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The Peninsula Times May 26, 1971

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Array Aj  .&  h  Vi  Is-  m  *_'  Short session  West- Canadian Qraphij Industries Ltd'.,  1606 Went 5th Av-fr., ' " *  Vancouver* 9", ,8,0,  Set-viea  'W    *"|  ''    'J  .:  MJpli'Wq Pi Sec-hell Council May 10lh  lasted a whole" foulf hour and centered  ^lpuv.,1 oniii'ely on depision at a pi-evip-|a  meeting lo svyeep allele, coiisiclerahle woclt;  -hy past aldermen lo ustabiish a rear lane  for properties in thc main shoppipi* area  un Cowiic Sheet. "  Boine arrjumenl erupted following  I'oadingol a lotler fiom Mr. II ... Qoidop  who quest mi'M i"bandonment of lliu pro-  loci tu l��i$hl ol piovious plaiib which  hud lad liim t" schedule a luuldiiiii pi.o-  graipme dn tho strength of Ihe prepo^ecj  iano.  Alderman Ben Lang, who had hi ought  the itfalter up at -lust meeting, said he had  wonduiud wliy the itine had been on "tlio  agenda mcoling allei mooting yet -never  diijciihbad This was? why he had brought  il up and in turn had been -led to hA  lieve the .project waji at a stalemate. He  said he failed to understand how something started by an earlier council could  lie Jtept. on- the agenda without the new  members being made familiar with the  situation ''That .is why I hroirght it up  in.the first, place, with the idea of seeking clarification," he added.  Asked by Mayor Bill- Swain whether a  while on the snlperl existed, c'cilt Tu'  Taynei *>aid he ha.s a complete file which  has_al\v-|ys   bean   HYa,Uai"le  \p ,Council  "mcrnbpVs- , ,    '  <jyiaypr-p\y��|n said. Uiul  }ie \n\t\ beep  tinder -|hp impression that ono or move  propBV(y owners involved h-iri failed, tp  'twi H form agreeing to giveup ten TpeT  of l|ipir laud lur a |ane. JJpwcvar, he ha"?  shTco learned fiom former Alderman,  Morgan Thompson that all had sif-nod  ,, Mr. Hayner explained that tho owners,  hud npl signed any legal documenlulion  and further, lhe mallei' ol "(.(ipO for a survey |\ac| cropped up which, Council felt,  nosed a prohiem auihe inno.  Aid- Uenncr also expressed Ihe view'  itll't H'e_ ma I Iter should fiavu been dealt  vyrlll l'alhei than being kept on the agenda  nioejing altei ineeting He said he understands thefe is only one lot at one end  posing a problem and lliis^ he suggested,  could be expropriated.  Mayor Swain expressed the view that  a Uii'i^ai-ppncj woiild pose a problem by  Aid: L-ifig lilaagceed and "said, "this would  be ii matter for a-ope man committee to  look into and report back to Council,  lip moved that the. matter be put back  on the agenda and such a committee be  appointed by "the Mayor.  Coijiieil unanimously approved und  Aid. i-jang was. appointed the-one man  committee. * ���       '- '  Mai'or Swain pointed out that il Crniiiv  ell "decides, to proceed with'the-lane, even  if not immediately, it need not hold up  any building plans by Mr. Gordon He  would be able to proceed with the knowledge that he will have to give up leu  feet  of  his  properly   hue.  SprYino the Sunlit!0 Cqqijt. jHriyyp Sound 'Q Jgryji |n|o|), Including Port Mellon, Hopkins Landing, Granlhqms t-andind, Gibsons, flobofts Crocl*,  yViUon C(p*-K Solma Pq^ Sccho|t, Hplfmoon jay/ Secret Cgyg, pepdar Ijqtt-o'jrt Mflflclrq PafK* Kloindqlo* Irvjpo's Landing, Earl ��eva, Eamopt  LARGEST CIRCULATION QF ANY PAPER OH THE SOUTHERN SUNSHINE COAST.  /and'Clqstl Mqll '-  (lcgi-.trqtlpnN?; 1142  'Union ^s^e-14-Pt-cl  Th>�� ls*jMe 12 Pqgos "  RgTyRN viJiiT  ��� Members of the ' JSfphinstoi^e" High  School Bund journey fo Campbell River  today Wednesday May 2fith where Ihey  will take part in a band concert in cooperation with the/Campbell River High  School.... '.Band,, Th-J.-Iqcal. band _ will   be.  returning a visit May 121 h by the Campbell  River  group.   I  ers  still incorporated  INDICATIONS are- that  lhe  newly  organized   Sechelt     liatepayers'   Association" is" back in Tr^  mains to put it in good standing with the  llugisiiui-'uf Companies in ijubmisslun  ���via  k. 'fi  id  AN  ERROR  Pender:   Harbour   Hospital   Auxiliary  Fishing Derby, is expected lo be a great,  ...���|^ece.sl���....lll|.���i..yeat���Jlnd-'nla!l.���,. Hl'.e W^H Underway,   ll   will   be  held  July  '3-4   not,'  us stated in last, weeks Times, June 3-4.  WALKATHQN     ~  Contrary, .to a nwBl��ading report given  the Times last week the proceeds raised  by -Hie J-'-'iidi"!- .Harhonf- Vliljh fiehoni-  Walkathpn do not a|l go to lhe Basket-  ball Team fund. It uppoars 2fi% goes to-  the students council and 75% lo i/hai'ltu-'  -hie   causes.  MAY DAY   * ' ���'  Chilli [nan   pi   ||iu   Sf-phujlf   M/iy  Ppy  ui uiiiiipaiues \n ���jiibniistjiuri of  reports from   lU(i5 lo  1070.4  I'resident of the Association J. A.  Clarke was notified last week that no  annual reports have been filed since incorporation March 2f-10(54' tliei-efore 'it  will be necessary lo submit such reports  in order to bring the Society, into good  standing.  Mr, Clarke told the Times he is de-  lighted with the news for jt was feared  the Charier- migh have become void. Many  residehhj are infofesied in a strong rate-  paycib Association and consideiable rn-  teii'st lias been shown in a Regional Association  Glowing copix-in with high costs of  a 'legbmal Distnet culminated. w}th ie-  perH in>P0->Mh)n o| �� $4p lun-i |f(x Uf|ahi8t  Duiiic^lipn p|-Pipne.er Pgrk, ^Bjautir  ficniion of wimh was' the Cenienniaj  Pipjegj, of t|ie Gftsons Genieniii^i  Cpmmi'ttee, was ipllpwed iasl, Sunday jaflernoon Willi presentation of  Centennial Medallions to area pioneers. JVJiV I^s (libson made the  pfeseh taliioit"' to '"tlie Gibsons pione ei;s  and is seen presenting Mrs. Mary  Grace ChamDerlin with her medal-"  Pioneer Honpred  lioij. lVlr--. Chamberliii is the oldest  surviving de-jcendent hi the originaj'  George  Gibsons and has lived fpr  ;jU ��� years in tjie Village of Gibsons  Landing. AJso present for the qcca-  sioii^are from, lefi; Iylrs. Chamberlin  Jlpss  CJilJspns, Hon.  t"��abeV .pawspn.  |iid Centelijiial C^  Aid. Ken Goddard.  Vice^principgls out JA,  '_ ' - ��� ��� ��� ��� "l  Teachers express concern  over staff cut proposals  CUTTING the leading, staff of-^ch#t.  Si.hnol Dis'tnct by 5 or 0 teacheis,  eliminating vkc principals in lhe two  fnajoi elemontaiy srhoolb and cutfipg  down   hours  pf   bphqol   sccretaijal   btaff  w   sybtcip  tern  44ig^achei^-nw}K  tjijt! seciutaiiai tunc the boaid is taking  away help in piovidipg teaching matcna].  T(-ustee Bill MjUpoln*; sajd |his |il��sLi��tit  Vqluime 8, No. 26 - WEDNESDAY, MAY 26? l?7j  *** V ii_.iiii_  ������ ���   l i ���������-������������  ��� m. i        ���   jm^  /���  ��� 1  University Graduates  include local students  MOHK Ihun  3,101) btMdcnls  will reeeive  fljoh   academie  degrees, jit  tl^c   llni-  veislty   ol   Britibh    Gplu^|-|j��,s    Sprite  Congregation peicuioifips "VJivy 'Ifl-'tfl.  - hocal -.indents incjude^l ni'the imprc-,-  sive hbt'ol gradualps arc: Teny Richai'd.  Johiibton. tii-clielor pf Applied *3eiepfo;  Maigai'el Fellowpi", Bacht-lor of 'M\*>>  .W'Htani Frudciipk Pai'lter,' B,fichelor pf  Spioncc in Foi estiy, al) Irom Cih-j^ps.  Patricia Diane Draper ot 'Sechell receives a Bachelor ol Science in Agriculture. '  The annual convocation al Simaii  Frasei Utuvei'bity wjll take pjaep in, the  Univeibity M.all on Satinc|ay May 20|h.  -Among the H83 students icce|vlng fle-  giccs ib Mury Eli/.nbeth Steiiihai|ber of  Cowrie SI, Sechelt Who will receive a  ��� Bachelor of Ails (honors) First C"lajs.  Visitors rescue three  when seaplane crashes  TYKE An ways l^d ol Sechelt had Its  Ioiik accident iroe jectn'd tnaired labf  Sunday alternoon with the loss ot a  Ccbbiia seaplane which crashed into |he  watei neai Clowholm up tl"e Sechell  Iniot  Pilot" and  passengers^ -ill of Sechell;  were  rescued  from  thp water-)  rojntiti'*''  -  after t|��; crash, by u''Y*incot}ycr'''*f8Wliy  who .happened  to  be yiirds away hph\  wherp the plane "ditchedl!.  ;'    lyir,   and  IVIrs. ��� p.  iyji(,c|ipU(   t.P^^ttlPI"  r,with,,: the|rvleen^  tolri' tjie  Times," "wo ~ Kad ^yviitpiVprl "thp  plane land-and then ta'jp off iifjirip; it [ifjcj  -cliinbed' tu abiiMr'on'T^lh|nfh'e4'|eei. When  it seemed to jusl dive into the spa.  "yVe immediately made for the pjanp,  which   was   |*oing   down   quilo   qpij-ltjy,  .and between us maiuuie-i to pi|j},lhe:p(jq|-. :  and  his  two  passengers -aboarrJ  just  f"8  thp   wing   jhey   wore   pliinjin-?   |,p  wpnl  under" ����� ,  - PiJot^ Hon  Htihlclt  leceivpd  a  I'tibhed  ai in  in  the c|,u.lr   Piif.seni'(jrfi    Qr^il^ljl'  Al|up arid b|S wije Pi'^tjne yccjo'.v^V'n-'i-'  weHitieiTitJtrt���-eisewbi-rn���m���Ihlb . ,nUh yMU juifJ *fj{ ttrn^w-tin^'i1- "il "V"'U'jy'''i  ~ "     *���  ��--������������    'Mr.  Allien  uIbq, suftfired u in'ol^m  ai'm.-  Census form dropoff  commences this week  BEP'OBTJlsj'j on Census taking on the-  Supshine  Cnu-U, Gommissioiier    Mi"s.  Jaclv %hajtes: of Sechd  will be a drop-off' arid pick-up area. The  enumerators will commence drop-off  May -���af)th--w-heii���they���-will���letr-ve-  June 1st they  lhe completed  answer  every  - on -iVUiy -'"inli-'-wtiett  forn\ to completed.  Afler  will   retu'rn   to  pick-up  form.   Please  he  sure   to  (j|iestioii.  lrur, census 'purposes Htirai Houfe and  tld'j" numbers arc pot Bond undresses. The  people in. Gibsons and Sechell are asked  In be sine of then hoiibt: numbcis In all  other distnetb, jot numbeib and block  tiuinbertj bliould   ho  ("lvcn  wpeii'b   "tnpeb   ftpm  Gqunc'l plj  ^pchelt  ernplnisucs importance pf the 0ensys imp.  ppiptb out thai ||," Is top years since the  last.  U ib alaq pi)t-e^ ��i-';V fic-'scapiHi %)PP[  ii. |)Ub9!4 pn til^rpn IPHIMIPU f>'em the  Pej-by-} and ihjs in extremely jmn'n'fi'n!'  "-"llpy 'wei u-"l^'ouiilit  |ii by i.\p ^Ipnplj''  fo "TilUpum   Mai-inu   Bos-ort.   whcre   *-l'e  ^���ipnTnwiii-ti An-^nlanee gprwlcg imicttty  rushed. thRtn tp ^t. jyiuj y'��' lit-ep|t-j"i fpi*  tifiatinpnt. V)r.. y/iiitej- Byitpipk ^h% uIsq  ^m^i^ i^rtT��  grant of $000 was made Inward. Ihe pip  ]-;cl by Council of Sechell,    miybi,   ayain,  ���Ilie -area.  lM'&\'W"Hri8Si|iP  (Schorr  mm  AHer 26 years-* * ��  Sechelt Motor Transport  sold tp long time trucker  ANNOUNCEMENT eame last week of  ., sale, of, lhe Hcc||e|l, Mnlxiy Tiaiispoil  (.'oiiijiiuiy by "Mr, Cor; |jawrein:e lb Mi'.  Wtip" IhtuiHV/nrlh of Vaneoiivei'.'Mr. 'Idiw-  lence, who-. aliirled nil' will) if nevon |iiii(-  Kuiiuer lliiioiiniiie nod. eiiiled n|l with n  lotal nf M hiiHDH, linn fleiijilerl In rel|ru'  untl laku lliiiiiis n lit lie easier.  '   Mr.   l|i!��i|,'iwoilb   liirn  bad   n   loi'i|<   e.x-  ..,.1-urloni!!,' iir���iho irui!|Uii|{ /nul niiitor liiuiu-  pml |n|niiiewi bid (lliu will lie Ills I'ii'nl  vniiluj'o wl'lh a bun (ifieitr He Klurlml bis  ��� '   lirni   lriii!kin/(i o|iui:ntii��n "al*,'l"e��f!e"' i'fivor  In IIIIH, Inli.'i'' ni|oii|i|o|l al Diiwuoii Crook  and It it ut- lo Wnini'klwliii Allinilii which  fny | wei vu yeai'ti wim l|0|iili|iiiii'leni for him  ennui ruction mid lri|1ii<|"irlailuii iicllvlllos.  Ono anil a hull yonrn a/<u Mr. Ileum-,,  woi'lh 'mikl hln��� ��� IiiihIihiwi 'inlt.-reiils nnd  iiiovoil (n Hill lull ''(iliiniblu wlioi'ii he  jiuii Huu/(bl I'lii'llioi' IiiihIiioiis i.'liirllniiHiiH,  ��� 11Jim r|ui!id Honiiin In huvo now iniilnd with  Hiri;|)|i-'if Mny llii nf Ihi^fieclinlt.,,Motor'  'JVlui'/iporl lihl, lln loir! , Hie Tlnu-H he  pliillH Ip leilllllll ill \ftpwpHviiy nnd nlleiMl  In Hm npiii'iiilmi IVi/in iliiil,o|ii| while Mr,  ,�����> < Innr/in )|i||)kliis will conlhum jin ��<ii|<ifal  Mr. Ihipl'ins Klin-led wilh Hie coin-  pfrpy in, 1052 as a .driver iuu| in Mlfill vylrs  aiipoiiiled In l|ie adininislnilioii 'n|do of  Die biisiiieiiH.     (  l/'irsi lniH:Kei'vii!;e,on Hie Sunshlnfj.CiiirHl ���  was   sliii'lnd   by fA|.   Ihiwci|| 'of, Seioia  I'ark iiboiil  MMI with ��yi <��ld seyon-i'eal-  "IShhIi. Tills was taken uver later hy the  late ("i.iii Ciiii.'II w|ro then purchased ��  pfiw ho'voii m:iiI Jhidipt. ||ot in lui'i), sold  lliu buniiiijHH hi' Ciii; J,iiwi'iiii'"i!"iii Hl'in,  Hlimo Illiil |linn il|e iiriivelud,' (inlholed1  Iniek, from (libi.niiii In Hni.'helt ,devolo|)cd  lliln a liilhni' liullei' paved roud and will)  II n rnmilur furry noi'vliio and need j'or  ii, iiioili-'i'li him Miii'vieo,  "i'lidoy Iho ileal i:n|))|ii'|s(in fiiurliiii/i  |ii|(lilir|' biiMii, and id |d 11 ia;||oo| bmics,  Mi)by nl"Hie lai'/in iiipijeiii vuhinlei' niir  1 i)|ii!i'ii|ed nn ehnrlor an 'carry l|io Dirpiu  "Hiuiiiliiiii! ("oatil" In ril'iven o|' lhe ll|)||(!i|  Hliili.'ii ns well ns lliioiii'buiil Ciuindu, ,  The i)i||?lr)ii| Rlnll, of one has ioowii  In 110 i.'hiployi.'iiii mid lluVdopiil hi Secliell  ciiinpiirun iiroi'o il|i��n favorably wilh dn*  i'ioIh ncrosii Ciniiiilii mul l|io llHA, MHeii|<ii  , npvprorl iiniiually |iy I'm* bun I'lor.'t |n iiin-  snnlly dlii'iMr iiiiii)'li!in\of  AI'Msr Iwi.'/ily-mx, yciir/i  ovyn'-ndiii", Hpi'IwW Molnr 'rnii��n|nni  Um.. l-Ji-jj-jH IhumIh iind I'nyv .wwr  Dim, Utiinhmim, ��'I��M, ������i' ,w^'  l<(f--''-rH| niuiM��H"r (uipi'lt,*) IIoiiIUiih,  WMW in  lliu' mm Ami vyoulj: iul'lnj'  Mov/ Ownoroliip  piiAtty nno '"(jli'/iiK nf Wm new himinoiSH, liu Inlil Die  TIiim-'I ,)��" woiild l){i (illftndliiK ll��'.'  Vniicnilv^" ni'') nf l\H\'t)i)t',yul\tii) ninl  lyjr, np\)km would ypiiinhi nlHtwmW.  in JiIh uuj-nnHy ni" .pn��'n��l muiw\W.  Heason  for   l|ie  pifiposed  i;p|H,   is  ai)  allenipl  lo rediice tjie o|-p|'!llil)i| t"f-uli����n  of the budget lo an oinoiiiil ail clpso as (  possitde  bi  |ha|- a|lpwed |iy  VJctnria,  |.o  avoir) hi|v|p(i lo present 11 money by-law  ��� lo bixpa-'erH next yea)'.  ; Ip lhe pas), jt Das pply lieep ijecciisairy  for Hie muiriei|ia|il|eH 'of tjibsiiiis and  Sechell tp approve, excess expendjliire in  lhe operaiiuiit Hoctiop of the School I"*ls-  ),r|(!t liudi'ol, New loylsliilloi" liijrpducerl  Ihis year, inirkes il hecpssiuy for the  lioacd in piilillsh a ipimey by-law in "  li'pbrHary mid If nij|'fii.'|en|  pefipip wish, ,  .it will i(0 to roloroodiini, This will be lhe  first lime ii biidr.-ol referendum bui- lieep  preHepled in Ihlifschnol disl.i'|r.'V. However  lhe Ihnii'il fools j| could'easily Jio'defeated  which would, leave lhe linanl In, the  poHilion of ll('vji)f( to make cuts jp Hie  middle of a school year.  Staff cuts would collie Inli) o|'|i:i:| next  H��!|��ieniber and lasl Thiirnday'n incelinn  was caljerl |iy lhe Hoard lo acquaint leaeh-  ijih with  Hi'-' proposals.  ,  KS'l'llYJATKn COSTS  Hiih|i-I|( IllfJIl' Ihiureu up Hllu yein'ij  hudf-iil, where operalhiK. cosls oxceeded  ilmi allowed by yiclrirln by fli'lVM"),  liusie'os tisljmnie lhat next yearn over-'  expenditure,will.ho I||ii |Je/<jo|) nf *''(|(��7'SI.  l��Vom iiiii- ihey ilinlMi.'ii!ir$ii|iir-)l)'r wliiuli  In only a ntpm id -'(iieronseil uriipiii froi|i  Vlclurla. Tliiii,would  leave mi iixcetm of  tjpli'^m wMuIr ti'MHleim' Iniil woillii pul  ���<el' ii|ipi'iivn|' fyttpt projuirly owners, To  . milium ih|s uiDouiii    nirilmi; Ihoy' pro  posed Hie outs nimilloped leiicliern,  f||,-llio, pihiclpals admlnislralJon f/,0-lii,  i.ecrolni'liil, $|(|,l"|ll, I^i'iivilli' - ��i| nvoc-  i)x|n;|)r|||ii|-ei|('i WI,iyXI whleji H)��iy hopii,  wpiililnnl ������irilso laxpiiyers lo,pnl|l|0|i Im  a I'l.-foiimduin,   ' ��� '  -Tlienr''i|/o.wii'--ri("'tr'''wi.,r'j-'rniiriii|y'-'v'Mtlu  lyltMil ]iy |i!m;)|i)|n, It wns jif/lnl<!|| bill liml  Hi<! piibll'i iil|i|ii|d be iiiiule nwnre iff (be  piopmied 1,'iiln w|)|(;|) imiuhnyn say, will  all'ei'l Hie i|iial|ly ul edii.nillou jn Hie  djNtrjirt. A|Hr-'||'m m)|| ral,e' ill's yenr Is,  'MM uillli, laili|W llm l'rov|m.'|ii| avii|'ii;m-  nl HjJHI, 'I'Ikdi.' In evory-Inrllirtillmi Und  ji wjll l/o l/elow. Dm prnvjmilal livi/raim  aioiiiiii'-'xl y.'iir, wjijrh nlmi'lil b<! a /(pod  .Million pujiii lor'i'Ii'ii miiiiij|iiiii','i| iimimy  by-law,     ���.���  li was li Imi / su/(/<r.'sli.'il Ihal Hie posi  Hop nf I'lejimnlery "'Hi'lmnl .finiHii'Vlimr  wjili'b will .be viii/nleil whei) Miv-W'olor  ��1|l����.|eiiVW,^)|Oii|il pril bi,- Ijjli'ii, l/iMleiirl  Mm two vli)e.|)ij|)i'j|iain should I'l-nmln  and im iuIm niiimM |m matin In smirelii)Jul  time.        ',,''' ' ' -   ,  1 |'ih)i'|pa|   nf   (.] li,nn nn   I'ljiimonlary  ������~*i<,hni/l-0!*rir/(<>f,iin|-��-r-'mi|tl-',!lnii-'|i|-''^|/nr��l'  . wpujil lie rleiijl a jmavy |)|ow w)lj|(|)in  hist* ni u <,|ie-|ifhi<"i|[ia) apd f<,-*|i;ii'iijii|  Ijlpi!, Ojimi ii|mi |.i;|vf|(||ii |);i|i|j|i) a djj,  lme))l   iippinnrl) and p|li'mi|m(.  Mi'M. Hoi js ('"uller who in M-rii-liny rd  llMr;*'Ki!i;J)'of( Ti!|)i:|')i;);)(f '"A'M.oi.'liilimi   siiid  I hut Hie rul��iiwi>i)|d ftfft.i'1 (fin hf'i'i"' wiirl**'  bi/< i-opdjiimis, Hip, iis|u.-fi jf Dm irdmini  i-iiidion i;<ml'l do wllli |<!it�� |.iii'ii.-tiiiiiil  Hino und intpplhtH. 'l)mt;hnm tin*") l''"''-i  v|,oi/Hln/< 'Oiiyrl/dd lawn by HMpH ipn-  loliiii Iioiii jiooliN for 1,'Iiikii iDiuhlnit, <lii'*  it* iiiMiully \mlpu dnpn \>y mnidippin, jjlv*  A, J  Ser (t'clf'SefiVml pilnclptil Sam Held ex  pressed t|ip��opjnmn thai the Hoard, should  put  piif, fcplcfs  i!)b) ,ihe"eomjnMni}y  !''  find nt.-|. hpw lejil Is' |,l)p possjhiiii-y ��>!'  ap oiiei'alhi/i rpfereiidnm faiJiii/*, beipi-o  giving it |,)ie axe. -  II was a/.{|-ped t||al; |.|]p lloind fil|(|  feiic|ibrs !i|ipH|fj po-iippi'filp ���i.n, fjijl.ng a,  ' se||iiii<: job oi| lhe refei'endui'fi, imd'nmre  Ijiap piip leaclier full. l Ihal, . I.po J^oard  sliould lake a (mnible PlPy,presepj, tjie  money by-j'iw'wliboui miiKliu.' Hie pf"-  p<isor| .pufs. , -    - . , "   - > - /   .   -  Trilsiee 'f|i|| Miilciilm crimiiiopiei} oil  rising |iixiil|o|i Ip oilier areas such as  He({)p'ni*|, Mniii'fl/." Wliter'', liriiirr) ami, l��'h;o  j"rb|ii��l')pH, II |ias lii stop somewhere llinl.  is why he (lelieves a iiiid��el refereiiilum  wpii|d fail,,  HepfirlH from 11)0, |a:|<|sl)ilm'e stale  llpiV 2fi nul. pf t|')o l|ll dj'nlrjcls In B.C.  were oyer Un; allowed opnnill'ii/- ci|slsv  l,,,o|irk:i!)|' djslrjiils iue|iidj|iK Seclpili re-  ewlveil. muni/ijpal poiniei) upprfiviil for lhe  rixcess i:s|)ei)diliu'e. I'leveii .djnlriclu did  nn| repelvp piiiuieil appriivaf and were  iril'ced lo pi|hlisl) ir money |iy-|nw. In  (pny id lhe 11 diidrieli) lln,' jienplp pe-  Ijlinmid  fny a r-iifiirpjuium.  SHMT   DPWN    ���  ' ���.  fyJm'i IliMM one |eai;||or niimiented llinl.  ' l||i!  Hoard  |im|����. Im  en In  liu'l  inn  l-|i��  hi.-iioiiiii ppm Un.' mniiey nmn -ml- anH llien  tijpim dpy/p ihu Hfil.ioiflii fin' |)|o i-iiM|, of llm  yi.-iir.  ,   Mr.   llaiii'in    su/i/iesleij .Ihal    as, Ihe  luiii:|)orn were |)r(!|i|l)i'd -In /(amble (in l|)e  1,'iimilln of a refeienduni, wtmli) Ihey l/e  " '  -.,   ���iioo  puyo  A-4  IDl   Ulb-        r-B-l-HI   "'rr,    -.-<��    "'    -:���, ���    ���-.rurc~tr       Pll   U"("   "PPPP'   TL    ��� , ,    , ��  ,y',Bn   , 110 for qs vjHaita^pypppP M,Flwi!