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The Peninsula Times May 12, 1971

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 ti'  .���'���������*>*��'-  ������.-���  ^1^ * *"  vvy��*vvvyYl'v-*Ti-*rT^^  Problems claimed ,  %3t Oa^a-ii^rj G^ic Indnsteies Ltd.,  ii i i' ^ '' i    n \ '  Registration. Ho, \ 142  THRfcE yews wpVH' ty'*^t|tao  ** TW  lane fqr stqres qloi^i^ jpin Sechelt  shopping f-veft," liy foriBei-fllHerrnen Moi'g"  an Thompsph end'-i^orm ^w-rtlpn. waiv-  filed at lgst rrie6Ung Q|-09��n$Mitel'-A14-.  gen Lang had 'so-4ghf',1nl6?lti8i^h as *P  Why, they were kept dp th^--gep^a with-  put d'scussiqt]. ':    v  Aid. Lang, elected in Qepeniber, s*ud  he noted a couple of itein'-.dn the agenda'  and wondered'wh��^ the sUuation was  regarding  then.,  ���    Clerk. Ted  frayner explained  that  it,  -,h*ad, been planned to provide a rear- lane  but one or two problems were involved  ' with pwners. Further, there was the question of a $600 fee should Council proceed  with, a survey.  Mayor Bill Swain added that there is  also the problem of a house at one end  which would necessitate a job. He said1  Hie time probably come when Council,  will have to put-in a lane anyway.  ..,* Aid- Lang -suggested that if there is  little Council is able to $o at this time,  1 then the item might a^-s&tell be removed  fiom the agenda. Cpi��ogi|J|p,,rooved.  ���: Original object qj^fe |frne  was to  provide access to,, the'.' |tqrt^^i-ather than  -' frpm the main stre|t*,tp^^cularly fqr un-  lqa.d|ng of merch-iiVsi(pf'Aid. Thompson  had spent a great de-d'of time discussing,-  piid planning, the proposal with property  owners involved. This was later continued  by Aid. VWaJson who obtained a signed  apprqv,akl}y-all whose property backed  onto 'tlle^hroposed lane. Each agreed to  give i^mh feet for the lane, a further  teq��� H^W*-* a'so agreed lo by owners of  the land on the other side, thus providing  a totai width* of twenty foot.  SUBSERVIENT  "No  maiter which way  we \arp it.  ���WO'Lld seorq, WP are subservient to the  fregiopEJl frpard,'- said Mayor' ��waip ip  cqrn^ehtingiqn the fact that approval for  ���lgyipg pf'aiwater line along roads 4nl a  svibdiYisigp jwithin VlhagP boundaries" has  to PptTie from the Regional Boai"d-. While ,  'tl-ie eputycjj is *"ple tp'approve a line alqng  i}S "pads, approval for the actual wa^er  hne has, it seems' to corpe from the Re- -  glpn#l Bp'*-rdr   ;��   ". .   ,  j-fpbdlYisjqn hi question was that of  Ml'-'Ted Qspqrne -it West Porpoise Bay.  Cpupcd has already  approved the  sqb-  ' iclivi|i'ph apd the proposed water system  wlli- be* privately installed by the developer for the Regional system does-nqt  extend that fal- at present However, the1  installation has to mee.t with Board requirements in the event that it might he  - connected  to  the  Regional system  at a  later date.  Mayor Swain added that it seems.to  him, even I hough the municipality- is  considered part of the Regional District,  it should J>e able to make its own decisions. ���������*-'..       ^  Mr. Rayner said that at the time, it  appeared���tW-village had j*o alternative  but to join with the Regional District with  . respect to water, "In time it will probably  prove much simpler under one iprisdic-,  tion," he added.  Mayor Swajn commented "the way  things are going"! can see the time cpmjng  when the municipalities will be out and  we will all be under the Regional District," i  SHACK CLOSED  . That known as the fylalhorp Tree and  more recently as The Legal Front hj"s  again been closed just a mohth or so'  after it was seen lit tq grant a business  Ijcence despite the fact a licence had previously been withheld on the adyice of  the   Public  Health  Department.  Letter from both the health inspector  and building inspector advised Council  the small structure does not conform "to  health regulations in that it has no toilet  >     ,   i, ..' . '        I      '   : \ "  ~  "���__��;       - ' ' ���< -   ,7 , ��� v      - '.     '       J    x     ,   ���  fjorvfrjg the 5nn*-hlpe C��M,. {H��"Ye Spqpd *q Jpfvis jnfet), fnclpcjing Pqr r Mpllqn, HPR^Ins Lpnd'nfl, Grqptharns ^opdipg, Gibsons, Roberfs  Wil-jon Gfcek, Selpi-g Park, "eghehf H*"htT'*jc'P $aY, Secret C6ve< Pendo r HflrfeoH''' Mpd^ifg PgrKt KlBJnd>j|e) IrYJne^ Laqding, Eai-| Cove, I  LARGEST ClfiCUUTION QF'ANY PAPJR ON THE SOUTHERN ^MNSHJM^OAST,   -7    VQJMmP 8, No. 24 = WEONgSpAY, fokY: 1?�� }97\  V.  Tl-fs Issue *|4 Pgges  *z     *���  .- r- f*0         L ^  0^  1  !���  1  e project  /  ���4  Boat ramp paving proposal  proposition  or washroom ittcilities.  CPRRECTIpN  'Feature last week publicizing thejGib- .  sons Rural Committee. Centennial "Pioneer  Day   Display"  seemingly  carried   an  error' under- one picture, thai of the hand,  made steam engine model and a recording  machine  which  were  made  by   Mr.  James B. Swan, not Robert Shaw as stat-.  ed in last weeks Times. ' ���  ODDFELLOWS  ...   Past Noble .CJrand's Club of Sunshine  Rebekah Lodge 82, Sechelt, a*i).powledges  WHAT1 started   out"as" J^-very" simple Avenue could he collected from wliarfagif  prppisal by  Hie  Sechelt and  Ristrjpt    bqf, sajd Mr. Rayner, they undoubtedly  Clitiinber- of Cuitrmcrce to -seelt-a^grov^l���think we hpye a wharfinger.   to undertake paving arid improving pf a    ���     Mayor Swain said this is  a  proposi-  srp��H section of the Pbrpplse Bay rarnp-    tiop bet-f left Mope "it will be just, cost-  The buildiiig inspector saifthe had suggested  renovations  whit~t*i  could   be  car-         , .._.r ^_^.   r_    ���    ried out and recommended that the ten- to facilitate small boat  launching, seems ing, us  mqney," he addpd.  ants be advised that a licence could- be to" have developed into a major probleiri. Xld. Lang explained that  Happy Visitor  . Happiest visitor to {foe Sunshine Coast  last weekend .was Mr, Karl Uhrle  of North Vancpn.ver \vho took home  a good catch of trpy.'t fr-pm Ruby Lake  together with tlie winning fish and  1st prize tropny in the Qibsons Rod  and Gun Club Annus! Trout Derby.  Mr. Uhrle on -right -receives ihis trophies, one to keep and one just for  abi^*���^M4-pfri-Mr_ Ste-^HotlannV���-j  Arts Gouncil1 meeting  Roberf-TCreek May 31  ANNUAL  general  pieetirig  pf  the" Sunshine Coast A*'ts Council will hc hPJd  at   the .Legion-Hall,  Roberts   preek  op  Monday. I^tay 31st 'J"t 8 p.m. .  " Member&i arc asked to m*-kp 3 notc  'of the date-'and plan to -rttend fc> elect;  directors of1-lheir choice. Six direc|oi^ are  ia be elected, each lo serve a two year  teim.  Entertainment for the eyening yv'ill  be coloied slides of Europe by Mrs. Wrp.  Rankin of Selma Park, Rclreshmenls will  he served. ,_ ���    _.  Three vehieles collide  cause one hour hold-up  THREE car cqllision at^M'ddlepoinl pear  Pender Harbour.- last "weekend respited  in the Highway being blocked for about  pne hqiir. Qnp par was a total Joss, anr  other . rluff^d dainage amounting ,0 '  about��� $fi'p!|"^t-} ^ truck was damayed to  .:the'an-qiih|;ipC'a-|||rq--im��tely $200. Tbpre  were no injuries".',  ���r .Incident occurred whpn a tiuck be?  longing to Grey*?; Triinj-fpr, Powell KiveV,  was in collision with an aulo driven py  Mr. Clarence Johnson of Bqrpaby. Irit  .vestigation r-evealed both had beep, hpg-'  ging the white line but both denied.cpjosfsr  ing the line. Trupk^lriver was Aftliyr-  Hayes of Powe'U J^^r.  The Johnson cat;rr^lrqunded fropi t|ie  truclc and in' turn s|ru|k another car  .driven-by Mr. Aibert.lielpen of Victoria  causing, damage to the amoLwit of $501*.  "���"���"'"���No charges were laid as Ihcpe wcrp  nol witnesses and both drivers claimed to  ^_ba^c_bue�� vviliiiu-theiiMighL-laue.   ��� "j  T  :  y  e  '.?���  *  K.  i'  "s.  1  h.  *t  t*  0  .��.  �����>������  '    .'  r\  I."  * 0  M  *.S  ���  ���   ���*  i*w  ��� "     ���  *t,  if - ���  ,' ���   ��� *    1  ���a  ��� ll.  ���*.','  0, 1  J  I*  1   ��  Sechelt group  -x^nlribnlions   made_-  Fir   Hai-hnin-  Crib Club 'thus enabling a Pender child  to attend the Odd Follows j"*u;pipncr Gi|p}p  '.at Whhd Hqck. The Lod^wiirscmri three  yopni-ster-s lo {lie Garnn thir- surpmW;  MARIJUANA  liayipppd Mi-siri"*, . caught s o m e  mqiiths qgo ip possession of niiirijuanirat  Cjardeu Hay, appeared before .Judge  .Chirrles Mitleislead last Friday apd ep-  tei-ud.a guilty plea to cluirgu of possession. J-|e'was fippd $|()(|. qr".3fl days ja(l  if, jn default, Twd q(|iar c|rtirges. against  1 hill)  were dropped, ' ,  granted   once 7 brought' up   to   approved  standards,  as   recommended-  Mayor Swain asked had the. owner,  H. 3. Gordon, been notified of the irilua7  tion? Mr. Rayner rep|fed "at this tipip  we are dealing .with the tenap'.s.P  It is noted that at 0 previous Council  meeting it Was moved that findings qf  the inspectors be made known to both  tenapt and owner. *  Mayor SWain said he feels no opera- , ,   ,   .      .���.  -tion Af any Kind should h��. ^HMllS'.l" , hHy/; hepp made to v^kh^  at rjqrrie Ciiam-  The ramP/ <irg|nal|y 'provided fqi' barge * her mehihefe lTacf"��eir (he"existing' i-^mp  Tasd-ing, is used extensively for- laupching, ^yas gpaded loo shaliowly apd presented  of small boats bul at low tide, and ph.   "*"       ' '       "      ' '     *":  occasion   boaters hayp experienced sqm">  difficultisc The Federal Department ipdi  cated   it * could  not  undertake such  im-  jproyements but suggested the Provincial  oiiang interest  mi yatepdfe^ let. vwi-$etiiig  or local government .pe, appj'pached. It  was? ,t.hep decided the eham}-pr w^pld,  undei"take the project ps a ppblic servicp.  3jpce that time inofficial phone calls  l of  ^jfit prohlerp for deeper vessels. Therpfore  it had beep decided to go for the area  jietween tjie ramp and the wharf which  is  presently  unused, .  Aid. Ted Osborne expressed the view    ATTENEANG55 at the first general meet-    will represent taxpayers and make .mtiir.  that  the existing ramp  is  gppd epqugh     '    ing of Sechelt Ratepayers* Association    wishes known tp4ocalepunci|. >  as is^ He said hardly evej- i$ if Jised hy    -yvjo-jld  indicate  that  Iptej-est   is  already The As^pciatipn will only be'as strppg  rany large bqats apd sees np realpp fqr - ���Waning ih re-activation qf the group or    as   the "support -rKgets   from   tj-je   tax-  ;changjpg it'.''"     ',.  < ' '      '":'..'. ft -'eluctspce qp-fhe pin't qf the pphhe-ta    payers, of Sechelt. Those wishing tp |-akp  Mayqr '. Swain ��  tjommentpdl 'j'f   they     accept office. ��� pulpipmbprship shpuld contact one pf the  the shi"ck ^pplil  \.jdp,wmmk,  s|)oijld npfifyitn^  cil sbduld not  inspector,   he  exprps^eri    the  view   t|iat  Cohneii sliould hove some authprity,  Hc-wat- told by tlio plej-k, "Jet ps do  opethipg at a time". Aid. Lang replied  "thnl is jui-t what I ajp doing". [  Aid.   Osqprnp    iigreed.   (be  siluatinn  would haye.ip'hc-.watched apd deall with1  'effecHvejy', ���       ,  Prpyipclat; ^pparfrpPht'-r In: reading the  letters,, fplei'jc-:JFpd ftayper sajd it seems  Ml:. Jqp Bepner hnis been ip tphph wii'V  the dPP''rtqVepts and i*s a reKtilt ji '^uff  been, suggested that perhaps Cqiipcjl  wppld he inlcj'c&lcd in taking pver, at' nq-  minal lease, botli thc Selma Park }*j-cak-  walei' and Porpqise Hoy wharf.  It was estimated that some $2,50'' 11:-  ers  4mm     ���\>fJ<" \ -  "."'* \'X '   j'^\  '���rum''''-'i'-y -  W' z%K' \Yr ''r;',''IJAjU\-.^;. ���,  Ll    *'    I,*,   fl I   ,,,)  I'l' if". I*   I'\\ l'  z,  'J.\  ��-  0 *.* , ��� ��� \ '���* "^7PrA\.      /���''���������-*��� *- - -'  ...    .       -     . ..��*,'-. 1'. - ��� !�� ���*, ';. ���   ''. -   -  *."r ,       , * *V'^    il".' J*."''    i-l-l      -'I,   *.*���     A,jr-'��^J "'.i'  C*Rpyp of coi-cei-iipd ni-pperfy qwners  *' meeting'lust' week at ijie'WilsqiiiCrcek  Community Hull decided (n proceed with  formation pf u Rtigional Rirtepnyers' As-  socinliqn, A rough draft of constitution  and bylaws was prepared and wi|) bp  submitted tq Victoria to'the director of  societies  for .his approval. ���������  4  On receipt of the charier, properly  ���f'Wnqfs will |:ic. iiqllfieri as to w|-|(:re find  wiieij the first general nieuling willtuke  place,  It.'s understood the group fee's "that  with tin many iirens organizing t'ulcpuy-  i'|-s' AnKoeiiitiui'iB' a Hoglonirl Asiiooiiif|q|i  would he iihlc lo offer grciiler i:i|-o,rdimn-  tjon upd pi'ovldc a nirong viiicf!; for llio  i,'lilii-i) nrcn:    ',..,....   .,..        '...:.  "S9p|?PHr  13jg||tccn hphple qttendpd .l��t!.t week's  lppejipg hejd .to elect officers iind ten  pf  lliem  accepted   nominution   with   the  /following e|cc|ed: elniirmiin, Mr. Jo|in  Clarke j 1st vice ehirirman, Mr. Fred .lohn-  ,snp; 2nd 'vice chairman, Mr. Tom .Parisli:  secretary treasurer, Mr. Pave Wilson;  director, Mrs. Belly Williams, Mr.' P. A.  McLaren, Mr. H. E. IhUnson. Mi-. W. fl..  Hiirris, Mrs. Jonn Korgen and Mr. .fuck  ^opicrs,  "Mr. Clarke reporled that nn reply  had been received from Victoria regarding  .Validity-hf-th-i '.'barter, |V|r, Wilson Hiilci  thai, lie had beep chocking,. t.liti 3ocicjt Jus *  Act and lis '|i<j irnnpal fee hail not been  soul to Victoria it W I'lpssiil'ile 'lhat. the,  "chuiiler is pow" i|ivali<|,  fiiero are ipany ruafipiKi why people  feci ii peed lor 11 T'lilopuyori'' AkhocIu-  tloii'in Secliell, the mi|ln onp being tlie  necessity l.i-Jiiiye fui qrgani-jed' hndy. wjijch  on  increases  Overruled  ."��.��  1^  'f;'  ijyjrMymfF'  Up to public  ...>>*,.,  .{*<*.,.  T  wm,  imuap  if-i|i��ii>-^i)ori*Hiww-'ii..wM-ii-iuu^jjy/;L^|J|.u^  in hinlc   hifi ��nif.l< i'tulrloi I'lv dhl     "W "I l||U'Mimlclpul Affii in |)iipiirlp)i:i|l  |iv)i niuHho^ecjiuifHiii-iidf it   '���,.01.wwl,,| ))y ,,,,.��� ,iiU()), ������ u ,|',j ,������-,  ��,y 11 in  ibHlde  I'Viim i|   --i-w*  I'lilentri) miliinllllM  Jh'giniiiil IW'1!'1 "'' |'"ihllHhi.;f  lliin wi-i.')-'ii TJmim, |l Im now i|ii|lii(i.'|i;ui' Hie  I'l'iivliicinl tloviiliimupl him put rihipuiri-,'  lillity iqi'iiip/irovlng ii graviil minim  ai|mi  \ip  f'iii)i(lrui'liui)   Aggriigfilc  fully in ihu liiimlh of llm iiniini,  Fiom liii'iiiiiiiiiioii loilulu, )i.iu-i��ii|n  hu|k  nl   lhn  piopori'il  opui'iillon   will  - '"ty    '  Wnlcr linen w  l!;i|iilpmi)pt  nf very lnhm  11 ho  tq he  rcnirmiilulnil,  lined In mild  Ih  he  to  Ol' '-|)��l':  Ltd,  ID  ������viMv<UnilhiiLiii:��iii-i:iyj-n'.hiii,luliliiii.nfJli��-; ''",,,l"',,y  Highway ln.'iwiin  lim-liell,' upd" H<!|mli  Purl'. Thn pliniit  will  Ins ii|iuali'il nonni  diiiiuni'i! away trom'im'l ahovi! th,*.' High"1  way lynip w|-*:ri- jl will he lawighl ilowir  hy   ri-pveynr,   iipilur   Ihu  highway   and  UuWII     lllHtllj<ll    U)f- l|'��dlM|��.-.ltfc'M����,.V,��.-.ll.)-#~  .h'h'llh,,hui'hm',,facilitv Ji-,l;i^,i.'pijn|-'i|i'|ed..  iH'iti'.jhu iui'iilioii irf l|p> old I'liui'i'li, wliii'h  hiinil ildwii liml year,   '  ���-^Qn,jiWllv-of^wat��--,~io.-hi��..��-iiijd..juv)ll-(l-p.-  hamd 'hi Hm Hoard rejeata) hul, II,, Iiiih  houn Muled  Ux.-iii  will ili.'l'hillcly  he no  rh����hi--'UM ii|' rllrly  W"lw-' ul  uily  jiplpl,  /I  iIohI/UI apd uixlcrnlooi  in 0Nl|-i)|))ii|y qulul Ip oporallqii, In pi'der  Ip check lui'lho)' biln Hi|m, llio (louni huu  ugi'i'iid In vlull a nlmllur'qjfji.Tailqii mny  I'prt  Moody .a|  llm  wiHri'-i'lfuV *)f Cpp-  ;ilrucl)i)i|  Agg/cgulei*.   it  i��  powflhli*  ll)��  ThiH'H will  hi;  Ipyllcd Jo go along in  with  ��   fiiw   nihur   hihircidiid  j)f-rm|(T,-��� :���-"���"'"-*' ���'"-���' *- """- --I--------- --.  Luhiiil |'|gmi,'ii miggciil l|)i��t tin; qpnra-  IjOP  w|||  pliiv|rlir, nmpjoymept   for  more  lliuii upii Ipunlyvd pi.'oplii,  ihun  aildiiig  roiii.)dr|ii|ily lo Hi" i.roiMiniy of ll)i;roni-  mmilty.'                      - ,  w^0^r^m^j..^riijy^rjW ffprTinici;  ln��l w��J,'k ''I |i��v��f nhidjod tip* propin-��l��  rpdle cloudy apd have come lo |||�� epp-  I'liiHloii'ihul innii an opciutlmi w||| h'jnn  Outeido |.oom��)(- In  Kvoi- '"  (jrjvo  nol, D|  i)nj||a4 Woi|n��tt(|uy, Mr, IfllMirl. nj).  /jjiid hi.s hrnkdH when jnillriif' inl/i n  Uirmii N))o|, iiv front of ll)�� Hoynl,  milk. tI)�� lri|('k Iind j)l.)iiur (dons nnd  --i-ow'-ilu'l lo moiinl' Hip enrh nnil  t!hlnr Hi*- hiink, vla'J'jjff window.  Annrf from minor * ��iio^)< hy cw  jiloyiu.'H.-W(��'lflng i|)��)(lf', liiuru w��r��  ��M)''il)jHJ'l����, A���       ';   ,  w|ilcli qfl'ci'H Hiu.'h 11 largo puyroH".'  Widlo Hl'i Jhiglmia| Mnfilfl IM'm alri'udy  upp-uyi-'il' .i|)u |ao)i;<!l In principle, it luiu  du'iiided h��',idv[- I'wh'ppiii i|rp oppuri'imhy  A'fcJBIilBltJMKN'l' ill' $0,000,1.(1 thu Vi))ugn of  U|hiio|-|- n|iuru of the ilugiqiiul n|nt|')ct  4iltl,oi)0 iichi  rcservf) fii'iid, under   ��})��  Miiniclpiil li'liiuiico Aulliqi'ity Act, Iiiih  hee-r fjiu.'Hlloiied hy Council due Iq the  .f��������'.���#. II la pqt involved wltfi llm |lquni in  the function of wirier hty whlcl) ' llic  fund (iruYidcH, ..,",���  At  luul rcgului; piecllng r;f Ihu Hqard,  iiecretary Iruaiiurer Char|cn Chiodlng re-  Iq 'j-ri-iamf. valid pp)|}|oM'|. 'ri|ui'��i'qrq, l'<!"-  idi.'ipu, pi'onDrly owquiti nnd oigunl/alliaitH  - vnv! invmifl (<]'"wu hiiin hrhificiii 1 inr nonni -  mi Ihlii ,nhj.'�� l up in I nni Miiv :/0lh 1071,  j'*uri||i!r dutallii n^-inlniii. il,)l�� .will a|..q  he hu'md   in an advcilli-cmcnl    In lh|u'  Wiiirk'ii  'I'lliK'H.  II In pohih'il out Unil iM/i'i| ihnnlil llic  Hqurd dcrjilo In rcjuulei' nhjirlmu to'llm  i-rhrini:- Ihn I>p?v1lir'nl prr]Wrlmc||t llllglh  ulill pvor-lu|e  Hie qhjci'llon,  Aa I ha ohJecloiH wl|l pulmully iniilie  proccmied   hy  ii:i|iiiiiilioii an  II  apply Id llm Village ,i)f' (Jllmpnii, pr Area  A  (1'iinder  Jlurhoui),      ,,  Hqwiivui', Mr. flooding uaid hu, lum  ynfi'.yyiid Ilia mallei' hi the Hq/irdlu ��o|)i.')-  Iiir who udvMoti that the Plalrji.Tii liilur-  piidiilioii   ul   Iho   Ai.'l   iBci'lioii   M)   wuh  tiori'dct.  .... ,������-..         .,.. ..-"....;.   ,, 11 wan moved hy dhc'lur V/o|vi,'rlfip,  'iiiM'opdi.'d bjy iliri;i;|or We��l llpit lhe l|cg-  Innul Ihiiu-ii wan con-ucl apd vt\H |lf")|"��  Inlil  ||a  pi|-r|1|op qn   IhlMiiulli)*'. ',  || wan alno movp.il hy illrcclof Wi)|vor-  Inn, W;cq|n|ed' hy dhcfior Wwl, Ibaf Hm  (Iti.'gloiial PiHliii.'t plumuii' |>u fippolnlod  to ii(imiii|iitc|' im.. /onliig l*yj��iw. 'oid��r  ||)i> prov|ii|im��i qf nccliop I, il, () qf Ihal  bylaw,   , '  ""TUJir wmchipi; iiriiiariiiM<yr"h.?eir  r'uriii.'d qui hy lluv bulJilhig jiiappidnr on-  di:i hie iimmurdiilji.'i., {?i;i:ijon,.l. li, (I qf llio  Aid. u!a!en, ip im/'Ii ''The hillldim' Ipupw-,  loi pr mii'h nllmr pi;|i-ni) npjio||)li:d hy l|i��>  Hoai'iloi   llii'   (-iiiii.'.lilnc   (iiWuil   lOglopnl  Diiiiji.'t. i.|inll  uilimnii.ii.'r tlm, hyluw,"  Afiked  ti| rnmmnii  mi th|i" p��"w  nr-  |ai)g/;mi;iil   lulcr,  u  Hnaid finnplmy lold  Ihe 'I'Iumjh "It would' nnnip yti; havl- cpr-  Mlri|i:lion- in April wan li/ilil compared  to [vliii'i.'li, thin wrm aliio llm cxpci'iciir.'c  qf |)i|||dh)g supply cqmpiipjeii, . '  Miux-li hroughl Ii'i a lolul of HI) lairniiUi  wl||i,i��   Included    plumbing* - rcnldimccn,  caipiirl'i, ailililiimii etc,  to, 11  tolu'l  valui;  of' W7,1100,  If'ecii  collui.'li.'d  iimoimli.'d  In  ���$im. Ml|iiii|iii covered lli'l. mllwi   J'im I In) icpqrl for April ii<-i;om|ted fur  Jnsl )U'pui'inim Ihhiii.'iI In up appiq-ilmate  viduti��of $00,000��� wllli-u' buul'log on*huixl  of W |)(irii)|l app|)i!iilioi|��i ,'apd viii'lonii  lleipii of i,'(a,riiHpiihiloiii.,p to i-umji'liili-,  lllilldhig cqiliitiucllqii, III the 1'irpdnr'  llurhqur area in incrcaiiiiig apd while  moi'! of l|)i( imfpedion"' Micro have heep  I'uiii.'imliulcd Into 11 Wiuliii-iuliiy mornln^,  wllli co-opcrallop qf'|-ii||i|<.<--|s, ll In now  liri|jiiii��lli|i.' to carry qui thin work Iiimu.-Ii  a ahoi'l 'ippf��- of lime, Mr, llcyhinp lidded  Hint Im huu now arnipgi.'d ip dovqto' an  i.'Dtlip day lo Areii A In' future,"  . , yyalcr Mipi!ilp|i!pdiiiil M"|/lop PInop  ii!|io|'li;d (hut a Iwo houi' waler qulu/tc ut  Hchpu J'ui'l' Miirch If In I w/111 i.'iiii/u.'d hy a  h��wi|�� |��i llic qld 'Wpi|(rtiluvi;'|'ipi; Jppi,  Ihiwevui, cliungi- ov��r lo new ir' muih  in well opder way, Hopip WI feel  of II"   ..,���..,,  ,..  , ,.,  ,  ducllle wan laid hrl||g|pg a lqlu| of ���1070     * ,V     in S'* ,"'* '*m > ^f 2'^�� ^"'^  icpmlilg the old wood     . '"V"'" ����A����l��rr.,  OTTAWA���Iporcii.scd   spliVrioii   fny  \Ma\p-  hers of Parliament in a  hgd uxuipple  ���for Canada at this time, Ijonse of pdip-  nions was told Friday hy Paul St. Pierre,  MP (Lihi.Tiil-Ciisi.st Chilcotin). " ���+  I^c Raid he agreed will) lhe principle  of Hulury incleii.s.-ie, pui si|id 'they'ijlmnld'  not hecqnie-'ifl'eclive until sil'lei- the next  election. He I'avoreil the inoreuse in ex-  pi)nsen unil said lie would Uilu; i'l "gladly".  Hpouking'��� as a' new MP, BI. Pierre;  "said, "Alljioiigh I amy nol huvo Known'  Wind liiy cxpMiiHu.s woiik) be, I did know  whut my.wilyry would he, hi iny,'npiploiv  i|H!.ai||.|| Purilumcni should |ie Die pc-  cnKiOii when 11 salary incroa.so hecqmen  el'l'ecllve.'1  The Went Coaid MPjiiiid hi.'-woiild vole  In favor of ini.Tcuiiiid t-aliiryp ultlinugh'ho  hud previously nollflcd colleagiif.'H III the  Libera! parly Ihul lie iidendud In .vote  iiguiiinl, purl of Hie reu'ii-n, he miid/wan  Ihal hi vqlhig ngiiiiiiil. miliiry ini.Tiiiineu  Im migin uppi.'ur io be loining nomi!  "pilhllclulu" anil olbi.T i!|-Jlh:u , who huvu  he/in rduligliiipH llmmiuilvea. , In hlui.'l'-  --iiardlpg.ihlu hii;llliiliim," In hlii,ob,'icrva-'  lion, ii)ii;il MPii work hard nnd wilh./neul  dcfllnalliai. He i,'sprc,siied piirliiTnliirly  high rcvpiict for MPs'of Jimg nervier! hi  llm Iloii.'ii!, , ,    t      '..'..  Hi, 'Pii)iTi!'>'iild���||iall, idm.'d he wan  lipif'iiklng In Ciamiioim ugniimt u milnry in-  crcaucd ufefclivo halo,,, ||)t.. ���(!N| t;\Wip,,h  "knowing Ihul II |u going, |0 pmm\ ht)  would pqi he jiinllflcil In imcilpiing in-  cri.'ann.r nalary, "| m J n 1J j make arfaqgi,"  mi.'iitn,'which will'h�� apiulloi' of record,  whciuby. Ihl-i naln|'y. liiwnjuHw doon nq|  IJow lo mo dilrlpg-jiiu |)f,: j.r u,jH j-,,,.)),,.,  liu.'pl," 'i '   ���  Ad-Brlcls  point  lhe way  loflcllon!  In TWay's Ctossifferf.���  ^*wvw-#w-*-*-,,*^w,<-r'^^  'M'  HKy|.AU.|r  Irallurl  i}��i,'ei|oq|' i.'opi|K  Hon, nnlf mini, iol|mf .(rldgo, awnlngi  i'  ,. 1.111 -,. 1 ���  luul of 11" niiiln  "I'l  1 In  ihgji  ,,11!   Of.,  po*i''"<'r-h��',hu'v~��we,,badly���pf*^-.MPtnn-^h^Uu^ OVwiw-mI' ��� <o  added imprci- nf itpipjnyipupi, )p Hm urea,   j.o yi!n\, ttppp lliond who upprove Hie pro,- ,11m hrilldhig liuijiccior",'  upd it would he uhnurd fo reject fi ��'om-    Jccl  lo i-eglHtor H;eir upprovul In �� like '       In  hh mihmlllcd (V-poi'l,  biilldlnglil-  paraljvely hurmleim   type   of    imiii"ilry    mappor,  <                                             , npeclor I'Ved* lleyburn poled  thai  win-  1   '     ' ' 1 1       ' * ' '  ;       ,''.������;���������    ,��� ��    ��� ��� ..........      , 1 ......   ,  .- ..  ���..-, -.:- ".a :���'���: .��� ! ��������� ��������� .   ��� !-.- ��� j ' ��� ���.- .���  lV( 11 "i}ij. ?'"*i|iij* /��Vfl)i7iji��Id wV.'i i.<" <ili.'iT (ji'Kp'/1'-'*'���  ' An uiupilry Ipid bi'cii ii'i-clvcd rcgrpih,  ing iiupply|m' watiy In Nor' Wi'1.1 Hay  upd Ma'i'io Moifd arcii'i whi.'ju p poli'iiljul  .01* 1100 loin could ��� hu -rii'i vi'd,. Thin, riiu|ii  In; '.airninplli.lii-d hy riiniili'iirllpg a por��  tfoii ol Hu.' jiulliniam liay uyi.lcmT"Veai.l,-  h)i|ty qf tmrii n i-i.-hcme jfi'updor siudy  hy lh" imglqei.'i'i, ,1  Work op Hm  l.iipgdule wulcr prqji.-cl  p|i<ml(| hIiuI in May nnd erppilHlH of liiyipg  upprm<lmuie|</  3000    fcui ��of If"  duclilu  ^nnliiN lo I'qmp.'i'l iprj-pow prodiicHop wcl/  Iqlffu cx'ii.tlpii nynltpi,  r,r  ")jmm Hrm^'/hlrT/qiN'f'O |l)fl mm*  nol on liiwp��, i.licrji!, or In f.q|vi!i|!,t  I inin (-l^iliftl" nmJq-yto:,!, |,|a|, pg|p,,ty  i.n|i!> tnpir,!,,     '     ' ���        , ��� ��� ''  pho-70 ^88^54  *,, Pliono final ppon Sundqy; c|osiif/a<l  deadline In Sundqy CYcninrj,  *$$$���>? * *"*" ^^^^'*^^^iJ^^^'i/^^ -*���!^rf**, **-,^**y^^,^^*%j^^^^-^<*^^ *��� ****-*" *** -*1 ���  %^mxt'*\*** aaw*. j*     i***  0  *-*��*; ,-"'^^~"-*^"r-j-'���^^"^^'^^<^!s*<^ -*, "HLn>"^rii rp^^PZi.}'!*tHAi-*~'TK^tott -*ss',-,  it,--*  *Z "i?*r~  -----  - ������ -'      ��� ���      "- - -sis,*. .   �� .. ���*- ^'-"���'- f * **>   nirt"*-^''-"^^  ���  *\0lK *0  &.**.  I** y, 00*^*1,^1* *���  I*   If   -1  *,***   t* 0*- yS**> *t�� j*,,**** fn**,***. - 4(   M  *t���0* +t*. jt>   4   4L.A   J*   r*-0*  A  **��  -���-S^rt- �����  *   ���*  M  *i,*��*iA.*��  *^*m��,A<��<.*v(��--M ��������***��*i�� 4^^^ *���-.  1   #   m* * + *���*. *r.+H*tn.*0}T0>*s*t,0t. 0*1,0* iiP^A^o^^^^i, ^.J^^fc^V 00f *���  ��^,***f0>.+* **00*\ *��� ^.0.0*.  *^#i  0Kt*%\ ��  '  A*, *"  . -   ��� ��  ���;-������(*--�����---. wvvv  Pgge'A-2 ThV Peninsula Times?, Wetfrtesddy, May 12, 1971  r���  ���.,.'. , , r~ j 1, . ,  ��., ��f ^.,,1. i|��irrlr.rn,,..T.^-t.^^-^-p^����i*^^,.w^frt^nnnrMruV(ftn()nnnnnBnntw,riminr[  HELP WANTED  HEAL ESTATE (Cont.)  *000**-  fiEAL ESTATElContinued) *    FOR RENT  1  AUTOS & TRUCKS (cont.)    FOR SALE (Conlmuod)  ^PuW^ytAT^^Sdiihelt - Phone 88*9654  Classified  44^ptAiuumfvv��niuuu0toti>n<iA��iAiwwttwu^^  QUALIFIED pve-sohpql teacher lot- half days starling fall  term. Appy Jack and Jill cooperative , Nursery School.  General  Delivery,  Gibsons..  0348-2*1  published Wednesdays by  Powell River-News Town Cripr  Sechult Times Ltd.  ot Sechelt, B.C.  Established 1963  "���,%  /-""   *  Member, Audit Bureau        L  of Circulptions  September 30, 1970  * ' Gross Circulation 2920  Paid.Cireulat'on 2446  As filed with.the Aodit Bureau  of ClrcHlf-tiQrii' S��Jt?jeGt tp audit,  i Classified Advertising Rates;  34ine Ad'Briefs (12 words)  One   Insertion  ���_��� __i_:$l .t)0  Three Insertionrs T-lr,.___-^.$2.0O"  Extra (ir��es* (4 wards) -_-���_-_���_20c  (This rqte dees not qppiy to  cpmrrierciql Ad^Briefs)  Bqx HMmbers ���,������..__i. 10c extra  50c Book-keeping charge* is added  ' ������..,.-'-:^r-'A^7Priefs'.rj|^f.pq|d by  'pHb|{cah*9n date,      ��  Legal   or  Reader   advertising   35  per count line.  Subscription Rates���  By Mail:  - Local Area _ 4���$6.00 yr.  Qutsi4e Local Area .$7.00 yr.  u;s;a, '..-;.-'?..;...    J-.$9.00 yr.  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Cremation. 6301-24  CARD OF THANKS  WS Wisrt-tq sincerely thank  " friends iind ��� relatives for the  lvincl words of sympathy, cards'  and beautiful flpral tributes  tendered in"the loss of a he-'  Iqved husband aq4 father, Albert Dalton Burt- Special  thanks to Dr. Swan and Dr.  ��� Bui-tnick, .the nui"ses qf St  Maty's- Hospital, and the arrV-  bulaiice brew, ���$dn*t May  Burt and son Albert Burt  (1300-24  PERSONAL  ALCOHOUeS Anonymous ������  Meetings 8:30 prm.,' Thqrs-  days, Wilson Creek Cornmun?  ity Hall. Ph. 885-9327, 886?  2343. 407?-tfn  WISH  to  contact fatter Day  Saints   pierqbers.   Ph. '885?  i)547 or 886-2546.      ��.   4505-tfn  ROOM, - board and care for  sehf&r citizens available at  Westhaveh Guest Home and  Wildwood Rest Home. 485r  4518. -        6315-25  WORK WANTED  MAN exporiencod in .installation til approved sexyngo  dibphsal system to ' onginec-Ls  drawings -Should also .he  pualified to complote plqmh-  ing alterations. Carpenters  jind experinnced helper with  own "hand   ton's.  Labrprs   foi*  - land clesring���.preferably having some experience with  chain faaw and hackhoe, Reply  in wrfling stating .qttahtu-a-  tions and experience, wage expected and phone number tq:  Advertiser, Box 504, Sechelt,  .B.C."    .--. \ 0583*34  ' . . : : ;-.���������--*   PART-TIME   ��� court    reporter  wanted.   Shorthand   an   essential   requirement.- Ph.   885-  21183. 6357724  FALUERS WANTED  Fully   experienced   fa Hers   fqr  - wa'rlt to bijgin in early Jiine.  Phone 886-2343 and leave  name  and   phone huhVhev  6383-2'7  PENDER HARE^UR      r  EVERGREENS LTD,  Ev^r^reens Wonted  SALAk~42e undone  "       HUCK42e'undone   ,  Done up 9e extra  Free  pickup  for  greens   anywhere on Sunshine Coast  Before . picking*, contact  plant,  1st placer North of Pender  Harbour  Hotel  Phone  883-2265  or  883-2721  "   5980-tfn  HELP WANTED (Female)  BIRTHS  "���-FRUIT tree and hedge prun  -^GIBSONJMVI-STERN-DRUGS ���  ...  Is  pleased  to  sponsor this  Birth   Announcement   space,   and  extends Best Wishes to the happy  parents.  GRAMMA and Grampa Ray  Clarke wish to announce the  arrival of a- beautiful grands  son, David Jade, 7 lbs., 10 ����  ozs. Born April 28, 1971. A  playmate for his beautiful sister Becki-Kim. Parents a,re  Sandy andjDave Cavalier. Paternal grandparents Mr. and  Mrs. L. Cavalier of Wilson  Creek. 6358-24  feg^G^tafrrrnnr^horre-SSO- SC^OO^-DIB-T^teT-Wo-Hr  05 FT. waterIrqnt,',float m\t\  Vamp,. 1,7 acres, ilapdsoaped  with" immaculate modern 2  bdrm house, plus guest^ house.  Situated in heart of Madeira'  Paik. Jack ftoblo, 1)83-2701.  Rdi>hostov Hearty,  936-72!12.  ,   .    .* '    6383-trn  EWART McMYNN  . REALTY S* INSURANCE'  Multiple, Liisttng Service   "' ,'  ���    'Box 238,  Gibsons, B.C.     ' '  'Meirjber "; "~ "  Vancouver Real  Estate Board. i  PHONE 886-2248  Notary Public -  GIBSONS    AREA-    Building  - lots   from   $2,200   to   $6,000.  AH servipes available.  HOMES:    2    or.   3.   bedroom ���  homes from $10,500 up. A1-'  so 5 a'ci-es qn a nice southern  .islope as an ideal coqntry retreat,  BUSINESSES: -.-Variety   store, '  only, $9,000 plus stock or a  ser.vipe st^tiqn' and home on  a one acre parcel of land. Try  your   offer. "  GRANTHAMS: Immaculate,  well ^constructed, two bedroom house, and one BR self-  contained revenue'suite.- Car--  port,, driveway, large cement  . patio. Splendid unobstructed  view. Convenient to transportation, store and PO. Excellent retirement home. FP  $18,900 with -jii-0,000 dowrr..  Balance on good terms at -8 .  per  cent.  OFFERS,  GIBSONS    RURAL:    Modern  2   BR  house and  well   bujlt  roomy   guest   cottage,   located  on   2'a   acres   of   level    land. .  New oil furnace, fireplace, car- ���  porlf**Targe garden area,  fruit ���  trees. A very comfortable, well  kept home"r~w!th room for expansion.    FP    $18,500.     Some  terms   possible.  MLS.  LISTINGS WANTED   CORNER; lot  ma   Park.  -0395.  for s.ala at Sel-  100x120.   Phone  6Q96-tfn  5 ACRES, V��hage of Sechelt,  'elevated view property, undeveloped. $10,000 cash. Box  5819,, c-o Box 310, The Tlrnus,  Sechelt,  ac,      ..        SniOr'fn  LOT   for  sale,   cleared,   level  huiding,   Davis-Buy,   paved  road   Oqp block   from  beach.  $5,000.   885-9345.   ,     ��� ('344-2Ei  -���EXCELLENT   eommerpial   lot  ���  centre Sechelt���highway  location, level and cleared.. All  services   available.^ Bqx   1104*  Peninsula Tintes.       ������ *if04-tfp  WEST   Sechelt, ~chojbe~ view  property.-i Cleared   aqd   rea--  dy td .btiilcl. Ph. 885-20^7.  -    ; ' 6389-26  FOR.   SALE:   2   room l house  with bathroom,, 2 lots, sonie  finishing. Roberts Creek. 886-  2764.       -��� 6395-26  HALL foi'-retU^ Wilsor- .Creek  Community    Hall.    CqntapJ  Mrs    Diane    Anderson,    885-'  ^05. ���     '  ��� ' 545*��7|f->  STORE or .office space;, for  rent. Aptiroxiiy-ate' 'Sijfv'' sip,  ft. sImage space in hqsejrient  for H'ntor. Phone, days,, 8fl|'*j-  9817 of pves, 885>-23(i$.  6294-tfn'  S'ECOND hand recently overhauled 7.HP S,aa Gqll out-  hoard  motor,  $10f)  cash-   Ph.  1185-9328. i - - 6304724  GIRLS bidycle  iq   very  good  condition.  Ph.  88U-7430.  6375-24  "15  GIBSONS:   2  . lot,   $8,500.  bdrm.  Phone  Orchard  926-1024.  6380-24  FURNISHED' 3 room  cottage,,  nice   location, .'"for   reliable  ���Wr-rU'd  couple   Th.  885-9(598.  v   . fia'95--22  ������ ���"-1��� f ��� "������"��� ",  '"' "������  HOUSEKEEPING    room,    all  found warm,, clean.  Private  entrance   Working   gent? Selma Park   Phone 885-95.35.  ~      . 0325-1 f n  WEST Sechelt���1'- 1 '/a ~hed~-  rqqiq compete ly furnished  hoqse, A-oil .. furnace, fireplace, responsible couple only.  No pets, $120 mouth.- Available' July 1st, '71. Write Box  -6322 c-o Times, Bos 310, Se-  qhelt, B.C. 0322-25  "tO'FT,  0A|?|N .crtris.eiv head,,  ���sihkv httjllcsj m hp Mef eth'y;  like  new- '-Ti-tfllW'-' $l",9"i().  Ph.  Hfi'^OQ^   -  , " Piptl'n  ' IV   FT; ��� .$$$��� plywqqcf. hqa't.  steering' %hqel,   winrishie'ld,  m% W- Mpdm- 'i!ifi-94tio, 5  p,|.n. to B.p.rp. qply.    . (5323-25  ll^r^FllRJiiqijASP .Planing'  "hull.  Ph.  P8.fi-2|'10.    (1397-24  TWP a  ���  inqnth.  t  Fit..  gurdies  pspf}  ���8.83-2417. .-; I..  mvA-n  MOVING,  -S'tticj-ei) 'ware  Vhone 8811-9525. :.  ivfp Pii'riiitin-i"   and  qilist 'he'.i-til'l.-  -'���  03(53-24  LIEQAt NOTICES  30  iFT.  gear.  Crown.  TROlnLian.  B    lipeiiqq.  ���pffl%  Ph.  Lots   of  Chrysler  t]8:i-2239.  ,6356-24  15J. MO'ULpElVfilireglass boat,'  50 hP Mer^, electric s;tart,  alternator, slightly l'��ecl- Pl'i-lt  in fibreglass gas lank. Holes-  claw tilt trailer, $075- C. .llow-^  les, Fi-aiici.s Peninsula Road,*"  near ono lane bridge', Madeira  Park. V>3.99-2.->  MqcGRiaOR PACIFIC  REALTY LTD.  Bqx 799, Gibsons, B.C.  Varr  pii-efct;  685-3133  ROBERTS CREEK: 7.2 acres  Ipw'er"' RpbeVts Creek Rd.,  semi waterfront, beautifully  treed, parklike property. Gentle" sj'ope, year round stream,  beautiful estate property, unfinished 2 room-, cottage; this -  is a must to see. $17,000 handles;. Bal A-S.  QOWER POINT: 200x200 view  -property ' stern i'   waterfront.,'  heautiful   beach,   faces   southwest.    Private   add.   seoluded.  FP $6>00.  GIBSONS:  .Waterfront,   centrally located, all services on  paved road. FP $7,000.  CALL:   John   Black   886-7316.  FURBISHED  JT BVhouse  885-2037-. . - .'���  or  for-  uj-t'qrnished  rent. Phone  6390-24  FOR 5AI.E  3   PEDROOM   WF.   All   year  WF home near Secret Cove.  Phone .988-9317. 6371-24  WANTED TO RENT  ���0.   ' __ '   ; '__   'y ^ ,,���.,;;',.,   ��� ���  '  FURNISHED  .housd   required  by  June   1st.   Phone  collect  87^1760. 6377-24  COTTAGE near safe beach,  sleeps, 6, electricity, wanted  from August 23 to Sept. 7.  Write C. Savage, 820(i.Government  Rd.,  Burnaby   2,  B.C.  6365-24  IF tT'S suits ��� it's Morgans.  885-9330, Sechelt, B.C,  8893-tfn  HORSE   manure  .Pick   up   load  Farm,   Gibsons,  for  sale,  $5.  at   Falaron  886-7729.  6239-tfn  SEMI-waterfront    corner    lot,  Earl's    Cove    subdivision,  $4500.    House    trailer,    8x38,  $2800. Th.   883-2281.    6317-tfn  NEW   electric   Tappan   range,  $140.   New   12   volt   battery,  $12.50.   Phone  '926-1024.  ���        .        ���       6379-24  CARS & TRUCKS  dr.  hardtop,  rans. $550  or  after   6  6309724  1964  METEOR  352 cu.  auto,  best    offer.    886-2886  p.m. ������-���������' ---r-.  -  -9862-  -6138tfn������-^r  (SECHELT)  -Vince-Erewer-  -BB6=9359_  CHIMNEY  sweep', and  stoves-  cleaned.   Ph.   886-2834   after  S:'-.. PM:  6304-24  WE OFFER a complete tree  service to tlie entire Sunshine Coast. Our* work is insured and expertly performed. Phone for free estimates.  Peerless Tree Services. Phone  '88572109.      ��� 6258-tfn  CHUCKS painting & decorating. Guaranteed���work, rea-  sonable rates.  885-2375.  A full time secretary, for the  Board office in Gibsons is  needed as soon as possible.  Responsible to the Secretary^  Treasurer duties will be of a  highly confidential nature  dealings with Board correspondence, typing, mmutes of  meetings, reports, purchasew-  ders and filing. Attendance  at Board meetings (evenings,  twice, a month) as. recording  secretary is a requirement.  Accuracy, initiative and...good'  health -aro - ossentiair-The pre-  Wally Peterson     886-2877  Box 238,  Gibsons,  B.C.  6385-24  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  Real Estate & Insurance  SUNNYCREST   SHOPPING  .   '  ,.CENTRE  Gibsons, B.C.  886-2481  BRAND NEW: 3 bedroom  home  full  ioT7~  ABBS  ���eperr  ROAD: New home with  of-fiBGT-gia strait  ENGAGEMENTS  5492-tfn  MR. AND MRS. L. H. Parr of:  .Hopkins Landing are pjear  sed to announce the engagement of their daughter Judith  Nancy to Richard Bryn Pearce,  eldest, son of Mr. and Mrs.  