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The Peninsula Times Jun 2, 1971

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 f I  I'-.  -hi  1  -a  '��  In/',.  * ii  J J  ��� <-i  K    t  !**-  >*" <';  *���5  Op J  *' '' V  .I  t -i'l  ��� v  { A  \j\  I  if  ���Jk  '���ll  vs  -'���  I1-1;  M  fr  <������!.  .*  r.V-  I',  7fi2 MO J Yes., ..  *.f��� "���*  M  \i   |  iVeat C-j-r-^dian Graphic Industries Ltd,.,  1606 Wgst^h Aye.,- ;   -\/   ' .    ���  Vaqcq"uver*-9, B,Ct  'Service  \.  2nd Class $p||'  *i?gi5trgt{oi-hp; m%  RESIDENTS vti    Sechelt and"   -"djacent cle-*r tye ,fact that tl*c co^se the Bqarc|  areas do npt wapt tP se.e tbe -.gravel mUS*- "1PW follpw js very clear, ftp !-ajd  ppgiatior- pipppsed by Cqpstruptipp Aj"j'- "the response has prpVed, both conclusive  gioga^es' \x\ the dnstiict for while np pie- apcif g^tjfying People -"rp obvioys"y very  b"bcite has been heldf letteis, briefs qpej. cpric^pefi tapd  t|ie  response  leaves  no  signed,  puonlt-r-j which paiped  \P\o ipe doujit as \p tb,eir wishes"."  -Regional-Board -officp-duringl3^  two CphTU-uc(rulT"AggiegTteSo haye cleatiy"  weeks cqi"ld., In effect be considered as fyyfa down in *ts pphl'c relations tjepart-  a plebiscite.                                                  , pierd-' for, lack pf information apd 'failure  Total of "*@3 piepes weie received "ay tp provjde the ppbhe with PPrnpreberif-ive  thp sppre.tary4--*-8suipr of the Board apd detaijs as to iidluie of thp operation h^s  all bi*! *>ne plearly'stated a big "NO"'. Jed \p extieme distrust.  Board  chairman    Jim  Tyner    made     -' j"Sqth the Board and Sechelt and Dis-  *��� frict. Chamber of Commerce were tqld ,  by the company thaf when plans? were  somewhat furthei ahead and statistics  available, repiesentatives wquld __ come  pyei and give a detailed, account of tjie  projept I^ext move was^ vis+t by rpem-  hcrs of the company who informed the  Board that the pi eject had received nec-  essaiy appi ovals, by Victoria and that  onus now tests with the Boaid for final  appioval  In 4urn the. Board laid the proposals  in tlie lap of the public br placing an  advertisement seeking submissions indicating appioval or lsapproyal.  Chan man Tyner spgges'ted thp matter  now be turned oyer to Committee m  ordei that the letters and briefs be studied  pnoi to making lecommendations to Victoria  Duectoi Harjy Almond suggested that  in hi^Jjt pf tl*e response, it would be better to hold a special meeting as soop as  possible rathei * than let another month  before the next regular meeting pass by.  Mayor Swain said, he saw po reason  JOB'S RAFFLE      jj,  Wipnei pf the Job's Daughteis raffle  was Mis Ron Jaeger, Gower Point, Qib-  'saps Jobies expiess appreciation t�� *"H  who supported the^fund i_a-sipg campaign  With special thanks to Mrs Kathleen  Wells who papited and donated the beautiful seascape.  NOTED SINGER  Populai Canadian folk singer of intei-  national fame, Join Mitchell was a guest  lasl week at Loid Jim's ^odge She is  so  nnpiessed  wi|h  the Sunshine  Coa,sJ,  that she has puichased 44 acies pf water-       h     th    m tter should   hot  ^e  settled  liqnt piopeity nearby and plans to bmld ' '  '.*-.  .*   '     "...      7. .- M..   /  a nice home in the neat futuie.  INQUEST  Coionei's inquest held May 25th at  Gibsons utled as accidental the death of  Jonathan James Hapmson who died May  lllh following an accident at Gibsons  when his bicycle struck an oil tiuck  HOSPITALIZED  Yejne Thepdoie i'la^ei,  aged   18,  r*.ght theie and then "it seerp^ that with  the Silver Sands area is in hospital in  Vancouver suffeung liom multiple injuries when his cai stiuck a tiee near  Halfipoon Bay at 3 30 am May 2fjtb  Of his. foiu passengeis two received  minor lnjuues, two moie weie uninjured.  They weie believed letmning fiom a graduation event  the little we have heard frpm Construe  tion Aggiegates and somet|nng of a rim  round, by'VictPiia, *the matter has already  been delayed too long," he sai$.  Duector Cliff Tho*pld    agieed  with    JAMES Milp Skinner of Gibsons appeared  duectoi   Almond that a special meeting last week in Gihsons police court fpr  should be called lathei than wait for an-    sentcnce  fnllqwmg  cqnviclion  on  thiee  other meeting chaigps qf break-entty and theft He was  The chairman said he sees .no leason        ^ **     , .  f���why-nBt-and-explaimed-lo^Mayoi"-Swain���sentenced J,p  six  mojitlis  definite   and  hWWffl SHn^Wn'-rCqast, Mmm Sound to Jqjvj^ InletkNIUdina Port Me!jon, HpPKtps Landing, grPfithpins tppding, GVpuPm* fat-Arts C^H*.  Wilson C-MflK-gel-w* pflrH/ Sf-cht.lt, Hglfpioon Bgy, jjpprgteovB, Pepcjpr Hai-Hr* MpdpiW Pork Kleindglft Uv|pe't- Upn��N> gqfl gpyp{ E90*oPt -  &nfes^ SMNgHlNi coast.   " >Vo\iim l Hp-"27 - wednispay/JijH^ 2, y\m  loiorist^cmtionad���-  against deer on rpad  IMOTORISTS aie-remindpd to be on the  alprt fpr deer on Highway 191-especia,l-,  ly at'dus.k whep the yopng deer fppd g*-.  rot-ds-de herbage, AUeady* this i year, a  number pf deer have bPpn Itillefl pr severely . wpun^Pd op - the highway from /  Port Mellon to Eapi's gove.^ ,  Besicles creating" cainage asmongs'. the  dpei population there js afsp ^g-cj-jngpj:  that a senouj" accident cpv*ld occpr.  'Extieme captiqp'is advised pspeciaHy- -  at this> time qf the year when ^hg 4eer  iiie tempted hy youpg giowth, and"aie  inclin'pd-'tar'leap oqto the loadway.1  '  Junior Fishing Derby  June 1st Davis Bay  IT IS Jnnior Fishing Dei by time'again  at Wilsop Creek and to draw attention  to thc very popular event, we have the  following   bullptin   from  Mi    Charlie  ^rookman who instituted the Derby some  years ago  '      the Jumoi Fishing Dei by cprnqienpes  on June  1st and the, day of  the finals  will be announced latet. All youngsteis  .     . t,    ��   - 12 and under aie eligible "   *���  Lasj Performance Buies:' all fish W&  be caught  pff  Vatlimi attempt by Sec"ieU~frretri���n    bqilding   comprising   theatre, satel   the Davis Bay wharf and children should  4q���save���the���Seehett���^Theatre-faile4 - ^lant-ajid-private dweljmg. However,    bring hfe belts. 6ldpr"boys'and girls who  Six month jail term  .,1 "no T* 1        las^ Thursday when w^ter pressure the voluntegr   firemei| are   ito be   aie good sw-mmers are invitee".'to help 1  On  IlirOG  JJ&jlj  COUnfS      dropped resulting in **. call" fpr as- praised    for restraining ' (:he Maze    supervise on potest days when tlie chlk  w����  *4��M<wr  ��*^*^  �������**   ~      sistance to the  Gibsons'Dept. an4 from catching the Whispering Biiies   dren get .excited.  having  to pump water   from  the Cafe ju��t feet away.  ocean   Flames gutted the e rt t i r e * ���P^oto by Rod Wheeler  Theatre lost -. . .  that it would be necessary for the Committee to study the objections first in  order that the Government depaitments  rpay be told reasons and nature of objections  It was agreed that this would be the  best cpuise to follow and a special meeting was scheduled foi June 16th.  Former hospital . . .  s doors Ju  pightcen months indeteiminale  Qeorge Hewitt Enksep of \*/cst Vancouver charged with lppaned drivlpg  was fined $30Q and (us driving hcenpe  suspended foi pile month He was chaiged  following a routine check by thc RCMP  when seen driving erratically alopg  Highway 1Q1. Bieathalyzer leading was  20%  Godfiey Allan Robinson of Gibsons  faced three charges undci the Moloi Vehicle Act-, operating a motorcycle with-  oi"t msuiance, dnving eontraiy to les*  tnctions on his.dnvei's licence and opci-  atjpg a molpicyme withqut,current licence  pjatcs "  He was fined ^250 opt thp first ctia*.-ge  ai)c> -fSJB pi] eac]i of the others.  "Drop in wat^r pressure-  hamper s Sechelt firemen  TWO flies m two'days eaph destroyed  Jong lime landmai|*s in the community; a home at Wilson Cieok and the  Sec|iell Theatre on the Sechelt water-  fiont/  j?ue ahum went at appioxim^tely  7 10 prji last Thuiij^ay May 27lh as smoke  billqwptl out frpm the sajal plant, located  in a seel ion ol the theatre huilding7 and  within minutes the "Seclielt Volunteer:  Euc*��civice was op the scene.  In short tipie the flqmes weip billow-  Mury's Hosn*tal et fiqjder- Bfiy ��� diiVWay  fov some   time  artf  to  litis bepn sqld 'and- is- kosenily- Hnn^;' *.Wy&, 4wo r weeks."-agb.yNpw  OM"* st  Vight, hut did p��t use the title. He Was  Skipper qf-the SS "'Sechelt", which sank  in_ 1911 after ho left her. His giandson,  Johnny Hicks, man led Miss Phyllis 4pse.  whq taught school at Sephelt, and the  couple pow ljve in Cai-fipbcll Biveit Mrs.  Hicks has piovided the following obi^uaiy  p�� Capl. Cope, d.ated March 19&5:  *" "One of the bpst known pioneer seamen of the- west coastj Baion John Stephen Cqpe of Wilson Crepk, died ip  S|*.aughncssy HpspiUiL  "Her was a vcte'-ari qf the Bppr War,  .*-��� *-"-4-" :- *w- -  *-Jr" -' in  This year the girls say they aie going to take that trophy back off Sammy  Casey, they only let him Win it last  year to make him feel good.  The Fishing Derby is made possible  through the generosity of the people \n  the distiict also the mei chants of Sechelt.  "Margaret Gibbons has looked after. the  finapcial side Since the Dei by was organized. Mrs. Bob McLeod fiom Peninsula  Market gives a lot of time to weighing  and collecting the fish  Gommittee membei s,' Cliai-lic Bipok-  man, Mr Walt Ta'ylo'i, Mrs Ray Ncwm*"p,  Mi,s Dons Wilson, Mi and Mrs. Fujpk  Laidlaw and Mis Pat Buik wi}l do then-  best to give the youngsteis a good (jay  commencing with a pie eating contest' op  the final day, ice cicam, pop, doughnuts  and   candy." *  A special thanks goes to Mi Gerj y Mc:  Donald for the use of thc wharf" and his  donation  WBWHMMlH  ���in iiiiiiiiiiiiiihi rim ii iii iiiiiiikiiiih iiiiiiiii u  going cj-tepsivp --cupy"^--.^?'^ to opep,-    apd heutlh# will be 'iiblMLcf? J  ing at, l|ie "Sunshine Hotel" Friday Jppc    txpS reoms tastefully f'tted with  -      -   - ���      wall carpet.  "s lylr   "Sudson says (here ar  as yet  for the existing  chi*r  H|lh Thc btplding was closed down with  opening of the new Hospital at JSccJi-felt  in IP'M.  For sonic time il was usee* by a chqrcl]  oiganuulion foi scnnpais bpt later "wa--  ppl chased hy Hqn Dcanc of Gal den Bay,  ]Je in linn sold it lo the present q-wneis,  jv}r Peter Hudson and Mi. Paul Pony,    I  Mi. Ifiidson told the Times (his week  (lie ovoinll project will cost in excess of  ^125,000 and will include 14 guest looips  apd dnmiK facilities for.foity. Plans aie  |p, prpyjdo pcqnoniical accpnilTiodalioii  w|th piii-ticuliir eniphasla upon catciti|]g  io sporliiig gi'qups and individuals.  Ope ipfijpr prnhlcin |q |io hurdled was  Kuwagc ,dlsppsuj Inii was splvpd w|l|i i\)*)  iipw Bin-Pni-e Unit .whjoh is. in pffp'it,  a miniiilMie Irealmeni, nliml-i 'vpry elfef'-  Kyo find iippcoved by th�� Ppparlinonl- pf  Ifcullh;. ,l!"|'f||ient in chlorinated and leaves  (liu plant an a clc-ir hunnless lin,l|id  Pij'iil pp'Ty v-||) ho  I(()|,o| an pi'i'sldci'l, and  Ho wiih inuylotiHly  111 whM) lie fippralcd IiIk pwn antoiprihilp  |)lislni!-if) iii''Yfu'coMvor, Hln rini! |l|-i-<-  t-i!||()())|niili!. fill nr lllldmin |l��H had iiJmiiHl  il ||i'e|line In i|*u Unlpl Indunlry. }lu wuh  property.  Early start ,  lIBtBfflllf  REGIONAL PiK|rlc|, . Water -CprpniiMee  ',; , hai- -ic(iid.od it will pot be economical  ;, Ip itnpply Reid aRoad properly owners w|th  I water pai;t|pnlnrly In Unlit pf the fact  1 a nMnthpr of I'csldonls have indicated pfl  idpsirc   tp   become, ppyt  f>f   thp   Pisti'lol  blenv, lip, Hiiggpatpcl ppi--)idor-it��qi) hp givep  to prnyiclinB a parkin'' ��'!'P�� lower clown  Hip road apa' a liirp put oi) parkini' M^qnti.  thP fpac|H|dp,  Council iigi"cp(l (n 1'Cpcrif! unci turned  ll-p pi|iitci; nycf 'to l|ie c||ii|rnuin of Uofuls  I'-irinloHti nmiid, jWfitpi-Syfitem, rprlber, A|dP|-ni/ihC|}arlo-i apil l"i||;ks jqr f|jr|l)cr ii|i|dy.  lM.il) phar��o of |))c ^MHi^e^-m  rw'lwM  a| |i.s|   w��[)mi ��'f, Ap iipplipiitif),) fpr a h.iHlnoHH llpppcci  ,d- iiencn,) wmm. .'qimm Cmipcii  n,e Water cop,m u,9c .,  ;pCr to ��i.   , ,^ei,i..i wrniiKi I- .A on  ,) re..| cHlae , pr|py d \d] not, *vo,�� wish in c1|����h m l|c p|lB hi ^ n , ^.||,    ! art wan apn "nvpc|, Ad-  hli; <m;ii   iintiimiilii i> >iT .lhn Plwtltu/nllc   i>nufti'\li>  whlnh  iiIko KOnkii .".''.   .  *     ���'"l:.''   ��"������ I   '.       <���         '!.  ,      |T     ,  iff Iho Cho|-wcl|i ipserve which p\m'��ipc����  im ipiprpvprnpnt" water ��hpply.  A|d. M��nc|elknn oxpresHcci ||ie v|ow  , lliiit now the pon)|li)i| pf Iiii) *J*jo-'--'l In  iormprly ylpo-prenldonl n| tho BaysJioiP clear, t jl, |n up lo Onuncll lo qh(ii|'Uh|-  {1)1) mid iniH'onuncd large Imlulaln MpxioV) ',, WH|UI. ||mi |��� ^old Hoad iiKui-H. Council  mid Moiiiroiil. He Ih, <i|mi a fl|iei:ior of iii'reed u\n\ moved lhn|. wi>rk on the prci-  ,"|)i)gwi)i��l Toiiih Mel," lip l'j<opcy iUu\\- Jeijt jn'i-ciicci w|t|innt ilojiiy/  IliK Hlrjc.iily wllli, , travel Irjum wl||iln  I'riMsli, Cpliiml��|a,  ,  AhI��ci| wliiil- "lii'i| Ijil)) In thin luiiiHl,  yM))t|irO| Mr, lli|<lnoii Hii|d,r,|)u Iiiih ��ndpt  a (irei'l '|e||l of Ui)M> l��iii��|l)li< l)"v||)ci fpp-  tlpy ll(ii|)i)ui' iiimii, Ono day lio1lookec) tit  "II)b p|ri |)0Hp||al Imikllng Und rofleiijmrl  pn Iho firpl. Ihul il prpHuptud up oxcolluijl,  ' ppimi'lilllity    an, 'u   lmlu|,  Al'Uir  fu|l|lpr,  i.<iii)ti|(ler{illop im iieiiiiipd, ;/why 'wall fiir  ipijiiHli'iilfirpayp ,|p|}))H|i)i) iiajil Im |ipcle|-  iilai-dli |l)o imllflliifi vyill pot- |io iipn|n|il|y.  1|, was )i|im pnl||tcc| n-U...U-n.l, llm, IqMllfU"  Ih among pxitii-liig pimimpn-li'l l)ii��lnenpn  mill will ihurpforu fit In, wit|i I'ulure plan-  ni��i*.  "  -' "   ���   ' ������' . ���  Ai)<il|>P,r npp|||!ii|Jiii)  wipip IVni))  two  I'oHJdonlH-itiU'-^iihBrN 'Cruel*: who rw|n|i to  the ocean ncaihy.  As the fire took hold furniture was  hastily rcpiovcr" from the living qpartcis  which also occupied part of the building.  The Whispeiim* Pines Cale just i'epl  away was also in danger apf} fittipg and  li|nii..hings weie also piled up, bplsidc  by inapy w)|lii]g hclpcis, The -same |iolp-  )ilij hands later reluiiiod fuipihliings and  ocjpipmen! as the i)ie yvas ftgajn hrpt��8h|.  i)nf|cr eoptrpl,  Ah  d.arknc'-s fell,' !"he p|f| ,)i|pdrp��'rk'  Wfis bpt- a skoloipn Imi the f'j-ppmn ��� kepi.  aif all n|ghl, vi(ji| apd Hp(-p ppppgli fjre:  of a mipor pafip'o- cl|d' break'''out- again  al, r�� -tin], it ppspd no prphlcni ai>c* wuh  Hopii cxUngnlKhoc),       ������'���'    ry ,  BnlJI. ip lOiiij Hm l|mii|rp, wiik cHiglpally  a [jfiiicc Inill will) a mpall .pnffpp ��|mp f|d-  Jaceut. T|ip Whltipering PIiich, bi))|f al t|io  Hiiml! thpi!, Ki'irvpd ,iih'���( liulli-lmnne with  ' |mj|u!)'n i||i(-| i:|iai)gini{ nmiiiH fqr iiwlm-  *nmrn.' 'J'|)o i.||pa|-cp ||��c|f wim iiHit'd for  vaiiriiiH piii'ppiipii |)0H|dp c|a|)e||U{'' ��|iel) 'an  ti|:aiingt< |-|i-)m|))|im Ml,e. '. ���  II wfif- Inter iipi!|'ii|uf| all a Jl'en'tre l��y  qfficer on tl)c "Empress pf fjussja''.  "j*ollowing l)is rptuement m lD2tl he  settled tU Wil'"-0'" Q'ee'r. He was 77. His  fiflc descended from his father.'1  Mis. $ps.sic Cope died abqut 11)57 or  1958.  Survey reveals  ** * <*  bihtisii Pf-|iim|iia iRp|-pp| Philflrpn !i'-vf- JiMw '���� ppriifipd'-ipnl!!! 'istiisimif ��>( ��  l|)p, woi'fit cjenlal    pi-phlem-'   pi  any"! uiiliiry of-$lir}PO plw*' \)'hvM cxppnHCH pf  provippp |p Cilnadii, accordipg to iVsurvey  ' imi.de jn IPfiO.    , |;   "J J'J,   , ,  Hcpept Hilrvoy    ipi|dp'   l|i ��� ll��c ' .sc||oc)l  c||Kl|'if:|H 'of   Spf.jioll   mi<l   Ppwejl   Itlvor  iilpiw iiji|ipil|||i ciiKos ot denial neglect,  ween Ihf.'m ||)oy nip ||)(i,mf-viuiilmWH ape  Mr,��� ���"������cimpMii* iilsp oHtii|)||ii|)oc| a niop'n  Park wail a gre)if' t)|ii;eeHH mid well III  topdech, However, |mprf'vc��)eptti to ll)<i  hiifk,'! afo', npcoHiiniy ii||d ..lio', mu-gentprl  Coupel) eo-operiilo wllli thu Paijui Board  lo |)|||)|{ Hpipi about. i '  Fi-jjllpwipg llm' Hpnrllnij uvo)iii| at' Hip  ))irki t\ |'pn|<|p))l wi'ple, n|a||))g |)qi; Ihiuhu  .,,,.. yi imIJim;pi)| |d ||iu park, )| |�� uprylciiii) |��y  tumipriim o|no hi do if". 4'>illnwl��U( ''to-'   �� ��rovo| road )i))d,wlHi lhe mimlmr'.-ol'  Alderman (K'fry D|xrm riiporled thai   'ppei-iilea ppke vondhj/''.pp'mljlno ImKlpo-iH.    ���*v/,'��i'  b)in|neHH ip,' that' noe|io)i', reuopUy  l))p wpokepcl BpciriirMlViil lit |"Jrmlli��t3��"''��- " ,   /VUr* J^r^t'^y hJiJicI *VmM)^ (c��f ll>�� i-r-ruMUiinMi-   "H��Pr* HH               '  have 'ilruady  ||PC)i ipti|,alled  Ip vmjiiiin  hpHlpcHs prapiiHOH, fiir|l|cf| he iieen im|h-  inil, w;'nu|(   will'    Uio prnjPMl. 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'',':.  , In (po l-wp local tivhppl .dpdytettt, OyA  Hic|<H Ha|d that .thirty per ccpt.of those  ��xiiip|��l��c|���wp|'p no'-leclec) trpi)|mpn|pi|Hc;H,  'fhat Ik, fliey reijuiro Ircafmopt fnil (iiid ,  pill rpeeived |l, ' ,  Ti'Miilep Bei'iiard lYlnlllmm aiialn ox-  pioiiHed concern for e|il|drep wf ��inu pity*  pntn jiiiii pmnmt iiffprri'iiimia) irpaimmii;  [)r.JlJekn mild Hurl t||P> Cm)iid|u|) Pcplnf  ,, ,. ll mini n|anl���, It wmf pufphaiiPd  l'y.Mr. .'lolip Ihiyen ||p��||(|| ami iH'fl heen  opeialeU |��y him pvor tthp:n, (  ' Tlm-lmpm nf-|Virn, cpfifiie i^impr-p-i-ifi,  w|iln|r hmmurl, f-Jiilpr-liiy, May --'!it)r jl|'"l,  wiih mm of llm imM Imnup1' in Dm urea,.  || wiih b)i||l. |iy Cunt. ,|u|u> Shmliep  (.liuil,-) CJppa ami hln ,w|f��, |||u for-pi'i'  *v)|i|h |-��)Hi)ie iv|piirp,')'r|(jr |p erpeilipi |h��  lnii)Mi nl  Wlli��m t'reiil* (hey had nn old  ^IfiOQ, whfcli wpujcl |ip- |op uyptd. 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Iraler  Ural ihiHlii/i wi||) a liu.(ililo nuluiiiiii rdpepw 0, A-l H|iirpi), Tnn-k canopy,    ���'���'  Ipjn pri|ved |)r:p(.-f|i;|ii|  wljpfe icNlcd  |nil r^>**^*'0<.r^r0^*0^p**i^^  Y'l"'hl��1��'   HMlfiMl)    -llMlrim   ri-|ee|wd   l|)i) ������T|mo�� Clanalhocla rcor'li ovor 2 BOO lioiuui"  m\MW ViJt.'HM��.�� -il-cy /e|l .!..|i,lmi..,,.|,,||���,��� t|8|ol��0 !3i��lK                   ^W,'.IM��M  ,^!!l! JllVplWll,                .    _  mi, iip iiii, mi|-1��.;, i if in ii ,i|m iim,jp,j   ,   nJj, 0|) Qvv;)(1 M,cola, 0f n c.l( vet���     ,    ,  Npw iho nrhlnol' Hiu-hcll, llio ��)<uok . wurvwl yMllow,, mhw ���pmltMat,  "        '      '���     '���    II " '���''-' '��� "-' 1"i  P  in)  Uuiti  TrMl rw  m\(\    prmclflilioi).   Plcluj'tMlilO)*!   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Phopo 005-9654  Pt\pm Ifupii ppop ��hp4w) e\wW>1  deadline is 6i-n<|py evening.  4    ��, |,  I  I-*,** 0s.*~   *��*_,* 00, *r 4~ A****** 0*01 tJ��**���*m**0i** �����,^j����*��M����iJ***��ij��w*1'*'����t�� .A.**.** An*.*n*w*H  ���I  T>M^ll0**0 JlU 0*iU0% J^0*T **  t  A    Mv��W4'fc   ��� A-*  "*--  "��l"  J>  �����  .* V t*  ��� r i rtfit-f l,"  -pcXX""1'  <���' <���  - -vv fv.  **.  V��*  t*0.-r*.  *,t.*i*l*0  ****,     rVk  *  �����     'At  Ik J    ta*i-*j"*  * *.-JT  "xti < *.! t tt. r*rs ivs >,-��.���* *t   *" 1 ���  i' i        ' - ' _ '   . \      t v-  �� -. ir s h. *���* *  Fog? A4T(10 FenjnsHlg Times, Wednesdoy, June ?, 1971    UBII>14f-Awi-rek'���   m '��� lii'-'-fc*,  -.J:"��� ,1! ~    Ui.   M.tl, ,���   '"T  ^^m^^mIiw^^ "^^^^^^-^^^ HELP WANTED (Continued)   p^l ESTATE (Cent.)     .      WAL ESTATE (Cont,|  *,  '-1 -  N��W��>��W��������M��WW��W-��l)rtJUMUMIAIWIl^^  THePENmsu*iA^f<e^ SecheH , Phone 805^*554  r  Classified  FDH RENT  ij^lVt;vy��'<f��'''��'H<^*,MltWWiw��iwMM��|iwiwyiiM^'i^��^i^^  Published Wednesdays by  Powell River News Town Crier  Sechelt" Tjmes Ltd,  qt Sechelt, P.C,  Established 1963  Member, Audit- Burepu  of Circulotipns  September 30, 1970  Grass-Circulation 2W  Paid Circulation 2446  As fil,ed with the Audit Bureau  of Circulation, subject to audit.  Classified Advertising. Rqtes;  -"trLjpe Ad-Briefs (12 words)  Qpet   Insertipn  CARP OF THANKS  I WQULP' like to thanlc Dr.  -BurtnioH and all lhe staff  of St. Mary's Hospital, (Sechelt, for their liipdness; and .  attention to ipy husband during bis. stay in hospital. Also  to my friends and neighbours  for I heir help .and' messages  of sympathy.  Lillian Sear and Family  65^7-27  ACREAGE) waited with "year  round ��� stream. Reply flpx  6463,. c-o Peninsula Times,  Box 810, Sechelt, B.C. with  lull "particulars. 0463-27  EXPERIENCED   Waitress   required for Sechelt Cafe. *ph.  885-2325.    M 6542-27  WANTED ��� Man wj|h small  . cat for contrac'l shake cutting.   Ph.   886-2441.      6408-27  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD,  Real Estate & In"-qranfce  SUNNYCREST  SWOPPING  Qibsons, B..O.  886^2481  ,  CO^N,E�� lot for sale at ���Jel-  ma   Bark.   100x120.- Phone  fl85-9305. "6QP6-tfn  ,    MacGREGOR PACIFIC  BEAUTY LTD.  Bpk 709, Gibsons, B.C.  Van Diveot: 685-8183  3VTARTNE  DRIVE:  Very, wqll OTnGrkM��    w ���   r     ���  tn  built 2 bedroom home wilh G^^NS    Waterfront:/Cen-  sunpoi-oh, concrete walks, tool trally   located, > all   services  shed and good' paring. View 55,^1^' h^] 1�� h0*^  over    water    and'   mmintains ���'" 9','J"'t-0ll.    ���  2 Room dwaterfront apartment,  partly furnished, - suitable  for summer > oi- retreat pabin,  or for an- active O.A.P. or  ,cppp|e, phone 929-2498 evenings. 65.07-28  HALL for rent, Wilson Creek   * '*",  Ct��mrm(nlty   Hall.    Oanl-iot   wtei  Mrs1.    Diane   Anderson,    ($5-  im, "       $455-tfn  BOATS & EN3IHES (Coiiti  T^O 13' 'Plbregla-js' boats for  sale, $-.25 fad- $250' Prjqpe  aa.a-2344:      ��      ' 6&I4-2?  fOR SAtE (Contlnwed)  ORDER  yow   garbage 1 incinerator  at $3l0  ee*eh  from  faephelt IjCinsmen. Phqne 88**-  2443." ' -    eapG-tfn  "9fr  over   water   and'  mountains,  FULLY qualified  cook, \tfairt-   Full price $'12,500.  ed.  Apply  Three'Inser'isns w-*-  *^c��ra line? (4 .words)  (This rate does not PPp'v to .  commercial A'd^Briefs)  Box Numbers'* 10c extra  50c Book-keeping charge is added  for Ad-Brjefs not paid by  ,  publication date.  