��rnP,,i' SW l*V y&Vir' BBV;   *  ,   ' ,    '������  u - **  s support reqoest .  Ir^a-Rescne change  for  OQUNCII.;*"} of Sec|iu||i|i!<i qihi-pii.tj |fi|yo  bofb ein|nr��e() d hid hy life plwlfipi ef  C|iinphe|j )t|ye|' in plibiln ijeljer pk'-m-  reseue, services I'py ,lh|��.. >^Pj!slal area.  Conneil nf fJmnphPll Hiver T)as so'ii/'hf  silppm'! from arljacenl iminlclpalllipH fol-  Iriyyjn/" a boatimi nccldeiit last Ajiril I0H|  In whicl) Iwo lives wei'e 'iosl���'near llifil  commrinily,  |.<iil.l'or. rend  at- |mll) comicjls, slalef)!  Tlm (ii)iiiif;i) of Hie pi'dilf."! ufpiiinp-  hi; 11 Hive)' iii'i" |<ieiit|y 'pniP'ip'piid will) ytm-  ard Ip a liniiedy whli.'li occurred in I his  ii)eii im April |l)l|i mid lln: appiii'iml, luck  ul1 i.'0-ordlnaljiiii of allenipled reiieue.  As"poiir us' Ap Jin iisi.'ei'fiiiiieil' I'hd  fuels are as I'!|I|owh. ,,-  - ())| Api-I) K|l|i ii ;I0 I'l, yaclil was Imled  mid sipili |mi' mjies i.iniHi nl ('mnbbi.'ll  Hl'vpr Willi llm loss pf IWn'lives,' ,yVli��ii  lhe Imiii wo/* Imjed, 1|io p|lnl irepl |wn  , m'lfSiiii/(es |'iir|Hi]ii!i|i( hh/iJhM'M'-"'- llinim-  dlalely, il(,'si:i'|bli-)/< |||r;lr localloi), npit In  VnpHDiisfpy iipd one lo I'llr-sea I'fisiiim, 'I'lf'-v  Nine suijnim'.'e fij /ill f(i|low/i!   ' ������  Hl',',11) ii./i), Hm driil. '"all i'nr nid wen  /iiiiii  In I|m alr-neii ytnmpn, lOi'iri a,ii|,'lbe.  .;:��i/iii. fi)i;..,i��|ii wuh1 i<iiii).'.,i-n. ViiiH'wliyi'iv;..'.-   .  jl- js aiiijiimeil llm| lim'lwli nmn npluynd .  lliu wiilern uf (iepiKin Hirii|l id iipjiriixi-  px  c re-octs  A  Opposition climbs sharply  ��� ��� ," " ,   ��� i .,  proposed gravel project  mnle|y J|.;(|0 mm.  M   !'!���'["���<!  ��.����... ��  })lmu  'Pf  !".|r fdfiltm lo sfiirl. I'pseni! ppci'aljfii).  ' 'Afi-ur ii-oo'piip', iJip'imdjes; (if '|||e!'twii  men \yere fopi-d jp l|fe l.nfilnrls,"In ||*o  Ifii.'iilipii Ihoy -sppt flm" djtj|,retia inf-ssanu  from.     ���   ���"   "."  The weather wan elfinr,' |mf "yihrjy,  |if)W(jvpr imi bid wl|)f|y for. pilhef fmlx,  fri!Ji(I|!o)'s or fen'Jes |o )}��, jp-|||e yJpJnH'y.  - '|'l)e f|f��i|-i,!ss area wns. |p��s iiuifj )��.  miles fi;nm iiiriCfjfimx iifr'r��e��i ypmipAmn,  (Ipmi h|ves|i|{i|||(m ||, ||i)i| hppp leiirn-  (;(| |iy Comic)I lliiif, uf fiie llpie of Hm  ���ii"-:)'|ur-|, theie wi|s"i)!) r.'i'ew lip |||e C��p')i|-c  Air I4ane mid Ibul Ilium:men luul In be  called from H)o||- Immris. 'j'liTTi oxplajpn fjie  rciisi/n luy llm-delfiy nf J Iioiii' ai)*l ff>  mlmiien frpip |||e lime |J|(Mllftlressf:i|||  wim I'enr.'jvcd al Hie Ajr liaim i)ull| Ijie  pllino wan n|i'||0|-)|(;, "il'iii'ljior." |ny��nl|/in.-,  ll'ni) .linn nl|i|vyn Hud Ihlii lipup'ju pfh'.ty  jefl In lliln mmmec pp wpekemln npd hp*  fpyp il.py aflo'r li ilurln/i wiJejt |l|iyii, "j'lm  reiisnu, /'jvop fpy 'U))s; Wfin. j"'iovof'/i,mm)f '  ciil-lmclj .jp simi)(||p|(, Tlm Mrnie p\np pyp~  vji|er| llm Informalion ||ni| flf'i exneel-  niliiy jn llm wi/ier Is from K(|^iinuH>ii |<i  I, \]Pi\r,,\, ;...:,'., )y ,-'; ;,,���������, ���  '"'" A)'ml 1'ier" imjnf' of' imipwfp (ie"r'|ii|iijii/{  Ip Iho iieeiilppl- In Hie fact llinl po nffpyi  wim miiiio uy fiii'-iipi- iuMijijo'|p liimiiii'!);, ���  /iiiy plitny lump )rj)| In |||(! 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Tn''il wnlur  clinilailrin'ii) iiii I'A'IOII /<��)(��. per-inlnnlu,  bul, nl H)Im, I'Milirul'iijim would Imk) dnwu  lln MiiiH.I (haw nffbi ll/O'l'lj(/il(n/iii 'l��iy  mlirplw,  ,-.'     ���  (.'i/miih-'iml ifmmm-ni by illie. ��<e��mi'.i|)  , ,,, , <    i    i  i i  .    miiimimr pj Hm cmniimiy, M- H  riiylur,  M,',imi)/i��imnii me known m, be loduiim   |()(j(;,;j,.(j iiniinii)%^iipi":^  """*" a v fi j I'i 11 i ii r'fr ir "flm' j irpleV' I '.}iii��7n ft I 'j I pTUpUi) I   mil  riiie In imih,T(a|ui II, A|ni)..<li Ife/t-  ioiml��� |)i(.ii;|iit' mpuijm) ibdibiil-wny find  I'oiiof-voir ronllji'l wjHi iipn nl 'be i.-om*  jm/iy'p inpd Immr ��ipp|jnrtj��m��, l\iniv)prt.  -u i.iiiall.,ii��liillioii lo llie uijrihiiil .wnli'r  Ii.'hm' .(ipiiijiiiijim will lii.' ii:i|iilii.-d,  dinuijpivj iif-nlii  "������'.lii with Hid |b'/<-  lomil" Hoa rd whrnl) men in Hijn Tlmfi.dny  May, "C/Hi wlii"! n<'|l|pn jt wjj) ,l*)|'e'|H /my-  Ofii.'V unuiit, hni |t is ipiitn Hflin1 lil'ejy no  thmklml villi Im ipiph: dpyhiH lh')  H/yi"l'IJ.' linen ii|)|mm' In,lie dyiivfp mid  , Jiiiljifiiljimn nn; llinl, iJmiild a pleblsi.'He  be held n| l||)fi lime life' */rnr'(."*ii!f| b/iis>  iJlye (niivel Dpi!|'id|i"iii by '(imiHlrmii.lmi A/<��  /<|H||aii)i|, mibnldlary nf (Un'iup 'C'miiejil,,  would be alnmia nnljilly roj'-rhsl,   .,.1,1,'lleni , IlliVe  ,))i!i:||, ,,('j|i:il|ali;i| . wj|ii;l|  )i!f|i)|)ii rmiy ii iiiiumlurn mid it ,ji( lenrni.'ii  thai 'lliene Iiiivd boon imnrlim In'n Hie  llo/dnniil Hnnrrl nlfiie. Hu hm inivn enp|im  nf Hie iidveiiiM'iiii.'iii p|ibl|ill|oil in iin-1  Mny It'll) Imuii! ol llm Times. HnHi Um  iiilviji'ljiamiei/li and I'h'i'Wlm' letter, onol)  'priil'i-irftlwu llio iirnimmsl '/(ravel project,  were nponsoii.'d by imimonmd Ini.'iil pi;np|e,  KurHpT lliwie, 'varl'ii'iir|j-illv)'|iii)|'' mid  Ad-Bricfs  point  Iho way  loiicllon!  "��i/n��fn rmbml-if'j'fnwlijrijierHf^'rfir (  Tlie //ravel uporoi'irn /ei'epily w'jni!d  apd illprd pnpihitit* nl llt��; !'ei-|iii|ii| lhl,pd  mid ii'i' \\pd 'inm IpilJi'iiiorl uppfifviil linn  been pi vim l)mm by Vlclo/ln pi'ovldbm  i'imij lipiDovnl In /iianted by tjm Hiinnl-,  AFf'f^iiiriifilliriierifcd rnnr/iive//'/, the  >lhltpd jfiunf'wi (in iid-|�� (b����Tnwjn iinK-  jf)/�� Kiel InlOfiHli'd Indjvjilitaln and moups  Hobinll wf/tlon bijofn on Ijie snbjeol to  ilm Horn dii )mlhiv I ppv Wednesday May  mil, |l v/Mn wlphid mil |n ���!{�� /filv.��ri|��e- .  mepi.. Hmli Hin\ Homd win fll�� m- phlma,, Ah��h >h>kM>id wj)J  In Today'*, Ckmjlled:^ '  'HI1' wjrlp.j.'l/eiil,.id" i��imii|ij.ijfi(werii,. Ul, "j"  .'irlljifi.'l TV Wfiikii,,if;m..|)|)/)/,,$ f>, /))"  "j''"'^.*-' I-iihiK )pd[)PH0,��h     '.'"'-1''  -. fv'**'****',**n'**0^*''**'***IWiW*��i***0PWt*0\*  f |imi,ii C|nw.|(ii;i|if luntli ov��r ICiliO'Miii/nw  (10,1)011 itipilm),  ,:���, llm��j.'i,<in'M|ll(.rl(. t/p IHU),lliu lioumi, ..'. ,  ppi pp |uw))'., i,||cw|/, i/i \ji i u|vi)i|i���    ;  f��  llnn-i. CloM.llii.iiw oitt |uw.i.oi.l, hl^h.bul��.'M(.y'  ��ph}�� lopjm, ' t  thin wMirijmi l'royjm.'ju| ^nvui/ii|)f,'|i^i^^e^)|/luHn/t,  ���    **,    #t    J*     0*   j*    *   0*     -**���   0*   **   *+     '  * t*   ,*    *    ���*���    "a "I   00*   ���  ���   4*  f+   t+ t*\   +    *#    "��� *!��� * !-*��� V0r*\M   **���   1W*��* WH��l��*-��  *C'*   -W1     *  v-  Phono' llnei ftp**, $mtki):r.\,iW\��r\'  deodllno ii Sfiprlpy ovepino.  \  m  hi  ml  4  ip.  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■ *r ■*** "V»%^^.«i*
■'- r.-f-Jx.r*
^ H V V«J V-/1 AV'(/^-'V V,,,V,|,r',,V*",*','   *A/"/>'     '**     *JS■■^,"■|/,*    '""■■I/ V*!'"-     ■**•
Pqgq A-^/Tfe9Ll>ew<nsMlq Timps/W^nisgdgy, Mfly 2(5, 1971
-T«eP"3N^ui^^«0 Seqhelt -• Phone 885*965*1
Classified. i_^
Published Wednesdays (by
Powell River News Town £rier
Sechelt Times Ltd,
HELPWANT^P(CQtiHtlMed)   REAL ESTATE (Cont,) ftlAt ESTATE (Cont) im ElSNT (Conllnued) FOR &l$ (Continued) FOR SAW {fr-fllnt-nfll
at Sec'ie|r, B.C,
Member, Audi* Bureau
of Circulations
September 30, 1970
Grass Circulation/2920
Paid Circulation 2446
As filed with the Audit Bureau
of Circulation, subject to audit,
-  Classified Advertising. Rates;
3-Line Ad-Briefs (12 words)
One   Insertion   '-L_$'lf0Q-
Three Insertions $2.00
Extra lines (4 wards) r20c
(This rate does not apply tp '"
commercial Ad-Bdefs)
Box Numbers „ 10c extra
50c Book-keeping charge is added
far Ad-Briefs not paid by
publication date.
Legal   or  Reader   advertising   35
per count line.
Subscription Rates—
Uy Mflil?
I.oco| Area ■,.. ,:,'■,,. :.„     $6,00 yr,
Ouhiide Local Area ..$7,00 yr.
ALCOHOLICS Anonymous —
-Meetings  0:30   p.m?,   Thursdays, Wilson Creek Community   Hall,   Ph,   885-9337,-  880-
-2343,—, 4<)79-t fn
WISH to contact Latter Day
Saints   memj-ea-s.   Ph.   885-
D547 or 806-2548,        ' 4505-tfn
ROBERTS     Creek     Hospital
Auxiliary will be pleased to
cater for your bridal or spc*
ml    event. : Call   886-2706   or"
88(lt5044, 0425755(1
WANTED — Man with smqll
opt for cantr-apt -shake cut'
ting,   Ph.   880-2441.      0408-51,7
FULLY «qtmli'fied  cool?  \vant-
^ ed.  Apply stating  age,   experience find salary expected"
to Box 018, Secliell, E.G.
EXPERIENCED'   waiters    required    for • Sechedt    Cal'e.
Phone 885-2325.       ,    0408-20
FRUIT tree and hedge^nnin*
ing. G. Char-man, PhoriOBtK
PflQ3. r- " „ .6138tfn"
MiSiA*V   .
Special Wizens,
•."- '%$($: -Arfcq - '
v'-Canada ,_.
By Carrier .....Jr
$9,00 yr.
$10,00  yr,
60c ma.
Copyright and/or property rights
subiisfs In all display (advertising
-Wo* Pther materiq) appearing in
this edition of the Sechelr Pehlm
swlq-" Tirines. Perinjslson to re-
''§rd^mA*kM\\y'or in part and In
any form #hotsbeyer, particularly
by a photographic;or pffsef process
in g puhlicqHpr-, my-ir be pbt^ined
in writing irom'the publisherMny
unauthorized reproduction will :be
subject    to    -recourse    in(   low,
WE, OFFER a, complete tree
service to ihe entire Sunshine Coast. Our work is insured . and expertly perfoi-p-w
ed. Phone for free estimates.
Peerless Tree Services. Phone
.885-2109. (1258-tfn
ClilJCKS painting & 'decorate
ing. Guaranteed- work, rea^
sonable rates. 88572375.
• 5492-tfn
EXPERIENCED drywall acoustic-& textured ceilings, now
in Gibsons area and -serving
the Peninsula. .Free intimates.
Fast service. Phone G & W
Drywall, 88(4-5315.        4208-tfn
COMPLET% landscaping  ser-
vice.  Gardening,  lawn-care,
fencing. By] contract. 'Ph. 8B(~i
7120 or 88(f-2717. 631fi-tfn
CHIMNEY  sweep  arid   Stoves
cleaned.   Ph.   880-2834   after
5 p.m. ,._,. 6458727
ELEVATED undeveloped 10
acres within Village pf Sechelt, residential location.
$16,000 cash. Box 6409, c/o
Peninsula Times, Box 310,
Sechell,         6499-tfn
3oo  fl. Deep  protected moorage   on   approx.   3   acres.   Includes   2   bdrm.   older   home.
Jack Noble, phone 883-2701
Rochester Realty Ltd.	
- Q484-tfn
Real Estate & Insurance
CENTRE        '    ..'
Gibsons, B.C,
•  '■"'80-2481 ■' '-.,
MARINE   DRIVE:. Very   well
built 2 bedroom Home with
sunpoi-ch, concrete walks, tool
shed and good parking. View
over    water . and    mountains.
Full price $12,500.
nice view (rom this centtai-
ly located 2 bedroom full basement   home.  3rd   bed mom   in
bsrnnt. Large UilclKm and dining     area.     Freshly     painted.
Easy    lo    maintain , lol    wilh
good   parking. -.F.f-,  $1'),5(}0,	
SELMA   PARK'-   Havf.  n   Innl-
CORNER lot for sale 'at Selma.   Park.   100x120,   Phone
8M-93D5. -__j_.   ^OOO-tfn
SPEC-J-ACOtjAn      wlerfi-ont
^iew lot. Private, "fuMy seiv
Viced. $8,050. 80[i-J)79(".
W]CST   Sechelt,   choice   view,
property.   Cleared  and  ready tu build, Ph. 805-2087.    "
. »038B-2q
————————     ,— ' '!
Multiple Listing Service     '
Box 238,  Gibsons, B,C, -
Vancouver Real Estate Bpari|.
. PHOP 8864248 ||
";    -Public     '■%,
■ft. pleased to sponsor this
Birth   Announcement   space,   and
eutends Best Wishes to the happy
MARCHlTK^Rdn   and''"Oefry"
Marchuk of Sechelt are
happy t6 announce the birth
of a daughter, ICunberley
Jean, 6 lbs. 10 oz., May 13th,-
1071   at   St.  Mary's  Hospital.
Taping  and   Filling  by   hand
and machine. Spr'ay Tex Spar-
 .._, Icle Ceilings.   „
Phone 886-7193
Roberts Creek, B.C.
"Eechelt? First "grarfdcluld of Al
• and Jean Winn, Gibsons and
?grandchild-of Alec and Pauli-
'rte Mardyjk, 93 Mile House.
•     fi4.G4r2fl
i ">'
MR, and Mrs, Lep- Swapson
of Olbsons, B.C. arc pleased
to announce the engagement
of-their elde"-t daughter- Trudy
to Mr, lion Baba, son of Ml",
nnd Mrs, Kohei Bnba of Roberts  Creek, B.C. (1487-20
i 1-
! I
BENNIE —May^ 20th, 1071,
Audrey Wijdo Bunnii! of
Hpplclns Limding, B,C, Survived hy her loving husband
Rober!, one cftiughlpr Shoohan
and one son. Robert, at homri,
Three s 1st firs; Mr**,'J«icf'ii,ellno
, For'gusann, London, Ontario;
Miss Edna Auger and Mi:s,
Lindscy Hodgson, Vh-lhrin,
Memorial 'service was hold
.Saturday, May 22 at 2 p,in, at
SI, IhirlholoWw'H Anglican
Church,' Roy, .P.  Morgan  off
■ flcintlbtf, In limn of flowcrH,'
<lonation to B,G|( Girncor Fund,
Jlaryoy Funcnij Homo Plroi>
lor»; ' '"      ,    (H73^(l
MUIILETT-  M«y   20lli>    1(17*1/
,   A«ri'-«   Mullntl,   «g«d   117' of
• Mmiclra   I'liil'   M,C.  Hurvlvwl
hy  ono  Ron   Will lum   ,liwm,
, Kliislniid;   Ori(!   (Iiiiighloi'   Mis,
(J (Doris) Edwurdsfin, Nltidpiyu
I'lirk;, One nintur Mih, Dorothy
DIcliHOii, Englaird; Six grirnd-
chlldrrji) und' two gi'-nl, Mnriid-,
,. chlldroii, Fiiiicrnl Mtrvl<'<* wuh
held Timrfflriy, Mny Klil-I) ftoin
lhn Funilly Ojmpol of ihi-' Ilnr-
v«ry   Fu'iinrnl   Hofno,1 Ih'V,  1),
I'o'pplir   offlnliitodf Crit|h|i1loii,
'In  Iluii   of  flow<i|'»«  (jpiiullonn
to Ml,, Mnry'ti lloHpllnl.
HI''A11----^ )ri- -JVi»y—Mym'1 » - >'»71 r
„l(i|in   Wlllli'in   llciify.  »«".>•
ii|-«»d ll't yarn of l'h-ii«'li Avon-
ii(!(  ItohiulH dr«»«|i,  ll,C,  Hur-
'  vlvcd by hln loving wlfn'MI"
Run,   '),  dfiiif{h»'»r«  Mrn,   r'or-
(jiit'hy.Cr.nip, North Vniifouvnr;
; Min,   Kll/.«l»«lli    WIMM,   New
ZifUluiHl;1! mod Donald; Moit|i
, ViiiM'Oiiv«»iv   8    |jniii<lchi|(lrcii
mill  I  I'l'i-nt  unMHlchiM, On»i
brotlicr  ■Kmi'Mi,' In   HnKl-ui'l,
•FiiiMTirl   H"rvl«'<j   on   W'rdium-
day, Mny Will t\\ 'l p.ii), from
Bl„ Aldun'M AiikUchii C'bnn'b,
Ro|)orl«   Vyt'tsh,   ((if-/,   (Jiiiion
Alan (li'i-mi-i orfl«'lulln«. 1nl«r*
itinpl   Soiivlov/  \(.!i"|ii"ln»,y.   I"
Ih-u of flowcix, doiinlloiiH  hi
IM,  Miuy'M   llo-ii'll'-l,  H'?ih«-|t,
""jffti^r FKIITfll   llPmr-rtlirr*
loin,       , imvM
Custom Design and
Drafting Services
Homes,   Garages   apd   alterations, etc. Planned and drafted  to code specifications,
; Help ^iW-permits
Person'^ sei-vice
Telephone 886-7389'
..SPAltiT"TIM'E  INCOME—lto^
filling and collecting money
from  NEW TYPE high-duality coin-operated dispenser's  in
■ your area. Ne selling, To qualify   you 'must   have   cor,   »'«-
,-feronCes,  $800. lo  .$2000„_cufih.
Seven lo twelve hoiirs woeklyJ
can not excellent monthly hj>* !"":" l,'-y,"-'M I'1,
come,    M'ore   full,   lime, , For '-'!!!!!.|r4",,B„-^t,.V.
'porsonftl interview write Caii-
mio'iin Dslirlbnflri^ Ltd,, Dupt
A,    KiO   Buy   St,,   Suite   205,
at  this lovely almost new, 2
bedroom home. Has closed  in
"sunporch   and   utility. ..Landscaped gar-den which is fenced.
Ideal, for- retirement. $155,000;
886-2481 .
ABB&  ROAD;   What * a   view
from this near- new home,
overlooking Howe Sound with
full basement. Foyer entrance,
■^sp^^tr^ni\''f'hm    ' mih .
sliding glass doors to Sundec'k
oyer Carport. Kitchen has
built in colored, range and
oven double plumbing and
Auto Oil heat. P.P. $28,000
on terms,
HOME:" Has 2 suites,*a 2 bedr,
and a 1 bedr.,- botli having a
superb     v}ew     over     Howe
Sound.   Auto   oil   heat,   Top
HOME   &   ACREAGE;   Over
.15   acres,   partialij*   cleared,""
with 3 B.R. house in good coii7
dition.  All  modern  facilities,
House has -Very. pleasant out-
loqkpyej". Southern slope: Lge/
well   bijilt - barii,"   p^stiiragf,
Frurt and nut" trees, jgopd g|r,:
den.   Excellent  water  supply,
With  rights on stream: Ooqc"
>:oi"d access just off Highway
No.    101.   Secluded   but   nol
isolated.     ' .','
FRON'T: Large watei-fropt lot-
With magnificent.. view .over?
locking Geoj-ge Sfrait. Close1
to Gibsons. All facilities avails
able. Easy 'access, F.P,
'$11,000. /-
GIBSONS: A large, block of
centrally located property
overlooking Gibsons harbour,
well suited for apartment site
or other commercial use, Two
street access. Full particulars
on request.
Vince Prewer 886-9359
Wally Peterson     886-2877
Box 2:i8, Oibsons, B.C.
 --. :    (I4il(i-2tr
FOR   SALE:   2   room'  house
-with butlvroonv, 2 lots, some
finishing, Rpberts Creek, 811(1-
27fl4. '    039p-20
. EXCELLENT   commercial - lot
-—  centre Sechelt—highway
location, level and cleared. Ail
services'   available,   Box   1104
•Peninsula Times. 1104-ffn
FISHERMEN! Rain or shine,
Winter or sutinner, here's
the spot for_you,_bozy_2 bdrm.
cotfage""W~8D' shore in The"
hei-rt of the fishing area A/
oilfheat keeps ypu comfy year
round. -Garage and storage
failed.  Only $10,500.
NQR"WEST -BAY: (^uiet relaxation a certainty, on fnis
12fi^200 level lot.. Power neai'7
by. Only $2,500, full price,
easy terms.
to beach. Over 1 ac. with
-122' rd. front. Cozy 4 room
cottage in parklike setting!
Terms op $10,000.'  '
GIBSONS: Level 20 ac. block
in .prime location, Better
than (i acs. cuiltivated. Older
^ room cottage, lge. workshop,
other outbuilding. Roads 3
sides. Attractive terms on
ON THE level^-0 acres frontage 2 roads" Offers to $10,-
0(10. oip easy lerins, invited.
I4ET us shoy you this charming 5 loom waterfront home
NOW! You will love the convenient cottage, the level
' landscaped grounds, the privacy, the easy walking to P.O.
and shops. Easy terms on $2fl,-
500.  '.
Gibsons, R*"C
Phoue 800-2000    .
WI-"ST Seclielt—l   -" l'Va   bed.-
voom   cpmpelely   inrnished
house.    A-oil    furntice,   -five- -
place, responsible -couple only.
(,No   pets,  H.120   month   Available July  1st, '71, Write Box
11322 c-o Times, Box 310,'Sechelt, BC . 0322-25
WELL   Jurnibhod   2. bedroom
house,   ncd-'oolls Road.   Ph
JiaS-2175. 0471-20
FURNISHED J room cottage,
"" nice"   location    For  "reliahlo
married    couple.    Phone 0H5-
0(500.      ' (14011-2(1
0   HP   BHIGGS   &   St ration
' Marine,  ready- to  go  $150.
Pll.:.,8357J)3flfl.    - 6273-tt'n
10- FT.  CABIN cVuiser,  head,
sink, bunks. 50 hp Mercury,
like  new.  Trailer,  $1,050.  Ph.,
«85-00(}(|. (1303-tfn
Id FOOT planing hull, half
cabin, fibreglassed to water
line. 1970 20 Merc'. outboard
jut pyerhatile.d in shop. Boat,
motor, control.^, $450. Phone
.flflfl'-OSOfi. 043(3-27
CLINKER 12 ft. with'?58 Johnson 10 lip. Runs well, $12">-
Gunboat   Bay J*ishing   Hesori,
Pender* Harbour,  803-22B4.
22 Ff.'TROLLER "Kathy II".
B licence, 00 hp marine,
Autouialic. pump, twin batteries, dual Controls, Al. shape.
Hand gurdies. Fully equipped."
Ph.   003-2501. v  '     0427-20
7   FT.   sport   yak   11   dinghy.
70    model    plus   oars    and
rowlocks - $100.    Phone    11(15-
.21100 eves." (H[i0-28
14   Ft.  HALF cabin, plywood
boat   for   sale-   with   35   hp
Evinrude,    $300.    Phone    8(10-
2093 afler'5:30" p.m.       1)4132-20
HORSE mapure |pv sale, $5.
Pick-- up -load,   at   Fnlprnn
Fi-rm,  Gibspns,-*lf!q-772p.	
-j    esiao-tm
-^—— =ra, J  ,   —■—-
SIi]MI*waterfront   po'-ner   1»V
Earl's    Cove    suhdlvislon.
$4500.   Hoi-sa    Irnljor,    8x38,
$2800.  Ph,  883-2201,    (l!117-tl'n
21'  SKYt,ARK  trailer, excellent condition, self contained, toilet, iridgo, awning. 8115-
0872, 0304-2(1
ORDER   your   garbage , incinerator   at   $3.50   each   liom
Sechelt   Kinsmen.  Phone, 885-
2443. 030fi-trn
PANELOC Shells—for Cottages. 20' dianieter, ;i2Q m- ft.
with ddor, g windows and
timber, tp clear slightily water
damaged at $1500 cnsli phis 6
per cent tax, 10 per cent dn.
holds till July ls|.,ConUict A.
