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The Peninsula Times Feb 24, 1971

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 $  *��  8  *  ^  j: ���"  V-Wiitf"*  'I'  j ^Tj- '"���^^���p tHp*itwi1,. h pftrr t^ ^^? ^w f^jp *EKrfff  ��*  .>*.  .^%'\:A  if*.'  '*!  it i  ,) J  ���AS  U  Sechelf Councj'J .  layers  or gtor�� 'bo^C^lli^'Qtion  *        f ' ��� f i11  STpHE opening hoprs and need of a py-( i (ftfaypr Swain said he understands  law predominated,  the ^cepo at \%$\ 'staffs ��>re being sold. Aid. Ben Lang  * meeting of Sechelt Council With Mayo}' rqepft Mr- llayner added ''there is, no, dQub>  BiUSwaip emphasise the fad tj^t as,'j thgfo *tf��luV0 of the bigness bjs changed  ��� a faM growing community sqroe action'   ajfPilW��U IWYfftp be checked" oup'.  sliquld he fa>ep to provide fulpie gvdder ' ' iJVjayar Swain suggested ^'simple by-  .   lines.  "I see no lepsop tp pppas,c laic '''i^W, poling hysinoss h��W��'s 8l}QMld hp in-  opepjng on p Friday night hijt Mnlesg yfb p Ui|lp4.^T}ap c.eVl�� s^ there vypn(d prqbi  ��   hung >n a bylaw ,thp W^ thing Will bp q]\\jf ftfways h,e complaints but agreed that  V Thuisday and so op  T coitamly ha^e ftp 'pflCp tft|iHed a bylaw wpuld stand up in  wish to see us becoming another- Upi^ed f1 [cpMVv pf law. AW. Ted OsbprpP strpsspd  States," he commented                          / \\w itpppvNinpe o| mpk|ng sqie the bylfiw  Olcik Ted  Raypdj   pointed  opt that W W ��P-  "btmes m <he outride -arpp wop]d still h�� H��,Wfib ^iced,  at |hc  fapggpstlqp  of  fipe to c}Q sis they plepse  Mayor Swain lH>  ^V^x  M"��t no .further   action   be  leplicd that it- would be up to them t1��l laV^ ^ntl1 adv,c<! 's > reived from��Vip  Union,  ��$gs&> Label  This Iwuo 12 faje^   12c  LARqtiST CIRCULATION OF ANY **%?& <>N THE SOUTHERN SUNSHINE COAST  Yoi��rTW CNft 13 ~ WEBNKPAY, FEBHUART 24, 1971  /oi.  it*  local mei chants feel they pan make mo|d  money then il ib their puvilege to mpvo  outride The "Village is growing, pot gqmfl  back,1* he addedv  Aldeiman Joe, Benner questioned a  licence gianted a new loud btaie within  the Village He drew attentipn to thu  fact that a shoil time ��|gQ, at tho suggestion of the Health Unit, licences for  a food stoi e were tp he wrthjifild- pending  appioval of the Health Inspector.  Mi Haynei baid all thai was involved  was changing the nature of thp business.  He. was pot aware that it was a food  stoic  Aid Benner said that the situation  aiose over the former Malhorn Tree in  which a hpeppp was withheld "what is  good for one is good foi another," he  added j  ^w'boad  Aid l4��ng brought up >thc Subject of  re-routing the highway through the Village qs a means pf cutting off two bafi  bends He suggested some large_tmck��  have difficulty ncgoljatipg the tyrns.   /  Mi- Raynei told him the problem has  been discussed on various ocpasipns ip the  past but due to high cost and difficulties  ipvplved there is little hope the Highways Depaitment will consider such a proposal,"  Aid Lang insisted that he sees no  rpasqn why some lepresentaMon should  nqt be made to the Depaitment Maypr  Swain ftgieed with the clprk that hopes  weic ycry slight but appointed Aid. Lang  as a one man cpmmittee to pursue the  "mattpi fyrljier.  -/  il    Sechelt Villam , >-,  ,  u  li  hi  it**  t " \  A,<-t  ?i* >���   involving 2,000 square feet which it was  "v,, estimated might cost between $4Q,QQQ and  ;' X M5,ooo  v  -       Aid   Ben  Lang said he  was against  r"\ the Village getting into |hat sort of thing  to office mmmm plom  SOME opposition was registei-pd at Uast.    He ��aid hP WO'ldprpd if any thPHght had  meeting of Sechelt cpuncil tp plans, for-     Upep given to what wbujd' happen .to thp  ipulated last year, fpr- extension of "the exr    hHiidinj airepdy occiipied hy the gpyerm  lslmg Village office to provide space for a     p)pntal"o|fices." ^  numbei of Piovuicja.1 departments rentals  of which would, qye|- g peripcj of tirr}erpay  loi "the conslluctioii: "*"*'���' "      -1 ������"-������'-��� --��-=;:  Jliaciu,^ion=4ollowed   peo4saL-jif_piara&  Aid. BennerVexpli|ined that the exist-  jiig; quarters, ^prp top,small ^yie Mag  istrat'es   Poqrt   and   othei- �����. dPpartmen|s  =^4hefr there  is  0   prnhlrm  of oldndy.  peop|e having to climb stairs. Ho added  lhat he fepls the Village should go ahead,  pot hack, further, hejiad been opposed  to the picbentTmaTTcouncil' office*from  the start  -Mayor   Bill  Swqin  agreed   that   gov  r  \  J\- f  A"-  A     *      J ���*  f  ^  . l*\ .-xV w,iZ ��� -c ������  . (;*ni"    <.\A,  r  ���' i' y ti  / ^  i\  ^������. : : i,  o  hi  CQMp rain pr shjpp/ evpryone is invHcd  "   \6 the Sepheil Epn��nsH]a Rpd ^ Qud  C}uh-2nd- Annual, "AgWPS^P  ?��f,p^ ^��-  commence at \\ a.pti. shjrp pp Sunday,  Ma,rch 7. ', ,    "  ,  '*' The event wi)l tl��kp Plape in tho GUib  grpuhds at -Wilson Crepk and a perpct-  qqi trpphy gpps tp the first 'place aggregate winner. Winner last yeaf was Mr.  Boby Jams. .   .  Competition inpjpdes largp rifle, r^O  ysirds, five shots cachjrom prone, sitting  apd standing positions. There'wijl-be a  sifnjlqr evpnt rpi; .22 rjflp, shotgun trap,  25 shots at fi points a bird.  Indoor ovept is the .22 handgun, competition with ii shot's, slow (ire; 5, shots  rapid fire and P�� shots timed.  " Cups w|U be pre^pptofl  fpr  1st, 2nd ^  apd~3td in each competition. Entry fpp is "  $5 for the four events or ?3 for caph scp-  aratc)>cvent. -  Informative film show  on drug abuse problem  EVERYONE "ipl crested in * hptlpr undpr=  standing' of the problems rplalipg to  the abuse of drugs and a)cpl}ol in spejpty,  is lemindcd of ihe very informative film  to be shown this riday, February 2(5 at  8 pm. in the United Church Halt, fiiht  sops  Students   will , h,ave   the  opportunity  ���   '�����  uf i -4�� sce-lhe film, in school dpring the day  '���i     4 j*    and patents arc assured lhat this is pqt  ifJpitjU*   f*     a  "shock"  film  but one  tl|at  is  higjily  local Chapter . �� .  .etarded C  Bai-bi Patrol  .recommended   by r.principals- of   schoolls  wlicre it has already .been shown,.  Following   Ihe frilm,  there will  be a  dren'e Assn.  einmeptal offices cqiibolidated in one location is far more desirable and much  piore convenient foi the public He did,  howevei, think the estimate was too high  apd suggested it be held over for further  consideration  MAY pay  Sunshine <Coqst Lions Cl|jh, which for  the past few years has put pew lifp tntp  AN APOLOGY  Apologjc^  arp  px|ended   for  ThpuW wfelPHr mienpM i-MM show. .VflMF&xfp  Fc|j|pary aiftt. Tips WPI Tpp JTjrpe? mis- Aid. Bpptjprtold Couppij: U|pjl pxppnses  tp|tp pnej tlicipfoie vyl��h '0, Piakc ploar }t JhPpn'Pd last ycai1 oipouptcpj.^o qvcf $5pQ.  was pot the fault of thp Ijieatrc opcnjlor An fcxpopbo accoinjt will be kipmiHcd  hut  11 s|ipup m |he advertising' depart-    again" for the IO1/! cvept  christens one room school  SUNgHI^E School, is the new name  phoseh for the classroom built last  ypav by ihe Local Chaplei pf the Betafd-  cd Clplcficn's Abbociation and which is  picspntly operating with, an en��oHmept  pf five pupils^  The paipc copjd not he morp appiq;  Nipc volpnleer qidcs also assjst Mrs  Lpgji gn a rpta system, givipg her mpre  tpirto fqi individual inst|uction. Childipn/s  age. rpnge from tiyc to fifteen ypajs,  Tjie sphpol is pperqtcd acpoidipg to  rplei laid dqwp ip thc'Ppbbc Schools Act  a,nd the School Bqord makp^ a finaripial  the  Barlii dolls clressed, ^ umfqrms of  ��}iii$es apd Brpwriies ip countries  throtig)i0ut rh"e world made attractive  tgpje Jecoration^ at ��gchel|'s Mqtjier  3n^'j3gyg)}^F"l^gnjpet. More than,  twp!Vty-fp\jr finy inifprm?, correct in  eyery ^et^il were rtiacle by Mrs. Dor-  een IVJiiiVeri ^ncl IJ^strjct Guider Don*  ajda:sfeui!ir: ��    Decipher letter . . .  sport coffee prcaK ucloie tpc aiscussion  which will givc,pai;enls fi chance tp.h��v��  questions answered  MAY PAY   Chan man of the Sephplt Mayfl?y  Committee, Erich Hcpsch, reports "that  aliendy his committee js actively Pnga,ged  wiLh plqns and to datp a n"mDeP Pc  major and different events arp scheduled.  11)01)1  ,  t DRIVERS BEWARE  * "\ ItCMl* w.ui) that romplulnts have been  I j] made by t|ie fhe dcp,i|tmen| legaidhig  !  ' l'i failuie by diivcia |o j/|vc> way lo Ihe fhe  ' 'V vehicles when up loulp lo a fuc Tailing  \ tho flic ti nek by lobb than'fivu hupdiud  i >< 1i'C| is also an olfepce Ip fuluiu, warn  j     ;j  Ihe pollfu, c|)aigpa will he laid.'  yi WILP rumors  ';        InesnonHiblu rfimpiH f:|rcii|ii!ipg lo thp  <-s effeel  I pal  members of The Times1 s|aff  , aip leaving the ofiuntry this spring we  1) duo lo lliu  iiMiaj gossip spreaders.  The  ,. , { sloiy \i, without fpupdation.  1   ;J AMNOUNCEMENT  1   jij following prevloiiH   report by   Hon,  J    ,' Ispliel Paw/iim t|ial  ilcvplopmcnt pf the  I   j Po|pp|tjo Hay l'pr|<si|�� is schedu|efl, comes  )'\ further 'pew* of d'oyolopfiinpl. pf ||ie Skooh-  ��i unielmls Itaplds, park silo,. This will }p7-  \m cliidp a'ccesfi rond. vcjir parking 'W'cn apd  "j;| |��|��!H|0' fpellHIes,  fn  e/i|!|) if.-iise Ihof-pJins  |)(;ep |)p .mention Pf Wlicp,      '   t     .  Aldcipieu and Muyor agreed thai | je  Lions have made ap excellent jop 0/ tic  njirojpcl. It  was M|bbcc|i|cni|y  moved tie  umoupt be pinvlded  HACKETT PARK  Aid Benner iepu||ed Ihal fencing  around HacUett Paik |h iot|in/< and falling  down He said he had held copveiballon  wi|l] an e|dei|y pefbpii wl)o luib agieed  |p cfirry opt repairs wl>cre necessary' at  niininpil pusi,  A'sk'ptj whether a fence was peeded,  Air), Bonner pointed oiil that already  yppng people are using, Ihe ..pari? as a  race |rac|r, It. was therefore moved the  offer to repair he accepted,  WATEfl HPLP  " Aid.  H��rold  Nelson  reported  that a  ho|e .caused by a,,wiilqr leak 011*1)10 )ieno|i  ,acpe��8 roi'd at Die 0, bend was Ip pavp  liepp repiilrp.d by i|io,|leg|pi)al Hpll|;d/!rpw  "   "f wpf'i "under Ipe Impression l|)ijy were  )   gpjpg to fix |t riglil ifwny put Ihal, wps  |wp wpp|<s ago apd the hole Is o|.||| Ihere."  l;o si||d, ���     ���  fpj mP?��h��^ Pf fhp Assoc|atipp gathered  in- the ' npijapje c|assro��m crpptpd pp  Gibspps, Elcmpplpry School grpundfl, fpr  t|ie Animal Qppeial Meeting.  Mp Al,,crl fjypri of Selma P��|'|�� was  ie-elccted   Ip   sorvp   a   .second   tcim   as  piesidcnl   and   Mrs    Maigaicl   Lamh   of  k Sephelt is v|ee-pie.sidpp|,  M| Qeoigo Turynck who did such an.  outbtandipg Jo|i as building coippptleu  chaii map lahl year, was ip-e]t<etcd fp the;  position Mis Lee Macoy and Mr, Peter  Sljnn w|ll continue as ediK.'i|lo|) epmmil-  tce meinhei'K, Ml'R' Maccy w||| > a|sp act  as Ireas'urei'. M��'��. Iilloanpr vyplvertpp is .  secretary Ip p!wi*�� of cprrpspnpdopeo  ������ ilpcl 'Ml'��.' Bohbi 'PraipPr |s recprdifigl  secretary, Ml'. Lypp ppd Mrs. Mueey will  servo pp Ihe fc'lnaneo Cpmnpltee ipid Mrs,  EJsjp yV)l|is agreed Ip foiip fi lp|e|>||qp'c  cppfmitlpe to eppnprngp, |ppip|)pr.K lo al-  lend picplipgfc. P| her pppolntmepts' ar't)  yet tp 'ho fippfirinod and Iho financial  .��|.oi��incpt' w|i| he 'pphjishpd whpn it hps ���  heap audited. ........  Miipijierfililp |n'l||u A��ihpc|��IIi|P'Ih $li  for a s|||g|o person .iipd-:frfpr a'family,  The liow ti rirpiip.h'iii h)(|li;i||pd willing"  pew lo epil'lppt pilothec Mep)l)Prsh|p drive  'ii the Hpripg,  pyerw|ie|ii)ipg pfi|)l|ii ren|?pi|H(i up Hie  )jiir| of lf|d|y|dipiln apd niiipy organl/a-  ||ppn |at|t year, |inl|)i��| r'pdppis |||e |ii|ild-  iiiH dolil put Mr. TnlyppK i<|i)d Ihal fi|pi|n  w||| sl||l hu rof|ii|rod for ppilpfewipcij.  iip-Ium;|i anil cijiilpniepl,       ,  Pnp pf Ihe iinpfor stiidiinls him alumni,  i.'ppiplctedp very iiilniellve hopkeil rpg  which wlir pp piffloil to 'i'n|i|Q fip|i|i| in  l|)w .pejir flllipip, '��� j*T!;;,/>  La I en r (IoiiiiIIpph ji)i;|udod*',$a^"',Trrm)"w  tlm  Howe Huppd  Pulp Mill  Employees  ll'lipd,   Mpppl   Klphlpulppo   (Jhiipler   Np.  i|(K'0!|.'i,s,i!,!,|t *i��.in\||pii.��jrqif|-U|����.,  eiirilii ami I'al and Hay Wilt ��!pp||'||m|ed  ,W   III   ||eu uf  (J|ir|a|.piMM > wifdHi   /V|iiii  a  Mrn. Allno f'Vpiii.'h pf Kfjeliulf reneweil |p]|<  dium I'lpd 11 ||U|e iiHtfii. |iy,|iimdh'j/{ $l|,  ^owppf? op HQPK     "i  'f'hh ypfp' lll�� l|it|n piie|����tH epptalih  Jpg (feeds pf hqpo will he pip|)cfi hy |fWi|  A��iioi!|al|pp jiii.'iiik'i'N hp Uiul epi|lrf||i||)ppH  Will go d|r��i!l|y lo i||<i ^oi.-nl (Jlnipulr, Two  Ihpusapil epyplniimi w||| he ppilhid during  Ihe iNiiljonal Week In M'ly wl||ir|| ret;-  ogni/<:(* , iho. pcjud |p '^vUi himdlaipncti  fllll'llPlii    .  ���  Tlpi f.'lilj'lrim are t.'ppllpujpg, fp im,|u,  POMMJTTKP  for ti-jfil  fp|l<)w|||g 11 pie- ,  Ipnimny hearing ilas) .Iply afi Gporgo  Howaid Lee of CJi|)sop.s appeared In Vun-  'pppvpi Copnty Com I last M����duy, Fe|)-  liiipy 15 and entered a plea of "gpllly"  Ip a e|iaige of Indecent assaull op a fc-  IPplp.  At ti>o preliminary ipwing, f^ep iip.  po'arpd .hefpro .Ipdge phar|p�� .M|j.|p|Hjei|dt  ,npd entered a p|ea;,pf ''ppt ^pllly'" |p ipe'"  pffpppo |nvp*|vlpg an e|even"yonr p|d girl  .Iplylfi, ip7p ��| (ho pibspps wharf,  fp giving evldepce, the gp'l iitatod nip)'  was slayipK tPPipOfpriiiy , w|)h her HislPr  npd Ipishiipd a|)i)ip'd p' Kp|l ||pi|f g|,, the  w)|arf, Uur sln|er pnd hpshand were put,  vjH||ipg iip(| she reinnii|ed ulioard |.'p )pp|(  "ftp? fi RPiiill Phlld which w��s ii|PPPlng..  nf ||)o Hipp, l^lpr Ip the oyqpjp'g a pum,  li|(er.Identified as Lee, eapie |ippaifl imk:  ipg for the owppr. Win: told liim ihey were  opt., Hu Hiep followed. hor \dqwp '0 tlpt  kltcpop i|pd |g||0?[p|l lief wlum slip K(i|d  np.ppi! wan, pennltlpd a|ipa|'i| whllp l|ie  owner wiih pip,  .'' After iiill^pg to l|)o girl for iiwipip,  Lee wim plleged Ip Ipivp ppl|ef| ,her onto  h|s iiiu mul nlfiippipd |p ipiprferi) will  |ier, She Hlrngg|��d( lirolJe fiwpy f/'fip) liim  apd escaped lhroug|i a Imi|c|i Iropi ���wll��r��  illlp fioiptlii pi'plccllop pi, rinn|||e|'' vessel,'  g ||l(i plea pf gplii|y hl*l' woelt,  J/Vlllow||ig  lip was repinpiled In M"|'P|  ��JH��Wl,Pi)'���'"-  , "  ��!,!, IMI lor  LflTTEU signed V p ?ipjnU��JT Pf rwldeijte  ol Ihe Henry ftoud and jid|aecpt area,  submitted orlKinajly' lo- the Bcgjonar  Boaid, soufdit answers lo qups|lpi|s ic-  garding Ipe situation should that aiea  be takep within the houpdai'ioh ol Gibsons  ft was in turp, at the suggestion ol Ihu  bpaid chapman, submitted Ip coppell.  Mayor W'��Hy Pelcrspp, at last coupe)]  meeting adv|si:d meiphei's ||ial alf'hpugh  ll   wns e^lremely  diflicull   to  read   tjiOs^  lellei,  adminislraloi   Dave  .lohpslun  has'  pot yet provided all tl)e apswen, due lo  Ipe fact council has yet )p carry put 11  -feaiiihiiily slpdy pf fitly 'ffip-'I'l. pxpiipslop,  Aid. Ken 'Crpsliy expressed t|je view  thai he fplt tlie -|patter should/hi! dca|t  with apc| forgoltepi "f  gather Ihe piles- ���  tipps pre s|ipp|e enoiigh apd, have ijepu  an|'<ed by I peso popple.'p'ufoj'e/' he fidded.  Alt|e|')pep Gpddip'fl, M'liiflellum and M"y-  Pf - ppiorson  all  agreei)  Ih'iit  (l)e  letter  w��s hard to read hu) Aid, Croshy ipslsled  it should be ''deciphered'1 and" replied lo.  Ije poled Iha'f iiojne of Ipe (|iieuliopii Involved the kppp|pg of livefltoek apd slulps  of aefpage,  Mpyp/' Pe|prn<ip i!xp|ii|ni;i| llinl uli'epdy  he has p^plajpod to rps|dep|ii pf PfiilJ. .  Ho/pi llpil t)iey Wpljld I'P allowed to  'carry i"i "�� heforp wilh ||venioe|i apd  lhat iipfenguH ppiy |i!|i|ii|p lis they presently px|Nl,"'T|p��(. |ii why jliey |)i|v'p anked  Ip, fioini! Iiilp ||)i! V|l|i|ge," lie naif), l,''ur'  (her, Ipe Mayor pointed out  "l|iere are  nfimRif !)f peppl'? np lli'it nplHInn ���frrim."  ai'DHH we |iiiyii pevir enim|ilii|:ed luklpg  iplii Ihe Village,"  After jurllier '.'opimept hy'AI'l, Crospy  llinl   the UXiUer  |io  dcji|l||  wit)),  |l   was  MM~f0i!!|o|)   ���  Uli tU'oHHuil up for 'i rjlnplay irior/j-   fi��MOT|winM |>y turrlor liiuly ��HfM  V;;i��B Hiiol), 10 too ftwii/.cmoiii, of uip' b��ii>i)y Hufilc, |)fcnircd}0\)(i I'orpo  t���>)ys pexH door, pro Wi��rry Y<fi��!Mf, Mffljm.'        ..,' /     :'...:.,.  fcliuioii Ji���i|if>ti)ti mul Un'1 Ahij (Uwy ' ^ ���  pKl/ppllpniil p|p;p|;ni) p| HHfP'lllpu ��e|ipp  ipiflfji', ||iirr'M)'P|'v|i||pn 'of their leiieliei'  Mrs, GJadyH lrog|/,' 'I'lni |iri wpr|< , op  display \n ft (le||g||| |p see apd a" pew  easel ��pip|<i hy l||�� spplor idiahml who  iPbwt '"/rpi.'ppy  lit  |.'!|ppjpiilopi! I,. '|,pt||  _W.lmlr��Uwiijf|,��iii:il��, - ..,.,,.,,.���,  1   Mi|ti!j/|ir��,.|p   the   planje  pluipPd hy Mr. liiimi.ir |liP'n*o��i *)rt' prod-  jielpM g^iep i.pppin ,.,iii i|ir?)r prngrwi l��  Im'Iiih  f'ligmly   nliplled' py' Ipe   i!|)||i||pp,  who plso Ipive biilhn growlml inside" Ipe  M.'|iU<d,  A sp'.-cli)) ij)hui<>  wim puM hy Mm.  Leo  M'P'oy  lo  J��idr|r|   (iiipervlnor,  Mr,  JWer llllpp  w|)p  liilips, IPpe pul   pf  p  .y��f.y.<li!wy'.w-,|j��f|i>|�� lyAmH .film wIyIih  Urn, }mi In-lw |p|) wpidi k prph��h|y  tl)�� !P����ifj;|i'fl|v/ig|pg nm ttvm f����el)1pa  prPleseJopi    ,  PflKHiPI'IMT of <!)�� r|K��|i��||, Tfiiiehefi!1 An  'spuliilInn' John IhiriiNhle linn expressed  rpgrel nl p)|nrepreiiep|ii||op pf'dpi poiflliou  of h|s pr.hpi:|fi||nn i)n, II- wap defierlheil Ip  p/sI wpclt's Jpe/il tmimv cppcernlpg Ipe  *\'1'i)i4��|, Inihool il|iilr|el'ii Iplegriillop i>n>:  lil'fPPine., 1     ''(,<'  ' .'''Al, issue wim Ipp' alleged challenge  ip the elialripiipfihlp of MI11, Alpl'o'f hA  l/oplp. 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M&W Holdings sppghV |ipp|-pva| for  clahhshmcip of a trailer eoprt adjacent  to the pioposed soipor citizens hppie prp-  jnel, ft was poipted, opt l|inl spep an  oi3e| a I ion would eppiply witp all regulations, would be of high quality and wpuld  pipve an ashol lo Ipe area.  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JiljfU'eipely good shape, 2 pe$  tires, t��kp pver payments. Pp.  flap-34pR. 5054-16  ���   .-.^ ,-  ��-, ,>..���.,������,!���.��� ������m,^.,.���.,.,-.-.,MJr.- ��� , ..,������.  1083 Popiipc Pavlsienpe. 4 dr.  II.T.   V,ft.�� automatic- PS:  FOR 9AU (Gpntlimfid)  If JT'S suits'��� \V* Mfil'gan^. EABY   walker   ${l,   flocking  9��pr9ft}0, ^ech% &0. r    - ehpir $10. Both brand new.  1      ,   l W-Jfn - Phone aec-ama.         sqim-h  ~ .,:-���!���. ��� rr- 1 ,  21   INOtf   bla&k-��� PP,d   white TtH!|3L tp .reej stereo lapp re-  ,   T-V-  with! sfandi  ps  i\ew.- "cprder. Phopp. HR5-2QH  Phope {ia3-23Qi            ��858512. , .         '                ri074-i;i  PP.  Bsfoptlonally   clean  cftr oppl5p yppjv m}n\m Mipin- i paai   kirvrires *  $57fi. Phone (iiiifliia-ae.oa. P,Vtor Vl -%So" p&P ivppv LE6AL NOTICES  W-l? 'SeeheU Kluww��ni Phope ^ar>- '   '   ^-   -,    *"y -  j^ a^?��-     ' "    .       (ifioa-ifp  iptia i6ibroury Vdr  f^pal good bpy, (i pyl aptp  to  new   sphdMsiojts,   m^ply    an5Xmi,\?^iJ%i,n��A ��ScY     . . *����'U    ��*w-  *m Wh.  of <3i^o|allpi\!?  September 30/1970  Gross Circulqtiqn ?8!?0  fa|d Circulqlion 2446  A�� filed With thp Audit Bureau  1 pf Circulation, sybjeett0 wW.  Clfjsdfied Advertising Rates;  3-Line Ad-Pdef& (|2 words)  One  Insertion $1.00  Three Insertions $2.00  Extra lines (4 words) .-. ,.���20c  (This rate does not apply to  commerciql Ad-Brjefs)  PERSONAL  Notary Public  , ALCQHOUPS Anonymous "-��  -^PKIN'S   LDG.;   A   lovely  Meetings 8:30 p.nin Thyrsi-./     revenue'home op a_be��upi-  days, Wilson Cvee^ gem^pp,    fpl view lot overlooking \lg\ye  ity Hall. j��fc .Mfi-aaiT, Wfc ' Somid; kit., nhvliv. nnd a  1 234.3. t * 49?9=ttn' bed- ��p And a. full spite down-  Asking price only $22,fj0ft.  hushr SMheitr-ViMge. -$80,qqh  will sell hlopk'or 5 iipre lots,  0��sh. Box 31Q The pepipspla  Times, gpchelt ��.Q.     mHlV  appointment-pnly^^Jippa_ap?  k.  2IS3 mn a i>.m.      amm - canopy  PUOPANID kijchep vtpigo, ve-  wo lanjss pro-  aflfi-7RR0.  '     1)935-14  PHOTISCTPI^ DIS^ICT  PO T40X Ul, SECrJELT, B.C.  Tpnders aro bcipu called for*  the stppcolng of tlie No. l^So-  .ohftlt   Five  Hall.   For   further  for mm  WlgH to centa.pt L-ittar Bay    Hmi?Rrr,���  nrtww  w��  Spjnts   merpberlJph, -885-.    ��PP��PTS_OnHlEK.  Her  8547 or 8864546, mfcMn  BLOCK BRQSi,-  Phpne Mr, Poqd 088-f!7!lf  PQllect  or A8H4J1  t       . e   is    For f��|st service op all pv6p-    HQUSEKBEPiNQ  that srnau poindvy mm?        ��"Hqo unA |�����,"��'��-  ���   - ����ufl��^i!'Bn ����m  HALL, fqr yept- Wilsop Oveek  PommunUy  Hgrtv   Cpnigpl  Mr��.   Riane   And^son,   886-  S; p46B-tfp  for- long   narrow  (iSaSf m"f,e��� Tb58?18 ClllNCHlLLAS-fiood , brood- ' dotails   please, eonteot Trusteo  *'          : 1 1 ma stoel- mid young ampv F. V. MaciKpn^ic, at J3ti\nd��rd  ���(H   lyiQA',   phone   pop,   88U- als.     reusonqble. ^   Ej-pihitipp Motors of Sechelt Ltd. Tond-  fltiae..  Box Numbers  10c extra     WORK WANTSfev  5Qc Bocik-keeping Phorgft is flc|c|ed    ���--��� ----   -----������ /~-~X  for Ad-Brie.fs not paid by  , ���>'        publication dote.  Legal  or Reqder odJvertis|ns|   35  per f piint line,  Sub5?riptian Pate?���  By Moil:  Long! Areo $6,'00 yr,  Outside Local Af^O ..$7.00 yr,  U.S.A, $9.00 yr.  EXPEJUEKfOEB dlYWSll mW-  stic & tenured ceilings, pew  in Gibsons area, and- serving  the Peninsula.. Free Estimates.  