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The Peninsula Times May 5, 1971

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 Department approves . . *  "     ^  "J       "^,,l,���" *^   '     ��   ' l^.��� J- ���     it   --      '   '     ^" (  Decision on gravel plant  *  depends ��n Regional Board  t  West Canaan Graphic Industries Ltd  2pd Class Mall  Fegfstra-Jen Na IH?  r^."^  J^^PIgH^HIlSFQ lo a. iecent mpeting at  which they hosted. Regional Board, dii-*  pctovs at the Cpsa Marline.* Restaqraph  Davjs- Bay, letter from Construction Aggregates I4d. drcected to chairman Jipi  ITyner was read /at last meeting of the  Board Thursday April 20'th and -stated;  "Piist, let me thank'you and membei s  pf your Boaid for the time you devoted  tq Mi. Tim Arnold anci myself on Wedpe&- ���pi~ the-Bay-urea -  jpn fq j3,Gqo ton per; hour plarlt..    *  "V/e estimate, our wpter i eqqirements '  Will be ip the neighborhoqd. of 10,p00 to  12,QQ0 gallops per minute. Df this WMh-  My 6,000 gallpns per ipipMte of fresh  wa.ter will be leqiiirefl and dp-pcted inro  settling ponds wheie it \voi|ld he *ecircul-  ated thvPUgh the plant There W"U b*e po  cjisehaige ol water into Chapman CjeeU  Sorvipg the Supshlno Coast, (Hovvp Squpd fq imh Ip'pt)/ 'nclydlpg porr Mollgp, Hflpkip-; (-opdingrGraqtharrrs Lqqdlpg, Prisons, Roberts ���m)*,  Wilson Crook, Selrpp pqr|<{ Scch,e|t, Hfllfn*"00" B0^ Spcr;<"t C"qv0, Popdor Hppflyr* Mqdpifq PflrH-KletndalP, Inne's lending, Ea.fl Cpve, Egrqoq'  Union  *���"*$"*  Lqhel  This Issue lOoges *���**. )2?  LARGEST CIHCULAT10N Qf ANY PAPER ON THE SOUTHERN SUNSHINE COAST,  Volgrrie g, No. ?3 - WEDNESDAY, MAY 5, 1971  ^ V<4  i  ,4 4  tZZ  ���VI     &r��  day last  "As pointed out at 6ii|- meeiing we  have now coi^ejiided. oui negotiations with  the Pjovincial Depai-iment of Lands and  reached agreement, subject to appioval  of'jfhe Sunshine Coast Regional District  Boaid.' We now lequne your Board's -appioval m oidor to pioceed with the pro-  Jeut-  "We'confum our plans call tor a 1,500  j       ���  '^"S * . ���" *     *  11"   *">   j * ^    �� ' 1  -\-a \<H-(^r^'*A.A -���  r*sw;  ^ {. f  '"iJ  '"' l'lKS  U'*%  la.,?  V if < "t  'Tl <���',-,'  ;���>*', ,>  "'iM^  ';' K;-f  - ",���- *  .-. .*  REGULATIONS        ..._:..i,^_*:_  Fish apd \Vildhfe Brapph director, Pr.  Jame's Hatter apppunces thai 1^71 Smri-  niary pf the B.'e. Npp-Tidfji Sport Pisli7  ing Regulations are now beipg distvibuted  and will he available from, ajl fish ahd  wildlife hr^nch offices apd gpyernhieni;  agents. \ ���-.-..  MINISTER VISITS  Municipal Affairs iyiiniste>', Hop. E)aji  Campbell has accepted an invitation to  attend a qmee(i.ng. of the {Sephelt and  District Cliamber of Cprpnitee gnd planfi  on heing present at the Jupe 12th meeting. '      t  v* MEETS QLJiPN.  ' JA] . Chief of-the Seche|t Indian Band;  \ A^i Henry Paul together, witlv his wife Rphy;  *;-, \, >f have, been invited to meet Queen Eliza-  peth and Prince Philip during the Royal  ; visit   to  Powell   River   May   Oth-   Local  r'mayors, Bill Swain and Wally  Peterson  ���~i,i,'will also attend.  ���LOST BIKES  A, v?v Secheif iR'CMP reporf having a nmp7  "U'J'Jber ot abandoned bicycles-in their pos-  Aj}: session. Any qi: ah may be claimed by  AA rightful owners from the police detach-  -"''"���'-.^ ment.  -���Ck-7  "Yqu purrently have ^a cppj ot our  A^phcatjop foi the proposed Waterfront  1-ipase'Lot a^d <i photogiaph shoying JheJ'  aitist's poncept of fhe Watei fiont InstaK  latiqp" We now find that we icquire-qn  additiqpal 200'5(410' pi ordei to accorq-  piodf-te thc barge facthties as pei d'rawipg  aHf-phed, outlined in ted It *s readily  lipdei stood the Board is concerped hy the  fact our proposed water lease abptts Lot  No L-7225 Would *t be jgreeable to  the Board if we provide ip the lease that  the lease shall, at all times, permit free  lpgress and egiess to and from the Uplands through the Easteily Boundary of  the proposed watei lot? IHs necessaiy for  us to resubmit oui Water Lot Application to the Provincial Government and I  would/ suggest that we conclude a proposal which is acceptable before we pt oceed  further |p this area.  "There are still some technical piob-  ]epis to be 11 oped out--  1. Would it be to opr; mutpal advantage to have t|ie Regional Boaid sqpply  pi"tr w��Mer lequiiement-,, or, shoqld we  explore the possibility of usipg wells?  2. There aie access, roads( easements  fpi* �� pipehne and piqpeity on Lot 2725  reserved for a i-eservoir which have fp  be copsdiei-ed. J respectfully suggest thaf  we peed the Board's, approval to proceed  befpre we can' resolve these rpinor points.  , <(f have haid trouble getting copies  pf spme aerial photpgraphs fqr this iprail-  ing hut Will have same 'in "the Board of-  ..fice pot jater than Menday, May 3rd.  '.'As "to the proposed physical operation of the plant, I would like to extend  an invitation to the members of the J3qard  to visit our Mary Hill piant whiph, while  snialler tha*n the proposed Sechelt qpera-   linn,,, will give h i;eiiiis.tlic..Kdmpaxali.v.c...re--  latiopship. As. I will be away from my  office during the month afJVtay, qur production manager, Mr. Bill Harris, will  be more than pleased to arrange this tour  should *you* so, desire.. Mr. Bill Harris  can  be  reached  at Construction  Aggie-  Port Mellon safely  record nets pheque- .  CHEQUE in the ampup^ pf $lpQ.po*��has  bceh forwqrded tq Mr. Albert Lynnr-  piesidept of the S^eph9H and Ehsj.nct Re-  larded Childiep's, Agspciat-qn,  JThis donajiop was a icsuU of thp employees of Canadian Fovpst pi-odpcts, Ltd.,  Howe Sound Pu}p Division 1 at Po��'t Me|r  lpn having worked 52 days without a iosj.  tni"e acpidpnt  In recpgnition of this, apjiievemgpt, Ml*.  E C Sherman, icsident rnanager, alloc-.  tated $ip0.0Q ^o thp Plant Accident Pre-  yentipp Rornmrttep. This committee, coni;  prised of employees pf Hpyc Spund Pplp  Division, elected tp dqnate the award to  tlfe Retarded Chjldrep's Assqciatiqp. "^his  is one of several donations to this group"  by thc "employees of Howe Sopnd Pplp  Division. , -  'cJr*1,  Remanded for sentence  Ceritenrii^l Vjsit  Making spectacular approach to the  Halfrripon Bay #��rf, ff^ivic^. gjtai-  ���&tfr''~dom^^  the yourigsters on tHeit tpes a-ritjcri-  p^ing'l^er.^tp'giipe into tjie ^e of  tjie 4pQ&ed 'Mir^rnfchi Mi H)e super-  LOGAL Libciqls met at Sechelt last  Monday, Apnl 26tli and elected a np\y  sjate of officers TiGadcd'by ioVmer village  alderman Nprm Watspn as phairman. Other executive includes: Pmdy Huff, spcre:  taiy; Pat Murphy, tieasurer; rJave^Ejyer^   vice-president for the Qibsops area; Mike  Blaney, policy committee chairman; Scott  Huff,  lepresentative for thp  Young Li\  berals.  _   Prc_spnt for the meeting was president  _  of the B.p. Liberal Association, Mel Gop-  LUCKY WINNER  Congratulations to Barbara Cluasson  of pibsons, wipner of last week's Bazaar  of Values contest who will receive ^10  gates Limited, Telephone  085-0541.  "Should there be any further question from the Board during pry absence I  Wop|d ask-youJq please contact-Mr. Tim  Arnold al the Registered Offices qf Oceaji  Cernent Limited, Benfall Centre, Sufte  1060, <5Q5 Bui-j-ard Street, Vancpuver,  Telephone 082-3741."  Board'members moved the matter be  tpl'ped pyer for further study by the ex-  H^-pAiRED-dr-ivilvg^ehai-gesiipredpnim -ir��juries'* ��fLTigiit- tlie -���;l4Bai^.i-:fe'w1.':---'-?ii-p-''-  ed the' local epip-t scene duripg April    beilipVed qut-qf danger.  bly tinned agnrpach saw,her  4^PHet}''iho" flatly fp ^elGprnfe the  party pf GentenO'i^  hers.   '   ' " /  view that thc Social Credit government  is presently destroying itself and that  l|oub|e is seething within its lanks. He  said the time has come fqr free enterprise  tp lealuc that unless there is a general  swing to thc Libeial party, we will end  up thc NDP taking" ovpT -thc. provTpce  and that would piovc a disaster.  Don't forget to-get your couppps in fpr ^e^ulive^committee, fp-^nce comn*r"ttpe apd  future prizes wl^iph include three��� prizes . directpr Rer^Slade. lt|was\also agree^tor  9,:J-20^ the gyand final whicjyis ^po,   ' afrapge a'-yis^ fp i\\p ^ry'ty\ljti��A\-\ A  1~~TH'tyw!tyl0��&- *^l."' 'Ik**."1."1".*1!^.' �����������������.".���_ ' ^ ". '.I''* '. il"*"-'T"""'u,. j.i*...r ���,,l,l',,lli i . ti l.�� &iLlfa^0^j0-^^^^?L3imrLrt',,M*  fVV.^i'A^ii-'-o��� \                    "        '. .       f>  1 ' *%    *   '    ���"    J        '"1".      *" \'    " *v  d^MrT''f&t        V'   I  ^i.'iv\ V  ,v'\��i \ z  % A* -,��  I--*  . *    ' ������" ���"���'..    Jt\ _      I      M  >.\;4-    1 '  uv r--       '���       "I 1 ,;:  .'   A    s-S\ Ji     '  frfVH ;jU ''iET >   if' J Ah  i r^^^wis^W^^       'i7" J'" n:  ^ -it?  If  'rWi'UJ,    ,.*** "P     'V  -'���fJ. IA ���'��;  >     I  i'   t'-S     '     '  few-: *  ; ji'or oihi hrlof liapny Ml'liinioon; V,r\\r\o  Informal Visit  I'i.-.jli; lUiriinnlnt llohohlH (Ireek, Mrs,  MiniHlu-,'' I'lurro .lHlllol 'I'rudeau "WU  'Bornnnj uaoorls Ihu liHi>py (iouple [a  hit- vvll'o rviiirgarni usc-upo from llw   tliolii o��r on thiniluy niienioon.  'pryliiH <iyon of iho world io.jwiy llio)  I'li-Ki vIkII aflor Ihoir i'mhiy.. iimnini{<)  , lo.MrH. Trudoairn [{rniidiuolliucJVlrii.  ���|��|��<-U> |-y.,IVrank O'Mrlliii.  TIido-j HluflE  apd in the case of qpe driver a; pumper  ���"of other offences.-,we're djsppverecj. Tprn-,  my Bruce Sliufhtd, following his arrest  near Qibsons was charged with fpur of-  fenpes; Impaued dnvmg, taking J" motqr  vehicle withopt the owner's consept, pos-  ses^ion ot jparrjuana and tlu-ee cputifs of  breaU-entry ar-d theft. *  Appealing "Vi cpiirt last week he enter-  eq] a pjea-pf ('gpi'ty" to all pharges an.d|  wasjremjifidpd ln5cps).fldy t'9'MaV 11 |qr  fi 'pi-ejsentBn-ig V?#<<W  ( -  ^l^hte^VWr^-rppqrte'd, 'tpjf4ji��Vp'bJUJl)'  dripklpfi 'fequilla.-iinq; uW^M'^'P^i  pn Ai?f4 ^3.'-d, ��P Mlcn4oqk.P ipplP!' Yc-|  lpolc fmip avQibspns rpbtqCncc apd .drove  it In an 'ni|o)r|al|vp .iliop ,wl]cie hp wuh,  appiehepdcd   by   police.   A 'quaplify   qf!  pinri'iiaqa  Wt|b inupd   pi   lus pobscs^ion '  He also ���fdinitted'ljicfl of a ciipiera dapped to hetwo��lh -|j)3f>i) liom M Iqcul news-  papci   of lice, J|icll   of  p  biii-|U spri)   ot  piopcy   frorp "a   d*y   c|cu||j|ig   ps)ii|i|ish-  rpept |p, A|-(-p|slp("d 'ipd lhcf|, pf yariqps  i|opi>iJpplpdipg i|,^03 rifle frpm a-'dwed:  l|ng;hqpsp af Chi|se, l^.C.  ��� ij-pnes Mijo Skipper", -igod 10, alsp pi'  Gihsqps, .ppferpd, 4 ''gpilly"'plea |,o a  pppiber pf pliurgca apd he loo was re-  iprji|diid,."fo|' p pre-sentence report,  Skinner w��*i ��rref|cd April ail op w*"'-  riipt's.|pyq|vip|- ll)ipc offences ii'pdor |.|ic  Molor Ve|)ic|e Act. .irprther ii)\-ps|,igat|oi)  roveuled Mi�� fuel that he was also involved in H10 lirpuk-ipH in Clihuons ninl  Chnuu,  ','"'1  '"���' NnriiUiii Hi'iiiiu Bip.'iiii.yiii) ����f Viirl."M��|-���  JoTi.,clni|'|p!d wilh,-dr|vi,m* " ipploi' vuhinlo  While his hlund cniitained an pleohol piin-  tepl u| ippcii Hpiii ,(||| pur pent, wim filled  $'I0|) u'pd |)Ih diivnr's iliirpiicp jiiispepded  foi' Mii'ijc ninntl---, .For driving wllhpul. I11-  .HliCiipco; Ihirgnyiiu wim In 1 or fjpod pm.  He had |)i!i!ii uliticlu!(| pp lliu I'nrl. Mcllnn  IJighway ..nil was drlvih/' wll,h 1070 Jli!-'  ppt'ii pliilfUi,   , ���      "  Apnihifi'" (])|)noi)K   nun)   was   char|(i!il  with driving without Insur'upiM-, Willlarii  ... KpijniiU wim fj|-iiri P(dl I'ur Iho ^ ol'l'uiin.i,  aeruld Wimliiy Pfiviiy of (llhwipn' wan  lined f3oo ift-.il his di'lvurV Jiuunuu huh-  peiirlod ��� for f>pu''rnoii|h, He wuh ��|i|irginl  w|i|�� 'di;iv|p�� \v|ih pp ii|i!iihp|.ppi|ii!pi ux��  n.-i-ilhi/j ,(|l|,      , '��        '     '  WJI'llnpi .iinpctj fptdiiy pi Npj'th Vliii-  ��� imiiivhi' I'iicimI |i 'Hlifljjjir- pIiiu'HH ��|||i llo loo  Willi I'l'Mi'l'fi'lDU'liiiil Hllrtpopilnil I'lDip'.hl'v-  , fncjdeqt qppRJT^d pn a sharp hend  When an auto vi-hiph. passed over the cep-  h'e line became lvolved in a head-on col-  lisrqp with a pap driven by wpll-Jcp'own  fpimpr Gibsqns school teacher Mrs. Cloe  Pay. Her passcpgei was MIS- C. Ashly.  The othcj car was drivcp hy M��. Bradley Harrib, of Squamish,, wh.q was ac-  pompamed by his wifp.  Pglice^ report that ti traffic violatiqn"  ticket' has hpep served "i*rj Jiarris". ,  ^ Co|pcldontally, boih yp^cK8 W'ti 1!ie  7^!"Ve tuJU, m&rw?-;,.-,  Archie Rutherford  Dedicated service honored  by Hospital Society Board  -tf<3  ���*.,'.:  r  r"vt  Sunday Magazine host,  leads %al Workshop.  ''COMMUNJCATIQN,  'Dip BrjdRe    Ovef  Trpuhlcd Wliters", wil| he (he fheine  qf a Iwo day workshop led hy |iqd Bpq|h,  hpst pf sandfly Miigazpip op/ pii.w-^,  This w.H.I'"bo ti skii) .slipp'^lll^pppplp  leiirpipg iq i'leajo apd ,'psp iipai"!"'���.njedhi  and aqdiq-viiipal equipincp|;; l|,: Jsr opep  |.q till, ypuip.f find n)d, (he pply requirc-  mcnl is a compiilp*ep| lo attend ho|h ses-  Vioiis,' Friday, M".^ 7th frqrri |^|0.$0 p.ip,  upd S'iiwri|ay, May Wli from o.tif) a.pi,  |p 4 p.m., id Hie Chi'lstlap JiUlppniii-h Qeijr  Ire ul Qllwon's Upitefl Chprc.h.  , . Tho|-p will. h�� 11 reglslniliop ft;o upd i|.  w||| hp i)dviu|i|)|p to hripg a hag qf Ippe'h  iyf Saliii'diiy, Onffeo will ho provided, li'or  Aiylipp-   informiillon   lolephnpu  IIIKI-liSOril,  Prosecutions help . . .  ' "olice Tw  f^ 1*,]EJCQG1M|T1Q^ of pipp years fajth-  fuf and dpdlca|-gd service op {.he Bqavd  pf Trpnicps p|,S>.''��ury's HpsfilW Spp:  Jpl-r*. Mr ^rchiP Ilut)1erford was jrwarded  hold qpcMppcfjiy, 4pt'\\-m^ 1  , -  Apcordlpg te tpe popstHpfioi*, IMr-  Ifi|t|)pi fqrd |iad sc|'ypd fhe inaxhpuni (crip  as ji Bq-p'd mcinhor h\ii vylll he pjigihjo  fpr re-election after one year has chipset}  hi rpply Ip lh�� 'htrpy cqi-gratuhitor-/  speeches, Mr. Hqlherfoid pqpi|ed out fpat  no individptil is responsible fpi successful  udnuqisl(ij)|ii>ii ol the hospital It is a team  efffVi on j he part pf the ndipiiiistraipr'apd  lijffisi,afi', tipy ipediciii siijHY !i;i>��Hi9�� ��nd  |hp -hospflfU auxiliaries. Lms| ypiir the  hixspjliil upxiliiirjps; donated $p,-17fi \n the  liospitai,  ,Sl, Miiry'fi IlpspitalSuciety has a paid- ,  ' iip inemhei'shlp pf 144'iii a 'c)l��ii'ic|, w|��ich  ��� has ti popi|liit{ii|.) qf iipprpxlpuvtel'y 10,000  ��� ponplp, Oply ti)iily-eln|it mcpibprs attended Ihis year's 1111111111!' ipputjnr*. ^irrit  year 112 ipci|-|heri--iittopijei), p'f|."f>��i?aH}ppii ,  pinr In 'thnl, j| Iiiih oft'up huori i||fl'i>:i|)t  ii got (he required qijonipi pf 3fj.ihepi?  nil's. ���  er-pugs  suggestion by alderman  log lor 111111 niuiitli,  (HI-SONS^ PJpc-"HHi|iK "Oli^DriipV Weel'  ' ��� iii lhe village, AJdeiinipj Clnp-Jos Miii��.  delkini, til I|ihI rpgiiliir ipeetlpg pf Opilli"  pl|, jixprpN-uirl I lie v|nw Ihal ho wnuhl  lilujlu nun l||ii--rnjMl' |ii-)|'.'h' lhe ��ro|i a  llltlu ipni'ii ,'lp oi'dur tp Hlnp )'|I.Iij"' hn��n,  ]in sn|d l-i'-'jeulfl |l ipig|)l help epcniininii  Pfipplu' lo hnprovu lliu|r l)nh|IH |p i'i)|,(n*i|  Iq |pil|nc|'lm||)ii|n ilniiipliiK qf fi|i||H, liqltjoii  ulu. "Wu rpu n|wiiyn l'|nil|i'|< iinilii HUer,  fp iuiiJwi ppi| public pii'i'i-H,'';!)!*; iiddpd,  Miiyur   Wii|J,y' l-iilpinon   dl'PW "|i|lun  prqjpi.'l Ipis 1'ipfip SMJiJuiil. pf 11 piH]*|iur p(  <Jl!.'i.'iisjii()ii.s,w|lli tlm (jp��|ii(jcjK..find ficido"  mil Hoard, 'l'l)o lipiprl Ipiii h'-ci'i liskud |q  i.'iiripeiale w|l|i. I))0 ,V|||ngii rip llio ||nt!'  hid no fin1 lum hIujWii ru|i|<!l,fjppn ,lq reply.  However, wu|��|\ will*g",III till" HM>|Mll��r  w|i<!l|>i"r lhe Mniii'd, ngn.'P�� lo Po-pponilu  or phi, Howi!viiiy|iii|i||i! |>y l|;ti |hni|-il' |o  piil'llclpulu w||l ipeiip only 11 |ep'jpqrnry  uiul pin-llii) iiyi-lepi bill, nl IimihI, |mi||( ul'  nmii'H wjl| huvo wnlur, M'lln |>i'ohle|p at  pri:iu:||l )n llio fuel ||ii)| |)opu|iil)i)n |p the  Prime Minister finds peace  during Roberts Creek visit  noWM n I'l'-iHy 1'oiiMlr.y |i|pu ul l,p\\p('\n  Clunk nil Biiiiihiy. Prlniu MloiMlur of ,  Cnii.idii l-jiimi Kllliil Tniihfiui Mpdhfrt  ynuilH W|l�� rctliri'iirl (||�� nli!|in ril'lon tul'oil  )iy ill llo MiO'|<M��'iil' MIlU'lull' wIP'll mIi'h  I'liipi- In y|nll hur I'liipdiripHiiir fArti, Homo  Hiirriii'd ID thft *|ul'il rnllugo whii'h ovei'��  ��� |n(/hM Um HIi'iiMt n| nuurglii,  Dlsi.'l'olely In tlHi liiit'kiU'iiiind iii'i'iiidy  nlfiiiniH iind ('nrpunil l,qii lijg|<i:i))iio nf  llic rillwpii Hf'MI' iiiJiiii'hment, lo pIhIii ���  i'IdIIick llltpl   vlf'lliiiiri)  |p 11  lihie  Hiduiih-  * pir    Hi'fr>f|��toln-.||Viiri,iiipii"lh,)}l'--��,iO,||'mlty��  iiimI nllowi'il Mih ���'nupl'ii jn wnpdiii' rip Ihu  l.riiih  wIm-mi IIm",v "���t'qupH  hi <'hid  whh  rll|lil|��ll.        '���'  ' "  Tin! 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'rrf,  '*" ?.; Pgge A-3 f Ik Peninsula tiroes, \tyettodgy, May 5; 1971  I A  j  -,  J"Vt"^      ..  ������I^I1I^WI"''W^MM^IMMM��UMMMMW^^  '   '       >  i  i.  it :  ThsPeotNSULA^^** Sechelt ^ Phone 88*9684  Classified  *0Vy*nru*0***mi,qwuvim'*r**r**>****00H*r*^  REAL ESTATE (Cont.)        E, flEAt ESTATE (Cant.)  , Published Wednesdays jay  poweltRiyer News To\vn Crier  Sechelt Times Ltd.  at Sechelt, BJC,  -     Established 1963 .  '���-i  t  >-L\  ' I  Memtier, Audit Bureau   ,  of Circulo-jons  September 30, 1970 '.;  Gross Circglation 2920  Paid Circu|a��ipn 2446 ���  As filed with the Audit BMreqp  * Of Cirtutation, "subjecf to qudit,  Classified Advertising Rates!  3-Une Ad-Briefs 02\v6rds) .  One   Insertion  ~ 1.���^l-OQ.  Three Insertions ^ $2.Q0  Extra lines (4 words), ���^_..-i��,'20c  (This-rare does not,apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs)  Box Numbers ���'_K���---. 10c extra  50c Book-keeping charge is added  fpr Ad-Briefs not paid by  .*."-.!..'     'publication date,....  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EXPERIENCED :drywAll scoxT:  st|c & te^tvp-ed peiiings, pqw  in Qibsons area '-ind serving  the Peninsyla. ji>ee Esiinia.tes.  Fast tseryicfij Phone G & W  Drywall, 884-*>3lf).        42Q8rtfn  ..COMPLETE' landscaping-���'se^"  w/v.yice.jGrarde-ning, lawn care,  fencing. By contract. Ph- 8867  7126 or 888-2717.       , 6316-tfn .  .:>,    .ROBERTS CREEK  , DRYWALL,  Taping   and   Filling- by  hand  and machine. Spray Tex Sparkle Ceilings. ���  Phone fl86-7193  Roberts Creek," B~C-  '-.������������    -      6027-tfn  HOME AID-  Custom Design and'   Drafting Services  Homes,   Garages   a..d c alterations, etc. Planned and drafted  to  code specifications.  Help-, with  permits  Personal service    >��� -  Telephone 886-7389  633l-2fj  05. FT.  wuterlront,  float  and   'CORNER 'lot for sale at S(el-  '"fSrnp, 1.7  acres,, ilandsoaned    ,_ma 'Park.'   100*130,   Phone  with - immaculate   modern .f 88f>-9aftfi. ���        509fi-tfn  bdrqi hpuse, plus gqest hou.se.  Sitqatetl in heart of Madeira  Park.* ��sck Noble, 883-2701.  Rochester "Re'a.ltv,  936-7202,  6383-1 fn  12x65 MOBILE home,  2  bed-'  - room. Tip-out in front rqom.  Ph. 886-7187;-       -   '      6228-23  0(V WATERFRONT *|ot, West  Sechelt. Ready to hn.ild on  top portion with magnificent  view. Path clown slope tq* safe  sunny beach for privacy, fi  min. 16 excellent shopping  centre find mall. Ad\ facilities.  Priced for quick sale-at .$^,Q0Q.  Owner, 885-2416.   '       fli-3543  CHARLES J^GUSH LTP.  .���.-.: Real Estate & Jnsuranoe  StrNNYCRES'T  'SHOPPliTG  ���    "    ������ Centre l ��� '. *  ' ������  .'     Gibsons, B:C.  - 880-3481  BUY'BEFORE THEf SUMMER  RUSH  STARTS*  5 ^CRES, ^Village of Sechelt,  elevated view property, undeveloped. $10,000 cash, Rqx  58-jfl, c-o Bqx 3U), The Times,  gee-hell,. B.C* 5819-tfn  H.' B. GORDON      ��~ '  fii KENNETT LTD.  P.O. BOX  123.  -������''      Ser:he|t, B.C,  Phpnfe 885-20)3  This one is for the disWitnitv  'ating: . ��� -.'  ^PRIVACY _    VIEW      TREES  Lot 75'xr58' close to* secluded  beach,   goqd   area. b $6,000   FP  $1,000. cash and balance 5 years  .    '       *  6345-23  MqgGRECOR PACIFIC  REALTY LTD.  'Box 799, Gibsons, B.C.  '  Van  Direct:  685-31-33  UPPER GRANTHAMS: A real    ,  buy. Only  $10,900  FP with-^  $3700 down for. this/neat stuc,    QAMBIER ,   ISLAND;  home  HELP WANTED  7?  *? i-  V?  v;  1 0  r< '"  - ��*  ��� -��� ���"  .  i  M  , 7  > ��� .  "   *  ROYAL    Canadian    Legion  Branch  219,  Roberts  Creek,  Mother's Day Dance.  Western    Troubadors,     R-6 b er"! s  Creek Legion  Hall,  Saturday,  May   8th,   8   plm.   to   ?.   Spot  ������������-";v.-"aahee':-:prizes..--Adin'issi6n:.:'$rr.f)D..'  per    person.   ^Everyone    welcome. ' 6332-23  BIRTHS '  GIBSONS WtSTERN DRUGS  .  .   .  Is   pleased  to  sponsor  this  Birth   Announcement   space,   and  extends Best Wishes to the happy  parents.  .     QLlVER-;Ricky and Joey OJ-  iyer are pleased to announce  the arrival of a baby brother,  David Lee, 6 'h's.V 7  oj". bofh:  April   17,   1971   |ri  jst.  Mark's  ; Hospital;   Sechelt, B.C,  Proud  parents are 'Dennis and Carol  "*    Oliver. r       6328r23  PERSONAL  QUALIFIED pre-school teacher fqr half days starting fall  term. AppyJaek and Jill cooperative"     Nursery      School.  rnpneralv.Dplivf^,^GiJi��QDsr2_:  6348-25  PENDER HARBOUR  EVERGREENS LTD,  -Eve^greeps Wqrited  SALAL 42c undone  HUCK 42c undone  Done up 9c extra  Free, .pickup . for  greens  any^  where on Sunshine Coast  Before picking,  contact plant,  1st place North of Pender  Harbour  Hotel  'Phone ^83-2265  or  883-2721  5986-tfn  ALCQHOUCS Anonymous ���.  Meetings 8:30 -p.m.,' Thursdays, Wilson Creek Community Hall. Ph. - 8115-0327, 888-  2343, ,4979-tfn  ������-   ��� --   ���-    ��� .'..,_���-..-���._     , , ,  WISH  to  contact  Latter  Day  Saints   members.   Ph:   88S-  0547 or 880-2540. 4505-tfn  ROOM;   hoard rqnd   ea.ro',for.  Hci'llqr   i;|li/.ui)s   avuiluhle   lit  Wesl'hnven 't'luest -liornti   and  Wildwood "Itoi-.t   'Home,    4H5-,  4518,  , 0315-25  PENT, 47, fihslainer, will/2  teonugers, wl.shes l��o meet  lady fqr picnics, Hulling, etc,  jMiihI he cogeqiul and huulhy,  WrlUr.Rox (1324 c-q I'enlniuiln  ���TiintiH, Box 310, Scchtnlt, B.C.  \ '   (1324-23  PART "time   cooks   wanted.  St.   Mary's   Hospital,"' Sechelt. 0313-23  REAL ESTATE  co    home    with,: ^spectacular  view. 2 BR's, LR with FP etcc.  . Lot next  door-can be added,  . sqme terms. Available only to  May 22nd. (MLS 6-6659). ���  886-2481 '  CEMETARY'ROAD: Close, to  .Qibsons. 6 beautiful view  acres, partly cleared with a  .good as new 3.bedroom home.  Full basement "and fireplace.  Easy to subdivide in two par-"  eels. Full price ,$29,900.  V2 dn.  886-2481  GIBSONS    VILLAGE:.  View  home with 2 bedrooms and  basement.   Large   living   room  and  kitche,   Sundeck.  $19,500.  886-2481  COMMERCIAL    SITE:    Hwy  101   corner  section   close   ii  Shopping   Centre,   with   large  bldg suitable for niany  types  of businesses complete with 2  ""nfficeti   Trffs-^ii; tho filling tfrep  for   the   Sunshine   Coast.   