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The Peninsula Times Mar 24, 1971

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Array T \>
.1 . .f +.-.„
>{■ w M H^oJi^f'
l?*\A:-AAA>^A ■ ~^A; V-■"-" AS A 'AA~ ^x^r"--^^^^^^^:-?>^-*v5>K ^-^'rV.s, ',*' w- ■ ■■<*- -■' •? ™^'
Continuing problem i. . -,-; -, ,!#,:>;     I
costly say^totwistmtoi-
aJBPNS.fi^ Phifef RiuH ftanniger e^i ' #fl^&®> ifta. Ries-opt ambplai-ep opor
Pt^eg ceocepn-ir-.fi-tet'pr. tpr@.9Vjn>': ' «t«$. .&'■ pp"'^-^^ Mother type of ve
m Qf e-Rsons la-it week and drew title,!)-    Jiicfe;aj-djs not to« iMerwlcd in'cop
Upp tp .the fact, that he had pve^PHsly Ur^lf® Wl^vice.  Ip  any case, Aid.
•   Panted opt that a number nf. - sign* re'-, pixpn suggested spipe new arrapgemppt
' q^ved .replacing and some new qhes -er,=- stiPuid .perhaps be considered.
eoted witl\|p the VUlat'e. Sp; far hp h^a ^•*^^'"'
SprVina thp jaypshlno Coa*jt, (Hov\;c Soupd tp -jprvifjnlot), |pc|udinfl Port lYolJon, H°RWns CpncljnQ, Grar-thonr-b Lapsing1, Gibsons' Bqt>crts Crock,
Wilsop' GrocH, Selrnq Pork, Secholt, Hg|f(nopp gay, Secret Cove, Ppnclof H'""tj°"r/ M^,P|f9 PflfN Kloindglg/ IrYlpc'5 LgnSdjipg, Eoj-j Coyp, Egrpopt
■ BpQistrfttfen He--1H2
, Upiop -tt* Lpt-pj
This Issue 12 Pggcs ■?
heard, hothing and wondered"what Capr-?
c,i intended dqipg ahont the jsitpat-iop.":'
. Mayor ^ally Petei^pn sgici he wpu}p|
suggest jyiv. flanniger tie ipfQrm0d that
Cpupcil is .aw-gre' pf, the situation anrj
sign-- wlU he renewed' ape) erected whpre
pecessat-y when possible.-^We might *(l§p
ppjiil out that Council does have many
other things to ponte.pd with," lie -adde^.
It was pointed ^pt that while Coup-;
cil does renew 1 sigp frpip time to' tirr"^
11^^1911^1,  ■■
R^Pfli'iing PM last meeting of the Rc-
^Ifihftl $PMi\ Mayor Petetson said vphart
lielop ^tdeii, ip"iU(h| of pommitlals by
ajv exjeptiye,jppmipittpe pi ^three, to go'
ahe^fi' and employ p fpll time planper,
Whep Ipp Doaicj office Is extendet' if-is
{-lannpd to ppt pn. a full time assistant
tp the pi|ild|ng ipspectoi.
vandals continue to pull down pr dama^    ha^befn'^lS fTth^Oi&bnB^S
therv, consequently it is hard tp-keep i^V " K^lffi
Admmisti-atpt"  Dave  .Johnston   added
that until a few months ago the wpi'ks
foreman did carry''out such work i"egp|7
arly bpt lately-lias-heeiHied-upwithother
work. Further, he explained, damage to
sigps is proving quite costly.
Alderman "perry Dixon told. Council
he had heard there is likelihood of another fenr-y and crews going into opera7
-—tipn this poming se.aso.n betweejiL;angc|ale
and Hor-seshPe Bay, lie expressed the view
that if the authority will provide a late
night sajlipg from Horseshoe Bay, even
if only, on w trial basis, it would prove,
a great help to the area-
Aid. Charles Mandelkausmd he hac|
heard the second ferry is tci he based at
Horseshoe Bay. which would indicate no
late service from the lower mainland.
Also, a complete crew involves a considerable number of people which would be a
g re jit help, to the economy of the district
if located at this end.    .    -   ■    *       ^
Mayor Peterson said he has heard fhe
cre.w, or crews, will be based over here
but suggested H might be ad vis-able tp
seek inforniation as to how many crews
are planned and whether it will- be pos-'
-  sible to base them on the Sunshine Coasit..
system. Qontiactors have already bep'n in
the   area   carrying   put  test  chg(jipg   hi ■
order to assess the nature of the terrain
Pijffi' ip iuaUmgJiy'^^
^pearly sfart op the project;
#0 ?M?3PEGT0R
latest request hy CPUhpil for a fyU
t|me'. sanitajy ipsppctpr fpr, the area
br-ought forth another rejection fro.m the
Dept. of the Hon. Italph Lpffmarl' who
pointed out the fact that due to existing
inflation is has been necessary to put-
hack staff rather than increase,'Therefore
jittle can be done at this time.
Mayor Peterson eomtrrehted. "it seems
all we can do is keep trying". '
regarding Crown lands
eEEK-ING title to a substantial block of
Crown property within Village boundaries, Council of Spche|t was recently
asked to submit legal description to the
pepartment of Lands together with ap
.putlipe of. .proposed use.
;     L,ast week, Clerk Ted Rayner reporl-
Tl ^ ,  ,   _..    /     ,-, .   ,ed that he had forwarded on the neces-
- It was agreed to fwrite seeking such    sary   information   but   in  the   meantime
information with the recommenda ion that    anolher  lette*.  has a,.ived  f        the De.
be forwarded to Sechplt Chamber of Com-    A.^t nn„ir.».,r r^.„h un„ .,1™ ;„ji„.,,^
and Hon.  Isabel Dawson." nl7?eslpH   bnt ™dT of'Crown1 PrQPe.rty
^» •' Ul t|ie Roberts Crdek area. As this is but
NO AMBULANCE a few miles from Secholt and as Sechelt
Ale). Dixon reported that the ambul-    is   within   the   bounds   of   Ihe   Regional
artc'u service is presently out of commisr    District,  it" was  thought  there might  be
-*-sipii due to the vehicle having a mishpp. "'some   question   of   duplication   involved.
However, the fire service initiator and    Thp   properly   sought   by   the   Regional
—vehicle  can  be used   in  emergency.  He—BmH-d^lsft-tm-trl-*-^^
lVIr. Rayner said he has sent a letter
back outlining the fact that there, is no
cqppection between the two properties
and that the Boaid tequcst involves a
lecteatton cenlei Also that Sechelt has
only the five acte Hackett Paik at piescnt
It was dgiccd to await a icply from
the Dcpailmenl befotp taking further action.
'•' t» idli'ii...   ••
t 1
Sechelt Village ,
BUILDING contractor Owep Cox appeared at last meeting of" Sechell Council
following previous discussions-with May-,
or Bill Swain regarding proposed expan-
pense to lopal taxpayers-      l ■  „
Plans for suPh a huitdj-ng.. v?er^ submitted previously. by "inoiher local coh-
iractor  who  estimated   cost   at  between
-sion of the present Village office bpild-   ;$40,000 apd $45,GQQ, This W3S considered
j^p_bp excessive and Council voted_unpn-
ir-qpus'jy ~tTpTt,~lV^ypT_l5^ii^ ihy"esllgate
thp matter further.  '■••■■■'■   ' -] .. ■
Mr Cox told Couivcjl he had studied
debts ofiice, piobation officei's qu^itcis, specifications ol the existing building and
wcllaic offices, etc The court iqom will "■ b-iscd on picsenl requumgnb pf pilrn_ost
also   ' ' '        "   "" «•«»»« _.,  ,.   1.*  1.1 _......,_ ,\.
Plans call lor an addition of approximately 2.0QO sq. ft. fo include magistrate's   court   and   related   offices,   small
Golf Trophies
Sitnshine Coast GioW and Country Club
openeii p|ficia|ly fgr the season on
Saturday and bophies piesented fpl-
* lowing ti^e celebration dinner,' in-
i*;l-j4^i the firstJ!hple m orie^golf-
er,* 'Mi'. Ed. Sherman, Hoys' ^ii\m
ond "hole in* one" golfer Mr. Cecil
Seehelt Indiari Bandl
re-etecis Chief Faull
SECHELT Indian Band recently held ol-'
eetiof- qf Chief and Bapd Gpiincil for
the comtng yeai Incumbent Chief Henry Paull was ic-eleclcd tot jv second teim
of office   Band Cqiincillois |iie   Mr   Al-
^««tip (Pin« ^hppMmp Wi*\op ip. vc«— PQ
vifin1 with ti-o provibon that tjrp pftumpr    j      domm\ mpved iiiaf „ jettLr pD Bcnf.    ifiht of injic
Rpd & Gun protests
condition qf * vf h&rf
H'A/iA^DpUS, copdition of the deteriorating Sechelt wharf came up fpr discussion °at last mectipg of Sechelt Council with 11 letter, protesting the structure, '
it pip the Sechelt Rod and Gun Cluh and
lequpsl fpr inlqr-matjpn, py Aid. Ben L-jng
regardmg -a sectiph.-pj \h1? Municipal' Act
which clearly ' ouilipe's' action qpen to
Council       . "        '*.■'.-'
Cleik Ted Rayner askpd lh»' no discussion be given fheilptter and <u}dec* that'
he I1- seeking legaj!|i,ctvice as to best steps
<• available tp Council-  "*
, The previous WPBlt it was learned that
the Fire Marshall has ordered a stop to
pse of an oil pipe f'pVgtinipipg from tho
hfirge. The Times poW" nmderstands that
Qulj' Oil h«ve citfl^ftpS lls contract with
tlrp wharf''owngr'.anpl has, made other ar-
rrmgpm.enls. Thif" isj-eiipyed tq be'as the
result pf rejection qf a s}ppslaniij|l offer
by the-company to purchase lire rptting
\ , .       "    ----- -
Golf & Country Club
holds Spring Tee-Off
SUNSHINE Coast C5q,r: {"pd Country Gluh  '
held'the "official   Spring' Tce-Q<f   on
"Saturday,   lyiarcho 20.   The   weather  was
'perfect and the greeps never looked better. Chairman pf the JVfatch  Committee
Ray Y/iit''wBte"pr^ at 12'noon
a'pet   marshal'lpd  'j'?  participants of   th(5 _-
tournfimenl  to aljl  ff'tees  wi|h 'pistriic-,
tions foi:2 shot gun tee off at 12:30 p.m.
Fprty seven golfers toqk part.
'.'" A deliciflps dipner was served at 4:30
.p.m.-by cpvener Ijpcci|je-MueJ|er and her
team. Trophies not previously presented
-^were=preffenfed^H^triHime-hy^Ray Wi11.—
The  4  Ball  Best  Ball, Waltpr Morrison
Memorial Trophy WPPt to Don and Maureen Sleep.. ■•■iH'Dle—pT15pc-Trophies were to
first winner. Mr. Ed Sherman mid second
winner-Mr.- Cecil Firth. •
" Winpers of. the  Tec  Off Tournament
were: Juniors, Low Gross, BiH Sneddon;
Ladies, J^ow Gross, 1st Virginia Douglas,
2nd Pat Witt, 3rd Dpreen Gregory. Low
Net,  1st Eyrr Mpllippjc,' 2nd Belle Dube,
3rd Wilma Sim  High Score, 1 hn'l each,
Glare Cumming, Ann Kurlult. apd Glep-
nn  Sailahuh
loss., |bt Jim BihhpP} 2pd
Al Bpypi. Low ffet, 1st
2nd Ed Luidkw, 3rd Bqh
ScorCj t halji eticfi, Sipn.
I ^
1 "
! v
I >
* A
>    s
*   Ir
- cJHhhpHsp.
inspector, unioutinatcly, along the way
Ihe pr-inicis V-st the woid "not" which 10-
.stilted in the icpoil inro)iec!ly staling
Hip.planner would lipid seniority to the
inspector. v "-''
Regular mW'thig f!fiys of the, istin-
shil'e Cp|is|- flogiqjial Board haye J-eep
clUinged fnim |asf Fricjiiy pf |;|i.e mopt-ii
|o the Ifist Thursday, Next ritigiiliir meeting is this Thiirsdny M»rch 25111 at.7.3(1
AW", :'■■■".-. ■■:.-''.■■ : •■,-'...      ■:.-■-.■'
eq pspig insulated metal pipe. Lotter
ftnm the Dept last week stated the worjc
WW Id he uuii led op) shpilly.
Ahl, Joe Benner advised''U'u|t local
mep had renewed the plastic pjpp already uj. their own' expense, However,
Al'ft, Tpd Osliorne pointed out thai- this
Would ho good qn|y as a temporary measure, •
The Poptiiimerit alsq advised that it
wppjd" ho rcpUicing |he"No Parking'sign
nl the rapm urea of the wharf,
pdpqmicy qf piescnt qpfirfeis    'hat tjie {jltuctmv wjjl pay % liscjf wjl)r
f ||-e Attpinoy Genciql was    t|ifi ipn|a|s Hp sugges|pfl M|\ Cox'spRmH
*-t»if»„ pioposnls  in   vviiljng   togplj'icr  w»lh
phips, otc
Ajdirmiip B0" ijjini( ^I'i^d and moved Ihpt I )|is lie d.prie.      -
BTgHE KfCllJ^S       :     '
,   Aifiprinnn HH!g repprlpfl:■that' hp had
pelilinped tljirty'iiipp mpn-lianls' W||h q
view.to ascei'laliiing thejr vipws regarding hnpiisilirjii of slqre pjiuping apd clris-
lilg -'i-(egi|latioii,s.   Nipi!  sjlfilcd! "Yos'.'  (||k|
"thi'r.ly ''Np". |-lp added tiiat mapy favored some kind pf conlrol hul, were uiifle-'
c)Uod on, just  wh'ut.  Olork Tpd  Rityner
.cqiumiinliiil ,"it, In ihi- same^ld^tpiiy^—
eqjUaplpd qnd a tentative (Ciitpl fep ng
iced uppn Coupi'il Iheieforc decided a
rcntialualinn of lite vaiipus dcpiiriments
under "one rpnf would pi'ove of general
advantage to |he connriuplty.
Cnsti'iiiitipii . of, sukJi a huilrljiig does
n't11, require: Referendum providing i| can
he fhinnood over a five yeai' period, Fi|'r-
tliur, it W'lS expliijned, .pioripy flurjvpd
from the, reiila|s would, over fi period of
time, pay for lhe bnlkliiig ihus pi'pviq-
ing an excellent complex fit liltlp px-
Alderman takes stand , . .
REPPRTINCj |l'»l wpek, j.o Cqiipeil on
• iiiiii meeiipg of the Sunshine Cqa.st
Hegional Board, Mayor Bill Swain nuid
ho had .subuufted a |ietiflpn,- I'l'pm Spchelf
1'iinlilniil.H (iroUislIng imposlilori of ii $-10
'     .'„   r '  ■■ li-frl 1  .-\"  S *tv+~i(V' t    ' ■
""■;-   ;'■ :^A^:?.-■'';■■>;-■; ■' J       r ,-    ■ ■ ■v    -''"'-WWAWp'
u     ' 'Y'  'V' \             A''--'    ■■■.'           ''M         !' -•■.-'     l       -/ '           /'  ./j   &>'
,:   -5i»   .r.       ~,--l^<'Whi-\i, ,'i - ■  l v   * *   - 4<'
Mayor Swuiii-suld il would seem very
evident'p Bylaw''In ■nut.wanted1 hqi, uiig-
goslDil Couiiell might si III I'tsel1 a Bylaw
of s'oiuo sort should' hi; eslnhllshiid,
11  was fiiuilly  iigroed, at  li)i] siIukukt
Hon of Aid, joe Bciiner, that |i)e muirer
.. hoi fabled,      ,:.,,.,.,..
.-■■•■■ IV|iiypi!- .Swain lolii CoinijfjU *|ro.,.,wuir
suiunwliiil i.tiiii-'-i'iiikI al lhn |'ljpo|'|. iluu
Cniinnll -viiii nxi'iiu'lly iiHkol |o lucreinin
Hie- ^llllll lU'iuil- -Idi' Villugif i|p-|||u|iii|i<n
mirvluii lo .lillOII. "We iiHl'puf) I'n thlii" 111I-
lhoi|g|l I ||ii|iw||Mi||.y eiiiifililercil It high
I'pr iryilliigi; pf liDil nmiilupf-i', Now I hi.hi
•ii,»rp|i('/ii|i' in. wli,i<;h ihii-tiiiiiip 'pi!ii|i|iV liaA'n
ol'fnriiil iJiii ni'i'vicn lo (illniiinii nl  i| pu;
of i)>l,||tl per ini|i|li|,  In rillnir woh
land tax on \yaler pi;iernr\io |lw B<Hir«_
Uowever, it hi|d heoniixpliiined IhTfrTlie
charge wait |((i cover high expenditure
n«:or|i:(| |o repew old pipes iq lhe Vitiligo
isyMlepi, i:ousi:qiii!i)l|y, it would nqniu, (here
is llltle ComiicII can do, He lidded that
l||eii; wjik 11 lull lioiiiie pi'tiiionl, a| lhe
hi'M.'linil, of piinpli! |i,volentin|i ||)i! iihacgo,
Alflernuiii Hi|rol(| Nullum iixpruiitipd
Hie view lliiit lur 1:1111 Id 110! . neo luiwllie
Board Ims llx: lugnl rjghl lo iiii|io:iii such
tl iihiiri(i."|n:forii il ilii'i'-i l|it: work Maynr
Bwiiln, howuvcr, hmliiicd lliuiu |N. Iltilo
Cniiiiell 1:1111 do for lhe plpeii urn tn| ho
Aid,   '.|np, B«|i|ier   snid   Im   liijuiildom'
urii.'h pjipituiliiiuld have •hucn ii-'o-iPijiud to
C'iinij|!)| In Ihu I'lml (iliicii
iif-'M pi ihu liml  pliicii "| miihii'iiiani
i'Ih    u/i"      "V   ,'^IJ^,A'|','^',,',,'V'?,   "'», 'I"1    H"1'!'"
','"» ,w'-,   wl-pii iill IhiiJ' )aislrie»H caiiu! n»,i--tii» i|d|:|l,
r'^K^M,!::.'!n  ;
evjtjcptly yqfcrl  ip Jktypy qf  l|iu phqrge. ,
Both M»y"r nnd Arrform'q- Bpoppr were
referrini- to fornier Aldprman ISftcm Wf'l-1
soil whp wan Yillnge ri:p|-f!s(>nti)|jvo op
the Board fin lojjjmend of liisL-year.
Atdr^BftpppT-TTiTiTI hf) d|f) nq|, i:pniildf!|'
gofid enough and miggesled a lef^j)-
go lo Vleifir||t to Up: pepar ment of Mnn-
1 Iclpirl Affairs tii.'oking pliir I'ifiiitlqn «» in ,
legulily of l|iu siluiillon,
, Cler|' Ted \]t,ypo\< |ol<| hlrp, "|||f: rvjitypj-
l)J"! Ml!*! '•'Hdillni-'fl. the I'easqji.f i|i)fl,nnyp»)p
nliiu w||| |u|| yop ||'pi Mapie |hh|g." Mnypr
Hwah) uddud, "Ihun: wipi uliin tl]t: co:V| qf
a n.'Kurvplr |iiil.,-J dq-pol •kpow.-vv'|io'|Ivt
Ihey, 1:1111 ulinrgu hiifori: pi|U|jM' in |||» now
pljl'eif,"   '      >
,    ' A|il„ Runner hol|y-iiri(i|i:(| Unit It In
■ I Iiiii: Coiinuii  gq|  up iipii  i'qii||f| opl.  a
Ijlllu irinru iihuiii ihu ,'iliuiiiii.ii),
'   Mayor Hwiilp iiii'h'l\Uu,A\i pqw, op, "||)u,
Wfilur (;oinmliiuu of i|ip,j}oi rrliipd wptijd
. ..puiliiuviir |q fiii'd Vint 11 IIIHn iippi'ii'im" In
wliuilmr jl 1:1111 u||iiri'P for p)n<- wmowni
heloiu Up; job-In ci|f;ri|:(| pql, He thop
'iirneil lirq||-i:r |j'iiiili|f.vini|iu| wijw' ||iti:|'-
i«MH« loniii,   ho »wHj',       _,., pipMi-l,. yu|  \w  wiW qpu  nf'.HiMwi  w|,o
1 a |U;     iiipluil hy A|d, Bunnui whq m\U\ "exeiuip
Retired'/'teacher:* warns of
civil servant ppasibility
INFORMATION ple|<«in i'iiiii'in«;r|, My iw-- uql'inH iipfj .woi'iiorI t«*i«:|?«r»* lli»| If <hey
r|»;r.i wpm thrown up uroiuifl iichooln   'r||(|  pqi  jpqvp wo?N>V! w|l|llO'" f|vp ycp'fi
-,, .ll,iii Wochull  i)Mr|ut nil  t'XMDy   when    ,||f(y- m^ ,)lu,,|V|| „,!rvan|ii, ,■■.■■
MrHv ffihiifiifrird'H <ii)),y nnmtlyi) qf Ihu
niljrqrl |.fli|ii|)tjni' ijupiilon, wim Iq miy ll)ii|
HIH 4 whhi) |iVlhu "Aui in Aimipd 'M)-
f:|)uW I'/iii-ilfiiiHiAfidJOfll" Ih iP'oiii. illwirl-
Bi:i:|)ii|i Tuiiiiliisrn' Ats^ni*-11»<i«i*»^ ,|nln«)(l pi
jlhu i'lml iivur I'rqyhif.uwldu nno i)«iy
iili'lloi' In ji/'tibliil ill" hii»nffl(!)iii|t rithiu Iq
ntlh'iid  luiii.'huiii' piiliiiliillii,       >
, Hulionl h|imin' dpi pni run wi'l niunihum
of ||»ii (!iiiiailiiiu llliioh qf |'|i|il||.< Koiplny.
• vm Iiiiiph'imI ili» |)l"H<;i i|i-i>n lint, In iki-
(•(inliinen  with , l|iu   PmIiIIu Buhoul'f  A'-'l,
 ll|ir'f;r:|inrih('-wfr/'n-n.l'l'|lf'!illy"7/p<;iir'* "-"—"•I
),uiiffuhi Ixmii.'il 1)1 'iljoi'1, nolJi'i; hy Iho
|oi;a|  Tcin'liurn'  Amioujiiliqii,  invilcil   thu,
pi|hl|i;  loi "t'oiiM.' 'Iiuur Ii  llluf II  lul nl
nl |bi||y liuM diulnij lliu mnniliiK InH'i-
.„,, chel tLLe^Joi»J1111L ,,.„.,„,,.,»,„,.., .....„...„,.,,„. „„.,,
Khtil iipenker nl Ihu llnlly wm, tyltri'd
Iiiiii:))!!)' iMlU   JUJluliil llfllliililfhlll   W|'|0"I'fl'.f
duKi) |q ihu -lihiiiiiofi in llm IOilOV wlnm
luiii.'hui'ii wiini 11 I'll 11 n I ud w|lh l/adu iipt|
ahur, Bli" «'iuill|i.'«l I'luiplor w, A, ()• ,»«»>•
,_«^.;*Ww-lp|iB|foj-y»/ifl|fc||it|^j.- -.«',--'«. -.
