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The Peninsula Times Mar 3, 1971

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 >*$?:  jiW��*  Aim  Science facilities , t .  " School Boa?  far Pender  seeks funds  arbour .School  Wetst Canadian Graphic  IbOS ^edt 5th Avb,,- '  Vancouver' 9�� ��B *C.��  no  Industries LtdM  2nd C|ps$ jMalt.  If  Y  j*  jf4  LOOKING foi a bource of funds to pp-  gipde science facilities at Pender Hm-  hout .Secondary School, the {School Board  appeal b to have the' choice of presenting  a i efe| epdum t�� ���the people or declaijng  niuised Rofeiendum No |l ^fifuds surplus  Public appioval of RofoipndMm No.��H  gave lhe bchool boa.nl peimission to bur-'-  low when nocobbtiiy the t>t|m ot !j>54,U00  to build a school bimd ofliLO The referendum wab appioved in May-'lOfiO but I* '  -iLibseqiienl liec^e inipobed'by the pio-  Vincial Goveinmeul delayed constmction  ot a boaid office This iesu|ted in the  boaid signing a thiee yeai lease |ast year  to obtain the quaiteis piesently occupied  by the boaid in Qibsons  Advibing  the  Boaid  distncl  biipeiiu^jT  tepdent Mi   H  Haima said he had been  jjiven to undeibtiind that if unubed Hefef-  endum  No   fl funds   weie  declared surplus, it would bli.ll be pobbible |p include,  const)uction  of a bcljool  boaid office  rii   *  u i'uluie '-efeiendimi  PENDER   PROJECT  Building and gioundb biipeiinlendent  Bob Hut I pi gave |22,()00 db a lough ebli-  riiate of upgfadiiig the Science rooni at  Pender Harbour Secondary, Sphebl- SPlionl  principal Mr. A. h. Thompson said this  would accommodate 'H sfpdents al laboratory type tqbles.with 0-11 pupils wm-lsing  on ihe side Maximum Science class at  Pender has 3f students and the smallest  class about 12 students. The laboratories  will lie usec^on^rljiiii^dred per cent of the  time, (fetid ~Wr. Tbpj^son.  Renovations *w��^M be done by the  School  District  maintenance -staff. "  Trustee Mrs. Agnes Labonte pointed  oiit that the -Board had agreed n��t to  make any capital expenditure at pen^er  Haibour Secondary School, with the present small enrollment .which was given  ab 1JJ3- students-. ���-- ,,���,-:.-���"'  Trustee Bill Malcsolm commented lhat  Itllphinstoiie Secondary Ejphpo! was not  satisfied with two new science Jabpra-  toues. but had to have another two to  make- four but the Board cannot afford  f   <  \l  to fix up Pendei Haiboiu School  Ab&ist  (�� ,-*\ ant beuietaiy tiedbiirci Mi   Lloyd Yoikb  ton remhided-tuiblcea thai-Viatoria-would  Ifg-.c jo approve plans and specifications  of tj>e pioject before jany allocation could  ho m*Hle. Victoria, wfould ajso have' the  finul -say as to whethei the expendituje  is wan anted  If Was finally agieed tp consult Vic-  (fli|a about buitice of kinds fm thib pio-  ���oc'j  6T^^ LEAKING  ' 1'opfs in t|m School Dibtuct aie still  in a qtapj of disicpau but Mi YoiUston  assured, tmstees that woik will coniincnco  at) spun ds wealhei   peimits  Tiubfees had given appioval for money0  to be bpent on tool  icpaiib  bcloie  last  bUmmCl    ILtCSb  Mi Kuttei wainod (bal if Ihe ronfb  aie not lepaued boon, it will cost the  Boaid riioie money than it di earned possible  PROGRESS  Sechelt School's new annex has i cached the stage when luibtces aie concerned  with the type of public dddiess bybtem to  be installed and lhe location ol lockets  Which cannot be placed, in the corridoi  because they are too narrow, and wi  not meet standards approved by tlie  marshal!,  RESIGNATIONS  The Board accepted with i'Pgret,  re'signatinn of |lr. -Sevepson of Madeha  park Elementary School who will be retiring from the teaching profession in  June. The resignation of Mrs. Linda Yd  blonsl'i' from her position as library assistant at Elphinstone was also accepted  -with regret. Mrs. Yablonskj has b6en on  the staff of the district for eight years.  Alderman misquoted  Chamber not involved  AT LAST meeting of the Sechelt and  District Chamber of Commerce executive it was ..made clear that decision by  Sechell Village Council to seek advice  fiom Vjcloi la iogardin.g a slQie opening  houi bylaw ib in no way connected with  ^tmr^rT-frniw  Serving tho Supshipo Copsh ((Hp^ Bound \y Jqryis Jplct), Including pofl MpHon/ Hp*?K'Hs tending,' Grantham!; Landing, Glbse-ps, f*b>ert5 Cfcok  Wilson Cr/eok, Solmo Perk, Secholt, Haltmftorl %W, Soprot^ov^'-fefhdor Harbour, tyfidPlm Pflrl*' K|oindqlo, Irvipc's |fln,d*h9* Ear| Covp, Egm9nt  I   . | .   I     ��� I      II   ��� ���    I II If III ���_-���., t ���        ...   -- ���-���-������������!  ���-          ,      . .... . . 1 ..��������-. M .-     |   . . ..   ���   ...      ^        ���_ -.   ..  _      -  LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY PAPER ON TljE SOUTHERN SUNSHINE COAST.  VolMmfl 8t Ho  ]4 ��� WEPNESPAY, M^RCH 3, 19/1  Gibsons musicians  gain exam honours  TWO giils fjom pibsops have achieved  _ 'imiiouoiA.-standing i;f GLade_4_m_iho  lecent Royal Con^ervutqiy Riunn examinations  Linda Biggcman, IQ ye��n pld daughter  of'Coipoial and Mis L"^ Biggeman ol  Gibsons, iccclvqd 74 maiks, placing pth  in the Vancouver area examinations The  cxammei sUicd that hci work was clean  and accuiate  Stephanie Gibson, 11-ycut -olfi duugh-  tqi of M| and Mis Ross Gibson, lecoived  ���72 maiks placing I nth in the Vancouver  Ccntic The examinci s.iying thnl all her  pieces wpte played in a light and ihythm-  icdl manner  Mrs Cecelia Scqt) ol Madena Paik  h*i�� aljBO received word of her stlPcessful  Riissing���-the final theory examination in  0r8^e 5 form, '  mm  y^'ii-% %*  >*Z-rA  Aria  Since she appeared in the filming of'  'The  Presbyterian Church  W'Sger"  ip Horih Vajic^tiver, where she sto]e  the show  by overturning the mijlc  PciU,  this six-yegr^itl ��� ��aane|i doe  Celebrity  likes to chepk her profile in tlie near  est mirror, waiting for the next talent spoilt  tp cjrop -by.   friends  of  Mruce j^nd Trish Cramer led wsimev  BrP^--ip.:.#eJi:4srm-Qn.v.-Ppa|-tr-Rp^clj-  Gibsops, and. twti of their goats became sjars overflight, ,'fhe Crarriers  think their Ssmoyeti puppies are  much rnore photogenic, but the goat  gpt the partv -   -  fijr lunsiine Goast  ^qNPRAB.LE Isabel Dawson,-Minister  without Portfolin announced hist ty'^blf:  tlipt Ihreq .giiilsj <will be chosen as tpltl-jsi  counsellors to'jjta.it June 1st on the i^|p^  dale to Horsesffee Bay run, follnwfnjj'A  Iwotn three week training pei-ipd for  successful applicants.  Applications to bd mailpd tq: Mr. Ed  Nprmtin, Department of Travel Industry,  Victoria, B.C.  All applicants arc tf> be pnivBrsity students continuing on in university next  year and must have their, homes op j.ftp.  Sunshine   Cofist. .  Grade 12 examination  0 V t  Reporting op a moeliiig of Council, a  Gibsops publicglion stated that Alderman  joe Benner, also Chamber president, had  slated the Chamber was behind such a  bylfiw. Tins was an error for nqt only  did ihe-'"alderman hiake no ^ucii statement, but the matter has nevej- been the  subject of discussion by the Chamber.  A Chamber member who attended the  meetlng-la_seek clarification was kifm'iri-  ed that' the publi��a|ipn involyed has since  published   a  refraction.  Members of Ihe executive voted unanimous ucceplancu of a tesignution submitted by |i foi|nci membci Unanimpub  appioyal wab also given thiee new applications for mcnihGlbhln Hatification  , Will PS QB^pd'fqi -it>nej{t iggi'l'if mPP1-  fi-        t     i ., i   u . Ti      '   ing-- t. f    i       . ���    A * " i "<*  iS���, ��� f ^nmihinp Poimi   ,K'W4inin pinb has-i, policy, pr hnjdjn^ v^n/ar dfnnor mcct-  > %- iccelyed"notification U)"' the boplnr cit|- njgs he dfopped and dinnci meetings in  '^ | /ens housing piojuct hub been mcqipointed fulpie |o |>p c��i|led fil disprclinn of the  %V:^"ndei'tho Societies Act and wil| be Uiurwn piOHldcpt   This  would   not   he  a|   siu.li  ���bfyfah Sunblunu Coast Kiwunib Village   Dale llrnos lhat guest speiikeis clc mo Ip ult-  | '    .{>${)$ incorporation was Kuhruaiy Oil), 1071. tendafica.  f�� ,'.  A '.��  By Dong Wheeler . , ,  . MPY GQLFgRS  - "a - At-tbe-J-pcept annual.meeting of the  ���^ ;J 'pirns-bine Coast Golf and Country Club,  p J '*. JjMi'b. Lee liedman was elected' captain -of  ��*   ^I'the ladies group   Other officers include;  j'V'^M|��,.  Lome Giegoiy,  vice  captain,  Mib  </'5fKon Galhei, becietary, Mis Allan Swan,  '. * tieubiuei t Mis IS Shaw, publnity Ladjet,  P[   |   Day  al   \\\e   cpuise    btaits    Wednesday  tJ%/   April, 7H),  DOWNFALL of snow was apparently the ;  reason for cancelling out last meeting  of   the   Sunshine   Codbt   Regional   Board  which  is  icschcduled  foi   this  Thursday?  at 7.30 pm   flad the meeting gone ahead ,  in favor  Ip: the.areas concerned a Myes" ypfe was  riicprded in all but Pender Harbour. Overall figurcb foi the District weic 7JB for  and 338 against, giving a (ill put cent vptc  as ust|al it   is  likely one pf the lafgebt  luin-opts. yet by  texpi-yoib wopld have  <mio(l up bpoid tppm Ui over opna��}iy    ^ uign li^m Ho��P stuntl^ppt. &;. WtlLtV,  i^inpa $igtri)wtiqii - oj water- i}0|.{cfls  ]��icit week; �� m^m'^^UTI -m bMflt Mp |4  the mubsjvo jncrpase Ui|pi|gh eddllipn of a  biibtituntiaJ land lax, Angiy pmpuily ovy-  nciij have ciivuhilcd pclilionb, letteib  have been written to ll|u Bpaid mid D(-  p(i(;tn,)pi;it of lyfimlpipiil Afl'Mirs "in<i'ini;  some custis hiwyers hiiyo beep i.'obtuolpd, ���  Sccholl   and   Disliicl.  Cheinber  of Coin-  nicrpe Ims .sought up ex|i|una|ion.  Grciilcsl. .hostility .would appear to  inine from Hoclii-ll icsiduntB who linvi;  boon ' paying for wnlur from Iho vuvy  fi'iiim sysleni for miiiiy yiiaiu mid ' now ,  sJud(li!i)ly (ire expected lo pay t\\\ ��ldd|-'  (iiiul fid miuimiiin land lux.' Oho man  wImi has a small i-uvuiiuc propurly found  his; bill had pimped I'i'iiui fyrly or an (lol-  Jni's |o nvor nlni Jm-ndWi'l ai'id I'il'ly, liu  trililfllio Tinms "UiIh iniglil  Im legal hail  wc been paying f'"' �� h'!W I'"'! b"' '" "'i^  i:n.si] llic lino lias beep ip. iixlslcnui! lur  innny years",  When iipi'inacljorl  on  Ihu' siluntloii, n  lioaid   meiiibei'   slated   llic   Inrly   ilol|j.fr  ii* waii tlevisiifl hy lln: wii|��r euiiimlllei!  niid  was eei'lajnly mil  Hie muoiinl. sug  lietjled   liy  fhe ciinincei'i.   . ������'  106rjJVIfAW  When a wilier by law wim put In llpi  people  Novenibei   'A',\,   |l|l|f|  jl   wns   vuleil  nil in nil uiemi uf Hie I'lliilrlel with nxiuip-  nn   of  .Mni.'hnll   niid   Glhiipni.,   lioih   ol  wliieli wilreiul.y  liml an- ade<|iiale iiy.niiii)i.'  urc of $l,4pp,PfiO hes beep efilf-W^liPrt;  Annb*|l cpj-t fp retire-this bonded indebtedness over 20 ypaib and io administer, opeialc and mdintain thu system  is ^165,000 pui yeai Tq jppvp- these annual cqytn, fi watpf pert" bphcdt|le is pjq-  pobed tht|t vyiU inf'qrPPr'jtG thiee clmr-  ��css  p*l|cc? lax be implied tp f^ind -ftJi-ve^ ,lqt-,--* }.'*% flei-rato cqppcc|jqp ehnry^ pt|y  In a question-answer ipleabo pippaicd  hy \,\\c Brjard office prior tq the yoj.erp^p  oxisfiiig wulorworkb? A: Npp-yhp^^pjf^  wjll jifivu no juiibiiictipii pvor pJifst/pg  wutc|Woiks and,the ui or- spivud hy t|icm.  Anrilhci qpc-Q, If tl|is ici'cioiulum  .pt|i,��,ps.wij) anqthpi icfcrpndMm \ip retiMb*  pd liefprp'lin; area'ciui' h�� st|pplied vy(M|  water? Ai JMp, Hyinw HI jf apprqyed wi|l  give ihu .jfe^i'nnui IJpurd' I'j-j'o power t'p  piake w'l'cr fivailahlc wiipfe it': W> eenn-  (iinically .foiisib'.e. Hosldcnts pf i| |nfja|.ll.y  n.!(|iu)Hli|ig a wnjer supply will hoyc tu  MHb'hic I iii; Hoard that ||)ii nia|orj|.y of  Iheiii wapl thp w|iler apd firp prepared  Ip pay the i.-usls of oliiainliHf it. .,...  Al |hii linie of ���lhe original vql'u, H|ilf-  monn   Hay and  Went   Heehu)t   yuted   |0tl  ...fpr, 'HI no,  Yel  il  was (iHns|d��i'Mf)  nei.-os-  Hiiry In go lu oxpeiua.' ni' pulling another  vcilu In lliiiHij resli'leplH aguin Imil Decern  ehJe hi t^o'lp^pvof ponfipciln to the ays;  torn, tltut'wlil eqycf thp cpsi of Um j||f(jji|  hqiibc connections frprn |||p sliocj, walcr  mapi lo tlm pmpoily jinc II will be  ^.lirjiio for�� '^-ipej? rpnnepiipn,  2, A ,l��m) '.pereci !�����-<' on ��'il lohtl cap-  now  RELEASE of results of Grade Xfl Dc-  ��� partment. of EdUpation exafliinations  ���ivrittcn in Janfipry was made last week,  according tp an annoi|ncpmpnt by fhe  Honourable D. L. Brothers, Minister of -  Edu|cetion.--A}i students whp wrote were  expected tq have their marks by .Monday,  March   1st. ���'���   '  This is the second year in which January examinations- have���been writtppr  They are designed to assist isctipgls nsiht*  a semester system hi the progrtnppiing  pf their students. Apprpxjmatgly Tfjt)'sen?  ior secphdary schools in the prbvinee are  now pn the semester system, which |^ |i  {-igpiflcgnt' iiiprpasc pygjr lajt yca|i Vbep  46"'spcohdi|r'y sebpqjs wppp"rip tills systepi.  m^mjpimHmmm0n':m  .he^Hfiip!j\,2{\(!:^xammaflopK;,;^ero -w/ritteK'  ''  ���In Mm e/pvpn"^"tti^iffff^^a^i^Ji^^ti^heW?'  cpiii'scs. This |s'exc|i|tiivfi of i|���^fpipbei' pf  Kliidenls ���yi'P were rccommpnf|mi: |i| these  pnursos and ilms pxemptcd frnm wriiing  cxdmimitlons. . . ,    ,  Two charge^ , , .  Multiple auto defects  lead to arrest warrdnt  her, T|iis wiih Hylaw '111 wh|ch again linked lhe mime area' In vole yes or no on  MX,leiininii of Hie waler nor/vine. Houii4l  wan a marginal "Yes".  FINANCING  Al llm lime uf .'lhe "Noyo'iplnir '|llllll  vule'a eiriiular premmlud by the ||o|inl  ulaloil;. Ii'lnalining, lhe i:ii|uil|-iii:li(iii i;dhI  qf singe I of l|m woikn lo nerve 1(1,1100  people Is cs!limited in Hu; ii/ighieei;ing  ri'pi-ri nl i)i|,|iili,:ilili furl (Hill prli:��n, Allnw-  liig I'qr ||i|i;e hii'ieniifiii |n I llllll and Jl'70,  plus Imud iIIm.'iiiiiiIs, (iilmh)jsiriitlm) ensts  iiipl liileiim iuleies) i:hai|<eii, n  Intel |'|||-  Public meeting reveals  Ratepayers Rsm^ed  MIMIilC! meellng iilUm Welimnie lleiieh  M/ill  on  ll'ehiuaiy  U1lh  wim enlle(i|Ji|  rniinlilei'  burning " riiiiipnyei'M'  i.inHhi.'lii���  lioii^.Of��ih��)*!|l>-r��h��i*iiyi.,i'*i"*-pri-'"-!'n'"lhm'o-"  weie riii'ldonirt irmii w��mi fi<'rlmli, |-!ur��hoi(  Heneii.'id,      W��i|��o|i|��     W"udM|    We|i;uiiie,  leimh,   I'niilrnul'n,   lldll.'iimmi |( Hoy     mul'  Moerot (,'inm, mi Ijnil Hie w|iu|e of |!"|el:|'pnil  Area |l wi��w liiil'ly repr,e'ii!||led,        ' ��    '  The miieling wiih opened by ". Iln/ili  luff,, of  Welnninp  ||iiiu:||  who  nii|(genli>d  hul  n pip |em i-oiiiinllleii he nppniuleii.  Ilb.'if�������!   nn i.e||fi|r<nii|i,...wiii...,..(|.....Tfiinplmi  I)iiiiiIihi nf-Heerei fii've mid in. iieii|eluiy,  Mi\ I"DL  Mr, Hull'ii��i��|iilnr'il Ihal up iixpliiniih'ijy  iieellng limi   hei.'ii  aniii|/(ei|  Iwo  wimlu'i  emllei'  wlii'li  al  fillepilll   hla|  been miihIi-  In iiel iw/i ie|ii7Niental|vf!fi fn)/n fHif'l) iiiu  Hln of I'lleeiuiiil Aim H. Al Hml im^  ig   llmie  /ii;ii|i|e()   lo  he  /(e|ieia|   iigien  limiil of Iho iiimii I'nr'li nilepayeiii'. m.i.or  liillmi   J|  wen ,i'i:nlli<eil thai  llii.'i'e wiih ii'  ]')'���! Tliiiii.ilny, i;��nr(;chi)il peiiii/iiiil npiiileiifi  Ihal Hieir A urn a In 11 nik wiih Inn tiiiini) in  he ellerllvn mul Ihul Ike ir|eni|iiirs wnnlil  T^brii7irw��|f-fiinn4ilt^n|ip(iriMniii("iir~i��'ir:|r  THiFLliNG wj(b l)i�� Imw ,:i"i prftyo imtdly  i as Lome Ihllchur nf Vnncouve'r found  oiil last week when brought (lefuru .liiflge  Chailea MlllelHlcndl afler fiiilurp In appear al en 'earlier (into fur trial.  Couil was Informed' Ihal Huleher had  beep cheeked by'a liUdiwoy> piilrnf|...i��fr  fleer December Nllli 11170 iipf'i was mihsi!-  quenlly eliarged wilh p|mra|lng' u inolor  vehlcle imf .pioperly pipilppeil, "Among  Hie defcelH wmi'ih Inw-henm fin| wprl��b|g,  lleem.'i! plnlf! 'ilmi|(ll|)|(, bfiM llr'i, li'u  eiiiergeney hrnke, and wipers pnl wnrl'lng,  Kiiillinr, Hulelier had iip valhl hisurmiee  i.'eilllleale,  Whep lo)d.lie wifii|il he charged, Hill-  i:iier was u||egei| In have uliihifi there Is  no way by w|||eh lie would imy n film  mul lhe police would 'have Ip flet him In  '"���'iifti ',..',/''��� ' , '-'��� '.'> * "'"��� ���  ' liislrueleil le appeal' in i.'iiiiiI In nfi-  'sweMwb'ehiirgeH Deeeiulxir \'llh, Ih'ilcher  ,fili|eil Ip Imp up, A warrant lur hln hiti.'iiI  wan Issued iiiid' he was mihseijiienlly  picked up-In Vuriifiiii'/nr, /dill wllbnnl |p-  HiiriifM'e,  liliilerln/,! a plea nf "/(Hilly" Hulelier  Inlil   lhe ciiuli   |ie  luul  ul/pply  lujd   Hie  n iif.'vniifpineni  llknly  hat Hie Ahhoi!|iiI(oii fpirlil etill mi exlin-  orilliiiiiy-iiene/iil liiiieHiig ovi.'i; ihn .Mfin|nr  '."wiHilwniil lu pill l|i<rpi'ifpifidl|ii/i'bi.'fifrii'lln  ' nmnibi'i-fi. -, ''      '   "  Hll|, Cjiiih of Ibillimmii Jlay wan e|-  ei'li'd an Hitasliier pin Icpi anil lhe Cimi-  mil lee wiih uiiipi/werifd Inm/ld pp lu him  iii|illlii'iiiii,r;"'.i-��i/eiiihi.,rii,.il. The .f'uiiimllliifi  " wiiu'lif inNiiiiili'ii! nnd uliifly Ihn imuiilllii"  H<ii| ilf ihn Hiin��eai|l Huy'Hi'i|epuyi!iii' As  iii|i;jalhm ami would rniifnel (J-ioff, (!|iiw-  lller, 'pren|ilenl, tvi llinl'im, llnie wimlil  he luul, Hm t'lfimiiJH'eii wi/uld meiinHiiie  "Pl'ly lo Hie1 M-'glniriir fil r>in'|i!i|fin for Ip  lui'iniiiluii reiuii'lliiK llmjiroi'i.'M nf fmmliig  li pew fismii:|fil,|ifii mul "wuiild work pp a,  llm 'hi niiii/i for whieh 'H /-imiilii fiirivf/,  Tliere  was geiminl jinii'i;n'ie��)l qn Ibo  piil|i.'n i|nii he would he liniiiile hi pay  VJi!)��'(^!L!a'��tiiJj!ixiLluji��.iiH.UCi*iiyJii-w^  'pill, The my liipl he-m /(ivim him Ih line  wblle hlii iiwii w/iii being reiiii|ri;i| apfl  lherf!fiiri;'he did mil Itimw of ihe ilnl'i.'i.'hi,  Jillge iMil|i!lii|i.'inll lolil bin) llinl mi  llni i river Hie onus htl' a mile Vehicle  reiilei with i/lm "mil uniy dp yim plane  ypiiiinill in ilaiiger bul iflbuni' |lvi.';i urn  nlfiu llireifleperl," he m\\ii,  liulnliiii  was fpipd $W> for, fiperalhig  "��. ifefeellve  vtihiele 'ni   I)  diiyn  pill   iiu'd  ���flid ui jen iliiya fo|' |i|iy|(ig pn i'i.iiIp Iiimii'-  liliei;  i.'oVi;iagi;;' ''  AeHnil jm.n i��;|| In'Jhfi lUjiy))' pffji.e,  $!|0|) apd bad his licence i!iiKpi-|ii|ed fpr  i-f|ie iiionlh following i| guiity pjeu |n a  charim nl driving while impaired.  i'lpo wi|H l.'liai'geil whep pp!|c��, nellpg  on iiifui'ipanpii received al ll.ilOppi If'eh-  ruary ��� f ��|111,' (ip|i|-e||endi!d him on Ul"  fcleeliell leseivu afler lie had driven  llil'oiigh Secliell n| Ipgh speed ii||dw||h-  mil light'! Ml) Iiiu vehiiilo, | <  'Hi f{'l>lH|i/' mil Vil' his cnJ- .Ipe a|i|msl  fullnver, lie wi|n lf||w;i| to Hm |lebii.'biimiil..  i iff I en where a breniha|>v.er lent showed  a refilling nf '.'.ii lie l.wM llm ,|iiilge,|m  (lue/i' mil usually drink In Hull c��lenl Imi.  hlid been "rrmlly iilnned" al life lime,   ,  aimow \  Appeiulng In Cllli/ioiiii eimrl Tuendiiy  Kebumiiy il.'lril, almi |ipi'nr��i .Judge Mlllnl-  uleiidl, J)eaii AieKiipder i|lohfi0ii p|n-|i|f:f)  nol gf/llly In n 'elfm.'/ie of "fiilUng to i"  iiiHlrilelliifi/f pf |hp,,:')v|if|i'/Jnf(er.;l l|e  found '������/���i;j)Hy',' iiiii,'ifil;|iiiV,!<|,'JMMJ'flpi!il''--,  l^r��i/ipji,y.:i;.Iir!/nl--iy|..ni'4i|b��ii|ii!, Hiffri^"  w||h operiilJ|'i/|,��a, Jimlnr' vl!hl):le whi|hoi|l  valid |iiHiiiaiii/e wi|fi'')fhii;iF|ij\!ilill,  .  7'liiiimiM li'iiimeii (if ,||ie fllhmfpM urea  faced a Klmllnrmliorg'" I'lhil wim i\\m flneil  iimy  Willi  Ad-BrMs  point  Iho mi  loaclionl  In Todo^'s Clqwllledi~  j/iil/ul iiai bivi!n|||(lile<l!irmlnhlip ��l Heeiifl', ||��!A |i.'omlfifiullon   rmllo,  ihipi?  Cove hibnimy 'Mi In which fip nuloiiio- ph/yer npd ��l" TV,  l)||e had left Ihe Ji|giiwny and ended up w,.��������.��������w.��.i.<>.��w.^��������-,w.  Ill'I.   dileh.   The   drive,,   J-prny   li'tilhiWH V J^A C|��f��Ml|��|il* fcrid) nvcf  '4.  aged <||   of Texii<l|r hi|a/|d,  wan i.lljl  he- (.10.000 fnndiiml  '  mil' I'oi.'iiril"  jijhd 'llm^ wheel ' whep   pulji'n   Ju'iivcd  ��� ,  .      . ., leial agiei;niijnl  on  llm     J|u w/i.n i.ubiteoiieplly iliiii/i'ed Vv|lh tirivttiii  r��viilyi����-i?w7i?ir��(vr--iiiri"rlnrif'?ffi;i"-M/iy*HTfi��; " ['1",;,1I~t'}r���>brb-nriyHv'--AwiPj��if-jnrrnnVl(rrr yHMi luijiiiljed���"fi>l|o'Wj))ij <y"f��l:��i��'l pi|y"|-  , ' ,1/MOHpotleif  "fti- llinl In vvJml you've bmm (luinjf,    KiMay  Mil i��onilpi{," Ibliiku Nb'Ky lips l��i'-  p* ' rkrt wi'mjijhmI up,wbi'iMly og'ilMH), |li��  t * rljlli  wi-pDmh' . vvIiMi iIuimimmI ii)khiI,  *    |i lip'bou ol wip/w mi lli�� HiiiiHliinu Cmmi  Iiimii. Tl'iii liii'j(��r Hip-yviniiii  made by OmnilH Miilonpin' of Nolupi  I'nrh It ii I'Min, Hiiibl pi, HiIh Uiiw.of  Dfli yoar,  /fiiyorn' Aiimh;|iiII0ii, a Middy hin^rpmaliil  ' nndnr <fm M<)i-|e||i',,' A"l Of iifvei'Jhi: i|j���  l||i:l nl'i!W��i|i.'0im;.Woodn  Them had h<'i-p  ��� flni'linjil^i, of  Hi<-  po'.��.lbl|)l|i(,. iir|1(JhiU,'A'f.  m/i'|iil|i"ih'''i|^leiii||iii( Hie Ai;eiiu.i'.-i'|vt-|ed mi  ''^Ijiif irTiiiild i cpi i-i,cpl  A"|'|;ir Ii",^ir w'ii;."  fi��it -ihi-t nn�� niiidi' b*- fiimpl'T limp jminn  lhlifO/(h lhe e.spi.iii.|ve and liiim.eoiii.uni  big   piorehH   o|   iip'oiporiding   ii   nl.'piiinle  . mf.'b'dy,   '. , . ��� ..; ... ',   ������  .|' -  Vimf meiiibi.'ffi pf l|m ftiugeiuil  liny  Jlalopnymii' A��''oe|nl|ii,i who w*-��'�� pfcneiit  Harbour    |ltilcpuycrii'  AllOI'illllO/l    .WIIH  r,��?s.pl��p�� h1)  STUPJO VISIT  " Tlp.'ie In i. piiM.iblllly llinl (llbi.imH  Kfi'liH'liliiiTHelMiiif'rbiJ'dieir^'w  vprwnl itp Hj|�� ��� Thfirfdny'-t rhmpl'*! tl  |i:|ev|;,)np Houi) linil't H'fOW. 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(ipMihcili, p,�� low-to?!, |i/ftlipol  volet .lofi|t��,  i���  Hubeil ,h)  i f'liono 685:9654  Phone Unci opep Sunday/ clnsilfM  dcodllno |�� Soodoy cyopipQ,  4in0mHt��fiii^iri^,f*tm^**'A *v^ i*fc ** fn nf/b+tiqmimiidi+fm*,**** ^m*n< *>^n^ m *���>* m, ^>i^)4Bfc^^M��>^'*%* ^tr����^^ **N e'bie******. ^^ jfc t^-^M  1 AMM^JkA^AM^AA^-MMd (+,1*^0*****.*^*. MkAXyHA^AAKHlH 0+***+^^ ^^^^.^ i^TVJ*iyir\r-)^^mJTC<^-��iur.|��ji%W|W.  r �� * .  ���0-  -A-��  ������*f^Mi   M4.    #        V  *^��- *.IV  . j'\,��<s*t-'V^-'  .�����.  I* T'   * I a.   \  *fiL. n    U. i^y *  'AA*:    ..* $���*��� -  '���   '**  4"*,,  .; ���*��  pfftv  m  .   t.  ': j  i  !���'  \  ��  r  ��� i  _     J-  Page A-2 The Peninsula Times, Wednesday, Mfli-ch 3,1971  ���4W"  -ti  J-"1  Tn^pENINSUWvTtowe*. Sechell - Phone 885-9654  Classified  W*"  imiimwiumwmHMUVMWMMMii  ��-M����w��*��n>M>ii��mii��mm��m<��nmm��i������ciiM����i��  REAE ESTATE (Continued)     REAU ESTATE (Conf.)  60" FT,   waterfront   view   lot, . APPROX ��� 21   acres prime fn  West  Sechelt,   only  $8,000  Owner 005-2410,  ���  -   Published'W&dnesdqys by  Sechelt Penlnsiitq Times Ltd.,  at Sechelt, B,C.  Established 1963  ote  ;i  Member, Audit Bureau  '���'���'', .'    of Circulations),  September 30, '1970 ^  Gross Circulation 2920       i  Paid Cifculotion 2446  ���Ast-fMed- with the Audir^Elurequ  . qf Circulation, subject toeuditt.  Classified Advertising Rates;   ������������-'  3-Llpe Ad^Briefs (12\vords)  Ope Insertion -~7~-���-���,$100  three Insertions -~ -,:..���..$2.00  "Extra Hoes (4 words) ���^-.���.-200  (this rate does not apply to . .,-  commercial Ad-Briefs)  Ba>c Npmbers ,  10c extra  50c Badk-keepin's) charge is added  * for Ad-Briefs not paid by  publication date.  Legal  or  Reader  advertising   35  '  , per count line.  Subscription Rates-���  By Mail; '  local Area _ ���$6.00 yr.  Outs|de Local Area -.$7.00 yr,  U.S.A. _���-^^.���-,$9.00 yr.  Overseas ;__* $10.00  yf.  wQRk Wanted (Cont)  EXPERIENCED drywall acoustic & textured.ceilings, now  in Gibsons area qnd serving  the Peninsula. Frjee Estimates.  F-igt service, Phone Q & W  wall, 884-5315.   ,   4208-tfn  WANTED  WHITE Jllephant hems ur-  ���^ gently" required .for; upcoming Sechelt Kinsmen Auction.  For pick-up phone 885-2443  or   885-2475, 5939-16  HELP WANTED  Special Citizens,  Local Area  ���  Canada   ���  By Carrier ��� j,  $3.50  $4,00  v-_f���-60<; mo.  Copyright and/or property rights  subsists in all display advertising  and dther material appearing in  this edition of the Sechelt Peninsula Times Ltd, Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in  any form whatsoever, particularly  by a photographic or offset process  in a publication, must be obtained  ih writing from the publisher. Any  unauthorized repraduetion will be  subiect to recourse in law.  Sechelt Peninsula Times Ltd.  BIRTHS  "^GIBSONS WESTERN DRUGS  "BTrtjtAnnouneement   space,   and  extends Best Wishes to the happy  parents.  McCOURT���Tom and Barb  are proud to 'announce the  arrival of Lisa Lee-Anne, fi  lbs.. 3V| "o'zs. on February 24,  1071 at St. Mary's Hospitafl,  Sechelt. A sister for Dougie  and Hobble and first Granddaughter for Mr. and Mrs.^H.  LICENSED plumber, carpenters, tile and floor .layer,  \*>ith own hand todls. Also helpers and laborers. For 3 or 4  months work near Sechelt. Reply giving phone number, experience, references and wage  'expected to Box 504, Sechelt, -  B.C. . 600347a  LADY required" for part time  ^ work. Apply Yarn Barn, Sechelt. 885-9305. 8000-14  PARTTIME booltk*per. Credit Union experience preferred. Apply Sunshine Coast  Credit Union, Box 375, Sechelt. 1101544  PENDER HARBOUR  EVERGREENS LTD.  Evergreens Wanted  SALAL 42c undone  HUCK 42c undone  Done up 9c extra  Free  pickup, for  greens   anywhere on Sunshine  Coast  Before picking, contact  piant.  5983-15  PENDER ttarbour~3 beflvmV,  ppUHevel home, 10 yrs, On  "highway, 4 acres over 20Q ft,  waterfront. Jack Noble, 888-.  2701. Rochester Realty, 937-  7292, '    5783-tfn  C '     H; B.~GORDON .  & KENNETT UTD.'I  ,      P.O. BOX 123,  SecV^I^. Et'.C'l      <���  -Phone'885-2013  Real Estate and Insurance  ��� Buying or Selling ���  If You Don't fry UsFirst  fry Us,Last       ' '��� ,  ,. 5752-tfn  EXCtUSIVE  Selma Park - Davis Bay  LOTS .. LOTS - LOTS  . Compare these prices and" features:  ���  Hire residential property, elevated view, lane access, close  to new subdivisions, mainly  bush, Sechelt Village. $30,QOO,  will sell block or 5 acre lots,  .Cash, Box. 310 The Peninsula  TimwrrSechelt B,C.     4489-tfn-  BLOCK BROS,  ."-I Shone Mr. Good 880-8798  -   collect or 887-4441  .For fast service on all prop-,  ^"''erties and businesses, ':'���'"'  bxock brqs.  5ff467tfn  THEY WON'T LAST  NOW!  ACT  ���Spectacular view  ���Cleared.^l-eady   for  building  ���Paved roads'  ���Water and hydro in  ���Extra'large lot, 7(1*���90' wide  ���Prospectus available ��'...  .  ���Good .terms  These  prices  limited   lime  in  effect   foi* a  only!   HURRY!  CALL;   LORRIE GIRARD ���  Eves,  080-7700.  MACGREGOR PACIFIC  REALTY LTD.  888-7244  or John   Black:   885-2323  or  "886*-"731fl.  6020-14  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  ..^jeajjj-gta^  PENDER HARBOUR _  3 Bdrm, home completely re-  monelled. 1,100 sq. ft. Large  kitchen. Over an acre-of land.  View property. All furniture  included; Ideal for retirement^  or summer home. A real steaf  at $28,000. Jim Mcintosh flg4-  5494   or   Bill  Hartlle  987-1505.  HIGHLAND REALTY  985-4151  5097-14  MqcGREGOR PACIFIC  REALfY LTD.  THIS WON'T LAST: One of  the best buys on the Peninsula, dpse to beach. Good  home, presently -rented for  $100 month. Prope/ty coijfd  be divided into 3 lots;, FP  $.17,500. Terms.  REDROOFFS ROAD: Beautiful view lot with 100' VV"F  including house trailer 8'x35'.  Fantastic holding property and  investment.., FP. $12,500.,.  A beautiful 2 BR' home in  an immaculate condition" ���  grounds all landscaped and  level, very little up-keep. On  transportation, water and power, oil heat, some view. Terrific buy at $21,500.  Call:  John  L.   Black  885-2323  or 88G-7318  <-43��meV===����to*d~  Harbour  Hotel  Phone  883-2265  or  883-2721  5980-tfn  REAL ESTATE  ChT-isTehserTa nd  G.  McCourt.  Mr.  and Mrs.  6016-14  5 ACRES, Village of Sechelt,  elevated view property, undeveloped. $10,000 cash. Box  5819, c-o Box 310, The Times,  -Sechelt^  B;Cr    581f^tfrr  ANNOUNCEMENT  1971   CENTENNIAL, CALENr  PARS, ready iJor Chriptipas >H-  Mailing.   $1    (includes. Prdv.  Tax), Available at the Municipal Office, Gibsons.   5592-tfn  EWART AAcMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Multiple Listing Service  fiox. 238,  Gibsons,' B.C.  PERSONAL  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous -y  Meetinga 8:30 p.m,, "Thursdays, Wilsbh Creek "Community Hall. Ph. 085-0327, 880-  2343, 4070-tfn  *'���-���������  ��� -iii..i-nli���I,���,..i...,h_-.,i-i ,..,i_.r,-T^lt-..,.,-.' i-ii.,ii  WISH  to  contact  Latter  Day  Saints   members,   Ph,    885-  9547 or ,880-2548. 4505-tfn  OUR  now  ,1185-2045,  clvoll,  ,..  phones  number   is  Vein   Rlchlor,  So-  ,   (1005-1(1  WORK WANTED  CHUCKS paipting & decorating, Guaranteed 'Vt)rk, run,  fionahlo rates, 8n5r2375,   ���  ,     . ,-,        '   *       5492-tfn  GARDIHN  digging,' fiMice' pofii  illgglng    and    liindHciipIng,  reimonnhlo - rid oh;'.' Phono    L/  Tomlclc   1)110-711,(1. 5004-111  FREE ESTIMATES  On your colling or niliid^j-iuJJ/i  who'ir gyproi; jimriTfrrin I null;  flllod nvon jrfioiighl piiiiiloi  You can HifyM.. yiHtr; I'd/iluni1  vviiIIh, cnrpnlH,; HtoiKi 'I'lrnplmroN  and Btiir havn n rnltixhui  'HPAHKI.WD c.'llhi|'( Wilh no  nuwiH or liothor, Tho Job may  not ho nn <ixpnnnlvn hm you  '        Ihlnkl  ROBERTS CREEK  DRYWALL-  886-7193  ni)im-i.'i  Member  Vancouver Real' Estate Board  PHONE  800-2248  Notary Public  ESTATE SALE: In a prime  residential area of Gibsons  village. A two bedroom home  in - excellent condition, Two  street access, garage, well kept  grounds, fully fenced. Unob-  Rtriicled view, Asking price is  $16,000,  All offers considered,  ROBERTS CREEK; Largo lot  on Lower Roberts Crook  mad, SI'/.u 135x221x150x120 ft,  135 ft, rood .frontage, Selectively clmu'ed, with larger Irons  retained. Convenient to jioiich  access, Full price "$5,750,  W AT Hp.P I tONT      P ROPERT-  IES; W" Htlll have Homo wa-  tiirfrunt   iloin  :lo   offer   rnim  $5,00.0 and  iip, Altio iieinl-w��i-  y.j.Pjrl'rrmt  and prime view lol's,  HOPKINS: 'Hero Is n nice 3  hod, homo jfgup und 1 down)  on n heaiillful view, minil-wa-  loi'l'rnitl lol, C|oh(i In all hoi'v-  Iciih and Iiam'Ii. $22,500,  IK)I1KHTH CHRKK: You huvo  a   choice   Ium'ii   of   nn   OT  luiuftn  on.. I   A��� Of   land   fur  $11,400 or a good m<rvlnt Hln-  lion huiilnoMM v^llh a 2 buy gar-  go  and  a' 2   hud.  Ikiuiii  for  ,500! or nial'ii im-, nn nl'l'nr  im IIkuiii 'two iidjnlnhia prop-,  (irlliiH Mogothur,  .   HHT1NGH WANTIQD  VlncQ Prowor       886-9359  Wally Peterson   ' 886-2877  Hok 238, (llbnoi)ii, H,C,  t      . 0012-14  SUNNYCREST   SHOPPING  CENTRE  Gibsons, B.C.  886-2481  GIBSONS LOTS: View lots on...  Abbs Road $4800; view lot  on South Fle'tcher $3300;  North JTetcher, a real beauty  already fenced in With grass  $5000; HiHcrest Road $2200;  "tJTBsoi'rtlergfits, close to stares  etc.  $3000.  880-2481  ACREAGES: Investment and  Hdlding Properties. North  Road 5 acres $5500; Chamber,-  lain -Road 4,75 acres $fl()00-  Reed Road 5 acres $7700; dower Point I acre, view $4000;  Pratt Road 3' acres $4500;  Hwy. 101 10 acres $12,000; Sechelt Village, view acres, ,  $-10,000,  886-2481  GIBSONS VILLAGE: ^Abbs  Road, 2 bedroom older type  home on beautiful vhiw lot,  00'xlOO'. Suit' .couple, o' real  starter for someone, FP $17,000  800-2481  ROSAMUND ItOAD: 3 bedroom homo jm V* acre lot,  corner lot, large l.,H upon.i to  HiuidiM-k, Kitchen has dining  area, hath, A-0 boat. FP  $10,1100, on loruiH, of $11,000  down and $100 "p��r month.  880-240U "  REKP    ROAD:    3    bedronin  hoine,  part, hiiHOinenl   f��)   '"  acres,  Family homo,  FP $20,-  000 wl|h Ifrilnwn.   '  1 0HO-24III  IIFED ROAD: 2 hmlmpin V-  LA hoiim on !l,4 luirnn purl-  ly hi iji'iimh. Fintplaco, nil lily  I'ooin could ho 3rd linilrooin,  largo klli'hi'ii nnd dining urea  Worluihup rii'Vuiir  TcrniH, ,  llflll-241  880-7760.  6010-14  OKEOVER ARM: Powell River  district, 1.11 ac. 200' on WF  nenr government wharfr Cpujd  be cut in two. Sea food in abundance.    $5,000 .! witlr only  $1,000 down. Bal. easy.  ROBERTS CREEK:  yoii;     look     over  Most days  Georgia  Strait, lo Nanaimo on Van. Island 'from this cozy log house,  featuring 2 bdrms, - nice living room with fireplace. Spacious' dining room and roomy  kitchen, titility rpon?, 200 wiring. Small orchard and good.'  garden soil on this , 5 acre  bloc.k, Anxious for quick sale  as they are.moving to the Car-  Tbo'o. A good buy at only  $1,^000 CASH.  In exclusive area of fine  new executive type homes.  All available services, Situated to take full advantage of  view of Georgia Straits, Howe  Sound and our famous Salmon  Rock, Priced bblow market  value at $7,000.  GIBSONS' Modified Cape Cod  cottages on view lot close  lo bench, This charming little  homo consists hf bright living  room, i dining room nnd compact- I'llchon on main floor,  Twn,1nli!n(bdrmH. and full mnt  florh ..bathroom up few stops;  IHxIfl'burnt, set up for laundry rnoVrl and small office wilh  hmlanco devoled to storage,  Lge, storage area In all in. also, Nice nun deck nn front,,  $111,000 and tcrniH urn iiIIiuim  live, .    ,;.  LISTINGS WANTFJ)  K,  FP $27,000,      ALL  ti  Jack While  Kiin Cro'iiby,  Jay VlHHitr  niHi-swih  lllill-20110  iinii-2;ioo  0013-14  V  '^  TODAY'S "DIGGEST HOME BARGAIN  PiilM Jim ll"mn You Wnril Wlicrn You VVnnt |l,' IN ONf! DAY,  SAVf: .WITH OUR 5MIIU. SYSTEM,   '    ,i , '  [ ,  ���   * 3  hmlroom,   lull  liinmrwni, ohflll  hrimnt . compUMcly  oronnid  Ifiim $6,900,  ;.,,,���* This hoino ftuhhlqnirially.ciiini'l'tlwtv-il^/SOQ,   -���  -��� - ; i-.  *,No Poyvn 1'nyninnl -nniilrud,  Inloilm llnonclrtfl nnd B 3/4%  tt,C, tior'l'M^ridag* 'ptoIIoI>I��,  E, McMYNN REALTY LTP, '  .,,��,<2lb��^��rPlv-ftBA��2248".,.|^  i 64 UOT  ,������.���,..^,,���.^^^^^^^^^  Tho Imi laran vlow loin In Ponder Harbour���ovorloohlhp (ho  I'larixiur nnd Gull, c|o��o |o ��toro�� nnd school*-rlhosa lots can'  bo purchciMid wilh n v����ry low down pnymont ond payment"!  ���������������������' on low on $33 puf morilhi  90' Wntorfront lot at I'ondor IInihonr���-$7000,  % Acru ����ml'W<!lorfront lot at l!nrlCnvo~Y$3000, ,  6Mi Aefo��,.Mndolrn pnrk, 1100' fmnlooo pn HlOhwoy��� $0000,  '.   HANI.  30 |,OT  COVH 5UPPIVISIOM  l-nrtio  rhnlr  hoot:  H ftomhwnlorfroht loin n  i mid llhlilna, Prlcoil (r��m  few hiinilf��d hint  $.1000 to yr/i)o,  frwn  Mony oih��r vl��w ond ����ml-wol<irfroni lot* fmin $3000 io $0000,  ���VI , '  Tflrmn nyollnhlo on obovo pmpnrlloa,  .... .,...,.,.���.���....���,.,���PI��':owntJorXflsh,. ,...,.!,, .,..���. .,,l.,....:.-,........���   ' :       OLLISLADEY   Z  Madeira Park, B.C.  ��� -��� Phono - Peridot Harbour 883-^233  "  "'^'.. 0f  4. ^((jlaU, ��  ���&',*  BiAL KSTATR <Cont.)  ,3     BEDROOIVI  basement    in  sale by owner,  1'ouse    with  Sechelt ��� for  Ph.   fl-15-0951.  0000-16  WANTED TO RENT  2-jl JIEDROOM house wanted  to \ rent,    Pender   Harbour  area.1 Phone 0fl3-2f>23. >.  ���2S23.  \  S007-tfn  BXCELLflNT commercial lot  ������ eenti-e Secholt���-highway  Ipoatton? level ant^ cleared. All  services available. Box 1104  Peninsula Times. Il04-tfn>  MOBILE HOMES  24x00   DOUBLE   wide   trailer  derrinnMrator  for  sale.  By  anpQlntment only! Phone aafi-  2163 after ,0 p:m.      5034-tfvi  v,,::,v.; :.-.'.i^-.-:';-!/.::..   ���.,,'.., . .  LIVESTOCK   v  BUTLER REALTY  LTD.  TYPF.H   IN3UIIANCK  Clllmmw, llC* ������    ��� "  Phono f)ll(l--2000  MKMniflll  MULTIPLJfl LIH'I'IMO  HKHVICK  (1011-14  QUALITY Feeds at Fair Prices,  ilay, Straw arid Bnclcerfieids  Grains; Purina Agent' for Sun-  shihfe Coast, Free d'e]|very<  Pratt RaM, Gibsons, Phone  8^7927.   . - ������"    -..;,'   5772-tfn  FOR  HALL for rent, Wilson Creek  Community .Halt.    Contact  Mrs.    Diane   Anderson,    885-  2385. �� 5485-tfn  HOUSEKEEPING rojim for  working, gent. Giea'it, warm,  private entrance, All found.  For rant at Selma Park, Ph.  885-0535. _        5875-tfn   ������  ' "V���������7 ���  TWO bedroom home, Gihsons,  unfurnished,     $100    month.  Phone 020-1024. 5894-tfn  ^QNE  bedroom   furnished  cottage for rent near Tillicum  fBay. Phone 805-3100.  (1017-14  ONE space for mobile- home,  30x12 maximum available,  also travel trailer spaces. 1 or  2 bedroom housekeeping units--by-day or week. Big Mapk  Motel. Ph. 885-0513.     (1018-14  2 BEDROQ.M suite in new 4-  plex   near   United   Church,  All. electric. Private entrance.  Ph.  886-9890. 0004-tfn  located    turn,  ste.  Light  and   heat  included. Suitable for quiet .working  person. 800-7206. 0022-14  BOATS & ENGINES  ��� g , -���_���,   12  FT. 'Sportsman  fibre, glass  boat with 9Mi  h.p. Johnson  Seahotse 'outboard,   $700.   Ph.  8flfl-75S3 01)51-13  FOR SALE, I2'a ft. plywood  specul boat. ,.23_.J~,P- motor,  A-l conrTiTloir^lanA' extras.  Offers? Ph. an0-24(i7tevenings.  ��� , ' 0OO2-14  ...-.>..:    '      ���-,.'.    *���'    ���     -  CARS & TRUCKS  '50 AUSTIN, new (jres, dutch,  brakes, ��� geu. . V.H.,    plugs,  points.  Sacrifice at  $-125.   Ph.  085-21197, 5030-14  1007 ACADIAN 2 dr. hardtop, 4 speed, pause at trae.  Extremely good shape, 2 now  tires, take over payments. Ph.  885-2490. -5954-15  '04 INTERNATIONAL, -to   ton  pick-up^   Positive   track,   4-  speed, $050 or best offer. 880-  2100? <�����-* ���,.  0019-14  '55 METEOR, four mugs,  good tires, radio, Herst floor  shift, v reconditioned motor.  Body good shape. $300. Phone  1105-95811, 5099-14  MUSIC  GUITAR lessons folk, country,  i blues, classical, private lessons $2.50 hour. Group lessons  $1.50 hour. For more information.  Phone  8U5-9801.  6057-14    %  PETS "  WANTED TO BUY  ���WANTED?!useri fi ft. to 12 ft.  glass   nwboat.   Also   used  used drill press, Ph. 805-9501.  '  .,  ,    5970-1 In  BUILDING lot or smalt acreage, Sechelt' area. Offering 1ft' travel trailer as part  payment. 907--7050 evenings,  (Vancouver).   - 0007-1(1  IRON  ot  all   types���old  cars,  machines  ip  any  condition.  Misc   Phono  (105-2144.  0001-10  fOR SALE  IF IT'S suits rr~ it's Morgans.  ���;.. 805793a0,_-Sechelt,-B.Cr   -. :' "���      > 8893-tfn  LEGAL NOTICES  �� ���)-<-.  DEPARTMENT  OF   LANDS,  ORDER  0 erator  Sechelt  2475.  your   garbage   in/eiu-  at   $3,60- each   from*  Kinsmen.  Phone 885-  5898-1 fn  PROPANE kitchen range, re-  4'itlat'or and  two  tanks pro-  ,pane.   $90  cash.-  880-7538.  5935-14  TlUVEL .'Traileiv-ai- Shasta,  as new. Arboi;ite kitchen  set, centrifugal pump," movie  camera ��� and accessories.-Ph.  885-9570. 6918-14  ELECTRIC -hand  condition,   $20.  deletion   repulsion  Flume 885-2200.  saw,    new  1    h.p.    in-  motor,  $40.  5950-1 a  SADDLE,     black     with     14"  seat',   good   oonditioa,   $75,  Phone 800-7553. 5952-13  OVER   500   used  Phone 885-9970.  red  bricks.  5950-15  SAMOYED   PUPS,  from   $75   and-  880-2100,  adorable-Tup.   Phone  5903-15  SPCA���home wanted for male  part German shepherd pup  HAMMOND organ M2. Excellent   condijion.   803-2318.  5977-15  .11!ST off the press! Paperbacks. How to Catch Salmon $1.25. How to Catch  Crabs $1,00. Complete series  of John Galsworthy including  Forsythe .Saga. For- ehilldren  who love horses, paperback  books, 00c. Sunset hobby  3��n)��Vrfi^frrmb^4k^^-a^gi^g����  0   FEMALE   mongrel  small   breed,   free  home.   Ph.  08(1-2952,  puppies,  to   good  5990-14  dictionaries.  Times  Sechelt,   085-9054.  Bookstore,  5907-tfn  Member of the Multiple Listing Service^  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.'  PENDER HARBOUR "' ''    No. 1953  - 66Q~hVoMhe open -Strait; Including o small island. This 2*5.5  acres, lends itself far group purchase beautifully. Excellent moorage, ample wafer forseveral dwellings, 4 room summer home,  good access from highway and power available, mofo? this property a must to view. Peter Aelbers, bus. 885-2235, res. 886-2991.  SELMA PARK���Water View No.  1963  2 Bedroom all  electric    home,  new roof and paint, In'erior de-  lightfHl.  60Q sg. ft. Good cottage ^ls0   F R-   $13.50,0. ��� Excellent-  retirement home. Call Peter Smith, 885-9463.  RENDER HARBOUR���Waterfront        ~ "No.   1954  1.02 ft. waterfront, 2 bedroom home, furnished.  