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The Peninsula Times Apr 14, 1971

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Girls team
* ^
Fender Secondary students
prepare lor United Kingdom
TRAVEL to the United Kingdom is mov-
:, ing closer to > eahty for eleven Pendor*
tfaibopr Sccpiiclipy School girls-, an4
tri'stoes-i expressed admiration for the
effort .and oi garnet 1,011 which has gone
ir"|o the ^.project, when' district superintendent fi. Hanna gave a, piogiess report
ai la-s^ week's School Boaid meeting
Responsible for-instigating the trip is
Mr C J„ TiefnSn who gatfe the following/
■•epqit lo the Boaid,
"The j-iip involves 11 students, ope
guide 11; Iiyo. grade 10 apd* five grade pf
selected [01 then past effoi ts and future
putentia} ,The object of the trip m.'essepce^
is to break loqsc fiorp the sjnall school,
small ambition syndrome whiph has
gripped Pender and engenders a* spir-t
'whieirwi}} enable Pender tp cjqyeiqp
challenging teams and a P-pre outgoing
attitude' in the. -school' generally.
The total" involvement sought pHS
been, evident in some measure already
as the.^unTorf teams,' have.! given the stU7
dent body something to be proud of. For
the girls, directly involved it should be
Students are booked oh ,a charter
flight leaving "June 21st and returning
August 3rd. Travel in the UK will be by
chartered mini-bus plus excursions by
train. First stop will be Scotland where
thi'ee (fixtures in volleyball and basket-
pa}) have been arranged. The group will
' be*guests of the Motherwell Educational
Authority and stay at.CleJand Estate, a
country house deeded to tl"e Autiiprity.
Second  stop   will   be    Liverpool   for
fhrpe more*dual fixt^u.ies and 'fhe gu'ls
w'iH sti-y al Notre. Djime College of Ed,uca-
\\oy\, -i. Ipcal teiachei training college
'fhepce to Plough, J3uekinghanuhire for
major games, staying for- 2 weeks at the
Gentle Convent, a residential—Pay
Sphpo), ip Burnl7am, Bucks. This is also
cpnyei-tienWof innumerable, sidei. trips to
places of inteipst in apd aboph London
and \\igt South ol England Dates. SP<H-
lqi-cj June 22-30, Liverpool, July 1-H; L6n-
.dq'n, J. ply 0-23=
F-pfipces permitting, in the rcmainipg
lime it is hoped to visit Dublin,' Dieppe,
a-tid further sightseeing ni England apd
Wales, 0'.   '
Due  to  the   tremenclpus  suppoit' al-
Vreat|y received., and. tprfher Rrermisps pf
help,'  financing' should be. healthy.  The
•gills' are pomP»tted to contributing' $25P;
each, qf this they h*|ve already paid $100
deppsit fpr the flight.
. pppaiipps, rabies, d^pces. and. bpttle
drives have madp up the present balar-pe
of $2,6^00. There are further pledges/'qf
hslp^ and other fund raising schemes ip
hand. Should it pyWe necessary, My, Tieiv
nan is prepared %rnake up apy deficit-
In the event of a surplus, it wil} go info
H travel fund for next year or some-other
, -worthy school project."
Contacts in fhe UK have welcomed the
project of hosting the visitors and Ivlr.
Tiepnap expressed pleasant surprise at the
source and extent of local support. He
hoped that .the school Board would be
equally enthused and find it possible tq
offer some tangible support.
«fe§t ean§di§nto|i|iio Iniuatriea LU*
1606 fetf 5flf- 	
Vepcouver 9t
* 2pd, C|flss iYig||
Serving fhe Sqn-thinc Coo-»t (M°W Sound tf- Jei»vis:lnlet>?' including Por,' Mellon, Hop^n-i l-anding, Granthams K^pdipg, Gitisops, Roberts Crg-""-., < $J Unign •?,sw•    Ube|
W||sap Crock, Splrnq PqrK Sechell riqlftP°PP $m< Secret Cove, ?epda{\\afboitf'. Madeife PqrH/ K|eipcj°|e, Iryjpe's landing, fori Cgyo, Egfnop'    /gf    TH'S IsSMe 12 PogCS r-rr 12c
Volurne 8, No. 20 - WEPNESpAY, APRIL 14, 1971	
Teachers' Association
strike conduct attack
') >■
Nears completion
r **
»*j   **.
SUBD1VTSIQN  of more than  one  bund-
■igtl   lots  at  West Pprppise  Bay .wjll
iiave' paved roads "and underground wir-
J^n#==^iU:i^a==piaJ^ate--w4U^i" iiy^legL_urLjru
standards required by the Regional water
system' so that when available it will be "
-hooked up to the public supply.
Mr. Ted Osborne excused himself
from Cppncil as aldermap .at fast regular ,
meeting in order to discuss his proposals
with Council. Mr. Osborne also ,.asked
that Council inspect his roads which are
^MTayel temporarily land will be up tp.
standard this week. Later, when a number of  lots have  been sold he plans on
.   paving.
Co'incH  advised   him   to   contact  the
■ Regional Board regarding approval for
his water system hut agreed tp inspect
the roads later this week prior to approving them.
'    Due lo tho fact the West Porpoise Bay
i-pad -is ip, popr cpndjtjqfi, ve.q9iFW0 ?Ul?
sJimlial  renpYat'or-  flnfJ.. also bepaasc. a
- pt, qpotl. pltfia BUpdtviijJpps tx\
going-iri; It was agreed Yo budget $ei,0pp
for a start on the necessary improvements
this year. A further sum is budgeted for
general road maintenance within the Village. $0,000 was also budgeted'for-con*'
tjnuatjpn of the walerfropt sea-wa|l,
started last year-'as a cpntipiiaj project
with the object of providing parking and
picnic areas along Boulevard, It was
agreed the three hundred feet project car-;
rjed  out   lust  year  was  very   successful,
Asked whether.(hero is likely |obc'ai)
increase in tlio mill rule, Mayor Bill
Swaip said he sees 119 reason for ap, in
crease. Lcjsl year it was increased to 1.8
mill for general .municipal.■purposes..which
inpiude'd garbage pick-up and all services
qhe-V-iJiage pixaddes  ' 	
i-r 1
h   1
j ~>*s -, I
A,jZy ^
It is indicated no increase is anticipated for some tune for next year the
Village coffers wjll benefit from the shopping center assessment together- with additional I'eyenue brought abopt by subdivisions   in  the  community.
Aid- Ben Lang, reporting on a meeting hp attended' of The almost defunct
Ratepayers' Association, stated he leels
it will be re-established as a functional
body: and that it could prove ni benefit
tp the Village. He tidde'l that an expcutive
has been formed and plans are being
considered for expanding the bounds of
the- ass.qciatipn. ■
- -
STRONQ pbjection wfll ire --pgistercd to
the Secheft Teachers' Association foi
fhe condpet ol then" meters during the
slnke,   where  they'1 encouraged  and.  involved stud&iis in' iheir campaign  and
acted pufside'of their jupsd»ctio,p,--,
'..    The pb."ehHp.rvt$:h'e ^eseptqf. 40 iSTA
by the pprspfippl ^I-witi'ep qf'the School''
Bpar^: i-eceiY^^usJIe^suppoJ f, following
iVp 'ih-ppmffiUt-ee' Vjipb'tinjg Ja§t' week.
"'. |pdij-n  Integratjpn t Comrniftee   chairman, l\frs. Aghies. iuabonte reported -that
Tytf."'Jj-tii  Inkster's  visit  to  the Dislr-ct
dp 'April!,5fh" h?»d   beep   well ■ received.*
Thp eypping meeting helc* "n the' Sechelt
Indian Bap| KaJi,WAs WPJ1 attended and,
a^"|^^^v.iiii^p|i'ii;s''Expressed   interest in
atten'lihg, future'rneetings will'}>e open
tq' therpr  "■ ."'
Mr. Inl-i-ter whp was foimer principa}
pf Garspn Graham School in Nprth Van-
copvB|", 'yf$k apPPmPaPied by IVfr. Jim
Whitp and lylr..- Qib Jacobs The programme deve'lpped ^y M1'- Inksters at
Carson Gral-am lias h°en so successful
that Indian students fiom all parts of
Brjtisl. Cp}umbia go there.
District superintendent ^ R- Hsonij
reported that the IDepartment pf ]ri|lian
Affairs 'will assume fhp Vxfi?H'?e Rl thp
evaluation of the Sechelt pistrict Irtplipri
Integration Programme ifi PS P^'i^d hpt
hy Dr. Art More of U13C in the ampunt-of
$1,700.  ""    '
Assisting Dr. More will be .native
British Columbian Inc|ifvn feachers frprh
the Indian Education Resparpli f|nd j^Pt
source Centre ai URC The three phase
evaluation will be spreafj oyer two years
and will measure changes in attitude and
Trustee Bjll Malcolm said integration
"wiiH-aiK^ g ■jn-,i,"itiim^_a^'~l:}:n^^n" pf s h^
ably be the first of many evaluations.
- L
Dr. T. W. Hicks
I,AlfD TAX   * , .
firms ?u>   . v %y9L§wain, PGiPmpn^M, mu- mm\
..„..„ .r,.,._r.,.. „„„._„.  because, a    mRCHngTpf'thc, Botfiopal, J3pprdf said ^
nUml'-e-*"- pr,' fjpod ."jt-ciBV -Bubdtvfii|pfi8,'karP'' 'TyPMlfl' S«iPm-thpF)3- itf -*U1Llo, J-ppp"pf a cip-
-i..l..«...S.v •   Ir    .:.„„' „.,..„„-^ ,W'' 1....]_*!    i-il nnr, m'nncn >  n<-   ihia    limn     in    (tin   AAfi   lunil    Im-
Don'i•■ fdi'Wil lln- "Red. Cross Blood
Donor Clinic op |!'rl(liiy April MR}) at Gih-
titnltt llmrltli CuiiH-o, Tho Clinic will hu
oih.tiiIIiii' Iiiiii) I,.'ill I') '1,30 p.m. apd from
"" H,:iO p,i)i, ' ,     ,
(i,ni) p.m
, Hnlui'ilay'ii
, ViiIuuh  ChutiiM
Mi'ii; l.ily W.
has wiii) $10,
ropiest which
liu found In IJlis wiink's Ihmhi of |,lio Tlpn.',-.
rlriiw   In   !|h.'   |hi/.iilll'   of
pi'ddiiituil   l|ii!   nifnu"  pf
lliipiiiiuiiil of (lilwoi)H . who •
Dulailii of I ho oli'lil   week
(nfDIini.'Di.'iHl lost wci.'lc'wlll
q-posp,' at, this MfPP. In flip $<0 Wd tax
pg|;apjishcd hy tjie Board aga|ns|-„ water
pscrs. ffowever, wjth ,^he cpntpipcd de-
vplnpmonl of fhe area, new subdivisions
shpptipg pp along t|i<i vyater )ipp, it is
ppssible a small jj-qcjuCMp-) n-pghl- \19 anl"-
cipaferl fn about five yeaj-s,. hence., >
" A)d!-JoerBepncr drew atlcptinii'to the
fact, a water leak on the watei-frohl■'has'•
been in existence since last year, "It is
a ridiculous situation," he added. Clprk
Ted Rayiicr said lu; woidd bring the matter to |hc attention df tl)e |-cgioi)alvwor)"s
.WHARF .     ...
' Thp clerk road -out a lol for from Vic-'
toiin following (joinplaii)l. / hy Council)
regarding lhe hazfirdous condition of the
dilii|)i|atci| Spoheh wharf, The Dopurt-
mcpl. asked for fiirlher dplnils ii)c)ndli)g
ownership, legal description and a picture
of llic sirnclure. It wan agreed |o forward' al) riot/lilt* without doluy,
(     Mr. Rayner ulso voporhid Ihal ho jiml'
H  ciipvcrmition    with    tho  owner,   Mr.
JupicH,,w|ip hud ndylKcd his inlontloi) of*
«|iii|-|ly pptling ilio'uiriicturc! up for demolition mile
Aid. Oiihonp) reported on a mcc!tin/('
hi!" Ixi<| *altended pf the Cpast Giirihuldi
Hdiilih Upit and. nu|d minlher' rprinofit,
hud h<-'.'i) iiinilii for 11 full Iluii.' health'
InspectQ|' for the area, Council agreed to n
iiiiggosllifii that II uImo ncihI a letter lo
',VI«hir)n u»king for''n huaith iniipuulor I'or
tlie ,ni'i!ir, Mayor Swain  coinfiionted   "It
egional Benito.!, Cong
fe , ^""-5-^,* '' ."i •*'* " "' v'. •    ''*,'• S-.-JM" «l Jf *!* i *  0  ~~r      "" *>'
• .^ *
Ih hlAI-
JlO'lfl   w|
we j'livti
CpJ^MBNTS m'lde by school trpstpes at
a rcccp). pieeting pf the School Board
and sphsequoi}(|y ppbhshod in ll)e Tipies
as part of tpc meeting ippor(-, appear to
havp sti7hired t|ie tppdc" toes of th'e.dppta}".
prpfessipp, ' '
Copy of a letter spbmitled to Trustee.,
Bernard lylulligap v*as fbrcwardec} tp the
Times  hy T.  "\y. flicks,  rpgipnal. flep|a|
coi-)sulta|)t. Coast Garibaldi  ffea|th Unit
and stalcfi; .
'""llvxvy: been forwa'rdof} two clipping;-
from a Sec}ie||. Puninsu)a newspaper both
pf, which  dlscusspd    'he  in'|de(|iu|cy   pi'
(Ichlal''sci'viccR in ,ihaf'Jirpa..' It appears,
Irpwovcr, thai denial care is'not that unavailable in your locality. Pr. T. C. Webb,
whoso office js located in Gjhsons with, a
sub office ii) Sephelt, has iK}vjsc,d mq that,
frciitinenl for dpntal cinorgepcies |s available PD the siime day pi'fj treatipopt for
routine (non 'umergepey nr ■olooi'lvo) cure
ifriiVallnhlfi within, 0 thrnn wuok porlnri,
I really don't, know of apy.older urea
., wh'Ji'ft. l-hef-p facilities^   would  be-pipr'!-
readily uvuilahk', i:orUiiu)y  ppl. in  llione
aicuji of B.C. wliicli oi'ieompaws niy lerri-
,,'lory. It in most likely that l|)o ncwspilper
viirsioii  mpy  have   boon  somewhat . d|f-
' foi'fipl' frpm yon'r iiilunl\ hut Irrrigiirdleiis,
})r, W,ob|i fi:e|ti (Juiilifiiih)y I would l|)in|0
• ihal  lliislypii of advors'!.:'piih))eify (li)en
little good in ijuvpiit of donlliitry'K,iinai'i."
to tho |>i||"llo,
, . .|5|l»lcu.)jy, Dr.,. Webb, feels lhat 'he 'Ir-..
iinnblo   to   publicly'•nnnwor   Iho   pnpoi'H'
Mliitei))C!i)l and«tbi.T'!|'or<' ii'fl'ed t))p In (Ip
no iinder my honlth un||- fi-neilom If Iheru
ih any pii|-ll(.'iiliir hiliialiop'yoii would |l|co
be advispd a|-out,
epptapt my pffipc. J would also he pleased
tp aftend a mepfing of your boaid |f you
so   desne.
'Cp^*yfENtS(   ■
Cpminepl. fpa.de |-y M)',' Mplligan' was
simply that m»py childrpiv ii) lhe djsjriet
ai-p .s|)ffei;ing dop|i)| prphlcrns. Trave)||hg
dental,c|ipic was wit|-cj,|'nwp and replaced
w|-|i   the   threo-yeaj'   ||lrthd«y   prpgram,
That jt is difficult- fo get ur-'ijpppiplmppi.-
IP ||iis dlKlr'ct apd c()s(f| are so high be ■
didn't,  know  hpw    t|ic uvpi'ukc  fiimily
poulr} iiffprdtreiifmcpt. Luc|< of qualified
personnel  wpuld fieeip fp.fre ope of ||)e,
At a later meeting pf tho Cpasf Giiri-
ba|di llcullh Unit, Opipiop was ex|)n.'HHfid
thiil tyo donlisf tp siifvo fhe lirpa |p-
c||ide(| in the school disfrjpt is ii)iidpi|i|u'io,
It wfis nisi) |)oli!f| thal-t|)e f5c|iQpi Board
has. usjfod for, a copy of a ruconl.^'on'llnh-
Hrirvuy done by Pr. Illckii. Trps|eo Agnes
Lnhpnlp reported ' Intel' hi flip School
|4oard fliat l|-p f-prvoy was pohdiielpd only
ip lhe Glh.fops iiriia, pot Pupde'r |liir|i()ur
whore ihe slipuiipn mhiiit he iliffcrent,'
Professional {ndi^n sjnger jan<i Cramer,  Mr.
Blackfopt triliE
"fifth pecfteU EJp-Tie^ijyjiSffjpg^llii?
dep.j;s,  yplfna ^cksoiri gh(l §})^--yje
Lpp, fifll of adir)jr£-ti9n hZ$$~$&¥p
slfin c^rfim wifh pajn:^^!'pjc|,'-|rJB'''pf
$p jnejian c|ailpp!* whp jra^' ^liTl^si |oe-
pome pup w||.h [hp e^gle ffe fj^ipe
represei^s. Plose cissppiatiop pf" |.|ie
Indjj-ns wi I Ji n^l-urp wap deinop-
s|:r§t.ed fluring^st.Wertnesday's §up-
efh I're^eiitalipri ;pf hu\\$p jqf-llure.
Annual Spring pent
ST. .Hilda's Hall-, -Sechelt^ll-he-a-eplQr-:
fill place io visit on Saturday when
Sechelt   Garden   Club  holds "its  Apppal
Spring   Flower  Show' pombinec}   with  a
display  of art. ^rj
'This very popular event, wjll open at
2 ^ip. Apd cphiihue' until")}' jp.Vji'.' %»'will
bp served, ape} plants, y/ilf hp pp. sale.''
ffipaj. plans'   wepp    dificussed "at  the
Sechelt  garp-pp.:WYA  ---'^---^>-----
":^hf--: WW ■PWippt^iy^'^'eypn|.;-;-;::v;vv
l\fps. fSps-jii ^Jpnspi. was Plecfed, tp fakp
thp  place ,-pf fyr'ii. s L,'ppprpy  who. 1'i'as,
rpsigppc| as '*(■}jrpc'lp"' .pf .'fhe G'jph.	
A' report wns- prcscptecl hy Mrs. Janet
Allep, wfip- yi,-ii).ed;?r3hi))iwJ|f;k, tp al'tend
the "B.C. Cpphcil W^afflpp Ciuhs. §hp
gathprod mpph -nspful infprmniion.
^Gupsf speaker was My. Goi'dpp Pqlfs
who gave i|p pxtremply ipfpi-p-ii|)ye j.n||c
PP ll)e l-J.sj.9py and cip-p pf rospt) wifh 'i'
demppsl rat|on of prpnipg and hi-ddp-g.
Growing interest
1 MM
|ie lairvey
\p ;|i.iculioni A
—hoc pugO'A'-S
. i ?i ■;
«1 •
^/    "   ■
' i J*J**J*
.«. - • iCT.
00r 00>\0,*>0At\*i**+$.1.$.*-*0 A«rrv-S>il«4  0-r*   *
■ ■).
f f* ***"  *
■'■ "fry,*/I"
• *i
.w '-Vii«t
1, \
r *' 0*1 .* * *:
■M     •.   "■»      "
s;-A :'.
•■"•,'   ■'      * Jf r>**mJ".
****» *• *l     f
■ ^a f«
^ ''
i    .
I    *,*   »    '
,'  'J
.■ "    .
■« .*,
1 %.■**
1   / '
' *?
«»Ai^rf»~ +*i * + .++ fc>«
• *..r;'ii
;J »,   ■    . '      1     '
TUl!) PUacJHKBHlVK' pu:r|;liantfi  hi Tin;"
. '|'lp)pu' nh()pp|)-{( iiiwi hring you iip-
piiwy 'nl' Hi')))'] ih»/,uiir i)f Vuliiou,,, npn-,
, cfuj iif|'Mrh)/<s To let you know Hint liniiiu-
■  PIIH.'ll )||i|rr< i.'oi)VO|')i<!|)l,    ,
1 The himliniiiii ntlvpflliilPH }n'"ihln
, BALAAM nf VAhl.U'JS iipprc.'liile yppr
mipporl. Tli'iiy offer yoii- rjiittjlly.k. mor-
' i.1)ii||(i"|!ii!, wilh Hje ii/iiuiriii)i:o Ihul Ihey
f 111-1- willing IpViinti'l h'.'hh)irii|olr fi/i)i:ii to
! Pinke iniri) you urn Milinflcd, Ypur local
. bpiibiUMiinn.'h .arp, your frlcndK iind ' Ihpy
I.arp...p»ir|... of ui»r..... iioipinuiiily, ..iimil-iliuii
1 wjth "i.'iiniinuiili.v pi'ii/h'chh ' nnd nhu|iui''
; Ihtj tn.Xtlijiiil rif our ,i:i»i)inupjly, an wull
j nn providing many Join, lor your hnluh-
Ynu'ti'iin ii|i*ip-iil buPi'i will) i:i|i)f|ili)i)i:n
'...|»: loyal lo your owh ciipi'ipijpllyj''I'l-p
BA/.AAH   of, VAI.UKH  pohipi   lip:   wuy,
Wirlch In)  II «;ycry  wr-iifi ip Thu Tlini.vi,
Mukn ypur  hln i-in.|ti|' hy tuippprliiHi
local (-njiviri'it,  Thoy  on,1  li-:)pin/(   you   )i/     ,""'
hiiikl 11 imilny ruiiiipiliiilyl
'"- :-y:  :"■■■'■■'	
V/)lliiioi }vu/ukufl'\i)!,nd iihoiit 1
, Mnrliic, ('ll)/,oor, wim fonnil ih:inl
,.,„,,i || ,Vhi". iiy hh *#
KATlfiPAYKI'lB' Awou|u|.}i)iik a|:p i}|. their
|)c.st when stirred iip,- said fpi'piei' S'.';',
choll Villagi) ciiiuicillor Berijc) Gordon n|
up iixplpralory meelil)/' li^llAt'lusI week
to i:pnni(ici' ronctivatliip pf fpt^'Vlli'il'ije fjf
Sechell  Ihilopiiycrs' Antiocjniipi),   .