iriRI   fl!|Ki||fl|'H   (-fil|fi)-)'|. "luivo" ullOHUJI
a ninpr day lo slriKo, llio wuMl|i«r
wuh |iprl'pqL liuly'ivmi 'm ilm w,m\
(.'lilldrun'tl qiii'luHJIy i|r«w llmiu ImcH
lo Jim liii||i> of |iuiniii)|' lo.wfticli Mm
iiiii|n|im1 »i|>iip|l»n|o of l,olu:|ui)'« niirry-
)ii|- 'fj-irJHo iwIiIc-cih,
i-'iplu fil )iiiii|i'u for Hi'iiiu who i;ii[ii!w! iiulp
HpiiijiUMviiii;     (
Mffi, 0||i |)uy w|m hiiM houi) im i))ii|i|r-
|il|pip;ii) ii'iipy iililr|uphi iliii'lng |iur lunii
lliu Mr, Mnynr, | |wivi:^mj|{ftun|i-il 'wu■ wj'-Jlo
V|u|qr|u, I woulil |||iu In mqvf!'|.|)i)i, wo
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U*^ r-l nEfltje A.2T, f he Penii-sufq t��mw�� WeVMprch" 24,' 1071  *&m**rwfam0wmvmmii*>'ubi  W'MWt'WIWtWWtfMWC^IIWJMMWMWMWWW  THfiPENlNSU^^WseoheH - Phone 88*9654  Classified  ��� liwimwrmnmmi n.��.����-         -,..--r- "inp-Minrtrrmiiiiiimui  REAi. ESTATE (qpnti^ed)15 J ^Xt" ESTATE (Cont.Jf     .      f OR RENT  PENpEB Havbodi���Chdice.  a   EXCELLENT  commercial  lot ���  waterfront qn. saipe level tpt       ��- centre 9eche|t���hiinViway ���  With "deep  moorage.  .Older  2 j Ippation,'level 'apd cleared. All  bdrm house. JaeU Nohle, W$A services- 'available.   Box- HQ4  ?902  Rochester  Realty,   P36-  <1034-tfn  Peninsula Times.  U04-tfn  ji  published Wednesdays (>V '  Powtll River News Tp\\n Crier  Sechell- Times t-td.  at Sechpp, B.C.  '      (Established 1963  HEIP WANTED  WANTED," fishing   collate or  cabin.  Waterfront   or view.  i\onr  small  hunt   clod*. North  13xrEUJENCE_D    coupile     Uf   Ha-lfprpop Hay tci-Fonde'v fl��r-  lease cafe and store at Eg-    bjnir.'llt'ix 0U77, c-a. Pepipsiila  fl ACRES', Village of Sechelt,  elevated view property^ undeveloped. $10,0110 cash- Wok  fill 19, c-n Box a "tip The Tiipes,  Sechelt,  B.C. , ���    iltnO-lfn  Member, Audit Bureau  pf Circulaltiqns  September .30, ]970  Gross Circulatlop 2920  Paid Circulation 2446  "As filed With the Audit Bureau  of Circulation, subject to audit.  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-Une Ad-Briefs (12 words)  ' Orie   Insertion1- __-.-_-���_.'._$" .00  Three Insertions _,.., T$2.Q0  Extra lilies (4 words) - _L���2���c  (This rate does not apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs)  Box Numbers ������..^~ 10c extra  S0c Book-keeping charge is added  for Ad43riefs not paid by  publicqtjon date.  Legal   or Reader  advertising   35  per count line,  '��� ',";"'   Subscription Rates--���   ��V Mail:  Local Area _,:_ _.$6.00 yr,  Outside Local Area ..$7,00 yr.  U,S,A.  ���-_���, $9.00 yr,  piopt for G month senspn. 883-  2298      , GU0-17  PENDER HARBOUR  EVERGREENS LTD, .  t  Evergreens V/qnted  SALAL 42c undbne   *  HUCK 42c "undone  Done up 9c extra  Free pickpp- for  greens "anywhere on Sunshine Coast  Before picking, cqntact 'plant,  1st place North of Pender  Harbour Hptel  Phone 883-2265  or 883r37^i"*  5986-tfn  RIAL ESTATE  WATERFRONT property wanted by private party. Phone  112-462-0441.- 6087-19  Overseas  $10.00  yr,  ���$3.50  _lf5Qc mo,  ���-f---..-  Speciai Citiiens,  Local  Area  ���  Canada , ���.  By Carrier ,_.   Copyright qnd/or property rights  subsists ip fill display qdyerrjsipg  grtd other material appearing in  this edition of the Sechelt Peninsula Times.- Permisison to reproduce wholly or in part and in  any form whatsoever, pqrricularly  -by^a pbotagraphicror of tWrpracess.  |n q publication, must be obtained  in writing from the publisher. Any  pnaMthorired reprpducf'qp will be  subjec^ ,6 ' recourse In -jaw.  :,tA~l-a J >"';���      -r .  COMING EVENTS ���'>  APPROX 21 acres prime future residential property, elevated view, lane access", close  to new subdivisions, mainly ���  bpsh. Sechelt Village. $30,000,  Will sell block or 5 acre lots.  Gash.,Box 310 The Peninsula  Times, Sechelt B.C.     4489-tfn  RUSTIC 2 BEDROOM  --���'      eOTTA��E"������  Times, Box 310, Sechelt.     _J G077-18  60' WATERFR.ONT Ipt, West  Sechelt, Ready to bpi)d,op  top portion with magnificent  vie\v,~Puth down slope to safe  sunny beach for privacy, fi  min. to exoellerit shopping  centre and mall. All facilities.  Priced for quick sale at $8900.  Owner,   885-2416. 6098-10  CQRNBR tot for sale at SeU-  ma   Park,    100x120'.   Phone  aa&r 0395/ . GQOiKfi-  ���;" -' -���*"*~���-!~-~yr--' :������ --������-* -'  MqcGREGOR PACIFIC  REALTY LTD."""  Office:. 886-7244  John Black: 886-7316  Lorris Girratd: 88677760  SOUTH FLETCHER RD: Gibsons,   lovely   view   lot, , 80'  road  frentage-";'��lase. to- park,.,  PO, shopping, ptc-  Well priced for only $3,550.  GIBSONS���Good investment  property, 30* waterfront, ile-  vel to beach, all services, on  paved road, centred location.  FP $7,000.  GIBSONS:    Large    city    lot,  suitable for duplex or? Central location. FP $5,0Q0.^,  MADEIRA PARK:  Appro*.  1  acre   lot,   130���fe���highway  ATTENTION golfers,' Tee-off  ,,.-..!ciBy,..7:-,-March:-.:-..20fh,--: Family  dinner, trophy presentation,  4iM-PJn^EcJtets.���adnli^a*"nt,  children $1. Dance 9 p.m. - ?  Tickets $2.50 each. Enquire  880-2020  or  885-2179.  - '     '   ���        6071-10  in lovely woodsy setting. . 2  blocks from beach, post office, store, golf course. Real^  ist-ically   priced   for  fast   sale.  '"*' $13,200 some terms  . LAMONT REALTY LTD.  ., Box 910, MisJon City, B.C.   -  "Phone  826-7141  Weekends,   auenings_R2iuim71  6023-20  frontage, nice stream through  property.  FP $7,500'cash.      ������  WELCOME  WOODS:   V2   acre  _$43(r-0Q on tm*ms-_V6 clporcd  seaview acres; prodpi^lve  young orchard at Davis Bay  55 ft. ooncroate swimming  ppql with walls arid, eahapa -  3 bdrm. house plus basement  and   attic;   3   cut   stone   ffre-  -places" cut stone and stucco  exterior; double windows on  main floor. Also open tq real  estate agents.-* P.O. Box 517.  Sechalt,  B.C.  Phone  885-2132  6081-19  EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Multiple Listing Service  Pox 238,  Gibsons, B.C,  Member ''"  Vancouver Ileal  Estate Board  PJiONE  886-2248  Notary Public  COUNTRY HOME and ACREAGE; Over 15 acres, partially cleared and fenced with  3 BR house in good condition.  Fireplace, hydro and phone.  A-O "heating, Elect. HW- The  property has -very pleasant  southern exposure. Well jjyjii  barp could be converted. Good  garden also fruit and -put  frees.. Excellent water, supply  With fights on good stream  "Direct road access "off highway 101. Secluded but nol isolated. .   "  J1ALL fpr rent. Wilson Creek'-  . Community    HaUt    Contacj  Mrs.    Diane   Anderson,    88B-  ^385. " -   j-455-tfn'  tJOUSEKEEPING room ' for  working gent. 'Olerpi, warm,  private entrance. All found.  For ri>nt at 'Selma Pnfk. Ph.  P85-PB36. fi��7fi-t fit -  TWO hodrunni tionu-, Gibsons,  pnl'urnished,"   $100    month.  Phone 926-1024. 5004-1 fn  CAHS -TRUCKS   7o*55 FOtlD station wagon.  Auto trans, Rohuilt engine  gone 15,000. miles. Trade for  12: it. aluminum boat or offers.  Ph."885-2410-- 604941  .: 1 .   -.,���__  UifiO .ItilEP, 4x4 pimol wagon-  pire.   Woulil   consider trade  for  properly.  Phono  886-3877.  *    ���       ' ��fl48-a(t"^OTiC^Qill'"iHll!KN^.0^  LEGAL NOTICE (fbnt'tJ)     fOR SALI (6ptaMj$,:  DOHllLltl track simw mobiie.  Ph,  8(15-2421/ J ���'       6052-21  STiH^ jlover saw, # lie, hloil--  e( 070, $2()0. 6 hp heronry  outbotii'd nitOtPr $175. l3n.fH in'  gdocl  eppdit lop.   Clpuiiu :Le6,  81)873563, .;  TO  MOBILE HOMES  24x80   DOUBLE   wide  trailer  demonstrator   for   sale.   By,  appointment only. Phope 885-  2153  after 6 P-rn.        5934-tfn  1902 HAMBLKft swiun, nwi-\\-'  -. "anical Al. heuU*r, del'iObtei',  $425 pash. To view phono 1185-  9757. ., fl03(l^l-%.  'PS METEOIL lour "n"rag7,-.  good tires, radio, Horst floor  shift,/ reconditioned motor.  Body .good shape $300 or  trader-Phone 885-9588  6051-211  OF  MUSIC A  PIANO tor sale.  ���9639.  Phoi  le  885-  6050-20  BOATS & ENGINES  20 FT. Skagit- f.Q.' Cabin  Cruiser, new con. top head,  sink. Sleeps 2, anchor etc.  No motor, $1400 cash, Can be  spen at the Sechelt Rod and  Qpn Club..     ,..      ....������.606047  ...asr FlBREaLAlsn^,~l6Thp  ���Isuzu',    2"    stainless    steel  shaft. 886-9696. 6109-17/  17V  (5lh?J<ER   cabin   ci^Utser.  Inboard marine engine, trailer.   Phone  886-2827.    6V04-17  22'   ART-CRAFT   WITH    V8  " 'INTERCEPTOR-EATON  OUTDRIVE.  Has   be��n   boat   house   kept  with   4--wheel   trailer, . $1,495.  18' Plywood cruiser witlqV^V  vp power .* . $1,325  10' K&C with full house-"type.  1866 MALIBU,.V8, auto Hans,  radio, all new whit,uwwlls,  carpet, 2 dr. hardtop, beautiful condition. Low mileage  and in top, shape; $1500 cash.  No offers. 4ft5-0654".     6038-1 fn.  ���64 DUNE buggy, Idaded with  extras.   Plume   8116-0357   or  BBfir.96,64. 6045-tfn  '56 AUSTIN, new tires, clutch,  ������brakes,     gen..     V.U.     plugs,  points.   Sacrifice  at   $125. -Pli:  885-2097. 6062-18  '59 CHRYSLER, goodTTu^iiing'  condition.   .Licensed,     $250.  Ph.   885-9830. 6072-17  DISPOSJCI'ION  q'npW ^AN|��  . In I^picl Repprdipg District  of. Vancp'jYpr anrt situate  Egmont  (SkppkinpchpcU ���Nar-  rows)    .        '.'::'^i  Take optic)'- thai Mr." Michael J. B.eley of 62p 'Fan-view  St. Coquii'tlam,' occppatioii,  Genlogfst liltepcls tp Ripply for  a water|i��pt ;)e|Ve of. the fo|-  ,ldwini/oe'$cii'}|ep(   lan-ts:  Cimiinejactpgr at �� post plan-  led 330 fpet SF df Lot 6224  thence 300 NJ); thepce 100'  SW; 'thence-300' SW; thence  following tjie shoreline to the  point of commencement and  containing -W acres, more or  less.  The purpose for which the  disposition is required is  Summer  collage.  MICHAEL  JOHN   BRLEY  QUDWR' ypnr garbage' incln-i  .. orator at $$M- each from  Secliell Kinsmen. Phone, .1185?  2475. - ,fi8.PJMfn  LARGE  porcelain  sipkeom-  pj.ete with, tape. and drain  hoard., in good condition', rear  .souabie. ..Phone  1)86-7286.,'   '  .'"     '������     f (i'000-13'-  1060" OLDS station wagon,  P.S. P.B. 14 ft. bobt and  trailer. Some 352 Ford parts,,.  6 cyi. Plymouth -motor ami  trans, bed chesterfield. Phone  John at 863-2323. .6081-19  LARGE    Trail    Master    Tent  .Trailer,' solid top, full head-,  room,    cupboards,    trt o r a y 0  space,     ii-e-lmx,     slepps     "4-6.  Phono.  1186-2566. 6080-17  21    INCH    black    and    while  television. 3 brush floor polisher,   best-  offer.   Phone   805-  9627. 6063-17  Dated  January  10,   1071  6089-pub, - Mar.  24,  31,  '71  1863  LAND  Rover pickup, 4-  Wheel   drive   with   Chev   6  motor. All new tires. $895. Ph.  883-2691. 6U2rlB  wAnted to buy  LAHGE 'Fawcetl "oil. slovo.  Tri-liglit lamp. Treadle Singer Sewing machine with attachments, in excellent" condition.   Ph.   886-2026.     6095-17   x HOMA.l��l"    automatic"    water  CAN NEWS   and  canning  jars,.'  pressure pump on 30. gat. tank  1968 PLYMOUTH station wagon  V8, automatic  and  radio.  $2150.  Also washing machine $50.   Phone  883-2414.  6113-18  lots, $500 down, balance $50  ei" month  ropffs, Rd.  GRANTHAMS:  Two  bedroom  per month at 9 per cent. Red...  ^"^ and SC ��e^Mue suite^  rnnff=  rh -A:':  .This  house.. )s  well Jmiilt .and  well  kept.  Carport,  driveway,-  GIBSONS ��� MUSJ. ?E^OLO_Jius__aam___patiu_Jfea^  ���. ?. ..!Pyely.; leyeL..building ipts, .unobstructed     view,..'.,, con ven-,  potential  view property.  Easy    lent to bus, store and PO, Well  waJMn&_disianrR tn slf-tr^-pest    situated as a ifetiteinent home/  '67 ROVER 2000 TC. Overhead cam. 4. spd., twin curbs.  top.^115 Evim-ude powei^ Full --leather inleHoT. Call  Demonstrator $2,9^5     Cedars Inn, 086-9815.    6111-17  New   K&C,   Sprinkbok,   Sun-  .   lineer boats in stock   .  Your - Eyinrude   Dealer  MADEIRA MARINA  HPhr-tl83^2fjr  1969   DODGE   |)n:iuip   '���> ton,  slant  six, 4 spd.  Phone 086-  7440. .   . 6103=17  wash tubs, wash boards and  wringers. Phone .886-8677 after, 4 p.m. 6094-17  FOR SALE ______  CHESTERFIELD, 2'cols, suitable  for  camping.  Ph.  865-  9708. 6093-17  IF IT'S suits -v- it's Moi-gans.  ���    8(15-9330, Sechelt, B.C.  8893-tfn  good  tight  condition.    Wood    Air-  Heater.   Phone' 885-9377.  MARINE ACCESSORIES  Paint ��� Fibreglass ���- Rope ���  Canvas ��� HoTirii^Tdware-"  Compressed  air service  NYGREN SAUES*  (1971) LTD.  Phone 886-9303, Gibsons,  B.C.  PITS  {  BIRTHS  21!  GIBSONS WESTERN DRUGS  -���-it���s~fs���pleased  to-sponsor this  Plrtli  Aip-ouricement  space,   and  extends Best Wishes to the happy  parents,  ANNCHjRcgMENT  ^4  1071   CENTENNIAL   CALJSN-  ^APS;*-rg'ia3y"litrF Cliristrpas  Mailing >$i ' (inicludes   Pr^riv.  Tax).. Available at the Moni-.  final Office, Gibsons.   5592-tfn  CARD OF THANKS  WE WISH to. thank al) our  friends for their visits, letters, cards and lllowers sent  Uf Harry- while in hospital, Also  a sneere thanks Lo all who  Were so kind io mo while  HaiVy was away.���Harry ond  Florence Chaster. ^         '                   ' II0(|4-I7  OBITUARY  HUTCH INS  __Wlllflm-A  March   Pi,   ID7I,  liuteh-ins-nf-GII-)���;  ', sons,   B,c, ��� Snrvivotl   hy   his  loving wile Elsie mid family,  Funeral,     service     Thursday,  Hf?IT'-.Bni'|ho)oimiw's    Anglican  Chinch,   aihHnnp,   n,C���   Rnv.  D, Morgan- offiiihiting, Harvey  "��� Funoriil Home, illim'torn,  '���������,'. 601)2-17  PERSONAe ~~~:  PENDER HARBOUR: All services and what a view. Better than 103' On good road.  Cto'ie.-J.o boat launching ramp  and quiet water. $4,20.0 with  only  $1,500 down.  "NOR1 WEST     BA-V7 ''"$1,250  down on full price of $2,500  gives   possession "of   125'x200'  level lot. Secluded and quiet.  DAVIS BAY: Lovely large lol  ^already cleared and ready  for the home of yopr choice.  Just. 6rie block from beach.  Lissted'af $5,500,   v ' '      '"  ROBERTS CREEK: Southern  slope. 5 acres with a view.  Older style. but cozy home,  Lovely cut stone fireplace in  living room. Large dining  loom adjoins compact kitchen,  2 bdrms., utility and 3 pee.  bath. Let's have your offers  on- $15,000,  GIBSONS:   Delightful   family  home consisting of 3 bdrms.,.  bright. LU, kitchen, utility, 3  pee. bath, Stucco exterior,  ground's' ready for landsctfpiiVg,  with back of lot; left as nali'ir-  nl prick, As low us $6,000  down. *      .       ���������'���    �����**A:n�� ��t her���atb-irclivrr���riTITniy-  home on view lot. 3 nice  bdrms,, bright living room'.  Large all eloclclc kitchen bus  adjoining dining-room, Partial  (mint,  unil   lai'gu  crawl  space,  "A-oTI' furnace is very economical, Atiiiicilvf! ti'i'ins ' on  $16,5(10, ,l  LISTINGS WANTKD Y  CLIENTS   WAITING  office, schools, etc. On Village  . water supply, hydro and .telephone. Lot size 50x268 ft.  Prieed to sell at only $2,500  each   or   buy   two   and   save,  only $4,500  for both.   ' 6100-17  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  Real Estate & Insurance   N  SUNNYCREST   SHOPPING  CENTRE  ''    Gibsons, B.C.  886-2481  DAVIS BAY; 2 Vfe acres with  rustic well built hopse for  large family. Pull basement;  Large swimming pool, with  outside fireplace, ' L o I s of  fruit trees and all around  magnificent view. Asking  $43,500 with $15,000 down,  886-2481    .  CHASTER ROAD: Near Cower Point Road, view'lot, regional wafer can be arranged  now', Size 75'x2fi()'. Nice trees.  $3500 FP.  686-2481  GIBfkrNS VILLAGF:    View  homo  on  Abbs   ltd,  $11,900 '  fp.    i       _   ;  '���''   866-2461-    !  . ._   FR $18,900 with $10,000 down  and balance on good-4erms at  8 per cent. Offers. ���  Madeira Park  OMC  Service  Centre  6064-tfn  LISTINGS  WANTED  Vince Prewer  Wally Peterson  Lorrie Girard  886,9359  886-2877  Jia_=ZZ_Q  Box 238, Gibsons,  BiC.  6101-17  WANTED TO RENT  2-3 JBEDRPpM house wanted  to    rent,    Pepder    Harbour  area, phqne 883-2523.  5907-1 fn  .FAMlti'Y beach   cabin wanted  for   July   and   August.   Ph  II06-70B8. 6085-18  2" l3EDROOiVr liouse wanl.ed  in Halfmoon Bay - Gibsons  area for minimum nf l'year.  References available, Write  Box 6097 c-o Peninsula Times,  Box 310, Sechell,     ,    6007-17  5.5 hp. Johnson $120.00  9.5 hp. Johnson ...,.: $180,00  9.5 hp. Evinrude  demo $395.00  9.0  Mercury  Long   Shaft         ��� $195.00  33 hp.. Evinrude $495.00  35  hp.  Johnson  Electric' $265 00  40  hp.  Evinrude $495.00  50 hp. Viking with  controls ... .  ...  t , ..OR, hp,, (jphn'-ftn With  controls   PUREBRED     German     Shepherd  male puppy. 3 months  old.   Black   and   tan.   $10.   Ph  836-9074. 6107-17  LIVESTOCK  GOOD   ''riding    mare    and    8  month    old    Fitly    for    sale.  $75 each.  Ph. 885-9312.  6108-17  LOST  $475.00  New  linei  Your  BLACK neo-seal coat will) 'label inside, taken by mistake  at  Pender  Harbour Cnmmun-  -W.rvwi    +ly��� -Mall,   St.   Patrick's   dance,  '���W&fifc <��f\h, March  la,- J have ymvs,  K&C,   Springbok,   eSin-",'"''��I1aok SGf' ~wi"'  *fM** ' fflovis.  h Please phone 805-9006.  Boats   in   Stock.  Evinrude  Dealer  MAPEIRA MARINA  'Phone 863-2266  MADFRIA   PARK  OMC  SERVICE  CENTER  608(1-17  filflli-17  LEGAL NOTICES  KOAI):     Some  lots   OS'xI'lO'   for  ���"���n.  ALCOHOLICS Anonyniobrt ~  Mtietlngs  /|:3(|  p,in,,  'VUitftif^Ar*  dayii, Wilson Creek Cjiinniun-  Ity   JfwJI.   Ph.   11115^)327,' 866-  2343, 4079-lfn  r���- ���- -��������������� ..i��-...-i~~.��.^..����_��� ���.,.���..  WISH  to contiicl, .Iwillnr Day  RnlnlH   mfinihfti'H,   Ph,' Rllr)-  P547 or flilfl.iilH<l, 400r)-tfn  WORK WANTED  K, BUTLER REALTY  LTD.  ALL   TYPIflS   INHUUANCE  - r '   'citiwQ-w, B,or ' I"  Phono i)i|6-20i)()  MKMHWH  ,    MULTIPLE LISTING  SliiHVICF  'i' ���     (II0SM7  SAItGFANT  nice   view,.  '$4500, 1   ���  686-2481  GIHSONS     VILLAGE;     View  lot.   Close   In  nh/ipp|ng   nud  maiiiiH,  Glmu-ed anil  in ip-unn,  $5060 only.  " '  : ��� IIH6-2'HII  H/'JIIHES, HOUSES: See Ihein  'KOlll'l up |n GHihoiih Hnlgl'pH,  nn Nil A nppriivi.'d uiiiii, 'Why  don't ynu hulld In l|i|�� nitiiic-  Member of the Multiple Listing Service  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  -UPP-ER-iiopaR-T-Sr-C-Rr-rrKc-  -HANBERRY-ROAI? I^TTITOT"  20 1 rood (|crus, road In oiul hydro, ye| pprfocl seclusion. Ycor  round bironm, To yiow iIik, .senrpe''property, co|l Don Hqdrlen,  885-9504. ������'��� V  IVH    Hll|)(livlHll)|l,   "CJlllill,  ���,.,. low  down   payment,  666-^4111  tiirins,  Juclc Whtlp  Ken CrriNhy  Jay VI Hsu r  00fl-2fM  6M6-K0II8  BHfl-8.100.  0000-17  CHUCKS pnlnUng ,Ht deffornl-  ;   Ing, Gunrunliicd  worh,  rn����  fiopnhlii Milun, OHIKiW, ,   -,.  MI\?,-l,U)  ��� HtleHe lo-fttirorl^ftlllngfrrJinw  In (lllmonn Mi'cii uiul Moivlng  IliO'l-nnlnmilii, Vrea KHtlnvileM,  /���'put' Mu'vlco, Phone (I, Hf. w  Drywall, Il84-f):ilfl,       4S0ll-tfn  (lAHD/CN  dlKi,-|ni{,  I'niicp  |)ost  dl|w|li*Hp nnd'    liiuilwiipbig,  roiiiinnuhlo    ralen,    Phono   L,  Tonili'lc   H8U-7LMI, r.DlM-lll  ROI3ERTS, CREEK  PRYVVAU,  Tiiplng ip)(\ Ftllliig hy' Iprnd  nnd miifhlnnrSprny TiiK Spur-  1  "I     .,, )<|l��.Cl!||lll|'H,  Phono 0067193  ������,���.,,,Robnrtt, Crook,. B,C,���.--.-  ���Willi  HfiLTvi^TO i^oNJT  TWO    gills     fw     w��Hifnhim,  pan tinii-: liione  Mft-jwn,  ��o.-ri��i<>  ' 64 LOT I ,.  Thft IjiidI loro�� vlnw (oi�� |p Pundur |-|iji-|)our���ov��rliwMna ihi  Mnrhour on��l Gull. c|05�� to Moros nnf| &choo|�����-th��f>a l��l�� con  ho pnrcl)<i!,w| wilh 01 vary low dowri poymeni nnd piymonii  m low m $3flppr -mwiih,  96' V/r-ierfronl lot nl Ponder |-|ftr|iour-~$7(K)p,  1 V* Acm ip��rhl-wol��rlmnl lot ot Pnrl Oww-'-^lOOO,  6M1 Ar:ros, Modolrn fork,  1100' tVWnaa np |-|luliwoyr��$8000,  f  l.:h(i|ro  '       30 im  |;ARI, COVH SUBDIVISION  iipptt i\y,iri) eiirnl'Woloffronl  hilt fi f��w hiiinlnul i  lwm.li ond fUlilno, l*rl��-��d (mm $3000 to $3/0  ir1  Irom  rVtany oil)��r vlnw ori��l sorfil-wmorfiorii lots from $3000, to $6000,  'farm* ov<-||ob|o on ol��ov�� propetiim,  .���, ; _.. .������ ���  Ptscqtint.for.'C^hh.-..��� -, * ,���  ��� ���;    OLLISLADEY     *u  ' Madfi/w ParK; P,C,  1 Phone Pender Harbour 883-2233  SECHELT VIlXAGE No, I8o4  <3 Boilroorn homo, on lorfju |o|, lovely pordon, M fmil ireos,  ilniihlo,(iarngo���All I till, nnd ni'��ro for obbui $13,000. Good terms,  To Vlow Coll Don Hodden, 885-9504.  5EI-MA PARK >..  " '   ���,     ~ " No. 1906  l^qvoinia homo on wnlorfrnnl.- Owners on ono jnyol, rovonoo on  lower holt, h'nrnl&hod, plus fully furnished ,bench coilofjo, Looks'  nvor Troil Islonds, $'<i!5,00() v/)|| hnnillii, To vlow ond |or doiollb,  call I'oiur Smith, 065 9<!o3,  5EI.MA PARK  i^h" I-  No.11-865  Muor now, oil nlrjclrlc 5 hnrlroop) homo, fqnr.od, londscopiirl. I.oiflfi  worksli'ip. Dominion hose only "$5('.0O pof onnnm. Full nrl'-c  $ 15/00 wilh $10,000 rtowa>>rel|Brlt.'rflllrcmonl,-Wflll'. lo vll oo��,  |-ol��r Smilh, ,6-65.9463.   ���" ���  RUBY l-AKE -r- rM.L.5, , No, 1982  Pullohtlul 3 badiooiri post H boom cot)arjo on lorrjo lol, ilyhl on  ||,iu,|oko, Oul"l rood nccosil, llroplorio, oil roriflo,.proporm l|cihl��,  w'rufl lor^ilocirlclly wlmfi powor In. Ako proponn Irldo*". To s��u  Ihis hi lime o||urot| homo roll Peter Smltli, 6059463,   '  PAVI5 HAY " --���-.��-�����-- ^ /',n.|993  host, luviil v/nlfirfrontnfjn'oyhllnbk 1^6 ft,-top, plii* Slinilhuod  ilvor .front, I-oium motlurn 4 hiulrwrri homo, hnhl Uonch on  Sudioli l'irnin��iil��i; $30,000:00 down, Coll hob K<n*i, fi0fi.f461,  ASK FOR OUR fmi CATALOGUE OF REAh ESTATE  r��ilI��S  Pok;I2B, Sechell*  AGENCIES LTD:  Phone 005-2235  (E,&0,l:,)  r-'OHM   No.  1     ,  LAND   ACT  'NOTICE OK. INTKNTION  TO -A|-pf,Y li'Olt"A-  LAND  In  Lnnd   Hociirdlnjj  DlHlriot ���  nf Viipfiuuvor and Kltiu.ic vicinity of Cuii-DH Bay,,   ,'  - ������������ ' ��� 1.-  Tul��*r  iinltoo  that   AIIK'il   |��,  COHlolllI    Of    fJlil'holt,    ��,<!,,()!!-  oiiputlon, lii|Hii|t;wthinn inlondH ,  In apply I'i��-..ii loilno nf Iho I'nl-  JnwhiK 'dumirlhotl  lnptlH:  Ci)li)inoni'ii)|( nl n poKJ plnn-  lud   nl    Iho   il.lij.   oDi'Diir   nf  Hlocl' 4, |).L, 47011, (IroiipH  1, ,  N.W.1J,   J'luii  n I Of 11   tliuimu  ft,  HD"   Ii!,  600  fuolj  ilfupr-u  Wu��l  60(> feel.j   I lionoo Jfi-llC JOtiZ  Hud',  Ihiiiit'o  "ouHtoiiy ,  iilonf-   ���  HWM   700   |V��-'I.' In   point   of ���  ('tiiiiinopi-oni-iril   and   Hpninlp*  l)l|{   4.II0I0H,   DIOI'U   III'   |UKK,  Tho pui'pnmi for whii.'h tho  d|fipo��li|c)ij' Is inipihod In  Maiino .'Workfl,"'     ,":"  ALI'TIMI) j'. COHTKM.O'  Diilpd iMnriAl) 0, I0?|,      , ,,  (lOflll-piih. Muruh 17, SH, '?l  ������ '��� "���-'.-��� -���' ^.'-.'.-���i..' ',..- \   I  J  Pk.  COTTAGES  area   $12,500.-terms.  1 ���On  beqeh  Selma  finishing.. ..   -j-���  2���Two older typo  houses,   view  lots,   large.   