Own floar-.and  deep mooragerOpper portion could siib-diyldp info 2���extrn  lots;  for sale. To see this phone Peter Smith, 883-9463.  SECHELT VILLAGE���Business .   No.   1883  Be your own boss! Living quarters wilh 2 bedrooms plus two  business areas under one roof. On walerfronl esplanade, aood  potential. To view call Peter Smith, 885-9463. (  PENDER HARBOUR" ��� ...     No,  1962  Appro*. 8 acres. Wii���'h..5Q0- ft. waterfront arid 370 ft;, on Highway,  Large, modern S l'Bdfn{im"ift>mo h(iantifH|ly-4trTlslT**rl7"2 tiro  101,  places, double carport, stream, pools,  from dpplex, protected moprago, . For  to view call Don Hodden, 885-9'50,4,  and  rock  work, Revenue  details,  nnd appointment  PORTABLE   sewing   machine  with   attachments.   A   good  buy, $40.50. Ph. 005-2324.  _L_���      '...". _���      0009-14  METAL    utility    trailer,    $20.  Phone   805-2030. 0008-14  UCA    combination    radio,    3-  apeed record player .and 24"  TV, 080-7206.       ' 0021-14  MARINE ACCESSORIES  Paint ��� Fibr.eglass ��� Rope ~  Canvas'-r- Boat Hardware  Cpptpressed  air Seryjce  NYGREN SALES  (197-1) LTD.  Phono 811(1-9303, Gibsons, IVC,  5007-lfn  LEGAL NOTICES  SECHELT FI UK. .',  I'ROTE(3T(ON DIRTRICT  Wider  Rosotircgs Rorvlco���-  ^Pollullpn Control Branch'  .APPLICATIPN .FOTl A ���'  PtfRMIT UNDEH^miiJ-  POLLUTION CONTROL AC-T  1007  *  1, -Robert Merlon Wallham  of lUl No. 1, Redrooffs Road-,.  Httlftnbon . Bny,. B.C. hereby"  apply io the DireeiW of Pollu-  jMvXonlxaLJor a���peiqpit to  discharge effluent from Mob lie  Home and "Trailer Park located at Roberts Creek, B.C, by  sub-surface* ground disposal  and give notice of my application to all persons affected. -  The land upon, "which "iho  effluent originates is remainder Block 22 D.L. 810, Plan  5157 New Westminster District.  Tlie quantity of efflueid to  be discharged is as I'ollovvsr'*  Maximum rale 0.07 C.F.S., 25  (Imp. gal. p.m.) Maximum 12-  hour discharge 10,500 Imperial  gallons, i Average 24-hour discharge 10,500 imperial gallons.  The operating season during  which the effluent willl- be  discharged   is   continuous.   ���  The average characteristics  of the effluent, discharged  shall be equivalent to or bet-  , ter than, suspended solids  30 p.p.m. Total solids 500 p.p.  1n. BOD. 20 p.p.m. P.H.  range 0.5 to 7.5. Coliform Bacteria 500,000 m.p.m. per 1()0  ml.   No  toxic  chemicals.  The type of treatment to be  applied to-live waste before  discharge is as follows:- secondary treatment followed by  sub-surface  land  disposal.  This   application   dated   on  the 2(ith day of January, 1071  was posted on  the ground in  '"accordance"with" 'trie 'Pollution'  Control  Regulations.  ROBERT M13RTON  WALTHAM  This application is to be  filed with the Director of Pollution " Cbnli-ol, Parliament;���  Buildngs, Victoria, British  Columbia.>. Any person who  qualifies as an objector under  the Pollution Control Act,  ���1 -aa7--irray7���witlThT^30-Tl��ys-ncTf  the date of the application, or  within 30 days, of the elate of  publication in The British  Coilumbia Gazette -or in- a  newspaper, or, where service  is required, within 30 days of  tho serving nf a copy of \he  application,'file with the Director an objection, in writing  to   the  grunting  o'f  a   permit  stating how he is affected.   aiJOH-pub. March 3, 1071  Centennial memo  ' In the latu IIIUO's it was reported that camels were seen  gruz.h'g along routes ��� to the  C(ir|hn<f-"Thoy h'vcl tiCup  VVE5T SECHELT No. 1827  Exceptional waterfront vlow ��� lot overlooking Trail Islands. S|jo  100x150, iiVnovy'liomo subtllvlslon, Pull prico $5,950. Call Don  l-Mden, 805-950-1: - '    SECHELT  ''.        "   f"~"~: "���       " No, I0o4  3 hedrowrjl^ajl lolectrlc hoijiq on Inrgo, wolllandsctiperl lot, CI0150  lo school and shopping tuvhtro, Pull price $23,960, wilh^hfilf rlown,  For .appointment phone Don Hodden', 005 9504,  ROpERTS CREEK "~"~~ ���������- ^ (vjo, lQrtfl  60 ft, soml-wnforfrhnl, o|r|or style hul slr'urlurnl sound Iwo hmlroom home,1 Apprnx, 150 ll.'(mm l��vel henrh ncross, Wllhlri  wnlldno rllslnnco T>f post ofllfle ond More,. Piica $13,71,0,00. Peter  Aelhars, 00A299I. n,\, '  ROBERTS 'CREEK  *" No. ' ]M7  4.5 acres ol cleared land nnrl n six room Innnhniiso plvcifi you the  chnncu far |n��|��p'inri*inro Yonr nrnund, rinok nnd nn nxcullonl  (>lnnd of ll^lrtmh i^nh, llilti cuoperly veryikihlrnhln, Prlqe $2 1,5.00,  used  :^4i6rt1frX*;it1~*r>KCr^^  ","*.' '-       '    '    '    "     Iho 'Douglas, Road,  hul   were  Putin AeilmrJ flOA ?v9l iiiu  MADEIRA PARK'  .Lol nl onli'once in MP'loirn Pnrl  10,1, I'^callonl  commercial l��ro  only $d,000,00 down, Coll Mf-b  No, )Ml\  , 200 iliifli frnnlnoo nn Hlflhwny  on, Pull prica $11,50.0,00 will)  Ken!, Mh'Mfii,  Smm-V ') ,     i    !     ' -. '    "'"'.   i*   Mn. in52R  0|r|��ir 3 lioiliwim hausn, Control locnllnn In Iho Vlllnne, Pull piire  only $10,000,00, want tihniil l-iTOdh. Will liston In raMi oiler <��r  |iil<ii  Ipw  Inlurii'.t   mil) mi bnlnnre,   Cn|J   Hob  Gonl,   Htlt.'?<\6i,  GOLF COURSE (      '    *  '        No, 1019  C|ni.o to Clolf Chiiino til Rnhofta CfuoK, |2 Acroi�� nl (imillii, lioulh-  iniy hlnpnd pmpiirly, I'ml cleared, A minor Inmllon wild over ��0()  fl, nl anifellod rood lij nddltlop In lllnhwny 101 (mntniju, I |��now  whuro yoii riiii buy ruin ikhi Im $4,f)()n,fli) In Ihlh ��nme Ificnllini,  Where can yon llnd nneuoe ni only $|,l)00,0() wilh ��o many  |en|iirei>? Cn|| pub Ki'ill/  flfl!.)-04n|   hnfnrn hdmeniifi nine  ���.You��to-n; .^..���,��,��^r.,...,..^^^  ASK FOR OUR PREP CATAI OGUP QP |<FAl, F5TATR  I mul h  Tond'U'H'nro helpg culled for  the 'Hldccoing of thi^No. I fle-  (���ho|f "������^ Fii'i^vHall, ���'"For" further  details, please contact Tension  ���|i\ V, MiicKenzh), al Hl'aiidiird  Moliirs ,of Hechell Ut\, Tend-'  i��rn will cIoho- on ' March IfV,  1071, id 12:00 n'ulocli noun, llm  lowest or liny tmidei' uht nee-  OHH'trlly licciipled,   '  B,  I"), Flrlli,  Recretiiry,  '  JiOIIO-iiuh, Fob, ���M, ll, III, 17,,'VI  ''"',      fWCIII'il/l' Fllllil  rnOTIilCTfON DIHTIIICT  po nox in, Hiijanwi/r. i��,c,  frond and ahfindnnod hder h��-  ciuise lhn.Y smirod lhe horses  In olhor 'pack trains,  Ti!iirh>rH nri'i  the tirciillnii u  icing I'lilimi lor  a II Ft, Hhi-il  Mnk I'ciicu nrnund Ihn prnp-  nrly ocituplnil by the N(i, 1  Hochull Flrn Hull,' Fnr'l'iirl her  (IoIiiIIh, pliViiiiu cniiliint Tl'lisliic  ,F, y, Miii'Kmi/ln, nl rilini'lni'd  Fylolurif ol' Hniihull, Id.d, Tnii��  dp I'd will clone un lylni'iih Ifi,  1071, Hl.iailMI ii'iilnck iiniiii, llm  IiiWchI or nny Inndtir not il'"1-  (tsmirlly' iiccc|)lcd,.  '    B, IV Firth,   >  Hocrnliiry  niHIL-pMli, Fnh, H ll, Ili/lV, "If  WIIITF, MFACH!  ATTIIACTH  Pox 120,, Sechelt  AGENCIES LTD.  ,; Phono 9A5-2235  <f:.AO,n,)   , <  ATTENTION  IIMK  ZJZ  BLOCK BROS. REALTY LTD.  . ���   YOUR 5UNSHJNE COAST SPKCIALISTS  ^^  ,      ,, PHONE COIXECT:  Mi'mH, Ooorl ,- 6tM)-{\796 dr M-MA:  Mf," G. Knowlfls ��� 29)-2flfl)ror" 99tlQ(MI ovoiilnd**  \f  MESSAGE  TO  CLASSIFIED  USfiUS ��� . ���  CONSIDER THISt  Ynu nro nhni'i- |cj Inyost  mnrioy for nn od ond wo wont  yoii pi cio| j-psulU), Tp nccorp.  pllbh this II lb necessnry for yop  In Tf-1,1. Al.l, nlmut t|)n do|n||q  (if your oflor, lie wire yni| don't  mnl'o o'ny'nf'iho'follrwino ��r-  ron, thnl |iruvpnt ruhiillHi  1, Pon'r Omit   l  Tlio A��l'lroMo��  Mony   iHilnflown    rB"d<ir��'  w|ll wrlfrrynii hut will nn| Npnnd  mniiny |nr ri Imirj dlolnncn roll,  2,' Pon'r Omit  Tho Phono Numhflr  Mony rnnil<irfi will roll yon  hm tin n"i llm! II ronvonlnnl  |n r:nmo In yniir hnnw,  3. Pnrt't Crineonl Tho  Prlco Dnilro'l  , Slirvoy* Mhw (hot  n hlnh  .jiuicMiiipoo ,��nl.,iHfld��iii. will- not.  ('ni��w,<ir m nil imlmm Iho prion  I* (ilvmi, ,    ,  4, PonVLonvo Homo  On Tha Dnyi  You Advaiflio  M'iny f.|o<��| |ii-D��imriin will pn|  rnll1 llio Niiconil limit If your  'phnpn I,'' Hiif'iviw'irtid,  B.'Pon'l Omit ���  Impafttint Wflfrfi      '"-.',.���-���'���'���-  To Sovo Monoy  I'dnrlnr* rnn'l wm* on Im-  pmlnnl  fl<'lti||n,  ftorriumbor,  n  wull wi|tt��ii  Ipfnimnllvn   odd  will (|nl ioiiiIin InMnr nnd Wl  'jnu-iMnb-. in lliu Jon-- iiiii,"  6, Pnrt't Ov��rloril��  T|io 3 for 2  Borooln llofo  You'll V-fil llio hlnnoKt pnrndff  n\ rmiwAi iho|<iw��*i pilco,  |( ynu i,n|| your ni��r<;|inudl��o  nhftod of tin-A |init rn|| nnd  rriiir'i|;,yftiJ..jMjy,i;Ju,|)fnr wh<il  yrtu ni^^'-^.V '    .     I'r^''1,  - TH^tlMES *  ^     0BB-96B4  *\  'i^-^7*^  "���sf-^^^SK^' ~T��^,**%ol- **>***' > -;-,��w*v 0-j.      *��/���*��*���*��5 - 'TUT* ^r^ni-wa^JweCS^*-***^^ * .as  >_     /  In Your Garden this Week In S.C, 100 Years Ago  ~-!>y Tho Old Rake  DOES ihe name tampala soiu'id familiar?  n^jlnn't think |t will, \\ is the name  bi 'a plant  thai  was mlrofhiced  in  tho  HMO's  whon  Victory  gnideiis- were   Iho W��6U of March 1, 1071  vomie. Although it  hpH been compared        ^ie- HW Thompson lload Steamer Co,  with .spinach; that nuiy he doing il an ��)f����mert  Ihey  could    transport    freight  injustice, The reasons mHny people dis- !',n,N y**!p ^ Barl*Pi'villp ip 10 days al a  like spinach could very well mul'u |hpni��� ('osl   ��f  I1   f,eilts  9  PPund   duripg   eight  pnlhusiaHUc about  Uunpula, as il .hat) V *�� 1e<' HIPntN ol the yeqr. Prpjghling lo  Cpn-federa'tion..  Jt post 3 <cepts per h'tfJ' ohpce tq mail  a letter -prepgid within Oanjcja.' otters  could po sent cpUepl for f>-centf-. Rowf ver,  HrjIjBh Cnh-pibia, Ipjtpr rgtps we're n*  cpnjs in tho Cfti'ppn.--  25  - Keeping water pp the stove for hums"  ~ioWmg the -ur was said lo be.fi gross roJsr  take --ppordipg    io  "HaJI's    Jpqrns-l   of  'JfepHI*-" This renders the avir less' nptrjii- '  ops lo lhe lungs and bipod t-pd c-��ps,ps  tjie body fo be more susceptible .to cqlds.  II   was  rdlPPI'Pcl   Ih-il  coa-1   rnipps  at  WanaimP and  Bcllinghfun  Bqy ��pd  Iho  ���pugel  gpupd   fepwrpills  woHlrj  soon  pe/  dpsor|pd i. because  pf  the  Qrriipoca.   gold  fpVP]'. .    ���> '  Wejnesdnyi March 3, W*  The PerWnsulq Times Page A?3  ):t  ��  CONTINENTAL. COmm & "BQW7QUE  Bsmn  wampm ANP srr with this coupon  WM Q1i ftuwkir -Price  '���mmftwa.  jut'".."^! ��,  yVHW��HWW*nWHHUW-<WHMtT^  �����  milder fli)Y9l and timnnlhei texture than  spinach Depending on conditions ap cul-  tuie t| will grow Irom two to four feet  high and its lor-m is tall and branching.  Although called tampaM by the uvliw-  ducer it in actually a ineinber til' lhe  amaianthus  lamily  Il is not .claimed (hut tampala is a  new vegetable (lather, it ih <inB thai -has  been long lucognued ab 11 delicacy in life  Orient and now has, been brought to this  contiiient. When a' ne\v vegetable is introduced there is always the question of  what is "the .propor culture In our particular district, first of a|], tampala/is  not I'mst barely,, so should not be sown  until all. danger nf frost is oyer. Spinach  on the other hand likes u cool root run  lo-leeep it from bolting tu seed prematurely. The young plants ure ready to use-  when they are six inches high, al this  stage they can he" pulled right up and"  the entire plant cooked;-like spinach. If  it is to fie used this way it wjll be necessary to sh\v successive sowings every  Iwo or three weeks. In about six to eight,  weeksothe plaids will bo of usable. si*et  n\pst home- gardeners will no doubt thin  the plants tb'stands two feet apart and  use the thinnings for greens. As these'  plant's develop, tender tipB several inches  long may be broken off anch cooked  while, hul if lopg stalks are psptj tbe  leaves and stalks must ha cooked separately as the stalks take longer to cook.  The plants. Will continue to produce side  branches as long as the tips are removed.  The advantages pf this plant over  spinach besides lhe taste is that the leaves  from the tall plants are not soil spattered as with spinach. The fact thai it  protitipes right up to the time when the  -Mights gp|. cqrjjpr. It does not go tp seed  as readily as spinach and a light nitrdr  genops feeding is all that is required: it  will stand drought belter than most  plants. It might he.diffinill to get. tampala seed but if ytui can find a course  I'm gu--e yoii  will ward lo grow it yea|.  ���^---nftiiir'-yes^ "'" '-���"''   ' "A  tallies that are worth trying and are not  hard to grow and gets us away from the  peas and carrot routine.  If someone  betrays ynu  once,  it's his  - .fault,   If  he betrays, yon twice,  it's your  fault.  the Gartyoo -hy ox or mple team t-poU up  Jo 00 dtrys apd cost up to 15 centra ppi'md.  There was a rush to -lhe box office  by 35 disgruntled patrons, when the management of a well-advertised benelif performance hi "Victoria announced the show  would'not-go op after all. They found  only 50 cents remained in_t_he UU _afler_  rthe printer's bill had been paid and the  actors, hfld put ip Mrs! claim\ to eypp  this stn.a;U amount. ���  In the legislative Council it was  claimed; that British Columbia would have  a more liberal franchise than 'iny other  of the British North American Provinces.  <; Coyote hunting in t���he.st.y;le of English  fox hunting was becoming popular in  Karri loops and Okanagan Lake.. Epthu-  sjaK'tic adherents complained that the settlors of the rpgjon didn't seem to take  much interest in the sport but could  only hopp that their tastes would change  in linie.-  A bill was passed for the repeal of  a sppcial tax. of "iO pepts per gallon qn  spirits for the maintenance of the lylajn-  land telegraph  line.  A'Cariboo mindr attended a sessiop of  the tiegislative  Council   in   Victoria   -pid  rpported he would have liked to go agfjin  "but could not afford lo lose another d>y  "in that dreary hall." t  It was suggested by the Mainland  Guardian'Uiat a npw, more pep^r pl'^ce  fpr the seat of government be selected.  The paper claimed that if Clinton, Lytton,  Yale ot New Westminster wp chosen  there would likely be 8 belter csjlibre  of members.     *     *    . *?��� v 0  '.. Ml people, settling here in B'i'itish  Columbia and farming are-doing'well .although labopr is slil] a'problem. Sqpie  farmers compjain that the- wages are |oo  lugh and the hired help pat Ipn much  tq make farming development as rapid1 as  f  -t'  ACCOUNTAMTJS  \ ��� \: ��� ���* ��� ���-.      ��� . ..    ',  .mum, M> mmtihMfc  TRAIL BAY ENTERPRISES  Repgirs tp large Pr srriQ!) q-apligncgs*  JOHN BUHYAN .  Jlavjs Bpjm Phone 885-9318  AUT SUPPLIES  Tolophone 606-2069  .'& ART eHTPRPRISe?  Pottery, St-pplies, classes & firino  degler for Buncan's Cerprh^ predi-cft  Pino Rd. & Grandvlow Aye,  P.O. Box 62, <3|bsons, B.C.  m  AUTO $|ERVi0i  SECHELT HOME SERVICE  Atlgs,.Parrs - Good .Year Tires  24 Hour Tewing  885-2812 or B8��,9979  HL'J'U'l'.IIHU"..'. I     .I'll"!.'!  BLASTING  i��ni. .uii.i 1, .I,,,  CONTROLLED BLASTING  THE ANGLICAN CHURCH  ���       -    OF CANADA  mvicp.   .-  St.  Hilda's, Seelicp. IsE^illy Eticharist 9:30  a.m. (2nd and 4th Sunday), Holy Eucharist  every Spnday q,t fl o,m.; 9:30 a.m. (1st and  3rd) Every Thursday at 10 a.m. Eyepsang  qt 7:30 p.rn. (2nd and 4tli Sundays  fy H.alV'B< Fort0** PtVr'JWY EmpIWhsI���  11:30 a.m. (Ur and 3rd Sunday),  Egmonr,   Holy  Eucharist���?  p.m.   1st  qpd  3rd Sunday).  Church  of HI* Presence���Redrooffs,  Even-  sanq���3   p.m.   ever  2nd Sunday.   Holy  .BMcJiadst���3 p.m. every 4|h" Sunelay,  Prlqst���Rev, P, Pppp|o, Sp-||o|l flfl5r979��|  A   oonsidprablp   number   nf. Welsh'in  the  Cariboo at  this %time  formed a  very  popular, and successful Glee Club which"  often pill nn performances at the Theatre  Tiuyal in Barkerville. ',.,..���,.���  Pay for coalmjuers at Nanajmo was  $3 tier il hour day and free fue|. labourers  earned $1.75 per day and fuel at a  nominal post. ���  "   The. Coribnp Septjnel reported a cat  had left for the Ominega gold fields and  was expected to.be gjvep a hearty welcome as (he miners had been ,mueh trpu-  liled last year by rats and piipe.  \    A British Gplpifllna shipyard,  canied  hut  (pe  (ir&t ,'iHm)>n>Pin{j"'qpntrtt'-|-. Ijhe  ��� r*n?r:rrrrTrrTr--T -t���~^tf^^-t_^.u���1^-.-'  FREE ESTIMAI bS  FRgp. DONLEY  Pender Harbour - 883-2403  WATER SURVEY SERVICES  Ppr Expert Blqstjng   EREE_ESIIMATE�����  Phone 885-2304 L. C, Emerson  R,R,  1, Sechelt, B.C.  1. jK',.J!!mr ���"���"W !���!! "U.W.1. !'i,.iiii.i.iji'iii niiii .winwiii 111" n -ii;��'iii  BHiCfrlAVINS _^______  Baptist Church S^rvJces  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  Mermpid and Tmll, Sechelt  Sundqy Schpol 10;PO a.m.  Morning Worship ]I:'15a.m. -  CALVARY 8APTIST CHURCH  ��� " " ���' Park Rd., Gihsons  Sundoy School 9;/|5 am.  Evening Worship 7:00 p.m.  Potior, Robert AHapy  (886-2932)  A. WARM WELCOME AWAITS  YOU,  SUNSHINB COAST  QQmL CHURCH  NyprJenprnlnqflonpi)  s-rri'i'iif|?h��fir��rpfOp(��!,-��-f  ^rsh^rvtf9,^ J his p,m.  Pv*?nfn|Bi ��arvlt?0 7i3Q p.rrif  miow my, ��. ^ssi^s  JffbjppM Mpfiring Hlflnww-r)  A, SIMPKIN5  f^ S17 r SecMHv B.C.  Phope 885-2)32  BUILDERS  1  The Un\m ChMrsh of famfa  ,        SPRViaS  Sf, ^lin'ji Un|m��l Clmrch - Dav|�� Pqy  StinflgyjarYlpp-i -..9&Q Pirn.      Rnhprfi erqpkUnl-pd  Smidqy 5flr,v|pp��i r 51139 p-m��  GlUom United C|,i,rcl.  .    Sundfiy ^urvifw -llilS p,m,  Part Mollfiin MnIM   ,  'Sundoy S^rvlc-iii - 7i3(? p,m, :'  ��� J2nd nnd Mh Sundoys)  Mlnl-frv  Rov, Jim WllllomsQn r m^m * 8116-2333  G, CRPWTHER  DUILPING" CONTRACTOR  A-FrnhTls and.PrQ-Fpbs precled  Convpnlfonol Fromino  Cqll 0834746 ���  R,B, ], Mrxjoira Pqrk, B,C. ���  i^'"iiiYir>|f  s j  ii  %  h  I)  Vr  V  9PCCHRILT AGENCIES PATT l*AP  ��� Thl* fr��*�� rwilndor nf cnmlnn ��v��n(��J*, u barvlcoof ^C|||;|.T AQf:NC||E&  I.TP, rimno I'liiilnB'iln Tlrnrni d|n>Pl for fw IIMlnp-i, WMRiryipp "Polfl  Pnd"1.|��|pn<i<- iinl" 1I10I *por:�� In llmlinrl nnd lomp fli|vrjnrH oot��*i mqy  hnvn 10 wfili iliolr turn; olso thnl i,h|fi U n *'rprnln'l��r" liRiinn nnly.flnrt  r.nniio| olwoy�� rorry full diiloN". >  ���  IWWVWIrVVIflfWV^^  /yVir, '.'i- I) 11,111, SI, rilld/A I loll, {iiir.||iil|, Ori|i|iio C(nh MwillIlM,  Mod 3 - H |>in ^M'hull I-��ijIoii Moll, lilnpo,    "  Mnh fi   2 |i.ni Woftimi'* VY01M Ooy of Pioyu, Ciibi��nnii Mnliiid Chiii'chi  1      Si,  Alrloli'i. 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I',    ' ,.   r, r ��  f .-,}.  ?"?'f*  1 ��A��Air,,  �����   *0 W*N%.   ,  ���-WV    J^��_  ��   >^    *-   *��* *"*H "V**   '  * w* f ���v^r * ��  ** fc   ���r -0 vr -***#** �����v***-l" VV\*n*i   *���'�����*,'��*��'**������ 4��.**i*" * ** V-  YWW  .4  Jty  1 '.* *  S&V  f'k  '. ���  ��� ,���-  1"  r t-  /���I  >''i��  >;'*  i  "i* 1  -v:  i f  (  J  !  i  ���-  f     Ottawa Report  !: ���The Times, Ottawa Bureau  ? '   THE CONSTITUTIONAL BIND  ? OTTAWA���It is difficult to'accept that  �� ' .       the latest conference between federal  |s and  provincial prime Ministers .on  the  ?' constitution achieved more  than'giving  X>, A    j   them something to think about.  ]'      ���������'      The' ��� break- through qlaimed by Prime  |  ,        ^Minister Triydeau is hedged about with t  I'        ;���;'���' enough ifs and hints &s to make the ac- '���  \ ceptance of ap .amending formula fcemain  f     ,    f ~ 'more^of a possibility than a probability in  ,. " | . the near future,  ���\ > There seem to be; a few areas of nn-  }   animoys. agreement. One is- that the con-  *. stltution  should  be'brought   to  Canada  r'  '        , .and in future be subject to amendment .  ' .   pn agreement between the federal gov-  ��� -|' erhment and those of all the provinces-.'  ;        *<       The formula by which any such amend-.  V. '   ments will be made must be agreed upon  before   any  move   is  made   toward   re-  V 'moving it  from  the jurisdiction  of  the  v United   Kingdom   government   atr, West-  >   minster-where it has legally, if not practi-  *   cally resided since its inception. On this  10  proyinces and' the federal authority  must agree. The rub lies in the diversity  of opinions between them and their desire to retain as much autonomy as pos-  S   sible or even to increase their respective  - ���'_   _ powers.  