FP  $27,500.  886-2481  2* BDRMS  and  VIEW:   Chaster Rd. overlooking Georgia  'Straits, family home On double lot, stucco with. Va basement. 4 pee. color plmbg.,  carport, comes ,complete with  dishwasher, electric range, .  dryer, washer, freezer "and rotating TV antennae. Priced at  $20,950   with   terms   on   $8500  /down,   balance    at   $125    per  month.  886-2481  ROSAMUND:    An    attractive  house on a big ilot: Lots of  roomrwith 3 bdrms: large kit,    ldeal   for   subdivision,   $27,50Q  chen.    big    LR,    utility,,. , ej.e; 'j-permsv'^ c '  West  side 60 acres, 1320' -water-  font, beautfiul beaches,- low  lying land, ideal investment  for subdivision. Adjacent tq  West Bay Landing. FP $165,-  000.  GIBSONS: Waterfront, centrally located, all sevices on  paved road: FP $7,000,  Call: John Black 886-7244 or  886-7316 OR Lorrie Girard  88677244  or   886-7760  GIBSONS: 200x200 view property, semi-waterfront, beautifully treed, ��� faces southwest, secluded and private:. FP  $6800. "  VIEW! VIEW! VIEW!: Sea-  view Estates, Gibsons. Just  imagine a homesite with a  beautiful view nf Keats Island, and the Gulf of Georgia,  This modern subdivision is th��  perfect "'spot; to build VOqr  -dream, heme. L��ts offer all unj,  rierground services," eablevisV  ion. Close fo' schools and  shopping.  Call   John   Black   886-7244   or  886-7316  ftgAlESTATE (Continued)     MOBILE HOMES  1<QT  for sale,   cleaved,   level  binding;,  pav]s  1^  v?Je^  rqad.  One hloiik^ frqm heach.  $S,000.   885-9345. . 6344-25  NEW 3 bedroom hoqse, full  .basement, one hlock, shopping cer-tre, Sechelt. Sale -hy  owner. ,Fuli price $22,506.  aaft-ppgl.   ���,���   . 0340-23,  ' EXCELLENT   commercial   lot  ���  centre Secheltr-highway  iQcatlqn, leve} and olq-ired. All ,  services   avail-jrhle.   Box   HQ^i  Pejjinsul-3! TfiTies, il04-tfn  IWART McMYNN  RBAl7TY.fi.' iNSURANCE .  Multiple Listing Service  Tkq* 238, Q%ons, 8-0i -  Mejnbe*-'.  Vancouver Rear Estete Board  PHO^E 886-2248  Notary Public  WATBJRFRONT    PROPERTY:  Sargent Bay, 3 bed, summer '  cottage wtb power and a good  .year-round  well  oq -a' lovely  80'  cleared  view  lot Asking  price -$15,000 cash."  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  Variety,Store. This can bif  a g^qing concern with no op-����  position in* this area. Also  $31,500 full price can set you  up in ���"ypur own home and a  servce station business. Try  your offer.  BETTER HOMES: Selma  Park or Davis Bay. We  have two t"i��autiful 4 . bed.  room homes .with full basement on lovely panoramic  view lots. Step up into one of  these nicer homes.  SELMA PARK: Three bed-  rpqm^ hqpi** ��0 Highway  No. l(��|rt,evel lot, good view,  large .jiving fc.ao,m, good kitchen and~'dhiring area. Oil  heat. An exceptional "buy" at  $10,000 with $4,000 down. Bal.  at 8 per cent.  ROBERTS    CREEK:    L a r g e  well    situated,    levftl    lol    nn  BOATS & ENGINES (Cont.)   WANTED TO BUY  MOBILE  home, 'double -w|de.  2    bedrooms,    reduced    for  quick sale. 60 ft. x 24 t't. Ph.  118*1-2307. " 6310-U'n  TRAILERS SCAMPERS  HV  TRAlL^uTwell  equipped,  gas range and furnqce, ice  bqx,   ft BR,   wired,   excellent  ^qqditiqn^deii summer hide7-  a,W��y, etcc. $900 cash,  w of-  tefs,;i'8857965.4. 6329-tfn  FOR RENT  1IALL for rent."Wilson Creek  Community   Hall.    Contact  Mrs:    Diane   Anderson,    885r  -*Ja?5.* . p455-tfn  STORE or office space for  rent. Approximate 56S sq.  ft. storage space,in basement  for rehlor. Phone, days, 885-  9817 or eves, 885-2368.  6294rtfn  FURNISHED. 3 room  cottage,;  nice    locatioti;'   fo;-    reliable  maiH4ed  couple.   Ph.  885-9698.  ,     ���v>,.i_        ���      . 62115-22  '"2 REDROOM'Trailer for rent,  $85 month. Adults only, no  dogs.   At Davis  Bay.   885-2342  or 885-9970. 6326-23  HOUSEKEEPING    room,    all  fouqd   warm,  elean.  Private  entrance.   Working   gent.  Selma Park. Phone 885-9535.  .  , 6325-tfn  ,WEST Sechelt���1 '- Hfe bedroom competely furnished  house. A.-oil furnace, fire7  place, .responsible couple only.  No pets, $120 month. Available July 1st, '71. Write Box  0322 c-o Times, Box 310, Sechelt, B.C. 0322-25  WANTED TO RENT  ,2Q fT, SFE,NCE;R, 327. cu. ill,  Chev eqgiqe, hydraulic steering, s head, prppqne range,  epho" sounder, qPeds painti'ig.  Offers. Sunset Maviqe. Woil'S,  Garden Biiy. Phone 88.3-2471)  ., (1231-23  -33    FT."   FtRRliir^^S    boql  hull   for  sale.  Marine   plywood,    yejlovy   cedar    fraiuu-  work. Phone 8J13-2481.  6244-33  9 HP   BliifQS   &   Sirattqn  Marine, ready -to  gP $151).  Ph. 8857936'), '6^73-tfn  19 FT. CARIN crviiser, head,  sink, hunks. 50 hp Mercury,  like  new. Trailer, $l,9fit)^Ph."  1385-9600.       -'���        '     6303-tfn  SECOND hand recently overhauled 7 HP Sea Qqll outboard  motor,- $100  cash.   Ph..  ��85-9328.   .-   ' '   6301-24.  10 FT. DREEM hdat, convert."  top, steering lights, (po motor), needs 3 hours work $176.  Ph. 885-2324. 6337-33  IK FT.   f.Q.   plywood   boat,  - , steering awheel,   Windshield,  qars.^fiS.   Phone   885-04(10,  fi  pin. to 8 p.m. only.      6323-25  .lO'-Va   CABIN .Glinker.   bqill   boat, steering,, controls for  OB.,; canvass. $200 oi* offer.  880-9637. '.        6342-23.  ALMOST    new    8'    mulching  punt. ,$50.  885-9345.  ' 6343-25  B03? for 910 GMC % ton pick-  .up  or  Che\c  ph. -$16-7185.  (1835-23  FOR SALE  RECREATIONAL     and     RETIREMENT      HOMESIT'ES:  18,000 sq.  ft.-25,00.0  sq.   ft.���  $1850.-$3750   Terms.  Seaview lots close to beach,  within walking distance to the  . breakwater-; these lots are fully serviced, paved  roads: Try  your offers.     '  .WEST SECHELT: One mile of  highway   frontage,   close   to  Sargent Bay and Trout Lake,  the,- Lower Roberts Creek  Road- Road frontage is 135 ft.  Selectively cleared. .Some  view with very convenient access-  to   nearby   beach,   Price  $5,750. "'  '"  LISTINGS  WANTED  Vince Prewer 886-9359  YVqlly Peterson     886-2877  Box  238, Gibsons,  B.C.  6338-23  . BUSINESS executive wishes  to rent or  tease six months  or Ifingf-r waterfront horn'', ft'"-,  FOR SALE,'33 ft. fishboat, sea  .. licence suitable fqr cod fishing and herring jigging. Twu  15 . ft. Sangstei'craft ply wood  boats. Aso 2 Evinrude (j ty)  motors. H. Whit taker, Garden  Bay P.O. Tel. 883-2282.  6349-2,3  18' K&C with full house type  top. 115 Evinrude power.  'Demonstrator   ,-.--   $2,995  IF IT'S suits ��� it's Mnnftrts.  885-9330, Sechelt, B.C.  8883itfn  ORDER   your   garbage   incinerator   at' $3.50   each   from  Sechelt Kinsmen.  Phone 885-  2475,     ��� "��� "5!1984fn  HORSE  manure for  sale, $5.  Pipl*   up   load   at   falaron  Farm,  Gibsons,   886-7729.     *-  ��339-lfn  LOCATION; Set-bell Elementr.  ary  School���on  cash  basis,  as  is,  where  is.  One  or  two  No.- 24 73Q sq. ft., 30 foot diameter     relocatable     Paneloc  ��� Buildings,   electriei-r  lightingi  propane * heal,-���suitable,    for,  ���summer cottage^ etc. Fqr further information cpntajpt Akm  Pawsqn,, riarrigan   Industries  Ltd.,    ^^O    Vanguard    Road,  .Rleh'mondr    a7��-9891f    $3,500'  "each   plus   5  per  cent   SS. -pe  MA   tax, or, offers.   Must   he  moved by May/ HOth.    0270-23  BOOKS! .Books!-Books at the  Times Bookstore in Sechelt.  Provincial Government . handbooks,'--Breakers,- Ahead, . Be  cause TliTHorn Is There, Gibsons Landing Story, Pacific/  Gardener, Sunset Gardening  and Hobby books. Classic paperbacks, Aquatic Sports,  Forsyte Saga. Phone -685-965-4.  6284-23  FORNEY    Welders,    supplies,  Rod. Box 7025 Postal St. 'S',  Vancouver   10,   B.C.   433-0280.  '      ��� '    63115-23  SEMI-waterfront    corner    lol,  Earl's    Cove     subdivision,  $4500.     House     trailer,     8x38,  $���2800.   Ph.   883-2291.     6317-lfn  New   K&C,   Sprinkbok,   Sun-    No.  4  DEMOUNTABLE  ham-  chelt to Pender Harbour area.  Phone 980-1196 Vancouver.  6315-23  BOATS & ENGINES  21 FOOT half cabin, full canvas, plywood completely fi-  hreglassed. 120 hp Mercury  cruiser inboard outboard. New  leg. 886-2886 after 6 p.m.  6310^24  SWAPPERS: Phone thin nuin-  lini'    for   dlHcreol    rircordwd  moH-iiiiie;  HHI1-2I127.        (1337.23  :'*\  1     -i  WORK WANTED  FUIIIT hen and heilr-n  prun-  ing.'G. (piiuniiuii.,1'iione Hlifl-  ���.' mm, v,   "Viiunihi  CIIHVINKY  Hwnup  nnd utovw  cNiixmI,   I'll,   llllll-yiKII   iiflrr  fi p.m: (J'HM-'M  WE ()FJl'i,;ii, ,u romplniu' iron  KOI'Vll'O lo thu untlii! M1111-  Hhliii! Coiint, Our work In l'i-  tjiiritd and nx-'erlly p��;rfonih  i��d,   Phqni)  for  free .imlhiin'li.'H.  1 * * PfH-i'iflSiTTrptr scirvir-fii-r pdoiio-  ' Hllft-itlOU, '     02(ill-|l'i|  EGMONT: , Excellent    fifthlng -  area. Enjoy 'this little gem  weekends or all year round.  4 room cottage op we|l located MY shore property, A-oil  vheat, Garage and workshop,  "Full  prcie oqly $18,500.  ���'���NQU'WEST RAY; Inexpensive,  relrenrpTnnerty,   126x200  and  , .nicely   trued,   E��sy   lamia   on  ^ $2,500 FP,h ���  ROiptTS   CREEK:   Bring  ���   your otfei-B for this dellghtV  fill 5 acre block with older -fi  . room   home,   Roads   3   sides.  make   .for    good . .aubdlvidhrg'  ��� Full price $15,000,  GIBSONS; C\wU.p wulurfronl:  Will) liiiDiacuiInK: 4 room  cot lugu, privnlo pnlio und cny-  p(irl, I,ol nicely dfiviiloped,  fciifiid and wnrvlrod, TurinH un  pnjwi,  ('l)iirmlni{ 3 hdrni, homo 011  view I'rnpurtyi' Lge. cull, Kil,  open lo idi'irMiuil dining iiiiui.  Minium   3��t*j)c<i.   hnlh,   ulllHy,  ���4IfiiluJaiA��*l,'J��im.ii: A'dtl , iHUil,  ���^Alinin'livii KiniiH on $111,5011.  .  K, BUTLER REALTY  ��� LTD,  'ALL TYPKH INHUUANCE'  CJIIIno'iw, n.G.  PIloiM! IUIO-2000  y MEMMKIl  .      MIILTIPLE LIHTINO  'w"'"',''*--"~~-'iERVlCE-T^,"J'~"*  .    <i;i-io-a:i  $16,300 With $6,00(L^owh,balr -AAiA''-^ '���< li  ance $1'00 a  mohtfT at ��� 8  oer . WEST SECHELT:  Retirement  : Investment: close tp beach,  house ^eseilty req'ted at $100  month. Property could be divided into 3 lots, ideal location.  FP  $17,fi00   Terms.  Call J.ack Anderson:  885-2323  or  085-2053.   .  ance $100 a  mohtfT at ��� 8  per  t'ent."     '. .,.���.��  886-2481  ROSAMUND: Wooded lot, over   an   acre  in  size,   $3,300.  Smaller- lot with road at hack.  $2750.  fllifl-,2481  'HIGHWAY   ACREAGli::   Near  Crowfy   Road,    several    five  acre portfeIs, ^11500 each, (MLS  0-08-30).  880-2'HII  ROBERTS    CltEEK'p     Hetich  Avenue,    near    2'j-bedrnOiii  home   with   lariji!   Lri,   u.llllly  BROOKS COVE: THE BUY  OF A . LIFETIME! THIS  WON'T.- LAST: 1501 water-  i'ronl. Sandy heach,' exclusive  area, |)iolecle,d cove, Boat  ninor��Ku.  ONLY $7,900,  RKLMA PARK: Large''���frhed-  room   family home,   newly  renovated   across  from  bench,  and   Kiuideck.   Bqi'll   with   AI 'J. loiN (150' highway fronlage/,  malerial, J las to he finished  Anklrtg jiricw $20,000, Try your  ofl''i.'i-H ��>'n down pnynient and  terms. ���    ��� '  ,   '-'  '      '" 880-24(11      *  BRCIIELT:   llwlillnii   properly  or   liiilKlivi.sion,   0   acres , of  view wilh uood lrues and v/u-  ter. ||i tlie  village; $10,000,  HBII-S'IHI     '  BKLMA   ' I-AIIKi"1; Lovhly     %  ' hoilioiiiii    lioino    with'   ��nii  jioicli ninl  lai)(l,si'ii|it.-il gurdori,  $15,0110,  I'IchI lor I'ltilrciiicril.  llllll -'.>, -Ill I  'Jack While  Ken Crurihy  ���lay VlKMtr  ��l)(|r2l)35  1180-2008  lim-'fMl  113311-23  laqdscapod, Pijce Includes 2  reyeniui collagen, ideal for  lartje family, hoarding house,  etc, Well priced for only  $25,000'. *"  Call   Lorrie   0(rprd:   IHIO-7244  '       '      or* 1180-7700  fiKEK MOAD: ItoherlM fir����k  He llm fli'Mt 11'nd lake youi  ���pick of ll111.1i) I'hnlce kiln .  lirinid new giiyitriiineiil tip,  pnvuili HiihdlviHiqp, 'fargn |ol,s,  fdimly lo bench and Ku'leellvely  cliHiii.'d, Hifii iIivhh induyl },h  colleii! |iive.ilii|onl only plM  KI'/NOTE TERMS, only $0f>n  dn,     ' _ ���       ' '     '   ���  Cull   'Lni'i'ht..nCllrnrd   or   John  B|i.ck/-llll07244     \  '���!���,' i     -.   imiyn   a:__J L._  Mjerr-tier ot the Multiple Listing Service  WEST SECrjj3;T" ���'    "���*' ' , No. ?0I3  82 feet of: yyqrWfrqp' with safe |eyp| pebble heach, ��0 1-3 acres.  Modern 2; bedroom home,, sunken living room, fireplace, pew  W/W carpel. Garage, carport,' garden. Full price $37,000 with  $20,000 down. Far details and appointment phone Pon Hodden,  88-J-9504,.  i   '    " >>J>H'{ikA  Iff  f  ' -    ��  >  ".   S      ll  ��� '      M LOT   ,���''���'���..���     ���  "/'"  MADfTIRA PARK SI/BPIViSION  Th�� hottt lar'oo vlnw lots In P^ridur llorboiir���ovmlool'lno Iho  Hoih'Hir ond Gull, rloub'lo binim <rr|i| k.IiuoIi, llun,., |i,|��� r.nn  |w --iirchowHl wMlr a v��ry row down poynmnl nnd poymuiitii  n. low nn %'i�� pur month.  ��  * ^  30 LOT  FAIU. COVH SUHRIVISIOhl  /  /  har<j<?��-holc�� e��ml-walflflront  M*. �� f��w liumlrud fum  hom  ho��K.li ond fhhlng. Pikud from 13/00, "  ry\ar\y oilier 'view nnd sflml-WolSfffOiit |o|ij from I"} "500 lo $8000,  j      1   ���    . Terms nvpllf'Ma nn nlioyo pri>(w?(llc��,  -   i��,  ���-,''   Modolrn Pork, B.C,  , Phono Pender Harbour 683-^233  |-TOn bench'Sofmn "Pk,-xii-ca M7,hl}Q lorrns, 2 lldrm,  Soma'  ,'lnMilpp,    '.,,.,      ,.�� ,, ���.'  ,   .     '  %   -Two ndlor lypn honsirrt,  vlnw loU, lorijo, liolli 1 hdrirk nn  ������ llwy,  1.12,000,  Tiirrrm, '      . ���  3���Al Kohorl* Cie��k in,block lop rd, t-ob. tjqwja, lorgo lot. 2  IMiin-i, ^13 VfiO, litem'',, Nr, whoif & hcnr.li, Mr. Good  6QM79A' or ftll/-Mj\.,,  ��� LOTS ,  I���Wol��r Ironl  100 It, by 200 h, All servient, Bulloblo for will-  illvlillnii, Yl��w Von, In, A G��io,u|o Si, |'|������, A\\,?fi(),  ?���    ffoimhr Cffjuk, .1  lottt nr, whorf, ,AII norylcus,  ^000 onclr,  ICI^afiO ll, Mr, Good nl)H.fl/V6 or ttlllMM,  "      " " ''.'���������     "    *    ,; ���   *  ���      , ACH'-Afi*"'  A rno��,l fiinioMlc iwo nnd hull mrui, pntpmly.wllli llm f|no*��*< v|��W  oil lluwd Sound "iriclinllny unwuiivu lypo nilfjixultirn Iwo Bdrm,  hnipii, I'd hullnvir llii*. hoewoln II hm In l>n ->j��n, Abool 300.(1.  orv wobrr with rollngo Includcij for renl, Tho wholn romplox,  , , Only Hh,'M)0,iwm��. rMi. 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Completely flnibhed 2 heilioom oil eleclric relirerpenl hortie, plenty  of closels, glab!, <|<��or. ijuno'eck, On lease lot. Eptiy walking dIMonce  ,in|o Sechelt. Try 1/3 ilowri on $M,700.F.P, For'details coll Pon  Hodden, B85"?5<M���  __  TILIJCDM BAY  "~ No. 2014  ���Qooll lot In hummer nrco, steps owny Irom Morlno, (.lore, ond  grool flbhlng, Hydro, pjlionu ���nn<l woler lino hy properly. Cn*h  price 0,6010, PIioimi Pon Hodden, Mb-'mM. '  ' VVH-SON CREEK ", No, 2067,  ,0 oc'ru prlvolo compsllii Willi hool Ingoon,' crimping areas, men's  and women'" Miowors.ulc, lovely treed leniiu lol. 'Hydro A Wolor.'  Improvement   wlllnij  ol   ^ft,000,00.   iiiems, 'Coll   Pwler   Smith,  a��fj V4r>3 ovos; .'- ,    .; , ���"   ,  ,.;,   ,, .-.,  . 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Olnm lo unlrifnni ruud la  Madelin  Pork,  AppiOMlirinl*  ii-ieoMiiumenU or lol   100   feel  o|  blu'hwoy fionlage j"/ 225 feel In depth Jhlh lot con be serviced   by Hydro, Phone brid Wolci, Nolrre the sjoud pilie on |hli> lot  Oi  only   ffJOOO, c��)',li 'Nil  Prko: CPU, Rob  K��ii(,   evenint)'.   o! V.  085.9461, ,. i, , ��� ��� , ,  MAPFIRA PARK   ,    ' Hn. 36.2002  Right oi) lUo enlrnnre rood to, Modu|rn Pork, oxr.ellflitl f;oinm��if,|(i|  corner lol, 200 lum f/oniage'on Highway  100 hy uiipioxiinnlii  namii loologe on ner.ondory pnved rood, Small filorrni- G05 Stntldn  ���larnilunj- Call ||ob Kent, evniiirigii at 005'946|,  '   5FCIIFL1'  , .    ,     , N,,, ?o.2("42  4 hedio'iin hoosn h|)uole.| un 53'��|25' lol ��.|oi,v'lo PoipoInAjIiiv  Whorl nn paved mnd,,, 2 nl A bodiuomi. 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Sel of men's rain cloths, coat  and pants, yellow," large'size,  .lis ton 1959 GMC 4 wheel  drive, where is, as is. li> ton  plywood canopy, Brummell,  Lockyer  ltd.,   Roberts  Creek.  6334-23  SERVEL  Kerosene   Fridge   in  good  working order.  Cheap.  Ph.  883-2686. ���   6333-23  PIANO and bench for sale in1  beautiful     condition.     $295.  Plrnne   885-0308. 6336723  ��� MARINE, 'ACCESSORIES.  Paipt ��� Fibre^glas^ -r Rope'Tr-  Canyas ��� Boat Hardware  *,    Compressed air service  NYGREN SALES      .  (1971) LTD.  Phpne 886-9303, Gihsons, R.Cr  LEGAI^ NOTICES        7  :,\  HfvlAI(L hdiil found .\p \H\y*  --"-pni-w-llHyr-'Phi-ire^llllft-IIVIlV^  ^m0^ft^f**f'0f.  '    ,      FORM Nd.-P  LANP  ACT  NOTfCR OF INTENTION  TO APPLY FOR A  DISPOSITION  ,,    PF CROWN  LANP  In Land Meciirding������ |)irslr|rl  i��f New W'.'i-lmbi-Htir und ail-  riule IM, 2726 North Lu|cu,  East   nf   ond   adjoining   Lol  {mi;i,  ��� Take notice ||)al ' Alex Roy  Him->l-|--N of rii'ohelt, |i,C, oc-  uiipiitliin, cnnlriictoV, Inlendu  In apply for a jojusw, of Iho  following 'diiKcr-iiuHl  |.ii|id��:  Comnieni'hig ui a pr-tii plan,  led on |;lgn)oi)t, Hlgliwuy Im-  lildo I(i>|, 07H3 thiincn "lo'i'f E���ni(  HmiH'i! 300 Hniilh"; ihrini.'n 100'  WiiHl; llmiico 300* Noi'llniind  oiiniirlnlng  %  ucron, more or'  ii.-,sn;   ,, ' ��� ������  Tho pujpom." for, w,hh'h Hjo  diHpdiillloi) 'In riH|ti|ri:d' li'i mini-  ipuy i.'iunp,  , ,  ALEX  ROY'HIMPKlNfi  -1 )<> I od -A pr H r 24,'* 1071 r-���-**��-���  MMfl-hili. April 2l|f May f>/ '71  .W..��.��.a�� ..������,,L,i���urr,,0VW0uHrm.��0*Mrr^^0v*rr npnv m.,n T ^-~i��.-T��vw.,,r., .^ ^,���tw,vrr, ���  /  o  o��o  \  %}'/1 'ililt', U li(.llyiifilii iUry V/WiHI  M'b v)i.]ii i pm \\: IL) fl||.) /-r-.  A  0ty**0*004*��kLi*.mM*'-*0.r^-H0*Wr*i  Vi  ;  ,, * *  . ,, Tho Peninsula Tp>es Page A-3  Wednesday, May 5, 1971  Backward $lariies  SUNSHINE^COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  lUndepominqtjona|J  Sundqy School ��� 10:00 o.m.  Chinch Service ��� ITylS a.m.  tvantn^ Service 7:30 p.m.  pa*-tor'rey. s. cassells  Dovii Bay Road a in* Arbutui  |2 blocks up Horn Hig^ay)  of Canada    I  The United Church  services  St. John's-United Church - Davis Bay  S.irndqy Services - 9.30 a.m.    ,  Roberts Creek United J  Suridoy Services - 2:3Q p.m.-,..^.    ,t~  Qjbsons United Church  **'irrndc'V'Services - H:J5a.rn. "  p^ Mcllan ynits'l   '   " '   ��� .  Sunday Soryj?ei��-:7:30 p.m.  (2nd and-4lh Sundays)        *      ->  Ministry  ipv. Jim Williamson.- Gibsons - 88<5-233��  BRITISH- QolHir-blj-'s.  fi"'Bt. Chinese  res*i'  idents.   were, largcjy    hfH'd   Wising'''  honest, and thrifty���and^Jipartjly disljlfecy1}  ,Tl"ey AVQve.'-ictually^ g cyedi^, to \\\%','  cqrnmyr-Uy,  qsHhey  ^e 4qday,  hul  fl  the' early gpld ;rush' days white 'mingr^'  were  si"spic-cms' of thern  b,ep��"v*6e they,,'  lpoHed different frprn  th"?  Whites, thf-ty''  spoke m ap alien tpngqe,, they dealt wiflf;',  their cquntrymen apd tliey hoarded.thf|*Si  rpaney and sept it home.      ' ' '  ''.,  They \vere also chargi-"d -wjth PYasifiW'  nf taxes and' "fqr 'displacing white lahPVPfiJI'  hecaqse they wodld    woik   fpr srnallt*"rii|  wages. As "a lesnlt, far rpany years t]-"|''  ..Qhinarnap was ridicpled '.pheated, plw��ifj;'  ^������}ly 'ahHsed and segrerjaied to the e||;:  tept thj") he was often buried in a spR3{fj|;  aie ipemet^p"/,'" Qn at \$&i\ ^wApj&SStif^  Fish-  Hepry  ICentennia! -71  Feafiire   prOVeS  JOVJ   COStly  as  mining  in   thp   Caribpp heyday   and" COOTHAVENTIQI^'   pi  the  &C.  latpr ip 1881, when thp Pj-padian Pacific cries Regulations petted    Mr.  P-ailway was under cQnstryct'qp a pop-     Whittaker qf, Garden Biry -��� fipc of $7*i in  tv'-ctor,.   'Andrew    Onderdopk,   brought     Sechelt Cpurt pn Friday pf last week.  tj-QMsapds rpore tQ British Cqlumhia^as__     Changes .'needed  fj!"ri}ng  without  a  coolie laborers for the track laying. cornroercjal licepce apd 2 cpupts p| meggl  He chartered twp shins which would    iis\ .  ** - ---        "..."-  --        it is "llegal (0j. a cqipmercial fisher--.  tnan to talre Cohoe before Jqly 1st. Sports  fishermep _ are. also reminded that the  salmon UmiV i& fnur'fish per person per  day.  Gibsons Kinsmen win  bring as many as 1,0QQ at a time and"  hy lft82 had 4,000 laboring pp the rail,  gangs, under arduous conditions. Sp mapy  died from scurvy that it V'as said one  was buried under every mile of roadbed.  E*di|or apd legislative member John  Bobson, who later became Premier, agitated against the Chinese 3s early J"s 1872  and urged, a head t;-"x he ipvipd pp them-.  4mpr Pe%Cp$mps, ^pother fj-rped editP'-;  apd pplititian "wllP -prpfes-se^ by - his,  pseudonym to be a "lover of the wdfld",1  IROffil  i. t (MKKKY) C��d  --��� 1  Bus,  Res:  266-7111  277-930?-  Brown Bros. Ford  5690 Qrpny'ille St  VancpMyer 13f B.C.  theiie' vyeif-e sefiPus r|Qts. dpc-jsioped by fjp;:. had a bill passed denying them the YPte:  presence of. the Chinese ,|n White cppi|��!. pespjte the findings qf-a royal corp-  munities. , j|ir,!   mission which  praised the Chinese, the  ."���' ^ few Chinese came up fi'-qm' Barf''; Federal Qoyernment ip" 1885 qpaoted a  haWisep'in JQffl with thp hiipers f��f #'    $fi0-a:ye��r   levy   a.ga.i_pst   every   Phipesp  WM ANGLICAN ���HURdH  OF CANADA  ���    SERVielS,  St.  Hilda's, Sechelt. Family Eucharist  9:30  *���%  (2nd pnd 4|h ��MndQy). Ha|y EuchPf'St  efery Sunday at 8 a.m.; 9;30'a.m. (1st and  3rd). Every Thursday q| 10 a.m. Evensong  at 7:30 p.m. (2nd/ahd ^Tli"Sunday).  St. Mary's, Garden  Bay. Holy  cucnarist���  I 1:30 a.m. (1st and 3rd Sunday).  Egmont.  Ha|y  Eucharist���2  p.m.   1st   and  3rd 5undqy). "  Church of His  Presence���Rcdfootfs,  Evensong���3   p.m.   ever   2nd   Sunday.    Holy  cucharjst���3   p.m.   every  4th  Sunday.  Priest���Rev.  D.  Popple, Sechelt 885-9793.  Baptist Church Services  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  Mermaid and Trail,  Sechelt  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Morning Worship 11:15 q.m.  CAI-VARY BAPTIST C^MRCH  Park  Rd, Gibsons  Evening Worship 7:00 p.m.  Pastor, Robert Allaby  (885-2809)  WARM WELCOME AWAITS  YOU.  Fr^er gold rush.'But by 186Q they were  coming ������here by the hupdreds direct frprj^  Cliipa, landing" at Victoria (apd spreading  across lhe colonies. ', .  .     :'  The British pplopist at Victoria noted  that   year-   the   Chinese   homelt-Rdi^Was.  . raqked with gr,ld lever. TJiere were 264  living hi tepts ne<ir d'he. present site of.  