James Pearce of M.ission, 'The  weddiqg will take, place June  12th at Trinity United Church,  Port Coquillam with Rev...Don  Jacksoq officiating.  6359-24 ���  MR, AND MRS. Donald Cum-  '"���'rron of Madeira Park are  pleased   to  announce   the  en-  . gugomont of Llieir d'iiigl||er,,  Dull! 'ISvelyo . to Mr.' Mui'liq  Frtidei-ick LoW", "son of .Mr,  and   Mrs,   Edward    J..owe; of  .MiKliiini P��rl<7 BC. '    i\mi*'M  OBITUARY ]' ���  fc" iSKERRY,   Suddenly   oh   May ,  fi, 1071, .lumen Wiilkor Bkirr-  ry In IiIm 60th your, of Gr|in-  IhnrnH Lunrling, B.C, Sirrvlvwl  hy   bin   loving  wife   Dorothy,  1 'noil JniiiOH, Halifax;' 2 nl<i|'���  hoiih, Gary and Ron PuMiirco;  2 utiip diiiighl'.'i'H,  Mrs.   Lhidii  'Ihowii iind  Mm,  Hhlrlny  Lu-  ' nnViiiix.   Fdf'hl   Kriiiiili'hildi'<Mi.|  i  Fuiii.-riiJ  .sfti'vh'ii   wuh  held ��� on  Friday, Mny 7 I'roni lliu I'din-  - Hy ohupol nf tlm Ihirvny l;'iui-  qrnl Ilniiui, (Ilh.sqni"; }).(', Ilnv,  .1, WllliuiiiHoii 'ofl'Iciut'iiiK'. In-.  t'di'inqiit   Smivln'w  OlrmWwy.  ICKIII-'^l  ALLAN   Huililifirly,on Mny 8, ,  ',,        ,1071,   Jiiimiih   liiiynn, AUiiii, '  In  hln fifiili yum-, ul  jlopldiiH  Luiiillnif, fiiirvvji'd by IiIk |hv-  |n/{ w)l'n ,iyh--'!"li qim hruiliiir,  (Inoi/qi  Vv'IIhiiii,, WumI   Vuiirini-  ���**","v'i|irftin(srn'rT"(,!rvir'ft-"wns,*hq|ri"*"  Frldriy, Mny 7 ul I. p,tp, Iron)  llm Fiiii) I ly C'lmi'nl of t|)��  Ihuvny Fiiiinrnl IIoiihi, Ihiv,  Jllii     WIIIiiiiiii.oii     olljiiiiiliiiH,  Iiitt'i'/iinnt, (h'nvlnv/ Ci/ini'i'Ty.  1 ii:i7o-��'i  .'    i  EXPERIENCED drywall acou-  ��� stic tfe-tejftured peillng'?, now  iq Gibsons area and serving  the Peninsula. Free Estimates.  Fast service. Phone G & W  Drywall, 884-5315.       -4208-tfn  COMPLETE   landscaping' service. Gardeni'ng, lawn care,  fencing. By contract. Ph. 1180-  7126 or 086-27)7. 031(1-1 fn  MAN, early 30's desires sanity of country residence and  employment as chauffeur, tutor (seioi'if-es), chemis-L (B.Sc),  ))holographqr ,or anything Hini-  ilar, PreKently... a driving in-  -Htnu'tor in Vancouviir, Write  Box 63811 c-o penlusulii Tiilms,  "Box  310, Sei'liolt, B,C,  (131111-8*1  TUTORING, university kIu-  dei) f will I ul or "high school  mull), Eiiglinli. ReiiHoiitrblo  rulcH, Box <|'ifl3, c"o .Box 310,  Tlm TIiw-n, . Hw-hull,  B.C..  ���  ���   .. n;w,*'M  ROBERTS CREEK  DRYWALL  .Tii|;iln��  uii'i   Fllllni'  hy" li'uxi  inili uiiu'liiiM!, r>|iruy Te;x |i|)ui".  ���   kin CiillhiKH.  ,  .  Phonq 886-7193  Rohorlfi Creek, B.C,  mhlfp  (     HOME AID  i'i ,. ,i  (!iinlorq |)nn||{ii (uii'i   y,'  ih'iiflin/j"fiiiiivk'uii, ,,  Ifoiriii:!,   (h'li'iigq-i  mid   nliorii-  .tlqn��)..i;U^.Jil(y)i��(|f|,...��nq,..ilO>fk,.  ml   in .|ioilh  h|HM!il'li'(ilioiin,  ..... llidp   Willi   l/orfillhl ,  ,   I'iii'moiiiiI imrvli'ii  Telephone 118^7389  1       ', imi-'Mi  ference is for a single girl or  woman   or   one  who   is   self-  supporting. Salary to bev negotiated   upwards   of ,$490   per  month, Apply iq 'wrifiqg only  giving.   scqmRlete     particular  and pertinent references lo:  J.  S,  Melzler  Secret airy-Treasurer  Box   220,  Gibsons  6376-24  REAL ESTATE  NOll'WEST: Only $1,250 down  oil full price of $2,500. Gives  possession  125x200 wooded retreat. ' ���  ��� DAVIS    BA.\:    Ol  $5,500   on   largo  i  near  good, beach,  ROBERTS     GI'U'IKK!  down pul-i y<T|i Into  roqin   coI'Liign   slliiiitud  vl'ew   Hl'l-OH,  VIEW   Vt   AC,   Nuur  ������������ bdrm,    nil- ���ek.-etnii  PartI'ul  unfinished  Kiindonk,   curpoi't,  $28,000.  OirmOrlH: Older stylo 4  homo on mm of lliq  vlow IoIh in uron, ffult  und  oi'iiuiiinnlul   xhi'iiliH,  ago,  Only $12,600  nisi),. .'.'������  MOATl'fuH |)F,I,KIHT; I'lu'idii-.  uting 3 hdrrn honiu nn I wily  dqvoloped vlow lot, pi'lvuln  i |'||,|i(|,,|'oi',y<)iir���liiili|>. Uuiirtl.iiot-  tiign unil woi'ldsliop, 2,1'ur I'ur-  pqrl,' Dnlulli'.. on  riiqu'ont,  BUTLER |-;EALTV  LTD.  TYI'Kfl   INHWHANCK  leiK    near,  ���loured   lot  $0,000  ���i-uzy 4  oil   5  ��>  new 3  home.  Imint, Lge,  TorniM   on  bdrm  fiimxi  trq-'H  (llll -  K.  -Frew  and the harbor, landscaped  with paved driveway and ear-  port. '2r3'bedrooms, foyer en^  t|-an'Ce, o<iiible plrimhiqg, cqp-  .ute)-!; top stove, drriing room  with s'lidling doors to spacious sun deck, .large full bsrqt.  ready for- rec room, FP $28,000.  on1 lei'm-R of $10,000 down or  ml go arravigenienls a'vailable.  880-2481  SHAW RD,: Lols 72'-<130"slill  available, close tq Shopping  Cunlre, Tlieiilre, Mi-dical Clinic, nice flu I area ready, for  building. PP $3,000. Terms,  ,   81(6-24111  ClOWEll    POINT    ROAD:    A  'lorgtj  nearly  iiewhouie  on  ailinosl (in ucro of cleared view  pri-porty,     I'loso     to     bench..  Chocl"    those   feulrircs.   Liirge  LII (14x21) Willi Iroalilutor |''P,  DR.    (10x17),    minion)    hirlh-  rnoin,   kiii'lmn   with   built-in  rungo,  3   BR'H,   "II   Koo'l  size,  Koll  Ixuurnmnt  will* iiiiii inoro  MR, plii'inliod for unolh-M,- Iruthf,  roiiti),   woil<' urOn,   nnl'ii),   rim  room with Fl', An ideal f��m-  ||y lioiiio In u oholoii ni'oir, Am-  l<lni- $:iii,ooo, luilf oiihIi.  8II6-24III  A (iOOl) HUY for holding or  diivtdripiimiil, Almqul 2 uo-  ri'H with' 600 l'i, frontiiKo on  |ll/(hwiiy und mud uIIowhim'o  ininwH liiiol', hnvol lund, ��iuny  MlimriiUt;, ''I'wo in '|lnt-!l, $11,000,  i'V. ' ' '   '  llll(|*'.Mi)l  ROIU'JII'LS  C'lHi'.im;  baseinenl nome on viewr  2    blks   to.-csh6|)j    3    blks    to  beach, in Sechelt. Wall to wall i  in  LR  and DR.  Vanity  bath, \  jnahogany   kitchen   wiped   for i  'range,  sundeck,  daylite   basement.  FP  $20,900.  FARMETTE: 3 acres, large 3  bedroom home, plus 2 .other  lge, insulated rooms attached; Could be . converted into  triplex. 4 car carport, afl elect.,  close to- beach and Sechelt.-  $39,500.  WELCOME    WOQPS:    25,000  sq. ft. treed lot"$1750. SACRIFICE:  :<Call  Jack Anderson:  885-2323  ' or   (185r2053.  RETIREMENT SPECIAL: 4%  acre small holding farm, 2  bedroom o-t house, fenced  pasture and outbuildings for  cat tile, chickens included: Gibsons rural, only 2. blks lo  shopping. MUST BF'sdLD!  $15,800' Fp (terms), nr' ONLY  $i2,9ob for cash:  ROPFRTS CHEEK" HURRYI  HURRY! Only 6 lots left.  . (70'x27P) PRAND NEW ��qv-,  ornment appraved-i-ubdivision,  large lots, close to beach nn<l  selectively cleared, soi't these  today DON'T MfSfi O0f I  ACT  NOWI  Call   Lorrie   Cjh-ard:   (186-72-14  or 686-7760  6384-24  LEAVING   country,   must   sell  '56 A-trstinT-Trew tires, .ctnfchT-  CHESTERFIELD, tablbs, side-  . board, bookcase, dressing  tables, single bed, electric hot  plates, kitchen, bedding -and  other household items. Collectors items: % brass bed, oak  writing desk. 1272 Headlands  -8156-&34-1.  -rntr-Gibsons. Plr  :   SUNSHINE-COAST  . REGIONAL. DISTRICT  PUBLIC  HEARING"  AMENDMENT  TO  " i   ZONiNG   BY-LAW  Pursuant to' section 703 of.  the Municipal Act, a public  hearing will be held at 7:00  p.m. Tuesday, May 25, 1071,-;  at the Regional, district offices, Whitaker' Block, Efavis  Ray on BJ'-l.aw No. 35 ti)���a  1iy-faw to amend the Sunshine  Coast Regional pistript Zoji-  ing Py-ilaw No. 35, 1970. AU  ' persons wlfb deem.. their in- *  teres! in property affected by  the proposed by-law shall lie  afforded-an opportunity to he  heard on matilers contained ih  the py-law..    .  The intent! of the By-law:  1. To permit .mobile homes  in Residential II and Rural  Holding JJones.  .2. To extend Zoning along  the east side of Porpoise Bay/  Sechelt Inlet from l.R. No. 2  ���up to and including DL 3259..  Residential It zoning will predominate in this extension.  3. To incorporate the definition of'a mobile home park.  Take .notice that .the above  is a synopsis of a'by-Jaw that  may ,be inspected at the Regional District Office,' Davis  Bay at the times indicated, .  namely, Monday to Friday,  8:30   a.m.   to   12:30- piin.   arret-  brakes. VR generator, plugs,  points. $95 cash. Phone 885-  2897. 6280-24  MARINE ACCESSORIES  105QT-  or  PONTIAC  best   offer.  camper,   $200  Ph.   885-2315.  6391-24  1959 CHEV pickup, long wide  box.   Good    condition.    883-  2535. (3355-25  1961  CHEV  Bel Aire  for sale.  ," Cheap.  Ph.  885-9676.  6369-24  Paint ��� Fibreglass ��� Rope ���  Canvas -^ Boat Hardware  Compressed air service  '".     NYGREiN SALES  (1971) LTD.    .-.  Phone  8B6-9303, Gibsons,  B.C.  1:00."p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and the  ��332^24���-TryTTOpsr3~iVTTo1'~tmtmTled-~lT) i5e  ��� and is not to be deemed to be  an   interpretation' of   the   Bylaw.  -   -C. F. GOODING  Secre tary-Treasure r  Sunshine Coast  Regional District,  RR l, Sechelt, B.C.    -  885-2838.  6382-pub. May   12,   19, '71  FOR SALE, 1968 Triumph Til  4A.   $1400.   Phone   886-7005.  6367-24  1963  FORD  sedan, good  motor,    reliable    trajisportaiion.  885-9330  or 885-2341.    6373-24  1968 BELVEDERE,  new   paint   job.  2585.  tape deck,  $950.  m;i-  6374-24  BOATS & ENQINES  21 FOOT half cabin, full .can-  viiH', plywood completely I'i-  bieglussed. 120 hp Mercury  cruiser inboard nulbnard. N<'W  leg, (((16-2886 after 6 p.m.  Member ot the Multiple Listing Service  -SEGHELT AGENCl[Sm~  SECHELT - No.  1864  Call mo to view this  attractive 3 bedroom  home. Don Hodden,  885-9504.  ��f^f#rfm?f; - .  ] a-j  o, iip bTuggs ���&  Murine,   ready   Iq  Pli, 1165-0366,  ALMOST  pup  fl).  i)iiW    l|'  ifllfi^niM  -., i  6310-24  Stratlqn  go  * 150. ���  0273- ffn  iiuiti'liinK  6343,25  MOBILE HOMES  "MOBILE  homo,  double   wide.  2    liedrooinH,    redurcd    for  quick wild. 60 ft,  x 24 ft,  Ph,  111(5-2307. (I3lll-lf"n  TRAILERS & CAMPERS  iiv, Tj-AnVKiV'woi|,%-fjiWi>i����<!, ���  ���dirV; ririigo nqd , fqriince,  Ice  I   PR,   wirnil,   iixcnllnnl''  Ion, Ideal Hummer hhli-'-  cimh, 'no of-  (ilWIhlfn  bqx,  cond I  away, nice $000  fern, 1111641)61)4,     ,  (!|oiin  ALL  plrlll  'i i "      I i  liir/tu   I  M'MHl  ���  (lilwi-iw, P.C,  PIloilo'lHIO-WOO  MKMilKIt  * MHLTI PL|��" f-I WIN a - - f  'iEKVH'F.  ',      ��� ' O'lllO 24  > �� h,\  niiii nnd  lilt   Willi   IMI'  $f)()00.  IIIIII^ 24111  io  ii.'iicl), Ex'trii  I1  I't'onl-igou.  16   |VTf-"Triivolulrir';   l/iiiloiv  woll     iippolqleil,    i!X.i:i}|l',llt  condition,, wUh-ijw 6, $1750,  Ph,  II60-0O3O, or .����!)��� 0570,    mVl-'Ml  'IV CABIN. i.Tiii.sqr, "Knrnhi-|-<  la", II uylindui' For'! engiiio,  speed qf |0 knol^'illvlng w-  (���oniniodalioii and head, ('an  |io seen at (llhsonH wluirf, Ph.  I(lt(l-7'I46, . 6:i(IU-24  i  III' K&C! with full huuHo.lyi'iu  lop,   l|f>  Fivlnniiln  powi'i',  DomoiiHtralo,;;.-,,;'.,,,,,,   $'>>,,'��!]!>,  N.i'W 'KfiiC,  S|)rin|(biil(,  Snn-  /    UniKir hoiihi In I'lqi'K  Your  Evinrude |)KHl��r  '    MADEIRA MARINA  I'll,, l|(|3.22(|i|       Mii'b'h'i I'lirlc  I", omc" H��i'vh'i! conti'��i    ',  J: ". '   '   "     62.'|'<|-lfii  SBCHEI-T ,   -'No- 2027  Pellahfhil 2 bedroom home wilh basoment in Iho cenlro. of  Sechelt just a block from the Mall.'Has'.now'oil., furnace, l-ovcl  lei-ced   ond   landscanod    lol,    ideal    for   rolircmcnl.    Full    price  $22,000. Try   Vi  down.  For  appointment  88B-9*"04  phone   Don   Hodden,  ���ROBERTS GREEK  ���'���*��� ���       "    ''    ��� ^0.2004  20 Acres on llonbury .Road, somo qood timber, year round sfream  IhroMJlh property, mod allowance on 2 &M*s. Phone and hydro by.  Fwll  price  $29,00��.'" Will'"'comlder a|l  nfm'l offors.  Phone  Don,  Harldon, 885.9504.  ^ ^     'j ^_  ���MISSION POINT. ���      , ' ' No, 1988  ��� Hoi'rtio josl h'uill iq lockup stann Fioish II ynursolf before sumnior.  Qn lease lot, Iiulil hlqirtnr iho ylow, Lot us. nrosoni yoiir ofler. ,  A!.klnn#,'ffi,000,  Phono Don llarldon, fl8f)-9B04.  No, 2049  over look I on  o  noocii','  Ndlo   tho  lodden, 885,9504.  on.  WEST''SEC-KELT  (���^cfloiionql. -valor, view |o'| ii) new, horiin ��n  Tr^H Islands. AH sorvirns available r.lose  larrie I'll ''if'  100�� i ftO. Jo. view, qhonn Don  WEST SFCHFIT     ��� - No.  19,19?0  To soiilp an nfflole wo have a homo r.losa nr.Mni'qn Road In  W��M Ser.hbll, oMrrimely p'tnl vlnw |iol��nllal, Fi'ill cosh qilco  ���j. | S,000. liiiliillrni with rooiiKirolivnly now Miako roof, stucco  oxnrrl'or   2  Imilroonv,,   lorqe  livlpq  ri'lom,  wall  to  wall corpo!*-,  .ri-imonl-(oiin��|ollon all lhn way .qrqund wllli Vi cemoril, |iq��cm��nl.  . Antoi-noili" rirj��,!. fun'ioco ond qas ntovo,'Slluolcil no a loi I'. I. gcros.  ATTENTION   VETERANS   WHO   5TIM.   QPAI4FY   FOR V.I.A  LOOK' AT THE FULL PRICE, W  A|.lOWED |1Y V.L.A, f'>r fnillior n  <jYcnln<)i ��r <ddc�� 885.2235,  1.1.  oln*  IINDER Till: MAXIMUM  -.roll Mob Knnl, 8��fj946|  I,,Iim;Ic, WI-IIm  K(.ii.(Jri-Hliy-~  ,lnV yinm-'i'  lllHl-'MM)  ,,jmi*'Min,,L  Hl��fi-!!��(K1  llll'MV-S'l .  i  i,  Trail In, W,l", loin qrlced from 19900 wilh uq la 2��0'" W/El(|fl,  , Only V/W) Dn,, Hal, nl /%. Frovli walm oval),  < Hotel I ote.W F. tot WiOO n( Gordon Hoy Ik, loi $4000,  fiiimrW/Fl-j*", IO Wo->t Sccholl o|)|ira��.���������',>, v)i��w n'Jrm�� wilh 2 Iffiin  linmi),  Sab'llvldi into li  biv   Iiv youi  Pn,  Pyml  nnd til hit; to   .���,,,_...,._.... .,,.���.,       ' W,w., r-, s^___ o,  V        '   1110'WI"   lou In filbert)*    %\ l/)00 l-.P, ,  View lol ill Ir'jfi'idrilu H��/��" '" liiwunok '/iily *��!>00, Do, naine your  ' own1 l��im* an bal, ,��  \ '  "" ." ' 64 LOT ' V----������������ "������  MADEIRA PARK SDIIDIVISION  Tiro luifit laifin vlnw lots |rv,|-(in'lnr Mmhour���oyoflooMno th��  Harbour ond Gull, closn |r/Moief* nnd whaoN -|imfo Ms can  b��i puirliaMKl will) a vory law down fiaymnql qqd \xi)tineph  n% low o�� $3ft jior month. "      \  T��k* y<w4)tf0,*0.0A.'4~mrm*>*r.,tiM^0*,Qn.K.i}Ul91%,.,/ully Iwiril'Ji-  0,1 and on  112' W.F. ttticnd'm luw n. i\9,'/()(),', "iniin; nyail,  3 Act! 150'"W.f." <A Pi'ruler"tlhr; 11 f,*}Q0 f,P, Try 1-1100 nn.  '��� Id moi 'old PJA0 %p  ll, 3, bdrm 'ia!ri��,,w/w mrpon, lhiai��|tiaur  on |��vrl7*i'nl.10' VlfWIol. Try \\l.,t)M, ,lh). tn V4 I ,t)D0 I ,i>,  ���5  G, KNOWI.E?  Pbonn' "COi-.LFCT" 291-28,01'. or 298-05/11  30 I.Ot  ..u ,-, EARi,���coyp,,ii)w?i.yi5ipM ; ���,  .i.���  ....  Uirqii  i  lio|r.ori>(in)hw��il��rfront, lain n few limi'lrnd  Imnhimd (lUrlng. Pilcwllnm 13/00.'  fflnl  i  from  |--On bnarh  flninli'ino.  2���Tw<> ��l''or  5olr]ia  |-|',  area  ir^riOO1 tenon,  2  lyp�� {ir-uta^  vlow  lols,  loino,  Iwy, ||2,000, Tenm',,, ,  liolh  Mdrrn.  Sarnu  2 lldrm fn  :i~  At RohorIn Creak in Mark" Ion nl  Mdi/ii'i, , 1i;i,9d0,   liirhiH,,   Mr,   wliai  m.ii/'/f, ut f.ti/iUi,  lpu, piiinpn, iutpn  tX hiHirp, Mr,  lul, 2  Good  Many oilmr yl��w and ftoml-Watorfront |ou Irom 13900 lo 1l|000,  .,,.,.��...Turrnv avollgljtu an <*t>av�� (xopeillr*.  Dlwaunl foi C.u��li.  ' .'    OLLISLADEV  Mndolro PnrK, B,C,  Phono Pender Harbour, 083-2233 ,  j.-Woior front 100 l,��, by 7m |i, AH wivIm-d, '"Juiiolijo'lor ��ih-'  dlvldlno, Vlnyv Von, |��,"& CJo^ralo 5f, Firm, 11 I^W,    ,    ,,  2    Rohorls Creek,  3  lulu nr,  whorl, A|l miivIcom,   1>li00(' oorl),  ���-      M3��3fM) ll, Mr, Good O00-H7V6 or oil/4441,  ' ���    ���    A J; " ACRFAGF,  A most fontosilc two ond hall ocrmi pror-uriy wilh ibo flrio'.t vlnw  on llo/ro ")<)nii'l InclndlnQ n��ociiilvii lyjio all pmdnin iwo Odrrn,  horr)", To Imlleyi- tl)l�� borqnln M hn( l��i bii wan. About 300 it,  nn wnior Willi rollano  Inclurlnd  lor unit,   lhe  whalii rorn|ili>��,  ', ( Opiy.MS,Qnojvmv.nM^  ,   !     ;������   Jy '    '      ' MtlSINt'5SE5      ... '., ,.  v Reilro hero, on I low* Sound 5uni,h|no CoobI, Grocery, P.O. ond  Whorl, M'-'i Hylnq r|ijioii��r��i, Aboui 121.000 dp, Inpuirit rMr,  ���Good <"Bfl.fl796 -or <S(lA444l,, Al��<- aon olhor oboul 12/,S00 dn.  "Uolh these ��|rjr��i nrn lop buyn,  We I mv�� ll io lop irni Holloof Hi.) Iho'i" all "lype'i" "for "llm SuOn'.liliu;  Con^r Mr, Good GUU-flfit, ***,- Att/.4441,  BLOCK BROS. REALTY LTD..  <5B4 BURR ARO 5T7 VANCQUVfK  (AI-OVA thi�� To'-t'l"'' Korean)  HEART OF SFCIll-l.T- ' ��� Nn, 20-2020  fliond new 2 hodfooni hnnio, rormlrn-i linidilno I nrniud ijIoro to  wharf or) povwd ,rood, l-ol /tux l')7 feel, lorrie llvlnn ioom/d)!)|ri{|  roorn oroo, 3 ploco coloured rilumblnri', riler-lrlri Ijasobuord hnqh  qnnlr oiler', lo loll prlco of 113,000, Coll huh Knob flflfi-^til  oy^ilno-. o|,Hfl*'-22-i") nfflea. .  .  UPPER ROBERTS CREEK KARFA ���     No,  IHO?  Nearly A iKroo will) fjfVi ln��l of froiila(/e on I ofkynr Rood. Older  lyjiu   I hmlioorn bouse   filiuolerl only a mllo hum Goll Coijimj.  .^jvf.(;|ii:.���;fiiuii��l-Mr��oi)),.���j)o,.JiJiol,)Jo,^    hieplno liainu'or alhei Iroinyairl animal',, Call Hob Kuril, UBfi.vMftl  ui ulllre UH(v22:|!),  Sfl.MA, PARK VIEW hi'*, 2007  Vlow lot |0Qx2()0 will) "one fonilshi.'d H, rom|)|��ilflr| 2 liedrooin  roilntju, pliif, two Mimmn'r rollari'm nomhrn* ��� llnlMiInn, Al| for  ���).| !,i1oo,()0 r. nnly 1fi,000.00 "i|n��ri, Ruveiinii i/otemiol, Coll  |'l>ler ,i>mllh Mo V4//1 nvu-,, . ,     '���,     ,  .  "���tXHEI-t VM^AGI'>rH/SINF5S     * ',     Na, 20(hi  Yuur An- oMbllfchod .'huulnii��.i., v*nly 1(��,'000.00 dawn, lull.. piIco  uiii|ci  1H,OOI),00. I'xrollunl  luuiuyi.'i. i|oai| piolll olr.luin   f)Oi��ul  fnoMi, For'lull Inlorinllon, roll pr;|i.'i  ir'llli (IH'l yAtit ovif,  Al  R|l)|'0O|-'f-'fi WATCRERONI' Moj|640  l)eliulil|u| 2'bedroom 't yuor old lioini) on over upo arte heoulifol  wooilod pinund',, 130 fool b'"Ofh. I'liihlna i��wliiii'iilnr', boallno,1  mio ll t\ loyu II, Hall r.ui.lt on 13!>,f)('0,00, ai all raMi (dlerh,  To-view, rail \>t��Uir fcmiih 00') V463 eves,  'HOW l-i'i^ir TIMF TO lit/Y YOUR HOME  Wn hove many loiliao'.e f/om InrJinlliiiJ 2 and .3 bediaom, hnw-.  ���niffni onr| noo*brnementhf7irn.-r)rrf)erhf!(|'V||loop  aibui, Call Rogiry'Ay��r lllhi-23/t) ut l)l|!).22'Jo Jar information  0ll)il vlwwlri!)',  A?l< FJ0R OUR mi1 CATAUX3UE OF RHAl E5TAT1;  tlori  )?l)l Socr)e\f  AGENCIES LTD*..- - -   p|)on���� B89-2235,  (f;,fijO.G.)  V0*  ^MNVls:^^^^V^^9^t 1JV    SKY^ftK    iff-JlW,    G5?C^-'  lent ppwIUion, yelf conlnn--  eri, toilet, h'idrje, awning 885-  Jlfl72. "   0384-2(1  01iPI3R your ^rhfiUo lncm-  ^ erator at .filf-l}"' e*u'li I mm  fieehi"it KinsniPh'. T'tione I'Bfi-  |443. ."' ! '-. .'ISMfl-lln  ROY'S 3-spopd  hU-y-'k-.  "tih-  ���der'': Almost now. t\2!)   V-h  8f|.Vi)4r>2. "        (5378-24  ONLY $50"-each, Silver food-  file puppies, lovely tcmpeia-  nients. Also one ���-pj-ean* male  puppy. Reserve now. 1-h 885-  9707, 63<)&24  MVESTOCK  FOR SAL1S or sw^p icgister-  ed.half Arabian-Stallion and  saddle. What offers. T  Kwns-  noy, H'|fj-20*Q3.-        ���        0317-25  FOUND      .  SMALL,  boat * found  on   Por-  poise   Bay.   Phone  885-0797  8320-25  _ _       ^ I       _  LEGAL NOTICES (cont'd)  Charity Fund assists varied organizations  SEALED TENDERS, addressed to The A/B.C. Regional  Engineer, British Columbia  Region, Technical Sei vices  Brajipb, Department of Indian  Affairs apd Northern' Development, Room 303 - 325 Gian-  ville Street, Vancouver 2, BC  Canada, will be received until 2:00 PM (PDT) May 18th, ���  1971,, for the installation of  fjfiO feet of 6-inch water main,  together with house sei vices,  hydrants and other Idlings, al  the Sechelt Indian Reserve  , No. 2, adjacent to the Village  of Sechelt, approximately 30  miles northwest of Vancouvei,  B.C., in tbe Fraser Indian District.  Contractors shall tendoi in  complete accordance with the  Drawings, Specification-) and  Tender- Documents supplied  by the Department foi that  purpose.  The Drawings, Specifications and other documents  will be exhibited at the office,  of the Regional Engineer, B.C.  Region, Department of Indian  Affairs and Northern Development, Room 403 - 325 Glan-  * ville Street, Vancouver 2, B.C.  General Instruction to Ten-  ���der-eri",  Drawings  arid���Specif-  ANNUAL meeting ol the executive committee ol lhe HSP Employees' Charily Fund was held recently lo leceive  the financial leporl foi 1070 and to set  the budget lor the year   1971  The financial repoil showed a balance  can led loi ward lr6m 10159 of it 105, receipts of contributions,, from the employees ol USP Division of l))3,821, disbursements to chat rfable organiiuitin-rus of  !|>3,700 and a remaining balance to be  cjined  tor ward into  1971   of $227  The jovenire came fiqm 529 fjnntrib-  utois with 421 (ontuuuhg contributions  as of January 1st, 1971  The   HSP   Employees'   Charity   Fund-  made thc  following donations in  1970.  Canadian Gancer Society $300; Salvation Arrpy !j>30p, Easter Seal Campaign  ���j.2110, Canqdion Red Grpss $200, CNIG  $200, Multiple ScIoioms Assn $250, BC  Heart Foundation $350, Cbildien's Hospital $350, CARS $200, Kinsmen's Mothers' Maich $200. Retarded Children Assn  $200; Gill Guides 42(10, Boy Scouts $100,  Chiistmas Seals $200, St Maiy's Hospital,  Sechell $450   Total donations  1970 $3,700  After i,cvjcw of the tuud'cial reports  Ihe committee discussed-Mic'J971 allqpjir  lion of fundiTTi) the vpppus phantaj-lc  organisations Estimates, pf icceipls are  at about the samp level as in 1970  Charitable oi gam/at inns pn the approved ilist and the Fund's past ctanirihi��-  tiops weie leviowed and discussed in detail With the oxpepUoh of some minoi  changes the )971 -contributions will rp-  main mateiially unchanged, as no new  application from any other organization  has been l eceived Any balance left on  hand in Deppmbei 1971 is to go again to  SI   Mary's Hospital at Sechell  Mi C Beacon was ic-eiecled as chan-  mau lor the curicnt yeai and the sccie-  tcii-y-treasurer instiuctPd to make payments to the vapous chai itablc oigaiua-  tions, whep funds aro on hand Irrim, the  employees2 payroll deductions  One miniskirtcd lass to ahol1U"rr"Ynu>  lake the elevator if you want, I'm going*  lo take the states"  Official Welcome  \yelcQtifting tlYe two, mines-A'peper^  IlMOfi. Miramiclv and Ojiqleiir tq  Hall'rrjoon Bay dining lhe Centennial visit are Ivorn left; Canon Alan.  Greene, fylrs. Ada Dawe, Mr.-Norman Burley, Shielav Murphy representing Hie Sechelt Quide Co ; Lt.  Comm��|ncier J B O'Reilly, in command of the vessels- Corporal Or-  ville Underbill of Sechelt ftOMP De-  lachmenl and Capt J S. T Williams.  Shiela presented the .Lieutenant Commander with a box oi Girl Guide  Cookies. ���*  mmyn m-^nzie  MARILYN MocKENZIE  CONTINUES W|TH THE  TREMENDOUS VALUES IN  HER WEEK TO TOP WENPY  BYSTEDT'S LAST WEEK        j��  SALES.  EVERY PAY CHpCK  THE STORE FOR  HOH --ADVERTISED  SPECIAL  "Vwww��fim>mvwipiHWMMWwwfwi��ww��wwwwiniwiww  ��ww��mri��%wm��MMMttwwivwi>w��i��WBUfn'*mwt>>��^wv��  SUNSHINB. COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday Schpol *��� 1Q:QQ a.m.  Churcfi Scryica ��� 11:15 o.m*  Evening Service- 7.30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSELLS  Pavirbqy hoattand ArljiiT  12 blachs up from Hishwey)  "CANDY  Willards Boxes. Slow Pokes, Willow Ctisp  Buds, Cocoon-it- Fingers etc.  Reg. 39e per box.      *��  boxes g5-��J"?c  MOW .      ' :     J for      3>3  YO.UR STEDMAN'S DEALER  cjuvupbkli/s  IF YOU ARE CHECKEp  THROUGH THE TILL WHEN  JHE ALARM CLOCK RINGS  YOU WIN A PRIZE OR  DISCOUNT ON YOUR  PURCHASE.  fU-w-j'ww'mn-Hnfwww'^^  the  sw  Comer^TVaSv    ��"  Campbe"s     ,ip  sta.  ip  ceie-,rat,n9        ,p ������*:��*���  The Sun ���  Top Sales G��rl  Trail Bay Centre, Sechelt  885-2335  Top^aie-- ���      -.a \   m  nl  rHlilillillllllllllilllliiillllllliHf BAZAAR OF VALUES  A  The United Church of Canada  ,   SERVICES  St. John's United Church ��� Davis Bay  Sunday Services - 9.30 a m.  Robert* Creek United  Sunday Services - 2 30 p m.  Gibsons United Church  Sunday Services - 11:15am.  Port Mellon United  Sunday Services���-'7:3Ql'p.'m.  (2nd .and 4th Sundays)  Ministry  Rey. Jim Williamson - Gibsons - 88672333  ications are obtainable at the  ajifjvp office upon deposit of  Twenty-five 4qU'irs . ($2fi.00.)  fop each sei of docrjrrnents i��>  tli^'f^nV'-'p' i"'(3p>"t?fiea -^Ije?^'" *"*  q$fr^fte'f$.Wiikfe%0k^^  ^dlf^p .Qhyicfat Vnf 'GanjEf'lf};  This dehtilsjt witl he Vefuiv'ed-  iiphn ioturrj of llic Pniwin��5.  ��-ir)c| Specif ical jon*i in LiPPd  conclition to thp issuer, vyithin  foiirlcpn (ii) flays afler ||io  a,wanl  pf  Cfinlruet.  'fp receive criiisiiiei'iition,  -lender-* miiKl he snhmilled on  Hit* tender forms provided and  mnsl lie nircoinpaiiiC'd l>y une  of lhe. form-- of-sucnrily spec-  ��� illlurl In the Conlract- Doci!-  irienli-, such ��h ii 111% hnnd.  The     Ui.!|-urtniei)t    reserves  the riid)l  to rejeel 'any or all    ���  tenders, anfl Hie lowest  lender  will, not'necessarily ho accepl-  i;d,  W. f, Copllcl', P, lilriK,,  A/H.C,  HohIo/hiI -,      I  , l<)pnipv,vr, liC/ Uoi'lon  Teelinleal  Services,  " Ih'iincii,   llcpai'lliieiil   of  (        ludi'in Affairs mid    "  Norilii.-i-n   l)��ivu|i��|)ni��inl  ' HHrH-piih., May   lii,   III7I  ^_ ySkNGLICiVN CHURCH   *  OF CANADA  services'   St. Hilda's, Sechelt. Family Eucharist 9:30  q.m. (2nd and 4th Sunday). Holy Eucharist  every Supdqy at 8 a.m.; 9:30 a.rp,.(lst qnd  3rd), ivery Thursday at, J Q. et.rri... Evensong  ^ 7;"-9 p.-ryj- (2ri*| gra 4lH .SHnpfRy).-  11;30 q.rri. i,H qnd 3r<" SMHRSy).  Egrnonf",   riVY   **uchqr|s,t���2  p.m.   1st  and  3rc| SHn<;l.9/)- *  i  Church of (i!�� Pros(!n��:e��� Redrooffs. Eycn-  50119���3 p.m. ever 2nd Sundqy. Holy  cMchqrist-^-3 p.m, pvpry 4*h Supday. ^^  Priest���Rev. D. Pppp|o, Sccfielt 885r97?3.  ^v*  FXW/WWtl^O."*!  SQHiPULi QF IVINTi  Baptist Church Services '  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  Mermaicl and Trail, Sechell  SLinday School 10:00 a.m.  Morning V/orship 11 :).5 fl.m. m  CALVARY BAPTIST qHURCH  ,   park Rd., Gibsons  Simday School 9:^5 om.  livening Wpiship 7:00 p.m.  Pqstor, Robert Allafby  (B85-5lfi09)  A WARM WRLCOMI^ AWAITS  ,.      YOU.      ���:���-  ,��-.����/��� :j0ft- ��triii��-"- *����'H*i{lu,Nt^. m.m,."'--"  SECjHIELT ACIKNCItES DATE P��AP  ��� Thi* Irco reminder of comlnB ovonlu Is u uerv/co ol SCCI |EUT AQENCIES  LJP, Phnpu i-cplnsulq TImos direct |orJroo-|l��l|rif-��,-��pcc|fy|nH "pato  Hod", j��|oa-.o nolo ihul t|uico Is |lml|i;d nrid nonio odYfin��:o ilohm piny  Iiqvu |o will ih��lf lorn; fi\.o liml ih|i��, l�� n "n.-m(p'ler" lining only ��nd  connof olwoys carry hill daiolls, '  ���fWinrWrWWI^^  "Mny')3 ��������� 10:30 fi.m. inJunwl. llii(liT'*W) |h��y vVhnfl' *)"S, UhAVI K  open lo I'riihlln,      ' ��� ���' ' ���    ������ -  'Mny VI-   ti ��t,in.,Si'f.hiiH l.'iglon l|t|l|, Wnuo,  ,.,MQy,J.3..,J,,.iJ,m.,.Sl,.JJll<lri'kJ;liilhiSi;-J)(;ll>JJa^  Mny  \',l    l-3;30 |mti, Serholl  hif|lon |lnl|, rmldii!, 8. Uiownlim I. A  lj|ji|ii(i  f��n &, lliunnt,     ..   '" , . -    ' '  Mny M    II p.iii.'fiiicliiill |i|)iluin IJi'ill, illii'l'".,  Mny \'l    '* |MH. iln'nllli Cunlm HiliUipr,. hro.iir.l) 3H 0,A.p,0, i'm/ulnr  'M'liilinO. ���   ,,  . ������'''  ' %ij V) ��������� 'i-A |i,in, IJi'il Cioi.1. C.0ll(K|iif I'oheili. f-imik, O/m.-ij IIoomi,'      ���"'  Mny1 'M    In f��''*ho|l nil dny, M"y Pny ���C��|'iliiol|nn.  Mny 'Vtt    'i |),m, I'liliorHXioeli. I-Biilon Hull. I. A., l<iii)inii|(|0. ij<ilii.���, Hu-  ' liinJiiiiifnl1' i  Mny '*"1 from I (Mil. -Su'lir-ll Indinn HoI|.JIiiiiibiii��iI<��ii> I'(i����ii��', i'I'm  ','    '  A I'nllln,  ASK FOR OUR, fUW CATALOGUE    OF RFAL ESTATE  MMlllplw Mating Ssrvlc*  Yon'oMVor Roof f-*lof#  Oonrd  RIBAL ESTATE  INSURANCE?  KffYTO SCHEDlilLf Of EVENTS!  'Bartctloned Zona or Regional over|h  ,?So'ictfoned Pr,ov|ric|o| event,fisf popDEsqf|ly a  elpifip.pr.wp.  -"Mnlpr 8��)i*'''lDnPd 'lid, 'unsortctlonod provincial  '  championships if" everts ipvolvlpg conloslar|ls  fr-pfn other prpyfnces prxqiinlries.  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CEREMONIES  Piimi) Mlniiiior.W. a. cr-Bonhoii will llqhl lhn rommnmorpllyra  ���pirl vo| calm Ih'l'onl ol Hi'ir Piiilinmnnl Pi|||i|lnn�� n Victoria  nl nooh nn" Tliuiwtny, M��y Willi, t|)d Riirnmony will ho pio-  cDiluil ity llm PrtfiirJo ol ^fliloiiiu l|)ioui|ii dovyiilowil V|c|oi|a.  ������ ;, '  ���'.    r-,.    ��.-,        ���  >'���"        ''.',      .. .; "  r"  " ��� '��� '      ,     l I,,..,., m  H'u j--i)��llviil Iiiiii) iifinlnl Tlmo lo iin|oy Iho lrn(|lll<)i)nl |)onp)|fil|l/  mul ipii)(,��i|i:,p('anlyi of Vuiicpuvnr luUiikl, Vqil'll W��nl lo nop oil  llm iiuyx Hiiriinlloriii in Viclpr|flf,l'-iiullio Ihii/ilMirinnili, llowiir-  ,, .Ofifinlud iilr, Holnx ml o��at oopul (jniichjm w|ii)rn thp (Ifnl Wnrrn '  llijuij i)|iiii|i)iiimt;ii|rir)iil|iiii)l|i)|il, Of, nilVO ("llHownU-h Oftooii'  cojnliiliNiiiiiMili)iiliiiilSooKii.Ti(lliloiji)iil|i;|ijiil(��l.'||ii>oi~Mhlry'-',  r;li|n Id loviHy, llio llublmi |u tirmii i|i|<l ((ii.livnl ul ("puiln uvr)i)l^  In inoi,l ujiiiinuniiiui) yy||| iionbii youi rnv/oirlii.  CAMPBEI-U RIVER  Cymklinni  sfcln niylDH   ���  Paltlm nnil par  linllnr Shlliiii  CHErVl^lflUS  doll     .     ,      .  CQlffiTENAY  ^pwlirja  Bpwlina  Colt  6 afid 10 Pin RogFopal lyiay 23  ���6qndlO?qnpf/hqlS    ' . Mqir,*?��  ���Con-onoial /'104,'dpen " .  (Men's) May 20-30  PUNCAN/CpWICHAN VALLEY (David fiaso)'  "3owl|r)g liana ip pipl"cgiona|  ESi|oslrlan      t**t'Pfic. N.W.Comb.tri)lfi|ng  Jtpifik anfl F|olfl' **G, R/Poarhos Ifivltatlonal  aclitino ������Cpwlcljan Boy Regatta  Voclitlna *Maplo'BaV  Tonnls Roslonal  ���  Jlorsohack Riding   4-dpy pall tido  E6PMIMALT      "  CaryimiiriHy SpapsPays  GANPE6  Bowline  c Pin Roaionai  May. 23-  May ?,8:30  May 22-23  fi/iby 29-30  |V|ay23  . May 20-30  May 23-28  May 2*J  SAANICH  tJowlIno  "'   "   ' B Fin TieBiPnal  V/aier Sktlng  < *t*0.p. 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May 22  M��y 23-**4  MnyBfi  May.aa  ���*IH!}t> li  InloniriPBlan  T��iir|iap|Pi|| (Moii'n)  COMOX (fl, T, MmWA     )������  Bowllllfl r    P fill Ri>fflQiin|  -8a|Hno 'Comox Uny Hogalla  Topnli HoBloflPl  JiidqU  M��y 29  May 22-23  M��y f*0-3Q  BoniUO^InRoBlpnal  ���������ii��ndiop|nivpvliic|oi  i*|'|flh Aiinl'ol IflorHln  tstrliilfi (iflgalla A,  ROHlP/ial       I;   ���  T*  ��|.|lllo Brltelioo.  *M|iMslunri |.pi||oi"��  C|iaii)|*|orto|i|()  "���M|d.|B|irnrJ Jr. Mup'fl  C|)Ulllp|OI)Elllp  PORTALDERNI  Bow|lnu, ,n arid JO Pin RftHlonnl '  Swimming *��'fVcB|f'poi"U|iv|ialli|l)ol  TRirn|�� ; '     Raglppol  qiiaUcum beach  Oo|H ,    fliaii'a Toiirnomonl;  MM  Bowlilin  7ae||llno  Tpnnla  Roil oo  Golf  Gpll  M��y 28  Jui)0 C  Moy2*;.'23  Mny"80t30 ���  May 23 '  Juno o  May 24  May 29   ��  Jiifio'p-0  May 20-3. Q  May22-24     "   (PiW^WW^i)  Mpirlr/lPfl MoidqiIiiI (Mail's)  Olty Moii'o Ainn'toiir Champa.  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VVprl��)7f  i .  ��� .   . \\  i  Rt-jPMly *Vllril*|or  i t  fi  i   *  A <!V\**\  yv\v  ' * pi  A'  ���J  .-3  Maric-alory scheme ...    _ ,       ,   ,  Hunter Training Program ;  name change - .wider, scope  PROVINCE'S Hunter -Training Program,  from the program, and that all residents  14 years of .age or older, applying far a  tq tbe Fish and WiWlife Branch hy those  prganizat'qns   and   individuals   familiar  .Mfith the program  which they felt was  pf interest ip aU people who t��njoy th?.  'qutdoprs and not 'nst hunters.  Dr. James, Hatter, Planch director, siSid  that white the nrajovity pf sportsmen sug-'  jested that the program t"ecome mandatory this 'tall, it was decided that person-, involved should be given a year to  Page A-4  ThP Peninsula Times  Wednesday, May 12/ 1971  are fi77 qualified instructors, in the province a^tO localities on Vancouver';Jfsland.  .#nd (i7 on the mainland. He said-that he  would he cqncenlrating his efforts this  year oh qualifying instuuctors in rura.l.ande  iemote pt-eas, Hy  w si i  adminlfitered by the Fish and Wildlife     it yepis oi m^ oi wuq, Hypo-rut; r.ut  p     comnlele the rn'ocram nrioir to the effec  Pranch, is having Jts name^ changed, to    hunting licence forthe first time, must.   P%t  of ^iT>lS2^Ito  also  said  . i  Hunter Training, Conservation and Out  door Safety program.' to taetjtev indicate  'its scoped the Hon, W. K. "rCjeifnan, Min-  ��� ister of iteoreation and Conservation, announced today.  The minister also announced tha  mecing March 1, .1972, all resident hunters'  between the ages of .1*4 and 13, regardless  of whether they have previously been  licenceq^to hunt, will be required to qualify for il hunting licence by graduating  also qualify by graduating from the program. ^  Kiernan stressed that the new  requirements are ip addition to. tha-prj-j-  fram being mandatory at present for all  persons seeking a hunting licence who  have 'been involved in firearms accidents  or infractions of the- Wildlife and Fiie-  arms Acts.  The change in the name of the* program results from recommendations made  that in the interim he expected regulations governing the operation of off-high-  Way Vehicles ' would be formulated-.and  that the, subject of snow mobile operation and safety techniques would be incorporated intp the Hunter-5* Training,  Conservation and Outdoor Safety Program.  Paul J. Presidents, ca-ordinator~of the--  Hunter Training, Conservation and Cut-  door Safety Program, reports that there  .-.-tPfflilMT  NOT TO PU/  WITH MAT(W  HELP PREVENT f ORES? ?\m  mm�� & televisions  depler for;  ZENITH  FLEETWOOD  ADMIRAL  !{S ��� * *        j    *  BURRITT BROS..  RUGS AND CARPETS  ���**       *       I*       *  FURNITURE-  Ph, 886-2280 Gibsons, B.C.  Ill  9 ���'���,  Jr  I  ^L-  Offlcial  t Cpl. Lou Biggeman, president of the  ' Sr, Men's Softball League tjirows out  first ball fo" oMqiaUy open season  ; in game between Fen Hotel arid  :'. Legion at Brothers* Park.  I Men's 3pjf^)crII Leqcfue  ' plans May Tournament  i SUNSHINE Coast Senior Mens. Softball  , - league opened the/season last week  ' when League. President Cpl. Lou 8igge-  | man pitched the first ball at Brothers  i Park in the game between Peninsula Hqj-  , tel and the Legion.   . . -  May 23 and 24 are dates set for the .  Invitational Softball Tournament at Brothers Park, Gibsons. Teams  included in  | the tournanjent are: Russell Hotel, New  " Westminster;  Powell River  and  Te'xada  , along with the Peninsula Hotel. Booster  buttons for this tournament are $1 each  and are available from any team in the  Sr, Men's League. A prize draw on the  5 lucky   booster   ticket   will  be  drawn  ih  the tournament.  RESULTS  Legion 2, Pen Hotel 4. W. P. Reynolds;  L. P. Elsoa.  ,   The .winning run was scored by Roger  Douglas as he stole home in. the bottom  of the fifth inning.-    ^     ,,.-:,...,   Wa4ief4eld-16r-RoberHs-G4=eefe-4r-Wr-Pr-  "*"-���   ACCOUNTANTS  RALPH C, DUCKVyQRTH  CHARTERED ACCQUNTANT  Telephones 885,1-515,, Telephone: 886-2912  SECHELT, B.C. GIBSONS, B.C.  ' -r--.��� '��� .-.,-.-.���'   i ';������., -t���-���rrr���������-���������." .j1 .'.' :.-. " . r-rT '  ���' .��� W- Philip Gordon,  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Tel;  Bus.- 886-2714^  Res! 886-7567  Harris -Bjpck, Gibsons, B.C..  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Tel; 8832747  RETAIL STORES  FUEL  c  ANADIAN  P  ROPANE  BLASTING  Howe Sound Boom Men  tie game with Orioles  ONI.1' of tlio. most-excitiny liunio-- pf the  siJukoh   wns   played   ut  Wilson   Ci'iieU  last W^lric-Ml'iy between the Howe. Sound  boom   men   swirl   Wilson  ,Cree|i   Orioles.    .  The boom men  with grout "come bunk"  '.spirit;-scored ��ix runs in'Iho lop, of the   <-  .sl"<tl) to lit; lli�� {>um<;. -Wilson Creek hud  one  out  und' n  ini'inur  on  third  in   the  bottom of the sixth when JVM, 3rd base- ���  iTinn   Billy   Seliirtidbauep  ninde   Up   nn-  iisslstod-double (iluy forclnu the giime into  oxU'h iiinlntjs.  Howe Round' II.M, held the Orioles  on ...Ihu HlrciiKlb . of ^relief .pi|.choiv Itielf.  I.uwson, pliehiiiK in his first loui'ue j'anie,  . ��� unill llio'bottom of tlm ohj-hlb, fteott yer-  It'iif'i'hiii, pitehor Hird IJirvld While, R,P,  ������ pluytid ii nood ^iriiin lliroui'liuut, Mli'lliiej  |'irlrli||-��-, hIuii'Idi- DriJ biisemiin duties,  pluyed'.lil.i poail'lnn well mid hud iwo miukI  IiIIm.  ,,     Wll.-fnii IJre'jU Orlo|e.s,.foii(!ht!d by (j|i:i)  ,    IMillll-iiv'ilild llriiiii.lloeltlui" of'Hie MCMP,.;"-  iluyed  u NironH H"iue  with  some  very'  ]((iod li|l:t, I'lh-hers Wuy no Uouson, Wnyiie  IMiilllps niid Hill Chat'lnlon strnek oui. li)  liooin 'men; Krliv cioodliu}, hit a awo-run  hviiier in i|)e Uril innJim, .  ���"' , .      it II JS  H.M. I '*', 0 0 !*,(! I) <)      II    I) %  W.C, 1 (I (| ���> 4 (Ml  I      l'i 111 %  CONTROLLED BLASTING  ALL WORK INSURED '  .