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The Peninsula Times Oct 20, 1971

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 .\.\A   ':   J'   v -^U^^7'7^:^'-  7*.,,V^-    -'-��-        ���  '���   '���**,   V'    -   .v      '���^ V-, -i    **'���  . :'���     7' .* ,',v V   ^ . ' -^   v' ^ "     ** ' ^���'* **^^'i* *&  iV-^i,^^  ��#��  V      [4  tl  "*"*Ma  West Canadian Graphic   hnduptries  30* Weaib^jt Av-*.,  Service    *  jfaggsstedf gone , . ��  Highways Department stand  __ '   ' i  on Regional Zoning Bylaw  RECENT    mihlif.     meal!,.       14 '* . ^ -r���--<   ������      v��    t^h, te^      >*I   ��*���������     >SS��y     RlggflTE  LETS S4 ft^ 1u S^    SK S^^-%r&&KpS S3    ��K^SrSXSn^ feS1"*? Pdrt ^ Ho^Undin^^hams Landing Gibsons,  Re-Jioua   Dis rm   Zoning Bylaw Hi��HbP    maintenance of equipment. Wilson UepK, Selmo Pork, Sechelt, holfmqon P**ft Secret Coyc, Peqdor Hgfbouf, /ytpdolro Porfc, Kteindale, Irvine's Landing. Ear  stand taken hv. th��� iw,,m^ ^ u^ _ .      UllGEST CUMULATION OF ANY PAMll ON THE SOUTHEHN SUNSHINE COAST:  "  fJMW?  ^and. taken by. the Department pf tyfa ^ ^^ ^ slm{wGS acceSfa0,y  mu  "*-*u    j     , ..          . , to |hp usps peimitted in clauses (a) to  ^, The IpUowjng letters w>nt��e(v'by'the <��** inclusive.  - Srd louJ^l^tblS.^-^^1 ,*�����' P^cel  m^����^    s��d   be  5  'fflv      'WW ']my the fa*Uial,on some- aces pt least. Ten acres is also acceptable.  ���   ,'.!,������*,,                  j   ���,    ' -       " ; Anything larger than 10 acies is exces-  ��� ttfttW4npe is n^de to corrcspopdenfee sive fipur* Pl|r .vn-wppint. Th|s mial type  l^'*^!^  ZP",ng   Py!aW  N��"   l8   ����d   MW ^one   should   be   dP��l��.Pri   a   dPVPlnnmnnl  ibfficiilties encountered in obtaining ap7  Roberts Crqek,  Eqf| Cove, Egmqnt  RoQlshation No. -(142  "?n*i cifl��* Hmw  _,.  .ynfon,*^ "-.qfee!  This Issue 10 Pages, t-  12c  prqval of" this Department ���under the Cqp"  trplled Access highways Act.  . .The Department has given thought  tp this mutter find has now'come pp with  a suggested zone which woqld encompass  ope-half mile.each side of all of our con7  trolled, acce.ss highways throughout the  province. This suggested ?one is spelled  opt in detail on tlie attached letter.  It is respectfully suggested that 'this  matter he put up to the Board recommending inclusion oi such a zope in your  own   bylaw",  -SUGGESTED ZONING  The attached letter referred to, reads  as follows: ��� '.*  New Zoning Bylaws along Controlled  Access   Highways;   in   order   tp   cpmply  With   the' provision   of  the   "Controlled    DURING past years the Port MeUon^pulp'  Access Highways Act'' and also with the mill" has,  with  cp-pperation7)f ,man-  <*qnp sbapld be deolaied ^ development  aiea  However jn ibVposing this on the map  theie, sbpuld be' iccogpition of existing  lawful uses Cjepeially speaking existing  psel, b'bjiiild be ^oned the appropriate residential, commeipial, lndpstnal etc, to  conform Veiy obvious cases can be expected but they should be few and should  be confined to strpngly ippottipHtible uses  such as ^uto wrecltei-s surrounded by  dwellings etc.        ,  The letters were signed' P. D. Godfrey, p. Eng., liegippal highway Engineer.  high record of s^fy  philosophy of tlie department vj^-^-vjs,  & jjeVeJogjTient. adjapent, to Controlled .Ae-  cesssTTigliways, it is suggested that there  be a .inirat type'iiune, ppe-halfmrle each  side of such l)jghw.ayi| aUpvy.ing.pP.ly'the  following uses: " ���  (a)- Single.-family and i\vO:t'amily  dwellings, buildings,-- .(and independent  mobile homps tin inpHyjdi'a) ftarce^..    ,  (b) Asriciiltijre, including hortiiiLjit-tire,  silviculture,   poultry raising,   animal   and  ��� stock-raising, bee-Jieeping, and maintenance apd .-repair of -machinery used on  the t'aroi, and including the sale of produce grown on'the premises but excluding the sale of anything else.  (c) Extractipn of raw materials from.  t|ie land, including the preliminary grad"*  ing, cutting or crushing of materials pro-  7-���-r-     T.���^       Tr TT-*r     mm   y(*��i *f*'?',"*>f    "V*   '"?*'"!  agement anp labour, accomplished an ppt?  standing record of accident free pperar  tion with a minimum of accident time  Jost. ; '.   , ,   '   ��� J  A" of October 15th the piijl heis pper-  aled empJoyjee accident free for a period  of ^2(J days,  Not many people outside* of Howe  Sound Pulp Division employees are awai'e  of the great interest, in zeroing ip on  targets at Port Mellon.  Dpring 1071 program is in effect  whereby management contributes a,sum  of money to a worthwhile prganizatjon  as<an incentive award for each period'of  50 days worked without a lost time accident. As of July 30th, a target of 50  accident J;ree days was reached which  earned a $200 cheque. An employee vp)e  vided that ho further - processing isT per- .lias, 'esq ly ted in giying ,-t.be aw^rd to the  mitted^ oh the site, "except "where tlie . Sunshine Cbast Retarded Children's  produce is regulated by the Mine�� Acl Fund. As of September 18th, 1071 a fur-  o/is'to be used on the premises or to ther 50 accident free days has been ex-  siippJement  farm  income. perienced and by doing so we have bit  / (d) Professional practice, homecraft or another target. Ballots are npW out to  home* occupation. 7 determine  fropi Hd^ye Sound employees  (e) Schools, churches, community.hails,     what  \yprthy organiMlipn  Uipy   wish  to  J0i|ges,'iihd fratenial orders/ "'"* honor with a donation of $300.  if)   Parks   and   playgrounds,  ���*'..'..   Cheat company apd employee interest  *:lk) PMbJic utility buildings and struc-     is generated  by this program and  it  is  "**���'���' "* nol   lo   be construed   as  'buying'  safety.     _-  No one wants to get hurt. This is designed I  as an incentive to be a little more safety  conscious each day and it is gratifying to  all we are able tp hjt consecutive targets  which alloAv the erpployees to make a  number of donations to worthwhile organizations on thp Sunshine Coast.  Volume 13, Np 47 - WEPNESpAY, OCTOBER 20, 1?71   Gibsons Village 0 . ���  - Hegional refuse collectors  propose container services  SUNSIIINE Coast Disposal" service, still emergency hopk-up Jo the Ghelcvyelp yer  seeking entry  into  the Gibsons  gar- ^'"Y** ��s planned shoitly.  bage   collection   business,   madfc   andthcr BOAT RAMP  app'.icaiion to council fast week following Mr. Barrie Anderson met willi ppupcil  1 ejection at a previous meeting of an ap- on   behalf   pf   the   Gibsons   Chamber  of  plication   to   operate   a   pick-up   service Coprinierce to seek support fof improve^  Ktt  within  the Village,  Latest iccmest was to operate a con-  lainei service which, it was suggested by  the applicant's lawyer, the existing pickup service docs not provide. Mr. D. Leslie  inteirppted the-d|scussion to ask pei mission to speak on the mattci Mayor Wally  Petdispp pgreed to halt regular business  latei in lhe proceedings, although custo-  maiy arrangements bad not  been made  I-eslie told council later that he understands the original application tor a business permit was refpsed on grounds' that  plans weie afoot to establish a mandatory  sei vice in the Village He would abide  by this ruling bul assume al such time  the contract, will go to bid. However, he  said lire Village collector, Mr. R: Kelly,  is unable to provide a container service  and  his client,  Sunshine  Cpast Disposal . -  Service,   simply- sought" to   improve  tlie*   .proposals in the New Year,  situation by ��� providing this service.  Mr. Ray Chamberlain, of the cpmpany,  told council the containers eliminated  small garbage "cans where a large quantity  of refuse accumulated, generally with  larger' stores. They are vermin proof and  rannot. he knocked'over by dogs. Cost of���  this service ,is.r $9, pe/jponth   fpr .lease  menl to the bpat ramp in, the Bay. He  explained (hat the ramp has seryed well -  since it was installed a few years agoj -  however, the channel has filled, with  silt and is now only useable at hj.p]i tide.  Witli ingreasing use, particularly dpripg  such times as fishing derbies, th'p facility  is now totally uiadequatp. He said that  thc Cliamber would be fplly prepHi'ed to  co-operate should council consider improving the existing ramp or installing ji  new one at another location.  Aid. Ken Goddard said little has beep  dimo lo maintain ihe tamp ripring~ the  pasl sunimci; months due to lhe fact "sewer installation has posed dilJipuitics in  thai area. However, things should bo  somewhat ojisiprliy spring,    -y  /'*''-        "  '  Mayor   Peterson   stated  ,Uu|t   poppcil  would,give  alL support ,pqssibje  to the  Telephone Company  on complaints  Threatening  iMassive decaying   fu* I i\e e which  -loans heavily over highway 101  in  West Sephelt, may yfl'ry yyeli spell  ,i'm" (the e'n4") for spme hMpt^.ss per  n --! J ��� i- ��� -'.--   .,-���������      ������- .    .���������*������������������  of the container plus $2.50 a pick-up. This  would be. four times a mopth therefore  total cost woii'ld lie $10.00 monthly. He  added that so Jar he has two people, interested in Gibsoiis.' 'i,  Aid. Charles Mandelkau explained  that such a service would be strictly he**;  tweeii the contractor and customer. Even,  though 'he Village might go onto a man-  ' daipiy system, container pick-up would  be an extra and payable by the user.  'Council  movdd  the. matter he tabled  pending further study of the situation.  '30  ���m^^j%:.ii  UF.QfJ.j^All rnnnthly  meeting  of  Pender  *** iiarliour* Auxiliary to St. Mary's llos-  pita| was held October 13lh, with president Ml1*"- G.-Goqldrup presiding.  Report on po-qrejinating. wiiinoil was  lead by JV|rs, if. Olson, M''h. J. Porteopn  repprlipg for Mrs, O. SJadey on .-Volunteer  Workers, requested volunteers to help  wueekly, sttirling November 1st fropi "-II  p.ip. Anyone wishing to help wilb Ibis  rewarding work, please contact.t Mrs. .0,  Sladey,      '    '      Njpiil arrungenionlfi on the Vail Fair  pnd, Cfirnlvui to ha.'held., ihis coming'  Saiiirday, Ofilobor "l.'Jrd at 7 p.in. in Pon-  der Harbour Community'- Ilal'l, were ()is-  cnsHod, Mih'li'work,' limo.abd effort Is  pn) jplo Ibis fair with niapy well-miido  luindicral'lH,!!ticyvjng, knillbig, erocbet and  hoincbpklng to (iiileh Um pyo of everyone,  Tbo "|*l�� Jlafl'Je" is o|'|'i!rblg,i��,b(.iipl|-  fi||' biirl'iublo mude by Mch, A, Ibipifin,  Hhi'I'u'; Cove, us flint pri/.u. conunic cmp-  iHlor sol miido by our wiill-(J��nowii Mrs,  J'lln/I Wiirni'i.'k, n�� second iijA A boniili-  I'ul wlibo bnn<)-kn|iu*d poni.'ho mudn'by  Mm, ji'i O|noi| w)ll bo ibii'd prl^i.  ' Op Um sldo will bo bingo, giunon, Iiiiii  |ipni|, .rpffjoij niid rufroHbippiilH, A groni  oveping foi' Ibo whole funiily-.-ynu'ro Hiiro  lo huvo fun, no pleiiHO omiio,  Tall Order'  Corpnrnl |,oir lllggonmij ol' lhe (lib*  ��(||JH   Ht'MI'  J)ullU!|)|JHI|||   pOHOfj  wllh  aiiiMsJnvuii Tool Krowlh of innrlitMinn.  mirl of ii linnl i\\thmv.nu\ \i\ hu^h imul  In ihu Hohui'lH Crnitlt uruii. II. jilonu  rn|M't!(s()iil'iiiji ��|i|)filiii)l|,nl fiiim jo jiml-   , ^ ... .  Jlll|>ll<! C0-(||��linit ��IMH ultfllhlMltfltf Mlfl      TShSiI- .mffTShf .Pi'1    i , ���  aliv   ruNldc'iil     i7>"'l!"l! ��M'  PIkI-i|c| Cliiunbiir oi' Com-.  "*   '   ���    '���'���    J.!"''''0 \m ����linilii|i��l Ho 'fourlb -iniiuii'  Next mo'oilng will bo bold r-Juvoinhur  Kllh at '*, \>.m, In U)<; Luglop Hull, Mudolru  'ark.    ' '    "'  ��i   **  **#ti*m-   *j'Kr- i trfy*'*v?r���n f *���**������ t***trf'r-*-~ni  t  Mi  h 0,  /  Mat (or was first brought to the jit-  teiiljpp pf ibp Scclipll pnd District-Cliamber ni' Cbmmerpe by jiloprl|)er J3oji, I��ing,  As a consec)iieneq," J|)e Clipniber moved  that p ietter of complaint be forwarded  tlie  Company:: ;  At|'Jast' executive meeting of Ibo  ChamneiY Mr. Lfipg stated be bad bcoi'i  visited by represenlatives of liC Tele-  pliope wim indicated, t|iey weie pot too  lpippy.nl lu|Vii')g to rbild about,|<hp prnlK  lep),jn ,t))e 'I'hpe.s, Howoyer Jhey ugroetj  (but l|io Kilualioi') wusi poor iiud.-in, fiiiit,  hud piade a number of..trial culls Ibehi-  ^o|vot) joni .proved the poipplajpts to b*t  jiisjil'iod, Thpy said they would do llieir  best to" hnv'o'Iho iroublp��� remedied.'���  .���r..y     "     .,.'   "  Qonjmunity Association  elects mw mecutive  V/H'SON Creek, Coippiuplly Asppuhdlon  held its first roMiilnr monthly m����i|i,ig  op Oclobur lilb; Jill'jc'lJoiiK wiirp ,lu��ld ninl  ,,l|io pu\yt exoci|IJ/yo, Is us follows* 1'rim-  ldpi|t |)|iii|iio Andormin; vice prosidonj  Turner Hurry; secretary Pnrlono Klumor-  l'��|l; Ir.vliHiiror Holly |)ixon; rocroiilion  d)rMPtor' Hiiin Apdcrsop; ioiiIiiIh i)l��n'o  AnderHon; hiinebull CjJun 1'lilllljiH; pi'ib-  jioily Cuiiloen /^cCuafg,    '  Tlio .AhhocIuIion oxIciuIn lliniiloi lo  tlioso accppJioti- po��lfions on Uio hmmu-  liv'o again (Iiiu yofh' npd' lnl|ip oil||(oll)H  oMiiiJiilivo, OHpoplully Glen Phllilfiii, Mtn'H  I'liar;*!))! npd Urbi Miglliili for iholr huril  Work ip i|!o'|)iih| yi.'iii'H,  Hi.'Hiilui"' oioclliigH hid bold op 'liu  micopd T|ii;ndny of oncli piMnlb nt lliu  WIIhoii Cniok l|ii||, Hon ynu tJipiil  REII** ROAD  Alderman   Manfiell^ap j-epprlec*    that  work on the Reid  Road water line had  been "/.owed  up due  lo the fact works  ciew had been occupied'on scwei   woik  t��t   fiddjliopt)!   i>[t*fj   be  thai tbe Reid R^ptl-pro-*  coippjclcd  |iy llic epd of  [Mm  tp .?'pt||P.V0 .iJlf3r'P^iehiiMl--'|?fl*s=    the yeai.      -  Uj'd, Aid   Mandelkau <)Im> icpoilud ll),il ,pi  Alderman calls shots . f :>7 y.  Council tal^s^  over misleading statement  qiHSPW AJdcnpiin ��� Chiirlcs .Miindo|kau  llisl, week pulled llic plug on Ihe or}i-  lor.pl" Iho Gibsons publication who I'or  ���jopie lime has-parried, on,, what i|ppe(ir�� tp  Jiuve been a vcndell'i against Mayor  Wijlly Pelersui).  ���Aid Miindolkiiii told council at jls re-.  gn|ar ,ipcut|n/i Jusl' Tuesday, October lii  l|nil |)o wiih very i.'onccrppd t|t, n report  ill t|)p publication fitulipg lliiil tbo edilor  l)iid. houn lold by "iildiiiiiiei)'' Uuil tbeie  was dlKHonsloiT bolwnon them and Ihu  M'lyor*   This   he   found   difficult   to   ho  ove,  Jp!  lins   ||i;en  upprouclied  by   rctd-  dpplK' who also i.'xpruwii.'d i '/nis/^v/inigs,  Iboroforo porhupii iho odiinr h\ Cruiso  wop|d uiiro to oNpliilp.        ,   '  CrulHo ii.'plli.'d, Ihnl tlioro worn u niiin-  lipr of iildoi'iiu.'ii who hud i.pnlu.'p io  him imi ho would nui iiiiiin ||'psir" hiimi.'d  ��|a,t|)ln lime, however, bn lold AM, M in-  diilkfii{ Ihul he wns nol Included. Mioiiol-  Win ipplicd thnl'lie wim <iulio ccriubi of  thijl  pul   |h  t.lill   di.ilurlicd  ul   l|ii;  tjUil  monls'niid Hielr' hiforoiiiwi,'"   , ''"���''"'  Mayor Pol tutu m ipo'iiod iiimJ i>nld that  "lio1 (op |n7 |*iiM.'n nxkeil whip the trppblo  In a|| nboui "in, a initih.T of I'm-'i lliroo of  dpi aldiiiiiiiiii linve lold mn Iliuy' linve  mitftoa no iiii'a'b i:oiiiiiiiiiiI, iiileh 'leaven  oply one" ho ndilcil,  Slill refusing lo quote nupics, Cruise  asked Die Mayor if he would cure lo ulute  lhe names of tbctbree aldermen, Mi'yor  IJelersoi),'roplM "c'jjrlnlnly,' Ihey werp  aldermen Gerry Dixon, Ken Crosby npd"  ChiiiilpH Mapdelkuu, l/'urlJior, I nip not nil'  happy wjll) Ihe incorrupt rcporis you have  beep piiiking".  Cruise roiorled ''whuj. about llie oilier  plipei'Y 1 lipjji; ypu wil| (.'opiiiiepl on ll)iil,"  Mnyor Polorwin "lold liim " 1 am not din-  cMsiiig fipprlier pupor i nm Klhiply referring lo your ipeorrocl slolemopls, J bnvi)  po iMimplalpi ,w)ib( any' ollju'r.paper.'V  Tlm ��|nl<!iiu!||ls i'cfiirrod, lo apd duiiiiid  by llireo jdilorppin, weru; "Aldurinon huve  iisorunwid lliepiuplvus privnloly us pot  bciiiK loo ���ha|)|iy��� will) ��� in��yor'n pclhimi nil  Glb/ionii member of lliu Hc/donul Hourd,  Tliin'i! Iiiih also bh��ii| sopje mlifti'lvingu'win-'  iiernln/t expiinslons of llio Vitiligo, which  Jinvc luuiii ei|ibiirri|'m|iig, Judging from  iiliii.'i'imiiili: i.'iininii.'iii,'!,"  Hl^RIiKRT Munsfield of Gibsons entered  a guilty plea to a charge of carrying  a restricted weapon wilbopt tx peniiil  when he appeared before Judge Charles  Mjtrolsteadt-- last Tuesday October fatb  iu Gibsons."   Charge ������arc)su--as'-lhe*-'rcs*tjl|-.:"of,".''Mjj?'is-'"  field threatening another Qibsons ippn  with a .3a calibre revolver during p fam-;  ily argument. He wits, fined $BQ iipd i\}0  weapon forfeited to the Crown.    '  Appearing bejoip tfic court Thursday  October 7th Gordon Leslie Bljapk, of  Roberts Creek, pieadcid guiJty tp a charge  pf possession of an'offeiice weapon, pJjaclcr  was charged fpllowing an altercation during which the gun wppt off dpring ,i  si niggle No-one was injured fropri "tlie  gipibbo!. Uhulf was lemandcd in cp&lody  - to Oclouci !il|lj} pepping a jn p-spptfipep  l����B|l- . .      '      :    ,*  I'VapJc (IpsppJ) ZpptoJfib of RoJ)C}'|s  Cieek pppcdM'd o.iiJ|ci lo antiwei ri p|iri|'ge  ol diivoig witjioiil iiKstuumu. Ciiargo  arose Jpilpwjpg a piploi''vejiicje Jiepidpiif  at 'l|ie-Srbend on lijghwpy JIJJ. lie" was  fined' $2fi().     ... -       ��� ; :  Apolbur   Hoherls   Crei-it   inai),   Qi\rl*y  Pa||i(;|t.-Ci;}ii��, aj)prp|)epdod  fri  a p'ioseitl,  area' in Howe Spppd salyagipg aftpr flify-'  I'jghJ. hours wjis liped $Jfl(|, Op (inoihef  clpirge of failing to display forrcct  vsp|yage nunibcrs lie wap plso fined  Aj'P"-'aring in yecJiell, court, Kiirpcid.  Alfred Weiiis of Port Cofpijllnm faced  his Kppond cJiarge of impaired driving,"*  He .was pjiargi-'d "Ai'HMsi. I'JDih: when s'oop  , to lie driving erraliually near SecJiull. .  Hrepliilyzcr sljowed a reading of M',l, (fo  was also (.'barged willi 'drivjiig1 w!d|e ul-  reiidy iipdpr KiispoiiNlon, *'.���������'���  \Vplpn laceil llje ,lndgo layl |)Viday Cc'-  lober jrijj)- apd was septepcud lo.tlirpi!  inopths jp 0|i|uil|i| nnd his driving (jeeiicp  siispendeij Jor Uireu yours,  I'onnid   Hepdy  of  Hprpiiby  iiJko  appeared to answer n Second ppunt of, driv-,  'nil 'While iinpiiiroi!,  llo  wiui "fiuniopcwl  m  {����� -** days ip  OnluilJii mid  |)|(, driviiiii  I|��hiioo was HMHpoiided for ope year,  Gibsons Scouts-Eubs  launch bottle drive  u,   -   a h,r Uio w-kc of <l���� irxord, tho TIipr    MI����oi^��* Hoy K.;n,|ln 'apd Pubti Hotilo  , Iiiih  covured   coinioil  muellpgu, i'nll|ifii||y Drlvo is liclioilnlod h,r fiii\wU.y< (il"  ui,    fin' lhe pasl, Kvep ond a half years and ,  lober  SJIril   livm  iiyih  iipl||   |a   ������,!���   J  jiclivily, llo nii|^o��|��  nwnrn nl' injirlJuMiid \i  liuni.ulinliily jmljf'y  II)  nwnrn nl' Hijirljiuind fd'nwiiw nlmuhl  "'    hi mm*.  ogieils w  j*|i;mil/nN��l  l'l'<��m Inlbrmutlbp  |a|il  by  I'opi'oiped piopibi.'i'ti of lliu publ|o, GJb-  ,1,01111 JK'MI' ofllroi'H Milzod p|)jiri��K|m'idii|y  Hill ||,h of inarijiiiiiin nflor n Miui'i-h" In  wnodi'd ai*.'*i id llob��rili tVi-'fik,  '     Toi a I ol 'Ki mniijiiiipa plnpln vipy)pg  liom H l"i'l lo II J'''* in lii'lplil wine found  **" ^iiiiti'nr'iiiriiiigiinni iniruw |i����i* ������fr*"  innU Viiluo oi Hm ilrii/t In lhn Irnl'lli'kor  in ei.iimnii.'d id fi|*i'i!*MiiHii*iJy ^ID.tlOi),  Corporal  )"/u Ihiwimni of Him (J|b��  'lioiiM Doiiii'linicpl" i'iiyn "tjm piiinoiiN whp  ttl��;i,l��J)'ijilP*l����J,ll':!LfMllU.llJ.f'.U.,!!.!!.!iy  The liajliii'i'i'n bnvi' no'"<'oip;i.,in for Iho  liijidib (if i|��/J yrihiijr ppffjil'J lli'T w*ll io,  Willi Uio ding 'pi ob|i,p\ ins mjiIoph <pi It |h  lodiiy,  pni'l'ii,!