Victoria Pity tiajl --pd thiere were e*<7  pectalions 10,000 rppre were on the way;  Many Pf them wprp hired as cooks and  kitchen, help' for $2(5 tp $30 p month, and  when they tried to Pptaip better wages,  the Colopist 'stated:  "Like Oljyfir Twist, these Yellow Pag-  aps cry out for more. The demand ought  not to' he acceded to." No one- apparently  knew pr c��ired that the Chinese-, if their  own ancient records are correct, may have  been the first foreign' visitors to this new  country, as long back j-s 468 AD when  slorm-'tossed junks are thought to have  explored opr coast. Arid- pur own history-  shows that as early as 1788, Chinese car?  penters had been brought io Npotka"by  fur. trader Captain John Meares to- bu|jd  the first ship ever* launched from the Island, ."'ihe North West America."  In 1864, tpere were said to be 2,000  Chinese in the colonies pf whom about  30^), of-  400   were   on  Y"-ncpuygr  IsJand.  7 They^ tclld Qbvei"hbr Arthur Kennedy t^  . entering the couptry'. Ip 1908, the Lt-urjer  governrpent incr^iased the tax to $100. |p  1902, it was raised to $500. ���  " In 1S87, wjien Vianpouver was a yil?  lage of fewer than 4,000 people, ipterestsi'  at Victoria sept 24 Chipese there tp ("legr,  land. Twice their ship was rnet by Yap-  couver prowds whp quickly.raised money  to send the Chinese bach tp VictPria sxr.%  refused, lQ-let~them lapd. Pplice escorted  them ashore nn 'a third "occasion.  Bpt that night 300 'Vigilantes" marched op the Coal Harbour shacks whe,re��  24 Chinese were sleeping, rousted them  but, burned their belongings,, tied the  pigtails of two together and threw them  |p a creek, and terrorized-the-remainder.  Victoria suspended some of��the powers  on Vancouver's new charter for ��a year  and sent 40 special constables over to  maintain the peace.  As late as 1907, rioters in Vancouver  wrecked the Chinene community in a  wave of wanton da'mage that the Federal  Government after.settled with $100,000 in  HQWg ��pupd IJDppfrpep -show-.- rppch jrp-   .  prpvemeni   pjayipg   i-gaipst   Gibson1'-..,  Kinsmep jjast, -y^ednes^dy. Ijrept  B,otluf|,   ���  after pit phipg three gopd-ipnipgs for the  Bapminen ws>&. ^iifprtunateily ipJUr'ed  in  the.fpiij-.ih. Eell-/.Jpnes iind Cecil Lpach-  man  diSBT'-yed   remarkaBle   fielding   afo*  illly. Qp ���"'very alert play in the fifth  Cecil made  an' i"hass'|sted' double plJiy.  R|ck 'Lfiyy-spn,   p<"tcher,   hitthig/ a  heme  ���run 'in the third was loudly cheered by  his enth''sia'sric templates.    ;  " Gihspps"^ Kinsmen^ coached ; by   t_e'n'"*  "Ellis played  a strong  game throiighopt.  Brent  Lenekdr, ���'pitcher, had a two run  hpmer in the 3rd and'Gordon Currie tripled home three runs in theiiourth.  ;'���-." n   H*  E  Bpommen       (12 10 0 3     6     8     9  Kinsmen ,.   2 0 7   8 Q x    1?    11      1  compensation.  ��� The Chinese today are recognized as  the solid citizens they have always-striven*  to bo,��ffnost ql' them Canadians by birth,  ,aH of fhen*i Canadians in thp fulle-jt sense "  of involvement in community endeavours. .  Their celebration of British Columbia's  entry into Confederation should be heartfelt, for'their tribulations have been  many.  4      ..  i*  ����� "3  *     F.  **r  vi  '���r'\  r  iilllliliUUIIilllUUIil BAZAAR  OF VALUES  CSS  "All us here be dwellers at~Viclon^"  this Island and Colurpbia British, much  wish to show mind of dutiful loyalty to  this Kingdom mother, Victoria Queqrj^.  for much square and equal rule of us)''  If'they fell resentment' at their treatment, they didn't show it.  They  woiiied at construction as wplj  S--ShawfYour'Disciiminaling Taste wii  . . . We 'have lingerie, playwear,  sports wear, loungewear dresses and pant suits to jusl. look  'igoocl jn, Come in today  HeYTP!S75H^PUL*ipf-EVEiNT8: ,  fsm\.ewd.MM'mm\efa\ mnh....   . '<.  .,.; f *��i?rjgl|p-]i|d>f-rpyfr)is|jfi| "pyejjt npt fipSPSoJarify- a' ���;'  ��� 'Pl'SmpfRflshP'".'"'-.'���-��� '��� J   ' !.���'-".."-"-."���'".  ���^^lajpfeqnci oped and "���psancjionQd provjnci-ii  Cliafiipipp^li pe aiid evrints involving conloslaiits  /rpip pthol^ prpylncos or ppMntrjps.    '"     ���    '  flic evenls-'Hnd dates lislod in fhis odvorlisoipont  . ;      pro based pp |filpppi"||on fbco|ypd nl llio Festival  ol Sporfu Df||cp |p April 1,1971. Any snbsoquopt  changes or dplellons aro llio rospRiislblljIy  of ||ip pypnt coir)iTi|itep Ip o;acf| cpmmuti||y.  ZVEI.TS IN ITALICS: '        '     '      '  Wpp-spofls ovonls, pageants, parfldog, l/iomos  tfiid spoc/a/ allraollons rocognkod as  paslival ancillary pyopts.'  COMMMNITY PHAIflMPN:  Llstod noxl to corprnunlly namoo,  OK AN AG AN - SIMILKAMEEN  ^yciAluon  SMnnycr^csrPlai'a  Tram Bqy Coptrc  KELOWMA (((.'fr Mailman)  ...    ,  ^.Jl 0 !���    ������ "'  SECtHELT AGENCIES DATE PAP  ��� I'hii Ifflo iwrpliiflor nl i.oinlrip ��yun|i, lb n Mirvlcn of SpCl IEI-T AGENCIES  ".'."*)',']0, I'l!���.'!!�� ,1'iiimiMil'i I'Iimus illi��r;l for (fco llMlnos, t,piif.l|y|nn "Polo  Pod", i'loiiw rroiu 'llio* bptico'' I. liinlH ond soma o<|vpnco dplon m��y  hov6 lo, willl, lhu|f Himt o|��t> ihdi ihu U a "wmlndut" llniipp only opd  ennpot nlwoyi carry fidl'dclolls,,  Moy!)--0 |>,m, borhnll |.ri|)lon Moll,��� Ihnuw.        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VY���� loy, Ooputy lyil-ilDtof  v.  * *  r * * * * * r.* f. *.,. 0*,r. *��� 0 **.'  ��� r  r. * r * *i i*. ���*  ,   .,   ^>   ���.    H    m.   J  �� �� Historic review  * *  ? ���?  Gibsons Volunteer Firemen  look back-on past 35 .years  pQQN after die Village of Qibsons was to a new lire, will be a.mobile reminder  ,    bu-nrpovnted in I03fl, plans for a w*"ter "f their industry apd activity nn hojialf  1 supply   piain 'through   the  village, "with ��f us.   ,  ���"tandpipes   at   oritk-al    pnlvrta,   \/ai\   de- 'ip ap inulerlaking ppt'h as our brig-  "���aiened. This pipeline complete with stand- age, it ^ hard to ,place any major amount  pipes was stalled ih 1031 and completed: of credi't on-one man. This Volunteer Pipo.    under "chief" Bunyan" oflered   their  ser-  in.lP*f|f). . Bngade of luirs is tririyV gniwtlv bf ,co-     vices as a fund raising agency, and dop-  gations declined the position. .Tohp r)un-  yan became chiei in the summer of 1951.  Because of a tragic drowning Ip June  lfiT"2, a geperal need was lull for emergency first-aid equipment  Tho firemen  Shortly after the completlpp Pf the  water mains, certain citizens giat. ten  getlier and decided to torm.a volupteer  fire fighting group. The village fathers  of that day saw fit to buy several lengths  of canva's hose.  Dick Cooper built a luise re^l and a  carl to cany it. Considerable interest  was -shown about this tithe���:>��� md��� W*W  practices were held and sohiei fires were  put out. There was no great phange to  equipment except for tlie addUipii of,  more two inc1i",can\as hose.  During Ihe "war years those of the  Fire Fighting group nro't ip (he Armed  Forces .joined with the Air Raid Precaution group. This jgrotip wag given a' fppv-  cylinder fire pump and several- hundred  ���feet'.of ope-and-jane-half inch rubber lined  bpse.;u       'A ���'    ' ���    __       ^  _��� "  In the summer of 1945 water sefVipe  was improved throughout the village and  more standpipe^ were installed. The  A.R.P: group, disbanded in September of  that year. -.. :"  Early in 19-16 the newly foimied Hate-  payers Association undertook to raise  money for the improvement of the fire  fighting equipment and with'the help of  ��� the small brigade of the time under ohief  Er-ic'Inglis put on the first Firemen's Ball  which received enthusiastic support from  the community.  Ratepayers used some of the funds  raised from this first, dance to put in the  road that connects Sechelt Highway with  the road in front of the Gibsons Buildings  Supplies, thus giving access to: that part  of the village from where the equipment  was stored in the ol'd V.Q.N, garage. ���  During the summer of 1946 the Grant-  bams Fire Brigade came into existence  under chief Les Steadman. This organization was composed of 18 men,.-includ?.  ing a hose crew of six, a ladder crew  - of six and a salvage crew of sixrUpfor-;  tunately   this  unit  was  short  lived  and  operation.  Qhee installed ip their new hah the  firefighters 'fanned 'a" committee   to  jn-  - vestigate the purchase .pf 'a, fire true};.  Along With the co-operation pfr the commission apd speedy action- by the committee a truck was purchased-and driven  info the hall early in February.;  ^ ^Uh c^pcei-ned . effpi^ Pf thp , l\ro.-  lneiv W-lsipg, three nights a week this  ated the first $25 to get-the ball 1'ollipg.  As a.result of the generous response of  ii j   i   mil )   bare skeleton of a trupU Vieenme Gibsons    sixth chief  pf  the department.  Purlng    Page A-4  'first mobiles fire fighting apparatus com-    the year the  interior  of the  hall  was    "������   "plete with pumping- W-t, 300 -gallon re-    almost completed, It should' be noted here  servoir, - hose racks and equipment lock- - that from the begipnipg of the excavation  ers. It made its first appearance in the - 'to the present time pot one cent of tbe  May 24 parade.     . <t        ^'Taxpayers'   rnnney   has   been, spent   for  \Vilf Gray resigned at this time and   .labor on the hall,-or for the'equipment.  Norm MacKay was elected to lead  the   i,   In 1954, with Feeney returned as chief,  firefighters but because ot business obli-    the exterior of: the halUiiair-ted. This year  .-.:_.... .i-..���..-J i, .,-..   T..i... --...���      Sftw tlle pUvt,|iase 0f a :y{ ton smau givjc  fire truck and the.-interior completed.  During annary, 1955, a fund was stalled for I he purchase of p'new Irpuk as thu  pld one was requiring-more and more  maintenance. However, il was later de-  ;cided td Hieep'the trpcW ajut inst*"!) a pew  ijjiotfli', In February, Gibsons' worst fire  ip ihat,'date- qcc\ii-fe^ when The Fah'way  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, May 5, 1971  i  'i$.\  ->  the pyhlic -Hhe Resuscitator Fund wept Service station was depipbshed. Tins, fire  ovm- the top ahaut a month after the . 'could be pahed a 'pipit fii-e-fighting effort  firemen surfed their campaign, thereby !|s both ihe. .Sechelt and Port "���Me'llpp  emrblitig-the purchase of the best of life brigades were called to assist.-Also during  saving eqiiipnrerp;. "Shortly after (hat, ihe: :|95S the fh'st major attempt by" the fire-  word brigade was dropped, in 'favor of -wen iq form a Fire Improvement district  Gihsons Volunteer Fire .Department. .took- place, but met with little response  1953 saw Ih-ed ..Feeney ���instalted as'the -.���'"'.���                          ���see page A-5  Annuel General Meeting of West Sechelt Wafer  Board will he held on Tuesday, May llth at 8 p.m. in  ST..H/LDA;S HALl, SECHELT. ^  '-: 2 Trustees to heelectedr^ .  .-���-Nominations will he received from the floor*  ���   / - Frank Parker    ,  "    ~ ���    -.��� ,'.. - -      ...Secretary*  mm  mm,  ?^^Sg  m  ^g^jg  ACCOUNTASMTS  RAIPH C, DUCKWORTH  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Telephone; 885-9515  SECHELT, B.C.  Telephone: 886-2912  GIBSONS, B.C.  W. Philip Gordpn  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT^  Tel:  Pus.  886*-2714,   Res. 886-7567  Harris Block, Gibsons,  B.C.  APPLIANCE REPAIR  TRAIL BAY ENTERPRISES  "Repairs to large or srriQll appliances  JOHN BUNYAN  Davis Bay Phone 885-9318  ���-ART*SUPPIiliS:;;-:--'-'--- --: -  BUILDERS   (continued)  CUSTOM KITCHENS  Qeneral Finish Carpentry  .^ .- ���  '  All- work performed on the  job with  your materials, x   *���*  wilu go Anywhere  Phone 866-9593    '  -4t*g*7'7*trtHptmnit-^CTTisT^^   of ��� gr-^-A'-fiTfi���"  mobiie pumping unit and 1000 feet pf pose  was eventually given to Gibsons with tbe  understanding that protection'Would be  e-xtended -to Grahthams.  The ex-Granthams pump, engipe and  trailer were overhauled and painted, ���'  making its first appearance to the'public  on Parade Day, Aug. 1.6, 1947. At this time  the first discussions concerning a fire  hall were made "between the ratepayers  and firefighters.�� ' ��� ���.  In February 1948 a firehajl committee  of five, Eric Inglis, Cliff Leach, Dick  Fitchel, Ben Knight and W. SkelJet were ,  appointed by the jatep^yers to draw up  plans for the new hall. This hall was to  be located adjacent �� to the old .phone  office.  ���..,-. :,.pi"r.i:ng,th.e Winter, of 19^-^9, firelightP  ers, ratepayeis and-the village  commis-  ������  TelepBo%"*886"^OT'r*-~������  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  Pottery, Supplies, classes & firing-  dealer for Duncan's Ceramic products  Pine Rd. & Grand view A^e.  P.O. Box 62, Gibsons, B.C.  AUTO SERVICE  SECHELT HOME SERVICE  Atlas Parts - Good Year Tires  24 Hour Towing  885-2812 or 885-9979  BICYCLES  TRICON DEVELOPMENTS LTD,  CUSTOM HOMES - PRE-FAB HOMES  High Quality . . . Reasonable Prices  Buy  a  Package and  erect  it yourself,  or  get  our professional help. .  GARDEN BAY, B.C. Phone 683-2723  BUILDING SUPPLIES  .     READY MIX CONCRETE AND  BUILDING SUPPLIES      ,  Your One Stop Building Store  Far A|l Your Building Needs1  GIBSONS BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  BICYCLES  sipp, jjthppgh ���jagrreejng,g��p��?r^j-y^ipriv;thaAi SAtESp>(RE*-A|RS s^RTS-: TIRES ETC fq%  bpi|dihg plaps, ��� eoijld rjpl see eye��to eye  dp the site. Finally the council  in February 1949, allocated $1,500 for the new  , h'jl) to be built next to the putpp house,  it Yteing understood tliat part of the hall  would be used as a storage area for the  ���"Waterworks department.  - ,   ������I'.nfi'r'tunutely  disputes, oyer the liall  designs postponed final approval'hy ihe  cnmhiission until   late  1949,  whej*  rppre-    -  septutiven of the firefighters presented a  plan drawn and designed'by, Pick Fitchel I.',  upd Norm MtrcKay with tlie approval .of  the   brigade   anil   firu   marshall's   office,  This Tiluir wuh lo In; hn'iie enough to houso  two, lull .size I rucks, and to"-have i'���rec-   .  rnuljon rnoiri hi llhp upper part, VVH)|'consent of the t'omniiasion ".nd, tho prospect  of o good   fire hall complele  with  good  equipment   in,,f-|gbt,   interest   developed  uprl .work was sturled   in  lher,apr|ng of  IflfiO nn the pi'OHeut hull,  In January , 1050 'Cliff I.eneh  became  tlie scc/ind chief recognized by the vlllag-"  firjhcrs.. Kile   Inglis   hnvlng   r'enlgned  ih  Piicomher  IIHft, Due to ill herilth I-ouch i  whk forced to roilre in March iinrl Wllf  (il'iiy licciiino the vlllngii'H third chief, Ip  .  April,'llm conunis.slnii look out InmiroiiDii'  for 111 volunteer-) which wait lnt��r umond-  . c.| lo %>��� aIho, in IliriO, Ihu find fin.) ulurm  wan hiHlitlled, Thin nlrnni cirinc fropi' the  di-l'ui'cl OrinithiiiDH Ihlgiido and wim -lp-  dlnllud oii'tlin roof,of llmflholl (pin Klutlon,  The hull I'oiiMiructlon wuh Hlnrlcd In  Mny,   duo s lo   lhn   koII   condlllonH     Iho..  ,,, foupdiiilonH look  nlm(i.-it Blx',nvin)h��' to  fomplritomul unoihur nix niojjiliH to ninko  ��� ho hull liiilift'ubio, put HillHiir from com-  ploic'DuHiig UiIm ilino iiiu<|i muinhiur hud  givmi   iip  one, uy   Iwo   evuniligfl   li   week,  ,    nnd  every  rlnndiiy,  w��al|'i'or  pcrniilllng,  lyieeilniw and pnioi|ciin Iind been huld  ul  lhn (liliNoi'iii HulMliiK Kiippl'lim during  lhn connlriiiilloii pftrlorl, On Juniinry  ||,  Hiril   Iho flml   mccthiK  wuh held hi  lliu  new hull, Tho Count  Newn of IVturch II,  *""���' i iin i'Toppri od ��� ns"foiiow��r"Oiir Voiimicer"  KIlD 'Jlrl/prilo under',,Fire Chief Wllfied  ���������(lri-y Ih Homnihlng of'which every ('llh-  ,, Hoiiiie I'lfn  he proud, ,  "���To Hie III uiiiii dcprnlniDiil IIiIh vll-  luge own pnii'h and we |ir��dlr| il will  own, vmy much morn,  ' "Thin flrehull will junt uh *u momenio  of thtrlr hidiKitry rtiid Ihi>ii��hllu1iiei*n. Tlm  iiiiii'hliiery  wlMil",' every  Hum It moveri  BieYetEs u minis- Mqtqr: cyclnti  Call Quick Dick of Cycle Sales & Services at Hio  RENTAL SHOP - PhontJ 885-2848  IF DICK CAN'T FIX IT . . , GIVE IT TO'YOUR  MOTHER-IN-LAW  ,  ,           _  -i ���        .' ,u      '���- .  i ji"ii.n-mn-iu.jini.iin.ji-.iT  BLASTING- '���"     '  1653 Seaview -, Phone 886-2642  TWIN CREEK LUMBER  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD-  Dial 88$;2808  When You Need Building Supplies.  Give Us A Call  FREE ESTIMATES  CABINET JJAKERS  OCEANSIDE FURNITURE &  CABINET SHOP f  i4AHi^oot)"sHA:r?ii^s   'T���r  FINE CtJSTOM FURNITURE  KITCHEN AND BATHROOM CABINETS  Our Cqbipet Units,Are All Pre'iinshed Before  ..,ln?t$l!*i'F?prr,        .  R,-:&|RK!N--.VwBeapfr^^ B.C,  Phone 806-2551  ELECTRICIANS   (continued)  BILL McPHEDRAN  !      ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR  ��� ��� Free Estimates'-..-        ���  Phone 886-7477 - Gibsons, B.C.  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' i     .  ,      WR 00 IT ALL  WINDMILi CONSTRUCTION LTD.  |,vlo'/6 Miidlrig,'P.C, Phono fifJ3?4U  |.��ovni ipuwiQa ni I laiUimr, tAniniJ  Plan Irnkn nynllo|/la **��� I'lonnlng o--,l*lonrii,  P K RENTALS  Madeira Park, P.C.  < '    '    " i " (    i  Grovel - Fill - Top Soil. [S.MtUib-c'fnfj - '  (      l.ondor - (JocKI)oo ��Trurlsi-  Phona 883-2240  PHONE 88S-9P50   '  ���^"-ron'S'cohtracting;:;^  CIhoiIdo - F*c(jvo||ons lJ*tt��od Building  Grodlirg - Fill - Rwirl Grovul - CruMied Rock  Phonos Socholt 885-9550;;;;   ;  PRECAST CONCRETE  MPTICTANK INST)M.li;-n  CpVFKNMIiMT API'KOVI:!.), ���  Tl<i;ii tiVITMAI'-i  l.nr.ovniloi^r Orulniigij - VV����� l����llo***, Fl<;,  Pusiriess Phono 086-2231  Homo Phono 886-9579  * ' 'I ���  DISPOSAL SERVfCES  SUNSHINE COAST DISPOSAL  SERVICES LTP,  --*^_poniTOrtro^^orT^.if:oVF.   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"    "*      PALARON FARM-*���"   r^VVjiit^hj VTrir^ilillijtr/jvonol/li^ for U^oi*Jih(^ v*o<l  f)<l)r>(i yuur 'Iiwimj,  * Indlvlilnol fflddotlr, * Ll^lilcl 5oyyilj��i f<lnii  * Vi irillu |fKnri"|s��i Trnrk * Mridlir 'lrn||  rtwrnmn ploop s.tock row salr  n.��n�� mi7m  unltlnp * I'liiulllilnp ��� Slnnmlliilno -  ol Wnlur (.l.ii'illno ���' l-lp" Lntisilrifi  ^..-^^w^. I; l,i El;1,; h%XI iV\ AT K5 i;.1*.^,l,,,,,_.  Phono 006-7017  oi  006-2040  "('llurnl^  ,'JlIM)  ,,m'rr> '���'  \ww'"   ,q,,il,||i*,/ n',"',i,yi]rf''i ,'i...     ,  "Mtit'iT ^T"  THE RENTAL  ;ot Dayls Bfly  "Wo Dmi or. Sell Alrri'ivi ��:vuryi|ilnu"   ,  Typnwrilerr.. 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High p<)v/or Y i,"V"V**"fr��**'ir ,0\  "0lfV*-f>,  00^*lf*\  0  Blfr/-     /' ii   j ,;  '  L.  ���party in 1V-G npw 1^1, -nrjti,cir nnw n��tjs-   Tftd Penmsuftr Times Pflgp A:f  ffHotcly  nrooiruno^qtot,    iU'emens" social* Wcdncsdoy, May 3, 197T       ��  funcilop-" as Wpl^n*" prqv'dit-g an px'ccl '"    '~~* - ' "-  ')  J      .'  ii"  lb  \  0 **  i  i-j..       '  _...��  ;  ~"J-^j} I  f    triHfifl"iiufl.'iiiJiaiAi��H^a4i  "* Protecfion  helped many popple-in times pf grief where equipment wi}! be on display  ancv trpi-blti. Oi} Saturclay lhe f)reha|l anc[ everyone js invited to" drop in  at Secliell. will hold an open house    from 10 30 In 4 pm  Sechelt now h,4^  On Pall evfiry hour   of every day  (wenly-one   menders   of .Sechelt'--  ���"VqlijiU-eer Firo    Department   have  two fu|ly Pqyipped QhPl ITioderi] trucks  and thp aliihulsuicp which qnswers-  rescijp as Well %i\ fire calls.  ��  I  lent 1raiphi(f find, first {lid qrca.  ' Chief Rani-igor yrps returned tp office  '-'Jam in 1071. A, vigprptis trainipg program has beep W\ MP an*} ill fiicmon are  being InproH'lhly li'lined op ulMhc new  pfjyipmppi Ovc? jbe past^seyoial years  l|ie Qibsp|i"JypUnilper jYio rlepl hm" />b-  liuped.'lliioiigh (lie vilingc apd fire pro-  lt'��/l|0H dish'lpb \\)P most modern, up-tp-���>  0di*(iT orpiiprueiil available anywhere  Tbe  l-mmpn Unpw and i-ppi-ci'iSte all this and ���  c]p Ihejr id nipt. | to^orve the community  , pnd ijti.li/.e fliejr fine equipment  |o the  best'of llieir ab*U|y    "*  One  lufihirp  Pf   the  deparfrpept  pot  mentioned so lar is Ibe social cjub, which  'jyas knpwjr far years as the ^mol?ey Sfpy-.  or:  Clpli  and i's  now  part   of  the  fire,  sen vj ops.  Tliis e|ub   wiis  formed  in  Re-  cemJ*"6r. 1 Qf>0 pY'rnip'ily i("'i*royide'epfer-  tninriAppI,   fpf ���'the  fir-eme'ii   after   tlieir  praetS^e*", l-ny-eyer;" although serving its.  pi"'iipeVu|ietifji|-i4: bas-i-,lsq sponsored the  Ipe?*! lij-tle. |eag|-ev'i)|-jfl men's league- fefpie-  bfill \Gi]vAs, and. inimWous charity . funds  W}.lch Jwye occurred oyei". the years. iVl'  rr-ppq'^ olWaiped  by  the club has   beeTf  ibrcjil-lb ^G.ii.ajjpnsi  or |rqm   danegs,   rip  ptlblie monies froip^oi|.hpr \\\p village tyx-i  payer or prea resident hiiye beeri rd-  ���ietyed. ' A J'  This organisation has. 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The  village commission of. ihat year also pa%--.-,.  ed a motion, refusing to allow l|ie department to attend fires  outside the  village,  boundaries, except if approval, was given  by ..a commissioner.   #;>  ,.  Bob Wilson become chief in July 1955,  when B'rud Feeney resigned owing to  business' pressures.  Nov.X 1955 was a black day for (he  volunteers as the lirehali itself was the  scene of a c()iiflagratioii>"'iranseil"^.jy-Ti"  faulty battery charger. Damages amounted hi .nearly "���2,500, of .which $1,500 was  to the bnrtding and $1,000 to oi|iripmenl.  However, fhe hall was repaired through  the concerted efforts of the men.  1050 proved a <|iiiet year for the de-  par-trpent. Membership lagged considerably for the" 'first few monthk "because of  the blur on answering finis outside the  village as the tn^jority. of- ..the--firemen  lived in the oulsi'de area. . Intei'csr was  developed again ip the fall wifb the arrival of the fire mar-shaH's unit and*7a  second attempt  fn organize a Fire' 1r-  pcpveipenr'#istri*"^^ '.���''���' a,Aa u ���    ...,...-,.���...,..,_... .., ..,.. ,.,.tvv.,,..,.  ,.,.  Fred Fcepey became pblPf fpr the third ���'^'.'���'fiW'Jy^n 'WSS'^flii'QF0f.!t WWWAlllP  time and imm.edia'ielyjji-frposecl that the' rirempp'ii������-'eighth, chief, Fcepey slppped  village commission   invesligatc  the   pris      '"-������"- ' -  ~ri....,.-- _>......  iTieelings   -disbanded   in   1950   with   the  .fijnds   raised, turned   over   to   the' firemen to ho used as they saw fit.  A fund started by the Coast News Ip  assist - firemen   who -suffered   loss  of   or-  ������&ff-;��i-f*e^-PMdn^  fire was closed out in August with $277  epllected. Tips combined with $123 donated by tbe Women's Association of the  Qibsons Memorial United Church replaced the damaged clothing, leaving suf-  -fieient-funds -to- pur-chase���37500 l'eet**"SF"  l'/i" rubber hose from Crown Assets.  Unfortunately, on receiving the hose, il  was found unsuitable for fire fighting  purposes, but has since been sold to industrial   concerns.  The area. Irie department had purchased a tank truck from Pal McCallmn,  the B.A. oil represenfaYive, shortly before  Ihe Bal -Bteck fire and installed" a 500  gallon per minute pump and motor in  September. The old International truck  also received an  identical  unij.' later  in  (Gibsons V.F.p.  