,'Try Mi,down. Don lln.lduu, 885-9504,',  sicllM-T    ' i.    ..fr ' ' " ."'",        '     Mu, vth  <-irf|c,.|iimlllvliii,/'ln.llilt loii'ii 'I b<"liuoin vlow liunm wllli 'l"U, 2  (lin|i|nf,��ii| bnMiiiinnl, Aulo/n|| linnl, nn hilly |iinilwn|ii)i| nud  (niirod lot, Id'i'il lur 'alilldinii, l>iulilu mhikiiI ninl 11/1 dilvu, I nl|  lirini $'14,000, "liy ',i down, I'm ii|i|iulnlnif)iil roll l>m luddun,  yiMi-'KM,! j  A5K I OR OUR I Rl I. CAT Al Of.WI. OP MAI- IMM M  T  dmi, |.'T'i$lfi,<IOII,  fiii'-ii'-hiii  \*wJW. Socholt  AGEZr-JCirtQ LTD.  Phona Ill!i^235  (n.RAJ],)  J'' "  M4h AM *��� ��i ����� HiAV4a.*I��i��taMiM U/t j��AAk>�� *-+> **\**S****  f v.v:v    -.. ��v-*v -.-#.\..<- * /���.- : ���-*...-.������-,������."-' :*     -. ."'������\'*s'v,;'  " :-"c���"*���*.v V."' .,��.'-    ������"-  ll-'���...--  *-.d\ <*..*.   .'t,"',".,1   ��� *,   ���" -    ��� 2. ?*���������'*" "   '���-"* '-J '*".:'���.;,*" " v.   -*v.*.   .��-   .-,*  , . ' r*   '     '  ���'������  ' **  a^^vryyvyyyv^p^aYgya^yyyy^a^^yv^ry^^  -f  I  11  ��� !*���  A  J  PENDER HARBOUR  TABERNACLE  (UndenorrjInationaM  SUNDAY SCH001, AND BIBLE CLASS  9:45 A.M.    ���  CHURCH SERVICE���IJ;00 A.M.  Pqtfor (toy. Walter S, Ackrpyd  Mddaira parH ��� 883-2374     "  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School ��� 10,00 a.m.  Church Sorvlco ��� "M��1? a.m.  Evening Service 7:30 p.m,  "PASTOR REV S. CASSELLS  Davis Bay Vsaai and Arbutut  (2 blsciv* up from Highway)  The United Church of Canada  .   SERVICES  Sf. John's Unltod Church - Davis Pay  Sundqy Services-. 9:310 q.m.  Roberta Creok United  Sunday Services 7 2;30 p.m.;,  .'Gibsoni' 'aynittid'dHiiirasK'1*''" '���'���������'���'"���-  Sunfclqy Ser.y|5(|^7 J 1; 15 q.m,  PoH MejIpnUnTfe^  Sundoy Services - 7:3(* p.m.  -  (2nd qnd 4th Syndav^)  Ministry  Rev. Jim Williamson - Gibsons 7 886-2333  Baptist Church Services  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  Merrngid and Tcqil. Sechelt  Sundciy-School 10:QO am.  Morning Worship 11:1-5 et.yp,������-  CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH  Park Rd.f Gibsons  Sundqy Sehpol 9:45 am:  Evening Worship 7;Q0 p.m.  Pastor, Robert Allaby  (885-2809)  A WARM WELCOME AWAITS  . .    YOU.  ;.: i"--------- ;:''y,-^-/,i.y^���<���.,:������.;.,���.,.-....-....���;.-:���.. ..w.  Brim's Browsings   ] __* L.  ; ���by Brifln Henps.  HAVE just returned liom from 9 two-  week holiday in lhe interior and north-  ern part of 13.C*. and A"lbeir|a. In norPl-  orn 13.0, uea> Hudson Ilppe lies-; the  mighty W.AC ponnett Dqm -A-hich supplies most  of tho power for Hnrt?{-*e-*i-t'  utn n.c. 'r.-ie nisi n.\v,i\i.p. fori Jwpt in  HO. iii Fori flh'ulfl, north nl\Cranhvpnl-;,  Ims-. htH'U ueslored nol ojily as llio ori-ginM  fori hull! by Major Sam *3tpDle'in~i��B7r  hul also depicts fhe K-ooienay.gp'd rpsl*  (owns as they were pi that (inio,  GALA  DAY'S  On Friday evening, Jul*v 30, under tlio  clear skies which linve been wllli lis for  lhe past few weeks, Hop(dn�� L-qtu'.jpt*  launched their Centennial Gala Days'witti-  a parade of decorated boats "entered py  local children and helped a little by their  patents The judges had a hajd pniP de"  nding who was the winner since the entrants showed enthusiasm, skill, and in-  gemiity. HpwMver .dep.sipns were t'nade  iind tlie winners deplored.  pn Sapo'day movninfe at-cppKrow ov  earlier the fishing derisy for "-i�� ye***,!' pld**-  started. By liiQi) p.m.'. g_J-izjam'e ftssprir  rnejit of.- fish had h,ep,ir -coHectefl op the  llopinins whPfa Tlie'.smallest, weighed  ��� bm^B-r-^l^viTrcesr^  lbs. por the rest of the day there were  swimming,-cliving, paddle bptini ftr*P fliii-  ghy ruees. A nai| driving conlest tpidjng  of war for the adults precede^ prize  giving, a singsong ��� anci a Oeptejinii"!  cake was pp! in tlie Gptnm-.mit.y'. Pal).  The ilppjtins T-aan*ling iStpre proviljed  the hot dogs and pop fpr. the qelebratipn.  The-survivors {ire eagerly loading forward  to next year aiid the conimdnity is pvei'-  Wbe)n-ing -{-|-ppeFnJ th Mrs. Betty Eggn,  tiie*efTTiTiniih!iy As^pciatiop viiie-p'resideiii  apd her helpers for making the Gala  Days a big success. Here are Friday  evening's  results;  Flotilla���Rest Decorated: 1st Gibsons  .Athletic Association���Douglas, 2pd Britr  tania���Danny Oquk & Kathy Gp'olt/  ThemerCeutennial: Winner, Oentenuiill  THE ANGLICAN  CHURCH OF CAWADA  For details of Sunhmer'Services \f\  Sechelt, Redrooffs, Pender Harbour ahd Egmont please phone:  885-9793  885-9673 ~~  88572131  885-2320  885-2331  In'diilns���Fyles.  ^Originality:  Wiiiner, "Chtlpk  Wagon-  George Hopkins, Gary Letham.  Saturday's results���Fishing Derby: 1st  Heaviest ..fish'Justin Webb���Panny Cotik  ���i--'25'--ll?s.---<-2rid -Most fish prian I-jarniltojv fi  llmtHrcl Sniallest fish, Colin McFhfedrap.  Shiner Derby; 1st Most shiners, Shelly  Fyles 33 lbs, 2nd lyiost shiners, Shelly  Spain 23 lbs. Tie 3rd Most .'shiners, Gail  Wheeler���Marieta Crosby; 4ti] Sniallest  shiner, Ian Smethursl, 5th Largest shiner,  Alysler Brpdje.  Sabot Hare���Carson Trophy: 1st Scott  . Young,  2nd  Ian Thomson.  Swimming, 7 yrs. and underr-Boys;  Freestylfe, George Hopkins.���packstroke,  George Hopkins.���Paddle board, George  Hopkins, 2nd Ross Laird, 3rd Alyster  Brodie.���Dinghy nace( 1st George Hopkins,-2nd Boss Bell. '  Girls: Freesty|e) 1st Fiona Prpdie, 2nd  Gail Wheeler, 3rd Kirsleh Falk.���Backstroke, I. Fiona Brodie, 2nd Gail Wheeler.  ���Paddjeboard, 1st Fiona Brodie, 2n,4  Spiila 'Webb.���Dinghy race, 1st Fiopa  Brodje, 2nd Spijia VVebb. ;.,;.,���.,.,��� ..,;������  ,^����.8sp!.v*rSf.-<8oy.8.5 >lP"riB*asty.liaj -4st* -������ Qaray^^ets..!  liam, 2nd Brhce Neilsoh, flrd T>avi4 Porir  glas.���Backstroke; 1st Bruce 'f-feilsat-. 2n4  ^.awrenpp Wrigbft !lrd pavi��l ppuglfls,--  ���pivitiyT-ist-daiy-Lolhatnr 2. Geor^ejiJupjv  -Tr-Paddlehn'avdi lgt, Dallas Brpdip. ByVd  Ma,rnie Ynving. 8rd Kafby 'Gpoke,--pingoy  Race, lot Dallas Broflje, 2nd Kathy Cooke,  3rd ISfad.iene pmethMrst.  '  10-11 y'rs. Boys,: Padtlle\ Ppard. Ilace,  1st Joey Pedneault,2 pd Tommy I*:ea, "3rd  Jamie Egan---Freestyle', Is^t Jpey Pedpe-  "axiitr 2nr( P��i*i Qp^map, Prcl pan Cools,e. ,  ���Bacl^tr^Hev 1st Joey Pediieaujt, 2nH  Allan Wright, 3rd .Tamie Bgan.���Diving,  1st Brum Mor* iao'i, 2ptJ Pri^n Hamilton,  Sid jDpy Peclpeahlt.���Dinghy Race, 1st  Allan Wrigllt,-Si-icf Jpey Pedneault,'ih"**l  ,Ian*>ie Ryan.  7 ~ qirTsTPallflle^^bnarcl^Taper ���Isj-P-al  Premie, Bint Juan Avis, 3rd Lynn Wheeler.  ������Fruestylt, Isl Elizabeth Wade, 2nd, Pal  Prodie, 3rd Ininda Hopkins--Backht|oko,  Ut Pot Brocpe, 2nd Joan Avis," 3rd Linda  Hopkins-���Diving, 1st Joan Avis, 2nd Pat  Brodie.���Dinghy Race, 1st Linda Hopkips,  2pcl Jqan Avis, 3rd Pat Brpdie.  12-13 yrst. Boys; Pado>board Race, 1st  Mark Hopkins, 2nd John, Rrodie, 3rd  David Egan���Freestyle, . 1st Ryan Mathews, 2nd Steve Sleep, 3rd Mike Harris  ���Backstroke, 1st Mike Harris, 2nd Steve  Slee'p, 3rd Ian Maiming.���-Diving. 1st Mink  llppiils, 2nd lisp* M-*#ihg, 3rd Mike llar=-  rjs.-rpinghy Pftpe, Ut Pnii Mftthews. 2nd  Ian Manning, "3rcl JplinPrpdie, Mike Harris (tie). ',.' .  qiris; ptitldlel-parcl riice, 1st Kathy  Hamiltpn, 2p^ q^railrtirie Fyles, 3j'd Laprol'  Painai'da-~Freestyle, 1-pt SiflPey Johnston,  2n(l Norma PSvTesT 3nt Geraldiue Fy.les.  ���7-Hacksb'PkP, 1st Stapey Johnston. 2|id  "Haurej p'ain'arS-���Piviiig, tst Stacey .Johnston, 2nd CJeraldipe Fyles, 3rd Kalrina  Pal'mpr.���Dinghy R**pe( 1st lialhy llamil-  {011, 2(nd Stapey Johnston, 3rd Joanne  taiH, Geraldlne Fyles (tie).  ii and over. Boys: Paddle board race,  1st BillLptham, 2nd John pea. 3rd Scott  Ypiing��� FrPestyle", '1st -Bill- Letham, 2nd  pon Avis, 3rd' Mike Rgan.- Backstroke,  1st Pijl , letham, 2nd Mike Egan, 3rd  Pichard Ega^.-~-Piving, 1st John Rea, 2nd  pm Thomson, 3.rd Mike Egan- Dinghy  (���ace, Igt^pichard Egan. 2nd Scoti Young,  3rd Jphn Slepp.  ���   Giris:  Paddle  board  race,  1st   Robin  Young, 2hcl Julie.Maiming, Sid Gail Mar-  rion.^-Freestyie,   1st   Robin   Young,   2nd  ^fAUle^anrwg^lJt^U^i I Mni don.,���Baok -.  pipe 3111*1 drum band. There are sufficient:  pipeig bUf abrfu^- '} moie drttmmeis are  nutcl^d This bapd woiild start up in September \vheri sphool js in. for fpUher in-  fuiniatipn contact Ttifty. Greig in Pqij  Mellon at 084=5265.  CAVALOADE1    " =���  On Fiiday niglp the Wixl annual Gib--  -(mi- Spq Cav.-ilcadu was launched, wben  1 Uc piiatP ijiup ^Y!,S blown to the w'Her-  Inif *At 7:0(1 p.m. Ihe pirate vessel was  lu-ml nut of haihpur and takei] to fhe  li'dw-up position Metinwhile t|-e tug"  (ijiH-plp_��nne nul and '.top^l hy (o (alte  nil lhe'pirates hf" liif ugUI "tinlo. Then���  llu1 volyntoer fiiu department loaded  Lie.u aboard the Connolp Sound ipn]  uuisod into position. After thp dynamite  ������as attached and all"systems were go  Uie Qrapple removed thp last pirates and  -.il 7:20 pm. the piia,te spip was blown out  uf the water.  