Fast service. Phone Q & T,V  Drywall, 884-5315.       4208-tfp  Overseas ..  v  Special Citizens,  Local Area ���  Canpdq   ^  By Carrier  .$10,00 yr.  .$3.50  -H99  -r���Pe "IOj  ��� -Copyright "and/or_proper"v rights  JWPSisfs ip ql| displqy g^vertising  and other material pppeqring in  this edition pf the Sechelt Peninsula Tjmes Ltd. Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in  pny foari whatsoever, particularly  CHUCKS painting & decorating. Guaranteed work, reasonable rates, Py85r2375,  5492=tfn  GARDEN digging,  f,     digSJPg    and    ]  reasonable    ra,tes.  Tomicic   886-7126.  fenpe post  andscaping,  Phone   L.  f.96>18  ROBERTS CRKK  DRYWAIU  that you have beep looking  <*Efii\ 1 "acre on highway No- 101  With -pj older 2 .bed.'fmmP -for  |v\st $0,400. How can yojn miss  '��, this price?        (  G1PSONS: We still pa.ve 3  loyely view lots for H00Q  p-^ch or if it's a cheaper lot yop  prefer, as low as $2,200, We  alsq ha.ve complete papkage  homes to offer to set completed to roof op your own foundation or-w�� supply and yovi  install. Try these unbeatable  low prices.  GIBSONS VILLAGE: Convenient and well situated retirement home. A well laid  out ppe pedropm house. Bedroom is unusually large?  Bright spacious, living vodm*,.,  New oil furnace. Located On'" a"  erties apd bpsineases,.  "pQ^}fn  room   fpr  working gent. Olean, wa.vm,  Private entrance. All fpvipd.  For rent at> Selnia park. Ph.  WfisWaB. Pfl75-tfn  TWO bedroppi honio'," Gibsons,  . ppfprnished;   $100   month-  Phone 036.-1034. fiaa^ifn  SE;Ml-furnished " svi'd^ ~ava��l-  ahle Mftrch 1. Private ent=  .ranee. View and heabh, pavis  Bay. Phone 885:2153 a.fter 6  p.n>. for appointment to view.   . 5p33-} 8  If You pon't Try Us First    f FURNlSHEp" cottage,   all "el^  Try Us Last : -ectric,    available    lo   Jime.  5752 t;fn    ��oe bedroom, naS-0740.  ��� ->      ��-            5049-1 a  QMO T'PUCR,*" ovpi hauled and  ip  good   condition,   $000   or  pe'-rost offer Ph. pr--2a&a.  597(1-13  5903-13    type muffed tumbler, pigeons,   ers  will  close  on  March   15,  good   breeding   stock,   cheap.    1071, at 12:00 o'clock noon, the  Small size b|l heater a.pd barrel, suit sipa.M house, $20. Ph.  8,85,4)303. 5874-13  LOST  H. B. /GORDON  & KENNI^TT UTD.  p.Q. -qqk 123.'  Sechell B.C!        J  Phone ��85-2013     I  Real Estate and Insurance,  ��� Bpying or Sailing ���'  MINJATUHK male black poodle "Fierre" los| in H��lf-  mpop Bay area. Reward for  irvforinatmn resulting in his  veliirp. .(Phone 885-9964 eyes,  885-0713 -#��ys 5048-tfn  MUSIC  by a photographic or offset- process    Taping   and   Filling  by   hand    fluiet   residential   afreet   in   a  |n a publication, roust be obtained    and machipe. Spray Tex ^par-    g_ePtl-ai   area., Sxce'jent   view  kje Cejlingg.  In writing frgrh^the ,pybli->her- Anv  unauthorized repVoducpon will be  Subject rq recoijrse in |aw.  ��^che|t Peninsylo Times Ltd.  COMING EVENTS  TWiUQHT THEATRE  Gibsons , , ,  ,     Phone 886-71-93-  Robert^ Cf��ek, B.e/  ; ���" SPlHfp  Wanted  Fyll price $14,750. 'Offers and  terms.   Immediate   occupany.  GRAN^HAMS;    Well    built,  well kept 2 bedrom house  with revenue, suite, Carport.  ^pjeal Estate & Insurance'  " PUNNYCPEST   SHOPPING  CENTPE  Gibsons, B.C.  T- , P0-?48l  ; \  room apartment with fridge,'  stove a��d carpet in Sechell.  Ph.  1186-28,63. 5939-tfp  HQWlNS" JipdlnV "walerr  fropt   cott*ige,   1   bedroom,  furpishe^    fffB     Phone    688-  2566 * fiOQSblS  PIANOS ��� Tuned, repaired &..  refinished        professionally.  Ph. 8*15-9639. 56954fn  GUITAR lesson& talk, country,  hlu.es,  classical,  private  lessons $2.50 hour  Gioup lessons  $1 50   hour    For   more   itrftrr*���  ination   Phone  01)5-9861  5957rl4  TRAVIS Trailer���2V  Shasta,  as   new-   A'!horite   Hilphen'  spt, e-eplrifpgul piimp, mpyie  camora and accessories, Pp.  865^570. 5911^14  electth'c   hand suw>   new  conditipp,   $20. V  h.p.   ip-  duelicm  repulsion motor,  $40.  Phone 885-2260. 5950-13  SAPPLE,    b(*ick    with   ,14"  seat,   good   opndition,   $75��  Phone 886-7553. 5052-13  OVER   500   used   red   bricks.  Phone 885-9076. 5956-15  TECQ   automatic   water  pressure   pump,    on   30  -gallon  condition.   Phone  5963-13  tank,   good  8B>93?7.  PfiTS  4VHITlg==J^epflffrt���4^-enig���ur-  MAD, MAP, MAP,  , MAP WORLD  Starring    Jonathan     Wmtprg  gently required for uncom*  ing* Sechelt Kinsmen Auction.  For pick-up phone 885=2443  pr   885-2475. 592946  QIBSONS   VILLAGE   near  Kinsmen park. Pniy $16,800  on terms for this roomy house  , -,, , ...... T .  ..    in a convenient area. ��uit6 in  driveway )arge cement patio. -fq(i   basement.   L3rge   living  Beaptlfpl ^nob|trpcted^view-   rdprp WithvieW Window" Not  Convenient tabus, store, and    a  new  home|  but "well' buili     ^...^^A^  PD   Fv^llPptly   leea4e^a#=a    d���d  maintained,   a  good   buy-    WANT^P TO  3  ROOM cottage  to|   lept  to  mmried couple having employment   Ph   885-9608  5979-13  SAJVIOYED  PUPS,  adorable���  r'l'qm   $^5   apd   up.   Phone  866-2160/ 5963-15  FARfjT    Spaniel    puppies,     6  weplf�� olcj. Looking for kind  homeSr Ph. 885-2080.     598743  LARGE    Trail    Master    tent  trajiler,  sleeps   six,   full ac-  ppmodationg. Phpne   886r256fi.  5965-13  lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  B.  P. Firth,     ,  Secretary.  ���.,        59l.H)-puh. Feb, 24, 107j  ~__     ^_     _.   _.^,. ......,__  SBOHBLT FIRE  PpQTECTIPN PIStRICT -  ���PO BQK,111, SECHELT, B.C.  Tenders are heing; ciijicd for.  the erection of a 6 Ft. steel  Llni*  fence around the property   occupied  by   Ihe   No.   |  Secpelt Fire Hall. For fprthor  details, please contact 'Trustee  F. V- MacKenzie, at Standard  Motors   of Sechelt   Ltd.  Tenr  dors'- will close oh March 15,  1971, at 12:00 o'efock noon, the  lowest or ^py tender ppt^-ie'c-  essarily accepted.,v-.   ���-.   r^: -  B. P. Firth,.     ' ���  Secretsp-y '      '*"  5081-pub. Feb. 24, 1971  PI1QVINPE QF  BRITISH  COLUMBIA  SET   of-   drums.  7472.  Phone   886-  5993-13  "CHANGE QF NAME  ACT" (Section 6) '  LIVESTOCK  rptirernent heme- FP $18,900  With $TQ,Q0Q down. Balance on  terms at fi  per 'cent-. OF-  Sid Caespr, Miltpn Berle, Micr  key Rooney. A cast of comedy.  Wed., Thurs.,.Fri., Feb. 24, 25  and j!6 at 8 p.m.  HILP WANTED  LICENSED   plumber,. earpe^  /..   ters, tile  and  fleor    layer,  VIRGIN AND w-^ ��wn ^9n^ '��^?- --- n-"  Tup rVPQV                ��� per"- m- laborers, For 3 or 4  nc umr months work near SecheU. Re,  "     RESTRICTED ply giving phone number, exr-  (Unless  accompanied  by par- penence, references and wage  ent  or responsible  adult) expected to Box 5968 Wo Pen-  Starring    Johanna    Shimkus insula Times, Box 31Q, Sech-  and Franco Nero elt,,B.C. p96fl-13  Sat., Spn��� l^on,; ��Fefc. jftTenclr*''-" -^ ! *"  28 and  March   1st  at  8  p.m.  EISTINGS WANTED ���  VineePrewer      , 886,9359  Welly Petersprf   fi86#77  Box 238, Gibsons, B.C..  5984-13  PENDER HARBOUR: Qne* of  the finest view lots in the  Harbour, all services too. Over   103' wide.  Close to water  at' this price.  886-2481  CIBSQNS VILLAGE: A Well  ���planned near -new home pn  GJassford Road, immaculately  maintained. Has large LP With  FP, two good sized BR's, modern bajhrppm and cabinet kit-'  cpen. Many interesting features, such as pork floors. Garage .and workshop at rear.  $20,900 FP. Qn terms. (MLS  62507R).  888-2481  G-IBSQNS:    View    lot;  GIVE Canadian book publishers a boost���bpy Canadian.  We have mlPV M?Cie,lJand  and Stewart publications including National Praam, Sjhjr,  ���Jpilcpiin    tjuiuxsy~  NOTICE   OF   APPLlCATl6rt  FOR CHANGE  OF NAME.  -NOTICE-is - hereby" *givkt-  that   an   application   will   be  2-3 BEDROOM house wanted  to. rent,   Pender   Harbour  area, Phpne tfffrgfjgg,  J7^tfn-  ioAT^a, ^inIs  V2  FT! Sportsmap -fibre glass  boat with 9 xh h.p. Johnson  Seahorse , outboard,--��$7Q0.  Ph.  88677553. 595M3  trrudL'  lu Ipe Pireclnr Ot   Vital  Statistics    for    a    change    of  rAETne Feeds at Fair Prices. - iviondw,      ,. ........ .  Hay, Straw and Buckerfield-|     al The Times Bopl'store, pechr  Grains. Purina Agent for Son- '.  ell.  Phone 885-9654. name,  pursuant  to the provi-  slppe    Coast.  Free    delivery. fiOaOrlS    sions of the 'iChange of Name  asens,���P-lione   ' r;-,'-.^^..^;;;. j^��^r^==f-���A<4^���by^���W���Carl���Joseplr  886-7527.      ....      5772711^ ; H ff^S,;ls,2ES^    DISQri Joe pf f:Q. fpx 39, ��e-  pom-  MY.LOVER, MY SON  RESTRICTED  (Upiiess  accpmRapied by paiv  ept or responsible adult)  ^tarring Pomy Schneider  Tpes,, Wed,, Thurs., March '%,  3 and 4,at 8 p.m.  ' ���      .������.-..:. , ������",; 599043  BIRTHS  '"aiB^ONS WISfERN DRilW  , .���, i��  pleated to  tponspr Hill  Birth   Arinouritement  ipfl^o,   on4  extendi Pest WUhos to the happy  ��� '.'''���'���' ''pgreritB,   ''  qLEDSON-poi) and Mam'eon  Qlcdson, aro happy to an-  ppunca the arrival of Reporah  Jliyleep, 8 lbs,, JVj oz, on Feh-  I'MHry   17,  A  baby  sister  for  I Jay and Loe, Fimt granddaU"  ghtor (or Amy nnd Gerry Zci,  ron of, Sechell add Mrs, J.  Cjledfion of Vancouver,,  5,97343 ���  RIM���J.udy and Iton Sim i��ro  plonHcd to luipopnco Ihe  hlrlh of their baby daughter  Nicole Marie who nri;lved on  Kohruary 13, 1071, (I iihn,, 7  of.,, 'al   si,  Roclifill,  Mnry'n   HoHpllal,  5075-1 a  OBITUARY  PENPER HARBOUR  EVERGREENS LTD.  Evergreens Wanted  . * 1  SALAL 42c unaone  HUCK 42c undone  Dpne wp 9e extra  l^t. ,��� ,���-  r��  Free  pickup  for  greens , apy-r  where on Supshine Coast'  Before picking, contact pla'nl,  1st place North of Pender  Harboui' Hotel  Phope  1183-2265  or  803*2721  :V,- 5966-ffn  REAIL ESTATE  PENDER Harhour-r-3 bedrm',,  split level home, )0 yrs. On  highway, 4 ucres over ,200 ft.  waterfront, Jack Noble, 883-  270L Rochester .,Realty, 037,  , 7202, 5783-tfn  ' MACGREGOR PACIFIC  REALTY LTP,  RELMA.PAHK AND DAVIR  PAY; Hcmillful high level  lots, fijenred with vlow of  Gulf of Georgia, (deal for retirement or iiiil.tago nil oh: close  'to beach, flahing, golf, whopping: MARINA NEAR BY;  $420(1 Twmn,    ��� "��� ���  OLJTgOARP MOTORS  p.5 hp Evmrude 1969  demo  $390  ,-mji,on good road, Only $1,500 ���   pletely cleared and in grak    05  mV-Evinrifde-WO ' >'    -"  (down qn.FP Of $4,260. The,Jo,i JFenced.JReady to.bpild. $5,0^. demo &Aa  oation,makes this a-tremend- 886-2481      '   "  ous buy at this price. t^t,���^" ^^  RBEP pp.: iq acres with 3  WANTED TO BUY  BULLfiOZilf in fair; tjond.  D6, D7 or eqyal. Also looking for backhoe and gravel  truck. Price must be reasonable, yi/rite or phone collect  487-0571. "    J3  lent conditiom   883,g')18-.  745  MARINE ACCESSORIES  Paint ��� Fjbreglass ������ Pprb -.  Canvas ��� Boat Hardware  cpeit in the Province of Pri-1  tjsh cp!pmbi��i as follows  Tp phanige my name ffmn  Car} Jpseph Pixpp Joe tp Car}  Joseph Pisfpp.  Dated this 10th day of Feb.  ruary, A^,  3971..  ROBERTS CREEK: MpsCdays  yop can look oyer Georgia  Strait to.Nanaimo on Vapcour  ver-Island from this 'oois'y'-i-pg*  hoiise, featuring 2 pedrrris.',.  nice living room with FP-  Rpaciops dining, room and.  rodpiy kitcpen., utility room.  220, wiring, Small orchard and  ���good garjen soil on this 5 acre  b|opk, Anxious for quick sale  las they.,,arc moving to the  Cariboo, A'good buy at only  ff\6,600. casli,  GIRRONS   RURAL:    Over   6  acres   wilh   frontage   on   2  roads, excellent holding prop.  erty or build tpe home of your  bedroom pome. Asking $2,0,,  ppo.  88,6.2481   .���  PEED--RD,:,: 3,4   acres   partly  c)early  and   in  grass,   Nice  trees  ond   very  attractive  2.  bedroom" home. FP $27,500.  .  886-2481  CHAMBERLIN ROAD:   Acre-  age; "4,6 acre's on Chamberlain   Rd,  $6,000,   4,5   acres  (in  Road  Allowance $5,000,       ^  :     ,       886-24,8} j  GOWER POINT JDtl '% acre  with 2 bedroo'ifi"collage.  Large |Mtohep.q'pd living rpnip,  Rillldeck    with' View,',   Neutk  sopio finishing, $14,560,      ',  , 886-2461 i_:  ?l)  hR Johlisop  10ff5,  controls  .���.��� ,���  65 pp Evihrude  iq68  controls     -  40 lip Eviprude  I960  33 pp Evinnide 1970  ?5 hp',TohpsQn,1950,  electric   .;.,..-.  0,8'hp Mercury, 1868  sliaft ..' .-.   $4p  $626  Compressed air service  NYGREN SALES  (1971) LTD.  uscd'dnuVpralw'i Bh'^BB-OSeil  < Phopg ft8^p3Q3M qibsonfj, B.C., r,0..,viLLA^-'^ ��IBRON^  ,597fl-tfii      ,    . ,1    5887-tfn  '"  WANTED, used 8 ft   to 12 H.  glass    rowboat.    Also   used  CARL DIXON JOE  5088-pub, Feb. 2^ 1971  ....   $405  ...   $495  $195,  ohg    '    $210    $120  choice, MosMy clear and in  grpss, $10,000 with only $2,600  'down. ���Balance easy.  GIBSONS! Modified"Cape Cod'..'"ACREAGE!  6 acres of prinfo.  cotlagq on view, lot close lo        vlnw    acreage    |p    Recliel',  bench,   This   charming   liltlc   Nicely treed and sloping, Lots  home consists of bright llvlpg    of possibilities; $10,000',        "  fi.fi hp Johnspn 1963 ...  Now In ��toc|<  ,  RUNLINER,   RPPINGROK, &  ���K&C ROATR  ONE ONLY OFFER-: 18' K&C  with  115 hp Fivbirudc, Only  ,   \ $2,000  ..MADEIRA MARINA LTD',  Pender Ilnrhour       '   ,  Phono l|(i;i-'4266  Merrier of- the Multiple UiBtlng Service  ��n LANOWAY ��� Fohripiry   17,  1071, JnnioH Michael  Lnno*  way, ,o'fi,P��pdoi' parbiHir, for-'  putriy of Vppcouvcr, Rurvlvcd  iiy  |��li( living wife \\\w\\, 2  , ,-ioiiH, Poi'ih, VaiMiouvui1; (lor-  pop, Sim 1 JiYnpclHcn; 4 iiroth-  ci'H, .lolui, .loo, lliirry and  Mull;   fi   hIhIcim,   Mih!   Mary  ���*"Ilni:pci7'' r-Mro,���Knr���Mnrtolir  Mi  I  nil In Cnniidn, FuiPnid iici'vlco,  Monday, Fohruiiry 22, nl I ,  p,m, "from Ilnmlilon . Mortuary, Fi'-mor Rt, id 3ll|li Ave,  llov, A. II L|dn�� offiflliii.lng,  1 Cremation. In IUm. *��f I'loworH  , donations' to llio B.C. Cancer  Fund' would, ho upprHal-id,  Ifurvoy Funeral ,Homo,, Qlh*  mm, (llrcciniM, ���ftliOMH        ���'"���      s 1  '"  .I.....I,! I,. .|���l,,,..I,,,.!, y.ll..,,..l|,l|,W,ll���,,.^,, ,,.l.���.l  fi ACRES; Ciilllvnlcd lovd  properly, fruit IraeHj on do-  mtiHllc wider supply, paved  roiulH, (iIoho Io"hIio|)h anrl him,  $0,000 will) $3500 down,  SOUTH  FLlilTCHEll!  One nf  Ihe moot renHoniihly, priced  room, dining mom and compact cabinet. Mie|nin on main  floor, Two ulci! lidrms, and  full modern bathroom up few  (peps, IIIkKiMwtU set dp for  laundry room and' Hm��ll office  with biilnnoo devoled lo slor-  ago, Large Hlorngn ip'oii hi fil-  lic uIho, Nice sun deck on  fhiii!, $16,096 and lorpiHi are  KJIriiellve,,  GUANTMAMS LANDING!  s You can feci on top pf the  world on l.henn 3 d��Hlr��hil��  IuIh, 'Hie view M 'unHUHpnriri��i|  ovurlooldng Mown Hound, nnd  Hiiriiiunding iHland/*, Mn��l bo  Moldi.lngullmr, $5(000 full price,  li��6-2'181  CARS a TRUCKS  ABBS  nOADi Two_ pedrooip,   '^ AiJSTIN, Hew llreii, dulch,  liraj'e.'i. gen, V.li., plugH,  nnlniH. Sacrifice i|l $125, Ph,  885-21197. m mW-H  fi nut 11 !>op)o, Pitnorai)i|c  view of Miiwo Sound nnd  Georgia Strait, Lot Hi/,�� IIIO'x  68', Hullohlo for retired niu-  plo��� FP $11,000,  IHKI-2461  Jacl' Willie  Ken' Crosby  Jay V|BHor  IDEAL FOR , roHlorinu-*-1007  rlludehiiker Silver Bnwh VII,  ��� ���*��� '��� ^IIcK, Pay ���oKijepfieH an Incur-  88fl-203f| r��il in dale, New v.\U\(<U, peu/  UBO-illlOfl    IrapHmlHslon, motor ovcrhnul-  Kfin-iiiaiio' ed,  Full  prleo  ym.  Plp��n��  -f)|)(IU-l9.   (||!��)HI|;)^ll0y, fiWIOvBI  obi, iu llm 'Vllliif-o. rloun lo hi?    SnggcHl  your. ����fft)r, on Iohph.  Mi��-Mi>wtu,~''��y'it��nnr*"no"<l-"'to-~"~,��-'-'"'-----"--*14---"-  An, Jonn,'WJ(llii��,''Mi;il',7Noli   ���KlnHinmi 1'iirln 110' ltd, Front- .l-IflTIWJf-l WANTF.D  'nrkcr ond Mm, Ann Mclpten,    '����"- v\* ,*a��h0,  GIBSONS CENTHF,! Ono of \\  ithidl N0P1 Ihu nI/u or |hlH  lovely   view,   liuplNuupud   |()|  WMW, Ono 1)IoqI(  to Ixiacli,  flopping, up), FP $0,(100,  CALL;  .lohp   lilwok,! (UlS,',:i23  or l|i|(|.7!lll| OH Loifie (llriud,  880.7244  or   888-73)0  50ll(i-l!l  K, &UUKR REALTY  "   UTp,  ALL  TYPES   INRItnAN^K  GlbJlOiiw, B,c!����  1'liomi 88(1*200(1  MEMBF.n '  MiiiiTii'LE rjstrN'd '  HKHVKJK  fiOHil-UI  BLOCK BROS. REALTY LID.  T-~rYOUn-5UNSHINB-CQAST-5��SCIAHSTR;  ���:  COME, INTO OUR NEW CATALOGUE���|J5T NOW  ,        .' PHONE COLLECT:  Mr, 8r<?9g��*--^-*88rB796'-or-0fl7-'444,~���-~  Mr, 6. Kncwln --f %91*2881 pr 298-0341 evenings  MAQfjIPA PARK suutjiyisiphi ,  Tlm l>*|t(i |qro�� vlf'w |9lt In Pflndor |lorlK>Mr-i<>v��r|o'ir')rip iho  '���InrtKuir pnd Gulf/ **l9W to -now rtn*l i*|io��|'r^'llit^ lp��i r.9p  h> purchoaod Willi a very |oyy k^Qvyp fi9ymonl 9o4 p��ymonl��  ������I ��)|i",iii  'r��Ti.frr"w  ''i"i iwhp'ii   r"Ti  9%' Wptorfront (9t o| fand*r Hfld-our^rr^ooq.  ��* tew (seml-wfllerfion? lot ot Pprl P>v�����$3000,    ........  Ir% Afrp,, Mfldolm PnrH, 11 OP' Irontooo on liloliwoy���I800P,  , 30 U)T ���     ..     ���  ' KARL a)VR SUBDIVISION .  Loroo cliolro, fiiimhwolofhonj |ot�� p fow Imndrml (e��| frerp  hewh nnd fldilng, 1'ilcod |rom |3000 to #3700.  Mipy pihor vlow ond'soml-vydprfront W*�� from ^1000 19 19000,  " Plscouot |or Cod),  OLLISLADEY  MoWd pqffc7*B��'C.'    ,  pliono Pflnclfir Harbour 883-??33  "���V  SEGHELT ;   Ho.  1807.R  Excellent'yocont commorclol lot, qcr.os? frorri* Bus Pcpoi, J|(s|  ono block lo beach, Centrally iocqlcfi. Co|||oJ| |<cp|f 8*35-9461,  SECHELT "   ~'"T-A"~^~~r'     " "^T7- Ho.  1871  Two hcilroom homo ��n cleared, lovpl Iqt. Across Irom Vlllnno Park,  Aio'hlock to bcpaol andishoppino cppJco./Tpxcs loss than $40 per  year, Call pob KenL 88^-9461, '. ,.t-.    , ���  ..  SECRET COVE AREA '" ~     ^ ".  |60 ncro*f,of.sHc|udcd y/oqd lond wilh.sopio y|P^ qf soq, Ho cjo^o  noiinhhours. I milo'off pnvpd Hlohw'py 10). Foil pWcp $SQ,0Q0  or $320 an qcro. 3 or 4 families should hp "hip I" hondlo ih|*i  cosh price, Cgjl N'Kori',835-9461,  PEHDER JHARBOUrT""     ""*'. H��. 1725  35 qcr��s of Bul>-<l|viM��h. pofonilql with )8PQ fc��l pf vyqiorfpni,  WIN soil for $70,000 nrlndudo pow 2 hedwm homo with flro-  place? for $85,000, Somo'larms will ho conslderad, Co|| Boh Kon|,,  885-94.61.        ' ���     ' '     '   ���: '   ���   :  REPROOFF5 WATERFROHT HOME        '"."""'"tap. 1640  Lovely port dfRcdrpofffj/hoqcii, v|owr,( nronnds; ? yoor pfd 2 pod-  room   homer���could   !>��   3   p(|r,   Flroplqco, ,AA>H   furpqeo   o<i*| ,  , PRIYACY ovbrono ocro, Full Prlcn $35,500, llqlf co&h wlllhondle.  Coll Pwlnr Smllh, 885-9463,       _     .    - ��� ���  SELMA PARK REYEHME HOME H<?. 1 ?06  Woiuifrnnl hqrno; hpflplKully rpflhlshnrt, Ownor*) piwrlprii ono  floor, rpniod puorlen, (}elawf iinin grpnnd !ovpl!F��ntrqpwcqc|| Is  nrlvolo. Copqgp qn, l��8qch qlsq rprder),"; For1 dutalls |o :VlkiW'coll '  'Poior Smith, 8fi5-9463, ���,     ^ ,, ;        v!  , WEST SECHELT WATERFRONr'"^"     " ~~        'No, ��� 19Q5  Thlh ilollohtful 2 pndraOm, wq|Prfronl homo |ias nil you could  d'-viuo, SquiIippi |0-iifiniitir��'..iKinM'll A-), CqmphcflMhln pij^o |q  o|))flrolforinos,yai{'|| ho cqpYlncod, $) 6,000 d*IWP pnyrflunt, QoimI  tormi- nn holnn1"^ Cqll Paipr Smith, 885-9463,  GIBSONS, WATEf^ROHT " ������-'~"~"--���~      '     N0) 1948  OiVMnrlno Prlyp, leyol |o |-<>qch. Two hodrpom nldpr stylo homo,  w��)l molnlqlnod, Al'ioqn axpp ,vyo|Pifronl lol, Prlco i|>l9,000,  '   Cq|| PulorAelporw, ^86-299), ������'  PFNOER HARROIIIV  ���" ~ Ho,37-l��62  Apprpx, 8 wm will) 500' writorfront.pnd 370' qn lilohwoy 191,  i,iiiiol)|<�� (or uuhdivlftlon ��r duvolopmon , Mrqa pio(|��rn'3 hodroorn  ��.lti*mu,.huoulllol|y�� I IlnUhiid"* with- notural ,woodi|.a!,2,iFlfiuulq<.ttii,  douhk corporl,, (.Irfiorp, pool*, rockvvoik, (ovpnuo from' PnploK|'  prolpcpnl mnorooo, pdf dn|q||-, find qppolnlm��nl lP'y|��W, Pfl|l,P��n  Woddan, 8859501,    ^ f  ' j,   ���    ���..<���<,  5PC|,||?|.T ,,'"" ; ~'         ~" Nq, 1844  Atlrnctlyf 3 pedfoom pil oloarlc pomo of 1,000 9<]\ma fw>��, l-qrop  lol wilh rrmny dull ireo* on<| thrph*!, Qqtmin, nordpn tho<| <;|q-|o Iq  V;|ioo| nnd uliqppjnq <?pnpp, Full PilfP ^23,?o0',00, fm flppolpt- ,  (iwil Plionfl Pqn Hidden, 885'9504, , ,-.  ...ROWtV^  >J��^ 1024  47 A^ms Ipycl loud, r,ijlinh|q for holJiy fprip or rpHrpmmH, (lydrn  ond phon�� nY'tllal'Ip. h<l| prlco 1(5,500,00, Phono pon liqddon,  885-9504,    ��� ' ,  MIPDIF POINT ^ , ' Ho,:!/.,.  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Rl)< ��Qia  '���Np Generation.Gap"  -1   Dennis lVJpripni took Ihg pi-qvebplc service  SECHELT, B.C.  GIBSONS, B.C;  .John Hishey ape, family 'of flecholi,   mh$MJ$$  TRAft BAY ENTERPfl��?)ES  Repqirs tp Iqrge orsmaH qppljcinpe^  JpHN BUNYAN  Dav|s Bay    . Phone 885-931Q  pqe was iflOfi.  ����vt!  Hkhnu   "in/.iiiHin����  ,AA* A.7 ����      upTurq pipsoyieiy neia pn  wran^uiy,  aiTup<jiiop ot jhe Pihle was tenor pf  'fjiVm.^,:,,   Satpi-day  night _session". ^ealc- a^.'-^f^Jl^^^B anUro ��rfltfPBmrne'cpHm-^" AKT SUPPUES  |i|id%-pptit)'ihutp to i-ensUivHy tr*ppiPu -.. "    . ������ '   ���J.''?^  apd'ipa 'iw-p-eness  pi1 others   wilh  fhp-  tfienip f)|ipg "Do we careV" Tpprp were  Oi?^()(|lBi|aj:ipps  represeptipB  27   of   the  3p-pi!$pra| charges'.  SUNSHINE COAST  GQSm ���Mm$H^  .(yp!