/- ai"  reminded  tbiii  ihoy  '* liliould rondu't llm polh'��-������� noon ������  i ponMbJo should Ihoy ipdn. Inlormnilop op  '' drug' iral'l'fi.'klng ��r ��� knowledge of tljo  wbcn!id,iouiu of any drug*, >��l��ui�� nUi,,'1  Grand Hapiipol for Hnlnrdny ' Odolior  ;ji|l|i, TJi.*|uj|�� now ovplbiblo from ipem-  hoi'H, j'rofoHHlopal (!|i(oriii|miiun| ban  iigilln |ieon oblaipud hnm|��!il by iwlovlnlon  and iilago culubrfly HfuJuiy Mann.  $NAGo FALLS.'   \hivf0l' flHti old for /�� period of lliruo  Iioipn butwoop Weill Hu��i)��h and Iho J|a|!'-  mooii Hay i\rou laid 'f'burhday nlgbl, Oui*  n/jd y,iui tmiiHiul by u rmng jii|||pg pldiig  ||pi rigid/ Of way al Wed HnclinJI, Craw  of oiglil nion worlii'd lur. almost Oiroo  lioni'H ojeiolpg ih��> ����"�� apd ri'pahjpg  daipago, , '    ��� . .   ,  PRNDBR LIBRARY  "'**"" /{.?'���:��*< * Ii f *- j pi*-" ���( | jf i V"' M'^*1"' ''''I r/jT*" I'i��'r*l"*iT'"t ''(iiii i - ^  p'umlly 'ihilj, lipi I'ltpdor JIhiImhii' I'liblle  'I4lir��i',v gitwi, puio a fP'"w limit i<* hinluJu  im of Nuvqiili'T lid) Mupdnyii lb,')tj mn  lo lli'pj mn! 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Wr^W;|!.li|lw��J.:.*i'lHH"lKi.lJlolHliiU..ilrJ��l*^  MIM apd ./'riipiin,? |)()||," |,oi|r j|)((|dii npd  ouln .|n llir MrfiooJ bplldliiH. HmiiKbcd bier  liotlloi, worn i.indturnd ovor Ibo. i<i<||oo|  Iiiwpii nod III Dpi boyi*' w/if.brooiiifi, The  only Mipojvf-dop  wouJd iippi.-nr to linvn  .j!!,|.;iLjhjUt.���.oL...tW��l���".bouiu.|'it."   full,,   av*  I'oippniilcd  Iho bund  known mi. "Mollmr-   b!)'!d"rl1JTi, WUH ||0l n i.i.'hool iliiprii,  Tlm hcIiooI board baij bonl over back  WnrdH  lo'nci'omipodiilo   (ho  young  jicp  pje npd ban hm) poi)i|i,/j )���(i houhlu in  rwlurn,   ��ald   irmloo  Afidllgap,   lUti ��� 'M  IrJi.'d hiipoivin|n/< fturh dnpi.di hot  ��oii|d  pot jpuniign j|iu youpg iwDDhi who Jinvu  -\  ���ii"  n i.'oinplDii) ihioiipind lor nulhoijiy, Tlioy  loi nod llm lichool miii n playground and  if wo nllnw thin we mighl' Jui-I nn well  nond Ibopi lo 'Ibo in.'ini.').) hotel fnr aii  dvofilpg, m.IiI Mulll/ppi.  Afler hopio d|iinuiiii|oii II wnn fbinliy  ii|(i(.'(.'i| Dint piibllit diipi'i.'ii id MlpliliiMioii'f  bo I'KnIikli'il "|i, nppiovi'd ni/(iil)l-'nlliiiiJi  or . NcJYonl ihiiii'i'M, TiiiHlan .loiiu llnyon  voli.-d /ignlpiil  Die /notIon,  INVALID  ���������---���'I'f'IIMll.'Iffc-IO'l' |iO0l'l'|'pilil-rlhlll I'llllO  ipi.unip.'i! |n piviilld |l ii Ijipinr |ieiiiil<  tu fiMp-d ill piddP' Itiio'ihniii. iw'ti'.ini'y  DiJiiHiper Jim Mi:l/I'i ,lt. r||i:i'|i|l)g w|D)  Dm lpi.union: i.'ompiuiy mid in Hot oi''<'ii  Dnio Dpi bomd bm< iiiji'd Uiul only i.i'hool  dnprcs hf.'"t)lln'^f^'"in''-Kxrhri'iff(ivwi''!^'"'^  'JVmm'mu ModlHno.->*,tiiil ihul ,iihUl thin  iillonl|o|i I:. I'lnilHid, Dn) bonrd linii po  aller/inilvi! bul lo Mop ih�� uno.ol' gym-  miniums Jor Jiipciiopn where, iiipior )*i  noy viiil,     ' ,<  Tronliii) Mill Miiliojp; nbM.'J'vcd, "Wo  bnvi! hml UiIk lipido lor yeniK, |��;I'h liopi!  wo gut Jl idralglil thin Dm��"��  t t , .-- - % . a  t  Ollr rupo.rloj'N cpmipopl In Upd |)n Ip'iH yel  ip obsorvp any ,if'i|pfl|��,'t witlilp Iho prnnopl.  ciiupDJI Uliniiilior, Corlniply debute' (iikef)  plnce iipd Diori.'-ari! palpi'idly liun-'M w|io|i  nil urn pot lii ai.'i.'ord, lliln In no wny would  hu l.pli!|'j)|'i:lod an <i!wi'i)K|oi) In llio rmilui,  Elphinstone students  it   * i  fund raising project  |-*IJ*IIINHTON*!i fjccpndaiy Kdiopl ��lo-  - dcpin will ln|<o lo Dai road again  I hln coipliig Bunday,, Ooi.o|��ir- U-llli, op  n Ciipd lliilfdpg Walk from < Glbnopa lo  DnvlH Hay,  Thoir prnlut'i In un fifftiol |/i InfDig  jin.'iiH lo i.'iinhli; lilmli.'iiii, lo prhp D|o|r  own year book and ajuo give ilimn an  opportunity to Jnarn Die oifmil printing  laiidpi.'HH, .;���'      ,,.    ,  I'Kpliilplng'lhi! i|i.'opopiicii of l|iii vep-  lum, Die HodoplH point pul llinl eiii.'l)  yenr Ihoy go lo tho i.'omiiiiipjty (iff $|,ifOI|  in "iloidgem, In pay lor liiiylpg Ibo ypur  book, piipli.'d i'opplio)��;|jilly, Oprp lliey  ol���.Jiayp���..|)iindiiiiii!d i.hu|r...'Jnwn.��i��riihn,~-lh'  , .,,   -,.-.,   ������*  'loop  ip  Iho area lioin' Uilnmnn ti Hopdn lo i.ipig-  dido,  Anyppo willing Ip l|e||i drive, p|<.*iim>  coiiIik;,! Mm Maurooii Hloiin ni f|l|i|-"ifjl-|  or |Wrn,'Nnpcy |)ong|nn at /Il|il-'il0:j. (I|b-  Hitm Allilelii! Amifivfallop w||| bo nmifiit".  log j/i iiiin worDiy jp'o'ti'!',  /o-iiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiii[iiimiiiHiuiiiuim  AdJrlefs  point  Ihftway  loaclloi       ^4  In Today's Classified^  r*i*r*v*0*M*nr*n0****r*r*,0*0'*0vr0u*r*0*r,ar**0*'*r'r,***r<0'*~r*<  If IfT, n|x pniiiiopger Bapgidorcrpjt, |?'|hro-  lllni.H  hull   w|Di   IMI  li|��   Ipl/onrd-oiil-  bomd Vo/vp, I'Vily pdijIj/Jjoi! and in qxi  iiillunl i.'opdlliop, '  ��� . i  "'tT   .        p��Mj**lffya��^-��|^��W|^*'W������Wf*lfMift^ ^  pi'i.hMrlblti-4*t nh)!,!, CloKifiuifv |��()tf| ovnr ^m lionm  prai'lli.'il Would po lopgi.'l Im pineifiniry npd iU).Q(H) lawim), ,  Die $1.11110 wo.lld .any In Die ,mpo..Pi|ly,     ��� n      c,ofci(||p���|�� po INIO Hip li��p1s, , J  I'ln-lr nppml |h, t'l-jwiwi MipjiPil  Ibo    /  poi on lowni, btfofiu or In .ulvciu,  nludcpiii wh'i.'ji ihoy dh|v for your lo'lh    10 l  jiiiihiniyoiHysprtmiho.wUh^  T||��<y iiji.o wM) lo lliiuik rii.,'"ni|,V.!pn     * ".""I v-\*'i'U*>* *<*> l��w-cou, high polcncy  .   T..        ���,,,,  ��.�������*~-n.nl-.- Miu-k ionic*..  !(.la*XI)|'l,^  h yinir, Iho Club will provldo comppipi  Jl*��<J|i* lihilt.Im^lb*'r fn?')*' wftfr ]J��Rf Wfll*  .Jililliipilj.joid^'.vm'Of^ J'  lliln ypur, llm Club wil  nil|i|>li nlopg Dpi roulo,  The wafk i;ompiopccn, from |**lphin-  ),lope id 11 ii,pi, npd nludi.'plii will Dnvi:|  vln Jtol/i'iln (,'rpuk wbb'll will bo Iho biilf-  wny punk, Tlfo Un^h lino w|l| bo at  DuvJh Huy, ���  , ,,    , ..���, '  M*  Phono 005-9454       .  phoirpei lines opep -Sundoy; c|ntt)f/cit  *-W\  m  V ivlw  s^  :!  l>  \   r      k   ,  i i  ^.''tN^^tf**^f!��iiJy*l^aNiu;awii4i��i^fw^i^  *%���*$��-*,^-Twar-" t^A-^^i **-��i**--j* . i '*-'-tAsT-*1 .-w-f    "  WjjP^!!WJiplMlffftWM*w  t    I    I     *.   i   *    ���  .    ��     .        ,    f    , I    i    ,   f  m   f t    0.'  I    -  '*.     I  f*    *  *  f  4    ��� I       r  m^^*wtot.immi}>mv> urn*  .(,. -, '*,-.. i".f  v*y, \i  w 1 '  1 1  iL->:.  *. v  .��"'������'  ?.  J*  .4  <0  :**t  *   0  *;       *  I n...  s       ��� J  "- *    I  f       l  \  *J-. * i  aqstafi)  rniiiM'tofui  Thu P��KriNsuLA^^^e&  ���./-nifly^^rwfi, >"urt / shall not 1>e w wrong as to fail to say what J believe to ibe right."  �����John a��kins  , DouqtAS G. Wrranuw, Editor  00000000)1  00.  WMMW��iffii  FOR some" yegrs jt has been an obvious  fact that whichever of the two villages, Gibsons "and Sechelt, hist installs  n sewer system, that village will forge  ahead in a multitude of ways. Perhaps  to the disadvantage of those who .prefer  a rurat&itype existence but certainly to  the satisfaction of the majority who Weir  come progressive, development,  Despite the two year restraining influence of a handful of protesters the  Gibsons sewer system is now nearing  completion and apart from clearing up  the problem of pollution in the bay, it  will pave the way for such commercial  development as apartment blocks etc ...  With such development comes more  -jobs and additional revenue to the village coffers, with which, more and better facilities might be provided" for the  village as a*whole.   ���-���     ^~%,^,-:  ������  Naturally cost of a sewer system is  high and apart from governmental  grants, balance of the costs have to be  home by the.taxpayer. However, on a  long term policy, .as installation costs  are recovered and more people move in  and help shoiilder the burden, taxes  could very feasibly drop appreciably.  . Although the instigator., of Regional  Districts, Hon. Dan Campbell recently  advised, at Gibsons, that while only basic  services are to be expected,,within Regional Districts, it is advisable to amal-  (Suhmif tccl Editorial)  WE promote the need for progressive,  overflowing garbage dumps���pol-  iticing to become the central core of  town. .Garbage is already tumbling down  two., miles of mQiuitain��� road, .crushing .  ferns and trees���dictating what we see  and feel about our natural environment.  And we encourage it! by buying over-  packaged, under-used, non-recyclable,  throw-away products. Defy advertising!  Learn to-buy intelligently!  - Ask yourself: *���>-  ���Do I need this?  IIIMrt)MIIII��IMI��ll��WIWmilM��|W|aM|W|l>����wWI��|iM^^  Page A-31 ,Th$ Peninsula Tj*me9   * Wednesday, October 20./. WI  -*- "������*���"/,"  Sunshine CpcM Regional District  7:  gamate \yith .a municipality onoe an  adjacent area becomes sufficiently populated that it requires'the comprehensive  facilities of a village or town. This  would apply to such things as sidewalks, paved streets, parks etc.     ,  The siimpie "fact is that an influx of  population adds considefable to" the  budget revenue,thereby spreading, out  the load for the extra- refinements.  Council of Gibsons has worked to  this end for some years and there remains little dopbt the labours, suffering  of scurrilous attacks, and, setbacks, will  not haye been ip vain for great benefits  are* inevitable.  At the end of this year we will see  changes on Council d'f Sethelt and it is  very possible, injection of new blood  will generate rather more vitality into  proceedings for apathy has held progress  back for far too long. -  "Some grants are available for sewer  systems and money is also on hand for  such projects. It simply calls for aggressive leadership and skilled adminisr  tration. Tax load would then fall within reason and the community as a whole  wotdd derive considerable benefit.  As the logical centre of the Sunshine Coast and with development taking place all around, it can no. longer  remain in an, outdated cocoon. We have  to move with the times.  ���Do I need to buy it new?  ���Is  this product- ove,rpackaged?  ���Is the product economically and  .ecologically sound?  ���Is it plastic?  ���-Can 1 reuse or recycle the product  7, ahcL7he container?  Every individual produces 5 pounds  of waste gaVbage a day. 65'I of it is  paper. Reduce "yonr garbage and recycle  what is reusable. Organization is half  the battle, soon it becomes- naturaj.  Think about it. It's the awareness that  counts! , ���"    ..   ,_^    -  Letters to the Editor are the opinions of readers  nontiide-pliinii' nuiy he listed for publication,  I'  No mote gimmicks  Editor, Tho Times,        . ' ���'', 7 "''  Sir: Thank vou %for" bringing us,, the  picture of Uie.ftrinnLnB Minister of Municipal Affairs Dan Campbell waving a  welfare certificate.. . *: .'.'".'  How wonderful an achievement, Now  you can get a diploma showing that ypu e  Ep-e  on   welfare   in   "wonderful"  British  Columbia. | ���  "Here \v$ are, on top of the richest  mineral deposits" in tlie world, surrounded  by an almost inexhaustible supply of  "timber" ancFwith enormous hydro power  at our disposal, all supplied by' iiature  free -of'charge to the 'lucky people of B.C ;*  And -as "Premier Bennett himself once  said, "nothing is- cheaper than fre'e, "my  friend", That was wlien he promised that  '���the hydro i<(ite would be reduced annually  for ten years.  And what are we doing with it all?  How does the Bennett government manage to create such an unemployment and  welfare mess in the midst. of all this  abundance? Is the solution really, welfare  certificates and <a.nti-labor legislation?  How Jong, are the people of British Col-  umbia going, to be cheated "out of their  birthright by BeimeU's, .give-away?  Logs, iron ore ,coal, copper and natural ���  gas are exported and the royalties amount  .to peanuts. For millions of tons of copper  concentrate the peopJe of B.C. get nothing  at all. Bennett is giving our inheritance of  natural recourses away and is leaving  future generations with only some boles  in the ground. If this goes on for much  longer it will he too late to save the future of B.C.  A secondary industry is needed right  now  to  create fuil   employment and Jo  Smear1 Taeties  C#iiMii��it��e  ONE'might well appreciate the.concern  of Gibsons Aldermen on reading in  a local publication that they had been  speaking disparagingly^of-the Mayor, in  private and behind his back, The situation woutd seem even stranger when it-  is considered that apart from the inevitable differences . of opinion, quite  common to all councils and tiny other official and unofficial groups, the, Gibsons  Council hns. for a long period worked  efficiently and in accord.  One would therefore assume lhat if  an individual alderman finds himself opposed to any action by Council, the  place to make'his feelings known is in  council chambers, not voting with his  colleagues but expressing opposition in  ���"'private".  Publisher of the publication has for  some time made clear his opposition' to  Mayor Wally Peterson, undoubtedly for  reasons best known to. himself, bul in  bis latest snide, attack he took it. upon  himself to involve aldermen. As lhere are  only'four aldermen-on Council and as  three of them apparently made clear the  fact .that they had not been responsible  for suggesting in "private" lhat dissension existed, theiisthbething smells.  ThePeninsula^^  �����  Published WcdnoNdnys nl Scclwll  on I��,C.'n Siliishjnc Const  hy  , Powell,Klver Ncwh Town O'tor.  .   '   "   '   ,    Secliell Times but,      ,;���  ���IliVf 310-1Sechell, ||,C. 7  ��� ISiibicrlpilon Knles: (In adviiiico)  l.oiMil, % pep-yeiir, Hcyond 35 nnllcn..1"7.  ,    .,  U,S,A��� ,p, Overrun, ill),  .Hervlttf;.. the mrrrt from Port Mellon to Hf-wont  (Howe Sound tit lervls Inlet)  , *mmmmmmmmb**.nr*anm,mm0.mm*mm0t*mmmn0*mmmmr*,nm,.nut.  No person cart sit on Council for  any length of time without drawing the  wrath of someone somewhere along the  line. It is therefore logical to "assume  that 'Fviayflr Peterson is no exceptioh  and, durjng his years as an elected representative of the public, has probably  .stepped on-a few tender toes. This is life  and no-one whatever his position is free  from such occupational hazards,  However, Mayor Peterson has proved ���  himself a responsible plan who has  worked diligently for his village. He is  probably ihe only member of Council  who would have stood up to pressures  by some members of ihe Regional Board  who sought,t to>involve Gibsons village  in the function of water. Had he weakened, as others might have done, village  water, users would have found themselves .  in the same position as Sechell users,  faced wilh a land lax of IBO per year.  As must have been very apparent  during past months, Mayor Pelerson has  nol been loo popular wilh certain members ,ol" the Regional Hoard bul he has  held firm in his desire Iq keep .111x7  payers frbip additional expense, I "or thisM.  jie hits become llie object of snide comment and unwarranted attack by iiulivi-  ,duiils who never attend a Board meeting  to find out just what does go on.  11 is nut unsuul to find Ihe odd would-  be dictator elected to"public'office, In  most, cases IiIk associates damp bis enthusiasm, wilhin shod lime, or, iho matter gets ,'lnkvil cure ol'jii lhe Wills,. Had  Mayor Peterson been am.'Individual of  this type, uu allempi to discredit him  . could, perhaps, hiive been underslbod,  11 inusl therefore be assumed lhere  are those who allempi lo; smear him  because he has siood firm on behalf of  lhe Village, 'Iruly a slriingo-coiiiiiionlnry,  bul hardly one likwly l,o he taken seriously'by llic majority of taxpayers,  1   FLOORCOYERIMGS LTD.  1659 Sumhlno Cooi'r Highway at Vfyngqert Road, Glbiona  -     "   - ���; ~~      Pbtme-886-7112��� - -r.���  * CARPETS   # TflUS^^lFriN&CEUMs'  HOURS;  Closed Monday^ Open 9 o.m, -6 p.m. ^ Friday Night Til 9 p.m.  I,  . ,���������,���,������������1���,   until' not net-ejliorUy. those af Tlia-TJiuw.A  ni till orisiiifthiitimt, he signed hy lhe wirier,  give the .workprs soliie security and pride.  Wmkers should.qipt tie p ..class ..pf bog*  (���iii's looking lor .hnnd:outs, Wo; the workers, have a right to a lifo hvdigiilty and  I'n'edom too.  A planned economy designed to dis-  trihut'o the* wealth'is t-be answer.. Why  should a few power hungry people' be  allowed "to grab and control all. Justlake  a look at' a country such as Denmark  which has no natural resources ��� no  forest, no hydro power o(r cpak'Biit Denmark has full e��mpioyTnent, competes successfully on the world market and still  manages to keep a standard( of living as  high as B',C���aU though a planned and  well  managed  economy.  Gome next election we, will no doubt  -see move blaoktpp, more-' liomeowners',  grants and other hand-opts. But we will  not be fooled by those gimmics again.  What we want is a B.C, owned and controlled by the, people. We want to be  masters in our own house.  -I am convinced that a^N.D.P, govern-*  ment can -do.-ifoi* B.G. what social democratic governments have done for Scandinavia. , ��'  It does not take a genius to govern a  country���you do not even need to be  plugged in��to God. All it takes is com-  Inon sense "UntWYbnesty���^the Bennett government seems to be lacking both.  JOHN  PEDERSEN,  Box 564, Sechelt, 885-9892.  HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE  BAHAI TAITH?  Phone 886-7355 or 885-9895  J*  I ���   -���  g   A By-law to amend By-taw No, $, The Sunshine Coast  ||   RegionalDistrict BvUdwg By-law, 1967.  . Citation: This By-law mny be cited as'By-law No. 57, The Sunshine  Coast Regional  District Building By-lqvv Amendment ,-By^law,  '    1971.  Amendment: By-law No, 6 is amended by the .addition' of a new  section numbered 2 A qs follows:  SECTIdN 2 A SPeCIAL PROVISIONS  .     2A1. SWIMMING POOLS  (a) A swimming rqoI shall be etido'seii'WifFi an adequate fence  which snail npt be less than four feet in height.  (b) Any gate in the fence shall be self latching and the latch  shall be on the inside-of the enclosure and maintained in  working order at all times,  (c) The location of the swimming pool shall meet the requirements and provisions of the Regional District Zoning By-law  in respeat of setback requirements.  . (d) A "swimming pool" shall include any constructed pool used  or intended to be used'fqr swimming- bathing or wading  which is over 20 inches in depth. ,  READ A FIRST TIME this 30th day of September, 1971.  READ A SECOND TIME this 30th day of September, 1971.  READ A THIRD TIME this 30th. day."of September,  1971.  Take notice that the above is a true copy of a- proposed by-law to  amend the Sunshine Coast Regional District Building By-law 1967,.  Dated at Davis Bay this 13th day of October, 1971.  Charles F. Gooding  Secretary  S"2��  It  i  i  i  i  i  immmmm  mm^mmtmM.��mmmMmmMMmmmt*MmmmmmMmm0mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm0tM  wmMmmm****0Lmm*mm  m mmwttmmm mmm-m  This program is designed to create new Jobs and not to fill Jobs already available  anci to provide these jobs at wage rates normal for each specific job category.    " *  To make this program succeed, the Government of Briiish Columbia is joining forces  with business, industry, public bodies and individuals throughout the Province  All will be informed of the program and wi|l be encouraged to participate to the limit  of their cap.acity.and resources.     ,       .   ,, -    .      ���  As ofNovember 1, it will be a considerable advantage to employers to create lobs  for the holders of Certificates of Opportunity, When you receive your Certificate  you should carry it with you whenever and wherever you seek employment and slioulci  begin applying for jobs, under the program immediately. ���  HATTODOb  To be eligible for Jobs created under this new program   .  