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The Peninsula Times Feb 10, 1971

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 ���  ,' ���> i.  SecMJt Council .-:.f.  Vfincpuvfr 9?^B*C?  .West Canadian OpaphU I,ndjugtcie�� |*foJU  Upfe Bfest f5*b Aye.,        ��� ' . ;  epyi  f AT LAST! Council of Sechelt appears tp"  have adopted  a  decisive  attitude  tp-'  ward acquiring- a substantial! acreage -of-  Crown  properly   within   the   Villi-gfi   for  future use as! park and  recreational  facilities.  May.or Bill Swain, at last regular  meeting, started he had- spoken tu Hon.  - Isabel Dawson who in tucn promised to  discuss the property with the Minister.  "So far * we have beard -nothing," he  said. . '  ��� Clerk" Ted  Hay.ner  suggested   another  letter might help but A|d. Joe Benner expressed the view lhat letters had so far  proved valueless. Me said it might prove  ol greater, benefit if- members of Coun-  nl' went-to Victoria lo discuss the.matter  persunally with the Minister. "We did go  to   Victoria  some  years ago and  at  that,  time could  have,, had  the  properly  without   any   trouble,   unfortunately   nothing  was dune afterwards,"  he  added. *  Mayor Swain agreed that such action  might .prove Ihe heller solution "with  the current' cries of pollution and land  being used for industrial purposes I feel  we should do our best to get this land for  the village. If we talk to the right people  in Victoria it is possible we can acquire  it al little or no cost," he said. The Mayor  pointed out that it is Crown land and  'after all, why should it not be given to  the Municipality."  It was finally,agreed to first submit  a letter to Ihe MLA as a preliminary  measure.  NO FUNDS  ,   ' Au/L   Benner   drew   attention   to   the  *"  '   lacl  that a former alderman, some  time'  -    "^   previously,   had    passed   a   motion    lhat  >   .',   Council  budget   $2,000   per  year   for   im-  '-   provements   or   development   of   Village  Li' _ properly at Pgrppjse Bay. lie asked whe-  l  (her the capital, which had not been ex-  j  pended, was  still  held  for  that  purpose.  Mr. Rayner explained that whi|e nion-  u * ey was indeed budgetled it was not used  , {' and   consequently   there   are   no   surplus  _' kinds.set-aside for suclv development. n.......  f- Aid.   Benner  said   he   was   pleased   to   hear Hlis  for  he  had  been  accused, uut-  far pth.er   things.   Hjs  comments   raised  chuckles of amusement from council,  PAVING        ���   '-.  Previous suggestion by Mayor Swain  'that an estimate for paving be"obtained  for lite, area of village property ���line' to  private properly lines lion the P & A  Coffee Shop to Standard Motors was a-  gain" discussed. Aid. Harold Nelson, not  present at ihe last-meeting, agreed to  obtain a price for the 'paving.,  Aid. Nelson also reported that it was  a great pleasure io deum that logs have  finally been laid along the boulevard seawall as bumpers for motor vehicles.  The sea-wall was constructed early  last slimmer and Council has been wailing for the bumper logs lo complete first  phase, of the project,. :  _._  Serving the ��Hnshin,e Coast, (Howe 5aund.t�� Jeryls Ih'et), including Port Mellon, Hopkjns Lqndjng, Qranthams Landing, Gibsons^ Roberts Creek,  Wilson Creek, Splma Pork, Sechelt, Hehm��Pn ��PVt $PcfBt Covo( Pandqr Harbour, Madeira Pork, Klejndqle, Irvmp's Landing Earl-Covo, Egmont  LARGEST CfttCULATiON OF ANY P^PER ON THE SOUTHERN SUNSHINE COAST,  2nd.ClqssMo|f  Rfifllstr��?!on|Sp."M4?  ,<>v  -. -��  Union *S��*  This Issue 12 Pages  Labo|  12c  side a unci!   of  Iriving user  HEALTH UNIT  A'derman Ted Osborne said he has a-  greed lo a.ltend next meeting of the Coast  Garibaldi Health Unit scheduled at Squamish. ,'jf.  Mayor S-wftiiv suggested he .might recommend that the chest Xray mobile unit  pay a visit'to the Sunshine Coast. "It is  now some years since it last called here,"  he  said.  Development authorized  for Porpoise Bay, Park  OBDEK-in-council 'l'asT"''Ei-iday January  authorizing creation of a 150 acre  multi-use park site al Porpoise Bay was  announced by Hon. Isabel "Dawson to -The  Times too late for inclusion in last week's  publication.  Although rather, vague, it is assumed  the report refers to the former Crowston  property purchased some years ago for  public park use. Since that time^-the  Sechelt and District Chamber of Commerce has repeatedly sough.t action by the  'government to develop the parksile.  As stated by Mrs. Dawson, the proposed park, when developed, will provide  facilities for camping, boat launching,  picknicking. and salt water swimming  thus becoming popular with inhabitants  of   the   Vancouver   area   and   priivmga  Volume Bt N)^* ��� WEDNESDAY; FEBRUARY 10, 1971  Gravel facility  Board registers objection  to water-lot lease request  r/rAAA  !>'  i  4  APPOINTMENT  In accord with last year's contract  settlement, the appointment of a perma-  nent arbitrator has. been made by 'the  ���upast  forest -Mdilstr-S-   fir��fi tho -IWA  to  ���'-���'������ *��� ��� tclfeMa;.:  booh to "tlie Su'nsTiin'e''db'as^^  munity.  Volunteer hostesses manning the Sechell Chamber tourist booth last summer reported, after a successful season,.,  thai one of the' greatest needs was for  adequate camping grounds. The Porpoise  Bay site would therefore be a welcome  start and prove a great asset lo this growing   industry. ,  Elphinstone Secondary  seeks copy of picture  ONE evening early last year two framed  pictures   of  the  Grade   12   classes   of  ���^iphin?ipnfr-8e?9|-idttvy--gphp,p^-:^i-c---^  kcrrifremllho-pellectionion the wait;iiiSlho  APPLICATION for water lot  lease fronting the Sechelt  I'hdian Vilage arid ad-  ���"-"���fffiperr-r  *?m**  ���^ifflMiiTl^-*pfT3pt*fry���w as '^tfmTfTrrCT-^h'y"  Lands Branch  for approval, or objection,  by Ihe Sunshine Coast Regional Board at  last regular meeting January 20th.  ~\ '  The �� application,    from    Construction  Aggregates Limited, was for construction  of  barge  loading   fucililies   to  lie  used  in.  conjunction   with'Mhe  company's   proposed gravel operation.  The Board after deliberation registered objection on grounds lhat the.: lease,  if approved, would block off part of the  Bay which can be used for shelter. Further information on the total development will'be required before the objection can be reconsidered.  Pi$m~pH;he~ renuh-p^  VaiJKPH^P^wyerJ, guiefe at; ^inia.PHr)-:  h^f��v-*^rpo^He;^:'|l--���)Bp:<'^e^p.>t0^r-1l:'-  ������������'���-���'-���-������������'������'��� - ���!���-��������� .^ ���������- .  -.������������ .���,-*���-��� ��� ���".r.--r..>.--...-1,7-.. .���  ANNUAL   MEETING  Annual meeting of the Pender H-irbour  and District Chamber of Cnnpnerce is to  be held al Lord Jim's Lodge Friday February I2lh al ll pin. Dinner commences  ut (i.;ill pin. Guest Kpenkors will be Mr. 11.  S. Hiibciisoii, Ciislomer' Service Buper-  visor B.C. 'rclopliuiiy Co. and Maihlund  H, W: Hegioiiab Co-oriliiiator-Mike-Qvun���  nil  SNOW COSTS  ileiivy snow full un the Siinsliine Cuual.  i.'iirlicr in Jiuuuiry-wiis'iiut wilhoiil heavy  i.-iimIh. HihiiI crewii in" village of Gibsiins  woii-eil hard keeping niiiiu roads upon  "und jt wiih repu'rlei'l lusl wool- co.sl of Ihu  11| 11:1111 inn lo Ihe village was $i)'Mi      \  to lnc��to: a bopy pf p"|*e of the' pietiires  but lias not been able tp get a copy of the  lOfilj class. The conuniiiiity is being asked  lo help fiwi a copy so thai a duplicate  may be printed and the collection again  complelecl.  Members   of   Ihe   class   were:   Sharon  Buba,   Keilh   Baker,   Coral   Bonn,   Mary  Ann Carriilliers, Joyce Connor-,  Lorraine  D'Aqiisb   Doug   Daviui-,__ Dodie ..Fai'nhain,,  Yvbiine Gary, Diane llarris^john Uig|-s,"  Mary Kerr,.HIioln Leiniuiix, Frances Lien,  Kiisluii Lieu, |.)uug I.jviiij-.sfoiie, Don McDonald,   Annette   Miiiieiui,   BilJ   Nimino,  Dave Parish, I'al I'lilursun, Frances Hair-'  dull; Kalhy lloiisu, Joy Scoll, Dave Slier-  iiiaii, (iuorgu Wlinn, Nnrniir Turner, Sharon   Tyson,    Mike'' Wliiliikur,    Murgurel.  WlHiuiiih und Vivien Wiren  Ne\yly elected Director C)i|f Tlmiold,  a Port Mellon employee,, macfc clear his  opposition to tho proposed gi'iycl opera?  tion with presentation of a long report  which, in el'feel, suggested the Board is  wasting its lime oven discussing the prtu  ject. Until such lime a supply of water  has boon negolialcd with Ihe Water  Biglils Branch, the Hegional District,  hasii't file righj Ui .gi--nil, a pcniul. or lo  lake ihe rjiuinllty of waier The'gravel up-'  eralion would require from Chapman  Creek   or  lis  tributaries.  Aparl .from Ihe lacl Director Thnrnild  quoled figures suggesi ing ihul. by 10110  Hie enliri! flow of wafer from Chapman  (Ycek will lie required solely for doiiies-  lii; 'Use, lie iiJsn quwilionorl wl'inl lielerDi'  ed "pie. in lliu sky" dreams nl l|iu upon  tion'providing countless local people wilh  employment.   His   theory   was   that   the  -rirmpgrry ���'' wduid" ���w\ "forced" is Inhn-e" union'  members and unless .there are such people eligible on the -Sunshine Coast, any  work forGG wouid natui-ally--come from  furlh'er -atLeld.  WATER COMMITTEE  At a meeting of lh Water Committee  held January 8 the question was, at long  last, discussed as to conflict of interest  in light of the fact that engineers Dayton and Knight act for both Regional District and Village of Gibsons.  Tile engineers assured the Board that  should-such  a  situation arise  the  Board  wpulij  be ..immediately  notified.   IL|*ei-e .has_-beeri_-pasL4Jsaprpen^nt be-  v #^]rrtM:OT��^p4 VmA' 'v  10. iml, ?}'#% J&ad iygtej;  tifiie both bficijcs were using-' scryjees  tjic same enghiepring coipp-p-y.  It was dcided to continue with the  company nn a per diem basis instead of  op a )\*l,ainor.  During general discussion, Mr. Day-  |rui reileralcd previous reconimundalions  jjuil Village of Gibsons and the Hegional  piMricI, should have a common water  supply syslem. He insisted that there wa's  "iio nivtingc,in���his' view, in the situation  lo wiuriiiit separate systems and IhuKiin  hUei-riiled   ulilily   is ' Ihu'   most   efl'icieiil  ���|iiid uli'eclive way of mipplying water lo  . Ihe area.  Fur capital work in 1071 il was decided lo replace Ihu existing 4" "mains in  Sechell Willi u ��� ll" main, This ' would be  eun.'iiiUin.'il as-iicw eapiful wi,irk or ru-  plaiiimieiil work. II will inipriivu llm, service lu Wcsl Secliell hul will mil in any  way iiIIut tin: lung term plans i'ur cpn-  Mi'iii'liun ul a high pressure main lo serve  he  Hiilliniiiui  Buy  urea,  Attractive* Centre  With the last of the bracken cleared  away, final phase of the landscaping  of Gibsons municipal centre is near-  ing. completion. Abudance of water on  tlieproperty has been phanneUed into  attractive ponds ka second one is to  be built) and the green, slopes wqlk-  ways and seats make "Holland Park"  a pleasant place to silt and view  -watepfpontr-ae-twities^ -Initial development was/conducted under winter  works programme.  it.  FOLLOWING an .assault- last August involving a local dining room, proprietor, Andrew Thompson Campbell finaliiy  appeared before' J.udge, Charles Mittel-  steadt last week in Sechelt and was faund-'--.':  guilty as chai-ggsi, .  Campbell, the hippie element support-  .er who ran for Mayor of Vancouver in  the last elections unsuccessfully, was"qne  of a gang who when approached a,l the  lear of a dining room premises a��t Davis  Bay. by the owner, proceeded to attack  him.  Canvpbelil   registered   a   plea   of   not���'���  guilty   but   was   successfully   identified.  He was sentenced to one day jail and put  on probation frir three yars. He is present- \  ly on bail of $5,00'Q pending trial in Vancouver on an LSD trafficking charge. ^  Charged wilh operating' a motor vehicle without va(id insurance coverage,-  Ver.n Fraser of Halfmoon Bay was fined  $250. He was charged following a routine check  by  H.CMP.  Resulting    from    investigation    of    a  minor motor vehicle accident,.Lloyd Jef-  feries   was "found   to   have  no  insurance.,  coverage. He too was fined $250. '  Roger lgnalious Joe of SecheSi^'lfp-"  peared to answer a charge of ropbeiy  with violence and entered a plea of! guilty. He appeared originally January 15  and was remanded fur sentence to January 20 at which time he was sentenced r-  te'bne year in jail to be followed by'  two years probation. He had a previous  record of convictions.  Incident occurred January   14 when- a    .  ca occupied by two Powell River youths,*  struck a dog near the Sechelt Ii*ditin reserve. They^ pinied over off" the highway,  and one  man entered  a  house lo report  ���H-rmvp.- Tlie-^Httwi yiiulli was sud*8���"  denly struck from behind by Joe who  then stole $50 from him and warned him  to get out of town. The attack'was re-  ~poiTed~to the RCMP and ��hqrily afterwards Jue was apprehended iii,''a beer  parlor.  i i  ���i  i  i  *-f��  Tricky situation . -, .  Store opejxing hours debate  __.__ tabled pending bylaw check  in the V)Jl(|gp foiJp^vi.n^A rppprt hy ap;  alderiuan that a Jqp'ii s|;ere' plans on  opening regularly lo  10 jmi each high).  Aid. Joe Benner told Council he had  received complaints regarding l.|*o situation which he said, wqi|]d be unfair to  olhcr businesses in Ihe community.  Mayor Bill, Swain said he knew lo  what, business llio alderman referred and  in light ol'1 Ihe fact such items as leys  are ���lu be sold, he considered it would be  unfair lo existing businesses which handle  similar lines. "This would give Ihu prn-  pi'iulnr un additional lour hours each  clay over existing stores," he added,  Aid Bc.ii Lung asked/whether Council liiis (iny rogiilalions for store hours.  Clerk Ted Huyiiur replied thai some yeuis  ago a bylaw had been passed lo rcguiiilu  opeiiing huui'ii, however, al that lime (hurt:  luul bi-cn ciiiisiderabl'ii discussion uiul  iirgiimi.'iil milII finally, on udvli'cmcnl, Ihu  byiuw wins never ailupled   (le suid  Iheru  ���ire provisions, in the act (o rcgula|e opgn-  Mjg'hqiirs |-iii,.|;hpsc epuld, a| prpsen't iirne,  prpVfC   f'q'��� )j|-|)p;!.'WcJpy'V.'Aj?.:J,o  ^fjhd-iy ���  Lpifl's |3fiy Qbijcryancc Act.  It was piijilled out that the present  situation involves plans to operalc u store  similar In Ihe Gasluwn operation which  called for special regulations which aie  probably   nol   yet'-settled.  Mr. liayner also explained that under  Hie act. it is possible to sell such items  as cigarettes, lobaccq, soft drinks, candy  uiul iiiai'u/.iDi-:;, He druw allcnliun In the  fact thai under such ciiijdiilun.--.iL is illegal  In sell unrelated articles und Ihul in "one  i-iunmuuily u charge' ,wasi laid��� against an  olt'eiiiliir.  Asked by Aid Lung whether Ihe bylaw  has teelh in, il,. Mr. riayner suggesleir fho,  mailer be lieid over pending sludy by ,  hiinsell' ul' Iho bylaw "if if iti sljll Vfilid  i will.be simply a mailer of adopl|i|g  il,'' he iiiiid.  Mayor speaks o^t , . ."  False expansion Tu^iiburs  bilaiyied on poor reporting  nilvuriii   mul iiiileyviiliui-i-X^-nmi^ i..."..i.i.i  way     In.iin    Hi|iiuy.:r��iiil     A:W\ .  fJIUKUNH  ���T-f-wrld-  ������ ' I'll1 \s\  hike battlefield  ,,   " ,4^'^  ","!  \^^'^V^U^H   ,P\W%    lllii.'.'H.'iiiu mid  b.  .1   |i,irf�����    I ,,   I   ,     , k, tf    ,.,,,,��,,,I,       �� , ��� i��,', Tr,-^.,'    Ktrm>M .4 ���i��viiJa���, *,k k/,*ifiUl|w .     I '���|IUI,li,,IJI,���ll���.l(lll!i!UI,l  (mill��  lilliulillig   iiilbi  iilriu'l'   lliu I/line, lnilli  WllliiN Ihi-i i.i|  lil/lhwuy ,iuu  Ing ul ilibiuuiu Luif/tliiK ul WIIhuii <Vimi|-  |l hoiiii'Jnl ||ku a bui|ili,i(ii|ng oil und lliti  la'OIHI (llllll I l,V   lllill|'WlU'l|li  I'llMflllllll'll   II   bul  lli:|'|Mi|, Tlinri' i/i'i'iipu/iln wcie Iiiliup by  jinihiilii'iM'tt lo ,|iiik|i|IiiI und ii luiiiHi Willi  ill h ��'ii lur ii rlii'i'k' by ll|i> IH'MP   ���,:,,| iir-lviiiiiiii ulllm.'a iiiiilv<;iliiiiS'���;l'li'i)iiiiilLJi  buiiib inilly luul i|n|)|iiiI,imI will) ii liugn  hull' In llii:,iildt' ill llm iiiilldhlg'iillil liuldi:  rvcrylliiu/i ri'M;iubl��!<l .iIIhu-mIit,������  , Fiiriiiwiili'ly ' lliu only nutiiilu'i1 ul' llm  141II11    III    UlU    ll'lliMllig    Willi   Ullil'l!    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Iiiilhllnu'ul AV.II  Hoii'->0'i/i!l<, A .sixlui.'ii yuin' mM yhflli  uiul nrtT? iwttnly yenr old coiniitihlou  urn in hofipllnl  lie Viihi'Diivor Willi  ..iiuillllild liijurloH, ihu'ijlrin worn luluui  lo iSI, Mmy'tt HoH|)llal unil iii'u |hi-'  Ililvnil in i{ooi| I'uijiilliou.  iiimii und .liln fi Mils lu pull llii' limning vc-  llM'Ilt  llMIII   l||l!   ull'll'U   Wllll'll   Willi  tllsil  I'-IUI  JiniL.lii.-biiiii.~ltiiit,.. wiiiv,-i|uiMkiy..J>HiiMg-  liliilurd uiul l|u' on iipiiub, nl'lliu i-ii|--wurn  (iiiUimI fjiiiri llm >vii.!k mul wrapped  hliilllii'lH IIIIUI llll! i||||lilltil||i'(! Ii'itIvdiI,  ' , Nuiniiilly, Ihuri! uic i\ juuiilii.'i' n| niiii  pui'ki'il ul Ihu itili' n| ihn buMiliiij' bul ilx  *M,  - Lr,T'Krr|!b-t'-''wVr^  .byilwdu* *.Iiiii,;Ji by. tbi-.'.-'ii'ii'i lt,pJuiudii,'d  Mliinii/(li, lln wins niiliiiii bul biilily I'liuk*  I i'ij by his i'Iuhu luiuii wilh dniilll, llml  , h'is sleniigiiiphui'.Iieun "I bur '.l"iih.Iheru  iDiiiulmi llHlc doubt niiii would hnvii ficcn  i:illt,||i:i|, lu iluiilh,  '  ll'lJlIK JllldlipJll.lUjlllil.li',: t'uiuiJIInn. ul thu  gills  Willi  |'l,'|lll|'|l!l|  IIH lllll. lil.'lillllS,  'Mr, Fiiglli'l) iiulil lull!); liu jiuiml u Ire-  mciiiloiu, i'iukI), l)n|"ur��), buluK flung ii/uiin-  iil a wid|, lln \win-'iiliujioii bul iiiihurl nm\    liu'' Hu- wuuiliiii mIiucIuh.' pmbubly biuki  ,"l)ill)iciiiulu|y nbliiJiujil Ihu hub,)'id u Im./il  "     '  'uiil, liu Jiml   JiimI    Wi ivt.'ii   |l    Im   Hut '((����  pump bti,'|'ui.! (i.'liiiiihigJo bin uiiiii. ||<.  /mid ihi.'i'u could wull iiuve Ih:i.'m 'lulullUcis  hud   Ihe  cur  ;.timh   puiliiui   uiiloniubjli'is  ' niiu.ii nl Ihu Jiiipui.'l,  Huljiur, Hum mi on n ipimbiu'  I'luiioriv liigurdttii-���uu-^itHbgHd-  uxpiilii,<|iili uf vlljugu I'-uiunliu'ii.'K, Mr l'i  ijliiliiimill nl, lliigwiiud I'luiiil,. .(Ilbmii)iij'*  wi'iil lu luul rnguliii' iiieiillni' uf (Juiiimil us  u uiiii iiiiui 'iiepuliilluu '.fiiuMiig I'uctiiul In-  lui'miillnn. iiiiui   Ihu ' ���-' luul ml   i'i:|)|-(.'i,iinlu  Vl'M.  F,x-p|uliil'iig Dial Im In u pnht'liiiiiir und  ciiiiil'iiiiilivii iiuwiiiiiiu.'i' In lliu uiiiii, Mr,  lli'i'liciiull  i|iii)iiliiini'.'il' ii' iiniiiliur ui   id-  1'iutlu in a tlibiiiiiiii pulil|i,'iil|ui), ;,;,  I'uli'il i.iui uiiiii I huy weiu  ii,i'il upon a Ihliil.hiiiu-I   iiiJii.\T)liJiiHj;w;il<|i:i!i!jviL  un uiiiii iiiiclting iiiiiii nxpuumun,    II  in  i,'ll|i|i,'i| ll iiuinbci' Of -uiTiM-H," In,- luidi.'il   ,  Aliulliur  in'liml ill- llii.'  iHillMi   pilliliru-  llnUwiiliinid  iiopiilullon  ol-  (hbi<onii  In  ul.  iiiiihl'li.iliHI und my ru.ii'hlng ^WlO.lhu vll  lugu   wuiild   liuy^'liiimui^ im   ii Town   Iiiiui  lii'iillll)llllLyiHlTlllO)liil' lii'lliu'lli'l   llllillll!lei'.  M.iynr I'l'liiinuii Mild Uiul IIiIh wun un  ollu>r |iilisi|iuilc lu Uiul  pupur ni' was  lb"-  i,IiiIi.-mtiiI. llml   it  numiiiii   Ul   l'i till vH����iul-  H';ililui|li,,\viiiii   liuvlng, Minimi   Ihuuglihr  .uliolii i.i.'i'liing uuliy iiilu Ihu v)||u/'d,  Mr Biriiii'iiull iuiiiiiiciiUmI "|l would  llii'i'iiloiii M'l.'in jl iloi'K nol puy hi belluvii  fill  nun  1'innlii'."  MnVur  I'llbiiMUi)  unni'iru'il  llllll'   lllll'll    j .A    III!   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Iliui'i, mi much  "tills I'Diild kill Ihu vllliijii1," he w.iimil  lie I'i'ug/s'v'.'ir.'if I be wniiH Im t:tmi<)tlvi'(!il nil  u 'pi nn lly liuiilh )u ludil nf ili,'viilopini.'iil,  liilMuit-pliu'ii lu Ihu I'uiniiiiuilly,    '  HYPMANTH ��� s   ' '     ,  Aid Cl|uiln, Muiidi'lluiu ii.'pni'hid llml  lit: luul ui'i'i||ii|iuii|i,'il Flu,- Muiiiiull J)|i;K  lliiiinigi'i'   op   a   lour   ol    Hi')   vlllugii   pi  . unli'i lu/uhmirliiln lui'iiUunw wlici'i) iul-  illMonul liii' liydiiiiiih mu 11<>->111���-<I  Aiming llluHi ilui'ldiiil iiimiu ^nm ulon-' Ihn  ""'liigliWiiy 'fiVfuHi- (iihiri'AiAl'iHi^'uAA"  .i.ui'llomul Hliuw Houil und Ihu lilghwiiy, u  ' f.luiul |il|i(! 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' r' ���.,v    |(  Muynr  Hwuln  ;,iuil   Im   luul   I'liii'Mi/hii''  piuiii.'lK.'il" bydliu l|iuiis pi ni,iiimii who luul  ilj it 11 ui led   llio   club   would ,be   liilcruiilcil  iiklfig'uv/or i!i))i)|)k;le luiijlitijniiiiiii!' nl'  in.  (iuiiTuIii  .verF*',guu'uT  _ Aid, li��ll)|li:r |n/H!li,'il mil "hu iiionly  Hu.' priii'sjdi.'iil, Mr. Muylu", liu llmii inuveil  Ihu, cliibu lie liilonimil of his priipohul,  Hiii'iindlng Ihu inulloii, Aid, Lung isnId Im  hud been uppruuiibed by un.'iuhimi of Ihu  liinnii I'ligiirilluit ii ili.'viilnpniuui ul l'nrp*  nisi! |$uy, ]  Ad-Bricfs  point  Ihe way  lo action!  In Today's Classified;-       ���  ""^ il'ii^inMnmiwinmiM ������m  <(>NF.  wull  l'uri|ia'ii'"(p|-upii||i)')   .tilill    Find  Fiili.'im, I llllll wiih i'tthu'||i.'ii|igiir. now  lhi'ti, #100.  f^mmmmmmmmmftmmmmmmmii'mm\mmmmmm,mm*nm  WOWilUMI  ��� 'Hmpr.'Clni-iilllftlu jcf-cli nvtir 2,JiOQ liuuiun  (10,000 i-.i-.1i---,), ,  ��� 'Ilimit, C|ni.',|/|ii,L ,|,i IHio ||M) |,i,,|1UH , , ,  nol un 1-iwiiu,. -.iiiiuii^oi in ..ulvDij*.  ��� iijuiHii IniMliciji. mo low ���com, iiluh poUncy  i.ij|��i. (u'njm,     '        i ' '  'i,. '  i*'  Phono 005-9654  ��� i i     . ���  *  l-fiono ||ncs open Slippy; c|u��6ilic.|  liaadHqo it* Sunday cyo;-|nq,  J  'V4  ' ��?��ii")f ���  0  -#   *   10 0*0t   00*   ���.��<  ���  ��� 0. 0 A  t AJ. .  A * *     *  4. * 4 A  t   ��� iJ  I,  ��4A'i,  *  ,iirt'4,4Aii'. * Jl * ���!hL^*4��   �� I       t.4��;  i�� * *-v���  Ptige A��$ Peninsula Times, Wednesday, February, 10,1971  THEPENlNSUUvTWASwheU - Phone 885-965*  Classified  ttWIMWIIWHIWUIItMOtMmOIMlimillMIIMMMMMMM'W I WIIIMIMlinilHIWIIIM'Mim^MNW^WWMMWWW'**  ^EALftTATl-lCw.tlnii��0:    ^EAL ESTATE (Cont.)  &  FOR RENT  LIVESTOCK  T  FOR SAM (CpiWIri^d)    ;   JORSAUp (CentfiiuSdj  (10   FT. 'waterfront   view; lot,  West   Sechelt,   only   $8,9l)f).  Owner 885-24'tB.-   '        5H47-U  WATERFRONT 100x300 ft.  . lot, QavveV Point, easy access to'beac-h.'Write Box f��8fifi ..'Q-aah. Box-3ifj. .The Peninsula  APPROJS 21 acres pyln-je fu-  tttre residepttat property,' eU  evated view,*,lane, access, close  to* pew subdivisions, mainly  bti-fhl SfeQheU Village. $30,000,-'  will, sell block or 5 acre lots.  published 'Wwlbesdqys by  Sechelt Peninsula Titjies Ltd.,  at Sechelt, B.C.  ' .,    Established. ,1963  PERSONAL  c/u  Rojc  310  Sechelt,  B.C.  58(15-11  Member, Audit Bureau  or Circulations  Septembfer 30, 1970 "  Gross.Circulation 2920  Paid Circulation 2446  As filed with the Audit Bureau  of Circulation, subject to auditl  Classified Advertising Rates:  -3-Line Ad-Briefs (12 words)  One   Insertion  :....r r....v,.$l.O0  Three Insertions ��� ���,, "$2.00  Extra lines (4 words)  20c  (This rate does not apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs)  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous ���  Meetings 8:30 p.m., Thursdays, Wilson Creek ConuvniW  ity Hall. Ph. 885-9327, 8811-  2343. s 4979-tfn  WISH  to contact Latter  Pay  Saints'   members.   Ph.   885-  9547 or 886-3546. '4505-tfn  WORK WANTED  H. B.�� GORDON  & KE.NNETT LTD.  P.O. BOX J23.  Sechelt, B.C.  Phone 885-20J 3  Real Estate.and Insurance  f *~ ������..-  ��� Buying or Selling ���  If You Don't Try Us First  Times, Sechelt B.C.     *4&Nfn  SNELLEN?  commercial   lot  4-  centre Sechelt���highway  location,, level and "cleared,. All  services i, available.  Peninsula Times.  HAU4 for rent. "Wilson Creek  Community'   Hall,   -Contact  Mrs,    Diane   Anderson,    885-  2385. ��.      5455ttfn  Housekeeping" room: tor  working' gent. Clean, warm,  private entrance. All found.  For i-enl al Stiima Park, Ph.  885-9535.       ��� 5U75-1 fn'  ONE    bedrcitlrn     tinl'urhished  Box   U04-r  cottage for rent. Phone 885-  1104-tfn 4D534.     ��� 5832-11  QUALITY Feeds at, FaiFPvices,  H��y,JStraw and Buckerfields  Gvains. Purina Agent for Su/i-  shtne Coast. Free delivery."  Pratt Roaft,- Gibsons. Phone  880-7527. 