*!pnprningtjferi��!tr ^   ".''  Sundoy School ~. lOfOO a.m.  Church Sorvlco -7-11:15 ��i,ja.  Evcnj.na Service 7:|Q p.rn.  PASTOR R^V. S. GASSELLS'  Davis Bay Rood and Acbutua    .  (2 blocki up from Highway)  The United Church of Canada  SERVICES  St. John's United Church - Doyis 4ay  Sunday Seryice'i.- ?;��Q���q.rp'.  ....................... Rpljorts Creek- United ���--"-">   Sunday Services ^*?;*|0-p "i.  Gibsons United Church  Suiidqy Sorvices -.11:15 a.m.  Port Mc|lon United  Sundqy "Services - 7:3(j.p,rn.  -���(2nd $nd 4th Sundays)   ^ -    Ministry ���-���   Rev. Jim Williamson - Gihsons - 88^2333  -- Aii''',ihlerested residents of Rpfjippal  ||j^r%^Ppi��i-'il'A'-ea % oi'6 Invited, to  pjtepds'i^e re^iibr pieptihg of West C^i^-  "'sam-:-H%hts.'Ratepayers' Association--flt  Ipe. hpi'ne. of Mr. apd Mrs. 'I,. LeB^gp,  PraU llpjid* on flup'sday evening Fep>  rpiry 2Tll'h AnioiTg" fAher matters tor diir  c^ipn are walkways and school  hpsei;.  Hmt. MP THERE  Mrs. gparjes ���I^Dngley.ftt Gower foipt  ���wJlp lu'SihpPn syccesi-fLiUy grpwing orchi|s  Ipr^pjpg pp,i5 yeprs, {ipptipuos. to enjpy  . |ffii:;2jree,nhpus.e. .as  ��,,, jlpjiiiy, 'Btre jijips  woi'kinHv with' many Hiffni-nn' v��yjp<\t>? "P '  T0lPBh9B��> 9P^*2P^   -  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  ppftoiYi Sppplies, classes A tlrlffl  doaier fpr (Spncpp's ^erqrpic ppppctt  Plri��! i$, 65 Graijdylow'A^Ot  P.O. Hoj- 6?f fiibspnsj B.Ci  AUTO SERVICE  SECHELT HOME SERVICE  Atlas Parts -' Gqdcj. Year- Tires  OCEANSIDE FURNITURE &,  VCABfNETSHPp  ..Hardwood Spocjcil|sts, - Fjpe C-jStorp fprpiturP  Sfarp qpd ^qstanrgnt flx'yres  ppmitMro Repairs  Custom Pesif-pcd Kjfchqrt^ ��pd egthroprns  24 Hour Towing  8852812  BUSTING  grPlpaV apd earlier this season had h6-  ivyepp"-(10 pnd 00 blooms. She is able.to  pave flowers throughout the year.  Phyllis Sage Fprrnepjy of Gower Point  CONTROLLED BUSTING  ALL WORK INSURED  FR.EE ESTIMAT ^  FRED DONLEY  Baptist Church Services  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  Mermqid and Trail, Sechelt  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Morning Worship 11:15 q.m.  CALVARY BAPTIST CHM^CH  ��������" ��� " pdrk 'Rd./'j3lBsqnS' ���';���''  ���   ���   SHnpJqy 6^hoof 9:45 qh**!  ''' ���  -    Eyeing Worship 7:\QQ p.m.  Pastor, Robert Allaby  (886-2932)  A WARM WfLCOME AWAITS  YOU.  -���! ��� ��     ,    .in ..   i...mi "i ���">  'i' 'I'M'.'.t'.'iT, r'.rnr.1  THE ANGLICAN CHURCH  OF CANADA     ,  SERVICES  St .H.Hdp'iii Spcfi'clt, Family Epcparlsl 9:3Q  q,m. (2nd and 4th Sundoy), Holy Eucharist  cyory Sundoy ol iVo.ip.' 9:30 o.mi (IM.ond  3rd). Every Thursday ol  10'a.m. Evcnsonir  ot 7;30 p.m. (2p<l on(! 4|h Sunday),  Sr. Mory'i, Gordon Boy. Holy Euchodst���  ||;30 o,m, <l��t and 3rd Sunday),  par-jonl-, .Holy  kuc\wriu\~-i  p,ni.   I��|   an(l  3rd Sunday). .      .   ,  Church of Hl�� PfMonco���BodrootU' Eyon-  sono���3   p.m,'  over   2nd   Sunday,    Holy  EiiehorW���3 p.m,  every 4th. Sunday,  Print--Rov, P, Popplo, Sopholt 885-9793,  ���ftu^d Is pow ip Inorip  v ancouver.   l\4rs.---B. Finlayson. and Mr?. G- Boser  ' hayp'fej^t hysy a.sspipbHng Recipes for ;a  Centennial Cook Book which wi|| ^e  ready snrnetim��-in April, to b sold wifh  prqcce.cl8 going to the p'.W.L.  'v-:',-'^'...'^pd lyics. Pat Quarry were ap-  conipanipd by thuir eldest son Bill when  Ihey f|cw to Calgary where Mib Quarry's  mofher passed away. Bill returned to the  coast while Mi. and Mrs. Quan y motored  to Map|e Creek, Salkatchewan wheic the  funeral was held,%  ��� ^ecp'nt ytsitpr yr}th,MrP: q. |)w��rt^?  Ijowop Bond 'waa '\\ti\i' (son Jack Ewapt  -1r��ip ��� ?cr| ace. Qy^st-ii1 pf' Mrs- Rwur'y fpr  q fpW cfpyg last vveejc werp Mrs. Atlclpsdn  ape} Mrs. McLeod fron* yapequver-. ' /  "�� Mri. Betty Vy"bpd eptertajned al .a  dcligh,tfli| pvpnipfi piuty Jionoi inn Mi't;,  Mai-y ,i|pdplph who was recipiept of a  idfl. Opest of Mi's. J. L. Myers, tfeadlands  Rd.,, .ivus.MiK    Ptil   Ganioy   Irom   Yap-  cpuver  ......  ��� , Wc.finpn, know/.hnwi.rpapy. ppopid'jp  .GipK/ipsi ijaye ;.ac|e(;i  pi a ,ril'pv'|e ' prnduc-  tjnp fin't tiiprp are some animals \n '^y  area that have hewn JCIirnetf.'-'Jtyn of Brpep  apd fji('|-ih ,Crarne|''Hi ("Ofi.t^,' a, ^aapon1 (Ipp  /aiVJ ii: piipciKoplp .'Ini'plf; y/iUi'', ����� h����p!��fti)  s4 of'||pr'|.ii; Were'awfiy'rjii loan in W��i'-  ppr Brps/for'-i mopths durhw tlie filipihp  ���1>an<7#r Hwfom,.g- 88M^I~~  WATBrV SURVEY S|&y|C(f��  For Expert glssting  m% iTlMATfES  .  Phone 885-2304 L. C. Emerson  R.ft. ],. Sechelt, B.C.  BRICKLAYING  A. SIMPKINS  ��� ��� '**'>��� Box-S17ri?uSoichc|^^.C.f   ,,,  "P|,9np 885-2132     '  in all rjfice ranges.  B PITKIN -      ���  Bpqch Ave, PoborU Crook, B-C.  l��fiopa 886-2551   '  COAST BACKHOE & TRUCKING  LTP.  Fiji, Cprr\ent-Graye|f prain RpcK, efp.  Bok 89, Madeira Park  Phono 883-2274   STUCCO  Old Homes A Specialty  GAMBIER CONSTRUCTION  Stuico & Masonry Contractor  FI^ANK FRITSCH  Pflpne 886-9505  Pox 522 - Qibsons, J3.C  L & H SWANSftH LTD.  READY-MIX CONCRETE  Sqnd ond Srpyel ? Bockhocs  Diterijpg : Excovqtlonsi  OFFICE IN PpMNER .BLOe(<  i8S^6^6pBgrjt2j^SpfiafrB^r  Und Clearing. Land Peyelopmeijf-.  Rood Building. Rood Work  in fh?'8g| Block       *   ,  Next to the ep-pj? Stpre  Gibsona "      88fi-2322   ���'   ��� - ,��������������������������������� ��� ,.f,.,.. hmwiiiifmww������������ ���������������*����^��w��".���������>mn�����>M<  '<3JpsoN^liJi.:siAMTY~OiHTE!i  Hair Pro^joms? ti Coniajt Us.  Specialist- ip perrps; styled cuts and colopr.  "  *QM9lity Vyi9S.^  Downtown 0jh$ons, pexr ta Flor|.st.  Phono 8D6-2120  OSBORNE LOGGING CO. LTP.  Bpx 189, Sechelt, |.fe.  '   Pferlg I��l#f67  .....r^_...^__..._....,7..  Madeira Park, B.C.  Grovel - Fill - Top Soil - BuJIdazlpg  Lqqder - Backhoe - Trucks  Phone 883-2240  HALL ��HJET METAL  pprnestic - (!prnrnerpig| = Ipdystriq!  Telephone 885-9606 '  Bok 164, Sechelt, B.C,.   '  TILLICUM HEATING g,^HEET  MPTAL  PIL - EU^Tpi|<3 & gAS  Hpv^oyyn ppyaiept   Phong 88S-9494   OIL FIRED WARM AIR HEATING  OIL FIREP \V^TER HEATERS  Nolpips Dovyn ��� ! 0 years To Pay-  Roy Blanche  883-2401  ight=Eli|n3htfl&  Madeira Park  883=2778  ���J.,\x   ,JJ   >  tf/pumm  G. CROWTHER  (3U|LP|NG CONTRACTOR  A-Frame,'. flpd PfC-Fabs Erec|cd  ��� '���..  pRnyp'nfiPhfll frsmiiifl;'  Cq|l 883?2f 46   R;B, 1f ^p<|p|rfl pgrfc/P.C.  ^ree Es| imqfe-^ s, Fq^t Service  <3 & W PRTtyALL  Pryyvall qcous||c ond |oxlfjrccj colllpflo,  iii iStiH'h'iviiprKipyn!' prv'^ic'^rcBpytcfitip . 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Bey Jackson, 1st yeutena^l^oi-e^ta Copping,  Lorraine Nesjtoan^lstriet Conimis-  sioner Doro'thy" Stookw^H, Barbara  Wilson,   2nd   Lieutenant   Margaret  \  ��?/���  r  1.  ir  Poao A"4  Tho Peninsula Time*    Wednesday, Februory 24�� 1971  ���i.��� T*���       , ^.m-0mtmMm^.000mm0*m*m0m*Mnmt0mm00m^^,^.mm0mm0*mw*0^*^ ���*������  '��*>������ ������*-��������� ������������ ������������g �����������������  Know Your Head  Carby: Centre; Lori Rodway', ViviQft  Watsbn, PaHy Wing, Donna Whyte,  Christina Underbill-and Rhyl Wood.  Front; Cojeep Casey, Oharlptte Bandi,  Joy rjans��n, Barb Jackson, Lee Wbh  Wise, Bonnie Le Warpe and Debbie  -erleand Shiela Murphy  Haltmoon Bay Auxiliary  plan Centennial Dinner  NINE pf eleyen mernbei-s 4of tlie Half-  mppn Bay Hospital AuxiiHary met at  the Irome of Mrs. Terry 'Henderson on  Monday"eveni-ng, Feb. 15 for their second meeting of 1971.  Plans for a Centennial Dinner to be  held at tbr- Wolronio pfLiiii Hffir on"��  ThircL/pf a Four-part Series  by John B, AiirpBtyong, ty,D,  Canadian Hear! Foundation  HEART   ATTACKS   <mu��  CORONARY   CARfe  A SIGNIFICANT Canadian contribution  to the" f|gh|. against heart"jciisease hlis  been tpe CorrJ|iai*y Cave Unit in hospital's.  Experience pa�� ghown that tl|fi death rute  among patients admitted to hospital wHb  heart iiltacl-s can be cut by 30% pr morp,  if a Coronary Care. Unit is available,  Cpnceived, and pioneered in Tprppto*  Coronary Care Units have been established in thousands of pospitals throughout tjie world. Essentially they ensure  tha.t trained personnel are available within seconds, if there is any upwuntep"  change in a' patient's heart rhythm or  rate.  These complications, and ipost pf the,  deaths follovving heart attaclc, occur early.   Seventy-five   percent   of   til!   deaths,  after peart attack occur in the wst Ayeek,"'  but half occur in the first-two dayis. Since  nearly   all   peart   attacks   occur   outside  hospitals, it is essential, that the time Jag  between onset of symptoms and hospital  admission be kept tp minimum.  ��� The principle of coronary, care service  stems from this concept: death 'from"heart  attack is not necessarily the result qf extensive damage of the heart muscle, but  may be due to reversiple electrical derangement qf the peart rhythm occurring  as "a result of a relatively minor- heart  muscle injury. It is the prompt correction, of these derangements'which gives  Coronary Care Units their greatest gains.  Drs. MacMUhin and Brown of Toronto,  who originated the coronary care concept,  insisted that the patients required constant  w a t���cji i n g by electrorcardiography-  Through tlie use pffelectrontcs and teie  ���*' constant manitpripg Pf the.patient's hosft-  action'has heap deyeioppd. harping dtfy-  ipes alert tho staff, to 'suddep changes in  the heprt's rhythrn (ir rate.  IBecausp of the ipipprttpicc of tl>e tipiP  element in treatijiig thpsp-ohangps, particularly ip tl|% c��s,e of hea��1 stoppage, thp  nnit nurse is the first person to handle  an emergency. She ha*? received special  training io enable per tp recognize ah- .  normal rliythmsi and to initiate corrective  procedures, This grefit responsibility has  mef-nt that nurses have learned techniques .  wtuch were formerly cpnsidered the prerogative pf t|io physician. In*"adp>iti��Pt the  continuing development apd avai.abihty  of new equipipept has meant tiut learning, for the nurse, is a cun-iunt process.  The staff of a Coronary Care Unit }s a  precision-trained emergency force which  mpst pp^rate et peak pprfprmancp.  The empigepcp of" Cprppgry ^are Units  and their spppes*?. ip saving. lives, has  created many prphlems In their wake.  Thousands of Heart Fund dpi'lars have  been spent.in assisting the establishment  of training programmes and fapiiities to  meet tlie demand fpr highly-trained nurses  and to support clinical investigation  groups seeking to perfept hospital procedures. Mare and more hospitals are^under  pressure from the communities they serve "  to establish coronary care-units winch add  considerably to hospital posts. Only society at large can determine thp extent to  which it will, underwrite these added  costs. v  Heart Research J^iyspividenls.  liear, standing at the dop^r of his cave,  reminds a bird; "Remember nowr-cali ns  at about half past April."  Tlie risk of heart attack  in  men 'increases   with age���400%   from  30  to  50  vision industry techniques, a system of   years of age.  urday, March 20 were" finalizedi"anci sixty  tickets at- $2.50 per person were distributed for sale.  Highlight   of   the   evening   was   the  signing of a sixteen hundred dollar che-  que io ihe Oo-ordinaUng Council to St.  MaryXJlpspitaj! Auxiliaries foj- the funtr  ibiiing of a four bed ward in the new  wing of the hospital.  Ever since there, was talk of a new  wing the ladies worked. Wilh this aim  in view. Now with this realization their  bank account is fiat but their hearts full.  When the new lounge is furnished the  Auxiliary hope to purchase suitable.articles in keeping with the decor of the  loom, pne to be'an oil painting' preferably dlone Nby a local artist and possibly  a Ippal^cene^/rhi^; wjU^he^4*^>P:;"W"ith  mempr'a) fppds.,     ���������  ' >    i, .'������ -: ���'��� ��� '������'������  Tli e la d ifis vyer P: j pd ecd very sprry tp a t ���  a hard workei", Mrs. Vi Ifynds, tendered  her .resigualion'and hppo at spine futiiiP  dale slie will again join the group.  Next Thrift Shop clay will he Feb.  2?, pnd next monihjy meeting will be  held at the pome of Mrs, liiva Lyons,  March 15, 1071 at ft p.m.  Fpr Quick Results Use Timos Adptjofs  ^���0*0****000*0000000 f 0000000000000000000000,^  ior ,lhp Uliil'lpluy .T)f,-|lic-��i�� ���|' |||f, ,,  le, Jiiidy MpiduiH'ow'ill.     p,m,   In  IMTKIlMATJONAI��     Childlng    wiih    llm  , tliei'po of S'''!li��ilL PiHtrlcl, Mfilliui' nnd  D/iughler OiilcUt, I,Uin.qu��l held, (in  |''eb  ' 'ruary IHlli lo honor  1  ��� World Chief Cln'id  Tal)l(i ��!finirii'.pio<!i��H    fuulurcd    Hurbl  dollo cIreHHod   in  tpo (liildii uiiliurni nl',  llio   country   ropr'ni'mled,  Tli��   ninor|-un*  I Pord lublf), Imhni wilh llio inoi|Hirn' cflinliMi  1 disport wim central wilh n world pni'tniif  illobe mii'i'inuidiHl  hy  moro   iiurlil  dollrt  '   (jreHfittil i��h 0|i)d<;w nnd HrnwnioH, Cr��ul<-rH|.  nf Ipo tiny iPilfpripH, uprreel. lii -ivory do*  lull w��i'o DlMirp!) 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Special Award*  The (iiiido '-'MoyeineiU \n rioyy in ihs  Olst yopr Hprl still it has a trorneiul-  puh fpscinalion for ��lrls tho world  over who take a delight in working  iinrd for Ihe badges proudly worn On  their uniforms. Two very special  awards .wore made to Giiidef- of the  l��t Seehelt Company |ipi|, week wlten  Domu) Whyte (left) received the  rarely awarded "Llttlu lloipse" badj-c  and bobble Nealmuii wa�� nrosenUsd  Willi,her World KriendBlii}) JMij.  TOTEM CBuUB  FRIDAYS, 8;00 p.m.  INDIAN HALL  Jackpot $300  $75 TO GO   .  ir' ��oon prize it  Just for Writirig  n  ja4~  Bi  The Canadian Weekly Newspaper Association through  The Times will pgy $300,00 for the best letter of feii*  tween 250 and 700 WQrcJs pn the function of a good  fgcial riewtJpigpefj |^ to all readers.  fid a.' f  Describe in your pwn words just whpf a lopgl newspoper mecins  to you, to your family, to your community; ir> generol, hovv  does it help you to enjoy life in your comniunity? '  Polished, expert literary style is not sought. Rqther, the judges  will be interested in simple, clear exposition thqt indicates  an awareness by the reqder of the role of the weekly   .  in the community.  Judges will not look for excessively high praise far The Times;  they will study Ihe judgment qnd understqndirig by readers  of'the-function of the local newspqper ,.,', Whqt It shpuld cfo,  where and how it should serve its corpmunity qnd its readers.  Mail your entry before midnight, March 19, 1$71, to  CWNA Contest editor, The Times,  Bo* 310; Sechelt, B,C  ���A' No charge for entries.  A' No ago restrictions'   '  >V Makq soyoral entries If you wish,  A; Any Reader of The Times nioy enter  CouM You Use $300.00 GASH'?  'J|in*4dvci ti!/ci��onl io not j'ubli'/liod oi dicjjji-yod by Hie Liquor ContiolUowd o/ by llio Goveimnon^l Uniloh Columbia  ;,;--;���������-;������.-,.    ���   .. ��� Ea?^��  r*w'  ^2&  'fijSSt*!  Port AlcGeer  a-: - -E--11  -���>  /* ��-  ���Comment from The Legislature  JT WAS Doulois' day \\\ tho Hniibo Scott  Wpllaro (gpcwl Grcd/tt, Oak pay), oive  morp prpsenled hib idea thai charfics for'  pi-llortjs in undo mo \\vw\\\\\i, should ao  Cln-dfiirPuwdm'j, NPl\, Buv!U-]>y-  T2|||i-o"Kta, -i lnwypi, faluiiilcr) out, "you  don'i have any philosophy, a|| you caro  ahmit iii dollars". ''T'ocyoi know i\ lawyer  who tUdii'l know a dnllai-'Vietniled Wallace. In ylppful ponndinp from (he Social  Ciadll benches The (doe subsided wine-  What as> Wallace popUnvietl with his speech  ral'inf' thu Mmistei oi Heallh'{3ci vice-,'and  Hospital Insjinvpre lor |aihn(* ip develop  an intormedudB carp prnmam and for  nltncl>in*j pnclnrs rojjtirding 'almspb ol  hospital piivdeges Wallace also condemned Ihu rhspute between Sandnng-  ham Hospital in Vietoua and the Nuuses  Aldus and even went so Ftp as to second  an NUP mohon rolenm'! the matter  to llii) Lcuisduhvo Oorpmittee on Labour  Vetuian obspiveib m the capital could not  (Ifttyjl any pievmus instance wheie a  GnvPNunonl Mum hor had spconded an opposition-motion, hul Pi Scott Wallace is  unconventional and .is lai as the Government is concerned, unpicdtcluhle  The attack ol Health Mmislci Halph  I-oriinaik, which so niousiid Di Wallace's  ire, involved << lew physicians who he  said had Iclt patients loi months in hospital when Ihey should have been dis-  ch.itiied Wallace maintained it was taking a binad brush io the piofossiml for  t||P sins ot the lew  The Health Mmisler also spoke aboiil  the pioblem uf pbm lions and made jt  clew thai he would nevci condone an  "abortion on demand" philosophy No  Doctor or hospital would evci be foi red  to- drr abortions With that eveiyone  ngiccd t?is policy does not mean that  aboilions cannot be obtained legally in  Rntish Columbia today They can The  V'uuouvci Gcneial Hospital, foi example,  does about sixty lcijal aboitions a week  Dr Howaid McDiatmid, Social Cicdit,  Albeim, spcakinu thai day, ayieed with  Dr Scott Wallace, that hospital abort ion  committes aie meie "lubbci stamps" He  said abortion should be a mallei between  a woman and |iei docloi McDiannid cull-  ~qd"=h7r=td3uHions on an oul-palient .basis,  saying this is pcifectly safe when clone  piopei ly This procediuc would ieduce the  load on hospitals as well, he added  Geneially speaking Doclois aie not  satisfied with, the aiiangemcnts that aie  liuiiiK made regaiding aboitions   Lcgisla-  ,'H  l-      *     I   * A \    ,1        j      r  V       V^A,   '   ���'  . >v H ��^' -, ���  V   V i      "��  ���"i     ^   ,    ���  ��*.!  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[ViONDAV TMKOUGM SATURDAY  8:0Q A.Wi.-SiOO P-R/3.  ���n  the Mjnistor of Heqlth. )ias done a pqor  job in" the Intermcdialp care |ic|d Fur-  tbpirpoie theie is little excuse tor his  hospital policy when it drives physicians  out'ol small commuiiilios like Cloaiwatpr,  RC Public Health progiamj? aiu. wco)c  Tlicie cm be little defence lot tho hail-  heaited vaccination progiam diuing the  Hubella ensis of last fall A vaccine was  available lhat could viitually hayp wippd  out the diseases^ l^jilish Coluipbia, i>hJ  a complete vacinnalioirprt3gr*mrwWTO5TSr"  conducled because the lew thousand dol-  lais that was icqmrcd simply would not  bp piovidcd i^nt of the Ticaspry   ^   ��� -   ~ ��� ���'   '- ~    - - ' <'     ' '   - -* Knea High   ,     "'    ,  ^onftnH icrftn QianrlinrfQ Newiy ^pquirofi i>y-(jp|isi'Cai>ip vIslqA  ouuiiuu luim Mdiiumyh a|ld ^l)abjC of inkling iop m ^m  /       Til   l a  .  i * TT"   1 gr'ules npliill qiid. sido-'iiili. the 'prack-  fpr- Elphinstone High %.;���� A^|^.��*i(j.��i!r��!uii  -^        n * cqii'-ideraWe attention  while  joying  HONOR ROLL  inch lubber I racks. Load capacity is  Division 1 Ken BiadeJield IllTiPrances }-|KI IhsUUtlTcH^n^pWM)^) l&S.  Finlayson 2 3, Joan Gory 2 25, tfionk Hob- forking ii) Ihe rain when Ihis picture  cl,,s 2 25 . was   tali an     hi'r   IMni'm .Hnrricnn   nf  was  |aken    are Norm f|iarif&on of  lots haye not taken a clpirr-cut stand on ,l,u   ,alesl   ttMm  f>��Mr?��  9l   flB.OQP    Sbeejuin^Bannie 3,5.. Cathy QeQ|0pr 2.5,    6e.TvWckttl nf f oast Ha hip Virion'  the issue and as a consecpreiice Docioli     'i'lemployed   in ���firitislv Cplum!,!*! show ttavid atilger ZX   !L ' ------     ^ ''"'    M^*j <f--tYWM1 -Pf VP-Jb?- HtMie -Y|i>!P.n-  aie caught in   the  middle  and  efficient     U/mMBH more  ppple  edch  day  jn  thp  M It  and efficient  faci.mies do not exist in hospitals. I think Proyipce ip-c losing thpir jobs, fiidpslfiaj  Health Minister Loffmark has. rpade pro- Development Minister SklHings, QpP p|  Hi ess under-difficult circumstances and ^ H1��st lightly regarded lytinistprs , ip  ohe can hardly blame Ihe Provincial Gov- thP ��BP'hPt VYrl? 8>Vprt a rq-igh time hor  cinment foi Ihe situation when abortion C��|Hbc 'l,c,c wui> ��(1 indication of where  is a mallei  foi Ferioial jipisdiction any. jpbs wopld come from. Bob Slrachaih  foimer Leader of the N.D.P, told the  House.afteiwmds that Skillingb was like  t|ie student' who hud been Rivep o zero  mail; (>y Ips teacher. The boy's father,  angered  by   t)|c  murk?   had  te|cphpnc*J  I do agiee with Di   Scott Wallace that  1 A  ��i  mm pouutioh  CLPAN YQMIt |A5PMiNTf ��AR^6fi"  Op VARp. s^L THP MSABtE ANP  pISpOSE OFf rm l��E��T- W^ BMV  OR    MOVf    fBIPPES,    WASHEB5,  STOVES, FURNITURE, ETC.  THE RENTAL SHOP  PfiOHE 885-2048 ANY TIME  iiwfiiimiiiiBiMii"  Division fi: Giapa Watsph-  Division 8: Pleanpr Swt>P ��-0, Gheryl  Guelph ?.*7tl, Thpresa 'Lappn'te Y.2^ Pom-  ppnid Martinez 2.25/Lisa ^PdrfljT^S-  Division 1.8: Hpin? l^r.ci| g.p, Lesljp  Dixon 3 0, HoseiparyHpefslpot 3.1), Rapdy  plamprnan 3.0, Denise Dornbi oski, Eileen  Sallis 2 5, Elin Vedpy 2.25.  Pivisiop 18: Kim Gregory 3.0, Dean  Gnddaid 2 5..  cc ��.��� Alderttpit D.^."  CHIKOPKACTOi3?  Rci. 886r23ai  Tuotday fo Friday 10:30 q.m. to 5:30 p.rn.  ' SqtMidqy 9:30 q.m. to jiOO p.rr��.  "EVEN^GS BY APPplMTNieNT  V^l  Any pet shop  Ifi aTII hoffiwryoM  is in the  WANT.  T(D ��PR?AD  A SiCRBT  .AH, 9VER  TOWN?  : USB AN  BRiPr  DIAt  885,9654  Tfts?s sffvsfHiN  tpo^�� sre r?�� ��m  ��?ff ��f��r yp,n����?!��!?��  ^9��tr��Sf,Sinitf. Ppf dp.  will 9rJi^/? ursjsh  1 W& P9BH8'88???9Mi  11. /mi   ..  