The thought now is that Canada shojuld  ��� " be divided into regions rather than prov-  \ inces for the purpose of voting on consti  tutional amendments. Ontario and  Que-  |   bee, because of their size and "importance,  ���-.would  be regions  unto themselves.  The  Atlantic   Provinces   and   those   west   of  Ontario-would be other regions each having a single vote, or power of veto'. Such  an arrangement would reduce the powers of veto from 11 to five thus enhancing  , in theory at least, the possibility of agree-  ,   ment   in   subsequent   moves   to   amend  the*" constitution   itself.  It is now up to the various  governments   to   consider   in   detail   the   effect  -   of  such an  arrangement and  to  reduce  to  legal terminology an  acceptable  formula, ���    ' ...       .  The first ministers are to meet again  in June in Victoria upon the occasion--  of British jColumbia's centennial celebration, The stage is set for an historical  * occasion but whether or not it will come  off  remains, doubtful.  The key ...word. |s. that the formula is  feasible. That according-to the dictionary   l-gsfyvqtjpnf-  in  fiflvprnl  nrcm  *%     ���* nn  I.  I  I  L-  t  v  )  ���s  z.  *>A  r  \  \  i iv  Zal\ ,;:qfi  I)  i  11  ���hi..  >i  r  ���i  ,     0  r  ���r ���  *l !'  '"���    *  iti  .���-.'  0.*  -K  W  r  r  i'  *-  Quite patently Premier Robert Bou-  rassa does not want to put his province  in the position of accepting anything  which does not of itself assure it of increased, autonomy, His present demand  is for provincial control of social programs  including old age security, family allowances and unemployment insurance, all  -Qf-whieh-exelusively-belong-tpthe federal-  government. He says Quebec needs these  responsibilities to assure the maintenance  of its cultural and social development in  its own way.  Mr.   Bourassa. accepts  that   the   proposed  amending  formula  and  the ques*  tions   of   provincial  rights  are   separate  questions; ..Btti'i thatisdpej; not mean h9.;  will not'-mplcefappep^ence of -pheicondj-!-:  tional upon the othorC  The Quebec premier has .some sympathetic support from other provincial premiers but that varies with the economic  "and physical ability to admihster the load  of social services themselves, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and perhaps Al-  berlu have the size and the expertise in  bureaucracy to do it themselves. The  abilities^ of ...Vhe other provincen might  . hu strained, ,       .   ' ��� , . A' ,  There is un inherent fear umong most  provincial lenders that Ottawa' Is-going  Inn far down the road toward centralization of government. They are federalists,  but for thp most purl they want a'mini-'  mum of interference by Ottawa in their  awn  affuirs,  'Tho nnly area of complete agreement  apparent in the 'lohimuniquo which was  issued following Ihe ennferenco was pn  lhe subject nf fundamental rights. Not  , lo havfi not those out would have ap-  punrc'd to lie against God und inqther-  >   hood.  Those rights Include uhlvorHnbsuffriigo,  (Inirincralli! iflDctiouH iii leant every five  yoiii's, froodii'm of thought, conHclon'ro,  religion, opinion, cxpreiiHlon, peaceful ��h-  iieinbly und uiitioclu|ion,  But rivoii these hud an over-riding  rluimu which dncliuod "Ihn exerclmi nl'  lliniin friMidnniii muy be subject only lu  mu'li llinltiilloiiH un inn pntniirlhed by law  iiiid mi are remioniihly JuHllflublo hi it  . thiinuc'ntlli' siicielyhi the IiiIimohIh nl''nu-  lloiuil i m-cnrlty, public milnty, houllh or  iiiuiiiIm or IIki fiiiiiluniontiil rlghtn und  ireeiJoiiiH ol othoiM," 'I'lml provlnn would  iicifin lu give gnvernihnnfii wldn onou/di  Mcnpn In law inul'lng,  , , Thitre wns ni- qtuiiTnll wilh a (lucliirn-  llnn   Ihul   KiikIIhIi   und   Knindi   iihnll   Im  f tlmilitrntl llio nllli'lul luiiHm-gnii uf Gun-  liiln, n^cnpl mm if applied lo llni lungiiugn  nf liinli'ui'llnii In pulillcly nuppm'tnd  nehuuln, Mr, llniirmimii wunls llirin In cnu-  nlilnr tin) liiipllciillnu ul a i'Ihiihu which  (li'clunvi  "ihn hiillvldiiiil iiimii  liuvu  llm  ^~rlMhUi(u-hMV'u,.lfii��Hl|��ih~ui'��|',r*irii'||"--iifi--hiH----  niiihi liiiii{iiiign nf luHli'iii'lln|i hi'publicly  iiu|)|iiii-|cil lichniilH In ui'iiiiH wlim-it Ihu  luu/tiiiigi) of liiiilriii'lluii of hln clioli'ii In  rhimnn by n milflclnnl iiiiniliitr nf peii.unii  In juNill'y llm pruvltthm of the nei'twury  ���/ii-'llll'loii,"  Tlm llnyul Coiniiilimlnu im llll||ii;iui||hiii  uiul  llli'iilliiiiilliiin him iiii|{/(��Hl��d  thnl   If)  per I'tnit |�� Ii mirrinluiit imiiiiIkt lu jimll'ly  ������'���-lurch- ttWlllUCH,    hit|.    nillll'/IMMI    wiiiiIm    III  . 1 ii im uuollini' limit ill. II, AllnniplM In upply  ' rini'h   li   rl/lhl   huvo   loiichnd   off   il<uiinii-  ,    iiirniluiffi. iioiini uf ilimn  vlnlnnl,  In tliui  Moiilir'nl uiiiii und Ibr iii'iuiiiiii' In under- "  MbindidWWWl? rif'-��iu'.<��M-ni|��|   iioiniiilt-  UMUllM,  Now dm li'|(ul nxjierlN urn lu huvn u  Ho nl iiMliit'liin   llm  pinpuniiln In 'inmi'lliri'  dcrinlllniiii   In   law,   'J'hnt   In   lliu'll   will  ���l.ii����l... hi) mihV.  Iiilnipiolrtliiin  uf.~-th<*"-'"hiw"~  [,lh   II   llppllltM   hi  Klllll'il'lc   IlllllllllCI'h   ill   whin  ' JiCi'pn  cmiuIji uiul   liHvyi-iN   biiny,  ���\     Mrlfi-'ln/;   llm   I'niiNllliilloii    Imiiihi   In  ,'t'iiliiidii,   Hindi'  illlTh'iill   mid   nol  ynl  jm-  him cd, will Im only Um hcj-imihiff of wlint <  npj7fnm to'lit* o Tif-rf;r*m(tfriR innh,  Around Gibsons  - ���by Morion Chorman  MRS. Sylvia Talbot of Guyana, .a member  of the Executive of the Internationtal  Committee for the World Day- of Prayer  served as chairman of seven women, leaders in the church and state, who as an  ecumenical   group   from   the   Caribbean  countries   were   writers   contributing   to.  the service of worship for the World Day^,  of Prayer.  The  theme  is  a  New  People--!  for'a New Age. 150 countries will be participating in  this observance,  Even before we are up on the morning of March 5, hundreds of thousands of  people will already have met for prayer  in villages and cities in Australia, Africa,  Europe and the Islands of the Sea. Remember the concerns of the world in your  thoughts. Be a part o.f; the World Day of  Prayer- and attend the service locally at  Gibsons United Church, 2 p.m. Friday,  March 5. The address will be given by  Mrs. G, Owert, ; ; j:;;;;  Co-ordinator for the observance, locally is Mrs. Huxley Marshall at whose  home a planning meeting was held on  Monday afternoon of last week. Present  were: UCW, Mrs. Al Boyes and Mrs. M.  Volen; ACW, Mrs. John Wood; CWL,  MrsT  i_,arry rJabonte; Baptist, Mrs. Jim  Marshall and Mrs. J. S. Macey; Pentecostal, Mrs. R. Cramer. It was reported  that ladies from Port Mellon would- participate in the service at Gibsons.  HERE ANP THEflE    ��  Dennis 'Macey has returned to UBC  after spending mid-term break with his  parents- Mr...- and~Mi's^-J^-S^-M��eeyr---������  Mrs. . Doris Drummond has returned  after   being  away  since    December  4th  *0*    -  Musical  Chairs  Brownies In the Hunechin District became acquainted last week when  Pender Harbour; Sechelt and Wilsonj  Creek packs joined with leaders and  mothers for the Annual Banquet held  in Sechelt. Enjoying a game of musical chairs, Brownies wait for the  music to start, while mothers relax  after a wonderful meal.  ' . V         -  Pat- McGeer  .���Comment .from The Legislature  WORKS Minister W. N. Chant was telU  'n{f thf> T.p>ft'slatiire ahniiLUie-Anglican  Minister who was losing heavily at the  horse races while the Roman Catholic  Priest was betting on all the winners.  The Minister discovered that the Priest  was blessing one horse before each race  ���and that the anointed horse was winning.  After watching the Priest in the paddock,  he dashed up and bet on the designated  horse in the 5th race. The horse shot to  the frpnt but collapsed and died half  way abound the track. The disconsolate  Minister .sought an explanation.from., the-  Priest^ who commiserated with him, but  saif- thp M'nifM"'''* -rlifficnllv.'was,, that he  when she left to visit her aunt at Miami,  Florida. She also was guest of her brother  Mr.* Bedwell in California.  Visiting Cornelius  Olsen 'was  his son  Harold Ojsen from  Vancouver,  _., " "Mrs7 ^ahJna Gardner" who^was in St.  ^Raul's ^Hp^pjtaJ   underwent  surgery  and  la progressing well.  Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bushfielcl 'of  Richmond celebrated their, 20th wedding  anniversary on Tuesday, February 23.  Harold is a former Gibsons resident, his  late father Rev. F, ���Bushfielcl was for  some time minister of the .old Gibsons  Memorial United Church here. Harold  Bushfielcl and Mr. and Mrs. Campbell  Iron) the city ware visitors 10 Gibsons on  Wednesday. , ' . ,'.,     ., ,   ....,.  ,.... ,_  ���   Recent  visiloi--wili\ Mrs! -M.   Cooper"  was   her   son    Bill    Cooper    from .Fort  Churchill who after a brief slop on thu  Coast, returned north by plane.  didn't understand the difference between  a blessing and  the  last  rites.    .  Members broke into heckles confer-'  ring last rites on all. their political opponents. Who wil.1 win the next election  was not made*��"ciear by the Works Minister's sermon, but I suspect it will be  quite a horse race.  ~~--MiTTi5t-eT~-wrtrn7nT -"Portfolio, TatTicia"  Jordan, wants all gas and service stations  moved off main highways. She advocated  the English policy of having gas stations  on attractive driveways off the main road.  After all the furor raised by the N.D.P.  over "road runners" prnf-t+tering from  highway right-or-waye, this policy might  have received more enthusiastic reception  from the Sociall'jtsr However, I don't believe anyone seriously wishes to have  service stations tirekedrout of sight where  people will have trouble finding them  when their tank is running low.  Barrie Clark, Liberal, North-Vancou-  vei-Seymour, raised quite a fuss with  Health Minister Ralph Loffmark regarding  ll)e Dr. Reguhr incidont. It seems strange  that no oho has noted that doctors are  licensed to practice by the -B.C. College  ���,,.pf: vPby,Klc4um.;U,iul burgeons and not by  . lhe Minister of Health Health Minister  Loffinurk couldn't lift a doctor's license  even If lie waited tu hut Uiul floes nol  excuse him from misinforming lhe House  Pet questions  " ���Answered by W. P, Fogarly. MRCVS  QUESTION;- Is it true that fleas' trans-  nut'worms to dogs and cats?  Answer:- Yes." Some common tapeworms of'the dog and cat pass their intermediate stage of growth in tlip flea. Fleas  which live on the animal ingest tapeworm  eggs from the feces, after which the eggs  hatch inside the flea and develop into  immature, forms of the tapeworm. When  the animal swallows the flea, the immature worms in the flea are released  into the animal's intestine. There they  grow to maturity. .' '  . ���"���'  To permanently rid animals from  tapeworms, it is as important to free  them of fleas as it is to eliminate the  mature tapeworms from their intestines.  as Mr.  Clark alleges.  Garde Gardom, Liberal, Vancouver-  Point Grey, has called once more for an  Ombudsman,.This office has.been praised  wherever it lias been introduced. It started  in Sweden in the. year 1713. There has  been plenty df time, for thinking politic-  iam-4n-Jonrliidfiu...t.hat._^^  is a tremendous help to the average  citizen and that he really poses no threat  to Government power so why not have  one in B.C.  &4!  Sechelt  Jewellers  &   ���&   -fr  This Month  Only!  20%  DISCOUNT  on  Diamond  Tipping?  Jt  ~s\  Just for Writing^ i,  I A GOOD LOCAL  NEWSPAPER-MEANS  TO ME"  A  llMips  hivel  filrnpli'tiH /(own, iitTiirilbi'i l<r Knin:  K-tlio. In ono  I hid In down lo ��"��  Tho Canadian Weekly Newspaper Association through  Tho Times will pay $300,00 for the bost lottor. of between 250 and 700 words on the function of a good  local newspaper. This contest is opon to all readers^  .of tho Timos,  -    ��� ' ' /  _v i_w-,^ Igcal iiowspaiiorniouii;- .,��,.-  "lo "you/ io your family, io your community; In qohornl, how  does II help you, lo an Joy llfo In your cuininnnlly?  ,     Poltohocl, oxporl |||orq)-y'")lylo h t'jol KOiirjhivRalhor, tho JnflflOR  will bo Intflrosdod In Mmplo, door expor.itIon iHint  hi'llr-cito"!  on qworonoii-, by Iho rondrir o( Iho rolo of Iho wnnk'ly '>  In llia,..r.ommuntly.        -  (JiidCjoswill nol look [nrokaiNslvnly lilgh pioh,o loi Thu Tlmuu;..........  "illw'y will Mudy llio jiidcimoiil ond urninrMniidlha. hy modon,   ���  of iho function of Iho lor.nl now-ipopnr, , , wliol jt bfimild do,  ,   whoro ond liow1"!! bliotild sorvo Hu comniunlly ond lit. roodors,  Mail your entry boforo midnight, March 18, 1971, to  CWNA Cbntost Editor, Tho Timos,   - :���-��� - - ������-'- .Dox-310r Socholt, B,G; - *��� - ~^-  50th anniversary  of airmail  A CANADIAN iirined foims  CJIlfi  fighter   jel   lanilcd   at   '  .Patricia Bay Airport in Victoria at 10 25 a.m. on Wednesday, July r, ||)7(1, lo mark'  the fiOlh anniversary of Iho  find,   mail   flight   across   Cnn-  'nda.       ���    ���'   ������."������'  True enough, hul the flint  mail to he delivered hy air, In  British Columbia, and possibly lii Canada, reached Its tltm-  tipaliou on n sunny afternoon  in the full of mill, '  I'Might-^ioul, Vii'lor A, Bishop, a young Air Koruo lu-  Mtructor. on fuiiough from ,  Franco whom he luul (IImHii-  MiiIhIhhI himsnlf as a fighlnr  pilot, was finding life in Va.ii-  I'oiiviT iM'clty (lull, A piliinn  huill hy lloffiir's Md. needed  lost lug, und ho willingly accepted Ihu Joli ol' pulling It  through lis plicoti.  Al lliu Miiiuti Uiiiii he thought  ho'would hiivn n till In fun .(hy  (Iropplnit ii welghlcil InM'ir lie  hln mini at l.'ltll llohsou Mt,  I'tuhiipM Im iiiiido nvliit|iiu lilii-  tory hy doing Just that.  Ilii look off ul !l 11,111,, Hop-  loiuliiii' l'i, HMD, i||ul was soon  HWoopIng low uver Viuici'iii-  yei's. Wast liliul, .Alrcriil'l. worn  uncommon lu lluinn days and  n liirgn criiyvd galhnrod Ip ,  downtown   hI'i'miIn'  lu   willed,  VHlHhop nhido hln' until cull,  dropping Iho hitler i|cnlly, ,hi  Iho middle of hln iiiiiil'ii luWu,  -llfr-irlnfl'tlfviiu'riilrily^lfi'WlH'nl -  down lo Coid lliiihoiir und  laud un wider, hul 'ended In u  idiiw tipln, 'I'liein 'whrii I'l'lon  ul' honor from llm iit/milii un  lhe uliiiliiiiu cnihhitd lliiounli  (lie roof of Hm hoiiin nf Dr,  ,1, 0, Piiii'liih, IKIll Ihiln Mln��i|,  wlioio Ihtii pilot wim lulnr  t'nunil, uuluu't, i'i'|iu!i|ii|' liullui  Punish hnlhluh,  Bliihnp hud inudiV llm I'lrut'  iilriniii'l dullvniy, mul hud iilv-'  ph Viini'oiiviii' lln I'lml idr  rriuili, from whli'li Im iiiii'iiped  With inlnor hriilifi'ii, Tlio", <�����-  |ilo|l niiiild nn hniiillliinii uiiij  wim   huhlii'd   up   lor   vurlouii.  |I'II|4II||M,  TJfe-Garry on Crowd  at Gibsons theatre  '  Page A-4 The Peninsula Times  'Wednesday, March 3, 1971>     .  PKB5PARE to laugh yourself silly when  Carry, On Camping comes* to [the Twilight Theatre, "Gibsons," All the lusty,  good natured humor of fhe"famous Carry  on Crowd makes this'film a, laugh-a-inin,-  ute delight. Hanelhng in next is "James  Garner as "Marlowe", the private eye  who makes Mike Hammer lopk hKe Dud-''  ley Doo-right. A fast roving, story of bul-  Jets, black mail and beautiful Wpmen.  Pi lined on location around l*ps" 4-lg^les,  this movie offers tight suspense, plenty  of-act inn and an ending tha,t may' m-'-  prise you.  First on the program for (ojay, and,  Thursday only is "My Lover, My Son'\  il frank, taut story of a. mother lpver'  Come see it , . . if your over 18.  Sawmill Sue says that it's only natural  that women take longer to dressr^hey  have to slow down for the curves.!  ,V^^^q,iyf^f-M'��7*jr''��''''  'raihw>i,i!wAi-niiyMi' jWfffii'tu'lirti  hwuimjii mm,  WMM��HwiM<He X.  Sechelt Legion Branch 140  iy  m  Legion Hall, Sechelt  EVERY WEDNESDAY  AT 8 p.m.  JACKPOT $J25  TO CD  $10 DOOR PRIZE  A  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  ��� <'^ will take place on  Thursday, March 4fh, 1971 at 7:30 p.m.  in the Board Office at Davis Bay.  CHARLES F. GOODING  Secretary-Treasurer  17  PLUS ADDITIONAL LIVE ENTERTAINMENT  GIBSONS  -A-  FRIDAY, MARCH 5lh  11  p.m. to 2 a.m.  Admission  $2.00  ii  V��    ,|  .   ���***  \  ���)'f No charge lor onlrion,  No ogo roilrklloni,  It  Mako novornl oniric* jf yau with.  Any Roador of Tho Tlmo�� may ontnr  Could Ton Use $^M).6o CASH ?  Whydidthoracal! it that?  KANAKA  Hm- In 'llm  l''i|iM��i'  Ciinynii wiih iiiiinoil lor lln  widliiii     liiliniiliiiii    (KhiiuIuim)'  xvjin''",nnriT~T"'nnrin1" fnr"~jFd|i  iIhiiw. In  UI-IO (ln�� JIMC o|k(ii-  ml n i'hiM id IImihiIiiIii and lis  ll'lidlii't nhipn   hiouidil   a  njini  |)(H' ' ol    KiniuliMii    In    lliilliili  Coliunhlii iivni" '*<n yniiiii,  O  \Z,  ri  A  .so  Now gel true beer task; in a mall liquor brew.  t||i|,iHlV'.l|H.VUitii(Hiii��l|'uUiulioU (ji UikoitfyuiJ hy lliu Llijuui Lunliul UuuiU ui iiy lliu UuVbH-iiibiilul Uiiliuli Culutiibiu,  a^^^tfwwSP  ^jhMiiiMi  ^^W8??"  ttH  itMrfA.ffhrth A��.M|#��jfl*-w*i*- wfc*r��-***u*j��. ^Vsrtk^tlV  W0* i- -_.  r  liSSiffi  - -from page *.,   ,&*����#���  example of how much could     ���t<?>^Clm!  ���shed by such a body   * !^��W  MORE    ABOUT  ..,  �� Public meeting  ���from page A-\  cited as an  be accomplished  Noim Watson pointed out that rate  payers' association*, aie ier-ojjnued fib quasi  oificial bodies, the next thing to an m-  cYn pointed charier impi oven-im!  distuet.  The. only difiicult'y, "m his opinion, was  tjiat lhe lot malum ol a latepivyeis' a^o'c-"  ml ion had to go through vauous. piocesseb  and meanwhile the people m Ihis aiea had  seveud  things  thoy  should   he  in gently  vtorkmg on Watej was one of them While  thK Committee was lunctionmg, he suggested  it  should  communicate  with  Mi  Bulloch o.t the ^Vatoi Rights nianch wlKo -f^  has a gieat deal ot  infoimation pertain-    e'*"- *  ing  to the watei   situation in  this  aiea  II  his i(-commendations foi  a watei  system weie put betoie the Boaid, the tas-  payeis miglit he btjved a lol oi money  Mi Bulloch would be likely to suggest lhat betoie going to the expense  of bunging watei all the way liona Chapman Cieek, local*, souices of watei be,  consideied and these would piobably  "--nj.fjre than suffice toi the immediate needs  of this community Anothei alternative  should he examined Thcte aie immense  bodies ol undeigiound watei in this  aiea One, of which Mi Bulloch is awaie,  could pioduce 250 gallons of watei pei  minute.  A vote of thanks was moved to Mr.  Duff who had done ho much work in arranging the meetings, to the pro-teui  committee and to Mr. Watson and, Mr.  Cliff Thorold.. for their heiph.il information. ������*  u \ tffr  ~3f$ W.W&W'W.W.  ������*:V  ���L*  ���'   r  Wednesday, March 3, 1971     ,     ThQ Peninsula Times   ,       Pago A*3  y��  v ���  ��     h^V*"*"*** ��**.  - "h. -/���>���J���-Vi*-^.        v^��    ^  -v  FOR ALL YOUR aOQBtCOyERING f\pp5~  -^ ' ��� ���������cam, on  1   ^��_WJ���_^4M>-.(  1659 Sunshine Coast Highway of Wynaaerf Road, Gibsons  Pho^e .886-7112  ^ CARETS*     -& TILES      ���&  we; feature; a large selection of drapes  a*,,  ,<iMW.1miLanHiiii>'inimriiiiH>iMiii1liniilitin  |"|.|I��HU   ^iiiMijiii llllll I'mu III  *s.  o-  Madeira Park Highlights  ���by Valerie ReirJ and James M��ckle"  'H'v;ww-iiwiyfgwatf-7Ji^^'d  Thuisdqy afternoon features the m-  dooi ti ack meet. Gigantic posters for each  team have -been1 rhaiir-ted. on the wa 1.1  Teams nave prepared cheers and selected  Nevv Annex  Sechelt Elementary School's six-plass--  room annex j�� almost ready'for'oc-  cupancy. Built at a east of fl71,07Ji  the building will replace Jthe six portable classrooms presently in us,e and  has been designed for expansion..  of the local tausiuasses\ for parents to  View..,The school halls are decorated with  pupils' best- efforts in the Academic field.  