Dawson, Harrig,ap' Industries
Ltd., days 270-0801, evenings
208-7730. 8407-Sfl
DUTCfl Rabbits. (1 weeks old,
$1.50 each^a'OS^aoS. •6400-2(1-
Location, Sephelt ^Elementary
School—on cash basis,-- as is,
where is. One or two No. 24
730 sq. fl., 30 foot diameter
relocatable Panelocv Buildings,
elecjricail . lighting, propane
heat, suitable for summer cottage etc. For further infprma-
tion contact Alofl Dawson,
, Harrigan Industries Ltd., 470
Vanguard Rojid, Richmond,
.270-98,91, $2,500 .each plus 5
per cent S"5» & MA tax or offers. Must, be moved' by May
30th. (140(1-2(1
18   FT.
Cabin   cruiser.
rude.  Ph. 885-9310.
IF IT'S suits — it's Mor
B^5r03a0, Seohelt. B,C,
    -       _     "    ...      81803-tfn
 , i	
(ELli;qTRJc'ra^£ei $20, Philips
— 10m""t.V., new picturcMtibo, •
.$75. Phqnp 8|}5-»(i0f".   ' 04|)l-2»
 CANADA      -   	
by the Grace ol Goc|, ol tho
United Kingdom, Canada
ain4 Her other Realms and
'Territories, Queen, Head of
the Commonwealth, Defen-
■ der. of the Faith..
To all to whom these presents
slutll come—r	
(section 7(1(1 (1)
(of the Munici-
(pal A^ct, it, is
provided; inter
(alia, that ,in ad-
(dition to the
(functions conferred by that Act, a. regional
district has such functions as
are provided by Letters Pa-
enl or supplementary Letters
Patent and for this purpose!'
the Lieutenaht-Governpr in.
Council may, on the recommendation of the Minister,
provide in the Letters Patent
or supplementary Letters Patent such further objects,
powers, obligations, dirties,
limitations and conditions in
respeel to any or all functions
requested pursuant to- this
' AND WHEREAS tlie Hegional Board of the Sunshine
Coast Hegional District has
requested that the further
functions of ..lighting ,pt intei-7
sections,   and    nraur, of   nublio
ft ---, -•
v* .v
Minister of
Box 799, Gibsons,-B.G.----
Van  Direct; 005-3133
LEEK  ROAD:--Roberts Creek.
Brand new Government approved   subdivision;   Only   a
few leftU- Large -fots;-cluae 4o
IvfbBILE  home,  double  wide.
*-   2    bedrooms,    reduced    for
quick sale. 00 ft- x *24 ft. Ph.
8B5-2307. " 0319-tfn
10'x52'     SAFEWAY     Mobile
..Home, 2 bedroom. J&J  No,
 _*_ ii,—. ,.—,-uS—_- .—-^*V--1 rr-i—
EX     B.C.M.P.     patrol     boat.
. Steel hul].  100 hp G.M- Diesel. Good camp boat or yacbt
$9700.    Ph.   885-0425.     0400-20
17  FT.  Donzi  ful^ly contoured,
extra beefing, V drive,  velvet drive gear, complete sleer-
-ing,' gauges and wir-inij: $t§0tr
beach and selectively cleared,
see tbese today!! Excellent
investment only $2850—FP—
Note Terms: Only $850.00 dp,
lower  Rpberjis ^reek, ^pad.    ^_^_#1^_____^___________  .
' ^S^pSkf fSpelfeSi^^
-       - ** ",,:    J *-- ■■..■...-,' wllb l-r-jillei* and 00 pp Ty|t:r-
I0'x45'   TRAILER   Home   plus
10'xlO'  bedroom.  Write  Box
448   Sechelt.   Phone   885-9028.
or best offer. 24 ft. 0" beach-
comb boat 248 cu. inch 0 cylinder 3-1 reduction gear $1200.
Phone  884-5380. (i407-2(i
tie   slope,   yeaj-  I'tntpd stream,
-beautiful estate property. $33,-
roroiito   I,   Ontario,   Includo
'phono ri um hor, -(1411(1-2(1
QUALIFIED pr's-Htflvool toucher for half days Hlai'Uni' fall
torm, Appy .lock and ,lill co-
opHriitiyit     Nurn«try      Sclmpl,,
Mdiinritl Dullvcry, (lilisoiiH,
„,„ , f (13411-25
AciiEAGE wiuilod will) your
. round Hlrciiii), l«)|)l,y Box
0403,   -co   I'oni.riHiilii  'Timo-i;
Box   310,   Seel)"!
full  piu'lliMilarH,
B,C,   with
Fully  iixpiirlonccd  I'nlhtni  for
work to licglir in onrly, Jiiii",'
I'hoiH!    1)1111-2343    Knd    li'iMVfi,
niinin  niid   phono  iiitiuhcr
;; ',     , <i«ii:»-!"7
Evororoom Wcinled
, SALAL 42c unflpno
HUCK A9.C ■ undone   ,
Pono MihOti flxiro
'. * i        '   i
1 Fieri p|i;luip 'foe fpfi'iw tiny-
. wlii'io on HiumliliKi (louni,
Ihdnrn p|nl(hi/(, coiitiuH, plnul,
hit ,|;'liurii Noilh ut IMiiidcr
I Iiii hour   llolnl
I'hpno IlllJI-JWIIft <-r.llfKI.mi
1)9110-If n
suite has .Jong acts of windows
and s-mdeek, fireplace and
vanity bathroom. On a rental,
basis this pays 14'/,, on your
investment, F.P, $12,(100.--
LARGE COMMERCIAL CORNER LOT; Close In shopping centre, Available for- various typos ol" business, Large
2, offices 'and
lots of parking. l''.P. $27,51)0 --
This is a fulii.ru. area.
1    011(1*2401 •
CIlAfiTlflll ROA|):',-'8 Hcdroom
Dlu'ficfi  homo on  rloublo   li'M"
with View ovur (iiiorgla Slrall,
<M  BiiHoment,  large  I,,It, Dining   aiea   in   kitchen,   ciirporl,
Corpes   irpnip|ol«   with   dish-
washer, washer, di-.yor, fridge,
T,V, antenna, All you have to
do Is puivi! In, I'M', $'',(|,0['l),--,
with  $8,500  down,
GOWI'li POINT l(OAI); Fiui)-
||y |i|/o view lioiiin on ii|»
most uniiiTO, wonditrfiil view,
(tlosii lo, ImnicIi; flliock IhoHe
foalurcn: Large Hying room
wtlh FP *WW"Hirf-*tl,. big
diiilng room, ('(iirldiir kltnhcn
with wull, iiingo nnd ullllty
iircfi, and' Ihrcn good \dwd
Ixrdi'ooiiiH, uuil modern hatli-
i-rifiin nn iriirln Ifoor, lh»|nw. Ik
ono iiiIiki hedi^oni, I'lumhhig
In for ipinlhur Initlirooui, un
fin - rite riioiii with VV upd
work room, Only, about nix
yciri'M ohl, $:i:i,(HI0 Fl'Jry half
iriOHWAV" AOll'JAOiV »«iii'
• ' Conriul   Hour.   Only   $:»,9II0
fur tdmul 2 tturmi, DUO fl, fi'iJnf
"i/igo on highway, road nlloWn
linen at liiii-h, h'vnl Imiii, I'tnino
Hire ii'iion. Snap Hilh oik'  up
for your" fid urn plii-|fj,'       t
'"""*"'"-     iWhlWil ■'■:■"■'■■-;■■■:
7700 or 080-7244
SACBIFfCEM'l   2.*f,000   Sn,   Ft.
Ti-e"ed   Lot   FP   $1750,00,
7   A'CRKH—jSKAVIEW:"   Bonds
In,   ready   for   su|)|livision,
close   lo   beach,   good   invest-
'moid, -'priced   t'ni  quick   sale.
10    LEVEL    ACHES:    Paved
Roads Water    supply,    large
.camelit, block building (4()'x'
72') Ideal storage' warehouso;
'■handy local Ion, good value:
SELMA PARK: Cosy 2 liofl-
roorn home, just likn now,
all e|eclr|c, clone to Hi ore and
Hoaeb tremendous' view nf
Gulf Ht Trull.. Islands, Hinall
lniidMca|)i)i|   garden   lolH,   ninth
for fi|ulck  siilei  $ir)|90ij;   „L.„
1105-2323 oi' 8115-205:}
4'/ii Hiiro HfJiiill holding fiiri'ii
2 liodrodmn o/l house, I'mn'irrj
piiHlnrn ' /V i)ul..|iiiildlngn for
ciillle, chiokmiH Included: GIIihoiih rural; only 2 .hloclui lo
shopping MUST BE HO|,J)lll
$ir)J10(i; .(Tcrhit) nr $I'.,,0I)0
levcl.biilildlng lot/i/cniiter of
filhiioii'i, I'lomi to Jkhu'I), iihops,
I'd, ntn, nl/,o npjinm, lUO'MII)';
on piivnd road wider fr hydro.
'I'IiIm Ih prh'od to noil .now:
FULL I'ltfC'K: $211,850,00, ' '
1"9' TRAILER, well equipped,
gas range and furnace, ice
box, 1 BR, wired, excellent
condition. Ideal summer hideaway, ejeo, $(100-cosh, no offers. 885-0054, 0329-1 fn
cury. '5(i parrel Volkswagen
truck with new motor. Good
rirb+jer.    Phone   885-217(1.
,„._.     2
10    FT,    "Traveloire"    trailer,,
well     appointed.,     excellent
condition, slecps'0, $|7h(). Ph,
805-9030 or  885-9570,    0372-20
-iFi'"i\"aiHSTjiOCHjy,r u:hAi
trailer sleeps (i, I/ropano
stove with thermoslatic i-on-
Irolled oven, Propane fridge
and I'iu'ihico, I'ml I canopy for
<j\ side, Al shape and ready lo
go, $2,080 cash, no offers,- Ph,
085-9311) 048120
 : r-T
'Hi" wide chest of double
draws, $8. 21" cabinet T.V-
working -condition, $15, 30"
electric ruiu'e, auluiiiiilh-, $20,
Phu-Tfi 8H5-237II. 0470 2(1
PIECE (lining set; 5 piece
chVonie sel[ wi'liigar washers; dressers with mirrors;
pole iind I al lie lumps; dishes
and glassware; -u|| nl (he Gibsons "Swap and Shop,' Iru'mlnd
behind MaeGrogur I'ncil'ic |||ia-
||y Lid,, CllbSons, PC,
" " ' (|490-2(l
HALL lor r«i)l, Wilson Creek
, Coininunlty I|a|l, Conlant
Mrs. Diane Andorsoii, IIB5-
'J385, ' 54R5dfn
.office   tipiicn   for
nut,   Approxjniale   DOS   si|,
fl, Ntorago ,s|iucii in IhihuiikiciI,
for  icntor, i'h<)i)(t, days, 8115-
IMII7 or lives, 885^2:1011,
(1294.1 fn
IIPHHI'KEI'PrNO   ./'"Oiri,    all
found  warm, clean. Private
e/llrauce,   Wnrl'hiH   IC'ld.  Hul-
ma Park, Phono' l|l»i)-0()M;
0321)-1 In
I*atfil — FlbragliiNH -.- Hope -
Ciinvfi.s '■'■'   Brta'l Iliirdwaro
('oiupreHsed air, seryico
(1971); LTP.
I'lioue flllli 9'l0!i; (IIIihoiih,
!',   |i|i;|-||(K-M
Ileum   'My.
rod,   ytipl' $1111
HOI'-Of/l, .     i.
home,   /iI   'I'll-
Couple   prel'irr-
lilonll)    I'h'llin
 ,     IWI'l-W
ociiliiil lunilsh-
(HIlHOIIK,   Light
ml  nu'lli)  in
mid    Ilea!    lurduderl,    Hullnblo
<I4887,0    Phono   HH(|.'/!«IY. 047Z-20
Jack W|ill«,
Ken  (Uitnliy,,
,lny Vlmroc
/IHO "2098
'(104 HO •!'fl
I n\ loroind
Orftori ■,''*plnnndn Grhifiiis nrnn -forInn- Von
    ,         in n\,
yjm, liim 'Cttxtd, any hum (AiHH'V)!?,
Vnnitiir.ui Mnnd,   |0<l ll, ^   11/ ll,  'M min
inn * ill,n
MY MOST plm+t** Hi**.*™ i*.
lliu Doclor.'i,, r/iii **■■■ "•»!'
Hlnfl of li\„ Mary's llo"pi««l
for (heir |'lndn<'«« and Jo all
piy filcnd-t who A\i<mt',,'d , "f
mo wiill'i I wio^i In )i')N|-)h'l,
Mi nr Allco rinicli«i/or,:   '
■   11^91^0
W«i Aru Now A Llcenc«(| RoqI 1-slutfi Arjcinl And
■-l-Hrlnfli I'n Iho' (*nnd<-r, hnrbmir/^reci.
s     , .^PAI-TYJ-IP,'     .
"'.■'• Marklrn Pork, fl.C,
,   Phono 'PfinAttr Horhour fW3<??33
coirAOi')   ,
On llm liiwli ley
'   '     llnl'-liliiii.
\il,ll<Kl, Two lldrm'i, lend Irwi) Soma
Unind imt po-ti nnd luitini lypn Pp lit-mh ond ol
f'oosl'piii|/oiii»i',. jloii f»i»oi|( ony llnm o(|8 fl/Vo,
ici f,oii'l)ln»i
- /7i|-Or;fil< V-*? I OMIi—-—,i_._..^_^—/—, ,,,.,.,„ „..,,„„...^.,,..........,;.
I oi Hind !>w1m|* orco fmri'ililn'i /CooM, W'4| ri'tloh|l'.hi«| huM*
ruts* pnitiH <»y«r ♦HA/)'''' <inp<mlly, j,:j«c»|leof rrywl, ■Innlditni
'Ihiftt: ildifpkiilin, nipl Vrilnii, fln< luditm *>U)J ^ 10,000; Tiy
youi iindw wu rri'iy '"Mi (iii| your Iioiimi, f.'<;n'.iili fiUhtti/'ffi
oi M7 4441,
*,fr oyrrt Tiir v/rrrrfin
404 MUMAnn st,', VAf|a>tiyi«
•    (Abov* »|i<i foiirlut «or»fjii)
amendment 'to zoning
Pursuant to section 703 of
the Municipal Act, a public
hearing will be held at 7;30'
p.m., Monday, June 7, 1071,
a I tbe Welcome Beach Community Hall, Redrooffs Jload,
Halfmpon Bay, to consider
By-law" No. 3.*>(2)-~^ by-law to
""amend tlie Hirnshine Coast
Regoinal District Zoning Bylaw No. 35,  1070.
All persons who deem their
interest   in   property   affected
by the proposed by-law shall"
bp afforded aii opportuiiity to
foe hear-d pn matters cqptalped
Tlie inleni. o} tbe by-ltiw"'
Tp rezoiio Lpl 10, B|k. II,
DL 1320 and DL 1.127, Plan
7103 fronr Rcsidenlial One
to IiiHlitulional Zoning.
To rc/.iino a portion of the
upland along Ibo fioiith
.Shore ni Hecrel Cove find
properly    fronting    Brooks
'.. Bond in DL 0844 from Hu-
raHlo'ldiug "to llcsidential
Two y,on|n|».
Take noliro that l|iu" above
Is a synopsis of, a proposed
by-law Ihal' may bo Inspected-
al the Megionn'l Distrlcl Office, Davis .Bay', at the times
•imljna.li'iil,  iiiiiiiely, Monday lo
. I'Viday, 8:811 iuii. lo 12:30 p.m.
, and |;(i(| p.m, to'.4;,00 p.m. and
Hie synopsis Is nol hit ended
to Ik.' mid Is not deemed to he
an Jniei'pi'iiiuiioii of thu proposed by-law.
.. HiMi-ibliio   CoaKf   llugional ,,.
H.ll,   |,  Hecholl,   B,C,      ,    '
Illlft-2lt;i8,   I ,-.,'■   •    ■   ■'
n,'"-'-('innm wi-
(|47()-pob. May 2(1, 71
iur Pi Iho Multiple l-isllna Borvlce1
SAHOrAMT MAY WATFRri'ONf     '   " /llo. 2114"
ifi'tiiliuiiitl "■ bodroom iiiiifoincnl Jromri hnlll by (.Mllnd cii'illn-
mmi, A nliiriwini 11* sliow. All wliido-vs dnnblu filo/cd ond m-miihioiI,
lolly lpMi|iiliiilv Voolin lliiiplor.'i'i, |-lo'htolifc, (i<i(iii/'Mil|rir.hm|( itnpti
polio, I ondf.roiH'd niounil'.. Iiiwpn In, uiiohslruiind vlnw, , l:ull
Pilpi \:ii;/t)P. To y|nw, roll Don Itfidduo, llllh-'mu,
M r 11| II " -T/'"'"    ; *'" ' Mo,  1983
Cn'fiiiiiily ■ moinioiiTnd modnip 3 tiodrooin (i-ncifiiilvft' hmiVi with
liV'0, i,*|ooin liiui on ono ||oi>i,  |1ri5 knoft don vyOli ilrf,,«pl'i<l-«,
Milloblll'  lor   pilynly »0f   |ili«|||»|-irt,,.|P|iUO,(   f-ptpriH,'   I'lloi'Moji,   on
,. (oily, loiiitfcciipud.pi»,(l..lHni,U(l-vlow «'lo|«~-',<oll«prjco.~|'-6r000i~"lry«
your down  payrrinnl, To v|«w by fiopoinlirninl  only,  cull  Don
jlndilmi, (Mlfi Vf)()-1, ,      . -,    ■     '.
UM  a
Modum, i,o|M *" bmlrooin homo In llm' roplm of *Jnf|)iili
blork Irorn flv«ryth|rif|, HOh pow oulo/oll |iirnnr«, (,.eyo| |ppri«i
orifl |H|ii|sro|iiii| |i/|, lilni'il tm rtilipmmt, lull pilrn '$2**(000( jiy
i/j, down, lor o)'ipolri|i(riiiii| roll Don Hoddim, lllifi '/M)4,
WAIIKIKONI    Stl.MA I'AKK tin. l<m
hll li, oooiI .'(iiiiif.h,,. |i)vuly */'.IhvoI lioliie,.. loycnui.or InrtMi. fwmlly
Umi. iiliri liririr.h follrioii. fliM  floi,'. r,wlminlni| I* poriliiiil  $l*>
(IPIIPC   ' ' ' *  '--"*"-        <     -   -
tuse be granted tlie regional
district under- tire provisions
of section 700 (4a) of the Municipal Act:
AND WHEREAS under the
, provisions- of subsection (4b)
of section 700 of the Municipal
Art lhe annual net. cost of any
function granted pursuant to
subsection (4a) shall, riot ex-
ceed the product of one-half
mill on the assessed value re-
, fercd to in subsection (1) of
seclipn 782 within participating municipalities, and the
annual net cost of all functions
granted pursuant to subsec-'
tion (4a) shall not exceed the
product of one mill on such
■,:SKSPSsedv.YttlW3sU    ,,_.■../       •
tyftyy-.RNfyy Y1T, fpi-fAT '-.y
l'"p«p-..fii-p.-jwU^- W.k,L.dP-i:.firtlvr:.i.4
riild  prpcljflm   that' oni'-'-frnm" ,■
unci after lhe date he"reof, I he
,   following bo added, to the o|r-
jecls,  powersj.'.pliligatlous,,,dp-
lies,   limitations   and   <*nndir
-lions, of   (ha   Supshiiie' Coasl,,
" Regional DiB|rict:
AllKAS Ol'' P!.Jftl-lC "BR.
f, The Regional Ruard may
undertake llic Installation,
iicquislilon, operallon and
maliilenancu of llghllnK, "I"
highway inliirsuclinns niid
areas of "public una for th"
pai'ilijlpiiilng m'"inli«i' mimlol"
"pnlllM of, Irtlocinml Areas A,
h, (!. n, V, and l.'\
2, The aniiuiil net ciisl l|llrl-
butable to this function shall
hu . appor'l)on-;d amnng Iho
member munlclpiilltlus on Iho
' basis of fiHNONHineni which may
be taxed In I'hn eiirrenl year
for school purpones, oKcliidlng
properly that is -taxable for
school purpiiHon only hy spa-
i.-lii-l Acl.
■  ,U,<-Mn iiulil (iliier than loni--
pnrary eprropl borrowing ahull
Im incurred   by  llm  regional
dlirirlcl   for   t|io  pui'iio.Hiij)  of
i|i)s function.  ■■■ *
4, Tlie  animal  li'd 'nml nl"
,ihin fimciion hIhiII nol »Kei«ir|
the prodiu'Lof/I.OlMiilllnoiilho,
annims|iiii'nl I'ofori'orl hi In paragraph '/,
■ li, Unlll llm minimi hiidgcl,
, for ,l,li» year  lliyi  |m mliiplml,
Hm '-iiiiiih of inou'iy wlih'li may
bo borrowed, lo iniml Ihu ctir-
if '!->" 'L
■&i',l IM
III) down on fu| |or|ro, $40,:'00,'00, or lionl<  flnonrlno.  f"
, 'oil J-«l-ir 'iinllh 0f|5'(/4o'l ey«s,   „
wrvr srrm-i.r   ""■'"■ : ': ";      ,       noJ^iib.
4')0 ut), (i, tpitin wired ond |/|uml)m|, Miirm fu/nlfehliHi*. on 9
firm;, fll-,1 llnifi r,\li>tinl,' Only \/,W0M lull ppli,, 'Willi
nOOOOO, To.vl'jw, fill Poifli Gmltli AH&-9<4A3 *v«l, y
M CI III :i VII-lMi:'IH J'.INI!)', 7 lln, 70Hf.
llii  YAK! I HAM I, n I innt.hlHid Wool ont|«l, |ii»wly oM'il/||f.lrn*|
.,^.,"'.,»''!rL/./'f!'!.L!'(ro.':»mJ/|r?,lfpR(I.I.L fi//„p"f^(nnl.,rMsonftl.jhii-.,m,,
liorliyn, low [uvuMinifnl itimmm i» now (or wjlo, for dfiloih, roll
PrtPi, 'Mih IW)WI tmiH,     ■ , .'/',.'