5772-tfn  AIAJMINUM   COOlCTrailer   ONE wall  furnace ;(jPropane)  (10*x-ie').and'sleep|iBr,'^sh-       $50, Ford 'Faicotv 1060 with  car trailer  (10'x40')  mounted   rebuilt motor,.'-new tires, $150.  LEGAL NOTICES  on wooden (30'j-PQ') scow.  These units are fyUly equipped .Including'' a JfQQfo gallon  .fresh water Uiifk. $7,500,00 or  nearest 0.1'fqr. Box 5804, c/o  Peninsula times, Box' 310  Sechell, 4'iC, 5804-11  HOOVER   washing   machine,  excellent-     condition.      $75.  885-995(1.  5008-11  MINK Jacket, size 1,4,1(1, good  condition.  $305   value.   Will  sell    reasonable.    Phone   085-  08on after 5 p,m. "ri  587JWtt)-.  Phone   880-7402.  5.892-11  5 ACRES-,- Village,, of Sechelt,  elevated   view  'property,   un-  't developed, $104)00 'cflh. Box  .5.8l9,ic-o lBo'x 3fO, The Times,  Sechelt,   B.C. 5819-tt'n  Box Numbers ~r~  10c extra  50c Book-keeping charge is added  for Ad-Briefs not paid by  publication date.  Legal   or  Reader  advertising   35  per count line.  Subscription Rates���-  By Mpil:  Local Area ���. $6.00 yr.  Outside Local Area    $7.00 yr.  U.S.A.   . $9.00 yr.  Overseas _--_tV���^���$10.00  yr.  Special Citiie'ns,  Local Area ���,- $3.50  Canada .   $4.00  By Carrier 60c mo.  Copyright and/or property rights  subsists in all display advertising  and other material appearing in  this edition of the Sechelt Peninsula Times Ltd. Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in  any form- whatsoever, particularly  by a photographic or offset process  in a publication, ..must be obtained  in writina from the publisher. Any  unauthorized reproduction will be  subject to recourse in~ law.  Sechelt' Peninsula Times Ltd.  COMING EVENTS  EXPERIENCED drywall acou-  *-ji4<3'-&- textured ceilings, now  in Gibsons area and serving  the Peninsula. Free Estimates.  Fast service. Phone G'& W  Drywall,  884-53-15.        4208-tfn  CHUCKS painti.vi>-& cleiwat-  Try Us  Last  5752-tfn  EWART McMYNN  REALTY &*INSURANCE  Multiple Listing Service  Roy   93H,   r.il-Kpnq., ,H r.   ing.  Guaranteed  work,  reasonable  rates.  885-2375.  5492-tfn  FREE ESTIMATES  On your ceiling or filled walls  when gyproc has . been badly  filled even though painted.  You can have your feature  walls, carpets, stone fireplaces  and still have -'a relaxing  SPARKLED ceiling with no  mess or bother. The job may  not be as expensive as you  think!  Will you  give me a call?  ROBERTS CREEK'  DRYWALL  886-7193  $M&-11  WANTED  SECOND hand store needs all  kinds of goods for cash. The.  Rental Shop. 885-2848.  5915-tfn  BUSINESS   OPPORTUNITY  Member  Vancouver  Real  Estate Board  . "      PHONE  886-2248  f   .  Notary Public  GRANTHAMS: Well'' built,  well maintained, 2 bedroom  house, with revenue suite.  Carport, driveway, large cement patio. Beautiful unobstructed view. Convenient to  bus, store, and PO. Ideally located as a retirement home.  FP $18,900 with $10,000 down.  Balance on fair terms at 8 per  cent.  Offers.  GIBSONS... RURAL: Over 40  acres of easily accessible land  on gentle Southern slope, with  1200 ft. of-highway frontage,  plus extensive side road access. ^Excellent development  property., close to Gibsons.  Can he ' readily subdivided.  Some buildings and a small  house are included in the total, sale price of $55,000 with  $27,500 down and good terms  on the balance at 8 per cent.  Offers/  TEN wooded acres near Rob-  erts(i Creejc for sale, ,$8,000.  Ph.   733-8983r(Vancouver). / ������  ��-' , 58l2-12a  LISTINGS WANTED  Buyers  \vaiti-*g   for .coast  properties.  Phone   collect   Bill   Haf'tle   or  .lim     Mcintosh,,... 112-085-4151,  ONE" bedroom    house,    West _  Sechelt, waterfront.  All  el-"  ectric, furnished or unfurnished.  Ph.  885-0570. ,        5914-1IH  UNFURNISH'ED one and two  bedroom     suites     available  February   15th.   $60   and   $75.  Phone   885-2402. . 5R89-11  1     FORM  No.  1  ��� LAND AQT ;    :  NOTICE OF-INTENTION  TO APPLY FOR A  DISPOSITION  OF  CROWN LAND  \\\  Land^Reco't-fjing  District  r���^ , . _ . ;    of Vahco��iver and situate ap--  TWO bedroom home, Gibsons,.   proximately   6000   ft.   S W ���  24 hours  Highland Realty Ltd. "  3197  Edgemont  Blvd.  North  Vancouver,  B.C..  5829-, 12  PENDER HARBOUR: We are  pleased ,to offer for sale a  44 ac. WF pr,operty with excellent access. There is an older 2 bdrm. house situated a-,  mong numerous fruit . trees,  small'���< barn.   Offers   invited  on  unfurnished,    $<100     ilTonth.  Phone   926-1024. '5894-tin  WANTED TO RENT  Is  OR    2    BEDROOM    house  wanted to rent. No children.  Phone "885-9820. 5900-11  2-3  BEDROOM  house  wanted  to    rent,    Pender    Harbour  are-i.  Phone  883-2523.    ,  5907-tfn  CARS & TRUCKS  PONTIAC   LaureiUian  2  door  one driver car, new brakes,  good  rubber,  $350.   Phne  885-  2065. .        5863-tfn  $49,000. full  price.  Terms  too.  WELCOMEj     WOODS:     Near  South   West   of   the  mouth   of  Treat Creek, Jervis Inlet, BC  Take 'notice ~"l|hat Orvilie  Lawson ��� of Madeira Park,-  B.C., occupation logger, intends to apply for a foreshore  lease.of the following described lands: ���  Commencing al a post planted-��� at mouth of unnamed'  creek appiox." 6,000 Teet south  west of- Treat Creek, Jervis  Inlet, B.C.; thence*465 feet N-  51�� W; thence 900 feet N. HI"  W; thence 165 feet S - 51" E;  thence 900 feet along shore,  line to initial post and' containing  3' acres,  more or  less.  The purpose for which the  disposition is required is for  scow mooring and  loading.  SEASONED   fir   timber.   Various sizes. Very reasonable.  886-7731. '       ,'��!HG-11  OIL stove with iian, dnim.and  stand.   $50.   Phone  805-0568.  5896-11  ORDER''yovu:  garbage   incinerator   at   $350   each   from  Sechelt   Kinsmen.   Phone  885-  2475. 5898-1 fn  1903    FORD^Fairlane,   4   dr.,  PS,   PR,' auto,   trans.   $656.  Ph.  88tl-23f3. 51109-11  WHITE   SPACE   ATTRACTS  ATTENTION 4~ USE  IT  STAND-UP   oil   furnace   with.  Phone  25   gal.   tank,   $175.  883-24(1.0  ask  for 'Mor.t.  5890-13  1963     PONTIAC     Laurentian  S/W,   V8,   auto,    P/S   and  Sechelt. *bnly '|l,500   down    brakes, .radio etc. Nicely kept,     OltVILLE"'ELMER ' LAWSON  on  this  fine   75'x200' I partially     $^0-   Phone  886-2905.  cleared      lot.     Well ;   located.  $2,500   full   price.  589-1-1!  >,�����'  Dated Jan.  28,  1971.  5904  Pub.   Feh. ,'L 10,   1971  ROBERTS   CREEK:   Just   few  .steps to beach.  Large wood-,  ed lot  on good r.oad. Serviced.  Only   $3,000.  FOUND  BOY'S     Nylon  vicinity   Davis  885-2459.  Ski     jacket,  Bay.    Phone  5885-11  FOR SALE  PETS  FOR   sale,  "Sl^rTWuTght   Theatre  ad   in  this   paper   for   coming   attractions.  Phone 886-2827.  ^-^ 5816-8  BIRTHS  GIBSONS WESTERN DRUGS  ...   is   pleased   to   sponsor this  Birth   Announcement   space,   and  extends Best Wishes to the happy  parents.  ANNOUNCEMENT  1971_ CENTENNIAL CALENDARS, ready for Christmas  Mailing. $1 (includes Prov.  Tax). Available at the Municipal Office, Gibsons.   5592-tfn  CARD OF THANKS  MR., AND MRS. William Mal-  yen, most sincerely thank  their many friends who sent,  good wishes, cards, 'flowers  nnd gifts on their -25(h" wedding anniversary. Also to ex-  _pr,eas_��peei*l��� oppreeialion���for-  U)e. surprise   party.       5010-11  OPPORTUNITY exists for local establishment of sales  outlet, for National Building  Code Dpublewide Mobil-  homes. Interested __p_arj  should reply to Box 5903, c-o  Peninsula Times, Sechelt,  B.C. stating full particulars.  All replies treated with cort->  ficlence. -. 5903-11  REAL ESTATE  PENDER Harbour���3 bedrm.,  split level-home, 10 yrs. On  highway, 4 acres over 200 ft.  waterfront.' Jack Noble, 883-  2701. Rochester Realty, 937^  7292. . 5783-tfri  BLOCK BROS.  Phone tjMr.  Good  263-4993  collect  or" 730-5933  For fast service on all  properties 'and  businesses,  BLOCK BROS,  4842-tfn  LISTINGS  WANTED  Vince Prewer 886-9359  Wally. Peterson      886-2877'  HBTJX7-23BTGibsons7aC.  5909-11  CHARLES ENGLISH 'tfb.~  Real Estate & Insurance  SUNNYCREST   SHOPPING  CENTRE  Gibsons. B.C.  886-2481.    "-,  Langdale: Only 1 left and  it's a corner lot. Good investment at ,the price . of $2350.  Terms, at  $500 down.  886-2481  Roberts Creek: 1 liedroom  cottage, newly built, requires  some finishing. Living room  with fireplace, sink unit in bul.  requires plumbing. On large  Jot,, close to water and  beach.  \      ' 886.2481  GIBSONS:    Prime    view   .lot,  70x120,  all   services,  on  blk.  top.    $1,500    clown    on  :$5,000  FP.  "GlBSUNb:   BtHlef*-"fTtfrr*,'tr��^^  res    in    excellent     location.     ^^, a'-��*   ,,l!"0ncf,li'8,e*  Comfortable    3    bdrm.    home,    J'rs- old- *45- 885-3797.  large'--kitchen and living room,  -5-mtri-t  IF IT'S suits ��� it's. Morgans.  885-9330, Sechelt, B.C:    .  8893-tfn  Cinnamon   Brown  Ignj^Je^^jjoodJe^  CHINCHILLAS-fnod    breeding  slock  and  young  anim-  _a'y. reasonable.      Exhibition  full    uiifiniahed    bain'l--  barn   und   other   outbuildings.  $25,000  on  easy   terms.  LISTINGS  WANTED -  " K.  BUTLER REALTY  LTD.  ALL- TYPES   INSURANCE  Gibsons, B.C.  Phone 886-2000  MEMBER  MULTIPLE LISTING  SERVICE  5912-M  MOBILE HOMES  HOME  wilh   lots, of  run     afoiirwl  room  \>iCnted for  playful , part Cockerpoo male  puppy, 10 months old. Phone  885-9375. ' 5884-11  SNOW-WHITE  SAMOYED PUPS  Registered purebred from one  of the best lines in Canada.  Phone   886-2160. 5806-11  2>,2 lyperrTuttecl tumhler pigeons,  good, breeding stock, clue-tap.  Small size oil heater and barrel, suit  smalil  house, %$20.  Ph.  5834-11  tor  .1  885-0303.  5874-13  ���-.r-i.*.  aJwiuwt jfc**u&> jJJCJft Jujw  ^'-^::...\..-a.^yj-...-  i  f  MUSIC  PIANOS ��� Tuned, repaired &  ref hushed professionally,  Ph.  885-9639. 5695-tfn  64x12 J''OUR bedroom mobile  home for sale. Washer, .dryer, completely furnished.' $9,-  900 No. 24, Sunshine Coast  Trailer   Park,   Gibsons.   Phone  WANTED TO BUY  118(1-2435,  5011-13  WANTED garden manure, apy  ly.pt-... Phone  11115-2353.  5886-11  BOOTS, new and used, caulks,  steel   toe,   etc.   Sechelt   Shoe  Renew. 5902-12  21    INCH    black    and    white  T.V.    with   .stand,   as    new.  Phone  883-2204. 5858-12  SHOULD you wear olothes to  a wedding'.' Find the answer in Diana Ricardo's new  *book, at The Times Bookstore,.  Sechelt. Also find all the lat-  e s t Canadiana ��� National  Dream, Sibir, Chilcotin Holiday, Cranberry Portage, Continental Wulerboy, Books from  Queen's Printer, Fondue cookbooks, Roberts Rules of Order, now in paperback. Sunset ���'hobby series. Children's  books,  Phone 865-0654.  5897-1 fn  TO ALL our. kind1 friends luul  nnighhours who senl us  cards, words of sympathy and  do'mitinnH to Si. Mary's Hospital, we extend our most  hearlfftlt thanks, We will always ehorish Iho res peel, .and  honour shown jo our di'ur de:  parted-huHband  and  father.  Gladys   Godber,. Terry   and  Tom, 5805-11  IMMACULATE  3 BEDROOM HOME ���  Large living room, washroom  and snuul, bathroom. W-W  carpel throughout. Ideal * for  a family, closo to school and  only 10 , min. to Ihe shopping  'mull, Lge, lot, 7fi,x3()0, Cull  Charlie King, 8115-30(1(1.  Blpck Gavin & Co. Ltd.  '  .    ��� 5017-11  ���*..,,,.  MADEIRA  Tha-heM-'Urao ,vlaw Joh In P<>ndor llorbour���dvoflooklng tho  JblP4ii^ur.^fija0!^U^'^Jp stortiu ond nclioolv���lhui.u lou r.nn  |>o purcWniied wilh o yorynriw" down-paymnrvl ond payment a  i/r���^^J* 08 low or W5 per month.    ""*- -; , ���  90' Wqforfronl lot at pondor Harbour���$7000,  % Aero fieiml-wntorfrnnt lot ot Earl Cov��h-.|3000, '  6V4 Acres, Madolra Pork",, 1100' frontaoo on Mlahway���$0000,  * 30 LOT ,  l-ARI. COVP, filJDDIVirilON ' '  Lorcio cholro Koml-wnbufront  loin 0 low hundrod foot  from  Imrich and fluhlnu, f'rlcwl from $.}000 to $3700,  Many'olhar ylowhnd n-iml-wotinfroni loin fiom $3000 to $0000,  Tnrrm nynlloblu 011 ql-oyo proportloi,  Discount for Cash,  OLLISL  ^Madeira Park, B,C,  Phono Pondftr Harbour 883-  N VI.A Homes: Your choice of  two 2 bedroom homos, one on  3,4 acres, one on 'i .uc.re. Both  in village; and in lovely shape. .  See them now, prices urn  $27,500   and   $24,1)0(1, .,  '" 811(1-24111  Riisiinuind Iiimii: 3 bedroom  family hnirte on l'i ncn.'.'Nico  large living room leading tu  mindeck. 4 |i|ccn huth, A-oil  heat, huge It lichen will) dining area. Wlilily room, ipiiol  area." KP $1(1,800 wilh excel-  lenl lermn 'mi $0,1)00 'down.'  Hul., tit $111(1 per month.  '. IIIKI-'.MHI  AC'ltKAfIKH: limimiiii-il ltd.  I iicrc, $;i;if)0 Pi nl Rouil, V.'y  iicri'H $7,000 ('hiuiiliiirliiln ltd,  5 iicri-M, $11,(1(1(1, North Uuad,  5 * acres,! $5500, Phut lload.'d  lii'li'S,  $10,000   Rci'iel   ('ove nr-  IIIKI-2'llll  Iflllcresl Ihiiid: ��� I liedrooni  finiiill hoini', large l,r, und h,r,  I'lumblii'i, IuttIt, I'liipeii'il, uli'ii  kllcbnii nnd dining nii-u, A-  nll heiil, CluHn ni shopping  ciuili'ii, li'iinNp'oi'liiilou, I'1 P  $11,1100 Home Icnim'nn $11,1)1)0  down. '       '  'llllll-'.MII I  ~-1 .ol ii, ��� lol nr lot iir-l 111 lrr��-rtl -Ihl.f-  $2;',00 AIiIim Iiimii, $-111(1(1 Hur-  |(i'inil |lonil,,,viow, $4400, C|iin-  Hnr llouil, $:!',t(MI Lower Iliiiul  Id Uuhi'i'lii Creek, $nilf|l), llenrli  nroi) iicur plcnli1 slii", $0,1)1)0,, .  llllll.'.Mil I ^  I      v  Member pf the Multiple Listing Service  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  SELMA PARK      '                     ���      , , ,       No;  1771,  Completely finished 2 bedroom all electric rulirnmenl homo,  |jlonly ol clouols, qIoss door, sundeck, nnsy walklnQ dlslonce into  Sucholl, Try l/��3 down om $14,700 F.Pt For more details coll  Poo lloddun,  885-9504,  '  SELMA PARK WATEr'fRONT ^���" Mo,"1906  Royenuo homo, owners, on ono floor, roveniie on lower floor plus  bonch (:nb|n ond Qornon, All renovated,, Overlooks Troll Boy, very  nico. $lti,O00 will handle. To view call Peter Smith, 805.9463,  ASK FOR OUR FRF.R CATALOGUE OF REAL ESTATE  Box  128, Sechelt  AGENCIES LTD-i,  Phone 885-2235  TFKUX)   MARINE. ACCESSORIES  Pnlnl       Mhroglas.s -- Rope ���  CimvuH       Boul lliudwari.)  C'onipi'c.s.-siHl  air  utirvien  '   NYGREN SALES  (1971) LTD,  Phonii 'HBn-0803,  OlhsmiB,  li,C  011(17-11'!)  BLOCK BROS. REALTY LTD.   .  ,6550  E-Hastings St.  STARTERS OR RETIRED ���*        -You'll love this 8 yr. old immac kept home in the Gibsons Bay  area. Feature walls, Fplace, level view lot, Db'l. garage. This  beauty won't last long. Try your D   Rymt. To-Day!  DAVIS BAY  Here's a lovely Or. pew homei on p-yjew-lat^-3-bdcms^ 2 hoths^  full bsmt , Ig   sundeck. Some fipUhing to be done but now is the  time to choose your awri colours. \6,Q0Q may handle. '  FOR HORSE LOVERS! ;  Or speculators, your should almost double your money in the next  few years Purchase this 3 bdrm home" on 4 view acres in West  Sechelt. Only $24.500 FP. ^ _^      '     ,  HOUSE. & ACREAGE.,  This older 3 bdrm home on apnrox.-5 acs. in W. Sechell has lo bet,  a bargain at only $16,500.  LIVE-IN LUXURY -  In this. 2 yr, old'3 bdrm.,lull bsmt,,home in rural Gibsons, Vendor  * moil'anxious lo sell   Try your wllers lo $29,900   Loc.' on ,6 view  acres wilh luluro subdivision nolenlial.  Sanrly   Hook,   ft  GOT $500 TO INVEST?  Then  ask  about   yiew   lots   in   LnnQflale   Ills,  Tuwanek.  G* KNOWLES  298-0541  or 291-2881  LIST TO-DAY WITH A SALESMAN WHO SOLD OVER $250,000  IN REAL ESTATE LAST YEAR,, ASK .ABOUT $25,000' "INTEREST  FREE LOANS" TO YOU FROM BLOCK' BROS,  I  $2,150 down buys a choice 3 bedroom house on excellent site In Glbsnns  Heirjlils wilh these luxury feglures; " ''  full Dosemehl '  Wall lo Wall Corpellno  A piece coloured vanity bolhroom i  Recreation room rouohed In  ���Iiii'l-, Whiht  llllfl-',',(Klf>  Ki-ii  f'ro.iliy ..'.IIHII-WIIHI.  Jay Vliim  ' \     <>  nilfi y.'ldO  fililJi'll  BLOCK BROS. REALTY LTD.  ( i  ���    YOUR SUNSHINE COAST.SRHClAl-ISTS   ���  PHONE COLLECT:   !  Mr,  H( Good -+ 688-8796 or 687-4441  Mr. G7Knowloi ^= 29T-28BT or^.-^0!T^"^5ri  ,..���i���  wr-il sr.cHni.T ��� ' ,,,-.-..  WnUii'lruiil, lol of)'x?40' ulna |iivu| hloplno honrh propurly,  Biilldinu ill" rliinntd, vlllnaii water aupply,  F,P,  ^H/AIO.    | ^  '.LIMA PARK  'Lriroii' ')' lindrooin family homo, nnwly mnnvotoil, nrrnss from  Hni-ir.h, 3 Lulu- (11)0' hwy Im-iiIiujiiI |andhCiJp��id, Prlcu liicluilfsd 'A  Kivnniiii roilntioi., idiinl Im lonj" fonilly, lionrrlliifi hmimi nlc,  W"ll |.rlr��i| Im- only y-M.000.  -��� -> i*io/s i ���- n oai->���n 111 SOhJfi ���*���-*1-���-���*���^i*J-�����,'���'���r���.- r-^������  1'ifnluMli; ,vh��w lot In nxrl-i-ilyn rlrim nynrlooklng Cmoruln 'ilrnll  nnd ihlundb, Muhi.lhn nxcnlfmil Ku'mi.! $1500 down llnlfiiicii 'M0  pm niunib ,iil '}"/���.   10% iIimoiiiiI (fir r.iihh,  -.Dtnn f11 ici-1im~I<6'ai>- j,i '"!"  Onii nl ih�� mo-il r"0Minnhly prlriid |ofi In lh" vlllnno: t,rmr\ lo ho  on Miwm   -iyiliim,  Ncixl" lo KlnMiinn'ii Pork;   tifi'   linnlno".  FP, ,  Vl.'HiO, ; .       ^ '  r,|f--iOMV--W'ATfRFWbNT'':" ]"""    '   ��� -. ���     ,-���    "i      ,     '  All ��.ofvir,tn��, on payed road loyol to bnach, o'wd roplrol locrillon.  Good liiviiMiiimil piopmly; IP, y/,001), '  RFDROOrr Pf)',   lOO-' Wr v.fTf�� n'��3f1'" tmlfor nn  1.1  ii1 $i;i,!W)0, '  , ��� ,\ ' ' '  'SAM t.OllCl! Wrili'ilionl Into n"M lo lh�� Jolly Hoilgnr Inn, S"rr)il  Cnv��| V'^00 Up, _____ ' |  r.riMA*PA.RK AMD'hAVr. MAY    :     ' .    '  llmiiiilhil liiyli lnviil lulu; cluniod vylth vl��w "1 lh" C��\iU ul GiMirgl  rill   Muvlrri'.    hlnnl   |ii|||i)mnn|   or  follnoo   ttllMH-,  cliim   |n   bnin:!'),  fi��hlnt|( (|"l�� "lid tti"p|Vln',|, Mnripa H"ar My, ^4900 r,ood  I";"';  Completely decorated ond rendy for occuponcy -(  Long term bonk loan wlIh monthly paymnnls you con oflord  Jf, you' c|i|qljfy# you con own one'of Iheso homos hulli now In your choke.  See the ones Qolng up In Gibsons Heights, on Show Rood, close lo schools,,  {���hopping, Itonsporlcilion, theatre ole,  TOR PULL INFORMATION CALL  -i ���_, CHARLES. ENGLISlllID.^   .   ... , 886,2481 - ?     "   .   ,,  Sunnycretit Shn'pplng Centre, Gibson'-, H C,  MacGREGOR PACIFIC REALTY LTD.  nox 799 .^riinsoMS," ,;  Li.,jnJf^^7T^r1^Tflfln.71^|.nrMfli7i;,tft.���-���.  t.Mri�� Olr*-r��h-"flBrt-/?44 ��r M6'7?6()  s you swore  N4(r��ment plans titan Royal Wusf;  And, wiih nil our plana, you not Incomo tfix advantauoo.  OurQunrnntood  InvoatnHMitnocolpto  OiirArund  (Amor loan invoGtmnntn)  Our B Fund  (liondu)  Our C-Fund   -   -   - -  (Cniifldl/to Invn-simonl/j}  (MorlflUfloq)  Afiomhlnmlonofany  ornllnf thoR��;      -,  Royal Trust  Royal Tiui) Tawcr - Uontoll C������Uf  QS9 OhikimI 5l"'l, Voncoiivnr ], 0,C,  i, ,.i.| .. m m mi^'iiM iw'|,  ;    ���   -I '       v   , , ;    ��� ....'_.,..,. , ���.���.���'        <"'','���;      ������*���'���,        .    , . ..     .��� .        . ,     ... ,, ; .  ���M*^yt*^*Ki��w% +*^0u^mtott^*0Mt*^^&*,^**.4bV^li+*0**4*^^       t*^^0*^n+,*,^*m*mi&^*mhm**^*m*mi*��i*i*i ^^t*-**Www��^i^��t-^^^iM^i^^*^*��^*i^��Hi^w1^^^��>W4^ ^^^���^.^l AMA^A^M^Aja.^^^ n^r%jri^,irtijnj^j*k*%^-Aim.*H** ^  ���   ��   I;  The peninsula Time*   -.-���  t����#Vi -MrtMfr 10/���  y iri  iy:.:o��ei  relatives  A^   eigh|h"wpdclhlg anniversary :nn FphrtiJiry  ���        ' 2nd and il}-?: Swain's bii^H^ay tHe���following day. Hpjrse .guests, iuring the week  'were  Mr.  McAllister's, son Earnest   wjth  fipe physic-tie--f��t %'f|jr.cri'8 j^weighr- ���*>?? ^^^^^J^.^^.^L-'l!  ed iftQ pouridg') \\e stjH holds him^lf er  granddaughter'Cal-oKDubois and husband  .. ' ��� ect and: strides, alfing to the- post office   kari-y-fom. cmmwy WW Helen Qow  '���; for hlsmaiUaBW'dayVhh a swing .yhfeh  "*��*��� f'.fnd m?s' ^ Glynn :Wd tjiolr  ily tq V*h>- many a yoftngpr wan might envy. He has   ,w teMghters from Vancouver.       ������  *mwwiii*��wy��*#<��W*iN9P^n*m~^v*H*f*���'*ip*PV**  I^INfiTY-TOU-ll and still fining strong ,|s 1023 lieTifoved wilh/ his faintly to v.W-- many a yewgeV W��1  " the. grand old mliu of rlalfmoon Bay, i-ouvbr and for 30 yiu-rs ��� fished in Riven- moved- vyhhlliP' times, avid wJfBn lie. visits .     'Mr. McAllister is one of the pipneers  j: Milfoid Mt'Alli-Htor who (U'lebrated. h>�� I'det, becoming --no of iho -gre-jios-t net his friends^ and tpiaVivcs-'-^n NiewRrnns-    who will J>o honored -during this Centen-  hirlluhiy on Kohrnary 2. In (vis, life whwh fishermen oh ihe west coast. He became . wick he\tVavpjs*-py jet... He Me��s 9 party    nialyeav.                             ��  Ivas --pannt'd almnsi a c'-'euMm', Mr- Mt-'AI- <ud boss al the P.O. Pacl-ers Cannery Jmd -mid is a|\ya|s;*i'fnp-)f the first to. swing    ��� ���������',_-- ������ -  lister has seen tremendows' changes- He ��� fishurinen soon learned that when he set his partner���'oii ihe (|a'nee floor- His wifo  has passed irom hors.0 and huggy days a net, it would most certainly cajch Visji.'' Clara died pp.ivfarph 3.' i��0?, a few mon-  tp the jiit age: from rowhoals and square During "Ihis period, his lipnip.'ni Van- ths after the pejebrafion of their diamnnd  riggers to   the   fishhoals  of .lfpday   with . pouver became famed for ils hospitality, wedding anniversary,   /     ��   *��  their powerful engines, radiophones and ; It was always a hOme from home for the ;      0n Fehrtr'ivy' ���2;---M:r.:':M'c'A'Hist0r;s''4g.il-'  electrpn'ie'HCj'U^nWnt; from who  e&me   west- lo ghter,   Mrs." %i}fia,m  Swwu.   held- open  he wuiV-d ejvrn.$30 a month as seaman.  seek ihcjr fortupps. Among these was his Jippse in honor pf her father's birthday  un a-stiuarB rigger to the days when a wile's  nephew,   Sid   Wilson who  cannot and many friends, and relatives from the  mail expfccl's to earn that much more in.    speak too highly  ol' the wonderful  has- Bay, Seeheilt and Gibsons called to offer  a day.   "V           ��� . -             . pitality   lie . received   at   the   McAllister congratulations. His* djy was made hap-  Bur;n inyst. John, N^w Brunswick, he home and of the help he had in getting py by telephone calls from., his son Fred  was one of. a family of eleven children. esabiished_ as a fisherman  in,. Rivers In- in Vancouver and his only surviving sis-  As a young man he fished hi a small sail- let   He is now fish warden in the Howe ter, Sade and her son Malcolm Bro^n in  boat   around   Ihe   treacherous   waters   of Sound   region   and   lives   wilh   his   wife New Brunswick.  thu- Bay  ot  Fundy,   and  worked  during Belle.at Gibsons.                                                     It turned into a Whole week of_celeb-  the winters un a square rigger which car- < . Mr. McAllister; retired in 1955 and set- rations at, the Swain home for My. and  ried   freight   between   eastern   ports.   In tied   in   Halfmoon   Bay   ten  years' later. Mrs,   Bill 'Swain  were  celebrating  their  <?>  Sechell  jewellers  .A.  #        ��  JeweUry  Watch &  Repairs  &'' -A-.    *  Phone  805^421  I-  ��ft  Topics  c^^'his'iSh ~b'Ki5iy"7f.,t w>^h^::; ����.&��."  wcuk al  the home of his daughter    ,.a���, Bel tun,���set| 0Ver who d  OIlJ       lw*��>      liii.<Khi-trl       IVJmf^i.       Dill       0,,,.,w, ....  . ; Hapjjy Event  An inspiration to many younger men,  J. Milfoid McAllister, pictured with  his daughtcM-    Mrs.   Mildred Swain,  yv * '^^ *J .....vv iiu    iti    i-'ciiiiaii y .  the public  , ..!�� -       - "-������������ *>-���   -�� ���"  "-���   "'���  aoes   what,  and^her husband Mayor Bill Swain   .especially  in  the. health  professions  in  which' Latin is still king of titles.  'Specialists in dentistry, 'must spend  two to three more years Ui school to become qualified for such designations, hut  even some of them have trouble pronouncing their own titles. So here's a  quick rundown on who's who in dentistry:  Endodonlist: He treats infections of the  pulp or nerve ol' a tooth. He can save  many teeth that at one time h-*d tn be  extracted. Endodpntists have nothing to  do  witli  the  I'm man   posterior.  Oral   Surgeon-.   Here's   a  simple  name  for a dentist who treats complicated'ex-  TracTionlirTaw-Tral^  other  injuries   of   the   mouth.  Orthodontist:  Sometimes mistaken.for  -a���bird���doctor,' this- stalwart���sliaiglileus  at Halfmoon Bay.. Numerous friends  and relatives dropped in during the  day to convey happy wishes to Mr.  