Eleven  3pyif|eservcd  a rtj-o.  The 'toapfri^ stt|d Wlvjs-pp I: pppjiip }lniw��t S.p,.. 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This will provepf ��h��m shoyirlnq1 fhr��H0h ^n yf^T  " riuxl p'jlnl jo|).  ���tru rrr*|  "TMpi AdBrlof*'*  1 ��� pre '     '-' ���  mighty mmm  PLU^BlNa LTD,  pofil<ir for  , Siipor \<i.rr) Tnm  nnd Slwrwln Wlljlnrrw  **Gil)ioni - 8B6-9S33 ,  Morgan's  ��ar  Off1*"  Wprk CJIqvp*  5PCHPI.T; 8C V  MWl<><>i����MM>)��IIM��<M��|MW������M��*l'��'W|��"*  BRIGHTEN UP BRICKS  ��� |iriohU.'n up iho flnl&h on your hrlPM' wilh fl "hrlck  rflfl" pnlnl or n '-l��'0r i-ll|ron�� -lotilpr, raqniWMifc lh�� c��l>  rirllnn Pnlnl Mnnwfncliffors'Assorlnllon,. Tbft1 SkW^WW  bucilur it. n mnlMuro rapallcnr-nnrl mny lmprf)VfflJhR finish.  You hoy*) o rhoico of f|nlsh��s wilh hr|c|i rod point���olkyl )��  .alf��sy,,.lr<!.?j<J?J.!!i!u_..������jl���.��� \, A.   PAINT-TIP'    i,  Uttforn pnlnllnq O/'lvnnl/o'l aovnitlroughii, priir)" thorn  ()iri-ici|-/rv)t/gms ihu Qimn<ti(mJ?ftini /ylonwlgciuro^s /Sisyclg-'  Hon. Consult your local rcpufahlo point rfflfllpf for fhe prop��r  pfOf)uriisr-plhorwl��,�� llioy will p��el for yenr-i.  BUILDING  . .    SUPPLY  Gcnornl pnlnis  Poo|or  /Vionnrnei 8. 'jlraqia  ...   .    Pfllpt*'.    .  SoncMpo Cooit  : Hl0l)wit!y neor  If  Pino W��r|< An��l SporMmor* Clothing Clooring  Ar Reduced frfcei. WPOL^H|flTS fi. PAMTSr.  < *  ���'"' "HORS1 HAHNPSS   <  - ft '.SUPPLIES ' ���������' ��� ,   '  BMHKPT6 r UPI-T5 n PRIP^S  All Clcqflrig M Grflfl! 5*>��lr��ai,  8AI>PI-P  li^llfl  ttlwpiiiyijiliy^aq^^  tfmpwm*  PAINTS  VoWoui Brand N��rnc�� Including BAPCO.  .f        All Kind*. All Cofors,  *��    C<)mo |n Tpdpy And Sovo,    "  THP5E PAINTS  MUST C|.|AR  ��.    iv - >^  "WAIT NYfiSHBH  SALES, (19*1) IID,  GIDSONS  Phone 08<5'93O|  w��*wwi4#i<i|W#^^  www*  mfmmtmgftiito  *   *. -    *   f.  4   A  A   ����   *     I   *  I   *   *   ^   ��  ^    ^*   /���     fl   ��fc   ^   #��*   ^    *�����!�����'  Ji^'-L*^'*^*    *^^**AA**��^    ���**-*-  l  ii'jH-  A��  |�� A '   *h4*JhA*k**h*iJ-��<*.��t.A/*J*  ��  A^A  *���**.*  44  i *���   *   ���   r *�� *��   ����� .��  ��� ������ t+.++f   #+tmt+ ** *��� J  I yi   ft AJh/-   AAA  ������ fc^*  * "fc r>  *��.  *    ��-. sr     l Jh.        W *_A   *  ���  ��� ^k-lAAIhii^*^.  iwpy w^ww^^ayKWMywyp^Wj^^  i^j,* '. ���  !  $ ���'  I  v  ^  SV  -;/** >I  M  1  <A>;Z  Pqge A-6 The Peninsula Tlm��t   |^  '    Wednesday February 24, 1971 .'      n  ��� ���. |; t  Poet's corner   ������'"^  ��$ I  & -  ,-*  tip  11   .    .. '       X 4l \  �� -    ..f-.-T.-.������-,������-.* ��� - ���������������-.-  ...Wl���.,..���������.���)  XI / 1  ��� ������,    r��   .-��yp��r cp-ifr<>Hjloif* <jw tow/ed   [��� j,  Apologie-i to Gilbert and. Sullivan aw} tl��'e  *Yep|rn��w Q* the Guards ���J,S,', Bro^inp  There was a P.M. and his name was Pierre  Inflation was his only fear        ^   i  But the "unions ever did sing Qn Npi';, ,  Qive us more and evermore dough -'    -i  The unemployed>"said 'IGive us jobs",  They paraded up and down in mqbs,  While the -aged just to heighten  the'tension v        * ,       ���   ���  Said. "Give us, please give us, "a little'  .   move pension"  But Pierre, he travelled more and more,  And cut quite a dash at Singapore,  He cared not go much for all this woe  And visited the Dyaks of-Borneo     *  Lackaday-me, derry down  dee  Ke^ifised" the girls, they liked if top,  And he signed for the love of a l^dpe, ,  -.if  The womens' Lib are in, the news  They like to parade and give their views    ��*    ��� -r;  "Wre so downtrodden, ithey always say    wore emr.nga . �� ��  MWe'fe supjPQSedtp love, banpp and,;  even Vbfy '        .   ���  we resent V1^ men to whom we're married  from diapers to dishes" w$'if ir��Tshed and  harried '  domi to tl\e office-'from day to day  ���Same work as*the men but lesser pay"  IVs-ait awful life one really-admits  Blowing 'kids noses and picking up bits.  |-,apkaday me derry down dee  Jf-it helps at all, Hd like, you. to know '  Men sigh for the love of a iadee,  eekly Newspaper Contest  attracts growing interest  Millions, of.,dollars to go tQ the moon  Venus ,tiie;^lanet, they'll reach quite soon  And whM apoiitvp jpurney to Mars  And ever gq many planets and stars,  All Hail to the men who go into space    pur failures are duly reported.  WHAT My Local Paper Means To MpT��� come from it as well,  by Mrs, Joan P, Stuchberry, Granth-        The local  newspapers  tell  us  what   AVes Ancler-son,   Earl   Fliimmert'elt,  ams Landing. the "neighbors are planning to do so we ���. Q\en Philips, Turner Berry, Ervin  A newspaper should be like a woman, can jump in apd tell ��� tlyem.jto do it, nev-v   Bender 9��Q  JVUU  Gven��.  provocative  all  the  time,  not prone to er letting tlipm guess that we read it in      A:_..j..,,,,A..,.'. ���'���" . ; -.���������.������������"..  . ���.���-������^���^-g--  gossip, sure of its ground but very aware the papers, Unlike the writer who doesn't - " - .  of all that is going on, like gossip columns, I enj6y; every  hite i newspaper is "Recipe Corner'.  My  mQ<-  A   local   newspaper   encompasses   the as long as it isn't hurting other peopre.    ther  taught me  to  cook   with  what we  Whole'sRcetryrn of'life .from birth notices Thraueli these columns I learn who my    have at the moment. "Never mind worry*  to  obituaries,   our  accomplishments   and neighbors are and what they are doings   ing -about   the  things you-haven't  got,"  ��� ���     ttmy W.^lpichor.  ,     HETRQQflBi53ION  JiV!ioj.urjijJiLbucH--ijift p|obk, myite me pncc  mote a ehikl, th^e programs qn Tqp Vcc  1 p,u��> driving mo wllilfpm forced to conclude  t ' lhat th^y niu'.t hq desijmciJ to ca|ci .  to i-ppo hu| the jiivcnilu4 mipd.  What happened to ciasbjca) mpyp nnd  i   poise'.' Uos>t m the bcy'lam of caj-!.jp|ittlip8  ,   anise, 'the il'ancc |iab i^-cdcii'to primitive  '    *><mit*iVi, with�� dance halls .  rcsc(phhne r�� h|i-Ae| of woims. <.  S^"^85^    Ww iaUrjops-ia clollpng arc mostly for  fc>\ \ t%        "'���"^ ��'   ftirtU'-fp'   fiumc'i  HKts BiWj>_  \  ,< ,*<J��1,��. btiiiiQ beans   hut Vlicp nialinc woipcn '  wolf   ligU'-Dirinig   -|lacKs   thoy   advoi|J��c  copipiir and cicvjcc and cuicks.  Otir.\yoninjsicis  |obc| dtiBuin>f laWJi  and    ,  ���icsVoiMi While nobody ciahpr lhi��t  ,   thp pidcpii? Hjc- s*>inis�� 7CI '.spmpb^dy keeps  ,    on yiiipp,yipg, t)ic;dpi|gji fpr Hid* ip rpjsc  heiraiul io ipusc pp thij show.  So often l wonder is sanjiy dead'-' Mas wcaltlj  "i   i|nt|  pipspciiiy   gppe  to puc  hci|;l'? .Aiul ,  have  wu  forgot cij (pal  ficedopv was  AI|-Out Work Bee ^    *    hWw8hl with pideciy vplc as pip-      "������';.  Members pf the VVHson CreeH C^rn- "   <mf^ mW ' - ->:"  mumty Association were out over A^ ^ mmm^mm out huhior,  the weekend at woik oil the area Cen- Wflmail ^ lB^ as*usuai. .g& arri#d  tenmal pioiect, retloormg the rnuch   ^istiiVtiiTie to get thp "last laugh. ;  used community hall, under tlie experienced        -    -  Srvins  ties at Ioav cost Wotk party includes:  l'-  NOW IN STOCH  SP1CSALI  ON LAST YEAR NEW  1*70  mm OUTBOARDS  9,8" |j|rplf'26 H,P.m  ��0 H.P, MANUAL ANP  5Q H,P, ELKSTHIC;  " \-  SfCHELT CHAM SAW  lifllllTD.  Cpwrie Street{"Z ?\\QW"WS��WM  ',,.  4 hand of Ervin Benner of    py>>>>>>>>>>>>>^^^^  Decorating who supplied the    | ' :;AA';;-*:   " .; "��� ���;|���-���;'������ rp-"--:r .:���--���--������ i|||  imi-  JJl-*-  Terrible. dangers they cheerfully fftpe,  But for me, I'd sooner stay Where I'm at,  For Tm-far too much of^a s,car~edy-^at.  j^ackad'ay me, derry down dee  Anywhere but the moon I'd  sooner be,  And rejp|ce in -the love pf my ladee.  .   OUR SHRINKING,HERITAQE^  fay Ed McNally  spare time as well as work time. I learn    she said. "If sometimes yop have extras  written   word   is   powerful   and    that poor old Mrs. Cqnstantalk from the    V0M. can throw them in the pot for vpr-  ver should oe used with care. It    next district that IV heard had died two;   ie'fy." This syslem elimtnartBs recipes' and  The  that power .......  cpn make live or destroy ideas and peo- years ago, is stilt alive and has celebrated    while it may not keep a husband haRpy,  pje. , ���"* her  05th   birthday   by  blowing   out   her    it keeps him alive.  It  must often  write  with  a sense  of candles  with  one  whiff and then  eaten You  see  how   good   ihe   local, paper  humor, if we can laugh at our own prob- half the birthday cake herself. Following    uf, "it e:*.ien makes" Us,.defend our way of  Jems it can lift the burden and monotony this, there is usually some excellent ad-    life.  of. everyday, life,     ,    .,'";���   ,,..' .Y.ice/on.,hQW^ _...���....,.'..- r  -,.'... .^  A subtle harbiiioaJved in humor can did.  I  can   prafctlce  this  if I decide  to;  4iawaii!s=Htfii��=t*oalci;   ^^grrr<~-^',*itg-~~fcgr^  FRIDAY, MARCH 5th ��� 0:00 p,m%  LORD JB^S LODGE  DINNm 6;3Q PM.  Tickets Available at Office Phone 883-2236  Immmmmgtmimmmmmmi^^^  Upon a rugged mountain high I stand  And gaze out across this verdant land,  Rivers, lakes and pillages to the  tranquille sea  What a gift nature gives to you and me!  the poisoned arrow and with a more desirable.effect.  A paper needs the courage to make  our public officials smart a little when  they are remiss in their duties.  From the azure dome of the vaulted sky  Winging gees-Tspund their haunting cry,  And from somewhere beneath" in a  sleepy  lagoon  Comes the lonesome call-of a lonely loon.  A startled grouse takes to whirring wings  across, the glade a shy fawn springs,  And near at hand the shattering of  the   day   as   chattering   squirrels   go  abpvit their play  Local business . needs-Tt3""pafis to ad-  vertise and compete with all their services.  ��� It- must beat- the- drum for progress-  With anticipation pf better things to come;  praise the organizations, it helps them  try a little harder, followed by constructive criticism to help them correct their  faults. ,  Ap editor is an autljor who must write  p ptest seller every week or go out of  business, a kind pf ''Dpp Quijcote"  who  that  the secret of long  life is  lo smoke Roll  back the Pacific Ocean and Ha-  eyery day and take a drink of alcohol waii's twin volcanic peaks, Mauna Kea  every day, I do. not, foj'low instructions, and- Mauna Loa wtfuld stand revealed  I believe that smoking will add to my as the world's loftiest mountain's, rising  wrinkles since- mv -ebutiival.uu lulls uifa^ nearly -32,000 foct from the pcoan florn^  "   ' '        ' . ..:.      .-..-;   . _, Paiaduxically,' this   most   active   of ��� all  vu'eanic areas also seems to lie the  cafest. In 118. years, Mauna Loa has  eiHipied--3tJ limes, hurling out hundreds  of thousands of tons of mo!ton lava with  each eruption; but no one has been killed, and today people calmly poke slicks  into the steady flow of lava wiUl-Jl'ltojr-  ishingly little mishap.  that smokers have a squint. I also believe that alcohol will further ruin my  disposition. That, from fhe observation uf  OthePSy   tOOr ���- =���������    -  The Reader's Right'or Say it for Your-'  self qr Think Outloud column -where wp  %y to see who can outchpw the other is  very beneficial, I find, flow also are we  going to. know what's inside the other  head? Normally, we see only the outside,  either covered with hair or bald, accprc|-  ��� business, a kind pf ''Dpp Qw-i^P^" who   ins to individualt,HMn8���� ;  Buthai'K'i I heai- the thunder of a hunter's    ritUst���'j'ftj!T��'Bf---'prt<��� hja'-Jiorse--.^licj.��� ride'^tf in    i':^^-vtan<i|d^  ^ep^i^ martyr in^    At the present )jmp- this, also, seems to  th6 sun,  The voices of natures"chiidren now r��re  ��� stiiled' "  T|jey know one of them has just been  killed.,  Jfyom down tlie mountainin-i, patch of  brier- .,  The telbtale smoke, ere t)ip crackling fire,,  An uncaring traveller ipst passing by  modern day martyr in^  dSpp(lr^vlip i"> damned if he does and danmx  ed if he doesn't.  *      *.    .*  WHAT  My  Local   Newspaper  Means   to  Me���by Mrs. V- E. -Tyner.  What does my local newspaper mean  to meV I can tell you that my sun rises  and sets bv jt. It advertises the coming  events so that I can get up and away,  except,  of cpurse,  when  my  husband  is  Joints tlie forest black ��n4-w.Wdihtogs.dte..^^ w)ltch  action brings op a dark ���scq,w| from" me,  This, I cart achieve "by using a blacker  pencil on my ))iows and also with il, un-  At the present )jmov this, also, seems to  be a matter V personal taste.  We pan learn about foreign countries,'  wars, strange creatures, and unusual happenings in uui- local paper arid so ensure a variety of drcaifV*(��rall night,  thus e'iminatjng boredom inour, sleep.  A few sudden screams so induced may  waken the household, but also "belpb enliven other people's nights.   ,  The only part I cap do without in a,  ���v  5 �� ��� "���* (LVs vvhpn or? contrflci))  Your odyertl&jna in this spqco will reach  iieor|y 2,500 hhmq? (oyer 9,000 people)  each -week. It's Ihe most economical way to  reach more Sunshine Coast pooplo because  Times- ads fjo into more homes than any  oilier  newspaper   produced   in   Ihis   area  The Times  Phone 685-9654  M  ���i  .'I  fur off the belching smoke of a deep  ��� ������ma .boat ���... ��� A -  Mans, discard apd refuse everywhere  does float, , .  The oil and slick spreads, mars the   , ,  silvery sheen  And turns the ocean's blue to a sicHJy  i green,  Our generation passed through Hie world  and ,lif�� ���     ' '  fipawulng war, pollution, chaos and strife,  and high ,   '     ���  ..'Titi u^ wonder the young prole-it m loud  Wind, hnrilagfi do wo leave ilteinV.  jiu'n'je fhe cross wrinkles on my forhead  The cross wrinkles are the up ond down  lines, hot the opes that go across,  If we want an old stove that is three-  quarters worn out or a firescreen with  moth holes in it, W�� can find it advertised In our paper, If we have similar  whlto elephants in our homes that we are  not allowed to chuck on I lie side of Iho  "roiid, we cap use the same paper, as a, din  posal  unit find sometimes gain  Home  .OOR COVEKSMG  |  H  ������    <������  Zv  ��  .    1     1  I  i  3/axl2x12 Ceramic Tiles  .,.-. . ��������� ' - ,, ..... ��� U., '.  ..  9x9 Floor Tiles te;.,  12x12 Vinyl Tiles  9**6' Cushion Flbbr  9 i 9  9 n low  Fleet Seamless Floors,  Congalum Rugs  BENNErS FpRSIBTURE CO. UB.  Sunvhina CooO Hlphwoy, feholt Pliono 0Q5-2O5B  'A  MONDAY,, MARQI' Pf  10:00 A*  CTO/^j? TQ  THE  OPENING OF  THE  PENINSULA'S    NEWEST    SPORTING  GOODS AND BOATING  FREE COFFEE AND DONUTS  FREE GIFTS FOR THE KIDS  Swnsliino Coo5t Highway/ Socltolt  1     fiosldo lloniio^a Furnilnro  Plion�� 00^9019  tbaiu pav cmru, WHELT  mom m-im  mmm^^mmmmmmmmmmm^,m^00,m*mm*mmm0mmmmmm^m*mmmmt*mmmmm^mM0m*mmmmm0mmmmm00m i\ifii\��iu,.u m an. ' '       I    I '       ' ' T ^MM����M����M��yiM��iii��wwit����Mi��Mw����.��|��.........,..r.1l..|1l| >Tr��nnniii.wir����nTinnirinr��^i��Bi����n��i  "���" v-   p����^'PI*^(��|N��P*H|*(pW*Hi|i' WWfilil  imUlUMIHmpUfcyMl  TO ALL SPORTS GROUPS/ ORGANIZATIONS AMR C^^^ ;  .Jho Sunnliino Coa��t Mont* Club aro again sponsorliifl tho. Annual Community Dirihdqy. Cqloiidqr and salosmon aro,roqul>��id,   For b'ac|)��� cc)|QQc|ar your Qraanteqlioji can soil ||ja  lions will donal^ ApiplicaHpns njusihe wbMM'JpM&lfahfiW m^yomj^^^^ For furflror do��q||i-  ' ^ contact'any of \\)o fo||pwlng, Mon Momborsi ^ ' /<   '. JOB. BENNER. ^.S-2058.-         "... "1 .���'. ..... NEIL ' C/MHIPBELlL ���- S-233& Z.\ ....I..:....  .. FRO0E JOfiOPJSEfi J.-.S-2027  iACH NELSON -..8-0630 I BOB SCALER - 8*228}.       ' I PET^ 8BHTH ^ 5^463 s~ I  *��? T**l..     ,�����..   *���    JLfe        fr '"       / l      J* 4    1'   iB '**iv<       /**\St  *���'   .*.'       ** *  ��� *���   1 * ���**��� -'v z1*  ��� . ������ *T      V\5v"-j<s>  00tf.00t0.Jn  /��   J.0>*0^.. J\   �� f r*0  0  k*!  \0  I  ,-*  "...    *'  >  V  *"��� *!������*��������  �����>��*,�����.  ���.   ����� ������/v  ���V '  '.>.-  v.- -  ,-*'  -> 00 ������**  s*  -,'.'.��' *.�����>..  '   i   . "     ^  -.J.S 0 ->r-~r'*0.'  ��� . I. .   .    I*     f �� "t      ^   - t  ���.-*,<C<���*.   .-�����.*-.*,--,--;*���,-i-J^*! ^K0-r~- rt*1Tr r,��  t    i  0.V  r j, * *     ���  ' . *.      " ��� *    * I  . I]  ,-*^.' s  'ii  .'1  *.. \  ������A  I*-  ����� /      *       J s ��� i  .     "*-        <* *     "     *  1 * *     * ��  -,-*  I  ������i'  <'  *i,      -A"  *    '���. 0   ' ��...  1    A ��  I  ifftiifciiiw-( inii*iWfc��  Wlllgli,,^,,,!  4  L  ��V  .^niiwiJimniiiwciii  I^NfrfWHlfilffrMMwMl1^  jL  ��        ^0*  I*  ���>    ��  i  4  '.;  r.'  L  ������������r  * **.  ���it  4  t:.  i. e  ,-i'J  ���.' . i  \  Frt."H^ -iS t   hMi  niafle  fween Jpiiuarv 1st and Na? 1511)^1971  lln  1   4  I J  t  '4  '' 1  JilA  Isabel writes,.,  ���from the Legislature, Victoria  THE niSCENT edition of British Columbia  Facts- and Statistics makes for mtcrebt-  ui(Ji and Infoimatrve loading This handy>  bi^ed booklet piesents factual arid, stal-  ibtips mafes ipr w��'  teiesting  aiid   in-"  tottnative   reading.  This     hantiy-si^ed  J99Qklpt present!!  faciiial and statls-r  yea) information  relating to the  economic growth  winch has halfen  place during the  past decade  The    publication  points out such inr  tefesting lacts as;  The    province'--  ��-*v *    w ���' '*������'   "v* area excccds that C)f  */ ^^A*" ''fAtf, * J Pahlorma,   Oi-egon  /' "'"^.:W^A aw]       Washinginn  Ovei oric-half of lintish Cojumbia's  population resides in MeiroppHtan ydn-  coiiver aiid Victoria,     ^ '   -.,.-.,-,���  Forty per cent of Bidtjsh Columbia's  MSULA  Section B  ,    ] l  Hu . -\,)iw   ,  Wednesday, February 24,197J|/  Pages 1-6  4,1  \*  Monthly meeting . < *  ' irancili II Senior Citizens  ";�����   "���"    -''- *" ���'" '"        " '���" '''' ���"     " ���      "   '    .���  attiraots' large attendiinde;':  ': #-{ir^1  1  '&AA elementary sellout enrolment enter post-  ffAh secondary education. t  t      Brtish  Columbia-1 produces., ueaiiy  7P  SBrJIOH Citizens Asswcjatipn, branch tip,  held its regular mqntjiiy meeting iJ'c-b.  .1(1, |n the Sechqlt Legit|ii Hall The 135  members who alte|idef|7 were greeted at  the door by Mrs. jo | Gibson aud Mrs..  Olive Porte. I  The meeting opentfdj with "Q Canada",  and tfdth the J5i-esidentj'Mrs. Midge Hansen, ih the chair. ; '  After the guests ,anc' "Gw meinbers  were welcomed, birthday wishes and  gif|S were presented to Canon Greene,  Wr. Harry Hanson and Mrs. T, Marstin.  ,Tl)e:mo|Ui)ly: raffje^  ilia Edmunds.  Ilpby Hatc|ier at the piano, produced  "thebf vpry intriguing music. Mr. -RaVP  Haywarci, acconipaiiicd by Mrs." Eva Hny-  ward delighted its' "wilh "Grepn Pastuies",  "Austin is Hpr Name Q" and "fiif|,y pf  Colralne". Mr. Chus. Bronkmarin in"ilis  Msjiial wonderfull form, recifpd "Hown on  the Rio Grande".  Mrs. Dorothy Slqpkwell, prograiTtv(l|r-  ectoiv would be mpst pleased to get tlie  names of new members whp can sing,  dance, recjte, play a jnusical inslrufneii't,  oi' cntejlain in-any way. Tho talent bp  ing  on  197)   Executive  Alre��(cjy well in iq another busy year,  execijliye offipers of senior citizens,  ii ranch 69 aro from left; director  Mrs. Nellie Whailes, treasvirep Mrs.  Alice Hatchelor, 1st vice president  Mr. W'Uipn) McGregor, .p-resident  Mrs. MMge Hansen, 2iic| yice-pros-  i'lijjTf Mr. Pave ilaymrd, secreifiry  Miss Adele de, Lanle, and.'diveptpi-s  Mrs. M^ine McNeit^Tit^^j-s.. Kstpr  'Wagnpr'; " ~~~"-  Unemployment Ingyrgnpe  Centre at Powell Rive?  Wiflty" Enquiry Centrp for claiiiianls will  be opened by the Unomptq/nicnl Insurance Commission this Wednesday in  the Federal Building lit r>824 Ash Street  in Ppwpli River.  The Enquiry Cen|.rp will he ppen ov- *  ery Wednpsday and Thursday from 8:00  a m. to 4:()0 p.m. to handc enquiries from  claimants and to provide general infoi-ip-  liliqn.  Mr- Frank Piers of Powell Tliycr has  1'r-tqres.t, at the ratp of 6% per annum, wi|l bo cfodited to any  prepayment deposit, on current (197,1) taxes made-between January  1st to May 15th, 1971. Interest will be calculated trom the dare of  payment to June 3Pf 1971. Such, deposits in any amount up to the total  of the 1970 taxes will bo accepted.    ,  Any fu|lHpr informotipn rpflVifcd niay bp obtained fftni t(i9  Municipal Office, telephone 886-2543.      h ���-  December 23, 1970  >tt  David Johnston  '���ManiGteaJ lierK  mmaf/mmieaMam^mjmma  U  m  om\m soQi  vsa  U (.mcovcrpfl .{imnrigSl- our- senior citjzr���'.   l^ep  apppintpd  as.  t|ie  Ulf", reprpsenla-  si^posiiiveiy amazing.   '   '*"     .~    **_     live. Prior to takirif up his 'p'q'sftioj-i, Mr.  ��� ,,     . '"  ,,,,��� ��� ri     ��� ���      .,    ,    ��� ,    . Piers was given ah intensive briefing at  -Fn owmi!       t"? .Queen'   rolreshmcnts     .,.��� ^,���..:;���������......,.',,... ....  ...    i-.i..���:..;. ,^r  \~kAi  AAm l)0'' cent of all lumber manufactured in  WW Cannrin. , \   mid by the Sec, Mis-| AdOle de Umge-  A discussion ensued rragarding "The Eld-1  er Statesman". For those persons not  familiar   with   "The   Elder   Statesman",  and a sjpciaj hour were enJQjyed. See you  at the next meeting, March IH-  444^=gmHffii#^H^���'/-'i':'(!'