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The Peninsula Times Aug 4, 1971

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Array im  /i  TWO yMu- flf Wjinm weather *^"4 ��PIH�� s\hW tfm rp.gHj&tfn*V- "vYP{;e pp| wta fprpe  *wa<s��r_8hP*lag-?�� hpve |*eep repmlP4      The pW wppdpn main in jSeehpU pop-.  Within tfie Regjppaf Distvipt system- .pet- finm?** !���*"* pvPYlde prftfypirjs ^m} q l pewit;  \ey |rpni Opt, W- V- Ulges, Wit a* last lt# 9*m*\  foe 1pss 9* P cpps^er��|)Je  mpetipg Pf the RegiPn'tf Boi-yf}, sajd ihat quspitjty of y/qlcy. "fjit-j. septlon pf the  jio htyi agjeed tp jp-p Onto the WftlPf wpofjen rpp*i\ has nqw.hpep rpplqcpd w4h  system.  $ - J>igh  post,  with  the Mpcjer- a q}0fpj lino. A pjessprp pqptrol yqlve has   , J , 1_^__ , ._J7_ _~,*..f- _ . , p ��� ' , , ��� ' 1   ^fl^ftg-^g^Mhshipi? ^P0!5!; t'How&,SouncjjtO;Jofvi5|lnletj, jnclpcjina Port %l|on: Hopkjns t-apdinp, Qi-ppihcuns Landing, Gibson*"/ fr  Vyjjsog f fgek, Selmqf flrik/Sgghelt? RglfnfflP Bov{ sg<*r��t p��vp> Pgn-Jo r Hq^r, Madeira pgrk, Kjoindqlp, Iryipa's i-anc||r|g, pflfl ��  UHGESfTcmCMUTIPK PF ANY PAPER OH THE SOUTHERN SUNSHINE COAST.    ~    ���  fiohCrprtCpieAi,  goye, EqJtipp(  p[pqi-����*�����UiboL  Thi�� |mhq )Z Pages ;****=**? |?c  WPPNESPAV/Auqust:4rf9"fl  stiwdipg ho wpu}**} hayp gmpiP water  si-pply. Recently, Ut cert^n tiws of ^Q  clay, bp hiK* had hitle qr rift wafev. fur-  tlior, _ong|nally it hB*i( bBP0 *n**te*i**M  hy the Bp9*-d thftt the sy^epft w��Wfi hpok  up to the'Qlbsops vyftt9?'\vprJ*:s, thus pro-  �� PI  ������jbp bepn *nst'Uted an fop Jjfpe -jpRplyipg  Sechelt.  ' WqiJiji a?pw 1^ W$ l,2AQ�� pf fi" -Qi-gtilc  in Pjsitrlcl Pot 2fi3| for a sphdiYMpr, /Vv  i*Hf*gernppls hpve ,ilsq hPP" fi'l^P to construct 300' pt q" ttpptilp 1��PP {4|opg East  ** .  ���V*  V  -ll  t  ���yidipg ac|equQte supply. Crp^. Ji}ggs sajd    fprpojsq #ay Roacj foi the Dppt Incjum  he  WQu|f| hHe to l��WV JH^t^Whiav type    Affipis  pf seivipo he msght P-xpPct \y\ |qt\ive.  Jh^Pi^ip fepQ|-|ing |flr the Water Corp-  pntleo, diieptpi Lpj-pp *^o*ivp)ftPh agreed  t|icie have heen problems with ]pw prcs-  spie at West Sechelt, Langdate ap*:} Cower  Poipt }m\. ipvplving oply *a f&vf homCi>  Woi&t pejiod appears tp he between the  Hop's of .5 ppi and 10 pip apd tips w*"wld  seem to he as the resplj of sprjplfhng  la\vns tie said there is difficulty in letting eveiyone know of spurjk'tng ipgulp-  tl/)ns, find ipggested that ppfhUPS U pofil|-  cfilion be circulated .(  JDireefpj���V^pJwi54pi^d4e4r^t-)S-q4+i4a&  At l!'^pgd^)el 2,-jqp' pf fi" DpctHc irop-  hqs bpen la��d m** <* pipe tp 'cany thc  cppUol wues buried Pppnphppsb plans  hpve hePP approved and fittings prdcipd.  GopstulPtion to copimcpcp in Apgusf.  i -   --  Local, ratepayer hiis  costly water system >.  SPEAfiINQ at the last tegular meeting  ot the Sun&hino 'Coast Regional Rate-  ���f  J, J  <,\  -'I  C,aJ, , 3-  pbvious usage of \yatPf <il��'iiig the warm  season is gieafei   th��h we -anticipated"  It ib poled that- ip the original plans  ���submitted fp the pcpple, it was stated;  fhe plan is capable Pf seiving 10,000 people At piesenf theie ��ie 2,1 If potential  connections ip its sei vice area lepiesopt-  ing a population of over 6,000 The pi'p-  senl system has substantially less than  2,000 hook-ups  To a question by director J3cil Slade  logaidmg onginal plapt. to "balance" up  payeis' Association, lyir Lloyp1 Fiaser, of  Sechc|t, |n p spirited dennnp|Pt��on pf the  Regional Bqaid wi��fer-system, said he,has  he��pd the tot-al fiPgjneeMPg survpys cost  the taxpayer ahopt ^50,000  "When the water extension plan was  put to the people \n 1!"6�� il- was estimated  to scivc 10,000 .Initially a potential of  2,177 hook-ups lepiesepting p population  ol 6,000 wi|s tl}e basis ol thc plqn.  "Al Ihal time the Sechelt wate-woiks  supplied  bettor    thtyi  400    connectipns  J 5^1  *    *      L,      l  JlX^Sn af ��hi 'oXo^nd^^el^L g!rSe^Jo*.dt5pM^��  ,t J^ _  4-  **fe   4  Ma  jf*!  n  f  "       **** ^  Jt if  I J  -fr!  ��� * i  y  4'  'k  Wolveiton explained tbat onginally this  ipvolvcd connecting up to the Qibsons  bystem Qabsons, howevei, latei decided  agjunst such a pippasal and as a consequence c| wpll was spnk by the Boaid  on Chustpr Road It was hoped (he supply  would haye proved adequate without the  additional expepse of developing the well  supply liqm that und It is now felt con-  stiutl^pn ot a leseivou in the Rosamund  "TtrrwTaTea w1irbS"the~solutton   -  Duector Slade said he feels the uscts  \vho have to pay should he given all con-  sideiation Howevei, it the Committee  plaps on taking steps then he is satisfied  In his repoit fo the Boaid watei supei-  intendent. Guidon Djxon, said considerable difficulty has-been experienced in  trying to nipintatn sufficient water pressure at the extreme ends of the system  before the imposition of sprinkling regulations.   The   situation   has   improved  UpTTaxpayer pne~lincj ITqutnTer niilTmn  dollais and piesontly has pppioxitpately  00Q hpok-ups rf"hcicfoie it has cost all  that money simply to supply little bcttci  than 400 additional popnecfiong. / ,  "On tqp qf fhal, wifh only w��0 usejs  apd just a icouple of wepks of w^'P"1 wea-  thei? pscis in some preps of supply aie  without, water What we would happen  had they the estimpled 2,177 useis is ,  .quite-Jibbuiopsr-Uhp-spid (���   'Association chapman Bill Biyson told  him that at a Bpa|d meeting a few days  befofc, clpecloi Frank West had said he  has 110 U)s of piessiue in lus line A  membei   aiose and asked did  this mean  watei  oi an  Lectures suggested  aiepayers p  iollowing Board t  SLOW PROGRESS  I  ATTITUDE pf lhe Regional Boaid  |o u     sociated with thc pioposcd Sunslpnc Cgast  bi toi submitted hy fhe Sunshine Coai*t    Regional Ra��eo^ye|.b, Association  -^BP8*nr|rfl Rfttop-iypis.' iWwjci*!itw*n n^ bepn  ; ,  i/The FondMi -lIurbour f"i|lepnyi:u,5 Ay  (Ipse* j��|pd ,hy rptepnycif) pt* an-qgpnt'wjfli    bnclntipn( wlifph js Ujc JarRPsior its |tiii(l  a  cJo-p- icfucfiipco   to  answer  pcitinent , |��� the Region, lecpgiiiajfis <|in| (|}e|r p��oh-  Icms as they lolale lo t|ie Regional Bouid  cap best |hj deu|t with thiqngh t|iejrniea  Ahoy There I  Welcome to the Gibsons Hea Gayal-  cade this weekend where Miss iSea  .Cavalcade toy 1971 w|tl hp chosen  frqrn nine coptest^nts. Pietijred on  Ihe bowsprit of the yapht Kh|g Cyius  are liom left. Ehzahej,h Kiuse, Ona  Hurnett, Dianne Fisher, .Joan tjloin-  -gien, .lu^nita Ghamhej-lin, Wendy  AU|*}utt and Cai-ol jSpencer. Also in.  thp con jest &re Depl^ie Marsh 3i]d  features variety of events  Aj. Ifisl mce|ijig of the Regional Hns-  p]la| Bpaid, cjipiinifm .J. Typei iej|Oite^I  little progrpss regarding, the proposed  medical eijpje at I"ei|deiv"^ftir)j*(?0ii|-. He  slated the matter is .--till in t|)P,; hands of  the J'cixJer Iliirhour'- Katepayel'i- hpf he  mighi have something lo repoiil hy.Spp-  Icmbei ��� ���*���'��� **     ' ,'���'"������  i   i  AWAITS SENTENCE  Alice entering ti plea of pot guilty to  ii chaige of common iissimii ueisi'ug from,  u light ii) the "Peninsula Hotel, .fames  Bolhwull, of aranlhams, was judged  guiliy inpGjhHo!|s cpiirt last Tiipsdiiy .)ii|y  271 h He was rumiinrlcd one week foe p  pie-hi'iili.iice repoi'l. Incifhiiit iicpureed  .llniu 'lib.     .-... -', ,'  ROAP CUTOFF  Members of Uio DiipiiHnieiil of Highways and Hop. Isabel Diiwhoii ipul |iih'  w(;e)�� In tiilmoiiH will) eesldopln iipd pro-  peely n'wiiii'e'u"uloiig Iho peo|mMe(l'"|iiiile  of Hm (JjliaSuiiH <:iil-i)ll'. This js iniderHlood  lo HiJief adir'a-filly iiiieos**' feom |h�� Fei'ey  'leemliiiil jiim.'iloii ai l,arigdn|n and eohilng  mil I he Sei.'liell slilt; of lhe Heiivluw ('epie-  leey. Object 'of lliiriiiiiellng was lo liiil-  Iiik! riiiiHiiiiK foe Hie planned route,  Hon. teabel Dawson . . .  .questions In the buef"  Rcfouing to t|)e s|ibmission last pieet-  ing of the Boaid, attended by a number  of r��tpp-iyeeb,.ch|in)T!iin ,J, Tyner pxpiess-  cd the view that as tlie Association hpd  jjeen fit to. havp ||s |-elof .pujjJicisei;| in  t|ie press H wpuld spepi to hini (hpy were  jppre inieepsled ,ip g'linipg publie smp-  poi'l. ratjier tharj soekipg apswci-s to que.S7  lions, |j'i|ether, he said Ife lias reiid the-  *^7mi*"Wid"TioTjce^  of a peo-|,e|ii execiit|ve, ope slaleipepf in  tiie Hiij)m)��sini> claims the Boiiefi now iid-  ipjts- to lieipg |n-flpfinc|ni- difflepltjcii Mlh|s  copies lis a sMnirise lo lis," lidded Typee.  Ho Mi|gg(-s|ed lhe piiillei; |>e liie.iieii over  lo Hie 'ii'ipupi.'o CpJhmitloo "at the same  I'lni.e, II cup oply deal with facts," he |-e-  miiekeila ,        '  Typpe'K cfiipinenls wore followed pp  Will) Die readlpg of u lellee from Up:  Fonder' IJarhonr /iprl Diiiirict Rnti-piiyorH-  Astiiii:|u|lon and signed by .). Tynee, nec-  ecliiey, Pender IliiClioiir mid' J)inleicl l|a|e-  pfiyceH' Awioclallop, :      ' '  The loiter stilted|  "The directors of Iho I'eiidOi1 Hfirbour  mul |j|Kieict HiiieiiiiymeH' Anwieliillon ri;c-  n)uii/.|i)g lhat lhe ||eg|oi)iil J)ltilr|i.'l Is not  a imiiiieipiillly Imi a fcileenlion of aulo-  pouxiiin iiri.'im do po| Intend lo beepme nn-  , i a,HH*a,  'I.J  I I  '.VJ,  l-'IIDM "H liliileiiiepl ji"jai|u by ||iii,si'i<!|**.*l(iry  'leuiiHiiee/' id lasl iiigiilne ihw.'IIhk .itf  lhe Hegional Boned, II .wnn neupe llpi  wind of one ulucliiil MI.A Im hh uneollnblu  ni"iroiii)ir'iili''��,T',''i(}>T)nnii"''fim^nHn,B"fr')m*  Miiilo of one |ws rojtjiontilblo eopeonepla-  '' liven, ,'' ���.  Mr. ''haeh's Moudlpg fold |lpi ll*|aed  Hint Hnn, JmuIwI, |)avv��ipii luul lold liim,  ill n |)l)Ol|i| ('ohveeiililloi), |)*f-[ e<.7il'Mi<H  iiiiiilmii'il lo hoe ip Dm .Inly ��bd Ihmmu  of Iho TIiim.'h w'eeo Ipeoeee'cl and Hint nliu  juid not uiiido ilicio. a  ., Thu i.'nmm*,*n,itt In 'jims||ou w<;ro In  I'lDgnnl lo Uio peoposod geiiv^l o|iernlioii  liy f'oiii.liiicllon A/tgregnleii Mil, eei-ejilly  |i.Ji;i-ii:d 'by the Honed, Men. I'hwi.oii lold  iwo mnmbi.Tii of Hie Tlox.'K mIhII Ihal nlpi  wm* led op wilh buck pawing by Hie  lioinil mul Uiul, io ll��m Hn��"i Mxiy \)m\  kdvit Hied no offli'lnl iiiJi;i;lloi��,oi' peoleiil.  w|lh Vh'loiia.  1 T|i|n i!in|iii)|i'iil iilleiliijlod In' Hie Ml-A  wiih  iiiibi.liiiillal'!d  Jl)' last   wi-ek's  Tlihi'ii  oe liol, |l is nf po i*oiini*i|ui.")M'n "we |invn  eojoi;|i!il f!oijn| ninl lop AgHl��(|("len noil n  i.'ppy uf Um Ictlee wan foewmded lo Vl'.'^  tneln, Hieeeforo IIii.td Is pollilrig else lor  ni��J*fr}**f"0';,'*'|v��*"itfflrt^'~**v**T f"1"���"'���''"��� ""'"'  C|)iiIi|hiiii ,|v Typee ngrci.'il ip)f| lidded,  '''luiiliel Dnwson wnniidvliii.-i) mul lum in;-  lipiiwlcdged I ho ff'iiii by Id lee, nhn linn  uliip Mliiled pvoe Hid nhopeJlinl lhe press  e'ifpoel wns \imimnil,''  r)j|'f.'i*|i||- \Vn|l,v l'(iineiioi) drew idlei)-  Hon lo Iho'liicl Hml Ihu liomii united foe  up ovt*rnl| r|ev('|rl'pri|ei)i plap of lip;,pro-  pi^i.-d jtrplvvi,���' ��,'wf.'''W"vi.,r did gel ope,"  lie wl'lpd, |)le,i.*!*.*lne Wen) ogi'.'Oil npil iplded  llinl' l))in In the llinli) ytttnspi} l|ie |ieo|i.'i:l  wnn Ineped down,    ,  uytm pools  Dlrei.-ior V/i'Kl, II  nppenrii,  Inn. hei  Di'i'h  'oliii  iipjieoiii.-lii.'d by n Indy In lh�� (lower I  nii'ii who Is viyy f'oi|(:i;enii(| nt i||o-fpi;|  u iri.lili.'pl of liml inrn Iiiii. roi|i.l|Ui'Ii.mI ii  ijwIiii /ion) wlllion) |ieol'!i"llvi) fupi'lng.  lopiesenlative on the Boaid apd they do  pol   intend  lo dp|og.||p  Iho  soliilifin  ��(  Ihcsp peohleins to. a Rpgifipal Riilppuyoes' ';,  Associiiljon which woiild have no power  pver |i)e ai'pa re'hl'cscntiiliye. >���       . - "  "We-have elected fo the Board Our.,  representative, who 'has .been quided nl.  all lipies by our i-cco!pmep(|alioi),s. To  'iibregaprr|TtB^7ni*l1i on-wniTld7Jrrth-rmtnd s���  of ihe directors* of llio Pender Hifrbonr  and Disll'iel Hiilepayers' AsspeiUfloU', he  ridiculous .and quite possibly cnlnmloiis.  "11 is t|ie lnfeii|ii-in'of Ihis Assoeiiilioo  to reeomnn-'iid in lhe lintepnyers'.A.'-soein-  llons of Ihe olll<-T areas t|ial n Hiilepayori)'  Counejl be enliibllshed for Hip Region  willi ropr'.'sp!)!nUen on such '��..'J!!!'!"-'!!..  Iimile(| lo Hiiiepiiyi.'rs' Assoi.'iiilioiis iif lliu "  various areas, "Spell a Council would deal  with' prohlepin of muluid io'eresl nnd  innke recfiipmendiilions in lhe various An-  nof.'lnllops as Ip l||e|r so|i|llo|i."  Hiixl,' t'o iipiiicli In'" " saecimlle lienile  ugiiinnj Iho Heglonul Hnlepaynes. wns dir-  ue|��ir li\ W'.'sl, c)in|rniiip nl' lh" .flmmisi  commlllee, who ��i��|d ho Would HI"; I"  Ipiduj a 'few eoni'mopls e"l'"rding slniij-  nienln made by' the "Sunshine Coani  KOinelhing, rntepiiyers" which, hn ndded.  were iniide by n pro-Hun eoinmlllee,  Obviously   displenscd   wjll)   'qpenltoilij''  reliillng Id flnmicinl iiffaii^i of Iho' 1'Onn),  Went expeimned l||o view |l wnn loo Imil  lln; group'bad hot obtained Ihe nervli'Dii  of up iieeoiiiiiniir liofoeo milking r.M.'ir;  coiiipM.-jiht. "II will bo fllll'ii.'iill oven nl-  Hiippllng lo answer llii.'le qiienllrpiH iinlrun  I i.'ooiil pi'.'el wllli iiopie of llpmi nod ii'ir-  linpM glve.lheii) a I'.'W (eeipres op limiil  pollden mid liuditeillng," ho nnid, "Th|n  would be ||io only way lo explain HiIukm  lo ||)i<ne pro-lep) genllepiep,'-1 lpi ioi|-  llptied.  A   /iiibnliiiillnl  l|M|i)b'!r   of <nili!pnyirn  wi.'i'i) peuMunl,, bul   no request  hml   In un  "i*lin'f|rjfri!nftft|*,r'll')n|,orfirlftr'h'irdnii|i'Hr'iiii'}|^  p|ni:o, [fiiweVfie, liMsllly I'M) high mining  lhe enle|)iiyi!|ii nftpe t|io ineellng will)  ppiny ileinnpillng !l)u Moglppnl gi'-oii'p do-,  inmid  ini  lnvi.'nllgnl|op,  W.i.'nl'n . reinurk  pii/say fatalify  IJIdJIWAy fnlnllllcH on |be Hiipsliiijo  Cjinst Ipivi.' eoeelp.'fl np nil Uipe iiixll  Hllii yeip-, liiienl bnlpg n f,tiJw\l ,vonll|  w)io won sli'iick by'ii f|ul|n."d leuek in'"'  Hobee|n Creek |fi,d f'uliinjuy id i)|i|?i'o;d-  IO"b!ly  |'nil), ,, ��� . '  8��v't>iitren-yoiirMilil"Kiirl Cm Hi* 'I'Iioiiuim  .lillinii, Ip I'onipnpy w)ll| |wp.i:o>|ipmiloi|n,  wnn vv/ilki|ig,lowiiifl Hecliell, n nhoil din-  day will be o ml (lay at Wt*,ev smrh  including tlio world's hiffgest \ug  boa I race.  SCHEDULED loi this coming weekend,  GibM>i)s Tlmd Annual Sea Cuvahadc  Oifeis .i full and excilifig piognmnme of  rr   ,r�����  ^,w  -���r-'T-r  ti**-* -;-  rtvn    evpnts  cp{*nmcpcing   with    the   opeping  i^-indfJ Pay. M|SS $0$ Gav^pack W]H   .cnyprnpy ^ 7 Rm qp Kilday AqRqstopth  ho phpspi) ?*tjlyn)i?y p^lnffftm 8U{)~   ^ih(i fifly��nme*lt: vJ"lf lh fiiMiw-  niinejiift Jqlipw.s fioip fl pip. pnl|l |h��  e.u/y homo, n| lIKi-lr-Hllu Bd Rapch ,si-  tfi.ited jp,st off fVoifh Rpud whpre ijipje  will .iJ.so J-p a lodeo fiom  10 am Salui-  Phijdrep H ypjp-s apd lipdee fl'P ip"  \Jited' Iri parl||cipale in tlje 'ehflclrep'--  fishing dei'liy w|pcj) coniimjnP^i.f'l- .�� lini  on Siil.ui'i"jny moenhll' '>'��� iho vyharj'. At  liu; same tiipe the Siuipyercfii. Plnzn wil|  lie 11'.epp'l j)|iu;e'whep Joen| vpluiiieer firo  depart mefrlti���I ni | -I- |e���<p 1 Ml) e���wa)-���(i|���tfpi-  hosHM. ��� .    .   1'   .  The- grand IJ.nradO eohll'I'-'hW^��� lit 'I  api'ii'iivpil'Jngirom Sipmyeieid lo lhe newly dedicated Doiigull Park, ' ,.  , Biphinsiope Secondary School w||l be  llic loeiilipi) of (he yuni'hjrie f-O'isI Golf  &' Country Club's Hole-ip-Ope Piinlenf  1'e.oi'h. I, ii|)l|l 4 pm.                      ChildrOn's cyele nieen ,i*| 'A p.m. will  lppiy,yypfiy,ripip, tjppi'  Hpps.ii'jrp,pp|iiji-|.m{.*i)|j  1 Kjwi'p S C|i-b. f.ajpdi)  niid, Rlsffiel Plj'npjheV  T'*^PUEVENTF0RE5Tfll|E^  Hegional Ratepayer_��y^y  Almost one hundred aftewd  lifBt assoc, ppblic meeting  I-'IHHT public niecllng.  Cojisl   Ri.'glopnl. I Hid 1  Am.Di.'iiilioh-iiUrni.'led 'done |o one hundred people who showed considerable b|-  leVenl In Hie Annoeluiliyi which rei.'olvpd  .Hn elmelee on May a I id" ol Hiis year)  ���h "  liipi.'D liuin  i|n<  jPd/eiin i.'j-nck   liiiii-'ff,  ly^wiir^f rvnuTjrnmyticrurn incul ������ ,n��n-/*rffrriflry-iri'wwer^^  irnldcpl, Hnied July NMfi hee leil'er, In  inn I, ^lilted; -111'' N'-jU.'tel Myf��  nppiovnl in |iiln��'ipl��! ib l��/n >>i ''iin oru-  jii.l Hini gi-iivel opiinllop. J iindi-iidiuid  lliov' fiiivi!   idnnj     uollfh'd   fiionliui'lliili  A'ggi;egni<'��r'?" eeveesi-rin Hif-ir tlfitWihi.  Hov;evirn"'') fny I*now 1*^1 ge the Minuter  nf I,npds, J-'oresbi apil Walce Hesoip-cen,  Hon. M. WIIII��top has pui ifclvcd such  n reverriil' as yel." ���  ���     ������ '  ���   ���       ��� ��� "  , Dleectoe I*'.   Wesl ' ")mlnicd  ool   Hml  W))ethl;e the Henrd peotcntcd to Vi'-lorlu  La^^^aahwa* 1.1.^ 00*i00*��** ������>��� *a.*a^��*.w* 0***l*  nlri'iidy Unup iippeom'hed by W<!ni,on Dpi,  fpbjiit npd (pis obln|piil it|i-fl )egt||li-  Huns foe up Diiicpilini'jpi Ip lhe lnp)i||/)/t  bylaw whlch^woiilil ii.'qulee puriionl* w|l|��  swim   iionln' In, en-H   n   fepi'e   ni'inuid  iii'-ju.' ' ���' " ��� : "  W'-M i-iiggfi��ir(j thnt poo|fi pot feprei)  up jiuviiie piopciIy'dp conidilule a )pi/-  ipil, Jie moved Hint Up' mntler be (luii|i!d  owi..|, lo iliit pluipihiH co/ppijfl^e'fee nop*  n|ilciiiiion of tip.' pe'iiMenljon'oi an nmepd-  Pienl lo Die building bylaw.  >. 0*-***0*0hr0.0"  Willi  l<  'IIO'  ill  W,  lh Ivor  of 'Uio  vehicle  t��nepe,v, of tiibnonn.  Hiinlii'd to HI, Mney'n lloi.pHnl, .luhmi  wan fi'lipd io be ih;ml op ipitvnl   II'- win,  l'd,M'.,||-nP!d'��!ri'i:!l..��iuJ.he.JJnev*.xJ::iin��.i:id.^  Jionie, ^  '  - - PnUfirnro fa)lliifvwi|giiiininji0'lni:l  tlnpl mid 1,'pionei  al. Jhu'Vi-y lurn oid'icl  t))iil up Ipqin-id  be ||i;|i|,  The dead youtl) was the sop of Mi",  and Mfit.! C'hrln aliillnn of ihu-l-Ji/ehuM Ip-  (lino village,  lum) who hml nlleiideil lhe,alnl,y 2i|ib  meellpg of ilm" Heglopal. BqnrH \v|ieie  direeioeii doiili wiih'ii bel'd' (nibinliied by  lhe Aniio'alnllou, cspl'.'ssed i:once|l> "vee  Ihu Koj-Juip-.j Hoiird's hl.lllpde. Clin|i'p|i|0  of Hie (Ilhsons lli.'lgbhi llnli.'pnyiiiii' 'Ahuoi.*-  iliilloii-Me.'.'DIek 'Di.-eby fell Hml llm use-  epllve I'lnd i;reed Ip lio). neoMiiu imipils.  iilon ip npen|( in Hie Keglopnl Mom;d 'meo'-  ''"���'     . '    '��� "   '    .0   '���'  .^-��,CHiiii)'iiiiip..pf~.iiiij��-B,u.Hd)^Hidoi-Hyiief��i*  Me,' Mill Heymm osplnincd Ihnl  l|ii." An-  HOi.'jnllop, only  wmiled illmi't,��� hoimi'l- inn*  fai.'lunl minwiii'n Jo  Hn' qoeidluiiii ip lhn  helef mid was iidi' iimmred lu miiinge- |n  a ilehnle nl  llii; piccling,  , A'moUun peopi)/.i'!l'-by:-IV|e, K ll'ipnle  I'lii.-olvi.'il iipPi'ovnl mid lhe Annpelnlloii will,  eequm.l ii ipei'lliig wilh-. llio Huglopiil  . UoiM'd Mi.Uuit.. Ihu bind cap-,be. dliiciiinicd.  Ap |nv|lniii.|n, will n'llii)' he ni'iili lo |ndh  M)u)i'l'!| ol" Mo.iiichJiil' Al'lniii-, Hon, Iiiiii  (.npipbell nud JV|lufnle| wl'llnmi |'oel|'o||o  "Vies. Innl)i)| rjfiwnon, luiilleod i|m (pimllpp,'  IVJe H/y/iiiii mijii Hint i|ie��iiiniier will Im  poisip;i| ilpll) l|^: qip.'iillopn me iinnweieil.  /.oNlNa  /oiihig��'i;y|Ji\v No ill) wns iiei.crlbi.'il by  I'iiiiliiniiii  |l|||  Meyi-on  m<  n. ropuicpillum  iil-fyyi'tiptjpplhh: lr/r|/i|pl|OM pepm-e \\m  'uiur ii.i'.oii 'in h/oiiely a'oiM'd inio Um Hj*  Hi-/;lppiil  of. Hie 'Hiuinlihi'o would huvo lo bo foiighl onl In Iho coiirls,  ���lei, Hnlepnyeen' , Buipmpr resilient nnd locil Inxpayer,  Mr. Bcoll, jminled old l|m| n iiipillnr/dl.ua-  jlion eslided' on 9n|l i"j-|ii!K'''!*il!'**|*l. ||��|o-  pnyorn Ihei'ii are alnp esprenslpg eopceen  ���pver ^oiling end ,n survey In, being i.'on-  dnded lo Iipd (ipl w|)iil the pcpple want.  Mi*, 'Seoll lieeiihiiled Iho Assoclniidn wilh  n copy of llip./ai^l'vey finpi whiel) In b|.'|ng  i;||'i.'ii|niei| on Hn|i Biirlng hdmi'l.  Mr, Hciill n'lnp voiced eopcero ovi;r  wiiln** hixcii being ipeei-'|isei| lioin $ll�� imr  yenr hi Hj<|ll.' He mild Hint ipnhy iminil)i.'|'  I'pgiileuhi wei'e peo'pared lo pi lend meela  jngn nml Mr. Mrynoi) prninliiod'Hiii! prnvi-**  hloii would' he In polll'y rnlepiiypm who  live DPli'dilo l||p Ipeiil ni'iiip o'f meullpgn  - ii i iii*1 n Iso ��� iici'i'pl-lhelr -Tecopjm'a'ndnUopn  Up'ouglr lh'.' pmil npii givp Jhfiip proxy  VlllUl!, a ..'���.-,.���  ptcccdc the Bp Cyilc Racing Astioe|a'-  turn's 35 mile lace which s|.i)ts |rpip  Dougall Paik.  .   A|h8 at- q nm \\im w>]} }^ ft f}^ ��vAi\'  mn mwl ctfnstpng flumwHtlon derpy tnii^  T!?c��i*p- "  "  MISS SEA CAVAfaCADE  *ai 7 pm on i|)c\'ovciruponi wi(pef.  nine veiy pllnifllvc opnlo.st.'jpl,-; lpi f||e  HI Ip  pf mIkh   Spa   (Ui;viijcac/e   ]f*7|   w:||i  'breathlessly awfiit ihe icii-iii- nf V!lP -JHffH"*  jng. This 'yeiu' "the .g)i')s Wij}' wpiie at-  .|.|-iie|.iye|y  sj,y]ecl; hpt-pipilK; ''.' -'"'";.   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Jfllplijniitope Seeppchiey tjeliopl.'  ..WATW'BpbBTs.',,     ,'.'.:..-,;...'.- i  S|ii|dny will he lhe big w��(|pe npoiis  day co))!ii|enelng.n| II inp pMhe p.puilelHal  Clpiiln, wl'h 'ihildeepVi com|)el|iropn. |)0ypl-  ly r.aee��, |pg dueling iipd eiipqe if/||ii||'pg.  .- I'Voiii | |),m. iiulil I'll) p,p|, llio hpny  IHlle impi)) honin wl|l pneU'.'Ipnio Ip the  sidewinder eopl'enl iiis| heioee Hi��i'"Wof'ld  )-aegcs|aTngboiil ||iif.'e".  *'   |l in hoped Ihnl llm sliydlveili wi|l i||��o  innke up nppi;iii;ii|ii.'i;,  -. AI ||.|)p-| Gihm-pti nod U|niele'l C||n|p-  , bee' of Coni(imri.'e wi|l hold , n Hu|i|iipi  Mnrhei.'pe op ihe gpyp|'i)ipp*|l wigirl' "lid  nn ilne(inesn clonon, Ip nl |0^ii| llieep will  he n m;jpl'|lnl|pg fleework dj/i|)|i)y Ip  br|og Ilpl  l|)i-e,e day pvepl   Ip, p |)iippy  IMIPCllllflO)),   '      , ���',''*  Miif,')| woelf Imhi gii|ie |plo ll|P'o|7<n|||/.ii"  Hon end eo-nMlnnlipp oC Gibiioim |*ig  holldny evoi||, fpe- ||||s Cep|eni|lii|' ypur.  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H<'-  gloiml   Hpmd  djifi'iors  linve  hIko -'been  Invited''io   Ibo. meeting   which  In. open  ID Todays Cfmsifl^fli-  I   i':XJ.':HC|��|':'bicycle, ched  pf iln'weri).  i I   Bltn.el  eiiipel. nweuper,  ehwd'.'rflel'l  n u 11 u UiiiiJIHoiiiiI) )l|i'e  new, bejlroopi  suite (ilu; new, coffee ln))|e.   ','������'', ';."'  r*r*r^wnnnr.r*iy*r.**..*r,,ij,r*r*^m,.00nn^r,,*,r*u*r*v*f*, ���  * 'llniu* Cloi.'.llli.-dtt1 iciuh ovm 'if*>()t) heipuii  ,. J.|j),ftl)0-IOOd<)ift)��-~.-.���,,....~.....���,..,,.��,-,......,.��,,'-.  *��� "Mipi,Mi���("liiiaiiHi��ijM po INIO iho lioinor', ,--,  nol on lotAani., Mutiv iri In twlyeii*.  "flriii,'!. riov,i  laolrn tmik-ia,  Icili, pp, lew f.o;.t, high ptilt>Pi.y  lepoilcil up )i,'lli!i\i he bad vaiillen hi lhe  ���pi-oviprpi) gicverppjen' M'rlUHirTKjf'Iflrfr  Hon dn who eopHoJl'.'d /o/dog on either  ildir on l|m highwiiM. If'-' s��hi U����l " let-  . lav' (ruth tl|" A'Honvey .'Iroeenl ndvlced  Ihal apy fr|i.'Uon between llm Ui.'pnrtpmi)t  nl  Highways and    IVO1 l^nhifwl H'npd  to nil fenldepln,  Pho��?o flas.9i6^4  ��� Ph<?no IJncf open ^ir}4f*yi cfusi),!'c4  >i|sM��a>^'A#ilt> M0^000*.*m  LA/*'<Vil^'<<W,hArfA|    m r00m* *0 mr*.***!  *" V     *** *  ���"  $  .-��*'  i*/!-'!;  ���.  K��4^4. *   ���>'   �� 4   Ai 0+V0H f  000    *>  ���** *���   *      ���*# ���*       <  0. 000, I*, i*  hKoaVAtilMalXi*^  *r ����^ ^���MwM.'^'IS!  , ��.  a  .    > a" r   ���   * r   *  '    n   ��� '  *       '   >  ,**.    ,'     ,'    ��l  . I.    **  >  0  . '     r        1  ��� ,', V  *��� j' Pag9>A-4  The Peninsula Times        Wednesday, August'A, \*)7\  hi,  I     !  i  i  a  >i.��m��Pfi��l��iiiWf����iii^,in)inimi)i>i  I Tm^xmstxu.JJJfm.  ����ll��l��H��H>t<H��Waa1  'l-may~be~wrongrl>ut lshall-npt-be��>-HTOHirflr fo-/a/Ha~��jy^^^^ -  A^A���-v��� ������. ^��� ��� ;������ ���-.--������ .-..- ��� -���,.'������ 7^ppin*vpp"t^ ���-  Dguaus Q, Wtipm.KR, Eilttnr  .jnnimniMiniiMu^iiuM��wiiMiii!>'MM>e'r.T..i.j...!.t".'''." ".:'��� ���'���'*���������*"-"���' ��� ��i "������' ���"���"������*���'��������� ���' ���������-���|"��  ��� ATTORNEY Genpffll.-psss, Peterson has    will  get -.prison "for stealing,,,*) "loaf of .  warned that drunken drivers will be_vt(jD?ad  shown no mercy in. the courts of British  Colippblp for'with the incase- ip motor  vejiiple..apeitlehts qomgs tlte; 1'net that a  substantial number' involve impifired  drivers,,- ."   ��� ' '  ������Certainly the lawcan never be too  harsh with a drunk* behind the wliee'  The 'same applies fo driinken driving  apd it would seem (hat regardless of  coniplipated fircviipstanges, a driver js  either impiiirecj. or not.impaired. If'lie  is impaired then he is a potentiftl hazard  arid is breaking the law. While it inight  te argued that a breathalyzer-reading-'of  for hard gained experience has proved' .10 does pot render a driver anywhere  conclusively that innocent HVps are at as lethal as it would if his reading wnb  stake the moment he'starts to drive. If    .20, this might Jn some cases be so, but  some jackass kills himself while driv- each and every person who consumes Canals pioneers now living in-the  ing under the influence of drink then nlqohol is affected, differently, conse* Roberts' Creek, Gibsons rural and  there is, no-one but himself to blame for- quently the reading would hardly be a Port .Mellon areas were honored at a  an untimely demists; Unfoftunately, in yardstick beyond proving impairment. celebration dinner on Saturday. Re-  most oases, innocent people still'suffer Then again it could'be argued that ceiving medals, 'pictured, from left  for there might he relatives, a wife and the penalty for merely being apprehended front: Mrs Jeanetle Ilandley, Mrs.  family or even associates left in a condi- -while driving in a state of impairment Edna i^qppe, Mrs Ellen Cook, Mrs,  lion of mental niiii ftnaiitifil liinnoil. should be less severe than that for being involved-.in. an accident while im  Hope Bernard and Mrs. Olive ThnVs-  by, BaeK VOW- Mv..'A\Q\��& Pelletier,  Mr, Jiiii Boss, lion. I^bel Pawson  whp .presented the ntedaliions; Mv.  Herbert backus, jWr, Ernest Lowis  mid Mr, Francis Allen.  ^_Qnly__Uio often do waJieax. iiLcQni=_  pletely innocent people unknown and in  no  way   involved   wilh   an   intoxicated  * clown who smashes into litem and either  kills or maims them for life'. At best the  killer  faces  a  charge  of manslaughter  'but administration of law is suclh that  personalities, politics and occasionally"  downright stupidity, play loo large u  part in the sentence.  The law should be considerably more  rigid when crimes of this nature are  involved. Right now the penalties vary  from the ridiculous to the sublime, according, to the judge and; indeed, the  mood of the judge.. It is a well-known  fact that (Julie often a person with a  record of fraud will get away with a  trivial  fine yet .a  person*.in dire  straits  IB��  paired. This would not be a valid point  for the driver, picked up through a  routine poli.ee cheek, could quite as  easily u have caused a serious accident  had the police failed-to nail him.  Therefore, it would seem, the impaired driver who has not yet caused  an  ��� accident is equally as guilty as one who  has. The potential exists. As* we have  stated   previously,   when   peoples   lives  , are put in jeopardy by law breakers, then  the penalty cannot be too severe. As we  ha've also pointed out in the past���as  an example; should impaired driving conviction carry an autonrniie ten year jail  term, then at least one crime would end  overnight, and as a result considerable  misery would be eliminated.  HJ^e  DNTE again certain members of the  Regional Board appear lo have been  perturbed at news reports in the Times  which have simply been statements of  fact���which, perhaps, is reason "enough,  for the frequent attempts made to discredit.  Latest item leading to a series of con- .  flicting rebuUl'es was the report of a  statement made by Hon. Isabel Dawson  to two staff, members of the Times to tlie.,  effect that the Regional Board had failed  to register with Victoria .ail objection to  the proposed gravel operation by Construction Aggregates Ltd.  Chairman J. Tyner while attempting  to dispute the MLAs claim, was inter-  upted byr secretary;....,.���,s trp^svijrer ,; Charles i  Gooding who informed the Board .nnd  members��� of the public present that a  phone call to. him. froiu Mrs. Dawson  was to inform him that the statement  attributed to her in the Times was incorrect , Director F. West followed up  with a statement to the effect that whether or not the Board registered a protest wilh Victoria the application by  'Construction Aggregates was rejected by  the Board and a copy forwarded lo Vic--  ���toria rHherefor'-T���nothmgH-tirttTCrnr-re*"*-  quired fro'm the Board,  We. happen lo know that what. West  said' is true, Tor shortly 'after  making  her statement to the Times'she said she  had since learned, that  a copy, of  the  Board's   letter  lo'C'onsI ruction   AgtU'c-  ���   gates lincl been received hy Hon, Ray Wil-  ���listoiVWhile ihis still was not a protest  registered with Victoria, lhe Departmenl  has agreed lo accept it us a protest front  Hie Board, Unlorlimiitely Ihis hitler iie'm  of information was given us loo Inle for  publication,  The Inci remains Ihul, iii*c*ordin*** lo  Mr, Cjnodintj*, .Mrs, Duvys'on hi,is denied  ('verbally of 'diiiiv!) having made such  a slaieipenl, Slriiogely eiioii|'h,*we follow-  ed up the report will) a teller in Ipsl  week's Times from n local resldciii io-,,  gellier wilh the copy,of a, letter he had  la^lca  H lAi,T NIGHT  "My1"? B^cklnrid jge"  |Uii|niii vyiiki|( ^ii*i yyi,',| rrpii  , I'lIK KkuiI,  Hl'ifHICfin -WnmliHH "Murl) ".up-  OOltllVfl "(llo|(ifjl|/i/r  (.iiygoiUvu , d'.oiimi  ond ��:ncii��.��i liinpiinno", HXvCl'rivi'l/lur)  '       ,     -,    ��, W, M��!l)i)iKi|.l, ,*    ,  WRDNMDAY, AUG, 4 nl fl p.m.  ��#*** *mmmmmmmtmj*miiiimmMMt*mhmj.mnMmmMmMmmM<  4*  MIUtLI VINlAtiAiNi  1   'TWOMIlViSriHl- ���  T'lURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY,  Aug-iit a, 6 anrl 7 nl 0 p,m,  00 ---^  <Qef Carter  o  Hf M KM, l�� l>  Wnniliiip "Mmli hnilr.lily  rind njnrMi- lriiif|i|i-|pfi", l(, VY, Mi MuikiIiL  II'.,   ClllValfilll,  SUNDAY", MONPAY nml Y'JMnAY,  ,     AiiijhM H, 9 ipnl |0 ol U|��,in,  0nm0.im0M<m*.nmm*tw,0,nMmw*HM**n0,0um0*  r  wmi m n m mmm*mmwmm*mmm mm0mpmmm*mtm>wm��immnmmm  COMIN<? SOON  'iH"*-"lf'llt''l��' )**)�� l'l<<#P��l!| rt"-"v  llomiii Yiiiirani  TWIHGHT THEATRE  GIBSONS  llii* Iff Ki'iloii, l.iiurfjj <i/i<l Utility,',  duality (.lum,   t  WfDNCSOAY, THURSPAr, FIJIDAY,  AngiMl 11,12 ant! 11 ���� U p.m. '  ^r,  4RBA ���/'��"��� RAWAYWS' ASSOCIATION  IIMM1IT9E^IG  F/ecf/on of QffiQers  -^^furdayi-AMgMSt 7 �� 8 pm^  [���  received,   dated  Tuly. 13tli,   from   Mrs  Dawson   in   which   she   made   precisely  the same accusation she is now reported  lo  have  denied.  Someone is a littlfc careless with the  truth and while we make no pretence ol  having achieyed perfection, we* are fortunately in a position of having Mrs  Dawson's comments in writing and  signed by her. This, we would suggest  cuts down the source of any inaccuracy  lo either Mrs. Dawson or the secretary  treasurer who made his statement at an ,  open meeting of the Board. *~~"  This is not ihe first time individuals  at the  Regional Board  have- attempted  to discredit Times reports, for obyious  reasons of course, but it slipuld be abund->  aptly clear to anyone that no responsible  newspaper  would   make   blatant   .statements attributed to public officials without something concrete to"-back them up.  We can bul wonder why so many  people in  public office lack the backbone to stand up and be counted rather  than resort id "subterfuge.  Another example was a long-winded statement by  West  at   a  previous  meeting when, he  questioned'a statement in the Times that  ~n*"Tliret**or*"liad  said   lhe  Board  was  in,  financial difficulties. He referred lo the  director- as ''sonie unnamed mysterious  director". In oilier winds ihe insinuation  was iluii we had  invented  Hit" director  *ind,..JiiS' cpuimentfi, -Last  week, Tyner  came out with similar comments on Ihe  siitne  situation,  Bo||i  know ��� quite  well  Ihal lhe'"'director involved was named iri  Iwo issiies of Hie Times, his inline was  spell   out   and  his remarks  were  made  at an open ineelipg, This ihey chose to  ,,'W'rr,c '���!."! pc'ly iiilempi io dlserodii.  There  is Ijtlle    wonder    ruiepayer'  groups are forming and concern is widespread, The public is aware of llio truth  behind lhe subliffiigt, and ahoul all anyone is able in do ul this lime is prepare  for  the end of year e|eelio|is. This, in  faeI, should be n innl'ir priuiiiy on iln-  lisl  of  liilepuyer fuptiliops,,���,  ���"j '��� " ' -"���" ��� �����������"���''"'.' ."..'.i~��.,i in .-'j'a^'n;;,;,-;_';,;^  Centennial  committees  pioneers  SPECIATTt tribute w��"s paid to Canada's  pippeers" wh^n Hpn. Isabel Daws��>U  Spa^&at^ a^esiin.'di.d.ajrflip.per he|d ip their  honorVt' ltcibei'ts Creek Legion Hall, las.t  Sathwlny evening. .  . u "l-he-dinner had been ararnged by Centennial Committees of Roberls Creek;  Gibsons rural area and Port Mellon. Hpee-  iul guests together with Mrs. Dawson were  Mr.'Permit MeCooey, Hegional representative from Dupt. of lleereation; Hev. .Jini  Williamson, Mrs. Jiumm, Mr. and Mry.  IJarry Alnlopd, and Miss Marlu H**lmuiiU.*i'  Jtlld-Miaa-JCiudy���Ki i-.r u enLja/.hu���e nUn-l ai-Hetl-  rin the piano and ueeordiau.  1'i-esepting pioneer medallions In lhe  pioneers, Mrs. \l)awson nxpi-essod Canada's pi-idu in those who hud ciuluied  hardships in lhe pasl tu help build 'lhe  fledgling eounlry.. "We lliiinK you I ruin  the hollom ol' our hearls and Clod hies.-.  you," she .said.  *"Qliallfyhi'g*'*"'fi"i'r'"lhTrVii'ryVnii(.' medal-  llpps wer.ii Mr, Bill lions Iioiii I'oil Meh  Ion; Mr. llellzer Ihuherl Hiiclt'iis,' Mi'H,  Daisy nilve Tlmndiy I'rnm (iibsuiiti ruriil  area. The Into Willl'im Alleir Cook's meil-  iilllpn. wnn .|iie��eiil��;d in . |ii:t whlnw. Mm.  H.II1111 Conk,  I'ioui-irM livina al lliibi'i-is 'Crnelt are;  Mr: I'Yiiik'Ih Allen; Mi-.-*1' Ifiise Hei'iuird,  Mi-M.(,l('iiniill.ii Hundley, Mn.. I'lilna Huppn,  Mr Ki'iieiil l.ai'win, nnd Mi Aleiihr I'l'lle-  l|ni, Hiiablii In alli'inl wine Mis, bin  Dlipnniiil uiul Mn.  Ml,.ir Mi mi li I   .   '  The  very 'i|it|||dil|'iil  iIiiiim-i   wiih  pre  pin-nil liy iiienihiM  nl, lliihn/In ('rook  Hospital   A'uMlim'y   und   Hm I (..I |   W(l;,  iluniileil  by   Huyiil  ('imndiiiii   I.hkioh  llriineh  '.',111,  All, lliu' ppuii-t'is <itKpM>ssi'd' their, ap-  pl'erlnllon   and    lliuiiiuidily   I'lijnyeii   mi  eveniiip   ol    liliiiuli.lilp   mul    I'liiiipiiuiun-  Klllp.  Special Occasion  Receiving her second pioneer medallion from Hon. Isabel. Dawson, Mrs  leanette Ilandley was, born iii Chatham,; New Brupswioic' eighty*-.seven  vears ago and came to British Col-  iimbia in 1.903. Now living in Roberts  Creek, Mrs. Ilandley received her  4"irs1 pioneer .medal in 19(i7.    ..  1659 Sunshine Coast Highway at Wyngaert Road, Gibsons  ^CARPETS    ^r TILES   * LINOLEUMS  HOURS;  Closed Monday, Open 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.  ifH.l0l.ii0! Mm I  sac  I, I   ��� a,..  .; .ii  Friday Night Til 9 p.m.  iuai!iiia.iLr^gi^^        ^*��,:.''i'',.*!i'"-,sr;  T.  aose reading!  r^f'M^iJJ^'.l*''^''...'^^^^*  **^^^f**>-^r^r**3---ir^t^-i!  ^iiuiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiimiiiiiii  GIBSONS  SWAP ���&'��� SHOP  ARE YOU MISSING THE  q ..,,..���.���uu_���.,.0 A R Q A | N S ? ---���-  Rumnlioiil,   Wrlngur  V/��M��or��,  Chrome $uUt Offlco D��iil<#  Y/atar Prossurp Tdnk,  Locnidd bul ih nl  MocCnonor  l'fir,l||r, Rimliy |,i"(|,'  '   (ilbiion-i, |l,(.:,  'iiiiiitiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  00000000000000r0000000,t00'00*0i00i00,iy0'0,  TOTEfVI CLUB  I.  FRIpAYS, 8:00 p,m,  INPIAN MALI ;. j..,���  Jaclcpof$30&  , '   %i% to ao  ic DOOR PRIZE, ^ (    j  0000000000*00,00. 0mmam. *..-���. ......Si  /U your flnoorllpo, up-to-iho-mlndto Infnrmntlon on  (dl BORiors of iifiiiHh Ooiumbln'n oximndina fifioiioniy  .., iho twin oxlnriBlnnn.noiili of llm, 1,'QM Itnllrr^d  ��lo��o  toi our  Ndfllifirii bomidnry . pp��olna  tlilu  -"WSferlfilU^    Tr��do(/���,, iho now Hoborto linnk tiuporpon ,,, our  ��onllnnlno llytltQ liowUiammi,, .Ittf.lt, apd lU.pinu, ���  on now fipnniru(*ilf,*i pnii llm ��|ory of Diiiii.n coimn-  Hila'a koy ludiialrloo In noilop, Mull ibla'.oouf)qn now,  Tfio Govornrtiont of Prlllsh Cofumbli  Popurlmnrit ol rinimco  1   ;.   Morionrnblo W, A, 0, rionnmi, f',e, ���  I'rnmlwr nnd Mlnlaior of <:inono��  tif Q, Pryooil, P��puiy Mlnl��t<ir 'of niianco.  n*~,^r*0U,0^nV,rm��� ���,��� 0*. 0*0 m* **��<**, 00, w, 0*. 00,0*,**^  cii|> iiiiii ootipon in yonr lAiioniunfi nnd rniift io;  bopiirinioni pf f*|p��nfitt     -  Pefllflinopi iJu||ijino��  Ooptiomon:      , ���    '  PUi����(. -jepi) m tho 1971 trillion of Iho nrlllBh ���  Oii|iirnhl�� rilifPim Aiiii "ichijoiniQ UovImw    ,.  Nflma  Mrliim...  i  Position,���,  "���***W0*+100tr,  .-���M, *f 00IH**^,^ m  ,**'*00000000000000000000m0l,000m,0:  ���**rr*n0**mm*m,m0fm0m.mm"00,m0mrmltMfp,  I     I  000000000'  tl  ,*���-  c  t^m0m\^00imtt0m^'^lf**)tl^mm*  ,^MHi im* Vu*tfm0*imim0*, ^^'�� <VH^h ifriW��li��l<Ml^iW��iW*iii��*:l-W^^ m>Wl%���n^wy^^^t^ Xi^^tfMI^^ m+*m*tum, ���* ��� i��wi^.<H*r^^ ���* 0*.-n^v0^f*r4n.mmM.lll ^f^^^,^  ���*0**0r* ��.. *~t9**IUm+**.h*A+00. 00* .���w^rw��,*iVVfV,i,'w'��V'l'V��i**r-*^  -jf' u.'. ,* v-v***",-.'.**.'v T~^'*Hi *���>��������� /���"t***'* '-*'"��������< -v*.  l.-.^*HII��V<# VV> V VTWV ^<WW��*awlai'��^aaw'il^w^i.,'4>J��^rSr^v<�� J.^VWVW'Wl'j'llaV'WIjJt.  ) * a.  1.  ^uv.*- fr-it  l**^Sg^<a*V^ai-WS��^'^^*^.>**S'l��'WS>M>^<��V^^.^^ toW", v��a-a>.'<*r*JW*<������<w. ,^aCaV^V����*��<|7 r*J*~r^0*ir^r*0^*<**nri*r** 1r^0**.*ir*r<rS^*.L^rr*^Sr*0*1 ^r<r>*** r****Xt* ,a  Derogatory remarks , , .       ,  Regional Ratepayers group  question Board's attitude  0  if-j,ip.n flp^,^ npw attpmptin'i to \v.ettd  Chciinnim of.thp Smibhine Coast.Regional  ���Ratepa.vers',.:..Assnciation, l**U|LJiary^iv  $* the J'irst' regular ..meeting��� af \\\e As-  sncitition last Thip'siiay July 2fttfi raised,  a number-ol: amazed g��sps'frcrpi a large  audience hi presenting a run dpvvn qf  eyeiils at kisl meeting of tho Regional  Board.  Mf. Brysoii, loading Irom a prepared  slat-emunl, said "Your executive attended  tho meeting of the Snhshine Coast 'legit ilia) -District. Board .J'uly 2(ith 10.71 at  7.31) pm. Representation -was in. keeipg  with our policy of sincere apd genuine  ��� 'Interest in local government. To this end  we^will continue to attend all meetings.  "A   puestipiuurp   of   six   basip   ques'-.  Tioi.is, published in full hyouNocpI press, ���  was sYihmitleri July  14th  to  the  Board  for interpretation.  "U rider correspondence, secretary  treasurer C, F. Gooding read out the title  -headings only, indicating lhat the Board  as a whole had knowledge of the content;;. He then turpefj the questionaire  over to the chaiiinari, J.i Ii Tyner.  "Al this point we, and the gallery, sat  in u-vpoclaliuii ul the fortlicppiing answers: ���.    .'  '"'  "ULiiU'li ill* inieresiT-reJaiing-to^haa-^^eo  4v^^--^^^'e^e'pji^e^sva  (fi) "Dj-ch 3t'p*- has pi-plilpms peep)iar;  arid_ gprniaipe to that arpa alone.  ((5) E-ich area has the d&ire Iq maintain Us aWcippniy, .  if) Ejapft and every ai'ea has presentee}  petitions, briefs andielt-e|'s to t|'ie ;vai'ions  levels of government, usually,'with most  unsatisfactory luitills. "'.��������  (8) The need pf "Position of Strength"  in dealing with these levels of govern-'  merit. -  ���* "People have.bemoaned the fact they  wer,e gettini''nowhere, what was needed  was ,^.V;; Bpt .no-ope Wopled to he- the  firs( hi ;hpe. A'S a resu'|topf this need and  ernment. *" .  '���'We reiterate categorically the fundamental principles of pur foundation.  "This Association needs the support of  the  individual  ratepayer's  financial  and.  uersonal -participation.  .   "We aie desirous of a duly elected area ���  dirpplor fropi each area elected to this  ox'ecntjyo. ' (  "Wi d" nol rpcoinpioud exiting }-qlP-  payors; tipmrpunily or olh^r pi-ganizjitjpns  tp disband or to relinquish Ihoiv charter*.  Wo ppppuvage thPH". to exercise tlifiir franchise vigorously.  "We dp accept indiyidna! membership  iptp thp Rp^lQpa! Piss'trist ft'Hop'jyers' A!5-  4Qfii*"iifi-n^  "Wp splicit "roe^srshiB e-f sH .tbIB***.  payers', ppmmunjty apd Wfitorho"!'^ '-fis-  ��soeii(tipi-is 'pr grpyp pn a ppr pap|tp fge.  "We r^cprniTient| Vnft on^puffige eaph  ar^a^if*! I'P^olVP tlicur ipdjvicjp-il prpbleitis  at, their own level; bi-jnginjR |;!"<4i' cpneltJ-  * slops before thP Rotliofif'i fl^tepayp?- hfllly  fpr iprtiher study end *"|PtJon.'    .* *:  " .-.'���  "We do, for th^ present, arcppgn|ze if]p  pfl'ice ipr area direptpr elected to i|lP  jftegipna! District Board.  "Wo rpcogpiise the ipaliepable right pf  every individual to he governed hYj a  just  government reflecting  Uje   people's  * manda.tejL  ���    .-������--       "        ~  "We recognize freedom'of speech, frep-  dum from fear, and the freedom to fight  irresponsible governments.  "The   qpest-iqp   put   to   the   J'legionfll  .Board July 2(Uh"l071 remain vahci. A fijj]  explanation   js   depiapded   and   will   h,p  - pursued." .  "2 Mules for Sarah"  al Gibsons theatre  TOJSIiGI-i'l"  is  yopr  last   chance    to  see  "Myra Breckinridge" at the Twilight  Theatre,   Gibsons.  This    movie  is   very  ���restricted. '   '       '  "Two Mules  for Sister  Sarali",  star-  Wednosday, Augii$> 4/ 1971 x        Tfte Penipsijlo Times,  Pago A-3  IV.  A CAVALCAPE OF  ring C|ipt Eastwood  *mrt  iShirley .JVIap-'  . Uiipe is the npx.t feature. In  -'thp man  with no naipe'' style, Eastwood takes pp.  an anny'wUh two' gpps and fistful pf d*y-"   ,  namite. If yop  like ypur- aetiop fast'.. J  this pipvie is a -pust to see.    -���<  Aiming jn. pext is "Get Carter'' with  MiplHiel Oaine as the cool, c:oo| .prpfes-  sional killer who. breaks tlie code. Set jp  ���London, vyjth svipepb support frpm I-an*  Hendry and Jphp"('3slArne,^Oel Carter is  a .light, i'jist. moving and often brutal  fih'p. Restfietfed.  Nostalgia tjpie with all the belly laughs  you need as Laprel & Hardy, Charlie  Chase and Buster Kcaton star in "Four  Clowns", an hiUpio'iis pot .jfourri of their  best and funniest roles. Bring the whole  family.  Coining soon, and not to be missed  MASH.  ^^^^MM^^^^4Ji^ -. ^y^v^r^rr^i'-  f I ''   '''''''"''''*r**^'|-!j.^!ll^;;ifa;��fw.i^ 'jy^"''''7^'"''"'"^^'^''"''?T'''''w'  FASHION CEU  Sunnycrest" V\Q*��* Gibsons  Trail Bay Centre, Sechelt  pie they purport to represent was evident  in cluiirmari Tyner's derogatory remarks.  In el'lect, as we aro not a recognized association" (by the Board' no doubt) just  who we're we to question them, and,  especially   with  such   aggression?  "I'liuirm-m Tyner moved the letter  bu .turned uver to the Kinonce Commit let!  jn order Uuil .some answers mighl be  considered. Of llio, Board members pre-  .si nl. out .one blinked an eye in protest  at siu-ft blalunl disregard for the public.  "Il would appear Ihal the questions  epihiiiTUSsed Iheui, inlhe light that thpir  misaligned fiduciary responsibilities have  bmiighl them to the ignominious conclusion, they no longer hold the trust and  support of the electorate. They bid behind  their comfortable chairs of democracy  ami arrogance, ruling wilh their endowed  attributes of insolence and diclotorship.  "The quest ion now rears its head with  . jiiisiypry CMiipptations- Just what.kind of ,  a JJcgional Bnard do we have? Does poverty   of   intellect   always   manifest   itself  in (liiliilor.ship   arrogance, insolence, pra-  giiialksin,   egotism,   hypocracy   and   scur-  "-Milou.s behavior'.'  "Why could not the Board have been  lionesl enough to truthfully answer ques-  lions 'without' evasion and equivocation?  When will they (>el. off their self-styled  , and warped mayoralty concepts? Of once  having drunk Ihe ambrosia, sweet nectar  of tlie gods are above the final' court of  appeal? Who are the people?  "This  Association   was   treated", fn   an  inexcusable   manner.   What* the   Board  fails to admit'to themselves is the  fact  that  lliis  Association  is  Ihe people.  The  undisguised   attempt   to   musale   lliis   as-  social ion by suggesting we had mi busi-  , Micas.giving u cfip,y.pf.pip!.quB8tip|-|itj|,c fp  ;  tlie  press, Bo^ltl'iP  we '|'{iiipd  IP  giyp ail,  I fp>l io the Board for sliiHy it was Ibcrp-  ' t'/ire beyond consideraliop. This is Itinta-  mi.ii.ml  loir crime! against Ihe people apd  we will lint acquiesce. .   .  "The Kuiislppe Coast llt.gioiial Hulo  piiyers' Associalion is hereby giving.notice lo Ihe Sunshine piia-isl' Hegional Board,  When Ihe aSiinsbine Coast Hegional l.)i's-  Inel Hi|l(ipayi!l*,'V Asspcialion asks a question, we wpuld like a ipceliiig^lp resolve  these- qpiistliiiiH. We also ask" I liai "ilu;  BTiiTrrr ciTpuider (he conclusions of Ihis  Association as a direcljvi; of Ihe Kalu-  |iaye|-H ul',lhp Hunslilpe Co'asl.  "The HenioiJiiT'lialepiiyeiK' Aumicialion  recognizes ininmlable fuels;  ,     (I)   This' Kegiiimil   Ulsiricl   presently  ��� Poii'sl'.siK f if A reus, A, jj, c, .J), Ji], ppr! J'"',  also   Ihu  inuiiiejpiijii|i;n  nf  VJibsoim  and  ..fjuchell-. '  'c ,..._v _ _...  (il) The areas munlihiiinl huvo, nr hnvp  pol, i:ijmipiinfi.y iiNijiii.'hii|i)ini, wiilerhuiudn,  liflepayiir gruiips and  hupip In'min  forum  nf local  bilei'iiasl. ',   ��� ('  CU ���nleriiHl in pimiyppinpi. waxes apd  . wnneii iicciiriliiigiao minion oh llm iponieiil,  (���I) A ciirlnJp iimmmi of good pul prod  Iogollii.-r 'l.hniiii ijiunp Ipoa'inly, Kiiil ip-oii)Di  whhlij.a.1111.'  I'l'iupiiwurk  nf lhn  lloglnnul  All|-ll|l.'inliliP.    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A, SIMPKINS  Bok 517 r- Socholt, B.C,  Phono 885-2132  COAST BACKHOE & TRUCKING  pi||, Cement-Grqyel, prgin Roc(<f etq,  Box 89, Madeira Park  Phono 883-2274  L & H SWAN5PN LTp.  READY-MIX CONCRETE  Sapr) ond Grave) * Ppckhocs  Pitching - ExcoYollons  OFFICE IN BENNER BLOCK  /'.  bi��  Por refurim of  Lost Black Male  Labrador Pag  "'"'"iy**   yntuti old  PLEASE  IMIOME  885.2475  J..&..P MASONRY  All Types Of .51.0110 Woik  , AIS9.Brinks .ond f3|nck��  Rosidanllcii find Cnmmorcial  Now .qnd.Old iJiiiidinqi,l  Phono 886-2231  Rox 25?, Gihsons, B.C,  BUILDERS ~  COR ZUIDEMA ,  For Al| Y'"Mr RonovQllons, Ropalrs  dm), Cahln'al Wdrk, '  Phono 885-2135  885-9666,  Box  172, Socholt, B.C.  Land Clearing. Land Development  Road Building. Road Work  Cqll    . '  OSBORNE LOGGING CO. LTD.  BaK.'.*1.89,,..Sflch0lM.C.J  Phone 885-9767  PHONE 885-9550  RON'S CONTRACTING  'Clonrhfi -'Expnyqllfviii- Rooi| IJiiU'llnfl  Gimlliif- - |:IH - Moor) tycival - Criii,.|)0(| |<nr.k  Phono: Socholt 885-9550  Serving the Sunshine, Coqst with rcliablo and  economical Cooking, Healing "and Hot Water.  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone 885-2360  Wharf ond Dolphin - Sechelt, B.C.  H-tNIE WIDMAN  for all your  ,SSO PRODUCTS  ��� IMPERIAL: "ESSO DEALER  Phone 883-2663  Madeira park, B.C,  * for'" Tp'Hf;' f^��i' '.S^piifio��"'?'" '"*'*'"*-"'*  panny wmmn   "  your  IMPERIAL ESSO AGENT  886-9663 - Hopkins Landing.  FURNACES  At (ho Sign pf tho Chevron  HILL'S MACHINE SHOP  & MARINE SERVICE LTD.  Machine Shop ��� Arc and Acty Welding  Steel Fabricating ��� Marino Ways  AujarhoHvc and Marino Repairs  Standard Marino Station  Phone; 886-7721        Res. 886-9956, 886-9326  C & S HARDWARE  ' .    SECHELT, g.C. - - , f  APPLIANCES ���'- HARDWARE   K  "       HOME FURNISHINGS '  Phono 915,9713  TASELLA SHPPI*E  Lgdies' - Men's - Children's Wear  Ycjrd Gppds ? Bectdins - .Uir��isns  *r--T*fTql 885-9331 - Sechelt, B.C,  THE TOGGERY  Ladies' and Children's W(3f?r  ���;''";: '.;-i---->-- Op*e*-i'''5lx;"'dQy-j'o:WceK'''''"''";^'"^  :       Phone 885-2063  Cowrie Strpetf Sochclt  Bemina & OmeQw  Sales, Pqrts, S.eryic-?  PARKINSON'S HEATING LTD.   GIBSONS 1   E5SO OIL FURNACES  No cjciwp payment - Bank interest'  ���'     ]   1' ton years lo pay  For frob oitimoto���Cq|| 886-2728  CoiTiplolo lino of appliances  BIAIHDRESSEK "^  CUSTOM BACKHOE WORK  i)l:PTIC TANKS INSTAU-KP  fly AiMioliitiiioiit Only '  I'liono 0I13-20O2  R0ALC0G0R RANCH  \   GARPEH RAY ROAP  PENDER HARBOUR  TRICON DEVELOPMENTS LTP,  CM5TOM HOM�� - p-M-PAP HOMES  ,.,^����^ 1 f|f^yc?r/ol��Jy���-;-;*f*crtfionnt)f0 PrfKoaw-*" "*^"  Ijiiy n |'nr,|<fi|-|ii f|||il iipui H'yiiiirK��ll, uy u��)l  ' ' ���'    '       mil |i|iifiii.i.|iiiiii| lml|j,,   GAKPfN HAY, M.C, - I'liono *Jv����, BW3-2/23  "EASY-LOG" VACATION HOME  CONTACT '    ���       '  Vlnco Rrocowoll at  686-7720 Hophlm Loi^dlntl, R,C,  'for lloil/onliil,' Voill'iil Tliii) loo liuilillny hy  CANADIAN I <"(-VH<UCjM|<|;') l.'IH,  building mppum_ i.   READY-MIX CONCRETE ANP  ���BUILDING SUPPLIES  *     Youi Oiiu !ili,|i Uiiflilliifi Itlttin  -'**--"- ���- rnr Niyniirlhiiinipq \lm\n <���-���  GIRSON5 HUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  |6!).'l tinhVlow'������ I'hono nn6'2W  TWlN CREEK LUMBER  "^^uTCblNQ SUPfMES LTD.  Dial 006-2001)  Wlicn Yo��i H<"��'1 Mi'll'llno SniipllBi  FREE ESTIMATES  Government' A|��pinved  U-'  \-ybo hsllmnlas  |:xr.<iYnl|**|'l*J ��� PmilKipO - W��ll<ill||iu:.(  tile, '   '  Phono 806-9579     ;  .,     Your I'lilfSilVioss Cnrd  In Mils- irfw.Q will  root:11 nooi'ly |0,QQp pooplol  Low cdsi -' Hlalii powor  1  SUNSHINE COAST DISPOSAL  SERVICES LTD.  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TILLICUM HEATING & SHE^T  MKTAL  OIL - CLIiCTRlG t% GAS   ,  No down J''jyi'J'I'lL ������,.���, V,,.. 1���  OIL FIRED WARM AIR HEATING  Oil. 1-IKI.I) WAliU IHATIH.'.)  Nollilim howil '���������' 10 Yi.-UKa- lo I'o/  I inlil I'lurnMiif-  l^iARINAS  GIBSONS MARINE SERVICE LTD.  PF E��SQ MARINE  'Gas ��� Dlosol popqlrs r WoJdJpg  ' "      OMC Parts & SurvJco  UNSHINE  EWING  ERVIci  FREE HOME PEMONSTRATICJN.  REPAIRS AfSP SERVICE ON ALL MA^ES  Mrs, Mono Havios - 885-9740  SPORTING GOODS  Eyjnruda Sales  Boaf Haullna  Phono 886-7411  Gibsons, B.C.  Madeira Marina Ltd.  "   '" *   '   " Poplars for:  Evlnrudo O.M.C. - K&C Titorvnopiauii - Sunllnpr  .Sprlnn $pk <*ric| Pipnocr.  AIot Pliimljino Fil'lnos and Fixtures,  TcJillorT*lorbmir^Pfiwio~883-22d6���  -���>'��� :' ',.....,.  NURSERY  N MACK'S NURSERY  Roberts Crook  SUNSHINE COAST HIGHWAY \  Uqn(|(,co|j|nfi -'Shrubs - Fri|||' frcos,- FcrlllUor  liorry Plants - |3o��Mlnu I'lpnls - Pool tAma  Pully |.iran!.(!(| por.l|c|(,lo Spiaylnn tor  |.cii)(Ji,ca|}|i|fl qnd !(*,*.$  Phono 886-2684  OPTOMETRIST  FRANK  E.  DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  Pal Blpck r Gihton*, ,  "       ���    '���     '. "-., t ',    , ���  Ryory Wednesday  886-2248  CLIFF'S BOATS  & ACCESSORIE> UTpf  F|s|-|lng Supplies - Boats pe\y qnd  Used . . J Largo & Srno\l  885-9832 Sochcll  SURVEYORS r :. :rrtrr^  ROY &' WAGEHaar  ���    ���-        fl:C. La��nd| Siifvoyori   "  Marino Building - porpoise Pqy  -i���^-Set-hollrBfGr  885-2332 or ZEnith 6430  TAXI  "i  HARBOUR TAXI l^rp:  Harbour Motors  1 Shell Gas andQil 9f]d l^epajrs.^  24 Hour Toxi and' WfPPMr Sqryico.  Garden Bay l^d., Pc|*)(|ef \-\qrhpi\r ���$',&>  *     ,    Toi; 883-24|4  TIRES  ���#  pmmit**wmmm*  Roy Ulnncho  083-2401  Moifnfra Pork  083-2778  ���        US|:, '11 ||S  MLISINIihS DIHI'CIORY  TO KIACH'  ' |0(()00 PI.OPI.I:  TurTiMrs; mwrn-  PALARON FARM  I  /a I  I.Hf.fll      |0I  llllll.'l     l|\tll|l||l|ll      ll'l  i|i|iii|i your lnj.'i!  h>/Hldlili|   ull'l  * IniliviiliKil I'mJiJoiU * Ili|lili.il SuvydiiM Kliifi  ** '/* luilu |.^,-kim,' liml- * IJildlo Imi\  ftmiiXMP HIO0R STOCK FOR'SALU  It,ft, 2, Gllaical.., II.C.  I^^^^lrflff ��  000*, ft mmt iiJmWi"* ������'****"***���  ^**0*0**0Si*frj&0*.0*h0*.&.0m**J*i  fliono QQW70.0  PHOTOGRAPHERS  >L��d>>*Jal   ��� i      I'    a~..'..j~l.^iUa.,^t'l'I.L.af>...ji ^i.^i.aLla*rt j^ 4|i��^l. >l It* l\ .,ll��� ^ i.i*.���n*Ki.0," i.i,,*.<���,*' m*i.,i* *,������*" ^na^..aJri7  PENINSULA PHOTOGRAPHERS  A Oji|,|>I��Iii l��lici|��|jrn^|)|(f Sniv|r:o  WI-T'PIM��S - PONtftAITb .'.PASSPORTS  C'OMM'lil��"|AI.  '���'  '  . c.-ADWNHTHY  Gihm)*, ��.c. - fhRim m-nv\   tit m-nxi  SEASIDE PLUMBING  Gibson*  I'luiiiliiiin ��� l'l|i��|l|l||)i| -'S|i-[|ii|llllliii)  ||ii| Wo'inr |l��ir|i|i|F| - Plpii I oofjlnri  l-pil: tSIIMAII-S  phono 886-70��7 nt 006-2848  . a ' ��� ''  RENTALS j^^__a_  "RENT IT AT"  THE RENTAL SHOP  at On vis Pay  '"Wi" M'.'lll i'l lM.ll AlllMiM I Vfiiyllilmi"  |y|)i(willi!iKa-1 |i|lilll)i/ I'lilUli - l��|iiy)hl'llia  I'lllll    llllOII.        'a|!|||l|l|   Mla-'aM'       l'|WI|   l<llfl��*   ..���..��� : ,.,���M"*M]r!!]l'Ad.'*'*l'L,,,'., ,���.,.,:..,........  I'IKIIII. /IIII).'JIHil-������-M IK'UKUl'Vli'l:  RKSTAIIRANTS  EARLS COVE RESTAURANT  Open 9 a.m. to Uia lost Forff  lloinu  ri��)|<ui|  C!rjti(|r|jrii|"rifi��l  |:i*fO|Ji.'qi|  D|6|)0S  JOf:7\M|) MAHY pBASm "  Toll 8W-2747  COASTAL TIRES  SuniMnn Coatl Mlolivvoy  Pox 13, Glliian., M.C, - I'lionu U06-2700  SALES. ANO SliKVICIi  ' *     AU Pwids Aval|q'h|fl  ���/oiirloy tq Sotiirdoy 0:30 q.rn, p, Bi30 p,rp,  Fi|i|qy pvprilnn l*y opp'olDimcoi nnly.''   i       .       . -    -r- ��� ���-  TOWING  5cpw�� ��� Logi  SECHELT TOWING fl, SALVAGE  LTD,  liccivy |.'iji|l|iniBiil Mfvl'lfi & l,"liTf-wl"H  h, HIGGS  ���      phono flfl.-i-'/-125      <���'  imemmmm0*#mi*^m���r*%m+**mtm\mi m$tmn*wimmmmn  TRANSPER::rt~^^^  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER   ,  ||miM;ho|d A^nvlfif-, P<i'l'|r'U. Sfofofli  1 Po'/.Miii- Miiluilulii fur ���><'(��    ,   '  Munihcf nl All|��.ld yoijl|fi��s ,,'",   ' ,  (Umiiiln'ti flu, I Mnv��i��  phono 886-2664, R,f*. 1, Glhion��, BC,  HANSEN'S TRANSFER LTD.  WARfiHOUbl-S   ',,.    ,   ,  GIMon* 886-2172  IMII Y SliRVICIj MiOM VAIU'.OUVIK  si'HYiH'' ii|i;si:<iiti.j pt:NiiisuiA  |'ili||l|illo to rinywlff.-ifi In CuihuIm. .      ,  Gmioiol  (J|��jIhIi|,   low IhjiJ  nn<J  lluqvy  IkimIIiio  ,.UP.MOLSTEIlC~  BELAIR CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY  AND DRAPERIES  |<()ii).lif.ltlrilii() ��� hi",lyllnrj ��� ("<jip|/|*Io |)|0|;��iy  .'il.'IVllU -  !,(ll|l|,'|l". .'.IllJWII III llll) llOIDf)  --'TiE  *- *\  $y  1^ t  * *-  I i  .....I  Phono 086-2050 altar 6  ,    or 006-2873 ''  p.m.  THIS SUMMER  RE WATPR WISE  *;���  il.y  il i��0^9 *.*.^��^fA^nl��i ff i^^- A.*^*MW|^irt|t^AA.irtn t*����**i|��pi*S��*��< jitj-anftn^tiiWum,,^ 00 ���*iiwMkm*0i/0&0kr0tl*0t�� ,^.+,0jmi',trn mm+tf. **n ****t >*������** �������.^tJfi- .i��f|Wl ffi^* ^^T^^nifcT^T^BaHr ���*>0*b&   <����#����#   **�����* J   0* * * ������*��  UL  ,#*. ,��  '  V I*' 'f0 + .  .>/���'.���..  .0 t?+tilt  !��� -   1.      1  *^u%   '  ������>*'���to*"*":  '-�� t , _    \ t u  "  _   _ t_  J���Ptx^m The Peninsula Times, Wednescjay^ug^WI���^ (Con|^       H��AU ESTATE ^} - R|AL EyrATE (Co|<h)       *��� REA^ ESTATe (Cont) WANTED TO RENT      ,7   BOATS fi, ENGINES  ^Tnminnfin��"infnrnTinnTii���inrnrT*"-r*ir^1|-"-*���n-"i"**--i'*r'*"'-"-"*"-"-"'* ������-*-  SqoKelt - Phone 885-9654  The Pe^nsulaT^*  Classified bm*\ y JJ****  l^iwmmuMWMMwniitvMtnofyitiwrniitn i1 I'll'* fipr',*t',^,^**l��^*aUKMM*,*UM**Mm*ZMm*,M**  HI  Hi<  .M *  tit  I  s^,K  i  ml  ��� Published Wednesdays bv  Powell River News Town Cr|er  Sechelt Times Ltd.  qt SecliHtrerG,  fstablished 1963  HIRTHS  - ���!  .1  ~i.  Member. AgcHt Bureau  of Circulation*  March 31,  1971  Gross Circulation 2884  Paid Circulation 2396  As filed with the Audit Bureqy  of Circulation, subject to audit.  Classified Advertising Ratesi * l-'  3-Une Ad-Briefs (12 words)  One   Insertion    $1 Q,0  Thrre Insertions   ..     $2 00  Extra lines (4 words) .-,.20c  (This rate does not apply to .  commercial Ad-Briefs)  Box Numbers  , 10c extra  50c Book-keeping charge is added  for Ad-Briefs not paid by  publication date.  Legal  or Reader advertising  35c  per count line,  ""' SubwriptTonRote*^--       *""-  By  Mail;  Local Area _. $6.00 V����  Outside Local Area . $7,00 yr.  U,S;A,  , $9.00 yr.  Overseas  ------ $10.00  yr.  GIBSONS AND SECHELT  WESTERN DRUGS  ,   ,  ,   i(  pleased to  sponsor  this  Birth ' Announcement space/" and  extends Best Wishes to the happy  parents.  CJIMNES���Gordon and Kuren  (nee ��� Cotton) �� Gmines are  ���happy to announce the birth  of twin daughters, 2 ilbs 13o/  nnd 21bs "*oz., Cindy Lee nnd  Reno Lynn, on July 27th at  St   Mary's Hospital,  Sechell  0030-30  WORK WAWTEO  Roberts creek ���  DRYWALL  Taping   and   Pilling   by   bund  and mucinne  Spiny Te.\ Spni-  lvle Ceilings  --      Phone 08,6-7193  Roberts Creek,  B.C.  0027-tfn  Special Citizens,  Local  Area  _  Canada      By Carrier   WE OFFER o, complete tree  ' service to the entire Sunshine Coast. Ouv work is insured and expertly performed. Phone for free estimates.  Peerless- Tie**** Services. Phone  8115-31011.       ��� fiasa-tfn  ORNAMENTAL wi ought iruw  rni lings. l**i pp estimates, 1111(1-  7039, fUKJ-TOSfi , tiOM-Hn  REAL ESTATE  POK SALR' bv-own^-Sechwlt-  Inlet, .secluded, shultoiecl  w,tteil'iont lumie with \vhurl  & Boat, all year lound mooi-  age " This home has a Up gts  bright living room, stone (noplace, yellow cedar 'papnehng,  kitchen \\uttv. elecine htovti &  {���aihage b'uniei & 8 pcq hath-  loom on main Moor, 2 bed-  looni-. that sleep il on bottom  Ikuu Many muir o\tiai> Full  pnee !(.2ft.0ll0 Wnte box 01107  c n Penmsirta ,'Vimes, Bos 'MP,  Sechell,   IU' 01107 30  i  FOR fine properties in  nrNnrR harbour ARrA  Cnll Jock or Evans Heimnn,  Madeiia Paik,  B C  - Tel-883-2745   CHARLES ENGLISH LTD  (>74H-lfn  WATCH the boats drift * by  hoqutiful Gibsons water-  frnnl hqme on the- bUiff," 8-  y&nvold 1,7Q0 sq. Jt. spacious  3 bedroom post and beam  home, ono half coloured bath,  .wall to wall throughout; built  in dishwnshei, walnut cabinet,  raised  hearth  and  mas-  , slve stono TirepTfR-o, pnjar-jed  sundeck, beaut I lully landscaped without win ov nig tho  wondeilul    putting " of    hees,  ._yi.'*w. Jh"? .wi*!0.1' _li_oin_ every  fuom in house Hy owneis  iTioim H01.-70H0 or write bos  ."."H Gibhons  BC liHSO-ttn  160'ACRES, some ocean view,  secluded, all year oreekj  heht buy aveft, Near Secret  Cove, Cash $00,000, will accept,  third down, Wiile Box Gfi7f>  c./ii Peninsula Times Box 310,  Sechelt. v    <!(17il-Un   $3.50  __   $4.00  _ 60c mo.  Copyright and/or property rights  subsists in all display advertising  and other material appearing Ip  this edition of the Sechelt Renin-,  sola . Times Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in  any form whatsoever, particularly-  by a photographic or offset process  in a publication, must be obfqined  in writing from the publisher Any  unauthorized reproduction will be  subject     to     recourse     in     taw  ANNOUNCEMENTS  MR   and   Mrs .F   C   Jorgen-  ''.en,    ol    Sechelt,    It C,    aie  ,'���**** "plea.sed 'to announce the en-  paaemenl    of   then    daughter,  Ku-sten, to Mr  Barry English,  conJy son of Mrs   E   English of  Victona   and   the   late   T.   H  English     The    wedding     will  take   place   .Satinday,   August  28,      J971      in      the      Danish  Lutheran Chinch, E 10th Ave,  Vancouver  BC fiil05-30  OBITUARY  BLACK��� Edwaid,     of     Davis  Bay, BC ou July 22nd, 1971,  " in  his 00th year  "Suiviyed by  bis    loving   wife?   Bejssie , A��� .  daugbteis Ivtiss Evelyne Blapk, "  Vaneouver;  Mr.s,  Heiman  Opt  Holt,    Seflltle    and    nne    son,  David ,T, Vnncouvei; fi giai\d-  son.s  and  *l  great   grandehiild-  icii   Mr   Black was a pion-eer  resident    of   West    Vancouver  where    he   eiipducted    a    tuel  and liansfei  business fm  ovei  -10 yeai*s   He whs a veteran ol  the    Buei    Wai    aeivlng   with  the  Bnl'ls,  and ol   Wmld   1   in  the    20lli    Can.idian    Inl'anliy  Mnll'ilnm    Memorial   f>ervU'es  wei��' held Hutuiduy .Inly 'I ul  '.��.   pm.   in   linnl   ('Impel,   UiOli  Lllluet     Uond,     Noilb.   Vnncouvei     ('ii<iniit|iin,    Aiinnit1'-  luenb. ilnouidi l-'ti.it Memorial  Kcivin ;,   Lid ' HUtlll 'W  SL'IIAK'II On .hilly '.'.tl, III7I  A'ndiey Isabella Sthuleli of  ncdroori-*, llnllmooii Buy, \\,C  Survived by her loving hui-  biuul lliclinrd, Cimvehldu  funeinl win. held ThuiMiluy,  .lllly '.'.Dill Ut 11 fi in iSeuvlnw  C'emeleiy, Itrv Ciuinii Alliil  (iii'iiiin nlUciiili'd Ilinvi'V  l'i mm iiii lloiiie, (iihions, IU!  dlici loin, IIIII7 llll  CARP OF THANKS  MY nifinv lluiiiks go Out lo  my. tiunlly and leliillveii foi  Hie wniiilnilul llowi'iH, ciinln  lillil Ifoiiil wIhIici. ni'lll while I  t wiii In hoiplinl A ho in ilu>  ijiiiiiy I'rlend'i who sent llnwcM  nnd ciiiilii, iiinnv t hu ii Um ' A  ,vr,iv npi'i'liil lliiuik you lo lhn  Jiidien In The Tin Hi Shop lor  '    (llllll '((.lIIIII   wlhlli'H,   HoWl'IM   llllll  cm ilu  (li'iilnlnl Tlii'uilui lo you  nil Mm   hniliiin lloiini'i  fliiM-mi  BILL Mnlyen wislu'M tu hk>  j |iii!i.h bin t^iiiiuii.il liuni Ifnll  lluuilui lo lln' ,ii|iiiiv hkinln  ol 11 li lain Inullii'i Hoy  Mnlyi'H, lot llieli I'/inl'n,' ��IHn  nnd letti'i.s neill In Itoy ihu Ing  hln lllm-iH A Hpci'lul lh(tiil<-  yuu lo Mm Anne Mriiiw; Mi.  niid Mm Kd Kullioiili'i i Mi  l'!iir|o llliigley; Mm. Bully  Thompson; Mih Mmw Bcoll  nml Mi i   Oiii-v He ','"iP  -   llll'tY-MO  | WOULD I Hm In lliiuik nil  llniMi* who jieill I'Mldii mul  .vlfilli'il iiiii ihiiiiui my ri'i'iiul  ulny III li|,,n|il!iil, lOripecinl  lliiiiildi lo Dr. Ifolmon unil tl)��i  iiuimIiii! ulul'l ut Hb Mnry'ri  lloMplliil,  ���    Mlkn fllmllnll,  ,.. ^���_ ., ���,, v.���.���L���jii)OZ��aii ,  rT��� Jm,.|iii.���ii.l..iiiL.i-ni-iifiViit.ii..liUw,,iMiii,w   .li.    ini'i-i i ni   -    i ii  PERSONAL   ...  ALCQjToj.HJH AH��inyi����0lifl /-  Mertlnp  "i-'IO  ji.iii,,  Thurn*  (T��y(V"Wllwn'*'CrmK*'*roTrimTm*rr"*r  Ity   llnll,   I'h,   ����(Mi,Wf   ��J|��7  'rtmy wi\\*m  I ..��� '**-������* -    '���  WiMH.. lo vnpUtnl. Liit.lei'  Dny  i Miilnlii i|Mtiill)(i|'*l, aal-lioiin IIH5-  'Jim ur HIMMH,       (v/imtn  RUBY LAKE MOTEL  0 W&&W  10  Unit Waterfront  Motel  8  modern  housekeeping  units  j 2  sleeping  units  Office  huilding  with  living  quarters  for owner  Units are all  nicely  furnished,   hove electric healing and>  are  well  maintained  There   is   approximately-  800  ft    of   waterfront   on   lagoon   ond  approx   200  ft   on. Ruby Lake  with 2  floats,  bnqls,  and  a  concrete  launching  ramp   Excellent   float plane  base  Asking price,   $85,000 with  $35,000 down  i To view by appointment only  IRVINE'S LANDING"  3 bedroom horpe overlooking famous Lee's  Bay   Folly furnished  including   self   cleaning   elertrlc   range,   large   freezer,    washer,  dryer,  frig , etc   Over  1   acre of privacy on  this landscaped  lol  Puichoser can have  quick  occupancy    Full   price   $28,000   with  approx    $12,000  down  with  good   terms    rxrellent  value   here  MADEIRA PARK  Choice  view  Ints on 64  lot  subdivision    Prices  from   $3,hG0  $fl,000  Some cleared ready for building  to  FRANCIS PENINSULA  Cqrpentor's special - 3 hedmom partially finished homo, "villi  iippruximtilely 1,6(10 sq It living aiea, oil heol Piopeily is  iiimii ly  2  ones    Hie low puce is  $18,500  with  $6,"00()  down  EGMONT MARINA AND RESORT  This busy nn(| pinltlrible reiorl is oflored lol the lust lime-I Ins  11 inoli I unites (I, 2 nnd 1 hediooms), lodge with fi slcepnn)  looms, nwimt'*! 11 -ibedmom homo, reslnuriini, sloie, liriii bolus,  Moodcnl inarlno slnlion Approx 400 ll iM llodls, fi ijood renlnl  boats with (viniudu molois, Inunrhnui romp, nimpni ��� porn  All on 660 (I o| rliolro wrilodrnnt with kits o( room lor iMpnnsloo  An exielU-ni nppoilunily lor capital oppurinlion burn lull pnrri  $210,000  wilh   $80,000 down    l"ii vlow  by  nppoiiiliiuinl   only  .CANOE PASS    -  Appiox    800   n    wolii'lifinl   ol   Cnnoit   Pass   Hililqn, "tonwi   on  Hnrnnin   I Ibr    rind  wimn  nn  ('ondiir  I Ibr    side    I i-asa land   Willi  >   lolV]   li'llll   Iiiiimi.   I H( iillitnl   pOt*'iit|<l|   foi   duvi'|ia|i|iie||| lull   pucri  ' ,|or Itosu uuhw.    $20,000  CHOICE SERVICE STATIOJM SITE  Or liulljllmi Mippllmi Al Modilrn I'nik wllli 1/1) ll on I llnliwny  101 oiiil 'till) It on llnihoui View Kood Ihis Is n i Icorinl situ,  It'vnllt il ond inndy to hoild on I Ins hydro nml wnlei In^bloils  loll pm ii $ IV,')()()  SILVIR SANI)r)  2  ln'dionin vinw lionii' on n\ipiu*    I   mo  C'llll I'   IIOSSIISSlOII  li  ill  pili ii  12,000  C'ARDIN HAY  7 boili.nun (ilili'i huiiin on nppiox   ��0 (l   i hoii ii wolnifinnl   f*niin  voliin nl $20,/')0 lull pilni, wilh only $4,1'��!) duwu  1jTj%  a 4*.    ���>     I  \��T  -   ,t*.   tT^9'  ,  \>�� I  JJA*^  MAPI IRA PARK  AppuM, 1,600 M|   f|   i,nu(Ions liyum on 9 pmK III n onn. wilh o  mo'inlflii'iil   vmw  ol   |-ii|idni   llnihoui    Only  '"ill   (i    Imm  llm  Wiiliiilionl   nml  iillinilnd  nboyn   lum   inooiopn   ol   Mudi'im   I'uil  OoyL  Hnni'i, Owiinr vvnuld roiii,|i|i>r Million lioiim willi only  V.r  ( in ui ol $,10,000, with {jood lnpuMi       i  i       ,     CHOICE WATERERONT IO IS     ,  In I'miilnr llnrhnor, with ,wnlur nnd hydio nml pov��d iood'i.  ,, Lib ll,  wnloflpinl   $|fi,0(|l|,  ' /O II,' wril<��rlroril  $14,000  ' .-  "*"* ���"���'" "*���- \?.? (rrwof��iTMiiir*r/*;ooor '~"~'" "-* "*���  Mjiny" oihfr vlnw nn*i v*at��ilfi>nt lot^ In tho Prmlnr llnrlcnir rifoo,  0^m.,'.**'iLmjf^*m,mr..m,.,,,m.,.,L...,Lrm,m.^.  SHELTERED waterlront, Peu-  dei Ilarboiu, 700 tu southern exposuie, tep acres with  2 bdun house All tacilities  Ph aa5-95GS Wnte Box-(1740,  e-o Heninsula Tunes, Box 310,  Sechelt, BC (I74|)-tln  WE.ST Sei hell, [I bdrm home  on \ lew acie lot, landscaped  with luul tiees Dble gauige;  p.ultal" basemenl with oil furnace W/W em pet; tueplace  J'hone   nwiu-i    Hlln 30:10  C70n-3fi  MacGREGOR 'PACIFIC  HKALTY  LT|)  " TJo\ "7fRr, -GTJKonsrB-r-  V.irt Jmect:  (Ulft-3131*;  THINK AI1F,AD" ��� You  can't lake it wilh vou ��� no  invest it now and watch it  glow' IUa\ v\e suggest - level  lot, Cochuine Head, Uihhons,  .$2 jatSO Ti \ .all cash ntteis  Oi, View lot Jtobeita Cieek -  LeeU Ib.ad'- Onh !|,2.tl.*"0 Oi,  Lu\ 1\ le\el l)0' watei I unit lot,  Sec let  Cn\e  -  $8,9011  KSCAI'E1 - Re.illv     get    ,.wav  lioin   it   all1   Sechelt   Inlet  Appiox    'HUMI    luvelv,   pnvate,  Sierluded   watei fomtage    Oood  jeai   iniind  cieek    Appiox    Jll  acieaj    pailiall\    ileaied,    good  building   .site   with   panouiniu  Mew      Aness    Itft'    boat    onl\  Additional     mini malum     ,uul  many   puliues  ot   tin*,   niagni  fltent    piopeit>    at   mil    oIIim  llieie  000  lod,i\       KI'     Onls  \ ou  Vt'.ll  ui I e  see  $.'JJ  ONLY   frfi   MONTH   ���  ian    own    tlu-> ' lo\ el\  louiul    collage     On     'a  view piopeiiv at Gowei   l'oini  Veiy     pin ale,   'good     gaiden,  nicely    Imished     FP     $14,000  I")own pavnient $ii,*"l)0, balnnce  $fif" month  SRLL YOUR CAR' -��� You  won't need it, with this co/y  i el I lenient home Cenlie (.Jib-  sons, easy walking to shops.,  BO beach, etc, PP Only,  $1(1,801) - DP $7,000 Don'i mis-,  tbih one! CALLa-. Lome  Girfud:   HB��-7*i-i4   or   HU(i-77(iO  \v/F - SECKtfT COVE���Once  in awhile, at a leasonahle  puce 1170' watei li out al .Sec  let Cove, includes an old J.  hcdi iiom collage, and .some  liu inline Pnwei aivailable,  aii cess hy bout lioin Miuin.i -  ',) imnutes - level kit, no uu |>.s  lully  need      PP  K. BUTLER REALTY  LTD,   ,, ALL TYPES INSURANCE  Oilisons, H.C,' "'  . -���*���_ j-hon-pjaflraopo   ,._ .  