Now the fun began, On the Cprmelcr  Sound the firemen hac| thiee hoses. Tjie  Ciiupplo had ii single hose The Cormelo  Riiiiiid-t-kised in on the lug a|id the hoses  I.mimed up ynjumes nf water, soaking  WLiryujie^po^rtWhe -Grapple. -For-aboul-  linlf aii hpW (lie boats when hose against  liases. I3eing,tiiP f'uickc'i boat, the Cormelo  Sound l'ottti^'ejl l]ie Guipple pud bl.asled  Hie qt her \yit|r three full hoses. Finally  the Grapple surrepded nnd came into porl.  Hoih  boats lainci soaked crows'and  per-  ���suunVl aboard bni-nu one scemeil to mind.  * \ *  PARADE  On Saturday the Sea Cavalcade Par-  ikIp conittumcen a! 11 :fll) a.m. Three coloriy  (iivssot.- 1 scaiiet t|inics M'lunted P(|lice-  men !��� ������<.* parade, fullpwud py-thu honor  yuurd >..i the pnyJ}) Canadian Legion.  I'mviding the mpsjc was the While Spot  I'ip6 and Drum Band from Vancouver,  nml behind them came the dignitaries,/  including the MP A for our region Mrs.  Isiibel Dawson,,and lhe rest of thc floats,  bipyples, marphers< etc. T enioyed watcli-  ing the parade and credit slipplct go" tp r  ap who pplp>prga'piise the floats and thosp '  ' whp Odrove the vgliicles transpprprig the  floats and those whp paitidpated directly  jn !!].<**. parade itself. ' **  Thjsl evepin^'at 7:00 pm. the pine  candidate*- ipr ,Miss Sea Cayalpade 1Q*?1  gathpred' on pie stage precjed on the  Govornuicpt wparf. The 2nd Ruiiper-up  M'as Miss .Tpap Blomgren, \h& \s\R\ipev-  pp \yas. A-Tiss Wendy A'��uii W& Pie JCTl  Qltpon was 'Miss Dephy Marsli, whn ^yas  crowneil-by last jcaris Qupen M'ss Col-  slpqn llushy.  Ne\y  Brighton, U?i-m!*'pr Is'Umd lFc]d ~  p-cir fishing derby lu��t Sipitrriay At 10,(1(1 '  u in. August 7 Mr John Knight, an e*xpprt  fishprman, lishmg pff Salnum pock, landed 11 beauty 14 lb  14  ni. white spring!  salmpn to win the derby.  ''There's a time for work and     .tp for \r\\i\  Ayid time for a seat  in the sun;  Ayp, 4t��&-gqod|.fei -watch* lhe worjd'go by  *\Vbep ap ypui work is done."  y ejingsd.q'// Ayg��sf 11.191.  By Appointment Only  Phone a��3-2602  GARDEN BAY ROAD  PENDER HARBOUR  iq*.. a-,  S-A**"1  "Ir-  IP  stroke.lst Robin Young,*2nd Shuila Har-  risori.���Diving, 1st Robin Young, 2nd Gail  Mai'doi**,, 3rd Julie Maiming-- Dinghy race,  jsi Nancy Wade, 2nd Rubin Ypijng, 3rd  Gajj, Mjirdpn.  ~''"Vi'''"'Mom's''.a'''hieeSly'ie',:*''1sl Virginia "Youngf  2pd Mrs. Maryke Crosby, 3rd Mrs. Nancy  Brodie, Daphne Avis;  Dad's freestyle, 1st Mrs. Tom Wade,  ��*nd Mr. Robert -Brodie, 3rd Mr. Mac  Brodie.  Swimming Relays. 12 yrs and younger;  "Pat  Brodie,   Elizabeth. Wade,   GeraldinP,  Fyles,  Ryan   Matheiws.  Doug  Avis, Joe  Pedneault. ..__     ;  13 yrs. and over, Don Ayis, John Rea,  Ian   Thomsons,   SJacey   Johnsthn,   Robin  Young, Kathy Davies.  .   Adult  Relay,  Anne  Le{ham, Marilyn  Hopkins, Barbara Wright, Tony Hopkins, ���  John Sinclair, Jaohn Crosby.  Ladies' Nail-driving Ct-ntest, Mpuon  H-QpMnsr-'Fiie Tug of War contest was  won  by  tiie  South Team.  Grapd Winners. Poys- Florence Hop.-  kjns iyiemprja Trpphy; is", George Hnpv  M,iii.-J8,;Bt��^pirt��A-'l,'ib'g Imeerial fissi\  '*'**Tmphyx:isi'l?6it8s Prpdie in pis.  The point system is Pgujed R for  place piiish, *J for a second place  and I fnr a third plape finish.  CLOSE TO  lApprox.  2,000 feet ot waterfront  30 ACRES  C0ll Larry Rear il on  683-8411   - 24 Hourif  Weekends - 885-9320  .   SECNELT AQ3EWC8ES DATE PAS*    ^  ? Th^_tfee ronilndei* ^>f c9rt��lfiQ events Is q sorvjeo of SfCHELT AGENCJES  PTP. Phone Pcninsi|la Jlfnes dlrpct f��r f^9 listing8* specifying "Daf-"  jPad". Pleds6 hoto that sppco (s (irnlted apd some advance date*; tpay  " hava to wait thoir turn; alsojtpf^t-tpls is 9 "rernlrider" listjpq oqly qnd  cannot always carry full deta)|s.  WlflfllVIRflaflfla��alVliW^  Aug   11���=-8 p.m. Sechell Legion Hall. Bingo.  , '      **      "������    '      A.. .".. ������'-..���  .  . ''  Auc)   13--8 p.rn. Sechelt Indian Hfjll- Plngp. -  Aim    14  -from 7 p.m. Gihspns Wli^rf-*" K'uvHniV Pfincrjlce S^Mper phtl"  Bonl  Uro\v. "',-, ",        j-   '    '       , *'       ' .���  ";.v  Amm9 p.m. Gibsqt'is Upgjop' Hqll. Stiujn SplisDance. ;  '���'.;  $SSi  ii Isf^  fnibli  Waltef Safety says,  "Kneel or elf Ipw In fl  canoe, l) Mpeet, HANQ  dN to the oapoe until  |ie|p arrlvus."1  kins, ;jsf Ri-iice Neilson.���Ff*dd|e)inard,  1st Bi-pce- Neilson, 2nd Cleoff pednpillt.  3rd pary Iaelham���Pinjliiy P,aee, 1slMi|*e  jr|ye,s,i 2nd Pnwrenee Wright, 3rd jjruiie  Nejlson.  qirls.jrreeslyle, I, Ralhis Rrndip,.%<h\yr  sop J'il*iiis'"l*i J*'. Kpthy Copko. Pael'slrnlcp,  1st Dallas Brodie, and Marnie VnuiigjIr*-  1-j-iliiy.CpnltP.-��� Diving, Isl piillitfi' piwlie,  2n(| fiupa nrndjo, Urd. Niifiiene p|Tiei(|iti|-st,  PQI|T MELPpN  A  tepnis  prpgnim  for  iieginners has  started at Porl Me'llnn and every M'inday  evening  al.. 7;PD   p.m.   Uio   tennis ixmp  is occtipied liS' young people learning i"  play tuiinls.  I-iast Mendey evening about a doyen  yminURlorH- turned iip to practise and in  learn some of tbe finer arts uf ihh spnn  llllei'OHt   js building' up  |n  furnung  ��  Ask for this booklet from our representative,  m* T, % GRAHAM,  who will be at  Powell Rlvor Inn/  " POWELL RIVER, B,C.  A<iflM��M9tli, 1971  If ypu require ft torm losn tf "W  mociornizQpre'ipmiflvoMrlHisliiPBB,  wo Invito ynu to ellmim ypur pflflda  with our ro|>roioijtHtlV('i      % .  mo>tmmm  mm nttwm f nil Canadian m\mm,  Q0S Piiinmulr %  aHiiMUMKMMUpii^l  CARS & TRACKS  LIVESTOCK  Hdat-resistant  tire sought  A PIVIPIO'N'rif P'nriK'iii'iMirii.  Unil, uf Jii'lu, Pa��� iim. linen  llwiiiHud hi (iovoinp n new iiini!-  u��ri fnr prndiiolnu hunt riinisl-  mil mill liiii|!ur-||f(s nililmi' fur  I|'||U|V liruH,   i|   W-||R   llllllillllll'Tl'll  TIlO lillUIIHO W||K jjU-lllllllll  ll.V  llll!  laiiiidnnr|)!ined hfatiirni Miiiiimi'  J'rnduom'H    K'ououi'idIi  Ai*hin;in-  lluil, Wlil'ih Ih biiokud hy Mul  (lysliin nililmi1 |(rnwui'n.  A a imin luul Imiin iiinmii li  Din miniii riiHinnriiiii, uniniiin  <l|<>   t-iinxi   |iliin-.|i|ii|n   Hpi!i'in  Inr    Ill   ytiiim,   0|)M   nlitlil   In!  liml'Uy mild in llm wnlbu, ���"  kiihw Um "iiniini; Hiiys no i.Vili  iillllllliinii,   lull 'JiiHl-'lhin'  11   nan yini hi'iuiK  llni nnhi?"  Thu wiiilur I'lipllml  lioMliin  II.V,    ,.!W��II,    iiorlniiw,.' WI111I  woulil ynn IWui'l"  'I'lin -i!|iHlumui'   mild   unl'lly  "IiihIuiiiI   uf   ^llllillll),   mny  li|iiltn,a.plinnn imllVL ,   POR SAM (Contlmio^) FOR SAM (Cor.tln��.o��U  'liml J'OlSTlAi:! Vdl Miiln/iji")!^   'ii VJiiAll.'oM fluiiVliiiJ fnr milu   J8l��|i1tiiJ,nh'l*liK''w��l��ii7ii)iTHnr^   JrhVlp || p\y im.ih  ||iiflH vim  plinlH. Illlll-!(lll!l,       !IIH7��lfn        J'linnn ||l|||--'llll'*,       iriPl-lfli.   .  vlmi,  Pi(|'., W/iUhiilil.   Jfliniio    k  III iiiilid, ilnlui Dnru pnolul  lir��l>!l-|fu   "ihnn,  Al  iiuiiillllnii,  |��l|  ilimr  Alplmi,      ruluiili      ii|i|<liiu '     li'nwi   fur  I'linuiH'!  Kiel   fur W IT'W fiiillu ^-' I I'm Muwil-i, ���..-...  DiiliMI.  Plmiiii llllli-JIKII'l. (Illlll-.'lll 1111111II1   ' uf    AiiHiml,     I'lmiim IflllMlilHO, Pii|i||H||, M,n, HIMPPU'I'I'V  Wi'||i|.|iir wuhIih  ,.���,��� "niuu'i .oi ;���!,   .     ... ''"���''y w'"1 l',/,",,! ih"!"' lfl llil!)!l-l'fn nn  iiiiw,  iiiniiiiu  lull Win.  Itll|!| HAMIIIillH Uhmlv, ni lu, , )���,�� OIIIHI 1./1,. P1111I11HH 11'riiiMm,    :,     ���;���:-.-, ;���,-. ;���- .-:.-���:-.-��� '        *      '      *  1 iiiiui;, iinmi I'liiiilliiiin, *ll(U,                             ,      mini).;m 0    fl.P,    f!lii'.yn|ni'    uiillninrd  lilifi.-��llill,          .'"         IWHIJ'I ,.           ".:.-:*                 , iiirilrir, *;iM>i>i|fl' nomo   worlt,    ��� .   .v.,'......,.,, *������*.,   .��������� Hlai'llHTMUMU   >l'i"i'l"i'   li-.iwi i|7fi| ll.iiilli A,A. Ilj Hhirim mn-'I   ir,J(liiMlilN'i;  !|   wuy   nwllnl  1,1   ..I           iMi   '       i'      filly, !l yniiiH, /imiii iilinw ur |.linn,    1 iMnlti    inii|ll    linnd .   n|in>irii>  plnin,  i| mihhi   hm  I ,m, i it, i'imiiii, ni'imi' iiib'ii, .|)riii.ii||���t,|iiniinitii|| AihIi ipmr- ni'Hn, Unirmil rumii'il pluym*. I(n||lu mul nilmr hllnlnui nlun  i"1   ^i't'.^.V^ '-'i��' ���iiin/��'Hi��. ; wwi'M nii��; iiiiii liuvu, *        iii)7u:i'?  luw vnlilcli', .f.l.dfiri, riu.li, llliri j,)IM Jinirimff iiiiii nniii<iil;"l-��iilif'" "'"       ���                                  '  "*��� -    ^-.���^^..~^A..���..:  wm.-                         mi-m n���ir !������|.||..    nml     WohIi.im I'l-IUMTI.Y   iimmi)   yi|i|   rn)|y in"    j'OHTAIHil':  ���(ii'vo-uv  niiKihlivn for Wi, Pit, IIIIII-74HL  imvii-nv  IIMKI    MON/.A    IIIII) HimrlM  ('1111)11',    ''/H'll    fllllli,    Piiiiu  liinll,  CliiiiH  (ill III 117  ,<iiil��lk   I'll,   IIIKI--7IIHI,   IHI'lf:i7  'lo'llHKH fnr iiu'l'ii, 'I'vhuii Mil.,  'illlV  llllll    Inr im  (iM'l(,yi>r  lliiml,  ll'ilmi;!;!       WIImuii <'iWlt,' I'll.' 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Hill  "IO. uytit,"   flrtii��nj|iiMr��irff;'i��iol*B-'C.