Former chairman of Ilibi'AiiHiiclulion,
Hr. John Jlriyes gdvii up'^iVcpiinl of ihe'
brief • |||slory nf lip:' orguni^iiiim V")iic|)
rpiHiiviH ,11s charier ip iyiurc|)( )IM|4, Wl'lh-
In ihrcc yiiui'fi II hud |riip- oi'i'l'; of .fundii
'i|,)'l filially,when'-Itlenihiheo Wffii'fi,!)' popr,
Hint lliore wiim not ovop 11 qiiorMpi it
wuUlid up it" affairs'ai)d |)"f I'cei) dpi'iPr
'iilll evoi* nipco,
^JYnuHprcr Norm Walnon repulluil that
'iti(  formation    in  lhe  f|i'nl. pjiicc    wns
prinnpled |iy znp|ng wl'thin lhe VllVwi"-
When II became iippurepf that fcip-N were
unfounded,  JuU:n;iil  died,
CominpnliuK op ihn fupciion nf u llni'!-
payorti' A/inoclutlon" Sechnll .Vll'lugii Alilur-
*-|r)np Hon"i'n.»n™wn'i;rtori'**of^ivfl''-"tin'|'),fiii)-roir''
|-(>V'u-)inl}||'-ii eplcriun grjSupii w|)lc)i »:oulil
ciiiiia: t|)c A:iiio(:|ui|rin tp Idiii ppo wuy
wliile ('i/iujcll pulli. iuii)ll|i:i' wuy, ' Jh)
Inijl'in" tlie Ai,,sin:intloii i.-iiipiin (0 I)I'd ip ap
ol/'ji't.'iivi.' iipil /-oi'iiiructiv'i,' ii)npi)i,T, Any
Ifjllor propiJlly pi-cnopled to Couip:il
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will be Mr, |<i.'m Griffith, M''. l'V«-fl .)o|m;i-
,lop, Mr', Hog Hnieuiii und Mis, .1, Clarke,
Hotli Mr. Mit^M. and Mr. WutHoii ol'fei-.wl
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P|-«»-io 885.9654  ,    »■'   ., >
* (Phpfifl lincji ppc") SundoyV tclQMifjcd
dcodllno if Sundoy evening.     ',      ,
■ 0- aV ,
0.'- %b * j ;a$Sl  Pogp A*2 the Penlrt&M)a~Tlnf-p$t W<-<toesdqy't April 14,1971    a-�� , MTATE ,-   ..  ���_!' ' 1  J ' J"-1 1���' rr*��� - <:���*���>;-��������� * *QeI\L-ESTATE (Cont)  \ ,:  i '������*  REAL ESTATE (pontlnu^l)   ftfcAl, ESTATE {Cont.t FOH RENT  _--.,   A  ThbPeWNSUXJvTw^! Seseh?U - PHohV a&��?654  Classified  jyVVM��VWWMW^VWlVV��'"��>������M��*��VMMWVUWVWW��Vtl��^^  3RES^ Village of Ser-heh,  elevated view property, undeveloped. $10,000 pa,ah,' Bqj-  5819* c-o Box 310, The^imes,  Sechelt, B.C.  5i31p-tfn  $  k  m  Published Wednesdnys by  Powell River News-Town Crier  Sechelt Times Ltd.  - at Sechelt, B.C.  Established 1963  Member, Audit Bureau  of Circulations  September 30, 1970  Gross Circulation 2920  Paid Circulation 2446  As filed with thfe Audit Bureau  of Circulation, subject to audit.  Classified Advertising Rates;  3-JLine Ad-Briefs (12 words)  One   Insertion   $1.00  Three Insertions ~��� $2.00  Extrd lilies (4 words) , 20c  (This rate does not apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs)  Box Numbers  10c extra  , 50c. J3ook-keeplng charge is added  for Ad-Briefs not paid by '  publication date,  Legal   or  Reader   advertising   35  * per count line.  Subscription Rates���-  By Mail:  Local Area $6.00 yr.  Outside Local Area ..$7.00 yr,  U.S.A. $9.00 yr.  WORK WANTED (Con*,)  , , , ,���, _  CHUCKS painting & deoorat-  "   ing! - Guaranteed  work, vea-  _ spna]ile vates. 865-2375.     '  ^492-tfh  EXPERIENCED drywall acou-^  stic & textured ceilings, now"  ip   Gibsons  area "and serving  the Peninsula. Free Estimates.  Past  service. Phone d  & W  Drywall, 884-5315.     ' 420iMfn  FRUIT tree and hedge prun-  TttB^Q!_CJiiart\-ian. Phone 880-  $1802,    " 6138tfiv  WANTED���lf-bor contract for  yarding,, or yarding & loading. Have full crew, all w.ith-  years of exeprience. Work on  steel spars, or wooden ��� spars.  Work preferred in Vancouver,  Sechelt or Vancouver Island  area*! Phone Peter Wrap 883-  2B28 or John Wray 883-2323  or write Box 3, Madeira Park,  B.C. 6205-22  HELP WANTED  BEAUTIFUL new 2 level Wif.  home on 2 aores plus -3 jeVe-  mie cottages. On highway a,nd  waterfront. All la.ndsot'pecf;  well sheltered bay with float,-  Start your motel ���or niarhw"in  this ideal location at ^lf-  nioop   Bay.   Phone   owner   at  885-0534.  612^-21  CORNER lot for sale at Selma   Park.   100x120.   Phope  885-9395. ' l)Q90-tfn  NEW 3 bedroom house, h\W  basement, one block shopping- centre, Sechelt. Sale by  owner. Full "price $23,500.  885-9951. wjJ5144-20  PENDElOlarbour: 3 bdrm.  home-completely remodel-,  led. 1,100 sq ft. lge. kitchen.  Oven an acre of land, View  p i o p e r t y. All furniture  included. Ideal for . retirement or summer home. A real  steal at $28,000. MLS. Jim Mc-  Iptosh 684-5494 or Bill Hartle  987-1565'or 985-4151 (24 hrs.)  Highland Realty, 3197 Edge-  mont Blvd., North Vancouver,  B.C. -J . 6119-21  Overseas  i;i  Special Citizens,  Local Area _  Canada    By Carrier '   .$10.00 yr.  -$3.50  $4.00  QUALIFIED pre-school teach-  y 'er for half days starting fall  term, Apply Jack and Jjll'cor  operative       Nursery     School.  ..60c mp.    General delivery,  Gibsons.  Copyright and/or property rights  subsists in all display advertising  and other material appearing in  this edition of the Sechelt Peninsula Times. Permisison to reproduce wholly or in part and in  any form whatsoever, particularly  by a photographic or offset process  in a publication, must be obtained  in writing from the publisher. Any  Unauthorized reproduction will be  subject    to    recourse    in    law.  *-���������.'.���  .'���'���''' " ��� '    6114-20  BIRTHS  GIBSONS WESTERN DRUGS  Js   pleased, to   sponsor this  PENDER HARBOUR  EVERGREENS LtD.  Evergreens, Wanted  SALAL, 42c. undone  HUCK 42c wqdone  Done up 9c extrq  Free  pickup  for  greens  anywhere on Sunshine Coast  Before picking, contact plant,  I  1st place North of Pender  Birth   Announcement   space,   and  tends-Best Wishes to the happy  parents.  BINGLEY���Lloyd and Sylvia  * (nee Wilson) are pleased to  announce the birth of a son  Lane Eli, 7 lbs., 5 ozs., on  March 31, 1971, at St Mary's  Hospital, Sechelt. Grandchild  of Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson  of Gibson's, B.C. 6197-20  I   ���   ��� '  CARD OF THANKS  I   WISH   to   extend   sincere  thanks to Dr. Burtnick and  Dr,  Rogers,  also staff  of St.  Mary's    Hospital    for    their;   kihdhess^tPrrf^^  ���her j^'ei^t^  my thanks to Rebekah' Lodge,  and the Canadian Legion  Branch 140 for all the help  they so generously^ gave, ���  Her loving husbartu Bill McGregor. 6208r-20  WE WISH to sincerely thank  the many friends who visiU  ed Mr. Ed Black while in hospital. He "is now home and  recuperating nicely���-Mrs, Ed  ftlack nnd son, 0199-20  WE WISH to express our sin-  ''   ��ere   thanks   to. friends   for,  kindnesses,   cards' and   lntUirs  of ^yippathy during pur recent  ���"���PoroavopteiH, Thai- (A a iso" ror,  ,donations   to   St.   Bartholomew's   Church,   Special   thiip.kt"  to   doctori*   and   staff   of   St."  Mary's Hospital, ���Iris Smith,  Ida, Roy  and Jnojf  Diamond,  ���  (1198-20  ." OBITUARY" ^  WEBB ��� Geor��t)    Eaton,    of  aranthnm's   Landing, .B.C.,  Mnrcli���t'-lf-lftV-lT-^t^vtHl-by���  hln wlfo Eve M, Fin-oral W"r-  vlco  wns  held   Friday,   April  2nd,,.In Boal  Mmnorlirl Chnp-  ,  ol,   (fiOft * Iiillooot   ltd,,'  North  VjiiH'ouvt'r,     Kov.     .1 onoph  , Sproulo  <>l'l'lcluUir��,   No   flow-  ��r�� ploiiso, ihh-rment fvf'iMml'.'  Coinelitry.  Arriin/'omiiplri  through Um Memorial Simkity of  B.C. and "Flint  Memorial Hftr-  vlcim Ltd. ,   (lltlfi-ai)  WORK WANTED^  ,   ROBERTS CREEK  ,_���,w.,���rDkVWALL.������-���  Tnphifi  nnrt  Kllllni!  hy hand  nnd iwivhliio, Hpray Tox Hiinr-  'kl�� C��|lhi|{M,       .'"D  ;        Pbona 88671^3 .-  RobeH-s Creek, B,C,  (1027-tfn  "  fiarboiir  Hotel  Thoh'e B83-2M5 or M3-2721  5986-tfn  PERSONAL  ALCOHOi-.lCS Anonymous~A*_  Meefihgs" 8:30   pirn.,   ThufsT  days, Wilson Creek Commun^  ity   Hall.   Ph.   885-9327,   8867  2343. 4979-tfn  WISH   to  contact  Latter  Day  Saints    members.   Ph.    8857  9547.or 886-2546, 4505-tfn  EXCELLENT   commercial   lot  -r- centre Sechelt-^highway  location, level s��nd cleared. All  services   available. -Box���11Q4--  genmsula Times, 1104-tfn  You will have to step lively  to get in o.n ihis" one. 125'x200'  wooded and level lot. Quiet  seclusion. $1,250 dn. on $2,500 -  FP. ���,  .  ..  ROBERTS CREEK: On main  . highway. o 5 : lovely acres,  partially cleared. Neat 4 room  bungalow, requires minor finishing. Cut stone fireplace" in  bright iliving room. Spacius  dining room opens to compact  kitchen^ 2 bdrms;; 3 pc. bath;  utility. 220 service. Good gar-.  _dpn soil and fruit. ..trees., $-15.-  .   EWART McMVNN-    <  REALTY & INSURANCE  -'Multiple Listihg Sevvice  Box 238,^. Gibsons, B.C.   ' ,  Merplter  Vancouver Real Estate 3*oavd.  PHONE  8BG-2248     ���  Notary Public  GIBSONS 'RURAL; A Well  maintained, well situated,  country home, .with all cpn-  veniences. Under two miles  from Gibsons, with full;'frontage pn paved road. Located op  2M: ' acves of good land, all  grassed and* fenced. Community water. House is 6 years p-ld.  Attached garage, work shop,1  paved driveway. A quantity  of good, equipment and tools'  included, Full price $26,250  With $16,250 down. Bal. oh  terms .at 8 per cent  ROBERTS CREEK: Large  . well located, level lot op  Lower Roberts Creek Road.  Road frontage 135 ft Selectively cleared, Some view. .  Very cpnvepient access to  beach. FP $5,750  GIBSONS: 5 acres of. lightly  wooded land on a gentile  southern slope. Seclusion yet  close to all services. Full price  just $6,5Q0..  GIBSONS: We can place you  in a starter* home for as lit-  t,le as $10,500 full price With  a   low down  payi-nent;  ��h  a  beautiful view itot  or  jf you  prefer to live farther west we  have  ideal retirement execu-  - live   homes   from   $35,000   to  $45,000.       ...  ����  LISTINGS WANTED  Vince Prewer        886-9359  Wally Peterson     886-2��  Box 238, Gibsons, Bj  6211-20  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  LISTINGS -wantM for ooast.  properties. Phope collect  Bill HftrWe or Jim' Mcintosh  U2-985-4151 (24 hra.) HiBhl*"nd  Realty, B197 Edgemont Blvd.,  North V-mcQuYer, B.C.  .    M "     (fl 20-21  'WAITED view poreage. 5 or  10 acres. Write Box til56 c-o  Pepipsula    Times. - Box    310,  Sechelt, ' 6150-21  APPROX* 21 aores prirhe fn-  tpre residential pvpperty, elevated view, lane access, close  to ne\v subdivisions,- mainly  bush- Sephelt VHlage. $30,000,  will sell blopk or 5 acre lots,  Gush. Bpx 310 The Peninsula  Times, Sechelt B.C.     4489-tfn  ��� ��������� '��� ���     ��� ���  ��   -   PORPOISE     Bay,     compact  pleasant view home. 6 rnis.,  autp.   oil,   basement,   garage  Owner (185-2896. 6108-21  PENDER Harbour���Choice. 2  waterfront on same level- lot  with deep muorage. Older 2  bdrm house. Jack Noble, 883-  2701. Rochester Realty, 936-^  7292. 6034-1 fn  HALL fpi" rent. Wilson Creel";  Community    Hall.,   Contact  Mrs.    Diane   Anderson,   885-  ���2385.       . . 5455-tfp  UNFINISHED   3   room   suite,  close-in   Sechelt,   ideal   for  pensioner. Phone B85-24&2. <���  ��� 62}4-t(u  j-       Iif , ��� 1 1 ... 1 1  WANTED TO RENT  t���,.���m..., _~^~,,  .,������.���������.._ ���~ ���  REQUIRE 2 - 3 bedroom home  with   bas4ment _or   garage.  Gibsons    area.    lJp"*to    $100  "month.   885-9970. 6216-20  MOBILE HOMES  *    Member of the Multiple Listing Service  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  WEST'SBCHILT WATWFRONT (SOLD) . No.  19Q5  Graciouss2 bedroom hoips, *A/Oi| Fumpce, pireplqce. Face^ south*.  Good beach, & PYPr. 1 flcre. Askinrj $350,000.00 with good terpis,  Col| Peter Smith, 805-9463.  24x60   DOUBLE   wide .trailer  demonstrator   for   sa.le.   By  appointment ��ohly. Phone 085>  2153  after 6  pm.       ^S34-tfn  60' WATERFRONT lot, West  Sechelt. Ready to build on  lop portion with magnificent  view, Path down slope to safe  sunny beach for privacy. 5  min. to excellent shopping  centre and mall. All facilities  Priced for quick sale at $8000.  Owner,   885.2416.  6204-22  600 PP.  GIBSONS:   Attractive, well  maintained   4  room   cottage  on view lot in prime location.  Let  us  show  you   this   little  gem   NOW   at   only   $16,900.  Real Estate & Insurance  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING  CENTRE       I  _,.;..,   Gibsottis, B.C. X  886-2481  MdcQjlECsOR PACIFIC  REALTY LTD.  Box 799, Gibsons, B.C.  ' Van  Direct:. 685-3133  GIBSONS;   Centrally   located  Waterfront  lot,  all  services,  on parved fpad^FP $7,000.  GIBSONS^ Two' magnificent  viety'ldts exclusive location,  size 50'xl5O! each. Note these  extra features: Underground  wiring, on village water sup-  , ply,. cahle.Vi'-ionr, both cleared  and ready for building. Ex-  cellent terms, FP -of only  $3600 each.  ���66 ONE -TON Chev 8, custom cab; chasseys mount  coupler, dual wheels, PS, PB,  110-12 volt conversion, Thermo gas hot water heater,  fridge, 3 piece bathroom,  monomelic toilet, pterin windows, excel 1 cond. Must see  to  appreciate   086-7429   ,  .6222-21  BOATS & ENGINES.  BARGAIN,   12   ft.   aluminum '  Starcr aft, 6 hp Johnson motor at 25 per cent ol'*' Both  new.   Ph.   866-7078..     6j05-2l  FOR SALE,  RaWsdn  26' sail-*  boat,    completely    equipped  for .cruising.   $7,900.   885-2.050.  6194-21  1.4' BOAT, trailer, 40* hp Evinrude.   885-2064. 6220-20  WANTED���20   -   25   hp   outboard in good condition. Ph.  883-2402.'      ��� 620I722  19' Plywood cruiser with Volvo power   $1,325  18' K&C with full-house type  lop.   115  Evihrilde  powferT  Demonstrator .   $2,905  T^Efili-tOQ,  : . LANGDALEi .View   lots���7-7-x-  Over 5 acres mostly cleared.       J36'- $3506 and up.  BANISH  Creek through. Main house  has 5 rooms and features large  living room. Convenient kitchen with nice eating area, 3  bdrms., 3 pc. bath, utility and  unfinished bsmt. 2nd home is  near new and features open  plan,   livirrg   and   kitchen,,, 2  886-2481  HOPKINS   LDG:   2 , bedroom  home with sunporeh on 60'x  140'   view   lot.   $14,000.   Good  terms.  83672481  3;  ACREAGE^ j.... Chqmherlairi R(|,"  . .bdrms,,,-rrujdei'ir'^^ 'Ra,J^ae-v  ;,;i;deck-~'SmllJ~:h-#nSnd'^ ���S.-^^^^-ar^withiii'' waikinB^difi  hobby  farm/, Attractive  terms^'^ * ' " '""-'  USE  NEUTRALIZES instead of  masking odors. Instantaneous,  Economical, Iwong Lasting,  Applied by the drop, NIL-  ODOR merges immediately  ���with odoi".-ca,rrying gasses in  the air because of their specific affinity and Is effective  for 24 hours. One drop is enough .'', .-for homes, cars, ho-  tals, slckrooma,, locUtirg) kilch-     ii     _____^___  ,Tetc, MAKES THTSMTJlXTIm^ bright VmpU room; Lge  '^  ens  OF MONEY IN OUR TOWNS  L15SS OBNOXIOUS TO, THE  NOSEI .  From Port Mellon to Lund  NILOPOn.ls dist, hy Dk Pl��-  trihulorH   and   avalluhlo   from  DUTCH LADY SOAP  '    '   STORES  I-ownll  River        I'h. 4115-5456  - --���-,- 11207-20   ! i ���  El   ���ii���ii .ni i ��� ������ ���uiiiii������������������ii ^iii.mi.wi���11 ������ mm i <H  REAL ESTATE  i 'm  ^  lit) FT, waterfront nno, huimn  with I'm'iiai'h 'nnd bnlh,  Workshop. Wired! 10 nnd 220,  AlHo Kirnigo, I'll, '|liir)-9llo:i or  write Box'6^,15, c-o 1-onliwuln  Tlnnw,' Box H10, S'lolmll. B,C,  (iaift-22^  RUSTIC 2 BEDROOM  V COTTAGE �� ,  Tn loverly woodtiy Hulling. !i  hlocUfi   from 'bench, j)ont  i��r��  ,, j(^-��-j|j v,jvft~j|{0| f "Kifyiii'Hfl'pnoWl"  I'ltlcirlly   prlood   I'ur  funt   nal��',  $13,200 somo Jerms  LAMONT REALTY LTD,  ,., Hox.lHO, Minion Oily, B,C, ���  " ' I'hftiw 11211.7141  W��nilu;ndn,' nvnnlnufl   1126-61)71  fl02!l-550  on $25,000.  DAVIS BAY': Lovely lge.  lot, already cleared 'and ready  for the home of your choice.  Just one block' from beach,  Listed at $5,500.  GIBSONS: Delightful fam-.  ily home consisting of 3 brins, ���  bright L.R��� kitchen, utility, 3  pe, bath. .Stucco exterior,  grounds ready for landscaping,  with back of lot left as natural  park, At- low as $6,000 down.  Another attmicti've    family  hoine on view lot.. 3 nice bed-  ���7^^f^-trTr-|-r*'-r***|"^-v-^'-i:->-T-rTi-^'' -���::-'���.::.". -.���'rr^7~::7.'rTr.���-^::-j.  acreage parcels that will be  future holdings, See them today.;  B86-2481  MARINE   DRIVE:  bedroom    home,  good   view. $12,000.  380-2481  Loyely    2  Fireplace,  ftEAL BARGATNrLovely ex-  ecutive home on '2% acres;  2 large fireplaces, swimming  pool;* cabana, large Workshop,  must be sold. FP $36,000 cash.  Call Lorrie Girard: 886.-7244  or WG-71W  WEST SECHELT: Retirement  investment, glose to beach,  house presently rented at $100  month. Property could be divided into. 3 lqls, ideal location.  FP $17,500. Terms.  SELMA   PARK   and   ��)AVIS  BA^'  Beautiful   view   lots,  jflP'xJ.25t;'  lots in Selma .Park  'fetanpe  W?t^s ^re  fully serviced on paved road,  terms available starling at  $3950.  ACREAGE: Productive fai'in,  two year round streams,  approx, 17 view acres, phis 4  bedroom farm house, $120 revenue from' rentals, steady  year round customers, idea'  highway location, near golf  blub; lovely view of Straits  and Vaii. Is|and, FP $48,500.  Terms, -.   ' "  Call Jack Anderson:  885-2323  ������   or  805-2053,  .  New   K&C,   Sprinkbok,   Sun-   lineer Iroats in stock -^  all.electric kitchen hn$ adjoining din, nn, Pt'irtial bsmt. and  |urg(i crawl fjpuce, A-oll furnace is very economical, At-  ��� Irn'cfivu tormH on $16,500,  Th��' Ideal npoi for animal  lovuVsJor gardenei-H, 20 p;;imo  ixto.i iwltli 6 cleared, oxcol-  I ii n I water supply; Older  homo,' him 2 hdrinn'., nice, living room, lge, kltfihen and eut-  liig won, 3 pc, 'hnlli', utility,  220 HcrvlcH. Few oulliulldingii,  TerniH on $32,500,  LISTINGS WANTED,,  Clj'dlCNTR   WAITING ,  BUTLER REALTY  ,LTD.  TYPHIS   INBUItANCl!)  }  GlhuoiM, B,C, ���  . .-  \P\umw 000-2000 ,.  1   mmm " '.  MHLTIPLl!) LIFTING -  flKRVJCK ,  ' \ II1110; 10   ..iTi ������ r "���"' ' *���- ������-" ���  GOWER IffrOINT ROAD; A  view home on almo-jt an acre of cleared land, close to  beach, Mnin floor features  largo living room with IfP apd  WW, big dining room,".' kitch-  t(i(T   and    pIumTmd,     modern     - "   '  bathroom ahd 3 good sized  bdrms, Below Is an upfln, rec  room with VP, another bdrm,  work area and plumbed for  another' |.)i)t.h|:oOm.: This" house  Is only 0 years old.' Asking  $33,000, half cash, balance  TBA,  000-2461  Your  Evinrude   Dealer  MADEIRA MARINA  Ph.  883-2206        Madeira Park  OMC Service  Centre  * ��� 6184-tfn  CARS & TRUCKS  1955 FORD station wagon.  Auto trans. Rebuilt engine  gone 15,000 miles. Trade for  12 ft. aluminum boat or offers.  Ph. 885-2410. 6049-21  1969 JEEP, 4x4 papel wagOli-  aire.   Would ' consider   trade  for  property.  PhOne  08672877.  6043-20  '55 METROR, four- mags,  good tires, radip, Herst floor  shift,' . recoriflitioned motor.  Body good' shape. $301) or  trade.  Phone 085-9500.  0051-21  1006 MALIBtJ, VO, uutoTtrans,  radio, all new whitewalJs,  carpel, 2, dr. hardtop, beanli-  ful condition. "Low -mlleago  and in top-shape, $1500 cash,  No offers.  1165,0054.     0030-tfn  acres  lower Roberts Creek" lid,  S e m i waterfront properly,  beautiful treed, park like pro-  pefly, Gentle slope,������' y e u r  round stream, beautiful esinte  property. $33,300,  GOWIiJIl P'lV IID; 20(1 k20()  view properly, Semi waterfront, beautifully treed, faces  ���wuthwest, Hcchidod and prl-  Vido.^lillOO,  '64 DUNF. buggy, loaded, with,  exlras.   Phone   1)00-0357   or  -flH0��J2<i��'lr-1-"���-������-OlMF^frl-n-  1904 INTIilllNATIONAL ��/i ton  ' I'll, $550 or nffur/PI), 000-  2100, ,  0134-80  1000  FO'lll.) ..siiilan, Good  inh-  nlng ffindition,  Also u   12'  wooden   row bout,  Phone  1100-  2744, ��� 0170-20  WELCOME BEACH WATERFRONT * No. 1640  Delightful 2 bedroom, ^year'old home on 1.1 acres o'f treed property, 130 foot beach. A/OiI'fiynacB & fireplace, privacy & view.  Asking $35,500.00, half cash Bath these good for Bank Mortgage. Call Peter Smith, 885-9463.       '  DAVIS BAY "                                                  v No   16-2019  Vacant lot 72 feet by 149 an Arbutus Road. Excellent view potential for the interested builder On high side of road Short walk to  fine beach area $5,000 00 Full Price. Try your terms. Call Bob,  885-9461_ ���       ]   SELMA PARK " No   17-2020  2 Prime lots just off Selma Park Ropd Overlooks Trail Bay qnd  fhe islands. Best view.ior the money."Only $1,000.00 down- Lot  size 100 feet by 112. Full Price*$5,000.00. Cqll Bob Kent,  885-9461 or qt office 885-2235.  DAVIS BAY        , -No.   16-1993  Modern 4 bedroom home on'finest, level waterfront in the- area.  Njcely treed and landscaped 2 acre lot.. Why not make your qp-  pojnrnieht today? Call Bob Kent, 885-2235 or in evening  885-9461. '    '  SECHELT��VIW-AGE No. 1871  Next to Village Pqrk. Only ope block easylevehwqlking-to school  and shopping^centre.. Full Price only $ 17,000.00. .Why opt cq|| any  ope of our seven salesmen to view this property or in 'particular  Bob Kent, 885-9461. ,   PORPOISE BAY AREA    , No. 18-2021  189 leyel, treed, waterfront, property just off paved east Porpoise  Bay.Rpad..Approx,,,,.! 1/3;.acres,,.Ideal.to buy and split pff.o |ot.  or two far your friends. Call Bob Kent, 885-9461 eves.  FAST PORPOISE BAY    .  DAVIS HXYi.SJWi i-nrw- with  n.HlIp well Jnillt. house.,, for :..a,Hfl0Nn;    i(���r|j���    ��,|,iy    lot  S"{�� i��?, LC^"J!*u��Z I!!'        HMltoblo  for ihiple,   nr    V^  '71   MA/.DA: '  0,000   milit-t,  cash, niid^lllM.  ion   pickup,  i'ndlo,    $1000  0221-22  K,  ALL  ���lor and shake roof, Full birsti-  moi)l, Largo HW|rnmlpg pool  wilh oiilnltl<i I'h'iipliico, Loin f-f  fruit IreiiH and mn/jnifh-eiit  all' around vrW. AHltlng !|>3��,-  fioo.r \    , k  ;  HF.LMA PAMK^ Vlaw lol, 100.'  HlW.   PUMI,   Wnlor   uviill-  UlllOl  1  FP $5,000.  Call  John  Black  000-7244   n,r;  00(1-7310  62)3-20  _^���^_.,.:;:",?; ���->-, - ,^'  '04    li'Olll)  Hirhl, $<I00,  Fainliine   500   for  ll. 005-0002,      ���    <  '   1(202-23,  MUSIC  t''|l|'1\i.��in��H''|'lCl  PIANO for  0030,  tiiilo, Phono 000-  .,      6,Q60-20  WANTED TO BUY  Mlijlilfl, ,hlv(,i,i; and   Imokmiping  -  ��!(|t|ipincnlu   warh'id.     Write  PO Box  300, Honlioll, ��,C,  0137-20  JlloU Whllo  Hvp Crotihy  Jay vimier  00fl-203h  000-2000  005-20,00  0212-20  HOP UP TO SECHELT  FOR AN CASTER WfinKI^M^ SP-rCIAt  liii jis, ,.  Thfl8��J lols hayo bnrtn'CH-Illng Un $11,900, In order lo tell iho frnv  r��moinino lot*, ill!'* wnVwl nvwry inavinolilc ofl^r will bo con-  nliimcd, CA'ih TALKS, Hul don'i honlloifl to try your lurnvi.  .    . G, KNOWLB'  298,0541 or 291.2081 '  .BLOCK BROS.'MY LID;  ,    ��� ftfilSO P. MA5TIMG5  ' '.' 64 LOT  , MAPEIPA PARK SUB0IVI5I0N  Tlio host lorpa vlow I6t�� In Ponder Horbour���ovftrlooklng Iho  Horbour ond Gulf, closo tff stopftt and schools���rhojo lorn can  b��i purchased -villi o wry,'low,down poymnnt,and poymonts  mi low o�� >38 p��r inopd),  .'WWo'wfnwi! lobm Pflndirr HmhoMr���,f9,000, ���  6% Acrot, Modoiro Park, IJ00' (ronropo on IHohwny--r^BOOO,  I���Op beach Selmo PK. Prea  $1^600  finishing.  Inrms, 2 Pdrm. Somo  , 30 LOT  , f-ARU C6VR SUBDIVISION   ,  honio Thoir^-sflml-wafijrfronf'imij n fowhundmd ^cf'from  ,   Much nnd llnhlng. Prlrr��(| from $3700,  Many oilier vl<?w nn��l r.-)ml-wnl��rfrnnt |ol�� from f')'r>00 |o $0000,  Termt, ovollol'l* on nbov�� prOp��fii����,  t   *; - Ma^etN'Park/ B.C    .  phono Pender Harbour 883,-2233  i-Jfvfo older lypohoM&o^ vlow lo|s(|qrq**i Both 2 B��lrm"i on  Hwy, $|��,0OO, Terms.    ��� ^ '  3���.Ar Robflrti Cmk In blqck lop rd, Ua��, florog'e, largo lot. 2  edrrns. ^13,980, ternn,, Nr. whorf & hooch, Mr. Good  lifiB.BWfi or oB/'WK 'm _  ' ���'  ���, '..   IOTS   , .     -���     ���  --r-Wfl-or front 100 ft, by 200 it, All ��orvlc����, Sullablo-(ai tuh*  dividing, Vl��w V��n, In, 8. Gtorglo Si. Firm, % 11,280,  ?.���ftoborU Crunk, 3 lots n'r.'wliorf, 'All wivjcer��,  $50,00ntich,  | |3m3BOJ|. fV\r,v6ood60fl.B79<5 or OHJ^AAl,  , 'ApRBAQE  A most fonjoBlIc (wo nnd holf ocros properly, wllli'ilia flnofit vlow  on Howe Sound, Including cxwiUva lyp�� nil ''hipd'orn Iwo Odrnb  homo, To Iwllnvo lhit�� horgoln II hos lo ha t>P��p, About 300 fl.  nn woter with roflogo ln<"li��l��sd for n-'nf, Tlm wholn complex,'  Only MO/000 l��rm��, Mr, Goo.J 600 079o nr (-Q7-444I,,  UUblMti'-r-S  P.O. ond  Howa Sound SunUilna Coom, Grocery,  tin.   Mnoulra  Mr,  P#iW here llrt  Whorl. "Mod, living* "m'prf*r��, Ahoul  01.000 , ,  Good n}ea.��179<i or 607-"444|, Aho one ollmr filwul |?7(B00 do,  , Poih lh��M ��t(>f��-�� ore top btiyi;     ,  W�� hove th�� top porlfolla of llUlnoi all lypet lor (ha Sumuhlne,  ^ , Coo-I, Mr. Good oflO-8796 -��� 687.4441.  .BLOCK BROS. REALTY LTD.  654 PUIWAfU) ST7 VANCOUVFK ,  " , " <AI��vo Iho Toufllt flurimii)  100 ft. woterfronlQge, split into two 50x500 foot lots. Easy  " level qppropch to 3 bedroom home-plus-very^-|arge-gaesl^-<-oWage.  Excellent domestic 'water supply. $20,000 do\yn on F.P. of  $37,500. Call any one of our seven salesmen or Bob Kent ot  ��85-?46���l,..eyes,_8.!B54235,...0ffii:e..:.   ..-' ,..,  SELMA PARK WATERFRONT *���    No.  1906  Reyenue home, lovely condition. Owner on ground level. Revenue  bejow with private |eye|-entrance, slf contained^ Also rental beach  cottage. ^Revenue details to sincere party. Good beach faces West.  Call Peter Smith, 885-9463. < ���     .  TILLICUM BAY ��� No. 1450  This good 2 bedroom home, A/Oil Furnace & Fireplace,, concreje  basement, new kitchen, is a steal at asking price of $12^900.00  with good terms. Call Peter Smith, 085-9463.'  " SELMA PARK WATErViEW No. 1963  Retirement special: 2 bedrppm all electric home in immaculate  condition, plus guest cptfage at rear. Spend NO repair .dollars.  Your offer 00-asking price of $13,500.00. Bank Financing 8.  ���gay".', GiVdr- j". ���. Co 11. Pe tp r, Smith, .-/885-i6"^j63; > '  RUBY LAK^ WAT^FROJsiT        "Z       ^i No: 1982  Really nice 96'fooT Lake lot, near salt water, good road access.  Has 3 bedroom Ppst & Beam cottage, fireplace, oil'range, propane  'fridge. House is wired, a beauty. Try. your offer to asking prjee  of $20,000,00, only $6,500.00 down. Call Peter Smith ,885-9463.  SECHELT VIULAGpToT ��������� No, 1737  Large Dry Lot, cleared,. faces sooth-��n nuiet residential .street,  gentle slope/This is good, asking only  $4,000,00 with "terms.  ' ������Gbjl Peter'Smith', 685-9463.      ' ''..  WILSON CREEK                                         .    ..., No, )969  $3,000.00 down, full price $11,500, for this 2 bedroom hpme,  quief road, hydro & water, BOO.'lOotMfc^r'area; plus car port, With  Gov't 2nd Morigaho you need little cash. Call Peter Smith;  805-9463. ��� **   WESTSECHELT No, 21-2013  Waterfront ho'n-e on 1.3 acres with level pebble beach. hf\odem  ...^_|^draqm~home_hos.,sunlifinJMng^ooin!^4repJocfl^new^_^  carpel, patio,'garden, gorago. pull price $37,000. Tp//|ew call  Pop Haddoh, 8,05-9504, j   '  SECHELT INLET   ""���.,' No. 1885  3,96 cros on 2 mads, hoiw<ri~n .Spnrly Hook and Tilliaum B��y  ���Morinrf,..Goof.| home situ, on Blacktop, Close to Mnrlno, 4,,W miles  to Sechell, Full prlco<-$14,950, Try yourotlers, Phone Don Hodden,  flfl.5-9604.  SELMA PARK ~      ~ ���' No, J7rl77l  Complotoly finished'2 hudroom oil uloclrlc mlimmpnl home, p|en|y  of c|osels,g|oN s door, sundeck, On Ioom lot, no��"y walking dlslfinno  Into ��QcliQlt, Try J/3 down on $14,700 F,P. For mora details coll  Pon Hodden, 005-9504, "  SECHELT..                      " ~      ""        ,No, 20-1903  Gracious living In this lnrn.fi 3 hodrnnnV v'jow hornm Will) dPn��  2 flreplpcus, hasomurlt, On ,lolly fancod nn<| londscaporl lot,  Poublo cdmort ami 0/T drive, por |||�� dUcrimlnntina huy��r,' Fi|li  .prlijfj,,$36,000. Try l/,'l down, Por appointment lo vlow call Pon  HoJdw,'0^9504,; *���>; ���      ��������� , ��� ���    -.    -       ���������/������  TILLICUM HAY   "*"    ,���     ~"~~ ~"        '    No, 2014  Goofl lot In summor homphrbn, stops nwoy from Morin*-, ft'ore'i nn'l  moot fishing, Hydro, phono nnd. water l|no hy proporly, Cash price  $2,600, Phono Don Hodden, 005-9504,      , A     ''  ponpRTs mm ~   "~���------���~���.��   No ] 4>2004  20 ncroii with' yeqr round slrrtam thrpuoh properly, f.omo good  tlmlw, mod PlfowoncQ on 2 -ildoR, Phono ond hydro, hy. Cosh  prlco $28,000. Will consider good offor**. Phone Pon Hor|de|>,  Bfl5:9504, ,  -Gin5oWs;'B;cr~"::���^ ;' ~":~~^' ~~w'���^m^  Pxcollont view on lo The Stroll of Gnrtrpla, from "no ocpj pnrxf-l  wllli a four l-odrpom quollty honiu on Gower Polnl.Rd, Proven ro-  nloconionl voluo r>| iho holMInu U In excei* of. Iho f.P. $43,600,  r����rms, We|l worth an Jobpociion, Polor A'ilhofs; 806,2991,  GIHSONS, ||,C,    "     ���-"������' (      "���   t       \^m6  On the cdno of,tho vlllogo, on older lype Iwo hpdroom home on  two wolerfront lots, one vacant, Homo Is level'lo bnoch, Sound  Investment to cnincffla with oreot en|oymont, F,p, $19,000. Terms,  Prtir Avlhim, 006-2991',- ���-.'.-'.������..   ���-. , .������.���'-.���,���. ��� ''   :-  GIBSONS  Geo'role V'��W oxcluslyoi 'Completn privacy, oulslondlng y|ow,  Ihond, new lwo��� hodfoom homo, Spaclou-, hoomed llvlpn room���-  Mjchen, |oro�� dork, Unsomont lor Moroqu, |.nvfl| liorklno lot,  CollC, P, (3a|htrco|e(-rl0<-.701 li, '      ���   , v  GRAMTHAM5   '  Near new iwo hndmo'm homo on high view, Fully Insulated,  iropoiv) firrnoro, Imir |)luro yaplty hath, Wnll to Wall cwpoi',  H'"  3mMi ..,   Cii\] C,rl\���Gpd)efctiii>. 006-7019,  , A5K fPR OUR FREE CATALOGUE OF REAL ESTATE  Box 128, Sechelt'  i v  AGENCIES (LTD,"  ; Phono Ba5.223B  (t&0,��,)  \i\  f  ^,��/*  / rlv if i jr*}^!. i JriffJZI-JtfffJt*'  fJ?r����J����J��ijyUttJLt��XdXJ?fU��^^ \
roaK gm\w, JB.B H.tf. B
years- old. Half \fprinpssee
Walker, Jtalf Quarter horse.