It will be Open Hquse at Gibsons,  tfjpehall this, we.ejj tp celebrate Fire  Department. Itpco^nitipri Bay: Ah  though the very necessary equipment-  costs money, the dedicated and voluntary work which> Volunteer Firer  mep perform is a great public  service beypnd estimatum and lhe  Times 'wHildlike loIfike^ii^iSF  tunity to salute all volunteer firemen in recognition of the many sacrifices they malce.    .  ~  sfbool was leveled by the fire that wag  far oui." (if control by ,tbe time Fire Departments from Sechelt and Gibsons  responded to thc alarm. The fire was pre-'  vented from spreading to nearby bush,  by the firemen.  ^Qbief Scott was re-ptected jn 10(13. The  firemen were busy upgrading the Worth  Hoad ha]I by placing a hew concrete  floor for storage of small ���<equipment hpd.  hose. A new 250 gallon fiiel oil lank was  also installed  in the ball.  19(53  saw  the   birth    of  the   firemen  ,        .      vl   ,...,,-.   ;;:v_ wqteirsports.: T|i�� gyept was.nipt wiili an  -1059. Bolb these puippjng units werp pur-     encouraging resppris-e" -i����d   "the fiipipen  Pfl'tspf1 Ayppt "gafiatjiiip :J'oreB|; -, Brai^-.-fij.s.   prprnised'"'.bijIKfir��� iind bpttef tbipgf? in 19q4  I'll H^' f^^H'^^fym ^l^ff-esch.:' 'A.   wi\i^apny^A'i'A''JAL,rr ,'A :-.r,^ ,'- v  sibilify of buying an Air Force fire Inick  (hat was on the market t|irough Grown  Assets Corporalion"~'1riu'sv~tTpcU was purchased in Jpnnary 1957..  In an- effort to advance the I'jre pro-  ..l.ec,li<)ii  nri'ii  oliiside  lire  yjHiige  of Gib- .  soils* Chief   Feeney  and  a   delegation, of -  'flu:  fire depiirliiionl   sought  .help  of  lhe  ���village   fiilhers   lo   allow.' aiu  organized .  fire fighting force Jo acriiijre by 'oulright  piirchiiso tiy iiy lease  lhe old flic  Inick'.  .now used an a iilaiidby - truck.  Although  expressing  sy|ii|iii!l|y   wllli 'lhe  object|vn  of llie.fircnien, the connnissioii es'iilaiiied.  thai tuuh-.y llic Municipal Acl llieir hands  , were lied, Hi.'i'iiuse of .this, Hid firemen  decided In foriii nn iiicorporaled orgniwi  lion under Ihe SiiiiielieM Acl, which wan  iieconip|lsi|od In Deceinber IIH'iV. The be-  giniiiiig of lhe nnimal i:oni|uissiini iIiiiih.-i;,  fiir lhe vo|i|nlci,T'i which have lump very  much' iipproi-laled, also iilnilcd in' 11157,  (Ip beconiing ii.'gl.'ilei'ed under I In?  Hoclellcs Acl and being Incoi'iioraied na  i||i; (ilbsnns and  Area   Fire''I'upnrl'iix.'nl,  ���   Hie firemen called \l\ firsl gunnrnl public  1 pfl.'iiiliig on March 15, llllill al which HO  illlereiillnl pDi-niiDs alleuded. The call fur  volunteers lo sign lor |'i|liirn I lie iirolec  tloir service any) 71} aiipjicationi! Inluni  oiil, Menibei'Hhip In obliiiii lhe service,cost  $5 11 yea/', The firemen annouiieiXl Ihey  had   donaleil   from   llieir   own   financial  ��� tvuPuriwH pip)  lowiir'dii  lhe  pnreliase of  ; ��i I'l ni Iriicli,' 1.,',''''��� '  l)|'f|c)'ii|K,f()r llic f|'i'i|i year were: Fred  I'Vciioy, presldcni: Hill Kcoit, vlcu-ipron-  ��� Ide/il) Cliff Muliliniui, la.'crclary; Dick  liupdiiih lytH'wuyny, The area of coverage  wad nol nl l.a/igilale /(ubdlvlnlon on llie  in/I'll),  Heavlew, f'eiuelcry'  oil   lhe   wo/il,  Mower Foini nn lln,' -iinilii ninl ,llu,we  r"oii||ij on il|��i 1 nul,  111 ApiJI llni v|l|age I'liiuniiiinlon'offered  -^.ih����o|iJ-l'lrii-~iriiiJlf--*io-jil|i:-iiri.*'��i*loi,-rl|i!'iM|-  wli|c|| ',wim   |ini|)e(||alc,l,y   acccpled    WU  Ham   Wi.'IiiIiiiihII  oIIi.tciI   lln.,  uhd   ol  tl|n,>  ' blu|il|ng, 011 his properly  io libni<e  Un��  A^jf9"inii'\*; f'lm'imce .Hicollc ilnnnicd hln  ,     H��|Vli'CM l<) |)lil|ilo/l- IbC loeil lipd ipoVC l||i;  ,    biillilliig cloiicr Iii lhe Noilh jloiid, My.iiiii,  ��� '   end   ol* May   Ml  icimii'liile   ine'inbci'iililpn'  hud ln'i'/i iiilcn oui  Al I'X'Mi) inn, nn .Inly 1'il, Jl'fill," I'h'i  (il.ilhi culleil l|n; fliI'liii.'i) loUiewoinf flic  ���In U10 liMury i|f Hie .'/oice, A nearby  lelnphoiic opcrali/ivlVliii, Flbcf Hrymil, 011  bearing a i.'nicl'lh'ig iniupir li/okcd oui and  caw HaI'n Itloi'li, one ol Gib/iorm land  iniirl'n, l/ur-d Inlo flinim<, Flrcineii fimglil  llp'ee hnum In conllpe lhe bla/e liml  ��� llirciilciieil In wipe ool Hie enllre village,'  riming   llilii  1 line   Fori   Mellon,  "icrhcll  down becanse of business pi-essprc-i, At  lhe same lime, the first-financial statement of the area depnrlinent was ppbllsp-  ed showing an income of $2,332,50 and  assets app'raised af "81)1,270,80. This was  truly ari apjaziivg iiccomplisbment, .some  thing lhe people nrjUside Gibsons village-  must be proigl of.  The annual meeting fo elect the area  executive was held ip Fcbnif|ry. T|)p .oljl  executive, consisting ^mainly of firemen,  slopped down allowing the people lliom-  ijelvcs lo nui ihcaffairs for 1.050. Officers.  were elecjed: (i. Cooper, 'pi'pslilepl; "VV.  Weinhandl, vice-presidenl! H. Kond'ili,  li'camirei;  W \Wiien, .secretary.  In April Ipe area' fire ilepiirlmnpl. received a parcel of land nn lhe Norl|l  .Hoad, 1lopalij.1l. by Mr. V. Uifoiisl, Work  piirlies were iuini'cd'ialely called lo pre-  'pirrc iho griiiind for Hie future No, 2 hull.  Acl.ual building cnnslrucljiin ulnrled"early  in .Inly and was completely closed' In by  lhe end of, Di'liiher. The building is of  CoiK.teJe block eopH||-i|cll<in will) n irimn  roof and aluminum cladding, The ball Iras*  ���li/ice been Insulated and a healing unit  liinlalled. Once again thin hull )h a flue tribute hi l|)e people of Iho area and pari I-  eularly lhe I'lnnnmi.  One. In ihe fire prolei;llon services  gl'vei) by llm volunteers ||j��� (\yti inian'aocp'  rales for Gibiionti vlljugo were lowered  I" "li "II 'liuo'low of Pl.m per UioiiMmirl,  ���Tin.' year 1051) jilno saw lhe firemen  offoi' llieir, mirvicCti foV police work on  ll/illnwo'oij which helped lo kifepJ,dnwj)  illiiinrhiinccfi, This him' now bccomi,  /uiiiiial affair,      ,  The1 first slops lowards'pii;chan|ng 0  ���new /'lii! siren lo be uund on Jim proposed  dial-phone clia/igeovor weredlnciisucd, by  lhe village cuaiwisiijun In Movemben The  mill finally purcbasod is cull  ciipiicjly )i|k  vo|unliic|'. pboue/i, r|'||)/i sy��..  ,,}��!!L,l!U,mw>'^  ��� Im nro luill No, I roof .and' lhe old  (Iranibmpii hI/'oii ni'mpled adjace/d Ip lh.;,  h|ln)iy<Tenl service Hlallon, ttlx pboncii  lecaledlhrimglioiil lhe village and area  are i|)iccl|y I'onnecled lo.cach i,Uwy mul  In llm Iwo Wl'i'dVi, The new iilren nnd'  1'boiin /ly/tiem wan leided on Fob, ,1, I OHO,  filli Hi.'oii wim rolurpeil as chli.<|' early  Ip -H'dO for Ids senmd lerin; Tpe yenr j|'���  null bad .lh�� OHiral - fin.- and pi/m/aior  eiillii bid bci'iifrse bnili |,a||ii wore virtually  i.'ompjeleil ihntn einpliiedn wait placed on  lyiiipliniiJiyp f|((bilng, f'irsi aid and rescue  work allVnidocdbo able guidance of t'.Uff  Middipnp,'  W|l|)  Hi.'Ol'l   again nn 'uhhtf,  UHIl   was'  pi'ni ol llm (|iileieni on1 rwprd for Htv and  h'biilalor   i.'iiljii,, baying   lajd   only    one  lire mid onjj-^nfrjor himini (lyn  bccpipe .|i|'j.  'vB[)f -^cptf ������.--v^v:'r^.blee^ii^n^''l)j'?; fifth  tcrip as Icjjd.er of the yplppteer fire Dept.  ��� in IPlii In |iis fifteenth year as a fif'e-  rpiip,^*��tT"WlfiOn was re-eleeM. to the  ^Ani fire marahaib The fire dept. enn-  liuued to operate efficiently ap'd wjth  irj-juicip'il a i'l produced soipe new essential fire-fighting ot-iiipinent, incliidi-g a  Scoff ipr pak for smoke survjva| apd rpt\-  cne. The fire depi. released 'iirforn>ipiuh  explaining the drop in insurance I'alps in  thjs area as a result pf Improved fire>  fighting oriuipmonl, ami extension to !.|io"  wider wor|"s systein. 'I'lie^ IDO'l walpr-  sppriH proved io be"�� big"r|rnwiil/< card.  f!|i|ef. ScoJI coi|l|nued as elijef ip 101)5  aiid also ai.+i.'il igi a direclpr, op a com-  ���rrilil.ee; organized by |l)p (libBopii upd  Area yolu'nleer Fire l)ep|,, lo fofip a  Fire I'roirictinn'Pisivict fpr lhe. Gjbsim��  ai'pa froni Seav|ew Ceipclei'y lo Laiigdnie,  tills hard worUiiiK.'coniniiilce, consisting  of'severril (!oinn'iui)ity minded,, biirdwork-  hf|.( people, tilressed the need foi' a'belter  financial afrangehi'-nl for lhe fire Dept,  apil lirmeil a |.''tro prolecllon pi��ll'icl could  pc oslnbliHliod, At Hint lime, lhe local  u|iol'giii)i/.eii area .financed ibi lire^Dfipl.  by coulriliiilloiis.  Tlm firemen enjoyed ilm'annual dinner given to llmm by lhe (ilbunnii municipal Council. As always, a npi'rllod and  hlippy |imc was enjoyed by all, This is all  paf'l of lhe |.'orppiinio)|s|iip ai)d ability of  llic flreipen lo wor|* logellter anil iic-  ei-mpllsli iimir goals,  I'.arly In (. 1000, lhe firenrnp or/ianl/ed  u iiniini! In i'huih'ce 0 i.'o/iipleii; new cement floor for Ule area ��� fireball, Cpliff  Suoll wan re-e|ec|ed lo hl�� itf.'venlh lenp,  ��� The GibHoiV Fjre |-|'oiec||��m "J))iilrlcl  was, f I mi Ity a rcallly apd formed in H'OV  with trustees Ken prosby,  Wiljo Wiren  and  IVIrs. -H. Cbamberlin  being  elected,  19B7, sow Bill Scdtt maintained as fire  chief. Trustees of the Gibsons Fjre Pie-.  ^lectjon j)sti'iPf 'ipplie'd for funds from  lhe Dept. of Municipal 1 Affairs in Victoria  i'o'r the purchase of a oew fire truck. The  money for payment of tbe truck was  authorized and all was in order lo purchase a new firo truck.          ������������-   The Fii-omcn'S" Wal-i-T-'ptiilb-^^  sOmed-���fntd-'a major summer event for.  Gibsons. A good crowd was^jn .hand to  enjoy the events of the day complele with  lhe "Gibsons fire boat No. 1, with Fred.  Holland at the helm.  A new inhalator truck replaced the  old % ton pick-up truck. II was a f0(J8  Chev.  panel  with   a   V-8  motor.  If   was  \a very busy year- .for lire  firemen. They  - answered a total of lhir],y-one calls.  . ���Finally, early .hi -t90��r"1trR l7t]j~rbiT  arrived apd^ a new International lilt cab  ir'pck with "a. 427 cpbie inch ' V-8 motor  was delivered. The truck Is a product, of  lhe Hub Fire Engine Co.' of Abbotsford'.  It carries 500 gallons of water .and hesides  ihe usual hose capacity is equipped with  a" lighting p I a n t, two seif-eonta'incfl  breathing apparatus and radio epppfpiOi-  cntipn   that js,. iinki:(|  ���with-'' the; vHloiio  ifHcic, -Tbe Mwm^,mwjtetJmwM  ;M.-efr!WW' tVH^Fiw?reh:^m iflos-;Mpfr (if  i|ie proiiflcst men on Oils day wa> fipp  chief Bill Scolt. Ifis dodicaiion i.o |l)p  fire dept. and the work of thp lri"s!pes wf  ||ic Gipsons fire', protect (on. typre rospoosl-'  |)le, Ihrou'gh Ibeir end.ed'vors, for the new  truck.  , ' ' \ -v .-���  '   ���  10(10 was |p 'Hm. end of ail era often  years of cob��ecuiive service as chief,for  Bill tjcoll. He did nol end his long':service  .as.a fireman, but fell it was time to slf'p  down and lei uomonno else assume lhe  .chief's position. The year was ope of  extensive training in practical and loch-  nological phases of fire fighting  training progritin was updated and  oughly- exercised;,. 111(10    iil'ii>'��� sawA llio  change  of   the  Gibsons   Fire   Proleclion  Districl  'to Iho West' Howe Sii'iied  Fire  Protection District   under  I lie   Hegifinnl  ��� District .Jurisdiction,  107(1'wim an exciiing year for lips fii'e  dopl. A new ehlef wan elected apd'sov-  'eral epanges look jiliice, Tlie new chief in  J)jck Hunnlgcr, He |s a very enlhusia.'ilic  and, expci-)eucf:d fireman, Dick was Ip  bis sixlb year with Mm rlepl, when In;,  ausubmiJ llm posillon of 'file chief,  li'pypp'.y fire chief |)||| .tjep'll, uiid aiir*.  sislaiil firo uiarsliall ilob Wilnon wepi lo  Quebec lo riv.iirij a new 1070 Ford fire  Iruck wllli fire fighting appanilu/i mmle  and iniilnllcd by.l'iei're Tllibapit, The new  truck arrjved Ipe flrul week in July,���  Thin 'year alno now the vanl pi'ujpul  ill' fi co'mplele rei|i|Viil|pii of lhe Gili-  iiopii /ire ))a|l, H was a welcome, Joii'l-  awalied for eviinl, The nlniclui'ip work  wan dune by 'V, Ipe'il cpplraclo|-, but ll|0  1 Inside flpl'iblug worh Wall dope by llin  i'lronmp,  Tboi yeiif ijpiled ' with a' New] Vcar'/l  wa^r^^  I  i  i  (  i  ^r AUf0 BODY WQRIi      # PAIIITiNI5  * GLASS INSTALLATION ^r BOAT PAINTIWG  WITM C06V3PEYITVE PRICES  v  '-1  COME SN f@��AY  QUALITY WOKiH^A^SMBP AOT TOP  IPiiuiipiiiijiin  Till!  11)01'-  r;S  fSz~%t0  =  ���"IIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH BAZAAR OF VALUE9WIII|llll|ipillillllllll| J  ,,.,,.,     .     ,      .      . ...    I'liiippiiy nin mm 01  r.ndJbo Jw,r.,lry''epariinoubi wor.'"died  eaj/eil oui llpce ijnieii |nejui|jpg mgj  tip lpi'iwr<^li'ifA Mnttn,tili)ipri}p'yn vfi-yn  ,.i<cvim" lire bucks op lhe iii'vpe with I,MO  feci n( I'.'iti Mi'.U'm'n Ipm* mi'l ah nf'Gib-  /���oiiii h"!*'' ,pdl inlu ec'lbn, The /liiijoi'  fire was nol, old uulij 7i'l'l a,m, ami nmfi  plug up opi'ralionii look anollmr I'J. Iioiiih,  Da 111 it j? irv"n s* -cptimnt m t "n r - p.mtm  tilnihUy iiftiiy tidti imluHituphn W 1'udhn  AuN|||aiy"Ip l|m Glbnopn and Area Vol'  1 iinleci Fhe l)i)|ai|linenl v?nH formed will)  ',.%! papl up .Mtpilwu. 'rhiwu ludhm were  Ip plan  ways apd /riCMps In raise fiipds  for lpu p(*i;Moini| w'n'J'ii aiid.iM-eds of llm  res  cip" I rip  'Iiiiii fireiucp i^iiillnijifil Ipidr i.>Mie'pn|y(j  ihilnmg, prmbaur    hnddnn   malnlalnlf/g  "very b'ydnuii mid nimidplne bulb |pi|,ie  ' l  nod iiuj,',|ilu Jlm.vJI|ug��,.U...numuJd b* ooh-iI \   ss  here" Ihal Ibi'imglioul  lire years (Ja/ ypf  "lllile'fd'tl" 1)WVC b)lji)ilaipeij: mal 'ViviJr)iMufi'(|,  If neci'i<nary, idl pleecw of ci/nlp|pepi w|)e  ijier )i Im i.iMilonmy or mobile,  IIIOZ iu)W Hill Broil as rbjof i)/)d  fh'cmep,  Jlpwever,  ���aflci   Ihrcii  oi1   lour    h)H  0  wey  OH) fires W'lO' iillepdr-ij, Tp�� rVp-gcsl |g)  in Hobo Is Croo|i  sclmo) f  ymid  f|ro,  Jbey'ro |��oro In tipna for  Spring Opening  BASEBALL SH0FS  Y/lrh dcoN  , , . |il-hoor��  vrftlioiiU c|cat��  |ow I100J-1 . ��� ���  w'tK sMpoi. . - -Wlthopt itrlpo��  , , , for ��ho Mtr|a J-coguor and  1 .  Um Senior too. Coino In todoy  and get- boclt in tho running.  , ��� -. 1    1 '  YOU'RiL/a.WAYS,ArWINNER.WHENJrPU.5JARt-At   CLE MBCK'S SHOE STORES  J foil Bqy Contra, ?c��fi��|t  m*}r9m n  II  Z-3  CpVfth StjriOiBfr, Socl-clf  895-9519  $^mwm w vA^um ppRmpffipifiiuiu  PUKCIH^SI  iCESSARY  During lhe eight' week Bazaar of Values prorno-  Hon starling April 7th The Times will be givjng awqy  $20p in cosh. During the,first four weeks $]0 will  be awarded, For,the following three Weeks $20 Will  be given. And at the end of "the eighth week sorpe  lucky person is going to win $100. All entries wi|l  be |<epf for the duration of the promotion. Ypw have  chance to win eacli week plus the grand'prize of  r$TCWrEnteFas'^  ���wtefiT'UwrfKe"  cquppn or moll fo The Peninsula Times. Or you  can. leave them wilh, any participating metrchant.  Each'week there will be a draw and the lucky winner's name will be published jn lhe following edition.  l��HHM  as  I.MWU   .  EH  BK  (����*  HAMS  APPft^SS  ~.  ss  i!sn  Ss;  PHONE  Pn if-s i?-"! fr"-'-| fr*"-" f"-,-| I"?! f^% prt f*"si p-*"- p***-| iti *p?  L*j J&aai lul (Us*4 *U>4 1U*| fhii |ai,��J 1(^4 L%*s><i (L�� H*M tiii *��*&  38  s  s  .   m  \tl**#*0�����*,r  '   lHw0l   0-    +    #��ih  4\0*  i" A *��'w <��** Pi** +*^-*��"i**��-"f*i��i''**4-*�� "*"i e   "-l ��� *  -   5'  ,��..'. * *  ���   *���*�����"�� I> If "  *  f   f        .    I   l   1   I   -  *  ���   1   >   ���   '    ,   >   I   ,   t   i  >"*".   r   ,   1/  ,"S~ ���A-��*-v>-��T-r'-,-�� ,. v y*    -�� ; �� v > i i > i , t .  v i^  8$  ,S��iqif��^>WW>jaW>iciu��irt>^^  The Peninsula^i^  ���2*  '7 may te tiro*'*?. i*tf I shall not be no droits as to iJl to'say' \vhqt I believe tp be rig'if"  ' . . - ..."      ^-Jo|lN ArKlNS  JDOUGl,AS G. WHEfitElX. Edilof       ,  ,)lv&v^i0**\0U)0WW0irW**0X**m**n'U**v*ru*^^  ML A, expresses delight  at $100 million scheme  3^:  I "  -1  8 .  HONOUflABLft IsE-be) Dawson, Ministe--  wUhQUt Portfolio, is "excitpd an(d e*fr  tremely pleased" with the announcement  by "Premier W.A.C, Dennett  that a, 350-  mile gas pipeline from Williams ^alse to  will pass through Powell River,  terrific  boost for  our area,"  M people who ��,,,*. the Sunshin.   e^ericte. This 5brr, susgeMta was put   J-g* ��- ���� ."d^S  Cowt   Regional   Board   who   appear   to the Board- by Chairman Jim Ijner       ^ el^n.tarning| nalural gas ls  available, .she explained,  it  would   pro-  FOR.  some  those among  obspure  re-isor-   there   are   a position'of authority over the Building    Victoria wi  ���ng the electecl and appoint-   inspector with his* many years pf practical   ,    "It's a  " ��� -   . *       .      .     .1 . _i A\-\a   c-mrl      "a  Letters to the editor nptu be signed by lite writer, ttllftopgli a pep-pptpe tppy be pm! for ppbliepltPt.."  ���^OVLC\^U^e    ' ^ u^BV: ^ YHune Voyageip-s Prfl-  Eauov, Tl-e-iiroiffl ~-gr��m students will Pp gjven fitmnciai as- *  Sir; There was wailing "and Hushing of . distance for travel abroad, French spea>  teeth by the directors qf the Sunshine , ing students "will be encouraged to 'study  Coast Regional District at the lasUveg- - the language in France.     ��� ���  iilar meeting last Thursday.' Directors are���; [JhliUe"s6me~ ofTrjy neig"-.norfrT wvfc '  either  tinder   t)ie  impression   that  they  ���/yp��finM. "fijvevy eloptPV needs Iq wy\\e~  tp lus tyJ.P. protesting ftlif- 8VP��s appse-  of1 rppney- As Om\\<\$ sinks cleepcr intq  rpcgssiibn and sde,PVessi����f infM10". Win  mad fiscal' 'policies we a��'p further cgn-  frpnted with a-Federal, government that  plans rn giveHself^.hel't-/ ijalse in pay  while asHihg(41\e public to lipid lhe hne.  I say we have he}d the lfnp 'ftsv too  lopg. The time has. cppie. lo,lpt it go apd  let* the Wheral Qpyernmapt disappear tiffa  ttre hqrizori or is it asking lao rnpch of an  apathetic Ruhlip?  (JRATE TAXPAYJUR)  Board" who   appear   to the Board-by Chairman Jim Tyner  capable only of wasting a great deal of   who also chaired the Executive Commit  ' time and endeavor building high moun  tains from miniature molehills,  ,  J"'A case in poinMs the fact that for  1 another strange1 reason a hot-house for  the cultivation, of commercial orchids  ' seepis to have displeased a small group  of individuals, the neat.building i�� undei;  . construction cm Pratt Road, a predom-  ���m *  W���� rejected Jay the Board as a whole.  JFor some time it has been clear the  Inspector, Fred R^ybucn has tp carry opt  his dptles under intolerahle circumstances  ani? we can but ponder why? Cpii'd *  be that there are those pji the Board  in'ejuly agricultural area "and presently who are applying that old and abominable  seeking inclusion', within the. boundaries exercjse of making a person's position so  of Gibsons, The structure was inspected untenable, that he: resigns? This is much  and approved by-the Building Inspector more acceptable, to those in power,, than  in light of the fact$ fits in withthere? having to fire an epiplpyee they them?...  cently imposed' Zoning Bylaws, The Byr selves interviewed and hired,  laws of which past Board member Cliff1 This is not a/new situation by any  Gilker phiyed a part during days and means and is one that public servants  months of formplation. Although he face, when they have to endure the dio  failed to stand for reapppintment at the tates of elected officialdom. This becomes  last election, Mr, Gilker was appointed as 4n extrermely distasteful position-to be in  a member of the. Planhlpg Committee, when a qualified official is expected to  which now questions the'action of the    bow to the dictates of individuals who  tee which at that time comprised him-��� vide  an  excellent  alternative    to dirty  self, jdhrectors . West and Wolverton. It    fossil fuels and fuel oil bunker G.  Mrs. Dawson baftU "the government  wants the pipeline to be owned by Canadian citizens, preferably those living  in  British Columbia.  ��� li is planned thai, construction- will  start this winter and the cost of the. pro7  ject. is ..roughly estimated at $100��� mib  iion. Mrs. Dawson said she was "extremely pleased" with the number of  jobs such a; project would tjirovide in the  province.  -. \.-\     ��� A ' '    r.-.  Science Club Notes  have,no pqwer or aplhprjty or else are  purposely trying tq create that impression and are using it as an excuse rto  cover up their own shortcomings.  j If they are truly pnly "surfs" of Vic-  I'oria and respond like marionettes to the  bending of a Victorian finger, then I  would suggest qui- local directors are a  bunch of spineless creatures. Any man  with" courage would resign from such a  {situation.  I  suggest our Regional Board  either  act or get off tlie pot .   '  "4   :- -'A: . L.V ERASER  fortunate enough tp get rhy package of*  hapd-outs. in English. My less", fortunate  friends got their}- in. French- t  '   Ami sqjH goes,. What-: this, cpuntry  needs-today    is "certainly  ."Coip^MnUy  The spruce b*-dwQrm, -jaak-pino bud-  worm and la��'--h sqwfly werp lhe, nuijnr  Canada-wide freest ipspot prqblcms in  1070.  S     ^.  Building1, Inspector in approving the per  mh for the orchid.cultivation plant.  .   The tremendous problem facing spme  members of this* Committee is whether a  commercial   horticultural   business   fits  Within the bounds of the Zoning Bylaw.  .This classifies' the area in question as  ���t zoned for; Market Gardening, horticul-  ti-re, sylviculture, poultry raising, animal  have no more, than a very.scant know-"*  ledge of that officios panticular vocation.  The Building lns^Ecior is paid a. professional salary to carry out.the duties  for which he has been considered qu.alU  fied; The Planner, it seems, is paid even  more. Sp too is the Secretary Treasurer.  It Would therefore seem incredible im^-  pudepce that one or all of them should  stock raising, fur fanning, beekeeping or be  constantly overruled,  pr repeatedly  any or all of them. doubted, by rank amateurs. ������'".'  Anyone familiar with the Pratt Road When the public has to foot the bill  area will be m{\ aware libit just abput for, ftlllyrqualified personnel it is assumed  -T-by Dennis Petula  SECHELT Science Club is very IJhankful  for the participation from ajj those  who had their- cars washed on April '3.  Mr R. Clayton kindly gave the Science  Cub the use of the old. Shop Easy Ipt  plus^ car wax and jet pads. The amassing  sum of $81.2*5 was made.  Special thanks go to'the Sunshine Re-  bekah Lodge No. 82 for the donation of  $-15,.--whicrr-was. received with gratitude.  Tbe Science Club now has $296 and  will be leaving Tuesday, May 25 for a  three day excursion to Seattle where  many interesting .places will be visited.  Bronco. league scores  over Gibsons Merchants  GIBSONS Firemen continued  their winning   ways   in    the   Sunshine    Coas|  Broncb  League  picking up  2  wins  over1  *m-,--Pa*'t~"^  : scene.   