MEMBER  MULTIPLE LISTING"  SERVICE  JUST LISTED! AUinctive re-  - tirement cottage on ti1)' x  l.'Ui' level lot, ulose to ovory-  tlimg house consists ot 2  bdiins, pice living loom wilh  'liu place, stepsavei all electuc  K iti-hen open to attractive  dining loom W VV in L R ,  111! Md, iu but lie and tile  b.itli Snuill MinilecK, attached  Can port Easy teims on  ,$ In 1100  VH'W LOT on Georgia View  c lose to Reach and all facili-  tu  'available   $5,8110  C'fllMMTHAMS:       AM    . otfeis,  ��� ^leal���ftD.Odl)���iHiHMt-lei ed ���ofr  ci v il room cottage on 2 Unci  \ u w lots.  GIHSONS   Cbaiming l^ost and  Beam style ft bdrm home on  I level acie Pneplace and  V W in Liv rm .Counlei top  i .nge and wall oven in bright  Kuchen ' Vainly h.ath with  gl is�� enclosed tub Utility  Copnit willi stoiage end  $' \0(10  ( HARMING fi loom full bsmt  luuo wilh a view of the ssea  Hide plumbing Simple land-  .suiping loi minimum nuvin-  luiauce     All    set vices    Tei m.s  iii, $:j:j,()oo  .  I.IBSONS- Lge view lot in der  mi able  location   Oldoi   bonie  II apui es   .some   win 1%   toi    the  li 11 uly man    Bung   youi"~cT1TJis"  in  $12,800 '    - W12-W  VIEW    lot    At    Davis    Bay,  appro?-.   r*n    x    150,-  land  cleared    for    building.    bac]v  part left purk-llkp. Phone 11(15-  aiaa. ���    ��aao-a7'  ELUVATKP uudevploped~ Rl  aerufi within Village o,f Secliell,, resicUmlia.| "location.  $lfl,000l tmsh. Box '(l-lflft, e/o  -Pnmnsu'lTi- Times, Box !H0,  Sechelt. fi-inu-ltn  RErTROOPFS ROAD ���~ Lot  AF sJAWJA mtii f]>ive_Ji>  Sechelt Qulot -��ue��; (dose lo  water opd good -lis^mg, phone  and Hydro available $3,000  cash   Phone 885-9054, (1804-tfn  TEACHER requires  room home lot-  school tertn"*, Soon as possible  after Aug. Ifith. SeobeR/Gib-  sops are*-. Mrs. R. Weir, 3333  West 10th Avenue, ViUtcouver  8.  738-80D3.    .������ flHB3-i17  2   bed-   12'   FIBRIiiaLASS   ho^t    {pul  coming    JoKnsoii motor, $175. uaii-0970  or tfe5-a342. 003*1-3(1  CAR TOP boat  for bale, now  condition, plywood. A   Walker  ana-a 107 nofin-30  POR SALE ��� Ltt acres Mission Ci eelc, highway 101.  Easily landscaped, some  teims Ph. OHii-21124. Write box  2flfi, Sechelt! B C OilOLiUl  IN V E.STORS! DEVBLOPERS!  ��� 117 tboico Pendei Harbour acrivs with 1111)0 water-  hunlage, 2700 highw��V_ 11t��ii-  lage plus a brand new' 2" bdrm  home Pi,npertv- low pi iced Mr  inside the baubour  HALPMOON BAY,��� !1 semi  watei ti opt view lots on  Reclroolls Rd Quo -has lovely  2 hili m collage plus guest  facilities Oftiers'~niT"T-1in'Bir, -  wooded and pnvate Steps lo  sale sandy beach &. launching lamp 7J.a -pei cent linan-  cing" Othei Pender Haiboiu  propeities   liom   ^3,500  CALL .Jock or Evans llei-  mon at Pendei Harboui HB3-  2745 ���- Cluules English Ltd,  Gibsons,   BC (I037-3B  RESPONSIBLE mained  . couple, both working, -urgently fliequiro 2 bedroom  homo to rent oi witji upturn In  buy. Husbanil is linish rnrpfn-  ti)r. fl8(i-*i(l7l or n��(i-72ll altei  -4-|TTT\. *    " *    -H02 l",*W-  2 - ? BEDROOM unliirnished  homo   wauled    In    Gibsons  area   Phono" tfflfl-7022   {inoil-.'lti  MOBILE HOMES     '  DOUBLE wide, spacious, well  lighted 2 bdun, dble plumbing with ensiute bath, lan;e  lamily loom with P\*lio doois  well designed kitchen with  luu, tuple axels wilh elec  brks Tu view phone 11115-215.1  niter ti 00 OM'Mln  MOVING   and  must   sell   10  \  ���10     Iwo     bcduioni      mobile  home,    liu mshed     Phone    11115-  2407 tiO:J2-;ill  BUSINESS   OPPORTUNITY  111 PT   CABIN .cruiser,  \\ei\i\,.  isink, bunks '50 hp Mercury,  like now   Trailer, $1,050   Phr  11115-000(1        '   '       ti;*o;i-un  POR SALE.  H' cabin ciuiser,  - -alohnsun-25 -IbB- ^ -Umlw  P P   $0011  cash   Phone  HII5-  2347 CO - 12 a in or -1 - 0 p,m)  (lil2ti-:ill  HPT     Hvcliuphme ��� with    115  Meicuiy'loi sale  Phone 1115-  BB3-2SH5 ' ����7a 3T  17'   PLANK  Hull,  50  bp  out-  boaid,    clecli ic    si ail     and  cont mis. $H:i0   Ittifi '.Ml'.O  (.WU 37  !>    IIP    BRUHiS    ft    Klialton  Mai me,   leady   lo   go   $150.  Ph   111)5-03(10 (i^'l.I Hn  CARS & TRUCKS  -HUM PONTIAC V 11 aulo  $350  phone ana 251:1       ism'* Uu  al  and     bt'iiu  ^10,500  ROBERTS   CHIOKK Huui-  wirlei linnl Tin re lots '-j  line, .select I vi'ly. clenied,  powei nnd wab'i, some \ tew,  ti i fit ol I'liod Limit* i, bi'a'ii'h  nceesH Buy now nnd piotnl  vouisi'll, pi a i n /oouiing in  this iu mi CALL .lolui nini'-k'  llllll 71M-I  oi   IIIIH 73111  CKNTHAI.   LOCATION A  Iwenly line panel houis  ou two ioiuI.s lii >t litiloii' lhe  PuiiliiMiilii Hon | piopri ly  flepllu slope, aiiilheiuly t'h-  posuie, good Minim iind well  $30,000 llmiitlir, CALL 'Inliil  Hlni'K llllll 7,' 11 hi llllll 73111  OH Loiil" < ill hi .1 Iiiiii 7,'11  oi   llllll 77(10  VITW    LOT Tliii-i     liii|-c  vlew  Iiiiii   on   Mm   Weill   Buy  llollll      Llllll    llll       ')    ai in    nn li  rimy    An ims,   cli.oeil    lil|l|i|lll|i  Mir i    |l'P   $111011  NKAII     HKACII Poipoliie  Buy   .'li'i'lii'ahiii, i aim piolrc  ll'il bay  (looil ithilng nud bonl  Ing   l.ol i itii- In ii' il\   lu ed bn  lllllMllllllll        lU'i In mn I1'!1  $3,(1011' Km-,  In in  MKCIillDKI)      fll'AVIKW .  .llinl     oil     Itfi |i i m il In   'llond,  Mi lul    I'll III <-iI     > i     ni'ir     \ ii'W,  Inlft   Kni.y in'11'.    |u In in li, eh  I'i'lli'lil     ll'.liliig    ui    Mm I'i'iiiil  Buy     'i    lol'.    Iihmi    KVI'IO  1.1,1 fid  IIAVIM BAV  i loi e lo In in  loom   p I   mn  the   UIIM little i    I Inly  old WW, PI1, Liuni. nun  'li i It, i input I I, oi(i' i linnl  .-<. npi'il lot, I'l'   |r.*.|,."|-ii| oil  GlILI'   VII,W      -    ll.-M.I.-riilnl  lot i i lo i In i i/i'| ylliing,  good hwiiiiiiiiiin bun li, pint  Mi nl niilv ',', Willi ' lew In (llll.  Iwo li|urlui awny Piilly imi'.  lii'en, KI': ilili.lillll riirh.  'MTKI'M TO  MAIIINA        Thin  Hill'iH'i  lliu'  new!   Mel   uu  a  Wni'lt I'l'iie "lul     Miihlinuiii    in-  I'li'illlon   loc owner.  Two liril-.  -lYioirnll'iiniiniii'diiirinmlibiii:  Kl��; iHin.iHiii.  HI 11'I'll*    HI'KCIAL Ciil'U  Willi     l|rei)Ni>     In     Innllliiit  M'ClU'll.    I'lline    lon.llon,    lib  ���w nr*-��� j mny ���"���"- tn Hy-���n7��- td frp  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  Heal  Estate &  in^uiance  .'-.UNNYCREST   SHOPPING  CENTRE  Gibsons, B C.  I  WCJDAIJC  -     Cleat ed   \ tew  i.il    Read\   to  build   All  .sur-  i.i'i   available   1*4,(100  0110-24(11  LIBSONS VILLAGE ��� Close  lo e\eiylhiog View home  i ft_R���basement pnwite paik-  i ig laigi'sundec k and kitchen  lols ol sWnage Easy lo maiii-  Uin lol PP ViO.llllO  8Bfl-2,4Bl  ROBERTO   CHEEK  ���   Heady  to   build,   ileaied    ���. u w    lol  S/T   appioveil     Powei    i.s    on  lol  luUeii  is in   AJI yoirhave  to do is sl.ut building   PP only  ,>'1,0011  with'good  11-1 m.s   Bung  ""   illlli 2 llll  SELMA   PARK   -    Lovely   ir-  lome   with   2   B H  iiu   sundeck   -   utility.  >  ilnvi'wny   find   land  I'lUiloii    *t>l5,IIOO    Some  tlii'inhn  closecl  Com it  SCIIpl'fl  lei ins  EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Multiple Listing Sei vice  Bnx  238,  Gibsons,  B C.  GIBSONS    BAY     AHKA    ���  Neai ly   new,   3   B R    house  Minted   in   a   good   i evidential  aiea    Well   insulated    KI    beat  -&-    II W      Landscaped      Veiy  -close  to  .shops,   l\0   etc   PP.  1al'7-/i00  GIBSONS CENTRAL AREA  ��� A i.iu-tully biali, well  caied fin, 3 B II -house in e\  cellent condition both inside  and out Pull basement Well  const i urted 2 stoic\ gaiage  Well kept giounds hilly fenced iinobstiuc led \iew lowaida  KtJals I.s land and channel A  shoti walk t.i "shopping aiea-  Tbe peitect leliiemenl home  PP "-.25,000 Some teims possible  GIBSONS VIIJ.AGF] ��� Cen-  tially located 2 BR home  close lo shops and PO New  Crestwood kitchen Gopd  basement apd woiksbup. AO  heat, cliivewov, excellent garden WW riu pets in boil mums  0. living room Pneplace Pull  pi ice .1.20,0(W  SO A MPS   POINT --  2  bedim  hunie   on   a   heautllul   view  lot    You  ciin't   go wiong   with  tills   our  ul   -(.KI.OOO  IKPPKIN'S LANDING ���  lli'ie is a nice home with a  .suilr in llii' bnsrinrnl and u  ii 1111 ion dollar view Tbe ie-  iluri'd pi ten is only 1>10,500  GIBSON'S W��' havr -two as  new homes wlielhei >uu  wnnl .i '.100 ->i| ll home loi  lionii' -wilh lull baisriiirnt loi  l|i*.'.7,000 oi n huge 3 brdinnni  Will) lull bll .rinrnl 101  ���i.31,5110    llon't   miss   theie  IIOBKIITM   CHEEK New  siibillMjslun Iota These III r  gntiig Inst so got vom s now  bn  .only  HOUI).  Mriuhrr  V.mi'otivrr  Ri i|l   P.sliili-  Ruaid  i'l ION P.  Kltll-UlUll  Nolcuy -Public  lilHTINGH   WANTKI)  Vlnro 1'iewfir 1106-93159  Wally I'uliiibun     006-2077  Jinx  2311,  Miliioni,   BC.  imw :ki  Sl-AHE   TIME   INCOME��� Ue-  Jilhng and collecting money  fiom      NEW      TYPE      high-  quality   coin-opeiated    dispenses  in youi   aiea    No selling  To quality ynu must  have cai,  loteienues, illOU to HAOOO cash  Seven to twelve lioius weekly  can  nol   excellunt  monthly  income   Moie lull tune  Poi  pei-  sonaI   inteiiytew--  wule  CAN'A-  PENN   DISTR1BUTIMJ   LTD.  Dept   A    100 Bay Stieet, Suite  205,   Toi onto   1,   Onlauo    In  elude phone numbei  0110(1 3d  TRAILERS & CAMPERS  ���SHASTA Lite Plyle tiuilei  10 \ li' 0", piopam. light, J  buinei stove ''a r bos, ,s S  sing toilet new mndilinn i'h  0110-05117 t>D2'l ..n  ____^ s   HELP WANTED  I'EMALE   gull   euok,   oi    one  pi spared     to-     leain      Also  u did ess    Peninsula    Dnveln,  Sechell    385-2311 0042 35  1003   WlLi.TS ~Tee|)  4-wheel   dnve  *Ph -0115 21100  a   i tin,  New      tnes  01120-11 n  lil    OLDSMOBILE    haul    lop,  motoi   lecondilioned   *fi,HJ0  in  best   olid    Also   Austin   p.uts  Ph   Htlti 20211 <iHlt2 30  llMlft      Cotiyeitible      Kunbe.mi  Alpine,        ie built        engine  .1.(100    Phone   11115 9!H4    (.'110-311  PI'iO Pi'HO Toi mo -I di li.ud  lop liiouglunn PS, I* li ,  l.idli) be.ilel 24 000 miles,  bal.ince ol 50 0(10 miles wai-  iaut> A 1 nmdilton 1>3,(I0I�� .1  Ihid.loiU    Pb    112 1103 27111  (ilM 3 "Hi  PETS  PHEE lo   good   Inline,  pal 1 l'i i ->i<io  weeks IHU 20011  gie\  llic IIS t)  1,1)1) .III  SMALL while  poodle   --p.isi  Wit  \ i  old female  ���3 io Ph iiiir-i  (ili.lti in  SALE OR RENT  2   BED HOOM   house  in  Selma  Park   foi   sale   oi    lent,   semi  w I    l'bone 005-2430.     0012 38  WANTED TO BUY  MA)  lecowls  w tilled,  opeia  A  ottI3'    Atit   ninlfe   "C    1.1hmmr  Hobeils Cieek  PO  CLEARING     blade  wanted        Phone  Powell  Unci  003 l-3(i  foi      csit  411.) 57-4-J- ���  0370-37  Rfel  I'm vi d  ��ll eels,  h dills Iwo boil  In Hill,   lliu   llll  nip- yi-iu  r    RBALTY LTD, $  .MQrfolrn ParK, HC,  ,   ���  Plionn Pamlar | lorlwur flfl3-2?.T3  01)0-24(11  WATKIIKHONT LOT In llm  iiinii i ,l pin I ul Glbsonia,  ld|liri'lil lo si'i'iilr (iosprl Hoi I.  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Huy dvli |iilm V0,/'i0 I m u|ipiiiiilini nl mil  I'on lloddin, llli'i 9'-(M '  SI I MA PAIIK  uinily Iiniini wilb  a  III   H  vllllt  KIIII-IHI'MI,  (I  bllillin  flOV-IHI  cipdiiiiiepj, TIiIn will imi Jfistl viiiollmS' hihhyp>pi}jpi>llb*>>lA  iIiiwiimIhIih, w hi w i*iMp*il*i  luul I'nyei' eiilrniirn. I1'!'  MHaO'K!    .Willi . .b'niiii    In    Im  IIITHIIjH.  IKIIIII'IffI  M'l .m.HOIJ, Try youi letmn,  CALL; .liicli1 AiidriMiiii Hflft-  m'l or 'llllll l',(|f)3 i���; Hi up  Ainliiriiuiii Illlli :{3^,'| m ||||f,..  M'15, IHM 1-311  v...  ,ALL   i.liiclih''   i'fi|lii/(ii,   Dnvlii  Bay,   AvmIIiiIiIii   AucumI   'M*  HOIIi,   I'honii  11111)11740,   IIIIIH-IKI  'li'l'lilNIBIlKi) 1VIVMir)��' ��� i>�� 1 it 1 Vm 1   , 'J. bdrm hnnm nt Hn|n|u Pork,  iiviiilublit Hupl   lid, ' ilmm "l',\  91 stii inniiHi, .|��ii  na-s-fin.ir^B.'  Wilb'  liHK  flflll! o/ii |'niliii(i|lii  ooiii :pi  'ItrOrVIlV)! >M   I'lillilnliml  li|iii|-i-  jueni, iiviiilniiiu now $IH|; I  1'pl.  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I'��|llly .inr|i,ui,| iJf ,���., |,' ',' |,,|.  nM.iiin on inmn  lluur   loih ol mn.;  (1n,i���n���' (, ii  11,1,  |a!,,.���  ,jin*i,v/iAijivin,.ni.iiiiiui,iiiU).223i)'. 1!:!J ���:~ .'ylLyJ'A  ASK fOlt OUK l'HI;l; CATALOGUE OF KPAI. I'STAI fi  Pox. I ?(., S��r.|��o||  AaENCIRS UT00  Phono .��IJ3.223t)  ((S.-40.E,),  \lil.w.  ���/'  * ifr w^.���tL0*H0t6nm*,iw*jii. 11^ i^uWm^tfthni**.��^a*n*wi><>nin um***i4K^r*4*m*^*1  ���^l.^^i^jli^ll��<*S^I*lrf*lN|6lir-*i^ri*IJ*ti^i'11ifr-^,M*llilt'   J^^���*^   *     *   *    *'  "'*-*  <* ">  1*V  P *"1  ���*   ���n-T  '-ih"-r"-r*' 1i>"***i'*niafinii^wn,Mi.jiu*,<iiu��-jM,^ ���*t*in*i<tiyinijn,��i'P^i''"'''l"|J'  -*^f-* ���"-*" *���-���*-1* * +��� ���**'  1 00. J*, ^r* ^ * *��� **  -i��| *  ��� 0*<**r  Ut* ���* ' V. ffi  ���*V*    *    I^WAf^a*-^^,*^  *\4*  \*r       ��*  ^^P*0**^&kgfl,^00&m\ ^,{  +*0&*00m0.*0to 1 ���h &0 The United Church of Canada  SERVICES  St, John's United Clwrch - Dayls Pay  Sunday Services - 9^30 o.m,  Rphorts Croek United  Sunday Service's - 2:30 p.m.      ���  Q|bsnm Un|tfad Clmrcli  Spnday Soryicos - 11; i 5 a.m.        s  Port Mellon United  Sunday Seivices - 7^*0 p,m,  i (2nd and 4th Sundays)  -  Ministry '  Rey. Jim. Williamson - Gibgaps ��� 886-2333  Around Gibsons  '-���by Marion Charmqn  REV. Virgo\ "VyV Jpnia-fe from -Surrey! B.C,  was the representative *���"���"' Underground  Evangelism '-who spoke -H the Qospel  Clmvvh, /Pavis Bay on July 20th. Rev.  S. plmssoi|s warmly welcomed Ruy .Ton-it  mid Iho large audience (if J'biuiisiiU*- resi-  dmilsi who had romo to see the int-splt inf'    .          - .  mid  dinlloncing  dooumenlary   film /,'Tf*    InnndUind is enjoying t|m summer pt tin  , Russia wilh Lovq". ��� . '"���""iHirno  of |iev  mircpts "JVIr- - sinrl  Mrs,  it  tlteni  around Reno  and Virginia  City,,   mony, those enjoying a smorgasbord lun  Nevada, Idaho, 1^p*Hopl-|es muT through - cheou al the home of the baby's parents  \\\p  Okppttgan    Valley.'The  guests  lelt  -    .   .  Saturday lo rot*.p-n-l(>^3uUain.  NEWpOMEB  Richard Hobmant" from Yorkshire,  Bqgland -*yho has 'm.ipitfrtited' tp Canada, travelled across the Pomiiimh yiUi  bis counin Miss ,Taue| Kruse. They spent  20 days joiirnOyinj}, touring apd Vi-Mli'ii'  relalivcs. ,lanei who has been for lhe  past (wo ypprs toaphing school ip .Ni**-v-  Wednescfqy, August 4, 1971  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL SHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School -������ 10:00 o.m.  Church Service -4-11 ;15 a.m.  Evoninq Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S.CASSELLS:  Davit Bay Road and'Arbutus  12 blocks up tram Hiahwoy)  ��� -  Baptist Church Services  IF*  a*  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  Mermaid and Trail, Sechell  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Morning Worship 11:15 a.m.      *  CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH  Park  Rd.,  ("ijhs<">ns  .:,-.  Sunday .School 9:45 am.  Evening Worship 7;0Q p.m.  Pastor, Robert Allaby  (885-2809)  A WARM WELCOME AWAITS  YOU.          ���  I .  THE ANGLICAN  CHURCH OF CANADA  For details of Summer'Services in-  Sechelt,   Redrooffs,   Pender  Harbour and Egmont- please phone:  88S-9793_  895=9673.  885-2133  885-2320  885-2331  Priest���'*-ifV. D. POPPLE, Sechelt  /Phis stilting piciUtre gripped ' tlie  ���iMiinU.-jj.l;^^^  Hie dftfpprnto need pf brptirren iiv (3*11*11-  iiitinist lands, and "pgipted up. the fa-"*  th'd we should aiipreciftle the liherly wp  so (-Hon ttilte for grantee! here, Over ||\ere  .Christians risk their Jives to smuggle  billies in -svis|-e--ise ..ffiled. Iron -Curtain  border yrosslnjja and are rewarded when  they see lhe joy' of Russian . bellastevs,  Worshipping in an  ''underground.''  meet-"  Jrt hard-line coitttruinist countries  where iithejyjHi haye Jieeii \p power Cor  years, the (3lun*<ili of God is slandered,  iipprussiuft and persecuted. Tills nove?-to-'  be-fnrgotten motion, picture. "To Russia ,  with L,ove" allows one to see life in .Ups-  sia today and meet its people.  Iiny. altiiuit gpvp ��� much iiil'nrinatipn  about Underground li]vanuelism printing  |3ih(es. Testanit-tiIs and literature, which  courier iepijis cjoliver info communist  hpuls. He had nn display samples ol* these,  U.J-*. has a burden too for suffering fellow believers behind the Bamtrau 'CiirUiin  and there is an outreach to Mainland  China, work has already started on -the  new Chinese J3il>le Cor the great land of  751) millinii people for whom the" Free  World  Christians are  deeply   concerned.  IMC, VISITORS ���  I'Yaiik. and Daisy Bailey of Seaview  ltd;, had the former's iwo brothers and  their wives from England here for fi  woe|>s. The travellers cume on charter  flight from the old,country for their first  visit to Canada. 1 loth" couples are from  Yorkshire, Jack and Eileep ISailey* of  Rolton, and Gerald and Betty Bailey of  Crawslpiw booth. All enjoyed the Sunshine  Cpa.sl. ��� ,   '  ���They, were taken on a trip liy Frank  and Daisy who spent  2 weeks showing  x mender harbour^  TABERNACLE  (Undenominational)  SUNDAY SCHOOL AND BIBLE CLASS  ���9r45 A.M.  CHURCH SERVICE���11:00 A.M.  Potior Roy. Walter S. Ackroyd  -  ,   Madeira Park ��� 883-2374  ll  ������ft  SECHELT AGENCIES PATE PAD  ��� Thi* free reminder pf comipg fiY!?nt**?-l��re 5'"CY!?# 9f SEGHELT AGENCIES  Lfp. fhopo jpeninStJilt- T'm!?? direct for frea i|st|pq��, specifylno. "Pofo  Ppd", Pleqso ihpfatyqt spqce Js UmlM *?nd scwip indyflnep *dqlos pipy  have to wolf their tprn; q|so th9f this is p 'Reminder'' listlpp ��nly PPd  cannot olwoys cqr��V full ^olpHs. -  tWtfWrVWUifllt^^  Ann 4���B p.m. Scchpli Lociinn��� Hnll. Binn.".  Aiiq. 6���S p.m. Sccboli ln,flion Hall, Blnpo.  Aufj. 6, 7 nnd fl���Gihsons Sen Covnlaida feslivlllos. Sco prncimm in  lliis week's  Ana  , Al'n-  Aiif).  sspo m Tho Times.-  loll,  Amn "IV Ijtniopaynrs' Assa'c|q-  7���8 p.m. Wulcnmo liDnch  tion Annuril Mnelinp.  7 11 n.in. Gibsons Sen Cnvnlcndo Pnmdo.  7 -2 p.m   Gilisonsi 5no Ccivnlrndo. Dumolillriii Dmhy.  m  a      pv  ]^rvis5e.-,fnjip|, wps g(iie''t PMlpi' ^"'QWl*?*1 ��!"l  sislpV-ip-f^MiLLi^  111 Vaiif:-pi*Y0|- for-a fp\\> (].\y��.J ���  HEftE i\m THSRE ;   ''.'*   * * * ^ ���    ���  - W(��y|ie fliHl Carc'l Skinner at'P vacation'- ���  ijig at Hecj. Deer. Alber.ta.  .Visiting Mrs. 3abin,a Gardener for l\y**  weeks wt(s her. sister-b^law _"L<Ulian .Gal;  low ay from Vaneouve--.      " ^  Mr. and Mi*s. WiJjo Wit-ep have re-  tui'ned fi-fim a 12 clay yisil to Saskaloon,  Bask,  where they, were gpest,^ of   Iheir  son and dtinghlei- in  law Mr.' and Mrs.  Arnold Wiren, Thpy attended Centenninl  '7|   celebnilipns,  visiled  art   f'allery  and  mtiseiun ule. The WirPPs lravelled-by j*i,  Mrs. Jnnp'Turney and Jjcs-lie also Mr.^  SaWaye were away a Jew weeks visjlipi:  relative's* i'u.Pregun. .��  Mrs. W.' Cosby is back from, a 0-wpeK  trip, she was accppipanied by a sister ami  l-fpUyer-in-law for pari of the lime. The.v  visited.Casper in Natrona County. Wynm  rJJUj'lon. Mr-i-Crasby lua^^iJsu^iA^niiipCj!  "and Calgary, returning -by plane.  Mr. and Mrs. Murray Crosby and Cindy t  enjoyed a .camping irip. They visited tn-  Cu'lgary.  Mr. Biii-iiard"l,ittlojohn attended a Ii  day writers' conference al Tacoma, Wash  ington lasl week. Mr.,J'iaymoiKi Hull wa.-.  ope of the leptprei-s (here.  Mrs. Iain wood   h'as returned  to HI oh  mond after visiting for two weeks a| flu-  ��� liome of jier  son-in-law  and  daughtei.  Mr. and Mrs. JI. LoWarne.  Mi'- am| Jyftil^fbih Zarii (nee Gladys  LeWarne) of C rap brook' are happy over  tbe birth of a son on .July 201 h, a hrolhci  for Tina and 8th grandchild for Mr. an.I  Mrs. Howard LeWarne.  .Mr. and Mrs. ,Ha>ry Tuiyier -have ai'  rived back from Edinonton--don't, all call  at once! The Turners enjoyed a .'l-wock  camping trip, tbey also visiled Banff ami  .Jasper.  There  \vas   a ,well   al'tended   famib  - camp-at 1-veaTs;]s1imd BajHisI Ctimp:'Tlii^  was followed by an enthusiastic group "of  fi4 intermediate biiys  keeping the happ\  staff busy.  Heben't guests of Ken and Marfp Swal  Jow were Mrs. Lelly.Giacomuzi and hei  daughter Marie, Blanche Whitehead and  Wimifred Eshelby from Vancouver. Als..-  visiting were Mr. and Mrs. B. Vileski ami  Rick, 13arry Swallow and J^enny finm  Prince George.  Mrs. Jean Both well was a -visitor tu  Vernon and Osoyoos. Shawn Bolhwyllwas  guest of his brother-in-law and sister Di  and Mrs. H. J..ee al Wt|liams Lake, Damn  Bolhwell who lu^Jieeif'rirJtng tlio horse*  al several places in B.C. has relumed  to the Slates where at Coeur d'Alene,  Idaho, he jockeyed several winners  Mr, and Mrs. F. Boss Gjbson and Miss  Stephanie Pibsipn hfive,rptprped from at}-  week motpr holiday, tflicy spon|; two  weeks in Nova Scplja visiting friends and  relatives of Mrs. Gibson wlionrt|iey juid  not seen for 10 years. While al Halifax;  Ihey noted many improvements to liie>  ciladel. A pleasant week passed quickly  in I'l'inoc) Edward Island. Al C|iarlolte-  lonw, Ihey saw Anne of Green Gables Iivo  theatre.. In Ontario places were 'ravished  Wfiere Mr. Gibson's family bad been. At.  PreSdep () new mustnun, iJnclu Tom's  Cabin wiih or much'interest:      n  Mrs.   Kay   Fisher    accompanied    her  nluBo -Hulli -and   aiml|iuiv,r.nlnliVo. ���,  were Mr. and M��'S- H- L. Easderbrook ajid  Mr. and Mrs. W. Ayrp of Vaneouvor, M"s.  J'1. Craven, Mrs.lluichins and Mr. and Mrs,.  V. Bothwell Sr. " , lV  IN BRIEF ,_  Graham jand Pearl McLean and family  Irom Prince George yjsilcd at lhe homo  or Mi. and Mrs  Biuee Carey lor a. week.  