Both  Hwy.   $12,000.   Terms.  . 3���Al Roberts Creek in block lop rd. Lge.'garage,  Bdrms.  '$13,950,   terms..  688-8796 or-687-4441.  Bdrm. Some  2 rJdrrrls on  large 'lot.  2  Nr.   wharf   &   beach.   Mr.   Good  -      LOTS-  1���Water front 100 "ft. by 200 fl, All services. Siiitahle"|o.r sfib-  dividrng. View Van. Is. & Georgia S.t, Firm. $11,250.  2���Roberts Creek.  3 lots nr. wharf.  All services.  $5000 each.  113x350 ft. Mr. Good 688-8796 or 687-4441.  ACREAGE *    ' ��  A most fantqstic tv/o ond half acres property wi'tb-.thp-T-fiflost view  on Howe Spiind including executive type all modern Iwo Bdrm.  home.. To-hijjieye this borqain it has to be sccft. About; 300 ft.-  on  water  with   coitflfle   included   lor   ronl.   Tlie   whole  complex-  :��������� .���    On|y^45,0Qgr^rpsrMrr^c^d'^8ray^^  BUSINESSES  Retire bore on Howe Sound Sunshine Coast. .Grocery,  P.O.' qnd  Wharf   Mod.  living quarters.  About   $21,000 dn.   enquire   Mr-  Good 688-8796 or 687-4441.' Also one other pboul $27,500 dp,  Both these stores aro top buys.  We hove the fop porlfoliq pf listings all types for the Sunnshjpc  Coast. hAr- Good 688.8796-���667-4441.  REALTY LTD  654 BURIWP 5T., VANCOUVER  (Above |hp,.Topr(si- BureoH)  y*���vv *ij9 /t*"^0-'VT9vi'r'r*",jty"v'  Any iniisicinii  worth fiddling/"'V'  with is in the/  Yfllnw  P.i|{<-s  \ /���"���--'*.,.,  ����� *H0,0r*t m Jtm *IU**00n+0r* HAtWbtMdWW  lf0rAt*#r��  fclMMM.ffl' ���WJ***'" |l*if��lf"��MM Jlfwlj<i<  Ask for this booklot from our roproQQniQtlvOp  II. A. ROBERTS LTD.  'Tor 53 Y��nrs Iho Poopln Who Cnro"  fiPA YIFW. . . TKAIl/Atm VANCOUVtK I'il.ANDS  Thlh plooMiiii urmt y��or old hoinn Id i/n�� ol llm hrmM, blurdtuM  ,,1-ulll .nntho riinln'i,iiJf)..Willi.6"�� I tt'Limttm on��J.,6'L'mu|oiion In  l^olli iiillliK/o, I'l'ili'iiiiliii'li'il v/opir hnol. Th�� vjtiw-Dil'il' wn|| Is oil  ifou'vi* wiwiow/h'w llylim room. \lU \r\ii,<> m moin floor, Sorno  1 (li)lshlh"cj'' I'.'/l 0/n.loii*., I oiiuWipijd, ViHi'll lovri Ihis o'nij,1 Asking  i"i%0p(),vhisl 1 um mlnulu w��^l of Uovl* Boy, To view pleos*  (Aioiki vundof ftfj'j.966'' ui Mi, l'l<d��b| i'ntlo',lj Officii 925 1244  Iv, 926 W\, ���  '  1    K. R, MMK  Aiiiifaht Manager,  who will boot  POWELL RIVER INN  Powell RJvflr, B,C,,..,.,..,  \Ve��lno8dfli-/# March 3-1 p^  If you rorju|ro a fofin loon to etnrt,  rr)oilornl/f|oro-(pnn(l'/oiir|Hiolnii89,  wn Invito ynu.io ttltupm your noud*  v^ltli oiinupinbontiiilvn.  1 '*  DEVELOPMENT BANK  TlflM mm INQ rflfl CANADIAN Qlff$|NU8E��  0flr��MnlwMir6",  V��n����iHY-tr, fl.C.  -  ,   # * I*.***.*, _ '       ''  W\  tbirn*^**.*, m.**.*  r 4      iy*J. ���.   1 t*-.....-if*3'i"-/%%'*%i\ ���  ��� - - i -��� ^  f s  _J__P_BJWjfr TImm       ;*MeAf  ' ?' Wp^pMgvtMo'rpHH^iytv  H*^ -fr I'^'Jl'rf l;]v<Jh>h)^Ai^  t*r\,,A,:**A h ",A    , ', < �� *.,"��� fl  SEafim     /      -', t    ^ -.All  ���^fsj  Wl/WMMI  ACCOUNTANTS  ���in  -  4  ���MM)  RALPH C DUCKWORTH  *CHARTOPfi ACCOUNTANT",  ^'^��f.lfMfISl    WdW-LT, B'C�� GIRSOHS, B.C.  fyy. Philip Gordon      .' "  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Tel;   Bus,   886-2^4,. Res. 8J6,7��67  Hgrfjs r^locK, Gihsons, g.C,        ,  APPLIANCE JHiEFAlE^  .TRAIL BAY ENTERPRISES  Repairs to Igrge or smqll appliances  JOHN RUNYAN  Davis Bay Phone 885-9318  ART SUPPUES  Tq(cpI|opo 886-2069  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  .Pottery, Supplies, clpsses, & firing  dealer for Duncan's Cprpmic profiiic's  Pino R��|. ,j|. Graridvlow Avo.  P.O. Box 62, Gibions, B.C.  SUNSHINE COAST  GQ$m CHURCH  (UntJepotpinptipnal)  Sunday School ���- 10:00 g.m.  Church Sarvjeo -��� V>:15 a.rr). -  Evening Se^vico 7:30 p.m. ��-  PASTORREV.S. eASEELLS"  PaVid Bqy Road and Arbutus  (2 block* up from Highway).  AUTO SERVICE  SECHELT HOME SlRYICJ   ���  Alias Paris - <3oqc| Year Tires  24 Hour Towing  885-2812 or 885-9979  The United Church of Canada  SERVICES  St. John'* United Church * Davis Bay   ~...,^ Spndpy.���,S'cfv"jcffif,- ?'3Q g.m..........   ..  Roberts Creek United  Sunday SPrviccs - 2:30 p.m.  . - Gibsons United Church  Sunday Services - 11:15 a.rjn.  Port Mellon United  Sunday Services - 7:30 p.m.  Ministry  Roy. "Jim Williamson - Gibsons - 886-2333  Arribltton  T\#g hundred ��n4 fifty dollars ��r-  pearp tphe ap ambUfetis tjai-g*?t wlien  j;heye are only $$ \p |he ba*vk but  executive members; Nipholas Swr--  mtms,'��� vicfe-pvesideirt;  Nell Olaylpn,  presjdemi';  %IV\  Michael  K 0 h u c h, H       '       ,-     -M-'   ���,  treasurer haye every confidence thai    BICYCLiiS *'"  Sechelt Elementary School  Science    T"V*?^T?  ,  . .. ..���_���.���^...������.���i^-  Gklb vvilf raise the npney.for a field BICYCLES  .Hi? lo Seattle. Watch tor' tbe many    sales - repairs'-."parts", tires etc for  fund raising projects winch * will help bicycles . miNis - Motor cycles  them  teach  their  goal. Co|l Quick pick of Cycle Solos & Services oMho  RENTAL SHOP - Phone 085-2848  ....iF.-^KSfjrf.inx it t-tsivet'  Science Club News  ���rby Pennis~Perula  ^��T44fl^lM-LA^  ������iiii��jii��j]iiiiM.ritnMni��irj����r^l�����jL;rii|.tiiiviwrHW��i��jipiiiiM��iaiiiwm^^  BUILDS SUP^UES (conft.)  twin mm Xmm  _   puilding wmm LTP-  When Yoh Need Ptiildin^ Syppjfps  .   .       <3ive Us A Cpl|  jm ESTIMATES      ,���  CABINET MAKERS"/   OCEANSIDE fMRN^MP &#  CABINET SHOP  Hardvyood^ Spociflljsls - f in'o Cus^orri Furnlrura  S*0|;e apd Resl-qurqi-jf p|xtqrft��  Furniture Repair*-  Custom Designed Kjlc^et-is qnd Bathrpoms *  ip all prjco ranges.  R BJRfqN  Beach Ave, Ro|-crts Creek, B.C.  Gibsons   J \ 886^2322  i1'!111'"11""!"! iii)Wiii(iiiiBiBMiyiriiwpi!iiiii||iii  luicunMijin  ,i��i����Miiii��iwm��niiwii  CONSTOUCTI��^  t     WQUtup YOU LIKE��� '  An  qdrli'lort?  An  qltera'ion?   A   new   home?  Repairs.? A np>v floor���soam|ess like Si;  Mqry's  Ho^pitql?  WE Dp |T A|.L  WINDMILL COMSTHMCTION LTD.  Irvine's UqrrdjRrj, EI.C. Phone 833-2*414  ..       .Loqyprtig'ii-qqQ^r^Hqrbpur Mp'ors, ���- ���  . Plan Book's, qyqflqble; ~ Plgnrtino; assistance.  THE ANGLICAN CHURCH   ���OE-CAHAPA���-   SERVICES  St Hilda's, Scchdt. Family Eucharist 9:30  a.m. <2nd and 4i.FpSunc.ay). Holy Eucharist  pypry Suricjqy at 8 arrr.' 9:30 a.rii. (1st qqcl  -t  ���ty-y$&'fiW;Otnll-'ancl1 mba^ndoy)^'-:' 'r;  I [:30 a.m?(?fit apd 3r4 SWlday);  Egmont.  Hofy  Euc|Vqrist~7-2  p.rn.   1st  apd  3rd Sunday).' '   '  Church of  His Presence���Redrooffs.  pyen-  son(|-rr-3   p.m-   ever   2nd   Sunday.   Holy  cucharist~3 :.p.m. every 4|h Sunday.  Priest���Rev. D.>opp|ef Seehpll 885-9793.  SECHELT Science   Club  is  planning   lo     n* AftTIMsf1'  l.(n on"a field (rip lu Scullle .towards the  - **������ MOIirflai  end   nf  lyl-iy.   They   will   probably   visit:  the  space  needle,  science  centre,  nionn-  raU, KOjVip .(Chaiincl 4), thp |3oe��nij 747  p 1 a"ii 1:7" "io"cl( s,"' f I on 11 ii g I) rid fjc al i d free w'ii y  systeni, also the Wnndhind Park Zoo.  Woiitui'j .indiislrioiisly, mombery have  aecciiTipJieliti'd the ffijlowing activities:  Marbie Contest and -Sale, Gerbil liafflo,  Candy Sale, Ik-It feifflie fi'nm t'jve beatrti  CONTROLLED BLASTING  ALL WPIitK INSURED  FREE EsflMAntb  FRED DONLEY  Pender Harbour - 883-2403  r^R^^RVf��-s|Ryic?s  For Expert Blasting  FREE ESTIMATES     :  985-2304 L. C. EmerBon  fill holla made by IvIl'S. W- Herd and also  a ^f" donation from ap anonyinniis donor-  'i?lie current totaj of money us $58.81.  All twenty members in the two-year-  fiicj e||Li|3 are iirlerestpd {-|'pat.|y in rnukipi*  tlio trip which wil) be tjip f\y��[ extej-riive  -^-Q^^R}^(k^l^;;i'^?'^vi!-:-^'^ A-'^^x  ���^ftiftW'MjHM-:-^!';thB--:i0JuM'"'"��fil<��:v'iwvypyr.'"mm%*^hmvmm-i-r^^'-���->��������� ���  r rtiippnr'lr pnn'Hlpps irladly tiiicppicd'  COrTiing H'-on wjli bi;--!i Car W'ish pir  ' April 3|'d,'�� ^eiepce Fair, If A \)iiu Sfdp,  liljd  at-' piesent  a  hot lie  und   can drjyo.  Thp.-lV-1-i'lQs wljj lie i|C'CB-)|cii-jn Mr..P��i)!'��  eln,s.s|-i|oiti pr by apy member until D'ri-  rlriy Mari:|j'iJ(illi,      *   .  COAST BACKHOE & TRUCKING   "    ." '' ���';,!.f��rr��� ��� --:- -'-  Fill, Gernent-rSrflVfil, Drqin Rock, ptc,  Box 89, Madeira Park  Phone 883-2274  Ojd Home?' A SpcciqRy  elMtellli CONSTRUCTION   Siucg-t &���j(ViQSQpi-y Goptractor     .  ��     s     fl^l^FFfHTStt  Phone 886-9505  gpx 522 - Giibspns, ^.C.  L & H 5WAN5PN LTD.   :. ���.RiAg'Y:M!^.^^RET;P.  '. Sand crncl Grayel - Bqckhoes  Pitching - Excavations  OFFICE IN BENNER BLOCK--,  88||?f566, Bok 172, ?ccHefi"rll^f  IHST^LtATIQN - service  Furngcc'qntl HotVyate/ TpnM  -^J! t)r t3as,  Frcp Estimates-- Nq Objiflatian  _   ^fhoijo 88,6,7380  Jack Cnrricf Box S87( Gibsons, B.C.    ��  HEATING & SHEET n/aETAB-  HALL SHEpT MPTAL  porr-estjc - Commercial - Industriq!  Tclcphona 885-9606  Box 164, Sechelt, B.C.  TILLICUM HEATING & SHEET.  MET^L  QIL ,|y|CTR|C ^.^as  to  "WHT'ITAT*'   ,  im RENJAL ��H&P  at Davis Bay       :,  -���We t\m pf Sfitl AlmDS* fycriMw''  Typewriters - U^tlng-.ftopfc - Tfilev^m  Roto Tljlors -, teemprtt Mixers - Uqyp f?g(cpS  ^ccj^anjc'" Tpqls  phone m-m�� =r y. HpUR spRyigi-' ' _  nmrmmms  OIL FIRED WARM AIR HEATING  : G|L,P|R��D,vyATER HEATERS  , Nothinfl'Bqyfp ~r~ )Q Years-To Pay    ^  ,     l-lght Blumbina .:. -  Roy Blpncho Madcirq Pork  883440? M|,277|  .^���^���^^___, .?  Welcome f<? The p|oprshine Coast  HOWE SOUND  ���JAlHiaa^SlRVJCE ^_^ _.  ^  EARL? C0Vf ^p��TAyf|ANT  Open 9 a.m. to tho lag* Fg?w  Home Cpokefj Cqi^q^gn pn(J "  i^qrppegn s>\sr\%$  .JOE AND MARY FRASPR  ,    Tpf; 883:2747  RETAIL STOHBB   B^ '  CM HARDWARE  SECHELT* BC.  APPLIANCES - HARPWAR,:  ��� HQMOURNlSf-IINGS  Phono 885-9713  5petaa||stfiii|=i��|c  Af SIMPKJNS  Box 517 - Sechelt, B.C.  Phone 885-2132  lirgrLtmiJ Development  Road Building. Rood Work  -iqlrV^qxIi  Spray pHrrina ; Vyindqw Sieanina  RUQ SN^p��OING  Phone 886-7131 - Gibsons, B.C.  JpHNSpN*S  BMiiDiHfi MAlNflrNANCE  Speciqllzine in:  Paper Hanging, !ri|erlqr W Exterior decprating,  Rug C|eaiiir)g. AX tYPPS of Kfiinfl       "'  ^qin|ie~nan'e'S'r'"^(iMSr f^fj-iilgffisiri.  Vyirrcjow "GreeningA   _     TASELLA SHpPPE--*-  Lg^'8$' p Men^- Ob'laVeb'S Wear  Yarq" Goods - Bedding *-L��nens  Diaj 885-9331 - SpchcU, B.C.  THE TOGGERY^       "-'";  Lfldies' pnc| Children'! We^r  ppen sjx days a week  phonp 885-20^3"  Cowrie Street, Sechelt  kbiSJiLNE, -Bernipq-&-Qmefl��  �� 0** *  < t^i  ; V|  >?|  ['III  ^ TJI  "'* '''1  'i -i'l  i     ��f, >  1 rt  r_   '  .t v  - .   ��   ,'  A$  , ittf,  t   JT"  ,-/*  ^ .i .  �����   f ,'  l*"-SJf  ?-^.��  "��� ^ *  'Ai'.""  > u *  It Jf 1  OSBORNE LOGGING CO. LTD.  :,,vr;.!;|^Tl?f.,;sgch��jr, %.%  Baptist Church Services  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  Mermaid anc| Trail, Sechell  Sunday School 10:00 ci.m.  Morning Worship 11; 15 a.m.  CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH  Pork Ri.|., Gihsons  Sunday School 9;45 am.  Evening Worship 7;0Q |i,m,.  Pqstpr, Rp|>err Allaby  (885-2809) ,  A .WARM WELCOME-AWAITS  ,..      YQU.  Les. English/president  Minor ^sebail group  BUHNERS  jlASI'HiAIJ. wimilitM' ih JiikI  (irriii|)d  lliu  =%^>��ir^'ii<Hi'iT-"iVei7nW^  G, CROWTHER  RUILDINGT CONTRACTOR  AFramiy's ond Prc-Fo|js Eriicicd        ,  '    Coh'v'iinilpnal'FronWfiff��� "v ,'>"''  '"'  "���}}  wns littlcl hi fniiii t|)c aiinifli'lirp CmiHt Ml|i-  iil' Ijiifiiiliiijl Asuncinljnii, ���1'i,unld'.,ul-' is Mr.  |.-i.'.s l.']n/{l|ul,i| vino |)ninii.|(.'i|l, Mr, (Jordun  'Oi-siin l'i rid luira'tiny Ircnistii'iir, Mr. Dii.'U  D.'iIjii.'n,  Tlm AwKil'iUfi:) ��:iivi}|'n'llui uri.'ii Snnp Prywoll acotiii|ic and Ipxlnrcd cotllnoo.  'cudcr IIji'Ijuiii' in (UIihoiik und )ih;ImiI��!h    Now survlnr" Gil).-.-!))!! area and tho P��nlni��n|a.   Call BB3-2746  ,p.R. |(Mado|riiPprl<, B-CJ  |:rea Eslimales - FqsI Service "  G & W DRYWALL  Uruni.'n unit |.i(llo l,mi/j|iio,  '  j|f.'fjiH(,nitiriii vyiii |iil��i[i*'iii|i.%< nn...April.  |   niifl  i;iihi,'|ii;h  nf ilt|Hl   yuiir'/i   |iiii|)ii<  wil)  hiiii'iiii.' ri.'Kliiiriiilmi,  ���f  / \    _^slnMr*irr  '-UMiWilirtr-'f  .����-^��..,-|J��. ..������-��� ..J..I...... ....... *.-. I1���fl..in-[iirfri,..  iiiiii i li '1 IH"..-'^.'-^ ��     ^  n  .'���Hn  /  ^        SECHELT AGENCIES DATS ����AP  �� Thl�� 'rfin ������imlndnr nl wirnlnq pvenl5 It p sorvlco n| SI.!C| jt-j, f AQ|:NC|f b  I.TP, l-liiirui PnnlriMiIri Tlnwk d|i��r:t fur Iron llsilni/i., ��|iui:||ylni? ''Onlp  fad"   I'Ibokii nr'lii liml '-.|��nr:u ^ llirillrjil ni|il yi||m'rii|vp|icp ijntn* ipay  Imyw'l'i wnli (liolr mini nlkuilmi iI))k ,thn "rMniiiidwr" flitiliw ' 'nly npd  '-ruiMfil nlwi)Y* enrry full 'dutntlii  "';M'oTr'3'4'. 'H'o'iin.'fifi'.liiHt l.��nliin Hull, Olifeo,  - -  ���  M��r. 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IS A R O'BN - B A V r II ,Cf�����,,������ Pl.ooe eoi-a??��.  CUSTOM KITCHENS  Gonorol Finlili Carpentry  All woik porlomuHlon i)io lol/1 will)  ; ��� , ,      your maiorlolis,  WILL GO ANYWhIM:,  Plwifi 806-9593  Mul��lp|�� ll-rina SurvlU  Vnncpiivnr flogl ��*l��l��  Boorrf ���'"  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE*  AGGMOE5 LTD.  Rqx 128, Socln.li, IJ.C,  ^.M,!L^lNa^uir^y^___   REAPYtMlX CONCRETE AND  BUILPIMG Sl^PLJES  YoHr'Qrie ^op liuiMinn fior��  ���0. ,   r��-,AII Yhmi l\pl\il\r\ta H����d*  GIBSONS BUILRINO SUPPLIES LTD.  ;.- f ;W^E^TAis;';::  Modofra Pork, B.C.  .Grfiye| 7 R|| - T?p SqJ| - |E)ii||dos!lng  Lopclpi' r IBflCfclipo r frpeks  Phptip |8BJ^40    ^  ": ; '  PHOHE 88S-9350 '  ROHfS CONTRACTING  G|cqr|ne r Excqyqtlpns - Roacj Bnildinf-  Grqcflnfi - pill ��� Roqd Grpvc) - Crpshod Rock  PliQnc; Sechelr 885-95S0  l-HONt Ubb-97Ii AfTtsR 4 V.MT  |i.- iiiiii iiiiii ia__e_g_Mania��)���nnae<_nc___  H"WNiligsr: r T "'  FOUR-O-EIGHT  BOARPING ]<ENNELS  ftancpr. Avppup ; ftpdrdaffs Road  HAf.pMOON BAY, B.C.  Phone 885-9469  ppl-vccn���  9 o.rn.-f) q.rr), ��� 5 p m.-6 p.rn.  iWING .  ERVICE       ^Q,e��' Part^ S^rY��?P^-  FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION  RiRAIRS AN&^iRVICEbiN AUI- MA|$fS  Mre. Mono Havies - 805-9740  SgOBTi^G GOODS '-  CLIFF'S BOATS   8,-AtCESSpRIES-LTD.   _' pishing Supplies, r Boats new ana!  Usee) . , . Large & Smg)|  885-9819 Sechelt  .<  v;  ''*   Ct  .JS.^.  8UBVEVOH3  roy & WA^EMAAn    ,  ��� ("    r?>6�� ^ff?? ��umvw " --���:  /Vtgrfns PHlfd/n9 ^ Pprpp'^p ?fly  Scchelf, B.G.  885-2332 or ZEnifh 6430     ,  ELdCTKICIAWS  ACTON ELECTRIC LTOf  "H .  * t      ��� .      .  ResidentIpI ��� Indpstridl ppd Mprlno Wlrino  (lilocirlf Hf-al ��� Upa Y/ark  Phono 886-7244  BILL 'McPHtfttfft          ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR  Free Esllmotes  Phone 086-7477 - Gihsons, B,C.  FUEH  ���A  Jt   c  ANADIAN  P  ROPANE  Sillr'vllir' Ih'o Sinu.l|lpo Cotwi wljth rftllnhlo on')  nnnnomlcni Cnwldhr), llooilnu onrj ||oi Wnlor'.  H'lili ESTIMATES-'  Phono 885-2360  , Whorf ond Dolphin - Sochclt, B.C.  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MARINE SERVICE Lft>,  Mpchlpo Shop -:t- fSrp. ;pnd Aciy, Wcldlpfl  Stcu'l ppl-rleptirrp ��-t���.���Mqr|n'di. yyoy��  Aiilort1Ql|vq qriq"jf/j.e|,|r|r'P' Rcpqli-s  1   Sforidard M��rln'd'Station  Plmno B06-772I       Boi 006-9956, M6^32(,  ���������,���.       ;', .     '  , , ������  MABiNAS'':'''''''  GJBSONS MABINP SERVICE LTP,  of ESSO MARINE  GaM'Dl^l'Rspqlr*- Wcldlpft     '  "-"~ |5vii'irr|d(-"So|Bn - OMC potrtj? & $ory|co  ,    Ppqt Hpiillpfi  Phono 886-741V Gihsons, p.C  ModcjVa Marina Ltd.  . PoqlOf-s fori-  ���  EvInipdQ O.MC, ��� K&C Tjinrmoflloss . Siinllnor  Spr|i)9 B��kprid'Plpnoor.      -,  Also Plllp-ljlnrj F|H|nf|8 ��pd P'/xh-ros. " ��� ���  Ponder Harbour - Phono 883-2266  NURSERY   ' '"~'  MAC|<'S NURSERY  Rohorti CirpoR1  SUNSHINE COAST HIGHWAY  |,.ondfcii|dn^ - Shrifhi - l:ru|l Tretf,�� - Forl|l|ior  Puiry P|on|fc - Bpddlrifj fduni�� - P'opt Mn��  Fully Uccp-iotljpnMlcldq'Sijroylng fur  u .^~~^J'milMpm,muw*A    '      Phono OO4.2404  m*,^mmt*m,,.Hittm��m'ttmtUmvmmimnmimmii,i*mi0mm0mm^0mm��mi mi mi limn w^Mwpwm��ininit i<iii..m.^  OPTOMETRIST  FRANK E. DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  llni Block > GJhioni  Gypfy WptihcsrJqy  ,886-2240  PLUMBING  SEASIDE PLUMPING  Glhtpni i  P'lui|ih|ni/ - PIpllMInf) * StmninllHInd   '  I lui V/oicr llupilnij' plpo Mwiwj  - ���"**- PftpR-MTIfMATM-��� "-���   Phono 886*7017 oi  006-2040  '��� .....Vir.^.,,..r  U'.ff |l)06�� spaces |o . i ,  ���eocli n<"Qfly  10,000 peopl*  ���  ov��?ry wofikl  .........   'i , .   , ..  THE TIMES - Ww* WWW  TAKB  HARBOUR TAXI LTD.  Har(bour Motor?  Sh^ll Gas fiOfiJO\\-jQtiiL&cpQ\rB.  24 Htyir Taxi ��nd Wrecker SoryfcQ.  Gqrc|qn Bay Rd., pendor HqrbQL|r B.C.  -X��� To!--083-2414   TIRES  COASTAL TIRES  SunittirtQ Coast Highway  Don 13, fGHbtoni, B.C. - phono 006-27QO  SALE? ANP SERVICE  A|l Bropds Avp||p|j|rt  ' Atapday loSglurdqy ��:3Q P.m. to 6:30 p.rri.  1 Frlflpy cvcnlnn hy ppp9lnfrncn.l only.  TOWBNQ  i-.y  ^      J  >���' -t*  ./ ."��*���  I   "  >!  , 1�� -,_v  - ..r. '���  v."*,'.  .���,���*>-  -, ��'������,,  ��� Tr  l'i     s  . ��-��**���  .     or  .    ^^  i   ' "J  * ��  Scowi, ��� Log!  SECHELT TOWING & SALVAGE  / i.LTP. ,  I Ippvy E<|nlprn-)ri! Mpvlnf?'& l-��f| Towfn^  L.' H|6GS  Phono 885'9423 ���.', .];...  i��<i��>����iI��iiw����whw��imi������iiii��i'.i iwmmn tmmmmtmmmmipmm '  TRANSFER  LEN W^AY'S THANSPPR  1 Household Movlno. Pockjna, Siorops  1   ppeidw"1 'fMofsripl* r��r Soln  Mcn-hur pf MM Vflr) Mpets 1  Conodp'n No, ) Movers  Phono 086-2664, R.R. 1, Gihsons, B.C,  HANSEN'S TRANSFER LTD.  ,' \   .'WAREHOUSE*    V  Socholt 005-2110 - Gihsons 0^6-2173  m^mw^mm ������  Furnlniro ��o onywlmr* In Conqdq,  Oencral Freight,  l-owlcd  anil heavy liaullno  TRAIL BAY qAWTAOE ,  phono  005-20/JO AnyUmo  .   .   ...    .   ��� ...     ' ..*   '  '       i'  r1"1 ri,,J,"~'-r ���v,riii"",��"1 "������������*��� t   ."���" '���  >.v  If  I . *.  *     r  /'  !ifJ!}?MllM  A BELAIR CUSTOM UPHOLSTPRY '  -X.:.,,.,.,. ���.and...drAperies^ ...,_-���..���;,:  '|-0up|w|��|wi|n(- ��� Rcniytinq - C^mfrlsr* Propory  S��fivie* 7 Sample* 'U>own In lh�� r*^~0  Phono 006-2050 of tor 6 p.m.  or 086-2073 1  Your Miriness Cqrd  ��� Jp this spneo w|||  rW|| -i��Qr|y' 10,000 peopfol  )j)vy ml -, Hlohpw^r   '  !���:���!  IZ  i *  i  H  I- <*^*h^-������i^. t* A*44*U>KA- it  i^#A^lK>*A^AA^AAAAft^A^<hAfrihAi*^A^JKAj*A^diifi  #*#**��rws ,  T1K-* ^0.0.  f f    *       0     ***/.  ���*  0   V*        M"    '  W��    Irf*^ +'  US'**  '    1 "H-rt-  ^^^ApAhj^,^- <*^^^A.<*i*   -^^vj^^i^^m^hip.  t *!��--*      ' f      t. . ��5 "2 ..*"* .JvCM^AWi^kl  _i��__> '"V* lV ��'  "IKHWBIhllMBMMHMMMll  \   jlr   ,    I    L   -L    \i\L  "'I"'S>  / <  Ht.  % 1  i  K   i  rn-pf.  ���  ir ... .���%   k, .    f *" r-' *  ���r^-T*-*  "~"r-"-i,ri--->-<**���>. tv -  ~S��-7>t    ^ J T     I   ~,'^ 'L^'r-i ^LL  1".-^   *^t�����-W-    H.-J M  <?  *~*  I I  <���  ��I  \l  1 .  ��\  t.  w  ' I  1 V  /'  U .(>i  \  7,  *-,.  '     V*  l\\S  ~l���  - I  **���*+  "*  Mhrch 18th . ,' .  Branch 69 Senior Citizens  78; attend regular nieeting  . UEQULAR meeiing of the Senior- GiU��- The meeting cVasod wilh refreslmien^  * iv*e"? A-'sooiatiQri,* Svpiich 60, was, held    and a social hour following. Next meel-'  '"S^Aii ' WilfhH78 Sembers P��;eaent. Pres-    ing will be bn April 1|> at the wudJrhQtjr  ���raartrJJra. Madge Hansen welcomed Mrs,    and   the usual * place, .Come  Along  and  Lily Dunlop, a new member, also a spe-    bring a friend,  cial welcome lo Mr,' Bijil Qoffey recently ' _    ,    *���.  returned fio^n "It eiand. X minute's silence     t     n*       TV ��  was   observed   in   memory   pf ^Mr.   Jas.     '  r��**'*,��   1 ���-*--   1/-.: ��� _-._ t  ^tj.h, toimeiiy of Frances P6iiinsuia.      -  Mrs,,RWih Muclrejl reputed fliat Mrs, ofinTUfflT' findn  Olive Mc-jiejo, is seriously 'U J," St. dHPIUSOr UBGW  Pau.si Hospital, Vancouver, CHher mem- lwRQUOHOUT Alaska th�� V���it,,n inri  beis m bi Mary's HosDitad hip li"rani-' *; o^.-y"J?v- r.m--^< l,"e *WHfl1, and  6ad, Ted Bigfis PelS Edml nd^^H���*_'W-t,sh <&tyntb?S, ^ Ofcuroh. of Jesus  UoneSaulnie    "' '   to*   -ld     ^M-f J^UeMay S��i\nt6 has "USeri. spon-  n .       , -iV ^''"'MiLSPen house, fjor all those of the  .Conveners, tm the di^renV commit- ^ ^Mt^uTaTm^ M-Ao ;v^sU_to ^tt^fe. Elder  tees; are; Mrs, {^ine McNeil, rnembwT PacHai'd and. Ei5er-ilclinn, two of the  s*npj Mrs- Lstlier Wagner, ways and Missionaries for.these areas, are present-  nieans; Mrs. Dorothy amci?well,, enter- ing this display. They are iisSisted by  lain.nent; Mrs. Ne.ue Whaites,,social with those Missionaries in each afea. At the  mrs. Mi.ared Whlttaker as co-convener;'  Mis. hazel Jiivans, communictatioiis.    .  Greeners at the doo,r were Miss Ena  Hano.d and Ms: Macige {3el|. The monthly raii.e was won py Mr. Qeo. Ayott. Mrs.  Oiive Ciear was the recipient of a small  gut on the occasion of her B3rd birthday,  Many happy returns!       -,  'lhe Spring lea will be held Saturday,  May t.hom i:3G to 4 p.m., in the Sechelt  Legion * Had. All members are urged to  heip in any way possible to make this a  Page A-4 The Penlntsiila Times  Wednqsdpyt Marsh H 1W1  Ji�������� ������������_ ��� -,..    1  ���--��������-���-������ '���-- ��� A...*_.���.������i-i ������������'��� ��������� ���*  ivjiUij��vmmi0}ti  Sechel  Jewellers  -A-' *r  -A-  Only!  This Month  20%,  DISCOUNT  .on--.,-'    -.]  Plamond ~'--"'  present time there are 14,000 ytiung mis-.  i"ionaries throughout the world who "hp--  1 -  V5i  ^ -  i.  i"^ ''I  I"     t  "v.  "i  -s  ����  1   Ik  ,.\l  j;  s*  (   *  ' I    "��� r    �� ~  I   ^  <���.-  1    '*.  V  I ��� ���  /  a-  t'  a  is   *  *   tr\  pl&y'mg 9 |p00al perforrncin.ee. after  ��� eehwh anv,-37}<4^<Jay,-' WAtfmvori jBaV  ^i cjiifdrep.' entertain "Evmcri 69 Senior  Citizens who thoroughly enjoyed th'e  fmnWBTW 1WIW���MTtBlfW ���MW|~��1..��llWl.A.J��ni.��4ll|.JUL^WI|.<IUL.��J������IUWi��liil��l��.JiW.��^��.M.<i.|||  tittler>T^tr%  <-    V  I  L  serving  Without p'ay"  Beautiful < paintings are displayed,  which pot-tray the exciting story of Mor-  monism, a way of life "restored" to the  earth by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus  Christ. -    j   -������-iJ  The film, "'Man's Search for Happiness", has also been shown. Concerning  this film, Norman Vincent jpeale said:  "The film told tlie story of where we came  from, Why  we are here, apd where- we   : '"   1 "The film mdVi'v-.  make the most of  two minutes  of  Anyone wishing to get their name on in���l^,|,|,^,|'B:l,1^,"��Si.l6u6,-mg' the U10Sl  the   Lion's  calendar,   contact   the Tec,e- . ^"-  ���? J J'  "nJ .^revealing of any  lary, MlSS Adeje de Lange. my enlirB life"                       eVG'' SBe" '"  A bus trip to the Bradner Bulb Show We  of   the   Peninsula   will  "i,.,,',���   ii,d  and  Westminster  Abbey  at Mission,   has privilege of ^1,7^1^1^ fitst  neen arranged for Sunday, April 18, Jea-v-    ihree days of Apdl.    "wil   Iie^p esetted  ing .he Secne.t oUs Qtpo, bi o a.m. suu.p in  .he  Selma  Park  HalT on Ap iT7 tst  andptcking up passengers along the reg: and in the Hopkins Unding%5    on Ap-'  u.ar route. All paid-up members gel' the -' ril second and third. The display'wHIoS  reduced rate. Non-members are welcome, en  each   evening  at  6:30  pm   and   ���n  but at  a SlighUy   higher  tare.  Mr.  Uave close'^t   10.00 ,fm   TouI  wUI  he  illn  Hay ward will be in the Sechelt bus depot through at  various  tune s Z ugtutlhe  on Thursday morning, March 25 for any- evening, and will Ibe led by Elders Pack  one  wishing  to   obtain   tickets.   He   may ard,   McGinn.   Bishop   and   MonLmTiv  ^sw^aTloT^^^^^^^^     h"l���y Ji? Am  Name tags for each member are being ordered, and should be here for the  next meeting. New copies of the ConstiL  Utibn are also on hand for sale. Also keep  your suggestions coming in. '  Mrs. Dorothy Stockwell sang several  Irish solos, accompanied bp Mrs Hazel  Evans, with members joining''in on the  i'amri.ar words.  A play entitled "The Wishing Stream"  was perlprmed by a number of children-  of the Halfmoon Bay area, and sponsored  by ihe Halfmoon Bay-Recreation Commission. Director was Mrs. Mary Tinkley  and the accompanist was Mrs. Ruby Jlat-  cher. The casl was :as follows: property'  man, Sheila Murphy," Sing Hi, Starr Man-  ton; Sing Lo, Mary Connor; small broth  II should bu a vet^ uijuyable program  ���for the entire, family. Refreshments  will  De   served   after  each lour.   Everyone  is  invited  to attend.  Where a joint return had a space for  wifes   occupation,   her   husband   entered  Speaker of the House".-  _  ������*',  v  &* ���  y-  vV-.  S   i  \ -  .. 0  r i i . .^   t L���:-, J0 ".-j-  ���it- f  i  M  .,.  V '\   ' l    "r     i' i   v .-   . \'      ��  "7. S. . A .-Aj    '  l *("Zh>* v,f,   l"     ,n>l * 1  f' ,   .   'a .���<,--��''~ :��*. *-���.'* \,    ; / ���  it  A) J*'\��^A\ -c  - .1 j.  * ' s. ^ i - ' \  . V.    'r  >i  Jl   .-^  '-  '  *��^^*<4^Mfl*>W��l*^i��  V*  dy Hansen,"-Travis Dough  ���   net-; chorus, Ginger and Cjm'y Ciiiining-  ham and Elsie Kings.on*.iPfii: play and Us  young players were very much enjoyed  by all-  The Choral Group, recently 'formed is  practising on Monday evenings. If. you  would like" lo si'ng along, phone IIII5-0772;  You  will be  mosl   wolconie, .   .  Pomegranate jelly  A simple   and   favorite   Per- '  MODERN.    *  SIGHT & SQMA/P  T.V. - RADIO - STEREO*  SYSTEMS  Pfidco Doqlcr  Sales, and Sarvico  AYRES  ELECTRONICS  Gib*on�� 986-7117  TWILIGHT THEATRE  GIBSONS ,  SCREENPLAY  BY FREDRICO FELLINI  RP5TRICTPP  "There U No End/ No, Beginning. There  Is Only The  Infinite  Passion  Of  i-iio"  ���Fellini  WEPNISPAY, THURSDAY,  MAR,CH?4*2--aMp.rn. -  [wilM_^nv��ffc_ltfl_Hnf_^  l^TRrSTWTr  ��� _*!  ^il!>liJlEiSJi,>-,,vtif  M  y^.,y^^jjj^|T^  ^Cfc-M  w!Ml^mmmmmi(i0Svi  .    COMEDY���WESTERN  FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY,  MARCH 26, 27 & 26 at 6 p.m.  Come see how  rtjPVj\m-"iri-s,  "clott."  ���mil  MW'i/,..A,��i  0WS  __��__i___j  STARRING:  Jonalhcn Frid and Grayson Hall  Come Sou How The Vampires Do ll  ADULT  MONDAY, WEDNISDAY, THURSDAY,  MARCH 29* 3Q, *-.l.o�� 8 p.m.  COMING SHOWS IN ORDER  ''���The'^rt^fins^'^^^7*^"  "The High Commissioner"  "The Biblo"  "Point Your Wqgon"  "Scream And Scream Again"  "Son Of f iHbbor"  h\m -plHyoi-H ronnoii��l|)lo   tor Mio   Ihotr mooting )������  v/qoIAmp JVom   iuuihuii; i-nonis: n  hoi nil oitcctH und choruH in,1 io piny    loft; orclm����lrnl.C;pry|pTpoufl<lu|ll Klm .  Iiiu     l<l��l  which (inlorlnlnod Bonipr ci)t)/onn ��!���  Cirfllimr,   Tn.viH   .DmH\m,   Wdy   Hi      i"i Mirp y  aiiiirawool. disb:  ..ronusbTuulo     jolly     ((.)i;luu  illlill)  Mix |)oin��'|ininlo juinn wilh  I'iiliilion, uccordinjj lo llio umiuI  iii.slrui'iion-i, nol und miivn  Willi criAiin, ir llm Jujw jH  nol .suflioionlly hw��miI, udd  hiigur In  IiihIi), '  .lltn-u'H- Un- ituMliod I'rir mid*-'  lli|-   |)0|iii;|iiii||iitii   jliti!(i;  I'nw-i   nil   ovni'   llm   jioiiio-  /{ilinidnH. wllli "l|'i�� luuiii,  woi-  ��� , ,,, , l'i"H, l��ud no  llm  Jntdduri iirn  llUUHiii;  cliorus:   (JlOKor unit  Clmly    ithhImkI nnd Um ji,|���o h��niiiH  ������,.,��..,...,,     1..1..1..     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'"."'��' Ifi'-'/J.'Ofvil, oi-urnxi...-.  wtUdy ;U- |i��irn!||l p, ..Luul  <Hi ri'ii1ii,,ii|i Iiimii /I'hlii la ,n|,  Ii um- jf-in  ,tii|i|iin>oiiiiiii'jy   d;i  M!||l|| In   (oi'l'l! Hilll'l!  llll,I   ,||||y   I,  Thu binn/iM! (Ilini'i'iy oiii'i'ih'  idmnt 't^i,w'riiMiiiidiJ/ir und  dun, wf��k*>ttt. MoW��vi?iy rtliuiil  ,'). niHUiii pllwt vfptiiiifn ��nin  'iiIno IndiiVxIly Ijividvud lluou-  /di IniTifiiiiiiii In vini<iiiM linn.  liuunillioMn   nud   p|(;|||||(||���j,  MEMPER: VANCOUVER STOCK i;XC|;IANGE  V"  ecorsime  Purchase Of  Selected^  B.C. Porphyry  COPPER MINES  IN  THEi HIGHLAND VALLEY  ANP  THE CARIBOO  W�� Oiivh ciim,.||��<| ������ ���nfl|y,j, W), ,|,N'h|(,)WJM(J  hUfu n.Mnorjo imrpliyry wppur n.ln.u ��,H|, �����  Ol^liDr,  Vfl||��|i C��-��i"flr(  Mrna-i ����nd Hlutitiio-|l  M'-i  ,A>m ti        ... /YlflfnUfll,   ViJ lU-UYur   Sots    .Hihfitum  ���A/QJ-Umo Uuwii, VniKiiMvui  LJif  ��� i ' -^.pmiiuu  ��� (m )[)/*]  (iimu riiilu /i(H) v      -;,       .'I  /*,    ,I'I����M)   b.ili.1   Mill   11   n,|jy   ���f   yiMJ(    \hZ\ul.uii   ||.C   fi,u,il)yiy  ,rrp��r,  ' Nomo-      ,, ; Mir^           "   , ���',      ,'. , l ���  I'lioriM   - ,  11   1,  tm Jt\tw |i��ii  ^i# a*  ��� 00? +, r* *>. f* ** ��� t~4t.00m *i^ ^-. 1  .��~.���* �� ^ --��������.*��� *���A^ .___,  .-s-.*-�� ���A <���  ^.'--^vv"-..,,-^  jS  '*l*'Mt  >.-\. ^-vi >,���".-.1-*  V  :^MF  ir ; *���  ;��v  ri>.*  "7;"  "T  "-t-  Many entries . . .  Additional .prizes, offered  ��� as contest meets"deadline//:  l|.o,T,.nos oihoo tuitl h.-y, im..,. snhniiitftd    nudu hly'') l"o   0  ��-�����lo mo-but S3_S  w.     ���nines hop, ��,��.-,!�� cwadu, Wmnlhu    quliletf do vn with ZL    0   e��^naJ��  |PK^.r��^ffli-  "U.',r?<>r  '- '1"    ''  ���**���������-���  ���    r---f.        d :��� ".a.  ���    JP.i A ' .V!i ���'*     - ���'.'''  ���*$ ti P^^vfj^f :k/;  >    ^    *- *-'���  isuhivii'.i.iuii will jwm ��i\ awtu'd ol ifciiUfl  hut Tlu\ Timet,' Mis, iunucd lo nflo)' prlaos  uf in lii and $10 I'm the two host local  entries, submitted duuui; tho opiusc ol tho  cniito-d Siuii winn|i?|s.��will,nol nccedsanly  bo tho birme ps tlio ovoi\tll winnur  Lulesd ontiiob chosen loi publication  a,ro:  "What n Good J^ocnl Newspaper Moans  To Me", by ii ,1   Stone  The mmniipiicaiuiii systems ol today  mtiko   it   pobsible   lot   someone   in   tho-  com foil ot thou* livinu 100m ta know ol'  a.   mishap  in  Vrot .Nam  almost   as   laid  a-? tho niihUuy  leadeis in Suujiin do   In  tho muhn ol ia|oi-|ialioual events, uidio  find lulcMbion luive kiprj spire supplanted  jllto iiiiwhpiipoi as a medium, ol rnmrnuiu-  cation  Witness llio big n|y dailies which  do little more than mimic tlio ladio cqver-'  fige ol the day's news, and then add a  veiy extensive hulk nl advertisinij, which  soives mainly lo make it hard |o fit ip'  your pot-kot   Arliudly, tho only thing in  H  bu? daily  Unit  isn't   ledundant of tho  Othei   media is llio comic slnps__  A tabled publication, then, 111 order In  niako a distinclivo gnplnbutinn of its own,  must dutd witli an area that isn't dealt  with, 01 can't be dealt with as well, else-  whoto The only publications we have lhat  meet (lus tequuement are a hand full ot  so-called "undeiground" and small-circulation papers, and the small-town weeklies. , :......^  A weekly paper, like The Times, should  be (and for the most part, is) fin aiiinii  ground for all events that are of a pu��ely  local nature. Coverage of all communHy  affairs'arid events, and even a certain  amount of gossip, that is unobtainable  from oilier sources should be t.he�� dpmpjrt  of the thorough weekly new''PSP0r.  As tlie community grows and becomes  more complex it is necessary for a local  paper to come to grips With Ms purposes.  Hecauso its budget and space are most  often .limited, the- weekly) ^mnsl gHard  agtiinsl becomiriK nothinp mni;fi tl'nr' *\  "weekTy edition of the "ye]low . page^Tll  Ipllors. g-"pis ui wisdppi --pd, upipiop, I fpp]  bpj'pfl In find fpj.ip.-s ol ���accolari.os iid \\\*  fihlttpn, iollowed hy wotds to \l\& pfl'ppt  tht"! due to luck of s'pace cns(oni"\|'y Mit.-  uies worp of |iocosi"!ty bypnsi-o^. .  ��� In conclusion,, miiy Ilittggast spmolj^nrt  tluit has beep drifting 'nound jn-1h��M6W  lor yptp'sf poilaining* to weolfljesV  Header ptp'tjoip-tftan is -i "consuiiviUPP  deyputly to ho wishpd" py m,ost pi||>]is|tr  evs. Tjiore'also happens To he sopip opinion whereby anonymous lell-Gps,- prir] bP  considered cowaidly or libelous. Why PP\  Un open column devoted to cbiYinHiniPfl:-  tlon (Whei(j,7JK,|ii-i de plumps cppld \)Q  itsed, and toe pxchungeu Irypotjipthi-il to  -begin With' of a flt-peiol naluve? ParlRu- >  pants could "leel hue to Wl'itfi I'm 'tl'Py  would ui Anno Landprs for oxaptple* d\^  cirssmi* ipjrything from rpeiposuppjltlps tp  sewage disposal.  Though" rit \> reepgpi^ed ninny !a\U  -Will -write foi thp s*t|ko of heipg^ \p pt'lr^t,  there ipe as inany d np| mote, whu tco''  ci'ittcism 01 perhaps do not feol )itevato  enough lo expiess on papoir w)ia| Ipfty  be excellent kIcuh.  If such a seiies ever came iiv|o, lje-  mg, jt goes without, saying dljat poiypitr  pen letters, lipe) or pure scutt1pb'ul'W0t|ld-  be junked .Misspelled words or pppr  sentence siruc|ure would be kinflly'qeaH  with so the essence of a wpithy ttipuglil  or dream could shine1' Ihrdi-gli, ^-'sqp-  cessful newsptiper should depond,dppn tho  discretion, litprary ability, smptirfty apd  huniarie tolerance oi its Editor and his  nsspciates Tjte vciioer of civilisjfiijqn is  pathetically thin, and priinkjnd ihUi|tivejy  winnows wheal-- from pholf. ,  *   *   *  JWhat A Good, Local Paper Ifvjopns Tp  Me hy Mrs  f Hpdsjiaw.  The Pfnl��5tt^ Timtp f*ao A4*  ��� 11 ������i.iw.w.m-i��i��.*^^����.i��iii_,.V   y *+&m.��yi **,imJWmmn,wl,*ri4l*.,fi.rit, ^  .MQflEi&BQyT...    *  @ AfflqlgaxncttiQn  -r-front pago A:l  to IMnlH'ilsjiHl f������l  pf stuvyen- \n\\l\\ ho  ej|��(i'nht(i -i*-i| wouHl l'��||) tipoh tlipso l|i  PfjlWU'd avciiM   }it\ wns ttdif llia|  ih|:i  |s 'iu| 'hp tuise -piij o*piy thQ��ti ^ctua'liy-  v SPI'Viepfl fill 'piiy. Thcrp \v^\\k\ alio hp  ,i\ fmniatfMiK for Hw v,-ith inttt wiupi-  < j>o\|Ui |"0 Bfivvjepd. Naturally, -ihnujd, npy  gilhdjyjtilpn he established ip tjjp' nay  'tirp*- t|--i< would .uKinirc spvi/pr hookup,  ;'IHpp pa^tir-tlly thorp wotiki ho cost in-  A,yplvpc} b"i|, t-gi|ln, only \p \\\c usor.'  ST'-  's V '-  I'-vAi.',  Z&i  f"  .p*>  y.S-"r*  <.'f     f  *     "fc "  *-��f:";  -*>"f  < 'u���  *3-  * lp-;af npwspappr  gives  thp   community,  'the boost it gives to holp vrp-ipus slriig-  gling pM-ovprises off |he ground, throygn  od'tbrials, hpantirpil plrp'togl'nphs apd px-  ppllepl coverage of organized events  Our   town   is   lucky   cnpijgh 40   havo. ^ ���, ,3j,���n<,r, **\ ,".<-- ���*-���  Itvp local pupers, each dis'ty-pl in its prp- " WMVIOUg to a 'I'hnilqnijnay i-prvu'o lale  ���,entaf1on Qnd ��hi��roclcr, prtd pa.Ph  vory     -   m -February, five gjrls Wprc enrolled  2nd Gibsons Guide Co.  holds Spring Splash-in  "���*-?! ��'-���-? r��wfii��iB  0W4*rc|q^ 2fi'y0jH- {n^llborsHip pins d}  \%%\ week1^ meeting of ^oyal Ca-  nadiai! Uglon Urauclt loo, nlNo-is  -qr-'fi'om lenslantiing; Krip iiiglis;,  Norm McKByt Di\ 11. Inglis, Ohert  Postal ancj Ken Wray. Scaled: .laclc  I must admit, I've been a 'sinall-(ow-  .ner' prost of n>y life apd consequently  I've been expospd |p mnny and varied  ilocai papers, liotli in Canada und J-ltVg-  land., |. enjoy them I Fiptn the ones who  desperately imitate the Natjnmjl Pi-pun  irnrviTcrocdsm "lo the Jones who happily  is the small paper that pap afford "to taJtp JS" l,hBU PW^^Y'1'1 lt,cul ���jVC'",ls ��n? &*:  the time to be on intermediary between ^rtinning a blind eye on the domg oi  people, and help them to understand each l,le 'Hitside* world . . I Ippk forward  other   and   their   differences.   No   more    W1,h '����ticipation to the day of tlio yaak  thfili tlie indiyi(-un!s jp 9 spinU-Cprnmu, ITiyJpe'll newspaper appears in the stores,  hiiy lan hide irom each other enn thp  local paper hide from t|ie community. It  must function as a binding force within  the pomniunity, leading the way in toleration for all the differing factions, within  t|ial. community,  "Over t|ie fence" is l|ie mP'st pure form  of comnuimcajipp. AVjippti-e "W9h fences."  grow too fpF apart or too runhPl'Ous, it  is lhe good" local news-paper that pan  pull them together, and )1\]i\d oh npprepia-  tio'n hu lhe spiiit of interpersonal corp-  muni-Hitiop, whhlp,jjipjorjjijjn-)jnHy>  vyopld l|}te tp outline wha| a good local  wepkly newsptiper rpeans Iq ps.  Fust of nil,'my'Ipisband nnd I like  to cptchi up on all tlie civic events We  find Unit our Iqcpl paper is more jhprpypl-  pnd fnclutd thnti lugger ones.     i "  My husband enjoys the editpritili" ;nl;  thpugh, pei haps, not always agi'cpiug, hul  Ihey do piovide food lor thought. I pcr-  sonaily opjoy the gossip column for jt  dpes give oiTo-tf tathor ejosef look at the  npighbors. L|]te a large family sharhig  each other's activities "1  ecpn Mclvninop and Goi'aldlue Fyles vp.-  cpived ' her Swimmers badge  putnipcr swlrpnung ofripe aprly for nine-  tepp giilu from lhe 2nd (3pmpi*.ny on IVJurch '  13|h. The girls, tpgether witl) loaders Mrs,  El. ^iJjicKay and Mrs. J. Smethurst, ��r-  riverj^'at I-.f'rc| .flm's I-pdge at lQ;'l.ri a.m.  apd,'accompanied by life guards Denjse  ���jjtllejolip and Gloria Fyles, punppdj-  \yhnlclicailudly into Ihe pool The sun  shope brightly throughout then swirp,  sauna, lunch (d,eiieiou-r) and bilte and  tlT'on  lured  tlicip  lill  I'ack   to   the  pool  'bo'hreJsenled Vitli hit- 4U-yoaV|pi|i at  U._iiT-i.ji~J_ij J._i_.  mm�� - ^ TEtivisiioN  dealer foi",-  2PNITH  fmWQOD  ADMIRAL  * * * :|:  flUHHirr-pnos.  Th(Liidyj^LsUijLSEcJjPiuib aJwJiyj--80Bd���h<^-|-ti-4l"eh���tlepwhtw-^ri - a 11 fi  p itt���A���  and I read it avidly from fiopt to |'ack  I enjoy the sense of belonging and inyol-  VPment I get when leading of people I  know peisonally, I fee) warmed and excised with their achievements rand personally greved with their distrpssps. I  enjoy the hunior of qyr local ohtii'"iP|ers  ���I'dohig 1 heir thing' either in their deeds  or iii Iheir colorful fi"^ entcrtaiping Jt-i-  ter^s to the Ed j tor, 4  I fjnd blessed rojiof ip heipg< nhlp U)  pppn.p ncws.Rnper Jn ih'^ ri��iV ��ml ft��^  for 0 grant buy or a chance lo sell another. Also it is nice to learn lire names  of new a'rivals. Alas! and then the de-  purfurc of old and dear friends Hut then!  ihat's  life   We each  have an  obligation  -to live it to tlio best of our ability To this  gord, oui papct it, ii guideline  Qui paper oncourogps I lie younger  generation in cubs, scouts and sports and ~  we all know what a moral it is for them  lo see themselves in (he newspaper. The  high school-^sel'have their space which  is a good sounding board foi our near  future t>ciHlth.  Our Federal MP.and also opr fair  Isabel have very gopd nit-clc-- They each  tiy lo hi ing fhe tacts, p{ l|ici|' (iffjpu to  ' the (-c-jderi. ^opietimes ij. gets epnfus|ng  if pp9.K h> heUpVP it H\Y!>  wonderful way to spend a day and these  girls- apd others like llmpi know how  lucky they arc to have the leaders to  make trips like this possible.  ^���J^t1 j j*jtfr��[*ii rmtH-J; r>WW  RUGS AHP CARETS  rt.       *       *       VH.  sPh. 886-2280 Gibsons, B.C  ,-, ;.**  -��&  ?*���  1   -     *"<  ,* ."*����� '  0   '   'I  - *  .  -*���"���' < s  I'  *LI t  -- 1    /    *  L��lf��   'I  * ' i" - v  A:  If  "wtAiU^it.  To all Madeira Park resideroSs w^Ser will lie turned  qff (n Madeira ParH irom 6f00 ^ift. to 10 a.m.  Sunday, match 2B>' 1071. ^   SOUTH PENDER HARBOUR WATER WORKS  S^^^S^SI  ^Jval  I QSa ii \Mardi  ware  VitiJ  Y>    ;;     - and not being confronterj wi|h wp1 rs, hi U ���, * ..ShflDpIng plj��l nrft-Yfiry. VP PflBJo, Pn-  '���Uhninn^ii/^M,! ��   T,*     '     IW}<   mfspry   ��nd  d\s\tfmq   I'llf/fiilii fo'liv   ��h ng "ft ti) shop,wl-c--|> the munay will  Whot n Qood.Mcpi ^p^pttper Moons    ^tjopal Nowappjjoi-u: It's, coipfpriliu|,to ,do i|io mm mrt'  tt  To Me, by Mrs. H. GwoV Aii^MI'!  Having hvnd in a nuinhPr of areari 11 e  know  Ihal   in  our  lopal  newtfpapcr fhe  f:lo��es,t vvo .|)'iua< come lo win' |s lhe bf)l-  Ope lasi Ihopghl; wp can 'rpmoipher  when pur Ipcnl pappr was jp6< jieglnplng  apd since thnl time jl hqs come a lopg  wt|.y, It does fi service |o a|| l||p ftpnily-  so please keep up lhe fig|it fpr liPofilim,  ji|slire iipd accurate repotting.  I dirge daily pnpors cpvur W-f��l')ti\yjd|i  occiirn.'iioos, "ind unless one is living Ip  ir'-ip'OKl isolated areii, clip either pincha-fo  rniiKK inodia, or tune in pp news. r��r!ip.  Woel'I'ie.s, hh a rule ' copcentrilto unnh  ovoiiIh nf impiudiiito piirtent; iipart from  llio ,i!i|nioni-nry birihs, rieaihH, miirriiigciK,  ono |h iidvjsod of cnniiiig enterlalnmont  em youre smiling  r  "���00  kept inioriiind uf tlpi inure ipninopliiuH  oxperioiuiDH ipifl jicltyjlN Of p||l' noig|b'  Iiiiii rd', plii/is. by i.'piun.'ll for iiriproVupionl,  stiilniniiles, and nn iicciiMiop Iho odd pipn  drwiinl , ���   .  Among Iho  HiipgH J  par)ii;iiliir|y  |oo|i.k  for fire 'miund, Inforriuillvu 'Hd|lori|i|h niirl"  lot lorn. Y'nr oxiuniiln, The ijvorppul Ad-  viii'co  (Novo  Hcnliii) uf|||ori()|  W��H, |)''M*K  od "Ope' JVIiiii'ii ('pinion',',, followed by llH'  ' llnnfi IViiiii 'I'lio.Hiilmlyiil-.-'! The-Moving  Fih/ii.'i' wrlUm; mid, lii'vjpg wrlh pi/ivus  op: nor nil yriur Piety nor WM ��i|"M  lure ii lincli lo i.'iuimil liulf 11 lilpe, por  all luuiii whkIi mil 11 Word uf II." -A�� ��  111111I1111 of I'im'I, HiIh wonlily won ||ifl Hu-  l|ni|iil" Awni'il up iimii'i) IImiii ruin oni.'iiHlon  ns I ruiiiill, ('cell Day htnidod his rPin��!'l''i  , "ppn M/ui'h 'Mplniun",, piniipfng Hiey wore  1 hi-* ���iiloiio, nnd iipitn k In I'lintrnvurHy, liu '  hint  tho cniiingo ul' IiIh iioiiviiil|ni|H, wuh, .,;  iiiivnr puliy, uiul  nnviir, nevnr u  b||(iil. ,  '(HpniikipK ���nf  hylliinii, ,M)'i, f), Whuuliir'n,'  I'linli'ii of "| piny Im wrung,'MM I11I111II not  .,hn hp wrong ph to lull tn uoy what, | Im*  llnvo Id ho ri/ihl,1',: ���.Inlip AIMiih, Jn Ir'ini-  l!||llpilHl) 1 ' ���i  Ailvoi'llidpg  In ^ Iho  llfohloiid  ul''iiny'  I'lililli'iillnii, uiul ciiiii||iiiii|ou piiimI |m lump, ���  The I'oiiillng piihllc hf pvurjiiyru'l wimp miluii    .  ,i and linr/mlDii urn forlliiioiiilng, npd wn m-  |o|i''i wluni pew IiiihIiioivH iinlorjiI'lNON Join  ��� nip\ I'lipiiiiiiiiJly, <Ui)n pllilntlvo )|t||i!j:p|)): ,���  lliiiim  \m duvoiiid  In   wull'w|w||i��ii    ule,,  ���."Wluni nil, i|)o liiiHiiiuinr folk wlin pay In  ,   w|/i|i i|iui/i,w��M <!��nild "Juin l'iirpp��", inid<-  - -  r* VI  i  ���-  |K. ^n, J        \  1  ' 1  ���' r>v  THAiirmv~"9PENTW  SECHELT  I*        ���"->  r  *.".,  :r  \vr.  ^ssw  ^m  ^  Wp;fNtS|H-3  MAGNETIC  Steam Clotm'm�� .  EsshmontEquipment  Services Ud,  I'liiifililu Sioqii* C|oqrilnp Sorvlco  I        lor    ��� ���  Il����iyy I'lMlimmnt -, /su\oiwb\\m  i       .    ,,A"fM'-,- ,1 louhof- ,  For partlicjHlori ft pnHrporescoll  006-2704  AfY^Uif't),  few/''' .  *'-AZ>h   '   t,  The beer  that   ��  smiles  with you.  IMIHAIIIk*  tliio fliivfli [ismiioni k m \)ii\i\\B\ioti ^ dMnwi-f  Sdfc!*  Tea Pols  CUP BROWN  2.19  tf    Ai  COME  FOR THESE  SAVINGSI  nac k  PIECE  BLACK & DECKER  lectrlc Drill  ���!     ' '"f !   'n  w' !^''__ m@��  Toasters  2 SLICE  Rog, 16.95  US  SPEq)Al.  l.\$ffS3$?0t���;&0t��i~l��.  Ihf Bulbs  WESTjNQHOUS^^^^^  for  UlutViJlt  |^%Vi";  ^,4' At,'  W)*#*��*i< ,...    . .,������'  ,t IN U t-1 !   i        ' ���.<n  1 fc��v^#V *\?  iiilclnf  Callings  Hc0. 13.95  ktliol k\  R��0, 17,99  '   5ALE 31 ��J  [��� ���������* 'fi  * ? '-5.  v  *,mm)ni<tm i*0mt*m)m<ito***mmm��w��\  immmummimmmmmi��nmM*mmmmmmm  *',    *��.*-��..��   ��+.*,��(.��    ��W    *�� I-��t******  M��lWlli|llWWII#l>M��tW|WII|l*ll)^^    TO THE  11  ' PlflU  DftAfl''^U CQWm MEAL      J  )l  Uw/wwwvwwvw-m-^^  i|^��hjll|illliliM''Tiii'"iiiiWWW^i^lp)W��tei)IW||P^.^>iWw  Wl|i>l.ill..ll��ilWUPWIIIWI^��Wp����*W^WlWW��^W^  I '       \'     J  'SATWflfJAY-. ^^R���IT %1  5un��hino Cpost Mlwoy  9 9 ' . ���;    '        ���      1  COUNTRY^WESTERN 'jyiUSIC..  ^m '; \ z.  ���V  IAA^/.��HA*AA'  MW^I. #*#**��� **'����� 0. *^������ *���  ,v.,  lrf.\  LA]  �����***** i**.**** J*.��fcW.��WlilHWt  (��.fc-#S���.  1 *V ***** f*\. jKj*   ,0%, f^,^*^^   A A ^ X ;.i, %;%. AA f.' *, K T i * P.Af A A A/1 * '- AA^ /���,**��� i* f-f.ldl- rf J * aaaaAAAAaaaaaa��aaaaaaaaa��a^aa> A.A.A.* aa^aaAa^IUU AAA��X*\i_j 1*0  �����.  *��  ���I  ,/  ii  iff   ��� Si-  te^lnlHH-Sf  F" '  *!'t+;1   1'wviflMirAli'/  //V 'li'il .. r V*l'i'Vi'l 'LA' ?,'  f'Av'l'iii.i i .��� I 1* ''i?t-��               ���B  r  i  1  t  |  K  ll  I                        J,  r  *   "-i  \  I,  i  n  i i  �����--��  i  >;  j  j  X.  1  j  ��.  "ScQuiing-in-Aciion''   ~i  top Centennial event  TilouSA^PS^W^CuK'Sqy gpputs,'   Section B  Vepturcis apd JfaYei/tV ip tj*e Vaticpp  Wednesday, March 24, .1971  Pages 1-6  'ivH-Coasl   liegiqp,  Bpy1. Scouts  of   pan- luglfliplilb.  add (A United Appeaj Ageppy) are w'ark- It is expected .that over 25,0fJ0 people  iug feverishly tp prepare themselves fpr will flock to the Iijxhibitiop grounds to  a  gala    "Scouting-tn-Acljpn,   Centeppial see this fine dj$>play of Scot-tir-g skills.  '71" Shqw that will'lftlw place on Sa^pr- Tickets arc obtainable from gpy member  dav  Ahrit 17-1071'ThPlaitKQqt diqnlav nf ��f   '"ie  PCW*   ��flY��pG��U   ip   Vancouver  lS     i         V'-,'"71^0 W]-$W.W of Coast Region; 'at pcoHt House, 664 West  Su.uting activities ever staged IP Western Bipadway;-pr at the dppi, the dt"y of tire  jCtinada will give cveryope ap opportunity sho\��/.  to see the vaned and co|prfu| attractions,  Blake C.A|dcr6onP.C.     '  CHIROPRACTOR  Po��* bit (to Buildina Socfipll  Phono aB5-'l333  fas. 886-2321  Tuesday fa�� Friday 10:3lj o.m. ft) S^O p.m. *  Satuujciy 9:30 o.m, lo 1:00 p.m.  EyEN!(SGS 3Y APPQINTtoSrfl  *  ' " -1  V'"  *  *���*  1  ��   *��of  \s*5  tint keep Scouting the Ior yqu^h arganea-  "%  ition   in*Tfic world.  'Scouting-in-Action,   Centennial   '71"  will he a continuous show from \Q a.m.'  "4 to 0 p'm in the Showmart find Fopfjs  j ��'���Buildings, Pacific National Exhibition;.  j y minds Over srxty hays \vill bo n^P-  ^ iitd hy .Cubs, Scouts, ^/cnturpfs ("tld ftpy-  (j cis demonstiating such Scputjnp skills as.  ' signalling, sea scouring, ���TiarJ'-Sroanshjp,  3 Itist aid, rope riiaking, spacing ^nJ.vJsRfil'Si'  | , handicrafts, .pioneer   prpjecis   fpelui|ini'  .sty,  M 1  iope bridges, towers, etc; Survival fecjir  Top   Flight  Golfing commenced- officially on the year is  Mrs,  Lee  Redman;  Men's  Sunshine, Coast on Saturday with a Open Champion is Mr. Ray Witt and  full day pf activity ending wMiti a Ladies Open Champion is Mrs. Vl|"g-  preseptation dinner efhd dance. Read- inia Douglas. Vt\e open championship  ing from left: Senior Ladjes Champion trophies   were-'donated   by   tyrnie  holding the K. Butte*- Trophy for this,   Brown.  USE TIMES  ADBHIEFS  FOR QUICK RESULTS  ��� niques, Gahoe and Jtayaji pifrkipg. Indian  j i lo klpre, a fun and giarne section for sjlj  Y��igts tp try their skill at, c^rnping tpghV  I niques 'lhat  wiH   be  Usbfyi   for   farpUy    .  ; i dmpiug expursions "jh-is ��� ^yrj-)'rp'6!i",'"���'$$ ok  {] | hake, jjii-jjtsu,4rep pi-rpUng, shapingiinrj  a    pruning-, 'Iglass  recycling,  cheats,   African *  village with African dances and a, Kyb  Kar rally for Cubs, plus nifrpy, many pihei-^  WouM You UHe More Westerns, More Comedies, More Musicals.  The Twilight Theatre Is Trying To Bring Yoh Shows That YQU  "WontTo See. '  Present This Ad With Your Suggestions And We'll Give You A*  ,    r    ,   --(^IscoHflf On ifoMr We^Mfiy The^ttre T'cHetSj >-.-,...  H i" ~t"  IT IS UP TO  �� t-��  . JM0MT--THI  GIBSONS ~ PHONE 886-2827  *' 1 j *'  ' ���'if ���'  #���   N* <+   ���  Ax \ - - h "���  W^Wfir^VB^i r*  i/'?4^^^j  rJnY?lV"-t��'o,��M  -(,-&��� ,i;.�� -r;*..  $  '>��  .,ftViii4wi..n'.niati,.��tf,i..^.'fiftia.i.)B.*w^.i ��� ��� ��/  ��j^��^  i *  Ilnldprs of IJie Sunshine Coast Coif -jpnlation dinner, aro Don and Mau-  nfid Country' Cjul), Walter Morrison reen Sleep in (lie 4. l^all 13et,t J3all  Memorial Trophy presented for the category.  jll'St ,time i��e|, ��a|urdMy Uf Jlie pre-         Gibsons Grade 5 .:��', r  r*r"-i~^"?",!:" ������".".������ '��� ���  ;��� ������..-. ;- i ���; ".-,   Elementary students report  visit to ygislature  '1  11��!  ."!  11,00  11,00  "IT mu'e wu1' ti  lot  of work/' nuid  one whjch  wont   in  hiK hack, nnd  ennui mil,  pupirii rcpni-i, "Iiiu. i|  wn-j w��rth  It.- hit)  HKiipiuili,"  "Thu ��� figiiniH' , uyeu   reiil|y  Ph��   wim   writing  iilioul   Iho   three "day hoked   al,   you;   l   |m<l   nli-li^vuu-ij   t|ial,  Uiilitorinllil   oKciM'Hiiiu   Iho   Ch'pde   0's' of ulglil."  aihnopH iijlonicptury (Sdiooi took io Vio- q( q���vonimon�� HouHu. 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Tln-rii w��i-m luiicy  _iiiHiii|i|eiiofi of  tin. pnijucl, ,  W)(M,|H ,���, Hj,, ,.,,, Whu��� wu U}M M)l| j|My;  )l   wim   u   llghl   m'hi-iliiln   llm   pupllii     I huy   until   Ui dvn   wan   Jutil   un, big   ip)i|  mid |iiiiii|iu|'�� niiulii In i.'oynr (iviiry niiiiulii     |"i��Wf|Pr  wiin  no.^oud   iiuywuy'."   "J   Iiiiii'  nl lhn (iKiMii'iiluii, i.i4lni'n of liupiry alioiil.    five  IipIUoh of pup  Hmr iho imiy  wllli  iiIiii'ini to ���v,ln|t Inn! ln:��n.")��Mt. out. hy. Tlio    whltttgluvoi, opupoii inririu." 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Wtrynt     ' "' u'',lK <' '",,�� '<,"'') ���v"' ~*r*Utt ko nn --  fiuullyhi tmplimdimi, tmUnno, )m\Mr,    '"I' hie- .Uiifi  l-i-numo  wo m,[ io���J��now-���  'lYiidoiui. nor Hjo bdry i-'luiritoiDin Inhn > .'"'"'h -iibor imiior mill )t wn/i n nood ox* .  Wull   IMiiii'iy  inovii'M,  hut   l|m Chnmhoi'   i\w.mtv In,�����������'.��� wo iiu�� n��\ uloun/'  of  lloirorh  won Iho Miuulout /iltODtloii, ':'���>    And  'iim, i||iol)dl'fi)  In  u!ui<yi  "Honm,    K'K, ) Mi-t-,  "Nnroro"|*y} hot fun," mii'J hn��i yoii|l/<id);r,  ,,"Tb��ro wim it pwi htnwUtu no u blu'W'jnJit  , ��� a:r A' ���"  (Ol  bun  mI��;I(. tioioo /(ol, i*��n) njr  um, nidi, Wh.uJJ Jind bin,"  Ropco U H9-W ofMf)0 "iVInq^ of up to $%% off on a wW^> ronpo of  Inferior or?d axtprio'r points, In on exciting orroy of docorotpr colenrn.  Colour ypur world Jn��)<lo and out with"Papc��"Mpf���tho-flrwt point  you con buy���qnd 6ovo money, tool  In a cholco of popular colour^ with yonr piirchoio of $12.00 or mato  of flno Bopco ��a|e products. Those cloon-burnlng, drip-rotlitant candlom  oro dcnlorM to cnboneo tf-c decor of onyborpo! QUANTITIES AHE  MMITKO, SO PON'T PPf-AVl  njitys Mmb ends aprih 3^1  1.1  Id)  0)  _iS}^zZl  \��JU  w  SECHELT  1  ,i:."  imdmp  ii��iiiiifiPliWi|iili|llii>ai)i|iiWiiBiiipiB >��ni��;B>yj  iiMiiHimtownwiiminnw  PHPNE.:. 995*2283  ��wmwif,ti��yn  \  ,,.  '��    ....���''*    >  ,,/,!)"  |.'  #   fc   tt ,0.^,'r.   .   ,. . *r��J u<  Vf.f.^lf^AiLVhA^i^ m1.   .^*..��.'w^-��  --. * ^. ^,c..~ '-1. f   ���  *,r~ fi fur**-',,   fJ.'Hii I    '  ..'0    *   t  1 ,K  ���' /f J'��' 1/ ���*..,*���  0   ^     '~V +  ' a'*.  "< *������  -0 > ^-,  1  ������    ,1  I S.�� >�� -  *     *    ��   ft    .   |>   M   '��*,-,!    ������   ��   ��4^j     \ < S S \. ���*   ^  If       '  3l-  ���11  1*1.  h-r  If  -   f  * t  3>,  !i  fi  i  i-  b!  Pflgof-4 -      sTbe Peninsula Vm*      Wednesday, March 24,1971 ' ,  .  ��� / /rpiy he wrws, f>Hf. / .-"M/ 'IP< f>P w wp"S "v /���� AM <P ��iy what / believe to be rigtit."  ,��� plOUN Atkinsi  Dounus Q, Vfni-EM-R, ^r/i/pr .      '  'Ii  While  Tlie   Putell^   Slmmbero.  IMPOSITION! of a $40 lurid tax upon staff, two employed on the works crew,  the average property by the Sun- The one man who desperately needs an  shine CouM'Regional Board created eon- assistant is the building 'inspector and  sldernhle -outcry fqr a --hart period of it is. understopd such help is in the pf'tn^  time and was also, lor a short time,, fob for next year. Eight directors get paid  ' lowed with plans by vnriovh snuilj-groups $25 each per regular meeting phis e\tra  fpr public meetings in prder to qu^stionl   for additional meetings.  ���������-��������� ,   por   a  popul-ition    of  about  eight  thotiband  people,  this is  nn  incredible  development  for on the whole, neithei  .legality of such action,  Already, it \^5HW appear, the cries  of anger have diminished and an extremely aputhetiq, public wilt, undoubtedly,  pay up without further protest.  From water, at a fantastic price, we  Will contimte on to bigger and bettei  things as this' particular Hoard continues  to build for itself an emptie which will,  in shoit, buiden the taxpayers within  the Regional District with taxation such  -as they never" dreamed possible- Costly  water is but a start. Little wonder. Gibsons Mayor Peterson has lought to stay  away. -  Of course, it must be borne in mind  that any /unctions assumed by this  Board are brought about with approval of thb ejectpf-ite. In regards to  -water and "speclfictvHy -the Village of  Sechelt, th�� matter is questionable for  the Village already had water and resi-,  tjents never did have to vote 'approval.  There Should be legal aspects involved  jn this particular situation and is, we  would assume, being carefully investigated by our elected representatives on  lepunci).  ;��� One aspect of 4he whole .Regional  Board concept is the fact that two or  three members are apparently able to  hire highly priced executive staff, almost  at-will. Recent events leading to employ*  nientpf; a syounfe. planner, .at what one  "-director���said   he' J understands     tQi^he^  $10,000 per annum, is indeed a prime  example,    '     .     -    '    ,       .  |n a matter of about fou*f years the  growth of Regional District stuff has  Ijeen quite incredible and at the moment  ihe office liccomhiodatidh Has grown  one suite to two. Plans seem to be for  further expansion next year and this is  Village is involved, othei than one oi  two minor functions Neither, strangely  enough, is Poit Mellon which apart Irom  the mill is developing into an industrial  aretu between the mill and Langdalp.  Why this particular part ol the district  should he excluded is, indeed, a mat-,  ter of conjecture.  lipth councils have undertaken exactly the same functions as the Board,  water, lighting, garbage pick-up and  disposal, zoning, planning etc. plus ro.uls,  taxes, motor vehicle licencing etc with  just four aldermen, ].a- Mayor and an  office staff of one. These duties are  carried out very efficiently with a minimum of fuss and upset. Village of Gibsons jyst two years or so ago expended  $120,000 .on improving its water system, it has spent more since and pians-  a continuing program of improvement.  Yet���average cost o(; wider to the usei!  is $36 per year, This" includes a land  tax of 5c per foot.  One factdr which is somewhat puzzling both to us and many residents of the  Sunshine Coast' is the fact that Councils and Regional Board have long protested the fact we have no fulf time  health inspector. Each time, the stpry  from Victoria is - that funds are not  available ito employ, .an. inspector sfull  timer Yet���the Board is'able to decide  by Frank O'Brjen  TURTLE is a. movie called-'Joe' that is  piesently playing"'in' Vancouver and  . VJploHa. The B.O. Censor winning on  this" film is .'ffcenes pf' nudity and much  swearing dnd coarse language', Jn the  movie 'o.rrX n*ian Is beaten Ui death apd"  nine others fp'P shol in col'd blood  (Wh(d a shame that (lie seeiip's of nudity mid all tha< du-ty talk spoiled  the  chances of (fToe' being u chi]dten's matinee  *or a TV" pilot.  / This movie is just another example  of the kjnd of warped censorship hoard  that all films fall under, in this deranged  thinking ^process shooting, stabbing, blud-  geouig and torture are ah good clean  family entertainment The l'dea ot showing  an attractive young lady in a st"ite of  undiess is 'dirty' and lhe actual act of love  is too obscene to even contemplate Pajn  is o It Passion is taboo War is funi Love  is lillhy  Tn a kiddie c-aitoon characters are  shoved otf cliffs, shot, heatun, hung and  generally hurt Tciwh youi children  well    .  Tlja sweaiing in movies���aH>o coitips  under this s|iange censoiship Ah the  winds labelled as obscepe apply to either the human body or the act ot making love. Words like hale, kill, nigger,  loi line, though, are al| passed freely  between aetots without eilhei even t|fe  benefit of a beep  Another form ot indecency' that we -  aie seeing moie and more ot today is  nude swimming or n 'skinny dipping', a  pastime that almost everyone engaged in  as a; child. Last summer there was nudity  at Wreck Beach in Vancouver, and off  shore, balanced, in tire, surf where scores  of .good...upstanding   citizens  w,ith.  their  II   7-w^ww��e��a  r  ;/,b\   nil  fi  ? *  v FJf-  Kr  *  ���f  V  1 -  ll  l[  rVr  **-''< -W��  H-iis*;  .   ,  A                                                * .  .��.    "  "    " 1 '" r  .��>                  "    .-   'i  1        '  1  ��C               ' *Zs  *                 >  1 ,*  /-  * .���  a '  1.  4  *   ���   '  :y  -  0*%  1i  =1  f                         *               ���  r  1  *  ,  .   "  ")  ����� .           '.   "-  t       <*      .     '", V  ���    '.   \,��'     . <���  r-   '      ��.. .* *'  -       -"' '    '.      .  ' '        '    y  i                 t  "���             ���      . '  - -. -;  '" ��� - \ ���  '*<*  ���*- ,  ��    ."-        '. ��  *           ���    .   ���-   ��.  __  -���i-r-   ���   ���        ���,������:-.���;  T ���  ^A  Btmere thtrnUa  Editoi, The Times,  whun* n^niiations nr bHnuld' I say px,  umpi'iation'i ot the QuelieJl. Waterworks,  or. .-i^ ���    ,   ,    .      eisReoially   \vlitj'i),  1   am  given   to  undei-  *?."' nZ r^T  ",My,1l!%r ir*lt5nt;     atJnd, ft eHftia   Estates had oitered the  the BC. Tubeiculos-s-Chr-stmas  Seal    Sill/Waier��orks loi- the "sum of ^B.000  4nst^ia^ nfla^blng-taftd���t-he- -Itifieetd^rs���riat^-��ube  of  Soujety,, Lo. Bjitend snieeive thaiilj"V'to' yaw  anci your paper foi asyistance ni making,  this  past. Christmas  Seal ���oainpa/ign. Jlre  best on rpcol'd. .���'���.���.���.'.,'':."    .'���:���'  , British Columbians donated, mcij-e '-tjiab  $4li thousiand towqr-d the'fight to elimi^  On ��triM  Vfl-fllHpi1 slgbl tjirougbmii th<- ju*oy-  inpo.ui) Prittay���tloseripil-Bohpplg mjil  WfiPhpra spoiling "Op strlHo11 ,sig|-.  ���Mpmbpvfi of ibe Cctn^diaii Union of  .pttbiip Kmploy^ea wbiub Include? aH  nou^eaeliing al��ff, bonorpd the pipl^t  line-j and tho savings hi pay should  India- the operating section nf Ihd  School Uoqrd Bndgol look quite heal-  thy^tl]^ year.  ,000, which ende'd up being sold to    n     '      : ^^   ��� "^^     _v ��� ' ���  "the taxpayer frii*-4he sum nf*ippt:oaehmg;-:fin-KT rajfa|Tig-dinnpr/da'nco"|'of .H-j'QiVft"  ^^AlA^IS'^A^^ :-:m*nwit^ ii��� ������ in�� ii^-"ifi,*  to  lh  ;.jlifiop.ye.i; causes  it needs such luxury items as a planner  and simply goes ahead and employs one.  Somewhere along the line something  is wrong- A health inspector has been  a dire necessity for some years. Victoria  "cannot spend taipayei'S'hard'iearned dollars for such ffn appointment even-though  recognizing the need yet!  A  local ap-  glued on the .V>iercl people on the beach,  5lo"yt I wonder Which is more obscene,  a person who. swims in the nude or the  'straights' who. spend time, money and--  risk (if their reaction is judged) considerable embarrassment to' catch a fleeting  gjjnipse of all these ��t|'ange ��� swimmers,  Indecency, tjjfe beauty, seems is in  the eye of the beholder-  *    *  ' *  ���  Humors, rumors, I hear rumors that  a certain  wellrknown  female  folksingei'  may be: buying sopie land pn the Penine.  ���stria. I can't divulge- her name but. her  quite understandable wJi��*^^afL.is^tn^-^pointed^hody-appears,to^havfe.pQ-yefs to  creasing at such.a rate. We now have use the money of .the sam�� taxpayer  two fully qualified secretary treasurers; as it sees fit,.. Somewhere along the  u building inspector, a works superint* ������line  Victoria should be askeil  to ex-  endent, a full time planner, two office    plain.  ��� "      ��� -   *>*" ^      ;.  eaiiiiigi��^^  initials   are   Joanie   MitehelL   flut_ then  rumors,  rumors.  *   *   *  Did everyone cateti. th^ letter to the  school board from the Prime Minister of  the.. Klphinstone School regarding the hiring out of the school auditorium for  dances. He seems to think that it will  reflect, badly on the school If another  'orgy' thing happens, It sgemaJrom this  end of the typewriter that the > iciea.  shouldn't beito clit down on the amount  of school dances but to bring as many as  possible. At present the schppi js a]?  lowed four- dajioes a year. This may be  good in a metropolitan area where varied  entertainment is offered piJ^side i the  sohopl but in a region siich as the Penin-^-  sula the school danpes may be tlie only  arid cures, fpr other respii-atoi'y "d'isetises,  such as emphysema and chronic brohr  r'hitis.      :."'...  This amount, tops lqs| year's totiil by  sevenrilioiisa-i'id dollays! .    ,'.'".      ,       ,  ]-would like to he able to Shake, hand'-  personally with each publisher .-and- editor  around the Province, iii gtatitticie for aSr  sist'nriye given in"f'pnntine '��1" news r-e-  leases and5 in helping to keep readers informed of' progress made and how they  help in the Society's"tield of endeavours.  ��� You and ypiir readers have given the  Society tho opportunity to take another"  er: had- a  knife ^tuck: in  His  back"  apd    .,       -   .       , ,    .  twisted,   '*��� ,   .' , dpni, I extend my apologips lot my over  ! Hp:' VWhire 1 wm ,yO��l When, liegn! '.ont'husiasmat the announenment maO> by  ppunpi! W8^giyen,,t0;|b.0 4fif'rd: id-^wi. ilflekspn Bros, hogging and .I'M Trucking  th��.e-vprQri-Hation,d|-the'���^al^Wtwivffl-fesiv i made the eiror o| thinking, thoy  yet gnd^d yii;^.Wbt|[-^vjged..'(^'"fei?gjTr- wm to make a donatioji to |hu proje^i  OavimW that U"e. llegionid Jfoartj  Would,   ajKJ ,'phullenging MacMillun  Blqedul %U\  be (mnrpetlPd tiKpay-what-watij a-ikfd he--.   In dp the aamu. I now undoistand  {he  pause there was nothing, ooutd be done  about;' it.     '  ' lip ^tr- periher'$ businpss, it |g my un-  der'it'inding that the said business is not  wilhin the Village Jimts, therefore it  seems to me would not he subjected to  the Village Bylaws, which, makes your  Unwarranted and unkind remarks, seem  tp me lo be put^of ;rilai-e  felalpmoiit to.-l-gve. Leon that they would  match whatever .bum MacMil|t.n-HJpedel  inight donate UP to a .cm lain snip. \h)Wr  ..ever, it |s possjlile other logging companies on Hie Sunshine Coiibl might caio  to contribute tpwaid the June! il w they  tire 'isked to mil to Ponder J-IarbQuV  Cred't Union.  __,  THE currenb dlscussiW oh~W oilj  ^lU^v-BreWVf^;AwlPeiTOma.aiw   ffiaffd'S TTa'ltv h-if $$&  -    tankpi-rvOTiik pipeline route to brJnjI   by lis?ihmwpnld still be mm&w the   ^JJ$r^ ^r thoy S:'fe:^'tJi?'"-jSit  .crude oil from Alaska to refineries near  Bellingham has brought out some interesting paradoxes,  U,S; Interior Secretary Rogers Mor>  ton last week argued that the risk of  . nccidentaHpillage in waters off.the west  coast, which could pollute many bwhea  wild stat? if it '"were not for thp tflMi  thiifc our American cousins bad in North  America, (which includes Canada) a few  yenrs ago,  The hope of many people is for world  integration, a hope born because of tbe  steadilyrshrinking   sixe  pf   the   globe  on the, U,C, coast as well, as those of. .bwugbl about by improved Jrave   find  Washington and Oregon, was not a major   eohnnun cations in the p-ist fifty years,  factor. ''There is some point where you   w* are indeed a eprninunity of natons,  have to take'risks," he said in a press   ��s waters o  ahundred years ago fore,  conference saw, To continue lo, fragment that hope,  a      in., i,' i��� ii��� i^���i�� ,��i,i��i,   which must ultimately become reality if  Agreed. Put h is He logic which ���   ��� .. |h A ������     w> M< (|  ptiz^les us, "When you place me lunoimv      )W   , ��� H rWici|,0l)() W(mtp qf thought   f"d, Wwm" sun,., soft sand,,, brolreiv  ���ind enerciv     i' ,'00,'   ,)',i,lf-f''' '   l,'�� -WI*,   ��H   lh��   liHN  Of,  The students are too young tp go to  the weekly cabarets, the puj-s or t''e  dinnprs, where some parents aro to bo  found, Many cannot even get into the  show without parental assistance, ns  quite a few movies are restricted, To  take lip example, suppose the h<"er par?  lours were opened only four times.frpm  Septembei" tp June, Ciin you tmagine-the  way the adults would carry on, knowing  It was their only chance In months? I  am unite 'sure they would make the high  snhool alleged orgy seem like a fairy tule.  ' *   *   *  v <  43nL4^mpiu^��n^hM"0����li-thl��-Jwce>  firm step into the seventies with new  strength and purpose in reaching for our  goals.  C. W. POODSON  President  Sudden concern  Editor,  The  Times  Sir: In reading the article in your lo-  cail paper- by Mr. Norman Watson, I feef  his views on Block 1472 are well taken,  however, if the said Mr. Watson is so concerned about the Taxpayer's pocket in  this respect, I wonder why, . he d'd not  take such interest, in the purchase of the  Sechelt Waterworks.?  As I am given Jq understand, Mr. Watr  .son iyas'the" founding Chairman and, held  im, active term of office jn the Tfegioh^l  Board until this last election,-with (his  in mind, ,1 would apprt'tfiale asking Mr.  \Yatsoh a few questions,  ftp,   I���Where" We're yo-u Mr.  Watsop  A. CAIT13Y  Sewtee record  Editor, The Times  Sir: Through your medium, WP would  lilce to express pur sincere.thpnlp tp M>'8.  Cio���"P'q'y", iiTetired teacher -Uvuig hi Qtb-  spps.  During our morning nickel duty, Mrs.  Pay. arrived with coffee and dpugnnuts-  for ps, and told us how much she appreciated what lire teachers wci-e doing  to publicize the poor pensions of P.O.  teacheis already retired.  After -about forty years of service,  they are receiving less money than any  other retired teacher, in Canada-  ; . MMB^A ntpKHAM  In error  Edjtor,  The Tunes,  Sir: To the people'who attended lhe  EVERY WEDWESDAV  AT i| p.m.  MCKPOT $125  TO CtO  if  of" oil spilled dgainst tlie amount of oil       .    .  being put into the system,, Hint propnr- r^lf'  tion  is hecominn less and lctfti all the fnercW.M hiyi^r vv ��'"ty wmm -,���.,  w,-wi-,n0 uoasi, Haw a couple wfrlking  ".'��� n   5SL     ���     ' continue lo Ignore-the lessons of history   along, enjoying theniHelves in the slow  Wh   no txpmuiui, '������ w<H cry for narrower and narrower na-   surf, throwing rocks at the soi�� gulls; i  IIIi other words, if you ship a couple   ���Uoniili��r��*/Tliey will be sand inthe gears  iof million gallons, of crude oil by umker,   Qf progress, but they will not stop it,  nnd once in a while spill u few llioKSfind  gallons, tlial*iH iiol loo bad,  <      Or lo pui It another way, IVf- Mor-  Ion,is saying that If you spill, say, only  one percent of Ihe oil being iransporlcd,  .that's   it  prelly  small   perecnlage  nud  , Ihereforc why worry?    ,' ';      * ...:.  Well,* we worry because one percent  of il vouplc of million ions of crude oil  Is hiill (hie helluva lol of olj |o conicml  wilh when It reiiche-i our bciiclies,  There Is (uiolhcr liii'crestlng imoniiily  In Ih.c pipeline vershs tanker,discussions.  Thorn Is u small bid. urilcuhite minority  ��� in II.C, '(and(Canada) wlileli:i!tle|inp|8 lo  '' make in) issue Whenever ''forolgiiV' Ini  vcHlmcsni  Is Inloroslcd In. Canudn, Wu  hc/tr .''Aincrlciui   takeover",   "Jhipancso  -rolboilt" iu^I hliniliir nit'iuilntd��ss terms  .*���..whcncvcr-��nyOnc��.wui)ii'^lo��goUtt-t��lio4,-.  In the  present discussions on llm  pipeline proposal, UjIn minority iptiy be  Jieiird again, bcciiti-ju lhe simple jfact Is���,  pn Canada has been lold���lhat ihinwmy  for llic proposed Maekcn/Jc Valley pipe-  linn will have to come from United Hum  !    fnvcslors, Cunmlliins Hhnply arc not In.  fcrcHicd in ihcir own couniry'-i dr-vch��->-  ' mcnl^  al   least   not   lo  (ho   point   of  fliunbling hard cash, It o)|ly lukt-H n shoit  j-lniKic iiroiuid lo sec tho proof of this;  Powell Klvcr, I'orl Mellon, Tu-didn , , ,  Poet's comer  r-*Y<nir f(>titrilt,uilf>ni firp InvllPil  TOMOlittQW  by Ppnny (Puddy) Psnt-   ,y.-,.���,,,���;.-,  i;��l tlio-f^iny dayH ol ynpr mind ,  grow gruonor gratw for brlghb-i" Ibnugh'ts,  And yonl*irday'�� drouuiH p��hh llko "rhudows  through thfr'davyn-j of your ,mind  lip Ihcir'way to bflghlur lhbi|(��.  