Why it-should  suddenly  be so duties without the harassment of petty  important  to  waste  so .much, time  to minded interference. Unless, they should  ipestion a desirable business,  such  as prove to be either exceeding their duties  -���taphjd growing, is-quite incomprehensible, of failing to carry them out ���efficiently'-  -:��� d;,   f�� "Pitting has this situation become We would suggest those orf the Board  ���    that it is now considered necessary to who seek to make a big issue of an orchid  have further permits checked by the plan- plant in an area approved for agriculture,      . ,  tZvnSH. 'TN^f"8  JnSpeCt��r  aP" hortfcul(M�� elc., Su�� be Shortfcof W    JlS  , prove   them. This of course, is the thin things to do, We would have thought that  end of the wedge for it might be recalled from what it costs to operate a Regional  ���  J recent suggestion was tha.t the youitg Board there would be many more impor-  J fanner, fresh from University, be put irt ��� tiint issues at^stake;  Gibsons Merchants 13-0 Wednesday behind steady pitching of Steve Charles^  worth ��� On Sunday, Firemen ���.ha*d their'  work cut out as they downed Sechelt  Legion 8-4. Patrick Gaines and David  Lamb staged a' steady pitching .duel until  late innings when Firemen led by *th>  hitting of Rick Delong broke out for the  Next game Wednesday when,  emen meet Wilson Creek at li:3,0 at  Brothers Park'in Gibsons.  Taxpayer  Editor, The Times,  Sh-;  Someone  left his  copy  of your  inewspaper in our store and it- was like  tbem leaving a gallon of fresh air- Your  editorial "Community action today" (April 21st) ���'��� prompts  ine.   to  inform ypui-  readers of the need for action concerning  Hhe 57 million dollars of "taxpayers' rhoney  ���which- the Trudeau Government intends^  to fling around on "youth pi'R,grams" this  summer. ��   -,  According to a March 15th information publication put���ouf in Ottawa our  hard earned tax ddljars will be spent in;-  (a) 83 special Youth Manpower Centres to be manned by 374 students who  will inform other kids of where to get  un the gravy train and inform young  people how to get a free  trip overseas.  (b) A Department of Health andl Web  .fare   Information   Release   (number   42),  from Ottawa, outlines how a million dollars will be given ps grants for students  ,  to get some athletic training.  (c) 700,000 students will work as interviewers in a sociological survey work  related  to the drug scene  at a  cost" hf  ~mv7iWW~~���"  '  (d.) A Transient Youth Services costing taxpayers a mere $153,000.00 to encourage young people, tp see Canada. This  service will provide transient youth with  200,000- night beds in a Coast to Coast  network of hostels. Your nickels and  dimes*paid in taxes will provide 50 roadside kiosks, furnished with staff, telephone and equipment to service hitchhikers.  (e) $3,775,000.00 will be spent on travel  at home .and abroad for some 35,000 stu-  Owners off dogs take notice that irem IVtay 5,  1971 to August 31, 1971 In the area diff. $nHtoll(n#  Coast from Port Mellon |o Egmont District, any Conservation Officer or Constable without liability may  destroy any dog found running at large and harassing  game  (deer).  ���'--������'   ���-���      * ���*���  '-;- ���*��� .������-" ���'    ;"'" " '^-    '.-.... ���  J,   Hatter,  Director Fish & WIWMfe Pronch  .���r ��� -������ ������" ���   "  wyimwdnhmMwuifMHMUMWtf^^  ��AP  >-��e  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  CHARTER AVAILABLE ABOARD THE  CLEGAAAR" ON SUNDAY. MORNING FROM  SECRET COVE TO POWELL RIVER  TOOT-TT^  AND THE ROYAL YA?HT  BRITTAtfNIA.  STONES 'MARINA, 885-9563  niMMMwwf>wnwniwir>fV��hf^����vwn��M^^  BAZ/Mtit OF VALUES |  AS A playboy of international renown,  Prime  Minister   Pierre   Elliot;  fnir  i  <���'  dean, cAcell-,, as an prrqganl d��c*��|or lie  /ia�� proved himself second (o none and  as a disoipje of fabian no-jialisin js assuredly running true to form.  We have repeatedly wariictl of llic  leanings of iiiiii man and his govern-'  liient toward socialist dietalorship and  if llic writing is not clearly on |he wall  by this tiiiie,. tlieh we,' the people, Ifave  our heads solidly embedded, in the proverbial sand.  . Heavy, rumblings by.'certain culViuec  members' regarding"brcak"-Tiway I'ronnlie   monarchy; suppression 'o| the press by  , nieans of the so-called "Anii-llute Bill";  >the proposed While Paper bn Taxalion  Which  was designed to pm u,e mn\\  mail out .of business and create  large  monopolies; hnti-inllaijon by jneans ol'  vast ���iinempliiymcnl;    iibominable    cn-  loreenieni of the 1'iench langmige down  the throats of civil servants; llic iisioimd-  ing call of 'rriideiiu  in  aliempiing  ui  dictate to Hritish Prime Minister lulwnrd 'J  Heath   on  the  arms io  South   Africa-"���  issue;  present proposed changes in the  Public   Servant "Siipeninmialion  Aci  which gives the I'overniucm the power to  '  fir-* civil sViviiiilN at age S0-5S; the Iru-ie   ,  , number .ol known leiiisis holtling highly  paid important jobs In goycfnment'office, And so il goes on, iind on,  hnlesl example of supreme arrogaiH-'c  is die. announcement iliat salaries of  MP's ace lo bu Increased' by"'5(1';'!,' ������  InrgCv, |)-ijrlio��- of which will be tax |ree,  This logcilier with .innumerable side benefits such'as liecli'iivel, lelephone, niail-,  lilg, e|"capiii"ciil!i, aecommoiliiHon grains  eic,, etc, lor a group of people who,  In large pail, arc found, aynwhere but  ill lhe House, |s i-iillc incredible,  Kegardlessdl the new MP's who Mil  ���-^n��Mr<��-'��M--iokoii-j-t^iurt-*(��i'-'"cipp(*��|nj"-"rhc'-~  i increase, nlmosl eneh and every one of  llieiii will welcome ihe hike wilh'open  arms, Not iinniiiiirally of course, pariU  cuhiily ,in lighl of 'Iriideaii's eoimneni  Ihal only cowards will back oil',    .  Strangely enough, if this Is lhe yard-  Kllek by which heirrism Is measured,  .hen it would seem Mr, Trudeau was  xurraiiiKkd by yellow-bellies lasl year  when an opposition m-'inhcr move<l that  * , an JmiiH'd ate and substantial increase  be made n llic old age and velenms  pensions, This motion'was nln-osi un-'  iHiimously ivjccled by* lhe Liberals iin  clixling those o| (lie H,<', slablir who  wciis*present Up lhe -/otc.  However, Id us nol lie loo harsh on  ������������*-- t)p'n gn'iil -ln'llcfituloih   lu��,   idler - ill))'  Ihey have since Ji-siJiiiM. if mnj-nillceni  JllCIT'iS'- ill l\ldt)ji\ age peusioilv Ituleed,  ��fn��r senior eili/cns, who lolled so haul lo  ' ' liclp provide (lie high Minnliird of living,  ��^4<ii|4>yi-^!7UiU<fy^l)y~..M-^inuJiv.~.liay^���l-cca  umntv*. il'^.A'!!��"��!,|��i*i^,l '"���^���"'���m- of -ll<:  So generous have our e|e��-|<-i| /epicsentii-  live become llinl, on Ion ol fhc,.4)e  those of our cldeily, ciij/A'iis w|io we  able, nitty, lielp oui lli-'ir inlsefuble |)lh  nine*' yyy working and earning a it'w  eligible lor .taxation,   -m  We win vycjj ppprpGiidP;l\te fft^l Ihpk  ineniberf| of Par)jan>��?fi| ��r^ '-GRiitictf lo  a salary bonimei*---ifaU- wifli llic positions  (hey hold, it must also be borne in mind  lhat (hey Ijave not had a.s'll/iry Liicjetise  for seven years. Therefore, it would,seem  a raise would be in order'if .presented  in a reasonable manner, Unfortunately',  the Trudeau regime has preferred u) ride  rougli-shod over the people and halfway through its lei'iii of office has .established for itself a finartcjal wonder-"  bind,... ,.,.,.  Wijh people sueh 'as Trudeau, millionaires, it is understandable thai lli��^  lariyjo salary increases and side bonuses  will noi appear exeeplional, What is difficult lo comprehend is ihe hard fijced  alliliule by suelrindividuals lo the real  people who count, our senior cili/.ensi  Poet's corner  ��� Your mtfrlbitllntm ore Itp'lied  My Mothers Hands  Huhmlllod by J, Bonlbwm  Nol .a high born lady she  liny in llio manor born,    -  My inifiJmu-'h hands thru hoiii'sl loll  Wi.'rc rough and n|d mid worn,  Hul uiy Ikiw Urudur i Ibny could bu  Tu suollin n ,Covered  |tu;ow,  Oi- wlpu away ii |c|illdirt'b t��!irr,  And nioiul a lii'ids-cd |<ijo<"!,'      ;  Anil when hor work .on earlb was douu  And hIio ioiicIioiI Uiul J'runi'lH��d l.iuid  ���To Iu'kc bar rightful plnco ��h��' won,.  ttb.n  J tint shnwod  CJod'hor |nil)fln, ,     '  ^i n 1111 im 1111 nn ��� iii i fn ji 111Ti i i 111111111111 in 1111 n 111111111 n j 111 n 11 m 11 n n 11 n f 11111 m i n  DEATH, of Mrs, Arley Franklin jn Van-  ������'���'���'cr'uiv'er p'ii April 20 at tbe uge nf B7  pjuspf. apage In fr-pjj-.stnry pr iyiaryy Island. Jrvfrs.* Franftlbi (then Miss Arlcy  Bidden) First visited Merry Island in 1007  as-tbo guest, of Mi', and- JVHv W.,T. Ji'.  I'Vanklirr.       t ,  . William ll'i-irnkjifi wlm wais l|ro. firyi.  light., keeper <m tbe island bold the position frpm !(.'),'- to I!),'),'". |l,j bopglit lhe is-  lirnd and efmlinucd |0 live there after,  his retirement. Ills wife, Mrs. Mary Ann  Franklin tlietl in St. Mary's Hospital,  Ponder Harbour, in April. 1041 and two  yoars later be and Mian ilekkm were mar-'  , rlod by Dean Bwanson in .Cbrislcburcb  Calbedi'al.  Mi1. Kranklin died in Vancouver on  May HI, lOfjfi at. the ����o of Hfl, aftoi- a', (ring  jllnesH. A memoriid ��ervieo for Mrs. Arltry  ���I'Vifiikl'lii *wlll' he" held a| l|io Churcb ol  His 1-rosonce anil hor ashes will bo cast  in ibo wafers off Merry Islund.   "N BRIEF ' '  ���,. Tlio meeting of Ibo (,adieu! Auxiliary  to Ibo 'IWfclcum*" lloacb tJoiriniunlLy.. As-  ntieiiitlon scbirdiilod.firr May 3rd, |ias boon  < puslponcd iiniij Thursdiiyi May l|l.|i al lAft  p.in. at Ibo 'homo nf Mr\s, B, MeCrady,  Aiiylimly willing In Iwlp wil|i ||io Country  KhIi'Tii InvllCd fn altonii,  *       *       *       ',  llairnibnii llny'h talontod cliildi'cn laro  sllll iMillocliiig honors In Ibo |'|o|d ol  miudo, At llic Powell Hivor Musir; Kostival  lasl wonk, Kunty nud ("linger'Cunningham  wore awarded 'J.nd plueo for Ihoir gullrir  dlint, Ip Ibo guitar snlo elass, Munly wiih  awarded and place and (linger 3nl place,  ' II says a grind'dual b/r Ibo consiHi��n<\y  o|' | Inure Iwri hlialontti thai. I boy received  oxaclly ibo name awards in llio Kiwanis  Musle Festival ,ho|i| In Vnncouvor last  weekend,  namely  2nd. piaeo    fui- guitar  -r-by Mary Tinkley  duct, arid in tlie solo class, Rusty 5Jnd and  fliirigcr 3rd Deirdre Murphy was awards  ed 2��)d place Jay iier^inKiria of ���|panlcr7  bury Fair,"  *    *    *  Throe people - were rushed- In aC  Mary's Huspilal on Friday night after a  head-oil collision between two ears al  Middle Point. T|ie. passengers 'involyedf  were from Gibsons and.Sriuamish,  Mr.-and Mrs. Diek Van ftgmpnd with  Nieki and Margie were at their Sorrel  'Cove ���borne |asl weekend,     ���  mmE^m,  IS  _  Sechelt Legion Branch 140  '���*';>. *  Legion Hall, Sechoh  EVERY WEDNESDAY  \   AT 8 p.m.1     m  JA-pHPOT $125  TOGO  $)0 DOOR PRIZE  FEATURING  The Other Guys"  Country & Western Music,'"  ^ll  CHINESE SMORGASBORD  ,APUtT5';"^  CHILDREN under 12  *fn*  tax  DANCE SATURDAY, MAY 8 - 9 prMf-l'A.'M.  SECHELT  IliffllllllfllllllllllllllllllllllKl BAZAAR_; OF^AJLUES j  PHONE 005-2311  111  Um  1  FOR MSN O  :  :  Siinpllcily Pall-urns  and Q-||l<"rkk  Pnllcrn*.  WHY NOT (FABRICS  FOR MOTHER'S pAY?  Wo Have AH Your Needs  l^jYAfm GOODS  ir DRY GOODS  T^r NOTIONS  ���A- REMNANTS  *0**n0*m0*vvw0n0vn0t0*,w**n0*.*r*,��mr0j  NYGREN SALES  (1971)   ILTP,  Your ��APCO PAINT  DEALER In GIHSONS  On llio Wlrarf - 006-9303  Quollly MoiiDo And Morlno  f'olnf.    ���    ���  i*nm0.mmmmm0mMm0vi0*H4*0,0V***n0,n0r0,m,  SA~*0y;;%."r.  HOUSE  Glfnon*  \.W YOUIl CliAl^fcX  Phono 8067525  |illl>*'     "V      "'"f"i-     "-'     -""n     '���     '-" 3 i I'' "-  liundicii *)<>|liii�� a ycur wJlhout I'cconiin^   fii||-iai|j-|iiJi|i|-||MiJ|i|ij|��||j||jjii��MiHW  '��� ���   ("        "' -' "-.;     ������" '  '���-���  "      "'        ��� '      "  w*tw**i0*0m0**tww*w*t*,*n0H,*rrm0.  PLUMBING LTD.  PENINSULA  Doaler for  Su[)or \<om Tona  ond Shorwln William*  Gibions - 006-9533  fllPp%Mp w*h%#P m ^r*#  Men's^jl^at,  ytfork Gloyoi  SECHELT, 0,C,  0m*LL*>m0m0**0m0mm��0M0.***.0*>0*.*L0.0*'  REST WAY TO PAINT STEPS  ,��� ��� ��� ���      ��� ��� '���        -i   ��� ���   ���       , .' ��� ./.,  Wli��n ymt hnva llio problem of |K��iiiilivj t��i��p!�� il mi im^i  JPflBJfLi0.,ifeS/J)9!liL!-Mx,-G Vir'-'n,nu!2i!li!]!!.,,,  Ccinndifin I'/ilnl Manulnclwi-or* Association. Whon llioy'ro  <by, 1'ifiini Hi0 i'0innlnlno't��,ul'��s." '  '��� i      i1 ...  USE QUALITY PAINT  Yuri' -.hoi-Id got /1-6 ynors -.orvico Irom o lop o^lorlor  qnnbiy point qpplic-d '.^cordli��f*' lo direcilonb undur normal  Cimfllllons; biriifis lhn Cnnodinn f'nlnl MfinnloclMrors Awo-  ciolion, Poor pruporollorl, hnpro|)Or- qp|dlcolloii( c||('oflYKjiiil,  i>;,)!>,wxcpwivo moibiw In iho wood oio oil lodnri" whfth will  docrt!oi>q 11in wrvica Hln ol your ivm\ pnlnl Job,    .   _L^WMATJrO���DO_WITMlKNOJ��   Knob hlioukl ho Muilml liobiiu inpol|dliK|, wonc, llm  Crinoilion I'oinl Moniilo<-li!iifin�� Awoc|(i|ion. Yon micd hum  ���dl iho ul.l |)iiini   ollhf-i'ofl (,'(i(.h kmih ��;��rtl|�� whole uurUit��,  (,011(1 ])wl.Ul(flflx tll|)l)OlTl7 M!o|, ifin WlHlU> Willi 7 3 I oolt.  "Tlmci AdPrlofi"  f)IQ  MIGHTY MIDGETS  in; 11  of shollof oprl (it\Ki\ni, Your ollninoln .���.olullon,!'- lo sond coch  kind lnd(yl��luol|y/ f��ool w|||i she||o��*>anil ��>pol poinl, Hni&h will)  o r.OfDj-lolo cool (or Iho wholu burloco,  *0*0m00*m0mi0mm0*n00n000>0*i**00*'  TWiN CREEK  LUMBER Bi  BUILDING  SUPPLY  Your       ' I,  1    Gu-.it-ral I'oinl��  , ���, Pfinli?r..,,,,- ,���.i.  1 i  Monomol /i��"|l:rco/n  Polnla  tSun��hlnQ Cnnir  GIpSONS  rirono 006-2Q00  ��ww mmmmmm m^mmmpmmmmm  ���* ^  jtl'iirft/tiitititlt/ijtijJJ***  A(4f-VAi*\flflf|  fcV*1,-!***..** *H0f*  >rtrt ��- x���*i\ v  nimi nw w>  'X,*  0 r*0rr,    ***.**,0\~  \mmmtn00000fm  .aluminium  0000000000000000  00*001  ��H��IWllWt|l  .11\  ^  y>^^A..rf��>^��>j' ���*(,>��� "i* <* ">**} "'"i:"  *   .    i* i f. �����*..,**. 9 r.  ,   ,if��,,,,f|pf f.< '��� ,.'  "*** *>.?'f*">'*''f>'if'if��l'��<��Jf��,WO.�� ��,��**. rrvvvvvvvvvvv»v\f\^f>,v*^S'>»\ W ^ \vi^^«.l. • t_-lt ^,^"VV-,^',''"S'v,''YYVI,^.,nrNOfjrT*""^^ *"''"* 1 • ■ ■j'VrfN.    V"»"Y"."*-V'v4'>f'>rv"y"w-N»''«f^"V"v">f*v,w'^^ • V
1*%V< "* »v *-'
<"-".", .".-
f       I
^ V^:^'^ -■-*«*  ^'-^'-^^,*^gg   T*^e PenJn«IHla Tirnes-      . Pqgc A-7   M
*v-v  ti   ',.,*» t   ,   • ''h* t~   r*%^'$,J      f Wednesday. Mav 5. 1971
' ■!• >-"-.U- .'-', •..:-- A?§sM Elphinstone Secondary ■
Elphinstone Secondary
M<cfi firsf term Honour Roll
^rtyfry   FilPfHNSTONE Bei-nnd-Jiy Sphpol Honor
•iA'tsfl*       &°J* ^m),i»l' 1h.p h«'st Icinrol iho
-s r^&'X   ■''-'"'fiiirl ^n-estoi lDfO-*"! was lalensod lust
' ■'?■¥ "**^>*
Ah%T.tW£ -.. .
I      *        *7
fi't>t, %   l».
/i*     ^\t.   42%
}* 'f,"-'
wci'K hy |>Mi.f"iiial T, CS   pHwood
_ ...JWPiW,^        Division T: Ken Bre(lol|qlr| a.?, SU'vpn
m AftzygsEi   Up 8,8 vDivWni.  IT,   Hick_Clihh  8.1}—_
*"* '^BvnSlI   Division  IV   l.Y'iro  IVTaitlnc/.  3.0, Mary
^&Q§&    Mnlilonluimp S'O, Culliy D.cKK>ei 2 7, Shir-
h^littJ^'   ,ny "nolme a R. H"land Kcrbis 2 7, Shot
i- :h f'-^v^ifliv-'.-   ■
-July • ^f^"^M ^Jji "^
1    I
'1       * ?•>  * s*>f
)   *v            !     \ JBrt^fSj iioiii'ificnnie a H. BovVdf' BviT^isr 2^5',^dmny
' 4,** f^V        V' jr * W?tf*iv Als.rfior 2 afi T-Divlsion VI: Clnnn W'dhnn
: /" %     It     * ZS it A ar> -Divin&rr VIII.   Cheiyl  quplpl"   3 0,
U ^«4S    l ' """      ~     —
Klc.inoi Swnn 3,0, Siisoiuia tfor-jcnhon 2 7,/
•flfil   Wunrlv Alliuttt 3 3. Dobrn Baha 3 3. Ctuol
WW    1-Jloni|,ricn 2 3, .loan Blom|jiun 2 3, Heatlior
**&*****   Harrison 2 3. Tlu'icsa I<al>onle 2 3, Poi'nrj-
X^A^T       «-""> Mailinoz 2 3
'•--'-•'- Divimoii XII   Cindy Nygren 2 3rMm-
* , h>'".
fyr   , M nic  Sif-onin    2 3—Division    XUP    JBlin
«u*. #'J vc-doy 3.0, U-sJic pixon 17, Randy Knnip-
•^ -^ |1U11)   2?    ,i(l||   jvicnigomeiy   2 7,   Hem/.
^        ' -^ Bleu  2 3,  Dennise  DnrnliiosKi 2 3,  Roso-
r*   ,>'   , a| mary   Hoplslool  2 3,   Bc|ty   T'>innnn   2 3
\,   f  i*   ft*1 _jiIV|j,|0„ xiV   Cindi Pcndt!ipu'.i  23-
*i Division XV: Wendy  WidUei   2 7--Divi-
,   i • sk>n.t-XVJU;  Deiin    Gp'ldurd    3.0, Kim
*} —IJivision  aiv    1'intw  reircurrpi
r GreRory 51.0, finely .Kunip? 3.p, Qlen Bp;
f'i aiidry 2.7, Ds^prah Hill 2.7, Kcrryl^ahl
\ -\v\1 	
Wo Will Be CLOSED: Friday, M<W 14fh o^ Fridgy., M<?y 21st,
af 5:30 p.m.
:     Sechelr , -   Phone 885-9343
(Oh vJ **0*,U0**l J+ifV* **i-IT tjfcl,   fJJ       A0**0,   fWu(       ••     »"***»' h *-r   '
-   ', .- "1    nuin 2.7, "Bmily Pniser 2.3^. Kalhy ZuefT    S
'    ■,/»' .2.3.-~Divi->ipn   K\%-   Pally   W>ng   2.3.-—„S
>.    -Division XXIII: $u)ytyn doknof2.2B, Hi
HONoi-iA'ai.E lyipNTiow r
Division I'l: Jim Gjlrb'on 2-0-' )To°° Skcl*.---|
ton   2.0—piv.isjon   III:  Bfir|nmr  V/illlanii"    [_
2.0.'—Division VIII: ^qrpn-PprribrpsiU 2,0,    S
Dave Vmmmar. 2.0, Bill Spe'ldpn 2.0, Ul-    S
on    til: Bllcn    —
XIII:    Jp-Anne    s=
i^e   2.0,   pBbbio    S
Pal. Hoiuie 2.0,    §
XVil't: tliBbr    r
Kohuch 2.0, Pat     I
tir   2.0.--Divi-    .g
2.O.—Division    §§"
Gibsons area Firemen |
schedule Open House  1 Refridgarafor Frost Free
b'IBE Services Day has been proclaimed   ^^ss
,   iiileriHrlinTTany^"¥ir (Hiross Guiiiid.'v on -■■■■■■•-» ■,-;?7-J7^..7~w^Ty.7-»7J!*;
Saturday, May 8. T |= .     15   CUBIC   FEET
This evebt wilt open lhe lire halls lor    gj-j  .    +**.   f>||-B|f>   RTBTFT
Y . ®mW THESE |
!!y Wringer Washer
IIV Washer & Dryer
Electric Ranges
a .
Hispeeisfun lo lhe piiblic, and on this day, -s -
dibspps, Gower Point H*|ll will hold open- . -§|| J
liVnisc*"fppm 11. arp- tp 4 p.m.
There will be firemen on hand to Rive as
fire  displays, - iriovims  and  rescue equip- S
inent demppslriil.i.fyj'i.
„.'Tni» »s T"^ $WW lo see bow t|u!. g $mMm CqW Higliv/ay
Fire   Protection   District   is serviiu*  yoo, SI __T    ■    '     '__r\.      -       f
,ypu are invited ly a„er,f|. ^Iillfi1i!iiiiiiilfill!llliiiiiiiiii|jiif bazaar or VAMJEMRI
Phone 885-2058
A" 0
\i'L i
Pender Harbour . . ,
autumn ■
AT LAST n'M)Mn'{ pf-'lhe. Pendpr Harbour ' which rnay'be delivpred S'atp'rdoy.
 v6i-mmill)ity Club  expeulive, tupsduy, n j8 pointed out Unil the Gpi'pp)iipi1y
April   13  it  wiih d<-"'ided  to  djscuntin'ucj    Ph|b is wprlfinu for your benefi). so *|l|.-
card jpuvuti PYpnln«s nTH-il:'l'"«d! «d-. wl'if'l}    pm» poHsible (iupppiI it? |:of|iiested,       [, *■;.
time il is hoped I'reider Inloresl." will be
sh'iwh,  MeaiiwIilIP,  ineinliers are  endea-
*vi>i"l«rf-ti*yu!r«i*j|,ft'"' Piall/ii-i! hIipwh nn fSni-
11 I'd n y aflernooi'is,
'" Hecoiil n'Hinibornlii|), ilrivp did nol
prove loo Hiilinfaclory apd siieceederl -in
biilliyiii" iniiipl'iui'Hlilp ji|) lo only (III. TlioKe
who 1iiip|it!||er|%ii be out w|umi caiivn.sserK
p''i|leil are |-|v|M'ln pay llieir dues ^o any
of Hie lollowiiuf uxi;eulive: Wrle' A'nllU'i.
 J)<)V|i- |.'-|)wiiriln, lyiiirlul (.'aiueroii,. Hill Pe
About a tjozen people pioslly cl]ij(^ren
and npi-ihlt-c-r*- joined Mrs. Ho*-e Her-
m*-d Uvwaviiifi %ovy(ij) Vl)br gfM\(\-
daughter Margaret and her g-aftefsqn-
in-law the Prime Minister pjerrp El-
liol Trn«1eaM affer their informal vis)|
lo Rnherls Creek on Sunday, —photo
hy Prqnk O'Brien,''''iTrnes-'^a'f/
1071 Geirleifnhil Pf"|iy«n|r Ca|epf|ii|-K
nro now ay(»i|able fay iifile, also I|hj hnpli,
"U..Uuii-tenbd in B.P:"
Nn dafe ban yet been sel lo honor flip
I'luneei'N as Ceijlennial medallion'' |iayo
hol.■arrived,   ,  , ■    . ' '     '    ' ■'
The Oci|lei)i)liil prnjlif-'l,., l« |iro|]*reK/il|)/£>
well and niiliiin on I lie l'hall is ri'J'irln/l'
oiiin|i|(ilio|i, Cifiisiderablii fill Das been |,ul
tors, liirnie l.i:e, h)d and Vera l-owe, Ke'ilh    »' Hm bnelrof the hall in pieuaViition for
t-||i)rlf|U|nl,  Vi  Tyimr,   llnluii  mnl   Albeit    '-hi: p-ilii. area, ,      .   ■
'I'ldwurdson, Hmli Wall-er, , ": '*  ""'**    """'" *
' " Th1' nlron/((!Hl imldoor recrealloii pres-
•  Plan ■■MM! well' underway for lhe an-    H„,o,. ,ji,Vk|i>|- wilhin 100 ii|j|i:K nf 'dcmmly
, mini  Hpypin  lltwpiy  In  be, hoM   hi   lln>    ponulaTbl  ureiisi '
pnii-piuilly Hall Wiiiiii;iijiyk,r|V|ijiyr ll ai  'A    ^ JA : LrA--J~~,
|MiiyHi!«l»iiiiKii 1'iiin been i.'-i'i.-i.'lli.'n'l and a
|(ooirTl|n|)lny of ^jwin/i, ublMreii'n elolli-
l/i|(, oiri||io|di!iy    wnrii,  i.TUi.'hel    doilien
HUd   iuai)y  ol her  II lie  |<il'ln  for   MoUihi'm
|)ay  will be iivnllable   Ollim- Jioollin  will
fioiiluui   hunie   biildnid   flowein,    planbi, ■'■
wliHo e|ii|ii)iii|l lleiiiH, There will aluo lur
a /alTie tmd a ||s|i iroiid  fpy Ihu ."o.uim-
Mlorii, Al'lernjioii lea Will |»e mirverl,
1   llii/inir wnildirii wi||,)jiijiijlie hii|| If'i'i;"*:
day allernuuii nl  '-'  pm   \'i nrnui|(e lhe
booihd' for- lhe ■ i.'vi.'iii, "DuiintioiiH  mny
lliorelorn, be |irj)u»<hl In at flint lime w|l|i
<.'xce|,||on -of ■Mho   Jiumr-   bnldnii   IIuiiih
-t.     *     *   |(      ■
RINGS <..    .
'        '    ' '     '   't
Walcf) and ,Jewo||ry
Ropqirs ,
H;     !|<     H<
Phono 685-2421
OUR  1971
from 79.50 to  IOft,00
~r - • -ROAT-LAPPER5 ■ -'-"
, * ,   i
^ -'       '''    , , .
Qtidt)  llyojy ' j*Aniiil>ty]O)n,m0M\nu
May )i)\\y   y" ■ '">
sechIlF- "~~-
' "'LTD."-'       '
Cttwte Mrwr 895-96W
4 )
Z< V A A A   .•    "l'   i'Z /»'
1". '< •; '   **<'J >A>< 'J-1 '• v' ■ 1
MH    *ii *  /*h""') %*e%* i'< >'' •»
Wll'i I    i  *    M'/VjU I
A Ji *>    **7* > '•f^iwml \
lto4LrW>>       ,,    rl'V       V ^" '
,,\w,,l,   ,, J   ,|
"«i'A  "X>\,fA '
—0 HWH*"l.M«<f«>»fM*W
;- i •
.->' 'j*. ., GREAT MONTH-OF.SALES,      h
■^   iv| BARGAINS "^NP FUN!
*} Jiiin'iiiijoi)' lhn ifojnoiirloijSi vulims
'\"\,   i   h||')|>  'rflun   tnr„*Tlq||"/  nOH"
fw—-""-** ni|yiirt|">er|  Hnrooinr>  nnij Prisrns,
Win  Mysfary Prl'«s,  Wnlc|-
l-oi'Tlilfc, Cop o |'o||o(/n tpy,
llli'l ll'l«, |kjc« yi?i| pay iiifililol
Up lo 49% Plicnunli,
A FEW MAMPIM . .','.
On Eyory^^OO Pm-choia Yau
R«icp|v« A Frnn EnHry.
Prown Moy IBili,
Check these
may '9 ye* n^msjw -jaay 9
A ffida tfl|oflion ul (J«||£;|oijtf
hrfrn*! pqpiu clirjco|ol«s. |«
cljooso fiom.       ,  '
:. ■'Tiiiiiii \WW
2 pt,
r'-f ,
Siiii^MliI I,"}*-*, AMI'^t 'T1
'J 1
FwpiTiInn Buih
CrfiQnn wiih
upoclcjl >
lo l)o|p
your win.
iuflfjouoij ptico $2,<19,
r 1 ',ir,*-*'i'*ff|*l ,1,
Sniofllysiylud "Sup Gypsy"
fjlewos ■--.- Stylo #3)0.
C|igo-(- frofp.q»!ior|ud color-ff,
Sufj|j<)!.U.'d pijco F/.P^.
**»* >J
Ona"S|-toT r, Ono Prise #
Each ONLY  ^
Troll Qa'y C«nrr«, Seelielf
'' „        J BB5-2335    ■
2 pr, Cffloonp wllli W o;,
|*i}||uiii«f:|}p, -A'W.flO vmIiw
■ »u('(j«-y»i «|,«t.|(ii /,ikij $<i,nii.
«# (•my&it^ffu.vw.
riiji.nif. iiuii diiivi.
'|'b«rr(l(i|-i,i)|il|i,||cij |i<;iH'
,   u/i|i,'hull jn iriliiuli!.'..
/'ii[|(,ii!,Uii| |(i|<;o yAJft^,
piSBRT rWWER MlnlQiuro Toilet           „J VARPWY S°AP in n-«iiicil frof)ionc«. . Aa
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IVININOlH PARIS Kfifoy C^i/no,   '     „„     frml hlti,' J .nut,  MM ■y«l"»),    »9*?