Mr, and Mrs Gordon Clarke and-  lamtly logotliei with Beverley' Hoheits  apd llobert Clarke wore away Inr llueo  weekb -in .Dip lamtly bus-mobile liome.  They visiled-Natives in Hegnja, Bob  -4wifl--��<*lriiUDj-tHrarlr "^i' m^'-U- n v"i iTy 11 io re  in UH7. They also en|(i.ved"soein(i*fi>kili\es  at Odessa aiul lytoiituiarte wheie tlio>-mde  . hoi'sps and tractors In Saskalchowdii Ihey  encountered numcioiis Ihundersloims  At Winfield BC lhe luivelteis hpenl  ��1 couple of "days Willi Mi and-Mis All  Clarke. While in Clulliwack the p.iity  slopped to see Gen j Claike's. molhei  Mrs. N��eva Burlon ol Maiine Dnve had  her son-in-law and daughtei, Aithci and  Murial Cowan,  visiUng liom  Vancnuvei  ilecent gucsls ol Gany and Diane  Berdahl were Fred and Manoii A.-, hngm  .Iill, Lynn and Jinbyn, Iron'i Coma Beai h,  Florida. IJohyn sta>ed lo visit with Lee  Berdahl.  . <"Bob and Michelle SI. Denis with  daughter Daici came down from Cassiar  liy jikine lu visit relatives here for a  lew days.  When the Breakfast Group "met for  'CTinsl'iaii TWow.^ii"p~aT (Tie home of Mr.  : aiul Mrs. I''. J. \Vyngaerl Saturday in.lining, Mr.-W. Alan Nicholson of. Marine  Drive, was honored on the occasion of  bis *f.r)lh birthday. A special decorated  cake Was prepared as a suprise for the  'event. -. . * ��  PASSED AWAY  Hoy Malyea, well-known and popular  Gibsons resident, passed away at Salmon  Arm Memorial Hospital, Wednesday -July  ���"Bib..  Hoy was born in Alberta in September  1810. He came to Gibsons with his parents,  the-late Mr. and Mi's- .James Malyea who  bail a 2f. acre,, ranch on Jieid Bead, lie  attended both elementary and high school  here.  Married to Miss Floa Christie in 1033,  Hoy was al one lime a commercial fisherman and fished in lii vers Inlet. Alwuy"s  handy with tools, he became a very cap-  . -able j-arpc.nl pr. apd, later,.,- together... with,,  his younger" brother, operated Malyea  Jiros. Sawmill, l'*.<J(l-47, Several homes in-  the district weje built from lumber from  their mill. - ,- '   *   '  Hoy Malyea took an active interest in  such local organialions as Fall Fair, Fire  Dept., Farmers Ips)il,ple and_the JUpA.and  .Gun CIiiIk He has willingly shared of his  time and abilities lo lhe bettei'menl of  the community, lie is survived by his .wife  Flora. Iwo daughters (I-.ouise) Mrs. A.  Wlieeldon of Vancouver; (Helen) Mrs. R.  O'Brien-of Ca'nbe B.C.. Two sons, Pat of  West view and Jim of Asbcroft; two brothers Harold, Quadra Island, and ,'Bill of  Gibsons.  Insulting road signs  prbve>very efficient  SOME  rpads sjg,QS Qfp  deliberately dfi-  s|gned' to tiili'flot ipotorists' attention  by being funny nr insMHl'iB. s��i*y"s-the Ji.O.  Automobi|p AssqpHitlfln.  In Ohio, ('pi' oxi-priplp. a "Road Closed-  Do Not Kntur" s-iflri lv��s aubtlier message  on its baeksidu-^'-WfcH'pmo Baek.jSluptd,"   hi' Clevqlwul,"'"a"^igirway "sfgn "reads,  "Keep moving���wh^n possible."  Florida's Everglades Park is probably  the only plaee'ip |hp U.S, willi "Alligator  Ciossiug" siigiii}.  A Nebraska cpryp has a waniing sign  reading, ''Wp ft!'? y\pl' fooling���30 mpli."  Aulhonties {here said motorists had ignored the ordinary speed limit sign.  US Route 301 in North Carolina lias  a sign warping ''jSr-niewhere ahead-  radar" t     '  A   Wiseopsiii' rtfjlroad   crossing  says,  "Doh'l take'Q 4,000-1 chance."  ���    In Pushmataha, County, Oklahoma, a  mad sign wprns, -"S]o*V, no 'lpspital.'"  Kansas City, M'SSpm'i. signs say:  "Many aie ki|led by guns lhat aren't  'loaded and py driver^ wjin are."  In  Oxnard) CftJifni^i'i.'^'e (|\ynor of  auiiobjile home pf*u"H p|ipnged his 10 mph  speed  limit  signs wjiep nobody paid al��-  Um-U4��-^*^t4iem^^h��^Hiew-H5|i-fis-i^  "Speed Iim 11 Wz inph." "   .  Mercury Outboard Oil  Chevron Outboard Oil  McCuHougli Outboard Oil  CHAIN  SAW OIL  BUY BY THE CASE  1-50 HP  MERCURY  OUTBOARD  SAVE  OVER  PROTECT THAT SUMMER  COTTAGE WITH A  HOMEUTE FIRE PUMP  ECHELT CHAIN SAW  OMflTD.  COWRIE Stl^-ET  Phone 885-9626   .4-  Hi  *t'i.  , *  * *.*  !  mwt YOUt rQOD^UDGi?  IJ��ll��M��l��WMi��ll��lWI��l��l<>IUIM��IIIM��U����l����l������UI.IIIIIWIII��UU ���^WIT��U>.��iMUOTUUM��U����Uay��������UMW����U��.��U��UI  READY TO  EAT     .  SHANK  END  lii����i��rim����B>nii��i��ii����n|<ini<ii(iiitinaiiiaminnwpif  DRUMSTECHS  lb.   THIGHS  lb,  ie  >  PORK  PORK and  BEEF        II?.  '    *.'  niolnr   Irip   In.the  ��� "-'rimy visiled Kot  iiiii'  I'enee   Hlver ajlslni  ii. 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Terry TImmii^him) mid iVr-  i;;i  llenlnlil npnni  i, dayti -nl   llm  Wln-'it  iihIiIii/i iminp in ,jn,.v|n IuIhi,  VIhIIIhk  Idly /.wonlilii, fikyllnn Unvu  Miii'ln/t Um HiiiiimiT urn IiIh iliiiiitblnr  I  imiiiilclillilrnii ��� i,in���   |yirH,  {/.woiift'ln Jmin  Cii.llbii'iiln, '   ���  ,    .  CHHISTIirflNa ,  i"> MfiriiDd min ol' Mr. and JArn, \Jnwa  ��� unwell .Ir.'Wim n|ii'lNlVii|i-r| lli'/ili Mli'li-H  'il HI. lYIiiiy'iiCiiiiio*  Swie@0s# Meres  Lcarge,  View lots  From $3,2b~0 (Terms}  BELL-IRVIIMG  REAI.TY LTD.  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M'H��-  IIIIIH,  "('Jiripiiop",' ii.IJiiiiIm wUImPiI  |iii,|h, |||(lit W'flltlil. bull bmii'i  Ill,(, ' Willi , i.'llUllli.T,    All    IMIlll'  ���rw yMM  ippi-'um. ��� mm-'ni  J'<)|ITAIW.I',   imwln/i   iiini'l'iinii  iiui)ii-;iii  lh)tll)   n/iH   piano  . j��|i,'��iHi^l��7...  lor  mipi.  Willi    i.lli.chl.l'.'nbi.     Aboi'lli. l.i.-...    nn       ''    i.n'I  ..bi,, mui ciiiiiiii, i'l-uK-iHi-M, ^'"i" iiii'ii'.iH nibMiiiH, ha j  ��),, lilif��-l)7l)l| uriiir ll ji,i,i, "��� "    ^~*~*" --������*��� I  "'.-,    im;ih:ni mm'rmv,n Mnnmm     t,  )nr*m,H,*m,t*m0��*.4*\*+*0*^l**i4*<  .^jt^tH^S*1-^ �������Sl^i��fcl^'' rf*-^fc^ll^*^MI  t0f*\ rtS****' ' ���"W *,M,'f   Wt*l'***^>fc^.aa^^A^#|^^>M^^  I'll'W.llij.   <,lii|)n|nc|(    vyidiiiil.  'HliliiK    mum    iiiilln,    ihhhIi  wiwton wlnuil biinka Mmlfi him  f^H^!.lUJ!'lkfl:l:l^:.,,-.-JI!IJJiJI(l.....  AI.M'/HT now  pin/*  IH'llli,'2 ipilck  ��   liir/pi, uvpir, .'Hli. l  liooil    I'liinliiliiii    ill  mii��7, -     ;  (I     11.IV.  llllillll',  flli; I bm  pllllu,  I'lidln,  If/ii'i/iiil  I'd, llllfi-IM'lii,  W'MH) illiivi') fni  llllll Kliilll,      '  a MARINE ACCBSORHS  J'nlDl ' - J,;'l|iri(//|niiB,     itppr *��.  ,   ('niiviiH ���- Jl'iid 'Jfiii'dwinw  (.'oiiiprnnM.'il nil  NYGRliN SAL|:5  0mil*m^>)0000*[^-****l*m**+>00^m^0��100** jm1000M  '**t****^-fc'*lrf***,'^**"*'*'>l^*"*^***^'**--*^**'^ f  ���'I.,  If:'  #:  j  we.  I  ^t*h"  aa-AaVi  fl  travelling Around  .,.*  ��,n~\  ���IT  *14  .* '.  \^  .^1..;,irMl.|,^*i,:*:'|,|vj^,v,|-iitf  "a"    \  .T'lK'H*  ���Vf  af - ����*\J     jr. 0, rm lap*  ,1ml  ,    . !      ��� ��� -   ^  ...;.!' . ^by Mary Jin)iHy.  PENMAR^  ���   the   oldest  kingdom  ip   teot the, important tradmg town tf Ros-  Gurdpe consists  of the peninsula of n kilde, 'fyem , enemy   fleets.   The-  V'kipg  Jutland and some 5()Q islands, with no  ���pg  from  pi,ace more than 20 miles from Rie sea. It  js a country, of laKes' and fjords ��� of  bridges and-'ferries, of neat farms  and  clean villages, of museums, art galleries  and architectural wonders, It is a country  with a rich and  exciting history  going  hack* tP "tire-days .of the Vikings ��� and It  -^Uie*country_of the world's great jviitey  \of fairy stories, "Hans Chmtian Arjdersenr.  T|iis was the place decided on for a  holiday this year by "a numbei^ of local  people, On/ono charter flight along, there  were Mi\' add Mrs, Frank JorgOns.en of  Redrooffs, Mr, apd Mrs, Mwgpn Thomp-  ,,?on and Mr. uriA Mrs, -""fie Nielsoh of  ~ Sechelt. They  flew by  the polar route,  npn-stpp to Copenhagen, 'travelling with  the'"sun inAoih directions"    '     -  Qn' the   outward   journey,   they   left  Vancouver airport at 2.3Q p.m. one after-  ���nqon-and flew for 9%* hours'*in constant  sunshine, arriving in Copenhagen at 7.30  p.ip. in time to start a 'pew day, Visibility  was good as they passed ovfer the N. Pole  and here and .'there 'they could lopk down  and  see  iceberg's  drifting off   from  the  'keflges. It was clear again as they reached  the-southern tip of Norway arid, as they  .crossed the Shagerrak.. they had a bird's  'eye view of Denmark lying below them  "with hs necklace of islands.   ships  now  feeing , reassembled  are  such1 a? blockage. ,    "    ���"'-'  ' An old ��� time village has also been  rconstructed at Hjelhade in an attempt  to preserve a knowledge of tire 'old  crafts. In old Danish homesK women can  be seen at-their spinning wheeis, making  cheese, candle 'dipping, while the miller  opejates t\ stub mill for grinding corn  and the blacksmith works at his anvil.  -' Bul for all their interest in the past,  the Danes are still living vitally pi the  present and tor the future, Our Canadian  visitors found, them hospitable and fun  loving. They are" extremely sports minded, with whole,'-faniilies do\yn to "the  yoimgest ' toddlers attonding the gymnasium for their keep Jit-exercises,;In'  shopping for clothes, the. Canadian woman found that generally clothes .are of  better quality thari articles" of an equivalent price in fcanada. Luxuries, including  cigarettes and liquor are very highly  priced. A. telephone is apparentily considered a luxury lor--it costs about $200  to .have., one installed.^  Frank Jorgens*en * thinks that B.C.  could learn something from Denmark,'"  particularly as, regarclfij. |ood and drinjt.  The service and quality'of food in the  restaurants, the wayside inns and on the  ferries   was   excellent..: Anywhere   they  ���./u^-���  $Z\ >���- ��-.-'/\  *r~nrr- ������  f�� '..T. I   P-���-  ps**~. .  r  'I  j.4 <  a\  ^��t>  "\  1  tl  ti  ���"���"V   r*  SJ  ��-'*�����  :.M**0  I  J'J'.'j  \  X.  -^:: 0  ��� ***r*,f,V*  >t  )  ��� ��l.  \)  . *. ��� > i  J0��-.-~*-.  -A-��� V ._  'Municipal airport at, Wilson Creek  was reminiscent of the film "Mipgjiili-"  cent men and their flying Machines"  when seven planes o&a Delta flying  Club sought refuge 'from the weather  'Airport Activity  while en route for Pav/ell River, Most-   craft, they included aSE 5-A biplane,  ly of a yintage nature, the planes   Ryan PT42 Trainer   and a Piper  wore to have participated in the Sea  Fair at Powell River. Three machines  vy-ere replicas of World-.War I air-  Vagabond, Centre is a Sanson SR4Q  and foreground left, Turby designed  and built in 1960 by C. R, Coguillot  who also ovvris the SE 5-A British  war I fighter.'On-the-right i>a Bowers Fly-baby owned by Mi'. Dan Mc*-  Gowari, '���'*"'  .*-#  The JQi-gens^ns and Thompsons spent  i a week in. Copenhagen enjoying its fine  art galleries and mjuseums. They visited  the Caidsberg brewery, one of the biggest  in the world with an annual output exceeding 1,350 million bottles of beer. The  ^plont is run on a non-profit making basis.  Jand the Carlsberg foundation maintains  Frederiksborg   CastJe   as   a   rriuseum   of  . Danish   national   history  and   has   trans7  ferred'by deed of gift to tlie Danish state  priceless art coJJections.  j      It   was  at  the .height   pf  the  tourist  ' season  ' and    Copenhagen    was    densely  crowded   with   people.   Theyt{ spent   ten  5 days  on  a  farm  with  an  old-friend .of  Frank's. It  was  a  typical Danish  mixed  farm  where  they enjoyed' the fresh uri-  I pasteurised priIk and creamT"Uncler Den-  ' mark's   co-operative   farm   program,   the  high  quality  of'her  dairy  products  has  become a byword throughout the would.  ,..  They rented a car and  were, able tp  drive all over the country visiting' places  ijof interest. They visited the home of Hans  * Christian    Andersen    which    is    now   a  , museum. They stayed at  excellent wayside inns, some df which were most picturesque with thatched roofs. At  one  of  them .estimated to have been built.around.  11720, there was a family  reunion where-  ' Fi-ank and Eric  Nielsen  had the opportunity of meeting all  their Danish relatives. This inn was the last place Frank  worked   before   Jre   left   for   Canada   20  years ago.  j      They   founded   of   particular   interest  the magnificent castles and palaces buiilt  by King Christiah IV more than 300 years  ago. He built the Round Tower to serve  as   an* astronomical  observatory   with   a  spiral causeway  leading to ihe summit,  broad enough foTli coach and pair. According to legend Peter the Great of Ilussia  actually drove to the top in a coach when  he visited Copenhagen in  1716,  '?'      King   Christian's   masterpiece   is   undoubtedly   the   stock   exchange,   On   its  rtlof are the figures of four dragons, whose  , tails entwine lo form the tapering spire.  Always concerned  about  the  welfare  of  , his seumen, King Christian planned and  ' built   Denmark's   first   apartment   block  where,    three    centuries    later,    retired  suilors   of   the  Roy ml   Danish   Nuvy   still  live, The apurtmenls have recently been  refnode|led  wilh  sea-green copper rliol's,  Rich In its history of the past In Kron-  I'borg   Castle,   built   in   the   Renaissance  style,  surrounded   by   a  mout jind   high  wull:  The   castle   standi-' at   a" strategic  position looking across a narrow sound to  Sweden from behind a row of cannon, In  Wlnys long ago, the owners of the cuslle  demanded a toll from all ships passing to  and  from the Bmlllc Sea, and if a ship  dldp't n!op, It would bo checked with a.  cilnn'on  shot  acro,-tn  Its bows,  Kronborg  Castle Is also known as Jilslnoro, fpr It  is Iho home of Shakespeare's Hamlet and  annual porl'lirmanccn of llio play are given  thorn by internalIniiarcninpanie's  Anplhor huilding with ait JnUirc'ilIng  history Is Hpollrup, an old manor house,  probably built during the lllth century,  wilb two inoiils anil a rampart, After Iho  Couul's War of. 103-4 when Iho .lulland  , furniers had besieged Iho cumIIo In a tip-  , rising agalimi Iho feudal nynliup, lh��  lioiisn was Hiil/.ed by Ibo, crown, The  Cathedral of Ito.skllde Iidiisch the iikiihi-  inonlii and loinbs olM Diuilsh Kings nnd  Qiioitns dating back lo King Harold  (I'liniloolh) Deninark'H ' firs!. Clj,i'ln|lnn  king, Klrn|- bulll as'" wooden I'luircb ahoul  DHOi tin. 'prow-lit' calhii'dral of red brick  was, begun 'about 117(1, In a mixture of  l(oinaui>M(|iin ami (jolblc type nrclilli'i'-  Itiro, ' "     ' '  Tho piiiiiis aro proud of llmlr history  and nro-taking ''l'*p'i hi preMorvoil, Thero  "^���Irt^-^v**" nii'i i>r**^ aii v���* In~ n*tii k I idrt~**cl��rrtI jr^ifirttf~'f (Vf^'-K -  halbll live Viking tihlps, The exhibition  wfiN'op**!! In lhn public In KHIfl bnfoi'o lhn  J'b'i|l,.tililp was i.'oinplololy roaiiHeinbliHl, lo  g|vn" vlsjiom an opporiiinlly lo'ftenlng lhn  riunaliilng ships rccoiiiilrlicliHl IVnni  Ihnusandii of pIocom of wreckage, Al Iho  lime when Norwegian Vlklngi) went  Tiivnglng J)i-ninark, Viking ships were  flunk in-rons tbiv J'n|iii|-rnriciiv Cburmel id  Mluililolivv Jo block llm channel, ninl pi'o-  im0*00^0W00*,****0***^0^***0*******0***r,*,**.*^*l****0**'^  went they could always be sure "of a fine  meal for 'very little money. .The ferries  which ply between Jutland , and tbe  islands are efficient and the dining  facilities  excellent.  During  a  45  minute  ferry crossing, ' ne can enjoy a. good  smorgasbord meal and order 'any "liquor  one wants. InIo Danish smorgasbord would  be complete, wi'hout pickled herring and  sometimes delicacies such as smoked eel.  There was.always a fine, selection of*  open face���d sandwiches and. it seems that.  B.C. -Ferries might do well to take a  lesson   in   sandwjch   making, from   the  Danish ferries. _.  -   -  Certainly the liquor laws of Denmark  are more realistic and more enlig.hten.ki  than our. Snaps, a white spirit is the  national drink, but beer is popular and  th Hoi  beer is a" light   variety with only  four per cept alcohol. There*" i-a-an-even  lighter beer containing very little alcohol  for the person who is driving. Early in  th. morning one cquld see-people standing around the stations drinking beer and  yet, thrpughout their-travels, our Canadian party never saw any sign of drunkenness. .-���'-���  s. Says Frank Jorgensen in summing up,  it was a wonderful three weeks holiday,'  but  if  it-had   beenany  more, - it 'would  "hate beeVk too much. He would certainly  nol consider goirtg back" to Denmark to  liw- and he thinks-there is no better life  tluui we have here in British Columbia.  ��-  x.  st*  7-^_ t-'". -i,i��;-       # ���   %��  ' &>$$ ���"> - ��  S':(r>?^"^ ^***J**^-'    tfi - -ViL-J,J*   '    ;3'-* *��� - * ���  -  World War I Replica  Of the seven planes landing at the  Sechelt/Gibsons municipal airport  last- Sunday, three were replicas of  World War I machines. This*biplane  was probably the star attraction and  is a model of the British World War'  1 fighter, the SE 5-A and is complete  with dummy machine-gun on top of,  the upper wing. It is the property of"  Mr: C. Ft, Goguillot of Delta."  Work party renovates Gibsoijs tennis courts  Blake C. Alderson D.t.  CHIROPRACTOR  Post Office Building Sechelt  Phone 805-2333   Res._8S6_52321 J     V   Tuesday to Friday 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  ��   Saturday 9.30 a-m, to 1 ;00 p.m.  EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT  ���sg  BS PLEASED TO AMMOUMCE  IHM OPENING OF  ^  (PHONE 885-2288 or 885-2289)  M th-) old  Peninsula Building Supply Site  Wharf St. and Highway 101, Sechelt  THIS-"PAPER FOR  HAVE you noticed the .improvements at  tlie Gibsons Tennis Courts lately? In  one week a lot has been accomplished,  but a few very important tH^gs, have  yet lo be clone to provide adequate tennis  instruction  and  playing facilities,  Plywood buekbards have been put up  and  painted, wire  netting added to the  topiof the backboards to prevent enthus-  iuKtic beginners loosing tennis balls over  Uu) lop. That great p��U'h of blackberry  bushes haves been removed and  l-l tennis  balls recovered! The grass was hpe'd from  the  cracks,   the  courts  swept  and   lines  repainted. A bench constructed ahd garbage  can  added  lo ensure  comfort  and  deanliries.v New  wire  for  the fcne.es is  the  next   Item   lo   be 'acquired   and   installed, anrl; lhe' cement  nurfaeo  patched  lint the l)Iucklo|) -surface may bo,beyond  ytjpuU', - " ,  "���''Kxporloiveed leimls (flayers are also  Invited* lo eome out npi\ join our program, This iN'.Your opportinttty Io receive  Individual- help and ���- InHlriuMion' from  Danny MacKay lo lnuaove your gain.!,  and' prepare you to paiiicipatu.In a ten-  )\ln tournament, If you so chooHe,  CAVALCADE I       '  Welch for ihe (lll-sor.** Alhlcllc" Asiio-  clatlons Queen and l'"loat In Ih Hea Cavalcade parade and join- the lillarlly al our  Dunk Tank. J'lan to enjoy al  of the fun filled three days'.  the events .   ,,  WORK FORCE.;  The Sunshine froast-Youth Centre tipr  porating under the Opportunity for Youth  program has been the main work force  assisting the' Gibsons Athletic Association  in 'making repairs, additions, painting  and culling down the blackberry bushes  lit the Dorigal Park Tennis Courts, known  previously   as   Kinsmen   Park.  This group of youths under the direction of Barbara Yates would like work,  Individually or In | groups. If yoir have  any jobs phone WiO-DHM Thoy will  gladly volunteer their services to llio-io  in. need or on a light'budget, but llieir  prices are really reasonable ll you wish  to hire then), ...They, haye lots - ol liiian-;  [lower with many' tahinls and resources  at llieir disposal; carpenler.-., painters,  brush cullers,.,plck, shovel ami axe operators plus a Iruck and driver iiTttiiuired.  Tell Ihein .yo'lir Job, lliey'll talk'it. over  Willi  right  II I hem your  you  in in  now,  I  find   lhe  |'n;ii|i|i"r. lo do  it  Vi|i)i'oiivi'r hdiiiid's llr.'il lliinii|)|| iralii  over Ihe K. ft N. Hallway war, .lispnlched  lis .Sir John A, Macdonnlil drove.llic lasl  spike near Nliawnlgan l.ului August III.  UIIIII,   ,  \1l *fv*u  SECHELT  JEWELERS  ^     'K     >H  l^iNGS~ ^ ~r"  VVATCHliS  GIF IS  Walcli ami Jcwellry  Kopolrs  H��    '$     *  Phono 083-24^1  Factory" prisons  PU1SONEHS  in  British    jails  can look forward to Breaking out of the inactivity and  boredom rut, "       \  The first "factoi-y^pi-ison  was recently opened at Cold-  iugley, Su.iVey. There inniatus  work a '10-iiour week for which  Ihey, are paid a. nominal wage.  Tlie prison has been luiill  ..long factory lines, and of-  ii(4ais are trying to infuse as  much realism as possible, with  hul breaks, and by appointing  "foremen" and "miuiagers."  Aim. i.s lo give , prjsoiiers -a  i.utling J usefulness 'and re-'  ���a|)oilsihillly and lo bi!lng them  .-loser lo I he outside world; ,  The government lio|ies lhat  knowledge gained from - thin  iai-peri,inontlal prison will help  l,lans lo set up 12 similar in.ill,-  li it loir,'- within the next five  \eurri.   '"  ' ���"' ���  How tq tell a story  MARK TWAINi    ���  "Theru are severiil khidn of  laioiics, bul only one difficult  Kind t|m humoroii:;.... The  biunorous,story Is American,  lhe ruiiili* ('lory Is'l'lnillish, Ihe  willy ���ili'iy ' hi Krencli. The  Ihiui'oiouh sloiy depends lor  ||M nlTi'd lijion Ule iniiliner nl  the lelliilgf llio coillli' (ilory  und' the willy illKI'aV <'����� li'*1  mailer,  ' "The luimoiiiiin; nloi'y mny  be spun mil -lo"great lenglh,  and may wander around in,.  inuell mm ll |��|ommi'm( nnd arrive  nowhere in iiarlleulur; bul Iho  comic" nnd willy Hlorhm munt,  - I.e. brlel'-and end, with. u*P<ilid.���  Tli|i hiiiiKiroiis hloiy liubbl.'n  genlly along, Iho olliei'il hliliil  -'���'��  Imn  ||ow  lu Toll '������' Mlur,V.  Moty-sago Irom  nature  MIIH, LYNDON JOI*N��ONi  "One of  infy  nun.  IhIiIo   in.inioii.'M    ii _  y.'.UH   Is walliiug  Ibiuugb  ledWoodH    lieelng  /illliflM of llglll fllltti  lhe li'i'im no  Uio  niajc'.iy  unlurgel-  III     | Hlii 1  ill.)  Hie   lovely  ll(( IlllOllltll  nr mI'mivc, feeling  and   slhlice   of  W@l�����inrB�� to  |CJM-|   M'Clll.'d    I  pl'HIVI-'llllll   f  It'lll'ddiK  n  i)|)llln  MIH"   Ih  iilvvjiyfi  Dottlo Find  contnlnltii' n  mi!H-    lone  fouinl  tlio  hotllc    ivkuscil mi-  it ���|ln;il|_j��njii'(,lMlliy    .Jiiiic ''lllli by Unix.Mo ViilonJ ol V<m-  f'fiilVtil' wlm in n nirnilx'r ol  llio ,\y  liO   llllll   luuilly  coulac1.'l,i��|{ Hol'h  wlxiii It iHMNjltWrt in lioili iCnKltfili anil  llntl'   Inienl,    nod    wnlclilog   ll  Miilmon  rj/ie  iii  one  ol   Hm-i.ii  i,<vlll   AIivmiim.   