IM your mind llnlun lo Dim wuhio of  ypnti��i'fliiy,      ,  Put/your "lioiirtlical do Iho .sung of  ���i'-:rlnihorrow, .,.,'���,'.-,,.    . .?'':.', fr';',;  Krjr the dwelling' In lh�� past brbigH  ��� only imiii i  with no promise pf tomorrow,  didn't spend as munh lipio on-iho baaoh  us I thought 1 would, you.H��o 1 ran on  of dgriruttosi Isn't nature.grand?..  ,, ���   *, ���* '.  , Well'hy Iho time you read this column  tho |itiui||iirn Hirlko should ho over, How  iibn of them in strike whnn tho wa��lh��r  is ho nliio, rJ|imn{��[ lhat M��ra|i II��'w��h  not n||ow��d"'|o ho a holiday as originally  plmiiH'd��� oi tlm fonder,Ibul'iblir H����'oiid-  '{/���'"-"' ury rlnhofil, Jt flooms ihul ihe stitd/fnni hiui  lost loo ninny diiyn of nchyi^ililji y��un  I giiiiHn a st"'il'o nulllfloii tliuHiti niiihriH, T|i��  l<!'i-f|i<irii no doliht hiivn a ruiiHuiiiiMn  oxi'imo for fulling u Btrlk", it ju��i ��h��i��im  ho p'llhnllc llinl Iho wordl D( uiiloriHiilioiild  miilin nucli duiiuoidH op no many pooplo  Ihul huvo iiolhhig io do wllli Iho I1111701I1I-  Ing, In no profoiinioii in this as apparonl  as, toiiiihlnii, Tlio dullniiio mcrrhaudlsu of  SB  as  v,  -by C.A.G.  *******+mm*mmmmm0tmm*mmm  *mw0m0*.p*w00*v*mmi00mmf0W0im*r,  The PjGNiNSULA^neft-  i on II.C,'* liumMm Cohh  ..... by  Hucbt-U I'enlwuiln '[lfii��i I,Id,  linn llO.Hcclicll, H41,  ,.   f)niiHl(in (I. Whribr, filltiir (iwt J'ublhhrr  ttul>��?iff-||on Hulciti (hi mtv-tocc)  I V����r, $J ��� 7 Vflftm, $9-3 Yew��, $IJ  U,fJ, iiinl t'Wtki), 11,50  Jftvlfift thff men tram P,ort Mtlkm in ftnm��fn  (Htm* found fn /mh fnf*tf  HOMl'l C'ollogo, n��WM|>Hp��r�� .nro iiHUidly,  only as funny as bulrbiu htiuior, wh'm  I liny nro id lluilr bust, Mul lh��r�� ni" ok-  ccplloim, ns wUm.ihu thin u|uv��r and hit Ing  .linrody Ip Iho Uiilvmmlly of Alburla Unto.  ,wuy,J''jp!!ir,..,. .  '.,,,.���  "THtJ TWKWTY��Tlfinp Mhh"  Triidnuii Is my Prima MlnlHlor, '  i     I iiindI nut wiudi 1 \  lip iiinluin pin llo down In lllu'i>iiv)itd ,  ,   p^Hlui'im. !  lln piiujii ip'n honidn bulut l'!rl��; h�� ronloroH  my Qoiiboc, ,  llo lniids inn In Dm pallid of Kfld��r��llm,n  for, hlit iiioiicn' niilu',  ndui'Mllon, (ns wo nniMt refer io It for  now s<fhoo|if huvo liononio as any olhoi  !>i!h|ii"iii��) nno wiiffor ��m pp ol|i"i' iiroducln  from tho tmiu'H of a hIHIm", j^pH iiopu I'ur  a null-It nud, ihiirnfoin, tp llilu biniiliorii  ��,Ntrlkiu,.,for,. what.-not. lought. iiun iiiivor. bo-  lnill'IIOll,  *     t    ,���   .  IM, (lulllvnii, iiiiii grand old mmi of  diii)c|ng Imiufi, fif.Tnb'itir.-H ��pd, M|g HnhoolH  will h�� gono from TV Hi|h full, Aftor "ill  yitiini of llnoly'Utg Mauds. Ilia iturlidn  will full 011 llio iiiiui who prumiiittid |t;ivii)  I'limlcy und lh'.- Hi-ill Ion to l|io NorUi  Auinrliilili public'      ,  Tlio op" Mi��ni iif"vrdui iiilniiiiint whoi n  hln df'pilHis v/IH Im foil moid. nlri|iig|y v/lll  not  ho hi  ili�� dog  iriiliiniH twoiiiulH  in  .tho Juggling im'Im, It will lfn in iho hnpnr��  noiiiiiorii,      . . .   ,-  ������ flow many romb-H bognn wllli an hnl-  liillnii of Ed fiiilllvan? TJuiy mih beyond  i-oiiiilhig. rloiii^ foifji n-i'D/ivId l-'ryu, mudo  nil nil oui of impcinoiialhig grnnilo fncod  fid, How thoy  will iiiIhh hb/i, Jn nlghi  Id  A Good Selection of  Popular COOWOOKS  Sechelt  005-9654  BROUGHT TO YOU BY THESE  PROqRESSIVE PUCES PF BUSINESS  Ks.  ^v FEW WORDS ABOUT  CHIPS '  today 'llio nyorqfje' person is  tr.��� .; .t,,...1,   f      ' 11    . 1    .1        . >iii,   iHivt   limy    win   m ihn   iiiiii,   iii   ih  i|  Kyii,,l,houidi J,w.dk.tluoi,,di��^  Tut I .1. i TJWtf'* "dftly for *ori��i��o����� nf��n wl)'�� ,<?���� I10M  mmma��m"���0*mm0*0mm  with fno; ihy low ,npd thy  oiiIit,  t|i��-y  roiufoil  tpu, Thou  pi'iiplo'-Ht  lh"   Ml7��  Olyiopli-it  hufiini     ',  in* it, Hi* f,f**nf* r?t /f-purfl^i-il--, Oto-��  auoloU-.-l   l||.i  UM. with  n\y nil, my  v/nlnr overflown, fhiri'ly  Iho  JiimI   f}o''l��;ly  -tllnll  follow '  oie nil llni diiy of my. life/ mid I nliull  ' dwr'll in llm Klii/idoio Of  (Vupuhi for evoi," '  tin  tmnily and Inuooioi^ily toiilnlod, With upy .  lunltJhwy will pot find.'- r'*p|e'"��'ipnnt,,,  for wln-u tlio IM ,'lulllvnn nliow iIIiim lhn  nhiidoWn iibouM no"wllli liim,  ^_w-_p�� '  Tlr��)n,|silb��.''o|n of your llfn, II Ih.IIio  only roln you bi'vn, nod only you onn  doini'|hin�� Ifow it wlll,��bo npnpt. Hn i.-arnful  I<ihI you lol oilier pooplo iipmid it for you,  I  U_  A^ wllli rnony olhor foods widely BObl  ,ap| lo toko polqlo chips for oraMed, How��v��r, ll Is Ihlbros.llna to |<now  Ihal Iheso d��||r.|V}i|!i oool<o<| polrili'' sliros nro not a now or ov��n 0 fairly  now food Itorn. Tho records show llial daily solllnrs four.i<rijron| rlo|l(jlil  In somolhlnci aklnlo loday's |ioiolo chips.'Tho 1,1017 arms, ihal durlbq  lona winter oynnbvjs llioy would oflon slice |ir>ialo��s/ brush llmm will) a  Hlllo fq| an'l cook unlll brown oyor nh "pen fire, limn no 1 ihom wilh  great r��llsll.  Thol wns a loan tlmo apa and since limn, parllculnrly during the  last twenty years the potato chip industry has rjiown by leaps" nnf),  bound*, A�� mlflhl Im oxpocior) much roseqrch onrl technical qf|yance.^  hn/o been madr-- to produce InVreaslnflly liMrje quanlllleVof conslsteVilly  qood (tjuollly f.hi|'ij.'for,al|.rnorkols alall seasons, f;v��r conscious of llm  Importance of ,.��Q��if��fylng lhe customer with llm Imsi possible poiaio  chips, research ���'rojecls, conlinuo oyon today on llm firrxfucllon and  Mprlrifj of I'olaioof* lor chips, nn |Kic|<a/dii(j and nn now, praco^slno  ��� mnlhads, ,    ���  1 , '  1 Potato cliips-havo Indeorl firoverl lhomfm|yos, "rimlr rrunchlnofis and  f|ayor,ma|<o,lhom a {"onorol favorllo find aflrsl cholco, no mailer liow  many o|lmr snac|<, foods am sot out fur (ho younfjslers, the bmnciaors or  llmlr oblors,    '''���,'.,, "  ,. *'      B| PREPARED WITH l��OtAT0 CHIPS  i qi f  Tp be ready |o serve a little choice food to friends- who' unex-  p'or.tetlly drop'lii forqchgl ll Is Mtiorl tpWopa pqekaye or two of polalo  cliJpsjt->in |-abd alpn$ wltlr .Ibo mattln9& cda Umple dip-Arfi^ to thlf 9  can al luncheon rrwai orbomcui Inio^mofl cm!*��# anff "��plk�� with plct��,lf��l  onions, tiny oheiblns or sluffod ollyo-j to,oat wltfc) |lm r.f)lps anrl you ore  Well se| to offor a losty snack In rjulck orrlor,        ,  ''   . ���  Peninsula Plumbing  '���    Mil;  HEATING fi. SUPPLIES  ,.,..*���'������ Your jf(e;r>i*onQ  Shorwln Williams  Paint Doafar  Phono BB6-9533  Glhsonn, B.C?,  Fmhlon Is a tiyfyard  Smorl Shoppers are  ,    found at , \  ,'  HELENAS  FASHION SHO^PE  Qll-fon-i, B.Cr- Pb�� BO6-904!  1VIRJU 9  DHYGOOPS  CMILD^CN^ A INFANTS'   ';-" WjEAR -   mpies' sports mm  '       'Phone OBtJ'9994  Sunny^re-it SliUppfjip Cenlre  -CT',.-"J1  g���ai^WB�����a��p  SAVE flrlOMEY 1  AT YOUR PPPU^AR  MJMBER ANP BUII-PINa  SUPPLIES  5��rylna Tlm Sunshine Coast  !    1  soppyis  nw-mn - secb��H,:B,c,  iji  s^mmmmmmm^^m^mmL^mams^m^u^mmmsmsm^g^^m^^^^^^^M^^smi^m^M  'AmfMmmmmmimmMmssmmsfzs  ���^^^g��gi^^f��j!��^^��g^iM-siiti^ga!^^afl^gg*ji^j��?iaa!��^^ J  ' " *' ' ' .        t''  i  i  ,. 1 I  -"        1/  ��� "  .       -  r  labour suppoit  .    \ ��� , 'In f^#flW^*'t#"iMfi *,        i  f.  Z.   ��� :AZimA-AZ4, . ,.  -n_j_Sfi��_Sfc 1>_____l_;.  1} ---���-  t1  n* J      \l -"������*���-�� it  Rally Speakers  Guests and speakers   at  the Rally een Glassford and Mr. SI an True-  called by Rechell Teachers' Assncia- man;   ST A   president   .John  Burn-  fcibn, last Friday are from lelt, Secli- side; B.C. Teachers' Federation rep-  elt "Jiarid- councillor    Gilbert    Joe; resenlalive Bill Allesler and S.T.A--  ^ogfll^Oif, president Fred Corley; re- secretary Mrs. Doris Fuller,  tired Elphinstone teachers, Mrs. Ril-  ���fc ���_-~- : *,  Around Gibsons  TEACHEtlS tnuy hrivo 1o consider more'  -Ihun a one dqy ah'ika next .year, Mr.  Fioc| Corloy presidont of luoca] 1Q7, Pulp,*-  SulphUd unci Paper Mil) 'Wnrltors, wunted  al llm Teachers-'  Hully hold   lasj  PiidHy  nii'hiin'- in Iho Sechell Lej-jpp Hall.  Addrosidpj' roipjlily forty tpuohors who  wore not pn picket duly dprini^ 1hu ono  d;iy protest, stiiko, and loss thon a rlo-ipn  members of tho publio, Mr. Corloy sukl  lhat he j|l��o riepresenled the B.C. Fcdoror  Umi ol llii-hour as ha is ajnomjipr ol tho~'  Exucutivo Cmuiriil. ~t,r"  Mi'.  Corley referred  lo tlio strike as  Iho first Wi)\ concerted action taken, ��"iid.  eitective as a loim.nt protest. The teachers *  have  lhe   suppoil   of  Ihe  Labor  Movement and he wiuild like lo .see a-school  -.boaid"lake tho luachcrt. lo court becuuse  Ihc mine publicity il tjuU, Iho more el-  - Iccttvo Ihu btnku will Ih;  Uelorrini' Pti lhe Amendment Ip Iho  Public Schools Acl introduced by Iho  Minister ol Education in tho Legislature  ihih sosston which sliilos thnl "Membership in iho 13 C. Teachers' Perforation shall  iidI I io ii conditiiJii nl uiuploytnuiit",^Mr.  (Nil ley   Murl   llus  lineal   In   Union   ShTip  " eliiuse will be dealt with al a special Convent inn  lo be  held  March 2(Uh;  Hu also  warped^JJuiJ. (.Attorney.. ypnerol Mr.  Los  Pclerc-pri will Win'*- in more jiiiuniiCiea^ja^-  tionbeTQre the session ends.     A'/'   ���- - -WithH^fomnct^tc^piJiisipr^. Mc Gprley.  said dip Fo'letatipn hits been talking- pension fpr sorrSe y<Ws apd rrtado sorno .gains  and the toiiphers' 3''ip1 stipule} help. In  asking die toachei-s support, Mr. CJiprley  said by striking they, could pxei-t mprp  pressure-- than feny' ird}\�� be knows, "tf  Ihp mpfhprs had. tlie te|d'< home fpr a  week, titey wouJd bo {-(-reaming, at i3eti7  pell to .(jet the schools open''. He said it  ii? ti-uu that Premier ^Biinptt is-picking off  the i'pin^p of the L-ibour, Movement.  HBSQJitf'PlQN  Dutcomo pf the Rally was a. resoluUon  to send telegrams to* provincial secretary  Wesley Blaf'1', Premier W.A.C., 13pnnett  and Minister! wi't-hpl-it Portfolio Mrs. Isabel Dawsorl askjng. for re.cnrisidei'at-ipn on.  i^: ibo ������inaj^i---ufe^b3adh^t:.pc.nsions':'artd-"ask7-  TnglliaT^ur^IeTeTiTt^  be  given  the  matter.  A similar  resolution was approved at Powell River;  ud opt in si, brief sent |p Minister Wesley  Blttpk, ���.ookjng chapijcs - m, Bill 4-"hut  po reply was recoiydd until"Miu'ch }fyh  when Bill 4 leceiyod a Hicond veadirii* Wl(h  nu .tpricndnipnts.  Mr. Allesler said |||c Proyineinl Bcc-  letiiry idad  a 2(i pa|{n  which said "N��>"-  pr(!pp|-od speech,  BIL^L 4 �� "'r  divinu stjilistips 'on (he Teacher-"' Pension Fund, Mr, Allpsloj sajd there is $177  millUm in thp tpachprs' pension fund, ond  lhe I und grew last yeqr by some $12 million, Aniujal interest alone amounts to  over $10 million and (he total pensions  paid to rctued tciichc-s'amount to only  $6 milhpu a yetir. " ��  "���"In.October of last Year a sc^rel^ballot  was- taken among tuiicheis and 8J1 per  cent lavprec) slrilce nil ion il' thoie was  no iniprovornppt in (punchers' pensions.  A meeiing was held \yilh tho provincial  secietqry and pn Jn|Hiai'y 2'<Jnd Bill 4  with its amondnienls was given a frvsl  reading.  BCTfr was pleasc'l with  the .priority  Its  $SE3$BB$BBIfitB\  l^^^fpSS^B5?-*?*  )^fX^W?4i4  ATTEND  J   ^L'\|.- *" "'4*W*-'-fc.l    ^  *'_F>-'"��� '<��� {La    '�� c-i  .��'  S'i'','M p   07% A t y |-*W^!1'T^  "sxA\5*it\ ' J" rV-'  it? x A% &&f;*M::  "-' '^*^JsV_ ' ��  Uijjin-^ir ��� -^ ^irfy-rv�� *|_**. t **  SV3EET YOUIt R/3.P,  OPEN MATING  Selma Parle Hall,��. Mpuday, March 29  '   \   ���;.                  ������     "    ���      :              ''         . * .     ���   -    , .-���., ,      '  7_J0 P,M��    ;   Whopiyor yoiir pplhlcol looidfigi pro pr lipvynypr yo"| vpM, Pni"| Sju pkrrp if  YOUR MomMr of ParMomonr nod f��proipii'�� ypu *,q flip bctt qf h'�� not |nepi|*l'iprpMo  nMl'My.; . ';. .'.'   ���' .. '    ' '  If you aro a suppprtor plppfp ��;omp pn*l Pffor Vf>ifr ,-fl��f��(l ��t|pppr|, l"'�� fl fPMflll |p|��f  If ypu differ wirit PphI vyo Hrgp ypH fp pUpH prf") ipv y<hy, vr|ipf,,"v|ior���� ��n-| Mow  conipr-Vpur mamher ivill otfortipt tp ulvo *pf|��fpi:fl,Pff, H�� -n|rpe|e�� prpipbedi on|y  (ipppMy.  ..������',.    , .'" ..",,,'.''.,'.    ,... l.i, ..;.'���., ..���,':,'.-,.   ,.,..'..:.....' ,'.-.  Tlili mooMpfl l�� Np, 2 In p torloi whpfpby di|�� prgop|*q��foi| Will pffpmpf fp pur  (1ooplo back in diopleniro pp||flf:plly, on a |o��p| |ipi^, If yqu ata cpnepfno,*! ppoHt  Canaifp'l "-Mrillno lMM,0,i ^a ��"0|r " '"f" VlWQ V��M Pf��n 9<W VPMr Wf 1�� ���l>" 4p"Hpcr����|c  T~by Marion Gbarman  ���     :i'" v ���   ���',-  RECENT guests of Mr. and Mrs. Russell  Cramer were Mr. and Mrs. If.zcluel  Kasiern 1'rom Keiiyiif East  Afj-ica.  Visiting "Rev. and Mrs, B.' With were".*  Miss Jeanelte Cpvcy Croip New Zealand  and Miss Myrna Blazek  from Mpptana.  Spending'a day with ���.John dhgfrmart.  at the home of liis parents here' were  Miss Laurel Smith from Victoria and  linger Stroostad from Burns Lake  ,1pn Mutch a former Gibsons resident  i^ employed ot Carpppprt tSiis.ktjtchcwatj.  lie" ex peel 15 to go to Barpf, Alju. for tpK  siimplor', ' ''  While on holiday rccpnlly IMfr. and .  Mi-s. Nnnp Berdahl wor-u guesls of Bph  and Juckie Bproell and a|so Mop and !"l''i  ISIssef] ip town. The latler cptiple wgre  cujebrtitihg thpir wedding oriniyersiify;  i Mr, and Mrs. Qordpn apd dWWlitpr  huvo rolprnurt to Ibeir ho ine id pelja  Cooln aflpr visiting Mrs, Qortloii'ii piil-ehl^  Uy. and, Mrs. B|H Polprso'n here.  Mis. B, ,.J. WiKkpii was in Vanoouvpi'  lii'siiu her sister who was lonving'to spend"  a oionlli in Eiiglnnd.  CJJ-JB'ISTPrf Jr,G  Art apd-Miiriu Manning ()l'"I2(w#Co-  cjuitliiiii, won: god-pnronlH for Iho yiiipig  Hop of Mr. und Mrs,.Hlunley Yoiidoll whon  PUBLIC STATEfyiBMT  RoprespntiiTg    lhe British    Columbia  'reaej-ei"^ JFedpr*"U^  came "direct "tp Secbiilt "after addressing  the Powell River Association. He said  the public has a right to know why the  teachers are striking, and gave the following information.  This is lhe first Provincial Teachers'  strike in the history of Canada and teachers are losing over $1 million over an  ibsue which will ,not affect their) own incomes in the future.  Thp  first teachers'  pension plan was  fonped in 1Q20 but was inadequately fip-  apced  by the  gpverntpupt  aprt leac|iers,  ���ipd wjtbip a ten yogi- j'pripd faced hreak-  ^ dpwp. Ip JB41, pnp'pef cont '.qjf toi|chprs'  'salaries was ptit iptp a Qprvicc  Pension  j&^rrhaid (HP loachors hod no cajl qp it.  tl  was lo this ft'pid Dial M\: Allester ra-  fori ad Jqlep in Jljo meeting when he sajd  the   Tc'achors'   Popslou   Fipid   had   (his  unique special cnnlribtition of f4!/a  million   plus I'inlcrest   w|iich   gave   a   total  of .-SO'/i nil'lljon availahlp. This was poinl-  1 given the Bill and altjiiwitli lhe 4>f> wcol  allowed tp consider || aitd-make-isuiggcs-  lions   The Btll'Jias tunny good   Icaluies'  with over fiUi tiej' c'p|it (iilcreasps in pension's in somp'cases, jiul It still has two  Wealfnpss.es,. Teachprs i-eiifipg belprp the  . .agplpl'"^ Yyith: |5fj,D": fgwer- years service  ��� get- wprs'ir^i-ssVlfi^  tired last Jtjij-p; ..' '   '/ .  'fH\(i a^^'tp-iiliiigi^pn pepgipn- get in-  crei|ses; frqih- a rpirdjiliim; pf' |U).5Q  ppr-  nipnth to. ti peiiirig ijt'|2;i per mnn|b,iBn4  ihe ajTipipit i-'^tpppj^pd'as thp ppprest-  ip Capacia,^: A'- ���������"���' '  Whep'Bi|| 4:rp^pi%|| a seppiid Veadjpg  in th'i-'-Hpiij,i?--'pn.:^w.fe with no gbsn^s  (lespiip the tipiiSgj^en fpi- argpmpnis! the  executive cpiipcj]' of |l-p %���,&.' Tefjcjipi's'  I'ederatipn called foi! a" day of "rii'pl^Jft.  Asked what,- the pdxt StpR" ih !llP  machippi-y of B0T1?- w(Hi}c1 be, lytj:. Allpstt  er said they would see bpiv succpssi;Ul  the strike hcid beep jntt the qmoupt pi  public siippprt it Iiiiii maiPbdned. Nothing was tied down yet-  A Jvivsv..-. @fe?sl8i^L,-j^j.4.-IiSS'Us't- i-B6,TS-f ^tt��  _about3il:AMyp|l Wilii ffip B.C/jredpr^iph  of Labour- ~MY" Aii^ici1 TPpbed tbailliik  wil] be given cohsidcrjitipn apd his reply  -received lippi-ty appjliuse  from. sot��e o|  The Pcninsulo Times Pfigo R-3F  We^tascJqy, <Mprc|- 24, ) ?7T  *~7~7 ^J '  - ��� -v'---������."-  tpachers.' unipn had ^P0" affiliated with  laboip'-for n^nun-bV*i:rf~years bijt wbP"  tho mergpr toqli plqce tlie i'pe ir-crcq^p  was a "significant fitctpt* ip dlscpntibijipgi  'rlliUtilipn. A| that tirr-c" lip himself wi's  on thp executive eppnpil and yp|ed bu'  contiimajJon^lif^affiliivtion,  * ''  Sepretai'y of the Se��'hpl( Tuauhpvs'  Asspeiullpp IVfis. Do('is Fu)(er asked y\W  the possibility WW Id ho pf the teachers  lupidl|ng their pwp pepsiop moiioy if Bi]l  4 received u third reading wlthqiit aipepd;  ments. Mr. Allester thPMght |t would be  dlificult to get d as* i{ nil ipyestpH ]tl  dams i-nd such tilings' Ways of suing llie  government were bqing TnVesMfll^9d blll  ho didn't think anyone )iail much sppcoss'  in suing any government,  UNIQN SHOI?  ��� ��� Mr. Fred Corlpy ciJ-ked wba4 action  BCTF was iaking w^h ibgitwi to the  Union membership issue other 111110 asking  teachers if they will yplnnlnrily rern'lpi  members.  ' Mr Allester said I hero will bo more  intensive recruiting for hietrtbership and  there is a possibility of negotiating th��  Rand formula whereby non-members still  pay union dues,, hut more plans are being  made.  Corley hoped that members would  lake a long hard look al Iho Rundbformola  and advised, agoii-ht lalUug iptp (his trap  which is nol salislaclory,  ST A ptcsideni Johp Buinsidc said he  appreciated suppoit liom the bade union  movement which had an ofloct on the  local board .  One of the vu tt��e^ of betng very young  is that you don't let tjie facts, ge| in the  way of your'imagination/  Blessed is he who" has Iparned tp admire bul nol envy, Jo Ipllpw but not imitate, to piaise but not fhdtpr, und to lead  but not manipulate  the teachers.  Mr-l Atipater  poinl-e.d  put thirl    the.  \  to imm% m  We    Have   Mat*",    WoyerirRctveri,  ClQtb/   Fibreglass   Resjn,   AGetqne  6|eaning Agent and Pigrnen-tSj  yrm.y>nimif^vu\n0tnijmrin^n^n0t0mM  imp YOUR OUTBOARDS AND  LAWNMOV/ERS FIXED NOW  BEFORE T|iE SPRING RUSH.  #H*A*}0>0*mntmntL*trmLn0innt*nrHi^  I  & fuel T&mm  STILL A FEW  1971  MERCURY  OUTBIDS  ��e(ch��h Cham Saw  5 Bus.  883 2521  or Ros. 883-2297  ���**r0**0*0*000*00*00*00,00*0**a000***-**g0*0$.  Coiyrio St. Phono 885-9620  _������_���������,    ���-. *L,r,,0.<.*.wii ,it,��ui���i��j_iifct.t^,0.0..+.,I.,,*, ,^_d ...-fT r:r?  prpcoti,  SUNSHINE'COAST MBERAL A55QC|ATION  CORrlE ONE --"CQMRS All  w  /vl  J  -|ll" -rt'iioivcti lliu iiiiiiiuK ���Siuiiiiu'-riiairy ul -  n chrlslunlng iioioinony'i'iinducictl by linv.  .llm Willliinu-oii in aihspni" llpilod Chiu'cli  Hiindiiy ipornliigr/IVliircb bllh, Al a din-  lior hold later id lhe Const ipn !rho rylfiii-,  nlpffii- pri!f|ci|t(Mt the idl'l. ol' a .special h|i<p��I  ring,for Biinunlo.       i  B1B|,E  COJJ,J3GK    "',  On -iiindiiy, Miu'i.'h IIIIi seven HliKh.'iitii  from WohIurn I'tiplncoHlnl IJIhlo Collngii,  Nnrlh v.uriiipiivur,. nilniiiicrod nl tl!|inoiin  I'oiiloi'iiulnl Tnlicrnacli-. |n Hiinduy Hiihuol  liipi>H worn plnycd of ijlilldroii overi'i'iin  uliiidng iji Hwiihiit        I1,  Ai lliu morning unit ovonlni' norv|m!n  liiii||o|- ii|iu|onlH iirniicjiiid, Ap ii(!i.'o||iii||nh!id  "  |)iiiiiisl  was wilh^ih'o gi'iiup, volcitl..iIiioIh  ipid Irion wcro enjoyed., ./  *~  M  NVGREM GALES  (I��7li)   IW,  YpMr QAPCO PAINT  DEALER In QIBSONS  On llin WMrf - 006-9303  Qunllly Nhuw on<l Mor|fi��  J-olot,  ����W��M��WUMW  THE FUN QF  RJIOTTUrcE flEFirilGCflING  ��r��wrr\  "Tl-nod AdBrloM"(  ��� orft'  MIGHTY MIPGRTS  piumMUQ i.Ti>,  PEfUNSUILA  Poolnr for    -  5itl>��r Kom Tonfl  nnd Shorwlfi WiHhnn-j  Glb.ona - 886-9933  Ji.,,..OIi|Juii)lhim��cnd.iiulf.yy.ond-H  oho ol tlio now polpf Kits now i.vn|lohl��i (or on|lr|iilnii, iinoniiilliio, iiioiIiIh-  UImi), nod dw';oi||if*||lni,|. To n��il<�� III" wholu pior.mii i,|oi|ili/|(. iiv��iy|l|loi|  is trirdudod ���boidi, point, InsiiiiiMk'nK, u|c,  , i ' ... (   .  Willi ilw-nu-v Hlls, you don'i hovu lo' rmri'iyo,or Mumm nil i|ih old  fllll-il), A (fjin)i|o"0||f;f|.��ynr wilh snndp')|i��r UtVOH tiro pni;m��'!'iiy (Will tof lll*i  )i��w fwillpf), Allnr n w|pn with rnlii'"Mi| ��p|i||s lo inrnovn old wnx, ptnitm  pwwwwvw����ifWMv��nf>��wMMw.������t'>�����>����.  ,i, i)||, you off? fopily f;>r, IK-lnllrni,      ,  t'tniitn your ovyp .'dlMlnr'.nvs pK"'il wllli lbs rntlrilhlilrir; hit ynu itionso,-  Aoll'iMliiM ��nr'pr<��|ii fl1 yipiin pliri',i��|ihiin9, whlln wioirmllni" li> i|uili> |u//yj  ,nrii| iiiodmn. Tll�� ney/ irwdil��li"lno Nf moM'i II |i'wi||i|ii lo opply n Muiuloiml,  mnihl'i'"l|l"�� flnbh i" fnrnl,iurp, ,'|h��n r-oiripl����o ihn wlinin u|(m;i wnh o  doniupriiiu Hi, r''s*f'U|'0!|lpn I* llii oil of dmuui|l(i(| wirlnco* jwpuipp|i||y  with |iopnr rulootr, Ofid vnrnldi. 'fhrnu'ih rnpifolml o|)|ilinii|t;iu i't-7oinMi  llm (,l,|ii I nnd lliu Or|"V(i|K Ijscoiiiu oiiii. ,  �����ww������im��w��wwftwM>w��i����'>i��wyw>��'����w��'W  i��������im������l>����>w����WM��W.l��MW"  ornmrs  Moil's Wpar  G.W.<3. IVSTriTCMIwi  Work GloVfli  mmiT, n.c;  wmiWf>��i����iw^w��iilfi^w#iHii*i��<����W*'W��WM*  ,'Alijtr ,vilf��rllfifl your Kli oiid Wori'youvlimilii lo poim, inrimmlmr  fhi)M> Mif']um.ijnp-j Ifim ||)o Coniidini) I'oini Mon��|i��.iui��ifi A'-'-onioiioi),  *:--"* ;,|;(';j^~*��� |^p*f��"^JripV([f^V]forV�� f'Vnwfiiffy" fo^hiii/Hf��irjiiVy i����f*ijfIh, fi�� iiipii  ibnv/iuli ijiwi 1% wil FpY0"d ond pinliiidud lioin -,|inlliir ond ��|i|iiMiii��, And  prolo't yourself-���woof Ofd cloiben. '"  i .      ' i      .  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"'.'  2,500 HOM1S  BUY,, SEIX, RENT,  SWAP, G^t HPi-P,  FINP WPRIfr1  r^  i4yflrfliilr��9....-,-#piiifPi^,-#Fa  *oa\ h*mto* fat 9wh  Sold p^ contracr only, for  dotolU or* l^w ttt efrGtcb  your odvcrtlslng dollar,  pfwno 088-9684, aik Iftf  special ��4 tmoh  -  SWSW^  . - *v-�� r.. jt ~ �� 5a. _j_T_i*_w��ii��'-e- '* -.      *��� ^-Ttf* J��Sacs*  ���fpr^^^ ******** ?2?fe^w^V^^W51^^^!^  itit*t*.  C    L*    ���     *  [��� :J  'i ,sA-
/   1 ■ ■*"'
""*>.';   "' *■-■■ *•"" ' ■»«*'<-■
*' *,
■" ■»
--iV 'J
'"' -V t
"■■■     s
I!    '
I' ■        \r       f J ' .',.'■ ,«{.f- ^?V       \"-\\"        "/XS^'^fcV       V,
"■      <W *     ' I l       k        I       J '"-l ,-"tl-      ,   ' "        > '/''       l|j \ „ K
opens: mexiUDersiup-, orive
PENDER Pavhouv Community Club met w«b enough Interest, this enterl^lnmont
on Tuesday March 9th in the Comnuin? could he put hack intonj-erfltion or pei'-
ity Hall with eight Board members pre- hups, hold a matinee on a Saturday aft^r-v
sent. -"Members    of    the 1871  Executive noon? tor the young children.
