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The Peninsula Times Jul 7, 1971

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 ait@i?';aattce:  y/v^lAS THIS result ol *\ ch^eK^y I*XW at ' Ayres Wfis- o^mjssed  ,,v*   ,. < ..,.. ����.... i .ai. ��� j_^,.v _,- ,u���, t,��u���..*���     - rtymei" prnployee of Peninsula ��pt��r  Lt<-}.,~4*obert   ^oljspn,   1|3,  ot  aiea, first* denied'knowledge  pleaded guilty to a pltarge P*  ..���_., ���r,.. + ,  .     Pfea't;   entry   and   theft   at   Penipspla  Appealing 'befqie |u-*i|fe Charles Mit>   'Mofotj*.  * tejslpadt in Qibspns June 2glh   he w-as  lined d'tot^l ot $600   Fpi pqs,sessipn of  LSD he was lured .t>*i0tt and ;ppssession Pf  _Jlaslush4LQu  "Malcplm  liichard   Sco-ft,  ot   Gibbons'  also appe-ped the same day loi sentence  SprvihEl'tlio SHp-jinl/ia.cpast, (H��wp $9Hf"5l te ^n-1"' lo!**^.'including ,pp,r IM? Ipp�� Hopkins Lflndlnsj ^nthPrns'Landina, Qfewnsi f^oberts Creek,  WilsonCfPeK Selrpg'Pqi-K, Spcholf, Hq|fm9*"n Pay/jecfet Cgye, fep^<y r\ja^p(, $p,de|fg pryfo Klpjpdqle, |ry|ng's \.andjJ!\9, t&r-'QW*. japtW*  r*~rr"  UR6EST cmcULATION OF ANY PAPER ON TH| SOUTHERN SMNSHINE COAST  ,*  <-|on a chatge ot bieak, enliy and theit,  _ | Tl-e jivcidenl involved a  cjweihrig house  ? on  '���/e'tei an's  Roadr  Gibsons   Scoft  was  ^ sentenced to���tluee months definite and  , i twelve months indefinite xn th-- young  w otlendei's unit ol' Qkalla  yi       Playing cowboys and  Indians led to  - "? the appearance in  Sechelt  court ot  W-  I Hoffmann, heliev,ed ,iesidmg in the West  f  Sechelt aiea, Ip iacp'a cliaige of i orpmon  .  |  assault   He was placed on a six, month  , jj suspended"sentence -  Incident arose when Char les Ayt-es-ibE  West Sechelt enteied into a dispute wrth  Hoffmann and an "asspt.ia.te who weie  shooting -mows on puvate piopeity One  pf the pair, during a scutfle with Ayjes,  epded up, on the glound Hottmann then  put an Mi tow ill his bow and pointed it  at Ayies,  A counfei chaige by Hoiimann against  . Altpi stealing 'money Irom a ipcep-  lac|e, ftopsrni was seep tp bp 1*041 ^ed"  with a spepiol dye that had bepn s"patlei ed  in powdei fojm on tlje money He pt fust  &ajd it was paint but |a.ten admittpd .the  offpnee ,He was sentenced to "three months  ���see page B-5  ��� 1     I  -ft      '  n-  \  ily  V d  1       ���  *  \Jp\qp    ^grV   L��fe��!  Thitjjj-siie *4 Pgge&  WEPNESfiAY, iuiiY 7; i??1  , ~ii->n'" ������J"-" ' * "'  11 ���?���  X  la   \  I   1  F'  .���  r'.r  ' 1.  ,1-  "*��  r  - N j  .*  V  ���1  I  1 .  *'���*  ^���W       ��^MM-��d  -*     J  *4  ! -  t  '     'a  V  ** BlfiLE SCHOOL  s      Hoys and gufs-iaie inyited Lo attend  ��� A Vacation BibltJ Schpol to be held July  w fj^JJiJIaJbl'ittta}-^^  y on   M^unaid  Street    All   exciting   pio-  r% giamme fs planned commencing at 9 am,  * and ending at l# noon daily.  I LUCKY WINNER  I       Gland  opening of  Hat hour   Supplies,  " Madeiia Paik, was an outstanding suc-  ^ cosi and  culminated  in  the  drawing ot  t i lire door-  pii^ti!  wiiiltm,- A  beautiful  10  ~~Syt>pTSKi*1"fleTrdei was won by TVIis Alex Hap-  ���* kin of ISaiJs Covq,  Mis   fion  Noithiup  n diow the winning ticket  ;, SALES CONTEST  y Couptiy wide Stedmans *'l'"iesvta In  ". 'f lie Sun" btoip eontet,tr paiticipated-in by  T i Camtmell's Vaiiely and adveitised in The  - ) Times, put Campbell's in a numbei 2  -r posit-on in tjifr tpp 10 sales pioduceis in  ._ j the pluap The stpre wins a $100 cheque  '/- Top ^alB-,* g)il��� was Maniyn IVfcKen^ie  "*     whti'iec-cived a cheque for $2tj,    '  INDICATIONS aie tat - a - i eci eation  centie pioject could diag out foi a  long nine foi, as ye}, the piopeity held  hy the Ciown foi Atich use is stuctly  Govemment land until such time the  Reglpnat Boaid might take on Land  Aquisition as a function  Once this does become a function the  Board could as'sum�� lesponsibility Ipr thc  eai-maiked propeity at Rabeits Cieek  and might, if it so'chooses, tuin all ot __.  poitlPn of it ovei to thp Heci eation Committee 01 any gthei body it wishes. The  land could then be developed foi lecie-  ��� ation and public use as a non-profit pioject and, says Secietaiy Tieasmei Chartes  Gooding, any pioject of this natuie would  be-undei firm contiact  At Jas.t meeting ot the Hegioual Boaid  it was moved a lettei from the Lands  Bianch ilauf*/mg tjie situation, bp turned  ovej fo the Planning Committee foi study  and fuithei reromrp'"iic-}atrjqi's  It stated  Reletence is made to ypui lettei dated  June 0, 1971 dealing with ^development  pt p portion of Lot 150(1, dioup 1, New  We^Umnkter Disttict foi: lecieational put  A  "^  ^ n  1 j*  '-.-."X-t,: ".,'���*  ���' r  _L* -�����������  *\,  ,> ..  ���--if-  'i  r#*  ������*.-- -A  K*.  V*     *   i'1     tl  r   I f  Zoning regulations,.  Fatal crash  PLANS foi establishment of a high class  lesort and" tia'lei p^k beyond ^est  Sechelt consideied tp topfJlct with rer  cently imposed boning iegu}ations has  been given paitial approval to proceed..  .     The aifia involved w.is zoned residen^-  poses by a Committee of the Sunshine  Coast {Regional District  PJease be advised that tlie Depaitment  is unable to enter into a lease agieement  with a Committee of the Sunshine Coast  Regional Distiict unless that Committee  is icgisteied undei the Societies Act  Leasehold anangements can bp made  with individuals, coipoi aliens or societies  ���^legisteped-Hndei'-the-SociPties'-Act       In my view it would not be advisable  foi the Department to issue a lease in art  individual's name fot development of  Cipwn lands intended for public use and  t would once again raise tbe question as  to whether the Sunshine Coast Regional  Distiict does not bave^authQiity to negotiate a lease of the Crown lands foi lecre-  dtional ptuposes with the Depaitment  'even though thp Regional Distr-ct has not  yet aspumed the function qt tecieation  and ppi'kb.  tiai aftei initial plans bad been launched,  fpi a commejcial development. Mr. A,  Costello, the developei, has since beep  caught up in the legal iispepis but indications aie that a satisfactory agreement  will be reached  It was lecommendecl at last ipeetipg-  ol the Regional Boaid that renovation' pf  ���the existing cabins and other: partial-de-  "Wlopment might continue. Development  of trailer facilities to be held up pending-  interpretation of the Bylaws.  WATER DANGER *  Pioposcd subdivision at Garden Bay  faces d&Ager of polluting the aiea w<"tev  supply accpiding to a lettei fiom the  Gaiderr Bay WateiwoiIts Tiustees. The  development compnses a peninsula jutting mto| the Gaiden Bay Lake close to  t|ie   intake   pf   tlifi  fresiji" water 'sy^eni  pp!y- 1  y"' h  * I      .*,  ���A  r.  * *       I .. ,  -l ttff :0fBL  ' a Jff   >! ���    V-     '   t"\P  ���A ' ' )S^��brf VS*  -A'%*  'Jl.       fti0f.r '?  ',:'.  f  Copies of the latter read to the Bparc|.  have gone tp Jipn- R^lph I^pffmark, I\5in7  ister pf Health, md the Hon. IsabelDaw-  son. It states; "Residents of the area are  most concerned ,gs tliey feel the sewage  disposal arrangements' aEta^at���adf-q^"4  to ensure the run-off will not pollutf. thp  lake anc" .Wjltei* supply.- Wp understand  the subdivisipn has received approval of  the local Hpalfh Offiper on the-basis that  each of. the eight- U>|s |n queslipn will  drain sewagp to a p.prn.mon septic lanlf  tp be places.on ope other "ipt. Lbc^liesic  dents, with- their knowledge of the: tier-  *;ain?... are . sp ye that ������ any "such air.ange-  ment wpuld be iniidequate anci ��� that a  mechanical sewage ireairhept plant sjlqiild  be made mapdatpry hpfpre t^h's subdivision leceives final appiovaj. , "  "The Trustees.aie awaie that peihpps  the engineers submitted plan meets with  lequuements wntter) mtn the regulations,  but feel these aie suiely only guidelines  and should be ccrnsidejed flexible accoid-  mg to lei lain and other cqnsiderations  ^.uch -js affectiny tjio comtnumty'i- Water  supply  I'We feel_J.liai-ilie-ow^pvi>-'ot-tllo-pro-  Tbree died almost instantly whefi  this OgssnafiQ^t plane erashe^ on  Balls tjane at ��ie dnterseotipn pf  Highway jdl iGijasons last Friday at  ^boi|t 12.$0 p;rn. It jvas bejieved the.  plane sj:n*clc ��n eagle while eomlng  in tq-land iiia-the Qifcisops Bay- Cpl,  tapu Biggem^n of t)ip Gibsons' pe-  taphemerit i'epprts ^Ince that the ;-er  Sunshine Coast . . ���  maini*" pf the large eagle \ver-e later  iQU'iifi at the bot-torh "of �� rte��r^y  rayifie. Wing span -was eighl %M 9  h^lf foot. A hUnib��'r pf hprnegj-ti.-'lhl-  near MiPihHy all had extrgrjriely r*��r-  VPW pscapes for anyone pf tlfpr^ qoyl^  easily have been st-ruck by the prijii  . pjed plane.  DOMINION Day wpel^-end proved a black  ope for  the  {Sunshine Co^st   with  a  rence ftussell pf Vancouver ��� aji'd. p.qpa]*|  Stanley "lailly, logging cqiHt'aptprs,'pf - Wpit  y^riety of fatalities which included three     Vancouypr un a log cruising,expedition..  s;-    They* were^t  on :i slope leading to llic Jake.  "W*3 W"M'd gieotly ,ipp|pcja|u it if  you would cnquiie into (ho situation  bc-Joic fuillKM dovujppmpnl slops aie  taktn as theie ,110 ulicady Iwo foundations on Ihe site "  It was pointed out thai tho situation  is in the hands ol the lfealji Dupai |.muni  und that tho 'Rourd ay ill uc|. according  to the Depurtment's decision,  deaths fi-qni an aircraft crash' at Gibsons,  a fatal car accident at. Pender Harbour, a  fatal motor cyc|e acpidpnt at Pender Har-,  bdr, a fatal trufck accident at Pender Har-  boui, a suicide at Halfmoon Bay and the  cub death of a child in the Fiancis Peninsula   aiea   To   deadline  deaths   totalled  eight , ,   '  Mosl, serious incident involved the  crash of a float plane belonging to An  Wes}, qn Balfb Lane at the junction of  Highway 101. The airciafl bui&M. into  flames on impact killing the pilot _=md  tyvo Rassepgcis T|io Gibsons, fi-e denait-  ���mcnt-wasr-quipkly-qrptbP -scene bu( the  wppn ppllp^fintp.iha >v{eplfu_gp.  "V'lirous ippqits wcip given j|l Hie  scepc |iy eye witnesses and ppjicopsus pi  opinion seemed to |'c> (hat lhe plune wluic^  foming in Jow fpr u Jund,*yi Iho h.jy,"  stiuck a largo bud ic-Milliiig m <m ux-  plosiou and subsequent ciash Police coi-  dHiicd oil tlie <-|oa and DOT olficials  lushed Iq the beepe to invos|igalc llm  ciiciims|ii|Kes     -1  Pi|o(, o|M|ie plane, Richard Jan Bailey  pf Richmqpd 3.C. was undprstood to |ic  lalflhi* his  two  piisspi'igcrs',lamps' Lawr  Action" sought! 1~  ��nfr��AAW\'  ���W^y^jn^i  lAj A'W',%1  AJr>fJ$4w��,  MAJf^Jj, <th*  ^*!00i0^m^^^^*^0i00^0^mi*m*^^~^j-���rr'  porhy yvinnors/  ('jEiiloylni- fuh'ilnuH l|<>hi|i�� rtl PoiKfur  jlailioiir niid .wJnning lol*} M \w\'m'  in 'Ihu ,lliw|)H��l   Auxi|)rtry. Innhlii|i  ���j)����T|>y, |)l''li��r��(l fHMIt lofl, Mr, Nl��  1   "PoiifllllH   WllO  (lOI)MlO'l   lllH,��7ll) \.  or,  ' pinion lo HI.' Mnry'H Mosiillal)  Mr.  '*��� Fol���l'lH'f!oo|)m��� wlm llm(k!tl HuliiMhiy  ^*.��l��lil wllli l)(|1'll)B pf Mnhhrtn; lnkfiM  ,,,tWn\ pri/��* ��H" (IfiiH) Willi IiIhmW;!!  ��� ' nri/oH wllli W Mhd tyi p��|i��i)(|orf',,iliiii|pr.  ',-v|)t!i'|),y witni'ir M 'Pli'ii'.'..Hwifi'lh AlViA  .  PumvpV who 'oiiui'litfuv^ |b, :10 ovii;  Proposerj supply ]*�� ��  Waterworks trustees claim  board's water plans costly  pliilofl |or |l)*r mipply o| walor lo miivIi'ii  Illlh ii)nn. 'I'llo TiiihIi-dh ��;imih|(Ii;hiiI JIliM a  nii||H|iiPlqiy wiilpr mi|i|)|y.t.'oiili|i Im plpml  A t fc^  ANNUAL (iuniii'-il Ivi'^liiij! ul 11)^ Omm  nf |iu(|i)iifi|lH Wal����i Wr^iltH ninblnl wuh IP)  nl H).i Mpiuila Hiiul tptddmu'.n rin.luly ,'|ir|  wHIi'-Mr,1 Hiuii lir|:)if)'C|i|ilr,l   Jjy'' ?  :.i, ArUHIlH, StH:r��itiu',y��Miiihu'l^'i b>J>l��  Bulm-ui unci won iliiu Iuiho irftuUi .oil, :,ypni;l .oi Jii�� JiiVlillun ul li > ��-�� m 11  ���!;J,ly, y,::,yy,���.y^,,ysL^,. iii'i\liipiiiytA.p)lipid\ppimwMmIu.v-wriwl  ���    . ,'     \,"J_rJ'',,', *     ' ' Wull, TllfO'ii jiir'il Imiiii.liiliiiiriiitrilTtililUiiitl  Local FishiiifiC Depby  postponed to July 17  Wll-HON   ('mm-K'h   lil/V��� ^i|l<lr��nV'i   flrihliii*  1 flhhy <lu,y li��i bi-t'ii pi>rrf|;J��H)Pf,l'l'-|ii."rtiiiiir��-'  flay,-InIv' I7III,      i   '   .:',;      ';" ',��� '  ".  '  ''i   f'liiiiuili'r      Ml'.      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Hi"  l'o��iii||��' (iiiii /ilwiiyii Tittilii 'miliiifiiiMnry, A*'  HinuiiH '-liml.- -pi'iivlilliiii' i|io   wrilni'   norm  l|n;oii|(li llii; iiliirillmiiii'll  In O.K. lillil If  iluii n|i!r(i|nui|i .�����r��/iiri|i wurMili".' iiriipurly  Ihny nihil. Hioii)|((j|v��im nl'f, I ml ynni', l)��>  dii|i|( nl, h piiriluiiliirlyilll'l'liiiilt prirfrnl, |t  (Kill luuiii iincniiHiiry |i|li|lo-w purl ill' Hm  f|uw tu )iy-.piiMH. Ih�� i-lii'iliiiirn lu IIikhhi'vo  Hid wiiti)r,iprfifimirn,"'f'  /uiiiii) vviimi Wm>*I 'Ii  llillllllH-lipil.~|ll.|.'li||��|). I  I'lf-llHUU'iiii ,|'ur |II7J lilll. Din /IViiHluiiri -, ||i|u)  w|)iil  priiciiiilliiiiH jlicy ������iM|n|rlp>* II"  hml i)i)t yi't niinlii li iIc'I'IhIoii 'ubiiul'jiitoH  ���(rf>'oi*v-ifco in die; WtiWww fl"i��cl,i 'ityiHiyipo  III lllrlquliM' ninl  .wli-pf-   W"l'<)i'l.��J|l��'|'   ll'lpiq  liiiivpri.'iihiii i,l)oi prub'loiii, Tl|i! Aijiiiitiiirp  t'lllllItlUiy1, llli'l ���ll'liililiiirl illliri   (.���||iil,,|UJd'1'l||0  ,nliirll)HiirM," ,iiiliKln/<, r��p|liii'iii)'ii)M , Vi/|i��'r��  , piummtH'if,. ^IiIm tiurvlriu h|nl'i.'oflt ijiUIIV, l��i!  liml r'pmi|ii!rl ||V liu Iii(!|;niihi)il flow,  !,'flip"'I'riiii-illirir l|| hlfi I'PpiH'l,' ifri|lN|ilrirP(|  in   Dlrili'lvlnWiri'-ill   n '|"||Hq||ii|ily   Wind  i   '   . i   . ��� i       ...      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Hp was thrown out onto the  iqad suffering vanous inmrr.es including  a smashed skull. He wis mshed to" St.  Mary's Hospital, Sccr^U l^t was fechevpd  dpad on ai rival.  _^_ A fi!tocn-ypai7Q"d_mx*���y^velliiiff-wiUi���  ppuppi'v vv-l1? nj*p jajtpn tp l*pt>pjtq' l*iiL:  fPHntJ ff r|Pi iwwics pnd fupprptipps. ��/|P  is f-pdpis-tprtd fp iii|vo fjpen icJejlsccj ijox'  d,ay Thp pushup loqjt pjapc at abqift  l()4.*i pm Police aie invcsligatuig IJ|P pir-  Piin'btaip'Ps.  Sudden dciip hy many pimple tp lolep  ii|) tycling is posini,' now |i��<j,uds apd .il-  lc.idy pup Vcincmivpi yqi)l|i has heen  killed Irillowing Uillisiop with 'i tiuek in  Gihsons A young gnl was killed "last F|i-  "duy pi Vancfiuvor wlipn l|Pf pyc)p wfis-  slr-uck )iy a car Jind.ii UBG slp'deri'|. cycling  tln/'Hii'li/ Splipn park' lust .Sii|.-4|;|itiy';nioril--  " Ip��, psppped-wjt|)-niin<'I-' injurlpsiw||cp*-|ra���  was :8|riiP|c h.y  a pussipg cii'ippc}- which  was lowiiig u Ixuif uiui l-i'iiilpr."'     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C'i,n%lhvth n>�� IN 10 l|m lionic* , , ,-  nni on lnwni.)i.lioi;l.'. or in (.ulveilti.  ��� llnicn C|c|M,|f|i!ii��' oro |ow-toi.|, hlph-poluncy  (���rillJUa IoiiIch.  iivi$U.'l hn,,.)i��' HdvjHPd ln-l��Jf�� l|i�� --����tttiMr.------ii��---����popimf|d��Unnvni-'-'(lrrchn"'^p��n* Mr,  up w|l|| llm h'nihirttl linvomimn., I''mpvk tflqnu i.im |)��j r(.,ii<;|)p.lnt 11110^1)71)  qr w||Uj lo |)|ui fpr ^m npp)l<.iiiion imiii  ���lu Mmliul mi l|iu Hill) nr KHIi ,lu|y,    vagruit plmiii whi��.'li w��i;�� Muii cuolom;,   furllmr hnpinti 'IVumU-p.  |^p RpffpoNBR ,  1    Jiyiiupr from linn, ihip Cmpplmi) pq|pi��  pil In Iho ptntd fur Incnl gqvpiniimnl �������  lino 11 .HUM) I'.'kii rlg|rl|ty in i��li))li)lnloiing  nl  ll.'t.l. .Jlnlfnmim  l)��y,  lit).  Mcmlin-  hIiIun p/ui lip hoii! Iq Mm, TlplUoy, |��.H.I.  IJnlfnmni) jjay tfy'hnndud iii Hyn, Atop  tl|puniii ,  P/,opo 1^05-9654  ' '    ' . .i, ��� , " ,....'.. I ��� <v    *��� .......  ^0% r \- :-'***:-��Mi2SA?^^ ���������-. v^^s^'Aj-Ay^ i^yyt^M.^r - ������    ���   ���  -^   ;* ���, r . .     .-   .,        , -"#"*-m--*--"-%--^^  V^-i  ���a a .  -11 J  ���.- .-  i.  .1  ....-��,,,  . t-Mc:^.-*^ l*.'-^-^:'*:^^  ihit   V**-*'-*^'!���'<V^**g^t^>^*t^lC,'^*i^*?^^ i^��w^^l^*"<*^*��y^J>��W^^TUP-V��� ��'iVPltj����y��fc����v.S|*Wq>"^^ ���  w^W'*^* ***r*''? ** t ���**��� s^"1 >',j'V*^*-*'V,^"*'n  ^v-vs-v-tV-v*-*  i  t? * ^ v ** v *  -y--       v'��-*-^-*"#-vj%,v"-   VV--V W v yJi^v^-\  ^>-. v v ^'"W���*-W y "* v v v *.;���       , ** > \. -vv ���*  v "v n   j-v��^ v -\ s   s- -*w*>   ^-,'H>>N^-.J#V**ir'-��* V*"~f t 1 V*'VV*V* ^f-v--^-^^-/****''-*>*--***��� *(> TTtHY VS *���  -.'v^  \>uv  ^    ' v^ *���   *v"V tvy\  wv j   jv^  ^'vf �� yv<<Xw^^VV(+'V V^-t-fv^vWv' ���* y >**$*.  ��� & A "ir **$ V "���- -rf -v*^ -v��JV*4�� ~4 ��y si. >*, ��,  I v        V ft  ' . '  -V.-V af v V-\ v W .   '��  i .     ''' i'l  \  -jB  i���<<-  I  Page A>2' Th6 Peninsula Times, Wednesday/ Jqly 7, 1971  I.Jn'*.  If* j! ?*  fill  5'?  ti  u  I.  s  ".1  V,  ���'-r.  *.   .-  - , ���  Jn  tJ*V* *\   ��*"-.nr.��'+\;,  l""'r*"***'"'*"*''*"*'***J'***",l"1**"-T"~'*T"ji[t*TiT~inii|-Tnnnonnnniinnnnnnr  THEpENWauuv^W* Sqcheltr ,' Phone 885-9654  Clqssified  REAL ESTATE (cont)   '        R^AL, ESTATE (Conf.)     "     #(UL ESTATE (Continue^'     &6#T$ 8, ENGINES (Cont.)    PETS  SEMI "-waterfront   landscaped  lpt   ip'   West   Seoh'plt., ph,  .885-2087: 6642-33  CONNER lot for .sale at i S'el-  ma   Park. '100x120,   Phone  885-0395. Q09G-tfn  V��000t000i000np0%Mfi0*n**vniHW*qw%000niimmm00V00w  Published Wednesdays by  Pp\yel| Riyer* Ne^s Tpwq Crier  Sechelt Tunes Ltd.    "**" -  at Sechelt, B.C.  ���      Established 1963  Member, Awjit Bureau  ,-. ,*.    . of Circulations  March 31,  1971  Gross Circulation 2884  Paid' Circulation 2396  As filed with the Audit Bureau  of Circulation, subject; to tiudit.  ��  ' Classified Advertising Rates:  3-Mne Ad-Briefs (12 words)  One   Insertion   ���~_^���-$1 00' ,  Three Insertions ���,���,������$2.00  Extra lines (4 words) m, 20c  (This rate doe's not applyjlo  cornmercial Ad-Briefs)  Box Numbers ���-��� 10c extra  50c BobR-keeping charge is added  fof Ad^iJriefis not paid by  . publication date.  Legal  or  Reiider  advertising   35c  per count line.  f      Subscription Rates���  Dy Mail:  Locol Area ^-~r~ $6.00 yr.  Outside Local Area    $7.00 yr.  USA ., -$9,00 yr.  Overseas  -   Special Citizens,  Local; Area. _  Canada  t���_  By Carrier :   .$10.00   yr.  WANTED (Cont.)  CHUCKS' painting & decor.at-  pg, Giiavm-iteert: work, ve?i7  spppible rafefi.  885^2375.  --5492-tfn  ���e^pqgp"^|iJ1 :;;A?  hiAiiding,  ��� firjiistiihg & remodelling. Ph.  885?93��l5i 6GH4732'  CH|Ep ~~��Si% I>y day, night or  week in- my 'hbm'e^ Reasonablerates, Ph.  886-2937.  6657-32  ROBERTS CREEK  DRYWALL  Taping   and   Filling .by  hand  .and machine. Spray Tex'Sparkle Ceilings.  -       Phone 886-7193  ' Roberts Creek, B,C,  "'   ,6027-tfn  -I,-.-���������.1.11���.I���..I..-II. I-   ������ I 11 .1   I   ..    I    I   .. I ���-.-I I���II-II. J  WANTED   .    _  VW BUG hody�� or will sell reconditioned   '65  motor.   Also  Rambler   motor  in   good   con-  dii ion.   886-2331. 6752-32  1,600 SQ. FT, beautiful opean  view,-big lot, 3 bedroom split  * level home. Fully electriq, \v.  ' to     \v.     ca,rpet     thi-Qiigliout,  vanity     bathroom,     Franklyn  fireplace, 25' x 22' family rec.  room,       cable-vision,      lavge  Closets,   Icitg- dt: (orage  room,  AaSking price,' $2|9;i50'V Applj"  A$ax   472,. Ncirth   VanCPUVer,      ,        _.     : .  .Pleasegiye phone numbpu, a.'}    g A' ^5'tH^'  replies  answered,        6027-tfn  vi��\y lot, Davis Bay 78" "< ���,<   $3.50   $4.00"  ,60c mo.  A   L.ADY   who   makes   good  home-made   bread,   Id  bake  a   bqtph   of   6   loaves  once.. a  Copyright  and/qr  property  rigrrts'* week   and   can .deliver   to   a  subsists ip all display advertising  arid other material appearing in  this edition of the Sechelt Peninsula Times. Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in  any farm whatsoever, particularly  by a photographic or-o#set process  in a publication, must be obtained  in writing from the publisher. Any  unauthorized reproduction--w,ill be  subject _ to     recourse     in     law.  -*=*:  TOthI^  house   in   Selma   Park.  Phone  885-96.^ 6742-32  ��� I������ .L.,.,,r     .    II.    ....      ..- ,' I.- -II    ������      -I.���   ..���        ���     .  REAL ESTATE  WEST Sechelt, 3 bdrni. ;hom'e  on view acre lot, landscaped  with fruit trees. Dble garage;  partial basement with'oil furnace. W/W carpet; fireplace".  Phone owner 885-2039.  _z_-    < 6703-36  GIBSONS WESTERN DRUGS  .   .   .   Is   pleased   to   sponsor  this  Birth   Announcement   space,   and'  extends Best Wishes to the happy  parents.  Marriage Announcement.  MR. AND MRS. W. H. Wray  of Irvings Landing are plear  sed to announce the forthcom^ -  ing marriage of their young-1  est daughter Hazel, to Mr.  John Derisli, eldest son of  Mrs, H. Derish of Vancouver^.  The wedding to take place  August. 2.8, 1371 at 12 noon in  St. Hilda's "Anglican Church,  Seqhelt   ,B.C. 6741-32  2 BEDROOM-hbuse on 2 view  lols.   Gibsons   Village,    1721  Glen    Rd.,   Gibsons.   Ph.   886-  9844. 6686-33  ELEVATED undeveloped 10  acres within Village of Sechelt, residential location.  $16,000 cash. Box 6499, c/o  Peninsula Times, Box 310,  Sechelt. 6499-tfn  5 BEDROOM house with self-'  contained suite in. baserneii.t,  % acre apd fruit trees oh Gfpw-  ei^ Eoint Road. Full price  ffia.Qbo, .Phone 8864479. Aiter  June 24tli-rpho'ne 886-9381.  v q564-tfn  VIEV^;    property     ���     Most  attractive 2 bedroom home,  With garage, and substantially  completed   Guest   cottage,   on,  ,3.06      semi-waterfront     acres  overlooking    beautiful    Halfmoon  Bay. Property subdivji  ded  ijit'd  3   16fs,   fronting  on  Redrooffs  Road.  Entire, pi  ' erty; priced at $23,01)0, though  may be sold separately.'More  details and inspection, call  Jpck or Evans Hermon af  112-883-2745. ��� Chas. English  Ltd. , 6641-33  ���_ ___.    __        ��� ~v-  MacGREGOR PACIFIC  REALTY LTD.  Box 799,  Gibsons, B.C.  Van Direct:  685-3133  4M> ACRE FARMETTE: Small  holding farm, 2 bedroom,  o-t house, fenced past iir-o," and  outbuildings, chickens included- Gibsons rural. Only i  blocks to shopping. Must be*  sold.  PRrVA.TE VlfeW: Gow.er Point  approx.  1  acre semi  waterfront, road allowance at side.  -^nly-gflQ^-tQ-teachi nice 4 r'oom-  100 'ACRtDS, spme apeap view,  . seiolud^d, all year creek,  best buy area, Ne*"r Secret  Cove. Cash .$60,000, will accept  third down Write Box 6676  c/o Peninsula Times Bos 310,  Sechelt.     s    ��� 6670-tfn  POFt SALE by. o^he-rf otW'rect  *   -     ���     '       "-i-.-jj iflo'  66jQ*f-32  SHELTERED' watei-fi-ont, Peti-  der HarboiU',. 700' ft.."..south--,  ern exposure, ter* apre�� with  2 bdrm hoyse,, All "fapilities.  gli. 885-9'fi6'5, Write Box 6749,  0^0''peninsula-Times, Box 310,  Sechelt, B.C. . 6749-tfn  IfOR sa*ie by owner���large lot  with 80 ft, W.P, and 2 -bdrm-  home in Egmont. Beautiful  view, minutes from famous  sport fishing area. Good locat-.  ion for deep water mpprage.  Cash or terms. Write Mrs. L,  Lars-ori,' Egmont, B.C.   ,6698-32   r>_  i  ,A\   -      FOR fine properties in  PENDER  HARBOUR AREA.  Call Jo<-k or Evans Herrn��r��/  '    Madeira Park,  B.C.  Tel.  883-2745.  CHARLES ENGLISH  LTD.  6748-tfn  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  Real'Estate & Insurance  vSUNNYCREST   SHOPPING  CENTRE  Gibsons, B.C.  CEMETERY ROAD: '2"a acres  with a panoramic view of  the ocean, good holiday properly, size (163'x620'), FP-R700.  Make your offer.  ��� 886-2481  DUPLEX:   On   Marine   Drive;  FOR SALE by owner,  house  on view  lot,' Davjis. Bay. !2  yepvs- old 800,sq, ft. 2, t|^("vopm,  all. electric. Ph, 885-0403. .  1 66(33-33  ; > .'     >  EXCELLENT   commercial   lotu  ���  centre Secih^t���highway"  location, leyel and cleared'. All  servk-'es   available.   Bo?-   }.l(j^  Peninsula Times,   '      1104-tfn  K. BUTLER REALTY   v  :...:        ltd;   ' ���  ���  ALL TYPES INSU^ANC|5   .  ! Gibsons^ B,C.   , '���;���  Plione 88672000   :  J^jjipg-ft-   _  MUkTiPt& LISTING  - -������'     SERVICE  WELCOME    WO'ODS:    Level  v i >oded acre; in quiet  Joca-  tion 'Easy, teians on $2,000.  SEI MA  PARK;  78'xl5'0'  viexy  l.ii.'.Shph'walk-to beach and  Stui t-jj block to transportation.  Terlus on; $5,300.  ROUERTS!' CREEK: ' O n 1 y;  ��� $-i,000 ifor one ac. south  ���slope,   all.  facilities'   available.  , NINE surhny acres with Hwy.  fnintage. Nice 'ocation, easy  terms   on- $H,'00.  GIliSONS: Lge. view lot in  desirable, location. Older  home requires spme work for  tin- handyman. Bring your offers' to $12,600.  Modern 3 bdrm. post and  ..beam bungalow on level acre  with ' all facilities. Spapiqus  rooms are a feature, Counter  top range and- wall oven in  bright kitchen. Fireplace in  living room, plus W-W carpel.  Stureage in* ehd of . carport.  Excellent -soil for the green  thumb in the family.  6745-32  Mobile homes  -p  OjSfTMARY"  PENDER HARBOUR  ���t  3oo ft.  Deep  protected  moorage   on   approx.   3 "acres.   Includes   2   bdrm.   older   home.  Jack Noble. Phone 883-2701  o Rochester Realty Ltd.  936.7292  ; 6484-tfn  -V  cottage, good-garden, very private. Excellent buy for only  $14,000. Note terms. Only  $6,.'"00 down, balance only $65  per month. You can't loose.  Acl now! -  PRICED TO SELL: Good family hpme close t'o beach, 3  bdrms p'us den or 4th bed- .  room. Large kitchen, full concrete basement. LR panelled,  W-W carpet. Carport and sundeck. Priced to sell at $T8,000.  Excellent terms. $10,000 down,  balance at $125 per month at  6"<i  per cent.  CALL: LORRIE GIRAKD  886-7244  or"886-7760  DUPLEX   OR   ?;   Large   city  lot, ceptre of. Gibsons, on pi)  services, -��� ���tremendous     view?'���"  KLEIN���July 2,. Michael Klein  of Pender; Harbour, B.C.  Survived by' his , parents and  brother. Funeral service later  this  week. 6754-32  BROWN���July    TT~"l971,    at  Forgen,   Saskatchewan,   Al-  vin (Al) Clarke Brown'of Gibsons, B.C. Survived by his- loving   wife   Stella,   sinters   Mrs.',  Winnjfi-ud    Bnldrick,    O I i v'o ..  Uncle, Vera Aebig unci  Louise  , Fprsbei-H.    Brotlu^s",-' Laugford  lii)|I~Konil"!IIJT^OTuT-fToii~RTiljiTTt'; "  Fiiiiernl     ..servicfi'   wns    -held  Monday, July 5 fit 2-p.m. from  Ihe Fnmlly Chn'pcl ol"Tj'iV> llrir-  vey   Fuiii-rill   Home. . Rey,   Kn-  llifr, ���Kenny   nl'tirinlod, ' liiH'i'-  moiit Smiviftw Ceinet-i'rv,, ,-  -   (171)3-aa  CARD OF THANKS  IT IB with tj)(. niiii!oroMt grati--.  tllllll  llllll   WO  <IX|)|I!MS  to  our  lniniy   fi'h.'hdrt nuV nrrpiei'iltlioil  ��� of llmlr Kindly iixpreHHloiKi  of  efifcoiii In iho  wurdH oT ny-irrt'<*  |)tilhy*which ciiiiiii lo i|n In our  IkiI'KIIVOIIIOIII    ill'   llll!   liKl.i   of   it ���  |iiiIov<mI    wll'c    and    mot hur.  "TI|l!,H��t   lu'lU.illll)   llX|)l'l,i/l!liil|IM , ol1  Hyinpiilhy     hu v����    luilircd    In  lil.lilcii niir Inii'ilnii nl ikhtiiw.  ,   7- Uuii'F.WhiiAluu"^ Knliilly,  i ' -'! . (i(i:iii-:i;i-  IT,i,S with lift* --Inn-i-.-'it unil-  ItlKlc llllll W<* nXlil'i'HH lo niir  ninny l'rhunln oiir iip{ii'oit|nl|nii  'uf lh��ni' kln'dly' osiirirHHluiiii of  i (iHliti'in In llic wi��n|n,\��l' nyiir-  pirliiy wlil'*lM*'mi'* lu un.lii i'iiii:  lii'Tciivnniiiill In lhn lurm of n  lii'lovml  falhor, Thimo lannlbln  t ,r,vTpj!'i.i'*i'i<iij(i.jiL1|iyj1iu>iii.liy,Ji��.v.��i..  1 ����* 1 !'*��� *'��I Id IIhI|I"H diii' IninlKii  pi' wdi'i'dw - 'alui'li Whliiih'ir  ' iiihI'fiiinlly* V (��V'*li'-:W  - EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Multiple Listing Service  Box 238,  Gibsons, B.C.   ���  PERSONAL  ALCOIJOi.IC.iH Aiinnyiiioufi --*  Me'-llins-t  Ihlll)  p,in���  Thiim-  dnyn, Wllh'on Creole ('niiiiiiiiii-  ny tmn, m, uiiDdixn, unth  ���ia'I'la'J, .        , 4��VIM.fll  wTflM  lo roiiiiK/t'-'Anilcr J'i/iy  Will ii In   pHtiiibnin,   I'll,   HUH-  1)047 or 'IfjfJ.KJHQ. -lnon-lfn  WORK WANTED  WK OFFER a (���((lii|il��>to Iron  , ...iiwrvlco, to. Hid; untlni. .Hun-,,.  'iililnif (ioniii, Our work In ln-  Hiu-cil irrirl oxperlly pf-rforiii-  (rd, |��hiin�� for fri*o <-Nllm��U"-i.  I'rirrlcnn T)'i-n'f-5r|'Vl'''"C.  I'Iidiio  \\m**.)o\i:        ,      miuiip  ll.l'.    iniii'linriiii.    wpidfn;    nil  iii'i'i-i.Mii y iftoifirTPitoiv-v nnr* ���  GARDEN AY, PENDER HAR-  BOUR-7-Three BR semi waterfront view home. Four years ,  old. Fireplace, large bright  LH, fully insulated, self-contained bsmt. suite. A well con.-,  slruciod house withijr ,ensy  waIking distance of -nil local  fac;i I 'Ties; ~"TV     $30,000*- "WitIr  $12,01)11 down. Hul, ai, !��';!,  CilH.SON.S VILLAGE, ��� Centra I ly located '.! Mil hnni'v  willi large rec��� rtionia in bsinl.  Wi^ll coniili'tictc*! giirnf',0 wilh'  IihiiiI, IIiiii-)(-'<nnd grounds nns  very well Kept, Lni'ge sundeck.  S|ove( f;-|(lge, wiisher niid dry-  or go with 'houso.- F1V $211,000.  Somm (Ifrni-i p(,|.inlhl(f.  GIBSONS VILLAGE.-- Com-  liiitiiblo tWd jl "I It* hnine cent-  rally localcd. Ilniise has innul  Hliici'o I'IhIhIi, I .hi i-c Lit, I'llch-  en iind.dining (lien, ,3 pee Bit.  Good )-iii'(li'ri, I.uciilcd nn level1  hit Will) OX('rl|('llt view, Offer-  cil I'ur IMMEDIATE no In al  $10,000  KI",  CJIIISONS��� New-home, 3 befl-  ' ; , I'uiiin hoiiiii nf 1,4011, ii(|. .11,  wilh a lull linsi'iiieiil on a nice  i'priwr lob'Thl.-i hoiiiii* Ih beautifully I'tiiMii'd and hulll. under NIIA iliuidaid, .Full ii.sk-  "iii|(   pried  A Inn a ii  wiilj-himi-ninni, on il nli'i" view  M-inl-w*il"-iii'iiii|a, l(it    for ' Jii.il  $K7,(IO0.  * iiki im K ���i-'i-'M nvj^^^mjir*  "( eiivei;e(l barlieipie, | a )��� j{ i>  vyniluiliop, lieaeli i'd|Iii|,i< niid  iKumlllliily liipilm'iipiHl wab-i-  " IViinl iiinpcily with nearly  ','Mtl'   lVonla|-e   dii   a   j'iiihJ   Mii|e  llDlll'll,   AllllllHl    li   IK'I'l'fi,  MKI.MA ,1'AIIK  I  bed,  liDiim  nil ll heiil|l|fil|ly JiindHi'iiiied  I'OI'IH'I',    Kt'llll    Wlltl'l'll'iint     lot  ,'l'hlfi In fi lovely lionu* vihh n  lai/Mi wiiiloiliop nl lln1 rem,  Dun''   iiiIm*-   i|)Ih  Diin,.  HOBEHTS    CHEEK    LdIh,  new t,iiliil|vliiluii nl muni  wnlcrfrDiii propoiiy, Buy now  l|(-|'cii"(* Ihe'pi'lenM |(o up, Now  (fitly $���1,0(10 mul),  "7'"'���""* "**' MeihTM-i* ;���---'���":���"'��� -"  Virncoiivcr Riiiil  KHlar<- Board  PJfONF, tlWl-?,?Atl'  hnlyJi'MSilHK   -   '  lllililly ninaller hnine  ���i'llVI,      ,  /���HIVATE  ��� rciidliiij,  Imi  f'ltp 'npd, vnrd  I'd. IlllMim.'  (HM-IM  Notory Public  LISTING'!' WAWKlTT",  Vlncol'rowor fl0��r>.9359  Wally Polorson ,   006-2877  it ox iiin, aihwoHH, liu',,  $4500.  CLOSE TO BEACH: 200x200  view property, selmi waterfront, beautifully treed, faces  southwest, lovely beach, secluded "and "private, $6000.  ROBERTS CREEG: 7.2 acres,  Lower Roberts Creek Road,  seini .waterfront, beautifully  treed properly, gonl.le slope,  year round stream, ideal estate property. This is a must  I'd-sec;! '     .   ' '       ���   -. ���  -"*'   CATT-TalOTiN-Bl.ACKi     ;  ���    lilll|-72;M or HH(l-,73l(i  WANTF.I) -. Have bonaflde-  purchaser for serluded, prlvn'lo  walerfrnnliiKo, willi or wllhoiil  hoii.-io,; Call Lorric Girurd HIKI-  72-14 w 1111(1-77(10.  , SELMA  PARK:  New subdlvi-  Hioii,, ortny   access   lo .bench,  hrealfwnler,   terrific "view,   all  underground   nci-vIci-h,   $-1200,  17 ACI1F. FAHM: 2 yenr round  Hlri'iiniii, >1 lindrooiii fiiriii  horiiHn, fit I'M) ri'venuo from I railer, ..nnd eabin n-iilnl, s|iti|dy  all fieiiHini ciiHlo-nierii. Hliuil  highway location, ,-*ijar,'.gCill'  club. Lovely vlow of Hlriilt-,  and Vancouver Inland. FP  $-|ll,r��00, '  DAVIS BAY; Only,.'riijn ' 1**1,  ! loll I I'aiioi'amli' view I'liini'-  ��ci'l liullrllng fjllo; wi'i'vlcci' iiV-  allalile,  HinilOO..  RFTIIIFMKNT   INVKKTMRNT  Went  Sechell, clo,Ho lo liniiiili,  lldiisc iii'ci-i'Mlly ieiil!|ii| al  -(i|l|()'  ��� inonlli   Propei'ly could In* rllv-  Idcd inlo 3 IoI.m, hli'iil locallon,  n' wfltM.  -annrr n m mo *m t A ��� Tovirr  ly   heed   loin over   111,000 ni|,  fl, I'ncli,' only Iwo Icl'il Hrnl-  ipoffii Hoail, miiiy nci'iiHii1 In  beach, tcxi'elleiil iiwlniiiilii/(. F|��  ���    $;illar)ll, (  SKaViKW' flKTIIIKMKNT;'  Co/,y   *,*   lii'di'oiiin   hurhe,   Ju.il  ' lllic iji'W, nil  elcclric, cIiikc  lo  Vlni.t    anil    lioiii-h,' in'��� HiUnili  ���I'nrh,     TiemeiidoiiM     v|(iv/     nf  Gulf aiul Trail -iMlamlii, hiiTiill  IniiilMcapeil |-arrli'ii loi, cmih for  quick mile, *|i||i,i)iio,  RFaOllKl.T;  J.IcuimmI   remnur*  nut, inning i'Doin,'Vol'|'cii bar,  H.JI    inodeip    ci|iil|iini,>iil_ ���' renl  iiinin-y   inaKci,   |iin(i��   hcuDhk  :.''f,i��'��,)!y,J!��'.'it.J'i��,iil.h>ii.JnJ(iwii..  RIM I. VAI.lll;!,>!ii:i(i,(i(io icipm,  ��� WATRRPHONT lUlO* l'l,i,H<,  \  IK'llV  lieilllllflllly    Ill-ell,   pi,,,,  nniiiilc  111,0 (Ioki-ci'  view, bluff  Gibsons, t\vo. - 1 bedroom  suites with a view over Howe  Sound, good revenue home,  FP $22,000.  086-2481  ROBERTS CREEK: Large lot,  (75'x42.-"'), cleared partly for  building, septic tank approval,  water* hooked- Hrp, has some  view,  Beach Ave.,  FP $5,900.  886-2481  REVENUE HOME: "Roberts  Creek on % acre, main floor  has 2 bedroom suite, large  LR .with FP, sundeck, A-oi;l  heat, lower suite has 2 bedr  rooms, LR with FP, bath and  rents for $85 month. FP $21,-  900.  (J;   ���    .. ���- . \ J  j^��r2Aay^ ,t._..,,..../ ,.  f4Jtghisr-  NOR-TH  ^GABir  12 x 60 three bedroom mobile  home for sale.  Ph. 885-2047.  6688-31  COZY   fully   furnished   house  trailer   for   sale    10'x40';   2  bedrooms,  $3600   cash.   No  offers,   Ph,   885-2497,        6743-34  FOR RENT!  HALL for renS^J**"+lsDn Creek  Community    Hall.    t"!ontact  Mrs.    Diane    Anderson,)   885-  2385. . 5455-tfn  3 BEDROOM H"6use for rent,  Davis Bay, split level, view,  w to w. carpet throughopt.  Write Box 472, North Vancouver. Please give phone  number. All replies ansyyisred.  ���        6626\tfn'  Beautiful view from this 2  bedroom home overlooking  Howe Sound, large LR, W to  W carpet, dining area, utility  room, part, basement, sundeck  and carport, and an extra .bedroom irr cabin al the rear for  guests, nicely landscaped. 'FP  ,$10,500, ���  . ���   '     -       '    ���  B86-2481  VIEW  LOT:  Headlands   Hofid,  wilh   nice   vii^w  of   Salmon  Rock, priced lo so'I at $4,000.  * 886-2481"     r  G1B.SONS RURAL: 0 vlow.nc--  res with an ahnosl new 3  bedroom full hasomenl home,  FP, double plumbing, W Id W-  cnrpeis, large kliclien, and dln-  lil|{ area, $20,000 rinly.  8II0-24IU  ROnFallTS CRFaFaK;. Ileiidy to  'build view lot, S-T "irpprnv-  ed, Culvert l.i In and power on  pl'D|ierly, $'i,00l) with Iimiiih,  Try  your offer,  lllld-24111  HKLWA     PARK:     Rcilrcnxnil  IVinu1, New 2 bcdi'ooii|n, ulll-  lly   and   cliuutrl   in   Munpnrch,  LiindMcaped   aiul,,   leii'-ed   ,,(iiV  linn. $iri,(i(in, _ (, (  iiiMV'ti'iui  , WATKilFIIONT LOT hi Ci||'|.'  r-rillM. VlilH|<rt, clo.se In nceiilc  Cli'fi|>��-I Hock Drive Fully hit- '  viced, unworn noon, Abbul lir/x  Hill', cleared Iind mostly level  li) road, Wonderful vlnw |7,7()0  AciI'MOU!!   Chanlnr   HdikI,   11  itci'iiM1 for nnly $11,00(1.  Illlll-2'llll  ~ll(-)HAry1��INI)-M'c>A|)W,l~-��prf'r  vyllll '|i-/*loi!n|   water,  *|i!l,!ll)(l,  1111(1-2-1111  IMIATt'hoAD  FAHMFaTTKH;  Only  >l   loll, VU   iivvttH  leyel,  llinl ly  wiiDfll'd, nervlc��, $7,700,  '$11,1100,   U'l'liin   pDHitihle,  IIHO-2-llll  WATF.KFRGNT, (illtHoni* Buy,.  luvnly '��. Iicilrooin Iiniini, ov-  crlool0n/( Hut Inn hor ninl,  liiDlllilalHir, I'rrint nil in /'.iiimm  \v|l|| iiulln, rixlrii r'olln/(it lieil-  I'nnin Incliidoil, Iiouhc In npuc-  Idiih, liaa Fl,' and carpriled, I hit,  muni he neon by wfit<-('J'roi)l  hiiyar-t, FP, $24,000 wild Icii'iim,  make your appolntinenl,  - J. .-  flfUl.24111.. ,,��� ���  PKA CI'.Fl)L   iliniMWAYi  TD'HDuisiily, clifrrinlnn 2 livd*  room nummrir hnmn and ipieid  coliuini at Hiilfnioon Buy, Two  UNFURNldHEp house" ip Se-  oneit, new 2 bedroom, available in .luly, < $150 month.  Write Box 6720, 'c-o Box 310,  Peninsula Times,; Sechelt.  ....      '6726-32  TRAILERS & CAMPERS  FOR quicl71aie7~Io'"~trailar,  propane stove and heat,  wired, ice "box, 1 bedroom,' no  toilet, excellent shape, $750  rash. llllD-'OOrvl. fllWftrlfn  '111(10 TRIM PI I, Hplihre, (ingiiio  i:i!co|illy   (Worhiiuled,' muirlt  !(���(! ni $1)00 ciiuli, Apply NurficH  llertldonco,'   Hechell,  01)3  "T'  '01  18FT cabin Crpisei1, fibregltjs's  O'ver plywood. Evinrude. PJi.  803-9316,  ^0003-tfn  9   HP   BRIGGS   &   Station'  Marine,  ready   to   go  $I*i0.  Th   885-9366. 03-73-tm  WAITED TO BUY *"  WOOD'   stove   "wanted,    wel-  pprpe beach,  II. * G, Ladtier.  R.R.I.,Halfmoon ;Bay, BaC.  6066-32'  PART    Spamal    puppies,    5  weeks old. bolving' for kind  homes. Phone (185-2080.  -    0700-31  FREE to gopc|, 1-ome, 2 yr. aid.  Border  Collie,   vory  affect-'  lonate. Ph. (185-2015.    ,6735-32  SILVER   femalri   toy- 'Poodlej  17   montlis'a:.$80,.v?.Mtist   be  spayed, wiiitiil::  ��� ��� ��� ;V-:Wl^:i^-fe%-TO-32  FOR SALE (Continued)  ELECTRQLUX Salesapc} Service,  Bob  Walthani.  Phone  ffB5-QB7B. 6593Hfn  IF IT'S suits ��� it's,Morgans.  .  885-0330, Sechelt, BtC.  8893-tfn  WOODFaN- drop    leaf   dining  room table with 4 matching  chairs with  upholstered  sea,ts '  ..$25. Also Slihl power saw OftOi  $175. Phone "Maureen Lee 883-  2563. 6693732  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  T-TTTT       " ���        ;     '     :    7-7-^-       : r��� ' p-r-  SPARE time income refilling  ajid'.collecting  money ���froni  pp'   type. high-.quality   cohv  --operated dispenssers, in your  a,rea. No selling. To qualify  you must have car, references,  ��� $600 to $2900 cash, .Seven' to  twelve hours we0kly -can net  excellent - monthly -income.-  More full time. For personal  interview write Cariapenn Distributing Ltd., Dept A, .160  Bay St.; Suite 205, Toronto 1,  Ontario. Include phone, number. " 6727-32  LIVESTOCK  LOST  PALE gi'oy^;piapplt sea'   on  10.1*5 ferry^e|w#N* -SaHery  .Bay " -���"-"*������*--"'"������-      -  9297  Bay and E-WJStCo^f��-Bl"/483-  )297. JjAjfyJ:     32  RCA    WHIRLPOOL    electric,  -floor   polisher.   No ' defects,-  $25,   Call   885-2829   or* traieir  No. 6 at the Sundance Trailer-  Court. .' ��� '    ��    673-1-32  III' ARTIHTOCHAT Travel  trailer, sleeps si^, prnpniie  stove with Ihnrmnstntii! control led iryoii, propane fridge &  fnrnnci!, "fmll canopy for one  nido, A-l shape, jeiidy In go,  $2,000   cash,   No   offers,   IIII5-  031II,     ���    . 6070-32   i\   WANTED TO RENT  ilNPlinN. "di :,Hlrrn.'~" hiimo.  WanUid  lo  rent  in  GlbsniiM  iii'iin. Ph. BHn-SIW��.       (1720-1 fn  CARS & TRUCKS  I Ml.   1)110-  flfliifl-ua  (JIIKV    pickup,    camplnle  wilh   box,   Huiih  iidikI,  $275,  I'll,,. 11115-2351,    Hlir��-llij:H��,   ,11115-  20(12, ' ������im\'VA  lOfid "MFHCllilV ' er-iiiverllbli*,'  Offei'M, I'h, 11115-2120,      ���   ������!������  073(|.!I2  iSILvjjr.iftiTwS  for na|(i, ijitlOO nr Diiaruiit ril-  f��r, Ph, i|it:i-2(IOO,  072H -!!*"  typ" l��ii, ^'"'yj'';.^  yi.M'Pol.l��?tl,.  "         loin, Airiiiimi-wulerfriinl wilh  yci* -vlow,"Mny'lm -roiiv "iiirpnr."  iilnly. nr hm a puck nno, 7 Mi per'  n-nl 'llnniicln/! 'riVallablc,   All  'liiirlfnilrtrn, "Wilh ,.IO('K   IlKR.  "TP $10,000,"  cmi! .tack Amimnnn find:  2323   or   Wiri-Wl'i'l   or   BTA)N  ANDKiiatoN iiiih rm or mm.  ���/."ton,  07-10-02  MON,  11113.2745,  117-17'!^  .9-YEAR-OL,D Bay Gelding for  sale,  *��>  Morgan,  Vi 'Quarter'  horse. Phone 886-9{i96. 6640-33  2 VISAH* old Gelding for"s7le  Phone   806-2807..        6718-tfn  ONE pair Toulouse Geese. One  3.month old Toggenburg Billy Goat. Ph. 805-23.53..  6732-32  LOST"' in-g^ia  "f<$vb. Small  ginger   male Wt,;' neutered.  Rewai-d. pn, iiti^iiaaOr  *���','   ' '     6755-32  FQR SALE  ORDER   your   garbage   incinerator   at   $51.50   each   from  Sechell.  Ivinsmen.   Phone  085-  2443. ' 6396-tfn  FIN.DLAY     garbage     burner,  coffee table,, odds and efids.  Oil dr.um and stand. Ph-885-.  9485". . 6724-32  'MARINE ACCESSORIES  Paint ��� Fibreglc-i-ss ���<- Rope ���-  CarWas ��� gpat Ilardwaie  Compressed air service  'NYQREN SALES  (1971) LTP,  Phone 88670303, Gibsons, B.C.  COMBINATION ,  oil - electric  range  incli"ding  barrel  arid  stand, $75.- fi86-2,f*65.      67*nl-32  30 INCH elecJTic stove in good  "condilion: Call  085-9830.  6750-32  iHaix-STEEL hide-a-bed, 'tur-  quuise     nylon    cover,    $75.  800-211115-after fi pjn, -'6730^1%-  ENTE-RPRISE..   water   Jieater,  40  ga'lons, 0 years old.  Ph.  886-7200. * 6729-34   * ������ ���       1  -i ���        '  LEGAL NOTICES  MAI^Y ISLAND  5i  -'     ^  ' -v  w  .\*  i^-r^r" "*���"'"-' K  .JT.-Mia ,t03XrlJ**0GZ*��i**x  4.8 .qcre Mary Island  located in central  Pender Harbour. Over  1,50'0 ft. of sheltered waterfront, a large comfor'able Jog home,  small guest house, water and hydro from mainland,  float. Price  was $125,000, now reduced to $9.7,800 with terms....  MADEIRA PARK  Choice view lots on 64 lot subdivision   Prices from  $3,500 to  $8,000  Some cleared reqdy for building,  FRANQS-PENINSULA  Or-  FORM No.  J,,  .LAND  ACT  NOTICE OF INTENTION TO  " ��� APPLY FOR A  DISROSITION- OF  . CROWN LAND  In Land Recording District  of New Westminster and situate in tlie area known as  Wilson Creek bounded on the  NE side, by the B.C. Hydro  right-of-way, on  (he East side  BOATS & ENGINES  III   FT,   JaI'TN   H-l-lr-n'l*,   liuilil,  nlnl(, buiilui, 0<) hp Mercury,  llltu imw, Tinl'lor, $1,0(10, I'h,  ltim-0000,       " 0303-lfll  ifl'K'i'Kli"    IIKAM,    whMlMihdd"  ppif.  coinpkilii, ciiuviih _ |op,  Prh'o   $700,   For   lii|iinnailoii  I'll, iw.hMm ii lunVn cm, 110:1-  24Ml  nviiiili|��i|, , tlTM-lVA  inrK^Vuim (iiinii^*1'niiiiionrd  w/11   eiii(lni),   $400   W   h'-Hl  of fee; 11, '('1,.1/Ufln^'; Wolfoiwi  Jliuich, 11,11,1 llalfinooii Hay,  77���- - - ��� --������ IWIVM  IftSf SALKr Eviirrudn ft() '\\V,  nicriric ff)inri, ifood ninnlnn '  order, lij, 'l\ WI'Mlim, Box 47,  Mitdolrn Pm It, Ph���M',hWlW.  "���-"���-���- -.-���.���-- -���.���tmtf'n  fdlV BALK ^17' iiliiiltnr, 11lflll  Of)   hp  outboard,   bod)  good  liliiipo, _ p/i(|(ll(-n(i   iiiiclior,    fli (I  it>tiliii(frihlic),'frniiii'J''*i' lop I11-  clildcd,   $1,100 ciiMh,   I|I|0-2!III2,  "    fl7'IH-'l2  Carpenter's speriol���3 bedroom partially finished honio, with  approximately 1,600 sq, It, living ,,or<"o, ,o|| |ioql. Properly i">  nearly 2'ncro!i. The |ow prico 1^ $18,500 wilh  $6,5000 i'lown.  EGMONT MA.RIn7TaND~RESORT  Jhjs well l-nnwn,and,piQf|lo|j|o (Ishlna resori Js alloix'd Im .wU)[  (or Iho (iril lime,  11 ,moio| ilnlls'���-soniu wilh '3 bodrnoms.  Uidoo with 0 slonplno loiainu,  Owner's hnrnu,  Office.  Rfiitnurnnl.  ,  ��� 1        Hool r<"(il<"i|->,  l.nonrhlno rdinp.  a,',        -,. Approx,. 400 ila ol Uon|s  ,., .    ,,,.<  , Clinvmn mnrlnn olb*ilni|��o.  C16O (l, irhniiro wolorfmnl.  \ To view by (iiipoinlmiinl "lily,  '." , .MADEIRA PARK  1-nrO'o vlovy Inl on Doowond l")iiv'.i,' 100 f|, wl?lu by 300 fl,' ilriflp,  I'lilliliiiij .'.|in liivi'llml for bullillno 01 <i��f idlcnl t.iln loi m"l)i|n.Innin!,  .Serviced wllli wnlur nnd hyi|ro,' Ad'sino print *fo,o()(),  FRANCIS Pf-NINSUI.A  |.o| J���nvwr I '/����� iruo'd ncrnh In ono block or run bo pirichnsud  In *l I'ndlvl'lilnl lOlfi, Suivlrql wllli wnlorumvl hyi|Vo, Plcnly ol room  |oirJiHlMlnu oi'W'iuM imil<.(i,-��miil| Imilur 1101K, Opun lo nlhiu- Im  * I'lOicI'     (a(l|<l,  ���������-- 4002,- bounded on--lhef-Soitfh  West side, by lhe airstrjjp properly, Lot 66B2 and 011 I lie  North' side by Lot lSiri until  it is intersected by the B.C.  Hydro right-of-way.  Take notice that I, Dianne  Elsie Patten of ..^ecbeit, occupation, waitress, intends lo  apply for a lease of the following described lands:  Commencing* at a post planted in the NW corner of Part  of Lot 1528, Group 1, New  Westminster District; thence  10 chains/ east; thence 35  chains South Easterly; thence  18 chains south; thence 45  chains North West; and con-  ^^jaining 20 acres, more or less,  *fr)'foa pi'-fpfase-for which" <bTr  i/hsposition^ is required  is the  growth, propagation ali*1/niar-  klBting the produce thereof, of  2,000 (approx.) Hazelnut trees.  Miss Dianne Elsie Patten  Dated June 25, 1071.J  (1733-ptih. .Fuly 7, M, 1071  rcj  |i)ui|*>,  _CHq!ci_y/y^^^  ********* hi*" P'?<Ti Tf *tfa"* I IoiIidu"i7 wili',^n?��r'.ii7i"if liyr'lro V7ii<l7iov��'ij  '   |.1'�� fl,. wolurfioni  $|b,000.      1  70 II, wnlnilront f.M.()00,  in fi. wniiiilroni *Hft,0fJ0.  . MADRIRA PARK ������  AppiOx, l/i'()0 iii|,,ll, -.iKiclouh Iroirui on '? pork ||l<n n<"i;��'i wllli (i  riKHinlllcunl vlnw ol iVrdm, ||ni|iour, Only '^fiO fi, hoii) llm  ���voimlionl nnd i,|iui-ii��i| obovii |r��o nuxnoon n| Mui|"iru I'mk  Cinvl, llnnif,, fVisMbln Mibilivlslnh, roll piim 1.45,000 wilh 'pO.OOO  ""������ ���" ;'"      "���  Pawn 10 hanrlla,         ���    ������������������������������������  t ��� ������.    ' , Rui'iy UKC.Mqfii  ',   ,    " " 10 Hull VVnloilioiii tAnlnl  II pwdftip lioiiMilomploo unlit  _v,     ', 9'   b|(>��!|-||IU,Mlll|-i  Officii hulliljnu wllli Hvlnu ��|doiIoih (or own��*r  llolh 0111 oil nln>|y (urnltl-oiJ, huvo ulueirlc |wolin(| lip'l  oil) w/ill inoinlolriud   ,  Thorn H,.oi'|)iOKl|'rinli)|y 000 fl, ol wotnrlrof'il \pflnnp uiul  nppioH, /*()() l|, on l^iiby l.olor will) 7 \lnnl\, hooin, on.f  .,.���... ri.,��,��)��  ���  '       Anklnii ptlcn, faflli/lOO wilh  1>0'>/K)0 down  I*  rt vlnw hy op.iolnlimwii <OT|  'X-  Mony n||i(!r vlnw nnd wolorfmnl |ou in'ilru l-endnr Hnil'inur'or��o.  oxuy]  R6ALTV I.TD.  , Modo|,m Pork,' li.C,  Phono. fV-rvldr Horlwiur H03-2233  '-TTl^ATlTTSfENT 7^ TfflW  KOHESTH,. AND, WATIi'lt  HEROUHCEB     .   '  Wnfrir lle.SDUl'ces Sei'vioii--  PoIIuHdii , Ci)nirn|   Uranch '  APPLICATION POn. A  PEHMIT UNDER THE  ,        POLLUTION CONTHOL     ,  ACT,  10(17 '  I, tSlinshlni! CoiihI neglonal  Dirilricl of P.Q. Uox 1)00, So-  (���hoii, It,C": hereby, apply lo Iho  Director pf PoIIiiIIdii CdiiI|-dI  foi- a p(ii^niil-to-"<H��<-h-rti'|U! rn-  fiisi! friii'i Pender lliirhour ���  Ohii-iloi) I'hiy- Egniniil urea Id-,  , i-uted nl Clnrdei) liny lloiid (inlo cleared fonnd land riiylnn,  l-orilon of |-)lf��H* IHI77, '|!W��i,  1)670 mul iiiiHiii'vi.'ynil lnn<l.i��d,-  Jni'i'ii! in 'llu'in held unilnr  ���H,ll,l>, 01)01 nnd ijlve iiDilcn  of my application Id nil por-  HOI'lll iiI'I'iicIihI,      '.    .  ���   Thu poliiI of dlHcluu'Ki) hIiiiII  v lii' lociilcil ni; loguiiiK I'ouil iic-  rtrinK   ii|lprONli))ii|ii|y .one    hall1,  mlli' iVoni (iiirihui  liny  lluiid,  Av(ini|(n   iMIiDiir   illtti'luirno  iniiNluiuin ft- ruble yorrlH.  "~""'op>irniinif'|)^)i(')d''r(liiiiynviir"  nn ul nil llini'M,  The opniiillng hiiiimni liiillnn  Which  Hli' rnfilfiit  will  bn d|.V'  ��� cliiirniiil is I'onUuunuH,  !'|inrin'lerlH||i'n   nf   llm  o bo (Hm'li'iV/t-i-il  mIiiiII  -run  rel'utic  bn  iloniosllc,  ��� lU'tPHt. Hhnfl hi) fviiivoyci'l  mid illfH'hiii'Kud lo llih Mlln (tin  I'dIIowh: by ||iii'hn/-ii conlnicl-,  Dl'H vn|ll(*|n,  Tlio mIIo Id which llin I'lil'iinn  in  illncliiir/.i'il' hhnll  Im  iiiiiln-  Inll'icil nn folloWaS! (Slilth "(liver  iim |i'(|ulri'd find ciiiiipnoloil |,y  ll/icki'd  vehicle  - Ji-ciini'ii-fi I'Vtlr/oritpKiiinT,-"  , l��,V ''<'l|Jly, Uiul llilii rippllciillon  '*li*'n not roiilllrl with' llic Jo-  ' ("U Jty-IiiWH nf Huiin|)||)���� Conid  ��� IIc/iIdd/iI  UlMtrli'l,  Tl 1 i u ~ .u j ip 11 ca 1 b>nf. d ��1 m I - ,m  "1"  ���*'��'-,'hiy...,j)L,lumU Jim,  wim pouted on iho ground In  'O'DiiliinciT wllli Urn I'oIIuIIdii  .HdiiiiI  ll'-/-u|irlioiiH,'  '   (!.  K, (lOODINCJ  "��� ,��� fiiin-nliu'y  ,      07-IOrpuk duly 7,  J07A  ,'"**-*����'*   --.--,���.,--.         . ���        ,.      ^    _     l��^^^^Jt^im0t!^^M,0^^,^^^^���rrr.1^^^^.r^^   \kU3gr &$ 1# -^^^''^^^y^^J^y^^JJAJj:, JA%  ig*WI%f*w<*^i**^lg!9^^  *^***?^S^1*I?^S*!^**aI^^,T*'^'^ 0, -y\>\- ,^-V S^> ..->��>tv.-f-Vi^.^ -,w  .j ,u?, _..'..*' .*��� *.    . *���   ���#.-������������'   . - ��� *-  :���?-  ���-����.  '.'a*   V  * ''^J *���?* *.  ,>'rto,>_yYVV>nr*^^Yv^no^v%^v"^^  i*inaa0*u0*&**0lB*v0*aHVMG*utxat**4&^t*0^^ .  51T--  ���*  * *at.  . W^dp68rf<!|y,--July 7, 1971- T|ie Pen'nsulo Tirnes  Letfeis to (he Fttitor (ire the opinions of yepden,  and  opt  pcres-saiHy  those of The Theirs.  A  iionl-(le-(>litn,e nuiy he used foi  publication, but till originals tints,  be  signed by  the witter.  Protesters ���uinb HeaUh Unit office will accept ca||s  ,!,_..      ���.    ,.,      .                          " apd   messages   The  messages  will -Ihen  i-riiu-r, lie inpcs, be replayed by our tnvn stall. |o the off ipe  Sir   With  reterence  to  the .anli-com- ul.eit\ UuT"Q 1S      Iewden,  ,iealll.  .ri,pec.  njeite piotwts   there aip so  many pro- tm    * am. ceilnm  thls ^--"ingemont  will  eslb  now  lhat Jhe  powers  that   be  can h.Cil.tate the Health inspector in planning  hadly  be  blamed  lor  lakmg  no  notice his two day tup lo Gibsons,  ol any ot them                           -                ' ,,                ,                  ,���,,,  M<iny   residents   ip   the   Sephelt   apd  Pendei Harboii| areas ha\e dealt dircctjy  with the Powell' Ri\ervolficc to Ihen bet-  tei satislaction, and tfus method we encourage  ' We are presently organizing a new  schedule foi the Gibsons and Sechell  areas     The    dates    will    be    adveitised  Sunday School ��� 10:00 a.m.  Ctfyrfh'Servjce 77-*| 1:^5 a.m.  Evenina Soryice 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. 5. CASSELLS  Davis Bay Roai* and Arbutiu  12 blocks up 'forn Highboy)  Tournament champs  nplds ��ipd Ken, Stand, In the 2 p.m-  game the Legion scoped an 8-7 vyjn  Sunday    Bob Crosby; Bill Nimmo and Gordop-:  over the Wakefield. League playoffs  ���    evening when they scored, a' 3-2 win. Lfcmka.   Front:   Ale*  Sty tie.   Peter   -commenoOd Tuesday night,  over the Legion before a large croxyd    Rigby; Brian Bennett; Freeman Rey-  lournament champs  11 was no walk oyer: for. Peninsula at .Brothers Park, pictured from left.,, nol  Hotel in the Senior Men's Softball back row: Jime E^rle Dick Scott; ; gai  Tournament   which   ended   Sunday    Bob Crosbv; Bill Nimmo and Gordon-:  ovt  iny  I'll bet that il John the Baptist appealed in Sechelt to pioclaim the second  coming ot Clmst, -irolests would be made  against his clothing ol goatskins, Ins diet  ot locusts,and wild hopey apd that blessed event he predicted( would boost the  tourist trade.  In theory one would think f]1at it is  better for the wandereis to settle in one through the local newspaper b The addi-  place and do things foi themselves lather ll0,ial l,me sPe"t m the ai*ea by the health  than sli'ay around thumbing ndes In m^pccloi should encouiage moie direct  practice? one does'TSreit-kiVow. ���' ���"���'��� ���  consultation with the inspector. *  Also, another'improbablrj is whether Jf will be greatly appreciated  if yop  it is right to spepd a.11 that money oh witl inform your readers that the, Gib-  American draft dodgers (if they be so)-, sons Health Unit office will continue to  'not "tlfat I arp'anti Arnericap, rather pro     accept messages. ���  �� ���  if anything. But, free bus rides and board      \ Rlatiy thanks.  The United Church of Canada  SERVICES  St. Jphn's United Church * Dayis Bay  Sundqy Servjces - 9*30 a.m.  (toberts Creek United  Sunday Services - 2:30 p.m.'.    - ���--  pibsons United Church  Sqndqy Services - 11:15 a.m.  Parr Mellon United  Sunday Services - 7:30 p m.  (2nd and 4th Sundays)  Ministry  Rey. Jim Williamson - Gibsons - 886-2333  K  i  ��� ���*.<  t .  ���;-.  r '  I*.  of ail the wapderers qf Canada to J@.C!  is just about, the most amazing stunt that  -any, government of Canada ever pulle.d.'  V.   Think well on lhat one,-ye protesters.  J, S. BROWNING  Sportsman  Editor, The Times  Sir: Re your write-up and pictures in  June 30 edition, Pender t**ar-hour Little.  League learn meets Bobby Hull. Yon neglected to pr'inl ope piece of information  in your write-up. When the team was,  j taken to meet pobby Hul), they left tlie  ' learn ihey were'hpsthig at tbe ball field.  May he a chance in a lifetime for some  of the boys to meet a great, star and  sporlsman. As the press was there to lake  pictures, it didn't appear'.to be a spur  of the moment plan.  We try to-.teach the ball players sportsmanship'  perhaps some adults could  use   *?  a few lessons Tirst.-^  .X.      I. BOTTLUPP  ���;-���������      ' D.   QJSMMILL  0\fprlooked ���  Editor-, The Times  Sir: Last week "when we wpre thanking al] ppr-workers who-helped wjth the  June Pest, we forgot our only mate .worker," Orv Moscrip.  Wo' lire sure .spity Orv. Thanks again  for your help.  MARGARET HUMM  INA GRAFE  B^pffsf CKyreh |��ryiee*>  bithel Baptist fKOiFiCH  iVierrriaid andfrdjl, Serjhelt^  Sunday School J 0:00 xx. pn.   8  Morning Worship 11:15 a.m-  CAtVA^Y BAPTIST -J-^URCH  Park Rd., Gibsons  ' Sunday School 9:45 am.  Evening Wprsliip 7:00 p.m.  Pastor, Robert Allaby  (885-2809)  AaWARM WELCOME AWAITS  YOU.  ������'.���'- Tournament  It was all action at Brothers Park    Tourngment; Playing   their   seporict base to give the Pen another inning,  lasl week with three full clays of play    game oh JWy 1st Pen. Hotel's Alex Fireman Danny Carrol made it to  during   the   Senior   Men's   Softball    Skyette makes a nice catch at second third base.  Cohiiisioq?  The Editor, Tfie Times,  Sir: I 'wisb/ to draw to your attention  .in incorrect statement that appeared in  tlie Peninsula Times, dated, June 23,  1971. I an/i sorry for this misunderstanding as there was some confusion about  this statement when read .at the Union  Board of Health meeting.  The statement appears under your  article entitled "Health Office phased out  tor inspection information." It reads that  residents in the Gibsons area wilf contact  the Squamish office directly and that  those people in the Sechelt-Pender Harbour area will contact Powell River.  I.wish to inform your readers that Gib-  5  I*  SECHELT AGENCIES PATE PAD  ���t : *   '  ��� Th,i-free reminder of coming eyen'-* Is p service of SECHEUT AGENCIES  LTD. Phone Peninsula Times direct for free listings, specifying  "Date,  Pad.". Please note that space is Ijmjfed and some advance dates may  hbye to wait their turn; also that this^J'i$������fl���'���''!r'^rhlnder���' listing only and  cannot always carry full details,  July 7���8 p.m. Sechelt Leoion Hall. Bingo.  July 9���8 p.m. Sechell-Indian Hall.  Bingo,  July  17'���11  am.-5 p.m. Children's Fishing Derby at Wilson Creek.  July- 1 7���2 p.m. Cooper's 'Green, Redrooffs, Centennial Country Fair.  I..  -.  Ash for our Free Catalogue of Real Estate  Phone 88  OPEN  MONDAY-SATURDAY 9 am.-5  p.m.  Went to Trail Bay Centre,  Sechelt  TUWANEK       " t  No, 2120  Boor lovers and1 Fishermen. SemPwaterfrorit lot with'boat''launch  across Iho, road'Jjusl 5'/^ miles Irom Sechell, Fine view wijh mutiny  exposure. Hydro, phone' and walerlino on Ihe road, Full pricn  $4,500, Try half down. Don Hodden,  885-950'!.  .GIBSONS   i    '. "    ' ���   V .       * ' 'No,"5l39  "r_lTCrli'onm"'lTnmr'w"iilr excclli-nl-vicw-nf-Howe Sound,  Propano  iuinnci.'    Near   schools"*'   stores   and   posl   ullicii, only   *|>M,(KI0.  Cnll C| R,'Gnlheiailp, Bf}6:7n|-,[".    ' ���  TII.UCUM BAY r^n. 20.M  Good lo| in summer l-nipo-oreo,' slops nway bom Morlnu,, store, '  nnd.'orelil  lisblrifj, Hydro, phnnn nnd wnlnrlino by properly. Crrsh  price i.2,600. Pon tlcidden, BBS-9504,  ROPERTS, CREf-K ACREAGE        " '' - No,  1024  A'f acres sulioblu for hobby lorm, nbniil  '/i rlonred. Biillrl your  own Inn'rnhiii rolrcnl nrrioricj iho toll liens, level lond qulol nnd  secluded, bul  |uM over o inllo In .public swimming beorh, Full  ��� 'prim *|.6(K00, Don llnddon, flflS-9504,  SECRET COVE AREA���PRIVACY No, .2fl^'IB0*f  Awuy from ll nil; bul close unminli to (issunlinls, Rmh'l in llm  pinvlnclril Indisl ni-fln, Cerlulnly no close imlfihlirirs. A mllo oil.  I lldhwdy 101, Over nn unused Infiolno Kind Inlo n vorllnhlo won-  fleilnml n[ woodsy hull', nnd nn yccoslnnnl (illinpsi) nl ollshoin |s-  'liipds, p'oiir" rind olho'r (jnme, IA0 (lrre' only $'S0,00'0,"Somo .loi-riis  lo Iho rifihl bny'di-s, Coll Mob Kent,, oves, flfl{).94ol. Olllrn 885^  223?),'  WEST. SECHELT '       .No., 19-1990  N'i'ir ���Wnknllulil Iim on I llohwriy  101, Two bedroom, hull bono-  'nionl honio nn nn ncru nnd mm lonlh. Efisy nrcnss In lhn union,  ���ij I 5.000 rush lo sn|l|o on oMnlo, On r|ly wnlnr, hydro;1 phono,'  rnbli.yi-,1011,   Coll   I'|d|i  Ktuil,   Hfl!V946|, iivfis.,  ��>U|ro  flBB-2*":m.  SCail'l.T Vli.lAGE No. 20-2070  ',1 ||ci|((Kiin bom" un lully rlirnrod 60xl?0 li, |n|, WHhln "im  lilui l< ol school I'l' "HO.I'OO wilh, ik rush ll.)lnncu ffiO 00 nionih,  ronMMinliln InKmml inlii, Coll Mob |<enl l)B!i-94ol, olllcu flBI).223li  PEIiniR HAKIIOUR ' No, 34-20l|9  hi  |ho  hoiifl  o)   Iho   llnosl  .rorpnllonnl  ninn ol   lhe  "Jiinslilpo  ���^    Ci**Tiisi'.*'"'*17'"'rir''i otT^'iT'hiif��Uvi��fnrW�� 'i'V'ri'i'j7i'iif I *y-r""I'W00''"ri;-'1r)r'*ifi/t��:i'' f i-oiilVio'rt**"   "   ' '   l.lliilivyiiy, 101   Irnv  roqfla, 1,94.000, Full  on piuiitriml null ol P-indni  llmbour, wilh  '������'���Infi prripotiy, I or hrmvl now homo plu'i w  (iiMiifl prripotiy.  pili-i; wilh xk ''dSh. Ciipmh  Coll Hob Kent llf|!)9^|  ,    ,,M���     ,,,,,,���,    I. B....   ... i,..,\,,.,      v .    a,..-..a,    a   �����,,  vnllvo iibllniuln nl oinst, piolil .pfjOjOOO,  nyoii, or olflprt (If),"} i??:i',),  o, 2  Int.!  ..1-1,1  WATIREROHt ' " i   ',       '     Mo, VIAEi  90 ,i-i"i'"h ul iinlnmhi-il |o|-(is| ,wilh '1,7,00 lool'Vil hi'dfh liihl 20  nillns liom Sin hell 2 ".lionim f'luun, pilvule, mh.IuiIoiI, "fr*!4,1*11)0.  down on  h'H |"l'<* "<  ^120,000,.lion lludi|��ii, ��HU).9S04,  wrsT'Srciiri  Ma Jlfi-I  f nrijo nrmin vlow lol nvor lM nriq wllli 'Hi lortl op lilnhwny 101,  jusl iinu iilllfi'li'-m llm yilldiin nl Sod-nll, lly|lm, pliono,iin��l wnlur  soivlro nl Iho fi)iii|,'|-uli jiilrn $.7,000, Tiy Vi down, Don llmlilmi,  Bl)!i.9,')04, ' ��� ,     '  OIHSOM-i '   "'"'"'' '���'���".���" '      Ha, ?|Bfl  'Eniiilly hunm nn beuullJiilly lu'iiibrupod lol, .florilui), bull lii.-i*",,  1 llniiblir rmpoil,  Nmir filbrops mul  fiiiiiilluiins,   1'|,')(000 nlloii.,  Cull C,l\, Cinihiirroli) nl fllli*) 70l'i,   ' ,  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT - No. 2130,  This qxcellisnl" private "130' beach on nn acre, lovely frees and  well built and charmlnp 9 year old 2 bedroom home wilh family)  room, is a delinlll. Safe beach, lovely, yiews;, Quad boplinr. 'and  fishing. Only $15,000 down will handle. Tn view coll I'elerSmiih  885 9463 eves or office. 885-2235.   ,, ....  TILUCUMJLAX. Z"rZ.'  1 ~~"T~Z N*1- 2.073  ' Good 2'hedrpo|ii hnypn, enncipio lispp:, firjjplnce, "A/Oi| Tieq^Til .'  50'x2l5'. Wall*, fo ryVmiiia in 3 minules or drive; A biircjhin ui  $12,900 nnd only  $5,500. down.  To see  lliis. roll  Pnloi  Sinilh  085 94.63, (;vps nr offica 885-2235,  DAVIS |3AY        -  ���"����� Hn   16-2019"  Vdconl  lol  72'x|49' on Arbnli.is*Rndd.  Excellent vlow poll-mini  lur Iho parson Interested In bulldlnr) on hl.ih sldo ol Arbulus Road,  ���'Shorl walK in Iind beach (irea, $5,000'lull prlco; py your'terms,  Cnll Bob Kent, 885-9461 r)r olllco 885-2235.  .-.-'������     ������  i~y���i-r���' ������  ��� '   -���������������,���������  I.AMPGALE AREA No. 03-2016  Just n shorl walk from' Iho lorry, lo lh|s lol thai Is 70 Icol wide'  nnd 193 I eel lono-'Hove nno of our Gibsons loprescplnllyos kIiow  yon  Ihis  lino plena p|  properly,  Call   Color Aolbers    886-2991  or Chorion Gnlhoirolo,  886,7015 or cnll our office 885-2235,  SECHELT VILLAGE -No, 20-2042  liiiiiioilialo possession on 4 bedroom home, close lo |"nrpo|sa Hoy  Whnif nnd.*insy wnlklno dis|nnco lo'siuros, l-ol'sl/o 53'.^|2.ft', 'Fry  yniji olli-rson lullpVIco $|6,|J00, Cnll,Dub Konl,, 88(3-9461 ovoil-  ii.os or olllco B88-223B. '    ���  SSECHELT VILLAGE  "~No��. 2177, 2085, 2080  3 sipoir Imsinosses, on ,mnln Hfeo|, each well established nnd  'flnurl-ahlno. I'ndi could ho��� oxpondod lirhirnoyor iMa'slrod, nfio  nndr Iwo porhoirn|)(iii:)|lons, I nusin| bulldlrii|K, buy only i.locL and  Ijxli'.ios, Each ownor will luko down pnynmnl nnd enrry holonrii,  pnyiiroiil on-low ns $-4,000 oni| mi.liliih on $|0,(100, Slolniimiilti  op (Ho in sincere |hV|ulr'los, Call I'elor' Snillh 08('-9463 eyes or  ulflco ,fll|5-2?:i5,'  RO'RFRTS CREEK, \lpJt  '"'" , Mo,   1809'  Now low prico nn 3.98'nnos wilh o|dor-lypo hniiHO, 586 loot  bonis on |..oc'vyiir Roml Gnoil yi'nii louml wnliii supply. On hydiii  ond phono, Mow , ,  , Only '$8,500, Full Pilar. Call  |loh Kuril,  SFl-MA'PARK- ������'    '     ' ' ' Mo, 2IS7  Oollnbllul but tali-nil "���'"no hmlmoin roiionu nn hoonillnl vlow lol,  76'x364\ Accohi. liom 2 muds, ruii|i| bo 'Jt IoIn, very nlcn|y iioml,  Ownor will n'rxopi $12,700. oil rq-li, I'mpony voiy llvnhln rlfllll'  now a,,id has ninnl piilonliul, Phono PiJIor Smllh 8'i!i'9<l63 mod,  or olllco IIB5-'i2;)5,    ,  TSAWCOMHF-   Only $!),'()00 E.iH Pilro      ',' Mo,  21114  .Api'inn,  IhO ll, li>ui) imlcllonl bench,, Suirniini rollpijo wilh,ono  lii'iJiuoiir,  I'tnuilly hnlll,,Fully |iim||uIi.