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The Peninsula Times May 19, 1971

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 w^IA  -,i>  ���,>al-. S.i, ,\ '-' *i5*h V  *-*i��^  \r  .1     ' ���  ��'���>'" r ('f  i,;t|  *Q  V  ���S��^{^.Wa#^ffe-Mrii^RJa*?|phl<�� Industrie? Ltd��v *.  ,   >  t%ty'' l * A'fafo [Ufa fa ^e\ ,��� ���   V /      , ( |  **  ,. . .      **  '   I      . *    r, ,*   . t  *    '".  2nd G|gss Ma)|  ��-���*   J  �����/ A*a>i �� *  pm**.! 'B8��*i'. \   ,  \     , *i  ��|> * JKJ.'    -    A ? ' I   ' m  1 i ,tf  acting pn'iwwJ e^106- the Sunshine tq mm* ft p}f,y proa ftjr yp,Hhg-'tw��  Wat flilpM BOf-rd, as reported in. M^yprpeteram mm m mm**, &  last w!M W��. decided to oppose a ^ inpiudp*!, in the: new 5Phpme._JThe  rullng by ft representative pf the fat-hick company spokesman agreed hut added  pal Affairs Dopt, and proceed with art that a( small area between two of the  earlier assessment of $li,QuO as Village VW��t$ f*ou]d .be utilized for such use. Mayor  of Gibsons shave of the $6Q,0QP debt re- Peterson disagreed apd pointed out that  " ftyoa in c|"-*"stinn-was mufilr*tog-"steep ior-  fl pjiildrens'' playground, .'fte added that  it iq customary to 'provide such facilities  fpid if pet possible on the site .then some  contilp-HiDn wpuld be expected for a play  ar��a fit another location.  It was suggested the plans be turned  pyej; tfi,the Council planner for study and  fpther.'recommendations,'    ..  JJJ%  J / ���  v  se"rve fund  At last regular meeting of Cpuppil,  a letter from "Regional "District secretary  treasurer Charles Gooding indicated that  a further communicat'*--"} from the Jpe-  pprtmGnt pf Municipal Affair's hjd W,,  structed the Hoard tp deduct tlio^ J|5tQQQ  frpm the -"nnual "cessment.     , -       --,  ��� Council listened to reading of 'the let��  for with both satisfaction and 'amusement.  .Jt had previously questioned right: of-the  Board to levy the ${5,000 in light of the  fact it is not involved in the ^nnctlpn of  water with the District. Mayor Wally  Peterson commented "I guess they figr  Vired the Peptti'tmept had misinterpreted  iii/pra jyiaw-',.....    .,'.���....,.      .".',,..  meti^Tn ������     _���.. -���'���-,.  . -Sunshine Coast Arts Council wrote  asking if the existing library building  might pe turned over to them once the  proposed. r��ew   fluprters   are   completed.  Aid. icen Goddard expressed the view'  "tb.-U fhe. r*rlHest  is  a  Jittle  preinature.  payor Peterson agreed end suggested the  ;C?pN-ROMlNl"JfM*3 >   ,"    letter he filed. lie also agreed with Aid,  ���:���"    Plans for a condominium project at the    (3erry Piitoiv that   the  matter  be  cpnv  ba-ie pi the BlUfis at Gibsons were giypp   sldered when the time pgmes-  ���presented and contained some changes to Clibspns and District Chamber pf Com^  (ap earlier siibmlssjon.  Plans  this', time,    mercei'sought the ugi-a'l- grant 'of $500 io-  ,. were for 93 units with parking space fojl'T 'ward  the  payie  of ipuristp.- A|d.  "tCep  ,41 vehipies, . "    , j    crpsby s6-^h!$ar!f^  :     4  spol-egman  for  the, company  ej?-    the ' amoppf is  spefiicilally , for   toupism'  ipiainted 'that'while ori^inar proppsals prpr   and excluding nprrha.} financial Council  vided fpr a teippQi-ary sewage field, It  lis now thought "to utilize.-the-'whole,'area  on the assumptjori that .the Gibson"- sewer  systeip will h9 going in shgrtiy,'  ,sprvlpq the whine.cowyHgw &Hnd p jeryk Inlet),JreMSna PM Meilon/Hppkjn? Mln%firanth9m*tkH��1Jn% 81^*^,^118.6^  W*w greek, g-jirpp N.rK{ Sgchg|tf Ha^oop^y^cyct c^eyrop^^mu lYmim fQibwwmsi Irvine's tjMiiig^IgH gQ.vo/lg^gnf j  ^WPT flmCMUTO ^JVolymia ��,"Nb"9$ - WIPNiSp^Y^AV J9r 1*^71    Pendet-Htohopr slates  WWW IM I-if22sr  PErJpBFt Harhqur pi-in*- its anni-ai May  ,   "pay- this, ye-ir to be held on WW a9-  Tpe parade Viii-flssernhleat fsiadeys ^ub-:  division at 1(1-u.m. with i}ie judging at  lp^Qf apcl yitl 't-tnrV'of? at ll a-m.  Fpllbwing., the";-parade'   will bo .the  crowning pf tyajt Qpeei^ Bqhbi Jteid. I?er,  rpyal party cons-ist** pf ijttend-in^-riTam;  my Browne "pynda "Puhois, |3hoila Parris,  Kelley Map- (*nd "ttristi Larsoii. The f}pwer-��  girl's are: {3usan "and Selina Kammerle,  Sundi Blue, Theresa Penson^ Dana Bosch,  Leanne Clay and Hazel Iiteipl.  " 1*he fligh pghpor^ueer- this year js  IVfjss "Sandra Falconbridge, with attend?���  ants Diane Lce'tif{d fii'spda pfg't-hy. Master pf Ceremonies w|*l be "Rfr. ^. Llpyd.  There will be concessjpp. stands, games  and'sports, followed "by-"a,'baVeball g"*me  'at Ta p.m. ''  Tpe Queen an,d her party will d'me at  Iyy'ries ILapding Cafe at f�� p.ip* Wd Will'  reiyrn to ]yiadc��ra *}V 7 for the sfunipf  Dance.  gpmmpniin  3} pi-pposei  *"*  ������#���  JA  *%)  ''  \.r    ���  V  '���  &   1��  grants, He wes inferj*ned that tpe $500,  would be total grsM end inel^ed tpur-  ism. *  .  p(3G P9UNt>  ���;'Council welcomed the''announcement  by /Vld- Crosby that a dog pound would  again be in pperatioh as of May ifHh.  Q\\<ti or two attempts to establish a pound  have" fallen thi-ough in the past but it  is hoped things will run smoothly this  time.  Over possession limit  JCOStl^^  x  c.'  .S0  Appreciation  Expressing appreciatioji tp Mr. Kev-iri  Murphy who lias beep ftieir soccer  coach fpr six years Gibsons Legion,  learn rrienr-beis hought a heautiful  "eTj~gi--^rt^afe*T^  Revenue sought . * ,  est Sechelt  otter  s  WINNING TICKET     ���'  GiUns Ruraf Committ^iihounces W*^J   *��.*' IfHWWVi*    ��� m Sneddop we^d   1 ia om  the winning ticket number in the Cen- HAROLD    Hines,  Donald Salting   and memorattye dinner held ,Tp itfieJ,eg-pp  tenmal   pwneei's    Day    Raffle.   Lucky "  Marlin Jphnspn, aU frpm thp��� Pontic- Jlall Op Friday. Mrs, Kevin MWWlJf.  numbei   is  6&M0.   Holder   please  phone tpp area, pleaded guilty to a charge of recejved & yeVy lpyely fcf'p-iq-UCt.. ���,'..,..  wary of Board's advances  R86-2125,  HALU. EXTENSION  r ��� , Legion Bianch ipp Gib-iOps pleps a  h"V major expansion of the present ("pf^*813"'"  ?y <���', tto the amount of $f}tf'OQ'0, AppTpyals have  lt!been o])f.p.ined fipm health and building  ����� lin*?Peclors and permit is to be picked up  r "Vsfhis week Extension will double *"ize pf  'y '/"��� ;|-ijsting building and provide greutly ini-  IA   ,'*bioved  facilities, all around.  t>   1      y ^_._, o.   ''''dv��r'*''Hiie''";poi5s'esSlpiri''''lliirtit-'''pf salmon in  court held at Madeira Park, 13th pf May.  Judge C. Mittplsteadt assessed a fine of  $50 each and ordered confiscation of their  caieh amounting to 227 salmon which  was in their possession at the time of  apprehension. A fourth man, now in Pen-  tieton, ��� is being charged for' the same  offence- .''.''  There appears lo be a misinterpreta-  tion of the regulations in this area where'   gente  peq'plr have beenr^rppe^^^adjyiifBcj-jgjlgi-jjtg  Centennial project  Dedication ceremony  GIBSONS Gentetinial project, beautificatr  tioh of Pioneer Park, was completed  last week with laying of \m't find the  iSUNSHrtfE Cogst ttegiorial Wftter Board  ,, ,..:iM. ..npw.:iopicing,j.p';...the; w^t,~ fec'helt  Water Woi'Hs District fpr fin itiprgase in  revenue. "N|egotiatipns are underway between the two Water Bpa>dB oyer the  pharge for bulk water which West Sechelt  Water Works now purchases from the  Regional Watut Dibtrict.  Chairman of thc West gechelt  poard. Mr- Cliff Th0rold agdra^ntpd *#$$.  Sechelt taxpi-y'-r-- W^U thg Bit^ton; &  lost* weeW* "inr-y^1 ^r*'^9Ut*l*J^ premising  COUI*tT scene last week at Gibsqris, was  , agiiin dominated hy offenceg,jt|VQlyir|g  liquor with two iqcai men -.repdiviJijg'*'"j"g|l  terms and apolher fined and suspended  from driving for one year.  Tommy Brupe Shuflifta faced a number of charges involving three of break,  entry, and theft, possession of marijuapa,  taking a motor vehicle \ without owners'  cpnsept and impaired driving.  ���On ���the���f ii'st��� threc���copnts���iic * "wp*3_  sentenced to three years in the. B.C. pp'pj'r  lOntiaiy, a cqneuf-j-ent three months for  taking a moloi- vphiplc without pwrjers'  Wfiuld repair. it.-.,.Tills, left just ptie, four    consent, $3po fine for Impaired driving  'flcjljine "jSyppiyihg thelWest ��ephel(;;sysr    and $100 for possession pf marijuana.   ���  tern. It is iwdei-stQQd'that the Regional Alan Phare of Gibsons B.C. friced a  Watei-wprks is going tp" plajce^ a pew (1    second  charge of impaired driving foils  :..^  ���...���._  _i.���i..mz.���J^,B1..-.���  ....  c-      Ipwing 9 hrpathaly^r jes>'"WlilclV^" shp-vy'od  a rpadihg of M%. Hp was sentenced'|d  inch main along Tprredo''&ti*P.t ih ��e*  chell which will conhpet with the West  Sechelt mains. Trustees arc albo, Al^pn  . )*  1*  ������-���11  i ���  EL-ep-nsi?  Wim ���fKBtote, ate ^pea^ phu-.^ ��t -.  Imriaired dvty>n-i fw ft|Q ^cond ta:.-||o  v���� ansa ���498. i&4 hm \m sr&fes mm** "  t ^' MEMPE RJ5HIP .thai! m, JPBB',M1i��"*h w* (WJ?i ���� m   ffly ?  IA -norma* m* mmiim-i���&.f^M^^BtJ^i  lu the km court. Neil Beehplm of   tpnnipi  yeai  iim^wm :&fm&m ssssssaaas :5s.sw.3k  |,UCKY WINNERS  ,    Winners for tile past-two weeHs ip The    rrr-��-;.,- ,-.,���. ,      ,������ ,,    .. ��� ...  of Gibsons B!C Each' receive $20  r~  IrPYPimq  TaJfes Jeviod -  7,71^11  Wotpr lilies  _  3,4*-0.PO  CnnnoptiPP Fees   . .*���  (K-f-.po  Inteimt Se Peiipltjus   47.16  IntpicBHprn** P��posils 37P.IJB -  TO't'Ai^ -fia^'io.qa  E-rPppdllnW  Syateips   ppPl'flftap ,....   WllfiO  -qpporpr &t- 'Adminli'M'wtlpn.-'i--iiifiP'S0.';  Delll Cluirgcs   .....;    (|,77!".P'l  n fip,QQ0 gajlon wood st-*yo -florago tank  which   Ppst    Wpsl   Sechelt   Waterworks  District $2r>,Q0o hut'Wamo Mft fit th��  assets pf 1|io Secliell Wa<P'"iy'',rlt:'' 9��^"  pnpy. West 3echul| is still paylpg pit i'lis  pprliuplur dubl ql ||ie rale pi $|r00r| per  year. Since |hls pgreopippt was j-pttc^ori,  the   Hoglopal   plsliiot   uKpropriatcd  H]P  Sechelt widpi workb Company and fllicr'  .Iho mollor wont tci orbilr-itiop, eyp|.|j-|"||y  ipilglil. the eaiTje , wood j"|��yp'"|��plr tpt;  purt pf Iho flp'ciiolt Wutprworhs Coippuny  iissels, So that toxpuycrs In Ipo ^un^hhie  Coast Hug|oi)o|   District  actually  dppll-  imted piiyiponl" for Ihlf" |a|ik, whicli was  originally |ni||| |o oiihui'o nil udpr|ui|lo  .���Hipply In-WpmI. Suchoii,  WohI   Sucliolt  Walui'\vur|i��  nli|0 pa|d  for fidtiUlnpai p|pii npo hv tho Y!Mnl-W of  Scuhoit ho that, hook-lip pouM bp made  In lln own system, Th)�� also^fmlp'-'liifl'id  li |E{up|)u||. WalerwoiiiH Cii|iipapy iihhu|h.  EPflCIENT OPRRATIQN \,  Taxpayer-' at liml vyool-'n MIPH'al p��n��)j-'  iih oiiiniiiondud IcuhIuuh pp ihn carfrdM   wr._, n, ���MiTr.r.      ,.,r.. ., ...rr irrf .,  planning upd udm!iii��lr!i|loii of W����l B<l-    pf '|p|firpniuii p-ioplo |ogiirdii)/i �� hi|H|��l  chop, Wi-Wrwnrl'N yl\Mi cr-mmopcr-diipur.    f(���. W|)(l, |j(ih h(jo,niMHCi'l|i(id nn t'|i-iiyo|||i-��  nilrip w||h 70, ���woimHinpr/i ''"'' ii'W i����   yoiiiiVl. a ,|(ijyf)nii)iii|it roi"r."HU|iM'ri  irppinx||)Mi|��ly IIIII walor iiiioi'H, ei)n|))!i)|<      ��� ...  wilier, wi lpu .lit  l"u yuihnm from  Iplllul  |nyos(,igatiqi*i pontjnpps follo\yin^, o'  hj-ea|t-ip at lhe Cptiurti Ipp Pafe May fill)  or cpfly pjprpjng pf Ihp 7l|i. A fliifiptiiy  of lirjupr -vas'stolen but was Ui|er"rec;*  rtvcijcd op Shaw l*toad dorinif a search  of ll|o iwfip by BCMP.  SEjCHpLT  ]\CffiJcf|||Ti puncfin pf ponder Hai-pour,  phargod fpllpwing a rppiinp check by  tyclVfP jn ii'oiiriiiiry wl|h driving while his  blood conipiporj in oxepss of .op%,pjcohnif  qrfg-ipiilly anlorcd n plan of npl gpllly.  Appearing pgiilp last wco|c hoforo .Tp'rlgo  plnirjoti MHIelsleadl ho was flppd $-10')  pr (|(| days Jf in dpfaull --pri Hiispppdod  i'ropl diivlpg for k!x pippths.  Plans for hostel '. ������*...1  TravMlllgZyoiith influx  viewed witfc apprehension  at ��� i^apt ��� >-����Mi��r in��Miip(< of qihsfipH  cnnpiiii, Alderman rierry ft\nm rn-  rifli'lpd liav'lllK llUepflpd  ��  ipuMlllHI w|||)  lpiy, ,J, Wllllamspii ppdui nn)ii|l/i)ii|i|hpr  Ro��tlno ���,  Awny i��l|ciui nf Ihu i;��hI. of llio I(17   i,,,,,; ������,������������������ ,   |i��Hor��^f^^��d��y����-Wi����M">MH>M---fi'oin���ntAfrtcr^-wDinii^lir $  l��;|n|)iliK|oip''l AllnWr" Ji'VliK ()��in��y   i-iuipn'ndinH lnw��irlini  '/tlipff, h'rilPK llnvlo|i| lim lYIi'ickoii/lq , conminMirH trwvW  IVO WIIH  plKi'i pi'finopl, |i| lhn ipoulliiH,  m   '')ar/{��jil;W|Hir aniuii) |p l io huh in.    |ftmw,rrwilH lfXp ii!|r.-,l |n   w prfwipl, pi  , .3   .:ll��rK��  Of m WV lUMHHi*., ' '" / �� ���   '      !||H,: ,h  ||hi mull. ��� wi |, i.-���|, )i:|| |...l ,mi -  h"1" hVIS"* ,Hf r,U|,,J,��,,,"!" M ,hn  ' liifily w �� miphln |n n iho II  Mu'h|hphii'M  ynin or .H'>II0, pur pDipini. , ,       ���,,l;;l'|,I;'|M,t|'Mi,)|���|,,H,| jburo would |n!.�����,  Ml-, 'J'lii-rnld uifpliilimd Unit IHOIH r'o-' l'lnii|'(J||!Hl|ol|i avn|lii|i|ii, Wprlhor, fliV'illipr  viipiiM ispuld-.bu n|ii|��ln,w| fi'uin llio Wutit 'pcolilom would ho l|ia|,of �� miilalily n\f.inl  Sonholl  Hyuloini (V  lip-piimlng llio land )ruilil|||f-   |ii|r|   npml   I'roin   n<:||on)n  aiiil  plirno'l   IliX   fl'Olh   11)0   pi'MBepl |p||)l|)l|l||l riliiiiciirjii, H|li;||  ii|,'f:iil��||||Oilli||o|| in llllllnd,  j|[�� pur niMIMII) 'hi, llio  Will''  ruin  |iil  ,  rn'-iinlW*   ill   |ho   fiuidnnal  tu $f/'"ipii)intiuri.",'A"'-'")'-"'  of iho wiiior I'ulo In "  jmr finnunr in w  l-pgilldliopN. liu Hlilrl  Ipul   w|i||o  |||u|-o In  no wu|oi- ��Iio*ium��) pi ihin Hipp, it win  Im   poiiWHiiiiry   |n  IpipriHO  r<m|li'dloni|   l|)  ui-(|r;i- ihal lliurn will lie un pioplupi Inter.  II   was  iiim.'od   niidi   |-r.iHli'|i:||i|i|n   po  ppposod uri of May I fill),  i **  nRE SBHVfCB PAY .  AM |)|xpii i!i)i)iii)ei||in| on Din rijcui)!.  Vlyn Horvlrn Day, |i) Iho VJIIiign apil ox*  pi(},-.M.-i| Iho v|uw |l)ii| l| wuh |:()fin|doi-f)(l  ail (iiilNluiirlliig hiii:i;dh/i, 1| wim ulloiidoil  by inany |H.<rip|u who k|iowci| giouL Jp-  l(-v(i;nl In l|in rlihplay nf Iho f||dill|)/< oqillp-  1111.-11I,  1 m 11 111�� mtmmmwmm (tiiMliiiHiluiiiiHtniM win ti MlilWHiitiiiWiiwffiNWiM  mid |)HvW ��� NuwniMii w��ro pinunUHt would n��iuit In no iid��i||Ni�� Imr-wii op  lliu iuwluj--- who nrrivod louetuiy tor ih�� #��#iiMiiiM��r.. Ihiwirvpr || Ui'm |m rwn-  hil iiriii Lip.   which Jolo'lw'Mlort '")'m��'i)'i'��i h.v inwl����n, �� ����ii��i'nl ww-'���'  S    .iTn! VX      JS iVrikiiUiriii l����, wm I", hold lo w4- laxpaycTi. up-  BiiNHiUNK <J��i'��>�� M'>iw e\uu inuiulierii /:ionu..Mm��ji��l-��rK-  dim nil ti.il, lor their iiioifi. limwjj'"!  m>.^^ Anolhor l.px.vi.llon  Mr. Al. <-)'l))pl)cII of  'j'y.Mi Alrwiiyii ban Mindly ynlu-ilo-sn-iJ ��)M  )  n,i,,i,, 11,. y  J Pfr^K   '^'I'HK'J.^SrJlt1  ip, iiiioiuiL i'nrii, M,1'i',,i,'l"f'1.,j'-V.1*)l!'!!('!!!X  in your will ii"  "y w!' ' ��^W -IM- A���:';,rK!!!,",";w "L",v'"'  Moro ��iil��jiluliini<iiit off' hIiiiIImi' imliinj  will follow and will lw prnvldori hy lon-il  llpi u��(| of llioi'itpd ri>lKiim ���Jypll'iilhdi).  II,i: |-oK|dun|.)nl "1''h"l inoiiiKlH apil to,fl-!".  in'iiiiirt of/'n't'10 ����). Tl'iu.inr-wiJI Hiv��r  iiuiid win ni.uo iiiitp iw�� In ih�� nnr����1u.  May Qnccfi o|.:/:t Ih ColloDirainuiy fin'l  l  ���|. liiidlliitl. I'lll'l'  <  day may a*'l��'(l< '     .  Thu Himdiiy Mii-torlWII >'M |��{'��m"����1"��  \-'   "!*''s.!"'"r^5^  S!ii"Kv!;r��,m�� l��!li|il.��Wu��|.ni��l   I"! - rt��iiw��lr��llW Ly  Inwn I'lialiH/ or uoinvUilnil I" ***** on, tibuuJ'l  l-p.^vnliojl J''lr��'  I,,..,. iiiiiiiidiipi'i will -Im -Ki��H)y 'OIM-mii'  j-oip|/rllalhhiiri), llalliinu Qiiaan, Mnln'tl"  WiiIhuii will Imi i|ix'iii��ipiin|..'d by .\w al-  lonrliililH' hnypii Hnputm Milfl Pwrfy Rlu*  plMiiiM.iM. I'IbcuiI for lha imIIiIpu Wm����ii  w||| lio Mayor ll>|| Hwali).  ���|t'li��w��r ��iil ��irfn-i4h��i��,i'y!h��*,h'��<��p,'P"p-  |n0 HiiiWi-Mi-ry Kvimih, .liilio,f-lhiiiidan.  ��V "i^-VKijAmL'' ��rov��H'��'Hi-nul, oflnii>tlo*f>" JbW'.HI '��i)ri P'.-plwi |<��,hii.!||, tllft |)n/irpr  '"���������'        '���'-'-.u ���i. () mil    Ih Tiiiiil Jom.',  |I|M   llOJIHOIllcd   lO  )iiicH aiid Mrrnorrttf*  io ���~-rt)pTt)h*iih'-lit*r��du-  )Vi(i��on iiinf MIbh .loan Gory, MInh H����i"ii��')'-  .loiKuiiwjp. Mi., Ken HimdafMll, Mih. lpu  Umin ^ -11-1) ))r, DmvK <lmUw, *'��ll i>r��-��  uni'iii pdv-jflluod kIki'wIioim In Diiu wat'h'n  i'lpx-a, ,   hi; Inkt.'ii 'ilo'ill. . . iind iiiiii yoiir II, In In lulia l��|��i:�� at I).am , Ih Tji'lil ��Iom,',  P!"!l,|( ff;;S'J.jN,i !r!l ..U1! all Huy(i...,i,o;   '. Mr, Goor��o HppHlpH  prpviil,  W-JBl-'HoclwIt Walcr Mould Ib Of lh'5  tiplplni. Uiul M should ho rp����r.rlort by  llio |U:aioiiiij Wnior Mourd an ono ujmdu  i-of-i'unHir pi Inillt wiil��:r,  -MPBQVBMKHTS   ' .'  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Iliaf al-     -      -       ' -   'il  .r'l/iily^liw'JMJiJiOi^iYiidiiJifciUiw  tppyn li'iuiiiloiit pooplo 1110 <li|i;oi||'ii|(t.'i) lulu  llio <|lHliii:|, lpu ��ioi|iii||iii|ly wpirl'l>��. vnry  mirry In ili�� wn��l,  '      ���:  ���    ������  1 A ���kp-iiun |>-'<-hi!||!j DorpprlHliiH Iwo |i)a|e��  (jlidifoiii-.fi'iiialon, (i|iprir��iil|y l'oii'ri|iiii.'|H  of w|)Ul iplMhl Im inifiMUlod, in|v|f<i!fl CiiMp-  iitil ihul w|i��r)b��i|' i|)|iy ll|��i II oi'iii'iiI ipapy  yiaum |i'��i��|��JoiilM will bo anlv)i)((��� and If  |h up Io 0 very ono 10 hnlp'hy pi'0v|dlpn  Ihcm w��ib wccomfpndflil.oiif nwols and  liic)||llim,    ..,',..   ...  Mjiyor )'oli)|n|i|i lold lhaip.lliii! Ciimm*  r.'IJ iihoii laxpayoi'V iiio)|��iy Ihy |||.r pipiiofo  of providing hoi'vIkow mu.'h an wi|l��r. Auw-,n in,,.ji wjj|,"JJJ,w"p!|n'jir,f; -jppif'yplihul  nytt. pinlplopiinpo of roadi* ��l". and m pot1'  n��w��m����i��www��<��~^^  p a puhHI'iii l��i;.np|)i)d II on inich lj)|i��i*'�� 1  an!��"''  rtflh  ������!'   u-yoiinii puo)   Iho ��ioi|||liy lhan  vy  tlioul'l  hf jdi'pipi'd  lii pay ��|����j|r  way", ���'' '   "     '' "    ' ' I  Thu Mayor a|no di'tiw iill��:ii|iiiii |'o jho  I-CIiimm- <h m\' im-MiUMn lipuj. wlijl liallor  |'!iri'"Ho (f),,j p|) 1,,^ M.flrfJMry, ton, nm\ Vfi|lui.  ui' rtow-,ii |,.Mn|< with pow pio)o|', Mopii iphliiir.  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J    ,,,.-.- ,  .,     '.   \  f\dip\p\ii\iidpy Mayo .liiliiinloii,|i��lylM��l  Ooupcjl pi -Up* n-juci1 lh mm Iti pprliiklwu  (.����.. 1,  ��� I.-1  % t>,*tt.0*.  , * * *.  f * ';  /       ��      C       If       J       /,    J  ��� ' ?**J /     * '  '���*,^-  ��   \,   1  1 0*   0  0j.$T\t0i.+      0A0        00  0-TT+'**   t   ��    -     *, >Vjt 0  "-"frf-ii  -*���    ***i  i*"4jaJ '"N*  m^^^^^^^^r^^^^^^^^^^m  Page A-2 ^heT��nInsu!��.TIiiri^W**^nfs4oy/^Mfly 19,-WI*  ,,   IT    "��� J��i'4'    "JrCJl' ^.,.  i,M.~i-j.-..t.i.i,. iU.i..t.|..|...i,(.il...lnwi<l��[i%....�� ..     . ...   ;.��'_���  i'   '��,  ***iii0i0n*/0tmiMtiito0)i^^  %il*VmmViU^m^ Swhett - Phone  Classified  '4V��f��MWV'��l'"��"<wy'��wia)iaM��>i6nw^^  HErVP WANTED (ConH-met!)    HUL SSTATI (Continued)     USAi ESTATUCont.)  t AOi-jEAGrE^ wanted with year    fi ACRES, Village of Sechelt,  round . s^arn.'  -Reply. Box   elevated   view  property,.'un-  rI'^i^"0 a tf^v^^1".08' developedJ $10,000 cash. Box  Box 310 Sechelt,, B,C. with .-g8I0, o.q Bp* 310, The Times,  full partiouU-ta. -        ; 0403-37 ��� Sechelt   B.O, {ifUHfh  ��� Published Wednesdays by  Powell River New-i Town Crier  - Sechelt Times* Ltd," ���  qt Sechelt, B,C,   '- -  ���   Established 1963       ���  FULLY qualified  cook w*��nt-    CpflNEH. lot for sale\at, Sei-   _        ed. Apply ;stating age,  ex-    , lma" - rerk".   lQOj-lgp.   Phone  CARD OF THANKS (cont.)   Y*���****!f*^x�� wted ��� 803,0385.      , ' - '    oopfj-tfn    .  |_    to Box Ola,  Sechelt, B.C, N  WE WISJI to express our gratitude and appreciation for  the acts of kindness, messages ;  of   sympathy   and   beQutifull  -0442-27    PENDER HARBOUR:. 44 ptfme   ���     acresr-a'pprox. 800'- waterfront,  FALLERS WANTED       *' Comfortable. 2, bdrm,   home,  barn,   orchard, -lge,   meadow.  _*_���*���MemboivA-idlhBurepu���i   i of Circulations '  - September 30, 1970  Gross Clrcu'at'pn 2920  Paid Circulation 2446  As fited with the Audjt Bureau  of Circulation, subject to audit.  . Classified Advertising Rates;-  3-Llne Ad-Briefs <12 words)  One   Insettiorf $1,00  Three Insertions $2^00  {Extra lines (4 words) *__20c  (This rate does not apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs)  Bok Numbers 10c extra  50c Book-Keeping' chqrge is qdded  for Ad-Briefs not paid by  publication date.  Legal  or  Reader advertising   35>  per count line.    ,  Subscription Rates���.  By Mqil;  Local Area ���. $6,00 yr.  Outside'Local tr\tea ..$7.00 yr,  U.S.A,  _ .$9.00 yr.  floral'offerings received'"from    p��Hy  experienced filers for    Offers to $49,000 on terms.';  so many kind ft-iepds in the   Work to begin in,early June,    &EJMA   pARK.   ,L        J*        iZr^nTvr"'8'1 ^  -deatl^of-a^beloyed-husbaTTd���Phone7-^86-g343-nnd-leave    *"Z^/^T^^JlfZ    l^kr1^*^^���}  EWART McMYNN -  REALTY &' INSURANCE  ���   Multiple" Listing Service  Box 838, Gibsons, B.C.  Member' "   '  Vancouver' Real Estate. BoaTd  PtfOISfE 806-5248 ���  %   Notary pMbMc  G OWE ft pOfKfT WATER-  . FRONT; Large, waterfront  lot with magnificent' view overlooking Georgia  Strait and  MM. ESTATE (Coot,) MAI, ESTATE (Continued)    F0R ftERr  father and grandfather, James   name  and  phone' number ,  Skerry, We wish" espepially to ���   ' 6383-2?  thank the Reverend William-  lbT^ieaTTiacysl^pping and    Bbleilaay apcesTclose to GilT  sops Jpst pff Gayer "Point IH  Full price $11,000.  son for his comforting .words,  Mr, John Hat-vey for, his kindness and Mr. Chria Beacon  and the pallbearers. ���Dorothy  E. Skerry and family,'  ' �� , 641^25"  ENGAGEMENTS ~*"~  MR,   AND   MRS.   Robert   S,  Cameron are pleased io announce    the    engagement   of  PENDER .HARBOUR,  EVERGREENS LTD,  Evergreens Wanted  ~"i SALAL, 42c undone  j HUCK 42c undorve  i    Done tip 9c ex^ra      ',;  Free pickup  for greens! i"*oyri  where on Sunshine Qp^'"..  maripa. fpa.apo down pn $5,300.  ROBERTS     CREEK;     Opiy  $6,000   down   gives   possession 5 room cottage on 5 view  acres.  ROBERTS     CREEK:     Large  well  situated   level   lot   on  the Lower Roberts Creek Rd.  WESf   Sechelt,   choice   view  . property.  Cleared  and ready to build. Ph. 885-2087, ���  6389-26  EOR   SALE:'   2   room   house  "with bathroom, 2 lots, some  finishing. Roberts Creek. 8*)fl-  2704. ���j . eaog-ao  VlBW^loTToi" sale. , NorWest  Buy. Call Morgan Thompson  885-033Q days,-88*5.-2341  evenings. J I   -( 6457-25  EXCELLENT  commercial' lot  ���=-*Tieiiti-6��� Seclrelt^hlghwajr  , location, level and cleared. All  services   available.   Box   11Q4  ���Peninsula Times. 1104-tfn  ���SPECTACULAR  view-Jot, J^riVi ,  viced. $8,0-50. aQ5-07p(3L  6455-27  MOPIL6 HOMES  VCULAR'    waterfront    HALL for rent,'Wilson Creek' fj  view-Jot, J^riVpte, fully set--      Commwnity, Jffall,   Contact  f.','*  Mrs,i Diane   Anders,on, - 885-I'V  ��33fl5. - r 545{i-tfri ftfe.  2 BEdDOOM cabin type, onkVA  beach, Selma Park, $60 forJkXfj  lease or $80 per. mouth sum- " ?'  mor, plus utilities. Np child--��-,,  too.   688-8706. 0447-25 "> v  UNPUHNISHBD -new' 2* bdrmk u -  home   near   Wilson-   Oreelc   ���&���)  including  new  electric  stove,-  fireplace,    city    water.   >$150  TMOBIL'E. hplpe,' dfihble wide.  (2    bedrooms,    reduced    for"  quick salp/fipJt. jf ^4'ft. Ph.  886-2307s    -,^���i������      6310-tfp  TRAILERS ft'CAMPiinS     ".  10' TRAILER, well efluipped,    month from June 1st, Plione  2 BEDROOM cottage, Roberts  Creek, I acre,' city water. 5  GIBSONS: 100' on fine beaph.    Frontpge is 135 fl. Selectively    ^���qH%h%Su-bB"; ^e&c^  Charming 5 room home fea- ��� c'eaJ'ed' V^w WUh very con-    For Sale. Ph. 880-2948  venlent    access    to    neaiby 6417-25  beach. Excellent biiildmg site  Full price $5,750  turing spacious living room,  dining and kitchen across  view side. Modern bath, utility, attached garage. Grounds  nicely landscaped. Priced below marke value^at" $42,000.  gas' range find furnace, ice  box, 1 BR, ,wjred|, qxpellent  condition, Ideal summer hideaway, etcc, $000 cash, no offers. 885-P654. ���    6329-tfn  16   FT.   "Travelaire"   trailer,  well   .appointed,    excellent  condition, sleeps, 0, $1750. Ph.  885-9630 or 885-0570.- 6372-26  8115-0568.  6412-25  _ e , Choice view lot fronts on 2  their second daughter Terry to   Before picking, contact .plant,' , streets.  Older 3  bdrm" home  Mr. Garnet Lee Feener, only       1st place North of Pender   I, with lull concrete bsmt. A-oi  ��������� ���e ut...   ���-.i �������-_   ^^. v Harbour Hotel ;'  Phone 883-2205 or 883^721  5986-tfn  son of Mr, end Mrs. Otto L,  Feener of Bridgewater, N.S.  ���     6433-?5  furnace.     Your     offer  $7,000 down takes,  oil  near  TT��mx��r^rt ���,.��Tm^^ Gaiden   Bay "find    Irvine's  LISTINGS WANTED Landmg   lowest ��� price,   large  VlncePrewer        886^93^9 sem.-water J rent   view    lots  \A/��iiw oA^A        aol oq-77 Near    IIotpl    L*"He-    Serviced  Wqlly Peterson     886-2877 $3500 t0 HB00( Phone collect  Box 238,  Gibsons, BC. 883-2407   Mrs. A,. Walker.  ,      -.           6440-25 6421-25  PENDER   Herboi^r   between    16 FT, ARISTROCRAT travel  " " treller   sleeps   6.   Propape  stove  w*ith  thermostatic 'jjprv  ANY type of cabin for Jupe  and   July,   around   Roberts  Creek beach area. Call collect  926-4493. 6411-25  STORE -or   office   space   for  rent.   Approximate   565   sq.  ft. storage space in basement  for rentor. Phone, days, -885-: "  9817 or evfes, 88572368,  ,.,, ,���   .-   ..H.,;,,;,"^4p4fHfo.J  trplled. oven. Propape fridge ^HOIJSEKEEPING -room, alL*  and furnace. Full canopy for found warm, clean. Prl'Vftte---  l side, Al. shape and ready to    entrance. Working gen}. "Se-W'f  go. $2,000 oash, iio,offers.'Pb.    ma Park: Phpne 885^535 ,  085-0318 04512a . pffc-tih  PERSONAL  Overseas   Special Citizens,  ! Local  Area  Canada  By Carrier _  .$10,00  yr,  ���,���$3,50  '     .