��!Vor jjiiilricl��� Of  H^Ai  #,'&f     Since the commencement of nuniiig in  mbia, over 40 percent of the  bus been produced within the  ���*J$$ l"^ decade.  wt^r      '1'hB generation of electric power Inis  dJtM doubled in the past 10 years*  "��?'�����       There..,are V&   million, acres tif  Pro-  dAjjl British Colin  ^f^ili4! total value h  ^'��S.i^ 1... 1   a. ,���,���i���  AW vincial   and   National  Parks  ?M Columbia  in  British  Almost fiO per'cent of the value of  i7'ss| manufacturing is acconntcd for by wood  '"w     and paper puiducts  ilis a newspaper devoted mainly lor eld-  ei-ly-citi-jens, to exchange information and  knowledge of those things thai arc of interest to the members of the OAPA and  S0A.���It���is A be best way tojeeep- ui touch..  with ihe other branches, and to know  wjiat; they are dpipg. If you are interested  in qjiiaining copies, contact your secfcr  taryj  Resolutions to bp presented at the  next convention, to bu held in June at  Pijnco Geprge, must |>e in tl}0 hands, qf  souice apd ib popplar with a wide range  ol useib including Ieiicriuib anri -jtudenls,  lidmiiub||a ors ape) luisinchbmep, jpurna-.  lists and repurlonj, as. well frs lire general  public a|. npfne and abroad.  Free  i/opjes .are , now  available n'ppn  I'f'.'wl l'��!iues| fr/oii) Ihe Depart 1110111 qf Indiisirial  ' '--j,m lJeyalfiphuinl, Trude, and jGoinmerce, Pur-  {'All ^"'ht-'ivt Buildings, Viutorja, HriiishnCol-  'vA\  *-irA4  1. ??.i\)  V i'Jti J  r4  ���ijtm  bi t  . H  i"iv,  Zl  hZ  n)  i' '1 ���  ,     t'lA  ,!^4  limliia,  .��������������������� ������uwmwwMoiiwuiiiWwmiWMnwMw  Sechell  Jewellers  ft  ft;  1;  <\  ft  Jewellry  Watch &  '%���' ft . 'A'  Pliorjc  BO 5-2421  [vy  A  11'  1'' 1  mmaw^m  U0*,mm0i��mmmmmmmmmm*mm0U0mm0H  lion. Yon will find it most intorpsUpi'  and wfirlhwhllc Vlbitois are welcome,  mi ma|<e up a paity pqw and no by cat,  biiB, |ri)|n "or illaiip.  A SUggeHlifiii |)ox has beei) set up, apd  several excellent sug'-oslinru) were road  Po gpj, yiiurs writ|ei| out und put them ���  in Un*: Ixix wojfi month. This i�� 'the best  way tp. air ypur views, iiiii) gel ocMop.  /V inimber'of tiopjes pf |'he SOA Cqn-  Sliliitiqi), i'upO|i()y rovlfiod, have heep ordered, mid may he pni-ciiased aV ihe next  llieelln^, Tjie OoiiKliliitiop I'tiakea l,nlei'--  .outing i|i|d )nfqr|nalivo reiuling.. |Ju sure  In ijiet i||)e, '    '  largo, coffee ppri'iilfilnr, owned by a  now-disbanded Sfiliarfi dnpeo gnii)|),..,wuH  (lunaied |i) pur' branch, Ihrmigli l|ie klqd-  ppnH of'Ml"H. I<il MeC'ourl, Many lliaqkH  In |i)��ll),  A tJjiiical CJr'qiip is pqw lining fqi'lh'-'d,  ...r.J|1.yqii..'J||uj.|,()���Hing,,iui(i...,wpnlfd uinv^Ut.,  ji-il), |)hoiie !IHfi.��y?a lor fiirliiV i-iirtiuuh.  '   ii|:��.   '.','' '    '    '  Ap   excellent   progriiin   lullqwud   lliu  |'I��hI|)uhh a��n��)qn,   M.rn,  lllannlie  Mj:CI|'��i(jy  wilh   liiir   Hawaiian   <ii|i!nr,   npd    Mrn,  Gibsons Branch OAFO  K'JS&y-lrArR-trmnth-iy-^-petiti^  38, OAPO \yas held Mqndr��y( February  15 at the Health Centre, Gjbspns, with W  menii-crs nresept. The President a^ked  aii-ttr-stand in si)unce iii respect' of IVtr-i  Chaj-iles Heinp, ail old tim,cr of tl|c district and Mis. Myrtle Iconic, M)Q was  PS ypars, - \  . , .^.lip.jrnlrmtp? ei ih�� h|��t- ��r|eKyin|* wprp  rpad ppd-nppn?yp*3.,,'|l'-q'miijulc-j p^tlje  Pipvl|jc|t'l Bpard, wJilpl) acpl hpnt ���vjslipa  Inr |ho ppw year, apd thai IJics J07| 04-  PQ Convention will be hold jn Qpcbucl  Jimp 1(5, 17 and 11).  Al    Ihe    ici?i||r|r   meeting    Monday,  'Ma|c|)  |."i, lhapch 31) w|||  be <'e!ebi/it|nf'  its inih birthday wiih a iiariy. Mpmbi-Ts  who live in or'tirpiind ihe following areas, apd wqi|)d like IranHpqr|.ii|lop Iq |he  pieptings, .hl.casp eqiiltici .Mrs, Wip. War*' -  rp'n, Hiilcrest Avcnpiv Phone !ll|(l-27Hi!,  Mr. P��� IfeiUe, Woi'tlr-lhiad, phone IIIKi-  Ui)Q2, und Mc Q. Follows,' Hl|l��reut Ave,,  plippe  HHBrBliyfl.  T;ll�� ��� Jiieqii^if^fed. -Willi l-lie Hip'glng  of TheQ!ipen,7<Vi|Mwhii %ijlrM)J. % lteily.e  en|erl.aini||g on l|i�� guitar and uiqiith ur-  gn'ii, wjl-li Mrs, Mpp<.��naid"ai.' the piano,  wljief) wiih niuelj cpjoyod, |i|)jii||lng with  rel'i'CKliinenls, (h|i'||ig which llni'-' the  nii:m|icrn |)ad |.)ip qpprjriirnily lo view-  Die pa)i)ti|)g�� of' n |.ti|(ii|l(!(| arllsl, upfl  np:|))))()|' pf ririjiif.'h >)��, Mi'. U P. MfK-'it-ir-  C|i, a inninber ���'���'" Ihe l!'ederal|on of Cup-  iiflliip Arjliils, wlm in iiqw.livi/ig.ln C|)|>��  ������iiiii"',  Tlm ni'.'iillpgi) -In |vlarch are snuiiil,  jy|p)i(|ny, fyinrqji ||;|, iipil rcgql'ir will) t||e  li)l'i||d|iy parly, lYlniidiiy, Mapli l'i, linlh  a|. 'J, p,|p, nl Ipe Miiiillh (.'eiilre, (ilbtiopH.  fn-p. M''. Piers is known to lire cpnimun-  jly as the Secretary-Trcasurpr tp the Powell  Riypr School  Board, a position  he  -rcccjTHy vacat-ptj. Prior to., his arrjv^l iii  Toweli" RiVer, Mr. PrersTy/'asi'a sp per visor  in a Horig Kong 'banking corporation. Asr  si.-,l|ug Mr.   Piers  in  the- opening of the  inquiry Centre will be Mr. A. MeWhin-  Hiiti^f-rpin-tho^BHgUma-l-Qtf-ipe-p'H^  Thi> tolephontv'ntimber of the 'jS'nqujry  plice is 4��3-335f),  QHiimjipts whp require ' a^sisliippe in  completing tliuir benefit, Hppliputipn  foi-ips shppld epptihuo tp cqiitaci iyir. Gi.  Nmtjrey, the UIC agent m powelj. iiiver.  WATCH FpH IT  IN_XH|| TRAIl. PA^^ENTrVEr  SECHELT  viU< itvittJm tniiJ'AtoiMTl^Tte-i***^?-!��>****'��������<-��� tell* Zt^^aJWi^iW*-J��fi��iiwaJ-.t-UVllIT^It/i'  Use 'Times* AdBrieisto Sell, |?��nf? guy, ��wmf #let  ��m-?ii2,  I**. 1* Mt��*4<.*w*-i*tu-i����i.r >m-^f v-  @����mm  \-Jim* cJLowe^l Carpel fences  ZA  fREE UNPERPAP  Rjiy 2<\ ��(|.y<J. fpr vyplf pp vyr)!) pt ��|i)y |ip*i(��|o||y od  YOftlind ��arpc�� and WP vd|l li^ffl||'''/�����* t|i|c|t iindarpid  [K  fftE^ OF CHARGE. Our lH|| QHfl^ri'M        -     ft ft* V  per ��q. yd.   ^ ^^*  l��t*#i e  -/  mm  womw% wmmv,  MKN'fe, UQWf  YOUTM&V  BOOTS'  :-  ri  Very" special  A SiMnly, !fnr��! y/��ol/|iB doMMo hl��  -P��l�� Corff��f. ior^ pMpP|,i ^y(on,  Mlfllt-Mw ��w|r|lM�� ��lo-i|fli|i (Afiflii fly  Mordlpfl, Quo tulor only���Solor Gold.  Our ln��ipllnd P��lf��, Iprslfidlao Mndor-  fiqil, Wull IP V/o|l IniMll-iMoii ond  M����o| iiim In MoPDvpy*. "  I ^ 1  TH^jl^ PAY CENTRA STipflC.,,',  Ca^Vfllp STRRRT'JT^RE" :  fegggste  Room Size Rugs  ,,'    All, Sl-tPS  -*���-~���#rpm*7>*1 '-t^'h^iBia r--  v |Vli:B��6|-!��||pdT��,Tli'iP'i||'-  iio,%;piscoMiit  AMEAf>V, IWWP  30%-40% OFF  WWWBMWBWiW  ��4.  * s   *  "Ai"  * t.'��  s" )* - ���  M.  MM^WMMriMWII^^  O  ��tt  EXPERT -TACKHESS JN9TAUATION  Oiir Cihn��m lni|fi||fl|loii�� M��fif Mfqhoit 6i<i��|ilor^.  ���AWr WOlfC'J,0UARAINTEEP'r",   SnoolilMo Con&t ^Ifjhway nt Wyngnoi t Ro,��l  f*"*  ', ',Vi:' .'.*   ,,' r   ,, '/'   )',,<;  '. A :l'\:!, ... .    1..��...i... .,���[,  PHWR wfoi%i%  ,t ,' 'At,,, 1  mummimWfM  &m/��tm&��>**f*a0*i  i;it " 1  mmm  fitfi^^m^p  "�����-w f i��Mfri��>m��itn�� 4* *Q*4K +i****t.r��ii*l**&.*m^0&mifm+0*nl*i,r*t*��t*  miiiti**f***+***0***0+-<*****��+ *-w**W*V**"**^*Wil'����* ���^���rfO"^*^  ^^MMMtM^-^b^fcH*"/^  MmMmI^  V,.     .'���,'.,.      ,;  "  .-..,,- .,,..,>:,.....  *>.'''' ' ' .-'���'���,'  A  ���TTn** -���I-*-----  --|r -iutr-iiiWM  ����� '" " v '  *-' V;  V ���  *H*lvr*>0y*f%!*n0\t)0vrU%0Lr0*r)0i0^wnt*!*^  The Pewnsui^^Ww*  ftlWMVWlWWIilWMWWIWniWWI^MIIMlWWM1��l*WM^  **.  / tnoy fa U'f<V!l?��"M ' &>"iH nol be so wrong an lit Ml lo wiy \\<hat I believe to be right,'*  ' , ���JP|IN A'K'NSf  -��� , Dopola*- Q. \Vnnp,i.|m, Editor -^ " fr  pnqUqVvv>0>LHiv\nivmn4%Hn0Vi0ir,LT^^  Ir  Wlay   A   Reglbnai( IBtiftii'd ?  ONE  of  the5 more  significant   Aspects ner,s yvprlv'S sunerirttetvden*.-, work crew  _     arisirtg' from - the gravel operation and office staff, These people are  far  controversy" is not  so" "much "its effect " better" qualified in- their respective fields  upon the ecology or whether it is apy to make decisions, under the control of  moro a pollutant than an accepted log-" Victoria,  than  a 'group  of individuals  ging  operation,  hut the  fact that  the from various walks of life, however de?  Regional Board has virtually no say in dicated-frhey might be. ,        _   ^^/^  the matter. As things are' at present, we have  This, we would thin% is by far the (\.Q Board of eight who natuially require  most important issue at stake when one ft board room. Apart from the regular  Considers the vast cost to the taxpayer monthly ������meeting they   appear  to  find  Ot a regional district.. There is no. quesr. ���  ���   '     ������-   ���  tion as to the need for such an authority  . jn unorganised territory and certainly,  on the local leyel, introduction of ��  water'system. and garbage disposaj has  hiade this fact abundantly. Plfi��r, M yvhat  cpst,  is   another jntttter  but sufficient  1 '��� "lie"'"\f"to"say," 'the area desperately required both services.  ,  '���'   Establish'ment and administration Qf  functions of this nature would appear  to be tjie object of regional districts and  ,    is, perhaps, the cutting-off point of their  duties,   Certainly  various  governmental  departments have, from time to time,  overruled decisions of the Board and by  |o doing have emphasized the fact that  Autonomy is not a prerequisite for this  new form of local government,        -  This might be looked upon with mix-"  -ed impressions. On one side of' the coin  if could be lhat the.government.-does'hot /  ,   feel regional" boards are sufficiently well  experienced to hold too tight a control  ���over public affairs and, indeed, it protr- ���  ahly will not be alone in this regard.  (bn the other hand, the general tux paying public might well ask^-7-just why do  we have to pay so dearly for a rapidly  growing organization which, in the final  '''''"jnajys^  ���       It would seem the present structure  Hr-^tuVciaUy ��bsulet,c"in thai duc'ctuis' uin  unnecessary. It might have required representatives from the various areas in  order to decide upon the major functions but, once established, general ad-7  ministration does not call for eight people to meet at regular intervals. We already, have two fully qualified paid administrators, a building inspector, ai plan-  it necessary to Hold a multitude of committee meetings. Aniopg these commiu  tees' is an, executive committee comprising, at this time, direetois West add  Wol^erton and chairman Jim Tyner.  / This committee apparently meets and  makes general policy decisions which in  due course are reported to the general  meeting of the Board with a motion that  the report be accepted. Seldom do other  members question the report to any extent and- invariably the "motion is seconded and passed witlrn- minimum ol  consideration given to many aspects, ot  the report.  Therefore, in effeift, the Board could  "conceivably be dictated to by ihree people. This situation becomes even more  obvious when it is considered that directors West and Wolverton aie on no  less than four other key committees  \We in no way question the abilities  of (lie-directors but'do indeed suggest  that if directors are needed, then tour  Would be adequate. The same situation,  of course, applies to the School Board  which also appears to thrive on committee meetings with little or nothing  coming up in open meeting.  Councils operate very efficiently with  four aldermen and mayor and, signi.fi-  emrtlyr,Wfrttei-s=��-nce-^  Objection  Editor,  The^Timfes;  . Sir As a Canadian .taxpayer I strongly  object-to the latest b^-of Federal madness in appointing Vancouver radical A}e^  Band} to a $44,000.0.0 Uir/^rQonth. Federal  Gtnernment project, Action Res.eaich and  Stimulation of "Employment (AR.S'E.)tp  establish, poor people's groups throughout  British Columbia "'(Sun, -fffi-b-iu^ry 11th)  Vancouventes have ' long smce suffered  the antics ot Secretaiy of,Slate ^elletier's  newest  "fipld man" '        , '  267year%old Bandr came to Vancouver  in 195(5 with his mother as an 11 year-old  rlugarian refugee. He was housed ami  educated by 'a Vancouver businessman  and upon graduation Promptly became involved in brganizlng' unemployed people's  marches. In April, 1970, he helped sabot-  - in open mee^ng, any committee sessions  are minimal and the multitude of--trivia  ���-is dealt with by the administrator.  Apart from the many side disadvant-  ages of a cumbersome body, we have the  old adage of -'too many cooks spoiling  the broth" in this casg_J,he consequences  could prove both, costly and tiresome.  L^e,,,the,,rJnUed-Coinntunity Services fund"  l-ttishig ��� drive. In January, 1971, he was  charged with the possession of an unregistered firearm. Also, in January he  led a group of militants in a march on  role in our economy, The expansion over  a 0 yeai penod to 4^(1 million dollars  speaks for itself" i  We are advised that we should all form  ,our own form of Miopia, in order that  we may look bacfc wi'h'pride at our achievement. One wondeis; how much pride  Mis, Dawson gets when quietly reminiscing, oyer, lpcaj parliamentary affarrs She  is;deeply CQnceiped'aboiit the welfare of  our Iti/Nt) Indians,' so much so that she  coR,tactedi the -ptoper cabinet minister  asking"hirp to appoint a young Indian  so thai ravcodld sjudy the question fully  and bnng in a report. What a hope tor  speedy action.  I wonder how far removed Mrs. Daw-  spn is frqm what you say of Trudeau and  from.: what^wg know! Id 11: Ayeil of premier.  Bennett. .  DAVE- REES  ?.J ,fv^* 7*       ^v:^&^  Gravel Operation?  - Unloaded' ifrom a )?arge at^ Seehelt  l3st week, equipment believed to be  part qf .tl^e* Hiyto gravel operation  at East Porpoise Bay'was jjodn at  the site of lhe proposed lgarge loading {operation ^Jiere, -plearing' and  preparation appears *to be \VieU under  way.  It, js' understood 'k -permit is  ^till required from tb�� Regional  Bo^rd for construction of building and  barge -loading facilities.  apprepiate hts prpblem Thisipi'ohlem has  .been wdh us fp/ quite awhile. A long  time before Mi ''Gilkei a��pp^aied��op the  kcane, ^governments had absolute power,  'and woe helide llje dissenters (See' Tto-  mdns�� \> Clinstians, Spanish Inquisition  vs norr-beheveis, .Hitler vs Jews.) I suppose those people who maintain that government is infall.itjlgr thought it was OK  to dispose of thg'--delegations in the lion's  den; pressure cook the pressure groups;  -and give the-Jewsr tlie' Hansel an^Cfretel  treatnTent.  office lor a ruirnher of year?, then "f wouW  i-eq\Urement before  office be a clearance  eferring to the Fact  , and | ddh't doubt that  st'-that i,��? a��t his  The Selma Park Community Centre  js an organized society, inonrppvated as  |i Society under tlie Societies Act and*  lipids a cei tificata-of Jnooipnvaiipn JSo  .377*5 Qud dated July 4th 1050, The Fad  Finding Committee was. duly elected at  *4 legulpvt meetu'ig of the Selma Park*  Pommunity Centre It M��"- Ujlkev is referring to ns as ari unoi|��rjai group, it is  |t�� \Yho is denying democracy and contributing to its break up  The'way J interpret this editorial, Mr.  Qijker believes, that by the simple piocesg  of geetjng a majority vote o) the mjiunrty  Who do vote, l\p acquiies the power to  do as he pleases apd has no more les-  ponsibility. ta .the people. That tp me is*  quasi-goverurpmt.  Mr. Qilkei in this editorial accuses us  of going to other government' officials before going to the elepted directors This  is a lie and Mr Giliter Knows it is, a -lie  We did tiy to go to the Hegional Board,  we weie met with rebutfb, denials and on  occasion with duect lies It was the Regional* Board who'had set themselves up  as self appointed Messiahs, dictators addicted to dreams ot prower In Wclorra  we were met wilh couitesy and given  plenty of time to state our case, not told  they didn't have time to listen as Mr.  Gilker told one>ot our delegations.  Is Mr. Gilker's rdea of democracy, the  Regional Boaid having an expendituie ol  well ovei a million4* dollars an4 refusing  to answer when asked if a financiahstale-  ment  was available?  L.  A.  FRASER,  Member of the Fact Finding Committee  A  ���/��  ,Vi  i-rt  'A  S  ?7r  ieed k ummm  CALL COB 805-2135  COR ZUIDEMA  For all your RenovqHons, '"'  Repairs and Cabinet Work  reasonable rates.  Any Objections?  Editor, The Times  Sir: I must say I agree with Mr. Gil-  City^a��-<arMjpi'omptlyv set up at provi-    Hf*V Pftst-chairman  Sunshine  Coast -Re-  .'"'    .   .   . . ^T     .     ,        .....       :j      _j;       ffinnal   Hnai-ri    when   hp   exniwssps   nnnr>��rn  fortunately   for  us,   someone   tigurei  it out that it doesn't work tod well If we  say  "the  government   is' the   laW."   (See  above.) II might work better if we agree  there  are  jaws  that  are  not���subject   to  ����!{��  IT WAS gratifying to learn two weejes  >-:'-- ago that the Provincial Department  of Parks -md Recreation has stated its  plans dp development of the Porpoise  Bay ���public paVksite. Such development  was als.0 proinjsed more thun two years  ago! but this, of course, lias long been  "-.'accepted as part of the poljtic;il "guess  when?" contest.  Latqst announcement" concerns development of tjie Skoolcumchuk Park  site.area and here again similar indicationsweje made .sbine yeprs ago> To be  "iijore spfeeific, cjuring the reign,of Hon,  'p'hil Gaglardi as Minister of l;lighwivys.  Significantly enough, neither of -the  recent  announcements  made any  mention of  ���'when".  We would  assume  a  few  months  before  tlie  next 'election,  ilowever; let us not ��� become too sarr ���>  unstie, it could be-that at! long'last there  are those In Victoria who have suddenly  realized the Sunshine Coast    warrants,  rather more than irresponsible,  unkept  promises.-We can, only v/uil  and see,  Needless to say, 'this is something  of a dream we have endured, from the  yery day Mr, Gaglardi quite blatantly  assured ps "vote    in a Social    C'redit  member to l|)e Legislature, namely Isabel,  , and I inn sure you will get your roads".  Six years have elapsed nince lhat eventful day wlienlhe electorate'put its i'nilh  In what, nl the time, seemed �� reasonable proposition uiul voicd-in Mrs, Dawson,  Quite obviously, after lour years of  roud deterioration>iul no si|?ii 'if lm-  ; prov^neiit, it was clear something rather  mor6 concrete would be required to return a Soeiid' CrediUir to (iffIce. This  turned'on! ;fo he a tour through Ihe urea  hy Ihe  Premier  himself who luul  ihe  , iislotindlng giijl ip niiike u flamljoyanl an-  nouncemeiil sliding   reeonsiniclion    of  ���   Highway 101 would be Included in llic  upcoming inidgel, Aguin,    needleHU'   lo  Niiy, we are still nwaKiim I'ulflllmcnl of  dial nolilieally. motivated promise,  sional   government   in   the   corridors   of  City Hall.  On February the 15th Ed Murphy of  CKWX Radio revealed that in talking  to^NigeTMorgan of the B~��T. CoTnTmurist^  Party that Bandi had applied for mem*  bership in the Communist Party but that  he had been turned down for being top  much of a radical.  So much for our latest Government  ''Committee", kittle wonder that Westerners are beginning tq say: "There is  only ope way .to get a job in Government  rr-be bprh a French Canadian, h#ve -R  criminal record or write a radical book."  MARY DUNSL,EIGH  Vancouver  gional Board, when he expresses concern  about the dissenters in our midst (Peninsula Tim��s, Feb. i7). Mr. Gilker is'worried'about "the break up of democracy".  ^Q-airHr^     ��� -���-:   strange reason this particular area seems  to be perpetually Icept dangling.  The minute number of votes by which  Mrs, Pawson was re-elected l'ist election  came from the Sechelt area. She barely  scraped her way to victory and this  should have made very clear the writing  upon the wall. The assurance of reconstruction of Highway 101 by the Premier was the biggest booster our MLA Cee�� -Jfea|-j|,gS  could have had. t has proved hogwash " ���-�� fnllftwinf/ *  and most assuredlyrcan neither be improved upon nor believed again, The only  solution, unless we are to revert to the  even more worthless representation of a  Socialist Uhfi, is action,, and now.  An outsider would never believe the  description-'of'the'highway through the  Sunshine Goas't. It is fiisl becoming an  ^pKiremelyha/ardousnionHtrositycpatclied-.. ^f;;-!-  so frequently and poorly that one would  not  e-iperience  any   marked difference  should   his   auto  have  squme  wheels.  In pliwes it is sinking at an alnrn-lnn  pace. The absurd S, bend near Gibsons  is a classic and it is bul a matter of time  before the portion around Trout lake becomes submerged,  Our outbursts bn the subject of Hii'li-  way-HM ,,',re indeed repetitious but on  ���! thc,assuinpt!on Unit-the squeaking wheel  I gathers grease, we intend squeaking loud  and long,        ' ..     '     ,  Dental Topics  TREATING Tho Handicapped  A dehllHt would try In, (rout n {lunrtl-  enpped pemnn almotd as ho w��mld a  laii'iual patlnnl, ' " '-'  , Tho dttnllfii must .know Unit lh�� patient  Is hand.l(.'M|)|)iid wull In ndvancii of any  iippolntinont and Im should liu brlufud  un th��, piillunt'ti' mwllciil .buchiironnd,. Tint  (UinilHt Hfl.ould n'ralut lliu own iiKunilna-  lli/n as Wull as rely on Information from  Kin pallnnl'H physician, ��� .  