-iI.  luinKtn.'d,  On louso lol,   Cnll fjuli K-'l-l'-ti 'Ht.5.946]',   '  SECIIELf       ''���        '"    '    '���/"'''" ; '    ���      No, 20-2028  'Mow I ml on ||n|f,h()(|, 2 horlroiiiii li'iipii un Who'll Rond, $5,01)0  f."iivo|iiiii��i)l nocond ipoiiijdiio In i|n<illlloil puuhnsoi-, Ai,klni) loi  nllou, la |p|| |ir|r�� nl $15,000, Vomlor w'll' coiihldor rnriyliin  Hist mononno oj $!j,000, foiol iprmppptm ovolloblo $10,000,  Whol hovo yni) lo offerr? Try us wo will I Isl on lo your flool, foil      38'          ..GEORGIA VIEW   Mow IWO' hr-'flrnmii home   'ipiiilous npni bl'dHl p1  open   In  IniuO  wimliicl'   mul  ma|ioiisIvh  viow,   Amplo  oil   Miool  pnikina, Coiiiplfiio iniiuoir (ioishiiKi, will) yo'if own._|n"Vo*i nnd  rnlui, srh^iim. $72,0()0;iollnis,    ^_^      '^,,(, ^  VI MA 'P'ARK Virw" '"      "*      "        'No.   I7 70?0  ���TANrASriCi" MARVHOU""* PANORAMIC" YOU.NAMC til 1  llil'lil. lis Ihis IOOxl 12 lool.lol Cnll Hob Krtill ol 8115 77.1') nlllni  0, fl8r>(.i/f/il nviiriiiKis, Tho iliiwn pnynmnl i(.> only $1,000,  DAVI'". HAY' Mo. 2043  * 2 BMiillenl view loM fcldo by ildo, .micli ^'"J'��'/', Jioill In lw;��  'liiiiilrt,  Md'-liolly" ilooiml, uooil oKici,  AU'lna  Wi,Dip) *w\\,  Coll  Dob Ki.'iH IMVMdl, I'm 'tni'tlh ftH'J 9463jor olllrn l|l|'l-27:i.��),  " '���* ....'.      .   ��� ���  . .   ^,tf*,i,0mi*0''**.i*m.**0iiir ������� ii ��� i if" ���"-*������*' w* ������ ���-'���"������liim ��� ���*  Hob Konl, (J8fi94.nl ��ivonlii,|h in nlllai 88f"-2235,  IN SICIIELT " ' "T'r '  No  ?t)|0 *       Co/y 4,b<.'diuon) homo, anlomnllr. oil Iw-al and flroploro, Sorvlrud  "p|orir"PoiT��i*��'/i>oi'h" " hprt|'iev,l,sloh,",'fflSy"Wll<ii'(ifrll''ioiKf) i��:iif|)t)oi(-iW(ic:i) liiid'Ki.'iiosi  iilrnly poiKJ lofsliodo, l.opiir-ropuij, (onccd |ol fiO'xKIO'. Corfmil,  cnMif nioln'orn**'*! pmmds, will Mioin day Im romrocrdnl, A��km>-|  $23,900 will) piewrni nr-fmimnl ,nvo||i)b(n of $13,900, Fny $100  month ni 8%, Try'Youi ollom"mil ll.ob Konl, 8Hf"-946l.      ���  WEST 1.ECHEI.T  Mo. ? 1-2179  ���:i nao iiitiidonllol lol w|lh ��/��(,i'l|onl vlow nl on.-on iinij-ollshoin  i'.lonib," S��"|pf||v("ly rlrnrud,   rendy  for  lirrlkllnfj,  porlinlly  |ond-  Miipoil, On povP'l lOO'l, hydio, cllyjiwnior npd phono iiynllnblo,  Im ivi/n ripprriKliiiuliily II0V44O'. Cnll Hob Konl, 885-9461 dvi-ii"  ���, or ullH.ii IHUh'mh, ' , ,.   ���  lull  (E, fi. O.E.)  THE ANGLICAN  .  For details qf Summer Services in  Sechelt, Redrooffs, Pender Harj.  baur and Egmont pledse, phone:  885-9793  885>9<$73  885-2133  885-2320  885-2331  Priest:���^REV. D. POPPLf/^eclieTt"  I.EGAU NOTICES (cont'd*  VIIaliAC-*!-- OF GIBBOrSS  Ti'n'doi-M foi- uddiljon.s mid  illloi'iilloiiH.1 In   life  'i  MunioipiiJ I|ull,'. album--", 11,0  .   iS(!iil(!d  IoiiiIoi-h oloiiHy ninr-  kod    "Coiuiinioluu    'r�� nil (.t;  OlhmiiiH IV1u|i|r!|pii,|  Hull  Add  linn mid AI|(i."iiijonn," will bn  i-coolvod   hy  tho   undoi-Hif-pc'd  up tu I1*;!)!) noon looiil lime ul'  rvlniidny,   .Inly ,l,t),   1071,   uni  will   Im  npoiicd   ip   publ|i!  n  llinl   Iinu.'  and  (into,  CnnlriK-'l    dni'iiniuiilH  ' n n r  drnw|i)H-" mny I'm iib|nh)i,'d nl  l|)ll   Ol'licL'H   0|'. (!|l||l)|<    ||)0    un-.  doi'Hliiii'id or ll'ni)��un nnd llnlo,  CoimillllnH ' Ai'olilUmlH,' II 01)  Cli'ni)vl|ln ,Aviinu().; Hli.'hmund,  I',<**; ���I'horn! ���"VH-riOlll", und up,  ni) piiymoiit nl' I'i'JO.'MJ (Iwonly-  I'lvii dullui'H),  whlolr mini  wil  l,.Ji.!L:��J'lt,,',yill!MLJ.,,^i!5-lH.JJ),L..-'1lJ/u,,.��..  ^""iiifif il J".'" ioTiilrri'rrf * iipoir l|")��T"; rA*7*  Ini'ii   of   Iho   d'muinpphi   uiul  drnwinp'   in   I'ljo'il   oondiliuii ������  wllhli)  Ihlrly diiyisi (,'|l)) n|'  r��-  0(l|p) ol' loiidoi'.   ,     '  Tho  iIdwo'hI. ' nr   nny   lundolri'v^  Will nul  ii*'i*i*'--i'mil,y, Im ncijop-  bill, '  HA VIM .[OMNHTOM,  ���a- ������������-    Muiilr-lpiil t'lnh  Jlux [(-III, (UlitiniiH, 11,0,  uly ',>,  uly 7, .1H71  n IH71  '�����737,M>li|),  Mnro'o how Jt woiKo. If yoii'ro nlnhtoon or pvor ploK oi)o of lliooq  propmnK*, no|i-p|otu ll Malwoon now ond porjnnm'er Oi.'nnd you'vo  (jot yoursolf n Co'ntonnlal 71 Illness meda|, ���     -'  ,    To.oniGi* |i*6i no lo your n'onrost rooroqilon obipmlB'slpn'or community  conliOjroQlolor and ipoolvon 11 j c o i d | < > r in yy j I fj ro (j��41 a 11 p jt) o. __^m ,,_,.���',.  Simt j*"iiiish Coiumj-la'a soconcl aouiufy p( cbfifadorntlon vyllii a  now loaso oirllfo. , s, '-.���.���  SRhriMrorlhy <   "   .,  Iiii: mtwipQUMMA physical mm^s  . AND AMAWUH St'UtirrUND.  ami' ' *     ,  %x   Tim COMMUNITY' [WGfmTIONJWANOf] ���  ^mmmmm  ?83^S?SS^?^^^?^^9^?SS^^  ^yfJ%:'3A>'��jt ( .,  .���-���*  7 -:>.:r;  1.*   * -\���*-���'���": -���       '    ������'.���.��� ���   '   '��� ��� ���  #"H"i I  ii 1 li  .ui  j.  it  * ��� j*   ��� ���* **    * *  naif moon Bay Happenings  -by Mary Tjnkley  Page A-4 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, July 7, 1971  T\VQ''i"-e>y resjdept of Halfrr-qari Pay prp  Mr, ant"." Mrs. Charles liebert recently  arrived from "3-icrainento Who arc renting Mrs. Pat Mess' cottage on Mintie Pd.  For Mrs..'Heb"ei;Tr-this is something p�� a  Homecoming ipv "he has taperi "a frequent  visitor tq j-Jatflnpon Bay'since she was a  3-WPeUs ol4 baby. Her parents, %r. and  Mrs. A. James'' used to rent ��� a , cottage'  from Mrs. Ol*ii'^ XyeU_\vlio'_wps postmisbj,  vess for mapy years" and lfiter Ml'- James  built a summer hopie which remained  in the possession-of the family until a  few   years  ago.   She  and  her   husband,.  ��� Charles Hebert left Canada to live in the  U.S  in 1947. Mr  Hebert who hgils fiom'  Eastern Canad.a, has been working for the  railroaanh Sacramento and has now retired. <  Mrs, Hebert will cettainly not be lonely living in the Bay ton she lias a- num-  ' ber. of relatives within easy visiting distance. She is sister-in-law to Mr.-Ed Ed-'*  inuncls and has two nieces, Mis. Peggy  Ayers of West Sechelt, Mrs, Marion Foley  .pf-Sqiiarnishi' typd's nephew, Owen Edmunds |n the Bay. She received a won*  dei'fui sprprise when she' arrived last  Thursday.- 'and visited the "Ness cottage.  Ip the living yopm stood an old QJ'gan,  -'���- once ^tK-pi-a^ Clai'a  LyeJl,���  whieli! SliK had  brought  with  her-'-'from  Engi'and: at'ound the Horn.  It was an nostalgic moment for Mrs.  Hebert, fpr as a. girl she had played on,  .it fpr  the  chprch  services   wHlch  were  held in Mis. ^-yell's old log h6use. Mrs,  Lye|l had willed Her* organ to Pat Wall,  -   now Mrs. P<*\ Ness. In 1940, when Pat got  a piano, she' had ho further use for the ,  organ  and  it  was  given  to  St.  Aldan's  . Parish, Roberts Creek where it was used  J lar many-yeai's in the church, When the  church acquired a new organ, the old.  one was moved to tlie Sunday School  "where jt served for- several more years.  Just a year ago, when the" Parish bought  a piano for- the Sunday School, the old  01-gari, being no longer needed, was returned to Mrs. Ness after 30 years in Roberts Creek. .  MEETINGS  Two annual meetings are scheduled-  at tlie Welcome Beach Hall on. Saturday,  y July 24,., Tjie^.,ineeiing_ of the, Welcome ,:  Beach'Waterworks District will be at 7  p.m. and will be followed by the annual  meeting of the Welcome Beach Community Association at 8 p.m.  The Ladies Auxiliary to the Welcome  ' Beach Community Association are meeting this week to make final arrangements  for the Country Fair to be held, at Cooper's Green, Redrooffs on Saturday, July  17.    ...  Mrs. Anton Kadin will 'convene the  Home Baking stall and hopes to have a  record show of bread, pies and cakes.  She will be grateful for any donations  for her stall and these can be accepted  on the day of the Fair from 1 p.m. onwards.        - '  The cedar -hope chest, whicli is on dia-  -piay in Paper's Hardware in Sechelt, is  s*>  'I 1  ���, repeiyjng a gre$t deal of admiration and  raffle'��� ticket's"'are going well. Don't delay  ill getting your chance on this beautiful  prize. Tickets are available from Mrs.  Grace Rutherford al the post office, from  Mrs, M. Tinkley or any metnbur of the  Auxliary,  The members, express their thanks to  , many friends fpr donations for the white  elephant and gold -panning stalls.  IN BRIEF '  ��� Verne Feasor who was involved in a  car- accident west of Halfnionn Bay on  May a'oth, has been flown back to Vancouver- for further modlt'ai examination  of his injuries,   Sonie-iiMhe-luL'ky-uhildi'un who wer.p  hi Vuiictjiiver last week lo .see Disney, on  Piu'iide wore Mary nnd Margaret Connor,  Caeelu and "Billy Teousdell, Kimborley  DpyJo -and "Sherry Joegonson, |*'rom the  uiilhUKlasm expressed by nil the children,  85*5  pr  igggg,s;^aga^  a, ��������>_,,  Elbcalcogor Ranch  ��� Second Annual  1  GARDEN BAY ROAP  PENDER HARBOUR  .,.;' Jr. Everrfs  Sal., July 24th  11:00 a.m.  ��� -      ' '���'���',   1 I     '��� ' ' - * '���-, ' ���  Sr,*, Events  w*"S u ut���- j u 1 y T2 s t hrnt  10:30 a. 111,  WESTERN GAMES   ,  BARM DANCE  Saturday, 9 p.m.  ��� ��� "music uy  TOMMY POWML'S MNP  for I'lforniflllon Coiilot't'"  Gonl McKco, 003-2602  Pender Harbour  .      .   ���'    OR    ~~   ,  .  Marty MoMmm, 006-9000  R,R.'I, Gibson*  t  * '  it was evidently, a wonderful show,  This "wok, Halfmoon E|ay is bidding  farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Greiner,  Darlene, Maria and ITjrnie v Jr. who "ire  moving to a new home near Oliver and  will he greatly missed by all their friends.  My. and lyirs.-bWalter Brown, former  topants of the Ness cottage have, moved  to. West {accjielt.  7 We h"*ve bigger ferries~and"more- frequent ferries but they still seem inadequate when it comes to periods of rush  such as July 1. People arriving by cat last  week reported delays of up to.4',3 hours  .at Horseshoe Bay. On ,the Jervis ferry*  there was "also 'severe congestion and Mrs.  Alap Qreepe reports that the ferry ran  until 4 a.ip. op the mpvping pf July 1st.  .She- and Canon Greene had beep'op a  visit to .Mr. and Mrs. "Jack ' Staniforth  at Powell Uiver and are resolved Unit  they will not take their car'off the Peninsula again ujitil Fall. On theie way home  they visited' Egmont foi1 a visit to Bosoh's  Marina and John West's Campsite .wheie  they lepoit tourist business is booming.  Motor cycle accident*  leads to drunk charge  OP the- less serious' flee'dents on the Sun.  shine Co**.-"-,-  last weelt-en**"., "*   vpo\qy  '  cycle  appide'nt > ip the Pender  HdrtiPM'  j  area "resulted   in the driver"- Peter Leh-  niaiv', Pf West'Vancouver, arrested, and I  charged with operating thp rpaphine whilo  his blood content expeeded .0(1,alcohol,  A   passenger  on   the   cycle,   Sheldon   Beck( also of West VanppuV��$r, was taken  _"_     ' jyjjyjj -_   tQ^tJVfary's-hospit-jUoiareaimeiiU-l <-  Op display at the Vancouver Aquar- CAUTION  mm ip Stanley. Paik * is the common __ hCMP cautions pwners of mini tr-iil  Iguana ��� native of northern South biV that the machines aie,pot equipped  America ������ and sometimes^sold in pet for use on public highways or public"  stores as a Chinese Dragorr. ft Is also used property. Therefore, operators face.char-  in movies as a stand-in for prehistoric "yes if caught riding mini bi|ves in public  dinosaurs. '.    -.    **"        roads and highways.  organ 4  -��*  ear  Street, Sechelt���Phone 885-9330  ACCOUNTANTS  RALPH C, ;pUCKWORf H  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT    -  Telephone: 885-9515 . Telephone; 886-2912  SECHELT, B.C.  GIBSONS, B.C.  W- Philip Gordon  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Tel;  Bus.  88*t>2714,   Res, 886-7567  Harris Block, Gibsons; B.C.  ' '������'!' " ���     s    ���        "     u^,.       ���'  APPLIANCE; REPAIrH  TRAIL BAY ENTERPRISES  Repairs to large pr.small appliances  JOHlT BUNYAN  Davis Bay Phone 885-9318  ART SUPPLIES ." .~  Telephone 88672069  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  Pottery, Supplies, classes & firing  dealer for Duncan's Ceramic produc'si  Pine Rd. & Grpndvrew Ave.  P.O. 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ABERHETMr  Glliipni, R.C, ��� fliono 006-7374  nt flB6-72|S  ���PLU^fUING '"  __a,�����.4���in.. (.ll ..Hill   "LI..HI ���-i '*���,W"'1-"111*"** *" *" ���*"*���   ���������"    ...      IN' 0Jl,lll..���l.���uii|        n�� I .   I 0,w-*0��*>**00*>*\  SEASIDE PLUMBING  Gihsons  Plnrnl-liif) - Plr"��flli!rirj - ^toornf'iilfirj' - '  llni Wfll'-r llopllnn - Pip" l-oiiginu  1   ,    FR|;I- f-STIMA'HiS  Phonn 006-7017 oi 086-2848  RENTALS    , . .   ,'  "RENT IT AT"  THE RENTAL SHOP  at Davl*�� Bay  "Wu P��'iil ��ir S'rll Alrri'i*-! l*V'*"yil)lng"  TyimWillui,*!��l.liililino Pl<i|ilii��T��l-ivl*i|'-|i��  (itiln ||lit��ik - Cuiiu.-nl Ml^nri ��� I own l''iK<.-.i  -'���-;" *"��� - ' Mcchni)l-i'r-Tof)l��"; "" :""��� :  PHONI: llfl(|-'*/M��l ��� 24 IIOIII" {iliRVICI:  ���- -? ������.��� t<B,C|^|.and SVryeyolrir  MQrine? -puiMing s- Pqrppjse Bay .  tiQ.i Sechell, B.C.  885-2332 or ZEn.Hi 6430  0>V~0*0?m iiw��piBwiii��Mw^wi|iwpfi|i  ii|imiM    Pi>>iw.ii��win��inw wi��pw n wiw  ���  TAXI  HARBOUR TAXI  LTD.  Harbour Motors  ", Shell Gas ond. 0|l pnd Repairs.  24 HoLir Taxi and -Wrecker Service.  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I Movor*  Phono 886-2664, R.R, \, Gihsons, 0.C,  HANSEN'rTRANlllFERTm^  Socholt 885-2118 - Gibr-onii 886-2I73  DAILY SERVICE |-*ROM VANCOUVER  SERVING THE SEC|||:|.T PtrilNiULA- -.  pinnllrirM lo onyyvlioro In Conqrln,  Qoncrol Frolglil, LoW'bod and,lioovy  haMllna  UPHOLSTERY        *...;J.'7..  pl^LAIR CUSTQM UPHOLSTERY  AND DRAPERIES  |"c!,|iho|��tnrln(l ��� RoMyllnfj -'CohiJ)|o|q llinpniy  Sorvlro - Somp|��!i bhnwii In ll)�� homo  Phono 886-2050 aW 6 p,m,  or 8862873  UtU -IhOBO   fe|X)CGS   lo  lunch nooily  10,000jMiojilu  oyery weukl,   ,   ,  i i  THC TIMES -��� Phono ^B'05.9654  r ��   4    �� t   /  itAAA-^h*^  m,0+s4*0it +0,A,f****+400*i00�� frrff*.!** P+.t��*i&00i0im-il*0*0' *i  a M>>*'*0*f*04m,J*-JI*000*i. A 4**.*+4**.t-, *>�����������>-  *��� **n *��> ���- J* f-#fcr*-�����>'*���** 00 0^01*0^**90^*.0**tfi'  -   r 0  V's   * *r     ' *  0    *    f ' ���     ���    #  j, *����efi*tr  *    <    ��   rl    < J   ,  W"   t >     a.   *
•*.•>•    -"/•"*>•* J-'/*.^A—
■"■■>,  '.tj   *■    j     ''.,       .  .     •   "r
L.W.J, a - , V j *     , f ' r     '•■!,-     1 ,
' ,    jl' «*? > ■>     I    >a 'l    /„ !    "»> 1
}V       *"'    R^jV -..-   ,.,*m -*-J -■-.   J.   I  ^."'t,'     . r-*— *        •
,wt        JL *• "ix ' i   J       *,. >   t .       ■ •fc1* »*____
' * ' *   * ,, 0
*' *   fi *■ 4 *J*f
•v * "*- .-
*.*-*.l >* *»* ffy • ■-V-h. v • V"".'