Spimd • atid gentle. Pl\. 08,0-
2Q1?. . . 0125-20
WELSH    Bltetilapri    maro,    H
-years    old.   .Sale »$10Q    Or
trade, ph. BBB-9BQ1. ^,0^17-20
KHAltj Campbell chicks. ,,ay
lip lo 303 eggs per year.
Hatching eggs $2 W dbz. Also
Hamster's mid t) Ulrica Pigs
tor sale. Ph Mrs. Weison, 005-
0550. *      r   ' nglO-20
travelling Around
-l>v Mary TlnHwy
Gibsons Council set
for hall extensions
We^§s4#V\ABrJ! Hil97J The PenNMtg Tfe .       PctaeJhS
flEltUHNI^Q traveller Vi/ho foupd Cali-  , ocean at Carlshad §l}<\ \Pme<\ rrortf-.. At
■ ' fflVhte much cooler than nsyalJc-HN  ' Ocpahside jhey experienced a, hail s^prm
tiifle of year is Mrs. Vera Salhs-, hPW>iU-  -hoi   pice  lluio . rpMnd  hdHets- of  hall uuuuma m uraBr
W** Hfle? accompanying her sister.W    Wch us vie normally  get,  M sjzeeihle S*^Kffil S™VS Sr? S
hplherMn-hw, Mr. and Mrs. W- H. Fisher    chunks  pf 'ja&fed  ice  falling frpm  the « g 3?K*r Sum        *         ^
some of Ofll-fornia's most famous beaches '     .. - . ■?        ?                 . r .^
PpOMF-T aciiqn op the pa]"t_ of adm»ni-
strator to ^ibspns Goupcil,- Dave Johnston, has payer} thp way for j"n exiensioH
to .the mviipcipal office' bUijding hi order
WW q ifl-.iv around California.
GOOP    homes
* \yanted    for
puppies.   Ph.
couptvy and visited tiiends in Snnnyvale,
3j5 mljes south east of Ban Francispo. They
we're t.here when the JUrs" Angeles earth-
m'ajto sl'rud- but felt no effects from it.
A\ San ,lose, they cut across onto Highway p0 t)Pd continued southward through
Fresnp to Bakersfield where they rah
into a fog so dense that they had trouble
jn jfindmg a hotel
Driving-eastward they explored- part
to'Highway i &\ San Lqis-Qhispo^tht-y
-followed 100 miles' of magnificent, cpast
line along the. Carmel-Monferey peninsula- The mad was so twisting and "winding th«.i> if tpok some „careful driving
to negotrato l|ie Chase's 24 f|. trailer
aiound tho -bends. '
At San Simeon they visit ed Hearst
Castle, onee the home of "Vvriiliam Randolph Hearst,  put after bis,, death pre-
STJ-iVEn 'st'ir brooch   Lost Se-
rholt area   Rowtiid ollered.
■■'..;.' O05-2KI0.. 0210720
.   ■■.-;■■   ■   .'■    -     ■,, - -   '■■ f! --    ■ ' - '   '.   ■ .
StlHt power saw, 0 ho* mod7
- el 070, $200. 0' hp MercUry
outboard motor $175. Both in
good condition. Charlie Lee,
8(13-2563. 0034-20
"22'71a0 hp I.Q.;  '55 QMC  Vi
ton, 4 spd.; tapdum trailer.
>- $3500.  Ph. 403-0941.      (1171-21
HAY.. Im- sale. "Good valley -
hay—Timothy Clover Mix
$1 per bale. Washington Alfalfa 100 lb. bale $2.05. Free
delivery. Minimum I ton. Agents for Purina and Biieker-
fields feeds. Quality Feeds,
Pratt Rd., Gibsons. Friday and
Saturday delivery. Phone 800-
'7527. 6154-20
8 FT. OVERGAB camper,- fut^
nace,   fridge,   oven,   double
SS sink. Like new, $1405. Ph.
000-2775, 6102-21
If W'S suits — it's Morgans.
885-9330, Sechelt, B.C......,,:..
pieseived as a memorial. The mansion
named by Hearst "La Dasa Grande", 'is
set agSihsl the SJipt^ Lrtcia ■lyjf^yft|SJns
;ph a khtijl ovfi^ippkip'j;- {.(-«■ se| ahi| is
so vast and filled Wiili, sq 'r^apji- -art
treasures that it requires fhj'ee bprjcjueted
4oms for a, visitor 4 to *[ee e^ryflfipg.
There is also av hHS-'tqwiv-uW^jiiht^igltes
visitors all over the- \^L::l0^^pi fhe
estate with ifs refrpsihingly gfe^iV UUls
its fine iiai'dehs (tp$ its pools aj-cl sat-
uflry- .-.     •■'."   ' ■
Arriving hack in Byerett, ^rg: gallis
and  the Fishei1*- alj wept down  with a
^virus flu, a. raihpr d|§a.p^binting qpd to
a very interesting ffl^,'.'.,,
,  Ph. 085-2421.
ORDEjn   your   garbage   incinerator   at   $3.50   each • from
• Sechelt Ripsmen.  Phone 885r
2475. 5090-lfn
GARBAGE burner, good condition. $50 "of-6waj^p~T"Vr
Ph.  006-7215. 6130-20
%  YARD Lima sjipvel. Wide,
long crawlers. ^71 GM' power-.  Pl>;  0B6-9607. 0210-22,
USEti   tengltSh   saddle,   complete    with    stirrups    and
girth.  Gpod  shape.  $100.  886-
•216Q«after 0 p.m. 0209-20
2LPPTRJC pdflgi-, 'ilmo'-t new.'*'
'•''Wgb- BOB-OaqO-" 1^ 0206-20
FARM tractor, Masisey Harris
Pahy"" with* full  equipmdnl.
$705. Phone 806-7702.
l'alnl - - Fibreglass ~~ Rope -*-
Corrvas. — Boat Harc|wura
Compressed aiir service
(1971) LTD,
Phin-e 000-0303, GibHoni;, B,0.
I WIf<L not he ruHponHihlirfdr
niiy 'dehin or ojilignlinii.-i
(lontraetod hi hiy lialnc by
pertionB olhoi' tluin myfioif,, op
or nflBr 'April 7th, 1071. —
Kmihoih J, h: AndurHOn.
or the Mmave Desert  and  then headed L_ rented \o the State ot  Californm to be
-.mithwaid to Hemet, a lovely little town '   '"   "" '   m'""
in \he ^an Jiicndo Valley  1'ifpalm hlted
V(#pt pp'py iDJeasapt vistas pf -spo^'CapP'M
'. mptintftins.  TUei*- stayed ll'tere for fwo
vyoeks  as  the  guests of  another  sister,'
]Wr^.  Cliipde    Ohflse.-    Ch^iiffe+ired "-"by
, (Jifjufie Qhase-and towing his 24 ff. trailer,  they  ejf-plored  all   the  snrro'imdihg
pouptryside arid many places of. special
interest.' •
They drove out to the  coast  to. see
Saji   Juan  jpaplstralo,  fountled   in   1770,
and one of the most interesting of the
.»mst\y missions built by the Spamards in
their work qf eonverting the Indians. The
pells of the p|d church have hung in the
be(l tower'since 1813 and are rung daily.
The gardens 'are^beautiful and  the old
adobe arches are covered with  flowers.
Qn a v|sit to Pa)m Springs, they took
a ride on the aerial tfam which.j'kes to
an elevation of 8.510 ft. at. the Ipp of the
iuggerf San'Jacinto Mountains, an experi-
fehtie which M's- Salijs found a little too
exclfihg fot' her taste. .
Rev^sitihg Disneyland, they discovered
two interesting! new allfactibhs inhce their
last vfs|t, harhely a haunted hoUse ^pd the
General   Electric   Carousel    of   Progress    &
Which they found very impressive. ^
They spent twO days'tailoring Knott's,
Beiry Farm- Not; only were there jams
..and.;',jeJlies^fpT"..,saile;. mpl4e» from   home - -
grown fruit) but there was a ghost-town,
a replica of an old mining town, and a
nouses  an
shops, .furnished'with miniature furnitureyn-,-!,-,
china, books, a tea set made with dimes
and   even-   a   two-inch   TV   screen   that  *
wprks^,., . ,_'_ ._    _    . 	
On  a   pnghi  synny  day  they  drg\"e.,
r up to see the Palomar Orjsery,atory with
. its   200-ipch  Hale   telescope,  located   on
—top-^f^567--f-t—Palomar— mountain; it- was—
extremely cold there and they estimated
the temperature to be as low as 30, degrees. Qne qf the places where they did
find the warmth and stjnshipe they were
seeking iyas Indfp where they attended
the Date Festival. They enjoyed 3 matinee
performance   by   Spanish   and   Mexican
.   dancers apd  in   the evening  a  colorful
Arabian lSig|Us shpw with some famous
TV artists taking R-irt-
„    , Every, year m April and. May, #e PPP-   •
pippf f?pmpf .ond "Sf»n Jnplhto' pprfom>
'!Ramor-a",  an  Indiap romappo  of early
California,  using  the natural setting of
mountainside and rolling hills as a stage.
More than 350 people fa|fe part and t|-o
Ramona Bowl seals an -"udjence of 0350.  ''.
Mrs. SaJljs and hpr c,ompaniohs were dis-
tjppointecj lhatit.hey copld not sfay for,the
first, performance on Anrii 17, so they1'
reluctantly .left Hemet. arid set off' for
home, Ml'.''And Mrs,.'Chase,'lowing their
trailer, accompanied 'tljem for about, 000
,   miles of their return journey.
Heading  wopfWard, they reached  the
project but at
that time the loan was"only on a fifteen
year hflsis pome" weeks ago it was increased to twenty years and as a consequ-
enpe council members gave consideration
to applying for* a loan for the exfehsion,
Mr. Johnston immediately got in touch
with fhe various -aUfhoritips apd, was
advised to tfT-ike official applicafipn.
Deadline was March 31s,t apd ap element
of rush Wiis invplvpd. However, despite
i\ lengthy list of applications, the Ci\)-,
sop? propos-al was accepted, and^ approval •
was granted Irist week authorizing a"loan ,
01= $40,000
Undej- the Developmfeiit sph^hie it is
not necessary foi Council to go to l^eJerr
,., .. ,,_„-.- .. ._ ,.,-., .r--_ „ ,....,I_r. _,—r,.,. -r^mv-- .,--- „■■=,
hgva t@ wait their tun-p, q|so ^ot this js p "remindp^- Ijstino oply gpd
igpinnst eiw^ cQrfy f«H details.
, April,H-^-^ P-lp  Seche.lt Uegion Hq|l. Bingo,
^pfil-"t5*-;l:30 pm. Sechelt Legion'Half! Senior Citizens Branch 6?.-
, ^cqular "Meetina-
April Ifr-*-2 R.jiri."Roberts Creek Leajori Hall. L A,' Bazpar & Te^. *■
" April \&i~$ P m  Sechelt Indian Ha||. Bipgo^1
Aprj| ]'$—].30 p.rn -4:30 pm. apd 6:30 p.m,-8:30 p m..Gibsons Health
'.» .', .Centre- Rpd r«"Qss Bloqd Donor Clinic.   "
. Apfjl ]7r—7:30 p.m. Elphipstopo School, Gjbsons.Film "His t-apd''.
' ApnJ-J-7—2-8 p.m. St Hi|c|a's, Hall, Sechelt. Garden Club Sfprrng pjower
, Show and Aft Display.
Suhday Schbpl —. 10:00 a.m.
Church Sorylcn — 11:15 a.m.
' fevfinhid ScfVieo 7i30>.rh,
'[.phut Boy Roqd dnd ArbuNi
((1 block* up Irpm Hlghwnyl
j^m^tohai. f)iK'rmciv
A I'oil I hln Iihh h«i.'ii roi.'olV'
ml   In  i,'|-hiw'h   lh«  n|»P)<»   «>r
.Whllo NkI-'Iij the vlolnlly. of
||o|ii!i|H CyiHdi hi Miim.'h Aven,-
Tho United Church of Canada
5tlf John'* Un||ofi| Churclf r PflVlt Boy     .
Sr.ndqy >ry|f;cs. ?lWh,p)'r^4''^'
Robcr-i Crock United ;
S'lOday Services - 2j 30 p,m(
Gi|)iQn(| United, Clnircli
Sunday Hcitylc.au . |) 1 |fi a,\p,
Port Mellon UnOfid
Supdny Sorv|c«B 7 7i30 p,m,
(2nd andi-hli Sundays)
RoV, Jim Williamson » Mlhsopi^'f. BBo-,2333
liy ohjucllop to IIiIh uliun-
(lioidil   bn   MibmjiliHl   In
pt, ip ihu pn«lu)'|-lrtiit)il hy
;m ,|i»yi,
ipnrn   lire  no nhjnciionii
hm.1 tihio iho onion will
Ipih hi* i|riapip.'»|,
W, M, ll'Nni'JHWOOi)
Olnlrltfl, B[i|)i)fliil«|)<lowl
IV111 Mhil"1'"' "I' Hlijliwityn
j)uiiMfi,.Muirl)11!!|l, lil'/l   ,.   ... '
Kltlillvhdii' Htroiit, ■
N/ii'th Vinp'oiivor,
ni'MlNh ti.ihiinhhJ,     . "•   /
(||f|7-pnh, April 7, H, «!,, '70
in ttiii r-roa to imto
Baptist Church Services
MernrjtiM Q^ Trq", Sechell1
Morning WpNhlp ll;|5a,m.
Pq/k  yXd,t Gi|*SO|-|->   ,  '     ,
Sundoy School 9:45 qm,
Rvei'lng Worship 7:00 p.m.    .
Pastor, Robert Alloby  	
of caHaoa
Stf H(Mm'»r 5c«|ielt, pomlly ("OchodM 9i3'0
"""""I" *"*"" -;"-"—•"-••-'•"--*"■""'■-"--'*" -"--•*'-■" 5-;;~* •—"
o,m, (2nr| onr| 4th 5ni*floy)v Holy UPnl-orlsi
nykiy Sundoy oto o,m,; *;30 n,m, <l&t nnd
We'll be glad to hs!p with a
$1000 Home Acquisition Grant
or $5000 Second Mortgage
Loan. ■    '      ■"""■"v:"'    "■■' "''.
Clo Qliiaad and IoqHaround, WecanrjriaHQiRiia0B|Qr(for>yoi|
tp hity a pew 110(7)0'ofiyQMr cholesiflr p^illdioria by providing
ari'QMtFlarit $100P Hoina'Aoqiiloltlon Qraptor a $6QP0'Second.
To -qiwityt yoU must bo the first dRcqp(sr)tofth^n<3whQmar
snd iriMPt hayo llya<ln PrlPh ooiuitiuia for, iMtohtlw f'mme-
cllfl^ly preceding ^e data of pnrc|iaae or pompletiop of
copQtructlori, ' '
- The Lopp mn equbj Mlt o^ttn^t artRBed tlio dlffaiprifte pa-
tWe^i tpe post of the prppetiy apd t|)a flrat morlgoqar .
Prav|oM« British Columbia Government Annual Homo-owner
Grants will be detjiicM from the $000 Grant, put not II yoir
choose a Second |yiQrlgaaQ,(Ufln»
Interest (ow^r than oh Federal N.H.A;
firat rtidrtgages ^
Jf P^V^anfa arftyrMa pfomplly there w|l| pa ep pnnM.a| refund
6\ up Iq -mp/p, redHPlna ttie ellecllve Irilere))! rple pn a 25-year
Sapppd Mbrlg&ga Loali lo 7V.'%. For ekflrpplQ, |ha mon||-|y
'paym'ent'-'Rrl avPPi 26-ypar Secppcj Morlgaga' f-o^n |a'
$41.0Q but'tpp 10% refund -wHld'ln silpe-. reduce (his to
wm i ';       ;,' "■'
ah rrt^te^FMiiy insured-    j
y^lthPUt extra charge
Idlha^orrovyar w|io fa thp principal supporter of
riles, ||-a Qqyarnmanf of Brlllsh^Colu'rnPlfl W||l ft
.romalnlngdoptrT|iora lo 110 ohargb lorthla loouro
forglvp tho
,.._r„„„,rrr„.r,_r..r.Fr_r_....,—,,_,„_,.,,.„„.. loeuranoo»nor
nrp tl-ara ppy application, |ogal or faolotrat|Ofi |qo& or
.charges, ..... "./■,,     ■. -., ■_.,... „■     ..■.'•'.'
Annual Home-owner Grants ,
reduce your property taxes
Olioa you ppyp pMrcheaod your now |)Q|T)e you papomo '
oligihkfor >Iiq.p;III«Ii cp|umhia Qovarnmertt Homeowner
Grant of up to $f7P an»?ua|ly-an Important fatflor in helping
fp roducp ho arnpunt ol ypur proparlylaxos,
,-jr'i'; EytfTy Thuiwioy 01 |0 o,m. Fv/wni"
(it /i30 p,m, Wflrt "Od 4llj Soo'loy).   ,
Ut.' Mory'i, Horili'i Joy»: IJo|y, (.;Mchor)st-i->
M<3Q,o,m. (1*1 ood 3rd Sundoy),
fompi-t. H(*ly PochTitfi—-% f-.m. I >\ oo-f
3rif Supday), ,,,    >        ■   '     .
Clrwfcf- oil |fli Pre»«r»i-i»—(t«4w«»t(», Pvcfl*
«f)[|--3 PP), PVbr ?hd Sundoy, Ijoly
|:«i(hqrl»t--3 i>,tn, cv»ry 4lh Son'loy. "
^|«#t—H«V, P. P»p^<>, 5e<l*6lt 61)9*97,99,
'" '■ \-
For further Information mall thla coupon
\ DEPARTMENT, Op FINANCE       -       ;' '
1 mon, W, A. C B EWTTt P-0„ prornler and Mlnleler of FlnancO'
Q, 6, BrlYSOiN, PepMly MJnMur of rinanee .'   ..    '
,-h. r**, »»• ?*** ,,
Prnvinhlirl Admlnl^raf°l"- H^mo-ownor Aooieteripp.
Doparimont of finance,
-parllaf)if|ftiil ^MMdpndtir—^ ■—•:'—.—»-™-^— „„_,„;., ,„...„,, „
y|c)pr|a, prlflal) Pp|u|i)p|e j
PloflBo tiopd ma full information with regard 'to tpa <
$)poq Grant for puyina a now homo and $6000 '
Spcppd Moflgag^ Mil.