��� FREE E$T|/MA1 tb  FRED DONLEY  Pender. Harbour - 883-2403   -__ : ~,^���J.  BUY DIRECT FROM MILL  $0 DOWN, TERMS AVAILABLE.  Cut oil siies.  Timber and  Plonk.  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DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  Bal Block - Gibsons  f;very Wednesday  -    006-2248  I      PHOTOGRAPHERS  ^PENINSULA PHOTOGRAPHERS  A C^iii|)l��l�� Pli"|0(|iO|ilr|r. Survif.ii |  WtU'DING!" ��� P0UTPAKS . PASSPOH'I'S  COMMhKCIAI. r  C. ABfRNKTHV  G||-*ein, P.C, ��� Phono 80i>.7J7^  SPOBrriWG GOODS      ~      -  ", ..^C:!",;CMF.P��-.,K>A1S..: ..o^k...  8r ACCESSORIES LTD,  ���Flishirigi ''SmppIips WyJ3pqt^ h'lw flncl  Used ; .. . Large & Small   ,  885-9832 Sechelt    ��m        ji-ijuirr [���[���-���������"���ii-ii.. ji,.ii_.i._rii.^K..ii .i... n..im ..jiijjii_iti.     ,-ii>  SURVEYORS  ROY & WAGENAAR  . B.C. Land Surveyors  Marine BMilding - Porpoise Bay  Sechelt, B.C.  885-2332 or ZEnith 6430  TAXI  -������   HARBOUR TAXI LTp.   *  l^arbourMotors  Shell Gas and Oil and Repairs.  24 Hour Taxi and Wrecker Service.,  Garden Bay Rd., Pender Harbqur, B.C.  "'������"      Teh 883-2414  r I    , .  ' ���* ������ -"��� '"I;  '���- '-<-i ""''"��� ������  TIRES  ���    ';      A        "   "  COASTAL TIRtS  Sunihlno.Cpatt High way  Dan 13, Giluon., D.C, - Phono 006-2700  SALES AMP SWVIGE  jAII Brands Avql|qti|o  Mondny lo Soliirdoy.fli30 o,m. lo 5:30 p.iri,  Fildoy evcnlna l>y iippolninrunr only,  TOWING       r~r     ~~^      '  ���r-*~. '-���������    . , ; r ,  M,    ,   Scow* ��������� Logs  SECHELT TOWING & SALVAGE  LTD,  llcovy fc|ij||jmoii" Moving & U.p Tovyjno  'L. IIIGC3S  " Phone 885-9425 ' ���  1  i  k  TRANSFER  �����������  PMJlVlfllNa  8I|ASIPP PLUMBING  Gibson*     '  I'lwriWnn . PiriofininQ i. Sicomfiiilni-  Ilot Woi'ir llno'lno������ PlpoUaolnff,  ( Mi:i: |:ST|MAil.!>   ,  Phono 086-7017 oi B86-2840  ���mfm 1^00  REWAIS___ .;_���'._.,   "RENT IT AT"  THE 'RENTAL SHOP  at Davis Bay  "Wu l<��i)l or S��|| Aln'of.1 Hvfliyihlng"  TypuW/lioii- *,l.l(ihl>pp pio.nik- Toloyi*lon��  Polo Tillers ������ Corncr-i. 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BELAM CUSTOM UPHOLSffiRY  ���    AND DRAPERS  f-i}ii|)lio|Mcilno ��� n��-.��yllno - GornpUiio Proiiory  Sorvlco - SompM ��.J)��)wn*lo��!)�� h<>ma  Phono 006-2050 after 4 p,m,  or 006*2073  f  ji-j"-" "*����,  ans***? * Wia*.1 ���Stj.'h, "  '*5*^ J J��.^"-.^C'*Kr-.W'-'3-*ft;-S-"- ^nH^-VSrKff -^SKSaC-^'  j t          t . .    ...   j    j   f   jf     <   j     . ,   s    *    r    r     t    0    ,    r    0. +   m    *   *    0*   i    r   *���    f    j    , , "<*��  ' j"  ,"^l ^���'-s^cs*-*','" w\  7~ ~\Jtt+3mg&si  JS,*v(*i!r-*i*B. ��i*ji-(.  jfc^'-fw^,')!-"^. ~"\.,rr\A " -O?**-~ tAZfitt: ���i_.  I i  Vftfcfrrb-fray, Mayr12, 1971       The Peninsula Tint**  -        i   '  J*- \. It 7jr" ������"���"-��r���jp��~iti..���~-.-.-.^ ���   ..���~��� .**.*-  /"���'���,/;��� "��� ,*j.   ,   ���  ���      '<  *!' r->  -3/      v ' ' l-  ��� *.i aVm        1��i * ���*    .,    .,,>���- '    ,. r  ,^i    i'-'-v > ������,i ���<���*������������ j\,.'r- f.-:    "-"Vn" ������     i/'vv r  *. *i r        {  7,1' ' ;  * ��� Vtolfer i*"My ?ayi  ,��   - 'WlnM^Hl-M.  ��^ w^tpr wf����i Lpgm  l-ifHtyeyery^*!!  ��   J  '��" -\jj   ���  v-s--i  V  iA  ��&.  r-i.,,>  'U  inn iii Ij i n  - V*'-��� -r J? *  THIS !S A $$.60 SPOT!  f ((less when qn peptwt)  Ypyr gslvprtfe'ng  in this /  sp^ce   wjll   reppli   ne^V  2j��pp  hpm��s {oyer ?",QQQ   ,'  ' people) eqch'\Kee(t. 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"           ' g  mty ln'okap iiirough Nt it*g au paft    A t s  fi- V""^������=��� E ��� ^~ : '-' ~  Support needed > . ���  etic' Association  (��� ��� -r  outline of objectives  WE CARE���will yon9 Tvfain o|jjcclive of rpcpOngs, 'bfiggetl "fp\   irjanageis apd cpa-  Hip Qibsons Al)ilel)c Social ion [s to 'clies,4 -snfijppines "cqueMed,   mote  pUon  provido fhe peqplc ly in^a'-o apd ^tyu-li, UogRfid pi{ sdio|ir-god, lui)di fof ecmipmenl  and the noc-cb.aiy ecjiiippient needed <<)r and ijnjfoin*|s���S"Onie new, sqme usfcd and  qll the childiun ii> the community tp par- sowe piako-shift, in ordei Jo yive these  titipafe m  lha-spoils piogr��ims   such .is phildien   1|ip   oppoitunity H��)   play   toll  pa&chull, soflli'il^  hwimiTini|{ and  soc-cei, |hih seasoi*  so fai   \ye rntopd to put on  a  member.pi*ip  This year"nlloi the boy^fie Veleclod ^lvAfdi  IwndS,' jjctive   sUpporleib  and  fpr the main league teams   in the base- W���*��^ '�� the veiy near future   Dona-  ���   ������ - r tjons aip very  acceptable light now  as.  BA2AA^ ��F* :VALUES  5  Just six years old, Gregory Francis    tumbl, the balancing bar has *p be   {?����, iP'^swip, there ^yei-e approxims^   Cs sre Cti  ii ^i^zii^zi^^A bi ^^��jmz>jz^^^ ^n.awI  of  determination    and   demirP    onR     h\*x  nwn   ��^facti��W^- ^~" iwr^TapiTrtmmately 25 girls interpst- '��� ^^'w^,^ A^�����?_ ���^ nC M  St oei^i3^natign_and despite   onei__jug_ja?iL^sfoGfeea- 0(J in,sta,^g;.softba|)-feanitThere,,was ��jntHJppl?te���g..M^jpjB^i^R.fiB^.B  ���jhspluteiy   nothing  for   these  children- *?��1? prjd-wpat parents apd,...nlerested in- ��  no   funds,   no   sponsors,   no   coaches 'fer J��viduals can  do  Ip help,  in  the event S  equipment. Tjiere were, however, jots of t,ey fe not milihonaircs   ath efieally in- g  rp-ected apd dejected phildrcn 3nd lptslQf c w^ed qi; splfe-;. frpin  the chroniP tiipq ||  disinterested j>arents.,A sad,cqrpniof-tai-y 8h"rla("e.  fqr tjie affluent i"pnceriied- community qll  pibsqns,'1 ��� 7  A', few- pg-j-o'its^a-ii-l'-iflter^'tfii.' in'd'ivjdr,  ijals hayc. '}-��t-patjied' pqw d|lp' 'in|;q t-lieV��!^  sons   A'thlotic. 'Assnnia'---'-'-    "�����--'-'   i~**'-'-<  i- **  ^*yzM^^\\ j *+*  >jfy^i*,^*,^i^m.^^-^^^^wt**'.v��-u^A.v, niiTiirtfc f..ii-j��U>,  LADIES' m�� MEWS AND  CHILDKEM'S WEAK  ���*Km  YARDGOODS ANP SBWING NOTION*?  WQM - TAPBSJtTf - mpRQIDBRY  Sechclt  Quf first request to parents is to en  cqqrapeyodr epiid'tq-ti--y. Spqr-ts is a very (S "  >mP��rfenl. 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P|;iy l|u).gi'ir*n(!.  .-;:.,' Plcpso (iare pnq|||t(h l:q help, PlilJ Mr.  Pfl-fH li;|.sqii  8f'^-2p4J or \$ti .loyci; Siiv,-'  .ES5?. ,,��:?Mi.^!!f,,yf!i,^ J'^fiiL"'?*   syplfi mm> papains  ���:��� MMP^^^sHf$ rrc;;������..'.  ...���'.��� iLpcafitKi' Mriind  ^q^ie^pr Pqcif;|c Rpqlly Ll'f.l.-   |  ,;    Gil^Qns; |3,C,.!  * t  ��� IV  -S3  ��33  This Is ��ho ���hlpii of interest clior-po yon pay  of your Crcdf- Upiop. As a borrower you pay iS  yorif. Cr��-dj|" Mnfon Intcrosr" on the exact  orr)pi)i*t yon owe���qri|y for the enact Hipo you |  mjo Pro n-pnjQy. T|icro pi-o i|o oddlporis, r|o dp-  corintu, no onira cbrgci. Yoii pay mo rnorCipion  one penny per montji fop coch dollar of tlio  unpold t9|qnco. Ttipt'n why you qct Pre bout  deaf ot yquf Credit Unfop,  Sunshine Coast  I  Y/|,ARF WET, 5ECMIE>.T  005-9551  -k..  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Mor-holl Mlo-  ppiplary Heliool.   �� ��� ;''parado  Wjlh'flii^.'- pdd)p[{ l��'UUi nni| (.���olor lo ...llgl'l, field for �� fpll morplpjg nt  ihp pcchsIop, lnl^niP'<ll��l�� niudopiH   sporlfii, siipe-'vlsed hy lepp)pjr/i pud  pf fii-(!)H!|l  |,��;|up)��-p|iuy Hirhool��lowl   'sopior Hliidopp-, ������ ^ \   ���  Ipe prlmmy gwde-i, put J^tp llio sup- ,,  . _   -,... ... ,.   .,    .....                ......          ,   . i_     .... ,m  PUT A r^qAT  WAY DAY PARADE  .WIAY ^4tli  iudging of 9r15 0,m,  Pn rado ci t lOn.m.,  far Jnfprrnqtlpn  ^, A 4AjM^-A^A AA^ A AA^A^AA^^ ;-*���-������'*  ^iils^.'���? *. *. 7 i: ��� ^ ^ *>.; ' 'A*: r. ?r:" ��� *: ? ,��� ii�� <*:���?��� :>!j'w*'i��"-'..'<' lii^'^ *-* .ViV--***���*-��� J- ������-��� v*-'^    vl.-**���*-ti-1' * ,-��� --'"V   ----   j�� ~- " ��*'.��-*.. - 'v,  *  Z.   A r*'\  t��f.  * t -9,  0*  &    I  ^���^--'^i^-^jv.v^^  tv��  Pngo. A-6    '-,    Tho Peninsula Times  VMne-Mlby. May W..197V,  ,"\    .   '"M"*        '"     ���  *\',.\      ���   ,   ��.w*l"l  'f'i " '''-JIT.'*!-"     ,'".-<  AMyfJj'^*  Pushes  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  ... \       ' ! '.    ;     r-fey Mary Tinklov  *    '   ^   *~by, Frank O'Brien  .'IT lg estimated that '110,000"< trensl'-nt  youths will converge on BvHish.'Cal-.  iinribia this siimwer-, They-will *\vnv$ in  Vancouver tp cars *\pd bus-eg, hitchpiK-  ing or on tr-pns, They* will .be yavtf-.fi qnd  happy and half of them, will -be hvolie.  This idea scares -people. They don't  HUe the idea uf thousands of penpiless  freaks spreading over ^,xe province and  ihey rebel at the thought of spending tax  dollars o?i providing free lodgipg for the  transients, Consequently -a1mdst every  hostel'idea. Is booect down by vote of  worried municipa,l gdvernriiepts.  Well, the transient {-re cpming, ready  oi' not and most pf them don't really  care where they sleep or eat. They are  .^travelling to see tlie country and B.C,  " Is the place to *ee. The tact that few facilities exist will not deter them from coming, Each- one of th'em knows for hiue  that he or she am look aitev themselves,  The problem auses when they finally  arrive and need a place to w'a&h, eat and  cva-ih,   Even  if ihey   all  had  money   it  '^woulud be dlffiPMlt for 100,000 people to  find:'''f^dm^''''*WHK:'':ho!',"rnton%''i.t' becomes,  almost impossible, ���  So'.,., .m; w��|t   hflve   dilemma,   We  can't  allow ibe* yiJtipg- people tq_ sleep in the  HparHs pr pn the .beaches, an5 |he, prospect  off 'allowing ..them  to "go hungry   is  re7  PUgparp tq almost everyone. We have to  . get^large a-iet-s mi aside for their use with  the -lowest possible expense, to the taxpayer  ^Vpd  that as  where  the  schools  -   com^in.-, ��� ... . ��� '   ,.  Ejyecy town and city in the province  has large public sghqols that are vacant  during the fiummei'. Any One of them  could easily be converted into a hostel  with.very little.trouble qr expense. With  , different floor and rooms, the transients  could be segregated by sex jmd the  gymnasium could come in handy ..for  small concerts.,, films and recreation. Tlie  total cost would be minimal and tlie  schools   would   be  put  to  a   better  use,  * in a humane cense, than they had been  all winter; The janitorial duties could be  turned ove^ to groups like Cool Aid, or  it could���.be:left to the .transients, thenu  ���&fi&'*&-JIIl��--jtfMe-^^  S.{3�� BEAVER, replica of the first ateam-  *i slpp to ply this cbai"i',"i''^at the Half-  moonJ3��y-wharf this weelt and will be  apep'wtlva public on Wednesday, May  \i\ from 10',30 a.m. to sunset, The "Beaver will leave on the morning of Thursday, Mw 13 J  LUCKY QUEST  jytrs. Mary Walker of Welcome, Beauh  or from.the Penint>ula Times office.  The Auxiliary -wpuld he gvateiul jtpr  gifts of sewingi white elephants or-items  suitable lor the children's gold- panning  stall. Telephone Mrs, Wm, Fraser (80**-  2,103 tor finther information-  CENTENNIAL  At a meeting qf the "Halfmoon Bay-  fljUP. mary  warne,- of wuiromo. nuui-1    Centennial Committee held on May 7th,  is lhe enyy of many people who went all - lhe commU1e'e vepQrted on the very buc  he way to Vancouver or Powell Pi verm    ueasful   -sii of t,    M-nesweepers Miram-  -ichools, could be used to feed the people  with volunteers doing the cooking. 1 believe that if an opportunity to prove  themselves is given to the young people,  they will welcome it.   WeJl, it's an idea anyway. We have  to do something. Angry attempts at stopping tlie transients have been proven  - futile. We can't ignore the problem, and  perhaps will! a little inteHrgi*rnce and  lnresighl, we will have no problem at all.  Has anyone noticed .aup-M-udox in the  Queen's visit io-B.C.? One would think  lhat a monarch that had travelled so  far to.open our Centennial would have  -JL^ehi-ldlll-iratrani-ed  for- hm- hnnftfj-    ut1-  fortimately the Queen's *entii-e visit has    u;��ir,��,.        i ������ ,      ,"'   ****���'"*   -'*"  been  M4-oiilVjl>e>n!flrSr.'lS    55!^.an-d  ��'ie  wh,ch  she �����"��   lon��  the hopes of getting a glimpse of H.M  Queen Elisabeth,' for Mrs. Walker had the'  honor of " being invited to a luncheon  which was attended by the Queen  When her Majesty was entertained at  New Westminster Cily Hall, fifty clubs  in the Ifayal City were each asked* to  send one'mepiber to the luncheon.' The  members chosen should be those who had  worked longest and hardest for their  clubs and for the community. Mrs. Walker, who has heon a memliei; of the New  Westminster Business, and piotessional  Women's Glub for nearly 25 years, "is a  former president apd was voted "Woman  of the Year" by the club in 1003, was olio-  sen to accept the invitation,   �� '  ' There wer0 about 100 guests* in ail at  the reception,- including M-iyor and Mrs. .  Muny Evei-s and mayors apd councillors  of adjoining districts.'. ���'�����������  . . ;ln addition Jo her formal invitation,  Mrs. Walker was issued with a pass and  she had to show it four times before she  \vas able to get irpp the Cily' Half. With  its two staircases- banked with flowers,  the City Hall looked iiYost attracive'. Mrs.  Walker was able to go up on the balcony  from which sbe could look down and see  tjie annval of the royal party. ''.  ;v Tht'r-e was a row of veterans seated  on the lawn outside and many people  were sealed around wilh their picnic'luiv-  ches.Ms When the royal party arrived,,  with a powerful- essort. of police and  mounties, the Queen went along the line  of veterans and spoke to several of them.  She was presented with a bouquet of flowers by Mayor Evers' grandson.  As Her Majesty passed up the glair-  case, Mrs. Walker had a very close view  of her arid j-epp'-ls that ..she, is ...very beau,  tiful���mMch.;mo|;p.���jieiitiUflll.Jhah^he-^P^  pears in pictures and on television. She  was dressed in an apricot-colored dress  with a matching hat. She sat at lhe head ���  table with Mr. L. J. Wallace, Chairman  -<*�����tbe���*M3.-^c3rr1eiiTiTal Committee" and  n^y.prs..f-pd^jjajincillpi-s,. The Junch'consis.- '  ted of avocado salad, salmon with lemon  sauce and asparagus, followed by strawberries and cream. After lunch, Prince  Philip, who had had to fill in an engage-  ment of Princess Anne who was indisposed, called for the Queen and escorted  her out to her. car. Mrs.-Walker thought  he was a happy, "jolly fellow and most  friendly. He stopped and talked to several people as he went out to the car. It  -AVas- a   very-wonderful   day,   says HYh-sr-  ichi and Thunder and expressed Jippret"-  iation of lhe co-operation of the Sechelt  Cpntennial Committee which did such a  fine job_of entertaining the crew- A vote  Of thanks was also,,extended to sub-pom-i JHomp., Returnipg 'traveller js* Pon Boss  mlttee ohah'lPap.'Wro. Fwpr Who warNd, vvhp ^'*'i*,��1'1,W0'1,,(q spend the-suipmerin  hmtl and long on arrangements for be--> .pedroofls following a Uu-ee months' holi-  thlpfi.  pm'king -ind  trapaportfltiqn, ,.,.*���*..  Conaiderablp ,di-*apppintrri'-nt wail px-  pressed at ipe delay 'in getting spU'ted.  on 'the work op the extension of 'tho  porpp of lhe'hall. The mpeting was" sd-  v[sd Uiat the-1 Pilanning Dii-eptoi- of the  Sunshine Coiist Regional District hadnpt  been ^ble to issue a* building pei-mit because the hall property is aoned Rl. An  application had beep made for reining  Iind the committee hoped that t'hepe  Would not be |oo much delay before they  could proceed,with this Centennial project.  day in Hawal,  Mr. apd Mrs. Ed Cook aro' homo lol-  riowipg a h^�� trip to- Uono nccompanied  hy MT. an��t Mrs, Duve. Hoivin of Qib-  ���-ona.  1' (Re-sent gueijt ot Mary Connor was her  09j.j8'n.; '"Nforiri-4 Sm*irt Pf New Wostmip-  ste|\    i '-  Bahai's establish  Spiritual Asseirfblf  "ON THE evening ibf .April* 80r-.he-Jp-jURUp }^\y  uf the 'Sunshine Cpast gathered-fllijthP';{";'/ ''  home of Mr. ahc( M|-s.  Sam Rippirff^i-'Tv  the formation of tho first LocurSnh-ituUlt"''-!''' iA  mennwr  HERE ANB T��ERE  Mrs. Alice 'Burdplt has taken pp per-'  mafient residence at 'her Welcome 'Beach  Assembly which will work to prcrtttPtG Jj. !*  unity in lha Bahai Cprnpipnity as pi'djhj^<     i  ' Mr.,Reg C. Smeais colehraled his H4lh    ec| by the founder pf Ipe Faith, PfllWP'*' ^    t  birthday pn April 3,4 with a dinner party    uah. n Was indeed u significant niePUnlg V  at the Whispering Pies. His guests were    .      ,   �����,,_.��� \ \\   , J '  Mr.,'apf!'Mis.   Harry   Sawyer,  Mr.   and    "���������������"������  Mh.1 \ii\l Rugge, Miss Maud Paterson, . Officeis-are Norma Barrmglo(n, cpflip-  Mr. ftpd, Mrs. Don Hudden and Mrs. M. manj Sum Ripper, vice chaPman; Mgrs  Tinkley who all enjoyed the delioious joile Wilson,'seciotaiy' Beryl' Sljeridapi  tip-key" dinners. ' treasurer,. -'       " '  s  i  ���st  A  ^^^^s^^^f"^^  'V'ff'^"��iSKv;4^;-^^tS'iisS^^  :.   y.  remember.  government of British Columbia and ey,     iqJni��'i.iAw �� ��  hcity dujtfinee of the Royal Family What ,��� hA lo "10 w,Jl'-oiuu Peach C  fl Bh^nie-plat ^MeehrEii^heUi s^ ���."***  a  mooting  ,   ...,        ... pep mmmh shoind be;  toiirod about Pie country-like o travelling  hide show for (he sake of a few selfish  politicians. ,    ,.,  . . ��� t 4,  '   -I policed m st range phenomenoni last  week, and a grave prophecy .of our future.  Half a million people marched on  Washinglon D,G, and some tried to lake :  fiver the government by rendering p usu--  less, Six yqjirn ago, |f t|iiH |���u| i)Ummm\t  llm   mition   would   huvo   homi  .ihrmked  Now, it wu.i p-ihuiuI off with a ho-hum  aflllude   lliai ,\n   moru   diingnrinis   limn  iinythinu Iho di.-inonlnrs have rlono I,, (\u^.  lhe  WinillliigUiii  doinoriHtriitors liavn set  llm stage for PtCyliitesi development In  JMS��!iL.N<LJo��a��!: firo lhu_4oiijor-Hti-H-.  ors coniiiiit. with pi-n-iciiilng. tiurlr story.  Jhey huvi! jiisl. iliiinovDroil, if wiomt-, thirl  po oiH! Ih liHpiping, Ni.tiinilly limy huvo'  cmi.'ldud ihul iiii/ro perniiiuilvo nmiinii .of  iirgunmiii. ini^i. ho put forward.    ,  To niiiki! -iiHniproHHlon on lhn gniat  liliird oyu iinifdoi.f Diir of Iho H||(int mh.  Joi'liy, thny aro hiiipiming |��� ���t|)U!|rn,M  lliHllliilJoiiii iij Uiq, goveriinurnl in whnl  ���'no oly h'i diMcrilrod iih n ������iivoliitli-n-irv  moy.niimiii, i    -,'      ,r  l-nhl.lu iifuiihy lum |���ri,,��,| ,|j,|,i ,,���w  ���ilylil ul (lliW)lll, liy IgllorlMK ilm'pi-oMimi  It wim loivinl i,u| ,n|' conliixl, Wn ciin only  ���vondur li.nw loiui ii will lukn, how ilinn'y  people will Ikivii |o In- piviilvi'il liDfniir  ��� ho KoviirunuMit   l>f-��li-r.  Io.IIMihi  lu  lln-  Willll-I   (if  i.'lllili/^',  i,'libll<!   JndiWi'iiro   |,���M   Htirtmd   fiu.1.  ormiid Mh own dcnijp,/, ||,| own llllu nnd  Pm  own. lmiou;i, Tlm, Nl|tiiil, Mujiirily,' p  Copi-  ,,,:    ������   :       v     - -       -   ���,-���ling   on  Mny d Ut proceed. Willi pJuus for lhe  POMHlry Fair lo ,bo. held at Coopor'.s  dreuii, Pedroolfs on July li.'.Members admired Iho useful and uftraclive hope  client made of .aromatic cedar hy Mr. M.  A. (toro/i) Shaw ..which is being ra('i'Jet|!  h conUiiiis-a h.lanlui| ..arid .many usefui  itoniH ol Imiisoliold linen. -,'    ���  The socond prizi! |H a' pair of hIIvih-  ������lift links, a (loiialion from. Iho workshop  of Millid Jlunz Loyliind.  , Hnl'lli') liiilfuhi, SB unnlM end, ���/��� ;��� ,���,.  1)0 wm Is tun irviiilahln 'from Mury Tink-  Iny or iiny nmirilRir of tho Auxlilury, In  Hci'lmlt. Ihoy. may p�� obtained  |mr),  Mrs  llt"..V'J,',J.'L "'" HwUZjty^l Kliop  SKCUM SAVINGS ON IBISi t<  p.  Tough latex film protects all exteriors!  ITROOyCT ORYPRICIS  AJ^AAMiJLm AA UAU\ > ;m lim \\\wMwmm  One paint iflows smdotlify over all extertor surfaces, gives a finish-that lasts and lasts, resists  weather! Paint even af tor rain., ��� just wipe away  standing moisture, no "dry oui" neeojigd1 874  it  co|ors,vTt)ols clean yp in vy^ter! Save;. money! ;  &  itri  mimsm^jm^mmM^m^^(  Socholt Uglon Branch 140  ipiiyAuli be  '�����'���� P n ry?  uplliipli of llm IWKiiUulh  ������if  h  tofllon Hall, Socholt  EVERY WEDNESDAY  AT 8 p.m.  0        ���  JACKPOT $12-5,  .. TO. CO';.   ..Z)  y** ���' '��� ��������� '��>,���.   '' ���' r' ���  $10 DodiR PRIZE  $io Doo(i pri;  /il  mm**  52  V:  Ijllllllllil BAZAAR OF VALUES i!!!llllllllllll!ll!l!lllll!lllllll!lf|  -i-  .,u���, v.  7 >  I  * AIR FILTERS  * 6'AS FILTERS  * OIL FILTERS  WE TMINIi PROTECTIONS  W  Cowflo 5t#, Sdcliolr  UAf. ASliOCIA'I'i:  "WIioIoboIo'-. Hoioll,  I.         '"'  BAZAAR Of VALUES JJIHili!  Phono 005-2296  ,',l|Wi.l��TIM **-.  I <  'I I  {   ,1-.   'UAI'      ,  Ji 's     "f. ��' i"   hJ,1  *! "=},-  A,'^ZlU**��%���s'������  Formulated to combat our temperature, humidity, moisture, smoke and fume conditions, Rich  oil-base formula gives you maximum protection  and. beauty. Self-gleaning or non-chalking, Also  available in'Colors, ptiy now at case-lot savings!  ***~***0U*  IMWeiMPIIH-MKIIIS^i^^  *^ffW|*flf(j]*  X  ^mrntfW  V''}tS&0,  -    ,v.r . ���  f USTIC FLPREISIEL  Ga|,  Qf,  Rock-hard, flexible floor enemolal*).  sorbs impact,resist*iwearrcnlpplngr  Dirt can^t penetrate, Inside, outside.  mMWt  m/ EXTERIOR  Projects, beauti-  v  ��cr���  Gql,  qt.  iesf si  shbkes, furniture, fepces,  "STiinsleSi'T-r"-  _l,_^���AJfJ���  llll  Qr  SPUED SATIE  LATEXWflUPAWT  I 'NOW, jnifiroved,  * jformuif,i cleans  I easier; wash-  w  V.  SPUED WE SEMI-GLOSS ENAMEL  1 ��� i  3a  Gal, woWdr ��� *}.- *mm  Match woddwork to your,  Sprod. Satin'walls, yot  onje^y cloan-oasy uon-  ,vftiilonco of enamel at  eoll points, Kitchen, bath,  SUNSHINE COAST (HIGHWAY, GIBSONS  PHONE 0Qfi-200fl  if'V  J.**)bi,  !''.)  h  ���vv- r^x^mM'tmnSi^^^  *      -*SZ.       A"   ^^^^^^^/^ JF*^ -     -'���    ���** V" -**.,       ���     m    t-        *-/ - - i       ��� --. ~,-       <.       .-    ,��j      -        *   , ,    - -�����       ��  >A^A/S^.AAA .��.w  ���I  1,1  V  $JQ million plant .. �� *  Section B "  Wedneodoy, Moy 12, 1971-  Pages 1-8  I1  TWILIGHT MAM  - GIBSONS . . .  W  mm&pmms&^m&i&m  IS  ��im-.Bm^imnmm^i0m  LAST NIGHT FOR |  . "THE SWAPPERS''  . ANP  "THE GAY OEqEIVERS"  RE5TRICTP&  ffillN ill  " CALLIP SLOWLY11  .Ffoni Iho Pfeofilo wli'p. bi-ouqhfViM "Pool -  Fred" and "Plqco of Qpiet Water"  VirginiQ MeKennq anci Rill Trnvprs, no*\y  comes pio lofostln wildlife family  entertainment.  THURSDAY. FRIDAY, SATURDAY  AND SUNDAY, MUZ 13, 14, 15 qnd 16  qt fl p.m,  SHARP ING.  Romy Schneider and Dpnpld Houston*  This 5how Was Cancelled Once Because  Of Snow . . . Now See It In Thu Heall^  RESTRICTED           MONDAY, TUESPAY, WE&HESBAY,  Mqy 17, 18 qnd 19 of 8 p.m.  NEXT WEEK;  :?���  r0j.  9k -ft /A  fijiip i rc'n y  YJONDUIflJI.   wp   Jf;/> U$h*0<l  piHKOTOn Herbert A. Slaile, representative far Arm- C -ol' the Sunshini" Cotiat  He-poppil .pisti-i'H has, it "���("("ma, ta-kui) a.  peiWnal siahfl in regai'ds to thep-'opos-oil ���  -(|P*"yp| qppriitiiin IWM Belmo park, The  folldwinij,'hearing Mp. glade's-signature  us Arm A' representative, was submitted  i'Op pi|b|ic-|iioii by a &yiu|l group pf Pon-  tjepned resident.  Tlie decision iii soon to he made- hy  the 'Regional Board whether or riot, to  permit gravel strip milling.into the rec-  reotipnal parkjands of the -.Sunshine Cpast..  ff permission js given to the gravel  companies the  losses are  threefold!  1.* Surrender of sovereignty oft Chap-"  man Creek, our only domestic water  source far the entire district from Half-  moon -*3ay lo l^angdate. Gravel mining  entails stripping and' lowering of the  laud, lowering of the watei-. table, des---  Iruolion of watei -sheds nnd in this case,  all three will occur os�� the gravel leases  Straddle   Chapman   Creek. ���  2, The foreshore of Trail Bay will be  lost forever to" the people for quiet residential enjoyment and for recreational  purposes,. The waters will be1 dominated  by  massive barge loading facilities and  iudustriarmarine traffic'  "o  3. The pfojiftlation qf atrip-mining  downgrades all values; real estate, residential,, recreational and general business.  The district will become another ipdus-"  tria| slum urea created by indifference,  apathy.'and short sightodiiess. According  to Govt, surveys ,11-e-largest gravel deposits on the Sunshine Coast, are in the  l'ob.erts Greek and Gibsons areas, and it  ..will. be.only, ^jnutter ..PL time until these,  d isfi-ii:la |,mT~wPi-l"��HrrYoiSd-��������� ��-  This Sunvhine Coast is your" land.  Tlnnk and acl "before you give it awuy.  Call   your  Hetponal  Board  director   and  i��l. fil/'t/i'rT'-QllfJ^III'lf.f  "TALES OF TERROR"  "PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES"  ask for u plebiscite oh this vital issue.  CONSTRUCTION-' Aggregates has? reached  agreement with the Provincial government nn al) major aspects of ita proposed $10 million gpuvel mine ��nd sorting;  plant near Sechell, lhe Sunshine Cpast  llogional Board was inlormed in a letter  read at I lie April 20th  ineuting.  The loiter nfieied sdnu fir-r"> commitments regarding several of the proposed'  operations more controversial aspects.' -  The plant would process 1,600 lo 2,000  tons,  per  hour,   Tola!   water  circulation  would "be 10 to 12 thousand gallons per  minutes,   byt   tccirculatlnn. would   keep  its actual draw  on  the supply  to  6000  gallons  pei   minute,  The process  would  involve  no discharge- ol  dirty ^water at  ����ny point     ��.  - The proposal was  given the  Board/--  approval  in principle- April  2,- 1070. In  mid*April il was given outright approval ���'���  by the Provincial Pepartmept of I^nds  pending outright approval by the Begipnitl-  Board.  In the letter general -manager Mp,  M. S. Taylor acknowledged theve wepe  several considerations to be made before  this could pe given. Paramount would  be the matter of-water supply. M��- TW-  Ipr implied other spureps were available  if' tho iDistricf did not ;cape to undertime .  the job. Also, a 'Regional District pjpe.r-  line right-of-way and water resepvoir  conflict with one of the cnmpapy'a'.l.a.ipl  lease applications and a small adriitinu  to the orgjnal water lease application  wjll be  required.  A special committee consisting of  Area C (Selma Park) dipeptor Bert Slade  and a combination of tlie regular executive and finance committees was formed  to study tlie question.  STREET LIGHT FOB PENDER,  ROBERTS  CREEK  Recent changes* in the Regional District's Letters Patent have cleared the  way for some much needed lighting at  highway intersections and other areas of  public use.  B.C. Hydro has now been given the  goahead on installations at the Roberts  Creek Fire Hu1l7Trr-a^trrlr^e(riiO;nrolUhG-.  highway near Casa Martinez in Qavis  ' Bay, and at lbe Francis peninsula, Iylad-  eira Park.-Garden Ba'y and ISgmont turn  response |o delegates' questions was "Sit  down, shut uPi MPd po vyhfit wp top  yon",.   . *- -       '   -  This was jusirucflvu "WCi4 s*p(l, bpt  piosputed a serious problem, ip lhat po  two departments seeinec| to iigppe on  priorities.   ���  West illuitPfiled his point by citing ||ie  Pillowing incident; "  Dan Campbell, Minister o| Mupjcipul  AI fairs, had just finished" tolling the  delegates their gravest shortpoming \yas'  In nut keying regional plfinpiiig to an  overall  invuntpi'y-*ol' }a,iui.     v  He was followed by a speafeej' lor the  Department   of  Aiuicullure-, jpl'lcl)   ^O'1".  ���trols land inventory data-  When the dulcgato pom Sp'-pmprl-wid  IM-essupcd this speaker, in view pf 0'imp-  bpll's remarks, |.o-mi|ke lan<l invpntpry  maps avaiitihle (0 Regioiup piiitriPts,'' the  .aOswer, West said, was. "Ypu "can't- piivp  it. IPs secret. We don't w'alnt it published".  Up to thpfr polpt discusi-ion h*"d beep  effective and lively West said, -iBut after  tluit   what: poulfl  we say?"  The conyeptjon was-out" short by one  hour.  ' ��� '<    .  T   ��� HM* 00'.* ���? ��� j���  In retrosjjecl West sTiid- he coy Id ./opt  see why'll'-was even, helri'^ .'>������      *���'*���:"���  "J don't know if it's justrliy ioiagina-  'tion, but 1 h|ivp a feeling Campbell called  thai Vseminai' just  hi show  us  what  he  has put up with ovpr Ihppef" West said.  ELPHINSTONE SECONDARY SCHPOL..  i  raa  Featuring;  Campbell River qnd Blphinstone Concert Bands,  IN THE ELPHINSTONE SECONDARY SCHOOL, AUPITQRJUM  THURSDAY, MAY 13th let 8 p.m.  Admission: Adulis 75c - Children and Students 50c  i '       -  S  Use 'Times0 AdBriets to SellfHeiif, Buy', Swap* etc.  entertainment  at  THIS is "your last night to see Pie very  pestricfed, double feature "The Swapr  pens" and- "The Gay Dwievers",  Plodding in HP*"! is "An Elephant Called Slowly", a delightful movie for tite  whole family. Made by the "Born Free"  couple, MpKenium and Travers,-this film,  is a refreshing, enjoyable look at Africa  .and... elephants,:.- .���-���.,, f :.,.*-..-.....:>:..,.,...,-.;.,,.,  Oticc canceljed. now back in the heat  ���  =3  23 Cm. tA  RC9. zriss  16 Cu. \tx,  Reg. 23^.9^  ii  m  s==  nf spring, "My Lover, My Son" is a ������film  about a family thu I really gels along well.  A  kind of Oedipus complex\n reverse.  =#  - Blako C. Alderson DC.  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Tlie old wond st|iyp wiipipliiii! -ihrt'Mgll  Solniii I'apk v/i||i!i| hnj|u> ppphUui u '���* hoip*'  niilagi" March fll| li���� O'iw pnont roplmmd  -wi|li a,flV0 fn��l' of.D'iw'll" flii��|.||H pmln,  Tlie now'line w|')l Ipiprovii Iho ipiulily  of iiiipviiio Ihi-uiighnii't the Solipn pip'!- ipifl  SecliPlt   iipoini,      ,   i  Fniir now hyilriiiilH wore iiniludei'l pi  hu Iiiiiliilliilinii,    " ���'" "  l''"-" I'  MIiIn on ii l/uiiili fur lhe lii'W |pi|<iiiii|il  Piilriiil. wull In Liuigdiilu WPpn npiiiiiip  April i|, .(IiuiIp'iiiiI'wfiii nw)irdi��l In llio  Hdcond lowmil bidder, LiiyiMg of II" inuirni  il   tho   Liini(i||ili:  fiinii  .will   hngli)   ib|n  IIMllllll,  PEQIONAI. PJBTR1CT OONrEREfiCR  In  ili��' dlmiiimiioiii'   wllli    Peg I o n li I  MoiinlH, Iho UiiviiriiiiiDiil'ii .fnvopl.Pi wunl  ��  "no uouriiiliiu"   ihViri.'lop   KnuiK   WuhI  Klild lu bin li; J/ml o| Ihu April "HI |li:|dui|iij  )|ii|p|r| (.:i|nfnn:nr:e In ,y|i:|nvtp.  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 ■•■.—*Y-- ~   I*   ■■<.••*•■* ■.'*■' 1y":-'"-   ■'• -'■■-■■■ , -'   ■ ,-.|
nH.iifrii jwt>.irfw«Ui
ft I
"*—'      Page B-J
The Peninsula Times       Wednesday, Mqy 12, 1971
V.wwy /»<- icpo/iif, /i«/ " shallnat fie ffp nTfl«j?<?* pi /op fo «iy -p/«« j1 believe to be right,"
-\ _' —John Aikins
*    - '       Pouoias G, Wnp.-ii.nB," f?rf/'tir
/,<«fftr.v /o //ie cr'r/w /ijfrs-f be^igned by lhe write/, altlipngfra pap-wine mny be timl for ppblmtitpn.
Self Made might
BY THIS .Lime it should be abundantly It is for these reasons we find our-
clenr why Mayor Wally Petersop o'f selves in the position we are tacljiy ;,,
Gibsons hi^-fought to keep-.lil^ village    apathy, thing)- 'nr© running along quiet-
lyr tpxes' are  reasonably low,' «'s  iopg
as ripples rem-.pn small why worry, etc. -.
etc. .'•/'.■
This is nil very fine ns long as nothing of importance js involved mul pro- 	
,,   , ,    .      viding-we are content to jjaddte along   ^lflmadT 'piigiit?
rights-and go along with the Board. At    jn small .circles. On the other'hand— •      Your' editorial    however, gives
that time we are given to understand "it    if we are to progress or ilVa major decj-
ennnot affect us in any way"; - ,       sj>0n has to be made which, as with the -.
Affect us It has nnd at enormous water, -affects us all, then the "don'i
cost, Now that vthe' penny has dropped rock'the boat" attitude has. po place
and we have learned what to-expect in     in public office.
II is "help was immeasurable, and although
_..        ^       „v he  preferred    lo  remap-    in  the Pack-
'■.clpor, Tho   limes, ground, h"s help was always available to
Si™ CJennsing Hie mnvovos and The     „lB bQ     b   ^   w \
iMnln.H  i-uirVA    nr    lioui'    miH     nnwu    nn«    la " " ,
As for the totems,.they wore orclei'od
page  of beer and   baccy  ads Js
water-.system in the hands of the com
rnunity rather than-lull victim  to the
costly control j-f a regional district,
Seelvelt "taxpayers are not in that
enviable'; position for long ago it elected
to relinquish any, hold it had on "water
the future, ratepayers associations are
forming or reforming throughout the
Sunshine Coast, What will be accomplished is questionable for, as we fore-
east some we^ks ago, people soon, forget
and best of intentions get swept under the
It now seems ..doubtful thai there is
anything' to he done over what is now
fact, but, with a little perseverance, much
Apart from keen, vital leadership,
any branch of local government has to
haiifLlexpert guidance from efficient,
qualified people who seek to'move ahead
and not in reverse. At the same time,
we-need, not the dictatorial element either, for most of us repnli only top
vividly when some thirty or so years
ago a* little Austrian entered Germany
and by virtue of his verhosify -"tufted
pan be iipeoipplished by providing now the second world War. Such individuals'
for end of year j?lectiops. Bo|h, \vith the
Regional Board and Council of Sechelt
drastic.changes in some areas are long
overdue, In the'past jt has proved ex*
tremely difficult to find capable people
to fill seats in jwiblic"office. Consequently we end up with election by aeelanij-tion
and in some cases those so elected/are
there simply to paddle their own c-uipe;.
In other cases we have individuals
who enjoy what they fondly consider iQ
4s|i|lf exist .-aod. it„.,wp,uld be foolish' "to
suggest-/We do not'' luiVe them' here.
They are found in most convmunities:
At the last meetjpg pf Sechelt ratepayers   it  w'l">  apparent .more   support nrTT.   _„_ TT„..„„,   , .,   ...   „,„„„,.
is  required,  Most  younger peoplerUngt   , stone Secondary School enioyed  a  two-
present,  might, be. 6'Pjl  to be  occupied    hour cruise in 1-fowe Sound aboard  tbe
Pipe ,apd lifts flourished with many -ci
vllizatlppf* .qhstspidapci'"- mhfih higliep than
our owiif Or fliflt.'it is only hi the short'
pt-pipd when a civilization is faltering
that ilss'lpeiphers- reduce themselves to
sickly wretches snivelling fop some rnenns
of indulgence to escape then; own rotten"'
impression (hat the incltfC!finalion of indulgence in poisons to the benefit of millionaires is a proper sotHal custom and
inalienable human-right. Apparently to-
some editors it is criminal to place ft.
restriction on "a few dollars" innocently
earned through propaganda for the beer-
brained at the expense of children who
grow up to believe that' guzzling gH.ttpgt
is tpe real road to a man's -country.
J\ Why not tell them the facts, "vtr.- Ed J
tor, now' that you soon won't have some
economics" ^dictating your- policies? Not
the road to a man's country, Mr, Editor,
but the trap of the. loathsome pain, A
trail littered .with black .lungs, green
livers, popped kidneys'and'little yellow
schizoid  brain cells.
Happy Cruise
Editor, The -Times
"Sir:   The Honour  Society  of  Elphin-
with other pursuits iind /certainly many
of them do participate in- -service---ejti-bs
and other organization's. However, for
tpoge with any thought fop the future, 4t
be the prestige of holding public office    is of the utmost importance  that they
but who have no desire to rock boats
"Keep everything culm and let us not
ruffle the placid waters" is their, attitude.
MANY_ business; people in fhis~qnd~any
other commiinity have ended up in
-dire-fin aiiejtri
HMCS Miramichi on Tuesday morning.
They ware.conducted about the ship in
small' groups- by three of the officers-in-
training routine. They were alerted to''a
drift which simulated Ihe rescue of p man
overboard and the navigation necessary
to come and anchor in a small bay.
The students had to be on the Honour
Boll for two of the three report   periods
'this year. The students were Cindy Kur-
s ■" '   ■-""lie?.," Debbie Hili;"'"'I<eri*y''":MaJ'Pme»i'''''Fi-an7
ces   Finiavson,   Joan   Gary.   Steven   Lee,
»re The^vWIdTTBy^^
add BUpport tP the Ratepayer's Association in order that blunders of the past
will not be  rm
Pegasus won, as Chris says so convine-
itigrly, was left at the home of Clarence.
Using   band  manager,   he   coul   giye   it
more  exposure  than   it would  get   else-.