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%      *      ■*.'»•       ' « -��*�� rr^^sr^^f^^rT  ���fsf~i3j  ��������������* ��Jfe   *������}  / -  II  Gi  Spaces.  Donald Weal a former Iqcal resident  who   is' an  accomplished  musician  (he  L. m...,,., n,n,mnn" Played v��oli" in a RoherKGi-eek atring-  w-*y Marion "mwrmpn    qr"0he!3tra many years ago) has, since go-  lioiflp at'Nariain>'q!Wtev ,����� fulMnd1 busy, ''v^nt, on to Pa^eirJliver before' IquririVV'pai  time of. visiting, many friends here,   '  ; .^Vancouver' Wand.'  ���      ���' ������   , L \7~~  .The ��� Qipsonsi   Breakfast' Group    for /��' Children from Division 111   whtfpe     >  Oh'tistian Fellowship presented Rev. Den-  '���'{nanher ifi'Mrs. Davie.) Gihsons Elementary '  .f��%  Poge A-8  f life 'panl-Mlila TliW  Werrtesdoy, Moy 5; 19*1  i;."  ChVistian Fellowship presented Rev, pep- "��feapher is'tyrs. Davie,1 Gibsons Elementary',  Ills' AJorgan with ' an' "appointment book ��� 'gphool, have eagerly antic'.pa.ted their ex-.  '"'     '- '-'-" ' ''��� -        j *-     cqr'sion HO Vancouver Aq-raru-rrr in -Stan*  T-  and  Mr-}.- Danny    ley Park,. This visit'to" the Marine L|fe ,  situated across from ' exhibits If for the purpose of following -  UHW-.T   "e^l?JL- h?,* PH��M^^Ti^e*1^-h��w ��� -Mrs, Len Allen when they showed their    Twilight Theatre  Was quickly   and MA    up class, 'projects In studying what is ip  eqtvical hardware but d��^nyone_ ��nt)W    J ^     j^ ^ thfl.r  flnUque coUeplloni    fipiently moved tp Rosamund Road, last    the sea; ah.d pn tlie seashore in Gibsons  by Apex, between the hours -area.~Miss GiVflrd and Mrs. Barnes will.  3 p.m. ~    assist, Mrs, Rgvie in supervising the pu-  s. Dalgr'en (Sunshine-Coast    pils, op this_ outing,, today, Wednesday,  Trailer Pari;) has returned from Cyprus to    May 5th,  Share a flat in London. WHJle here they  were happy to" see Robert and Annette  Come to th,e" ���'Communication Workshop'  a"t the United Church Hull this weelc-  -end^riday anct-Satw-dayJsaB,adv^ Tni-JaW*-Vent in Vieftria;  Jfack 'whom Ihey had known When thjs_ spend 6 months la Canada. He is at. pre- J_    Mi,_s;J0!^OrQ!i3JV[flnc.o\Lv'er_vi&ited hei  ��� .... couple wFs'1fTthe~Qld country. The Jacks    sent in Victoria, _ ���  ," son "and  daughter-in-law Mr,  Wd   Mrs  ment else_where in th> M^ foi' Ws).    ffl��P*thJ ^^ on -ft d^ *,p rt0 Earla Jjm- Bothwell  was a visitor to Wil,  ,R, B, West, Chaster Road-  *.*  1  fi  t  l*  Rod   Booth   leading   United'  Church    ���        Alex especially Was delighted with     hams Lake where he was guest of his   .,     Mi's, Rayner-from Powell River was  broadcastev for the B,C, Conferenpe will  be on hand for these "sessions locally and  he 'urges that persons . attending avail  themselves of the opportunity tp be present for the entire time as each day's messages-are interrelated. Rotl-Bqoth-is-well  the wildlife and beauties pf nature here  The visitors also enjoyed calling on  Mis.�� Gordon Reeves as they otten saw  her son Philip Reeves who has been in  London forJhe pastJO_jmm-ll-^JKljiie_ihe.  British mail -strike  was on Phillip tele-  00*00m0,  "fT  IH|I l��"l��  known ^\/"P^-S;n\'trami Sf phoned his mother. Wit)/ visas, in ofder.  volved wit ^P^^^tiou^talk-W' ^c' ��-e �� le^vin8 ��� a ^P ta- Bussia after  co�����?:.. llere   ls   hlb     ,ell-510U!i   { 'H W      which Mrs. Reeves is looking forward to  ���**\  ���-ll  i'  0*    1  r.11  f'       ������  *   ,    f'  lb}  .Si  ?���'  on ckwx  The workshop here will have a personal aspect,, a two pronged thrust, first  "to help people to be able to receive communication und second to communicate  better themselves with other people,  This is" open to the public, father and  son, mother and daughter, parents and  family, teenagers, students, t teachers ...  AU are invited to these interesting meetings,      ""��� .  SpqiALS  " Ai delightfully^arranged shower was  held at the home pf Mr, and Mrs, Geqrge  Cooper on Tuesday evening last week in  honor of Mrs, Ed*,vlr^ Cooper. The bride  received many lovely gifts." Mrs,-R. McQueen was responsible for the pretty de-  Wolvei'ton   qonvened  cbratioris; Mrs, L  the refreshments with Mrs, 5, Spain pro  yiding the delectable shower  cake  and    with his twin brother Edwin  Mrs, E, Sherman was.in charge Of games,    so .that'they might celebrate  Other guests present wree Mesdames.    birthday together on April 25th.  LiBoen E, Jonas, J, E: Marshall, R, Blake,.,       Tom and Donna Thomas and  family  which Mrs. Reeves js looking  having her son home. He has found it  interesting  being in. England.  After a very full .and pleasant week  here (a really thrilling and new experience for Alex) Donald Weal and his  friend left for Vancouver wishing then-  vacation could be .months instead of  Vieeks In town they visited Albert Weal,  they have now returned by plane to  London-  HERE ANP THERE;   ,  Reg Oldershaw frpm Vancouver was  out to visit his sister "Betty.  ��� With their family of five, Lome and  Orla Moe from Williams .Lake, ftffnfer  .local residents, were guests of Mrs. Provincial at Robetts Creek.   .,  Down from Creston was Darwin Hol-  lpwink with his wife awl baby to visit  relatives.'Darwirf! was able to get together  Hollowink  their 22nd  Vince Bothwell. Si\ is home from hoa  jpital.   " *_       .  Danny Bplhwell"l��a" dropped, his apprenticeship and is about to be riding at  Exhibition Park again, Happy jockeying  Dan! .      /     -   -  When the Gower Point Unit of {ha  ACW met the hqme of Mrs, Dick on Wednesday afternoon there was a good at,-,  tendance. Mrs Marshall who recently  moved to Gower Point from Vancouver  was welcomed as a new member. A time  of fellowship was enjoyed-  Miniblering in, Sunday School and  at the Morning Worship Service ai Gib-  Vyea at Canoe, B.C, for a few'days.  MORE   ABOUT,',-.'   /  o* Hospital Society meed  ���' ��� -ffrporn page A" I  ,,1116  Socjety   encom-age .other  people jj^Qii,  join. "Membership is $2-per year and gives -,  -la person voting privileges at the anniml  '-meeting, and also makes a,person eligible  ;to be nominated to hoId|of'fice as a tru*A  itee- v^  Objept of the Society-** is to establish'  j-jmd maintain as a non-profit institution a  hospital operated  primarily  fpv  the  re-  n  ���sir  A-  JOHN ANQ QQRQTHY BOSCH I  1     ' - of    . -'   .  FOMONT MARINA AND RESORT  vyjsh to announce  4  YOUR HQSTS DOUQ AND SHIRLEY COCHRANE  FlSHPRMEN'S HOURS  ",-*"i"*1^'*-1"  lljllllWltllMlffW  sops Pentecostal Tabernacle on the last "'-(jeption a^d "treatment of persons suffer  Sunday in April was a touring team from |ing from the actite phase jpf physical i)l7  Western   Pentecostal   Bible   College.  Ine'ss pr disability,  Perry Stang preaqhed, his wife Sandy       The property and affairs of the Society "  was-"pianist, they are from Ke)owna, as ; shall be managed by a'Board pf: Trustees  is team member David Kaiamen. Mark��� "-*1 i'n which shall be vested full conirpl-pf  Moody from Castle Rock, Washington, ei}- J tl% revenue and expenditure of the hp$7  thustastically Jed .th.e song service,. ������"3fb..,|5f||l|^.  Murray from Port A'lberni, ^vho, had hem-A'%���'" '"Trtistees are elected from members ex��  a previous visitor Ifere, was also wei- 'ferl^one who is appointed by the Lieuten-  eqmed. This talented group favored with ant Governor in Council and one who is  vocal quartet, trio, duet and so}o num- appointed annually by the Sunshine Coast  hers, which were much appreciated-, They ��� Regional Distript,    "  otaci5  3E  S  BY CANDLELIGHT  0  fi  Every'��� Sunday - 5:00 p.m. -9:00^ p.m  ii  i##  Situated ot the Ruby Lctke Re��Prt on Hlgh(|way 101  5 miles south of the Earl's Cove Ferry  OPEN ^A!��,Y 10,30 A.M.- 1P;30 P,M.  i-  fj  "ii'  :  }  H, Chaster, L, Hilstad, T. Peters, G. Baser,  T, Bulger, L, Labonte, P, Madison, W.  ISfygren. G, Owen, M. Rigby, T. Elwood,  M, Scott, O. De Camp and S. Thompson.  Unable tp attend but sending a gift were  Mrs, B> rAnderson, Mrsr 0;-Hincksr Mrs.  L. Hbnneybunn and Mrs, W. Valencius.  Guests were shown interesting slides and  iisii_ej3J0yed listening to �� tape record*  ;: 'I  - h  -1.  "  ;'{  .    ii  Zi  y  .n ing made^fpllpwiijg the wedding.  Wednesday everting���arr"Htshome" in  honor of. Mr. and Mrs-, Edward Cooper  was1 Keld at the charming residence of  ' Mr, and Mrs. George Cooper, Abbs Road.  Rev. Dennis Morgan, the St, Bartholomew's congregation and other friends -.  ^called to.offer, good wishes to- the happy  young couple, Mrs. J. R. Blake assisted  the hostess with  the refreshments.  The many guests enjoyed seeing the  bride's gown. A very clear tape recording  of the beautiful program at the wedding  reception was played. Edward Cooper  showed slides of the Baptist- Missidns to  Indians in tlie Yukon where he and his  bride will be house-parents to 17 native  children,  an _ instant  family.  ^~llr.  and~MrsT~^dwar(T" Cooper    leTt~~  Thursday morning for the North. On the  way they visited Edward's older brother  at Clearwater.  VWTOW ,    '  Guests of Mr, and Mm. Arnold Blom-  gren for a week Were Mrs, Blomgren's  brothei- Donald Wea) and his friend Alex  L,eslie from London, England. They travelled the polar route from London to,  Seattle. It was Alex* first visit and he  Wils very aniuzed at the viistness wfi the  country and enamoured of Hie wide open  Too Late To Classjiy  for sale  -^--r- ������"^ '-" ���r-r. ������  APPUOX-   IS   cu.   ft.  .older   typo   <|oep  free-f-e,   good   running   condition,   W),  Also 105.1 Nash Metropolitan, lf>71 licence  plntos, $120, ��BB---r>03, /    , (135^-23  USED oil heater in good nondition, Ph,  t|lir).-'''7(i  after' f);30  p,m, (1351-23  PATfiUN   ciun'per -and   miln,  loader,   As  DOW, Drop down legs, $1100 cash, 11(13-  WM> ' ���'"���fl3B3-23  OBITUARY  were visitors from Hedley. Former residents of Gibsons and Porpoise Bay, the  Thomas family are reported well and  happily settled on acreage near Hedley.  Mrs. Lionel Singlehurst motored to  Savona with her sister and brother-in-law  from Pawell "River. They enjoyed a week's  holiday having a re-unioh with another  sister whom they had not seen for 7 years.  ,.7.i-.-,G.ues^......pf.-.--MT.-.-and.^MrSi'>-H";--Boyce'..-is   an-uncle-Elton Mttrphy-from Easier Gan-  ada. - ;.  Cornelius Olsen celebrated his 02nd  birthday at his home on Tuesday after/  noon, April 27th. Friends called 'with  gifts and flowers, etc. to wish Turn' well.  . Mrs.;J. L..Myers was in. town .for 4  clays when she* attended the funeral of  her brother-in-la*w and spent some time  with her sister and other relatives who  had come from as far .as London, Ontario.  Rev. Dennis .Morgan who has conducted House Services, held the last one  at .Which he will officiate before his departure for Vancouver. It was at the  home of Mrs. Elsie Hutchins on Wednes-  -day-rrjoTn iri#-wittra~n ^ttendance^orfoiif-  tfen, Rev. Morgan was presented, with a  book'and special book-mark as a.n'iornento  from the g r o ii p. Refreshments were  served and a time of fellowship enjoyed,.  Mr, A. G. Anci{-e\ys has returned lo Jd��  ���^**0^nrin*0*H**an0v>nMm0u*rin*t,*n0v*uvvt*0um/u.m0  edci��  TOMATOES doi. $1.25  '    'A-  .M  WARWICK -;4|)ill, 20, 11)71, MnnjoK 11,  ��� Warwick, in hln Dlllli' yi-ar,. SurvlymJ  by bin loving wll'o, Klltiii; 'A hhiih, JucK,  RlrlimoiKl; Hill, North Vniu'ouvnr; 2 rlun-  ghtortl,' I'Viincnti'' Vasolhi, Eilmnnds, Wimh,;  Jlolilo Taylor', 'Vancouver1, 13 gi'nii<|chllil-  renj 2 grf.iHl-griiiidcliUd.nni, Kuimral Mnn-  dny, May 3 nt 2 p.'in" from Iho Harvey  Puncrnl Home;- Gllwnns, ll,C��� HciV, \J,  Willl'iiiiHoii'' offlciaUng, InUtru'cnl H��ri-  vlow Cenietwry, '       ,       (l,'IIH)-2;i  Cabb,age * Geraniums  Cauliflower * Fuchsia  Sprouts *��� Ice Plants'  Broccoli * Stocks  Celery *' Petunia  Cucumber *  Ageratuni  J  Squash  * Salvia  Marigolds  *. Asters  k    Soaps * Etc.  Cr.eeksi.de  Greenhouses  R.R, 1 Rcod Rd��� Gll-sons  Phono 886-2421  WfWlWWIIVWIfllW  ^IJiiU!JlUiJIIJIIIIIJIilltiMllilIIJIHt5/x3:A/^E^ <of~ vf^LUE-s UiJJJJJJIIJJJJjnJJJIiijniJiJJJIJJJJJIJMI  ����l  i-S  m m  Ti  53  t  *-*,  >J,:-J$  K.A  u  :A ���  6' ii  SO"  6sf:  H-  t T  ��  &J ���  it'  SSI  I  33  \ra  KM*"  '*A:  -^K3JWBW=p=  "*��  .[  That; boing ci mombor of tho Grodit Union, our  offico can offer you      i 'A    ���       ' , ,  ���rfr CHEQUIN9 SERVICE  J, ^"r: *'>rTLbA��s"'''.''"' ''":     "Z '.��� .,'  ���- SAVINGS *  > SPECIAL DEPQSITS  All on a par wilh tlio largest Credit Union Offices,  ~~~^Gpm5 In ana soo all about St,  t--77-ti:r  '    ' ' '' '   if  7m- r3*i*'T.'f'. r.57^,.^.'iTr.,.;?;;ff:wl;^.ii;rj! -^^iffff^MTfltirrrrrill' lfrs*;rrJflv*,7:/vr,^7^rffr*jT;pTj,i:(,f,,,.,..*.j,.p^^  SUNSHINf COAST CREDIT UNIO  Wharf Road (Box 3751) Socheif ��� pfcofie"fi8S-9ASl  ���MiBAZAAR OF VAUIMMMMMH  " . i     01  ,      " i *    H      ���      > i  .,M^rjjw*4.Ai%-"***K'fc*^**^*^**^**J*M  Mw*-ryyt��i^*y-y-i^/VV^^  |:V*���1. L*,L1L,. A,  MmmtmsMtitiimmtisd a  t j  R��,n  Blake C. Alderson D.C,  ��HIROPRAfcTOR  Pot"? Qffjca BuiMing Socrio|l  Phono 885.2J33 ' <    *  Ros. 886-2321  I Tuesday tp Friday 1Q*30 a,m, 19 *":30 p,m.  ".Qturday fy30 orn. lo 1 (00 p.m-  "���VENIN^S BY APPOINTMENT  *'  S    I  '1  TWILIGHT THEAm  GIBSONS    .  r  ���STARRING. MAGGIE SMITH.  I-AST TWQ DAYS  WEDNESDAY and TUESDAY,  May 5 and 6 a. 8 p.m.  STARRING  John Wpync and Rock Hudson.  FRIpAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY,  May 7, 8 and 9 at 8 p.m.  DOUBLE FEATURE  "Tlie-Swippers^  PLUS  "Ik Gay Deceivers"  RESTRICTED  MONDAY, TUESDAY AND  WEpNESDAYr  May 10, 11 and 12 at 8 p.m,  COMING SOON  "An Elephant Called Slowly"  With The Born Free Couple.  A^ShovK-TB'c Whole Family CarLEnjoy  Together.  uiiMi-miiiiiuiu.piiiiiiinnimi.nw  " ROO BOOTH PKESEMT^"  j~  n  Th�� Bridge Oy��r Troubled Weavers"  fr Wqrkshpp In The Us-e Qf Mass Medta grifl" ALjrfip Yisjugl Equipment-  FRIDAY, MAY 7fh - a p.m.,10 p.rn,  SAUTRPAY, MAY 8th - ?:30 q.m.,4:0P p.m.  ���-,��� -(^qs-Lynph-Kequired) _:__ii..     _ _____  j   .        C.i HALL, GJB��ONS Ur^lfEP CHURCH  1 Registration $1.50  ���a**-  ,tV  iPiXk.  "? 'T*--r-  * j"4ii  jjwifMMtAnnnnniiMtmwinMMMnniMyMui^^  I  SOCK YARN Reg. 30c per oz  .  ASSORTED YARNS Reg  per oz. 19c  ThircJ  Base -. pm  Jt was very close but Nick Simmons ��� *-ri  for Wilson' Creel?   Oriojes   was declared out'as Sechelt player f>uccess-  fully fields ball in game which saw  lhe two Bronco teams tie on Wednesday of last week. Men's Softball gets-  underway 11ns week keeping ball^  parks busy from Pender Harbour to*  Gibsons.  Miss Jean Brodie  at Gibsons theatre  ^HMmfWUVMWKMWHUHMM^MinfHIlM       Now per oz. Tit  .Now, per oz. (wound) 15c  as is 10c  LOOPS & NOVELTIES Reg. per oz. 38c  Nq-v, per oz. 29c  BEE HIVE SPARKLELLA Reg per skein 8~V        Now, per skein 65c  PRE-CUT WOOL Reg per pkg 79c Special por pkg. 65c  POLY 3-PCE. DRESSER SETS .  Special $5;0Q  PLUS MANY OTHER MOTHERS DAY GIFT ITEMS  FOR ALL YOUR NEEDLEWORK SUPPLIES, SHOP AT  the yaum M\  Socholt  Phono 885-9305  ww)iwwin��winrav��nn��*��Mwumtw��tt��Mt����inmirnnntinw^  If  MmlWWftMMMWlWCTWIWmHlflWniMMMMint)^^  "THE   Prime   of   Miss   Jean   Brodre"   it,  playing  for   only  two  more niijhlb at  Ihe   Twilight   Theatic,   Gibbons    II   lb   a  I���truly - beaut lltrl  .-notion  pritrno  IhtU  won  the blar, Maggie Smith, un Obcai  John  Wayne and   Hock* Hudson,  together lor  Ihe fiibl lime  "The Undefeated"  CHIEF of tl)e Sechelt  Fire Depaitment, will  be  competing  in  the  annua'  event  .    Tom   Rohilliaul   icpoilb  thai   the  Se- ol  the "War  of HobCb" at the Tiarl  Bay  chell Volnnlcei Fireinen wi.U host an Op- Genii c  ul   0 a m   hoMcd  by  the Secliell  ��n  Iloube at   the   Fnehall  thib Satuiday JjJept   Wu realise Ihal 9 a m. lb early, but  in   older   thai   inluicslod   citizens   might "js yr;  you  know  thc parade btailb al  10:30  They   rode   where   no   man   daicd���they avail   thenibclvob   oi   the   opportunity   lo so we must get  on with our buttle apd  foijght wheie no one could   Buttling and view tire fighting equipment and iaciht- tjiun cleaned and  diyed  for   the  parade  brawling over 2,000 miles of wasteland icb   Firemen will be on hand to answer j   Looking loi ward to booing you on the  Heavy. Very heavy. . ..        " questions and- discuss fire fighting prob- i|ti( and "J4lh ol May. '  Double  feature  sexploitation  sets  the lenris in general oyer a cup of coffee. |  screen  afire  next when  the "Swappers".        Open  Mouse will  be from" 10:30  a.-r|. (Pctthritic* VI/nmian'Q  Tt^ntrue*  elects-installs officers  90*1   the   "Gay   Deceivers"    take   turns    to 4  p.m.  and  Chief  Tlobiilliard  extends  shockjng the apdjepce. Highly restricted    an Invitation to everyone to drop in ppd  ent^rt^innient for those who dig jt. What    get acquainted with the men whp are on    ApRrL mP,,tin��� flf ,hf, Hn1v p-omiiv p..  eall- both day and night to protect our  .*r'U��1,m?.v'M "' l��c ����W Hm)}Y H  are \fopy about? Use your Imagination . .-,  this.; is .3 fairrily newspaper. ' " /  A hiiid ".act to 'follow but "An Eleph-���  ant Called Slowly" is the "Born Free"  type movie lo do it, This is the movie  cycryprie says they want to sec. Now is  their chance to prove it.  . c.       , ., ���   - .    tholic  Women's  League saw the  an-  property whenever fire strrkes.      . ..^ eleeUoV'rf of$erf ^^^hn  In his report,-Mr. Kobilliard stales; -u-  gie /O)|owing:  Presidcr.l, yira.  grace  .In Fehriiary  and IyTatc|i of this ye.ar '.Bqn'iii; Vjce-PreslctpHt, Mrs*. JVIciira Kj'glir  the  Sechell  Fire  Dept.  had  a  six  week    ti"r^_Secrotary,   Mrs.   Sylvia   Bhiclc'wel);  jlUU^^aaiA^L T��Ifc-*i.Js^i^3JX^^A��^wiia  H  ***00t0*0pf^00iip0f001!000*0mm  ^UvJiJiAij'.'.-J  ES-PHiNSTONE-PE^DEB? NARBOUR HIGH  :   UNTIL MAY 16    -  11 p.m. from Lord Jim's Lodge to' Sechelt  11 a.m. from Gihsons to Sechelt  ^yWwwww��f��W>*W"W*^|i'|ii||  training course put on by the Pxoylndal���^icysiirer, Mrs, Gcnnaine Lj-spe.  Fife -Marshall   Office.   Various   ways   of  aire .ivr.msr>a|i   uirrcc    vmrous   wuys   w After tho-'bubinoss'meaiinn TvII-k   AiirP  IptpiUpifJl cimippienl  ml  '.pp-iraHi* WPiV    vrtim pf&fnlX  lypLs oi fhes, iliade ||istory j)i)d ��eognip| y1 {.s'ifltercsl  Firemen iillonding four or more ses- "     ,*   ' ���   ��. -[     ' *       "  .�� *'  sions received cei-Mflf-ales. I p-tiond my .VJS ,!h M'i,!,"nb Wi 'W!)M ��iluieiions,,  eongrniiiiiriiims io "ll who tool* pmH- in ��� .I'Vn: Mi�� May ineptjfii}, the l^idieaof iho  this I raining cqur-ie. A Jot- of effriri. was ..i)ti.mh wjll |>p givep ii dpfiif-i-jb'ti'atjpn of  pill, "forth by a|il oiir. niopibers .ej--)pci��.||jt..( Pfhju docoralipg.i  HlOHe w|io v/py\i Hhil'l'i.  ON Hm DAY - SV1AY 9th  For the very finest in  Potted Plaints and  .SJ3��CJC|(  Is  s  ements  MIYHU  Spic|-c|f - Pf-oiic 885-9455  "Wpcjcjings Our Specjqlfy" '  Donl lorgcl t|s of May 1st all hipiner-  uibi'H��� ipusl ji|ivc-'i| proper ncreen witlj a'  ope  f|ua|'le|'  i^rcli- mesh   und   clear  alio"  c|eap  aroupd  the base.  Puring  thp ^iiVl  week the Sei:|iel|, Dept. hiiB uTiawprpd'-Beyr  er.rl calls lo busi) aivl grass fires whi''h'  eiui )d. have |jeen a voided jf a i|t|.|e mpl'P  {il.|.e|ilio|i and pai;e |iik| lieen ijivei). Yoiir  "fjo-opuruljrip-iil |)i|i-|)ii|g IrMsl) iii)d Irriisli,  etc. in iipprueliitod, Tho flpmnep, |irp, vol-  i|l)lceri'   apfr received   pri   reniuiienilio")  for Hro enllN, lii|t do not liesilfilo Ujupti- ,  wer 1|ie plurn) day iii' night,  Op  lhe mh  of Miry !|)o Fire Pepin,  ��  t    i  + ROBIN HOOp  FLOUR  2*(i) IN. li  * NABOB  STRAWBERRY JAM  *^S^^^s��"1  g-m��^��^��ii^^  i^>n��yMWWWVWlWini��tWW��tVVin��WT��M��IMWM^^  CREAM  PIS  SECHELT  Phone 885-9028  �����-��  50' PLASTIC  GARPEN HOSE  20' pl-ASTIC  SOAKER HOSE  WlftE LAWN  RAKES  HANPGARPlSN '  -FORKS  LADIES'  GARPEN .GLO.VES      ........  SHEARS  6RASS  SHEARS^  } GALLON GAS CAN  WITH SPOUT  2 GALLON PLASTIC WATERING  CAN  3" PAINT      ,     r  BRUSHES   ,  each  Each  '���f i''  Each Ji  Each H  ���  M   ��� i  Each H  Each Jj,  Each J  Each Ji  Each  Q��  V  0f  ���"  SPRAY PAINT  Zcnilh, 14 ox. cans ,  i "'1  BICYCLE  SfSSY BARS  COOLERS "  26 f-|t Styrofpam  flCHIC JUGS  1 Gollon StyroloQin  UTILITY PISH  2 t]\, Ohlong pyrox  ^ ox, Puralox Mnhrca|<a|)le  PLATES ��  9" Puralox iinh^ol<a|jlo  TEA POTS  Rrown. 6 ciip��  SPONGE MOPS  Plaitjc  CASSETTE TAPES  C-60  uriry! Hurry! Sale On�� Pay*Only  KS^^PS^M  Wm*v��mmmmmmwmmmMLmLLmLm,.rrrLL ,,���������������...,..,,.���,.,.,,,, ,. ^___���        _��� .        -.��� - ._ _. ^     _ ^   . ,.    . -. ^-~ , _-. ��� ^  ^     \  .1.   .   ,   .,,      ...       ; , ,., ,   i ,j. .[., .... ..���.,...., ;.,_..       !. . :.,..    .    ....    ...... ....   ,.    ._       ���  .......     .,.,.... ,...,.    . ...'., ...        .    ���.  .-"���������-      . ���     ...... ... , ..' . ..'' 0.   j  ,. ���.   ,  ��� ..       ���...'' ' i'  What hotter gift than on otoaoiil dln.net ot the finest dining room on iho  Coast? Wo atlor a niagnitjiconl array ol dlshos on our superb  Cl&Cl  arunez  MOTHER'S��� PAY,.MAY 9th     .��� 9j30'.p.m. �����9;3tt p,m'.  FOR RRftlSRVAfIOW ��� PHONg 839-9270  PAVIS PAY  ��e*^t^^*^vtl>~ -^Sp*? -rfflfcwSiB^^^-^rtS'? "'r'V-iV^'-CA.^*.: -l^- -j'-iKrc**-*^  ~rmH&��etifc-&L .^xv^.y*x&^' ~ ?'*^*<r"~��C.* "^5��^*5s: r*b2zL},��^   i".&&��* ^^x^r'n.^^^"��z$.T^^s~*.  0 0LY^0Z0cfy0>��*00*t0*&&~&**ip.��'fig*z.0!' ' '^������"���WMflf'Etfr1 W- i4*i��  >*  ir  7  ,i'  /    /-;  \,  0  \ X,  I'"'  /  ����� r  I  <-1  Psge B��a The PenliHMto Times Wednesday, Mw 8, 1071  '     " '    '    -  Travelling Around  ���a*fMBW��WI*tr^^ -.-,     ~ ���   ���      *,  -r^-*wpwifflym.'lrt11'  ftBOD IHllis, ietunving "horp a month's, hah-  clay in Japan, spent a fo\v duvs ��t Iho  hpme of his paients, Ml' nntl Mis Al��x  "Rlhs p- Herlrootfs, heffiip settling down to  p 'summer semester at Simon Frusei University, lie made h\s ���-lead.quaiteis at  Tokyo where lus hi other John is teuelung  English tp hpBiness men,  Boh found Tmliyo a fat.evnp.tu-g place,  hut   noisy    and   ove'rc<rowdedV~and i the  ���by Mary TlnMey  the Japanese fin they aie p moat friend-,  ly people Many ol thoip spet|k BngH'th  und aie only too ai-xmiis 1o "-ngagB ip'  eonveisntlon with fl westfii'iiej. 'llpb, \vi\&  otten appionched op the stiepls" pr sitljni'  p\ the saUijaliops.jhy pusiness, rpep wlll>  would politely ask it they could, spe'-k  English with him  It \vas a* wonderful expeuBpee, a^ys,  Bob Pdlis, but he is gl,id lo he bflclt ir-  .'.\  traffic \vas a ipghtmaie  Tp Aie average    Biiiis.h  Columbia   and  moie   thin  eye}  ��0*  4   ^,���  -.*��**  &*>  *.  Silk Screening  Japanese ciiivei, the lane ma^rkeis do nol  mean a thing They diiye yei*y last mid  Will pass another ear op the light sid"  or the left, wheievei they see an opening  In the subways, people, aie packed |ust  like saidines in a tin  The  Japanese   -are   i Qoifillv * a   small  people, though some of the younger nnes  aie  showing  signs  nf  mneased   staluif,  hut many of then  building* are not do-  signed foi  giants like Bob who is (i  ft  *2 in-<,,&iid Who collected a tew bnpses by  hitting  h|s  head  against dooiways  and  .    ceilings   Tbeie  weie  many  small  slores  "I   where he coulcl not stand jpieer Tokyo  ijLtd, to be a Ca.naduur Be has alrei-dy  decided that his next holii'try \b Id he  a tviin ol Boautllul Bntish Columbia  * r  PitpIi Pine- is found in Oonaclfi only  in two small aroah in the upper St. Law  ipnee Valley  Jacques Pmiiei was the fust jf> ffllTy  hpeitmeirs ot Cipuidiap' trues* h'orp tr to  Prance  "*                                                                                                              ( ��                                   **5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          /, lYIIMlf       1111      l."HMJ��       I *���*���-* 1       ���")-. ��4tll-��      *   ��� i^^ A            ���.v^ifcji.