1. you must have been a resident of British Columbia for one year '"       *  2. you must be unemployed ' '   '  3. you must have been receiving British Columbia Provincial social assistance  payment? for the past three months or longer, \  4. you should register In the program and have a Certificate of Opportunity.  To 'register, complete the following form below without delay. We will send vou  your of Icial Certificate of Opportunity which will qualify you for employment  unc|er the following terms:     '   ,    ,    , . ''���H*vjri**sui,  * your employer will pay your full wages or salary;  * llio Government of British Columbia will reimburse your employer half vour  , wages or salary. - .....���.**?.  ?  IH ''OOUIRHBIA eOMEMM  JOB ���OTMOTMTBE'S GORflfMITTEE  Honourable Pan Campbpll, Clialrmarf ���  TO R|;q|STER"JTAKE OR MAIL THIS FORM TOTI -IE 'DISTRICT OR MUMICIPAI OFFICF FROM  WHICH .YOU'RBQEtV,E, YlOUl^ $0C|AL ASSISTANCE CIIEQUI- '  ' U ' Hm  fpanppnnnnnnfsi^  n      mimn mmmm ummmmr  U       joq KP^omurjmEc BOMrjiiTTEE   -        ��� '��� =" p  fl pj��m#pitntni��followIngi,,   .   ,  iM/\IVlC. i '. i. .I ,i I,.,      '          ���   ADDRESS.  PHONE Ho,���.  SOCIAL INSURANCE No,.  MpHlilHWMMl  tiwuumnwiw/ii. ���  SIONATUnE^  mm------ '--    \**\  ,. A *t4.  "f  1   *      *���  **0m0^* *.**0%0* ^AAAAJ  mr*r*^r  0     *r^rH0***r**.r* ** 0. *  KA4W*A> 0.0*0* *%!*!*�� 0*. *.0,   A. .  kkAAMjtAJ  I        .\ ���*. \  Halfmoon Bay  ���by Mary Tinkley  THE FIRST social evening of the season  at the Welcome Beach Hall last Saturday was u most successful' aflair, with  everybody enjoying the additional space  and, new facilities A small gioup o| men,  under tbe direi'lion ot Keith Comvn liad  - worked hard and long in cai*��ryijit; out the  improvements to the ball���iu fact, the  last nail was driven into the new clothes  ��� closet by Mr. Comyn just an hour before  tbe members arrived. The Ladies' Auxiliary hod done, a fine job in cleaning  up the hall and with the beautiful floral  decorations arranged by Mrs. Olive Clear,  the whole atmosphere was gay and congenial. ��� '  Canon Minto Swap opened the evening  with a Thanksgiving message and on behalf of the members expressed tlianks to  all those who had worked so hard in carrying out the improvements. There was so  much to be thankful for that everybody  joined wholeheartedly in the s-ijiging of  "Harvest Home".  There followed a Harvest-Thanksgiving contest whicli was won by Mrs.  Comyn. The prize, n< delightful utility  'doll, was the" gift 'of Miss May Jihoades.  The rest of the evening was run on go-as-  you please lines. Tallies were made up  for whist, ..rummy, cribbage and scrabble and the shui��leii��iu,4-^p.lay"ers ��� were ���  delighted with . the glass-like finish of,  tlie new table top which liad been installed only tliat   morning.  FILM SHOW  There will be a film show at the Welcome Beach Hall on Thursday, October  ,21st at 7:30 p.m. Films to be shown,  courtesy of the Japanese Consulate, are  "Flowers for the Japanese", "Family of  Tokyo", "Japanese Doll", "Japan 1970"  and 'ToIk Songs of Japan." Admission  is 35 cents and everybody is welcome.  IN ERROR  It i.s rejrcel^ed that nn error occurred in  last week's eorlumh. The date of the next .  general  meeting of  Area  13.  Ratepayers'  Association   is   Salurdiiy,   November   flth  ond  nol   November  1st  as stated?  IN BRIEF  Mrs. Eva Lyons has just received  word of the death' of lier. sister, Mrs.  Martha Welch in Sacramento at  the age  -o'f.'Birv-"-���--���* *���**��� ** *"'* '" " -������"''":-'i'i:'-':j   Mrs. "Lyons was in Powell River last  .week to attend Friendship Night hosted  by the Powell River Chapter of life IDast-  ern Star. She reports a very pleasant  evening, with a smorgasbord supper followed   by  entertainment. ���       -  ���Recent visitors to the 'Bay were "Mr.  and Mrs. Victor Gendron of Riondel. Mr.  Gendron has a very fine beard which won  ���him fifth prize  in  the. Vancouver  beard  "contest iii July, and when he is dressed  in 'Iiis~"tartan shirt and yellow vest, -he  makes a perfect impersonation of Centennial Sam. He had entered a number  of parades at Cranbrook, Creston and  Trail, accompanied by his wife as Century Sue, so wlien the couple left for a  bus trip to Reno, Mr. Gendron decided  he would be al) prepared to represent.  B.C.'s Cenhtennial to our neighbours  -south of the border.  Mr. and Mrs. Art Armstrong, who  were on the same bus tour certainly received a surprise when he epierged from  bis hotel room at Reno" a7 Centennial  Sam. He was accepted for the rest of the  tour as B.C.'s Centennial representative  mul received a great ��� deal of attention  and publicity, He and Mrs, Gendron returned to tho Bay. with the Armstrongs  v-  --"SF-f-wt-prTiTi]  'I'  Wecjne-jjcfoy; October 20, 1971   .  TKB Peninsula Times Poge A-3  AM- ����� IkJNlO  ���S^ra*****  ji��to,ivwiii>wi i ��ii*iffiffi*i3tWh.iiiit��>'ii  i'l&'lt&teiX  ~^*t^~~  Any baker who kneads the dough  is in the  Scheduled for Elphin&tone  John Oliver School Choir is scheduled 2 pm to 4:30 pm. This popular choir  to perform, at the Elphinstone High has won many awards including high.  School Auditorium, Gibsons on Sun- honors at the International Music  day afternoon November 21st from    Eisteddfod at Llangollen, Wales, in  -July 1970. Further announcements of  this event, 'Sponsored . by the Sunshine Coast Arts Council, will follow  in later editions.  ACCOUNTANTS  RALPH C. DUCKWORTH  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Telepdonet ��|MS15 - Telephone: 886-2912  SECHELT* JM*..' GIBSOhis, BC.  \Vr. Philip Gordon ,  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Tel:  Bus,  886-2714,  Res. 886-7567  Harris 3lock, Gibsons, BG7 ,  BUILDING SUPPLIES  (Cont.)  Free- Estimates - Fast Service  G 8* W DRYWALL  Drywall acpust'eand textured ceilings.  Now'servings Gibsons area and the Peninsula.  Phone 884-5315  Box 166, Pprt Mellon, B.C.  CAJ3JNET IVlAKEftS       "^"  ART SUPPLIES  Telephope 886-2069  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  Pottery, Supplies, classes & firing  dealer for Duncan's Cenpmic product!  Pine Rd. & Grandview Ave.  P.O.' Box 62, Gibsons, B.C.  auto serViqe  nnd look ihe opportunity of pnying a visit  tn Mr. hikI Mrs. Anton l<!.uclii), "ormoi"  ))"i|jhlioiirs of tluiirs from KIoikIoI,  Visiting Mrs. JUihy Wurne are her hIk-  loriUKl hrulhei'-in-liiw, Cleoryo und Mlnky.  Hills of Nonaimo.  (Juosi of Uio Jim lihoiulos in iholr  , I'Yiincu.i Avi.'iHio coltii|{u luis huen Jim's1  ��islo)',  MIsh  Miiy   Iflioudu.s' from  JiiHiinr, ,  ChnrUiH nnd Arleno Cliostinil will.)  Uifiir ciiiklren  Mie lino I  nnd  Jnmlu wiiri.'' ,  Iho   Tluuikntfivin/.j ,4M"js1h'    Of. Arlnuo's  Mi'iiiidmolher, Miu I'vii Lynns.  lAiiiiso Murphy, "yliiry Connor and  ���Sijiiidrii .Joi'ijuntjtiii all ulUnicluil �� JJrownio  Ciinip nl Ml, OIhvo'h luul wonkoiid,.     '..  Chocolate & Catch 22  come to the Twilight  .MUOWINCI  nl   Uio  TwlilHlil' Thonlrn  In  OHihuiih 'lunl��hl��� "Willy   Wunkii   nml  'lhn Cliocoliilo Kiit'lory", n wundroiitl nd-  voiili|ro Inlo 1 lio wild world of' n uniidy  fiH'luny,   Hldo on  n   piiddliihniil   down  n  ,., livor of i'Ikh'oIiUoj m��hi |Iio��� luvonllnM  mum* Tide? on ihn Wonkii'mnb'flo; oxporl-  oni'u WuiiJtavlniuji; nnd If you run hIIII  I'liiiclloi) nflor nil llinl, Nlnp inlu lhn  (limit (JIiihh Wunknviilnr nnd,,,  ' Hn/i.lmVillH iSiiliilTliiy iivnntiiK, "Cnieli  W,", lhn Inlo of n sninll /jroiip of llyi'iM  mi n llniu lllllo IhIiuuI I'liinniunlly In lhn  MiMllinrrniioiiii, Tluiru wo iho wlunorn,  llm IntiniM, ihu op|iiirl.i|nlHln, lliu mirvlvors,  Hopm'iiluly nml |(i/|iMhor Hioy nru iicrvouti,  ,t..;frlMhl"nudr..ofli)n*|ii'nliifi(i nnd >miii|Oilf>ion" *  liiillmJli', Alniiihl nil um ii lllllo i*ru/,y,  All/1 Multin llin Jiihl vory yoimn, Oiiii |*oln  lilown lo plnriiM. Aiiollior I'ooly llli'n hlni-  wilf Inlo ii mniininln  uli1,, ule A fdri|i)/in  SECHELT HOME SERVICE  Atlas Parts - Good Year Tires  , 24 Hour Towing  885481 % <?r 885-9979  ~ AUTOMOTIVE UNDERCOATING  -ST^AM GI-EANING  ���COMPl-ETE CAR CLEAN-UP  SIMON I ZING  Esslemont Equipment- Services  Phope 886-2784  Box 436, Gibsons. B.C.  .,���-..'.        . .. **��� ���' ���  JBLASTSNG "  CONTROLLED BLASTING  ALL WORK INSURED  FREE ESTIMATE  FRED DONLEY  Pender Harbour - 883-2403  WATeITsURVEY SERVICES^  For Expert Blasting  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone 885-2304 L, C, Emerson  ' ������    If No Answer l-eavo Messaoq nl  .pB3-?76.T or, 886.7377   ,.  R,R,  \, Soclielr, B.C,  BBIIC&iLAYIMG           A, SIMPKINS  Box 517 - Socholt, U.C.  OCEANSIDE FURNITURE &  CABINET SHOP  e HARDWOOD SPECIALISTS  'FINE GUS-TOM FURNITURE  KITCHEN.AND BATHROOM CASINETS-  Our Cabinet Units Afe All. Prefiinshed Before  Installation.  R. BIRKIN ��� Beach Ave., Roberts Creek, B.C.  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Pnr.l<nun .oiiii oroct II ynuriiiilly or qo|  our |)io|(iui.|onnl holp,  RAIIDEN BAY, P.C, - Plwjo ivoi, 003^723  00m00mm*0m00000mm0*0000m0000*000m*m*m0U0m0mm00mm0m00mmmJmmi  BUILDING SUPPLIES  REAPV^MIX CONCRETE AND  BUILDING SUPPLIES  Your On�� Slop lliilldlnfl Slora  For All Your lipll'lfnfl Nemln  GIB-SONS PUILDlHQ SUPPLIES LTD,  -L...16B3'.-..5aflvlow.-.^Phdno 086-2642  TWIN CR^fiK BUILDING SUPPLIES  "       PIAL  .���-'..."  GIMons 086-2291 - S��cholr 885-2288  whin Ycnz-Nrro-fluitniw wppnn  ms/ll fJS A OAIL .  COAST BACKHOE & TRUCKING  LTD.  Fill, Cement-Gravel, Drain Rock, etc,  Box 89, Madeira Pork  Phone 883^2274  L & H SWANSON LTD.  READY-MIX CONCRETE  Sand and Gravel - Elackhoes  .       Ditching r ExGcrvations  OFFICE iNleeHiSlER BLOCK  885,9^j$��� JBQK |72r Seghelfrf $,%  Land Clearing, Land Development  Road Building. Road Work  Call  OSBORNE LOGGING CO. LTD.  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REAL ESTATE (Con^ REAL ESTATE (Continued)   FOR RENT (Continued) CARS & TRUCKS  The PENWSULA*7*0*e* Sechelt - Phone 885-9654  Classified  �������---���-������ - ��� j.-!���um���nrri���!���[-,���irl���,���,���r* mnrnrmwii  Published Wednesdaya by  Powell River News Town Crier -  Sechelt Tirftes Ltd.  at Sechelt, B.C.  Established 1963  Member, Audit Bureau  oi- Circulations  March 31,  1971  Gross Circulation 2884  Paid Circulation 2396  {' As filed with the'Audit Bureau  ot Circulation, subject to audit.  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-Line Ad-Brlefs {12 words)  One  Insertion . ,   -,$1.00  I'Three Insertions ~-������ $2.00  ���Extra lines (4 words) 20c  * (This rate does ffot apply to  commercial Ad-Briets)  Box Numbers _ _ 10c extra  50c Book-keeping charge is added  for Ad-Briets not paid by  publication date.  Legal or Reader advertising  35c  ..,,,,:,....., per.count line. ....,..,.���,   ,  Subscription Rates���  By Mail:  Local Area _$6.00 yr.  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Ph. 886-2834,      7378-48  HELP WANTED  DAY   CARE   required   for   2  small eliildreo, 6 months and,  2 yrs. Near Sunnycrest Shopping    Centre. . Ph,     886-2385  "dayst^.������--������ 7398-47  WANTED       '~~~. ~~'  WANTED to borrow or ren��  a cider press. 886-9679.  7329-47  OLD nylon stockings  wanted  for    Sechelt     1st    Brownie  Pack.  Box  in  Shopping -Mall  for   your '���'contribution'*;    near'  Shop-Easy. '7410-49  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITY  SPARE' TIME INCOME ��� Re-  filling and collecting money  from New Type high-quality  coin ���- operated dispensers in  your area. No selling To qualify you must have car, references, $600 to $2900 cash. Seven -to twelve hours weekly fcan  net excellent monthly income. ���  More full time. For personal  interview write Canapenn Distributing Ltd., Dept A, 160  Bay St., Suite 205, Toronto 1,  Ontario, Include phone number. ' 7392-47  REAL ESTATE  SHELTERED waterfront, Pender Harbour, 700 ft. southern exposure, ten acres with  2 bdrm house. AH facilities.  Ph. 885-9565. Write Box 6749,  c-o Peninsula Times, Box 310,  Sechplt. B.C. 6749-tfn  7T^ *~  MqcGREGOR PACIFIC  REALTY* LTD.  Box 799, Gibsons, B.C.  Van Direct;  685-3133  FALL SPECIALS: Gibsons  i Rural, 8.21 acres. Already  subdivided into 2 parcels.  Fantastic buy for only $11,000.  GIBSONS    CENTRE: ..Large,  spectacular view lot 60'x200'  x6Q'xl50*. On paved road. Lane  aqcess at rear, only $4400.  RETIREMENT HOME: 2 bdm  lovely home, close to stores,  etc. View,- fireplace, built-in  range, oven, etc.. Workshop in  basement. Buy this one. Only  $20,000.    -  SAKINAWLAKE: 100' water-,  ��� frontage lot, very private,  good moorage, etc. Level, good  building site. Priced to. sell,  $8800.  Lome Girard:    886-7244"    or  886-7760.  SECRET   COVE: .90'   waterfront, good cottage site, excellent   investment,    close   to  Marina. Protected, moorage.  GOWER   POINT:   4.0*8   acres,  nicely   treed,  gentle sloping���WEST   SECHELT:   N|ce   rest-  property,    with    many    good  ELEVATED undeveloped 10  acres within -Village -of73e��  chelt, residentiar location.  $16,000 cash. Box 6499, �� c/o  Peninsula ��� Times, Box 310,  Sechelt, 6499-tfn  -, r, _��� , '  REDROOFFS ROAD ��� Lot  75' x 268" 10 min. drive to  Sechelt Quiet area; close to  water and good fishingriihone  and Hydro available, $3,9W*  cash. Phone 885-9654, 6804-tfn  ���  I..   |   ,-       ....l'  ,1     I-a   l���a     ���  .1   ..,., ^lY.mi.ll-M,'  ���*���' "  li  I'. ��� 'I �����.���..���  ������-������    I���   -1   I���"*0  PRIVATE party wishes to buy  a water-front on good view  lot between Garden Bay and  Irvines Landing. Please give  location and price first letter.  Box 7352 c/o Box 310 peninsula Times,  Sechelt.    7352-49  NOR  WEST  BAY   ROAD:"-3  view lots, over, % aero, 100  ft, frontage each, Easy access  from  payed  road.   $4,500  FP,  SERGEANT BAY: Vi acre  waterfront lot, 1U) ft, of  frontage maizes this the largest waterfront lot in the area,  FP $11,750.      '     . /  RECREATION LOTS': Ms acre  lots on Redrooffs Rd. Nice-  ,ly treed. No access problem,  From $3,950. Terms to be fiad  at one third down.  DAVIS"'   BAY:    Arbutus . St.  Large view lot in Davis Bay.  . All.,   serviced,     easy     access,  cleared" and  ready  for  building. $5,500  FP.  CUTE    cottage,    1     bedroom.  Large ���level  lot,   fruit  trees  ���charged:to"the newspaper. Adver-   :and landscaped. Municipal wa-  tising is merely an offer to sell,  and may be withdrawn at any  time."���(Supreme Court decision).  Advertising is accepted ori the  condition that, in the everit of  typographical error, that portion  of the advertising space occupied  by" the erroneous item, together  with reasonable .allowance for signature, will not be charged for,  but the balance of the advertisement will be paid for at the applicable rate.  A composition charge is made for  advertising accepted and put into  production, but cancelled bafore  publication. Change from, original  copy when proof is submitted to  customer is also chargeable at an  hourly rate for the additional  Work.  BIRTHS  GIBSONS AND SECHELT  WESTERN DRUGS  ...   is  pleased  to  sponsor this  Birth   Announcement  space,   and  extends Best Wishes to the happy  parents.  COMING EVENTS  ANNUAL Harvest Turkey dinner, St. Bartholomew's, Gibsons, f) p.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday,  October 24. Adults $2, children  under  12, $1.     , 738(5-47  ST,  AIDAN'S ACW  Fall  Bazaar,   Friday,  Oct.   20.   Parish Hull, Roberts Creek, 2 to 4  P.m.     ���."���. 7420747  OBITUARY   ,j���__ : s ������  BLAKEMAN-'-On' October 10,  .... Frederick lilnkomun of Roberts Creek, I5,C��� lu liis 87lh  your, Survived by 2 hoiih, Clare  or Nol.ion, B.C, anrl Robert or  RobcrlH, Creek, I5.C, IJ grand-"  children und 11 wont, grandchildren, Ilov, 1), Ilrown (���(iii-  dut'tert llio norvicn lu lhe llm-  voy Funeral Home on Mon-  duy, October KI, Cremation,  7412-47  CARD OF THANKS  ter. Principles only. To view;  885-2153 after 6:00 p.m.  7304-tfn  home sites, driveway in, water  and power available, has southern view of Gulf Islands.  Excellent, buy at $13,750.  Firm.  ROBERTS CREEK: Two 5 acre  pacrels  $6900  and  $8900.  Terrific huy, immediately adjacent to tlie Peninsula Hotel*  GIBSONS, VIEW: 2�� bdrm  ��� cottage, nicely ilandscaped,  easy access to village, ideal retirement. Nice garden "'Urea,  $14,900.  John Black: 886-7244 or 886-  7316.  '     7408-47  MADEIRA PARK STORE  - .-***, - liiii'  ���     I -  M ���  * **.  Genorol store with 2Wedroofn owner's home and small sleeping  cabin, Price includes all stock at time of sale, buildings and  land. Approx, 100 ft. on Madeira Park Road and 100 ft. on Hwy.  101, containing 1.09 acres���a vbry choice property, This" business  shows a nice profit with Ms of possibilities for exppnslon. Also,  purchaser could possibly subdivide land Into. 2 'parcels. This -Is-a'n  oxce|5tioTin1ly-good,buy at $35,000 with terms,  I  ��� WOULD   lilui  'my   reliillvim  lo  lluink  nil  un<('  frleiidN  i'or the iniu'iy cnrdH und gll'tN  nn Mildly u|)|)T((ciiilnil, Your  friendly rool'or, Lunco WiiIhod,  7,'ll)l)-47  WK W1HII In lluink lln; LudiiiH  of   llio "Uiiltefl   Church   for  ���.,������Ili��liu.kli��liieiin-��� In*.,.|)ioiioiitln��t ,.  tin will) u lovoly ull'l whicli In  , ��li'iinl.ly  uppnicliiled,. Hlncoroly  (Iluii nud Cnnnlo MeDoiiulil,  ���    '������" 7417-17  PERSONAL ~.     7"  ** .iliHIwi���WWT-Ma..������ ..������*0*r~.���,*. i.i|.i ,,., l, ��� , 1,1 ., �����.......���,^.H m,  WISH  to c'ontuct Lutler J)uy  HuIiiIh inoiiilinrd, J'Jioiio fll)5>  '1175 or ni!6-2fi4(J,        U7ili1-l.fn  ALCOHOLICS Aiwnynioiw -  ���, > MoetiiiH"   11(30'p,m���   'riuirn-  , duyn, Wllmin Creek Ooipiiiun-  My   llnll,   J'li.   Ilfl.'-I**j;'7',' 11(10-  -2:113, 407i)ifn  EGMONT���BATHGATE'S STORE AND MARJNA  General store and marina with 2 older 2 bedroom homes and one  cottage on approx, l Ms acres wilh approx, 350 ft. of choice  waterfront, marine gas station, lots of floats, 6 rental boats  with motors, This business Is growing fast ond shows and excellent profit on tho full price of $160,000, Price includes  business, land, buildings, equipment and $30,000 In slock.  Requires $95,000 down,  FRANCIS PENINSULA   '  2 side by sldo view lots of appro*,  1 '/< acres each, Only a few  hundred feet from Marina, Each priced at $10,000 witli $3,000  down,  ���   MADEIRA PAR���  2 bedroom home On approx,  1  aero |6t, Guild, powlbly bo sub.-,  divided.Into,2 parcels. Close to school* and stores.   , 7,.., .  SAKINAW'��� I/Sr      ���        ,  Approx,   14 acres wi'lli 330 ft. waterfront,  Full prlco .i25,000.  with $8,500 down,  Waterfront" lots ,  In Condor Harbour, wllh, walor and hydro. ���  00 ft.���-{.10,000  98 fl��� $10,500  LAGOON BOAD  4 voiy good huilding!, lots, Eoiiy wnlklno dlMoncu lu m,Ikio| und  Bloioh al Modolro Park, Can bo bought wllh. low down I'aympiil.  '������'���   ������".'"       EARL' COVE^BARGaTn; -  Uaruii *��eml>wfi|orlronl vlovv |o'l for $4,000 caul),  ,  '   CANOE'PASS    " !  4 walorlronl luoio |o|s lo bt>t,o|d in ono parcel, Full prlco $11,000  A  low  V  lolt, M  wllh wmo  ' ~~EARiTcOVE ..  (ivnllnbla on lliln 30 lot mibdlvluloii,  $4,50p.  ;  'rlcud Iroin  WORK WANTED  rifrvjcn lo llm millrr! Hiiii-  nhlnc C'o��f��f, Our work In In*  liiirod niid nxporlly |i<��iToiiii-  rd; Pliond for fren chIIdiiiIcii,  IVci'Icmh 'IVrn Hervlccn,  Pliono  nn5-2!on; oznii.tm  !i JVH'IN, 'A clwilri town, I (nick,  Will  do iinythlhj{  nlno to-\-  htm rlrnwiMKl. Vliwwill'A'WI-  Dm- wllor  II p,iu,        7310-47  --��� ��� ������-MADi:IRA'wPARKu~*--***-ww ���  C|in|(,il view. lull, un  64   lol   itiibdlyli.lnn,   I'tlciift  liuni   (|i4t000   lu  $11,000, Somn cloorhd ioody for building,  ���:"egmo���nt~~  Wnlnr tnxl nnd na?> Motion on cholco enrnor iiroiwily ruljolnlnu  Guv'I Whorl, Ovnr 200 f|, wnlorfronl anh forfloliuru l��nt,o,  MADEIRA PARK���-  Approx,   ) V*  mioi,  ol   boml-walorlronl  patMlkn  vluw  piupurly,  Uicnlod jusl nlwvo Matfolrn Pnrfvgov'l wlinrf. i  119  fl,   cl'iolco   woliirlront   lot   with   nmnll   |ini-tkj|ly fumltJiml  homo, Hnn ncorn  llroploco,  hnlhioum wl(l) uliowi'i',  hydro nnd  wolar, lull prica  *l,l3,000 wllh1 ���$>.>,QQQ ;diiwi.l,.,|in|ancl|i nl   *}>100  pur month,  ��� ..'     MOBILE HOME, SITES, !  bovflrnl k|tii nvnllnhla,  tAony ntliftp vlnw nnd wnlorfronl loin In lhn I'nndor I lor hour nron,  i@m Qmssff't  REALTY LTD,  Madalra Park# D,C:  Phono Pan<hr Harbour 883-2233  ft  lil||)llii |IH|I ,1  1,1111^,,  *L0n*,m  dential lot with services available on quiet street. This  lot has direct- access to the  beach. FP $3,850* TermS.  SELMA PARK:" WaterirSht*  cottage in Selma "Park, app.  800 sq. ft. 2 bdrm, fireplace  and basement. Breakwater  and launching* ramp. All new  wiring ��md plumbing. FP  $27,500 with $10,000 down.  CALL  J. Anderson 885-2053  S. Anderson 885-2385  MacGREGOR PACI PTC  REALTY LTD.  Selma    Park    Divn.    885-2323  7402-47  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  Real Estate & Insurance  SUNNYCREST   SHOPPING  CENTRE  Gibsons, B.C. ���-,  SARGEANT RD,: For -only  $6,300 you can buy a two BR  .cottage on h 6$ ft, lot^ all  cleared, fenced and in garden.  Property also contains welJ  built dble garage, Cottage  rented for $75 per month. It  encroaches slightly on adjacent property, . a situation  which will require correction  after 24 months from date of  purchase.  806-2411.1  1135 FRANKLIN ROAD:  ���Drive past this attractive  home (note our .sign) -and, -if  you like what you see let 'us  describe how It could be yours  for as little as $0,500 down on  a FP of $24,000, It's only 5  years old, NHA built will)  truss typo construction. There's  a living room'wllh FP, largo'  comb, dining room - kitchen  and throe bedrooms, AH, ut-,  ' trnclively laid out. Thin ..is  your opportunity' to. iicquiro a  now houso for a low down  payment. Act now���-Call ,usl  11(1(1-24(11  1305 MERMAID ',STItKE'I\.HE-  CIIKLT:   Comfortable   fiuu-  " Hy Mylo house In n rlollghlftil  glirdon,    with   dpublo ' Kiirnge  giiiiif<o 11,11(1 boat shed n|, rttitr.  Living room! big kitchen'unil  two hudroomrt on main floor,  liuildo niopii  lo  lull  hiiMomciii  which  could  lio  lined  for  rue  room, Inoro b(idroo,inn or millii.  "Alsp nn upNtiilrn.nren wllh lln,  .bedroom, 'J'hero'tt much lo Im  mum   hero,   we'd   liii  dellghlcil  to  oliow  you  nrnund,  ^UMIOO  FJ' with $10,000 down, balunct.,  on eilsy torms",  .  ijiid-^lll.   ,   ,.,,.,  CJIHHON8 VII-LAOK; New V,  heilrooni vlow lioinit In <|iilol  ciildumin, W-W curpiil, ullllly  nud worlwilui|> In carpoi'l, All  undtii'iiroi'iiHl nnrvltion, FP ll!!,.  000, Vory good lerinn pomilhlo,  or airy your trndo, ',  a-*-���A  ��-, ItUd-Ul'l I t I  ������   oit/VM<H<: iloAiii iiii milch  ' wllh vory' ���food 'p'liiiiilliillllin,.  Try your offer on lHl3(liil(l,  Honm Ini'iim,  Il(lll-a4(ll '  ' lU'imiOOFli'H  FOR SALE^V owner,- 3 BR  ^ house 20x25 living ropm, W-  W carpet; cut stone fireplace,  family kitolf^n and dinette,  Wired for 230, A-oiil futnace,  Carport and sundeck. Close tq_  school .and shopping. To view  call 886-9341 days, 886-2791 -  eves. 7379-46  SECLUDED but accessible by  - good lane, 160 acres" beautiful well elevated undeveloped property, year round  creek,, some ocean view, near  Secret Cove. $60,QQQ, Will  accept some terms. Box 310  Peninsula Times, Sechelt.'  6D81-tfn  PENDER HARBOUR: BARGAIN FOR QUICK SALE:  Brand new 2 bedroom |iome  on serviced, level view 15V overlooking' Garden Bay. Only  Only $15,500; *-  Serviced lots in new Garden  Bay subdivision- Excellent  mobile home or building sites,  Priced from $3,700 with terms,  HALFMOON BAY (Redrooffs  area): IVfe.acre view lot overlooking Welcome Beach.  Perfect seclusion amongst tall  evergreens. An impressive  property for $4,500 with terms.  ���HALFMOON BAY (Redrooffs  area): Very attracive 2 bedroom home with guest cottage,  Lovely beach close by. Vendor  Anxious to sell and will consider any offer to $15,500.  Don't miss a bet!  For additional information' or  to view, contact Jock Hermon  at  883-2745   (Madeira  Park)  i CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  Gibsons  7368-46  EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  MuJtiple Listing Service  Box 238,  Gibsons, B.C,  GIBSONS: Abbs Road. Very  . . attractive 4 bedroom home,  split level, large finished rumpus room and utility room in  basement. You just MUST,  see this home. Full asking  price $34,000. Check on terms.  GIBSONS: 3 bedroom ' home  with-nearly 1500 sq. ft. floor  area, and a full concx-ete basement. This is a very nice family home, near new, on all utilities and a quiet area. Full  price only $29,500.  WATERFRONT: Pender Harbour. 700 ft, in a nice sheltered harbor., Year aroundaboat  moorage and nice grade to  lieuch by road.T"This also has  a nice very liVeable cottage on'  JO choice acres. This has- a  . great development potential,   ,  HALFMOON  BAY:  Redrooffs  _ area, 2 semi-waterfront  lots  ,/  ''H     IU)!     Nll-lnly  treed view lol nf uvtir I iiiii  ..rivKliOO. .....-.,.   HIKI-il'llil  ,  ACIIUA'JI*: HI'l'lC'IALi IIImIiI  oil llm highway Junl uuliililo  of illliiiiinti, 'A imnm, on vlllu/*o  wiilor power, nlc Idcul I'nr  Imllillni! nn or iiiiliillviiilnii, (lu  inn nl $11,11(1(1, ., i  "IIIHL'MIII  .JNYIi;;i'lL.Jii.,J.lilii,|)iopf!il,v.lhiii.  lum   luul   iH'i'ii   huImIIvMi'iI,  ii'iidy I'or riMiitlo lu Iho i*|��ilii||,  ll!ii   iii'ii'M   on   t'l'iiK'tory   Md,  '  Willi n vlnw,1 J*T .fl/ZDO,' Mitltir  nil orfni'7  riiid^irii * ���  Kim   CriiMliy  mm '.Minn  .luck   Wllllo  niui>8ii:ir-  Jay VJmihuv  ��� HUh-aaoii  i                                "'  7'I(I(|..J7  NO down payment required,  New 2 bedroom house, View  lot, Appliances included. 886-  7466. 7416-47  I-NVESTORS:  1.66  acres with  2   houses*   Should   make   5  Iqis,- 2 with -houses on them.  With  an investment  of  only  $25,000 for 6 months and a little work, someone is going to  make a nice profit���it could .  be you, Phone Len -Van Eg-- l  mond at 885-2813,  DAVIS   BAY;   A   truly   fine  building dot with a fantastic  view,    'Fully    serviced.    Will  build to suit ypu.  WEST SECHELT: Waterfront.  We have 4 large lots left-  be, the first to get one before  it's too late, Southern exposure, Niceiy treed, very private.  Under $10,000. Also outstanding view' lots. .  SUNSHINE   BAY   ESTATES:  Just available, over 100' for  under $10,000 in Square Bay.  Southern exposure, arbutus  trees, This won't last.  See Len or Suzanne Van Eg-  mond: Van. .433-6546 or Sech-  chelt 885-9813  SUNCOAST ESTATES LTD.  .     7418-47  "-     YOU ARE INVITED!  Sat., Oct. 23���S.S.C. Golf &  "Country Club Trophy presentation, dinner and dance. 6:30  to ? Be sure and come.  Mon., Oct. 25���Gibsons Hospital Aux. bridge tourn. 7:30  p.m., bsmt. Heath Centre, Gibsons,  PENDER HARBOUR: 44 acres with 800' shore. Prop.  Cut in half by main hwy., older 2 brm. home and put bldgs.  Tremendous possibilities here.  Let us have your offer close  to $49,000.  .ROBERTS CREEK: R2 zoned,  south  slope,  9Va   acres  with  hwy. frontage, $5,000 down on  ^ FP $14,000,*       i  Just steps tp good beach0.  Choice lot ready to biuld_. on.  $4,000;' Half down.  Charming 5 room home featuring spacious rooms and  double plumbing. Fireplace in  Liv Rm., lge. finished rec  room in lower level. A/oil  heat. Carport has deck roof.  Natural setting is the theme of  the landscaping. Attractive  terms on $33,000 or discount  for cash.  LISTINGS  WANTED  K. SUTLER REALTY  LTD.  ALL TYPES INSURANCE  Gibsons, B.C.  Phone 886-2000  MEMBER  COSY 1 bedroom house, Gib-  sons^ area. Reliable couple  willing tp do gardening. Large -  waterfront lot. Fuvnace, hot  water .electric stove, fridge,  No' children or pets, $125.  733-6618, 7411-49  '65   CHEV   van,   6   cylinder,  $600," Phone   886-2775.  7317-47  ONE bedroom hoi|se, on waterfront. Electric heat, furn-  ished   or unfurnished.  Prefer J  middle-^ged couple. 885-^570,  . 7419-47  MOBILE HOMES  DOUBLE wide���reduced for  sale. -Demonstration model.  Must see to appreciate. Quality  built, many features not found  in others, May be financed. To  view, phone 885-2153 after 6  P'm' 7085-39  MOBlLE> Home, 12x65/2 bedrooms, complete with skirting and aluminwm- awning.  Only 2 years old. Phone 886-  7187.        ' 7066-tfn  ONE mobile home space avail-  .-able. -Big '"Maple Trailer'  Park. Wilson Creek. Phone  885- 9513.    ' '       7245-tfn  BOATS & ENGINES  '62 tCHEV pickup with chassis  -mounted  camper,  115  inch  wheelbase, 6 cyl.., 4 spd., HP  equip. Ph   885-9352.     7347-47  7962 FOI .Z FairJane auto-  ^ matte. 6 cylinder, $150, Ph,  883-2256. 7359-48.  Vi   TON  Chev,   '64,  pick   up,  , Good condition, 885-21*58.  approx.   I00'x700*   just   above       _   MULTIPLE LISTING-'  the road. This property has u  tremendous view, i s semi-  cleared at tho front and nicely  treed at the' back. Reasonably  priced at $11,000 each,  ROBERTS CREEK; Nice., new  subdivision lots at .$4,000 or  a nice little cottage ..on Park  'Avo. on 1 aero with your own  stream for $16,000.  ROBERTS CREEK: Very well  built house, having"*'one' ex-1  . tra, largo BR, Houso could bo  enlarged, Requires some flii-  Ifihing', but In quite llvonblo-'aa  Is, .Is,:,, wojili InaulnjaOd, has 220  wiring, Propane heaters; wtove,  fridge and most of furniture  goes with house, Closo to beaches, OFFftltS and terms on  $12,300. .  .,., .,,   .*".  GEORGIA HEIGHTS: Largo  "Top View", lot with*, a com-  pkito'ly punoramie outlook over West Ilowo Sound, This Is  an exceptional building nllo,  uni!([iinll(!(l ns to boll) locution  and view. W f 11,000.  ItOJJERTS CIU'IEK; cTwo HU  hotiNo" with ncroiigii, Vory  a cont rally Ipciilod, 1 Inn 100 I'l,  frontage on paVod road, \Valor,  phono, and hydro,, Clos'i to  sloro,' library nnd bun ntop,  Most sullablo M\ a rotlrninont  lionm, Projmrly wllli .upprocl-  iiliia.ln viiluo, FP $10,(100.. OF-  FElta. "  Mombor " *  Vancouver Heal  Ifl'ilnlo Doahl'  PJtONM flflO-ail^lH  7''*~"'-'Ndtar^,Tubllc"r7~,'tr*  UmWOH. WANTED  VlncoProwor        &B6-9359  y/ally Peterson     886-2877  Box 231), aibHomt, H,0,  7407-47  SERVICE  7409-47  FOR RENT  HAI��L for rent, Wilson Cieek  Community,   Hall,    Contact  Mrs.    Diane  ��� Anderson,    885-  ���>Mo. ��� 5455-tfn  Iicr  SELMA   Park    ll|��ll.   $5  ,   meollhg, I'h, fl*lfl-n*l!*7,  ��� '   ' 7:m:i-i.iu  :i HOOM cubln, oiiliildo i>ltnuT>-  Ing, Socholt nron, Plioim (l(i(i��  Oftllll. , 7,'llll).i|ll  (M()i)KHN    wntorlriint.    ciiblii  I'or rnnl, Madeira Park, I'll,  tlll.'l-Ud'l.'l. ,     7:iim-.ih  DAVll^ Uiiy-ihiploH MiilUlwilh  ' view, iinl'ui'iilMlmd oi' purlin  I'uriilhlmil, Phono. 1111(1-0(1(12 id'-  l(i|' 0 p.m. ,i, ( 7!l,W..IV  rT'lwfihdim npt,, wiiiii.kor  lllocK,    DiivIm    May,    $| *',<),  liioiilli, llniu iii(|il, Ph, llllli-'.M'lll,  7301-1 lu  FOR SALE  PRIME ELUVATED WATERPRONrMO ACRl  WEST PORPOIIili IIAY.  Al  ;"jncftit'|on""(ci'ro��"imxinrii S*IJioilroorn"lioii-iij," broatiiaom  llirouohoul, thfo.a hnlh'rooms, hot wuior, hout oic,  . $97,000.  F. J, Whllccoll (Ownoi) VuncgUver.  ' Phone 112-738-7165 or 263-7631  -1064  FORD truck, model 750  chassis. For sale. Nice condition.  Plione 885-2145.  7413-47  '68 VOLVO 144S. Auto, trans.,  radio,   new   studded   snow  tires. 886-7406. 7415-47  loitTBUiciTwild"cat," ao'.ood  . miles. All "pewer, Cash or  take over payments. Phone  885-9846 eves.    v 7404-40  WANTED,   1961   Hillman  engine for parts. Ph. 886-2467.  7403-47  PETS  7  WEEK  old    German  She-  phards.   Male    and  femaie-  886-2348  evenings.'       7357-48  32   FT.   Gillnetter,  Crysler Crown, sounder,  good condition, rigged with  herring seining gear; one-her-i-  ring seine 85 x 10 fathomss;  2 net ponds. Ore seine winch  suitable vessel 40 'ft. or more.  Phone. 883-2336 or write Box  1,  Garden  Bay  P.O..,  B.C.  7313-47  TERRAWEND U, 36 foe?  steel, top of line Chris Craft.  Twilf 185's, radiophbne, SoUh-  der,: Capac, 'Autopilot, trim-  tabs, electric winch, Pressure,  H. W. TeaR cockpit, Dinghy  and davits. New $35,000, best  offer to $15,000. Ph. 485-4073.  ���     73,27-47  17 FT. six passenger Sang-  stercraft Fibreglass hull  vvith 110 hp inboard-outboard  VqIvo! Fully equipped and in  excellent condition. Box 675  Sechelt or phone 885-9340  evenings. 7319-tfn  A   hceeor- BLACk   toy   male   poodle,   1  year old.  $50.  Ph. 885-9797.  7,421-49  SWAP  HOUSEKEEP,    room,    warm,  "' clean,  private  entrance,  all  found. Working*   gent.,  Selma  Park; PH: 8(15-9535.      711(l-tln  MADEIRA Park' area���New  deluxe, fully or|iilppod unljs  available Cor monthly rental,  Sopl,' il> thru May, I and 2  bdrms,, $150 por month, Ro-  feroneen required. No chihhion  *br potH, Wrllo Box 7(00 c/o  Poulnmila Times, Box 310, So-  t'liull,'D��. 7l(l(|.|fn  WINTER iKtoininodallon available from Soplembor, Sopai'-  alo llvlilK rm, and bdrm, Huili-  room wllh showor, IhiUHi'iiihln  rales, Al Lowe's, Madeira  Park Mold, J'hono .((IIII-^iriiL  IJiuler "liow mnhnKonuml.  7314-47  LIVESTOCK  for  GOATS  2740.  sale.  Plione   880-  7422-47  WILL    trade    daffodil    bulbs  for   cancelled'   old   stamps.  Ph.  885-9773.       ' 7396-47  WANTED TO BUY  OMEGA  2V4X3V4   or  4x5   en-  larger.  Grafhic  11  view1-"Camera   4x5. -Box   459,   Sechelt,  B.C. 7303-47  TV ANTENNA booster wanted. Ph. 885^-9*851. 7363-46  USED BBb tuba wahted.  ' Write E. Everett, 6565 Seton,  Powell River or Ph. 112-483-  9455.      ^ ___,     '7361-48  3��/ii   H.P.   ROTARY  gas   lawn!  mower���cash.   Ph.   885-2835.  7394-47-  LOCAL community hall wants  stacking chairs. Must be reasonable and ih good condition.  Ph. 885-2378 after 6 p.m.  7405-47  Member of the Multiple Listing Service  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  WATERFONT LOT        > ' No. 2347  First.lime odered, 80 feet of wqterfront in West Sechelt, protected by Trail lilan.di. It has sevqrpl Iqrcjo fir ond arbutus trees,  level building site, pebbje' beach.^TJie lot KhaS beon opproved  for icptic tank and bmlfJiiiQ site.'fiill prife $15,000. fry. half  down. To view, call Don' Hadden/ 885-9504 eves,  WEST SECHELT .. No.-2182  9l/j acrev excellent holding property with year round spring and  elec pump. Modest I bedroom starter home, Good view site with  fjehlle slope seaward Road allowance on 3 sides, could bo subdivided, zoned R II. Try your offer on $19,000 full price. For do-  laili call Don Hadden. 88^-9504 eves.  SECmA PARK ;      " _ No. 2302  Well maintained view homo with many fepluros'on laroo corner  lot. Sundeck over carport, driveway front .qnd back, sopqraio  2<lx30 workshop. Fully insulated houso has 4 WlroatTjs, 2 flro-  plocos Wall to wall carpel^ oulo/oll heat, and a total area of  2,400 loot on two Moors, Try $15,000 down and a bank morl-  aoijo or $20,000 "'(own "tfml aor��emunt for salo, To. view call  Don Hnddon.'885-9504 eves,   t  SL'LMAPARK , .;     ��� No. 2315  tasy access, easy.id.build on, easy on Iho pocket hook. !00'xl35'  view lots (or only $3400, Call Jpck Warn. 886-2681 or Color  Smnh, BB5-9463, eyes,  SELMA I^ARK Ho, 2317  Ouuii cul do sac vluw lot In Solmo, 70' Ironloao;  I2B'xI5Q" bido  $5000 (till nrico, wilb V*i cash. Call Jack Warn, 886.2681  In  or Polar Smilh. 805-9463. oyos.  IAKIi        "���'       ' ���    No, 2205  own pilvalu lllllo,plateau looklnu over poacoliil "Hotel  l.iUu, IJiiuhl Miund colloao with one l/odrooni on around door and  ������ ijiiMl rooms up, *,<, bawniom ond carpoii, Small swimming pool  und Iniyu woikflmp 2()'��50'. Conlro of Inku nnd soolroni pn|,ils  u,   '"Tw^yy,1!"1   "w,v   '"   "���������-���urn-Jill   onioymonlr1  Call  Wain, 0B6-2A0I qr I'elor Aolbers, 006-299  Jock  ovus.  Mil 11  Two car  -niitsoMS . NOi 2m  Mo|(iMic view, convonlonco (|ulof of ravlno woods; uiifonulblo for  llvlslon bnhlnd, A now 3 bedroom homo, lor root ��n|oynwii:  i car poil,  Inrgu sun dockh,  puvuil rood oi'id drlvowny   All  ,M��rv|eo iindoramuml,; Wtill ndvnqcod loi  i>or,ond suilu   $18 000  ��n *    ���������� F".PflC0:..Ctl" J'Kk Warn,'806.2681' Vy"!.  SI-CMITLT VILLAGO"        ~" ~" ' No"2326  Ulrn larao residential |o| Cornor locallon, Payed roads c|o��a |o  I'oipoho Huy nnd whm(, I Huh uround, Moslly cleared Gtmd le.ms  "ii loll prlco $3900,00,-Call Dub Konl, lUll*m\  Hi/ilk, ���  .>l.i  -MA PARK  No, 2020  ��� h   llm I vliiw Innniroii wall oil pnvod llluhvyny fm ,*u^ ������,, |(1|1 f,  ��. IJV<j'ff.w..l��r   nhona and cabin .television ^vnllaliln, Oy, '  {"���J" im'II ��<y ,'tnd llio down poymonl i-, only $|<i<)(),oo; ha|(1,,n  ���W   pui-nionih. 'lyw, loc.nltins m choice, Cioi your buM oi o     w  Milium  llni,  10,.i.l     IHIK <>.</. I     r '"���   ''"'   "'������*   HOW  f.nllinu allub K.iiil, 81IS,9/I6'l "m*/uu.  I'OKPOISi; IIAY      7 '���"   lingo wnltirfioni |u|( ���  *��, City  'nt,, In  M- down.  ..... ' '"���'���imi Mole, 7!) ||, ironlnun on bov  .'���M Mon*,  n uoyo.nmoni wl.ml, |,,v,.| |.������i ,��� ,��� J ,,��',,'" ^,,y  OAYI1 HAY ' ~"~7 ��� ,',,..  ���'no rflililmillnl lot, 1..^., ihun ioo .(,.,��� iM)s. *     ,      "%,"?'*,  ������IMB�����|:^A"K,  ^i:fc.SxteLfefi*^^    t"  nmsoMii' ���        '      *" " " """ '~~   '!  S3.r AXA, ',t:l^t;,j~\!  jn)\y,i\,'M[),,u,,\i,r^  ���Vhi'yr  ASK 101* OU|< | Rft CATALOG Of RHAL V,]Mil  Box 128, Socholt  AGENCIES LTD.  (E.flAE.)  Phono (B85-223p FOR SAtE  ELECTROLUX Sa lea and Service,   Bob   Waltham.   Phone  p** EssumT^ri^^oK  in�� Jnnl"., ilH(i-D070.    7330..17'  IP  Tt'S" ^tTHs77iTrs~1^7u:^n"*r  " 885-9330; Sechelt, IU\ \  .  ��}\ .   880a-W'n'  21   INCH ^VU^~Tv7"vm-lAl  working order, $70   Ph   088-  ono?.". �������� *-^aaa'-n  MKK^^^S^rTl^'Brownio''.  al The Times Rookutoro in  Sot-helt. Ho lives in a bonk full  of beautiful illustrations by  Jfilmay Crow. Price $3.95. Also  oh order, Beatrix Poller  books. .All books carefully  selecled. Phone 885-0054. . *"'   \_ 7375-47 ������  /PRIClSIi-Mt rijibt   nni.r(de'al  for    n  'student's..  Christmas  present,   Royal  Mercury   type  writers   at   $(19.05,  CJuaranteed.    At  Bookstore, Sechell  005-I.  hra'nd   new.  The    Times  Phone 8HR-  73 7-1-17  1   PAlfi  skates  0550.  size   12  Brand  little  new.  LADIES    Hainniaster  like    new     Plione  boys' iee  Ph.  ����.**.-  73(15-18  rameont  885- 2li:i5.  73fl"M-7'  Ki   KT.   Fireball  , for   boat   and  -for  $1,250  cash  trailer.   Trade  motor   or   sell  Ph.   885.-9504.  73(15-47  PCX) I,   tabu:  halls,   $1  Willi  none  snootier  8fl(i-722(i  7307-47  OIL   healer,  $20.   Good  condition.   Ph.   885-9772.     740l'-47  PI J E-CI1 H'lSTMAS svJJaJ An  sturdy 3-D cluUJa'n's books.  Regular $2 fill. ()n sale al $2.31).  All the old favorites. Plione  0(15-*)tl54. 7414-47  ffy>%  m  <Uji  ���>*' ,&  <% ,i%  �� I.**.   I *VTl I  '$>) . 4rhoni  MARINE ACCESSORIES  J'uinl     Pibreylass    Pope���  Camas���Boat   Hardware  Compressed   air   service  NYGREN, SALES  (1971) LTD.  880-03113,   Gibsons,  B.C.  y&  New  -,w;$. ";iv-,-VVef,l0.ii.n,ster was  des-  t'7"l]"yed  by   fire September  10,  k*  ��� **v-..,,.