I"undevst-nnd that the Council bps now
given tips totem to be awarded fo t|-e
champiop of the schools' floor hockey '
teams. Well, I certainly have no objection to that, it is 'better to be m circulation than gathering dust on Clarence's
•I Unow how pi ond the Sechelt Band
was of Pegasus, and I readily uruleustand
that, because 1 Was provilegecl to share
in, that pride. Buti like alb things, that
time has- passed, and nothing will ever
bring it back again-
The Intern is only a symbol and really
matters   vefy   little.   NpUung    can .take
away Pie memory of that glorious day,
and nothing should be. allowed to taint-
"tpat memory; ' *  ■ ■'-.   ,>
We  all   worked  hard   fop   a  common
goal   and   were   -fortunate    enough     to.
achieve  some  success,   sq; don't  spoil  U
^ If Indians can't get along with Indians,
then  wpo can?
,   '   -        > IVILL  IIAHTLE
Think Now
Editor, The Times,
Sir: As a resident I wish to express
my concern and views on the proposal to
•IwmiP gravel  mining and movement of
gravel through the Selma  Park area.
■ Il is conceded thai the operation will
' provide some additional jobs, use of materials, and revenue for the Sechelt
Indian Band. Iiluaveyer, the most important objection to an operation of this
magnitude,is the affect it will have on
part of-your community.
 The- greal  attmettun  of the Hunshine"
Every Suln^uy 5 p*a^ - 8 p.m.
At The New
Situated At TKe Rqliy l-ake Restqm'ppt,
5 rp'iles saytfl of the Eorl's Co?e Ferry
OPEN DAILY 10:30 A.M.-10:30 P.M.
Effe^Hve Mondoy, May 10^ 1*071, tlip - Muttyifip tmweter
will be avoilohle at the peQlonal Distript Office, Davis Bay on
Monday, Tuesday, ThursdQy, and Nday from 1 ?CI0 p,rn, until
4:00 p.m.
' 0.
Charter F. fepot
*g7ppg-3-jnuwwi« imj;m"iLyjwiijumip'i wwwwBrmp^^iijBWww'iiWywil'i,,i^ry^.ww«iyiwjit^iw.,utt4iJii---i ja'4ij»rw.yahjuim0n^<&MmxMm$»*r0ijiw^<nmwi*\mmmwmpr*mimmm^
hie to the inevitiR
, t   ble accumulation of bad "debts. A situation virtually impossible Ho completely
eradicate but one which could certainly
;   he considerably reduced.
Fundamentally the solution lies with
-, - the-■-Cr^4it^hllPi,eJ.f.Jp****"lie is the only
pti.rsfifl-Jipoji ^4tom ""rests responsibility
■   for perrpitting credit. Should  he over-
.■   ext^pd   hipispjf j-rid  fipd  his, trust   in
'   fellpwmap has led hiin to insolvency,
then he suddenly, discovers the |oneli-
Theseare the people who will gaih
considerable satisfaction from the new
"non-harassment of.debtors'" proposals.
They are the very ones who should and
possibly "would be harassed. One of the
proposals suggesi "A- prohibition upon
communication with an employer of nn
iilleged debtor without the debtor's consent, except for purpose pf verifying the
Roberts, Ciana Watson, Theresa Labonte,
Lisa "Pedrini, Cathy DeKleer, David Bulger, Heinz Bieu, Randy Karnpman, Elin
Vudoy, Loii Montyomery.'
;■ - .:        Principal
Editor, The Times,       j
--■!"..   -.7-   --5W..,;, m.mvmtv"   *•,*'   ,—,,*•>• , - ,      , ,-     -  ..r,    i ..r.r,.; .-       Sir: As we pass from p-|» bowling and
one sure occasion when friends are hard -rflnppppii?(»ttpns pp»de for, the purpo^    —-■—- —-••*-- "—■-•--■   --
♦o find .... ..-', 'pf obtoining payment ol u debt, to uny
^'•'■•.^'rttfe^f-:^ interest
■ Business today, wild the trend  ro ' - b ■    ■     -       -
i       ,.-, .    .   .   j- -: '■"'.;.       -'P receiving the inforinatJon, unless the
^credit buyini*, ha^^iiiec^ ,'yy ;' i    .
in tHiit it provides "those with a'limited
income the opportunity to buy and put
to.tise'.rnany. items of etpppipent or ap-
pliahces they might normally have had
to wait years I or. It isj also "a. lucrative
inveslnient for-' tlie finnpee department!'
which operate on anything from ten to,
• thirty perceiil, often even higher,
To the large- companies a built-in
protection exists for Hie average person
who might he .tempted lo forget' payments tp his small local dealer would
hesitate to try it on with n large t-pij-*
puny, Id Ihe ease of (hose who ua/e. not
; wlii) tliey gyp, Pie larger eompuny lorn
p. silliieient eapilaj that it -eiin  afford  lo
There are ji number of. such proposals, most incredible-being lhat no phone
calls seeking payment be made on a
Sunday or holiday mid in lhe week only
between boors of 7 am and y pm.
In other words, as with general
crime, the due ilegal process would appear lo he slanted strongly on behalf
of the wrongdoer. Certainly not iijjiivour
ol' lhe wronged parly, ,.,.<
Again it is the small .man who wilh
suffer for these proposals po nol include
the l.e g ii I huL-expensive,   procedures,
Should Hie sipnll mini decide lo'wilh-
hold credit, lhe only reasonable solution,.
pay, fpr |l)e fpll legifl process ,i|f,,'i-^'ps I ( then he would, lose *>m lo big Ipisipes
often in .excess' of lhe iimount pwiid':' for there'remains' little dtu'ihi iluiny nor
This is where lhe himill inun is sly- nmlly.good payers who have enjoyed
piled lor only too ol'ieii ihe amoiinl is eredif would lake llieir bil-tlness away
such that il is nol worlhthltf lime and frotp him,This Is -dierethe problem lies,
money lo puisne lhe niai'ter, Consecpi- any inerehanl him u number of perfectly
eiiec is ihul if he htippcpfi Ip he an eimy honesl eiitiloijiers who gel into, llni, Imliii
louch,- he iiciiuiiuiliiic'i a nuisMve  pile    of credit  buying mid who are ulwiiyN
of bud dehiu', By wrlllpg Ihein off he,    inn position lo pay
hard lo draw a
criiiiinalloii, lie
Mnl'priuiiiiiely li is
e by iiiciuih of <lis-
e re lore has lo have
| fuel thnl lh;
" 11 t 111 U li  111 1*1 11U
more often ihun nol, wriies himself off
\ in lhe process
I        To make things even I'otighep is ihe   .» cleai-cutpolluy of no credit, or go all-
he II.C, l,iiw Kefor.n Cum-   ?»! "n(| 'i,ke " i:l'1""-'^
Il is an inereiisiugly unenviable position mid eleiirly nol lively to gain any
support by lei-islaliou, It will end only
when' Piert'him'iH hiiiHl logelljip^und Hike'
a, fhip "No Creilli" stand, Tills wu will
never see,.,,'/'
ii|issiui) has proppV;<l lejdiiliillnii whleh
will niiike even more dll)'l(ju)f -lhe col-
Iceting of bad debts,
, \n''Koimi  iespecT-i'' Il)eie  In",ceilain
merli in Mime ot thu proposals which,
in effect; arc ileslfuiwl to' elhiiinaU! Iiih
ruKsineiil of dehlors, || is true Ihul some
people wlih'lhe very huM ol liip:nll<mK
liml up wllli bills ihey find difficult lo
1   meel, and while Ihey probably have ev-
i cry expectation of nuikiui- gpod lhe nio-
j.inwhl  -jood foriiinei miiilch down Upon
I hemp erediior-t"do-winei hnc-f" resorl" lo "• how-
*  end
.unfair and niihlesri, ihciIcm in order in
fipivtl up piiymeiii,
., I If n person h> extended credit and
accepts il Willi good lnjtli on both sides,
(here is 11Jw■ iys lhe risk of uiisl'iuloiu-
Mlijklng. If flic iMil'oi; does not have ihu
nid/uiH io Imnor nhmiilimeni-i, HP-ii ihere
Js Utile iinyone can do ulioul ii oihci
tlpin sir* ll otiliuid WiiiT
i Ijnforiuuaiely, ihere are far P»o nimiy
inillvidiiiils who play Hie mmkei, take
who ihiiy can lor a «ucker( apd ' ihumb
their nose wlp'ji', asked lo pay upi These
A now polnlo vltm lost
Hci'tnliiilii ut tlm (lioinila A|(rir.'ii|lui'(t
McsMMiTli . Hiallon r al I'ryediirhiioii, N.H.,
hiiviir d|lH(r(ivi.'i'("l a i jiliuil ihul iwo' li"
Pwiil lo iiemuniPiiy .ifhoiilfy a, Irouhhi-
ly liiiinnd fjfiopolln nlmml», vitp hu uwnl
lo |dniil|l'y polfdo fiplnipit luli'ir vPiiii,
Tlio illwu-viiry could fin a iniijor hiiimfil.
lo f'liiinda'-i hi)oin|ii/( micil piiiidn loilimlry
her/nisi" ciislomi'-'H want jiolfiloos llifil
iiiu linn of virun' (IIhhiihii-1 Uiul l/p'|iiiuii'ii
,y|«M /nul quiillty, ■'   '-
this opportunity, through youv papery "to
toss a ooupie of bouquetfa to some hard
worlfing people.
A  thank' you  to Mr.  Terry  Bodway.
who made it possible for my son to play
soccer.   You can't have a  team   without,.,
a coach and P. lakes time and effort To
gel out and do Ibis, esp<aeiti|Jy through'the
cold _ winter wua'ther.
Also"a thank you lo Ivfrs, Eve Moscrip
who hoir«id rrriilK" it possible for my ohil-
di1'5'! .I„0, l'»»wl. It takes patience to cope,
with some 40 kids every' 'Saturday and a
lol .of limn to, do books, nnd the rewards
are   low.
This lot lur is a fow weeks late hip
.many thanks 'anyhow, II Is appreciated,
I'm   mini,  by  others as   well  hh  myself,
(A MotfiEii) ;
Personal Thlxhks ,"'
Editor', The'Times,  .-.
3ir;   May   I;  llimuipi  your  colli inns,
express 'my pttrHni)i-f thanks'Io all those
piirnnfs   nnd   fiiends   who  ullendod   our
HludeniH Council Curiilviil' lasl.,Halm-day,.
May' 1st, '.    • '
The Hiiidontfirli'ir a yrpptl job in lhn'
.nrKfuii/.liuj ol' llio event'and 11 was i'ood
lo  son  so   nuiiiy   pfiopln   cimiliiK   ni'll.'lo '
Miiiiporl  llu'im mid to Jutlp inalui It mini)
(.!    NIII.'IIDIIH,
A; I,, TIIOMPHON, I'rhicliml
Edilor, Tho Tliiimn
■ ■ ,Hlr: 'lie i*hiin Jnllnn'H  lolior  which
iippiuii'iiil   In   n   niciuii   odllloir of   your
, plipiir, '  ,
I was nxtfnmely fioiTy to nee that u '
coolroviii'H.y  Iiiih lu'li'inn i'oncnnitii/(  ||(imo s
lopim |io|i'w,«(iiKl Ihul uiy frloiids of llio
M<K-|i'"ll  Miifid urn pololhps Ihu !l'lo«nr of
aci'iiHiifloo ,ai,  niir.'h' olhnr,  Tlm   Irulh   Is,
Ihul Ihurn wnnt1 ihny, inaiiy |n»op|n who
worlo'd counUoHH hoiii'H lor Pii/<iihiih Kool-
IihI'I Club, (Jlirlii liimsoin w'hm  a  tlrnloiifi
worl'or, and iiuv«r i'iifii|inil lo Inch In a h,h r
I handful nuMo him, ,ltm and Hacah Pniil,
/ilonu-wllli Andy niid lilolln JoIiohoii did
-ywmnrrTifirvlPo '1h"'ill,<i*Illl|iriii7iiciiii'sloir
iilinid, Thi'i'i! worn ninny olhnis, intjlllut
Mi ,l«rfrl«ii,"Ci|ii|firi .Ion, rind Muiilor''
tlnii, nil nf wlioin I'onliihulod I'wynptl
MKjmi'luilo/i, and nnoiy uioi'». . , ' ■
■Than of ffiiuvia IliWrii w/m Claionen Jon
He, wlllioiil wluf'ii lin||) nod know how
I'li/lf-iiilii   l'',C,   would   imvor  huvo   hn»u,
and. ■"
revenue :,
The nSajofity of workers are employed in
providing services, directly or indlreptly,
to this gioup. There will be a great number of. ro.sid'"nts oC the. area seriously
affected by ihis proposed project which,
will operate day and night.
-. 1 appeal to the merchants*who support'
the scheme and to the Regional Board,
who must approve it, to view the matter
-in the same-Pipit as though it was to be
-•onstructed   n   tew   hundred   yards   from,*
their .rewdeiiiiOK. -■-"-    ' <-tw:
I  am   sine   that   for  pie   few  dollars-'
the   Band   will   receive,   within     a   few
months of operation, they will regret eyer
hearing of Construction Aggregates',
■-   There arc  many   things  dope  in   lhe
name of progress that are regretted afterwards and l"am sure this Is one that Will '
be   regretted  if jl.   js .ever  permitted   |o .
proceed. '
Mr-. 11013 McCAI.LUM
Residents and businessmen are urged tp supporr tjip British
~~*t^lumbia^nti^|.1tter Progrgryr by doing their port ig mointaining a
clean community,
May 7, 1971
David Johnston
Municipal Clerk
»' I'VI^W"1
IlllilMlilllilllilllll BAZAAR OF VALUES ||
Wiring Supplies
Speclalixing in  ~     '
Electric Heat
Phono GQ5-2062
With shoath and
hardened handle
Sea Our Davidson Batt«*}rifiB For Marlnp ami Aufo,
M Socholt, Boppor Block t .Pbopo BB5-9B32
IlllllllillillilMM RAKAAR OF VALUES
(1971)   LTli.
On »tuiWlio»|-rfl*p}:9303
Quollly ilousfl ond. Mnrlrifl
Wh'Vi \m\M\ f vi lift nro n.ilnlnu your oxl'orlor iviinl |o|i(
ynu ennenrrqer llio'.<,|iiiri||on po-iily, uUtlot, iho' Connilloh
aruii, prima, pMll-/ illrocllyovfir Iho noll^ prirpo oqoli'\ oiid ^
Palnl Moriufrrciiirflr-' Awot|q||nn. Yom rpufil snn'l anch'rui'ly
llion/|Kiln|, This will r-r«v«nl llierh Miowlna Ihrnuuli on your
rmxl p'olnl op, ,, ,    «
"Tlmon, AdRriorV'
The Pwiwui*yftom
, ori lHX','ii o'uii-liliifl (!omil
- ■■--" '    »T ■
Hculidi Pcrilimnlii 'rirtren I Ad,
.U>n Wt' Hethelt, tt;C.
notwIuM ShWhtvler, lUllior uti.rl'ubU.ltrr
Huhmlpllup J<#te|l, {III -llv^-jcc)
U,«, »n<l iWlljUn, $9,90
ffrvlriR th« matron. Vprj Melton to fiftm'ml
\   flftiwtiFloiindiowvlilnlti)
I  ••
MAY 13-14*15    '
''". .      ;...   .V..' ." ..■   •'   '       '    ...  ,      .'' . - .
.,(.^P"*f Wi n P P pi Hi*) t.,fc jm^m n P ^^ P*> mm- - 4pF m/t ffl .,„ Tp. P^lK"fc(#P P Pf|#P P «»*» wPniP IHIb#b w W ^hwW P P^H# P P #■«
'Veterans Of Both Wars.'  '
far rnorp Informnllon Cpritnrt tho l.orll*n Au-'lllory to tlio I onl^n,
ol iho. Ponfh In tho Trofl Ikiy Oirilrn, f>o'r.lio||,',   "
^   pnolnr fpr       , ,„
sV-por |<«m Tono
nnd Sfiarv/ln Wllllfim't
Glluons - 006^9333
r*n**m\n* m MV**wvwm^ m»n
organ's Z
Men's Wecir
G,W,G, Work ClntlM
YfnrU' Glovn-ff
i Tirialilun Tip ilm flnltih on your hrirks wil(fi n
rp(\" 'point or c|np,r r»jl|cnn« f>op|or, r»nomrppnfls fhe Can-
orllnii Poinl Monufociurorii /Swirlnihm, J\w (tew *»)|ia»na
•piolor if» o mol'iiurp rapMtent prvl moy Imprnsln tho'finish,
Yo|i hov» n clmiro of finlshps with hrlck ml pi*tlnr-*-rn|kyrl fa
alo-i'i'y; Ipi<»k h (lot, ; '  '     ''\ • •
"-'LUMBER" :Ar	
Gorinrql f'olnffi
,        pnqlnr
,,., «.,.,,
|'p(or« polnflncj galyonirroo' povef-t/pugh^ prima llmm
,f>ropi»flyr.w«m* ths O>no4lon f'alr-lTM
tion, Ccmfpiff your fotnj rpptitatifa pilnt r1*fqfer fpr Itio prppor
prrxliith niliorwiM limy will ppp| Ittr yoprtt.     j*
-./yiioppmo) t% $yapmj**Y"
i   ,. Pnlnlft
Sunulilna Conit
Ulfjhwny near
Pliona 006-3,000
ij, t» |<C k M  ' 1  I «' »*(
,,.*,,     p-   *    ft    -    « .,„,,.*...  r    ,. j     ,     *   .     r   t    .    '    ,    I    ,    *     0*   *'*.**,*,,   IP*   „„.(,«   Mt   .f   MfM   M''   f   f   f  »   f **     t«*«
>**!   ,--.-" ■        -     ■  1 ,   .      00-i-j.*a A_±jL^J^0^AJ^0^*0^»*^'**^^&0-0-*^ Gibsons Branch; 0AfO  successful Sprang Tea  O^D-Age Pfli-Mo'n"at"iV BrapplrM, op, Friday April 90 Ml the ifeallh Cenlre,-  .' CIppspns, Held \\ i"nqs| successful Spffnjf  yea, which.wiif* ppened, a,l 2 pm hy Mrs.-*  Elizabeth Hajstescl with mm words pf  welcome! . ���        ' ' J  ,       'The hal} was gay with spring flowers,  and m.-irty thanHs rpst go to the hard  *  .   working  connniti.ee:  Thp ���hmz pf  conversation arid ihe inlerniingiiivg between  ��� the lea tables, (showed that everyone pad  ^     ti' happy friendly afternoon.   '  " '������ The Hon. "tea/Pel Dawson was invited to  'the tea; btit thi'u'qthpr cprnrnitmentt" and  * a   tlghl  sche'dule    regi-��tfuUy    declined,  sending- her best ��� wishes. ���.'������,.  The pfize oC a yfillpw chrysantemurn    ,.  plant,  donated  by. "TP|ow?rlaine  Florists,    k  was 'won by Mrs. Huhtala, *p-d ap oi  - qf The Witch Tree ori'the Monterey Pe  ninsula, California, painted apd givep b.1  Mr. L�� Macl-taren, "was won-by Mrs. Ma.V  _Swanson. Hearty    eopgratulations    weie  given to Mr- and Mrs. Mike jfanlca, "A-po  on. this day Were celebrating tpep- 53td  wedding anniversary.  ��� Bee ypu at the regular meeting, Mon  ��day, May 17, do come and bring you  suggestions for activities during the sum  mer..  Wednesday, ^py |^f 197-*        xKe Peninsula Tim*.       /   P*38P B-&,  ��� '1 ^  ���0000**0*0**00000000000000*000*0****000,010/  TOTEM CLUB  5 Proposed B^rge Facility . .. " ..-.-��--  Proposed Barge Facility            . .  f Cpptered between the existing Sechelt v-rrcicis installed , , .             ,  J   wpatf pmi the hi:e/akwpter at Selpia &$     >��             a    *fV                     ��9                Jl     <  8    Pai*,   t|ie  propped   Uprge  loadipg ���-" &--^OflU8t   WOW&V ' BGUGLOXOIl  !   t*3Pilily, off ..tlie Spcjielt   Ipdmn-re- ,                 "                                     *.   :        ���  I." .pi**, -li seen superimppsed fn Ws .   JlQldS   Ajlllliai    C��f OlHOllieS  CAN IDB SE^VE YOU?  MR. J. A. TAGGART  One of our representatives  will be at-,  Powgli.River |pi>,  Powell River, B.C.  Thursday, May 2Q, J97J  If you require a term lean f��r<a nayy pr  existing business, you are invitecj \o djs^  cusa your needs with him- An appPint-  ment can be arranged by telephoning  Mr- Miller  485-626] or 112-681=7484  DEVELOPMENT BUNK  TERM FINANCING FOR CANADIAN BUSINESSES  885 Dunsrrruir Specif  ^.^^..jy^^o'yi^l^.';..'.  k    EXTRA  "  CASH  FOR THAT  STUFF YQU  NO LONGER  N^ED  PHONE  485r4255,  FOR  CLASSIFIED  AD-BRIEFS.  ��� tyr. Advertiser:  Tlioeo .advqrtisjr)9  spaces aro repj "bar-.  Bail's for you. Sold "on  contract orily' Faf ijo;  fails on ho-y to ttrotch  your advertising foliar, phonp 86^9654,  ask for* tpcciai ad  I rgtps. ���-*���������'  ...  U - ;*  11' *   *  W  \ ���  j,    .1.  1  I*  t JL  S aerial view- It is pfanped tp pppvpy  �� the grpvelfropi Ipdipn land the Ptlier ANNUAL  gmciuatio-ti    and  Change    of " nelies" RiphAer,. Pie  Isn't"  female -student.  JWDAYS, 8:00 O.m. * SWe^thPhiBhway beneath the road,       "'"'*u " ;- ~* "- *-^-   =- ���>-������ ���<>-������  -   lBti(niA-u   mai 1 ������ down lihrouoh l:ha reserve and nul. In  Watch cer-emonies of Ihe Eli-nshine in Uie grigine Mpintenance Glass was  S down through ttie "ve*'eWe apd put to Coast Powei' BqUadroiV were conducted presented with a glamorous additiqn to  S.    the loading area   Initial  gPavel"*'11     following.a delicioiis smorgasbprd dinpei-    her engine room wardrobe.  Jackpot $300  $7$ TO GO  3   also cpnfie frqrp Indian owned, tip  at the Casa Martinez, Friday.May 7, IDfl.  After the smtimer seascin, spent in tpe  Present to preside at the induction into,   .practical applir-atio'n of the skills learned  -& noon pitizi it  000^*0j0^0000*0000000000*000000000*0000*00*.  ���  ���  ���-*������- ���.--���   -    -  -   ;   ���      ������      .    - irsiic.      t0.o��,,v���        ..ui....lB *~,.i,y*-,       ^.^mq .    -,    -������      .  -������ ������-      -.--.-,-.t--               "WMwwMM-wnniiaiinntMMwiowtijMMM^^ Pollock with hJu^is-ifB Sally also attended.   . wnicn- will lead to greater enjoyement of  ,     .'"���.-,','.        , our   challenging   waters.  QmdiiijlB-i .qf lhe liasiirjgilntjftg-ciass-  JX^NnNmTAL-miftHm  Trail Bay Ccntro. cSccrinlt  Phono 88572339  SHAMPOO AND $ET WITH THIS COUPON  $1.00 Off Regular Price Until R/Jay 27th  who were   installed  as  members of the  Sunshine   Coast   Power.  Squadron   were  WfntaMwmnmwuwufc  m, *um,mi*H*m0wmm00m000i  hi iiiii.in.ii  ii .   in  "(*Wf  'y*  \Vir4"*-.1*  WATER Wll,l. be: ��hut off^ on thubs^AY, t^lAV  13 AT 9 A.Rfl. UNTIL. 12 NOON, AND OM FRIDAY,  i^AY141F^OIV]9A.IVI.UNTILa2WOO^,IWTB3EAREA  FROSW THE HOSPITAL EAST TO 3WOS5GKAS5 ROAD.  -~  ',�� ���/ "' E. DIXON    "  ..(,*.. .���:'���..'.,���-.-���.*'���;.���     Sun^i:firtto-fjdopit  ryfyiiPl1 ���*��� wttmm^ ���^m'ww m*u*��"**>  *m0*0*0fmf0mm0*fi0i0000H0i0*  Ss^a^faripOTT   4     (Loss when Pn conirc-cp  Your odverlising in this spaco will roach  nearly 2,500 horncs (oyer 9,Q00 people)  each week. It's Iho most economical way tp  reach more Sunshine Coast people because  Times ads go jnfrj jriore homes than apy  other  newspaper   prodqcGc) 'in   this   qrcg.  e TStties ���-  "���  Phono 885-9654   Hazel Hadden, Walter Harrison, Edward  Hauka, Itpljert-- Jardine,. Linda 'IVIppre-  croft,"Terry rieidwayy Doii Sharpe arid  Mary Sharpe: Unable lo attend but qualifying for membership were Cliff Uee-  inan and lamest Montgomery.  Congratulations were extended to successful candidates in advanced enprsos us  follows: Advanced iPiloting, Gordon Hall,-  Pod MtKirecroit, D-rve flichardson, Eyelyif  WaHham and RoheVt' Waltham; Seamanship: f3r. J. D. -riobson- Sailing. Rod  Moorecrofl,  F.   J.   WilliH   and  Len  Van  Hfe-nond. Opmpletu ibmillb of the Knginc JS^k...,���A.-MU<a  ;(i.:Mairp.e,l|ince   criMlse   liavc  not  been  tc-    te***tt&.a^i_M**m*k  1 The Chuiipi of yViitch cereiiionies baw  VVefiier pichler .toking "over |ho position  of Opnpnai|f|e|- fynip John do jileer. Otj-oi'  ���riffioprs for thp (������riming ypirrtire ExofMilivo  QWiji'ui' Pi-."A'|up gw>��Hj Secreiary Rod  lyiooi-ntifoi'i,| TrPMKMlui' Ipiy Chiiniblrriin  apt' Tniinliiji Officer Pon Hud|fJ|en.  Mpi'it'IV!*irl' awards:were pruuon'lcd to  Koyo|'(i| pie'ipprrrj) fpr on pit finding MP|i|.r'|-  )i!i||ops of-liinii mid pffrij-l. Iq ll|o Stpifiilrpi!  diiiirig tlio past your, ,���,      ..:..'_., ���,'  , Uinilile Ip dpfonil. hlnisalf pff i.'liurgpH.  briiughl a��uinnl lip)) t|espil.Q" |||�� sur-yicics  . pf.. ii hriHiunf. oily lawyuf, .f.pirdo|i |||i|l%  "Was seiilniicerl In display lliu ''0|| Pii|Ti||l"'  liophy which is awarded yearly hi Ipo  iricinlici' who has- ciiipipillerl koiiu.' in-  |'riicl|n|i   of  llio  pi'aciicos  ho  lins Pppn  luilglll    In   obriDl'VUj ninl   Iiiih   |iee|i.,.||W)-��  |'oi'li|iiiil(i  Pi)0ii|p|   hi.lie  foiipd   flip..  An-  l'i'  *^,  r>' ZdWP^r> -i  ,ZwzzZzl ��� f  /����P^1H '/Jin. 'V^Wivh ''-i \f n.< W-**'��i*>,r  MJJtmMjiA^  < s\ *���,<,}.**.*#,��'}��>,*>$< A..A"'  "<   (  **l ''hi\7jrZJ^  -' 'JZ^*       '   ���  ���^        ;  THE YJELLQW PAQP8 SECTION pf your H��w lolophono dlroolory  \n (iloBlno NOWI Am your llsllnq-i 0,K?  Wo'ro ooiipdlnu Iho tlrifll ��lf��rm lortny. do, plooao o|)6q|< nil of your IMIiuj1" "ll'l  - mnipi finrn ipo/rn n-irrnoi, i |oro fir�� iho'pQlnt�� io wnich ion -  Aro vou llolorl uprlor fill Iho PoHdiilpayou ohotild pp untlor?  -*"  ' enn yw^rr;i/6tomora fin<"i ynti qflpnv?" ���"- * "*"* "a *"���"" "**"**** 7 t  Aro your |<oy ornployooa rtprl ipolr po^lllopo In opjor?   1  Aro aUllio flrpi''you pjproaonl Holpd?  ,    I lnvli you flopp|o-Q||pn|<oii nil pnipm, uilflrmwt. ami nupihors?  RKIIIAVm-qvyi'AOKlJ��TINQ0:008TJQ.MrrfcBtMPAN.flQ.MUCII.��� ,  '���'CAUOUnUUB^  '   ,        I  J J  '  '.  I  i  ��� ���   ���  ���    ' .. ..!... . .......  .'... , ... . ... �� 'i      ������������������       ���'. , ��� .   ���,��� .;   i:  '  .     .' ���-���  Tbf3 SMnMifiiP-CpfltTf Regional Pisti-icf js presently ppn-  ^-sMerlna the prpvisjonq! plqns of Construction AggrQgqfes  Ltd,, q subslcllqry of QGeqn.Cemenl, fo wnc|ertqk(S jgrqye!  mining in the jSaqholt q'rea^ The locqtjon of the prpppsed  plqnl is on Indiqn Reserve fsjo, 2 with.grqve! h^ing drqwn  from lhe Reserve land qn4 qdjacenl Prov|nc|q| Crown, qnq"  privalo land. The loading fpcjljties, by conveyor, will be q  bqrgti Iqqdlng pier |ocq|ed qn the foreshore of. the Indian  Reserve No; 2, Pholojgrqphs showing the qreq of the proposed developnr-enl qre qvqilqble for perusal at the Regjondl  Pistricl Office, payis Ny, ,      ���,     ;  ������1 ' , '���        *   ���    '  , The Regional Pistricl Board- cqi> file qn-: objection" lo  Ihis proposed deye|opmenl with lhe ProvjncM Government  if Ihey find thai ll is not in the public Ihferesl, Residents, pro-  ....^rtyi^  II ' ^ I  submit written briefs ph ibe^subleci qf i||o p'opo-jod mining  lo lhe Regional poard, These briols, sliould bo addressed  ,  to llio, Socrolary-troasuror and will bo received un |p /liOO",  ' p.m, Wednesday, May 26th, 1971. Submissions from nssor  cialions musl boar a signed slaleinonl from lhe qsspcialipn  ''    ' * k,  secretary showing Ihe number of members of the qssoclatlpn  in good standing.  R,R,   j,  Davis1 Bay, [itC,  :y/r���/A ~<?j-'-f"/~ : 7��� ���  1 * I ft! nth,  k A  ( fotftlimt  ' ,        "    "' .     .  '" I *,'  1  1  i  /PlIIIIIIIIIIIIIWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINinillllHIflMIIIIW  J'  *" 1  ,v  ^,4, f. 0tl,0,.0  0*JiJilttl.    *  $, , , . t , i , , 1 , ��� , , t 1 , t , i *��� ���, f n ����)���������(��  <>������������  hum ' 1 Mf h l^'fti 1 iiffMMn'n imh tiiii"i'iM��r��i��ti I'm'., n/f 1 1 * 1 ��� f  H  t it*- * ��* t i-  I     (    i    iA     if    i,     i    m'   4l��   i    ���&���    &t J& ufiipA i-fwAjH f��bji�� (..dlJ^Jl^<iS% ^Sijjj 4t4Hj -^i"*f*-^*J'**!#^i?<?^  I'  ������i I   J  *  'Pa-je M  Wednes  ��� The Fpn|n?M|�� Times  f, May \% W%  fl**  1  'S.  /  s.  I I  A.  *' -        '        *������",-  jfi^'-'S   ")    l.-;l  Sa/e Motoring  TIIBJ FB8TiyH wp is hailed in hoi  1     ppfeyn jmd s-ttrvy, depleted on greeting  oai'da,   qp8,ly<-ed   ip   {idyei'tise^epts  stylisl-. rpft'"a'*inBs1  and    discussed ]  ��� ,,k    ^  antio-patian when celebr-pipp*! are plan-    F^f !*$���*. jAM?\  nod. - .  . %'"- ���-*">***��***>  The p'ouhle --s, in this day of increased  i'  ,��  V,  v   j  , i  *  TI    <���  *j  '    ��  ���" "j    vol-mie of t^ffic, bottled cf'eey is *- fool-  j    ".sh ���pmrehpflisrri, says the O.C, Aptpmo-  ' bills Association, The pavty-.g-.vep wants  tp be gpnefous bip pe jjpso y/ants tp be  J   1  "sure thtp \l\Q festivities'we npt n"-\iu-ecl*  ',   * _ipv* the -opu-y of ��\ guest trying to get  - home under the.m��ny hfindipaps ofalyong  ,     alcohol.  Considemle party plannhje t�� "the key,  - -    says ihe 130AA, The post should vefrtpn  , fiom ox-lively pushing drinks on guests,  i especially those who will be driving Some  | have tried i\ self-service bar with, success,  Quests who pour their own usually mix  i fewer and less potent drinks than does the  hoht Have <he bur stocked with lots "of  noii-alpohoho or Ipw-alooholic content  beverages, such as exotip fruit jpipe mixtures ^nd other spit drinks.  ">    .'  A''tJJ\  -1    ik *    t "  ' ���' i *r.  -'    S   ��  \***t.y  *      i1  ,  ' V      j.  ,    'Vj *.  ,*, **t \  ������j'-  / V  l'*<--J0 .���  v-\.     ��� >:   *' '- ---������  ���.'������1  ���*-�� .  ^ > ��i��--W n �����  r'  i  ���fc.  ,*->  *\  *���  \ i,   .-*��������  in  ���  Trout  Fishermen  There ar# trout in Ru;by Lake for  sitre, pncl^sopie pace big"i|nes at that.  Fisherrpep who got pp at dawn foi;  Sunday's ilerby. sponsored'by Gibsons.  Rod and Gup Club are from left:  Ricky Uhrle and his father Karl-  Uhrle, Pierre' Bevdahl, Glen Fisher,  Well Satisfied  ,   .    ,   .      ��� , This regular- visitor ivom YapeQUvat    d return visit   Catch was made in  ��� ,  F,,Q"- uJf ^ginning: of the pa'vty, have , ,areQ \QQ\^ more thap satisfied with    the Pender Harbour waters.  sra,ff as .i^yr^rsg^*^ *�� ***** ^ iq6h3 ty****����    the plates generously replenished Woods-  and the starchier the bettei, researchers  say���definitely modeiate the effects of  aliqlvol,  Follow the gp-with7drinfts corngstibles  at mid-pju-iy with sweets. Dessert foods  arc popularly regarded as? incompatible  with most alcoholic-'beverages. The sweets  help to signal, the passing of the pocktail  _,period at an appropriate hour, for drivers.  Substitute coffee foi  the party drinks  IV  1   x -.    "     f  Tet-esa Deloilg, Blair Head, Lizette nea1' the middle of the evening. Coffee  Berdahl whpcaught the smallest fish is not a oure for over-inibiding, the BCAA  and  Shawn  Woiansky. stresses, but when drinking such a bever-  -^ __. ������:.:,.,'���A .      age,   the guest  ceases  to  take  on' more  almhol.  ��� Other   tcchniquns   suggested   by   the  club   are; :  Emphasize     lively     activities'    which  ,,pvQid Jong ..di-inking  ' periods,.tsuch.,as.  dancing   or   singing.   PiiVc-hase   some   of  'the party-gar-qe ajrls avnilnhle-Bt-bPoli-aod-  Paul St. Pierre  T^-tef-fer from Parliament Hill  OTTAWA * Hi"Af3^^^4^dM?to^^4tlVthe-  bottle of 'whiskey get into a House of  Commons debare'' He was brought there  by   Paul. Ht. -RierreT  gift shops, the type -"which draw all guests  into  the   fun.  LJ.L  -Keep-thtr-party i-uunm  wgfbyentiiirteit-  m   M.P.,   (Liberal-Coast    so-that  over-heating   does   not   produce  m   Chilcotin), t.ha t;'3..,:MPop guests, pie impressiprv of,thirst.    .,..  Finally, never donsider offering "one  for the rqad." If the hour is late, an offer  of ti light break fast is more in order.  In all your holiday parly plans, remember *tp pe "First a ITriendUThen. n  Host."'  how.  *% Speaking on the  debate on MP's salaries, he- noted; that  it was easy to vote  j  against the increase,  (SI. .*^!^|5F3 jpnty of MPs would  gags the biil^ and  then  accept   the   in-  "feM..'i;:*M^>A.,?-a:L4  crease afterward.  "But there is a* feature qf this debate  that none of ua can overlook."  - ��'f suppose U is best summed up in,  the story about the old drunk who had  been pn quits, a bender and who finally  decided he; wouM; have to "return to his  wife, who did not approve of his drinking. .    .    .. .     '    ���    '  "He had a friend y^hu -wm a dnol.or,  and he went first, to the doctor and made  some-private itrrangeiheips with him.  .Then, he went Jrome and  went to  bed,  "A  few- minutes later, IPs wife came.  match   is .a   legendary    .manlike  monster who roams the wilds of British  -Getumbia, '-   V  ANNOUNCES YOUR DFALBR FOR.  PIONEER'S FULL LINE  '���   ���:.;-;������' :  "���   QF     .  anci ACCESS��!  SECHEUT  PHONE 085-2812  SEE PIONggR'S FULL WN^OF SAW CHAIN WITH BEAVER TGOTH;  DESIGN FOR A-NY CHAIN SAW,.ANY*JOB.  PIONEERoiaSA''0HA'MS  ����v  lACCffSQOF-lies  .  glllffll!l!-i|-|||II-|||||||||IIM^  a   ������   .   ,���"-1��� : ��� ���  - ���  Top Anglers  Catching trout this si/.e in Ruby Lake Wlft lb trout. Ricky Uhrle of North  takes quite a bit of --kill ond-a little Vancouver oppio a close second with  luck. Prize winning Junior in Gib- hi,s nice 5J.3 lb ept.ch. To be success-    in and snidUi him;'The doctor lias called  aons Rod and (iup Club Trout parby ful you liave to get up very early in    n,Ml Y"1' l,ilV0 i'��> tul*B S(>"ltt mtidlcine.  tire  Pierre  liJerdabl  of (Lribsons  op tlio morning,,.... ',      ���   ���   ,CH6 uhIukI wl��u  the  mfidjoino  loft, wliP WPP'the junior trophy with  '"  .Direct descendant of  the world champ.;  WI��K,  anil Iris wife replied; 'I 'have lo give you ,  half a |iiriil)li!,r of Whisky'. So ho suid:  'No, Hid filthy Hlul'l'i I will have nolhing  In  do wilh* il.         |   '  "John, you iriiisl.       '     '     '  "No, he Hiiir(, 'hike it irway,'  I'lilvonpiiilly, lie  agreed and  look   lh�� ���  Whisky,  .���j'l'hoii, ho said: "My denr, 1 Ibinl' I  will! try nnd conipomi my-Jelf for u little  Hloop, but by l|io ,way did tho doctor nay  iifiypiiim (iih'oiii pirilier iroatninntY,  "Ills wiPi I'li'plind; ''Yflri, juhii; T urn  In glvn yon every two hours two oiiih-uh  of 'whisky uiilll llui ,ln,iltlii is empty,  "Ho ho Hiiiil; 'Well, my dtntr, whon yon.  roiiiii hi I mny l��r sloeplngi  "If I inn MlcupliiM, wnlio mo, nnd If  I wijn't IiiImi ll, iniikif mu," -  Too late to classify  FOR SALE i  HUf'KII HPI'X'IAI.H l)i'itnn<ir mid "minor  ..itHl!'. wrlnipir, wiihIici'h Irom .i|WII, Brown'  clicMtiirl'liild nnd cliirlr $\'M), Aiilomnlln  wiuihoi' ninl dryoi''$"''10, Mum" new Indlnn  gulf (iIiiIim'iiimI |iii|{, 'H-l Clnivyin II, oI'I'iuh''  I,din mru'e nl lhn tfw/ip nnd Hl)(i|i, Imliinil  MiH'drojiiri1 Pnnllln Ihwilly, lllwi'V "lid  li'li'ldinr, Ollwpi'w.' V    '   , V'l'IO'PiH  (JA'riiJlij'II.LAP III* for /iiiln, 41711(1. Ph, IHIIi-'  i  EESdRI  GARDEN PAY, B.C,  833-2243  wvx.'v 'f  >W+'\h<i>t  ^-^���������HVt'S AJ\\  Horo'w EvJnrudo'fl |>rop'l*r��ow produotlon vorolop of (to world  r��o|pp clinmplop, U (ifl�� tho onmo 00,0 ouhlo Iholv V-4  pow��rlion*i, Tl)�� ��nmo cyllndorfl/ ploionn, or��nkfilmlt, ��rpi  poonnoo. Hut fnetodd of Nop tunwi nnd nonrwiior hlnli"  Bpood rnolno, Ihln 1?S lippiopowior la tnpop nnd qonrnd lo  - riwllvorwlintyw^HpmxtmmnblBh-porfornwncooiilbonplr  TI��o 120-8 Ijfui n houi pfi|p-<ory oqulpmoot -- putJIi-l-Mpon  ehlftlno, Roy-wrn $tmli)Qi finrt iMiwd Mwmio nonio a few*  'I'MAK-di-Nlt, 'A i'IiiiIi'm, ^ol'l'iin liihlii/ tiliirnri  mil, i/IiiihIiii'IIhIiI, ioiiiip!'i,l Iron nnd plli-  ni' n|iii'li|i!||i| ���iippl|iiiu,imV  "limn. HIKI.'illlM,  IMOK-34  Z��$T  ��� IN   Tiil'l JUxiiuir  HIiM'k  ui'tiii, Hwiiiull, 'I  pioiilli    old (pirmnn    Hlinplii'iil  pup,  f'lillil'ir pul, plf-'iHo I'liluni, Ph, HHft M\i%  ���    .  ' mmivA  SMOKEY'iS FRIENDS'   '  DON'T PLAY  RESORT  ���.,  ,,        , . ,      M ��r   ���j^-.,' I  ���   il    i,.��nu,f   UUP Ti   ��uny�����i��>".U<Tf  fd^li   '"   ��� t\r*r.'- A :j> '���;- ��� '    ;  .*, ���    , "-* -    -   ' .     -- ,    . .**      -  -  '\   ;Z^r\^H ^^W^Z  ������-���-JT/'    wLi^imMxiil  P/JATCIIES  M4MMWiMI|i��l  ,-"Services ifil*    !'  Marino Prlye -* ttihrn ��85-7411  qilefrcT  larinaZ  **nV R ^P^l wf  Madeira Park - Phono 003-2266  .iiII��MiiiWIi>iiiiii��WI.  *,,    j 0 ���;������������, ���       '���  .'"' *  S i t   '     ��   ' i.   * > '   I i, * r  * *���*">���  w".    .,}   �� . .  ���  JJ     ^J��^0*0&fatl^4hS&!*i&i0h*��^^  aMMWMMMMNmiiMMM^M  ���    LT      *       , 0,      .00,,  ," 't  li  i  ������  !  \  1.117.7^^   ...        .^>.   jW  1      I  'J  1-  tii  Hi  '���;,-   i  r *.   i    t    ...   -*-  ijfrlMMmniin ifcl'WUm  -A MARINE WAYS  A AAERCURY DEALER  ir BOAt RENTALS  ii FRESH & SALT WATER FISHING  ,'  A ALL ELECTRIC HOUSEKEEPING  CABINS  A TELEVISION  MODERN, FULLY EQUIPPED  Yoiifll on|oy your filoy In'ono of our qqh'Jn**, , , , ,  .privacy���onfl coiivflnloncp..forJJlfthlno,il)oailna.or..  simply onjoyiny opa of llm mofil.ljoppilfi.il q-oq-j up  Iho Sun-rfilnoCoo^l, ,.   ,  ss?  Tho CJolio Mnrllin Ro��ort Wolcomoa  Youi Sihiotml on tho SMpshlno '  CnQal- n"- Oqrdon Boy, wo con, of for  full fqcllitlas for hooting ond H��iV  Infl, Ropalrs', , , rpooroflo', , , f|��h-  Ingtflcklo1,-, , jco , v , on* , . oil,  flvoryl|ilng npd anytMno fo npiM  t  your ��lay o< convonlont ond onjoy-  Ohio at poMihlo,  ���\  -  ^y/i^ ^porfcy^  timnaii 6  faradhe I  |-fIfJ{)MtWUIIfKMiiMlflM^^^  b'  ^  ^^j ^**,^^* * 0 0 *. 0 *, 4.^, #*rf.ji,#^A*-A^.^^ a a *. 0 mi, ,  * V    .  *+    0 7*  . ,f.f ��rf. ,. *i SL��#,,,,��, 0, A  ,. J A ��. j.,,,,.,  , ,0,0.0   M^ii��<K������^MI����Ml' HflM      f��f����r(   �� ,��  II ,1 J J, J  M  ��� I �� M  I ., . ,  M I  I < I M ��  I   I  I ( (I �� I  H  �� t < I II t I  ��� I M I I  I )  (   i   M / I  I H  f  '  M  H I   I  ,  ^T^^^^^^^A^^i^^S^^^^^f^:  ^!*���^^*^!^*^*5I^^,',-^^M!^^^'^3^^^^ f*<MPi^**M^-^^^*jfM*f<*M^'*i!*^^  ifcr^^-^���^*^^*****-"^*^^ v-*Vj*^"��r��  j. jr.JiJ��t-^t"__*-^."^*^-i^��'W**ii(ji*'. *u-.'"��*."6^r_��K*nr*��,. orfA-J^i.��.v_��^?i!*lli^J^'^"����*'rfcL. S. *"_ _.3s.j*Pt...    .<"������" ?"^3j.-7jrf4 -'. *-��  toveilmdf  Around  T*T*  \  V '**��� *'>  *.*,  mtk&netfny,- May, 13, 1J71-  -r-r-r;: ���  ayw',! ��� ��� ���* V"^ '4 '"i���-'   ;.���  Thp Peninsula TImps  ?qge B-5  IIW"*;';v-'-.'V ������'  t*  f  Almost qomplfJte ,'-.,,,'  Ggry Ifeiika's own special project   which, is.'sopnto pe i-affled. In less future fppds can he spent op sppplles  lo help  raispn funds for tlie .Sun-   thaiv a-year,  the scliopl's huHding and dquipippnt tor thp,school- which'  shine (School ih Gibsons has Ijeen >U]p   fpptf debt has been cleared, so that was constructed las*l. summer,  ereatlop.ofjhis-beautifp). hooked rug _      ���__,__      *-,             _  _          ' ��� _                     * v  I..  I  ��  I t c  -1  r  Q't  i-,t  L  by Ma*"y Tinkley  .JAPIC Loylpnd Pf Hodioo'ffs is hpinc afler *1 month's slay ip jja^elton whpre  iu  ihbIrupled  1ho Indians  ot  lhe  'Ksan  Association   in  pio  prajls p\   hno��� bloplc  pr-iplHig a,pd   jnwelry ii-al^PU-.  ']<smi -Indian village is a mint product:  of liiD 'Kbap Associallon anci fhe Federal  and Provincial govei no-enls through ihe v  AugricpllutaL_and Huup Development '['  Act. 11 is a reprpcjppUoo ot "an aid hop pc  Grlhsan I-pdum Village iuuh as stood pn  tho bite whep the fn&t explorers apd  traders qpic to lhe IUuelton areti.  "The village cons.iSlti.of a carving shop  and seven houses, including a iegsif hoiiSe,  a d*ince house and a npiseuni containing  artifacts Tl-p lio-ises ,have uarvad interior  poles   and    are   decoialed   yvith  painted  scenes and traditional Indian designs*.  'Ksan w a cultural orgapuatiop which*'  ' ' 'ish and prescr-vQ  skills which were*-  at- the- tunp-of  :ich  aS&es, there were  and Iwo \yomep  Mpd who are  almost lost art  hich ceremonial  cloaks arid * blankets v are woven fiom  cedai, bark and lhe wool of the mountain  goat   This, is a craft which Marlea* with  the Gil khan-people   The arts' produced in 1he f^nuse of  the Vt/orkB's and in the carving shed'aie  offored'for sale to visitors and fhe 'Ksan  tiade mail*, a slyl(shed sign pi thc "Hand,  of History", ������uarpntces the authenticity  of each article, The village is now an  important  tourist  attiactinn  Tlie   histoi u     town   of   Haielton   is  situated  at  Hie junction  of  the Skeepa  "and   Bulldey   Riveis,   jusl   a   few   miles  off  Highway   16,   in   a   beautitul   selling  wrth     the   Rocher    Rcboule    Mountains  foitning  a  magnrfit-ent  scenic  backdrop  11 was the hmd ot sternwhoeler navigation hit* lhe Skucna and rti, luslory dates  back lo Ifltlli whon rt saw lelegiaph ciews,j>  airiva. followed by gold minuis and Hud-HJ:  srn's Bay pavik strings 'fa  The remains ol old tiee graves have*'  now been bulled and" the gravpb marked  .wilh   Icik'hs   niid   sometimes   rmni ed. by l|  'i' '  'Vj. '.  >'!.'���'*  \0 *.  rt*.  ���i  < ���  .vi     ll  *.���>    '*    '  ���-ji  -�����'  i"i  /--  �� 4  ��� \  ill  V  i-'t '  Mi  ���f-V-.  "A*  Bec-uHful Malll?"  Nestling at the ^opt pf tree clad liiqup-  tains, the old I\Ialibu lodge is now  run as a spmrpei; gai*np for students  of a rpligiops prglnization in UlP  USA. This heapty .spot is a sport distance fropn lhe farped Chatterbox  falls, located tip thp Sechelt inlet and-  offering a P��sqinafhig boat ride for  the leisurely yac^tioper.   ���  5  1'  ?  I  .  i  n  '0  5?  I,. **  -*<  w��M?raMcuitu^n��n��n>mw>manniM^^  "���      J  ��� *���   t \  e'f  bindII hoiibeb Adjacerit to the 'Ksan In-  dian village is a model n campgiound  and trailer park consisting ot 30 fully  serviced   trailei   srtes   and   32   campsites  -J"  Around Gibsons  Gary's   HnspitaJ"1   on "April   201 p.   First  fpanflfil-'j'] firr "Wr   and Mrs   J3d   Hpsby  JA/atkJ&a^fV���  -A��t4i -a-tamt-wr l-4va��li-ht)ii��&-wittT~tiTit_alKr  cold water,  ,howeis and flush toilets  Tpe Indians, says Jack, do not like  the welfaie ,yslem and feel it has been  a diawback r.'ithor than a help to then  pmple, uiidei-minipg then independenru  and initiative There aie some Indian  villages in Hie lla<sc]lnn aioj which have  refused wel'laie In some ways they aie  backward, but they have preserved llieir  pi ide and independence  ^dclr^eyHxind-^'ent^i-ll-lus-spai-o timo-  Ypung |peinbej-s of the Oibspps ^OW*  REV, pr  4-tth  t��f the I  at ICiimloopj,, help ip the Chuioh wheie  Rev. P, A Ouglurdi is ||io pautor. .Thoio  were veiy in&pirinij meetings Also a|-  tunding vyoie Mif. II. it ���Wisken "lid Mis  V .1 Wyngn-'il The roiTlmopro was May  .Villi. .   '  V.'OFIKSHOP  Mih. T   JJiimo and Mpi. W. ValiuiciuH  ac(iom)Hi|iipil*p group pf -levpp Gihsimn  tjp'pC ��� yon pg pei-plq t ii ppqpiiB A v'!- Unil oil--  Clnii'di. for u Woi'l'fih'op on ^Plimning for  pow mHl'l'nr' llm Pi P ire", Thoy Ion mod  in fprmiilato (ituiiH apd pvalnapi thu.bfiiir  ufils n|' m doing. Tlnu'o woro.IRO youpg  pnoplu from Mux f,ipwtir Mfiinlinid in nl-  Pmdunon utj well ��b a inpnhpr I ruin  VI"lorla,,  OioiipH- wiiri" ipmJoi' lhn, heiidiiigs of  WorHliip-'-lod h.V"�� Chaplaipi 'MiihIh irnd  Crpatiyi" pnimu -whiolr Wp' pnrlhm|iir|y,  oi)j(iyed,'-ll)lH wiih ipiiloniho dlraclVim of 0  'Mcfii Piii'liai'ii Ciirpuij of WhlJii IPiuk  |,HIIn Tlmiilfti wlm hud llio young punplo  piirliiilpiilliig "wlllimil   llmm   linirii*  null'-'  (.'OIIHIlloilH, o  jumnApn pbebbytpby  lliiv. .Hip -WIIH'iiUHiiu mid .Men. N.  Mourn 'nlpiii'lf-d Viinpifiivtir Hu'rrui'd PruH-  hypiiy moolliig Imld In l,almv|uw Unftud  phui'nh, T|iuy���lii.'iiWl ii piiiniL of npiiiilun'11  wlm aru iiliirgyinim wllli a hi>h"IiiI iiiIp-  Jnlory'l iiim w)io wiryoH nl llpi iilrpm'l! Um  ciliiipliihi'i liom Vmicuiivm' (I'liiiirnr IIiih-  pllull lihmii Unlii llDiipilnl iNi-iib. Vanni-iiT''  vnr apd tho nii'ipliiin of, Oiiliulia,  "       All   worn   InlmoHllpK   <iH|m<iln||y   Iho ���  luul, minhul whh wiih a ilynnmlii Hpnnlpir.  Tlm I'ujmvlow <.!|i|iriih mimilmi'N wor��  pkiiirmd   In' nlmw   llmlr   fiin|lll|an   fmv.o.  nnvy- dny-ii/ii'ii  viinliini, wliiuli   I liny  nro   i-li'VlhiM.'       ,' .'''���" ':"''���:.::  Wim and mr.ni,  , Mr, mid Mm. Tlmr, Amiormin vln|ind  ^lhf!)r��rmrfoid,*"dii!i��lpfii'-|n*lMw-iP-''(!f>pipi**  lum ovnr' lhn,1 w'Kiluipd, up limp r��lnni  In ipiiMimii, lliu Aiidi>i'fiimn vwiu imuom-  pmilcd by Mi'H, IiJiIuimIhiiii fi'nm lii��n|ll��,y  w|m |i�� llmji' iiipud lii!iu for a wnoli nr  ���up,   ������ .,        . ���      '    ���   i, ���  ;���'  Mih, II, 'M, WhlMa him I'liliirmid finm '  Vlcimla wlirni* nlm vinlpnl hur n|np-��' MrH.  fl, clilhiirl,   .  |,Dw Iiulil finm 'rml'iici vinili?il ll)n  Ji*,' HnllmiilH mill llm N, Muiii'm, ���  Mr, mid Mi'h, I'imil' |iimnmr'iu-< linvn  I'licniltly rpliiniml lirlliu HiP"'hlll9 '-'phhI  liimi llm M����kh|iiihI nrnn, ,  ���     Tlin T, K,, Wull**!- faihlly liirm"r|y nf  ! Jloiitli1 |!'l<il"h��r   id'it  ritpmliid, wull   apd  ��� I'nippy.np Vani'imvnr Jiilmid wh��rn ihoy  Jinvn ntliiilvmi. '  Minn   ('linddpr  llytppppiy   m|h|Ihi|   hor  ulNlcr In Upliii'ln for |pir nlni��r'n hlrtliday.  ������Wl-n~WW')-"'Ol-,0~l�����/P��i---'l~-��-|'"j|Tr7nl''-'��-"'*')��  hmllmry Oiiiiiiin,     . j  H|mpdlpg n yffith id l|i���� Imnnrnf Mr.  and'Min, KiIiim-i-iI Hill waif ill" loiior'H  nmiix.-r Mm, A, '/iihluinild from Mii|y|]|<-,  Hunk,   ,' ' .'  nill find r.niw yprpjowlt"* nnd �� younir  Norm   pimi   WPIIuio-*   l.ul*��   wim uiitmlH  nl ('iilhy'H purmiiM Mr, ppd ���Mi;h, h-'-d  , Hollmid lor Ul iliiyw. it  ,.' i Nh;k mid Hlmrry llnnby J��r�� r|i��<l|vpu*  wm/p��ilnlii)|im��! mi i|m l-hip ��f llwlr (hid  *lilld/��. li/iby huy Wan llnylm "  programme nn  VndW evening ipcludpd ��� velopes will be rotprned W''h a con- ���  Iho -showing ol throe sals nf picpirbs pro-    tributiop |o help (he loppl C|iaj)lo,r of  jeplud op  tho wa.ll simpllnnooiisly, wilp  million rind  <onnd,  ���yVhal dk| Ipe vj��we|S got pom il?  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Whirl Ih imiiiH niodlo miylngV llnw  villi) |h II?��� l|pw pmijiln urn liiiui'liiK' h����  hipd Mm iipiiMnn, Cnping "mid mi|'ipin�� onU  iiiu,,   '  i  HQMRrCQMma "' .  \ Mni, Jr��no Aniloisni) wim p charmlni*  hnHlom) w))iip n|m imlPi'liiliind nl pp l)��r.  widiiin Hmnrdiipf-ipri luiicimmi in Imimr of  Mi'-'j florly. lh\j>ii who I'lU'iiptly rolnriiod  ,fi'oip, (||)ppd|ni( -Miviirnl wotdni Ip |lnwii||r*  "''ho purly whl'di wim �� woicmno-lmPiM  SHQWRB  ,AI Ipe hnma nf Mrs, Jimp T3nvldHtin  willi Mr��. llu'lop Woiiiluimll w cri-hush-m-,  i| |i|il)y Klmwor wiih hold In honor of Mrs.  fjlmrry lllinhy, pprHiigiiH were prosonled  tn Hip gmiH| nfJinimr upd lo lhe pew  grirpdmpUi'piH Mrsi Kroido Mmmiirenx  und- Mi'n. I'fdpu .lliishy,  A prulllly prniiiiioulud biriikul Mtpr  Inlno'd, imipy lovely g|fi|n, f^lnr)(H' vW��,;  l)K(!i| in ' ||)|i ikiriul'irlinpH, fl|ii;n|H pi'o-ionr  were (V|Ihh CJiiHoun. HiiHliy, 'Ml^ l-yilll  "WilliiuiiH, MohiIhivioh;. Diiroop lyfuHgrnvo,-  (.'iiihy ciiciHllmiHon, A/piph buhopto Hul-  |y |)n"wii('l;)ii|urnH "Vjonro, t/lpdu (!np|i:iii|,  n, HiiliUinj'pjTl'"I)i'miu.X1iijihin, \.,\y. .JCnimi,  IOhUiIIh fhigfi|i||ii|, Muni��� liiiporHnp nprl I'lm  |''liui|(, Tho MI''H'i�� ���/,lpii liiiip'ii|'nnd Hondy  JliiyiilMnn hoipod n| the Hhnwi.-r,  - rlimdliifp ((ilm Imi not nhlo In ri'llohil  worn Mm. Jit iJniioH, Mid, Wool', IVIi'H. l(0|ii,  |��iiiij|'nnii, Mm, tlorry Nlnnl'in, Mpd Vlvlipi.1  Chuiphm'lhtyfMrH. fhiwp IhtviuH tipd  Mrn\-  Ihdnp lllggii. MhiPh' |.,nulo'Nlo||plB0i)1'��lKp  iu;l|l  ii npimhil  glfl,  WELCOME!  i.     A  wiilcopm In. Iho thiipippplly, tylyn,i  Wohi. Mr. who hnn iippin frnpi Viipi!imv/ii|'  in m/i|io |mr jii-inif huro, 11 of imp Ih ||, II,  -���tVHiil,i)U.l||i!Mliir...Ppiiilf   .'. .-..-,,  :t; " ',  Al'lp/' i;i.'ii)dhi�� In Vmif/PMvo'r MiiMfi luul  in the curving sheds and has brought  home wpj-. hini two very ppc Indian  "*iasks whmh bn i-r-qdo tPcrO.       i  SECHELT  JEWELLERS  :|s      :H      :|:  RINGS'  WATCHES  GIFTS  Wotph-qpfl, Jfawellry  Repqjrs  "):       "J:       it:  Phono 085-2421  0,n*m*nnnt>n0tnont}twm*MvHmntvm0Vi**wn*mt%nLtm  tS&t&SSs.  f-*  "1.  to huv an  I OlUrJ  PIONEER.-;  I   *,  iz  *.' ,j 11  AiA'i  -mrr**rvi  $25.00 OFF FOR A  ONLY $129.95  I  $  Madeira Pprrlc  phopo 003-2266  "Nn��wwwn����vw������i��w����wwv��fftf��r��r����i��W^  smmsmm  ^-.tjagi^'jijJig-sgfa;1:  SB  ���SH^SSSgSS  J  i  I  li  HSSS  n  FOR THE BIG  wim ��-irri��.l-'-i-|.'!|- llawi.li.ip Ihuim. whh " i,1,i;,',��'"'1 k^, T'l't''''' N"��' (��"�� '''"���  ,Hi,y���tfomyl.^U.l��~M.i\L^^  Ihiwiplop, Ci|iimJ|nn upd. J)i;)|Ih|i (!o|-  iinpilmiVflim'i iiiimIii n ,i,'i||ipfiil Inhld rl<;-  ooi'iillnn't  "',1'iP^'ylnff IhI" lowly fioi'lnl finm will)  llm ImHUiwi mul nin-id ut imhnr v/ipu Mib.  M/iry !(1!H, (Vila. I^yor mid Mm, l^lMh  Jlmiiiiop Irom Viiip'ohvi.t, Huv��iii| ntliiir  gimiiln Iind bit'm Ipvlitid Iml wuro imnhln  MOTHf-'IVH PAV  On "Miipiluy pi.. aihrioi-it I'miPioiiHlul  Olniiifli, thriiirwoin Hpnulnl imnihorii, nn|p.  ri;nd|p/(M oio, |'nr Mnlhpr'H pny, Ji'lpwn-'-  prg plmiiN wiiro priiHuphnl in tjm nldiml  mid ypiingiml iimlhnrn /)i)d In Hm iholhor  wiih llm liii'imai I'mPHy iiiiio lo tlm iimlhur  who hud tlm iildrmi i.'liijd iitiiipdipg, '  ol Hi,  AT RUBY HAKE RESTAURANT  0,i  ���  5MOPGA5BOBO CVPRY SUNDAY 5 P,/ri -.fl f,M.  i- ��  Prop \p inr n mnch nr n whin vorioly of goi"rrn��l dl&|)05��.  fcnjoy your moo! )n Jmouillul mrrwrpilngz, .  DAIWA  :  :^ 970O__  lionyy PiiVy Fro��ji  Wnfor Splncqsting  R����l(  Honyy duty spool ond  ryyiif   t|roQ     pb-yorlul  "ttpr" drafi 'nyifoni,  ,,L'; '9i6S6Z"   MoillMm Frmli Wofiir  SplpcnsMna Roo|f  Twl���� froo 'ifar' droa  ���yslom.  WirSTOCIC-pAIWA-'URIELS  comt% m today  JMOWM 7300  Mcdlopi Froil^ qnd Sp|l Wqtor  Sloping |loo|. Flpgor roncl* drpg  Qdjnslpr npd rongna nnd groove  Oscillntor.  .     7290bA  (Frcsl�� Wnfor fi^lpplpg B99I- Inter-  jiaJ hif^HMpi nlfh. mp, "tyiipm*. A  roal yolno  -   1  i  PASWA 9300  Mflht Wnrnr SpincnMlno flcnl,  Poilllvo Pin Pickup, Sonslllvo  'S��nr' Praia,  Secfii@itr Ronwr VmlUiUia  Phono ��8��-��S32t  1 il  t   if  *l  ��   s  �� ' ''* 1 I ��� �� I  '/   ��   1   t. ,   I   '.'�����������'   <f    l   *  t  1  1   r t   (*�������������>��   ���  �� 'I *  r * r  0 f  ' ��� I- *  * 1* 0 rt 1 ��  1 _   _  - ,.    ��� - ���_  hi 1     ���     1���      - ���,  ��� -1 '   ' ���      -  - ���   ���   -      ������-������- *    ��������� ��.�����.�������������,  ��� ���   ��*w v   *fl*"*   wi i ^���������^"^00.0*^^0^^tm^^^Lr*^^^iv ^ r  M^-***/����#|MM*#<M��MMNMM*��f����MJJ#iM��MM��r#|H#lfllM��fi*MM��fMMMMrf-#M  f*����*l����r��*f  .t4M +*v*r*0**i*,,  <*���      I'   *�� *-i     '  ,*,-*'. -"A ������*?''> ���", P��me B-6  .The Peninsula Times Wednesdgy, May 12, 1971  li^i^til EA2AAK OF VALUES^I!N|ii|lltS!^il||!!l!illl|||l!|!!|l'|  h  %  4*'  I     '  *>  ��1  BE  S  COME TO THE LOWEST PRICES IN TOWN;  Phone 885-2058  Sunshine Coast Highway  \wm*\\\\wmmm bazaar of vALUEsiinnniiiiiiiiiiiii  li����  ���* j*v*  if  r*  r   \  . JPHN MP DOROTHY BOSCH  -     "       ,     .of       .  ��GMONT MARINA AND RESORT  whh ,to announce  <���  JOUR HOSTS DOUG AND SHIRLEY, COCHRANE  F!5HERMEN'S HOURS  '���#  ft  V  ft  V  /  ���*���  ii! BAZAAR OF VALUES IWllHltiSliHiillii  IKH  S3  SI  ss  SE  Use 'Times' AdBriets to Sell RentrBuy. Swapt etc.  igiilllllOJIIlllilU BAZAAR OF VALUES  .             ��� i _ A     _  ���  ' Wake of Litter Bugs  There are""9,257 Pottles^kr^this pile worth two cents each. Province's I4t-  collected last summer at Olvanagan ter Act provides for fines of up to  Lake Provincial Park, Under British $500 for littering. The photograph, is  Columbia's Litter Act, peer and soft a reminder that May 9-15 is Anti-  drink bottles are "returnable"  and Litter-Week in British Columbia.  Anti-Litter Week . . .  Litter, The Law, And You .  violation could'mean $500  Yes . . . Buy four gallons of Olympic Stain and get one  gallon FREE!  OLYMPIC STAIN .... GUARANTEED NOT TO  CRACK, PEEL OR BLISTER.  -33  Seel-e'er  Phone 885-2283  BAZAAR OF VALUES  IT IS against"*"! he law to litter,, and you  can be lined up to !|>50Q for  bieaking  that '"law  At the 1970 session of lhe Legislative  Assembly in Victoria the lawmakeis of  British Columbia passed a bill known  as the Liltei \ci Some convictions have  already been made.  The law about litter staits off with  the traditional intioductipn: "Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent  ot the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Bntish Columbia, enacts as follows     "  Then, quite clearly, it gets down to  details, defining litter as "rubbish, garb-  _JU'el_Qi waste   materials,   including  taineis, packages, bottles, cans, oi parts  thereof or any abandoned oi drscaided  articles, product, or goods of manufacture  "It cdso applies to the disposal ot domestic sewage by people camping out  The act does not apply to wastes af  primary processes ol mining, logging,  sawmilling, farming, or manufacturing  Othei   laws go/ein  those activities  TWO CENTS REFUND  The Littei Act states. "No pei son shall  sell or offer for sale beer, ale, carbonated beverage^ or clunks in a glass,  plastic, or metal container foi con&ump-  tion  oi   use  off  the  p'remises  on   which  theieon" '  The Litter Act prohibits the disposal  of litter on any land orifre&i'i~<waterl with  -the only exceptions being, in compliance  with a peimtt issued under the Pollution  Contiol Act; where litter is burned in  compliance with existing provincial or  local regulations, by burying and cover -  mg with not less than 12 inches of clean  soil; of wheie disposal facilities are pio-  vided and pioper and accepted methods  are used, in accordance with the Health  Act.  TRAILERS, BOATS  One section of the Litter Acl deals  with the discharge of "domestic sewage or  mm Iraileis, camper,���.porta  housing units, bo*ats and house-boats II  prolnbites such dischaige into "any fiesh  water or waier course oi on land," with  certain exceptions:  "in compliance with a pei mil issued  under the Pollution Control Act, where  disposal facilities aie providedi in accordance with pioper and accepted methods of disposal using those facilities,  and in accordance with the Health Act  and regulations, or by excavating a pit  on land and burying and covering domestic sewage or waste with not less  than  12 inches ot clean soil "   '  AT   CAMP,   TOO  I  I  BAZAAR OF VALUED illinilllM^  pll!lllUUIIIIIililllll!lllJUI!il!!BAZAA^ OF VALUEES|UUJj||illi||||||U!l|j||||Uilli||yi  "X*��  IO PURCHASE' NECESSARY1  During the eight week Bazaar of Values promotion start ing" April 7th The Timofs will bo giving away  $200 in1 cash. During tho first four weeks $10 will  bo awarded, For the following three weeks $20 will  bo given. And at tho ond of the eighth week some  lucky person is going to win $100. All entries will  :b*9���k��ptior���tho���duration���ofJhQ promotion. YouJiavo  they aie sold or .offered foi sale unless,  the person undertakes Iq refund 40 the  purchaser on dRl'yepy up pf the container  the ��,uih of not less than- two cents far-  each container"  Regulations under the Littei Act define drinks us: "soft dunks, fiuit drinks,  and rocouslituted fnut'dunks consisting  of less Ihun flfi per cent pine hint juice  und   concentrates   tliorcnt"  <  A container, nccoidlng to thu regulations, "mouns a glass, plastic, or mi-In I  cnnlaiiK'i o| ,i capacity nf less than ���!()  fluid ounces'"  Anothci  u'gulaHon pinvides Hurt ,llh= \  hitlnTror-'lTlITu'nWiriiniil In IB llio '.number  nf ���container.'' he accpts on any one day  from liny one customer, Tlie purpose of  Ihiu regulation Ih to 'prevent stores from  being swamped with large 11u.1nl.1erH' of  containers '���"ind being faced with, major  admiiiiHti-alivi/ problems,.  BOTTLE DEPOTS '  The iicr, "'williorit ���limiting" llio two-,  cent refund pur cnnliiineir, iiIIowh ni<"r-  cIiuiiIh lo' mitl'<o itiTimgoniunlN for rt depot  "convontonl I'nr hln, ciintninorH for I|kj  accept mice of n>iiluiiinrn piirohuHod from  ,/lilin for -refunds to the purciuisor iih re-  fllilrwl," This .lino applies to gnvnrnnionl  liriMor nIoick .^nniltii'. (ho cioviii'iinioni  LI(|iioi' Acl,  HollkiiH and proccMoiN urn prohibited  by rei'iiliilloi- Irom "<'iiiiliii<!iliii,{ for any  liiil.lmi- lioltliiM or riiiiliiiiii-ih on wlili'li  In wrlllnii oi- fil.tnipcd any lonn of woirln  iiKllcitiliiii tJinrilio coniiiiiutr in not ,ju-,  lurimhle  or' Ihul   uu  ie|'iuid' |h   puyulilo  .Anyone establishing or maintaining a  camp, except on privately owned or occupied land, jc plillffed by the Uter M  urmaKc pioper use of toilet and sanitary  facilities where they aie ptovided, oi   to  extavate,  maintain  and  use a  pit toilet  "No person shall abandon oi leave  a camp unless be 1 it-->t huiies and coveis  tbe pil toilet v/llh al least 12 iiilIics of  clean soil"  i  PENALTIES  The final mtIjoiis ol the Lillei Act  provide that,pei,joiis who ronliavone the  '���(���t_Hic "Iftrblc, iidoI) siiiiimtiLV���eouV-ii^.  Hoi), li) the neiiultie.T piescnbed in the  Suiiimury Coi^victions Act," which uIIowh  foi- fines up m Jj-fiOO. A summons cap be  'issued liy"meanu of u ticket, Conservulion  officers, purkH officers and forest rangers  are umoiig Ihose . designuted "enforce-  '.���noni lifficerhi'" under tlio .[..itlor Act.    '  Copies, pf,a brochure wli'ieh (|iio|.en l))a  Litter Act.it'iid- eppjes of Ihu- ruguluUons-  lf�� Hie act a ni available from the Department of Hoci'eitlioii and Conservation,  and Ihe P'epurimont, of 'I'mvol Industry,  Purliaiiieot Hiilldlin'H, Victoria, ,  Wnllor Snfol/ says,  "Tell your, mother ap^ ��  ffilluir thnl ypn wnnl  lo luiirn lo -iwlni NOW."  IB  isa  Men'--,   Women's   and   Boys',  Jusfr  arrived   .   .   .  your  new  soring   styjes and   l|e>i/ spring  colQrs,\ Sb soft dnd so pliable  for those sore tootsies.  s=  SHOE & CLOTHING  i4  Trail Bay Centre  qnd  Cowrie Street Store  SECHIELT  IlIM^ OP VALUEsililll^  ���aaaa"^^  imp  mimm,mmm!mmmMmg*T'  HOWIE PHONE 885-2812 HOWIE  *-f*H*-  chancb to win oach week plus tho grand prlzo of  "'$l^b?fEhto7,arma^  coupon or mail to The' Peninsula Times. Or you  i  can leave them with any participating morchant,  Each week thoro will bo a draw and tho lucky win-  .......     ,���,,       I       ,      '.j     ,., ���  nor's name will bo published in the following edition,  nnanannapppnnn  NAME  ADDRESS  /  PHONE  sir^infnnF^inF^  Mm   Mai   f*J   fc-J   Ul   I***!   k**0   fe^J   %id.   lm*4   Iw4   le^l   fcj   fcwJI   U*&   (m**!   k**\   h**M   (Ud   B;-.  illiillM^^  %J^A('i^AvAAA^Ml  '���^fiion im* '^  'Tlm l.uv hrlirt" unil iimko ymi ft color <)-'0O|'iil|'!J  impiiit, bil��it�� mil. 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Edith Ru-  '    bhant,   Mar-garel   Konopcllslu,   Ida   Hlc)-s  and Wally Scliad, Past Ciivmd Masl��i" pf  all of Tcsliqtuot, Powell Rivet   Also Hilda  Tuck  ol  Kelowna 36   There was a  total  of 22 local members present  An excellent banquet was enjoyed by  all and was catered lor by the Roberts  Cieek Hnj.prtdJ Au\iliaiy.  Homecoming ol thc Assembl'y Presi-  dcnl, Catberrnc Smith, was held at Lad-  nci- ChilulOhan 57 and was attended by  sevcial membeis ot the Sunshine Lodge  Trtinspoi uiiKin was proviiliTd_|jy_Mr Ivan  Smith , ���   ..  BRITISH -eOUUMPIA FERRIES  Effective Wlay 14 to September 19  )lW|.tJ.UUII.IJIUIIIIIII..  !i  uumwwmmmw^w  '" I"J"  ������"���-"  Langdalg rrr (Horseshoe Bay  Earjs Cove *--- Saltery Bay  There will  be additional  sailings" both  ways lo -..  accommodate jncreaseq iratfip during t|*p i3i|-timer,  to September 16. Sct^ediire-rnriay be obtained 4 at  ferry terminals,  aula  club's, hotels,,   mo'als  and  tourist bureaus.  For information phone:  -Longdate 886-2242   Horseshoe Bay 921-**,<"f11  KIPS  OUTGROWN.  THEIR  T0Y$ rTt.  qxnp-JES ��� , ,  PURNITPRS?  GET CASH  JHRQUQH  AP-PRipFS,  PHONE  885-9654  9 Mir. Aatlvortiser:  Those advertising  spaces pfo rcql hat*  gains fpr you.u Sold on  -'contract pnjy. tor do*  t^js on how to stretch  your advertising "dol-  fpr, phono 885:9654,  qsjiVfor   special   ad  ���A"  ||<)dway and Barbara Jackson���Hi  single; Craig Rodway and I^orri Nftst-  tt>an=r-JIi average.  Trophy presentations  at Sechell Alleys  B0vSY'LINp season ended for Hie younger  sej, al  Seeholt  Bowling Alley with  a  ilBRPy   celebration   party   following   thp  presentation of trophies on patiuday af-  IllUllllllllill BAZAAR OF VALUES  TOId  J   OZITE CARPET~For in/ouMpor use.  ^ 5 colours in stock. 6' wide. .    - . v. ��� ppr sq> y^.  OZITE CARPET with Rubber. 4 colors in stock.  12' wide        "." '.     .-    ^TP CI.EAI^MNP^y-y VIHYI- SIJ&FACE, 5 differenr  v*mm. WYitej^-^vJr-^^^^ $*l$i  Ir/!k l*^--|I3--&f"3,?i**2s    Ef-Jl/-***-"i"I  tH      l!*-f fk 0B?Si(&    *a3jS*{!��-|i    /S^fel  fs3l,  ���jj-hicl- made jhp following br?wlprs very    arranged for 1(11) local witnesses to  li'ipny!  M-ko "Bwgljsh, Tnm    Cipj't'iitnii.    a'l|ei*id a t'liree day sieininar in Worth  "vYoyne   Phlllipg,     Poap   Gray   parbaiu     Vtancouvpr.  ^plttpn, Lancp Gray, Lynn Ehprjc  {|nf|  ���t*^niiy_Heudoriioji  Jehovah-s-witnesses^  '#"~V    ^K^fc      I   $&��.*,  A^0t^J '  C|ipmnl��n 'Tnninr lean)  wan |||o Sjr|<-  fi|-es   captained   |ry   ^o|jy   BnniiiDk   with     f il i  Boy. JaukRfiii, Uiny_ Pjuju, Jlmrny BiniJI),     JQ]*-   |J|lf00   QdV   SGIlllIlSr  M|l,   Halo  Ciordon,  dinijl  Miprn vihrii'" of  .fohnviih's wiliiosKeK,  innl  r:o|np1elu/;| fi    ^  ' jvT-irKoi  *yvi|si>n  and  Lynn   I'llmiii!  ftc|uil as up-i re  WPIVIDUAJ.  HARDING BAU-EFMNA HY(-ON SHAG-  Splqr Gold 12x25.9, Bitter Sweet 12x15.fl.  . Iifsjtejled prjee includes nndpr pad.     . ppr sq. yd. ^/qi  .CELANESILllPJmEJ^mjOiMHAG--  l   Maize Gold 12x3.**.3.  [=   Instpllcd price inclpiJcs uriderpodr,  iJiz, vxrlr""'"-"'-""vi' :'��������;7^';n.^m:,:*,(.:h5l.^,rq'f-r^x* m  PM1   MlPlt   WMPj  nillll-.ll.Tlul.MpllvlliOH   ihJMIIK   |||H   VlKJI,   |W  Bringing a  pleasnnl  winter recraa- -111 single, Patly Wing and Um   NMiiniHr SS.           ' im.!1 wftnnSJ.T'^n, ZUI\ M'T'  ,0��  Hop to �� <-W�� tor IhP season, howle,-s Jllo|ilor���Iii throe, Daiw Ql^pnwii       ,��i dunhlo; MH"> Enfilim mi, ChrMipn          i,-To "^  repalvnq ilKJlvirtltal   Iropliy awariJll anrt A��cly Ileiv1e|$on-hf m W-        Uli��J��r|jj|| }I7. ,                  ' A' J ���',   , J'J-   ,   v    ,  Jt^KK'  pro: hori (loc}Wpy ape] fSl'ephen K a|d ���              ���/.'';�� ��j ^.\��< '^'^ ^^ ���, hiylnpn         Mr. il.��fl.in Hli !,rt^V-rhS �� Ji �� p,-iJi  HARDINGS CLASSIC TOUCH |O0% FORTREL SHAG���  Golden Cojn, Mi��fy Moss.  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HowlliiH A'lJ��y��. l-'i'oii)   Nick Hfnxhnni wnn nl��<> <>n Hio i��om.   1  lufi nr<> ,|mw|ur*i 3'-'nil llodwny, t'np  ss  a  Ulilllli mm�� PF VALUES lllll!lll!ll!llll||||||!|||||||||||||  "L_-_.  !*5  II  mV  Dental Topics  Vlld.fMm NO j^O.MI��.  lh<(|l|<l'llHl   rHJ'i-lrlH   ttf'n   DOW  il|)l|ir()||r,'il  \nJiwjm\nmBy^iLviH\V!r. JM% ';i'-!-  nr nyn pni niiliHlonn,' f?|ii<iii-i.'(Mrniil nnoii  ii'mi nol -'X'l'illy hdnful In IH.hr  Huliii'iilln/' leolli '��ifl miiJIvii w|lh nhnH"-  pliulnii nliDiilrl yupltmi pilpoyirln |m|cp^  Inipi  llio  li;i!l|i  |>y rrti|(lH forn'H ' hy r|(H  (.���onipniiiiK" fppriH, piiorily, llio I'Rnu'Mh f|f  Ihlii llnwi-yniir-loKl, will h�� |��||f"WPi hut  iiniihil i-ii/ii,'iir��h��r�� won't f��i'| Ion nnwii'  i;u(,l If (iiniliiluiml. nur;r.'imifnl flnc)lf||i;-| dlop't,  a|)pn��i',  Thoy (mi] llu.-y ufQ'.iii) |)��u'i-ftfhl irfitU,  Mul rpNvii-v|- hi iipfk-rv/ny im <w��"��Ih ' M)(\ npnihoy >n|xlnrfl.nf mor<? fl'illyp )?h*>fl*  tlprt Kjrlonlop.'i IImj Pl^upionl'  und  ''oiild    pinPr.H vnpld i)rndu����,,v|��ln-,y1 In n ��������|��li"��|  plttko llioil) li fi/rr.'o |o >(jf)|(��|) will) |n t|io    .,������,��,.,���������),   pyujmd, n   hir.hnhjiiu, |iu��  Ijcu--  )rtttl��'-4^^1����i��f-^-l��f^4��-4*p-iy^i*f*��r-^--��-. He'vr|f?|^-lrr'rtet��x'-p��jle-it|-��l-'tW'h decay,     |��-;  Untvwislly   ^ivHourclwt,   mituimtiUnuj*, ,.jpi'.f,"li.,dJn|��rn''|i.,,.ii|*<.,��tr(WW)pyr piw-  wilh ��'i'o)<.'ii| mdlcoririopiililiiKiionH! KOiiO    hi/nil wllli ?l<>--uy piovonllon lhrn��/'h l"1'*  Uxttpuut.rn iitphiy  Iho pikyntmipu  in mm    id p||imp|iiik'-(,'iirl''h<'<l foodii piny miil'o   'iW'f  I RANGIS OF INlATURAL  Wfi HAVE A>L piMPNSIONS AMP  SIZES TP SUIT Y9MR FENCING  NEEPS, ANY ANP A^ TYPE'S OF  "U^  �����.,  l/i j)j��n��j��h��i��rii:ni'|<;h<��l fi-ndu mm Isnyp dn-i,   pn.-wpl i-mM|-"'I�� lit ''PPhplllnil lonlh fl��f'f��y  (���i��yr<'#MHlM|/ |����<.-|4��-'Im,,V��-ii plM'Hpl-utu, Mn-I    nionhiil|4.|.l|vo, wuy lh�� >iwioMivh��i''*>  villain of llio wflUrVpollulloij ��:opli'ov��iny.-    " ���'Cupirdhrp Pi-'iitu) /,mfff;\ullpp  i  iSi  WBM CREEEC  -rBUIKblNG SypPiY iTO.     ���  aiifffiiiii��� or 'vM,m�� ��mmmmMir<  ^m'$%wm$y?Ft-m&^^  ii  4    t  M  1  *    1  I '  ������  PENINSULA MOTOa PRODUCTS <195?) LTD,  s��fNt.   ,.V. -'.!....���.���..'....���'... ;.:.... ,.'.', pfo9n9.00.9-fti!i.  i  "     | - ' ���"��� .'        , ���- ������'��� -    ';' ���   ���'-   ." ". ;    ������ -fl      '��� ���'���' >���    ���   ������  % ' ' '        .L ' '|,l '' , , '  I  i $ *j   V  "<-> &   4  "     b tr" *'  m*rii��.�����ia-fcMa��^n^����Ji^ n ^^ *p��^>m��  ��**����������� �����*#��������**���������*���*������* ���am*^i.>> ft ^*     ���    ��4ii|*,>i  ��� ?������"��*   '"   ��**-.     ���   �����     ��*r  ��� w pB     ��^^*J> r \ ���  , ���. ' a      I       o\--  .I.     t\  ^s- V-''  -I    ,1  I        I  .(  V.)  1"       .f    >.  I'  foae B*8  \;f;<'^thfi^wiwwlqVT��nit9i   ;     Wednesday, May 12, 1971  gBSuSj3fSTr!frS--j.-r^r?r^!!^  "�����   mi im��nn.i�� n. T n  P.   '<  "'   '   ''������"��������� ������������'- '     -7��� ir-'" r i     i'-Im    i in iiiu I   i ii f"r~7T !n    iiTi^  c   , ; * *"\ ��".'���������'   jj/    >   . Ai    -. / "  "    .   V. lil       '     "!    \\'     'V'.i-''t-   Vi*       >    --L.. ���."-        >'  m -;'.  Owners off dogs ftaUe notice tiiat front May 5,  tmt fto August 31, 1971��in the area of Sunshine  Coast from Port Mellon to, Egmont District, any CowV  servatson Officer or Constable without. liability may  destroy any dog found running atlarge and harassing  big gfsAe (deer)-  , 'ii.i'  ��� ��� > * *  ir-'i  J,  Hatter,  Director Fish & Wildlife Branch  U  ��� - *        .'      i       --     l:     ,     '   - -.-    - ���    ���  ."<--  -,7 /  BAZARS? Qf VALUES  ss  FEATURING  ������->-��  Bear Creei  Country & Western Music  CHINESE SMORGASBORD  ADULTS  CHILDREN under 12  DANCE SATURDAY, MAY 15-9 P.M. - 1 A.M.  SECHELT PHONE 8954311  f.llll!llffllHflTf!Hlf;lff|||||iff|f|f| BAZAAR OF VALUES HUlfl  us  Mi  .1 v. .1(        i  4 .>.  *    -  I.W-  I*  ���17.  j ,i*i|<  'I  I'm1  ����� f-'-,\iV  . v    ����  *   i  '^'   ���'*/  ���:" ;..*'     tlA   \        .,,.'��    ���'   /^|l '.'fti  *       ���       ���    A?   NZ ~A        />" ''    . \s\i.   ���    ,  TT T      "L   1   "H Misfortune  HOII,  ISaOel JJaWSOn   ��� ^YH^ a leUui*ely pace through  Davis Bay last Saturday afternoon  nt ton He   Nnrinrf  Tpa Ml'- Kenneth Lyall of Selma. Park is -  CUlCHUa  &yi iwy    J, cq    , imderstppd to li^ve nm QtflfteJhigk-  SPRING Tea of Branch 60, Senior XJitir way aUfl intoJ.jbe tflephQll? pple pfter  zens' Association, was*-n>ld oivSatur^ falling into a {tia^etie cbm^ Ha was  day afternoon, May 1st, wjth an excel, taken to St, Mary's Hospi'tal put tt  lent attendance   Mrs.   Madge   Hansen, is reported fliat neither he nor. his  president  introduced   th^ Hon    1^ p^wger \VBre injured iq the nils-'  Pawson, Minister without Ppj-tfolio. I"_   - **���������- '   ��� i     ���' -      .  ���- ��� ��  ,    Mi;s. Dawaon remarked on the beatlti- -".\f. .���-..v......-.; ���������-ttt .;���'.-  . ..     ......  fill day,, and   nn   lhe -wonderful   display .     ��� ���,     , ,  ...  of "home baking, plants, sewing, etp! She V Hen.7 Woods   antl t|ie door prize   a  congratulated   senior   citizens   for- being If11^1 -?pnb.Qn' t|,By' VVaS W��<n hy MrS'  so active in their different Organizations, ^dna Mgrley-  and  their ^willingness to  assist  in com- Congratulations and many thanks are  munity affairs. She found the same situs- ���" Prder- to all those whR helped in ,any  tion throughout theprovince and felt that way'   pa.rticulai-ly 'the  convenors,   Mrs.  S     it was most rewarding to all. Nellie Whajt��3s-'and Mis,  Mildred  Whitr'  1 Then followed a very busy time at the 'al*er'. The^next regular meeting of the-  B-. stalls  and   in  short   order   many   people ?���/,(:h wi��  be.beg on Th-irsday, May  H     were loaded down with their bundles and i0ih'm Mie Legiqn HaU.-.  appeared very happy witlji their pur?  fs"|. erases. It was like home-coming week,  "s seeing bo many friends, particularly those  S..   who had been ill Millet  Exotic orchid corsages, donated by the  -Lions   Ladies,   vvfr presented   by   Mrs. "'     ~*<Pf��K^rP'^    ' ON to the canoe until  Hansen to the earliest arrivals. Mrs. Han- '^\lf-iL-XjA        h^lp arrives/'  sen had previously presented one to each "'"' *  of the ladies living at Greene Cburt. ���.  The weight-guessing contest was won  Coordinating Qouheil  monthly meeting report  'qQ-QRPINATiNq.CpwnPU of the AH){i-  v \myi$$ ,\p St,; Mary's Hpspi|al held \\s  mbiithly.meiatin^ Tuesday April apth in  t!lpubqpml-aorrt of l)ie hospHft},  --Yt-Hospital 4rlmiqistiator Tony Wage-  ^lakev'"' adyised M^t the ' extended 'Pftre  ,'unit <s|iould" ba ready for occvipancy by  tfVtly; llltiv "It is. planned to set np as  pxtpnSlve | program as possible for the  patients,' This \vill ca.ll fqr a large nnrobej-  * pf'volunteers    workipg   io a regular  ., #\ec|nle.        -    ' v_  ,������' , A gift ���"bop PP the main lloor will he  ���l|ept qpen from 2 pm to 8 pm daily and  ^ytll b> staffed' by volunteprs. 1 -  ���'/'U is-alsPTUinned to provide~a land-^  ,spaped gaV'len tav Hie benefit of patients.  It is booed interested groups of plnbs  might volunteer tbne tpr this project  $��Qh" of the six Auxiliaries plans on  fuypisjiing a loom in the new vying and  is a. proposal they have been working  toward  fpr w years, -  It was reported that 30 members attended the annual conference held at the  Surrey Memorial Hospital and an enjoyable day was had by all.  Anyone ipi crested in working as a  volunteer in the hospital is invited to  nontact local Auxiliary for further information.  SECHELT I1AIRI  \  *y  ��� " PRESENTS - ~  ***���  .. -  "THE  II  ADULT  STARRING **   '  ,  .* G&rQQ Peppard qnd Joan Collins.  CARTOOfS - COLOR  In Q (j.m-    , Our 10 p.m,  Friday, Saturday, Monday,  May 14, 15 and 17  COMING SHOWS IN ORDER  "Latitude Zerp"  ''Deadly Bees"  'Shotgun"  '   A}  ���.^ wl  Mm  KJM%  w>}\At  ���1 i&  /  Walter Safety say8,  "Kneel or sit Ipw in ��  canoe. If upset, HANG  ..'���'.    Wp Retoryo The Rlghfr Tf> Mmlf QuantHM  ^nnnnn/ynnnnnnuAAunnnunnnnnnnnnnnni  ...   ���������'. .!��������    ���'������        ��� ���'���  :,������.   /       '    '    ,- ���'     1 :���-������-���      ������������...            ������������      ���: ' '���-- -.-���; -      ���/..  , I ' ��� .' , . 'I ' I" V*    *������<������ ' i'" '>'... ���',:��������� , ������'.-,' I'        ' '���' '      "V  tt, �� ' ..���������'��� ������,..��� ^ ' I �� I I ^ ^ ",'���'. ' Mr  ,\ f< /fl  -?���':  4*  f '      A),'   /%!    ''"A';    S?l'  "���^aP"*"^^  <V ***f?'1 <*  j*  ^ '      !        >���"    l' f-  t -1   ^ ^i^l,^U~^^.J. ,,  '' ' -, Jl  ^im$i!9sssm^i0sm^^, J }*  Unfll1)'sr,n"''W"1 f��"' |H',W,, So'"'d ,0"'"M" lnf'"' ipclMFlfnp pp,j Mol|on HopWnj Landing Gfonlhams Lantjlna, GlbsOnJ RoNns Ctfck,  /"��in C("k' Mt|B PqiKnScchclr  Holfrpoon Boy. S��'��t Cw. Pumlcf Hor'"'-* Modolfq faK, Klc|ndalo. Irvine \ landing, la\\ Coye, Eamonl  MZ��  d -J A't  r   v,-'--  it*-)- \> ,i'Vi%   '��j'vknVr^k'vi  ���    VV"-r ,\H* "it lifH-^^AW-ilS-f-.- Wi  I'  I*1  Jh  '.V'  *$u  a^-s-y-'-w----^^^  �������-  Fy    *"V.    Vl  V   1  |     ��.  t-  <>  FROM THE.ROCKIEfi fp the ��e^ grftlsh Columbia is a  -scen|c^aGat|onlandU|i|*iia^verYthJngfor a holiday: salt  or fresh water fishing, hiking. hpPn^vs-lmrnihg or fust  relaxing in the sun. It is a land of recreation wl/h, Its.  mountains, grass (ands of the" Car^oo and the  magnificent Pajjfici^a5f-wltM4**^Genl^nlets-^nd-ba  This year B.C. is celebrating its Centennial with festivals  and pageanfs. Left is Mount Assiniboine in  Rockies.     .,     -, _^^^.  ___^_������ --^i-.-,.        ,. rV ?���   i    - ���   Right, Barkley Sound, dotted wifh islands, on the western  coast of Vancouver Island.  (Phc-tos are cdyrtesy of B,<3. Qept. of Travel)  It's Centennial 71 in British      There h^ye been reports of  Jumbia thi$ year ^irid the wliole sturgeon weighing .well qver 800  -jM-qvJnce will be-celebrating the pou|ids^ being  caught   in   the  -big   three   Cs,   Canada,   Cuii-���FVaseMnHherfpl^opths���llie���ey^  vfea^fhTi  DogVyood blossom, B. C-'b flower are caught all along B. O.'fj coast  emblem in the centre, line, The north end of Vancouver  it's-100 years ago that B. C. Island is noted fpr its huge Tyees.  joined the "Dominion of Canada as A fisherman bo-*ted a 71-ppiinder  '. a! province arid It is m extra at Campbell Riyer in 1968 and  pretext to have "fun in the sun" earned Klmself a ruby "Tyee  this siinimer. . Btl.ton", And a P3 pound Tyee  British Columbiana have fun in wns caugM oil sports focldesQme  the sun every summer, and why seven yenrs buck at the mo-nh pf  shouldn't they I , the ^keena River.  Barkery|Ue,  cidentally the old gold mining of Nanaimo Pageant at Napajmo  town arid rhuseum, sitnnted in on June 39, Jnly 2. :'  ihe Carihop enst pf Qnesnel, will *    And of course July 1, Dominion  ofien for the sui-nmer ,on ifiine ?9. Pny, wftl beca big celebratlpn all  "rtie show WiH play all areas In B, nyer the province, and especially  C. and will he seen fit practically ��� W nn Pntnrna Island in the Gulf  eyefy tp\yn apd cjty, Islands. That community holds  Another special event is the its nrojHaJ gaturna i^mb Bar-  Centenhlal .'71 Caravan, a special Mepue, nn eyent that has Its own  giant stpp in Canada's majrch ki three huge* display trailers, of-    the Province's progress as well earth,  nationhopd.                    . fers a journey  through  the    as display some of its colorful a strol} in Jhe forest of B.C. at  Op July 20,1069, there was the corridprs  of   time   and   ex-    past." ^ greenest and peaceful best,  "one small step" which Vfill be plprntions beneath the s-irface of .    The Centennial 71  Caravan In a fjnal scene visitors are  remembered as a giant stride for the earth and sea, thus the name,    displays Include: invited to enjoy and remember,  mankind-the first moon landing a ^TpijrThronghTiit|e.'��       .-' -    A graphic introduction to the but not to anticipate,  by the United States asfronauts, The Caravan wlti (rayel more l other  Cen!epnla|  yonrs  men7 The Caravan tpur is under the  Nejl Armstrong and Buzz Aldrln, thap 5,000 miles and w!)' yH^. tjon^ abpye. auspices of the p.C. Centennial  4rhe���provinoe���of fers���the���^There pre too many-top fiBbing���l-letoripfiliind -ediipaMQliAl trailer ���WVWP history  vacationist     practically spots in B. C, to mentlpn here,  everything s warm sunny peach ml there are B. C, fresh and salt  resorts, Sea and, Jake cruises, water fishing guides for sale pt  mousands (If miles of good high- sporting gOt?ds stores and op  ways, mountain resorts, dude magazine racks,  ranches,  fishing  camps,   Jake There are 100 campgrounds jn  resorts, swimming, capoelng, B, C, and 10marine parks, whero  fishing ��K)th sea and salt water, there are mooring buoys, an-  picnic sites, fine golf coiirpes, chorages, drinking water, picpic  wlldernoss  parklohds   arid   in , tables, etc;                         y,  addition,     iMxuriouE-     ����- 'llio campgronnds nre fonnd on  comniodatlon,  smart  shops, .practically every ���road In the  Incou-os and excellent food.      ��� province,and they  cover  the  mnsepm Which will nlso lour the Fpr more information on these  province. , . and other eyents in Bt Cf this  Tjienlhere is the second annual year write to the British  B. C. festival of |3ports from IVIay Columbia Information'. Centre,  20 to June 7. More than 1P0 653 Burrard Street, Vancouver 1,  communities will be par- B, C Or you can contact., local  tici iptlng In the various events, ix-urlst bureaus In vpriORS pen-  Space does not permit the trep. ��� n  list pg $f every event In the The B. C. repd maPi HYallaMe  province biij, ah those famed '-at ql) the tourist Information  shows tbf-t l����ve been drawing centres in B. C, shows all flip  thousands of spectators  year highways an*i small aocpss roads  While Mike Cojlins flew his lopely  vlgjl in prblt  a *   nrncticajly every town nnd PH:  fn the pjrpyjncp. " I:  A' m\k  thrpugh a  railroad  bmnejIpadipgiothecpnstri*ction ,  after year will be on again ithis ' lo lakes arid streams. You can  The province^iias'nnfirea of   whole of B.C/rhe most nnrtherly    year,  hlgger and better than plan your mur by noting the  :i66,255.finuarp miles, Is hounded  is pt Mile uofi on tho Alaska High:    ever.   ' lakes, streams, campsites and  on   the   oust   hy   Uie Jlooky   way (IfylanflBlyB|\park). There       'Iliero Is lhe CarIboo country's, their proximity Jo, main IWlfl,  MoiintnlnSi  the  west  by   the   are around a dozen spread acrpss . I��fst)|hg Williams Mke St��m- Tjie Jnap also lists all the  Pacific���Qoofln, tl��o south by the the southern bordor of the  49th parallel (U,fl. border) and In provlnnp on all major and  the north by Alasku and the secondary highways,  Yukon       and       Northwest Then there Is Wickanlnnlsh  Territories.                      ��� * H����(1h Park on the Wssi Cowst'of  ���Hie fishing Is fnbuloiiB, Tl��ere Vrtncpuv'er Island where the huge  nro hundreds of lakosi streams waves of the o|ton Pacific porno  and rlycra teeming with trout1, rolling In over beautiful sandy  OutthroHlH, 'Rainhows, Iwnobus. i,  KamlonpS,    Hro'wnri,    I,nko, And on the ea��torn boundary In  liliistcrn llrnoH, Dolly V<��nN,, llio honrt of the Hookies Is M'lun't  and'tho famousHloolhead iroul, a Hobson P(��rk, nosM��d-bes|do lhe  sea going irnuUbut spendd half hlgbest peak In' the; ���C|innr|lan  Its life In salt w/iter nnd Is only Hookies, Mount Itabs'on, (12,072  -limbed In si reams nnd rivers M),  vvhon Ihoy return to spawn. ��� Wvary cominunlty1 Ip the  They nr�� fished In Iho Into provinoo will bo cplebrntlng  Hiunrnor In many anioa but Ibo f^ntonnlal 71 In some fanhlon, u.  "*��� winter inohtlw nro" tlin "* best **  "  hIccIDi.'iiiIIiik I lino.  ���',   llio worlrita record filoolhond,  !��| poiiiidSi was caii'dd on the  .Klsplox Ulvcr ln'Ou(ol)or Mi,  'Hie PiploK *!"ii Iw ren<ii��d hy  road from l��rln��q pinport or  llllM'O OfllM'I'u,  ���llion lliisro lire (ilbor fr��sh  wiilcr flsliloN CHughl sudi ns  the |{okan����t( ��' Innd-locked  it/.liiioii, iimsllmoiith und  lorgemouth bust, y��l|o*v perch,  Hocky M'-iJnia|i) whWw '���'"'  Arc)l�� (li-ayllMH,  Another iyi>oof fish imi c��u bo  wnight In. li, l.���M Is raroly  mentioned Is Iho sturgeon. (H is  ..illogaltfl.kocp niin un(ler.i|ir����i���  foot,In NigU),),        ^  ��� nioy nro found In Iho Frnfier  jilvor at tho up-wr f-nd of lh��  Vnwr Vnlloy In Iho llopo area,  'ihe fluluirmuii iicerla real heavy  *ijN;--t a lar.klo. ��i liook Ibo al/�� of /��  /-iifl book and a li'df (>ound c|i|ii|k  of men! for b��lt, And also plenty  of heavy lino, Thoy can ho f.'��"#l  frnm llio bank,  node vyltb now dates, July 1-4. It .campgrounds, plcpio Sites, opdi  |�� followed hy llio Anahim I,ako gives general InformuHon about  Stnmpedo  In  tbe. chilcotin ihemflthnsf|s|-ini'nndooh>pfng  (���ounlry on Jiily" 0 and 10.    , information and  hunting  and  Over in Ibo Kootenays there Is fishing     informMtlon     and  the Sam KM-oIq Days at Crim- regulations rpgarrlln|{ licences-,  brook* on A������'st 12 - )4, plus Opo Ihing to rejrwbor. You  do/ens ��f< golf lohrnoys, and vylli bo travolling through somo  .sports days jumborops In ovbry * Of the ipost mngnlflopnt scenic  lown and c|ty. country In America. Jt Is also  In iho Okanogan, the JCelowna very ri'Kgo'i larra'n In some  Jlegalta und Pentlcton Peach  I'Y'stlval will both start Augusf: {  and cpnllniie: for Ihreoor four  days,  Merrllt In iioulh Celilrid H. C.  will hold Its ''l<MlHw-.j)ny fishing  derby MI��V 22 - M,  aroas, So don't plan io trnvel too  far each day,,,,  Take ypfir |,)mo, stop off every  si-'Often and lake In Iho pcepery  or ilo snipe fishing, Nip sure |o  slop at tho historical -mints of  Inlorest,  (Continued on Page 21  (See Time fpjjr)  ���p     fK*3  M  in rvlCr  nnrt-4 ���****  L^���^ l* mm���A  A FREE TRIP BY AIR TO CATCH A HUGE TVEE SALM  II ypu nr'�� fl mri'inr ol thl�� *tipp|erriwnt/ on Iho Irnnt p��!|B 01'  wim |i Ilirirn li. llio mnnlh'inilnl opqi>| um M) W����lnrn |n>i'lonnl  Pumiinpai,, In lir HIMi < oli/mlrln or AIMrln, yi��u *m w ollullilu |o  MiK/i nut 11,ni J'rnw, hnn iho iior.K )mn lor ('nil bwinlln,  Ymi mi*Y wl" "i�� 'irlr|<l |)rl���� ,,,���*, lfl(i'il*|ir�� |.i/Hi/ry f'IMilo��-  WtiaKanil dtr \w *P v/nrlrl tnipttitt, PMH I lifi'*".UJU'iK fio/ir  < /wii|ii(<i|i mwiii oo Vnnr rjnvnr l6ii��i|i|,,, homo ol lh" rmiown*"!  'lywi i imi' . I'loi uioirii thcrn mvl ���"'f:'' from oim'-nt  ��nyw|iHr�� In ��', or /MU'rlfl, v|�� f'Ar.||-'|C W^fUHH  AIKI IMI:h'��(limlol'Ml IIH/liU    . . .  1 (>ni. iiim'i nvurlwiK lh" MunMiaPtH) prim til i��..,, |i/��l,/oi  ��li|,|ili|ijn(ou|mii |l'��f |��0 nKAnilM' |IAf'|< |��A4p.  \ 'A   ' .   '   .'  ~*v  .,th    V  Si'l..'  PAGE SIX  i \  .jarltlBhColumbla'e newest sign may ba ourrnoet Important.  Fleliermen and other outtloorsr^en are required, by |aw to  dlapoeti of sewage and litter In excavatlone covered wilh 12  Incliaa of clean soil., '      .   ,  Carry a shovel, Keep plenty of Utter bags In your car, '  Tho Government of tho Proving of Britleh Columbln  Department of Recreation and Conservation   T" "~f\ ���' '* ', T" -'-^'���'"'''���' ; a ���"���--' ������  Popnrlmont of Travel Industry  Hon. W, K. Klornnn. MlnlaNr  \   ���!  rf> "f*1  r*  ",'  <W��rt^>,W|WW"��t>'>'*'"* ** **'"  i  *j 0, j* . fi. �������. j."-   0   t*.  (j   jfhi r*l    .i'*,iM**|-*����-|*��^*��**   **. fi***a0.Ju.-t0.**.+ *00.*i*fi-^-*'i*r+ 0*0* **** j*^ 0^tf*^^jr.m**&-00*** **^*^P***00n**r��o*^  \ JNfMlM< �������('* ��** .^fWHrW^ ****��� ***** **"�� *  V i     ��'��.   ���  'V>^fi if ll,  3 fii  'lir     i' "���).��������� ,   �������� ^--p-m. *, ..ni.inio*ijr>j-^i.im>mfc^i n    mmi  mi     n -^i"-n      * r~ ���' "1���i     ���     il      . i   .  ..*��������������.���������������..��    ^-Vnnjln ,.i ..r.  -.riTn. Jl iij'-iV^.rr^r-i^ini ij  '-* jf  ��� ."!-'"r--,"���* ,-J"?:  y��*-^J^"'��S-j-''^��"f��if?'^^  *^itot  vrl*-!l"M-''v3C * -���-*?> *-'*'" *> ..*���-* *r X^iw ��� r.J*f ���tit:*'**7 v^-V: W T'.'Tt ; *??" .',**   -jf-*'��� /' -% ���<? ' ' >&fL��ri ���  ^  t Vft  -if Ktj  it  iff  OUTDOOR SUPPLEMENT-MAY, 1971  -Mvl'-f.'i'  1 J  "J.       ' -,         -i'V    i ' ''.        ).; '      t  ��� ' ���   >-\   -    -��.--",%��� ' ,','���'*   ' , \ '   ��� ��5      t  '                                        . *      >���        'tJ             j ' -        *3   ' j L  -  <���* 'V ,��� Ajtyrr  : rJ * w,  British Columbia's/largest  sports  spectacle of  the  1971  ] Centennial Year gets away May  20 and continues to June 7,  JLis the second pnnual British  . Columbia Festival of Sports with  51 different types of sports on the  range from archery to yachting,  There are traditional track and  field events, soccer, baseball,  softball, bowling, swimming,  diving, golf and dozens of others  plus the ethnic sports such as  bocce, native Indian canoe races,  program and 495 events on the    Scottish* Highland Games, lawn.  program, The Festival will in-  - volve 124 B. C, communities in  various sports events,  And in addition various sports  teams from other parts of  Canada and the United' States  will be participating in the  Festival.  In 1970, the first year of the B,  ��� C, Sports Festival, one world,  nine national and 27 provincial  marks were set, B, C. teams won  39 of 62 inter-provincial and international sports events held  throughout the province.  Representatives of, the British  Columbia Sports Federation, an  association  of the   province's  - amateur sports groups, which co  sponsors the Festival of Sports in  conjunction with*the B, C,  Department of Trnvel Industry,  are anticipating 200,000 com-,  petitors, an even greater participation than last year when  sonfie 125,000 athletes were  competing.  On May 20 the festival cairn in  front nf the Parliament Buildings  in Victoria will be lighted by  Prime Minister W, A. C, Bennett.  