[*^TV   B v ,-^»*'""'*-"i*''''v'''''--i''''""----* *■
a tqa-
* .-;••-*.■-'
• ■"•"■^■"V"*'
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i **
i >
' !•   r   i
"I *,
*■*■ ;m'ope"av; fpv siimhiev) i"p^j^4i'na w* 1
' ''j# gang weather long 4 typical fe^re pf
« t- yityg SHn*3h*n*" coast hav*" at Inst' ap4YfKl->
; " ■ -jat us jippe- that the sup wi]l Jast, fpr fpoyn
l* ^,-ttfan just toe wwl *"wpi§ qf ^fyp. ;*
W .*, -ll ppuig -July I, W Ppni^nMP ajw
.«• -"   tn> WW") cejebw-lp th* Jfl-lth hxyiWy
y  ,(> p£ tbe-g*eat-dominion- of-P^nada-JProm-
*\  'yiclpna to pt. John's, ^ewfaupdlandrfes,- '
*, ',., tiyiUes mark that"even^-"-"--day °f .W
*.'"' 4h 1*367 when the ^ p-pVinee*? ot Qn^r*Q, *
% -l "'Quebec, Nova Scptfe, and Ne^v BfHpswjpk.
*" ": '-jqlned together tp form the pounds* ?aW
*"* "> - pinada, ,
i-V, "..'..I A* Hsual pn the Ipng wee^nd, touiV,
>'   Vsfs »i p flocking into the ^nshine Dp^st
*'*; jagion to spend then annual- or weekly
pr -*■*,vacations  People frpm |he I^owpr W%\\\"    .
,',- ""Irjnc", Vancouver Island, the mtPMor ^    \
J, thp 1 est ot B G Vlv>S ^H Q^ CVnafa ar*'i tlW     t
^^■pSA  Hock to the fetiy tevminals ?}] at     .
(J ^mice with the usual iesult of fiom one <
|!  y -fioui lo longer delays* in catching a feiry.
r**        .. " } '
1 «»
* <
4    -
*.   - "       I"
* 1     *\       *  »
.**'   / *
i /*•.
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I   s*
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* + *   *\    iJh   "l    *. , r*
-      <**,
1 A ■■ ,"-,<
(     r
t    '
1    !
1   '.
• i
Wpdji^ay, July 7, >971
Local interest . » »
art .Coquitlam wedam
eymoow in
i' "r-'*}0wi
^■\*'. I As biimmei comes so da the fishoimen.
''4,|n dll soitb of ci aft fiom thp big 32 foot
,; tjiuifeeis to the small 10 feet dinghies,
js the "waters of Howe Sound apd the Straps
t „ t*|f   Qepigia ^n e  thoioughly   combed   lov
^ t
(      ">Jl
\    . «        *l
Summer campaign
*\Yi;DDINQ of lpcal lnlerpst topkfplace on
"jfi-pe 12", 1071 m Trj.n-ty Up^tpd
] ChHrph, Ppr|. Cpquitlam, when *Juditl"i
■| Nappy Fan, pnjy daughter o| Mr apd
*, lyirg" L^uiipnpp H. Fair of Hppkjns Land,-
| ipg**" becapie the bride of Mr. Bichar'd
i Biyn Peaipe, eldest son" pf Mi apd Mis.
I    James 4\  Pe.uce of Mission, B.C.
Flq-al  airangements   of   pink ^carna-
tipns,   white   daisies  and  yellow  stqtice
decoiated- the ch"prch and tieied yejilow
candjes flapKetJpthe ,iltar f6r""the dopblp"
*|    ripg^fiiepippy whicl} took place aj. 4:30
'-fm   with Bev. bon Jackson,officiating
* Given in rpauiage by her Jathey, the
bride woi-e a short white si|k shantupg
diess in Princess line with Jong sleeves;
-"   -Vin«  vn» nf hih availahle in ht> found and                         .                                             ..                            r-,.„,.-, -r..,.r-.a., aieS)S jn ^rjncesj, Jine wun ,ong Sieeves
A'^ii?a 2In size■ As the Sun Salmpn Dei by W was HQperatipn Be^ch Clean Up" hplidi^y- Rfajapg sure there was no mam  street,  tl^ese * youngsters -.flui   white daisies we,-p featuicd. around the
^ "--"'Ind the Bntish Columbia Salmpn perby fpr   Quide*^,  Pra\ynies,   Scouts   and byokm g'^ss or jagged cans on the their  good  deed  which is  greatly   Emp'ue waist and wnsts Hei short bouf-
*"  -aie ocbuung withm the next month, fish- Cubs at: Sechelt prior to the ,July 1st beaol* and-eyep cleaning up Sechelt's
_/ *eimen aie trying out new bpats, new ep-
''gipes, and new fiblpng iods in pieparation
",'ifoi these two big events Alsp, dunpg this
"-'■time pejiad, boats can be seen bobbing
|np andidown on 'the waves, as the owneis >
\»Vj4ake pjeasuie in lelaxtng and enjoying-the
v a>_fiesh sea an
IvWi    The time of yeai has come toi swim-
^J jnipg and swimming Jessons a> e planned,
\v'§ponboied by th(i.Red Cross, later pn this
* ■"*■**;">,{pontli   Also, ;.t^s the season foi  water-
_ ^gkung, on the end of a tovy rope'a peison
' < |kimb acr oss tlie watei on a pan of water
jEtins   Ab  always the  skiei   has  the  life-'
__    s"jacket on and theie ib a second pcisop m
"■ ' f\\ie boat   Also bwimmeis should observp
J 4Jie bafety luteb by being suie tha(. young
v./non-swimmeib should have a hfejacket on^
,      "vyhen neai the watei 01 ip a boiat
}.-  ft   Now a note of histoiy as how the mail
I    i1\i*d-j deliveied at Hopkins Landing, B C.
i     $s debcnbed
\ A In 1907-08
[ , Ijioat dpchoic
.       >.ij^ibon-Hopk
ytp by thc
; - . •l*Belcavvd," and was handed out loose
' -J,fc' tae Pu,cei Ir" late 1908 aftei the gov-
_**"",- §jnment whart was completed, the mail
J~ 'was still handed loose until Mi Hopkins
)*"- * applied to the postal duthouties, wheie-
> -", upon a mail sack was alloted toi Hopkins
^-J""udnding In 1914 Mi Hopkins,was appoin-
; ? Vited pobtmastei and the fust post office
j ^ ^ab set up in a 100m in the basement
E , a./f'Qf Mi Hopkin'f. house
" i,, g In 1920, JVIi Hopkins built the store
neai the head of the whaif and it then
/jioused the post office Dm ing the next
r \ /jfew yeais the store building and l*ving
y    yquaiteis  were   tented   to  four  different
3. aa^v
fani veil was hp|d by a Juliet cap and
she can ied a bouquet of whitp and yellow daisies and, fieesias
Attending the bade, was Matipn of
Hopor Mrs George Daonan wpaung a
shoit daffodil yellow ciepe diesb, Pun-
cess line with short pulled sleeves and
daisy turn, she "carried a bouquet of white
daises and pui pie statice.
Best man was Mr Jim Peaice Ji ,
piplher of tjie grporp Usheis wpre Mi.
Joe Peaice, bi other of the gioom apd Mi.
Raymond Bnce, biolhei-in-law of the
Reception was held, at La ponde Restaurant," Lopgheed Ma)l, Buinaby wheie
thc white and yellow coloi theme was
featured in the table decorations, tieied
candles  and  the 3-tieied  wedding cuke
Mr Charles MacQucen ol Vieiona proposed the toast to the bude
Fqr the happy occasion thc mothci  ot
Increase over '70...
the bjide chose a pale blue fpitiel late
ensemble with white accestaories and
white gadrenia coisage
The molhci of the groom wpie a pink
laschelle knit coal styile gown with navy
blue accessones and white gardenia coisage
Foi lhe honeymoon trip to the Okan-
.                 ,. agan  by cai, the bude woie a  red and
Public service white fortrcl slack suit with white acces-
V/ith a full load of plastic bafjs lo soues
pick up after the recent Saturday The young couple will take up u-bi-
clean-up in Sechelt, Mr. I^ay Stock- depce in Vancouvei
Well ^nd Mr. Jvan Si-pith help load out of town* guests included Mr -and
th§  refuse while  the  PU^C  Spinte4 Mis   Chailes MacQueen^ and Miss Paul-
yQUng^ters settle down tp a Wfell $e- ctte'MacQueen from Victona. Local peo-
i^erverj cool drink to celebrate § nice pic attepding weie Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
clean "beach-                             *             " Wi lght "and l/fr  and Mrs * Dan WhpeJer.
rned hp is thpn a bad
j—j* slortPkeBpcjij, aiid-eirch opp \va;, appoiptcd    ATTORNEY-GeneiaL-Leshe Peteison  in - .Corpppny is copcern
Li    p*,sistanl postmustei upop taking pver the pprphienting on 'the recent piPtor-vp-    risk.   "Ppihaps   the   pcxt lime  someone   '•''
r-f     istrrio. Old tpneis ot lhe district might be     u.,,^   „(,n[APnr  e.nlishcs   said   "tho   sad     savs   'have   ono for
-3to")c. Old tppeis ot lhe district m»i(ht )*
^    able to tecajl  &pme oj; |he early stoie-
E'' -i, owneis and postm-iblejs. , .
, ^      Between   l^O  apd   **03*f.   t(ie   pyvpeis
^postipasleit,   included   Mi-  Johnston,   Vf,
•jHohson, Mr Hamilton, apd P. T. L Cdrp-
v /bourne.
•    ■«     The   poblniubtcib   included:   1031-J947,
'V   T,  L.  Cambouine,   1048-19.52,   W   J.
'piickdi, IOS3-10Brt, J   Chippendale; 19611-
'  101)7, J. Chapman;, I0fi7-19(i() H, J. Hamper; 10I5H-10(18, A   R   Dpncan; 1008-1971,
,1 *M   Heaps,  1071-piebcnt, J. M   Mo»rl-
> a son. __ t
, 'Youi   |i|o ih pot youi  own — not when
i j      Yon sit behind"!be wheel,
„,.„ .Because that's how you feel. n .,i n^plnfi ; M"P Ahrp<- .pipnth"? whieh cop*-
.'"|Buc:k   home   some   heart   may   Iprn' to 'M^ Jh\**  l^Hody l|?o   Yf.cp.vds  of'tlio.
J ''/ 'blope  lyifplplVYehicle   "i"|'apoh   s|ipw   that' thej'P'
J V!       Take euro •- your life |s pot your owpl - Vf'm'ii df!-L-i;p«scj of dcat'-js in ,*f|ipuary and
J'l'l      U anyone has  news or even|s  Ihoy '"\?-p'p(v;iiut ap; ifjprpuw...duy\pu Vc\m\pry f
would liko puhliHlied plciiso phone me ut Vyfip^itj|^.pcrt-r-pK,died pp prlMsli Po|tip)b)ti
BflU-7300 iind 1 will |w glad to include it, mnidpi'l!:-'1';    , -   ,.     ' ■     , I
jp my"colupip, ',, ..''      I'^tifji'pey-Gpporpll'PPtersop  Kajd(  "||)e',,
 :—"~—;—'i 1—""*"""*"   MpH'|"'P*1',-dffypy 'who'-ciimiw,hphipd iijp.,
, wheel; Jfi IJjqwpi'Hl ;|y|ip pf plfoprlpiMind'
IV, ,, . ■ pupiipl expect apy piercy ip HieppiirlH pf.,,'
id1 mKttsSSm*9k\    /     uiK.e,.     a i-h>s .'''Pro'viniw'0' •■• i'mpuircd,/drivipg  cpmeHi
/H   msmm,    S       Waller 6afa*y saya, pdeir the crinin«,l\-ode upd ouiTioirthoi
.••InvosllOflt-apopdl lops- jjiffoBl. pf j-onu|||Cs.'«    •.    . '
water aridalwa^a Jwlm" ' "Tf "Mrm "^Sll^l^rSi^r^Wi ,
vyotor, ?n«lj Always »Wl(T*     ppqiW* m higll!   ID WiW finos  «i)d
court' pppls cpuld pmpupt ).<> Hovornl liupd-,
roi|   "T,')i|'M''ii   I'Ib   dfjvc-r'p   llcopm!   cpp|d
io ""iispppdcd upd, un I'ur'us hlH.jpHiiriipi-u
hide   acpidept   sfatisf-ips   s-i^d   "t)-ip   sad says   fhavc  pnp fpr ^io ipafi'   yop w*U
tifith }s, t_r--»t more' people aje dy»ng pn -. l-h'nlf  o^ l-hnsc Off hppplc wl"n arp pq   '
qtjr highway"" (In the ffrsj -jhrpe -months longer wif.1-. ps," saj4 Mr. Pctcrsop.
pf t|i|s year Q§ deaths ppcipted, pp ip- Addpionpl s|at|sljcs  loleascd  by tjie
creqso ipf  2%   pvej- lhe same period ab AUorriey-CJeneral show |li.-|l  |3,ri8p acci-
Ja&t yeai,''          - dcpls wcie rcpoitcd ip the Just qpailcr
>"(l\*. distressing poinl is lhat al least of the year, a 10% dcclipe fipm Ihe 10,14(5
50%   of   these   doalhs   ipvolved   diive|i" icportcd in that pcijnd of 1970, A conlu-
wl}o havp been dunking" &aid Mi. Pclei- hul ing   fijclpi   Ip   t|iji,   dccieasc   }s   tljc
spp.                                                   i    _ change ni the piopcily damage accident
Although the incieau! in futu|it'ieb is M,!,n«'cvcl wlii*"h wus incicawd fiom
relatively  small  it  is-still  ail   inqcasc »I00 to ^00 .pp July Isl, 1970.	
Tho ipcioase In [ho number of veiuc|eb _(   jm,L0i'v^.,y.y00^j^i^Z*.,^^.L*,Zn,vvv^^j
Jicop&pd   tor  the  lii&l   lluec 'months  ot    ^..^. - a.. 7.. -; J,.-" ._*.?..*.. \r,' - -      ,s-
this'year, over the bamc pound us 1970
w)th fl hMddy,'S
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lotyesl prices oh ;tho Pen.lnsLj|q
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Gibsons >
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SECHELT ■— 889-9416
for Roll      .
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your faltiilylplidrmacy^^
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Trflll Prty Gmtta > pf-o-io P85r9833
Snrinycrcsr Plaia - phone 006-7213 ,
J   '.    G0 a*Vi"!      v^00&&[* .      y0&  *rTw0**.\r*0 **r*r^ 0"-***%.  ***.    '***    '  ���0  *C'  1 4 j-  ��������� a  , r  .^-.*.  usri^V *> �����-��-**������<������  lar* ' "  Vi*   (!>'*���* r*-  t ft  II  ���J'*'**''-?'***'''*^  .   i.    *    y    *���*���   *r+4   *      ,    .    -,��.^V^    .    a-t-I^S  7'f  V  ��MW����"<��J^>��aliiW��fU uiiiii yiaMiiiiyiiu a Ji4��aiM��w  The Peninsuia^-^j^  ���w***"fl��*ii"*��^  *"/ jr/jfly lie wrong, but I sltafl itot be so wrong as to fail to'$ay what I believe to be right?'  ,   ���John At un*  Douolas G, Whgblpr, Editor  ~ "'   ' * I  '7nM*rnttTO<tw^inriTi��inntini����i��im>iMirM��niiiu^���rnr>"  JtWl  1*4 '  -iff, '  "Sl   5  r*l  .*  ��� if i  .4.1 f  n  �����  ��   UfiMFSB  m  MANY city dwellers on visiting small public, jf they do'not wish to conform  communities seem to harbour the then they havo the privilege of dining  strange misconception that thoy have elsewhere. Conversely, those who  entered a world of impoverished, un- have no desire to eat in a cafe pat-  travejled and unintelligent mtUgen- ronised by long hairs have the same  ous inhabitants, What they only too privilege of dining elsewhere  often fail lo consider is tire- fact that The attitude we deplore is that of  many residents of small communities "the voico" which 'came to us over  are people who have travelled taxten- the phone last week-end This plain-  sively, are quite wealthy and even tive voice bemoaned the fact that he  stranger, die not without intelligence. had been rejected by a local cafe  -Certainly-city-dwellers live-at far man. Told lhat the cafe did not en-  greater pace but this, ih many cases, courage hippies or those who choose  is why the smarter ones move to the to ape'them, he replied ���''in America  " '��� peace and quiet of rural communi- there are Jaws against such, a tilling?*"  ties. They do not cut themselves off He was informed that, this  is not  from the rest of the world and neither America. It next ��� informed' us that "I  do they, during frequent trips to the earn far more money than the -cafe  city, take time out to attempt to tell operator." lie was informed that this  city: hWiiilhess people h,ow to operate was of no concern to us or the cafe  their affairs'.            -   . -owner. Next.cdrnjnent, "Jf am a uui-  It is therefore tlie more surprising versify   professais."   Our  'comment  that visitors from afar seek-to make .waaJJi'at this was not a position oi  an international  incident  over the particular  renown any longer. The  shock   of   discovering    a    certain voice woefully said it wquld have to  business does not conduct' its affairs 9VO*d Sechelt m future. We informed  . to thjeir particular liking. Specifically; '** thatMt, is its privilege, We- might  at this time, we refer to the hue and .a<W*. rt l.s extremely doubtful if any-  .:cry raised from time to time by those "'-one will lose sleep as a consequence,  who ape-the hippy ctilt and find them- \     On the whole visitors and tourists  selves asked to leave certain cafes, are welcomed in the area, tourism is,  What the complainers overlook is  Hhe fact that each and every business,  school, home and public office, has  certain rules and "regulations. Our  whole society functions around a general code of behaviour. As to the situation regarding catering establishments, we wonder how come the unkempt long haired individual .who  make such a noise about being asked  lo leave certain cafes, do not protest  the fact that certain Vancouver hotels  require tie atid jacket' to enter their  in fact, likely to play a large part in  our future oconomy. However, it is  a very stupid and misguided individual who has the gall to suggest* we  should all prostrate ourselves at his  approach because he considers himself to be some*'kiwi, of monied mes-  siah.  , It is our way of life that any person has the right to Operate his business as he, or she, sees fit within  the bounds of the law-; IHs upon the  standards he sets'thaflie  rises or  dining rooms. This too is simply a |. falls. In the case of the local cafes  .. .rule cif lhe particular hotel involvedmthe success of the business is stiffi-  and is one  they are perfectly free'lgcient  proof  they  aie .on   the   right  to enforce. The onus rests with the    track.  ��avenger��  -V  i /"-\  THERE have been a number of occasions in the past when reprcsei^  tatives of the news media have descended upon the Sunshine Coast and  in short finis created the most biased  media, throughout the country.  possibly this* overwhelming support comes, from the fact that all who-  pay taxes haye very good reason for  alarm at the way their hard earned  and unwanted publicity possible (a '; capital.is being squandered, Halfwits  holding well paid and important positions in a government elected on the  Liberal ticket haye perpetrated the  most astounding malfeasance ever  considered possible, We refer;, to the  so called���' opportunities foi* Youth  scheme. -  What should be borne in mind js  the fact that while it is natural to  blame the daily press and,, in most  cases, tht1 radio and T,V, stations,  many of the reporters who come over  here are free lance operators, In  other words they make a lucrative  living by providing the media with  sensational news Hems, Any resem-  hlenco to truth is more often than not-  of secondary consideration. Who they  tread on in the process is sgUloii)',. of  conceive.  