���.v ,JJ.',-.?* ^-^T-���?l.>,���?  ���'f&^fiirVi^^  -J  lale licket booth  ��� closes as of Nov. 1st.[���  ALONQ witJV lis announcement of commuter fares for the Langdale ,and  Raltery Bay.trips, BC Ferries announced  it change in ticketing procedure lhat will,  among other things, give -a free ride to  any vehiUJe with Its ^passengers find loads  which is .leaving the .Powell RJver <*v  Port Melloti-J5gmo.nl area and not returning.  The commttler fares offer a discount  of "80% on private vehicles, excluding  campers, pickups, campers or trailers, and  50 **.'���" on passenger fares>r;^0ommuter i'arpp  are  effective  Nov.  1st, '  At the same time, the Tuesday-to-  Thursday half-'fares for passengers are  discontinued.        .   . ��� ������'  ��� The Langdale ticket terminal will he  closed a's of November first, and people  and vehicles leaving the Peninsula area  front this point will drive on without  paying tyres. However, when they re-  ' lurn home, they will pay the t\vo-\vay  fare.  Thus, anyone "leaving the .area pejv  manently will get a free rid6, even if  lliey have a truckful of furniture. 5  Sin"iilarly, people leaving via JiJarJ's  Cove will travel free, paying.double-fare  tin effect) when they return to the Per  ..ninsula. '     , . ���        *'  "The ��� ticketing at Saltery Bay and  Horseshoe Bay will be such that the fare  collected will cover two one-way trips oh  either" Howe Sound or Jervis Inlet," said  a  BC Perries'-release.  Tbe range of fares is simplified under  this new arrangement (and raised fqr  Powell River travelers) to the following  schedule:  Auto cash-fare, $6; adult cash fare $2,  ha If-fare, $1. Commuter fares are low-  .er, as mentioned above. ���   ,   ���'  Thus, a cash fare of $6 for auto, and  ��� -$3  for driver  will  take  Port   Mellon-to-  Egmout residents from Horseshoe Bay to  Powell River, or from Horseshoe Bay to  the Peninsula and back. *  Slaff not required at Langdale as a  result of the closure of the ticket booth  will be absorbed into other* locations,  J5C Ferries said.  It is understood that the ferry management foresaw the time quickly ap*  proaching when a ticket booth would be  > required at Ear-l's Cove; Tlie new $ystejh  forestalls that- and offers the .traveller  more convenience, plus a free jide when  be leaves.  Someone moving to the Peninsula  would pay the return fare in advance���in  effect. However, he could Jiave a free  trip back to Horseshoe -Bay at any time.  ���W#  ** t ti  &*Jf��K  I  ^PNtm*  rt*  *%***  111 V    -V   .1     ��  *�� 4v     . <  ',if f   j  AV  -<Jfe /'  ;a\\.'*-   fn*  *>*f  *���  r  r\  ������&  A\J  *, **,  '���>    1  1  r r4*?^ }**/jh ���*    '  --��� 'Ar*rJt<   X  ������  *!  The Pepinsufa Timps Page Ar5  Wednesday, October 20, |97*|     \  M  it  ���9.1  -i  ��ih  SUNSHINE^COAST  GQSni CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School ��� 10:00 a.m.  Church "Service ��� 11; 15 a.m.  Evening Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSEI.LS  Davis Pay Road and Arhuttii  (2 black* up from Highway)  ���&&C  --nr*  *i0t  fe<"  ���ia^-'  ���**t'. "***.  .   * '    r  .0-0  a ,���:..�����*:-���  -*- *'���  f Krr"JfA,    tJ-AAJ '  ">V4.**  A)  m  tf*  m  .���*''���  *x  " * if  'li*'*  i^-^aj:^  ���Su/f'f^rWrr ,  0000*���*       A  .��t'* \**i  V;  ���ft<^  \ *< K    *j "  %  For  Quick   Results  Use  Times  AdBrieft  Ai  J��  f  JW  JA\  "V^  0   !  JJAl  ((  iM1  i\\j  i i,i I   t  *"i  n ��� <  Vilf-,',  i< ���','  v t,  i    I t  \   \  I'  i  ��  #  w  ���m  M.  'Ma'V  A  'JS  ii:  All "Tho Luv Paint" products are quality auaranteoc",  . end carry tho seal of quality approval, "Tho Luv  Paint" is n, first-quality national professional  clocorato'r biund of paint. Vou wpuld expect to pay a  premium prlco for this outstanding quality, but  boonuso wo made It Just for you, tho homelover,  you'll find It attractively priced, Buy ''Luv" now by  tho quqrt, by tho gallon. Paint on tlio beauty of  "Luv. iyi  Buy|tat IMI  '    'PI'J tfmgsssws  THABL BAY HARDWARE LTD.  Sechelt Phono 885-9828  Around Gibsons  ���*~by /ytqripn Ch*a|r*ma*n  MB and Mis Pete Fiom��gei and then  seven childien, travelling both way*  by jet plane, spent fovn weeks, overseas  "They w^re guests ot Mi Promagei','= �����"  fther on the Island oL Jersey The childi ep  were happy to meet Ihen paternal grandmother \vhom they had hot-s��een befpie  Tl)ey found Jeisey" (which is the most  southerly and piost impoitant of the  Channel Islaqd.^) to be a veiy ��� interest -  ang plaoe It wps occupied liy Geimapy  ���op June_30, 15W0 and remained so dufiiYg  \he wai 'time This occupaliOn h^s lefi  its mark on tbe Island which is now quite  a tourist cende Theie is an underground  Jiospilal which was constructed by forced  %bor, working 15 hours a d^y*under file  (Qermans. Some -bunkers are still in evidence where mjichine ' guns ahd anti-aircraft intercepters were, but many of these  trenches are being filled in .  The language on this beautiful island  is influenced by its proxiinity to Prance,  the distance to the coast is only 15 miles.  The speech of tlie farming population  is local dialect Jersey-French; Of course  English is spoken, but the use of French  and English is a bi-lingual 'feature of  governing  body   and   courts.  Mr. and Mrs. Frontager and family  rounded- out their vacation with, a visit  tq London where they viewed many liis-  . toric sights. They  returned  Sunday  last  week #fter a full and  happy month of  'holiday.  ANNIVERSARY x    ' ���  A delightful party at tbe home of Mr.  pnd Mrs, Keith Wright marked tlie ocv  cBssiqq of their pth M\vedding, anniversary.  Guests were Mi", UPd' Mrs. Frank Bailey  who had observed their 33rd wedding anniversary earlier the same week. Mr. and  Mrs. Harry Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Hog  Gpdfery, Mr, and Mrs. Geoi;ge Mullett,  Ml', and Mrs. Jifn Drummond, Mr. and  Mrs. Ji"red Holland, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar  Hogue, Mr. pnd Mrs, Mickey Parsey, Mr,  and Mrs, Eur] Parsey, Mrs.. Betty Verrec-  ohia, Mr. and Mi'**. Jack Clva'tvaire of  Nortli Venoouver, Mr. and Mrs. Normal  Procknow of Vnn<;.'ouve|-, Mrs, Vicki lies  ^^00.  PENDER HARBOUR  TABERNACLE  (Undenominational)  SUNDAY SCHOOL AND BIBLE CLASS  9:45 A.M.  *    Madeira Park ��� 883-2374  CHURCH SERVICE���11:00 A.M.  Pa;tor1?ev. Waller S. Ackroyd   -  rkiujiijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinijiisiiiiiiiiiiiu  #s  SUPERMARKET LTD.     1  formerly. E&M <��  Complete  Line  of   Gifts, |  Groceries, IMovelties  OPEN 7 DAYS)A��� WEPK.  9:00, q.m,-*��� ,10:00 ,p,m,  *i{4  H  M  iiifia  Pernio and Pot Shalagao  Hyw 101 Phone. 085-9/1H1 f  UiiiiiiumMiimiiitiamiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniii  IMYGREW  SALES  (1971)  LTD,  Yoiir PAPCO PAINT,  On  ll.u  Wl.nfl  .  006-9303  Quality  Hound i)nd  Morln"  Imifiii ijind  Pnlnl.  EXTERIOR PRODUCTS RECdMMEWDATIOiMs  '^0^~0m0&^*&0&0^^W0*Wl0^fy&wl^J���&m%m0mwk&0.^l0kr&^^.  ^r*.*.wmn*0*.^*r*,^.,0*.m*rnrmmr*r*r*,^u*rj  PENINSULA  PLUMBING  LTD.  Poulor for  Supor Ki*m Toiio  ami Srnnwln Wlllimrw  Gibsons - 006 9533  T��00��^/i^^i0tt%0%m0l��0tm^mmmmmm��r^^  Morgan's  Men's Wear  G.W.G, Work Clolhor  Work Glovoi  SECHELT, P.C  f0*mmmmimmmfmmm*mmmm*mmm*m*min*mm  SURFACE  -Innlnr  MI'TAI.  ���Aliiiiiliinm  ruilviinl/fifl  ��� ��������� ��� ����� ���  ���W|OI|(|lll  llllll  ���rimnrn  SWIMMING  --..-fooyy���  "MuMmiy  PRODUCT  �����!..l l0U!��0.���������  , Pnlnl  Acrylic  llllllH  I liuiiin  I'ulnlii  lioiiho  TiWol*'  Glohi  I iliiinnl  1,'nrl  Oa|i|i)  Tpoxy  Swimming,  "'nol Pnlnl  Description  .CQtiy.^lo-.np|j|y��^Orib-.,f>r-~lvvO"-con|^'-l'for'**ion'j'"  Iritillnp hwuly In naliirnl wood color*, no'n��i-'  roily, null pi'linln'i.  [ ; ���    '        ������' ''���������--   ���*.-,,.... _..:.....,  A vnriilnh ly(��n sunlnr lo hind oxr��i,��|vci cliolKy  rondiimns on masonry nr pkNMnii ^ur|nc��H/  ���   (' C - fr *>���* ������ ���-  > -��  PiIiiki wllh i��Kl��ilor nliimlniim (Hlnw l��  pinrludo ohl'llHinp condlllonh,       ,  On 'pnw woi'K,. pilnio wllh qolvnnl*ed niolol  primnr,., Also nvnilcili|�� In whllu nr qrny,  Top ii'inlliy nllvyd onnmni, Alior nondlno or  wliohliiMiliuj, ripply cool nl Himl Prlpim or Jtud  ohIiIii, Top i|iinllly Hlnr.K"nv*ill��hlfi In 'Ml-Olnsii  or !ihn("iv  A hlflli i|nn||iy pnrponri mninl prlmor (nr uk-  mrlor nnd Ininrinr nua, fioml wpHlnp owl ml-  lionlyo qnnllllaii,  r��WlW��MllH>IWM��H.W|.H����MWMVMMW����W����.l��^  READY-MIX CONCliitE  AND BUILDING SUPPLIES  Your Ono Stop Puljdlno*  Sioro Por All Yoi{[    (  ���"""""ni'illdlria "NSiiflfi  GIDSONS BUILDING  SUPPLIES LTP.  1653 Sonvlow  |>||ona 006-2642  ,  J, i *  mnn-vr.nnnruvnr.mr.mamnrimmnrM.r,!,  A hlflh r|iiolliyipon| pnlnl w|(h nxcollpnl cluiml-  col opil wntnr rflMM��nr��, rjio^y *>wlmmlna pool  polnl inuM Im plnndod lwfoi�� nno vyjili lipnxy  Cnilnp  Aqnni, Avnllohlfi In ftflvpral  filnnnlno  cri|oni, .  CAtiTIOHiMoifijiirrt'ljrulor p  tarn or w��i)�� ol pool mav canna pmro^nta pro*  tjlnmi, \^llh o|| pnliKt lllmfi, PfllnllliQ, MlOMld  (l|ni hn diijcnviiid In clfiioil wllh yonr run!wc-  tm or pnlnl dfioliir, ,    0^um^m0m000m*00m0^00U0im0n*"tmm.mm'0  TWIN CREEIf  HUILDING  SUPPLIES  Your  GlUklon PqlnU  Poolor,,  �����Two Locations.  lo >��rvo  Sunslilno Coa*t  .., ,���  Highway  GIPSONS  SECHELT  005-2200  wirJv liom NOitJi Suney, Mi Bill Lewis  <oul iuuico Dellhif Capiios Irom Pott  Miiody  WELCOME  A pai ty at 1be liome of Mr; *and Mrs.  C Thompson and Miss Bai bara Thpmp-  -,un wan in lionet of Mis Ernie Thompson,  a ie<ent bude fi-o"m Einglanti As \yelJ as  d welcome and get-acquamted evening, Jt  v\as also a wedding slower Guests pre7  seni weie LU Panseau, Mis. CKristing,  M,ma Donnelly Ona Buinett, -Renita  C^naid, Mavis Wilson, Iiene J-��avoie, Mrs.  C McKay, Conanne Dougall, Kirs. C. A.  C'hambei hn, Mis Eva TPetersoii, Mrs.  Winntfied Tvson, Mis D Sanderson,  liudv Small, Deannie apd Bonnie Sap-  ilt'i^cm Tlie happy voting couple have  laken up lestdence on Gowei Point Road.  HERE AND THERE  Capl. and Mrs. Wes..Jindgspn were re-  ,<-t.Mit guests:ql the homaof-Sam and Edith  Fladager at  Aldergrove for a  few days.  Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Moore  wove their daughter and grandson from  Vancouver?:'"  Al and y.al���Boyes with friends from  ..Vancouver enjoyed a pheasant hunting  irip.- Mr. and Mrs; Bpyes visited Chuck  and Jean (nee McQueen) Day at Kamloops, also in that city Gordon and Kay  Taylor, both couples being former Sunshine Coast residents. While at Falkland, the Boyes were guests of Me] Houglj  and his wife. -Mel is in good spirits- and  much improved in health.        r  *  Jon   and    Geraldine    (nee   Swanson)  Nimmo observed their  5th wedding, anniversary tliis month.  Mrs. Clark Dougall is still receiving  therapy as a result of being in an accident  Jast month on the 2nd Narrows Bridge  near Cassiar, St., Vancouver. Mr. and  -Mrs. Clark Dougall and (heir two --children  were in tlieir car when it was struck by  a truck. I'YirliinateJy Uie kiddies Vere not  injured.  Martin Hepry and Mickey Parsey have  returned from a trip to Mile fifi and Fort  St. .James. They did not find Ihe hunting good in either area-,  The' -Thanksgiving flowers, fruit and  vegetables which graced the U-niled  Church liere -were sent to Firs) Church  in Vancouver.  Mrti, Groin Grunt was guest of honor  nl an nflornnon ion parly on October  Jflth op I ho omi.siou of hor birlluliiy vvhoii  her Mthler-in-lnw Mirni Fiuinio Grant wai  hotileti.s.  Travollin/j'by, iniin on" thoir I'ii'.sl .(rip ^  lo lhe West Count were llriiin and 1'dnn-"  ��� Do l.niiey imd sun Wnyim from Tnlru,  'Nova Scot in, who enjoyed .spnnding n  week or ko wilh thoir coiitiin.i Uolimt  McQueen and I'liinily, Koiii.s Islnnd, iiml  ICiiy Owen and I'ltijilly ul .Glli^oiw,  l*uyliu; ii mirpmo viKilln Hid lininn  (if Ml', and Min. .Coroy McKay Were Iho  ('iirinor'H niece liJIIu-Loultio Litiier wllh Ikt  hiiNhiind Jo, und (IuumIiIit Juunno. whu  hurl' motored from Ivrleiinu, Alherlii,  Gnor��o (!|)iii'iiiiin und John CKurniun  Wiiri'i'Hlli'hlti ul their euutilii Mr��. W, A  Noun  iii  Jiiirnuliy on  T|)iiiilsti(|lvliiH  Mini  ,    Mm, M, (!hi'lHlln/i wim  i)��n nfm r��| of II ni'iiumon  rnlTlcd Ivy llin Cnthnllc ludl  Mr, uud Mrti, Mill (Swallow frmii llovoi-  tiliikn vitillod .li'lnndfi ami  ruluilvifti Intro.  ���Mr, H,' A, pwnllow roliirnod wllh ilium  hi Im  Ihnlr jiuimi  for n  whllo,  VltilHnu Mr, und Mi'h, Clurnnco Slcullo  wuh Mrn, Lynpn Splm-H li'oin Viiiu'iiuvor,  GiionIh nl' Mr, imd Mrti, .luck Mui'tihiill  ���worn Mr. nml MiU'ChiiHIiiii'lVuin Vlmorl/i  W|io Joliunl llieir IiiinIh'i'ur u /{ol-tiijlnlliiii'  In Viiiii'uiivor wlioifo limy nml Mary Iilllon  Mlli'tihull who niliiiidti mcIioiiI In llio n||(y  ninl llriicn MitmIiiiII wlm wuh on a lirlul'  vlnll iVoid N*'hiu��� i _>\'I����11;ii^11��^ JH-.uini��11��y't.��tl......  .,���.������..|i;,iv.|f'Tij*<^|duy~iil'|erniiiii! hulwnnn 150  llllll Mil, IikIIiih niijny Hco|llnh DlillClllii nl  Hm LoHlnii Hull,  I'Ullhl peiipln liom (llhtioiiii ultonrlorl n  'HpPclnl iiH'-mlliKi nl Miidiilru J'nrk on Frl-  (lli,V ai'Vuiiiil/| hi limir Mrn, Hhelion from  (h'iii\iin,, whp1, w'vn ituciil iipniiluir ul I'ou-  dor  lllui'l'iuiii'  Tiihernnclo,  YOUTH Pno.II*"CT ,  ���AniP'rH  Clinrior Mnrvlci'n    lum I'rom  ��� ' ' ��� , . '  NEVCN'S  HADIO 0% TELEVISION  <|or.i|or for;  ~ ��� - ' "ZENITH" " ^ ~~  FLEETWOOD  ADMIRAI, - PHILIPS  ��� ' * --"������$���-���' "^-���"-f  EVERYTHING FOH  HOME ENTERTAINMENT  ' (Jt ' H�� 1^ ���*  Ph, 886-2200 GINom, P>C,  \,,>illll,t!ilt,IU,liUiiniiiliil|ll(!,iiiimii:lil..i���^1  -Peeler's  Loss���Public's  Gain  Innocent looking bushes to the average person but \yqtith many thow-  sands-of dollars to drug pedl'ers, t'lii^  .haul of lnasijuana \^as ioealpdTbi*  thfe R6MP. in bush, lafid in the Ro|-  ei'ts Creek'area. Checking the hatil  prior ;to burning it $i&:&&tyQp&\ Kio  Biggeman, Gonst^bies; ^ob;' &&$&<&  warns thit *^i*Ug ^tr^ick^r-s^i^^ iio  dvoncerri lor. ttie h'^th^jfi^is^fll.'^e'  young fleoplg they^^il-io^ He,-'������%$M  the public -to report any' 'tarto#l#g0  they -might have oif ,th6 evij- :  Hope brouglit^O studiBn'ti?; frorp thgt  town and 13 from Boston Bai- ob an excursion lo Gibsons this past weekend-  Mr. David Rempel who formerly taught  al Hope, used to arrange annual 3-day  trips -while he was there:    *'  r*"w-'*���";*"'-���������---���-  Now that He teaches here, Mr. Rem-  pel's last year's class from Hope, with  money earned delivering flyers etc., enjoyed visiting their former teacher who  is greatly missed by parents and children  at Hope.r Twenty pupils from Gibsons "assisted - on a- voluntary basis^ financially  and with the planning and arranging for  accommodation, food etc. Tlie young  fqlks slept at Camp Byng Friday and  Saturday nights. On Saturday afternoon  a weiner roast was held at the Rempels.  home on the beach, Lower Road. Tlie  weather was perfect for the outing wtiicli  brought together students frpni three dif?  ferent schools. *     .        ..      '  The rpost .prominent place ip hell is  reserved for those \yho are neutral ory the  great issues _ of life,  The Anglican Church  of Canada  SERVICES  ST. HILDA, SECHELT  Every Sunday at 8:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.  CHURCH OF  H|S PRESENCE, REDROOFFS  , /   2nd & 4th Sundays in thq month off  3:00 p.m.  PENDER HARBOUR AREA  1st & 3rd Sundays in the month at    . ��  .    l 2:00 p.m.  ,*-��   .-, E(3MONf r< .  1st & 3rd Sundays in the month at  ,  ' .'.   ���'���'-:     4:00 p.m. /������  Priest: Rev. P. Popple, 885-9793  The United Church of Canada  /SERVICES  St. John's United Church - Davis Bay  Sunday Services 7 9:30 a.m.  Roberts Creek United  Sunday Services, 7 2:30 p.m.  Gibsons United Church  Sunday Services - 1 J: 15 a,m. ���  Port Mellon United  '  Sunday Services-7|30 p.m.  (2nd and 4th Sundays)  Ministry  Rev. Jim WillicHi^on - GiJ>sons 7 886-2333  ��� '   ' I       *    * * "  Baptist Church Services  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  Mermgid and Trail, Sechelt  .Sunday School 16:00 dm.  Morning Worship 11:15 a.m.  CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH,  Park Rd., Gibsons  Sundqy School 9:45 am.  Evening Worship 7:00 p.m.  Pastor, Robert Allaby  (885-280?)  A WARM WELCOME AWAITS  YOU.  [!  THE CORPORATION OF THE VILLAGE OF SECHELT  IQflCE fO.ElECTOtS  MUNICIPAL VOTERS LIST  v.,  Notice is hereby given that a Court of Revision will sit at the  Municipal Hall,, Sechelt, on the second doy of November next from  the hour of ten o'clock until the hour of twelve o'clock in the morning/  - for the purpose of hearing and determining any application on the  part of any person to be added to the list of Voters, and remove any  names incorrectly placed thereon,, i  The list of Voters as corrected and revised by the Court of Revision  shall be that used at tha Annual Municipal Election to be held'in the  mftritli  f��#   Rnrnmhnr   1071        u   .       ..      *���  month of December 1971,  f,  T. Rayner  Clerk  MiS^'iliiasfairiwBgBKiliiSgjiWfcta  gHfipSiWBai  <'<��* lucky win-' ./     ^--v  nlul mui-liVriwiSa/f     f     \  i'*H I'iii'iinlly, L       j \J  mtrf*0flA  .^^(^^���l!  ,ifi-r'*��^,***'r,fl-*,,i,pn*M*,l^w*'  fl  b  ��  r**vn**t0\  . SECHELT AGENCIES'"pAtE PAP    '  ��� Thi4 freo"reminder of comlno evenls Is a 6arv|co of SECHELT AGENCIES  I.TP. phono Peninsula Time* direct lor hen listings, specifying ','Pqtfl  Po<J", Ploaso nolo ihot spoct, |fi Kmltetl ono1 somo ndvanco ftntes intiy  hnvo to wnll i|iulr turn; oho that this Is a "reminder" lisijna only ond  cannot always enrrv full (lufalls.  mtmnntvmntvwit^^  Oct, 20--.7130 p',m, Snlmn'Pnrl- llnll, Opornllon poodlinck wllh l.lhriml  M.UA, Allan Wllllon***, r  Oct, *?() - fi p,ni, Suchnli IjioIoii t loll. Hlngo.  Qn, 2|���-fl p,m. PDiKliiflKiiliniir Cominnnitylinll, fllnpo,  ~Oclr2.|~7f30.p,mr<'ill-5nrts-'Ath|fl|lr|^  in <l|i.ni!,s sppria |J|(i(|innimi��,  Ocl,  2?���|-.V|i,nii ,Sii|��'r-Vo|��| Glhsnna,  Hnhoi|f�� CfnftK Pnrnnls 'Aim,  On, 22   n p.m. SnrlioirIndlnn llnll, ilinan, '    ;  Oct, 23-���2H p,m, 5rifho|| Indian llnll, C,Vy,l., Too and flnmni*, '���  ' i "  Oct, 23--7 p.m. ft 9 p,ni, Sitcholl |,i3fl|Pii l'idl|, Mana Annnnl B|i*n|-,|ri7'  On, 23-0(30 p,m, Gllwint, l.fifllnn Holl, pnnni,  Ori, 23���7 p,m, Pmidnrjlnrhoiir Community llnll, Hnspllnl AnHllinry  Annual fall Poll ����� Cmnlydl:   '   -  23 9|30-nnnn Olhti'inn Giljs fl..Seoul* Hntilo Prlvn.l  H~-11 n,n*|, finm llplilns(nn�� |o Pny|?* Roy, Siiifliintu WplKnlhnn,  ?'4 -4, p.m.-"/ p,m, Si, Hni||nl(iiTi<��w'ii fiilihnnn, Annual IInrvoHt  Tnrl��iy Piniior, , ,  Ocl, *?.9---ll)i3fl n,ni, Solmn'PniK Cnipmiinll)" Jlall, l*ummonn Rnfo,  ASK FOR OURiFREE CATAMJGUI? OF REAI, ESTATE  MhIIIpN Mitlna 3��rvlc��  VpncoMvor Rool *"������it��i  Poard  HEAL ESTATB  INSURANCES  *  0c|  Ocl  Ocl  i  Phone 005-2235  Pox J2D, Sooholi># P,C,  ;?  lii  *    *    * M  n  I    l- ,        l{    !  >.��   t  y  i  i**" '-a  �������� - " r . ! r 'Sl J_ _ .  . . , \,~i   ' > * 'i       r \" i   .    ** y  >     '        '"    '' *" ',  '   >  ?       ,'<(..  -,        i ,J_ , . »*  - ' "/*. i" * '  ','..' T » t t ^ t -r y \*ty-*T*\'-C-*i*>yK^**y*^^-^-»i-^*i^^ *•' ',"^7"t*^7I|
ill'"'1     /     '      '   ^ .' -v ;'   '7" .   *'"-   i    '' ' -   . ,*    "*    . \ .     '   ■   - ;   v"   .. '   s        ■  ,l'^ ,    ....,..,« , (    ;;/^frg
fl ' • -r - 7    - * - ■ \ *   . r , • ° * »i   *7^-l!