Provincial and national flags will  be unfurled and the B. C. Sports  Festival will be officially open.  The B. C, Sports Federation will  supervise sports events that  mm & MfMovEi?  lenninelfudtory Parts���  Jay's B,*E. Motors Ltd.  1257 Seymour Sf��� Vancouver 2  Te|e* 04-508558 Ph. 681-4826 I  bowling, tennis, and archery  which is -probably the oldest  ethnic survival sport there, is,  To give some idea of community involvement, there will  be logger'sports at Terrace, a  bathtub derby at Sicamous, a  high school rodeo at 100 Mile  House, the Alaska Highway car  rally, canoeing in the Kootenays,  the wheelchair Olympiad at  Pentlcton, the Swiftsuroyaehting  classic off Vancouver Island and  synchronized swimming'ballets  in Burnaby, *  Then there are international  events on the festival spofts  calendar. -There are the international hydroplane races on  Osoyoos Lake in the Okanagan; a  few miles away at Oliver there  will -be the Western Canada  Coureur de Bois canoe races,  both on May 23.  Then at Keremeos, a few more.  miles north-west of Oliver, the  three-day      bicycle      race,  Keremeos -"Osoyoos - Penticton -  Kelowna, starts May 22,  . At Kelowna, on May 23, there  will be the international  motorsport race, the Knox  Mountain Hill Climb.  At Surrey in the Lower  Mainland/May 27-29, there will  be the international invitational  volleyball tournament for juniors  and bantams. This is followed by  the senior volleyball tournament  June 4 - 7 in the neighbouring  municipality of Burnaby.  At Nelson on June 5 - 6 there  will be the Pan - American  Games rowing trials combined  ^with   the   National   Rowing  Championships,  These are only a few of the  hundreds of .events that will be'  staged from May-20 through June  7,  Honorary chairman of the B, C,  Sports-Festival, Prime Minister  Bennett says:  ' "British Columbia has become  the-sports centre of Canada. It is  particularly"rewarding that this"  event, the largest in -North-  America, will be staged during  our Centennial celebrations,"  Says Dick Jack, B, C, Sports  Federation president; "It is the,  local participation that is so  important if we are to develdp  the potential of our young people  and encourage participation by  all members of the community in  some form of recreational endeavour,"  B, C, is divided into eight  zones; Vancouver Island,  Mainland (south-west),  Okanagan, Kootenays, Region  EJight (taking in a general area  from Armstrong and Lytton to  Revejstoke and Mica Creek),  Cariboo, North Central-  Ncrtjtayest, and Peace River.  Recreation and Conservation  Minister W. Kenneth Kiernan is  honorary president of the  Festival, Frank Bain is manager  and^ festival field directors are  Don Easham and Don Bensqli,  Board of directors 4s: R, B.  Worley, chairman ��� Dr, R. G,  A  AK%  'Am  --f  ''"-Js  Prime Minister Bennett lights symbolic flame at 1970  B,C, Festival of Sports, ^  iotogra  part o  ic ex  .V  iDiiion  ���  nno  A photographic exhibition, part  of the BJ^ Centennial '71  celebrations is now on tour  throughout the province;  The tour is-jointly sponsored by  Hie local Centennial committees,    , ���..    r.  _,     the B,C, Centennial Committee  Hindm arch, , vice-tehairman;     and the Community Arts Council,  Dave Abbott, Jack Bain, Tony     . The exhibition, 100 "Portraits  All ST1EL  PICK-UP COVERS  fordl  truck makes,  Available al your  Local truck Dealer  or  Brummett, Peter BuecWng, Aid  -EdnaU-Cooper-r-J,���Kenneth  Daykin, Pat Frumento, William  Harrison, Frank Larkin, Harold  Moist, Mayor  H,   A.  Moffatt,  Dorothy Morel, Mayor Frank  Ney,   James   Pah'ton,   Dick  Parkinson, Ted Reynolds, Clair  . Rivers, George Robbins,  Jim  Testemale, Buzz Walker, Laurie  Wallace and Harold Wright.  _   Steering committee* is; R. B  Worley, Dr. Robert Hindmarch,  Clair Rivers, Laurie Wallace and  Buzz Walker.  ^or further information and a  complete calendar of the Sports  of Nature", is the work of North  ���Va iveH-HH!- e r���p h o tro#r af) h e r-  William Dekur who is on tour  with the exhibition,    , . .t  ,  It consists of 100 portraits of  the Province in color and black  and white. Mr, Dekur spent most  of last year capturing nitre's  moods on film M he toured B,C.  The tour started Jn March and  will wind up in Victoria in July.  Here is the itinerary for the last  -two months;  MAY  3? 5 - Vernon, , .   ; ��� �����  6- 7 - Salmon Arm.  B- 9 ���* Revelstoke,  11-12 '����� Golden.  13-14 ��� Creston.  15-1? -*��� Nelson.     *  19-20 ^-Kinnaird and Castlegar,  21-23 sr "Trail  25-26-7 Oliver and Osoyo4tis~  28-30 -*��� Port Coquitlam.  JUNE-������a"--'----  -1^3���Deltar  An important environmental  first in the boating market has  been announced by Evinrude  outboard motors and its, parent  company Outboard Marine  Corporation. All outboard motors  produced by the company will be  drain-free in all models by midsummer. This will eliminate any  spillage of fuel or oil.  It"is- the" first' outboard  manufacturer to offer its complete lines of motors - ranging  from 2 horsepower to 125 HP -  without overboard fuel drains,  In announcing the environmental     breakthrough,   which_wilL _be _a, tremendous  factor in cutting down the  pollution of waterway'', with fuel  and oil, a company officjaj  summarizedir��rTfollows:  First, we made use of  .technology acquired over a  period of years to make the,  largest outboards drainjess by  means of a straight-in, downhill,  induction system, 'and extended  this to all motors of 50 HP and up.  Second, we tidied-up^ the  historically messy two-cycle  engine by completely sealing the  crank cases on all of" our outboards to prevent oil ()r fuelt  leaks.       -���' , '���  Third, we solved the remaining  problems to. make the small  engines drainless by the use of a  patented fuel drainage re-cycling  and injection system. ;  Charles D. Strang, OMC's  group vice-president for marine,  products, said;  The    ''drainless    systems  t technology we are announcing  rhas enabled OMC to alleviate the  concern of the boating public for  introduction of fuels and oils into  the world's waterways,"  abating all forms of water  pollution, regardless of how  minimal, is reflected in our'  technical development of these  drain-free engines for our  complete lines of Etyinrude *  motors,  "We feel so strongly about this  achievement, and the clean  water benefits it will bring to_  boating, that we hereby extend to  all outboard engine producers a  royalty-free licence to use any or  all of the patents, issued and  pending, that apply to the fuel  recirculation ��� system for  drainless engines," Larson said.  Technical aspects of the new  lines of drainless engines was  presented  by - $,L,  Metcalf,  's   director   of. marine  '     V   i<  t^i/*"**.-, t  amnuntiof fuel to be burned 'sfc^O  Supplied, <��The trick is to'keep1."%yAk  th*s outboard fuel jn suspension '''"'  nnd vaporized throughout  engine cycles."      ,'  the  **-���?  -"i  This is accomplished by introducing the mixed charge  through the engihes reed valves -  - compressing this charge in a  completely sealed cranjecase "-  and lastly, by transferring it into  the cylinder ' through the  scavenging system, pnee inside  the cylinder," with its ports  .dosed, thefe-.is.jiQ escape for the  fuel, and since it ha$ maintained (  its vaporized^ state, it will be  burned in the engine with no,need ���  to drain any of it ovPrboard,  engineering, '  He said the engines are ajr  toeatheraandihe action starts in  the carburet# whWe fuel is  mixed with incoming air and  proportioned for optimum  combustion-  He  stressed  that   only   the  the company's  concern fpr fuel drainage,  MefcaJF said that his mnrine  engineering staff hnd concentrated on eliminating any  form of fuel -"puddling"  nnywhere in the engine, whether  in the carburetor, manifold or  crankcase..  (  ��� - 4- 6 -s West Vancouver   .  :' 0-10 7^ Richmond,'  11-13 7- Langley.  15-ia -7 Vancouver.  19-20 77 Gibsons (Sunshine  22723 - Powell River.  24725 ~ Campbell River,  26-27 ����� Courtenay.  2Muly ir Port Albemi".  JULY  2-4 77 Nanaimo.  6-1Q .*- Victoria,  3810 E. 1st. Ournabv 2.  Ph, 299*6296   ^IokQK9$7  l2QQVf, Broadway, Vancouver 9,  B, C,  AcGording-ta-Strangr-OMC*s���  niarine engineering staff began  development of the drainless  engine several years ago.. He  reported that the first draht-free  motors were featured as standard equipment , only on the  largest units in those product  lines, Now the drainless engine  technology is being applied  across the full line, of outboards.  Howard F/Larson, OlvlC's vice  president of environmental affairs, announced the company's  exclusive offer to share its  technical knowledge on the  , __ __ ^���    .--^..^   -.��.-��^^    _ v   subject   of   making   engines  You can snap up some easy money this year by recording  some of British Columbia's Centennial '71 activities,    ���  . The B.C, Centennial '71 Committee Is offering $3,000 in cash  prizes for color photographs of B,C, Centennial 71 activities,  The contest; which opened Jan. 1,1971, and closes Sept. 30,  1971 is in three classes: Scenic, Centennial events and a photo  Story of 4-12 photos, with captions and a text of not more than 600  words. ���  The contest is open to any individual, resident or visitor,  ���except those working with the B,C, Department of Travel Industry or the Provincial Centennial *71 Committee;  Film dealers and processors throughout B.C, are co-operating  with the Provincial Centennial Commitee, They have been  supplied with entry forms and mailing envelopes and full details  of;the rules and prizes offered.   '" ' '  All entries must be, submitted in these off i'cial envelopes,  Prizes will be awarded by a panel of three judges selected by  thf- B,C�� Centennial 71 Committee. < ���.  Prize winners in each clttss, and the processors and film  suppliers of the prlze7winnlng prfnte, will receive certificates of  merit,  world.  "Our  corporate  concern  To challenge rupged outdoor  conditions, Ronsan built the  new Ronson Butane Windlite  And HJce the name says,'Windlite  is amnzingly windprppf���and  much snferthnn matches |n the  woods, idealtor camping, huritirtg  or fishing, It? finger-tip contrpl  gives the right height of flarhe  for every outdpdr jobJEasy to  refuel with the exclusive  Rpnspn-Multinii,   ���.���     ���  Pick one up for yourself  or the outdoorsman  you know, As low as $6,95.  The lighter for thevputt|porsnrian,,  TIME TOUR  (fYomPoge I)  71 Committee in co-operation     ReVe��fltoke,   11   Golden,   12  Fi��liiu*y hnn olinnROfl plonty ninoo tho days of (lie fcwolvo-foot fly rod,  Hut JlwhorVwrn Jmvon't, After a'tUiy of trampli-jr over rou^U eouiUry,,,-  wrtclinfvtlnou^li fiiHt wnlor, M Mioh flfthtlntjln tho hify ono,-,, nwwui'w Htlll  ro/uly for Nomathliifr, ooot tmd rah'OH^in^, tiuiUly for the Jlnewt oiitoh-  of nili the mont popular boor in HrHish Oolumhla. Old Stylo Heerl  BEER���  ' ��� ���' Slow browod anil naturally aflod  ThU idytdlMrmni lJ nol publiflicd of'ilitpliyad 1)/ lliu liquor Control noarrt or l��y llio Ooy��rnineril ol Dr|li��h CplumW*,'  -f  *T '" ' '  ''is'A.  %Mm^Jh-^$SL  with local Centennial .com1  mlttees, ,  ,���, AdmiHf'ion.to tho Caravan la  freti.   It  Imih  already   visited, ,  Vancouver Island and sections ofi  Uio Ixiwer Mainland In March  and April,  Hero are' the dates for tho  remainder of the tour from May 1  lo Nov. 27, Ho Niiro to visit this  <"Tourii,Throiigh Tlnw"���fllUier In  your oyvn area or, whllo you nro *  tourlhi" ll.C, y>'nrflejf,  MAY    '  -' 1  Coquitlam,   %  Hanoy-Mnplo ,  HldKu, lllrnveiling, 4 Mlwlon, f>  AijohhI/, (1 Homton BarF7 Lytton, o  fy"��ne''��, |)r|(|(-o, J Aflhcroft,;10 ���  * travolliijg, H-Cacne Creek, 12  Clinton, Iri 70 Mllo |Ioiinfl| h loo  Mile Hoiiho, IH Lao In Undid, Id-  17 WilH��m�� I^iko. )(l travclllni-.  10 Alexis Crc��k( 20 Alo-condm, 21  (.bivwiil, n lllxon, mi, Prince  (Uiprun, 27 l"'ort Hi, James, 20  Uurnn l-oko, 20 , Houoton,, 30  >"mlll lerfl,.  ' JUNK  1 iliizolten, %-,l Klilmat, H  Vrlw.D flupv-rtf 0-7 Teri'nci-, 0  ii7iv<?|llnK, ,i T'llkwn. 10 Toploy,  JlFrtrmir Lnko, 155 Vnndornoof,  13 Olsooirio, 14 tr��v��)|)n��, 16  Mnckonzlo, 10 (Iroundhla'h, ,17  l-'ort m, John,  10-10 Dayvwon  ,Cr��ukr 20-HudBon Hope, 21,  travollliiM,  n C|i��twynd,  23  Hun-wit l^ik��. 24 Mcllrlde, 2S  Vnlemonnt, M Jlluo lllvw, 27  (*)enrwaU?r, WI trHV��lllni"r 20  iXirrli-rn, SO llvffluy Creek.    '  JULY  , J, rtavonn, % CbH��o, 3-4 flalrnon  Arm, 0 trflvolllntf, fl Knderby, 7  Hlcf-mou--, o Mninkwn, 0*10  ' ''''���   ���'   *'.  h  travelling, 13 Spll|lma��5heen, 14  fUidlum Hot (Springs, 16 In-  vermere, JO Canal Flats, 17-10  KlmlHirloy, 10 travelling, 20-21  Fort i Steele, n Fornia. 23  fiparwowl, *). Rlkd, 26-2IJ Cranbrook, 20 Y'dik, 30-31 Creston,  ������-.���'��� AUOUHT '  1 Croston, 2 trnvo|llng, 3  Hoswell, 4 H��|four-Crnwfordi  flay, 6-0 New PenVor-l^rden", 7  Nokiisp, fl Kaslo, 0 Unveiling, 10^  11 Nelson, 12tfnlmo, lUMontrwe,  14-10 Trail, 17 trnvolHng, lfl-l|i  ^Inhnlrd-Cn-itlei'iir, 20��locan, 21  maim Park, JKWKI (linnd I<*orks,  24 travolllng, 26 Greenwood, ?A  Brldosvlllo,. 27. lUiaverdoll,- 20  Osoyooa, 29 QHvur, 30 trnvolllni',  31 Koroin��on,  7      flrcPTEMBRU      ;  1  KnlA'denj 1, Nnrnmatn, 3  tSumuierlnnd, 4-<l, Pentlcton, 7  trnvolllng,  ��  I'naoliland,  0  iltutlood,    10-12 Kelowna/ 13  UruvolllnK;   14   Wlnflold,, 16  l^inl-y, 10 Pnuniilor-Ne^llefl, 17-  10 Vernon, 20 tri-velllng, 21  OknrMMS��n   UmtUmi,   22   Arm-  tiirnna,  23  Falklnnd,   24-20  KnmlQopH. 27 trovolllhg, pm  MorrlU, 30 ilcdloy, .  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Bu(;,(ifypu are like thousands of  tither--, you wiU rush in at the last  minute nnd hope to/ get it done  overnight, If he is jammed up  with work there are many iierris  of maintenance yon cnn 'dn  ynurfSelf, lit fact'they should >e  done pef iodicnlly throughout thu-'  boating season.  Four basic points, apart from  lubrication,: in keeping an outboard trouble free are: maintaining a hot spark, servicing the  spark plugs, adjusting the carburetor and making sure the  gasoline is getting to the motor in  a clean state,  Basically your dealer can  clean the carburetor, make a  magneto inspection and breaker  point adjustments to the  manufacturer's specifications,  He can also reset the electrode  gaps.  But the owner should also  make a point of cleaning them  and adjusting the gas regularly,  Also make ;sure the outside  porcelain 4s dry, Wet porcelain  can short out the motor, and  always carry a spare set of plugs,  Check the pull rope on a rope  starter to be sure it isn't frayed.  If the outboard is equipped with  an electric starter the battery  should be checked and recharged  before using. During the summer  months the battery water level .....    o_  should���be-TcbecM^eg-dOTlyr-^craT-e^^  Qreasing is particularly important if you are going tQ use the  outboard in salt water, as the sail  d|n corrode the metal 'fittings,  pie sur�� to iubrjcjte the-lower  pr |ear box:, regwlafly" as  e is usually m seepage of  W.ater into the housing.  If the mntor lias an upper vent  nnd a lower, drnin plug remove  both plugs and let the oil drain  out,  Using a lubricant recommended by the jpanufacturer,  sguiri it in the lower \\q\& until it  comes out the upper vent? Their1  cap the vent jwlejpjorrn an air_  lock, remove lubricant tube "and  replace drain plug,  Be sure that the screw gaskets  are snug) thus preventing water  from leaking into the housing,  Check the water inlet and  make sure that there'is no obr  struction on the cooling water  Pipe,  Examine aU fuel tanks and see  that they are free of rust&nd not  leaking. The filter bowl  also be cleaned of all rust an  dirt. And the fuel lines and  connections need to be checked  for damage or loose connections-  ��� If the boat has remote controls  check the cable operation and  lubricate it.  Remove propeller and have  cracks and bends repaired apd  have blades replaced if very  badly bent. It should also be  checked for pitch and balance.  Nicks and bw-rs can be trimmed  with a file but do not remove too  much metal. r  Retouch any  damaged or  OUTDOOR SUPPLEMENT-MAY, ji>71  ':>'$>���.���<���  I ,   Vi iln s<  u '       '"Si1 vl  v, -<,/������,; j '.  X . A  LAUNCHING A BOAT can be trjcky but.these fishermen have their twin Evinrudes pulled  up; a hand on bow rope and trailer pot too far in lake'. Everything correcLscLfar but let's  hope they come back with some fish- '  The sport of water skiing is  growing sq fast that on some  lakes there is a hazard of traffic  jams. \  The number of boats and skiers  has increased tremendously in  the past few years and the boat  driver and the skier" should be  even more aware of local  regulations on water skiing.  5. Extended right hand with  first finger used to point direction  skier, wishes to go.  6. Right hajnd thumb down  means slow down on the speed.  One of the most Important  There is a certain amount/ of  evapQration from heat.      *'  When the spark plugs are out  rtpTte the crankshaft by  operating the starter. Thin will  remove oil deposits that have  formed in the cylinders and  crankcase.  This brings up the point- of  lubrication. Too much oil will  foul the plugs and too little will  leave the gears and other  working parts dry. Consult your  outboard,manual for the correct  amount of  oil  apd lubricate  JMMMl  case of metal, remove any rust  and then dab on some protective  paint to prevent rusting again.  Opcfe the'oyerhaui is finished  make a second check for loose, or  missing parts.  And once the boat is on the'  water for the season make sure:  The load is distributed so the hull  rides at its best angle for power.  Keep the hull free of grass and in  salt water, barnacles. They can  reduce speed and waste gasoline.  In weedy areas check the prop  They shouldalso always keep~a  lookout for other boats, skiers,  swimmers and hazards such as  half-sunk deadheads, rocks, etc.  ]iQVice..j3kie.rs..i5hould.....hot.try  any tricky maneuvers until the  skier has mastered the sport.  Where there are no. local  boating laws let common sense  be your guide and if the skier  sees danger ahead let go of the  handle and drop off.  Hand signals are vital in water  skiing as they provide a means of  communication between the boat  things in water skiing is the start  or takerQff. The driver should  follow a straight course so the  skier can gain his balance before  turning.  When the skier shouts "Hit It"  the line should be taut ready for  take-off .and there should be  ISiough throttle to piiil the skier  rapidly to the surface.   names head  The Canadian Wildlife  Federation has elected Jack  O'Dette of Kingston', Out., as  president at its annual meeting  this spring.  Gordon Peel of Edmonton is a  new vice-president joining Hugh  Fairn of Wolfville, N.S. and Andy  Rankin of Moose Jaw, Sask. on  the executive.  The seventh annual meeting pf  the   federation.   gnprpyedr ��  When turning swing wide,  especially if the skier is op the  inside of a turn. Never make a  turn that will give an  unreasonable amount of slack in  the tow linei*-*-  Water skiers should avoid  congested areas such as marinas  and beaches. The operator  should also avoid shallow wnter,  rocky areas and sea-weed areas.  Pome areas have rules fof;  bidding sPing in the dark.'JSvgry  Water skier "should make it a  .mandatory rule |n his own bopk,  By RICH WEEKS  Bpnt owners spend most of  their time getting the craft ship  shape for^he season bpt neglect  the trailer that i*" going to carry\  the bgat to the launphing ramp-  Here are some hints and  s^ggesiipjn-" dealing with that  long negated but ,.nece--sary  piece of outdoor equipment, the  boat trailer. ' '-..'    '  First, the trailer itself; Be ��ure  itis lgrge enough ti handle the  boat, engine and gear ypn havg  sjowed jn the boat. _:   **l[7lC@l^r'^e^#��^@^ett^r.  Sma|l tires cnnnpt take the strain  of driving at more tlian 50 miies  per hourV At fhat ��peed, % the  car speedometer, the trailer tir|s  are turning af around _ 00 njphT.  ^^'^1^'^jT!n7in^��liiQ^  frames, 'springs and axles may  a>s** more bHt they also add up m  tiie safety side pf the ledger.  It is also a good idea to carry a  spare tire and Wheel in the car ip  case the trailer hn** % flat. There  is njso n pressure can tirfc  repairer on the market now that  cap inflate a tire on the spot.  If ypu are buying a new frailer  checH to'seg if it hn�� a pair of  ppsitipning roller*', Which help'  guide the boat Into position on the  trailer.1 Also it should have a  safety chain that fits from the car  to a place on the trailer arm  behind the coupler. ball. A tie-  down strap keeps the boat snug  and Works well OnJa fibregiass"  boat there should be a pad between the strap apd the boat.  An elec trie winch saves a lot of  . time and muscle straining when  Winching a heavier boat from the  water.  Check regulations regarding  lights, reflectors, turn., lights,  licences, etc., in Canadian  provinces or in the United States.  They vary hi various sections of  the country.  Be sure you know and obey the  trailering safety rules.  First balance the boat on the  trailer so that most of the weight  is on the wheels. Check the tire  pressures and see if they are  right for the "Sad.  "J-wo rules tp follow whep on the  , road with a. boat frailer pre:  Tjediice "your  nqroipl   {having  speed and increase yoyr nonna)  following distance. '  because of the extra momentum  caused by the extra weight. This  is why you should travel slowerl  When passing another vehicle  be sure to signal, swing wide so  the boat will not hit the vehicle  yop are passing and be sure the  road ahead is "fclear of oncoming  trafficrTMake an ^fra wide tarn  of corners so your frailer will not  jump ftecurb ���   "'���'���'  Launching the trailer is easy if  ypu follow the rules. Back to the  Water at a right angle to the  shprQline1^  gradual slope.  Remember when backing turn  the car steering wheel clockwise  (right directional circle) if you  want the frailer tg go to the left  -and^oanWrclockwise^  directional circle) if you want the  ^iler to go rt^hlr -        -" ; :- ���  When you are at the edge of the  water take off rear, clamps and  any tie-down straps, tilt motor  up, unlpcjt bo\v \vihch a.nd, b**ck  up uptij trailer wheels pre in tfie  water-an inch or tWQ- '  Before you start���op your  boating trip itjsjLgpod jdea tp  make a check of the trailer. Here  are a few tips: _^"  Be sure tjie tirel* are iri goor^  condition. Check-your bearings  for rust or corrosion. If they look  bad have them repacked apd  have tires switched." Have them  packed with grease at least once  a season.  Clean- and-oil���the���coupler-  mechanism and the rolkfrs,  making sure they turn freely.  Clean the brakes, tighten bolts  and running gear, checking axle,  springs and fenders.  If,the trailer is equipped with  lights a coating of waterproof  grease will keep the wires and  sockets from corroding.  Most boat trailers come with  maintenance instructions.  .JJ- *  r't 0.  0  0  II  il  or  you  _.���  Volkswagen's Wesffalia  Campmobile turns a little space  into a lot of room. That's because  it's so well organized.  It is a pew way of camping:  You go just about anywhere you  like, with the least fuss, the least  planning and the least cost.  Slide open the huge door of the  Westfalia Campmobile and ypu  enter a kitchen complete with  work spaces, sink and a 7 "4  gallon supply of fresh water. A  compact cabinet contains the  utility  for  foot  here again refer to your maintenance manual for lubrication  points. Apply a good quality  marine grease especially to the  propellor shaft splines and a  fitting located under swivel  bracket which * Is, ��� often  overjooked.  and^^7iPteke^fl^8e4Hey%ir^���D^^!^^^^,i^iif^!���g^Sjj^M^gT^fe!!^^ dpyUght hours."      You need, mqre ^stance faj stop  fn��le^ HBr,   tA , ,��   ���      i"  throttle wide open, If left open for  long periods the engine will heat  up and there is a waste of gas and  power.  Remember the outboard motor  is ap investment. Proper  maintenance will help protect  thnt investment.  ne sport  gulations  Boating is  but follow  ,. Boating can beone*0tibe finest  recreation sports there isbiU one  mistake can change a pleasant  outing into a disaster, follow  somo of the suggestions below  and make your boating trip  safer,  If'the water does look choppy,  and this goes for lakes as well as  cQHHtnJ waters, ho sure all  porf-ons have life Jackets and aro  wearing them, If you are caught  out In tho open water when a   ���,,        .-..���.       ...  storm threatens, hood for closest   Jtunnporl rogulatlon-i. Assls  Rirfiumfllinriiifenrdiiekllbhlndan   .W ��<^ �� W���^ ��>�� w��Vlng  In ii circular motion of a piece of  light -notorial or a light by night  is a distress signal,  Do slow down when passing  dredges, or making sharp turns,  or pn*-s|ng sipoll boflt"* In parrnwt  water, ,'  s'x butsic watec skj'na signols  riglit thumb and first finger  means everything1 is O.K.  2. Putting- your right hand,  extended, under your qliin palm  dpwn means "cut", the skier  intends to drop off,    ��  ,1. Opep right palm held up  with palm faping the driver  means stop.  4. Rjgi-t thumb up means more  speed.  "quuUVy ---enyfrpniiient1* -'pg    p**.1"**,   "*" *���������--*  national gopl achievement. \ '       --��"*  Formation ��� of an enr  vironmental cpupcil, similpr to  the Science and Economic  Councils of Canada, was urged  and it would be responsible for  policies nnd priorities relating to  epyironmentr ,, -"   ' ;  jThe federation alsp asked for  legislation tp protect endpngered  ' fe 'ppe'cles'^'"''-1 '."���   '" "  sink, a utiRty cabinet  ���tableware and a 1.6 cubic  icebox.  There is a folding utility table  and for those kitchen appliances  there is a UO-volt service outlet  that can be connected to the  power supply at the campsite.  Storage is designed for what  camper&usuaUy take with them.  A guick~ access storage space iii  U]ebackof the rear seat, and a  mll-length cjoset, witt( nurrpred  door "will keep" clothes ymiikie-  free.  There's  a roomy  linen  closet, two large 'storage bins  under the tench seats and �� wide  ceiling shelf across the rear of  the vehicle.  The walls and ceiling are  finished in wood-grained birch  plywood and both are fiberglass  insulated for protection from the  heat and cold. There are two  screened, large side windows and  a snap-on screen for the reap  door ..Then there is the pop-up top  in the ceding with twQrzippered  vents to giye rnore head si  and ventuation af mgpt  ���.sl.eepiflg_flL4?nJiQt days jn-the  ������sun? - " .  Optional is a tent that is  designed for- the Volkswagen  Campmobile. Open, it's a roofed-  over patio, or a rainyrday  playroom. Closed, it's a  screened-in living room.  Tpj8 rugged pampni9M�� fe  easy to handle, snug ��n purees,  has plenty pf stpbiUty and l*as the  clearance to get ypu pver humps.  ruts and rog^ on ppy kfndk pf  road.   "   ' * '  It is p vehicle that takes the  lukury of the honie Ipto the  outdoors. A~  rti1* * f*   r****0  i * *\*\ ��.    n-m���  &  .ti^.. <7m     rr^r^.,.nr/.^,i  y^.^.^.  '   'JJ'&J;/ J  ^'~A, J  r, / / ' /        '  ,"/ i.}  ' /  ,/  ,'     '    /  Never: opernte pear syvini-  mers. Use a >aky boat, Mix  liquor and lioaHng. Cruise fast  when near small boats, LeaVe  your, tiller or Steering wheel  unattended, Throw garbage  overboard, Anchor close to pfher  floats. Hold races with pther  bouts, near an anchorage, 'Wis  making a wash that could swamp  canoes or smolj row hout*-.  And Do i      ���' ' \  Ohservo the Department of  suf ����� anchorage or diick behind nn  .  island or headland,  Overloading. �� " bout Is  ; dangerous, Bolow la a rough  gi-ldo of tho number of persons  and the maximum weight that  should bo ourrlud In row bouts or  oin��|l (>ow��r bonis, If rough'  Valor conditions prevail It )s  advisable to cut your passengers  by one before leaving tho dock,  A boat 10 f����t long can carry  two poisons nnd a maximum  weight load of 410 pounds, for 12'  fuel, lliroo peiWUH, fp pounds|  H ft. ��� four porsoiiH, 740 pounds\  ���"���"^W'ft'Tflvrpw^iiirWfljioiinrt^r  lloro  aro  some  tips  for /  flHlionnen and'hunUwi  Don't wear high out or ��p��n top  rubber boote In own l>��ata, Host  lo pave, p fHicono pair of nnkJo  IwoIh, Don't aland up In n winall  Ixml lo fish w hunt. Canoes  tihtndd not be used for flublng lir  liunUnH unless fliero Is m ok-  ��� porlnpccd ennoer. In chnrgo,  Uty, water Utiniwraltiro will ,  rwliuro your chancos of survival  if you fal| overlwnl. 'llllll la  wj-e'iluily w In llio early, spring  or late fall, Alwwy�� bavo u llfo  ]n��k<ft wllli you.       \ A  ,  Inc|d��nl��)ly to prevent  a  ., ��� dunking,-u-iually.j-uH'iPdJ-y,  -novlfu* around In Iho boat,  always crout-l) low If, you huvo to  mov��. Keep Iho weight op tho  j-oui'fl centro Un�� and bold on to  both gunwales. ,  if you rti)"��p"ovcr*m*t~pf>-  Urmpt to irwlm to phore, It in  -isi-filly farther than you ihlnk.  ,   Jiorlg on ><��� lb�� bo'al unill you aro  picked up,  And hero aro mw inorodon'i��i  Pull-off tabs ore real  'deadly' bait for fisfk  Here ore two more good reasons why you should put those  empty pop and beer caps In a garbage receptable or take them  Iwck to a disposal centre.  A V.H, fish biologist has found that the empty cans thrown into  sireams and lakes liocomp f|sh traps. Salmon smolta, and small  steolhewd an<l trout sought the cons us a hiding place ond then  Werp unable to get back opt.  'The pull or snap-off tnl>s are also a menace. When tossed  overboard from a boat or wharf thoy wobble like fishing lures  and Ihey sink through the water,  Tho fish strike and swallow them- If It's a small fish the metal  ..will Hill '���  Next time you pause for a drink, put tho lab nnd the empty can  In your litter bag'and take It to a roceptoble, It gives tho fish a  j-ottar chance to strike yoiir Iprp instepd of a tab  ,' lAinrn the rules of Ibo road  from the Department of Tran-  sjxirt and follow them regarding  passing bouts, operating at night,  using iho latest corrected cliarta  and follow thu regulations op firo  prOcaptlons and tho use of firo  oxtlngulsbors. . ;  -,/ynd��in��ludo()-ln~'tho. firo -  proopuUnnH la Ibo fuelling of  iKlots with liquefied |-ofro|oum  i loisofl hik.'I) ns propane, bulano,  tin, These can croato oven inoro  ha-'.ardouH coridlllons, than  gnsollni) as they aru bwivlor Ihun  air and will flow Into Mm lower  IMirts of th�� boat where thoy aro  ���difficult lO dlsl'Hlgerj     ''-'"���-  I'rooautioiis whon fuolllngi  Take portoblo tnnks ashoro,  I Ain't smoko. Havo boat iwouroly ���  moored, Uat��ho�� and doom  ir|os��d, Nn ��|eolr|cal flwlb'lilng,  and hayo all flnmoa 'ox-  lingiil-jh'-d, Allpassen|-era should  Imi nslioro, Hold nozzle nlosoly  ond firmly against fill pipe. Don't  'Overfill. Wljio^ii nr��V spllln^o  afterward. Open up all porMiolea,  doors, vonta, oto. and yunlilnto  \X)Pt,  Opt} Inst safety pr��omHlon,  Umtwa pf your life j����kel^-^^, ~,^^^  , JfJtsbowflfilgmoflJcHvhiossor J .     (     '^-''p-'p       '  dainpness |t Bhopld bo dlscardod, '  Follow tho abovo boating  hntuly tips and you'ro Iwaind to  Imivo bapplor boallng,   ���  WMifM   Autstf  Aftuin'n]  in summei  ihj��� ooiilus ,of ipacu, In |(if:l( |wku u��  mOch ni* roqulor wofjons, An oif'-roojotl o/)o|i)o  (ilVon'l boil ovor or froo/o up, Thf-|'scfiiiijis  M, j��i-a;l...,.6niLlhol mmm,,:^  down ovor iho roor whodls fj^vliifj yoii oxlro  Ir or Hon Hirjonylv mud, &'>nd, ond snow, ���_  Tlm VW Couipipohilol        '  Mot rtrily floos il (jni you vyhorn you'ro  rjomn ���       ������--���* ���- .--��----��-���.- (i  ll turns inl9vl'oro you'ro $(nyinrj,  The Volkswagen GamprrnDbfe  t-  i*^ *  .ft  ���/-*  mi  *M        0. fi  I ���*��� w��yi 0i+rmm4iiiij00*i0**0*it Jpf^n*i ��M>f��i  JL *l - V* "'**  t m ; ���At   ��r��*~**'n0"**'  ih  M,'  A i  .I (I  -&yWEG,M.DAGQ  Western Regional Newspapers  Should writing. about aW-enjoyable summer trip be done  immediately afterward - when  events are fresh in the mind,  recollections sharp, tastes still  pungent ��� or is it better to hold off  awhile, wait until things'have  settled into perspective, until  memory blends individual  episodes into a pattern of  pleasure, until time has  developed the ability to savour  the whole?  In the past,jn pages of several  _Westem Regional Newspapers, L  J have - jumped  right  into  the  recounting of pleasures and  experiences immediately after  return from air-trips to South  America and Asia, It seemed  v that, despite their historical  facets, these countries to me  exuded a "newness'' which  'demanded immediacy  in  the  telling of what I saw, and did, and  felt about them.  Maybe it was the. speed of  travel,- Sgth continents were  reachedin a matter of hours via  CP AiR's impress Jets, and the  . quick transition from Western  Canada to the pampas of  Argentina and the teeming  sidewalks of Hong Kong seemed  to offset the existence of a past,  Whyi then, did a different  feeling exist after an equally  speedy CP AIR Empress hurtled  my wife and myself across the  pole to Amsterdam last July?  The services were certainly as  modern and efficient, The  country was as 'new' to us, The  facilities at Schipol International  Airport even, more up-to-date  than most, despite the fact that  much of its 4200 acres are several  feet below sea-level and were, in  fact, the scene of a sea-battle  But in spite of all the hustle and  bustle, as soon as foot touched  land in Holland, there came the  feeling*that here was history, of a  kind that must be digested,  slowly, befcyre the_story of our  vacation could be told,  - There are the sights of Amsterdam itself to see , , . the  cruises through the canals,  overhung by tafi, narrow houses  which actually lean forward to  permit hoisting beams, fitted at  roofpeak, to lift furniture too  large to enter doors or be carried  up steep stairs, Why so narrow?  serene city of Embassies The  Hague, and the busy port of  *���  Rotterdam were most rewar-  ��1\'  ding,        ���_   .   : ��� . i'-',  We enjoyed the countryside,, iW-r*?*^!-"^'  dotted   by   windmills,   and  li'fjifJMi?  strangely spacious-looking for a  %*Plr'4^f  land which suppocts 375 persons ' ssv^aSfM.-sr''  per square mile, plus 80 cows*, 20  pigs, 10Q hens, and 50 ducks,  geese or swans.  Touring by car,, rented,-or  purchased for the trip and resold  after, has becpme the popular  way of��� seeing Europe,1 It has  many advantages. You're on  Because taxes were, at one time, your own ,., . you can travel in  based on front footage,       v       comfortable clothing,,. at your  between the fleets of the Spanish  and Dutch some three centuries  ago, ���     ,  When     international     air  agreeirienta gave to Air Canada  all landing rights in  Great  Britain, CP AIR was relegated to  Ain^terdarp as its northern port  of entry toEurope, But necessity  became a virtue, because now  this Flagrgarrier of Canada is  ohe of many w^ld afrUnes which  Schipol serves from** over 115  towns and cities ip more than 70  countries, with a 1975 goal of  And there are bridges ,,. and  bridges.., and bridges!,., More  than in any' other city in the  world,11 they say. In fact, the  whole of Amsterdam is built on  one huge bridge - supported on  millions,of piles.  The ''Rijksmuseum" Holland's  National Gallery is one of the  finest, it features, of course,  works by Rembrandt, there are  at least a score of other museums ^  in the city, pW and relatively  new, such as the house where  Ann Frank and her fahrdly hid  during World War JJ.  And churches , , , dozens of  them of various denominations  and antiquity, including at least  one where early pilgrims wor--  shipped when they fled to  freedom from England and  Scotland.  Speaking of- Pilgrims, we  witnessed op a July Sunday, the  350th anniversary of the  departure from Holland pf the  first Pilgrim group to set forth  for the New World.  Op July 21,1620, the vanguard  of English Pilgrims living at  Ley den, left to join others in  England who Were sailing to the  New Land in  a ship named  Mayflower,  - Practically unknown, or  forgotten by the rest of the world,  this event still lives in the  memories of the Dutch;arid we  watched entranced as more than  own speed, You can as we did,  select your own lodgings or  hotels in cities or their outskirts.  , . although there aren't many  motels, - ' ������ .  Invariably, except when it was  impossible to do so, we stayed off  me freeways or main highway*-.  , , and after" crossing to  Ntjmegani we left Holland to tour  up the Rhine of Germany, We  pasjed through picturesque  Villages, beneath centuries-old  castles,, and while drinking tea or  good German beer at a roadside  inn, watched other travellers  'doing' the Rhine on the beautiful  slender riverrboats,  Cologne, Bonn, Heidelberg,  Baden-Baden, Friebergy,, these  were the main cities we visited in  Germany, but almost more im  teresting were the towns through  which we had almost to force our  way through, particularly when  the markets were busy,  From CoJmar, in the heart of  Alsace's wine area, we turned  down the Rhine, to Strasbourg,  and from there to fabled  Luxembourg. ,  West then toward Paris,  travelling  through  the  Cham.  -SOMETHING NEW baa been introduced by American  Motors (Canada) Ltd, in the light truck models to meet  the double challenge of outdoor enjoyment and heavy  duty jobs. It js the "Jeep'* Gladiator and features- new  ehrome grill, interior trim's end the tradition of offload  Stamina, It will accept slide-on, bp^-type or cab-over  campers weighing 2��00 pounds. :The fpurrwheei drive  truck will take a 3��00 pfiofid payload.  y get all burned  en the sun is shiniii  pagne area, and finally, up to  Brussels, and' Antwerp in  Belgium ... and "home" to  Holland,  A long trip? No ,,, only iboo  miles altogether, pvef;'a period of  13 days and 12 nights. It was  -handling   oyer���six���million���te-view .., although-visits-te-the  passenger:-.   a hundred canal boats, large and . certainly not tedious travelling,  small, crewed by people, in     ���,,       , ,. "." ,.     ,  costumes of the rfgrfcis; sailed These few wor*> *����*.;*  down a canal toward Rotterdam, J^mh^M^^m M*^M,  Mahywere descendants of those $m��m, the *nghts, the  who left on that great adventure, *���*F%! * m % Ato*$  There  is  much  to  see   ui every P^y, ope or Qther says:  Holland, more than we had time   j'po you remember tnatfOme in  -*-*H-fo~*d we're off agaim���-  Just<beoause you're going for a  holiday in the outdoors or a  weekend cruise there's no reason  to get all'-burned up" over it,  Here are a few tips to get away  from that boiled lobster look  better known as sunburn.  First remember that sunburn  is a real burn and should be  treated as such, Second  remember prevention is better  than cure.  If you have the type of skin that  always burns, then wear a long  sleeve shirt and a shade hat and  remember- tQ ... keep ��� your feet  covered.  -������Rowens-HEmd-^anpeiste-^  suffered some very painful-burns  op the spies and the tops of their  'feet through rowing or canoeing  barefoot,  ^jf you,are striving for a tan  Start early in the season.  Expose your body frpnj 15 to 30  minutes a day until you have a.  light tan. This tan will provide a  certain amount, of protection  from the sun later in lhe summer.. After ypu have acquired the  ; first light ���;tap;- yoiiican: extend  your time of exposure ip the sup.  Remember that reflection off  water  By GEORGE DOIT   .  ' More and more vacationists  are taking their holidays on  -HvheelsT^hisrdoes-notrfnean-that-  . mom and dad buy themselves a  pair of roller skates and spend  their' vacation  playing  roller,  hockey with the kids, far from it,  Today the mobile fame, the  trailer camper, the pickup truck,,  mini*-ca)*nj-er, infact any type of  recreational vehicle haj JlPPped  to the top of the pppMlarMy.ppiis  with the outdoors set,  i It is estimated that.close to two  million recreational vehicles  (R*V,s) will, be gold this year in  America, This will include the  pickup truck type, which can  serve a double purpose, as a  r^abQuttriick..or- passenger car,  then.by mounting a camper shell,  .a'i mobile camp,  | choosing a camper for your  vaca tion . needs falls into the  rie category as house hunting,  fact, many retired couples  now live in large trailer units on  trailer camps, This article  however, is dealing with the  vacation or weekend campers  who want to get into the outdoors,  and still have some of the  amenities of home.  And   talking   of   homes,  remember your camper unit is a  second home and when you are  shopping for one make a hat of  your basic requirements,  First thing to decide is how  much space you will require,  How many persons are in your  family, *how many are children,  are even slightly red at the end of   and do you expect to nave many  &e day-jse a solution oroin  that is recommended for burns,   bed space.  ^ou-e^n4)UFn4ust-as-easyr-in���--The-^sieeps four" or ^sleeps  fact easier, on a hot, cloudy day   9ix" rating depends on the in-  ou canon a hot, sunny day.   terpretation of the size of; the  , persons, Four midgets certainly  won't take up the space that four  adult football players will,  Standard double width tor a  camper bed Is 48 inches and often  is 54 inches, depending where it is  located,      Length)?      can  vary from six to sevenfest, and  this can depend on whether mere  are headboard lockers or  shelves.    - ������  You may want to sacrifice  Next thing to look for is the  floor plan and ho\y the kitchen  (galley) fjts into it, Be sure to  check. the   storage   space  burning rays from the sun. If you  are going to be out on the "water  for any, length of time in the  summer always take a covering  for your arms, shoulders and legs  and a wide bru-nj-ned hat for your  head, plus sunglasses to cut off  the dangerous rays reflected off  the water.  Always use a suntan lotion  before venturing out in- the  summer, Most preparations have  a protective element in them that  screens the sun's rays, And if yop  The ultra-violet rays from the  sun, the burning rays, penetrate  the clpuds very easily and the  effect, on the skin % very  powerful,.'  Similarly after getting wet, dry  yourself and re-apply your  suntan lotjon^befomypu lie down  to relax in the sun.  And try and spend an hour or  two at mid-day, when the sun is  directly overhead, in the shade.  You'll feel better for it and it  regarding food, utensils, etc. Size  of the refrigerator depends on the  size of your family,  ' Qn the^majority of, trips Ut .is  better tpJ! buy your fopd fresh  from the, nearest store or  roadside market, but if you are  flatting out to the wiWfnessyou  want tff hSve Appier space for  such things as rpilk, eggs, butter  and vegetables.      .;..*"  When looking over the camper  unit forget about the fancy racfe  nacks and decorations and  concentrate on the baslfti. Po yon  need die oven? Is there enough  wprk space? Have -ygy enough  room to * move around?* By  sacrificing storage or tjie oven  you can make more ispace for  moving around, These decisions  will depend on the individual's  needs.  When it comes to storage space  you should plan ahead on just  how much you really need.  Experienced vacationists will  tell you to "travel light" A  change of clothing plus wet and  cold wepther outfits, and don't  forget your swim suit, will get  you by on short trips,  It is easier to have drip-dry and  wash and wear outfits with you  than to cart along suitcases full  of extra clothing. A quick trip to a  nearby laundromat will solve all  your washing probierns, "  Next thing to think pver is the  bathroom, Po you real!"- need it?  "Shower rooms take up space and  need a water heater plus extra  ptumblPg.      : ~~  Most of the campgrounds and  provincial park campsite's have  these facilities and unless, your  trip is to be a long one, where  there are no faclUties, you can  dispense with a shower room.  Vou will probably want a wash  basin, apartfrom the sink, and a  toilet.  There are numerous portable  units on the market and they may  fit your needs better than an  installation.   One   thing   to  remember, be sure that you  winding trails, and the -low top  will get yop under Iqw bowghs ���  ave'-hanging the road where a  Jh top camper would have the  ���jot*sliBBTedT��^ ������-���  These units vary in size,  usually 24, 30. or 48 inches in  beight,'or higher. When fastening  the uj-uts tp the Pickup truck be  suje they are sealed against **mt  and mQiatnrfc Foam rubber or  rubber insuiatioh cap be pm>  chased |t the hardware store and  sealed in place with ah ail-  purpose glue, gealing depends a  tot on whether you have to  remove the truck tailgate, of just  swjng it down whon you use the  camper poyer.  None of the compact units will  giye.ypu full headroom bnt this  doesn't matter if yon are only  using it for sleeping,  Many ot these units can be  purchased as a cover an*l n  handyman can add his own  bunks, thick plywood, flM& into  the unit, plus a mattre��s*Qf foam  rubber, usually purchased at  outdoor or hardware stores, will  make a fine springy bei  A trailer fQldabie tent, or just a  plain square tent with plenty of  netted window Space is a good  combination to have with��.the  compact recreation vehicle. The  tent can serve as a mess hall or  sleeping quarters for extra  One last .word on campers. No  matter if it's a compact, pickup  truck type, or mobile home,  make sure that the springs and  wheels and tires are strong  enough to take the loa-pt you eifc  pect to, carry.  And don't tprget the roof. I've  seen trailers with a large boat, an  outboard motor and a motorcycle  all loaded on the roof .Some roofs  are just not made for such heavy  loads, ���---���--"������'���-' ������ <--"v-< '���������-���  A good test is to take a walk on  the roof before' buying- Better  still let the salesman do it. If he  fails through and breaks a leg it  WQn't'stoyypirfrom iakingTQur  vacation., ��� in another type of  camper of course, *  ur sand will add to the    could save you a nasty sunburn.  jmmwamntkMmii  .. "cj=��es;*Sii��aea{Ea "  Ea��^ &0tiBi ttsaiss. natal  [tmmit��^0$jiaitasamm^st  ���nm0tmit��mmmmB,mSSr'-  *0&stitK0sm^m&*malFsi *- ���  eMtomtnasiiwmsemmL^,.  ���am0��mrMw*mwmtsmm3��'  10 trtmHU 00 0* 0* ***- ��� -!=?*��-  frfS*-020*0 faftWBr 00  *,j.ja sf,;Ht ��M! aosjaBaaESc '  vwmtuityiwmmmmmiWu..  . nmi Mi.Mii *^>*t Mtianmegm V  uitw MtMi �������* ttmttmiiwS&i  *0I, i*M ��**���� Ml t00td waESt  ***>* leMw hwm tmanSatrJi)  ***f'.-^-.'  f0m3SS**0\  :m-iZ'  IU(ir:>i(c.'>:||iEi Al<-{~) !^jr'-'c".t;;ff!ry| %"M^ frW-M'-,, *"* ''aip.'frf | .U','<t it ^c|;,.,ilr��?HI��r Wl ������', "> ^A'1  '^iiri^rjr-riiFi 'AVsioMarsrerr //'iiniisiiir^iiii'A^'itirKiiifar ���i��yi.iiiiir��iKv#--ivr'4i fcil��*  ��� ������ - *   * '  ji*b <irtia.ii��rcjff.fisi��f��ii'ejrsnj^iav*r��i //iiiiiiiivrcijiicisMj - a'jhiiroi��r-- hiiiMrs* 'ViWw^m* -p.Mir-!v../i -  '"Mi.!ii|��hj'r��i-iijfil��wei��r,   "; r.' ,. - s\ \Z ���'���-" ?/Wifi**^' 'Awft-iftiMlii '--n tiwif *\*>N'.ti' J'-��IM  Kftulililfohlf*.*,.^ ,, tavAfc .|Ul��MWId-"1i.ft*lft.-|:*.i��-illi|liHi ��� WIW*����' M   li'4W \U*\\'wiN*. *//Nh.iiwlir^M��.||M-jj '     '���  Contact These '  'Jeep' Dealers  for SALES & SERVICE  arlllsi, Columbia -  BURNS LAKE, B.C.  5ll.verllp Tiro Service Lid:  Mr. J, D. Traqualr   ' 4927313  CRANBROOK, B.C  Kophrnay Truck & Saw Service Lid,  Mr. R.Butler  CRESTON, B.C.  Tod's Sorvlco Ltd  /V\r. Eric Blobel  PAWSON CREEK, B,C,  pawson Creek. Equlpmcn! Lid.  Mr. 0. L. Berostrorn  KAMLOOPS, B.C.  Bill McAullllo Motors Lid.  Mr.yV.A.McAullllo  KELOWNA, B.C,     .  sian l-oifc 8. son Motor*  Mr,SI����iM/lc |  KITIM.AT, PC  Ayen"1" Aulo Saloi Lid,  Mr, II, Bum  LABYSMITH, BC  Beriier'i 5erv|c�� Ltd  Mr, J, M��ro��r  MISSION CITY- BC  -     p|ori��er Gar#���� Lid.  Mr. T. W. BerroM(i|i  HELSOH, B,C, ' "     .  K||n��'# M��t'"'- l-W.  Mr, ft, If). Kline  ���'������fWiCTPrl/ B,c,  VolMwatfen Interior Snl���� L|d,  Mr.M.lj.Cook  t>niHcn oeoRoe, un.  Kodl��k ff\()\��n, Ltd,  Mr, 4. K.Slater ���  pimwei., Dc-  I, ��,m, |re,)fl/r�� nn,  Mr, V, A, (.owe  ,   HEVELSTOK^-'M.Ci   i .,',-���' '���  O, K, Qerage  Mr, F, fureder  (<OhS|.ANO( W.fi.  Oflylv* Jeer, S��l��l ��. Serylfe  1 'Mr;A,0��'v'�� ���  SALMON ARM, H,C  lirolry *, Mlllflf Lid,  Mr, if, liratry  'iMilllBI'-i, O'C'    ' "  IiqvIII* Mo|or�� nrl,  Mr, T, *���*"������'"''��,  ^fM&mmr*rrr^  Mr.Ripxnor  VANCOt|VBR, ��,<!i ������ '    ��� '  ���;    Clarke Mmpkliw |.t'��i  Mr,A.ChHii<,|<n >i        '  '/otmilon M'tlnr Co,1 Lid,  /rV,y/,ii, Mn��ion'r.     [  priHJII VAMCOOVMRi pJ  Moun|y|ew M'tltr* l.|d,  Mr,OMiH</edi|e       ,  victoria, n.c,  ... m��i��"i��I M��lor# H��l,          'Mr'.H.PI-tmln-i  WllllAM-i LAKW.I1X,  '   Y^lll|*mi |.��H�� forerun Car centre I id  mt*i\  m-im  w-m*  n*A*i7  itsim  WAM  J��704l}  mim  3��J7��"  mwi  4��04��|  mw.  m-w  WJW*  ��mw  WW).  w*wt  wmi  mnn  length���for���storage���space���dispose of garbage, yi   ,   depending pn the length pf your    effluent ,'n the proper disposal  you where they are located,  tfipi-wAflJJSjSlyo'pf tip Bi"��pjf��  using the beds.  And if you are planning tp buy  a pickup get the wide-side type  that has the wheel well inside the  pickup bed, thus giying you more  room inside, and more space in  the oanriper unit,  Many camper1- have the  converted dinette (as the second  bed. Some have pull-out seats or  sections that make up the base of  the bed1; Others use the table top  mounted between tyyo lounges,  Try the conversion yourself  before buying the unit. It may be  beyond |he capabilities of your  Wite or yourself to lift the heavy  table top and fit itjnte place.  ��� Before buyfng a unit be <n"e to  try converting the beds yourself,  /rills will reveal If H |s easy or  lakes too long to do the conversion Job.  All camper units vary in size,  storage and bed space, and interior layout. It shouldn't be too  difficult to find one that will fit  your individual requirements  and your pocketbook,  Size of the trailer will depend  on the distance you are travelling  and location of your vacation. A  large, all-comfort trailer is ideal  If you are on a 5,000 mile tour1,  But It is just a handlcapif you are  going up a narrow road into the  mountains.  In this. Northwest area of  America, where the Wilderness Is  only, a few miles outside of any  city or town, the compnet pickup  type of recreational vehicle is  ideal.  It can get you up tboso narrow,  yOO 343)  J8��6.-|l  'i\ii*It.  {".Jlt-j-JlM jrjkl.rarjyj^'It'-iol-irelniiri^j"'',|��tf|  ,UM*\i.vf\('iiWi.\v,.0tiii*i0i Mi .fry/ v^rf'/Ufuifr-iil: .  .VjWrfrlli-f.l.-isi.'-IM-i;,'-    ',' "��� J^     V."   .'.    A  lUUtf.i:, VllkliJifri., ��� irM/fal^lW.  i|j"|r|"riisri.|y|||.)"  iTQi^^zzzzzy'  ���II���-,jH"u. 4y-riH����^J* *iiM'"iw->;< i -i-��Ji-:  t k\ V. ���!/'.)������]���' JM��|c...��i.)i.|it.jl..,gliIj|l ir *|-1> i|.  ,'ot-)srl-<J-.' \U*\\u.}\.  ���t-.~f:~.- ��'-  ^10  ;v;v  -y*  ;i��  SuuStHirb  Mr.P.Kaii/kl  Alirt-rl�� . '       ',  nHUMtprPXfitl, ALIA.  fflii��Mn b��imI|��ti��iii |,i��i,  Mr,H,��'��l|��Mn  ��� bpmONTON, AIJA,  Devonien M��>tir"  ' /y-r,i.,n.*;W��.  .jMQtAm, Mills, 1 ..A'   Willi��m�� *eryk�� Oaregel.ld,  Mr.rMA-,WHI)��ri)�� ,  I KTllBRIPPfi, Al'.TA,    i  OniltU M'/lor�� Co; |.lrt,   ,  Mr,lPP��t'��''  MUP|C|''|; MAT, AUA,  H<v*��y I��rr��t��  Mi |i, W, INIiin'i  nnt) r-puR, AiTA,  Our* ��*lei t* k.ivltt I lit,  tAt,p,t>,.��<i)>9  VPRMH.IPN, AIFA,  lr*i#o��l r-*rm P'ii;lpm��nl Ltd,  M��,L.P, mddock  m0m*m00mmmmm***iimmi***m0*mm0m0tm0  Wt 0,tt>  I  ��3j mi  m*ip  j���...���..-t.i������  '��?��������!  m *3'-}  hit. vm  ' ' * \  \m)$ guide  -services-T-,'">  Josepb P,A. Qibaultj.fQrmerty  regional protection officer an the  Kootenay region at CranbrooHi ���  has taken over the newly-created  position of cQ-prdihator of  guiding services for the  Provincial Fish and Wildlife  Branch. Recreation' and. (Conservation Minister \V.|Jf Kiernan  made the announcement.  Mr. Gibault is re*"Ponsibte for  co-ordination of guiding (services  throughout B.C. and will work  with regional supervisors, field  staff of the Fish and Wildlife  Branch, and guides associations,  Born in Saskatchewan, Mr,  Gibault Joined the B-C,  Provincial police force in 103fj,  He joined the Fish and Wildlife  Branch In 10M and was stationed  at Williams I-ake as conservation  officer until lOOZ,;  Jo tow  \  .,  Yqu can shop for tl)�� host rimhlri town  with ennh In ndvnnco frdm tho Royol Punk.  Our personal loons m amy Urunt, oa��y to  pay bock, fully Hfo-insurorl,;, and cost  so littlo. Como In anytime. Wo l!k<*tJoJiolp.  ROYAL BAN l< ��� *'  lhe belpjul bank  h  on your budget  Blq Surprleosl 12 Now  Modola in TRACERS,  rVJOTOrlHOIVI^nncJ  CAMPEB8, Coma look  ^hnmovor,  Cmtmiimi  \  AT DEALERS   ,  ACROSS  QWfSM  mmmmmmzzjm  i\  y0n.0-fi.Tt****?*'  < * A./* * j^JLj-n}** *-* *�� <.+*.*.+��� **pt* 0*--.** Aj* *-*, A.J1 -*-* *J-+J��0* 4.'* *��* *&+0**0*****+*i ^^A^-^^i^^^M^A^^j, ^4,l,f Ai1/^4-*il^##^<��W"��IK#^rtAA>Ljt^  * ** tm n t+ iv ��� ..J"-  <  "*���>  ��� r   '*  ^���,  yc.  V'V"." '��- ^"  V  tw  0*000*^0*00"^* ������*�������  uf*-!--*" ��. ' j,    _. * . .* "���*�����. *    �����    * r-t. ���*    ���   ���      3    .      ��� ���  .        I * �� ^ ���� , .1".'  ���.w^. *-  ^  ���� ��l  ���^j.   .     ..^1. y ....   ,  ..��������� ,y  ^,^11  K  '1   -  ._J  ByWND,WW>W3  Here*s  1 nr-odern  All nutdoorsmen like tq think    weatherman forecasts, with the  (hat they can take a quick squint    aid Qf a barometer.  round the horizon, hold up a wet      took to unsettled weather  finger to get the wtnd~direcupn  ann then forecast the day's  weather,  It isn't that ^asy.  Today's weather satelites, that  have peen launched into earth  orbit and send back automatic  picture transmission, are fine for  the sophisticated city dweller  sitting beside his television set.  - But they only give a general  forecast covering a wide area  and you don't always have a/tv  handy when y0w camping  beside a wilderness lake 40 miles  from the nearejt corner store-  And yeii'fl be giad to iearn Hie  weatherman still rely on a  barometer and some of the tried  and triie  weather  signs  in  forecasting local conditions.  Here are two methods of  fpregastlng^  The fir^t is.rule of the thumb  methods used by putdqorsmen  nearly 80 years aiso; The second  are ajgns drawh' wp "by the  present' day wintherman, with  the ale) Qf a barometer-  Also Included are signs for  anticipating winds.  The oldtimers' rules on wind:  Changes -Qf wind  and bad  weather may be expected when  objects; a long distance away are  unusually clear.  jvjpte the direction of the wind  on tlie vernal equinox (March  21) as the prevailing winds for  the next three months will be  from this direction-  If red tinged cjpuds float high  .aMundJsundown-^ou^-  can expect wind vejy shortly.  When crows are seen to^umble,  and pitch in the air a gale may be,  expected. ���   '  Rain forecasts;  -When the eastern sky is red  before sunrise. If the sun sets  with a tinted halo around U.  If ;the sun shines through a  watery hazein theiafternooprain^  can be expected ptu^ing the night.  If the moon has a large circle  or halo some distance from it. If  there is a rainbow In the mior-  ning. If the sky is unusually dark  and (he ��tars are very numerous  Wheq:  The barometer is falling. The  temperature at night is higher  than usual. The clouds move in  different directions at different  leyels, High thin white (cirrus)  clouds increase.  A large ring appears around  the moon or sun and stays there  Until the overcast clouds thicken  and obscure the moon or sun.  Summer afternoon clouds  darken.  Look for steady rain When;  There have been aigns of nth  isettled] weather ���(above) and tbe  wind is��!5outh or spntheast and  pressure is falling, if pressure is  falling slowly it could rain (or  snow) within a day. If falling  rapidly, rain soon with in*  creasing winds, if the wind is  southeast to northeast, ar4 the  pressure falling expect rain or  SnQWSQpn,  If thunderclouds are  developing against a south or  Southeast Wind.  Look for showers when:  Thunderclouds develop in a  westerly wind. Cumulus clouds  develop rapidly ih a spring or  summer early afternoon.  -*   Look for clearing weather  Jn the winter, if the barometer  rises or snow flurries occur with  a west or north wind.  The fall in temperature wdllaeT1  * gradual if the pressure is low and  falling rapidly'and the wind is  east or northeast and slowly  backing into the north.  Here are some woodsmen's,  hints on anticipating winds.  Something that every fisherman  or boatman should know..  cipuds aid in "predicting types  pf breezes. High flying c|rrui  clpudSi nicknamed mare's tails,  predict a rising wind; and show  die direction from where it will  The barometer: rises- The  winds shift into the west or north-''  west- the temperaturo fails.  Look for bright and sunny  weather when:  You can look directly at the sun  -^irsel'-rbl'-'r-a-l^ ���  The barometer is steady or  slowly rising. Cloudiness  decreases late in the afternoon '  Morning fog breaks within two  hours after sunrise. There is a  light br��eze from the west or  northwest. There is a red sunset.  Look for higher temperatures  when;  , The^baromefer ^ faiiSv-in  summer a falling barometer may  indicate cloudy weather, which  will be cooler than clear weather.  The wind swings away from the  north or  the wesf. When  the  ,..,     morning sky is g).ear, except  arid the Milfey.Way "j* clearly    whentfebirpmeteFisItJaijKte  rH   field   sparrows   wash    w ndis strom "  vigorously in a puddle.  If on a fine day, the dust suddenly rises in a revolving spiral  column-  If chickens or other domestic  fowl contihtie to feed' when rain  begins to fall it will continue,,if  they run for shelter the rain will  be of short duration,  And that's the oldtimer and his  chickens forecast,  Wind is strong from the norm or  west,  Look for lower temperatures  ;wlienVv  The wind swings, froi%south-  west to west, or from west to the  northwest 9V north. When skles  are clearing- Exception could be  clearing skies in1 the morning  which will likely mean warmer  Weather in the afternoon, parV  ticnlarly in summer.  Billowy, white cumulus clouds  art; created fey ascinding air  during warm weather.Me te the  risingfair, coQierair wiii-njsh in  to fill the vacuum thus producing  heavy winds in that yicjnity.  jSteer clear Qf them if ypn are pn  the water.  Low, dark, solid stratus clouds  that cover Hie sky, signal a  .steady wind which will remain as  long as the clouds are present,  sometimes for three days.  Clearing skies will bring  smooth water.  Changes In wind speed and  direction Pan be spotted by oby  serving smoke,  if it climbs slowly straight up  the air is quiet. If it breaks as it  -climbs, or-'wavers, there is  turbulence which suggests wind8  are on the Way:  if it ciirpb'-, then flattens out, it  means mas^s of warm and cold  air-ate^eeting*atthat level and  rain is in the offing. '  ,  \ Smoke spreading out at water  level or flat in the valleys means  the air is full of dampness and fog  is likely." '     '-���-"'- *��� /"  A warm wind coming in. off a  large body of water and hitting a  cold land mass will quite often  produce fog. This can be noticed  in the fall when the lake water is  still warm and a frost has chilled  the ground overnight.  - ���  And that sums up three sets pf  hints on forecasting thg winds  and the yi/eaiher. MRP tying more,  trenches can give the wrong  impression of the true direction  of the wind as it swirls in various  directions ip the passes.  If you are boating on a new  mountain  lake  ask  the  local  inhabitants which direction the  bad weatber Winds come from.  And don't forget ythe old  seadogs' tWQ.VuJeS- Red at night,  a< sailor's delight, fted in the  morning, a sailor's warning-  outdoor suppi(=,y-*=NT^MAYr 19?l  SURVIVAL TIPS  By-filWARTWHJSON  "-% �����- * *    ^  The American explorer and "   There are other itenjs suph ��s  ���wp'ntjsrnaf; -nanifil -BnnnB was Ngmergency       ration        kits.  I*  .1 *  -  3*.  : v.  .��-  *  ..I  RENT A TRAILER |s a novel approach for those who want to fry cargping QMt feefer?  buying a recreational vehicle. At Rainbow Park, op Kootenay |_ake in ��;'�����' "the. Prebuilt  Industries Ltd., llethbridge- Alts-/ manufacturers of Scamper RVs anci carnpers, hay�� set  up the park to prqvidp more camper park space. E|rner Ferguson, director of the firm( JS  co-qhairman Pf the Canadian Mpbileand Travel Trailer Association's^committee fhaf is  preparing a brief fo the national park"! *-0**V> Ottawa, pointing -jp tHe need for irnprpyecl  park facilities. Above, ydt-f-gstersifry camping in canjper paf-k..       .  ZA.~~ ~ "/    -*--!    "i      1 . - ir        1      ..    1 ��� 1 i. i-iunii 1 . . ���     ���- 1 -������ir  1 1   ���     -1     .'.n.jm 1. 1   '  ������   ������'  Smoking fi$h i$ nifty woy   *  n  limit ca  es  You've  limited  fishing and yon arrive back at  camp or the house with more f isii  an^-^an^aHn-a-inQnft-Qf  Fridays-  What to do? Smoking them'is  the answer especially if you are  camping in the wilderness with  no chance of refrigerating the  fish; And smoked fish, especially -  ones smoked by yourself, taste  scrumptloys..  If the fish are running two  pounds and up, it's a good idea to  fillet them. Some fishermen don't  fillet them but just cut the backbone so the fish lays, flat.. A series  of sharp puts and one pn each  side of the tail up tp the backbone  "lU^-r-aU^t^syUp^  e Ii��h, rgady fpr snr-oHlng  ^&Hfetfyeti '"*"  bone them  t  of scrap plywood,  mbbed with cppktng oil, makes  ah ideal cutting board;   !f4*i*-ii��r��^nj-��l^  cpntinne the cut from the vent to  the taii, Insert knife flatly between tail backbone and press  knife towards head cutting flesh  from the ribs and backbone.  T^rn flsih pver and repeat  pperatipn. Npw loosen bone from  the tail and lift put the bone cage.  It should separate from the flesh  quite easily. Remove any fish  adhering to bones and press back  into thin spots of the fish. c4t ��K  tail. Next move fa to get the fish  ready for smoking.  put them in a pan and sprinkle  jjhem liberally With pickling salt  once asked if he was ever lost in  the WQOds? His reply was,: ''Well  I was once confused tor three  days but never lpst."  And that just about syms the  feelings of any experienced  putdqorsman wh�� may lose his  Way and stray from the trail back  to his camp.  So long as he does not tot papie  overcome his judgement he will  survive and will find hi" Way  .back.  Panjc is fear, fear is ignorance  and knowledge conquers feaj.  All you need beforepuig (ntp  tbe woods is a little knowledge pf...  what tp do.  Here are some basic syrviVSi  items any outdoorsniah ghpylci  have with him when hiking ijilfoet  forests of the "Pacific *^pr%west;  This list dpes pp\ include winter  '��p|pTii0pt b*it pnjy what "]s  needed if lp��t jp the sumnier  mp'nthS;''' "..' '���  ...-'' -:"J'"'"'.  fi�� example yon need, gt least  two Qljafts pf watgr a day, a  gallon in V��ry lipt climgtes, tji  prevent dehyration!  hi the wist ti?ere are plenty of  stream�� ann! srnali lakes but a  wppd��jTian shpyid slur carry a  small water bottle.  First on the ipu��t list is a  epmpass, sep'onjcL-js a good  li^it^jblusmafehes wrapped in  wax paper anpi put in a water;  prppf ephtainerf third; ii" a small  mirrpr, a small sheet pf chromed  slteel will dp, fp-fth a small axe  strong brine they should be ready  in an hour pr two. In a brine Qf  one gallon Qf water to one cup pf  -^ItJhe^shoiild be left, oyernigbt;���p-^pp^jmil^nd^-fi^  A stoneware crock or plastic .   -  ,        ,        ���    '  container is* best to hold fish  during brining period as salt iviljt  corrode a metal container.  While the fish are slowly  getting pickled, and the time  varies from one to 12 hours,  depending on the taste and  mixture of the brine, you should  be getting your rack ready.  A hole in |he ground With a fire  pit one foot deepj and a rapk  made of metal rods'"such as a  refrigerator shelf, chickep wire,  js put between fouj ppte's.  flashlight, etc., but the fist above  is basic equipment that P9" he  carried ip a knapsack without  adding too much weight  First the compass. If you are in  pew territory always" t��ke ��  compass bearing ft-onr- the ^amp  ip the direction yoij are'gping to  trayel that day." In short |f ypu  start Off in a soutb:we��"^reptipn  frOm your camp yoy travel back  tp the caniR ip the reverse  djrpction, horth-eastV  If ypu are in toiowii teif jtpry  and get lost the^ use your '  compass to find north and frdm  ti��t'"ypu can usually get a  geperal idea whiph way t�� gQ tp  reach some habitation,^ }ake pr  a road-  A, lighter 4s t��i ideal survival  instrument. Be sure you have g"  gppd flipt in it and it is filled with  lighter fluid. But in case ypy lose  it ypit slioyld also carry matches  ip a separate poclfet.  Wrap them in a wax paper apd  put them ip a waterprppf container, you can pick iip a plgstic  t^lipder with �� foplrpropf lid $t  apy drug store.  " ffpwlf you're lost pick �� high  spot, ip the open if possible, and  tjuild a fire;. Mgke lt~|t)tp a  cplupi ^f smoke diiripg the  daylight hp-irs and a jpijlar of  flame at night:  The flanles can be spptted by  searchers, v^i|l keep ypu warm at  night and will also discourage  any wild animals frpm^rowiing  top close.    :   "���"���''   J"  'J  4  r  Operation Elk Transplant is  the name of a project initiated by  the Trajl yil&liie \As^pclattpp  Which npoh "pprppletiqiTi ppiild  resi-lt In the ^gnsfer ofmpFp  thap W elk from Banff National  Park to the West *potenjE-y��.  The first phase ot the project  paiieii fpV 'an mm ^Fangp^t gi  ��g ariirnals, the first, shipment of  Which was received in the middle  old timers used, to say "strong  epough to float a potato in." A lot  depends on how long you are  going to leave the fish. In a  On all western streams  almon e  , Salmon eggshave always been  noted as ope of the best baits for  Pacific Coast stee!J-ead when the  fish are making their winter or  summer spawning runs,up the  coastal streams t Coastal  fishermen also - use t|iem for  trout fishing In'lakes,,especially  if they una  lakes  whn-'ll are  traversed by salmon on their way  to their spawning (stronms.   ,  iNow f Isliermen on P,c, Interior  and Alberta streamy are finding  tliut salmon eggs are deadly bait  |n stroam fishing for trout,  First, before you try them,  pinko siirn that thoy arc legal  jxilt In your area, Q-eck iho  regn|at)pns and nl*-Q the fishery  officer In tlio nron where you are  going,to fish.  Salmon eggs, like.most bult,  should bo drifted gently with llio  current whon nwfiiwi fl��hlng.  Hpwnvor th��r�� ar�� certain  factors smcI) as Iho water depth,  current,* W"l'ters * nnd snugs to  conten��1 with,  gteelhead fishermen have, their  salmon eggs bouncing along the  Iwttom and the same goes, for the  salmon egg trout fisherman. The  plup Is to make it look like a  natural egg that Is rolling along  Wilh lhe current, only a trifle  ���"lower, ��     ���  tills of course means you are  golpg Ml run Into tho various  snogs mentioned above and you  are going to lose some weights  arid hpoks that get naught up  between ro��ks or snags.   '  You can use artificial salmon  eggs Hint can be purchased in a  jar ut any sporting goods store or  yoii, cap- buy sulrtion roe at a fish  store and -Milt nnd euro the roo at  Iwne,  Jp any case whatever typo of  salmon egg you uso tho main  ij-Jng is nut tho ogg on the hook  firmly- Insert tl��o point of th��  Yoii can use the ball typo pf  sinker with a swivel so that It can  roll along the bottom- Better still  Is the plastic or rubber cylinder  holder w|th a swivel on top. A  section of piluble |uhe lead j��  Inserted (n the holder,  Ypu can buy tlio soft lead |n  roii���� and the tubing at any  sporting, ��pp��ls store, With IWft.  typo pf weight you can cut off any  length of lead you want to get fj-p  correct weight in the current nnn"  '!p-Q lead, being pjlobjo, rarely  ijoto bung up In rocks.,,  One thing to reipember. Pon't  Mont when ihrownlnin the wpier.  Always approach ,u stream  , quietly apd cautiously, a shadpw  on the water or the noise nf Iwoto  scraping��nio^kscan put tho fish  (kiwnwnflofi their feed.,   '  Mf}u)mon eggs should bo flicked  liook in ono sldo then gently push   gcpt|y an*! nccurnte|y up apd  .Iboogg further, On Mn\\V)iM Hndw.,,j.T0S8--Htr��Hm,.Tl)�� eggs will then  moko^tho book-Hpl too- big pp ���'"^"^^y.^"1" r inu im ei M��  jrtw-y. It ��nn easily sppoMio      willbou llttlo iwrdorto hold  and leave them two or three  jfirstthinglstohavoa     onco the flesh hardpns, ypu  sharp thin knife. You can pick   then place the fish in a brine. The  one up at any tackle store. You  should also have a small oil stone*  to keep the knife sharp.  You open the fish by slicjng  along the stomach from the anal  vent to.the throat, piean put the  innards and wipe the inside dry-  j^pyy\cpmes the filleting, pnt  alpng the backbone, both sides pf  the ���qprs.al fin from papk of me  bead tp the tail, Make a pnt at ah  angle and jpst behind the giua -jo  Ihp flesh hj free from,the peafi,-  Uft the flesh up ah1! follow me  contour of the rib page with your  knifo unli! you reaph tho tail..  *^0W ypu can make a cut across  |l-e tail and free the fillet and  lake Hie skin off pr sm��ke it with  die skip on, You cap take the skin  off by not cutting through mp  skip at the ta|l. Instead torn the  fillet skin down on the, cutting  board. Then holding the pkin  firmly and using tlie tall as on  anchoring point start the knlfp  between me skin ondthe fleslj,  l>re-"s uje bliiile flat and cut  forward ulwnys pointing tlie  knlfo towards tpo pkin so no flesh  Is WHSted. The blade will remove  Ibo skin easily, usually w|tllont  ' cutting the f\i.H%  The same molbod |s used'If ypu  |��iye already cutoff the fillet, |>ut<  The rack -"houW be about fouj  Rs^^fldld Btem an#er fsti  aboye this so that the yvppip rack  can be covered with burlap or  some other material that will  keep most of the smoke in the  smokehouse.  .prpecembeFaiid PQnsfeteg Qf ��  $ulls, 6 cows, and pp�� bull 90. A  -jecpnd shipment of \% api-inals  arrived pp Jap."27,1971. All wer*-  Initial plans fpr thf transplant liberated]n gboiiiiealth, feVjt.ln an  j-ajrilirsi^^sedJn-tl^l'ailLif^ihdpubt^  were first rtiscjjsseiun-the-taiM't���unQpubt^j*f-pefua<lj.ca--menta>-  !?��'? wh��n" tbf' Trftft w��W|jfe ibtc, to^e M��sfeWai4|'m  mifiS    $9U8JMh PflflFf JjfflflPB  ���xio-eracK,  carrying out an elk tra  carry/hg" put"ah'eUc'Trapping  program ip Banff National I^ark  and that some of these animals  were available for transplant  into B. C.  mmstispjsMMiit mm$ m  transfer of a total of .*>()��� e|k(l  members of the project aire  hopeful that an additional 28  animals will be released in the  same area this spring.  ' fr.  "-,���1  '        }  ���   i  firm.  After filleting ope side lust turn  lljo Jlsh over and repeal,  Jcic  iii hi  HnHopal WlklHfp Week for WI  wns observed ncrosu Canada  , April fio. it Is nn annual ��!>-  ����rvnnco d��c|ar��d by an A��t tA  Parliament In HH7.  K fs iho wp��k wliM* pontoln.1)  Iho date April 10, tlio b|r|||��lay of    to keep your bolt close to Ibo  !bQ>to Jack Minor who won   Iwitom, 'llio book loader can  wor)d-wMo a����lnlm - as oh�� 'if:- - vary - up to two f����t -lopondlny op  around tho barb until ino point of  lhe book comes out Iho ntlior sldo  of tho hook. It will then resemble  an 0 (iho egg) with a ll (iho  curved section of the hook) inside  11)0 0, '.  A leader |S t|ien attached to U)Q  Iwok and to a Ihreo-way or T  swivel which l�� attached to ih��  Hm, Th" vertical section of fb�� T  swivd Is used to attach a short  lender.and then attached to llio  weight, ' -,     '  'lliis weight loader should not  po worn Mipn Ifl |no|-efl |n length,  and sbortcr than Uiat If yoii want  Cnnadtii-A early nuhirallsts,  Tbo    cnnn-ifnn    Wlidiifo  F��dornl|on at tho re^mi pf im  Fodornl ��nd Provincial govern-   .     .  ,  mento and In jr-onjunciion with ���. \wMMtm\i.��1SH wl(h ��J����H��  Iho Alberto Klsh an��l Q��iiw   Mot.  Asiioclutlon; iho B.C. Wildlife     Yourdroppcr loader to your  Fodorntlon wwi ptt-ur wildlife   weight ahould bo of lighter  Ibo typo nf stream ypu w��  fit-blng, And Incidentally, some  fishermen "pake in loop of Ibo  lender at tlio vya pf Iho hook and  'focjewMnns  across  Canada.,  prpyWes |eo��|crship f��r spcplal  cduowtlop programs, each y��or,  material ||>un Ibo book leader so  (t will break first nnd thus save  lb�� book setup,  ,, i  4/% '  drift nuturaiiy wjth iho enrrcntf  ito sure to try tho, pi-ckpia  liohlnd boulders and have tlio  luilfdrift along wher�� Iho bank Is  nndcrcnt by Iho stream, 'lliere  pro usually pome deep holes In  iboso spots and ��om�� fair si/od  fish.'.  fmmmmmm000mm0000000m000000>00000000m000>m00mmm0^00mm00mmm00m^  It Rg|f5��3s -  It t-owers   ;  Hydrqu||qq|ly  l,u��i tyJny ami w|i)��l r����l#l'��nc''  , wi)ll-,,..irflyfilllnB-,in���J*}worfl'l  imiihi), j'1'i-r .nwinwn n��l��-iil  Vyjii/ri sfliriirliii", nifpr# low fimw  ����f#Yliy.*~f7)w��.��iyffi��WWiyi.Cr��n  Iw ffliior/ find |oyvcr��cj fp wqpii*,  Write May for Froa  Brocboro nnd Pr|co Mot  ^MOBILEUVJNG *  PRODUCTS LTP,  imyw,m^*miii, y  SPORTSMEN'S  HEADQUARTERS  ���, M ipi'd��<'AA��JAx��...,L r,  WRITE TODAY   Por-Your- ���'-  Hqw do ypu top a car with  all the successes that Qremlln  hss going for jt? ;  You top jt with a folcj away,  sitn-roof that's how,  f^iow when you're rolling  along the highway at a gas-  scrlmping27 mile.s per gallon  or when you're turning into a  tight parking spot with that  amazing 33 foot tinning circle  ,, or when yqu're carrying a  oaa! of cargo on that folddpwn  rear seat f ���. or when you pmII into ft gas  station and order a full W) miles worth of  gas,., and ypu feel JiHe telling  the world what 3 great feeling  it is to drive "ut Gremlin;.., why  you just,slide open ydttr sun-  rpof and; shout it put fpr all  yeu'rewprth-  Right n��wfhe sun-roof Gremlin is ppen for Inspection ^t  ypur American Motors Pealer.  \V��,^$pec\d\\y eqMipped apd  specially priced m that's gtf^r-  anteedtP brine PHt the fun in  everypne. It's also a fairly llm-  ted edition so -act ouicHly or ypti'll spend  another summer inuoors.  O-py of our J07K2 ��atalo��,  Over 3BQ paijos parked w|H)  thousand*- of yalbo packed  uportlni* Items, wmpleto  -joioction of mwnti, J-Wiw  itoatlnit "ami Camplni"  Kmilnmcptr Also Archery;  lioscpoii,' TOpnls, badminton,  etc.  '5-4  u  ������QfiWcPem>0iAV6,  \mi\mu, mt  't<..  run in the sun from American Mp(or����  See1 your local American Motors Dealer  i  mljj^MMsWl^e^j^w^twsWi^*!*^*^^^  ^bfrw^flBfrME m#P*i*0*m*Hi*.e*0*0.  *r*.z~&*J��0 .��'iMS^><v��^^'��iV ��'��^7*��^&'v����^��*'%r'-'i"*fc-*.w.> iv*^r  B1^K��tM����,��m,��w!ii>^w��^ i**^J?>'?:'**'*��^'/^***:-*  ���.;;1 :',\  .!      *���,  This luxury weekend f or.two, to  be taken by reservation betwegn  Just about 135 Pacific Western ���!  Atoline  miles  northwest  of \  ' Vancouver lies the finest fishing    .fane 1 and'Julv 12,1971, includes  resort  in   Western ,*Canada,    p free return trip by a Pacific  Painter's Lodge  at  (fompbeft   Western Airlines jet, n Bed-  m i  V  River, {Situated on Vancouver  Island, B, C,', overlooking  Discovery Passage, the'town of  ^Campbell River is ideally located  , for salt and fresh water fishing,  And the centre of salmon fishing  at Campbell River is Painters  Lodge.  Before revealing the attractions of eampbeii Biver this  newspaper reminds, you that you  can win 'a,free luxury fishing  - weekend at tjie world famous  Painter's Lodger  r  EASILY SATISFIED?  m  %m  i<k  M  [I  m  p -  V -  If   pot)   lop"-   at    Black's   wide  selection of lightweight outdoors  1 equipment for rhB hiker, climber,  I canQejst or cycffst, jne)yd"na  GPQSE PPWN SAGS  'MGHTWEfGHT TENTS  ANORAKS a PARKAS  FRAMES &RUCSAC5  STOVES A CPOK KITS  ,     forfPlldefflils  Asfc vi>(/r Mica- peeler or setitf for J  fievt 19?i caf^fogue. ' '        '  W��t  2?5WR, Strathcona, Ottawa, Ont.  Also Ogdensburg, N.Y. & Britain  White^^ueTtaejng 737 or ff~  Javelin Jet-Prop, from the  airport nearest the winner's  home in Alberta or B, C. to  Campbell Biver. See the advertisement on this page for the  communities that PWA services,  Once inside the spacious PWA  plane you relax in comfort and  enjoy the service mat has made  PWA the "Biggest UM\% AirUpe  in the World," S  , The advertisement On this page  has the announcement of the[free  draw, the QamPbeW tUVer trip  fpr two as the Grand Pf i-?e pips 40  consolation prwes,^   J  All you have to do is fill in the  entry' form in the lower right  hand corner of the.nd with your  name and address and mail it to  mis newspaper, Your entry must  be in by midnight Tuesday*, May  18,.There is also a --kill^esting  question to be correctly answered before the prize can be  awarded..  Now you have completed your  entry form let's see'what a  fabulous time the Grand- Prize  winner is going to have.  The   prize   includes   transportation to and from the  Campbell   River   airport   to  Painter's Lodge. There is double  or twin accommodation and all  meals in the Marine View dining  room, which serves appetizing  home-cooked cuisine, Your hosts  Will be  Larry and  Margaret  Fapey.   >  Tfte rustic, Tudor-Style lodge la  tastefully decorated and tl\e  comfortably furnished bedrooms  have bom shower and bath.  Thei'Fireside Lounge, with its  huge stone fireplace* is a  gathering spot for a happy  "social hour" with refreshments,  at the end of the day. Plaid shirts  and casual wear, are the usual  garb~as the fishermen "stretch  the line" a little with stories of  the "big one" Hint got away,  Pictures cover the walls of this  famous fishing resort.'of famous  sportsmen, authors, movie and  television stars, diplomats, and  other noted* people who have  stretched a line at Campbell  River,  -All of them have been trying to  .catch a trophy-size Tyee salmon,  And you can join them as a  member of the world-renowned  Tye^Club, ���     .  your prize includes two* full  days of salmon fishing with boat,  motor, tackle and bait supplied,  plus the services ��� of a  professional guide.  Then there's a barbecue picnic  and a drive ta4he mngniffcent  Elk Falls Park, You can go and  pick your own oysters or crabs at  the nearby coves. Or you can dl��  for clams in the sandy bays along  the coast.  There are" private cottage, and  cabin units adjacent to the lodge  and there's swimming in fresh  water or the temperature controlled lodge pool, <  There is golfing and horseback  riding ��� nearby and plenty, of  hiking, along, the seashore or in  the mountains back of Campbell  and  steelhetfd fishing in the servationist and jurist Roderick  nearby rivers and lakes. Raig-Brown, who lives beside the  All in all a/ fabulous holiday, riyer.            ���  and it even includes processing Then there is the Gold and  the salmon you have caught just Oyster Rivers and many streams  hafnre you head for the airport to fulj of trout the year ~���nA  catch your PWA luxury -flight Steelhead   only    run  round,  from  And in addition to the famous  salmon fishing there is the trout  back home.  1 Directly to the west of Campbell Riyer is the Forbidden  Plateau which is adjacent io  Strathcona Provincial Park. It is  a fresh water fisherman's  paradise. B has* high mountain  peaks ajtid tovyering fir forest  1 i-Ttigr^ are *|^e..i^^.^'fy^iiig  rivers for trouti BaiiSbnwSa^d  Cutthroat nnd Steelhead, There  is Campbell River, noted by ihe,  famed author, fisherman, con-  PROUD FISHERMEN display hyp fine Tyee salmon boated at Campbell River. One on  the right weighed 45 pound?* the other, around 40 pounds. Note wooden boat, part of Tyee *  Club rules. ,.   ��� (Phofocourtesy of 6.C. Travel Dept.)  December to late April.      <  Apd there are countless- lakes,  the better known are ButUe, with  trout to 7 pounds and Lower and  Upper Campbell, which produce  excellent fishing-  But most of the vacationists  are out after salmon, There are  theBluebacks (immature Cohps)  from May to July, the Coho'from  July to October. Then there are  the Springs (Chinooka) that run  frpm April to September and are  followed by the winter Springs-  And  the biggest  and most  fighting fish of them all,- the  Tyee. It's actually a Chinook  salmpn that has spent five years  at sen and is larger than a  qiinook, in fact n salmon has to  be over 30 pounds before it is  called a Tyee at Campbell Biver.  They mn from July through  September,  Tyee is actually an Indian word  meaning ch|ef, There are scores  of them caught every week in the  Campbell Biver area when they  are running.  The fisherman might have a 16-  foot runabout with an outboard*  the usual salmon tackle, a  herring strip for bait and  probably a 30 pound test line.  But the salmon he catches,  even if it is over 30 pounds, is not  eligible for - recognition in the  Tyee dub-  Under the Tyee Club rules  sajmon fishing becomes[ an  iaacting spx-rt, The Tyee must be  fished from a wooden rqwbpat no  longer than 14 feet. (Veteran  fishermen will remember them  as thevClinker built" boats, with  a ledge overlap to break heavy  seas,)  A three horsepower outboard  can be used to get you to and  from the fishing grounds, Actual  trolling must be done by rowing.  ���Nirltve-bairi'r-all-JwedT-only-  artificial    lures,    and    the  preference in these are a plug .or  a large wobbling spoon.  Once you have hooked into a  Tyee it can,take you anywhere  . from 30 minutes to two hours to  land the huge fish. A large net,  rather than a gaff is used to boat  the salmon^easohbelng the fish  might lose a few ounces of blood  which might just put it under the  Tyee mark of 30 pound*},  Which brings up the types and -  classes of buttons the Tyee Club  issues for salmon caught, under  dubregulations,  There is a round button for  Tyees caught on light tackle with  line not exceeding a 30-pgund test  (very rigorously tested before  . the angler starts put, And there is*  a diamphdrshaped button fpr fish  caught on tackle not exceeding  20-pound {est.  The weight of the Tyee also  designates the class of the button. A bronze button for fish 30  pounds and up; silver fpr 40  pounds and up; gold for SO  pounds and up; diamond for160  pounds and up; and then comes  the ruby for any Tyee 70 pounds  oi- over.  So, Jar there have been two  .ruby buttons awarded, one to  1947 for a Wk pounder and the  other in 1868 for a 71-pound Tyeer  There are also other special  buttons such as "Tyee Man of the  ������.v^��%"--'*^!'''''y!��-"larK5l''i-'flih4"  "Tackle Champion,, for the  biggest on extrarlight tackle; the  ''Daily' Double" for * the two  biggest of the day and a special  Ladies Championship,  And White the Tyee�� don't  usually start running un�� -"My  there^ are plepty Of large  Chinooks in June and also Cobq*-.  lhe Cohos are the real gymnasita  of the sea. They jump, swirl in  -circlesrtail-walk-and-generally-  give the fisherman ','fish  palpitations."  A light sea rod with a 15-20  pound monofilament line trolling  a bucktail streamer, about one*  ounce of weight, wilt provide  . plenty of action if you tie into a  Coho.  They do not ��P mnoh Over W  pounds although the record,,  caught in io-$7, is 36 pounds, The  Northern Coho running in the  fail, can rup i*) - 20 pound-*, Qn  light tackle, that can be fun,  Ypu can leave it up to your  guide tQ find the best fishing  holes for Ypu, %e Ca-r-pbel  Riyer area,' from thp harrow  Seymour narrows, through  Discovery Passage to the Strait  of Georgia in tho south, Is the  "'freeway" for Salmon travelling  down the coast.  the tremendous sweep of  waters through this narrow  passage creates eddies or pools,  andahat's Where the action ?s-  Your guide will tip you off to the  April Point popis, Copper Bluff  Pool, lighthouse pool, and tho  intriguing ono, RpwrAnd-Ber  Damned Pool, named long before  outboard motors were a part of  sport salmon fishing.  This gives ypu somo idea pf  what a fabulous weekend is in  store for you if you win that  weekend trip to Campbell River  via a P'WArWBEajt.  A|id^  should plan a vacation there this  year, the fishing stays good right  into the late fall.  And by -thp) way, have you  mailed ypur free entry form yet?  ._   .%-.���.-  ���' ' Sv  spinners  stiil good  Pacific Western Airlines Ltd,  was founded in 1946/as Central  British Columbia Airways  operating put of Fort St. James  r  To enter, fill in tho entry-form below and  mail or bring it to the Newspaper whoso  name appears at top left on the front  page of this supplement '  ISHB1TI  * '  �� <    I-  t )' ������������"���  DRAW CLOSES lIDillGEITTUESDAVplAY 18,1971  The GRAND PRIZE Is:  �� A Free Luxury Fishing Weekend at World-Famous  Thin Included irunsporl-itlon to nnd twin Um Ivodgo from Cumplrell  River fllrnor': rlonlrle ortwln flcfiomnVodflUooi all nieaia In Uie  Mnr|rio Vlow nlnlnii roomi two'fnll days flahlni", lioq', motor, Urckln  and Imlt supplied phut t'xclmilvo flerv|'.'i"�� of n profosslonul (jriiduj  ( in Itu lakt-ri, hy rescrvnlliirr, lielwten Jiiiju 1 ond July 12,1071)  "Mm  m  ffl  m  ���1;.^'  if  WW  ���wwiX*v.:r  Transportation for Two on  puld oieiTibtirfllilp In llio f-imoirrr "lyeo t'luli': Imrlieciio plonloj  drlvn to l*lk I'-'ill") Piirk; rcluxnlloi) and r^frciilirpupts In Iho  |-)ru��|do |(0irri|5ii| proceHnlnB of siilrww ����U'he�� for luMnii horriUj  and kecpmr|(t) photon of it ijlorlorw vyuukund,  iSTSBI SBBILKS  Krr)|li|urH, I'lincuOwiiMo, OnvvBon C'ra-rk, Qiiemjel, WllllHihs 1/f'ko,  i, PboIIoIoii, Oriifid I'Virku, (!aHl|��nur, ('run-  K/rinloops. Ki'lownn  l>rook,(Alli  l-'nrt  Hlvcr, linlnlio'v Nik<r,  Ik'lnrn trip in C'lirnplwill'lilvor, Vanconvur Island, from Um irlrporl  ��� nourutil ili�� v/iimuy'u imm In H,Q, or All��irt�� nerved liy l-WA1,  'Jticse Hclieilirlud Htatlons InoliidQi tlUl) Varn'onvHri Victoria,  , Unapt*, Toflno, Talwl*, fort Hardy, Pp-w|| River, Naipir, Hello  1  fk'lla, jiellu dkiIii, rficenii Fulls, Hondaplt, Prln--o JJnport, Terrncir, ('  i ,      (^0 PART OF THE GRANP PRIZE IS TRANSFERABLE OR CONVERTIBLE  *v 0*.  *.- _ rf*' i#tf  jtJU,i, ( ( i  i, (Allnirlii) <'ulB��ry, liMirionlon, I'eacti II  M<-Mirrrny, rort Q|lpe-vy��n, .  mm  1 If t|i��r�� aro milnum uiiywlwru. ���, llii! Oii'unl ,,. you'll  ' ii��i limn (ill I'AINTKH'H IIDIXW ����|i'"Vu "iruny movlo  n\wn, dlploinalw, world-fiuiKma rtporUtrnvn, wlioso  plotrrroii rover tlio walls of i|rl�� fiiliiilrmn resort, If,  yoii'io |i|i,-ky, yon, Um, will wiM-li n Iropliy-sl^r "I'm1,  and |oin ll)i;m as t\ nieinlier of llw worlil-renownen  'Tyee (!|ir|i'��� netweuiHlines, you'll loaf, swlin, ploy fkj  WMilew-,, ,eil|oyyi)rrr��e|f fortwoi!lor|orisduy��,  ���re   i\  k ti 'I J ��� <  ^ilin'yiMel foiriililuTl-AciFlC WIWKRN  AlHMNl'H J��l, your liolldoy lre��lrvi| Yon rpl���� In  rroinfort as yon aro wlilskcrf aloft In one of I'WA'��|  lU-d-Wllllo-eiMl-llluo flofllnti 737���� nr ,lavell|r .let-  iTops . , . enloylnH llio nerylcq wlllf"|r (ifls ni��d��  J-WA I'w Ulgife-H Midi. Airline In llw v/mM, J'WA  will nlrlltt yon l�� ('ainplmll filver hy woy of llieir  (M-hedMlud f|lnli!i| HiroiiKlioiit ||,(), an<l AHwIn,  You'll lovo HI  . ��9 yen're tntnHii-g of using a  j P��*illHecra?y. Chances aro itlwa  been trjed befprey about ,5,000  years ago,   .'���  Russian archeologists in the  Soviet Far East have found shiny  , storje plates apparanUy used as  fishing spinnerp about 5,000 years  agp, They tried them out with  their own tackle and they caught  as many fish as the present day-  lures, ���.'.'-������  ���    The spoons were made of the  semi-precious stone nephrite.  sv:*7iiTt.0*\t3S. Effiussrmc"m  imwmlvelwttoniaim.   ^oT'pSc   Western  airline in Canada and the largest  independent and  regional air  cairrjer in the nation, t   The company operates an  extepsive network of scheduled  and non-scheduled routes  throughout B.C., Alberta and the  Northwest Territories, including  Air Bus service between Edmonton and Calgary, now  carrying around 1,000 passengers  .on peak days.  bone hook was fastened to the  ofh^er Ijoje.  in  Airlines purchased B. C. Air  Lines Ltd. and inaugurated a  four times daily service flying  between Vancouver, Victoria and  Seattle.  acquired its fourth Booing 737  jetliner.  The 737 is designed to complement the larger,.��, long and  intermediate range jetliners by  bringing the comfort: and  economy of jet travel to routes of  100 to 1,300 miles.  It enables PWA > bring jet  service to short routes and to  many' of the smaller cities of  Western Canada located off the  main traffic routes.  The flight control systems of  the 737 represent the latest 111  control system, technology. The  passenger cabin is pressurized  and air'conditioned and is as  spacious as the big 707, 720 and  727 jetliners:   .'""* ."���"'.  The acquisition of the fourth  Boeing 737   brings   Pacific  props. There are the-Boeing 737s,  a 707, Hercules, Convairs', DC 6s,  PC 4s, DC 3s, Nord 262s and  Mallards-  PWA'8 scheduled routes cover  well oyer 11,000 miles to-Western  Canada and there are 45 cities  and communities in Alberta, B.  C. and Northwest Territories  listed on tiie regular SPhedulod  f,  -J-  or * WIN ONE OF 40  LOCAL CONSOLATION  PRIZES OF FIVE  DOLLARS CASH  mm closes midnight Tuesday 1  MAY 10th ^ ALL ENTftlES MUST DE j  CLIP TlllS ENTRY FORM --MAII. OR OR|NQ IT TO THE  NEVVSfWKR IN WHICH THIS SUPPHJ/VHENrAPPPARBP  ;.'��v.'.'.V/.Vf'KfV^Ny.'.''V,*,  ('rand |"rli���� V/limer and iho IahuI Win-  nam' mum villi Im |��ilrllrili��l In lliln  NcwnpwfKT dMrloH, tho ��r��<* of May *,,  'munilUM'QNmiiQ*. will t** *��t*r��4  Irdo i-onrernioK iWn draw, No wployro or  (l'IhIIvu of niiployi'vo of lllln nevvsjiwiKT <��r  "Wcotern lf����lon��l Me-vBpi<pi-r* ��r��y enter  or win �� prlre,   l   ,  TO; (Name & Address  of Newspaper)  r  Sun-fun planning is easy with Greyhoupd!  ��-  So rnany iflpi..,. lo eo mony places,,, ai uasy, m9n��y-ettvlf)g  faroal Plun llio oouy-clialr oornforl of olrrcondlilonod, foqirnom-  oqnlppod 8oonlcfM|qors, P|cK yoiir 8umm��r Mplnoo iind oo |||��  PAQy woy.,.' Qroyiioundl,,'       i ,   ,.���  SAMPLE "EASY'CHAIR FARES!"  f|mWi��irryi.nliylrillw()l/T|K'<JMH'illl'|'fJ':MI';NTI''ltl':i':i>IIAW  Namo.  Addresl  I iviiU-raUri't llial I iiinot mm Hy an��wt-r a tlilll-teirilntfijiiutitIon l��< fm u I will lw umtriiv  mm IIIIS fflTRH'IW OE IN D�� MIDNIGHT, TUESDAY, MAY 18  l��pi-i-o,  Vancouver ��� Calgary        $ 17.05 1  Lethbrkloe - Edmonton     $ 11.20  Calgary -- Toronto  m,*,��m004tt*Jl00>t*m*,i m ill Ml|l��l>^|l|��'|l*ll   11IWI   I* i.���t* **' ���������  $40,76 1  RevelstoHo ��� Vancouver    $1V.f)6  Kamloopg,-- nmW    ' .$gd.20jfigd.P��Qf-~Lyj^guy��r     %tJM  ," ���      P��ru�� ���Mb')��ci \n i;h��m|M wllljooi nolle*,  A^K YOUR GREYHOUND AGENT ABOUT LOW FARES  AND CONVENIENT SCHEDULES FROM YOUR CENTRE  Sit back and see Canada , ,������, the easy way!  ��� r)|im|i(��i-oniJlliort��>*l ��ni����|fporr>-0i''lpp^'< t Armoh��if mmlnp'  /A and leave the driving to m,  <mr*m  ,They rapge from Bella Bella  aud Sandspit op the West Coast of  B. C. to Ports MciyJurray and  Giiiwyan in Alberts and ^then,  there is the Northwest  Territories' communities, such  as YellOwki-ife and Cambridge  Bay.  rItiere is a list jn Uie advertisement on this pufieof the B,  C, and Alberta airports \yljere the  holiday ��� contest wlniier can fie  picked up and flotyn to Canrpliell  River' for the free weekend  fi-jhini* holiday;      , ;  The grovyt^h and development-  of Pacific Western Airlines M,  is a ptory of ��� enterprise and  Initiative. From un oporwtioii in  tho northern, mount��|noiis  country of,B. C��� with a leased  Beech bl-plane. It has grown Into  Cunacla'a Uilrd largest airlino.  And the futurp'- Well, tfio  airline offlcluls say |l)oy Jiuvo a  Jot of growing io do yet and  they'll lie consWntly' dQVolopln��  and Improving present ncrvlces  wherever posBllile.  Safety rules  aid boating  f Bo'itlh'"   liws   bupomq   nil  essential juirt, of oyej-y onUJiHir'  Iwlldiiy, either fishing, n milw In  n power bout, soil lw��tr cmmt  n#��r li��"t| or a w����k on�� houso  Iwat,  Unfortunnteiy as homing lii-"  '(Teases In nopiilflrlty so do Mje  oooldof-ln, Many of th��so ��u-  i:|i|rt|)l(|      pm      c.nwHiui      \\y  ci��ro|essnos�� or n lack of  knowledgo of safety pmnmllppn,  Tlioro |a a lot 'more to It than a  fow slinplo rulon and imyom Just  murting ��s n boat oponitor Is  advised to loarn nil alwwt clwrls,  fire ejittlnf-iilsliers, steering flnd  sailing rules, cto,  Ifvoiiflropiflnn(ni(��iTiilso|��  southern fi.C. coastal waters you,  can pick dolly weather brood-  cfisft from" li)~��laiton��"on an  nycrage of four ttmw n day. a  list of fronting safety rules can*no  ojitalned from the l��,C. (Safety  Council at mi W.*'Ponder,  yy-pcouver o, n,(.,  'A3  \l: Jl you want to get away from  the tepseness pf driving and have  a real relaxing vacation Ms  year, wliy not tate an psportej  tour by cfreyhound bus.  "{"here are more than P dozen   escjrted-^reyftound-bus-tflUfS  covering - Alherta and ��� British  Cohp-pbia, plus others tq the  Northlands apd Alaska,  scheduled* for this spring and  summer.    ,  ���"here is a wide choice of exciting trips on deluxe air-  conditioned, washroom-equipped  spenic-crjiiser buses.  Yqu can make a short one-day  pleasure trip pr a seven day, six-  night cruise that will take you  through some pf the most  spectacular scenery-in-America.  Rates are very reasonable and  there are discounts for doubles.  They include accommodation,  transportation, special sightseeing tours to places of interest,  apd on many tours, reserved  seats to events of interest plus,  some luncheons and dinners.  b!c. tours originate in Vancouver and further information  and lists of tours will be sent to  you by writing Greyhound or  Pacific Stage Lines at 150  Dunsmuir St., Vancouver 3, B.C.  , . or yoiu* local pus office,  j \ similarly in lAiberta you can  contact the * Qreyhpiind tius pfr-  fices in Edmonton, Calgary or  other cities that have bus depots.  First long tour pf the spring  season is "North of 5fjM, a tour  that lasts eight days and seven  nights, May 31-June 7, and covers  the northern frontier of B.C.,  Jasper, and the Columbia Ice  Fields in Alberta, returning  through the Rocky Mountains  and Yellpwhead Pass tp B.C.  On the tour you will see the  colorful and historic Fraser  the  Cariboo  By STUART MacFARLANE gettifl({ away frpm jt all alone,  - li vqu are ppe of those people and , perhaps   rimpipg   jnto  who-like tp get oytdoorg for* IWpected problems whl*�� fa th?  recreatjon, on weekends, pr op\ wilder-iess,' or join  up  wjth  your vacation, and don'i toOW kindred spirits who 'ejnjoy b,eing  '<*'"* ViWiFl hl?w & ge- &*&* mayb<? a  " V U <WM ^"aiIer &teis WW answer.  ���';4^&^ Perhaps you haYe.tried tenting  h ^KSftl ��� * SWP ��J*I fewm* H h<N to &m a tent  -ff{'['��&f-r*-**l-^^  pier vacation "is $ shelter pn  whpels. TJiere are terjt trailers,  travel, trailers, campers apd  motor homes. A)l types to f jt all  budgets.  Wjth people. The type ttjat help  ypu when ypu have problems-  wjth p h��tch pr a flat .tire.  There are many trailer plubs in  B,. C. \yho have a common bpadof  ^PTlerliTgrT'ljey' joip up with"  friencl apd neighbors, to spend  Weej-^dsapd-hciljd'ay-- together.  Tliey enjoy the pleasure of the  6utdoqrs.;,with other people.  "  the Bjitjsh Columpla TMYl*"��Q,n  ip th,e ^wer Mainland  Okapagap area of B. C.  " T|ie |. IX Rivisjpn pf rp'J'CA js  prqMd |o have successfully  completed its fourth seaspp pf a  ten-week night Ighpol coprs,e.  Purpose pf the course was to  assjst'and adyjse the students jp  puying pf a trailer, camper,  motor home, pt�� The course  JqiQWledgej thjs has, feeep jhe oply may have' a.  cpjple  of  ge^  night school course, pf its type in toothers 9 nm% The tflstapp'?  Canada or the TJ. (5.A.     ' frprp home is usually wjthm 9  Our association with, trailer', radiys pf lOfi pies. Jhls allows  clpbs that aie mem^rs pf W- for gn easy djjye %t on a Frjday  q^ha? broadened pu>- scope pf evening and f*rr,iY��!- \ww  frier-d-ship with ,opr trailering  neighqors ip the United ��t��N^  Most trailer c)ubs. operate wJIfh  a* minimum  of  n��le*f arid  Here again. ��nce ypu have ft" of International Trav'gl Trailer  ''home pp'wheel's," yoii have tq Clubs of America h^s fostered  decide whether tp ''loue-wqlf it,1'    the growth pf many trailer clubs  , ipclpded hitches, tires, ryles of regulations, There are usually  pSe road, car�� of |he rig,% club planned activities for the vyholp  activities, how, to'fqrm cluhs, apd *"gmi)y, op weeHepd outings,' but  enjoy $e outdoors in  grpiip < generally it is left up tp' the  activities." '         ".          "* msgrgtjdp of the individual as to  Members fpund it- a - wfath Whether hg Wishes tp participated  while venture. To the club's Clubs plan their putings so they  Sunday ��ftprn��qn pf evening.  \ rpu*-t emphasize that it really  doesn't maiie much'dtffer��n*-g  What yjuiiio q^^^s^^^  the plajp interest js the people  ypu are with.  This is what trader plufe*- are  all about, getting tpgethgr with  friepds and gpjoyjng the ccim-  pany of others in* the grgat outdoors. * --  ��S��LQWlLt��[  OYSTER gathering (s part of the outdoor recreational  fun on the Pacific Coast. The Pacific oyster, a large type  of mollusk, can be fpgncl in al| areas of southern B.C.  coast, on boulders knd rocky beaches. Best time to  harvest them is low tide. You need, an oyster shucker,  pogght at any hardware stpre, a chisel pr screwdriver,  apd a sack, Pry them off the rocks."To open insert a  sharp blade af the hinge pf the shell. Try ypyr favorite  qyi-ter recipe or eat th��m raw with vinegar: thesp  oysters were in a cpviB near CampbaH' River.  (Phptocourtesy of B.C. f3gptof Travel)  a war op utter has keep  declared by Recreatipn and  Conservation Minister VJ. K.  Kiernan. Rje hasimnoupced lM[ay  9-15 as Antl-L-itter WeeH in  British Columbia.  '���I am concerned abouUjtter,  those unsightly biti apd pieces of  .casual garbage scattered ahout  our streets, along our highwpyg '  and in oiir recreation areas," he  said. "*{ urge all the Piti?;ens pf  B.C. tq join me in dbipg  something about it."  Mr- Klernap said that he will  again seek the .assistance and  suggestions of provincial and  cpmnrtiipHy leaders in B.C.,  school boards, all those  asspcipted with the travel industry and the media, all of  whom contributed so much, to the  success of' the first Anti-Miter  Week last'year.  Thej-e have been 400,000 copies  of the B.C. Utter Act distributed  throughout the province ip the  past three months.  Part oftthe Litter Act directs  that soft drink and heer" containers, whether bottles or cans,  are refundable jn B.C. and it  empowers various B.C. officers  to enforce the law.  'V  1*14  'Dilution can bHided with he!  \,  \ Canypn,  i country, north tp the huge Jl*. A.C....  "k Bennett Dam in the Pepce River  ;with ite massive underground  -powerhouse then  follow the  Alaska Highway to Fort St. John  ^|nd Dawson Creek.      -  "Sfext day the bus moves iptp  Ajfeerta past fields of wheat with  a flight stop-over at Edspn.  PLgtte Hot Springs is a luncheon  pj^pover and there is a two-night  gtop at Jasper National Park.  ^ -:4w^��ti��r-J^i*  ^*JS  Another spectacular trip is tq  the Cajgary Stampede, July 9-15,  seven days and six nights. 'It  takes in the Calgary Stampede,'  with reserved tickets for PhnpH-  wa**on and show events, The tour  covers ipe  Qkansgap  Valley,  Iviica Dam on the Colunr-hia. the  RpcHy Mountains, including  Banff apd Lake fcpuise, Calgary,  l*"dmontoni,nd back throuBh the  Vellowhead and Fraser Capyqp.  There is the,Southern R.c.,'  Banff and Canadian RocKles tour  from-lune 17-22:  'fpere are aisopiany other B.C.  and Allierta tour-l and ope 4ay  trips pot mentioned here. Contact  ypur"nearest bus deppffor more  information.  ��� i.   ,   I, ;   i   im.'..,h i.m ,��� .' i i ��� .in.. ..;  i   ��� ��  Vehicles  that tame  wilderness  There's H couple Pf rugged  vehicles on the market t|ia*t are  , lhe answers In taming Western  Canada's vVlldornoHS, Alberta  and B,C, ontdoorHipon aro  rapidly/; finding P��t tliat IliP.  '|-��)yota Ifi-l^ix lialBoii pickup  - and the Toyota Mmd Cruiser,  r.\iw\ top�� Htntlon wai'oii i*lvu  ihem the frpedoin to go where  thoy w��nt lo iw-  'Rio Tpyola Hi-|(nx pickup hm ,  all the comfort nnd stylo you'd  exfippt from a Toyota sedan, pips  iho versatility mid rinji'eiJpoHS of  jt Is eqiiip-Mid with��ni|'��u(| inn  iy\ sjnglo ovorliend camshaft  engine and h���� iho power to haul  (ra)Hoii loads at any legal llifdi-  wuy upeud, Jt also him a ��niooMiiv  n||-Hyn��hro , fonr-on-tho-floor  Iransmlsslon, ���which pxikim It  nice for the Wife to drive.  Tb�� Tc/yoia Land cmlscr takes  yon where you want 10 go owl. It  i��Hn you hack, You mm make  your own roods, and yopr own  fun. >       '  'llio Mmd Cruiser can lacklo  any )oh, lowlnii, plojvlriK, P��'Hn��  or'pushing, m wnm !h�� B��*  anywhcrp^lo-nnyihliii'mochlpo.  |t bus six forward and two  royprfio itor mnUimom"lur  apy speed or load, Tho hlg )$  U,p, englDo lakes tho Toyota  I<ond CrMiser up 48 degree grades  WllJf eaUp and H'"cniWon hi IflP  legal npeeos r>f\ jb�� freewayt,  -J-|W^Hiirrt"^i)p*ii'irt^wipn'''  Wagop T��yotn are Iwulflfllly llio  somo, Tliey're hull! to la|M} ft apd  built to Inst under all wp-ithcr  apd rfti"\ condlilopif,   ���  Pollution is vgry much in the  news these days. Pollution of the  air by burning, causing smoke,  soot and ash, pollution- of the  water by chepiipals, effluent and  other'foreign substances that foul  the water,  There js pollution pf the earth,  the dumping of garbage, trasli,--  oid metals, used Oil, and scores of  other substances that kill off thre  nutrients, ip the ��oii and leave it  sterile and barren- '  Mature ppn only recycle so  much of fhjs ppfuti'ph'so that we  can again breathe clean airf see  and drink pure water and live pn  a fertile land.  We, the public, blame much of  this environmental decay on our  municipal,1  provincial   and  federar gqY��mmpnti".  But  tbg  indlyid^nl in npiofCRnonBlblc. He  i^-thfiftitai mat? eiiJetiy'm^piersO'rS  who makes the laws to govern  TwlJUtipp. Clijpe these laws are  passed then industry must he  made tp fpjio^ them?  "Man ha�� disepverid that he has  lost mnch of lis freedom that tie  paii n^ longer fee ajppe, QutHopr  spapp- fpr recrgatipp is gradually  ftsappearinjEj. eampsfteii cannpt  keep up with the grpwth of oat-  doprsmen. Lakes apd , streams  "are'"1 rapidly ;jv|esemhiing''"'l|'  business area at rush hour as  hpats dash over the waters ip all  djreptlpns:  Which brings up the ppint  again that pollution is up tq the  individual. Our recreational  spots MUST he kept clean. The  camp attendant does his best but  there are thousands of spots  Wpefe putdporimen. cgpriP'Wl  Never throw trasp, garbage of  effluent into a lake pr stream. It  not onjy ppliutes the surrounding  water, but in t|ie case of flowing  water, can pollute the water  miles down the stream. Ypu  might be campipg in that lower  area on your next trip.  Don't leave loose garbage  around. It attracts flies, other  jnsects apd bears. If there is a  garbage pail at the camp, wrap  your garbage in a plastic bag and  put if in there.  Don't -clean out the trailer  water tanks and other plumbing  apparatus ��n the campsite. Go to  the spot that "has begn legally  established for this^8^ *  JYJalcp surp ypur car,- trailer  111  FUN  FELLOWSHIP  FRIENDSHIP  RECREATION  International Trave) apd  Trailer Clubs pf America  For more information write  -* -t-j-ftW'ftttAve.   * * '  y>nSPHYer9,p.G:  WrERNAriONAl'  t\b   R "^  rRAVElSTBMMlR  follow if ypu want a qean CamP-    oil instead of gps.1' ���' ' "   i sLLSL*.  r.  .*  iV.  Piopegr's H9!ld��y 1! is �� lightweight  ghajp ��MW th��t's ��11 yoy p^eri igr  cutting i9��j.firgv>/g9^^@sdf��ii��. mn  game, and l9t�� ��\ 9ttier uses. You get  quicj starting, ��ut8rn��tl6'0iiins ind ihe  'convenience 9f a ijght, hi9h-eow��r  chain sayv.   .  Sef it at ypur Pippeer dealer.  fag fake a Hgliday,  T��H�� # secg'ncj \qq% ��| pi9n����r  pjBlflbinp^tjy  '*��� Vancouver, t*ti}palmi&'<5"*'*9'*";V  tj.  "'si; *r 'w  '  -     I  ���   1  '���)��-,��  ii  /,.>wv,'  ^lnli'���  , People vyho work hard usually plqy hard. Wi>en fliey do,  they peed something more |hqn a sedqn. And Ihat's whoro-  vye cqme |p, .with fhe Hi-Lux Vi Ion pick up.  .      It's the kind of V��hic|p ypH cqn VYPrH YYHMJ pkl)" wllh  ���all -Areek |ong-TTrwqsh up qn PfflHf^y ap*4 drive \o pjii*rph  pn *3npdqy.  ,,. InsidQ It's quiet qnd cqmfortqpJe. TU�� fpqm ppshipn  seqts ore covered vyith long gearing. Ymyl- Til0 "rqlllP  free" pq}rr is SP qiiiPt you pan |)eqr 'he rqdiq plqyipg gq||ly  ,  q! high speeds.i,  ';"'', '���'     '.. '���;:;'','', "���;"  ., i.-F|i^rqverheq4 Gqrp.pnder the hood |s 1Q13 hp, Big  Qiiougl) |Q pill) q"l)qlilpif Ipadllp���!^  Sq Jqqd il doyvi),  ��������� -"������������;��������� it's the pprfopt mpphino lor cqmp'ing, ii^ifii'i, nmr  ��� ping orrqnc|B pr doipg light fqrm p|iores, ^p'r'vifprK or  for plfly. And q|l (or only ^328V,r ; ^ ,  If you're the kind of person who likes |o keop going  allor iho road1 slops, maypo you'd h�� more ^t homo in p  J^apd Cruiser. ''-    ���"  ri\'s ihp wssiBirqtotyfaryQfdi fnnc,|iqpqi 4 whooi driyo  ve|iicip yop, jcqp ^i-y. I''s,-^eaviilifpl. Np| like p. car, -but li|co  q rpppliinpr Np fr||)sr|ust pecpf-s^ios. Ljko |wp heaters, one  jp frPRi PJl4 PhP in ^PP^vWkp 6 forward arid 2 rpyor^goar'  cpipliinqliqps. Apd like |)|e 15"*} hp ongipo |ha1'll"c|im;h 43  degree grodPS WiDlPl'l PVP'r alfPining qnd cruise all day"  ql'po'mph.;: :; ";:';;',';,,":" ,,,,.���:  Vh\B yp}}la}p'B^pl )(&]]," "'''  j| iKicq.-BG vyilh the Lgnd'Orpiser thorp's po ond to |l|o road.  TpbI'iciriyp j|'"|-��iafbrp7ypu"!*��>iy o^ol^0^ 4 wl'ooj dr|vo mnpliipo.  ffqrdjop or f3|a|ion wagon, ot your noprosf Toyota doqjor.  J  Hhiipimlttd ||hI prjoH *".Q.|1.yppanuyu^Ophifpry, iVrvi^hl, |lou/|��o, p^ovpiuliil 'rml |urul tum-u onlm  'J'ljyppj prj|�� iiim uo|il ttytl IfUiyir-i-fl ffi?fl) i;-".f4��| }p pppuj, hyQpppdp i\pt\ lIllijii'/ll'^lM!  A'"    .'-���'������  Hor�� or�� your  ..   TOYOTA , ���   " ~0EftM!H��'< "*  , t.    ������-. .-.   ���;.,.-:   ,.*��������� ( - V-i���:.���'���  In ���* |  Qrltlsll  Columbia  mpmmP'  ! Jwl- ��*rv|erl.w,#-;  ��,ii'/or]>��K#l��i V7  IIIIMNAIIV  |ir��OlW(xjil (rnrior It I li|  ��iU��N4 LAKll  Heilluy mini* *���  ,., Knntpinmi.it).   ,  CMPMILU KIVbH   t  I IwlllvloWfi^VlcUl III,  rmnititiw  c��iirl��n*viiroirvD 8��rvli:�� Llii.  m *>�����  ,11 np  ��--|||  in m  mm  PMi.r^  ,,. J\ U WW*��MO jr-��y��i�� LPti.  r'UNCAH  .   Vl��f *rm*f Jf.fM�� ).ia,  yplt y plump  ^lc(ifiti��|eT��,ilory|c��  , Huh, Mt��WM Wvlc*  imiw,     '   '   ;'-���"-;"  fltHU  "Pi w  ,mi)\u  t**HP  fl* rp)  1  entiitp* -yioittriUd,'  nm\npf>i,  ;-Wh l<:  "f-ol-nWinloyoli-Mrl,  LMtCH.U*(  ���, ytjw Vfliiu/ fQ/iiioi iii  WA|ll.|, (111)01.    '  I'plinoie i/iyfim*  Ai/|'��r)lvt||il,  "vm^m   --��mt  win,  6"! pn  4��) mn  lit'iw  ��� |f ��t/s *r����*r-����r tM.  Million  loo Mlip 11008*1  f nf-��o*4��-ic*r i*.TifNtH ���.��-*.  r>QHI AI-fiPRNI  , tit") f����rM T��'">!�� W-  'Ii)4e4 i, tint)      ���, ���  (���r��iyr-.��m*'r'|.f(i,  ��? nut,  /)) Wi  ��* mt  vttpitu ni oroi.  iVoi-rjierr- Toyofn cenir* r W >*< ��D��  |r|C|)Mt)Ni)  ci(,().v(i iinipMi)! Rithnionti        ������? vu  U'MHACLI  lotfo'��<litytlcr I lu, MM,  Tl/^(LW.A-olor��l|i|      , -IMUJI  yANLOIIVliM  f.'lmhoiiiniphinu muled M*m  noCKtU��a<rrVoiai��Mil ��� ����7|H  '<<iirl��i(rtlif IftyuiA rpnl/ol |i|, 1n>;.'iH  nonin yANCOuyiJir .....  f-��ni t|||| mit>(ji}.}i))iiiit\  VI'HNON    ,"��� ,'    .,  vpflion fpy-ol <r> rfnff^ * Id,  VK10MIA  A't'lrwToyoin-til,  itniiatf* (L )Uttt\ir\��n  ftojon". BtD-y/i'* I till  winrii how  VHf9Ml1}ffiH)0trt tit.  Y/lll lAWt. I AKIi  p,n,lf,t,mt,t,<!tnji.*i tu.  ��?? ?��l  ��>i m  ��� ��V��IM OUTDOOR SUPPLEMENT - MAY, W\  ^*����l^^^rr^���-�����^l���^���B^ffT^"������l   ���"���'  -���������<������    T ������      "'" '������������      ���   "t   '  act eauipmenf latest trt?rjd  >1,  4.  II  ���v  ByFREDMlLNEIt  Taking a tip from the textile  trade, the auto rtiahufacturers  and ���the spacemen, the  manufacturers ot outdowi  equipment have moved into the  mini and the compact field.  - This year there is a definite  trend towards lightweight tents,  sleeping bags,  utensils, pack  towards Ugh%es*** in materials  but everything is compact,  J/Vith the compact car and the  compact camper moving to the  front in popularity the outdoor  equipment and the provisions^  muSt follow the same line,  >AW:h*>  'tj-yJirA  Hiking apd rock olimbing ' market have, several pockets,   the load "high up op your hack'',  There are downs of-types of  sleeping "hags on the market  ...        ,. C0J>  what  i using  Thus they can plan an over-    boots, an"e��tra sweater and a   replacing the heavy wooden type   around your forehead: iiihfiJeinht* baa"mm with  cui^tmive'', fork*- and spqopf- in  a department or outdoors .store  and many of them haye survival  kits which include special  rations, fish hooks, compass and  qther items for the lost out-  "doursmanr  Aw  A\  1"!I1  army" of campers here are a few of the sunset and dawn or a  bowtaT and" even dehydrated ideas to help you in camping and cUmbing expedition to some  food, Not only is the trend   hiking, distant peak.  higher altitudes. ,     'is showerproof,  The  carrying   even less. They fold Into ope, of    ^QrS ^S^r^Shl thLk  The new pack boards on the   straps adjustable so as to get   ����^P^J^^ P^��%.7^' * - *! jKS^te&SS&lS     ��  are made of plastic material and  are waterproof  You can pick up plastic plates,  Then of course there is the  necessary plastic flashlight apd  don't forget to tako a lighter and  matches  in  a easj*  As you see it's the age of the  mini and tlie combact for tho  outdoorsman,,  "I'm not interested in looks,  dear," she informed mo," "just  good transportation; something  TH ES E-f IN E fine trout were caught on files displayed in  box, The place? A stream in the west.  Fly fishing can be  year-round hobby ~  By SILVER DOCTOR \ that are the favorites of three top  pijrffshing is not only a sport    **y fishermen  by ARNIE BARROW  My wife doesn't believe in  Women's Lib, She has her own L r-  o^ mlt ...   o ,  strong opinions about things, and ^.ffi/SttlL&n^in^.. i  any means, tat a sturdy, ser- "*""���    A *W, JW8W "�����>  vicrabla car tougftt second-hand "����'      , , foad h��� ���.,���  from an old Wy ��ho swore she ,.fe^?**rt s^aSte  r-l  .  \\i^X* 4 W3fc,-��,T ,  lonesbriri��^\/Voblt)a^ alive-  alive with colour, style and comfort,  equalled for versatility! U can be       ipgs, J  light or heavy ���  textured or        you c'ai  They are popular with most fly  ishermen and If the trout are  biting they usually catch fish.  Some are both wet and dry, in  different patterns, and you  should have both in your fly book.  1 Dry f|les | Grizzly King, Royal  Coachman, Silver Doctor, Red  Tag, powdung, Iron Blue Dun,  Western Bee, Black Gnat,  Mosquito, Wulff, Red Variant,'  Brown and White Bi-Visible,  Qiill Gordon, Red Variant and  Ginger Spider-  ivy  smooth, It drapes and shapes*  beautifully,  That's why we chose wool for  fciw-uine- new outdoor BtyV.<  _ Find pi4t how comfortable  you Can feel ��� how good you can  look, See our new Pure Wool styles  at your local dealer now. ' ,    '  ivav.  Dark Montreal, March Brown,  Grizzly King, Western Bee, and  Scarlet Ibis,  *. ���  it  ���������l  TENT & AWNING LIMITED .   .,'  20.1'/ Went I Ith Avenue, Vancouver 9, Canada,  A  �����'���  at  , *  ft  >���> .  ^���������'. TV'- '������"%-*  -^'t.-^Xr-^N   , '-���������.-���-.,'-^  y ���j- ^ \ j ���. > ���- ��� ,-*-,  j0 ���   ~       ���, *r*0^ *    "' * .��  10   . >'\ v R'-inn}/  \   '-*s     '' :    ���*���--*. '    *  *���   -  "*   ��� ������    ,  \   it'vT "' "     * * ': ��� ''���"   -' ��'      '      "���  "\J A  y  Y\ i  O  J*��T.  ^  C     I  3^   .  ���00* Iw W^M^I���Jlrf  ,���.-'��� J,  ���0-*Ji.   .   t I...   S''.     ,-;,      '*'*'  \1  Hook up with thelworld's most famous fishing tackle,  apd a way to catch trout hut is a  t-jound-Jbohby for���,many'flj  fiahermen,,  In the spring, wimmer and fall  months the fisherman ia happy  trying his overcast on a lake, a  roll cast on a small stream,  changing flieg, leaders, trying  everything and anything to snare  the wily trout,  Come the, winter .months you  will find him sitting beside fly-  tying vise Burrounded by  feathery wool, thread and hooks  tying up a supply of lures for next  season,     - >      *  Ply-tying is an art, Examine     -Wet West Royal coachman,  me intricate and colorful pat-    ��*VW poctor, ^Plack  Gnat,  imagination of an artist,  In Alberta and B,C, whore  there are-many mountain, lakes  and streams the fishermep have  . found the fly catches mora fish  than the metal lure and even the.  wo-jm,  Reasop for this is mountain  . ��� trout are spooky and anything  that is foreign to their .native  habitat fs eyed suspiciously,  Files and,other insects are  their natural food, metal lurea  are not, similarly many of these  lakes are surrounded by rocks  and do not haye the so|l to support worms or grubs,  Today the fibreglass fly rod,  the nylon, terrylene, dacron or  other synthetic fibres have  j-epjaced the .bamboo rod and silk  line of yesteryears,  If you're not a fly fisherman  nnd still have some douhta on  (���nsting technique--, fly knota,  length of rods, leaders, what flies  to use and when to fish, my answer Is just forgot thoso doiilite  and got out thero arid fish,  I /ingth of rods vary from 7 to 12  foot and they cap.bo, whippy,  medium or stiff. They also vary  in weight and this in turn meuns  fitting different weight lines to  Mie rods,  r There ore at least two sporting  goods firms that nro how matching rods, linos ptut reola by  numborfl so Vou don't havo to ,,  worry about fitting or bulanclng t  die equipment,'.  Main thing Is to got a rod tlwt  wlllrho of weight,that you can  liandlu nnd la of w Hiiitabfo Jongth  for tho typo of fishing yoh Intend  .. to,,dol���,.w,,,j���t,������������_:,M.,.i_,,^^,.t,J;  I<*or oKiimple, it would bo  foolish'to try and fish a siiiall  tree-lined stream with n IWoot  nx|, ovon If you nro wading. Vou  would probably ond up with iho  ,llrw snogged on �� branoh or lh��  rod caught on �� tree,  Tho technique-- of dry fly or wet  fly flulling con bo learned from o  ,,flHh��rmop'�� class or your club'"  members. Snffldont to -my hero  l��, dry files float, resembling  May Jlte-i, podges, and otiicr  oquatlo insects thai nro nkntlng  on top df (ho wntcr,  Wot files nro holow llio Hiirfaco  film of tho wntcr nnd nro mode to  resemble such crealqres that nro  In tho wnter Bpclrau wedge/ True,  Crime, Alder and Coddlo fly  laryn^ prnympM ffwri m uiq  fitono fly,  Tho difference between idry  nnd wet fly fishing, aside from ,  f)l<'��, J�� tho lino nod loader. Jn dry  fly fishing the lender and lino  flout, In wet fly fishing Ihoy sink,  V To start off your fly colloction  , Iwro l�� a H��t of bo��lfl patterns  had never driven it over the legal  speed limit.  My wife ifc an eminently  practical woman. Her car was a  means of reliable transportation,  a vehicle capable of carrying her  canvasses and oil paints, her  steady output of ceramic objects  d'art.  It was her means of getting to  and from the landscapes and  seascapes she loves to paint, .and.  she used it to truck her pottery  amount of commrt, good lines but  not gaudy. I'd like to be able to  load large canvasses into it,  perhaps a ceramic kiln from  time ->' to - time, It should have a  heater thai works/'  J ''Darling, no one car can do  everything," I �� told her  reasonably, "You can't liave the  features of a sedan, the*  ruggedness of a gravel truck, and  -faeifttie^fpr^n4r^  one papkage."  athe^otteryJiilii^iid___|0g_wag ^(ent, her face ex-  back.  It was while returning from a  trip to the pottery kiln that the  car was reduced to a point of  extremis. My wife failed to see a  large pot hole in the asphalt.  The right front and rear wheels  thudded in and out of the crater  and the car's tattered raiment  fell away from it like the clothes  from last, year's scarecrow.  I viewed the cadaver with deep  compassion and turned to my  wife, "She's dead," I told her,  press'veiy expressionless,  i'take my case," I argued,  ''I've always wanted a camper.  Both of us hav? always wanted a  camper," I reminded her, "But I  had tp settle fpr a sedan,"  "Why dW you have fo settle for  a sedan?" _ _j.  "Because I'm in business, I  drive to and from the office, i  can't drive clients about in u  camper/'        '  "There's a lot pf false pride in  that statement, Arnie," she said.  ''Transportation ���ig- -t'ran-  compact little pickup in robin's  egg blue,  . The salesman agreed to let me  drive the demonstrator back to  the hoUpe where J- sat leaning on  the horn until my wife came out  to have a look, ���   --��� ���  MYo�� wanted a track, baby," I-  said, "try this One,"     .a-...-.;..,/  She cheated me out of my  victory by climbing in behind the  wheel and taking off with an.   '  impressive burst of acceleration,    <  I didn't see her again for the ^>  better part of ap hour, and by  mat time! had been joined by a  neighbor,  My wife wheeled around0 the  corner and came to a precise  stop. "'It's nice," she said, "It's  everything I need. I'll take it-"  ^It's a truck; honey,"  I;-   -  protested: "YoTTdttn'trwantrbrhe   seen driving a truck!"  "Why not?" she saidr^'It's  very attractive, comfortable ..."  "Transportation," I yielded. .  . "The heater is marvellous. The  engine has all therp'ower i'U'ever  need. There are nice little extra  things, and 1�� can carry  everything including the kitchen  sink in the back,"  "Those Datsun pickups come  ..very highly recommended," the  neighbor said. "You know how to  pick *em, Muriel,"  "They make a whole range of  campers for these buggies,"-the   pefghbpr told me, ."One of these  ���'and died horribly ���"  "Wewilthyy you anqtnof ger,��" ' gMFteMon"" ,.   . .- -�����-,���-,- ������. ��� -.. 7.  -"Something   neat,   petite,      Tfie following Saturday I drove a nice camper to go on tpe back,  comfortable and with an un-   *>wn to automobile row until I Soft bunks, stove, fridge, All the  blemished skin," .- ��   spotted what I was looking for, a comforts of home,"  Thlo I? toklno for arnnto'l lhat you'vb"oo| Andovqnwithnqamporon lop, a Pntoiin  youreolf a Rntoun 1000 pickup nnd (oiir- fflOO rilckup si|ll oola a lot ol mlloo oui  borlh onm'por, you've llllod il vyllh food, of oyory qal|oh, 60 you onn Monro your  and you'ro rondy to qo, ' onofltnomorolhnn*8'ntiny,  Horo'a how much It'a qolno \9fy06) you, And whon Vom ool homo, unload the  Ufa Bay you Iwvo 0 two vVook vocation compor ami you'vo ool��nopond cor that  nnd you drivo around MO mllofl'ft day, can carry nn Qxtraordlpnry load, It's mill  ..your warranty covero moot upo-tpoctod oin^oot *?ooo ohoapor |l)hr| pny dofh"  oxponooo (or tho llrot 12,000 mlloa or osliQO'impoNruckrlQonlhoroodloday  U months,60 nil you pny for In on^, oil And wiih flavlnaa ilko mat, mink whoro  and normnl maintenance, , you con ao noxl yoor,  Thorn nro mpra than 1100 Pniipip tipaimii (tornst, Cnpmia and ilia U,S,A.  from 1  ��'iir��(|u��il��<J miIaiI |)f|<i��i I ,Q M, Viifultnvwr,  lo(i)Ml��,, M<mlr����l, HmIiI4k I wr��l Iroiohi,  111,1,(11,11, lifl)VI||��i|li| hm, 11 ��|i|ilu,ill)l,l( ,1,-lf/i  DATSUH  PRODUCT  OF NISSAN  4,    r  il  , -v  I ��� I  ��    ��� 1  - - 9.  * ft   t*  ft*  *    *���*,.*   *  %+     i    0,   *    ti A t|   M    0  *, , 1*'.      " ��   ��� *-��,-  t*   I '*    **    t*i    *    ���   00   -    *   ���*  i    f*     0.   #���    I      g  *   *��� �� j * n" ,(   1,   1   rt.Av   (������**����� F'^rt***/  * f   ���*/-��tr,-*��'fl.'��il.fr*iA A^,jt 0* 0**. j  * f- **��� * ����� *, 11.0%, ���


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