Mr. ron oi ip rm cataIjo^up or nin. mm
(JOK   Wi,  SofJwIt
Phono flflg-2Wfl
*   dr
i   J$    r**,   jL   Jk^   ^. ^jR       t^0r     Jt   ^t*.      0ff ■#*   JM ^A   J0I&J& Ut, jftk    It  tA-   yfl   J^Jtk
AVtljiMl Ml' I'J l,,!'J''l) l,!fM,l!LU!,'.L.',„,-
' *Vei(liiiial "'(l)iili'icl for i)i»"" ,"„,r'.r"*""
'piisn nl  Ihis function s||a||  pn
an ilulcr'nihieil hy ilm lni'jn>r-
lor of Miiiilel|)a|M|fi/*> '
AND THAT tlio Letters Pa-
lent iiii ainn'iidcil, of lli'n Huif-
shine 'Viasl   Hogioiml  Dpdili'l
boj dcriinifd   to   be   iniiiicr
iiiiMmilC'd accordingly:
In    |osllinony«   wlnuoof,    We h
have ciiusi'il tlii'i.o ()hr Let-
Inrii hi (in uiad'i Patent nil'l
Iho f'lroiil Men I of Our tmid   '
JT'ivlnen In po |)i!)i)|into nf»
'   fixed,
WH'Nf'iHH,   Cnltipt'l   lhn   Ifo-
iiourablo .|o|in It. Nicholson,
!',<!,,, o,H,P,,   OT!,,   LLP,,,
i ,/inld Itrnvln'.o of llrlllsh Columbia, in our C|ty of Vli-
toritt, In our said Pnivlii''">
. t|ll« ;Mlxlh day of May, In
Iho yfny iif our IfOi'l dim
ibwwtftd•■-Trtntf-Inipdrm* mid
tni.vui)ly (tint, (and, 'Jp 'Iho
Iv/i.-pipdh year ol Our
My Command,..,..., ' . ,
"W. II HI.AW     ,
PiuvPi'lid HiH'it'lury 1
i    Ol'/H pub, May Jt(|, 1971
*W*frJl»«fCib^''li-'S'*«t^ BKC*  CARS & TRUCKS  8(14   M.G.   Midget,   new   paint  and   overhaul,   $7Sl)   or   oiler.-Phono  tlUri-UHOi.    (j-UIKM  LIVESTOCK [  QVAII'T''3"    'l''l'su   ,lul,'tJ'    l'''al '  ��Hl loot, well riuhonlod and  m|bblp ' |mil lun-hu. Phone  8(1(1-9/59,'-. __        (1170-2(1  9   YF1AH   old   brown   gelding  horse for sale   Pail Morgan  ���part   quaiter   horse.   Phono  -Uflfi-iflgflfiH '���- J^-jmkm^  VyANTE& TP BUY  ���"rf -ACTllilS   wanted   between  t)|ivjs     Bay   rand     llohertb-  Orenlcj W'i|p Advert isur,   Box  .fl'pg, Sfipliqlt, BC. (1409--27  ,-\ )f-'i-*Mywjp':  l*-��\s<fty \f$>.  �����, ***��� -i  rg'-A"*?  \  I.  j��fet*^r '\.'~  ���WOPO-Cniih  ���juin-fisna.  stove with oven,  "     (i4()fv2t'  ��� Aii"rii!NrriQN ��� um IT-  WIHTB. SPA-CI3   ATTRACTS  ; "  -."���-'���     ��� ��� \  .,*.'-^.vr '"-V  \ ������ ������"i-��.        * \b j* �����" f  ,, "I*  -   ���  -I,,        .^A        ��������  ......... 1-f.   /T'^ v-^-. ���"���" >  '���\A *   ,     '!-'.:--."'T   *a  J.-.?.:',<�����'    ��� ���      ���"'', *���>���/  / *A^.;" *  ..*'.. ��      ^.  ^^^^���^nj Liepro^y'Ifisision'-ReV?  ^ visits Sunshine Coast  THE REV. lfVefl S��bi.ml��e, arei- SGcrct'ary  of tho jJeprqsy MJssiPi'l wi'! be v*^"  ing the {aunsl-jpc Cpjjs-t JtVfay 215  10, 28th.  He will he spegli'ijg pp the wpi'lt of the  Mission -anci shp,yV'r|g slj-'es at the Baptist Cjiurch Qibsons 0p the 25Ui and ai  the Baptist Church Ip pecholt on thc  2fith. bn Thursday jwti.'-t a p.m. ip St,  Aidap's Church, 'rlall, B*-berts Creek and  fl-o Peninsula times pgge A?3  Wed-iGS-Jay, May 36,1971  ^....m^.w���   ���...Miit;.^^... ,00j.m*0i���,���,��� ,t,^ 0.^mm0^��mmmm^*^m*0  at - the Peptecusli"!. Missipn fit Madeira  Park pn tl-p aiHhV  As H Is f{tl\W s)\prt notice, l|, is "input",  thnl, pH those interested, vy|ll *"p,n,tacri|io  Ghurch h\ H\cir 'djstfjcl fpr jimp ami  p"lii(!|2 of nueef-lp-js- ��      ,  Secq op p menu ip qp Ipleripl5 pa'pry*  "Wp spi-vp pnly blepded colI'ec���-yester-:  day's alfd lod,ay!s.''  '   ,f'i  ��� ,----v  3&  i!illllJllllHlllllll!!l[Jill!!lllllllllll bazaar of VAtUgsjaillllllllllllllllllili  -* t ���*���.  I   :c:  oris  THE ANGMCAN CHURCH  OF CANAPA  SERVICES  St HiUa's, Socholt. Family Eucharist 9:30  p.m. (2nd qnd 4 th Sunday). Hol�� Euchprisl  eveiy Sundqy at 8 a.m.; 9:30 a.m. (1st and  3rd). Every Thursday f>t 10 a.or Evensong  at 7;30 p.rri. (2nd gnd 4th Sunday).  St, M<"ry'��i <?ordon Boy. Holy Eucharist-���  11:30 a.m. (1st and 3rd Sundqy).  Egmonr.  Holy  Eucharist--72  p.m.   1st  and  3rd Sunday).  Church of HI*" PrGspncp--.(F|edroofff.  Evensong���3, p.rn..  f-ypr   2nd   SMndgy.   Ifoiy  cuchprist���3 p.m,  every 4(h Sunday.  PriaitTTrrRov.D. Popplf, *��oclie(! q857?7?f3.  The United Chwrch of Canada  ^. ���;!,.. .jiityjcf5 ,:..^.T.-Sv ,..._ ^.  St. Johri's United Chufch * Dovit Bay  Sunday Services T 9:30 a.m.  Roberts Creek United  Sunfjay Services - 2:30 p.m.  qibrjons United Church  Sunday Services - 11:15 a.m.  Pert Melton WtiM  Sunday Services-7:30 p.m.. ��  (5nd and 4th Sundays)     ,  M'nift-v  Rev. Jim Williamson - Gibsons r 886-2333  '   '    '        ���  wby Marlon Charivian  DQRNIilWy^ Jentoft. Olsen, a-respected  pippepi- who- came fo'Canada at the  turn cififha;centuryJ'rom.N. Mjele, Duej-  Ijei'jj, Nnj-wgy, ��� was jaid to 'rest at Sefc  View'i3pipeter,v on Tuesday, May 18(h. V  f}pv. Brian Wilh coiidvieted the fune-  m] servipd. Pqllbefirei's were N. Berdahli  %.' Hlplfulson; H- Berdahl; Hev.- 11. Alia-;  Ijyj '"(f*.- 'WilL-ox 'and C5. (Iharmab.  'ArriVIni} In-Qlipl'ee from Norway Mr.  (p|sop "rV(iri<e*i| Qij boats-carryin^ iron ore  r arg'p ')|i lhe, Qri"i)t L'aries. While in Iflasl-  urii C'|ir-fU|ti he' was also employed in steel  {jrirt phPlTiipal plants.'  : Ip "W" "'Mr.'���-"Olsen ti-aVellefl- west to  ^annn.Uvnr, Wherrs.. he idida Variety nl'.  |nbis�� itiplp.r.lin'',-wurlting on herring boats.  4nd ppf|l piinintt at. Brephin mine, Nanai-  r)ip, ty'j'Pt'c tunnels r|in seven miles nudgr  the sea and miner's'could hear the throb  of the steamers which passed overhead."  jlp jjf;iilpd,nn tlie,Union Steaship run, to  Skipper Bill's Marina  Resort  Already reservations are corning in  from in and outside the proviiice tor  qccQmmp({��ti9ii ��1 llie f)MH*"liine  Coast's lieW&ft respVl.. 3lfippei- Bill's  Mar)nav BesQft,, Ipcated* qit pig].vy^y  101 neav j3Ppi,')t. Cpve. fiye: giitp^pWve  in'1082. His son Dlmiel was ;di!pwh''4 and units will foe feafiy for occi^i^tipn a|  his daughtpr l"ia��mm'nosspd ayy-"y ,a few th'e end of'M^y 'aitd1 dtjier uni'ta, in-  yoar aj-o. He is ;survive'u i>y d.auE|iii(3!-: clut|ing a seif-oonlitried laiimiroinal  Miss issihiii' Qlscb aiid sntr ffal-nlfi. Ql^Jk will follow^ Located fa oneof ��ip  V-in -jqiivpr..' ^t-.-' . ��� ��� ��� - - .-������ jnost-jje^fif ui r |$et|;lngs -in-fte-^l'ea,  SPEClA't.^BVJCIj: ;' , ,-..,, / ,, -, 'Hie l-espl-ti WlU '^d. epnsitle-^jy Jo  1 Oni lyippsHix eyiin-ipg, May J7ilva |ue- Hihe t(T*-rit"^ facilities on t"te Coast,  c-ial service was heici at tiaiya'ry "3Mi>ilsi !' Is (ipej-afed By Bi]! and Mai-era  Church Wheir'alpiiiin'^ 'loam'irprn'-Bi-jer-   'Keiln1.   ���'" "'\ ' ....,.���  cr-est,  Garriiiliprt, :^Mr rtyipisiei/Bt', tp a"   t-.~rr~rr-A~-A--���:' .'������.    r������  large euunregatipn.  Several different  }"i- -��� ' ���  jde study grtiiij-s titieinle'd /'rbtttji" f-i' from  Porpojse, Ba,y and Port^M.ellnU as y/ell as  frhih local ("liiirehes. :J  hard logging and fishing. His 6j*pe��ipppe  wilh .explosive-- was agaip put to use  when' Mr Olson fiBliled clear for the  highwa.-? Irom Hfilfumiin Rgy. tp "Secret  -Cove where, stumps ;l(). iB'a'i ��� ��� ap}-Q"js. yp-  quirerj 'IVi boxes'df dypaiplte'each.  Miv'Olsen was ttr<"doeeii!J!Jd by--|>js- wife  THE WHOLE FAtmV  CAN BUY  "IAT  l*^r  FOR TEENS' ~* MOMS  DAO^S AND THE  KIDS  A|as|ia a(id  !')'*j"*ed in  the forests.  Cornelius ma.r'ied Jepsipe ifenrietta  "Kraft alsp flpin ifprway in 1910 and Ihey  settled in' Vaiipoliver.- Being an experienced powder man (having served with  the artillery in Norway) Mr. Olsen signed  _,Three.cppjraels fbivd.eyelpping:the roadJn.  South Vancouver- opening up from Main io  Ontario Streets, '  Mr. and. Mrs. Olsen and their children  Daniel and Pagmar moved to Gibsons fill  years  aptwintP wo'-l**-^  pp -'bf'   ?*" .ii-"its-  . Thp'lnurinu. studeuls were" Bon Gies-  Breplit; pav.e ^Pospin; Murcay ""ewar and-  ',lim Wlerijs/ A teacher Qa'vi'd' Hildubrand  and hjs wife were with the group, Tjiis  couple visjted Ted and Arjys Peters here.  The young people Wai'eeniertained at  the home of Mr. and Mis. IS.,Sherman.  /BHIDAY SHOWER  On Tuesday evening at  llie-hoine of  Mrs.   Margaret   Smith   with   Mrs.   Patty  Bawtinheimer  as   hostess,'a   very   lovely*  miscellaneous bridal shower was held in  liouor of Miss Lynne Ennis.  Beautiful parnations and chrysanthemums adorned the rooms and decorations  were in shades ftf-pirrl;. veliow and green.  amata, minislering at Gibsons United  Chufph', -^'qs [Mr.; .^itrin-iiv/Urmberl ftfjin  iriin i?|nnV"Ma'ii\triba.  Poriper lncal,rpsif)enis Boss apd MuVyl  Rotji, fi;prn fjfaiiey/wura in Cllbsons. for  a couple of weeks .    ���   ���  Tha Oodl' Book complied by St. Mary's  Cal|iolie li-adies is selling wall jind may  1��:   p)irch;-Rf-;dI   :it   Rliop   Efisy   arid   B&lVf.  m0*pnntmtmn0^mriiv>iMvtrurmrmm*ttm0m0>t0)iw  MEN'�� cinci PQYS?  TRA|L BAY CENTRE  nmmiiuimuwmwmwuwuwumMumfMmtiiMwwiom  WOMEN and CHILDREN  WCLENIC^  COWRIE STREET, SECHELT  nimm����m��wuiniruinn<uwm��i lUiromtwiiuMiimiMumni  m  sazaar or vA^M^sipninftQinninpnfQMij  '*&?$  BciptUt Church Servi^s  BETHEt BAiPTI��t ^HMRPH  Mermaid gnd Trail, Sechelt  Sunday School IP;PQp^mr  /y/torning Worship 1 fTl-5ria.rn-��� ���  ic^yAHYyrUtfTW cHMRQH  1    r'" *f arl< - fw. ;* <3|bson9' - -  SMndaySchper9i45 qrri.      '-  Evening Worship7;0D pm.  Pastor, Robert 'Allaby  (885-2809)  WARM WELCOME AWAITS  YQU.  Where tyfr. Olsen remained, until his pas:  Sing at the age'of 02 years. Esther and  Harold were born here.; The family built  up ja sinall farm with dair-y cattle, poultry and fruit trt?es. Ivli;. Olsen constructed  a fibhing boa I "Bariebiyteren' (iccord  bi-eakei) apd pi  those eaily duys worked  SUNSHtm mAST  , QQSm CHUftQH,  (Undon'-mlnatiannl- .  Sunday School ~ 10:00 a.m.  Cliurph Sorvlod ���- llilS, u.m.  EvoninaSorvico 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. eASfiEI-l-S  Those present were each asked to drgw  a pictui-e represent big the titje of a song,  Ihe works of art were displayed causing"  much merriment over the guessing of the  names, of the songs depicted.   *'  Many attractive gifts weie leccived  by thu guest nf honni Irom those attending who ward Mrt*.'Elims, MesHum6*- Mury  Grocery  in  Sephell;  Keii's Lijcky Dollar  and liruse Drugs in Gihsons.  MOCI-JIAJIN MlLl^,  Congratnlations to the young local  people who took part ip tile Iflp mile  Mocctisin ^Valk. Their enthusiasm is ad-  mired'.'lt' is' 'hoped that this area will  provide e'veri more supporters and participants for the event next year. Those Irom  Gibsons realized about $280 for the B.C.  Association of Non:Status Indians. M��ay  14, 15 and Kith," tbeie was much deter-  puliation "I'Jl get there if I have to crawl  on my hands mid knees, "Help along the  way was provided py VnUdit.eer ��1. John's  Ambulance. In HUney there was a bomb  scare, all was quiet when police roused  tbe bikers aiblinri 1 aip for a 10 minute  search.  ' Nufsps at Haney soothed feet and. pop-  :aa  lf^Jl��y^'JMJCMd  SECHELT AGEWCSE5 DATE PAD  9 Thji freo remlador of coming eyepfs is a servipa of SEGHELT A6ENC||S  UTfJ. Phan*3 PSPiPW'p Times direct for free listings, specifying "Data  Pgij's piegse nptefhot spgcg (s jifpffed and jome qdypnee dales may  ^qye^'^aif^pif'}prn}'ialsQ thqt thls Is a "romlndor".,listing only and  tppriot gj-yoys carry ^u'll defall?.  BEJCOBDEBS  . The recorder ipay bo referred lo by-  sbino encycl(|ped|as as an obsolete musical Inslriimeni, formerly fiopiilar.  Ip Parailisp Lri^t, ,|o)|ir Mjllnn sP'llfP  of "(liii dorian Ippfid -of 'flnfes and sQfl  recorders", ft was njuuiinned l>y Shakespeare In HiunlOl 'niirl'"rVf undolslfuid that  in olrler Hays lhe InslriinioiVt wa's used  lo taach  |ii|'r|s  lp..sing, i      ���-���,������  However Mr. Diew MfiKep |ea(!|ier al  Glbsolfis KlunienMrry iS ir h mil, js well  ploasc/d .will)" ||io p'rogr/"ss of 2'l|mys and'  /(II'Ih jifl Griiilu |1 W|)0 liiivo learned lo  rend mijs|i!i|i)der his dirpclion wilh "life  use of"|(ii)orders which im feo|s|H a inni'C;,  posiilvi! ipethnd than fnachjnif n<ihiH by  voice.       ������     ���   ,   ' "���  Al l|ui Gibsoi/s- ISIiimpnliiry Hchool  concert reported last wrick in lips column,  your cori'OHpon<|iii|l' Inail viir|ai|l |y omit led  iiieiili'm, of the s|ilunilld peiforiniinco of  Mr. McKee's class play log their reenrders.  "Op That Hummer |!'vqning" was one of  sevnral, plariHlng inni'ili'T" Mlvon. Iiy lhe  group. ,.  IfKHEi -ANP THPBK ' '      ,  My, ttpd "vfrs, U, Kleinwiif'hiur of Itusa-  liiliiid Hoad, prior'to llieir moving lo ilia  'ha'ii/'loy ii'i'rm.wnni gueslN of |mi|"l' Whon'  "mil anil Mary (lossu cuturlnincd nl lliojr  i<ll|;o. giving ir fiirowirll pprl? for Iho  Khrlnwiirhl'ns rin f1��tipr|i)y RYeriihlfi  MiiAN," Mm'dalil'ViHJl'od pallor iunl  .lolll Hnrion and liunily In Vancouver for  several  days,  Daphiin YorHo from Vancouver - vlnli-  (.���il her pin'onM Dr, and Mrs, |lu||h ||||(||h  nul wank,  Ihiniiy lliilhwall, who w/Is honm on n  vlull  iinii |(ii|)ii in (inl'ivllln,  WiiHl'ilnglnii  o  rldo  lho h<irt<��!s,  ('tump Mhiln Hwnn linn, been Inking  lh^wn,v|n--i,;n('-'i��rHarll>f'lf'fnow'iir'*(:.i|iui'fiiir  Mi'H. Harry M<ii;|)oiihM from <'l"ii  nook for UMir lo��'ii| renldenl, vhi|lr-i  'rlopdii here,  'Dl, Dmiiii'M Bland, frnm V-uici/iivor \h  fining wnlcmrl'od \p .11��� r? I'lifmmiully, l-av-  l/( lakep' up ii'i.lih'iii'ii nl llorikhm |,iiih  lf��',-  ',   Dnihilt Hm* niimtpiui nl Hev. ,l|iu  Wil  iiiiiHon w|io;iiiii.'uih'il ronl'a-i'oiicii.^ii,Mar.  00*0000000000000000000000000,0,0,000*0,0,'  rides   pip., arid   provided   will)  m-cellent,  dinner.      ������'.''  A"ic)?j p'ns't, Diiwna 'Prcel and Andy  Prpst; i:nniple|ed��� ,l|l<- vyalJf. Cpyprjng al-  inosl the fujr |(l(l hiiluts were��� Allierj, Sai||,  Milu:'fFiillcr iiiiii S|urwn Boll)woil, Dcb-  ed 4'" rpilus.  bio Fiedler ��'pt|';^o|-i(nii JpsepliKnn wal'-k-  Wallar 8afe|y sayo,  "^poo'V sjt Ipw-lr* fl  cofinp. |l npsej, HAMQ  0|s| lu Ihu oanou unlil  help a/f|vt*8f'"  May i'6'-^'" O'.'pi.'Seeh.ell Cegfoiy'l-fall, Binpo."     -  Mqy 20���-2 *F>.m". Rbbbrts Greek Logipn Hall. L.A. pummage Sale, Rat ts  freshrn,en'S. ' /  .May ^8-rA]0 fj.m.-l-pim* Wilson Crook Communlly Hall. Coffpo Party.   '  /V)qy 2$���B p.m   Sechell Indian Hall. Pinno.  ���yjqy 29-~FfO|p 1 p.m. Spchel| ln*licin H'jH- Hbmemnkors (^azanrf Jca  and. RUn-Waob Sale.      "   .  \hny 3)^-trl3, p.prn  Robert's Creek l-cgjan  |Hqlf.  Annual  Mtg, Suns))jno  t-   \\     ���^,Afts*?*--7PFi|..  ,      l * \ .-������,���:  .��� j^rV^} ft^8',<0 li-M- J1i|fj*-r5 ijgll;", "fieh:^ Gtpydep Cipk Mwlm  , Jppe1 Z-^fittp.rrt^Hpcf'f'l'Manila Gibsons.  f"nio||rtierd  tyittl, ''teck' 8,' Jlj\  sHufsory Schoal.  Juno 7���2 p m. Hoqlth Centre Gibsons, lirppch O.A.P.O, Socjal,  i     > i    '    ,  ASK FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE    QF HEAL ESTATE  Multiple "-fifing Service  Vancouver Real fftqts  Ponro  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  Phono 685-2235  Bqx 126, Soclielt, B.C.  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J"orgoln�� for you*  Sold on contract only, For  dotalfs on liow fo stretch  your odvcrMfilnfj rfollor,  oliono OOS 9AG4, nt,U for  tpocJol oil rofo��, j  V  :wm1  J  til  0.,'i  "*rar  '  tsm  "dBPI  f*W  WSi  $m  1  im  I  m  Wf  m  ^  M  *��� ;h  fi  i  %m  *r  t l  L' *i;&����i���'*^^  V3  -/*  r '*   ����� \  Page A-4  Tho Ponlnaulo Times Wednesday, May 26, 1971  / v-"  /''  *��r  *i  *  i  Winter Sport Festival instigated by Premier.  tefTTo "-*��"-v.Uplpate in 51 sport-i lo 424 com-  -nunlUes,  CoiTirnwting on the B.C." Winter Festival of SpQl'ts - idea, Dr. "Robert Hin<4-  maiPh, past-president of the B.C. {sports  Federation, said, "It ^w-U definitely be  an incentive to winter sports in Qi��r prov-'  ince, The idea is fantastic and ".lie B.C.  Sports Federation will da its utmost to  come up with a sound proposal,"  - Di. Hindmarch said the Festival Directorate woiild look intp staging of such  an event irnmedip|.ely and hoped to report  -buck- to-lhe���Premier-within-foui���weekSr  i-"-**  \  V  VICTORIA���Premier W.A.C. Bennett has  asked the Directorate of the B.C. Festival of Sports to look into lhe pp-jsibility  of staging a Winter Festival m Sports and  holding the initial event in this Centennial Year.  ', The Premier's request came Thursday as he opened the second annual British Columbia Festival of Sports in frpnt  of the Parliament Buildings Mr Bennett made the request again later at a  Government luncheon for sports governing-body  executives.   Festival���of-SportST-sponsDred���by^the-  B.C. Sports Federation in co-operation  with'the Government of British Columbia,  runs from May 20- through JMne 7 and  will bung together, close to 200,000 athle-  MOBE   ABOUT  ��� Cutting teaching statt  ���from page A-l  pi opai ed to take a cut in faultily if it failed.  The reply fiom one- coiner of the loom  ,(Np way".  President    of  the Sechell    Teachers'  Association ''John BuinSide said that the  whole referendum should be discredited.  Why should people Without children he  allpwed to make, a, decision which will  affect ^education in the district. N  Secretary-treasurer Jim Metier pointed out that it is working in other parts ot  the pi-Qvinoe, f-lowever it is true that in  this   distuct  ther   is   a   disproportionate   amQU)it-QLrelired. and summer residents,  JOHN.ANP DOROTHY BOSCH  ,0  of  EGMONT MARINA AND RESORT  wish to announqo  Victoria's Caidboro Bay was named'  alter the Hudson's Bay Company brig-  antine schooner Cadboro. *  Asked what the result of the meeting  would be, School Board chairman Mrs.  Sheila Kitson said that suggestions would  be  consideied.  YOUR HOSTSDOUG-AND SHIRLEY COCHRANE  FISHERMEN'S HOURS  "*  L ....  * Principal  VicQ-prineipal of Elphinstane Secondary, Mr, D, , L. Montgomery has  lieen appointed principal.    .    .   .  Fortner Vice Principal  , now heads Elphinstone  MR.   D.   L.   Montgomery   has   been   ap-  i   pointed Principal of Elphinstone Secondary  School,-which  presently   has  art  enrollment of approximately (150 students,  ��    and a staff of 35 teachers.  The new principal is well-acquainted  with the school for he has. been vice-  principal since 19(14''except-for one year  wbeivJie left to become principal of a new  secondary ehool at Greenwood;  Mr. Don Montgomery commenced  teaching in Prince George in 1954, he is  a graduate of the University of British  Columbia and taught at Penticton for a  number of years before coming to the  Sechelt School District.  Mr. Montgomery succeeds Principal  Tom Eilwood who came to the district  two years "ago and instituted >he sem-  ester system wliii'li Has been in opera-  tion at Elphinstone for the past two "  yeprg..  A resident ��� at Roberts Creek, Dqn  Montgomery and his. wife have a great  interest in education for they are the parents of seven children.  Dental Topics  The 'OHiciaV Word Can Help  ACCOUNTANTS  RALPH C. DUCKWORTH  :    CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Telephone; QB5-9515 - Telephone!. 889-2912  SECHELT, B.C, GIBSONS, B.C.  W. Philip Gordon  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT"  Tel:  Bus.  886-2714,   Res. 886-7567  Harris Block, Gibsons, B.C.  APPLIANCE HEPAIR  TRAIL BAY ENTERPRISES  Repairs to large or small appliances  JOHN BUNYAN  Davis Bay Phone 885-9318  art supplies  Telephooo 886-2069  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  Pottery, Supplies, classes & firing  deoler.for Duncan's Ceramic products  Pine Rd, �� Grijndview Ave.  '  P.O. Box f.2, Gibsons, 0,C.  AUTO SERVICE  .HOW'jfdo you get 'yqunj-stevs to Keep to   *  good   orat   hygiene-    practices'?   They  usually  hay'e more ''urgent"  matters in  mind.  Ypu can keep-talking to them about  i.t, remind'.ng them, to brush their teeth  and w on, bnv,-.tvttke talking to"& bijck'  WfiVl^someUme^. /EtuiVa wy".y V\yf* Qanaq'an  Dental   ^ssoeiat'on   -writes   crrtiirnns' like,  tins'one,  oi   publishes' ppuilipjeis. ..  Ollror health oi'ganizationH, private or  _ government, also publish informative literature, -most <rl' -which' can bo., picked  up free ul your dentist's office. The CDA  . writes its pamphlets to Httroct young-  slers uiul nuiUe an impression on them,  without Iheppre-iching Unit- usually w-  companies the urging of'such preventive  ���  dental. measures,..  Gundy.eators, ,lor oxaniplo, can't just  he told not to indulgd lliemsulvos so  niur.-li, Hut if thoy could read II i'or themselves ip "officii-1" pumphlels, the next  .tinio tliey are likely to pay more attention tn tlm -warnings of their p-u'oiitK.  Using fluoi-ldu toothpaslos, or knowing  what a I'luoridahid community, wider,  'supply ciuj do for"loolh, are detailed In'1  llio brochures in an inlei-nsting Way. A|l  the fuels aro hulled down into <|-||rl--  rnading painhplols und mimy popular  niyllis mo dlspelkid,  ��� "Next llino yod  visit your doiilist. r��-  \   mumhor   iho   painphUit^ are   freo,  SECHELT HOME SERVICE  Atlas Parts - Good Year Tires  24 Hour Towing  885-2812 or 885-9979  BICYCLES  .    hoy  can savo ii lol ol pain and uxponwi, so  Why nol, pick up hoido for your children  ���and   youisnll',  Thoro'n  a   lot   h,   \\my  for iidulls, im wull.,, :      .  ���      .,, .  -���Canadian  Dniilul  Aiiuoclailon  BICYCLES  BICYCLES -MINIS - MOTOR CYCLES     >  Coil Quick Dick of Cycle Sales & Sqrv*ces at tho  RENTAL SHOP - Phone 085-2848  IF DICK CAN'T FIX.IT . . . 