Legal   or' Reader  advertising   35  per count line.  Subscription Rates���  By Moil:  Local Area __._^___$6,Q0 yr.  OMtside Local Area .$7.00 yr.  U;S.AV -^���- &M yr,  -$10,QD yr,  OUR  most  sincere thanks to  the    Doctors,    Nurses    and  staff  of  St,   Mary's   Hospit*"!,  $L00   ���A3|9   to  Rev.  EJennis: Popple  ��ai*Td frie.nd^. for the kindness,  attention   and   understariding  \vhich   our   mother,   the. late  Agnes   (Granny)   Mullett  re-  ceivecl   during   her   iline|f5,-r-  Gordon, Doris> and Family.  6553-27  .$2.00  _J20c  1 ;Oyers��3qs ^_  .   Special Citizens,  ���' 'Lpija- 'Area tt^  Canada  7-���77T-  By Carrier __r___  to all Bill Cnphran's IHwdi  who showed concern am  kindness during his illness  and sympathy ]at his. passing,  I say Thank You^Epnice.  6546-27  ���,^-A$Qc!-:ip'*-  Copyright arid/or properly rights*  sirbsists in all display advertising  cind^Pther. rn.pterlg! appearing io  this edition of the Sechelt Pehirv  swlq Tirfies. Permisispn to re-  prbdUce Wholly or in part and tr^  any form whatsoever, particularly  by a phofpgraiphic pr offset process  jn o publication, must be obtained  in wrjh'ng from the publisher, Any  unauthorized reproduction will be  ,   spb|ect"   to     recourse    in     law.  BIRTHS  _$3.so   PEIISONAI,  -$4.09  A^eOHQMCS AtTOnjTji^yi- ^  Meetings 8;30 plnC IFhursi  days, Wilson Creek Coimi*nun7  jty Hall.. Ph. 885-9327, 886-  2343.  ,���     . 49797tfn  JVTTENTlQN-membersJBrancl^  38 O.AP.O. A bus, trip to  Re)lingham has been arranged  for Wednesday, June 16 at  nominal cost. For particulars  and reservations phone the  secretary, Mrs. Silverton 886-  7049 as early as possible, First  come first served basis.   -"���"'-���-���-"������         ��� ���������:-"'-1"-"6"544-27'  fs  pleased to  sponsor this  Birth   Announcement   space/ and  extends Best Wishes to the happy  -parents,  ���l-AW: ���   To'������ Earl   &  Penny  Law,   a  son  Alan  Earle,   9  lbs., born May 8,  1971 at St  Mary's Hospital, Sechelt, B.C.  A brother for Terry Lyn and,.  Deanria,   ___,���.  ,; 6501-27  f.^n.i.,1,���1.111 ,���,.���.,������...i..,-..i,U ���i.. 11- ...iiM    ���,!-, ��� im.  Wedding Announcements  MR. & MRS. Stan Tyson Sr.  of  Wilson   Creek   announce  the  forthcoming   marriage   of  their youngest daughter, PhyL  lis.,Mlmtf fo Mr. iVpftcQim if.  Weir, only son of Mi's, fsobel  Weir and the late Trevor O.  Weir of North, Vancouver. The  wedding will take- place on-  Sat urday, Jllly- lftth, ��� Holy  Trinity Catholic Q h u r c h,  North Vancouver, B.C.  0509727  OBITUARY  WALL ��� May 27, 1071, Jn-  ' fiepli Samuel Wall of SechelL  B,C, Survived by ono brother  I" r e d of Vancouver. One nephew and two nieces, Funeral  service was hold Monday,  Muy 31 from the Harvey l��'un-  erul Home, under tho auspices  of tlio .lohovaliK Witnesses,  Cremation,' 6539-27  -'���-l���' ;���1������������������ 1���~  Rifles, ��� May 29, in-M-Ed-���  ,wlji Percy IUhkh. of Selma  Park B,C, Hnrvivod by IiIk  Wife nnd fiiinlly, Private fup-  . oral servUniK was hold froni  tlio Family Chapel nf t|ur liny-  voy KuiMiral llomn,       U53U-27  COCHIIAN ��� May, 2-1, 197),  Wllllain'privlil CiM'liran, n��o<|  70 yoai'H, nd I'npdny Harbour,  H,C, Hiirvlvi'd by iwo himih,  Clordou nnd Mill; llin-n dnuii-  IiI<th,, Mm, lAud|'oy Um^al,  Mch.1, Dolioo , .Campbell nnd  'Miu   April  Coni|z/||  nix   hIh-  \ lorn; Min, M'rynnl, Mi-rj. SuinUf,  Men, Moll, Mrti, llpiiiHworili,  Mr/-, J*-yl<on,'aiid IVIi'H, Hogar-i;  UniiidelilMi'iin anil ip'iud i(iii-  lid<'l��ll'ln!||, fttpnyiii mirvli'iiH  Wim  Inrlrl  tip  I'Vlday,  May  ii'll  ,   Iioiii     lhn    llnivuy    (''unui'iil  IJOIIIO,   (lillHII/IH,   I),(.!;   Ilov,   I),  lIunnl'.L.nl'I'h'iiil'iil.iUi'iiinatliin.  *       am-rVi  Saints members. Ph. 885-  9547 or 886-g546. 4505-tfn  ��� iij."        i  -r-i _        ii     '--,'-, '   . ; i  WORK WANTED  FRUIT tree and hedge pruning. G. Charma'n. Phone 886-  9862. 6138tfn  WIS6 OFFER a clomplete tr^e  service to the entire Sunshine Coast. Our work is. insured; and expertly performed. Phone for free estimates.  Peerless Tree Services. Phone  885-2109. ��� 6258-tfn  CHUCKS painting & decorating., Guaranteed/, work, rea?  eonatile fa,tes. '885^375,   r,  5492-tfn  EXPERIENCED drywall acou?.  stic 81 textured ceilings, now  in Gibsons area and serving  the Peninsula.*--Free Estimates.  Fast service1. Phone G & W  Drywall, 884-5315.       4208-tfn  COMPLETE;.' landscaping, ser-r .  vice, 'Clardehingj. lawn caie,  fencing, By contract. Ph. 886-  712(1.01; nJl(l-'27l7. (|3lfi-tfn  .r, : ; (J ,) f, 1 ~���  CljTMNKY  sweep  and  stoves  .    clounarl.. Ph,   HH(i-Sli��4   after'  5 p,m, 6458-27  ROBERTS CREEK  . DRYWALL  Taping and  Filling by hand  nnd machine, Spray Tex Spar-  "staTiiig age," ex-"  periepce and  salary expected  10 Box ma,' Sechell, B.C.  6442-27  -----   * 1 - -..���, , , .  PART-TIME help required for  h   kmotel. .Write   Box  472,   Sechelt, B.C. 6547-27  CARPENTER, wanled to work  foi-  cpntractor.  All benefits  Ph.  883-^218. ' '    -,        6548-27  REM ESTATE  BEAUTIFUL treed, level to  beach. W.F. lot ljear, Gib-  song, payed road, water, electricity,. small cabin on pro-  pi-rty.  -Phofre   112-26174669.  ,1     ' ���  61)06^7  ELEVATED iindevftloped Ul  acres within Village, of Se7  chelt, resjdentiail location.  ���$J6,PP0 cash. Box 6499, c/o  "Peninsula Times, Box 310,  Sechelt. ' 64997tfn  SECHELT VILLAGE -  100 ft. Waterfront  275 ft. deep with spacious 5  bedroom home. $50,000. Sale  by owner. Write Box 6534,,  c/o peninsula Times, Box 310,  Sedhelt. -Phone 885-9333 eves.  ������    '     653'4-tfn  IDEAL bachelor pad or for  couple. 500' of economical  house in its green bower. 250'  deep and .room for livestock,  unfinished but lived in. Tax  Wpuld be $1 after.grant. Directlyabove Roberts Creek  Legion Suggest reasonable  deal and its yours.      ��� 6526-28"  ' 886-2481  GIBSONS' VILLAGE: Very  nieec-view from this centrally located 2 bedroom, full base-  ipent home. 3rd bec|room in  bsinnt. Large kitchen" and din-  .ing area. Freshly painted.  Easy to maintain Jot- with  good   parking.   F.P.  $19,500.  886-2481  -\  SELMA' PARK: Have a look  at this lovely almost new 2  bedroom home. Has closed in  sunporch   and   utility.   Lapc"-  scaped garden which is fepced.  -Ideal  for  retirement.  $15,600.  886-2481  ABBS   ROAD:  What   a   view  from   this   near   p^w   home  overlooking Howe Sound wit|i  full basement. Foyer^ntrance, J\nA ^U services wa*i erronious;  GQWER POINT; 200x200 view  property,   serai   waterfront,,  beautifully treed, faces southwest.   Secluded   and   Private;  ."Beautiful Qeaph: FP $6,800.00.  CALL   JOHN   BLACK;   886-  '7316   or   88,0-7244.  ROBERTS CREEK:: Only 3  lots left, Seaview (sizes appx.  70x270) good buiilding sites,  Expel lent investment ��� for only^  $2,850; each, check and cprri-  pare! Good terms only $850  down. Don't miss out! Act  Now!! CALL; Jphh Rlack  , 886-7244 oi' 88677316 or Lorrie  Qirard:   886-7244   or  886-7760.  OOPS  -   SORRY!!   The  level  building lot, center of Gibsons,  close  to shops etc. size,  approx. 1-30x65, on paved road  kle Ceilings,  '  ���Phone 886-7193  Roberts Creek, B,C,  "������ ' (i027-tfn  HELP WANTED  PUNDEI? HARBOUR ���    ,  ,      EVERGREENS LTp.  ,"  Evergreens Wonted  (   SALAL 42c'.undone' '  "  HUCK 42c undone,  Dona up 9c exlra  Fr����n   pi(;|{|if��"  for  ground ; nny-  ��� wlio'iii oh f}iiiinhlri<! Coimt  Milfoid plclihig, coulai'l, planl,  Ihi piui'ii ryprlh of Ponder '  , Unihoiir llofol  Pbniuj'JIIHJ'WOI" ,or 'MMO,] .��  - fiO'MMTn  WEST    Sechelt    choice    view  property, cleared and ready  to build.  Phone 885-2087.  -   - 6536-29  FOR SALE���2 bedroom hpme  Gibsons  Village, $8,500.  Ph.  926-1024. S 6540-27  '   PENDER HARBOUR  3oo��� ft.  Deep  protected . moorage  on  approx.   3   acres-.   Includes   2   bdrm.   older   home.  Jack Noble. Phone 883-2701  Rochester Realty Ltd.  936-7292  -' 6484-tfn  EWART McMYNN  ��� REALTY.& INSURANCE   .Multiple Listing Service  Box 2*38,  Gibsons, B.C.  Member  Vancouver Rea)  Estate Board  PHONE '808-2248       "  Notary Public  ROBERTS     CREEK:     House  ,   with one large B.R.'ro<|uires  ..plumbing and some finishings,  we|| , ip-uilaierl,   220   wiring,  ��� propane ��� beaters,' sloye frig' &  most furniture.go .with house,  Largo level lol, 110 fl, .road  frontage, 'on water l|ne,'iiar-  porl, *.'.P.. $13,1100, Offera and  U;rni�� for Immediate sole,  GIBSONS It!IRA!,; Modern 8  B.R, liousu and well built.,  roomy guest i.-nlliigo, .lucalorl"  on Vk .acrriH of jeyo', land,  New i o "  ...������irrporl, ' liu'i<e guidon nrcn,  I'nill trees, A'vo'ry ��'oi)i|'orlii|il,n  well kepi hnnu>, wl'ih rniirri for  irxpiilifilpi",  I'M', $111,51)11.  Some  ICI'lllH   JlUHHlblc,      ���  WE  HAVK  NUMEIIOUS  EN-  Ql/IIIKH I'Olt hMAI.1. ACHE-  AflJi:,  I.OTH AND  WF.I.I,  , ,    PltJCED HQMKH  Large L.Iry and Diptng  sliding gla^s doors tplStindeck  over Carport. Kilo��en ii8s  built in colored rajge and  oven cSouble plumbing and  Attto Oil beat. F.P, $28"0QO  on terms. '   '  88672481  LARGE COMMERCIAL CORNER LOT: Close ..to shopping centre. Available for various types of business. Large  building with 2 officus and  lots qf parking. F.P:' $27,500���  This is a future area,  886-2481 ;  CHASTER ROAD: 2 Bedroom  stucco home -on double lot  with view over Georgia Strait,  lis Basement, large "L.B. Dining area in kilehep',1 carport.  Comes complete with dish-  "washer, wastTBT, dryer, iTRigeT"  T.V. antenna. All you have to  do is move in. F.P. $20,950.���  with. $8,500   down.  886-2481  GOWER POINT ROAD: Family size view home on almost an acre, wonderful view,  close to beach. Check these'  features: Large living room  With FP &WW carpet, big  dining room, corridor kitchen  With wall range and'-ulilif^  area, and three good sized  bedrooms, and modern bathroom on main floor. Below is  one more bedroom, plumbing  in for* another bathroom, un-  fjn   iec   room   with   FP   and  work rpprp. Only about six  years q|d. $33,000 FP.,try half  cash,  886-2481  HIGHWAY   ACREAGE,   near  i Conrad Roat. Only $3,901)  for about 2 acres, 600 It, frontage on highway, road allowance at back, ileve) land, some  ''������nice trees: Snap this one up  ly   priced 4n   last   weeks?   ad,  actual price only $2850.00 See  it  NOW!!    .     "  SECRET COVE: Imagine 9.3  acres waterfranJi*lge in Rea-  utiful Secrpt.Co*?e on th^ Sunshine Coast approx 250' W/F.  protected cove, bo$t moorage.  Fantastic view, lovely new  home, 3 bdrms. built in seating bunk beds-fir-eplape-stove  and fridge. Must be seen to  appreciate, one of the last  large private holdings 7avariable in this exclusive area.  Dont miss out now and.settle  for less later. This entire property priced at only $39,250.  Try your offers and terms.  MUST BE SOLD!!!  GIBSONS: Seeing is Believing  Fantastic,    panoramic    view  Jntj==ceivter"^otU=Gibsons,=!==NoyiJ,  size  76'x265'   terraced,  fruit  trees,  beautiful soil. Just  the  location for your Dream 'Home.  Just steps to shopping, beach,  boat  launching,  etc.  yet  this  lovely     site   location    affords  privacy and rural atmosphere.  PRICED     TO    SELL:    Good  Family home, close to beach,  3 bdrms. plus den or 4th, b'drtti-.  for  your   future -plans  886-2481  ROBERTS CRREK: Large  houi'e on I .acre' with ^"ile  in the basement. Main floor is  ���J.. be'li-uiiiiiH,, with ullk rooms  cxii'a'large, Iiriwei' sililo 'would  bring in $8(1,00 par month,  Full price $21,000.  Jack White  880-  m\*  Ken  Crosby  /  08(1-  2098  Jay  Vlsser  885-  2300  0525-27  SPECTACULAR      waterl'rouf  view lot. Private, fully nor-  fui'iiaci!,    fii-jcpl"'''-',' vjcofl, $6,0fi0v, BflS-fWOfl  J  (H55-iJ7  LIRTINGS WAiNTEH  Vlnce prawer       "806-9359  Wolly Peterson     686-2877  Jinx nil, aibmniH, R.O.  dri2:i-;'7  WATri<i*r<oHT  I .ol loriritftd ol Omon t t,p\pitndit GiliMins'iiMin, T'lflnn Vnn*  VmAuvm hiftndL  100 ll, x 117 II, % <K��', "5<Mi"SI|)��,'V"  ���    M I//50, lUm Qtittd, any Hum /tflll H/'JP.  fOTTACirr��  On ilm Imorb try    I^II^IOO, Two Hiliim, imvl l'"V.o, Somo  (tnl'.lilnn, ,,.'      ,   ���  .,       ,��   '  Al.'tO  lltnnd n��w [mi nnd honm lypn on br-nrli nnd oilior *Jiin?,l)lnn  Ctttiht fiiHiititpi,*., Pan (��ooi|,, rjfiy linm fiHH-U'/'/i,, .  ouocnty 5-TOi'i: ,  *       I/hiiPk'I Swljijli oiwj Soivlrlno Coofiij W'i|l(��ilni>if"he(j biisl-  nti*>> gtu*<, tiyut'$M<S,(J0Q Mnnufilly, l/coljitm ni'"'l, bnlMln'j,  ,., V\p* Mnn wj)u, ttinl voUim, Intlu'linQ mcK 4)5,000^ T/y  your IffJilu fin may ro��|i out your |iwo*b, C^n*iM|| <i08.B7Vo  ��r487*M4*'  '.irovFkiM^vyc^fNP...  BLOCK BROS: REALTY LTD.  *r>4 PUI-RARD ST., VANCOUVER'"    ,  > (Alwv�� Ihu Tourln' hnrium)  -p  ���mm^.w.piiMnnniTW  jAKH^ONTAGr  , l^ivnly 4 bdrm fi yr, tiid homii on nppro-*,--? nrm��, I'Klrh |f|, wofh-���>  (shop ond '.w|n!mln(i lion) nro ndilud nllrncptmt,, Till-. I>, npn nl (h��  jimiIIIiiM iiuiiinu>> mi lhn I'linlnvilfi,  IVFKYTHIfto IS l-XPINfilVI ,      '  r��<rfip| |hn prlffi nn Ihln ?jt, tild  1700 up,  (|, f'oM ond llonm  liomo vn n,90 ll  VAP, I'-l, Tlili. is llio I'ind o| liomn Hint yi,u (ind  "in thti fnnra uUie clctwiot Wf'��l������ Vancouver, Pwcly'trevorm. pinny  ,\v/w cuipiillun lliliinnlK/ul, tnptjvHlliKj  100 iJufjrc-H vluw.nl'I Iovku  Sniind,'Vlflwlno by ��|-(il. only (,  i -   '     wATri<ri'ONT im%  9W) |i.:W.r. on,CimU ln������r 5��clwli only |9V,00 J.P, *VfJ(���� dn,  hnl, pi '/%%,  fiH li. W',-���,��� imlhiiJI'ltV*.nnly"\5('<io()f (��, -  *" W,P, lot* on Oorilun |loy'l.nl'��r <">�� vvlllr "A" If nrno rnilnoo,  '     ('fir.-in) <d \ I O.MIO l $4000 ���villi $ 1600 dn,  :i hnn Willi 160 ll, WI". only tl I,BOO P.I', Good lunm ��vnll,  1 nv��ly sum) W,|-ry|<--v"lot only 300 Ir, la Iwqclrnndiwat Irntpch* ''  IfVI Try ItiQU Uf), ni ihn Idnnl lol lor your pnllor m Rufnmoi robin  w��ly (tf 700 P (>,  Hit 01-ST HMTON TMI- COAST  Abpro*, *" new. ul rn'"fjod|teiii v*��w f?roo��rly with'5*00 (|, of  i.andy lifjorh i'jIhi im, robin  Only $18,000  Try your Dn', i-yin*,,  ^U/vlMUfl .COTTAGES  hrk-lli��i,on�� Ihal frit your por|<��il bonH *8fl00( $11,600, *IS\900  nr > 16,900, 'tninu nm (nlly (nrn)MM-d, |<i*i move In,  ,--   ,G, KNOWWS      *���������������  ?.?8-05/|l or 291-2881  mm'mmtmmmpmmm  .ft  CEriTItALLY Incatot] tuvnish-  ed" -suite   in   Gibsrtns   Light  _ and'  heat   included.   Suitable  for qniel working gentleman.  Phope 086-72(57.   . (1472-27  FURNISHED  2-bed|'oom   tvai-  * ler available June 15. Sunshine Coast"Trailer Park, Gib-  ,"sons, B.C. Phone 885-2010.  8547-29  STORE or offipe^ "fepace for  rent. Approxiniate 585 -sgr  ft. storage space in basement  for rentor. Pboite, days, 885-  9817 or eves, 885-2368.  . 62B4rtfn  S1UCRBT CQVE ��� 2 bedrpom,  view,   suitable   year   rnnnd  or vacation hpipe, 5 rninptf-s fp  Marina, annual lease $060. Ph..  112-987-7807. .      .8502-27  ,..���--U.-4-' ...^ ��� ii������..^imi       ,..i   I.....H. .   -   ii'-��� up-  2 BEDROOM furnished house,  Sechelt area, 885-2045.  8500-27  WANTED TO RENT  2    BEDROOM home    around  Gibsons area. Wanted from  Judy, 1st. Phone 886-9696.  ��� : . .   6503-27  BUSINESS   copple,   no   chil-  dren,  require  two  bedroom  house,    iinfurili'-hfid.    Sechelt  area.  885-9515  or 885-2810. '  6517-27  TENT TRAJLBP- for 2 weeks  in July and August. Phone-  885-9440. 6528-28  RESPONSIBLE    couple    need  family home to rent. Good  references.   Phone  886-2783.  653,1-27  12  FT-   PLYWPQR  l"*��t   Uka  new,   $1)5.   phoi-0. ttpR-2375*.  ,,     Ofiap-27  ui foot - piping hull, hah;  cabin, filit'Cglfts-'g-* to \yalpr  line ^ 1070" 20 *i\&\P"ot|lboard  jut ovei hauled in shopr��Boat,  mojoi, cpnti*"ls,, st��4.50 Phone  88(1-9308. 643G-27  18  FT   QahUi  PlHi'-er   Fibie-  glast,   over , plywQPd   Evip-  rudp   Ph   tl"}p-Q*Uq.       0470-20  *W\K    R(3,iyiP   " patrol' boat  ~   Sleel hull 180 hp QM Di_e-,  sei  Good camp boa,t or'yapht  $9700    Ph,   885-9425.     6469-86  FOR SAU '      '      /  NEW BOQICS at Tli'e  Times %,  '    Bookstore, Secltelf. *iTales ofs|j  the    BC   ,_Provincial   Police  "'  Old   Mai>b   paidep    Becausje  the   lioin   is   there.  How   to  catch ��� Salmon ��� $heljlish~-,.  Bottom ii!>h ��� Ciab-j  Piovin-  cial musepm handbooks  Classic papeibackb   Ph   885-9(154  6504-28  MARINE A��QE55��R!E'S  Paint ��� Fibreglass rr ilppe -*  Canvas ��� float rlai'tlware  Con-ipres.-ied alr-sepwice  NY^REN SAVES  (T971)im.-   , .  Phone 8^9303ri*fib-fons,JB.q.-  DUTCH   RARMfS'   8   wepks  old, $1,50 each: Phone 885-9362  *      ' ; :    flfiffrg?  PLATfQRM  : scries;   ,carpet  svveeper, ,can*iR cnt,-hM.mper  jack, ten pin hqwlinEf 'ban,'6  iiich joinlBrfpJane-*! 15 ft. Qas-  Nf'W ELPCTRIC Tappan rap-  go,  $14(1.   Phono 03(1-1084.  6541-27  ELECTRIC range, $30:~P)*Uip��-  19" T.Y," hew picture lube,  $75. Phone 885-0685.     6494-2(1  LIVESTOCK    ROAM GELDING, 7 years old  15.2 hands. English or Western.  Guaranteed   sound   and  gentle. Phone 886-2617^  t J..   fl5f|5-29  syNs^ir|j3 coAS"i?  I#:(3I0^Ati Di��*PRlf"T  Notice Am public  ".  "iil^RirjG   * .  AMENDiyiiifT -TP: ^CtNING  'BY.-MW.1  Pursuant lo spptinn 703 of  the Municipal Act, a public  hearing will be held'at 7:30  p;m., Monday, June 7, 1971,  at the Welcome Beach (36p-r-  munity Ijall, Redrpoffs Iioad,  Halfmoon Bay, Jp- .consider  By-law No. 85(2)���a by-law to  amend the Sunshine Cpast-  Regional District, Zoning Bylaw INp. 85,  1970.  All perspns who deeni their  interesi in. prpperty affppted  by the by-law shall be atfoTd-  ed ail pppprtunily to be-heard  on  mailers  contained  in., the  by-law.  Thp intent of the" hy-la\v:  j. To Tezppe Lot  10, B|k. II,  p-p j^2S and PL 1327, Plan  7^03  frci.ni  Re-i'depiial One  tp InslitUtipnal Zoning.  sis^traller lleepsnfi,^1*-^^.-��� 2.^  RESPONSIBLE  working  man  requires   small    cottage ror  private house - keeping room.  Phone 885-9839 after 5 p.m.  ..      ���...........,./.....: .6543r27...  MOBILE HOMES  T r- uck .^capopyf Phppe 6^5  MOBILE  home,  double  wide.  2    bedrooms,    reduced    for  Laree   kitchen���fixll   i^ityHet^tH.t-"''���''-^'**,*ci^fiaie;-..oii��^xi^-^x~i.>i4���11,���i���p~  HgFtf ��t()0. .RiB'il'hMlfl P1PM--  er M-- 'Wlilte- ehsntel'dqujle  .!��Mdty^!:.a^^  runabput .'''hnqt 'y/iih "t'r^ijfr  $450- ��� All. ip 'pj-Cftlle^t-. con^i;  ,tion.  Phone 885r2t9��.  EXCELIJONT   coininmnjal   Urt  ��� contro 'ftoclM-li, blijhway  localion, level nnd alonrmd. All  HorvlcnH'' avnllirble, Box, 1104  Pfliilr-J-i-lH Times, 1104-tfn       WANTED  LARCi "WOODEN  STORAGf*. TANK POR  WATER  PIlonft: w^inip ,  MM-0.1  basement. LR Panelled, W/W  carpet, carport and sundeck.  Priced lo sell $18,000. Excellent terms $10,000 down balance $125.00 per month at 6V4  percent.  CALL LOIIRIE GIRARp: 886r  .7244  pr  686-77(4 ' " .  WELCOME W66DS:  SACRIFICE!!!! 25,000 sq. fl.  treed  lot    FP    $1750.    MUST    BE  SOLD!!!!!  7   ACRES   SEAVIEW:   Roads  ,in ready for subdivision, cjnse  lo    beach,    good-   investment,  priced for quick sa|e.  FARMETTE:" 3 Acres, large 3  _ bedrnom home, plus 2 oilier  lge. insulated rooms attached,  could   be   conyerled   into   triplex- 4  car carporl,.  A||  elect,  cln.su   io   beach . and   Sechelt,  . FP  f��9,fi00.(l(r.  WEHT SECHELT:  iiolircnieiil-  Special, qipm to beach  hoiif-i"|pren��t)ily rented al $100  inontli, propuiiy could be divided hud 3 lots, ideal location Fl* $17,500,00,, - ���-.-���.  SEI.MA      I'AHK:      Moauliful  view hi--..110x120'. within  wull'lni? dlHinncu lo llio breakwater, lols aro fully w-rvJcod  on"paved rrind, IcrniK available, Klarllliis al $,3050,00,  CALL    JACK     ANORHH^N,  iiuij-aiiaa or ttno-uim��  '   flfia2-a7  885-2307.  6319-tfn  IF fT'S spits ��� it's IVtprgans.-  =8(157��33ilrSe(-hett, i^O;     : J  8893-tfn  10'x52' "  SAFEWAY     Mobile  Home, 2 bedroom. J&J No.  1     Sunshine     Coast     Trailer  Court. 6493-26  10' x45'  'rtiAlLElt 'Horpe  plus  10'xJO' bedroom.  Write Box  446   Sechelt.   Phone   885-9628.  6492-28  TRAiLEftS & CAMPERS  16   FT.   "Trayelaire"    trailer',  "well     appointed,     excellent  condition, sleeps 6. $1750,'Ph.  ,8(15-9630 o|- 885-8570. , 6372-20  llHT~AlllS'rHOCRA'r trave)  trailer sleeps (j. Propane  Rtpve with liverh-ostat ic con-  t-rplled, oven. PVopjiiie,, |'rifl,gu  and' furnace, Finn canopy for  1 side, AI uliape and ready to  go. $2,00(1 "cash,1 no nfl'ei-K. Ph.  81)5-1)316 V 646126  BOATS & EN<5tNES_       '  '''nr'FirilKi'V'ci'hi^  gla/is botloni; 10 H.P, motor,  $350, Ph. IIIIO-034O. (1510-20  Marine, ready' lo go $150.  Pli, 665-11306. - - <-l*7��-lf��  "nr^i^IV   cTrXHTFi   (Mru?Hf.'ri   lieuc^'  /���Ink, buiil-H, fill hp Mercury,  llkti new. Trailer, $l,'flf|0, PI),  6115-0606,     > 0303-1 fn  upland   along   the   "South  Slipr<>H-'f^e(ii:el=Cnv^=4ind^  ��� property    fronting    Br-fioks  ftoad in DL^6844 from-flu-  '.   ral-"|IolpIin^   to   Residerttial  Two zoning-  Take no|ipp thai (be-ahove  is    a    sj-flpptijs,pf  a..'byilaw  that may be- inspected a"t the  1 Regional pjsttuct :Qf|ijQe-(|)avis  Bay,   at   tjie   f'nries ������ift4lP*(i--e'li  -itafiielyt^Mnn^ai*^*)^!^  8:30   to   12;^0 -pm.   and   1:00  p.m.  tb   4:00   p.m.   aand   the  'synopsis is not intended to be  SINQLE horse  trailer. Excellent   condition,    ready    for    and  is  not  deerped  tP "'be an  use   Ph   886-7729."       6515-27    inter]prelation  of  the   by-law.  Snnshme   Coiist   Regipn-il  FIREHOOD,.32   ii\Ph  manda-  in red, $lp0. Phone 8P6-2764.  ��� 653^-27  COMPtW " Sef of' pearl  drums,   $125.   Ph.   8^6-2775.  6518-29  District.  RR   1,  Sechelt,  B.C.     ���'->  886-2838.    C. F, GQppiNC,  Secrel a ry-Treasu rer  8512-pub,   June   2,   '71  Marnl-er of ||ie Multiple Usiing Sorvjce  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  ���WFST SI-CHf'tiT;  Incnmo plus homo-  |o|s nl fulmoid -.porn  No; ?