m I—it'll ij>iUi»—Wi«WiM<*»IM«N»
'L±**00mam++imM0mw00.L+*0\i0t^^ w4» ii'mmohwhn ni*ii'» w#m. <iwfc*iJ*ii ■ ■wii.nwn^^yw    \
("*■-* f00^t """*"• "ff^ ^*T W'-' P""ip W0*Q W™f r**0 Wi*00 w*00iQ*000 &I0/*, &*00 fb00L\% f^00 p*04 f*1*^ f*"^* "•*"" W^0l ^00* pi*^ f**™1" I*-' (P**,""l #*■*♦ Q***? f*00* W*v
>. v
V' ' •
<•*<!*■ *'■
J1- 'i
, *      % *\      *•. *.      <•      # ��� ���***���&��  MAf-iC'      -J"*"       ,'\   ',    'A"' '   <*     ��� - '   ' / *   ' ' .      ' '    '.      1 f"  mm  r.  Is,  i^  *  r-  11  u,        --  ~> ��  'POuT-St Pierre    Land Branch indicates lease held in obeyance  -tetter from Perl lament Hill  OTTAWA���Not all the best speeches ate  J made op the" floor of the��� House of  Commons, -as'I believe has already heep  ppted' by ope or two Wayfarers iii our  Vale of Te,ai-s.- " '  ' The speech reproduced below has not  appeared in Hansard, nor in any report  from a Standing  , Committee of Commons. It. was del7  ivered from one MP  to another in an Air  Canada DC-0, The  plane,    at the  time  \ ��� was- 31,000 feet;ab- -  ove     Saskatchewan.  ^ They did not look  at       Saskatchewan-  Their   appetites   for  looking    at    Saskatchewan from .plane,,  windows had;long sinse been satiated.    "  Their* conversation had revolved around  Canadian agricultural policies.       -  The. first speech offered was that of  the anti-agriculturist, delivered after two  whiskeyes, which mellowed him, but  before the serving of a gutta percha Air  Canada chicken brea��t, which was bound  tp have the opposite effect.  He  spo|.e as  follows: "  '���You lihpw what I> think is the view  of the average Canadian farmer? You  know? Dp; you really want my opinion?  "It js my .cqnsidered opinion that the  farmer's view of a functioning economy  is that he grows anything he. wants and  anybody can-do anything they want with  it p.fterward provided the government  pays for it.  ''So he wants to grow lots of things,  Because he is a farmer and faimers like  tp grow things. Big'deal. No, don't interrupt me, because if you do I am going  to shove wrapped slabs pf Black Diamond  cheese right into 'your left ear," which  is maybe as good a place as any for sur--.  .plus   agricultural  production.  WILL YOU* SHUT THE-HELL US  AND LET ME SPEAK? Thank you.very  much. Pardon me Ma'am. ' '  "All I wanted to say, in as gentle a  voice as I can command, is that thank  God the sewing machine manufacturer  aa&B=U=got���fee���g*Mw4iar"=ga�����  LETTER dated April., 2nd forwarded to  a local oresidpnt, M*'-' Pl��yd Fraser,  from the T^ands Branch director, W-C.  Fry, indicates that an, application for  lease of Crown foreshore in Trail Bay  for' barge loading facilities by Construcr.  tion Aggregates Ltd. is still h'eld in gpey- ���  ahce. ��� * ������'.'"  -    -Letter .states: "       ,   ���  In reply to your letter dated the 22nd v  March 1071, we aie attaching heretp a ���  pyipt shq\vu*4 outlined ip red an area'qf  ��� Crown foreshore; in Ti-ail Say wJEiich is  cpveuelJ by >'an applicatipn to lease fors  bar^e loading ��� facilities by CqnstrurjtiQn  Aggregates Ltd,      ,..,  This application is being held in abey-'  'ance at the present time pending receipt  tion to lease from B-ivtow Straits at Pov=  poise Baj'. If you would care to send" ps,  .a^ sketch shoyving the precise area op  which they are operating, we shall cheojt  to determhsg. its status.  Regarding the .fourth paragraph of  your letter, we regret that without the  coriept file number"''it would be very  difficult .to trace the letter which you  say we sent to the, Regional District in  December 1969. In any event, if we did  find it,  it  would  not  be our  policy  to  Pago A-A The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, April 14, 1971  ���-Qnihg , regulations' or .was against the  public interest, or '.whatever good reason, this Department wpuld feel obliged  to' bapk them up and ^onsider^disallow-'  ance. ���  , We-note .your* statement, that the ReV  ���*A  distribute copies of it to "just anyone who      .        . .    ���   ....       .,  ...     ������..      ,  asked   I  would say,   however,   that  the/ their  intention?  After all, 4he Regional  'quotation' which you made would be a-  Di&tnct have a  direct responsibility for  correct   interpretation    of   Ihis   Departr    planhirtg and zoning etc... and helping tP  mentis policy. It is confirmed that applicaT, .guide the development of theii' respective  tions for" Crown land or foreshore are* not"    m"eas, and I am sure they would be only  of a field report on the area from our., 'adjudicated....without, fhst. ^Qbtairiing.Jhe    ipo pleased, as well as morally obliged,  District land inspector ip Vancpuver and    written  comments  of the Regional  D|s7     tq at'least hear and considernthe opinions  also the'comments of the Sunshine Coast    triot authorities. If the iiegional District 'Spd" feelings   of. the   citizens  in   whose  Regippal district authorities. *        were strongly opposed to a particular ap-     ipterests    tliey   are,   broadly    speaking,  We dp not appear to have an applica7.   plication  bemuse it did not qpnform to    'acting; ��� / i-  gionai District have instructed youtp send ' trjcts^and^ m^wciPjhtj^^bo  'all protests etc. to v"ictpria.Wevdo not    -'--*--i--t-J ���-- ->��"'��������� >���-��� �����"-  really understand this and are wpndering-  peiiiaps if you may have misinterpreted  Debt Reserve Fund ups Regipnal Budget  SUNSHINE Coast Regional Distriqt.bud^ ,:*^r988i.fiiect|en8..-9ft8lv.yB���S; $8.i(J(W.|-Art  get for 1071 shows total" l^pphditure \prpteption, West Howe 'mvim MM1, Rob--  c^o..   r......^..^    ...  �����=- ���--���---'��� ' <-    er|s creel? 7.6Q3i bpil^h-g aM plumhitjg  inspepttpn WMty ^reet Uglitipg MM\  water supply "apd dieiribhtlP'O $l^.0��i(l  ..garbage sites $17,000-;:. mty&i cpiiectiph  -P6,13Q; envirpnment^l planning, and  j-pping $15,000. '���     ;���, ���'  ���.Revenue, spprcesi jSui'ph'S of- ppipi'  year $20,|il|)i��*�� sale',, of. wir;fe^ services  $H35,O0i; ImUcUng and phuhhing ip^pep"  tion fees $e,pooi admim'-trative -"pcoyeries  $9^00! prpviniiai a^mipistratipp grant  $6,000; prpvipciai. planning Irapt $5,000;  i by   requisition' $1#,558.  $345,634. Included in this amPWPt ts  $00,000 which .goes tp lhe My.picjnai f Ip-  apce'Authority to establish 8 PPbt Reserve  Fund.  New   provincial  legislation  establish--  ed this authprity ta enable regipnal P^is  whipfi~*yMli; be ^ifficiiit tp-'rai-*'i pn'the  ppeiv mai^et' for tihani/ipg wativ, spwe-'  and  ppllutioh' and abate-pont faciUt-ip��,  The ampunt payabie tp ��� the ���debt re>  serve fund:is half, of the annual"instalr  meptof principal Vhd intei-e'-t and will  be held to the credit of the fund, ?t ;willi  b'e repaid together with interest to the  Regional District - when ' the district has  paid the final instalment. It is believed  that it will be raised by taxation ttu-puglir  out the district;  Other expenditures included in the  budget are:'General gpvernmept services  ' ���  ' genuine factory parts  JAY'S B, fl. Bt MQTPRS \Jf>,  1257 Seymour Sr., Vancouver 2'  Telex 04-509558 Ph, 631-4826  ACCOUNTANTS  RALPH C. DUCKWORTH  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Telephone: 885-9515 - Telephone; 886-2912  SECHELT, B.C. GIBSONS, B.C.  W.  Philip Gordon  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Tel:   Bus.  886-2714,  Res. 886-7567  Harris BlocK, Gibsons, B.C.  APPLIANCE RfEPAlBI  the short hairs the way a farmer has.  "Let me Put this question to you ,..  "LET ME PUT THUS QUESTION TO  YOU, as I was saying before you so rudely  interrupted; I want. to put- this proposi-  tionHO you.  "We've got a guy who. likes to make  sewing machines. That's his trade. He  likes making- sewing machines. He' makes  good sewing machines and he makes-  lots of sewing machines.  "He makes so damn many sewing  machines SHUT UP DAMMIT I'VE GOT  THE FLOOR^-Beg your pardon Ma'am-  he makes so many sewing machines that  every family in Canada has got at least  two, not counting small ones for the  kids.  ",Npw, do you think Lhat maybe this  man might feel that he has saturated  the market?. Would it ,just he possible that  he might consider that maybe,, with the  entire Canadian nation up to its eyeballs  in hewing machines���.sorry, lady���that he  Should branch out into some other line  of production?     '    .  "Do you think it just might be possible for him to, consider where he is  going to end what he is so joyfully producing? ,        ������_.,     ���*'..' ',  "No'sir, Not V hu iajike a farmer, If  . ho is like u furmer he will- keep on turning out sewing machines because he is  a good sewing machine turner outer .and  he likes making sewing machines and  if there isn't anybody left in the whole  ��� bloody,' iiution. whp, wants   to   buy   one,   ,'.''.' "'!f'Q.l.m(.'..QLll"iii-^  have   userl   lire   llrst   four   puichunes   lo  weig|v down  'the back  of   the  Chov  so  ��� '���ll-roy can, got better traction in'Uio nnow,  H doesn't make any damn dlfforoneu, ho is  going to'k-rop right on turning out sewing '  muchlnoH because 'he's good al that business, If ho can't soil any mnrti und cnh'ti  even glvci'miy moro uwiiy it doomi'l, really mutter,. That's a "problem ,for thu gov-  ornnwni./riw govenmient wm look, iirtur  Ihat, If one government rlotisn'l., he will  elet'l another gnvirriiment which will find  -���"-way lo-<!<��v<n-"thrr���wlTOlr! riK!Ti~'(ir"riiiTi"  planet with Hnwlng muchliuw, hIucIukI  six deep, in piiKlol co|oi-ti, with cumm and  spuio bohblnrt, ijnd five huridrerl ihoimand  million. Iiooks >if ln��li'ut!tlon��!'on tt^vf*  Ing miir'liincH, lilro Intlor of wl Ich ho ha��  nrrHiigcd fqy lhe govoniiiinnl lo turn nut  .  lit government iptpmttc in ord��u', lt)",nU-  niiiluh!  the truwlng" iniieliino mirrluil1;"  Wo M'.itmv Ui  have  run   i)i|l   of opucn  In thin column, no i|m rent of I he upend)  niu'iil he omitted, Thl;i Is i, plly, for llio'  .   spifiiker'N riiib-nKjuepl remui:kn v/o-�� yery  colorful,   ���  "TltAli^BAir-ENTEftPRISES  Repairs to large or small qppliances  JOHN BUNYAN  Davis Bay Phone 885-9318  Telephone 886-2069  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  Pottery, Supplies, classes & firing  dealer for Duncan's] Ceramic products  Pine Rd. & Grandview Ave.  P.O. Ba�� 62, Gibsons, B.C.  AUTO SERVICE  SECHELT HOME SERVICE  Atlas Parts - Good Year Tires  24 Hour Towing  885-2812 or 885*9979  BICYCLES  .      .       .   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Trucks  ^OURNEYMAM BUILDER,  "r-' EXPERT FINISHING'��� 1-"  Alk-irillo/ii. - A<l��lll|on�� * Klldiaii uni!  |)��tl)(oo|ri!( n Spoclolly  RAYXf<AW5HAV/  RR }, Boehelr, B,C.. P|iori�� /B85-51J98   :J:���T~CORJ'ZUIDBMA'"-* ���"" Z.  \\Hk All Yo'ir Rcnovql|on-��, S\c\nim  one! C-ibinof 'Woik, |( i  * TRICON DEVELOPMENTS LTD.  CUSTOM HOMliS - PRI-FAB MOMU      i  HlOhOnollly1, ,; ReownoWo Prlr.rh      ,,  liny n PockaO'} ��iii<l ��r��c,l II y����'iu-|f, or ��<!;l  oi|r profomlonol Imlp, '  OARPEN DAT, P,C fhorKi 003-2^3  i "  '        PHON^E 885-9550  RON'S CONTRACTING  "C|<iorli"o ��� rxrnvnilofm , Roorl lliiikllng  Cindlno - fill ��� |'nn<l Ornvnl ��� Cri|-.|ioc| |<ock  Phonos Socholt 885-9550  PRECAST CONCRETE,  M,l��IIC,TANK |MriTAIII(f  (.OVIKNMIMT 'AI'PKOVr.1)  ��� IKll; Kif IMAH fi  I JrrivoliniiH. I'-rolnarjn "��� Wnlarllnot I If.,  Buiinasa Phono 006-2231  Homo Phono 886-9579  -EtE^RICH^  ACTON ELECTRIC LTD.  ....      r    I ,. L      ..       ,  Ko'.lcl'jiiliiil �� Ir'tilutili'lol oikI M'ulni) Wlrlnii  Meciilc llffoi . | Irm Woik  ,"*" ~i~~~Phon��r0867W4 e"-**-~w-  GIBSONS HEATING  INSTALLATION -SEKVICll  Fnrpaca ond Hoi .Wnlor Tonka  Oil or Cos  1'rco I'Ulmolos ��� Ni" Olrlloollori  Phono 886-7380  )ack Cpnli, P��-* 387, Glttnn*, B,C  MACK'S NURSERY  Roberts Creek  . SUNSHINE COAST HIGHWAY  Lon'lscoplng - Shrubs - Fruit Troo:  - Fcrllll/ur  j    Sorry PMla - Bedding Plants - Pjiol M<^88  Fully Licensor! Pe&i|<-|do Spro^na for   ���  ;       " Landwoplno and Trcos-^  Phono 886-2684  .'.in.     ���       '     ' .   ,.������-    ���,  ,   OPTOMETRIST  FRANK E, DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  Bal Block - Gibson"-  (Every Wednesday "     >  efi6-2248,  PLUMBING  TIRES  COASTAL TIRES  SHnihlno CoQ*t Hiphwoy  Dok 13, aib��on��, B,C. - PIipoo 806-2700  5ALES AND SERVICE..- .,,   AH Brondi AY0li��l5l��'  Monday to Sq|i|rdrry 8i30 q,p\, to 5:30 p,m,  Fruloy evpnlno lYoppolnlmont only,  TOWING       ~"  ���.^-.-.^^.^^^^^^   U-,0 Ihetio Kf-ricns lo  i ' ,  reach nnnrly, 10,000 pcopfo  ! ;��vcry -rvoekl  THE TIMES' ���' Phono 085^654  .; " \ ' ��� ,, .  ���HEATINQ"'&"SHEET"METAt-'  HALL 5HEPT METAL  Pomesllc -Commercial - Industrial  Tclophono 885-9606  Bok 164, Socholt, B.C.  TILLJCUM HEATING & SHEET  ^~r    METAL  OIL - ELECTRIC & GAS  Ho down poylnont i  Phono \Dm4M4  , SlL FIRED WARM AIR HEATING  ' OIL FIHLU WAUU MEATUS   -'��� N��|liift|J''D^,Vip'"rIO,,ycorfiTo'l'oy''"'���"-" "  llifjlii I'luniliinu    '-.;��� "  Roy Blonclto   *    ;, Modnlro Park  883-2401 883-2778  ,    SEASIDE PLUMBIMO   ,  Gibsons  Pluml-lnr- - P'lpofltllno - StWrnfUllnp  ^-,Hgt.WolfirJl��Rllna,-.r;PlR0.M>Q0lW��  1 FREE ESTIMATES  Phono 886-7017 oi 086-2848  r  RENTALS  , | "RENT IT AT"  1     THE RENTAL SHOP  at Davis Buy  "Wo Ruiii or Soil Alin'obi ���i:v��iyllilncj"  r|y|niy��il|r)|!�� - I li|lillri|j I'lnillu - "|"ol��|Yi��|����ni  Ruin lillont �� Cririwiil ^Imih, - Lnvyii |<o^��n  .      , , M"< li'iiili,'t�� Toolii  PHONE flfltt'?IM'n ���.24 HOUR SERVICE  , ���., ..I,.... in. n   n      ��������� ......ii, ��� , ii!,,.!.,  RESTAURANTS L__M  ..HORSES  FOLARON FARM  J MORSfMIH���  EM^iill^ni Ifri.lliliuft ovollol-l* l<> y</u Imi hintdinp,.  nnd riding, lndlvlduolt,poddw.l>, A''.'' irig'|!,lijrii��|  iilixid ��lock lur koli),:  R.R. 2, Gllw-ns, B.C. Phono 806-7729  EAltLS COVE RESTAURANT  Onflfi 9 flirrt. to tlio lost fdrty  *) lamo Cooked' Conbdlon nn<l  EttfopCnn Dbhes  JOE AND MARY iRASER  ���- TclF'883-2747���"-���-" r���*  ;    USE, THIS  ., BUSINESS DIRECTORY"  TO REACH1  10,000'PEOPLE.  THE TIMES, 605-9o5^l  Scow* ��� Log*  SECHELT TOWING fl. SALVAGE  LTD.  ,   lluqyy Enuipmon^Movlna R l^pjowloo  .L.'HIGGS  Plloho 005-9/125    .  TRANSFER  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER  Houimliold Movlno, Pooklnw, Storog��  Pru-Ki'pp Moiorlolji For sola  w4,,,:���.:L.��,,,,^orr,|,or.of../s|||o,j.Vf)ri Uriel,*���-*-����<-"������   Crrnodo's No, I Mov��r��  0, Phono 886-2664, R.R, 1, Gihsons, 0,C,  HANSEN'S TRANSFER LTD.  WAREHOUSES '  Socholt 885-2118 - Gibsons 886-2173  DAILY SERVICE f'ROM VANCOUVER  i       SH'VINQ IHE SECHELT HNIH^UIA  I'uinltuiu lo mrywliufu lo Conntfa,  Guncrfll FriiQHi Eow-lio��l ond hoovy IroMlirto  ��� ��� ���   ���     ,   ,-      ,   ��� ������       ���' ��� ���     .   ',������- ,  TRAIL PAY CARTAGE  Phono  H���i.    J  885-20/J8 Anytlroo  UPHOLSTERY  BBLXlR CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY  ANI^ DRAPERIES  |<iMipliirltiip|lM(j - RtMyllliri ��� Oroiplfilo |)io|M)iy  "cryirr). !>nmplt*, *,liown Ip lhn homo  Phone 886*2050 oftor 6 p.m.  ;,    ���     or 886-2873  Your Huslne-i-i Card  In thlt" 6parq w|||    j  r6or.lv nearly 10,000 people!  Uw'cbst v"'Hiph p��>wer  i..i  I  ,i,fi..  '    r.  .  .t.Jt-  rj  '  I t  !/���  ���0>i*rrr-rti0!00itt0,fttrt.t04f,  V  0   t   .  I  ti-   ct^s^rt^rt^^^, 0^4,     t.*^/tn��    ^�� fc rt, j* ** *���*  1*, * A AA^ *r,^.<*���� ��A��*��i*A*/r��  *.AA A,A 4H\^%0p%^,0l%.0^^,t0i  *���*-*�� Art bless exhibits  at Art Gallery shop  A.R11 plass pupils of MrS Ifaiy We})s W!H  psfhlbit snrr-ples of" .work i\\ t.Kp Art  G'Ulery Shop, of- the Sunshipp Ar,'Cnu��\-j  p*|l in'lhp jSiipshjpo ppast* Credit t^pltiii  huildipg \p {Se'phalt ft'oin April 14. tp 24.-  Tl-esp wiH he largely- p\\a of h��U? soih  scapes ami landscape'' allhppb'1 h-ft}"e  nmy also "he. sqinp Vlpwor ��t'idies.  - It is interest ing to watch the stcRdy  progress pf llic students who have been  ,ablo* to-allend lyirs. Wpll��'' elates. ,1 -  Th'c^alilpxy-ha-s also receiv-ida selep-  tiop of the pottery of Marguerite McLeh  jail whose work has always beep appreciated op the Peninsula. Jl' you have no!  yet visited lhe gallery since the rppovq-  Upns you aro most cordially welpomed,  hy the voluntper- staff.   '    ���  fhe Penlftsufq Times       :fm* A*s  Abpht thp ?47 Oopktail���dvhik app and,  yaw go "Soe-pgl Boeing I"     .  55*  Socholt Legion Branch t4P  111  Legion Hall, Sochelr  AT p p.m.  f!pi^OR!rt?]|E  -    B  ," %  Enhanced  At SiscligH, 42l#mentm!y Schppi, all  eyes aj-e op Ml!- ISfrtie Philip, per-  ���foi'rriipg a series qf native Indian  dances inJnU'Costutiip which he,later  explained in detail as chiidi-en asked  questions but even Mr. Philip was  nonplussed when a little grade ope  student asked-"You're pot-gqing to  kill us all, are ypt*?" fp reassure  her, he. later danced with Gail Ono.  MORS    ABOUT   ....  '��� Dentalprofession  -rrfrptn page A-l  news release has also arrived from the  Hegional dental consultant stating;  Through'the voluntary participation of  local dentists, the Bpai'd of' Scijppl District No. 4(3 and .the Coast Garibaldi  Health Unit, a, Seh.ppl Dental Survey was  recently conducted in randomly selected  schools in the Sechelt,Peninsula area.  -    Results of this isliind-wide survey will;  Jie available for futtire-piannJng in rela-  .u$  A z/  '   J   *> 7^ il  4  Ut,   i  hi  Tiion to dental health needs and allpc'a-  tion of funds for dental programs in the  respective localities. After tabulation by  the Provincial Department of Vital Statistics in Victoria, the statistical analysis  will be made available tq those ppople  or groups whp ma-/ have ap interest in  local community health levels ancfHpTan-  ning. .  ������'���  Thp', actual examinations were done  by local dentists who volunteered both  _thpii-Town time and that ortbetr assistant  who acted' as a recorder. It is worthwhile  Poling- that without exception, eveiy  dentist asked to make this signrlicant  contribution tq[their community and offered his complete co-operation  The organizing of the project was earned out locally try the iProYJpeial public  health dental cpiisUltant apd IVtr. John  Phi Hop   of   (tie   Pepaitpiept*'i ni    Vital  The'denjntH?^'Were alsd: very appreciative of tbp; cpyrtssy appl 'co-opora-  lioil Ihey were ekippdedI by members of  the teaching stuff at the variPUb schools.  Eveiy effort was piadu by tire principals,  in particular, to provide facilities as adequate to the survey needs as possible.  RCMP Musical Ride  for Centennial visit  "MpST extensive,lours of llrilish Columbia  ^f-���eyef^fmmetM^"-"~Hi'^  Mounted, l-nlkci   Mpsjcul' Hide   and   Dip  HCiyil- Military ?3tind' .will be outstanding  feature") of tpo I'rovincti's Centennial. '71  CplobriitionK, il isimpounded by I...J, Wallace, C'onernJ' Chii'lriiiim of |hp JJrilisli  Coliinibia Coniennlal 'V^Cpniinilipe,  "The niiiHii.'ul ride Will be norformcrl  In li| i.'i)jpipiii"J)|ii,i, and Hie HCMP band;  will lioUl '"i"iir:��rlHl In I? |i��!iil|(��pnr" Mr.  Wallace sirld, "This Is n grijal liiliuiu. lo  Ihu hlsloiic linporlancc of lhe lOOII) blrlh-  day of )h|t|n|) Coliinibia in Conl'edoru-  lloii, and will add jiiiiiuIiih lo lhe celehrii-  tloDH, The times uni madu putiHililo ihrougli  cn-npnrallop of Jim I'mlerar governipeiil  and llio Provincial1 Cnniiinnlal '7i| Copj-  MljilM," < y  The 'IICMP lliiiul will iniilui lhe firsl  tour, Hlnrllng nl Pnwmii) C|'ml',May hi  iiiir|,i,'np(!|iid|pg ni Klinlinrlny May III,'  The Mnolnil 'Miiln will inako Iwq Hopar-  iile lourii, Tho llrKi hIiii'In at p'rlncii (luorgo  Julie -ill, nndlng al CrnpbiDok ,lnly hi,  apil llio miiiiHid lifiglpM at Kapi|i'i/pn Au��  giiHl l'i, finishing wilh 11 porlnrpinncei-  al tho Pacific Nallnpal Kxlillilldm, An-  giiHt WI lu Huplcinliiir |,  ' Thii 'nii||i;dii|i   for IIiuhI cnnccrlM'foi-  >  t .7-  I  -J  Electoral Area B iorms  Ratepayers Association  WH.LOWl^Cj two ilicetingH at-t|��c Welcome, T3e'i."c}i F(ah last  Sajpiday, Aiea  1} has a Ralepayeis1'Asfiocratipn-  Af a3 public mp��JtniR held at fj pm  wilh G /Tampion Lpndop rpv \]\c 'chan,  Geoff CjoWlpci, pipbideht of the Saig-  .eant Bay ^atet>aycl���,,, Association an-  popiicod Ihal a) ,-ri pxli^cp^rjinary "geneial  meeting his ussocidtion had pnanupously  agieed to eVtend.ris aron rtf acifivity lo  cpver Electoral Aiea B and to change its  'm/ine to "AtPa B Uatepayeis,f ^t-socra-  tion" It had'also been tiuahiinoiisly ag-  ��eed to lian^ifcV tn Aroa-'B Ra'tepfiyors'  Asapc-dlioh fupds pmotuiting to $101 79  boUM-ging to the Saigeipll B^y Ra^rpay-  eis Associdtjon A lno'y mppting |oll(\w-  ed with plenty ol dive-gcpt oppijons ox-  piessed on a number of questions Theie  was considoiable discussion as icgaids  eligibility foi .merpbeiship, but with only  thiee dissenting voles, the meeting piov-  co lo be in  fayju^LjriQmbiii&hjp���bcin  \t$  )���,������  spkim fiQmik show ; ANP Anf ��!$hay  %rll 17th 'from 2\ptil!U,i-tK> f p.!H*  -    STr HILDA'S NA^'^l'SPHi^r  Tep and Plant Solo Admission by 6i|ver collection  x  j'  .��v  \k  '���"���"'-bwA  fa"  y/i  W "' \  f.  n  i  J<  ' �� i  J  {  *:\  Professional  Dancer  M'lKnm lu-i Jill si .ipp-'cu dm i in (\i  liadiiiii "-ulinul-. |)i(ilt ^lniuil ihilut  inih.in (hiipL'i   Mi    I um   Philip ii'  llglllill  --llllillll-} llll(|   "lull  .n  (ill) UllL  ninl Si'i l)i"li l< hnn niiii'  'ii lino), UN  ', .���':���.:������''.','���"',''.':��� '���.:    ,-      '���     ���' ���iv,'^, ���   I'    ���  Planned program . Jt ��  Ui'ilncsilay. ThP rtuffle D^pce pe|'-  iiiniiii-il llie ruffled grousp while Mr.  I'lnlip*- inoccasinec) feef he^l a fa&l  Uiilnn in the accoipphniinept of Mr.  l'l-ii-   Mullchjld.  provide jB<3ho0]  .Ciiiqili'i  treat  hopKiNq K|)oc|acuiar: )p jiidlvp|Tnd)i"p  ci-riunoniul danin- -rpgidi", prnhwionaf  Indian ilaircur Mr. Ernie'jP|iiii|,;W Hi" ,  f}hiinfiwap Iribi) b.ioiiidit liiHlory jpljo ))pt|i  (llb-ipiiH ijiKV-'fipcheir liilonninipry p|c|)no)t|  IhhI, WMel', J  The vlnil wuh HppnHOr��'tl by the Hop)��-  inakwi'H CJ|uh nii(t Uppartinupt of ilnd|pn  AffpliH npil'ln Sechplt Elonmntary .School,"  wuh part nf n '. plnpppd; prngrnipnio |n  brlni* rimoiirco people )plh |hn tw)wn\,  ,  . Mr, Pli'lliii wan accompanied by, pnifes-  hIiiiiiiI  Indian Hlngi-|' ���nnd' dru|npi��r  My,  |��oricy Hiillnliild  nf Hie Hlaf-'tfnnt )r||��e,  jyinpinpii, iioihurn pieinberH tits poo*  profit iiri(iiiii/,alloii preailp|{ Imllcr |iop'Ik  of iinflor-iiiipding ini'l fellowship bolwppp,'  liiilliin nnd unn-hidlanH, Al'ai lo prosprvw ,  and  fpiiicr  Aippildim  iD'Hmi Arln  nii'l  t'niflH and iiulliinil valmm for all l|-|iu,-'  In (iciiliuli, i.'hllilron from the Ipdlnii  htdl'ii) were,Kooipfi fpr Hip f(rs| (line, Mr,  i'|)|1f|J expliriiied jliat, l|p hip-self; had Ip ���  Jaarp this 'almoHl: fpr����ittop -cpltprp ��P(!  