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Thai  riHiHio'aim-ail, bo rnauiiod at     '-  Um C.f-uiiix  Air Mami  lor  ale una  rimcuo'  J^I��i.':��Uuii-i���ilui,liii".ilu.vHHliUlM��iii.HrMifvi��ii--*-v  iluyli a  vvi.-ti'l",  1    ���'��� That Iho jilr-mih rrifiiiuoco-onlliado  '" "V'try aina oil II und, im  and mm  . ���������'���������i"'m-��l, who imt i|iia|||jod nod caiiahlo  lo "hi riuli'ldy hi ih,, <M;���I|( ���f ��� ���' .,���,  Inr iiim.l |��� ih., f^nt ,     "    ���'  II wui|ld bo inimi appmclalcd .|f your  toiuicll woulrl lake l|,i��� ,���������,���, ���',���,,  coiiHlrlcnrtloli and adv|i;ituio,,| ai,i| |f yOI(  llinl-fiiu- tvrii.w-ih woilfiwlillc, would  ploann advliio uir nl your Mimiorl  Ini'llior, wn wuuld rmiiu'iii ||,���| |���|,  I'�� wrllUti, lo youi' MI,A and M.l'  i<'(|i|nnlhi,{ iholr ahiihdanco (i,l> bniia,' ,���.(l,  |oi;|)oi| on niii" ciiiimI, ., '  fiiMiiiiiiiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniMi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  GIBSOMS  SWAP a SHOP  ARE YOU MISSING THE  BARGAINS?  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'/ Pttty I'C wrpng, Imi f ilptll t\nt *>e sp wrong as to fttil to soy }Vlptt / foltewtd be r/j-f'-f."  ���JOHN A'-lf-M  Douni.As'n, WiinriM'n, F.cliior < '    *ummnn0m,mmmiH%ntinrmv%ctewwmnrmMnn0m0Ul)^^  ~ ;���*" "~\���. -   . ,.    ~~-    :       ~      :��� *"       y,    _i' ,AAA C*iihsHJ*tayal Pqnad,lpp Legion BrjE*nohefe,  Wlm tp tltv editurnujsi be-tigneq liyMir .yitler, ttlUtopidt a pm-njipie piay be med Jot public fittpn.    alqng   w^  ^ ^ersoiib   Apd  businesses  monopolies is definitely capitalistic  in    whn donated'to help us fmild llio' scligol,  Assocratioti, and the 'Sunshine Co^st Lions    #P^ 277 Sephelt, qr to Box<5**i" Gijfcqps,   -     * ~     "     -    '     ~      :        liC.  Aunlj-or y$y we have Ip ripse {ili'ds  is py me-pi"- pi **�� raffle, this year wp  design anci has been happening for years    _ The school was built ,fpr $?fi00 wilb '��� havu a hand ty-.ol-.oc" wool rug \yh.\v\\ \vas  /oi y    a pnivincial in ant-of sfci-BOl) the halanee,    m/KlP by tho children in pur sebopl "��f  A Dollar Clostis - Bfamy  My���� ���  LAST week .we riiis-eiLa fey eyebrows    conceived conjecture and, in some cases,    h-ah lime others did the same; such as     "~\  by coming ouf cdj]ojiall>^giU^^ ���tho^oimc-'t-^-u-w-^���*^.  propnsecl-nuurrniotli" gravel ppendion in    one, and al mie time we suggested thai    >nerce, tiogronal BoUvd etc. ^  Serious thought  W\hn\ Tho Times, ���       - under the capital'st^yi-lem. Ti-i'dcau, voi���   .........    Sir;  It looks  by  your "editorial Mqy    riirhtly, gelling alter Heath on U*c arms     empe irom donai ions' from .peqple pii, l|ic     whiph. jhp majeriul for this rug was <\Wi  lOCh that  ypu  have  g-ven    tins  gravel    l()  Sol((h  Alric��j  Ihsue \taa'^  Sopia'i&t    jSumhiue Coast.    ~'i ��� ;      flM  by Mr. apd Mrs. 'J.  S, Mapey pf  opeiation   some   seijous   1houg|it    II   is    (lvcrtones on Trude��m's pivrt. ,,  All material .for school was from local     Oa^ow*. olpOB with ���? gW ws-tJfwple frpm  When you hear either Libeials or Con-^v,^aaSs_imdJwu---iHHlH-yHoeHl-Goi^  A*.  ���*k~$ ���  ?$0* *  ���*fv *  V' \2 a-  propi  the Selma Pjirk area. This was not sur-    one of lhe organizations doing all thp  prising when il  is considered  that   for    shouting had leftist overtones. NeedlesSs  Some time we have supported the pro-    to say" Ihis  bi ought  forth  a  pious  re--  -.jcut- and, indeed, .condemned many of   bu|t|e by one individual. Since ihal time  pie protestors. . * the B.C. chairman of that organization  "'Tlio-simple-Answer is that we were    has publicly blamed co|iimunis| inl'illra-  and are opposed to the inevitable placard    lion-for the' fact the organization  has  wayers ever-ready to protest, al the drop  Ol a hat, just about anything, under the  sun without first obtaining genuine facts.  In the case of ihe gravel, the initial  objections, . in  most   cases, "were  'from    mining operation at Past Porpoise Hay  virtually fallen aj  During the past months we Inwe  foraged behind thp scenes, observed (he  ���ctivitics of the presently, small gravel  Myself, 1 have a personal involvement,  residing on Indian lease land above thp  Highway. However, I can s|iir take an  objective view of the whole situation. Wc  have here, one ol the loveliest spots in  the wprld, for tourism, summer homes  and retirenient. Look fiom "Sechelt to  the hills on thp east of Porpoise Bay?  a perfepl rcs"idP^^^'{-J^^e8r,,--,Rd with the  yalives yi-oclaijning_lho so"ci'il owncr-  of the means of production, distribution a.nd exchange of goods and servipes  lui- the use of all tho people, instead pf  pnvate ownership of the sinne fqi- the  hiufit of the tew, you may then throw  voui hat on the ground-and 'am, on it tor  sopial ownership it, socialism  However, do not he unduly c'uncerncd  for social owneibhip will never ar|ive  through   lhe 'two  old   line, parties,   nor  l he  people who had little or no conception  of any honest1 facts. We had mealy  mouthed- jittle messiahs who deyoted  their spare time, nnd they seemed to  have lols, jo driving around .seeking  some petty evil to protest. With the  news of-gravel operation came possibi  noted the problems in v'li'ioiis ppjiiis  munities on the lower mainland wh&l'g  grave) operations are causing trouble;  considered the secrecy behind Hie local  scheme, and have finally decided much  remains to be desired.  Naturally, as might be anticipated,  ;.3  itjes galore and in. short lime they were    one or two people .do. nol approve of thp  churning out a whole variety of -object  lions, mostly far -removed from any element of actual truth.  Tfiis was one aspect to which we  were opposed. On Ihe other hand, we  also supported the project based, on  facts presented us by the original company but, again, we had indicated thai  fact wc have" offered opposition lo a  gravel undertaking but we certainly have  no intention of selling our souls for ti dollar now and to heck with tomorrow. That  is the attitude which has lead ufi to*the?  present sorry pollution situation in Npr4l*  America today. Our civilization revolves  around  money and the free  enterprise  jio concrete  proposals  had   been  made system has yet to be bettered, bill, greed  public and until such  time full details is  one  factor we ,constantly    have  tp  were made known, it would he wrong to contend with. C,erliiinly_we can...da-J.vif.hr  condemn, the scheme on half truths, ill- oui that.  ���a*  influx'from the -lower mainland I can J/tlu-qugh some ot the newer parties either  foresee no't hundiccls but-thousands pf llm- they are both flunkeys ol the capita-  new homes in 1he area -within the next ' list private pi-olit system whose god is  twenty years  As to the gravel operation, latest hp  ures c)aim a hundr��� *new�� jobs, which  1 doubt! and as for employing jpea) ppp?  pie, such jobs, will he "very few. -People,'  fail to appreciate the magnitude of nibdY  ern-day  gravel   and  coal   mining   opera- -  tions.   A   one   hundred   yard   shovel   (I ���  believe they use a two* hundred ip some  strip mining) would"rpfluirp a monstrous  truck to carry the Idad/How m-iny. Ipcal.-  people, Indians or ugp-'uidia'tis a^0 cap?  able   of  operating   such   equipment?   Qi'  does tlie benfevqlent grsvel conipgpy plap '  on setting up a sc.hopl ip train lpp��lpgp7  pie to operate these monsters? I hardly  tjiink so. Such help will be brought  ii'  from   their   pther   pperations  which   are  presently petering out.  Now for 'the gravel itself; Did you  or any others stop to consider their figures? We haye qurs, a conveyor capable  of handJing 4,000 tons per hpU!" on a.  continuous opeialiqn. This works out to  l)f),(lj00 tons per day qr 35 rjiiilioii tons per  year-. We also have a figure of 10 million  tons a year to start, w-ith. Taking this  latter- figure, I understand a ton of gravel  constitutes somewhat -over-  half   a  yard.  \VP. IIAVI! a'I'ederaJ government obvi-    countless  thousands  of  dollars  handed  pusly devoted lo the canse-of squand-    oui on -,\ platter to half the deadbeaU in     Therefoi-e,  10 million tons  will leave  a.,   pav frtr.."hp.-.����ictrn h-"npfH-, HvHi, in -w  mpg-M-hc  hard  earm^l���tnftiiey- uf   tax--���- creation. OppnrtuTnlics lor yuulh? Cer-    hole half a mile longTlfiraitei- of a mile    'ease, will also include'underground wjr-  3 almighty dollar  You hi"\e mentioned vast unemployment! the only period under capit^list'n  whep there was little or no priemploy- .  menHvas when the cpun.li-y was epg-iged  in war. it 'would not help ppe" iota tq  exchange Trudeau fpr Stanfiejd fpr uu-  employment apd. inflatipn ai'P disejiseS  inherent,- to capitalism. H'Pd Vpi$Yli M�� *h  these* tjie pal jut ion. and ppisppiiig pf the  air we breathe arid the walef we drink.  '���; r J'     ;'    '        '     C./SH15HWPOD  4freem@ni  '  Editor,' The Tijnes,  Sir; We nptp with interest your editorial regarding paving of roads, in sub-  rlivisjons, and agree ,wilh ypv��i- opinion.  HoWPV'ei'^ we are presently developing a  siibdfviSion, "have got to the posifipn  where the roads have been accepted and  the plan approved. The roads, as al present.. a,re built to a belter standard Hum  most roads around here. We intend to  pavp. the roads in our subdiv's|Qir also  (lie road we have had to build tp get to  it from the existing yillage-j-oad. As you  say in your editorial jwe think that the  prospective purchaser will be Willing tp  tractor M. T. Const ruction fine"- alher sub  trades.  Within pne yea,r we have paid fpr |hp  school ��� and are now loojdng forward tp  -better the equipment a-nd iui'ther the education ipr these children, with the grea|r  ,]y appreciated help of Mr. Peter Slipp.  Spijcrvisor of Elpmeufary ' *3c|iopls, our  own teacher Mrs. Glady Leg. and her  vplunteer teacher aids wp are looking  forwaid, M'o another good year,  One of lhe ways of Pip- association  tp raise funds was the rer-pnt Flowers pf  Hope seed tha.1 were distrihulpfj in tho  mails last week as it is the-National  week all acrqss Canada.  Dpe to an mepurate number of these  - pamphlets   needed' \a   spnd  out   ip   the  mad not eyeiyone might have received  wi|l bp available around, Jipi-? 15 for tbi**  ���ralilc \vhiPli will 4ic 2f?p each f��r P foi'  $f :<ki.      '  Fropi aU pf us ip 1he ^sspciatiqn tn  all pf ypu wondei-fuj people fhapUs lpi*  ypur  g'piierpus support. , '      ��"'    '  ��-. '      ^LBJS^T E. LYNN, President  .1  WOT TO PJ.AY  WITH MATCHES  JIEIP *?fl��V��N? f OBEfif FJRflO  ^r YOU, THE MEMBER. OWN YOUR CREDIT  UNION    -  ��� YOUR CREDIT UNION PAYS THE HIGHEST  RATESiOR YOUR IA��!N���� DQI-LAfe  * YOU CAN BORROW FOR ANY PURPOSE  FROM YOUR CREDIT UNION AT RATE$ AS  dOOP OR BET Til THAN ANYWHiRE |LSE  payers upon lhe noii-coniiibutoi's, sliilt-  iess and work-shy-element of society.  While treating our senior citizens  with the utmost contempt by ine-reasing  their -pittance1 by 41c our saintly panhandlers ip Qtljiwa proceded tp lecture  business heads and the .working man on  the need- for restraint.  ��-, I laving established some", kind -of  Hlidelines-  fer-rhO1^-, niana^r-mi'nl-^and-  lainlly not a misnomer but what a farce.  Wriic to the clowns, administrating this  bonanza, tell them you wish to start-a  training school for performing fleas, or  wish to cultivate "pot" and you have  it made, liight here 'onj the Stinsliinp  "Coast, while dedicated and hard working  people appear to be wailing in vain fpr  .news of a grant toward establishment pf  a recreation centre, some $15,000 has  boiin,.~ our heroes arrogantly jumped  their own salaries by 50',' plus a tax  free expense allowance of $H,000. This  has been estimated as the equivalent of  $33,000 of taxable income.  All this,, however,, is watei" under  thp bridge and has brought forth hardly  i nun mur from H*e overburdened tax  icen granted to leach rural skills in wind  is described as "Communes", We cap  but ponder?  Another fantastic farce, adding considerably to the countries budget, is that  of the Canada Council. This worthy  Organization also ladles out huge sums  |o p variety of strange and'highly MUes-  ! '��� Next slop on" lhe give-away merry-  ��.? ^go-round was the Aid lor .Travelling  j Youth prognuu which," regurdle-'s of (he  plausible explanation presented by our  r|>tnv|iameutai"y jepreseniaijves, is little  more Iban a bonps for those who ehose  to travel expense of Ih'e'litx.piiycir.'Ailniil-  ledly ihey are being encouraged lo Iravel  due to lack of jobs' following lhe Trudeiiu  iiiili-ii-f'al'on policies, therefore Ihey  caiinoi be blamed for governnicui folly;  Now  we   have   llic  laslesl   dlsgiace,  ANNOUNCEMENT  -��� it. ���, i   ���  '-. .-  , Dr. D, Bland  > i   .  Is plonsofl .fo onnomiiio, liml' h��  will  l*<o  pmoilqinq rlonilsirV  In  Ciilison-j cuifl Socholt (lorn June  ' ?.nd. Phono Wv7()QQ Inr     '  npimlnii-noniR,  ngs as lunds in order to study  the sex life of a jelly-fish pr. request for  a grant in order lo complete'a thesis pn  l|ie   urine of an ocfobils1,  are  all cer-"  laiuljes,  ��� Prom lhe Toronto Telegram,vApril  301 li li'7|,'we read: "The Canada Council has awarded y $3,500 grant  l,o Ihe  former   chaii'iiiiin   of.lhe   Meiropolifu'n  Toronio coinmilipe of ihe Communisi  Parly of Canada to allow her lo sludy  MaiHisin in Cumuli). Ilep- husband Nol-  , son (,'laike, is pn-lhc central coipiiiitlee  of the 'Coiinniinisi I'arty, "In   \%1),- p  Canada Co|iitcil gnmi of ft5,SOI) was giv-  . en lo avowed Marxist Stanley ("��rey w||o    li'dilor, Tho Times;  was involved i'h (lisniplions' nl   Mc(,jil|    , , BI''1 li'l,sl!^* find nnnloRoii n copy ol'.n  llniversily",   , ' '  AiiPlher Oniiirlo publiualjon referring  wide and fifty feet deep. We have also  been informed this is a forty year project and based oh the assumption that the  operation will progressively increase it. =,-  does not lake much vision to appreciate  thu size of-the hole in iwenly years time.  ForUiiiaiely the noise problem will not  be too great for- nol loo much crushing  is involved, J think the figure was 12%,  a mere million luns or so.  ������-&k���biv���uii���ihe Juea 1 -Indian- ai'e���cpivr_  ceined,   I   can't   see   them   getting  very  much-out of il.  Perhaps a.lew weeks or  -months in the initial stages for. a few  men. I a in very much afraid that if, and  when, lliis scheme goes through and is  in full opeiation and the walerfront is  all fonlcd up, orrr friend Claicnce will be  heard mutter inq "The crafty dam white  man done it u��o(ii."  J. q. pARSWETA,      4tH. ,        -   i.r.-get:j)p}t  Well Attended  Kditor, The Times,  Sir; Despite fhe weather the "ff|ea  Markei was' well ait ended by many local  people and visitor's fiSaluriUry May lfilh.  Aiticles offered' varied from' anlii|ues  lo new arts and crnl'ls. Many enjoyerl lhe  lea-cup readings, by Mrs,. B, Nibbles,  The Bimshhie Cpusl Arts Council  wfsliud lo lhank all who supported ils  'el'forl.s indhis. fund raishift event,  Special llinuks, also, tp Mr. Hnii-.v  Smill) fur Iho use of hisJiulldJiiK, so Ideal  for smill an occiisioi),  lltli'Niil ANUIflllBOM  Put To Test  ing  for'electric service..  The cost of these extra services will  in no way cost the taxpayer, in fact they  will save the taxpayer money because  a gravel road only two-bits you lo death  trying, tn. Keep it. up. ���   '   Osborne  Logging  Co.  Ltd;  ���JS. OSBOHNE  v  Delicate Taste  ~dMfair^w-n!hm5r~~^~,    7"" ~  ""'"  Sir: -^ wondered often why  so many  mistakes  ar-e   made  by ���compulers.. ,  Headihg the iiistructipns about census"***  -answering in French-, after saying how  one fills in lhe answers with the pencil  provided for the benefit of  a computer,  it  goes on to say: "Nc vous serve.-  pa*  dep liunes oi* dp prayons a bifle par ils  '   lu-j   donr-opt ' l-"ijdjgc^tion'*.*     (Don't   use  i pencils or l^alt point'pens, "ihey1 will ti'rvc  Mt" jridi(i��si^nl.i       >>���      ������-'   ''       '*., ''���>.'"  I       Now fije secret is opt'.'CPfHinWra can  sullei   lioni, ._ mdipesllon      Su^gestron  what about balung soda?  ��� -    :     j, s, upqwNi.Nq  Gravel Pit      * V  Editor, The Times;     .  .3l.iv I Know, there is a lot pf (ipulhy-  wbeii jl conies lo Voting. Hut for. grid's  B-iiUu'let us a|l slapd ���togulher wiien il  f.-oipcs lo dospoijiirg puy |ieai|ijful area.  ��� J4iUuu THY to kricp if |ieii|ili|'u|, Lol us  THY to keep il In as,, natural slide as  poKsibje: Knr ||'jp ciijoyifienl- ��'i' all who  live horti, and alsii (uy ppy liinrls't visi-  loi's; And .tPurisnl,! is imi |o be scprnerl,  }l Is sunsrinai, l-.i-'l ihpp] ninny, ll��vu I ham  wolcniiii), mid llioy wlll'i'iuliirji.  vu] i,onn  * WHY NOT CALL IN OR PHONE TODAY?  YOU Will m PL|AS|D.  "v?  ��� Wharf Rpod, Sechelt  iliillOlillilllllilillllliiiiHiiiliifri bazaar of  Phone 885-9551  Hiri-in- iinr TTijr-n rrid[  lo lhe ^iliiiilion lis ''all eKerciso in treason and wasli!of lhe 1 fix(-��j-ytjisT ilolltii-s'*'  -olniK oui' liml lhe Cpjiiiiiiiiiist M'tin'i*  'e-j|o pi'oclaiins Ihul "Coiiuniinisiii abol-  slies nil ii'iiihs, a| religion, and all mo-*  I'lillly", 11 alsii i|iioles ier| liiader Mejip-  s|-y as slallng, "As long as lliep- are  jdlol-- to lalui our sigiinliire seriously,  nnd io put their I nisi in il, we miisl  piUiilise eyeryililng Ihul '|s asked ,,, jf  we' cup gei nnly soiiieihing langible In  exchange", 'Op a seaililllg ilo|e, '||)u  inbileiiiipn ends "Well,-Cfiiurnde C|nr|-c  s, Indeed, gelling "spiiieihlng langlble"  il exclumge il^iOO |ax-dMl|ai's Ip subsidize her red 'eiliicuj|on��,       ,, ���'' ;  s  G  lillllli flAZAAR  OF VALUES  PDEN PAIN? &"STA  'tttZk  0*004  y  &  E  '*$  f  Spred House Palnl  |.qtOK Enturlor " Gn\,  Endurance House Palnl  Ga\,  Polyurclhano Plastic  Florenamel  Gild Tom  Intcrlor/em-rlor Yfnml Stnln  ��� GnU  Gal.  1WJ|4:.CMEKrtMJlVIBifiR'' & ":~  .. mMMHG SUPPLY .WD.    -  Siinihlno Com! iMatm'V, "aikmm ,'., Pliono B6*-aB0��  liHIffllliJ^ of value's Biiillillipi'llllllil  i ' ' ' ���  ���**J*^M^t!A0lH0<0^0*0>^l4Af^^ #��^*;^--*7*.  ail lor HiHniillloil lotiiii lh!|drini|,l Ihiord in  respoiiNi) ip jis i-(j(|i|(js|n I',',,. siibmiHslpiis'  i'it|''inllni! Ihu prnpriHuil anivei uperulion  by Cmislruciioii AK/ironiiies Llii,:  Hli'i In rriHpriuHir In lliu Ht!|di)iml Himrd's  liivlliillnn I'ny briefs rnlnlin^ in lhn prp.-  poserl Krnviil' mlno; | um wriliiiK l"Tre-  <|U��iKl llinl ymi |iiiiih|iI(!|' |)|ii|<||l/( (in nx-  llnrlhiuiil which, will hilui llni /(iioHHvyorlt  from "(inn of lhn worn) uspci.'lh of iho pr,,.,  PPKI|I.  If Is lliiil llm Monud-siippiirl^ a Kpcniul  ciiniiiiliinii |i, iinilii ii,),!, recordinp nl  ��xl��|lii|- /(i'/ivi!|,|iilniin mul lu Kiihiuiiiiiniilly  r��'i-pla,v I hum fur m.-vrin r|nyn mid pi/dils  ciinllnuiHiHly ni i)i|iilviili!i)i iiiimi  in Hm  (iii-ol fipi:i*iiijtVn- , ,::.;,,.:.:,...,:  Throe p|iii.'i>n;.||ii,' |i(,n|,||ii|, ih,, o��,!���vii  Hun n'Iii mill Iho loinlliiK point, will* Im  Di'llhnil iilljiuuid) Hiiiro mny Im ulhoi-n i|n,     -  Himrrl.fMiiiHldiirii Imprirlnnl,  In vlnw uf llm '.'i-nij-iiiiy'-i. Mlfiloi|)nni,i  llllll lllliri) Will, bo no ,,i,|hd ||)t:y will wei      '  iioinii Hit, iilinuci! |i, (������v(! ihui,. j,!,,),,,,,   .,  apd may Im i|n|||(|ili!il io pn,y i|,., ),,w i.-i,h|H  Aw i'<"M,ri||m( oi|id|,|,ii���,|, iimpllflarH, niidlu-  liMilui'H, liiml. n'pnnluiyti, Ah |��!n|i||(i|iij|i)ve,,,.,_  "'Hnpmrini-rxpnpiiirtliirwiiulil' l����"i,V,i,.|����:  ahla,  I'roimr ���'-'iii|-nrvlHl|i-|' nf ilm rncrdin/i  and nii.'urdliiK ppn in ihn mumkohUnI |M,, , ,  '''"���'���'��� "f lln- u/ily uliiioKjiliuri, hf miiliiiil  dlHiriini,             ���  I lihiio Iho'lip/irii v\;||| 11,'mn ||,���| '|,|���  , Mo/i  w| I, Im irflncllvo In nIiJiwIdh IliJw u  (Mil  Mini 111  /Ulivpl   iiiioriilii,,,   w������j,(   ���f(-,,,,| ,  .uiirjuiyii,,.wllliuiil.hiijivy. iMmi io ibo mill*  paiiy iiiiiI li.iiiiiililii,,,,,^,,,,! ||,,,,ihI,|-) |,y ii,,,  Ituirrd and'.imlilii!.   , ,  ,   P.'il. HII|ri,TM��WOHTH  1   , M,Hn, l��, Ji!--, 111,(1,) MldTl!  Hail Socialism  M    m^f, Tlm Tlnm/v ' ^  'Bin  II" your |7mm-|-|  ndlinyhd   "lliilir  yimywif wllli Triidiniy", Tin.-TJ��i���� Mhv  .4iih.,w.i||i.|:c/in-7,/?rf!fr^|iirTiftnuniryriur "  i'��ipmhn I'niPiydipH:"Tnii|eaii,llm 'h'whUih  tvipurlm worn; lo pn) || mjj,||y( flw��y.��nl  iv pm and yoii mmihi mpv\y im i-Miiim-,  Ynil 1'ially do nol immu hi convoy ihul  lV|ir|i!iiil  Ih n mivinhni ���y ||,i,|  |��� ,(',,vi'in  '--T)<?nr;hnr|iwnTh|triiiwi)ril"i)(miMiii.iii?  -'OtmihiiMftH *��C nmnarrhy��� In'-'aM nv/ay,  /inl|-|lll'|ril|ii|) by inoiiiiii pf vmii u,ii(,n|,|i,y  nii.'lil,, iho' I'ri-M'ih, liui/miii" <jncnt|mi r|c.���  liuvu pnihlPH li) *'��--wii��'iiiw|ih im<-|iil|mn((  A'l)�� |��i'ii|iumii,|- wlillii' pirpnr nn  liiHiillnii ,-  \wl>l</)ii ynii'Minlii- wuh riinrhip'-fl tn mil'llm  '/miiif! uiiiii mil nl biin|ii<-/iH upd nymiu hpi*'1  Appreciation  WHiny, The TlniQH,,  ,H|r:   (>i1   bolndf   of   l|io   f.0B\)(i\l   |U)d  ni��irim Hoi'm'dP'i .aii'iiiii'iin'N AHHiiciaiion |  w|nIi Im exiond mir iht\p\*n fny yppy dp-  nnoi'iillni), I'or all -pub'lliilly ipvun to im  llu'imiiii yuui' papar diirlna l)u: hml year,  The fiiJiihiill and piidilcl ' Ho|ui7lui|  C|)||i'lro|i'N A��Hni!