$4.00  ���60c mo,  REAL ESTATE  Copyright- qnd/or property rights  subsist; in all display advertising  and other material appearing in  this edition of the Sechelt Peninsula Times. permMson to reproduce wholly or Ip part and In  any form whatsoever, particularly  by a photographic or offset process  in a publication, must be obtained  In writing-from the publisher. Any  unauthorized reproduction will be  subject     to     recourse    in     law.  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous ���  Meetings 8:30 p.m,, Thursdays, Wilson Creek Community Hall. PH. 885-9327, 886-  2343,-  05  FT.  waterfront,  i\pp% and  ramp,  1.7�� acres, (landscaped '  with   immaculate,   modern   2  , bdrm house, plus guest house."-  4879-tfn   Situated in heart of Madeira  WISH to-contact"* Latter *>ay   Ear!c'   Jac- Noble,   883-2701.  Saints   members  H547 or 886-2546  Ph.    885-  ^    4505-tfn  ROOM, board and care for  senior citizens available at  Wesfhaven Guest Home and  Wildwoad Rest Home. 485-  4518. 6315-25  COMING EVENTS  ROBERTS Creek Legion Hall,  Branch   210.'Dance   to   the  best   of selective jnu^c_with_  -MC.~May~22nd; "0 P-1"- to  ?-  VILLAGE of Gibsons Centennial Committee. A plan for  specific trees and shrubs has,  been drawn up for planting  in Pioner Park at Gibsons.  The Centennial committee  feels~tlrat" there" niay"  Door prizes. Admission $1.50  per person at door, Everybody  Welcome. . 6431-25  BIRTHS  ""gibsqns western PRM6S  ,   . is  pleosed  fo sponsor thin  Birth   Announcement spoce,  ond  extends Best WniHei t* tha fioppy  ���.   ^parents,      '������������'-���--  Wedding Announcements  MR.   AND   MRS.  Roliert   S.  Cameron are pleased to an-  jn9U*ac_a_J;be_foEth0Qmi)-iri_ina-c=  riage of their eldest daughter  Anne Elizabeth to Mr. Syb-  rand D. Feensira, youngest  son of Mr. and Mrs, Fred  Feenstra of Port Coquitlam,  The mariage to tplce place ot  fl;30 p,m., June 10, 1071 at'St.  Stephen's Anglican Church,  Burnaby, B.C. 6434-25  OBITUARY  )e residents and organizations who  wish to make a significant  Centennial contribution in fhe  form of a tree or shrub. Mr.  Bill Murray, of Murray's Gar-  dn Supplies in Gibsons, has  the list required and would  be pleased to assit you in your  Centennial gift, Suitable ack-  npwledgement wiU be made  by the Centennial Qpmndttee,  Contact Murray's Garden Supplies,   Gibsons,   Ph.   886-2919.  .6450-25  ROBERTS * Creek Hospital  Auxiliary will be pleased to  "cater for your bridal"or social    event.    Call    860-2706    or  " 886-5044. 6425-20  Rochester  Realty,   036-7292.  62837-tfn  LOT  for  sale,   cleared,   level  bidding,   Davis  Bay,   paved  road.  One  block from he'sch.  $5,000.  885-9345. 6344725  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  Real Estate & Insurance  SUNNYCREST ��� SHOPPING  CENTRE  Gibsons, B.C,  ^ 88672481 "   ABBS ROAD; Overlooking  beautif-il Howe Sound, 2 or  3 bedroom family home, on  large landscaped Jot, full_bsmt>  sundeelC'dble pilumbing, spacious living and dining room".  FP $28,000 n terms of $10,000  down.  886-2481  ALMOST NEW 3 -bedroom  full   basement  home   on   6  " view acres with road along  length of property. If you are  looking for privacy and still  be  close   to  the  Village,  this  _}3-it.-F13--$29,000. ���  K, BUTLER REALTY  LTD.  ALL   TYPES   INSURANCE  Gibsons, B.C. ��  Phone 886-2000  MEMBER  MULTIPLE LISTING  .   SERVICE  ",    .            6438J5  MacGREGOR PACIFIC  -    REALTY JLTD,  Box 709, GibjfOns, B.C.  Van Directs  68573133 '  GOWER POINT: 200x200,view  property, semi walerfront,  beautifully treed, faces south-  vVest, secluded and private?  PP $0800.  ROBERTS ���CRBE]"-":; 7.2- acres,  lower Roberts Creek Road,  "-semt^^wateTfroTrtT-T"*eaufifTiTIy~"  treed. ��� Gentle slope, year  round stream, beautiful esta'te  property, unfinished 2 room  Qpttage. This must be seen.  HURRY! HURRYJ? "Roherts  Creek, only 3 lots 1ft (70'x  271"). Brand new government  approved" subdivision, large  lots, close to beach ftand selectively cleared, SEE THESE  TODAY���DON'T   MISS   OUT  rTTACT   SOON! . ' '  CALL   JOHN 'BLACK;   8867  7316  or  886-7244     '  A: s\\  y*~  ->f  k ���   #  -1. t  i-i  d  Multiple Listing Service  Vancouver Heal Estate  Board  RML ESTATE  $4.  <**n&*i  -' �����   -    <ij ��� . r, ���  . ��� .���*-. *-,,\  Phon�� 885-2235  Box 128; $8Ghe!V-.B,���;  "1 TAKE THE HIGH ROAD AND YOU  _TAKE THE I.QW RQADi' BUT I WUL-  BE AT SECHELT AGENCIES BEFORE ,  YOU.  '-       ' CHOICE BUILDING'SITES'  West Sechelt���75x295���$2,350���"No.  2096        KJeats Is.W/F-  TilliGum  Bay���5Cx 140���$2,600���No.   2014 ' No. 2086  S|l.ver San^ls���100x150���$3,300���No. 2050      . Secret Cove-  West Sechelt���83x150���$4,250���No. 2061 Tillictrm Boy-  ���������Suncobsf^ ' No. 1888  -85x100���$7,500���  1  acre���$8,000���No. **203p-  -3.9 acres���$14,950-^  No. 2049  Roberts Creek���4.7 acres���$6,600���No. 1824  Term��-Qn rj"osl^i-flr_-delaUs-phQneJ*^  885-9504 or office 885-2235.  WEST SECHELT: SEA VIEW:  PENDER HARBOUR---WATERFRPNT No.   1962  Approx,'8 acres with 500 ft, waterfront qnd 270"tr. on Highway J0|,  suitable- for' subdivision or development. Large* modern 3 bedroom  home With basement. 2",f j replaces, double Garparf, year rprjnd stream,  pools, rockwock, revenue frorn duplex, protected moorage. Down  payment $50,000. Phone Don Hqdden, 885-9504.  SECHELT ���r~���-      ���- ^   ^3  Gracious living in this, large 3 bedroom view home with den, 2 fireplaces, bgsemenf. Auto/oil heal, op fully landscaped and fenced lot.  Double carport and B/T drive, Full price $36,000. Try 1/3 down. For  ���appplntnient'cp:!^ ��� ���     .*  WORK WANTED  OLSEN^-May 14, 1071, Corn-  '. elius J, Olsen, ofied 02 yent-H    _ ���.���._���,  of Gibsons, B,C, flurvived by j'oBrleHR Tree' Sei-vlcoH,'Phone  FRUIT tree apd hedge pruning, Q, Charman*. Phone 686r  0862, '���'    . "      fliastfn  WE . OFFER'ra complete tree  gervipe to the entire Sunshine Coast, Our work is insured and expertly performed,  Phone for free estimates,  886-2481  COMMERCIAL    SITE;    Close  _. to Sunnycrest Shopping  Centre   wilh   large   building,  aj-i' .-Suitable for many types "of  business, complete with 2 offices, good storage and , nipe  iilot grounds, See this future  area now. "  880-24(11,  CHASTER 'ROAD;    2   bdrm.  stucco home on dole lot 100  xKin   with   view' of   Georgia  WEST -SECHELT���WATERFRONT No   2013  Modem  2  bedroorfr home  op   1.3   ocres  with  |eyel   pebble   beach.  t���*~*~      n u j t. I     Beautifully fjnishe^^unkenJryjnn_rQOm_-With_firep|aco -and- W/W  J^o��ern-S-pedipom-horne ony-|     pqrpot- CSylbr^l pat,pf a-irqo6, airdop-shocf. ��rutl prico^az^POQ. ,Tp  8  view  acres,   close to  bea��l��    j    view, phono Don Haddoh, 8BS.&504., \   -   < ��� "M  on paved road. A real invest-    I k - ^  1    SELMA PARK VIEW    _.'_..,        .;      * H^ 2087  SECHELT ��� . -'  No. 2027  Modem solid 2 bedroom hQjn.e in the centre of Sechelt just a block  from everything Has new ouro/oil furnace Level fenced and landscaped lot, ideal for reliremenl =FliII price $22,000   Try \h down-  1 son,, Harold, Hurnoby; 1  daughter, -''Eslfier, Vpnconver;  5 ��� grandchildren; 5 greot-  grundehlldren,' Also "' survived  hy very close friends, Mr. ond  Mrs, N. Ilerdahl, li'imerol' nor-?  v|c��(. Tuesday vMiiy 18- air 2  p,m. from the Wurvey Funerol  Home,   GIlwonM,   JliC* Inter  885-2109.  ��2����-tfn  Strt-jts,    Vir  large   LR,  CHUCKS painting & decorating, .Gunriniteed  work, rea-  sonohle rntes, wm*\vmj'--  5402-tfn  EXPERIENCED drywnll ocoim  Stic & textured callings, now  moot, Seovlcw Comolory, if  (J,'^n'i W.^ndWyl'pB  .,, ��� ���:_  (1445725 tho. PonlilHiila. Free Estimates,  Fn*it pervlce; Phono O &; W  Drywallr |184-r?3i0,       4200-tfn  0445-25  J EFFltl ES Z^WwyJy\l^~VW,  Erplloy JcffrlcHjn her OQtli  your of Egniont, if.C, Survived  by Ihroe hoiih, Jim,, Don of  Egmont; M��l "f fine|)olt, 1'wo  flnuKhteru, Mi-h, V/'ra Grnflou  ond Mr"), Edna IIowlU of Eg-  piont, , J-'Jfloon lii-fiiidiilill.h'oii  and 12 grout' gnindchlldron,,  1 Funornl nervier Wednesday,  M��y II) ot 2 p,in, from |ho  Eginont Coiniiiiinlly Hull. In-  torjhont,. Forest View Cop'iot-  ory, lliirvoy Fiiiioml Homoj  dlroclorn, .      MMIAl,,  CARD OF THANKS  ������,,,,���,   ,B   bsmt,   ..,..���   hutli,, .liningmiie�� with I'itcli-  cin, enrpoft, .comes ., complete  with dishwasher, frldgo, ningo,  dryer, woahor, ���freezer nnd rp-  tiillng .TV irnteniui. VP %*\Q,\){.l)  Willi forma on $8500 down.  88(1-2481  OHANTIIAMS IIBJ V R N U H  llOiyH'!: An Investment Hurl  pays 1ft per coin 1 on yoiir inpii-  ey,'This house Iiiih 2 hiiIIos, top  one 2 IkIi'iiih, lai'gi) Lit with  flropliuui, Hundcik, Ijowoi'  Hiiite, 2 lulrni, Moth Imvii., auto  oil heal, l!V $12,800, . 1  '    *'        ,(lfKr.24fn'  cllllvlWV'Tflw^^^ .LANCIDAIJi!!    Tills    licuutlfiil  (���leaned,  l'h,  1)11(1-2834  After       l>oni  nnd  honin  hfi��  n  full  B p,nC,   '        "    .   i     fl4fi8-5J7    hriHoniopt   nnd   ovorlool��H   Iho  CQMPWiTW Jiindscnplng  por-'  vice, Clirrdonlng, lawn euro,  fencing, Hy contract, Ph. IIIKI-  712(1 Py 8IIII-2717, imiHtn  20 YRAIIS oxporloiico A-P,  A-C pnyroll, roolpt, typing,  bajik, i'iu'l,, puhilic conlacl, typing foul,' MKiiirnlii, rolliililn;  Offlco or my homo, llllfi-l|H7f),  -���     (I420-2R  ,   ROBERTS CREEK *  DRYWALL  WORDS nhnpl,y rannol, cix-  proMH mi/1 foulhiii of liid'ihl-  tidi^fiHH ond griithiidd lo oil lh�� 'Toping nnd Filling hy linpd  p.ii��|ilo who liiiv" li.ilpcd nn, nnd iiiiichlnu, flproy'Tcx Spi.r-  durlng our cur iiwlrlont, iipd Ivlo Cttlllngn, 1  .(4l?)uu(��HUuh^'nNHrl'liu>-'drK/.upM��of^-��'��<��<.  frlofidii   uiul   nol||lil>or��   who  walcr mid  IslnridH, Largo llv-,  Jpg room nnd hllciiwii, ,') good"  iilzrt h(i(|roonm on iippor I'lopr,  Vulrliy bwthiouoi, Dlo, plnu>|)-  ,lng,  W-\V cprpotH, cut, niono  I'lliipliKMi, Only '0, ymuo old,  Full |��rii!<-.��� ^'"(fHW, Morlgirgo  ovnllolilo,' , .  "."    0IJ(I-2'IIII  Jack' While  }Un{ Cronhy  .lay VJ-itior  ��n(i-2ii;ifi  1111(1-20011  wui-pjo  IMil'-Bft  yrm^mT-fWiV  Roborts Crook,"'B,C,-  (1027-lfn  govo iih nioiitl -iiiiipoi'l, pine  llcul liolp, hind wordii and  glflH, Tho iinlwiown truck driver who hi'lpod 11/1 much at  tho ncopo of llm inmldnnl., Hunt  for arnlHi'lnnco iind,.. pollro.  holpcd, th�� JoJjii'.kI, dli-cclcrl  lniff|(i,it-'oii��poriin(l one lo |io��-  pllul, Tlm' iiiiluiown rntlrcd irpnum, Onrag.iii mul altoni-  puruo V/ho enmo lmm��d|iifclyi llonn, o|/��, I'lnnncd and draft-  to give fli/il aid, Tho uinhiiil-       c<|, lo corlrt nixrclflcallopH,  Hpm Aip  Oimlom DoMlgn am  DraflIpg Roryhnm  nnco people who gut"!ho w  wonnd.irl to honptiii), The  worn! ,  pollen, wfutf'o concern and ��/,.-  fllnlaix'(i; not only at th'o  iiccho hut Ihroiigli, llm rod-  lir|)c niid f!liiiip\i)) period following,'wan far lioyond tlio  cnU of riij|fr'l'l��n"niir-*rff*f'rmd"~  jiliirT at HI, Mnry'tt who w��r��  t,n |-o(��t to ;,rtiffjcui�� jifltlontH,,  And flnrilly, lo llinl. mlr��c)o  man who cun putch up tho  iinpol*linhio, ��� ���'' Pr. 'Swir n,  .Though It flou'iidi) focblo fn-  rlr-ori, nil wo enn do It my-���  "Tbnnl' you mry, virty ppulh"  -Tlio DAYH and TIIR AHH-  JJWJ IliUl-M  Ilolp wilh p.irmlln  ,        .H'l'i'MOiwil'iiorvJco  Tolbphono 8067309  tmi-'M  ..HILP-WANT^D---:*--------'-  gijALJFJJ'lI) prii-Hchiiof tench-  ��r for half diiyVr'nlrirllng fall1  UniP, Aytpy ilmii and Jill mi*  opiToilvo    NiiiK��ry    Hchool,  CiftiH*-iil  licllvery, 'On*on��i>���~  WANTlil) -~"M01TVllTi imiall  ml  for lonlrai't nhalio cul-  tinrj. l'h, f}(io^4i,    mmw  ' nient   plus   beautiful'   family  home,   overlooking   Gulf   and  .Trail Islands, t '  SELMA PARK and DAVIS  ,BAY: Beautiful view lots  00x1251 within walking distance of the hreakwttlcr in Sel-  ma Park, These lots ore fu|ly .  serviced, paved roads,' terpis  avollable, ���Slartiug' ut $3050,  BRAND NrilW: li hedrooih full  basement homo "i" viow lot,  g blocks, to shop, 2 blocks to "���  bench in Secholt, wall to wulil '  in Lit, and Dft, Vanity bath,  Mahogany, kitchen vyirod for  range! Hupclock, daylight' basement; FP !)#0,f)0(),  CALL    JACK1') ANDKIIBON,  finh-sauH or ntifi-aofiu  SPFCfAL qiHSONSI Oood |o.-  V.il building lot centre of  OiliHons, cIoho |o bench, shoiw, ���  I'O, iito, Hlzo "ftpproKlmntoly  ' KlO'xdfi',, On paved: roHil, wid- '  of nnd, hydro, This Ih priced  to noil  NOW. I'T' ���2.BB0.  ' LIRTINOR    WANTFJ):    W��  Im vu a walling tlm csp(ic|ii|7  ly for H bdrm bouses, 'i, - B ncro  pincolH, 'iindovolnped   waterfront ago, ;    ''"'.-    '  11 iiiakcH hcohc lo lint with  Iho Company Unit offorfl' y.ail *  Adycillsbig in thu.locul pup- ,  orn; full min In lioih tho Van-  (���oiivor H��n ��M��I rrovliico; al'-.  li'lli.l.iil In fvlLH both In Can-  /rdii mul iho, U,H; W" liavo  Hirrjtj offices io ttnrvii' you,  "IJHT   TODAY    'WIU   MAC.  "    i��;ilil?(H.)|t  WAY"  CALL LOHUIF, (THIA11D! OIKIi  'I'M. nr llllfl-77011.  .M.mii.iir'i'i-������'��������������������i��������� ii 111 hi" 'i 1 ��� m��wn w^i" ������ "H11 m\ iiiu 'i ��� ��� n ���������iim������.  64 LOT  / MADRIRA'PARK SU0PIVISION  Tlm bosl \nfQt. vl��w |oi�� |n (Wi'lor lloibour���oyorlooklna. Ilw  Ifofbour oi|d Giilf. dma In moras nnd *,q|ioo|i>���tho&a loin cop  bti purdioi-wl wllli n v��ry low down poymont and poynwtn  04"low 0f��,$3B por monlb,  30 LOT  '    l-ARL COVE .SUJIPIVISION ,  Miroo cholcn Boml-woioffront loin 0 fow hundro'l foot fmrn  honch nnd hililno, I'tlcM Iroip $',1700,  T  hfSnpy oihor vlow nnd (wibwoloifmni |</i�� finm 43600 jo $8000,  Twrrit* nyollnhla (in nhoytt pri'partlaiv, >       .  Plswr/O)/fOf C��e,h,    i  ���:"    OLLISLADEY    r  ,,   Madeira Park, 0,C,  ��� Phono Pendor Harhour 003-2233,  B^t.fallvfmi-i8d_iujjk^ttJ^rB_KK,m_w.t^^^  ��� " "* ' -       SELMA PABK  rvonopln��0|y,^jpr��bs���i a.hv>lrtn*r*,i*H  ��i��"  of clDioli, all  floors filed, sundec|< Or��  tance to Secbe|tLTiY 1/3 down on $14  100x200 ft. view lot, 1 furnished & finished cottage, 2 unfurnished  collages. Revenue potential, oil for $lj,80Q, good terms with  $5,000,00 down, Call Peter Smith to view, 885-9463 eves.  VILLAGE BUSINESS No. 2Q8"5*tHK| 20B0  Two businesses, either suitable for sipgle person or coufj|e, S'ocHs at  invoice  cost,  siatements on  file.   $5,000.00  V$l0(PpO.0O  rJpwn  Hodden,   865-9  f04.  -|No-"'l,771  ,700 f,P. for dotojls call d&  GIBSONS            , No. 2003  Harp is llhe answer, }o whom is looking for a quality three bodroorji  plus suite home on enough properly so privacy Is qssurod, ^ocqted,  op .Gower Point Rd, folk like surroundings and a ploasjrig" viow*on  ..,    .                                  .   .                            the  Strait  of Georgia,  Well  worth   the asking price of   $40,000,  puts you into one or other established business, Terms aregood, por     C, A, Puter Aolbers,' 806-2991  res,  'details,-coll Pe'r-r Smith, Bft5-9/)63 eyes, ,   |  SELMA PARKK'  ���Ope bedroom, homo, wafrtl & compqet, oil range & electric, heof.'Re-  Wired, Good lease |of, Foil price only' $8,500,00. Mortgage possible.  Coli,Peter Smith, 885-9463 eves, ,'       ' ���'  ! Pf-NPER HARBOUR WATERFRONT *,  No, ^098 '  H��uso onc| acrebgo oyqilablp  in  Ponder  No, 34-2089  llqrbqur area,  Brand now  ,...,  m���*,  '      ���           ^ ���       ��"l*   *  1  '   l-    -"''.' j'l����Ti ^ , - '.'  \^A ^ "X  ��� ���         j '   r !          ' '"  1  i        i    .':. H.iv  ;���;.'���  i    -  "  '                                                          -                                                                      * '  1                                                                 <���  homo, just about finished, situated ,on 37 acres with 1,835'fecit of  v/aterfront. Approximately 2/3 of tho properly |s vlow,t;,JuSt updpr...  "2700 fool is paved r��.1o tr��nlO0o. Hos ossuroc) yoar ijOund wqter  supply, Full prite for this house and 37 acres Is only $94,000,00,  asking Vi cash, Potential salos vqluo of th'ls land is cijinsorvatiyoT'/  estimatod at $185,000,00. Call Bob Kent. 885-9461 eyes, or  885-2235 office.    \A,. ....        ^_^  ^ ^      ���     ,      J   ���  WEST SEC^LT���VIEW . -, No, 19-1990  To settle an estate, wo have o homo close to Mosoq RoaH In West  ' Siiqhelf,  extremely   good   view   potential,   Full   jVico,   $||5,B0Q,QQ,  Comporallyoly new shako root, stucco exterior. Two bodrooms, lorflp.  WEST Sf-CHEbT  No,   2045 '  8,9 acres of absolute privacy, Comploto modern throe bec|roorr| |bg-  hoMso, In,a Boparalo 20x20 bul|r)lna Is P recreation yporp qpd workshop, which moke ibis property ideal for o person, who nneds room  for .croatlvlty F,P. $26,900,00, C, A, Po(or Aolbers, 886-2991 res,  Hying room, wall to woll corpo'ts, corrionl foundqtion ,a|| wpy'oraunrl,  .M copiont basomonfi Aiitohintlc nqs lurnoco nnd gos stove, Situqtod  oh q lot 1.1 acres, ATTENTION VETERANS WHO STILL QUAl-IFY  FOR V.I-.A.--I.OOK AT TH|: FULL PRICE, VVM1-U UNP^R THE  MAXIMUM ALLOWED HY V.'.X For lurthor cfainfls coll Hob Kohl,  085-9461 oyes, or of lice, 885-2235,:.    ���  SECHELT VILLAGE WATERFRONT No. 19-2044  Hero's q truly Im/nqculq/iq (mriio, Oyer 1300 square foo| of ||vlno  Bphco on Iho mnln floor, Living room fealMrns cut Mono firoplqco  ,Rr,.riT w,,,lArP ' No  2068    w"'1 foc,"irq woll of .y/ood pona|l|rip, Morlorp. kllplwi  Is really o  ^nishe;) Um;.W Ipp^concrete^^ffi^m^&ft- iSrorirn o��n rnrrln AwK.M.���  S��TOi*,n ���M" ,rl         $19,900.00, To viow, con lotor iimii-i, , Mr^wonrofclri'llon^  ��� 88&-V-464 Avon, _^ '12~JJA*    ' oloclrlc hot wotor, .Ewlrornf'ly w��ll Iniiulatorl jromo, Finm olihor Kllchon  h  Wil SON'CREEK WATERFRONT       ' " No, 2029 or dlplnn man, living room, on un��nd|no ponommq of Troll Boy,  "��� 168 fi'woier Ironi; opprox   I ma, v��ry n|co 2 bedroom o|| electric D"e |o-Illness ll) .llm. fomlly this home wes ll��M wall Moyt cqs|(  homo, lovoly viewl of Siroiis, Hos F/P|ocftl. corpori .&,oMil>MlWlno��.- ^'"WfeSE" ��0C<'6"*"V' C"H-' Bob Kept, 88^94*11 oyoolno* w  Good terms on  $33,000,00or close cash offers,/Coll  Polor Smith, "fflce, 885-2235,  885.9463 oven, - ���   ',���'���,  WATERFRONT-- PUMPER, HARHOUR  'No, J 954  peep Mobioa", 102 fb'bench oppositp Irvlngs l-dp,, well Mp< 2 bedroom hom��, lolly fuinlshud,. Upper nocllon could subdivide 2 |o)*,  Fu|| price nqly $35,000,00, flood t<-rms, or cfldh offers,, Flshormon'i  diooinVphono P'llof'Sinllh, 88fi-94n3,  'TILLICUM.MAY      " "'���" ' "'.    "' Mo, 2073  Twd bedroom homo Willi flr(i|i|nro, vyoll to wnll cpl, A/OI| heal, oil  ���,, concrete JJMnl,J^rlll"tJO^  $12,900,00, gooi) lotms, nioilootju con l���� nrninijnd, ft Mi, tb^eclieit;  Call Color'firnllbb, 0059463 eve-*, , ,     "'..  ���  LOT'S: '   ' "~, -"*   Mo, 1737, Sorhnlt Vlllopo 66x 122 lust $4,000,00, lo'rrm,'  No, 206V, 6��lm�� PorK IOOHl3b,off��rnrto $4,000,00 Cosh.  No, 1867, Dnvlii Uny 90k28O. ollero-lo $5,200,00,  No, 2043, Pnvli, liny % lo|�� 187x66, View, oorb $5,000,00,  ALL ARE PRY. nil me. .portly clr-rrrod, Wobir !)ervlcoi��, Cril|||'eior  Smith, 885.9463 ��y����, '  GIPSOM5 Rl/PAi:    '     7  :'"''''' '"!"'"/.' No]  p,iVw  1* t    I  !i1  :j> Lv; "itli?r.  -H./.j  M  I.'  it, '���  hMWnOi  2097  .dSIHSQNS"..''  ���"No,   1948 ���;���"  Two waprrffrrnl lots, una yqcanl, ,niid-n'��!>���������. liDilmoni homo. Good  pn.pnwri, "n(l nn oxcu||enl yi��'w of'iho'iodHol ronoo mouiiiuios,  A bound invMsimoni comblrio'l with oioni onloymoni, I'V, $19,001),  C, A, pflior Aolbots; 886-2991, w,        ��� ' '  PORPOISE HAY AREA No, 18-2021  IM9 fiw-t,- lovti. irmd,tmiortrnnt prnperiy, MM nit (bo Eqi,| PrV-  polh/i liny |'ori'|,.ApprnV|��Kil��ly I  1/3, ut.m, Idmd to,boy onrl *p||i  t.ll.n loi of two, Ca|| (loi* K��ol, 885 946| i (rvbnlriQi* or nil to/  885-2235, ,,, , '  PAVISPAY - ' ,, Mr,   16.2019  Vo^nt Jot, 72 foot by |49 (��mr m MMin ('ond, Fx'ellr'r, v ow  priier-tml (or; tho inMhtod bulldor, On high side o| row SI or)  ^0,k 1?J n? ',M.'^ f"<,f>' *B00�� HI i'll'o, Try your loom, Call fiol  'II MM,  Ity  ��, 885-2235,  Mo, 20,2020  l:ttint,mlml nmlntiinnnA and anlld airplay!, N'"orly 1200 esq, ''ft, do,  , lone custom bold HilimuiH i|n��n bodroom homo with n/inoxroniolnlrid  Imnily inom, utility nn,d mr liml, hinp. hnifitil jot, paved driveway,  IM��, m,bQh,L IM', ���lO/OHO, Cq|| C, '<, Gqlhorcolo, 0QA7OIS,        ,  OIH50N3 RURAL   ���" /'"' '        " "  Six nd|oln)no lots of npproHlmomly flv�� nnm nnr.h, Excelloni wjjlJ  fibundonl wofpr wpply limp hpmtip ��.|| yoor, Three bwlrofrni  inrnn,1 u ���,  ,,���,���,,, ���,. ,��� ���, -  poultry h'tnw, Conyopfopt location ��ii|lnb|��i for f|Rv��|of,rponr ns hnbbyl ^"nh ��"'"'��� "io( ,e^0K]'l��j'�� Mltr.��(  (arm, mnrM ,oor��l��p or,nolo nt smoll  lioMlnpri,  \',l/M)P. nllim, cirttii r wn i AiiP    CollC R, Ciathorcolo, 886-7018. i i"   '"���'.., f!u'T '*', vJ V"n   ���   -, ^^-r-^..,.^",-,.���.--*.-k����������<>' �����.*m��*m#.h  *~wi^n^m.*m9,..RMw   ,7.-������������. fJ,fl()l/ /)ovy ^ lmy>m n(n)^ m^m \m^mi (,orq,m| �������� )u ^m  ���GIHSONS -fjEORQIAVIEW ., ' No, 2010 oppnvod hmd, Ud m'xlt,/', l-Mo�� (tvlny rorrm-dmind room orco, 3  New *wo Mr'stm hom��,  Sporjoov-npop btjom IIv/oq mom,  pniin pt^0 T^r>fdr.d,plprp\iimh nfortfif. |,q*ebuqrd hool,  Casii ,M(oi�� tn  doors ono-v (o'laroo ��imdrJtK, Splwdid vIow/Quollly-hullr, fully In* ��']��^fhll 'nrlco nf ���)6,000.00. Or|| |i.4i Kepi, 8��f>-94AI implp()��'nr '  --���' '   -���" -'    e- '���-��� '���-���-'���  ',-���"-      ������-   .'-.'.. fj|'e)-223fi o(f|co, , '      ���',,,,.   ,, \' . V  Uf1'��Oi.ltOPmT&''��.REfcf<'.:'A��l;A---------- ���<- .-.---���������-. ^|ffQ^  ��'?Q,,Al nc\'"^dhMA~f?f)J,Ktl'f'd<W (/P LtHkyfir Hmd, Qld'��r typ* .  .3 hudiMpi mipu, SihioMd wIIIhm ��-inll�� Ump ibo Golf Course, Y��M-  rouinl btrnom, po (rouble with dorpeUlK wnler, 6op(| for Mnplpo  horse nr mm hctrpynrd rinlmoh Coll hob Kept, 88*) 94o| oyeninn".  nrtillli;*., 886-22W, l  , ��� '  I,' oil  oloclrir,   Sorno   |pl��r|<>r   f|nhlilri(|   faqii|ror|,   llovol/fiff.  pftfWitO, $22,000, HIM. Coll C, R, Gmb��rn/|o, 88<../0|f",  Milnlor  Mrcof I  *"-iK:fii*i:T"""'"���"%. ��� ' " '" n��7'W  rMplrmtft d*"!!phfi 3 hndtnnp) nil o|rr(ric homer l-nron; Inprj^nperl  |o| wbh rnppy friiil {um npd fbruln, Oonkp shed, nmnan ond poilo,  rlosD it, scbwl and bhoppmrj imthn. Full pp(�� $23,960, lor op-  po|n(monf roll Pon,l|od��ien, 8867604;  a ��� i1       i -�� ....    ���.. ��� .���,���������. . ............       ������   .. -  ,  .....  ���  L��l&*0*S*040*0*0*000$0*^H^0t0*$%^  0Z?. * ���^c^aiwsfto-**}*?-;^  % *^,#ifi^sim^jiijii FOR RENT JCo-itlniied) MVESfOCK  FOB SAW (CG-ifi-med) LEGAl, NQTOSS  WEST SeoMt���l   .  i%   bed. FOR SALE or MWR register-    OATEm-TLLAJl   3Q   fpr  spte.;-  ���tonm   competely   furp*shec* ed ?��olf Arflbiim SteWw *"���<* ,. /A*s^ hn0n"-P WW** lw tr*u-  hpuse     A-aif  furnace,    fire- -"*-dd>- WM P^0,s- T- Kwas--* lei,    8'x2B',    Ohet"p.    EJectnc  Rl-ice. responsible cpuple on)y. ney, atm-'im                8347-2})    stove,    cornpm.-tjpn    g{-rhage  No  pets,  $130  mPntl? Awl- ^7���   mrietg    i10   ]TZ    b����ner.  885-24)Q.          W/Sp  able Julv-W   '71   "wj���i'<*t���>#f"���J^,    WiwUVJWJ   piglets,   If.-11    poi"! ��� ������' *   6322 tp Timos/fex 31P, V -  f<* hire   Gall 886-224*)   As!*    PAJCfl&pO [ SpeJls-foi-Gotta-  "...                                    coon oc foi    LfllJ  ^-0N,STi?NEl COAPT  pEq?0N41^ 9!STJlTCT  PU^IO JPAftlNQ-  AMBNPMENT TO  ' ZONINQ BY-LAW  r TTS- Ji-  i^  phPlt. B,0.  6322-25  CAPS ft TRUCKS  6410-27 ger*  2P' d^weteri 3210 sq. It. PprrSpant t-o  section  7Q3  of  ~*rr*T~-~���    '���    : wltt*   door,   a  windows   apd the Municipal Act, a public  Q-DSLINGS,    Toulouse    2 ^ber, to clear E-L-gtyily water heai*ng will be held at 7,00  rLfln"*' ReaSrfle�� damaged ftr-Ml-OQ c*ish plus 5 pm   Tuesday,  May  25,  1W1.  1059 OJ*W pickup, long wide    ' "    ����m-*-^ 8423-2*i    per oen(, taxr IQ per cent dn at   the   Iiegional   Dispel   pf-  box    Good   condition    883- REGISTERED Quarter Horses    nolds5 tl11 Jw lsl- Contact A fices,   Whitaker  Block,   Davis  3535.                              6355-2*) for  sale  Also  some   Giade    Dawson.   Haijigan   Industries Say op By-law No  3p (1)���a   -- - Mares and Fiillies   Phone 886-    Ltd'   ^^  278-0301,  eyenings by-law to amend the Sunshine   IIALPLINQER, small 4 w,he6l 2373                               6423-~2iT~ 2VW1<\Q                    ~6307"T6 Coast  Regional  Distnct  Zon-  diiy,    ppsitiac    front    and ���Ar^, \...~   ,���,'.," '   '   ���", ' lnB By-Haw No   35, 1070   All  rear  4 speed poweied by a 2  cylinder an- copied moior Will  trade  fpr boat   Ph   885-0820  ' 6428-25  CASE   42Q   pppkhae   &   fiont   .pers0ns  who  deem  their  in    eHd   loader   for  sale   $2500     ieies[ m pi0perty effected by  2-4  ACRES   wanted   between    ���� ��!LW<nkmg   S,iape ���"f,h�����K    the Pioposed by-law shall be  WANTED TO BUY  Davis    Bay    and    Roberts  886-7163  6410-25  Creek   Wute Adveitiser,  Box    8 INCH Table saw  18x24 bed  6Q2,JSechell,  BC 6400-27        Vis    hp   rr*ptqr   $20     Phope  886-2474 after 6 p.m.     644^2(5,   USJP p^a^plnTWa^d!    335-070^     ; 6413^25  INTERNATIONAL   qub   tractor.    I^Otb    of    attaphpiepts  ..jaSSsTHyNDERBIRD for sale.  J   phv,886-?6p7. 8403-25  Phone. 883-0603.  6415-25  FOR SALE  1960    FORP    Ranger   pickup    m imc   .,'���' ���*"������"**"r���^  302 VB   4 snd- PT   custom    ���' -TS "^M*ts **** 'It8 Organs.  a\ii  yti, ? spa, \.i. custom       885-0330, Sechelt, B.C.';  ~ 8883-tfn  cab; radio, aux. fuel tank,  $22p5. or best offer. Ph. 884.  5380. .       . 6404-25  '.. _ RELIABLE USED CARS  1070 ��� Maverick, 6 cyl,, auto.,  radio-  107O Meteor Rideau 500, 4 dr.,  auto., PS, PB.  1970 TOYOTA Corolla, station  wagon, radio, 4 spd. stan-  .   dard/  1970 TOYOTA Fastbapk Sprinter, 4 spd., radio-  I960 Plymouth Fury Ir-4 dr.,  V8, PS, PB, apto., radio.  1969 BEAUMONT Acadian,  deluxe, 4 dr., '8', auto.,  PS, radio.  1960 Va Chevy tllick '800", V8,  auto., long wide box/custom cab.  HORSE  manure  for sal.er45.  Pick   tft--* load   at   Falaron  Farm,   Gibsons,   886-7729.  ".!.-_        ______    623��-tfn  SEMI-waterfront-'.cornei-    lot,  Earl's    0o ve    subdivision,  $4500,    House    trailer,    8x38,  $2800.  