|2-3  'oilfoom A-rrnmn, l..��,  16x20,  siornop ncMlod ni>ionnsi |n|| pQim pins  1 yr, old 2  .yliiv/ nnd 4 plo-i--lkfiuiilri||y |(irid(.rfipod fjronnrk blnclonp dflvm-  wny, r-nrli miIUi npprnn. 1000 M|, ll, 2 bodi-onim, w/wrnrpullnp,  '/i'I:"'JI'Lf'!,",l]ln!''.,f-l'""��l rni honplliul mm vlnw prnporly,  f-35,000 lini'irlln*, lo vlnw mil l-iinny'Ayni',. H85-2375,  TUWANW.        "~"'~t": '* 7" '"'"". Mo,'2120  .^.flonL,lu>vuiii.nniLriiiliuriiion^Surni<'Walarfronl'4oh-w|lb<<|-qn---|qi.iri<-|)-4  ocrot". ilw mod |oM l>Mi mlloi. hum Siwhnll, f-l'nn vlow will) dnpny  ���ZTi^J^')'''', l}^m QP'i w"��r HnW;>��n Ih'i mod, p--||. prlco,  HhOO. Try Icilf down, W)��no Pon Hodden, 1Rf>-9f"04,  5ARC,fANT 0AY'WATp(?r:RONf     '    ' '     ' Na. 21 M  liKcopiionnl 2 bedroom r��llri-m*��nt borne bnlli by BHHod ri-nll-i-''  mnn, A pl-MHffo in (.how, All wlndown doublo (|ln/��d nn<| ui-raupiul,  folly Inoololiid, VnoUp (|r��nln'��, No Mnln., pnrnpit ntlnrlwf, Inroo  on(|n, l-finrlscopwl, nmundi, lown In^unnly.ilpi'.iml vIdw, HO fl,  Waterfront, hill nrlr.o *>31,750,00,' |i)r nppnlntmonl ptwn Ron  MADEIRA'PARK  ,*s  ��1 > 1;  ,jf��7i |4   *  -^1   '  ,��iw*ti*$  --v  'if\.  *��.  ^-���"N  11' Ci��.  .-i it-  f-  l,  \p.  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Wo Ivlva- Iwo  nmoll, DninbllhliKd, pninq renncwrn* (nr no(h' |��<'��i(i wllli low down  poyniflnli. nnd ptiad |nrm��, prior ��n<p��rl��-ncfl nol n noc��i(.-tlly, Chock  MwBo oui, fl, nifi|<tf ymtr, rlrwm 0 willy, for'nini^'InlorrnnilOrt,  roll f'rilor Srnlll), ("86-9463 ��jvps.  Wli-SON Cf-PPK WATEPFiioNT '  No, 2029  An nrm nl prlvriry,, l(,U |i5��| n| wolorlrnpl, noro��oiM'vl��w^'NM'  anrdan, ti<t��d onlbulfdlnrK & ri'dwllohllnl 2 lufdrnorn, nil elnclrlr"  wJlomo..,fMtl..prlcft���.$33,QOO.0D/-iwllhainly.4l6/OO0.'0b-dnwnr-T�����  1 vlow, cn|| Cmi %rpiih B85-V4n3 nw, :���      '       ,        ���' J  ~���~���������"*" ���'��-,��->���,-,-..i.������.,..., .  ASK FOR OUrj WW CATAlrOGUE OP REAL ESTATfi  Box 128, -��ech��lt  AC5EINCIEa {LTD*  Phono Bfif5-P235  Oncn |n n U(p!|ipq buy n| Hi;. n��w low pr|co o| $97,800 cm |prm��.  iJicalml in capifnl P��ndor   lorbour. ililr. 4,8 nrrc jslond bais ovif  ,600''ff,;'o/,^ip|(ci^'d''.vyaf��iffronl, nAnrnn cnmforiohi-i (oil lioni'i,  wrwH nnur.1 hon����, wnl��r( hydrP mvl Until.'     ��� '  choTci:, watofiiontTots  '  Ip prtpdor linrhooi-, with woior nnd hydro,  IBO (r, rr*'(14,000 113    ft, ��� $)|.000    -  ,   IM ll. ~*,u 5Q00 125 (1, .- J ieoo  ���** lAJJvyl"' '<t,oc,) ���412,(300     \y  :,,..'  150 ft, wfltprfrnnl, will) 4.''wdrnoip InracnMer lionro ol n vory  .....���.���:|ow pripo ff>3p;oo(> m'tpm-lr#i>w1mW,Q(iQ.r'~,T"-r  1 )��*�������� 0*1*0. .< ...j.... +**+, ^M, ^. , ^i,^ym ,��� *0����00,m.,0,i. 1} I  1     P5(!( WfllPrffPnijiVlMi a (-Bdrwom cotlos-e-��.-$20,7BO,  Mfl/iy f)l\w^Wrf fiM yynierfrnrjii Iqt* |ni|io -fty-dof MbrMoMr.orfen.  fipAUTY LTP.  Pliona ffifWer Harbour 683-2233  ���it  ' ��� I  .... g  1  ^^ *. m *,^mL0 *0* ..    r    a c^ Jri>|  -.1 ' *   ��".     '      .      r <  CARS .^ TRUCKS  "(16 V.W- FASTQAC^, mima-  pplate, W-W- carpel,, gab  ]>ea,ler( steieo speakers, v t lasher, 'all options, $*1QQ. Phone  885-288?. 6508-27  j��r^THr^imrmlj~n7^ale  Phone 886-2097. 6511-27  ME AH now tTIt, over fab cuxp-  ppr   What   oft ers?   p hn.no  1100-2775 - - *h01D��3Q -  ���7h  HArTi^MNqioit,  smaii"~i  \yhno|  drive-, pnsil-rac  1'rpnl-  &  _rpar, ^ spo(^jip\v(jred   by  2  cynndL'rliir pofSJedTnTQloTr'Tl^"  v8JI5-,0(12(1. . ' . . 8520-27  .19(15 PL.YMOBTH, (��, mito. For  st-le. ?\1.1186-2001.       6521-27  WANTED TO BUY    ~~^~.  , 2-4   ACHES   wanted   between  Davis    Bay'..-ancj    Roberts  Creek'. Write' Advertiser,  Box  (192,  Seoluill,  B.C. 6409-27  PENDER HARBOUR  TABERNACLE  (Unclcnomingtiapol'  5UNPAY SCHOOL AND BIBLE CLASS  9:45 A.M.  CHURCH SEgV|CE���11:00 A.M.  Postpr Boy. Walter S. Afkroyd  Madeira Park-7-883-237.4  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School��� 10:00 a.m.  Church Service ��� 11:15 a.tn*,  Evonina Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSELLS  .. Dovis Boy Rood and Arbutui  (2 block* up from Highway!   -���  J  The United Church of Canada  SERVICES  St. John's United Church - Davit Bay  ..SundayService:" - 9:30 p.rp,        Roberts Creek United  Sunday Services - 2^30 p.m.  "nSibwins United Church  Sunday Services - 1 1:15 n.m.  Port MclfaiHJnitcd  Sunday Services - 7^30 p.m.  ���     , (2nd and 4t(-| Sundays)   Ministry  .  Rev. Jim Williamson - Gibsons - 886-2333  THE ANGUCANGHURCH           OF CANADA  -._: SERVICES  St. Hilda's, Sechelt. Family Eucharist 9:30  a.pi. (2nd and 4th Sunday). Holy Euchprlst  every Sunday pr 8 q.m,' 9:30 p.m. (Ut .and  3rd). Every.Thursday at ip,o.m".,:*.ypnsppg  ,^r j'.f Q;:^^^ ���(2nc|-^n-J;'^tb;|^��ns!9v>'... -,';,. .1  '^MsirWf'-lS^  nm orp. i)sy ppd drdSppmy),,:  Efl-T-^n^r   Holy   EMpr)qn'?t���2   p.ifi.   1st  ond  3id Spnddy).'  Church  of Hit Presence���Redrooffs.  (Evensong���'**'   p.m.-   ever   2nd   5ur)dayi   Holy  CMcfiarist���-3 p,m.  every 4lh Supnqy,.-  Priest-r-Roy. Di Ppppld, Sechelr 8iBS-97f 3.  Baptist Church Services  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  /���yWmcild qnd Trqil, Sechelt  Sundqy School 1G;QQ q.rn.  riming Worship ll;]5q,ro,.  CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH  '    Pqr'k Rfl., Gjhsons.  Si'ntlqy School 9;45 am,  Evening Worship 7:00 p.rn.  Pastor, Robert- Allaby  (885-2809)  A WARM "wELCOMIs AWAITS  : you,  ��    ���"*�����.     ,0  . -t>J��r -.Vi  "���������  r ^*r-V<w-��-; Jt- r **, v*����f-y "��� -, -"- * ^���>^^r*^^^^^.'**.^^fy**0V*^*'y**/ fjf.w.vsw.. .-.~��m . , rr*^**.  ���e' *~  i>��  A <-.  >;-.  ,n��'  , IV ���Jin*"*   ���"  **-     '    .1  \ *:*  * "5    f  *r*>  %   *��      ' '   '-is r  j  rf iff,ffT^t^At.'^^ t + r- ? -j-v * - f���< r r> r ",**���v��- f> ^ ��r(* fy. . fy'* **-f * t:����^^^'^yZZ^'T^i y^^f^v^y^Yfff '"��)r^^^'r*?r*?**J^*^ ,'    *.  .     ,   - - "���'.���'.. ;|  Wedp^stj^ 4*ipe,2, 1??1 ��� .1 -   The Pepjns|ilq Ttines o    .   page^A-3  TTT*  M%stie��riBisi!SK!aa^^  -: ,-^k,;"  G3B60W5 ATHLET8C ASSOC8AT60N  i - ^r  IN TH,)E ATH^fiC. HAU AT ARMOURS BEACH,- 6IBS0HS  The Sppntjpg Activities.'of fhe children of this carnmupity qrc  **  ctepencleap"- on the interest pqd co-operatipn of 1he pqfents.  It  ��� PLEASE ATTEND  p**fg*��*��  mrmiOTitiip^  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  Sunshine Cpost event *,fj.  wins Br. Men's  RUSSELL   Holel     bf  New  Weslmihslcr  won   the   Sunshine'   Cnast   Sr. ��� Men's  Tour-nanic'nl  ��� Monday,  Winning  three" ���  straight fjiimes t'��   finish  the  four lean'i  double UnocHout  Unrrnarnpnt undefeated,  linsuull" Hpfet defeated -l&F  Transfer-  of  Texafia Island on Sundiiy aflei-nopn and  Powell"River's "Griast   P a v i ii g" Sunday'  evening  and   Monday   afternoun.   Powell  -Hiver had-^eaf4ter^eretrlT3t1���^l:3rriTllTitTi1���trr  gain the rjg'it to play tiiiifselUHotel.  Standings foi- thc tournament:  Hugh IvfoCpi-rt lqcdlec" \.}i\s ^p\\py  wfiile SHipi tiivirig off West ^epliel't  sqppe tjn.e agP **nfl. May ��>&y w%e\j.-  uiHj was speiit wuichirig 4t-^RPai-j} a  rajfi anft \QW\M i| te sJior^ The gevej,i  I'poi. anchor is t|vick]y ei-ustp4 .vyltli  caityoniferoiis |nate--ial. Gaptaii^Saii-i  \)$}yu believes* !|;Jtal- it cqiijii "jtciye  cprfie frppi -ope of |"ie tiigs vyiiich  plfed tji'e" cciasi - arpuiifl ifffO'. but no-  one is certaiiv of i|s cnigii) at this  Athletic Association  Russell'Hotel  Coasl   Paving  Pen Hotel  Texada Island  W  3  u  1  If  L  2  2  Resirlis of- games���Sunday  "tt       HE.  Pen Hotel   ...  ���...-.-..   0       5       0  COaf"! Paving 3       5       1  W.P., -fi-  Gawley: LP. Don Bison  p. Glark hit a Iwo run -homer in thc  top of the seventh for Coast Paving  to  ��� bi'eaU rjp |.i very   closely   pitched  gamp.  -���g^|'teqjt-si''3)3y*id',-fipe defDn*iiye'|>;dl and  .,6pj.h':,#(jPhB��-s,-,th^  .T^iTv'J'eit-iflii    |   j)   2   ()���'��������   2  f-ussejflfnlpl ;,. A...J  I    I   9   4   x   IB  W-P. Lp>:|-^ Hamni* L;P. Kpo Croft;  ,   Russell Hotel coippjotely nver|iowcred     ?-vev|n   %rp|iy  nnij AAp'pii 'tipfil}^''fpy  ho Texadii-team hy sporinR 0 runs in f|io     umpiring t|ie games Soy |.|ie inurrinmcnl,  *    -   ���������<-������-    -   ���"���-'  RBptlLTS     ."  Last week's i"bsi)|ts: W<il<eficld T��in 0, Lor  Freeman   Reynolds). .        ,  Coas) Paving scored three runs ii" tj-re  top of the fifth fhniirg after Pen Hotel  had tied the game iri ihe bottom of lhn i-  Iqurth. Don Smith made several fine  plays at' third base for the Powell River  team as well as liiltiiig a irij��lo in the1!  top "of the first;      '���*"''"'' '"_"*""  ^Charapion6hip-^Sam��M-- '-���������v ������  Coast Paving          I       3-0  ...     Russell  Hotel 4      _7      0-     .  WP. Loirre* Hamm, LP- George Hanna.  ��' George Hanna struck put ten batters  and Glen Galwell hit a home run to  give Russell i'jieir -third consecutive win  and first place in the tournament. Both  teams played errorless and entertaining,  ball.  Tlie players of all   the teams would  like to extend their sincere appreciation  to all connected with this tournament, "good sports" who volunteered as tar-  both organizers qnd spectators. The sup- gets'for the pips jand. Arclip swinimers for  port shown by tbe "number of spectators the Dunk Tank. The boy's 'and girls who  who turned out and supported the tourna- , walked in the paradp ,and rode on tlie  men! by their purchase of booster tickets, float were real cop).���-thanks' kids. It was-  collections apd general sj-iopting fpr tpeir    well worth tbe effort and proved, an a||,  SPRINKLING  RESTRICTIONS   EFFECTIVE   IMMEDIATELY  ,    E.ffecriye iitimediatc|y sprinkli-ig reslrj$:tipns are iniposed on all  users from ("he Municipal water system as follp>vs:-���-  1. ODDNUMBERED PROPERTIES IN THE VILLAGE, and NORTH,  SHAW/ or>d PRATT ROADS, fliay sprinkle on:--  ODp CALENDAR PATES f ROryf 7 P.M. fp ij) P.M.  2. EVE^ NUMBERED PROPERTIES IN THE flLtAGE, arjd HENRV  RQAp^ AN|>SEGH|ELT HIGHWAY, may sfirinJtlB on:~  ,     _^JNi^NP4R;.^t:!ES. PRf M 7 KM.% }��t M-  ALL SPRINKLERS MUST BE TURNED OFF IF ANY FIRE SIREN IS  May 28, 197]               -        / -   DA VIP JOHNSTON,  Gibsons, B.6. ���   ���������    Municipal-*2|erk-  IWHMHHHlWHHMMIilUU'imHlIM-^  GIBSONS Athletic. Association would  like to thank all the people who donated materials, ideas, - sports equipment  and labor to make posters, build the May  Diiy Float fpr the parade, and Pie Throwing Booth.  Mrs. Carol Kurucz and her pie filling  friends, did a. fine jpb of manhir>g-~tbe  bQpjhs A special iban}ts has fp' go fp the  boflpni r-f the lliird. Gary Conely led all  hitlers wftb 2 H.R., a double and single.  R       H      E  Pen Hotel     ,    13       II       2  T'Jxnda Island     ��� 0        (I      r>  ��� W.P."F. tttryii/ilds, L.P. ll, diitliborlwm.  Will) Freejiitjri Heyn'olds Pitching ,��  nn-liil-ler (py five Ipiiipgs.lliu flolel learn  -wpn Ihe.ginpe by -tljjL! jeii mnn abend rule'  After, five 'imiings'.'ft was .Reynoldi'' sec-  niirl wHiltfer in sol'llmll as he struck mil  fivn and wn.J|'erl ope,  Const  Paving 0      'J     0  J'uni-elJ Hplel      " 0      II       I  W,P, ��i, Weber,, L.P, G. I|nnr>ii.  C)n|'(|ie'Webei'Hlrni:|<Oiii iViiirhipii bailors und nllpwi.'il Hirer! lilis In lniii)lug  JliiHsell  Hiilol   lu   Ihplr  Herinpil   sli'nigl),)  Will-     -     H,, ',  Monday.  ���,(.'nirn| Paving  -.'   I'oii'.llnl'sl  'W.P,  11, "Giiwley,  f^vprjle tej-iiis. )e|s. irtj leppwwe cm bold    aroipid success. ��� " ''  successfully a tpurnahient of this cnlibrfc. if rewards ixre truly bestowed-ip hca-  rv^  *&&&.���������&&&.& WSQMJfl.-fPWy    vcp iliei'lSve^piiild ^(>p*pig Grpun^l  SW:5P^!ri:Jlr.?.^ _fes5PW�� .;JI|n   ^vyail,    gf-p���p pf ponies 'li'pye been so yel-y  ei|lhusiaslic,' wiljipp bpjpprs and t'ener-  pijs -A*lt|i finnppj.nl spppprt. Their whole?  liearled' nssisiiince lieljipd tq tpalcp i,t possible to starr. -f new Liillc Lopijpe Baseball learns fb's -spof-ofi. Tjiis ipcaii-s pvor  fjf) liiijipy bpys^-wlio.othorwisQ wouldn't;  have had the ppporlui'iily to'.play 'baseball. Some of the- foams haven't uniforms ,  as ypi, bpt Impcl'iilly. before the spi|.spii  is over oi|r funds wjll improve,  The bfiu.si,'-lo-hpiiKo canvass will, start  tips weplv--do your part, |niy n $!',()() fam- '  Hy membership.  Canvassers nro -pooded,  if ypu r.'fnild do a si reel, or nriia, please ���  pull Mr, liiiptt Jlilwin ttflll-ao-ll. ''  ��� (!ire|f! Monday,'.liipe VIlv on yppr <'i]l-  ondur/JtH llm daleof the general, 'meollntf .,  pf thu iGibsnps A||)|o|i(; AtiKi),, at pur hall  on Ai'inoiir'-i |.*oiu.i|, '"ilbsiipsiil 7;!'() p.ip,  Plense i|tipiid, yrpir |pior��i"l fiipl upppfirl  hyp poefled". '.' "  Hnn  lilliup)  $***,,'*'1��1Wi  :AJj^"*|,1$!W"'*^^  -"���^.rr  ���r-wr  I       Vr--**^   7  5ECNELT AGENCIES DATE 6��Ap  ��� Th.�� frnn rfimlpdcr of fomlnn ovt*p's Is �� M-rylcc n�� SfC'-||"|.T.A(3fc'NC|fc'*'i.  I.TO, l-lipn��'' j-iiiilrif'ulfl'tlpir.-* illiuci im Ii'bu Jlhi'lnpfc, h'pwcilylng "l>niu  Pnrl'f, P|��ns�� nolo IhQl spcica In llipllocl qn<)-Virno oi|vapcft-dnlm 'may  hnvo in wn|l iholr Ininf 'olnn llinl Iblr. |r n "rumlmlrir" IfMlpq only nnd  TOiinoi nlwoyn cniry full deto||��, t ������    .  llllll!  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Wakefield caipe frppi behincj tp defend  , l.be Lc/'inn "|p a. uapie hi��hii/dited jiy .un.  unassislud Irrplo play by Lefjinn short  slop liynd lipHoy, f^punr pnpyiil a low line  drive, tu^ppd ||m i-jifpni.-r |jfoinj{, from sec-  nnrl lo (bird and then. In'*i.'ed the ninner  ��� /-olnn frnm- i||ird -'to home, - '���  Wnkel'jelfl   Inn   -I,  lioherts   Grerik   1.0.  W.P. Hepdersupi L.P, Clp'isl'innoon.  DnilH   llil/.dies.' |ii|,   l))s   second ���boini) -  run of t|ie yoiir as lhn Creek pkyod its  host   prime   of   lip:   .season,   It   vviik   I lio  Crock's first wip Ihis year and nnly Hu;  second loss fo-- V/ii|iol'|i;|d,  Pop Hole! 7, Lopii'p'!!,  W.P. I,'\ R<;ynplds, L.p, llnpn l(*|nnp,  'I'lircp iipi)iirued,riinH-iiVlhe tup uf llm  sixth /(live Pup Huiol a oni'iHO(M|l.|vi)"|caKii(!  . Ii'liiinpli ami pnud |mlr|, on first p|ni:e jp  ill,|e leaipie,  SOHEjpULE "  Lo-i|(i|i) /{iniieii for liiM v/m.'li; .  ���   .  ���Iiiim,: 3 Wllsnp Ch,  V  Lopl'ill  al  Wllwip  Crook: |��'lri.'pi(in V  Wakoffnld nl lUv  11 lorn -  ���liiiio I) Wirlioflold V-Pop llnlol al |||ii-|u"il,  irireipop V HpIiuiIh tJIc. nl ||rii|'|iern   ,  ���lipio' II ,Pon I lul..-I V WHmo(i) f!|�� nl |'r���-  llior/i; HuborlnCli, y, Ln/<|on m Hnhei-lo  Ci-iiuk,  Hadium J lol Sprlh'fjts was kpowp In the  I|]rliii)is  lon/[  |)efi|fe  w|i|l(.- piwp  ipipjo  fill ronprfaroii, Thoy pi-oditcd if will) eiirn-'"  Iivo powers, 'i'lm fliWlofl bath bouso wan  bull! Iborn In 101'',  LKAGUE! STANDIN.Gf3  W  (I  ;i  ;i  Pop   llnlol*'  Wpltof lolrl     - i  Klinmnp  Lii/ili'ni  UnliorliH C|-oo|( ,  WIiipIii/' IiimiiiIiii' lick  plmno   111111-1111)1)   ip   piidu^   in in,,  *|pwp|ukLiipu.yiiius-|p,)-<i>j-^-����'-*--*.'''--  I'lH  ,1!/,  (I  II  piipibor in ;i!|,  I'lUlllll  In'May IIIIH ibo '.���--i-uir Hlvorrnno su  lil/lli   Up?   AlriMipilrlii   iaiiini)|)n|nu  brif|/.p.<  ���wim ppdnp|(r,Ti:ir/)|i(| li wnnli-pr(l ||m,|( |���  Ihu  li'rinuir Cnpyrip ntivtiyvil lytl'p) ri/ppur  llPPU Wilh Iho i-i-ni, f'p|' '|| ilayn,    -,"    '  Sui ylrn,  ASK FOR OUR FREE CATAM>0UP OF REA'- ESTATE  Miiltlpla '.iMlnQ Sorvlci  ygncQMVcrltool Cifuti  RfiAi* PBTATE  ' INSURANCES  AGENCIES. LTD.  y-ff^'j-fftiwiBi-^^  TRAIL BAY CENTRE,  SECHELT  �����������������   i  PHONE 885-9823  'V      '  v  .   ,     ^0��f.-^m00t��ii^J*nf00000*mpm!0l0K(f0^^0000mf��a^m0*t*m0  THIS, 15 A $5,00 5P0II  (I im vvhon, mi ronfrtici)  your nrlv'-rfffiino In ihis  i,pftm will ivticA) n��f|)y  2yfi00 liom'os (oyer 9,000  piK-pli") cdcl) wpiik, li'u iho  .."., .nio.sL���t.ocionQi]iilc��L-��-vvuy.���.|t)-..,  rpqciV mnr�� 'i>.m\i.na Coobi  , |)JGio|'ilti' bocoi-Bt- Tlinou drls  (i'o, Into moro |-|oi-no$ ihun  nny  nihnr  n��y-$pQpiir���,"-nh   AuccA in f\),utflrimt ,,,   i    .  ���   '   ������     ���,"���''  Pl.onc 808*9654  O^E PAY ONLY   -   FRIDAY, JUNE 4*  PLASTIC 6AHDEN  HOS.E. 50'       ,  PLASTIC SOAKER  HOSE 20'  WIRE LAWN  RAKES ,          6UNH()SE  NOZZLE,  .i'     ������ . i       . 11   *  Ladles' GARPEN tr.  GLOVES J  nr..  an,  na,  cm.  pr.  ,@i  .tf  METAL fiAS CAN  1 qollori   ��� ca;  NYLON PAINT BRUSH  3" . fin,  i��'  i��1  0'  VINYL AIH  MATTRE55IES  BIKF  LOCKS  SPINCAST FISHING  rops     :  LIGHT BWm$  100 w, 60 w,  40 w.     , ....  PYREX UTILITY  OISH   ����.  ca,  ca.  np.  0  ���pi**'#i *"#-*-*�����!���"��  hi 1��^  PURALEX PLATER  ��" <  *%  '  iip'-rcq'<o'-|o ,     M far  i  DURALEX PLATES  7"     '   J   t        "B  upfircohofjlc        3 lpr  TPA POTS n  6��:-i|), brown v co. j  (PLASTIC SPONGE <\  CASSETTE TAPES  POCKIT KNIVES  Your Cltolco .    ,. .M.eo,  i  pURAMX TUMBURS '  9 p*. A   ' '  iinbrool<ol>|o        ��Q* for  i��1  o  it  >r  M^gg  sss  n  i  ii  *> .*��  \  1} :  "���  ���I  ri  -T  f^^^^^ffWF***^^^^'*   *���  * /������    ft   * o*  (f  "!<-*.   /'fr*-.**   ft   ir-**. fc*#   f.  *   *  *  V ^  %^r��*��ni.A^--f**^**friit:ii.��***fc.4)Aii��J'*  <4('M   0*0*, 0*0 *f ,4F*.**>   *0   t*A* *    ,,.   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Imagine*  .the growth "potential "of 'ah area where  the main industry is art, where creativity  is the expected and not the exception.  Amidst the towering trees and quiet  shpres artistic people could worH -to  spread the .name of the Sunshine Coist to  the cultural capitals of the world.  s^A.--ti$ts, musicians, writers, buyers',  sellers and promoters would flock here,  Already: we have artists whose work  is better known in Toronto than Gibsons  and poets who have-won.awards for their  work,  We have the potential, of creating an  - industry that would make the Coast an  artistic wonderland of wealth and fame.  - The other industries on the Penhv-  -"ilia would ..not suffer if we nurtured the  budding ilower of. art on the contrary  our tourist, industry would become much  bigger, and more affluent.  But, alas, it will probably never be.  Creative people, soipe of the best in North  America, will continue to come here. But  they will not be welcome. It is hard to  believe the small amount of support that  the-artistic communitty receives. Almost  anywhere else in the world would welcome these people. But they have chosen  (climate, scenm-y) to live_liere. Perhaps  ~tbey realize, witlrtlieculfuralliitelligence  of the area, they will go undisturbed.  *    *    * _  -Weir the story is opt.. . Joni Mitchell  has officially purchased 44 acres of prime-  land in the Pender Harbour area. She will  be building a small bouse on it soon, and  a larger one later. Being a Joni groupie  (frustrated) from way back, I can only  say ''Welcome'^ Creative people.,. crea7  "' ie^ee^le^������������-^=-1----^������������=====  Cooper -Shaikev  m -ij -f   i im,if^afi)U0r^^ulfn��*M i-|T�� �����������. >If���'Hi.jMi  Former Gibsons resident  f i *     (  weds tit Minnesota U.S..  AT FIRST Bapjist .Ciuirch in Rochester, 'shirring extended into the wide lace puffs.  Minnesota .on ApvU/18, 1971, Diane Her'lopg mantilla yeil.was attache^ to a  Sharkey and Edward Copper were united^ headpiece of lace and pearls,  ip marriage. The p'ereipony, a sacred ser-*~" ' Attending the* bride were .her -sister,  vice, was performed by, Rev. Clarence, Miss Jeanette Sharkey, maid of Ju-rtor;  Andm-sftn        - -.' antj ��Miss' Beverly Johnson of Mant'cello,  Anderson,  ��� The groom is thp secqnd sop of Mr.  and Mrs. George Cppper of Gibsons, B.C.  The petite bride, daughter of Mr. and  Mis. Hiigo Sharkey pFByrbrt, Minnesota,  was charmingly attired ip a full length  gown of white sata peau and chantilly  lace in A-lipe style. rjt*he bodice featured  a   high  neckline  and' long  sleeves  with  Minn., bridesmaid  Best man was Brian Cooper of Qibsons,  brother pf the groom and groomsman was  Paul Wiens of Rochester.  Ushers were Myron Sharkey and Le  Roy Sharkey, brothers of the bride and  Lennie Weims.  Mrs. Harold Solmonson, organist, pro  vided nuptial mps'p and Pori'sAWs wa**  sploisti ^he-iath, Chapter of ist.Cprin-  " thi*-"*- was read pvipr to' the ppblic, de--  ciavatinn "of marviage-vpws., I   '  Rev,   WiUJSlP   Pernn   was .master   P*  _ perpi-ponies   fit   the   deljghtfpl   regeptipp  "held jw. m auditorium of the, church building whjch had beep beautifully decorated for the occasion, A choir of 40 frpm  Briercrest, qp topp, sang at the,reception.  The bride is- a 6randiiate of Jphn "Marshall   High   Sehqol,   Austin   Vocational  1 School and Briercrest Bible Institute and  , was a pvtrse at St. .Ma,ry's Hospital in  't "ft-ochesler.'  ���The groom is a graduate of Briercrest'  Bible 1'pstitPte, .Caronport, gasfe:.  The happy couple have taken up residence at Porter Creek, Yukon Territory  where they are missionary house parents  at Ridgeview Harue for Native Children.  WEST SECE^T WATB|W6l$|*$.  EFFECTIVE JUNE Iff'THROUGH TO SEPTEMBER 1st, 1971  i���aire to be in force. Resident*- South-(i��f_Hiohw��M^TJ:o^jFuinkla_oiijad!L  days.. Residents Nortji qf Highway 101  to sprinkle on evert days.  WEST SECHELT WATERWORKS  '^V'"*��''^-"^  RALPH C. DUCKWORTH   .  CHARTERED vACCOUNTANT  Telephone; 885,9515 - Telophono: 886-2912  SECHELT, B.C. GIBSONS, B.C.  W. Philip Gordon -  #i  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Tel;  Bus.  886-2714,  Res. 886-7567  Harris Block, Gibsons, B.C.  APPUANCE PEPAII*  TRAIL BAY^ENTERPRISES  Repairs to Iqrge or srngll appliances  JOHN BUNYAN  Davis Boy        .        Phone 085-9318  1!  