iill   our   proli-  Mclll.'d   lo  bill   IU'��i pem-  li'liilv "evuiy "iTiitT  ol iin walked nul lli|iie i.eien'e  "iu'id hl.pitun." Te;U ol ��'im-i.-  iiagii liiiiiTllieil* .oil a plni|lie  pliucd by Pl'-sldenl NlHi.n  Julv ;J0,.llHI!l,,MUh��Ll'M��ly.,Mli.l  .Inhiia-.oii    (linve    III    llcilwoi|il  Ni.Uoniil Taiif, cmirorniiir   ,,  00000000*00000000100  J  I  mp0u%nii0M0Hmi0*0H000  llnllnn. .Swlnurilii/' oil' Mmilujll hmifli.    \)vviiiin\ii^y '^Itili,  I/ihI. Frldny l.ylo, Murlono iuj��l Kunm   Jh Iu.IIjjj inoevM ol  '    'Jtlri n.   Jlull woru qui to uxcltuil wliun JVlnr'.   orlo, "  lhn ii imi  -ihopp'hiH !"i|{  I'm I In iiikI yuuoitihhitii  for  , Wnluomu lo llio Uifilo ol ||o|(loll)(i|fl, Bo lulnhl. tto, Ijvoly, ho Irrlmdll of  flavour. It hiliiflii mofoijnjoyiiionl Iq your drliiMiifi pI��iibum��; Mnirlolhuin l����  hrowod liom only ihn.hoiit InnmrllonlH. Tho linoftt fioidnn hnrlny m/i||. iho  , csholnnHt Cnnndlnn and hlflh prlmn llnllorimi hopti and puro, up'tiiKlliifi, 'uprliifi  walor. ��� , '  Talso your Ihlral lo Holdolhora Iwliiy.You'ir-'ul a haim*/ wnioomo ihnl will  .JHV!fL^"Mr.HyL^^^^  ��~~  " W*Kf#���*,,^jj�� ������'"''���       "*">��<,������*"! "���*"' "*" 'V*'*V  Thin nrivoriiBomnnt l�� nol puhiinhud or dlspl/tyoti \��y tlm l.lquor  Control tfonrd or by tho Govommont ol PrlilBh.Coluinlilu  . h  10      0       0 0        0*  �����* 4h4   *H0***r *  f* *t    ���*, 0*.   *���  ���  .^I   rr     0*.    *t      |  ** ~*+,0t0Hj+***0Ar, ^!|lttAfc-^^%*^M*)ii!i#*^  ������ q^zgAW?     "*r�� Q^^k&^-&&��3&to *.\*t ���***%��  fw*^!  Wf^Fgr-f.  ^  tteJ��pxw*ll Hammersmyth . . .  . Scouts on oclv0nt-uir-a. Mkf  X  ft ''  AN FaXClTING three-day Dakota Creek'  advenlure hike,   through dense    and  rugged'tefraip on the north side of Mt.  -Elphhrslone edriied eae|i of seven Gibsons*  . Mollis not only .most of their Gold' E^  ' plorar badge, bul also���and of greater  importance���a deeper sense of, pcHieve-  ment as they steered themselves by compass course through underbush so thick  thai, without exivggevatioii,, their hand  couldn't he seen inirontid! them.  . On Saturday morning Pioneer scout  Melvin' Uokou.l   with     tenderfoot   scouts  -Michael Hanka, Pat White, Bill Christiansen, Gleen Beaudry, Graeme Winn and  12 yr. old Iain Kraser along" with a Gibsons troop scouter^ sUj.-ted their thri'lling  encounter i'rom McNair Creek bridge at  Pon Mellon. And since this was the  troop's third survival hike this j*ear l)\6  boys were well aci|iminte'd with lhe generous daily food rations of a two oz. nut/  raisin mix for lunch,, a pkg. soup for supper and an individual porridge pkg. as  Jireakl'ast. Because i^TFuTlioop l*a^ic"^  of'dropping one food  item from the list  on each successive survival activity there  would be no cocoa this time.  Cooking pots came in the shape of a  sheet of aluminum foil which had to be  ^'4i^W+metHtitoH-l>trm+tm?iTp reqTrirorl"*^Tjniip*~  .pot, purrndge bowl, aCnp or spoo.n. Faulty  work would drain Jhe pel and put out the  fire. Each scout curried with him a homemade survival package of 20 essential  items. Tucked desperately into a   plastic  - soap container were four energy cubes,  wnlei-proofed matches, small compass,  razor blade, fish ��� line and honks, snare  wire, surgical tape, bahdaids. note-paper  and pencil, two 'sheets aluminum foil,  haluznne .tablets fur water purifying, .  whistle, signalling mirror, lire starter, aspirins, emergency telephone dime and  l.U. card. And carried in 'their-hearts���  a respect for pniptjrty, a chterfnI disposition and'tlie spiiil of .adventure.  Leaving behind Ihe mfisty smell of  yarrow and pearly everlasting lining the  hot sleep logging road that skirled lhe  north bank of the roaring and treacherous  .Dakota ravine the scouts entered the .  cooler but ��� moro; challenging hush^ and  headed soulluyesl foilo\\ ing 1 he mean.di-.  reetion of (lie .creek. Their aim on lhe  first leg of the-trip was to reach the Hals  at the 230(1 ft. level from which the  creek rises -After six long hours of rugged  going the group came across the .remains  of an old logging camp whose road was  all   but  covered  by   growth, and   Us  two  "flattened bunk houses crushed by their  own roofs under some bygone winter's  snowfall. A great length of. broken flume  hung limply to lhe ravine's ledge and an  oulhou.se, still standing as if ready for occupancy, balanced precariously on the  edge of a 200 ft. drop. Michael Hauka-  found a rusty old double-bitted axe head  .which must have rested there since the  turn of the century. Here ailso, the boys  found isolated patches of deep snow still  lying defiant against  \\\a sujnm'er's heat.  }TJie4agging?eam**i;--��9SKM.^^  123��' 31.'W. '*  ��� ���*-'���  Wilh fire aid only of blueberry limbs'  the troop then scaled down the near  Sheer 100 ft. bank of Ji small ravine where  they refilled canteens aiul sal -awhile.  Bested, the course was changed to WSW  and -the group eunlinued through the ever  thickening  underbrush.    '" ~  Suddenly aiul without any hint  from  tire, surfou^dmg .terrain, tliey burst out  of the bush txnd stood surprise.;" l*.Y tlie  bank of. a now mild null relatively shallow Dakota. Looking downstream, aliout  -70 yards to the esfct the boyli saw the  ..reason lot- |l,io, creek's tamed charact-qr-^  It had l'c'ei" harnessed hy a 3Q ft, high  log d.am thai slill, held solid after all,  these years. But not so live 'bridge that  had, once crossed above it. Only one huge  log partiv str'idclled the ereek directly  oyer the "dam, although the old log road  at either end coijld be clearly recognized.  Below the dam the broken flume' they  ��� had seen earlier \yeaved its way "from the  bush and stretched out its, parched tju*7  hers for the dam water that once fed it. "  The boys stood transfixed at the sudden *  ��� appearance of this "quiet pastoral scene  so incqngruous to the steep rugged ravine  cliffs they'd strugggled along only minutes before. The scent of 'mountain daisy  filled the atmosphere subduing the pungent odour of jnearby'stink currant: An.*l .  across tl^fe stream sat a flat gravel- bank  ideally suited as a campsite beside a deep  tranquil pool in which might lurk a t��s(y  change from survival rations. Since it was  now 7 pm>the bijVs scampered along ,a  wobbly WJL. log suspended across the_  creek, "and over to the gravel bank tp  make camp, test the pool for fish apd  prepare some hot coals for the foil soup  pots.  Later, a few lively campfire songs to  check on morale were^ sent echoing  jhiough the mountain valleys, then, as  darkness fell, the whole sky lit up with  'a- myriad sparkling lights and in the.  space of five minutes at least three of* the  25 hundred space hardware now airborne  were seen hurtling their different ways  across the skies. ,Just before sleep engulfed the campers-a big golden .Jupiter  inse majestically in lhe southern sky on its  slow  year's  passage through  Sagittarius.  The mountain solitaires were early  about the next daS' with their shrill-Zroer  eek Zree-eek and woke the scouts before  sunrise. But on such.a clear, fresh and  fragrant Sunday morning in tune with Ihe  'musical  lappiri'g'-ti.f Ule. creek   who could  have blamed the 'birds?' First thing not?  iced Was the Unusual disappearance of a  small arm of the creek thai' swept around  the far side of lhe gravel bed. Checking  the Dakota proper it was seen to have  dropped 10 inches overnight���- a mystery  thai could only be answered by a halt  in lhe.snow's melting during the cool of  the night,    v ��� *  After hot porridge the gang studied  the -map for the best course that would  take them directly, to the extended end of  the northern branch of'Jackson's-logging  road at the foot of ML Elphinstone. SSE  was decided upon and the group set nuL  taking turns as 'hikemasler' through  dense, seraggly blueberry that seemed to  snatch out and grab you at every footfall. Behind the hikemaster two scouts  arpied -with machetes tried ciarvipg a  .^hetteiv passag^^^  vance speed \yas a half JnaiJe per hour,  and although tjie map sjibwed pond-dqlled  marshy flats-at the 2300 ft. level, three  great ravines lay in their path whiph the'  map did not show, The first Iwo creeks,  tributaries of Dakota, flowed north. The  lust one, presumed to be the htjerdwaters ���  of Roberts Creek, flowed west, This la(-  "ter's south bank was a sheer 100 ft. wall  of dry clay which gave the "?ovs ah exciting climb) as they slipped and slid theui  way up to the.top.  Five hours * and ��� 1<W ���minules-'Iafle''  ���leaving panip once jga-in, suddenly A���*  without warning,' the scouts broke -from,  the.bush, and tliem directly in front of  them, was the'rofcR-strewn tailenrl nf tbe  logging road's' novthei-u -terminus'."  Skirt ing around  Elphin'sinne' to, Uu* (  south O'f the- tt'ddP ('fet Up et\mp by, a creek  pear the top of B&Jv road." Afler a -W'H  deserved .afternoon nap the group participated-in a.20-ti'ee and shVub ic|epU|ic'*'ti**u,.  'test with Cdenn-Beau'-ri'y coining nut on  top. Later Graeme Winn gathered bra''!5111'  roots for roasting as hunger pangs began  fo  tiglvten Hie stomach wall. Then, \yl-  . uclant to accept Graeme's open invitation  to sharq these fine comestibles^ sohie of  the others searched- around for ripened  blueberries.' The hike's purpose was beginning to reach the hoys!  Pre-arranged radio contact with the  ocean television barge Sea Eye was attempted on the ,hours( qf  0,   10 apd   It,  -pip..with scouts taking turns calling ".Sea  ICye, Sea Bye this is Scout. Come,in please.  Over." I3wt the pqiy response was' frqm  a frustrated logger Ijemo^ming the-impending, furest cjppure, caused, he said,'  i,.y those tomfool campers!  . Up at seyen Monday morning the boys  breakfasted on the remains of their rEitiPlls  apd prepared for the down-hill hike] ll)  Roberts Creek.  Leaving  at  0  am,  a  sweepstake  was  "imtd-oh-tneTTiTne esliTnin-ed^TirTnTive^liT^  the. highway, and since there., were-'only  4 4 miles to go. the boy guessing the  shortest time of, one hour and fifty minutes won the sweep for it took onjy 72  minutqs to get io the bottom. Graeme  Winn, as the winner, was presented wilh  the prize of ope .emergency telephone  dime.  Tired and hungry, with pant lqjess  qui, some, seats missing and poclj'eis  empty ihis -scraggy bunch,. ending their  three day    rough-house   .with    mother  ".nature, still held that respect for properly, that-cheerful disposition and the spin*  of advenVi'ire that is expected of a good  seoul-.  Next week L'i Gihsons scouts, hosted'by  Seal lie 83rd Troop, are to enjoy a seven  day visit to Boy Scouts of. America >  Camp Parsons at Quilcene on lhe Ho.ul  Canal of Washington's Olympic peninsula. Available al lhe camp are swimming.  .'.rowing, .sailing,....mptorboatiiTg, fishing...-  -camprraft,   pioneering, 'patl'ifinding,   rifle  range,  archery,  cratl  whik,  Port   Duck;,  bush   natural     and   historical     museum,  campfire ceremonies and stunts; and uu'  post  camping. All  facilities are  for both .  recreational  und  industrial  purposes.  These  two  camps   terminate   Gibsqiu  troop's .scouting year which has also in  eluded camping at Camp Sheppard, Seal  tie; twice at Camp Byng locally, mice on  Gambier Island. Two other weekend sui  vival hikes;  a day hike around French  man's Cove; a roller-skating  party;, tw..  church parades;  a  trip  to  Playland's  5.  day; participation in a dual demonstration  al  the  PNE before thousands  of spectators; silt" tests carried out on four creek  tree pla.pting in,the Chapman Creek area.  '* a 2*/j l^ou^Mines.weeper cruise; two canoe  .jng l3ra*eURe;,..a...yisit Jq a., sitting; qf Gib-  soiis ���viJlage  cqimpil; birdliqiise  bulldingj  snowshoaa mal'ingi boxing, '. and talks .on  'Gun   handling'   by   fhe   RCJVJP,   'Family  care' by  a  registered  nurse, and  "Adolescence'   by  a   local  doctor.   To   finance  many   of  these  activities  the  people  of  Gibsons responded    generously    to    the ���  troop's three bottle drives, a nut drive,  and lo Christmas tree sales,  .   Wednesday, August 4,, ,) 071        The peninsula Times  Sechelt News Notes .  Page Ar7  i\iH. AND Mrs. Tim Newcomhe iiftve had  their daughter Mrs, Bahs .Blunt and  grandson Thumy-visJling t'roni Vancouver.  Travelling from one coast .to the other  Biujher Ed McDonald of the Residential  SchqoJ in Sechelt has oleft for a visit, to  Cape "iVreton Island. Brother McDonald  will spend his month's holiday witih Ids  mother and other relatives. ���      .  -Mr. 11. Soiherg has.return.ed from a six-  -week, v.isil "to Norway- I'lie last' trip was  two years ago when he took his-wife  "home" for a trip, before.that it had been  40 years since he had seen ,Norway. The  loss of his wife last year meant he travelled a,alone. While there he stayed with  his wife's nephew Gens Mork and another niece Mrs. Stillind.  Hitchhiking across Canada, Bill Cough-  lin of Kamloops dropped into to visit his  cousin, Mrs* Shirley Brown of Davis Bay.  Mrs. Thicke of Selma Park lias been  busy with company; her brother and his  wife Mr. and-Mrs.'Madden from Vancouver, her sister Mrs. Anderson of Winnipeg,  a nice from California and niece and  nephew Mr. and Mrs. Wilton of Portland.  Mr. ,.and'iMrs. Ray Stockwell with  Arilee and billy had a grand time on  Shannon's cousin's Parm at Hartney, Manitoba, Mr. and Mrs**. Art and Hitft Cowan  and their five children. They were there  iu   time   lo   cel(?bnilfi_jjrQaL Jll*"'le   Perry  ggskatghewan when a bad.-storm l}H with  \ylndi3 hlowi'i.g ��Yer several trailers, they  left-tjiere in a hurry. Tlu-y th'en spent  a  few  d'iys  at   Christina ,La]ie   before  maipty ih't-he Jutland area where Erik  has niapy' friends apd relative?. Climbipg  the highest mountain in Denmark"to Ifae  dizzy height of 543 feet above sea level:  Wendy Nielsen, 16, was left behind to  go tP schooj in Denmark.to continue her  education and fqllow up with a course  in "mf"culture. t  ">  T|��e  Nielsens   met   yvhl]   ftrax.}* < and'  "Lynn Jojgensen from Hji.1Imoon Bay and  If  $  a.  *&i*i\  is   lrient*s  retufhing home. Yoiing Robert StockwaH"    Morgan and' Peggy Thompson of SecherJrt  at a family reunion in a town called Oster-  tprslev Kro where Piank Jorgepsen Worked before coming to Canada, Ftank and  ].'rij( aie enusins, so were'all part of fho  famjly, Morgan and Peggy  were made equally welcome.  ' Mrs Eric Gustavson from "Vancouver  is slayjng w'lth her sister Mrs. Edith  *V}on1gomP"'y in Sechell, enjoying seeing  her prpther Mr. Joe Nordin, Gower Point  and neppews Len and Haiold (Swanson.  A- flippy Birthday to Joe Giegson our  pioneer gentleman!  stayed in Sechelt in the capable hands o  Miss yickl Fearnley, West Sechelt. I  A ten day trip to Denmark lor Mr.  ^apd Ml's.-ErjU and Pat Nielsen and Wendy  W Sechelt, where they found the peoplo  ever so friendly- The countryside was veiy  different" from here with every square  inch in' u&e, lantJ lined up as ii by a  ruler,. flowers -everywhere, rose bushes  planted down the streets and hanging  fc-asketi, no billboards the only adveitising  seen Was ail add by a newspaper all spelled out' with flowers on a hill. They were  ts*  "I  H'Jf  MtMtmm000n00M0.00Uiu000vU0>m0UVHtumVm0^00tivnit^^  Cowan's ti.Trd birthday,"^rs. Stockwell's  mother and father Mr. mid Mrs. Harvey  Cowan from Vancouver joined in lhe  Celebrations. '  Qn the hofneward journey the Stock-  well's were' camping in a trailer camp in  OUTION.  <!  **  ft  ,jt*  n  \j"<  * *>;-  -,*!'.  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If necessary, you may be able to prolong the  "pot-life" by placing the painl in a cold area of your, basement or away  from heat. The cold slows the chemical process. It's best, of course, to  mix just enough paint for one day's use.  Here-are a,-few tips for painting with epoxies:    ' , "'"  Epoxies may .chalk in sunlight so be cautious about using them far  outside work. ' ...  Make sure that your tools have no old paint on them before yoit  use an epoxy coating. If the tools need to be cleaned, use the solvent  recommended by the manufacturer for thinning the epoxy coating.  Be very careful when applying epoxies to a previously painted surface.  They may penetrate and wripkle the old paint. Test a small PQtch first.  I i .'��� " :.   '   ���  ���J     Finally, use opoxfes in''���*. V/e|l-venf|fqied area S|i*ice"t|io so(ypnfs qra 'j  VPtATltE ahy-li^ftAMMABi-E; ' ���      , '     ;  If a lifflp cpre js trtken during ��� ppplicption, the tqugh epoxy fjnisJi  will  withstand chemical  qttqck  and  make  light work  of  the Iioqvy7uso  areas qround ypur homel .;  ��� ..         .   ���                  "0,  '   '    J,   ��--"---������. t'fi-  ���    - Vyi*!  ^wmm0m0m0U00iiuu00mnnmn0m*u*0000**ri  00000*0  TWIN CHEEK  LU^I^ER &  BUILDING  SUPPLT  Your  General Paints  ..._.-'-    Dealer,    r���^r  Monanrfet '-Sr-Bteeze  Paints  SS*un$liina Coast    -  HighVoK-near���  GIBSONS  Phone 886-2808  *i0miw*0*#u*,KWm]nuh,*,um,  * *  ���ft'A��  W����<lM^MWt��Ml��l��|��lMMMMWWWMUMrWalWMVVMM��IMM^  !SC^0,*.,um  I. 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NECESSITIES  SEC^LT FAMILY-MART IW*  CftWrl^Str^ Phono 005-9025  J  ''"-"��� ���. ��� ..,..��� 'j ��� ,....-,, a        .       a'- ������ -��� ���       . . ..-.-. ^ ...        |�� -  WJ^>.>?*f-5  X  Thot'i WM Summor la All AMut On S 'M  Thu Coast, Oof A PtecA of Tho Action       ^-^j^V^,"  .___  , ^^  Evorythlna For Aquqtk Fun prom Conoc?       - ^JJ  " t. \-jlU   ""I  To Spoo^l Poats, Drop In Todny,        . -O^S^t^  s isoass& nammm  i  -������        ��� ���____ 11      ��� -,- ������.    ������.... ��� i  |la��w��t��>aTw<��Mw><Mw��Mw>aB��Mwww����wi��M m**wmm**00****000m00m0*mmm,mw^*^mmmmmmm*.0i*0*im0*ti0i��^  Soc|jolt  Phono 005-9032  >. . ,V,.i.^/.j;  ///              t i >---% > > > r     Mi w��^��..��  ^,��� -*       -   ��� -   *            f.         rt . * -* ���                         ���     ���     i     * * �� v *������ ^ #>-**** *u "- * -         -           -��                  - -         *��� "  -fc'O J/fi**^*!*-^***-^'-****^ ..^v^ww^  ��i.,,,: ��.�����-, vj *���, r;.^,,^^ ���; ht, y_ ^ ��� i,j. (jo ��    At, AiA     ^   ,\       ',<���      *          'vlMv    - "���������   ,*./    ;*'-;.,,   ���>,   '               ������-��,* . .'���*,**    *"     -*     ,..���,   -   ,,  ���   ', ,      w Jf, A\>AAy;it Jy   y J J \,,    ���-        'J   f     -.   . 'V .             .  -* -    ,  '   ;,.-<;<   -tT^'       -..V v * ' '     ''*  /     > . ���                                '                    * '"Vf' ����� *    .r    - "���  ' J    >   Jy>A^Jr ^yy?        MM..-I/     -       ' * ^:.   /   '        l -���,;'    A*        '\;j      \j    ��' -   ,W       '   \     i      '       ��'���       '���-.��� '        '*���    I ���'  r"* ' * ' *    *     ' I      !' ''  ...      ���:  i,,-      ���  C   ! .*���*��--*- .     x           ��                 .--    ..           i  . .��,* ,��--s..'   ......^ ���**',.?'.--   -'               \ ���"     vi ���   .    ���*        <--          '       ,*     -���  v rV                 * ���'.       \           ,.   -..      j.'   /   '.''������-r'.-* ������   ..  :**  .'*" ���**���:  7 . "       t       ,     f >       r*        ���     ,   t C '   l     t- " a - "        - a,       a ,    a   <   V        ���* . ' '    ,    I ! ''    -     *        -> '      .(  ' '.,,      , ,, a. , ' a I       V    ~ "(   *  >* x W A^        ^TH^^M'o Tim^^  v^^^ay^Awg^AU^V   V\.y\.�� -./ .uy-y, **-Aj    w-$   tj^y  J    a        V     : a   {,' /'    ;     ,  ^v' ^   ���*.w<i ���  -A'^t !���������������� m " >'^   .r-r-v-^- .-- ���������>-   . ..... -   '        ^   ''V' -'-"' ,'   " iin'ii  ii    nr r   i   i  i  V   .   _   atT?'   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I1  , ��� ��� Vi JTysi' I'ii^.Ti'fr^v^' '*'    f *  '  *V* ul   t, M,i       j Vr     ^     1     'V . -  N  ^ *"! i��*  n,',  '.    s      "  ,.   *i  ��- --  This Message Sponsored 'By Tfae Fofjov/lng  interested Gibsons Merchants and Businesses  r'iiiiiiiiii!iiiiiinn!!io;i!iifl!';''i|iiiiiiiiiiiiniiiii  SUMDAY, AUGUST 8  ������)tt  %i,  i  W.I  Yl q,m.���FJRPMEN'S \YATf2R SPORTS-  Munlclpol Puilding, Swimming ond Novfll-  ty Rocqn, Log Durllnp, Conoo Jouttino.  ] 1-2(15 pirn.���SIDEWINblER BOAT CONTEST.  ���JllS p.m.���"THE W6RI>5 LATEST TUG   ''boAtWCR'V "' -.ir.���'-'"rr-; ; -  6|00   |>,m,���SALMON , BARBECUE, .-Gibjioiii  mid District Chambar of Comninrco at  Govommont Wlmrf,  I  10 p.m FIREWORKS,  'i  I  fji-  * *  :ft  Si  i.  M  fi  ^  Jn  SUNNYCREST MOTOR HOTEL  GIBSONS WESTERN DRUGS  . JAY-BEE FURNITURE &  APPLIANCES   ,  r*  ROYAL BANK OF CANADA  i  GIBSONS RADIO CABS .  BANK OF MONTREAL'  K. BUTLER REALTY LTD.  WALT NYGREN SALES  (1971) LTD.  SHELL CANADA LTD.  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The  Taylor "F|iyer there, hanqrs tys-tyaffif'-  f  a  ~*    * T        *��*��. -   a 'a >  * *- i- '   KV)^^        ' *   't.,    * i  ��  't'Jt;:7-    ',**���'*!'       - ' *        i   ' ��l    ���  i1*    *��� < li*       * ,���*. ?*. *    .* ri    *     \  ��� iV    ���   ,   in'   'i4<, ��... at    ill.  \  Section ^  Wed,n*3sdgy, August 4, 1971  Pages 1-4  ^fflWIllBPtMliHaHailfHiiBWIHPgliHlPiglBStlBi  *\.  Qriains! Hotel  Original Sechelt'Hotel (Herbert Whi-    "  taker, proprietor ^erected in 1897 and  photographed prior to lflOIHW, when  a wing was added. On left is  the,  Fire Strikes  Hon. JHay WHU$ton * �� 4  Minister outlines policy  regarding mining controls  RECENT  letter > q^lr^n*'**** t>a)ids Miiv   lie   attitude,   then   ihe   Boaid   wpuld   at  �����.       ., ���      .,                , .     ���-        ,,      _,  .   ,.     TTty~      '-..-         -         1n1K ttter Bay Wilhston "op fctatpmpnts be course reconwdei its position. In keeping  'Marpqle" cottage, used hy the well-    Sechelt   Jlntel    on, fjre,  circa  1915 h��,d made legating a gravel operation at ..   