|alloi) which him Jicnn  iuiIIvii.hIiici! Illfill Imvii finally ynpnhpd a  liiml ||)|n l|nd ymir hy liulldhut a ijIiihh-  iiiiipi' m.'lii'iril frir limrij children. ���ii||i)iilod  on tho^chuol ((rpiiiid-i nl Iho cjiIwhin Kin-  nmiiiiuy.f'fihuiil,    . '    ,  ,VVil|)uiii lhn Hiippml uf imoplo iniin-  uulorl hi IIi|n AnHnc|i|)|r>n��� 'iiv-l Hl��dr deler-  niliuiilon in liiilptlin Irmnj rliijdiii  .imlnml  would nol have heen  |ml  A n|mi)|i||  lhaill'K  ftp out' hi al  U        L-iU  wu  "The Miv |"a|pt'f cm muN ypH b ppMrMpco-fltfr-fj  pxpert, loHns 'P!!r I'tP PMP*"*" wofk ppd pHtf* th"* fM"  back in (Mr, piiiniinti. Pirpniy tplm vftMi^inrfn M(?  color for ypur ciocprntlnq n)on from fho PflNrppflfP  su'luoW,,Uiiiii pIwpw ��l| t|m othpr.eplors your hQ*��|t  mny dusiirir.- ��� lur qmniilPiiwntBry.IwpMor ppppntt, pr,  jiiiiifoi-ihM-fun-nf.-ii.Rlpis,' You'll f|pd fhi)t "I'l th��,  nuinrs ypu h*��y<��. rqn**��i*n|y -^blpptori. ��?m ol^Pfly  nolurally |)in)fi()|or fip-i)|'dina|tn| - Oi;o|fi||'rpl||ml for  you." -|i's iiii oxr.|i|siyo foa|urp pf "Th0 f-MV faint,"  Now you, ion, pen) knpw tho joy of cpoi"t*|to wc.\ih)S  pififrifiiilouiil nnlnr -jclioipos j||<a thpfio Vop |)aup ��l|0|-  ��dinir<"l |nhnnil-di��:'i^t|pafpef|a��ln-iSr   .'���'      .   ,���  33  .V  f Tfilfl'rtdviiUtomoiit |�� not puliym or ^md by (lis W-jwr Conlfol poord or Iiv llitt Qoyornpiil of fiilll^li PmIuiiiIiI4 ������':  ���*��� ' .������ KVu'ifa .'v*ii' ���** 'T    '   -'���"���*     ���-'���AY*   **��*���- v~', .J*" -���   ��� -1 ���*  l      /' - " * * "-���-, W   *~ r   "'" *'��� -Wr-*-.*^- J"    -"*   ���   ������ *    ** *>l*f*,7$i'J'<s-/ *>:% ���.**A "*;*���-���*^s  ^.  v-^vr^ 7 .^^r   -- '{*7: "���,','  V A����**&*-^~a**->^^ --*  *-*^',^<f**>   ; '��� **J~**r*7 a*.til,., , -*-/ ..*-�� v. ,,���.,*���*      ��� >���;   _ ..���-.>.*��*- -���-^���f     ..  *    , ,*.      ���   .*������.--.  ��� \  S^V't^ f W-W-jVY-f-f "-W^**^^ v*��$ij#Y-f^fzyr*it.x.*'~0t ??*���}-? f *-. vvSt^ , "f*^^ * *���� t >���.-,-.- > ��� -*��� ��� ~-r>-, ., trr^c; >��.,�� ���\ ,.*',���..,,    JS!^  fel^^'< -- ���''   ' . 'i_   /-    l       ���<..���-;���      '.'       "    ' "   ^- -.  1    -.'V.O    .,   .',��,- '��� /  , r  ,  -v 1  t,  n--  i{   <  J  0*  .j*   1  .**  ���**r  i /    ���      ������.   1 ������   *   I  ��� V '       , *  * "-I  -/  \v  ������ ' -    .     ���*.'���? r-4''.*'-^'-"*-"'lV  ������--".' ->":' ''Cm'- -v/- '-">'���' ���  V.  0**w '**  ^^<  * 'I  11  1]  1 ��� 1  mnifiii "h w>H4r * ���  .Jl  /.'  /  j-    , "    --Ayr '  1 ��� ",!''���,- /  ,'.���*"  1  Jy"  .    W   0*"  /  ���,,��^fj)liV?TI**;>rii1,    "<"1 1  1  jrJ>  CAJ' ������ --M  Pago A-t$  The Peninsula Ttaio��  Wednesday, May 26, 1971  \javy Flay, Mrs. {3y|via JwHaQn, Mi'i Qoij-. ��� eluded, everyone was ready for a rel'resh-  .km H*\ll and realty living it up nlont,'with u^ ��v��p oi tea and a chat with iriendH,  hem was Canpu  Groopo. Mrs. Ipprpthy Wo*<l me.eting wilt be tm June 17.-See you  SiouHwcll iiaiig-"A Bp-tlinu Gilcled C-��gB,-| then."       T   -!    , ' , - -*/  vlule lhe o|heifa played their parts in the  r~.���,���. "'   '-   '  *_  1  J  ihama, ending in the tragic death of the  Beautiful, Foolish liei'oine The costumes  vveie mngnilicent, the hatb gorgeops, ipid  the \vigs were a wovli of art,  Nexl, was ii bUil butweeu .1 behoming  hubhimcl' arjrl  an eimally btheming witc  Very humorous, sit rial iotib arose between  l|ie shrHiking violel ot a w*iiet played by  Mis Mary Tuililey, and the big, handbom'o,  depei"idabje,husbai]d44"ii"yiy by Ml'S; QUye  Clear. It was delightful, and cleverly presented. Who safd -Senior Citizens lacked  talent apd initiative''  *'With the Business and T*rqgrum e��n-'  *mpm>ip0^v^tfmtf*Jm*0,  J  '" Comedy '>- !���  J Hianqh 69 Senior Citizens really en- hes$ys when Mary "Flay tells liim  joyer] themselves at last.week's rneetr she married for money while Mrs.  inp.Qanon Alan Greene fecrafted, at Dorothy Stockwell sings "Bird in(a  minus's notice "igets a briefing for'  Gilded Cage". .  his part An. the play r.KYpw poor soul"; '  Regular meeting ��� �� ��        .J  **  ".'-.. Branch 69 Senior Citizens  oppose gravel mine project  gLECTftlCAL  CONTRACTORS  Wiring Supplies  Specializing in  MAfWEL  Electric  Heaft  WHARF HOAD, SICHECT  Phone 085-2062  i  li BAZAAH OF VALUES ||  f '���  REGULAR monthly meeting of d|ie Sen- service and benefit from it also. I'elrush-,  *               Melodrama i'or' Citizens   Association,   Branch   69,; merits will be served following  the set-  The ��� little  Play   reaches    its ��� Climax     tumes and wigs courtesy Continental held on May 20 in the Sechelt LegiorrHall vice with, time to visit with friends.              1  mm the.gwevlng husband played by    CoU'fures, togeUver'with Mrs. Stock- ^sQppnenTd SrSeJ2SS,n wil *ifen fo ,   A mo,Uon P,olesUll^lhe stnp m,ning  .1  V a n n n   nvppnP   . and    fashinnah'p     wpII's lnvplv siheinn voice and Canon "ansen' A Wliinx wf10?1^6 was given to ^y g,.avei companies in tins area, was ear-     m  F.&  j�� ��A L?1?en��'   ,ana    lasnionapie     Weil S ipveiy Singing voice dnu wcinon n     w members and visitors wph a spec^ ,ied, and a letter to that effect to be sent  JiUends, Sy V4a Jackson and Gordon    Greene's tremendous impromptu per- ial gMeting extended to Mrs. Alice Batch- l6 the iteeibnaiioard  ... _ .���. greeting extended ._        il&U Ihidding farewell to the departed    formance, the play' was thoroughly    elor, Treasurer, who has been ill for the  gay-young, pride,. With beautiful cos-��    enjoyed  last few months, but who is now back.  .n  ��   I  /���  .   "W^,  Mrs. Nellie* Whaites gave a brief oui-* S  _ ,   - , -j. ���     ^     line of the impbrtance af the Census, and  .     Correspondence was^ read regarding a     how ojtiMns cou,d cooperate fully wilh.  Hearing Aid Clime to be held m Sechelt;    QUt a      hardship to themselves. * * ���M  if  there are  sufficient    applicants.    Six ' ,/,,,, Us  lo  ten  persons are required.  If  you  are     H - ,G,reete,��� ^J ��'^ Paywere-Mrs.   liiby S|  concerned  about your  hearing  problems     "��tl?,ler���f,d M{' Re{f ^T^'t fh? ^��n"  and would like a test, phone Mrs. Hansen,     M^V Raffle was won by Mrs. Mabel Grau- ^  ~~^5**2tr^lT7or^iJi^ P  Mrs. Zirfrtia McCrea on herB2nd birthday, j*  ,'i  '    '0  W  i  ���>i  %  *h  ,��'* 1  If  >    :  -.  I*  :;1  A J,  ���i  *  ���till *  ' 'Ji.  I;  ' ���"�����  '���l'i!    ''  -1        *   -  v> *���      *    - J'      " '   "*-  t(r #< A ;v  '/ !  r  *  1  *w  \>r      1  S   vllr    ~*l  I!  ���  -  Othei   correspondence  related   to   the ,,-,.-,.       ���a  convention, which will be held June 8 and Members   are  already   planning   their     ��  0 in Prince George. Visitors are welcpme.      W01'-'  fo'' the.P��l   Bazaa.-. Anyone wish-     k��  The deJegates, Mrs.  Madge  Hansen  and     "JS to obtain wool or material for projects  -Mrs  Ha-:el Evans were authorized to vote 'Phone Mrs. Ester Wagner, 0(15-9759,  on the resolutipns as they see fit with the An   excellent   program   folkfWed   the . -3  best mlerests of the Bratich irr rnind..   .   ; ,,   J",MS��ne'"s session. .''Back to The Gay "fine:-;'    *��  The Piesideiit announced that Mr, Lpy ties," with a lively group portraying  the     ~  Hansen   had   been  appointed. CptinseJlgr Ute, love and  tragic death of an unwise     |j*|  for   this  aiea,   to  replace "the   late  Mrs, bnt  Jpvely   lady.   The  actors   were  Mrs      |i  Olive McGregor.- .^ 5777-7-���-^--=-���������-.���'������  Nexf Bus Trip will be a Tour of the JQnlKo  Sn   iinta.  Peninsula, taiiiriTTrrGFrden Bay, Frances **U*iVS '��   UUlS,  fi.  1  Peninsula,   Madeira' Park,  and   probabjy COOi  tliOUahtS  Egmpnt, etc Stops wilbbe made foi coffee u;iir.M    .,                ,  breaks and lunch. ThT bus will pick up   -<WHl!-N    the    weather-    warms  passengers at Roberts Creek at 9 a.m. then UP'   and   yc,u    Pul   *m    lllL"  stop at the Sepbel", Bus Pepot at 10 a.m. "''nimer^ slipcovers,    better  , for more passengers. As  usual,  tt>*  bus change the  light  bqlbs, loo.  v.    Uw -s qpen iQ^o-.v-rne.lT'b'-J''- (** *"- "'li'Jh'.ly Bulbs   in   cirul    tints���ucuui,  ^higher   fare    Anyone  wishing   any   moro l'��'Cci��,   alVtl   l>luu--tonc'doWn  inlorrnation,  phone   Ml--, Rf-v*"   Haywaid. w'" m .'-''lo.i"> "m   a ,dourmii��/u  8B5-0755   A motion was passed prohibit- 'cheme   and   help   ybu   think  ing all smoking in the bus pn future trips. i-'oal, says Judy Turk, a rviicli-  A Non-Denominational Service, in re- igan   Slate    Oniversjly   homo  cognition of Ihe contribution given to this economist,  country by Pioneers and Elderly Citizens, To   -inluiislfy    warm    colors  W1" '������<-* I����l4 lh Mie Sechelt Legion Hall ")md-  subdue   the   coldor   ones  Sunday, .Itme 13 at 2:30 p.m..with (i local s|,(, suggests, using light  huii^  mimslcis of different denominations par- j,,   Wiinn   lints - yellow    uran-  ticip.iting   Do plirn  to attend and hrln^    go, rod and brown  along youi family anVI friends, The young'.       1,  ninu -,w,  ,  '       ,    .  people as well as the older, 'will enjoy the     ,���     ,?'?'��� 'V '       ''T ""^              ...      "nl  il  II  rnako.s you led  morn  comlorllibli:,   it's  woiih . iiivos-  Ung   in   two  sets   of   bulbs--  (mjI   lints   l'(  i'or  winter.  - Stony Broke  llnffnrtoon-.Hay players - always do a wife while Mrs, GViy Clear stole the  tremendous job  when it, comes tp show ns the 1,'uh loving husband try-  plays, .KnUirthinlng   (Senior Citizens ing\ a|l ways to got-money to go to  last week, Mrs, Mnry TinlvlOy plays lhe fair.                       '   '*     ��� '  lhe purl, of tlie      - -���   ��� ���  m.*mw&  ;the purl, of the nagging iiouHi"-pr'oiui  .'��  ���mm  Am^MMWM��iWMmWMw\r.  1 ���  r-*  ��� *t 0  '      "*    i  ���*:*  ���j *  ���","���.1  \'* i  Sf'ii how much moro htlin'o you y<il |iji,i your it,i��)f.)��yl You, pun, r>  mivii -.'} vyoyn;-ilu nll'llio  woiK;youri.��||'or lol  llijnyqr fitrontl''1 [W  inlil or oil of tlm work lor you,' You <|��I 0 pnicUInn Imih ((if'lory K'j'  liorrm, yoii'fo ri-.-iir��c| o|  *np ,r|iin||iy,  IJooW-r Im p coinpkila H^.1!  tulocllon of 'J, '.I, A itotltniini liotnut,, You'll ��n|oy lliu pouonql ,����  i,��lv|f,�� yoii riso��|v(i.  '^���jj��*  0> ''/�����.-  -���'-' -A- Att^rr,  ��� mm  I r.ltfltJ**��� -vj' "00-1*,***'  .r-ISURK   |-|OMI:S'   111  1  I  ���.   1.-3 boilroorn bl/o-i in $j  /   rill tilylci!. ii/rjinliii(j |hu W  '�� now Gothic, Arch" <ki-  ulan. A fln^nclna plan  !6uII<kI Id,your budfjol, m*  QET YOUR POLORFUL CATALOGUE  .|.M>i.,).).l>,l.|I.M.ri>l.>MII>.<>ll.,,.,lfl.M.,MI,IMMH|,l|,,l>.fl. Ml ll,      Wl  M  1  r j.  * WCAVCft (idMtS fit,*'-M(l~GZmi  liiinUt  ��� ,. , ,   .  ...   ....      i, ,  flllddl .,''.,,'    ''  C'lly .' , |'lioi)�� .   -        : .[���  I iwfnAi -wyYj-^'m''W'''''"  l.��i����f�� hume* { |  1    *���'���'��� Omv��riUonof \ \  '.,���,���,I,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,���,,���,���,������,i,,,,������,������,,,,,,,,,���,������,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,���,,,,,,1  SURREY 522-0(611  si,  - 1  ���   "������J:'-'- -4.     V:  '���.'."-"���'���  ��    I *      *     *     0   .0     t     #    .*    *���     *���     i     *    *     *    0*    0     0    **.*    0-    A   M -\J.     0     i    f     *    *    f.    0,     A     f    *    r   0    4  r* 10. mt j*, ** p*  ��� jm,   *  w* ~   tmr     1- ' *��� *       - - ��    *    ���     ���* ir^l**  KIDS  -  OUTGROWN  THEIR  ^TdYS'iTT  CLOTHES,. .  FURNITURE?  ' 1 ���   , 1 1  -GET CASH  THROUGH  ,1     ,   ,,  AD-BRIEFS,  PHONE  805-.96M  ** ( Mr, A'i<fvor||��rtii  Tli����o ailvwilUiui)  tfitiKt). nro ruol f>Ar-  Qtiln. in* ynu, 5oM on  *0ntrmt wmfy, - f��r fa*  lalU an how lo ��"�����*��fi  your <j(lvorM-|->o ��fo|-  lor, pliorm l)R$,9(>i4l  ��iK far ��f*����lffl ad  roffil.  TWILIGHT THEATRE  GODSONS . '* ,  ool   l-jniH   for' siiiiiiiier,   wiiru  .   STARRING;  Tony Corllii, llrlon ,Kulth, F.rnut.t Uarunlnci  nnd'Su/qnna Plublmllo,  THUflSDAy, FRIPAY ftnd fiATUnPAY,  Mot/27/Sl0'iind 19 p\ 0 p.m,  *LnnM**>**,n0*m0v,*0u.n0v**i*,*tuuuu*S0.*0u<0m0,***.  ^iiiiw^^a^^^  '.1'ARHIHf': MICK JAGGIK  .,  (Sim ol  "fniltiiiYinpr.u"! lurid (ilri(|ui  Im  ,    '   ' llio |<o||inq 5fnn��ii,)  5UNPAY, M0MPAV nnd TUfiSPAY,,  'Mny 30, 31 nnd htna I ot B p.m,  ;        JERRY LEWIS     ,  '^OTMEFRptWy  5TAHKIMQ;     1  Inrry I riwiit, /rid Murroy mul Inlin YVnuil,.  WIPNfSDAV; THUflSPAy, ffUDAV,  """;''" "' injw 2; 3 and ri,"""'",'" "J  0^0^^*0^w^^^f^^tln00inw00^f^00r0^f^nb0w^0,^0^0lt  COMING SOON  ,','. COMING  "ParformnMa"  "My fy/r Lody" ',  ' ���' ���'('"iirf.inl .Po"iii/ii'I-ri(jof��ftr'nt;'ni)' ,  H�� ���!'���!< |M�����II|��I]>I��IUW II III IIIIWII III IIMHWWII�������IWM-W��a����,  Oil carrying pub  zips under ice  ,   ai-lNMIlAI,   Dyni.mlcs   ��ny*   |l  hnn  iIohIkikmI  11  niic|(uii-.|i(i-  wni'Ufl Niiliniiii'lnli lo r.-iirfy oil  injili.-r llm polar ion i!|(), '|'r,im  1   Alii/ilcn   unil   Ciiiiiirlii'H   Arclii!  1-iliniiln  to (w(n-1r| -murlmls. ������  Tho ��� '���"irVKIO-luii iiikIiuwhi  vofiHol won lii lrui)-i|Miii 1,11  millliin ImiMdlH nf oil pm- irip,  ltn piiniiny roiilo would Im  nnilor Uio |("n nf Hm Noil|i  won! 1'nn-in/m in ilroonitunil  or   Niiw|'oiii)(I,Iii'ihI,   wlniru   llm  ��� ���oil   would' lio   tnuiiifori'(fil   in  'hIII'I'III'Ii    lil|)liOI'K    fill"   Hllipilllilll  to liln.il CoiihI portu |n' CiiiihiIii  nnd  llm  lliiilnd Minion,  * 1   'Hrimind   H,   Wlinimi,  dii*u:t-  '" pr nf Af'itl': InmHpiii'liil'ioii, I'm-  I  (|ni|(.'|'lil    Oyniilillcd,    rwilit     |||i:  , |)1((    fiiilini'iiinihlii    nil    nn nn  I 'mipld Im n'piiiiillni{ wiililn I'lvu  ,l ytmytt,  "Hlll)liil)l|0)'n     will    'lie     lii","  ���t ipimi  iiil'llililo, iii-uiiiiinli'iil  nnd  ; flnxlliln niiimiii  nf iiinvln/(  nil  I ('ruin AIiimKu'ii Nnrlli Hlopn imd  j C'lriiiidliiji    Aii'llc    liv'n/jilij    lo^  Ay^tiviV'^nfilAAltip^  liinln," liu pi'iidli'lnil,  Tlm *IVIJ mlllliii) mill muM  ; ripdiiiin     llm    ymiy    ni'ouiidi  wlrli'li    would    mliilml/o   nil,,,  prmliH'ilun   iMiiliiu'liii  nnd   1 i 1 <��� ���  iin'id    fur    njoiiiko    liirlllliint,  Wlnnnn imld,  Thu ipnnl   iidviiiilii/m ill   lliu  iii)iliuw/ili!r tii'iiluii', Im miid, |V  ||H   iililllly- di   npuiiiic   ui   n  doplh   of   -100   fimi   wlmin   11  wopld  hu. pn'ilix'ti'il  Iruin  |c��( ������  filonnn,   mid    utln-'r    1111/-.ii ri In  1 llinl cniild ciiiihi- oil h|/|||m,  1 1  'IV |(��'l   Hl<��   flllld''Hl   |l|li  <'|l|wl,  ii'milio' oi- rli'l) i'iiii'i, in|d nun  ..-.tllllllil,llllll))....VlllilJUII'.Jil.l.llii��� 11......  rpild ynu mn unlii/',,   ,    r  'jl'lic (-ii-tic-d   wuy l��r roll ��iul  "\ifn t'l'tuU'lii "In"Toll  liclwi'oii  Iwo   hIji.'iiIh   id   wiomd   inipi')',  I'l'i'l   nff   top   hIhmH,   I'lrviirmi  ~"<:i*i"j hT"Ji' r/i*"|)li j"~*| ��7|iTi j mi<nd<i��r"*  ly Pl^ll nf *f����-rm(l nli**��"t of pn-  ���xir,  ron quick nwif.Tf.*  SALE. DAYS may 26th-june sn,  reminine  Regular 48s  Usuql Price 2,3:  WESTERN'S  SPECIAL PRICE  I  your family pharmacy  PSTOI&fM 113) R  A  SUNNXCRC&X PHAZA  GSBSONS  mom m^7z%3  TRAIL BaV-CEtyTRE  ��� "sechelt',  PHONE W-9833  "WW  M  V  ,  ,A  iJtkir&iwifA**,. tU ���  0r*M^ **   *    ��    *    */#    ��00*   * *i*   4<A*  +m*   ++00-0U0*0r000**00>00* + 4*^f0 I* I**,* tn**,**. *+ ^m*,0.jt   A-0*0  W 4   +   *   t.    *    +.,��   +. +>* A A.i* ^-��*   +    *>A*.r<"4*A��iKk   0\j0* +   +.*.*.  0*0,00    A��  +**0*.   <t.|h��.-   0* 0*   0*   **,4  p  h AAAAAA^AA <-nrf*W ^^���^���^^V*^^*'^^^^^  -, ---*. ^r^\*.M00^*t '"^^^ :s ^:^x:-ar^'^ f'^yti '���'.'?.  ��!..*.>��� ��� ���'���.*' "j .       '    -- ' *       _1^   \ ��     i'.i.    . ' A_ '" ._ _ "*      '"    ��� "   '"*" _ _ ^" "  >  1  ��� *  ���   1 *       * �����  ��*+  * X*    \ - *  .(��� * v.!  ��.   I   ."  -,*ul"*   *K*��;  t .���>'*���"..  A <��� ����� -  7* "-T >*  ���    '   .T     '(  ����      .If  -fr-  - -t^ y**^*-^'-*-^'-'*^***-"*-*^'''**'**-'-^ ���Mvyvv "���"V ���--r--c-'-'-**F'-��",-i--'  wit '  If'  ff Local Judge attends  Leadership Breakfast <  BRIT-ISII Columbia ��iO-"(*e*>sh,ip Pf-flye**  "prqal-fiiat was h^W for \}\�� inst* jimp  JVtay lath and will probably opntinwe *-���*  an annual event It was held Qt tho Hote]  Yancpuver May tilth pn$ was attend^  by Judge Gharl*$ MHtetstea^tnalH^p'-i'-lti  Similar In'concept -ind puj-p"*>e jar-  . lhe Parliamentary Prayer PreaHfpst  KVvhioh bus been held each yetp- m Qtta.w-1, ,Imi  ;MiU brings together national lenders mid fP^,  i'POT) ves as. a quiet dPmonstiat-qn tjbat many     w��4w-,^  pfl^ien in public off me place p Ipgh print'-        -..**,  UiAA[y  nn the  spiritual values  within   our  lw*l Snme al t-hobe prebent. at the B C  r4��i\function woie. Premier WAC Bennettt,  ^6|llon Let, ^eter-son, His,'"E}rcB*|ency the  ���AA*fJfeulenant Governor Mr John iMigholbon,  M|His Excellency Mr. Yvop Beaulne, Gq-  [%H nadian AmLassador and Permanent Rep-  |k'Vl1 lebentative, to  the'Umted jSfation-,, Hon  -Ml   Jiibtice Thomai. A Dnlim, Vice-Chah- .,,,., .���,  man   Supreme  Court,   pC,   Hon-   Chief     &%��M''> ���  Justice Jp. O   Wilson, Chifef, JiVslice BC '  Supieme Court, togethei ynlh many other  prominent people.  1     I  5  *g  .  5  ptni[nniirniiiiii(iiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiminiiniiiiiini!ii  EXHIBITED BY . .',  KAJHLBBN WELLS  May 26 - June 3  AT THE  SECHELT  GALLERY SHOP  --* ��������� ��� ��� ^        *    ** ��  ���t'h li-s. 'v'<^V^'^.-^-*k*prw>>'11 -J"**"*"* * *V w+  %   ,  > w u '        . J    1 r    ���      1/ *v *    * 1*Hii  . ��  v   V  Iw  /*'    /���  Pender  Harbour  May  Dqy 1  CoWful tableau gracing'the Pender May Queen Bojabi   Re id, retiring   Queen    Sandra   Falconbridge   and  Hal-bour. May Day   celebration   at- Queen Sharon FWconbridge, Tarrurty   Brenda Crosby. Flower girls 'nck-de:    s  tracted a tiiibsian'tial   crowd to the Brown and Kelly Main. Left fron't: ;l Leanne  Cl��y,    Sandy  Blud, Splipa   s  school grounds i'pr crowning of the Sechelt May -Queen 1970, Pam Wat-   Kammerle, Susan Kammerle, Dana   ||  May Queen   From left rear: Kristi son, attendent    Darcy   Stephensqi],    Bosch, Theresa   Penson^aftd; Hazel  Larson, Sheila Harris, Linda Dubois, Diane  Lee, "Pender. High School > Ileid.  riiiiiilllllllllililliiMIIIUlMlill^  .*���������*  I -u'  1,1- ->  t . /. *  \ ��'   .  ". v;  J}  w  kJ  fa -,   i  Mi,  i-x   n  IJ  mnm hmdwai  * OARS  ir PADDLES  * OAR LOCKS  * OAR COLLARS  * LIFE JACKETS  * BOAT FENDERS  * BOAT LADDERS  * SPEEDOMETERS  icHBRt  WE HAVE ALl,  STEERING AND CONTROL  FIXTURES  V1     vl'J J, 5      J     t- *'*��� a     ,,-��. ^ ,   , 0 3*00*'**        *r *, ������    *0 ������ *        j      *��� *- -*  SHEUUY MOORE  'd*S*  SAVINGS!  v HOT .-PANTS-  MANY STYLE** TO CHOOSE  FROM . ;. .  ALL AT DISCOUNTS  '   " ���' '.- "     '" "     ;- '���     '���>  TOILiieiYJTiMS  SAVEl SAVE!  K'l  I  JEWELLERY  Regular Value to *  $5.c��p     now oHin ������'!  r^*^?*^-*  ���^  ����!*��  "***��*(  *����fe  "��**��  ���900'  m���000000*'<W'  I0000*  S'^S'-fcS  YplJR STEPMAN'5 PIAyR  '0*ff*  ���00'f"!"  ,000***  Trail Bay Centre, Sechelt phone 885-2335  J  ^J I'  - '   -t  *������*>  RMHAMW.4        k       .   ���  ���������/vfK^  fi"   "Si  Chain Saw Centre Ltd.  Cowrie  Street  -  Phone   885r9626  Centennial Float  Decorated in Centennial theme and  gay with flowers, pretty float takes  Pender Jlarbpi? May Queen and her  , alLendanlis and -little1 -flower 'girls lo  c^4w#'^m��nferyri,fpl/f-��l',, u K-r1S,    - ������ ���^f-��������,���^���i.     ,/  .   aLn|fl(in wo-s iiiloi pm iituri 111  1111)11 anil  Ihu wain ylruiil wa�� liu ill. nvei- a nurunlui.n  sl.|-p-im. Thi" first soltJur was ,1. "VI. UaiTin  ��� whu buill. Iw'o (if Iho 23 liulela which op-  calcd there  future champions �� v V  Pf emier - shows. con!ideuce  ' 4. *���        * ' 1  n  k,' i  I: .  I-OR BUSINESS'ANP'ifMPIJ'iTRy  - ,-     -     *  ANY SIZE "        "'."��� ANY QUANTITY  MADE TO Y0UR DESIGN!    ���  CAI-U OR V/I<ITI7. TODAY. POR A.SAMPW* ANP i-KIGI"''    -  ALPHA   SIGNS  VANCOUVPli f), R.C,  16IU Ea��| H'r-.tinas  To|. 255-4337  VIC'POlllA���l^i'enno} W. A. C. liennetl  today said (hat. wijh llic Fet-tiyal of  *3|i()i-l.s aa a ve|)iclo, iip was sj-inVjuinuly  (jnnfld.uiit. |.llll(. Ili-jtisl'i Go'|u(iihia-W)ll -co'n-  linnu In jini'lhce'n ho.sl. ��fi aililiitua wlm-  will up nil t'f lupretjeiil "ii�� lH'Ovinpu  liioiidly, hi nniny nul'icinul and inlunia-  t iniic-1 chiimriioiiahipti.      ~*  The-Premier's remarks eaine during a  i-pcceli'in frnnl ��f Iiiu PaVliameiil Build-,  in'���!���"��� ul nno)) iik lie (il'fiuhilly njiened tlii"  .second ailiftial Hrillsh-Cnliirhhiu If'usllyiil  of rSporlK, in Cenluimial   Vear.  li'tiHlival of WpnrlH niim from ,IM'i,y -tl  llirhiif-ii' .liino 7 and ''will' bring lo|-elher'  V.'Iwhu 'In 200,1)00 alhlel'uK I'roin many piirtri  of ��� IJifi world  lo <;ninpe1e''ln lit  i-pnrls in  ��� ia-i l{,C euntrcK,  shot    (>iin   and    piatol   eliainiiionships,  Sut-ni'day and Sunday, ul; Pi-iiinie GeDrge.  ���-1'ho   liii'lilyrexcltinr"-" "hyilrMpluilc ...rirues  ill  Lake OHfrynns" Sunday, wiih entrieK  (."omwig fi'tnn  all  .purls nf  tlKi-^aeifi!