mr supplies  Telephone 886-2069  It is a very comforting to know that  one lives in an area where apathy is almost unknown. On the Peninsula we  ���seelrfto have a Vocal Majority, and they  proved again how much .support they  havewhen thelaiiti-gra^el mining groups  b'egan to form. Letters and signed advertisements flowed into the Regional  Board office. Volunteers wrote up petitions, talked to other people and "generally  ���gathered a lot of strength in their bid  'lo;slop, the'gravel mining from coming  onto the Coast.  And they /nay succeed.  Everybody seems to ge't concerned oh  the Sunshine Coast. Where other municipalities would have*shrugs and.non-com-  mittal attitudes the residents of the Peninsula present alternatives and support.,  It is a beautiful thing to see. Better to  live jp a whlrlpop!. of debate, apd pop-  cej'n than exist' hi a stagnant pool of angry'  apathy.  ' .' .  -.'    .. *       ���       *  I cannot believe Puul Hellyer, tho  niavarick Liberal who wunts Ip save Can,  ���adi) Jle says he wants to'bring hack small  ML" liberalism to the country, and that  the present government has become a  heartless, "power elite", "Action Canada"  , his n,ow 'almost' party is'supposed to be  the answer to a .liberal government that  cap work.  Mr, Hellyer has chosen a perfect lime  for Action Canada to be formed. The unemployment rate is staggering, many peo-  pie have souped on the sweet promises  oKTindeminiiuiia.and tho general national  opinion to that, none of the other osta-  bliubod parties have much moro to ol'fojv  ,, Ho enter; Mr,. Clean... a former Liberal  , pt-faiiM- Minister (strength) nnfj u m���n  who split from the "corrupt" Liberal par-  ly (courage and Individuality),,, u, gut  , things .back In shape, What Vo end up  with to a sharp new nuiiio mid a loaded  who will proniton anylliing "cutting un-���  eipplnyinont to \(im tl,,,,! <A%n' ."muWiib'  inflalluii" crte. etc. Wu havu heard It u1|'  ' iMifnru, What Mr, 'ilul'yor i�����d his foi-'  lowers .fall to realize to tjuil, Canada1  ilou'ip I need a now rendition nf a llred  lupo. , ��� I  ���   Caiuidu nnedii a nuw and unlitrnly dii  Anx'lit driiiiinier, ��� ,   '    �� .  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  JF-pttefy, Supplies, classes & firing  dealer for rjuncqn's Ceramic products  Pine Rd. & Grqndvlew Ave.  P.O. 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Trudy  -^fr^lTtTHTUii��iiP' C3n||ijen" ltnHpy^??Tl)(l .voV  ~-"3.r-, Lynn*" Bracket!, Shirley Hno.hne,  Colleen  flusby.���22��  yds*- 31.OB,  Duinne,  Fisher, "Kvnpe Bracket!, Pamponia IVlar-  tiiie-i.���4'lO yds-r-1:1'1, Diannc fisher, ifofin  Blpmgren, Wendy    AUnuU.���-Had    yds���  "SVendy Xilnutt, Planne "fisher, Tfr-in f",in-��  biyson.'���High .Jump���4'3''" Trudy Mi'?'^  Icnkamp, Fran Finlayson., Lynne Bracket!.  ���Long .hinii"--7:i;|'jV',J-Jihiqy lloeline-, Col���,  iperi Hnsby, Lynne   Brackuti.��� piscus���  <i3'10'', liynne BracketI, Fran  Finlayson,  ��� Juanita    eiianiberlih.-,-Shot    Put--30'1",  Lynne Bracket!, Colleen Husby, Juanitta  - Cbamberlin.���Ball Throw���153*3", Juanitii  G'hainbprlin, Collpen Husby, Dianno Fish-  . er .���Relay���-Spitfires ��� H,    Bombers    10,..  Mustangs fi, ,.,...  ', INT. GIRLS ..���.',.'"     '  (ill yds- -R:9," Susan Jorflooson, .lonnn  Jortjensen, Carol BJci/ngrun. - liHl yds���  (1:14, Susan .Jorgensen,"' Joan ,b��rgQ|isen,  Eleanor Swan.���22(1 yds���32,1, ..IJoann Joiv  gensen. Lynne Tysoii( Pompoia''Marti,np*"..-i  ���440 yds-^-JUlSreeord. Cathy McLean,  .Joan Blomglen, Pompoia  Martinez.���1130  ~ y<1:*���Cathy * McLean, Joan [Blomgron,  LynneoTysoii" ~ High jump ���13'ft" Susan  Jorgensen, Wendy Nielsen,^ - Eleanor :  Swan.���Discus -7T10" record, ,1 a nice  Mullen, Nancy Slroshein, Rosemary Hoef-  sloot"���Shot    Put���24,ldM,   Debbie J^ihu^  Lynne Tyson, Janice "Mullen ���Ball Tfrriiw  -���l-'30;2" record, Vieki-Beemau, Pal Ilnguu,.  Pani 'BenniJr.���Helay- Spitfires 14, Mustangs 10, Sables 0.  JUNIOR GIRLS  fill yds���-B.2, Margaret Finlayson,  Norma Mills, Cindy Kurucz���-100 yds���  13.1,- Margaret Finlayson, Pain Benner,  Karen Spencer -220 yds -Gail Blomgron,  Cindy Kurucz, Pam Benner ���440 yds -  .1.17 record, Gail Bluingren, Wendy ..Walk--  er, Barbara Dew��� HtIO yds���3:5.1, Ciuil  Blomurerj. Margaret Finlayson, Leslie Mil-  Failane.���High Jump 4'2", Margaret  Finlayson, Marilynna- Musgrove, Pam  Benner'���Long Jump��� -lIVD'/i", Margaret  Benner��� Long Jump���IS'OVa", Cindy  Kurucjc, Margaret Finkiysnn, Gail Blohir  firen.���Discus���fii'lO", Kerry Mahlman,  Karen Spencer, /"fancy Strosbein.���Shot  pul���28'8'', Gail Blomgren, Kerry Mahl-  nian,  Karen Spencer-.���Ball Throw- 153',  Kerry. ���Mahlman,. Katliy 'Whiting, GaU-  Blomgreri.���l-ielay���Sabres    14,    Spitfires  10, Mustangs (i, Bombeis 2  SENIOR BbVB  100 yds~.',1l,75. Danny MrK��V, Pnl>  Bouium, Wnync Smith 220 yds-'-au 2,  Bo|j Benner, Danny M'-Kav, C^oil Hague  ��� 440 vcis-lOOl, Danny TytpKuy, Eu|)  Bonnei, Laiiy M'tltliews��� 3110 yds���  2,35 3, Biiiiu MacKen/ic, Danny McKay,  JVU���Pow���-H-igh-,himti���riyvT-ai ty~M?ih ������  thews, IVLitU T'cnnie, Pti|o Petri-"ni*��--  Long Jump--IO'.1)'", Bpbi Buipit-1, Greg  llogue, Laiiy Matthews ��� Discut,���-IHl'd ',  Bill DihUui, Flank Robeils, Biad Noius,  -Shot Pu|���afi'H���<���"," Boh Gib&ou Lany  Matthews, Frank Hobis'its ���Tuple Jump  -ari'10", Bob BiMiuei, Jim 43-eanj-AvV  l")uw  Intermediate boys  100 yds - 11.7 record, 'Brett Orydftrman, -.  Wayne Smith, Ian Brown----220 yds~-a(i.|),  Wayne Smith,- Brett Cryderman, ��� Iil'p'  Brown-���441) yds��� 1:5.5. Bi:l,cg Smith, B'i}l  Sneddon. Peter' $nglis"-,.--8|10 yds���2:3fi.l,  Slan Pascal; Peter English, Etlery Oajv  ^-Higii Jii'mp-4'l0'/2, Bill Sneddon,  Wayne Sn,ith, Leigh ,W<Hyei-|o!j,-~Idoilig  Jump��� Hi'l", .E"van Grey, Bill Sneddon,  Ellpry. Dan. -Discus-lift'O", Bill Sluis,  Bruce Gibson, Da> Undurwood.���Sh'Qt  pul-32'2", Bill Sluis, B111 cu Gibspn.  ���T-iindy .JCufiipryn.���Triple Jump���SH'O",  'Bill. Sneddon, Evan Grey, Brett 'Cryderman.���Belay���Spitfires 14, Sabres 10.  JUNIOR BOYS  100 yds- 12:2, Brett Cryderman, Leir'li.  Wolverton,   Blle'ry   Dan- 220   yd's-27:8.������.  Leigh Wulvertoii, Bill Sluis, Stan Pascal,  r 440 yds���l:3.ti,  Bill Sluis, Stan  Pascal.  ��� Ian MacKenzie.���8B0 yds���2:34, Bill Sluis,  -Sttui ;i^asca-i7-ei*iTur-STu3ao*w Tump "  - 4,8", Way 110^ Smith, Leigh Wolverton,  liill Slurs. Long Jump- Ki'l". Brett-Cry-  derina'n. Handy Kanipron. Shot Put ���  3f)'3", Bill S hi is, Bruce Gibson,'Dale.Unr  derwuod���Triple Ji|inp���33'.*i", Ken McDonald, bin MacKeiizie, Chris Sneddon.  ���Belay--Spitfires 14,.Mustangs 10,  Secheii! team outplays  Boom Men in close game  LOOKING very smart in I heir new greyn  -primmed baseball  uniforms and  green  '"clips', 11 it- Boom Men played a very close  game  when . Ihoy 'met. Sechelt  lasl  week.  Pitching   for  Boom" Men   were   Scott  Verrecchia   and  Jijck   Laws.pn. Catchers.  were Hick Lawsoi* and Brent  Rot duff,  Filching for Sechelt   were  Hubert-Joe  and  Perry Williams.  ��� . Results:   Boom  Men  051510-12   ruiis,  1-LJiits. 5 errors.. -   .  Sechell 521 221���13 runs, 13 hits, 3 err  l-ors.  A  "?  0    0    0/  7kv;-''j;(  TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS AND THE PEOPLE WHO  ASSISTED AND SUPPORTED US SQ GREATLY IN  MAKING THE 23rd SECHELT "AAAY DAY'' ANOTHER  SUCCESSFUL EVENT,  ' 4 E', Hensch  Moy  Dqy CpmriTi^cc Chairman  , . Sunshine Cppst Ljons CIm|j  SMORGASBORD by CandBeliglif  Every Sunday 5 p.m.-^8 p.m.  At The New  r>0*n0.0*W0*0U*t.r^nrp*nnrmnrmr,nnnr****wrmru*r��*nt*nn0*0*f,  COPPER PAN  DINING  ROO  <HMMH��<Mi<MMHinoiMwwHHwwwwymnn<tlnn<wHwuw<<<^^  Sjliiola'l Al Tlio |",uhy Lni'<o UHsioMrnnl;  fi milob" Houlli  "OPRN liAI|.Y  nl llio l.ipT'.. Covo  lO'iaCA.M,- IOi.'K)  -tmy  P.M,"  '<  f  /  "-�����.  "3)1,  -"---"���'   ***~��~"*.~~~0  /Lin  A'  /  SAfCF I.AWM C|.IPP!iN[(3S?  ivkivvn "s- to -keep JI cyt4 ii |t| pvobiU}ly  Whether   grass   clipings   s,boi"ld -��� hp host to leave ,thc cllppipjjs lo decomppso  raked up or i^ot ("cpend'- on l*(pw WW I00'4 *�����** coiitribulo to soil icrjlllty, say-- Iho  (ifter your lawn, says W\ E.-Coji^ikes, s\K lawn, cxpnrt. Bi-t wl'cro Ij-wps n'r�� fcrti-  lurl specialist wjth the Canada DcpavU lizoc', vynleiT-rt anci Hopj 1��* fipod cond'lipu,  ment ol Agriculture's Phpit Boscjiruh In- |li�� *cu1ti|Uis shoi-ild Lto vqkfid MP Mid ru?  sli|(itc i|l Ojtaw**. If the only caic gtvop moved.  /  s  i^w-iW"w'����tf��-*W��<fc*��*-*  Sechelt's Complete i^esfaufpiif And DUvnQ R$QW  P*  inM  RESTAURANT OPEN  9;30 a.m. - 6:00 ��.iii.  DA1LV  '   dicing mmh  'OPEN  4:00 pain-OsOO |i.m.  LICENCEP PREMISES  TAE4E OUT OBIDEESS SERVICE WINDOW  ���  PAILy-'tlL'QsOO'^'M*  OPEN 7 PAYS A WP?K  We cqter to spiqll .dubs pnc| prtYCffo parities���Phonp ,865:97^9.  M, w, ^mvAfjmH0.^rfu ma:. ^���  l��<r��ei'J^W^i{)A"a^A1'^^  Sank of ^^nfr^al  The First Canadian Bank  Mr. apd Mrs. Hans Rudolf Bur In  ���Pholu hy Cec Ai^i-npfliy, i*pninsvila Pliplpgrmjli^'s  BurlpitEnnis  A  V1SHY  lovely  weddinu  took   place  in  Gihsons" IJhitcd Church  on Saturday,.  May   22nd' when   Patricia   liynne   Ennis  heciinio the  bride    of Constable'   Hans  Hiidoll' Burki. Addinf' color to the lm|��py '  occasion wcie the I'ull dress uniforms of  the   Royal   Canadian     Mounted     Police  worn by I lie ijioorn, ,best man and ushers.  , The bride is the only duuijhter of Mr.  and. Mrs-. Howard P.  Knnis of Gibsons, -  B.C. and the iiroom is the second son of  Mr.  and  Mrs. 'William   Burki   of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Rev. Jim Williamson officiateH at thp  double, rppi ceremony which ioq)c. place  liy eniiUlp-iiiJlh't' at 7 p.m. Church dtrcoi-nr"  liflfls .,> -#prt" yp) Uivy J) pr' ,w|i]} ;ji... vy jf h t WP  ''.s(.''iiVtj'gi:dH"pJ' ypjfovy rnses J\t\d tyyti |a|l  cfHifjp'ji^bV^-fJfjpkj'iiV' flip a)lar' Wlfielr hpjil  a heapti(ii| lieii-|opfi} Cfindplaill'iiip; -V. (  Cj|yon in iniivriDtte by her ffltlip!*, jlip  brjdo was |-a.{itiut|y' ioyp'y h] l)pr flopi'-  I'pjU'Ui irn'wp pf wjii!,o;iirt|ip vy|'||- ipiiufji'ipin  cnlliir, The biifljcp, find r.'nllar were |ripi-  ined with jewels and Hip floor Icni.slji,-  |ace Iriinnied ypj| was hold fry a Kiri|{le  wjrjli; Flower, -'i'lip brifjal boiifiuet wns"  oi'ritd I'lnnii! Vosns, wliile i'onilioi'i.-d cariia-  lions aiirj  |i|y ,ii|' lb',!  valley.  Ma|ro|| of luinnr was Mrs, Pally flaw-  lililiniliier of ''ik'num. iii ii 1 i;.s|m*id;; were  MIhh liynne (.libsoiis iniil Miss Myrna ))ou-  lilfilit nf, Vir|)cinivcr .Tlnrli' I'loni' Ipmdli  iln!SKin; worn piiln ilo unic in clcf.'li'ic blue,  Vohiii! I'lyle y/illl n bfiw nl'IiiipIc,'nnd llipy  ��nrr|i!i| yellow f:||i',y!uin|jii(|iiiii|)  |ioiif|ni!ln.  Bcul uiiiii-wiiK Ciiiinl, Will Hni'lti I'l'oi'n  T||iii|ilor Hay,"t )nliM'i<�� Hi'li'pi'n were Oonul,  ,|no|( Koddy fi'oin KpImwiiii iind H��l, Marvin  VoiUlK  ffoin   V'HI-!MI!,VP-'.  .Oi'pnl-il ..fiir iho i^ircinony, wns Mrs,  1-5. I-'CPOI',, t .,  N '���'   .....      .....  ��� |tni'C|ilioii I'nlliiwnil III lhe Hoyiil Cn-  iiiniliiii |,i)i;'liii| )||i|| I'ljiio rhififii'iiiiiil l.n.yul'-  l��?w "iiim'I w|i|lii-,|||o|iirt, fryiiliil b|id viihcii  wi||| ynllnw I'lnwHi'ii. and f:|',y-flii| iiiiimIIo ,  holilPi'K wllli whili: I'lniillin. ditcoi'iilpi) llio'  brl,ilnl liililc which "bold ||ip wifi|d|ii|( cnlui  li'Ji'iiliw.-il wllli wlilli; iiimI ynllow I'omm,  |I||C|<! of Ibi: |ii:|i|ii; Mr, Hob liiilliin  nl' fliiiii'lniniy, 11,(1, |i|'ii|)i)iiiiil ||iii lointl |o  llic Iirjili), Mniibii' lifpni'iiipnn'lnti wan (,'orp-  oral 11. W.  I'Iih-u||)iiii.  MiVII, I), IJIunin1 ii|oiut n iMiiinry ynllnw  niifiiinililii, vvliilo Imi, li'iiiiMiiiii willi v')l-  ' lOW  ll||lj   Wlllll!  lll!(!ll|IH0l'l��ll.  "    Mi's,' Wllllnin   liiirld   iiliDii.ii  n   iiiinjvn  eiiscniblo with while hat and accpssories,  Hutli   the- inotjler   of   the   bride   and  nioiher of  the  ({room  wore corsaf'cs of '  whii a  font hotted ' carnations    and   flame  roses  ll.irrison Hot Sprinf's was chospn for  ' the. honeymoon nnd lor the journey the  bride wfrre a. scarlet red dress and jacket,  bl'itjK straw hat trimmed "a-HIi rpd,.hlack  sl^ip.. and purse and white orchid eo|:snf"e.  Mr. apd M|\s. Hiipti Bnrki Will <uljc up  rpsid'-nce in Kelowna, B.C,     -  Out-of-town     '{Upsls   trayolkid    fiom  '"hMinler   Bay,   Ontario;  Snskiifopii,   Su-  j(kj".lcheVY-i!Vi VpIIow Knife, NW')'.; Ore-  Ijpn, Washinidfin; Vancouver Island and  . Vilhcoiiver,'    ���,.,'.   .' ..    . . ,;.    AJJ '  ";   ,  \..;-AJifJ$.'iJJ:r^JsJJj'S*���':���* :  -������Jifl^i - Mft\iMh{\ Vfij-plii-yf ..ejfippplop  Herye 'iqljon, of .Apfirji:)-, gpij js npw  flie yyinni'ntfp-il biiftKy-ffrjvpc since lipp-  Hiii'. fi] 107(f), bi* I'-islpd ii wp|'lf'*rpcprd -IH<|  yjcipcjch: in |(|��7 sliirls', ipa'py oi' fiipiu wjf|i  chi'qpic alsri-n��|)s. |n |as| year's $ 11J .fi.j f  Ijp-clor Clip ��lfil'ps al ifoosuyplf Ififc-pway  in  Now  Vo|-k, ���li'ilipp f'lcovp ai)d   |H-in-|  jr-i)' shof nnnipfi lyiiii'iii ipi'idp- winiiinif  (i|io'f|ij of mi^ri fayorilp.,f,ri|,:f;|anover,  ..iniliJ!M!lliniliniinf^N!iMr?!!!^rMlHJIlMI!||II!!l||ji(..  RADIO  & TELEVISION  c|uq|oi- for;  '��������� ZENITH  FLEETWOOP  ADMIRAL -PHILIPS  ., ��,,.-  .i|i        i|r ���������   m     - 'H   - ������  ���->���"���  EVERYTIilNG FOfl  HOME ENTERTAINMENT  i|i       ��� i|i ill Hi  1     FURNITURE        ...  Ph, B86-22BP , Gllnnnt, B.C.  ���'uiramiiiiiiiiiiiKiiuiiiiiiiiiii  V\ifewantyou  toget  your money's worth,  "At the Bank of Montreal, we wish  to be unique among banks. Uniquo  jn that we wish to serve not only as *  a place where you carrdeposit and  borrow money. But wc alsq want to  show you how tq get the most for  your money.  "After all, we've become one of  the laigest banks in the world, and  who should Know moi e about money t  Tjipt's vvhy aTf our offons-*ar.a dedicated to giving you advice that will ,  help you ip your depoj-jiing "and  poi rowing. We want you to got your  money's worth/'  1 J<�� * > Bl^��l ^ v' >^  m^AmiMM.. ^     >h>J:  $"J-  '!,i  m>i  ���EFFECTIVES"  Siim 2 - JUNE S  ?fl jjjjll*!  , ���-:";   ij ljLuJ  ���.���t LJ LJ L-T3  -r  r: "i  y  *3JU  lorn mw  t i  Dolnor  Bnnnyfirook  'pr  Hi.  M��i  mm side  BACON  i��f.  tmagaai3iia.giaa.-jnawnwB��OT,i��tuy  -PORK-CHOPS-  Tills mJyoilf'oinoi)! It not 'Mlill'liAd m tllsj^yu'l Ij/ Uio Wm Co/iM Gq��iA oi ^ Hiq ^miitmni of lhHM\ Columl/la.,  i-nui��-iMiHiiii|---ii------^-ii---|-ip  BlS$&.r.7X.*XZ..t*Tit.  ito|!-llUMIUlM"H��IM"M'l'IW  Gti-if��/o  Cm!  mm  Mi  Tl*TijS*i/7*)i T��^*^^^^)'rt*i*;Li'1 "fHfrtrtrVttfll  %  ..U..!i��j',U.���>f,cy��Ji.\M.!CU��r;i-j5V4t;.|  TOILET TISSUE  4'��  riVATOWILS  2'*  f<  >���*  ��� i  *��� **  ��� - *u  ,'5 ,��  -*  ���     *f  4t I  >K  iii"  1 Vr  A',,  ,<   i  t v  \ ti1-   "'  !���'  ii *l ��4 t*  ���* iWft*Ji"*' ^^ *  *', *
*r)   I
*.-__—       _£ .,
.1- i
-yryrMyi Vice, Vers^ & Jaggsr ffAt
^ "  perform ai Twilight
The. Peninsula Time*
' *- **  \ -* \ ^ ■"
Wednesday, June % 1971' -.
[li    ",K "v.
U   n if1
- ■>'
it*    \.l H v
,   I  "■ •      ,      I
(      —-,   t        1> '
1    f,\»>*M» *
-■ «■*-.
L I l *>
~. ?
\» *.-«
V^il    -JOme enq see.tpr- ypHisen: a,s,   woum \v"-y
%v J -fb the Front" -alwa ut the Twilight T|*efe-
tre\ It's-'the stpry of haw a sany bpTP»h pf,
qi's reject taking op ,the Qevnvin Ai-my,
, ''MoKepssie Break" is fhe wxt feshiyi".,
with Brian Kplt|\as the guy who attetp-
ptf. to stop the PCWs* froiif- breaking out
of a British Pri-sop of War Camp, Break.
away from the lI'y-~thU_onjj3jwarth see-
•0L.C •**0**^
V**f <
ing for tl>e action alone,
^'Perfpt'ipa^^' wiU he the* piece .ifQ-
ve§istance~ftnci the, real perfprpmnce begin?*.yth<$$L i^igk! Jagger, a retive,d :roofe;
;mM?ifii8Pi"'m'r'lt'ii'VJ9'***t^ ^""Si $ gangster en
the vup. Vice rpepig Vprsa, And in the final bid for control of the spirit, Mick Jag?
ger escapes frpiiiv-his role and takes another. T%- spirit has moved . , . Vipe
Versa. ' ■:■■   J-     ...'._
Coming soon to the Twilight will be
two more fivs'i .rate pictures;  "My  Fair
.Lady",and "Airpprt".
f u
\yAA   J,  ^J'A -\'    r^JJP -^   A*        \ \   -      K, A '     '-"
yJ*tl>^*^ S>     A ^J^J^^h, ***"{. i'^*c.^ V/a ,V
k,7 ;  \ - ^»- ^ ^ ^ -*■'    '" .V- ^aa ;'w*\ V-;- A*V* ^V^i
No Problem f            ...   1.
She'U'Up for sure this time "chuckled    left qnd taking care nof to rock the Dfln/lAr   Ml   IffiOC
the hoys when the girls were allowed    boat are; Velma Jackson, Gail "Joe, iCf/lUwl     I I L~LLL\So
to try out ^le 52 ft canoe, but with   ©renda Paul, Lois Paull, Carol Louie,      '--^r---.- .;-    .  ■  !. r^^'vTfS*" ,
Clarence Joe Jr, as captain the girlsv; Geraldine Joe and Sandra Joe, Also -by Cindy Harris and Darnell qenck
pf*oved just as able as tlie young   in the crew avvere Lee Paul, Lori ^y queen                         "*
rrieri who also had the thi>ill of>ad-   Paul, and Karen Spenper," We are pleased to announce that our
dliug'the sleek craft, Pictured from                                       . High Schools May Queen float won Wt
*,s               4                 ^ prize in the best decorated float category
u\(?AAAXlJrHU'^    -         '       •      (.V    '•   1 in the Pender Harbour May Day, Saturday, May 22,              ■     . •     :
SPQUTS PAY ^~~^        *:
Our annual Trapk and Field Daj" will
^t —be held June- 2-aM^:30-p,mT on- the-^i-hool
grounds and a cordial invitation to Attend
|s extended to the public. I
On Friday, June 4 at 2 p.m., U-ej-p will
be a hand concert in "the gymnasium, presented by the Como Lake Secoridary
School Band. This _will comprise 75 'members and anyone prepared to help' with
billetting and feeding please contact the
school office.'•'"''Su'cli'-^assistance w-ill be
greatly   appreciated.
Friday, June 11 at 1 p.m. is Aw.n'ds
Day. It will be held in thc gym und
parents are  invited.
"exams   r:	
■«   School  Exams aie .scheduled for June
^    Hrltl. Students are not .required to aiiend
This is |; $3 SPOTS
,  y (l7ess'WHihron''cQ0tracf)'*.	
Ypur gdyertisinp in this space will reach
nearly 2,500" homips <Q'ver 9,000 people)
egch week. It's the most econornicgl way to
reach more Sunshine Coast people because
Times gds go into more hemes thgp aiSy
Other  newspaper   produced   in   this   area.
The Times
Phono 885-9654
All "The Uuv Paint" products are quality guaranteed,
and carry the .seaj of quality apprpval, "The t-.uv
Paint"- is a first-quality national professional
decorator brand of paint. You would expect. tp,pay a
premiu'ip price fpr this outstandino qualitVi but
because vve made it iuat fp-vypp, the honiBlpver,
you'll find it attractively priced,- Buy "Luv" now by
the quart, Uy the gallon. Paint on the beauty of
'fLuv." Ifi
at IMlSB
*i£ *"K ^^-> «l "*-«
I     \-  \ *. i.    '•   +    **•.   -* ,
*   */      «     fc""^*»--  ' «£>*■. "> -  ."   ,,*r* 0    *r        »2
<^^^'1'**^rr--«-,*'-*-'-,r  "*''■■* "*-,<     •
«f   Jf '
E**Vf .   -    *   r *
I * * t-\ ' 1, c - -    „
* I      *   T '     L"i  s    i-   ***"*. *
,<£>.!   A -.,.,. ■■  «.»,■,,>.,... ■-
-—sctTD(jl"^|1ier" Than to" write exaniinaiiin'is
Four members... of our Jr. .Hoys, basketball learn will, be.attending basketball
•school from August. 1 to 7 at Birch Bay,
Washington. Thoy are Chuck Falcnnbrid-
rje, Glenn Harris, Derinis Gamble und
Harry  Kammerle.
The .first curing and expiirt of salmon
ju' Jiritjfih eoluinbia H«ik"pjaoo at Furl,
Langley which wan built by the Hudson's
Bay Cpmpany. in 10i"7.
Launching .» ,
Chief Henry Paull on Jolt, --elects a ond racing canoe the St, Michael ih
crew tor the trial,run- of Mi&s ■Sechel.t being carved, by Sechelt Indian
alter the launching at 7 n.m, on May craftsmen and the programme is he-
Day; The 52 ft hunting canoe was ing financed from the Provincial
carved from a massive red cedar and (jovernment's First Citi-jon Fund,
took to the water beautifully, A sec-
lmpressive event '• •'•"
By Appointment Only
Phone 883-2602
ALHI'AUY bocoiniiiH a I'liinlllnr night,In    entering  into ,. lliu   Pugffiu  North,'. Wont.
Trull May, Ih llio lilook Bit If flilg-out    t'haiiiplrrnHlilpH,
i'Iumhv,  Minn' Hi'i'liuH iniiniiiid  hy' iilovpp '
riui'iinioii I'liptuincd by ClaninniH'Mpo 'Jr^
Tlm I'liiinu vvbii'h In ono of Iwo' eiiryod'
lint of rod I'l.'dirr, wim Inuu'chiid nl 7 p.m,
on,, Monday   IVJiiy, 'Mih,  DimplUl ilr|-/,y,lipi|
inlii, 11 I'l'owrl (|iil(!|dy galhiiroil in! ;t|iO'
■Hliiiriilliin lo wiilcb niid it loud uhopriwonl
up im Hie piirl'iiritly birlanood urnff took
to 1110 water llltu.'» Krnool'ul noaJl)li'd.'
Cblnl'   lluiiry "I'niill    HiipnrvlHod   Iho
ImilidiliiK   and    fioi'lmll'ti •   llltln   liidliui
J'rlpiiowi lloini Jniii woufing her :erlniiiuu
rolmii, iiimI  urnwn,  fiunlind   mightily   lux!
llm cr'nlT, niid. hilo llio wnlur, ■ :
lloiioind  ut thu  lil'uniililiig wni'ii  llio
puoplo who Iind li'ilpnd In many wnyn In
H'nl thu I'linoii ciirvlun' nrojixit.oi'l Uli W'ry
nnd hii«!|i Woi'i pruMiinioil wllli 11 iini'V'id
yi'lluw '1'inliir,, pinldlw,   oii|{niv(i<l' ""vjliin
In im -ii'ommi for llio i!«t'r<iinoiiy but Ukwm
..iwnlvlhil ,pn<lillu"i mo!  Dun  I'eVcy nl'
J Wuy l-oni(in/i Joi'vIh Jnlol, Jnliniile i'iiul,
'I'oin Un.ynoldii, Hon Biimluill, I'nul f-Hrnif-
bniiii,  Kiinny iNhIhoii, ,Vli.'  Wnllorii,  Luo
JohnHiiiii I'Vnnli (lirldor MI*A, Al <!iinip-
boll uf Tyoo Tlrwnyit, I'niil (lulliuil, ninl,
Dun,1  (Illicit,    ' '
Tlin "Hoi-ond   ciinoo1 HI,   MMinel   In   11
nrrlm" inoilir) Hlmilirr |o tb<>|ir)«|iiii) rnrft
wliiuli look l|)«i HnrliDll-Wiiri'liiiu lo llio,
• r|iiiiii))h)i)ifhi|> |n tiibnl i-iunai i'iii-Iiuj uuuiy
ynin-H )ij(u, ■
Ali'imdy   Minn -ll no bo I li In   luitniut
lllroiiHli  iho  wni'ii;  nl   I'nlr npn«'d   wllli
pad(|jiu( dlpplnit In uiiInoii and ll lookn w
lliorifili  Ill's Mn-bnll" Wnirlor-f i»r«  i»|-iiln
Km Pe
1659 Snnuhlna Coast Highway at Wyngaort Road, Gibson*
.Phono 0067112      .,   ,   ,
^ CARPEtS    A TILES    ii MNOLEU/vis
Wo Eocituro A Large Selection Of. Dropos
sunnycrie;st pi-axa
GIBSONS "m >HPN^ 005-72X3
IIIIH Klllll illi»l««
, I. , »„,.u,.,.«4«.
•, •'"  \ 'SMORGASBORD--"
SATURDAY 6 |Miu -* 0 p,m. - SUNDAY 5p,i)i, . 8 p.m.