It perhaps started when a small  number of leftist imports  inspired  crys  of police   brutality  which,   of  ��� "course, were .soon echoed 'by-fli? even,  smaller number of -local dupes' "Need--  less lo say, when the storm settled  down and the trouble makers were  discreditedr"- a number  of. innocent  people had been hurt ip ope wajy and  another. Further, a lot of harm had  -been done to the reputation of the  Sunshine Coast,  A.year or so later, undaunted, the  same elemenl. was. hack at work but  this time it was 'Tied Power." Th,is  toi1! bounced back on the instigators  but not. before the scavengers of the  media luul left their toll,  1/  Cirm>nl^nr~Tfr the abominable  ���hippy .situation combined with tlie  oui rage against'Ihe. incredible. way'  Ihe Kederiil (lOvornmenl is virtually  throwing away taxpayers money with  the abandon of a bank robber on tlie  , run,  This lime there is n si Mil difference for while a few local'spokenmon  haye been prominently "featured for-  their doiiui-eihllou'', 'thoji' prolenlR  bnyo p\nh heen voiced by very many  .4M:ailll|ieiiLliullvJdiialsr|)olitiera|i''.nii(l.-  inure  rof-pouslbh*   moiiihui-H  <>*'   Um  Happy fishermen  Increasing in popularity each year, ing themselves as Mrs. I^ena Pound  Pender Harbour Hospital Auxiliary's and Ml'S, 01>j Sladoy*- cljecK Die win-  Salmon Derby at'traele-f ft1 record pers. Auxiliary members were on  number of entries and there were a (duty Saturday and Snnd'-y to weigh  ' number of.-prizes this year,    in the fish,  cpiisequenco-in their quest, for, profit-    record number ol prizes tins year.    It  aWheadlllK^anTI, if ^  few. huvo any conscience. "Therefore,    ''ending Mr the di.stributiOn of pri/es   IT  M00**0**0 00000X000000*0 00*00000** 000*0**0/.  By Appoliitiiieuft Only  -���Phono ~ 883-2602���  ROMCOGOR RANCH  GARDEN BAY ROAD  PENDER HARBOUR  ecept Write-ups in the Liberal domi  hated Vancouver daily press were  Nimbly' |>pr for ihe epurse iind while  neither were too clearly biased, it  was fairly obvious lhe direction in  which Ihey leaned, -        '   However, such articles do not nee-  cessprlly reflect "the opinion,, of the  papers Involved mid in Iho case of  one, lhe Vancouver Sun, ||, has ol-  riu-dy.ci'inineiitud (tdlloriully ngnliisl  ~l Ti ���^'Im ITiT*TT��f ~#oi fuTTif Hie iiiiW")!/-'  fnmi'iiH granls-for tlie Sunshine Cqasl,  It is tini'orfunnle thai there iire'  tlioso   who   innki!   Until-   living   by  allempllng   to   bring   a    perfectly  ileiisniil coiiiiiiun'lly   lulu  disrepute  >y iillgnlng- lliemselvefi oil the sldiV  of inaiconUnils, Te Ilium, nothing Ih  siicred, Ihey nro human I'erinlleK who  emerge will) alacrlly from lhe woodwork nl Hie mention of money, These  nro. Joiirnnllstic mercenMi'les who, ���  I'ioiii u professional tilaudnoliil, urn  lowesl on lh<;Jo|eiu pole, 'limy mighl  Well be chuckling bn Ihelr way |o Iho  -huiik~lMil.rIMh��ly-��iil.iH'iHirMfHC'l|f>rH  frOinJh'elr lalnleil rewnrd,1) then good  liu'k lo llu'in for'llh-y surely need j|,  Meiiiiwhlle, vVe do not linllclpale  nny civil war und neilher do we have  any .crazy preconceived "iden*i of p  lilppy pfillce force, We'ni'enlill rnlher  n lunil way from Culm or any ull'ier  ('(/ininunlnl doinlnuied lerrliory. ��� ' -  at 2 pm, Sunday, everyone is enjoy-  -������"���"'������������l-���a^����� ������������-" w <��� "-���" ������-.'-..I.... ��� ��� ��� . ^...w.,.i���....w wa���, ���-1 M<  Jehovah's Witnesses  five-day gathering. ;  1,0V./*.I, f:pi.ui'u\i,p)\i)pH nl' al(!lir,ivu|)'n WM-  ,  i-|(!hhbi" iim finnli-'.ii'i'.i; pliniH lliirt w(!����l<  In   nlloiul  .ihtt   rpiylim,  Nntnrt"   DIhIi'Ii  ASNI'lllhly  Ol' allllKIVIlll'H  WllmriliniH irl   Vmi-  ..,W^L^Mf.ll''��..J.>?M'IO,.'....Cr��ll''t!iiiii.   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I r\��e M-<-d - I >y ��� Kon rW^t h -1, J11 If;  <.!|i|liii|)lill' ni||)i|-'Vlnn|' I'nr IJiri Wllli.**-|*i*ii  I'l'nni Iiinii' 'I'nrnnln ' |f<Mrilt|iini'lnni, '|'|in  lllll< "lllr-l'ii Iho l|.>|il nl' li|M'i pi'-rihiM'y onn-  f'Jpinit, . o'iii'IIi'h  liiiinn  nnd   In  imiiiiiw  "WIikd   AH-..Niil1ii|--|- ('nllliln.   Ilriiul  Willi <l<r<l," ,  ��� lincnl  iiiMiillmtM n|  VVHiuwi i*wi/-i'<>|*,n  "���in will Im I'm licii liiillnn Um /ihnim,  M0 OBLIGATION.  ��� AGE LIMIT 12 YRS AND UNDER  ., ONE FREE PHOTO PER.FAMILY  ��� PARENT MUST ACCOMPANY CHILD  ��� NO, PURCHASE NPCE35ARY *  OFFER IN EFFECT JULY 13fh-17fli  h|y  vvr'<���)(,  ���give;  ���YOUR  DOL  GUARAN'  INCOME  , V  Por Iho next llyo yonro, Yoii onn  count on roQolvlnnn bin'rt%'  iDloroot for your dolinr, Hvnry nix  ���-...moiiilio, In �� Hoynl TriKitnunmnlood  ' liivoiiiijiontn'ifiolpi. And, nfior live  ynriniynii|-Inlilni ri|v(Hi|ii|,)|)t|(II1||||  .,,,��� ',!l,"*-d!)r/^y��l^''>K9()��yQii,Qan....  P'r,"1'jl)'l��f'fll)f) (0 milf IIIQ9ID0,       '  , -Auk hbynl'Truol lol; llm doiallu, Qlv***  yoiir daiiar n niinf'Diioofi uwim*  f^W.*"'< .'  Royal Trust  |��o|/��j| Trnil T����wnr,  llonlnl) C��ir��rP| < i '  5S5 llMfronl $trcci|,'  VANCOUVW l; U,Q,       ,  MniDhnr, Omimto n>i|ii,u|| liiMiimicn nnmorrtllnn  "  '  I "'��"��" a i-mm .,..,. J,   ,,,,������ '-���,.  rm-^.aia ^n ,n i.j muMT ij.a, i,. m, ^i. .,. jp 'a, 1^i7   li 11, lawHi. fT " f" 1^ " ���' 7* J*' "*T^ V "i* 'i^n "T J1 i". -"��� nr ���**** **0*rt* 0 ~*0 0*0* q. 0* 4r .**���* 0* 0*0*0* r* rOaa. an*^*r .* .  i t       ���-. * .    ���     -   * .   ' '���     . ��� -     -  1     -  �� '�� *������'     .' * i       *  A*  1-  , Tfrt^ #4��#f Mfeu^pl |�� po^ #^lf^^a <?f tO^l^ed. fey l*?9 Wq^w Co��tf-?J ^rfll ��f fc^ it*�� 0-9v^ rui^at 0164U$i�� ColMmWa  J  ������*ie# a* l�� ffiACkM fktfi^ >  ��� I"     *��     *   4  I - *1 *k,   I. , 0 **        (        * *  vv-* J ��� "  y;.*"* ���������'*"-  "i-"  ,*1'J',. -i a-  1 ��� **�����        V -**s  ^-.-v^s-^..^ ���- ��&���������*>'���.';#.  '   --a       h��  Around Gibsons  *   '        ��� ? * -v **va>-  " -V ���-  - - * *. **-...*:    -"   ���'. '-*���* "v---- J  1 * m*^ ���       J    r ��. *, *0-m        �����-        "1  *"m**r? *j y��'VlHl***V"-y'.'-ryV^Wf-t^        y*^wfc^ ��-.-*��Mfc^M-fc*��-MM��^-._ _^  ^VTV^       ���-,,  r  Mr), and Mis, E Yablnnslti will he moving to Frpaei  Lake winch is about 30  fl-iilus bom  Vaiuleihocif   They  expect   to  lenvu Qibsons towards thu imkI of August.  Mr. Yobloribki |,ab \)(im m t|u, \0i]Vp.  iiiii stall ol El|jhu,siiinn Sc-cnndnry achm-i  lor   M yoaih  whOie  ho  taught -i-hyMcul  enucntlon, ijuirltint'o ,unl  has bmin boy-,-'  ooiiusclloi   lie was also 111 th.ufie of the  ndult education pi("��(,'!amnit' and rievotrd  ��� n i'l uat di-,>l ol  his Imro in t'oarhfiu,' ||n>-  vaiioius   atbliMif   tt.iUUh   ,,nt|   |10|pm),   ,,,  lund itiisuii} cxuiiih  At F.lijhinstono's luuil assembly, the-  MiuUmiIs. bliriwed "Humi npproi lalion by  Biviiig Mi Yobloaski a luMiu��ndoiis ova-  lion and picsontiiu' him wuh a very line  --nlibMii-o TIib botrhfll TudLhuis" Asso-  ���i-ialion .jiL'sGnied hint with a wati-li y  Mi Y.-hlonski has been appointed Vice  Itrnnpal ol ait I-alonu'nWu"'. Junior High  iVIiool wilb an I'lnolnU'iit <>| *,(,j) pupils,  in the Vaiuli'iliruil Krhunl Dibit id  Cii'iu* and his un,   l.imki wil' '  ���*������-  Moth  '"H'.ills  Blake C, Alderson  D.C.  CHIROPRACTOR  ���-'      .   Post Off ice Building Sechelr  Phono 8852333  Res. 886-2321  hTiio'doy to Friday 10:30 q.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Saturday 9:30 o.m. to 1 ;00 p.m.  EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT  -"���MHUWilMUVHUIMinMU  iwniuMUwuutnnnnannnnnnnnn  FIBREGLASSING  RESINS - COLOR  ACETONES -  CLOTH,  MAT ANP  WOVEN  ROVEN KITS  Pints, Quarts and  Gallon Lots.  * Anchors  * Anchor Chains  * Anchor Ropes  SECHELT CHAIN  SAW CENTRE LTD.  I   Cowrie St.-  -      Phone 885-9626  *      .   ���by Marion Charmon  0f  CQNFEHENCE  Mis ].,. tyblveiton Mi's Ji* Sherman  and \\q\. \l Allaby spent a very I'ull and  ehJf).Y��ll��le,\ve''k at Cannon Heach, Oregan,  \vhpro tboy attended a Lay Jnslitulu lqvt  jiJvntigph'-m. Tlioro wore many young'  flpoplp Ijioie motivated hy Jfn'e .and* a  m'pnt dcsjip Ip share then faith in Qnd  .WW"! P\\\o\h.      ' j  J PiipitlfPib wcie influpnlidl business  moi"\ \vho*ip gicatesl wish wns to. scive tho  Lord apd to.see souls saved Thoie Will  hq ollipi, confuiBiicPs sugh as this which  was "���.���'(���nsnri-d by Campus Cuusade for  Cluist, an |h|ei-denominational eiloi t  WtTHS  Mr. tind Mrs I| LePage aie celehra-  tihi; thp birth ol then iin,t granilcluld,  J'lli.} Virginu" who was boin to tlieii  dauBhlor Ann and her htu.band Jim Mullen, 'it Thompson. Manitoba, 011 .June Iflih  Noim,r|i and llobei-|a Wolansky are  "ham>v ovei tTieliiith o| ,i daiigirttii fl Ibf"  -I o^ llei name is Uarcy, bom June Htb,  a sihtr-i fen Shawn and Sherri Proud  grandparenls, Mr. and Mrs. Wolansky,  iWd Mr-tl'Ui Mra. Jill. qaiTiilhei-s.  MEHE iVt^t) THEj-fll**-.. .. -^...j,,..'  Karl and iieieti Schroors \vi'lh Kelora  a.nd l)eirir.:l> have retuinecl from Clprmany  Where theyv have heon since last fall. Welcome back to Ciibspns.  'Mrs. .K.��� Emerson has returned after  spotijlihg 2'aii wee'l's in Kdmoiilon at the  home of 'her son-in-law and danghter  (lijlaine), .Const, and Mrs. Jlearfiojd and"  family.   " r .''';".  Clues) qf Mr--and M.r-s. Tbqr W; Anderson for fi' wei-ks is Mr. Anderson's sister,  Mrs. N. Ifultnv-m from ICalmar, Sweden,  who pa,me by plane and is enjoying her  first visit, >i this part of the world.  A-resident pf flay Road reports seeing  a young sea ptler near her home at the  .shore, parly in the morning one day last  week.  Wiljn Vireirand Edwjij-d Wirerj spent  m  ting placps. OC course they got in some Tho Poninsiito Tiirios     \     Pago Bs3  ��� swimming too. ,      'wednesdrjy Ji.lv 7/1 WI    '  A visitor at the home of Mr. and Mrs- '�� "^"iH  '���.'-���      .  F. A. Jones, Skyl|ne Drive, ">vas Mi's. A. .    ���,. .: ., '* .       , .,     .  ,  Oatham oi ��ape Town, South Africa,^q- -TO OWw^ At the concision pf the 4 day  will bo rp uiiig to C-lnada. .  .  ,     ' s6asipns, delegatea ppd ^eu- wives wore  U/r'oa. iv/r      \.r '     ���-   �� ur-n-^ ,   r 1 entpr amed pt, tjie alov^ly theatre whprp m  v,��l���7JZ��al mm "*:. "S*"" im Few"*" 1^  ytMMHMMIWlWIWt��l>W����lnitlMI��MMl����tlU^^  [^__ibi'j_lr��ak.  "    I. ��1  'fi,    ���  ***;'  t,$t**i  X ii IU ''A -a* &{.' "* i  f:  /  sr^ ��>  Mr and Mrs. p. Camppsano, Pratt j\d,\  havf'the Jailer's mothei Mrs Eronia foch  Irom Chile, visiting with tjiem pn\,\ faep-  1 em bet.  Mr and Mis. T. J"> -"Bulger and fnrpjly  also Mis Pogh were visitors lo Anaporte/  Washington for 3 davs  Miss   Candy   Uauisnn   has   ret ui nod  from  lU'irnaby  wheie  she   was  slaying  _wjlh hoi c-ousii"  Guest-s ol Mr and Mrs. R. V. Oolong  are their son-in-law and daughter Qeotge  iuid_li!lpise liissolt Jiqm Chin chill J^alls,  Labracloi, where Ml    Hissett is woiking  Mrs. M^cpy\a'ttp|ided �� receptipn at  Qovenirneiit^otisii 4nd was pves'pnted Jo  tlie GnvGfnnr C^pn"2*''ll fioland Michener.  She visited Ppper Cqni-da Village and  i-lppg with pt|ipr6 e-[i'pypd many ih|ers-  ti|-g tours 'fhe wpalhef^wps h��i.  - XI was 1on yepfs sitipp 'i*c Maceys had  been hack I'last so t|ioy noted vaiinus  r-hanges whilp v^dm^ h> Ottawa" and  Toronto Thpy nifllpt-efl the Canadian  loutu going and votHrned by.way ol tre  Stal-js.  SECHELT  -JEWELLERS  "      * * *   -a  'RINGS  WATCHES  .. GIFTS  ,___. /  Watch apd Je\ve|lry  Repair^  *    ii*    a*  Phone 885-2421  Jutnmwum0vum0ti0m00i4n0umn0m0UU0LLm00n0m09m0i00r0*im.  Sechell; Legion Branch 140  -ij  Legion Hall, Sechelr  EVERY WEDNESDAY  AT 8 p.m.  JACKPOT $125  TO GO  $10 DOOR PRIZE  New appointment .  I/eayhig the Sephelt SpjiqoI pistriet  otter being on the teaphiiig sthl'f at  E-lphins'tone $ecpnctary School for H  , yeai's, Mr-. EuiieSve ' YaBlonsl-r h#s,  heen appointed Vice. Principal oT the  Rlemehtary ��� Junior. High School at  l��aser Lake,, .     ���      .-,  4 days at   Iheii-  fishing camp  in Jeryis  Inlm.  David and Gail pycr and" family hav*"  returned to the community. They have a  mobile h'pmo, ant3 are residing ill SnnslTioe  Coast Trailer Park. Mrs! Dyer is ���'enrol Jed  at Siirion Ji'iaser..Universityr  Bill and Inez Malyea and thei"- daugh- '  tc'r Marilyn, also M_i|<e��� M��sgrove have rer  "Unned from a IriiS to Canoe "on the Shu--  swap   Lake   where   they... visited   Bijijs  brother  Roy Malyea.  Albert Weal Jr. with his wife and their  two sons from Vaneonver visited relalivps  here.  I Eugene and Hannah Blomgre'n and 2  boys from Courteriay visited relatives  here and were guests of Mr. and Mrs.  Leo Nestman.  Sammy and HiihsBybr-snii fr-om "Wyn-"'"  yard,   Sask.   visited   Mrs.   Provencal ' sat  Roberts Crock  Wayne   and. Donna   Blomgren   were  accompanied by the former's mother when  they visited Mr. and-Mrs. Lome Moe'and ���  family at. Williams Lake.  Welcome   to   Gibsons   Mr.   and   Mrs;  .Alvin Star and family who have moved  here from Calgary, Alberta.  Mr. and Mrs. Lome Blajn were accompanied by the former's sister, Miss Blain  from Vancouver, and friends, when'they  enjoyed a three"week vacation. They ha'd  . perfect weather while motoring to Yel?  lowstone rand Salt Lake City. It was an  altogether delightful "holiday "and they  saw so much and visited many  interes-  Maiy's.Hospital   Happy giandpaienls-aie  Mrs, 13dii.rHcJ*nicT^inr"l^d]T7Tn"d Boa Wray~~  David   and   Heather   Goeghogan   and  daughteis, foimeilv ol Poit Mellon Jllgr-  yyay luive moved.Ui Willi'im-" Lake.  Dianne Bergen is emf)|qyed in Van-  cntivui', visited tier father; "Sinar Bergen  repphtly'. ()h the weekend pianhe wiis" at  TtiinwfV Hot Springs.  TRAVELLERS  0.  jyir. pnd Mrs. *.T. S. Macey returned  at -the end of the week afler being in  pastern Canada for a mrn-tli. Mr- Macey  of I ended a Symposium for the Measurement and Identification pf Pollutants. Tlie  lectures, talks, and discussions were held  al this beautiful new Nation Aris. Centre  M  message  THE RETURN (DF LOVE '  GQD lias loved us with a love beyond  all human understanding, and lliis is  shnwir in the death and resurrection of  Jesus Christ for .our salvaijori. When we  put oiir trust in Christ and accord all that  lie has done for us, we become heirs to  "eternal life. It is all,pf grace and there  is nothjngifoi: us lo pay, nor can Ihis blessing  be earned.  Those who  'are "the "���beiicfic1ai-ies"'of  such love, however, have the joy of giving ttomelhing In return.-���It is the^lo^e  and service of our own. lives. As God has  so greatly loved us, so we caiv love Him  in return.  There are cases in the gospels of people who endeavored to express f heir love-  in t*his way. When we realize the extent  of God's love and mercy to us we shall  desire   to   love -Him  too,   and  there  are  many ways such love caTr"be expressed.  We can  yield  ourselves-wholly, to HimT-  We can. seek-{observe Him day by day. We  can express our-love to Him, by showing  it jjO others in need. Sinee^wlie has loved  us "let us love one another," "and show our  love Jo.Him.  ^*t      v.   t*v��..*0   *    *<  Mt   *J*    ��rn.     *^c er   v     *"  L    v  ���?���*���<*     00*>-  ���*f ���"  m  ���^.A..,���aa,.^J  l. .^.ni��.1���j..j *.0. f-J ������r 1t ini rrv (.rf. ,^0.0.^.m...m. 1..-��fr. .0 riiffuLi"imii<>iiln>iIi  Those were the golden days of .auto racing. Sheet metal and  sheer gut**,; the full-throttle roar of cars and crowds; arid the  taste of Old Style Beer to quench that wind-whipped, dust-dry,  hpne-rtired thirst. The cars move a lot faster today, but Old  Styje's s|ill brewed slew and easy. For good old-fashioned"  flavour, So rally round the Old Style flag! It's a winnerl  ���1>  4r*,*~W*^,*4M,iW,*^^ '    -pi^WNHM^^T^^^MM^,^^^  Jr  '   t3lpw-:brewed and naturally aged      - ��  This advertisement is not published or displayed hy the  .Liquoi Contiol Boaid or by the Government of British Columbia.  GET MORE OUT OF LIFE  THIS WEEKEND  N THr:'"dARRY-QN" TRADITION  THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY,  July 8, 9 and 10 at 8:00 p.m.  Across fitom the SunnycresM?lozq_,jGJbBons:  -P|ione-8B5��2027-r  i*m*��m*-��)W*M,,if^^  Having A Party Qr At  The Cottage  Remember That  We Are  Open  Until idjp.m. Every Night.  GROCERIES  NOVELTIES  NECESSITIES  mi .LTD.  Cowrie Street  Country and Western N\usic  Saturday; jui.y io  -,.-���;;.?. p.ni.-.-r 1 ;fl.irif''.;.;  CHINESE SMORGASBORD  5 CJOURSfiS^  5ATURPAY -��� 61OO P.M.-?i66p,M,  S0MPAY ��� 5i00 P.rM, - UlOp P.M.  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CUFF'S BOATS & ACCESSORIES LTD.  jS<jcfio|t --���* ' Plfono 885-9032  ���WWWWWWWWMafWIIIllMTfMW^WW^IW^WWWW^WMMWIIW  'WMWI  \.0  ),  , *     0*   f*i ���*  *  j,,*.