pye'p j his porforinaiipp WpN rplaipd flip  j-)a|nH |Pdia>)H rallier tl|up the' un-ii'lal  jpdlaps. His p()rfnrpifU)��ieii|iiHfratpd tW\  ,|T)|\l|caj|y llio clfifjp llaspp helvyeep Hie  pa||vn IpdlapH apd palurc '>P'�� W�� III*1  flanci! prpgri;Nf|i.'d Mr. Philip-assurped i|i��  yery characipr nf varipM" (ilrdu-niiliv��  |o Hje prairie",  Tho iriag Danco which ImppM penpln  lost |p Imltln orjfdniiUiil wilh Ilia Hlnux  liib-.* |p TfiiMa apd was perfnrmed wljh"  ���pout dlgplly by Ml,."*PlrlH'pi '     ,' !  llotwcpp dappos, Mr, PhlH'ii !nn|< llP)o  oui in explain doiallH of hln cpHiiupii nnd  iniHWl.'l'   coiipIIuhh'ipipn||ni)H,  nwii; mo mii-ii nincrary win im annoinicc.i    y,||(1),u |Mlvw-l)|(,(!)) ���iioj,,i|n,i n,��� pu|>f|<i  J.!U!!lJ..,>.,,.....,,��,,.l������,,,��..-.,.,��,���,,w.-  Hijhii(,h,|'i')|-,.Moiiiti,yaui,��,..n()w...��ii')tl��tliii1,Bi��ff..  May I'.', Diiwhoii <Viinl<; May |!i Prlpcp  fhiorguj May l'i ,C'minn��l| May i'l iiipn-  loopn) May IV JliPiey; May Ml New Wenl-  inlPHiifi'i Mny III* Vli'tiirin;'May 20 Nun-'  uliito; ' May Ul liiirniihy; May -'i'l. W��Ht  Van'couvcrj May V,!l Mlnipiiupfl; Mny lii)  PrliH'tiloii! May, W Kclowint) May 'i'l P-ni-  I in,mi; May ail Nnlnoiii May ��(' Tralh May  HI Klmlw-'cloy,  ii'' Hcrholi Elcineniary 'HfilionlHiafi beep  in cluiii) IIuhou wlllrllm Indian Kdiicalinp  (.'ninpilll-in, TIi|h yna'r wllli llm I|��I|- pf  lenrlicr n)i|(?n'nnd Unnni and Hrhnrjl cp'  irrdlnid-ii" Mr, Teddy. .Ine llic lnlu|patlnp  |irn/U'|n>liim In pronrcimln/' wi>l|. , ,; '  I.iinI Wfidpemlny all Dpi chlldfop'wni'O  iioi|irii|l<!il wlU| nallvri lil'llmi dlP|'>ll*K apd  nhigliig whli.'h niapy liidlaii iiiii) , ii'lP'..  omtmrnmu^mmmimitmimmsm  MONS CLUB  !  MOTMEH'S DAY - MAY 9th - 9 a.m.-?  proecodi To i-ocol MPrfi CImIi AdivUlc*  Tlckols Mny |3o ��� Purchat��er.| Prom Any l-'lons Club M��m|-��r  Finance Company  Repossessionsv  $1995  *f��.j*jfj  $1,895  $795  $495  $495  $495  $595  '69 QAfcAXIP 500  Brfr, HT�� '- (  '69  POAPRUHNER  303 4 ipccd  '60'       '  MU5TANQ OT O  390 4 ipo����l    .'..,.,  '66  CIM PEI, AIR  6 ^ufttmatli.  '69 CORTINA  ot ;. -,.; ��� ,;i���.  '69 pi,yMOUTM  6 Aidwdfc  '64PAI-CQM      r  STN,  WON, ;..:.....  '64 ACADIAN  5TN, WH,   SAME PAY SERVICE  financing on th�� 6p��t  f APE PAID If yon buy  079-41^ or $79-6701  . 336 i; Broodyroy  VoncoMr^r  , , ,  v  t  open lo ah registered owners of prp-jpriy  ip Blpcctprpl Area B and their spopses.  Membership fees were agreed at-two  dollars per ratepayer plus one doTTa! for  ���,poiKse.cXt wa^agreed that new members  joining,-.tbe Association now would be  conbideredin ftnnd...st.ancfipg.,.up-..till-Aug--  list 1072. lyiembors ,of the Sargearit^Bay  Ratepayers' Association would have th'ejr,  pjc&cnt memberships extended |,0 AuKust  1072 without further- ques being "payabile  Bill Glark of Halfmoon Bay who is the  pr o-tenV treasurer would~l5fi" glpd to ap:  ccpt dpes frpm newinembeis.  A general meefin-J! is p'lannd fpr Safr1  inday", '.Tupe'"l��, spbjept. tp the availability of the Wplcpme Beach Hall. Al, thai  meeting a nominating committee will po  appointed to nominate a silatq of officers  fqr the annual general rneptipg in-'Apgr  t ust Don Pyc wad appointed to worlt>wi{h  I tfin prp;{pm trPiprplfite )i\'PPWW:\.'nif$pM- I  rocompipnding ipvLsjons to ||ie Gpnstitu  tiop. . ...  CUT AU SIZES. TIMBER AhJD fUNK.  pimensiqhaV ^uMBEa ANenptVWooi  ALL SIZES PF ROOF DECKING.  ts4ITU��$���   Mo. 2 & BITTER FIR      fk 2 4 WM f\\\  Per M.  R-l- Nr M-  I-:. -  ��Saa  MQQERN  SIGHT & SOUND  COMPETE EI-EeTPONIc  St-IWIGE  T.y. - RAPIO - STEREO   rSY-Sr-EM'i-. ���  Philco peq|or  Sales and Serylco  ������" "AYHIES  Gl^o-i*  .996:7117.  2if0  wo. 2 & mm ni  ',>ii  JZ.  Per M,  BmkUftPmmQl  Each Wet  PRICES INCLUDE <?ARTA<3E TPTOMR.I0BS(?fE.  ��� t, i^*.' Xopal Plibne (Evcb.) 8B6-7036        V  ;  OR Call Collect To Vancouver 321-2388  ������������i ��� rf ", ���*���-, * " '" ''    '    ������'.,,, , , *_, U^i_  ^Of-L  -���'' ������     (-TO,   ' ,  1349 Ml^hell RoM, Richinvifdi ���-&  iy��lilil.Hjl.ll��M.l?t):lsld'(��>l;IJISilUsl��.KI  Jhe wttiz  If       I   * I  A NWW word for' the Jiljudish  laiigniigo'i'   rri))H   |h   what   nn  l)HHI|(;||l|l! ������ p|'pfpHN()|*   pf   eduiia-  ||on at 'iho,,, lJi)|vprK|ly, of,  MI',))ir,'iiH)'!H III iplnd, J|p Iiiim  |l)vapU;i| a wnr/i In nno wliei'ii  "lie'" Ih miHtMipiiry lm| pm  appropiluli!, Ji'iir' oxipppic,  Wlwi) rofoi'i'lliiK, 10 �� liuuihar  111 ,,nnppra| iih "ho," ||-oM/iih  iPinihiirK can l>o P|llior pialo or  fnpiali),  'Mlllop ��� 1% '&lftfp   coplopdii  .  thai II In iiiiclonr In pun "lur  liumioll a pi'fiB, Jiln Milnlloi):  PH��i "Jin'" propniipiiiid gee) aa  a   nnuli'iij   pornnpn| ''pr^ppiPi.T  l'|i)   'lullVCN    )(|    |lll|(U|l(IH    |)|l!  ^plipnu.nL.wpPilPi^PM-wliluph.i.--.  Ji,'i:||vii"    and    iiONHOHNlve-'.'iim!  ��� I'oniiH (py bin word,,  Lett hand message  " Pim I'hlN'r..'An Ii-ii'Ii* i.'iihIo-  III i; r      I ll     '!ii|T<'��|fDP<lep<.'i)  w|t|i   a   f'niiiiilluM   ili;|)iii1ii|i;n(  Hloie alHini   bllliig nyypyn up*  vloMid  Ili)����������� f-wf-lwiiijtnlynoti,': ���  ��� "Yop will poiiiiit Hint I am ��,in-  , ��|rmlpn   two   IiliinUi-aj   luihini  abn,nl oiy nceniipl, one,innrl4��  in,)' '|n|'l   hand' 'apd  Hip nllinr  mi'i'litid,'iiulil bund', TIhi rua- ,,  mm (nr ipln |h llinl  II  In ob-  vIoiin llnfM? dnyn liml nl your  ijlmn |h��'��������� "lol'i liipid doi-H not  luinw whirl lliu il/|lii hai/d In  ,_lll|lnj'.','..���. .������.,.���,. ,������,J..!.,���,r...,������.t.......;..i  ���,-���:������    ���,".',-        ,l"  i     Wbi'ii niy j*i<io��yi!ui-olU mh  ftppi}  in''ll)t.   lii hie   wllli   hlfT^  handM vi.-ry ��))r��y, I io|d' hhp '  lio   ihiihI   nn   wai>h   apil   pot  crimr   bneft   until   they   wmr  fl��.'iOI,  Al'lr/r a good flow' of tlmn  hud pnr-Hi.'d, 1 railed, "Jlllly,  how are your linnrln- are Ihey  ���.���leap yitl't"    ' '  MjSiji   ,o|fir��n,��f    ho ' "upHrtil,  '���Hui I -wt th-'P) h> maP-hl" ,  ,-V  i*k-K.*��ft^*VB��r   * ���* *  *",'  i A<Z>'lf','   I   '* ^"^^'f'A A1' '',' !  if fl- ri\  %"*f^*j^"  ���jlL+OlKLlffl  1 '       L*f  >;*', if'  -''��� 'fir*  '��n,i *MK  i'ff  M-  '    U'.l  i%*H  This year, f^t's Join; the party I  ^/f-afavar y��)M go-|f| Prl'l^i CofprftMa'jh'lli mfi VWfl*!)\9Y  oxcuinfj ct-niopiiifli ovoniB-froinJ)^ i^m Nwm RW*? p?  ibQ tioyoi Cflno<ii��n Mounts Ptfte* t^r* ��p|Rrf��l *J88or|it)r��ni:  of rodeoa, rogahas, pugoanta And parodos. \i% % groat *oasC��r��  lo aponfli ihis fi'oiiday iJlocovofjpo wto oj ypur ^qamUi} Iwmv  provlr|qo. for a corpplolo calopdar of P9nt9n!#) ^Ptl^t PPrtr  tool your local lonrlot o(||co - or Wfll^f ^lbyarnm��ht $ Iwftlf?  CQlupibla.Popflfifpon) r>lTr��V9| ln^����tryf tP1�� WIKTl Qif^el,  Victory prlilih -coiurnDiAr ,���  ,   Hon, W, |<�� Klttfoon, fvjlniiler   f\* ��, WfrlWi P^y Wtoleter  ���v.*i SSUOHCG  'QUESTIONS -werp a*>Ked at last meeting  of Schejt Qoupcil legardmg issuance  ���"of, a trade license to a group of indmd,:  Uals' operating from a small shack on  Cowrie Sheet, when previous occupants  had been rejected on grounds ot lack of  sanitation facilities, *  Aid. Joe Benner expiessed  own feet artd made i? few dec-is:  own f$t and made^a few deciaion!-  own.  The previous  occupants  refused a licence following adyic  Health  Inspector whp had  a'"  until the structuie be bi ought  dard, a licence he wdhehf "'Now another  . group has come, talong and been granted  *, licence," he said  ���\ Clerk Ted Raynei suggested the mat-  s ter be turned over to the jDuiding inspector who. would, in turn, check the premises with the health inspector,  suggested that the owner,  be informed of findings of  ~It was pointed out that wHfi  ipus   occupant   had   been  Health Unit requirements,  not 'been notified by council;  ;,  Aid- Benner agreed but  is up to C'punciil to hmke its  "sions, "we were Warned last  Other licence has been issued,"  he said  Aid- Ted��Osborne agreed that it .ii up ,  to Council. "The Health Inspector advised me of the fact and I  would" suggest  ���_���' that if we "have no.bylaw it is time we  passed one," he added.  It was pointed  out  that  Cquncil  has  adopted a building bylaw  which .comes  under, the   national   building   code   and  therefore could be dealt with "by the'buiP"  ding inspector. '  Aid. Benner received unanimous support, to a motion that the inspector be  asked to check the building out and if it  fails to come up to regulations, close it  down,  LA. Guides Brownies  Sans upcoming events  The Ponin-julo Time* .      Wgdnasdgy, April 14�� W}  ,   of the -  Whycliffe Bible lyan^qfors  11;15a,m, Bethel BaptistChurch, Sechelt  3 p.m. and 7 p.ro. Calvary Baptist Church, Gibsons  out of mm nmmtiB  OUR SPECIALTY  Isls, 2nds, & 3rds  -.    PHOHE C0LLECT  879--41$6 or 879-6701  335 .1, Bjoadwciy  VANCOUyiill  'm, MQ0DA ���������'  '. '.''.'Uli' ".".������,�� ..,". ���!.",'.'.'���,���..,.. ii in,',  -i,     .    /     mi .  i,    nil'  ��� Mr, Advertiser;  These advertising  spaces are: real  bargains tor. you.  Sold on contract  only. For details  on how ?��j, stretch  your advertising  dollar; phone  885-9654, ask for  special  ad   rates.  I  Public  Beach  $75,000 is to be spent under tltto Provincial .Government's., accelerated  parks programme, on developing a  50 unit campsite at' Porpoise Bay,  Sechelt, where acres of beach will  make it a -campers paradise; - The  woodlands abound with wild flowers  and chipmunks scamper up the moss  covered trunks of ancient trees. A  Minister announces  Ecological stuBy included  in school system programme  ECOLOGICAL and environmental studies.  in the public school* system are being  included as essential parts of other  courses, rather than being offered, se--  sparkling fresh water Stream meand-\ parately. The Hon. D.L. Brothers, Minister  ers through the park, cutting a wind- ��� Education, said tdday that in lhe opinion of the Department of Education ana  -ing ��� waterway ��� to the-Sechelt Inlet,  There is no doubt that this park alone  w^ll attract many more ^tourists to  the area.  ���.APRIL  7th  meeting of  the L.A.   to  the  Sechelt Brownies and Guides was held  at the home of Mrs. Kathy Hall.  Events coming up in the near future  were discussed, and it was noted that  "Cookie Week" will > be .held from May  1st ..to, 8th. It is. hoped the public will  give the girls their- usual support when  they call at their dooirs..   Another���jnient^of-^pemirf���Hifer^e&t  scheduled for Thursday, April 15th, at  .::1 R-'D;iJl the Anglican Hal|. Mrs. Mundy,  provincial nature advisor, has generously agreed to come to Sechelt and present  a program pf outdoor slides, with herself  as narrator- It is /hoped all interested  Brownie mothers and Guide mothers, together with their daughters, will turn out'  for this worthwhile event.  ,,'Brpwnips from tins area will be . al-  .'.:;, ;j.epi*lJhg a-fteyej at  .forward to event :wi  Revel   cancels    the   Brownie    camp-out  scheduled for May, Girls attending must  be 8 years of age by ApriKO. A list of necessary i I ems to be taken along  will  be  issued by their loaders. The Guides will  .also be travelling to Powell Iliver for a  two-day Hevel, Their outing is scheduled  ��� for June 6th and (IIh, and the "theme will  . be "British Coliinibia Industries".  Plunti arc now underway for lhn annual May Tea and Bazaar. The tentative  date set for ihi-i- jropulur event l�� May,  The doors will open at 1 p.m, und lickels  Will be iivallablfi'than, or will be available  4'i"on>~aiv"A-.Bi^owni��:i^f^--Guide-ui'ouii(l-lhtrl-  ond of April. ���  The next. ���L,A.'mceitngl| will bo held  May fith at tho home of Mrs, Lou Goodwin,  Leadci's aru still ur.t'unlly rwiuircd, A  captain In needed for lhe 1 tit Sechelt  ..Guide..Company; and u Brown Owl and  Tawny Owl aro needed for lhn 1st Sechelt  Krownln, It Is hoped InWireslod' por-ioiw  will come, forwnrd so that lluwe rom��  pairion can continue upending in Sep-  tainhiir, '  Mayor's sttgfeslions  get quick brush-off *  MAYOR Wally Peterson, Gibsons Village  ,      representative on Lhe Regional Board,  "unable" to attend a'March meeting of the  ^Regional District submittecLa_w'riHRn re-  por-t  containing   a   few   recommendations  regarding. Ihe zoning- bylaw.    its advisory committees on curricula the  integrated approach is more successful  than the direct approach in maintaining  the interest and concern of pupils in the  solution of  environmental  problems.  As an��� example^nins treatment W  the subject Mr. Brothers said lhat at the  elementary level', units of outdoor education, including field.Jrips, have been  included in the new "science programme  presently being implemented and. in the  new physical education programme which  ���will be. introduced in September 1971.  'In   the  junior-secondary   schools   Unit  3   of  Science   9,   "Energy   Relationships",  -^I4^sses-44ie--4ft4er-aet4<in Tjf-vartoTrs organ-  ' unit  on  environmental  science   is ' being  planned. J,  Al the senior-secondary school level  the second part of the Geography 12  course, introduced last September, deals  with "Man and His Environment" and  includes  work  On  the  use, conservation,  -control and quality of .the environment.  The geography section of Social Studies  11 allows students to examine population -trends,   including     the   tremendous  -growth,,-fif   thp , '.''t'PS   ^rul-its-r-ifJe^t���op-  isms with their environment. An alternate  resources  and  ecology.   In  addition  consideration is being given, to an ecological  approach to a new Biology 11'course now.  in the planning stage.  Mr. Brothers said Jhat further curriculum studies, 'pn such things as land  use and pollution control are continuing.  The committees of teachers and other  experts involved in these developments  ���are encouraged to seek assistance from  expert  consultants  as   needed.  Comnrenting on the report at last regular meeting of the Board, chairman J.  Tyner  passed the content over  with-the,.  ���comment  "this  should   be   a   matter   for  tlie  directors of  areas   involved."  Mayor  Peterson's  report  stated:  I am making  this written  report so  ' that you have my views on the amend-  Sgchetf Bowling Lanes  TWO ' weeks   bowling  results   this   week  with high score for the end of March  by   Lionel   McQoaig   with ,7139   far-, the  e-omhi'- hiMch looked    (he ^nnm-l-y^aw was submitted fpr ap-    w^  m; following  week  ill be "Indian". This     P''oval pre-maturcly ancUiowJ feel .that.    Han^Wcl bowling a nice fil  "pTuqh more consicIerral1orrslTon1d~lro put  into Ibis amendment and that the amendment should be discussed with the Technical Planning Committee and approved  by the 'pcrparlmenl of Highways before  we submit it for approval by the Department of Municipal  Affairs.  One-iir two changes I would suggest  would bu: .  1. tliut nil existing businesses on the  highway be, reviewed,' and, possibly ict  zoned' in. many cases us existing Instead  of  H'i   which   in-"non-conforming.  li.**! think llio men from Langdale lo  ���'-Porl---M(illf')n-^hiii;ili'l--l��t  Industrial iiik[ zoned' w. ��ucl  a development .permit so that wo would  at lentil Know 'what I,1" .going'on in the  way of development-In lliis first growing  area, ���      ,  ... II, 1 think I'nndei; lliirbour urea nlioiild  lie connldered as a rooroatlonal area and  zoned .in inicli irowand not as, our existing lt!�� imicli all. anything i'o��m,  ; Jacjies :Jed Hie  with  Phylisis  8 for thp Ball  and Chain followed by Oiv-MoBcrip^wilh  flOa for Sech'elt Commercials. Other scores  includo;  Mixed 1(1 pin; Gordon McCourt Iflfi  (31f))( Dorothy Rodway (UBfl),"Mary Du-  niaresti   Kift.  Pender league: Carol Iteid (li(ili), Bill  Cross ((I2f>), RonPockni'iildmi), Al Lynn  Iluii ((170).  Ladies Wednesday: Hazel Shy tie .(UDO),  Ming llpnnr- Uli-I (Hill.), Lorraine Coiiio"/"  (H2(y.   ��� ��������   '   ,     - ' ��� ���������       ���'  nechelt   C'oinineiciiils:     Cauleen   M<i-  ,,....���      Quaig 15111, 277  (7lr7),\)nek  Warwick 2111  (���onHitlered^ts���--WI(ir)^4ii-��~A-rHwl4:iing���!"rt7-r-A-l���Sfi-achan-  nnd i��H|iiire     27(1 (7:iS), Uonel McQuaig 297 (7119),  Ball and Chain; |{<H;t>r Hocknell (1147), i  -���by JEve Mostrip  dgrsoh 205  (448), Jean Berry  174   (372),  Wa/ynt" Capupbell UQ-.  ^,^/Fiiosdayi-i' Ladies: -i-Eve. Cjiappcll   271  H&^pif^y^pAppmPi(tlM>Y,ffii'<-mvA ��� *.������-.< ���  ; v" J^dips WPdhpsday*; Bubbles iprpighton  Wtt^iOQ).--'��AJ-���Ji  Sechelt Commercials: Alex Skytle 290  (730), Hazel Skytte 29(i (717), George  Ifopkins 329, Albert Thompson 275, '277,  Orv Moscrip 2113 (1105), Pearl MacKoluio  2117, Sam Mackciizje 290, Esther Berry  2iH,   . "  - Ball and' Chain; Roger |Iocknel| 3(H  (731/, Matt Jaeger (031), Turner Berry  (013), Wallej- Kohuch (003), Pelle Port I-  sen (i)27), johii 'jloduarek (012), Cathy  Hull   253,  1  s  \  ,1  'A^..���  Whon you're  call for  'Labaff's Blue1  Prilish Columbia's first Agent-General  ,in, London was ���.'Gilbert. Malcolm. Sprout, T_  wlio look npdiih* post there in IH72,  ,   Till* Bdvorllqonrier--1* not publUliod or displayed liy Ilia  -tlfJTIor COI|lro| Bpaf-l pr by HioGovor|imfintolBf|||*hCp|gmblV   - .,��(...-.-"' :'.,"'7'^-  F(viV Wor'thington 2(10, Pelle Pontoon 305  (712), Mall Jaeger ((14(1), P|jy||np Hahd-  ford 2(14, 323 (111(1), John Bodnarek (001),  .lunlnj'H (playoff winners); Kelly Bod-  ,.:r-(i|-.!k 1(14 ('2ll(l), Lorii Nesluian 1511 (293),  llrlnn   Phillips   151),  ���Senior ��� (playoff  winners);, Andy llen-  V��,  i:'i  Ploughii war i breaking ground In llio  Coinpx Valley m early na 11102, The ^i-  din li, word VKomox" in naid to mean "land  of phnily,"  I1 ICn("|iiIiiiiiII wuh chonon as n Hoynl Navy  bii'M in 111(15 bcDiiuiioJloffiireiriiii oxHlunt;  hiu'boui' fur ships of lhe Pnull'lc Plunl  and wan handy nlsn to the oxnillopi, coal  nihind, at NaiHilmo.  ^sssMmmmmmimiliimm  SOBS  BBS  I.  flimWWiMilMH^H^  EtECTRICAt  CONTRACTORS  Wiring Supplioa  SpoclalUlnfl In  IVJARWEL.  .......t. .,.-,., ��... ���..'.���.''  Electric Hon ft  WHARF ROAD, SECHELT  Phono 905-2062  ^���ji^iiw);yiaiPWii^^^^i(Mapm^gi<iii^>i,ii"ii'M-p-t"wwH  "J��faJiL"1-' -fa-"j>*- *i*ir^y0Y*"*t"*'- ��� ir"'ti'iir*"r--;'i'*,Li,'rtf1',,ijii"ii>iT'>i(iiiili)iii-|ii'li"i.j"  On The Scene For Tho First Time  A MUSIICAB. JOURNEY INTO THE SOUL  OF A NATION  N��,  y  Wtm**  fall, i.   ?i'h? .  Wi' 'Jt'lfte  1/  ���if  '���r\,000&lb  ��� A  y��?S��-*  in <  CUFF RICHARDS  CUFF BARROWS,  ft  '.,    ,,... o.-duhl oiitl, itoui,i/l tiA|ioiJuiicii,,  ELPHINSTONE HIGH SCHOOL   <  SATURDAY, APRIL  17, 7;30 ^M.  ������^i-��u.hv������ii!,.V,i.lViif��flV.,t,,ftui,V,,,,V,-ii,if,!lr-ii.V  ;|iiiiiiinTiiiiiiMihiiiiii|iii  I  i  t"  STARTS THURSPA'  RIL 15>*h  Twke as much, for 1 penny more ������* * *: Watch for pur flyer in the mail  CONSIDERATION-- INTEGRITY - PERSONAL SERVICE.  1"  Gowor FIT Road  GinSONS  Fhono 006*2726  Sunnycrofrt  GIRSONS  Phono.006 2726  Cowrio Sfroof  SCCHELT  Phono 0Q5 2230  niiniiiiiMiiwiiiiiiiimiiiimmiiiriniiiiiWM-iw  . ��� ,.', ''.��''' i ti , ���     '' i'   ' ' t ' ' , ��� ..... .'' '        ' ���  /  /   * t  *��� t* t i *  0   +   0    H    Ik*    ���     *   +   l   *   0*  H   ���   t*  f    '  ,i    t\     \  i    0       l i     .    / I    I   I '* f     *    ,     ,     ,     ,  '      t ft 0    i     .    t  '  '.'.V,,'.. 0>r.^','  I  ''{ J:  1, t, h    S). I , !*.   *r,0>*   S-^ U.   V V. '  f. ^"���^���^���'-������������^-^���������'''������������"^���'���-���'^^^^ ��� -  �� ** ��� ---��*--        - > i * ' ^ _ * ^ Is. A    .  *  ' ��� ��� '  . . - ���-  ��� ' ��� - ���' .    > '    ' ' ,    J < * '���.--    , -     pV*  ' -  .  . ' *    ,',r   ?..  ���i  ti  Section B  Wednesday, April 14,1971  Paget' !-*S  Provincial project , . ,  Commencing with finger and inkle  weaving, students of Mi's. Iieg Ather-  ton's night school class ^rogres^ea in  17 lessons to weaving originally <Je-  Success  signed fabrics on>20' ijieh lboms. Pictured with some of their art are from  left: Liz Watkins wearing her wartr*.  woven ponchq, Betty Qtjimby, ggtyfi  Gerring and IMar-ne pungif^r^ pf ihe.  Yarn Parn in Sechelt-  SUMMER Job opportunities far unemployed persons, and students aie avail1*  able at piqvinoial government campsites.-  throughout the Sunshine Coast. List was  published in local papeis la&t week, aft-er  a" release was issued fiom the office of  Hon   Isabel Dawson.  At last week's school board meeting  it was decided to send lists to Secondary  .Schools to ensme that students are aware  of the piogramme which'will see $20,000  spent at Keats Island, $10,000 Piincess  Louisa Inlet, $10,000 Robeits Creek,  $12,000 Sechelt Campsite Service Building, $76,000 Poi poise Bay Park to de-'  velop a 50 unit campsite, $25,000 to develop access, parking and tiails at Skpo-  kumchuk  < Those interested should immediately  wnte to the Paiks Branch, Department  of Recreation and Conservation, PaVliar  pient  Buildings, Victoria. *  ��� STAFF    r  .  J,     ���    ... 7    ' ���   ".-.. '  ,  Teacher resignations this June will  include Mrs. Clara Lee of Pender liar?  bour Secondary School whp is retiring,  Mrs. Pamela Bioxham of Sechelt who is  returning to the Bntish Isles anci" Mr.  John Epp who is oh the staff at Elphinstone..  Two applications for sabbatical leave  were denied due to the financial situation  at this time. It has been the policy of the  board to grant such leave when possible,  to a teacher taking training which will  benefit the district. Cost to the board  was given as somewhere in the region  of $5,000 to the teacher plus the substitute's  salary.  TRAVELLERS  Under the federal government sponsored Young Voyageur Programme, one  stffdtttrt���from���F  from.\ Elphinstone will be chosen to join  the group travelling to St. Stephens, New  Brunswick,  August 3  to  14th.  