*f��ir-*~*ij7*ij 'mn mwir flnw /nrifir~-T\AARINE"ACCPS*SORIE3~  iilmi.liii'il^   pm.l.y,   Womlwm H,  W"I��P  , ,<��� |������,.i���i  f(,   pi��� i,|)|,i  Uy'    ,,,S,    '%     . ���     ���  ill?, Wmt    nM Imolu*:, P|nlS nl Vni.ruuve,-,    ,,,!, '��� ������   ��� ��� , }r��i J ,U, A    hf,\ - l'l��'IMUl������ p Hopi -  __^-,   'I'l,,,  I'rupl.nl, 'jn.riiyl.., PhiIi,',  ' Wi "v"m��|i"h "��r 'wWi|��inVlH," " ,v'-'* - '����"*�� ��'��l'��'w"��  I)<��w   To   '������Mi'iJi'm*   HiiIoioii,     ,  ,, 1111714(7        tJo��ii��r��HHHil iili'iuirvliui  .    Vuli'li   i.'ililiH,   liupoili   llnll   ni     ���' - '   Kivnur-Ki  tai i-c  iiillin, 1. |(|iiy    r��1i��*"tr**"ft'itlrT"**An'~ilt*'-'tri��r-'|-|riK*�����ftnVH*-Knil1t)itr-'RMH'*fw-fTfryR|��r-  ^'l^ViV--,'��f;^-��-���  kiiinix,     o   P'Mik /liuiu,.��miiJi��ii, J��ii���,/iiid  I'lHmiimiL i.'umliilmi, Jii|��, jiihi- IIV/1; IJ P,  iiimii-Hii   iiii'i'I. '      iiiiiiii-!iii   mn-1,   - miliar/   I'liopu mm i��:ii):ip(j||iiiiioirp;f!,  -,       - ��� * ,        i ���  p  m  fi*a<j  *  M ' t > ��� fit  >>*^^iil�� i0 miM i^p^iiJ^���,*m��*0} **'0fl+  M**��*MlhB����ah^k.^ ^ 0^0 i  -    rf r.   ��a ���A   0*,  SHSSE��B5 &S����Sa/= =S-HSS  River Trail Riders horse show tfatur-  Sea Horsecapades , . .  ��� Trailriders show results announced  ���ovTS-^ eLudiwilli  108   enr    17 n.e.ve,  .encho  S.iaeeu  (Mi    Joe   van ^^p^^ S^l-T' ^  ?o?ve^.ton�� a^�����U   ^S         G.-nd  Champion  ot  Ho.W.   KoH.l-n *   Seo.oi, , Haivey   Letfle,   on   Tnanno  SeTlowTuL^ ihown   by   Mi     Will   Reynen    Ileseivo 10 1 ,ec, Il'arvey Leftlei on M.   Cee 20.1  ton of the Vancouvu. PohceSa.tment Champion   Don  Sandulo  (Da,by Lewis) Munay Lew,, on Eechgo 21 0, Pat Alcock  Inleunediate    winnei;,    weie    Danny INTERMEDIATE & SENIOR SECTIONS on Midnight Belle 21 4  Peteib on Royal Diebb and Bonnie Waid          Evenl   No    10  Western   Riding  horse Event No   14, Pole Bending  Inteimed-  on Tia Mana   Senioi   high  point winnei 01   pony    i.Uei mediate    Elaine   Vanicjiuk lates   Danny Peteib on Roya   Di ebb 212  \yab Ilai.vey Lefflei on Tnanno on  noney  Aga McCue,  Mina CUike  on bee,  Mai tin Paibonb on  Little Joe 22(1,  Other   winner weie - La Robie Senonta, Holiin Doupe on Rob Eddy Peiers on Lady'b Pnde 22 2, Robin  Othei  winnei  weie.                                                          Knucfcon on Tbolum 'Stoney, Doupe on Rob Hoy 24 3  JUNIOR SECTION                                  ��� Rebelve Geoigniai I*eifitl on Duke Senioib    Haivey   Leftlei   onTiianno  Event No   1 Wcblein Riding lioibe oi          Senioib  Tom Sampson on White Rivei 23 7 bee, Munay Lewis on Iledigo 24,5,  pony   Fust Suban Itleimeei on Red Raid- Scouli pel Heslop on CC, Munay Lewib Gladyb   Roberts  on  Comanche  32 5;  Del  er, becond Baibaia Slewaid on Sampbon; on HQ^l(,0t Giddy-  thud Julie White on "         "������--- *     ���"-  Rick   AlcoLk   on   Ti  Biian Johnson on Sonny  i Slewaid on Sampbon; on rtetll/,0   Glady- Robeits on Comanche Ileblop on CC 35 0  on Sugai  Babe; fourth Even,   No    n    Reining  Clabb   (open). Event   No    15,   Keyhole   Race   Inter-  Tina   Mana    Rebeive B()|) Tholluiin un i.jdclje be sine; Duiby niediates    Eddy  Peters  on Lady's  Piidp  Q.-..a.-aar - *-. .     ._ a-a     a       I-a  U   4 . r,,. r-.aa.la" Uan^atUaamn CT, Rll?  Ulie.    uui|fiy    ruioia   nil    mvjui   .-*, aw*    '�����-        ,,���,   ��...���,.   -,--,.---    --.  ..,,���   _.  sec;  Eddy  Peters  on   Lady's   Pride   17:2     Gerelu on Silver 14.8,. -  Event 'Wo,' 3 Baritel Race; Andy "Veinr*. 'eto; Krisla pursony on KoUo 11,0', Rubin      ;    PveiP 1% \S, |3stfrrjr l\m 'UUff me J  onScia^JJaibuAW m^m*** llleimeer : DPHpe ��h Rob Roy \i,:'i. . ������ iat^,.Geo^grR-*;^erPt^prr(PHHe \J m,  , BulibrouB^a^ 17D rcc;-Dan Ttairisbn on Diuinond JR.(|    Smith on gotcha  U,?   Mine  Claijte oh  _      Samnson_25 see.  Reserve Brian Johnson    sec;' Mijmfl.. Lgwjg. im-RgdJfla..JML.PM��   >'<*c��9������ oMf'10  ''*���";,"       '"J'   : ��� ]  \  ~~op&r\y^AJiA:  ~ -AJeock on  Midnight  Polio   IIJ.l). Seniors;   Gladys   Roberls. on   Poinap- \  Event No, 4 Pole Bending; Andy Pt.l i'>��--<    No.    18,    Barrel    Race.    Into,-     die 18 sec.  ers op Cat Palou 2fi.fi sec; Ja.nine Morrison pn, Buttercup 80 see.; Itobin Mo  Cormiek on Homily 29,1 sec run); Burb-  urii Slrward on Siunp.son ill-km;,' Pesorvo  .Tipio Wllite on Sugar Babe 31 sec.  Event No, 5 ' Keyhole Race; .liininu  Morri'jViii'uii Tlulturcup 0,1" ��ec; .Susan  Klohneer on Red Haider 10.4; Andy  Potpr.H ..<>n Cut Jiiiiou io.h; Holiin Mi-Cni--  inickon Beinily 11.(1, Reserve Kevin Mc-  ���Coi-mick.on  Buddy   11.(1.  lijveiit 'No, ll Opoii .luni|��li)|":�� Jlnrvoy,  Jaolfloi- uu Kjilj..; Bill McNJc-nl.oir'PI 'QliF"  vito.  Coh-ioliili'on   pvi/M  went   lo   Bonnie  '   Ward on Tin Mn'rlu,  . J'lvtiiil No, 7 Road llack-liuiKe or I'uny  (((pon); Bonnie.Wiird on Tin Mnriii;,'l)|nio-  (;|h ��� fSinilh mi Minion; Darby" Puwlti up  J')oi^-pniid|ilo| |Cl||l|-Noi-|iinn on JJniiuy,  JflngliHli I'lriiisiiio lionii) nr pppy (open);  1 i BfinnUi WindCJ'iu MlirlipiDiirby, l<uwin  (l)nn Hiuiiliilu); I'VuncIs HnlUli on, Hiinonj  CJnil Noriiiiui pn llnii'iy, " '  ,'-jlallur��� i'|ii.s��u,s ��� f'iiiiln,i J!) lift Jo M.l  ImiikIh; JiiIiIcii iiwiind by Lily JJnutJuy;  .J/llllii .Iiiii (Miullii J'lii'miim); 'J'luiiri'ii '.Jiui-  liiuiil'i (lliuni Mauior); iiuwn Myrlall  (,l<)(j��� vim' En), "Pkhiii viv'HIk Enough (Pick  ',   s  Vniiili��rlu!|ii|>), '  ���J'uniim    iiiiihir    KI    liiuidii;    Alii/!i'|a'|- ,  PluJy'K   Mum   (MIcIiiiiiI   Puiinp   A'lu/ii'iu'H  ^       Miiiili.' (Huhiui Piuiii), (.iuliliu (Ihilnii Mn- >  K.unzli,'), (bain-go (l)nrliy J|ii,wlH)a puhi'ivu,  Buddy (llohln M--<!uini|r|-;),     ' ������  .  ���  J'unidii of C'lilliiipliilw'l'niili,!,',; Alugrlu'i)  a     (,Jainl,y'K    Mini    (Mlcliiml    Dunn)     (JiiuhI  '"."'''(.'liuiiiiilii/i;'   AlogrJu'ii    Miih)",'   ir��wirvu,  '" (Piiiiuii punii),      . ���-,     ��� ,  "���ITuriiAiiiliii'''''J~"Miii1i(r 14,1 iiiiii"'la-Vi*!'!  'J'ln Mnriii  (Boiinlu  Wai'Pl (linger <I<��*1   '  ���fdlliii.iiii); llunuy ((lull Nuiiniiii'i Plunluw  . (Jiiiiul.  NurniiinJ,  Jh.iiui'vo, Uubiiil  (Piiiiio  J|iii|ili!r��nii), ���.  Ilni'i'iiliilo/u'l (lu|il|ii){H JlI  and nvuri  ���,��,.:��,..���, E  Anil/iu   (PhIi' Toi'bnnp;, I'mu'liu   iUhnhi  ��� lU'ipmni fipi',ny (Puiiilni, M*!l<"<j)i Hllvur  (JVJi'ii, Ml (���iiiuIh),  |(ii|(Ii,|<!|'��mI   Miit'im   mid   (JnJdiiigii   M.l  ,     nml uviici (hr/tiHn ��hown liy Nlyn, U, Mur--  lun; Jlliinbiid'H Piip/ii'i/iiiiil Uuii vim J*,.i);  |,iiddi<i-bii-Hurira (Hub  Tli'iibum';   lliiiiuy  '���"      i Aw  M'-Ciiu il'lliiliw Viiiili'lli'lO,  P'-iiuivif,  (.Innpnii'liit ((Jludyn llnln'il��),  , . Kuulii born atl'dy, .liuiiuuy Jut; Ctihiunii  ,    Cimmii   hIh/wii   by   Ilium   "vJiuni'M   Pmily  '   (Mni. rl, Hiiiilli); JN'mp'-n (JJiuvuy l,op|i.r);  ���i  Ihm'ii   ,lul)|i'��i   Oluliy   L--w)m;,   Pi'muivu,  ,. -;      Piulnii l)nl Vul (Darby Lowlx),  ', J(n;/,lMlu|i'il   HIhIIIuiih:   Jti'lil|un   nlUiWII  l��y Mr, Wllf H",y)i'ni[ Pun ttnnfliil/iCP/iiby  PROTEIN '2V SHAMPOO 4 oz size Dry, Normal and Oily Wealern's Price  RIGHT GUARD DEODORANT 7 oz Regular Western s Price  GILLETTE 3-PIECE RAZOR Includes razor and two Western's Prlco  r Qilletle-Plus Blades.  HAIR SPRAY   'Sudden Beauty' Giant 16 oz t,<z*j Regular, Weslern's Price  Hard-to-Hold and Unscented  LOOSE LEAF REFILLS 250 sheets Narrow or wide rule. Weslern's Price  **���**;-fc-'"+fcvA; ^  p-tWinr'-u tii\i  Western's Price  Western's Price  TEMPO DISC PAINT SETS By Reeves    Set ol   6 i-olors Weslern's Price  PENCIL CRAYONS Pkg of 12 Canadiana  with FREE Pan  DUO-TANG COVERS Assorted colors.  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A,  tBAIL BAY CPNTRE  i JSor-fioff ��� Pliorio B05-9B331  sunnVchpst pla^a  Gibsons -- Phono QQ6J213  swauijj-  mmm  mmm,..,... T"K*  ^^''mmmmk  COWRIK STREET, SECHELT r PHONE Bq5*?330 ������ ..0.U*.  r*^^**-*^^-*^--*^'**0^**r*<-0***'^^ ,;fc.,a.srt.: -L..-.V-** +���*~r*0v,0.��**-r ��� .���*���*-- - ��� yv - .    ��� - y| .. -j T ->v��v -^-fl ^T-fr-JrwsW.rry^fV?^^  < " ' '* " .' '    ��� ,      ^"    .\    *       ."       > i"    4 '' *        * -'VA'"       '*      '<      **"   ' -       *"'*���<      :     A,'      '   "'-.  k���al     '���      ,11  �����:��������� f]"'  a-?. -        'la  'i * *  !M  . fi  fell      '��*��� il* aaU-W '-. r ��  -4W'     '  ?��Ption B  . -pur pioneers  'ENINB&'^'^  1 ��� WprinwdWr AwbmMI, 19?1  Ptigga 1=6  P8I* PtjH Bttjldlnfl Sof|.p||      .  T-lr-Hf���-RpMM!^a' --. -  ���>  wm��Aw *:lfl fl-m? tg 1**fr. P.m-      i  ���;    PYPNIIV^ ��Y>��PPplNTMHNT -    *  Wilson Creek residents  honored with medallions  Surprised  _Mr, and Mrs Harry Taylor both pj-_  oneors qualifying for the -medallion  commemorating  British  Columbia'?  