*  Veiling the attractive mirrors uses Elson-   in the 3,400 sq. ft. "building window,   cabinet, jJoor  and  miviw has some fine modem homes, but niuny of  tjie silk screen process, demonstrated which, house*-   valuable   equipment, are custom mqde right here in Crib- thom do not have re,1l,al heating and can  by partner-- Mike Blaney and Don " 3 very Imqglnablp    type    oi  glaf* son*" for distributiqn across Canada  V  -,o  . I  i'*'S  c ��� *y $$$��� ,*-- i * }  v�� -t  Ay>.~r  ."!'V  A  *  *.  i  r'.  :!  C  If  C ' ^   t  yy niii*  *>,  >1  .h  ."���?.ji '  ���* t:*,J..  ^\.rk't\J'm  '   fi  Hf��TE   ��     V   ���Jrf.*i *���      V��V1 "���    ')*      -"'j  ,:llC    *^Cn.' ft I ' " a  v ��"���� '   ^        /  :i  .'������  r  .6  p  ^t��  f*"-**"  Silvering i .���-��,.  It has taken Mike Blaney two years  to perfect the exacting processing^,  ������decora'tor mirrors-   being   manufac-  . tured^ -at the new   plant   on. North  Road, Gibsons. Ml'- Blaney is pictured here spraying the glass which is  then transferred to wracks and the  ���Jiugo cabinet.- ^ I 1'   he lathei cold in the wintei The Japanese  cltpm then climate is changing and Hob  did expoueiu-e (pule an assortmunl of  weather  On lus auival he expected to find  pleasant waim weather, but the tempera-  tuie was 35 degrees with *' 2f> mile an  houi gale blowing Tiavelhng with a Japanese student, he tpiped all ovei Japan,  fiom the far uo.rlh, where tpey expen-  ented spew, to Kyushu in Ihe south wheie  they got sunburned They stayed al youth  hostels whub veie cheap but not paitr-  culaily good Tlje countiYside was beautiful,  particularly   at   cbpiiy   blossom   time  Hob was inlil tbiil it was not loo long  ago lhat th_eui weie two scnpts in Japa  nese \v><fing   Kaaji was  lhe scnpt   used  by tbe men, but lhe women weie not sup  posed   to  be  intelligent   enough   to  cope  with the difficult Chinese ihaiatteis and  they used a simpler scnpt railed Ilingiur  Nowadays,   the   two   scnpts   have   been  combined into one and  in weallky  lam  ilies,  the daughteis  as  well  as  tbe sons  go to university   Ilowevei    Hob lonsicleis  TOTEM CLUB  ^>  FirtSOAYS, 8:00 p.m. \  INDIAN HALL '  Jackpot $300  <   $75 TO GO  it DOOR PRIZE tV  *****'000000000000 0-000*0000 0*0*0***0*0***0*  We Are Proud To Have  , Helped With The  building Construction  CONTRACTOR  0Q5-284O    .  I  B^Wf|^f,^T��sp"��#5'1  Qibsons industry . .���-.  al demand  "**rMapdiiese iiumi "still lieat ITiuT"  Women tnIK as though Ihey weie an  infer mi type ot being (Joe piomiritnl  citizen of Tokyo rleclaieri nol long ago  that he beat his wife everj now and then  to keep her   in-line  Bob .found   thai   in   many   good   class  - homes, tbe family and the servants eat lo-  gether, for the Japanese "honor a man  not for the kind of work he does, but  for how well he does it. Modern American  style dress is now general throughout  Japan,  but the traditional Japanese-cos���  ���turnes can still "be seen 'on special occa-  KRjits*-Sucli. as religious festivals and graduation ceremonies: Tiie- kimoiHi' is still  the garment' most women weaj- _aj'ouud.  ttre   house. , "'-������ '��  ��i,��������t��.>��.a)i.[IM��ii��i.jiiiliLi^  ���IH tf��l,fL,tf$$ ijifb^iiY .TliiinTwwaM^r^.<f.iiifn;aViiifiiwiiftfiti>TfffT.ritf  CONGRATUUTIQIfS  TO  GIBSONS GLASS  On The Grand Opening  Of Their New Building. ���  We Aro Prdud To Hav'e Helped  ,     In The Construction.       '  sbMpkbns  cement! work  805-213?  QPli'ICIAU.Y opening on North Hoad,  -, Qihspns tlps'weejf is ap industry i|ni-  que in Ibis area and probably t|ie oply  one irr Canada, Gibson's CJrass is a division'of Blapey Antique Miitor' apd Tile  Ltd, which offers a coippjele glass service., '    . ,  Jl has taken the president of Ihe company, Mr, .Mike fllaney, two years fo  devejop and perfect many of tho processes used in the manufacture of decorator mirrors,-T|ie Kilveriug process requires up e-aenalvcrknowledge of ohemi'  stryf Hie vejning involves, the Jirtlntry  of silk screen work iind the,framing apd  finishing refjiiires lire skill ��if ,a erui;^  mh'n.  Pai'tperH Ip ||ie i)iiii|iifuc,liirinn hlisl-  i',enH .ar�� Mr.'liliiney and Mr,- Pon IsIIkiiii,  Mrs. ftnurnn llliiiio^ is- liept*hiiH.y in'l|i��  office' mfd four full lime qmployeeH help  , -rervlre this, area from Port Mellpu tn Kg-  .rnont\ ��  IliiKidoH Ipcul contracl'L there is a r|e-  mai'id rlfiht aoronn C'aiiadir with irroducis  bnipg supplied lo dlstrlliiitoiH, relall oul-  'lots inifl'depiirlmenl ntoi'iis, '1'liere IH every  indiciilioii Unit the )iuniiinHH will '<row ra  pidly, providing one of the very necessary  secondary ipdpytfies wh|c'i tpjs: area and  Indeed the whole of British Columbia  needfi to provide youngsters an opporlpr  nity to train on the job giving tlie fulfillment which is lacking in many educational, institutions.  Mr, Blaney was formerly employed at  Port MjIIop, leaving to develop pis .own  bu-jipess   which   now   has  assets- of   ap-<  proximately $70,00(1 Invested in the new*  'I <l('() square fool building ami expensive  equipment  Qn display ]'n the showroom are shower enclosures, decorator mirrrp-s, table  lops, 'mirrored bathroom' cujiinels, Htorm  diiors insulated windows apil Amy con-  i-rIvmIiIo glViHH produci custom rpade t<|  spit evtiryone's tntde and bud��."el,. Hpsirlen  lh" Mhm products, curvi-d frapie-) fur. mirrors and plclures are also emtlom made  ���wiih it variety of wimpl-mron rllsplrry,  "The TimoN |ak��H this oppurlunlly in  wishing llio |)|'oi(|'i.'HMlyf; liiisinesH apil ilH  piirlrrer-j  avuyy' siincnim,  "It was not  difficult  gellini"*  to know  PY^''^','t  ALL BUlLQINQ SUPPLIES SUPPLIED  \ BY    "Z  eiisows iyiioiii$sopwiim  1653 Seqview  >  Phono 886-2642  v  ', su  j a ^a jr,A vs*'* r r %,'r '}j * ��^v���>..,,,.,} , ir ��� * J  K < J , j    H    A   <+    ,   J I, H   1       1    I     ft       l'   f <   I ,      ,     1       I   ��,      ,'.,   I .   nl   !     %     *     I ( , <      1  ,      ,. ' *,',��"'" '-'        '  I51     '' |" '       '   ,    ,' , ' " ,\  ' t ,       , ,    ,l'ltl    ><,fJMI     '(       I. 1 l ������        ' I  ����l-"��">' )���  CONGRATUtATfON^''  A DIVISION OF aUNKY ANTIQUE MIRROR & TILE fuTO,  ON THE GRAND OPENING OF YOUR  NEW BUSINESS,  Wo;ARE PROUD TO MAVEHEUPCD IN THE HEATING INSfAUI-A-  TION ANP OPENING OE THIS LATEST GIHSONS |3Uf-INF.$5,  "  IMC/rALLATIPN -SERVICE  Dox 507, Glhvops  Phoo /oclt Cnrrlo* 886-7300  -*���  ..��0^,>B0mm��mri0+<mm**00*^*mm0m00m0000��000m00*mmim  MEMO  TO: GIBSONS GLASS  I     r,    ' i  (A Division of fllaony Antique Mirror & T.'�� Md,  N   '  Cong rata la fiomQixjO^Ofllll^  Of Yarn N��W JBiiHcflftg.  ��� ���SHEUr CANADA- WP.1  1557 School Rood; Glh-ions  '��� ',  '     Phono 086 .2133  iers visit  raises much interest  VlflJT of llio two pilnuHVf'rieperH, IIIVH'H  .Mlrnmlchl apd .('luileur to llairmooii  Huy '(is! wc'lieprl was hlimseil with a pi-r-  ' ,1'iicl wenlliDi;,1 'Thu two Hhlpn'crouled Iro-  miiDiluiiH liilrirnsriind ukcIIciiiijii'i m, ihoy  niilli��i. Inlo III" May on rhilurday ��mil  liei'lfinil nl lhn wharf, where Ihoy'were  welcpipiid liy Mr.. Norm .Hurley awl Mm,  Hum Unwe of lhe fWlioll tjcp|enp|a| Cnm-  ipiiiPn, Mr, Win, I'Virsriiv CnpKihi ,1, H T,  Wllllnpni niMl C'iiii'iiii .Alan ,di"enn��i ropre-  iienlliiK ihu llrilfmoi/n lliiy (.'eiilciinlnl ���  (!oii|mi|leo mid Ciorpornl llpileiiilll of llm  Mfielmlt l*fJM|��.i.      >  Tlm two shlpti, under llm mmmmi''I of  IdnnltinirplCopiiiiairiler ,1, H, (yilullloy,  were ervmhlnln/i " pro/trnmpi'i of Cjeiiinp-  ...iiinhiiuliibiiitliiiiH. with, their' iiormiiltrnhi���  Imt iniitioeiivrofi, MemlMirii of llm H"<'l��cll  unil JlrilfpiPmi May C'euleuiiial ('pinmlllecH  worn fiplnrltiliKid mi llinrleiiH of llm Mini-  mlrhl iiprl ihe wlmif w/m .'rowled wllli  i|i|lrliv|p for l,li'�� firework illnplny nl 0 pin,.  Hi'ifid/iy, lining /'Hirllle of lhe Allnnllc  I'/iy", Hie Iwo mIiIi-m iinilii oui ft>y mm  imimmji)Aim. mprnhMi Imi hi the nfinr-.  Iioop limy wci'i open lo Hie public for  Iiiiii' hoiirii, l.nifir llio ^reyv mijoyed n  nofllinll Idimti at Hel'lmll, fojlo'wlnrt which  lliey wci'h' eiiluihilimil nl llic Norm, Hip.  ley hmne,  Tlf" cmw, numliy (,'iiiiiidliipii, enme  froip nil (ii'iniiit (.'/iiiiiiln from I'rliiro J��;��t-  wind hdmid in Vl'loria, hul llm r-r��w  ,m��'i| W(lm foimd idtnimll furlluiHl (min  hopie wi.n MMNlihimmi I'hlllp (llioo lloih   ['jW'Mi", ���������'���'M!!(ifOii.Ktdppti.JihwnmiP,  llihiHtwyvinn Iwo yi'iir/i wllli Hm <>mi<l||rp  Navy, ;fo|lowhi|( whU'h he will leliirn lo  Ihe fiiippipiHe tUtvy,    ,  <'i��nlemilnl celcliiulhmii will .-nnllim..  v/llh Um'i a/Tlwir r,f i|(e HH,  Hnaver hi  llullni<��/.i.  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And ji<^ iir-Hfl.no hmnih  ���.,'������'' * .|j '-        '      ��� '  (VIohI 'tlliiuhletl pooplt- hfivu developed'nuw fik  T-boy. r|i()vv in^aidihiy lii^li ��iin)dnrd�� of  prodMpliyHy.'/I'liwy-iippi'ecMni l|i��lr jolw,,  And'O^y 'niv fifiibltMind rciliibjo,'  T'l'iey Imvi? n liiilp^^irii ui \n\iw,  ��� ���AII,ib'tjyii(Nk"|V)r(N'(bo<.'liiinri;!^    ,*"* *  A ��5t)��)d lniMiH!wnHin>!iin ��|^��( ��i wolid,  Invefiinnn)!, I|liln({ ibw dlwNnl in -.mini  , bijfiine^, Our v\w lilfiiorlff- provf ihi��f  Coninci oiirM<i>luil)|li|aitoil fnuvliu-)  |)e|)iirlnHj|i! mikI nw wlial w<p buvt,*  lo offiir,'Hich M.��k0 mlv��i��|iij.-i- ��f il,  uiORKmon^  cornpensaTion  BOaRDjWHW  ayHii-wiirn-.^iMiiiii"*}'  '   *r   r0n^r.,0  Lj': ������������'  pfff'.ffflr > n. ������<-! ��',*  ���Pi  '**  <n  ^i:Ss:"����^S^ -&:&&*!&> -w  -        ..      .._���   ,,    ,      .V.    .-._   -   _-^7-,^   ^^^".ij^^g^^gj^^ ' Q  a-'::'jJlJZaZZ :ZZZZZiry^ ���������^������^ Z  , v:';'-"''^V'^-n,^^^  ... ������-.'-.   ."" AA^nA-MjpyA^iAAAA^AyAJrArm,^r"   ���" '    '���'���������'������-���"--��� < ������'"���"���   ' .'���������--��������-���-"->������-���������'��������� .���....��-������ -.���  ��� -iia^^iKC-f l^fUdJiLiiL^^ :v,'ii;- ,--r*"- ^--a ^-j^^^g���,^^���^a^: < > f'v-'JiSSB!!^- ^.>^' .'".'  .,?vf".),.'.1  ^-.V.-I-J..,  I  I  I'll  -.-"�����  '^"-  f- I *  1*  1   k  'S-fL*  rt.   I.  I  ���  jmi^i^^iBiTyvucMMM?^  \ ������  Thp new building wb'ch houses Gibsons. Qlpss, squared an. North Road,  G;bsonsf wi|| supply the entire Peninsula with eyory glqss need. Wjth a floor  ��pa'cc.qf 3,400 feet a full firne staff and thp most modern equipment,  Gibsons Gloss js thP Pipst professional glass industry on tho SHnshipo Coast.  of the company, wqs formerly employed at Port Mflion and  in two years has developed Gibsons Glass into a $70,000  investment with 3^400 feet of floorspgceand the most  complete a, lass service pn the Sunshine Cpqst. The arts of  veining, silvering, framing qnd finishing all types of glass  have, been perfected by AAik�� and his fy!t time |fqff pf 4,  Come,in today . . . meet DpnrMilie( f>hqren qnd thi stqff.  See the most professional qnc| mpst mqdfrn in^MMry on the  Coast. ^Gibsons- Glass services the Peninsujra���from���Port-  Mellon to Egmpnt with free estimates pn any jpb. If you  can't come in, give.them q ��?q||, when it cpmos to ��|gs�� , - ,  , Qjb��bn�� (?|q��s. hq��' If q)l?   -'  ;-.-,  ?..  * Plexiglass     '  j  It. Awnings.  it"Btd'af Glass*  ���'...���        , ��� ���;  * Plate Glass  -k Mkrors ������������������������ /  A; Store Fropfs      .   .  * Ajfuininufn Windows  ;'   I     i; ( '   '   , ' '   '    ''  'l  * Sform Windows  '���'.''",      '. - '       '��� '    ii  * Bathtol? Enclosures  i -  \  i* Replacement Windows  ^Screens���^ -^���:  i  t  Wipfi SEI-ECTION  Tli�� nhovo mirrors or��* |h��I nn ai-amplo of Hio qiiqlllj/' worlunnnshlp <?nd  wldo ����l��r.|lon ovallnhloal GH��son�� Gloss, Whollior Iho job colls for ylqis  insinuation ttr ip|rror�� niodo lo or��!��r. G|l-����ons G|��s-| con do" jl , f , , , . .  / profp'ssjonftfly, ���    .   .    ' .   ,.,.' .. :, ���/.. ��� ,... '. ,   i  :  ��  W'E'HAVE IT AIL  FREE ESTIMATES ON ANY JOB!  A  L.  |mi nil" ip >m  u  ^   r''  ,~"t~  ^~*****���^  <��� a:  A ru)Q��DSgOW OF BLANEY ANTIQUE-  A  - ,- -.i J   tL***r*J V*iw. ��J ^k*w��^ ^***7^m  _)_  1��  TifOrtTo.  NORTH ROAD, GIBSONS  I ���  PHONE 885-7141  Vfts  il  s*e?  4  ?��  ���S3  ���<Sfi  -\��  ���^  If  J -*^  ��   t  !  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Trail Bay Centre, Sechel*-  Pltono 8135-2339  SHAMPOO AND SET WITH THIS COUPON  $1.00". Off Regular Price Until March 14  ��>if^wiwnrawvwiMMwwwuavtitftf��w>^^  BAZAAR OIF VALUES  ���v'h *\  J .  <*  pr  Culies  It was Jink for girls and pale blue for    Dorothy Hod way looked demure with  boys a   Lions Ladie,s Fashion Fling    blond '.inglels.,   lacy  pants,  pleated  when little Goodie Hall modelled his    nuni-diess over lace blouse, neat    *  cute outfit with lacy shirt, matching    white socks and   gloves, and pink  shorts and waistcoat with boatei and    shoes  895-9331  O.W.G.-  Flcares  Peace Jeans  Lady G.  Grace W.  Groovy  George W.  Groovy  H We've   got   all  the   slacks  and jeans far Men, Women  and Children's Wear.  IS!  SECHELT  Merc's  Ladybird for  Children  Baching Suitte  Shorts St Sets  Yardgoods - Wools  Staples  McCall Patterns  &  Stretch & Sew  33.  BAZAAR OF VALUES  ([[fPLil|[!l||Iiil||S|||||||  Spring   Fashions  Stepping  info Spring waring very Btedt, popular .models at the highly   f^%h%4 *<-J  jstyll$h fashion? which~-oan be pur- successful Lions   LacUes Fashion �����-"���***���  ceased right    hei-e in Sechelt   &re Fling held   at Roberts   Creek last  B&rry Mscdonald ancj Wendy By-, week. ,    .     ���     ���    .  * , - >   . *.       j,  -   ������*.,*���*�� * ^��      ^j s. -*  t A * ^Af'r^*\, '*'*>. *���        ���    't    " ���  f<**        i\\       ?''*���''*���'     ��i%-' ���" ^  .   x   *\     i       *.        , f'V    .    J  -' ,* .  '  �� *v"V*  iV * ft"1    '���'       :'  If * *        f 1  , If 6     ,  fi     ^  BAZAAR OF VALUES  Afzzr!%  s*=s  We have a complete range of Building Materials  .from Framing Lumber to Inside Finish.  Twin Creek Lumber & Building Supply Is Yoiir  One Stop Building. Supply ^Center, .-,.���.,,....-,,,-,  TWIfl "CRBHC ElllMBESl &  BIJItPWG SUPPLY' LIP.  Sunshine Coosf Highway, Gibsons Phono BB6-2B08  jl BAZAAR OF VALUES  Sir;  "S?  ins  Formals ' New Loph  ypnl .-flillf-. are horn to stay and bn- Well we've" heard of Ihu tfiil-Hux look  <rbni,li|�� more nli'riif-lilve wilh, owji but litis inusl be llm multi-sex look  l'i    new  style, Two popular mOdoln  nl which i'luKhed ihtohk Ihu singe (luring  J   lhe Lions Ladies Fiishion Fling urn Lio/is Lmlios  Foshion Show,. "Well  '"    Marilyn (Jampboli nnd ICIJeon iNu'm for Pete's Kakei" someone vvnd lien'rd  c -man,      , ;        ���   -       ..     ��� io remark; . "'���.������  IS  I ��� 00  , i  'I   '<  v^  r'   , ,        - W^��ll SMltecl  fletling in llio swim for Mimmer, and Harlwa .Intikson in prelly floral  Sitsanne .lorgenuen modelH ��� tho ri��w suit were hrnvo young model*- nl fhe  \yet look;* Lori flodwayIn���'ciiliii.WHlul,  LloOs' Ladles Sliow,  |IIIIUIIUII1II|I'11IIIII1IIII BAZAAR OF VALUES (I||I|I1II|II|||I|I||||||0IIIII|1I]|I|  A^c-Y\���A' J ���  SECHELT GARDEN CENTRE  ���v  0   .  m  . AND WE'RE CEUDRATING WITH PARQAINS    ,  '      ' ��� ��� ' ���        .  .   ���  ON CARPET^UNDERPAD AND LABOUR WHEN YOU  BUY UP TO 3Q SQ, YDS. OF ANY MA(<E,  0090m%mnm000000Mi0f0>i0000m  ON CARPET-UNDERPAp AND LABOUR WHEN YOU  -BUY: OV^M SQi YDS, OFtAN* MAK^��  HUHRYf THIS OfWkGQpO ONLY UNTIL MAY 14  BB&JJtm V-      ' 006-7112  wiiifiirafp nmm of values ��� nraBmnnnmnnimnniiiin&:  1     ���.,' '-������,' ��� '   -' i   ' 'i' i  '.*''-"' "    , mm'' , .  - *��,,,?,**;,   I  - ��� t<r**ti  AM  DROP IN AND SEE OUR"  BPEfcTACULAR  BLAZE pF COLOR  TM^S ^OTHER'S DAY  WEEKEND  ���:V "  tfM0*i0u*u*n*um0ynr***uu*0u<ri0u*0,0*n0V>0.0*n0*\nr>nn*Hr>n  v,/.iV  GORGEOUS FUCHSIAS  BASKETSrANPi-THREF-  FUCHSIAS FULL OF  COjtQR,  Hanging Baskets  , Hinging Ooskols. A Moss oi  Goronhims, FmcIisIos, ofc,        y J^I/^^mmhtifml^lf^)  Pushy Geraniums^ '^jwsss^^  (Big fiUy Plants. A Rlof O*     WJ        11 ��� f 1       ^i m  �����<r    \\   zim    TMA  There Is o bobW fo solyo any    .   ' '\fe��KK^^  garden prohlom,       (  ~:'" "T^^Pte^erii^^  'r'"^ *"~ "  Magnollo'^ RJiddedendrofii, flow^lng Cherrlet, and many main to  choose from.  Opun 7 Pay* f\ Weak ��� M-'-rliy >�� Solurdoy 9 n.m,. SilO p.fn.  Ittnfay ���. 12 noon . S ->,r��i.  .#4  V  SECHELT GARDEN CENTRE  t  Cowrlo^tieet  r*  * \  .'   1 I  without this  /'k'l"!''     "7  r rM>* t00*lpmri  y(pty ft // ���  ���-M*  Phonn 005-9711  r^g��naiaM��^��iisai^^  Support Antl Litter week  May 0th to 16th"  IION*W.K.KII:|iriAU,MINI0'lrfM  M.O.MftWII.IIAMfil,  fwi'MirMimsTPii  fi 11 wwi-y  I'M'OiyMimaiwt  I  ,T *d#*,dif'��1��WWaj; JJnW <|;"������*lJPW'f^*''*-**^ "*"      *""*"- ���1���~~  T^j-^siiJgTIw^       , Page 0*1  Mini-models  Pacing a vast sea of faces at 1he    of expressions  and  fashions which lhe lalefal in Utile girl's pant sijils,  l(ions ladies   Fashion    Show, liltlo    ranged from sporty hipsters striped pielly dri-sBe^-and fashionable rain,  models take a how, wearlng'a variety    pants apd colorful shirts tor hoys,, to coal  VILLAGE CAFE, SECHELT  9~ciiiii,"�� f  everyone Welcome  ���: Pfoceeds To Local "lions Club Activities  Tickej-g ty|gy Be Pijrghqspt| F/*om Any Mans C\ufo Member   >,f.  IV,      . , ,   Vf 1        \ "*~ r.  ���4Ml^  iAZAAR.OP VALUES  Swiss Look-  Hot pants  worn with  bib lop and  matching f-peks, altiqctively modeled by Linda Hensch are ju$l right  toM4}6--yotinge--  ft^He-oirtoy-the-  morgan's mm \mn  Cowrie Streel", Sechelt  Phono 8059330  m  sunshine for which our coasl is renowned  risim^  Annual event . . ���  ����� ��  91  New Gf**aup  Half-time, entertainers at t)ie Lions  Ladies fashion Hhow rnake up a new  and  its, yoi  np-naiiied %yqugr iktyM*  Jack Nelson plays g-ilfa.-j Won Or-  tville  Underbill,  aeeordian and Hob  ' Koeloy,' btpll'i.  ���'Vasjuoii "Sp.eotaauioi7  wmuim cm   hipml^m   p*V  wives. , ** Ih,^ -wi^  .  Hon.url .innllmr highly ��.-r'��w��fiil  unci |fa|f-|.|,np onlprlMinmen( wi.s provided mi }�����  ���Y��u:y   (Miliii'luinlrifj;    I'Vlilon   Hpocluonlnr ���  |)y jurili Nalfiuir iriil) i^��h Kui;|(?y, liriilurs '' * >  which  nflro<"l��d' li  <;il|inr:ily  iniflieiir;!:  ��"*. -'tiiiri   0|-vll|o   Uiii|er||ll|, , .iiricoiYlitrn, . find .'       M(k|i:Ib iiKdlidpdi CJIpdy Qhiippell, I,isa '  HiihiirlH Crunk' luul  wifck. ��      lulnr in |.ho slinw Mi'H. l)on��l|iy-Bln(!|<wfl|l I'lmlitih, Hii'inm Hull, Jhirl" .I'l'-'lwr), Buy  Noun 'liidlos  Ki'ouliid   vin|Urrn   will)  ir     in |'ic:�� humml und kowii .bhiim "Bird  In .limk-mi', Kim Bonner, Vnlcrii- Tall, .JulioJ  V'  'hrlHhUiniid  'Im nnrninlly .lurk h<ill -nnd, <^UI1'''|'I<*;  .fmiuil'ur Mii-MuvIhI-,   Hoiilijill Hhi.n.ii   linyl'i,  iilHo'in  hrrniKKiwI   nlli-iiUnii   nf   Iho   vury   lovirly, ��� C'liftiiiellu llift:��"(, Krnoo dhvm Mm, A/i,- HijiihcIi, Biih��hi|io ilnr/'oriHon, Wondy  By-  ruHhimiH ifin.lulliid ..h,y Iho ludiuH'uiid llio'* H<'�� W'M'lll, Hnuhcll'1'iiiU'ury *5 ��ifl  rior- Hindi    Ul   llndway, ' .Jimol"  lyiiiduyiyh,  1'irfHlirut'iliirn of llitiiiiloHl innii'H fiii'liliniH... Bl'loalui MIkh Mnry CJiiiinirr, HnlfniO(��!iH��y. Unr'illiy    Hndwuy, Bhunnnii    I^IihiUwdII,  Willi   foily-lour, uinilirlN   hililix   ni.ri. !rl,J!...l.,.,'..,!'ll:!.'.,"l,!!'?!u.!.Z^'PZ^l ,n !!i'!,fi'"!"J':!,,<M"-.. I'1"'1"  M��i:)e.;mJr|,  .Uipn  Now, no on^  ��#||$ it ShQft,  ������/--  mifl |ii��r<ilhy Hndwiiy  nlul ('oll'fiil'iin, liiriei |��liiHll'i|nif; Mi  Hurry   I.hIiIikI   ���������������,.   worn   I.Ihi,   imkI A'    " ,       ,.,      'V J ''"   ��    V     wih  '"!"  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Knurl-  liny Inia In/ti'iiiiili'Mirinilii niijiiylm(| llioiii- hii"i  I'oiiliiHiila   Ih'I'vii-luJ  Calm  HiiIiIoh,    |'  '["lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll bAZAAR OF VALUES ||[|f|||JJJj|||ili||||||l|f|li||||IJll  iJ*��  rt;  '-  m  tfeS  IVIV fiiil-niil  I'm I iiniini  "VlfHATRVRR TYPi OF CAR  .^_YOU--0RIVE-i-.-v---v -  HAS THE ReCONblTBONED  PARTS YOU NlfP, ;    ,  A STARTHflS    * PENERAT9RS ,  ir RROULAfORS    it Ml PUMPS  m      A WATER PUMPS'  A CLUJCHRS  ��# ~ -1 _^._      '  |��i|fj Moilcl 'V  ALTERNATORS  \^ZW>Zi V^> lVf^\M:%^  J^'jftj^^f^-^^ H'{t  i't ^iWit'^^S^^^^^Ml'-'^^^Hf'K*^1^' ^  Ployorn-  Mtm you down al Ihe ball purl' Hays  I'egi'y Aycl' In rubber boulu and I'mm  puds u('('i��iii|i/iiili!il by .wojl-padded  efcxmil wIiohi! Kiuirn lur' miylliihg llinl  will bring' a (iliiiclUe  Hero's the mnst ponuipr fiphlno mfltw wdo. And no  wondor- The Spqr|yvlh i|pvp|0|)8 014 |-oreoppyypr frppl 15  on, jn. That's power enNali to pjonB 3 flshpfirp^n t-r-ti tiit-ir  oenr. Ypi, ij's only 34 inqhos hiflh- You fish pypr it, npt  ���irniinfi ii, It'll fn )n ihe uupk of most riiinMors. m>, pirn-  win hm, flll KviiiruMp'o ilqiMxp Ibmhm, I'J'-lM'linu iyy!?i-tirli?  t(irpt||o, full ooarehift ond thorin'-8t:o'|<- lamporafuro cpptrpl.  Gibsons Marine  Services Ltd. l  Mpririo Prlyo  ���Rljpue 88677-111;  madetlra Mprlna  ���w,  f*.'.., i0.fiYr'.*  4\  *     HAP A-^OCIATf!-:"  , y/f)oNwi�� -'f-��i.ill  Wp -.luiioimMr      Cowrio f$troo|, SeuMIl fhnna 005 2X9/>  ������  , **������, .������-.>.       '      ��,   , ;..., -,'    -L--  ;X  Y\   m-'-v ft"If:  -'-' A AW J  winroi^B^-re-^tiiw-w^^  Madeira por|c  Pli^p p03-2266  "1   -t  -r-'-l-T"'-"'^  owertaine  YOUR MOTHER LOVES YOU,  li '  NO MATTER WHAT,  OPldld,  000-2325  GIBSONS  ,"K  V  v..  Dnthlny F����hlon*  Vivid <.7'lo,7i nuikn yoiiii|( innn'H IphI)  Unit, \UHl hi. Inlmv'.slliiK /ui llii1 I/hIIoh',  Ihuly Mni'ilonuld Imikfi dii.sbiii|{ hi  IiIh |iiii|i|��; nnd whlln ��n����ii'hl��, '���'���  cninjiiilitod by MimIii l|i!imc|) In llic  kIIII iinpiilfir uibii-ilriiHH wllli nhmvn-  |iniu /iomI-i  'jnnrllinr n lllfl liufj boil  ! .-iit-il,    rlol'il    how,    'iinl'  j mrika. MnlliQf'!} Pny 'Insi  .lo-*('or, Co)I nr Riop in,  .%   Ki*t,,     ' "ii��l  wb'I|   lake  11   Irom'  ^ iWft .   '\  |M w. 1 Uwh'. Pn\\yprp<\ |I|I.tv>si  t^ZMf "nywlmro .|n Ihii rVmniiy,  |^W*^:''|fi,,nr,Qlpr'ro',:f,rn"',nr,nl  ifnillior. YoMfa.  ��� \ ���' ��wp  SUNDAY, MAY 9��h  ENTER OUR    .  MOTHER'S DAY WIOTHER  CONTEST  ORDER EARLY  '��f#-��,^''���^  S^&US  1  >M*'  I   w  '  '��  iC*>*"^><^*,^*^-r'jr**-'^'*?^*^-^^  L��^jfa^jt^-fa&jfa/lk^^&^faiQ43l^&^^ '���*'���**��� .*"0-'* /"���.:-*"���  ,v,' v��('���#! **?���<��� * > j-^fi <�� i,-r '>vVv ".!'���  '*�����������'������ ,jr  .. - s       �� ,   p.  ,*.      v  "**^****r**,^**7*'"'V"'' ** ^"^|f^"^-^^''*w* v'-^v'-^'"-*1fWi*>wyv'��*'^^  -iff'^^^ir|fi"pf'w",y |" d***)**" I *"|  1  'V  i      i.    J  **   Pioneer Days  Dressmg-up was all part of the fun    Days which ran frpm Wednesday to. Donna Maclean in their game wjatch-  for Gibsons Elementary School ehU-    Friday of last week, hut long dresses ed by fellow students looking demure  chen during the school's Centennial    did not hamper Jennifer Baker and in  their qowfts  Page B-6 ,The Peninsula Tlmej  Wednesday, Mny 5, 1971  ~y ' ' ~> '  Sechelt Bowling  -  ' ���hY Sve Moscjfip  JS. f  *"-#(*> "weeks residUi this' tin-,e with high  ^spores showing MP in the Seoheli Cohv  riaejoials, Andy. Leslie with 8f?7 and-Lionel  l^oQUJMg a nice 808 Qiher sppres were,  JuyhxecUQ pins; Bob Jams J2QQ, 340; Leo  Johnson 302; DUpne Young 163, 3U  i   Ti-egclay Ladieq, Rose Robins 251.     *���  * 'Ladies Wednesday Playoffs, The Hust-  Jgi-s, Capt. Ha"*el gKytte ^514 Runner Ups,  IJin-URs, Papt Bubbles Oreighton 2502  Pender Harpaj-r League: D"clt Gopld-  rnp 659, Jim Cameion 657, Ted Donely  Q41  Ball and Chain; Walter) Iiahucl" 689;  George Derby 677; Bubbles Creighton  616, Cathie Hall 605; Roger . Jfbpjsriell 709.  3echelt Comnrieroials; Andy Leslie 867,  Al Lynns.292; Freeman Reynolds 275; Lionel McQuaig 808; Hazel f-jkytte 647;  George Hopkins 283. '  Tuesday Ladies Playoffs: Road Runnel s, Gap* A- Biljingsley 3897; Alley  Cats, Capt  Karen Jensen 3728.  Sechelt Mixed Ten 'Pin league Play-  offs��. * Winners, The Nuggets, Capt "Al  Johnson 2373. Runners up, Hydro Bowlers'" Capt  Helerr 'Sinclair 2259:  Ball and Chain; Turner Berry 63Q;  Roger Hocknell 711; t,ynn Simpson 639;  Manfred Cook 732; Scpit Hfenderson 632;  Ester Berry 602, Bobbie Bodnarek 627,  Bubbles Creighton '-6'23.  Some trees like'White Birch need lots  uf light while others Jjke Hemlock can  tolerate shade.  Mi,1"!)'-")! I"1  r**v*  PIIIMI.IHIII ,111.^1, II  '���K '  <    *-,   i,   !    ^ j   i I '        ' ~ * �����      ���*���  A   ��''"-'1' 3 '" 5   0*. H"t"    0*i***r,0* * t*r*,00** k 4   * .    *       '1   t    ",i     i'  .    i  ,*���"   !'  r' '1    \     a i a   '   '     ,, .  ��&I fi;  Fobefgij* Cfanel *\Mbx "factor */ ?,Mfcns  Jffrl^nclflfilp*' Gardens ;* P*iserf Ffowe  Rew.nhees Qhoqohtes^  v**0V>**n*M*wyv*i*iminrvtn0v!w?*^  DEPENDABlLiTY1 - INTEGRITY - PERSONAL SERVICE'  Gibsons        " Jiunnycrest P|q-to PTWgs ���Sepfiell'  886-2234 . 88M727 885-2234  iWb  mm  ���'"' 'i"!;"!1  ,��*?���  *B��r"  E. I. (MICKEY) COE  Bus. ,266-7 111-  Res:- 277-9309  Brown  Bros. \Ford  5690 Granvil]e St.  Vancowver 13; B.C.  J  V*U*MWWWWWMMMMI#M%<  MIAMUWMW  'nWOTHER^TKRT"  IS MAY 9fh  Ut   iff  Toon Club  (libfionn ,T','(in... iim-dlcrafl, Club hn�� ' |a  btieii iMisy )nnklnf{ nvni'lcty pf ilcunn  ' S  for Hiih! and dlH}ilny nl.  (heir  flr��l.. . p=  public hIiowIiih a I. Iho IMoiiccr .Day,  1)lH|)|ny, (!li|b   Uhiinbiii^   arc  very  *'tfr'al��l,ii)-l'iMHh<-"VVOfj,i-'(lo��iirl.j(*n��"-wlil<i}i'-J'  liolpcd kcoplliisiii |-oinK l.liroiif'li llic   a  wbilcr mid icHiillcif in lhe lionuiifiil   ^  AfKluui uiclurcd Insi'c wlilch wim ral'-    g^  I'limI and-won by llcniliot' of (JlbHonH1,   g  Many of lliu |',iiln Iind lo loan) lo  <:ro('lict before /dnriinu on  lb<! Af-  {{hau and lliifv aro looklaH forward to  claKKCH (wl)h!li will commence again  aCt��r ibc mmnnr. , -       ^  ; ^^Biipilii  NEVEN'$  r     RADIO k% TELEVISION  j dealer for:  Big   Attraction  SeJdoiTj heen on display, this, handmade" working model of a steam engine arid first; recording "machine,  made before Ifidison'�� model, we're .  both made in Larkball,1 Scotland by  Mr. Hobert f>haw;in 1848-and are-still,  proud possession;- of. the Sliaw family, Thpy were part of the very iri-  leresting exbibiuon staged by Gibsons I'iurai' Cenlennial Committee;  lasl. weekend.     , a  June 6-12 proclaimed  Pioneer Cpizens' Week  HONOIIHAm^'lsirlJol Duwhoii ruinlndoii  irveryonu lodiiy Ihul-IMoriuai- arvl "l''!lf|-  (rrly C'III^iui'h Woiik hnn liwcrh in'oiiliilniiicl  hi Iho IVoviiKirr for Jinni 0 |o l'i,   If ii ii "mioi'iiil   iiliiliHiiro   hi  nnnuiiiii't!  Ihifi'ln hur t'onloiiiiliil Vour", Mi'H, Duwkuii  said, "buimiimi il |k tins plnm-i-rn and ul'l-  c!|-|y clUf-ciiH of our .provliici! who 1iuvi;  iirlnti! tiiii'h ii Ii-i:ii)(!|I(Iimii) t'onlriliiiliun  oviii- l|ri! iiiihI "Till) yiiiii'n" . |  l.r.'lliii'H will hn InrWiii'diid In nil iniiy-  niH, nlulir, hiii1'**.m'|<iiiiI''.iiUiiiin, pnhllc unil  pi-lvido h<iH|)ilir|��; iilmvi.'litin,   uiul (���(iiiloi1  i'ltl/.ttiW i'oiii1ho||iii-�� In Iho |irov||)i.'ii) ��!||.  i'oiiiiikIiiii IIkhvi In nii|)|ioil I'loiioiir. und  I(lld��rly (.'ill/.��ii'n Wnnl* mt Ihoy huvo In  [in��l yuiirx, hy iinnri".-l|in ��p����-|fd . t:v��!irlh  rluiili/! Ul'-' W'iiil,, (Mill by ������IH'oui'ti'dlllf all  cUUuiiti in |)lii'loini lh<iii|.{l)lliil iii.'Ih lur lliu  iililni'ly |!H|)<��'i'i!ly  ul. lliin I lino,  IJIIUliiliilllll MZAAR~0F"VA1^^^  For  lasting   pleasure   ...  a  gift-  from  Helen's    Fashion    Shoppc,    Wo    Have  Many Lovoly Presses, Blouses, Pan! Sui's,  Lingerie to chooso from.  ALL AT SPECIAL PRICES  FOR  MOTHER'S DAY.  *Wuwu4��wwinn��ww����  MnnntumnvmHini  With all these new-style rules arid regnlatlons, the early  heroes of Cap Stadium wouldn't recognize the old ball  game today. But, they'd still appreciate one style; Old  Style. It's still brewed with natural ingredients and  plenty of time, Still brewed |n,B.C. for Old Style flavour.  BEER  Slow^broy/od and natiir'-illy aoed    ',  ... ' '      T    '     ' " '      ���" ' '   '  llll) Jj.lllliemcill ll Mil |)lll|llllit'l Ul llll|il,l,tj ll/ |||0 l|l|llv| l;illlllUl  Ihjllll U| h) lilt (lUKM'lllUll 111 llllillll foluinl.l*,  Helen's Fasfiioni Shoppo   -  Gibsons    ��� " Phone 886-9941  jg/////////w/f///;//^  Simpsons- Sears  i  ii  i  <  FLEETWOOD  ADMIRAL  ���,.,...,._, ftURRfTT-fRQ-frX*  RUGS AHO( CARPETS  .,,'*.    '*    '*",{*  FURNITURE  j Ph. 006-2200 aihson*, n,c.  V"     .-*>"  :3;  "4  ii  GIVI", YOU T|ll.!,-l'OWl.l< WU HOUI   IHh I'OUNI,)',. !,AW WIK.,11'.  ���OMI-y   V)  I'QUNI,)^. <Will,o<.i  Hot  h CIkiIii), Cult*   17"' lc-i.-j ni   10  .ahi)in\',. Cul*> in ony |/ii*>iliuii, Oui <j fico (irjiiioiiiilidlii/ii Ibduy nl  SecHelf Chain Saw Centre Ltd.  ,;   h   ; ��     \*i\ r-rr. r*  Coyvrlp Street Phono 8flSi9626  IlilllilfillillllirBAZAAR OF VALUES |i|SPi|li||!lll|l!II|l!!lil|||()i  J V.  fMl  IV  c  I M-l 00%  ^a  Wo aro pleased to announce that Mrs, St. Jean is Simpsons-  Socirs' agent in Socholt, Now you can place your ��impspns~  Soars catalogue orders In person or hy telephone gt , . , .  n  DA  WX.  i  on Cowrie Street  PHONE 885-9821  i,i ' i * * " ,  If you havon't yotUlincovorod tho ease-and conyonlonco of  shopping i/)tJ Simpsons-Soars catalogue way we Invito you  to visit our now' agaricy' nncll pick up n copy of our latent c^t*  uloguo, You'll find many things you, nood and want, and ut  i * hlg savings!  �� shall look iforward .to..seeing'yoursooni  ffr. ,00 00. 00 00 00- 00m*.W0-,  3  1  i  *%  S  \  \  I  s  />>m-  4  I ���?���  (  Hr    >  lWM*\<t\ KA  ��^rA  vM*M  '. <' ' v  *}V   . J*,, ,  "./    . ���<  ���H  A  The Peninsulo Tfmes Page B-? Wedr-^saay, Mqy $,  '9%}\  ������I  ~ u,   ". 'i _ ^ j ' . .. ..   "' ��� I*. * "��� ��� ���   ',    '"' i  B3  . Demonstration  Uif'��K?y F^l on spinning Wheel bies in tins .day of jncre^se^ leisure Days Exhibition   h,ejd    in G^son  ' v   &���J  r��m'   Powell weaving, time, The demonstrations gave mst Elementary  ^rpol on .Priijay "pm  demonstrate essentia   pioneer skills the right atmosphere to me p pneer   Satmday.            "   ".  Winch <are*TT(!>wlpec|>minipQp^arhoh- ���* B        '  r ��7,i  /  *FOLl<gWIT*fP  reRprts-   pf fl  crackdown  �� i>y^d*v[ff pn hhch-lvkers, sti'denis of -  fllphij-slone, MliWlfJh IhPH ��lup|opt. council; siihmiltcd n lpfter In-the qihnonh ixpd  ihsti/ie|. Olwphey pf epmrnptpe expressing  pqpcpi'p  pypr the &Hpat|op '  Jjptier --.c"c|i pssed tp Chanihci president karry tiarhote slatps;  -*-he stpdenls of Elphipstope Scponc"-  ary School hfjvp as-kecj mo lP expi-esb lo  ypu' pili very great cpppern ove| the ���i e-  cjent hqn pn hitch-hiking in this area  \Ve Cfin a,pp��pcia|p tjie fact Ihal hilch-  hiluii'j can he an unsafe practice, and  wo can appreciate the tiafljc piohjems  ausnig iioiTi hijjCh-hiking ^t the tenyler-  -minaj. Wp should like io point out thai  there is no rpasqijably priced and l'reqij-  enfr community bus service in .this area,  and that hitclv-hikipg 'provides Jlie Only  means pf trai-^port"iljqn ��� for (lie great  number of young ppopfe \*/ho.c'innot afford cms. We \V''Uid alsq like to point oid.  that hitch-hiking IT3*? never���proved tin  unsafe prauticp jp this area, apd that wlli'lp  it is true clrivers provide rides at their  pw_n risk, \i is. the cppirripn prapticp that  lycai"' drivers' give, rides tr|. hitpti-hikei-s  whom  they  kppw.  I -would like Ip siigges| thai hitchhiking be bapned fr-opi- the area*; immediately adjapent. t-0 the ferry terminal  and   possibly   the   business    districts   pf  "Sechell   and Gibsons,, but that the-ban  be' lifted   (pr  overlooked)   ip   thp   rur^l  s  ' areas,  particularly    pn  the stretches  of  ant'     |iig|iway laetween Sechelt apd Gibsons.  II is my opinion that . it would be  very unjust, tp, deny local young people,  their only means of community trans*  po.rtatiqn.jrpr the sake of what could well  be aji unfounded fear of summer" transients.     -  If this ban is to be enforced���I would  ur^e the members of your organization  to give sopie serious thought to-developing a frequent aniS' inexpensive shuttle  bus se|-vjCe as quickly' as possible.  We remain hopeful that'some means of  transportation w.ill remain open to us.  SSS  C2j  5  mmMmm  rap TBB, '  FOR THE FAMILY  W 5"  mmm .  mmmi bom  FIBREGLASS .    g��|  jleg. $258       NOW v4��  Safety arid styling at,a. low  Reg. 39.9S  "6-  ^Special  I and small sizes, m  While They Last S  PAVJS BATT|R|^S t. Mb%\H* M* AUTP    -  Drop Into ClifKs For AUYoiif"-���.-.^erti^^'ll - SHromi?!!-1. N##ttJ��- ���  Sechelt, Benner Block Phorie 885-9819  IlIHIIillil BAZAAR OF VALUES ||i[||10l!il||il!||j|m  ��� *   *      r  m\  '���> c %*  **>* ��/���  ! s'  S3"  - i   "�������  1 i '. -��  ,*< *v ���  ' s.  ' ^ r  ��� * '-  Mnoi^sdialL  S3  latest schedule  MINOR   baseball  is  played  on   Wednesdays al  6.30 p.nli. and on Sundays at  1  p.;rn. and, 3 p.m. Games scheduled  this  "weeK:" "*'"' '' ' ' V"  Bronco League. Wednesday/May 5th  Wilson Creek at Gibsons firemen, Gib-  j     sons     Merchants    at     Sechelt.-Sunday,  ,     May B: Sechelt at'"-^ilson Creek, Gibsons  j     firemen at Gibsons Merchants!  i     Minor. League. Wednesday. May 5th  r   Sechelt  at  Gibsons Kinsmen, boom men  j    at Wilsoh Creek, Pender Harboyr at Hobr  |     erts Creek���Sunday May 8: Wil'soh'Creek  |     at Pendpr Hai'bourf Gibsons Kinsmen at  1���Roberts -Creek, Sechelt "al.'-Gihsons^������  ^J     Bebu}J6. -^tprico Leugue  _. _  , . Wrlsop Greek 15, Sechelt 15 Gihsons fire-  PlO'ieer Cabin -      rncn   13,  Gibsons    Merchants  0   Wilson  Clever'apt work pn the pari of flip-    Prpo'c H, Pibsflnt- marphwis f. Pibsprifl  A,,J A ,.'... . firemen 8, Sechelt 4.    ,  sops  IBBerpenlary    School  children,    Littio League: Wilson creek 12, Robots  MSB Kaippmail (ih picture) ?m] JVfa-     C,ccl*r "    Gihsopi,   Kinsmen     17,   bpopi  .   7.     ;'. !      ,. .    .       ��1G"  fi   Pender Harbour  1��,  Sechell   12  H   Hinal(||8,   Cf-ealeri     tills  "-realistic     Bnnm mop 13, R Creek 7, Pender Harbour  scene of a pioneer poM^u inlerlur. 'J":HCklyftt,��"   "   3,,t!he]i   Ul   WilM',,  rI*hrjs. was just Qjrm'Qf tl)e varied disr ���~-���   playij .ereated hy  stiuleHls    for lhe        There are ..vc,- 13,000*difforonl spocioH  Pioneer -pays. Display. oMrous in the |.e��umino.sae family.  |1 BAZAAR W values ||il|||||l|||||||||!j||||l!!l!j|j!|||!  -~j -*���  SPECIAL GREEN VALLEY.  6-8-6 ALL PURPOSE ONLY  t -1  S3  i  '>  Scchofr  ;  '"-.. /,  Phonp ��g5-22||  frrmmfrrrrffrmfrrrfiimrirfffr-rr basaab pf vai-ues fipiifppiii  3  -��W��'W����>*7**>'M>��<*��HVMVW����<V��*7��^  Remember Mother on  MOTHER'S DAY  V/ilh some fine jewellery or Welch's  clincbltiles from  '������ ;."'"���',....    ������������''J.J y  , MioppVrnan^rlp-* ",'���."  Mi'B, Floronco Kirl'lwm   who   wiih \)nyi>   Diftpiuy, Mrs, Kirl'))am ww,  lei'tphoiio opiinilor al. llio rieymotir, wilh ihu cioj-ijiiiny for 10 ypure afhi  ,Slrm>t offico )|i Vanc-miyer in V.II'.V |he pin|ii|-nfn |hrr hn^HRrojinM RhQWR  oi-oraleil  n  Hwilnlihnurd  simllur  lo llni ��Soyinottr   (iiiernloi'H    pionio  m  Ihal op (llspln/y,�����oiirl.��HV M.C, 'M& Ull'4,                       '   I  .,;,'������  ,,,    ���,  plionoCoihpiipy, n| lhe J-1 ��n��u r ., ,                 ,    ��� ,           .   '  Cowrfe Sfy, Sccficlr  3echid( AcHvcdUmi  Phono 885-2421  WMWWWIfWIIJfW^WWVMWMWff.TWM'fn^^  tsr  5  llllllllilllll BAZAAR OF VALUES |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||  Another first From Thc Belter Iden People  ss.  ,hl   *^-J  tSZ  mZ3  FORD  For  itf)  Tlio  Now "Hfali  llrlfo" pittf^o  TmIio*  qrlnhmoan qnd  Clorily Ypm  "J/vfiiir"'$Po"To"  BoIIoyp,  arlcer#s-Hardwar��-(1f 69) ��� fctd#-  YflUR tINK HARPWARE STORE "QQB'*917^  QUAMTy      J  lrv:' um    I_���_.r^_..,^.���1��� ������....���,.. .���.  MARPWAWIT���   "������������-r���j���*��� rr-0  s  s-s:  IfflS  ^azaaii or values iffmimriminffnnQiifiifiiifil  A    *  ,^,U��.,  ^ZA0^m��'  W* **  is.',*t  '    v " , m . n'0^,>, r/w"*1"*^  ���a;  ','fhn |nv (Mini" i;iin'i)i.ilv�� yrtn n i.nini iliiMif��|lnq  iiKlidri, inl'iin out lliu quim v,nil< und pulu ill** Um  . hunk |n ilmuii |-'iliil|ii!|. fil��ii|i|y miIihiI yuiirjiiulii l/iiulu  ' i;i)|i/r-|i-| yrnii iliii;iii<riii|��|'plfii) Irom llio c:o|of|��r��illln  M;|i;f;l'ir/ tl"i ��:Ii��m-m" -*"ll i)i�� 'illi"i "i-lnrtr your h����'l'  limy iIukImi ��� Im *niiii|ilrtiiMi||l��iy liinm, for.iiimiuiiIk, nr  jiii.i Im Dm JuniiMi i'iIdih, You'll llinl Hint nil ih����  ��� cninrnrypp hnvfr'rmK|inFi|y-"''����!"��,|-��*":'-r��-"',lr-!t'''>''  |iuli||��illy |iiii)niifiii i.it itldipitPid <-���'fi:oliii|)li'll|��'l l'��r  you." If'it tin n-<i;|iir.|vu IwilMlii i)l/'iliU,Ml\Ji'ni||l.''  .(Now yon, um, i-mi l<i|i)W.il|ii )<��y nf iir��nUnfjpt<��|i.li)!i  |)|i)|i)ss|i)iinl i.��rli,i w;lioi||H8 )i|<li'll|i)����l*yui| liuvi hUm}  iiiii/iin;ii iii |iijiniri^rjraitf��-r|'}fln*r|ii"ine(if* -  liny ii nl m*  ���   ���'       Ui  ,t  ' ilffl��lSlJ/f8&!S��JHSy-wSw  THABL BAY HARDWARE LTP.  Socll��lt  phono amww %  PILLOV/S���Foam and goose feathers.  t(oa:;1.98'  ,.~ -  1 PENTEX YARN���J��ist orriYo4, All now  3   colors, 32 oi. hells ) hal\.  , PEANUTS���PMtprs Asst.  Red 99c,tAltP9 por tin    .  m L.P. RECORPS���  H  Reg, 1.57, .   ..''. ������.     . ,.   ...      .   (i, . .  8 CACTI PLANTS��� A rc��l gpod ant*,  Rog, cqch 40e ,. . .���...',.,..' ,         ,.,.-.  GREETING CARPS-i  Blow up Fupny. Rog. 98c  ***Z  y*w  zz.  Am,  *��*  Ijlliij BAZAAR Of VALUES ||ilJ||l!IJ[j]|]|EI!llll  11  \aj artti"  1 Now  ^OTHER'S PAY JVIAY dill    Now J^. for JJtol)}fj{  Now A for Mo^^  0^ ; THIS SUNDAY  I  %  '��  mi  PAY OM1Y"  r>-MAi?CI!i..7tH.  PECANTE^S���Nondrlp; 120 o*.  Rpg, 9B�� cqch,  SPORt SHIRTS��� Niun'n Short Slfioyen,  All Iho now colors  ANY JEWELLERY  UP TO $2,00 V��l"o  Now m for  Now  ALL HOT WHEEL TOYS NOW V% PRICE. TAW APVANTAGE OF  THIS FOR FUTURE BIRTHPAYS OR GIFTS.  TONKA TOYS���Cor Inn, hngfiiy or Inilldoitor. #g        ^   ^ ^  Reg. coch |.l9        ' ..".' Novv,^ for  liuNNl^G SHOES��� l^ys'ond Gunr*'.  :A!!jl*��f,MPjR.ftl*?:S_ ��� .j-_^^:_'���.w:.. :L, Pfill  RERflK^Epi...,,-. ONE PAY mVi >,.,  . . ��� ��� i .......  YounRlEiraia  ���>,  WAY 7th  ILL'S VAI  I  Tmll Pay Centre, Scc|��olf  Phono OqS-2335  SC  77*.  "*. *  I       :  lillfliiflilil BAZAAR OF VARIES illii[(ifffllii��!i *.��*  *���,1  "* "' -  it-  Riishe  a  -*-by Frank O'Bfieir  - -, i*        ���   "..  ('TROOP moyements?"   , ,   * ,  '  ' ''Finp. Little resistance, excppt in the  downtown areas,"      - (  "What does the Eastern movement re- t  port?" ,  ', "Ships have landed on all }|ikes. Men,  npw going ashore."  "Well. keep it going. The .Commander  wants this done fast, and neat,"|  " "fright   I don't know how these people hqld out, though. We mortared them,  last night but they just keep oom,ing."'i, I' i  ���       *       * '        n  The    Squadion    Command"!    looked  down  fiom   his   fighter  jet   "Hell.'J  he  thought, ''No defoliants allowed, noi r]ap-  b aim., 'no chemicals  Just bomb  J��i}l the  ' people  Keep the land." He hurt heard it  a thousand times befoie  Kill the people.  Keep the land, It had become the motto  in ihis strange war *>,  *   *    *  The -.tree*-, fighteis, huddled in the  ba&ernent of an old chinch, began to talk  quietly. "Let's give up," an older man  spoke; ."We can't possibly win They have  male 'troops, moie guns . .  "  ���    t���.���������������������- ,���. -'  jf&Wifl)0>f*000��0^VW0*g*W0pr000&r*0i*00**<i0pj0,i ifii  <fti..l,.ii,.'j..,,ja��.-!li..:...i^^,,,.ii^^i'.lll i ~7���.,.-���..4-ix,-i in.' M.i,.,i.ii,.. ,v  SECHELT THEATRE  PRESENTS  11  n  ��� STARRING  Candice Bergen, Ernest Borgnme  COLOR - CINEMASCOPE  CARTOON  In 8 p,m. �� Out 10 p.m.  Friday, Saturday, Monday,  May 7, 8 and 10  wi*wwyM^w*M*ww^^  ��� "Tho Executioner" ���  "Latitude Zero"  "Deadly Bees"  , ; "Shut Up," a ,vpice lJ6side him hissed,  "They can't use the big weapons. It'll end_  up man to man, And wan to man we aie  better- We'ie fighting to stay alive, to  keep whnt is*ours. Tjiey are talcing, and  a man does not figljt welVjwhgn he is-  taking." .' '  "How you talk- IJven our gqverhmerjt *���  is turning -"gainst us. They'say 'Give it  to them. It's not worth the Jives'."    '  , *    ��    *  When the war had started, stilt undle- >���  clared \pd �� month old, not a single defending plane had got off the ground, In  the first two hours eyeiy military base  rn the country was destroyed Cqmplete-  ly At sea the myadeis had not let a single ship escape. Airing of enemy vessels  ponti-olled every port and every shore  "It was. as-Mf^-it had been planned Jor  .years,", was the opinion m the capital  * *       ���  i  A mothei anguly turned oft the TV  set She cried as she shut otf the propaganda that pouted in on the screen "Kill  the people. Keep the land" How many  tibies had she heaid  it'  A-cross the large, undefended lioidei  the tioops came( A few da3's earhei the  an support 'lad-been called off It simply  wasn't needed The entire war would be  mop-up The troops didn't expect any  lesistance They weie the sixth wave  The fust wave was the only one that was  -met at the baidei The rest had advanced to where they now stalled The cities  The troops were not worried about the  cities There was very little left ot them  Besides, they/ didn't need them They  laughed  as  they  walked beside  a shini-  merrng lake *  * *.       *  "We ar-e getting some unsuspected  suppoit,, sn"  "Explain"  "Well, I've got about 1,000 people here  who say they are fiom the enemy   They  'ie civilians  They want to help us"  "No surprise, Sergeant We had 10,000  show up last n'ight in the west Take their  names and military experience and give  them guns.   And Seigeant".  "Yes'"  "Put them on thc front  Iiiil>j>"  i *        *        *  ".  .  .  rioting  has  broken out  for  the  tenth* straight  day  in   the  south   as  our  supporters   attempt   to   cripple   the   war  -machine that ^-threatening ouf nation.  Reports reaching us say  that the enemy  /  1ras suffered serious losses at  "Suffered   serious   lo'ss'es",   the'   commando echoed as he turned off the radio.  Where, he wondered, where are they being   hurt?   Every   day   brought  more   Qf  ,. them. Hell, they even had a show-put on  Page M Then Peninsula Times  Wednesday, May 5, 19H  lor them last night. Th-it was the worst,  he mused, they t cap afford to ignme us.  They already have what' they want,  "We have control over your television, your radio, your pi ess. We are in  charge of your transportation, your hydro  power and even your phones. You vril\  not be able to buy apymoie ammunition,,  guns or explosives We have them all,  Your military has been destioyed on-the  sea, the land and we own the air Give  up We don't want to destroy you, but  we will if we must. Suliendei -and we  will give you jobs, homes, happiness Why  fight tor watei and sail?1 Kill the people.  Keep the land You don't want that Give  up, and we shall shaie the land logeth-  ei"t    _    4_  * �� rt  Il wab dark The only light in the entire city was tho flames ot hunting buuld-  mgs, and lhe bursting Hares fai overhead 20 men and 6 rifles had been hold- -  ing oft the enemy tor almost 24 houis.  But the enemy was tned of waiting The  game was over They could heat them  coming 20 men with one thought "It's  not tight  Can't someone do any thing?"1  *       *       *  e  "We've go! a beautiful home   It looks  right out on a lake   Yes, a lake Ai lai-gew.,  clean   lake   Hetbett  and  I came  in   last  'week with the second load  I would have  wntten to you eailiei  but they seem lo  be having some trouble with the mail up  here   We haven't see*1fr'a-nyi--f4ghttng   It's  veiy quiet, and believe, Janice, lUis very  safe Hope to see you soon "  *       �����       *  The suivivois walked out with then-  hands in the an The enemy soldieis laughed as they walked towaids them "We  thought that would bring you out," one  ol them yelled They .thought it was a  game  Tl?fc survivors were put on a plane immediately and flown away They were  very well looked attei Later the next  night one of them was on television asking others to thiow down then weapons  Many did.  *       *       *  ,. It was twelve noon and%lhe Prime  Minister cleared his throat to speak into  the .camera. He began: "I beseech all  people to surrender" immediately. There  comes a lime in the bloody annals ot war  that, what one is fighling fev can only be  destroyed by continual resistance,  enemy has defeated us. Any further resistance will, be futile. The new government", he lowered his eyes,."has agreed  "hut no. punishment wdl be forthcoming , aver a new countiy. "If only they "had  tP^all Who surrender nPW- Furt"iermoi e    ],btpned to i-s when we fustW the.pf-  ���the-new government .has agreed to ave" w^tward," he sajd to nor�� one in par-'  eye-w person m the country the sum of    } ��� '';' p- J   ,���  $1,000,000 fpi  any ahd aU damages sUfn - tw��tar. Mil \ve waited Was pne-quarter  feied by thera. As ypwr leader I beg you,    of the watei and a tlmd pf the (apd. Put  j COmm-ind you , , . Qiye up." . they refuged, They knew we needed it,  t       ��       ���, byt they refused. These _Qanad}ans ai-e a  1 ' - . strange people." The vice president snor-  i tThe President's plane landed at 4;20    tedi/'Well,  they're better qff pqw," he  p m. '*U was supny   A nice day to take    said, '-I^'ow they a^e Ai^erica,ns".  *f'�� ,,w*l*\    L1   A       A  I    'II  I1 II l   ' ,  11'  ', I   . ~  ���   \  ^WAJw  W^nt  5^l^s^r-|^|j  A 1,  ,11 ' i  '���,. >" "0 HK.i  , - ^b'l  i " i ' ii  '. i,'  '***ii  v  >;  w  A  (  ���    A  t/***-0    '  1'  1  r  '  ;  '1  n  i i  mifJ At  l       '       . "-r      t  I -J  "^ ~. i ;  1  ���  ���  -.  -*i"-X . \,A<" /  v* ��,     ^ J  I   -1     ��� 1    '  \\"*0  Eoi][!--i:iliiliu :*^X*%.pifv i ���fi'trl tilri li t-iiil  .. ��� ������        * New Managers     ���  Tlie staff at .^anjipbgU'sjyafiety^.Lt'is.,. give Special sate price*-. ^Th'elwiMng stedl's.week, May 17^22 :iyiaiiil*/n!Mac-  aie out to be tops in Canada in a    staff member receives a $25 bonus . Kenzie takes a twrn; Lii Prieston's  eabh have taken a week of imnnnrg    steak dinner June 5th at the end of   'pick a winner. You.win   everyd'*iy  the store, in their own sales competi-    the sale.  May 10-15 is Wendy By-    with low prices. .(Advt.)  tionAThey.will be going all out to -"A*-'���'' X:: '  ���  Wm^jMM\\\ '   , , tw*im\t'Mi).i\  ijtpf'^"'"'  fy   i    HM^kht^UmJhi.  v*mr^H0WH0VUWv*nHtvviwM0U*0Kif0VW*r,iw*rww*j^^  BAKERY SPECIALS    ;  PRICES EFFECTIVES THMpftS^p MAY 5th TO 8AT,r MAY 7tli  in      wrjMMtf it Wipimwj-li  .i^jS)  s  r���j  i      .  C2JU1  .+m*.t*-0*0,mmS*,*4 \i^*.*t h -**.*���  (TRAIL BAY CENTRE - SECHELT 1  \ imi n���*i*>ifi ���r+s'Lmivitvr*. wim mil-10** wwwv jf .ni..ijii.j _. ._ m mi -���* ^.t.- jji..^,  \  mom J��s-2��;zs  '   ,   ' ,V M %  I ,IL*      , "1  "3013-0023 0(jl*cry   ��  W��> Ro��<?rvf3 Tlio Right'To Mmlr Qiianlitio*  005-9012 r^ont Dcjjt.  wnnf/nn/Ju/jnnnnfjnnun/jnnuwnL  -���--' -3L  $  1 n  >���     ���U��000~0U>*0>A0l**0***0t^^


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