• ;
AUpw a driver .towing .a trailer plenty
of room. He nqcds a greater stopping distance, . and nt takes mbre room ,to pass
him -Pnve carefully—and "Bring 'em
Back Aiiver—BCAA.
Blake C. Aldersoit D.C.
Port Qff|co Building Sechelt
Phone 805-2333
Res. 886.2321  i     ,
Tuesday fo Friday 10;30 a.rS. to 5t30 p.m,
Saturday 9;30La,tnvto 1:0P p.m,
In this area to train a9
at sale barns, feed lots and
ranchet. We prefer to train men
21 toSSwIlhllvealockexperienca,
for lpcal .Interview, write ags,
Phone, addreag and background
Box 715, Dept.
Denver, Colorado 80201
I A.
7VVK*»Jft'lliw^3?^^7SJa^ «aaiV»i.^WM
. A" '•
t   •
n Watch
' and   <
W£/.£f S Chocolates
fegqA-$  »'        The Peninsula Tlmo"!     Wednesday, October 20, 1971
Sechelt Peninsulcti Rod & ©uat Club
A ,** i
|    v.
HK i
'Club House
,   ■  .--•tip
- , . Awards
"School Board chairman, Mrs. Sheila    Fitness Award crests. Pictured re- leen Kurucz and Valma Scrugham-
Kitson presented 378 crests at Gib-    ceiving their awards of Excellence three of the six students who qualU
sons Elementary .School on Friday    are fcom left: Lily Mandelkau,-- QqI** fied for this highest award      \
when students received - the Oannrln*                                                  ■    '" "  '
Jt      *
Sechelr, B.C.
*z *--*k
Baking - Sewing
White Elephants - etc.
I V **'   *    * .
Saturday, Oct. 23
2:00 - 4;00-;p.m.
• -.■ :.■.,*.*- "> - ■
LEAGUE   *'J '
**  ""tiv*
.A1 -A
«■   f
- ■ o i\
iii    r-
'•-vara'* *":-,*     «%«*-\«w*.
■ '
  Costumes not necessary
WfjjgiMyW^^IMIPIIIIBaEMWWipillM,!,,,)!,,^,^  r-—. -a
took for RED TAGS
on the shelves and on the aisles
8$»5-2563 GIBSONS, B.C
886-7323 (meat)
Unemployment figures j
rThree of the six students who won   S©Clij6U    NOtGS
,ExceLlence , Awards^ in,,the Canada. ,-*— .-. -r-r—■  i           "i^r*      i~i          §
;%ie^«^^                                                                         —by Peggy Connor QrOPPGCl   III   06016111061     I
award renuired 95400 noints in all                                naspiua-unci up aim efl attention to Uie latest figures just    |
■<ix' tests' 'tftt*  rertiflcflW  nrespnlert-   "   )Wl"                                "' celonsecl   by    the   DonViniou   Bureau 'of     I
-six   u,bU).   a iie  teuuicdiL  piubMHta         Another good citizen -happy to J>e liome Statistics,   Ottawa, >hicli  state  that   in     §
U\Q sqnooi reads    Mancl taij--tiiness    is Ml., Lancc Watson of Diivis Bay wlio Soptember 1970 (here were 817,000 peo-     |
Cannot be bestowed  or bought,   like    is still laid up with his broken hip- but pje gainfully- employed in British Colum-     1
'hCjinor it must be earned."               ,"     glad to be homo amongst his friends.', ^ja, In Septembjor 1971 there were 803,000     H
JyyJ" ' ■"-■*" """*;,'":;'■■--■'■'  ~T-'•, Mrs, Lola Turner lias been away on persons, gainfully employed,  malting'an
"a   month's   trip   where   she   visitbd' her addition of .4(1,000 moro eniployo(J«in..B".'H-1
brother Gordon Young nt Prince George i^U   Columbia,   compMied   to   September
and nlany relatives in Quesnt'l.           •' last year.
A good neighbor award gpes-5U)-MivS,, Due,to the  large increase of  people
Olive Marshall, of West Stsclid t Who held moving to British Coljimbif*., our labom
1538 Morino Gibsons - Phono 886-9^41
a surprise coffee parly foiWior|iK'w'neig|i-1  'otfo   jumped ' from,   B7B,000   lo   I)J3,000,
oetios Finni.n V iniinereaHO'Of 3(1,000 lor tho,year, In Spite'
bors Mr,..und,Mrs, Alistair Beeves,-If
were present, Mrs,'' MarshaVl lu.d"spi'aycHr   <'f  ">'«?.  li>'u'f') Columbia »till showed  a
nt, wm! ,u,j-   uioduel)oii in the unemployed Jor lhe<year
Foi*  Qu'cJc  Bosvlte   U^'o "Times  AdBrlofd
a small trco and/it waK hung  W,H. ....-    ;- -~~. ... • y.«...,i»Vuii. Mir-iiio^oBr
onymnus   gifts   tp   welcome   the   Iteeveu from SeptembeikU) September, of IJ.OOO,
wlio come from Victoria and aro relatives In September  1070 there wore "ifl.OOp
to   lhe' Gordon   Hooveti   in   Socholt,   Mr. perHolis unemployed, compared to 50,000
Beeves   Is   at.  present   working   at   Port, in .September 1071, a 'reduction of 11,000,
1 Mellon, •.,■"' ——
l.,iiiU   weuk   a  (|uantlty • of IViiIIh   and
bponds   vvofi!   dlsLribiileil lo the   »Se,iilor
Cjli/.ens at.,' Greeno Coui't liy llio Bi'illiel
Buptlst Church, Sechnll,
Tlianknglvlng waekciiicl the Secliell
Chiefs bonl Um G.'B.I, leiun In Viuicnu-
vor I-II and on lhn Monday nl homo went
boiilnn by lhe l'o*'Uigu<,w.i .leant I lie "Aru-
dinilco's'S '"„   '    "
Lust' week Hie Sechelt "d'hlel's" played
Now.'WesliulnHler "Old. SIiu'h" al, Hii|i<
jierlon 1'aik and won wllh llie score 4-I.
Nuxl Satiirdny llni .game In al Went Me-
ninrinl Park In Vaiieoiivnr and limy piny
a Greek team of V"ii<.'ouver,
\-r*f i     ,
For Iho noxl Iivo yonm. You can'
count on rocolvlnn '< bin Q %
"Iniorqfit /or your dollnr, Rvory olx    '
Iiioiillio.'ln d'Hoynl Truot QuarnntnoU
liivoulinont Hnoolpl, And, jillor ||vo„.„ri
-'"yoiirfryotif'tnifTfil"lnvo-^lrhoni lu mill
Intuoi, i'or (iii.iiitio «u $coo,7ou cttn
filnnnii rKldlrifi'loyoiir Inoomo,
Ar,k Hoynl Trunt (or tlio dolu'lli'i, C]|vo
your do||ar n annmiiloacl Inqouio.
Royal Trust li)
Wrlfo pr tulh ■"•■'■•"■■■••;■
Dp«*0 Evnn», ;
Royal TrM»t Tovvor,
995 Purrnrd Street,
Vancouvor ], B,C,
Mi)ii|l»if, OitmiiM DriixMillalnmifnitnn Qorfmriillim
-   P-. Q
TO TOWW 7.  .
, LET l/S   ...
*KWjiM*S!,«a4«-,i^,-!i>S*-f ,****i«#ft*l(|,>-li'|
l i, ,!■;) ,i   i - ■    ■,'  '
 ...  ir-i ri"l-T J.a..1i.«..aaiu»ammuH
I .., 1^ -. ' "  " .    p
The perfect.match for your portable washer/spin dryer
ft COMPACT,-^?&:**:■ '&"
^-A_   Prn#*IBl,.lliT   -—Drys 24 diapers In 23 min-
M   LirHLlHyl    ides;   IO'-balh towels in 51
^   bl.IIVII.ll I   mlnulobi
.^-^Feot'eros cycles for delicate fabric, regular fabrics^
fluff cycles,and q 7-minute.
cool-down, •     ..   i •
—Rolls   easily   on   no-mar
Polrln    wheels,   Plugs   inlo
vany slandard  110-volt
Jfc- *
-1''.* '   , 5
:.:.! 1     ,   ... ,   'il ■     "- -; ; ; ■ „  ,, ,     ■',:, „■ 'J«r *»"»m ^^^-"   |    /, ^J Umlmt, Cimiln Or,,,, .Inmirmion Qnrim„iil„n   ".      ■ I     ;       ',{>,,,?"?*? I    %■>. DAY   OR   EVENINGS   085 2062 '
w/////////^^^ , ■'.*■  ; n  ., ■■:,   i _i          ^ ,,•„•■„,—I   \\*mmmmmmtr^^ • '      '       I
mOWERW^        §pm mrm
clolhod' rjiirin 111
Uhl   4  mlliuluti,
■w■ PORTABLE "*■ ™* '«i*.i«- ,
A'   rnu,..,,.    ""'' |,l""vl11 raiv»l«i|«.
%r ECOiOMICAL;--? !;;>:.-;;, ,„.
r///////////,/,0,0„0r.„t,..J -•'"""V" mwmmmmm
+ m r iTY   "0^*^   -•——f-^-^E
j$< * -J*   ;)^ I
,   '     I
3 Locofiom To Sorvo You
   . Qlbmons Sunnycroat Plo^o Socholr  ,
-•■•■ ■'""    ' -■'',- ■'■■     ■■"' ■'     "' ■ '      ■■-■V; . i
■.I,''' 1 ' "1%
^AAfc   'a^Jj  Jm]"kJjJL*A0j *"* "* "•*■•*■*■»' **   ■'*      ■••'^-v'tvf^iiiiit^^, t
-** \H it   ■%  *k 4, ■»,
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t #-
:;f&f& '4m$B.X"£m&
■/ftJ-**'- >*?
J   ">■
*■■■ ���       *      '       " i-,.        'I    ��        .   .    . ,~        t *.�����*������; " ' ., (.   t .. > . ���      %. .    .. i   .,    ���    , ,    - c*0      ���    "ft "��..���      Ir      ,    , ���     '   ������"-**"    ���. -'".*���,   .JJ-    "      .       .   '.-"V   !_ i        1    j*     I,     f"        '    "*���   ' *7\,'���*�� r   '      V '      /    ���'-*��� "      ������'   "   j"5,      l^JrWt     '     "J  ��m? ad1Hl Au' Cadet movement i>  supe,vised by moie lh��iu 7400 adult volunteer who bpivp ��h committee member ,  otlu-eis uud instructor with Uie bquad-  1873  the  new  vital atatibticj,  branch  L/   nnleC",ded   m   bl'ths*  m  �������*  and  JIB   mamages    witliin   the ^whoji  Wed. 20, Thur. 21, Fn. 22  Evenings at- 8:00 p.m.  Sat. 23���MATINEE���2:00 p.m.  ���ONLY-^Geherol'  ilftufam���T  Sot 23, Sun, 24, Mon. 25, TUe. 26  Evening at 8 p.m.  VAyijAy^m*  v * v \ ���. s. rtnii fwEfi"?u  ���'IT'S ONE  HELL OF A  A COLD  SAVAGE AND  CHJLLING  COMEDY!"  i��%  No Admittonco t��  peitoni undNr IQ.  WARNING 'Some Nudity, Disgust ond  Violence"���R. W. McDonald���B.C. Film  Classifies.  ,��� ���     ���     '  ���STARR;ING:       . ;!  Majtin Balsam, Richard Benjamin,  and Orson Wells.  A Paramount Picture - Technicolor  NEXT WEEK  $1,000,000 DUCK  From Disney  TWILIGHT THEATRE  Gibsons 886^2827  22  Lost Load  Combination of greasy road, sharp  bend and the grade of Halfmoon Bay  ���'Hill' near Cunningham's was just too  much for this lumber load which  spilled down into a ravine, late one  afternoon last week. Survey crews  are workijng pn the highway and  some of these sharp bends wilt soon  be eliminated.  ENINSULA  Section B  'f-i'-r  Wednesday, October 20, 1971  OB arithmetic drill . . ,  Pages 1-6  's Corner  ���Your contributions are invited  PACIFIC   BORN  ���by Mrs. Albert Johnson  School Supervisor advises  return to proven methods  Bible Comment  ���questions answered  "TJJY war*! \�� ft-> lamp .untq my feet, antf  a JigM; Unto rny j>fttli."-r-PsaJm 119:105.  QupstJon: Wbftt is the meaning of the  quotation IrQip Matthew 6:24, "Ye p^nnqt  serve Qo$ anci mammon."  Answer: ��� ilVIamrnoi*" was the nftme of  the Syri^f* gocj of ri,cbes, the chaining hi  which," by whatever means, was held lo  be pleasing, to 4t-To. serve mammon was  understood by the Jews to be devptedness  to the obtaining, of wealth ���  Question;   In' Matthew" 24:213-27   why  'does Jesus refer  to  the  lightning when  instructing His disciples to beware of false  Christs and false prohks?  Answer: He toJd,them that such should,  arise and affirm  His personal presence,  here or there, in the "desert"? or in ''the  ����� secret chamber," but, said He, "believe it ��� "fS&3l  not. Ppr as--the .lightning cometh out of  the east, and shineth even unto the west;  so shaU: also the coming, (or manifestat-.  the Son. of man be." That is, my  (literally,   presence)   wilJ  be  as  ning,  whose  source  may  be  in  ���but the flash or stroke is in the  west. The source of, this tribulation will.  be the throne of the glory upon which I  shall be sitting, but the stroke will fall  upon Jerusalem and the nation of Israel  "Fp"f.Where the carcase is,,there will the  eagles  be  gathered  together.'"  Thp  carcase was the nation Oai^rael^nder judgement, the eagles was  the Hbman~ army.  Israel jis a nation was destroyed in the  year TtFA.D., thus fulfilling the prophecy.  Send your Bible questions to Box 468,  Gibsons, B.C. A free Bible correspondence  course   is   available  from   the  same   address. Why not ask for it to-day.  GAS ANP ELECTRIC -MINERS   '    .  .    POWER TROWEL - VIBRATORS    ' ���  .     GENERATORS ��� FLOOR SANDERS - y    FLOOR EDGERS - GAS 8, ELECTRIC  HAMMER PRILLS - PAINT SPRAYERS,  DRIVE-IT GUN - ,SPRAYrTi=X MACHINE  JACKS - RECIPRO SA\VS - CHAIN SAW?  PLUJjiABHSG AUI3ERS  PLUS MANY OTHER TOOLS  FOR RENT  GARDEN BAY, B.C. .  Phone 883-2585  iiaa  Sechelt Legion Branch 140  Legion Hall, Sechelt  EVERY WEDNESDAY,  AT 8 p.m.  JACKPOT $125  TO GO  $10 DOOR PRIZE   IT IS back to the old drills in arithmetic,    wlio are both janitors.  Jand this includes multiplication tables,,.  I'm  Jonesome for the scent of pine,  the according   to   tlie   report   given ;by   eler    FU^l ,U?P     '���,.                   .  salt tang  of the sea mentary   school   supervisor   Mr.   Hart         School buildings are being used quite  Tlie   beach   with" seaweed    shells   and Do^ksen at last Thursday's school board     f^^sivejy  these days, commented trus-  ri.ne_oeacn   wnn   seaweea,   snaus   ana rteetimi                                                                tee Agnes Labonte, after three more ap-  spawn, and seagulls wheeling free. .        ^  ���                               .     ���          ,          (^cations for use of school facilities were  Fur rocky bluffs that rear their-heads .���   ***;    ^hf,!  hapP^,s ���"r'.f'T    approved.  ,.,i.���,,��� ���n���,,,.j d,.k,,.,,o ^u^.,,. who  missed  these drills under tlie  new            ���            .  whe.e gnailed aibutus cjmgs, ^^ m   Doerks*n ^ trustee Jol>n         Sechelt Fire DepartmerH requested use  Where flow ring moss of many hues, from Hayes that -there has not been a gap but    l,f a classroom on occasion when educa"-  every crevice springs.                      ' rather a lull in the action and these stu-     lumal  fUms  and -lectures  are  given  the  I'm   lonesome   for   the   forest   groves;   a dents would go back and pick up what  great Cathedral ��� dim, they had missed.  Where  rippling streams give  fortli. their In-service programmes- ai*e beirti~lietd  ���   praisfe, in one eternal hymn.        . o in the schools which includes  the "pro-  or  little   birds   that  sing  at  eve,   where Jecl Maths..workshop"; phonics workshop  tall firs reach'the sky; .             "��� and science"; Attendance'at'Uie workshops  While   everywhere  from  dawn   to  dusk, is Sood and teachers are eager to improve  sheer beauty  meets the eye. lheir teaching techniques, said Mr, D'oerk-  I Jong to see the" little boats, go drifting se0-  by my door,                   .     .      . PROTEST    .     '                                       ^  And hear the neighbors' cheery hail to Irt  a  letter  to  the  school  board,  Dr.  me-upon tlre�� shore.  volunteer firemen  Sunshine Coast Arts Council requested use of Elphinstone Auditorium for a  public appearance of the John Oliver  School Choir,  Senior Citizens Branch 69 Sechelt, requested use of the self-contained single  i lassroom unit at Sechelt for Sunday af-  lernoon social functions for residents of  Greene Court. It was pointed out that  Greene Court has no central recreation  area for the residents and the classroom  ARY MtjQUMtlY  of the CHICKED SHACK, Gibsons  . . . wish to thank all their customers for their patronage  during the past year, and regret to announce that the  business is now closed,  T. C. Webb urged that the sale of lemon-     ls >" dose proximity.to tlie senior citizens  These are the little common things, our    ade at Langdale School be discontinued.     housing  liumble lives adorn;  That ** mean   so   much   to   me   for ��� I'M  PACIFIC BQRN. .  J  ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 109  LEGION  HALL GIBSONS  ��MCT  Featuring "THE TUNE SMITHS"  *    �����;'  ftMsj,'..  -���X.  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23rd  FROM  8:30 P,IVI,  Tickets at the door $2.00 each  Dr. Webb  who is a dentist  advised  the aiimilllllUlllllllUIIIIIIIUIIUIJUniUlinUlliUlllJllUUllW  board that lemonade is a synthetic pro- | ��.��mmimuuhc  duct containing citric"acid which is dam* i ,       CsillSOi^iS  aging to tooth,enamel, and sugar''-which ��� ������������ ��    ��^*7.*���-��.��.  promotes   tooth   decijy,   In  view, qf   tire : SWAP"flt   SHOP  ho   ihtloaUded   into- me' s'chobT''district^ [�� - - *   ^Sv���  '}?rJI^* ^"^  Di:, Webb felt tliat tlie sale pf something : *          ^.BARGAIN??.,  -Injurious to teeth was inadvisiible.       .' : [ Runabout,  Wringer Washers,  IVustee- John  Hayes observed  tliat" if ; rhrome St-**.  Ofliro rvJcl  the children want lemonade they will buy !' CJj��?,e 5De*S' 0,f'e�� Dfsk*  it anyway and it is not for the board."' ��� ' Water Pressure Tank.  to rule on this,                              . i            Located"behind  It was finally agreed to send a  let- J MacGregor Pacific Realty Ltd.  ter to the principal qf Langdale School ������ Gibsons' BC  hygiene programme, the sale of lemonaMe  be; discontinued,  ATHLETIC PROGRAMME  Klph(nston^ Secondary School is revitalizing the athletics programme wilh  rugby, soccer and Volleyball teams anxi- '  ous to travel'lo compote with other teams.  The school staff has requested llio Hoard  ___  ������������_���������., __  u> Sive consideration to a:number of sug-  ^/////>>//>////^^^^ Ki(Hoplyingdl"f a1 quS?y "from "lm'Xo  Bernard Mulligan, nocrotary Jim Mo|/,lur  ojcplHiliocV'Uiut it Ih not .piwuililu to Ioi.ko  a .bus, Also tho Hoard Is not allowndln  inircJuiHO a bun for uxtra'-ciirrlciila acllv-  lllon; ll niust |)u lined for IraiiHporiaUun.  HowoVrir thorn could hi. a way nruund  II nml ihu HULToinry Wll) unniiiui Iho du.  piirtinuni nHuluoatlon ro��ardln�� llio pur-  I'hmo (if a dccoml iwind bus iiHiiwi iiiu  HoiiicI'h own fuudii,  COMMUNITY PROGRAMME     '    ���     ���  Holiool Ihiard, prim-jpHiH (lll(| n,,. (j||,.  mum AIIiImIIu AshocIuIIoii aro Nt 1 JI work-  MlB <��n coinmiiiilty umi of m-hool fii.'lllllim,  ChecklnB- out JhO BlUlBlioit Will) olliur  HfihooJ -MhIi-1-Hh, ,Mr, ��� MulU��hii ni\ith'\in\  Im Powell JJlvor (Bchool Dlstrkil winm**  lo havo solved Iho mat tor \,y alluwliuf  ifHii of scjiool fncUltioH to rocogiilzod .or��-  unl/.atloiiH which piovldo llieir own e<|iil|��- l  muni, but tho sithuol, aivus thorn loulior  Himcu for Hiora��o,  ,  ��n��nkli)�� from oxporluiiwi, Mr, Hurl  Pot.rhm.ii said t|i��� |(|<m ���f M|���irlu|, H(,,1(M)|  '"lit Piiioul la Hum bul It nuvot', n��i<mtt In  -work-nul -iirprnci I'p-i; "W IHiniiTiitiiiit" inliC "  Ion ini(i|)|iuwii an,| n,|H h\mil}ln Wm  miliool's gymiiiiHtlo proHrainnio, Tin, 'm\.  