entry into Confederation received a  surpuse visit Jrom Hon Isabel Dawson   Pictured Irom left are M*'s. Diane Anderson,  Creek  Centennu  Alda Taylor, Mrs  Ilany Taylor  M-A-S-H & 4' Clowns  at Gibsons Theatre  DO YOU loinomtiei Mao Wesl being jailed  loi ofjbc-cnity in 1021"? Do you locall  Skinny Ldiucl arid Kat Jiaiidy'* Does tlie  liiimni ol JJustei Kealnn and Chailie  Chabe slill ucho thiniinh youi mind'' Weil,  Iking on to youi bides tib Uie Twilight  'I'licatie luuitfb lidck. via Infle inarhine,  lhe ongiiidl mnyicb ol all Ihe gieut come-  duiiib in "4 Clowns," Repioduccjd fiom  the ialio onginalb, Foui Clowiib is miibt-  bLo Im (i n y I, ii L- wlm leiiifciniieib Lun  Cluinoy in "Thu Phantom rtl the Opeia"  and nol to he mibbed bhow foi all tho  yminyei- generation who believe that -Jei-  ry Lewis was Ihe first screen comedian  It's oil foi; j.Jii-,ee days, stgrtjng tonight  He tiierej  Donald Culherland, Elliot Gould an4  Sally "Hot Lips" Iie||erm*in bring IP  "Mash",'the next, feature which will play  for sis days.' "Mash, is the funniest war  >x    .7 IP  J '0UH of Cannda's pioneers now Jiving pV Taylor steafn vplvc w)uc|i he iq,vpn,tpd a|^  :(\VilBon   Cieek,   yrcrB"'prej.fiii^ii  *yvtih its i]se haq spved pp]p rrnlts rnaryy pullipns  l|��eii  cnipmcmojalive   "jpedallinps  lasf. qf fJqj)a|'b. i/lr, Taylor gave mwcll tp |.hg  .  $(jek wl^en Hon- Jsahc} Da-A-'bon yibitcd pijlp rni}J business }py ho lps,t ap pye jn \ho  tjiein peibonally. , ' *' paily days al Bwan^or- *^uy.  <" 'Dig opcasion was tp havo hgep plalfe-        '>Mys. T'qyJorwab hpm, ^}da D^qphine  it was Bollpn in Picbpolt, Ont-nio in 1802  Tjrto  attend, Taylpts weie marncd *rj Calgary. "Lite a.\.  Comipitt-cp Ocean Falls in 1��22 must have jpeen true  coabtal pionepiing and jyir*!. Taylor has  cpompanied '"tfiy btpueb jo tell of those yearly ^ays.  Com- Now, btill on thp cqabt IjTey Jiye jus),  munily Assoeia|.}qnI Mrs. Diane Andeison actoU  fiom  the bandy  beael> a|,  Qavis  aj}fl Mib. Cay Fiaiislce, visaed Mr. W^- Bay.       u  Ilupi George FJeJ-ehpr, Mi. Wjlharp Hpniy WT_   .��� ;  Jfy-ylni and his wife JMis _Alda Taybi^ VfatbHAW  lioth piopeeib, and J^r. Oliver Lewis Qecr Although contiiTed-to-a-chair-rnpi,|,Tof���  apd Ins wile MyitJe. Mis  Margaret Mac- the time, Mi   Ohvei   Lewis Geer- lijas a  lend will icceive hei medallion when she twinkle in h(b eye whei) he tells slqjies  jetnins, home. " ��f Pioncei ing p) the Ojtapagan whei^ lus  " The   late   lion   Wlutakcr's   medallion fnth,er h"f a, ^ ia^ '������jd farm- An  Will te piebcnted to his con Jack ' av,,d1 i*��dei, he loveb slpuei, full of actip^  lelating lo the euily days of thc piovpipe.  I^OCAL PIONEER      ' .     Mi   Goei  it, a veteiat) of-VjJny -Ridgp  Bill Fictchei has lived in Gibbons and wheie he -lobt the olcjei biotlier he fnefl  Wilson Cieek sinpe 18U8 At the age of 85 so |u���d [0 pi event fiom eplibting m* the  yeais,   Mt    Flelchoi   still  lakes  a  lively f 1T&( woild wai  inlut-si ip affaus of the commuiiity   He 1Jo,n a| WelaMuwin   AihpIla in im  1��  Icdluied   ui   Hid  hook,  "The  Gibsons M)< Qcei  camii ,u VcInol| wjtb hJS fam:  ^undii^faoliy", wiillenby Ml  J^bPctei- j|y ,n  ]00()   Hc wen,  oveifceab wllh  ^p  ^'n lioc)<y Mountdin Rangeis and was trans-  llmn   in   Qu-Appollc,   Sabk    on   De-' ici|cd to the 64th Battalion in 1016   Al-  ccmliu  2nd   IHHli, Uill Flelchei   came  to though  not  physically  wounded ho buf-  pihsniib with hib patents James and JJJmma Jciet} sevoic shell shock  FIcicliL-i   in 18B8   lie altcndod the Howfc ._.    M)b    Qec|   w.     bQlu   m   Cambridge,  So-mrt bthool in Gibsons and at the age BngIand   L.oming l0 Canada ip 1B2p  .pf 11 lunk a job in his lalhei s bhinglebolt        ..��� .        ^ .  , ;, ���  Jjnip J hen  lolneiripnt home nesllcb in fupt  '���,,,,, , ,, I ices and  flowets pud devoted tp them  Mi    Metcheib   long   absoi-iation   will aie tlicu  nearest km, Mi   and Mis. Bob  lie loRgintf indusliy eventually fr might Kccley and Shuion and Diane  him In Wilbon Cieek wJieie he  woiked .,, ��� ' ^   ,       , ,   ,  with Hii.i.b and Jackson Logging  Com- A1J ' ?c P,0"c?.,s w��'C/e.y happy   o'  nv ei}   b icceive thc meddlliqnb and copies of l3i,l-  " , ibh Columbia's Contepnial book piesenled  (Lli-bialiiiB tl)e uu-dbinn ol Iho rned- J)y Wilbon pieok Centennial Committee.  Jljon piebcntalion lo then   father wpre .... -.     ,. ^ . ...  _���_    ~^~.���v,..,.-: ;-.. ^  his ilaiughler jyirs. Rita i^aplcpcj ��� apii..��fli*  *"*'* " ---'-----  l$r Hi rt Fletcher. Another son Ray lives  in (jtihspng anfJ son Allpn has made Iris  jionit in"''(Grreii'd"'FjiJiti'r"Wti?tH"*'i3'y^pt'a*; '"''"*"  .'I "���v~  TWJliW IDE  msms *  5TMRINS*  Bustgr Kca(on/Uqurc| ����� Har^y,  -'    "    Cl-igfljp C|iaso. t  NOSTALGIC Hy.MOLJR  _WEDH"SSRAY, THMR*1I?AY( FRIPAY, .  hwm^\.^y*\,"\% n\T?*i*r r  Pioneer Resicjent  I*NVENT0H  J'din in Be-uiah *j."ownship, i^orlh Pai-*  nlfi in l��82  Wijliani Henry JpayJor.can}^    S  comedy of the year," according to. the    Living on the Sunshine Coast for (13    by tlje province whep he received his    to Tm onto, jn llifjft. Hei hBipeij" ^jqrippV .'t-P   |  m'7'::1'.'^?' u *? a^�� a, ,"3eeP Jook into   years, Mr. Bill Fletcher is one of   pioneer medallion from Hon. Isabel   P"!i' "'i1,' .busiii^s, working in y-ie firs]  the   insanity   and  desruqtion   of  war.   A  mpvip everyone (oyer Jl)) sjipuj!* see.  "Hello JDolly" is the million dollar  musical that plays next week. This is tlie  one movie everyone in your family should  see. You've heard about, you've read about  i'l... now sen a I 'popular price's, it's iVn=-  tuslii.-, it's stii|ipndous, .i|-��,.rtyi!|il|iic,..i!.'��!.  faUi-rttwJ. ��� - - il'.S pyon Hi-oovy, ll'sj nljfe,'dy^V  lllilp. 1    '.   a       ��� ���   -,.,���-      ' ' 'I    ���  ��Jn HUM Ggvoi nor Jvonnofiy o'l'dttr-v'-it) ,p  survey of thu royourees of the pojpijy.'p'f''"  Vancnuver' Jslniid. Tins led to the -flit*.?.  cuvery of gold ul Luechtpwp noai- Vii:-  liiiiii. Rmnniiiil'H ,o,f Iho 'n1d gold 1.71 ipp  l||0|-o nro. slil) yis'ihfp tq "pnrjii||ii visilora.,  our local pioneers honored last week ' Dawson.  JT ,   a  *   *    ��.        .     ...  " -    ! '1  ,���   . . "���        l   -  ���*. '��� JfA  \  \  1    r \#i). 1  i'l*. *i''f|; w***.  PENDER HARBOUn  GARDEIM BAY ESTATES  SUNSHINE COAST PRIVACY IN A  PRESTIGE LOCATION  MAGNIFICENT YIPW5        '  GRBAT FISHING, BOATING. ���'  Roods (idvod, hydri and.Iclcpliono fp caclf  |p|, ^/dter sytta'm tn��l flll tipnrpved Ipr iupllc  Ipiik, T|>o Idiiol Ittcftptm tor, yom racrea*  llormj or., rclironcnl Mmp. Spijio vyilh year  round Iioiiio-^ iindor c��iiHfiiR|lon "IPW, toff  prlecd litim $7,000'wi|h ?>��� |9-y <)�� $500  ,d����w((,, Jetm*.. ani flpnniilim nyo||q|i|qr  fijqujro Ipdoy.  |-0�� M|<pC|ll'f*E CONTACT  YORKSHIR** FINANCIAL,  COfjFORATION,  900 W. Ponder Sf;, ypncf)My��r,  I'Imiiiu  60.5-37 JI   nr cqiiIdc*   Stuva   Nlcoll  al I'ondorHoiliPiir, Phono  883-2^4 <��l!��^h  Pjal), mill in .British Columbia at pwanson  J~j*iy .ilbo ip Pi nice Rppci-l w|ieie }ie was  cqnsimution superintendent, apd tgj 25  ygai-- ,it Qecai] J/al)s, finishing up at J?oit  lijcllnn "   ���  J JI is "ijapje is ppiRptuftfed jp ,(.!-�� l^i^  ���'. GIBSONS-  sWlP St si  ARE YOU MISSING THE  lARGAlNS?  Runabouf,  Wringer WssJierSp  Chrome Sets, Ott'ice Desk,  Wafer pressure "fank,  j-ppoted behind  MacGregor Pacific Rep|ty Ltd-  Gibson-*?, ^.p. '  STARRING  ElliP) Goufd, Dopqld Sutherland and  Solly Kpjlprman.  PpSTRIgTEO tp persons oyer  |8 unless  ocpoipppnicd by p PS-"cnt or responsiblo  -������- -'���-.- ...--.J^pciplt.'  *> PAYS  SATURDAY, SUNPAY, ^ONPAY,  TUESPAY. WEPNESPAY, THUpSPAY,  Augu.H4, 15, 16 ]7, IBand 19  at 8 p.m.  NEXT WEEK  11  m  STARPtNp:  PofJjgrq Slf-p|sq|f]df V/glJCf f^ahtpa  ���xtTROta-TJ- -csw.~JfAi   ���  ^u&r-ii'-zzfi&jr *��,&*, '!*.'����* ^-*bi> . -a*.a,*wJi!jai^i  y-Vh AxA?AnAiJ^a.'iJyiJJyy^.A^  T' -.fi^' l.*Wi     ft. >] '   'h'Wirr f"t*^-^'~'f'*^J''"k''l>*   *a�� T%. '   *Vv-i�� '*t",lt  SATURDAY, AUGUST 14'��',  ;.. ��� .. ���  . .   ��� .  \ '.'-���'������ ..i'l      "' .  Prow fakes plme in the 1pf@  (AT THK ^IBSOWS WHARF)  Vo'orflp  Vciry'rnrply mum w|l|)onl  11 lni|i|iy  Waller 5afo|y unya,,        -Jlilllo,   |V)r,  QJIvur J'uwlB ilwy W(,l~  "invo6ii(|oiocmnuiiioni   <.'0im"����I �� ylHi). from )Vlr��. i^iIimI'Dmw  "PEFD^MniprlnothP     ;��"ii it/ul uij*f|)oy yfm-)wn iu Hi"  wfllor.pipj always owjm    HMDhi illslrlul. limy luul |o|.j- |o InlH  Mill 0 hiifiijy/* ,m|)(,h|��� Mrs, ("MP!* (h i)|(I|.im'ui| f)|). iiulil  wllli hpy hnH\)ppi\ wl)o Ih'1 *'���*';'��� jvW  1 |l|�� |>ioi|oor |))Uf|��|||oi|(  :    -Si  6:30 p,m. to 7:00 p.m. approximately  A  ���WMa,  !!>,!  A BM'O  lh.  Py Tli" Pl������  \\h  mnMIMIIIIIMIIIIIlilMIIIIIIIIIPIIIIIIMIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIinillliniM|lllll��ll|IHIIIIIIIMIIII,lllinilllllllllllll^  r.    1 j ���. ��S.4 ��*.t ���niAwlM'ii ^*<  ���0A~0.il  seaman \s  IIIIHIIIlllllllllM}llllllllllllMIIIIMIIIIIIIMIIIil|lll(l����Ull|illHI��l��HI!|iiHniHiim  It^d-La.  TV BANpUEt  FROZEN DINNERS  ox,1   ,, ".-..,.,.':. ' ��m  A HUNT'S  TOMATOES  1    , '   ���        '       t*.  ��**    -���'-������ l��i fir  1  (RSsaaattBs,aa��'a��i'-a����i-jsa^^ /  A OUTSPAN  ORANGES  A OKANAGAN  PEACHES  N0, 1 Zlbi,  f�� yMriVjjtmtfi.' tjyptr ttpHUJti")  ...   .        . .,     ...'Wt*"jVt^^&WPt0���flif)rr &tnw<w*rjw  < 4 ' S'a  --       i*,     a t        ' *    < ' f . i  /W4frM4M<f'a<^aaaf,''��4H��,ja,.,r'aM^,'s?a4#^  11 ���;*^^|SS^i^  V    ' I K' ',^'*l*-*^V'%'*V^r>^*^is*;>w^  , ��� if"   ^*^M>w^  6  i *. *Ya|,..m/j|V^|l|,|,W��lf^rtWWI(,|lW^WB^ "J  - / -'��� -'' ��'{S,.'���' "���''[ '��� v.1' '' j <'/' "JAAAWifyhl  \x,(,tr.,,l^h��^ti,��rtil.t^H<<.rft\l,<iMw>b$i<t^ll�����^  p SEOyitu  ,<Jlr-  ������1. aayf'1*'4,  ^4^y*v:��-*-1"  $1 per ticket  fli/iVaDS GO TO THE  ^���^__������ itjfjtmtf  uoimm project*  ���   ^^w**r  Y.,^,,,.���,,.,,^,,..,.,-,.,./*/  (^.f  *���?-��- '^wiiN��*l8l***M^W*^f*��i. f ^  iffi'W"*  <i"fi  'ij.?.  .'���-���?  .> �����  1 ^.  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Alice Piet^h, "fltt-flV Pa-sons, vY��V tvepn,  ".Jips-e flaicl Ecjna JVJmlPy, Eileen piT*ith,  'Jennie Relte.-, Ahce Cheny, Elsie tUtt-  pBlns, '"Bwhy Pieese, Phylis *H,an<jfQrd,  Ojive Pgrte, Cis- Doi'hy, Jyimy SteeJe,  peiniee Ohamherl"-!!* ��*n*4 J-Vanlut*-. Also  present w��*s gitest Jim porhy who pinved  A great help wiUi a numhei of ehpteh His.  ^bstil.inpp wfts much appiec-ided  Cmwln's highest tempemUnP, Ui��i",  Was oil-dally lecotded at Midale and  Yellow Omss, -Saskalrhewaii, on July 6,  111.17.  .A.  Orif|ln#lity  Dvosaing up for tlie Cavulondp par-  ailo, Lnura CtimpMl x\\\i\ VmA Apu  T-��......_l      _1 rin.\t.l��tr     Bum     flllfl     fflll-  Ml  ���fr,  JJ  $*>  *v  '  43  SI.'��  a3   "'  ,1  Jack and Jill ��� ;���  ���  .,.    ������,,��� U���1S ii.   pnvrpi chosp Century Sam awl om-  ���I  -'"-ji'  ���j? * i  ** -?,  a.a^^..  *A���V'  .'���- ' ,'  -%�� --- '  'tif5-'-  * r {��� a  -*..   i  tf *������**���  >'&  .*'*,"<V,  ^ - �����"���������"���        *  "<\  .*   K? .   V  - "*i *��  ,   J��a-..  *W   jj'  v6  ',  f   1   ;-( '  **'      .  J!" '    -���  fj ������  2*\*   -  -a..*--  iL* <*���  a.*..  liillhilUes all set to taKp to the mm}  pxeppt for a schoduloil stop Ot llio  first hospital.  .  Sechelt Notes  ���^-by Pegay Connor  MH Junne p.is��n- hw\* his.faiher-in-Uw  ly*fr. Hert *P,*r.auMillaii anil frionil l.eo  "KisiihtuilvS'' Price on the "I-nretta J."  fisliinil ftm the * wppkend, -they are here  on a visit  f-vnip Prjniielnn. '  '   ������:nim------aliang'8-cousin---''-��r.-,--Thp-iias...prjt7,-.  -.,   ,     i-luiiil   of   New   York   lias   paid   a   return  * Wi    visil'   -v'1'-   PriU-liard  spent   his  sninmers  * ril S    n0 y'e��i's ���**&(> al  Urunthanis  Landing.  Jj\v. and Mis. flen Lang aiul Howard  i-riiisi'd lhe'1' wa.V l|P ''' l>'"'1 thinly in  .j the "Merlin III" I" visit lrvin and Ann  1 Cjairy at J'orl. Alice. Half, of the fiin pt  sui-h'a trip, is plotting your course and  tlie next paHTsjliTfding not you're dead  reckoning is accurate. Uoing through  places where il is'suggested you don't.go  iiiiU-.-.s ymi are familiar" with local waters  and nul losing your way ["assing1 all the  navigating tesTT you have set for yourself.  At Alert Bay they saw tha.higgest  totem pole in the world in the- finishing  .stages.  ������    Mi:s. Iluth Mitchell has had her sister,  Mrs.  iViill liom Seattle visiting  ��njoy the Nptity qriel eprpfqri J5F*ypur awn  fireplpse. Installed in a matter of hours, wflh  your choice of 10 colours and gas or \v��P<"l  burning flame. Perfect for youi' home, cottage  oor troilpr.  BUY NOW FOR FALL ENJOYMENT  UP TO  $2^Q OPE  Factory Delivererl  CHESTERFIELD  SUITES  DRAPERY  REMNANT'S Eoclj  HARD SURFACE  f|.OPRIN<3 REMNANTS  Reg. 6v0p fi" sq. y(l.   .��  Now, ppr sq. yd. -��*  !&&���          mir^mmmmmm*** ��� i       .....        y. . bb ,oMho hoi���Uiy��   s "Wis.   ..      _           __.. _ .. Happy Moment   rt^AnAUmhn' w&n -ni-esent for ftic ^(im^^Br-.of~SePh&tt, visiipil \)w b��*r- <  ' *,t\iS.t,r^'*. ' '' jrf^)��*fc��^ lYMl^"!*^'*'     ���-* M'       *        ���    .    T -^ ji.i.  ,''*'*>*'>,                    -                                                                         ^"(E^S^        ninl ihreo cif'hia friwnrts. Aunt Myrllou  , .... jfff _J***s^ .��� ^^ ���. ,:., .1...... cu, ���.;,!    ai  ilu., Kiimti time  "^\  ��� -�� *.  "> >  V1   ��.,  ^ -a-T  ^ ,^ i  ^l*-'*'  ,?.  .  .Ja      'a  ?",   ',   '-  . ��*       J  *   ' '   ,  iT:'i-  ,  V,-.-" "  a       ^  .-,.;-��-.,  J.' .*  -VTI-  WJfafe *  a, *   ;>.   .  ,V.--  "-������ * .  i/}, -J;..  .��^> > - '   ���  ,-e * .*,?  -.*  V^-Ve   -  '" >    .  .-   -a, *. i   *  .'.     >.  �������*����-  * "*      *  Arfl.!>  ** *  '���*���*���/*-.      -    a  *���!"&��������    ,       i  ninl  three of his  friends.  Aunt  Myrllou  unii.ddaufthlcr Shoryl. At the samo time  * hum Bout Ho is. Uncle Ken mul. his wi o  Miirgarnl   .Umum   with   daugliUn'   B*ini!*-  tfuuv   Ayer's   sister   mil!   IU'1'   hiisliiiud  ,i���ii�� iiiiii Marion  l'*nloy from Rniinmish  and iliuuihler  Kuiliy,  bhiih ' Hloplian  and  Kelly.     - ,. ,   , '  i" fi'tA I'VleiKls   <��l'  H���� -l^'iluy'"   ('"l,m'   '"   l,y,  t fill    HWlllH��iii;-"Mr. ii��<-l Mm. Hrm-.* Kuinhi nnd  115 **���* '     ilntighlorri Anno und ..MM lioin Wcsl Viiii-  iiniivci', �����������.,,,  '���Onn -nittlit limy snl '47'ilown rnr (|inn��i.i;  whim iMmmi iiniithhoiirs nf iioiii  My'rllos-  di-oiiiiiylin frtiui Hiicnmionln, nml minlhci'  ���;,���(; |(,���, mul I'liiirlio l.hihei-1  n��w ���'������-  "uy.  ��� |u hud im  Iinr cnm-  llvnr li'oiii Wnllinilhin  .-(iiv Iiiih   l����ni   vIhHIiik  iirlli-ll  linui,  llllaihiillil  ii  'rniiiicn   wlicu;   ho  l7Hliiir'H.-'r'i!i'iinl  wiih lh" l.(CM.I'   Willi  '.I*.', limn iiihIci  liim,  ('iiliuilu'is . luwniil    |iiiiio|ii-inloi'n   nvitr,  ill   dcnn'ceir h"|ow  /.<'ni,  wm*, oilli-lnlly"  incoiili-d nt Hmm, Yukon un, li'nliriini-y H,  111-17. '  u  9  Our personal loans  are easy to gfet"  A  php .yr  Barry  Anderson  ���*-i:  ;.* JJ^ * i  - *   .. i  it   ~rJ '  p, * i      *  *00>!ig.  '_  "Si* *"J  ��*.3i;''r>  r v"  ft %.���,* i  [fr.t*'  ^��� .*' ^  r*S. ���. *i  Jjs.�� ' jj  i' ���"- **.. U  "*J^^S*!    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'^^^Jtf**^**!***^^  * Xj .. ff'... -i, nWi>���r .,'r-.���t.^-,p,^, ..a.~�� ,,A��.i,,,.����ai��iua^J����^^*y ���  Socholr tflfllon Branch "MO  0*J  ,  Lofjlon Hall, Socholt  EVERY WEDNESPAY  AT 8 ji.ni.  JACWOT $*��5  TO QO  ^10 POOR PRIZE  jj^^^^m^^  ��Mll'MWSiaiS PSIEnrBB!  iaaji|IIIH-,r II   II  |iii.i.-ifa��-a��H,��aaWW  NVGnEN SALES  (WI)  i-TD.  Your OAPCO PAINT  OEALEIt In OII1SPH5  REPINISHIWG WOOD PlOOl'lfi  litmus iiii I'lidly i,i in|i liml oi I ii nl-ii,n li I.   '  'd'l (in moil'' I'"'""  tlm  linnl  ilnoiilnn.  ll   I'- ����M����ii  liowhlii   In  ^  i'l  ' j nil. Inn.-. - liHl   V-">i  inriv v/l'ih  in  llll ilni'iHH  mini,-wMl) n nii'iiinl  li.|.,i,l   n |,iiul�� wood  II MM,    -,-,,- -y/i^^ij'i^p'/vf-finririnifnrrw  On llm WImiiI  * ��06-?J03|   ,, ,1,11, imM  mini' wimi-1, n\   |ln�� llMI*,Jn'��l  |.imln-i   '  I.u mj|��'''"������ "'y*  '    - 'a .      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Worlf Clolhfl*  r.o������,.,Y^ora}(.,(j|ori,t ���,....  ' vsRcfl^rnxr '  imrmmm*.*,.  (Jliii  linnl 0|iii|f'illoii Imlmn n|i|,lylni|  llin'llml, li rluiiiiliilj,  A  H10P  diinilinilfid Willi liHIH'l'iil Milill'-   will '��' ,,'-|ti-.ln' im./ n ymi nfn f;��i|i��lol no!    ,.    Im wnl  llm Hi mi   in niiy .|,i|||iiii,  Muii'l  imi ml n<- r. i,ii.i:ii Hi"/ 'l'*iil"MJ  p^rw^wwH^wi-^*********1**^  llm wimil) ond nny nil lull nn llm limn   will ihIhI,.,,, <-,mIi llm diylnil HI  ' - ' 'twiw creek  LUWJBER wml  HUILDING  SUPPLY  Your  (���loiviml I'oInU  n��nkir  ./^till'lMI'il ����� l!",",   --|*f-ilnN ~��-��-'-  i , i!  Swnihlnn Coait  Hlflhwqy n��"*r  GIBSONS  I'WImiiyoii ii��ci(l Homooxtrn (iiinh for sdmo-  iliim* woi'UiwhiNh llk�� n n��w cur, n ��-i��loui-TV,  ii iiinjoi' liiMiHnl.iulil lip|>liininl, ur u vncnlloiu  llini'ii mnnovunil wny.H ymi t'lui lliifiin'o lliu    '  (IiiiiI, lltil.it Itnynl Hunk (oiinpliiii piiiHiuiiil  loiiu i'lin'luiMnulytHiivo you moiuiy .,". I'hmumihh  ij,i!i)Ml.H ItjHH Ihun oi'dinnry Inlying 'on Minn',  ,    A Mtrinpliin loun In ouny lo 150I, tinny lo pny  hin'k, nnd il'i'onlH.Ho liUIci, Yonpuy udlmnU  in onuy iiioiillily JiiHliilintinlH I lull ��r�� wurl'iji!  out, 1.0 lil your bufl|*n|;, Anillliti limn Ih lil'u-  liimu'iul in Iho linrKi'lii,'  Hoynl Hunk Uinupluu l"i>nn |{lvn yon tnw\\  ' in iiilvnuno no you onn nltnp I'or I.Iju ImhiI. iIoiiIh  , in I'owu, (loiiin in mikI nno un. 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^M^r^m-^I^Xt.00   0^<*~ir0*00.0*0'1*10mA—*»m    Va«aait»-a¥l»aaaq|»aaWaa*aW««P*^^ f   J   V        ^ 0***0*Wf0***0.*00*. *      ,» ^    —   lW^« W^»     11,^   ^^1* ^^V ^     W      ^^ fe^^-^W^M** ■.-•*%<%.   «■ ^ *   ^ ->   "W^*^ "W ^tfT^ni IM* M~ []     1I~U* ""L^ J'   U- UU. -I ■        \| ' -J ^■^***r~ Lr~ ■' «^a"jl    J U-l      l^ I U ■■» ^     '^'     U-l^/1 tf "XTlJ    ^^*^*J~Vt^r-^-0^-0^ ^^ ^,
a"     'I
•a I    \
>'■+     I T     . ' * *\.      / tjrf
)    i
V   -J    *,  .