-: *  .-Ciuir-t,. ������''������  ���Gr-i)e|liiVg iviipx. Moiinlain -Hill .Climh,  "Sunday, al Kelowna.  ���The d'oliimliiu Cur Rally, w|iinh slirrls"'  .a!.'Nc!.W We-ilniliisler City  Mall at, 7:30  I'a.m^Bntnj-iluy   and   finisiien at  A   p.m.  fTVjon'day at the samu kIIi-.  -f-lnlernatiiiniil    Horse   Show   in   Chilli-'-  w,ai;k, '-'aliii-da.y. IhroiiHh Sunday, all  ^ day,,wilh (Mili'les eominn fr<iii,),lli'' ,lnw-  >(tr  iniilnliiiid' All'erln  apd  Washinulon  Stal'ii,  The Ji'ndlivnl of ,Spoi'l,H was uonwrived,  If   I  s  I,  '  '���{  I I t  \' i  i  ���  >i  t  ;  *  i  j  t  r  DON'T  DESPAIR  OR  i  i ������ '  < .    ,<''>,,  PULL YOUR  HAIR . . .  USE AN  i  WHEN YOU  WANT TO  BUY, SELL,  RENT/TRADE,  FIND WORK!  PHONE  1        ii  005-9654  ��� Mr, A��lvinil��ori  Tltcin odrorplilna  *f*oico*i ririi root  hoiQiilptt jlor you,  .SoM^on^'icorttriiicJ  mih, fpr fawl*  on l-ow to utrofcli  yoMt fnivortlilno  a t) II a r,- p h �� n o  1105-9654, osk for  spcclol ad ra\oo,  "The   eyes  of  not  only   Canada   hul jp Deeemher, 10011, "hy' llon'aid H: Worley,  , Nn'rlh' "Amerlea   will   focus    op  'Hrilish Deputy, Minialer,   |)oparlii)||.i|l  of''Trovol  Coininhl'i for thq-iKixrihree weul-n diirlii/- ln(l|iiilr.y,. who feirthe need do uneoiiriiiiu  Ihu nlai(iii|<:of Ihis inajvir allelii! Trchieve-' pailieipalion'hy   all' HrU\tth   Co)|im|)ians  hkjiiI," Ihe Premier said,������������             ��� "In nil l'nrmr> nf upiirl  acii'vily.  "I,asl yml'r al this Ume I  I lire w down As Proinler Heimelt said I'oday jp hin  llio *l(ii|i|i|-liil   to all  piovlnees,,  eliiilliipit- |i)|)iai'l()i; "Tin: very I'm;!..llllll, lii)||)0 r)(|,(|0l|  inn Ih'.'in' In i-'imipoin  with  Urilisli-Cul- innre   aihleies   me  piir|.li.'ipn|ini.'   hi   llm  umhia as .llm nporl�� enpllal  of  Ca'nada, Feslival l|)|,n year liunrH wiln��Hii'liml  llm  Th'iy'rn lillll Iryln/i to ualeh un."  Tlm  Premiei'  fiirl-lmr  sai'l   llm'-  ^���\A  ,i y^ "  .-,/ ��� ���' . J  ,'.'  I   ��:��� ,*���','     ���/,,������       -VM  A imi -������-*'  rfy/iAy-.  l\  ���tt^ttr***. Wr^W�� 00*0*.y*r*IVH  find Into n hkh l*rlfTimlnfl nphonmr ol Old <5ly|o Boor ��� o|id  ronnpiiiro iho qpo'l olri-jinfliilniifiji llnvom nf w<iy'l>��f;k-  wiion, Wu mill hroy. II slow nnil on��y lor roni hoor liniio ���  Ihu wny Mour Innlnd wlmh null in no Mm. th) nhnrl n mniiun  (or Old siym (iflvoiirr lloiifofltJtfl n tiaiicnnckiililian  Bum  ,   eiowJ-mwod fliifl n''��Mr-i|ly ncjod,  'Idle,mlY'iillwiiiu'Hi'! i!��iii'il|)iil)li!/lioilui tliiiiilnynilliy |lin '-" '  Mquur CmiiIioI Uuiild o| hy lliu Uovuiiihi^iilul liiilUliCulum^k  i.'iiiieopt Is wni'Miiii"  'we      -Tlm   |i"rm|.|'vi||  of  Spoils  is  Hiiiipiiorfid  do live In ir wonderful provh)'-'", �� Jinrv      hy   lln;   )$,(!,   Sl'��rls   l-'odiirallon   In   f.'p-  Inco   Ihul   Iiiih  ��   iialuiiil   selllint > for   a    o|ierallon w|lh Mm (inverp|))i.'p| fif'Jirit-  '|i'efi||va| i)f Hjioi'll', Wher.o olse In lliis l|ii'd    |s|r Colnmhin.-  will  ynu   I'lhit��� I'lrnillllijH   loi'   hoslinn 'im  evniil  such  as  Hid  I'esllval  pf  Spnl'ls  all on a ylv.i-p. wwil'ii/iil'|n  IV)ay7  Whiiie  nltai in Ihis land will you find llm iipinl.  n|' I'M eomniiinlhes |(alhi'rln/( louollier as  a1 iinit   tu  eoriporalii' ip   mi * ovnpl , Ihu  hiiiq��|vii hI'm of il|u VohUvuI of S|iorln?"  Preinler  Henpell   III   a  flame, un  top  nf a (lali'p ereiileil nl lhn fool nf the "he  f-lt-jiifiir-i n|ei)H lii o|'l'|nl/i|ly npui) llm l/'iih-  livid, Tlm flaiii'i  will  hnrp  diirliin  ine  Hired weeks of l|io l/'esUvirl of S|>o)ls,  Tlm inV'.'li wiIh run In,Uio Premier py  Jj!d��Uii!flJi!/iiiiiyjyiHyi4i!iiuHill|i��i)j��wiii'*iri'  liprillim uliaiuplon mid a momlmr -il '-an  .ih|ii'h' tri|e|-   leap)   In,., |||e. Mr|l|s|)   Cmp ���  iiMHiwiiallh Umpea In Heiil|aii<| lasl yeai  , .    A iiolnrlul piuadd piiici.'iled  the opop  Inn i<priiiiii{mlim, wnidlpH Its way limn c'Hy  Hull lo llm I'aiilameiil ||ii)ji||n||s, AMiIhIOm  l<!|>rusi)iillp/' Um lil  KkhIIWiI spuria look  pari ahp/l will) n hnn/l )|i)'l l��';nl|vii| ol  fleifils,  ��� ��� ���      , .       ��� ���        i ,  tAn  wull lis Ii host  of pirivllirhil chain-  i(l))i{ps|)lpn, 'ilinfuifippii ap/mnl l^siiviil ul  Hpn/'lM will also pi'ovlilii ||ie |iiie|if<riiii(iil  ���'for Dm pallopal I'IiihIm In  lo/tK'.')' spuils  -  apd jmlo mi|l j'lilcrimliuiiiil allili.'lli; evmils  - hi M spiii'ls; ,     . '  , '  Tlm [''miUviil'it first' wmikmiil Is Jam  ''���"-il wllli n��'i|v|!y. Ani!<m/< ||i<i i)l��lili|(lits  - I'allloniJa,   Slate     Versus    Vapri/uvoi  l W��!��iV.��Wii.J.|*'|-|' Jll,,i!liSliyj-::Jj]l!pMII;..,:  hupilay ui Hrii!1)-Iiiu,tlvii).  -T||e   Ion  Hiillsh   <''u|umhla   Inn-I-   aud  I    (inlil iilh|ri|iiit(,i'oil)pi!l|ii|i In l(n�� l��'iiiitivnl (,  ol H|ii-r|ii ipiriri, Mopi|ay;.al Mi'irer Hln-  ' illuin,  M��:'w   vycsiinliisii'r,  Kirni   nvr;ni  Wi.'slei/i (Japaijliip unowmohlle ilmp  rn'cliiH rilmmiilmishiiis, 'mlunliiy aii'l  Siimlay a| Taylor, /.aid year, a wnrld  ' hfii/ril In Um 1100 pa I'lasn was eslnhlls))-  nil |��y s,!)!!,) 'Donnl'l n|' lltnlmin -llnpo,  Ills llpm was IIOIII) 'Pi'-|i, , i '  , - Tho  |))pv|iji.)i)|  'II---JU' -i--ij  bipitll  )mi'il  'UjjmAnuysu  TRAIL PAY CINIRP, SECHELT /  0"  Would llko 16 remind mombbr's. ond  suppQiJQis Jlial  Iho  CERTIFICATION VOTE al l|io porl Molloo Pulp Mill Ib being  carried   oui   by  a   Labour  Relations   Bocjrd   Officer   tbis  Wednesday and, Thursday,  Woiinoeday 2:30 -kih. to 5:00 imm.  10*45 |��-m- to iftiSO o.in.  Thursday 7;00 a.nv. to p;00 a,i����  3f00 (Mil 4o 5t00 |>.in.  ...r,j  At- THf COMMUNITY "TO^  Acrmwpioy^  hy tho Ryard q$ hoing In favour of lhe Intornolionol Union*  mtmf0��00000000m0m  MtH^lWlliMW  P?  ~*ltffi*VZtWXirTZZ?!!.TIJWTI''l"'!|y^f'gSlia??**l*1*^^ "'  it *tAA  )  y  ���'VVI  1  s*00,4mni.i ��i,��WM^'i^��<Wi^.*H^^^^tin*t^** 0**t00>"it00>i0-> ���u��m*i.i*.it>i��^'ii�� tm-tr*0^,i^00/m^00  I \   *��� l   * 0\ ** X ,  r     "�� ��       r l"^**l *!. h* *���  -ilff-ir" irftu Tl    1*1 .A.[f   f.n-J-* -tl    "**-[���**���***������** A-JLJ"*' -*- **   ***| ���"***- "***  **k **   ***  -�����������*-l-*  **���.**������ **~n**   ***��� ���*- ���**>������**-���*��� .***..-** ****   ��..^-.��.  A. ,*    *   *   **���,���**    *���   ��� i<*��* 0H   ^ *    A  ���*���   *.    *  1*1   *���   ***.0*. ���*��� ���*.  ��mmi��- ����� imi ^. ^ A   M   *��� 1W1   Mi  m*l*   ��    ��niWmiH��*��lJ.��inl*llii   ���>   ��   ,^. ^   ���> .J.^,^,*.^,* ,J...Mi,  ���   ^   ju.<>  ���j>..t.���A���^.,*,||.�� ;.i...  M..^.f._A-j>...,A_.jfc..*. A- *.. <fc.-A- ^.HkttMt^^ j^^.jfc^ A..j. a�� rJ.  ,fc .it.   ^.   ji   m..   �����-.''     -]   ^     .     n    - Suppose They;G9TO A [~��,. ;7 ~:���  WarAnd Nobody Came  "SUPPOSE they gave a yw and no^dy  came" i$ the lead shaW tbi*"* week' at 4  the Twilight-"Theatre, Gibsons, liaugh-a-  minute enjoyment is promised with Tany  . Quvlis and Ernest Borgnine heading the  ' paM. A slvoy- foi- the whole family to see  and enjoy,      ,    ���  The ne?ct feature, la a must-isee' fov  all you Rolling Stone fans as MicK Jag^  ger star*- ro ''Net* Kelly" a rough and  tumble weed western with pn exciting  ^ mnsical score, IVlicTt dagger's newest movie  - "performance" will be i>oming-ta the-  Twilight Theatre socm,  - ^���yqu  wln  laugh  yoursieive-r aiily  at  "Which way tp the front" the 'following"  feature (starring, Jerry Lewis. A rpavinl  - ^epmedy of a bunch of army rejects who  \ start their own war With the Germans,  Coming soon is "Airport" followed by  ''Performance" -ancl a spejnal return engagement of "My Fair Uady". AU in all  a pretty good month ahead for hipvie  goers on *the peninsula.        ������  ��� ���   . ,\ ,���jj^d   fiVJ A ��� "-".v.  Blake, C. Alderson D.C,  CHIROPRACTOR  .   Ppst Offtee Building Sechelr  Phone 085-2333     *  r   Res. 836-2321  Tuesday to Friday 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 1;00 p.m,  EVENINGS Br APPOINTMENT '  '������-   \f.     V*r'-*\M  ������������- AlA ���t'-���*/*$*������  t v-���������"������       "1*8���^1;  w���ii-ii *  ��� ��  ����" \a aa* v-  -, '        \ i,   "*    ' v m h,       ,    H  )   '.   -      /'  *   ***** iV  * *  '      i V   V    "���  - I.l .1- ������',... ���  �����,  - fl*  ft    ��  ;*, �� v      '   -  * *        \  *��     ' *    i - -���  ���"^ .   ; "-- %\*i "���, \  l>-&^     \m   *��*\ yA  1        r        *       . "H       ,   I I 1  \ '  .   I" * I I "*  Page B-2 - - Th|& Peninsula -Times  Wednesday, May 26, 1971  t;  s  BAZAAR OF VALUES IliHilllllHIHIIIllllllllllllllllll  l?I  SB  *s;  LADIES' AMD MEN'S AND  'CHILDREN'S WEAR  YARDGOODS AND SEWING NOTIONS  WOOL - TAPESTRY -EMBROIDERY J  ci&e  Congratulations*.  last Thursday w^s a .very speciaf Margave^ Wise. To "qualify fov tjiis m  day, for Ohrtettna Underhill of tjie^ vevy special emblem a Guide must g  1st 'Secliejit Guide Company, 'when have an extensive knowledge of.the S  District CQ^*rlmissioner���, Dorothy Bible aud praptice its toachift'gs in  Stockwell presented hev ,with the^ life. It ts the third such emblem to  Life and ftgligion Emblem i|i the be presented in the 1st Sechelt Oom-  presence of .recently-ordained Pastor - ppny, and was recommended by  Robert F- AHaby and Guide Captain    Pastor Allaby of "the Baptist Church. *  . Active body. , .  Branch 38 OAPO Gibsons  holds well attended meet  BB-QULAB monthly meeting of the Old volunteers from the Old Age Pensioners  Age pensionevs, Branch 38, was held group for the Tourist Booths. Anyorre in-  Morrday, May  I;7 at the  Health Centre, leresied   in   helping,   please  contact   Mr.  -,.C*ihsQi-)S,?;-v^a.-.,-.,.,,;,..,.--,-���:                    -r-,...:;,-,-:-, .Lalionte-for information as tti?duties and  The meeiing opened with O Canada, hours.  The  booths  will he   in .operation  followed by one minute's silence in mem- f(��' May 241.11. The Boy Scouts, for their  ory of Mr. J. H. WaruockTYhe president siiimner campaign; will'do-cftores, fr-ee of  welcomed all present, saying how grati- charge for any Old  Age Pensioner;. Any  fying it was to have such a well-attended pensioner  requiring   this   service,   please  meeting,] and  a  welcome   back   lo   Mrs. contact Mr. Ozzie Hindis.  Grace  Broughton.         Mrs...Jenny Spiers consented to take  The reading of the April minutes were '��^ertl the refreshments, due to the'illness  approved   and   the ,Provincial     minutes P    the  convenor,��� Mrs   Dorothy- Warren  fj|gfl                            ! ..      ,,          , all best wishes go to Mrs. ^Warren tor a  . To bring to a close the Pioneer and fpe^ ��^ovei"y.-The raffle of a hanging  'BtdepiyCitizens Week, June 6 to 12, in basKet' dfr,aJfJ $. M���- Mike Hauka,  -^G^-Qmtmrml    Year    an Eewnenicol     Was Won ^ M':s' Paisy navidH-"^  m  Secliplt  oppe  Phone 005-9331  BAZAAR OF VALUES ||||||||||||||||HU!lllllUlllllgI  Service will'he held Sunday June 19 at  the Legion Hall, Sechelt, beginning at 2  pm. A good attendance is requested from  Gibsons  The annual picnip of ail branches of  the Old Age Pensioners Organization' will  he held J}i|y 14 at Parksv'.lle, V.I. More  on Ui'tr'alar.' -' ���    --v.     <���< .  ��� Fqr all Old Age ".Pensioners, on pro- ,  j-enlipg their rnemliershjp' pprd,  the  en-  trance;.fee  to  the Vancouver  Aquarium  is twenty-five cents. Once again all mem-  "hers are reminded lo always carry their  membership card with them, and should  any members lose their card, contact the  president or secretary immediately.  ���      The.   presidenl,     Mi'.     !<���   Maal-'areii,  thanked all'yihn helped make the spring  -ten, a'firiccessfiil and  happy  event. The  president also said u suggestion box, for  ���iliggeHlloiiH,   criticisms   or   ideas, -and   a  bulletin hoard (or notices, HWiip.1'etc., will  .-ho in effect for lhe June meeiing, Mem-  hers roqniriTig transportation In the meetings cull, nHli-250!*, II-2II-1U <n< H-aiWI. Mem,  h,(MH-vviili'h, ptipfti:. for announcement'- of  ni'livilitiH (hiring the summer ninulliH,  Mrs, Rllen C'liiunhurllii gave her Sun-  shlrio   repcirt,   with ^eight   biilhdny;   one    |  symimlhy  and  sin get-well  cards  going  out to Ihe members,  The Clinmlier of Cnmnioi'iH! would like  'The Jtme meetings will be, Social,  Monday June 7, arid Ihe regular, Monday  Jne 21, both at the Health Centre,- Gibsons,'at 2'pm. A good attendance is requested.  OlillllillllililH Bktmn OF values l!lll|lillllllllll!l!l!!lJlillllllUII|  Yes��, . . Buy four gallons of Olympic Stain and get one  --.-���. gallon FREE!  OLYMPIC STAIN . .-*.. GUARANTEED NOT TO  crack, pIE or blistIr,    ���.'������'Z-  Sechelt  llfllllllllinillllllllf BAZAAR OF VALUES  Phone 085-2283  IIIIH  MARINA  ESORT  MADEIRA PARK, B.C,  883-2248  ,,-*..*��-,-��*<   ^.-u*W.^i.*^^Wrt��.���� Jl,�� "**U   U^^^^~��r*^^*0~iT*i^*Lrfr'^'S*r*"~&*��^f~**f.  . **\AA��j��^><*   ,  !  Gibsons-Sechelf Directory  ���jA.  >Mtx  Ijw},-  , iA/J$*..fl ,  W0Mm  fM/mm  r^   ii'i, "*��]  /.,,  ���vwr+rwn��n (ow1* ^wiiiy-irgw  >  !  "I  '���(}',��� !'!'' \,|;'!,  HERE'S YOUR tAST CHANCE TO CHECK YOUR  LISTING FOR THE NEW TELEPHONE DIRECTORY!  TUG YELLOW PAQ|:Q OECTlbN Imp nlrpwly clonod, -  Go, pioneo phock your llstlno rlaht uwny -*- ana of��ll w II you wleh to moKo ony  Hnvo you ihouqht of INInfl oihor momboro of your family? A<WJnu Hw namoa  DndpoolilonootKoyomployooa-orotiK-rflrrnflyouroprownt? ,  EXTRA M0TINQ@ C03T 60 UTTLC, MEAN 80 MUCH. vl  .  CAUOim DUOINEQa OFFICR ABOUT Y0UH3 T0PAYJ ,     r  mwi&  Mesor  ti'^jmhyrA  ^r MARINE WAYS  ^r MERCURY DEALER"  ir BOAT RENTALS  ��� FRESH & SALT WATER FISHING  BHMggawpi  ,,{,\iyi?i.v.^yh\,hi,hfi ,',i ,i  ���sss  msmmmw*��ss^m^^  mmmmm^m^^s  J  ���r-irmv t^f00)MMr\*t j .��/*��'ir*|W'T<l  *��� ALL ELECTRIC HOUSEKEEPING  *'; CABINS  , A TELEVISION  ' A MODERN, FULLY E0UIPPED  Yoti'll nnjoy your Mny'In nnnotour ntblm , , , , ,  , prjvo/*y oikI" tnnt/��nlfliir:rr fnr flshlna,! hnafinnrw   -.Imply ��-'i|oylna one di |ho mobl |,moiill(Ml-nf��o'fi mv  Iho 5un-��hlno Coast, .;,,..  l%s>2s$5gmmMmimii  -8wtsai*aB8aa*��*��fflf��  iii '      ��� ���  You! 5lrM'*itoiJ on llio Snnnlilno  Coouf af Mflrfolra P(.r\*, w�� (>an ottai  full fqcllltlos for boating and fishing* Ropoi" , i , mooraa0 - > �� ""li"  in*) tacklo .'. , lea ,!, , gas , , , oil,  ovflrytl'lno and anything In maha  yaMf stay ns convonlant and ��n|oy^  qh|o ai p0Mlb|fl, '  *   .t.  0*t*.  iSSSW  ^,/lie 0^Jpoin4  *^7iMi  ji,  ennun. 4  V , I- J  i    ,.   t-f-lr %���%���%��� ����������. (ill,   ��   ,  <b  Si-J-fMMftMJMM^  I  b  h,  . i ���  \\  j  in. in irniw nil jiHm nl   ���! i "i " i" .i***   * **i.*** *���*���**��� ���*���*���"������*���*���*���������������  Mn>>^'*gi��ij*f'nij<ri^''>*r'r--fr * *r *-���  ~-| -ii-li"** ��� ** '"'���"������, ��� ��� ���*i^"*1 ��� *��� ^-'"  ������ * **��� ���  *���  ������ �� *   ��� ^.^..Arf^^^^w^tw^.****)!!*1  11  n-n^W'^ii'ij'"n--i>^-'^L^|j^'.fu"*.i*��>i*'��t>|iHriiii'' ni��w>ftii^f**iii<Tl*ii<i"it|rf^-m���iiirf��� i���I, <rtiii-vtr>iiiitnii*>L<it flmmi ^i��rw'tn--i"���<**������ T*iiT <"> mm-']iiiifiifri��--iir.-Siir*i^-m*l*-t'*Y ***��� ��"i **u*-1* -i irti -f- -f- -iiv*- -***-���*- *** l*i ���" i**"'i**-*-���'"**��� *>"���"���*  "���" *���* ���*"**"  *i.r-iK.1^-,,-'.vs<-- % *.*,    -^    *   ���+ ~ ^ *��� "*    T    "*   - i'   "        *���*    "        ���''      ' t"'-'' -ii**-*1*'", ^    *4 -       4      .     *    , [���#*-w-'*^**^'-''***��*'*-^*tw^*^-*-^^ ^^���^TME'-^r*-*''*^'-**-'-*''''-?*'''-^^ t-.%^^��Mi>-'^v*iH^V*^y��*t*��w*NM^^rf^��^^ ^������^y-iy^f^yy>--#f-**i��Vr'V *S*fc-vO*m **i^-*r-Y,*^��-��. lysc ��������� n^iw i-w- ������*, *#-��,,*"       '   "*���   "Jk  ���- -       -��� .    y__JyJJ ���_: : .,-; * r ���'-���   ������ ���   ���/ ��� ������        ,.   _ ._������ ���.i^s?.u,;_l__^l���:-    ".���..;.",. i|C  ii  i * .'       \ ��� ftafttPt  ��   f      *���     i I "**- j * *  ' jt  **WBWMW"*I��U��'WW��^  ______|___ife||#f \ JlThe PB|,|f18U!d fflfl^  ���----���*'-��� '      '���  ,v<' ^   f{    :. ���  ���>���!,.�� tJJlll  Open House  '  pictured inside lhe little Red Cross    bears the label ''Gift of Canadian Red  TOP QUAUTY  VALUES TO $6.00  Thiirsilsy; FfWfty pnd Saturday;  Mfly ?M8 aj-14?���   I4?.  Tr?|j| |ay Centre  BfqHELT  Sunnycr6?t fiqxa  GIB5SON5  JJ  "V  s    .  'l +  * *"*  :'.-** -,  ^ "j  ���1,  - >J r*  X *<*  * -��  1 - dL  > y*  IT-  * ":*  r*  *���    t*tf  1 >' Jj?  Mtwn0��tjWTr^*<i>*i^*ii^^  /  Gbltage {-J Hpherts Creek during last.   Cross". President pf the Red, Gross  Week's Open House are mahy Qf the    firoup'ts Jylrs. N. ,12\yapt, sixth irom  Red Cross On display are bright co-    workers in the group and a* numbei  lpred. shifts, quilts, blankets,, knitted    of associate members,  sweaters aria Afghans, paoh Article  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  f,     TrtliKTiJ Hplfmopn Bay girls who uft'ered    grounds were Mrs  Elizabeth Pearce. ac-  the Walkat|ion organised by Po?id<ji "Sigh    companied  hy   hei   granddaughtei   Patsy  0|i May Kith all completed the  17 mile qiibevtsoii who were guests ol thc" Alan  stretch From Lord Jim's to pec'ieft. T'ley Jacques and Mr. and  Mrs. Earl  Wilson   ���}_  were beirdre Murphy, JoaniVe Ripgs|o,p at  the Moirice  Hanloys  and 't<i'l Moffat._Tf'" per' cppt of tlie pyPk        '    A ������,, ;���- -7   -s (ViV the WalKil^nv Moresby island was named aflei^MU:JS  yfMW&K* �����." *<*<*����� ^_____r ��� I  ���   ��� ' y '     ��._:..���...,��. .j. ��� !������'������ *��'���-*-:**--.���"���"tt**":*:���.'T\'*t%***^'**!i'*'*'r;*''*T.'."."��>"'!���*'      BS3  ciee^s from (lie 'ppldges ���rtp'th'e ^alKaVlipP  Will"-��0 to var-iqus t-|i  pi"-j'ning"gfL-jiei; cent '  dl."       "  -S=^W^@S3^_____|gSE  ^.^=^^s:-^=^is^^g^  "ft** *-!  HAVf YOU HEARD QF  : MHAWLim  PHONE  .flBB4b95lar ^6-7355  ^\'  1  !  ghUPfLEBOARD  A successful1 and happy seaspp ol'  shuffleboard woirnd up with a coffee  liafty ;at the Palio'n Gardens on May 18|li.  ���^rwei-s���nl'-^trrT^TirrnTaTTieiil^ were^Jack  Mr*rgan and Ralph Lynds. Runner nps  wei-e Eld and Frances Coo,k( with Bit) and  Alice Fraser just one point behind (hem. ,  Three draw prizes were'awarded to Jim  and Klmna Cooper, All' and Alice Young, -  p^    Ed iHdmumts aiul ROby Warne.    --  Mr. Fraser moved a vote of thanks  to Mr. Hall 'for all the. time and work  he had devoted to'lhe organization of the  shuffleboard tournameiils. (Mr. Hall in  turn thanked Mi'*. Cook who had so readily  , apcf compelently-filled in for him during-  ;. his illness last fall. Delicious reff"3sh- - ���  menl"S were served, arid*one of .loan Cunningham's Mipei-b birthday cakes was cut  in honoi ol Mi Hull's bntlrday the tol-  lowing riaj  -J^HEAHINQ���   ���   *'  --   ' "-     ;''���" "  On June 7 there will be ti puhlic hoar-  inp'ai flipiWPlPptpa iicnclr rtajj ypidmflpp  Innocoilt Victim ' ""    lJlG  onpHppllpn   o<   H"-   Wjl"���'^ ^cl;  ���iWnmr M-iiViii\m'iil\/ liilrldM  hhi'-'sni-ns  in     ComnninHy Assorlnlion  1,0 lii|ve flic hjj'l  5?any domi-rtuiuv \Y\\MM hi sons in . ()Iil.   lnro ,,��� ��������� )lu.  . Jte^rffV C|-ep|�� , 110)0     m nlajll   the     1,n|)luvumiJ1,u. ,!niiuridko.i as the Cenleu-  . htlle Reil Ci-rtss cottiige Which was   ���)ul miiQ.l{ ,oan |)L. ,.nrnct| ���ui.  huq-ie^l-hef] to the. cpiTii)iiipjt.y ahotlt        At ])n,smt. work -l8 ,��� a standstill lw-  ,six ye^rs pgo. 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'���  1659 Sunshine Coasl" Highway qf Wyngaerf Road, Gibsons  ,    Php^e 8(36-7112  irM^m ^k Tim   # LINOLEUMS  ''".' ��3  We future A Large Seleistion 01 Dropes  00l*imi0m^0i00!t0*0!l0*0uiinf0^  IfiJP BAZAAR Of VALUES  fillllHilllllllllillllM^J^J  "5 'A,  Is1 V- ���  't,  "'���t -.-'  ���    ��.-    r  r.,H  V-4��  ��� .���?  *���'��� ���?���*  *>i  3 -  \  13'  Ion the vUHim-Of vthidplisni.  .'m pu i8-0ftr-'c}^ppitt] l?11 OiiJi^a  iiififiypiitifcfir?j'f/.//#wrpy^wii. ,  Census day it" nlp-psl; ljj��! 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Page M The Panlnaiilfl Tinneo
Wcdne-jdoy, May 36* WV
-by Frank O'Brien    g
WE   have   fo ' stop   the   pl-inned   gravel
imnw**   '«   Uia   Sechelt/Selma   Park
aiea, Here is why» ^
Fact:   Tpe   giavel   rpipmg   operation
could rym one of the bet-t public beaches
in the Sechelt aiea
.   FacV- Opce the plant is in operation
it will be next to impossible to remove
Fact;   Almost -evei-y—.community_HL
British Columbia with a giayel mining
opeiation (Hapey, Maple Ridge, Cpquit-
lani to name a  few)  aie piotesling  U,
J* i      r i Pi1"*"*  Place
Clpcjced in at 2.25,3 by Mr, Lyn Km-    McKenzie takes, first place in senior    Art Dew commg second and third,
sey and -Mr, Don Montgomery, Brian    boys 880 yds, with Dan M-cJCay and    in track event at Elphinstone
~aiuf these gr"fj*"yel operation-, are miniatuie
compaied to* the ope planned foi the
Selma Paik aiea*
Fact: A}1 Residential pippefty in tpe
ai ea -will devaluate, stopping §echeH
from growing; south, Stopping Selma .Park
from growing at all^ *' ".,
'    Fact:  Supply of water is  not  available because domestic requirements will
need ii all in the near futufe.   ..        L
Fact; The mining pperation' is to be
within 1,000 yards of the only hospital
on the■ Peninsula'.       .