Ph.  883-2291.��   631,7410  2T^I^L^Ri_~trailer,  exceT-  lent condition, self contained, toilet,'fridge, awning. 885-  0872. 6304-26  8   MM  Towev  mtlvie   camera  with   1200   watt   light   fixtures.   Spliiper   included.   Phk  883-9803. 6414-25  3.TV  antennas  3,  6  and   12  with mast $20. Ph, 886-7703,  6423-25  MARINE AeepORIES  Haini ��� Fibreglass ~ Rope ������  Canyas ~ Boat Hardware  Compressed air servica  nygren Sales   '  (1971) LTD.  Phone 880-9303, Gibsons, B.C.  \  \  &���*  ^A   Tl-o Peninsula Tildes. Ppgp A.*3  W��3tJnesf|qy,May19f 1971    '  yast^.  * \  9&  ir  4  '*���>-.  _-*-��   i  ,Pf  .  \  \  SUmttiNB COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Updenop-inQtiongl)  Stii-day School ��� 10:00 a.m.  Clmrc(i Sprvlco -- *|,1:15 a.m.  (-yonir-fl Sorvica 7:30 p,n-.  PASTOR REY; S. CASSELLS  Davis Bay Rood and Arbutus  (2 b|oek�� up from Hi8hW0W  I  f    V|��  f  !   '    t  A ���>  r ',_--  */ f  < j'  j  ii  ORDER  your   garbage   incinerator   at  $3.50   each   from  Sechelt  Kinsmen.   Phone  885^  2443. 6306-tfn  21"  RCA~Console TV,  $2oT"6  drawer chest of drawers $10.  885-3370. 6456-25  HELP PBEVENIUORE6T flBgi  HIDE-A-BED   with   matching  ,nfl���  ���, ,.    ���       ���   -rQ        armchair and  5  piece din-  4B69~��"ymPUth~-'^  auto., PS, PB, radio. * door and.drawer clothes clos-  ^068-Ghev-ITOpl^la7-4~d^v-i8T-e,*r a^'xO-O"���plywood.r-Oak-  auto.,  PS,  PB,  radio. bed complete and older 4 dra-  m��o   w   j       .,        tm       ,        wer dresser with mirror. Ad-  1068   Ford   custom   V8,   auto.,    inj,.a] TV with stand and an.  '���   ��� B' *amo' "���t3r- '���  H^mrcrr-AVrmger- washer *-&&-  1066   Volkswagen   beetle.   No    Frigidaire fridge $20. Various  ^reasonable   offer   refused,    other items,  toojs, etc, Phone  10*65 Isuzu Bellett, 4 dr., 4 spd.     ^���jg!��J3F,. c,a11 ,^  house^P-  No   reasonable   offer   re- " PPsiTTTwihght Theatre, Gib-  ,  fus.ed.  10&I iFord .Galaxie XL hardtop,   2  dr.,   buckets,   con-  afforded an opportunity to be  heaid on matters contained in  the By-law,  Thfe intent pf the By-law:  1. To perniit mpbile homes K  in Residentiai II and Ruml ^  Holding Ziopes.  2. To extend Zoning aloptL  the past side of Porpoise Bay/  Sechelt Iplet fipip IR. No 2  up to and -including DL 3259.  Residential H zpping will pie=  dominate ip this extension  3. To incorpprgte the definition of H rpobileVhome park  Take notice that the above  is a synopsis of a py-'law thtit  may be inspected at the Rg=  giona^l District Office, Davis  Bay at the times indicated,  narpely, Monday tp Ffidayi  3:30 a.m, to 12:3P p.m.'apd  1:00 P-m- tp 4:00 p.m. and ihe  sypopsis is not" intended to be' f ^  and is not to-be^ deemed to be r  an  interpretation  pf  the  Byr   j  law.  i  ,f  C. F. GOODING   I-*"  Sopretary-Treasurer  Sunshine Coast  Regional District,  RR 1, Sechelt, B.C.  885-2838. .  6382-pub. May 12,  10, '71  JX  -' t*.  *  *i   '  *~      i   * *"  > t*f V\J��.M��.  ."**  -Ci  * *,<���>  1  i*'l.  !***** *     /3.J.  ^^''i *   i  I*  1**0  I      t  *���*   *���     . *  ������--* *"��  ���>���%.  ���&1  -V  i !��������  v V'  if**  *���*.'  J J  ,A  "i  '_j>,- ��  i'��  *i  t  ���t \*z?  \        f1   v  ���v.  J-  h-  . -r-1  i  The Unifred Church of Canada  SERVICES      ,  St. John's United Church - Pavls Bay  Sunday Services - 9.30 q.rrr..  Roberts Creek United  Supcjay Scp/ices ; 2:30 pm,.  .Gibsons United Church  Sypday Sep^fci - 11:)5 a.m.  :?ett'Mo!!o"|:Un'W| ���"''���''  ���'���   '-��� ���Syndrjy Services t 7:30 p.pv  '  (2p�� hpa 4fh Sun^ys)   '  -VAitjiisfiy  Roy. Jjm-Wl!li9m^h:-= Gifesops - 8��6T2333  U j,  ��� v  *-* *;��.  i .���  i ��� ��� ���  ���\   J?  ,   it  0*  * ���--  ��� .-  r-     -  . t  .'*.  I*  K   f  ^r ��f  ��j  it  %  %    *v  4*��'  -arty*.  ��  ������*  i-*  *��-W*fV  *     iXl-       r.  J,  X        &< *"  4        Jl *  <3��  "FT*-  A.-  t  �����  %.,  *&>  -At  0  I-  lit  1  4.V. 1  *t      IJ  *  <tr��i  *i*  -. ���*> �� " *��� "- *   "*���  -   =**dC *     " ���  JJ?*  ���"V-     ^*-  * -.  .1  ���*    TI**. �����*  THE ANGLICAN CHURCH  :-:;.--^--: ^r^^HApfc'^'^''"  SE|W(��|S      ;*'���"  St, HH3a's, Sochelt. Fgrplly Eucharist 9:3,0  g^rrp (2nd qpdit 4*h ��yhday). Hpjy Epcharist  BYery SHndqy qt 8 p.rp-i h$Q q.rp.llsr arid  srfj). Eygry ThHrsday Ol 10 a.rn.. Eyepsong  Qt 7:3p r^rpt i-^nd "end 4tJl���lypdgy).*'  ���"l?t-  nd  3rd |ui  rcfi  "i-^..   _. _ , .  farjst-=r3, p.m. every ^th Sundqy.  stT^Rey. O. Popplbf Sechelt 88579793.  Church of His Proscrrco-r7-Rpdroqtfs. Eyen-  song7-r;3 p.friv ever '2pd'''"Sppidliay! Holy  cuchqristTTrrS  "Rfle   i  *    '!  4  '<*]  .   '"  }  Sechelt Science Club  prepared for Seattle  sons.  ,6444-25  NESTLEJIIS drafting table and  light'$100; Reel hand mow-  sole  auto.,   PS,  PB.. Real    er   $8.   White   enamel  double  laundry trays $15. Fibreglass  runabout boat with trailer  $450.   All   in   excelIpnt   conriU.  _beauty  1962 Chevrolet    6  cyl.   auto.,  : radio, 4 dr. sed_a_.____   1060, Chev'-plet fi -pyf sl&i ra-  1058 Ford, 6 cyl:, std,, 2 dr.  YOUR TOYOTA DEALER  SP^fZP p\  $TAN'S      ',  '.     SAFETY CENTER  0   .     706f) Duncan St.  Powell Riyer  Phone 4&5-2737    '..  Your- ferry   farp  will  ho  refunded on pipcliuse.  6462-25  BOATS fi, ENGINES  tion.  Phope  88fir2t0p.  04---J-25  JSTjiaO-riMC'ruliBclto}    un   uoW,  1 $50   Also dinette set, hardly  used   $76.   805-2327.      6437-25  G^uTnJ^^ desk,  chairs,   coffee "table.   Chest- '  erfield,  auto washer,  yacppm  cleaner,' eleclricol   appliances.  New  Philips slei-eo radio record player, 606-2064.  .'. '.    ',.', .,."..    '   (H!-2-7ifi  QOOJD  solid  cjiestpi-flold  and  chnir, Also ArborHe. kitchen  liable,   Phono   HI|3t2480   woek-  endH. '., (1453-25  H~*f|rT~ ir15jiEciUKm  boiii  'with ii''��i!��r w\ i>0 hp, M��rv  ���cury,   'fill' panel'   VolkHWOKen  BP  ��  WATERFRONT  Lot located-at Ocean. Esplanade Gibsons area. Facing Van-   ���^Yancguyor���IslanaV-l 00���ft, x   117 hJ% aerer-^ee-Srgn^V  $11,250. Ben Good, any time 688-8796.  COTTAGE5  ���'    OnrThe beach" try    $8,1100.  Two Bdrms,  land  lease.  Same  finishing.  ALSO ,       �����     ' ;    ;   '  Brand new past and bepm tyRg on heach and other Sunshine"  . , Coast properties. Ben Good, any time 688-8796  GROCERY STORE  Located Sechelt oreq 6ijnsh!nP Cpasf- Well established, busl;  ncss pro-is oyer $M6,0QQ anpudj|y. Eyco|lcpt rppdr-lj>H!l,dl.r*g._  ess gross oyer $H6,QQQ anpudlly. Eyco|lcpt mpdr-t>Hl|,dirjg  hree bEJrm sWlto, rcgl yq|i*o.  Including srM-Tlrr|7QOOr^  o(jr trpdp wc nmy <-<**h 9P$ y��Hr noy6��- P*"nsHlt Hg0-9f =*  /Viasg Migration  The naturalists' tfelighi is the George  C,, Reifei Waterfpwl Refuge, ,a mtie  from Lctdner *iti British Columbia's  Fraser Valley, it is on Westhani Isr  SCIENOE Club at the Sechelt Elementary    ia��d at the mot*th of tlie Fraser River  School is making very good progi:ess   $M here^ you can hear the sound of  and latest raffile netted $83 witlf an ad: ' :tlie wHistling *5wan, or^the ^rer trjirii-  -ditioirai7fp40/fro7TrlTm^orT^s"'nes^^ peter, wWtciniie spow geese fly-by.  ging grand total up to $435. A.ppreciatibn There are .more than 100 types of  is extended to the public for its fine sup- geese, ducljs, swans and many forest  P��rt- �����������_..     birds in the sanctuary wbich has ob-  Raffle prizes included -a box of clloco-    servatinn hilts and fl Ijhrary f0J--do^-  Baptist Church Services  BETHEL BAPTIST eHURCH  A/iermaic! gnd Trail, Sechelt  Suinday School Ip.pOq.rri.  Morning Worship 11; 15 a.m.  CALVARY BAPTIST GHURCH  iate��, pens gnj sia%nery mici, a_ bat and   jng research The sancluaty is run  ball  donated by the  two teacher aides,    by   the  British   Columbja  Waterfowl  Barbara and Darlene Joe.  m*mr.  Stet OVER THE WEEKEND.  . REALTY Ll  .56:4 BURRARp SJ., VANCOUVER  , (Atfpve the Tourist Bprequ) .  0   HP   PHIOQB   St   Stralton  Mariho, ready  lo go, $180.,  1'h. 88fHWi0. WW-ltn    u,Mh  w)Ul ���ow IT,���ior., Qriod  tuiwvlw."i muWnu   nihliur,, Phono  "-'^l^  PHnl-jriOj Bfl5r034Br  ,   , 11:14:1-^1 ; '  ��������� _.r���_���,L.r _  RROCATAPLE    ,  MI PT, CAW1M ��� cnilH��ij\ BUILDINGS  Hlnl*, li-inkf-. 80 hp MorPMi-y,.......  .. " P ��� ^ ,^, ,���  llltiji pew. Trullur, $1,050, Ph.    Uwuiinp,  Ro.iholt  IM-iiuupiury  8118-0808.'        ' ��a03-|.fn    ��<'hoiil-on  ciwh  |iun|h, iih Ih,  whoru is, Oihi pr two No, 24  1 1  a jf!' wviiNuunM, fni-Hni' hui-  li'or  Biilfr,   $00,   Plioifo   885-  ,,.i07'lrt. .,,. mwin  ^voW1 p i n 1 tTnir IJ ii 11, hiiif  cirlrlp/ 'fl|hogliiHi(ud lo wnlur  ��� iid'u.   1070'.till  ryici'i! oiillionril  Jul, ovorhiiiilud hi Hlinp, Hnitl,  innloi',1  coplrnlH,  iti-lfiO,  'Phono  8ii(i-i):iiiii, fl'ia��-a7  iri.Jm.Wwlu with "liii fioiiii"  nop |(| hp, iftinn wull, ���!��*���, ami  (liinhout Hoy ��� Ii'IhIiIpi* HohoiI, --���  j'<(i)��|nr lliuliour, llli:i-Wil'l.  ��� ||."|a��i-a7  wi''|\''i'ilOMililil "Kolliy II",  v t, ��� llcftiiftv 80  hp  ininip.i,   '  Aiii.iimill.i pinup, Iwln Im!-  IoiI.im, diiiil crinliolii, AI Hhirp.i,  ���~wMnnfh/'Mi,d|i!��rJ.,'iilly^or|i��lpp*-d.-,-'ww-"-*"  ' Ph, Illia-WI, IHH'MMI  H 1t7"|7 AI .�� "iiiiliTCTl y wo< iii  - houi fny unln wilh, aft liii  Kylnindir, pim, VUnnn mul-  'Mlli',1 nl'liuv 0::i0 ri.in,     IHIIO^ft '  17  )i'T,  linlf phI'I), idyrnfi'iun    ',  flofihil|o')i  ndilml  fof  -n-fu|y.  pnlniurl upd In wnlur! Hill -J(|    ,'  hp '(IpIimho'I, Iniiit ��li/il'|, ''�����.  (.���on��l, $?fiO,,Ph, lii)��.V7l��a,  , 111' HHttl wilh full lio.iw.ilyp.-  I.ip, 118 Iflvliirildn powor.  Ihini'illriMiilor       ,    ^,011.1 -  r^uw  HH-1, H|��i'li��M��''lh  ������!���  i��� ���_���Jlhf;';r,,h��if'!'iJliJ!(,!H!L,.���:. ���.���.; .,.,,  ,   Vonr Mvlpriido. Pnnlor-  ;        MADCIRA .MARINA'  j'h, mia-aaoii     Miidolrn Umh  OM<:  li<ov|i.i t'ciilni  iwan'ifn  __^  mMthMild, fnuiiil on  I'm*  polH.i Hoy,  J'liono 8HM1707,  780 un. II,, 80 fool dli.,mu|.)|-  i-ii|o(i(ihihl(i p-ioo|(iu MulidlniiH,  olontrldiiil llHhllnn,. prop.nnu  I1011I, Hiillnhlofor Hinpipor col-  liifjo olc li'or fiirlhui' htfonun-  llon conlncl A Ion , Piiwhoii,  lliirrlKiin indiiHlrlcH ��Md,( 470  VniiHnmd M'��M��1| Richmond,  'i7f|-ftl||||,   i|l!i,fi��l)   uimiI)    plUH   8  pnr (iiint R(i j* ivjA im wr nf-  I'ui'H, Mi|hI  Im inovdd hy Mny  o-nni-aii  .,1-  CAN IDB SERVE YOU?  ' MR, Jf A. TA^GART  One of pur representatives  will be at  Pow��3|l Rlyor Inn*  Ppwell River, 3.C,  Tjluruday, M��y 20, 1971  If you requira a term loan 'for "a" new or  #Ntiflp bMsiness, you we (nviteel to die-  cusQ your neecjs wltlrhim. An appointment pan pa arrarioeOy telephpnirifl"  Mrt Milk  405-6281 or 112-681-74B4  INDUSTRIAL  D��M0PMNT BUNK  TE8M tJNANCINQ FOI) CANADIAN DU6INE66E8  B0Q Dnnimulr Street,  VANCOUYI5R, B.C,  Draw   winners   were:   Mr.   Hooge   oT    ..      ,  ���     fi_h d  Selma   Park,  box  of  chocolates;   Mr   E     lunet>t m ^anaqq.  Montgomery  of  West  Sechelt,  peps  and  stationery;   bat   and -*ball   won  by| Mis.  Longley of Gower Point was re-donatcd - g��  and won by Boy Ayreg pf Sechelt.    ,  -    Arrangements for  the  trip to  Seattlp  have pcen made py tp'c Spatqe PTA. and  tentative Itinerary 1st  *14Ji^Zli^^-^P_��_*-*ft^irf3Tl the'fi'.^ *t-m  tevyy'.' Avv\y~c V^pcpuyp*-'/ on, "fetPyhPH''^  si ,p,m. Arrive Boeing T47 plant at-2:30 pyp.  Leave Kvcrctt al 4i5B. Arrivp Scutllc at  fi;30 p.m. Dinner wilh families  .May 28; Breakfast with families.  Telescope Shpw (KWC* TV, Hvo) 9:45  u.rn. r )0;00 a.m. f3put|lc Sclppc'e Ccn'ter  1 J8;30, p.p). JTood pjif-ps, pp host jpnpll 12:80  npi'Dr fSpiicc rjcerile aiid ."Vjonorail 12:80  p.m. - 2:1)0 p.m.��� QhiUpncje/n Locks 2:{)p .  p.ip, - 3:flO p.m. Fjsh hpU.'lie|-y (pewnrd  , Purl?) 3,80 p,m, Tnpr crossing flooling  bridges. Pinner with' forniliesj possihly n  ���   pot luck dipnoi-iip a Middle pc-hool.  Mny 27: Breakfast will) families. Wood-  lund Pnr|? zoo OiflO a.ni, - 11;00 n.m. Public Mirrkel,  lour nnd.-hipph   l|*:00  ��inpn.  liulurn, irrrive in yapcoiivpr 8:88 p.m.  Sbm&l^an4-is^on$ide^^  Pprk Rd., Gibsons  Sqndgy School 9;45 qrri.  Evening VVprship 7:00 p.rri.   Posfor, Robert Alloby  (885,2809)  A WARM iWELCQME AWAITS  BAZAAK OIF VALUES ilillMlJlMl-^^^^^^^  t*    _ e-        i,i-*       / . I    0 'l1 f L     ' ���" I   e *��� 1   J'*f      f*     .  ��tyh'x&WlfyM',* 1����T-^Mrr*���<nisK"'*'^\,i$'��" ��*i kfi'S'lA'~&<&%i'iT'��'t*\  "J iJ   , ' '  ����r  10, -���* >*    ���&$ V$%$foi��*x.<  rnRrGorTi  ill Wn  ,-fl-  II  ��*"  m  Safe Motoring   J  NOVy  thnl,  Iho  Ihi'oal  of snow and  loo    ||  Is hohjud us, iho b,c, Aiitpmnhllo As-  soii|i|tioii |||ik ��n|po up wilh lis iinuili)) ro-  mlndor of llio ciirroni sonsonai driving  jin-uiiil: pot lifilc-s. j :���-.. ���..-..,..,......:..,...  Tlio   I'CAA   wnniH   Ihul,   crooks   upd  crevices  in  ||)o,.|)iBhwiiy  sui'firco oiiiiHiifl   \  hy  wipler condllliins cnii luipclf wjicols  out iif (ipo, rhip Hips, iiroiil? Hpilntw mi<l  ulio'.'k nliHorhurs find ovop riiln iiislos, poop .  holns cni) llii'ow fi enr out nf poplrol.'  3o uniii jinifi sij||'n.ii!H nro |0)jn|rod,  inolorltils should oxlii'cInu spocliil cniiliun,  ���pii|-||ciiliiiiy f|iir|p/t rrilny wou'llmr whap  pill, linliis hocrimo'flllod w|l|) wiiloc' nnd  mo linifl lo iIIhiId/iuIhIi I'lnin rond sni-  I'niuiH,. i  "Yinppnri oil! ynin-. hnllflny ,wnp|?nn*1  lri)i y..'i? Wlillo yoii'ro nl il, pjii|ioi|)l' n  ��� I'limllloV .spot rivur 28 ml lus from ''your  |io|i).i, C!||iii).!(!H' |i|.) 8 In |, Uiul If ypu  nro |iivii|vi;iI in nn ii(ii)l.|.)i|l, It will 1 nKit  ))|n.,'u in l|iin fnnii|j]i|- nron jhhI. wilhin '28  inll.is nf your Inini",      ..<���,;��  Driii'l, ynu Im ..'niinlil off ipuinl,,,  Iiiiii mimiiior 78% of iho iic.Jiiliml vli.'liinii  worn Involved Ip inln|)'ii|m only ao p)|)oH  finm hnni.i.  *^-jlo'rpn-'��lnri*l*|rlvrjrrr'"r>Joy',-yoiir*,'ho|l*'  , i|i|y wllli lhn I'miilly ,,, nnd most )ip|lui'-  liinl,,. "IJrlnn '.nn Mnck Aliv.il"   *  Thu iiiiiiihin' of pi'<iiik��  on" o  door's  ii|ll|t!|i. do piil r.)ri'oii|irind In lln ii|(i),  Tli'!)'.i urn ,81 million ni:|i,'n nf pr|vii|i],|y-1  nwiii.'il   loi'.isl  Innd lu (.'niniiln,  ':00rf0000000M00'0Vw  liprnelife x(-.)3o,.th-? Ilahtweight.ph9ln ^ papM >\\\q power-of  the IqrgPP prpfossipnal SOWS , . . yet gjves yoti lightwQJ��jli|- ease '  pf fondling. The XL-,)30 sppffs jfip^ pp>Ver^ f3po^f eylihcjer fpr  greater power with lees fuel jcons'rimpflflhv.Miroe'pil re*?<2rvplr fp"*,  longer cont-ln.Mous'pp&rqlio'n. l-ess ripwnlimp. More .ff.ojjqrs ^pr ypM-  Ktm  Cowrie S^opf PfiPne 8$5-9626 |  ilHIilllii^  r,��.w��^j;.^'''|,f jif/t*tHMisMty,|(|,M]r,^.����^Wr��'v��l*^.^^ffi����T-I����J"��n--,J^ ,^(r//|i��;'  rv-  lii  ���sa ��'i*-s,*i  TO  \ Ll I a)  _LttJUU*S  ^  jarm club  TlilMilveiUwinoflt l�� ml putiM^lied or displayed by Hid M<jwr Coflirpl Po��f<I or by tho 0ovoffl8ient ol llilllsli Colum'Wi,  FRIPAYS/8;G0 p.m  Jaclcpof $300  ^ POOH PRIZB ir  r00�� 0 00t$H$$iil$$$i0000l00H$000000000000i*  *    SECHELT AGEWCSE3 (DATE PAD  ��� TlM tp>a romln'lor of cqmlpn ovop|�� |& q sory/po pf Sf*C| |PI-T /VGIilSCIES  i.TPf PhonpipopipRii)p,Tlmpi*.fllrp<-l fpr fruo IWInoi, .sppplfylnii.."Pfiffl  Pod'', I'luoso po|o ||)qt apnea is |lrp|H PP"! s��ITlo ndvonco ��f**lP* fp^V  hqyo io vyq|- i|io|r fnrni pUp Ihot f|i|�� i�� q f'rpmln'ipr" IWIna pnly pnd  copnQl o|woyt. carry f,1'') do|o||��.' ' J:  MVlMMNm^  Moy l?-���?-4 (un, h"d Cpm Copoficv |io|inri�� Cpu-k, Dp��n ll'-nw,' y  W'iy IV 8 o.m, "Snr-hoji,.Union Hnlli Mlruio, ,     . r        ���  ���Mny  2Q  :-|i30  p.rn,   S��c|m|l   Union   l|dl|,   Sr.   C|||*uri�� Hrwu-li   6?  1 n M.i��i|ri|j, > i , ���  Moy 21-- 0 n.m, Sotlmli Jiulicin Moll, Hlnpn.     '  --��� Mqy ^'^^^  r^riy 23   7 p,|n, Iiiir.|-��H f'o(l(.]iniiir'f;()r)c.iir|,  Mny 24 "jij(.I)��Ii Mny Uoy fculuhiolloiih, lCoinm..)j)r.o ol 9 n.tp, ,  Mny 2t).---/ p.p\,  l'��f-|i'nnl Hoonl plllr.u,  pnlillc, lluuilnii i�� Zonlnn  Uy.| nw, ���  M"/ 2)j   0 j),p*i, punilpr illorliotir CornniMiilly 'I lol), M��pilno In orqapl^o  M"/ 211 '������*, p.m, M'"i-o|i�� Crunk Uifiiop I'l"!!, I-Ai H'immooo^olfi l<,J-  ll(!l.|||llll|1|l., *    ���        ' ���    *���        .','  hf\ny 2fl- 10 o.m,,-1 p.m. Wflnin Cr����"l<. COmmnnlly Moll, Coff���� Por ly.  Mo/, 29. Fforn | p.m. S..-t|ii.ii Inilinp I loll,, llornf-'nioHri; Mq-oor, '|i.q  imi/ f<uii)i)ii)yti Solo,      i /        i J   J    \  Moy 3|���-8 r#,m, l'oln;rl�� Ciuiik luplni) Hall, Annnnl M(f|, Suitdiln"*  CooM Aid, Crnincll, ,       '   '  < . . ' '        ^  AS|( FOR OUR FREE CATAWGUR    OF RF.AI, fSTATE  MmMIpU M'tlw) S��rrf<:��  VflncoMVor \lna. (Hot*  Wonro  RBAU ESTATE  INSURAMCCS  ^��ICIBS IIP.  flox 120, Sccl.clt, fl,C.  Phono 805-2235  t"*-v.  *r!llp^*i^lWiiil-^w  fmmPJV:!mm^��MM^  Jr^"  ^&^*  ���**Ts****^��*s*''1  ��      i   ���   ���   i   i    f   ��   f       iiii  J-rFI  ,*.     ali,f' �����. 0t*  *l*  **-* ��."*^iHv** 1*    )U>"  ,1  A  -    v9 t  jf*-i.0 0tm      Ci  '..- f��' i  l'< *      _..' ' - ^^_--..__^ . _._ ._._ ^_T _���_.*. ''       _. !\_!__^__ ! . _^Uu^AAAnA'W��Snmvv>i WVWVv _ _    "_ ����a~��jv��VVVVVVVVY*YVVV^^'VVVVVV^  -.',*->' **  ,1 "fc .,     *,-��� (tV'!f  www.  ��� T>-v"v-wVVVVv-vv"v"Y"VVV^  ArbiMd;Gi^ons -g^-".  ���by,v Maripn ChqrmOh  ,��� < -  ���  *fHE LA-TS" Jap-.es Payne Allan wa*- a  ,   de**cendant of ope of-the. first families who .came to live at Hopkins landing after the arrival of the original flop-"  klni "Jimmie" Allan's grandfather G, I,  *\Vil*:on and parents Mr, and >M-;3( J, B,  . Allan were old timers, _ _,   ....   ,  ',.   ��� Jimmi& was horn ip Va.iipou.Ver *nd  made his home at Hopkins landing for  - the past 25 years. He was op, the  old  M.V. Bainbridge as a deckhand for Black  Ball Perries and has been with QtP- -Per-*  rie*LJ-^n*L__ie_lime the Government took  over in 1961, advancing .to the position  of 2nd officer which was, quite an. accomplishment and represent--d a lot pf  study and determination. He worked Well,'  we^ reliable, honest- apd pbuld "always he  depended on for punctuality, Hip passing  brings a great sense of loss to many, Mr.  Allan *was  an  Honorary    member    of  Branch 109 Royal-.Canadian Region, of  which he was a gopt*. .appporter, He ��� is  missed by all his comrades,      _ ,  ��� 0 people  who   have  worked   with IH*\-  ' Allan when he was on construction with-  B.C, Bridge afePort Mellon, and men who ,  were employed by Mr, Allan when he  and a partner were owners of the first  E.sso   station   in   (Tibsans,   have   nothing-  but the bighest praise for Jimmie Allan,  He wifs vice-grand di Sunshine Coast  Lodge 76 IOQF-, of which I^odge be was  also a charter member,  MISSIONARY" COIINQI14  Attending the .Lower MpipJand Missionary CQuncil. Rally at Cannaught  Heights, New Westminstei;, on May 13th  Were Mrs. P; J. Wyngaert, Mrs. B. Braekf  ett, Mrs. JS. Lawrence, Mrs, phrenka antl  Mis, G, Charman. ?_  The morning sfssion included devotional, . speaker, ''Workers Ip Action'Wa  group from Abbotsford, and an address by  ~i returned missionary Sophie Nygard, entitled "Liberian Reminiscence*"''.  Following a del|c."ious luncheon in the  - lower, auditorium . the women Vrgrasjem*  bled ih tlie'Church to hear Mrs, Lee'Rol-  t ler who called for helpers to get the camp  facilities at Clayburn ready for the coming-season's acliyities. There was a song-  time. District director of WMC Mrs. Mary  - Shannon gave inspiration and encourage-  men for all workers together with God.  JJighlight_pt-ihe-afternoon���was���mis*  COMPANIES from outside the province  haye, it seems, beep operating id British' Columbia without the required licence pud. further, contracts used have  failed to comply with regulations under ,  the B.C. Consumer Protection Act.  _2*jie_j'u*__iJnstan����^a'L_b^  out in a letten from the provincial Attorney General's Department to Municipal Authorities and states;  I wish to make, contact with the- various municipal licencing bodies who issue  licences, and in some cases require bonding of the itinerant salesmen1 who operate in their particular areas.  Aristocrat    Distributors    (Edmonton)  Ltd., effected a sale on opr about the  third of November, 186p, in the, Queane}  _atea^and there is nn trace of the-fcompanyi  having secured the necessary licence for  their salesmen,' moreover' the contract  ���form in use did not contain the necessary  details prescribed by the British' Columbia'  Consumer Protection Act, which ip itself  allowed the consumer 'concerned, a- right ���  of rescission, and the return of monies  .  paid. The company has pot seen fit' to  recognize or observe the British Columbia  Statute,' and  1 will  bep  leased  if you  would inform'the municipal offices within your area, who would issue such licences, that a strong objection would be  lodged to any~appllcation for an itinerant  sale licence on behalf dl this company,  'and  or "its  salesmen  pr  agents,  and  I  ��� would like to receive details of any such  ��� company representative who i�� found to  ���--be operating without the'necessary licence.  Perl-Taps* yqu will let me ��no\v if this  will present any difficulty, and. I would  like some confirmation that the releyanT  offices have been informed.  The RCMP authorities have also been  informed, and I attach a'-.cbpy of my letter "for your interest, .   -  exhibits  at Sechell Galled  NEWCOMER to the' district, Mr, D, Rad-  cliffe. of Halfmoon Bay, exhibits his  water colors this week at the Sechelt Art  Gallery and reports are that his works  are  most'-attraeivd with, great  strength  "and exceptionally bright coloring for water color.  Ml'.  Radeliffe  came  out  from  Great  Britain after a twelve year stint  in the  Me-*f?nant Navy. He has received noi'or-  ,mal training but his 1 work shows great  -promise"��� '    Next exhibitor is also understood  to  Page A-4  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, MaylMWl  *u00ivwwnewui0m0*iHMtv*i**ii0*i0i'*00i*  JEWELLERS  *       *       sj*   .  RINGS  * 'WATCHES  he a newcomer and he, in turn, will be  followed by Mrs. Kay ���'Wells, well known  and popular exhibitor.  RALPH C. DUCKWORTH  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  T>lephonoj 885-9513  SECHELT, B,C,  Telej-hpiw- .806:3913  GIBSONS. -fcC  '   r     " W. Philip Gordon  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Tel; Bus*, 886*2714, timy 8B6>7567  .        HorriJi Bloek, (aiteons, B.C;....  00m0mmmm'm.'������. ����..��00000000^0*^^^0^- -    ��� "'. ���'   -"-"  APPIpIANOE HEPAIIS  TRAIL BAY ENTERPRISES  Repairs to large or small appliances  JOHN BUNYAN  Davis Bay Phone 885*9318  CUSTOM KITCHENS  General Finish Carpentry  AH work performed on the job with  ypur materials."  WIU, GO ANYWHERE  Phone 086-9593  *  TRICON DEVELOPMENTS LTD.  CUSTOM HOMES - PREFAB HOMES  High Quality . . , Reasonable Prices  Buy ...a Package and erect it yourself, or get  "our professional help,  GARDEN BAY. B.C. Phono GB3-2723  SUNSHINE COAST DISPOSAL  SERVICES LTD.  PORT MELLQN to OLE'S COVE  Tel: 886-2938 or 885-9973  Ca|l Us For Your Disposal Needs,  When Renovating Of Spring Cleaning.  Cpntainei-s Avpjlable.  H-!.  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Sirgn*>  stad  was  pastor  at Gibsons Pentecostal  Tabernacle, The Sr. Stronstads now pus-  SECHELT HOME SERVICE  Atlas Part*- r (3ppd Year Tires  24 Hjnriifjrpyting   ^    ���  ^^81-5812 or 885-9979  "EASY-LOG" VACATION HOME  CONTACT  Vince Bracewell at  886-7720 Hopkins Landing, B.C.  For Horizontal, Vertical True Log Building by  CANADIAN LOG STRUCTURES LTD.  BUILDING SUPPLIES  READY-MIX CONCRETE AND  BUILDING SUPPLIES {   Yoijr One Stop Building Stare   .  Fpr All Your Building Needs  -t^iBSpNrwLiSNe^ufp  1653 leaviewA Phprte 88f34642  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD-  BICYCLES.  BILL McPHEDRAN  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR  Free Estimates  Phone 886-7477 - Gibsons, B.C.  . - H,i_ '��� '���   JIM McKENZIE  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR  Residential Wiring and,Major  Appliance Repairs-���- -  PHONE 885-9978  Box 387/ Sechelt, B.C.  FALARON FARM  Excellent facilities available for boarding and  riding your horse  ���Individual Paddocks * Ughted Sawdust. Ring  .* .Vu mile Exercise Trapk * Bridle Trail  REGISTERED BLOOD STOCK FOR SALE  R,R, ?, ejbsaril-, Bf<3. Phpne 8B6-7729  JANII^Jg' S*5jgVjgf I   ..   "^  W��|cpme to The Floorshine Coast  JANITOR SERVICE  Specialists m Cleaning - Floor Wpxlng  Spray Buffing - Window Cleaning  -     RUG SHAMPOOING  Phpne 006-7131 - Gibsons, B.C.  JOHNSON'S  BUILDING MAINTENANCE  Specializing in:  Paper Hanging, interior & Exterior decorating.  Rug Cleaning. AH types of Building  Maintenance.* Floor Installation.        *'"  Window Cleaning.  ��� PflPrTOBT^TTFTffTElT-^  \o\~ _vt Burns Lake,'BrC."  SCWOOL CONCEBT' ----,,-  The enjoyable conceit at Gibsons  Elementary S c h Q o 1 activity room on  Wednesday May 12th was a great credit  to teachers arid pupils.  The, entertaining programme gQt off  vto a fine start wh^n the school choir  directed by Mrs, M, Crawford saiig O  Canada^ in the English and French ver*  sions, barcarolle', ponii Nobis Pacem nn4  Qo, British Columbia. Mrs, Crawford was  recipient of a corsage, Accompanist was  Mrs, K, Jensen who was presented Villi  a token of appreciation.  Very   well   received  y/ua  the   drama  group, ''Next Stop Spring", a play'with a  .cast of 24. pupils directed most ably by  Miss C. Johnson,*  A sevenih year group of'glrjs directed  .  by Mis. M, MncICen'zle lian pieplirccl p  number of folk and'country fiances, Swiirt-  Ish Schottische, Kinder Polka, Teton Mtn, -  ; Btomp imfl l)iw,')i.:MiMr; : ��� ���. J,..t _...!._,.  Itiindy,  VV'itson   prwented  Mrs, Mno.  Kenzio With a  beautiful bomiiiel and.