McAllister who is'still spry and  active in the area.  The United Church of Canada  SERVICES  St. John's United Church - Davis Bay  Sunday Services"-' 9:30 am.  Roberts Creek United  Sunday Services - 2:30 p.m.  Gibsons United Church  Sunclay Services - 11:15 a.m.  Port Mellon United  Sunrlny Sftrvirps -7'1'piti  (2nd and 4th Sundays)'  Ministry  Rev.  Jim Williamson - Gibsons - 886-2333  APPLIANCE HEPA1E*  TRAIL BAY ENTERPRI5IS  Repairs to large or small appliances  JOHN RUNYAN  Davis Bay Phone 885-9318  a err supplies       "'"^  Telephone 886-2069  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  Pottery, Supplies, classes & firing  dealer for Duncan's Ceramic products  Pine Rd. & Grandview Ave.  P.O. Box 62, Gibsons, B.C.  BLASTING  t-  CONTROLLEP BPSSTINQ  ALL WORK INSURED  ��� PKbb b^MMAIE!r~  FRED DONLEY  -Pei��deM4��b$ui^--flB3-2405  THE ANGLICAN CHURCH  OF CANADA  SERVICES  St.  Hilda's, Sechelt.  Family Eucharist 9:30  a.mr (2nd and 4th Sunday). Holy Eucharist  eydry Sunday ot 8 o.iry; 9:3Q o.rn. (tst^ncl  ~%fcO~Every jhursdpyFqTTQ a.m.  fcvensQng  gt7:30 p.m. (2nc3 dndI.Jltri SMndOy),  St.  Mary's, Garden  Bay.  Holy  Eucharist���  1 l:j30 a.m. (1st pnd 3rd Sunday),  Egmont.   Holy   Eucharist���2   p,m,   1st   and  3rd Sunday).  Church  of  His Presence���Redrooffs.  Even'  song���3    p.m.    ever    2nd   Sunda'y".    Hok  Eucharist���3  p.m.  every 4th Sunday.     I  Priest���Rev. D.  Popple, Sechelt flB5-979>>  teeth and is responsible' for preventing  and correcting more serious irregularities  in tooth position and jaw relationship.   -  Pedodonlisl: This specialist has nothing to do with feet. He treats all kinds  of oral conditions of children, hut generally refers major orthodontic treatment or.surgery to other specialists.  Periodontist: He treats diseases of the  gums and other supporting structures of  teeth. . ^  Prosthodontist: He concentrates on  .Mdj^L'Sn'S^ full dentures and sees YOU  thrQiiish   adjustments  arid   possible  r--fU?  Ungs.,,.;.,;.., ... .        .., v  Dental'-'Ifygienist: Although pot 4  specialist in the above sense and nearly  always a woman, she is trained to take  over the duties of cleaning teeth���or prophylaxis as il is typed on your hill. She  also frees the dentist from oilier duties  so' liu can concentrate on diagnosis and  llimipy.      '"Canadian  Dental  Association  WATER SURVEY SERVICES  For Expert Blasting  FREE" ESTIMATES-  Phone 885-2304 L. C. Emerson  R,R. 1, Sechelt, B.C.  CABINET R/JA0tEf8$  OCEANSIDE FURNITURE &  CABINET SHOP  Hardwood Specialists - Fine Custom Furniture ' \  Store and Restaurant Fixtures  Furniture Repairs  Custom Designed Kitchens and Bathrooms  in all price ranges.  ��� R BIRKIN  Beach Ave., Roberts Greek, B.C.  Phone 886,25 51  CONTifACTIlpi '���"���'"    *""'  COAST BACKHOr& TRUCKING  LTD.  Fill,' Cement-Gravel, Drain Rock, etc,  '    Box 89, Madeira Park  i Rhone 883-2274  STUCCO  Old Homes A. Specialty  JAMB4E4^0NSTIHi���TION^  HAIRPHESSEH  ANN'S COIFFURES  j.} . in the Bal Block  Next to the Co-op Store  Gibsons ") 886-2322  GIBSONS GIRL BEAUTY CENTER  Hair Problems? ��� Consult Us.  Specialist   in   perms;- styled   cuts   and   colour.  Qualify Wigs. <���  Downtown   Gibsons,   next  to  Florist.  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Ciinuih."/, ii lochnical iiirniniiitinn ser-���  viiie doMiynuil in prnvido ; ain-iculliinil  uxiensiim .siieeUirisis wilh up-tn-daie in-"  I'liiniiiliiin un rwlnnil ' gnviirnninnl iijiri-  ciilliiriil iidVily, is now opnnitini} within  Ihu   Ciinudu   Dopui-lmniil   ul'   Aiji'lrulliiru.  .��   G. CROWTHER  BUILDING CONTRACTOR  A-Frames and Pre-Fabs Erected  Canvenlionql Framing  Call 863-2746  R.n, 1, Mqdciro Park, B.C.  SUNSHINE COAST  . GQSmXHURCH  HlfKlunnmlnat'lanal)  Sundnv Sfliqo) ��� IQiOO a.m.  Chiir^ti Scrvlcfi ���. 11:15 a.m.  Cypnina Sorvlco 7i30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S, CASSEULS  PavU Bay Rpoil and Atbutui  (% MocM iipfrpm Highway)      ii  -ji i   iir i r���r*"-i,^"���^ ��� -**���  i   j_ u  J-1 J f ii���itj���, ��� T "*       '     ���*���������  SECHELT AGENCIES DATE PAIft  ��� Ihlh Irim rnmlndiir of mnilnfi iivenid |n n ^nrvlrn nl SL:C|||:'|.T AGENCIES  LTD. Phunu funliiiiiln T|ii|��i dlrwct Un Iruo Ihllnn*, kpticllylno "Data  Pod", I'lunso nnlii Ihnl srinno In |lml(ud nnd i'V)W orlvonc<f ilrilo* nioy  hnvii in wnll llmlr Inrn; olun thnl lliis In o "runilndfir" llhllng only nnd  rnnnnl nlwnvn cniry lull dolnlls     ��� ��  inhrmwiontwin^^  Full,   lit- II 'pm. Snrhiili I ii(||nii,| Mil. Ulnqn,     '  lull,   II     V pin, 111, llildn'h Hull, Snrhnli I Iniiplinl'Auxlllnry Muoiinp,  "uli,  I I    .'I n in  GiliMiiih I nfjl'in l-liill, llincin, , ,    ���   .  lull    i'/,    d.:i()  ii in   I uid   Jim'u  l.nili|��i   I'uniliii   llniliiiui  nnd  lunnnii  Clinmlini ul Ciiiniiiniiii Annnnl Oinnui, MhhIiiiki nl II p.m.  .II��(.l.jLt��_L;'l.���^.J!l^i i..( u..W!.-��i 'cIluLl J..i3aIi>.m.u.,Um.I iu^ WJi.iafu . ^^^^.^-^^-.-j.^   full.   I!)   -V pin   I liiiillh GmiIiii, f|||)biinn, llinnrli :ill O.AI'O, Id-niilni  M'M'iimr A ',*   ���   ���  uli    I!)     / .HI   pin   'GiliMiim   Flmininlniy   Srhfiiil"  Snrlifill   ft.   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MACK'S NURSERY  Roberts Creel*  3!IN5H|NP COAST HIGHWAY    ���,  LondHrojiInn - Shrubs, - Frnll Tl��o�� - For|||Uor  .i   Umiy Plnniij - Umlillna PloiiU - l^iqi Mos^  Fully I Iconsod Bef||c;|d(i Sproylno for-  Londftcoplno ond Tr��c!��  Phono 886-2604  Of>TO^E-TRIST  "I'T '"���  FRANI< E, PECKER, OPTOMETRIST  ���      Bal Block - Gibson*   '____ _ EvorV^^yVnflposflny^ ,���������.:.,,,������   -, B86-2248        '   ,  i '       ;. i��'  PllirVIRINQ   ���' '"".'f   V  SEASIPE* PLUMBING  Gihsoni  I'lnmlilnij. PlntTfitiino ��� S|��omiiii|iuj  l|i>i w��'!��r miliio * PIf I ofioino  FRHE ESTIMATES  ,  plieno 806-/917 o. 0f)6"-20/lfl  SURVEYORS  ROY 8, WAGENAAR  B.C* Land Surveyors  *;Mgririe Byildjng - porpoise Bay  v Secheltn,B,C.  385-2332 pr ZEnith 6430 '  TAXI  HARBOUR TAXI LTP,   Harbour Motors v  Shell Gas and Oil and Repairs.  24 Hour Taxi and Wrecker Service.  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Phone 886-2664, R,R, 1, Glbsonf, B,C,  HANSEN'S TRANSPEil Lm  WA^HOUSES"  Socholt 8BB-2110 - Glbsoni 886-2179  ,       ���DAIIYSFpvirpfROM VANCOliyiJR       -  -SfTRVfNG TI If? WCi If IT ���pFNlNSilLA  'i Fmjiliino in nnywlmrn In Cnnndo, '  G��ii#r��| Frol(j'����   lf>w-|i��fl nnd huovy hcmllnq  llf��l|IOISTFRY  BE|lAPR CUSTOM  UPHOLSTERY  ANP MAPERIES  Rfiii|ilioli.|��iln() - RoMyllnq.. Coinplot��| Pronery  ?>firv|F�� - Sqrnnlos tliown In lh* honio , '��..  Phono (106-2050 qffnr 6 p.rn,  ��� �����������      **��������.��  t  *  �����   ��  / V  St. Pierre  ��� <.      -^-Letter from Parliament Hill  f  ���.    ^ ���'.     ���',    -  '    ' .    ���    ..���.;;���������  fOT-TA^-^A  letter from  home:  j..Dear,-Mr. St. ,Pierre,  ���,'. Please accept my belated but .'neverv  t-heless sincere thanks for the letters from  you appearing, in our local paper. I ,es-  IpeciaHy appreciate  the ones relating to  'the crisis  in Montreal.  And so If venture to write you as my  member "concerning a matter that disturbs  me a good deal. I consulted others, young'  jer   thajvl.but,  with   a  record  of  work  j amongst young . people, and found  them  i disturbed toe. It is the rumored plan of  . bussing the young from hostel to hostel  across the  cudntry  next  summer.-,There  ��� is no indication-that it was to bring them  near any possible ejnployment.  Now I know that there is always a  suspicion that people who have lived and  suffered through the' depression years  are suspect but I like young people, enjoy  the friendship'of many and am delighted  that as .many Canadians  as possible see ^. s^%  > our  co"u\]tryr\BUT���is   this> the  way   to  ���charm -the seriously^ unemployed--of---the  s older group?  1 wish to"express my reasons foi- being  the  last  is  to  me  disturbed   in-3  steps;  r the most serious. '     >'    !  I know quite a few young'people who  have worked their way into seeing not"  only Canada but Europe and Australia,  New Zealand, etc. All of them were prepared   to   take   any   honest   job. without  s questioning   if   it   were.,   God   save --Us,  "menial." Is it fair that their tax'es should  ' make mollycoddles  of others?  It is my experience from forty years  ���H*-ecktea-t-ioH--th-a-t-t4ie-a-verage young person vyelcomes a decent challenge; in fact  some are delighted to find they could do  even better than they thought. But you  don't get that feeling riding free or lear  Page A-4 ?. ~~ \ The Pfeninsiila Times   /  Wednesday, February 10, 1971  er % O.E.S.  22nd Anniversary  Elphinstone Seniors  With one of their valued team members, Karen Brig-nail unable to play  having been injured in an accident  some hours earlier on Friday, Elphinstone Senior girls were not in  their usual spirits for- the evening  game but put up a valiant fight  against Pender. Pictured with coach  Mrs. Shirley Macey, in front arej^  BTalVne Fisher, F rah T^riitayson,7  Shirley Hoehne and Marjorie Mac-  Lean. Back: M a r y Muhlenkamp,  Leslie Cryderman,    Colleen   Hiisby,  ning army drill when there are trails to *"<3'inny Alaager and P. T. Instructor  be made in our parks and other such jobs     Miss June Wilson.  which would be a service. I would like  a government to challenge these,young  people before it is too late; for laziness  and   self-indulgence   can   grow.  .But most serious is the fact that I have  noted that people tend to despise those  ^i whom'tliey are using, and, sadly enough,  from that, tend to despise themselves. And  it is the person who despises himself .who  is the wanton destroyer.  I   am   writing   to   you   because   I   do  not ...know ..where else tp turn; ...during the  depression I lived in mining and logging  *  camps   in   the   North���and   weilthungry  ""HiiTRiTP^rTr^^  channel   near  a  work   camp  for the  un-  --employed,���Many -of   the  .young   fellows  Safe motoring  IT'S a wise practice for car owners to  keep their gas tanks as full as possible during the winter months. The B.C.  Automdbile Association says this will  keep moisture, which would eventually  form ice, from condensing in the gas line.  Having plenty of gas on hand is also,  a comforting thought when caught in a  bad weather traffic jam.  talked to ine and while there were com-,  plaints   (some   sent     over     tu   chop   the  teacher's wood had lo be taught how by  that teacher!) I still earned a lot to add  to my picture. ...  Sincerely, Miss X  Dear  Miss  X,  Yours is one of many letters on this  subject. As far as I can determine, the  free bus story, is pure speculation. I have  been unable to find anybody in the ministry who is suggesting free travel for  any Canadian yourrgster who wants to be  To retain battery efficiency when  starling your car on. cold mornings, try  "The foTlowimj- procedure: Ptish���the���gas  pedal all the way'to the floor and release  it halfway. Do not grind the starter for  more than,30 seconds. If necessary, make  repeated attempts every 30 to 45 seconds.  If the engine floods, shut off the ignition,  push the pedal t�� the floor again, and  hold it there a full minute. Then, with  the pedal still on the floor, turn the  starter. Any excess gasoline -will then  drain through the manifold, leaving  enough fuel remaining to give the car a  proper start.  MOUNT Elphinstone .v Chapter-No. 65,  Order Eastern Star, celebrated its 22nd  Anniversary: on Thursday, February 4th,  1071 at the Masonic Hall, Roberts-Creek.  'VisUprg^qn. U?e happy, occasion, were,  Mrs.; Florence Struthers, Past Grand Mat-  lon, Grand Chapter of British Columbia  who instituted the Chapter; Mrs. Ruby  Fletcher, Past Grand Matron and Edna  Jure, Past Matron of Triumph Chapter;  Vancouver,  v-  "Past    Matrons,    Christine    Anderson,  Grace    dimming,    Phyllis-   Parker,   -Zoe'  Eades,   Josephine   Mylroie,   Edna.  Fisher,  Doris  Aitchison,  Bessie  Shaw,  Bea, Rankin,  Margaret  Swan,  Catherine  Franskev  ey  and   Past, Patrons  Harry  Shaw,  Robert Qidgley  and  Donnelly   were   honored   and   pres*  /Vented with gifts.    ���  .  /     Charter   members   present   were   Margaret Trueman, Christine Anderson, Phy-  .���Uis ��� Parker,  Bessie- Shaw and  Eva I^yons _ |.  who were also honored.  The birthday theme, was evicjenl., \h  the very lovely decorations and a huge  birthday cake was enjoyed by all. Later  slides taken over the past years ��Jielped  revise   old   memories.  The membership of the 'Chapter extend appreciation for the support given  by communities on the Sunshine Coast,  or their various cancer projects. To  those who collect stamps to donate to the  Chapleiv -It- should be���remembered: -Hurt  the   posl   mark   is   necessary.   Anyone   in  CALL COR 885-2135  For, all your Renovations,  Repairs and Cabinet Work  at reasonable, rates.  rr  ^SiagigtWSBSBMBSSBMWMWSffSSBBSi^A  \^    Emily  Quigle  Mylroie, Ted  J-,^ John   Donnell  doubt should save, ihe lop half or all of  the envelope and members w-iill cjip out  what' is required.,  -' Your Ii. C. Heart Fund contribution  fights them all���heart attack, stroke  high blood pressure, rheumatic fever and  rheuirTailiTliearf disease, congenital heart-  disease and 'many other heart and blood  vessel diseases,  STOCK H  GAS CANS  ,2 CYCLE OIL  AXES AND AXE  HANDLES  ��OTs-^ndHPadcHes  Bulk Chain Oil  " j-�� ��� ���        .'     '   Get Your -  LAWNIVaOWER AND  CHAINSAW REPAIRED  BEFORE THE SPRING   RUSH.��� ���  SECHELT CHAIN SAW  CENTRE LTD.  COWRIE STREET  Phone 885-9626  ^ggggggggggBflggMgggggggggggggggggggggggMM  s  Royal Canadian  Legion  Branch  140  ��RGASBOStD and DANCE  ��^��.G=HELT'-'=LE:C^��:N=���*��ALLf=  Saturday, February 20, 1971  Doors Open 8 p.m. "~ ' Dancing 9 p.m.-l a.m.  MUSIC BY BRIAN~AND TOM  ���> Admission  $2.50 each  Tickets  available at  the Club or phone  885-9452  -d^-jr  elsewhere tlian where he~Ts for no clear  reason.  . I'm interested in the matter, because  I think there is a strong case to be made  "for spending some money, on soiliethnig  akin to a .scholarship basis, to enable  selected young British Columbians U>  travel Canada and see their own country  during summer vacations. But this if a  very different thing from job-lot j fee  transport for the la/.y people. \/  However, most important, I thank you  lor IJie letter because of tho thought that  went into il. Accordingly, without using  your name, I am using jts cont.onl�� for  Ihe weekly  newspaper column.   ���  ���Yours truly,        Paul pt,  Pierre,  M.P.  Coast-Chilcotin  Xhe Rhyming Philosopher  , Hun y  W, Fletcher  ST A lii LIT V.   "  I Ice; ii 11 he of hcu'iili'iiCM In'ilie Dully I'rcss,  The  lelevlhci!  |-iulilieily  uiul din  -.   Accorded nil the riois which obnudv  The iiclionn nl' llic llioiiulillcih youlli lo win  A   hi let'   m.kii|iwli-ili!ineni   llm|   ihey  i:Mni,  .   Mliill 1110.10 uf in vnIid Muy III lioine iilhl clloilh(  'I'll  fil.iy   ill   ijillOllllli.C  oi'  VN lllll   Wilh   Illiv-iCll  Or luivi.'i   |iol  lepuiieil  in iho  new),  MMiihenly   believe   lhl,>,   ivpiewnh  ���     Mu)i>illy iif^ihiMujhl   in  uuy  icliool,  Oi m||c|,U' iliioVnji nil me i|iiikoiilrnl��v>  JflJhose^B^U?.  -HHitHM-*Wi*^--trid-cui(J4L_iaicui|ilihlel  A vvarn\ quiet car may be a potential  safety hazard on a cold day. The com- .'  foivtable atmosphere may cause drivers  lo cloze or lull Idem into daydreaming. To  avoid this, the BCAA recommends that  motorist keep one or more windows  slightly open, occasionally open air vents  or windows completely for a quick rush  of cold air, maintain erect posture, avoid  heavy smoking, and listen to lively music  or discussions on the radio.  IT lakes about 15 minutes for a driver's  eyes to become completely accustomed  to   darkness,   says   tile   B.C.   Automobile  Association,  Kor minimum safety the BCAA recommends that'll 17-year-old driver should  wall, al |i(usl two to three minutes and  a (ll)-yuur-old driver al least five minutes  before- driving-In the dark,  To come out of u lighted building  h\m\ drive off Is putting , a "partially  blind" driver behind the wheel, an auto  club spokoHiimn said.  . Nighl driving can be particularly  lui/,iirdiiufy for older people, said BCAA  president n(il, ,1,  I huttings.  Hustings mud H hud -���booh e.it limited  Uuil llm Hum ink tin for adaption In light  dniililoH I'm: .(ivory Hi yunrs of life, This  ���ji'kuiiiI i Unil ii'driver nVur >l()' yi.-m's old  could Im blinded up lo a unwind nl n  linn'   by   Imiiilllglil   glui'D.  "Al VII m.p Ii you run |(o IO'.'. lonf  in ii mh'oiiiI und you cun do n /ncal donl  ol diiiiingi.' in Ihul I inn: II you can't jioi:  vi'i-y  well,"' hi! snld, ���  a"  Nol io, pleme he inloiuieil mul Know Hie liulli  Doii'l   be muled  hy  hiuylnu of ihe  uir,,  I or iinohMrinlYi'ly  you'll find"ilur-yoiiili ~"~  WIlO eoiinl  Hie moil  me hllll  iilleiidliui  elinn,  ���'VV '  - .���  No, hike Ihe lime In pnilie Ihe il|eii|,ehn|)h  VVlio iliuly' hfllil^ und hold ii hien'ily foiii'MT,   j  IlinoiiiiK blind  iinieil  mnl  huiiilkii|m  To win   Ihe iioul  by  iiiiiiune,  nol  hy  force  Try Army on approval  '    You cun ley mil  Urn lli'liitili Aririy op.   n i >1f Vi'cV v i"��' I" "f iTTWTTi i*: ��T�� 1T"IT��Trrn'iT~]"��7�� iTTiTi ^"t In i Vi;*"  iiud iKiCi iiiii'hiiiiNlon to I'iM'i'iill ii'iiiniiowitr  A li'lul I'niiUir iiiin'r Bull) olTern mini u  flvii-diiy look id llm 'finny lo' dncldii  v^liclhor IPs lor llioni, ll',,^^ diin'l dike II,  you i'hu rniiiiilii ii civilian, with !j>IHI0 In  |in.y in your, piicknl, >i  .".>���-���   ,-,    ��� " ���_  Elpliie's FranFmlaysoiland Penclerjs ;matc}iecl in last Friday's inter-hcool  Lynn  Ra6  tangle for 'possession in game at Elphinstone. There was no  last senior's "game  nears half time stopping Pender in (he second half of  and  the score    was    fairly    evenly the inciting game.  Madeira School highlights  i        ,    , ,.��� ,���, .��������� ���> ���-a���,��� .iTSa.���.��� . ��� ���             -      ���by Valerie Reid  for Madeira Park worn: Barr^.";Wiosl 1',,  Miko Kiimmorle 2, Lome Newick i Bruce  Ciorick prayed a splendid game in goal.  Next game is against Gibsons on Tuesday,    Thursday lunch saw Ihe Pender 'Harbour Secondary grade night girls defeat  Mudtili'ii Park. However l|ie first Iwo  gunies vvcru very close, Pendor won llio  I'irM Id III. In the second gaine ovurlline  was needed before Madeira Park went  down Ill-Ill. In Ihei final game Ponder  lliirlini' oulscorod   llioir oppopuiils  lf>-IM  A LITTLE  HOMEWORK  WATCHING  THE  CLASSIFIED  ~���CAN  AGAIN Iho school has been. busUing  wilh alhlelic activities the |Iasl week,  On Tuesday, llio Heche.lt floor liockey  loam paid Madeira Pack u visit. Tliu  game proved to be very exciting wilh u  number oi highlights, ��� ' ��-���  The half time intermission saw 'Madeira  Park lead Secliell fi-'l, However, in the  second half iho Soehelt team Inok'advunl-  age of their power plays. Tlireo goals wwu  uiuuiswered, .Kinal Seunc Seclmlt. 7, Mud  eira Park ft, Madeira .PaW's reeord nnw  sliindw al  one wiii and oiffp loss, Scui'iii:,  CUP THIS COUPON!  AND SAVE 50%  SHAMPOO SET  WITH THIS COUPON  OFF REGULAR PRICE  Perm, BlonchliiK,  Coloring and  Streaking  ,    with-this cowpofi  511%  Why Sponil 2-6 Hours In A Pmauty Sfllon Whon Wo Can Co  lour Or Hloocji Your Hair In Your Lunch Hour���Fast Profas  bianal Sorvlco.  'Iiuiii! I'mic Ci)in|ilnUi U<!iiuly ^uloi  'lOlVlPll  (oy tmcnfcil (oiff nrcs & fvliclicy's Boulif|i!G  THIS OFFER EXPIRES ON FEORl/ARY \2S, 1971  Secholt Troll Pay Cantro PHONE 005-2339  OPIN MONDAYS  BRING  YOU  TOP GRADE  RESULTS.  PHONE  AD-BR4EFS  ���AT-  885-9654  TO REACH  2,500  WEEKLY,  BUY, SELL,,  RENT, SWAP,  GET HELP,  \\ ..i  ��� Mr, A<lvoi1l��oi  Tliofco ailvmllfcliifj  ��poroi nro rnnl  barnnlns for you.  Sohl on conlroct  only, , For details  mriiow~fonitrol'cli''  yoiir advartiiliifl  dollar, pliohw  0Q5-9654; dak for  epqclal ad  rnlod,  Got Your  FULL COLOR CATALOG  with over 50 homos; 2, 3, A, and'5- hodroonu���^  *'' now housinq idaas,  '''iiiu how imiii11 iiioni llonm yuu run build lor yuui muiiiiy  <oip hnvii ilmili "|oi yiinl, fnyi lijiyv IIIAYIH I K'MI'i iiiimiih  liyi.'lijiin'ilii. ImililiiMj   Sun liuw t/nti i(ii| |hmi.imul MiivM.n Imiii  'yi'iiir iiiiiiiiii,| KrAVCR l|0MI'ri )o|)iiiVi.;nlilllvV.,1 'iniiil' foi yuui  inluilul i.M|iih/() loilnyl lUniviii Inn, .nunl(|iiu<i��. Im iiiniil  I'llllOtt,     ' i ���  where their are no inijfie jams! *  ivhere there are tnt fnukiii^ fnohleiiis!  ��� . , '. ������"  -"'    ,     "   ' ,   ' p "  iiilicn' slionmiiH Js al ytmr convenience!  "*,1 r "-1T"' "* TT^ fTTf ?"�����������'������>��� T-w<it fwfJH' [r^-a tn-" ������"' *fr��^ "������ ^������.������ ���. ��� - ���i ������������ ���������������w.������ti���������-��� ��� "l��� "**"��� r~ W"T1 Tr"  KcUBJEAVE'R  BJOtVlES  IntliiMi Utit, Im H"inii-�� Hiniliiiiu  (Ifioyrir   Liiiiiluir  Cril)l|inny    l.lil,,'  I'.O,    II om    UU  Sunny,   M.C,  lliimn '     . .,,, ,...  A'llllllHl'l  ���J..��miL���.���... ...,�����,,.���,^J���,,.,V  .. My-LoiV in ..b��oi��d:��.).����--..  llUIIII '  jvJiere yon are warm and comlortubU'l  where most of the bargains are!t.\  where you can fhul just about cvcryibiiifi!  wJicrc yon can rent, buy, sell, swuji, (in<l,  iiivc, inftnni, announce, or unytli{uu ytm  wish!  Whom'!! nil Ihhi' Kiyhl in Iho r.luh.Mliuil |ki(j<Vi ul  'Iho T|mps, lliijy rhino-ID you nvory wnuk, uml  llioylH wull (KiHonlly Im yuui <.unvoi)|oni,o, Arul--  il.yoil wuril lu hhaio In Ihis hly, bliuppliifi) conl��r-���  Ihoy'll Icilm your mohWTrjri lo unruly 2,1)00 liornofi  (o!i'/|i moro envumfju dhnn <my olhor loccil nnwb-  |)0|)url) loi'. bmcill.cut,!, l|iluioido(|i> I'Ik'hio IMfJ-'MM  Unjqy lur u bubticiiplion lo lh|t�� b|iu|i|ilnrj c��nl��r���  oi  lu |.i|ulo yuiii  AilUiluf in ..'lliu   rimoti.    ,  .,<���  'M'l  Ion. 'Ml, 71  - .��~*  wt ,im mi n pa ot psi isa csa cza csa issa pu JW)  \,(MJ{ L<iiiJ' 'l**l LuuJ k&��i L**J UwJ \Jr      Xl.  1   ' .',     \ ' '  f-M  I  <.;��.i\���m,0l*.m**.J~*.A��.J��.^m r. . ... . .. m t. * *^.**,I,J���� ��, mum0*.0e*.0*.to��*m&*0*t4t*����&*0<*\4>0im^*to+^0>*!M>l^&^>0^ ��.*.0.m*.*. ��.i.i.^��A^A^*l>��Ji�� ������� .1 J 1.^ ��t ��.,., ��L��^>AA,iUi�� ������.��i��AO,��umt*,����>**��i*l 0. ,. . �� mm ��  .  .y . >   ��� . II l'i���liH^rTmi���ln,l��n!l ����� IT, te   ��,<.m.���f. 0. n J. - ��� ^ ��� -��  -'- �� !��       L'i  9fiSfSV��:aC ^ *ajttjfn��"U.-.Mr{  ���-^^^ "ins*- -��,jr.���'*-"-J. V --Aaa:    J."*y~l j��lil��(r*��wW��J<��M*' -"  ��J��iSa*ja^rf��^*,��^Jwi&C>��*-i.''W'-��l-''<Jr����*��* %;���*������-������*.- jg*.   />���>-��*,��.-    -r' ��i. f At** **.?~i\ "-v^-*" -".>' "~m*.'n^e,-.   '����i-"-"iJ������.i-.f,*i u��-Ct��*  .-��  "IS*---',*. ��^��'.*i>    :JS" k^^&^'^TtV^^"?���V��*>^gy'^u,><^*^����^*>**litt< $  1 J'  f  "    0,     1  V  11,  J��T  .'-.  '{/Wi  ��� ',      f     '     'J-'  ��� ��  The Peninsula Times Page A��S  Wednesday, February 10, 1971  writes...  ���*. | #  1  v  '.A  /OH  I  -^fram the Legislature, Victoria  ^Old.CiWING a ralliei'sludlering OpauiniL-,  of (he "Legislature oalm has prevailed,     f  The I^I.D.p.- aire suffering obvious .party -  rifts    and - l.ickin-g  thfiksfvpotinds liyei  their   ' unfurl it nate  and   .ill-considered  involvement in the  SWjmiceful        tind'  cfan^ipus.     public  dispfey on Openings  Day. \   ~  ���:. Hopefully,.      the  lesspn    learned  by  all of us in British  Columbia is that if  you exploU-. t\ serious*'" problem    foi  p ub1 if i t y     and  charge il with added      emotii/ii,    the  consucjueiu/s     will  bo     niu-ontrollable  \  t  -*!��-,  >  f ���*  \  w  $  W*  t.  