1   ".-sr-j-T^-,-  -.^--^   ..i,y_T
*r-. "r-v'.rr- ---
' < 7 S, a      * i    I >''
* nrsenr
1* i l I   k .   ■>       . i a ' ' C 'a » l' ^*«5J
Sl-'JSllf^s'-v.f," , J, A'JAkm^ J'\
*i i  U    U-"
1   *    'V
r^r ..t»      ^   a/*   -v y ' ,-ilrai*
hl '*>.
f|ie Benfasplg fm^   ,   'Pag© 8-1
Proxy  cliH'|re^
."*^PV9 tJl.an !?«PQP Pbildrgn J^ftve pas=
s<id tlWJ*Jf|h -upo %mes sirveo. -^'I§'1-
pji'ldren cqn be ^qi^orfid fpr $144 a
yar. P-ivticuIars {lon"t il^ VnliaVW*!
^evvipe   Cntiim*ii|te§,   Sjj,  Spttfjts   {Street,,
dealer fofj -   -
.-j! * t|! * •
*       *      *      *
Ph. 886-2280      *    . Gibsons, B.C.
Winning Visitors
.'resented for lite ffrst time this year,*, with coaolv'f. Ilebort. Wakefield Inn • Wakefjplfl'arco^
Campbollis Variety aSoftl>aH*Tourna-    town put up a strong fight ah*4 will Npll Campbell rt
ment liophy  leaves for Abbolsford    tr-v even harder to regain-it next year, tulale'the'winneV
Too Lqte
rictymg fpr Walbfield Tpn ip last
week's   loitrjiiaip'ipnt,   TTeiify   Wiehe
,W^m^v-Wvm and  ,?ffb^:^4^|^^
ti •*". •J*'>~•,"*rri;'■-,"■-* 'v*-"',>4   I'/r^   ,
rfc   jffJr$z\      H'    *r   ' * E^   "'*''""f '?',,*^3r*,*^ic''^BT7jrT',k'*'»* *   -v. '   *^*^>*r~*--;''*Mt>-',a'}Ji»{1        -     '     /     •  /■
rjfwJpSfil     ilLfr.        i*   '      i *'-i*i'* J-, **• -"        ► V '. vHj*Q  *"-«*■&£*      _,*i"«y-rf'*"j|lJ
^?.f!vw       Ik    -a -v. jtWPmm ''Ilk..    ..«t».t.^ -     i -     **. * tj - v^*4 »i/tfc
f-   ■ "-    T^tM0* f&g ""
^ %   '
*"       M«t
WaUelield   Softball   to-ini   niH-lsr   1-hp
aide leadership of conch Oi-vilte l'n-
du-liill mji]e a I'ii-sl atjeiTipt at organizing
tl Siil'thalj Tniu-iiameiil whii'h it i.s hoped
'I"'will h(!cniT)c nji anm'ii.ii event. /
1'i-inr lo tho event which wfjs held op'
Aiiin'ist'1st, lenin me'mbors pill in a week
nl hard work whicli entailed endting
gi is.-.. niUiri'', levelling and lining the
eiiiii- playing area lo prepare the two
di inionds  foi' playing.
'renin's' ' eirliii-rrig = Ihe ;" (nnriiarneiit; ■
A-l liiilsl'ord; 'Gibsons Legion; Hoherts
Cii-i-k; Tcxada Legion and W'iki*-"'i<"hl
Inn. were diyided  into A and \i events.
Kmal game in the B event was bc-
tv, ri n Gilisons Legion and Texada
Li i:iuii. Gibsons won in ' extra innings
with final score 7-ti. As winners Ihey rer
lu i \iil   ijilfl.   prize   money.
Knuil game in lhe"" A event saw
Alihoisfiird and WaUefield tied at lull
time 'J all, Extra innings gave Abbots-
foul Ihe a run lead which won them
$Sr. prize money and a lipe trophy pro-
tented lor the first lime by Neil Camp-
jull of Campbell's Variety UP.
Wakefield Inn players are; Orv
Underbill; Fred Simpson; Ron TVIangan;
(jeny Anderson; lyi-ei-ye "Jvprluli, .fohn
Iflid'narelr,   Gliff   g^hvib;  iffpV iloubloy,
II M ,1,      r.   I I|J|(, I     I |< ,, ,1
Val Aijgitst makes-it- to third hase 1o- »r. Ifenry Wicbe
head hhnie  op a  ttfplp froni- M<'
i HSiilnarejr,  uipt   laai'ip^iiv,  iy|C!  uoubioy,
1 Huh q-ari}Vl.t>0Hg-'.§-hi:isVi*ii\"isJi;-..'"Rpn puns-
Tiiri pall; Tl<"n* Aheatsl} Val August and
There's no sawdust on the floor now. No flickering gaslight.
No bellowing honky-tonk. But when a msr. calls for a real
beer, he still means the same thing- Beer brewed slow and
native! Ip the honest-to-goodness Old Style way. Comjn' up
,P,three more of B.Q/s best-seHlpg bepf. Old Style Beer.
t   J> .,        11       l   j \ 'ii an    ,1 ,    r   '      "~       '
- I 11 I
Does Your Club or Group report its .,       .     ■-■■,,, ■.,*■. ., ...  ,
■•'■■>.- if op si ey apd tie Wf-Jkefield Inns        A hlas|ipg ppwdor fnpiory wns onm
n   .,   ...       „        ii*     ini      •!».•_    o       tournpniept    game with Ahhotslurd cnpBfrupted by lhe CFJ| Dndcrdiink ai a
-   '1... . ./ICfiyjfies. HeqiUarly IO  ine  limesr       U-sf week, Tje'tl ganie wept inlo over- i.pini, pp tho Frspp ubnn!.K! ipiles porih
> J lime w|lh Ahhotsfonl  stealing Iwo «if ifopc it" uxistuci pvpi: ijip pur.imi Jitiio-
more rjjps for p 4-2 win. I)r'- - '     •
Slow Urowod and oqttirqily agoifl
V|ill «dv«'lli»nunl li pot piiWIilnJ or tll,p]><iiiii, tn« uquor Conlml Poitq or py Hu Buvurnmltil ot Diltlili Colurnl*
LffilrK.     v""-'*ss»i. l.
'       ■a.ASS^
•'i.« m• V     Wsrf ,'■ .
A^m |
Tho'Of her Gmys
9 p.m. — 1 o,m.
•SATUPPAY » • «i00 |',M, 79i0p P.M.    .
MlflliAV *'***, SiOO P,M.'BiOQ'PiM.
Ailiilu fl,*-?'- ClilMiBii Un«ior 18 ll.as
i    ' Siiiiiiiuir Houriln Vl\<**i H»y*
pijv«-lii Wlnil'hv Opmp 'TH U|30 p.m,
Plnlnii Ihmni 0|i«n 'Til 9iap it.m.f
Mooching Slods
9'/-i Mr,     x •<-4
Phono 005-2311
|WMWWnnnBi^ywnnaiiwiw<OT»»»»^^ *~mLt*lrmnrm0wm*f,
UmM®M Buckets
•    wiNstoN's ■ SPbRTJMG GOODS
Hoqil of the Whorf, GIMoiib Phnno 886-9600
i 1   ' 1 '
60 HP Evlnrndti Motor. Convort|l»ln Top,
A'Ronulifnl Poof iFpr Stummor Fun, Soo
IrAt Gibsons Mnrlno ToiloyI
Mnrluo Dr
Phono 806-7411,
m000r0vHi0H#t. WW 0*,0*>0wmm0i0w»w0M*0r»m'*nm00'm,0m0i*,0000»Mm*w*v<w^
n   Jl\;l
—- ~ — IN T.V.-V|EWING.___T.
*..j. ™. i.
• "       Plionft 883*2441
HJUmimiitMWH'MUMWXllH I* ''" "*""' * '"" ■"■»rill''"l"'* ""* " »i«,i,«ihn». ■, ,aa*,a. « , a  .nl
0       *       *
1 ,
..      Giioamms  - H<>vi«tifs .- Hr^-r^iTir-s^
Cavrrln Street Ww," B8B-9M*.
^nnllllllllaaltmWflWlWWWllMliaWtl^  "' ' ~«..»aMW»«w«M»««l        PwwawWWWMW»I^W.WW«IMl<M>«WMIWW«Mm«MI»w»«W^^
Cliff's ft flm p|oco fo got nil your n*ifl<U,
Tiom ||iq lino lo ihu |>rtfiif Clill'r, Hoots B<
AffiiiS!,<)il«« |i» yriMf (>i)a\ln\i (lt>lilni- r.«nl|fj.
Prop" In In'lriyl
"-'SrTC'hcfr'*"-*-*'*—*'-----'^ I
*.%? '
»fi •.-,
a -.
-     ?!a.
•  ,'l      '        *
r-    r
y-   J
•   *.    > • J
**'    <i\
"   .I         -•
■:;. s
■ > V
•*\ **-
1        i
H *
tmt%0(lfm1mJit^* V*%-*^^t^^ji^^^^^^w-^ im m *.*i+.mit* *■ -w*.^.-»* JM-H*^****"
jPfcajftj^h^LlftU** *)l*lT  ^  *l^ •1>t'l***fclJ**l^,fc ^ ■    ***' ■ A^|a>wfc*.#l>»^*AAAA<fc^ ifc^A* ftWM^*,*  ^..^■^— mmlm*.^.*^^.^p.lma^^^^*^00*^*+0*.J^lirtilk;ifllfl*iit
*     - * ** * *■        »■      i'l ,    , « *  ■". *l -
>><W.>»<<^Wi**w^i'^S<W**--«**-^'^l**^,***'^<'*'-*»^^^ f*i. rr iT»i**irf- ffc-.iTVi*'"'a.f>jftLr|> <
„                 .'         .,                          -,           "                       "                  -"-.  ■                 '      •           *    " '                            .       1*0.           r                        H-*             ,     ■    - -      --, ,
*': -   .  -,.      .'*■*•      . •-  ■'     ■'• "<.,■'„•       .             ,, .-.'.' ',•'*'-
'-        ".      *V>        '-*•„'..                s"" -!->,•" '.V    ," "/-^a     *lV.     •"                   *.'       '    '. •     1        *.„-.      .      "
*L    0    *■     '    " --'^ ^     **^j*!^gip*V^^ •"'' 'a-1"-
a" ^-^2^-aaS ^.^3^^
111 J ±\,
{  « A fA Kj       «■ " ""l
> *-» *v«* ir -s ** I
Hi X.      0 T
j i , .'V   i   ■•> •>
'a     ,       '     \\     ' '•    **
•"*. .