-n.  duinty (lorsago,    ' v  *,' ' A ronslhg wek'onift was glvon the '  Sethelt Indian Student Jlnnd who appeared In colorful costume to piny a  set of' marches ond other muslonl numbers. Thej- were ail admired and ,up-  proi.'liilcrl, the audience uoilng how very  cuiii tho small young iinunboiH 'yyiiro,  Thorn, wns �� solo tiumpot performer who  wiih (iccompHiiled on Iho drum, ho'rti-  culyed nn"'ovlrllon, ' ���   ,, 1  Mr, .Campbell received 11 ymitttmittllnn,  Ilandlcrnfls, sketching nnd oilier 'art work,  bondwork, (���(iininics, mnirliil biiil'ding and  ;  -tewing miideby pupils, In tijiib |activll|6H "���  wiiro on display heforo the coucnrt,  HEtlti AND THERE  "Wont vlHltors wilh Or. and Mrs. D, I.,,  ,  Johnson were tbe hitter's brot|ioiv|n.|aw '  and sliiler Mr, and Mrs, V|ntor Crego froni  Nnrlh HuiiH.by who hnve vntpn in lako  up r.iHld<��nc!ii nl MaditlrifVnrk..  Mih, "Ori-cif Hroiightrin  has   rutunied  afler spoiidlng ft niorillm In M<id|r..'ln��i l|at  with her nldcHi daughiur.  Wjllhi  III  Al-  ������TT iwrtn^-ftrrBT^IIrftirftliliVii'Til l'nncUMr"iJrtit ��� w��d-"  illng of h.ii' .ildijut gninddniighler. 1    <  Tlie Oul.'li Klin dlmnis.i l��. now found  from Noy'i Bfotlrr in (>iitnrlfi, '     -  .Most ul Ciui'idii's forest ennui io after  Hie last  Ico ago,, only   '(*,00() y��n,rs (,����,  ���^w-L^-Pt^twi -M-ii��->ija<-|ijM m*s0^smp000*000i>m0m\mm*mi'^ tmmm+tt^i  R^&^Li^r-tTM^i-J1f0>.nir^T*"\nti 11111T1 t-T-^^ii nr>|_nrt-ir-gjutl-uw<Jirjnr  BICYCLES  SALES - REPA'&S - PABTS , TIRES ETC FDR  BICYCLES - MINIS - MOTOf*: CYCLES  Coll Quick Dick of Cycle Soles & Services at the  RENTAL SHOP .- Phono 885-2848  IF DICK CAN'T FIX IT . . . GIVE IT TO YOUR  MOTHER-IN-LAW  BLASTING  CONTROLLED BLASTING  ALL WORK INSURED  FREEJSTIMAIfcb  FRED DONLEY  Pender Harbour - 883-2403  ��� .���i-ii m.i I      -      f.i��� ^.l..,.i,-���.l.(il., ll.��� -   K   n. ���Lii '...ii   i.l��� ��� .. 1- ,  W^TER SURVEY! SERVICES  ' For Expert Plgsting'  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone 885-2304 L. C, Emerson  R.R., I, Sechelt, B,C.  Dial 886-2000  When'You Need Building Supplies  Give Us A Coll  FRE�� tSTlMATES  BUY DIRECT FROM MltL  $0 DOWN. TERMS AVAILABLE.  Cut all sizes. Timber and Plank.  Dimensional  Lumber and Plywood. We deliver on the  Sunshine Coast  Check Our Prices Before Buying.  TRANS: PACIFIC MILLS LTD.  1349 Mitchell Rood, Richmond, B.C.  Phope Vancouver; 321-2388 -Local; 886-7036  CABINET JV3A&.EB.S  OCEANSIDE FURNITURE 8.  CABINET SHOP  HARDWOOD SPECIALISTS  FINE CUSTOM FURNITURE  KITCHEN AND BATHROOM CABINETS  Our Cabinet-Units Are .All Proflinsherl Defora  , Installation.  - R, BIR'k'lN ��� 'Beach Ave, Rohorls Creek, B.C.  Plioito 086-23SI  SIM ELECTRIC LTD.   ���  Electrical Contracrors  _���   Wiring   Supplies  -   Flerrlrii-  j-lent   Sechelr - Phone 805-2062  ��Serv|ng~ili~r$ttrv$h:iri~^  Box 642 ��� Sechelt, B,C.  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Land Doyalopmont  Road Building. Road Work  ,     Call' "'"''i *  OSBORNE LOGGING CO. LTD.  ,Boh;109. Such��lt, B.C.  Phono 885-9767  PK RENTALS":~~~"~~~~":"~  Madeira Park, B,C,  1        Cravol ��� Fill �� Top 5<>l| - lliillilo/lrig  ,   l/i��i<|ftf, 0ac)*l)��>a ����� Tr.".l<-i  Phono 003-2240  PHONE 003-9330     ���  RpN'S CONTRACTING  "  ClMflPiJ* fSiWnllftfiiTRiitid'(InHilh'iu^  Grodlrig * fill * Rooil 6ra--��l ��� CruUiw! Hack  Phonoi Socholt 005-9500  PRECAST CONCRETE  5f PTfC TAUK INSTAt fW   GOVLMIMINI Ml'HQWli  Hdl. fcSriMATK .  K    irrtwiiinm . DiplmiQit * WoIprline* I tc,  Butlnoss Phono 886-2231  Home Phono 006-9579   .  '    '��� -���*  aihion*  ^SECHELT BEAUTY SALON  Compl'olo  Itnlnlro-'t'lna Servlco By  Pf-oftisslonol Slqlf,  Co-vrlo Stroot Phono 003-2010  f.0m000*m0imw0*0i*0i0i��.w** www^ww wu" ������.i^jU��n.wimm ^iniiiwwmiiiipuwi iwin ���  'HEATrNGT& SHEET fViEtAii  HALL SHEET METAl.  Dorn"8llc -. Comma'rclol -'Irrduat^al ���,  Tolopliono O05��96Q6  Bom 164, Socholt, B.C.  tillicum Seating & sheet  METAL  OIL - PLECTRIC & GAS  No down ,payinonl  Phono 808-9494  eRANK E,  DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  Bal Black vGINoniA,.,  Every Wednet��c|qy ���   ^'"  886-2248  PHOTOGRAPMERS  SERVICE       Sales, Pqrtif Service  fR6E HOME,'DEMONSTRATION  REPAIRS AND SERyie*: ON AU MAKE?  Mrs>Mona Havies ? :88M740  SPOTTING GOOPS^  .-vCMpr.S.'0OATS-  Fishing Supplies - Boats n?vy and  Usecj . r , Large & Small  885-9832 Sechelt  ^mwmmimiptmBmm���mnnwi,00mm00wmimp0*im&m00m*mmm0i0mMm������ m   ��**+���> ��� ��� -  SURVEYORS  ROY fi, WAGENAAR  B.C. 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REACH  ',    10,000 PEOPf-E  Tl-ji: TIMES, 8BS-9634  >.  i'�����\:j~X0*.*.0>^W0*'^^^ ���*��.~..^.��,*���*A..t��-��~~����*~^  jff /J-  :��'  ScoWi ��� Logi  SECHELT TOWING fl. SALVAGE  LTD.  Ilnriyy |:.-iil|)hionl M"ylno & l'>u Towlna ,��� i'  L I HOGS.  *     Phono 805,9425  iKN WRAY'S TRANSFER  i       j |i7H��o|i'il<) Moving, PncKino. Sifff-ofl  PucMriQ rV\iilM|l<i)-�� Int win  Mumlm) nl Alllii'l Vpii l-lnoi,  C��ipn.|'i'i> No, I AAovof* ,  Phono 886-2664, h\R, 1, Glbanni, 8,C.  ������-���'"���"hanSn'str  ' !' !       warehouses ,' ,"  SochoM 003-2110 - Gllrsom 886-2171  'PAH.Y sr��Yicr pi*om vancouvlh ,  SI KVINOJill: S(:C||I;|,T PltNINMJIA  " pn'rnllor* ���'" ririyyvhorp In Cnnndt,  0��narr?l fr��l(l'��t. l-'iw-tim< nirt h<ta*i tttittlini,  J_ JRAIL,.,RAY.,CARTAGE ,:,���,   Phono  8BS-2848 Anytime     ��� "".'. *  ^mmmmm��m'i0m*mmmmmL0m,,m0i0i0L.����>i0*,\m ^ muni m nmmmi*m0000mm<0*m*mmi,Miw(pn  UPHOLQTE^V  BfcLAIR CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY  AND DRAPERIES (       ,    (  Ma.i|rliqlM��rlnn �� Pp-fyllnn - Cnmr>l��'t�� Prnpory  5��rvlco * Smpplm ��l|��/wn In flit hnrpa  Phono 006-20DO nllnr 6 p,rn,  ,m 886-2873  1' ���'  . .I,',*. 00 0. t >\m* 0*0*0*4*0l\j*^*u0\ 0* "a"* 0* 0* ^0*0?&*f  l*,J ,  V-    ,     .    0    -      ^p .. L* a-.  ,   1 00 *    **  0^m0^ft^0m0fivl^^L0i^tt^l0*^^0^*0^!S!^^*0^0s^^*^-  ..v.'jfl.. The Peninsula Times Page A-S  Wednesday, May 19, 1971   e-j            Homemakers schedule  AnnjuarBa^aar May 29  SECHELT Homemal-ers  Annual!  Bazaar '  is scheduled this year fqr Sptijrday,' Way  20 and once again thoir stalls will pffc-i*   jS  a breathtaking airay of gifts just right    "****"  *']    Joi those special occasibns whiph require  stimettiing a little different.  Pillqw slips delicately embi oidered  and edged with crocheted lace are Ideal  for wadding presents, or shower gifts.  There are nwc than sixt*/ gay lif-tlo ,ap=  ions t*immed with embioideiy"making a  ''delightful set with matching mitt.  Novelty items include pussy-cat door  ��,tpps, -npmma, Roppa and baby frog families in gay punts with-.button eyes make  atti active decorations for the home  ( Otl-er items including pretty ^ little  girls' dresses aie still being made as ihe S  flomemakors prepaie for the annual event winch will be held m the Sechelt In-  dian-Ilall-  The Homemakers raffle has * thiee  wonderfull pn^cs (his year so that it was '||  hard to choose which should be lirst. The ��-Ej  Afghan m two shades of orange and s  brown was expertly crocheted, by Mrs. s  Came Joe and measures 60x72". The  white ciocheted circular table cloth measures 42" across. Third prize is the genuine Indiau child's sweater madp with  Cowichan Wpol Tickets are available  from'the Hpmemakeis ai  50c each and  'iV.  !*=  mmm .:- :-.,- _:...,*.���. 2  iCMpPP qPod Supply , ' from g>  NEW (KERHSEliAnU 10 *, ��. ^zaM  NEW Ml��!!  <~  24*  COME IN AND SEE OUR BABY DEPARTMENT  Phpne 88S-2058  Sunshine Coast Highway  liiiiiiiiiiiTniniiniiiiiifiiiif bazaap oi? vALussiminntnuinmnni  n also be obtained at The Times Book-    ^llllllllllililllllllllillllllllllllllll   BAZAAR   OF   VALUES   ||||j  the  Homemakers _ Annual    Raffle;  Jlotnemakers'jiresidenLRuby _P^uji  akpis would also like to  donations aie being aocept-  Chuich   building   fund   and  may be sent tu Father Simpson, Box 30,    |g  Sechelt, BC.  Auxiliary sets date  lor Fall Smorgasbord  MONTHLY     meeting    of    the    Sechelt  Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital  was  held  in St.- Hilda's Hall   last  Thursday,  May 13 with president Mrs. li1. Lewis in  *f|    the chair, and opened with the auxiliary  prayer ''by'v'Mfs:":A';'''Bryaht;'''''"'r'"'''';'"i'''''''"   ''"'"'"".  Conveners  reports were read  arid in=.^_  "dicatTons are  that all auxiliary work   is  progressing  very  satisfactorily.  Members  |1    are eagerly awaiting opening of the; new  extended  care  unit,  scheduled   forXJujy. ���   sg, ��� ���  three'lire new extension  is opened it'is    Sf~**",+,"'��s-"  '"    planned -to keep tJieGii'l Shop lipendaily   1    from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Therefore, volun-    ��5  leers are required to help out with  this  i    function.    Brs. ��.. Dawe reported on the"TTegiorw  mw  ���  t��Mij-'    < \f*L*��*  al   Conference   held   in, Surrey   May   5  Which was attended by tbily local aUxr  .,Cjl\    iiiary members who travelled by charter  % ...*,r.* ..     .  -.V/ j   ,bus.  ,��.**.   ���  \t'i*'*ff'if.   '      Theme for the 1071 Anrn-al Smorgasr  *' rl7     .jllilt'l-K A    borc>i ^�� be bold November 13 is "Paribr  r 1**'- S'*--''--''* 1 MeeVing-,adjourned,   and  rofreshmonts  We Hay? A ��994  Selectjoh Qf Tq'n|<c  Tops,  Bathing  Suits, Cotton  SHifts,   Slacks,  Pant-Tops . ,  the summer  WDBAWS  mm  -fygif Isy Centre,  I '  SHnnyere'-t P!a*Br  **M mU. 0 Art�� hrtMrtU rrr*Ar  -r 1-j.";1:-  >at0M^00lt.**&i.>L0*lv&*^'^ "^ J2J"^ * Ap^.. '-,'jftMfy  Horhamakorr*  ' -^ ''*-\t  Times matt repom . ��� . T . , T* -- ' Inviting Weryohe to"attend the An- '  nual Bazaar, Tea and Raffle on May '  2fJth, (Sechelt Uomernakers   display  spn-ie p|  the heaullful items  which  -\vlil he oh sale. The circular lahle-  olqth, prpp,h(Btetl in de|icatp Peacot'k-  nw    ram a m an muhji hbhjh pluhip  ^esiqii''Ib  2nt"  nriz;e  in the  j'pffle apd l\w {jent'inp jPfhfln svyepter, .  MU3ICA^L,Y, IpbI week's tfand CmiPort        pampliRll R4v����r students were return-    ^ 3rt|. I)}mhr0h1er.ofi i)ill))-vV iiMp��, ap  ** 1 Meeting^ad. "c  -** ^ WeFP scrvpn-  mm  > t  OUR SPACE PM>  at iiiipbiiislmif? w��s thoroughly enjoy-   ino Iho visit m-p-le hy local, students last   nw an'1 drcs-ics are jusl.spjpp hf  "  ... ���.   . .     ...... . ���       ...      ||^. |^n^.m^p ^j-lteie^ which hpve  jtepf hpjTteiTiqltpi'y Jnisy, diiring the  wihfur ii)PH'l|ip. From - lpfi are Our-  lie Joe, Sistpr Lucienj-e Ti'iidepu wit"  able, lillpliinslnno students aru nhyinusly -: .ypur. Playing under the dlVP^inn nf Mr. 1|ie h^nd-mp^p ��f|!i'f"les whlcli hpve  muMng a.,"m{��w* sMyof musk: and, fm.Au^Mhi-.tMoy.;pajpe||pfl in ihnir fesUyal Itepf homeiiialtpi'y husy, puring the  Hinir coiif-pi'iB   bpslflus  huiiiK oujpyable    pleees, ^Itynlnsjy; for1 Band'' and I'pyin--  wipfer smith's.  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^".i^ ^VfV^-"*^A*r« #*"***-* V ¥ * t v Vt t«"y 1.* ♦"- *• **v "■--'"*.<"**v*r'-*-*-»'* f ■♦ t,^ t vs 7>V"»V> v* * '* *rr+**&riIrr+*
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'■',"".-''• 'Y  >"•"    '.-" ■"',/, .; '- >   -,..,-.:       .   ' • ° .       t\"'"'r
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-»        __   _
The Pewnsula7^^
J *--«> to'wwtg, <>wr/ i/ia/l no' fa ro M-wig n*.<o fall tp say What I **'-wljJ1|-JJ[!*5Sj'
- Douaus O. WUEBuep, Editor r
ijj/(«r* fo the editor tpml be mned by dip writer, although a pen-name tpay be used for publication.
WHEN 3 "person goes' into 4he business
pf establishing- a snb-divis.ian he is,
\vW be. i\ profit making enterprise. There
is. certainly nothing wrong with this for
we Jive a free enterprise system and
todate there has never heen a better
system. Free enterprise is open to all
and for a person with initiative it is
possible to make a mark in our competitive world froln the most humble beginnings.
'■- The point we try to make is that
, when a person decides to go into buslines^ there is very, little, if any, support
""'■"by"way1 of* subsidy or tax exemptions to
help him along tjie way, We refer to the
-••mall man fpr in  large  industry thpre
are,pftehT(|eHaih benefits available/
Therefore we fail to see why the taxpayer should be expected to subsidize
land developers by way of having to
accept responsibility for paving of roads
within 'hat subdivision, At present the
■'. situation is that a gravel road has to.
ponipiy with what amounts to minimur~\
specifications. Roads then have to be
approved by the local •government in^
volved and from then on that particular
•authority is responsible fpr maintenance,
paving etc.
nalizcd should he be* forced* to' put -in
hard top roads,
^f his -is-noMi-partipularly-valid- argu*-
meht, neither is the issue of added tax
revenue. "We,all have certain standards
k> abide by whether we build a house
or open a small shop. |T we .are unable
to meet those standards then we are out
of luck. Providing those standards are
met the additional costs are recoverable
in that extra value it-'added to the commodity, be it a dwelling, shop or sub^
.division, •
Obviously, paved rdads add greatly
to the value of lots and while.the developer might have faced difficulties in
raising the ex-tra. capital, his Jots sell
quicker and at a higher price, Therefore,
' on the overall picture, pe is mUQh. further
ahead* * . ;   •
Under the present bylaw structure,
we have numerous mediocre looking
gravelled road subdivisions for. which,
in one way and another, the taxpayer
h„as to accept 'financial resppnsibfir'ty
for paving,
It would seem, costs of.paving and
Other vital services should be built into
the lot price, that way only good class
subdivisions would be established. Lots
would sell quicker, the area would be
Durim} the past couple of years the.. attractive from the outset and countless
number of subdivisions established on
the Sunshipe Soast have been consider*
able. It is to the credit of the individuals
behind the development th*ij- §uch pro-r
' jeets haye helped considerably th§ progress of the area. Through their efforts
many extra dollars have poured "into- the
tax coffers as former waste tracts have
opened  Up  into  first   class  residential
dwelling Jots.        ■     	
-Frpirrthis~fa*erthere would seem to
thousands of tax dollars which have to
be earmarked for roads could be utilized
for other things. •
JliisJiMiot a new proposition for in
many larger communities the developer
js aware of the advantages and constructs
paved roads anyway.
ft requires a little forward thinking
on the part of our elected representatives
foliLJs extremely doubtfuLif_they eyer-
Gravel . . Act Wow,
Editor, The Times,
We don't need it nor waht it.
A few short "-years ago when the tall?
3" a gravel mine far Sechelt was in the
fore it sounded quite impressive—"we're '
going to be on the map at last—big husi-
ness is coming." As time has been s]ids
ing by, thoughtful  people on  the Sup*
shine Coast have become more and more
aware that the wonderful idea of a"-graVe".
mine is nothing less "than a bad dream.
' .As sketchy "bits of "information come in
about the proposal, residents want such
a projeot less and less, gome Say we must
have -big public hearings' and' a vote. The
Whole matter may conceivably come tp
this. In the meantime" as a resident oj
camper in this, as yet, almost unspoilt
beauty spot, called, the  Sunshine  Ca$sf.
register ypur objections in writing. As rej
quested by. pur Regional Board send ygli|
letter  NOW   to  the   secretary,   Regional
Board, R.R. No. 1, Davis Bay, B.C. ThesS
letters Will be the only, way the Boar^.
will have anything concrete to 'assess th*--
wishes of the people. After all the Boare}
is  supposed   to  represent  us  and   on  §,
Vital issue such as this we mustimatte pur?
selves heard loud an'd clear. Mail yoiw letter before May' 2*jth, 1971,
-   . • HEN-J. LANG,
Sechelt,   B.C,
Disaster For Who?
Editor, The Times, . I
Sir: {flections must be drawing hear.
I see by your last issue that the local'Liberal Association is alive in Sechelt and
Gibsons, and threatening to lead us oyt
of the wilderness and away from the
poor- government that has beep supplied
by Social Credit, and save us from- the
Tolg, tfpnservative*- ^ ■ gfltq-qft, play their,   poae A-6 Tjie Peninsula Times
tune and thrpeopte do thla-,^npjn5-hut Wedrtesdoy*, M«W \% 1971
.it's a tough )p\> (3*-np*ng, on 1|ife rftoky    - "       •       *'      7     f    '	
road of life ypu havg> hQleajB yaiip^hpeiji.
. Next point—they're going :'fo g^vp
themselves a raise—well, W& f-houldn't' i
complain about that—the cost of Rving
has gone. up. But the' amqunt of that
rarse is anolner ipaUfcr—-60%. Was it 41
cents they  raised  the old aga pension?
Two  loaves   of   stale -bread   is   a   po'pr
rewaid   for  building .and   pioneet'ng   a
country, not to mention, fighting in the
gieat wars. -      . *
Let's look at their "Provincial records
today—Sask. with Mr. Thatcher—wheat,0
wheat,_and more jyhgajj 'and nobody _tii-
"buy it—now that's what you call a plan-
Y f'{
Sopialist take-pver. On' one .point I will
agree, -Social Credit is destroying itself
and the pijblic along With-it. But the
statement- 'quoted by your publication
that makes me smile comes from B.C.
Liberal Association President Mel -Cou-
velier in regaid to what would happen
if the NDP weie to be elected by the
. peaple_af_B,0-I-thinl^the-way-JieLsunu
med  it  up was  that  it would prove a        ( dntario-they have changed
disaster. To some it probably would, Jut J ,       \, th ^old
nqt for the unemployed, the sick, qr. <%» « • h ,..
Housing Society meet
planned fof June 21st
AHWTJAL general meeting'pf the Pyn-
s„hine Coast Senior Citizens- Hppsipg
Society "has been set fpr Mpnday? June
21st at 8 p.m. at St- "rlilda's.Churcj*. *|a)l,
Sechelt: ].
Chief business to be p'ut to the meet-
__mg_JS_tbe_eJettion-t-t-four— directors—to
senior pitizens, or the education system,
nor would it be disastrous for our" Brothers and Sisters in the trade union movement. Ves, it probably" will be disastrous
tor -the rip-off artists, tbir auto irfsurance
gougers, B.C. Tel., and some of the .gippo
private hospital pperators.
Have yop ever noticed Libeiial Party
speakers, When they address small town
crowds it's always free enterprise. But
When they talk tq the manufacturers' it's
private enterprise, and that's" who they .•
represent private enterprise, not free enterprise. One thing, though, they say they
won't Jake qyer yoUr small^ business.'
They don't have to, because when private
enterprise want that small business it
starves you ou^—ask apy small logging
operator or our fishermen, or maybe the
small grocery store starved out by the
chain store empires. .
Welf now, let's take a look at the
Liberal record. Unemployment right across Canada due tq poor handling of the
economy.,, What dp-they call it this year-
depression, recession, tight money, or
disaster maybe?. You name it—they, along
with.'the Conservatives, invented it. What
is their cure for this disaster—inflation
to stop unemployment, or unemployment
to stop inflation? But I'll tell you the
name of their game—it's Big Business
supplies the campaign funds, The Libe-
Wonr with the conservatives. Quebec—
unemployment, bad here—part time police state—many-want to leave confederation due to the bad situation. The MarL •
time—neither the Liberals or Consejva-
tives have improved the tot of the hard
working people. Newfor.lndland-Ti1Pve>'^"'
ed by Liberals - since coming into Confederation. Edupatiqn standards low, more
^unemployment here—again hard working
people unable to prove the'r worth due
to poor government. The thing that keeps
coming into my mind is the word ''disaster". Yes, it's a word our'Liberal friends
know well.
fill the vapancies created by the death of
Mrs. Olive McGregor and the expiry of
the terms of Canon Alan Greene, Mrs.
Sam Dawe apd Mr. L   P. Hansen-
Membership 'fees for the year 1071-
72 are now due and should be sent to
the secretary, Mrs, Mary Tmkley, RR No.
* ".Ialtmqon Bay. New members will be
welcome. Fees .are $2 annually for the
first year and $1   for subsequent years
When the Board m.et at the -home of
Mrs. Sam t)awe on May 10th, the directors stood fqr a .moment's' silence in
tribute td the memory, of Mr.s. Olive McGregor who had givelT faithful and devoted ""service to the Society. She had"
served as a director and chairman pf the
Admissions Committee fqr three years,
and had never spared, herself in working-
for the welfare and interestjaf the tenants.
Authorized beqler* for TORO Lawnmowers and, town Tractors,
Equipment etc.
lhe Lawnmower Centre at SunsMne tenlals
PAVIS BAY -7-\8aS-2848
be justification for paving of the roads
from general taxation. It nijg|?t also be
argut-d that a small man would be pe-
give a thought, when approving spb
divisions, just how many thousands of
dollars they have tied up for future years
by way of road .paying.
©ravel At WJksbt €mt7
QUITE clearly the establishment of what
is to be a'massive gravel operation
neat Sechelt will not take place without
considerable opposition, for, apart, from.
B, ?ew individuals who have a personal
■ axe to grind, there are very many genuinely concerned people who have certain Justification for -darn"-.
t*aj- berit fpr i»$ to .speak against progress. patV-ciflarliy in light ot the psspr*-
anew- tVifttpn-? bVW*4r-?<\- nr tnQTe nwrn
WnV be-employed.-On the face of things1
this would be a tremendous boost to
the economy of the area, After all, for a
long time we have sought secondary industry in order that our young people
might find work in their own'community.
'However, all is pot always gold that
glitters, and it could very well be that
an operation pf the nature and magnitude
Of the'Construction Aggregate proposal
would herald in the end of this community as a pleasant recreationai-r--tou-
rist area forever—more,
„ ;,  Wo'say "could" for we do not know,
neither does anyone else, and this-makts
ns' very  suspicious,  Tlje   Sechell   and
District Chaniher of Commerce extended an invitation to the general niuniifser ■■
of-the company lo intend a meeting in
order libit members might --el an idea
i of jusl whin would he involved, The of*
ler was iiccepled  and jusl  as uiiickly
information-wii's available af that time,
however, once ,the company is in  the
• -oslllon ol' bavin}-, a few more fuels on
mud a meeting with the Chun-bur wumM
)e welcomed. *
Needless lo Kiiy such n meeiing hiifi
heen slriingcly .overlooked by the company, liisleiid, we' are mow lohl approvul
for lhe. p^ijcct has been granted by,the
-.provincial government which i/n turn,
Iiiiii piitiKcd lhe, huck hy nulling llio oiiuh
, lor approvul upon Hie Kcgiomil' Uoard,
In-(urn, lhe Hoard has passed .the buck
by imiiiiig onus- upop lhe pnhlic which,
hi ncluiil Tiieljifii-perliiips where il shoulil
he anyway, r     '
VV>' would suggesi Hu- entire pfuposl-
llon is, ul Ihis time,, exircmely Mispeel, '
We huvo iMennl lo clnim-t and dcniulN
ol approval of Iciimcs, approvals'In pfii).
dplc, -iiiggui-ijon-i ol' mass cmploymciit
when it is ii known fiicl.thui ■■ravel npcr-
ploymenl, Wc inii'hi bo so hold! as, to
imk "why would the company we III lo
wine and dine the Hcgiomil Hoard, obvi-
oiihly us a e|ohcd in\'.:lhig'/ lor ihe ThmM '
only diticovcrcd, ii   by  acciileni,  liw/i
morv- Mirtujuc wiis the fiioi Ihul ncliher
Vllliigc Mayors, who alt,o uru mcinhors
nf ihe Hoiird mul iil|ci|dcd llic wining ami
dlnhi/?; f/iilwl lo re poll lhe njceling' ui""
(Viimcli,' ,
ll ml|ilil n\t,t) be asked "why do---, imi
lhe compimy make known io iln.-■■■'-*-.
crul piihlleihe vam area we know' l<>
he gii/ciicd lor mining operations over
n long period of lime,
WY Would Mi{*|-ohl Ihul |f lhe |)uh|ic
,,». only knew llic c-ilciM of llni jrravc,| de-
—positrrInvolved.iliirtn^ coonilh'/nf lli.r^
.-'hlliiAiion. woiW*i .ic-iuhv many doiilnV and
-.ecomr Ihoiighls......,.,.,.   '
'Ihere ur-', ul t'ouihcl, many a'hpatin
lO.ilRMtiiiiiiiiun (imi oao /of llic most hi|i,-
* tin- projt-ct-involve strictly Indianrland,
It will .ihereforc mean an mcomu of con-
slderahle'more than ''a fc\V" doll'iirH for
lhe Hand,
tkcim ol o|)i'r«Uoh.» n'vciu oucc ouiM**
indian property will, for some years, be
far removed from a built up area.
There is also the question, of providing employment and, even if we half the
t-Jaim of 100 jobs, it wou)d still help the
economy in no small way.    •
Ojv the other hand, where  serious
consideration is required is,  jyst what
wiU the operation, do to the area7 It is
sa'4 that  as th§ itvonntains q"; gravel are
T£S*"2,V-£' ^P, ^ V'X* b!J!,r6pl"ii-c4  W4
the flattened land will be in prime condi-
-tion fpr residential" building. 'Whether
large tracts of flat land provide desirable
building lots is a matter of opinton. '
The noise factor we can possibly dis-*?
count for it will prdl>ahjy be too far away
to pose a problem, The company says
, there will be no noise but this is, ns
yet, something we tlo not know.
We do know that a new and relatively small,, operation at ..Rast Porpoise Bay
is presently making sufficient noise dial
it would be an abominable racket to
anyone living in proximity to it.
In our humble opinion,'main source
0l concern would he the waterfront oper-
aiion, namely the barge loading-facility
" rom which haiges will be in find out
just as quickly as they can he loaded,
lhat is, judged by the quantity the
company plans on mining,
r'here remains  ijiiie-doubt- in mi,-
rniiHlu, and in the minds of many oilier-;,   ,
dial what wilh the mud stirred iip by
■■■•iiiK oropellors and ditfil from gravel fulling mio- the ocean, we will see, in shoit
lime -un expanding diriy discoloraiioii
ol the "surrounding waters, Further, from
this sncuilje loialim1 bperathm,' there is '
hound to he noise a« gravel jij dumped
lino barges and as,it Is ||ke|y dic> openi-
lion will he twenty-four hours a duy, "
llii-'-i there need he no illusibii as lo what
might he' imiicipaicd,
Thu answer would appear lo lie wild
the  public, The  Kcglunul     |'„im|  |)mi    ,
linked lor siihmisKloiiii for or iiphiM, he-'
shire iiuiklni} lis decision, ,li now lies
with lhe general public u> express ii»
views wlllioin further delay.
'Ihf Times did/ for some lime, ivg-
lM«r opposll oil to objecllopK liy peoplV
wlio were either Ill-Informed and weiv   '
ailing on ill-conceived ruiiiour: or hud
H-fMMii.il  axes k, gr|,,(|t  Mpiuiwllile  we      ,
Mivc.iiwaited lnl'orinaiii)|irw/i(ehed nri V^"*~
ih'-i "f ilui Hourd ami lhe company; cU„,
ildcred i-liu cni-N<;-|i--:ncv-- und have coim-
»|) with (he fuel ihul we personally ,,,-c .