Uuemploivmeot is Ihe olwioifis concern  nl e,very Meiwber and il is agreed privately  by most nienihi'rs, regardless of Party,  that I ho basic causes arc the Federal  (.Hiveniment's announced policy of un-  employnient as a means of fighting in  f lul ion; high inlercst iates that have prevailed for the last low years which in I urn  brought about a lack iff^kpilal expansion  in Canada over Ihe last two years; the  threat nf new taxes in the Federal White  -Pa-per-i���a+tti���\ha���i+r+pegg+og^+il��� l+ie���Ga���  iiatiian Dollar and the resulting' rise in-  its value which weakened our competitive  position on the world markets, especially  severe in relation In British Columbia,  since we are major exporters. The,massive  influx' of unemployed and unskilled people lo British Columbia is, of course, another cause of high unemployment levels.  In its effort to reduce unemployment.  Ihe Provincial Guv eminent 'embarked on  a program 01 creating jobs, within uur  ability as a people to pay. One thousand  more (.-ivi!" servants were hired in vital  areas throughout ..Uie Province, Newly-  acquired pension funds were released- in '  school building programs lo add gymnasiums "and activity rooms and .create local  jobs,    Several   work   projects, invoking   day  ^J^t*v4^^1(.LH-'T-lT04ri-ii--l11'il,, j,11, ,1)u? I'*ii-iMi;,u j|i-.,..-,i11 J.. ���  recreation  departments.  Kuiids are being released for highway  projects that utilize both men and women.  The $,'ln million at approximately tiW',  "interest, made available lo British Col--  umbia by Ihe Federal' Government will  go directly to the municipalities. This  will ensure money for vital municipal  works which will create jobs at the local  level   throughout   the   Province.  IfVy. .. ���  It will also ensure borrowing funds  for municipalities al a lower interest rate  than they might get on the open, market.  Mr. Gaglardi has just returned from  Ottawa, where he urged thelTederai Gov-'  emmertt���to���make-unemployment   its  top-  FpR,ALL.YOUR FLQORQQVERING NEEDS  '.     CALL ON  165? Sunshine eoqst Highway at Wyhgeet Ro*^ '-Gi&ww-  * CARETS      * TILES      ^ LINOLEUMS  WE FEATURE A IARQE SELECTION QF DRAPES  "<�����w>y  m0*m0**mi  ttW(Mf��f|Mf^Mlin  *  - "c  \>-  V*  ,1  AbiEu' Adieu . . . kino friends adieu  WE CAN NO IONGER STAY WITH YOU  ,y  \  is  Juvenile Soccer  week-ead results  ..SLNOmiil-apologies���A- -Shop- JSasyr���Division 7"soec.ei\ team .for misquoting U^e.  score lasl'^veek.  Result "sjiduld have read  Chessman 3, Shop Easy"6.  Game results for Sunday, February 7:  DIVISION 7  Ken  Mac   1. Chessmen" 2;  Warriors  2,  Local 207 0: Shop Easy 0. Teemon, fi.  DIVISION .6  Cougars ii,  Madeira  Park (1.  DIVISION 5 ;  Super Value  1. Timbermen 4. . ^  DIVISION 3  Gibsons Legion fl, Tolems 0.  SCHEDULE  (.lames  scheduled  for  Sunday,   Febru-  Ready to face the second half of last  Friday's game ai Elphinstone, Pender Harbour Senior Girls meant business and took home a 35 to U win.  from left back row: Gwen Kingston,  Pender Girls  Kim Lawrence, Deb Bathgate, Rps-  anna 'Dubois, Brenda Crosby." and  Geraldine Biggins. Front: Deirdre  'Murphy, ' Lorraine Biicik, Oar-nell  GeWck and Lynn Rae. Si# members  of the Fender .team are junJQr-s.  DIVISION   7  Game   time   at  -1    pjiv��� Warriors   vs  Chessmen,   HacUett   Park;   Local   297   vs  Shop   Easy;���Uibsunat���Teamen   vs   Ken ���  Mac.  Sechelt.  DIVISION 6  Qanie lime.at 2 pin-  Cougars vs Roberts ��� CYeek  al Gibsons.  al 2 p.m. - lirayes vs Sup-  .     priority  i;*pn1umbiu  and fo recogji^e ,th<=|t. British  ^'Polumbia lias ���Jaep,qmjp the ^uhemployrnehr  >'.'haven  for C��ij'^(|^p.'.^V ��� ���   " -������*.--,��� '  Perhaps the most interesting ahd controversial of the new government policies  announced Ihis week, is the extension  of Ihe new Land Acl of 11)70, which stated  nl lhat lime Crown (.1 ranis of Provincial  Land should only be issued lo Canadian  cili/ens.  -The new regulations stale thai there  will he.-nn sain uf Crown Lands whose  highest dollar return is a I'orusl crop; al|  prime i cereal iiiiui I land around all waler  courses including rivers will be retained  for public .use; Crown (iiinds around  Wiitpr bi'idies'"'!!') British Columbia, not  reserved for public use, will only have  jdiorl lerm leases, and if these lands are  needed ,for, Iho public in fulurtj .years,  Ihey Tolurn lo llm public willioul cost or  i|uosiiim, no Crown Lands can be hold  under Ioiiso for ngrlculiure or olhor uses  iinlusn ihey aro 'properly developed and  iillli/od, This is lo provoiil Ihe holding, of  til-own   lion It,   for  HpiTi'iiliilinu.  In tiliort, IIm! (iovernmeiil, Ihrough Ihe.  |)olicii!nrund KludiifN of llm imilli|)le land  use cnmnillloi!, is making i'Vory legal nl''.  foil lo sen ihul Crown Lauds are pur-  rhiincd only by puindlnnp and then only  iil'loi- five years of |irovnn iierloi'inanci),  luul lhal Ihey ore developed In Iho hlgh-  otd iiilegraled icnvutininil (l|���| (i,(lnoinlc  iihiiNanil llinl' loiihoil Crown Lunihi are nol  llM'il^'ui  itpeciilnl'lve gniii  by nnyone  ��� 'A fiii'lhfM' |iiii'|iosii ul Ihis I'uiiilniiitililiil  policy change'is lo Iiy and nlop a Ci'i-  liiidlini |iiiinliig Crown liuidii hi ul 'l iinn null  DIVISION 5  Game lime  er Valu at Hackett Park.  DIVISION  3  Game time at 3 p.m.���Totems vs Gip-  "iions Legion at HacUett Park.  reaction will determine what further  sleps should be" taken by the Government-  ��� All ip all, thjs has been a busy aijd  productive lime-... bul we did manage  a little fun and relaxation whej) so.rne of  lis played. "Schmockey" in Vieloria last  Monday ov'e'ning.., in he'lp raise funds  for the Kinsmen Foundation for the  crippled children of Bi;ilish Columbia and  .the G. F. Slrong liehnbilitat'ion Centre.  We enjoyed Iho evenl and the fact ilvil  il was Ijor such a good cause made it  even  more enjoyable.  Put .mil tht) welcome |n��l for  volnnleer who calls al your home  weekend of I loan [  more  will   liv  Sunday,   G|vo  the  Ihe  so  We enjoyed our stay with the Sunshine Pepple  and deeply regrefrTgving to move on to other things-  We know that you will show the new owner-operator  of Lord Jim's Lodge the same warmth and welcome  that you  showed us.  Hans and Louise fteblo  Bill and Leslie de Carteret  ij  5  s  i  ���n  * i  ���f.  !V,  pp^yjMWj^^^  ^H��ft W����Hm ft��0,OWAl tosmcti  WHAT IS IT?  t is one of twenty-eight Regional Districts with  contiguous boundaries which now cover the whole  Province This District has jurisdiction over the  area between Jervis Inlet and Howe Sound in^  eluding Nelson Island, Gambier Island, Keats  l^asd^ami.^liwi^ssJoll^islQadffc-aft  to border with the Squamish-Liflooet Regional Dis  trict.  ll was established by the Provincial Government  on   January   4,   1967   under   the   provisions  contained  in'the Municipal Act.  With Ihe-score standing at 2|1-ll for  Penrrpr Harbour,'Kim Lawrence gets  'another basket with team membtfrs  taking turns to trounce Ejpbie with  final score of 35-11. There a>"e more  giirpes at Elphinstone this weekend..  rr  mill-  ing ili'ini io a imiii iiniiiliiiii,  'I'hn.sir reslrh'lioiis do nol iipidy |o hn  Indlvldii'ui'H lioino,, and I wnnld' ndvlno  you Hud HiiiHo iii'o iho i ni mi tiirlugiuit cun-  Ii'oIh of CVowu InrtdH  In Ciinadn,   Piihllc  SOLNDCC  Services Ltd.  Pnrto - Ropnilrs  Seivke of  DATSUN  POWER SAW  REPAIRS  IVlrCULLOUGH  DEALER  066-9662  -  Sunshine  Const  Hwy,  vmiwHiMvmuummvKWHuiwvin  NYGREN SALES  (1971)   LTD.  Your BAPCQ PAINT  DEALER in GIBSONS  On tfio Wharf .066-93031  Quqllly 'Mniiso lond Mnrina   J!mul   IK,  TOY CHESTS FOR TOTS  Tired of having "your' lot's toys strewn nl| over ihe  house?' Why nol palnl q'speciql lay chest fbr him,' suggests  Ihe Cqnadlqn Palnl Manufqchirers Assoc|a||on.il.e|- him help  you choose a bright color, then cover In one ol (he glossy  enamel paints lhat are so easy to clean, To top off your new'  creation, add q few colorful decals In'anlmal or flowpr mollfsl  "Times A4Brlefs"  aro  MIGHTY MIDGETS  iMMWWM^IM**IWMMMIAlllM��fWWMMMWMWW  PLUIVIPING LTD,  PENINSULA  Dealof for  Super !<um Tone  cKnd Shorwln WI I llama  Gibsons - 006-9533  '    ' '   -    I  Morgan's  Men's Wear  G,W,G. Work.'. Clottio*  Work Gloves  SECHELT, B.C,  <0m**n*mH*t*m**mm4*mmt**#**i*0n*mt***0  BATHROOfVI RRUSRI-UP  Surprise your summer guests with now color on your balh-  f-oonl walls, The Canadian Paint Manufacturers Association  recommends q sepii-rjloss or gloss enamel, or other mplshjre  'reslslqnt pqlnl |o oddinow beauty and protection, Laundry  hampariT and woi^len hqlhrnom accessories cqn bo painted  Jii, n.,���matgliing,,sj^id^^  KEEP THE PAINT ROLLING, ROLLING,  ROLLING ON  A roller Is a handy tool for painting ceilings' according  lo tho Canadian Pnlnl. Manulaciurors Assoclaikin.,Hero's, a  lip for keeping the point rolling srnooihly. When pointing n  rectnnaMlnr-rnbm, work across the width nf ihe room mlher  ll)fin lh�� Jpnolli, Th|�� way, yon will bo qb|�� \o palnl jlio second  strip boloro'lhe first dries, avoiding iho prober) of lap'mqrks,  |��l^^w^^lM^^Vl^>��^^����W^��^<^fV^��vW**��"'��fM','  1 . i  TWIN CREEK  -  LUMBER &  BUILDING  SUPPLY  . <i  -^...^......^You r~v��-����..m��  Generql Paints  Peqler  Monnmal & Breeze  Paints    , "���"  Sunshine Coosr  Highway nnor  GIBSONS  Phone 0062000  A^-rS-iTS-eOMPOSITtONt--'��� ���  It consists of six rural  Electoral Areas and two Municipalities, Gib  sons and Sechelt. The Electoral Areas are: Areo "A"���Pender-Har  bour and  Egmont;   "B"���Halfmoon  Bay  and West Sechelt;   ,JC  Selma   Park   and   Davis   Bay;   "p"���Roberts   Creek;    "E"���Gower  Point;   "F"���Granthams  Landing to  Port Mellon. *Each  area  has a  Director representing it who is elected for a two year term; Municipalities appoint  a  Director annually. The eight  Directors  represent  approximately  1,000 to  1,500 persons each.  WHAT IS ITS PURPOSE?   _  The Regional District was farmed to provide an answer to the ever  increasing demand in rurol areas for essential services with hitherto  were only available to Municipalities. By joint action its members  cqn initiate servwes for part, parts or the whole of the. District.  WHAT ARE ITS FUNCTIONS?  TFijs District has the fo'jjgwjna: reatprtal plpnrW3f PMiW/na inspection, provision of garbage ifurpps, gqrpage coljectfpri, local fire protection, street lighting, water supply and distribution, tHe power to  control public gatherings, the removal of soil pnd gravel, and the  capital financing of hospitals. '  WHO DECIDES WHAT FUNCTIONS THE DISTRICT  WILL UNDERTAKE?  YOU DO.j By direct individual approach lo your areq Director or by-  petition lb Ihe Boqrcl or by request from, your local Associations .you"  make ihe"1 need'lor a service known, If il'is economically feasible  and practicable |o-qpp|yp the-Board wil| Approve ihe request and  iqke the necessary action lo implemcril it. Under almost all circumstances II is necessary for a vote |Q be taken (referendum) and a  sixty per con! majorily, oblalqed before a scmca can be provided  fo tho area requesting' lh   ' /"+  BOARD MEETINGS?  The Boqr'd meats ql ledsl onco every month, usuqlly on'lhe Iqst Frklpy.  Thesi) mcollngs aro open lo the public and arc held al iho Regional  Pislricl  Office, |n  |ho WhliaMi   Block, \E),c|vis Bay.  In adcjillqn  |o:  rcqular mcclinns Ihe Boortl Committees'mcfet'each month or as often .  as required.  Thu Postal address of iho Boqrcl is: R.R.  1, Socholt, ���  Tho Tolophono iiumhor "is:  885-2838.  WHO SITS ON THE PRESENT BOARD?  Ropipf,oni|iif| area "A"���Director J. T, Tynar  Reprcsonllng orc'q "B"-- Dlrc-dio'r C, ThoioM  Representing area��� "C".���Dlrcclqr H. Slado    ,  Ropiosonlliifj nnici "P"-���Plrec'ior H Almond  Ptoprcsclnlrifl area "��"��� -Pldoclor F. Wosl  Ro|jruMiiiliiifi qnm "F" ���-Pirucior J  I., Wolvcrllon  Glbnoiiii1���-Mqyor W. Potnrson  Sochcill -Mayor I-., W. SwqIii  WHAT MAS YOUR IQOARD ACHIEVED?  In loss than four yoarii ll has:  -)-r-��nmiTrirrtH--n^^  iniiliuiiii"I'linmis'iliiurifihnnr  TlTtr~  Plslilcl,  2, Insiliulod q riarhaf)" colliicllon sorvlco In all nreaii oxcopl Pandor,  llqibour and Eflinonl, ( ���  3, Si||)|)llu(| waliJi' to lliu r.ori!,lql qcciq Imlwocn Soq|io|| qrjcl Gibsons;  Inkon over Iwo prlvotuly owimd ullllllow; i:onsl|iicUu| ciiiisorvolr  , aridlmprpvod hcq|lworks; sunk iwo iluop wiills.ln ,^i-ppqf;(iil1|cjq,,i(or -,,,  oxpcinsloi'i; iiroiiniflil pious I or further mo|or dovolbprripflt'iiql ihq  ityhlom, -1,    i ,    (    '     ;" "r'f  Provlduii for lli^fqrninllrin of nni> |:|ro"|,iol��riioii AroooiiVl'lakpri^p,  ovni  un  uhisiiiKj''miun,   Himi* unuiiiini uiibiu|*uii  Ilia  |iro|��iclluu ;m  5hivIc.ii |n Iho ruonliil 011.1M Irani |.ani)dolo |o Si:cl)ii||,  Con||cir:lod   hu   Sluml   l.l(|hl|ii(|   al   (.qngtlnlu    Oinnlhamn.   Qivi  -DayirpoKVYMson'Crnclsr   ��� ������ -r;-J*- -~; --1-1-*������  o,   MolnUilnui'l n Mulldliii) liiiipucllnn and Pluniblnn Inspiicllun ��or-  ,'" vlrrr which,  m qc|i||||nn  lo 'oriMirlno"'llwl 'Dullfllnos  qri)" fcofiily  conMiiir.loil, lioh |j|-OYl(lod InlniiiKillrni on lni||tl|i)f| 0|)i| pluml'lpd  '   In fi (jnini mooy "huiiin" hulli/om,  -  7,   Produced 5H|)-riivl(.|��n orijl Zenlna l?y-lqwfi In. /,iiii iho oreo,   '  il,   As q Hospii'al |)|Mncl H��or��l pMivldml hu llm r:u|i||ci| flnqnclnn  qf Ihn l|ns|)||n| HisliMislon.        " , '  IhvoIvihIjIUdII, in Ihu inlarosu ol Iho 'pouple ol iho Pii-lrlcl, In-  liinnyJlilnos |Kiil|al|y wllhlii oih| uflfin oulMdu .|u..|MII4JlcllQr>.  ^JMNSHINfi COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  Secretory  ��� Art'* * *A���� Ii/ ��AM * AAA/./.* J |!A,iiiAI'��>i^^��uhtiJlh^�� '.n.*.A.,*0AtA00-0.* *. ' ���.< r  I,  s  1  Page A��6       .  Tlie Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 10, }W\>  ��������� -'��� * .'��� ���  ; '"���'"" "������ "��� v '���'"  Around Gibsons    ") ' 1 !���  i^iby Mqrion Charman  MR, AND JyiRS, Norman Rucfcjlph wbQ  will be  leaving , Port  Me}lor\ vj^Uhin  the ne^t month, \Vlll heive many h^ppy  mgrriQries of the 30 yeavs enjoyed! while  {Residing in this are��. .   "  Mr. �� and Mrs, Rvtdo'lph arte both vet-r  ' erans of the second World W��\\ Mrs, Rudolph served with the Royal Canadian'  Army Medical Corps overseas'. Mr,.Rudolph was overseas with the Canadian Infantry Corps,  This popular couple will be greatly  missed here for they have helped in many  community endeavpurs. Mr. Rudolph was  for a lpng time active with the scouts  and was a government representative on  the Hospital Board. Mrs. Rudolph is a,  -capable and well liked nurse.  'Tlie-^Rudolphs . have four sons, Paul  who is a musician, has been in London,  .��� England for two years. Peter is in the'  timber-business at Prince Rupert? James,-  "who is a forestry engineer, is at present  visiting his parents and the youngest son  Jon lives at home. * ,:  To show appreciation for the .help so  willingly given by the Rudolph family  over the years, a happy get-together was  held in their honor at Port Mellon Community Hall, attended by about "90 people. Music, and dancing were enjoyed and  a coffee party followed.  -Numerous,good wishes were tendered  This Week In &.C10Q Years Ago  m  and the presentation of a money4reeTwas  made by Mr. "Jack Willis on behalf of the  Rudolphs many friends,  This party was arranged by Mrs. Duf-  fy, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Schrafe, Mr. Da-  vies, and Mrs. Haner. It was indeed a  ple.asant social time.  CHURCH NOTES  At St. Batholomevv's, the experiment  of holding the annual meeting in . the  day, rather than as had been the custom  to have it in the evening, seemed to  prove successful when there was a good  attendance. After the morning service,  all adjourned to "the Parish Hall where  a delicious hot luncheon was enjoyed,  followed hy  the business meeting.  At the annual meeting of the Calvary  Baptist Congregation on Thursday evening!  anniversary occurred on February 8th,  were pleasantly surprised at their home  on Friday evening when friends arrived  to congratulate them.  Lea   and   Gladys   Coates   formerly_ _of.  Reicl Road who were over from Port Co-  quitdam for the festivities recall that the  Malyea's   1st   wedding   anniversary   was  celebrated  at  the  Coates  home  in   1947.  Arriving at the Malyeas for this happy occasion in addition to the out-of-  town guests were Cecil and Bernice  Chamberlain, Ken and Bonnie Andersomi  'Lois MaeLean, Wiljo and Florence Wir-'  en, Pearle Trethewey, Hal and Jean >Jor-'  genson, Eddie Wiren, Terry Thompson,  Grace Svvanson, Bill and Helen Wein-  handl and Bob and Teddy Benson.  Unable to be present were Len 'and  Bea Wray, Elmer and Anne McDannaJd  and Robert and DianPSGoates.  The honored couple were presented  with ""'''   Surprise  Last week was a lucky one for Mr.  and Mrs, T. G. Robillard ofSeohelt.  Mrs. Robillard started the'WeeJv by  finding pearls in oysters and mid-  the^ program for the coming season was  outlined and accepted.  ���-_-_,,_,,. - ,         a   large  beautifuT crystal   decanter  ^BnclJtmrg^ a  hand-  sornely decorated cake with sily^T^tacsiw    .   Tl��t#��afa��w4g=tr  shoes, rosebuds, etc., and bearing ihe in-     med  live  scription   "Happy   25th  Anniversary".  Old time music'was a feature of the  evening, dancing���mehided pe-lka, Swed^  ish waltz, etc. Very delicious -refreshments   were  enjoyed.  HERE AND THERE  ���     Mrs.  Fred  S: Verhulst  Landing wasPa  of Granthams  visitor to the city tor a  few days.  Mr. and Mrs. Russelv Behthom (nee  Donna Abrams) celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary today, Feb.  10.  Dr. and Mrs. Terrance Webb entertained about 50 guests at their home recently, brightening the winter social season with a very delightful party.. A happy evening extended into the wee small  hnnrs���as���everyone   thoroughly   enjoyed  "week Mr. Tom RobTTIard received the  $100 first prize in the Supplementary  Electric Heating Promotion conducted throughout the-"province and  sponsored by electrical dealers and  contractors suppliers and B.C. Hydro.  Electrical contractor Tom Robillard  on right is receiving his cheque from  B.C. Hydro Representative Ron Duns-  ford.  Gilbert & Sullivan  THE Mikado, Gilbert and Sullivan's mar-  vebus   masterpiece  of  magic,   will   be  at the Twilight Theatre fpr four perfoi-.  malices'   only,    commencing    Wednesday,  Feb. 10.  an actual perforrnance of  the famous D'Oyly Carte Opera/Com,,  pany on stage. In these days of mecli-  eere-movics and" restritrted eritertainiiieiit.  ADAPTED for th^British Columbia Centennial  '71  Committee    f\-Q\i\! -new-  papers of 1871, the year this Province  joined Confederation,'"  WE.EK OF FEBRUARY 1/ WI j  The Legislative bounoil decided that  m futm;e the members of the new Prav*  ince's Assembly won/Id be paid $5 pet'  day each for a period pf fifty days plus  15 cents a mile to, and from they* place(  ot residence^Q  Legislators. were asked io choose between providing .m��re nfOYvey to the jsfkd--  soft's Bay^&jmpany \vhich pro.videci "the  mad service twice weekly" between Ne'y/  Westminster"and Victoria and fiViUing the  service out to camp]0Ji:i^vr|''I-b'i'ddi'ng to.  eliminate the tiequeni^oinpiaiftts of the  public, - ��� .-��� ���  .The legislative Council was accused  by one member of refusing several leases  la farmers for grazing because Qf a pledge  the Colony had made to the Dominion  Government oi' land lor railway purposes.  Many .of those living under the1 Amer-  ican'flag still felt a strong tie���wUh Britain.  ,One Iowa man wrote a letter to a newspaper saying, "1 still claim the Union  Jack and long to feel at home under its  shadow."  Barkerville residents*- learned they  would have a telegraph office in operation  ne>;t year. Mr. Bowron of Barkerville was  sent to Quesnelmouth to learn how to run  the  new-fangled  machine.  A move was afoot  to  bring about  a  more equal representation for the residents  of the colony which was soon to become  a province. Twelve of 25 electoral seats  -ware-assigned to Va44eouver-4skvHdT-w^il&  the three months Wat-feed .wjvs good tor  animals, or pay much higher'rates,  ko/tice Was given that a sawmill was  to be opened ti mile's from -tlie mouth of  Germansen C>;eek to supply lumber to  the miners in?- the Omineca at reasonable rates and that it would be in. opera-  lion, before high-water next spring.  The captain and crew of the' schooner,  "Forest King" arrived in Victoria after  t-f> travelling "by Indian canoe from Barclay  ���Soil n'd where their ship had 'rim aguound"  in the dense fog. T|ie.ahip\vreekecjamari-  liers complained.lhat although they had  ., been assisted by the,,Indians", the natives,  had   stolen   everythishg   they   could,,get  their hands oh (even the rings on /the.  fingers of the distressed men) and made  them assist in packing' the plunder ashore.  -   Interest   in   the   approach   of   Transcontinental   rail' links    reached  a ikver  p^iyA amongst Victorians.  They   learned  t the imminent arrival of steel at  'ancpuver, Washington on the Columbia  Iti'Ver had boosted land prices to a point  where an offer of $10,000 for 80 acfes  was rejected, The property was expected  to bring $50,000.  oto  araphev  s  J m  ft A  "                                              V                                                                          *  r**  (  *'   i, - f'-  .           *���  i  '    '    J\     4  V  1        *  X  ���/''  ���*  *\  *>i  ���^7  ,  i  >  ,- <"  7/    J  f  ���     i  r     4  )  *  V  jj ii  ���l 1  j  <s  Ai  -wil  G. ABiRNiTHY  A  886-737C  ^���IHllWlllfl ..lllplllllll  Ei3 t W  i  !  ���I-  i  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  %  ON CURRENT TAX  PAYMENTS  the 225,000 square.miles on the mainland,  were divided 'into six electoral districts,  each as big as the United Kingdom.s  In reply to a telegram to Lord Lisgar  in Ottawa requesting a change in the  British Columbia Tariff which would  ieduee^duty o>vspirits, flour and wheat,  Uttawa said JJnal.rthey would think about  .it." ' "'",x_ ���- v:A*~~��% ���-������  A Bill vvas placed before the Legisla-  uve  Council, giving Attorneys  the riglvT"  lo be called before the" Bar in British  Columbia.  Tenders were called for a mail servile once a month between Victoria and  fiimox and once weekly between Nan-  aimo via. Maplf Bay, and Salt. Spring.  Island.  The schooner  "Nanaimo Packet"  was  borately on one of the islands in the Haru1  Huait. Meanwhile, the U.S. Customs were  considering  whether  her cargo of $2,000  \\orth���uf   furs���then   stored  aboard   the  i  5  !  !  i  I  l  i  1  '. ��  S  made between January 1st and Hay 15th, 1971  Interest/at the rate of 6% per annum, will be credited to any  prepayment deposit on current (1971) taxes made between January  fllffe May 15th, 1971. Interest will be calculated from the date of  pWymSnf to June 30, 1971. Such deposits in any amount up to the total  of the 1970 taxes will be accepted.  Any further information required mpy be obtained from the  Municipal Office, telephone 806-2543. " v  December 23, 1970  David Johnston  '>/a0*M9*xg/f0*//9*gjf/rteggf*M^^  the   music   and   dancing.   Delectable   re  freshments were served.  Fondue parties are popular with several'local hostesses just rjow.  Mrs, Jean Bothwell who was in Van-'  couver for the month of January, underwent -suiigery at St. Paul's Hospital. She  has now returned  home  and   is   feeling  better.  There   is  an  ever  increasing   number  of   persons   on   the   Peninsula   interested  in  eqiiineH. The  first  foal of  the  season  ",born .in tliis area is a beautiful chestnut-  '..thoroughbred cold qui of Lynn's Boss-by-,-  Catih-Biiek at 'the farm of Mr. unci Mrs.  \Bfin Jack, Lower Hoad on January 'lit'"  Miwi, Angola Willis   w'io  is  enjoying  hur studies at  UijlC, visited  hor^purenls,  Mr. and Mrs, V. J,' WiWis, Arbu'tus Iteach.  Mr? and Mrs. Vernun Oulton (nne Vor-  hulhl) from Powell Itlver, have inovecl tu  miike1 ihelnhnhui In Cllhaons,  Mijh,  S,  (Jiirdeiiiir,   mot her .of   Mih.   I1','  Ilai^uy, wuiiji liatiiuit hi hoiipilal,,  POLLUTION  A workman, while culling wood nol-  Icivl u large niiiosu Imad Ihrown away lu  Hid liiii'ilioii  al  tho slilu' nf  Liiwur  Hoiul,  not   tut- down  from   llio- hlghwiiV.  Hiiico  II }ii!i!inii llierti .wm'ii nol ciiruivoroilH lilnlii  ���   and hiiIiiiiiIm  in llic iiimi ul   llm  liiim  in  , I'lfiin thli! up,  11  l|i iniil  amillicr I'iihit nl  .piMiplu. lidding  lo  Urn   liolliilliin   by   being  linwlllllig   In   Iiiiui   lln-"'limn   und   Irmilili.  