lh .... nnsl, '    ftf lhP Boa,d t  hnPWH Ma'-pole family as a summer    (exact c\ate unKnqwn). Note furnish- selma Park by Cpnstrupton Aggregates <       ,    *aup! pf" on ��� me ao*u0 /  Vptveat. The buildings .were destroyed , Jngs caitied'qutdpprs by spectators, u��  h4s  bought' forth a reply from liavti been advisd that the company is  by separate accidental fires-  By Helen Dawe  ;<���  .1  some of whorp purtoinpd bottles" from    Wmiston   Addre&sed tp the pha.uman of   sun   caaying  the bar and cached them in the bog   ^ Fact Finding groi-p, the Mpistci's tetter   winch, wiien  behind the bmldmg,  j  ���'���"'-  Sechelt at outbreak  ,''. ���        ���'*  ��� ������ '    :"-*  of the first world war  tf  i  J  TQ13AY, August 4tli, ,we think  hack to  the commencement of the First Wqrld  War and at the same time look forward  lo the opening of the Extended Care Unit  ] ���pi"��seitf4y^+nde*i^e��st-'''W't4o-i-^^  1 -   Hospital, Sechelt. The two events' are not  unrelated because in the summer of 19.14  the'local population was agog with a stoi;y  that the Germans intended to take ov-ir  .Sechelt for  use  as  a  hospital  base.  The late Mr. Ronald Whitaker recalled  lhat whep he lived at Selrrfa Park, Father  Wagner came to tea and his tppiq of the  day was the Germans' plan to make Trail  Day their headquarters.  -* It is a fact of history that the coastal  a*"*; area of B.C. was full of tales of German  s y espionage, and German naval vessels were  A^t i thought to be in the'vicinity i-eady for  I >,��i i attack. Dr. Margaret Ormsby in her book  ff^i < "flritisU Cohupbia: a History", says that  [���<���-'!" "during the last days of July and the first*  ; 1 A* days of August, an absolute certainty l*>re-  * ** *| vailed in government circles that Admiral  i^  von ��Spee   and   his   China   squadron   in-  ' -* tended to bombard and capture Vancou-  ,-f **��� * ver and Victoria and then, in co-operation  *��� Al  with .German residents, establish a fqot7  ^  I   hold on tbe Pacific Coast".  )r%\  l-��  , If  1, f.  "/ ���  /   f  \J.  I f  I  I  \ i  t   'I,  I  i  Richard JMcBride, Premier of B.C.,  sent aiuagehl to Seattle early in August  1{)14 to arrange for the purchase of two  submarines recently completed there for  the government of Chile. The submarines  were delivered and,paid for by a Proyince  of B.C. cheque in the amount-of $1,150,000.  Our private navy lasted for three days  until the federal government took -over  the submarines on August 7th for use by  the Admiralty.  Constantin Alvo von Alvenslpben, a  German resident of Vancouver, was one  of.the chief targets pf giispicipn in r.ympi'S  of espionage. He had married a British  Columbia girl, Miss Edith Mary West-  cqtt and she was the friend of a sister  of Mr, Bert Whitaker pf .^echelj;. ,|n IptV  titi'pm*h the agency pf fpn A^vi3|ysJlji*Pn��  whp was ip (lie real estate bpsipess, Mr.  ���^   Wliiluker  sold  his Sechelt  properties  to ���  _|   Baroii von Lutwii"*, another German- The  y   holdings included Iho Sechell' Hotel, built.  J  by   Mr.  Whllakur* in   11107.  The  original  J,  slrurliiiu contained   twenty  guest  rooms'  A, apil.' about'  Il)()(i-lf)07  approximately   an-'  ���'������'- other  uighteon   rooms  were added.  Tlie  's: old   hotel   reglsler   for   the   period   Sept.  ' ������;ys,\, 11)07 In Feb, 10, 1000, shows tho loca-��� ���  . T lion of most of the rooms up lo No, 30,  r>l but a few of the. uparlmonts (e.g, Nn. 13)  '   iivo  nol   enuiuuruterl.   There  was  also   a  '  : large dining room, l.ogu|he|' \vilh kijehons  > ," audi a liar. This buildinil could huvo pip-.  ',    vided lhe nucleus for a hospital complex.  -(        Also available  u shorl  dislupeo  west  (i nf lliu hotel on Trail |lay was the private  'J- homo hull! by Mr. Alfred Wliiluker, fi| her  ._   of liml and Moipild, in 100(1. It had three  Hiiirius aiul eoniiiined seven |)MflrooniH> Tlie  ,_  Iioiikii  was  Inter couveiled  into  Booliuli  ' '('  inn, which operalud until il wi|.s giiHud  ,'���'   by lln) in .(uly 1I)H;J. Further h��>H|,'llal i��'-  roiiiinoiliilloii iioiild  have hcuii  I'ouiid  in  Iho gojun'iil sloi'e building |o ihu east of  llm orlHinul Ki)i,|iQ|| Iliilnl, T|io hI'iiI'o mImi  had Uiiito I'liinj'H, iho lop two lioiiu'j pwh  US (ill  llplill llllllliK, -     ,   ���     '     ,  Ihnl Wlilliilu*** had oreclei'l liuvonil  niliiiHim un llm wiilerl'rnnl I'ur UirPpuniOHu  ol ruiillipt Ilium to vai'iillorihiH flinilliet-  linin Viiiu'ouvur .Tlumn Jiollduy Iioiikih  ii|i|(lil lnnsllily have liuuii imnd lo lodgu  himplinl Hluff, ,Tvvu of I hour lire hI|II In  hxIhIopihm Hocli (.Ji)||.iif{o iHOHontly oi.'-  ciipluil. l,��y lliu |lj��i|��y llDiiihn'Hiii) I'linitly,  mul Hiiif'lliur'���liuii'mi Iwiowu vnrloiiHly iin  Kwili.'liuriili'l<uM   or   KUIarnuy   or   Green  ' ColliiKO,1 nowlli'i.-Iinmu of Mr, nnd'Ml'ii,  K. K, C.'nnlui,  II hi IiiUii'iimIIuh pi nolo Ilu: liulul niluti  >.mi ruciiiihnl In lliu old rugliilur, Dupondlng  'lipoil  the loiinlliiii niid nl/.n of Ihu riiopiH  . llio iirieim riiimuil I'roiii fi.\p iji'J.fiil pur iiny,'  Jjilll lo $11) por wnuli, mul i|i!lf) in ijilii) |iui'  month. Qqt of season�� the rtites weie  often lower when the hpfel acepmnipfl^ted  transient workmen. Pripted in a box at  the head of eaph page of the register is ���.  -notice remlLmg-^fei^iy&t-steaP**rtepn^  and rowboats". . ";  There is another legend, recalled by  Mrs. Ada Dawe, that after the outbreak '  of war in 1014 the Customs Department,,  in   Vancouver   seized  parcels  eontaipipg   .  hospital   medical   supplies   consigned   to;  Sechelt.   She   also   remembers   that   the  hotpj  clerk  had  an  uncle who was an  admiral in the German navy. The' clerk  fled   to' Seattle  and  was   later  removed-  from a vessel at Gibraltar and interned  by the, British.  Von J-iUtwit-* had gone back to Germany for a visit and returned to Canada  With a young wife just prior to the war.  The  Couple  were  removed  from  a CpR  traip and interned. Vancouver newspapers  carried *\ story about the complaints of  von*HUtwitz because his wife had to walk  tp hospital when she subsequently here a  child. The first time be canie-to Sechelt  -  he" stayed with Mr. Thomas P.  O'Kelly,  Who was in ���partnership with'Bert Whi-  tjlker for a short time, and later became  an  army  captain.   He  lived   in  a  house  situated about where Capt. and Mrs. .Jones  now  reside and  belonging  to  Mr.  T. J.  Cook.  Ope day  Mr.  O'Kelly  and   Baron  Von Lutwitz borrowed Mr. Cook's rpwboat  and went off on a fishing expedition, from  which the Baron returned with a small  sack of mud. tie said he was taking the  sample away  to liave it tested  for possible  use  in   making   bricks.   Qf   course  when -War   broke   out   this   motive  was  questioned,  tie also had a gun with  a -  . felespppe, the first spell -cnrnbipaUon "seen  jp these parts, and lie wasiipften observed  viewing the ai-ep through  tKe telescope.  Suph" incidents "had the suspicious bristling with interest.  A]vq vpn Alvepsleben crossed the  border 'ind was internee) pt Salt I-.ake City  when the United States entered tlie war.  I  K  -v.  ��'V **'*  r  It  ���J '-s,     �� ,  ���4s  00  Kr*  *    **     , *  1 *       *i     *  4        *>      .     ��*���  * a/'  V '-    awaV" SUA?  *���'  ai-.  states:  ."Acknowledgment -is" piade~C*f~yorTr  lfetter.da.ted July J3,,l^l mUl respect to  the . proposed 'Opnstruciion Aggregates  Limited gravel prqpsft}: near gechelt.  The clipping encjpsed With yQM"' letter,  does express tpy view point. \ am interested, ,in fhe aesthetic valpes present  throughout this Prqvihce, but I aip aiso  .l(.eeniy awar that oqr basic resources such  as gravel are ip relatively-fixed positions  throughout" the Pi-ovince- and that to  maintain  the 'viable  industrial   base  we  ttdw haveTT*~wi11 be necessary from time  out   epgineei ing   studies 1  completed,  wil}  form   the  basis   ot  a  further  presentation   to   J-he  Sun&hine Coast ^ef^on'aJrDistTict and* the  residents, of the area."        -     '*'  f   *-  ���i  ��� ;  deq|ar fpr:        ,  ZENITH  FLEETWOOD  APM1RAL - PHILIPS  <i* *���* *t*\. *ii  *(! ��i�� tf ��r  EVERYTHING FOR  HOME ENTERTAINMENT'  ,   FURNITURE  Ph, 08fir228O Gibsops, p.C  ^MMliril]iilHiil]|Rlllii(liiir  *% t*  AS  .  ���i  A  ''I   .       -  j-��i  ,J  to time to develop these resources.  "It is my view that we now have in  British Columbia the practical controls  necessary to manage resource developments in a manner which will keep  disturbance of the natural environrnerit to  a minimum. One method of control is lo  ensure . that large, developments are  phased in stages so that after a short  start up period, re-cslablishrqept pf vegetative coyer could be conip^eppeci coincidental wilh the'project moving into '"a"  second phase. Another coptroil is now  available under the reclamation provisions  of the Mines Regulation Act, wh'ieh apply  to gravel operations. A third control /is  operative through the close association of  the Regional -Districts and the resource,  departments of Government. The Re-*  gional Districts now have the planning  function tlirouglioul the Province and  .  ���       .. are advising Government pf'.the direction  As a * tootnote> there .is .^an interesting.��� fieveippmerit * should AixM within1 llieir  *     ��* * ^ f  After the Fire  Sechelt Hotel equipment set up on  the begoh after the building raised  by fh-e-  In lt)65 he died in Seattle, aged 81'.   chronicle about von Alvensleben to lie  read in Cicely Lyons' book "Salmon, Our  Heritage", published in 101)0. She tells in  detail how von Alvensleben and Associates creeled a cold storage, reduction and  ice planl in 1910 on Selwyn Inlet, off.  Hecate Strait. The- property was pui'r-  chased by B.C. Packers Ltd. in 10311, when  the old buildings were demolished. An-  undurgruund concrete installation was  then discovered and was examined by  experts. They formed the opinion thjit it  wjis ''evidently planned for use as a submarine base". .;  There may be sonie evidence behind  the tradition that Sechelt was included  in Gernvan plans for the conquest of the  coast over half a century ago. Pe.haps  leseaieliers may some day be able Jo  verify or dlspipvo tlie stones suriminding  the logend.  boundaries. This includes industrial development, and in this ��case, a recommen-  "dation with respect to the Construction  Aggregates application.  "���"The current 'situation is that the Sunshine Coast Regipnal District has recommended against' the gravel deveiiopment  proposal of Construction Aggregates but  ul Ihe same time it indicated.that if there  were an alteration in circumstances or  conditions and an ensuing change in pub-  AMML  A Gentle Lqxq'jic.  Manufqcturers'  Sugg. J-ist $1.1?  WEST EBW'S BltlCE  FER60N  100's Ifqn Tablpts.  Manufacmrcfs'  Sugg. i\.i %].-)-)  y/BTERft;�� ppjeri  A  1!   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Coma out thlawookoinh  V*,li,0tm00mlLi^,t.Ltm,*iMM*il4*Mil00'i^0u0*mr*  104*001,  il0**i.*,ll.*,0l,mlm*ilim0tiL�����Ll,iiiHL,.i  ON THE WATSRFftONr AT DAVIS BAY  .��/  0.A0 '0.0M00 *- ���- ^    MrtAH'^lt'1!'^   ���*������*' *   * l*   '  k^^A^rt**     ���,  4 M*.  *���    (*���***  \'-0.*0.w'��<tA+^* A��,#.4k ���   Wfl W*   ���*--*�� H  k��Al��i W00 0*0- 4^ *i\ 'J" ���" *���*" i'l *  y  A  j,**. .   /        ff* *  T   f* tPI m 1  t *���   1"  ��� I.  I" ���  I  V  ��� if ,  1 ���;��� * j",-  1   1.  �� ���  "i I  L    ,*  E  ll  /'  J       ���*  -��,  <i!  '    'a*���  d  11  '0*  '    *  1  -��   H-   .  1  .J        ���  f  ft'  *-. A������ J iji . l). ".^*   '  ft-'-*    /    ���*=��      - i    K*'* r-V .    **-   ,*  : fi,N-f\   . V     I   <   ������ 1  i*i  V- * * 1  *���*'*'    !  - V    -  "J-,  Horses wait patiently  in  cloud' of for lemons,  in  the last  chance  to    trophy which goes to the High Points  dust while riders^ cool off  bobbing gam points  for  that  all  impoitant    Rider in Roalcogoi" s ���A.nnual Rodeo  -i'     'v  ;.���������'���-.-:.. -��� \  -**���-��� ' ��� ... ,  Readers Right  " '- ''        ' \a* /    '      1 *     {      "*^V ' ~,VvV :a��%    * **    ' >  **���      A* �� *    a." �����'     / /- / V *V^ I    * *    'a#iL    .   JP ."*"'H      '  - ���-'     i/     *    \A      if-'-"3  4  ��**.  V��  ^    a  \  ��a '7  ���;��� .  !   ?'  ��� \  H  .r i  .'A  A*  ���;i  Disillusft&ed  Editor, Tiia Times, ,' - -   -  Sir: Your recerit editorial'"Time to set  a jie.w course" \yas the best thing I have  read iri years.-I-am sure yqu reflect.4he  sentiments of"many disillusioned Liberals  wlxen ypu itemize the continuing fiascos  of our tax (JpU'ars being tossed down the  drhin to an army of radicals under the  Opportunities for Youth program.  \ Notwithstanding Trudeau's anti-Amer-  icah  "remarks   to   a   communist   host   in  Russia,   we   have   been   subjected   to'the  ,   galling..reports- on  the . tax, funded,rCYC,.    yyt^ *"' ?  the Canada Council grants, given almost  exclusively to leftists; the continuing left-  wing bias of the tax-supported CBC and  National Film Board.  I agree that Mr. Stanfield does not  have, the "charisma", of our ������swinging"  Prime Minister. Neither is 4ie isolated, arrogant or bitingly witty, He is simply  a sincere statesman. Those people who  are disillusioned with the Liberals may  indeed decide that tltey might just as  well vote socialism. But, they will only  hasten the process of big government,  confiscation and public ownership, which,  of course, lu^s already begun.  Personally I have had a bellyful of  "charisma" ministerial cheesecake such as  skiing, rofck festivals and airplane, ex-,  ploits, I am going to settle for some do^n-  to-earth bread nnd butter conservatism. : '  JOHN L. STEWART,  Vancouver, B.C.  Clarification  Editor,. The-Times,  Sir:   Following  is  a  copy  of  a  letter  forwarded   to - Ilf-giuiuil   l^oard   chairman  .1. Tyner regarding stalomentk he   is  rb-;  ported to have made at a recent meeting  of the Board.  Dear Mr. Tyner:  I do nol like tu have to wrili- Ihis  letter as it could be couHlrui'd us im  n lift,;,!-;!--. ni.Kiii lhe Uonnl. That, is certainly,  mil my intent inn. When I consider the  difficultji-M under whicli ynu opcrnli- you  ��� liuvu my, iiiu|uiil|l'i.-il respiicriind uilmli'i'i-  'lloii.        ������������������  "��    s��  r~  '" -  :   I   r ^wm^^ irJ>:jA  *   n.C^% V   L     IMF*    *  "    * *  * *A>'*4i  \K   ��      '       K Ar      .   ^A  \ix     '.  Champion  Just seventeen years old Ww4-y Hos:    rescue and was on the winning teipi  let   of Langley rode off  with first    in  the  wild  horse  riding   at  RogK  pti/e in the bucking biionc cpjiipeti-    go'gor's Hodeo    on  Sunday.  Shi?  Is  tion, 2nd'in the steer riding; first in    pictured, here riding River Rat.  The Lightwin goes where you  point it ��� where-the fish are.  Its secret is Evinrucle's unique  Ffsherman Drive, with its ah-  0led-|eadinq~edger-|t-snakes^-  through weeds and reeds, and  slips over shoals and shallows.  And, the 4 horsepower Light-  win, is a qm!i*V' tvy��n-cylin^er  motor. We Jiaye It now.    i  Madeira Park  883-2266  EVINRUDE SALES & SERVICE  Planning problem  U?ked? ���  Conditioner  TJIAT'S   what   the   Yorkshire  - town of  Leeds  thinks..  The., Ministry of Transport  and the Ministry of Housing  and Local Government have  'produced an integrated plan  lor traffic management, public-  transportation, and land-use  planning.  l'Liblic transport.-.in, the future will "bei based on 'hree  types of buses���the normal iu-  teidistrict bus, express commuter bus, and small c.ity-  center bus.  Koad traffic will be managed  by the control and siting of  parking spaces. A new road  system will bt' built to'complement existing roads. But  peak-Hour commuter demand  I i - will be held at a level just  'I  *& within the road system's eapa-  ,   /   '     t    aHy.  i j        Al) "through-"-" traffic will be  n,a    j     removed  from the city center-  '      -and  all. cuinmuter  traffic-  so that it can serve its purpose  efficiently   as  a. business  and  shopping area. ���  Computer  ^}   code asked  j        The  head of a   I'i'iU.sh cimi-  *     |iulei- coinpiiny   has called   lor  J     compuli-r   IndiiHlries   lo   adopt  ,i  pi'iilessioiial undo similar  l,o  Hie nn-dU'iil codii nf ethics.  a  .,  t  ,    .        Sir Jnh'n   Wall, .chiilrniail  ol'  ' --���    Inlei'iHilioiuil  CiiihpHli.'rs', l,td���  ilrl   lliu   IndiiaSlry   einilil   on-  I  id  EJP  B j4.B  *'V.  Ilowov.-r, lh;,. recor.l .o the lilruit   Por-   . |,n|,rovlHV(l jSpr|nf��  |)or,Sft  glve��  lltll'V    VOlingSlerH ill RonlcogOt'M Second Pl\*     '"�������'��' I'losi^irily ' hul    tiii.uU  :jaa:a.jjjaa r*:,,:^'11,;;' i^^'tsi t 'zLlA j!& ��:,tJ*Ais '���"*��� asjZlJjA'SlZ  In tlm .July Mill i.'i.iiii' of lhe l'i'niiisi|ln  Times you Were quolt'd ni' unying Ihnl I  wan wroiiK In��� Minting Hml the Ueglonul  Hoard had approved the Muni I'orpolHe  Itliy ii|ieiallun. ll Iniulo 11 hut, Klillemenj'  In a "Icllei' In the {-jjin nnd lhe l'eiiii.Hulii  Tlme.-M I do nhl feel liml I ,-ihoiild lei Ihnl  go uiM'lui|li'ii|!i'il iim I linve liclore me, nnd  I oiicloiic a i-ii|)y I'ur ynu, a Dnpnilnienl uf  l.liu.l;. Iiinii, I,,11 lid, on which llic Hoard  eorlajnly gave connenl.  Now, I'm pi'i'piiii'd lo ailinil  thai you  ' mighl liavu fell powcrli'Mii lu Ihe luce of  pi'i'iimii'ii  I'Voin Iho  Depiii'linciil, uf Mlneii'  arid   I   doK't  nnvy..you   cauiuhl   in   Hint  , pi-oillcameiil,   llowever,   1   I'cel   llinl-- Iho  "���I'AThrinuiii  he cli'arly nlnlrd,, '!  W, JOHN   HINIIOI*,* IM'iiMldunl,  Hnnily I look  I'l'iiperly Dwiierti' Annir;  wmanx  xxaaacmmxmiaoaamxM  'SCI  Exporloncod Mflchnnlc  la  Starflng  Reaulor Repair Sorvlco  In QII>soii3/ Lnngdnlo Area.  If Your Machlng Roqulroa  Sorvlco Call'���'  ; T, ���IHICI���  iNbusTR��At: c 06mmc  SEWING MACHINES  4307 MAIN ST��� VANCOUVER  7 .PHONE "' '  874-6015   ;  BEFORE AUGUST 17  wssm  NEEP  MONEY?  USE  WANT ADS  TO SELL  SURPLUS  ITEMS  FOR CASH.  PHONE  Ad-briefs  i  AT ���  -���������-���- ���"*/''- -��� -������  885-9654  TO., REACH  2,500  HOMES.  ��� Mr,  Arfvortliori  Thatoadvorllting  ppocon   aru   roal   liar  fjnlnn for yon, SoW on  contract only, For ��lo��  tolls on liow to ��lrotch  yt>iif advnrtliloa do|.  lar, phono t.,l*,*9*>&4,  ink lor ��j>Qc|nl o.l  rolo��.  IM. it  SpealUriH at   the openluil  o('  ,, new ofl'li'ivof I,\|k i'oiu|)iu)y'n  ImiIi'Ii NuhKldiiuy, ,Sir ,)ohu  :.ald lhe eompiiier hiduHlry  .shiiuhl l��e> (iiwnrii of I I'h ' run*  |Mimilblll!|i',-. Inward lhe mm-  iniiiilly  and uel ,n��'cui'dliUll,V.  The InihiHlry hhoiild utrlvn  lur riih'n which wuuld .prevetil  iiliUrti'N tu Main |iiihl|i! ri|i.i-  Inleiii'ii, he Hold. ,    , ;  "Mod nudity  grubby"  HRI.RN  HAYEfli  "Well,   1- (jtlnlt    overyhody   loolui iilllu) wilh hln eliilhen  nil', hut lli'in Iiiii Will |)H��l��.. I , '' >  Ihliih Hie uiul" lU'i'lU'M In llm  Ilium ol 'lliini.'u ami .lullol'  und 'Thu Liivim' of liiadiiiu'  Wiiiu vi'|',V ul'l'ecllve, Mill 1  wenl In iip' 'Hair' j * 11��I 11 w i��n 11' l ^ _ ^  ""'Tli'ilifleiir''""'"" -,-"*-"-:"-"~" "-  "Wehlid middy on I'l h* nlii|*e  In my yutrlh, yhu l.uow In'llif  '.������je/lhilil, Kollltm, |hil II Win.  laciiulUul iiuillly, Now, ll'n mul  u'l' KHilihy."  Soberciderl  ��� ri' (i��fit..M llhw.any'other puweiv  I'ul   KukIImIi   iili'iiliolli'   elder  II .,loolui lll<i����� I'IuhIIhIi elder,  II  "' '       mimllM lll��.  Kniillhli t'lder  ' |        ynTl, II'm  n   p.ii'l'ael   MliKllfih  0*0*mimm00m*ti,00,*0 m^mh. l��y aWi����i��"^'^ 10000* * 'invmev*,**.   -f,-. rr-ilTH- lJ<t"tr���m^ft ll rt*i|A*������.wilii|.��1*.��ii^j-| Tiilff J |iO|l"I  ('I'l''!   t *  Tlioao woro Iho uoldon dnyo of nuto fflolng. 8hoo| niolnl nnrt 'III" l'*"��i< Anhiuii A|(rleuliu-  ohoor gula; Iho fiill-lluotllo ^oor of cora nnd crowiln; nnd tho ml Uene/irch Mini Inn prudiieed  -inrilo oroid qiylQ Door lo quench Mint wind-whippod, dunt'Clry, It. And um tniniu |)ruiuHn( It In  hono-llrod Ihlrat. flio ooro movo n lol ln8lor.lod��y, hut Old ie|iniled, mm hn wwd In lulurn  atylo'a mill hrowod Blow nnd onoy. nor.good o|d-|nn|ilr;noi| loc wiinin,. tun, .Thn(v. unn-huvo, _.  ���A ���   'WM*'' > XilirUx] ��� 'oAr:<  , AJ'\JJ..,i  --  , ���*'���' '��� j <��� t % *-> w " i*    ��� * ** I    **   ���  ' " * . i      "J it ���  ��|>*   0      fl     Vl-Hli**     i**rirr\   f   r      f*r  llcwour. So rally round Iho Old Qlylo flngl ||'o n* wlnnorl  |���Mii|i��d,,  I'lnvur,    dWei'iilluii ���������-. ^     .  hul no iileohollu eoutnnl. ���>�� <  f'-'  -1  Vou jiiwi i-iui'l lull ilui dir'  leniiiVu, Bul llm pnoplo ynu  iiiIk wilh run,      "  Thoro's no doubt In our minds thntiho first'wordn  ������uttQrea'by;cnpfnlnnncl-crow;nllko-muBt*hnvo'boon-  "thin ia God's country".  ��� 1..  On Ihnl dny if ono,of tho crow hnd thrown no mo  doUrls ovorbonrd- it would hnvo boon a almplo  mnllortooorroct;   ,        �� ,,,;���,      ���,,_ _,���_  ���yyyy-"-" y- '*-- *-/i;��� ������ .���v -- .-  Today Briliuh Colunibln hao 2,250,000 roaldonta  nnd mllilonn ol nuntunl.vlsltora, Eapoc|nlly in |hl��  Contonnlnl Your. It hna bocomo a phyaical Impos-  nibllity lor your,(ibvornmont to control pollution in  tho onllro 3001255 tuiunro milon of tho provinco,  Tho Govornmont of tho Provlnco of nrilin|v"Cph"  umliin In Inklnq Iho load with pollution oontrof li'ut  wo'nood your liolp. citizon and Vialtoi; ullko,  British Colsam^l^ k bcmUlM.   ,  ;Help.your>Qd��(trnm^iiikmpJt-thH'm  8low-browo<t nnd nolurolly nflod  Thh nrlvortinnmnnt |�� not pltihllflliqrl nul|r,|��|nynf| hy iho  Llquui Cuii(iwI-Uqu(<Aui by M*iQ<3uy��;fimiviiLo|;UM(ii*li,'Uu|uiiilj}o.  Ii'or illlOO yeiii'M nucleiy him  ili'pi'iiil.'il U|miii liiil|v|ilual;.,'  ||,|M Hi'iihii ,ennil|vii iichluve-  i'iioiiIm ol in i t if I mid Mpiill llinl  have i(llld|'|j II llllillll lliu I'Mlll  u|   clvl/nllon.  EniflroiMieiil and lm4 iic Cdmmt^  #f,4hc^60wtriiiicnt"*#f*-lte#rci^  British Columbia.  T J ���npoNnortrDnY'.hp.-AhTMnNl1**on:.ANnn,rr)imnTnamiiwati-iinrr*oiinrrn.'  rH*.-^   _. ^aa-X^-aKaaa-.-aa!. ��� J���  r>  ll  We^nes^lay, August 4, 1971 the fteninstjlq Tim.es Page B-3  Annual event . .  