"<>   happy, Much  remuliis imimsweicil   •
hul.wc  would  hliiigcsl., ||,e   wrflim- )h
I'rculy  unoi), ||,c W|il|,   '   „ '    .,
J'lliully, und vurlHliily of lhe iHiihn ',
iiuporiaiKv, Is ihe, Uirii.c i|iiumliy of v/uier   '
'o Ihv .w*d )/» the gr.'ivcf opeiulion, h
tiiu«i be Kinemhemlihiii while (he |<ea-
lonul Hourd ci-j-|,Kvr clulmeil Chiipnuio
< reek lu-ld siijjicieni w,nUf r„r ,||4. ;,^,|R,
I'1'1'" li'M-U-lii Gibsons, ollH-r c»«liH-L'r»
have   Muled  otherwise, ;|„doed,   il , has
iireuily  been neccHsury lo coiiDlruct  u
, huge n-hci voir and we wo ma cvaii nun-    -
plying. <»il)Ml--N. Thcrclore, ihe ulfai !,p
J',-r,wa|er.jyhtciij.:i"».,anollHii-nii.ii«r -lor--	
'•o/'jci'tur-',    '
It now rt'NU.'wv    wouhl, imm
with tin- l;ixp;iy.:r, f!„ m ,,„ H|„„., wj((
, /'PJ-rovh)|- ihis .i)wai|.rii |«,r u,„ H{,^. „,     '
with h)HU)fitm, or. do we lake a tmUn,
lyo».i>r ylrw of lhe MliiulioiiaJid
wider the	
We'll be glad to help with a
$1000 Home Acquisition Grant
or $50bo Second Mortgage
■;Loan.;'! ,:,:;"'      '  ;'::: ": A:,:
Go nhead nnd looK around. We can mako It onalor for! you
to bjjy a n^w home'of your cholco or btilld opo by providing
«n oulrlaht $1000 Homo Acquisition Gront or a $6000 Second
iVJortQnflo tonn Hint moy bo used as part or all of your down
payment, -   ■
rjQ.qualHy:you rnuat.bo i|io first oooupnnt of t|*o now homo-'
nnd must lipvo llvod In Brltlah Columbia for 12 montlio Immo-,
dlntoly pronodlno iho dote of purohflso or comploilon of
conQtrdotlon, ' ' •     ,
Tho |.oflnifl«n oqunl bht cannot oxcood llio djfforonoo ho-
twoon iho ooat of tho proporty «rid tlio flret, morionfjo,
Provloun Orliiah Columbia Govornmont Annuhlllomo-ownor
Grant*- will bo dodugiod from tho $1000 Grunt, but not If you
djoqao a Gocond Morl^oao Loan,   '
Interest lower than on Federal N.HA
first mortgages -i
If paym'anta are mode promptly lliaro will ho an annual refund
Of up to 10%, raduoina Iho ajfocllvo Ihtaroot rata on a 2fi-yaar
Becopd Morlofloa Loan id 7V,%, Por bxamplo, Iho monlhly
payment an a $6000, ^b-yaflr florjond Mor'aafjo loan I*"
$41,00 but tho 10% refund would In offoqt raduoo'thlB to
$36,00; ,;    .,,- J ■' ■ , ,
Air mortgages Fully Insured-V
without extra charge '
If the borrower who |a tlio prlnolpal auppnrlar of llio family
dies, iho Government oM3r|il«}h Columbia will fordlvo tho
.rpnlifllnlna.rtflh!, JheroJa.no oharaofor this Ineuranoo « nor ..
aro ilmro nny applloailop, loool or rop|Birat|on foon or
Annual Home-owner Grants
reduce your prpperty taxes    V
Orico you havo purchased yoiir pew homo you honomo
ollolblo lor Ihe I3rll|8h Columbia Government Home-owner
Grant of pn lo $170 armually--an Important factor Inhelplno
t lo reduce iho amount of your properly laxot},-( ,    ,
HON, W, A, 0, BENNETT, PA, Premier and Minister ol Flnanco,
. e,aftny6GN»Pftp.n  ____:__
i Vli/ioiiH lyprni t)t WiAiU luiJliiyppptil
hudu ppd f.,pi„n ir-:<;,j,iu hah,
Fqr further Information mall thlls coupon
Provincial AdmlnlBtralor, Ifomo-owo^r Aaolatanoo,
Popnrlment of f'lnanco,
...PflrllflmQnt,.f3iilldlnqo,,_...„„. ..„„.»„„„, „ .u_ .-, „,™....,_.:,,
Victoria, British Columbia
pi«m-o 0011.1 me full Ihformatlon wilh r^H1^ ^ i v
$1000 Grant for buy(no fl now hbmo «nd $R000
Second Morluafle Uurn, ■ •
tmm f*n iM« tmt pm |mm« ptq 90m •**» pm pr*«i pr*q 1000* r*0*pmf0p00*t*0mt0mp00*tf0m*>)^f00+p^
p*0* f0*00 #*f *
.J.0 ^*/A«jU-<JJjJ^.U>,.J^d j* J^, .
'•**r0—*-*-*-*-0m*0r^.0.i^^U0.r0*r 0 0 S*/,0 ^^.,0,0.
** 0*   *h,^^**0r0^0,0,0*.0i.y0,0\^.^.m.^.m0^0'   * *J.   0 ^   0   *   *   01   *^0*0L   I   r    0   0.0  0,,   I*   #   J,     ,     .      1     m     #.<H|    0...tJ
*.*.****   .0**.^*..* w. .^mm^trjrrrt,
■ ' \
*f*i+4r-.**.*0,0r. e** "!"2:*g'."-.
-*.e  o
f" '^^l.' " v
-* I
*    ..  1**  .   ■*.     r        ,
* 0,      *0*0   "*■".,
1 *     - > .1
HvH** *-:   * i*
*f"*W( *r ****•*• v"v"***i
IT"       .,    .1,000,     ,00
f ft1"
few Pastor ordained at
Bethel Baptist Church
ROHBFtT Francis Allaby was hqrn Oc-
"tohor I**, 1045 a,t St. Jbl-n, Now Bruns--
Wielr but acqnii-od bis public* and high
schobl eduwUnn at Sussex, N.B, He received his HA ju 1067 from Iho University
ofs^low Brunswick, and his BD in 197(1
truni Acadia "Ju'lvor-'Hy, Woliviljo, Nova
Scotia He was accepted for ordbiatiqn at
a convention hold m Moose Jaw, Sas|c. ip
Apr'1, 1071.
Pastor   Allaby    pf   Calvary    Baptists
—Ghuiclv Gitibons^Tind-of-tbB-Bethcl -flap-^
.   tist Cluu'ch, -Sechelt, was ordained at- "a
ceremony   held   in   the   Bethefl' Baptist
Chinch, Sechelt, last Friday, May 14 at
**7-80 p.m.' .4.-    -,
Pi-olude was played by Mrs- Wage-
rnakcrs at the organ and Mrs. T. Peters
at Hie piano. , •
Call to worsbip Was given by Kev.
Donald McLcod of Hillside Baptist
Church, North Vancouver. Ilov, MeLeod
Is vice-moderator for the $0 area of-
Raptist Union ol Western Canada Next,
followed singing ot the hymn "Breathe
On Mu Breathe ot Qod" und Invocation
Prayer. Scriptuio reading was Exodus 17:
0-12,    f
Consecration hymn* "Take My Life and
Let It Be""- was rendered by Mrs T. Ell-
wood This was followed by the Moderator's Declaration and'the ordihalion ber%
nion preached by Hov. Lloyd Pierce,*
Area Minister for B C
Hev Pieicef spoke ot M0i>es being
called to lead, as Pastois, are called ot
God to lead, and although they often have
tiemendous tasks set helorc them it is
with the knowledge lhat they have a
mighty God to help them
Be\. Gordon Patch, 1st Baptist
Churclv West Vancouver, officiated at
the Laying on of Hands
Charge to the candidate and to lhe
Church was given by Hev G Ponsett
from Edmonds, Burnaby, by way ot very
practical advice and 'exhortation
Closing hymn was "Lork Speak To
Me" Rev Allaby pronounced the benediction Friends were then asked to ic-
main lur furl hoi fellowship," personal
greetings and light refreshments.
I, .
.--_ "._
t i
rWilijih ffltVIt'!
WM HtliUlU
mt'ivti mm in
!ll\fit1litMl j !*>'-/
'>iiil^i:i» *<<$.!&&> Hi
Dental Topics
PARTIAL Denlure& for Teenagers
Spine den(tal specialists are urging the
jisq of removable partial dentures for
teenagers whb'se^ teeth are' Missing cjue
to, acpident or birth defect.
Birth defects are categqrized into abnormalities of the 1eeth and^irregijlarit'cs
iti tljo dcvolopijient ot' the siipport'ing
bpne,' In bqth cases, tho dentist must
tiy to keep the remaining teeth and rp-
place part ot the supporting structure.
Faciarinjurips, common jn hockey qnd
-other— cqntaqt—sporl-s—of te|i—des|.Toy~partr
71,0 f-en'nsula Times Page 4f$
. Wednfesdoy, May 19, \ 971
and'Subnprting bone. .    ,
'" Begtua"* visits    after  treatment    are
^eedpi^ fpr routine evaluation,  but ihe
patient lj-*s to bye taught in detail how to •
iajie care-of t,ho-partial denture and the
qrl"l tissues.
■*>   Jk "partial denture may be necessary
fpr sorpc years after the injury until the
•aip-'qfti'ng bono and tissues have' been
'■given 'il'1 Cbanqp to-'restore 'themselves.
'"-Canadian Rental Associatipn
of the dental arch, including some teeth    "til] healthy trees but ca,n retard growth.
fiii.' i Wink     i
New programme
# •
Bottle recYcling depot's
Begryiting - .
Golovftu] boaijifein,blue and gold resembling the Cen'tebnial *?! crest &[-
tractefl considerable attention in the
Trail Bay Centre Jast week vvlien
lloyt]] Canadian^Legjon Branch 140
-"members field & publicity/carnpa'igiJL
answer to glass disposal '^mii^u*^^?^
-^ -I**.**** ^^-^jjv-w'B.fv-si.A rted jaut by branches ot lhe Facilic
of solid waste—including bottle rociama- Command. On duly when this "pic-
tioli and recycling—|'y expecting "homes!
toi separate collection pr by expecting
individuals to bring sorted waste materials to a collection or redemption centrd,"
warned Mr. ■■Thompson'--:---- ^ .. ...   ,;
TORONTO—An expanded program to
"buy back" all used glass containers
was announced today by E. A Thompson,
president of the Glass Containers Council
of Canada. . ;
.Ef.fecti.vfi! immpdialely, bottle recycling
tui'e was taken are Mr. 'lack SomeVs
and Mrs. Tod Sutitees.
PHONE 885-2311
EVJAY 24th
Judging at 9:15 a.m.
Parade at- 10 a.m.
.   For Information
Phpne 885,998£
.j^TTJ .J^ry^Mi^fU.f.
depots in Ontario, Quebec) New Briii}!-""
wicU, Alberta and British Columbia v^j-l'l
pay one-half cent for-each empty $$$8
coiitainer, or $15 a ton for bulk amounis-
All types of bottles will be accepted.'fifr'
recycling into new containers and oth|r
test ..p!,0^uc^"s,j9ch-,as glasphalt t'pad Paf^
ing mateiial, building bricks, glass insii-
laliirg wool, aerated concrete, acou""|fc
tiles and other jtems. .
The program is an extension of t|ie
Council's earlier program -begun last yc"4r
in Ontario which M'". Thompson termed
"highly   successful"
Mi Thompson stressed lhat while tbe
lecycbng depolf, can assist community
groups in 'their anti-litter campaigns by
piovrding a place to ictpin used bottles
as well as a financial incentive tp co|ject
apd letuvn them, they are not []}Q upswpr
tp the sfiiiji ,-jimstp prpht«*m- A, • "   .,.■
ifWpfrp mii-mhw >« fp\v^ ni?? erabtpm'
" bolid waste disposal can be handled
best at the community level by municipal
services, he said.; Glass, steel aluminum
and paper are all materials which can be
recycled and this is the obvious long term
solution,  stated  Mr.  Thompson.  "At  the
JliP'nenl,"   he pointed .....out;,... "the.-'deppi'
system we have set. up  is  only  an interim measure." '
In  Jply(   1070.   the   Glass    Container^
Council  of  Canada  dpened   three  bottle
redemption and recycling depots in Ontario in a three-month test program.
"We first introduced the project to buy
back only no deposit soft drink bottles,"
Mf Thompson explained "At lhat point
we were looking p* the feasibility of ti
long-range program tp help alleviate [tic
nation's growing litter ai*.d s<)]id Cvastp
problcnr-s- through the salvage iiid"ruf'p
,pf p.a^Hanin-? fjiQtPFtal**. Wp nqmFHhiilJ*'
ffospilal iuaiiirf
TUESDAY,  MAY 25 - -3:«0 P.tVJ.
All Interested Persons Please Attend.
BEGjULAii meeting anci membership ^a
of the Ppnder jftai-bour'Hpspitar Arik-
"• Park Legion  Hall.   Visiting  guests   welcomed by President Mrs.  Q.  Gopdldrup
were; gaest   speaker "Mrs.  S.. E.  Knight,
jijegipnal    Bepresenlatiye    Lower    Mainland; Mjss A iiopkin Bffj'director of nursing;   Mrs-    Jeffs,.' auxiliary    presidpnt,
Lions Gate   Hospital;   together  with   ail
membcis,   assocratc   membeis   and   thoir
. Following discussionjof^the uncominH
May-Day cclf-brattphs, •} number pf' piom-
bers voluptoci pd tp 'help decofatp*. chaif-s
apcl polct-. i"
tiJ?iVrand grStipg Mil tlTeir'antf-lftler and *dW*: *W).- *Vl*o Phoso fpublfc ^^tiqos-'
clean-up ' dr'ves."
Mr. Thohnpson
three-month   tost
SMOBI^ASBORD by Candlelight
At The New
Slbinjo'l Al Tlm Hnby Uko Resiqiirqiil,
6 mllos W'llh nf |bo girl's Cmya Ferry
OPEN PAIUY 10;3D A.M.-10:30 P.M.
as lier JopiCt   |
P|ans are jVcH underway for thp fisfi-
IpR cler|iy sc|iccliijcd fqr Juno 3. 4 with a
fjif-t 'prize pfferrjij pf" $l.ft|j »ic)gejiiei-' wi||i
ra?ny';p!h'Pi! *fw,?'^s .'in^ MP.if?^ ^r'W^ ThP
^IPO'j'l^zo-.w-ilj.-. lip,.for. ilie largest solipnii, ,
#i)jry ticke-ls wjU be available a|- ^cirfirfi". ■
It 'isdjppcii thu  yniliig people wijl g|yo    ■
Uiylng anr) l*jurpa'l)yj 7;a.r'r|||ij a' ripv fori the|r ipippby by vway, op:
"""   siicJi  ileprits in   'Jifep^y',cp|nji'e't|t'|p|'..
\ Iffillnwing •adjoiirpinont.' of bri.1i|ics^-,
•j a ii|()6|- cjejlghjftil tpfr: wns,served 'undc'i1
|;i'onyc|iprs))i|) :pf %yn,. % ,' Wpbb -'assislpd
| |iy M/'tf; A. Jh'uiklb iil'fi 'Mrs. B. Jfi-ipHpii.
j T6a \y«s poured |jy Mrs, Elsi) Waniop and
jcol'l'cf.'.wf)') ■nn'iirod|. by ;D/lfH, U;. /V|c.x(int|pr..
J.,;' 'cimrp. wan an oxcpij-i-ni, bfrn rail for
I thp, iiiepiing apd it is npje-f-'thn't Ihreu
jg|ips|/| jfijpefl ,|is regular'mphihcs. *
j      Npxt apd f|||i||.meeiing of Uio seastm
Wlll.l'c'.bipn'lHli In" lhe j.'oginn Hall, Ma-
' dul|-i| Pari- iH V p.m. , '
This l« tho Idn4 of Inforosf fibflroo.yofi
pay at ypMf Ctoiilt Union, M a Imr-
rowor you nay your CroHl*- Un'onln-
raroit on tlio oxac? amount yon pw«—
only tor Iho «*ac* tlm° y°M M,° ihp
money. Thoro tun* no additions, na discounts, no o*«tro «lioroos, Yom poy no
niorp tlion nop noriny por nrontli for
* ooch dollar of tho iinpnld linlnnco
That's why .
donl at yonr Crodit linhn
Sunshine ."Coast
said  that   dining  tb^
period, some    3')'-.po')
?-oii7refi|lab!e spft rlrinic jipttlps were Vcr
clpemed. EnciHirugpcr hy tl|is initial ,§uc.-
ppsti,<thp prpgram was extended in OclpV
hdrand pew i-ecypjipg ceiiircs wprp established in Mnn'Hnn, Mnnlroal, ;Hramalca
Onl, Hodpjlff ...A>1«., ■   '■'
H.p.,  brliiglh/' Ip eluyep
nporatjou aprriss Gpnarjn.
.i^'r. Tiipmpsnn sijlrt ihni by M»r"i?i
ip7l, oyer ty<)-ii|)d-'!-iui|r mliljiip bnt-flos
had been re'lppp-qd'- and rpcj/pled i||lo
liew glass conlalnpi'H. ,
Hollies aceopjei) at (lio repyc||pt(,pppr
I Cos"nnin|."he clean «»'l soi:to(| by cnlori
Paper lnhnlM iirp iin problem, b)il a|u-
mhill!') nod' rjngs ||)ir|. pre part of r«-
sofilablp, hoi)|e lops milii'l bo roipovful,
T|||k is |K!t!iri)rio IheVcoiilaincrs arc molted
'hjwjiJUM! f<»i'»n«}! ;J!i|q.,..nj!w ...coniuhiers
apd   l|io   moliil  wpiilrl  conlamlnivie   ihe
now giatifi'.'.
iThp GIuhh Con1iii|i'.T Cnunull nf Canada, h« iiulnlcfl r»iil. has boon a piniieer
ip lhe rucycllng and |'«'-|-imillio|V fluid in
Caimfia, floi'llar  Ihis  your,   ll|o  Cp|ini:il
anirnijiipori  llnan'iinl  and   w.r.hulr.lil  hiiii-
xii'l for Carifida'/r flrnl hptii |-oi;fiipii-Mon
)|ap| Ip KlngNlon, Out,, ip opnvor|.''.'wiihIii
.) wenjllj".
'll-o'fj mllllnn ym
iforvp as a pi'filnfypp null ,i„
a llrsl sfpp hi i|.ilcri)ilning nnd ilovpjnii
ln« Ihapnbinllnl    ynlifu.   pf mimliihin
wimlw micl) aii.gliiHfi; papmv ferrous ami
pp-HPrrnilH inulals, food wunIo and ikiih-
PdhI, llcwilil pnubio'irlnK alurlluH are iwiir-
inn «pmpl«llni) Hurl iho pinpi, could heh,
Mp.iriilhm by nnx|, ynuy,
''(-So far im u\tinH In Cf»|-Ron*cd, wn nro
v|/|(|i-iii|)t|y pHfHiiIng yiutnttyah nl'lhyltt Ipln
pulepMiil ivpim i,f K|i-HH1(n-JMnlij|srH,"'h"
wild, "jy-i pan now ffiroNpojho tluy when
llMJ    l"||va/j|l|g   mill    l-pilHij    pf    KlliHH    CI)/
U'ilim will b<i'!<ini<- apinjnr uninrni'l-ni,
j !'M.MfHifJtcU-fi<:lnii,^H^f»>n«ii»Hiiut>i(Hi^m^«i>(i:'^
ri-'id-hliildlMK hMlMNlriOH   pyn   nil UmUm
Mii/|loni»i:«   tpy   ipuhpiI .. ffln'HH   III' n . wliJn
vnr uly of iirniiiaihi *' McThnnipiinn m.|<i,
Mlnwipu in n llm pt buiMn ro«jy«||n«
dpputii now In opi-ralUm In IUJ.
CniiMilfnorH tllwn (looniniiy Irtfnlloil
^iivlngiiin, |j,<i;
I'lilillnlnn  «t|iiHn Cnimialiy  J-lmlu.-il
■ <ii!i}(- -t-mn Aviiniin, niirnahy jj.c,
I ■
fif% ¥^l^%W^¥\^^h^^
*"*it   v'
.-, rf^-.'V ,-        ,||
Thpso mrp Iho aojffon d^yo ty aulo rpp|t)g. Shpo| mo|o| pnd
ahoer qu|s; ll|o fu|l-|liroll|p roar of cars opt, crowds; and Iffo
loolo of Dfd 6f-/|o Bpor Ip quench fhal, Wlnd-whfpp&d, dust-dj--/,
bqpo-i|fed If-lrej. Tho car*? mbyo a fprlaeior l^day* but b|d
{*|y|o'8 e|||! broyvod sfow ni)d oasy. f^pr good o|d-fash|opod
flavour. Sp rally roufid I'm Ojd Styfo flagl It's a wlpporl
|ll|l)llllOp JiliiDl   W||l
Canada im
IJIalto Cf AMcrson D.C.
po*. pft/co midim sofhnn  ,
PnopQ D8S-233J
• (tpi. WW**)
Juti'tfoy -9 Friday 10:30 p.m. to 8»3fl p.m.
Sa'unlay *i30 p.tn, tq YiOtf p.pi,
Slow-browod ond naturally agotl
i    Th
-Is offvPrl|i-pi|)b|it |8-nb| pMhlf9l|a-t| 0r dlnplflyort by ||io     :
Cnnirol'Hcmrtl nrhy tho qavorniTionf Pf British Ppfu-7i/*»/o.
Hr^ W VAtUgSplilllliillife
. ,,.t    ,  ,     '  "    "     - .   ■       ........... ...   .......'.....-■,
Spclo|l-»lnq In
' "'/Slectffflc i|ent
WHAnF BOAPf wcmir
' wsm
¥ 'Jf~tf'*#J"x  ������"W ** -t  .*-�����  *4{./..--��;:^    ���"���,- '���*-*   *V-''.*v"-"-"l?T��-?r"�� l**.-*-*"'. *��*  , *'.*'#    "* ��� "*���** ���"*       "S��  >.--.    ^ A*;,*,^A/.*3. .��,*.-, -��� ^v    .-;. V-  ���-   *-\ ������-   ^ .' ^ "f I ,        ���J"JW,;,'J'' ' ' ���' *���     '  " *    . *��� ���* *������*������ -     ��� .        *       *  T '  * ��   >  t.**J**1  '-If  ft  UI���  'j  Page A-8 ' TM- Peninsula Times  :       Wed-ie-rigy, May 19,1971   < ���-  ��� ������������������    ��� ^.n^,.��� ���%f, ���.,��V.���i|T   jf.^T ��� ��������� ��� ���������- ���, mi.wm^m  Schools Centennial  Log Cabin project  CpMBlNED Centenniail project of schools  \    ii\ the $eche|t District is the erecuon  .arid. furnishing of a pioneer log cabir-.  .' " The cabin W\* be built at Elphinstone,  fiu*n-.t\*xe wtU be made at Penxier Harbour  Secondary  School and elementary,  schools' witt provide hand crafted, -turn-  ialungs. I   I     An appeal is being made to the nub-  (hc, in paiticulai  the merchants to don-  iate such, items as nails, cement, shipiap,  'cut or uncut fir logs approximately 2 inches in .diameter; "ro-igh 2xi4s,'and 3xi3->  ,new or used.^ Also two logs 19 feet, long-  'are required for skids or runners. Three  squares of shakes.are .reqriirpd ior the  ropf.  '"This should keep the students busy  fq-r a While and make*a tangible contribution to record the Centennial of J*)71*  Anyone wishing to rdonate materials  may contact "Mrs/ Donley at Elphinstone  or Mrs. Labonte at Qibsons or Mr- John  Hayes at Sechelt,  ur  **  s  J-  Dr, P. Bland  Is pleqsed to qnnounce that he  will be prqqiticing dentistry in  Gibsons and Sechelt from June  2nd, Phone 886-7020 for  ;   ' appointments.  i  Local Airman  'Captain Larry O'Brien, son of Mr.  aftd Mrs. A, J, O'Brien of RR No. 2  Gibsons, poses in front of a CP-1Q4  Starfigh tar, *MJSaJen^QSfflflgth. Germany. Captain O'Brieit is a jet pilot  serving withQ&natfa'jsNA��Q*-assign-  ec*l 1 Canadian Air Group, M present  Captain O'Brien is practising for Top  Gun which is ^n annual bombing  competition for Canadian pilots serving in Europe.-  ^   \ 7 ^     .  ��� __    rrwrm^lii iiiiiijj y �����,,,,, ���Wi,puM  -    ri\  1,,*,",<**-rtit-  0001  <   '    .I'  .*  -I  *���    t    ,    I  * Reserve your Hondq far a trail ride* N&w,., Got:  yqur Sunshine Coast off fhe peqten tropk,  - family onHna. We alrso fieli Hondas.  ��� We ore your new tmthorfced Honda Dealers  a|| farts, Service qnd Sales.  ��� Also , , . A complete Bicycle service, parts, repairs  sales 6f aU bikes,  * We rent .... .Almost everything. Cement equipment,  Hondas, trailers, tools, garden equipment, water pump*��#  light plants, jack hammers, wheelbarrows etc. etc. at ,J .  xSY'lkv*.-  DAVi�� B^Y  WE ARE OPEN 7 DAY$ A WEEK  8;00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, ��� 7:00 p.mr to 9:00 p.m.  da  0^yf0ifut*v0t0ti0.00  bazaa'h dF VALUfES UkUUUiliilUliaUiUUILUaUMia  ���N  ^k4^^^  ?./ rf*f:y(Zi  moon Boy rytapperiings  irr���  ^by Mary Tinkley..  FHORffl EXPENSIVE WEAE^  Ride With The Best GABRIEL from  S3  3  MvAJrV ASSOCIATE  WHOLESALE arid RETAIL  is��- Cowrie Street, Sechelt  iiiniiniiiiiYiiiirfni bazaar of values  \VHEN the S,S. Beaver glided smpoth'jy){ the church, they stood for a few minutes  into her mooring at the Halfmoon Bay'j at the head of the steps where Her Majr  wharf pn May 11, she might have been re- \\ esty accepted a bouquet of flower*! frpm  turning from taking, the founders of Vic7;' a small girl. .     .  toria to'Vancouver island, for on the decks'; Mrs. Gomyn" had a partic.ular}y gqod  of the replica of the old steamslrip, stood I! view of her and said the Queen was  the crew dressed in the naval uniform of ;' gracious and radiantly beautiful���mucn  the early nineteenth century, with pea 'X more beautiful than can be conveyed by  jackets, bright red cummerbands and )-; even colored TV. Phe was-d'ressed in an  docked hats it ensemble of contrasting shades of mauve.  '    The seamen wore shirts of led  and } Pnncesa   Anne,,, says.-/Mrs.,X}WMP,-WW?.,  white stripes and  many wore sideburns \, friendly anc} smiling and has et beautifnl  and long hair, m a style which is so old ; figuie   Mrs, -gonryn was--fftafrding fairly'-  and yet sp new- �� ' fllQ*'e ^s the rpyal party departed; Just   .  fn   spite   of   her   graceful   lines,   her '.' '"'' Prince Fh'lip, was getting" Into the par, Jc  side paddles and tall masts, this Beaver  J he spotted an elderly man Wearing a rawC?  was as modern as to-day. Constructed at <' ot medals standing close by, Hfe went over  Esquimalt in   1966, sjie  was jefurbished I  and" spoke to the veteran sind shook hands  for the* present  Centennial ciuise  early * with   hipn   before "gettrng'^  this year. In accordance with an old mar- j The Punce, Mrs. Cpnyyn reports, is a fine  ine custom by wb'ph coins are placed at I looking  man, flowing  with  health  and  theobase of the mast to bring the ship | gpod humor,       s  good fortune, before the mast was stepped ' VISITING  early this year, the coins-placed at the ��>*,;��!    t �� �� j     ��  u- ���  pase were a *3t. Christopher's medaL med- t ^s. Eva Lyons, one of Redrooffs busi-  alion? from the 1066, 1067 and 1971 Cen- 5?i j-08^-363' has had as **ue''t*'l Mrs.  tennjals and, a Centennial "71 dollar " "ladys Pamer pf Toronto, her sqn Richard  ��� While a lovely day pressed the shin's "}fird> her granddaughter * Carol from  arrival, the following day was cold and +sa>WWassen, with husband Ted pash and  rainy WPiclV probably kept a nvmW si*    y&vSin^Y' T  crew was entevtdined'Ut  a party at'tho/ ^���ff*��F5*��'i��,��W^i^M/A    ,  Welcpmq Bench Hall by members of the    'aunoJl the!l* boat> the bikini, .Tack whtt "  Halfmoon  Bay    Centennial    Committee    �� ?" enlhusiastic skin diver, carried his  gj     with   the  co-operation  of  a pmnber  of    jjfj|td,e ooord ��nd divipg equipment, but  =s  THERESA HIMMEL  FLANNfLETTE SHEETS  :ta^.^.,,.,,,i..si^^i2ES:ii;s;,-:;,J,,:;..;;:;,, ,,,;.  54x80   - ���..l".;_'���:___'_jRe8.   ?-99  70k90  :._..���"..-  Rea, 3.99  ��0x100  ".._  Reg. 4.99  SPECIAL ?  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Mrs, Ruby Hatcher gave her usual fine  performance at tfte piano and square  dancing. Scottish dancing and polkas  were evn more" spectacular than usual  with the picturesque uniforms of the'erew  with their red cuinmprbands flying. Tjie  officers and crew expressed thanks for a  very happy evening and said that nowhere had they received a warmer or  more generous welcome.  The Halfmoon  Bay Centennial Com?  mittee wishes to odd Us thanks to everybody who helped in any way to make, memorable the visits of the' 88 Beaverlahtl  the minesweepers HMC3~Miramlchi" and  ChaUmr, T|mnks to tlio resldonlswho en- !  teimined tlio crew, in their homes, to llioso j  who helped with transportation  and  to ;  tire teenagers who jiiulertnnk to remove ,'  and , dispose  of . tho  garbago .'froni  tho  -wharf, , ;:  Tho Commlltea pays apodal lilbulo |p I;  lhe chips commitieo cliuirmiui, Hill li'ru- j  ser, whoso efficient orgnnizatinii and care. ;'  fill supervision eWhlw| both visits lo go!1  so Hiriootiily nnd without, a singju hitch,     ;:  ROYAL  VI$IT  Two   Halfmoon   fhiy    residents   who  visited mombuiH of llieir family \n I-owell  Jtivur on Mothor'a Pay, had the privilege '  of Hoeing ||io royal family at'fairly close!  quiii'l.trs, Mrs, K.riih Coniyn was visiting j  hop son,  Hoy  Marnliall,   who   Is  in   tho!  bxlundi-d .Care  Unit   of |>owo|l    Jtiver 1  HoHpilal and Mrs, Vttl N��hh wiih vJhII|Ji�� '*'  hor iiiolliur, Mrs, Hiimli Wall in tlio West, ]  luivoii  GiiohI.  Homo  and ��� hor .liniglii.ir,  IHworloy fillvrry and Kriindiliiiiulil'oi' Paiii^!  ��n. Thoy bolli saw Iho rnynl family {ny*",  i-ivo al iho'Ui-iu-ri Ghiu-ch, Westviow for'  niornlng sorvlco, ���.   ���  TlHi myrvloo was bnnrdoaHt so tlio crowd ,  nulHiriii cor/Id hoar and Join In, Wlion lli��r!  pjieon^jd ii*r|nco I'lilllp camo on). Upm',  ���   -        "..'."' '-j *i**^7-"7i'"ii'iTI"'"-jr-'i'iMi7Tr*TT-*^���  did not find time to do any divipg.  YOUR STEDMAN'S DEALER  Troll Bay Centre, Sechelr  i* * *t  Phone 805-2335  1HH1 BAZAAR OF VALME$ M111IIM  ��iMwM^^  iiitiiiiiiii^ i -i-i-Mia^  Sm "* * i  .This is a $3 SPOT I  . (Um whon on controcf)  Your a<iyfirti*inQ In this tpoco will r��-or,h  noorly 2,800 liomtn* (oyer 9,000 pcoplo)  oocli wok, It's iho mo-.i ecopomlcql woy to  r��qch rnoro SunUilna <SSoo-.rlip'��op|�� tweenm  Time* fld�� o^ Into more bome�� tboo any  dllier nuyycpnpof  profJi/c��(|  in..'ihlu ,or��o.  Tho. times  I'liono 003.9/*34  i. .:  THE DAYS EVENTS INCLUDE  -^-^--BINidO^^CkpWNS--  ir DUNKING MACHINE  ��� GAMES T^r AND JUST  Your Hosls: Ihe Village of Sechell and the kmlm Coast Lions Club  PROCRAMM  SUNDAY, MAY 23���7l��j��0 y;m1^Fpia)(T.  River,, Commnnify   Bond   of   Hocltett  Pork.  MONPAY, MAY,24-  9(00 n,m, War of, Hosos qr Troll Boy  Centre wilh Socholr Firo Popqrhnonl-*  9|15 a,m,~Porodo Amomhlos at  Residential {School.  10f00o,m,���Parodo Start".  11(00 o,m,~-Crownlng of May Quoon at  ��� Hathotr Park.  12 [00 noon���Dootlu Open,  |-0Q p.rn,���Children's Waco*,  A\QQ p,m.���Vancorryor S/arlaiy Group,  6(00 p.m.���Sky Pivor��,  7|00 p.m.���"MAY DAY BALL"  at Sosholt Legion H��H.  ,���B^^ ..-���   , .,,. , -    .  j^i^TO^'^'^-ro5)'''  Royal Canadian Legion Branch 140  ~AryH^imfmzu^iCHrWJJ^ J'  Saturday, May 22nd - Poors Open 8 p.m.  wwmm:*  JSLi  r   M,u$fc by the PBM KIMG^l   fc,3manq.^o,�� -i----A^r- --^APiyiwieN-'^s^irAeif  Tickets Avnllolilo nft fled' A' Whlto $|ori��.  fawwwl^^ C'wl> Hmm  'mmmmmwmi  0.0 W.UAA,*,*.'����AA>*��M.AM*A.*A *./..*-)��> 0 1*0.0 A A.J.S 0. 0. 0,0.0- A0 0 0.1*^*0,  A\ j+���>������  ���.���."��� ������������:������- ������.������������ ���* ���  ,;:������  ���  A * 0.^,0. ,0 0 Kjl.j.j* 0 ,,0.0 r, 0 0 0 0. m. * 0,0. 0,* fr, 0.0.. 0 J, 01 A- *��� 0 0.0. tA^AKAA',  i  l��A��4AA��*��A��^��.nA/*AA*A>,m*A,  ><r��A��*A>AAV>WUVMAI  utUyi^iiiii)*^^  *,  0*0.r**0*/*.0^0\0*A.AA **0*0\0%0*0.0* 0.0. *-*A*A*A-A*�� - -- 0. 0.0, r.,0 , £££&j£!^^ ' ^^.A^^^yi}- \*m^A^^tk^i '-%U;
4- i k WiU w,*4£. ^ * -■' --v^r*^' ■v-WJ-**t"' r-*-v» ***** ^r -m *-<•?* ww* *w^ vsr*^ -ft #i»Hrt vrffjrr m v* r WY ""^
>'*^w''.;■ ^''o- ;.,<,'■■■*,       '     ,        i      - j * ,   - '      "< - j,* '
.  rv»'« '"*v»V* M'*,^7^*'"*'rt--*'*V^»-''!^^
* -'   J  . \ *i *       *   '*    '-     \     J [ .   . ' '
»<*.fH1-<*»JI »-iV>'.if yV' V-. * - ' — --V,
Section B
26 participated
Wednesday, May 19, 1971
Pages  1-8
Scouting-in-Action show
put 1st Gibsons io
»*■**■   i  r
TWENtPYrsix Gibsons scouts put on a
two-act, 8-hour dernqnstratiori before
thousands of onlookers at the recent
gcoiifin^inTAct-ion- show, held in the
PNE's Pure Foods and Show Mart builcjf
iiigs. Every hour on the half hour the
senior patrol led by Pipneer gcout Mel-
viri .Pokool, lashed a live victim, er-r
patient into a steerafid-wir(rstTetc'*Bi"i^
wjl-h .30-ft:,.ropes,^bQwlh
lifter's Ds, handled the casualty"iip apd
over  a  seven "foot  wall.   Volunteers  for
11ie free ride were asked of the audience "
and during one display 13 yr. old Gathrine
Whitworth of West  Vancouver took the
part as the patient. Most of the volunteers
survived   t|ie   prdeal.   . .    | .    .