to dlHpnttii nl   iinwiiiili'd T^itUiMjh  nf  i'iii-  oitfut nlliir  it  hiiiillng   hip   Hurli'ly   I'ufiiini  could I'm ilihput.iiil nl' ui a iiiiiiit liiiulliiiy  milium!'.   ..  CELEBRATION  The Sunshine Coasters G.H.S. Club  held a very pleasant social evening Saturday. Present were Cecil and Bernice  Chamberlain at whose home the gathering took place; Bill and Inez Malyea who  were'presented with a "set of small crystal  _gJassesC^eji_Jie3^jjJ__vvho had; sent the  aforementioned eoupleof beautiful floral  arrangement for their Silver WeddingairF-  piversary; Ken Bonnie Anderson, Glen  and Sharon Krause, Robert Cotton, Pdug  Carmichael, Harold and Kay Ppbus, Don  and Mary Sharpe and Tom and Eleanor  Ponfold.  Having missed a ferry, Itny, Uoseniary  and Bud Pybus from Norh Vancouver  Were thwarted  in  their effort  lo attend.  Dancing was enjoyed, refreshments  woio un buffet.  BIRTHDAY   PARTP  Mrs. Iliiltni--Lain- who celebrated her  -lllW 'birthday al her. home on Trueinuii  lloacl, Saturday, February tllh, received  many | cards and goofl wiHlms. Friends,  culled' to visit duriiig Iho iil'ternoon, in  Ihe evening Mr��. Liui's son tulephoncd  Irom South Slocan where,ho is with West,  Kouloiuiy "l.'ower und Light. Hois lonk-  "ing forwiird tn coining lo Ciilmniifi for llm  Kaiitur linliiiuyH, . .��. .  TRAVELLKR8 '"'  Duviil lluriliiig und (lurry - Uuhimll,  who wiir.ii uwuy In Mexico for II wuHtH  or no Iriiviilliug ubniil, worn liiiiiking in  the lid-lift (IngnVn ' inniporiiliiroH' urolind  Muziilliui holorn! going -on lu lino olluir  IiIih'i'im of luliM'im), They, are enjoying Ihu  III ll. camper wljiich Du\��Ul-liiiiH lor hliu-  -mill', i  ���*     Snvnriil   IiiciiI  |ico|iln  wi-in 'In  Vuiii'i'm-  vnr  to iillenil  llm  Annual  Menu!,   iMiumi  it is refreshing td sej3.->��uch a brilliant  comic opera. A show for' the entire family to see and "enjoy.  Coming up next is 'Topaz', the Aiifred  Hitchcock explosive movie based on the  best selling book by Len Uris. Cloak and  dagger excitement at it's best with fasj.  action and an exciting under-current of  reality.  should   lje_  rs-  Revenue   Cutter '   "Lincoln"  seized  as  contraband.  British Columbia was exporting lumber, loaded al Billiard Inlet, to Australia.  Freighting of goods to the interior of  British Columbia and Barkerville was a  slow business. Suppliers were on the road  for one to two months and merchants had  to pay in stock for a whole year during  Will  1'in  , .,.,1   Siillliiliiy. Mhi.'Uiiry  *  Wllil     llllllll'HIl  III llm lioiiiii  luiby nliowni'  .Drriiiim llnr<  HHOW1-H "~~  Mm.   Dnrluiiii ( Duiirolh  ' (ltiring llm hiiiulmun, hour  wliiin  iilm  Imlil  a  niii|irlMii  riu'iKiily  in Imnnr nil Mm.  hur.  Docorallnim woro |>lnk iind vvlillo and  numy   luvnly   gll'ln   \v.nrn   rniuiivinl( ,...lrinn,  lyloniliiinoii Limy Mlmvnr, Cncllle* jiiiiirulh;)  Carol  Kitriuiy,,  llulli  Wind, Him  Kurwuk-  ��)', Nnimy I'lillllpn, Hui'burii lliclmii. l.liiiln  ,  Ili inn llli'lmii piiijiiimI llm ullln mul mmlMml  U.li|Lm.��ji.iL.iiLJ��uiiMUW,llU-.lho*..ti��ii'ilii,��iiiu..,f,  (llilhi'fi worn iMiJiiyml,   ��� '        ���,..,  .  Uiiiihln   lu'. Jilluiul11' Im   Imiiilliii(,i;glfti4v  ! yvoi;o   Mi'M,   llonn  Hlnvmi  uiul   Mm,   Vm-  niilcii, litii'Nluul,  fllLVWl WlIPDINa  l'u|)iiliir lung Hum lunil iniililuiiln lljll  ;IVI'I   lii'V.   Miilyon   wIiiimii  Mlllli   wnililliig  I ��|  ELECTRICAL  CONTRACTORS  Wiring .Supplies  Specialising in  KV3ARKEL  Electric Heat  WHARF ROAP, SECHELT  Phono 605-2002  zmimmsm  - ..I,     MAKE A KBLLBNG.Ogsa ONE 6F IHESE  FBNE USED CAg$S ASMD TRUCKS!  BOYS' SHIRTS  DoauMfiil colon, boll sloovdi, all  thp now print*, stripes ami atylon,  WATCH rOQOUR PUYin.NBXT WRRK  ���i-l'ACSJBTTRIi SPECIALS���  CAMPBELL'S VARIETY LTD.  Troll On/ Cohtro, Socliolt  tana 005-2335  1966 FORD GALAXIE 500  2 dr. h��p, V-fl automatic  Radio,  now tires.  1966 MUSTANG G.T. ,  2 dr. hip., 289 V-fl automatic  Powor  .laorina, '^"��6,95  1966 VOLKSWAGEN DELUXE  13010���Radio,  oood tiro. $S9  good condition! mr**w40  1967 FORD GALAXIE 500  2 dr. htp. V-B Autamatic.  Powor Stooring  and brakos,  $1695  V-8 itandard.  1966 METEOR  10 pant, Stn, wagon,  Radio, dual action  aato.  1971  MAZDA DELUXE COUPE  AM/FM radio,"  Moron  tape duck,  1966 DODGE CORONET  2 dr, Dtp.,  426 Hand V-fl,  4 tpood,"   '  $1495  1,960 RANCHERO  ,V'-0, automatic. <  Timiiunii  envor.  $2X95  1966 FORD GALAXIE 500  2 dr. Kip, V-lt automatic,   .  llTLZT:- .    $1395  i..-tiTii'^;B,.i,Ufaiii[ii��-irgTt'a;.hTamr;i;i-  y,^^��wii��^:iWy*ia*WM��,^-i*i*aJ*i��*M^'.  ��wiftMj<jm��.-a5.M  ���:)��-"  -nit ii;8.a.ifib' ir,aii,��na.i.��  JGHT. THEATRE  .,',,. 1       '"''.' pi^sonts       , ,       '   ���k  ,  rTHK D'OYLY CARTJ3 OPERA COMPANY  \  BylfV'.S.'Oilbort'and AvUuir Sullivan',  ^TJECHNICOLOR^   WIDK8CEBI3N  fli?wi uruffl 11 iff 'iv'fflffFyff'  o^:^n;T!)>ln;.H^V^.^1f|y^1l.j-.|.TrV|,^.^r-.J  WEDNESDAY,,  THURSDAY,  FRIDAY,  F��l��,  10, il, 12  nl 0|00 p,m,  AND  SATURDAY  MATINEE  Folirnnry 13  ���,at,,,2l,j00....p.in��......  Nl)  ,      Ml!��l HVI.  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AA* J |*>n *vt'\\    i     , t > I  I   i   II       * v,     v  -;-:���'"'4 . fe'   ^. %iM^A     -|LI #-. -r'* W/.-.v,' ������:���: \ f     it j\. -..-..- -,-i  ���     ���'������i R/"���*' - '--V/. ��� -������'- .-���'' 7f        ^ ���'.',-:*//  i ~~~~?Z3sr/  '7 .Let "-*    ' f-  ' A*  *r-     .-^  t       !  I". i Jl _~*A*��J  -,( /"*�����<�����  ^  *w��V.,  gmWff^  lUwiflHlj��IIUI||IUIM��UU|IIHUlUI��  I15**���*���*   T"'t  ^.  ri.,5*8?n?!?52i  fM  Pi  PAYS  Sale Ends  February 13!  Wediyesdoy, February 3rd to  Sarurday, February 13th^t  COME  IN  AND LOOK FOR  YELLOW f AO SPECIALS  ^���f.'A   ,-���      ON     -���   '."��� ���  SWIATIRS *' SPORf SI  ER C&ATS  JACKITS  :tt*."-^  GIBSONS  yS^ Your CHARGEX Cgrd  if   J*, i ���  \  -r  B8jjM.��aaifW��w^^  mmmtm,  ygw��������pi^^  * ^ i  '*.��.��  H  Puzzlement  Hard tp Believe  Only miniates before everything was burning automobile and injmed vic-  "quiet and peaceful and helpers and tims  spiea,d    out    under    blankets  onlookers alike  express ��� shock  and awaiting transpoi tation  to hospital  amazement at a scene w'hich was-sud- Such was Walson Creek last Friday  denly a wrecked building, a smashed at 115 pm  lToweveTTltff it happen'.' was oiTThe    highway and  shot    into  this office  ^^^^^fvicilv'.^l   \l?h oi many shocked onlookers last    building at Wilson Creek. Pour young  \A    : "��� -   -"*"-j   Fiklay February 5th, as they survey-    people were'rushed'to hospital and  ed the havoc created a car left the    RCMP are si ill investigating  *��\  Wt t ^*<jj  \<*��  X  ��,*^*  \��*>P  ^  IN PERSON  Conservationist - Big Game Gutde: Photographer  NOrKILLINtriNnrHIS  $HOW  A Must See  For The  WhOLt FAMILY  at  i t��  *-��  t^W  PENDER HARBOUR SECONDARY SCHOOL - Feburuary 16 - 7:30 p.m.  SECHELT THEATRE - Februray 16 - 7:30 and 9:30 p.m.  ELPHINSTONE SEC. SCHOOL - February 18th - 7;30 p.m.  i i  ^ ��  rftlh *t -*        fe  Devastation  I Almost ah tliwgh a^urnpsne Mm  struck The int-erioi of JaeKson Iiips,  tagging offices at WUhon Creek aflei  an auto had dijiven straight -through  the wall after leaving the highway.  Fortunately only office manager Lea  English was in the building al Iho  time and'he escaped with no more  than u bad shaking up. '  New fire truck lowers  Total Wreck COSt   Of  fir6   111811131106  Driven hy sixtoon-year.-old .Joel (jir- an office building last, Friday. Four although horn Iuih'been'�� uunorui in-.  ard this wrecked  auto was a  con- occupantH    were piilled   from    the         ciuiihu  in  insniiincu rutu.s ni' ubmii  versiition piece for some time  lol- burning auto and taken to HI. Mary's ao pur wwi, iiniiiiiHiiinn oi' im up-ui-d(tiu  lowing its d��P��|'tui'e'from-the high-    Hospital,  why und entry through the wall of  s-::  i w  THE GItEAT GA9 APPLIANCE SALE  $100 OFF JANITROL FURNACE!  25% OFF MOFFAT RANGES!  25% OFF DRYERS  20% OFF ANGUS WATER HEATERS!  WALL HEATERS! SPACE HEATERS!  mWWllMllMIMWMMWINM^^  SAVINC4S EFFGCTIVK UNTIL MARCH 3lM   ��� -    *        -, APPLIANCES "'ON-"DISPLAY AT ��� T- - r-'A  prut* r ' '��� .  Standard Motors Lid. - Sechell - Phone 885*9464  i '        ��� ' ", i ���     ���  iMi^<i��HwIhwi.I.��.ii��m^��iimi|i' yniiMi|i|liWiiiiiiii|i��iwiiii Ill i iiWinlnliUPipiiminiiniMi'iiiii't ��� ill i |n|MWHi��iil i.w^n  ��� i.  ,f.li-0  li-iiukhy ,|hu .puiiilwr  Uurlioiii',  Vim ���  I'riiliintiini Diiilrirl  liim  i-oHiillijil in,,n rn-  I'liiulimv In llro limnrniioti riiltm Vvliiuli, In  tll'I'OOl.lllOllllH I'llUlH I'm1 Uuil iIIhIi-IuI Imvo  liuld llm liuu,  Lulluit |'ni|n ii luiHil Ihhhi'uuiio AhihiI,  Mnli Kiwi, uiiiii UihI wijolt In ihu huni'iiliiiy  uf ihu I'unilur lliirhuiir Klvn Proltnilioii  Uinll'iiif kIiiUmI; ,   *,.  I'luumi iiiniiipl my iipulojiioH fin' nut  vvrlllni! miunur, bnl I wiinluil In I hank  yiuir iii'uiiii I'm' innMmi iiuhhIIiIu miIikIuii-  llnl iiiiviiiin-* In llm jiiiijni'lly ut u\\y flm  liihiininiin I'uliuy lluililuni hy InriiiliiH llm  Imw f'li-n I'iiiiiH'linn DihhU'l a.iUl luivuuj  uIiIiiIuihI ii lur hii|)iiiiui Kliu Kmhliii}! Ap-  IHU'lllllH, ,  - II liim iiuiiiii nl ii llnui whim lliu ||im><  unil iiilnti fur all iirtuiH-liiivu Ihhhi Im'nuui"  tuiI' iiii'iiiii.i;iiiiu' hi'iiiim"('iiiiimjiiii:"'   ,11ml II mil luuiii fur llm uminntl Invrun-  llllli  llll  Ml'  Dill'   llllliliy   llAllllU'H  would   liuvu  IhiiiuIIIIihI by an livnrnno iliiiiiiiiiiui In  I'lllim (if uppi'iiKlirtiilnly Ulll |)iir mini, ���  lluwiivni' iliiu Hi Ihu (liiiiarliiioiirii nf-  fnrlH lur IIiIh iirnii,! iviuninf nnr nlimflft  Will Im iihlu In, nl Iiimii, Iiulil llm llmi In  Ililn lnfliill(iiii'ii'|y nun,  ��    Dill   iiimiliiy' lilia  uf  llll   llmmi   Irlml   lu  lllvn muvliiii liy  iimiif hiivimiiiiiiii  I'iic  llm  luuiii   niiii,   unil , ^vn  llmi'iil'uru   wnliiunm.  m..vi.itiii,��ttill,iiuiii..tiitJiiibiilLnl'^v��im-u(in'imtiU'������.  Il,v, ���  Secjielt Gardpn Club  schedules April show  Hli!(!|l|ill.T  (|ni'ilm\   t'lul.    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W|nlim: Mlinw April r/ilti, Wntitii����'��  Mlmw .Itnm llillii hill MliuW hi'i'limiliui1  Illlh,  - '   Nnhl iimnllmi uf Ihu tlanlnu tJhth will  ,  luw Imlil Mmvh lt|'il In HI. Illl.liilii Hull,  |U��rltn|l nl llp.iii, v     ��  . ��**  .rr*  V  ��fei  >lu  l'i  ;t  t  \    Ff|i|lUAIlY I0-T4  Moirs. Heart Shape  CHOCOLATES ���...������",  Par Poh F'l^nXJlQia  YARPLEY SOAP  Itml Uniok  pawho'se;  "Clmilmm", Omi 5Un,  A������,. Mimlim    -     i  OLD, SPICE  A,S,, Trtl��.j mimI  Piiiiiliiiniil Im ,Mnu  "oCo spicF  A,S��� ChUiihh   \  Im Mmi      ,  ���Jp"1 Prw fJSr  My S|n By Lcinvln  On Tho Wind  ' ���;''fe--8^'- ���-  VALENTINE  PUNCH-OUT BOOK  Daaorrflowor Boauty Both Oil  Pbaorl-Flpwor B,B, Cryalqla  anil H. & IL    V  LOTION       -'*  SHULTON IVIINIATUIt^S 20c  your fcimlly phapiqcy  A~'  ..inHrrti,  t��� OVER 60 STORES THROUGHOUT, ��.C,  i��oi*o;cac<QIiW:PI^^ at  Phono nnO-7743  Runnycrost Pini.Fi  '    I'   '��� ' ������   ':   ,  \     i1 .  !Mi|��tll*l��WIWI'MMlWMIWW��ll��B>W��lllll|fWI^  ll'  ;-V|  *   1*4  4   , *A    ��4,kl  *   * m   HHHHtiA^A4MnfcAA4i��jkrt^lj��At   *�� ���*  1  1v lh *+   * **-��    >  J*  ^��*rt*ift  hJI^A ^.$4pA l�� ���* * V^*4 ���������*#'"��� <iii ���* Jwwhtfk����   **  4..#<t ��4 ��P **, <f ��<����� 4. I   ����� 4   ri  Hk��i  ^d^Hii   ������,*��� U  hi*����itii/>    *^illi    ��<      <*����^^(��llft 1 I ' **��.*  V-'X* *�� WW �����  **> it #��� ���# -^wr'* **>$ *-**fs H*'***  V  * Vi *< -^ -H    0  0 v V f " I  ThePeninsuui^W^  / row J>e wwiff, ht-I .v/f(i/| /tof fa so wrong <w (b /<?// to w KWifl/ J Mfev? /o be rigftt."  ^ , ��� ���John Atkins  Doi'Ot.As Q. WiiRBifRi Editor .'  %^i*M^0c^0is\t^mW0^yi>0i0e0mit\.��vv^uitmv��m00*^  Page b��2 the Peninsula tjwte*  : Wednesday, February 10, 1��71  :_  an4 the \vptev system ends one mile from-  I ^ the entrance to the Redrafts Boad.'What'  V  fO*. *���  FOR a progressive but still soi^ewhjiU  small village,'.Sechelt appeals ,to be  sadly lacking in iVylaws, a ftitmUlon be*  coming increasingly obvious as 'problems continue to crop out.  -To-name hut a1 few, we require park-  animtt^nnil Ihe public suffer.  In a day ami age when we fondly  CO"ifsidev ourselves lo have reached a  reasonably good standard of education,  it is hard io understand the. altitude of  Giant iariored " iwpwteing fied Pinna and mau ing. secret  vm-I      ,oi    m- - MjrPPiTienta ' wilh.    Moscow    i-nvrevnlne  ���MiuflVi the U>T��es, sfudy an investigation, \vu ar�� nol oiily"  Sir: H��W that tb�� owner nf the aver- leading , tinvqrd^ RflpuVjIicanisw  hilt  to;  aj|aJyoirio |n (Nhsons.Hnowa, or should wards a Souiahst u>Uitorshi��. Who knows,  ItnoWi |1u��r l|~IsngntnE^tTT-rnat--|iim���In- -eaurnhV^lVmnnm^milil-yol���liei-fiiue-a  excess of $100 per annum, in addition jp U.O.S.R.   lUnion    ol   Canadian   Hoi'la'Hst  |qnd of a v*Yes" vote does the Commission  hope to' get ��when the people who have  a water-system are voting, together with  those' people who haven't a watpr system lluma,n nature just doesn't \\\t.v). thnl  way. '  Mr, Wolvprtnn's statement  saying llP  Cb-ordihating-Couneil  elects 1971 executive ,  ���ANNUAL meeting of the Cp-ordjn'atingj  Council of AuxWiavi.es to St. 'Mary's  Hospital was, held in the Hospital Board  Boom on Tuesday, January 2tith, $71.  Officers elected for W71 are; President,  Mrs, M- llftines, Roberts Oree|<; vire-  presiiloht, Mrs. J/Donnelly, Pender Hiu-  thn amount he already pays in property  taxes, to install and maintain a sewage  treatment plan.!, he will begin to realize  the significance of the warnings issued  from various quarters thai the east.at'  fighting pollution would-be high. However, he should also be aware that the  cost need not have been so excessive���  by-about 2Q(#'-^if it had.not been for the  dallying "jiapt.ios indulged in mainly. *by.  Hepnblifs).  t\t,arV niINT��RIClH  /    Vancouver  ,   ��� ^���^^^���^^"'�� '^ bour;-secrepuyT-Mrs/^.-Unviiv-^eob,^;-  ������ted   i     |"Si   S     a.    lor one    ' 'Usurer, Mrs. A udtherford^Uilfumo^  lauieu, aiici oi tin mmgh��� anouiP   ques- ,i      .-...hi-..,.,., Mr(.  u   i^l��m4 -Pm-i-Mul-  tionaire.is an insult to our intelligence; fr.y' W"^. M"��- ����� <U-W$tjoit mei-.  T  individuals  who  so  lightly allow  theii  ing bylaw,- noise bylaw and dog control    dogs |o roam at large at the inconveni-  bylaw, The latter is, al this time; one'of;    ence of other people. Rven worse is ihe  the mop? ^important and should have been,   moronic ^racljce olLitbiindoning a dog,  established-long ago. Problem of r.oving    or pet,  ami  allowing* it. to roam^nT^J'^if^  hordes of undisciplined canine predators    streets  seeking  food   in   garbage   con-    (if they cavfpreve-iU it) be served" by.the  has too long been  looked upon with    tainers and anywhere  else  it  sees fit.    system nor share in the-extra coat "enclosed eyes and of late the situation is    In the process the animal slowly starves    tailed as a direct result of their guerrilla,  worsening.  Family pets  tormented and    and becomes an even greater" menace,    activities.  viciously attacked, valuable bird aviaries    Similarly,   there   are  those  who 'think'       Their  navUcaijar_ bojieLflL--cQr4mt4Pti  TToTblhirorTaTn^ to-have   been   not  so much  the  Great boost  Editor, The Times,  Sir:   Thank   you   far  your   excellent  slligei  as Uidlmuon  Pay area  has voted twh'P'  with a "Yob" vote.      ^"     .  II seems the Jtegional Pistricl floard  is trying for a "no" vote, than jt.wiU be  shelved and W�� will be fovgot|ef\. ]t is  very  unfortunale   that   the  people who  Tnnolf 4�� i^i'* ^Hetbajr g8me*.,ot t, maiie \\ye dectslouslre pot fa#d with  ^oviavy 2^, 1971, \ye really appreciate    the water problems.. ' "',0  your attending oirr gsrrtes  r ThaHH yo�� ejlsq..-for coming to our  public meeiing of "January s#. l��?l- The  help you have given us here will undoubtedly give our efforts a great boost  io public support-  ripped^hpatTlmdT^irds d^Troyed7 yonirnj;  jiters knocVed down-and a -hazard created  as large brute}) chase motor vehicles  along the main street.  It has been suggested in the past  thai the dogs come from the Indian  reserve and vyhile some x>f them un*  doubtedly do, others are from within  the-Village of Secheltr  Most deplorable aspept of the situation is the fact.that so nicvny dogs are  purchased  as pets   for youngsters   but  ^re^rUwHy^lh>traTded-T^^  simply leaving the pet dog or cat locked  out to fend for themselves until the kindly owners return."  This    is  an  obaminahle  reflection  ���Upon, society as.'sv WRfile and is the very  kind of treatment envisaged but' the. fact  that'the effluent outfall was to be located  in the vicinity of Gospej^Bdck: this, they  argued, would pollute adjacent beach  areas  etc.,  etc.  Tlie writer^ unlike" some of the ''Art  ���Elphinstone St  Expert voice?  attractiveness wears off. Far too many  people fail to appreciate, the fact that  ownership of a pet, be it a dog or any  other animal, is a moral responsibility.  Sadly, such obligations appear "to mean  very   little   with   the   result  that  both  reason we require rules, regulations and Carneys> in. fta llut|yjng areas around  laws. ,ln this particular situation the Gibsons, claims,no expert knowledge in  onus rests with'Council to bring out suit- this "filthy" field but did take a look  able bylaws, No one is ever happy with " around in an honest endeavour to" asr-  increasing regulations but when human certain whether, in his opinion, these  nature is such that certain elements get    anti-pojlution  zealots  were ��� behaving  in  r oHiiter-then-someHfrnd-oHaw-en----a- -FesponsitOe-manneis. . ���   forcement becomes necessary. The only conclusion he coukLarrive at  Council* of  Sechelt   is  presently   in-    was that  the engineers were right since  Roes t.he comirTrssipn not. tfiH^".|h,i.6 .^P'  sideratiqu thqt at a future dale.v0*y ihe  taxpayer, will be faced with ��h even  greater cost. for this essential convenience. Those in the Halfmpan P^y area  of Phas,e 2 are being treated as second  MA^IWOR^E-MaeI^EA^---tdatjs-irit^e^s^ve-in^^  .Secretaw-Gener-aJ-r^  eering days it is not good enough Jn (his  ummt  Government,  day  and   age. '     <  When the Peninsula water system was  first voted on, don't discount ihe fact  thai il was .our vote that helpeti bring  in a,"Yes" vote in lIMtflris this rirnaT'Ouncl  the price we must pay for living in this  very desirable area?  Ion-  Reports were given from each of tho  Auxiliaries ami mnnPy made during Iho  year was turned over lo the Co-ordipating  Council Pender Harbouv $1,000;' Hajf-  moon Pay $415; "Roberts Creek $2,50trr'  , Gibsons $2,000;-' Port M��Uon $^00. Dim  ,|.o wea|her concUtkit^, Sechelt Auxiliary  cancelled the January meeting and was  unable to g^jve a full report-  During lite year 1&70, the Auxiliaries  piirchased $5,083.41 worth of equipment  for  the  hospital.  Roberts Creek will host t-he ''Friendly.  Workshop"   ihis   year.   This   event   Will  talvtr-place ttr-A^prfl-and-it is- hqped^tlTirt^  as many members as possible will attend.  vestigating a storev"opening' hours bylaw  and, we would suggest, next on the  agenda on a priority basis should be a  dog nuisance bylaw. A  ���  ��u*  ��r��9s  CLAUDIUS Caesar Nero, former Roman  Emperor, was perhaps best-known  for- his ability to fiddle while Rome  burnt and seemingly his term, of office  lasted fourteen years during which his  met with thousands of unemployed. He  told his listeners "one of the purposes  of my tour was to get across to the  Canadian people the fact that unemployment isn't an act of nature beyond the  control   of   men.   On   the  contrary,   in  it seemed to be the only place where tide  action would take the efflwent away  from the coastline. Or-^would these obstructionists have preferred to kefep right  on dumping the stuff into the bay where  it would just go out on the ebb and return  on the flood? Tbe place already stinks  to high heaven as do several other areas  in lower Gibsons. And���I'm not against  pollution- control but I believe it should  be carried on in a responsible manner.  Likewise I believe that the actions of  Council should be subject to scrutiny but  in this instance I believe harassment  would have been -a more suitable term.  infamy grew andi has  never been forgotten. ���-,- Canada today,*mass uneniploymeqtisilie     , -/If these characters are-sincere in their  Nero?s idea of fiddling, did not in    direct result of the  mismanagenieTu^nf---^'6^ why pick on a tiny village when  -���*m.  for it is doubtful if he ever had any.  History tells us that, the Emperor's field  of entertainment covered a wide range of  subjects which might be described under  the modern' idiom "as "living it Up",  . On considering Ihe antics of our  present ruler, we can but wonder, are  we to see history repeat itself? Ce'r-,  tainly we Jive in an age when the voice  of the people is sufficiently strong and,  indeed, responsible, that tyranny and  licentiousness would not be tolerated for  any long period^f fYme. At the same time  there is a parallel and one can but  wonder just how great the difference ac  petent government.  "This is the message that we. must  get across to the Canadian people. And  we ntust do it before it is too late: too  late for the preservation of the human  dignity of the unemployed Canadians;  too late for the families who depend on  them; too late for the whole economy of  the country". -  The opposition leader naturally, as  art experienced politician, will play upon  the current unemployment situation in  order to further the aims of his .party.  What  must   not  be overlooked   is   the  spewing put filth into not ^gnejiut two  elements and they could really give these  "blockers" a fight. But I don't anticipate  any excitement there -ag^it���is���one thing  to harass a viUa.geAf^ith incidentally^ a  high percentage of pensioners who wilt  be hard hit by the antics of the "antis",  and something else to indulge in sword-  play with a powerful industrial giant.  Possibly also, this could be a very  sensitive personal area as it "might be  like attacking the Golden Goose which  lays their wfeekly packet. The buck beats-  principles every time!  Anywayi  now- that   qualified  opinion  has   prevailed   over   hysteria   why   don't  Editor, The Times,  Sir; I moved into this district almost  one year ago, and during that time L have  disagreed with your editorials many times,  but realizing y'pu are an expert on such  matters as South of the Border Rats^ Left,  wing trouble mak-ers,' Fabian socialist  prime Ministers, etc., I felt it not in my  best' interests to disagree with you I  T^~ai|risBnjnr()ne Point, rTTsThe tldilorV  prorogative (sic) to write as he sees it.  In the February 3rd issue you advertised that it took 463 la hours to pro-^  rJuce a' 10 page paper. Now this is mjs-^  leading and false advertising. This  makes your page cost $243.45 which is  ridiculous when you compare it with your  column inch advertising, if these-"figures  are correct the only answer is that you  are paying B.C.'s minhnunK��wages,. the  compositor is setting everything by hand,  and the pressman is using a Washington  hand press.  Please Mr. Editor, I know the economical time it takes tn produce a 10 page  paper and you should too. So' please, no.  more false advertising.  ���-   ���;-���;"'   -"--"---R.-SliACK-"  -^  Editor's Note: The writer is an employee ^ralioTner"plTblicaTTST a pos-  sibly not too familiar with quality news-  papering.  Lei us get' on with the job and get*  the system  completed.  '.'���   ' ' ���   A- W. MOORE  Good seed month  Agriculture Minister rl. A. (Bud) Olson today declared March Good Seed  Month. He urged Canadian farmers to  carefully study the merits *md economics,  involved in using pedigre"ed seed. "Research scientists are developing newHmd  improved varieties of almost every cl'op  grown Jn Canada, and these are available  to farmers first as pedigreed seed," he  said-  Consult our  Secretary Manager  Madeira Pork:  ~GTafetur~  Editor,  The Times,  Sir: As representative of Sechelt  Qarden'Club, the members wish me to  convey their grateful appreciation of your  marvellous coverage of the Club activities  and special events.  