Commenting on the Pender Harbour  junior basketball girls trip fo the British  lsJe��K,M|'- Hanna said i1 was" aq, ambitious,  one and felt it was worthwhile for any  -Si-haaL^syslern���to   have  an��� objective���to-  achicve  Miss Sandy Bennett from Elphinstone  and  Mi, John    Malcolm, from,   Pender  vises students  k  Harbour 'Jadcondaiy  schpols  wil]  attend  the BG. "School Trustees conferfippe in  -Paiksville, they will be accompanied by  Mr L| Kmsey horn Elphinstone Topic  .Will be "Education in the Future���What  Are the Challenges", it Will be held April  23 to 25th  STUDENT INSURANCE  Student accident msuiance in this  district was discontinued some yeais age-  but the piesent School Board agreed' at  last week's meeting that it should be,  implemented The District supenptendent  ���will present this proposal at the next  meeting-withichool principals.  Trustees studied a form presented to  the board from the Board's insurance  Brokeis, Aimstiong and Taylor, which  would commence .coverage next September There aie two options ^3 5(1 per .  year fpr full coverage and $L5Q. which  covers school activities only.    .���-  im** and m  at  ���     !  '��� ���' "       '." "'   " '     %.  ��GRJ3AM 3n$ {Scream Again is the nafpe  - of trie movie and th.e. general reaction  pf the audience when this final evolution  in horror movies comes to the Twilight  Theatre. This film is one for only two  more nights so hurry if horror is, yqrjr  bag. ' A  Bouncing in next is Walt D|sney's  "Spp qf Flubber", a delightful comedy  with Fred fyfacMurray. -Bring the kids,  it'jl be.your last chance this week,  Doublp feafV-M'e sex is the dflMble \w-  relied entertainment when "Baby Love"  apd "Sweden, Heaven apd Heil" slink in  |0r^a*y=%ro^sH1w=  story of a 15-year-old girl that destroys  a 'nice' home. Sweden, Heaven and Hell  is how an Italian director can destroy a  nice country. Both of these shows come  from the *3urf... and we all know what  ..that, means,,..      TWILIGHT TKEATR  ~    GJBSQNS  <Z^  -    STARRING  "yipcent Pr|ce, Chnsfppher Lee,  Pater Cashing.    ,  HORROR MOVIE - ADULT  -  >VEpNESpAY/ THURSDAY,  April 14 and IS at �� p.m.v ���  t]  ���   -       ���^TARRINg:.     ���"  .pred MS'-MHrrQyi Msn'?*' S!��?p{  "/   ' "Kcenon Wynp- '  'Ar'-  FRIDAY, SATURPAY, SUN&AY,  April 16,17, 19 at B p.m.  MpHPAYj APRIL \9}t  Direct FrRm The Sttrfj Thp iMPYIP*" V��U  Vy-qnted Tg See:  m  ui  a   Fresh watei- mussles seen at fhe Vancouver Aquarium are shells which-gape  slightly to allow space for a protruding  fopt fpr, movement. .    .���'....  RESTRifeTEp  TUESDAY,  WEpNESRAY,  THURSpAY,  April 20,211 ond 22 at 9 p.iii.  I Z^^H%j^^^\!^ZZ.  With E|vis Presjey  'Long Ride from Hell"  "Butch Cassidy and  The Suqdonce Kid''  FOB QUIGK RjBSyLTS  USE TIMES  ADBRIEFS  A^  iA\ , Weavers  We^viiig i)ecQiT>es a f^aciuating lipb- .prpgramme. Fictmpd Prom left wHh  hy Wlien this stage }s-'mastered ��-pd "twp 20 inch looms warped for weav-  ninny beautiful pallterps anrt.fahrics ing cushioivcovers are; Anne Anlilla,  were produced during cjas.ses held Virglhja, Atherlon, instructor; Diajh  \ t.v{ -*|pst session nnder, the night school , ne Dunsfbrd and Vi SJak.  'v  ' \  ' ft,  Weaving class proved  popular new  r  . ��� 11  "V f-  ."I ' ,  I  TO ALL SECHELT SENIOR CITIZENS.  AccbmmodflHon for elderly Sechell Peninsula Citizens  ���tt���js planned-for��� the-near feature,  Privato, Semi-Private and Ward Accommodations with  full meal facilitl^fr; will be available.  , ��� ���'���    .,.,,, , ���//���  TV - - ";  ;  ���  ,   RATES FltOfVI $200 TO $350  PER MONTH  Varied Recreation and Rehabilitation Programs Availr  able, Beautiful Location, '  !,.^t^�����,Wf.'.,.^,iS.in(���.,  ���  FOR FURTMRR INFOflMATtON CONTACT  CORPORATION LTD,,       ������ '    l i      :     (        ��� ' ' , i .  ' '  p.O, BOX 443/ WEST VANCOUVER, B,C,  HOBBY ela����OH ar.e hei;omint(' very popular inuler  llio  ArniU EHnealiop   pip-  grammc in tl|p Seciieii. ���Sofy-pl Distrl��i.  Pai.nl.iljf' apej <:ernini<! iJlat-sp-J always have  ,a Kood' uitoiulunce and now there is \n*  oreaKinij iplorest in wenvinrj; ��ii �� liolrhy.  This season,  the p'clipril   Distrioi, wuh  forfiintito to havo' Mrs. Bo�� Athcrson "Pf  ���yVo-jt-Bgeliolt as inslrnclor in  tlie  hapd  ���weirvint'���td.UHti���^iiKHwIitill  School,..The' '.mii-No camo io an end  fpi  this sensi'm last week will) stiiilepts we  on Hi" way to woavinu fuhrieu of Ihe  own ilasiiin,"  "riw first flvu Iukiioiik poforn CliriH  imus -wore duvntcd lo finijer ��pd 'IiiK  wnavjiij- arid piahiiii-Jiaui-' nii,j.'ui(lliiia|'!il  I'j'iiiiKKi. In lln.' piiranUino, Mr, l|i:�� Alhur-  lon filled llm vpid ��� "for i;i|i|ipiniiiit hy  t:oi>Hlriii|'lin/' a mimhoi' rif Iwonly ini:)i  lal/li! Inpii'in, llijhl oiiouidi for piirlii|i)lil,y,  no oiicli'iiieiiihoi' n|' ||ii).��!|iam noiild liu'yn  Un.' linn of a loom in (,'Ijihh unil nf hoiiip,  'riaiHo wire I'Oady Tor lln: firn|. olumi jn  ilaniuiry and In llio iwulvit Iukkuiih hIiioo  Dial llnm, Ihu i:|iik;i Ihih |(niri|nd liow to  warp lho|r looiini (Ihat in, |ir��par��' Ihopi  for w��avliu{), iipiirnin lliarn and "wmivo  I wllli- and fsiiine paiiuni-),  The work '|i��h hcun 'ninstly ���snmpM  ul' )|jo varlmiH won vim hut iinnhloiiii, lia|{n,  ponklloH and a pondm huvo roinrllud (rnp\  ' ililn hrlof .��nni,����i,  ,   HlndonlH Iptva <||nplu,y.id luuiii inluraol,  in Ihlii aixiluiil. ni'id't, and hopo In ruhiiina  hliidlon, In  liai  fall,  ���V  St. Hilda's Committee  features-'Magic Show'  MT,���' l||lda'i''"Ci!|iiirtili ConunllloM, Hurlnilf  In Inmy m.-IIIdh |||!|mln for a "Mnnl'^l/i  lilinw" In im pi'|)|iii|iii:il al i| ||,iii��� on I'VI-  ��� la.y .Apcil 'i'.hd and �� Mp<m|al i|)||il|i"i|,n  niiillnci! ul uji.in, oi) Hnliirilay in HI,  JIHdi-'ii  Hal|,  "Topy Tay|nr'��( iim'i (vt.-dorn Mynilli'T  will   pi'diuinl.  a   M   niov��|)/(.   up   to   lhn  mlpuin p<!irnrpHini:�� of ino.iiirn  imiKlc  Than,   will   |m 'Nlolidil-nMiapd   I|Iiih|oi|(i.  piy/itla (hidii, apd niaiiyiixt'iiinn |i>ain nf  niind'.' wh|i.'h will <ipl��ria|n !l><> whtiln  family,    ��� '      .  1 Tldwiin aro ava|'la|��|o rroin Mr, I'iiv)'  Jlayvyanl, l|lll)-l)7(if) nr liom  apy ('hnn-  ('opiniliimi nn��ip|ior,  ���-4  To combat terror  BY treating the Montreal kid-  napings ot Britisp diplomat  ,|ames P{oss and Quebec Labor Minister Pierre fraporte  as an uct of insprructiop'and  plapplng Canada \p[p ft lem;  mry- hMo -of pi^c^pnpy,  Prjj-pq ^iplsior PJprj-p TrMffP"!*  bocaipp the _riri?t JcadidrNa��'a  "doipotn-alic co-iijn-y "wjfflpg Iq  picol tl)c new tPrrprifiip l|oad-  on, Hp declined |o, sphmil lean act of tenor���at t|-o cost  ol at letibl opo life (Lapp|"|e's)  ���und has t||ere|)y irjoiie terror a less,cVec|li)|e weappp.,  He ( has a|sp made the! i'psf  of lis loolf at Ihe principle |)u  look his stand on, Tho M��p-  Irpal IcrrpHsIs and I heir enn-  sins-in-ai'ins around the wprld  -siuih as Ihu Piiloslinian hl-  jai.'kors, llio Wuatherpian act  .     visits''In   the   United   Btales,  |.fulin APIiri'-'u���ari.' iuil inak-  |ni( (he lerjiiiiinain demapq n[  u minority for mjnal lrca|,-  liipnl.  They aru Iryiiui In impose  their will on Ihu niajoi.'iiy.'  What Is under al tack Is*; nut  only -Iho piln<:lirl<! Mint' ||m  niajnrliy doi-ldus, lint alfip ||)o  illiicliliniry which prolocla'  lliose who do not liappui,). lo  I hi piirl of Ilia' majority.  No donlit llii.'i'o, urn lioiipt  /���uviiriiniciili, and pollen forpoa  which lircak the-rnli.'H within  'WhiiJIr thoy "oya siipposcd lo'  o|iuraio, Hut Ihis l�� I'jhh Important iiian the prii".'l|)lu thai  ill ore should ho ����� set of rnkiH.  wli'lHh 'apply in ovaryhpdy,  Thai Idea Is Iho core of lhn  iVy-tHlnni ayid'ip), w||)e|) when  worklnu propni'lylH iillll llio'  lentil Imporfei.'lV DHiihad y>d  (llncnveritil of, ulrjlilpu it |>a,l-  ai)i.,o lielw'iun diffi.'i'opl 'nipiii'"  lonii and Inieri.'sts,  TIiIh Is whirl Mr, Triidnini  lailled .In Ihu, Iroiip'i In da-'  fC'ldrllfrtnny-'nrit hn-lhwlasf  whii' will linvn In do' II.  Concorde builders  on U.S. spaceship  TKdllNKMI. inlorinnlliii) ��id-  ii'-il In liiil'lilln/( lhn lirlilslf  'I'Vnnrll laiprirsonli: iilrllP<:��'  Copi'pftlo liim itgim"'punned' W  lhe Unlleil ''laln-i lo asid-il In  dnviilopmonl of a hpm.'o nliiit-i,  I |n, lhn Bill Ml Ali-endi- L'orp-  ,'oral,|on  iiayn, ,,,f.  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Permanent Press,  Broken Stees,  Reft, J29.50, (  SALE _-,--.-���  N.  "���  H  !  V  ,1'  ->y  >-.i".     ?>    *''  >;  '   / ' , , l< ' ���  I, ^ ������  y  > i   <��� ,��  '.   ...<        *t    -*���*  Cowrie Street, Sechelt  '   ,Phone 889-9330  1    006-7112  lUMiiiiiiauiuuiiu^  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  886-7112  ^IIIIIIillllIIIIlf|IlllilJUIIll|UllUIIIIHIlinillIHIIlllllllllIllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllIMllltIlllllIIBIII!lllllIlIlllllii  < \  v -'-��' '���   Highway at< Wyngaert Rd., Gibsons  ''i/lJiJi-i:'.  6 pa����erp-��,}T2^wide, no wax, just mop. Easy to install,  we will instrMft you to c|o your own job. ���"���'.,  OUrt LOW PRICE , _ -,  PER SQ. YD.  Deep, richf mMlti-eolored stripes, with 1/4": foam'  rubber .hocking. Ideal for bedrooms, rec, rooms etc.  9' wl*.'-.-^-^--.,-----'---,--^-, - PER SQ, YD.  CfLANE.SE^short SHAO.  Floor show, Made of hard wearing, easy to maintain propylbn yarn. One color only.���Gold Moss,  Manufacturer's suggested retail price $12,95 sq.  yd. We '-will install this carpet, with underpad, per  Sq, Yd. .        ... L���_-..���.       : FOR ONLY  m  w  mil  iiiiiiiiiliiiliiiiiililiiliiliMliiii|lillliillilliiii|iiiMfiiMlliiiiiiiliiiililiIlilliiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  ^iifHifjiifiiiiiifiiiiiiiffiiififiifHiffififrtiffffiiiiffifriffifrfriiirffffiifiiffifiiiiififiifHffiimfiiffirifiiiw  fi/      >"f  f.1  ,��!>���*  ��;l    !���>      ��      f.  ",)  l       ,*,  BEAITY WRINGER WASHER  -t .  ONLY  BEATTY WASHER & DRYER  ONLY  rBEATTYILECTRlCRAHGES"-  REFRIGERATOR FROST FREE  ...     v.,:.,;.,.,.  ..A,n.CNJf.T0*  1"    '     ���" ��������� a- FREEZERS  ;    15 CUBIC FEET i  IB CUBIC FEET       23 CUBIC FEET  $219.00  $229.95  $2G9.95  3  '^r*  |iinrMiiiiiiiiii-iifinim^^^  i  jsimfiiifftiiifiiiiiiiivtfiiiiiffiiiiiiifiimfiftaiMisiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiHMiu  THE NOW GENERATION TIRES  We Are Pleased To Announce Thgt We Now'��� HovelDeep Accepted As A  "^ ' "^     ;~7Fra|ic|il<iea Doqlpr far( , T7-  ^unshlno Coost Highwoy                                           Phono 8DS-20S8  iiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiininiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiniiimiiiiiiii  jimtitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiitiHfriiMiiMiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiim  B. F. GOODRICH;xRA&lAtTiRES.  OUR NEW LINE-UP CARRIED IN STOCK WILL DEi  1. THE TRANS-AM: The only AOsarlesracllQ^mqcle in ihe world, Referred to as "The Street Tire Thai Went To The'Rdces"; Super Wide  '    ^lal,  ' ���';���. _ ���   ., ��� ' ' '' '!'    '   \   '  2, THE Ufa SAVER RADIAL; The wl,flmale;.|n';,:rrt|leoge tinfply and    |  .hanclllno, the 40,000 mile tire. We1 Pm|" It Ih'Wrltlnd.'Available In  70 series wide oyal, '      ,  1 GT. 100; B. F, Goodrich's" answer lo-lhe European'Racllqi; Available  In full selefctlon of metric sizes,       , ,  WHOLESALE-  SALES and  ��������� SBRVICE  LOMDARD'8 BIG' CHAIW OAWVALUR*  RETA,r; COASTAL-TIRCS-  1    Phono 006-2700 USE YOUR CHAriGBX  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiHiiiinuniiitiMtiiiiiiiiifiHiiiiiffuiiiiiiiriiifiiiiiiiiifiiiifiiiiifiififiiiiiHiiiiu  uiiiiniitiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiitiiifiiiiiuiiiti fiitiiiiiinniiiiiiiifiii-iiiMniniiiiiiiiiiififiiiiiffniiiiiiriiiiiiiiiiiuiiM.^  wmmtsMnrntM.  \ i  "H^i  M/sn ft CIIAIM  0milium'tor llm prolm/ann!. Mewl for mryonn  nniOffAL* AVfOMAIlC 0H.cn �� 'liCAIIKAIIHIilllHIMI/ffMII ���  4iiy..QNi>Af--��Tr--"*---'"~L"---~:-:-��� r��� -  .,  U,A.P. ASSOCIATE  Phono B^U-JlWfi  Cowrie Street/Sechelt v  iiiiiimiiiiiiiimiini/i/ii/m'/iim^  [���    ,  ', 'I-1,     ���      ��� *  i f  J ' /   '   < ' , " 't-  ��� ��� \ ,'. ���'     ��� �� '  Wh'atoyop'yoLir needs,   |  from ��prlno palnl  to  .���adding o room you will  ���find all your hulldlno  ' slipply needfj with us, ,  Prop   In   today (' and  check our largo Rtock,  7:A'��thorlror|*-.ppo|or*-for  Domlor Malerlqls ond  ' tfopco Polnta,  Sechelt  Phone 0094203  roiwufwrnfiwiw^^^  yourueyes  # ���>  ��� ��� , '...'    /     ���    M,,   "���''i\ . -,,;..,.',,'(  unfio  ���   ���   ���  No .need fto hunl all worlho^nln^  borrjolnn In oliono rind rJo!h|ng ond household no��dsi, Let your eyes do the  huntlncil Check The Time* fpr yo\if lf>cn| morrhnitis' offerlnqs,, , lln<l  out hoforoyou start juM rWhoro you wont to (jo, Wm soYo,,you money,  Hmp;'nnd, worry aw- ywVllinaw hr rrior/i Ihdn the ��r,na|l 'cosr ��f this  local nowspnperl And romemN>r, wli��n you hi/y or h��mo, you hnjn  | l*U.I|d your own community, Out*oNreo Rtoros do nothing 'to'help you  with'-laKo^rind-locbl'KommMn^  with when you need *orvlco or ocllustmenld',  Pe* 310, Sechelr ,  mes  Phone 0fiS'96B4  st.-^^^jEi'Tw^^j^^ ^^n.-#��^t�� ^^^^ftj^je&f��'fvfr��'j| LMiifniiimiiiiniiiiiiiimiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiM  H* . . -      >> ���    v     i   -    T  iTMl'^ti&S'JJA .-^ A A A  ViS'&< "*"���  ft        v J  3  3  * r      =,  * The Provincial Crecfit Union Shore end peppsit Guarantee Fund pro-    [  leers lhe shares and deposits of all'members of every Credit Union  in Pritisb Columbia.  * The Fund also guarantees credited dividends on credit union sliqres  qnd crediteditTfefesls on deposits  * This,protection makes credit unions one pf lhe safes* places where  qnyonti can save.  m   SUPER       T  1       ��E���  .   for Father Information Canted  SUNSHINE COAST CREDIT UNIO  w 0ox 37��fj Sechelt.  ^<M lIllllIlllllllllllllMlllllllIllllltlllfiMUIl lllllllIlllll|l|lllll|||||l!llllI|lll|j|l|f|llll|IMf||Hlll||IM!MIMfllllPIIll  !-hiHiiiimiiiiii-iiiiiiiiii|i|iiiiiiiiiiii|iii|ii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM|il|i|iiiiiii|i|iiii|i|iiii||Uiiiiiiiiiiiiii||||iiiiiiiiii|  :  ���        :  FEATURING  ��� "GAIAXIf"  Coun^// ��nd Western "Music  SIRLOIN STEAK  Full Course Meal  until 9 p.m. ONLY  ^  (No slcjcks or jeans, please)  SATURDAY, APRIL 17 - 9 P.M. -1 A.M.  't-tysy' cloos jt" Willi  KEM QI.Q  VELVET  ' ''Ejasy.-rfaos j|" wl|h  Deluxo l-QlefK ^qll      Kem G|o  fpr Kitchens .    Kqm <3la Velvet for  *' ' pncl .Bathrooms ^    .   Uwng Rt^ms qiid Hall  4,39  Easy does It" \yijh \ba  i e I u >  finish. -  <^ -a.39 *.*:���.... 4.3f ;Cu..  O.N.-, ..;.,1W mp,.... 14^7 <^r. W,?7  Sechelt        *       YOUR LfNK'HARDWARE STORE 085-2171    1  link"  QUALITY  HARDWARE     /      ECONOMY  *   ���  ��  . /  i ������ '*.  'liflilllllllltlllMMIllllIilllllEillllllillllllltlllllllllMIIIIIIIIIlllllllillllllUIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllilllllll^  I -  lllillllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllMIllllllllllIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIJEIIIIIIllllIlilllflllllU'lliailllHI  BUDGIES  |    With The Purchase Of A Budgie Cage _���, f ram  AUTO WASHING AND POLISHING K|TW 1 mitt, 1 pail,  white wall scrubber, sponge and polish cloth- -   -         CAR WASH MITT  Fur-lined=  )U        CAR CUSHIONS  | Wedgo=shpped=  SECHELT .   PHONE 805-29W  ^Hlllflllllllfllllllllll llllfllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllHMIMIIIMPIIMMIIIMIIlllllllfllllllflllllllllllllfllllllllllllllllll!  ���---���������������i--i-*--i-iiiiniiiiiiiii*n---m^  FOit THE    <���- .   ���  mnunwiAw,  -4JQR THE FAMILY  10' 5"  OlASSCRAFT  CARIOPPER BOAI-I  FI0RJJGLA55  Reg. $290  NOW  $'  During the eight week Bazaar of Values promotion stgrting April 7th The Times will be giving away  $200 jn cqshf Purjng the fjr��t four weeks $10 will  be awarded, For th�� following three weeks $20 will  be gjyen,, And at the end of the eighth week some  lucky person is going to, win $]00. All entries will  Me kept for'trie tfumion of the promotion. Ypm hoye  cbancMo #ln qgeh week plus the grqndprfze of  |100- Enter as many times qs you wish. Use the  coupon or mail to The peninsula Times. Or you  can leave them With qny participating merchant,  Eqch week there will be a draw and the lucky win-  ner's .nqmrwHI bo published in the following edition,  |   OFFICIAL^ SOFT BALL���'  |    For extreme playing conditipns . -  ���   ^@  |   ��� SEE OUR WIDE NEW SELECTION OF MEN'S WESTERN SHIRTS,  4-IONl LADIES' FASHION ��HPW APRIL 29fhv  With MisseY and Bays' Apparel Supplied hy Campbell's Variety.  YOUR   QOStllliaOSlQ   DEALER  Trail Boy C^re, Sechelt = Phone 0B5-2335    |  g��fl>��l'ffll^  Floater Jacket Special  Safety and styling et o low price. Odd and small si*o$,  Rog, 39,9S While They Last  >Qt  r^^^\)(m^Tpi^rlw'^-^'~Ti^^0ii''''  i-gS7TS?f r^lBBfCBr  Drop Into Cliff's For All Your Sports And Summer Needs  NAME .....,  ADDRESS  .ccessones.  5ECHELT  PH9NE 000T901V  i i  |-Ini|--|J|||IIII|!W|WIIIEJIIHI��U"-!II|!W  ilillililllMHIIIIMim^^  ������    AT  SPECIAt  PRICES  i  i  .���~YOUR CHOICE-*  ��� LONG HANDLE SH,OVEL  ��� "D" HANDLE SHOyfSL  ��� "D" HANDLE SPADE  "P" HANDLE        m  GARDEN FORK   CAO  ���-0���-four CSolcen-  PHOHE  ^iiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiMiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiHiiiiNiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii^  C7  _L^Ajtm  GARDEN RAKE or*   4  MOSS RAKE y|  GARDEN  HOR  ii m9^mbmmi��mi*^i!$mi0immmw!**  "T "--"^'  ^LtWHNPCREEK ��� LUMBER & "'' ���:  buslping supply ltd.  Sunshine Cfoast Hlghw^ey, Gihsons , Phono 006J0O0  lKli;f<fll|l(|l{l��i<MHIMIII��lifllfUIIIHIIII|IIIIIMM(HIIIIMOIMIf!M  Pi   I  LARGE SELECTION OF  YAROGOQPSAND  SEWING NOTIONS,  McCALL PATTERNS,  WOOL, EMBROIDERY,  '       TAPmiVf,  '     ,   , T^r, ��� .. .  , OUTRT XI IR, FAMILY ��� , .'.  C\tri\)\,)y tot Oih'iiU, ihlUUmi, \tu,\fif>  niiii iii'in, f,|ini(|pMi,( G.W.H., I ovi's,  " |:r��Jy|)i��f,���'���     I   '', t  Y/n.^lso ^UkW !>|np|e Jlems . .",',.V ���  M��i|'IImU() I'-wiilf,,   rn|i|t.'r.lo|||f,  til'r;.    |  .' -.���'   ~k  ^iiiiiiiiiiiiiilii||iiiiiiiiiiiiMii|niii|i|i|iiiiii|iiii|f|iiiif|iiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiriiiitiiiiiiiiiinin  iiiH(fiiifiiiiiiiiiririfiiii-;iiiiiiii-fiii{iii-ifi��riiij��ifffrifiiii-|ifi  tiAvlta *lj>ho.  i;|iii��;fni;iiiii(iiMHO"iHi;i;if>;iwiii;)i��tiifii;iiiMfiii;t����  3  Men's, /Women's ,a��-d Roys'.  )\M nrrlyed , ,:; your new  ���prM styles flnff now spring |  fiplwrs, Sp soft nr.4 sa pllahla j  fpr these sare mptslas.  '"!,'(      ) '.(X  \ / m *** -1 r \ 1  I41  W V  #��V|  SHOE & CLOTIilG  I ! 1"  f   ��'  Troll 0��y Centr��  ���  qrtd  C��wf|o Street Store  :  ...lEqHELT; "  '   '  nmil|IUI|illl||llllfUlfllMlli;illHHHIIIMII|IIIIIIIHIIIIIMIIHII|||l|||HO��l(lllf|!IIIII(|lll|^^^  ���^mmimiiM**-^ *f0* i **��$ * *< ^^^:SC��Sw?^t^  >f hj-Vwc "v j-"��sf��   *w��������M(t~-"r"*^��i��*'2',ii"*' "aft*!*'* y i  Ml ,  fa.  *-,1  ^'>JNge^4s  Powell River News Wednesday, April 1'4,1971  ^m000000mn000Kimi*0*i*00^iv00<0>iiium0i00i0*0m00>0^  The Vmimv^Jd00  * / -nay be ,vranst but I shall not be so wrong as to fall to say what I believe tq be right."  ��� <       �� .'���:," 7T7J0HN Atkins  DOXJGUS G. WHEEIER,Editor 4 J^  Pender Hi-tiies  W&H��  m  ESTABLISHMENT of psychlfitfy is a  ^profession was pfababjy"- the begin'  ning of many of the troubles assailing  the world today for it provided a plat^  form from which a great" variety of  dreamers expounded forth on a; series  merely imprqve their ability along the  "road to a criminal ^'career, ���*-. -   -  Suggestion that we return to hanging brings forth anguished cries of "turning back the Clock'��� when in actual fact  the clock was turned' back the day the  TRAVELLING OUTFITS .   .  ON   Saturday    April  & the  U.K,   girls  traveller} to Vancouver to be measured  tor their travelling outfits, \he$h will be,  Jn our sGhopLcplpf'"...gr'?eu aod gold.  MADEIRA  PARK ELEMENTAflY      x  . On MQr��day��'the grades s'ix and seven  boys have been: corning up���|ppm Madeira  Park Elementary" to : practice basketball.  On Thursdays gir|s from the sarpp grades  come up. It would seem flfat-we will he_  getting sortie good athletes from these  students. ... <    ���  \y  v  FATHERS GAWIES  The -last few  Sunday  eyenings  have  been, fun for some fathers and sons. They  r^-by Cindy Hwrris and Darnell Gerlek  minutes}.  Junior  boys���Haida  (30 minuter-).  EASTER RAFFLE   -  We are happy to announce thef wiiv  ners of npr faster Raffle: Color TV���;  Phyllis MacLeod. Made-to-measure suit^���  Charlotte Fulton. Eskimo carvirfg^-W.  Leffaux. Con*"6lation prizes���J-RousSeau, .  C. Dillabouhr II. Brown.  Congratulations" to . these  people  and  thanks to everyone who helped make our���.  raffle a success: Proceeds from the raffle  reached tye grand total of ��.757.     1^  The travel fund was swelled-by doba-  tions fiom Pej-'fler Harbour Packers, Sechelt Legion, Sechelt Wflmens' Auxiliary  ancf j-tephett C of. C.r and now stands at,   ���'.: iv. ' * "'���    '   ��� " ��� ..  ���.���, ������f  ���  '       ��� ���  ���1 *,  Letters to the editor iinM be timed by the ivrim, ulthottgh tt pep-mme may be used for ^tblicmioit  Turning Point  Editbf, primes, \     J-    -    :       ���,;,:.,  A .Sir; Tbevsentencihg of Lieut, WHltem".  Galley fpr the My' Lai happenings will  c        ,   ,1 ��� . ��� j     ��� c       j     .i ���     ���    '   ir l   !���  u   j     (,.   r\ .��� ucc.ii ^iui  iui  auiuc lauicia mm auno.   xiicy - .ana   net  ot pet theories carrying some degree of    death penal y  was  abolished   Statistic-^    play games^voiiByball and floor hockey.''>AflQnf^  credibintv due to their newly aeqvured    will prove that crimes-of violence and ��� These games arepH  tpo0 serious, "but- "a";".      "  Student Parliament  issues news release  quasi professionalism.  \ery few* of these qualified mind  renders, or interpreters of the mental  process, are able to agree among themselves except, perhaps, on the idealistic  leaning   toward   freedom   regardless  of  brutal * nturder 'h'\v& increased here as  it did in Great Britain. Crime, in general, is on the increase and "simply because if apprehended, and convicted, the  penalty is minimal. Killers are able to  walk the streets after no more than a  lot oftun. Let's see a few more fathers ,  turn   up.   Last  Sunday   was  for fathers  and  daughters.  The  fathers  lost 3>3   in  volleyball. Better luck" "next time. "'"  LlQPsequenee.' Spare the roC and ^spoil- few years behind bars. On|y too fret|iient-  the'child'became the order ~of the day 'ly vicious murderers have avoided long  and many parents aSptpted the easy way \ jail   terms  because   a  "head   shrinker"  but by following their advice and. speak- has stolid up'in court and testified to a  ing words of love to naughty little blue* claim of insanity. The'killer serves a few  eyes, wh^re the proverbial paddle would years and is released on grqunds t.tlu��t  have 'had   niore  effective  and   longer-' he   has   overcome  his  imrtability.  