The school almost looks festive..Ah air  of diligence and anticipation pervades,.  Education.Week affirially opens Mafch  1st. However, parents are only invited to  visit   the   school   Wednesday   afternoon,  MORE    ABOUT   .. .  ��� Water rate increase  ���from page A-l  able of being served in tlie service area.  This lax will vary, depending on the  shse. of- the puroel, as follows: (a) up to  one acre in area $1.25 per month; (b) over one acre to three acts in area $2.50 per  month; (c) over three acrs to ten acres  in area $3.75 per month-; (d) over ten acres $5.00 per month.  3. A "User" charge for each dwelling  or building that connects to. the system  and takes water from it. This charge will  vary, depending on the cost of supplying  water to various locations, and is estin>-^when the Parents' Bond performs. The  ated to be as follows: finale of the concert will be several rnod-  -��� "1; Sechellt and Selma Park'$3^50 per ern pop selections played by the'combined  month; 2. West Sechelt $5.00 per month; adult and senior bands. Tea will be served  3.   Davis   Bav   $4.00   per   month;   A.   Aran     dunngjlhe concert.       ..,.-_   IT'S been a veiy hectic week at school  r4.fiveryone. seems   to  have   a   task   oi  some, sort fimplication Week. Some of  the   pupils   are   preparing   special   Cen-    Teams have prepared Pheersland selected FUdlery is. the art pf telling 'anpihsr  tennial  projects  in  punch  work-  Others    cheerleaders, to lea,d the cheering, ffl-icb     person -eic'Jctl'y'vyha.1."he" tMnH.-i''af hwseif'.*  are carving totem poles. Some are pre-     member of all the lepni^ will be wearing a     - rr-r^���'������.:>?. ���, '../-,���".���-.:- A.AAAA^j'  paring cheers and posters for fhe indoor    special J.eajn " emblem.: The", prpc'eedihgs  track   meet;   The   bands  are   rehearsing    fSVqrnise to he. .colorful       .  daily, for a concert during "Education Week.     ���    During the past week tjre sohool'fekms  Displays have been mounted in sonie     ^^-e gctlye. On tdesday,th$ gifls" VpUey-  hail Te^m 'defeatfed the Bender Haihqur  grade. 8 -firjs ig-4 anid i5-8- jfr> % 'third  miitcli, this; one {-gahi-ilt  ihe grade nine  giris,  the Madeira girls '-Jqst lS-ftf  Blake C. A|rter|0nJ':i?jCt"  Posr'Office BulMlrig Sochelt  The boys' .Floor ;HQqkey Teairi -vyfjs.nbit  as. fqrlimate as the gi.t-ls'' Vplley'h^l- Te^i-p".  On Wednerda'y,, th^bpys, p^y^d1 Qih&giis > |  Phono 885-2333  -.et. 886-2321  Tuofday hi Friday 10:30 a.m. tp 5:30 p.m..  ^aftjrdoy 9$0 a.R|. to 1-Q0 p��rn. t  EVEHIH^S PY APPOINTMENT    !   l  *mj.MiftTWnn.HIiii (���lm  1CTIVI MONdAV, MARCH M  Ywmcmm tmmMM & wnmm sullies tn.  ' GBBSONS BUiy}ING > SUP PUSS LTD.  ��;Q�� A.PJ3.-5:0�� PA  '*i  .V.  Ill  il  March 3rd, and Thursday afternoon, March   ��� *$$ n?be^s S.1*' ^^..llrsIT gam^'wajji  dtSw 11-11. The ttexf g*^nve-aaw Roberts  Creek win 4-3. The tying goal in tife  first gairi�� p'ampfpr .Qibsons with, only  5 seconds left. The.winning goal for;I^b>  erts Creek canie with only 10 seponrjj's  left. It was an unlucky day for the  Madeira Park Flopr Hockey Team.  The house standings are as follows:  Roadrumiers 4? Cpbrss "46, ..Panthers 37,  arid ' Cyclones wP'These'''sli"nSjngs"'wj.11  certainly be different after the Indoor  lYack J^eJuon. :rThursday��� . ~������r-  4th.- Wednesday afternoon parents rpay  visit classrooms from 1:00 to 1:30 p.m.  From 1:30 to 1:55 p.m. the Gymnastic  Team will display its talent. From 1:55  lo 2:10 p.m. the Junior^Hand will'pJay.  Then the Senior Band will play until 2:30  p.ni.   Parents   get   into   the   act   at   2:30  between Davis Bay and Gibsons���lower  pressure zone $5.00 per month; 5. Gibsons  Heights���second pressure zone $400 per  mnntli; (i. Gibsons Heights���third pressure zone $11.00 pei- month; 7. Chekwelp,  Granthams, Soames Point and Hopkins  $3.50 per month; fl. Langdale- second  pressure zone $4.00 per month.  The above "financial zones" are de--  .lineated on the drawing as Areas 1  to 8.  Halfmoon Bay, Pender Harbour, Earls  Cove, Egmont areas,'comparable rates to  be  established.  The- above figures were advertised  both hy circular und an advertisement  in The Times <in  the issue of.-f^oyember  Elphie Highlights  13, IQfltf. Chairmnn at thaMime. vf^-'Mv,     UQ hcnpolt-Harid tmdPr the  direct  -Frank.West wh�� "iince Mfirbp^if^ffi'6Kpa","^j[v Bu*Ut,-1*1^���thB'Kllihih*'t0h^  cha'nnan   and   ri   nnomhar .pf * UipV^flter'   f?and under the direction of Mr.  nnmmillan      Ur,>lai.    ��r..�� .v,i II o��    nlinl^mnn    So BBJI.     It 'Will     bGL'in     tli . II     n.Itl.     Ill    Ii  comn\ittee   Water committee chairman is  Dirctor Lorne.Wolverlpn. i  NEW BYLAW 'Uj. ^  Bylaw to amend the \vnter rate s|nu>  turn vvas advertised in The Times 'February |(I of this year hut unfortunately  its significance was sadly overlooked, Tho  new schi'iiuilfl as il appeared is as fn|>|ows:  ���ANNUAL RATES AND CHARdES���  DOMESTIC  1. (a)  I. lip 10 nno acre In nreji $40,  ���   (21 Over one acre lo Iwo acres $4ti, (3)  Over two iniros. In throe acres'$firi. (4) Ov-  .,.,,,<H'w!bW'<.ni'W..|j��,.f��ini,ii;:rfl-*.'$H5> (0) .Over  four iiiTitH 11-rflVu iici'iis $75. (ID Oven I'b'e  ��� iicro.s $5,00  for. oiii'li  addilional  ju.to  nr  purl nl un acrii lo lun iicruo. (7) Ovorlen  ' ucrcfi $3.01)   for  o'lich  uddilionnl  ncrc  nr  purl (if'nu acni tn Iwenly iwiich, (II) Ovnr  Iwiiiiiy   ai'i'UH  $'4,llll   for   uucli   additional  .,   Hnrn 'or purl of an ucru.  In iiddltlon t,o tlm loregnlng where n  I'uiilici'linii   Is,  iiindi!   Ijin   ffillowlni!. w  nplilyi  Hi)   AHIi:A-;r/,nmi   I,  (Mcchnll,   Mu|mu  Park,   |')iivls  Buy   lo  GlhunnH)   $;i,ari   pur  iiinnlh.  /nno 2,  illiiMiiiiiiiuil   ltd.,  dimitcr  Hd, I'rall  Hi .  pur iiinnlh.  2, Miilor   IIiiIiih   l*nr  hiiiuldrnd   culilc  vTl'i!i;| 2li(i pur mnntli; nuiilnvuiii c|'iirnu(ifiiir  " .!-,��� ii'iiMiih plus iiinlitr rniiinl $'ii,i|iti.-, '"'  ', ' II, Mnlur imilnln    (I) 'IV-uiul (ivor Tilln  pur  month;  <M)   I" $1 20  pur iiiniiili;  (,'|)  I tli" flllO per nionih;  (-1)-U" 1*2:00 i��"i  Hu.I.Hi;   (Ii)   .1"   :|,m,nil   pur   niniilli,   111)  $111,1)0 jinr niiiiilh; it) ir $W,l)0 per nionih,*  ���I,' Ciiiiniiiillni) chiirgnH  nniil|oii,$lli(l,   (15)   I"  (innliciillo  $171),   CI)  Oynr I" $IVf)..|iliiH (ifldlllnnnl cohIh iiif:iir-  rilil fur l'lliiiii(H unil 'hmliiilliilion,  An liilnrliii' InMfior'ii wlfn lolil im Ihul  mIim mul hor IiiihIhiikI nl n Iriiviil hiim<iii  In I'riiiiui (|(ioi'|ji^ HIlTi wim Innkln'i I'fii'Ji,, ^  "Wi iii i foinriTi r( i ir"wiiin rr��*r iiih i "*f im< ip ���"���'"���"'-"  TllE WILDLIFE lihn held nn ..Thursday,..  February, 18ih went off as planned  and it has been decided that all proceeds  from this showing be donated lo the  Retarded   Children's   Association.  ��� The next event opining up is' a' Fine  Arts Night, March 5th, presented by the  Children^) Children Cultural Exchange.  This Exchange Concert will feature Arg-  yle Sohpolt-Band undpr the  direpfian Ql    '   " Sd]{ool  Camp-  II-will begin at.fi p.m. in KJphin-  ^tone flchopl gym. Admission, is $1,25 for  fdtilts and 75c for students! ticket fpay  ���by Dennise Dombroski  he..purclia'sed at^lhe door-,- ���. : -J  A  British Columbia   Centennial  Flag  has been purchased by the Student Government for the school.  Homecoming is planned for March 30.  On March 26th there will be a school  dance  put  on  by   the  Student   Government The dress has not yet been decided.  SILLY SAYING; Everything from H. to Q.  Q. What happens to thp ice in a glass  A. The W4ter pats it.  I  l-HWOiW-WW  Time (ells on a man  good  titpe!  ^JheM  +ubc  Mjur-i^imi  p.  xamntUH  LADIES  UDIES' NYLON DOUCLE SHELLS with  mock rurHo neck in sixes  Small, Medium pr Large. Spec,  SPIES' FLPfiAL PIKINI'S in Mod Co-  lors, Easy care arnel,  p<��'r Special 2J.Q  LADIES'  SUMMER  HANDBAGS  In wipk*��r or vinyl,  sovoml shades.  Special priced from  WWT\  to  PHENTEX   KNITTING   YARN;   Groat  shades  for sprlno knifHng,' Completely  WJWhflbla,������T ���" ^| Afij?  Per Uoll   -     ,. Special  **w'*  ^.00000000000000 000000000000000000000,  ELtlCTRIC HETTLE   '  Plllro, Chrome  6 finish, Special  5   v ��',.  ,  V* 00 000* 000 00 00 0000 0000 000 00000 00 000?,  for  ,... Special jp pkgs. J[^  iy�� you uniofod ihy ry\ofln| (hilMlno ConloMi- Wilh ��nch'pMrchriso of  a model kll you rocBlvocirtonlryioriTi.Juilolno will ho Maich'6 ui 4 |>,m.  TO WESTERN P  AMD  -"Pff   "WS ���  W ^Sj W#( H Ifc  C ..ABERNHTHT  ,^StmJ^m^SSm.^Jw0^  Trail Poy Control S��icholf  Phono DQQ-3335  SgMiBiiaqiMwww^^  0$ Cablevislan Installation Wlffi Every Color T.V. Sold During Salo,  BLACK AND WHITE':J*V* " COHOR TPV. -.STEREOS' * MWI TAW PE���MS  '    ' RKCOflD PLAYERS - CAOETTE UNITS .. . \  '    EVEHYTHINQ' ^lUST' PE CLEAHEP ' IN iZ mutt?>\  0  COWItlE STM SECHELT  "wmm smvia is AVAMm"  PHONE ona.2171  I  ,-  *^^kj^/0i^l0*^^0^0^^^^^^0^^  A*��A<��Ai  A*aaAaaaaaA  ilA<U/'.  w^m^i?if}X^^^^^  -���l.'VA.O.AAltAytAMl.lAt. aSlFii  I**"  Page A��6 '  The, Peninsula Times  Wednesday, March 3, 1971  J    \  {���'-,  Afgyle School Band  ii!lphinstone-March-5  /"���" ** i  rM    ���' r' f 'Vi  11  ANOTHER fund raising    project to he  launched by the local Children to Children organization, which brought the prnp      _ ��� ���  Children's Choir here from Czechoslovakia,   f ~ " ~"  some time ago,-will be an "Exchange Con-    L��� ���  eert" to he held at the Elphinstone High  School March 5,  The concert will feature the Argyle  School Bsnd supported by a program of  imusiQ arid drama with local talent  " Other past.events in which the oigan-  i?ation participated includes: a visit to  Brno %y the B.C." Boys" ;Chdir, Visit and  performa'rice by the B,C. Boys' Choir in  Gibsons, Armed Forces Naden Band con--  .cert irw North-Vancouver, Salmon Barbe^-  cufe last July/.as a fund raising project.  While the'niajqr events were successful they were not money raisers and consequently a deficit still exists.  Admission to the Exchange Concert  will be $1.25 for adults and.75c for students.  In   1898 Vancouver  was seized  in  a  muwmmwmn  i \j i  ij ���  .H  L  -J-      -     C.  .'-J.-.-   *.0^0,  -i�� C"  'I   )  \t  n  .*'"�� 'J-Hj  a.  r  I-  "i       ' I  ,      |V"p <��� * --il   Ll'  i   <    ^  ���I  I *  r  W\  -*   ���,   i  '1/  �� . ii i      >  TtctU Bay Centre ... . ''   < ,���_^  Western Drugs store opens  ^ii^e^tee^ltTISlidppwgnMail  1IIAIL  Bay  Centre   in  Sechelt will  be UBC.   Both   Mr.   and   Mrs   Klause   Will  celebrtrting another Grand Opening on work in this newest branch of Western  I hursdqy  of   this    week   When' Sechelt JDrugs and have  taken up residence in  Vestern Drugs officially opens' its doers Sechelt. ^  iiu'he community.  __   .Assisting Mc-and Mrs.-Klause are Mrs. -  "���With fifty-six drug stores now operat,- Ei'een   Evans,  Mrs.   Helen  Chrtstianson  nig ihthe Province ol British Columbia, and Mrs. Edna Fisher.  Western Dings offers-customers Iremend- The spacious store is attractively l.ncf  H is savings and right here off'lhe Sim- out wi h a wondeiful variety of products;  lune Coast prices are exactly the same especially  attractive  is  the cosmetic  bar  a; those in Vancouver branches with its. oveihead canopy and deeoraltve  I'he  Sechelt stoje  has  the  added  at- lamps ...... f  tiaqUpn of ..being located   in  the  jridoor a feature of -next Thursday's opening  hopping mall which provides a pleasant will" be free orchids. flown in especially  ���������'axed atmosphere away from the noise from Hawaii for the ladies; balloons for  if traffic.       ,*! ^-"���~k the children; Chinese'fortune cookies will  Pharmacist and manager of the. new conceal   fifty   prizes   and   there twill -be  tore is Mr. Wes Klause who is a gva'dua- tremendous savings on opening specials.  is of the University of British Columbia The new'drug store, will be open froifl  nd comes ���from Vancouver.  Mr.  Klause 9 a.m. until ti pm. from Monday to Satui-  i    married   and   his   wife  Helen   is  also day  and  will  reniain open., until 9  p.m.  qualified  pharmacist  and  graduate  of on Friday  nights.  Newest Branch  SSffif B^tateT-Jd'iM             /Officially opening    on Thursday of prescription service from 9 am. until  ���was' crowded   to capacity   tents   were    this week, Sechelt Western Drugs is 6 p.m. on six days a week with an  pitched on every open lot and sled dogs    the 56th branch in British Columbia, extension until 9 p.m.   on  Friday  were   being   broken  to  harness   in   the     With two fully qualified pharmacists "nights,  streets.                         ���                          in attendance the pharmacy offers  iCc  e  ���    9    ��  anarcitulcitio nd  etcofne  ��ra��ja;izM����.-imi��wcr^^  ����&������  ��^fJB��pfflm��^��m������^  ^^^^M*s**ssiiii^^fg^^^^HiffiS^s^^^5Bi^8'iiiii r. i'-Ji^i^^^^^BRi^^iKu??^^^  ond  SECHELT  f-  ; ���-    ���--     -v:;. ;������  Introduction  Pharmacist'and manager of Sechelt.  Western Drugs is. Mr. Wes Klause  who comes here from Vancouver, and,  is very happy with the new appoint-'  meat which brought him to the Sunshine Coast. Mr. Klause and his wife  Carol are both graduates of UBC and  will both be working al the new  store which opens in Trail Bay Centre this week  onara  NOW SERVING YOU  FROEV3 TWO LOCATIONS  l^����WiWl*SMffi^^^  'feS^'^^^'K!''^^  r   ; ��� ;     : . ���*-4 L.���\U���-J t. i r * J     ������ -'   .      . ,    -. "*v  .      ���. i :   i ; ".-... ' ��� -        *  diU  "-���^,  a zm  ,ii< w"  w:?^> Z" MA  ���dm.'. <<<> , .'.jA^  NEW LOW DRUG PRBCES COME TO SECHELT 8  WATCH  FOR OUR  SPRING SALE  FLYER  ff'JH. '  ;,^'Av  Astiiti  '!��;���#;"  A..A',l-  V^l  Antl-porspiranf Spray,  6 ox.  r\  i,.*, ,��� 11|  ,\l\      iH  ���vr^ v  mm^mt^mmmm^.  KLEENEK  WHITE TISSUES  100'.  2 ply.  EACH  LIMIT 3 PER CUSTOMER  tfWrlrVWWVWWA^rVWMVW^^  COLGATE TOOTHPASTE  PltiV MPt* - Family Slx'a,  r'i ���      ������'   ,.  c  WESTERN DRUGS-SERVING ALL BRITISH COLUMBIA  2S0rs PLUS 7S'a FREE  ABSORBENT BALLS  Brand,  PLASTIC STRIPS,  "How Variety Pack",  100's  %'AZh,;  feminine Napkins,  40'�� Ronular;  ���>% , A.  PUFFtt  SPECIAL  0m0m0mmm4*0m0m0i0M**mim*0**rm0**f*.*v***<*'*i0**m  your family pharmacy  /  Trail Bay Centre ����� Sechelt -.' Phone 885-9833  STORE HOURS- MomlayThur��rloy 9 a.m. 6 p.m, ��� Friday 9 a.m.-9 p,m,  CLOSEP SUNDAY .  COA4f IN ANP MEET W��S KLAUSE ANO STAFF  ���  4 .*  '  *   I   :   ./,-. I,  #������.#,#.**   % *   *   ft  >'  V -...»
Section B
Wednesday, March 3. 1971
Pages 1-6
..j,i | ■    . I   ,t..
;    n
• ?
ffecfteif packs . . «
1 !,' * * i
Mother-Daughter Banquet
hailed outstanding event
CELJSBnATINCr one pf the raj? qcpa^ions'|knees. ;        ■- .-■ ./-.■.>..' \   A    '
when the three Brawhie pagks in the |aWARDS
f'fe]i Z^&iil Elistrlct  get ^eth^r, H   ■ TherVconld be no better day for mak-'
qWet Was an ovilstanding syccess.      ^ gn 0^,  of  {]     Pe^er H^'bom'.
_ More -than fine, hwn^d ^ JW vpacki,Helen "Ohristjiii w^-enrpfeas
Brownies,. Leaders- and Mothers attended „ fJll,Hpi. anH Knrin<- Ma2 »;i«o^^no^
the annual event held thiSuyear on Feb-
Ir %v
i *lr
mary 32nd to. celebrate the birthday-of
World Chief Guide Lady Baden-Powell.
Highlight of the' smorgasbord style
banquet was the fine twenty-two pound
salmon which proved" there are some
fairy   godfathers  as  well   as   fairy   g°od7
t\<   mothers behind the scehiS. The salmon was
a Guider and Korino Martin W3*> enrolled
Tawny Owl of the Wilson Creek Pack.
District Guider Dohalda Sigoutn repeived
.her 4 year pin with a special flpominonda-
ticm from: lhe District Cqrnmissiqrfer in
appreciation of the tremendpys amount
of work done by this vpry active Guider.
Anna John* was enrolled into the Qephelt
%r r
caught by Mr. Kobus of Pender Harbour     KA?"**  ******  W**W4 ^
and  had  been  prepared by  Uncle  Mick?       Awards  "     de   t     g   he,     B        ies
of   Sechell,.   Stulfed   with   shnmp   and    ; included the Housekeeping badge-Sandra
garnished with cucumber andJomato, the.- ,..Jo   en8 R   bad^eJSharon ^6]sw
delectable dish  was  thoroughly   enjoyed _ Cal.hy. Rodway and .Wendy Flay.'
Pender   Harbour   Brownies   receiving
Slapstick comedy piesonted hv LA     cast on a white sheet by this crazy
melnbui-) had Biowmes helplubs \Mlh    team  (any resemblance J-o persons
Idughtei d-> Ihey watched silhouettes    known is purely coincidental!)
together with the many tempting dishes
prepared by the mothers.
Brownie Mary Connor gave the toast
to'the Queen and Brownie Kim Benner
toasted the rnutliers, Mrs. Peggy Connor
gave   the   reply,
Huneehin- "District Commissioner. Mrs.
Dorothy Stockwell introxfuce'd Guiders
and Local Association members which
included District Guider Donalda Sigo-
uin; Sechelt Leaders, Dorothy Rodway and
Mar.y Flay; Wilson-Creek leaders Joan
tyewsham and .Ko'rine Martin; Pender
Harbour j leaders Bev Dival, Helen Ed-
. ^#IM^l'^^n-Christian and Packies
Ma^i-Mfr^r^hd-Ti'ish Kobus. FairyGod-
mothers "for  the. three  packs  are   Ingrid
derhi.il, Dianne Benner and Ruth
Mothers, Rangers and Guides in the
kitchen faced with the mammoth task
of dishwashing, were extended a hearty
vote of thanks.   .
With three packs participating, the
game of musical chairs proved quite a
challenge and Brownies hardly had time
to catch their breath before members of
the Local Association presented a skit
which had more than one person "in
stitches". What lhe Brownies saw, was the
silhouette of art' operation- which was too '
comical to he imnjsfni)iirlh£_aiJ4au-l.qJdi^-^
place behind, an illuminated white sheet.
Later each pack entertained with their
pack songs. Both*'tlm Wilson Creek and
Pender Harbour packs songs were the
first ones composed lor these packs. Sechelt luis had ils own pack song for some
Another feature of lhe evening which
had the little girls cheering with gusto
was the -mothers bat form Tatnr ami ayorre
mother commented; "It's good to make
them laugh, once in a while", and/ the
mothers did just, that as they hopped'-'
shuffled .and waddled-lo the finishing line
with a balloon held lightly be'tween their
badges were: Housekeeper—Holly Ann
Wiggins, Jo Ann Iverson, Kella Garrison, Cheryl Porter and Michelle Turner.
Meredith ,Porter received . her writer's
badge and Sharon. McKay received her
minstrel's badge.
Kim Benner of the Wilson Creek' pack
received  her -Toymaker  badge.
The evening ended with the Burmese
Welcome song and Taps. —
dealer for: „
*     *     *     *
.* -      *       *       *
Ph. 886-2280
To^yVes and Ctirel rslause,
As neighbours we we/come <
fo the
The fiesf of Luck.
Vi.* 4ij,i
ti >J |
'**   0*0,    IO-   ;
■■V-, "iPi
Fashion Centre Ltd
Trail Bay Centre,
>ieis id Sell. Rent. BuyA&mdpAeM
t'(  '
i >.' ,
A,}\ mny look a hit gnuiHonu) hohinil llio   ionUiinod wilh i\ .comedy a
{flumes Imi il m\H ''operul.ion laugh-   operation, hy Iho way, wan an an-
vii - 'JJoy" during lhe llrowiiien Molher and    topsy.
il , (tpaiiglilov Dmi(|iiol when Ihe l„A, on-
i(4 ^v4 Mt   V
I   II''
< I   I
< I
'  I imro '   ' i i» »,■"»■ on in ■■mm	
■ 7f-    -
•ft    ,   \« s,   I I
my,\i\"i>,j'>i   ,
18 OR OVER, Unless
..*.  i_.:t_    .   ■    	
Accompanied By A Patent
Or responsible Adult.
Starring:  Romy Schneider
Wednesday and Thursday,
March 3 and 4 at- 8 p.m.
1  n i<s - I'
4-1    ii*-
PHONE 006-2472
9>jtaanaanaK,~wiv i&iizat&'i**
. it ■ra.t,~.yj;a~»T.a,s.tf.i'.;lsi.;.,,-.s.
»iim i   il/'Min   i.<ichi|   ,'iit
'..\.. y*w|  «Hin>\.. '•"'if-" i "t.'
Friday, Sarurday, Sunday,
March 5< 6, 7
•iliinieS 'Ciriinui' uiul
0ni| i-joiiuyad
Mondny, Tuosdqy, Wednesday,
March 0, 9,10 at 8 p.m.
-1. II ■ i
.V* I
\A. $
■: ■'-'ij
'.i.    **
r \.-. «
-« .ii. t
>'* *
*. ■«   *«
■'" •*
'** ' t ■*
*». **
1 fir'.
»»^; -
it*-' -
•... ■     if
ft*   ■*.   *4
If   nV
J. **
I     1
J *
tV no trade-ins weeded
Full 4 Ply Nylon. A First Line Ike.
Fiill Range Of Sizes.
i'-.     '.■■',,
6.50x13 .   ; ",■
8.55x15   .   .   .   ^m^u
W/W-$2.00 EXTRA
Full 4 Ply Nylon, top of the line.
Full Range Of Sizes.
B78xT4   . ".■""."