SWe spectators, Aqtually these peq-,t>oat takes but 600 ft of line ana aw ^
SSfMw far publication, MP a(l orishink (Qi»t<bp W<"<1 toft' WfW-
T\~0*.A  Mrirwri A W con'cevn and aistippvovaJ of plans by.
Peaa IVlOOn A (,Ue fyjgippal nm-*\ ip "^ove the Fender
•ft   Editor, The Tiroes,     . Hrrhour   garbage   dump-   Th6   P"'0PQSed
,¥,     'Sir; Four iujndied -md forly-Uve mu-    iocation would be very dose to S stream
■>*\ lion dollais to felcji a few dus»ty loplis    Hf3a(j by mwy people and animals. Also,
11 fiom U*e moon, -while six million home-    ^^ ^Ye ,n ^ie stvpapi and coho salmpn
V, ,1 lebs Pakistan btarve! Why not clean UP    spawn "in it.
■< ■  Edith's wrongs befme meddling With a     '    ^ dunJp ^m^' qoi)btitute a  great
dead mpon? danger to people' and animals by polluting
(j-»      „Where is our sense of proportion? pr,    the ^rapnI| rpher-e aPe many *)i\a*V Placed
S'\ loi that mattei, our Christianity? u     lhe dump cou]d ^d .iocated where such'
E. W- ABllAlTAiyi?     p0nuvion ^vquld not ocpvu-.
,.. .1 IP signatures attached
 ,„_ _„.,.._, Good Question \
^^imm^mom      >BAv\'i am? jvist abcut wdy to flip Edit_    Tne TimeSi' V
my lid—and it isn't the heat wave! I have ..-,-   S..T ™:j-h vi^fence to the .Prime Min.
ijaracliute for   just regdJ*J^.&ej*--i^^^
to  the  B.C,  Civil  Liberties  Assopiation „   convict-striped    sweatshirt   ih   New?
underJhe Liberal Governments Qppor- foundland:  Could  this  be  connected  in
tunities for Youth program.. An additional     . ■-■■ ",   -. •■ : : : :
'^, v^   1-1,000.00 cam?.to them from the Depart- * yy^v-y..- •     „ _ — „._.-.
■men't of siti'-ienship and Immigration and •       '
V;   ,'!■'   r,1,.^   * -■' yTAAJJJ       \
any'way -with President -Hiwn haying
depWqd \"ai*3'wB0lE to pp ««N^OT|Rl C1°V*h
'i      ' GUJUqyfa  (Name supplied)
fist '"& 'Vf^ SO Year Old Youth
• r"J>A;i^y^Sik Eci'iipv.The Times,
urroilre*~tnim^ direcrtroTrr-Ot-ta*\vaT
^ 'What  bugs   me   is.  that  the   leading ,
!l liglits   in   the   B.C.   (Civil   Laiberties.AS-"
I bncjation   (Harry  Hankin,  John  Stantoti,
| Hill. Deveral  and  others  are  into  then?
' ftftidJs.
Eurther, .1 objeot to my  tax  dollaVs
| 'foing tp support "-an organization which
( has systematically lobbied for the legalizing of pot and pornography, the removal
of prayers and Christmas carols from our
, scli'ools, who appear more  interested  in
! the "civil rights" of' U.S.  draft dodgers,
I deserters,  hippies   and   yippies than  the
1 rights of the average long suffering tax-
paying citizen.
' The time has corns for all taxpayers
and law abiding citizens to Jet their'MPs
know^that they are sipk and tired of the
lefl-wing favoritism being demonstrated
liy the Trudeau regime.
———. -—^tivniMA-icr-Kmi!^
New Westminster
r Get S4i
&kij ■!&!?#& -"feunch t0 be   tor
Hazel  gets  rea^y tQ  run  into  the	
Editor, The Times,
Sir: Following is the copy of a letter
signed by nineteen concerned residents
of the Pender ^Harbour area, which has
been forwarded- to the Sunshine Coast
Hegional District together with other
i-upies to Hon. Isabel Dawson, Pollution
Control Board and the Dept. of Fish and
Wildlife. ,.
We, lhe undersigned residents of Klin-
dule and neighbors, would like to express
\% r   ,    '
' **< , , ,'• "
1-   , a**        ■      a
T,   .,     ^r  - a,, i   -  't '1
? s
* &m
9:6*> pim- >o 1:00 a.m.
1*   . i'.~
.A :;
*v?  « i
with Polynesian female
Popular performers at
Oil Can Harry's,
tho Down and Under
> and folovlslon.
SPONSORED BY ROYAU       '  ^W//^*ViH^ '■^'^^,
'CANADIAN LEGION'.BRANCH       •?'*W*M" '-..^
, ,      Ho,-109-
And there's two of it.
Summer lager. Summer ale.
Buy both at once. Six of each
in Labatt's
pair pack.
M' r     -■ ^fci,
'-tsars'*''*      M Jaf^sk-JiYmrte. . :.£*
\      You'll like tho tastes! ^^[y
fhisadvertlsement IS not pUMisheidpr displayed by t|j*» Liquor Control
Boarder by the Governmont ol PM Columbia.,
hWi**.' i**
af 'I
f *    J
 ~"—   mWm
Go I
0 00
-KWaT.   .   *.
£sptaa.        af  .
fr; \-
■. -'♦    ''
~H.   .'* *
SffaA" •
w- .      *
^f   a      •     ■
*"il   '*  V,
«5{*a^7.   ^1    *
??«'"'- '
'fr-ni   .'
,^»,'(" -
*", ;r
■#-■":»> ■
BD*« - »* ■
■s* ".  '
*■*., '.' j
"It**."  I1   '
**+T.Vt*   '
?#■-:■- »
•H^- * ■
I©1-   •••       »
2& "--■
m.^ 0 ** ^*
^>   i*r /# a
to.**-'.«" ■■*
***.c—. '
T»L*    * ■*'
._--«- ■"
■u-vfar,  _"*'
rv •*>
Ho'h pff mlfl flying h» Iho ornilgo ^nil
• wh'llo nnrnc-hulfl, Inkon' C\my n«/,ol
liiuh 'ovor Ollwonh hnrV.oi»' Jnrft l)«'f»>'°
I ho orownlnrt'of Iho Ron Ooynlcnro
(juo'un on »SnUii*fln'y ovonliig, 'IhroMgh;
.Mil Niimlny, UiQ^Vonconyop 1».T.|
. . W«Ii»r »SkPf * 1 mI>-lhcHItsd.«|>««»«*<-°»'f**- ^.
it yrtu'vo ever \w\ lo nenrch for fl pluco lo sleep will) dnrknen
InllluK lijsi you'll know ilia -Itnporfitnco.of n.rencrvmlon,  Im
plioniii** «lic'"4 menus much m.»rc,,. li mount" doyof iclnxmlon, ■
'  '       L.:n ■",•:-. l»«|iH! iili|a io Miifier «t IniercMlna W** or
-.^ upend nn cMm lio«r'l|» iho »un, Mnjoy,
wmETM*. ,y,)n| yiiciiilni) »|l tiny, cvciy «J«y. t *f
FRIPAYS, 8s00 p,m
jackpot $300
•|75 TO GO
I      ^ POOR PRIZE *      \
' ' mmmmmm
iim EBedric 1
Whlim Giipplloa
Spoclollnlnq In
{Electric Hent
Phono 005-2002
i/a mllo from Sochcll on HlQltwny 101 South Plionu (105.9336
WP-'I'i: f'CNOVATIhKi Till: SIOlTlT. . ...I'l.liAM- UAUI; WITH  US.
...*. *^ ^..^^ ■• rr  **,*.* ».*.* %.,fc^.
;.- a-
■^T*^~■ . ^^S!^^^^^*^.v^^;v^^s^*r' '        >      „    . *.        ■   ..-.      -.-,    '
-;   »
.,.<«, \yt j AAA 'Al '*•'** .■>•'.'" ::- :Ja?.J ':^\JA.IAJ ■. 'JJ* .-v'-v..*~A$'J*AV;-m*'*mxj;ij,': ^-k'-'j^'-^s-, •-■:•&.-
'^'■•, v^;^.;*^-, Vvv%.^ w *•-■ - a  ■ •■-• *^v-?-.; .-^--v^
.»                                                     '                        .   '                                                 .                                 -I'1                                           „                                                                                          „^j-                           J.*1'",.                                »                               «                              J*1*!"!,*.                             .,                              '■"                       ,                      ■   ^        |.                                                   . • * L *^.w"rl\.f*0 +
-      . ** * * • ■■ * _**_ ^_   Jaa^      , ,   ,-fa.. ->  _      _  _ a.u .r, .«,.     a    .a- ..   a ■   ..    .,-,.-■. .aau .   ,l._fL_ _  - ^.m-^^w v «. v v -j u  _,._„./v.,~ „-,rw~* .a" ~       -f --  *      '   "I"1 ■a^w.^T*    ■ ■  ■■- . ■■ ,»■ ..   ■- N^Aa-S^aT**^..       ■» '
,^     ,'     .,,_, ,, -,--,t   ,„-,...,~W7..^ .^.aWW    ■■■■ ..,..,    - ■-.-."- a>^>Va%-VV^VvW^ry^W,~^>Va^.V. -^W-f"*..  ,/>    ~0-~-V- .— T" -— *• * "   - - TTV   f"- "-——-—-— __ „      ^,
I ^      f>(, 1 . '     ' ' ,    .* . I , '».,..      '\''vH    '. a     ► -a 4       a,      1*„     ■»„ ."a, ft! f 'a1- . " ,' - * '» « '„ .        - -    'at""'     ',".' * ->        '.•>".-     ." -*-'      " r'',("'-|»V
(        rt*1
Wf-jn^gy, AwamrUf 1^71        The ?prim*-Hlg Tim?** Hup 8=5
I   V
•a 1'? s
i"   '
'?"*vf^HH@^4?£*iff**■ 5?j* V>''i "if1 t^At iniMiHiS pf ]»rmscl*»eW revise
^, .*&&.'&%&£*■. *yy ", ■»* i>c*vn (Jiiitmipd by <!*y \vpi\ihpp.
,,..,, . .. *\i] ,ioo punnw itimmhi i|*a -PiUer
ks*? /" '■*, .11' ,l li*-t nicc'lln ?of ^et-l^it PpmpcM a^
*.,-;-//.-a^>-   na ji,ai it iiafi'bPe*"i noc«**-8-M,y m o<ie Pr
.^" * J   u\o Ipcaiions ip pi^ in 45 gallon wn-
"'* lam is HpvvByei, Ihe'Jppal cpl|eptov jiat^
i ulualet* Ifoeje is no way be }vill piplj
up Horn Dpnla,inejs \h*.\ size.
Aid   Hi-rol*.!  Nelbc-n  pqmnienled  th'H
-avot-if* bp bccanse of u-^iwptgbt "ibis,
II in \pp pqnlrppl," bp dd(3ed.
Mcj   *tjcnqp*r  dyp>v' MtPnUon _lo_tJiB
I 11 tl)ar~wberTTlii- aaiceniliTpwIfs i-natJlTT
tfye   pHnlj'ficlur   bad' said   lie
„„   f-W.?liTii|lB,   f)   Rroppi-   gqrbjl^P
''\vc *\vg 1"|QW"._\p. the, s.ecpnd ° ypaj-
' PKper irnpK" t^^i'i- Mfty-
:npd Hint  this is .indeed so
Aid. Tpd QsiwH-pp -pprnmfnteii on '\hp
'.M\ \h$\ Jbp ypipi \P tlm dlOTP is in a
iiiiiU|e-.'mNs rpsnlting fynvn.. Vplnsp fall-
^   "IK ■ I'l-ffiT! tbp !"l'P»Pnt tvvu4'-      •
£' ,       AhJ.   fiennPI-     also   p0llTpli»JllP*5   lb'*!
?      pukuii is pnly-qnce.a ^pplr §nd lUijt -ipy-
...uiitionai lips tp be bpnvp by.lhp botise-
,WM    imlder or pierPiiqni. AsHpd *A'b«1 l."P X^HS
Happy crowds Ihrongod Gibsons last    biota in the background  Those peo-
who apQFEp
Siwiipi'liihga fil^.a,f|Tst-:'c!asS agoof   by
WPokoml lo. lhe Sea Cavalcade and    pip  wo.o.  IhPiwghly    Pnjgynjg  lhe   .^- ffirjclffifttli SunS
Small motef
/vith feig motor
allluuigh Uio/tempei-ature was .higji    Demolijion Derby on Satiirrtsy ajter-
this was not- a queue for live.liquor    noon.