ADULTS $1.05   . CMlLDRKN (under 12) $1»2S
"""**"*•*  00 V¥*^f**0l IM
SATURDAY; JUNE &•> -■ 9;00 Pi
-w- —COUNTRY-**—
1:00 A.i
ist k?^r*%& Kfi tt       tmimtt\ftiwt  tfiAiKi *%*%% *t
W^\0wiS%*%m\ -  frPIUInjIil. illlJj-Zdl*
:^.-.,::■•:,:,: ,^-^i^^-z
nm,„- ^A*.,    0    .      K   ,
**»>'■ l * £
im,V! *» *        *
t    -   1, 4   *    •  4    0- **.*. ''r   .T   -, '
1 b 0
i."H    *. W       **      •> » ^*ri0**
■■  '.-   * v.
' .-b .
'      *       1
■ f f» i' fit 1,1 ' it r ; 1 t 0 0 0't't r t * * r f* »-1 ii i. ' * * >tf*'*tt0000t}itfl*'*'4*'' t0<i.<t 0 0 y ,.**.*,, *, «,.*,*.,»
';. I -   ;     .  ' .. -    I *       ., ' . . ' ',   . 1   " ■,*'-,     HI- 0- . *l jp��>^j  <    ~*C"*>��-, ' -"' "H-i A~~~^^  EMIMSULA  Section B  Wednesday, Junta % 1971  Do-it-yourseli * . .  Census answers mandatory  but strictly con-ideat-al  phtt"i|ied  unless each  bouaehnid  answers  all pertinent questions. That is-  MOST - Canadian   householders   will   be  . fouie   their  own   census-takers  when all pertinent questions. That is- wliy the  tire  Census  of  Canada  is   conducted  on law requires everyone to provide" the full  June I, this year.             " information requested,  Instead of visiting-���eueh-famiiy to. ask Correct   statistical  conclusions  cannot  questions  and  write  down  the  answers, be  drawn   from   incomplete  information.  as in the past, census representatives will Cr/nsus   tabulations,   for  example,  would  W-". '.  *..<   ''A   ���it/  I Willing Helpers  There was no shortage of assistance  when. crew and passengers of a  downed plane were brought into/Pil-  licum Marina near-*SecheH, lasti^un-  iR ^ay- graham Allen and ills wife  ro8e*" i-p Diane were taken by Cunninghams  Ambulance io St. Mary's Hospital  suffering various injuries. Pilot Hon  Hasleft is unders'tiood to have sustained a gashBd arm and was also  taken to, hospital. Plane dived iiit.o  tlie vyatersliQiJly ��fter take-off- near  Cjowholm. the three owe their lives  to prompt action of the D. Miitchell  family of Vancouver who were boating near scene of the accident.  Makara Coffeehouse  plans summer slate  deliyef   questionnaires iiY*^*^-4*^***1-���iw4_4��^4^M��*|^^li-U--ey proseiUert ����ly MAKAHA  coffeeluTiise is TiaoU ^n��:T-^  holder-- during the last week nf May. Thus,-     the   facts   concerning   a   portion   ol   the ifivi.lff unollier suminor   but this weok��� Ik'  families will have time to study the ques--    middle   Income   population   ond   had   no W [�� d " d"f^^M'      t;      *      U   ,b  tions before answering them on  Census     inforrnation about the rich or the poor. ''      ut" '  '  Day. -  --Or vice versa. Likewise, DBS could pre- Prop  in   Ibis  Saturday,  June  5  J-JUir-  '    The Census of Canada is taken under     sent only a distorted picture if it beard '7:30 lor a coffee or; tea and help develop  the authority of the Statistics Act, which     oivly^from  one  section  of  a   city   or  a a summer prograpime.  operates in two ways to protect both t|ie     L>Tliv|nce ond not another. H needs your ideas, your en husiasrn ,  {iccur'icy of the informution bofng gutherr Severe  penalties,  ranging  frorn   fines yinir be|p. Who knuw^ w}iut mtiy (urn P'lll  ed and tlm .Mvm- pi m p^n p^ ^iM\im..pr^m. im , ]MW0 -ffi- ^SEILf^lfr lilr  ceiinus quostion  bo  aiiyiyered by, nr iip ;HU'M-                          ..'..'.  bulnilf of, iillnienibers o|'every Canadiiin Tli'wu pbiijlll-y cluusiis ' luivo hcmi  on  housohold.. On  ll|0 iithef,  it requires till t|io tilalule books for fill years, but liaye  D|1S eniployeos tp 1'O.ep siieb iuforiiiatinn i"orol.y bepn invoked, bpcanj-e ip aliups),  inviibsolute ooiilidenr-e, and provides pen- all oases citizens   have  recogiiized   thole  -ijtju-i of heavy fines or improsoiinieni, or duly lo Cifiuuln ninl volunleprod the es-  liplll, for iliose wbo break l.liti|. trust. seiilial liifoni|tition.  lii the long hislory of DBS, and tlio Tlu" rocoi-ds kIiowiio Instiuie'os of im  "longor history of cutisus-lakiiig ip.Canada, indtvidiuil Having lieen ��qii.i,. to jail for  no census:0i- |.)US"��iUployeo lum ever boon rufysjiig  lo'answer  queslions,  but  -jomp  elifirgod' willi di-it-losing su<;|i inl'orniiition ��� liuvu been fined,  to''iin-iiillim-iKud peisons, qovornriienis of ��� every  politic-il  per-  lly law, DHS miiy-imp Uio nuswejrs on mi'minii oleclud lo officu since Oonl'uf|orii-  coi)fiu�� (ineHliiinnirlres only for Hliilisficnl (ion   liiivo   uphold   tho   twin   principle--  nurposufi uiul  llinn only after .Jhey have" nl' cniiipulNory  nrspouijo  to codsiih qiiOH-  lioiTp; merged   with  siiiilliii'  iiiforiViiiilou liwiiH.��� ,i,i|i'(|  iiIihoIuIo ��� i!(iiil'|deiii.lii|l|y,-   of  ���gained from -icoroH or hundi-eds or limit- replies,           _                          -i ''  (���(iiids of oilier pursoiiH.           _           .  -,   "'"      OppoH(l!ioii'pMi'l|on llu'vu micopled lljuin,  1   Op the blhor bund, Iho neniinioy'iiii'l Ion,  bociiiisi': n'vu'ryoiH."  who  has  luid  a  coinpleioiiiiKH of oimli 'individual   return ���  vplt'" in lh��> ndniiiiislnilloir of n iii.iiuilry,  dtjIoriiiiiiuH  ilm  ncriiiriicy  of   I ho  eeusuH n pruvlneo or a nuiiiiclpiilily rcrii|ii-��H Hie  ilsrlll    ('omplnlo   information   i:i|iui(|l   bu vilnl impoi inure of iiciiiiriilo coiikiis iIiiIii,  DON'T  DESPAIR  OR  PUU YOUR  HAIR . . V  USE AN  i i  AP-BRIPP  WHEN YOU  fil��|P!lM|nme!i( Will hP Ulillinud unless  you ii|i||)|   to creule yni||- (l-y'i), Ipp, t||en  ti.uij's wiifit w��'i'p (iiil'fiH! ynu lo do. Proa in  yoiir own suhiinor eye,u|s. . "  .   .     '  W|iale\*fer ynii-want,"we'll do our post  to   Imlp ��� you   with  'building,   insiriic|or,  eqiiipmonl, funds uio.  So con)p..S:a!urdiiy |o lYU'l'ara al  the  OlbHfins Uiiiled Chiii'i.'li'Hall.. Adn,iiss.iou ���  ..is fruu this wool-,  In hln dny a nuin cllmhod with ropo nnd raw nourntin.  li iooK moifo llm��! nioro offorii Imi lio r\\wm mp^o it.io  Iho lop, tlinl'ft lh�� w��y |i la wllli PM Qlylo. Wo l��r��w |l  nlow ond.Q"��Byytlin nld^nBhlohail wfly.'RunrtHBq thnli'o  wlml || Inkoa lo ioiu;h Iho ponk ol ronl hoor llnvour,  Com�� *>p up Jo Old Stylo Boor, You'll uover IooK hflcm  TWILIGHT THEATRE  GIBSONS -,;,���'-'  /.���.VKHiyiMrSKE  ^OTHEFROS^T?  ���"- ; --^AfidYopVI^VAllfiH;;;/! 'j  ,'.,., STAI'HIISG: '  J<ifiy���l.iiwii��, Ion Muri'iy find iohn Wi-m  WfPN|"5PAY( THURSDAY, FR'PAY,  Jiiiiq 3, 3 and 4 ��r fl P'-1"1  P-*P7t f*, ,\  fljqw.f-r^vvad And riflior*!!-/��fl��ci  '||iitin(lvoi|ih--iin(?i)lii��i|id|)iil)l|i��lii)(lord|ii|)|ny(iill)y Iho ' ,  ���Mqygr QoilHal riouid gr by Uje Upvflliirn^rii 9f Mliti")l| CulurnW u,  WANT TO*  BUYr SELL,  RENT, TRADE,  ��� i'l   '   l(  FIND WORK,  1   PHONE  005,9654  ��� Mr, Adv��rtfi��nri  Tlic-n odvoilliinq  horoolm for you,  Sola ���� con'rocf  uiily,. For dot ail*  on hm irt tt-rotcli  your odvortUIno  doljar, nfion*  f)0S-9AM, o��k for  oppclql ad ratoo,  ��a��i;i,iV^,iaM.n..��."r:irWr^'rE^"SI,,^;^  *T"^r*T"STARNNr,r- -���*l'   - '"*"k"  lllllill K'lilll, ll'ilinul (��|linn uiul  ���Inn llimdiy,  SATimPAY, SMNPAY ����fl MONPAY,  Juno,", ft nnH7 ��t W|��,m.  i1""-1* ���"" ."' .''" -���.  Mick itsmm  "pEWORMAHCE"  nf"ST,niCT*ip|  ||<:���   Cuni,oi   W(MI)ll)||i   V|i|l��nni,   iinull  um. niii|"f.(io7Mt |if)|(|o<n|(i,  TMMPAy ond vyi-pHIE5PAY(  Juried mul 9 ni 0 pm,  Hnlll �����' Umi���>ii��ini��i|ii>��ii��>iiwpnipMi�����iii|iiiBiMK 0, hbhw^���iWw n   ' ������   ""I  "MY FAIR LADY"  i im >^wi" w0 I0n%,mi.n0,wi000*m'wmmmnii*>��ml��m\��im��^m0uimm0).0f.0m i    "��^l  coMlr^Q soon  "Thoy Catl Mo Mf. TIMn"  "Airport"  <l r2%V*  AT LAST ALL OUR EXPANSION AND ALTERATIONS ARE  COMPLETE.. WE'VE EXPANDID EVERYTHING &Ut THE  PRICES . , . .COME IN AND HELP US CELEBRATE WITH  SAVINGS!  Reg. $19.95  SALE  PRICE  DOUBLE KNIT  Reg, to $8.95  SALE PRICE.  W0Ht���-S0���|C��  Nylon -and Wool.      . **�� .  Rog. 4.05       SALE PRICE $ pr.  s.w,R6��-..?^. >t,' ik",. ,i0f.f A-ir.At.uiiw ,J* r  |4;00 ;���,,..,: :S^UP-ppm  JACK SNMt$  Rog. r   .  $62.50      , . SALp PRICE.  t   m'  SWEAT SI  Penman.  Reg, $3.00  DRESS Sk  Vyiilto, Reg. $5,50  rn $6,95 Sqlo Price,  I9RTS  SALE PRICE  ir.' "     -     .  IRTS ,  lo,  . SPORT SHIRTS      ���  \ Short .'��� j/  -Sloavo A^   /2 PRICE  6.W.G. JACKETS  R��o- ' ',.,��� ., ,   m  $7*50 ,. . . ,   5AM i*RICp &  J\J d)  Cowrlo Slreeti. 8or,|*o|t  f��ho��|0 8f$S^330  Top, Quality ,  Reg, ffil^.OS  SALE PRICE  \��  1 & *  ���%yS  ,Ja  **Ij.J  - V  ���%  l\    >  * -1  ���eft  1     *ff  ���1���  I        '  :.....:AA  * tm*mm*tt\��'*mtt<'m i\mmw*  fHi^f����'   j#m  ���   ��    ���     w   0    ���     i  1       Pm*0l.t\^   ^ **^ 0*.0*m*+* *.*00l^0**  00      0     *%.*0.   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VVflflj- be wyotlg, but I shall'pat be so wrong as to toll to say, what I believe to be right,"  ~-Joun Atkins  DoUGf-AS Q, WH-U-wmv F.tlttar  '-0***''m0m**00*.0000m,*vu*u'*%m��uy,,mm0*MW0.L*Hmr*Hw^^ ,,,. ������       ������    ,  -    :      '"���*��� ._  ���      ���VJilltor,   Tlie  'limbs,  Sir; During the Commons debate of  "April 2Blh, ��JV*v.  0, H. Ailken,  Member",  for   Parry    Saunrt-MuslcQka , qnestioned  WHILE Trudeau plays the role of a.  tive, Qui,te clearly, the political arena    Prime Minister Trudeau  about the of-        ' '    ficial  recognition of  one   time  rnedicEtl  yea to thBir woi*lf CQitfd have '("-ope,    ���      EtZtStet Beals  Once again to mie -ind all, \\>e give flui*', *'���R*���*"*>*T*,   r*Nr*��#M  humble thanlcs. * _  STEVE AND GRACE, UEYNOX,p*3  ,,The Whispering "Pines-.  Wlail�� ITradeuu May��  dorp'of unspoiled i-Sot-patlon arens."  J'Tlie* problem of pollution, howovor,  is everyone's responsibility. The* collective, effort  of all levels of government,  Successful      *  lihlilop, The Times  Sir; On, behalf of tho Sups'ilpe Const  &U^'.-.Tho Times  *9iv; Wb Iwe clp*ied another year's  lions' Eastpr Seal Appeal in oiir ^j-ea  With tot^ conations ol $D32 tov -the B.C,  Sinuety fpr Crippled Children.  Oh tiohnU ol the 13.C. &p<i\Q\y For  Crippled Children Iind tho Wor-'a "��ftii'er  Bool Appeal J should- Wkjs tt�� tbanH .all  Iv*  Lion's Club, pleiihu acept my sp-uere np-  buiineas, and industry, and the individual    pveciation for your assistance in pur 'May   - those people who go generously gave to '  citizen  is  required   to safeguard British    Pay' celebration,.      _ . tj,ls cause.        / ��  compatriot    in Russia    it becomes is in the same category, Why then should  increasingly clear -his enipire *is crilir-b- we be brainwashed    into    hs&uining a  ling, t Capable," Jong  time,  liberals are politician  has  to  have some kind  of  dropping   out of His  government   he- - showmanship*- in order to make an nbli"  cause they cniv no -longer tplerate policies leader?     ���  of the regime posing as ivXIbernl Party,^ Perhaps  the  time . has  arrived  for  .   Quite clearly, the Liberalism we once rather' more practical thinking with 11  knew if- far removed fro iTT what we are realistic  approach!  Robert Stanfield  is  governed by today, mul many old time also a wealthy man but has acquired his  We l  Columbia's suwavmdings.  missionary  to China, Norman  Bethune. S   ^ow proposal for a gravel mine opeiv  atipn cap in no way improve this area and  should hp repugnanPtQ even those of you  Prime Minister TrudPau replied that  lhe jmatter was under study by the Hist-  1oric Site^ and Monuments Board", adding:  "As an did China hand myseU I must  say it is somewhat surprising to see this  great Canadian recognized more in China  than in Canada," ���  The answer is simple, China .Reconstructs of June 1967 contains'an ar-  ���Your help wnsr a.  groat contributing  fnoWir Ip the success--, of this eyen|,.  E. HENSCH, ,  Committee Chairman,  Chairman, Easter jBeai App?ali  Sunshine, Coqat Jjions-Club.  party supporters stipport no more. We    "money through his ability as an astute  have In .power, in Otltawa-, a group of businessman. By t'he same token, the , tide hy chairman Mao Tse tung (^n Me-  people dedicated to the -shrine of ideal- role, of government is also that of a busi- mory of Norman ^ Bethune)���a reprint  ism. An impractical and costly philosophy which is crippling the taxpayer  and bringing into dbrepufe one of the  two pkl-line, best respected political  parties,.        -.  ������- The door, should therefore -be wide  open fpr a triumphant, return.;, to. power.-  by the Conservatives ("qr federally is C��n  . be only,one or the oihej:, Ap election  WQuld appear to b$ seke^Ul-sd f��r llle  pot too distant future for the tarnished  Trudeau image.,- can no longer survive  ���on bluff and bluster. ���-���-*'���;'  The Trudeau image, that of a middle  aged glamour boy," swept hii|--into; office but in short time became overshadowed by his new role, th^it of iiiter;-  ness  organi7Jition.  Therefore   it   would  follow that the people to most efficiently  run a goveYnment should be competent  business pepplt?,..,' .  ...  ,    When it is Constderedi on reflection,  that  some  of our    wealthfes  business  m'ign>tte5 .|-r'e. insignificant  looking  in-  tlividuais who would never stand out in  ii.crowd, our'system of electing a top  man for which is surely the biggest in  the world is presently bordering on the  ludicrous. ���'"r-H*J'  Today,  liifiny disillusioned  liberals,  iind. indeed many conservatives, bemoan  the fact that while Stanfield is an ex^-     _ _  ^remely capable   man   he  jacks  public    Bdit^; The'-Times  ,.,,..   .^u,. ,       ,-,,��� .      appeal, This,  in effect, is, like-saying a        . sir: Thank"   you for your    excellent  national jester, The latter finally turnejd .logging-contractor- is incapable because coverage of the Secondary School Wallt7  t;f��pur and millionaire Pierre,, "tripped of. he does not wear a white shirt and Tie. athon in last week's issue. However, there  ^Jiis tavydry facade, has discoveretl that    Or, a fisherman cannot expect ��to catch *" is bne_serious'error that requires correc  fish unless he wears a tuxedo;  dated December   21st   1930.   Mao  starts:  "Cninrade  Non'nari  Bethune,  a   member  of the Canadian Communist Pavty, was  fifty when he was ser?t (to China) by the  Communist Party of Canada    and    the  USA." He concludes: "Every Communist  must   learn   the   true   communist   spirit  from Coninide Bethune. .....'  With all respect fpr Norman" Bethunes'  medieal skills,. I charge that he hardly  qualifies for u monument as a "great"  patriot! Or will we'soon, be erecting a  mpnument of Lenin and Stalin on Parlia7  ment Hill?  PATRICIA  YOUNG, '/Vancouver  Correction  when faced with the task oXj��res��riting  a positive image he. is tot^|lyiJiflq*|.quate.  John Diefenbaker was carried to  power, on *ltn entirely different image,  That of a gifted orator with the ability  to produce, Unfortunately that was a  froiithe failed to justify and he.too lost  the support of the,majority, though not  as drastically as Prime Minister Pierre  EJIjot Trudeau.  Which all adds up to the question���  - just what value .should be placed in an  image? We all know, the error of purchasing an appliance, car "or any other  item, on looks alorte. Appearances are  invariably superficial, and  sadly decep-  Ml'  .-"MUCH, though many taxpayers would  welcome termination qf the Regional  * Board it is a one hundred percent certainty it is wit I" us. to stay. All we can  "liope for is that over i\ period of time  many of the problems willbe eliminated  ihy due process of election.  Our own personal view is that, now  Mr. Stanfield -also visited Russia  but did not have himself photographed  playing at flying a jetliner but we strongly doubt if that makes him any less cap*  able as a Prime Minister lhaji Mr. Tru-  dean. . '   .     ���  Drastic change in our political outlook is long overdue and when our  French Prime -Minister is finally forced to  call an. election is must be abiindiiHtly  clear, we have but one path to follow!  we would suggest at this lime that proven ability should, and hopefully will,  take first place to that of a playboy  opportunist;  a marina  and  boat  launching  facility.  This is one thing badly needed both by  'local'-residents'and tourists,  The,owner of-the Inn proposes to-  establish these facilities at considerable  iCMt and there is little doubt the project  ''���will' prOyg of benefit to the area as a  .vWholSf'Srto^ivlri;, the. director for l\\i\i  tion. The proceeds of the walk are to be  divided,-75% to agreed Charities and 25%  to our Students' Council, and are not  being devoted to the Gills' basketball  team going to Britain next month as  stated* in your article.  Tlie parents and friends of our school  have given long and generously to enable our -girls to make the trip, and  we are not anxious to merit their.reproach  '->'��� trying to 'milk them dry'. :  A. L. THOMPSON,  Principal,  Pender-  Harbour  Successful Year  Editor, The, Times,  Sir: Your help in publicizing the Red  Cross "services has, once -again, "meant a  successful. year for the Society in the  British  Columbia-Yukon   Division.  As you are aware there are no funds  for paid advertising in an organization  such as lied Cross. The Society is dependent on United Appeal and individual  campaign funds and each dollar dpnated  must b.e'answerecT for in,services to- the  -community. Fur these reasons .we at  lied Cross are doubly grateful to yourself and your staff for the splendid co-  pperatipi} the,J*-pciety, receives' in prompt?  With. t|ie least esthetieal Appreciation. If  the: available water suply is to be used  fop this operation, what will be used if  the, population growth continues -as is  anticipated'' Or is it the intention of the  Board that the Gravel operation should -  reduce the rate of growth of this area tor  recreational purposes..  It has heen suggested by some of my  fyiends that this is an Indian project and  thai I wpuld not be interested if if were  jqst white rpen who were going to get  rich by it. I woyld probably ,applai|d if t  it"were* they would have more concern  ip^ft'ie natural- stable of the land and  bialiches. I have talked to native, people  wj|p fear foi; fishing, oyster beds, erosion  aii$ flooding of the land, of the reserve  .si^ild the land be stripped and water  retfining elements be removed.  "yVrth hppes that sanity will prevail and  vested monetary interests be forsaken, I  raise my voice. I have a vested interest  also, as hiavp we all, in the need for- a  small, clean part of the world in which  to live and raise our children.  ���      R. V. ROOTHROYD  Detriment  Editor, Thp Times.  Si-r-: Re; (ponstruction Aggregate in-,  dustiial development  The type of industrial development  proposed by Construction Aggregate is  absolutely Mpliiicessary to the economic  well-being of the-Sunshine Coast.  It will prove in the end to he a disastrous detriment tp the development of  one of our  main industries���tourism.  We will 'be deprived of the attractions that draw praise atid return visits  ��� - from people from all parts of the world:  This is attested to by the many letters  appearing more and more frequently in  our liical papers. The natural surroundings apd attractive unspoiled beauty have  also; led many people to invest in land  with lhe view to eventually residing in  thiiSJ unexcelled area..,.    "'-  I oppose the gravel mining- development absolutely strongly urge my elected  representatives, the District's Board members, to take the same stand.  kESUE h. JACKSON  ���1 -        ' ���'     ��� *  Many Helpers  Editor, The Times  Sir: Words can never convey our  thanks to the people of Sechelt and surrounding area for their help in removing  and, o|$p   replacing   the   equipment   and  u  99  Our personal loans"  are easy to g<  says  [  m0t*w*t ���i**>0>,,-rT,*ft0,aTi*m0tfu*  Anderson  ���  V  \<  it  -payers' expense  ing policies, making decisions and fre  .qtiently  ignoring    recommendations  of  the qualified staff which costs the tax,-  payer even more. '.  We'   have   the   ludicrous   situation  whereby fully trained professional people  ^Jlt.VJ^M^fe^SPrvto    ..���,,,   .. Owml be-pngirij-s- from oui- Ipe Uuml-  My; kind personal .regards and thanks    ened premises, t0 name aw would lie an  impossible   task,   as  we. lipd  help   from  ector seemingly does not approve of  plans to establish a seven acre summer  resort beyond the residential uren of  West Sechelt.  This latter project involves a previously approved sawmill.operation which  extended alsb' from members of the executive committee of the'Division.  Dr.  Ol.C'A JARDINE,  President,  Rritish  Columbia-Yukon Division,  Canadian Hed Cross Society  have to kow-tow to the diclutefi of a group    die owner terminated in light ,i*f a few  urely unrehrt walk ..I I,lc ��ml, in imiki  ., ���,. f|rsl   '.'^ Vl^,���|������ |B,���,w,.''s<,���w  cases, In ��� no way i|iialilied lo even question lhe decision of:our paid experts.  There is lhe even more ihsidous situation whereby.an individual, us a dicecior,  is in' the position of conlrolling/lhc destiny of people within-his'area, This is an  iibomiiiiiblc deviation from our present  day concopi of democracy,  As    an example;  appliciitions    for  lenses are invariably turned over lo the  director of llic particular lircii involved,  lie in lurh, supposedly, -Investigates tbe  lease  "ippllciition    and    circumstances,  then makes his personal rccomnic'ndiiiion  'lo i|ic Hoilrtdn llio piist the Hoard has  'rubber-slumped . |jis   rcfoniiucnd'iiiions  with lhe" cOiisequencu lli|il oije director  has, In rlTco'l', jaken it upon 'liimscll' lo  dccltlc   whellier  Ihc'jippllilajnrH reipie^  i-) approve*! or nol, "llic- iniplicnlion could  he thai providing lhe diiceior, looks fn*  ' voiinihly upon llic'iipnli'cniii, all will, Ik-  wcfll,' If llic dii'ccioi' ;nas min'on u> Ah-  like,lhe appllcanl, oi|l goes Ill's rcqiicsl,  , Wc do no I refer lo any "-jntclflo case hul  (lie  pi'issihillly- Is  ohvious,   luulhcr,. n  fuller.lo lhe Hoard,,1'cad id lasl week's  "Kid Cuddling"  Editor-,-Tlie Times,   , .  Sir: Yr-ur arllcUi coiicerning the City  Hall 'coverugi! of your  pptenliul  hippie-  yjppie prnbluni this sum mm- was thoughl-  fnl und tn lhe point, Indeed, why mIiouIu  1**.   ",t! 'laxpnyiir-i  everywliei'o  foot   Iho "bill  acres of bushl'Mid have.been cleare/l^fo "*kfor (,t|1(���. p,.���p|t.'H,children who cpmeinlo  provide s'eiili    and' ycar-rotind-Wnobilc- \iy-r "hoiuo" uirliiviied? Youi' Mny'ir Pe  lioine sites. The enlirc opcriilion is plan-    lorsnn   sounds   vmy   much   like  ned lo I'll' in without any dvtiiinMnt to  the siirroiuHJing area and will, again,'  prove of greal benefil ,lo a dislricj so  dependent upon tourism,        ���   i  llolli ihese operulions arc needed,  Hiey arc not objectionable, ilieywill each  create some employment, bul���Ihey aji-  parcnily offend Hie outlookof (ine director and perhaps iwo or ihree of his  associate,!-, ���      ���' , .'    ,  There arc ihoso" on lhe Ucglojiul  lloaiii who have rather greater vision  and who do nol sit back' as aiiloeruls,  satisfied, with Hieir own 'niirrow link'  - -jiclie in life reiuly |o slep on nil who  see fhe need for expansion m'id progres-  sivo development, "  ll is because of lliis limited outlook,  ;Wlilc|i j'esulih.'.In h'rng"drawn;Out uoniiii-  ��� versyaud deplonible linposllion regarding people's, rights, lhai we hUmcsi llic  Hi-ard is redundant, All 'required now  is administration iind for that functioh  meeitng iiml fmin"'ili^dircci(irof"iiiiiIit;" -T '"1VC iwoWeiary trcmtnivs, hul.ld-  actuaily spell ihis out und poiuled out    ���"K iuspccior^ w^uks supnlnteiHlent and  " Iluii his dcparlniciil has iiu'witf of know-   .!' 'I"''lllk'd plnrtijcr, plus Sundry stall,  iiiH whellier a leaso refusal fir approval In.ilHt i-vtul ofhulldlni' applications,'  Is iiascd oiv pcrr��o|iiil l'cc|li)/-s orreflecis   we ha.ye.ia buiMinn Inspector italncd and  w,wJliu,onlnloi��aif^  Al lhe prcficut llnic an equally hud    "!���� '"' ^!,,nK '"i^wtliave ii Iralned  .   situation is looming'ui> and Is one Ihal    i:,",,,,cV     k^iuuc >siiu.itioii enisis riglil  again hinges,on Hip personal opinion of    down, the,line Iherels, in lact, no reason  ' individual, l',\iei)  worse It Involves  one individual, even worse .      