H78x15   .   .   .. <?^*
W/W-$2.0p EXTRA
U«#J       7.00x15 JJI^iiJJ
8 Ply
PHONE 0f)G2700
"I     *
i«t '
to^ ah Sports groups, organizations and clubs on p^ sunshine coast
Th« Sunbhino Coast "Lions Club a|a a(ja|n sponsoring Iho Annual Community' Dirth'dqy talondar and salasmon aia rQc|u|rdd.    For oach calondar your Organization can soil Iho
■■ Lions will donato $ LOO towards, your activities'. Applications must bosubmitted to tho Lions by MarclvJ2th and your salos bill* comploled by March 26th.. .For further dblalls
'   contact any of the following Lion MomNrs-
JACK NELSON ^5-9030 v I ROR SCALES ~ 5-2^21 I PETE SfVIITM - 5-0463
2     ;;.. «i *
*   il     t 1    f   0%
-tfy   1-
-=TwW *t^wWjf«*.iT-w. V -v_T!^.���rl  ��v  vi  ������1  ,��� '-*  'it1  ."   ?  i  *  T��ge B-2 "w  Tliii 'T-enhfeula Time!- V" Wednesday, March \ 1971  ���    ���    ���'���  �����"-.    _�����.���in ���.,.,.,.,,   .-I- .      , , . gP , ��� ' 1   A��W��MMfc^MMWWMlgMVWMl<**^MMMWAJMWMVW<liWM*W<W*WV��*WWMlM��MiW  TllE PENiNStJLA7*��^  -*! -nfly f>f H'ro'ig, fcn/��/ iJirtfr /jo/ f>e so wrong (is to jail to fay what I believe to be right."  *tJoiin Atkins  '  " '.       Dqii(-i.a<- O. WirKBU'.H, Editor  Rush  es  I Jl:  Coiuiiutiiity  PRIOR to CQi#Tetion'oC the Trail Bay  Shopping ^Centre concern wns expressed, in some quarters, regarding  likelihood of empty -stores due to those  merchants -moving from present quarters  to  the  Centre,   Qthers ��� could  see  the  local merchants are able to ortfer anything they do not have in stock, the  average person does like to see the article  first. '. "    "  This then is where the' addition of -an  ��� attractive shopping centre plays   a  big  development as n" natural "an'S progres- part in the economy, of the area: Not  sive step forward for the Village of Se- only does it provide a pleasant shopping  chelt as such a complex would inevitably    atmosphere but by bringing in new busi-  :omplex v  encourage a greater flow  of shoppers  into the community/  Another aspect-is.the fact that many  thousands of dollars are spent weekly  by out of town shoppers, people who  for a variety of reasons prefer to spgnd  money, made locally, in Vancouver. This  is not a crime for any person has the  right to shop where he, or she, feels  fit". Further, many outside shoppers are  genuinely convinced they can do better  in the city where, it is possible a better choice of /product might be available.  There are, of course, many arguments  nesses and offering existing stores larger  premises with opportunity for expansion,  a much greater selection of goods becomes available. Thus, the need to look  further afield is no longer a major factor,  mere money is kept circulating within the  community and more jobs are created as  a result. '���'  Even mofe significant is the fact that  stores' which became vacant when merchants moved to flie Centre are riow back  in business again with new occupants. In  most cases by entirely new types of business. Combination of the Centre and re-  against buying from dealers outside the   -occupied stores had added approximately  area. Such things as goods on warrantee  which require servicing. It is an incredible  gall to purchase an item 'in Vancouver  and turn around and expect a local agent  to have to fix it should it break down.  Then' too, we have the question of the  tedious chore of having to spend hours  travelling to and from Vancouver, more  time seeking the appliance, furniture or  whatever it might be, and finally having  to either transport it back or pay to have  it shipped over.  Question of limited selection might,  to some extent, have been a valid one  and   although   it could  be  argued  that  ��uses?  thirty new jobs to the Village. Hospital  expansion will undoubtedly result in a  'feWmore and a gravel operation already  setting up at East Porpoise Bay will provide even more. Not to be overlooked is  the substantial contribution the Centre  Will make-to the Village tax revenue.  We would hazard a guess that within  the, next few years growth of the area  will be quite considerable.* It now rests  with Council to expand its thinking in  line with such progress for some of the  attitudes . predominating during recent  weeks belong in the ark rather than in the  ccfuncil chamber of a growing community.  ����ne  MANY recognized responsible organiza-    veloped to pome������-up-with,-vnswers e"abl-  uons such as Rod and uun clubs  ��� have made known their concern at what  has developed into a major issue, that  of pollution and the need for controls,  before if is too late. v  Other concerned individuals have also  added support; to' the call for action  by both government and industry with  the result that major steps are now be-  ���ing���t-ak^nr- Unfortunately���tbe-proeess-of-  legislation is invariably slow and tedious  but does get there in the end. It is  therefore, comforting to know that already  yction has been taken and while some  regulations have been introduced, others  are to follow.  Industry too is playing its part.with  the expenditure of- millions of dollars  to eliminate pollution wherever possible.  As an example,' MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.,  a company which,,, has fallen victim to  some of the rather more radical protest  element, has recently installed pollution  control equipment, at its plant in Alberni  at a cost of $3Va ..million,  Most other  ��� industrial undertakings, large and small,  arc doing the same thing. At the same  t i me, i lis only bee a use., of jli ciej* prcssiohs^���  7'oT'toncorn lhat this is being done,.  We carry no torch for fellow passengers  '    who mouni every bandwaggon in order lo  satisfy Ihc'ir own petty ego; These-  are  the individuals who for a  multitude of  .,. personal reasons-seek, fame, and possibly  fortune,  as self-appointed experts.  Just  name iho cause and ihey are there, ll is  a simple matter to discount such podplo  for they soon become known but, unfortunately, they invariably do far 'more  To luym whui might be a good campaign  than they over tli) for il.  What does count is tlie fact iluii from  the resultant clamor the powers that he  finally .distinguish the voice,, of reason  from Iho axe grinders and act accordingly.  Another welcome advance made by  the I'roviueial Government was announced lusi week hy Altomey-Ocneriil  Leslie l-elVrson wlio outlined procedures  for culling down motor vehicle noise,  Noise dobak'niei'i bylaw are not easy  |o institute lor there" is the question qf  "iii"what, level isnoise Jo be considered  i . excessive and hy whai yardstick would,  ii be determined.' V   ���      '���',',  . "  , ' Not strictly u pollulnnt, motor vehicle  .'' 'noise lias of late been put under that  cliissll'icaiion and ihe government reuiilii-  lioiiK will uliininale need for iniinlojpnll-  lies lo develop iioIm> level stiindiud-i of  Jhelr own,  .-..��.�����,���.,( loVeriimcnt-plans'in  lioiiN lliis year \vliieh will sel out iiiii*  .   in iiiu nolst" levels permlHe'd for cerlain  classes  of  vehicles,   Intention    Is  thai  noise levels, IWomc progressively strlci-  " er un llic yeai'N go'l'V',  I'lnns' o��i11IW imlso nieasurliig ipeters,  lo bo used In con|unei|on with mnxliiiiuii  noise H'VoIn, and set up ni njolor.vuljlcle  * ii'siing "'Millions;'  This Is indeed a major advance by  a govoiliiiienl Tor it h iiiulcrMood llinl  nowhere lins a serious stud') been ilis  Trig an iTTspectioii u> fii iirttrTiofffrtH-ve-  hicle testing routine. "'''.  Apart from a few isolated cases, our  pollution problems are far from becoming a national disaster. They are, however, sufficiently serious that decisive  action had to be instigated. We have  no doubt environmental and pollution  control is on the right track and now  ���thxat-^te[5��^are-beingr^vl^n7^dctioTr^viH-  continue.  Poet's corner  ���Your contributions are jnvited  Suppose  ���rby Frank O'Brien  LEFT\ving; right 'wing, moderate, liberal, '  radical, TacUe-vl-lih, womeris' lib' hip-'  pies, straights, yippiesl..fac'sis, Commu-  nistsr pigs, we all seem to 'have a tag  these days. Even* if you don't' besleng to  any' group you're ono of the 'Silent, Majority'. .,    . .      '  j  1 "wonder why we have this Ghsesjsion  with -'labelling oi.irs-elves .,.' is, H he'eause  we seek safety in numbevs, or is it because with the larger populations today  an organization of one. ten years ago- is  now a group.of hundreds?  ''Well,, whatever the reason, I'm begin-  n,ing, a new group to" simplify and combat  all these lapels. Its name is the Radical  Middle ot. the Readers.  The R.M.R, doesn't support anything  but it 'doesn't condemn anything, either!  It is planned-for those members of the  Si len Majority who want a more forceful  way of saying nothing.  We will stage,marches'with 'Support  Apathy' banners and buttons with slogans  like 'Support Your Local Police If You  Feel Like It' and 'Freedom Now or Maybe  a  Little Later'. ' ���        ,  Robert St an fie Id can be our National  Spokesman because of his ability to speak  for hours without saying anything.  The National Conference will be held  annually on Ground Hogs Day in-Apple -  ���ton, Ontario, and if anyone shows up  he is immediately banned from the group.  Membership in the group will have  many benefits. No longer will you have  to listen to someone tell you how we'  could end the war in Viet Nam or stop  unemployment in Canada. On Viet Nam  you can-say "I think they should pull out  immediately, unless of course, they decide to stay", on unemployment you can  state emphatically that "The Prime Minister is cUiiug.. it all wrong, but I think he  may be absolutely right!"  Needless to say such speeches will  ' mark you as a man to be reckoned with.  Your membership dues ($1.49) include a  manual -of chants and protest songs by  Lester Pearson, a complete set of 'now'  clothes-to-demonstrate-in from Eaton-;  and fashionable glue-on hairpieces for  the men. Everything, io short, to make  you the dashing radical"you secretly  admire.  So there we have the perfect solution .  .'":".:. t he clian.ee to be a romantic radical, the  ''e.vcUemem^5T"pi'iHe��r~U'ilh the assurance  Failure  Editor, The Times  Sir: Following is the copy ol a letter  sent to Twilight Thrive operator Ray  Boothroyd who for some time has tried  to present good family type entertainment  to his patrons. E. rl. Dalgleis,h, Branch  Manager of Warner Bros. Seven Arts Distributing Canada, writes:  , Received'box office statement covering iT, he Mikado engagement 2^8 - 10-'71.  '.������ No one could aslv-nxore from a theatre,  manager,, than the fine publicity campaign you worked "so hard to get. it is  comparable to the best efforts of a top  Vancouver theatre manager.  Traditionally The Mikado has been  a favorite school amateur theatrical play.  It is hard for rae to understand the lack  of children and student attendance during your engagement. Just- 31 children at  tlie Saturday matinee showing.  This all time favorite of many gen-  eratons, performed by "lhe'"world's leading opera company, met with such indifference from fhe citizens of your community. It's a' sad thing. Once again your  effort to ���present to your community a  very worthwhile film has met with failure. "���        ' .:'"    '    -  Objection  Editor, The "Times;  Sir:  Following  is  a copy   of a  letter  ^submitted, to director Slade  as our   Regional Board representative. It contained  signatures representing 119 property owners   who  were at   home  when   the  canvasser called.  LLOYD FRASER  Dear Sirs: We, property owners living in the Selma Park area, strongly object to the water rates as set out by bylaw  No. 37, Schedule B. "  The referendum held on November 23,  1968 promised that the. wa-i-er .charge  would vary, depending on the cost of  supplying water to the various locations.  The Regional Board has not kept this  promise. Bylaw 37 Schedule B sets the  same rate and charges throughout the  Sechelt, Selma Park, Davis Bay to Gibsons- area:   Regardless  of   the  factthat  due to already having had water, the  Sechelt .and Selma Park area- receive  no benefits such as lower fire insurance  rates, increased saleahility of puv property, increased-land yaJde, etc, "  hi the ^strict'between Davi^JJay: and!  Gibspps the fire insurance has decreased,  on an --average of ,-TO cents pei-^hviitd'ed  dollars. This means that if a home is  insured for $30,Qut),0d the decrease in  the fire insurance premium alone could  be sufficient to pay the water chargef  Land In zones D, E and F seryjiippd by  the pew water system have inpvieased in  value. In zone C we get no increase due  to already having had. water,      ,->"���������  , Land speculators and subdlviders are  making a killing. They not only enjoy a  considerable increase in lhe value of their  land, b\d are able to subdivide into twice  as many lots due to being on water  mains. .  <"��� We request that the Regional Board  take a second look at the water charges  and bring in a more realistic water rate.  Elementary, schools  day off March Sfh -  FRIDAY, March 5 will be a school holiday fqr all elem'enjary schools- in the  district but it will be a day of study for  the' teachers who will be participating  in the annual convention which takes  the* form of a workshop., ^  The day' will eommehce with a pi'e-  ,HpnlttVi<m.,'hy Professor C: Gilhispiei foi-"  lowed by a i'Um and-audience pat'tieipar  tion in, the new .science ,pi:Qgi^.m.  Teachers will split intn two . groups  for the afternoon session when" Mrs.  Joyce Little., . head teacher of Ilidgeway  Annex, North Vancouver and member  Qf the B.C. Teachers' Federation task  :fprce'.on Elementary Science will give  practical advice to grades 1 to 3. IVfem-  ���b'ers of the Sechelt District staff, Mr.  B. Dall, Mr. D. MeKee and Mr. D. White  will offer suggestions to intermediate teachers from grades 4 to 7.  On March  19, Secondary School teachers will hold an^in-service workshop.  Lac la Hache was named for -an axe"  which was lost there in the days of early  explorations.  that you aren't changing, a thing.  [_from Teen Topics  j>  If all that we s*jyp  In a single day,       .  With never a word left out,  Were printed each  night  In clear black and white,  'Twoukl prove queer reading, no doubt  And then just suppose,  Ere one's eyes he could close,  He muKt read the day's record through,  *riren'l^uuTdhr_lur'fry"    ~~j~  A great deal less talking- to. do?  And I more than, half think  That many a kink -   ,  Would  be  smoother  in  life's  tangled  thread,  11' one half lhat wo say  In a single day '       '  Were  left   forever  uiimiiUI.  I, Too   *  .Out, of Ihe long blue flight  into the south.  I liavo fallen,  IwiBling, to eiivth,  Blood taate In my mouth.  Caii'tht by a iimall furreid foot,  1 huvo imiivvwl my own bone,,  Or thirnli'd to death whore a at roam  filing  over  a  Mono,  I have rlluil on n griiHny hill,  .   Slowly, at iluwii,  With  never a  piirlliiH  niid|?n '-  For my doc and hor fawn,  ,1 huvo haoi'i each lliiih thing'  llorno hi' inan'a lair--  Thu broken dove, and llm buck  And ..Iher.crumjilt'il, hare'.  ���by fi, Dorm  i The Rhyming Philosopher  . l       lliiiry W. I'VtcluT  INDIOPIONDMNdK  Now iK'I'c'r. ii Mi|'|<i'hllHii,,in M'llln llio qiioMlon,  1 Of ilurtiu minis mul inldh mul uuuh,  How many people knowlliat the Biaf-  . rian government hi^ed a Madison Avenue  advertising agency 'q present their, plea  to the American public? ("No, George,  get the skinny kid with the big belly!  Great picture") Of course, the idea worked I  J^!tE_w-eIl,.Jh��Jiaii^ ���;  -  the war but they won the hearts of every  mother in the United States and Canada.     I  Next, 'I suppose, the weathermen will  hire an advertising agency, 'and then,  ... wham��. . right in the middle of Bonanza is Abbie Hoffman standing under a  neon peace sign with a M-l. On the highways beautiful billboard groupies battling  with police, under the heading 'Power to  the People",. Oh, the puospects are end-!  less. ���'������  '  *       *       *  Rapping  with  a  guy   this  week  who���  said   that   advertising  didn't   affect   him  at all. He was wearing a pair of striped  slacks by GWG, a leather jacket, (tailored)'  and  a set  of desert  boots.  Ho  hum.  The  trjuth  is  that  advertising   affects  everyone, some to more oi .lesser disgrees,  I am not talking here about, local ad-.  ���'.vertlsonionlH,'-because they simply mirror  the   great   promotions.   No,   I'm   talking  about the TV ads* the magazine ads, the'  food  packaging,  Before we see any pro*  duel   through   IIiuho   medlns   millions   (if  dollars  has  been spent  on  research  and  promotion. It would take, for example, at  least $l|)���()0(l,()00 io put  another huccohh-.  ful detergent on iho national  markel. A  new sioft drink could demand advertising  cosin up to .$5,(1110,001)���before any  profit  wan made on (ho product,  A lull page lii Time'or I,JIo mngii/.lnoj ���  nnd many others, cmi be as high as ijifiO.OOt),  During a iwetil Hoh Hope teloVinlon npo-  I'lid   'jut  adverting   prlco   was   IpSMO.OOO  '  a minute, Noodle^ lo say, nobody MpeiulH  ,111b typo of money  without ^ii'nnuilned  miuIl.s, Thnivroro, I'ur eviiry dollar Kpniil.  on iidviirlldlng i)|/ihly conin  |H hpenl  on  rofniarch,   ll   would   mil   bo  <ixii|<n<inillntf  b��   'i��y   Ihul   n   large   diMijIonuil   manu-"  fliclui'or could |tn���w ������������.��� ���|)(ll|| i|Kl.���v���|..  agn Noi;ih America^ 11011,10wife thnii Iho  lioVni'iUIKUlt    (|||(!(|,  'lift  (rich)  Ih'othnr  In  watching "von,  *       +       *  |,!|V ' ��� "Hi ��� ��� . Hurry, In mention ll hut  "bnwlniv'lnl'oriiiiillvii' rilnm on f'lni/(nliuno  win Hulnglonloplt  /Vlllln-ArchljH'unilp.  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LADBE;s^ SPORTS WEAR  Pl^no B86-9994  Sunnycrosl Shopping Contra  ^gByaaaixa'a.-s  SAVE MONEY  AT Y0UR POPUCAR  LUMBER AND BUILDING  SUPPLIES ,  SorvlnQ Tlm Sunslifmi Coa*jt  SUPPLIES  0Q3-2203 - Socl.nlt, n,C,  r0Lj-010t*1i'+lA'1*  <toMHftW%-ifflMB��l#<l^i'%*^l<^l[��Jil Travelling Around  *t  MU and Mrs. Horb Storicwell have returned to thou- home atL Porpoise Bay-  alter a trip to Mexico accompanied by  their Inonds Mi" and Mb Jack McKay  of Keii'ineos In 'hnt campei, lhe Sl'ocU-  wclls lull Vrtiu-ouvei and nine inches of  hiiuw" on Janihu>> lllh and headed'south.  They inn into plenty ol tioulde dining the drive vahPtiUglt Washington �� and"  Oregon The road wa\ in a chaotic condition, wnth' ears strewn, along the roadside  and gieat tieight truck-, jackruted and  turned over Once past Shasta the load  was quite good. They had arranged, to  meet, the McKay's at Desert Hot Springs  a,nc- ll\e-^V0 Parties"arrived at tlie Springs  within' fifteen minutes of each other  Jack. and - Alice McKay had come south  by a more easterly route and experienced  nothing near as much trouble as the  Stockwells had on Highway 90. T_ogethep *���  they spent "three pleasant days in Desert  Hot- Springs, enjoying the sunshine and  swimming in the lfot pools. They visited  a dale plantation and tried date shakes.  which Ihey highly recommend-.' \-. ...  journeying south., they stopped at  Tucson Where they visited their first flea  market, which is a junk, or rummage sale  where most of the articles are cheap and  have been put in working order. The  Stockwells had come without folding  chairs which they say are a "must" when  travelling and they were fortunate in a  being able to buy some for two dollars'*  each at the flea market.  Another-two dollars bought an electric  coffee .percolator which proved an in-  estimable blessing throughout' their trip. ..  Mrs. Stockwell regrejts that slie had not  taken an electric toaster, lor there was  always an electric supply'to which they  could hook up when they camped for the  night. The most important essential, particularly when travelling in Mexico, is,  of course, fresh water.  The travellers entered Mexico at Nog- "  ales   and   explored   the   wasi   coast,   the  Stockwells sleeping  in  their camper- and  MODERN  SIGHTAS^SOUND  COMPLETE  ELECTRONIC  SERVICE'    .  -T.V. - RADIO - STEREO  SYSTEMS  Phi leer Dealer   Sales xlocL Service.'   AYRES  ELECTRONICS  Gibsons 88677117  ~^- ���by Mary ^Pinkley  the McKays talcing a motel. This way  they were able to do their own cooking  which they highly recommend unless one  can ai'lovd to oat ui the expensive American-style hotels. They found many  changes in-"Mexico since their last visit  I'otH years ago= Tiemenrlous strides*, are  being made ui ��iirilating and "cultivating  the vast sketches ol desert, so Jhat  gradually Mexico is being translormed  irr|p a.p agricultural aiea which may yet  develop into one of the important frfod  bowls of Horth Ameucy  Driving isn't as peaceful as it, once  W^i for huge freight trucks are back and  forth pp the highways.. Many olSthem are  built ip Mexico and some' assembled-  there. Herb Stockwell Considers they are  spme of the finest and .best, equipped  trubl^ln the world.  Kiverywhere bulldozers are cjea'ring  land and tearing down the old to make  room for the dev&lopmejit^oj;. vast, hotels.  However, the Mexican "Government is  jealously protecting Mexico from foreign  capitalist exploitation .and has set its  aims, atikeeping Mexico for the Mexicans.  The Mexican Indians are still very  poor and continue to live in the- most  primitive conditions. Irrigation has'at  least brought the communal tap to many  villages so that it is. not so common any  more to see the women doing their wash-  iflg: in; fhe creeks and wells. Our travellers visited the camp of the Serra tribe  of Indians on the west coast. These Indians, who do not speak Spanish, belpftg  to a tribe that had lived on an island and  were turning cannibalistic and dying out. ���  They are now established in a camp at .  Kino Bay where the conditions are almost unbelievable. There is no proper  housing and no services whatever, even  the most primitive i'drms of- |amtat4pn.  The men carve modelstit-birds out of iron  wood, using the crudest tools and the  women -polish the finished articles until,  the wood gleams. The Stockwells and the  McKays bought models of a pelican and a  roadrunner. A doctor was visiting the tribe  during their visit and they found that  the parents were most anxious to have  their children vaccinated, especially for  diphterja. which in such, conditions must,  be a real hazard. The water along that  part of the coast was unusually cold this  year- and had, killed maiiy fish which  could he seen washe.eLaip~aiiJ.tie., beaches^.  Another change, they ..found was that  many of the markets now have fixed  price's and it is useless to try to bargain  or dicker. Everywhere they went, the  Stockwells stopped and talked to people  and they were surprised at, the number  of people they talked to who had contact  with the Sunshine Coast. One day in a  "s^are" at' |#a"zattajij*ihey Talked- To two  ladies.. One ot them Was Mrs. Helen  Cassady, of Vancouver who is the aunt,  of Mrs. Isabel Gilbert and her brother  ken Whitaker, former residents of Sechelt. Op the beach at Mazatlan,. they  made friends with Mrs. Gladys Wicksoii  -.yho Unci parUcril'ar interest \r\ Sephelt.  She knew all the Umr\b family including  grandmother Lamb and had been good  friends with the late Alec Lamb and his ,  wjfe and boys. She'was, also a friend of  Mrs. Ij" V Heakes, Air Vice-MarshaU and  Mis Heakes have had a summer camp at  Porpoise Bay for twenty years.. ,  The Stockwells enioycd a reunion with  Art and Elsie Rodger, friends Irom their _  liievioTt.s.tivp lour years earlier  Art Rob-'  ly-oi \ww installing a waterhne at a ranch  at) miles outside Ma/allan whirl" "belonged  lo a wealthy Cahfoinian. The Yanchhouae  was immense, built m'Spanish style and  quitr impie.ssi\e  Tlie light fixtiues weie  formed 'ol three big wagon wheeles with  the  lights suspended  Irom wrought iion  brackets.- All   the   furniture   was   handcrafted. There was a sunken bathtub, blue  tiled, 4 ft.  by  7  ft.���-almost, big enough.  to give the children their first swimming  lessons.  Ap Indian couple1 were'caretakers and  had their own .'little house with an outside kitchen where the; woman worked apd ,  .cooked much as'her people had done for  many years. They watched her soak corn,  then grind il and.roll il on a stone with,  a pestle of horn. She then cooked tortillas  in  her  outdoor kitchen  and^  took  them  into the house to serve to tlie gUBSls^Tliey-  .enjoyed  a  delightful. international  meal  to   which   everybody   contributed�� somer .  thing. Mrs. Stock well's contribution was  a can of B.C. salmon which proved most  popular.  There werer pigs and chickens at the  ranch, and in the nearby fields, Indian  cowboys rounded up the cattle. It was  very hot there, but our travellers appreciated the heat afler -Maz'atlan where.,  a cold wind made it unpleasant to spend  much time on the beach.      i.  ^{They left Mexico at Yuma"and stopped  for another visit at Desert Hoi Springs.  They were there when the earthquake hit  Los Angeles and received a good shaking  up from earth tremors.  Returning home by way of Reno, fhey  crossed into California for a visit to Su-  sanville. They enjoyed its crisp dry climate and fascinating museums rilled with  treasures of the old west. The road between Susanville and Shasta was very  good and not much travelled. It took  them through pine forests with red cliffs  on each side of the road and snow piled  higher than the height of a car. They  thought this part of the country .very  beautiful and plan to go back there for  a -"holiday some time:        '���  Elohinstane Homecoming  gala Centennial Event  ELPHINSTONE Secnflary- School's Home-^  coming this year is to be a gala alt" -  ���dj-y Cent<$s3jrual Event. An invitation is  extended to ail former students, teaohers,  parents and Inends to visit the school or  better still take up the students' challenge and loin in ono of the games which  will include btoomball, hfrs'lcelhall $w\  vol Icy ha 11     ���     , , * '    "~  " The Students' Council has chaillenged,  liver���School Board and- other events include Sports Council vs Teachers, Daughters vs Mothers and Sons vs Fathers.  