M.  HANSEN, Secretary.  "No" vote sought?  Editor, The Times,  ,. .1        t i   I  �� cc ii niw-t     liim     Willie     ivii .      i i Kuwait     ��uviliiv.u  timlly was in   he hardship suffered by of international   playboy  wd       Sir:  In  reference to the  water com-  fact   that   while   Mr.   Trudeau   adopted    these objectors    abandon  their stinking    ���missmn's faW" decision a�� published in  the people while Nero revelled and that  suffered by the Canadian people through  mass unemployment while the leader  globe trots.  Diplomatic excurtions are to be expected but clowning it up and making an  exhibition of himself, as he does only  too. frequently, would.4tard.ly be termed a  diplomtic mission. ,  Speaking lit u recent convention in  Toronto, opposition leader Robert Stan-  field staled "our first goal now must be  ,to alert the Canadian people to what the  present l-ederiil Government, by its policies, lius done a'nd is doing lo half a  million Canadian families and IO the  ���Canadian economy as a whole, ,,  "I am more certain ihun ever thai  what ihe Trudeau Government is doing  lo ihis country cannot be penhilled to  .continue' any longer",-    "     >   ��� *t  Mr. Slanfickl was speaking on his  lour.of.Canadian cities during which he  unemployment spiralled, Mr. Stanfield  was sufficiently concerned that he toured  the country seeking a solution.  A number of proposals .have  been  submitted tothe present government by  the' conservative party and more specifically lo Finance Minister Edgar -Ben-:  son who, il'seems, is perfectly content lo  continue the policy of mass unemployment as, a means of combating inflation,  We  would  but echo  the  words of  Mr. Stanfield "this government says it  believes in participation. Instead it practices confrontation' with business, wilh  labour, with farmers and with whatever  else il,stumbles acroflrs, It 'blames, anybody bul itself when things go wrong".  1.1. is  high time our leader Packed  away  his  fiddle  and  removed  himself  from  the vaudeville scene in order to  assume his role as 'Prime Minister of a  presently badly floundering country.   *  fiatiic^  N(jieiii&  WOULl) you like |o fell (he world wlm!  "your  local    newspaper  means    to  you . , , and perhaps win $30(1,(10 ciish  for your effort'/  This .Dominion   Texllle   Company,  through ihe Cimiuliiin Weekly ' News  pilJK'I'N'  Ahsoi:  pnw of iluii  is for?  Try pulling your thoughts, down.  Don't worry loo much about griiiiiiiiar  or minciiiiiiioii pr spelling . , , llic though!1  iiilil perception Is ihu sccdrgoal, You  could use if lax-free  $300,00 couldn't   ,. ,     yo(|? It's iilioill Ihe eciiiiviileiil of n nice  .'lallpn,. is ollerlng a cash   '(,1,, U) |||(Wllj| or-l.tw Vegas, or Kcno,  ""��" lor Ihe hcil iVillcle The (leadline is iuidnighl March IHih,  cesspools and help shoulder a portion of  the extra cost which their actions helped  create?  'There is a crude but, ��� succinct saying, "Put your money where your mouth  is (was)". Does it have an application  here?  \ E.   BltlCIIENALL  \ ' . - (Harassed pensioner)  Somewhere between  Editiir, Tho Times,  Sir. This is un open letter lo anyone  who wishes  to  reply.  Pirns cleanliness nol mean a thing,  cannot a. person tell the difference between (.'lean long luur or dirty? Can, they  not lull the diffeieiti.'u between clean  clnihcH, long or short, maxl on mini, or  dirty?    ' '     "        '      i      "  The right to serve whom you' pluasis  is fine, we ."uphold apd Imliove In it, hul,  shouldn't there be a line drawn some- ���  whore so that llm youth of today can  keep their Ideas and muel with the olilnr  generation soninwl)er�� in between?  W.o "io behind Hie girls who were  liifiisiul service in �� Hocluill, cafe,, they nru  cliian, wholesome girls and should nol  Im mihjmdqgd lo Ihis iypo of fllHcrlmhiatloii.  II |h "fino mid diualy" tu make a  slnnd hut al least do ft wilh a bit nf  coiiKliloriillnn for human rights, good or  luul.  the February &rd issue of the Times!  Phase 2 of the Peninsula water project  includes  Halfmoon   Bay area  and   West  ���Sechelt.  Part of this area has been looked after  ggWBM  laocszy/j/yi  oullining "Whiil   My  Local  Newspaper  .Means lo Me,"  �� , Ihjlriecf should run between 250 and  ,700 words (there are uhniii 700 wonls lo  ii Hlngle news coluinn In 'Ihe Ncwh or  Town Crier), They intisi bo subiiihlcd lo  us, by midnight March IKili, and Ihe best  Idlers will he published In Ihe following will Ion of The News, Ihcp forwarded  ���to Toronto fpr judging along wllli entries*  from olher.comuiunillectin Canada where  (,'WNA member papi'is are oflVilnn the  simie couk'si,       ,  "Clarhy of Ihoughl and willing will  gain iho most marks, nol neccfisarliy ex-  )cil|se In Willing, ',rhe judges will not  ook foi'iMweruilvely,,high praise of ihclr  ocul i��apcr,'hul will primarily sludy the  iilldci'hJimdliig hy t'ciidcia of liu; |'iinc:  lioirof a ifoodlocnl newspaper, How  iiiiu'li do you' depend on ll lor liiloiinn-'  I Ion iiboiil local 'govi'riiim-nl, lociil Imp*  pciilngfi, local shomiiiig guides'/ Should  H go deeper lillo local, news, or should  il juslicover uulllncs and flash JmllellnsV  Should ll niU'iiipi io guide local opinion  (for or agalmtl) by digging out all (he  -,-,-^11,14"- j,||V)iiiniihiirAmmiwm "iiiiy  oeiil. iiiid'eriaklng or happening? Is il  perl'ormini'. a icoiiinuiully Nctvice in re-,  porting nil ihe news', It can dig up, or  should il M'li'cn llic ih'wi. In an .iiilciiijx  to ffrfermlffc what���would- picnic the  render and-what rnlgM-illi��mi��y hhn? 'lo  wlial extent docs Jin .obligation cxleial  io helping local welfare, charily,, grxxl.  wlll'or commimlly nffalrsY In nliort, just  wind do you ihlnk a local newspaper  *' .    '     , ,       \  .-���   .������ '��������� '\   ���!    ������������  JIM nnd  l��'|.OHRN(.:iiJ MA UK MAY  Way Of Things  lildllnr,, The Times,  > Hln' lliirriihi Hiiiiy for youl Your  oiiilurii.l nf .iHimiiry, 27tli 'rolluil up Urn  whole 101 mul ciilioodln of llm Tnidmiu-  '���ai..H In ihnlr own rod carpel, Mini, ynu  mini lull || like It k Hu) im KH'nOt flil'/jiil,  Ihn IuMIhI (irhuilinl C'IKVNaOomil Kllip  lloiinl apd the way 'InHpiiyorti1 money |n,,i  Itonn In a siring id' [OiiIih and m\H j,y way  ���if fiinuiilu (Joupcll iirunis,,   ���   .  While llioiiiinnilM  if (JnnriilhiUH am i,ui  "' "     "A 7;r"," "i :"*,    !'f,,w!"lk  vv" ����r�� ��� n��U'o��l lo! ntomac|�� llm  lllOWINQ NKiaHHOR �� 'iljliu in Ollawn mul umlim' m million  nullum io nproud prlmroHOH ni, tlio (uoi,  of li'iivulllDH lilufluiilii, How iiyiiluiil i>ii^  a (loviii'iiminil Kui7 f)n 0,,,. |,i���H| 'I'riiiliiiiii  ' lltiiiiiiMm Iho Inilnlnii of Taiiz/inl������ Air  I'urai hul olijimlii in llrlliiln ii..|||.��k ,���-,������  lo Mouth Africa n, dolund lln iihor.illnli  jl'oili   posslhln   hovlnl   iillnclui,   H��|wimiin  Send your entry io I'.dilor, ('WNA Con-  'tosi, 'llic News, I'.arly cniries would be  appreciated, You may, make several If  you wish, Anyone i)iay''enicr.i  Poet's corner  my nonhowiNa  I Imvii ii milglilior, n fi'lmid ol' n I'liniid,  And llm my policy In m>|ih��i; liorrow or  h'-lld,  Him connm uVnry ilny hi miiiisIiIims or nilp,  AiVl  HiIm tlnin It  in nsplfln In dciiiht'u u  |)iiln.  BIio'm out of Inilliii'', lliitiii nic liincln'M In  '"init'ku '" ; ' "( '" "  And I'oulil  Hhn.liuvif my  rcclpn  fur iny,,),'  ���    IhimI  c|ioi|olnlii chMi?  llt'T   11 lnilllll    III) VII   lll'll|l|M'll   |||   fill'   ||    llll'll  cup   III'   lllll  Hu iilio I'liiiin  In  borrow  n   f��iw  Imi  |ni|(ri  .    from imi  Hlic'a Jiifit luul a phono cull, hor fallim- Inlaw I.m li'trn  ~"Cflii|fl wn lomr liflr nprrftKi m hwif ciiiUJ  of Ihkji'V" '   ; ,   ,  Cilui'rt. hoji:ow'>(I Momu coffee, iiouio ognn  and inopin chooHii,  'And  oim  Uui'i moiimi  iiioiiny '|o pay  h��r  ...... ���,,.<, J'M")) ,J',M"*��..,L>���^,ill.:.���������..,.���..������/.,.���,,... ,���.������ .,-, ..,  1 "lifoi lo ho'iioiithhoriy, inti iiiiin"<m<i ali��k  'ilia fhinisir nini iiiic horrnwii jaiVci cninn  lincK, '      '  N��mf Ifwllllin my , liiislinnil  nlm'll  Im  wunllilf? to hoirnw, '  j,h;  T.V. - Radio  WiOPEIlN  SIGHT  SOUND  ronlclsirvico  Sforco SyRfemi  PlfllXQ PHAhnR  AYRES ELECTRONICS  Qllnoni . 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Isabel Pawson, nuuisler without port-  tohi'i, during Iho .second sosMon of tho  aith parliament of UVMu.)i_ CrjhunhjnL  Kohniary ^. i��7l.  "Mr." Speakers j  "As  we are all  Ypupfj people may, and can do it. by-hard  work, humility, hope, apd faith in-mankind-    .*  ���   "This fa ftiiiit" a rhalloiiRp! -  ���U.v  people both on-fpo reserves, and at the  conferences 1 qjtpndei|, it .became clear  lo pie that'" t|io "juilivp Canadian nunplp  urp increasingly desirous pf havirtfj'wiovp  rpasnn-oMhe-progress-ma(lM^^-^ii'i^dkLuiii_in_th.o_.i^aha(?>oniei\1 pf their  our parent JnwardK a heller way'of life,    own alfairs. ^  aware,  1071   is  our  ciontc-nmal^yuar, here ih lbitish Columbia.  "Not only is, it gratifying to leel tho  tremendous response ot the citizens ot. our  province to the celebrations planned for  commemoration of our centennial, but  also we- already have indications that  many of pur friends south of the border  and from other provinces in Canada, will  be coming to British Columbia Xo join  with us pn tliisjnpirientous occasion.  .  Tourism, as a business, plays an important role in our economy. The expansion over a six-year period to $470 mil-  ifon, speaks- for itself.   Siieh-ti-Gniwidoiis-gi'owth iiv-the-toiii'-ist-  indnstry is in n'o small measure due to  the'combined efforts of the department  of travel industry and interested citize.ns  throughout the province.  1 was most impressed with the program  set_up iii both San Francisco and Los  Angeles���programs , which-���besides . pro-,  moling"tourism in the usual way,, carried  our story to factories, clubs of all types,  and right   into community.  "Involvement areas, where large numbers of people congregate.   ill-thiiUMlwtthe-fenvphiJsis'plaeed upon  4-scason toiirism in ,ppr province, is having a marked effect' upon the growth of  this valuable industry. ���  Great credit is due to those, who pay  their/Own. expenses and give of their |ime  to promote an industry which they feel  is important, and while .they may have  a personal interest in the end result, their  efforts ultimately lejid tri more employment opportunities-  yoirpg pepple today, muvo-ul a faster pace  than did their parents���therefore, parents'  of today's young people inusl learn Jo reevaluate their thinking. The symbols and  values, found uiThe home environment, are  still the best  basis "lor "our  way  of  life.  Va rents \vho have earnestly and smeeie-  l> triedrl+i inculcate m their children, the  ���/fundamental truths basic to ptir society  as :vyp know ihiQusl, 'be capable of undpr-  stahdiPB that, with prog/ess, and a faster  ^.pace pf living, there need.not be a diminishing trust in their young people, and  that these young people will, in their turn,  , still cherish our way of life, while-forging ahead, using all the means available  ���;������I -��--fhenTH--n-eimWtH-ltem - -tir-make-jr "stilh  belter way of life, for mankind.  "Parents���this is your  challenge.  ".Hist as symbols'and values are important ,in the borne environment,, so are  they important jn a nation.  "A nation without symbols and values  . ���without   virtue   as   a   central   core���is  ' bpund to  live  in  disunity,.,and  isolated  -i loneliness.  "We, as Canadians, have" a responsibility to behave as adult democratic people.  ^-^Our���beliefs--are constdered by"soTne  to be passe jp this day. What those who  would shoot arrows of scorn through the  myths of the ages, fail to see, is, that,  behind our beliefs and symbols lies, art* enduring strength, which enables those who  hold to them to endure, while ollvars who  -have no beliefs of apy worthwhile kind,  eventually wallow in the mirenof their  lack of purpose in life.  "We have  behind  us  in  Canada,  not  Tips in. itself Js, a worthwhile eansir,.-only the splendid traditions and annals  deration  CHERISH OUR WAY OF LIFE  "Utopia was the imaginary islaitd^in-  vented by Sir Thomas More where the  conditions of life and government were  ideal. All of us cherish a dream; Within  us and- strive toward our own -"form of  Utopia, whatsoever symbols and values  ^h��iH=orrn=TOuyHit uu -for- us. ���-^���    - royal' family wilh our parliamentary sys  Queen   khzabeth   II, on  the occasion     lem , .  of her coronation, called upon her people  in  many. japjfeE- to. cherish  I hep-  wav  of  of more than a ceYitiiry of growing and  .developing, but also the living strength  of customs old and new, of blending of  races, different in origin and history, all  united  in  spirit  and  in  aim.  "While visiting Britain this past summer, I became very conscious of the I)\'r  ing strength of customs and of history,  njLjJjaydigr4iUL^n^^  "Our native Canadians arp i\ proud  people apd have a culture of which they  ihay'-be justly prppd. Their' oul||U'P comes  down jo us richly endowed with folklore,  stories, and legends )ashioi\ed from* the  lahrir nl this great land wb all Inve.  "Just as tho Uuropean sett]cr has  brought jq tlie land Pji his arjpptipn, his  culture, in the fpi.-m-.of fplklhre, stpries  and legends, ah of W'h'ielv have blppdpcl  with apd enriched ppr cu|turp, : sp..'buv  native Canadians'havei a wealth off cultural background which is the pearl and  essence of our country.   ��� '  "Who can remain unmoved when lis'-:  lening tpjales jifjbe great thpnderbird"-  This whale-���The raven���in ofhci' creatures,  which form the very-marrow and sinews  of the culture of this noble race. The tales  thai are Ipld of brave hunters and fishermen enduring almost impossible perils  'in order to provide, their families with  food to eat, put such figures' as pavy  Crockett and i?aul Bunyan somewhat ip  the shade. v    ���  ;- "I am very pleased indeed that the  Inditm people are making a determiner)  effort  to  preserve  their  culture   and   to  _thjji..Jind4jajifi-.fingag4n6i-i\hpBi*^iYPs"_''P_aPT-  Uvities which afford opportunities,to their  young  people  to  learn    their  language,  their dances, and their art forips.  "The first citizens fund, which I mentioned, is a tangible expression pf our  desire to see that this culture, this heritage of a proud race, js preserved, for. all  lo enjoy.  "Canadian as a whole, would do well,  to learn more of the culture of the Indian  people.'To know the culture of a people  is an aid to better understanding of that  people.  '.'There is a wealth of detail inherent  in Indian culture to prove that there is  a great deal to be learned from their way  of life, and that there is much for Canadians to learn about it. The Indian  culture ..cap make an even greater: contribution  to  Canada   than   the consider-  theiv lapc|s, and I\^ asked if assistance  could he fiiyjHi^TTi lljc fprms of services  of a parks/plupncr. To jthis end, I eoh-  Mihud witM' the committee, ol the.ljrst  nlt/.eiis fnn]d, and as' a,result -of these  discussions, a young man pj the Indian  race is undertaking traininff in the parks  hiuni'h oi the deparlhieut ol recreation  this training to embrace laying out pf  parks, c'ampsiles, and picnic-sites; and pps-  t-ibly even playground areas. Upon completion of his training, he will be travelling throughout Ihe province, and getting  together wilh his own people, with "a  view fo developing these (aeilities. /  ECONOMIC  DEVE|,pPlyiElfT  -���".   "there is a triarirpd frend.airiong native  Canadians    to-develop    their   land   to  - economip competency in many ways. ��>p!irie  of. these ways ar*: .  constructing canneries, stores of all types,  ���jKmlimjUoUng^J^siri4^  sites, operating mines; and. in tlie field  of agriculture, growing wheat, oats,' and  other staple crops."  "In addition, vipeyards are b'eipg es-'  lablished in the South Qkauagan region.  "However, these developments are  only a beginning. There are ..many acres  of land on reserves with a .potential for  grazing and agricultural uses of various  k'i ads. .  "These  lands  could   be brought  into  . use.by employing irrigation systemsrWith  Ihis in view, I have discussed such,future'  development with my colleague the minister of lands, forests, and, wafer resources.  "The minister has indicated that his  department w��uld be willing fpa,conduct  a feasibility study into tils'irrigation potentiality of area.s where people express  interest in utilizing their lands for agricultural purposes.  "If further action is deemed economy  cally worthwhile, the matter would then  be taken up with M��� fod"rat gnirnrpi'ion'  Ji  '          M       **  f^��    *-!-   ��      --�� '    ,^> 3���' ^.    J,  r*                 4                     **���*���                  0~             '    VM-VHMI  '"  :-  "? r  iv           ���"*���*?*     -*  1              *  X  -                        r                                    V  r    i         5  -       -J       '             *  * I  * I  1 t.    A* ���.-..*���  "v^^              ,  1    *'l    ��� , ,-  T  '*       .                 #                  1  i   ���*    * ^    ���*' *.  '     ^l  ��**    r- T  .             *  ��'  i,1  * A  ���  t X  A  4  4          *  ��� \  �����   Tl  *  -**  s  ^rt*-                       F  *v��'  *  -   ,c  The P6p(nsuln tjfiteo fajgo 0*3  Bioko C. Alclersbn D.C.  >08{ Office Bujlding Soehcll   ,  Phphp 8^5-2333  Rci. 886-2321  Tuesday tp fridov lO^Q a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  '"Itaturdav 9:3Q oitfi, to 1:00 p.m.;  -     EYfisiM((3S BY AP'PCilNfMfNT  i  I  t  0  A  r   t   ��  ...,...���,. . -I-..^ %   v  -'  ^   .. .'.  1 '��� '1   H      >'  t��H��|��WiaMMHMMWHB����MWM������HII��U����W��WU��IW����>l��liH����1IM;  mmw mi  Kon. Ibubei Duwbuu  septencp repprts, obtaining an iptcrpretcv,  d.o'rnes.'t,ic difficulties, and referrals to'othci  "agenpip's. 7~  "It is quite evident 1|ia1 this service,  While still fairly new, could be extended  and become a valuable apd irnportanl  aid tp the Indian people ol the province  "The major shaie of the cost ol this  pi'ogram has beep both'no by the first  cifizpns fund ���-  -  "All ol these areas are important���-  knowledge of. a culture is an aid to lipdor-  sjapding a people���working tqgether in  "areas of social servipes,, economic devejop-  mppt,���cmd allied fields,^can go a-lomj  Way towards making sure that this proud  and ripble rape of people take their place  in thp Wpild of today.  ''As Canadians all, we have a co|n-  mon bond, a love of hying in a grea* and  fine land, a land which has mpch to offer  th(? w��vifli a lan(l w|nch has some problems, but none that cannot be solved.  "Wp cannot turn back the clock���1ho  Useful, the import ant and the right thing  Vp.do is to learn to master the envirpnmept  that is���the while man must not always  Charm her wjth perrUfnc or Heart Chocolates from Bawntrcc, Black Magic,  Cq^bury or Mptrs  "life, and lo-^Pinindful of those symbo'Is  and values which have endured through  out the ages. "���' "  "Utopia was represented as an ideal.  We, as British Columbiuiis and Canadians,  are a practical people, and in this centennial year we can look with pride on  our achievements, and we can see around  us the results of the past 100 years'of  wresting a living from a land that was  raw, rugged, and unyielding. A land,  'dramatic in its. .beauty���a land that left  its mark on our forefathers���a land to  "'��uch they brought ab i that was best in  tbejf wqy'pf l|fe~and P lap^ that will  ��� s]trply,;ieaye:its: jnafli wppruiS: :     i  ':v;-''.\f(Ft-Rm;pMF'P{!r^n't4'on^.'.oM??-0r{iindparpn!'Sl  we havp Inherited p deep Ipve of. tins  kmd-ra burning pride in t|ie country .they  helped lo build, apd���most important of  a|l���-we "have inherited a way of life  based on their symbols and values, A  way of life which has helepd forge us  together as Hellish Columbians, and as  Canadians.  "bcl us then, not seek a Utopia, bul,  rather,, lei u's cherish our own way of life,  ."Our "way of life, as well as, our love  of our country, lias been habited down  In us in many ways, and, nbould, I feci,  lie reconsidered today and in Hie Iuliliu.  "Tim old inusl always make way for  Iho new Hil.s Is progruss but II is im-  porliiiil- lo roliiin , and rolled liiprin l|ic  symbols mid values of llic past' an many  of ilu.'Hii symbols uiul values aro what  have. Hindi.' nations groat, Symbols nnd  vhIiics cumin! |m casl aside williuul replacing then! wilh Homollilng of oi|iuil  value, and, if. wo are lo rulnin a national  pride, wi: iiuihI rcliiin soirio of Hut syin-  IioIh of iimLimllun.... -,. -.- ---   "Ii'ur Ihlii rc'iiHon, I would ask our young  pijopli: In Inlui a look Ul sonic of Ihn most  roniiii'lwililo people iivcr lo walk1 Hie onrllil  "I'iiiciiIm mul griiiiiliiiirniihi of. Uiiiiio  of fiur .yiiiiiigitr /(uuoralloii, urn lln: pnii-  pln, who, wlhlh llm Insl I'linlury, liiivo,,l?y  ilinlr work, Iiii'idiihciI lil'o iixpculiincy iiji-  proxlliiululy (ill pur run I;' who, while out-  ling I Im'working' day by u Ihlnh huvo  iiiiirn 11mmi iIoiiIiIimI Hid pur cnpllii nulpiil.  "TIichii urn llin pno|)lii who linvn pro-  vliliul l|m yoiiD/ior nfiuiirniloii wilh n  healthier work! Ilnin Uiay bumd, and,  liiii.'iiiisii of llmlr nll'iii'l mul ciuiciirii, wo  no lodger havn to Innr the epidemics of  flu, lyphus, (ll|ilillici'|i��, smallpox, ncnrlct  faviir, iimimlnn or mumps-Unit limy know  hi llii>li' yiiuili. Tho, piicii (irniiiloil pnllo  Ih nn liingur n iiiniliiinl I'nolor, wbljn l,iibur--  nillniilli In  nlliioiil   iinlioniil  of,  "TliiiN'i ii!iiMiilui|||n poop | ii lived  lliimigli history's grunimil ilnorcHnlon.  Many  of   llmifi  luiow   wlm I   II   In  In  |hi  *���jKinr r w 11 it r-11 i tr 11 r 11 *r i��n nit ? y7'; i���� m r" V;<ii ��� i r  And, limiiiiisn of Iliin, limy iliilnrinlnnil  Hint II would mil |ui|ipi!ii In llmlr dill-  , ilinn, who would Inlinrll a hnlliu' way  of llfn ��� won|il linvn licllnr fund to onl ,  wuiilil llvii in ii waciii huiiui   /ilU.'pd Imi--,  1 lur milionlu nnd would liuvu groalni' op-  piirlliiill|i)S In mii'i'i.'ii'd hi lll'n linmiiisil  of llinnii liiipiovi.'iiiinilH lu lining nli��inlii,iils.  .... "Toiliiy'u young puopln urn Iba tnllaM.  hciillhlnsl brighliiiil mid piolmliiy, llm  |ii!i,l lunMii/l gniinrnliui) In inliiihil llm  Iiiiui,  "And, bni'inmn llm provlinis gnnnriillon  "wiirii niiilmlnlliillii, llm yiiiiiMinr gnii'irallun  w||| wiirk fnwiif Iiiiiii'h   Innrii nmri.'   huvn  nunn IiiImiihi Iluii!    Iiiivnl In inoiu illtiliuil  pIlH'CM     (Hill    IlllVli    JIIMI <l    III'    II    ll||lll|l'll  ,|l|  fulliiw ,llmlr lifn's jiinblllon  "Thjare are those who feel that the  monarchy and all thai it represents is a ~  decadent entity in our society, However,  there We a great many people in our  country, who still believe that the throne  is an essential part of a system of government which is preferable to any other  form. . -  "In countries where.the monarchy as  such does not exist, a president must he  elected every few years, whereas the inoit-  archy is an enduring tenure. It is to the  throne that Ihe judges, the police, the  armed forces, the government officials and  public  servants of all  kinds, owe their  sVrarn loyalty���iiPi to, i>ftrit?��mpni^npt;M-  tbP govprnp govprnnienir^v the govern?  >ni paFiyr^nnt to thp Rrtywiwmstpr:   !  '"Pndpr mp w*tevi\i Bf>��:t'ar>iPntaty tn-  .stjtutibns with their free speech an$ TeSr  pent for the rights pf the rn'inoii^jps, and  their broad' tolerance jp thought and its  expression���all this wp still conceive to  be a precious part of our way of life and  of our mil look,  "These freedoms have been sustained  and invigorated by Ihe contributions of  language, literature and the arts, brought  lo us by three grou'ps of peojile:  By  our first  citizens; by' those  who  Tr(ivc made Canada their country by choice  lis   wc|l   as  by   those  first   sol tiers,   who  huvo hewn a'palh for us ih earlier gonor-  ii'iiuns.  "Those who would sock a Utopia, as  wiill ns llmsn who cherish Pur present way'  of life, might well re-oxnniii.io their ideals  in this 'pool(inulaI year- They might, for  ' instance, consider how fortunate we are  in our Ihlmritiinco -ap inheritance which/  recognized for what it is, and used wisely,  busliiuidnil for future gcnorulions, together  Willi llm nilniilioii of our symbols  and   values, and Urn cherishing nf our way of  lil'o, can lu.'lp U�� go forward logitlhor in  pence, si.'ukiiuj Jusllco and freedom for (ill  'man."''  INDIANS ' -  "Wliflu I was asked Ins! year, In bn-  iranm iiiviil'vpd lu woildng with our first  ciliitcns,'our natlvo Cnnndiaiis, Iwasypry ,  pli.'iimiil Inilniiil, us I luul n'lri.'iiily ini'iilo tf  niimlmr of friends among the Indian pcik  pin, and wns nwnre of sonin of llmlr  prolikpiK,  , "Whlifi fully Himntoiim ��\ t-lm ri��!i.- ihat  Ipiljiii) nffnlrs' ni'ii nilniliiltilnrcd al' Ihn  federal lovnl,' nnvniiimlcss, 1 kn��w |haf  ninnti such as ilnvclopiimiit of cuiluro,  liii'ilmi'lng of .���iihmiilloiinl .oppnriuiiliics  ���at various, levels, ilovnlnpnmnl nf isunp  niton nnd I'lici'imiloinil I'licllitiiiH, mid op-  ( porliiiiliins for iicoiiuijiii! ilnviiloimmiil,  could Im, and w.i.'ic hnliig nspniidcd,  through llio iimdliun ol llm first cHI/mm  fund, i  "~r^'n*n*tetonMWd~tw  limid,   iiifiiilln  of sonui  of  tlm  |>roJ��;i'.'tii  " cnicloil mil Ihmiiijih iiraulii deriving froiu  tlm I'lfiii citizens fuiiii. Hy making inonjcs.  iiviillnblo Ihi'ongh ihis fund, Indian poo-  pip mi nviijl t|)cmiiu|v(is nf fncllll|on' nol  -at |ii-uiibf(t ti\\un lo llicni through any oilier  funding,  ���   "Whalldlsiiiiusing lliii sli'imli'uo of Ihn  ,.,...first clllHui fund wllli tlm Indian puo*  pin, nnd hripittng iiimii liilormiillon us lu  . wind   was iiviilliibln  lliiougb   I lib.'  fund.  many  ol' llmm illmniHncil    llmlr  nvurall  nimilii, mid llm l'i ml that [it In mimi.'lliii,!!!!  rgbi BTjrar*t t^TaFTITPaWTviad e.  ".hist as the Creeks had their Ulysses, the Romans their Alexander, the  British, their King Arthur. ��", 'ho Indian  people bad their Maquinna and other  great |ierp|c figures.  "'"it is my feeling, that the time has'  come to offer a broader selection of reading material centered around the culture  of this proud race, to our school children:  ���Who, may I ask, would be better able  to. research and write of this culture, than  the Indian people themselves.  "Indian peopfe are interested in upgrading themselves and educating their  young people. Whether education be attained apd completed through the normal  scliop] system, Vpcatippai training, or, at  Ihe 4iniversify jgyci, jj-^is jwpRrtant; ^nv  those involved hi such eduisatfpn, to rec-  PffltjM'.ihflt thP thidlonfsfcdep't flops ppf  wish to be singled put for any spppjal ale  aitpVifipn "jp ap pi)v|piis Way; apd, while  he of she may have problems in some  Jearpjpg a''Pa��, these prpblenis are pp different ip sppclruni than problems encountered by other children.  "It is important to these children who  are jn our school system to (know llinl.  Ihey can achieve whatever goals they have  sol,.|.heiuso|Ves( aiid that Ihey can bo'como  whatever 'they wish to become and are  capable of becoming,, when they aro ready  to epter Ihe adull world.  WELFARE  "1 found a di.slincl trend among  I ho Indian people I visilcd, to encounigi!  their .(nipple to better their w/iy of lil'o  so thai 'many of Ihoso now op welfarn  rolls might, through training and through  economic development, become' gainfully  -employed, and, by so doing, i)l|a|p fpr.  themselves and (heir chikht'ii, a bnllor  way of life.  'These people fell that welfw'emonies  aro. slill issued at llm whhn of piii'sons  not (:olii|H!|ciill,y Iriiliii'd in, understanding the pni'lii.'iilar pi'nhU'ms of llicl-iidinn  social well'ai'e appllonnl, T|iey sjioko of  dlscropnnclcs In'llio basic allowable, earn  iligs,' hiiiiHh and denial ciu-n areas arnnn  which iwv nol niilomnlloiilly Iho riftbl ol  Indian'|)(!o|ili! w.ho Ihul tlmmmilviis ��in  i'oi.'iii()l of wollnrn monies for ono ruason  ^ir nnollmr, II was |!m|r fciiliug Ihal. in  noino ijiiiics, llmir ixioplo almusl had lo  bug lor oviin llio mpnl basic of llmlr poods,  and thnl tlm iiiimhiiiIm dlnpcnsod both in  cns|t:pii,ynmni!i and in hunufilii, diil .'nol  oi||iiiic wilh llm proviiminl rales for nop-  Indians,  "Opp sii/(imsl|on ili.it I'urlh, hy l|i�� lii;  dians tlmniHolviui was Hint Ihii'dopiirlnmiil  , of Indian iiIIiiIi'm lilinuld' (iiiri.'hnsn llm  snrvicoH of iirovlimlal, welfarn ngonclns in  oiilcr t|in| ln|l|nn pnopln In llm provliicu  , wo|i|d'hit eligible for nil jipnaflts accruing lo iniii'liidlnn pomonn, pff rnsiirvoii, In  as programmes which could result Irom  such a survey, are normally .developed  through a^-federal-rn'ovinciaf cost-sharing  basis.  "Already, a number of bands, concerned' that their lands could lie utilized  through   introduction    of irrigation sys-  JejmSiJiave^ bjpjeji.ciiQ]iictpd-4V.ilh-a^vi_ew-4o-  oblaining  .information   as  to. their  ideas  of agricultural  development   potentiality,  in order that feasibility studies may be-  -gin.'  pjay the role of ihe giver���|,hus placing  the Indian in the role of the receiver,  but, each race,"united in then love of  their land and its great potential���each  learning from the pther���must strive together to solye problems common to us  all, as,....C^nadian��r.r';.^nd..,,-enfipavpuj'.,,...4.ft.  acliieve, by such unUy _aiid imdsrstand^���  ���ing, "a better way~of life for ail of. us,  both'as British Columbians and jas Ca-  ,tuidiaps. '������" ;������  .��� -  "Bv working together, y rnp, to n.nnlfi-  Whcn   loye's  the   gqmo  wo   have   many  Valentine Cprdt^ to express your feelings.  Uf  i 'v'  If  it  ?   C\'  * 'I','  -./  'I  I,  J  ���A  :s  ;*<?  "4  4-  ft  I  "vt  l    V  t  i  V  -v  t.  V  k.  * *  ���*  ���%  '   r  %,  *  T  -H  If  ���i   '  "   t  **&  V.  *���!  -   *,  *>  it  V  \ *  f  -V  ���* V  &  , *  >  V  A  *  *�����  %  >-\  *f.  A  k  ^  A  * ��  ���   l'i  -   A .  "Who knows, in future years, wllfcn  driving* through areas where' sagebrush  and dust now hold sWay, we may see  these dry lands rejoice and blossom like  a rose.  '       ,  "I would suggest also, to my colleague,  the minister of municipal affairs, and  chairman of the First Citizens Fund, that  he give consideration to setting up a  board, whose function would be lo study  the spectrum of economic development,  among the Indian people���this board to  be structured to include members from  the federal and provincial jurisdictions, as  . (WP*j| as j-pprpspptatiyfis pf the Indian people here jji BrjtjSJi Gp)prhbia,  fflOUSING  "Like hjs brpthpr, (he white rnqn, tlie  Indian of today finds that whatever di-  mensioli his social development assumes,  whether il be in the fjckj of cdiicatipu,  social welfare,    recreation, oi'   economic  development, housing whether it be large  or small family units���is'the number one  priority Within the band itself. ���   "Although there ju'c housing programmes, sponsored by Ihe federal government,  in many areas, a number of people whose  homos I yjsiled, brought lo my aitcniion  I hoi i- feeling Ihal llicsn* programmes could  be belter s-fTiiclurnd lo llic minds of llic  popple.  "Tlmy also indifMiled to, nm thnl limy  'wished more. Involvement of Indian people in llm planning ol llmlr owiKjmnuis.  Tlm people wore specific on several pouils,  Fof'lnslaime, floor plan, location within  a desigpnied area, color .schemes and living space1 require|iiciils firr each family.  "Would apy mm uf us here today willingly accept a new homo planned, by  soniconn who lelliriis,"Thin is llm lypn of  house you are going'lo gcl'^-in iillmr  -"Words ii puckngi! deal, with up Ihouglll  ���being given lo llm wishes of Hie pru-  , pecljvo  rimldonl, ,     ,  "Tlm pnlnl wns Hindi! Ihal diiilrlcl or  trlbiil council,'! should liavi! more Jiirln-  diction in Ihe pliiiinlntt and' carrying mil  of  bousing progriiinpu.u  "dim,,Nuggeslloii wim lhat, shicu Iho  need lor housing In din: puijorlly fif ludjan  villages is a number one priority, coir  sidci'iilinu lulglit bu given In u progriim  doMlg'imil In provide low-lni.'oniii1 .rcnlal  housing op reserves.  "I was shown liiiiiueii supimsnilly ffom-  pleliMl, vvhon: the wiii'lwiini|ii|ii|i left much  In h�� desired, and Km linmnownoi'ii who  puhihid on! llmm,! ileflcinclcii said llinl,  hud' n building liiiipcclifr made rngulnr  , i.'iillii during llm iiiiniilruiilloii |ierlod, \uid,  Imil building .regii|a|liii|M benli fully i-'|h  forced, l|mi;o woilld linvn bnen less llliell-  from an old Indian story���progress to-  ^etlier, and watch pip- fellow Canadians  stand tall, with the sun  and the moon  and   the  stars   in   their  wind in thpir, backs."  faces,  and   the  HRU5E DMJ6S LTD.  GIBSONS and SECHELT  uaaa��aaa��aaaMa��iWM��uauMuiuauu  ||S12SpSa3sE2S^S2HSS^s^SsSS^^SSis  BSBMHI  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  ronnlpl   iif  welfiiro mouieii, i,,...,i nf ,...������,.,..,  .���'.., ,  ,     ; . ,.   --,  jipjHiHsllijii In draw a llini/iind nay "This  Is a nuilier nf liiilfinirjiii'iiiillii'llun" wlivu  a slluiillon picseulii llm.'lf for lmumdhil(il  solulloii,  "ll|i lo Ihis lime, I have visited sonm  Jenl pf niiiiiliign eoiiiisclliug mi|'V|ces, in.  well ns .chtl'l'nicp ccplrps, piirnnmdliial  services, klndnrgni'leiii), ilavelopnmnl. o|  lilliyginiiiidii, und recniiillopiil ceplrnn,  "Itegiirdlng thu siiifgosllun niudo l>y'lhe  linllims HieniMilves,' Ihul llm pVovlpi;e  agrne wiMi llm depi'iiiimnl of indliip nf  lulls lhat, provincial wnlliuo worvlnwa b��.'  Introduced oulu tlm ludbin r��noiviillonii,  an iisimrjiiumlnl prujenl (irogrnpi wm.  nndni'liikiiii a lii'w yitiirs ago In two areas  of llm |iroVliu:n, (  "II beciinm iibiiiiihiiilly cli.-nr ns ilm  (irnjccls wepl foiwiird, Ilia), hi order, In  cffncllvely hull* Iho Indian people-, il wan  nianimary lo luiyp nn overall opi.-inilng  ��gn;i,'in��'p| between llm p(-pv|iuru'apil Ihn  finlnral goveruiimul in older lo allow l|i<!>  A HY-LAW TO A1V1KND THE ^WATEU RATES ANO HE^DLAIION  BYLAW %h 3?, 1969"  Tfie Po<nr<l of tlie Sftpshi'nptpflfisl Regional Disfricf ip appff jpccfipg  asscipb|cd epaefs as fallows:���  J. This Uylaw may be ciicrj as the Wafer Rates j|pvij Rcghhiljoft Aipcnd-  ment Bylaw %. 50, J970- . .   "  2. Bylftw No. 37 is hereby iupcndeij by i|ic papcc||aliop of the existing  Appepijix "B" and t||c substitution of a ncw'AppeiHJjx "B" gs ajV  I ached to ainl foriping pari of this BylnvV.  3. this Bylaw shall not come into force awl. effect unless apcl tiniil  it stiff IJ have received the approval of tjie Ljeiilcnant-Govcrnpr-in-  Council.  BRAD A hIKST TIMIt THIS 27l|'t PAY OP NOVBMBP.li 1070  BBAI) A SliCOMD riMli IIMS 27lh.DAY 0|? ISOVBIvlBliB IU7C)  i<RAI) A TUIBlVTIIylli'THIS 27ih DAY OI< N0VfJMH'l'-?< lt>70  ArWOVHP-by the Lietitenani-novernoHn-C'oiineil ihis 7lh thiy of .ianimry,  1971.,  KRC()NSIPRR|:|) and finally a.lopieil lliis 2��)il,rilay of .laiulary, 1'17I.  ll  "TliiiI jinoriin'who''ibi/oidi'id llm tynipny     llll III! Veimrvi)n   Ibiiiiiglmut   thu  piiivipoo.     provlnee  lo  iimhIhI   llio  linlinnk  lo  brlpg  oriflUor had /h<rciii|ipiissibir wtioir'llm /inft'HiirhhfDiy vi/ilisrh'iva- bail wwili-���"jjlwm llm ��h��hfW'''which limy'l|j��iimi'itveii  ���h'lrlfii was over, In spuml lilllloiis of dub    whlln dlmiusiilon/i wilh nmny nf tlm imp-    di.'/Jrixl, v  bus op holping llmlr foiumr nimnibis ro-    I>l�� Hvlliii OH lh<* r^��rv��!��, 'HlV fwluivil ibipaijineiibof, Indian uf-  ,,' "Mnny of tlm hidliip |mo|iln urn cup-'  able of iiiidci'lnMiifi coiilili'imtli'iu of buiiien,  llmrctorp, lh��y icasoii lhat such con  /ilriii.'llon /.IioiiM lie i.'iiii led put hy tpitil-  IfM imrsons on llie.rennrvn, w'hnro at all  powiilile, Thin |n llm piilh.Tii on some in-  se;:vi:,s, but, as ycl, In by 110 menus ||i.'H','l'nl  "Much n pattern would lie ono way .of  im'ruing vmiilnymvni pp|/oriiiiiiHi,vi,      '  'I^HE INDIAN ANO f HK LAW  "T|m * linllmi 'i-oiiiimi.'IIoi In imliiln/t'  pioillinn, mil ii|i In co-iipenillou with Urn  ���lo|ili Ibiwiird Hoi'lely, l'i in liepnrlnmnl. of  Ipilinp nl'fnh'il, nini ||m first rllWi.'im fund,  Wim iliii.iiiiu'd to ln)||i iimnt a need, loi;  spi.'i'|nl|/i.'i| i.'iiiiniiiil|hi|( /.i.-i v|i:i:m fpr Indhui  pooplii  who  find   llieuisnlves  In' copl'llc  Imllil llmlr honmlnnds,  "rrh����H /4am�� pcopln luivti nunto mor��i  iir'tur<,i(��).by.llMniw��!ii,tii|,lh��,lt' bi'ows, tbon,.;  in any pinviniiM era ' and, in turn   limy  hrilio Unit ihi.'ir (.'hiidrfiiivviir irniKtv ftii  much ,pro/pi!Hs In an, iwoiy inva�� as Umy  have nnd, Ihal Ibc iipw'.'l /"(epciiiliou will  Im iibln tot Hplva a. goorl many of tpn  world's wmu.ii.nn llin,  "Th�� I#����K will iml,ba ap cesy ope,  In ndilliioii |p vlslllua wilh Ihu P"o-  f a Irs wpnld nol iikico In iinderwrllo l|m  imi.uHHiiry coh|s Io carry oul Mm prriv|s|nns  Willi  llm  Jji vy  for oi,d  nniiinii or  iiiii|l|ji;r,  '" '"riiir'Tii'si iiidhiii"iMiiiu'm)iioi;s in' |m  appointed iiiiilni' Dili* |iio|(rniii, sponl a  i.niiM'ileiiibli! peiiuil of Hum iilinlyiua Ihn  piliii'lplc/i and piiiilli.'o of law enforce-  ipoplj ami vlni|lri/t inriifiMonal and welfitie  rcrlilieil In be "i|  No, S(l.  1\  line copy df Bylaw  "(\ KOOODINfl"  "Sccrciury  "Ji II. TYNER'  Cluiiniiiin,  "C, v, uppniHn,"'  Secretary  BYLAW No, 37  S( III 1)1)1 i  ������.  Anniial Uolcs ni|i| rhnrgcs-^-Unnipstle,,  I. fu) fl) Up Ip one acre In men .: ���  (2) Over one acre lo Iwo acres   ,  (3) Over (wo, acres lo three acres  ' ��� " H)' Over lliree ijeres Id fopr nercK    ,  (5) pver four acres lo five acres  ((,) Over five jicixs $15.(10 for ci|ir|| i|(|<|  of an ai-i'clo |cn acres,  (7) ()ver leii'iiercs $3.00 for each a(|i|j|i(i|iit|'<ncru or pail of  1,(1...������-.,,,,^..,,,.oii(J.||c.rcs-b>''lwui)ly'"ii(!rcNr'-���  (R) Over iweniy mnes $2,(10 for each aildjlinnul iieie or part  nf an acre, '   i '  lii nddiiiou to the fo|C|u>inn where a eonneeiion is made the following  iiimii acres or pint  ..: $-i(i.oo   $45'.00  $'5.'i.0(|  IjioS.OO  $75,00  M  n, Davis Buy h(,OH)HoiiN)  f'liiiHicr Ril.,  l'i nil  Ri|.  3.  will apply;  (h) AUI^A  /one J���USccheli, Schna I'm  /one  2-' (BoMiniuiul   Rd.,  r.anibhtle nren)  '��� "liliq'K^IIA'I'Mri    '.'  j'cr hundivd ciihic feci      ,  Mlnliiiuhi clinilftfc'per i,iionih plus ineiuf renin  ��� MlyriW KEINTALH   "  '!V  ail'l over  \  pin In t|i'\li' own nreiiH, I Inivu luul n PMifi  Imm of nicctinirs with pop-slntns- Initluns,    of lull iui| v|i.-i-|i in |niilM|iHwN��vKi.,lh��dvi.��s..w.,.MH<-l.|!!;'l!!!.Un.. th'!���.yh'foila apd,,Viiimoiivi'i  ninl have alinpilcil ijoiifniiinces of Isilh  ;stiiiiis iipil nnn-Riatun Kn)ii|w,Thr;w trnp*  forfiprcB rpvnrcrl a w|iln raniai ot Inphm  rnnll as eiliicnilon, houslni(, |Muilthi' wcl-  fiifi.', i'��i'i��iil|op, iiriiseiyullop Olt'U i;ul-  ttnn, nnd i.TOiiomln devolopiimnl,  "li'iopi toy'coniHctw  with Hie Indlnn  lliii province him not ueimed In woili wilh  liar Indian piMipiatnrifi tiffmr in nnmi,r  llmm )n iloii,Tuibiln�� nnd nifbliivhiK llmlr  piomrr dcullny hm ci|iin| rlllwin in our  mficfoty,   ��� ���'"--.   '.'''"'j  "I'mlis, cinnpHllns apd iilcplil sllcs arn  ��m|pn davalopcd by llm Indlnn pcppln op  in nn., 11 ii in Ihey were I'piihlcd to buiillbir  |/n,llu:ni'RC)vi:ii wllhTstniv"'prncciluriiii, ;m  wul'l nn million tu Know llm i.lnfls In IIp-mi  <"|t:ldM, , ,  "Tlpiy hiivn been dlinjUy Involved |p  counimlllu'it Ih pinliluni luemi mmli ns com I  apprtaraneiin, bullp) |��j(a| aimlslnnco, pre-  "1"  4.  (I)  (2)   (3) JH't.  J (4) 2"  (7) K��  f'OlWfrnON nfAFtCTFfi  tn (!V'* connect ion  (2) )'�� ennnecllnn  f.1) Ovc,  |"  Per Mim'Hi  .,, $ 3.2.1  unil',  "$' /I.2S  ' ,   '      Sfie  $ 5,00  -..,'.., S0e  ..  $  1.20  ._���w.$.,2,00  $ 2,fi0  $|2.S0  $ H00  $22.00  '.Vt->,  ?*3|  :%  $lf)0.00  $175.00  $I7'')-!I(I pIjih iii|i|j|ion!>r��t|st8 ineufrcd  for linings and hiftialiation,  S^^^  8���������  PB^^^S^  ��'.  ./.^ ..,,**rt.*#.fJKAw^  H   *   *   *     ���*  AJ��J����^.  J .  i   t  ��   �� A  V" *l pt,'  1 <���  ��� >[ )>"t,  *'      \  /  V  *  0*  �� .  * f.  a  \j   I '  ' t it  .1   > 1 vi i*    i     ������*���������-^-i*���*^���*������ ���-    ^������*m.i-im.i.^*������i������ -��� ���-������... i���,�������������������������,������ ,    A jL fa....#1 ���-�� *JSs  <   -��flfi��JM  Wedn  for  PUJgLlO  spirited    donation  pf .H  d.ays  work, with hjs pEJ qai'by Ppcl Alsagpr  has mqyed  Tetrahedrpp  Sis] Club one  %P)AM^  </    .    t>XJJ~-~ i- C\(\ K~-  m.^ .H^.^r^vr ^ ,     .-  --V,  ������.<-���"���   ~     , steP closer tq civilization. Ip fact," clear-���  ���? BRmSJI Columbia Went Steel- in/(lie       w .gvading 5 miles and filling  head Angler's^ License will be ymmeA the washout on the B&K road, has moved '  to tjvo dota from 25 cents- The pew the clpb 5 miles closer to the-relative  &�� w l he ef|ectlv^ March 1 fpr the civilization of highway' 10V.  .1971-72  year.                    . 1/   i, '  T|w Honourable 'W-K. Kiernanj Mill,- "M ?'he]5 ft ^V?^ ^ ^ ?m  ister of Recreation ��nd Cbnsivat on," in ' f ^el f ^Hht Jlphmstenpepjaees  announcing the new" licence fee said ."that ^V0���168 Journey .^quired along Jack-  more -empMsfe is being placed on steel- S����* Wilson .f,eet, ,oad- Adm tedly the  head nllrnagehfent by the Fish and Wild- B,Sf ^onsrrjerably. rougher than Jack-  life Branch "arid thai this (Iffort will be S0,TS ^ stUI requites 4 culverts, grading  further expanded in future years. ��� a!ld ^ ddcbipg before it becomes pass-  .  ...      .. .       .      .   , able to cars, Bul the shorter journey will  Active Planning is going  forward on recUlce wear on the Snuwcal.'���'  expansion   of   hatchery   facilities   which  will include sgace arid facilities for the On Saturday 23rd January, first ���day  propagation of steelbead, a highly prized of operation .from the B&K, Merv Hunter  trophy fish, on the LPwer Mainland, A dl0Ve the Sn<iwcat down to the 4 mile  prototype program of propagation Will be' P����nt from where it departed again the  carried out immediately in the restricted nexl day.  facilities  currently  available  with  some It would  be advisable ���if. traffic kept  stock to be placed in a new streamside to  a  minimum  until   the  surface  packs,  pond on the Coquiballa  River. In the first week after bulldizing it was  The questionnaire and computer pro- obvious  several  4  wheel  drive   vehicles  gram will continue to provide catch sta- "'had been all" the' way  through and  dj^g  tislics-which are essential to the'manage- ''��ts  in  the soft  surface,  ment and  protection of these extremely Some   thanks  toe   also   due   Jackson  valuable fish. On 'Vancouver Island, age* Bros logging for giy.ing the O.K. to work  and   growth   studies   as   well  as  stream on the -roadl*a'SrHiiity still hold the "Spe-  improvement projects will be eorttinued, cial Usage Permit" oil it.  P������MWWff^  [*"*" v v "��T"��rV "  F"   \ "unw    r-r'nunminw^wiiiw  ������i  \v  .  ."O i  i   1  ���V  ��� t      *���T  I       "���-  4        H  J  >���l I-  ^ J.��-'  I -'l  v   ���*  f \  V  -   '  ;'   /'  Ay  S ?  ..'     ��i *  I  * *  Semoi   Cougais  Willi   loh  ol   |iLi\ni4   pnuu   i Iplnu  itilli   Sl Uiul   I > i\ <a bill    I   _niii|  VulU  id uli i, 'bi , tin ( i't ink i ( ii I i nici  tlul ii in nl d  1(1 tn   12 \h lul       I l iiiu  It'll   with  ( o u Ii  (iiiiilull   11 ml d    lit  lulili  Hopkins    I l il i k   linbt It      |)ivt  Ah Doiidhl     In lcin    Mi Kt ii 'it       iuliii  hulls    li iid \ui il    diul \\ ib ix iiiu I  I ion!   lhut. Mul^i i   Dtiiup   \lcu Uitv  Vfi\llt   Mil lh     \l   111 (nikii il tilnl   lini  i in ii  in           ill         nil 1   i mi,  Ui    i      i >i    i     ,      ii i 11 i          ihe  l   n     I 1      \     1  I Ml I       I      till \        ult-  I i  i   i i   Si Ui ii    i   v lu     for  I l    Hi      I         In      III       I 1   11       Po-  i ii   i ii     i    i   i*        ii    ii | I \   i   >ul  nl.  i  i    in  u uit  i      ur i    a      lu u   ut  I  ^mH^Kn^M  ��M��fHM��  SELMA PARK COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION  \  FEBRUARY 16, 1971 - 8:00 p.m.  SELW3A PAISjH COJV3IVJUWITV HALL  SB  *gSS  ���������a��������w��!^^  ft:- ���* H ���'" \  -��o  v..-  .   >��>'>''     )   ,/   = If      A '���h*. *        '    i .  //  Send foHHoday!  3b ����DoflQEratsxi  JuurDU  A.  Score  Think  nothing    ol' it���isays    Danny    lilphicj in lust paced game against a  Mackny (rigid)    .scoring again   for    strong Pender team on Kl'Ulay., ;  .illllllllllUlllilll!]lllllllllllllllli:i!lillillll!!illJISl]llh:  "'" -"'���;-i  TOTEM CLUB  FRIDAYS, 8:00 p.m.J  INDIAN HALL '  ( ' , !  Jackpot $300  $75 TO GO  7V DOOR PRIZE ^       S  1*00000000*00000000000000000000*000000000/1  NEVSN'S  RADIO fi* TELEVISION  cleqler for;  V ZENITH  FLEETWOOD  ADMIRAL  Hi i|i ;|i i|i,  BURRITT BROS,  RUGS AND CARPETS  ���Ii i|i   " '. H�� H<  FURNITURE  Ph, 0D6-2200 Gihsons  'lilllHIIIIIJIlflllllllfllillHISIJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlii'  i i 4-  moviNc�� fit  BMVSH C0(.UM|l|A <  speech  ��9?t  ffimlor *H MlDHtM ��< tinw*  *,itf<n\ft< i     ft  ,/������ ^  j  iftVTVW<^'W^V^f4W^v^v)',,/AV.v��^IVWrTHV (VWWfVlftAi  ^ ^w  >  '���>/  11  #m>mimm*!m*^wmwmmwmwmmwmmmmmf0mmmm*^  tii*.. A  for,    .  Professional  record pay-as-you-go  get completely finance  with Canada's lowest  rovincial tax structure  and de&igne  It H M ���  .1".  a arotato moro Joba nnd rojloyo, iinomployrnont  _,  V^ lionllh, JioBpjx  la|u, inorllQol onro, noualno, uoclal fcorvjoou, pon-  elona, urban arowll)  i  ��lmprbva tho tolnl onvlronmonl to oivn brltleh  >.;-' Columbia tho boet oooiooioni oiimnio in Ihu work!  ��Koop tbo dovolopmont !of Billhib GolumbWa vast  nntuml roHourco^ ��nd Job-orout|iia Indiititiloa  foralna niiona  ��� moot tho ..rwn.da of a population oxpandlno twlco oo��  faul aa tho roat of Canada  o nunrd nnnlnat inflation by oonllnulna British Colum--  bln'fl'olrono lliiMriolal poalllon w|tb no pnbllo dobt  or rnoniilnn Intoroat or earvloo oliamoo, ibuo on-  wbllno tho total budQQt'to bo uwtl to jjonaflt ovory  oltlzon *     "* ,,  '���nirilnlflln Brlilah Ooiumbla'a hlnh credit ratlnp In  llio jlnfiiiqlal papllala of tho world.  For your'//oo copy of tho |��moat budaot In Rrlllah Columbln's flrot 100 yonm na a province of Canada.  '        s mnlltliiB coupon now;  *    &lllll|llull   bllllWH   III   jilH  llllllMI  ���   C��i��1|ilt'l<l l)iu|)CIK..S��iiW44l~  Anil   I link   ||ii|ri||D|/iMl  il|l|i Covin* niiii  w0.^0tm00wT^*^m0m00Mm0m0��U900^i^*.i*0.*i^ ft#ii<Miii^^i��>ii#^^^0i��^<MM*i��#itww^ywPii*ip#i��Ww.��iii<i^iiMMi.^wiii*#'W<><Mtpi^wii  THE-GOVERNMENT OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  Hon. W, A. C, Bonnolt, P,Q,t  Pfomlor and Mlnlelor of Mnanco  BRITIBH COLUMBIA CENTENNIAL 71  1 ' ^  IM��  CI, Q(i Prywori, , '  Pupuly f^lnluior of  J'HllfHIlJOntMMlldlDOM,      p  VIolorK Mrllluh Qo|m��iI��I��,  Vmii(alOJonSimo i "wipfnt il^fl/flJrliloFOofiEhfa nliiieir  opwiuli, (Plonuti Indlbfiia II you rerjulro mora ��h��r�� ono ��ojj>y^>  dmm��su  *���"*""���'' '"'i-' i|"i ii tir~-r"-Mi-ii.; 1i,iiii,ijji!_  >mmrmm*m*Hk**H  t.t.,WWk, m���r.,  ' **!*' m ** " >^ m mt ' i��� ��� M iw ��� m w >�� \nm mf *m wm wim >i���11 ��� ���< mw> mw ww '���11 -"-ft  Wednesday, Fejmiqry 10, Wf       Tho Poqjrigula Times  Elphie Highlights  PdseM  r��  4  HI THERE! Elphie students arc now into  ihcur sfcecmd^mostei of llio yt>ai  T||ft  rnsn semester purled Friday January 2ftlh  when M'pott rard< woic, issued  Pn Weunosclqy fehiuary 3rd therp  was \\ pies., cpuU'if-iue he|d by Elphie'a  Pailupnont which wns ppeu lo thp puhlje  and was well cnveU'd hy the Tmies paper  lils(��wocK  Tho 3id .>ossion ol Parliament will he  held at the ElpprpMono \iy\.