or was liinmd ovor lo llio plai>iiliin,c��.in.  KillliHi for lurllior iiivimliitutjon.  hiJMQNATIONB  Tlirno I'DHhoialloiiH, all dim \��� nh-Ku.m  ynn'ii approvml by  llm Hoard;, ihuy   |nl  S <'l,|(]',(   Mrs, aiailysLahd, u luucl'mrpMr,  Ii, HciIloroHdaimd  Mrs, 0,iwnU.n Mnrllii  For passongurs and passongor vehicles only (oncludlng trucks, buses,  pickups, panels and campers) will l>a mada available to PERMANENT  FULL-TIME RESIDENTS of tho Soqliolt Peninsula (Port Mellon to  Earl Cava) Including Gabbler Island and Koats Island and tho  Powell Rlvor District including Toxada Island and Savory Island,  m*0*w~*0*.,.ri*0*.*0*0**0*.***����**,*0���m0m^**0*0*mv*m0**0w.i*.m*����m*-m,i*0*...mn,.mm*0*^  Rosidoncy forms aro now ayailablo qt  Coapt Novvs, -Gibsons  Socholt Motor Transport, Socholt   <    *  Pondor Harbour Fishing Rosort Ltd., Madeira Park  g-p--���^-*-*���� ...^ *.��� .~. .. .���..--.-  Monday, October 25 through Saturday, October 30  Monday, Novombor 1 through Saturday, Noyombor 6  HOURS) 9 a.m. to 12 noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p,m,  Ynu will ba required to fill out those forms before a Commissioner  for Taking Oaths, No cl��arjja will bo mado for tills sorvlco but  this daclaration,form must bo completed In order to purchase  Commuter Books.  Dooks of tickets will ba mado up as follows!  .   ( ,.Ca*.r. ,.i.!...,,,���.! .���-. ,. .,,   Passengers (ono)  Half'faros (ona) ...,  Rttftiticnicy (oVm* nro olio ovalloblo of lurry tormlnqU,  Commutor batiks of ticket* will bo usuublo beginning Noy., 1, 1971  RHN  rifisn loiiufflijia rernes  Phono Langdalo 006-2242 Saltory Bay 407-9333  1  '!  1-  i  KITCHEN CABINETS  Mfg. byCilation  ���  P'rolosslonqlly Installed  Freo Estimates  ARPORITE OR FORMICA  COUNTER TOPS  NtW KITCHENS OR OLD  ��� ���'���   BATHROOM VANITY  CABINETS ���  any size  (S'amplu) 42" with nrborlta top  ,     $69,95 Inttallcd  SHOWER POORS  t Tempprod o\a& Insi'olliJil  Prlco now; only'$75,00  ARBORITI: AROUND YOUR  ' BATHTUB  5' Ma I. ��90  All Work GoarontocicJ .  Hill - 803-2406  ,    llox 71(Mndo|ro Park, H.C,  Jjundhine ^Melaht  4   SUBDiVlSBOSM  FATERFRONT..; AND VSEW LOTS  ONLY 11 LOTS LEFT  HURRY! WHILE THEY LAST.  BOAT HARBOUR -ACCESS TO WATER  TERMS AVAILABLE  OSBORN LOGGING CO LTD.  885-9767 - Pox 189, Sechelt  WJJJMfltWMl^  s  5  s  3  3-  For Famous  BSB.B.BOY  BOATS   'PACIFIC '  ��� BOATS  a90 W, 3rd. Ave.  Voncouvor 10, B,C.  074-5919  t*\^\f\  wi  AT POPULAR PRICES!  if YOUR FAVORITE FOODS  EFFECTIVE OCTODDR 20-23  ���A* CHUCK' ROASTS .' _  ���A BOLOGNA By 11>0 P(oe��      .  1% CROSS RIB ROAST"'.:;   ii ORANGES 0n���v.n.:.. 1,   t< BROCCOLI f,^atmm   iHiiniiiiiitiiMinHiiiiiiiin!niiriniiiniinnnin[|iiii��iHtiriiiHiiniE)[inniriiiiiiiJiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinii["j  ii.-,  nt1ii|tfTi��in***>iiriirini  ||��l||||li|M|-(IPfHI|-il>ll|-||IIIIRIMIIf-iPIIII  ii), j*  n��,!  1)4.   I  tMCTWIKII^JCT^ltSIW^^  1  SECHELT 0-* 005-9416  amit!UMIIIWU<IIIHMU'~l''UI'IH^^^  ��� tlPE  DETERGENT  King  SiXQ  ��  -^THr-IVORY""*  BAR SOAP  bars  * PARKAY  HARGARINE  11)8,  fssas.  A FLUTPO  SHORTENING  II)  ������ soili,  A LITTLE PIPPEU  CHOCOLATE  .    ���  >  ' ���  yi*  ���t WfyL ly. lll'lyJJlJJAAJ 111' I" 11'_" I! !J"_MI^ \? ?*V?**V* IH?*} * ** -"* ? * ^ * -J* 2* *%*Vt5&^^ * * f ��>!���*> flE^?fe��^^^  1.��    \   ,. i*r. i. ,.    *i  ^4^'4WW'*��^'4.^4W.'#*!SJ'aiUi**  sussryacjjaraaw  SEND* THEM TO  Peninsula Cleaners  1521 GOWER POINT ROAD  Gibsons 886-2200  L*rfrmJ*b~,  \~    Vt d U  I  V-r-  U   ,   ��   *".  \* * "  tt  - c:  ���**r  ���,*���  /O  .*���>  **  g  ' J  J1  Comimtter books re  for BC Ferries M|"|  BOOKsVofi Qpmmutet' t^keta will be ^V^l*7  for permanent  residents q{^h0/  Coast nnd Texadn foi* travel >qp  lea   between   Snltpry  B��y :ap-|V?.  ��>,fq���� p-2 file Peninsula time**  f   '  ^Wednesday, October 30t/1971  m-m,0i<������*,���.�� i )i  i[iiwii|ini>iiiiiiiniiiini um [,  ���ii.iiiiini. .milium  '<��ii  mm ELECTRIC u&.  0*00*4000,   ���\,,     IWWIfWl'fl'l '  W^'Unnnf. m*  A      O  RESIDENTIAL  Buy. The boplts,  r6pvetiBotfp|f.x-.l.y?Jt''     ^    AAB,���m/��i*i  t of abmii 8Q% ton vehioi^U ;|^c;��    O   COMJVIERCIAL  passengev, f\re sold in $30 Wlp1  I  -   -   '"r,  .L   .X    j��._  ���*  1.  i.  ,1      �����                   *)                        *               !���      ,  ��                     ���       ft                                                   *fr  ,.**- J,  0.***,      *  ��� .*���-  %'WI��.  . *    .    1  **    *\0*~t  ,         >  1 V. 1 ���**           *j.  W'?'**,s-A  **         0                                    ���*  41*      *    V  ,*               *i  0.    It*  - ,v  *,  t*  *[  **  * ��'*'*���  >  -*-a  "    ,��m  0V*  i-K*. '  Going-down  ���**  a*    .          ' .1  j|)iclt��.s (private pj^sspnger only, Wt  h, picltMph, ciwpors nr tv��tler't)jlap(i,n  < "Cor  pnfsspngors  with  $0 J\pits ���  I'or l\(\lJ'-J'n"ros, The bonks are useabjo nf-'  tor November  1st,  *% *1 ' _ Before the commuter books mqy  be  0   purchased, applicants must have a ves��  idency   permit "attesting   tliat   they   aj'e '  \ "    permanent residents (not necessarily p);q? .  perty-owners)   o��   the    avea   conceJ;pep|'^ v  these lorms must be sworn before *\ contr  j    mission for taking affidavits in B,0." ^pd  there is no charge for tins service   The  ���^    atfidayit does not specify property-mYnmy  meioly permanently domiciled ,*   ,}  *4j The blank forms, maybe ohtamed by"  *      Powell   Uiver-Te\ada   resirienth    at  Hie  **-    Tourist Information Center, Wharf Street,  *"    and by Port Mellon-t07Egmonl  ii'hidonts.  at The  Coast'News,  Gibsons;   Bus  1*6}'  ��   INDUSTRIAL  Gov't Certified Electricians .  f ���  ELECTRIC HEAT BY MARK8L  WRITE 80X 351 - SECHELT  Elphinstone Hugby players (striped   victory on Saturday when, they down-   Thursday    afternoon  when   Argyle   min��1- Sechelt; lender Harbbm Fishing  PERSONS  INTERESTED  IN A  JPATHEMATICS COURSE 77 .7  PLEASE CONTACT SCHOOL BOARD OFFICE  886-2225 v ;  r^si^ents commend  refuse Go^e^cw's ^*#c^  INDIANS JPREDICT ECLIPSES'  The.Maya Ihd,tan��..of Guatamala wore  able' to \ predict   eclipses   with   accuutcy  .  - unequaled  until"the 2t)th centuiy   Then*  ��� long,-count; citlendar   based   on   52   yeai"  cycles  is correct to wilhin  a  few  hours,-  * and a ceremonial calendar based on the -  _ movements of Venus h4s an erroi of pnly "��  1   FOLLOWING    recent    unsiiecessfi|l ���-.ap- >*; .of .uext-..yeei\ls;,'bMdget, 'if;is;lihfdly likely     a single day 'in (i.OdpVypiirs,(our C.regor^n^'j  1        plication hy A" refine cpUectQc 4q Qper.^^that.cp^qil.vyilJ^.g'ti thp --the* expense, ai    calendar racks up a "one dav eiioi eveiy  ate within ttae^vjiSga'-ttf.-^ fonr yeai's)!  ���       .      '. ,    ,���  sident wrote counoLl last week oomniend-^ ��� ing two new ones "it will, be one or-the  ing  the   long established colleiti6nrsef7 ���'pjlier" 'he added!'       ''.'.'.,:  vige by Bob Kelly. ,   ��������� l ���'.'  It  was; also ppirtted -out-; that it^is  a  ���Read ut the regular meeting, Thpstl^y'" question of prinrities for-many ptherfapi-  October. .t3th the letter staled; "'I am vyrit-   s lilies are, also required.  ','"    *  ing regarding th& current' controversy re-   ��� ,--������- *-* -��� _.-���_: i_    -      v*  \  Limited number 4 foot  Fluorescent Lift!  **��� ^^  fixtures  New Coslv-$48  NpW,  each  I  P��|?PW^8^��1M  Gull Building Sup|  Phone 885-2283 Sechelt        ti  1  1  WBBx^^^m^^^^^a^msmp^^x^^sns^^^^  mmmmm  SUNSHINE  COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  ti  PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that a Court of Revision will be held  at:���  Regional Board Chamber; Davis Bay,  Monday, November 1, 1971 at 10:00 a.m.  to hear complaints or correct and revise the Preliminary Lists of Electors  for:���    ������-*���-���-  Electoral Areas A. B, C, D, E, and F  of the'Sunshine Coast Regional District.  The Court of Revision may;���*-   .  a.   Correct the names of electors  in*any way wrongly stated  t-      s therein; or , '  ���;    ���b.^^dj^^^xnO^if^'^F' electors^omftted. "ffpnrii the lists; oe \ 'vxiV>  V   c^tlilJ^dQ'^^ list,yvho; aite r\q$.  t^hti'lled.to yote or who are disqualified-from voting; of  d. ; Correct any manifest error therein.  A copy of the above cited'Preliniinary Lists are posted, for public inspection purposes, upon the notice board as follows:���7  ELECTORAL AREA COVERAGE POSTED LOCATION  A Garden- Bay Post Office  A Egmont Post Office.,- ..._,  A Madeira Park Post Office  B Halfmoon Bay Store  C Regional  District Office _  D Roberts Creek Post Office  ;      E twin Creek Lumbers  F Hopkins Landing Post Office  Complete preliminary lists of all, Elect6ral Areas are also open for  inspection by :the public at'tlie' Regional District' Office, Davis Bay.  Dated October8, .1971. ������'  ,.     ,   * ��� G;  E. GIRARD,'Assistant'Secretary-Treasurer  ^ffi  SgyfB  0m^inM0m^c0fau0r^^!l^0^^t^fif^.y0^l  garding garbage collection in the area.  "Bob Kejly has been a faitlvful pLibJic  servant.'We have found his services satisfactory over the past twelve years. I  know his payments have been irregular  and; in many instances, used witliout payment,  "I think Gibsonites should pay a nomi-  ail tax for garbage collection and Kelly  paid a regular salary.  "I am opposed to tlie creeping control  of our municipal affairs by the Regional  Board:* They appear to have monies to  spend that should be going toward council needs." Mrs. Dorothy Johnson.  Mayor Peterson told Council that he  too liad. received a simJlar letter from  another resident who wislies to remain  annonymous.   , .    ,.,  NOMINATIONS -  Administrator Dave. Johnston, advised  that Nominations foi the upcoming municipal elMtjoh-close **t 12 noon November  . 2f) flection, day.>,wUX. be,<3atuidayifDecerns��  iliei^ llffrom 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Due to little  or no past response it was decided not to  bold an advance poll this year.  TENNIS COURTS  Two delegates from the Gibsons Tennis Club appeared, a'rtd gave- a report on  nctivities.aw' costs involved with the-programme for the seasqn, They explained  that there had been a great demand for  use of the two courts which are still badly  in need of renovation. They. asked that  'council give consideration to neccessary  repairs and per'hapss consider two new  courts for next year.  ��� Aid, Charles MnndelJcnu said tliat as a  player himself, he could "certainly' vouch  for tho need of repair, nilso that, a largo  number of, people, sought use of till)  coiirts this past siimmor, ���  ��� Mnyor Feterson agreed' but pninlwl  /nil that in past ye'ars there hiis been ||itle  interns). Furl-her, while consideraiion will  ho givon the proposals during propnriitlnii  For duifck  Results Use Times f AdRriefs  A GOOD  SELECTIOW  10F THE  LATEST  GUNS  AMMUNITION, SCOPES.  BINOCULARS AND ALL  HUNTING EQUIPMENT  MMEU SALES  on Gibsons. Whorf  Phone   886-9303   -   Gibsons,   B.C.  psss^sssiss  S^fii;.;^Sf:^g!i?fgg^  wmmm  885-9343 Sechelt, B.C.  PRE-IMVEHTORY SALE UP TO 50% Off  Costume Jewellery - -Stammer. Handbags - Boys' and Girls' Pyjamas  1  8 yrs.  and'Mp " Sundry  litems  mmmmmti000000*0,m000m0000000000iamm0mm0m**m0mm  We have received a new shipment ot gift wrap and  also curling ribbon which many of you have been  aSkirig for..  00*00*0*00m*m000000*0000mmm*i000wm00M00000c0^  ROM'S AND mW ARTIST SUPPLIES  Good assortment, canvas baords, brushes, easels, etc.  Cryla Colours;- Artist Oi.|s7 Carbon.Pen^ijs - Sketch Books etc.  SCHOOL SUPPLIES -COMPLETE LINE  ..)     ;|,  C~i  QP V@QD Da5\W  ��KQO  --W-  tnt���^tf >���*,*... j^yf  ,t,t  LEYL AHD 154--The Tractor  that's ami Asset on any Farm!  I-,    ,���*    lv  h    *\ ,    .1   I    / (  |  j ilH   li li,.. iv.,    ,.      ��,   |, ,     | ,,   ,,  1,     ft ' '     ,     |l,\     ' /   \      ,  ,    t H     .  I I   ll lh I  ,   ,   * i<  t,~Kr.  I      I     I'  }'  '-''JJ  m  ���** " B*t     ' "      .��*        |      I,  *.   . H^ *���**/.�����, V'l'J'/uJ  1 I       It  u  ���JS**"*i��<uKAJ-*:4wwS**��iA/ J-ii  V"  ji*****"***  ..I.*,<..0y .''.K*liM>&>i.i}&^^ il  %8 lisnblo h.p.l Tr?e,154 comoi to you fostad and proven. You get an Indirect  Injection type 4 cylinder ga*/or dloiol ongino whicli doyolopi 28 h.p, pt,2,500  r.p.m; 20 usablo H,p, since no ongino powor h noodp<# for draught control. So you  can u��o ovbry bit of those 20 H.p. to their host .advantaflfo, Work Ilka rotayatlng,  _ , 1,. . .   , , , ,,, , ,.i'UiK<lnp',1**y-M*.Wiii    . , I       ,   ���  2 qnd ovon 3 furrow ploughing doosn'l wortiy tho 154, And you'll find It',will cosily  pull thoso bla loads you thought could only bo handled hy your larger tractor.  ..���'������ ' ' " " i  Poworful - Compact **> Mnnoouvrahlo -* Complotly Rollahfa  jf7'",T| "'j,' "J'"'"' i"j"i"v 'yy  I      fm  J,\  ', I  \ '"���  mrr%Mnmtim^m')'\  it ������,��gM  t j  J  i, i <i Ih      i i  Por Demonstration and Further Details  ,' ' " '  'call Jn -at -i  10547 KING GEORGE HIGHWAY, NORTH SURREY, B.C.  '.      PHONE 501-3358  m0*0m0*+mm*m0m0ii��m  Wiser concept  ot animals  ITJilNRY Iloiilfin in The Ontor-  ,  rnnsl ITmisD:'    '  Wo Hood nnpllinr nn<l n . ,  wluni' ' unil porliiipH n in'orc  niyHtlfliiJ i.'oncopi,, of nulmiulM.  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Jtfuvb��|{   llm  pqnd 'imply rdl wlnicr, , ,., .,.   ���  ,'   In Lbo itprlnii llio pond wim  .  '���({Min,, filled1, ...wttb" wiili-r  mid  .���.ypTiy^���ffwn..^flPVftrf,f   iniiidri'il   Kl'liylinR tl\)fienri-i.,  'I'hcy   hud   *'vldenlly   hei-n ,  burled In mud nil winter I'lni  Iwpl, ��|Ivm with it v����ry iimuU  Hecpii/|ii of driilnii/(c ^vnlcr riiih  i   nioy into Ihu pond.'  LA/l]��  AU enquiries and dwmmiomjield in. stnotconfidonce,  eoMKi  o  ^��^0^md^^d^  001***m*m   **+*���  I .,<���>,,���  .:..y...Hi  i 1'  r��*fl ����oo.P.i..Proth^a.i*���miDist��i.ofMM^N^wiimoi,  1  ^ ... *  v*.**t   M "�������  �� ����� fm   timflr  m.m^.^, Iak *    m  umm**M�� *��� ���*��"**-^'*. ��!*���<% t*Mmit��0t*- ^^Hiii^^**r./0*0.+0*fa,0t, *.  ��*Ti     4   "-#��'-  ���wwmtwud'p"** ^*^*w***���****"tfN^^iw^iw^*wiiB"iii****w *������ ���*��� ���*|J ��� ��������� ��|- fin L^- ��� |jirjn.miLc  * 0000 00*0*1*+00 ������-^*^-fc^A<s��>r  ���i.  *  *   *    0+0V+    **.  I \t.  i=.-  fc^MWIl**W&J.aiuJteilwwPT  ���-"        *���* ���  r   I  * A-/  r   ���   '  i<  *******    *.  Around  Wednesday, .Ochibeia 2Q, 19>1. . TN Panlnsulq timaa      ���, fqjje B-J  4     �����'  4y Mary Tinkley  _     P^HJWaWW^HWppHIBfWWI.pmB  'r*'l��?  .���^**'*iJfc''WlJ&  >Vl��'�� sHr  tf ������� **?i'lCdl  I tS?' I V   ������  ��*J **    \      * 1 ��� !  * "-s*^\t%-~,*"-:xv>;'t -> ���''���  ���'- "',\ Cy   .,!������ J  x ; -���������  j    *i       ^ ���<* j      \   \       i  .Tm INDEFATIGABLE Mrs. Olive 0}ear qnt * Thiee have been macje in the region ' I    '  ���   has  returned*,  bubbling  with  energy *nu,L.  iU0  g,,osl   lawnh    v,    ,    h '  Apt   piUln,s|?s'jn,  flrom  ypl   another  trip bopi, ,h, I-ralmn for a 'numff of wesU !   '  Whipli woykl have completely exhausted ornc.,  ���,ul. nil  il T ii,      sand \'  leuer ���m.u.tMB half her age. Jt was �� 20- ffoIH   uliirh mqle      h an a (r c ive and !  t\a\i fais trip covering 4,400 miles through 0p.l, mil   sethnii   for   the   lllm   "Arahian ''���  JVMiiflBlan,   Idaho,  Montana,  Wyoming'. NiJ,.,'  Rn   S orKanJh <    ?|1P ArSona  JTlBh..ApUon*.   Nevada,   California   ,nfl 8i* ul ,hB lliX, w ihi tth ^S*  1|iP i.nlv  place  m  the wen HI  where the J  Oregon.  TI|C route lollowod .was by Seal tip, wfoiii' hul .squincl is to be lnunq\ These  Spokmie, Yellowstone. Hall Lake City, botmiiiui cioatnres- wilh their white  Lqs   Vegas,   Haicersfield,   Oakland     and    bnd��\ nils aie extremely shy and though!  i* V. .VI A *�����  jiprth by the coast route. Il wqs A" trip it fn,  .sometimes* possible   loi   traVeleis  1    J    parted   with   interest,   filled   with   cplor -to *P'1iii;h  a' glimpse  ot   them,   they   are  /"y    end with altitudes \xp to fl,500 ft offering selil.un photographed,  pome spectaeivlfir views. ^,       ,       .       , T  *                                    ..                   , ^ iwo day stop at Las Vegas gave Mrs  Among  npmerous    national    parks Gli-m ��� chancfe to visit tbe Hoover Dam  winch   she   Visited    were    Yellowstone, Sh, enjoyed the drive along the Oregon  Cfrand'Teton, Bryce Canypn Grand Capy; cow   MsUmg Coos'Bay. theTlargest l��m-  on, Zion and' Yosemi e. In the opinion oi be. |,���ii m fhe world and seeing the sea  Mrs. Clpai, one of the most  interesting lion- l(ues. The 320 mile drive altmH the  Wfis   Bryce   Canyon   with   its   pink   and I]o,luund Highway was very lovely   but  White   limestone   carved   into   grotesque f(���  no mileb ol ii,e nrie tho road twisted  qnd i^rna/.ing  formations by centuries of awl mined m a series ot hairpin bends,  , M's Clear is so enthusiastic about the  '  nejft  ���if^n!