The Homecoming is planned tor Saturday, Match-27 from �� a.rn- until 8 p;yn.,  apd' parents are asked Iq contact former-  students and notifj' ";-thefm of the -event.  Highlights will include "a bake sale and .  tea-, raffle, .talent hour, tour of the school:  plus the games which will be taking pia;cfe ;  throughout the day,    .  ZONE  PLAVOFFS0.."  El'phinsjone '.Junior   boys -Xfiir'*meet  Richmond this Saturday in Vancouver-  playing in the Jurjior Boys Zone Playoff  at R. C. Palmar School.. The winner of  this  game  will' play Vancouver .College.  Safe Motoring  "DID you remember your pocket hand-"  kerchief?" . .��� ...... ..  The  question  is  not  for a youngster  * leaving for school, but for :drivers setting :  out  for   a  highway   trip,   and   it ;cpmes  from .the   B.C.   Automobile-  Association:-  The white handkerchief ��� is tlie nationally recognised signal���when tied to  antenna or door handle���that a driver has  met with car trouble along the road.  A breakdown is distressing anywhere,  but on the new super freeways where  "keep moving" is the rule, a disabled  car can be a serious hazard to the driver  and to other drivers.  Motorists are advised to pull completely off the freeway- at the' first sign of  car trouble���including "out of gas" difficulty���and signal for help by using the  handkerchief. In good weather, many  drivers also raise the auto's hood to indicate the nature of the ^'problem. Drivers  should never walk qlong the freeway in  search  of assistance-:  .   The BCAA recommends That, night time  drivers.^rjij.U^Qft   the   road   rind^^digpla-^  Wednesday, March 3, 1971 The Peninsula Times Page B-3  3  A  VILLAGE Oi? GIBSONS  Q  i ���  Ca  9$ fetlween January 1st and Hay 15th, 1971  Interest, o-f- the rate of 6% per annum, will be credited to any  prepayment deppsit on current (1971) taxes made between January  1st to May 15th, 1971. Interest w4|l be calculated from the date of  s   '  |  ' payment to June 30, 1971, Such deposits, in any amount up to the,total ^  |    of the 1970 taxes will be accepted. -  Any further information .required  may be obtained  frpm  the    |  Municipal Office, telephone 886-2541.  December 23, 1970  David Johnston  MunjcyDa! Clerte  Lynn Redgrave, the "babV'lin Sr. Michael Redgrave's five-memBer English  theater family, was late iitHier decision  to become an actress. "My sister Vanessa  and brother Corin always sort of knew  they were going to act, like Mother and  Father," she says. "They used, to play  out great dramas at hdrrie^ in wliicff Vanessa was. the President of: the United  Slates and Corin was the Secretary of  Slate, and I'd say, 'Can I be the dog or  something?' because being a dog, you  could be in on it but not have any real  ��� responsibilities."  flares, if available, when they are "caught  with a disabled car on the freeway. They  also should turn on the car's interior  dome light. Most new cars are equipped  with emergency flasher lights, as well.  Although many .freeway sections are  patrolled regularly for breakdowns, motorists should notify police or patrol officials  of the location of any auto displayiiTg a  signal  for  help. '"-  It is not safe to stop on a freeway  to offer assistance. If the disabled car's  driver appears to need immediate help,  then the assisting driver- should pull  his own car well off the roadway first.  -7TC-  wmm sooi  The Peninsula's  MEN'S STOlti  "EC**,,,  -t*;  ���)'������  ,.*  WATOH-pOinT ���-  IN THE TRAIL BAY CENTRE,  SECHELT X  A  ,1,  Sk  *�����  K  it-  ��� *��  j ,< ��j/fl&ii-. SOau :k ^JwUpl^twi  wre  ^ m imifynp^py*w��*y**vMt0 f^i*^^j-rw^*^n^ mmw -ip*  o^o^^^3c<t^fLiu w^gaa��  t|iah,"bay  CENTRE  SECHELT  \  Phone S85-9028  5' S  $   Interior  Latex.  White  and   colors.   3  Reg. per Galfon 9.65  SALE  Per Gal.  \*0*M0*****0*-***M*M**'*******Mf*Jr0***mi**0r***M*-p.  yZiZ&  Choice of Color  and Style,  EACH  TO WELCOME WESTERN DRUGS TO THE TRAIL BAY CENTRE!  BHHWWMWW  WRBNGEIRWASHER  By ZENITH���-Reg,199.95  WASHER^SPINDItTER  By ZENITH ��� Reg, H9.95  WASHERSPJNDRYER  GSW EASY ��� Reg; 229,95  OIK SiPACE HEATER  COLEMAN ��� Rog, 99.95  ZIG-ZAG SEWfiNG.MACM!IME(  By ZENITH r��� Walnut Cabinet ��� Reg. 109.95  FLOOR POLISHER  Byr ZENITH ��� 2 Brush ��� Ro^34,95  M����M,,��Bmi��.rrftifl''i-Jii-l''IJLI-'lww  Q\  m  ��<  I  &TflWitWHtBWStWS  .��  CORVETTE 25"  Rog. 749.95   ,...,..  By CORVETTE,  Regular 39.95  i;eRecorder  SALE l   <&  llANY JVIORE BARaAINS TMROUCSHOUT THE OTORE  ��� ���^,,.,,L;ll,��ju,,��ii,i,iuuiM<����i^^  20% Oil Nylon Monofilament Line  10% Off Tackle Boxes  Trolling Reels *ff Ao  Rog._9.9B _'_.,_;; __... :j,SAU llM  Splncml Rod  and Reel S(et. ^     1 ����  Rog, 9,95 V..  SALE      I ����@  ,, ,.    ....       ��� , *���      i. i - -  Spinning Rods | J ��� ����  Rog,  16,50     :r SALE W'3   ��0  ��� ���, '/'  ���"  Spinning Reels Q ylfp)  Reg,'\Y,aI '.'..,.. SALE     J**��J  Trolllng-Reek--1-^ - ~irJQ  Reg, 5.25    A,  SALE    ,-TTiiA7  COME IN AND SEE OUR OTHER  SPECIALS FOR THE SPOMSMAN.  CORM BROODS  Regular 3,15  SALE, EACH  to  A  TRAIfc  BAY  CENTRE  Jl Cell.  - - IFtE  COOEY REFEATER  Rpg, 44,95  .. "IAi��K      . .  0mmmnm  ' '^-fcOrA-B. fc**i*AA�� 0^��> 0��**0^0^0��'.***0*0*^*****0*^****,**~*>*M***^'���'^^ J*d*��. 'i  <\  I*.-  *J$��ft  ��?aisp"��  #"*���->''  4.J  -.^  VtJ*'  ,*-*\  M  II  t{  ���J  #>  ll  ' fl  t  1  ���f  : ?  ���\  :4  Page 8-4  ���.-fc-i"**-'';*.!^;.^^  The Peninsulq Times        Wednesday, March 3, 1971  Vf  ���v-*  guwtMummwuw  Legis/ahVe four  Elementary stpdeiits earn  three day Victoria yvisit  at* this   very   moment,   roughly    to school has been noticeably -on�� of jn-  hatidi'ea    Glhsojhs.' Elementary    terest;** and  eagerness  and 'responsibility  on the, part of pijpils has improved, Tea-  clier-peipU-pareh't relationship'" have been  friendly and cpoperatjve, Pupils* can expect to learn more Qf their province's  history and background because it will  have nipre meaning to^lhepi. They will  ajso be goodwill envoys from Gibsons  to the MacKenzib A'venue School area.-  4     . v ,   J  f   1 '^f t   *��������<���-�����������*������'������**��� '   i// s  $$|A  I*  r  * vs.*  ��.A*r..A \jA  -��>  if J- ���  Ski Watch!  ���by Dr. Peter Andrews  S '  ' THE LITTLE  girl stood   uncertainly  at  the top of the hill. "Hojv steep is it?"  ' she asked the red-jacketed) instructor.  How to you described/steepness to a  : 10-year-old-girl who has never even seen  j a hill, let alone skied down one?  This is one of the problems being met  i at Giso4se .Mountain in North Vancouver  where classes fpr blincLskters'have been  started  this winter. ' ���.,��� .  The first class was a thorough success.  It was a totally new experience for  Grouse instructors Amanda . Shaw and  "Slitf ��� Oughtred, as well as for the six  youngsters from Jericho Hill School in  Vancouver,  whose, ages  ranged  between  of course, but the kids found their ski-  legs quickly. *^.  "It's vital to gain (heir complete confidence," Amanda explained, "so that when  we say it's safe to keep going, they do so  . without fear of hesitation."  The Grouse Mountain instructors earlier j;onducted dj"i:iand..sessjiuiS-^J��iiicho_..  ZASM. School���and from. lbe-20-.or so young   ��' "iters who participated,,, six were chosen  for a "pilot "program" of actual skiing.  Selection was made on the basis of physical capacity.  By that time, ine instructors ,ancl stu-  .s-derits had gained the rapport so obviously  essential.  Then   they  spent   two  sessions   j its t     walking     together     ground  Grouse's Paradise flowl area  before ac-  ���  tualjy donning skis. ��� '  Great   credit   should,    go   lo   Ornulf  Johnsen,   director   of 'Grouse   Mountain  Ski, School. Everything is being provided  free���gondola   ride,   equipment   and   instruction. Johnson is particularly enthusiastic  because  of   his  experience  with  a  cross-country ski  program  for  tho blind  in   Norway  before   he   came.to   Cunudu  more than a decade1 uyo. He recalled lhat  lhe motto of the .Norwegian pro-gram was  !  "Nothing is Impossible for the'blind."  Pamela   Kail-lull,   who   orgunized   the  - ..fir.'it group al the school,, is delighted wilh  tho results and-pluns are already under-  ���   way for an expanded program next your,  '" "We hope lo have many mure involved,"  she sain*  huwiah for inuvik  Inuvik is rapidly becoming one of  j Caiiaclii's bent-known i!(immunll|e.i--UMi'l.  it's all he'einiae of our crdNN-couiilry ski-  wlil'/./nH, This town, !i(IO miles n'orrh of  lli(! A relic Circle, will lie lioHling iho  fourth aniiuiil Tup "f lhe World Ski  ChiiniploiiHhiph,   April   II   lo   III  Six- years ago, rvmoro unlikely  lorn-  liim would be hard lo'Imagine, Jlul limn  1'lliu   Iniivlk   crohH-couiilry   pnigriun   got  liliulcdi .uik^. llii;* '11mm hlnre bnpunie  nno  ';   of llic ��uiiiii\^v'i, lUM.-il hiu'ceimliih Jililged  purely   un   liilm iiiiliuiiiil   rohiillti,   ll   Inm  . . hiMiijihl   inoni ciimIH   Id Cnnailii limn all  ''olluir iiUlliin I'oii'ililniiil. Ii���iuv|k'nKldiM do  inlnuli,'. I he CaiiMdliin cniMii-cuiuilry Imun,  t   TIiIji (iciihiiii,  I win hIhIiii'w Hhlricy niid '���  Miaiiin i-'irli), iignd  l'i, Imvu coi^liiliuilly  pliicdd  oiid-iwo  li| jiliimni  every  iumjoi  miiiiiI  mi  Hid colilliiiiiil. At  Ihu  Cuiuidliih  u.CjIliiliipioniiliipM,   I he- croMH coiiulry   iihhi  ���mid  wniniiii from lhe Arellc (Jlirie, iuuli,v  live or-iiiu ��ix top piiuioH, ,'mlr;ie!j t'li-rii  wati llri-il In woiiiiiiih' "dlvliilnn, I'i-llowed  , -olomily by wl/ilnr Mhiu'oii, nnd llo/<iiiii|ii '���'  Allen, Mnli'olin llu/ihr of ('-llnwii won  Ihn mini'H evmil, bul Jmivik'n llo��(ir Allen  ,and Mi iiiu J-'iiinl'i look, ikkioikI mid Ililnl  ' Hpol'i. "  ' '  TOHOqaANJNG  .Aw^_^.���-/\ 11 ��� ir>i f����i���f ii nro" wnTPTri'prjrTi7Ty'"^TM> 11  , lobn/Ojmilii/' wim Imnneil froin' Moiuii  'iuymoiir mid MnilhlllH Plill, lliln wiiihn,  iiliillnlleii wll'l vnrlly Ihul llm, wnn *i nee-  ��iiiinir,V��� iiiiiiitiiii'o, Liud yeiir nl M^iuil Hey-  iiiour nloiMt, IVII iii'i'ldmil/i witii'j iilli'ihiil1-  iibln lo li;ho)<-('if-". Of IIkuki, ;',() wiiiii (iiiil-  iiiim hock Injur!"1*, llm i ciii were iii iiiii,  I'/fl'i, "lid inliicelliiiidoi'ii injiirldH, l/nlor-  lumilely, llicrii, "iv Mill miiiiy, many >��������  I'iileill'i. nn llm ultl lilll/i, moiilly dun lo  ��'Vnj'<Ti��\ydlnj{, I'll' Id IfHihl Ibel'liMl-idd'eih  (���nn I'MiK'eiili'iild on lhe nkl 'nrm. Moiuii  ' Hcyniuiir Ih i'oiiiilderlii|{ <liivelo|iiiiiiiil ol  ii .lolio/(l(iiu|ii|j hill llinl In properly -tuithi-  lollieil, ��� |i'iiln;|li!i| mul Mipiu'vlitiid ul all  llllli'H.Ji; IliipidVii |ho imfnly, IhHoi. I't^.  itiUm Hi/i. In nn Idcii /or oilier menu lo  "    I'liiinldei',  . ' I  THE TIMES  - Specious^Store  With more stores opening in Sechelt, made  shopping is becoming much more  interesting especially on .Friday evenings. Opening this week in Trail Bay  Oentreb Sechelt Western Drugs is  well stocked with items  that have  Western Drugs popular  throughout British Columbia. Pictured on the right is the attractive  cosmetic bar featuring new and exciting brands of perfume and beauty  aids.  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  ''RIGHT*  ���oVie  schopl -childien   aie   glayidg.  ''hookey"  fiom   school   with   the   blessing   of   the  School Board''a'ld administrators^        >  The youngsteis earned the right and  _tha~-money which enabled',:,Vhem to ileave,,  /Clihspns e��ir4y on .Tuesday morning for.  a three day, chaperoned visit to Victoria  which will include a visit to the Legislature, tea at Government House and  side trips to many places of interest in  t|ve Province's capital city.  ..Reporting  cm   the- Centennial  Project  at   last  Thursday's   School   Board   meeting, Gihsons- Elementary School Principal:  George-Cooper, outlined  development  of  the project  which has aroused tremend-  . ous enthusiasm in the .school. The purpose was to encourage and develop pupil  participation in the planning, organizing  and carrying out of a centennial project.  Also to give added interest to Social Stu-'  ! dies   in    British    Columbia's    centennial  Veal'-     ''���":��� .. ��� ���    i  Fund raising commenced last.'year  with the highly successful Watkathon  which raised $1,27,0. Parents, students and  teachers continued to work together raising the following amounts: popcorn sale  $20; bazaar $200; bottle drive $55; cake  sale $105; pupils personal earnings ,$415;  making a total of $2,065.  - Mr. Cpoper, grade five teachers Mrs.  Robinson, Mrs. Dahl- and Misi>; Craig and  Father Dunlop from the Sechelt" Students Residence will accompany the children >who will travel to-Vietoria in a chartered Sechelt Motor Transport bus and  the bus frum-^the Residence.  Assistance in providing accommodation ' and   catering   came  JMMWWMWIUWMIWlWIIMMWMWWMWUWUUWirua  LAST YEAR  Mil  OUTBOARD  SAVINGS FROM  s  This is a $3 SPOT!  (Less? when on contract1)  Your advertising In -this space will reach  nearly 2,500 homes (over. 9,000 people)  each week It's the most.economical way to  reach mor|t>iSiinsrune Coast people because  Times ads go Jnto more homes than any  other   newspaper   produced    in   this   area.  The Times  Phone 885-9654  don't forget to get those  lawnmower5 and  outboard; fixed now  before the spring rush.  SECHELT  SAW CENTRE  COWRIE STREET  Phone 885-9626  W��jw��w��tMWMi��MWwi��oivvwwMinn��wwi��nnn��iiwi��tnjM>ivvwMj  It  WHEN we felt sure all this sort of thing  *~ was behind us���at least for this year  ���we are faced with another white week:  end, with icicles hanging from the roof,  record low temperatures for ,the time of  year and March almost here. What with  the weather and the flu virus which is  sliinayinff l-esirlenta kiw^jidaJOiifi^^md^i^^^ .)t1f|  pf��firptuT"rric'ndon:-j  .    -r-l-y Mary Tinkley  'and lakes offer a sportsman's paradise, iV*"  has  two major industries and its people"  are   healthy'   industrious- and   contented.^  Two   Swiss   films    showed    magnificent  views  of the  Alps,  with  peaks eternally  snowcapped, tiny picturesque villages high  ..in.! the...mountains, some of tire finest ski  from,  ^cjiobl;��������� Board   Office;   Hon/'Is.,  Vict'm'ia  Dawson ��fft*i: Principal of M^o-K-e'rf-de Avenue  School,  Mr."Ron BerodS       T"  Following a tour of the Legislature  the party will be guests of Mrs. Dawson  at lunch on Wednesday;-- - .-  From the time they arrive in Victoria  at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, students have- a  pa c k ed_sched u le^ofjjiyi  Bring The Whole Family  ir     *k      ir'  ���     if     i  Friday, March 12 - 6 p.m. fo 12 nfidn  V      ���" .* AT THE    ���.':'���  Cowrie Street Sechelt  BY RESERVATION ONLY, PHONE 885 2325  the Bay is at a low ebb.  The Ladies' Auxiliary to the Welcome  Beach Community Association meeting  which was to have been held on Monday,  was postponed for a week. The new meeting date is Monday, March" 8th at the  McCrady home at  fi p.m.  , Bob Cunningham came home from  Diiwsott. Creek for -the -weelteftd to visit  his family and was- surprised ^o find so  much snow." He had left Dawson Creek  in a., temperature of 40 degrees.  Last Thursday's film show at the Welcome Beach Hall included a delightful  vignette of the tiny principality of Liech-  stenstein which lies between Switzerland  and Austria.^ It seems hardly possible  that there can be such variety in the 02  square miles of this tiny ,(3e*,*T!an-speak7  ing country Its neat 'farms', make a patchwork quilt of the tanscape/its mountains  gay with edelweis, . blue gentian and  myriads of other Alpine flowers.  Another interesting film was "Song  of the Earth" in which Jean Lurcat expressed his sorrows, hopes, bitterness and  joy in tapestry vast tapestries, rich in  color and exciting in their design. Next  film  show,  will   be   on  Thursday,   March  ���-M-tfr.    ' There will bl a Talent Night iii tbe  Welcome Beach Hall ori Saturday, March  13th for which an interesting .programme  is already being lined up. Anybody- willing to' entertain should get in touch  wUh Mrs. Fritz Leuchte.  Some surprised liomecoifiers are Mr.  and Mrs. Rob,-Wilkinson and Mr. and  Mrs. Alex Ellis*, returning from a huliday  in California,.-They took-a lpok at" the  white Haffcmoon Bay and deoided they  had comVback too soon.  visit.   They   will  leave Swarlz   Bay  at  3  p.m. on Thursday.  Reporting on tlie outcome of the -project, Mr. Cooper said that  pupil  attitude  Know Your Heart  by John B. Armstrong, M.D,  Canadian  Heart Foundation  Heart' Research Pays Divicfents  SINCE ll)5�� lhe Canadian public! has cimA  ' iributed nearly 10 million dollars \.i  lhe Canadian Heart Koiindalions lo finance liu.' fig'lil agalnsl heart .disease, primarily through research and 'education.  This is a large investment and the divi-  denls .should he examined lieliire deciding  how  much  lo give   Ihis  .year.  Kirs! of all, more progress. Hins heeri  'made In lhe last I'lfleon or Iwenly years  than in all previous medical history, Canadian research scientists have played an  iiupoi'liinl role ih pioneering such nul-  htaudiiig advanced km;  I'ni'diiiakei'M to tonlrol Imail rhythm  ���Arlery Irniihpluhti, .Ip iiupiovo blood  Mipply  In Iho In.'iirl  iiiiiiu'Ii;  "  ||i;p|iii'i!ini!|)l      of     diiiuHged     IKH41-I.  viilvifii by Iiiiiiiiiii  vnIve's'  Cm unary Cure Ihiiln lu ho)ipllaln  whirl! run i.i'iliii-i! Ihe ileulh rati- ol Inmrl  ul luck In lumplliil by ;il)'l   or more  HiiiHi'iy lo coi-rui'l imo ul lhe dHorhi  HiMill.iiiK   In   hlim   hahici  . ���'���llypolheriiilii, ii  lei'linl/iuii  for low-  'i (Minn body Inniifperiiliirji In' liasii opnnd,-  |li|(   pioi'iiilurim \    ��� '���"  Tliithit rewarilfi of luhiinrcli liuvu fiitvnd  -h<n|hninds;,rif,Ciinu(liiiii livtm, tuid  when  mldiid lo llm iomuIih (if /���(���,'iimirh nupporled  by Heart Kund .dollars elsewhere- open-  heart surgery, artificial heai't valves, and  arlery] gratis, organ transplants, prevention of rheumatic heart disease, now  drugs .and techniques for treating high-  blood pressure and strokes_iiik'I lor reducing disability make heart research a  most fruitful investment in Ihe annals ���  of  mtidfciiie.  Il is impossible lo set a value on lhe  life of-a human and even inure impossible lo calculate I he. value of, the lives  (��T thousands of Ciuuidians who are olive  ��� lodny  because  of  the  progress  wo  huvo  .made   in   Iho   prevention,' diagnpsis   and.,  ��� treatment of heiul and blood vessel disease. NnvurlholesH, surely n'o one would  suggest that II) million dollajs over Kl  yearn Is  loo high u cost , for Ihose Ihuu-  . Hiuids of lives,  The rlriiniiilic diu'lliiii In lioiirl dli��(!ii,-.i!  deulh mien since I llllll- LM% overall-    is  "ampin evidence Ihal hciirt ruiieiu'ch pnyi.,  off,  Im   Iliern  u   heller  liivniiliiion!   Uiiiii  n  geueioiKi glfl  In your Henri  KundV  Sec lie ti Notes^  TTAVPY ocxasToir" that broifght many  friends and relatives together on February (illi was the 25th Wedding Anniversary of Archie and Peggy West-of  Davis Bay. Amongst the forty-five people celebrating the event at the home  of Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Olsen were out of  town guests: Mr. and Mrs. J. Johnston,  and Mr. and Mrs. J, Herstead of Vancouver; Mr. and M.''3. Reg PhiUiptj of  Egmonl. A special surprise was the pres-:  ence of Mr. Norm Edwardson of Sechell  who wus besl man to the'groorii 2ft years *  ������"��� ���'���*"-       ," -    --,-."-.   -,'���,  A beauliful two tiered cake and silver  candle^ graced ihu tyl/le X^"' the liappy  event. .*    J.    ' ;-v  LOCAL ARTISTS  This week al lhe Gallery shop mi Sechelt, the work of Iwo Qibsons artists,  Dorothy Johnson and Irene Andersoil will  be featured, including porlrails, land-  snapuK ��nd.���M striking study Of Our Lady  . of Lourdes 'Church." painted just 'before  it was destroyed by fire, ' .  REBEKAH LODGE 82  Officers recently installed by District  Depuly "President Jennie Heiler of Oil)-,  sons were: Elected officers, Noble Onuid  Margiire! WIFi'h; vice grand' Madge Hanson; recording secrulnry Caroline Siii'lcus;  finiiocial secreiary May.- Wolker and  Ireiisurer Nellie WiiaileH.  Appoioled officer.'-: (!ha|)'laln PhyhlH  lliiiidforil, Coiiduclor hroliior. T. Ivan lh  Rinilli, Warden tjlnilys Urown, light sup-  purler N. O, Jemiiri'Heller, left supporter  N. C��, Charmllu Unines, Might supporter  vii!n grand Alice A. I^Vench, lefl. iiupporlei'  vice grand Belly Bellinger, inside giiiuil-  inii Millieil Wliiiiiki.'r, oiiiiodn giiKidliiii  Elleon Hinllh, ��    ���  immirnimimfimfrmmnmrnm  ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH  GIBSONS  a\\MB HOME iiyCQM��  TEA CUP READING A  ���i  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii^  1  isfone  ai HpmecomiEig  ALt DAY IEVENT  MARCH 27fh SIARTIMG AT- 8 A.M.  "ft    ir'   if  AU FORMER STIJDiENTS/ TEACHERS, PARENTS AND FRIENDS  ARE CHALLENGED TO A SPORTING CONTEST  BETWEEN 8*00 A,M. AND 8;00 p,M,  "A"   i(   ir ' t^  "������  Other highlights will be a Bake Sale and Te^ZMoffie -  TalenZHour- Tour q( the School, * Basketball  Volleyball * - Broomball  v,.,,-    '        Ak   ���*���->������  "The Cougar Spirit of '7V  A  .A I"��'.'(?'  nlyllsli uuilron walking/Ihro,/i|',li a  Huddenly slopp��.'('l helVu'i a holder  of li'idriigflldil piilunliiii nod iiuiveyed rhuui  wilh Ihn fool lumping uKiihpi;i id Ion of lhe  veb/rnn Hiihurhioi gni'deiier, lleniovlitg he?'  w.hile gloves, mIui knoll i'lown;iind roMolu-  ely hegloi wooding.  Sunshine Coast Lions  Sponsor.-  ������  INFORMATIVE FILM SHOW  Mm  MUlwuII  P|����n to all Intoroit'od in this grow|na  prol)|om of ilruq  ond  olcobol,  Film  5hov( and Pitciikiion f��� |)ri |,���|,i  FriclayrMarch5lhr8p.m  SKCHELTELIMENTARy SCIlbOI.  AUDITORIUM.  ~HfflhfrTGmwma\tm"]iy :, (,.,.,| ,���-,,.  clpnh nnd r��-.pon?iil)lo oHju'ni/riij.HK,,  ��  M  u  >��& %>*0  NYGREN SALES  (%97t)   UT00  Your DAPCO PAINT  DEALER In GIUSONS  On Iho Wharf - 006.93O3  Quollly lleoiid  nnd M'ifloo  n0*i0m0mn.n0m0%0m0m*n0Uwm*0llwi  ,!-��� '  ...Ii !i ���  . ' i  PLU{VI|3INGi LTP.  PENINSULA    <:,':Qi}u\QjM'>r''A*.   5i'|K>|-<ij<i'fjm 'lono  nnd ifiliofwin Willlo-ii!-  Glhooms ^ 006-9533  Wf^*W*fW^W-**W<#��W<WWW��*��W^**t#t#WW<l^#W'  CLOSETS CAN BE COLORFUL  < r Tlirqiioh llm lna��nlnu*i i,i��o of/ri low flacomilnn mnlorlnlti,  clovjlti r;nn (jiDvldo nn 'illmellvo und wolJ.oraanl/tHl ninn lor  .��&1orc'"flp/,sayu..lhoXtintK^  |:|i'd fillnch (\ |)icir.ui<>| lioidhiKird |myhonid lo llio hock ol your  "(:|o!i<i|, Th'Jii pnlnl llm jHiirdhooid ond o'Io&mI Inloilor wilh o  flql or iiomi-flloi��H (-nonfiil, Whn),j llio" point |i> <liy, ollocli  liookii iii lha paghoord olid |,i<-'r)(j hoii'ttvliolrl IIooki���nlolhinu,  i)l��o'nlri(j niolorinlfc, cooklnrj nlonhllf*, knyfil A pnolv Into your  ollroLllvo now d'Obal will ho oiionoJi lo hllylilwn yoof' doy,  "Timoi AdBrlefo"  nro  MIGHTY MIDGETS  rDJASVIE A "WALL PICTURE"   .Morgan's��  Monfs Wear  . i, . i ,  GfWtG, W"rk Clollici  Work Glovot  SECHELT, tf.C.  "******��***mm*mmm*m**mMmM0m*mm**<*  Moko yi)itr,Yyr-|| o ph loin In��� Hwilf---' wilh hrlrihlly roloMid  linhon, Ihowi.o oround in onll<|oo bhopi,, i,o((indhoii(i Moiod,  or'on old olhc/or inMly slinpn.j woo'dofi, froinof,, When you  hovn onoiifjli lor o arouiiliiUf |'('ii|i (Iiomih wiih o hluh olov,  (il\(\il\f)\i 'Novy fhoo;.o on ollK|<llvo orionfiOliionl Joi yiini.  foioin!) oo/l Iioimi lliein (tn Iho woll no |-i^liJi��,7'o��<iw.l.-!~yywi!'..  fiooiot* llmnivilvo-, will ho "piolly nu o ploliirn!"  yi����ww����wi��w��nm>��ir>��wwi��nmim��mnn  TWIN CREEK  \W"Q^0*' W WP ^w |WM P M  p      ���*^|  BUILDING  SUPPLY  Your  C-iminrnl1'Points  Poolnr,    ' "  Mononml r* Ihno/o   -~"''"'"" Pointr ���~r  Sunihlnn Coaif  Hifjlway nnqr.  _ GIRSOM5,  HionT 006^2000-  mh��iiihiii|����i��i  JirxiL\  'r 4  ^^^^^^^jW^^^^^^l^^ffi^tS^ff^p^^^^^^IlP^^^���^���)!^^^  iMift<*��iw<W*#t><��^ftfr'ft*('*"**  j?* j* .�� jli* efA-* i.&*tv0u<0^t0 Hf.��.  i> K  t  - -s,  . '.' -���!*  it  .'r"  *���-,   *y-����*v itoV '--"V* ^-^  %���*��  IM  'V  "* i,,>  ���IT  - *   s,  r**  'ft**  n*sa>  "r  '���i^ ��->V  ~2  ."l  J.  V  -J-^JS ��-j^jM^-|^^-J>-^��^*JW*#-V"4d--w S^^^irV^^-Vl^v^f-ViH^^I^Hs-V^^  /  .i  A  '4  ������<  Pau/ Sf. Pierre  ���Letter from Parliament Hill  OTTAWA���CodM-OJultolm' ie&iden1b fo  lhe numbei oh 02(1 have ies,poi��|ed to  *- public opinion biuvoy mailed liom this  olfice, which is a lathei impu-s.faive hguie.  The questions, wcie not inlended lo  In* i-osy oi .simple ] know limn tests rnn-  ductod hew- t|jnl filling ��'i' Hie iiui'sliun-  :>PfW^Mi "*"* ��"l,����ied (mm  imfy? 5 * ��� "'',feC 12 <�� 1,J nn in lies, So  Bfi^ i-,-.,   . <_*M.M   thcsu.vey lepiubculb  many  nuui-hotus of  efloit by people con-  Wedndsctay, March 3, 19>1--* The Peninsula Times  Page B-5  Co-ordinator reports  Education awareness grows  on Sechelt Indian village  timet, exceed the numbei bl lespoiulentt,  bectiu.se nuuiv ga\e mnie than one an-  suui Also .some peuentagus do not add  up to 100'i betfiiibe the hpuio loi answoi  was  leit   blank )  Hesulls aie as loll>>\\s  INDIAN AFFAIRS  1 Should Indians gal moie pio\incial  government beivueb on Ihe bame ItaMb ab  othei Bntibli Columbia ulumib'' Y, 71.3;  N, 10 5, O, 12 S, X,   4  2 Aie Jndian lights sutliuently pio-  tetled by law' Y, 31, N, 34.7; O, 27, X,  4  .' Aie Jndianb yetting a fan bhake in  tlie educational bybleiiVV Y, 37 3, N, 43.8;  O,   13 H,  X,   3  4 Should aboition be taken oul ol  the-Cununal Code and leit to the dei ibion  ot a .woman and hei docloi ' Y, 85; N,  11 2, O, 2 4, X, 0  5 Should   manjuana     possession   be  tiiinbtei wd to the Kood and Diug act, wilh  possibility ot loiiebpondmtily byhtei pen  allies' Y, 40, N. 50; O, 7 5   X,   Ii  f> Should tbeie be imieabed police  acl inn against cling pusheis"' Y, 91, N,  4 2,   O,   2H,  X,    ()  7 Should (lie law making Minnie a  enmunal ntleme leuiain- Y, lh, N, 70,2;  O, 0 5, X, 2 4  j  ���fl Do you lavoi the goveinment's plan  foi mimm of lhe mveiple delinquency  ml'- Y, 34 7 N, fi3, O, 54.2; X, 9  "������9" ���Shntt Id C^iTradd-1 esiofin n^~TJe"aTTi'  penalty when Pai hamenl leviewb lhe  bitudtion in 1072' Y, 56.6; N, 3,1 1, O, 7 5,  X,   h  10 Do you favoi, geneially, the goveinment's planb outlined in the white  papei on .social welfaie pohcies; Y, 2h I,  N, 213, O. 46.4; X, 1  11 Should tbeie be piovisions in the  welfare system foi aid, on a diminishing  scale, lo ihe woilwng pool, in oidei lo  maintain people's incentive Y, 74; N, 11,  O, ��7   X,   h  12 Geneially speaking, the Canadian,  government lus a) Kncouiaged loo much  peimibsneness in qui' bbciely, b) Passed  loo many l.iws and mfiinged too much  on individual fieedom, c) Pretty well  hit a balance between the extremes, a,  29fl, b,  HQ,,c, 35.7.      .-,   7,    . Jfc  CONSTITUTION  13 The Bntish Noith America Acl:  a) dn<*t> not need lewnting, b) Ifeods  major revision; c) Neerls minoi palclung  A, II 3,'B. 40r (\ 2(H).  STATE OF THE NATION  14 The fed end government a) Wab  Right in invoking the War Measurob Act.  to control F,L,Q, terrorism; h) lliinccf's-  Siinly infiingcd on olueiib' ngbls |)  Tool- ll|c situation too seiinusly, d) Should  have hern sUuifi A, 72.4i H, 10 7, (*, III,  f), II I  er  TAXES, FINANCE AND TRADE  15 (li'iieiiilly spdikiug, al Iiim's aie  mi hifdi Ihal Ihey tin* 1111(01111110111' people  fiom pioihulive wink, Ii) Iiim's should  hu hlglN-'i, mi Ihal iiidii' sin lul sci vires  (an be piovidcd Ihe pimple, c) Ihe lux  system should ho used to further level  nut the incomes of CanudianH taking more  Irom the rich and giving more In Iho  pooi/idi  ihu ^y^Hinn.ls rouKonnhly  I'nlr.  A, 211.11; M, B.,'1- C, 36.3-; J), 22,|i,      ,       l|(l. Wiim Ihu /(overliiiKiiil'H fll-li)'million  nidi priiftrainine for prnirie fiiriilnrii ��� 11,1 if-  , fluhoil and I'nlr? Y, 112,11; N, Hl.lli O, 40.0/  X,  I,II, - ���    .  17 Do ynu I'nviir Nalionlil Kami iiini'-  kolhiK oil le/dMlal|iin? V, Ml, N, 17;  0,"47; X, 17  III,' Do you I'livui; wii/',(i conlroln; Y, 72��  Nrl'V'.Ki O, U; X,' .11, Do you fiivnr j\��iho  controlH? Y, 7B.8r N,' Mill <), 'A'i\ X-, Ml,  10, CoinpulHoiy arbllrfillon ioi'I oidkiw-  , loft nlrlkim? X, fifi.fti N, lia.K; <), -1,'J; X, ,'<l,  VM, Ci|nn(|fi now hnfiilji; lownn| liiflri-'  llonritfu In Hie wcmIuiii world. Ih ll low  eii/��o/<h',  y/nii the price  in  Increancil iin-  oii||��loyiii|tnl, loo niiinh Ip pay'/' V, I'll; N,  ft,!l; O, III',; No loiHwer ��l),h,   ,   ,  Kl, (iciieinlly H|vi!i'il<lli/(, Hie |<iivii||i  jiihiiI'm l'lni(lii'iiii,,pol|ii|iin hnvu hnniii n)  Too conncrviillv<K wilh Iho runull thai Hie  poor have paid for ucmioinle Hhihililyi  Id Ton Hpnnilll'lfl, w|lh Ihn iomiII Ihul l|in  ���icoooioy in weak) ci.Too eriiilin with co  ~ rn n n yr i j pa n n��I" **i fi w trit^ 71 i <r ptuvj > l* ri i i <r | rt i  wlldored; d) Of minor liuporlancii uliii'n  llm 'dido of Die Airi'M'low) ni'iiiioiny ilnlni  ,   uili.ifin (!iini(d|no, proNpiiiilyi ol.A piollv  lOiod  hnlioice h'ilWfiiii nv'ii'<pi'iidl|ij< mid  i/iifh'r/ipi.'iidiii/f'r A, 24,6/ ij, io,:'.'; n, ^i;  ,1), dlh'lj-K l'i,"'   Tito rnvuionmbnt'   ,  n. Hlni'ii yhli v^lll hiivn lo, pay tin'  puce of pollution contiol tlnough higher  ta-tes, highei paces 01 1 educed expoil  bales, how much ol youi income wopld  you be willing to sacrifice foi a life jn  which pollution was al minimum level:  a)2V b) -"'�� , c) liVA , d) 33',', e) 0%;  A) 21; 13) 20 5, C)  17 B   D) 7 1, O)   12,2.  INTERNATIONAL  AFFAIRS AND  SOVEREIGNTY  23 Was Canada uistified in lefusmg  lo atcepl the juustdiction of the Internal lonal Com I of Justice when it imposed a Pollution Contiol Zone in the  An lie ' Y, 76.8; N, 4 1   O, 14 B, X,   h  21  Should headland to headland base-lines he dfawu to uiidnn of I gieat aieas  of fOdblal wateis loi e\cfubive ube of 0111  lisbeimen' Y, B2.2; N, 5 8, O, 79, X,  .11.  25   Should  Canada  claim t>('yeLe>AnJy  --TrTTjrTrrw^erb~orTn^^ shelf  Y. 70.9; N, 12 2   O, 13 4, X,  h  2d In view of the two loiegoing questions, should Canada pioceed to do these  things n" Iheie is a ieai nsk of international opinion and piesbuie fnicing us  haik to a pobition wheie we hold less  bovcieignty ovei the coastal waters than  wo do now' Y, 48; N, 27,'O, 14a,, X...6  27 Was Canada light in ledi'Cing its  NATO   tones'   Y,   66.1;   N,   18,   O,   118;  N/a, 4 I  28 Was Canada nght in its decision  to lecognue Maoist government of China?  Y, 78.1; N, 12 0, O, 5 0, X, fi  29 Should Canada become pail of the  United States. Y, 3,3, N, 93.3; 0,*"l,"X, 7  30 Should Panada fppm t|adc pol)pies  which t educe nui dependepce pn th0  Ulpfed $lkff*s? V. 02.0* If, 0"fi* O, 4 fj| X,  ff,  3} The biggest and most iit-mediate  piohlem" facipg the naliqn today is; ~a)  Inflation) h) Onomploymontf c) Threat  of wai, d) Threat of social purest, jints,  etc, a) Thecal of the bepaialion of Quebec  fiom tho lost of Canada, f) Tlpeul of  sepai at ion of the Wcbl fiom Iho lesl of  Canada, g) I^oss of 010 oveiseab mui|u*lb;  h) Koieign doiiiination, 1) Decay of widely, diujjs, etc, J) Olhoiv A, ,20 5, B, 39.?;  C, 2 11 D, 17 I, E, 3 I, F, I 0, q, 11^ H,  21 11   I   21)7   Others   4  (Anion/1 ollieis" wiillon in weie Pollution, Di'velopnivnl, Oveipopulnlinn,  Cfiinmiinisiii hocinlion, Fasi ism, Housing, hni'igiK 1 <, Wellnie, in Ihe older  ilium il, and <i viii icly of olhci piuhlonus  whu h Hilrd niiti vole ciK h )  Counting the Yeas I and Nays I  In his officii on Parliament Hill Paul  SI Piene 1VTP, with the help of secretaries Annette Leper (back to cam-  eia) and Lise Thenault, tabulate the  answeib to lus questionnaire column  Results are earned in today's column  Dental Topics  THK OVERLOOOKED 'BUILDER  Paients geneially aie-awaie of the mv  poitauce of suib lecJh and bone building  mineialb ab lalrium    when    making  up  then   chiidien's diet  Often   they   ncgleit   piolem,   a   vital  minetal   ��r-17  d~S1iurIT~aiTToiTlTl 'oT~^5rf7reur is  actually found in the tooth enamel, so il  ib easy to nuclei stand why the mineidl  can be loi gotten in the planning of good  dental   caie  If out diets consibted mainly of sugai,  buttei and staich, not only would the  chances of tooth decay inoiease, but tissue  building would suftci We'd be getting  plenty of eneigy, but wouldn't develop  run   must les enough  lo use it  up  Some (hildien who lark sufficient protein in then lends don't develop enough  muscle They (ue quickly and some don I  have enough muscle to chew then food  noimally  Then cheeks aie sunken, because  then muscles lack the body to even fnim  a uatuial contnu) Then mouths hang  opep much of "tbe time  Ptqteln is needed in all parts qf the  hody 'in varying amounts The ancient  Gieeks nanieri thib bnriy-huildi/ig maleual  wel|; pjoleip means "first" 01 "pnmaiy".  All animals apd plants (onfain piotein -  even viruses  To ensuie thai youi' giowing child  gels a piopei diel foi good health generally and sliong jaw anil moulh iiiiim les,  give him plcnly ol milk, meal, cheese,  funis, and vegetables legulaily And le-  niembei, the hesl <idv|ie in (housing  loods foi youi chilrhon is piovlded in  "Cnnuda's Kood Guide" You < an get i)  lopy fiom youi dendsl, dodoi/01 I0111I  {icjillh depiulmenl  Cunadiau Denial Assn  INTEREST in education lias never been,  so gieal as it-is now upiongst young  people ol the Sechell Inslipji Village, Home  and School co-oidl't^lcu teddy Joe 10-  poitcd. al last ^week's school hoaid meeting  Mi Joe had been loquested to fhake  a icpoil on the leasons why young Indian students diop out of the high school  system 01 pietei to attend high school  else wheie  a  In lus icport, Mi Joe said he had  interviewed appioximately twelve Indian  students who had leTt Elphinstone Sec-  ondaij Si hool to alt end school 111 Van-  coiiM-i He had also inteiviewed (lieu  paien1-'t-a'ncf in gencial, leasons given  pointed tf? the supeuoi athletic progiam-  mes ol feted- in 1hc laigei Vam'ouvei  schools Re|eience was also made to the  lacl lhat a numbei oi students were on  piobation and being away fiom the  souice of double helped When students  aie away fiom home they eithei boaid in  , P'jis"to homes 01 live in a students' lesid-  enco Use ot dings at Elphmsone and  tacial disci lminadon was also mentioned  111  tbe lepoit  All tlie young people living on the  Hesei ve, except one aie attending school,  said Mi Joe who lold tiustees that 28  students attend Elphinstone and 10 students attend high school out of lhe dis-  birt Seven.young people have 1 etui nod  to school to upgiade then   education  Discussing lhe piogicss of Indian Inle-  gialion with tiustees Mi Joe agieed that  -it appealed to be mine successful in,the  elementaiy school than in selfondaiy  si hool  RECOMMENDATIONS  As a i,esul1 ni the suivpy Ml Joe submitted the lollowing lecnmmcndalions  to  the  School   Boaid  Tcachcis and admuustiatois should be  eiunuiaged to make eonlacl with paients  by visiting Ihe mseive Tlie Home and  School co-oidinatoi has and can continue  to help make these contacts'  ,-ra=A�����ei-i��-w*f=urm ktrht��pe-l ot^-tBtiehers^rnd"  admuustiatois undei  lhe dueclion ol  llic  Native   Teacheis    Assoc ulicin,   with   the  ���ausistvince of  Di   Ait Moie of UBC   Pui  pose ol  Ibis could be io give teacheis a  (("nipce   people ',  COMMENTS  Mi CJilbeit Jpc whp a.lso attended 1hp  Sohoo] Boa|d mee'tu'g, spoke pn advantages ol'a good athletic piogiamine as  h& tell that one of <*he best means of  communication is thioiigh spoils  Tmslec Agnes Lahonte who is chapman of the Indiamlrrtegiation Committee  said it was good tp get feed-back fiom  the Indian* people then"selv��s and suggested that sonip good had emeiged fiom  the iptegiatipn pioject She hoped that  Di   Mnie's aj-aessment ol the piogialnme  , would leveal ivnthei benefits  Mi Qdbcil Joe commeided on thp  success ol the Indian aides, all Ihosc who  vwi|kerj al Sechelt school last yeai we'P-  tal.ing fuilhC'i tiaming as leathers 01  counsellois and it looked as though the  aides employed this yeai would he lea\  ing to continue (hen   studies  In  closing h's lepoit Mi    Teddy Joe  ^thanked the School fipard and Distiict  adnunisdalnis foi inviting Bi Art, Moie  In make an assessment of the Sechelt  School Distncl Iptegiadon Piogiammo  This followed a 1 ecompiendation made  by the Band Education Committee, last  fall  ���>\  wed h t&mmmi  CALL COII 88S-2fi3S  COR ZUIDEMA  For all your Renovations,  Repairs and Cabinet Work  at reasonable rates.  ffiii 1 j����Mi^"iWiwiflii��litti twjwlhr.faiift Arr A^l  P^"fi3B^Tp  ���     Mr. Businessnian;  \Vhy are you reading this ad?  ^   It has no headline.  Ho illustration.  It's not in edlor.  It's not even large-space. ,<  Point- is, you don't necessarily  need a big advertising budget  to reach the 2,500 homes  served by. your newspaper.  1    ' *  'y^*\^  Ks��4a����is��t��B^#(r3S��e!sjsisjsisJS8*s^^  WBJ  sensiliMly to Indian \allies dnd views  A pingiamine be slaited in all ele-  menlaiy and secoiidaiy schools emphasising Ihe impoitance of the cultiue and  tiKtoiy of  the Indian people  An educational piogiamme be developed foi Indian and non Indian students  to show them the ill clfecls ol lacial ton-  Ihcl This could be done by the admiuis-  dation and teacheis in co-opeiation with  the Student Council Local and Pi 0-  vincial  Indian  leadeis could  be Ubed  as  roNSHiNrcoAsr tREDrruNioN  29ih ANNUAL 6ENERAL MEETIN6  FUBDAY, M*%nCH  12th, 1971 at 8:00 PM.      '  - ROBERTS CREEK-LEGION-HALL-  Dinner at 6:30 p.m.  TICKETS OBTAINABLE FROM OFFICE OR FROM ANY DIRECTOR  SWSIBBSWflBSiSWRSHBnWKMIBSfcW  0<  THE B.C, CENTENNIAL 71 COMMITTEE  PRESENTS  Featuring Fran Dowie  Friday, March 12 - 8:00 p.m.  ELPHINSTONE AUDITORIUM  Spnnsorecl hy lha  ,RUNSN!NB' COAST KIWANIS CUJH  In Aid 0( Senior CMi/en HoMBlnp.  FOR LOANS  SAVINGS and  INSURANCE  Consult our  , Secretory Manager  iPtinder (Harboii^  Credit Union ���  Tibial  is am -pf the,  m  PrT      r"*pw   H**  CHARLIE  MANDELKAU  mam*  ������' ���������   ' i   '  ��� ���       I  Phone 88S"2444  CHKK THlSE SPECIAILS  A". iy  FIRESTONE MEW CI  4 PtY:NYLOJ  6.00-6,50 k 13  5.60-6.00 m 15  YOUIt CHOICE, eoch  0-  ���,,���    ���.,�����,-rHl^v,^  M^f.4',, . '-���." y:>- ... ,    ' "V  OS HIS YOUR CHOICE, eanli  AIX PRICES tNCLUPR MOUNTING  When Huy Ing  Tiros ��� A' .'  USE YOUR *  5MELL CREDIT  CARP.  '���t  (^tear^Z 01 FIRESTONE DELUXE CHAMPIONS  ....'.-'.\, - _'...' ,_o��|y" '$19,83  .     oni/^S^O  ' '..  Only  $34.80  1st UNE  6.00 x 13  7,7S n 14  0.55 x 14  NOW AVAIi-ABLE PREMIUM fIREflTONE S00 NYtON  POURtE MNE WMITEWAtLS *  7 75 x 14 \ *^      tti'l����  PollYory nr\fi Light Truck Tlroii Aval|aljlo ��t Similar Roducod Prfeo  imuSm^  ftw^l  GIPSON5  PHONE 006 2572  "Ay. jj��f*' - t ' ������' } * ���*��� ��� * * '"'- * Jl *  �����Jd��^f*t..^WWVl***~r*-*ftfwK-tJ.-| Jfr     "*   *���   A   it   ���#(    M*     i- *H   *  **��� f > ��v#t-  *.* -,-*��� it   I  .1  ;-t~*  "\s1   J*  '*���*..  I..  ��^f^^^^^>3^���4^^^^>^i& it'     *  t     Aft'  1    P  I  I  ll  1.1  'I  ,'JtJ  I1  *  ���<  ��'  i '   '  More contributions,.  eekly' Newspaper contest  cleoxllkie set at'March.18  Paae B-6 The Peninsitla Times  - ( Wednesday, March 3, 1971  Sechelt fifalir)&$jg0i&;  W#i fay/of frayer  notcb of people of groups and scenes of  beauty and sometimes liorrov. ��  Secondly,   it   gives'     INFQRMATIQN.  Tlus can be divided into v*u'ious gect'ons  r-rby feyt| Moscrip  5  A NEWSPAPER is an integral paM of tlie  democratic system, a public service,  every bit as important tp the citizen qf h  free society as his bill of rigKts or constU  tution, It provides us with a convenient,  Inexpensive, written record of what our,  elected representatives have done and said  over the.past ,week, probably more 'm-  -portant, what they are proposing to do in  ythe future. For .without a newspaper tq  supply us with such .information; demav  cracy, as we knoyr'tt: could not exist.  tone of the.pi^KJequisites of democra&y  is accurate information on which to basa  our decisions as responsible citizens of  a free society.. The newspaper, in a small  community, such as those generally served  by a weekly newspapers is the only means  "of keeping abreast of the daily happenings. Fimture such a community without  .its* weekly paper, no citizen no matter  how conscientious c'ould possibly find  * time to attend all the meetings, of every  group active in governing the area. Neither could he have access to the comparative information"- that the newspaper  makes available Co its readers, keeping  therh informed of what other communities,  both near and far are doing about problems of a like nature.  To appreciate the importance of the  newspaper in our democratic way of life,  one needs only look to the opposite extreme and not the tight reign kept on  newspapers in the totalitarian' regimes,  no dictator ever ruled for long, who did  not controlL the press, for through the  press he" controls the minds of the people.  In our society we expect the newspapers  to readily accept the responsibility of  presenting the news honestly and impartially; to not only report but to dig  and delve and. unearth the many nuances  that may need considering when our turn  comes to pass judgement on. "this or that  plan.  We expect, to a. limited extent, that, the  newspapeY- will not only' be a reporter  but also commentator and interpreter,  but I think we expect such corrjmentory  and interpretation to be clearly labeled and  not allowed to masquerade-" as news per  se. Although we value^a^rfd need the newspapers comments and interpretation of  the news we must always be on "guard"for"  thd.L purnj. whtirrxL/ijiiiitintary-beuuiiifcis bias  and a newspaper becomes the tool of one  individual or group. For when we allow  this to happen the press is holding a gun  at,,the head, of "demQcracy.  As bin' sppi��ty becomes more and more  qjc-minated by electronic means of; communication the newspaper remains in' the  unique > position;* pf being supplemented  rather that surpfanted by the wonderful  world of electronics. The newspaper because-* it is written, becomes' the more'  in dispensible in the modern community.  The detail it.provides is unavailable from  the whiz kids; of* the rnedia, the .convenience of being able to read it at "any time,  of being able to refer back to items of  interest, or to cut out and file them, seems  to indicate clearly that the newspaper is  slated to remain strong and healthy, as  well it must, for it is the backbone of  democracy. But after all the newspaper  does not only report the news, it offers  us many services, in reality it is a  complete package offering its reafler���the  news of the day reported fairly and impartially, searching- commentary, on not  only the h'eAvsof our community but from  around the world. A market place to buy  and sell the many needs of our complex  society. A forum to allow the readers  'opinions and comments to be presented  to .the community. Even a laugh or .two  to lighten the load of citizenship in our  often dreary world.  Truly: that the press of our country  can deliver a package with so many iw-  valuable* facets to our door at the cost of  ���a'few cents per copy, all the while accepting and carrying^putCthe heavy responsibilities we have thrust upon it, is an indication of the underlying strength of our  way  of life.  To  irie  the  weekly  newspaper  represents the bright light of freedom shining  , in  our community.  *       _*        *  "What a Good Newspaper Means to Me"  by Canon Minto Swan  The weekly copy of "The Times" our  good local newspaper has four main commendable points~ror me.  Firstly, it gives NEWS. It provides a  record of-all local events, meetings, organizations and 'interesting items concerning individuals. It keeps one up to  date on "what is going on" in the community Tt is the medium which creates  HIGH scores during-past two weeks seem    Sop. 0Q8  *.    to go to the men w,Uli Trdeman Hey,, ���.  -     ,;.    ���      ���'."-.'."    .     ���.- ";  beginning with the advertising,- It is a '"-Holds bowling 883 fpr the. Sechelt CpnV��� ��� ���'w^i^WBOIi^PAY j   ��� ������������  real, asset fof all kinds of shopping and rmereials followed,i-by Al Lynn with 9X9 V 'i&tty1 Powers 612 (2J75), Marg>^tir)ey  foe those who >ager!y wait for its. issuj.fefor the Pender tjeague, High score fpr (252), torraine Conrpy; 6(iq May Walker  in order to save a few cents, and wh&f^thP. ladies gpes to .Wendy Steele with 77S 733 (#54), Hwel SHytte 708! Marg Humm  doesn't, it is very important, The various //for the 'Tuesday Ladies, Other scores ih- 63P- ���������������"  business and professional cards," the hehj ;'\olvide; '      I -    '     '  wanted,"prdperty for sale or rent.and eni ,   Cfe ��� i1  tertainment   displays   ah   catch  the"  eye -.}, ,-g*PT^J? QHMtff (*?eb, - J4)  of many readers. Some in. fact rbaA every, f.;-    Roger Hocknall 815 (376), Helen Phil-  NI5W People. |or a N*>w Age, js the theme  pf the Womens' World Pay .-pf, Pr,ayeil  tp.be celebrated at"2 p.m. pn.March 5th  ih St. Aidan's Anglican Church, Roberts  Cfeek, and at 2' p.m.. in St. John's Vntted'  Chufph, -Wilson-,. Creels  , Members pf the Anglican, United a"d  Roman Catholic Church will be taking  part in the service which was developed  by a group of women' fr'qm the Caribbean  line just tqahe-Hiire that they dp 'not miss.,' lips (378), LaurieRantaijj 020, Gladys* -Rit-  one single "ftem. Then of., course there i^,,�� cl'ie (253), .G.eor%.^r% ^(11,-^iL Re^r.  the information arj'qut .coming' meetings, ,Cman (^'^.'(^^i-|^neE;lB57-j,---Scott'-iIenr4r1  '      '      '    " "':  J       ' ! '   ;��� erson  649 (389), Rudy Gruoil 004, Earla  .JSng-lish   804   (352),   Walter   Kohuoh  883,:  events, church, services and travel which  are checked, as'a matter of fact, my calendar is established by the presentation  of these dates. To many, this is one of  the greatest, contributions of^ any newspaper. '',*'.-''  Thirdly, it gives OPINIONS, There  are editorials on a variety of subjects,  many of which are'controversial and result in '"Letters to the Editor". Basically,  the editorials are meant to stimulate the  thinking and action of the reader community which is a very healthy thing in  any district. Some journalists rate the  paper's value on those who respond with  critical concern or.sarcastic reaction. When  letters are signed, and they should be in  ninety nine per cent of cases, the general  public learns much about the individual -  contributor, Jiiis outlook, his Convictions  and Jus generosity or  lack of it.      ....  .       Fourthly, it invites-PARTICIPATION,;  Such things as queries, competitions, cross  words, comics and  even gimmicks allow,.  "*^he reader a sense of taking part in some-,,  thing.-There are many readers whu never  miss an opportunity to answer- this or  that, to send in something to somebody  iii the high hope of getting something  back. This is human nature's acquisitive  sense and many many people possess it,  Yes, "there are 'various media with  which we are all acquainted���the Television, the Radio, the Magazine, the printed  book and tlie daily paper but in the smal-  ���lor communities, then is  inditing  which -  804  PeRe Paulson 721 (313).  TEN PINS,    ..' '���:''���  ' G. McCourl 180, 190, 370, Mary D��nv  -arsq 307, U\> McCourt 186.  LADIES' TUESDAY  Rose Robin B00 (353), Wendy Steele  775 J,298).  LADIES MATINEE (Wed., Feb, 17)  Hazel Sky tie 721  (321).  SECHELT COMMERCIALi  Al Strachant (311), Charlie Ihimra  t31ti), Albert Thompson (285), MabeJ Mc-  Dermid 687 (321), Bill McGivei-n (315),  Billit- Steele 1.281), Val August (326), John  Bodiiarek 761 (285)'.  BALL  AND CHA/IN (peb,  19)  -���-Gail Kohuch 618 (2JI8), Phyllis Hand-  'ford (250), I'elle Poulson 774, Lynn Simpson 642, IVier Wray 612, Tuny Bitting  864,"Matt Jaeger 715.  p^pii.,LEAqyB'."        ' ;;���_/'  :, Jffllm; Camer'oiv 610, John-Pjvall 644      ���     ��� ��� _r  _��� -.-,,.. .,._. -���, ,....  (ap(l), Ppn Swendfeger 627,. Ron Pockrant    area,   Guyana,  Jamaipa  and; tlie 'Virgin  '-"���*"' "       '"  ���      ' Islands.  Fluids from }ast year's offerings, were  .distributed in, Canada and around the  world to alleviate poverty twd~^,���a��sist  refugee programmes. Support was also-  .given to the production of Christian liter-.,  ature ecumenical projeuts and educational  work.  Mrs. Glen Baker of Vancouver will  be the guest speaker at St. John's United  Church; soloist will be Mrs. W- O. Mueller  and organist-is-Miss Margaret Mclntyre.  i A| Strachan (302), Triieman Reynolds  888 (388, 3'21), J2na Armstrong (305), Kerry Eldred' (378), Roger Hocknell (275),  MilRe Gray (257), Lii Butler 683 (204),  (Dry ^oscrip (328),     .  BALL ANP CHAIN {Fei>. 26)  - Ptftle Poi-lson 747, George Derby 623,  Manford Cook 629, John Bodharek 640,  Roger HooHnell 670, Laurie Rantala 600  (304), Albert Lynn 618, Bubbles Creigh-  ton 758 (351), Matt Jaeger 681 (321), Phyllis I^age 655 (203).  SENIORS  (Feb, 27)  Andy Henderson 553 (258), Larry  Richter (227), parcy Stephanson 445  (103), Dale Benner (203). . ���  JUNIORS  Craig Rodway 312 (17.0), Mike English (174), Kelly Bodnarek (1.81), Wayne1  Phillips (176), Crislina Underbill 240  (135).  Rememtjler, gun powder and alcohol  don't mix. Jt won't shoot and it tastes  awful.  V"��0*00**0*000M0,*****,.J0���00,,l,.���am���0  JUNIORS (Feb. 20)  Lori Neslmau 335 (212),  son (258), Debbie' Neslmau  English  (294).  Barb  (233),  Jack-.  Mike  SENIORS  (Feb.  20)  Larry   Richter   50i,  .45JL :   Dairy   Stephanson  TOTEM CLUB  can  replace  the  "Good  Local   Newspaper  which means much to me".  AI Lynn IIIU  "I'm nol much of a public speaker,"  ex-heavyweight boxing champion Rocky  Marciano told a. high-school audience in  a  rugged West ' Virginia sieel-rhill  I own'."'  ^tfe--rfettse^HaM-affi=^rt-Qf-4i^^  that I have a share and a responsibility to  my fellow citizens. With the news' in  pictures   are   many   interesting   personal  recite poetry, like sfome ot my colleagues.  But, just to prove I'm sociable���I'll fight  anyone in the house."  PENDER LEAGUE  John Cameron 675 (277),  (333, 275, 210).  MIXED 10 PIN (Feb. 22)  Lii   McCourt   179,   337,   Mauluid  Couk  182, 331, Terry Rodway-190?  Nora Leitner (273), Ev Chappell (250),  Sandi  Trousda!l-661   (265),  Lynn Jorgcn-  FEI1DAYS, 8:00 p.m. |  INDIAN HALL '  Jackpot $300  ���>���^S TO CO-���  �� DOOR PRIZE ir  00000000000000000*0000000******************  SECHELT THEATRE  PRESENTS    ���  ",  CALLED HORSi"  STARRING:  Richard Harris ond  Dame Judith Anderson  CINEMASCOPE'- CQtfOR  Starts 8 p.m.  CARTOON  Out 10 p.m  , Friday, Saturday, Monday,  March  5, 6 and  8  t<MWHii^pw��ww��ywjmiwmia��iijpiiWMiiiMtfyi.i  COMING'SHOWS IN ORDER:  The Desperados"  ~7/~rr7 /~~7**ww r~ir/���7 m  / /     /   /      / jKsSmr J     //      / X-fife  GROCERY SPECIALS  M.n..��m;asa3ia3��ro��a-ia:f3saj3s;irrir-n-7-i-i7"i���r,^Trr,.,;,.a,;i71rF,-���r.������ ^rff.]^^Tr,r.^Tr=_p  EAT SPECIALS  ���t  Ttfl    SLICED'    1 Ibf^fls,  BABY BEEF  SLICED  (BUTT)  FROZEN FOOD SPECIALS  FRASER VALE,  - % lb, pkg,    ,  'RUPERT, \~,aZZ'ZZZ������;'���'  '.."'  20 o*. pl<g.  PROPIICE SPECIALS  IMPORTEd...,'   :.�����  PURE GOLD  FANCY   *'  CAMFORNIA  .i^Mi-'n-cirKScircsiCTTWioyprreaataa  -.-iii-i i. t;.:aa-��s  PRICES EFFECTIVE: TMUf?5.f mmCH 4II| Td SAT.f MARCH 6th  ^*i, ���t.;:t-^'^-���Tz -. XVi^iti&ir,  ZWVrrmiv.i Vi'Mikl,Ti,fii,i��;t4,l-i.k..m  BAKERY SPECIALS  ��,��i-T.iin..--,-.-.B  ���^.  J  ASSORTED,  fl"..'.   *!? fS C   Phono 805-2025  ���A@A��  ii- ii -   r ���  ���  ���   '*       '        i" ��� "*���    ���"������'��� iii   I^W V- ymi imMi ir- ii��-ij  TRAIL DAV CENTRE *��� SE  .��W^N"-^">*wi  SSS.0S23 nnltory rti88-9812.Lllf|c��ttt Dept  Wo RoBorvo Tho Right To Mmft''Quor)lltloi  ,.. - , . ,      ,  , . ..        i     ��� , ....'',- '    , , i, ,  ������ '   ''' '.   ��� . ��� ���; ���..,.,' n  ��� ' | ������       .      , , .    ���  .    ���  I r  ��'i -i. \  1 ' '��� *, i /   _ ... '_  ,  .   '_  ,        '. '...���'.   .  .'.   .     '..  . '. - ' ' '     ���  ' *"'-' --"^"---*�����-**-*"^~ �����-��^***--*^*-��.����Wi��J��rt^^


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