 Alternately,An every houi-rtrrepther
three patrols took part in a demonstration simulating. fire rescue jn dense
sinoke. A fire net held by the boys" was
the target for a team of jumpers including Pat Oaines, Kelly Frederick, 'CJarald
McConnell, Graeme .Winn, Michael Han-.
spn} Michael Plourde and Eric and Brr^ce
Hansen, who took turns. jumping blind?
folded from a 24-ft. ladder. "At one point
a professional photographer climbed lo
tlie top of the laddei apd took a pictuie
o|  Gerald  McConnell  making  a  perfect ;
^Y'V'P'-'.nt ^ndp?a The Bictyrp
ufj,44^tn<- *OM«»wfHtf .M-a*'4«»>f »r
issue-}-of the -Vancouver Sup
After the blindfold' -mrpping volunteer, were encouraged to try their luck in
landing sept first llupdieds of childten
apd map"/ adults including Alderman Art
Phillips  pf  Vancouver   enjoyed   particir
pa ting. • "
'•■ 3conting-ip-Actipii drew pver 20,000
Visitprs, find .a letter from Scout IIead,T
qyarteri" sept to the 1st Qihspns Troop
road ij "Certainly the" boys'apd crpv^it
arniipd 1st Gjf-Bons'Trodp'f- Diving '"""xe->
cjse into the sofety pet ..vftxs a real sucr
cetjsful 'do', Congratululioii'i to 1st C*'))r
sons foi/ huvipg a-picture nf tjielr e,vep|.
Ill tlm VMpcriuvei' Sun. T|)in is a real
plus factor indeed."
More recently ||>p Is), Cllbsppi' Troop
  ,-    ■', - ■ ■   . »
Have you heord of
" "■■  Phono
885-9995 or B86-735S
planted 200 Douglas fir- seedlings in the
Chapman Creek area under the professional guidance of Mr. Qzzie Hinclcs.
Scouts paired off for the planting operation and each pair tagged their' rows of
trees' fpr checking through the years
to come..
Fred Love, and spouts John Volen, Mir'
chael and David Hauka,  Graeme Winn,
Dummy Run
Besides holding Opei*. House, Sechel|;
Volunteer Pire Department conducted emergency operations during the
recent Fire Dept. Recognition Day.
Pictured in Campbell's Variety, f|re
chief Tom Robillard and Mr. Geqrge
Black rush patient to waiting ambulance whi'le Mr. Bert Clark administers oxygen. The patient was one of
the store dummies.
Horror and comedy
Michael Hanson, Steven Jackson, Bill
Christiansen, Ron GjfJ^jd, Glenn Beaudry,
Michael Plourde, Terry\ Verhulst and
Gerald McConnell participated in a sur-
Yiyal hike and c^n^p. with ppthing. more
than a blanket and a package of dried.
soup and some nuts. The hike took them
.above the 2200 ft. levej and into the snow
tp try out their homemade plywood show,-
shoes 'of the Naskapi tribe design. A
spowshoe race was held tp test the larnp-
wick, bindings and the strength of the
shoes. Ron Girard w^s the winner.
L,"st week 37 scouts of the 1st Gibspns
Troop  got  time  fiom. classes  t°  Sei }P
' mprp |pan fwp an3 a"liulf"7iqui.8 spa-loR
THIS  is yopr  last  chance  to  see  "My
Lover, My Son", the restricted saupter
into the .realm pf incest apd spch-l}ke.
Fpr the whole family "The Aristbeats"
is the next feature. Tl*iis delightful Walt
Disney coior cartppn is arranged with
both amazing artistry and fantastic sound.
For iiU y°U horror freaks, Sunday May
23 is your night. "Tales of Terror" "and*"
"Planet of Vampires" are Ihe blood thirsty
-duo-that will keep-yotr-glued to your seat
until 2 a.m. Come, if you dare...
"""*■-Barrel-ling in next is "Bedazzled" the
most hilarious, most all round entertaining British,import ypu are likely tp ever
see; Raquel Welch' plays "Liisi" lh this
restricted version of one man who meets
the Devil. The New Yorker called it "the
funniest picture of ages", Life magazine
recommended it "for movie goers with a
hunger for pure comedy" and we say
"Wow"'. . "■■-"•"
This broad ate acrpss the country's
nprthland dominates Canada's forc-sj. area.
The Bpreal forests aro primarily cpnjl
fprpus-'wil.lr^laelCpT^^mirfnWc l-bs
^sJ-1114. During the trip Officer pf' the
t^fpl^h manocuvers were conducted wilh
pre-cise alteratipps of couisp and speed,
and, with the spupdipg of six blasts of the
ship's sif-en !,lV|[aiyV|Oyei-|.pard" pf-pcedpi'e
was exercised, Tjie ''rescpe" was efifected
by lifering, diver jp wet spit an4 o fo'c's'le riepick ipi-piied by.t|]e duty, watch.
T|ie» scout-j were slio'wp, ii|l oyer j.he
'swpeper- |p fppr sepi^ratp gfoup'" With the
hripgo, iwheellippse apej radar room at-
trpctipg the Ueepei"t pf }ntpre's,t, Op bpai'^-
jng tlie pcoiitf* sa|t-|ed t|ie rpiartei-fjeclc
apd pi tho, end. of ilie visit .they gave a
lieurty '"''hunk you." "ye|l. Sp oj)|h|-s|astic
were some pf the boys apput t|ip trip
thf-flliey wep|, pp to the bridge tp tV)«pk.
ilia cupfaip  pdrsonully.
TJio |)oy-|''of, thu Jst Gibsons (Scout
' Troop are npx|ouil tp ipake I 1icipku|vcs
livul|nb|e t'o miy pensioner, widow or l'n-
llierlos« family in Ihu area who have
W\y\t jlifiy |pig|)t pcorj help with, No
fupdH «ni decupled fur pru'-HitH of Ihla
nature," ;
''   I     ,' '    "■       'I. '
lOsOO   ArJVl.
"MOO P.fW, i
i  , £)ki'JA
. Ri-jSTRIPtpP
STARRING: Romy SchnoMar.
^~>--.        ''     ' ' \.
K?WiJ.,1"l  Vf-tll.WIII'iH-
,i ■,..','  ll,, y<    1 l 1.1 IHI
CASTING REJiu«--"*--"""
t,KC-.:.-■■ ,,-..l
'       tf*'   I IIHIMMU,*
tyqy 20, *", 22 Qfid JI3
~t, P|.'US   -""-
■     MATING SATURPAY nl a f,h\,
"mum or TERROR"
Rpor» Op^n || p.pp, Oiii ** <-,-»>
cownm wntwi n^'H^t'.' '. ,'jfHp'i^tT
m-t-TRICTBD , '
1 "     STARR INQ;
l'<)i|i|o| WpWl, Rulni CikiK fili'l
pmlloy 'f^nnpt,
™.'niw'..'Ililiiklmi'«..Mflii'ij Cwn)ui|/,.ai-,lh«.
,        Ymi ', l-lfo iMoQpiiniu.
M*»JK Wt-M »rT* ?* "M P'W"■':
'"5»ippp8Q Thoy'Ooyo A war
And Hpbo«ly Cqmp''  ;
,, W'^H5~~UR"|^* '^
r ;•• i< \mmkyc i. r,
4T tJ. 4 *^ <iUi, t^ * «-ir»Ja tfe^ J !»^.it'fi^;,^ iU jr I ^U^,i^W^ ti
1. IN JUNE OF 1969, (and many other times) a large number of taxpayers express.ed thejr concern
about the proposed gravel operation In the ensujng 23'months, Copstrqction Aggregates "has'not,
presented one iota of factual information to tHie public ' , ,
2, LETTER TO HON. ISAPEI- DAWSON by the Regionartoard pEC 14, 1970 stating thqt all details
must be submitted before qny further consideration be given nothing has been submitted yet—there
is q request to get an with the approvals by-Const. Agg. "and the fyxird p|ans- an executive meeting
on the subject instead of informing Copst. Aggregqtes of \vhqt is regyired.
3? LETTER TO TH^ RI6I&NAW 99AHP by. €?n§t. Aggr@gg<fe PEC 7, 1?70 stgting nothing fyrth§r tQ M§
done MRtH gl! studies wer§ complete and g clerqjied §ybmission t© ai! interestecj parties of qctygj intentions and plan; Nothing of this nqtyre hgs (aeen ^eliYered fprthvVith gnd'yet ai reguesf t@ gpproye
has been rnqde, this js out of gr^er. --.,-.-..   .......        .,-..,,.,
'  .    - ' 'V \". C ■     ''      '    ,"   '' J* '* , o .'    '      . ... "
4.'THE MARY HILL CONST. AISGf Clperqtion has nq'thfng to do!with thg s|che|f area and there is little'
point In P delegation going to examine the project. Regardless of whqfeyer is going on elsewhere,
this type pf inc-justry in the proposed lokation is not welcome to the peppje of the distFJct nor is-it
and then decided upon by plebiscite. *'.."'
5. TO LIVE-AMONG A GRAVEL complex is hardly whqt anyone coyld cqll desirous.
6. IN OTHER AREAS OF THE PROVINCE, the'people qnd their local gpyernmerifs are striving to protect
Qnd preserve,rtheir.enyirpnment. If is-q*|fficult-m
Gqqst, there should be gny gyestjon qf ail, of a gravel mining industry, \yith its dispsfroys effects on   .
the environment   Riv Taw straits is quite enough and this should bear watching for a couple of years
qnd this could indicate whether a larger complex is campatable to the district.
7. IT IS AN INCONTESTABLE FACT that the welfare of the pgtjents and sjgff Pf §*• Mary's HsspitSP
will not be improved by the close prpxirr)jty of q grgygl cru§hing.plgnt -yyifh" th§'in£g§^9n! HS^i Sn^'^y^ -
qnd general cjistyrbqnpg. ' .    ' ' """ '   ' ,
i     > -        '-..,'■ -, ' '     i        , *
8. THE BEACHES' ARE 'BIGQ^ING CROWDED elrca-dy |n thg ggp-^n 9lid Q§ the lymmgr Qppregch^s,
_mgre-iqn^-m9r^ BgpRle,-!pF9l-flnd-Yi*?itPr^ v'iH^gSHire^
growing 'community qnd r^preatlonpi grpq-
9. THE BEACH IN FRONT OF THE VILLAGE of SeGhe|t"-hqs beep  reserved  for recreational  purposes/
|t is nqfcgmpatible tp have grayel |ogding fqcjlifies in sych close 'proximity. m /
': ■■'■J. ."::: -.'.'..    , , ' ^n
IQ. StypPLY OF.WATER IS NOT AVAILABLE because domestic water requirements \vi|| peed ft all in the
pegr future: Recycle of \yater cfoes pot qppepr to (*»e |og|cq|,
'■ 'V    :'    ■ ',•■  ■ ■■■■.■'-. r   .1 -      -
11. THE PANGER FROM SEEPAGE of seff-fing ponqls constructed above Se|ma park js a possibility.
12. ALL RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY in the 9rea will c|eprecjate in va^e; hpw much Property w||f bo qffecfed
'l       cjepends pp the sfze of the gravel operqf|op; |t js regsonoWe fo assume that 5e|mq Pprl^ will hccome
.q s|ym gran, and, as sUPh, wiH have jittje hope of amalgqmation wilh 3echelft Vjjjage.
U, THE INDU*»TR|4L MARINE TRAFFIC will creqte q'seriPirjs hP?prd''tqiwitymf* M-timim ($h\N$
, in the wqter qnc| beqeh qreq of Trpi| Rqy. It Will PPt .he pPSSihle to mqpr SmPlI pleqsyre P/aft iri thp   ;
qreg bepquse qf possible dqmqge lay tygsf gorges-etc. . .'. .., \       ■■ : ,'■..: ';<-.,.',:-
14, IN THE EVENT OF STRIKES pR LABOUR stqppqges by any pf the upipps copnected, with T°W PPP,^
."there will be, ynsightly sfocKpiles of grqvel op beaches pr wherever. ■•'■.'
15, SEVERAL YEARS> AGP A BftEAKVyATER was copstrudecj hy t|io federal government PS P hprbpyr
pf refyge for lhe increasing nurpber af sma|) boqfs plying, Iho coastal wp'ers. Graval Ipacling nogr
1  'fhjs harbour af refuge will no longer make H q pleasant arid restful artPhprpgo, hul a noisy  ^irly
industrial deye|ppmept l,o be qvo|deci except Ip exlrame emergencies. Expqpsiop of prescnf breqKwaler
Will not,be possible". ' »   '    '" .'.
>    <i '',.''. ,
16. AT THE PRESENT TIME THERE'|S PUBLIC access by roqd |o the bpach qpd homes, bordering HlP
vforeshbro under quesl|on, It |,s doubtful if this ypqc\ will be Mp| op6n, qpd jf it is, qccess will b°
.'thrpuqh qnd under lhe gravel copyeyor qnd "works, ■''.',
' " ' ' ,   i        . * '     '        ■       ■■ '■■   ' ,       ■ '    '   .   ' -, "
17. FOR YEARS TRAIL BAY HAS BEEN enjoyed' by the public as a rocrDotiopa|, ayoa for swiniminQr
boqtipg, f|sh|pg, sliol!fishing. The foreshore |cq->q qppljcd for by Conslruc||on Aggrogolos ||os pyghly
ip lhe'ceptre of Iho crosccplof Trail Bqy, Ihoroby posing Uio mpxirpMm Ihieqt |p Ihosuifoypdlpg
areas ip erms of^sosllholies', noise, dUsf, wq|or pollnlipp opd unpleasant conditions fop Iho residents
' ond o deyq|yqiiop of homos and properly. " ■ ' •
18. THERp WOULD BE N° HESITATION as IP whel her'Ihis lypo o| Indusjry Is' compalnblo Ip I he woll
bolpg of Socholl If q few more homos, ox|s|od In Iho'tifon to be desucratod. Ther« will bo »*nqny PS
.« -,,,.u.JJme,...gpS3^nJ?eepyso.J:hl'iJ§Jhej]qtI-irpL,e?<Rpn'ilRn.!jrefl, Mh,,,«,,^.,^.,^^^
1   • * '■ >     ■     ■   ,'      ■ ■ , -''■',.
19! IF THE A-ROVE MENTIONED OflJECTIONS to l|ils lypo nf ipdus|||q| dov«|opmont \n TN! Upy^renot^
considoreil yoIM,. obviously there cap he-po vqlld nbjociions lo p fish ennrmry In Sucrei Coyo, np iron*
mlho ol Kedrpolls. A GRAVEL MINE AT GQVVER POINT* n tomopi ploni op ih« sapds of payls bqy,
or n pulp mill In Popdar Harbour, • i
/ ;    ',■'      il ■'   "'     ^,    '   '   '-
'20. NEVER LET IT BE IGNORED OR FORGOTTEN, Ihal should a grave) mine become q recilily jp |ha
Secholl* aroq It cop and will happep q|| qyor Iho Supshina Coast. Thoro lb po.,ui»o closing iho fJopi
"doQra^lor tl;io cow has bill, There Is no yso complaining whop II Is loo' Into, /Spalhy |s (ho reason
Inxpayeri do"1 po) gel Whol ihey want,   . , ' ,'       , '
1, .      - '      ■      ' '' ■ \f •      , ■        • '.       , ■.'  ' '
2}f R|;MEMRERf TN«* wF-oi»y »!mlMr gravel mlfilno op«rflM»n wl!f Nnq nofMno worOmhlln to IM
Srimlilno Cnn#r. It laipnrely arnt limply oxplolrntlon at »Mf mm hy Mg Mjninon to Mf\MI* mMprlti! to
mqKo rnoneyrll'*' |ur»r thqt nlniplo- ond rest nisMrofl Oceni) Ccfnepf nnd A«ipfi|9»c^ nro nef gofno ■totto
If rlicy nro nMlged to qo> ft|iewl»orOf
Tl>k notice fa paid for by Interested and canwtned residents,
 >■■■-'-;--.'-■'■••-;■     ■■■   .    ■■,,;„,/.   ■   ;j-   ■;,■■■■         '   '    ■     ■■ ;■'•"■' ■■ ■■■.-■■■     ■: i   ,.,.-■■■»-, 	
If vpm qqroo with Wie oheve obfectloD^/simply qjp owt, sjgn, dnd mq\\ mh\o the
Hef},mo\ Bpafd Otfaeift P-R'l PAVIS May* p:C;
■Hji'j^mniff *ai"*mii"iw*c<iw*itH> "»*!■* ^H^ih*1 ^■iffii^'Wif iffi. <|ftwa.i»'p*>^fr»ft*«i—*fc^n'lF ■'■^■(f '
■ -1 •>. t '   » '■*■        . *    * -.
,i. - • i ,*0,tr—     *t.       mi.  ,'l,w +    _j
0*vm***h.f ^.unH^m^+vurfir-
i- I- ^- - * * -. -������' * v< ^���i,--''' "*.*���:'!- *������   ' * ���'--�����-. >'��� -Ti- *;."**.��- . ��� -"��- ."���- >��� ��. J-;-�� ���������*���"��. 'iA-r'" ������**     :-���.'"'''. .*" '**,,:., !**&>��� I* - t-> ���>���*���' ���'">" ��<*��������"-' ���'.- ��� *�����-"-"'':. ���-.- -~.-~    >'-��~ *-.   >*-' >.������>���. *  % i  Winsome Athletes  Taking a break before tlie next event,    Kathy Oike '1st, Colleen Casey- 3rd   1973.); BQtwa Kathburn 4th anci Susj-n   Already .wearing a number of 1st  "c** (Colleen is Seehelfs May' Queen for   Sutbei-land 2nd, 'q      ��ia<?^biuedbbpns, little Sherry Plvft-  at Sechelt ElenieBtaiySrfiooliirack  day are winning f .distance "iiujners t  "^���Tj-ssH JS*?��� ,  Distance run at"|Sechelt'Spopts-,'pav, various other events. Sporting a mass Gooqjng*: J.**};, yp&nn. Newman $-ad*  is a good test of endurance especially. of ribbons are these four place win- Kelly Bodnarek 3rd and Brad Joe 4th,  when it hag to be-taken along wi'ln . ners in jtj)p  V% mile sprint:  Jirent  *   w " . ' '     ' J       <r    *    ��� f *���      ...   . _a. *._ .  : 1  m. 1 iwni'n, w*0 n  ,������*�������    /      lj Aft"    ,->-  .   0*        - 0*      '��..****.  ����� ,-,     Sprinters ,   *  Piling up tlio'points at Se*!hejt Snorts,  after mile- /-print. i-'ronr left: David    dross 4lh and Harry Johnson 2nd,  Day, distance runners take a ; rest   Uimf) Jat, wes, - Newman 'lid, John  ,���     ,, m  f, ���%> ,:,���'.'���' fA  lips takeg a ynighty leap to,clear 3'6"  in tlie ,higll jymp taking another 1st  in Sechelt Elementaly Sfehool,Sports  Day. Elplunstone students assisted in  "the,well-organized annual event held m  _lastlEri^ay.    ' s  EcTwUdlife BranclT  mim tads oil fawns  ' JBRfri^H  Coiumbi'i fish    and  Wildlife    ;  Branch urges that persons who happen, to find newly-born wildlife leave  them alone.  It's fine to watch, BUT PLEASE, do  yourself an<4 wildlife a favor, and don't  touch themL.::,-..T-,-.-:---r::-----iv:---^:'-v��,---,V:  The tact that young fawns or calves  ���.are ujaattendec* hy an adult anirna  1 n't mean that they have been abandoned  or that their mother has been killed.  Young are often left alone while the  mother- goes to feed or water and she  will 1 esume her maternal dirties tf the  young aniniaJs are' not disturbed.  Dr James Mutter,'director, stated .that ~  each year well-meaning people, mista- {3  kerrly believing these .helpless creatures j=|  to> be abandoned; pick them up and take  them home. Eventually they are turned  ovei to the branch which is faced with ''��|  the problem of disposing ot lh6se ammaJs.     gg  "People 'adopting' young wildlife this     |  \      spring may find themselves liable to pfo-  secutiqn for illegal_j30ssession_undei--ihe  WilSHfP Act," said Df. Hatfer.-  '"J.  Tp further assist the burden on permanently  and severely phyeieally and/or mentally disabled  persons presently /epelving social allowances,  the Government of British Cplumbla has authorized an additional allowance of up to $30 a month*  based on need, effective May 1,1971  wi   Ellgibfllty will be deter  mined by the Medical AllQW"  11W' 'sjMPB^S   For further Infomiationap-  r  if.. ��� >\ijMMMh,^ pjy t0 your jOC0| Rehabillta-  4i (tion and Social improvement  Office, ,  .'  M'm\  T   i\)    ��i��f,  ^'^...ahdf3fW|'bMM(  .HONOURABIJ*! P. A. QAGUVflPI, MINH5TPB  ..,,..,       . /.        KHNtilil H, HICKIN^ON, '^PUIY MI,NI��1I'H  PFPARTMlWPF nkrifilUU WION ANP SOCIAL ifVJPHOV^M^NT  Friday was i\ thy hf liatUm 4"fl��"   ntliluite conU-sl, 'raking   Iho high   s��r SJnd, lyn VMiflu llrA, Hhtivry Mill-  ff))it\l< fleliool wllli, oyory Uwli of Iho   jump In llieir nU'UU. woro; IVInria Vis-   Dj'H Iwt'anrl tiUwr MimUm m,  ^mm*4�� mcuplM wtUi'ww form^           ������������������   ��� "���"���;���/���'������',  ��� ���     ���    ������-���;'������''-  -������������ ���"���,,--"i  fr  A>  l>  /���St' -"** * ��� 00* ml      0 ��l�� > �����     -j- 1 j0     r ** ��    ^** "* "     * * "^^ * a,     *?* "** *""I~   . .  i?�� - .. - -       -���-.'.,_-���    *- ��� s  - *.:?/*-&- J   r-. .    ��� ��� -'���' * -  -"��� ������--���.-- ���y,  J-J;?..��� _      -.. .   ���    i   -. ���   -'  -*;-'-.  ,  ,  :. "'.   --    - * -������   ������"   -  -   AAA^AAAA^AAAA^AAAAAAA.fcAA'.'V-''  kMWt^AA^^Mt V*^  .   /.   0'0L\J,   0.0*0lt.0.0*.rL*.0.f*.*-0*0.0.  0.*   %   *.*,   *0.**0,Hn0*f*  +  **   ^r*.*.**.  * ^^t^^^^*^^^^^^0^^^^*^J^^^<l^i^t^\^'^ u  jd      .  I  ��      k  "V* "V  i ���  s*  ��r ' --' ���->  r * ��*���  Wednesday, May 19,1971 The Penjns-jlo Times  **,'  ���/ ���  I  r  K  \  I  V.     \  I  I  I  0  >,  .  ���if       *i  V  r  h\ i  >   i.  * ���>,  Ak'eJ   Aif'i: '  i    ,     'j.   Pago B-3  > \  \  '       I  I  A  l  1  ,  VS  /'  n  ..3  o  r**J  o  ft" <���  '.:*>"  (  ���  I  6.4,  ���^   I.  <l I  i *-\  r l'i"  ' ��f Vi  *?^Vvi    iAr  V  rw  r  > ..  '.-i  l   .rvt/i-";  *���  i-.   T **   t-"f  IS2SS222S2I2  Wi"1!"!)"^,'." ^juiiii ^iii(i��  ,Mf-���-. %.tr.vlr,,;a^,.l,^lri^ilg,iit,;f,i,rfr-l,trTi,^iTClS^  y  wHat^iiaei^MwstMMtt^^  J J^J3J dtvf  v ' ��� -*~*"~   . (  AIRWAYS   P��HpP!sl PAT ROAD,   ^  LIMITED     BOX 64p{ S6CHELT,, B.C.!  V    r.  mm to MAiivao mmim  FRIDAY 8 A.M. TO TUESDAY 1   fc?M?  fxfra Flights Fridpy PM. to Nanaimo & Vancouver  -      FOR RESERVATION CALL  VANCOUVER E^ANAI^O SECHELT  ,'-  i.  .-���     vl  ffrriiMWf^'W^  I    >  f   -*<     "i ^-      ,..| ���J^.rf-to  .... .i> *J,ll^r0..������.  s!'  " 'v.',.'''   1  ���1-wfcAwt.lH-A**-  Xi  Taking first two places at Sechelt in coming a close second. Distance run  the distance sprint for girls are Kathy for girls is roughly one eighth of a  Dike in lead wiih Susan Sutherland  ��� mile, half that ran hy the boys.  ��� ���. ..��� "      *  ^-\hjr~ i  ��,������^^  Cl^^red  Competition was very keen in the   4r��ps down to make a clear 4'2"  boys high janm at- Sechelt especially   junip which put him in first place,  in this group  -where  Don Johnson  1) Th�� pedJGQti^n of Pioneer Park (Corner of Marine  Dr. and Highway 101, Gibsons).  2) Jhe presentation of medallions to Pioneers of the  area by Mr. Ross Gibson, Gibsons, and Mr. D. J.  McLean, Granthams Landing.  NEXT SUNDAY AFTERNOON-MAY 23rd at 2:3p P.M.  Mrs..Isabel Dawson will participate. The program-  Alderman Ken ��. Goddard  Chiarman  Distance Runner  Coming hol-foot behind David kamb, orded but performance showed tha):  Bari'y Johnson made gnpd time |o Seche|t  will   ho  sending  some 'top  take second , place   in the distance notch  alleles  to Jillphinstone  next  sprint at Sechell. No times were ree- year.     ,   i  NOTICE  TO WATiR USERS  IN SSB.MA PARK AREA  Wator will Ho shut off on TliMrsdoy, Mny 20 at 9 p.m. Mntil IP  a,m,, In tha area frnm Hip Hospital |Ea��fr to Solnrn Park r*of��df  ''���'', ,    ' ',"       '    -       -   '        ���',,',  I", PIHON  Snporlntcndcnt  Fir^r  LA BrOWllieS & GUldeS   Cheered   on   by Opusq   member,  David J^amb -I*?' aw*iy ahead of tlie  ,���> ,������,,,�����,������ w�� .�����"&"!$ "JIE   iw^r, l^wi and iTBdi.  H.;|)uiliilci(| fur Uny Ijllli, .     .'' *  Tlio   HniWiiiu  llfivfil,  lu!|<i   in   }-qwi.'l|  >il,|v..!r Mny Ui nnd I Mb wuii iiIm.i . rliir(.,iiti-i(,iil|  mul   dcliillii  Hiii|ll/.uil,  Noxt im.'clliii- of llio J,A w||| liu Iiulil  ill lliu lioiiio of IVIfH. Kny NuIhiiii up ,\\tpu  and n|.,|| |i,ii),  , -'.,,-  PAZAAfl  rfcy 111    Hpll.!    ��� I|f    M|).!(l()|)l!ni||viJ       W<!lil||l!|'  Iiiiii.! wim ii ��(|(i(l turn-out (nr Ihu (ilrl  Ciuido Tun nnd J'li^nu' hold lit '||iu Uoclioll  liojdon Hull, ���Mvnryc-iio-ciijoj-wl ll).; ton  mifl di.'lloloiin /-iiiidliw'Kurv.!.! by 1,A iih-iii-  Iiuh,mid ii|ii)|)|)i))/( wim vuiy ni,'l|vu n|, lh.!'  |iii|(h)|(, hdwIdk, plnril anil (:i)n|)li||) IiiIiIom,  MIH   ,W0ll   IIH 'l,l*(l   l,"ll/|(ly   l)l|l)l|),    i'llil) , |)l)))ll,  I1)|hi!i,'||iiikhiii'<  Inblo mul  "iiini)..'  l|)o  Hull  Pinloil", ������ ,      ,  AlMliu und of llio iifl.iriiuoii, Myit, ,|on|u  Wiiuiiinr iii'iiw !|)<! wlnnlnu HcIujIh fur iho  nilnli iind (.'hil.li'nn'H f'n',))' iniunt, Uyn, Mv-  ^iu|yn-.tl!lMi|i|)Hll-���wnn��Jhu.*i��(iulUnr|-5o-.iiii)il.1��..  ��� Ill-Dill CioodliiK, l||u Junior prlzii, Tli-'no  wlnnorii pf, Hi') "Nun).,' II).: fluh'f ��.��iU'iii,  i.-ii..')) i'i!iM(|vini< n1 noldflHb, w.jc.i Ifynd  l'nic|u:il, (li.i'il lioowoii'rind liiiiini).! Minn"  nil).   , ..,������"      .-.''',...  'J'li'i'CIIrl (l)iid.) l/,A, u"<l<!)).| it iflinj.'i'o  llinnK'ynii In nil Hioho |��ui;nonn wbn ��n-  , ninl .id )|| niuMnii Uio ovoii) n i<ii..'.:.ji.h n/(nln  <I)|h yciir,   Wollor Snfoly spys,  ���'To|| ypur niQlllfir nn"!  |-iilior t|)��t you ,yv��nl   !��  |Q|oon)t0 6Wlm^OWr"  Socholt  "Tlio l-'ftf Pnlntrf Rn fn.'l|<o ypu a cplor ffocoralina  oxporf, |o|<oii QLjt tlio (/iipss wpfk apcj puts |l]o fm]  (lack |rt 'Jf-cor; |-qini|n0. Sfmply sofccf yoMrTPaip h,^  Pp|pr for ypur fipcof-ntfi-fl plan frprri tlio CRlwro'i'o  s(i|p.c|prr If-pn cliposo i)|| j'-u pf|-o|- pplprs yoiir ()pnr|:     "* ��� '���   '   inuy ciDi-in) - for cpninipinpflifry liHf!ivfflr iPf/on^/flr  j[-jia-fqi-tjlprff|f)-pf-|t COlprfi--YpUfll "fl UIO   '.',.'.  cplpi's   ypfj   |)��vri  rirniloilily  liulucmj (ifQ  n\t(\ody  nii|iiViilly |-ro)(K)|Qi-'po-nr(|in��|fn| ���-''polprprpfllod fpp  ypu." It'ii nil pxclnolvo fpiiluro of ''Jhq |,nv Point.'r  flow you, ton, cai) IqioW llio Jrjy of ci-bailiiH oxc?M��70'  lirorrisi'joiiiil ��p|or'fiiiliiiiiipii |i|<�� thw' yqM*|ioyo pftoijr "        ' "/"','  admirui( (i) Ijpiiio dipiraiinn ifluiiuzjnoBi  '    ''     A'JYlj��^^MMW4w^ ������ '  Buy it at g^i^g^^^Iii .'",'   .     ,.  IL ."������BAY HARDWARE LTD.  ,    "���'      . P��?ono BBW&iB  (I. I  /fff-Mj-ajy-lll^l^^  J Yes.,', , Bu/ four gallons of Olympic Stain and got ono  \ gallon FREE!  OLYMPIC STAIN ,', . , OUARANTEED NOT TO  CRACK, PEIEI.. ��� OR ��� .HtlSTER.  ^S3  S  5��4��lf .'.    . .':   ..     .      .PhonpJS815-WM  ihmjli BAZAAR 0* VAP.UE6  \      ���-'������' ;������'������ -  "WW*  mm  , CBiROR/lAGLASS  BIO PURE WATER  TREATMENT PLANT  ������^^^   \., er  SKIPPEfit OIUIU'S RESORT  .If-j-i l/ibi(jll<"(i ||)�� 0^1,JJlpJ'Mriepn  ||io S(.'cl)(.-I| Pi-jpjrjsuln, which i*> o|"��o  iha f'rsi socondor-y ironfmonl plnni  (���ii ihu I'un'nui-jci,,  ��������SW��*Mi����fl��*^��*i^����W!��sl��ii��^^  mas  �����  ��  Sfi  MQW8K ?  NVGREW SALES  (1971)   LTD,*  Ypur PAPCO PAINT  DEALER In GIBSONS  Op iho yyi,Q^ r pB��.?303  Qubllly (Ioimq ond Torino  Pplpl,     ''���'"'  M0mm0mi^0t*��w0*mmm000t0mrm0mm0��.  0wm,wwm*m0tn0*nfwi*00f*00w��mnin0*i  W.   0**^0ff0WW0*W0*0* -���   ,090L,.00tp  pmmmw  Doojor for  f"rti|*cr K��m Torio   '  on'j Sbofwln W)Hi<?ms  Glhioni - 084-9533  Subtle Beauty WithJEMor Status  Part I  For i.|illi)f-, |joicl)(ih, <|.ic|vii, |ui)ci;t.' lonihui |i. Mill oiiu o| ihp rnoti  ���|HroVifff)i|'' |n;jioloi  'iiiVr'jVi'^licorpiKlijilf^Ini^  f ni)n)|).)i ol |i|odi/r.|i. <)vwllpl)ln lo.lpy |o"|)ioli,'r.) oi|(| hijoiiDly pMPijpr wood,  for l||o l|olnPovi|)i-i w|)i�� wonl.'t n "outli ol Mihilo color whli-li i<l|ll ol|owi, llm  Jioloiol ijioln ond luxhini ol,Ihu'wood IP -.how lliiuoi/h l|m CniiodKn)  I'ollil iMonMlPtlPiMin Ai'!'OC|��i|(iii i.O||oi,'i,|i< IJhjI i.i.,|t)II|oiii.|i(jiui|I {.li)|in�� oip  ||m ()n��,wi'r| ' '   '<  f'Tlmo ArfBrfof*"  pro  MIGHTY fMiPGPTS  ;.WW��yw>nnw��w����v��w����<��������,  0f0fi^0lllfi00f<fl0^^  orgcfmn*  Men's Wear  Q,w.Grw<?rk ciofhei  Wnrft qipybi  SECHEI-T; &,C,  "(Iiiiii) ri|.j Iwo i)��J|fl,Vfifl'.'ll'''�� .''.(.'.^'''Jlfl f.JMlii*. ��jyrji|fci|y(w,...I'pri.ilffilllM'  blpli}i. |ji)ii��liol��i or|i| toloi llio wood, o(-(''ii|>.ol|i|(| Iho ()io|i) |ii)l.l<.'-p w|)lfu '  'Hr|il|ii|| r,o|i)i, ll)iy Ii.'ovh I|II|ij pt HO Mirlpt-i fid)), Q|ioqoo Muiiit, ton|o|n  frlomcnib ond cover iho -.oiIom moio1 ilimi iirrniJiioiini- Mqjn*. 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Ar:   Snnslilnu Coo��r  Hl^hwoy near  GIBSjONS  Phono Q06-200Q  00mm00^0Mm0'0m0Stm00timmm*m  t��ra��iB��ig����iw.��i<)H����tt����nt��wtiw'it,i��j>i)i��w<i,ii��i��ii����<Mui  CTg��CTtn��aaw,TOia^l��..��ww��fW^.l!Li>M1wwiTOW^��ifv.i��;w^  �����  -*  *0*.0*0l^0a0^0r��!4*.^00^*0'*iru^*^0nMm.00 p^H^m*****.*.***,  ���* V        ...  t *,   17,   . ��'**  .~.*40r#,&.r0.*0.*,lrr. ,*0n*0.*0. r0*0r*H*.*,r,,  &." f , r *,   .      rt *    ���rt' T  . ^  -W  ��        *~ -    . .       V      it. ��    J"- ..*.�� -     -.  >THAAIiA^Mi,ftAAAi^M��^��lA����.��tttfkA�� ��#^*^li��i^i��/|#*^"'ltA#^+#il/*i"("    ���   ���1**^^*   *t.  n~*  "i. k .^...^^^���^^^^^^ '*��� ��������� ���"��*>* ������ ��������� ���-, <-��� * **~*0*+~ ******���*******  s^VYwr-  ^'���"���'���-"-J'v '���������  'Vl-.-'S*',  ^  .    I  ui  fy  J  fi  IN 'THU last t\VQ years the tampnaiwttojw  -.   pf the ���new left'have jegwaSe-1 from  marghes.. an4 Btt-ins- to pipe tamps ��*nfl  r   'snipera, Ap>* mpvement that>a"i e^i*"* lE<  ' p| WeBtheripan ppd m��**4r ?&*-*&<**����� with  , a feeling tjiftt they pre wotfan-f for the?n-  setves apd not for apy cprnp-ned pause. ^^^  | ��� The rpistaUe that the vevplptipnory/ A  �� (I use the terpn -lopsetyy mt)Vifmei}t has  /"ipad^are:"l)~they -biqiave* thanhey can  ? peat ,the gpYerpment by force and that  -     j-) fear mpkes power- ��� Wi pf these as=  gumptions 4re wt-ong.  *        By bombing and violence thpy ate  ' fighting by the* rules pf the st*tfe, apa  ,    the state is much, ronoh, better a,t It.  By resorting to fear taction they have  destroyed any mWQ support they "may  }iave had srid allowed  the meaning of  }    'peace' to become a hypropritioaj capse  backed by death, ' [  To high-light the fatal path that the  movement has taken it has spawned, the  comedy act of the year���Jerry Rubin;and  Abbie Hoffman. I believe - that clqwns  like Hoffman, Rubin* and yes eyep Kunts-  Jer, have- done moie harm to the New  "Left than aU the non-vipient mashes  did good. How can a satisfied American  public find any meaning, any trust ip a  group of people who write million dollar  best sellers while loudly advocating the  "  over throw of the capitalist system  But there is a new awareness taking .  place underground left both in the United  States and Canada. The leaders are realizing that the oply way that shange cap  takep lace is through the system, They  plso realize, perhaps belatedly a,nd grudge  ing'lyr that-there���is- nothing- \vrpng-with - ���  1 the .democracy system IP it is used 'correctly, if ihe - Bill pf. Rights-Freedom  and equality for. all���was in 'practice,  J North America would bea pardaise with  only the die hard dissenters finding anything wrong.  The idea, slowly germinating, is that  the answer is not in destroying the gov- *  ernment,   but  placing, people   in  power  who' will do the most good.  This does not, mean a change of pres*  idents or Prime ministers Js 4he ��� apswer,  but that ajl leaders of business and goyr  ernment must be made {o realize that the  *-Sj; v5w.^ta   *        "������%*.  key to schedule op Bvmrai  1      *Sapc-tipped Zpne grReelanal ��v^nt, J  **Sanctic-neci 'pjrevindfiii -evisni not newarlly a,'  champipn*-hip, ;  *****MjajQr sapptiQnedani ynssneilened preYlnsfal  ..   championships mti events involving eontfistihts  frpm other prpvineii m Qmn\f\����,  The events anf! datea listed in this advertlesmen*  are based on informption reeelved at the festival  of Sportg Qffioe to ApdL 1,1971. Any^subsequent  changes or deletions arMhftespt-h!3it-iiiiy  of th�� event pprnmittef jn ��agh pommunity,  EVgNTSJN ITALICS?      .  NQfrsparts ey#/?#. pQgBEtftte, peratfe?/ thettjea  md weclai aWmlgm mQgnteQd m  Festival Mcf!lfiry'4v��nt��. '  CJQMMMNITyQHAlRMIN?  M^ted next tp ppmrnHfiHy nemep,  "�����  j?  ���'<���  destroyed by their present administration  True, it will take time. But changes do'  not come over-night.  At   least  not  the  ones that work. -  ^  Bombing wit not stop pollution, snipers will not bring about equality of the  races and violent demonstrations will not  win public support.  ( The times are changing, hut slowly,  slowly, "When -the - ship- comes inL it- will  not come barging under a full head of  revolutionary steam!, but drifting in with  the winds of support and the rudder of  - intelligence,  ���       ���       0 ���    '  ���"__!3immg4i^F*^--*^ee'^hi^  ilQpetts; erge-i. ^ ^^ cptumn w'iU Bppear .  afler'the dance I" can only hope that too  many- hassles don't come down- With the  scarcity of youth type dances on. the  Peninsula perhaps this. one can set a  precedent that will encourage more this  . .summer,  *     *  J*  British Columbia has finajjy achieyed  that pinnacle pf industrial growth, the  ultimate in the good life, For the first  time B.C. now has officially over 1,000,000'  automobiles in the province, The exact  total is-J..OH733 asof April 1st, 1071,  /The thing that Worries me; "though, is  that there are only 2,1211,000 (April '70)  ;; people in the, province, Al lowing for phya-  jlpal spopp, we are allowing thp car more  f room than humanfi.  To accommodate ||,o aulo wo aro going to hayo to build more nnd pmro highways, And ���then' (he pavement sydro'nie  begins, (  Tpe pivveniept uyndromo is a disease  that strikes only in wealthy prcm Cnli-  fPrnla is (he best pxiimple pf thin d}seunp,  , The common' characteristic' jt, ti,e |,WOno  feeling that t|ie ipitrimoblhrls some sort  ������ of di,vine and ungry god that conllnually  ..... iiewliTflacrificeH, To nccnmmprt'Uo this Inst  ���,'"?. L',l'(l(>''l)hinH  Imvii  nayed  over nno��  hair of  llieir  populated 'arena, ��� But' llio  onrju not iippon-sprl, Jt whpIh Die M|r,  ,lt, wiiiiIh Um'oil and gas In the .W||-,  nnd II noods at Joimt 110,000 hiiinfin llvus  ".ye*'!"-,  ^Pnr'-wino  ie��noi)' popple .y,iM  W0l))f|  (hifond their life, unrl land, a��iilnnt any  , 'Invader am only too happy )0 w|��n i||om  over  to  an   ugly,   dnp'unypDH,   |Hil|i||inii  niiicliJiiti, -   -    ------n  W��ll, wo have over 1,000,000 vuru now  nnd wo will havolu food tham, In afaw  WW'Ihoy  will  want, u.-hIk   lane mipor  ilrthwuy llirniigh tho' ^umtlilfiu C01.ui, nnd  ',' a'.'In". u,7 m m tyr��i)ii|cini, w�� will  IIAVK! In give II. lo1 Ilium.-  -Afliir nil,, wh/it's a ||tt|�� land. mnn  tdy, pur nHlun.l'i'o-iririmi-i pud a law liu-  ��n��n IIVOH, )/' w�� dim nnly appuana  ���     nwffil noil nf ihn lif-nnnrnyv  jQLOSIjyiafifiBEMQNigS- r��� -  "NWB PREVI*=W73", aspeqialpportsspegtacpl-irwillbe held  pp the afternoon of Sunday. June mh pt Swanguard Stadium,  This will pot oply close the "(971 Festival put will initiate events  leading V the Canada Summer Games to tie pelcHn New  Westmipster/Burnabyin 1973,  !���������  Festival of Sports time Is a fabulous time of year to re-plscover  the scenic delights of the Mainland Southwest. Go on a family  advepture along the Sunshine Coast. Tour ttje picture-booi";  farmlands and enjoy the scenic-splendour of the Fraser Valley,  Urban excitement and side-trips in the Greater Vancouver  area during the Festival of Sports, will till yQur days with*  never-to-be-forgotten fun, . 'J  APBOTSFORD/MATSQUI/SUMAS (H. Omm)  Lacrosse *8q"<s- Pegiona! "-Hhlbitiqn sluh^ 4--S  "sqiippin   I    ,'Miner Tnurripmeni May 31-24  Trs>8H -r "fieii*      *ir, md ��r�� **ific����n��-^ry Ottamp-*, May v*\  ALDERGROVE  Bovyllpg 5 and 10 pip Regional May 23  .  BURNABY (M. M, Gordon)  Archery  Mptorsport  Bovyiino  BP*  **ppub|e ��f ,I,T,A, Star" May *22^4 ���  ������Sl<ildrivipg Juris (?      ;  5 Pip Regional - -   May ��3  **np Pin Pan, Ghamp-f, **���    Ma'ygit?4  '5 Pip Qplden Age  dubs QhamP'", *    M**y?20  Lawn Bowling        Invitational Mi*ed RlnKs 'Mny^^S.  Soccer,           ^*prpy|nc9 Opn Flnpl May*"**  Swlmmlria         *BurnabyType*J Spring  Devplppmpnt Me<f*��*t MaygprSQ  Synch.Swim.   *++B,C,Chprnplppships Mayph??.  Volleyball       '���������iptern'-Hqpal Tpurn, Jtme 47  Hqrsoshoo       *"++B.C, Centennial and -.....,.-/  Pitch                  Canadian International May ^2-24  l-acrosse              MlnPr May 29-30  PuneBuopy     ***Off-rloadV��-|ilc|a Racing ''    Juno B-6  omLL\Wt\ck(pr,j,v,mr,) i  Bovyiino            '.��5f|pRpgion'fl|, '   Mpy23  panoplno          *+lnd|an Pappe Races June 5��6  HorsoShow      t++|pt'tmaUpn*il ���       Mpy 22.-24  Marksmurrahlp *++R|f|p Slmot Jima 6r6  Sallina               **Re^atta M|-y {22-24  S-vlmmlnq           Realmial Mayad  Tennis                Round Rabin June 6-6  Baseball  ,           MMle Uaaim June 6  Community Rocwtiopfti circus           , ,   May So  Century altyiintryUvlnfiPfirado Mi-yW  Qaydap Oanaa Af ay 22  Ipdlftn Tpttoa Jnpa 5  Cub upd Seoul fally Mw 80  UllH  *^l>��;nyfl|��r-mny'"rtlWll,ftrgtf^fr  inilllou rlpa W/w in,onu upawnln;*,  fipnn!<��  liiKiwonn  o|>l��lvm|w  will  ���mrloii-i in'KriH|��rn CMmula in 1071,  600  Im  qiPVPRPAIrE  norJoo ���^"-*--��~i****int����rn'-i|onni Toi'rnr  Wotor Bporll Romolltlon Oorby  COqulTLAM (Aid, /?, fl, et\hhe)  THIS IS A $5.00 SP0TI  (Uss whor) on sontrqet)  .11  ��� ....,.���.  Your   ndvortlslnp   In: (hls  epciCQ   will ��� ranch   noqrly  2,500 homos  fovpr 9,000 .  pooplo) oqqh woek. li'n lliQ  most   oconoirilcol   vvqy   |q  roach morp'Sunshlno Coqst  �� - people bacausa Tlm��S flds  go Inip mora homos than  nny oth<?r nflvvsfi6|-)or pro:  ducofi \r) this area,  '    ���....,���,._   . ,   -     '  ,"   THE. TIMES -  ��� Phono 009-9694  Bnnobflll  FloW HoaHoy  FI��hlno Dorliy  Slioptlno  Sofll-f-ll    ���  TrncH *> Flujit  Tr*cR��n��w  MIpI Mlopr  *air|6' ToMrmmioPti  ���Oomo MM-Wilii  *+RIII<- lnylbiil��n��l  *a|r|<i' Tourrimnopt  ���Invllnllopnl Oroes Country  ���"lam��nl��ry Moot  llogippwl   ; ',  Ti-nnl*  DBLTA\{Dm P(tfwi>ll)  Mwp Ufflviln-i    ' MIxN HloM Trlnlo-i  "   '',,'V 1  , . WHi<lii(i>'ilimM,),r.L,r*��if^milimimm  '^mwwj  May m  Mny22'?4  June B'6  . Juno 0  Moy mm  Mny��9-SQ..  M��y 30   ���  Mny 26  M��y*7p-30  M��y2��  1  }:  v  v  W.i'O/   ���,��'  ���      *        '���      I  >J A f 'v,i i', '4  SCHIDULE OF EVENTS  f#nnN HegiPPal  PasBbsii        *��*��pn m<i TeHrn*7m{��pl  Field Hockey       jr, Men's Tppfttameni  ��mQm��.w,PJKQh)  foftball *��)jn-'hin'��C''istiny}t,  HARRISON  6ii nm ft'mr md M�� Trip -ftmtefton to Hmkm  HPPi  Jowlina SanjIiQPMrlfigi&na!  ��bit        Coquihalla Men's Open-  Frmr Riyer Page  Bowling 5. pin Reglpnar.  ' Trick - (-NW        Secondary ScHools  . iviark''!rri"��t"*'lil|�� w*��i9Bn SKeet tSin-mplprishlps  IVI^I^ARPVIIlte  Bpwling �� p|n RerjippM  IVIAPJIE RIDGE on, fl, yifc/i/pa/dJ.  Wpr^BWlng     **6o!den &n. Trail Riding  Horsestio-Af      ��'*Anpua| Jr, Show  Sailing --Regattasr small yachts ,  ?3pccer ���������Juvenile Tpurnament " {  -Softball   May 2Q-30  myz&m  my mm  my g-|,g4  M��yu  M*��y23  May 27  Jprie 4'��  Mei|Z3  Mt3yt2*?-90  Juri-}^��  June 6  ��� May-??---;-  "���Jonic  "invitational Age Meet  Swimntlng  ArtmiNt  HiHina  MISSION CITY  Motor Sppjl       **Drpg Racing  June S  Afay ?2-S$  May22.g$  May 30  NEW WESTMINSTER (Bill Winters)  Auto Sport Columbian Canyon Rally  Bowling 6 and 10 Pin Regional    *  Bowling -"S anci,1D Zone Finals  slMdp  ***Natipn3l ScRolastlc  Ucrtifiso t*TpHrnarriBnt (Minor)  t-acrosso Jr, A ireague i**amp  Lawn Bowling        |py|t. Festival Triples  Soccer ��'*FiyarA:S|de TPHrpamen!:  0aso|jq|| "Copple Mf-c  Baseholl, , Bronco'lnvl'at|ona| '  Softball sr^'Mpn:*-   v  Golf V^pcpuyar Pity Amateur  TpppIh Pnblip Parks Tpurpament  Trflck^flolfl     **Fest|val pf Sppr's. "  Phm open ypummont  NORTH VANCOUVER (Jlmesiahrook)  Bowling, , ��� Santl ip PfnRpgional,  Bowling *5 P p fici|c|en Aae  Club Champa  Cqnoolng '"���Wli tp Water Slalom       ���/  Conpolpg **|pt| an Canoe Races  flblf    ,-,     n      *Hle 1 School Finals  Gyrphhnr),*"        *RaBionai Junior and senior  M-cres--*' '������Indian Pays ,',  l-avvn Bowling       Invlt, Festival Trlnleij  Tennis ,    *H|qli School flpai  Track " FloW      ^pacific |S(W, Ago Claus   , ,  Aquatics "  Water Show.  Polf V-inqouvar pity Mixed  .Saml'flnols  Ifarer sqfftty pottor, Contact  PORT COQUITI7AH/I (Olydo Ma L, Qrl'llllli).  �� Pin Rogionwi  tBrpncp Tournament",/  tP��ny Tnnrnnmont  ���������s-hr. Non-Stop f\d, Race  ���'Mfly n��y siiow  *Mlnor An��i Jrf  ��.-  Pwwllrig  Basebnll  Bf��8p|��a||  Cycling  Equo&trlon  LocroBso  May Hay pawla  PORT WOOpy f/W, Bftyolo)  Blpwllng . 6 Pip Regional      W��  C**npolno        *^iniorni)tipnH| Tourn��inent  POWEI,!, RIVER (P, <**. Simmon)  QymMi-iiifl       **6prlnB ltf|r*)'j Show    ���  Honofiiipo pitch ���Tpprnnrnint   ,        o  �����Tpuriici'n'!ont  "*ff(>pi*trn"'"-"-"j~*-~',"-",**'*'''*"i"'  *lnvlt��U��n*��| -luv. Tnurnflm��iit  ���inv;|}iiHon��l Moot "'<   .'  rR��Mi��nfll '.,,.*'���  PmMnt Fly'lti  May 22 '  May 23  May 3*0  May 29  May 21-53  May 31  May 29-3Q  May 27-28  May 22-24  May 2B-3Q  June 4-6,-  June 6  May 22-29  May 24   ,-  Juno G-G  , May 23  May 20  M-ty^o  May 2p.30  Mpyae  May 23  May 2B-30'  May*79.*"0  M.ty 24  Juno 9>6  June 6  "May 23   .  dim 8  May 23.  Jiilio 1.6  Jupo h*.  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Softball  6 Pin Regional  P.O.N.Y. and Bronco-  6:Pin Regional  Regipnaf Boy's  Trapk��Fi#|i|      Surrey piu-mPipnsWp*"  Volleyball ^Invitational Tournament  Jr, anci Juyepile Girls  VANCOUVER (AWE. Sweeney)  Archery  Bowling  _BfiWlinu  **Double ��F,|.T,A> Star'"  5 apcllp Pip,Regional  l^p^et^ep-Age----'  June 6  May 22  May 23-30  May 28-90  May 23  May 23  May 23  June 5-6  May 23  May 22,  23,30.31,  June 5,6  May 22  May 27-29  May 22-24  May^i.  BowJing  Cycling  fepping  Field Hockey  Handball  Lawn Bowilno  Lawn Bowling  Lawn Bowling  Lawn Bowllnij  Lawn Bqwlino  Lawn Bowling  Lpwn Bowling  Lawn Bowilno  Clups Otiarhps.  t**5 pin ^B.C, High School  Championships  ���������B.Q. Festival of Sports  Bicycle Races (China Cr.)  **p3cif|c inter, tpurn.  **Wpmen's Inter, Jamboree  ***B.p. pppn Championships.  ���Lacjies' end Men's Triples  "���Men's Triples .  *lnv|tatlona| Mixed RinKs  , ^Festival of Sports Triples  ���Spits Triples  .   ���Ladles' Pairs  *Ladies'Tripjes  ***intern��>tipna( Phanip. Rinks  Softball  S9PWI   .  Spftbell  Swimming  Tablo Tennis  Tracfc - Field  Track- Field  Treck - Field  Track - F|e|d  Track ** Field  Water Polo  Golf    '  . Rugby  Tennis  May 20  May 29  May 29  June 5-6  May 21-24  May 28-30  May 20-21  May 22  May25,2S  May 29-30  June 6  May 26.27  June 2-3  May "31,  June 1-3  ��� May 22-24  **Jr, apd Jpv. Girjs' Invlt,  *T��gfWo��),9l"   ' -  -    -  '���.��� *Sr- Men's inter, invlt.  ***13th Annual Northwest  International Meet  ���������Canadian Open/Closed Invn,  ���North Shore Prelim,  ���Bprnaby-New West, Prelim-  ���Vancouver Sec, Schools Prelim. May 20  -**Vapcouver 3pd p|str|ct  High Schools Finals  ���Catholic Schools ��� . , '  ��������B,C- Qnen Invitatipnal  Inter, Championships  ���Vancopvor and District  Finalsi~ Hlgji School  ���������International Tour  ���^Vancouver end District  r Inter-Hlph School  Whippet Ra,plng***lntem*itl9nfll     .  , Golf Mixed Cadies'Finals  Golf , Parks Board Man's  ��� Golf     ��� B,c,p,Q!A,.eoniprP!i-*mp,  Whoolcr. Sports   *B.c, Trials  , Bowling *5 qnd IP Pin zpne Flnpls  Tonnls ������Provincial FIiipIs   ���  PooSrio-v       ���������A//Breed/n(orna0o-|fi/  P,Q, Sppr'5 llfillal Fame Plnnor  - Moy23'-  Juna4'6  May 22-24  May 31-24  May 18  M^y V9  May 27,  Juno 6  May 29-30'  May 31-  Juiie4  May 26-29  May 31-  Juno 4  Juno 6  May 29  May 23-24  May 26'27  May 23  May ap  Juno 6-7  Juno (.'(.  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INPUSTRY  Won, W, K, Klornon^ Mlnl^tor      fl, P, Worloy, Poputy rVUnletor  Js  <K  *      #     ft    f      *     $   fl    ***/**���      I  t t L0 i *  ,UJJU^*AUA^J^AMASJUJU*AAAAAAMAA0.  ��� ���    m     ^     a M0r*m^r-0 0      r 0 0 W i-r      ���       ��� 0 m  0 t.A./.AAJ.A.AJit.ArrAjL.J.AJ.AA*,*/"'*.'- 0**r0 00 f"0 '���0000'  I, f 0 J. j/ t f 4 0 0  0. * *  . 0 0 /. 0 0  0 0  * * 0 *. 0 0 * 0,Ar *  * 0 ** 0* , 0.0 *, *��� L*\0,0*0**0.*.r, -> ��������VH.*M>��M��,au,.  \^*r   $���     ^.^ */  7\  r  1  /       <^  )  'V   J  ��.   1  4  ���t  J             ,  I  *^  It  I  I  i  "i^UTO-^^  If  Wedpe^y, Mw 1?< 1^1 The Pppi*Mulq Timeg  Ppge 6-S  '( .*. .   ?  i*  'V  r'i  v,  ���   *  V  H  \>  / l  /  \  ll*  i"i;  IS  //  ���>0  .'--'.���ii  I'.' /j  V     )'  I  ll  I  i  I  r  \i  ���V-  >���  x.''-.  ~.  ,1  j     J   iJiHnliM*.!  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"T  ���mi  'si  ySfWHnft  iECHELT-S COMPLETE RESTAURANT  AND  ,  DIN!NQ RQOM"  *fl#J  ,Bnjyf,jii.pnn;jm��TW���M*w  |R|E$TAURANT  @j3�� a<Bli.-9 p.m.  paily  DIR1IMG 58001$  licenced  OFEN .  4 p.m.-9 p.m.  BtfMBMl  iritirinm ,��na  i)i��nr,i,niwni  TAKE OUT SERVICE WINDOW OPEftll  'TIL 9 p,  OPEN 7 DAYS A WIEKI'  WE CATER TO SMALL ej.UJ3$ AND P/WATE  PART/HS r.PHONE 885r9769  pavaplp or eyep greater.  ^ .    .. ,,������  ...Anci altiiopgh tl*e British goyern- l*#s'topped the lopaf league and pi��t   hy Ypes, Pa): Gaines,' Rotipy.Srlevens,  OTTAWA���There will be a different tpna     i^ont recently passpd Jeg|siatipn pei mil- l"p �� gOQ^ ShPW'ip plW=Qff games ill Captain Bjll Snedddp,  Brufce 'Gvepn,  to this column today  Moie foimai.   ting thc s,njj,ng 0f ^apgempir t.hips so Vancouver. Honored l^st week at-a *�� fan-^acKehzie mA PhiliF'Madison.  io m-aceful. Moie eleaant in nresenla-     n"|iles   or   moio   "ff   'tC!   **nt*ciUna    o,,nr,     ���..^ j.��*i jiLJ      "l. >.f..1_.i     u..  , rr L^i.A i���- i.j..^ ..._' ��� ..5 iIj -u..  punitive actioii,  international p^ctice,  pn]y    after    t|ie  "sliip  has  becoi**^^ clearly   idcntiJi'ible  Mpio graceful. Moie elegapt in Rresenta  lion, ifaider to reqd, top^  *fffi!-i!l-!!S5i  8MBB ~- - -  g^igg^sa      The following are  '   ^-lli?! excerpts fiom a report made    to    the  ^A formal, graceful and  HWl elegant     delegations  "���f| lo NATO Pailiamen-  |*p| 1 tai y A s fa e ni b 1 y ' s  iwmr- s p i j ii g   committee  Ii meetings     lit   jBrus,-  > .vg f��L sels, late this month  MSh!   As   sPL>"al   RaPPOi-  '     '^i    teur to the Scicntihc  ^^  and Technical Committee,    I've   heen  jjimii,^ ui  nt��(iButui|o oih|jo uu     Yaiivuuvtii. iiwpjfvi\ if"Sl. wpBit at -H ' ran" iv*��L;fVtJ��*'ie a'ip.1 riiujp iviai|isun.  moie off its- coasthpe, such   presentation dinner   sponsored   py ' Keepsake trophies were presented hy  ctioii|can be tpken according to   -^p**yal Oan^iaii * LegiDft Branch 109 ' Athletic Assoclatloii" pre*jidet#   Mr.  |!!iy!|||l!Ll)IL!i!!!!!ll!!!l!!Ji!l!l!!iBAZAAFj of VALUE5!!j|||i!!|||!|!!!|||ilili!!|!H|i(!|||!|!  xi^i^eii-^t.lt��mala��i>^j.t^ai4=4Ji.i-^^  lution of the oceun  Plus  will* Lit?  my  thud   vibil   to  the  Lowlunds of Europe   Pfeviously  my  re-  v cieased  and   the jjioccss   is  not   recom  hazai d  .. Prevention Sf oil "pilib i eqmres  sensible regplatjons, strongly enfotced by  interpat��opal ag^rcomont  Methods of neptralization; ... Burning���Speed is essential in bprnipg of mos_t  piude spills. The volatile portions aie dissipated early and any spill hecopies m-  pieasingly difficult to bum as hours pi  days* pass."*f>ome, in pold waters will not  burn upless-preheated, whiph may well  be a practieal irripossibiiity. .Sinlcing���-  "j^and 2Tr other"substances may be dumped  pn a slick to cany the oil to the sea  floor.   The   sub-sufface    damage   is   in-  are frorn left h��ck row* Gja^ch Kevin v-Fefry Connor" apd ' Gfibspns Legion  Mprpliy, Roy smith, p'r&pk Havifes,  'president Mr. Dan Dawe.  Pender Hi-Lites  -J���by Cindy Hqrrjs arid Darnell Qerick  Diane I^ee and Bienda Crosby.  BADMINTON  With all games completed in the play-  ' tennis  ofts winncis aie as follows. Guls singles   '      .,    ���, .... ���,.������ , ���a  Loiraine  Biluk,  boys singles Jim  Cox;   ��,   Mr- Thomson principal of PHSS, has    g  ted by sea ib G mSon tons per day.   -Jfncprr, ohopt \\)9 haz^t, pf- oil poJlM-    he Sandra Falcon bridge with oilcndnnls'*'  porti, and the lesolutions which emerged  aio&e Irom Canada's concern about pollution of thc Aiclic beab In the umimit-  tee meetings ot this month, we shall deal  with the laigei question of the pollution  of both cold and waim seas  As foi lesulutiops which may ensue,  delegates from other membei nations wili  cast t}ie deciding votes Howevei at  home, wheie theie is much conceni about  the danger of pollution fiom Alaskan  tankeis, a few poitions of thc lepoil  may make liitete&ting leading, *��titF as  the language may be  These are some exceipts fiom my  (Specjnl  Pepprt-;  ForccnatH: Presont-vpt*-ino oC ��** Uuna  por  This is expected to double hy lfW)  The size (mil laelr ot rpunouvei-ahility)  of ocean going supeilapkeifa is also steadily increasing " Ninety five supoitankers  a.ie now in operation. It is expprled tpeic  will be-200 i�� npcrulion by lOB"). ^hlps  ot 1'ip ,to one nulhoii tons c-apacily aie  envisaged  Depths al wlip-li oil is drii|crJ are  ipci easiiig, il not Iho lisku Wells" arc  now being tapped in |lie Noilh Son jit  (|00  iect   beli-w   llio b|t|face.  One sixlh -nl all LI.fi ofl pioduclmn  wimoil l^iill Ulirl-iiHi'ii wells. Tins is cx-  pci'leil Id (loublc wit|i|n a lew yeiria,  Undeiuod oil pipelines me In Hie oui |y  blugeb o t design fin lj)ii puuup llnoi of Ihe  Canadian Ai.'llr aiclilpplngr), mi. well as  other ruglpnH of llio-y/nrlfl. jce ��trei|g||j-  eped ��� Kilporlnnkui'K, ��epii-s(jbipei'8|b|eai  hiieloar-poworpil siifuniirinos "I'd even  ujr..T'ifl pro-being ..���oiiMidored-foi' dolivury.  mended foi fishing giounds Detei-  gents and Dispeisants- appeal to of-  fot an easy method, of cleanup, apd many  claims are made fpr these substances  Bxpei lence to date is that, they mprely  hide the problem, or, worse, are dop-  gciously poisonous in aftei effect. Gelling: 'Pliere is speculation that oi) maybe more eabily lemoved from sea spills  if caused to form a gelatinous mas���s, by  chemical application Little icseaich has  been apparent Wonder C.hoipicals; .  Any one may be .possible, of the many,  buf it should be capsic*eied unprovpp at  tl^s time.-  ns;  boys doubles Jim Cox  and  Mai tin   , singles in tennis This is to be on annual  Aiideistm i Pvcnt The students thank Mr Thompson  These pioved to be good'games, with  a lot ol tun, good competition and a few  sur puses  ..for the trophy and look toivvard to the  1 games.  TRACK  ' Ip' addition to the school track mpct  this yeai lheic wi|l bca track meet, at  Squamish on May 2fi for those slucjenls  who show promise ond put in extra work  at their specialities.  CARNIVAL  The Students' Council would like to  thank those who participated in making  the, Caj nival a success, the students will  appieciate the pi pf it made at the Carni-  vaj. The rummage sale for the ^gn |s vi-.  siting the UK proved successful, show- AMONG THE QLDEST  ing & profit of $100 24   The guls thank The Forestry Associations in Capapla '  the people who donated, sold and bought l>"��vc been em.pIia^i-Jing.pfiFspnal rp-spqns-  the iummage The auction was also sup- ifilUty for envirenmpr-1.aa protpctiqr" ft>F  cess, we thank our auctioneer, M. Myers ' pver 7Q years in. Canada.. T 1| g y( gpg  and the enthusiastic bldcjeisr mms the first puJUc;sp-:vicc &Qm ^  -��� ppwt p-ipii-. ���pq-pperptipn %'W py*-'-  ppsp.��    .        '      * ��� i      ;.       M >-     -  Men's, Women's ond Boys'.  Just arrived . . . your new  spring styles and new spring  colors. So soft arid so pljabie  " ���* ������  C*f  far those sore tootsies.  Tfgil Buy ^onfrt?  c?>wri�� strcc!_st?-��ro  ��f v^yiiiiHiHi  tion In the oceapb by the Inicrgovejp  mental MatiUme Consultative Qif-imizu-  jjon. Tills repot t suggestrt that tills  attitude pf mipd Js badly out of date...  The poisoning pi ocean-j is a matter of  global concern*.  HecopmniendaUons: .. That NA'I'O  mcmhei goveripnenlb sl'puld epdoisc t|ie  pi-inuiple tlilit pxleiibivp |esea|.'|i must  bo uridertakop i\s to mctiiodu pf picvon-  tiop und neiHiulUolion ��* pi|.b|-IHs ���  JSndoiho Hie H|udy pf the d��IPttgi��|( effects, ol hydioniiiion pollution... promote mi eh lesoarr-h Individually .,  /Strong supfioM (py p new iuyv' ol (lie  Soli Cmiloiopfo, lor Hip ppnifise pi suo|��-  Ipg new pud npiiip plofpliVM inleinu-  tjopal law I'opcumlpg n|i|pp)Opl'' of niigiiH  dfiiigerpHi' ,lp jlio ppvirppnipiji. ���< T��l  JHATQ pippibe^ goyerpiiientij'. Klropgly  sppporl  the vVprk .of lhe- Corpmittoe fo>  Too late to classify  BOATS AND ENGINES  ���J(i V'V. hall cahjii boat, libieglas's hotlom  and io hp. mo|or, *3i*o. Ph ����ii-i).'i40.  jnno-a7  CARS AND TRUCKS  AUSTIN Alio'srx'cylhiiloi'.ovi-ulVivi:  Per-  tpiit condition, 13B0  Ph  'lIKi-aqilii pvps  |M(|ll-2fi  Wfc���   !���   I   ������II   ..���I..MI.���.i.<IM.M���w.yl^���������������������������'�����MO ���  REAI. ESTATE ,  VVAISTbip   to  buy1 w|i|cii'roiit   nropurly.  Frlyate pufty. No-piovoliipoi'. Wi'llp it.  |l)p cliallepges (o'tlip MpdPi'P Sooicly. pf   , |Vi|nni<:|i, -Htfi'l A'Wiii Dr. lfii Memi, Ciilif.  .     02041.  in ,..,i,,i,.)v,....  ,.���   iiuMTb,/,     NATO  of pi'"d<i "II out of lliu Arntlu wiihIuh, Any    ily * ''   _  ���,,��,���   ,���,��.   IMV,,,^   ���,W   ,,0,,,,, pf, J|^|||-"|||f|j|^^  Miilliod-j of prcvoiitiopi ,,.Ti)o Load,  OP Top p|-o.!.)(||||li Iiiih effectively pro-  ,yupl..'d 1,000,0(10 limn, of i,Ti|de oil liolng  dlfluli'iriiort unpimlly Inlo tihlpH ridding  tliepinelvcK  of, <;ll   In   IiiiIIiihI.' Tlpi dpli  m'iHiin vipv/ pf llil�� ijuvwlonmopt Ih ipui;  " rooqiuirlorH of thu wPj'M'h IudIi urn u��o  Dip |fOT "piuihod. Thp iiemilnilHilc view  in (hut Hoppi li) yuiirs pfh'r ft liuumno common, ono ippiyliir of iho wnrld'H' lupkor  (|ou|, hi'H lint-y,.)) mlopiurl th)n nimpio  m��)|hor|   pf   rufii|i;|nn   oil   pollilHl),  ; '���" 'n���� hmmmpi LnnlforiLtilwiJlii ,  hp'niiptthhi pf nf IdiihI un miich a do/p-oo  pf tmfply fytitp uo|||��ion ��h Ihu ii|f|viip)ent  Of i:opimeri)h<l "i|r (IuoIh. Tho loiifi of )|fo  |p air pyunipm |n (py more driininihi ihun  0** mtmm  HARP HIATS �� GAG CANfi  . ' AX^^vifPlpaB^ ,�����,  FfiLJES - WPfllri (PLUGS  CHAIN  DPAm FOflt  . McCullough      ���-,-,|  Homelfte it $hil~$tlhl  CHAIN SAWS  l^nttmHii,  Am  iWh��.i rim. ��.***i  immf,,jm  bun how ipprh ipftf" \ww von 'i"i fwr y��M" nwnoyl You cop HMf  ��qyq 3 wqyw fl<�� "II lliu Pturh wum\t ()( IpI Hunw ninwitiw m  pmi pr u|| nl ih'i finjh h>t yo��, ymi pel fi pi^M'm I'Mlll lor-imy M  Krtpn fpi)'to nsMirofl of top nppllty, ppnvor ppi n "'ippl��|0 rWi  IDPfl  ipyri  inijouiioh pi I, % 4 I'l-'li'-om iK'm.ii.', Yf'M'H ��n|oyjli��i puiwipl v,  liDIVJqfi1 yop rucfilvfi  '      *"r*"M  :~7. SiKHCLT7 '"  CHAIN SAW CEMTRE  LTD.  \.mm hoM^s>in  i-3' jiojlroorr-  '-j-ta't-  In  q|| i^|y|os InchtillnQ tho  m.xf< n��v/ (3o|hlc��Arch *l��-  ,!L|4'-''  "'o'1' A flnonclno plon II  J^S.'    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PHONE  AD-BRIEPS  .W>�����^���.AT_^  ���  f^f^    "^H"   Y^^ *���!*       ^"f    J0^^ "���  TO REACH  2,500  ���HOA/ife,  ONLY  The news  ANP  TOWN CRIER  CAN PROVE  PEMVERYI  ���' ��',  ��� Mr. A��lvott|��()ri  Thoio advortUlne  ���pocci ai-a rnql  l��ir-  qofn* lor y*>'*! *w-m  cpnlfqcl piilyi fm 4��.  