This.  lasting-resujts. has occurred on more than one occasion  This totally irresponsible philosophy with  the consequence  that  there  have  spread through the schools and advanced  pillars of learning, undermined law and  order ami, in general, might easily be  said to have brought about the present  moral decline sweeping the western  world,  We have ludicrous situation 'Whereby  been more victims.  So absurd has the permissive era  become thai today" everything is stacked  against law enforcement. No longer does  the accused have to prove his innocence.  Insteadv the poHpe are virtually on trial  themselves  and "have  to  suffer   loaded  youngsters and teenagers smash up and interroga.tions, abuse and ridicule at the  wreak havoc in the schools and on other hands of lawyers who, quite naturally,  public  property.  The   principals   adopt seek  only.to get theiriNeJients  off  the  an   apathetic   attitude     because  school 'hook                           ->  boards appear to be comprised of do-  gooders refuclant to-hand out justice and  who fail to back up recommendations  of ...expulsion or court action by the  principals.  This same situation exists in com#s  of law.. Habitual criminals get awayiwith  trivial   sentences   and  even   when  sent  Tfr^jirfI^^eoiTtltti ons tu-e^frlclrTTm  trst  EACH and every year brings along ,a  new spate of last talking salesmen to  the district who leave behind them a  number of sad hearts and even sadder  looking contracts, signed, sealed and  binding. Unlike local business people,  the companies involved ate seldom prepared to call off such contracts dnce  signed and with most of them it is "pay  up under tgpfns of the agreement as  per the small print". Legal action is  costly and usually unsuccessful.  Just about each -year, and often in  between for good measure, lhe Times  has waxed loud and long on the subject  of fly-byrin'ghts and, tricky contracts but  human nature is such that we strongly  suspect our warnings are a lost cause.'  For far too long we have been  brainwashed into believing the permissive scene is a mark of progress. Subsequent events have proved it to be a misconception. It would therefore suggest;  that if protecting people and their property by rather-Zmore stringent law en^  forcement is turning back the_jMock^  Then let us do so by all- means.      =====  BADMINTON  On Monday April 5, "eighteen students  travelled to Powell River ,to play bad;  minton against Brooks Onannving-^we  were served a.!-delicious^-sup'per, then on  to the games.. Out of 18 games played we  won JO, a much closer match than, the  first. . ..���'".'  HOUSE COMPETITION '   ���    '..  Tlji'is week the house teams, Haida vs.  ,Nootka, ran a distance race from.Ruby  Lake to the High School. The winners of  these races were as follows: Senior girls���  Haida (48 minutes). Senior boys���Nootka  (36   minutes).   Junior   girls���Nootka   (46  Grace McCarthy  ... of provincial interest  . . . THANKS FOR THE MEMORY  IT IS just about a year ago. that w"e were  all being asked to "but a little restraint  into our' standing. Remember? It was  suggested that business should not expand, that governments should only do  necessary  expenditures,  all  sectors  were  SPOKESMAN for the Elphinstone ,Stu-  V.cjent Parliament said that the Government remains in a state of "Cautious  Optimism" regarding the' improvemenA of  relations between Pender Harbour Secondary School and Elpbinsfone Secondary  Sohool,. '     .   .  FoJIciwing an interschool conference on  Wednesday April 7'���-when members of  the Elphinstone Cabinet met with the  Pender Harbour Student; Council at Pender Harbour���Prime'Minister Steven Lee  had this to say: "This meeting was arranged with the hope that better communication between our two schools can  be developed. We look Jorward to the  clay when students of both Elphinstone  and Pender Harbour will be able to work  together on mutual problems and exchange ideas and information freely. In  many ways we have had a successful -beginning here today. I am confident in the  months ahead communication and relations will improve."  Topics discussed a.t the meeting ranged  from community problems such as* drugs  apd recreation to such things as reduced  ferry fares and a spring walk-a-thon. Arrangements are underway to develop an  probably prove ta be tbe turning point  in conventional warfare. Since any officer  or private can he-brought/tb tri&Veyeji  two years after, a battle and.be tried for  "war crimes" even when he believes him''  self ,to-be following order?, bptft troops  and %bveit��rhent are^ likely^ to' discard  such band lo hand combat In. fayor of  cencentrated air poW^r. "*     ��� '  Such air power was demonstrated in  "the bombing of London Coventry, Rotterr  dam' and Hiroshima. In these instances,  thousands 'of  civilians,  including  babies  ' and children were killed. No man oh either side was tried for "atrocities" which  Would make me inclined to think that  government will, ih future, conduct their  warfare in this "impartial" manr\erl...  '���A     '7 ^ARY�� DUNLEIGH  , Take Exception  EditoT The Times,  Sir: I usually enjoy your editorials  but I feel that I must take exception to  your remarks re the WilUam Calley trial  in the USA.  Everybody knows that a soldier is  trained tp obey orders but there have  been many instances in more civilized  countries where a soldier faced with an  order that has conflicted -with his conscience  has  refused   to  Ojbey.  Lf. Ca'lify is evidently lacking Ui.thif-.-  quality of cpnsc#ebce' pfherwis,'*" t}ie killing of old men,- women and babies in  tTTelFMotHer's arms would have been arr  impossibility,   ���   .'.  . '-',:'.',.  'However I agree that* fhe^mftn has  been fnader'a scapegoat and that the  trials rof the wftr criminals . should ��� extend to his superipr, officers, right up  the cliain of cQmmffnd to the war mad  generalslio the pentagon and even, to that  power hungry and frightened man in the  White House..  ' If the American P30*"^- 1"'s'1 A" s^-v"  age whatever honor is ItlrT to tha!m they  will see,that this is done.' /, ���     ���**  ' (Miss)" MARGARET Mc-INTYRE  .   ���������: -  ���'��� * \':   aZ'-A^I  The first Methodist missionary at New  Westminster was Edward White, who was  born in Philadelphia.  this is ci $3 SPOT 8  (Less when on contract-)  Your advertising in this spqce will, reach  nearly 2,500 homes (over 9,000 people)  eacH week. It's the most economical way to  reach more Sunshine Coast people because  Times ads go into more homes than any  other   newspaper   produced   in   this   area.  The Times  Phone 885-9654 "  THIS LABEL ON YOUR  PRJNTING GUARANTEES THAT  /    IT IS PRODUCED UNDER  asked to refrain from-hiring" people. That     interschool   social  .affairs   program  was wiren we were fighting that terrible  ^TeTTTTffaflo]): ""  proinptipniil  trickery     with   whichw'tl\e-  general;public has to be on guard."diir-  ing the-icpnrse pf pitch year, Qjiuniiek  approach    changes     occasionally    but  some .of the  old  standby's   Which,   we'  would  suggest,  are   worthless,   include:  .... .    , ., -'Your name was selected etc.',' "Your  Kir ten) many people fail to grnsQ,   good frjen[| Mrs,  Brown /ccommended  the lact that questionable sales promo-    .0����� or ..y^ have decided to make this  -is are invariably based, on the concept    WOIK|CI|���|  0f|cr   U)  u   i'cW   responsible  ;urplc are ever seeking n bargain    peop|c ������, the dislrici", |f goes on and  Well it .seems the Federal Goverrvi  rnejri's era of' r;eslrairU- brought on an  era of unemployment and from last fall  until now, the unemployment statistics  climbed steadily^no matter whose figures  you   believe!  Your-Provincial Government could see  what was happening. You will recall that  last autumn, our Premier Bennett called  on Prime Minuter Trudeau to lower interest rates to get the economy moving.  He warned the Prjme Minister of the  unemployment problems British Columbia was facing. '**'  Many and varied are the forms of- ��� JS'on^ffl,?V^T,! , ""  ;..       i   ... ���..        i ��� i'   .i narked on  a  building  program  that  im-  'tiated  over  sixty millions  of dollars  of  work in the lasl ��t|iree months-of 1970,  The ..projects and contracts included  the following: ,  the way.-     - : ���'  Closer study and a few simple calculations will invariably* reveal the fact that  almost all the magazines involved are  available from the store or direct from  the publishers at. a lower price. The  small print usually mentions suth .things  as a "small" mailing charge which during the period of the contract proves to  be rather more than "small".  dances and a better intei-school  rogiiimT-^Adso^^Tr^lirrr^iJgrmti?  topics as Centennial/projects, relations  with the School Board and an Inter-  School Senate. " " ���,  President Gerald Girrard of Pender  Harbour expressed his government's support for Elphinstone's endeavors to procure reduced ferry fares for- students on  tjie Sunshine Coast. President Girrard  also extended teams and the undefeated  Cabinet Broomhall team to play at Pender- Harbour on Friday April 23.  The Cabinet wishes tp thank Mr.  Thompson, principal, Mr. Dombroski, Mr.  'Girrard and the members of the Student  Council for hosting the meeting and hopes  that Council members' will be able to  attend the 4th Session of Parliament to  be held at Elphinstone in early May.  yMJWWMJJWfMWMJSJJMU^  Public Works  Schools  Hospitals   .  Ferries  Bridges  Hoacls   ..    $I,-I27,a0fl  Over   $7,200,000  Appr-ox. $10,000,000  $1,340,000  $l2,12fj,000    $28,203,001)  ics  ,,>..'<> somciliing lor nothing. In this world  fof cold hard fact we gel neither, other  than   through     an  exceptional   circumstance, and certainly out of town peddlers  do not operate in that way,  Af> we have pointed out "in the past,  many reputable salesmen and repre-  seniuiives  of  well   established  ���ethical  i���tmmpanien-coiiiiii'utc" from' "the lower"*  mainland periodically 'und do,  in lacl,'  offer a service to the public as a whole.  In short time they become known and  accepted as trustworthy individuals currying oul-n'n Honest slraighllorwiird job,  Latest cries of protest are coming  ���   Irom   local   residents    who  have  been  , liiken  in Ify  some  vngiie freezer food  plan which  has since  turned sour,  ll  ��� appears "cerium ��� tpnlinliiicN for freezer,  piodueis were promised bul in each ease  there was it substantial discrepancy be-,  iween the .'iimoimi, promised   and llnll  /'received, As a few exumples: proinlscd  154 lbs beef, received 130 lbs,, i-roinised  172 lbs assorted meals, chicken-clc,, re-  on and people still fall for it, Anoihe*r  dodge is to produce a list of names of  Ipcal residents who have signed up for  the deal bill a simple phone call lo any  one al random would Invariably reveal  the slid irulli,  ���AVe  merely  point touhe  fuel that  jt   js a l'r,cc. country,, basically,  a|ul We  are' (ill at liberty rto" spend where^ and  how we please, However, those-who are  prepared lo fall for every lasl operator  who knocks, on the door have no-one  bul themselves to blame. It might be  iniderstiii'diible In remote ureas where  services are few and infretpieni but in  an area where iilmosl everylljihg yiiii  be obtained locally ut regular prices,  then,there is lillle excuse,  PHENATAJ* CARE OF GUMS  MOM'S diet when she was pregnant could,  ���explain in par-l why you have,nr don't  have gum  riiseuse,  t-  Studies of ruts on various proyatul and  preweaning  diets  showed  '.marked   differences-in the oral conditions of their offspring. Tire largest amounts of bacieria-  currying tartar collected on the Ifcelh-.-nf  lliosp rats boi'ii lo molheiij who wcie on  higll-fat diets. ..,,..,'.,'  Itais   fed   diets  high   in   protein   also  give-     "-'-'���I'-clc'd   lurge   umounis   of   larlar-.   Bul  ahly     high     figure     of     unemployment,   'J'at�� fu^, ��h simple^nead und mi|k (carbo-  Ihmughoul. our country because of 'Mbor-     hydrates   ami   prOtuin)     had     the -|casl     -��� - nrmmm^ on [\H)  This $Hfl,!ifl'4lflOO dollars amounts lo a  daily exponditHi-fi of $1)00,000. When we  hirar Opposition charges thai lire Provincial, Government is lire cause of udt  employment, the facts just don't bear  them out. It js recognized by the majority��� ,(uls  nf Canadians'Ihal wu have lliis unforgivl!-     v'dteuluc  Minute Message  THINGS. THAT PO ^|OT CHANGK  WM are llvlii|- in a ehimgiu^ worM. Th  lirnsenf    cenliiry   hits   hooii     in ir n y  "l,,'ll!.f^yi,V,J,!W,KIIIK,hiJ.u1..:Otti��wn,n  All indictrtionH point to a brighter  1071, an upturn In the, economy, renewed  ciml'idoiico in investment and building  ll is lo be hoped Hint Hioso who are now  lincmpltryed wlll'sfioi'i be buck lo' work,  but lhat ihey, wilt record their present  I'l'uslratloii nl the voting booth in the  nnxl I'Viderul eleolinn. That election ,m<ty  lalto pl.iri'i! in 1072 or us fitr nwuy as  11)711, II will fin inlercinflng to mn how  good our Ciuiiidlun iminnry In nl., thai  pnlnl   In Hiiin,  ������Safe Motoring  saititi p()iitweaniiig dieA,  HemiarohorB believe Unit thin adds s|ip-  pprt to other HlndUis that have sliriwii  Ihaf.giiui diKeiiHOH are influenced in part  by uarly niilrlllon. Homo believe Uuil, these  Infections can lie almost totally prnvenlud'  If treatment in Klaited uarly in life. Thoy  say that preventive procedures normally  carried out nn adults should actually bu  sliirled on yraingslors,  The lieiilinenl on 'adults who alrnudy '  huvo giini dlHcasu mainly mImws dow'n  (IchIi'iicLIoii of lhn IIhuihik, In h'Oiim ciihoh,  llic dcMlrucllon (vui lie Hio|iped und In  biwer IiikIiiiicoh soiiki drrgren of reversal  lakes pluce, *(Jiinarliiin |)<nil/i| Association  "His Clothes?"  Of Course"  THAIL 0AY CENTRE  SEGMENT  UNCLE MICK'S  MEN'S SHOPPE  &J  ceived 124 lbs, I'rdmlsed 50 lbs frozen,, <-'bah��o-i. .Homu of IIichu uruytnr lire bal-  vcgeliibles,  received ' 3'l   lbs,   Premised'  ~T��2  lbs staple  lleius,  recelvetl  52,  anil  so on,  Needless lo say, Ihis neither surprises nor shocks us lor lhe slory Is an  old ���one, so old liml it is cleiif there will  always be, a Incentive living lor sharp "bnul the niallur of polluliuir,.,Wlil|i) un-  operiilois. However,, if we succeed in doi-vi-riim In Improvo producilvlty of tho  nleriing only one oi^'lwo llilin our eliorls    ��'"">,��'��'�� l(< ��'llW polluilun ii In .���orintv  ~ w i 11 -��n< il -1-n vv been '"in -- vu I n r**--**^***^*^***'  ,   Oneof ilu: hardest lads lo gel over  to mi many is thai we gel only whin we  pay for uiul nl'lcii nol even that purlieu lady wilh door-hi-door, so-called .bur-,  '   ''ilillh. ' ,        ��� '        ���"'  , 'I'l'obnlily line of lhe most welUwori^,  bill .appiiivnily hlill iillective promotions  Is thin of 'miijni/lih'' snles, A quick line  of cfiiilk-r froiiiyoiiimer |K'oplc edililiinil  ihey nre working llieir way Ihrouj-h nnl^  versliy mid Unit they ige'i a siibsiimilul  awiinl, lor ptisli|n|i; inliguzliieH at "liur-  gain" prlco, This Is briefly the well reheat scd spiel bused on lhe average peisons  willingness lo help another student iilonj'  liir, nnd hiiiiki for |ti��i worse Hoinn IhllK'n  nre improved, and olJiei'H fall lu malic 1111 m�����  world a, bo'llor plutm lo Iivo,, In. Yi,it  through llicin ,1111 unit hook Ihu nffortn of  mruikliid lo .'holler his living conditions,  and often iriuklnif thorn worm! Inii|iiai|,  This In why I hern Is so much I'pptvrii  vm,��wpyri,���;,���rM^,^.,,.,^  Through all thoHu llibigH, ' howcvtii',  llinrn aid soinn IhliiKii thai, unvnr cluing",  'I'limn Is iho iicnil nf Dm liiiimiiV h'-inl  for low mid iiiu'in'rMiiiiKliiig, Then' is mini  KVKIIY  limn you  cut  out  into  an  on-  ruminil; lane of trtiffle, In ail affoil, )n i,,  'iiiukii ufl Minn, you iiieiitwai yoiir.^ihiuicnn  of having nn uccldnut, says Hid /!,(!, Antu-  niobiln Assoclallon,  .Wriavlng In and  oirt of traffic 'Is  a  diiiignroim   wayk.|n   savn   scc'undH,   und ,  road rfj'orlN provu that this mnlliod can  MiiY" ,y����u only a finctinfi of Hriconds por   (  nillo. Dou'l iluii III Ti-lwi Hut oxli'u  flvif  or Ion miiiiiliiii lo ciiiupliiln Iho  hluniey,  "!.!!yj)lLyjiMt,IW.lUlHi*LW.MIUl.-iHf^,dl��tftlHJ��^  bul worm  ynu  and   llm  vti|i|c|tr   In   fronl,  H'h jumi nun iiku'ii way of muklng mini  yi/ii iiItIvii tMifnly, IMdns ,,, llm nrralie  dilviir Ihul w-mvn'ii In inufjai! will nccil  kind's liml for liiillvvrmieu from .dn uu.l     ];);^^ r|V';!''"'��� !"iI'l'        ,   /"��jvtw'whur  vice, Tluu'ii Is llm iKtcd of llio world, I'ni'      '" "  '  '"  (ii|iiily  himI; pi'ni'ii  IiiiiIiiimI  of m ceil  nnd  m0m0mmi0tmm>mmmm��, ^m  I'nlillshrit Wrdiiffiilny-i <il*K<clicU  .  ,'>���   ,nn HA'A,Kuiidhhic <'o��iit  '    hy , " \  1   Mci'it'lt 1'cMlfifiiln Tlrnr* 1.(4.    .  IhiK Mlt.'HrvhtH, H.C,  IhntHhh (!. IVItrrkr, llillmr mid Piilifhlirt  Hulmcrlpllon Hnlcm (In ru)vnnc��) s  ,, I 'rYtutfiS * 2 Vcnrn, V) * 3 Yetm, $13  .*-���;���"'",       U,H, hnAyt'ottlHt., l*5,sa  '     ' ' ,  fmlrilt tin nreAJmtn Port Mellon to Rgmtrnt  (Itmvf Ifowid to Jurvl* Inlet)   ,,  ,'ij.il.i,.iin.<'-i''*"ii>'W|||||l1" "' V'lirifTi rn ~i���r ���rui'ii rn "i ���" �� ��.r wmpi iwiwmiiwiiinwuii  wuil'iu'''," mid liimi'nr and povmly, If UiIm  wm lii Is going hi hi!' u holler plum lo  iiva tp mitp rtai'dH Mw iwlpnr tt liif'iK-c  powm' oillsldn of liluimill, tin ui.-i.'dn Iho  luil|i hf (Jii'l,   *        ���   ��  Two  thousand   yenr-i  ugii  Jcmm,   llm  'Mon of Unil, emtio"'to' UiIm world lo suyo  iiimikhirl bom sin, Hu nmn -from de'itji  ns the great Conqueror of |li|n pbwor  which oviinliiidly eiigullH mVi'ry li,i|iiuin  belngi ���lesiifi ClirlHi I'liniif Hint wi! inlghl  liimficiiMjiiihiliKlunl und otoniHl 111��>. M��no  ihiin-lhlH (ukiiI li;iii|i"iMib��>��|in'i- ilmi--||����-  ni'Vi'i- i'Imhiiii'm: .Iohiiii iHiijlul |m ,lhf iminh  yi'hlefiitiy,   Pnlnty\   ,,i���l   hu   <--Vr! V^'h*   (���'<  'eli'iiuil ayd li'llii/feiliil by lili|'e lie iviii  ;,iirl'l/tf,V llm needs of uvery lienil. He fiecii  nil who hiihl'in Him fiom Hie iiower- und  Kiiitt pt Mn, und 0wfrVYf*miP~M"<hf,s Th  hlt'uiii. II,, ��iiiv��m IjuIh lho*�� wler in��l,.lh��i|r  lallh in Him, lie )h l|m <|ii|ii/(��!|<'M D/m,  Why nul yield your Jlfe to Jlln contiol,  and provrt Illn power lo'net you free from  ��in,,aiul -lullsly all your n��tiHii"!lirr>ii"i never  folk  ���    '���    *    .   Huv, ll���l, WITU'r  Im gels llm'rli,; , Jf"lm'.|(otH, llmrnl  'liivo n good hide liollilny   wild  your  family  ny  iMleinln  mul  do ybin-  purl  lo  "Ml ing  'em  Muck  Alive!"  ;!i!!!!l!!i!!!!!!!fl!!lll!!!!!III!!!;ilfl!l,T'[[[[i!ilH;''[f|[[|[h  RADIO Ih TELEVISION  (IfKilfir for:  ZENITH  FLEETWOOD * ~T  ;    ADMIRAL  'i<       ��!���       1'       *   .  IIURRITT BROS. '  RUGS ANP CARPETS  1 0 n *  4*        * "H        *  FURNITURE  Ph, 006-22fl0^ GINom, B.C.')  vmm  NYGBlEN SALES  (1071)   LTP.-  Your PAPCO PAII^T  PEAdR it} GIBSONS-  On iho Wlm,' ��� 006.9303  Quollly  llmiMj  end  Mutina  I'nlnl,  0*0W0mL*\**0UL*0��mLn0mLn0,s%0HMm*i^ai^0,mi  \  PLUMBING LTD,  PENINSULA  Poplar for  Sopor Koiri Tono  and Shorwln Williams  Glbnoni 0 006-9533  i^0%0%0^%0tm^****^M^tnmf^iir*09Mi^mimmi^im00) ���*  i i' .'''*���  Morgan's ,  M��n'sA Weqr  G.W.G,  Work  Clolhcti  Work Glovm  SECHELT, U,<J,  WrMMWr-MPMMWMflWMWfM^  CLOSETS CAN BfE pOLORFUL  ,  'riirowrjl'i Iho IriQonloii'. ii'sfl of-a-fuw (Jqcorqllna mchorlciU,  olofiois can proylflo/inollrocllvenn<\ wel|*nrrjnni"'o''l n'req ,|or~  hUpriQtif'Myh ihu Caiio'llui) I'nlnl MnnMlai*:lurors,.Aw"clnlloii.,.  Flri,! nlbicli n ttipcM of hai'fll-Kinirl i"u(-|it)art|-> In Hiji back ol your  "   ��� ' ' ,  it- ' *  cloiiMl, '|hen pnlnl llm hor'll)oqrilUin<l r.JDsal (nlurlor WUh n  llni or nunil (jlo'i'i unninul, Wli*'ii Ihu (uilnl W <lry, nlUK.Ii  liool<i�� In Iho |)dQbo'ii(|,fiiHj Ijnncj liousollokl |loiru��-'-r'c,|ollilnyl  r.|aonlno m-11'oifnfsi,"'cnnklna'."iiU.i)i.i\fi, l<��y's! A ptfok Inln your  tillnicllvu now chwu will Iki pnotifjh to briphlun your dciy,-  - i .,���     ',''''        (    .   '     i     ��� '  FRAME A "WALL PICTURE"  MoI��j your will n jilcluni Ii) liiiolf-   wllli hiluhlly <.olon,il  .|iU.UMu.1iMOHJt��/-biiy->-lliu.Coiiii(|lii.in-.l'Minl-'MMiHi(uLltiMiiw-.Ai��bi-V'  t '.|i|||il||!   IhllWtil! I'M Olll III  ll"Mltlli��|IIU .I>||IHI\  MIH l| i'l HlUI III  hlwlll'j,  or iTTi oI��!J iillh.'foi i)��klly, fiiuiuui wooilnn Itoinnt., Wli��>n ^111  Imiv-i mil/oh (01 a (|ioii|)liiij, jiiilnl il^ni wilh n Imjli ulir.'.  oiKuimL blow, < Inio'jo on ullMu.livu , oiiontKMiioiil loi youi  frrmi*'!" nnd hniifj Ihrqn 011 Ihu wull no \>\( inyc nui-ilwJ - your  liamuf* .lliomMilvo-i will h��l "|)i��||y o(*<u p|c,lurfl/'  ���*0,nru***,0*,***t*v%,H**tw*rm0*0y0*r*T*,i  TWIN CREEK  LUMBER &  BUILDING  SUPPLY  Your  Gdrinrol Pnliils  ��� Donlor  Mdimn'iul A |l|cfl/o  Pninlt*  irUinhlna Co<ut   ,  Mlfjhwrry near  ,.  GIUISONS  Drono 006-2000  m0htomm#mM0m.?'mmmmmM*mMs^mmm*m  n..,V,l \  f  l it >  ^, ^&jk,jS^ki^fa��0-&Ai^taitMk,jt>*.fiA-*ir> <tS iv.'tk fi*.^ v*.jt*\i  ^S^-3flSW!ef<S*sA*  V^fy^&flf&Rfl^^iA&f'^&GJ^fi&t):  Yv^frs^ti~rt,^t*&?^%*2f: A GiaNTr.fi, kindly man,  the  lq|a Mr,  George  Webb of Spumes  Point   \v.o  "  passed awfly on Maich 31st 1A71, will be-  greatly missed by many friends. ,  Born aft Corberry, Manitoba, Mr Webb,  did r general  store  work   for   his fqther ,  and farming betnre going overseiib with  1W wcdTcaTt-nrps during the Firs| World  War. '  Always interested in the bealjiiK arts,  Mr Webb studied ui the United States^  where he became a chiropractor, a pro-  iesMon he practiced at Duncan, Vancouver  Island  Mr Wedd was with Nunil and fhomp-  son Uc|-. Funeral Directors, Vancouver for  ffh iA i��� the nineteen-thrrtios he spent week-  CUftk--     ends at his properly on Reid Bund, Grb-  rw$& M)ns- In 10-*1, ho ��iar,'ied a��d in 1858  tw$p Mr Webb and his wife came to ||ve pn  ikmlMi He-id Road, where t hey had and especially  lovely t lower garden.  Mr   Webb enjoyud  a  varied  and  in- ���  ^    tereslrng ' hle^-aiird   al   one   time was   a  ,fa    booUkeo-ier/Tor  a   logging   company   at  S"3    Tuba Inlet; He loved the s,criptmes and  |^|    v\ as a keen student ot Bible prnplificy,  J^| Si* years agu, the Webbs moved  to  a   charming  property  at   Soameb Point  > .     \ v ^ * . * r- *      ������ t ��      i- V  "-'������. , ^ "I   ���     '    ''  VTVVWT-W^K^^VfyK^nf���'    <  SiS��S��;��E��SM^  *  SECHELT FIE3E f��|f?<&T����TI#N OBSTRBCT  bfotjee is herebi/ given that the unc|prsi^nec| K^** hi"fn app&in'ecj RETURNING QFFjCEfc,  to conduct an Clec^on, ta o|ect THREE. (3) TrMStees for tho above mantlbhiid district.  r^OR A TKRE? (3) YEAR TERM OF OfFICp. Two (2)-Trwste-is to be elMihttf>om 'this   t\,  owners of Lands witbih the Corporation pf tha Yi|l��9'* Pf Sechuf*-. TO pE KNOWN, AS"  ZONE QNE, One (|) Trustee to Im 'elapfed from owners pf .Lands NOT Within' t|-a  Corporation of the Village ofSacheft. Tjlj$ tP hp f��n9Wn q*| 2Q|n[E T\YO. The Beg sterM  Voters in Zone Ope qncfTwo- are hereby pofifjfc^ JP Attend a rnerating to bo \\e\d jp  Corporation of the Village ofSaclieft. fhiS tP hpM9VW flS 2QNE f\YO. The Beg s  Voters in Zone Ope qncfTwo-are hereby notified to Abend a rpeBtina to'be heL ...   ..  THE SECHELT FIRE HAM-, INLET AVfV #CHtf-T��'��.& April  Ifyti   \97\. at "thp   %  hour Pf EIGHT -*������ O'clock p.m. pt whicft ("Igco ar*d hour I will proceed to call ipt  norrtinqtlons qnd to take votes of (he Ejectors fjf'ise'nfr. ��� . .  ".-   '.     '       ,  _ j���   The said meeting \vili be closed as soqr- qs, ihe yolos of the Elep|ors present, and  voting when votes aje cqlled for, ihpye beep cpypted.  Doled this-26th'dov of Marph, A.D.  \^\,\  -  BENJAMIN D. F|RTK  F|TURNI|N�� OFFICER  M '.*  .tf >  '���*&  I'V;-*  PS*..'  I* ��     ,  %*���'���>  'vv ���  !  ���t'sa-was'��i��sis*5��SBsc��'��sei'��a^  j^i;^    Mr    Webb "is"survived  by  his  W]fe Elva  1        ' | IsSl*^     and seveial relatives in the LISA  Presentation  APPRECIATION  Monday evening April 5th at 7.30, in  the   open   area   at   Gibsons   Elementary  It was a happy momertt for Sechelt   Scott rTortway and eo-cantftjp -St'uaft   P6gpsi}s soccer 'reaiTi Ut|t IVIi'- <Tqe    school, a social evening was held in the  "       ' "       " "        en  Of  thp Secjielt floor JlOOkey     has nQW donated it j�� ScHeol DistriCl     form of a thank-yoir party for puneipal,  ......   i,,"., J.  _. ??..,J   rr.t'l     _..!    ���e i,.^ jn _.. ��� 3���t  i       Mr    Cooper, ��� Hie   three     teachers,   Miss  Crarg, Mrs  Robinson and Mrs. Dalil and  the chaperons who-accompamed tlm grade  5  classes on  the :$-day   Centennial  trip  to   Victoria   All  parents   indicated   their  appreciation, and the children showed on  slides,   pictures   Ihey   had   taken in   Hie  capital city  Mr   R   Deiong introduced  Coip.  Big-  geman who  piesenlcd  a  plaque bearing  a few suitable words and inscribed with  lhe   Centennial   Emblem,   the   names   of  ;^?     grade 5 pupils were included. The plaque  'band manager    IVIr   Clarence Joe, Craigen  when he presented   the beautifully team, school district chgrnpM- THe   winders of the floor hockey league  parved Totem Pole Trophy to captain trophy wes origm^lly caryed for the  tr^-r^r,-., -j    .1- f��!-��7 n^      -I * f ^lf| ���>*,'$   J ,4,,       ,"*,,?,'      ,p      '>f-1;F      ->*jl^^4  v'-%   ,^^|,<?'-,V^   <       fir"        "  3 -  Or.*/  )����iM>��US��l��l��S)MSeita����S3^  1 AIRWAYS  LIMITED     boH MQ - SpCHEtT, B.C.  Lsave Sechelt for Vancouver or Nanaimo  8 a.m. - 12 p.m. - 4.p.m. !  Return from Vancouver or Nanaimo to Sechelt  9 a.m. - 1  p.m. - 5 p.m.  EFFECTIVE TUESDAY, APRIL 13,. 1971  Connecting flights to Jervis Inlet ��� paily Business Men's Special,  FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PHONE:  VANCOUVER NANAIMO SECHELT  685-4922 753-2041 885-2214  ���*  l'i''  i   v  5 r  \f*  V)  rr  r  'I-  A' �����  v..     rt ,  ��� T  H  V!rt?!aiM^^.ab^  ���'.I-'  I-*-.  1' ���  J     ���   ,^-Vt..  i  ' 'i  1  i''H-4  in"r  �� �����  **  Elementary schools  Floor hockey season  Sechelt comes out dii top  pj^rict champs  "wTIl  lemain in  Ihe school  CofLee and goodies weie cii^tyi-ditrnd  the pleasant gatherinjj was ovei al 9 pm  HERE AND THERE  Many people in lhe area are Miffeiiuy  fi run  Dii  Mi", and Mrs Wrljo Wiren journeyed  tn-Merrill whore Ihey visited thnir son-  in-law and daughter Mr and Mis Bob  Gerer and  four children.  Mis. .1.1. Myeis was in Vancouver for  10 days when she visited Mrs Ileyholds  and- other friends.  Clarence Cook has returned lo MeJ--  ritl where he works, after visiting here.  The swans are still  |*eing i-wcli  ad-  pilred op the pond ot the Bj-rton propeity  on Ihe ��5-bends in Qihsoirs.  Newspaper contest  local level awards  HKSUT/f of the Canadian Nalin'nnl Weekly Newspaper Contest in whichreadeiy  were  invited   lo  par|rcipale  has not   yet  llio "-'l'lines  MfglUy^QHd Winnprft of the School <ten    flnnounrcd, J"��wcyor.    llio-Times  Winners of the To|.eiti Trophy, pic- *'" *'�� " ",0 l",al lcvU'  uirp(l- with ppsch Mm Qmy id the t        .  back row are; Mike   Prenderaasl, Wi,s nul n����*����-iu '" \wMM. "ion"  all,  wWintajiy'B��h��)o! floorhh^koy,?nrt-   f^M'iwifay- 1^^^9^^^LV'���C'lP^i'jSlt.-9*!^Si5;  -whnu,'PdirilP''WynaciHiK, Vmi <i<><^ ' ,lu: nutu>nul love  Mapy   upliies   were   received nnd   it  s   nul   possihle  lo   publish  tliom  all,  inuuli every onu has been .submitI<-'i| lo  Toioulo  where   Ihoy   will   hv  jiii||-od  on  -fin.t~.vi/nnk for ifir- Hoason when Iwo. OMiii'1, .Mr^^Jhri'^ii^LjaL^fie  .p|il,y-orf f|iifillHl.s, liuhoi'lH Crook mid ftp-    .eoiiel'iwl. th��- wlnninn louni, ,diw )d\ap  clio'lt niet for tli'e thrlllinH two ��amo '  po|n|H pluy-uff,  plfiylng  al   Sunholl,, ou  Mond  nun iwo.    insnici,  'ivii',,;,iun. uwsL^QL^Diiiintui?wiioj..,,,^^^ i^|^,tT^tnw;ipL,<  unci ��e-    eoirel'ied, the. winning louni, .dr'ay- uMou-       ,       \\Lm.v   ini'  -ill,,,  mololirl     lion   to   l|,e  epthnsinHm,   Jm^vN   plfV   : Kf.Y/mJ f>��^ iSri Hn?i^r  and HporhuTnuiKDip wrtf-rmk W- loAfiMM   ����' "W 4c��^y   n<imWW��;  iay' thu   /uinWin iliankiiuH^liurflWfVpilii"!-,   on IJP toam Wi Trevor  n.hi,   'p��i�� iiwolved, ho Hfdd fhMt evoryoire cmh-   Qonjon Wawrp. Team wl  Tnkinii crinlenl nixl presorv^jjjlilljuiu-  ,' M/iclmMM   ���l��'<'OUnt    ll^Ul^^^lWIT^TOinuiMl   llllll    llUhl  i..|    1n��     A   in        '"''"I   ti'1,,'y  W!I"S  I'V   l<    J-  K,0"�� ��r l��il|��-rlK  "11. ,|Qf3. AIM C|(U,|j fr,||,ivv(:,| |)y Mih. II. (iwoi) Arthur  ,1' Wi!' Jl��(' ol UibHons HC. CliiMikh will bu niniled to  Will  give  Ihe     hulli'lyckv-'wiHiurrh,  As a  pvirk of ap-  /,nl        ��., A,,���il ...     !      . .     "'ll ,7- ,..!. ..!!1     I   All "The Nv Puipf products are qmihy meirmte^��  and wtV ThB soa' of quality .approval, ''flio Luv  Palpt"' is a flrst-qualjty natiopiil professional  decor-fltor brand of pajnt. You wou|d exppct to pay a  pieiniiim prfce for this outstanding quajity, but  becaubo wo made it jiist for you, tho |iamo|Qver>  you'll fipd it attractively priced. Bqy %i\v" ppw hy  iho quart, hy i|ia qqllon. Paint pn tlm bBaiitydf  m    M    .   I ^^>^>^*m0i^^.i00^L0.m0h  t?ny it,  TRAIL BAY HARDWARI LTP.  "Sechelt      "*���      A*~T      "    PH^i^" 033^828  WANT   TO SPREAD  A SECRET  ALL OVBR  TOWN? -  USE AN  " AD-BRIEF,  DIAL  ��� Mr. Advertit-er:  Those advertising  spaces are reql  iiargai-is for you.  Sold en contract  orily. For dotaliu  on how to stretch  your advoiflBlng  dollar, phonq  fl85-0654r<iflU la��  special ad  rqfos,  V  louLfl,K on'!mcmi I r�� I "lo-JJm II" �� "ci i|����>iiH    ^riiod with fll<J: fpifr IfWii \)w]ioan on-     mm*' ROflrrf'fl   WOl'k  OUt On'vApr��l\^i��i;>��iMl,"��li  other  enlrie.s' will be iu-  -   ' ���'        ���������'   ���     '    -������"-- - ������  tliiiKhiHlhvoiid iHinseriueiilly i| hap ruhljod     aiH'h'  n��� Winy' WjHvpWy-.^fonhwB: .                 ���  -^ WiZ^'clrrK^ veilS^b^S.onler,,..nihH,.o1,,u,  H,o���n���d   period!  MMwi.y   lhrou��h   lh�� ���ff"            '       J    'j   .         jj,.^'   'f,  ��� Hiumnrl porM Cn.l,(J'lT nZZ Z M��.��|ri.  I����rlf      II   ?   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Mudnirii I'nrh  Mmloh'w Pmk  off- hitiik to Huiuiny Cimoy wlm lunmil' , '/-.j, Ho-jlml) vh; QHihomh, UIIwidh '1-7. JVJii-  iiiuI fllppod llm flnnl '{mrl 'of llm iiiuvio, doini i'urk   vu,   HoliorlH Ureal*-,   l|'i|mrlfi  Iiiiui Hiloro Hoii||o|t :i, Holmrln Orook. I, c.ytui\t ,.|��;i,. jhiimrtH. C|;o��k. vu, (-||)HonH,  ..yVTh'i  vniy  flno  onrvoil Joioin  trophy (IHimodh 11-4, Ho��hP|t vh, Modul1-)'  l'i>|'kf  "', '(lortHlurl by ,llw Hflflliuli In��ll��n U��nd wiu'i ^oi!)ii-li 0-(|, MmHw P^i'H y��." Q\)mm%  pi'CHonlod   In  ll'io  wlnulnil I'liuu id  Ho- ' TIM Jl>'ll.  Hooholl.  vh,  fhihoiin    Orook,  nlmll Mloiimnlnry Hfli'iul nn  vyoilimwlny, Booliork'M,  wirrdod will) �� H (! silver dollar  "~<"M)TClWWD^  ^-��^'~-^r^"rr--rr!rr-^rJ--^"  In,, tlm'muni'flimli',. MulmrlM    ('r/mk ,     ,,   .               .. ,,,..      .,,,;  ,   . ..  ������ Bffoiirl ��'-M  v ntoir 'ovor -ilWmnw,  Hm tyHw\*urn ,m hiimi I IWi o��hlhllail ��t- ho  rmiinn Miiiiiit liihi ovmili'im, Modioli won Viumnuyor A��|iinrliini   i��vo i\   ��rplniH|h|o  VrTiAV%^& MV..i..i,-i l>mk ><>!��)> on iho lower Hlrio nf f,olr h����^  dofruiHod "llio ,��|i|)i��,  'Coiiinioniln/f    un    Hm  n'-wly-fnrnmil  arfiMumnfUfMifM^^u^imttiiidaiiisruiiiiuiui^i  NOW'S THE TfimE  TO KEEP THOSE,  SPRING CLOTHE  FRESH ANP 'CLEAN  Willi!)) unrdikmlhuin to food eff|v|onlly op  iliojmtiom,',  Uopnlra unit, Atflftntttoift  FgE^lgMSUL  DRY CLEAMERS  Phono 000-2200  w*^��jjj(-iJatJit;M��i->.fa-^*-*w';  <0mm  ���MPHWMaMM  Miiiiiliiiiiliuiiimiita  i V^   I   4��-'   '      |./.,\|. [���H,)ff|d| ��ij<   f  ' m      Vnt'*^*l    , h<,)t],li'i)Atr#".i.f *********  Pbc|< Whon tho early QplmQnhQllloo thr'Hd thouoonMo,  i looroo^o wao roally a mun'a qarno. Pouolnfj. Ruqnod. Ana  fc ypif Know flomothlna? It honn'it shnnaed mi. r*oiih<*r hr*v��  llie,mlflli*y m��n who ploy It. Or onloy It. After a tough  rrfotflhi thoyya ����l|| ready for man ntyla rnfrouhmont, And  iliot mcano Just ono thlnn- Old Gtyla rofroohmont.  ���MPMMOwq  'TME OflEAT <5AS ARPLVANCR 8ALK'  $100 OFF JANITROL. RURENACM  ,  7"J "20%, OFF��:ifWOFFAT::iANGISI:: rZ  ���   aD"% .OPP PUtVRIlSI. '.v....,..::...-,:.:..:.  20%,OFF INGLIS WATEI HEATERS!  WALL HEATERS! SPACE HBATIRSI '  imiMiiiuw i  SAVINGS RF��'RCTIVfi UNTI^ APB|U 30  00*0000*  ������������"if ������'-  \  mm  Blow Prey/ed nnd n��tnra|ly uaed  -n^ ����riW|t4<��|-l��M I* n��4 |tblfll|)lt��4l />f MUt>l*^*��l f'l l*a�� M4>��if Cut>bt4 U>mui1 or ttfM���� O^MriUMnt���� pt iU*l| OuliMtM*.  j,   .      ������    i - ' < '  AWIANCB ON PWWiY AT  Standard Motors Ltd. - Socliall - Pliono 81  *     ��� i  ��Hl��'��'l��lHl��IHIlpH!!l,HlHU|  VAAAA^^  **fcA^A'��*AAt^A'lA*'VA'��''> 0*1*./*** 0*0*.s*0\  I      '4.  0r/*.0*f-0**lA0��*.��.0\  *.Hr.*,S*1t0,*0-*'0-0''''    ��*.'��'  -    vr tt        - *.. r    * ***    *      . w.-  i i * �� �� f,t r i ����� t  -   :     ���        'ft,  "    ���*     '     ...  ,r^<V.>      ��^t->'hi^4A"k''>-.��#��'*'Bl��v''/��p.   ^7,* ,*~ *  I,     �� . t i'-HX    h.  ji' .��"   CI- .��.��:-  ���t 'A'  - v\  r*   ��� ^ 0m*r       *0-  -��--..,.���������  -   -V"-.,    ,71   ~        '      .'       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Her, fair hair ^vas dressed with  a floral headpiece, covered by a short  veil and she carried a Victorian posy o%  White and red rosebuds.'She wast given, in  marriage by her father, Mr. Roky I^iley,  Bridesmaid was Miss Leina Fraser, wearing a dress of pinl- sjlk. with a pink carnation posy." The' couple will be making "  their home at Gpurt^iiay, ,  'Mi",  BUey'andrhis son  Larry  who,  ha$e been living at the Redrppffs Resort  -  for  the   past  t\Vo  wijiters will also be  leaving the l^fea tor a trip biiGk east-  SOCIAL ,  The   last   scheduled,.,.evening   of   the  ' present season will be-'at  the "Welcome  Beach Hall; on  Saturday, April  17th at  :"7,30-p,m, Mrs. Fritz Leuehte has planned <  a h"ppy and'relaxed evening to w/ind up  the season and .8: good attendance i�� hoped  : fof-. At the end1 of the social programme;,  there; will be, av short business meeting  at which members of the Welcome Beach  Conimunitj- Association will be -asked to  approve an expenditure of not mpre than  $1000 for improvements to the Welcoro��..  Bfaeh Hall and parking space. The  amount to be guaranteed is the difference  between the,cost of improvements- and  the funds which the Halfmoon Bay Cen-  J��  ���by Mflry Tinkley  tennial Committee will liave available tor  the project,.  ��'gg hunt;  The Easter Egg Hunt organued by tlie  Halfmopn Bay Jteojeation Commission  last Saturday was attended by about 40  children.  .First prue went to Sally Louie' for  finding 40 eggs. Sandra Jorgensen with  33 eggs look second prUe and Margaret  English  with  20  eggs won   thud .prize.  Such an excellent assortment of hats  were enteied in the Easter bonnet ^contest" that the judges. had a real problem  m awarding the prues,' but the following  were eventually agreed upon: '  ''Mpi;t.'Qrf0nair'"T<hV..H8npenI Freddy  Hanseii. Most Comical: StephariieHMfur-  phy, Billy TrousdeU. M6��t Decorative:  Sally Louie, Dean English.'Consolation  prizes were awarded to Margaret Connor,  Ginger Cunningham and Carrie TrousdeU.  . Judges were-Mrs. Mary Walker, Mrs.  Erika Rapp, Mrs. Irene Duff a'nd Mrs.  Bev. Tait; '  AniXILIARY  "The Ladies Auxiliary to the Welcome  Beach" Community Association held a  meeting ae the Guy Clear home on* April  5th and,made plans for the Centennial  Country Fair scheduled for July 17 at  Cooper's Green.  The   group  will  raffle  a   hoiie   chest  tmade  of  aromatic  cedar  and  many   attractive  and - useful  items have  already,  been donated for it. ���  Members of the Auxiliary would be  ���grateful for donations for the Hope Chest  or fpr the stalls at'the Fair. Sewing,  novelties,'white elephants, used books and  items suitable for the ehildrens gold panning stall would all be gratefully accepted. Anybody having anything along  these lines to donate can telephone Mrs.  Wm.   Fraser   at   885-2103   or   Mrs.   Guy  , Page B-6 The Peninsula Times  Wednesacty, kpril T��V1g71  1     ,,, , s ���    ��� , -    ,   Clear at 835-2374 -to arrange for collec  tion. ���  Next meeting of the Auxiliary will be  at the McCrady home on Monday May  3rd    ,  ���IN-BRIEF  Mrs. Keith Cornyn yDent last weekend  in Peijticton attending the wedding of  her nephew, John Waycott to Dorothy  Datoe of Pentlcton. John, whose home  is at Comox met his bride while he was  working at -Jhe Bank of Montreal in  Pentlcton.  Two people' who have not been complaining about our unseasonable weather  aie Dr and Mrs Don Rutherford who are  delighted to get back to their Halfmoon  $ay home and, garden aftei bpendmg, the  winter at Walnut Creek, .California. They  .are .enjoying their splendid show of daf'-T  fodils-a#l are. looking forward tp tnte  blooming of the dogwood and the lilacs..  They' report a cooler than usual winter  in California.. ���.'���'���'  ��� Dick Laird who plans, to retire soon  and settle permanently in Redrooffs, has  started building his retirement home on  the lot next to the home of his mother,  Mi;s. Eva Lyons.  On the sick list last week were Mrs.  Len Van Egmoud in St. Mary's Hospital  and Jim Cooper in St- Paul's.  .-T0TP9 CLUB ��  , 8:00 p.m. ��  "" HALL  ^0***000***********000****00*00*000JI0***00n  \    GIBSONS SWAP    i  |        AND SHOP        1  5 Reoonable prices on Used Furniture j  �� and Appliances, all in good $  S condition. J  $75 TO. GO  D0OI3' PRIZE ir  s0et3fe&=behfrvd=^  MacGregor Pacific Realty Ltd.  GIBSONS, B.C.  0*0000'00��*000***00*0**0*00**00000*0***0*0- i* 0000*0 000*********0000000000000000000000  Minute Message  ���1>y Rev. Wolter S. Ackroyd  "BY  THIS shall all men  know that ye;  are- my discciples, IF ye have love  one to another." John 13:35.  These are the wdrds of Jesus Christ,  and yet whije many claim" to be His dis'-.  eipiesT���irr���works they,.deny Him. "Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer  and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him." I John 3:15. In  I John 3:12, God asks the question, why'  did Cain slay his brother, and answers  it in the same verse'"Because" his (Gain's)  own works were evil, and. his brothers  righteous." . ' .  "He ti"a,t sailh he is in the light, and  hateth his brother, is in darkness even  until  now."  I  John  2:9.-  "If a man say, I love God, and hateth  his brother, he is a liar, for he that lov-  eth not his brother- whom he hath seen,  how can he love God whom he hath not  seen? And this commandment, have we  Emm���kLroT-_*Eh-a-t���he�����4ia���Immth -find lij^e^  his brother'also." I John 4:20, 21.  ���7^-Hereby perceive we the love of God,  because he lard down his life, for us . . ."  I John 3:16.  Scouting-in Action , . .  J       ���J~l t  . scouts set  WITlI.a ci-st of over 5,000 Cubs, Scouts  Venturers, Rovers, and leaders, the  Vancouver Coast Region, Boy Stouts oflt  Canada (a United Appeal Agency) man"-'"  moth "Seouting-in-Actipn, Centennial  "IV* Show is all set for -Saturday, April  17th St the Pacific tyatioftal Extfib'tiori's  S^howmart and Foods Buildings. Dpors  \yill open at 10 a.m. and it will be action  packed for-the next eleven hours, right  y'p to closing time at 0 p.m-  '��� His Honor Lt. Governor John Nig1\o1-  spn, P.q���, aBvEvj ;QvC., Ll. D., will of-;-'  ficially open the ^g event at 2:30.<pm.  after which^he vvill visit the display--,  over one hundred in'number, and watch  t|-e boys in" the dpzehs of other activities  rh the stage and pioneering, areas.  Stage shows will. be running contiguously'in botl) builduTgs-ariawill include  tumbling acts by" 90th ��t,-Gjffprge United'  Troop, minstrel show by 136th Canadian  Legion Branch No. 16 Troop, quarter  staffing display by 60th Dunbar'-Pt.i>Grey  Troop, boxing boilts by Cubs and Scouts  of 1st WUson Creek Group first aid de7  monstrafions by 13th Ryersoii Cub Pack,  floor hockey demonstrations by 3rd River-  view Troop, Maori- Chants by }6th Canadian Legion Branch-No. 142, ���> African  dances by Cubs in native costume complete with Matched hut by 134th St. Matthias Anglican Church Pack, chariot races  by 72nd Grandview Citadel Salvation  Army Troop., musical numbers by 142nd  Falaise Park Troop Band and 25th Highlands PTA Troop, a 'mock' moon landing  demonstration by 142nd. Falaise Park Cub  Pack, a .four-minute speed bridge building demonstration by 2nd First United  Scouts, jiu-jitsu by- 14th St. Richards An-  oast Kegion  ig snow  two children for the prfte. of ane-acUi(t.  These we available* |'r om l\i.y mernhPi' q��  thft Scout family, Spout House, 6G4 West  Broadway or at the door the clay pf the  show.  �� DonH miss this big show���Scouting'''  biggest event for B.C's Centennial!  glican Church Troop, drama by (15th  Jericho Hill School Troop, ��The Whistlers*  .���comedy act by PoweirRiver Scouters and  eolqi'ful Indian dances by Oth Kapilano  Jn(lian Cub Pack.  Other activities include demonstrations  , and display of badge" work, games,' winter  "a.ncl summer camping, snow shoe* making,  displays pn pollution of .all kinds, chess  tpurnamept and dozens of others m the  one hundred booth areas. L  Bast Howe Sound Scouts, are setting  up' a tree f��rm -"hqwiug the management;  care and growing procedures pertaining  tq; re-foregtation. This will include bUd*  pruning, shaping, thinning, harvesting,  selling and planting ��f :s"eedlings> They,  Will show slides of their actual tree farm  and training coufses. ���  < West Vancouver Scouts will bujld cor-7  acles (boats made from natural, materials)  and float Uijfn in a pool^.build an aerial  tramway, and .a West Vancouver Sea  Scout Troop will d/ispl'vy their whaler  fully rigged for sailing, rowing.and sleeping quarters.  'Action galore' is the password for the  (Kub Kar Rally to be staged on the specially constructed .track,, by Woodward  Stores  Ltd. Pack eliminates start at   10  ��� am.with p'verall finals set for 4 to 0 p:m._  ��� A philatelic booth will be in operation, and  a cacheted cover commemorating ?the show and B.C. Centennary will  be: available.  Yes, indeed, lhe Scouting family: in  Vancouver-C.oast has left no. stone unturned to ensure an interesting,, fun  packed.day. for residents'of all ages .in  fhe. community. -     '   -.���  '   -   Admittance fee is only 50c for. adults,  swfag'M^  i* -  J   The  male   threespine   sticklobapk  on  display at the Vancouver Aquarium builds  a.nd guards a tunneUshaped ne��t during,  the incubation period.   > ��� ���  -syum ,'ii i ni^ii .Jim i,,, 4i��i,i >i,;i'�������� a.,i, sji.&ssr,AL.i' mi-iranlIJjn  .   mmzi&z  ��� ���> WASHERS, .  ^ DRYERS  ��   ^r STOVES  ^FRIDGES   ���   .  Fhome BBS-957B      in I. i    , n  SECHELT THEATRE  *      ���    PRESENTS    ���  STARRING    .  Julie Andrews apd Rock Hudson  CARTOON - COLOUR  CINEMASCOPE  PENDER ARBOUR FIRE PROTECTION  DISTRICT  Friday, April 23, 1971. at 8 p.m.  COMMUNITY HALL, MADEIRA PARK,  B.C.  Starts 8 p.m.  Out 10 p.m.  FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MONDAY,  Ajvil 16, 17 and 19  ' immmmm0i>m0mmmmmmm0mm^m^0^i0m0mmmw0m ��wwwwwwww  COMING SHOWS IN ORDER  The Girls Who Couldn't Say No   --"' ��� -PLUS'-"/ ���  The Viking Queen 13  Out at .11   p.m.  Land  Raiders  {colour)  b0*n**LA0**0*n0*r*n*0******f\0*n0*0m0y*n0*T*^^  fr*0V%*0^*W**^*0^0^0\f**f^*A*0****>0*1**0v*i****0''*0*>**0^**0*'**^  EXTRA FANCY  B.C.  DELICIOUS  ^HHf��#����HHH|i'*-M"��fk-��**>fy  2 lb. pkQt^, PEAS, CORN  ,   Bonnlo  Brook  PAKED IN  STORE  *- sn  ,  n    *r 1  5'    h  O  i  ���,  t  BR|  D  '      ���#,  W   i|  ���"'^ ���  jJr  q  (Jm  R  F  0  R  f  BAKED IN StORE ,      _       'Mm %  PRICES EFFECTIVES TMURS., APRIL IStb TO SAT,f APRIL I7th  ^���^pn^w^MHwntwM   ' ���     ������ ������ ��������� '��� '��� ������ *   '   �� ���������������������i�� ��� ��� ��� ��� ������ ���- ���������!��� +imw0w**0^w^ime00m*^^0^0i^im0��0m009*9.0i0im*-*i*���imm*~m>00**m00*0m0*+~m*0*m^^  *  IB,  *yl*.tH0.*+0 ^i<iW>  Phon�� BB5��@��%  5  +ut&*0*0+*n0)00**���~ 00**0. fcw-W ***^*0*�� <*m i.*  [TRAIL OAY CENTRE - SECREaT  iL^mUmlt m ������ IK. ^*M��. m"i*,*0m�� m *2&  %T^ w     I      ���' il~ 1 ~n nr     I    ������ ���    ll   .ilijmj���ti. in  1305-0323 IlnKcry  W�� REiorvo Tho RIqIiI To Llmlr Qupntlllcji  G8!l-saa2 Vtont Dcpl.  I,,,  J/7nnuunn��/n/7/7nnnn/7/7nnnnnnnnn/jnnnnnnu/7  0   1*    ���'*   ,   *


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