Tlm  d"��iior  will  havn, a. '{nnd   hhm  how much diiiiial hIi'uhh eaii' li'i tfiloralci  What is it that Mr. Gilker feels will  ^ eau���se^"the pi'eak up of democracy, jf not  pprreeted?" Fr^edpm pf speecja. Mr. Gilker  states this vei-y cjeaeij^^wnen he aays,  ''This type of action, either by appeal to  otherp government offices, delegations,  pressure groups, is dieypted to specific prpr  -jeets ppiy,. /', ''If not cprrected it will  "tejd tn IhP briBflk up pf dernperacy". (tt  is important In npte that trie above-mentioned . activities are lawful,)  tiy l|iis' time, Mr, Gilker and j are  no longer in agreement, even  though I  the "whims of''gbvernmenl:P4^^ "~  universal and apply to all men regardless of color, creed, rich, poor, clean,  dirty, etc., etc. These universal laws shall  be UialoujidaUon i>i ��U_r g^yenimenkim��l _  Shall be revered not'" only by the people,  bul especially by those chosen to speak  fpr them. And if the people don't"like  what they hear, they can say something  too. Any objections?  MARY GROSS  The Facts  Editor, The Times, ,.  Sir: Re-editorial". of February 17tl|  Past Chairman Speaks Qui",  ]f this editorial expresses the true  feelings of a man who has  he)d pubhe  -NBV|lNj  F3ADIO & TELEVISION  dealer for:  .   ZENITH  FlJrrwooD  ADMIRAL  :     ��tf ?): * *  BURRITT BROS,  RUGS AND CARPETS  ��� ,' ..*       -1= '    *!  FURNITURE  Ph, 886-2280  iMitiiiBiiiiiii  hie  Ihu Premier did nol itciuully sliile wi  ic, luul In mlndV  ti  qiilek-wllteil  upcoming biidgef he, hud In mlndr We  should therefore give'him due credit for  ui support  ihe  IjowcverrfcnirnfM'despHlrrM  ���������������'������     dri��it�� and prn��'��idur��!H Hint l)i<i pulltuit cun-  |)l)l     lllU<l, ' '  Many nuinti|||y relarduil aiid pby-ihmlly  hnnd|cnp|)(!d porHpiiH eiui h�� iroaliid |n n '<  riimltut'tt pff(cH, ,Othai:ii), |��ownv��r, n��'��d u,  ^(ii)ural anufiHllialli! mef'tly Ip be mxiun*  hied and may l��av�� in |>m. ir����l��d at "  |i(iM|)|iul tin an o|il<|)iilhin|.���  (!|os��t conpcrnlinu btilwe^n 'I'miIIhI and  jihy'hlelfih is ii'i'idud wli'tn an opllopile |,f  jn involved, Anil;*'onviil��nn.i dni���� may  linvn hi bu admliilsloriirl, A|ipn)iilnieiiln  filinul^'bn ifiiral'iiliy M��|i��ilul��il ����o��|��� lli'i'  pullnnl should no! havn |(i||l'i wllhuiit  fond for ratvu'riil Iioiiih bofoiu Iho ap��  pnlutinitni, , '  Ciuiliiai put|ei|hi mind Im nirnful "f  ovi>n th'i ftmnllifsl Infccllonn, Tlamu wilh n  hliitory of rhitiini/i'lu h����i'rt dlii��i��H�� n|iou|d  |i|s rcspureefullness    and  double talk,  We have continued io snppon  government of J'lvinler W,Ai< , Henneil  aiidvccriaiivly see no reason to elmiiju;  ihal policy now,  It in nur fi'iiii belief  ihul from an ovcinll point"bl'��� view he  lias prove*  more, nl  ie best lo'diilo mid I'uilhei"'  tt dime, not oilier political  ���iiiiy lias imylhlng reinolely lo eompare,  i is. )usl unl'ortimale    ll/ni for    isome  : ITH&F^?PUIJl!!^lWC^_4.  Pui>U>|KiJ Wcdnc����lfty�� nl Sechelt  on ll.C.'a fjiiiihiilno Com  Uy ,  ' -1  fjcclicl! PfiilndMln TJnicu Ihl,  ..   . ������.������,,.��� jj^is 3 jo . .fifcMf,, |M��-��� .~.,J~-,��,.-  , - Pm^lm Q..Wheeler, UtIUm ml.t'i.'!'lltlier���m  Bnlmcrlptlon Itnlesi (In fldvApco)  I Year, $5 . 2 Yc��r��, S9 - 3 Vf nn, $ 13  U,fi. m4 l'(rTdw,,W,iv     |  Itrvlng fhe ma fr��m I'prt Mellon to Rtmm  n  (tlnwe mind to !ml* InUt) '  The   following   is   copy   of   a   letter  submitted to  the    Regional    Board    by  logging operator IV i<, Jackson, chairman  of a Se!ma.,Park Fact Finding Committee,  Sir: In view of the fact thai, the pror  posed   gravel '-operation   by  Construction  Aggregate Co,. Wd. and Itiv-Tow Strait^  I.l.d, concorn everyone wiro lives on the  Sunshine Coast, we request public hear- __  bo  called  in ,al,  least  three   /map'  before"Vbe'dlrcctrirs- of the Regional Dis<-.  diet depide whether or not-to 'DsuVnfr*  ficinl   approval   of   foreshore   leases  and  land lease application*' necessary for the  operations Ip become a reality.  We suggest that Ihe hearing should  bo ealfed immediately upon  receipt of  final and off tola I plans of ihe.gnivol companies; We a|sn suggesi   |bal   the' panel  should cpiislst of murnbiirs of the Hegional  DlHtrict   and , official   representatives   pf  tho' gravel operations and that the offer  of f-UM'l.C, |ie taken advantage of, wi"'0  I h��y  suggest  In  their  lol lor of januury  llllh,  1071, that limy iic allowd to provide support ip Iho form of- a leam of  qualified people. Ml lliusii in altendaiit'o  at llm Im.'Iii'Iuk should be ab|<i lo iircscul  llmlr views and a i|Vutslioii poriud slxalld  ffillow' - ',  Il hi pur fi'u'iwt hop" Ihal tills sug-  griHtlon will bo HOiiously cousldariid when  the iimo' arrives,       '.   .'���'"  It, J,. JACKBON  Found ���   '  '������'  Kdllnr,'T|io TlinoH, ' '  Hlr; i wish tp ilinnl* you for publishing   i  tlm Hem nhoiit, iho luul llllll) Mlph|i)slonn  (Iradn  Vf, plelum  laid, woek and   I lame  ,  who ruHpni|d��d In ll, . '  We nol only rncclved a picture from  -��Mrau��HliBr.mHii.jjt*lV;i,.i'-Mp|lwi��-l��-.H<iHy*..:  but aisij hail llm uri/diail pielurns raliirn--d, ���  we ��'i'rl|��li)ly du appro'lale ynnr, he|p  In thin niatilir, '  !,, (ivjiH.)  IWCATIIlOj!) jtANKIN  ���  Empty Promises  KdlU-r, Tlie 'I'Ii/icm,     ,  Hlr; In your edlinrlal In Ml" ''iirren'  Ikhiio  of Din Tlnien  yuu  ni'iiln  "onCon-  *i"|ii<(i,lnif{',l|io','i1|'|iieif(luij"'iif'V)iir prwenl ruler  .we nan but wondur, t>\v w���� in now lihitory ���  inipeilllng  ilmiH',"    ;     ������',',     ���  (,!/tnuui ihn name iww>nl'in very well  apply In Mm, Diiwhoii Mih���Un' llia'iidhiH  ti'Hl   I'liiilller  MeniiellV  , We .were phdnly, luld by Mi'imal! Hint  an loii/t an we hiiw f|l lo.Hopd ap impoul--  ilun member in the huiiniiwe wnnffl not  lie! any eo'iinlderailou U'<ih) hln gnvei-p  yMaB^ieriai!^^  sss  lffM��MHffii-ip^^^  ��k^��  i��^q^  '��JUUU/~A<UlAUUiyi  ti  Ml  Gibsons, B,C,  '    l  BpW  q^^s^j^i^fes^^^8^  A Good Selection of  Popular COOKBOOKS"  Sechelt 885-9654  BROUGHT TO YOU BY THpSP  PROGRESSIVE PLACES OF BUSINESS  i ��  roi'<'lvi' nn anl|!��loti(i |a-foi,ii'any-oi'ul-HUi'|i��~n.-.i)l)(int.-~.lWhan-<''MrMr' |l)i��wi(en- rail- iiM��i)irn|  flargriivafiir Ihe mull llinpriimi.pufd l|j  nry Ih  uiidurlaken,  -.' Aiihrlllb ond <.'i.>i'ebral��pii)��l��'rl porttonit  ufien dnVi'l have iho'iniiwiilMu-nnirnl in  nil quietly, Where treatment can )���<�� given  without a gupi-ml (iiM*''f*ll)"U(', fti>|*oli)f-*  m'mtsfih'mld \w flhmtM'l"b�� phystf'torr rrin  bob* /in' th�� way **h�� e��v<,-rifd Ihe wb'��i��  rldlurt in niTler in l'iu))|liaii/M "))��r'��i��lf  with llilni'fi Und re(|ir)|-i)d alh>nlloii,-,l''olt  lowing iier eliu-iku we find llm i'r��uti��r  plnr|niif-tT<T ln*t>ii? rntrtnit; tlinrrt|dn*t*  P^SSERTS  GRANNY'S OLD SPICE CAKE  1 ,ii it  Preheol ovpo lo 350'; v*   , " , ,, '..-.���>.  t- ���     QtfifW* ope co!<a pnn 0"xl?."x2'' or 9"xl3"x?" nnd M Iho  botiQrn Hohily wilh flour, ;     '  -Cred'm!     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Add ?, ^i-ni* of Icing f>ugqr grofluolly  'intri>|a"ri<r-a^'*:ir-fim'o-fh'jf>rwwoh'y-'Mr���T7~-    :J-^m^~ ��� "���������"-7- ; r��� :   Add I Vi toqspoons of lemon juice and I loqspV'n of grototl lemon  rW(|l' v ���', " ���,;;' v. ." "' "'   '' ''';"''/ ( " " '���' '���   ' ���;'' "  VYh-in flnqlly hlnnfMp^l y? oifi oMour, i;fa��rr\,, If Ihln mlxturo h  too light odd morfl iping-WQW (or tho JhlcM,e|l m^M'iod |o Ice tjiia cof<��,  |c��cqM wh��o llwowghly cwl^l Ploc�� jivrefrigorolw for ]/+ hour  before serving. ��� '      ' '  T|)o pb^yp rep/po (\op$ moM |wo fojoq fi"xfi'V5?" If so rlnMred,  Yominqy \w)w omr-oM foroMor llm^  \  TODD'S  DRYGOODS  1 *  CHtLDn^J'S ft INFANTS'  :WCAR";''  LADIES' SPORTS,W^AIRt  Phono BBH994 *       l  SiinnycrflM Shopping Centre  - "SAVI MOHIY"--r  AT YOUR POPULAR  LUMBfiR ANP BMJMXNG  'SMPPM'RS-  * fi  Serving Tho Sunshine Coqst -  'GULP'RUIIibllNG-'  ���   -SUjPPMRS J- -  ���  j  ti  J���/-  aMfe^WiMftiiwiiWlt-W^^ jN^^ia^^-^^^^^jf^'.-jf'^^Kr^  f-Wyw-p  )"  / '<'  ���*>��.  I  Rush  ��� >*'  <!���(���<-,  Hfat'i.il.l'^-,.  ,-A-l  utiii-ti  es  ii  4^  </<  ^  t  ���by Frank O'Brien  TinaiB is smut dffW newslands  I don't mpan the pornography of violence oi 1'he alleged smut pi sex 1 mean  the absolute, hard coie pornp-jiaphy of  ilinnranco, stupidity ami .liaMeJossness.'tfha  daily excicmenl nl moi'lein pioss^ The  Tme OonlCbion' mag-i/jncs," Hks '"vja'i's'  piaisa/mos and tho intelhTliial nolimiK-  iu>v ol IliMdai's nicest  ���Those. 'nwg'tei'rtes, and many WS"lhoni,  offer abso'luto'iy nwthi��)j to the iniellu'ent*  readoy. They present an inf*icli|-il, dis-  toi-t��jf view to.'ti'elp bolster the set minds'  Of tffp pepple who read them. They offer'  ���no iVnlighHrnent, just tlie self-rightous in-  'tpia^'eiaiipns of what the'reader wapts  'to see.  Tt is beyond my comprehension how-  anyone could read another line of sensationalized garbage about ''Jackie and An'  or h\z and Dick' or how any intelligent  male could become even mildy interested  in..the untruthful re-lias'h'ng of 'Hitler's  *3ex Slaves'.  Reading, at oife lime, was a process  of learning. Each page 'offered a stimulation ol new ideas to the-mind. Today, with  authors like.Harold "Hobbiii's and magazines .like 'Stag', the pages may offer stimulation-but it.ciertainly won.'l be of the  mind anll-mvy-tdeas presented have, been  in the mind of any adult since puberty  It has-been said that what .really  destroyed the art of writing was mass  literacy. The 'great, unwashed' learned  how to read,- and, unfortunately, sortie  of them learned how to write.  ��� .Consequently, large publishers Saw that  they could 'compete against the other  forms of entertainment available to the  modern mah. The result, of course, is the  semi-literate onslaught of paper-backed  sex and glossy covered gossip.  I believe that if Charles Dickens were  alive   today  i >  i:  p ��7.  -���y  i'  t  ,\  i" V-  'f.  \ -  -.,.1 *  ''.*.  .1.  ���A  A  r  /  I'  /;  -  I    "r  *  *M  r  I  r  r  "n  t   ' \ r  ^."-���N  '(  /  ������ *- t.m^ ����    ft *!.��     "fc^*    *"   �����    ���*.+.      <ta*  Almp$t  Meeting Ihe toughest team in their   other early in the s@cpnd the '\tyeM ,  short soccer careeV, Secjielt Tpeme'n    Vart ^m then eneouiitere-i 4eteVtti-  Safe Motoring  held West Vancouver Spuraways to   ine'd wnwtion with ^Purfhermeij i��r;AL0NG ^ p]Uhe good'things that ah^SK o* Sr'Sfo  a 2-0 yvin.in last   Saturday's   $up    ^npecj shirts coming rr-ighfy clpse I *** 0id Man Wer bnpgs u-r-sopial at- ?��?�� f��y�� ��' ^^imk ���-*������  TournaiTient Division 7 play ott's game     to a'goql.m ihis "shot       * ' -? UviUes,*w*niei spoit^, views .of lapy &noW -  *      'J,'    ^nhAe Pl,n  The ta)fyts{l)g '^fag*     /-Page B-3  Juvenilis %mm %  week*-@��Cl^ults  IN P^YQflF ' gqmpi-f with Vancouvpr  . teanW ���ty's).Gihi"qns fcegjfin presently  carrying \\\o cp)p,r$ fpi; the Supshipe'Coast  Gibsons Region, rfl'et West Vftrjcoiiver Iflpc  Ppvds ip t'pwil PH R^tprd'iy with th��  game floj-ig'itllR ^fi^ty rpint-tcs oyprtime  to bo flocidfic} gn f flrnpr kicks. The Legion  wp,n witl-j IQ'Cqr^cr ld|-k��i pveptho 13hie  Devils 2,       '>        .   ,,' *''  >Ip Scghelt Q'n Sivlutday in Division 7,  Sechelt ^cemep plgyipg their second  playoif garne went %&yn to yajiant defeat  lo '^est'V'inPPlJlVP}' ^igyi'aWfiys who scored  a 2-0 victpry.  Also pp Saturday in. t��wn, Scphelt  Tim^prmcn hP)d "^U}'4PU Besivcrs. to a,  2-P win. 'Spcheli 'rpterns $ccred 2 goals  with Lonsdale Jjyr(}|*teiF taking 4.    _j:  WE-SgfWjD RESULTS ���:���  Lopaj games-played; op Sunday-wprc  as loljqw8!- ',  " '", '  Diy^ien  7: 'Ohessrqpn  P, Tcopien "2.  Ken Map *),  ty~>  1  'tt  [  ill'  Cosh Hfl^  * U.p to 9p%  AH T^'s poi rennir^p!  335 E Broadv/qy,  Vhn��o��ver 10/ B.C.  .Call 7 days q week  879-41 $(( or 879-6701  i  Hi  i!  fll  ^uuuuHwin<uwuwi>Mwuvin4uiAniM��nnfwniw^MM^^  Scoring one goal in the first halt, an-  iJ A'A$i  *W **��w.-j^ ,  r\  'J  H    V  <  f*te  -f  ��� w+^^��, ^.^.^  patlerns,���he mixes ip a lew items not so  -,   gratifying.  I High m tins, list is the debilitat-pg  i wipler he9d cold "Phanksi tp mpdjern  ' scieppe, hp"wfevcl i 1Tlf��ny of ]\s can "be i|P  ( and ",bput om busrposs throughout rpps't  of thp' lllrresfc.  Apithfiijlamines, the leading pold coipb  I-  Division ��s 5-qbprts Creek 0, Madeira  Park 4.'   '    ' \     _  Division (5: Tim^srPP11 4. Braves  0.  DivjsipH 3; ^ibspns Legion 1, Totenis 0.  *Shedule: games scheduled fpr Sunday tfebriw-y 2?Hk. '      -  Division' 7: 'Shop .Easy V Chessmpn,  Hackett Pari**' i% noon. \Varriprs V Ken  am  'p*..  ' '",* ��.  atanir'hiay, hP efiect|vgun lehovmg the    Mac, Haclyett Park at 1 p*m. Teemen V  drscpmfprt pf nasal 'congestrpn   But  t|ie    IjQcal 207, Sechelt at I p.m.  Djvision ��: Mapleii'a Park' V pougars,  Madeira"Park jjl 2 p.m.     ^  Division ��: Timbermen Y 'Super Valu,  Hackelj, Park at 2 p.m.  Division ��$��� Sechelt Le'gion V Gilwqns  Legion al 3 p.m.  B,G   Automoluie Asspciatiop warns thai  molqr|sts fshpulf} kepp ip mir|d that anti-  ���^hr^laminps are included in a'list of dfMgs  potentially dapgerous to driyeis.  The effepts of these pills, which 4vary  slhe amount  cal makeup of  iow*'inpss! inattep-  haye slip-yp  ducp the ajert  cold medicine  him jf it's s'(f~  dosage:���'Ife'ad" fli' iiibgis  thoroughly, especially if thp medjcjne js  puichased   without   a   prescription: -And  when in doubt about the effects of me-  TficTn"r"jfuw hasea~"oveT~the counter  BASEBALL  Looking ajiead jo the baseball season  ���anyone intcresfod m Mmoi League  .rp3pi|oi\'tihip. of Baseball (Bioncp ^eague), is ,invited to  attend a meeting qn "Sunday, Febiuary  28th at 7 30 p m m the Wilson Greek Community Hall  7.00x13 Wliil-e Stripes  Reg. 42.55 tlft H  Sale, Each WWulJ  E70xl4 White Stripes  Reg. 49.05  Sale, Each    $35.45  F78jfl4 While 'Stripes  Sale, Each $ JIL&5  G78xl4 White Stripes  Reg. 53.45 *<*6 *  Sale, Each ._ ^*9*a  HOMI SiilVBCI  Sechelt Phone 885-2812  IMlhlHWMHWMMMMMMIWIMMMMMMMMmWWI  \  *�����  -J  \1   .*  con  sul!  you)   doctor  Finally, bewaie of "synergy" W^rris the  RCAA The ter m denotes a combination  of the cffet4�� ol two or more substances.  ting power of which I don't  believe he is aware. This word can cause  police to riot, children to be led astray  aiKLnewspaper to be banned. "It" is the  circujatipn salesman .lor. lunder-grpiind  press and the inspiration for numerous  bathroom poets. Surely a word of such  bonder should not be tajcen ligbMyl.  *       *       ii'  The Great Seal Controvers  .in the lime, light. I wonder  club it doviyi this tirpe. The  more'help th'is (jipc .around.' Donovan's*  Jiit song "Cecelia of the Seals" has prob-  nply taken jp rpt"c ';moncy th&n oil tl|e  seal hides taken intjie post year, but that  is |)ow it's done. The idea isn't how |o  help a cause, il seems, but how tp make as  much money as possible doing if-  .We all know how if will end up, of  course; The Federal Government will[ ban  seal hunting and put a|l the hunters on  welfare, Then someone will start a crusade against the-Government,'for pulling  people out of work,,, and the- heat goes  on, ad nauKoum,  *   *   <,  Sec that if. M. Wright says thai mp-  open pit, n'iihes* are ".a Reaulif|i) Sight"  because Ihey offer'a relief from t|)e constant greoi) of lhe landsfmpe. Take this one  Step further apd say Ihal. the air ,po|luli'in  Is good beciaiHo it breaks up the morin-  lony of blue sky, and of course nil wlickfi  really brighten, up a duiriieach with  I heir i.'olorfui |nie��, Ncod'less lo say Mr,  Wright Is the president pf the aanadian  Institute of Mining f��nd Metallurgy.  ��   *   *  Did you sac w|)��ro rip), police hurt to  break up a sit-in |),y" 20 taaehorn' at Ilia  Montreal   Catholic   SOhool   Commission?  ,   The luauliDiH had been t|ioru for 3 weeks  and chinned- IhoniHolvwH  logclher  when  the pollen cumo, )Suw were Iheiie oducalOi'fi  dunioiiHlrailng agaiiuit raalsin, poverty or  i even veal  bunting? Sorry, It  yv��'n hint  , greed, The new fnnn of union di-bules,  ��� Wlial a liiiiiu'lll'ul ORamplu lo sol,for hIiiV  r|enl��  evarywlun'ci". i,  never  mind  alioiil  proUislIng social Ills, jusl gut\r)led alioiil,  - yiiiir litUu liome piiy, '  '     ���*'     * '   *���' '   ��������� '|  I Imllov'i lh��r�� i�� more to fear from  ��� lhe proleidni'K In lhe U.S, of A and Canada bl.'ciliino of Din lack i;f |ii'oleslfi idler  Iho Invaiiloi) of idioH iiiiui lli'iru was from  Hie vjohini demoiiHlrallons following iljo  IiivmhIoii   of  Oainbodlfi   laid,    year,  T|i|h  F��!st P-ice  The %fime is  ajmps|; oyer  bpt  Hie    and Davic| Farewell (Jeft) gets ahead  plijclfy Sechelt Teernen    were s(Ji|l    of cover'man m )as(-SalMI'day's garrio  determine^ to bchi'e at least one goal    al Ilaokelf Paik.  against West Vaneonvei  ppuravvays  moon  eni  h||i!|ico in omlnoiiM, ll Iii lliu.- ii ninn who  In bi'iiini) "for a "long Hine, Afinr a while  hn iKiiorciH the individual bloWii, l)ul after  ilio I muling tin: mainnry, Tuin/ilns,.. H)7'l  "Toii'iri���vorj/~wollTI)o^'ifr*"lniirtf!fiir'j)olicRi,""^*  year ii\jnr, ���  Chief. AwHifyer for IIiUIhIi. Columbia In"  lllijil was I'Vimiflii (lnorgn t-lniidi.'i, tion of  a Ui'ilifih Scibnllid, ,'    \ ,  ,  Aciloiui  iipi'ai-   louder  ihun   wnr'l'i *  when you're ,i-nii.a|di,>g upulnlrii al  ihi.'f.'e  .. ..iii.ijio. looriiliig,...,.,.,  '    ,  ALL residents of Electoral Area B qre  urged to attend-the public meeting at  t)ie Welcome Beach Hall pp Wednesday,  February <2<|!b ��t Jl ���P.-fTV, l'9'' t-b'P purpose  of foripipg i' Ralepayers' Asspciatloh,  , Canon Ai'm Greenes ��2pd hirthfi^y  was .celebrated wi"1 a dinner party at  Kjlla'iy ia.it ThitrHrlny with guests from  Ppweil-It)ver,, Sechelt oi>rl Gibson"' Tl)e  Greene's house guests were Mr. arid Mrs,  ,|acl�� Sianifpi'l-h of Powell tyivcr whom  Ganan 'Greene married <Jfi yeai's ago ���m\  the Columbia 'Goast Mission Sbii',' Wende?.-  ��� ,'mvh, 13. McCau|'^��� brother, GpJdieJSaiJ'T  |oy, h"H rf-'lurpcd to -ISdnninlon after a  month's visit |it llm const, lie visilefl  frlnndH on Vancouver |s|nnd apd up coast'  an'd got caught, Ip Mvcra| hof|y'y,,��now-  falls,He saw more snow |h'u) lie, oyer  objected. Ip.find h) our "Hlvergrcon"  province, '  Mr"' M, Tlnkley riccnmpi'iiied ry|rs,-  Olga liy))o)< Id' Vancouver Inst weekend  lo hour the Branl'o fCrfimimovli.'h Chnrtis  of Yugoslav)'' ill the Queen Mllzabclb  Theatre, -   .  , v -li'iim-sliow nl Uio Welcome Pou'.'ini'iil .  "on Ki'lirunry Ufiiii ��l 1',.)���) p,rn, -promises  a varhiii ail'l InleroHlhig programme/Two  films are, courtesy of th.e Swiss liimlmi'sy  ond jpelud" ��i Hl"lfl,y of Uechensleln; the  liny prii)<i|p��li|y lybiK befweon Hw|izer-  liiml and Aiislrln, apd a story ��b��wl ��n  old cunioni.ln llm, (trliion C-wUm w|,ien,f,f  the )jli|ldren n'hnsp lhe winter (symbol ni  Iho devil) ami welcome lhe sprhig with  v~by Mary TinWpy,  bells. The custom involves a search fpr  ���t|ie biggest |iel|s right acl'ess the scepic  Swiss cpuplrysido. the French films include one" on' ballet, one., op the milking  of a tapestry and a ii)tir of Fi'apce in  the uriH'poill area between the Hhupe  and l|ic^ Alps.   ,     .,,   ''Scout Trek'1 slftiei  for Sunday April 4th,  ON ''SUNDAY, April 4,   1071, lhe Cups,  Siionlfi, Ven|ui;ers and Hovers in.Bril>-  is|i. Columbia will lie going on a "Scout'  Tr��l��". '���.,,,       '     ,   ,  C Tl||s Irek, as a Conlepnhil aei|v|ly| w)|l  lie similar hi nrnny w��ys to the waika-  tlinnH held ibrolighoiil our province but  will differ In lliiil only members of the  Scouting. Family'will,bo asked lo pni'llei-  pnto in Iho walk,  There Will lie anoih'er iniporli'ml difference, a|l parliclpimts will he asl-ed hi  ..pick up'llller op Inn route, as opposed )p  ,l|/'o )|i,ior left liehlnii in ,olher walks.  T|)|s |h in keeping with the Governor-  (hiiiiii'iirs reri'iu'Hi ihul Seoullug challenge  p'ollulloi), ''"...,,  ,   The money raiser) will |ie psed for a,  pi'olhiirlaiprl   I'un'd, There  in  an; urgent  pciyl for t'liean fupilH for Hie growth nn<l  cxpaniilfin of Hcnu'iliig Ip llrltlnh Columbia,  Your supporln would   be  apprcclnpid,  Tpc danger    is especially    prevalent at  pailies  whcie  persons  taking  antihista-  iincs   aie  likely   to   consume   alpopQlip  boveiages This lsa-veiy risky'practicie for s  anyone���but foi a driver, it can p'e^ead'j'y.  ���TRAVELER can protect, his belpng|p|s  al home apd abroad by fpilpwipgj What"  lhe  BC   Automobile   Assppi��tipn. ij'gye).  experts call "a few simple; sen?ih1p rules  an  important rule  for  neveitn carry mpre money  pp tps,  persqp  than\is  nP%S"ary.  ^n(j(  "���"Jlty B m'gc prppnrttw mo/npy m^Jitfbe  tajtep alppg, }| should beJW 11>g form pf  travelers' c|ieaue&  Men aie adv^cd lo carry their money  0) UaVeleiV ehequps ip an ipsi^p poclccl  of their suit jarkels or m a^srdc pocke)  of tppir trpnsprs���pever m a pack pockel  pf thp; trqiise)'^.  ��� Wp'OPn fire wprped i agaipsl placing  thci|- handhagii op a sfore counter pr any-  w))pre put-pf'Sigpt, even for "juM a mm-  11,1c.'-'. '��� ������ .������'���"'  A p()ssible Ironhlo-savmg rule fpr all  i.yisilors In strapgn surroundings is. |p  gO op)y lo m.tiw:|ions~"parl-ico|ar)y W  , Wilh iiigbt spots���that are rcppipmepded  in |'epi'i-|ab|e gHidp hooks or by local  itoiirlsm pTfjcials.  ,-flPAA adv)ses,   adventuresome  typos'  ,who wish to explore unfamilior apd "at-  piaspheric" wrpHu lo leave i|icir valualdes  , ai|d  moid. of f jielr easJi- ip ,flie care of  Ihu mamigpmpnf ��| Iheir plaice of lodging  ihpfOI'0   HOltlpg   Pill, 'r-   '  A wise rule to follow when traveling  Vjii nulomohlle is when parking the vo-  ,)l|.��|tttiJcayp. H In tin attended parking lot  or ii gara��ft''u)d po')on Jhe sheet, Lug-  ' gage and other vnlual>)es s||diil<| be locked  ip tlie-'.-.trunk of lhe auto' when 'narked  i anywhere. " v  HOMEWORK  WATCHING  I w��'fh over 50 homes; 2, 3, 4{ ond 5 bedrooms������  new housing ideas.  Sec hqw mMch f"0!-0 H��m�� y��H ccm bn'W ^r your mopey  (or pave bpilr fpr ypu'. ^cc hqw beaver H9M��$ ^n^m  syslemPlic Rul|dipfl. Sec how you pet pcr-|onQ| sorvicc ffom  I your'nearest BpAYEP HOMES rcprpsuntapve, Send lax your  . ���cb)orf|j| fCOlplPQ������'.���IPdoyl   Reaver -hqs-morlQflflcs   for  (719*1  I -'preps.'1;.;'   ���' y :,'.;;: -l   ��� ";;;"-;;'"'  ������     '���-,  Bcovcr  l.umbcr  ' Company   Md.,  P.O.   Pox   248  :���;;:;'���' ',R|^|f||E3S'.-".' -     ���'. Uoy' B,c' -  lEnclQso GQc for H9fnc*> BrochufO  ��� A'l'IrpRs ���....: :.:. :���r7~r�� %~   Town ���..-"..-.:.-..:...:.^-r..-..���"-. Phono ������   rVty ^'o| |s |-Ocq|cd A.  ���,     llaruhl TiTip?;ry;  "Q|r)s,  Whan  ��  m��n  (H|nr|H talking abopt Vii|U))odc) PurJianlcal  concppis," sliirf riinuJng,",,       ���     ,  t r���~.���_���.���,���_.rTj.��� -> ,���������-  '" '!"'Srt-F^. 24, 7)  figfl   f"JJ|  Kp1   ^**'8|   |F^|  THE  CLASSIFIED  GAN-  BRING YQM  | TOP GRADE  aESUtTS,  PH0NE  AP-BRIEFS  AT  885-9654  TO REACH  2}500  WEEKLY-  BUY, SEJ.L,  RENT, SWAP,  GET HELP,  * Mr. Advertiser  Those advertising  spqeps ore real  bargain'' for you.  Sold on contract  only. For details  on how to stretch  your advertising  dollar, phone  885-9654, ask for  spccjal ad  rotes.  SO  Services' If  Ports *��� ���Repairs'  .-,-,,... Service ~��l~  DATSUN!.  POWPB SAW  ", REPAIRS'   -  mccmiovM   '.PJEftlER    .'  ^r  066-9662 - Sifnsliirio Cpost Hwy��  CAN IRB S^RVE YOU?  Mr, K, R. Miller'  0|iG of our reproBontqtlvoa     .  will i?o ot  ���i   i ���      '.  "'     po-yeir Rfvor \m  powcii aiv0r/nrc;,.   ,  FL-bfUory 25tlv 1^1  If yqu roqulro fl torm loon fpf �� H��W OJ  ��xiKii|i(i huBinosa; yo|j nr�� Inviiort io'd|��r  OM6s your'lia^ wjlll flllTl-'All ��|)f)0|ni-  inonv coo t>&.flrranflod,,tiy tolpplionlnci.  ���    ,      Mr, MlHor  485-62(31 ���r.'.n^f>17W  WMRIAL  DEmOPMEHT BAM  HUM PANnifjO f OB CANADIAN UI)6|Hl��8|'U  ��08 finnmuir 6triM��*>  "3'  EXTRA  CASH  FOR THAT  STUFF YOU  NO LONGER  ,NEED IS  AS i CLOSE  AS YOUR  PHONE,  CALL   ���'-,  885r9^54  FOR  qLAS^P!^  AD^RIEFS,  �� Mr, AdyrtMri  TI��o��o  advArtUInO  "wiocBf" ojro" 'ifbttV hat'  '4f\m f*f 1W> **��M �����  ppnlrptt ���jfil'', f��r ��!�����  tail. ��n how te r'tre"1}*  o��k   for   inoclol ' wJ  ,,iii..i.i  ^Jlie *3/iJ  wrfy  ore  OPPN ?'| A,M. ���-10 m> 7 PAYS A WPEK  ��� I  ��� l!   -       .. '       ���  . ��� '���    ,- -.���'..   . ., '  ,- ��� .-'i-   ���    ���        I '    .���        .,.. ....  '     '   I, '""    " '  MWtrrtfwiuf +,  tt^Ha^f +m hkmWW   H     ���** "  ^M'FAMO.Y- MAM'i  I  CI'IIIUI,��   '   TC\h'  l    tytttif"   ' <",L'''1  Pop Corn  (Fresh and Popped)  i  (Hayo ypur dally  newspaper saved  Willi tf��-  ivI.Allrji-l.  m ki u* idi*����s1 ** i *  ,.^4.|  I   A k,EL ^.l.id    ,Bil  iij JlllU tipLfLttti*   LA iii, * A.. .1 ,. L ^.,1.   ,<u .. I i.l.i i..,   ...  ��  Cattily  Piifiiness Cards. '  Latigln for yo��ir��c|f  and friends,  ,.,.J: ���,ti<'LJ*>1* tHt,��tt If  Sechell  $1", "*;/;  Phono 805-9825  (m.rw  Cowrlo ^trcct  wwmm �� ��.;. wm mn mwr ni&ht; .Tiir  *��.j  '4 .V,  'I  if  a-}-.  i  Hj  ���kMAH  *���*��� *-��*^-��**���-*��������***���^-* *���** lirfy'��AAi��*>lAiA,A��*��**w��A>-V'*A'l*AA**  ,��A^^4^AAAAAAAAA-*^<��A-*.nA#>A��*A-Al��  "*--l*-"^*��4��#   >*V*  " - '��*< *fc �� *'i ��  tHf-i****    f*rf Wiv  *"S��J  ��� c   .�������� r - |  '    .    1  V ��    0*0 r* v   ,  0   J   # ,  "I  ���*/*. **  WV "  M   r J w ^V1*."1*-,^^,- *jt^ >^ O * * .r * * y/v > v -* **.�� /i^^wt" +*r*w*��  ^.���V-**:*-  t'  ^ j.  :���- *.*  ->   ^   * *V "*���  ^ .-. vvH^ VV vVV^-vSN**'* .A** x--#Nf*fcf^y^yS, ^ ^v  *-vlf V*Y^y*  ^i. * ���  Page "M The Pqnln.*Hl�� Times  Wednesday, February 24, 1971  V~r  V  '  i,1'  r.    ^,4  t  L  r*  fifl  PauhSf. Pterre  ���Letter from Parliament Hill  'OTTAWA���A hundred'* years ago, give  ", or take a few months, when I was  involved m^an election oampaign, I was  occasionally asked if I thought the Butish  North Amenca Act  needed amendment.  Not much," I usualx  1'  answ&ied,  It will probably  tome as a suipuse to  no one that my opin-  'iin has undergone a  lilG degiee tuin  Observation of  U'deral-provincial re-  lutions, with all the  iverlapping of les-  ponsibUity, conflict  of jurisdiction, divided authority and all  too often unclear authority has convinced  me that the old British North America  Act is badly out of tune wijh modern  Canada,  It is too often -not clear to ,the average Canadian whieh level of government  is responsible for what, His taxes may  go to one, for spending by another and-  ��� agreement and disagreement betweeh  Ottawa and individual provinces often w> I  leads tp situations which are almost hope- t-  lessly confusing-      t  Not only is the citizen often confused.  So are his legislators. So. are his governments. So are the lawyers.  Out, o4 the latest federal-provincial  conference has come what appears to be  a" positive step toward rationalizing rJ the  Canadian institution.  The communique issued at the close  of two days of meetings suggested some  agreement on a formula for bringing the  constitution home from Britain for amending. Further, iWeven suggested some forms  of amendment that could be made in it.  "This is the first break in a long impasse between Ottawa and the various  provinces of the federal state. Te old Ful-  ton-Fabreau formula appeared to be on  the verge of success, a decade ago, hut  it would have required unanimous agreement of the federal government an^ each  of the 10 provinces. This formula col-  ~iap5ett, '    ' ������    - ��� ������������.-������-,:-, ;-'��������� ��=��  ���'"�� 'M>nt  i  i  j>. .w    'J  \~+       ���   *, "I  ��� ^ .11 W-.V-^,,'(  v �� i*���� # />��|>/   *K*~~ v>> *>  Hospital Auxiliaries  activities commended  MRS   Sylvia Jones, fining tMveotor- of  Volunteeis at St Mary's IIospita.1^ pie-  sided at the cinnual meeting of the gioiip  held last week The reports testified io  the veiy good wQ��'k done by these ladies  from the six auxiliaries,  Mi's Faye Lewis jepoiled for the  physiotherapy department Sechelt vpl-  untepis numbeied four* iegnlar ladies on  a. weekly basis, plus two spates and wpiv  Hed 434, houib, RobciU C\eek had one  volnnteei who woik^d W& hours. Pender Harbovu wl*os>e ladies h<tve such a  d|htance to'tiavei, had. seven volunteeis  who (woiked 13 htfuus This lepie^entb  a total of 525 Vi houis  Peisonal Shoppeis' antl Fiower Caie  ladies ijoin six duxihane-i spent 437 houis  and 23 mmu(et>, seiving R74 patients  Qaods pui chase amount to $675 30,  Volunteer hairdressers served 13 Patients in 18 hours antjy.30 minutes.  Five hours'aiid .45 minutes were given taluiig' nineteen  baby  phonographs.  The "Thrift Shop" volunteers have  been very busy and a net profit.for the  . yea,r was $5,659.35. This project entails  a great deal of-work, but the iladies are  happy lo be able to contribute a great  -^deal Of financial aid -to'the.'purchasing  of equipment. ���'-->'.  Mr. Wagemakers thanked the'ladies  for the assistance they had given as their  cpnt'ribution toward patient care, finan-  ��� cially at\d^ in a pergonal way. Pie spoke  re the role of volunteers with extended  care patients.  Mis. Amy Bryant of Sechelt was nominated' as Director pf Volunteers with  Mis. M. Grose of Roberts Creek as assistant director. ,:.  MODERN  SIGHT & SOUND  COMPLETE ELECTRONIC  SERVICE  T.V. - RADIO - STEREO  SYSTEMS  P|n|co Deqler-  Sales and Service  " ��t��CTftONIC$  Gibsons - 886-7117  Paul St. Pierre MP  breeze from ChUcotin  by  Bruce  Hutchison  ON THE Chilcotin plateau of British  Columbia the big sky, is clear. The air,  filtered through the icy pinnacles of the  Coast: ftahge, is fresh arid spicy. In .ihis  lorTfely land,^free of the city's smog rod  The new formula provides a compromise which may "prove workable. Under  the new formula that, once the provinces  have agreed, Canada will ask the British  Parliament to surrender its present right  to pass on Canadian constitutional law.  (There is no difficulty anticipated "here.  The British haven't wanted that power  Tor "a generation or more. They've been  waiting for us to relieve them of the responsibility and doubtless have been impatient that we haven't been able to agree  among ourselves  to  ask.)  In future, all constitutional amendments would require first a resolution  by the federal government. This would  then have to be approved by at least six ^  of the ten provinces, two West of the-  Qreat Lakes, two east of Quebec, end  Ontario and Quebec provinces. In the  West, the two consenting provinces would  have to contain more that 50 per cent of  *Klhe Western provinces" population.  The effect of this is to give a veto  power over constitutional change to Ontario and Quebec, or any province which,  thereafter contains 25 per cent of the  Canadian population, as these two central provinces now do, It would give  greater" weight to British Cbh|mhilf in  exercising a veto1. No two Prairicr provinces by themselves constitute 50 per cent  of the West's population,  On the other hand, no small province  such as Prince Edward Island,  with a  mere 100,000 people, could block constU  ,     tutional reform by  taking a cornpleto)y  intransigent attitude,  Tlio governments appeardo be in agreement that  immediately ,, there shall  he  entrenched rights in n now constitution,  requiring  governments  at  all   levels  to  .provide for elections at lou��l every five  yours, universal miffrago. and  tho uhuuI  freedoms of ihougbt, conscience, religion,  expression   nnd    peaceful    assembly.   It  would  entrench    luiignugo    rights    for  French  and   ICnglixh  iipprriximutely  the  mune nn w�� are now provided  lu  tlm  I'i'diirnI luglHliillon.  Thu Ciinudliii) Kii|)rnii,ic! Court would  be the court of fin/0 appeal for thu whole  nation. ,  Fedorul-proviiicliil    government   eon-  Niruw'uH, which may he mild to huvo hiul  ll-olf  main   InipotuH  provided   hy  John  ,   llohiirls, Onjnrlo'H sliitoHininily Coniicrva-  tiv.e preniier, would ho niude ohllgiiiory,  clamor, men have time to think, A cow-  puncher, around the camP fire, may be  ignorant, as education is reckoned these  days, but he talks more sense, about  hasjc things, than most members-of-P-ar^ Pierre  ence and loses lhe government no votes  in the manufacturing ceivtfe*s of Ontario  and Quebec.  This kind'wf tortured .morality does not  convince a plain man from Chilcotin,  where they take fasts, and shirts, quite  seriously.   But     ihe  gUveiiuilbWfnttgaiir  Trloute  More than one hundred Brownies,  Guides, Cubs and Scouts and their  leaders attended the parade i and  Thinking Pay Service held an Seonelt  on Sunday February 21st to honor  the birthdays of the founders of Scouting and Guiding Lord and Lady  Baden-Powell. Pictured in drizzling  rain, the Color Partywaits patient-  J.y.Jta-ent&Lib^  - notoarapliei  nettled by a backbencher who had the  impudence to speak his mind, kept Its temper and gave a gCntle reply to Mr. St.  service was held.  -m  liament.  It Is hardly surprising, therefore, that  when Chilcotin sends a representative to  the-HouBe^xjf Commons he can think, too,-T  and talk with outdoor bluntness. Such a  man, judging from the parliamentary  record, is Paul St. Pierre, MP (though,  to tell the truth, it was a bad day for  Canadian journalism when this best of  our columnists and a brilliant writer of  books and movies as well, left the front  Tpage for the back bench, the sparkling  prose for the cranky fine print of Han-*  sard).  At any rale, while everyone else jn  Ottawa overlooked Jt, the man from  ChUcotin qujckiy griisped, a certain Interesting' fact, It is thet a liberal government, dedicated in high principle and  ardent piety to the ideal of free trade, ,  hes begun to move stealthily in the opposite direction. Mr. St. Pierre, so far  as I can see, was the only Liberal to protest-this sudden swerve (ind realize where  it could lead Canada, He stood alone in the  House, as men must 0f��"n. stand on the  cold, wlndi8wept,p;ieteau,  His protest /nroko all the rides of tho :  political game, defied vthe party caucus  and deeply distressed the government,  .lean-Uic Pepin, the minister of trade,  who had devised a cunning. system of  quotas against .foreign textiles, was sad-  rlened to hear that mvyono could suspect  him of Illiberal, protectionist leanings.  To,ho sure, the latest restriction" Im  competitive Impor.lH Is a small one, It. is ���  excused hy the government, like the illegitimate baby in Iho Punch'carluon,  because of Its s|y,e, Hut Mr, St, Pierre  knoV/s���lo use the clean, llloral .Rnglish  of Chllcoiln���th'*l small hiislardH- nf!��>n  grow into largo oii"H, that Iho (loHcehl into  Ihe Hlorin i;o|lur of Iho Iiulil', slmis, like  all Jfiui'iKtyH, with a single h|ii|>,  Where, one In iinpolldd IouhI-, wore llm  other I,lhoraln when lh" descent gol undor  ^way'/-,Twenty y��>iun ego, or \o.m, a Uhorn)  government alteinpllng soine, dlHgulmul  rimli'lcllon on imports, at. Iho cox) of Iho  Canadian Voiimunor, would have fiumd u  revolt lu its caiioiiH. mid u daiigormnt l>'it  Surely, it said, he could, not suppose,  that any uneconomic Canadian industry  would be shielded from healthy competition? ... Surely., he. believed that tlie textile  quotas would be withdrawn unless the inefficient concerns reorganized themselves  and became efficient? To imagine that  the government might violate its own  sacred doctrine for political purposes was  just too much for Mr. -Pepin. He was  saddened.  The little unpleasantness in the Liberal  family passed almost without public  notice, 'without, any seriou.*- debate .in, the  House, gnd that is the whole point pf  the story. The tariff issilf, apea the deli-,  cato gravity centre of politics, had almost  ceased to be an issue at eJJ and the  West, always the victim of eastern tariffs,  gave up'the fight as if it no longer, mat-'  tered, And yet the Economic Cnuncil of,  Canada has told us over and over agaiiii  in dull, unanswerly anyone, Ihal the issue  is as Important .as, ever, perhaps moive iip-,  porWinl, ...���,' rl .1   So lLnuist:be,_bcGause-Uie_entir;e worjd  economy Is changing overnight in whfit  we call the post-industrial revolution.  To meet entirely new economic eirciim-:  stances emerging from a new technology  and fierce international competition, Canada, will huvo to change its methods, an  Did ���Kconomlc Cpuncll warns, Above all,  It will have to exploit Ms natural strengths  and minimize lis natural weaknesses if  It Is to employ, its people In t|io long  run,  Fresh, from tlio iiimplo, faclmil land of  Chllcoiln,  Mr, St,  Pierre Hooniu to.-.havo  done his hnmoworkj read his history and  is not eiifeuhlud by the .holhousu air of  Ottawa, lie Is not unpened to the loxiilo  iMiislry and apprccliilcs lis ,��llf|'i��iuiu<in.  IRi Is not oven npposnrl lo tlm quoins If  t limy are uhmI  temporarily  iiulil  Ihe  in-  Vliih\i',y liiariis how lo reorganize and com-.'  puw) Mul h<�� Is not lialvo ctiiuugj) uilhur,  lu hdllnvii Unit Ihu (|iioIiih w|ll horoHKiinly  Im mi" lined, when alhmir past nx|it;)lt.Mu-n  nrgiicu   lo -iho   uonlrin;y, ,Tlint is   what  saddens Mr. Pepin. The pity of it.  In fairness, he should be warned that  they will think~*ahout~:-these things on  the plateau where "there is time, ��pace  and silence to think clearly. I never saw  a cowboy up there who wasn't interested  in his shirt, his private symbol of independence, his humble insignia of a free  human being. He is Interested in the  cut, fit, color and also the price of the  shirt. Since the textile quota system will  keep the price as high as possible, the  home folk can understand their man in  Parliament even if Mr. Pepin doesn't  L*~:  xCSk  -J  OUR NEW SPRING STYLES  ARE ARRIVING DAILY  Lovely  PANT SUITS.  I nol ad ing  Vi Sizes to 22 Vt  ... Come In And Browse.  Still many lovely; dresses to "choose'  from at Sole Prices,  C. 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.Pulp. *nills in erqgsftr? of ''.'(neat pollution defeat©. ,. .   .^25?SS:'
by J.  M.- Siddall
TJI13 PULP and pnpor industry of T?r|tUh
Polumpift, is raught in the cross -fire
pf the great debute on environmental
pollniion. Viesponding <o the. demands pf
pn urunucd., iMihlic, and genuinely nm-
c&ft-tcl nlmui a deieiuivnUnt* environment,
llm politicians- an- manennvorinu fo'r mf'-
i-sdietion, their advisers often a,t odds
With industry and ono another over Ule
degree of danger nnd the sternness ol
meiisures required  to curb  it.
Pulp mills are in the spotlight because
I research program into water po^Mtian Py Witt-tea. ore
'PMlp mills has been set up, Mn4^i' ti'e , slowly jntp
mispices ol the d.e,p,nrtment of fisftprips ''     Tj'-e main*   !re*j»mpnt   pyppewe-- are on .prirprja esla,bijsl|pd at ftm tPPhnlpal
m\d ipreMry, aivl the department of en- clarilic-itinn—remoYMl nf suspended* so|iris hearings held,  \n Vanmnver under'lhe
ergy, minm  and ,rcpo\ireps.  The fpdm-ftl which are tbiflcepod i*nO\»-pecl or \<spd 'i!«Mman»li<P of Vf. },. Venablps. 'Jir,ee(oV
share nl (he cost will »P ?fiP(l.00(| in \\\a r„P land'fjll—fo|lo\yerl by tjeration, which «( lhc,P«»UnHun cpnlvql hrnnph, thjK -mm-
I'uromu year,, and  up |q  }l   \\\\\\\{)\\ 9 tftWos place in )uigo ponds equipped, with mer, 'p|-p draft is expected In lie ready
you*  lor the nest ||Ye years.          ;    ,. fnPi'liaplpal  oorj-|pr«.  MutvienN  «VP  \V*: '">■ iMhmMttn ^«1y in j07{,
v . Meanwhile, Davis recently npntofmiod-
tongher vegulaUons in the rfcHeries Apt
whjch will refluirc companies tp sinhlPU
on demmirtt plans to show hnw 1hey
intend    to control   turbidity, suspended
pf (he vast rjun.nl ities of water consumed    solids and    biological  oxygen   'demand.
in the chemical pulp process (40,000 tp
fl0,G0(l gallons per ton of, production).
Effluent qonlams lesidues high m suspended solids, biological oxygen demand
and toxins which kill marine organisms,
including hsh, if returned to the receiving wafers untreated.9
fluently widen ip llio efl'lnepl to speed PP
tjie liacleriolnyic'tl brealtdown of the dissolved matter nH'l thus redden its p.O.p.
to a minimum,.       - ■**!
J3y the qsq of aerators,  this process
is  usually -completed  in  five days.  Jte-
mipning toxicity is dealt with by dilution
. a.nd diffusion of the wastes iptp the |ece-v-
„f -u •       i   .   ,        ,    ■„■-,   ■•-*<•■>•>-, . ipg waters McLcms says \\\e identity of
of   being suit  down   by - ederal   order,     tpxic nrndpeis it,sti|l uncertain- Also nn-
lolulers M so lace i.nes or up Ip $5,00(1    iimvi\t al this ^age, is the capacity of
in thft fn-Ki ,nstance, and ^.OOQ a d«y    the receiving waters to assimilate olfluent
(H.o.d.). Companies that fail tp comply,
face lhe prospect of a holt Jo pppstrnc-
tipn,   pr   if it  is  an  existing Ql^tipp,
ip the fir;,
until the infringement is stopped-'
These dangers, are obvious where freslr r Politioally, Davis looks to lhe CmiPfto
■water rivers and lakes are concerned, and Water Acl as the vehicle for achieving
appropriate measures have been taken ~ c*1«sbi lederui-prnvinciaj liaison through
to protect fibhenes in moid of lhe mills     l1^ establishment of Joint water quality
management aieas, with one set of st|md-
..buill in this province hince ltftiR-a|l
except two of which are localed'-in the
interior. On the Coast, however, it's a
different story. Here are located most of
the original pulp mills, designed in an
era when the assimilative qualities of the
ocean- were .'thought to be" limitless/    "
New regulations introduced by tlie
provincial government this' year as an
amendment to the Pollution Control Aei
pf 19(57, require all pulp mills to apply
ip the Pollution Control Branch of live
Water Resources Service for provisional
permits by December 31st, 1070. They are
required to file information with ihe
director of the branch on their present
effHient disposal system and plans for
its improvement. They will be given ii
limited period of trme-rr-as yet unstated by
lhe gpvernment=tp_ bring their. facUUies-
up to a standard acceptable lo the branch.