llic livulyhood of n miiiiiIht of people! l0  I'orluniilely, in tjiis" cas<>, lln* Hoard Is  looking a Jll(lel-beyond one Individual's  jii'ihonal opinion and it is lo be hoped  soiiiescinb/encc of intelligence will prevail,  '         ���'      '  Numhcr one Involves llic Wakefield  Inn, |,ocnli:d in (he centre of a I'Hsl growing coimiiunfiy llicrc Is a tllro need, I'tu  lor clghl"amateurs lo sit aroiuul a'lable ; " '">����� .'^ <"'< si"'l'"ally In;  lo/coifuvf whin should, inuUndouliled- . ^ " J' /''l'!''! '"' \ "'" ";"  ly would   be p relatively, simply admin-    Hfts     '��� '   "* "    '"',  m0000m*00wmt0mmpfmmm00mmmmm00'000* #  The Vm\m\*}hhK]4me^  J'iihlli��licil Wc(lno��<h��y-i nt Sccliolt  1      ''    on |t,C,'�� SnnOiInc Cou��l  \     " "   try  ��� ������ ���  r)ccli��|i l-oiilnnuln Tlmci hid,  ���i    ��� ��� no-i 310 ���; ffwheii, n,c,  f>mhilntthWbitfl*r,fWltw ftnti ftiMixher"  ,     UnlHcrlfthn lUttm: 0n advance)   ��  I Yeirt, f,1 - % Yam, p* 3 Ycno-; JIJ  l),H, nod foreign, $5,50  slnillvt- nialliT. The��� |/iildclliies arc  clearly ��� csiiiblhlinl l*y il)e ; I'lovlnclal  (Hwrnmcm dcparinicnis, which arc always available tip any additional advise,  deHpile liu; vindictive liriufcs IcvclleiJ al  Ihcin by c-iirenicly garrulous and polit)-  callyjnollvalcd indlviduiil-t,''  ^Willing we would vhtnally HUiirnn--  leci If the dirVciors of ihis ((egldnnl  Hoard all walked oul'loday, or loniorrow,  the Dlsirlcl would conllnue, lo function  vmy much Ilk" Mayor  Torn .Campbell of Vancnuver wlni has  I'onio iiridm" vleioiiH attack from lire l��l't  ���vini5 uleiiiniU which sees 'nothing Wrung  ���villi biihiK invaded hy 100,00.0' young��jw  pooplii, aiihuj (;(ip-nuhi itnd (yiuihtt from  thu eii.nl. mid i!HA,  Juki reinl lh'-' iindciKniunil 'pnhllca-  lions thrniujh '.Canada and lhn l.InlU>d  >4Iales and you will Ibid H,C,-|lnl��d iir Uib  "I'lui-hnndlfli's' 'J-finii.llHo". Abblo Jlol'f-  IiIoii'k honk "AiiKi'rlca on $,'1,00 n day" In  ii youth manual on. iio\v' to aloal nulls  lynm,, puopk-'H gitidoiiu, cluml lhn wnl?  far'i'i ag'oncy, hum lino fund nud -i<|iimwi  inoiiny nut'of llm Hnvuninmnt.', Hi.ncii llm  Hovnrnniunt duns not linvn a monny' lino,  il h/iii in euiiiu liom llm ovorhiirdiin'od,  lux|-iayor, I I'or rin<> am sh'k lo dunlh  .nf' Tmdnairs "kid .eluldlln/'", What Is  hu trying lo r|oV,,v,i���biiy il'uf Ipyuhy nf,,,,.  .ii J(��d .auiii'dV : '........rr:* .V- -������.--.-!��� -  /     .(Mrs,) HUli" fil.I'NDIiJIU.ANI.), * ���  ViuM-oiivor   *  Protest  ..   1'dllni', Tho Tlrrwfl  ���  Hln Following Is llm l��xt nf u UdUtr  nuhinlllcil lo Mm ftiui'iliiiio C.'ommI Kngloiial   ,  lloni-il', I'l-'-iu'dliiH ���i.ihft" iirupOsad   /U'avnl  npiii;(illnil    by    Cniirj'lninllnu    A|(/!l''i��a|nii,  ���pnrhiijm yn\i will find H worthy nl piddi"  llni ('uiislnii'lJi'ii A��nr*-|<al'!H iippllca-  llnn for n Ioi'iikIioi'o |n{i,iit and appllcatlnii  In Iohhh ' crown i land, In Iho arna nf Iho  "     ������ '    -     - ,|,���,  inn'*  oadliig  many |we know biit equally from many  people unknown to us.  Qi|r sympathy extends to the Hayes  apd Woodtj families, as we can realize  their loss through tht* iiearness of the  llii'qi'  to ourselves.  \^e mn-'t Offer a special word of (luniks  In Ihu I) or Ifl year, old yirl who inusl still  feci the' ncli'u in h<��r urnis from hiildliitf  Din floor open, To the hoyn of lliu liull  todiili who loft tlioir pluy and worked no  hard,-To a local inoicliunt whosu help ami  UHi! 'ni food storage ' facilHioH in ' gruafiy'  ii|)pi|u(]i|itei|, To thosu who tnokovnr whon  wi! -vfii'ii loo H|,iiic|ied lo carry on,, -  ���" To ail lliu I'lrcfnl'en for u terrific job  Whinl) only  Ihnso who dndicala IIiii|iihi(|-  "Wben you need some extra'cash for sprno?  thing worth while,'llk^aiipw-car, pcoioui* TV,  . a major household appliance, or a vacation,  there are .several ways you can "finance the  deal. But a Royal Bank tei*mp!an personal ...  loan can actually save you money ,.., because  it costs lean than ordinary buying 'on time',  A termpiao Loan is easy to gpt, easy to pay  back, and it costs so little. You.pay trs back  in easy monthly instalments.!^  but to fit yi>ur budget, ^ndtlieToan is life-  insured in the bargain,  Rpynl Bank termplan loans give yoii cash  in advancoso yoit can shopfoi* the test deals  in town. Come in iind see us. We like to look  after you." .-���''.  Community Corner  The Koyal llank is pleased in supply lliis spncu called  "foinniiiiriiy. Corner" for. rrse ..hy;-servicu clubs, clniicli  groups and civic-niindcil orijaiiizulions jn our urea, for Ihe  -purpose of advertising your special events or meetings. If  your have an iinnoiincenienl which yon'wilniU like lo appear  in ihis sp.u-e, please eonlaei Harry Ai)i|uison ui.HBft-23.J7.  June 2-���B p,m, Sachttl'-;l.eoion-Holh PlncJOil,"- - ,;������'���������: ? ;/'- V  Juno  2-^8-|i;nv-( Sr.'- Hilda's  Hqtl   Sochell;  Garden , Club  " Meeiing,  June 2t~-8 pm.  Heallb Centre Gibsons.  Enrollment  Mlfl.  Jqck & Jill  Nursery School,  Juno 5���Commencing 9:30 o,m, Gibsons Scouts nnd Cubs  Bottle ("rive."  GYALBANK  -tie helpful bank  <'il.Mins -r- HKHi-2337  ���    f    9  *3U\\*<L/  RENT,  WORK.  ��� Mr. Advortlser-  These advertisin g  spaces are reul  bargains for you,  Sold on contracr  9nly. .Far defoH*  on hPw to ��-f-rot-��?t��  your advertising  dollar, phono  005-9654, ask for  apodal  ad   rates.  *  Hlpi'ii ihn loilli'd .Initio, Jn Hiippo-rorlly  Ibo ;"i|/| ..liiriinnl. IikIiihIiv In UiIh. nrovlnifo  mid'our HiiiikIiIii<i (!n/ml niivlroiiin����il, lie  iliitf|li(tly Kiillini'ln lliiil piirlltiiili'r rbfyitl-  i��iminr>l, I mu /mijiiliwil llihl you woiild'  i'Oiiii|r|i|i' n'ny |l|lii|< llinl wonl/l, diilyiwi,  fitnp lonrliiiii mid i'/ii'ntiiil(i/|, il In wild  (bin lln)U|(lil In mind Ijmi | mid /n,y vob'O  In (iinlwd In lint |)io|*iwimI fpnvtd mwrn*  Unp, ut, I find twIii)-- llinl. II. will mi"  ihipipty ppy ipuv/itpi, donrlM, mid rttnldtin-  , 1wing t/i0  f>0 urea from fart' Mellan to  (Ham f/atffftt lo fervli Inlet)  rigmmt  r  Hul viio/dl"') lii'ln-drj-, .\.x,!,.  iiniinpt-tli'il-ii-'il in nil proliiil?lliilc-i wlitt f' wniiliPiilHif/iJin'irdnivv ynur plUPh  coii'-ltl'Tiihli'./{HMilcr clllt'li-'iicy, ,    Hon  in IV'milnr Hnnindt'ti comnionl  on    '  jHiKK U3 'of. (bin yinir'H binl|j��d ��n��w'){ ���  '     '"I'lin   I'liiiiulullvf!   iil'fucl   of   n�� Imiii,  ni'idn  |m||nt|fm,  oflpiwlolly  by' llidiinlMiil '������'  ,iiilUonii..Jii.,.'MW---^iM��-^-(Ji^'WOfl4'*-iri-i|r;r;;  nroblnniM, 'l'|n�� h;pdnihyJnJhk.urtfu Iiuh  'hiiiip"\n lifi upon llm I'midllloii nflur llm (  pnililmirliim di/v<dop<ul.mi'l llio t'livlron-  -iimil tlii��mii(|M|. Tin- ��'>viirnm��'nt nt llrl-  ll��)i f!o)i��iili)n Im iicIIiik now b> prrwiryo  llm htivlimd'n \n\ttllhfpl tdipntlu mul uhtm*  /sk  HERE'S YOUR LAST.CHANG^ TO CHECK YOUR  LISTING Njm THE NfiW TELEPHONE PlRECTORYU  THR YPUXJW PAQRO OI:CT|OM hn�� nlrondy closod, ' '  (jo, plonoo ohock yp��ir llollny iiulil uv/ny r- and call u** If i'ou wl*}|) I9 mfll'O nny  fiimnw,      ,  1.,. ���; ,,, .. . .::. .-. ������ ��.:.-���.  Ihm. you thouaht of Hoflna othor wt-mboro of your fflmlly? AfJdlna llw namm  end poelilon*! of hrry orpployoof- ����� nr oihor firm*" you fopros^nt?  EXTOA Wnmt* COST 60 M1TLE. MEAN BO fWUCIi  CAlUOUn BU8INR89 OPF/CR ABOUT YOUfWTOPAYf  B.GJEL<��  ,��  w  *,      .��� >     ''���,<������. ,*.,     ���       ' ���.  ���'������-, -'';'")'/'���'.���,'   i*;**".\*~  oli,M.^-HMi.��*., .��*..., ^d..,,*^,*-***.-,**,*-^.^^*^  ~�����>< - X,*^^^. *^? JZ^Xve.J?*.  "��.,   **y' 7Sf^��P^.' ~^.��,rH^jr0^^fl:  '   + *   "   '    .-     *"i*    * Yon and the law  Criminal record lor life..  for disorderly behavior  DISOIPK-IILV conduct includes"offences    the bays saw his pis-me on lhem4 |hpy tore  ol  indecency  and creating a  disturb- Mhe covers off and threw, tfie botiltb ubout.  ance. It is against the law tocause a dis-   -tho room, Next tjiey turned ovm- u lot of  Itil'bance by fighting, screaming, shouting, , the desl?s and started throwing inkwells  swearing, hinging or using obscene .or insulting lnnguage; or to loitei in a public  place and obstruct people who'are there  in uny way        ��  Even though you 'had 'no intention of  breaking the luw, and even it you think |lr  is a hai-inless prank, these acts-are offences  because 'they interfere with the "rights of  othei'-i, and:.they- may be punished by iin-  prisanment up to six months, or by a fine  up to $600.00, or by both a fine apd. imprisonment.    -.  USE QP WKAPQNS   ..,- k   .  ��� .. ifpe's brothel-"Tom was given a .2-2 rif��le  fin- his sixteenth birthday. One day shortly afterward, Larry came over to visit Joe,  and Joe showed him 'the rifle. They  played around with it for a while, and  (hen Larry took it tn the window, lle^  pointed it al a liird, at a telephone pole  a/ross the slreeit, and at a dog'dowh al the  corner. "Look, .I'rn a. sniper," he said,  pointing the rifle al the postman and pm-.  i'eb-din^ to shoot. Then Joe look it, and he  also pointed the rifle at some people passing by. They didn't know that, the postman had seen them-'and called tlie police.  . They thought ir~"was harmless .fun,  hurling nobody, but they were violating  |.|ie law. It is against the law to point an  air-gun, an air-pistol or a**firearm at another person, even if it is not Iriadfed. *3en-  ionces for- Ihis offence include.both fines  ���and" jail terms up to six months, and the  gun is confiscalud,  Havirl and Glenn ��� weren't so lucky-  David look bis dad's revolver and thought,  he had checked it carefully to sea that it  wasn't loaded. Then lie and Glenn started  tp play with it. David aim'ed the revolver  ait Glenn and said "Stick 'em iipl", pulling  the trigger at the same time. But it-was  loaded. It went, off, and David killed his  best friend".  *~  Tliis is exactly thu kind .of thing that  laws   on   guns   aru  intended   to   prevent..  David's offence was manslaughter, yet no  penalty  a  court could   inflict  would   be  ���"greater 'than the 'agfinyhe suffered  because of his carelessness.  SCHOOL LOCKERS  ' Lilly was caught, stealing from a school  locker.  Her parents wcie called  to the school  to meet ...with the principal and she was  told that if her misconduct continued she-  - would be lurried 'over to the juvenile au-  tborilies.  Lilly was frightened, but most of all  she was ashamed that she'had caused_ber_  pa-rents- so_njucli trouble and embarrassment. She was lucky the principal was so  understanding and. that she herself bad  sense enough to'stop.     -  Are you making it easy for others to  get the habit of stealing? You are if you '  fail to ensure Ibalyour locker is properly  souped, pi if ynu let yrnii lock cumbinu-  jjoii be known 10 ntheis You pan help tho  ' ymtker wilted by icmhvhiK Uio temptation-  WHO'S CHICKEN?'  Sue. and Isalhy discusser shoplifting  (stealing f|-uri.i stores) ppu sunifiier lifter-  .iiunii when lliore wasn't much In do.  "I'll bet you're al'iirjd lo try it," KnMiy  plinllnngod. Hue.       *��� ' ' ��  -"'J inn nol. I'm not seared lo try anything," replied Hue, who didn't-like to bo  eunaidnrud "cli'icluni."  The /(iris talked about it for awhile,  then decided'In try sleiiling .snipe .small  thing from a slore jusl to sei': what il was  ��� like, Going In' one' of the big variety .  Hloies, they waited until Ihey thmigill lhe  nlorks, were pot watching; Ihun Suu slip-,  pud iiii-ex|ii-i)sivi! liiiinikeiT'hicI' into bur  P!H.'|-'(.-|, Kintliy,, ui iii|(|iliei' ciiuiiii.ir, belped  liurseli' to n lipsiick, "which she put in  her purse,'  Tliey llioiigb! Ihey luul a lot of coiinigo  and during; but llieir good feeling did not.  Insl, long, An liu;,"' sleppnd oui to lliu  wiyiiiil, n tilnru di.-lerillve, who looked like  any nrdlimry woiiiiuV I'lioppur, Kloppnrl the  fjirl.i mul look Ihi'in Ihi��-I< In llic maiiiiger.  *iTlu; luiniiigci' wim Very angry be |,n4  ' lhoi|Hiiiiiln o| dolliirs In hlioplil'lirrii evnry  year, lie wild -mid lolrl llie-|(iiin 'Unit bo-  UillMl cull Uio police lh- leiriliidcil Uiiiii  llllll hiking fvvnil Itlllc' Ili'liin Wim nleiil|li/<,  Hnlll gh'ln, li'lglili'lierl. uiul nnluimi'd, were  Inloiii Into llm Juvenile <!iinrl. '  Wlien llieir lierijlillg eiilil", III") girls aii'l'  Ilinll' pai'-iiilir wo/i! Iii'iiuglil Into court. The  judge pllieerl line nnd ls/il!iy un pi'iibnlioil  luhl warned llii-'iii Ihal If lh"iy g/il ii'ilo'fiii-'  Ilini' dinileully lie'wiipld havn hi wind lliaili  to Ibo Training Hi.-liiwl lor Girls, Had lliu  gil'ln been  hixlrr/l yi'lil'n old   l",'i|(||li:iil|  III  Ili.'Cll  iiave  about the room. Bill tossed one inkwell  too hard and it went through a wih<"ow.  Bub became frightened and endeavored to  run away, only to" find a'policeman waiting at the window where they had entered,.  Dill, mpanwlule,, picked up a slnpwah"!*  tlial the teacher kept lor timing speed  teats and jumped out.a window at the  bap}' of the school. He saw Bob put in  the police cruiser,0 so he- ran around to  Pick's home and asked Dick to keep the  watch for him, after telling him what had  happened. Pick agreed as he felt that  it was the least he could do for a pah ":>  Bob told the police thai Bill Was thf  one who had broken the window, and'hitei]  when Bill was brought to the station- Bill  admitted- iaking the -watch and giving il.  to Dick. -Dick was then brought to the  'station.  As a result of their anger getting opt .  of control, both Bob and Bill were guilty  of breaking and entering, causing malicious damage and theft.. Dick was guilty  of receiving stolen goods and being an  accessory after the fact. ' ���  The boys were all under" sixteen years  of age, and appeared in Juvenile Court  where they were declared to be juvenile,  delinquents and placed on probation. -If  they had not. been juveniles, they would  have had a criminal record which would  haye remained with, them for the real of  their lives, as weT! as facing the immediate"  possibility of spending some time in jail.  POSSESSION  Always beware, of "bargains" or outright gifts from slight acquaintances or  strangers, as you might get more than  you bargained for.  John mat another youth at Ihe^lilcaJ  smoke shop and was shown a translate*  radio that he-could buy for $5.00. John  knew that if he had to buy that pai-ticutaf  type-of radio at a store lhat it would cost  him $60.00. at least. John cnuldn'l resist  the bargain and paid .over his $5.00.- Next  day-John was arrested and taken to the  police station where,he was charged with  ���possession of stolen goods. The other  'youth had already been arrested and he  had told where and to whom he had sold  the radio after he had stolen it.  Because John was found in possession  of a stolen radio shortly after it was  stolen, he will be presumed to'hayu known  that it was sjiolen: \     ���   ���  Do you   think -he  will   be convicted'.'  Was the bargain worth the.���${*.00, lhe possible criminal record, the worry and anxi-  ~ely calis.ed to iiTs^pai'Onls, undjlic legal  fees involved?  LIQUOR  . The provinces have laws which try to  protect minors from the effects of intox)--  eating beverages by banning tlie sale tq  minors.      f      ,     ,  Many ypuflis, who look as if Amy iht"  ^1 lp0t";|.*vBA^ipne"-yefii'i':--%'f ���'��� ago, -'^jit't -'"ij$  Tho Peninsula Times Page B-3  Wcdnet-doy, Juno 2, 197f ;    *  '���"Lmwm^,*mt '"'  '"J   mJX^^'Z?*" '*"���������" " '^"."'^LZ?*^"���*^���"���*"*" "" "  *  Poet's corner  AYonrfo^ribpilatiiaycU^ii'Jd  "Local Scoutmaster Thunde-'s. Against  Booze"-���Letter,  ihe  Peninsula   T-mes.  ���      A DRUNKARD'S RJ5PLY  by Dong Handerspn  ��hi the fapds, the suds of theigyyful  dernon beer, 'v  They've led us pstray1 Irom those "wo  '   hold dear. _    A J J- A J     -  The amber bottles wi"l get you in ihe end,  A-J iniQ a foe y^illii-if-n e*|ch ffieiid? ���"  j i i n ',, *fT0^fmf!m**  Onl-r pw can  PMeMT.-xi  are  Denial Topics  Bone Graft Aids Denture Wearers  For   ybu   denture _ wearers   who  constantly nagged by "loose-fitting plates,  help appears to be on the way,  A new bone grafting technique parried  out by oral-surgeons has been used successfully on 10 patients whose continuing  jawbone deterioration prevented �� good  fit of lower dentures.  A temporary metal implant lined with:  a filter membrane is grafted-to lhe hope  which has been receding. This gives the  support  needed to.keep dentures snugly  Jn .place. _....���...���.:....;.���.......    -..,.,,.....   The filter permits tissue Uq'uiHs"t'o pass  through, but stops scar tissue from entering the grafted area where it could interfere with the marrow and bone regeneration.  ���- ���     '  " ��� ,  . The metal implant is screwed into the-  lower jawbone and covered by layers; ot  soft tissue, il is removed some il In 10  weeks after siugery and dentures are  fitted immediately. In all coses, the bone  grew lo the height and contour of the im-  . plant and provided solid and comfotiable  .support to,the dentures:  Royal Visitor  First official ftinetiqn of Pender  Ilaiboui's May Qtteen after Her"  crowning op Saturday was to attend  Seehelt's ceremony on Monday. Pen-'  der's^Queen BpbJji JFleid is accompanied by her attendant Sheila Harris.  belter position. This is when "braces" are  applied. These "appliances" or "baifds" as  they are more accurately called are fitted  to the outside of teeth.  The pressure exerted by tbe elastics  or springs move tbe teeth within the  jawbone, which becomes maleable like  soft concrete. The time involved in this  phase depends on how far the crooked  teeth are out of line.  Once moved to their new positions,  the "retention" phase begins. The braces  -or mi'ist of them���aie removed and a  splint is ipserted to hold the teeth in  position Tlie splint holds tbe teeth'firmly until ��� the bone "sets" or recalcifies  around them, and the face muscles be7  come balanced in l|ip new position of  the teeth. '_ !_,____, [1 J   Itppk ��t m�� rpy friends, I |m:a apdden  - .wee!?, , ..-���������-..       ���    ���-.; ��� -. ������:���.-'*�����-  I dripk a gle-st* and wh��i ihe heckl.  I'm reduced jn a mRmerit to a beast,  a. ppip,'  I stagger :th--o"igh ij-e yard praising rnm.  I kpow a Ihan wlm takes out his troop,  arQHnd the mpuntain*" oil en tn 8 Iprr-  Sober as a preachpi- l^e niarcnes- op.  Soon he's lost more Ihan^apy fawp-  Soused or soher I fipri ipy way hPhie,  I never geHpst ii'l.^are to" roam.    .  Thrppgh tlig^ mountains and ihe creeks  of ppr dpmain. ��� I.  I. stumhle on heedless of paip. ^  Yes, I npvpr get lost pvep fpll Qf booze,  Although otl-ers (nameless) their way  do   lose,  It's, not immoral for a nip to taTteT^..  St. Paul--"A litlje wine is gopd. for    "  the stomach's  sake."  A TALE OF TI |K SKA  by J. Bontham  Two bothers as cabin boys wept to sea  One was dark and ope was fair.  One sailed aboard the "Cora Lee",  And one on the ship '!Ki)dare".  Now ships will travel the seyen seas  O'er the sea-lanes to ancj fro,  And never meet as years go by  And  never each other know. ������  Thus these brothers served their time  Until captains they became  And met on the streets of Liverpooi  And called each other .by name.  "How did they, kiiow each, other," you saV,  "Now they both were" old and grey?"   "  'Twas as in a mirror they both did look.  Upon that sumrper day.  ita$likogfQir Heameh  The patients are. undergoing long-term'  examinations to see if the natural I'ppe  will, again recede. But so far, the results  have been mosl  encouraging.  Braccb Just Do Half The Job  How' niijcb   longer   will   wu   |)iryc   |,p  keep lakmg Johnny  In the orthodontist.''  'J"u know l|ic anbwcf lo Ihib qilesj'ipiv  hpl, "���bn"^0My^rr4p'."jn|&t^j'r��'-;-bmW?'""Me.voraiitey. ���J*^!1 ��-!?����< "ilioilld know yulpph involved In  "  j a depliiiv    >tniigli|cn|ng 'colli. T|��oru are I  ihiiiiu  piovliiciH)  limy   woiild   linvn  liihen to llio iuIiiH lo-jir luul would  Wine, bpei- apd l!qu<?r by signing a.fh  atiop that they are twenty-one yours old,  This act is against Hie varioiis liqunr control jaws pf the provinces, and may result in a. person spending some Ijipe 'lb  i-ifsh/dy.jjs well as paying a .fipo,  use' of narcotics  Uke l|(|iior, tliiigs are ���liikeii, fiir l|ie  "kicks" tliut; people believe Ihey can.gel  from llicni. lliil'orluiinlnl-5, as a poison  gopi used lo taking drugs il is iioccusiicv  to increase the innuoill to get ibo kiiiiio  result, and a pnrson becomes "hooked,"  Oucn a person bccunics adtjiclcd, hu goiiH  lliroiigli lirrrible ngopy if he Is nimble lo  keep gi'Ming his "fix," with I lie residl II ml.  hu turns lo crime of all srirts loi- lhe pii|-  pnsu of gelling iiioney, to buy tho t|riigii,  liMJviinbly llm criiniifiik irdrlii-i. liiuds in  jail. ���    ><2  Tlm piisHpsslnii nf /iiiieoticH wil houi' a  docioi-'s piuscripl'ioii iiVoi. firlinn and mny  ho publnhcd by inipr'i-io'ii'iiiuiit. If parcollcH  nol prescrlbnd by a dr'inlor lij-n found In  any i>nrl of an uuloiiiublli.!1 in wlilcp you  ;i'ii! mIIHii/i, limy are .iiiipiiiiiiirad lo \m in  yppy I'HMiittSHini) iivnn >l|ioii|-|i yop hiivcil't  ,loiiuliiul -or iiM.'rl llnni, If lnil'|'|i!k||i|- or  illH|-c-sliig of ilrugs lllngiilly in proved, l|)o  i-'iir limy bu fnrMlod In llm gnvrrriinieiit,  ninl you aio primuiin'td gulMy ol poHiuiniilng  drugti,   , ������''���,'*,  .Tliir first step down. Ilierond In'drug  iiililli.'ljoii may Im lalurii on a <lnr':, or Ju��|,  lo sen .wlial It's lllur,jii':..|j<fiJiu|.i|ii���y:nu .wiuii.  In InriikciJ by llni |��ii��on who h o|i<:|i|ig  you ilm driigi Mul wlmiiinr ii'ii a pill, n  isumlie, or n needfu, ynp yuurwtjf ciui tm-  Irnl wlml ,y��iu,do only If ynp know .ihal.  "tupping ,1m linrder limn sinrllng, Many  liavc l||nii/iht illmy colild lorn li/icknnly  phases;, The   (ut,),  is  when   the  leell]  inn,  iwp mam  the   ('actjve" stag'1  being  piovcd   |p  a  mil  n  urlnidii-r ruurinl   fur  llm rmit   of    to I'lml Ihey wurmi'l ahlu li|��� T||ls road  llmlr lives,  I Hun bug imhiiI  liiypny niicn, Tie'',  hinlly Icinl In <'iir  loili'liiit It iniit In tipmlliig  ���rl liuli'i-'irpn i'1/uld dviiii-  liml!," Unp-nitilii-r, If you  . talin, iii��y(,HliiH,-..iiu��iiniUur.<.wlin|,���lu.���vnlh��,.  wiibniii tliu iiwimt'i* p'lr/nlnHl'iu, If lit.limit,  fiTAMlWAY TO qplMK  : I'ulijiiid Mill wmo rmilly inml /il llm  world unit i-Hpci'l/illy al Mr, Hinllh, |lmlr  Ihi'iiicr. WiiMlinli Iviii'imr,, [Sclmui w/m pvpy  lor t|m miinngT and llgiy iuul both 1'ullod,  Tlm roHullfi liial pnly rnmu '/ul Unit "lay,  ami 11 Ihi/y,wire In,go pilri'llm uuxt grmli'i  H   |||i;il|ll   IlllUllg  OHll'lr   l4lUII<UH,.4l|I.Hlllllll)l!l'.  Tlml iivi'iilii/i, Im'ving dad ,n rough lliim  'al ,linnin,, Diey   wjiml"i"d   dpVJD   In  III"'  iM'lmol   Mob ii/ii.1, "M<:I'm aim H\MI: ItfiiUU  Irfl   lUiyllllllg   lll-lllM  1001)1.'  npitp a  Imiiopu'iii   wlpdiiw  lll<j|r. Ki'iglhli M-mlmr'/i niniii.   Mr, Mmllli,  liml It'll unnm ImoIin on a i-Ih'II iiixI wIiiiu  liiavuii' lilllo ypppi fny lurpliig aroiind, and  ���)l, nods |p. grielV inrliirn, und miiimiiiimii  ilmilli,') .i  l/mj of iinii'ollc,., will, ruin' your |n:nl|li(  .V(i��M'-futuri-.(��ii,iplniimir��iiMl-'yi��iir-.|if��t-<---;**-*  'J'lioy forced  and   wi!|il  to  lliiciiiil iipnmuiil In plmil liruViliiig.ini ir  limp) luraln inay'-priinipl Cau'i'hr In billow  MiiH .Willi a Inrgi-tiiialn )nvtniii)i{;pivuytpp  Im cm mil mr/pii in M��i��l��io ninl auulliurp  ��!ii|||r;rnla; r'aimdlab' plant lii-coglura tun  hlinudy piihiu plnl Inml in ilm Vmpit Vh|-  \ry nlJ/lunlrt, a/a|Jh��.!,iibp<uiii| Vnlliiy nl  ( alifoinln, My gruwlu/l a wli'ilnr iiurwry  In lhn naiili,'.caiimilaii plant Vmdnittm  ''MM grow Iwo I'l/'opn n ynuy und iiprmrl up  Ibn-iliiviilopiiiiinl pi" imw y'nrjullou, l^up  llioro   Jmprirlupl.i   l|my   imp   rixperlmeut  will) I'm1, mom Innmllui' imibirial iimlor  Mexleup I'oiMllllom-,  10 P.M.  LEENEX  2QQ'b ��� 12�� EACH ���  6 TO A CUSTOMER,  Y% Hour Or As Mno A��  S��nc|is Lasts,   r7~l96ITCHEVrr$irT0l  Ono Owihji. 4 ftmwif Htulh. ?M CIA),  (Vlotoi.  �� ���   *     I \ " '  ExtL'lloiit ohiijio with only 30,000 nillos, '  PENINSULA MOTOR PRODUCTS (1957) LTD.  