Board ate,: Erie Aritillft, president;, Rill" r-,There is a good hall in this community
-Peters 1st vice-m-esident; Ernie Leo 2nd. which qt)uld be used more often but ei".ch
vice president; Doris Edwardson,  secre- event that is. planned talces- thne, PVgan|-
Modern Pecor
tary; Muriel Cameron, treasurer; directors
are; Helen'Edwardson, Albert Edsvardson,
Vi Tyner, Keith Sundqulst, Ruth Walker,
"VeVa -Lowe and Ed La\ve.
A membership drive will be conducted
within the next two weeks and as this
takes considerable time on the part of the
volunteer going- from door to door to col-'
lect dues, the public 'is asked to cooperate.
J     The  qttestkm   is   often   asked,   "What
does the Community Club do  for me?"
1 First and foremast the Community Club
v operates and maintains a large hall for the
benefit   of   the,  whole   community—for
dances,  meetings,  wedding  receptions
"for a very reasonable charge. It  is also
used. for   funerals,   free of  any  charge.
ided for
the ex-
•Shoe department of the now officiaK/ ant  decor,  modern  display  and a    ries a variety of items such lis wab   There are no taxes or grants providi
ly, Opened Uncle Mick's Men's Store    good stock of latest footwear  Apart    lets, cuff -links etc. "the operating costs, so all expenses
at the Trail Bay Centre offers pleas-   from shpes and men's wear, he c?ar- he laised «»wsb the efforts of tn
. A
■ \
»'J., ,-. 'A"
• 3
; «
X r ■
\- •
In 1970 the maintenance costs -for re-
r-airs, fuel, light aj^cl janitor, eU\,#was
app'roxiniately $2,000. Fund raising projects such as Jhe Annual Spring Bazaar;
fisherman's Homecoming Smorgasbord
and the Bingo are very necessary to keep
the hall operating.
Any of the local youth groups such
as the Cubs and Scouts have always used
the hall for a meeting place, gratis. Now
the Brownies art., using the hall once a
week at no cost to them.
Board members throughout the year,
sponsor- many activities for young and old
alike. Sometimes these events are not
too successful butMhe Club is only as
strong as the support it receives front
the public.
The interior' of  the hall  was  painted
last, year which was >\ yrOat improvement.
^-Xlris—wns flnnp liy  volimtwis jLuUb-fu-tota't——
uation, apd people to work, Anyone \yho
is willing to help ifi any way to -irnmnte
some of these ideas, please contact ot'B
of the executive members.
The Pender Harbour Community Club
is acting as the Centennial Committee in
the Pender Harbour area, as there was
not enough interest to form a.separate
committee. " " '   ■
M.V- B|lt Peters is the Oenteriuja;! Committee chairman and the pvojeet wilt.be
ttr put siding op the hal.i with a covered ■
patio area at the back.
To honor the pioneers who will be receiving the pioneer medathont", a speoiirl
night will be bold with all residents 70
yet-rs or oyer being invited to attend e
dinner followed by ait open ceremony Sfor
the presentation of medallions. The date
and fdrther plans will be announced later.
The aniuml spring bpzaar is planned
f-pi; Satnrdey Mey Oth in the Community
Halh^Tliere will be bjoth_s for .home Cook-
tng, sewing, flowers and plants, while:
elpphfint table, raffles, also tea and coffee
will be served, Donations, to any of the
booths would be appreciated.
Wednesdqy, Mffr^tt 34, WI
-——i 1 1  if—r ' —t '
i '  \
Sschelt Bowline)
—— . f ■-■ ■ ~r—■
I   r-by Evo M98cifi|-
HIGH scpres last we^k were all by members, of the Commercial League and'
included four topping the {10ft mflrk.
These were Andy Leslie, Truman Reynolds, Lionel MccQnaig end Manfleld
Cook. Top scorer w^as M«inlield Qoplt
with <133. .'...■'«.-.
-  Other scores; t     ' -     ;1 •
Commercials; Fern 'Tniyilor ^OQ C?a3),
Mehel McDermid 254, Bill McQiyern aqa,
Andy''iMte _P0t-.&>« (el?-)-
Bedl nnd Chain"' bwvi* Banta;,a (630),
.Bubbles dteighton 2l>i \u.^j, ^/e Wnrth-
-ington 282 ((il^, .Aihert bynn (710)*
tiynhe Pike 271 (025), Pelle Ppulson (011(1),
Matt Jaeger (600).
Juniors; Mike English ■ m, 127 '(840),
LorH Nestman 115, 110 (234), Debbie
JMestman 128, 10(1 (234), -
Seniors; Brett Housley 230, Andy
Henderson 213 (610), Darcy Stephanson
107 "(4211), Bob Wiilson 210, Scott Hodway
210 (502). , '
Mixed 10 Pin; .Dorothy Jlodway 170
(328), Terry Rodway (325), Albert Thompson 180,
Tuesday Ladies; Vera Adams (013).
Ladies Ml*tinee: Jean Robinson 208
(603), Bubbles Creighton 203. -i
Pender Harbour Wague; John Dev-
"bTWT71 D.^eah Pohely 204. (620K Btll
^Cameron (603), Ron Pockrant (622), John
Cameron 280 ('i(iO)rAl Lwnn (074), Murifll
Cameron (000), Lena Pound 0310),
■■   :
"v    «
i •'
1 i. -
>'    i
/■:■'    >
_        _l •" -   0m.
I' '•!:"   I -• fc.\
Stock Arrive
Arrival of stock temporarily held up
offieial opening of Uncle Mick's Men's
Store in the Trail Bay Shopping Centre but wearing apparel and shoe supplies arc now arriving, A wide variety
Of clothing with accent on color is
already.f-gr^c/Ung a}stmi deal bf-'lH-
terpet,.' '..-■"'.'.•■•.-;
*" "'     ■■'   """"'    ' ' "     '■""'■'     '""■""         ,'""'"      '""  " ;      -'■ '"'">3'-"   '" ""-'
Dirty Dingus McGee
at Gibsons theatre
TWO nights is all that remain lo see
"FolJini .Satryicon",, currently playing
ul Ihu Twilight. Thoiilro. Sulryicon i» n-
bout ancient Homo uod modern man. If
you nro. over III, don't mlsH.il, if yoir (ire
under in , , , Wo|l you probably !*;now
what it, ih 'il| uliout unyyvuy.     '"'
"Dirty  Dingus Mc(;|uo"  l«  the wcokv
-iinrl, WAiatoiai-iromody ..with li'mnlt-BumUm-
iif 160 hours of work put into cleaning
und painting tlie walls. The Community
Club executive would like to take this
opportunity- lo thank each and every one
, who helped iii any way on this project.
Considerable work was also done in
clearing around the outside of the building.
The Community Cluh made cash dona-
lions to,the Little League Baseball Team,
Swimming Classes, the Elementary School
trampoline and the Junior Gir.ls Basketr
Imll Team Travelling Fund.
The Cluh also sponsored a free evening for a Card Game Social on February
2Hlh, which Was enjoyed by all who attended. More qf these evenings are bQ7
Iptr planriod wilbLo.HmnU '■idoiis'-ion fee,
■ to offset heating posts,
An idea under consideration Is lo
acquire pool tables foi .the Coniniunily
Hall. Ag'iin -Ihis would take considerable
organization and work to arrange for
'ffoineoiics lo l.'iko I'hargo each night thu
tables are .being  used.
There Is Movie Kqu.lpn.ient in Iho Community Hall ns the Community Club used
to sponsor weekly shows. Perhaps It llioro
Day care^center
THIS    woinon's    lib    inessago
has   reached . at   loust   fine
luxury  luiartmiinl.   bulldiir.
We regret any inconvenience that our
movingjmay have caused oUr customers. We are
still in business as we settle in to our hew
premises on NORTH ROAD,
With llio uio of special porlqblo bockdrops«eancl'
lifjhlmi), porlroils, fomlly groupsf bqbioj, powporlb
fllr on> flnno in Iho privacy of your Jlomo, if so
cltsirLcl I bib mokes possible q changq of clothes ond
fl(l|Ubtmonts to hair qnd moku up, If ticocjetl. Sittino*"
qrmnucil 0/ appointment'. Sampli"* of photbgraplTjc'
work shown on r^nuasi.
. ABERNETHY Phone 886-7374
Many Color*
< 'i-nmriMlorof Ibb iinwly onoibtcl tllicln of i)o'GktluH wllli blf) nl'ilu nHf-lulunl.;
:. IVllcK'rJ  Mph'h , Storo, .JVIIck ,McKny Innrjor lOlpbbiHtoiiti grnduntu Hurrlti
iWllH'diHHOf- blri nmltl-(!olor<-cl (ioiftcMon   jVluDnnnblv-       -;t a ~T"~ ;	
Local representation '. . .
Brownies and Guides LA.
;   Annual Conveution i* MaY
li'H iit(oii<hii|(!(i, ■„:. :, .,
, Tho ftlrlii iirnnonbid Mr/t, CopphiK wiih
ii Oul'io wfUlnl nji'l nuto/p'iiph lloipk "mi i»
piU'Unff 'ftlftrMrfl,' Hl<K!kwri|t*'I>ri!-ionlf!r| ~
Mm, Coppinft wllli « (luhlo Hpoon on Im-
hiilf;ii!r iho LA' .        ',•;■'-
in tho title ro|e, Dirty Dingus Ih u .wohU
orn cup man and hllorlous vllliun, pluy-
cd Ini'hio ftishlon by filnntru.A rollk'k-
Ingi. fast |»k;wI ooinedy that poked Inn
at iho wild west nnd .tlm usual ulioho
wu-ilorn, ! ?
'.'T7ou'll hidii liohind your handti nnd
waloh Iho guy |ioh|iIh you-during tho
"Hoiino,of Diu'H HhiidowH", a horror lilin
Uuil .Iiiih lhn VninplroH hi rutlu.T «-<(»i,|<!
loins, If yoir ovor woii'lored how '.'lint
ViunplroH do ll, W"H ooy/ Is your nhiumo
lo Ihul oui, II'h pliiylng noxl'wuuli, 1:0111-
monohig Monday Iho tflMh,
.     Golf Is  llko Iiixo'h, Yoii drivo  jo, j-nj
lo'l'h'o'HrVJiiii iiiMr'ib'oirwliVTu'|iin'iho'"ho|o','
A fully -uwruflhii'd,"■"'prol'oH-
filonally stalfed day ndiool
wilh coniplolo pro-school iinr-
rl-'iihiiri, .iiitiludhig a suiiond
lariguiigii, ,Ih offered iiiHldontH
uf '1'iiru Hill Apartments In
CyprpMH, Cnllfornlu, ',
1'orhupn ono iliiy, hui|l-lii
day .(,'uro will ho Mlnudiiiil In
housing for nil Irinoiri" grnupH,'
.IninoH Doiiglim HiiiifKiiidoil
lUHiiird niiuiKliiuil 1111 governor of VniM'ouvor Island hi
I III! I und hi I DDK li'iniiriiu i"ov-
ornor of llm IVC.\ iiiniiiliinil
'jolmiy, Ilojiold...both ulfltum
• \     i,,   " 1
®i§ need I® get
Cinada1! best;
come aticl see us.
K.Vfc»y!'niorwy worka nl.l^oynl.'fti^t
Royal TmM Tfl-vnr * Ronlnll Con»i/i- - 5S8 Biirrpid S-foat» VontoHVor 1, R.C,
J,A TQ llm rl«;i:lie|l, Brownh-'H pud CXulrlcm
mul on  Mnrtih !<rd ul.  llio hoino  of
Mm, ,1'Jrlii  KiihIIhIi  with  olghtuon  irioni'
.,lmi,H.^ur*Jt*ou]l^„w™^_ ^.^ ^.^ „„_. _^
The Annual I'rovhii'hil i Convimllon
will ho hold May IV lo III id. U|1(J und
'lhn Annual DvlHlon M''ollli|{ Will ho hold
u| INiwoM Jtlvor on Miiii'h 'Ml, Alloiidhig'
will ho' I)|«i, ComrnlHfiloiior Dorolhy
Mlncliwoll, Dl'ilrhil Guldur Doiinldu Kb
lioiiln, Chiirlolhi .l«iikiii|iimid I<ou Good*-
win, .,..'.. '. ,
'■•• (Jii)flr'"('nj-lriin Lnmin r'oppbi;{ will
Im 'JouvIiik iho illiib'i'.'!, lh<irnioin n new
Gnplnln will Im ntiixlnd im rioi) ■•■■} poiinlhlo,
Hono Mori way, Ihown Owl nf, Dio'lni
Hoi'h'ill IIrownla 1'iwh hw mlno riiiilwuid
of fool I vo Juno no. Any ponioiui Iniirroniod
In fiil-iuti ovor oilrior of' lliofiii poiilUonii,
nlioiil'l I'oiilurl MlH,' Dni'iilliy |ilo"kwoll
"■ol'llilfi'lMIM, ■
-jtANan»-Ni;wu r*--: -..-."-.-,...—.. .,-.,.;,...„.....,-	
boiii ('nhhvfll bin. 'Kiiian<id "ii il<idx
nioihor of tho. Hrijiuriii in nrd^r |o iiih«*
lh" ponil'iuii of lul ,Miilo, Iborh'li Nowlou
will I*iIm' uvor lluf poMUnu of (liHhnolli'U',
- nu iwi - nr, wn —■■ ^^-^t-A-^JL-^J-.
'■'A mirprifip-hnhy nhnwrtnr-h»»|d in
honor of Ou|<l<i Cupiiun l/in.-lin (.'upplnn
' nn MhkIi lit,- 'J'lin «v»ni wnw loinph'tnly
■o"'Konl'-«*d liiid cunhtd. otti .hy ill'* (Jnhli«i,-
luul many lovoly |{|ftn vyiirn locolvod hy
Mrn, r.'opplng who wbl bo l«;'»VbiK Um dl«-
{tiel shortly, f5oV'',riil, niolboiw woro 'nlwi
nnowwiK cawp,       , ,   ,
A Ib'ownio Quiip wll| bn Imld Mny Ul,
bl iui'd, Ui td Camp jOluyfi, .!
Nitxi oi(.^ll|in pi' Ibo |-A will bo hold
a| Ijin Homo of Mm, Kulli'y Hall Apiil 7,
FRIDAYS, 8:00 p.m.
'■' -' INDIAN,AAU  ~ 7
Jackpot $300
■'■ ':";f78''TO."GO " ;
,      '      ';     .        "\  •   ■  . '     '      '
•Ar.'.DOOif.'-PftiZE ^r
vjllA^^^^'.^ciponi lb nul|JV.K'LI'A__J..^,.cj.,bl','l?yyiJ *jy "^ lL*,lluor (-°"Hol Hooitl Of by tho Uovominuutol Uijikb Cg|u|||bfar
;. ■•'/>■'"' '' '    , -'"    '    -,   ,   '"   '' ' "    ' '   ■" "',,'; "   -■' .."';"'■'" ■'■*•■'-'  "'
0   I*"*   rfj->.«^f   ,     hrtf.
..El      .    .V. 0
**    . \ -*^« /v-v-MVVvv->Ki***tyi)h^*t*v^
Travelling Around
Wednesday, Morcjt 24, 1971
Mil *tu'l Mva. John Pvynfi1«t?n riftve ve-
Uirpod. boinp tn SepfPi 0QYP "iflPV a
deh""ht|uii hnlifktv travpWna by b'e^htpr
to gpiiin vi-yiiip rmmmn Pimfti m\ fly lpu
■• Thoy pinbrnkpil Rproniber aanri op Ibf
plA«iM«n, nn ^«lU>n r-oisbter nl i)n? Wn-
•■>i-i;o Lino mid spYPJl \vppk«» later, RtU'r
\ imiinu nmny intei'Nmn pIrpps, ihey cHs-
omh^rkpd at qpupa hi Northern ilply-
Tlipy wpip -IpHuIUpcI wUh tlw auto*
•rhoro \vp\c nniv nipt' pusapngpis nn Board.
t)iey hPfi it spftoiqvw stl*te fWim, 046(1 ft-0"*
and, thoy would highly vpoymmPbfl »t ty}"
any°ne wilb thp i-ito tq spi-rp gmi needing a basing holicl'iy. The s§v§n walls'
fr--|8p, inpiurliim albmeate epsts $671*"-
The freighter wotild often recalvojgie^-
y-igus' lo pipk up p -c-irgo at i-flwe*ppVt
lhat whs not op the hatnc schedule' apd
thoy (pit ihis ralhBi addeti t° thP intcipst
of the trip.
The ppo time whon this surprjsp olo-
mei-il h-uikfirprt \y'|b trj the bPtilnbUl'* of
iho journpy, whon Mrs. Brynpl'-^i wb.9
j   hud a nobkiiglc di'pajn of isppptibig \\pv
■*v   .  '     Chris'nti""" jtlvo bil'llutay pit thp |iig|V8fipi|i
VjE^Ca** fPUPd. hpl'splf pn  -j  (.wp    dj-y  y-i§l.t- to
ppwell itiypi' where thp P'Asimpp ha& been
it**,.- i-f   *v- J!jf   y^ted -in pjpk up a pargp- from .the-miii.
u      ,.  ,.'* The'ship pafripd  mixed  frp'ght.   On
. ' -  HWte»ty - the deuk was a $U)(Jt()pO patBrpillpl" bound
A  refreshing oup of tea is qlways    for Italy whorp.it would bo able to do
enjoyable ej-pepi-tlly fUlt'Mlg tbe sqcjal -  ih^ W9*:H oi. 800 men. AJs-p op dpplf werp
time which tollpws Branch BB QAPO - luigo. logs of rp^l p^ar.-^t thp Oaiiioi-nlan
■■--■■ ports, the freightpr picked uiv^argPP'' of
wjiln-jit— legs—a'b'd -wajnwt—«iifrbp.nnr4 fpi'T
Italy. The Italians iis.P tup walnut fpr
making ft'u-niturp. They madp" pails at
Seattle, T^coma, Oakland apd San Bpdro.
Therp wa.P a tw«j day stop at most poi-ls
of pa|l whiph gave the passengprs plenty
of tirpe to BKplorp and visit friends,, l'hey
pruispd_a!l: around the ooasi of Baja.eali-
I'orpip and then down the Mpjfica.n coast
With ii hvii d",y stop at finf-ynia*-, tjlP
•"hrjinp capilfii of thp world. In spypral
purls Ihey say/ doep yeg fishipp boats
ponjipg ip with raiohes pf hjg tupa and
flying fish.      ■
Passing'.'through  Die Panama   Canal
vviis a  very  spp'pial -experience^ for  IVlrs.
Pryuplsen for when her grandmother had
'emjgrf-lpd  lo Canada around  1BBP,  she
laniip and  theyjyalkPjl_thc_2Qdi miles
^arTTnssnhir^isliUTHls~lolK)ai,diinbther ship
was a very t-mall one
ilur ip HiKe apd lype- Ip |hp ih'ljan Fiat,
bnt' nndpnbted|y iho. hP«i \vi\y tp gpj
nioiinri to by mot oi hity^ ^ <
I'eini" in lhe .hph'l htishiBi-!, TVjj". npt{
IVj-s W»ynp|HBH worn oKlipniPly p-tpre-ited
tn tin* Spupush hnloi!-. |ilvpry\vheie,tbpY
■* •*""»«** gnught musical mm.
, s\ Spat, nil hep supr    ~    - M - f ■
bit? jsckpot as author
,TAMlia iyian«lPbqw. a fpvmpr HiphlfwtqoQ
BVodi)atet  paclccd   up  his  bags   fqur
.yi^a«;9 ago ip fiepk a futtlfa ih'tr^ntion
Kiig-laiiHi in tl^ Wfnid ol *nuaic )>tU ipday
Wopkl hate Ul haVP tn pompete with them
,-Thq lonrps wei'C hcautilpl, sprue pi the
hptojs wete most plaborato ana all> were
well run $ha iatps wpie'froni ki in H-60
foi a double ioom, compared \yitl\ ^>fi to
kl at somp pt tlio gppd privately owned
Flying hpnr-e from Pres,twh""c, thfir
jet was hpaiAiijglntp thu sunset and t'olfow-
e'cl thp sunset all the way to \Vippippg.
It was af'wondpiful e^pcrippup, tyyn Mlfi.
prypelson-and p1, rip|i*"htti"l ppdihg tu a
ipiisi inimustipu h«inlay.
Happy Birthday
Holb pbarlej- mpmbers of Branch 3B    help of Mis. Aljoe   llardinnn. The
OAPO  Mrs. Klr/ubelh lldlf-lead who    ftrA|)Pl) oelq^rated j|£* Ihirleenth bjrlb-
i,s n|Bo'2nd Vlpe prosidenl outs tho   f^y on jVJarpb TS|h.
decorative bir||-|-|ay  cake  with   lhe
*-fV"f /!*»
-*» n jwi«wt r"r ■**■■
j i  i /'jH' ", «',     '    v   ..**   ''    ■» * *" '* ' , "
i'-    •  «"'_l.y-*1*-Lj"i,7' '     ■-;-**».    -        "■
■""-    I»l    n.'** %-.''.'■'     ''■   J".   ■    ■>      "    f*     '
lift     ....   ,     *.''»«,■.■   .J...".      It
Vi*. ';'■
Gibsons Branch QAPO
treated to slide show
TWf' MQN'fUbY muuinnt oi Ibgnch m
oApp,  qihbnns. wa^ held- Monday
IVjairJi lfi, al th^i lleaith Contio, QibsiAis
The ptu«.|deul. Mi" W (halujm, opened
the mpclpig with O Canada, Ihon Hu
mpmbers stood in silent tribute tn the
memory of Ml'- Win. Hut chips.
• Mr. Qrahani welcomed the laj-ge turn
oui  of members, saying how pleasant il
Victoria, and to waleome Mrs.~Qilmar,
Visitor from Alberta. Reading of the
minutes, ol the last meeting, with tjie
Provincial minutes were approved. Mi
Wjljo Wiren and Captain Gray were a"p-.'
pointed auditors, and Mrs: EPkstein 01-
foreu to tyke e§r|i of egljecting. Nabob
coupons MrsETlprVCbamberlin '"jpye the
Sunshirip reppl'l, ih/e meeting thep closed
with the singing of Thu Queen.'
Mi. Hoss Gibspp showed some of his
beautiful colored sjicfes-of-tlie Arctic, taken
while Mi'- Gibson was stationpd there
when in tho Jt^M-P. Thesp.wei'P very
nujth enjoyed;, and'it js hnped'Mr.' dihson
will show the others in lhe future, \y»th
some of t|ip ai'tifacts used by thp liskjrpps.
rl'iip birthday eakp, ceptore'rf pn a pret-
, Lily rtecpratpd labje.'pnd. dppatpd hy.Mm. ,
Mp §i.ly«i:l(?n, was-pubby Mrn, HH*fli«Ui,
ffWidflnriMrs- Ifarriman, Pharip?- mpm--
bctb, whllp |jie gapg song happy birthday
Ifi Branch .'hi, accompanied by Mr. Jfl. Hoj-
l^o on the giiitar. Tlie cpmipitjee p/Mm.
fldrnlhy -Warren, Mrs. Pladys Armoiir
apd Mrs, Marie Pftw-poryed rjcl'pious
rfifiBshmoiils, pypcyone luiving a happy
social liipe logulhcr. The raffle of o buttle pi wipp, donated hy Mi's. Gwep Gronhy,
was won by Mr. bonjp Maobnrop.'