Fact: industrial marine traffic in the
Tr ail Bay area; will hamper private boating, water skiipg etc," It 'will not be pos-'
sible to moor small pleaspre craft In the
Fact: The mining operation will be
bitaated very close to. the breakwater,
recently completed at.,a cost of almtist
$40,000. The breakwater will be no longer a safe and pleasant anchorage, and
there will be noway to expand it.
Fact: The gravel mhpng will produce
very few local jops, though it. will Use
more of our natural resources than any
other industry tKrough stwp mining^
Fact: Despite what the company says,
it will be impossible to effectively replace    ||
the top soil. The lack, of tree*-'and vege-> ||
tationi  can   cause  erosion  of   the   whole  ' {_*
Fact: The strip miningis to be carried
on over very many acres, perhaps eventually  as far  as Gibsons?
Fact: The. second largest industry in
British Columbia 'is" tourism. We will
destroy this lucrative, and natural industry .by allowing strip mining  in the -
Perfect fe»r ell.fqlarjs'-i.'
Proptir fQbric,G;cire gtfl
$339.fS  1
" .'■'> .■i»J-i;i.nin...i;''.H.!r,,..'..J..|.L
Covyn'o Strcol;, SoclioP
Phono 1385-2171
MniiniinniminiiTO    *mm m vm*w$ wm
;#&t&    *^^**
| l,Ht' V   -s.
3   » s   u      *. >       —       *     ».■
f-ft;-"-"*- .. //
4V      '     ,*•  ■  **       /
ImX*.   'Nl "*"v***^    ■"/
-,-"'#l   *■    v 7^'J/
I Bj!, V " i-     '*•    I  \      It
**>,      \-*A\    "-.V'l
**\ .1,       '   j       -j
■ '  '; _■     -'   Long Jurriper        ■;..■   -( .   /^  n .-
Making, ptremen(|pu« effort tp bent still' away /ahead of nthkr compel:!- /", Secnprliiry .Scbool's Sports Day where yniovy rnonuy, nomo lur out
IiIh Inwt year's record Ippg jump of tors.   Bpb  who  hails    from  Selma    a  number of school  record's   were- m«yb«" » {w»«pl« "'■h««yy h«
10 fl (i'\ Mob Hnnnor ,spil.s through Park" Was competing In JSIpliiiwIonu    hrolum op Friday pf lut-twouk. " '" "  "
the air lo land just 1 inch (short but
fijlf Jl..     _   ,    ',,,
Fact: You can help stop gravel mining operation by writing vto the Regional
Board, BR I Davis Bay.
Fact: If we don't do something now,
no one ever will. *
«       *       $ ■■••..
Prime Minister Trudeau has said that
he.would like to see "10,000 or so young
people" go to the North and" set up a
city. He .slated that there are "doctors,
„. and-^roovy. people who want to live
in comniunes" who could set up a city
and he hinted that the government could
help  them with financial aid.
•Well, Pieire, there already are groovy
people in the North trying to build cities.
They have been there for years and
they get government assistance. They are
called Indians, Most of their- groovy
cit-ps, thpiiBh,. pre d.eaiarli|ig slpppj,, Although (ho -goverPm^'ii'lH helping them
muny do not haV/c 'W-iImi* PI' cjeo||-ip*|.y,
medical aid or education.' Wouldn't it
maUo more sense to help these groovy
people out, help them build a city thoy
could be proud, of inslt-ad^ jof sending
10,000 idealistic white youths' lo., squander
there lives apd, the government's money,
on an idea that cannot possibly work?
Perhaps you could taUe u nice, while
university degreed youth ai)t| send  liim
lo u groovy Indian or I'skimo coijnniuno    ||jj
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(no na|ivos allowed) complutg wi/h huIi-
lirb" Vancpuvor•'styling   and , all/iw   Iho
young   peoplo' lo   rough   It   Ihorii,   After
thinking iibotit it 1 itiiihI admit Hint this
is thu only way you wop Id or could kcop'
llmm- In llio'' North,  ,-
YOU   COIlId   Of   fJlilll'HU  just   suiid   some
doctors apd
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Ml »« grop.t Norlpurn CJIiollo,
During the eight week Bazaar of Values promo-
tion smarting April 7th The times will be giving away
$200 in cash. During the first four weeks $10 will
be awarded. For the following three weeks $20 will
be given. And at the end of the eighth week some
lucky person is going to win $100. All entries will
be kept for the duration of the promotion. You have
chmm to win eac^week plus fl|^ grgrid prize of
i .-'t'"^!   T- *       "i*"1*   i* "  v—i
$100. Enter as many times as you wish. Use the
coupon or mail fo The Peninsula. Times. Or you
can leave them with any participating merchant.
Each week there will be a draw and the lucky winner's name will be .published in the following edition.
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Miss li'loiuim: M, Miiciloiiulrl of Wpmlpug
won Ihju ♦afio' prize.     "
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Gp|I nipih|(rhn*W"Hpb(fri?"<lr»!eI?H<H« min, 17 ««<.•», <!om»Ip|' cIoho him-oipI Ik" vpr«pp|i-|i''/ alhlidon and l<'/wh<trn wnl'o
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(ho 4-10 yprdM dmili wllli Uirm.ol'.'l    day tpvimUul   n nwrilnn'   of really    pual im.r\l,
:. ■** | ,,. '" W0r*"LLf0***- **!-■! I-"" . I**
Does Your Club or Group report its Jictlyitim Raaularly to Tho Times?
■ A  ,''■  r r     ■ '       :... ■   '      ..'   l ; .* ,'.'"   ',.- ' . ,    ■ :•'
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i*%»j*-y*i»iiB^^ --������-)*-----<��j%��^^ tt-i|��rr*."--'-t;i'",',|!!i-afH-w".\-tr��  !        '���  ' 4 -' ��� -.       -       c  * -  Travelling Around  Arv  ��� \ . A   .^H#fr&ng��W< May3&' 1 *?t ^��--  ><���( .(���"  -if!  'I''*'     I'l  '\_y  \  i  i��  .*-  .St.',  V  " r���by Mary Tintypy:: ���  u*_.S"��S><**jRj''  (   ������   ���,(     ,  ���    ,-  " ����� -��** iti >���-- *i     S'    ul'    i  n--"-_.  J'l  -J' '<-  >"*��.  r  '    i   ���"  \i  c  ���>  O  J*-  -*���  ���:*  *  #  #���  -"���* *     *  " 5  ,  <r<"  *  _   *  *  , ..ft.. .,  ���  ***i.  -v  ��� J  g  J  >  if-  ���  *  V           1  ���   .... 00^. A  1/  Twister  Pelei* English tries body-twtet Style   JSlphmstpne's trac}-: meet ItaV# Rta|   into finals  in Intermediate boys high jump at   style of ^mphip hwt d^n't take Petei?  ,r<  Tepslqn  MfiS  Cpiy Clear and M1'*"- Frcd Juhnp  ' (pc home al SieaereM '������^ a llUb ^'h3  which pliercd thom a V��niit-.V Rl experi-,  opcas���spnshinp,   IPC'M'-I   hd|**   nl   spiny,  or chars in Moo.pi, Uio oxcftcmcnt ol' ip-  jhistiicp chippies ipiri oven q brpsh with  "the ihealie.^.  Their tpiir looli ihopt tirst to thc  Olwiini-jan by way of Hope and" the" F|'i-  ' ser Canyon, thintig,'- tpc pasepde Mp��P-  , tain Pass-Jo Ka_ilao|is_ Prom Vei ppn_thoy_  I drrtvc aJopg llio Olciiuagpp 1/iikU la Kel-  own.i, then thimigh Sip'nncrlf-ud and  pBiHjijtqii, \viltV iPpe after rpil(" p| iy-.  chavcjs.ip bJflqn*;  -   ��� , :   '���'-���/���   '".,-.'"       ��� -\J"  Thcy-.-li'i'l an  piterpstiiig  eWpcriopco  at. pspyoo-- wjiprG-ilipy IukI 9 mptpl ppii-  with the bi-ci? popi' opening Hgpt.pplq ihp  bea'cli. tipdip^' ft nijap. "isliUphild' opt pp  a .dock cliail' ip I'rpni P'f tlie'i-'lqqr, iyl|'!":  GJppr ip lipr- usual brpe-sy.l'r-lent|ly way,--  cuiipd q {jreeiipg tq him and ��->sl'C!i ii'-lie  Was a Yisilpr.-'Well. il Up-pqc| pu|. jpat pg��  ���\yasi nppp".pther llppi Sid Williipps pf Jhe -  Barlicrviile trpppc \vh''�� *npdp ���"uch a }iit  as ti\B tpiiHmaid piiilung thp pow" vvhqp  thp t|-pppplpprjqripcd at "applicU; ip M'P'?!!.'  My��. Ojgar jqjd hint pow m,up|. tlie spqw  had' hppp PPipyed . by . tltq PV<diePS'^'tiU-���  Sechell; and flibspps and Mr- Wiliiftlli''  askecj her tq say heUq (p'-the fqll*,-*' hqrp:  Tlie trppRP wq'-'sU-h on tqur bPf'P'e apep-  ing ihe.siinirppj- season a<> Bp��'H9!'Vil!P;  Popfippm'- i'by h..\*P Phelqp.. and Wqp--  alphqp," ihoy made a slpp-'til JfaHlipa, npw  a very busy, /city wh'h' a popuiai'iqp pf  iiljQPP. 'prqm 'tliejr pigbth flopr rqoin at  I |ie Phiiipqj�� Tower Moiel, t-hpy hpd p  glprious view: over many nplps. Thpir  rptjte too). t|"qm thropgh White Pass 1-p  ^ Haipiei'l National Park WliPl'c they pad  IpppJ- and pnjpyed -a ihagpiticpiii view pf  M), Rainier whicp  pas had an  all  time  "*     record winter snowfall oi 2^ fl 7 ins,--  a  *-<l ^*J ll'-'V On each of llic'four floors are-mi'-  "li?'?'^     s?ums and they saw a slide spqw of tbp  * '"'J     birds, animals and'flowers whjcb- ab'VPld  \ ,r        "��     in that region during Iho summer mptitps.  *    "' ri"lip tppr .continuud to SeattleJiy_.way_;  *^*"      ���������~0|- tpL-'srcvehs aridGhipBoirPiisips! T|iey'  llllillll  V"ff  -vrz���[*,".���.--  sts  1 .     n    '>'  ��� inm\m parts  i( f\m$ ;  EXPENSIVE WEAR  il<ff�� With The Best GABKIE6- from  ���oils  f s ��� V  SCI �����   ,  l'i ��� ���  ! *,   ''.'  .-Sr  '��������� V '  ������>*.-.  -.*>.-  .��  XliA;P. <AS$9CIIATE  'j. -',  Gpwrip Sl-rcet, Sccftplf  WHOLESALE and |\ETA!I-  Phone 885-2296  ^ ij*  1(111 bazaar ;qf va^ur^ liilillllllllflfliiilliflilllillillll  TUT  pooit l-'asi-ps. T|iey  look  Ihe  monorail  to  the  Spqcp  ISlpedJe  where  Ihey  enjoyed  an   excellpnt, lupph  and could look down qn n cjly in'turpir  oil as a result of industrial disputes with  7   s     Crown Zcllcrbach and the Weyerhaeuser  js    mills.   The   Seattle   police   were   out   ip  \     full force and they coiijd "see prip" ItjSeeit:  of marching police arinpd with riot sticks-  and anqther street teqpiing with a slp'iek'  ing crowd qf strikers. Fpiiraiplicp werpjiii  -i^J^tsctes-w^eFrBr-^^ l^.w^i, PU1 Sneddon     Aj]*i__fi_   AecTl    lholdS  _ watch at the top Pf Ipe. Needle and three  ,       , , _ . - ..   ,.��� ., ���....���...      m-^-vii     1 x helicopters  circled   arpund   continUouBly.  phinstope last Friday dpring the an-    with a jump ot 4 ft 10'/*" and Waype    rxiiliciiu rvaau.  iiuiuid After that experience, iyirs. clear apd  np^l  tiack meeting.   Leigh  Wolver-    Smith took second place    * 1 i- - Mrs. Julian welcomed their 'first, sight pf  tpp leaped ipto third place at 4 "ft "lUBjUGrSJlip  CcLIKipcllfJIi !1"P pp'p-'P'Pid grpppppss pf the Su'nshihe  Evlnrudp fngln^rs a  rt  +    ���  a:*  ���0,  *0 *f-  r      ��  M.  middle ��I^��;f|yo!Mtion.  - a m  ��� *i  ���}v.  \A  >, I  lllllllllllllllllillllllllll!BAZAAG3 OF VALUES  SAVE OH TOP QUALITY PAINT I  IXIER10R & INTERIOR LATEX % '^  EXTERIOR \ INTERIOR GLOSS *.,.  1011  FLECTO WOOD STAIN 'W^'  ', por Gallon  0 1  '0��  TURNOUT   of  pajents   and   fans  al   the  r^iltle Le.igi.re pqsehali giimPs has IP}"  proved   "considoraply,   and   Uicp*   willip-j  Coast,  The   firsl"trap6-contjnoulnl' .jiasaDj-jjei*  III  ,vpry (ititlui.sid'.iiij apqpt playiiu* 'und aro    "J  fetratcJ -.- JI for the opportunity, copsuiiuupl-  |3     ly, llio (|iia|ily of IuihcIkiII in tins aiua will  Imprpye'rapidly.  The (lihsoiis Alhlelic Association is ip  55     the midst   o|   11  local   liusiness,  lpdnalry  _|    and Hocial Cluh canviiss'lor mKmhar.ilups,  Anyone willing to volrintooi Ihep limu lo  canvass 11 si reel o|- nn area, cnnUic). fyji-,  |.)qi||.( -fjlson l|f||j.2041. \  \   Plunse . woicpipo   ppr   t'opi-psoipatjvos  whep l.hey call, listoi) lo |heir appeal, qnd  tipppiirt Ihem. A f,l.l)i) family inepiheiirip  (H tlie iHickhnpo of our Alplelif: A��Koclal-  ion mul a /{ond inv-.-iitim.-nl In lire children  Of oui', cpipipiiiijly.  Tho yoi|n/j,s|ci�� do pul cxppr-l |o fp"|  pyi-ryllpqK for iioihlii|(, many nro pul  kpIIIpM I'fifflo llckoi.H hi qn|er* Pi linlp  I'lpaircp Ihoir Ioiiiiih. 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TlniR Ip rq-slnlnl,  Cllmofa anA oxposMr��-lo'iho-sun will plfiy ���P pari lo  Hoiormlnlna how long n, tihiln will .ln*-|, QonorPlly/Slfln-' (-'">  horl/onhil fiiirlocuf. whom ||-f- st/n's rnyti roplly |mn| (|i>v/iv -  iJur.Ufc, o|H)ii porr.lioti, cjcpAnn hondiob, ij|��ps���will las' oiioul  Iwo yeqrs On yerl|cn| 6.1 irfar.esf |||<o eiillno, i>lolr��s ore f?��r'e!"  roily gr-oo1 lor ohonl lhre�� io llvm yoprti,  'A|*|>lyina 0 ronl ol wulfir inpollonj pypr 'llif* Ihornunhly  i|ry sioiirwill ��-<loiji| ili�� *��� inln's IIi'�� f��> ml'oi'f'pnp ��?<|.rn yf'fi''-  He mi re 'In "put llio wnlo/ iopol|on| ovai llio elohi <pn'l,nol  lirnlnr \\, 'Ihu wnlwr rn|)o||onl f^nn qlso nr| rii- q.^fflln ropo||onlf  II your liopio to' in.0 rlnpip r.llmnlp,- yw, fpay want lo,  roofihlor Ku|cjr:tMlH n.Bloln conloinloo q i-qjldewnhlp, A pi|ltl��vy-  jnKiorlor vyoocl linpi HM hmn fMrnMMf0-'^���wik y��'r local  repMiohlfl itoolar....'. ���  ^noihar lor.i |o Map. 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PENINSULA  poalo-- for  Super |<��i*o Tana  npH Sherwln Wllllami  Gidsons - 006 9533  iKm  -#f>l*MW#|iW#>l^*Ti<^*>fM>^^  ,\Vork Qloyoi  SECHEi-T, 0.G  ��IMWM��W^��^<����MWMlWM��..����WW��">"i��."'  ���'���:  IMMKMMMW  ..'...V  wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwi  '"'TWIN'.'Cft^IEK;"  ' a|LU^iPIII ��%','"  ���    SUPPLY  Yoor  Gay)pyrt\ 'Polnljl",1'  ���.������;.���.,._.pft0^fl���..,.,.,...,,~,.,,  Monamal & Prco?o  Pnlnl*  -  Snn��|-lno Coast  Mlph*foy near  6IB50NS  Phono 006-2000  '   '' '       '  't'scr-r"'vtf',v  II1110  LTy.  r i  .^.  fi  ���'"ii  /w.  /if'M  iflifsiii'i''  Mil''!'  /h  ii     -I  ��\     ���  iirfcrrqhV.i!i  :<��������  ��4��  J    I  ��� Jim  -   J./i�� * ���..-��  :i i.-i 1 mm,    f    !?!-!  4)  !.  ~~r  Let's not wait another moment to GGtebretel  H's BrHloh Colfpphla'a Capfonillffl ponfo^or^llpn your, apt! colorful ovepN ara  liopponlpg ihrouflhopt 11)1*1 orpat, (-roop provlpco of piiro. ,lpin ilia fun of our  iooih hlrthrtay as ywww'ffi��'JMroflM hf pho ofihp oroHiou, ^nlo ar-jHo pii ,  oorifi, fpr a ��iflfi, ph^ln 0 pomplnii palontfar of iQftnlonnlni pvoptn 'h^uoli  ynur local loprlsf off/po, Qr wflloi Qnvommnnt of Br|i|sh Cpliipihln, poparlrnohlt  oi Trnvol IpdMohy, fpf0 Wlpiff 6lroo|, V|��|qf|n, RfJ!(n|) Co|uml)|flu  IfQPr % l<. Klofpflp, MlnlBior   R, p, Woiloy, Pepufy ^Ifililtr  r v"  �� - - rf JL  **>    1  -V  \  &p ,0k.\C i)fl ��*ijf> 1I1 -~i.rt i*-iiWiijitii|f*iii-Tiig-riil-niirfiii"^"**' r***ii i*��n-ii Ti <1> ***' ****|i^ il***-  ' r " f **"* * **hi^j***1* ^-***"���--^ ***   ***' -** "-1*1 **** *i*.t*-W <*���*���* A ^p>^hA>'  I. A4|AA/SAAK l**-*1 ��**>.** A. jk ifiMA. m^^HV^*--*,!*.^! 'Hkf^jiKA.^K A.-'  , l^fc *��� > t*- * ' '       ' . * * * - * ' ' -      .   " . " *"P"!ii  ElphinstQne Cfi-ad'.-. i��  :,;llementary Supervisor'  Tattains -higher 'position  Besignation , . .  ^3**? ML  Th��i Peninsula Time*  Wednesday, Mqy 26,1971  if*.  ^l .*'  iA f  <"   t  SUPERVISOR of Elgment-jry Instruction  ip the {Jecpelt. School D-stvipt inx/ the  past tw�� years, Mv. Peter Slinn is leav-  ��� ing in become pne of tpe yqunge^t District supei internments in trie province of  PiHtish Columbia  As a boy, Peter gjlinn attendee", ^ib-.  ���sons���Elementary- School"a no*.., graduated"*  fiom Ejlphinstone Secondary Schopi "in  1P54. At lhat time pe'had made no hard  and fast decision regarding bis future  apd went to" work at the Johnson's baom-  ��� Ulg giounds He .studied by .correspondence, completed grape f 3 and' ij\-on three  small scholarships which took him to the  University of British Columbia. Jn 1959  he  giaduated  with a'degree  m applied  U00. u  **.**  ���*"\ /���  i  1    t  New Appointment  Former Elphinstone student* Mr.  _Peter.Slinn has been appointed District superintendent by the Department of- Education.' Por 'the past two  years he has beep supervisor of Elementary Instruction in the Sechelt  District. Mr. Slinn does not know  which of the 89 school districts ip the  province he will superintend.  science and pivil engineeiing apd.worked  as ap engineer on the Alexander Bndge*_'H  in the Fraser Canyon,  Not being really satisfied with 'the  work he was doing he took two aptitude .  tests and each recommended the field of  education, which at that time was the  - last-thing he would have chosen, finally  deciding to give it a tiy, he obtained a  tempqiaiy teaching ceitificate and thoroughly eh joyed his fust year at Naknsp.  He continued his studies\at" the Uni-  veisity of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon and  followed up with two couises-at UBC  Summer School and teaching giade 12 and  13 Maths and Physics at Castlegar and  then Kelowna  Before going to the Umveisity of Alberta to take his Mastei's degiee, Mr.  Slinn was vice-principal of an elemental y school in Kitimat foi 2 yeais and  supeivisory pnncipal foi  one year  During his two yeais in the Sechelt  District, Mi Slinn has been responsible  for the in-service training # piogiamme  for teachers Improvement of instruction  in elementary schools Phychological testing to help slow learning children get  placed in a programme which will benefit  them. He has been extiemely active in  an educational piogramme for the Sunshine School which is operated by the  Sechelt and Distuct Retaided Children's  Association  Fewer new cars made  in 1970  FIGURES just released show the United  States had the lowest numbei of new  car regishations in thiee years in  1970  The figuie's, compiled fiom all stales  by R L Polk & Co, showed 8,388,204  new cars were legistered, the lowest  since 1967 and well below the record  9,446,524 in 1969.  General Motois Corporation, hit by a  67-day strike last fall, took "the worst  beating GM legisteied 3 3 million cars  in 1970, down from 4.4 million in 1969.  GM's share .of the market fell to 39/7  percent, the smallest-srnce World War II.  Ford Major fcbmparfy. -sand Chrysler  Corporation also '-suffered-' declines in  sales, "but both saw their share 6%-..the  market go up. Eord took 26.4/percept of  the market, up from 24.3- percent, and  Chrysler grabbed 16.1, percent, up from  15.1.  ^^���j-!'*^  ON MAY, ,4th, the t,.A. to Guides and fine jqI". as Brown Owl of Gibsons, 2pc"  Browpies hpsted a "dessert pa.rty for Biownie pack nnd will-continue op whh  loca.1 Guiders. Those attending along with this as well as undertaking her new jpb,  L.A. members- were: Jqap Barnes, Wan- Good luck to the new Madarp Commis-  ita Stromquist, Ann Thomson^ Joyce siuner. She can expect everyone's whole  Smethurst, Deiiise -Quarry,- Evelyn- Shad=_ ��� hearted .support  well, Arlene White, Eleanor White, Ruth  Ilogburgh and Lillian Honeybup   Every-,  one thoroughly enjoyed sampling the fine "'  airay "of jellies, cheese cakes, pies, pud-  ,  dings, cakes and other assoited goodies.  Thanks to public suppqit, the sale of  Girl Guide cookies on May 1st was quite  successful A few ,,cai tons weielert and  it is hoped these-will be sold during the  next week or two  Local Guides need not be -jealous of  the Biowmes who spent the weekend .of  the 15th and 16th at Powell River as  guests of "Guides and Biowmes in various homes Their tuin comes on June 6th  and 7th when they also will be billeted  at Powell River The girls will tiavel  by charter bus and each girl will pay  only $2 towaids costs involved The LA  makes up any additional expenses  Resignations have been received - and  accepted from. Guiders Maiilyn Rannigei,  Eleanor White, Denise Quauy and Arlene  White Eleanor White and Maulyn Rannigei staited the 3id Biownie'Pack four  years ago Qui ing that time Eleanor took  may additional houis of woik and naming to obtain her pack holiday and campers license uhich enabled many girls  la attend Camp Olave She still plans to  take guls to camp while on hei leave of  absence Eleanor is also qualified Trainer  and has been a gieat asset to the Guide  movement She deceives a well earned  rest  >  Anothei   lesignation  comes  fiom  Mar  dam   Commissioner,   Margaiet    Wheeler  who, after  doing a great job for the last  2 years, will be replaced py Mrs   Evelyn  Shadwell   Marg Wheeler  has devoted all  her    spaie   time   (and   time   that   wasn't  spaie) to the gnls,  the leaders  and  the  L.A. and was. always a source  pf help, *  > encouragement     and   ideasr���She���-rarely���  missed a Brownie or Guide ceremony or >'  party and certainly something very noteworthy is the fact that all the Brownies  and   Guides   knew   who   their   Commis-1  sioner Was."Marg will now attend Guide)  functipns-7r--unpfficially-7--as  a,...mot.lfe.r-.   ^ .!-,  ���' Evelyn   Shadwell   has   been   doing   af  2nd Gibsons Guide Company he.ld theuf'  mother and daughter bapqpet'-qp M"}"f ''  10th with lots of food, games,, sluts and, "  most qf all, lots of mothers and daughteis.  Mothers wore hats of their own cieation  and a bouquet was given to Mis Blake  loi her candy covered hat. The King-  fibher Patror%as awardeda gqide pencil  foi each girl tor their vanning centrepiece.  Ivery Sunday ��p,qifi**vfl p.m*  At The New  WWIMWMWIWMWMMMIIMlWjWIWntMMIIMMMMIfta^^  i'vV".'  ��DMQM��  ,tfWMMWMU*��MMWlMMWW��W>M>��WW��VHMVVWVMWVWWWHV^fMW��ll��WMH.  5itMatec| At The Rqby LaKe Restaurant,  -5 miles, south pf the Earl's Coye Ferry  >  , l OPEN DAILY 10:30~A./vi- 10:30 P.ly\.  ��j  J" '  ���  (-.-  It is estimated that by-4975 Canadfi  and the U S. will supply 50 per cent of  lhe European Economic ��� Community's  pulp imports.  illllilliilllHlillllUllIIIII BAZAAR,OF VALUES iiipilliHilg  ^^^f^^;^gJ^,Tg;^���  SECHELT THEATRE  PRESENTS  #/  ii  STARRING.  Tab Hunter, Erika Blank  CARTOON and DOUBLE  In 8 p.m.     ���= Out 10 p.m.  Friday, Saturday and Monday,*  May 28, 29 and 31  ������wii��i��Lmi��iniwiiMi��uwmmiii���mmimimwiw  COMING SHOWS IN ORDER  "^   "The Sicilian Clan'7  "You  Can't Win Them  AH"  "Little Fans and Big Halsey"  i f .i 1  <s -.Q I  v.\-  ',  I'A  11* s   \  * A.  's  f"   ��� *> ,  1   ** f  i*Al,  i *���*-  ,- *j  V*'"r  %<?J  'i&  mm  <��� **~0$iM


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