\ia!ed at last meeting of Spchelt Counpil.
Ik annnunped that cmsswaJUs oh Cowrie
Bireet liayp a,,ain'>l>«en painted, this tinie
Mill  ialex paint.    .1 ,' •
Mayor Swipn told him "that is \yhf|t
1 ubpected, it Ihis just about worn off
aluady", lie1 explained that latex is
uu tbless for such a* jol> and thai it will
b nuLcssary to obtain proper road mark-
in'  paint- ■
Aid. Nelson said he had been given tp
mukisiand tiiat latej* Wi?s best fprsupli
U--L It was suggested proper road paint
|il obtained and the job done again.-
>f,. ' * J     '. '}  xJM'l-.^.f'. JJh
This is the pt|ll)oard for tho nnan
wiio takes his fls|-jnci serffiUSly,
It's tho simlM Evinrudo wjth
bio molor foqturos. Flshorniaii
has a twist-orip throiilo, full
.goqrshKi, tliqrmpstatir. lempor-*-
aturo control, shpol'-mounteil •
propallor, find nioro. And it do-
livoru nnoiifih power to piano
two iishprnifln-find a°"ir.   ;,
Mr.-iflciim" fork
Iff ' ■ * -''ip.
t*., If / ,  i       "S,i
~* U it •Lsi- ■
"ir I f *" I      r
' ll/*) *    'ft   "   ; 1   \   ''■   ;/' t      '
■ - ';'  :.  so L—
.Champs   .
TuKIiir n bow bufm-o llm lur«t> «i'»W«l
of doiighloil *a|)uc|nioi,H1.Hl(!|< mh<I Iiiii'"
old Wrny wort! (|w;l»n«l wlinjoi'-i" (»f
Um HI7I j)(iinoliliiiii-Durliy Inking Ihu
Iriiphy from Idi'l, your's, wlimoi1 Oui'iH
<!MI,mV',|i.M«lf' .
Vy-ijipr Saloly snys,
."TmII yoiir moiuor nhd -, ■
fnlllfir Hm) ypu awnoi ■-,-'
to Iuumi t« t»yv|ni iNQw."
,.,-.,   i
,a>MJ|     §00000
^ •■ mtm .-       *- —   Jj.ji.iJ IW*
5|rp'7/§ .1" SAI.E
6 PAIB-rRIDPB jlpAN?—liP^iPt*.
51x0 9/10,7/8. CA'J*tm
Rpg. 6-9** SALE ^«
5,"<   7/P' caa.r»4-
Rog, M ?^| SALE M»\3^
? pAipr^ppovyN pehi^s-
fjopilwaonr. si.u H/12,
R--MI, ^.99 SAI-E
LAPIE*"' SLACKS—S|«o 42,       ^i   (||||
Ttiriii^p, R«a. 3.9«       sale «"w*w
5 PNlrYr-CARPIGANS-- ' _
BcNM, nylon, SIip* S-M-L.        Cft.JEA
R«a, 6,9fi SALE ajN-PHIf
S ' ONLY-—*'' f.
f*o9, ^9fl SALE
MISSES' 4h-6k
DLOUSES—PaehoBo-l.  Shprr  sloo'vp^,  Ipng IQ pA|R—CfiTTPN ^   , p      . fl
■ sleeved.   Slocypluts .pript  and   p|pin, , SI*ot PY-IAMAS—Rcq.  1.99      5AM*''
8 to 36. NPVY '/? OFF RfG. PR|C** ^ PA|»^HMMEh SHPRTS-
SWEATERS—LodiP*'on«l Mi",!*S l0',', l'"^V' P0.''"*"'
lomu Icjj IIiqo ' Rog,  1./9 1       SAM
S^LE^: t«5^   Ini-S1^ 3 PNI-Y-SHPftT Sum TrSHIBTJ—
b'o^Y^AOlPs rra.-     *•'■■      _ \,P     ,:,. '     ,5AI-e «ap
Sixo 32A-36fKSiUcp|or«J<l
Rpa, 1,29   J      \
31 ONMT^-qARTER B,ELTS- , .„■ . ,.ilh.l c. ,. ft 0 „ ,Q ,,.
Siioi 22-30. IfffC SAHPALS—SifP»«-9 ft ia-13,
Rpq',1,25 "-:•:. ■5A|-r*/ J R^-lj^ ."• ■- 5AM, PRlr
PANT    SUITS,    BATHING    SUITS    ANP »/ T'•■i<2o6,',■
W $)
5|ic» l-m,    '*,
R"«.ft,9S SALf".
SUct S-L,
Rbi), 10,95     ,'■ SALE
Nnvy nml Tiiri|ii»l»«,
% S|ip Sfnp|| »n|y, SALp
,   S|»hM-1- Rm-I n«'l M*"'V».
|loq, 9,9» SAM Po
5 0(N",Y PULLPVERS— P«Hm| liolpril, ^IfflYT
ilrlnn *,flth|lnH, Slip M-L,
n«a, f),9*\ ...,   SAf-e
sixp n,
Rwa. 3.9?     . SA1.E
r«o. wr' ■';    sale-^S^
Slifl 1?,
|Uip. 4.99 SALE
bpys' pulCpvers amp carpigans—
SUp 0-14 A»-l- BfPMCPW
,j2!!,i5r,pf'M:; ■.;«Aw*r
AWW*** RECORRSJ   i|':
OHE WEEK  '........! »0rfHMr
R«», 4,99
SOFT llAI-LS—PIIIcIpI "dtp l»qll. |
Rph. 2,99 t        SAl-E •■
Cm*} epnlro.
Rpo, 15? SALE
BAPMINTPN RAP1<ET—        '.*■"' «»
Rno, 2,69    , SAM **••/ /
-:-': MESl'SlEAR- "::""
Tl»l« IdMillwiiwnt li not puWInN Pf rfl'pM l»» "i" Minor Control "louni pf liy Ibo GQyopapL ol,Bi|||sl| Oqluniblfl,
Ruq, 24,95
r ---
llflq. B.BO
Rp0.0.S,    :.' '-8ALe4-*75
licp !jp|^AP   - ONK PNLY-
Trnll Roy Contr«, Sooliplt
Phono nor)-233f}
»—«j»»«.ii in »i»»« », »,i..,> imui.ia'|i ■
ron nnsEnvATiows pmowe nnn-2270
jPii/«?K a nmorutmhrml f*t theflnott tllnlna room on tlio Const.
fftV f7«pi| mmtlnm-oftor* armt toml* Jrlowllv wrvm ff'"'
« honmlful vlow* Como out, thin wwlfoml*
min i mn iiiiiimiiiiiwiiinjiiiiiiiii 11.mn niii»iiiiM«aa>ni.iinwlii .iium ii|iininiii|iitiiii imiiiwuiiwimiim ■■' '.» ' ihiiihiih
t     a''
^0tr^fU*0t4H004*0*S******'***'t waMWO*****" <><av«i<^^X«»a-«>a.»"*-'»»*^.a*^x»^*a«*< ««,^«>«.*><lOa*>.^la
0*01 ^HVlrfti ifeaffci
v. . f fl
} a,"
1     '-*■/-, ,—J.—_ >lc-
»* -*   .-
.11. *.       .
Page* 94 Thp PeniMMta Time*
Wednesday, Augnst ft, 1971
- _, _« L u ,^„ ~—
<  >
^      <i il
11 .      *
Poet's Carrier
—Yr-f'i. caplfiktttm', mf> tlp'itnil _Li^
OlirSOU'tUlOE "T^j
The pyifew tolls the lq-ell of: harking dPg I ""-"It^    '",',> , -*• , A? -;«
the speetJmfi heid cluvesbwiftiy to Uie bea,        -   *f      * 40$*
Snqn «one tlie tourist ejus, tbe mptor tykes '   :Jp> 1 Cl-^.   4
end We tUe-lwoild to ay'et -md tp l^e, ,      i|«^--—*-..•«"&"
Na moie-rn lie aw«lvj3 at niaht -., a*^*"-""** #AtA^^^J,
kept le-illea. by the eveithudding *Qf»r, L/i,,-**^^^^*^^
tl-e hang, bang, hang o£ bpeedmg         • h-^^&SSOW?*"
- ,motoi -bikes X- ' ^ t-xr n f? ^JfJ
monoxide "fumes shall ,cholve my ihvapt m®T~   '**■***> **   **-1" "lA^f***""^.^
LiJ^e qn*ff> they scmiy to and hp \ *"*"*' '**-***'H"Wai-fJ ^> ***■"• F„. ,jT&tr
their gasqoitb fumes behind them dyiBad,    1 ^ '^^^I'j-^.   •     -w*.-
•ttf. 3 am and Mill they go \***   A^^J^^AA "
-daes-no-one-evei_ga_Ux_hedl___ _        -    ***    -**•. iOX, .,.. ^ ■Y***^JI'*!t **'t*,8i^»
"*5*w-^««|;Sr^*r--r"^=->^ „
To (-jobs the load to letch my nnnl "" ' " ~*
shall'np tongei a thing ot ten or be,
1 have to eiosbaS, my coqiage mubt not fail
or elbe an overpasb, I'll ablv
--   tills llegionallBoatd,	
And when my tourist days upon this
eavth ai'e o'er
my honm may it be far from noise
without control,
no cars, no trucks, no motor bikes
and more
Arige'Vluirps- tliat pJay not rppjf and roll.
,   . ;    J. S. BROWN IMG
£m0ir>**~**^ t-WST***" i*K
^y*--^^AJA^< r
r«i&&»*t«0.0«0*.  »*
Best Centennial y
Indians: guiding Canada's first white   IlopHins Plp^U^jnd it won them first   were fired from the shoi*e, exploding
settlers was the theme of the Fyles    prize mUils class  W}iile*~tiTe-~bimtF-Msh-in-ihe-sky-ta-drop-Httle para-
and  Dujan children's  entry in  the    paradedjUmg tbe waterfront, rockets   chutes oft the water-
Chuck Wagon '
t ™ a      K\    V"a (     "I-.       1     ,
: *c
. i
. *■*
(*   -V
X   .'r
.) ld
CI, '
■*.■ -
.,' -ti.;
New Westminster sehooj in 1BQ5 was
a cahtn large enough for • 21 piipils but    &
al tended by 34. The colonial ^OYernment's    "
estimates that year -allowed: ifigpQ for a    j:
new  schpolhouse  and   -S200 for  a  new.
town clock. The British Columbian urged
a ..KSjOOO 100-pupil school,
■ M»MMMM^WI^»MMM»*.M——. ^--.^(^nrtfTnn)lff|'r(nn|nninni)nrw.
■       - * r\* * '
Watch and'JewelIfy
Phone 885-2421
It was migllty dtffi9Ult to keep the to lose the-win'1-1- "'hi "'■'',l "' '
chupk Wagon rpli.mgJt»Ut~G"eorge Hop- place in the onum.iliU iki-s- m Hu*
kins and O^y^thajro managed not   ijxipkins flotilip
Hopkins Champions
Trophy winners in the Hopkins Land-, Trophy; the Florence Carson Sailing was won by George Hopkins Dallas
ing annual water sports are Dallas' Trophy went to Scott Young and the and George both gained 23 points
Brodie who won the Imperial E.sso    Florence Hopkins Memorial Trophy   aeach. " ^	
9   *»   •*
POTT FRY^A new shipment of Evangel ine Pottery
hiis just arrived. It is Canadian made at reasonable
prices, dozens of pieces to choose frpm. including
smaller pieces with "Sechelt" on them.
Ifesds and headinp looms. at~$Jh^5~and~iww costume
Jewellery and kiddies' jewellery.
INDIAN BASKETS — Locally made and beautiful.
Come in today and take your pick J J
SechelCPhdive 88a5s9343 Open Fridays Until 9 p.m.
■"* ■ 1 .
A\ .
•-"ay .
** -
•   '* v" *'
f , «*■
¥-  ,. V
"*>*■' *■'
.. * ■
■ a '       -
'''"   'a   -
:, -■-'>■'
•■*.■ ■
*-*<r  ,.
"'■*    s
<* v    *■,
0    *  •  -^ -*
*-: j ••'
£l *?■* **-i   N. •*
■4.' • '
J  J, i   .
r *4 - ^v    «*
">•";. "*" \
■* K t*    t-^
^"ii^djfi.y^iasa, 1
1.1*     I
-ia-   H X   *   * -
*   M--   ■
^ .*. '•
z* • -*i \ > *
Cannda Clioicu or
Canada Good ,,,,.,,,.* Ib.f
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PrlooR Kffoctlvo; Thurrulny, Auqiiat 1% to Saturday, AtiOMQt 14
FRESH BAKED DAILY       p,,0,l° oa5^025
005-0923 Bnhory 005-0012 Mont Dopt.
We Ret»ry« Th» Right To Limit Quonlltloil.
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**     - ;*.* ""V  1- ' ■"*'--'
-   ■**,'»p«-    2n*.**r     'rj$f?,0ff~'


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