-* >.*** j��>jfcH*Kj��am,0*Mf,*******^  ,m0&0&,.^jA.fitoi*** ^.  itAJ***- * #***#��� ***��� #��^^n^����fe#��#fe MAAAIM^AAiA'*'*)^  *M����i��iiM��A^*^A<M/lHia\M^fri)<  'tip* I* Aim *+.���*   *.pt*-��ASt��i��k#h4\lllV.*--|K<i  * **,*.* f A ** * MAAAA^Mt^  W'fmpt.m mm, tm * Mf4#����  l-c*'  tin  A**  ^ ^ ��� Sechdt N^ws Notes  Pcqo m -'     Thf 'M��5& Time  'j ���>:r Mil.   ^V-'V"^* *���, f-  TTTTT  I  %��m>^r, the 4*w w��U Vie ��W st th��  QqHnUy-J'fllr July   17%  pn  Popper's'  ~-by Pej-jgy Gonnar  THK kep Jfibnspns We *>m toe**--'tone wwe with *M tlkopWept*- thfti^P WHI* grwii,'^^^..P^^^1^?^ ?aiy*  and ar��i movjng \q ^sngitiy.'The nine- 'it, i^iietf- are on pM* ty Parto*'*" #��rd- w1^^ lQts p* exo��lK w^s wiU ipe.-tuH-  <<Mm year-- they h-we lived in Sechelt hae. W*"'ve, FemnsnJa Tirrte**, Off -pe an$ Sephelt mg place. ������    . \  oliteoV'the (fommwhity,5 f��s  bolh tieo ���"k^^HE**^^  aaA-JMlclo    l-in\/n    haan    nnliiao,  nnmmamll,, '"Ji(pllj'''*re^  This seotio-oi of tho appliance department of Harbour Supplies shows  sopae of the varied selection of house-  Applianqe Department * ',  hold appliances now available ih the  area, Partners in the business,^ Nick  and Bernard Gerrick, say a far great  choice  will be  added tas  supples  arrive, .  Electronic sound department  Popular department of' Harbour Sup-    sets,   coloured  plies- opened, last week at Madeira  Park by Nick and Bernard Gerrick,  is   the electronics,  including  steno  television etc. The  store also houses an attractive record  bar,   plumbing   supplies, * household  appliances etc.  > !  l-      Pr  Gibsons Elementary  ardent fund raiser  THE Junior Red Cross was not forgotten  by pupils of Gibsons Elementary this  past school year, F"upi| enterprises incite  dec! raising small sums in guessing games,  a school newspaper which published six  editions by laborious persistence, popcorn sales, noon-hour dances, plus a series  of l)ot-ddg sajes undertaken by volunteer  aide, Mrs. linger, and a committee of 7th  year girls added UP to $70.53. A cheque  for this amcHint was sent to the Vans  couver headquarters of the Junior Red  Cross.  Iri past years the pupils' contributions  to tlie Junior lied Cross havegone to purchase a wheel c)iaif,sixHegh ���hf'irspf eryt-  phpsyphd'h *hplidpy. (iPirie^for ii Jong term  patient' in ^hospital; All *"oT these Items  were for children in our own province.  This year'fi contribution has been sent  for use wherever the Red Cross sees the  greatest 'need, Mrs. A. SkidiTioro, the  teacher sponsor of .Junior Red Cross in  Gibsons Elemohlory, says she will haye  ii report on how the money wiim used lo  give the pupils in. the Fall,  teen  nr  &o4f**%ie hav**** been aqiive! community  \ at'taji's. l^eo was- i\ gqpd, representative on  the Sohopl bparti arid Elsie was Fres-ident*  fpi a low ywm Of the ��Wk of Holy Family Chinch, Phe w^s alsq 'a, very active  -membei' of the., Hosp-tal Auxiliary! *jvi**t  ���to menUo'n a small PaH ot their "ctivi���  ties,  When they were first married they  * Jivecl at Qianite Bay, then moved to the  6 Inlet, Camp until the phUdren were i eady- "  foi school when tliey moved, to Gibsons,  - staying there only"!ar a short time before  moving to Sechelt' *_yhere teo had th?  Home Service "Station before going into  th? fogging Trncli: business, Leo will s>tay  and finish out (bis year in Sechelt, while  Elsie will haye left July 6th to ]ojn daughter Caralee and her husband John artd  son Kevin on fhe new farm at J^ngiey;  Their son Ted and his-family are living  at Coquitlam, end daughter A^VJeen works  in Ottawa ip)' the Department of AgrleuU  ture, Mrs. Elsie Johnson."is'second generation b'orn.in.Gibsons, her grandparents  came to Qibsons a month afteivthri'Gihson^  fanijly anfl.htr graiwlmother Fletcher was >  postmistress ih Gibsons for-many years.  Elsie Will -a Ul I be visiting Sechelt often .  until the, end of the year when Leo joins  her, pest of Hick from, your many many  friends.  VISITORS  Visiting Mi', and Mrs.. Gunnar. Wigard  am their so.n Lome and his wife Phyllis,  grandsons Gunnar and Kvid^aftei" spending a week at Enderby, they are finishing off their holidays in Sechelt before  returning to their home at June Landing.  Mr. and Mrs- Al and Heather Marshall'  are here for the weekend from North Vancouver visiting Heather's parents Mr.  and Mrs. Ben Lang.  Ml- and Mrs. Roy Nygren of Wilson  Creek are pleased to have their���daughter "Tiny" her husband Earl Hughes'and  ���their first grandchild,. Amber, here for a  three week visit. Earl and Tiny are living in ML Albert, Ontario where Earl is .  ______ a musician. jnd4.iSoh'rr,.p.t..kjr��te,;..Al,tgn4?  " big the Hard Time dance in Gibson, Earl  was called upon to be a guest singer with  tire Penn Kings an added pleasure for.  those present. *  Former residents of Sechelt Mr. and  Mrs. Tom and Marline Tomko, and daughters -Arlene-and Kathy were guests of  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stephaiisops in Selma  Park, .for the weekend. While here the  Ti.mkos visited several old friends, before  returning to Haney. Tom and his daiigh- ,  ters are planning a longer visit later in  the summer.  Mr. Joe Gregson popular resident of  lire Senior- Citizens Homes journeyed to  ins   old   home   place   orj   Cortex   Inland.  .   Friends Mn-and Mrs. Harry Huck came  down from there to drive him back, going  up Powell' River' way apd coming back'  through Pniican where l\p. \fisited friends,  '    IN BftlEF -.',r :������������-���  Mr. Al Brown of Hie Village Cafe,  Sechell, passed away while on a visit lo  ffuskelciiew'rh. "~ '"' \  - Mr^JLorcii Shaw of West Sechelt ib* in  St. Mary's*1 ilfispiful, Sechelt, The Iiguih  tiful c-cdui- chest that he made for lhe  Hulfmonn Pay Centennial 'Committee is  proso'nlly  on display  at.  Parker's Hurrl^  rcp.y^iffiypf^^  Denier tor Electrohome and Noresco' Products.  T.V, ** Radios - Stereos - Household Appliances.  Sales md Service,  tnmm0.vtnn0nn^0,rm0um0usnnmnfv**,00im0P0.n*iL,  ~  lilecoirds qnd  Cassette Tapes  Come Out And See Qur Selection Qf LP's, and 8 Time!,.  9*  ,Bm0,nnm00vmiw*0%r,nr0mnnnri0nnnn0t0in0n*n  ,tn0i,\w0*0uuwmnm*n0vn*mn0t*wi0u**w*,viuua*.'0m0,  9;00 a,m,-S|30 p.m.  TUESPAY to SATURPAY  CLOSgP tFROM  En0*mnew*vym'*v**mni**wnnnin0Vmnnntumiv**L  Highway 101 at the Francis Peninsula Cut OH. Phone 883-2513  WHEN II COMES  TO  1659 Sunshine Coast Highway af Wyngaert Road, Gibsons  Phone 886-7112  * CARPETS    ^ TILES    ^r LINOLEUMS  ^HOURSi  Closed Monday, Open 9 q.m, J*6T��.ni. -^~ Friday Night Til 9 p.m.  *00>00m��m��mp*0*f****fa  Progressive growth  ^Successful siriilesr    '  Official pneni rig.-of Harhour Supplies ��� Gerrick and husbaiKl- Nick -who have  nenr Madeira Pnrk-attracM.ni��ny 'i-ovpry vmmn 16 lpok pleased* for re-  well Wishers and on hand to great ception of the new store was such  Ihqmwore Bernnrd Gerrick, Monica    that its success jf}^ ^rtiilli,  ���.   i  ew store opening reveals  ddyance of Pender Harbour*  TWO Geriniui horn h|'nlhur�� who Imilii-  jnfded t'o Caiurrlii lo Blurt u new lil'r-  fiofin! yeara ur^ohave, through t|ie|r own  effortH, proved Hint i)|iprirfii|ill|e,4' air!  irviillnl'ilo to all propnrufl In work and iu>.  von'l Id 1|hi futnro, of llm <;otinlry,  Nii'k Gorrlr^k '���nnd liiH'|)iol||iir Hernniri,  "'Hi  hlHhl.prluiilil'liMl  lechnloliHiii,   huvo  now   Joined   I'oriHiH  |o rluinoimlnilo   Hinlr   Iiiith In t|i��l-<!iif|i{|'-|l'iir|rmii' airiM.Iiydpen-  hill up-ii firm itlimii ni nro at Hm jjigiiway  und I'VitixilH I'tiiilnriiilu inrii-off, Tlmy will  hfiiidl-i a wide rmii(0 of plnrnhiiiK Hup.  pjlrw,    liniifKiliolil    irpiillaircnii,    uluelrrmlo.  <ir|lli|)inif|)l, Ullfl  ||CI!<IHH0I'I<!H, .        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Pictured   willi  Mr*   Les Abrams;  Hiok.de Long;  Blian  pimib   ol   the   Hroucp   League   tjiy.    Hedman   (pn  left),  and  coach  Mr     Partridge aiul Hav Bospr Al&'p play-  beabon, (|iialifymg tor tilie very iim    Dick Gqineb are jiom led standing      ing fpr the team during Hie yejunwere  Hedman Trophy  precepted by Mr,,   S|e_ven   CharleswnitlH- Pat   Baines;  Jack Redman of (Seelielt fpr the first    firuce ftrannan, Craig Nnrns Front  ing __  Gfeig mil Qnj'dpn Oibb, Chnjs Hill  and Brad Quarry.  %A��jilfJ I  i? Collision Repairs  t*V Insurance Wertf  -& Specialists  PENINSULA  1 MOTOR PRODUCTS  .'.       ��[>,>":������  Secholtr, B.C,      Phono JB��-21'} T  Cpngratulations  Bringing   tlie  iJaseJ-pJI  se^on   tc  a    MiaH!hg lll�� Drese  i -  49 mum 71  ..   .7,..-,   :,.  ,...,,.... ^ .,.. .,.  ~. .,*......  .,.,,.,...,.,,,.,, us Mn, Am  Mmw conclusion, Gjbs011.fi .-firemen-   ljedman find players Jiicl-* de l^ong; ��� ���   .  who topped' lhe ;Ot'pnc0"hmum, # ���'"'tote-'���^i''B)}>.mnr*-'*l|lHsii���"i^rM-ii*itJiP"'i* US* imports  ceiye ihejieauiifuj npw trophy. dDn-HAv Bom'M poaplr filck aaihps ton exnorts  ali'd ijy.JacK and Bi!ucp neditian Al:  -arp-obviously vp'ry proufi of":-iJipii.t lv"     ^  the  lied and  VVjijteplore,  Secliell.    award.'" ���*���,���������*��� '��� iiy-poiiTS -mmm  USE   TIMES   iVP^HTSFS  ** Trail Bay Centre,  Sechelt  Pimm 986*9839  _l        t\ *ti-m X,*. it _jr  0000000  ,��*      Art**    �����    *  ig-iod    exports  ill  April   frir  lhe   f'!''*'. 11.!*"* 9  Kince. jj'obnifiry, I Olio, llic U.��.  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J  1,1 ,   i '  To find,o*if more oboMt the new A*;t( write, phono or visit1  ypMr' noarefit Unemployment (newranco Commission  Office pnd a*"-|< for a eppy pf tho "$u|c|e to Jho New  Unemployment Insumn-ce ^ Informcitlon for ^rnjpM^s;''  It's yb*j'r for the askingt  .i--  ^'H'l1!',.-.  UfiMKrVIPIroyjE^iB(MT-IfWaUflAflOtt f3(itVlfVI��8S|Of��4  114R nolioon nt., Vancouver tit B,CJ, Tn|ophoi��o 000-H11  0mff00iu��m000*lt.^0tf0i00fmi  nirTTi-nni--n-r-i��-rr[iii--iii��|-i|-||i||-||i|M|iiiiiiuiiiil__  'U  I  V  .,:., f,.  i1  i  . r,   *    .  0  ''. ' ' "        ' , l 'I ' ���       / ' I. ' '      '. ���     .'* ' ''���,.'     ' .'���    ' '���     ' " ' ,       , .  ,���**^^0.0 0.0.*0*.*0.0*r,0,0**0**0k^0*0*.J*0.0*0*0*0*.0***0'******'*^ ��*��''��^�����'���','>'.Aa>^^fA*A.MaMa>*.��,M^,.���.M��M/,.�������.w���,M, �� *, ��-.-....,-..  ./    * 0*0 0 0   ���   r *��� * -   *0" A  ' i, \  .!"���  *-    :  Egge EN6  ���VI'���'������  ! -  *        .  *��� ,'  ."'' '  : l*; '  ��     I  ��� f  a ��.  i  The Pqninaula Tim*?8  . n<  ��� mr ���"Pf?" *������{���  ���  "      i    *   J t  WeUpie*tI'iyJ 4wtyi7v=1971  *���, l, |.  ��� I   i     -**, l-^a ���..., t ���"  I"  a  ' - I *. *"  �����.      **      ���   -,. ��   r i,'  P'^'ifr'.l��i'*l'WW<**'lfl'-'^^  --.'���i'.  W&U-*W��    *^f *  -j.   WI       a!  ���' Vl*/  _^,wy....^-<^)^T-_g^as  *s"> *������, [mm0&  +     J        "v ���* "������X-">"--::>,ls-N-f ?���*������: ii-'S^  *. i. . "���-     ������#'iit-4&s;S.-i  L*S��TTV  '��� "4**l  fy .j-. i-*   - ���* -  s<"'ri.-tvr'   *���   �� -v.  feM^y* -���**���* t  la ^*I  -I '.!  * i"  Local reSitJent atteJifi|Riii| 'llll leeeRfti  MRS blivc *?p*tSo o| PflrpoiS-V^rW  SecheU, ""*���  * l"" ���-'--'-���"--���     ���-- -������--��� i->-J' '-- 'L'-k---   .---���..���>,����  il anci  GnvWl, ,.,     ,....,., ...  day, 2(|th Jun-3, Mis; Mlqhprie^ e^^'ea"*^ . * vfere ^ttervtling tHe '������i*��V-Bp'ricin;-'"w'ho.h!1 l^fe*^-  pleasure i\\p\ Mis  Porte c^ld attend, /     '.Pprte 'arrtyed/in. Ottawa,, Mi's- f*M"#"9h  The leopption wa& held In the court-    wrote to thfe. Aj^a cJg Oanhp sncl'-jp'^i-.  aid apd low? emden of the* residence,-    tion-il ip vital iori!;\V3�� sent to. Mrs. Ptirtp.  ate* Mrs.  ���-���,,-. ���--��-      ���  , ���        and d pei feet afternoon under a siuihy -Major ppavstipils.Ih'd'(��** ��!' lhe hit  ^Ww? f*#M\V ,jujpj>    *ky was enjoyed by all. .Among oilier Anpe Peai'sop of pavis Bay, and forptel'-ly  ' \JJ $$,^%\TMI    ��^h_f! ^lli!��!p^on wei'6 *he W*ni^ei* hy# {it lyiadBirii; Park  h\A 'iffl* .AJ \4M> . b'" rnjl'l'i Ul)-'''J -  ��4��M|PMh��J4HW^ tt^i Ji.'*i*Jm*f  -**��� . >��  ^  U L.  A  i��  ��i  * *l>Wa����M*Ml **.*l**����a��J>*l  ��fN  Lycky winner  Pktured in Shop Easy Store, .Sechelt  in  Sattifdny,   Mrs.   Florrie  Clayton  draws tlig lucky ticket, Mr- Phil Gross  stands hy- to claim the 12 ft, alum  |r-summer u*: I  ���        r, ^i  "^^    *5*    ;J  i^-'  \l y';; ? *''��$' '*> ^ V-*. - r. ** IJ Ay J ^K^ - J H*f  IA ������ ���**^>s-.-**���' ^f*i    ������ s -> y \ ���*"��� '*���*?"/''-���'')'���; ���  "\ ���*\   '" ^"*^ **    *?  Tin's advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control  Board or by the Government of British Columbia. ���  Chapter 65 O.ES.  holds Summer Tea j  SUMMEii tea of ��� the Mt. EUpWrustone ,nllUT�� Sangstercraft boat and14 h.p.  Chapter-(15 O.E.S. was held at the home Mi'icury motor, and Mr. Dick (Mayor Mr. and Mrs. Bert .Sim of Langdule ton gays, "Well it wag inevitable with  last Saturday July 3rd. amid sunny so maily tickets\entored" It was per-  weuther. severance a'S weiias luck which paid  Worthy ni a I roil Mrs. A.' Bryson ititro- ofl for yOling JolmYil'OSS had .stripped  dirced   Mrs.   Phyllis  Parker,  Grand   Hep- every  Call,   bottle  etc.   ill   the   house,  n-sen-aiive. of  Maine,  officially   opened of lhe Westfair label, to enter the con-  the.tca and  gave a short  resume nf  thu te.->t.  work of the Order. This includes cancer  .__ .         _____ ''____  .Scholarships, and donations to St. Mary's '   '  Hospital. Tnieiiiun   of   Gibsons.   The   grocery   hum-  A hcaiiliful tahk; centre ul* pinks, hlrre pi is were won |iy; Mrs. ISIsie Rarles, .Jack  and   white Columbines  and   pink  spnea, ["Viier, Juneli Muzeral and  Uuby  Mason.  drew the atlentfon of all to lhe head table ,r,  ,   ������,.������,..   f; ..    ^       ,    ,   .'    "���      ..    .  , .in.  ������� , ,  ,       ara, 1,lt;   eeraniic   fish,   donated   by    he   Hast  where the Past   Matrons  poured  lea   The . .- "  Iwenly-five   tea    tables   were   similarly Malrons,  way won   by   K.   Uagelu.ul.   Kor  decorated. an urately  guessing, J-larry   Mylroie  won  The cancer dressing statiorr exhibited ihr plal'e of cookies,  was well represented by Ihe various types A  big  "thaiik-yqu.".;gpes:.,out. lo_ Mrs,.....  of di-essings used by  patients   Consider-   : Beit Sirri wlio convened ihe tea and per-  able   interest   was   shown .iji   this   little muted  use of her  lovely garden  for the  known   area   of  cancer   research   on   the occasion.   Members   sincerely   appreciate  Sunshine  Coast. the support of all who aided in the success  The door prizes was won hy Mrs. .Stan of the event.  i ,m m um (hi utiju,n vinwi im.pi  1 , ,       1 u  )      7*   .  THE limS WILB.  t"OV*s  Cars ��� Jeeps -^- Trqcrors -~- Rollers t-t- Front  End Loaders ��� You name it we have it in Tonka  Toys, Perfect gift fpr. summer's idle moments.  1   WEEK  ONLY *  INTRODUCTORY  OFFER  10% DISC  YOUR   @Q@0G]0|?10   DEALER  so3 if ft inirfM i  Trail Bay Centre, Sechelt  Phone BBS 2335  7J7Z7Z7Z7/Fa  Loan,  Fresh  Burns Skinless,  i  in. pitg. ,,,,,,!,,,,,,,,,,,,  i , I a a a a . �� .  i*a��a����MMWMW����l������WIMI��W.��U����MtM����MI��iaiail��MMI����w��IW����WM��  Ha.   lfC  TOMATOES c������.���,���k V,,,., rU,.  CHERRIES ���.c. c,������������ N���. ,  CUCUMBERS     C.���n.,0 fl������. Canaia... Maa. ,  CREAM PIES ������������,���, fro������,Ho���  WAFFLES_ d���w���v rt*.,.��w. i*.: nr-o  FRUIT  PI ES      ll" Aiaialaa, (llu^lmrr/, Cl���irrj-.llal.l,,  * I '  dMErSTYlHE*:WHITEwBREA:D  -unr.il  ,.. H M^m^tr- * ���.*.���(-*���<-.*( at  I w^mMQwvfftfn ���WPIiJ-|,|W|r#( 0i  Hnknd \p Stum mlkW  n***rH*~*miw.^*^r,mmr~ni*ti0*t*0.lL*r,r,^m.*nT**0,r**0*,*r*w,m*0,  WINWKR OF THE BOAT AND IVIOTOR IN OUR WESTFAIR ftALp: IVIRS, PHIL GllOJJ.'i  ian*iwww��w��WMMMWMWWiar������^����a*a'M>aitfMi^^ '  Prlcott Effoctlvo:  Thuro,, July 0 to *%nt,f jtily 10 h  T0?Alt DAY CmmX �� nECHELT  I  j*.*0*t<Ltt**00m0l0r,+*0.i0*fy   00*%,000^k  PIioiiq 005-2025  005-0023 fenHory BB^mtZ rVloat Do|it.  Wo R����ory��-Th�� Right To Limit C*��**iontirlfif ,i ,i,.s���  s  ^^/j/7nnz7nnnnuunnj7nnunnnnnnunnnnnnnnn/7nD,  ff f       *       ��       I 0      0       0      0     0        0*f*0*>*��0  \     I        *      I       t       t      0      0      t       *        #*#*.#*##��*  0      0  r  '(  ��� *~   *r,  w.   *    * ' *   *. 0*r  II*       *    ���     0**       0   00      \   .  '       *      *      t


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