JSECHEkT . PHONE 80521 it  aiM-Mig^^  TOWE-vA TOYS  Fun fliiaoy, Tiny Pnnw.  5"vo ,' *%      "jg  PLASTIC DRAPES  72��^4  lined I   Af^r  CMOCOLATE BAR  BUNDLES  Afi&or'eri, 40 hart in ^  TriimAlpi'  m%to pillows  lunllior Comfort,  Eacli  94o.  Hor  i@*  PlfKNTEH WOOL  A'��*l, Co|pr--. fm ,'���   ,���  iQt.  iinyfrappod    JJ| l����||��  ROYS' SMIflTS  fl 14, VmIh���� to fa'.  3,90 NOW T,  ,t*  BATHROOfVl TISSUE  Zen. 2 pkg, of  4 roll*.'....�� ROM.5  LiaHT BULBS  40 w, *0 w, 100 yf,  (lag, 2,52,  NOW 4 PKG,  �����*.;���.  CHECK OUR TOILETRY DISCOUNTS  YOUR SIEDMANS DEALER  r:  Trail Owy Conlrfl, Uch^t  Pliono 885.2335  00mh  X  tl  '6ARDEW BAY HOAD  , PEWOEK  HAI^iQIIR  Jr. Ivfuti;,..  Scitt, July 24fh  11:00 a.m. \  Sr. Events  Suiiv July 2Sfh  10:30 a.m.  \pSTCRN ^ATyliES "  STEER BUCKING AND  HORSE RIPING  gone  'Clio forty years had come and  They BUiely knew1 Bach  other,  For'there' cm the'strqijt"of "Liverpool-  Twin brotlier. met twin'brother.  iqfurcliQiy, 9 [p.m.  MU��IC BY        -  TOMMY POWEW3 BAND  - For Information Contact  Gord McKee, 883-2602  Pender Harbour  ���   ��H  W  Marty Mcldrum, ,886-9880  R.R. 1/ Gibsons     <"  ���r,-*-.-  iilliitiEiliiiiumiiiiiiiiiiiiili(iiiii���ii  In caph ease of crooked leeth, or  malocijlijsioii us the dentists spy, there in  a sti-'ing tendency of the teeth to revert  back to their original unaligned positions, the wuy nature ordered in these  pases. That is why Die patient ipM-jt co^  ppei'ale fully in j,|ie rcleiitjpn -phase.  Tl'e iuh is reoljy ppjy hp}{ jJope when  . !���'"<?.���., brH{-^/V"��j-p^r!*^wyc��l  shbif,Jq  pp  vyarpefj ,tha|, |?is hpcls. - ippth  ��� pip)   rpljirp   ijpies'!   he   -jlricfly   pjiservps  thp dentist's iiistrufitipp^    , ..j  r��� Ctipadlap "'pleplul   Aysoejalipi)  '*"��� *  �� ���,-  etyoureyes  untirig  '*"���"' ���'  ��  NtHiooil loliniil oil ovdr llio'���pun.,it,u\ti loi llio \>mA |piy/�� in (ninl, (fir tin:  l-oroolii!- In hlinot, und clolhlixj nnd hnusohold ---jcilf,, |.��| ymp uytih An )|pi  hunllnot 'Chock Tho Times for ynnr locril morclmnii,' nlforiniji, , , , lirid  n\\\ \m\oyp you hiMll jl|b( wl|0���� yun wip)| |i>'yij, |l vy||) mivii yiiu mltywy,  Wm, QiiA yfoiiffiiiA you'll wwi far moro Hkiii (Im binoM cnsi nl ihit-  locnl now6|-qpar( Arid rom'wl-f'r, whon yon huy nl houi'-, yon ho||>,  Imlld your l>w\ cnmmunlly. Om rif nron ij|nr��l do rioi|iina |'Vh'jl|' yd  wilh lo-<fl*�� imA Inrnl rpm-TiunMy borvlr.es, , , nnd ||-oy nro hnnl In donl  wlll)'"wh��l�� y<��u ihwA M-vloo nr niljnhiinenii,,  ��� <,**������  wteA  Pox 310, 5ccl,i.|-  Phona 888'9654    \  *t  Ir ,  *.*'  Jt  ��*k v*"  -""3*  1,1  pi  A*l<  M  -^  mm  sc<?nb  "*i,*'^  m  **���*(! t&*irt+Jtiu*t.4 1+0J ��''"*. *,  i^^h!��*0^ZU V.��v^*j * <$*5'' -^wf^J'*. ��** ���  ^1^r.rt���rif,1-JL.J,1i.,l,���t,..,|i. mm t*^.,* i,^,*^*^*^ ^JJ^J* ,.^-^'":\fix^J^^:n^^^ J'-J^  '*ffS^'^WS->^..A.-S.��-W^t^ISl*.'^ _ ���-*-.*��� *' - ��� r 0, * *. r v    . *, ���� ���f'-l'Ji^M  ���,*$  Vqj-ft B-4 The Peninsula Tlfoea   ^ Wednesday, JuneSMOT ,(..'  Arowid  I  *-7,_   '  P-  ; ��Hby Morion Ghorman  MIlS; Tiny Mooi-p wns lay .'delegate. "Io  ' the 47th BjC,��eonfei!otiPe>of'the United  Chuveti of ICanadp -.held .at N'U-amata,  T|iere was a jpowe-itful current Qf *tervow  throughout dhe Conference, Jfim^fSti'ahdu  'of the United Methodist Ctffu-mT set, the  climate with the prayer of his songs arjel  -thp joy -ftf-his halleliiias-  !.���  Hugh McLean who has spent 3 years  op a committee preparing a" new Hymn  Bool- was ii*l attendance.'  Archbishop    Scot!, newly    appointed  Anglican Fi-lmiUe of Canada took part  ��� in the discission on Church Union.  The Ordination Service wflfl otitstftnd-,  ing. There were 10 .candidates,, apd" a lay ���"  woman was one af the sponsors {ov the  "-Laying pf hands". '  ,   *  ,  A guest from New Zealand and Hie  Anglican ' CluTi-ch were both  Pxppwd  at <  the extent .of women's .BRvtipipatiop at,  Conference level.  The new pres, designate Is *ftev, Bill 'y  Van put ten. ''  , FAREWELL"      " -       ��� " "  Jim, Stephanie .and 3Vij ye��r old  Christopher Chaster -left,-on Tuesday last  week Tor their ifa\-m in the Lone Butte,  district. It has "long "been the desire of  Jimmy Chaster to have a ranch' in the  Caribou area and many;' sgood .wishes  go with the family as .they mdke their  home the-je.        '       .      , .  A wei Uknown .-and weU-.UHed resident,  Sim (who was liorn on-the Sunshine  Coast) wesy presented with the, gift of _a  llotation^aci-Trt^frpTn ^fellow wpT-Refs on  the Highways Pepl, on his last ,day with  them here.  Stephanie was honored 'at a 'tea-party  following a meeting of Tlhiher Trail  Riding Clnb of which-, ghe wap an en--  thusiastic member, The farewell gift  presented to her was a beaptiful wooden  fruit howl handsomely carved'fey Ernie  Burnett. .        .  John and Marilyn Stanway and. Mi-,  and^Mrs. Bfelly Knudson visited overnight  "with   tlie -Chasters  at  Lone   Butte   and  report they have a beautiful,  place  up  .there.  The.Jim,Chester home op Pratt Ttoad  and part of -the property has heen purchased by P.avid Husby.  FAMILY ''RB-UNIQH ���  ���    .   '  Sam and Linda Jteaim motored to  Prince George for a family reunion. Mrs.  Pearn'^Sr; was "happy to; also, welcome  Sam's, aunt and uncle and 3 ehildren from  Wiliiam's; Lake as well as several eousips  and their wives, but of course the big  thrill was having Mr. and Mrs, Les Sikora  ���thore..  r i  ��.'  A '/  '��     /*   f  ��v*  .    ��V    \.*  ' fr*���** ��*i    Jr ,   "  \ *'  ���1,  ">!  v$V  X1  S Y\^  <�����   *��� i  -   - s  Mushrooms are fun for cooks on ihe run  WE'""!!} all busy, .busy, on the run to and  " .fi"om���with just abotit no time at all  to cool? a proper meal-That's "why 1his  vecijpe is just right, ,bepause it takes that  'no tinie at ah to cyolf, tServe chipkeniivers  and ni\��shrooms"-on rice \vilh yom-fnvo'rite  Pp-.iV off fal and return one tablespoon to  pan, Add mushrooms and ohioken livers,  Sprinkle with salt, pepper aiul'marjori"uiu  Cppk over medium heat 3 to 4 minutes  until liver are lender and cooked through,  "filir   logelher    cream  and   flour    until  quick, cooking frpaon vegetable, andv you    .smooth. Blend gradually with nnishi'oonis  -"-'-���-  '  * " nnd Jl vers. Cook, -stirring constantly, until  sauce is' smooth and slightly thickened.  Stir hi bacon pits, Serve over Jiol liilt-  lered rice. !1 servings., ������  do have a -proper meal.  ���'    Chicken Livers and Mushrooms  Vi pound phioken livers, cut in half  4 strips bacon  1 teaspoon salt  , % pound muskrooms, sliced  l/a teaspoon   pepper- ���  ,  -   dash of maijoram  \i cup of light ore-am. *"  2 teaspoons flour ,....,*.  hot hutlercd rice  Ip  a   skillet,   hy  bacon   until   ei/isp,  drain on paper and  crumble; set aside,  Bloke C, Alderson DTC.  CWIII0pr?tAC?08f    -  Post Office Building Socholt  Phono B8S-2333  Rps, 88M3?1        '        ���',  Tuesday to Friday 10:30 o.m. ��o 5:30 p.rri,  Sotuidoy 9:30 q.m. to 1:00 p.m.  EVe^lNGS BY.APPOINTMgN'r  -T^tWtp-rf-Bt^^^  >s  **,'  St. Pierre  -r**Lettet -.from > Parliomfnt Hill  SETON PORTAGE���This was' a  on tlie original -Cariboo Trail  goldfields, used-before the Prater Cai  route was more than  a gleam in some engineer's eye.  The portage was  across a narrow ridge  o'f gravel, about half  amile-wide, separating Anderson Lake  from Seton Lake.  The miners built rail  tracks across^ it to  transport their gear  from boat to nbat.  It might be called  British Columbia's first railroad, except  that it had no locomotive. The carts rolled on the little narrow gauge line either  by horsepower .or by the" Armstrong  methocL     _ '  Last Saturday, ori an evening as chilly  as charity, MfO'tin Paul of Seton Portage  Reserve and I decide that this would be  a lot better and .finer world if we caught  a few. trout; There trjight be better things  Located- between    two   waterways,   'beauty and excellent fishing-both .up  aSechelt-oecupies nn extremely unique   -theuSecheH Inlet* and in-the Georgia  situation   with a wealth   of scenic    Strait1'.'' J'   .  0      ���     ��  hi  j^hj:'^:Ja  ' ��� 4a>f*'n>- KV1^* '  i.f��(  ^*'  Historscallhifflabcdoo  JA  THIS time next year all the hullabaloo it of" lengths^ for various functions and condi-  Mrs, Sikora (nee Susan Pearn.a for-  ,n*jer Gibsons resident who attended school  iherej" was "a^ "The Inn of the North" in  Prince George where she and hflf husband  were featured entertainers , flast irooxfith,  ��� Les .is an accomplished or^jftMfit -infti^Hsan.  js  belnB widely -&QpWroeri-.*r:-m.^^ ii, nfiu,���u0n u.���  Theywere.sdwk^eiy^  ���peep booked up-p-Vn *e^  in November,   / -      .  "Tor us to doi We cduId have deplored tlie  war in Viet Nam or debated the ominous  possibilities of overpopulation, drugs and  Women's" Lib: But we didn't do that.  We tried fishing instead.      "���  'Martin has a red and white plywood  fhpat and  an outboard  motor that fires  ���fpre;  Por the month of Jupe they are. per--  forming at the Empi-ess HoteJ in Victoria,  and wiU go io Saskatoon in July after  they anticlpale being in Alaska for a  whil��,  ' BABY SHOWER   ���   ���  At the home of Mrs, Ray Whiting.  will) Mrs, Don Sleep,as op-hostess a delightful baby shower wns held in honor of,  Mrs, Catlpe. Wallls, The rooms wereprel^"  1)|y decol-ated fpr. the occasion; games  were enjoyed. Many charming presiintH  Were received from the guests who w��ie:  Ouyle l-i;dnomill, Joyce Smethurs't, Po*--  een Pockor, Vivien Chamherlin, Val.and  Pam tJdyesi Merllee Mulligan Lo'ri' Mc- ,  Phodriuii Snndi'ii, Ka'thy, Miohclo apd  ", Puna Whiting,    .'���   ;  , Uniibli"  to attend  but HondiiiKKiflH  ' wnro Mrnt Alt' Whiting. Cathy Mandel-  knu, Marlon and Mi-Vllyni Hopkins, Norma  Gaines,  ChrlH Green and Gloria  Pyles,  HERE AND THKRE   "'      Dr,"Gordon Swallow from F,dmonlon���  Albertn was n rncenf vlHllor at, the homo  ���  of his  lirotliur  lt,A, and Mi'h. Swallow  , hero,      -  .      '   ���''  Mr, and Mrs, Tnd VogoJ motored to  Kainloops wlwro limy paid n mii'prlHc  v|Hli io Mi'ti, Vogrd'H sinter, ninl IiIho at-,  Innditd a wedding while In llio Interior,  Mm,' I''., J, Wyngimrt wuh feted on  her birllidny when relatives and frl��ndn  puirl Imr Hiirprltii!  vlnllH  bringing' ninny  ciirdn,   gll'lH,   blrlhdiry   cnlum   ule, with  their IW wlnliif.i, .  b)d upd V'llimi Uhodcfi vLsllorV Wally  niid Tlro|/i CiildorHI Siirfoy /or u" irnupUt  of (layii, , ;  ,   Horn to lyir, and Min, Vlneo A, llolh-  ,'woll a I. HI. Mary'ri llonpll-il  Shclmlt  oil  Miry "fJUi, a Im by boy Uoaii rvTlclmiil 7  JW 'I i��z( ir hrollior for Vince,  Mi'n,   M,  Ijnllnwk'li  and   Mm,! Terry  i 'Tliompiion, iwnri?    vlnllorn    lo Oaniplmll  Hlvnr to mtii 'llmlr brother Alfrod  lion-  AJJ the outboard, .motors with which  I. pr'evipufily associated were like chain  saw motors and Jawhmowers, guaranteed  to lift a man's charter membership in the  Hpjy. Name Society, It'was worth flying  2,500 from-Qftuwa find driving anolher  250 to discover lhat, somewhere in this  troubled world, there actually exists u.  cold outboard motor which staits on  the  first  pull  of the rope,  So we' chutlerud over (ho mouth of  ,1he river and threw out the anchor mid  watched (Ire. cold wind from tlm snows  of Mission Mountain rip nl thu apple  blossoms of the p'W.orchards on llni shorn,  We rigged the spinning rods mid I brew  ���oi.|l.  Reil*-Devils  upd  Crocodiles   I'rir   llm  interests of any lliphbows or DolliriH who  might eiij-e for fiiicli goognwH,  AndernonLake, hidden from our" view  by Iho Irons on Iho |��orlngo' is nlenT, So-  |oil in not,-The limriel which fluids wnler  to B,C, Hydro's turbines brings down a  'ado green water from the Bridget jUvor,  ��� "UhuiI to be," Hfdd Mmtin, "w<- could  look down  in  Mils  water mid Him fish,  big fish, fllurgooiw, way down on llm bottom. Hut wtmn lhe lunimln went through  il all went, cloudy,",  The  coloring  r'nnm-i    from   what   In  called rock flour, ground out by glimlorn  at llm Imadwiilorfr of tint Rrlflgo lllvnr,  11. obnennm tint, vlnw of l|m holloin, bul  llm color in vividly Imiuiilful,  We cant to llm Him which 'iirtpiiraliirt'  , llm, nlniir wnlei' of l|m river from  t|m  "green' wider of lliiV laliit; Noll'iiiig iniicii  ���liapponod, iiKccptihut our hioifln .biiciiiim  ���  .numb and the iijgiirrille hiipply ynp mIioi-I  nifllm lilnr'li nlinrlowH,, walked' down llm  nlditfi  of  llm   iiminilninii    to   wimro   we  drifted In tlm running wale/ii of llm river  monlh, , , .   "  Marlln lallurd about tlm high country,  lie liml, i|opm yn/irn ago, miule a iiminor-  iiblo trip in llmne inoniitnliin, Tlmy had  ridden ninlilIn |)o;h��/i pp llm Iralln which  nwltcbiincli, to ihi,.jjiijil/��-ryi-5j-j[��iir|_.ih��u .wtJIi^lii'ljchLM^uiiiVuluuV  4iM.MurWl-l|(t^on^Vffn��miiv��r^lRlnnrJ-;thHy���M'IiVrt-Mir<n-IUiirr��"ir^MT*li7r"-ovifF'lh��'"wlH'��i:  wiwU.-l.fl  llouno Hi Saywnrd, onjoyiul     afpbm nmadown. Tliorn nn.  lhn I'o'ron and iiiminir^ nround K��ln��y Hay  over hemlines will be history. Or so^  says the   president -of.. Prance's   largest  fashion forecast agency.  Francoise Vincent, president of Pro-  mdstyl;~is^predictihg " that by Pebriiai'y  of '72: ���   ' .        -   '     ' '  ���The young and the avant-garde will  be wearing both the vei;y short and! he  very long (low midi) by .day, depending  upon mood  and  moment.       - ���  -rThe average customer.will neulralize  about two inches below the. knee..  ���Everybody will be wearing maxi for  evening.  ���Pants at all lengths, including mini-  shorts with heavy pantyhose for the  -young- in the dead of winter,. *will have  become a wardrobe staple.  Miss Vincent is basing her forecast  on data gathered"*from Europe and the  United States and evaluated by a staff  of 44 persons spread over- her agfency's  style, promotion, and public relations  department.      -     ������������������  "THP SWIT JS DEAt-*'  "The trend   is functional by day, fepn-  inine fpr evening," she commented here,  She's .forecasting  feast 'for  the  dress  manufacturers, famine for tlm srritmakers,  ���;The suit is dead," she-.sfated flatly.  She also sees a big upswing in the use  of woven fabrics., pariicularly very large  or very liny -prlnls; a great mixture of  Jnlnds of color; i'-stead of noordinated  Jorrks; mixtures of'; things (hut do not  m-iii'h;.mi"<turoH of fabrics; mlxiurns .of  several lengths in one costume,  Sim expects 'fJopt'iiued po'pu'lurily in  swi-alor luiil--; .lots-of ucerspekor,velvet;  -return to a very 'tailpred i��oH fpi' day.  such lis the long apron (unic over loof-  'iirds; inure of the mwlching nlocklng and  shoe, nnd the nmall head! I united under  aliindof. bonnet hood,  There'll lie a lot less Of the Mimic"-,'  she Hiinlin, and whal'n left won't be,  parliiMilarly nlrong from any one area,  On t|m color' ncope, Minn Viimnnt fiiuls  ���Uircii,HeM-'-dur|<H, brighls, and nntura|ftJ"-'  with llm rrinln, brownn, aiid'biirgundiun as  climslriH, much green" and blim, and prlnlfi  nn natiii-aJ biml'groiind,  And judging from llm Information she  ban nlfled, dig mil every old brooch" you  ever owned iind'wmir "II "I"Hmiii id o'liini  if, you wim! lo bit in tunc, ))���n'l p,ko  off llm rlugn 'iliaf clrcln every finger.  Add nionr to llmm,  I'op Jowelry In Mm newn on Hm rlrenny  J��w��lry llorliioii, while llm- litihiir-nmla  coiplilnatloii Imlilii Hu grip on ilm /rpOrin-  ���venr ffoni, ",','������'  '  4UMMf;:Jl' FASHIONS '   Vhnm...al bund,:for mininmr !7I, Minn  VJiiciinl'Hirld Ibaf ,'nliorln* took off fan)or  , llian fioyiym expiiciei), *%Vl��"*!<* ninny anilcl-  pnlod Mm, adult woninii would find he  ,way Into l|m .lainalcii n|rori wilh bla/nr,  few had nny Idea ihn nliorl nhorl would'  .ovoii rmriiicb llm mirfimti of |pit atlult  iruirloil, ,     . .������  SImj'h furneanlliig, furllmr, loli/'of blrm'k  OrHJ..pl'illlH��|||-|ot-|  Uons'. . The evolution is from the mabses  up to the haute couture," she remarked  Urged to speculate on the picture 20  year^ Jfrpm.. npw,���shes lapghing; ^"Nothing in the summer, and noijiing but a  body stocking in the winter."  .��� /  "\  r*-*\i*  ���^**r  i-e sure to  drown all -fires  Vou cqn enjoy it more in a Toyota. The  little 'go most anywhere car', Do we have  a wide selection? ... YES  fi HAVf A J.Q? MLB, OF THE  COAAE, SEE US SOON!  (Till 8 p.m.)  7055 DUNCAN STREET  PHONE 485 2737  (Ferry Fare Refunded On Purchase)  mid rnlurimd by way of Comox, reporting  Hint llm iialmon were really dliiporllng  tlii'mKulVAH over tlmro, '    '  "I Recent giiciiln of Kop and Marie Swallow went Mr, .ond Mm, ./, .folio'ion, Mr,  and Mm, .1, Kirk and Mr, and Mm, o,  .lohimon rrom Vmiciniver,  : Mm, F; ,T, Wyn��aci(( M>n^Foy Nygren  lilld Mr, and Mm, I'thd Hlt'i)tih*>lii V/nya  Vlnllorni Ip fvlcl'orla, They atlondiid llm  wedding hf Hu'lr nlccn,  Mr. mid Mm, Pminln Oliver aii'l unm  Will Im moving io ('oiir!��ni''yi Vanciiuvr-r  Inlioid at   IIm> ��nd of, thin rnontl|,  gmiiiHiHmWiiili^  ,   GIBSONS  SWAP & SHOP  ARE VOU MISSING TMI  1 0AROAINS?      , /  Runobour^ Wrlnopr Wfl��N0r8|  Cliromo Setd, Office Dtnk^  V/atar Pr<E*����Mro Tank,  l-ocated behind  MacGrttQor Pacific fealty Ltd.  GINons, B,C,'  jftnwmnimm'.iTffinm.  Hhnnp'thnre,  aoulH, dceiv plariiilgnn audi flowcr/i liny-  olid llm ability of mini lo count.  Wo   lallfed   ilboiil   HiIn   fnlrylnnil,   no *  rnpiole, Hint lay'a nrn'ro five /nifen dlnlnuf  In, horl/.onlal   n'mirMiirmnnnl   but1 Wldi'b ',  could bo ritaiilmd only by long planning  and  bard  puck log and   Mom'which   wo  didn't' have,        ' .;.....���.,  An alwayn lu nucli i-oiivorniilloiiii each  ofliin vlriuiill/i.d, hiich u Irlp in llm-iiyw  of,1 Hm/iolnd, for ili)o -iiipipinr, or |lm  ipiKf, or tlm one afler, Hul we know limy'  room iloldoiii In Ihln bmiy world,  \ Tlm lp|cl of llm river from Andcr-  non Jinn wludiown of di.nd flub on Hie  Imuloi and the holloin, "Onlnlicn". nnld  Marlln. "Tlm liirllau word for. llmm  meiiOH li'lonler. 'J'lmy coinn op nnd npnwo,  limp Ihny puff lip; aiidflo/il iiiilniiii iihd  din,,," Thin Utile picket of Hm IIiUMi-  roiupibla piouniiilnn in one of llm few  arc/in wlmre Ihcim nlr/oige little flnh exlul,  They urn, | mo told, �� lii|id.|oc|ied hi'onp-  back milmoii which him liindn |Im own  |ierirjii!i' adaplalioii to life in lbr< /ooioi  tnlnn,  Mm (in wnnlf-d lo know how I liked  |-|irl|inii('ol, but mi I recall n rainbow  /ill uhiitii,' llinl Horn and we n*'V��r d|<|  gel ,|��ni-iYto llm'iubleci,, /'arllain'oit nu'iMt  \m hnporlaril, I'lyfli-yhod^ iiiiy/i Jt in, pptl  nl nnnill flower on blnck or very  wide  I'liidHcirpe-typrl prlpln; mtii;b inadriin, mmr-  iwluiy, linen, dmilm, and mlxlureW nimh  nn jnrney with' Ibmn,  ,     <''or,Hiii Imiich, lhe hlklnl wltli'miixl  br.finlicoiil ,������ .venl  In favoriiij.  ,,   Minn Vlncniil   nlnrlcil  Imr own  coin--  pnpy five yearn ago a'fhir having (men  IH yearn with llclnilonn Textile,, Kranco'n  IbM  ��i,yl)n/f hpyvtui,  Thp  lupnpn "��� wim  nlmcrj faboul   ||,ii  Houi  (iViioce gni  Into  'w rtU>J"mii '"'"'"^"'"I'liiK following  World  War II, lip lo thai ,||m��: p.. W(l���  Imolc conioro or llm Utile ino.llhp,, Hhe  Mind n|m Ihbiloillm nnly ihing Hm|' Cn/i  fiiivir Hm fiidlng pnuttiut, ut |M)II(��� r���,���||lra  In fo/- -lomo conpirlm lo room up with  noumlhlng rovolotlonriry,  , And, /rhe ��in,|ed,  ihe revolution  will  ,.WiV''i/--',��'��^''>-.l'><^'l"dt��I^Of.Ul��hl||lj||l,H|.  mI?!',''."yA'w" ",',,���" ""(W��" Jll"' I" llm  ��� Mlddm Agen.  "Kanbloo In bugloiilirg lo bu npproprlalo  ���''''''' I'neJ.VitXMinpfi!, ,,|| ||,e kniiwear  'jZ~!!} ^""'"'/''"'iiinid llm variety'  ilmJvnniwyp^ipln mfl m wrorrg, Thn  In Um rlvm, while the cold InVk blaukni  "f lb'' ol��hl mine, ip,w�� afound t our  nhiniiilh'H, we only fiftlmd apd lalki.d  almnl dayuilo coum In llmnhlnlng omml-  own of llm'hJ^licoiinHy,  ���       **     \  0*   4   *   #  #  *   *  #  jf  #   *   * *p*s  "J,M    "3 ���  *                     p.*  t  *0 <  1  't   '    ���  v,  ���  ,       >  0  *  '  ���  *  1' '" ,���  ���  N  **"                                     *            -4-  .��>���  1    �� . 1  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  ff*rJ-�� |?Bn{ft*?.y!qlir4**��?s  Jta0|-  Weifitpflpy, Jjwp fi, IW1  l-jr  -i  -rr-by MVry TinHlev  Tja��IiE���will*be a PyWip hearing at^thfi 140,  -SecTTefT--'--'- 3  Welcome ff3each Hall on Jytopday, Juno         Attracted fey the bright spnny yeaUier.  7 al  7,30 p.m. to ponsider the leapping i- nupibev <4 pppple'have been spending  of two properties in the .Halfmoon J3ay an oarly vaco,t|op'^t th'eiv cottages.'  area. One is the Welcome Peach Hall .for.'       At their cplla'go at Duolc Hook Beach  which applopajipn has bpeu made |o ie- las) week were M'\ and Mrs. Hpgh Mc-  zone "from   |-psidontip|  1   to  Institutional Phuleu of Tuawwassen with their grand- "  zonipg in order to permit tj-e-canyipg put sop'I=|ill Urcjuhari of powe'l fyver.  pf improvements tp the hall underl-iken         Spending1 a' holiday  "d  the home  of  as a Centennial prrijcpf. her parents,,Mr. ��|pd'Mi's. Francis Stone,  '* .The ojher applicatipp concerns Hie re- wei'e theii" daughter, Mrs. Maurice Rob-  zoning' of a portion of tlie upland-along��� e,>'e ��[ Opqnitlam_ands her-famlly.   the   south  shqre  of   Secret ��� OpVe  trap, '    Miss  Helen  Qow  of  Vanopuvei;   has  '000*00M0*^JIM*Jf0*00��t00M0i0Jf0MM0mM00000M0**:^  1  TQTgM.GMJP  Firm Hold, ���  SrrioUe billows out pf l|ie salgl packing' plan! as (ire lakes pas^jjsjori  qf tl^ SeoheMr -waterfront |jui|iliiig  whicb houped itbe Ihpalre on |ne left,  and an apartment on the i-jgh't. Owner of the building lylr. John Hayes  rural holding to residential 1 zoning.  ACCIDENT  Vein Fraser of Silver Sands was seriously hurt wh-en a car which he was  di iving left the road and ran up a bank  on a shmp turn west of Halfmoon Bay  in the early hours'ot Saturday morning.  He was fallen 1p St. Mary's Hospital apd  later- the same morning transferred to  hospital in VancouveT "Bandy Strglitz, a  been tho guest of the Bill Swain'si  M'-s. llepe "Holmes of Noilh Vancouver has spent a vacation as Hie guest  of Mr. apd Mrs, ~Sr\\z ^epchle^p) Welcome BBeac|i,  QRNAMENfl'A*C, TREE VARIETIES  "A Checklist pf Prpamental Trees for  Canada"  lisls nearly fipQ. flillerenl  prna-  .���.. -.    ,  ���..���..,���,        menial tree varieties which can be plapt-  passenger'in the cai, suHored a broken    ed '" V*1''��DM5 Parts of Oanada. Copies, ot  ;u-m. "The  passengers   in   tlie  back   seat     lhe, PMhlicatipn,. Nq  ,l��<13,  are  available  PRIpAY8/-8:00 p.rp.  indian ham."  Jackpot $300     1  $75 TO GO '   s  ir POOU i?iS|��E ���& "   ��.  000m000M000000000*000*;rfj0000M0J0M0M0!^mj'^M0A  s  iMW��^U'Wm  ' ��� ���'" ly   "^ ' r   '  ��� *     v    ' }***, ' - '  '"'''*&��'       . '    HK/  ''"*   - -" ("��� )     '**i *W   '        W'h  .bad jusl arrived ip Gibsons for a were unharmed except- foi- a lew btuibes wdhopt charge fi/pm the Inforipahpp  StihOQl board meeting at 7.30 p.m. op and John Mercer was able to get out of Division, Canada pepartment oi' Agricul-  Thursdav wlien be was told 'Hie ilea-    tllf' cal' a'"d wafk to the shell Station to    1ure. Ottawa, fClA OC7.  Thursday Wiien be was told life tjea  tre was op fire. [  ���Photo by Rod Vf\)*fnr  Safe MMorir^  ALJl> of us-pj-tpi-ally- dread the thSiight  pbopo foi  the ambulance  Visitor  Mr- and Mrs. Jack 'I'emple who have  been enjoying a two week vacation .'"at  their cottage  at  liedrooffs  were  visited  last weekend by Jack Jr.. w|io proudly  exlTibited the two trophies which he had  of  ever   beihg  involved   in   a';|(iiffie    received, front   the   Association   of, B.C.  acpidpnt ,where  opr par is   throw)i iota    Diyipg   C)ubs.  3pc^,  who  is a  member  a deep "jpciy pf wiL^J". We aj-e 'al��Qicoii-    of the Vancjuatic Club, was awarded' 1st  icei'ped tp Know What .to do" |f \y|" are ���  Rl^ce jn tw'ifi*j��l4he four mep'ts held over  aisked toihglp -lidscpe .-tlie ;occupaii|s of-a.   ilie-past three months at Coffin Pqint.and  spbmer(gid ���utomphile. *      :'j        '; All**ei*t flead on Vancouver Island, Par--  ������Fhe:H.(S,-Aptomobile; Associi^tipiv of-    ^M" in   ^^e  SaM**/**!**^   W*  a��d   Reep.  ��T     , .   ,  ..... ... . ferB.these su��tfes'liohVif"vnii'1iaVi��-1'iiH,mis--- vOVe.  He was heap-pi pn points by pon  Newly renovated Whispering Pines kept vigil throughout -the night abfl fXnaV IS ipSed .IS ?&'��pf K^^er, also a membelvof the-Vanpuatics,  cafe pp the left emerged unscathed were un hand to (-ontaun "a liirtber accideiit or are in a posit'iorV to prpvide wn(:i won'first place in the other two  k.,  ei������  ���,u:���i,   j���_. _.j   ,.._  ..-.._..      , .....! ...   ...     _...,.   ,.....-.     ,-v. v-',      ,   .,..1... . v-, meets and now'giialjfips as British Cpl-  M in big's top diypr.  The ipeets were open t'o aU the diving  "clubs of B.C. and points awarded for the  size and quantity of fish speared with  Iht! rarer fish being awarded most points.  The three top divers are now eligible tp"  enter lh&-U,S.^-$pcar fishing meet ip Fjpi'-  ida in August.         .,,,......^..u:...,^,,.:::,,..;:.,;.^-,,,....  Served  Jiy fire which destroyed tlie. neigh-    breakout |n the-early hours qt Prt    help to someone else who is mvptvei|:  hoping   theatre   building.   Piremen    dayjnorning. -Photo by Rpd Wheeler   -   _As jn   all #ripps'-. ��� Bi-tpaibift  (Less vvhep on coptmct)  Vaur pdvaplsing in >this spqco >vjjf reticle  neqrly 2,50Q pomes lover 9,PQ0 people)  epch week, p's the piost economiGal way to  rpach mofe Stipshine Coasr people because  Times ads go jnla map3 h��mes then any  other  newspaper   prpduccd   in   Ihis   area.  Pflpn'o 885-9654  t^i*M&.iyl^yaGMm^^  EL.ECTK5CAL  CONTHACTQUS  Wiring Supplies  5ppcializi^0 tn  . Electric Heat  WHARF ROAD, SECHELT  Phone ��05-2002  the  0      0*** * *��i    W0~        0+I0+*. J 00-***   k 1   * �����  ,.���-    --,,,.. * **0           mm  irnpprtant thing is tp avoid panic: "���<'  ���I'he use of seat belts increase;; the  chances for survival of the car's ������iu-cu-  pants, hy helpipg them.to escape injury  and remain 'conscious after the ipipacl  of the plunge..Iptp,..water. ,,,,,���..,.,.'.  ���7J"-as3epger_CjBjiB jundar-naged by "the  impact will iToat about eight, minutcs,  3'egai'dless of speed, and longer if the  windows  have been  closed.  ��� Vehicles - which enter- Ihe -water  wheels-first,, at low speeds between 14  and 16 inifes"an 'hour,- will remain V'loat  foi varying times,'usually longer mar-  eight minutes. The tighter" the bci*jy i-un-  slruclion of the vehicle, oi'��� course, the  longer j! will float and offer giumler  opportunity for sale escape.   is^^t-fr-i"-!--!-^  escape the ear while it is still floiitiiig is  through a: window. If -the side wiiifjows  are undamaged, they may be rolled -flown  after'fhe iinpppt, and the espape,is a.  simple matter In a car floating 'wfigels--  down,, the escape should be piade qt|n kly  pefpre the y*alqr reaches the windp-vs  -When aubipersipn is V'lPid, if"lliem-  ;n_  Iho jns(de pf the vehjcle. The ppcu|ianis  bul Uie'bullding which had provided    mop before* latelng ife place* in paM    ;ff-ulS8Sai,S ralmiv i rnSVSZd  enlerlHinment for many long years,   bislory.       -Fhplo byW WWer    JJJ2 HJ$��\^Kndow^iSfiJSy  Pinal Performance  "-  Sechelt   voluntspi" fjremep   fpugbl   as n rpilpr dpit an4 thpn a -cinema - f    ,.     .   .  .   ., ���-,.-  valiantly ald0d by; .qibsons flreifleu   g^ye pn| sppcjgoulqr final pei>i:pi;m:   f��r !ho.��? ,s���a!!"���� lh? "pps?1 P��r|i��ii�� of  have lo be broken with the lufoviesl |iurd  ohiect ayaiUdde. The i;ear wioflpw |h%ri'p'ii.  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They will ��� be ippyn  n  11 ni ptloippl, lo wivu I loin-  HEBCUED  There was anxiety'Tn the. last Thursday, when David Williams was overdue  reluming fro.m Thormanby Island where  he had goiie to pick up two logs from Tag  Nygard which; he and Bill Swain "needed  for. a float they were building. lie had  left Thormanby Island with the logs at  1 p.m. and whep he had not arr-i'veoTljack  in the Epxy by fi p.m. a search was made  for. hinn. Tag Nygard discovered Mm on  ^e-^^i^ir-T5f^Murry Island, oiir pi gag,  but still hanging on io tjie two jogs.  IN BRIEF       ���"���    ~ ' ���  Ted fSurteesy who is zpne cpinipander  of the Boyul Canadian Legion, was in  Nanaimo last wBcUend 'io -a|tend lhe  Jjegjpu Convontiop as delegate pf Branch  Sffiffi^-^frw'^ f^A^At,?i^^i^  CLASSIFIED  AD-BRIEFS  WILL DO  A JOB  -EQRJYOUL  PHONE  885-9654  F0R  ACTION!  *~.Mr. AtlverHtpr  Thei.e odvor--isina  jpoces arc rpnl ifcpr-  gains for ypu. Splf) on  contract pnly. fpr details on hoy* to stretch  your advertising do|r  lor, phpno 4BS-42&5  psk lor Jaytcp.  ymiiiK, 01  RmIhb  iSofrliall.-ihoiiliu- now WwM iii blMcltpiuul oMt,p|. fi p,i)i. HaUir��l'*y morning''for  ruiiKi \\f\x\y Hip rim vvlileb ilo��|ii'��yml ,,pno|b��l' ^onflMgrnlJoii wbjob W'lnple-  II l'p-1 'I'bMi'Hflny ovublng. I<1li'��ui��n ��� loly ilMBlroyiul ll��o lipmn of Mr, mikI  liprdly bnil Uiru�� lo-jml, 'ibolr boson Mr'', tllpn MePoipiltl, opppsiliiflho  HWflywboii llioy wtu'e ngnin m\\h*\   ^ii'rigw pit Wilspn Oiwil',  ^���Mi*****Miiii^ '' '   ' ~   ~   "       ������    ������  I'OlllllHltl  ��u|vmn(   If   Iho  OCdlipilplH urns   hi   II -Mil  wpgop wilh lh" wilifloWH elomiil,  ciiurn   can   limp   llioip   out   lliniiuil  'Imi  manually opened  d'rpni Ihu |pu|f)p.  0*000(1*.  "Sia  BkWffl  WI  Hon?  nni,"'  lllft  la|lgalp, Thl'.). 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II U)ttl)iml<0  Mfnlctor  00000*  ,imtmi^^^im^0t,m00mi0L,,m,��immmmiim0,  J^*mr,*tt,iJt*. m*00��� 0i,wt Ai  ,.,  iir***^****!*.*^**.** ���Ji^wfrwf** * i^- *'  . , \    /,  '1.if..,  V,  H*  ��     0 !/*�����.  . tk4    *-A**i-i*.��*iK  \*0n* **K4. *  m + j*.*  **  **.**.** 0*00^. Jb.^,,1* *t ^ 0^9,0*,^fr.*** {. AA^,A���i��. ***.***.*****, fi**,? 0* J* MA^A ** ^ A ****** j**Avfc. *���** tn*+*. <��v^ AAMAA�� J.-  f r ��.  v.��, *4'.  , 'I  Sechelt event f!, ��.  Mecor4^numBei'^pf4 floats! lor 23rd Annua! Ifay Day  S^Tvyenty-Thlrd "Apnual May  another optstapding sucee-is;  floats entered ip the'parade1   .,...,,     ���,._     , ,       ,    .��,.,,,,,���-.   mmenced at ten o'clock .and'ftl-' Pioy-poe lasting iropi-Jupe lgth to Juty    illg  and jspl-pled  inany lopg   hours  of    to the May Queen apd her court.   , ^ ��  he-traditional route Iron*-  the '4nd,' *2o th^ youpgsters spent the holiday    worn for the enjoyment of the roariy        'the W\\n event of the day, the c*wi*--��  *3tud'ent's Residence ta Haoliett^Pai'k.     '   "-   '  '"it-   "-*"   *"���'���'*"      ' *--->���' <-��� *    -   -'    <      - ���"���  -*-*    ���*"-"���   ���*1"��ki---   lh"  JVlissi'iVg ;for ^ the'iirst ttavMn  With a doer in the driver's seat and tetecl by Sechelt Rod & Gun club,  an unfortunate human strapped on the slogan was "Let Hunter Tr-ain-  ���the, hood,- this flaelt bad plenty of -ing Put You in the Driver']*- Seat",  impact in the May Day pairade. En-  ���r  Mayor William Swam welcomed vi-  sitois to Sechelt's May Day,       ,  Mast'-r  ot   Ceremonies" Mr-- George  "-"ll'13'/!*    Hopkins aifnounced the parade winners  J\t if",    and tbe newly crowned Queen graciously  .A-,gq-'*-i i    preifented trophies and .ribbons to:  Walking: 1st, Snoopy (Charlie Parker"),  Beauty and the Beast. (Ken Nelson).  . " Organizations: 1st, St. Mary's Hospital;  Sechelt Family Marl, Lions Clowns.  Bikes; Doi-eeiy Pearson, 'Kelly Bodna-  r'ek,  Danny Whyte, * ��� -    ���  Commercial:" L&H. Swapson Ltd.,  Bank of. Montreal, GJiff'si .Boats,.,   ���,  Also missing this yeiu- was the tradi-  ���nSzSl ''��'*f  '"-"*'-*.f i    t*01'^1 Mf��y P��le dancing but ih its place ,  ���fw***^.^**^,^ ,. ;�� i���     wfla a  vfij.y   fjng performance of ethnic  dances.   Displaying    outstanding    talent  Community Band we're" Lynn Wheeler, Geraldine Fyjes and  Leading Sechelt's 23rd Annual May    The band which is under the direc-    day  evening   and  members    were    ����3JJ^ thWSn Hat Dane?  Day  Parade,  Powell    River   Com-    tion' of Charles Stowell gave a per-    hosted  overnieht    by the  Sunshine    Cindy   Beaudry   Rose  McPhedranand'  munity Band was warmly welcomed,    formpnee af, H^ckett Park on Sun-    Coast Lions Club. June Mandeikaii. danced the Irish Fling.  *���"������ '���"'-���" ,��vi.urr^00.    June   arid   Charlotte   Bandi   danced   the  Scottish Sword  Elanee.  Sunshine Coast Lions and many other  organizations .opei"atec(_a._ variety o|  booths which together with children's  rides and rates kept everyone happy until the -weather turned damp and chilly.  Members of. the Vancouver Variety  group were real troupers entertaining  under a makeshift' cover and holding  attention despite the rain which caused  ^cancellation  of  tbe  Sky  liivers   because  Colorful Entry  Gaily decorated, the Sechelt Hospital   and advertised tbe forthcoming June  \nylUary float OfllTJPd *- myiTpSpr nf --iawM^d*d^}M^l^fi=Al*^*"43-  qxceptionally  fine -posters  which.���Luflch&oi-^  were executed by Mr. Kurt* Reichel  !..  ��� v^< a :  '- J  i.  i   ,  a.  *        r  . > i   t,'--?  ,.���.-*   ' .��� *      i*i**,0**"*'\ |A�� *"-  Roberts Creek artist  shows work at Gallery  KATHLEEN Wells of Robert* Creek has  a display of her work at the Sunshine  Royal  Carriage Coast Arf Gallery in Sechelt until June  Festooned with pretty rosettes, the ?��� This wf" ^nown artist is showing six-  carriage whicb takes Sechelt's Indian *;en P^n mgs several of which are her  Princess Rena Joe and her- attend- " *?" K^f owe,s' ,n both msieh and  * & *      * .  r*     r *. 0*^ '     ���  ' *. "  f ,*     i ���  ���^���f�����w��Mli I*m��mlu\m0ii0*0000f*000*00*^i0*0'*>0**0lil+00l*00****0to0.  "*���f  1  ants Becky-Jackspn and Lois paull to  oils. Included ih the show are scenes ip  >���� -������������- /l  fa,-*.*'     '. f���** ff^'  . j-t*  jf��3  diiu uBunvuHuwu tuo i^uja raun lo qil   0(le of ^berf-s Ceelc aild one of a  the May Day celebrations, makes % st,eahr at���"PoifpQlse^ 0���-  R!     ���,;  colorful   addi'tiop, |,o  the  M^y  Day, The following two" weeks, plans are  Parade and won   lots of    applause u, exliibit paintings by Mr. Howe, whose  alopg the route. work is new' lo the Pe-tinsula.  ' Sea 'Nymphs - *   '  Ope of the number of decoi'uted boats and sea nymphs all ready to take to  entered by Cliff's Boats in Ihe May tbe water if thp weather ''-ecqme loo  Day parade featured little mermaids    hot,   �� *   r  *��4i"V *���-..'���      .   ..'���'    /��-^,,%---�� - q|k| m lllfi lit  jJ:*0Aj&  >> ���-������' i ���, -   '���'^ifLiik^lJiiiWfflaffl^  Iff /'     W4iJU "W'-fJ.F'ill" H��" lUMvi-bnW F"  W"!" nmi"T"---��*'��J^-P  Vi''1  i* ���  'if-'    J"   '  ����''*'���'4S&, ./r/��  "*< i i  *i**i  ���* S  ��>��  ^w^s-'-'"^ '  \   \ .        ^,  ���*?��� 'W .'V'     ���-' . ^,   ���-''-"Villi;\^.Js-&  I#/l' ��� '    ' ���    'i   u - f        "��� '%*iW  if^*wK" "'���i'  ^   L ���-^-"Ar* *    < */  iS%W^^S#-/  l'i"     V, -Aft"   vvr;     111  il^iWSS&*GilWw V^iVl^Wl"*'i>";',/'//;V'ffi */"'  i ,  Rustic  '>iv? t  ' It?   ST  n1   "J.  I-'xcoplionnlly pruity entry   ,in  tbo ',oor iIVoh.i' ("uuted on the voi'apda of  pai'lKlo mid wiiinliiH IIcmL pri/.e in th�� her rustic! coliftige, ailmlrlnt} it beautl-  orgmii/nlioih) c.lhbti, Nocboll ('anion |'ul oo|,la/'o ^urden,  (!|ub's iloat duplcleil a lady in pion-  'i  Snoopy  Whore be oiuno from, very few poo-    Mny  Day ppnidofb   IIIh, nnnie   was  plQ.kiH-w but.wu do.know bo,wns lu .. Cbarllo Parkor ond bo wop Iind prl/.o  Die  I'mihIiii- Harbour pud  Mocboirs    a| .Socbell In |ho walkbifj cnlilw.  *V ��>mW*m8B  fV? -  *'t-liiiiita  Dl- fluN I Rtiw  i  'i  m  ''   -"'���'' "WW  -  wf  i '   > " Happlno&a.  Khni'lng lippplness on May Day prp    i'oro    relliKinb-bbig    it  to Hecbolt's  roilrbif* Queen Pfiinela Watson mur*   Queen for 11171, (jolleen Cn��oy,  lnt{ bee. ci'oy/p for Iho |psl Ibrio be- ,       "' ' ,       '  }���  '0  '&>,-''  ���4**4*?fijWt&k  ,',.��..   ,.'<**��� rt*."'1"'"'*?*^  :1\^:%^v-jy''  ���M<   l\\\\    I I  i'    'Ml1    1 ^   ^      ,���^��   v*"   -***"     |        /  .   . ��� ���'   } .      ��� * i  '***^  W>*hMt-lHiwMM-wrf^  Cont��nhio|.  urtu* m ���������*���><��� ������Mlna.ilw  "'V f-���^ ��� C\ r  J.    T'   ��'.  "I A^\/J  ~r     '^\AA  .-<   <r*x'    (AJ  {  ���  -i  i ���  .���. i III. -*���. .*����� *.Mw��f��w h.m^ di>^ ����.h  ;"     ..������    lU \J\'\      \  \ ,    ,{HL'.. ..if      ��� * --, f|.>Trt  Bank of jMouIreal picked up ���^'Hl^b   llxupo for IIh fk'nt lbl�� year and wop  Columbia'^ Centennial bbtJulay cake   wecond prky in cojiMneiclul entrb  Pliplay  t*����^.w**��*l*��fe *^H'  ������~J   HopbuliiK the IradlllonaJ May Polo    lUunulry, Hbso MciPbodrnn and .Juno If was a lontf bout for Ibosu youn��- jipihI bavo worked up qull<- up pp.  daucJnd wilb n tUw dlnplay of cdbnio ,. Mimthtwin, ifurfwmUia  Um I ri a b Ktiiru tflvlnH a Jwxliig tUnpluy aboard iKdllo -for Ibo numerous bqoo>n be-  wpi   doueoH wpre n number of local dano   KlJpg. the , Wilson. (Voek CiiIih and fScopt Ini' uojd at bootba In Jlackett I'lirli  hu. ing-itudents, i-Jciured bore are Cindy ' , float In tl��9 May tony parpdo, They  *������'''                          "    '                               .,-���-..���          '        *                                     ,                 -i                  '             ��� <��� \ ���   ,    ��� . ' ■■^
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but il plso was a WI'of f|in Judged   pr'ze |ii coiTii-nerci^l'fflopts. Cro^s ' erly.^w^Ued |1
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*'   J" 'L.    Wiring   beautiful    ^epffed   head-   ,T*-*«lcs,on on lepl apd Lois P#ull \yere - dfjj-f fojr |HeMpy •iRay/icelfelw-a,^-'
fc^^l    teepsr ^fcbel/§ "Indian princei-s    escprted by Chief Hejipy Pat-|l,whpn, .m.^ecftell on ,*\pnW
BIS™    ^ena ,fQe ^'*QT attendants Becky    Uiey fook their place-*- pn the Toyal •        ).*.,■* 1 <, .
\%   ' ' rf    v|-'      ,,H*^dW^^^M^BM^W>k0>v»X0****i -*** ,.* *.***... *.« 1 -i.miJ,.!.,
1 i: MwHHbBW ^f^'\
yb few;1: ■•>■',. ■ W'   " ■II-'- •' ""   l   a
f.WWt\ ll.$K/i •     '»     .A*     ■    •  , > 1     •."       • I     * .   . 1    ' :
^—»^."   ",/ iLVf-x/^'T* 'V"w'i'.r\-
, ,»'
,"' mkJ
'   "     "  l     y »"    I     <
'11 4 v^''ftiVP',',!flK
''"•wL-'W* V.-.»...     ' I *!/    .'Vfe"'      ¥»«"*"'
v'l -*
<  "t, *"'
*.. ?s
*e    '
- ..'  ^
..-»"  Jt'
■     tj
i    !
(V ^ •
-:- . -j- .  -'is- •   / H   -- " •
i"'' ---"/t'lr*-'". "J' '    . 4 ',«
* '   //.'V I   »' ,
Lpsl Irnnipoior of tho j"pw«iir IMver   ingiliecbiidren'seidriofiof dtjcorntcd   ber pf i|iem In tills year's May pay
(!pniinunily lidnd fijiiipnr'j to bp lend-   bicy-rlo,'' n'litl M}«i'« wore i|iiiie -<- nunW   iwndo. ', •
2rato4£^^to .. ■■^^-^iJ^^'^.^\... ._•._.:, -■.:... '■■■':.■,■■ ..■■■■■'J ;->■■• .    ^J
Royal Floa"--
Mosl )inpor|nnl fli-al jn the jwi^tjo and Ibo lovely dogwood as l|-ei|- grojip, Tf?o hMK° »HveF crown y/a-"
1 j« ibo one wliicb vermin Ibo Quefin tlieino, Iviojis Ladles prpinmn] Ibis madp by pu|4ls f>f S^cholj MJ«itm«>
, and bor conrt i(r,lbo crpwning cere-  ,1'loui lor lips (.'xo|il|opnily |M'«My   jnry tiu\w.\, ■    .   *
1 .<
A** •
■O ■■  - - c""-.C-r'.- -••      '.ft. I"        ■ \
. ". '      '     ■ r-i/'./N"-•.••'-•*■.-'     . -   •.,.-'''
•'r V x-i'.-r>i-AA* \,-'< ,-<-1"": -rAW
1 - ■>
to$» "i
Hhi- or; "»  I!«
JT fo'itf * ivi', Wf flip' I'l'il;-!
-c, t', > »•'' ti, . ,    1
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'tut (     BBff™l?'
,lh   KU 1 W4><§1
Tm., ,   j'-' '-/''llf
'J I.   I   ' I   . „*#-% mmffmmr
W '   •  •     ',1     V* f     ' '    f    lri,>lll.,r<|   S
1      ■ ,        ' ^,0. • jf''  f,
»*\*1' ^ '■' '.'Is,*.%"• 'iii'?-;!*"*j'"."'W'<'■.''»' 1' j,i,t'i' '.^j^'rJ't\^^iJ^'»i*lA*.,',^AAi9^V^'i^^>^'A'f*'^^
*,'§. ii,    * a-ifij j. if.   j.v ». *,-..»..?'. . m>  /. o < > • * M 1 - •        / «>» m r'» ■' <4<" I'l^it.i}
,*W'       if*W1«/l«l*'(r"''"li'1     '.' '        ' *   ''       '      '     "I      < f»-f '..' »      ••ti'il     l.f   .,1«l|      '<,<,'»}(  »». I'!'1' li '    M»'r*   »»
'm\,Ji*?*. ,ti \  */",'*>*. <        0'.     ' f * "   .<• j i' #/«▼/>' if»ir! *'*3 '*'l<i ,'Ji| f')*?* <«v«i +1 f-f   <",,'<"!
^SSSK'S^wl"j •'   ' " " »- • -. •    •'* '        -     " '    '»'•    ^ -'."i't '.'^' > 'AAA' l"> w-r.> - - - ■■-. >'.')' •. • ■ 'i3v. *•!
li^tfw^' * ,J}f.A:,l''• '* '",- f~(- li! i^'l tsi'i^i'"H'';,*"'.*.'«* *" nr.t^'i'.ff1^:
Tr«|l Rldor#
Kljiblnstont' students spent c'ounll«'»H Pay l-nrade, Itwpllf himnnAn pro- fiiMMbry{ Ibo banul b'ok purlin Ibu, Hnwi\y. Umwl mivir Ibo oirnslon, wbjlo fringe ndded color Ut the May wim >'0')o in'»mmirl gig accoim>a*?i«d
lioiir* w«Kin« d«<'«p'atiw)ir fer ift« «*I|UWhJ Mw Vwtemhl. mwM*'° «M" . i!«<IJ«f*M')M' ^ I*i«*»o«r i'/i/lc in (Ub- Tbnlw-T 'lYnll rjdorj- nil woro wbiti! Day Uumi**. Tbo rhlors eworl««i by Mr, l'fil«»* C|-rl«0wp«, C<Hm^A M
biiK© flat -deed truck wbk*|> umh'4   m»i w««-'Vudl H.0,''-Oi-.l,n*> pwvwM*  -hoin*-. ■ ' W|e(#oriH «-|d <b« (jepd-inu<|o ornu-   fUpitor 'i'rwll 9«nwn (!«|l«oi- iNby   «f«o Mtsi* ^tt (.!r-ya|e^t|«.
Uio tfebool JJnnd in Heclicit'-j May ', . '.„'.'     v , ■   ■.,     ,   ifaimw sftfhljo' cloths ol Mm- with   \       '
>■ •»-   ■ ■   " J-> * <i->'  AJAAJ'>Anh,IJi 'HJ' '•''>   '   i""t''d
f|«,l>*ri,J-^A^   i^**^^**.!^^,!*    *    '
(-+••*••   +   ■
••«. ««*. » .Aw. rfk, #s,^-^-l    ^-*   *    »    *-*    *-•- Jl-»*-* J»*^«*»»^-^ •■-*«*** * »-»  *■
*/•***•    ■    ^
I'- «>«^*««^^i«^«.«
■^rtA*.rf»^*»*   «fc'
"t. A <»  • AAA^AA^A ^%»  *.*-**•   *» i-A  i >  (  1  iP  'ilU  U[\  .,1  i>!:  p  ^  .  -��� /I.* ' �����   "'nl  1A31I  C  \  A  \  /<  ���*���"  ��� ' Driver Missing  RCMP are seeking Leif Harrison of  Qibsons in connection with this accident after he "disappeared while  undergoing 'treatment gt St. Mary's  Hospital, Sechelt as a result of in^  juries suffered,- iH^rrison is "under-  stood to have been driving this taxi  Page P*8  Thp Peninsula Times  Wednesday, June 2,.1971  District changes . . .  Madeira. Park  Wwm0f0nm/Qpa  raicipaJ  promoted ��� to supervisor  APPOINTMENTS and staff transfers ap- "ocaled for the-'bpard office, Victoria hfis  proved at last week's meeting of the advised that it is possible to ho)d Uus  {School Board included  the appointment, project in-abeyance as funds are still not  of Mr. Hait Doerksen as SMPervispr of hemj  Elemental y   Instruction   in   the   Sechelt this t'i|-ne  School District. Mr. Doerksen has  been _ By declaring various amounts approve _  principal   of   Madeiia   Park   Elementary ed h Referendum  No.  8  as surplus or  School for the past two yeais and  the- by sanation, the Board could raise suf-  organuer of a very fine athletic and band fieieht capital for construction of an extra  released for such  construction ' at  Wafer supply in west  builds in snowpacks  IT LOOKS like  a good  water year  for  most of the western states,  says the  U.S. Agriculture .Department's Soil '06p-  gervation Service" "after a check on the,  mountain snowpack, .  In mid7P���ebruary, the service says, the  When it Struck a pole hfiad-on  A pas- m0uti\*iii snowpack  already equaled or  senger ,was uninjured but I-ferr-son exceeded the normal April J snow spver  ..sustained some, injuries. Incident op- on immei-ous watersheds of the Cascade  curred on the Porpoise Bay Roadlasft ' and Sierra Nevada mountains, as well as  -Monday���May-^S4tji. ,   "���  ���  in-JdaJ"o^lltah,   Wyoming,  northern  flni:  *n0m0,*a*0.K0^0nrv,n*L,,m0m0vm0v*n0uvimMmntm0*,0.0im  SECHELT  JEWELLERS  *     *��    .%  RINGS  ��� " *   .  WATCHES'.  GIFTS  "Watch and-JewelIry  Repairs  "��,"��     H*  Phone 885-2421  ^"*��"'''w����Minww(vMitm<iWHiwwmi��)>nniiiimiiUuuUut  ���won*  orado, and southwestern Montana.  This adds up to good or excellent  wafer supplies this year for these areas.  On the other, hand, the" service said,  stream flow is expected to be much below normal in most areas of Arizona and  parts of New Mexico.  However', most areas served by large  storage reservoirs have ample carryover  storage for irrigation although, substantial  ��C'?L����fL��US&ler WiU be recluired   ."agreed"that-"the field" would'not be used  under   adverse   conditions    which   may  piogramme in  that  district.  'Replacing -Mr, Doerksen as, puncipal  of Madeira Park will be Sechelt Elementary School vice-pnnciparMr Vern Wish-  love  Vice Principal  ot  Elphinstone  Secondary   Schoo"!   is  Mr,   Lame   Grant   who'  comes lo this distnct from Pentlcton    ,,  Mr. Drew McKee of Gibsons Elemental y School has been appointed Puncipal  of Davis Bay School Former Principal  Mis   Laird is letinng  Staff resignations' included that ot  Gibsons Elementary School Vice Punctual Mr John Ayris Egmont Principal  Miss R Edwards School Boaid Office  Staff, Mrs. McLean and Mrs. E. Boyce.  Retiring; after many years service in  the district is Mr. Alfred Clarke of the  Maintenance Department.  PLAYING FIELDS ,  ^Making a personal appearance at the  Board meeting, tattle League' coach, Mr,  Eric Sclimidbauer appealed to the board  lor use of Lahgdale playing field for  Little League games and'practice. It was  pointed out that 105 boys and 60 girls are  playing baseball and softball, not counting the men's teams and soccer practices  and all the ball parks are being used to  capacity. "    ��� ���   ���    .  Use   of   Langdale   was   granted   and'  trustees explained   tha.t   there  had  been  a  problem with drainage which  is why  permission   had   been' withheld.' It   was  along the Gila River  Snowpack���or  the  rain and snowfall  ��~diiririg^hteiPmQH^  percent of Western water supplies during a year.  damage the; turf,"  olasspom for band practice use at Elphin- *  stone and-'a. science room at Pender Harbour Secondary School.  Both projects will be built by the school  board maintenance-depaitment with the  help of local contractois, after gelling  appioval Irom Victoua  COMMITTEES  TiiLstee Bill Nimmo asked to be relieved ol Public-Relations, and Education  and has been-appointed to the Planning  Committee  After some pei suasion, Mis Agnes  Labonte accepted chairmanship of the  Public Relations Committee School  Board Chairman-.Mrs. Sheila Kitson Will  also serve on the Public Relations, Committee  yj,y. Terry Booth" iss appointed to the  Education   Committee.*  EDUCATION "*  Commenting on the recent education  ' committee meeting attended hy three  teachers, three trustees and 2- students  froin. Elphinstone, Mrs. Agngs Labonte.  said thai committee membe^wT^ed^tp  try a different approach next year by��>  meeting in different schools with teacher  and student representation to discuss various! matters especially curriculum:  District Superintendent R. R. Hanna-  pointed out that the curriculum in grades  li'-and 12 is under review by the Department" <>f Education and if .proposals are  accepted there could be rpore flexibility  in graduation requirements.  r.:: Discussing tlie. fact that Physical. Ed?;  ucatym is not taken in j*rade 11 at El-  plunftune,-'Mr. Hanna explained that this  is  because   there  is  not sufficient  gym  MIMKI0 4D.JMIM  :'Jw"M'^-^'fcH^V���%'v*\Vs''!'&? '�����S;'<-'-y,'^'^V"S -,  ���''^BODY pEPAIR J   ,   _..._  '��� PAINTING  0 -  'i  Vy HmE"3S*3S3SE  jm IH THING FOR SPRING,  HAVE YOMR C^OONE TOPAY  AT THI? WW PRICE . ,T   mMBMmim products m) lid.  SECHELT pHONE 885-2111  .���.^ft"^"*^*^^^  ���I4^��W��M,W>^--JI^^^  Vse 'Times' AdBriets fo Sell Rent Buy. Swap, etc.  In 1862 there were 5,000 mine.rs distributed over 60 miles of interior coun-  try. '  NEW PROJECTS  Discussing funds approved in Referendum No. 8 for construction of a school nasiuni room and the programme had to  board office.,, trustees agl'eed with Secre- be dropped in that grade. The refereri-  tary Treasurer Jim Metzlei*-s recommend- dum which contained provisions for an  ation that tl>e sum of $54,000 remain al- extra gymnasium was defeated.  805.0023 Bakery. SSS-SOli MonLDept.  Wo Reserve Tho Right To Limit, Qoontltlcs '  V  ^��7nni7nnr7unAnnnnnn/7nnn/jnnnnAunnnnna:/nL  1   -������  .��� ��� ���      ''������.��� ��� ' '-"������������  - '���"'    ��� ��� ���       , '     ������"������������ r:"-,'     '     ���      "-���-���*'.��� ��������� ��� ���'���'";  '   ��/  i* A a. jftt-����� +*���*+, rt,* *^m.^Ls 4u<^';


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