fflllj pn ho* fQ ��|f|-��*|-  I t>ar udyorllilnn  dolor. p|��ono 0(ffi.9At14(  m ftir tm,n, n*  rmt,  11  NAture gave man !Mi�� pmbn,$] mo-  t^ifoh; It o^VB'Wm pnly th^ Intellloenoe'  , tp.f^sfijqn hi��,pwn Rrp^ctjv�� devices md  \m Teaman 'ft\l& tQ' usa wm'' ���  j\)b fiMrrjpn \)t*a<\ \s mmm$ v/Hh morp flell^fp  ���yi^hlnpry Wan ^ pprripMfer i?m��,ii^ shhii ja pnly  .QnMQhfh pf ^n inph ihlpk. it'a worth prpfecunq;  ���* ���  {Eye jnjMrl^ mPiten frPoMily flop!- Thp Ip^s *i\ ",  slohl" inpan^ ^ mpnMinpnMl'^K-isim^nr An*! pyp  .^fpcljfjnJu^pfiliDple.-,. ���   ���        ,.   ,  Tim ifi^r^rMm'4 ^Pilcfipy is vntimMmtH tiwf N  my mmy yyprl<nipn wrip nqy^ pppii ��><pasp-i tp  pprMnlYftG*,9f lnflM8irl/i| npNP 9mt,\��M  pprlpfl. pp ^pwly fleqf, pprpypr-   .  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X  i  tr<  4  '���;  ,  ,      I   t -1, , - "      ^ .-��'..!     J    ��'"    '   * '* '    -t. \   ,0 ���    V>      ��� -*-<J -�� J.' . -       -5        *      '. 7-1" * -        T i.   ��� . *t    *--* ���^     ;   ,-' J1'J'! Jjr -'.1 .."���'  f * ,������ \      ������ ��� ����� ;'  ",     *    ,.   * ^^^tf^.^^ma-^^^^^1    .     Wednestfav, Mov 19, 1971 - - ��� ��� m -��    -   l\v'<*'V^" *i \K��i   l* i*-'-'-  i -' -  ,Vr  .ft,  *���> ��;  * , r  SecbndarY Schools unite  dllsqtSioa lusidraiser  '/ "IWO, http^V"'^ walkers trudged tqWarqls   kept a watoiiful eye on t)**e walker*?, Mrs.  *3echelt on Sunday  during  tho first    Thompson manned the eheok point at the  | Combined Pender  Harbour  and   IBJlphln-    Redrooffs out-off,  stone Secondary Schools' Walkathon. Elphinstone students left the-starting  Thirty-thiee students signed up ' to point at intervals to avoid congestion on  f walk from Lord Jim's Lodge via Redrooffs the highway and for some, it WPS a steady  to Sechelt and 167 Elphinstone students sprint which set a new record of 1 hour  K undertook the walk from Elphinstone to . *and 55 minutes. Last year's time 'was 2  } SecheH, the idea being to ra.ise funds hours and 5 minutes. Setting the new  \ througFTpleagei?; s "    i'i?cioi^inhis~7esrivere stanley_Psseal"rTatr���  ,       Pender students left at 10 32 a ni. with    Mackenzie and Fred Swirnson.  Andrew Higgins and Mr. Bruno Dom- _., First girl to arrive wasi Pencter stu-  ' broski m the lead all the way. Principal ,dent CJeraldJne Higgins, First girls from  , Mi, A, L Thompson bittught *ip the rear Eiphhistone were Emily Fraser and Helen  |  while patrolling paients and teachers re-    Moffatt. ,  1   moved sweaters administered drinks and It   js  not   knqwn  the  extent  of   the  peldges .at .this time but Pender funds  go towards the girls basketball team  which is playing in Great Britain this  summer.  Last year Elphinstone raised $3,100  Which went to: Trampoline $1,^00, Sechelt and District Retarded Children's  Association $500, Score board and clock  $800, team uniforms ^Q0.  This year Elphinstone hopes to raise  enough money to commence a travel fund,  provide band unifor1m*'M,grade 12, giad  pins and folders - and provide a sports  bcholaiship  The walk ended with a weiner loast  on Sechelt beach  p.    ^    *  *       0   V i  fH* ?������  -***^  ���/.-  A  jiS.  v  ;v *    * ; ��� J  Long Trudge  First'into Sechelt during   Sunday'?   It's a long tvudge from Lord Jim  Waikathon was Stonier Pascal, one   Lodge to Secnelt nut Geraldine Hig  of three who set a new record of 1  hour 55 mins. for tlie 15 mile walk  gins jogged into Sechelt looking,  fresh as when she-started; the first  girl to finish last Sunday's Walkathon. :"*"���".'.--..���.  Minor League Baseball  .,., results for last week  m   RESULTS   Of   Minor   1-eague^ Baseball  \, |-^��       games played last week:       l  ** *    i'l   BBONCO.   May >f--|h   gamf>s- ^Vilson- Greek  Gibsons   Merchants  2.   Qibsons   Firemen  H; Sechelt Legion 0.  May tetb garnes: Qibsons Firemen 12,  ���VVUion greek Or Sechalt Legion 20, Gib.7  sons Merchants 7.  LITTLB LEA(3UE J  May" 'l'gjtjigatfies: '''^'in"soiis"''Kinsnieh'''lT,  Wilson Creek S. Pender Harbour 20, Gib-  sqns Bppmrnen l. Sechelt vs Roberts  Creek rained out.  "May   16th   games:   Wilson"  Creek   10,  Robeits Creek }?.  SCHEDULE  May 19th game time 6:30 p.m. Secli7  elt at Wilson Creek. Pender Harbour at  Kinsmen.  Bppirn Men at R^hertg Creek.  May 2t"r4 game tinie 3 pm- l^inspien  Ihk 3s a $3 SPOT S  (Lesswheo on contract)  Youri advertising in this space will reach  nearly 2,500 hom^s (over 9,000 people)  eqch week. It's the most economical way to  reach more Sunshine Coqst people because  Times ads go into more homes than any  other  nevvspaper   produced   in   this   area,  The Times  l-We 8B5-9654  Still Trotting  Second into Sechelt but a late starter  from Elphinstone Ian Mackenzie  helped set a new time of 1 hour 55  mins.  Pace-maker   Setting the paqe for Pender students     ���   ���   , ���,       ���, ��i,  Andrew Higgins was first into Sechelt    HoUybuw May 21-23  setting a time of 3, hours from .Lord  Jim's Lodge ��to Seqlie^t- whUrf es'ti-  ma'ted to be 17Irules.  Canada's forests and  the need for good  obbei vances of forest fire prevention rules.  It  is  sponsored -nationally   by   lhe   Canadian Forestry Association and .regionally   by   its   member   Provincial   Forestry.  Associations, '  �� /*?��  ���w e  BBWBSBte  ga^ByB;  tlBHBMSlg|giaw.''i?'"W)y  SUNSHINE COAS.T REGIONAL DISTRICT  [of fco  WEST SECHELT GARBAGE PICK UP  -\  CHANGE OF SCHEDULE  From/qnd including, Friday, May 28th, 1971, tho pick-up in  tho area between the westerly boundary of tho Village of Sechelt qnd  tho Wakefield Inn will bo mode cyory second Friday, Pick-up on  May 21 at will remain as scheduled;  CHARLES F, GQPDING  ���,��*������ Secretary  S325SS  SSSSSSSm  ^-%%n  BIKIJ^aik^Siijpitl.fiyW  11  ��ra  IO  IHW  pliampioii liint your,  Tlio, moot will liogln a), ({ p,m,/ Friday,  rvtiiy 'il find re-iume at I) p.ip. Saturday  iinri Snnrliiyy         ���Oilier provincial c|i��wp|onHli|p�� lo lio  Btfiiicd during l|>o If-cslfviiJ of HportH- nro  in yo'-'btii)'', lruci< ��nd fioid, nocccr, m)-  clironlzed ipwInimiDB, idpyimu, iholor-  uport, rodeo, citiioeliitf unil ioia{��r upnrlH,  Tlio j-y-hUvmI of Hpoi'Ih Ih Mponnnrod  ���)y iiiu h,c( fjiioriH l/orioni'iion iii  co  per  lie i  11 PAZAAR OF VALUES llllSFiiiw  EC  Kp'lvifiatorT  23 CJu, ft. *  Roij, 277.98 NOW  10 Cu, Ff. %  Rog. 236,98 ���.f���NPW  Boaftv  18 Cm, F��,  *   ,  Rorj. 223,98 ,     NOW  \ '  12 Cu, Fr,  Ren. 219,93  NOW  0 Cu. Fl,  Rod. 212,93 .. ...NOW  m  ��  ���*4ifnt  Parlcc!r#5 Hardware (1969) Ltd.  Sccholf TOUR LINK HARPWARE STORE flOS-2171  LINK  .  QUALITY  HARDWARE  ECONOMY  BAZAAR OF VALUES &&*&  I  s  Aw���  WEST ViincoiiVei'-���Mmiy of tlie top nthu  ietosc in tlio Pacific Norljiwest will  take 11 divo for tlio .niilis'ii'-Columhin  FoHi|v(i|,of fiporlH at Jfollylnirn Cmrntr'y  Cluh, Miry"M-'A  * Close to 70' divors 'from Vunooiivur,  Ca)K��ry,, l'orl-lnod, Tnconm and Seulllo  will piirliclpiiio in thu HiIIIhIi Coluni'hla  npop d|vin�� cliiniiploiiKliipa, ,  Tlm Hrillifli qo|iiiu|ir��" Vunlivul of  flpnriH, in Coiiitniiiliil Yuar, will hrinw to-  '--oilier, elfw'o' M>  W0,<l00 r MUileicti  fromr.' operation wMh tfio'dovornnjont of iiiiliaii  many parlH of Ilia, world  lo piirlldpiile-    Coliimhln.  In f)l HfJoriH in IIM'H.C, i.'unlruH, May 20   - ;~~'-J~~~  l|)ioii|di June 7, * ^^  "Wi�� oxpoct cxcullonl t'omputlliori oiihJI--  nWtimnpdtntH   tpmi,"   ��|i|rl   HC,   Ii|vln�� ' v      ; ':  loiiniiiiiiiiiiriilici-ior, Hud HU-vi-iih. "Tli" '   E  nuuii yj\i\ -hripu lojjutlior j|ml nlioul. ilm , *  '   flnont iiHii-riliiHH ciimp-rlilor-i in H,C, m)d  AIIjoiIh ,iuid ih�� NoriliwoHi,"  Tlm nmni wlH'liu run In flv��i iIIvIhIohh  ���10 nnd nnr|����r, 11 and in, is nod r  * If) and Jl) and-HunloiY  I'JxpuuUidi lo   liiililo   ll   r��ui   for  Ui"  ' mriilor  nmn'-j   llllo   urn   Dup  Hull   and  ,.wl(Mlnl,i,t,liyiirr,*lii��ll^ni:^BunulH^iin��t-..VM�����  (���nuvnrV C'|--n  tJroiii, and Al C'rawfonl,  MmlM'lioru of Henltlii .and- Vmmniivm'H  1  Tony Yoilur and' Main Anion nro uxpi-rinil  lo do nioHt tit i|i�� fiiilitiiu* for ilm mpny  hidlmt' llllo,  f"       M  is ci  til place  ^Vf^M^'wil^i-iy^if,,,.^,!!^  mess'  Uilf IllUrly   oi)<!   Mh!,;t,:   |i)    w���|c||    |���  J'aiil HwHz-ir rif |)awhoii Cro��li, 'iinixu-.  up to lira  11  and  1-j.ynnr ��dd Cmindlan*   -���^.L,^.  up  +*?v/t &  ���0*0p**tiw+*0*��&m  DOGS feUNNIWG BIG BMW:  :   "     '.'   "   ���   ''      ; '���'���'��� v     '' \\    \  " ., a    '  Owners of dom take notice thnt from Winy 5r  1071 to Aunust 31r 1071 \n tlio area of fiuiioliluo  c��fls* from port Motion to Egmont D(@trfctr ony Con*  ncrvnSlon Officer or ConntaBilo wltltOMt liability may  tfoatrqy iiny dog found rnniifng i^ft large Onti Uaramltm  l>lg same  (doer). '  J .1, Hn��f����r, ��� V      ;-  rftfatlni; fylfa &( WIWMfo Branch  tj^  ,    *   I   I, t   I, ttt.tf,lr.*��,    ,   ��   .  *   -'   0   >  4  , 0*/*'*'0*'.'  '.'���,,���   n'.t'l.  \  * **   4    * 00���  i  , ,'  f,r/ f   t $ t..*titf  j  t,f t   f/ ft  Ymoi*pQOm ANP SWING NOTIONS  wool - TAPmw 1 EMmimpY  Phpne,J885^9331  ��� - '      ' ' ���     - ' ' ��� '     '   *-  BAZAAR OF VALUES lililip|!M|Ili  Charcoal Briquets Ipe't. o*i,  Special  Refrigerator Se's  '����� prt ia��  Special  j  S|CH1LT FAMILY mmt LTD.  OPEN 'M-AY' ?4 >'*-*���' > ',��. Ui-n.    ^rPf>pn-.evory^^y.-f i^.m. - io p.m.  We're Open When Yog Need Us Most. (U|<e In The Middle Of A Party  Cowrie Sfre��l>.Sjpfihflfe ,..;,, ..,������.,.,..,:;,,,;.-. Phane 6B5r?B25  aa''-yJI,,pp^  ��  *��Si  =8  ��*��WJ  "3  a  miijiiit(riHmi<iJiiJj)ijjniiJiJifiiJ'iJiifijiiiiiiffij:MnriiiijjiiiijiiuiMjiini<iiiijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiirriijiriniiir ^  3  "**��i$  *SS  ^"  P  I  SB  IO PURCHASE NICSSSARY  During the eight week Iteaar of Va|uo*�� prorrio-  Hon starting April 7th The Times will be giving qwoy  $200"In c;ash, During the first four weeks $10 will  be awarded, For the following three weeks $20 will  be given, And at the end of the eighth week some  lucky person Is going to win $ 100, All entries will  be kept for the duration of the promotion, You have  chance ��a win each week plus the gra;id prize of,  r$lOO.rEnler^a9w.mdny--flmos-a8��ypu-wf4hrUs0-tho*--  coupon or mall to The Peninsula Times, Or you ���  can leave them with any participating merchant  Each week there will be a draw and the luck/winner's name will be published In the following edition,  NAMi :���.....���..���..,������,. ,.........'-.,......���.,..���.'...,...,  i        **  -APPRISS*..    .       '    ,:-r;rr;:::rr;-:::::;;;n:::::;  SK  S��!  S  '���***!**  ��...  PHONH.  iiiiiiiii^^  ������'���������   '   ������'"-!���.'   .... t    '  0   0   r    ���   *    0   , j       ���,,,,,   ,00.0,   ,1,11.        ,    1 0    ��� 0    I   ��� 0     ���   ' .��� I    ���   I    ���    ���   I   1    ���   ��� , ,   .    ,  ��i*^JinlJljUUtJJ.*tJttA*AAAMAAtS.A*A,AAA>J.I.JUk //^^a^u^/**^*^^^^ *** 0*.* * '-**** ***0 * 0-0 * * * * * ��-.<��** m><4>��i/a��m/^m*vm'^.'>^ sought . . .
League Standings' tq-date
i *
*■* „
P""*NIJS*i3ULA Hotel nroycd inU" sale pos-
session of first place tiT'tho Sunshine
Coast Sr. lylen'a Sol'lhajll League iliisvyeok
hy defeatiti'' previously undefeated Wal*e-
field Inn on Thursday.
Support tor the games this year seeips
tp he, hampered hy the -cold Spring weather bid if.you, can make the-games-, the
teams Wpuld appreciate it-
Magna jafandu-gs to. datei
Pen IJotel     3
\Vakefleld Inn     2
Pirepnen       2
Legiop         1
Wilson   Oreelc 0
,    Roberts Creek   _       0
CJame    Resulls:  Sunday    May  0th—
Wakeneld p, J'irenien (I. WP— p. Christ-
„ jaivs-oiy; ..L.Pi-T-B, £arroll.
'.' Pirpmen Jumped off fo an early §-\S
.-jead hut uonid hothold tho Wakefield
fiHaek- .(Joyvn. ■•
■; -ppn. Jifttel 20, Rol-eits Creek 12. W-P.
^A, ^kyfte; L.P.'—Heiiderson.
.,&,:JRoih.teai'n'' playeci rather sloppy ball
; jn a game highlighted by two well hit
lipme ryns. Mike Clement with a grand
slam for Roberts Pjeek apd Ojck Scott
With a splo ,fpr the Pen.
'.Tuesday May   Uih;  Wilson  Creek 8,
Region 0. W.P.—D. Bisons L.P.— J. Hall.
Trailing-fl-5 going into the bottom of
Walter Safety says,
''(i/jeej or sit low in a
capoe. il upset, HAN(?
Qyi to. "the canpe yptlL
help arfiv-J'"."
|)ie 7th, jlio ^pgjon Pame, paf-fc and. s.cgv§*i
4 runs to defeat Wjlspn preolf, A} J'ips'Sl'
dnpplpd in tlip winning ypns fpr )\\q Le'rf-
'iun. Hecbjp August hit-a Jio^erpn, j'or
Thursday May 13#-; Wnkqf'ejd 3, Pen
Hold 9. W.P.—V. Reynolds; UP—Sft)a-
hub. **—-—,        i      ■        r\"
, IQ-cgmt-m_ Reynolds gave up 4 hits in
-pitphlng^his secontTwin ot the year ip
a game thai'was stopped at one tirpp R<^
pause of rain
Firemen 16, Roberts Cieok 12. W-P.—
Carroll; L.P—Henderson
pennis Carroll picked up '".iV sepppil
win of lhe year in u game thai' featurffi
a towering home run, by Bi|l MpQivern,
lhat cleared the tence jn left-field at
Roberts Creek. Mike Clement \d\ hjs seg-
ond home run m as ipany garnps for j,he
Ci-eek: team.   * - T   s
SC.HB^irLE, Tpesday May li); -firemen at tHegipn-^Prothers Park; 'WUqpfo
Creek 'U WaHefigW—"Wilson Creel*.   „
Tpprsf-py Mny ?05 Roberts, Creek' at
Wilson Creek—Robert*; Creek; Pen Hfltel
at Pir-ernen-*Brothors Park.
Sunday May 23 iind Monday May 24:
Invitational Softball Tourpair-ent. T}\o
first game will be at JO.30 am. on (Sunday Way 23 wi|h {"en Hptel playing C0t".st
Paving of Powell Riyer"       ' *
^ The second gamp at ll 30 p.m. \yill fee
-"RVrssejl Hglel from New Westminster
playing J&F Transfer from Texada Island..
;Hext games in t}ie Rouble JsnpcVqyt
tournament will he at 4 p pi. with the 2
losing teams playing apd then al §$(1
witl\ J'ie winners playing, Games yfl\\ bp
aLIIlP same time on Monday, pooster
tickets are still available from, apy Pon
Hotef team member or at pixo'n's Parppr
Sliop ip Qibsons Please huy these tickets
and suppoit the tpurpnment
'   I
.   1<
Wcc|-ipBtl-iy, fMpy 19,1971 Tht^ PpWm!p Tlwip*? Pflfle'&&■-,'! <
Whw^«mW» i nn iiMIMi»*m iimiii^^miiii -it^M——*—«»«^n*»ll—wi—Mliiy ■ m i 'Hiit   i.iiuji +,0,um,***m*i**0mmi00*0m~li0***ii^*>Lr'>i+***i~000'J00+ ^
. 1,1
i rr-
' ■"* - '*■ 1       I-
..'    tWA. ^&e£&***- -A    sr-'   j—'        \ ri*f&*,.&ii;i*
*- - *-** •    i  *   r' -hv.      *        \r-
i —^i-
-i, • -i'
iw'i,ij mmiiiiiLy wu ru mmm
j imm m1,
■ ' i  » *
Why MfdUM the 'W40r wiy!
CQWfqct Vliwip. Be-flse-well al @8$-7720
»ii«««,.- •
far Horimntoli Vert'tcqf Trye loa Buildings
by €qn#dian tog Sfr(/cfyfes J.fd.
''     ' i..,.
;; Y-t'ViV'''
■ vM.*»2l.j'.s
'  *-fc"v(     "W
J • t
Users are advised that the contractors commence  collection
jon alj routes at 8 a.m, and cans should be plpcpd at the roadlside
befpre this time fp enspre collection.
I."  r-    >l«i
a: ?
a m
FQrl    '
P Mr. ^adycrtiscr:
Those adycrtislns
spopc? aro rca| bgr^
gains for yon. Sold on
contract only. Fojr details on hpwrtc; stretch
ypur adycrtisins "dollar','phono 085-9iiS4,
ask for special ad
Plllllllllllllllllllllilllllllll BAZAAR OF VALUES |||l!U||||ll||||UIUIIII|llll|li
life   ' >v   M Af -s „ "   * --w
11*\2/,"'v">   »" " J*f-"'TM   *"•     "^"1
.* '
'•i .
[\yenly wingtos off   hit} lirne   fas),       * *( \     '     '
ffe/p youngs^^ . . .   ..
Athletic AsBooidtion aslcg
parents' and' public to care
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T/1-.-ft'liiy, May 2S lo I'Vi'l'iy, M»y 2U
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tjlAii" ■•    ■■ t^' jew*-'" j ���*,"''���^,*, ';-w ^jaWA'^j1--^ ^"j,J��I*7,,vi''i'.iiv< %.-^^*^*i*pw-*-v'j^��'ii^,^c������-����**-, v'  * ***-*S--Tv .*���������; vJ4Vj*Wij?Vjk----.- fc^^.<^#^*---v*��,v��'���!:? ���-V'^'^'^VV^* <-^^^^  '. ii-  --**>  Growing inemfeerghlp ;'���'..  ��L ���'' ���  r  5'  1  i  11  '9  - reports .solid' progress  QUAfiTigRtY general   meeting   oi ,the  Pender Harbour Community Clufs was  "held May 3 in the Community Hall with  n-total attenclance of' justlB members.  1 Frqgress report's" submitted 'by various  .committees Ayere presented andt n*4ica~  tians were tpat affairs of the club are well,  in hand, Cost pf maintaining-, the pal]  -irom- Januauy���1 st-to-Apr il-3 Oth- amounted-1  to $070.34 and covered light, heat antf  janitor service but does not include any  improvements,  ���  Now that permanent folding Jegs have  been fitted to tables, a number of saw  horses are available for sale at $L5Q per  pair, For these, contact either jhe ..secretary or treasurer. ���_      ���  BA8A2VR -  Beautiful weather heralded in the  annual spring bazaar, Saturday May 8th ��  thus ensuring a very good attendance to  the Community Hall. Centre of considerable interest were the excellent -displays  of sewing items, Home baiting and plants,  also a well-stocked White Elephant stall.  In charge of stalls were: sewing'table  ���Muriel Cameron and Julia Reid, White  elephant���Ruth Walker. Home cooking���  Nanpy grown and Irene Hodgson. Plants  ���Doris Edwa>dson, Grace -"lately and  Barbara Iverson, Raffles conducted by���  . Editji Mills, Helen Sundquist apd Helen  Edwarjdspn, * ,  A- first- class tea was **eryea*. -under the-,  ���popiuoiiik  RADIO & TELEVISION  '.y dealer fpr:  ZENITH  *  .;^#i!i&i;l;-;-'.  *   ���#   *   ������*  - BURRIJT BROS.  HUGS AND CARPETS M  *      *     - *  *  FURNITURE  direction of Vi Tyner and her able assistants, wlnlf two young helpers, April Ed-  wardson and Diane Iverson looked after  operation jof the fish pond.  RAFFliES  On-the floor raffle winners were:.P. ,  Clayton, grocery hamper; Mary Parker,  ^et_of_JPyxex_dish6s;_Heleiv Edwardson,  "Evening in Paris/," toilet set,  On the main raffle:- Bruce Cameron,  fishing rod and reel; Isabel Qooldrup,  canned sockeye; Maureen Cameron, Penn  fishing reel,  Lucky tea ticket was held by Diane��  Iverson who won a beautiful hand-made  cushion.  Total .profit of $418 was made frqm  the Bazaar and, at this time, Community  Club members wish to thank all whp  donate'd ��and helped in any-way toward  the success of the venture.  EXECUTIVE MEETINa >  Monthly executive meeting was held  Tuesday May 11th with an attendance of  ejght of the .twelve member��^,i*re3''nt to  give a report on operation of^the Liprary  was Library Committee chairman Mrs.  Molly Payne, The Community Club looks  after lighting,'heating and maintenance  of the. Liprary, and it y-as learned a few  minor repairs are- required.  Under! direction of Mrs. Payne,- tlie  project is .progressing. very well and at  present has a paid up membership of sixr  ty. It offers a much needed serviqe to the  pomiriimity -and donations for purchase  of new books are always welcomed,  Mrs, Payne also gave a run down on  formation of a Recreation Commission  and reported that a public meeting will  be held Tuesday May 25th~at .�� pm in the  Community Hall for the purpose of forming a Committee, All interested ^are asked  to attend in light of the fact- i number  pf services, are avail-able which cpuid  .prpve an assett to the area,  ���Jt was agreed to make a donation of  $100 to the Little League ball teams.  Date for presentation of Pioneer .Medallions was set tentatively for about September 15th.  It'was reported that bingo continues  Page Jl-ft The* Ponim-ula Times  Wednesday, Mqy 19,1971  i  ,s  Student Language plan Boberts creek Auxiliary  programme tq allow po-jt^epondf-ry monthly meeting reports  -     students to improve their competence REGULAR monthly meeting of the Hotline nation's second official Jangwage ���      ei^8 Creek Hospital Auxiliary was held  r  o  ���A "-  j.  *"---.  ^\  /1,  'i  i  \  \,*'  K.  m  was annwnped  today by Secretary  of  State Gerard Pelletier and the Hon, t). L.  Bi others, British "Columbia's Minister of  Ejduo'ation..  1'"' The bursary prpgramm for -2,500 stu-  dentg twill, be paid for throCigh the Council pf the Ministers of Education and  administered by Provincial Departments  pf Eductilion. Burspi-jea will be available  i fpr ppst-'secpndaij'y students wishing to  acquire competence jn a second official  .language) Courses, in Fi;epch will he  available at. the University of British  Columbia and La Maison Fnineaise at the  University. of Victoria. A pourse in English wiR also be given.at the University  of British Columbia" for students 'whose  native tongue is French. Similar courses  W|U ije available at a numbor-j-f uni-  veis|ties across Canada and interested  students should apply at the university  of their choice  May 10th 1071 at which Mrs. Charlotte  Raines reported on the recent meeting  of the pp-ordmating council of j-Iospital  Auxiliaries.  "Repurt dealt yt\*h policies involving  he  council,  director- ofj volunteers,  gift  hop'-.a,nd   visitors   beiiVg    permitted   [a  smoke in hospital wards.  ��^  *-*t*  Ph. 886-2280  III  Gibsons, B,C��  Uiil  to .do well. Also, each week a lucky ticket  is drawn on the membership number ifor  a $1Q prize but it is necessary for the  member Jo be present in order to win.  Memberships are now up to 115.  WG& Treatment Centre " r.  Workmen's     Compensaition    Board to -"Hart during the summer, The 200-  ��ht\irmm Cyril 'White, QfCt.(left), bed residence y/Wl  provide accom-  points  out special'features  of the modatipn for injured workmen from  planned "Leslie R. Peterson Reha- outside the =ta^^  ��� IgUtetion Centre" to the Hon. James who. are in Vancouver for treatment  Jty. Cnahot (centre), Labour lylinistel'r  The bursaries will coyer both tuition  "and   maintenance   costs  fpi'   the. six   or  seven weeks of the.course duration,  In addition to Proyiding noaderriic  instruction through the use of modern  techniques and audio-yisual equipment,  the courses will introduce students to the  .cultural milieu of.the iangnage they are  studying. Every attempt will be made to  bring together young people -from different parts of Canada, ...  Howe Sound Boom Men  lose to Pender Hbr.  HOWE Sound Boom Men, potting forth  . .a* good effort against an 61der, more  experienced team frpm. Pender Harbour,  were defeated in their Home Game on  Wednesday.  Heavy skies and a wet field prevailed  bj.it it did not dampen the spirit and  enthusiasm of the players, and fans.  Pitching in his first game, Richard  ��� Mansfield did a good job throughout. He  *7.'.*!Q scored,....the only run for the. Boom  Men on a hit by Michael Partridge in the  flrd-inr-ing: ������ "-"���: ~  A bhort description of an i'Uui esjt mg  film shown at the Regional meeting held  May 5th at the Siiiiey Memorial Hospital  wab given by Mrs Julian Thomas Laig-  est'outside group attending the Regional  meeiing was that of the St Maiy's Hospital, Sechelt, auxiliary.  Registration wafa followed by .group  discussion with Mrs Raines cho&en to  chair one of them Guest speakcji was  Mis R Tiunoy, provincial president Auxiliary Division BC1JA Her mebbdge called  foi haiiriony in oiganualions "wear a  smile not a fiown".  Next regular meeting is planed foi  June 7(h, a week ear Tier than usual-  sechelt mrnmi  PRESENTS    ���  Bi  \IB  and the Hon, L. R. Peterson, QC,  (right),), AttorueyT-Genepal. Con^-  #truotion of the $9 million out-patient  residence and hospital eomplex  is  'at wur?s nehatniitation Glinic."Tjte  70-bed hospital will provide care for .��� JLorne -Newick> shortstop for the Tyees,  workmen who m<s in tlie intermecliate^i h    a lwp"run homer in the 2nd inni'18"  ���treatment stage    between   general        Tyees  :.   6  3   5   1   5  20  hofipital and out-(patient care. Boom Men ()  0   10  0    1  STARRING!  Joseph Cotton and Patriciq Medina."  CARTOON and SINGLE  In 8:00 p.m. Om 10:00 p.m  Friday, Saturday and Sunday,  May 21, 22 and 23  COMINQ 5HPWS !H PJ^PM  "Deadly Bees"  ��� ���*  ��':  if,  I  ���t  ���'Shotgun*'  'The Sicilian Clan'  yw^wg^wwii^ww^w,^  ��� MM..M,WWWWWW^,^^..w^,.^w^^w^ww<w.wwwwwwr,   M&0%T    SPECIALS   imw.mvum^^,.,,,,,^^  u  iQ Uc  )READY<-        ,   : .  TO  WHOLE Oit  feAt      SHANH WZ-  LQ.  wW��������*w��wTW>��^^ FOOD     SPECIALS    ~.,0m0��*M~0��*^^*0*~��m0V��^��0m0��m~0>  ���R-"5>  VALE 2 111  Rrl.C.P.  Z oz. Aaoortcd   1���-  BURNS SKINLESS  1 Hi. pkg.  FLEICHERS SLICED  ,1 II). |��lig. ,.,.,,.. , *   \   '      !,-��M*,WWWM��l����y��WMMWW����^W��Mt^4"w^^ BIAHIEIIY'"   SPECIALS     WWWWWMMWWWWMWW.WWVWIW^^  ~tww<w-w,^*'wvwww,w^^ PRODUCE'SPECIALS ^"^wwmmmwuwwv^^  7^  WHITE  or DROWN  Assorfod  Flavor* 7".  DOZ,  :fl"  W*M  ON  ;sli<^"Tor"salads  rRESM,JUNCH#: LOCAL..  ���     t 11, .  0*00*00*00*0>0i00>>0*0��0*10t0**<'*0*��0l0***0^  PRICES EFFECTIVE* THUR&m 'WAV 20th TO SAT,, IVIAY 22nd  w***** ��iwimiiw^>w*w*ii  mq00/0Mim0mi*++lt*0Vm  umM��i iin^jfii kihi|A��uw|i t^a^iwd qmau^p^^mn^*nwiffnfc^wnni^nnjn��� ftttnn^Ufi***ttan+**0*a0*.��tny,i��M'i'"i>*sf''  ���^*>iiyf��iKirf��uV"��*r *��W��l!**W��i' "^  '���1 0J**- '- - *���-   f..-T. ., n-lr- ^- - Vf���  >*** a.******.������ ������*���*.. .**.,..���*<, ^.m^...,.. ���,����.���.,,. �����.,.. .i.,-^.  TRAIL DAY CENTRE - SECHELT j  Mi" im��00i-00^m0^m^.titi0*% r*f*Tr ~ t"-������-miil*ni.r wiihiid   m BWf- inu mi��lui mt�� m*,*  , puem i8S-^02U  tplfcWfiM- *tW" W**l -H  ��� m  Y/o f\otarva Tho Right 7o Umlt Quantltlcr, ,  ^z7/7n/7/7/7nnnnnnnnnn��/nnnnn/jnnnr7n/.  * * *  (  I  ���,L   '  *   <   '   <   '   I   '   1   ',   j   l   i   1   f   t  < f i f ( j f f   I   t   *   *  (ft'(/tJ(f't/l//fff/S.f//S/SfSJS0'/f/S/fA/.*.'Jr'*t0'J~,.SHt0. JvtrtSAAAAS'J'A"**'' A* A^��S 0.0.0 0*0**+0-0 *A0 0.0*0 ***0   *'  0'   ^J,***A*Ai.*/***^*M**^^*Alk**M*-.*��**i.AA>,^��>��AA.A��<,A4w,A>M.ABAArf,���. 0.0* 0.0.* 0.0,*  'J-    ^.-������r>*"t'-'A'''J'f-J' . . \ \'. *    *"       '    *��� . ��� ��� ... .... .


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