i--N  I,. >  ���  j ) *i     ������ r-1  ��� /   m  ' 1   y* 1 1    1 t>  '.' '  /**/ *1  ii ,1"  t*l  } ",1  N'S-a  ���: =���      !> *--***      I    >> "if  -    ���*-*  jr^'t  *'  Garden Bay amaual rodeo  proves great attraction  Dental Topics  Belter *"*luorides Found "  yOTJB dentist may-soon have even better lluoiides to piotect your teeth.  Fluorides, whicli aie used in drinking  water supplies and in dental~offices~tcr  ���  -"*  -i *  * aa  I I  r r  \  \  '4,  Wo 11 known in rodeos'tinoughout the  Lower Mainland, brothers Eddie and  Danny Peters came close to sharing  /Top  Riders  '\  the place ol high pomts winner at  Roalcogor's .Junior Rodeo."High'  points winner last yeai and again this  Ti umondous- cu opeiatiun on the part  ol   tlie   x<i'mhc>it   Ipcal  hoibeiqen   qnd,  >u*.iness-o en   puis   ii   veiy   appeictqtiVQ  public   he pt'd   make  ltojicuior s  Sepond  Annual Rodeo ,Ju v 21 J.u a gie<4 success  Cuuunencind on, SuUudc\y mojmng, a  t,tcad.s i'leam ol hoi^e tup lei s conveiged  on d**-" O 11 McKee Kanch at Garden  Ba> vvhuh is an ideal location ���with its  'neaiby cool siieam and stoutly fenced  uiiiai  On hand thiougnout the two day  event were Bob and Joan Cunningham  v/llh lust aid equipment and medication  but 'heie wa= no serious mishap to mai  the weekend lodeo  l'oi   tlie second \eai, tlie Junipi  Htgli  J'uiiu  ink 1   was yuunti Jilddie l'eteis who  lul.s  Irqm  Surrey, this  time his brother  lJainay was in Iiiu pursuit of the honour.  High Point .rider in tlie Senior events  was .b^be Do.an who has entered, rodeos  acioss North America including the Cal-  ���gary. suunpedc. .     . p    .  JUNIORS  help vatd oft toolh decay, have been  pi oven time after time to be most effective  decay  bat'lleis  -��!)���*,pe pew fluondes have h'fien 'dis-  ^ovefed hy denial reseaichers that may  plfer even gjeatei muscle than those now  used- Then lirst use ..would he foi to-  pwyl applications, the fluonde 'baths"  yoi-r dentist gives your 1eeth aflei clean-  U\.|,  Titanium tetiafluonde has been found  to stiengthen teellh enamel and "gla.se"  it lo give a shongei suit oi aimour Also  i-oiind ir\oie eiteelive is acidulated am-  jr)ppiup-i Uqoi ide which is held in the "  }eeth Jongei than noimally used fluoride  . Tjie thud new agent, aimnomum sili-  pplluoiide, incieaes the amount oJ fluoride deposits in tooth enamel thiee to tour  times o\ei cuuently used fluoude solutions, say the researchers.  ,. !,���,,-��� lnluprides   are   nature's   own.  way   to  whu may  be-bike-riding, or hall-playing.. pypteet teeth  against  decay.. Many  corn-  dunug. the evening  hours. ffiyniiips   across-' Canada   have   naturally  Ideally,   all "drivers   should   accustom* vJJ^pr'dated water, many .<aher communi  themselves Jo Daylight Saving by reduc ���--���-���"*"���������-���  Wendy Hoslei, HJd.Knowles, CaiJ Tomm  Bucking Hoise ��� Wendy Hoslei, Will  Gereiandt.  Wild Horse ��� Will Geierandt, E11C  Miius  High Points*"��� Senior Uigh Point wm-  nei Babe Dolan leceived the Pendei  Haiboui. Hotel trophy, Mi Will Sengei  lio.j-1 Vancouver judged the events  Safe motoring  THAT extra hour of daylight and balmy  weather that accompanies Daylight  Saving Tune should hold a note of pie-  euution loi motunsls, says the B C Automobile Association  With the changeover, Aprd 25th, dnv-f  ers should be very watchful 'for children  -?-  ye,ar was Edjie :pictiired on 16ft wi|h  Lady's Pride, Danny's mount' is  Royal Dress  "���--���il  ��� ������*;��� \V  /t     14-  /t  ���Mt?'*>      - /*    J '-*"^ " ������'���*  Af~r!\x*> r   0  'J     &  i-'�����- ill ���,Xv  ft J ��  'A '   '. A '  v**��. Tf  SV*  ���   4       %g-*  . - a  . --   A  ��� ^ihivn-  f >    *& } %* !* a \ *- MijA **?��% '.  Under  Control  Well mannered and patient horses  together with experienced riders soon  had bucking broncos who had relinquished their riders under control al  Roalcogor's weekend rodeo where  .spectators enjoyed a well conducted-  two-day event.  - s  ^H*e**s��*<f?g3g*w ''a^"aBMflw��  Sechell Legion  Brahcfi--14Q ,.  mm  Legion Hall, Sechelt  EVElfY WEDNESDAY  AT  8 p.m.  JACHPOT $125  TO GO  $10 POOR PRIZE  * 4*  -~x *   "X  THcky Moment  Jiucking bronco  riding has  its ups River   Lucky lo escape serious m-  and downs as Neil Nowirk I'ouwl out jury Ned was wmde'd more than any-  wluin he look a nasty Jail off Bine Hung  )Miit*i��MiMtiimimMtiitiii**tMM*i/\  ���fa  Collision Repairs  fa- Insiirnnco  Work  fa Spocinlists  PENINSULA  MOTOR PRODUCTS  LTO.  Socliolr B.C,      Phono 005-2111  ��  VMmwtwritftJtMiMiMwtmtffitft  (Jxy[(nli ndiJilnliilenul hy .loan  ninglinm, 011 liund lur Ihu wuuKond  Koduii, mid. 11 liclplnj' liniul noon hud  Noil-.Nowii'.lv-oii-dilK-riuil nl'fni'.. hl.s  . Rescued  ('nn- "luinhlc  SlHIll III  tram   I ihm River nnd   ho  us ready lo Ineklu Ihu-Lllllo  Rll   Hunch Rodeo    on iSnlurdny nt  Cjlhson.s. *_.  .   ���     1 AIRWAYS  UIM/TEP  - -fiY -Ftr/NG-W/TH-���  TV/Jf SEAPLANE SERVICE  Pender Horbour to-Vancouver  Summor Spuclol���Juno 15 t�� Svptomlwr 15  Onm....W,ay,.fnr����  !  VoncoiJvor-Thormanby  Vnncoiivor * Poiuior Hhr.  Vancouv��r . Soklnow L0U0  Vonconv��r - ftuhy Loka  IO SATURIMY  T.n.00  f 15,00  T.70,00  $20.00  MONDAY  Loa'Vft Voncouvor for'Pflnilor nroa    l-nnyo P^mdor mnn to ynncoiiyor  and "No'nnlmo,'  9i00 o.m.  I ;00 p.m.  -B|00--p.,nt'~ : ������  6:00 p,m, prl. only  7i30 a.m.  ,!l.;3Qq��m.  3i30 p.m.  Mom. only  Sunday ond Holiday  Leave Pondur aroa .  3:30 p.m.  Sunday ond Holiday  Lnovo Vancouver   ,  1;00 p,m, ami 5:00 (*.m.  Phono PJrcct  for furtlutr Informolhm . , .  VANCOUVER 605-4922 - NANAIMOi 753,2041 - SfCHRLT 005 2214  KIGUI AR IIIGHTli TO NANAIMO,, ,\ LOW COM  !  Foals  --  Mranys  Khayyan  shown  by  John   Stewart;   .Zu'rro   sliown   by   Andy  Inters ;���     trophy     donated    hy     Harbour'  Moloi-s  Lul*.  Mares ��� Pokey Patches shown by  Julie ClarUe! Babe TayJoi- ��� Barb Kn.ud-  sun; .lay Dee ��� Sherle Fielding; Candy  ���r Marty Mi'ldiunv. Trppliy- donated by  lu. Ca.ay loir Wuidin'g & Marina.  Gelding -- Paylo Elddy Petea-s! Sugar  ���Sandra   McKee;   Spinner���Babe  Dol-an;,  Tic Tac --   Mary Rose Hamilton. Trophy  donated by  Wakefield   Inn. ' a  Coslume Class - Prince ��� Diane  Peters; Calbalou'"���..���' Andy. Peters; Honey  -���'��� Gail Nornian; Kokp -- lirisla Parsons.  Best Tuxned Out Horse & Rider -.-  Ivoko ��� Iviista J'arsons; Tic Tap ��� Mary  Hose Hamilton; P-rince ��� IMane Peters;  Shadow -f-/iCiail Norman. Trophy donated  hy Killer Whale Drive-in.  Bawel Race ��� Koyal Dress ��� Danny  Peters;' Yeller ! ��� "tee": White;' "Kitty."��� ".  Nina piuislinas;   Lady's   Pride   ���  Eddie  Peiers. Trophy  hy  Whittaker's Resort.  Svirprisp Race ��� Twister H'oilly Kaba-  tou;   Shadow'   -'^--'Ga-i-J   Norman;   Spinner  ��� Gary Dolan; Kitty ��� Nina Christmas.  Pole Sending ���Lady's Pride ��� Eddie  Peiers;   Royal   Dress   ���   Danny   Peters;  Kitiy   ���   Nina ' Christmas;   Cat>balou   ���  Andy   Peters.   Trophy   donated   by   Coho  ^Marina Rtesort. . .     . ..  Rescug   Race    ���    Prince  -==    Dtane"  Pe,iej:s,  Cathalbu  ��� Ai��ly .Peters;   Royal  Dress ���  Danny   Peters; Shadow ��� Gail  Nprrnah. �� ____iL.._  Keyhcle    Race    --    Royal    Dress    ���  Danny    Peiers;    Yeller    ���    Lee    White;  Prince ��� Diane Peters; Shadow ��� Gail.  Norman.  Trophy  by  Arbour -Realty Ltd.  Lemon Race ���" Lady's Pride ��� Eddie  PeJer^: &(|ia^  ��� Pail Norman; Safh -7- Chris White.  Calf    Riding    7-   Ben    White;    Gjiry  Dolan;" tlolin Sl'anway Jr.; Eddy Peters.  High Points ��� Junior High Poiritq rider  Eddie    liters. received    the    Roalcogor  Trophy.  SENIORS  Best   Turned   Out   Horse   &   Rider  ���A.  Jilpic ��� Harvey  Lefl'ler;  Baiie  Taylor"���"  Barb Knutson;'Buddy ��������� Colleen Husby;  Pokey   .Patches   --���   Julie'"'ClarkeT Trophy  don,tied by  Pender Harbour I'-iKhiiiB Resort  lald-  Open   Jumping   ���   Epic   ��� , Harvey  I,ul'l'li.!i';   Spinner Babe   Dulun;   Nadu  I'Veil  Ihiinillnn;  I'ihicu ��� Eric MiriiH,  Trophy hy Lloy'ils Slhru Mil, '. . *  Barrel Raco -���   Spiiiner      Babe Dolan;  Rivpr Point Joe   (joidiin 'McKee;  1'rlnce  --Eric Minis; Si'iinip      (lui'dim Ho.slur.  Trophy by Giii'den Buy Hotel.    "  ���   Flag  R��ico Prince  ���  Eric  Minis;  Yulliir        Jvnlliy, While; Patches ��� Hur-;  vny lacll'lor; Hpfniiui' -������- B11I111 Doluii.  Reining   Cla^p   --   TwisJor   ���   Will  Uui'i-ruinll; Spliinur ���-������ Babe Doluii; Yeller  Cathy   Whllu;   Bubu , Tuylpj-  .-'Barb  Kniidsiin, Trophy hy Garden Buy Hhufl.  Pole   Bending       Spinner   ���--   Bubu  Dulun;   I'linci!        Eric   Minis;   Yullor  Calhy   While; Ti'liino       Hai'voy  l,tii:i;i��M:.  Trophy by Jlnibiuii' lilli.'clronli'H.  ���  (iurpiisQ Ruco  '..-   Hciiiiiii , ���  Gnrdy.  Iloslor; ,|iiy Deo  ' l.itn l'"ln|d|i)|-; Prlncii  --��� lilrlii MlriiM;  Biulily        Cullun  Hii-sby*,  Bciimp       Gurdyl Hoslei', ,  Stake Race -   "Spinner -: Bjihd.Pnlnij;  Iloyirl    f   IlMrvuy l.nifloi'; Prlni.-u --- Eric  Minis;   Yullcr --  Cuthy   Whll"i,' TiViphy  hy C'tirdeii Buy Dlnln/i Luuuuo,  ... Stooi- ��� Riding���,.,. ��� fplcwu . Litllujnlinj  ''iit>''   ' ... 'P^'aw^f'V. ,**w  ing their- speed and increasing their following, distances during the first few days  _of-i-hB--iTme-"Trlnrrrger      *"*. '~~  The BCAA also reminds parents to  warn  their youngsters that   busy  streets  Workers getting an early start to the  office  will encountei--ciot1nTCss-al'ter~thi*r  changeover,   and'   should   be '��� especially  aware of pedestrians.  And all car-owners can assure that  they have maximum visibility by 'thor-  ughly    cleaning   headlights     and   wind-  \l|g|^li^yp been  adding^7fluoi*J("e  fo  their  '" ^Hni*ji*pa]  ^vyater   supplies.   Some   looth-  pastfenialters have added faioride to their  I.  ,s * t /Auk %,  CoiKji-rtlul/illons  nl'lor Im-MIni?  my IV  froiij  l^'Ugt^. But  even  if- fluoridated  water  %4:t0t)thpastes are used,-your dentist can .  lielp rbinforce your teeth with a fluoride-  bath,. ���Canadian  Denial  Association  shields, and checking to see that taillights,  turn signals and high and low beams are  in top working order.  look Kovenl<*<**)-(yonr'<.*l(l VV'tniily  IIunI-**!* c��| 'liMiiuluy'!"- h|��ow |'Im* cow-  lioyK how to llllo Inic'kliiii.hroiK'DH nl    j'n'lul��|lon  n^iiU'OKorlH riodoo, Hafu nnd ijoiiimI   ow��i��r of llio lUneli nl. (JnriJon Uf\y',  ��� \,-   .������.,''  I)ii('hiiij{ , Iioihoh nml  ��tt*��r��. Wontly i'i'Ih n word'of wm-  Dr.' (J. II. IVl��'Koo.  gjiajing pne's bread  ��� "4 geii^rpus friend in Magog, Quebec  received gn unexpected bonus and sent  a cJiegue fpr $200 to the Unitarian Service Committee, -'to be used in the work  oJ irtatW  pf tJie  USC." Headquarters  is  'gt 56 ,5pm'ks Stre.et, Ottawa.  CLASSIFIED  AD-BRIEFS  WILL DO  A JOB  FOR YOU.  ,   PHONE  Q85-9654  FOR  ACTION!  ��� Su. Aodvertiser;  These advertising  spaces are real bar  gains far you. Sold on  contract only. For details on how to stretch  your advertising dpi;  lar, phono 185-9^5-4,  a?k   ipt   special  *rp-  H  eaps ipto est  a Bonus Sayings  9?  says  Keith  Duffy  "Thp firoiil thing nbout a itoyjil Bank Honiw  3aviiigf*rAgt:oun|. is that i| holpaynu make ,' - ,  . moro nioncjy     faator. 11 payn high in I ureal.,  (uihI llio inforoHl. in thonlultltuj, toyiuirnavingH,  (Hu'ovory tiinoyouc intoropt iHcaliuilaUul, II.'h  on yni|"r ac<-i?mnlnfe(| wiyIurh pl.w tho ao  ciu'mnljtlocl iii|,eroHt you'vonlromly <'urno<l.  Ho ii roally bt^ina to piloup,  AnofhoV fluiig     a HonuHHavingH Awouhl,  in nwrnil* pti'iptly Tor saving    no you nan't  Wi'ilophuquoHt Vou oau go|, yonrmoiiuy (Hit  whonovoi'y(H,i jiood to, |uil. |hh*hiih<�� you can't  wi'il6ohu(|W���� thocu'H not thonauio loinpla-  tion lo nihhloaway atyoiirwiiyin^a.  ��- Bo if youivu got aomothing upouial to wavo ..-._.  I'or.,, a now homo, a oar, a trip ... or 'you'd  l|ko to nut away a 'ueHt Mgg', a Itoyal Hank  Bonus Hi\vinga Ac^onnl' mnlsm a lot olWiiiiio,''-.  B(H*auw it makuH Maviiig a lot oanier. And a  lot fiiH|ttr. (Innlu 011' in and talk iLoytiK!',,  CoiniiiiiiiMy Corttcr  Ihu  Koyiil   JIihiK   Js  p|t!HM;il to ��ii|)|)|y  |Ii|n hpiu-t.  ciilli-il '  "CuiniMM/iliy  aCorn-vr' I'nr iiw l��y  Mfl'vlcu chili!,, dun cli  llHIII|)h llllll  V'lvlc-lllllllll'll 111 lllllll/llllollr.  Ill  our imm,  im   (III!  , puipnso o| mlvi-TllhliiH youi' n\wn\it\ cvciiIn or inec'limN, li  you liuyu 1111 imiiioiiiiii'iiii:iiI vyhli-h >foi.l wnillil ,\hu lo uppcip  in   llll-. .Hiini!, jjiIdhm:   iiiiiIik'I   K"lll>   DilflV   ��l   KHS^'IJI,  ROYAL BANK*  -the helpful bank  NctMi ��� urn-mi  *���:  :?-��*  r***-1-*     .'-I  ���  , 0".   W--����--aai. , .T. WW ..-W"!-^ ��.��,!_ ��� W.^n����..  *^^/^^^0^   fBlt^^^tf  ^'tiiihA   i,t   -.1.%, A J11  j- -, *  k  li ���  Pw&M   "'J   Hw Pwiwwlo TUw��3*r.    ,Wedn)BB<tayf.A*jgq9'' 4; 1971  ,   ...    ^*^~.*-~-~f.^m*r-���mp-^J��K,,,i,ri  w.j^-^y���. m ������]������*��� ^ "-*,'"   1 "if T"1  *���"������������;' w ��� ��������� - '������"f*"-'��� ��� T������*���'���"������������������������� ������ '������ ���'   ���������  im^:i!*ij/l|(qppemfigs;.  ���  -i-fij'A^i ���Wi'V'l  .\��-'-  " 'il:!  -r-by M��*ry Tlnktev  * "ty**.* ���" ���*��� *  * .i'-'*'fft,,'***','ir,ir,*,-"f1-''' ���/*���'  AFTER soveralt\veek*4 in St, Mfiry'p, Ho*,-*   VwDipe.  iiiiii, Mrs. AUdv"py-I*sti^ells\ SoJja|.c"i. of-ii , .   The 'international   Federation   is   tjie  BeiinodfCs   diecUon July-' 20thri*Bp-.-tl  ih    world's " greatest   women's * organization,  Raftisgnte, .England." she 'came to C^acfi*) , walking unceasingly to improve the status  arpwrifl, 1027 and. qtyajned a'\po|lti*31ii as    of tyonjen in all countries. It has urged  hps-jos's at a golfi club' op .Vancol'uv^ir {Js'-,    wojnen  tp  work  fov high  standaids   in  iuyyr.}, Ip Vancouver,"she met .a^dliW'Vietf    jausmess and the piofessions and to accept  Pi'cii "gfchaich and' \}\py\-piade the;;-, jia'pi^ ' the responsibilities of-government.  nv'l^rth  Vancouver.  * . ,J��� The Jacques' guept& flew baok to Eng--  l"*VIrS. Scha*ch, having spjent nearly ho}}-    -la.nd on Friday fefeling their trip had beep  days in Switzorlanb,.shaied her husband's    \voithwhile and  lookins forvyavd  to the  enthusiasm for' skiing and  tljey  bought    next international congress to be held in  property  op  Seymour Mtp.  ap.**!  built  a     Buenos Aires in 1974. Miss Saunc|ei;,s who  ski Cabin there. Nine, years ago, tliey n-e-    is employed in the Bank of ESngl-anc", leels  tired, to   their   home   overlooking  Buck, . that tiemendous progiess has been m^de  Roqk, where she spent her time gardening ���' in improving the status qf business woinen  and that undoubtedly equab- pay for  women is on lhe way.  RgUNION ���'���.���''  ;:; Rock House, Welcome Beach was last  iyeelt the' scene of a four-clay family reunion when all the J-.eu<;hte family got together with the exception of one son-in-  law.  Attending the reunion were Mr. and  J*ylrs. Fritz Jjeuphtp, their'son Nick fiom  3^j3'"h,m. The,'chiir}e--!,|ias now beep re*,.. .^gst,, yanppyyer $/i%   his  wite   Norma  ceived and ^ VtierroshenC" slat�� of.' bfificerist"% '"^n!4: children -Tina and Chris and lnend ���  iind' fishing. An enthusiastic walker*, she  ccu\ld often-��be s'egn walking her dog along  -tlie -Redrooffs Road, She was laid quietly  to" rest at Seaview C^ijStery> oil ijrily  2Dth'with Capon Altih-Greene officiating  at'the simple graydside service.     ' .i  jv|eeting  /General meeting,of Area 'B' Ratepayers' 'Association wjlj fee held at the Weir  cppie", peach |lall ph vf-J-iturday, August 7  ���* %  t *a       **,  It,  ���H  ll  t ?-.*  .*-!.  I j !csr*a*j^w J  ��� \*r H    .��*��� M��t����� ,*00*T  HiJH't  a   ' ***** "-r  Ci  *.  .1  *f  i , *������>.   **   ����� I ft  '���A,   '. '( l-  ��� t**-     y' K*y *, iu 'j*.   : i��  2, v* ** Z**,tZr��**-**   l-ltf ,  ���* !���.���-.���-r^-r. a**0*0tl.;jx*^ff' ���  ���"- "        ,     " V * I   ^    -       <     . J-/  /  f  ^UW  r^*^*^  fti  ���<^ -^v  perrpupfht  2.cl��-d-3litheJ^geting.'' ���.  GJen, their dauphter, Annemarie Hjckey  Pqn  GiJlis,  secretgry-man3ger of .the  .Redrooffs   Waterworks' District   retpinds  owners that po; sprinkling w.i.ll be permitted diHnng the month, of August.  -���_���. ^ . -  VISITORS  ..Interesting visitors pn Dijck. ��� Rpck  beaqh last week were three ladies from  Ileris, England who were visiting Capr  ada as delegates to the 1,2th���"���International  Federation Congress of Business arid  Professional Women held in Edmonton  from July 5-10: ;. ' .  ���"Guests at the Alan Jacques home were  his cousin, Miss CathJeen .Kay*-. 'Mj-s.  Sylvia Cousins and Miss Margaret Saunders, president of 'the J^etchwprth Bpapch  of ��� the B.P.WC. Mrs. Cousins and fyfiss  Kaye are both past-presidents 'of the  Letclivvorth club.   ailie^cdrqgmB Was. attended" by' l|00  women  from   35   countries-;  Thqy   came     the Bluebell Miner.'  from Canada, ������Europe,*--tJi.K^^  /.ealand^ Africa, S. America,. India, Guy- ' daughter Vera Stephenson, with husband"  hi iact, from all oyer     Ted and son Brian from Souris, Man.  from Los Angeles with her sons Christian  and Matthew, their daughter Sus^nhe  Bolivar, wUh.husband Riphard and foster  chi.ld Ricky, " .  It was a gloriously happy tjme, with  the weather ideal for swimming, walking,  beach parties and barbecpes. The younger  members of the party even organized  wood chopping bees,, so thai as Mr. and  Mrs. Leuchte warm their hands by their  fire this winter, their hearts too will  be warmed by the nremory of this happy  reunion.  GUESTS  Guests "at the Anton Kadin home at  Eureka Jast week were Mr, and Mrs.  Victor Gendron of Riondel. Mr. Gendrpn  h^d come to B.C. to enter the beard competition in Vancouver and was awarded  fifth -prize, _  Mr- Gendron, hi co-operation with two  other ladies,  run^Riondel's union paper,  ;'    . AAake-Shift  -  Scheduled���three .week" disiuptjon���  while (alterations weie made to the  lrjaia ptfice at St Mary's has now  'extended to thiee months, the recep-  'tioit defsk is in a coiridoi m the basement and four desks are squeezed  into the Board room, Conditions are  becoming upsetting for patienjs atid  "It is our wish, it is our desire, it is * staff ��� a'llq StUt there  |S  no-indlQ^tion    I  iHnempiciymenHipres  show downward trend  PREMIER W.A.C. Bennett last week call-  .   ed attention; to his statement on employment in his Budget Speech of February 5, 1971, in which-he stated:  v   "t  n  t j  i -1 "5i  i  !    ,-},  A  ana, Haiti, Malawi  the world.  At a vefy impressive opening ceremony, the St Hon. Roland Micheper welcomed the members to the Congress and  Ule  official  hostess -.was  Miss* Charlotte  Spending a vacation . at the Jack  Ttmple home are Mrs. Temple's sister,  Esther "Anderson from Woodfibre, with  husband Doug and daughters Pam and  Kelly ,       *  - ' - :   our determination, that more jobs , be  created within British Columbia. The  .Government not only will take action on  its own account, it will seek the cooperation of business, of labour, of all  segments of the economy and, especially,  from every ciUzen in this province to  bring.this about. I want to stress that this  is the minimum objective, let nobody say  it is the maximum. The minimum objective this year is to increase the nu-  her of jobs *of people gainfully employed  from October 1, 1970 lo October 1, 1971  by a minimum of 35,000".  "The Premier referred to the latest employment figures from Uie Dominion  Bureau of Statistics, Ottawa, issued as of  June 19, 1971, which slated that theie  were 807,000 citizens in Bntish Columbia  gainfully employed. This c-ompaied to the  employment figures of June 1970, horn  the Dominion' Bureau of Statistics v hen  of vvheU, the alterations wijl be fn">  isjied. 5ir,.  there were 814,000 citizens of British  Columbia 'gainfully employed. The Premier pointed otit that'there ate- now 53,000  more citizens in British Columbia employed as of this June, compared to June  of  1970. '  Also, the Premier stated notwithstanding the influx of citizens from all parts  of Canada into British Columbia, the .numbei- of unemployed citizens in the Province  went down by 21*000 in the same period.  Walter Safety says,  "Tell your mother and  lather 'hat you want  to limn to swim NOW."  '.TUBUS  .  i* ���* ,  1 TuitKBo**!     -i -  1 pkgfTurtfp FpptJ  TMI C   _ 6?c  29c  -1,97  ALL  fqr  ,��t  t    r  ���AM,-eQM^S   \l  $4" W.M* "i   -y  .h  *IJ*  PITCHER  7? qi.   .;'���'���  4 (CMps5l>rgy.  Reg����|^r$l;98  JSALE  }>\_y   '������  Slit  T\.  1 ,      >'  2 pLY UNWRAPPED  BALLS  M mm  MATIRHftY WEAR  -'* Vi'-PRtCE  MALL0RY FLASHLIGHT  PL^JS 2 BATTERIES g^   J|Jj  ALL FOR-^ft��^^  CHECK OUR STORE  AW SUMMM CiQTHMGj  l/p TO 5Q% SAVINGS  ANOTHER  CONTEST   IS   ON  AT, Y^IIR   STEDMAN'S   fepALER-y:  CAMPBELL'S VARIETY, IT IS FQR THE MONTH Of AUGUST���INr  MAY WE CAME SECOND IN CAI+AD^IN AUGUST WE'Rg OUT TQ>  GET FIRST. SO FOLLOW THE RAINBOW TO STEDMAN'S IN THEJH  "POT OF GOLD SALE". JUST SAY^HARGE IT WITH YPMR <3AMBLl  CREDIT CARD OR CHAteX CARD.  \     TRAIL BAY CENTRE SECHELT  PHONE 885-2135  ��(-n;K��ilfi.WM'#ivwi'n;'i;rn*n  0*--***  Xi  <a1  . -- I*  ^^r*+*t0^f^  w>  PV  r*i  aos^v*-  &*��<*  m-  ^3 ���j^>'*v-,��  '��>  !r.(i\     I'M  By-KRAFT-  2 Ib. block   **...���....  KRAFT  32 oz, jar  KRAFT    ,  1   lb,  pkg.  GARDEN GATE  4B ok,  FLETCHER'S, READY TO EAT  Effiwaesrsai  24 ox, ond wp  Eoch;-.'   C  BONUS WHOLE  52 ox, con  WONDER SOFT  4 pack    "    -  c  CUTRITl  100'  Km     111   r    CL��VERLEAF COCKTAIL  UHUiUOtflill , ,   W* oz   4,  iMs  KELLOGG'S  10 ox,    tki'im  GARDEN GATE  3'/i ox,  CLARITA-v '  28 ox,  t *  l��.M.......M..,..,.M.....Wli..............��� i I.   .   ,,,     ��� ,        ,     , {   |n|| M|| ���t-,^,_ulJ  ���m<0,0mm,���im_..  BURNS  1  lb, pkg, SKINLESS  ^���^������^������[���������������'���^���'���-^���������������'������^.������������������������������������'���������^������������^���������IWWIIIW^  OKANAf3AN  COBS  CALIFORNIA  Scodlo��s  *,   ���   . ���!  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