^^  $i Y�� -  d I   .*   ��  Yow Are InviM Tq Heqr  "- qt a Publiq AA^tim^i ;  ROBEOS CREEK COMMUNITY HALU  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5��3. At 2:01> F.IWI.  a /,j  ���'{   ;i     ,    ;���.-.:  A r   h. rj*r\ j-J     i ^,.,..  **\\     I ��*��-��*   -*    Xm    "' *  u;'/'- ���<* H;4'7' ,1  '������^���.^!r   -f.r-YAyjJi   A   ka!* :,  ALSO SPEAKING:      .   -  *  Harry Oloqssen, Federal HDl? Candidnto fop Coa^-Chilcotin,  AND      ���              '  The Candidate seeking, nomination for Mackenzie Constituency  CQAflE.WITHaYQUR QUESTIONS!  Sponsored by Sunshine ^oqstsN'P-j3.. C.luh    >  ffl*t*'-''Bg,-~-"H^  hey  ttrdiehtinff-a-tho-pvM��!tpnppa'-nJl-'a-'nri��'liiBiWir.J^-'^?^'' "'!l' !'^!V.��* pi��tqrial, record of the  fRREH.M��8 Vv     vv''' "c�� or -*1 P'en'StPJ'H     tour n. share with their friends  peope. In   he Moqui Caverns, there fire ^,l" lueir J"enf's-  dinosaur tracks as well, as more e.J'ff  dwellings. Grand. Canyon, she says, is  Immense, but otherwise offers very life  He hi interest. In Montana, she visitecl  fjie- Madison Bivei* Cjinyon, the scene of  a devastating eaVt'hgviake in 19��,9- whep  Hn pnorilipws.^art'l) slide completely blogk-  ed the river, creating larthquake Lake.  j CJ$..all the states she passed through;  ^frs.  Clear considered Utah  by  far  the  Minute Message  t���by Easlet Gerty Foslet  rentecostal   Tabernacle,   Gibsons  LAST  week  we   considered   God's 'love  in mankind, reflecting upon the death  of .li-'sus Christ pn the crpss.  Today, let   us  look  at   ourselves.  Two  -  Tackled  With  Elplnjistono  awny    ahead on   phfris'toi^Jqst'-'onp ga^ei drew, ^  mpst fascipatiitg.  Sh��  spent    two  days*'*' qui'Mums may arise. Why did Christ die?  |ightseeing in Sal* LaJtp gily atid heard     Why do I need salvation?  in organ recital ip the Mo'rmpn Taber- v ^    .. ��� ,    .i     ^   ,,    J  ^    ���  ^ele.She Visited Temple 'Squai-e and* u;, ^��u '"^ t!\in.kl lTe, d���� h of Chr's��-  t)ie Visitors' Centre where" the story of ' 7',s ,n"'ely ^"dental, that His crucifixion  (lie Mormon Churcji is told ih magnifj-   ' :Wl{i ''^'.'f    ��^ h>' aome who violently.  u..*>��***) ��m pyinunes statues and dioramas. She t ''*-'d 1,1'm" 9etywty We was crucified  --",; Visited Great Salt Lake, which, after W "u; l^mans -Vvho*. carried out tlie  vv an-    untunes  of  shrinkage  is  now appVpxi-    T     ,. "f S(,me Jews> b.u[ na 0Jie turned  the laJMes on God.  s^^a'N^^-^^^M'JK^'i^i^^  VILLAGE  OF GIBSOWS  It  Court oJ Revision - 10 a.m. November 1, 1&71  ���*  -, \  FMalic Notice is hereby given "that Qr Cqw\' of Revision will be  HelctTan Monday, November 1, 1971, p|- IQq'.m. in the Municipgl'Ha!!, _  South Fletcher Road, Qibsons, B.C.,;foV the purpose of hearing any    \\  cpmpleiints respecting the list of vpters- fqr this Village Municipality  which closed qt 5 p.m., September 30, |97.j,.and lo correct, reyise or  alter the list;   *  The listy so corrected.and certified hy the Court, will be used fpr  the annual elections in December,  1971,.and subsquent elections or  submissions, until   a   new  Qnnual   list   j**,' prepared" and  certified   iry  accordance with the Municipal Act.  October 7,  197V.  PAVID JOHNSTON,  Municipal Clerk  Rugby.-nPlaying  in  Vancouver,  El  City's   m'ost   in- "   was   God's   plan   before   this   old   llie   International     P'llfh was ever created to spud His Son to     7��� ,77       " 7'"'7 =       ^^^T   :        ' '     =:    :   arious  coiintriess     die on' ihe -cross.  The  Bible says   "Tliis'   P*^���"*"***^''^'^*���*"^  have ��� one-eight  of  an��� acte to  cultivatev  Je^ns. delivered iip; according to the' de-a  in   then    own     particular     styles.    She   .finm:   plan   and   foreknowledge   of   God,-  thought the Norwegian and Welsh Gard-     you nauilied and killed by the hands of  ens the most attractive and the Hawaiian     lawk*-, men.'" (Acts 2:23)  Gaiden,   with   its   tropical   shrubs   and     ,    Now question two. Why your need of  t.ees wa, just like a bit of Hawaii. seHan,,,,.?   Because   Scripture . says,   "All  South ol Salt LaJte City, on Highway     have binned and come short of the glory  69, ihe climbed part wayupHhe Bi�� Rock -of God "' "mbmans"13:23)"  You- see" Christ  Candy   Mountain,   made   famous   by   an     diet! im  your behalf, and in your  place  old   song   In   the   sputh-wPst   corner   pf     He wa. your substitute.  The death pen--  Utah is Kapab, a^toWn which, has become    ajty was againsl you for God s        .FTh  InSL". Ui h6 H^00d,tov ��ver tlTir-,    wages of sin is death.' (Romans (&3) But  ty films, mcluding Q^sm:oHe_and_Serg^'    Ch, isl   paid  the  penalty for you. Is not  that good news? ,   ������ i.  PENDER HARBOUR  HOSPITAL AUXILIARY  lieceive   instruction  ,and   not   silver;  and knowledge  rather than  chqiiee gold.  For  wisdom  i$  better  than  n*ifc*ij*Js;. and  tjiat may be desired are  compared to it. Prov. $-M  Time-out  RtiKby Is jj mini's g^mo wilh no pj-n-  ku-Hon' lo Koflon ono' of those itniul  lijokloH. First |o auffor tl'luully hrulfl-  0(1 nuklo wuh l-nrry Kno\y|ofl of f��;i-  )li|iiHl:onn, Itiior rol)owo(| hy'a Toiu-  )|(doi) jilayoi' who -wns onrriod off  n'" Iiiiii' ���Sf.'tlii j'tlAy'A*'  LIONS ANNUAL STEM i  Saturday, Oct. 23  7(00 and 9j00 P.M. SITTINGS  IT'S A WtSW IDEA���  s GOURMET PRIME RIB  " TICKETS $3,25  LEGION HAM.  SECHELT, P^C,  SPfrCIAL  lior'i-P'OHuvrp Soryotl In '  "-.���WolHnfj'Ai;en~prlnr-io*anr|r -~  oil or Plnnor, .,,  Soo Koltb Duffy for TIckotB  Days 005-2201���Nltos 005-9006  s!ji\j.:  *Oifl;;j,'  '   ft    U-ifj'-'  **-.'\*0*   ^J  v.'  ���:**,.  . *0.  Hf.  & (,iidmii00,0mhm\A0,\��ti *0lfi.l*fWiif0 #it0*n  mony wnUililpg their first gnmo of Uugby,  Wilnslon0'will ����eol Arjjylo in iin  ..ejfhJbJ|,|opa ^tm  bf  TlHirsdiiy.nflerno'bn  at. ���gi.tyjpfiu, tuntatiyo time i�� 3;!JI) |,i,| \\w.  ganie.'^py[ !H|{W p),4P8 ,-, lime-ouHler.  ,,fl|}ptftato^   nre   welcn'me   U.  lillend,"  *H 4 n    A ��    A,U �� 1   iUi  A'l. Iwo ypnrH old, John ll|o|u|i'()Rhn  Iri luill'-'llimv'hfiro,'-ihowliiR ll)��'li)H  oliniiH liow -II'h iloiio nl IojjI fifi\,\\r\  ���*.jUiyA' MmiAv .ifMmo. ul I'llpltlnsifjiui,  w//////////////^^^  ELPHINSTONE  SECONDARY  SQHOOL  fm^twiwuwilwnmiiiniH  ���l*.,m%miiimrt  Miiiiiiiri|.iiniyilii(rii',j|-ii  'l'i l   '  ��� i vj  ���Hi Uiiiii; uiwiiiliiaiii.  ...        ���>,. I    ���  ATfENfioN  GIRLS GRADES 6-7  Y.oii'rp Invited to q mepting.on  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21st  ot 7s30 p.m.  "j :���      GIBSQNS ATHLETIC HALL ,  This, is your chance to he I pi decide  , YOUR Sports Program-Tie  '   " GRASS HOCKEY?  VOLLEY BALL?'  SOCCER?  BADMINTON? '  If intorasM but unable to attend     *  Contact Joyce Suvagps  >     - nt886-7262  it  & Fishpond  * Raffles  7,  :--'  -. 7:00 P.iyi,  PPDER:;NARBpl|R  '"''0***���,'^.*'um*0^**mm,,Hummpmtrm0w*0rm0*0wm0wmm*M*um.wwm*0mm~y**.  '^'?m^*****m��m,,'mmm,m**M,.'.m****>����****^  ir*r*r*.0*.m*0um*0m.^V0mH��mHmtm0*0*0wmmn,*0,,m,mm,H*0m0mum***.*0^^  WWW>MM|.>l|��M).��IIW��MHWMMpi|��ll>mmMM'  - ' SU6SSS  Wi  yp*i  ���i,p.  *.��m,mmt.0wm*0Hmn..*rm.^0.,mH*&0WH*mv,,,,mn,,m,',m*m0n,*w*,���wmH***.*.mn.  MONDAY-THURSDAY  /*��� SPECIAL  FRIDAY-SATURDAY  SPECIAL  DANCING BOTH DAYS  9)30 p,m; - } |00 a.m.  v   STARTi ELPHINSTONE SECONDARY SCHOOL  FINISHi DAVIS BAY  HALF WAY POINTi ROBERTS CREEK  ,11; a.m. ^SUNDAYr...OctbB|BR ...24th  PURPOSE; To ralna fundfi for on of fief pro9�� fo publish flto tchool Y<w��v  Book. In rho posr Mio ichool has qooo lo iho eonnniinlly for $T,6Q0  In ploilooa^ to pay for printing llio y��nr l>ook conintorialolly.  "iini-P .kkhp this money at homii uy supporting   ..',  THE 5TUPFNT5 IN, TH^IIVWAI.K."  GARDEN BAY  003-2512  -SMORGASBORD-  EVERY SUNDAY  61OO p,M,TO 9t00 P.M.  ADULTS���$3.25   *  CHILDREN���ifil.75  '0'00lt0*u*00i0*00m��m0n0mM*MM0mmmMmrimm0nm  wsm  ��m    km  h&<   **m 1** *��4\*v,v li^.^^ta           ..���w��wiwnl����w.������.��M����.���im. ������..,.,.i,.,��� ,- ;r|���r)"TTTTnnmrrrrfiw<fii|T|nTMiiM'iiiii<iJM^iumlrii��>��w  I  ���**i���H^*i**��m,t0mm.m0mm0*0m-0*0w��'0-m**nn*0umm  TO FIND m��SE  up to th�� minute     ,  ^:m,A,.lashlons. fat your: FALL  and WINTER Wardrobe*  1  . ��� SHOP AT  Ljoffrfrii'tu mjratinfon Centri*  MIMNYCRlist PI-A7A '  f''RAI|. HAY CINIIfH  <3||)M>p�� ��� Sarhalr '^  m*9m , d-^.t?ai9 ~. ....:  NW*MM**tfWI',W|^MII^^  N  OancBDi-rg 9230��ls3Q, q.m>  IVJUSIC BY  pomumms  Saturday, October 23  ���PENINSU'IA HOTCL   .���'  HlgliwoylOl COVER ChjARGR, P|Wno ^0^472  ENJOY ALL THR-SPORTS  '.' * ALL THI'flMI ;"  'WITH-CABLfe T.V,-   :'  msiii  0>*��0m*,**mmm*^**wun0m'i0m,m,*u*0m0iB0  i  ,  !�����#��, J< ' *l Ui* ^00^0000000** |����*��,1*��|��WI  >t4M)>'Hli)ii'(lii. As.iM> *** ���**-! to* lift t* *% 40 *0f<i& ,0fa, y# ������* iW *#ii* ��#���  *ftrt,*m# 0. >m ���#>, i*��.>#��.ifltH*a�����w,>��>'f*'  \   V.  ���\i\        i  \��   *  4     "-  r *  **  * ,*  A  A'  f-"        Tj  <% '���  ��.  f-  J  1  , ^  *  *?*;  -.*  *  l  si  ��'*  *.'  s-  ;.v  ['���  l"r  M  0  11)  1 ��� ,fcl|*N    -%>    ���  "���*    V   X    t.     /  v>Vt�� y-*>>  i��*if ���*   ��^ ,>,>%,  Mj  *.*? "tV^ ** V."1 *'** VT* > ^ * * *-��� �� ' i1* t> ^ -,1  \  ���v f *,*,*> ba j^f y,* rY> ���*> ��> f-tfi v y *y *tf * * ** t *, y V1* 4> r *>)* \ t 7 > * I1* t *����� ^ t V * *f ^ ^ t ^t, t V ^-f f T v V^ ""f "^ v ^ ,Tf*^V��-<s i y ��r*>-? V *V**fV|"*tt-ff"M,��v.,v7 tjr***0*f-fr1t f > * VM ���^y^t.^^y.^Y^^f^"��^Y'r'*^'''',M*T*^w*v^  7"   "    - ��� ��� . /���'.'.- ''V''}    '* *  7Sf*e Your Favourite Sporting  . 7.1  Events in Colour and  t  Comfort at tho   -   .  7 Sunny crest "Wiot��I  ;   . GIBSONS  Daytime or Evening, bring ** your  family and friends. Coffee etc  ^' available.  For Reservations Cqll  886 9920  Voting delegate , ��  a;��7>l  Sechelt Auxiliary names  convention representative  Page M      ,    Th? Peninsula Thmff1  Wednesday, October 20, Wf>}     1,  /  (Outboard and In-Out)  "SEE  PACIFIC BOMS  for  Repairs, Winterizing  and Storage  290 W 3rd,. Van;-- 874-5919.  KNOW YOUR BIBLE  CAMPAIGN  In order to encourage a greater interest in the Scriptures a*' special  FREE Home Study Bible Course is  now being conducted.  This course is:  ��� Completely undenominational  ��� Absolutely free of charge  ��� Conducted entirely by mail  (No one will call except on  .-i,. request).-,,,.-    ,-,-    ^-.  ��� Based directly on the Bible  FOR FREE LESSONS  Apply Box 468, Gibsons, B.C.  Why.Not Do So*Before"You Forget?  -OCT.   14th meeting of  the  Seciielt  Aux  diary to St, Mary's Hospital opened  with piesident Mr?. Faye Lewi*" in the  chair.  Two guests were introduced;. Mr&,  Merle Mulligan and Mrs. Sheila Zolti,  it ia hoped they will decide to join. Mr*.  hm Grate said the Auxiliary Prayer.  The Royal Bank has kindly piovided  Bridge Score cards lor the budge games..  Membei ship ib 'now -56- active and 50  associate. Report -frpm the thrift sliop foi  July, August and September was most  gratifying.     ;  Mrs. Mary Redman, vbUuiteer .chairman, reported the personal s'hpp had teir  volunteers who spent 10- hours- and 40  minutes for September, The new service  'in the liqs0itat-Auill_i-equ'ire 16 volunteers  who will work in pairs. Sechelt's clay Will'  be Wednesday and they will work in  the new,gifts shop and provide information as to where visitors can find the  patients, they are looking for. The hours  will be from 2 pm to 8 pm,  Mrs, Maureen Hall will be Mrs. Mary  Redman's assistant volunteer director.  Mrs. Amy Bryant, volunteer director,  gave a reporf'o-n the volunteer meeting  with the co-ordinating- council attended  by Mr. A. Wageniaker, administrator.  All 'Auxiliary volunteer chairmen were  there, plus one volnuteer from each  group.  The report from-co-ordinating I'ounciV  was given by Mrs. Marge Moifean. The  gift shop is hoped to be opeiy^soon but  it is not planned on having a^-gift cart  until it is decided exactly.the kind needed. Pender Harbour Auxiliary is having  a bazaar on Sat. Oct. 23rd at Uie Community Center,  Madeira Park.  The council  will send a voting delegate   tu  the   forthcoming   B.C.H.A.   Can-'.  vention  from  each Auxiliary.   Mrs.  Ada  Dawe' will  go   from   our  Auxiliary   and  Mrs. Lily Dunlop will be the observer.  A letter was received from the new  bursary applicant Miss Angela Willis  who will be taking physio and occupational therapy. Miss Willis was very  pleased to receive the bursary and wrote  a  very  nice  letter  telling  of  her  plans.  Name tags will be purchased by the  members, tu wear while working 'in the  hospital.  The  annual  general, meeting   for December will  be lield Friday the  JOth at  11 a.m, at St. Hilda's ��luiroh Hqll and  the luncheon will be catered hy the Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary,  Mi\s,. Ma_rgaret Hiimfh ' and Mrs, Inn  Grafe have tlie plans well ip hand iov the  smorgasbord, Nov, 13. Mrs, Grafe outlined  the plans. Mrs, Betty Wagemaker 4a looking after the ticket sales, [  Decorating Mrs. Eileen Bystedt with'  Mis Lily Dunlop and Mrs. Irene Law-  lence, Mis. Grafe pnd Mrs, Humm food  convene! s. Mr. Don Douglas, member of  the Hospital Board will hp the MtC; the  orchestra the PenKings-  'Mrs, Mary Redman and 'Mrs', Maureen  Hall helped \he Red Cross by phoning  all previous blood donoi^_Joatierid the  Donors  Clinic.- -"**"      r^*"--��.**���*.  The nominating committee wilj. consist  of. Mrs. Rosa Swan, Mrs, Peggy Connol,  Mrs.'Eve Moscrip and Mrs. Lee Redman,  all past presidents of-U-.h.��i "Auxiliary.  The next meeting 4f the Sechelt Auxiliary will be held on Nov, 4 a week  earlier.  Juvenile soccer  week-end results    ,  sunshine*. Oqast Juvenile' Soew gets  -. Underway 'on Sunday. October '34th,  Team*, playing IhUr seafcurf include: Div.  7 Teemen, Ken Mac Bonders, Residential Warriors, Nomads, Chessmen., anc"'  Douglas Flyers, Pender J-Iai-bour T^pt-  >>puis f  Div 5 and (i: Cougars Rnherts Creel*;'  Pender Harbour lfaughriderjs, Ken's Vikings, Residential Braves and Caledonians,  Div. 4: Timbeimen, Residential Tot-  cms, Super Valu, Roaleogor Riders.  Games scheduled far Sunday next:  Div, 4: Teemen V Ke��i Mao; Hfcokett  Park Sechelt i\\ 12 noon. P. H, Hotspurs  V-Res. Warviois; Pender Harbour jat/ J.  inn. Nomads V Chfe^nien; Langdale -'ut  1  p.m. ......  Div. 5 and (i; Cougars y. Roberts Creek.  IV11 Roughriders V Ken's Vikings. Res,  Uiaves V Caledonians.  Div. 4i Roalcogor Riders V TimbotN  men. Res.-Totems V Super Valu.  One woman  It'usl he's more  of hair."  lo  another:   "Well,   at  than just a pretty liead  ira Park Highlight'.  a,"    '."'*!, 4  ������/���"���.>**"���  -tin-A.  *tv  OUR School teams are slHl in alose competition wjth one another with just  a few points separating the first place  team���Panthers who have ten points'from  the fourth place tep'm���-Cyclones.- who  have six points. Roadrunhers, have,' eight  points for second place and;*Cobras pre  third with seven points. More students,  however, are needed to turn out for House  Games.  Choir has started arid .we have a Senior group as wi511 as a Junior group. Mrs.  Cameron and Miss McKee take the senior  boys and girlsv and Mrs. Talento is leading the Junior group. Dick Tarnoff teaches ;.;the band pubilg* aj> -well as the* rer  cqrder group and Mr. Wishlove is taking  other jstudents for folk-singing and guitar.  The~siu"dents' mav choose from either of  t.he available  groups.  Sechelt Elementary School with Mr.  Re id and Mr. Gray are coming up to  play us volleyball and soccer this week-  We   are  runiest.  j ���% Roddy Toit  looking  forward  to   a   tluilling  "m"mm*0**0*0<:*000*0000000000*000000*  TOTE^ CLUB  FRIDAYS, 8:00 p.m. |  INDiAlf HALt s  Jackpot $300  $75 TO GO  ^.;-^O.0it\..eKIZE;..T*lr_  BONUS SUBSCRIPJiaN OFFER  Here's *y gift (aackage i'hafwill be remeinberecl long  after the Ohristmas season: a year's subscription to  Beautiful British Columbia magazine phis a full-color  .1972 calendar-diary, You can give both for just $2 -  the regular price of the magazine subscription alone.  We announce your gift wttlra greeting signed in your  name and the'current Winter issue of Beautiful  British Columbia. The 1972 Spring, Summer aijci  Fall issues will be mailed as published.  . This! offer applies only to new and renewal subscriptions, purchased fpr $2 and Commencing-with  the Winter, 1971 issue, Please order early.  1Km*M**M*0*MmM**U*M**m*UM0**BW**m**.**0*******M*******  Purchaser    ���1 : .. J ..  Address ._ ���.' l ���  Subspriplion to    ,  Enclosed M.O, tirChoflue for ���^~ - . ~.^.~~ -  THE PENINSULA TIMES LTD. *.   '     *  Box 310, Sephelt, B.C.  LSIGN GIFT CARD;  _���   **mmmm*mm0*-*0,m*mm*****m****mm**i0***mmm*mm**m*mm**Mt  w.  .Vi'  ^  x*"  I i'  }   i  .��..*�����*   m tf* ���*  *�� i*   + 1*.+ tJ *> ***,0f,*0f^0, '-tf m-fft *** **4,* t  j *��� *.    S --_'l^


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