Juvenile Socoer
week-ehd results
wept ihey stavi'd ut |hp P'liaikir, a phant    |je "Jep^nst lo ho -.veil nlppg \\\a rpad to
ipf  goviunpioi-bsubMi-tbed   h'ptels   whlP1'    mlpcosb a1* nn au,tpnr.
**» «ftod  u^  lh(iy ttfbpitterl jhey ,      AfJGl   his ppi,Yol  |„ Um\0],} Jom»o,
s,br\ pf Oharles and Oajhy Mapdelkai" of
qihsp(i\s,' wo|kc(l with a small pop feroup
as mai.'-a^er and lyric ^ytper Many of lpsj
lyrlci-wpro uapd and sold as were a pum-
hpv.pi pis ppems. His lopnthg |o welting
prec|o*nihaled ^-md he finally gave -pp
mi|s|t! i-nd concentraJed op writing hpok.1;.
^Veil-ljpown p\tbljshiiig company pf
Maetnillun have pprcha-tpd hin'pjcover
rights- tp )ilb last' book J'BUUqps-r-Thli
mabing Pf a Pre-ii^eiit''. This dealsj with
a flriU»H piot'oi'"cycle gain?, IhP ''Hell'''
A|H"els!,'.1hp leader, Icjipvyn to bis a^so-!-*
jatds qs1 "BnMoha"' is prpseptlj/ iir iaij
iollowjng a me||pp in wj-fch he and other
members pf ll-e gafjg were (.iiari-ed wtll'
possetisipp' ol plfenalvu wiiappp-r. TbeSB
langpil'lrom motor cycle cluups to linives,
irqhfhepns apd a basebah bat,    .
The lmok cover -, tho lj'fo of this char-
actpr fipin his parly days to the inside
•story, nf how the Sanfrpncispo" "Well's
'Angpjs1' ilow hjm to Galifpr/nia apd. in-
blrpfiterl him'in the antics of Iho ol-gam-
A pumhor qf BiiUsb npwspapers-re-
eently_ can'ied rppoils til lhe_bpok _and .
its pPlbpr, and one quotes .Jamie Mapdel-
kpp as istujipg "Hell's Angels dji'fer fj'om
oihpi", fraak'gi'oups ip that jhey tvefyse
|o pp pu&jipd around. Inslpad( thpy °dp
flpj-ppshipg.     - -        —---—■—^	
on the Pqcifie coas.1,
The Bryrtg-spns fpund. Uip .journe-y
through the Panama Canal With its sprips
of locks very interesting. A.) Qatun Lal<e,
thpy. had. lo. line-up and wait their turn,-.
there were so many ships wajting to go
through. They were sprprisedlo fj'^ff |-hp
Cariijbpah rougher than the pgpjfip but
this was something unusual, they wet*
told. They ran-into stormy weather off
the Madeira Islands! Their first stop was
at p-id|z jn Spain and they continued
through. tbe Sli-uite of 6l.hrpUai anci up
thP east coast pf gpain tP Rarppiopa. fpey
disembarked, at Genoa where tire weather
was ep|d apt| thpy decided tP return to
spnny Barce|op(j which they did" in a 24
hour slpatner trip. " '
ran lirlo somp Irouhlo Irying lo find lhe
ticket window wlntre Ihey could pay foi;
their llckels with American Ms-press," Tl|e
purler and about fiO pjljpr people weie
n|l ri|i|pin« afoupd givjng advice anij
Irying to help thum, Wilh bio co-operation
of all concerned Ihey eventually «ol their
lickuls in llmo lo board the Iniin.-Aflcr all
lhe I rouble Ihoy had in gulling on lo ||-o'
Iraii), Ihey decided nol Id slop off al Valencia bul to Mo slrai/ihl Ih.rough Ip Malaga
ui Hnulhurn Hpnin Th(s nienui a^ll hour
.iowrnoy. '|-|,ei« wprc no huiilts mul-no
dining car, bul Ihoy could aiiani'o Iholr
neiil.s so Ihal   Ihey  could   i-c| sonio sleep
sijiqitiii.LT, eeptenniai epmipltto-i wjii
■ hps.t the yiait by twp "PaV ©Ja^', ininp
sweepers,- H^
dor early in April. T/he' yes,seis prp ctij-r
iieptiy assigned/ t-p the Ppin-th Canadian
't'tainlpg .^pp^ipp base-t --t ^ciyiniaH-'
Ijaeh ship parries a pompJemPht of fpnr
plfipprs and twenty men wit-dining thpir
Visit will also "he jpineti by soven junior
-^'f^pprs-pp-a--trpining-ypp|:gp.-    —	
' Fprpierly IJeacpne^S' pf f3t. J(fhP% Up- (
lj'pd--$hW$li- H\w Hepriett-a §affipbe]l; is '
presently a gppst of Mr, ahd^rs, j|pb
l3arplay °f pbberts Oreelt. Qlfl friepds of
iyf'iss, papiphell a|-e always happy )o leaj;n
s|ie is, ip tlie areB:- * ' ■
'Visiting, her parpn|s, Mr.- aii^ Mrs. h
Reoppr/is Mrs,' U MNlcJl pt! Victoria,
prior tn Ipavifiif lor QJiiarin to jpip lrer
itppept vtsiiprs tp Mrs- Aiipe Freppii
Were Mi's. Q, §pp|t of gaipPbell ftiver,
Mrs. Ai Tiiprnld and dap^htpr'Wenfiy pf
New' \VPatrpiiisier. Mrs- ThnrpUi i*? thP
fprmpr Amy A«-Phpr whose parents, npw
. depeaspci ijyed |n Spphpt't for fnapy y°ars.
- -, Mi-is^Mary-Slpe|Pr::Mr;s,".ipnpie tteiter,
Joar^Mta^fliiiuTia-net^^ -
Ml'- and Mrs- Ivan-Smith altPn^P^ the
meeting m4 banquet at Powpli Il|y,pr at
Teshrtpbit ttebe|ta|i J^orlge ip bpnPl' b-f
Mrs, CJalheripp im'th, President qf Phii-
ukthaP ^Rflge 59 Ladtipr.
-• - Passed; on   in   port   Goquitl'amrEthel
Anpp Bertram, wall knpwn i&-$)& tima
residents.: r?ha an1! bar busband the late
.egptaiit.fl. is. pi. Bertram at ona time
managed the old Sechelt Inn which during theu {lime was a home liom home lor
ipapy people G| eaFVoikeis lor the pod
pross, $t. Hilda's. Ghuich jn its, infancy -
apd cither pigapidtilions, the l^ei trams,
were always wiping Iq have iropbe patties
to cais.p fpncjb. |3he leqyes her i-on r^py
of Summeriai>d,, .John of North Mp'^V
apd 4aPgh*e|" l^yl-i pf Pu|t Qi]mHtlani.' '
".ytMWfir the Ia|p4 flttriiptlnu'iiV'OtP
iods rirpgojid (ti « wjpk. 1 dop'l know
wheru I|ro fjclipn is, (nil it's not. pi-qur
kilcliei) sink,
7.00x1J Whi^ Stripps
Reg.. 42:S5 **A |
Sgjg, fab      -       -.-fWf'
£70x14 White Stripes
Reg. 49.05 (J*|£
§q|§; Isi5h - = )Wi
m*U WhiJ§ Stripes
Reg. 47.7P *JA-.
Solo, Each   --:- «?*¥l'
G78x14 White Stripes
§a|e, Each  «"?3*?"
t -*i
Socbolt Phono 8fl5rg9T2
_Jill„SlJi_4U^usL4ii^^ —(1|,(|_i|)Uy_WMrt._n|1,^m_hn^|,,ffl^* 1-*
Hfhuriilcil   lur   mixl   hiin.lny   w|||   mic     M(i||iiiih  whoi'P  Ihey  slopped,  Al   Miiliifii
Hie llniil pliiy-nlf In lbv|i.lon 7 w|ioii fie-    limy ronlm| a cor and dn
nliull  Tiii'inon  muni  Hi'sidcullnl  Wiurinrs
! '"
r :.%  'v.'-,T»»/i,\ .   "■- . "
ft \^ * ''izrZ'llhfiflV/^r^
al Hi!c||u||
Also Ul Borhell Ihel'O will bo ii fiioiplly
giifnp lid ween Pimp lilnsy mid i.ucmi -iuv,
Ken Mim bombers will play 0)u-s-.mrn
al /I|Iimii)h „ ,     .
. "Vluylmi nl  Miulodn \upi. ui-Divihion
(f, Madolrn I'lirlt-wlll moot (lihi.oim (!ou-
ip ibvihioii ii, ^npnr vain win uii'i'i
Tii ■
flihHOIIK pi
I'oasi  to
lyi; piiiiit jibing
$p,'i!|i'|! 'riinh«rni»ii »n a iiniini mulch m
|2nl»rtfllnor        ,
Inllliifl nvorynim l,n llm iiinnd lo mi*  'itnlbir iHi«l(l»^ n<'np||i|i/jii,ylnfj litinHojf
oy b liiipjiy blrllhlny nl UbiOAPf)"1)n lhn mnnlli mam, Mr. INI'^'ls i\
ll/iiinli ;iil jmrly, Mr, Kniln U«ir/«-- rojiiilMr '(uiljirliiliior, nl 111        ""
«'/ni 111111 almw llm yo(ii!« folk n ililiui   Kn^lnl ii]fui|lm^,
or Iwn wlimi II nmm vi iibiybiH Hl<!> '
ii.'i(loi)   will   piny   a   ri'liiin
gipilo wilh Hiii-hull Toiiiiiib hi I'htn.i.iis ,il
R'.'lMb.: ; - 'r  "
Ml) Hainnlay \\\ Ho<-||o)|, Hupui" Vmiu
■ffpipil ji li-i) win ovor Hurhuli Tiinboinu'ii
■Which'-iilioiilil iiinld! fur nn iiiiiii|((!lli' iii-
birii miiiph n«"<l Wini'lay.
PlVmiON 7
(Jliowniiioi) :i, Ti'ohi-ii fl,
|foiiii| -tuy a, liiiiiidniiiliil
Wai'i'lpiN won nn goiii liidui
,   llolinrlii f'ruuli |, Cuu/duii l>,
lilliMPIIN be«|0|| if, ToluipH 1,
Wm i Ion, 0
Oiip ol llmlr mohl inloroHling unpori-
oiii-o was a v)k|I lo ihu cavcb of rWja
wliiHi were uiicovmud as i count ly oh
IIHiif uiul wcie nol opened In ijlic public
linlll I mill, Hu lhe oriliililliYluijili Is npl)i-
jnil In he bui'ii bul lollbiirhlllHidn, hui
hibldo. llm ciivn/. arc 1'ijiial lo ||pi C'|p-|H-
Imil I'livnni, In tin: opinion uf thu Ih.yn-
uImmiu Duo onvo lh I'.iiO ii. in hiilijhi iii'uro
ii'»: Ilium hiiiuniii'iit, ill HipiMKuilioh ppii
I'.liilncllbih   mill   ImiH'ii  li||i|   (U'lll||i;|s   hnyO
Imi'ii Iniinil iliiibiK biii-li mi Im- an  |li,oi)i)
In  10,000 yciiih, '..,.,.,
Mr.' mul 'ivini. iiryiiolhou worn )nim-f
•ihIoiI lo pay n, ifWil Iii rirnilmiii wilh j|n
i'iilorl'iiMilKloi,"#iliii||i/( bunk lo lhe iinyji
ol Coliiiiibuii, mil wine1 dliiiippolnli.'d 'lo
llinl  ll  n big  IiiihIII/i/Mowii.
To all fipiiumniircii, fjpalu jn now n
piiiii|>oi'oui< uuuiiliy, wild no vIhIIHu nlgpfi
iH iibjui'l   uoviirly hip'h   im  ono  noun   '
a_jK^p>jiiay a^aa-yaiviiHj iT*~g* i'wa., V~M3i£_l.*. ^ «,a ji^jIK
Mlxlco! Thu Iihii.m:,') n|| u|(inp) wilh fro«l
wliXliiwimli npd uvi;ry Inch i|| epiui.' -(round
lii iiniini nilllynllui) Tlpi con I ol llvino
,ln hlnnillly ilnliifHiul in mill lowm  by hull
ilinp uiiiii The io'pIi, ipo vu-y n/iripw.
Moiiiiilliium >no wjilnr Uiiiii iifx fci:| ni|i|
Him u um vory low Amiir|iniii lypp m>y»
lo Im iici'ii, Tho mr Hie Mryiii.'liuinM icpUnl
,bl  lllti OAPO
WE BliGii
Any \ncanven\mce Thai May Have Po-^n
Comod Durlna Our Remodelling,
„„_._^ ^'"HOyRS^t
VVliibpeiniiu /: mvA
'».'*1 %.
*        ■«,    .    , ■*■■   ^     ft    * V       -r   T  ,|>?'""^" ti\"¥ -""Sit,   ■* ,*■    *  *■   # -rf*- * r 7-j,
S, $ 0, Roy nol ch
\ ' n '
»T^T- -■
»<ntJi*rnim»wiiiiiinfc« _
t_ife,riaa_i&^^^j..j..LA-^;m.^^u. "-mtntmi.lmn i,Wi.
•^.T^ffriJ iwnfr,^-ffflM^--M'r1iii'rtfiriirfOMii ■ niji raarrVH>l» fiijiTrMirtiiiVifT-tWlHHtni'i-B-i' 11SlffilT)ftmiir,'iil,"f-laili-t^1V-*viw^
-HAPPrHPUflF^ho eqrppl ye« wn
|ivn vi\.)i Mfflp f>l «flntln«PIM  (ilpmonf
. (icot   Tct   polypropylene.   Won't   abiQib
rnqlfliirpf. Will Mpn«l »P !P l»cfl>Y traffic
9 p-flptinn' «iflnr».
instqilpfl PrMo,      »d i
PorSq. Yd. ii'
BAI-MRINA--Unh'oplablq fpr woar. |ito
„l» |l»rflMqf|Pl|t flip lit-ufa, Moril|i-«j omifov-
pit cort'lii-inui fllaiimnf nyloir, iwo boauth
t)i| cojofif*, S»|«f GqM pnM P|f|erf-yopf.
Ipetallod Prjcp,
Par Sq. Yd, #r&t
12x)a  -Jedrimin   Inilollcd  lnc|wcffn|
ohlo vkpII Hf- *vq|l corpeti Sl|09 TH4?
By Oxltp. S oplouri?, dp jt ypurseff,
tpifo it wi»h ypM wncn you mm
CLASSIC TOUCH—MoJo f-y ffordlna.
109% Furffol. Glyo ypiir lb|«l« or lipffr
' roofn |M nffo-fo-j llff. l-l|-fHrlPl<» ^"P Wl*
plh l|C|.| 7p| »>y|-| ysrp ^||'t» pq«Mnfli
Easy fo clean. T*iQ caloiin, GoMon Cohl
ohif /yliff M-Hf.
InBfollcd prico,       «-
PorSq,Y(i, Ju^O
laifj-t Pcdfoqro !n-»qlH ln<N'n»iB M
ilnifcf|iu.l .l/f.aici
**{  WIM,  W  colq^,  CoMoh,   $aq
Sprny, Ollyo, Ruby Rod,
Ppr 9t|. Yd,
With IM-bor flo^Ulna. 1?' wldo-
Cnppor, Gold, Oljyp, Scasprnyi
All Mw PrkP' m mm
Per Sr|t Y»». 5l_lily
.     HARDI^. 8PBCIM '
A Sturdy, Hardwaarlng Double Juto Rochcd Cqrpcf. lOO'/f DnPont
Fllnmont Nylnn Yarn. Hl-l-o Swirling PoslflP. Ono Color—Snlor 0«Wr
Inatollod prJco,
Por $q. Yd,
^ 12m12 Hndrnom, InMollod |ncbplln*| Unrlorpnd
I.AMOUK, P00|< Tf*IM.'
LEFT oypp AT  1
, Mm* 9M-71J2
~M»WWll*^^gW^MMW«»^  „,..„■ ■   —.-j.  f   —, ——,— , — |, 1   .,,,  I,,     ■   ■    I, !„„- „    , '
' ' "■ ^     . "■ ' ^
«.^.#,4    i>-i»»<»f4P*
» rt. jr, ****^( .,-Vw  'Ifi  By \ Helen Dawe ���  i 'i i  OJ$WAfiCH 84th or 25th 18H the steam-  ;"-"e-.- "Sechelt", capsized and sank with  th^ loss of all lives board, Sixty years later  sbfi is stiU well-roTnemhered by several  Calls made by the "SecheU" included  Hopkins Landing, Granthams Landing,  Gibsons, Keats Island, CassiMys Landing,  Roberts Creek and Wilson Creek. Several  old-timers  on "the  Sunshine* Coast-who - of these places*were boat landings; that  travejled aboard her when she plied the  SecheU-Vancpnyer r.un under the ���;pw,n'""?  ship qf the late '|Jej*p"i$f';\vihitak��'-,!, 9$0?  ating as the; Secht3t^S^e^|hip Co?  "Sechelt" was % smail^-flajtow, wooden*  hulled, shelter--deck, cqal&W'ning steam  , vessel. She was built as the /'flattie H*o>  sen" at Pontiac for the Lake Washington  service in-0l?93, Subsequently, she was"  Used on various piper Arnericfm services,  including the Hood Canal rn*ul run and  pqrts on Puget Sound, She was sold to  Bert" Whitaker in late 1906 or early 1807,  renamed "Sechelt", and became the sec*-  ond vessel of his fleet operated on the  Vancouver-Sechelt route. The first owned  was the "Mew Era" and the third was  called "Tartar". ,  An ancient Whitaker store cash book,  is, there wfeie no wharfs and people  carrie out ��n their boats from Cassadys,  Roberts Cr''-ekand'-Wilson Creek tp meet  the steamers.. Keats and_ Granthams each  had a float at the time and "there were  wharfs at Hopkins, Gibsons and Sechelt.  Coal for refUelling the "Sechelt" and  the ^Tartar" \yas stored on the Sechelt  whai'f, which was also owned by Mr.  Whitaker. The -'New' Era" burned wood,  and cord wood for her use was kept on'  a float in front of the Indian Church.  Mr. Whitaker owned the Sechelt Hotel  as well and it was here that the crews  of his vessel-, took their meals because  there was no provision for. the preparation  of food on any of these boats. If the men  were to be out any length of time they  occasionally   carried   a .lunch   from   the  feuifccJIJUi  ?��Qp B-6  The Peninsulq Times  Wednesday, MffKh'34, 1971  a  if-  %        '    ��  I        -  "i- \  ^ 1  i T    ** *      * '��.'   *'    * ���    * ��� *' ��  k^  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  %\  *������������>.  r  "S^chelf"-  INJEXT film show on Thursday, Match  1 25th at 7-30 p m. at the Welcome Beach  Hall will he the last of this serieb, so a  very special pipgrarnme has been ai-  langed-. The pipgrarnme will be courtesy  pf; Air Canada and includes a film on  Europe, "Great Brltain-Q-eat Holiday",  t'lnnshvyck' Melody", "Jet Pilot" and a  ���,film o��- Jamaica,  .nd^TPlWlAL;; !'   ' t  ' '   A work' p-ir'ty  has done a fine job  '; qleaungr'ind burning as part of the Cen-  '/lennuil project to improve parking spa-ce  a'| tire Welcome Beach Hall. The building  i pait of the project will be-starting soor\  and -\vill be carried- out entirely with vol-  ���lertSrSgluT mnnS tJK v��    B��*w������ twenty and thirty lives were    "Mary, la|or. Anybody ^illin^ fp give  steam vessel is well -remembered by  many ideal] oW time residents and  was at one tfrrie commanded hy Capt.  Sam iD^wejiof Sechelt, She is seen  leaving Secheft with the Trail Islands  in the background^  npw   Ipcated    in   the  Sechelt   Archives;- -hotel, and passengers no doubt followed  shows an entry on April 4,  1907   "Str.     suit.  'Sechelt', Capt. Mortimer Exp. Seattle,  $26,05". On April 5, 1907 a cheque for  $H.0Q was issued for engine "work pn  the "Hattje Hansen". Another bookkeeper's entry on April 10, 1007 reads " 'Hat-  tie Hansen', Hull Inspector, $13.50".  -. The dimensions of the "Hattie Hansen"  are recorded as seventy-one feet long,  fifteen feet seven inches beam and six  feet six inches hold. The measurements  of the "Sechelt" are elsewhere given as  eighty-two feet long, fifteen-foot, beam.  - We have no explanation for  these  discrepancies published in two well-known  .-marine histories.  _l   mi  A  CALL COR 885-2135  COR ZUIDEMA  ' For oil your Renovations,  Repairs and Cabinet Work  , at reasonable rates.  filffS' V-V "' J')*mUL'1'^y'lWMWIIM~'��M��w^iigMi��pa)j����  Capt. Jack Cope, one Pf the, masters  of the "Sechelt",. once lived at Wilson  Creek. His mother is said to have been  a baroness. He married a Miss Winte-  mute and for a time the cOu^le resided  in Sechelt, where their children attended  school. Capt. Sam Dawe as skipper of  the ''Tartar" in 1912 received $125 per  month plus some meals, and it is presumed  that wages aboard the ''Sechelt" a little  earlier would be similar. Lieut. Beinier  was also master of the "Sechelt". He  was born in India and after he left the  vessel he ran a navigation school in the  -upstairs- part ofthe old 'St. James Church  hall on Gore Ave. in Vancouver.  Passengers, mail and freight were carried by the "Sechelt" When animals such  as horses or cows were on her manifest  they sometimes had to "walk the plank"  andsvyim ashore. In August 1910 tbe  "Sechelr struck a reef at the entrance  to Vancouver Harbour and in November  of the same year-she grounded on Bowen  Island^  In Januaiy 1911 "Sechelt" was sold  to Capt. H. B. James, operating as the  British Columbia Steamship Co One  source says she was bought by the Sopke  Harbour Railroad Co,, but this seems" to  success  tona and  Sooke in  the  Strait >of Juan     l0^>Vh^M^  de  Fuca,  dangerous  waters  for  a small     OH pV #b0UtjMavglV 34th 191- Th^Qld  vessel   Just  a   few   days   later  she   en-      '    ~ * "     " "' '       "'  countered the storm which resulted in her  loss. Capt  Stromgren, her regular master,  had been relieved by Capt. James when  she sailed from Victoria, discharged pas7  sengers   and   freight   at   William   Head,  passed Beechy Head and then was forced  to turn back because of the heavy wind  and seas. The "Sechelt" lay-over on her  port side, but lighted temporarily. When  the   gale   hit   her   again   she   floundered  for a  short  time and  sank.  One of the  Becher Bay Indians, Henry Charles, wit'  nessed   the  catastrophe  from   the  beaph  and ran to Rocky  Point with the..pews.."  His message was telephoned to William  Head, from where a launch was sept to  Victoria    Victoria,   in   turn,   sent   out   a  tug,  the  "William  Joiliffe",  but  only  a  very   few  bodies  were  picked  up' later.  The number of men drowned is variously  estimated as between twenty and thirty.  McCurdy's   "Marine   History     of   the  PaT"ifie~"WoTflTweSt*r~gives" the xlnta of the  tragedy   as  March   24",   1911.   Two  other  sources   however,   Nicholson's   "Vancouver Island's West Coast" and.*v"Milestone",  published      by    Elphinstone    Secondary  School  in  1958, give the date of the loss  as   March   25th   -Anyone     intenested- in  British   Columbia's   history   in   this   our  centennial year will find enjoyable reading  in   the   latter   two   books.   The   first  volume  mentioned' is  a  scholarly  refer''-"'  ence work -he AuxiHary exlends thanks and ap  preciation" to the many friends for their  support and points, out that all proceeds  from activities are used to purchase  equipment for St. Mary's Hospital.  a  hand  caw telephone  Keith Comyn at  &85-237B or Bill Fraser' at- -11B5.-2103.  If you or uiiy member pf your--.family * Vancouver,  is enjoying the hall,  this could be your  oppoi tunity "of expressing yo^if appreciation. . "  ,���by Mary ThTWey  t|io Roudoij-' Digest;. This is wheie tho^e  ul us wno have been throwing ou>' ty^d-  eis' Digest pu'cularsr in the gaibagrj can  stall kicking ourselves.  Cliff Connor "has b'een lucky in finding  fish tor his chai'teil Mips lately, several  fishermen returning wUh their lupit'  Mr and Mis. John Btynelson were In  Vancouver last weekend to attend the  clvfistening pf�� their granddaughter, K|i-7  s\tip. trancei-. Thoy were. the giie'sts ��� of  tl"o|r spn Dal and his wifp'Oprinne. ������������'.!  Guest ql Mrs- EvaL,yfin*s i�� Mv$, Sve  .Cp^k^f Roanoke, Virginia.  'Mrs, Janet Allen's guests last w.e^l'end  were her dangiuer and son-in-law, Mary  and Jaclf Fairfield of Penticton-  ��� Mr- and Mrs. t,en Vah Egmond, with  'Natalie, Truman '*hd.( Taylor,. are hack  home   in   Secret   Cqye   after-   a  s,tay   in  ST. Patrick's smorgasbord and dance  \ sponsored by the Gibsons Hospital  Auxiliary has been acknowledged as an  outstanding social and financial success.  Co-convenors, Mrs. J. Crosby and Mrs.  J. Ilobson, with the help of Auxiliary  members did an excellent job pf preparing and serving eighteen different, dishes i  of delicjous fopcl.  ���Decoraiions 4ind_ table-centre arrangements, made by Mrs. C. Longley, were  exceptionally attractive and Irish cario-  utures, work of Mr. Lem Meadows, displayed on the walls also proved a great  attraction.  Master of ceremonies, Mr. Jack Willis,  kept   things    running    along    smoothly-.  i'rizes were donated by  Mrs. H. Lynum  and  Mrs. L, Masptv  They  were  won  by  ''Mrs. ; W," jgclriey   and 1\4i:s.   R  HEHJ5 ANP. THERE  -    Mrs, Walker visited North  Kamloops  last 'week .tp-visit her 95-year-pld uncle,.  Mr, Jim   B|eaton,  She   saw   him   settled  comfortably   in   the   Mt.   Paul   Nursing  ,-H.ome.. Ml'- Beaton was a resident of Welcome Beach for a time- When Mrs. Walk-  ->er returned to New Westminster, she  was greeted with the hews that she had  won a very nice prize: in the Readers  Digest Lucky Number contest. Her photograph will appear in the next edition of  Four-year-old watching mother slipe  a cantaloupe! "Cpyld t have' a smile of  melon?" ' '   '       ���'  !  Young daughter greeting father: "1  knew you were coming, Daddy. I heard  your   footprints"  !  1  ELECTRICAL  CONTRACTORS  Wiring Supplies  Specializing in  l^iARKEL  Electric Heat  WHARF ROAD, SECHELT  .- Phone 885-2062  SICHELT THEATRE  rA DAY OF AN��i|T  -   STARRING:  Lee Vqn Cleef, Qi-Jliqno Gemmo.  -.    PLUS    ���    ��� "���-'     '  'IARZAN#S JUNGLE  -ST-ARRIW  k  Ron Ely, Sqm Jolfe..        ��'-"  ._  "   " BOTH  IN COLOR  StorH Q p.m. Out 11 pm'  Friday, Saturday, Monday,  Mqrch 26, 27 and 29  immmimjiuiuuwuMUM 11  COMING SHOWS IN ORDER-  i   VThe  Boys In The Band"  "Marponed^  \A j. .,- 0Q8-0$23.llfil<ery  .-.. lw  W<0 fimerw Tho Rlghl To Ktmft Qoonllfloo  >rr^^r'A^A^W^^rAi'^  '88,8-0812. W^nt -P��pt.  ^nnnnnunnuAunnAAnnAnuunnnnnnnnnnnn/vA  ^\^���K^.,"  u>  "���& -  It  ���i  <  //.  I  ���>��gSri> 0m*~0+ *+.*% it.**.** Ph m*^. * 0��\ *n 0*i **��� +���*#  i. * ��> ^. ��ib>i ih <* *���"- 0*^ 0* '  **%.���- +jl  4*)tiM��   + t*n*.0W ik^mn*AA^Ai��^t^^*����iaA^i* ��i*A*^/l*A^Ai**A*i***��^di-|*  AMAAAAAAAAAA^A'i/IM/M i*��**��A^A1A/��ftAAAA*A^A*A*rffA(**'i*����<"������'i***,''*i- �����  ��� 4��      *f��Mri��fB|J  f 000 0^ 0K A 0*. M 0% t,. ^ ^  mm. 0m   -������ ������


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