This will be Judged on individual circumstances. The" Pollution Control Act was
also amended this year tp cover air pollution. January 1,-1072 has been set as the
deadline for the filing of registrations
foi  air emission permits. <
The mi}]§ are also, of course, subject
to   federal   regulations   under   provisions
of   tlie Jederal   - Fisheries- -Act,-.-, Canada
Water Act, and new Clean Air Act.
^ili^tferte^MNiiTrttT^ Jdi.lv  Da Hit-   hat.
At the technical level, he insets--on
the recycling and recovery ef;e.ff]nepi
wjthoitl suffering permanent damage
Color, foam and odor from the slack;
are problems still tp be splved, b|it Mc-
Ijean stresses that while important, these
are essentially ■•estnetie problems, and
thei-efpre shq-jld rPPeive sepopdaiy pnpi-
|ly in research tp those winch eiteet lite
]p spite pr the prphipmi-, Jio., can
hike heart by fhe sipglinn m\\ pf, tqw-
of Us mills as amongst the elejp-iesj ip
Ilia world; fhp Iplefipr opovuljqps of
Kapijoops Pulp apd Cresfwond Pulp,
Tahsis Co., on thp west poas,t pf yap-
cppY^r Island. ip\d ihP HJurqctpn Pplp ^:
1-apei mill nPW going on sjvpfiip at
Fibhenes min|s,tev Jack Dayis io\d an
engipeeung seminar earlier this year thjit
uri\i\  these m»Hs. 13.C.( leads-the wprld
Tlie' new mill of i\.0. forest Proih\pt^
now under cnnstrpctjnu on W-lMstptt Puki*  .
will haye a high design stgnd-ji'4 of efr
linpnt  cnnlrpl,'as  \v\\) the pelghhoiinfti '
plant Of  Finlay  Forest   lndlistriie^. Jyh'e' '
latte,;is y mechanjeal ))iilp plmtt'wUh fv\%s.
pf t4|e pro|«lems a»s()eSfited WlUl ehpmici|j
Blllp- "
But a serious prnblem exists fpv th<i
designers of the lOtiflrlpns pei1 day mill
proposed by finlkjey Valley Forest Industries. T-^td. AcpttVdinU to fisheries Minister Dayjs, the site is. badly located frpm
a fisheries point of vit^Y hecavise pf the.
Variability and Ipw flow ot (hP Bnlkley
Rivpr—-oply abmr! 6ne;tenlh that of tl>e
Thompson River (it Kamloops. Ope big
within the ifactory fence, irresRfielive"pf   ^mp hfo^kthTpiighs mny he jn the offipg,
When inpflr.p'prated at the design
stage, waste treatment may a.dd Wye
to ten per pent to the capital eost.of.---.-g-
new mill, hpt elder mills—most.pl those
built before ipfifj-T-may be faped wi|i
prohibitive expenditures to. come- pp id
the prppnsed dnifcirm standards; For PS-
ample, treatment lagpons may require 40
•acr#s-;of • f|at-■ land-,--•hon-existent.-at- -many
coastal mill sites.
Daviii says the "mills shpnld be givep
lime--tip  to   10  ypars   if   neQ.esaary-wjp
clean up. But be insists that the danger
,lo   t|fe .environinent—ultimately' to   Jh(3
survival  of  .man—caused   by■""• ppiiittion
demands standards that apply., ei iiie
very leas), p a natipnrwi.de §asis.
What .will these new standards he?
In a recent tall?, the fisheries, minister
indicated that krafl pulp mills wmild
■'have  to  keep   their  discharge  of   sn^
pepded solids down tp minimHW levels,
their lo§s of wood fibres^ahd^wopd sugars
^JJJad^JIoflt.rpl.'and.lheyr dumpmg of toxic
I   made it clear that he is going after uni-
, "i  toim stf-ndards-to.apply to all pulp mills
a,~>j  —or  any  other   type  of   industry—any-
| where in Canada. In this he is at variance
^ ^witlv,the.potincil,of the Forest,Industries
^|of B.C. which,  in a brief to the repent
t>j .^hearings on pollnlipn in Vancouver, called
* - -i !^|oi -eeph~case-tp- be-jpdged--on-i-ts- own-
-\-tperits    "according    to  the   assimiiative
- gjiP'iojty  of the receiving environment."
\."Phe h'ief represented all pulp and paper
"* manufacturers in tl^e prgvin'pe,,
KA   A   co-operative    government-industry
J*     *'
k A
Consult our
Secrefqry Manager
Madeira Park - 0B3-2236
coloration prehlerns by as much as, Bp
.per. pent
Fvirthpr'ih.ipvpvemepts. are possible by
the I'erpycTin^ pf wasfp wafer thioiigh the
use of cooling towers.
At present, \e said, not an fnteiior
B.C- rriiUs paye full waste tieatmept-
facilities; .the others treat about half of
their effluent. '"This -s q% rop&t- of the
tjmft, hut it. doesn't allow for spihoyeis—
we drnVt Bhow how often these l^ppen"
While 3ppi?oaches to pplhitjpn contiol
have caused friction between the pio-
vincial and federal agencies involved,
their objectives seem in fact to be not
dissimilar. :   ' ..   , ^
In a recent speeph to the Pacific Northwest Ppiiutigp   cpntrol   Association in
Victoria, Lands end Forests 'Minister
Ray Williston said the problems of environment management urgently require
action on both a national and international scale. Amongst the mepsiires"
urgently needed; he said, 'wpre:   ■i^yJhi
    . !_",,■,, ,,.-._    '   New Ihternational  norms  for critipal
«'' o stanceidowntnthe^^
Howard McLean, an engineer with the	
firm flfT. W. Beak Consultants Ltd.* says.
the   technology    exists,   fo   meet."   tjipse'
standards, but economics dictate the de^
gree to which it is "applied;i"'defiiTihg
the  problem   to members  of  the  ^.C.
Water #d - Waste Conference r&ently,
■^fpjQefjp saidf the water ffuw^TiplhTnFa
large pulp mill oauld well equal the total
consumption of a city of almost h§lf ft
million people. ','•■"""
Modern   new    mjlls,-    howeyefi    3re
"light" i that is, th<iy lisp the least possible
amoujH of water by recycling and treating we&te  ip  concentrated  form  within
the mill. Chemjcpl recovery may include
such   substances  as   tnrpe'ptinp,   rjph  ir)
B.OD,, which cqn then' be burped off or
•sold,   - , ,.-.*.'.•
Tlm main §ffHient disphprges, MelnbUn
says, are oversow of excess liquid after
'pulp  washing ]> (following 'the'pnpj-lng
process); acids, coiibfics god pigments from
the bleaching    process,"excess    watei""
squeezed from the pujp dpripg il)|c|tpfilng
nnd  forming processes, p»d  Ihe gfeneral
sewpr collecting  leaks, spjlls and  qyer-
■• HOWS.-     .-..■■■     ;    j    -       ■'".-■'" ''  ...
mmmTmyw anp nmwmv
■ lii a modem, p|ean •tiill,reffiHentr»rp
conppnli'iled or recovered for rpuse:.w|)erp
possible! Water purified hy in-nlmit tofr
tems, is also rp-used.'-plsp|iar|jBd yvaawl^
collected by floor draii)«KP end is.-sewered
to u common sump. In addition, emerg-'
ency spill tank,''are provided so that ap-
oideniul overflows ni more ennconirqlod
forced by all nations  without delay.
Promotion of nation-wide, ^ud international efforts lo curb wastes assppjaYed
with high social costs, such as pesticides
and ■-detergents Tic)]  in  plant Ptltrients;
Control of motor._ vehicle poUutipn
through international standards applying
at f^orylevei. ^       ,J~~~^   "*"
• IVIeasures to reduce the risk of pol-
inUons hy vessels and aircraft
old pio(ev.es and so situated "as jo pro
■-■da little sp^ce (pi   the inslallatmo of
tieatmunt iurilitlc*,
Ravpniei   Cominmy1 hat,   ppe  of   llm
woisi   pioblems  wdh  its  mill  at  Poit
.Alice  If wdb built in 101B on Neioulsos
Injet which, a cqmpany engineer admitted, "is, m a pietty bad state" The spokesman said, howeyei, that the pompapy has
embalmed on ap $11 ip $13 million pro-
81 am designed to clean up the mill pypr
ja   peuod  of seven  yeais   This  includes
tpnyeision to soluble base amoma cooking  which,   unlike the ougmal   calcium
t base pi pt>ess, allows>- wasfe liquors \a be
Rayoniei also pper§|es a grjit) ^t Wopd-
filne in Hpwe ^onnd, apd i§ under lirpsr
Miie to upgiade its effluent system  §y
the expendituie of fl."" million'fot'-seweV'	
(pnsolidation The spokesman said a
hydiological study ijas revealed no reduc-
iion of dissolved pxygen in thp vC'atprs
oi Howe Sound, arid instead of water .♦■•
pol|pijon, the company . feeM prlprity
shpnld. he given to. rpdnpjng partiptilate
Waiter in its stack emissions, whicin in
-this instance it regards as a far more
sej-iops problem. This wonid be done by -
reducing; the temperature of the staph gas
lo reduce water vapppr and condense mil
_more .oiMhe particulate matter.
Similarly IVlacMJllan Blpedel, ajl pf
whose:'" operations'" are;' coastal,?hp1j'announced, a $30 million program oyei; five
To minimis the rii"k, the cpjppftny is
proposing tq recycle its efllnppt afjer
biological tipatmentj fp cqt }(s dj.^'lwge
by hall, and In hold hapk effluent fnr
discharge whep the nvci is in (lopd
To mal'P Iho best qt p bad site, Davis!
says, will mein "hoppfnlly, prod|j|cmg
the most self captained, spill proof a.n,d.
theietpie antiseptic pplp mill not only
in Canada bilf in llm world "
Fipi^nce Company
Qr) flie;Spor
Imrn6gij9j§ linpnping
Sqrne day service
Phage collect- for free
m^m or 97M701
Why «fe y°w m#w W* «d?
Ir has no hefldibids
No IIMtrsH^    ,
' ^     Ifs not ill «olor.
\>i' l"" 'o I ' *
It's (101- even largp-spaee-
Peint J9# yoy dsn-t nepe-jsorily
peed a Msi advertising budget
rg reach the 2,500 homes *
sBfY§«l bi< ypur netyspoper,
million has just been spent al Port Alberni
for water treatment, including aeration
Additional   electrostatic   precipitators
have bepn. or are beipg installed ut the
company-*   operatiops at" filbprhi""and
Harmap to reduce partipulgle matter.
.. ^_Ilk^3^1jj-,_griwj|IJSpUfi*^
just installed a strong blacj. liqiior oxidation  system designed  tp  reduce  odour.
-This i§ pgr-t pf a fhrperypsr air and water
mmtm Pf air and water sampiinif    X^wAmT^A*m
networks as p basis for continuing'poll- Pfi!iS"&DffiL^n^il!? ni
f fe":riiwpp^^
jut ion   contrpl.
Money |o finance these programs.
The minister said Ipe cost of cleaning
up the enviionmeM m9st hp accepted as
'ap  inlPBrpl    part pf modern    sopjetySs
financial responsibilities. _. * «'•
'iyVP injist be wj)ling fp estahlish
Standards fpr life ijsplf and tfi- reajize
lhe) to establish and maintain- these
standards wHJ involve tremendous cpsf
which must caqso some re-adjus|ment ip
our priorities for supplying thie o|peniljps
affecting  our  lives,"-'Wil|islfjp de«lprPd.
lie warned, hnweyer, against »pjf«
Iremi-it demands for precipitpte action1'
wjiiph mi^iit w-;)) aphieve immefiiate ppt
yirpiimpnial ppntl'nl, |)iit at the ppst nf
«iipnepessary m\n\ m(\ ppnnom|o hard-
shliV and pnnld also replace one set. of
problems with linpljier,
j yvilliston said (he government is mny
drafting pollution cooLrol luuit-laljoo.
based , Ph   p , ''singlo-agonoy • pfiiipopt,..
wilh dppisioii mpiiihi} baspd m mnJti-
In the Interior, Columbia Cellulose
Go. Ud. has a $1.5 million pffluepY treatment program underway, tt includes Vn
NATURAL ARiHWOpL-,Sppure(| or Piled, OT.l.._                im
PPUIU KNITTING YA|INS^41 Esciting Colors, ox 35c
WI HvW§;  Indign Seed pppds, Co|pred> G|ass §cacjs( gegd* Kit''/ Gopdlcs, Bgg*|,
NgfSf Ppnghoj, JevYellpry, Leothor and FoJjj^jlglQs, MPl?ilSs* Wind C\]\tr\Q§, Paintings,
Ecister Egq Kits, (3ypsy, BcTnVWe^ne^PolnrWidr^^
Seeing Machines. "      *      *- CO/y\E IN ANP B^pWS§.
E\fl/r2. , 1
A tractor.. thW m$ry m®mhm...pf' the
family will enjoy driving.
•w. \"An$
tk    III
•i. n  < :.\
•iA'A^ "''fi
i i
\   )
if- **.•«- r* \-fi-?^v ti   l\ ,i/j\ vl
'^b''^&' ^ Vw   * ' V    -
.'• JrZ      ^»fc *'->i t*--
i    l' i
i-f *S*»W VtMl^ta.
, <Z?rAA
..tntf  ».<,.'»»'«'''»«*»—'   •-*
^>, •
{•1 \'u>
,   l
PftlCKP AT ^
'. • •V!isA>riiN 90' B-H-k ' "'  "'" .'
• Tr)nl»-rnwjo tr«n«ni|if|op—q 5ppp»| for oypry joJ>,
• Tlirdo rovor^ Bpoedi, ;
• .Plfforontlnl \qcU,
• Hvdrnulic jSAB Cotopory | HirPfl-n»ln» »»ir«;ll,
• AMxIMiry hydro,Mlk» for^oooor, «n«l otlwr *qutym*f}\'t
„ .   .» 040^rifl »00!^ llfffMf P»wo>toMoffr   ~ —-^^
0Niflc;-'yiMiivwAwbawtv..parts an»..service,..
'..„ CQW |Nf TEST WW*JW 4/2S^Y0M%l7 ^OYP ITI
10947 King 0«»rn» Mlahw»^ MrtKpmof. |.^
$)mn fOM9W    (
■■      --ill HlHllWIIMI- " ■■■—■-      -■   .-      ..-
"The lady thaU
known ctqlovi"
TKW ppnnlo Imvp not bepn
pxpnued in Bobert Porylpo'H '
famous  poem   nr  Danimrniis
j)an -MnPrew, jml I'pw Himw
hHl   the I'libMlnii'i »'|i|(iv  IIhiI'h
l<linwn iiH l<oi|,» lived' in fdd-
mnnlon from ll»07 until *\\ny
dti'illr in i(Hi).
Tlm whole nfTnir Mini 'nl-
N«n|ly look piiiiin In l|m Yi|-
luin's ,M«l«un»||e Bnilnon wim
mi invoiiiinn, lint the -puum
PiiuHht llm jniiudniilimi nl' ,ll)i)
wiirfd nnd Is Hiili r«ciii)ii hy
)nver« of such nlH|y )u|pa.
'I'lie f^i'dy |4iii wns n ypm-
.nornon who lived' in llm Yu-
Wftt murrlfi'l ii w,ni>|l!(iy'' Irad"
,»i''» Mlifl was Rpfi|-||ly iirnmih-
mil  in ' iiidmniiiim \(w- nmny
y»inr«, film wim young, luuid-
Home, an lidi'iiinipll-iliDil mit"i-
eiMii and iiornewnmim.
nop pun niiily gii«»i« pi hur
fM<i|inilN M'H »(hv HIIIKl liuvu |In-
ifirlh iiiid i!Pfj||i|niin|j( "Miifi,
l|iniv idniMily Him Infjim-ihrmiiili
))ei' mm' lhe |n?ly„, IIihI'h
'Known tti'liim /,," i,
Ailor ^nrnlnit h«»r hn«h nn,
Mm Yiihnii» nlm lived wilh her
hiiHliMiid io a (ifin.'ixi old ni(D
Jn Him pr/drii- idly,
himh treat
for Nipponese        ,
Miuiljil phooMM fnr •liippn^ii
will -loon , |m mi .ilpi. vfliy
tinm ill" Hnp-iliIlP of flPhtll'V-
A n«w i!|icpwi|niil(|n(j plMii ,„
lo Im l|ii|ll Joint ly1 hy IriHii
'til'! iImi>"ii«ho ln)p|»M!n "I Ml- ,
iRrkcnny.,, !|Li!iiimly„ nniiPiinj, „
'fc >\mw<\lp itlvMliP Iriiih
llftpiihlip a Idjager «||po nr ll)«
(limpneflo ,p||ePH» • pimhei,   ,.-
TIip ' pli»i)l,  fln«iippd  |»jr a
Inwii conpo/'iiiyp nrHiiiiizi'iiiin
nnd 14||»   M orlnagtt - M* IK   11»-
.,liMlryMnhwM*)L'lto)iWr l«
, iij(|)P(;|iii| in prnoifi!|i«lii) lomi
nf "nu'iui-ul" e|)i-MHfipfflJJto flint
m*r lit mwM.im, wfiiiln fl'yp
•y«HI'H Ii lionpii In riilw) n-'wli|f<«
Dm l« WWW uim mrly
l**iifif       ^p^*^p^jf ^%   ^ fijQ
5.60 ~ 6.00 x lEi
7,78 H IB   ',
»,fc$H*9 YPMil «HO||U^
 , ■■- v-
Aii, mmm imwm mvmim
1st ONE
«,00 x 13
Q.55 x '|4
poliyary ond M0 truefi Vm Avwilflblp flt Similar Rp^Mped prl^o
mm mmm'
^^■A^ **•!* *H» .,�����-���  ^y��v.^l  r��4^>V^t*ir^V^^^  w****^VAJ*V*'*^-vi^i��';'  Ii ���  irave/fihg Arouad  MllC end'Mrs. Bill Pallant'are home in  ,\^qifmoon Bay after a, trip of 15,100  miles around the north American cinti-  nent fn their camper. They left the Sup-  . shine Coast las>t August and, travelled in  a leisurely planner, stopping et any places  of in-West and sometimes, just for a few  days'' fishing- , ' .  * They travelled across Canada, thWigU  Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec,* as fnr as  N9va Scotia where they visited Mrs.  Pallant's.brother, Roland ,Mensq rind his  family, \',       ���< '  In September, just as the leaves were  turning, they drove southwards thiqugh  Maine and they thought they had'.nqt  seen anything more beautiful since1 leay/  mg Halfmoon Bay. They veiled friends  in Boston where the temperature/was 00  degrees and after a visit to .New York,  browsed through 'Virginia whete they  saw the tobacco crops being "harvested  and Bill Pallant had a chance to sample.  some, of the crops,  * - - - .  They continued south, keeping as close  as ppssible to the Atlantic seaboard, right  down "'to Florida. There they visited St.  Augustine, the oldest city in North America and drove along Paytona Beach, with  :��� its .restricted speed* of .15 miles per hour,  Reaehing the. southern tip of Florida, they  drove part of the way down the Keys, p  rather disappointing experience and then  tni'iied north-westward along the Tamiami  Trail whiph connects Miami and Tampa  and skirts the edge of the Everglades,  With ;swamps on both sides of the road,  i  ELECTRICAL  CONTRACTORS  Wiring Supplies  Specializing in  fvlARICEL  Electric Heat  !  i  "*WHAtlis��^0A0f"S6^tt6fclw^��n�� i  Phone 88S-20S2  ���by- Mai-y Tinkley  Gas stations were few and far bbtvveen  along this trail and when the*y-ran out  of gas, Mrs. Pallant wasn't too happy  about the pi aspect of Spending the night  alongside the road with -alligator and  other Everglade wildlife in such close  proximity, 'However, a good Samaritan  came to their rescue with enough gas to  get thenvto the next gas station,  They left Florida and journeyed west-  waicl through Alabama. Ai riving at New  Oi leans, they weie the guests foi a few  days of Mr. Ficcl Tupper, a bi other of  Mis. Grace Cmian, a former resident of  Haltmooon Bay for many years Mr Topper showed them the French quartei of  the"city and its interesting historical sites  .Mv. Pallant discovered that even'though  he was a Canadian, having reached the  age ot C5 he could fish without buying  a fjshmg licence, a couitesy which he  thinks Bntlsh Columbia might do well to  emulate  Through the deep south, they saw  negroes picking sugar cane and they "went  over a sugar factory where the cane is  processed. Turning south at San Antonio,  they grossed into Mexico at Laredo and  after visiting Monterrey, they cut right  across the centre of Mexico on a narrow  rough road over the mountains between  Toi-reoo and Dui-fjigo, which they considered one of ihe finest parts *of the  whole trip. The road which ran between  2000 and 8000 feet high with sheer drops  on' either side, brought them put at Ma-  zatjan and they toured southwards as' far  as Puerto. Vallarta.  Leaving Mexico at Nogales, they returned home across Arizona and Nevada.  When they arrived at Flagstaff, it was to  find the temperature a chilly 30 degrees  belpw. They visited the Grand Canyon  mid the beautiful red bluffs of Sedona  and stopped over in Las Vegas to try  their luck at the tables.  The Pallant camper carried the name  of its home base, Halfmoon Bay, in big  letters across the front and fhe Pallants  who are the Bay's most enthusiastic boosters, wpuld always take time out to tell  to chance acquaintances about their home  in Beautiful British Columbia. Their camper itself tells the history of their tour  for its sides are covered with the autographs .of. friends .they made all along  the way.  home by a surprise party given by their  friends, Mr. and Mrs. George Mai-shall,  Mr. and. Mrs. To'm Robilliard and Mr.  and Mrs. Dean Robillard-  Page B-6 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 24, 1971  ��� ���pr-'���; - r-  Graiid Master visits  Lodge 76 Odd FeUIows  UGH W A. Anderson," Grand Mauler 0f  the Grand Lodge qf British Columbia  School Parliament  expansion planned  PRIME Minister qf "Elphinstone Student  Pprilemeff^SteYen Lpe,' announced last  Week follqwing a meeting of the Cabinet  thp(4te ���� considering creating two new  Cabinet fjositions- Itr ���uldition- tir the sin  departmej*|s- na\v; functioning W'lthin the  /for?, ^\hAA,AU^rSt U'MM  Preceding the --peeling, a smorgasbord. ..ancUPlvJo affairs,  prepared by the Pant Nohle Grands CHib ,' ' \\tj^ new department will  be' headed  Of Sunshine nebekali Lodge No   132 was     hy ft^Bfjretary of labor and Civic affaus  Se,7��� t,lJM'vPr'?,.t'  the *wnie ot Wv>    ^'atj/muleiaporeUry. The new depurt-  and Mis,  LIB. Smith -      > ���  Wo'>fbhall undert-|ke to organize a stu-  Enjoying the dinner with tlie Grand   , dent erftploymBnt service for tho summer  Master wcie visiting Di others fiom: Sea-r - mpnthsi  shall,-hopefully,  an singe    fire-  CHELTTHEAm  PRESENTS  '?T  Bi  Popular performer %  Dashing Uuough tlie snow���that's  Hyak, the smaller of the Vancouver  Public Aquarium's two killer whales,  along with poelmate Diana, a Pacific  white sideci dolphin. The Aquarium  is open every day of the year and  Vancouver's recent heavy snowfalls  failed'to halt (he regular whale shows  in the outdoor B.C. Tel PjooL ���  ���  Children to Children  group sponsor-; concert  ANOTHER   fund   raising   project   to   be  launched 'by   the   local   Children   to  Children organisation, which brought the  Brno Children's Choir here from Czechoslovakia some time, ago, wilMie an "Exchange Concert" to_.be held '^t.':-:H#- Elplj��......iljm^"fEkint'''Pa'ce  on  Kingsway,   Van-  instone Higlv,.S(*lTpoi March 5, ;at    P-JP*-^, .,  The���concert'will   feature ttre ' AigyJ"!.-  School Band .supported by a progj^ilrj:'!ili -  music "and drama witli locat tateiit.  Other past events in which the organization participated' includes; a visit to  Brno by the B.C. Boys' Choir, visit and  performance by the B.C. Boys' Choir in  Gibsons, Armed Forces Naden Band concert in North Vancouver, Salmon Barbecue last July as a  fund-raising  project,  While the major events  were success-  ' sequently a deficit still exists.*  Admission   lo   the   Exchange   Concert  side Lodge No 3li0, Santa Monica, Cali  lornia, Royal City No 3, New WebtminT,  ster; North liurnaby 'No 37; Park Mo. fjd  ot Buinaby.; Vancouvei Lodges w^re  Hastings No 0, Fan view yNo 19, Ke|- (  iisdale No. 31, and Little Mountain No.  (il)  The Grand -Master complimented the  Sisters on the finest dinner he had at->  tended and thanked them for the splendid  co-operation that existed between Sunshine Rehekuh Lodge and Sunshine Cpast  'Lodge.  Nqble Grajid garl ��ingl.ey. welenmetl..  the Grand Master to the f^ge, after he  was introduced by the District peputy  Grand Master, Jack .. .���Marsh.all; Depyty  Gi'^nd Master James MiUert' Past Grand  Master James McLean; Milt Davies Past  Grand Patriarch and Noble Grand-"'Sd  Pederson of Royal City.  In his address to the Brothers, Mr.  Anderson spoke on the work of the Order  With the White Rock Camp for children;  The Residence in Surrey;-Bursaries; Eye  Researcli; United Nations Pilgrimage fpr  Youth; ���,^om^l^^'tH-ifttief'-Senior''Citij!ens  fighting and fust aid Seminars for baby  sitters, undertake a litter control-campaign  a|1^ frmducl a pollution probe in tjie aiea.  'The Third Session of Parliament was  held on Thuisday, Febmary .11 at Elphinstone School. A detailed press lelease  shnll be ioiwaided to local newspapers  npon tlm completion of a Hansard.  ".  The surest way tP PMnctUie a pleasure  .at its occurrence is to overan'ticipete it;  the best things in life are not free but  urie-ypected.- , '  STARRING. ^  .  Jacqueline Bibsot qnd Jjin Brawn.  RESTRICTEP  COLOR - POUBt-E CARTOON   Star*; 8 p.m. Out IQ p.nv  Friday, Saturday and Monday,  Feb, 26, 27 and March 1  COMING SHOWS IN ORDER  "A Man Callod Horspfl  "The TouchaMes"  m  cou ver.  will be $1.25 tor adults and 75c for students.  FIBREGLASS CANOES  FOR RENT OR SALE  THE RENTAL SHOP  PHONE ANYTIME  Davis Bay, B.C.  Phone 885-2048  i  SUNSHINI COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  i  %��  T, Payment of the 197 T accounts may beniade at any branch of the,  flank of Montreal or Royal Bank in the District.  2. Outstanding 1970 accounts and other fees or payments must be  made at the Regional District office., Davis Bay, or mailed to the  Secretary-treasurer (R,R. 1, Se��fhe|t)).  3, 1970 accounts remaining unpaid March 15, 1971 will be transferred to the Provincial Collector for collection as taxes in arrears  and bear interest at the current rate-applied to such taxes..  Charles F, Gooding  Secrej a ry-Tretasurer  t���  *     m**-*  urn   *   .h.*fc  ��-��.����#���   i^fit^.l^i^Hl^���* ���* Jfcf^ *%,*���* ,J^.J�� J^^.-��*wfc  ����� *m *   ���'���AiM     V11-    **-|   ft   '% Pm. fc. la. *t A^M^qwtfk  Mat-*.  ^tf-.r-.f      ���   V


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