\ tlus Thins-,  day  Kehinaiy   11 th  On the'following Thursdayi also in the  jiyiri, theie wiil be an outdoor movie in  color This will bcVa twojiour adventurs  with Mike Nolan "in peispn II is scheduled  Urbegm at 130 pm. admission $2 foy,  ftdulta^und $1 for students Please come  and enjoy yoiu selves  Silly saying: The war o| ejghteen-  tw^lycTlvp_'a' war between England and  America, ("ought in ]"J1G  ~by Dennise pombrosM  ti  |yil^W^^gl^WlW*W^'*Wil*fft  Safhelr'Upgion Brazil _1j40  ')  IT  Lesion Hall, Sechelt '  AT 8 Putn.  TO (SO  If?  Know Your Heart  Second of a Four-part Series your  by John B. Armstrong, TM.t). self!  Canadian Hear* Foundation  GAMBUNp YOUl?  Lli=E AWAY  CAMADA may not be* a nation of inveterate gamblers when one looks at  the enthusiastic bettors of Australia and  Groat Britain, but without exception Canadians are ^aihblioh on something much  more important than horse, races ni- fn��i-  life" every  day? Judge for yppr-  -'ball'pools  every  day   of  tlieirTiv.es.   Ho  says the Canadian Heart Foundation.  The Foundation bases this statement  on statistical evidence derived from research findings and a number, of well-  documented surveys, approximately 5,000  Jljeu���3Ud���.^  301 and 60; were.selectedI at random, given  thorough physical'examinations and then  were: closely followed over Ihe nexl 20  years, having frequent re-examinations  duriiiK lhat period. Expert nnnlysis nf I h^  information collected has identified many  of Ihe factors related to heart attacks,  among Ihe 5,000 participants, and has  made possible the statistical evaluation of  the risk qf haying a heart attack. "������ ,  What has this to do with you "belling  M  First, there are three factors whiph  affect your risk of heart attack and about  which you can do nothing:  Sex  -At   f)0, a  man  is, five times ^S'  likely. to   suffer   a   heart   attack   as   a-  woman of thp same age. Women develop  symptoms   of   coronary     arlery    disease  some   10  to  20  years   later   in  life t|vun-  To develop jes�� &\\\-  TTTeu, amr mey vena  gerous-forms.  Age Your risU 'of heart attack increases wilh age--50-yeai;-old mpn hjtvc  lour times the risk of 30-year-old men���  but about 30.01)6 of those Canadians who  rdlu-of���eo.!H-mury:;dJs3^  reach the classical three score ypars and  len.        .       '. .  Heredity - A   family   history  of  heart  attacks does raise one's risk of heart dise-  -ase.  There are then, factors affecting"yonT  risk of heart attack which you cannot  alter.  They  certainly  don't  make you' a  Pender Seniors  With 3 small enrollment of sefliprs lo  draw from Pender has 3 junior rrieft-  frers to make up the team vyhich nelfl  Elphinstone seniors |o'an'8 ppin,t win  qn Friday. From left back low: P t-  l)is(ruptor C. Tierpan, John Mqlcolw,  Chuck falcon.bridge, Jim Co>>, Fred  Pye and Glenn Harms. Fpont; flrupe  Cameron, GqrdQirKammerle, Dennis  Qamble^nd Jim Mercer.  -"V��7"i.-    )/���  Rush  es  ^  A'' i,  h   <*,  -' ."  W  r        'it  ���by Frank O'Brien  . ygLPHINSTONE Secondary  School has a  drug, problem.   So   has   every   other  schpnHp I3.C, and prohahlyr i�� varying  .dsej^i.,9.ym.���^ml-M-Qnm^ A.-.'.���  ^;'.'i.:k;so^vsrhfii''s.^h��'''��n's!^ropfc. -."���  '.->'"  Weill the nnswpr isn't'a centre where  young people turn for help. This has been  tried with one-outstanding characteristic  - they have all failed, miserably.  II is unfortunate but true.  When people set_ ,up Jhese centres,  lliey seem lo forgot Ihul the, use of drugs  is against l|ie law, The centres become  sanctuaries from l he'police and are there-  lore ahused, The guild Samaritans running  the .cciiln: know that I hoy niniiol reporl .  users lo !ln.< police because Hie kids will  Ipru awiiy al  Ihe lirsl sign nl Ihe "cops."  Pf course Ihis probleui i:oi|lil bo con-  Irolled by milking it a simple rule llinl no  one anpear al the con Ire -while high, bul  Hint Ik Iho limp when help is newded  niosl. Ho what happejiN whmi aJV-yoai-  old conies in si.'ri.'aiiilng on a Hpopt iium-  mor, or u kid 'liglils, up �� .joint w|iile  talking lo the slal'l? In the I'h'Hl nxiunple  profoHslonal medical hulp Is needed, In  Hie (itller llio ulnlT would imiIii.t have lo  Ignpr^i II (and Ihornsl'or'o cniuliine Up!  action) in- I'lill'llie, police., mul Iiiomd.iiII  llio KiipporLnl1 Iho young pi-'oplo..  It's Iruglf!, bill a piiriiiliiK of our day,  Ihal a /(I'oiip iilie Hie KIwiiiiIn and oilier  Willi  llll.'iu.i|||g   people  li.'iill/c the  lolly  of  our  laws, nml  yet  run  do  nuiliing   lo  "liliilgc Iiimii. Tlijrt, nl courmi, |n Hie only  iiPHWi.'r lo our drug niluiilion ( . n cum-     I  plelii'i'iiliaiiliiig of   Ihe  legal, ii.ynlum reg-  .anlllm drug iihiii!i!,,Unly when llic ignor- .:'  illicit (mil iPnr /iiiiTiiiiiidlng ilriigir Ik lifted   '  will any huadwny Im niailii In- coiilrolllii/(  lis    IlliO,  ���, ' Apollo l-i, nimi'H iiitiwt Hiiip ip tlm viiy-"  iige of Hie Iniil fioiillcr i.'iirrieii wilh il  Nodal and political weight llmi Hum iioIIi-  hig hi dow lib Hie iifiboiiiiiiiM on boarii.  Ail Ihn ,rain of crlnio, povmly nin| din-  wnilioli rlmm in Hid II.H, of A, liiaiiy piiople  am hi!giiuilii|( lo iipcciilaln Hint Ibo moony  Npniil on Mpiii'ii Iilnpliniiiiiin muM bniii.'r  bo iipuiil ciiiiiiK llm pinhluiiiM uf lliiii  plannl,  lincli Hilnkliift In wrong,  nxploi'u ami Inivnl nn liu mi lid poi.nlIil.y  niiii,', Willi fiiii'li I'celliigii lhii'>i!rfj)lririiiii  mhIIihI I rout Fiiropii In wardi ol new Ininl,  Hni'h progress I'mi nol ami nno.i not Im  Mloppcil,  'Itipi, Ihe iniiimlvi! nxpnii/ii! pi' npnci! .  prngruiiiN In rnllinr nlnruiiiig wIm.-ii coin-  imrcil wllli llm iponey lijiuul on povoiiy  piiigniius, lint lliny,ui! very tow, a|nwu��l  Hi'ldhtlhlu when you i-mih:ioiilnlii Ihn  giilpt i-iaii rsiioiiMi can tiling idiuiil,.  I (loii'i Ibhili wn will mul any <oUh  iiinriinl gnliiii lioimiipiii'ii iiKplornlloii wlHi-  In bur liliiiiiui!, | doii'l llilnk mail w))l  Inlinhll any plmjrii. wlllihi Hm n'^l 100  yi.'li|7ii' Nfn will lliu pmli'i.i pliiiin) . thai  would nun our piipiifiilliin nkploiiluii i��v��r  he found (IT would Malm n i<pn<'n' idilp  Iriivlog nvi'iy nilnul^i with 11)0 pnopln on  :honrd''if)'lroep*7iur'|)iipuliiriiiiraf'iho iTr'rt-'":  Mi.vil  level;,        '  f rip fi'i.'I, huwuvcr, Ihul II In niiinjn ,  In.'il In/pn Hint. |in i'oiil||iiii,< to I in vi; new  woildii lo iiNploin, Willi In'iJlo ''oinw '  _/!|ii(jniillliii,,.lf,jiiily j'jir���,ih<�����..i|i'f'!UP,,!hMt.J*.���  lii'lior )|ji)"lii'ii' niiiiii,'w||i.'ii! niiii), lor Hie  i|ipiiltt)t thnl tip tuirupir npit nn rixfinrinliin  in   poHii|p|ii(   i,pure   rixploliillnn   Pliud   lf<)  <'0|lt|lll|��!ll, ' '    ���"  Wh��< �� o(��i|u!llc winttw nf phmi'h liiltmtrt  ll Im i-hould look lumk aoi| ynipii from  now iindjlilpk, "W" i'oi|hl Imv'! ''<��to II".'  I. V ��� ���������     -    ''  gambler. But,, there are factors pver.wh.jch'.  you do hs^pfjpntrol and you will be  an unusuonwriadian if you are" not ignoring some of them and thereby increasing the odds in favor of having a heart  attack. Note, loo, that a combination of  two, or more factors multiples the risk  effect. "  Overweight���In middle-aged men who  <ne 20<7( oveiweight, the 113k is twice, as.  gi eat ab among middle-aged mep of nay-  ma| weight.  Srpokjn�����ModPia.te  -smpkpfg   run-  twicp the rjak pf tpoif nqn-HtpoMntf ncjp|v,:  bois, althopflh tlje rjsk can be jnpreased  up to Ion times, depending op consuipp-  tioii and age. /  High fllood Pressurc-^ligh b|opd pressure mpans the risk |s four limes greater  Ibiin in Hie person wjlh pprpial blood  pressure." In severe cases, the.risk can be  eigbl limes as high-  Lack of Pjlness���While fitness varies ,  so considerably' from bi)o person lo an-'  oilier,  il  is generally   iicce|)lci|-lhat���t|iir7  Inactive  person   in   a   sudpnlnry   opeppn-  lion increnses his risk of heart attack two  linies,   , '.,,.,���',.  Cbolesierol���The presence offalsapd  clioleslerol hi l|io lilpod increase lj)e r|n|c '  of hear) ailack four. In. slv  limes, ile-:.  ponding op severity. Surniiming* up, |f yop  an.- an unlit, tivorwelght iiigareiio-smokpr  With moderate high blopd presspro ant} n'  nioderalely hjgit copcenlralioii nf hlnpd  fain, your rlsi< of heai'l ullack it) ���nutpy ,  linieslhal  of ybur ne|ghbpur of Hln)l|fVr>  age who rlpcs not fall inlo any pf |he��o ���  i.'iilugorieii, '. ��� . ' . ......  Why nol Increase |he odds in favour pf  lil'o, rnllier lliiip a iieiirl iillnckV Sun ypiir  diwlor and rmlnhllnh how many of IhoHn  link 1'ipiinr calegoiies \yop fall lp|p ,apd  got hln advice on wind lo do nbppl Ihop),  Hniokei's who qii|l*rndui:o llxilf linaii alack linkti alinoal lo Ihe level ol' Hioso  who  hgvn  novor smoked;, life  Ipiniranep  '  1  1 k ���  *.  1  1  1  .. -  1 j 0-���-<. *  - ..-1 . ���     --  1  ���  /  -  ���            1   I /'  1..  1  <- ��� ",  '0,\t  1  I.                '  ���     1  1  %  1     **!  "\  \W!  11  '!  /  ���sWsJI  iii'iiniiuniH1 fpr: l|i��.. for(ner  f|i'l Vnntu (iri'i  lowornd when hu rotuiUK lo ndrninl wnlglil  It in never  lion ol'furl,  loo lain to uliirl a rlfik rnduc-  ss  In FliBht  Tachlpd by Jim Mercer, of Pender  ���(|4) hJIp'hie'H Frank H-o|j|jrW hIitih  will) ncoiirnoy idviim Ifllpliio a ihrop  npinl load in ihe nr��( hnii' pf Ihhi  Friday's yamd.  SECHELT AND PISTRJCT  RETARDED CHILDREN'S ASSOCIATION  ANNU/AL GEMEKM MEETDMG  i.^��t Jn(e.V-.��lt*Jrt��*��!SSSlli|:***-lT ���  February 15th, 1071 r 7s30 p.m.  IN THE NEW SCHOOLROOM AT GIBSONS EUMfNTA^Y SCHOOI,  .  .....  ��� i   ������ ��� ...i, ������ ... ��..  Cupid's Choice  f:  Delight Your Valentine With  A Fine Gift Of Jewellf Or  Welch'1 s Chocolates , , ,  **y%$*  From  SECHEIT  JEWELIERS  SECHELT  Pllflljo 005-2^121  tmmmtt'<*mmm^m  Hmwpnwiy  LA Guides and Brownies  slates coming events  FBBfiUAjtY 3rd meeting o't the Sechelt  LA to the Btpwnies and Guide* wa&  hoJc| at thp home of Mrs Ingiid Underbill  Fau'y Qo,dup>thPr. I. UpdqrhMl of the  1st Sechalt BrPwnjP Pack, repdrted ,,the  pijck will vj^it. a,: Gibsons Brpfwnie Pack  on Pebruqry S3 ."hV conjunction with  Thinking pay.  Thinking Qay. Church. Parade will be  held in the legion Hail at -2:01) [i.m. on  February 21. This is an important day  in the Scouting and Guiding-movements  and 'everyone  is urged  to attend.  The annual mother and daughter  Brownie banquet will he hold ;,| ij,e Lc,  gion Hall on Feln^Kn^��^?=1lT=a#^f) [;iii.!  Pender Harbour Brownie Pack will join  Ihe 1st Sechelt and'Wilson Creek Brownie  Packs for this .eagerly  anticipated  event,  Annual   mother   and   daughter   Guide  hanmiel  wiH be held at  St. Hilda's Haiti���  on February"18 at (i:4f> p.m.  JEWING BEE  Sewing  projects  for  the annual May  Tea and Basjaar are well under way. The  ; next sewing bee will be held in the rear  -of   Ervin's    Decorating    on    Wednesday,  -February 17 from 10:00 a.m. tp 4:00 p.m.  Any person willing lo hplp out would be  piost welcome. They' nee^ not be members of Hie LA or have someone in Guides  pr Brownies.  .The next meeting of the LA wiill be  ,held a.1 the home pf Mrs. Erja English  op March ^.  ,"  A higamish .fays Ghpkcrrnnn Oh^e,  i�� what ajpty prohfibly is if he's maprjed  to a beautiful girl and a gopd cook  Fuel-shortage  Survey  STupiES of fhp grpwipg fuel  shorlage in Hie Uniled Sln-  |es aro pi^ffeTa-rTfpT; ~   The Ffideral Ppwpr Com-  nijNsInn is launching a survey  nl" iialural-gas reserves t'o,  probe dimensions of Ihe current pinch,  Tho VPCf Is also lakiAg in-  vonlnry of power companies'  flip)  reserves,   for  Hie coining  , wild or. Hesulld may help regulatory agencies devise ihea-  siiros lo providu adei|ua)e siip-  .pljes of fuel oil, coal and gas  .'JO..', apy. hurdrprusKud hower  <-'()inpiiu|i.'H, '  ^   Meiinwhllo,   (^pngres.s   soon  "Play Ifnfiiii a  proposal  Ip nel  up n conunk'ilun on lin.-iis and  enni'gy, lis jo|j would bo in  UiliggiJNl way�� lo recoiu.'ili! en-  v|roi|iiiniiial-i|ipi|iiy |'i.>i|u|ri!-  inoilt.'i. with i,'!icii|a||||g npiirjiy  deiiuiiid!     ' '     '   '  '"     " '"  I ��� -        - H - - ��,  No favors lor stars  says UJC. airport  JticijAiin. uuVipn and iiiii/u-  ,ho|li Taylor don'l rain VIP  Irealnx.'iil al London's Meriri'h-  row Ah'iimi, an<| imlllier do  pI|��.t flhn Htnrfi, nlrpo|i of.  I'IcIiiIh Iidi'O ruled,  A flurry onipbai mivcral  (wiiiihn ago when Pan Amnrl-  uan -Woi'liL-A irwiyn -'ul'liclii |-��-  prr.-Hoiiliid llm,' Hiirliiiin' pap-  rif's to 'li'hiulgYullnii nnd con!-  piipi nliii'lnlti und lei the couple hypiiNH Hid pffif.'|ii|iHunl go  ..directly oi|t ,lu their prlvrilp  J"l. I  k  "The popple renpouiilhlo  have hail llmlr knunklnN .rnp-  peil," an nh pott iipiikemiiiin  mild, "Ki.hu niiiin do mil i|ual-  iry "for VJP Irnaluiniii,"  An older bun gone out nay- .  hig, film Main iiiumi iiii imiii  ���i*l  JiinI  llkn pl|)��ii   piisHengeiN,  l|iii iipokiniiiiiin Hiild,  Greek police . ' . ���  open to women  . (TiijtKfMC wouinti now uiayveh-''  . i, lliit   hi   llio   natiopitl   gnnd.  ip-pi'i.'iin foihiwlng a ���iiiici.,����infu|  ���bn-u-y.'ar trial of a woinnn'if  polli;e,j.'orpn���iit,...Alh��i��w��,...~ ...  A tpfwy i|i.i'ii;n intyii iipjdieiinlfi  numl, he h��.'|w��i��n 111 tun) U��1,  ' 1Ufl.   |l,'HH   I linn   ft   feel   I),   MOC-  ppdajy rwhonl ��ni<lu��l��i*f and  Hlpglc, WldpwH nr ilKprccoH  aro oilglhh' |f l|,)��y ("���vi-1 t\t)  ��;lill<l|i!P, ,  PENDEF3 HARBOUR ANP EGtV30NT  CMAR/3BEE3 OF C^Q^EBfii :  Dinner 6:30 p.m.  LOKD JlhVJ'S LODGE     *. '-.f  .      ./'  General Meeting 8;00 p.m.  _ Guest speofcers;  MR- R- 5- ROBERTSON, Customer ^eryice, r3 C. ,T^plic>ne f o-  MR- MIKE OVENALL, Regional Cp-p;diantor Mainland S-W- Zm<A  %<���!  i1  H  in  \l *?,".|^f|.W#  ,,.   .    X.   '. ���      ' S  WHEN: If you have been g cgTi'lribprar pnd.pre Joid.ofj p^r_kgye^Qj��.omp.lQYltlprit,in  apply as soon'as possTBle^*Be^el1F^ri^?=Q|rp!!||t^^  application. ,(. i- '������'_'  WHERE: The application form, ypu recpjyiHs.-jp qp'jen^fllPpc pddr??sod to the-Ri^|fict  Office which will handle your claim. Yoii mqy phtajp;an\dpplicauaiLlby -cantgstipgi our  office���or a UIC Ag'enr, or by enquiring"qt ^pJ3?t J��ff)cp qr iCphq^a Mpnpower Office.  HOW:  You complete  the app|icatibn-~qnswerin9^^ AhB?h   'fip ifSfB^  aif'your contributions (supplied by y��pr emnJQy;pr)>, ^Vgj|, trVpse jh?ms 'In the,-bpyejopq  provided. It is no| necessary.to visit the yfpffl!:'''fPfljSfSr!/?r benefit-.  The UIC will advise you, by mail, as to theipffifpgn^emept of-y,Qur^b.enefit;bV!: megps.of  a report card system. All claimants must sprve;g.9tlg-!(yg?k wgjti'ng period. -    .  CARE WITH CARDS: Treat the report cgVds y/p-sppdjyop ccirefully. Folded or dgrrj^ed  cards may cause delay in processing. ypi^r ^erjiefjt^^ pgyrrippts-' ���;'.���>.  REMEMBER: Chpc^yapr-registration card .-$p'.4hpf* yRU-;a;lwgys;fluptc: yopr -SQcjal^s.ln-  "      '    '"'i -or 'Igjijref "'yfjli^ seri'd^'m^'. "^cjyi'pp"(^s;" p'rs'rp'ib^lv^pf  surqhep Number qccurptely in pny focm  any change of qdflress- G��mp|ete' all forrns  the processing o"f yqur' claim.  fgllpre .to Rfpvicle-lnformplion dejays  umMPUpYmtif insurance fiq)/yiMlssiON  | ?45 Rpbson Street, y^tjetjjiyprj B��c>  Jhlp ��avwmem��nt U nol pMhll>he(| or disployeii hy tho Ui|uoi C'��niit)l ttwai4 Of hy |h�� Oovmnmnni ol ihitith Colninljiu,  A  .    0  ���r  A  1  I  1<  .6  *   -.-^AA.^iu^yh*** J* A A ^���^-���'Vrf**--*��*��-���*"*  *  ��� *1fc'*A*��-��-Hi**k*  �����*���������%   ^HHXIfl  1  * ^* **^#k**w*m.rt-��  ^A-rffcA^^A^Ki*^ ^��j4m��M^iA'#I  pi"*i it. + 0t-illt'+*0*.*.*ir**   + v n      .   ......    ���;-,- ,-��*,.-..."; re:; :-v.v.v\%-\k.'<.''.'v,"v,v ���.v.'  Haf/moon Say Happenings     .  4 * *���by Mary TlnMey  W  ���:-\  FILM show at tjie Welcome Beach Hall  at 7, 30 p.m   on Thursday, February  - Hth W��H be by coiptesy of (he Austrian  Embassy, The feature film. "Land of a  Thousand Miracles" is an 87 minute film  m color depicting the Alps with their  spectacular scenery and high peaks on  winch the snow never melts  The making of this film lepiesents  yeais of patient and, often dangeious  woik. Anothei film ot special interest  descubles the upbringing and tiaming ot  the world lenowned stallions of the Spanish -gliding School of Vienna^ tlie ppiz-  zaner, "Festive Vienna" and "The Walt^-  complete what promises to 'tie an ejccep-.*  tionaily fine programme packed with  sceniq and gay Austrian music;  . There will be'a Valentine party at the  Welcome Beach Hall on Saturday,-; JNepn  rnary 1 3th at 7.30 p.m. Admission is ��0  " cents including refreshments and everybody is welcome. The Halfmoon Bay Recreation Commission which has been do^  ing a most worthwhile job in organizing  programmes for children and teenagers,  urges everybody \Vhb is interested in the  children and the community to turn out  ��� to the annual general meeting on Wednesday, . February 10, at 8 p.m. at -Rutherford's.  centenniJl  Halfmoon Bay Centennial Committee  met at the Ed. Cook 'home1'-at Eureka  last week to make plans for celebrating  Centennial year. Negotiations- are in hand  to  present   the  Pioneer   Medallions  and   honor the areay&ld-Umers-4i*-Apr4k--T-he-  Committee will also organize the Country  JPair which is planned for'July 17,. Centennial items Which are available from  the Committee are: book matches, windshield stickers, ��� a -.cook book and the  publication "It Happened in British Columbia'-'. " ��� ������T ��� :   .  COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION  Ladies' Auxiliary to the Welcome  Beach Conimumty Association held its  tegular meeting at the home of Mrs  Blanche McCiady on Febiuaiy 1st This  yeai's pipjects include co-operating with  the Centennial Committee m the oigani-  ^ation of the Countiy Fair and piepanng  a Hope Chest to be laffled The chest  will be decoiated with the Centennial  emblem Meetings of the Auxiliary aie  held the 1st Monday in each month at  the McCiady home  GOOD NEIGHBORS  A "Good Neighbors"; Meeting was held  at the Alan Greene resilience on Redrooffs  Road, last week- Those" present included  three children aged 11 to 14. Constable  Humphreys of the Sechelt Detachment,  of the RCMP. was present in an advisory  capacity. It was decided that all lpc 1  vandalism including trespass, petty theft,  entry of private, homes and scattering pf  garbage must deasjL and that 1 "Good  Neighbors" group sjinould be formed to  work for peace and! tidiness in the area.  It is hoped that this; will prove beneficial  to all concerned. ��� .  HERE AND THERE  . Mrs. Mary Mellis is staying in North  Vancouver at the home of her parepts,^  Mr. "and Mrs. W. Lean so that she ban  daily visit her husband, Joe Mellis who  is receiving intensive.carp following an  . accident at Port Mellon on February 1st.  Another patient in Lions Gate Hospital   is   Elaine   Moffat   undergoing   foot  Marina plans  Foreshjff^ lease request  held pending Bay" scheme  ' /(iW) ii  ���i  ii  /  \  \  I  > \^  r./  This is a $3 SPOTS  (Less when on contract)  Your advertising ih this space'will reach  nearly. 2,500 homes (over 9,000 people)  each week. It's the most economical way to  reach, more Sunshine Coast people becausk  'Times ads go into more homes than any  other   newspaper   produced   in   this   area.  "Tll^-TtMW  Phone 885-9654  surgery. She was visited by her mother,  Mrs.- Stan  Moffat.  Deirdre Murphy and Joanne Kingston  express sincere thanks F,to the residents  hf Halfmoon Bay and the Redrooffs Road  fw the wonderful support given to their  bottle drive. Proceeds will go towards  expenses of the Pender High junior Girls'  basketball team who plan a triji't'o England and Scotland to play basketball during tlie summer vacation. The ten girls  who will be making the trip include  Deirdre and Joanne. $4,500 is needed for  tljis ambitious project and a raffle will  shortly be launched offering a 19 inch  colored TV as first prize.  When Elphinstone Chapter 165 of the  Eastern Star held its 22nd anniversary  party at the Roberts Creek Masonic Hall  last Thursday. Mrs.  Eva _L^ojnjmmwas one.  of the five charter members present who  were honored.  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mel  Harvey are "('home  after a holiday in California visiting  friends and relatives in Modesto and San  Francisco. They were shocked at" the  condition of San Francisco Bay and the  plight of wild life following the recent  oil  spill.  Mrs. George Olson has received news  of the safe arrival of her second great  grandchild, a girl, born to. her graiuU  daughter Susan Scull and husband Larry  Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Leucine are home  at Welcome Beach after a month's Holiday  in California.  APPLICATION to lease foieshoie flouting  the foirper Cailett piopoity m the  Gibsons Bay aiea by Gibsons* ^Maune  Estates Ltd was* held in obeyance hy  Council of Gibsons at last legulai meeting Febjuaiy 2nd pettding a decision on  ptaps foi tuuboui development  With Us pioxunity to adjacent maum)  and the village floats it was suggested a  bottleneck could lesult Maynr--peferson  cprprh.en.ted that-at this time the area involved in hardly suitable/for marina use  apd wtil require cjredgmg. It could also  hold up Rlans far the harbour "develop-:  nunt septme. Adnupistrator Pave Jjohns-  top agreed "and added.' that Council has  aieaity asked the Department to hold "a  leseive on .that are of waterfront.  The lease application was-referred to  coimcjJ-by the Department^ it was there-  foi^movecl it be informed that the ap-  p ication would not be approved at this,  lime jn that it wou|d be contrary to Council's lulrtiour^pIansT " .  LICENCE   PLATES  Despite an objection by Aid. Gerry  Dixon, Council agreed to maintaining  tegular office hours Saturday February  27th in order that those seeking 1971  motor vehicle licences may do. so before  deadline. New licences have to be obtained by March 1st, otherwise motor  vehicle  operators  face'  prosecution.  Aid. Dixon said' he is opposed  to the  -dctjTrxteusiiin   of Ufttce     Hours Tor   tins  purpose "why should the municipal office  have to slay open because someone can't  pick up their licence in tinie," he asked.  Aid. Crosby,, explained that communities elsewhere, provide  this service.  HEALTH  UNIT  Akh- Ken Goddard agreed lo continue  as representative to'the Coast Garibaldi  Board of Health. He said he would be  attending the next meeting to be held  at Squamish.  Aid. Dixon asked if il would he possible to put on a little pressure in hopes  of obtaining a full lime health inspector  tor the area. '  Aid.   Goddard   told   him   that   Council   ������     has been agitating fur  four years for an  inspector- but  any   further  request  from  Heart    disease   deaths   among    adults     Conned might add  a  little extra  wuiehl.  -a*e'd��=MM��^^  ��inee  the  first  Heart   Fund  campaign   in     is completely out of hand.  1958, with your B. C. Heart Fund dollars Mayor Peterson said  Council  has  co-  speeding   virtually   every   advance. operated   to  great  extent  with   the  De-  \  pat mont in such things as pel dilations  tests etc bpt does not feel theie has been  any return co-ppeiation,  It was agieed a letter be foi wauled  asking for a full time Health mspectoi  BUILDING PERMITS  Total value of budding peimils taken  out rluunj 1070 totalled $477,44(1, down  sightly cpmpaied to liguie of $485 000  ni 1909 The' 1970 UgUios included New  dwellings $26fi,2U0, repairs arjd. additions  $27,748, .commercial $45l900J industrial  $1.3'7,n\i".    '      ���-"���..''-  As a comparison, the 1909 figures ��� included: dwellings $,2tili,000 (for'one more  home), repairs and additions' $23,075,  .'commercial $00,500, industrial $135,425.  /ho  The   Heart   volunteer,   wl  you at  home, will leave behind  educational   information.   Study  *fully.  The heart   it  saves  may  calls on  valuable  it eare-  he your  OW.|.  r  /  \*  !  v  Springtime  Age old sport of marbles is in-fashion again and lunch-time on Hie mound  at Sechelt Elementary School sees a  crowd of youngsters watching the  games or swapping the fascinating  glass alleys.  SECHELT THEATRf  ���    PRESENTS    ���  tt  FHOIVl  WB?H MUSK"  STARRING:  Maily Rfabbms and Buck Oweni  Color - Cartoon  Starts 8  p.m.  Out  10 p.m  Friday, Saturday,  Monday,  February  12,  13 and 15  mamuwuumu*mmmjiumumuu*uiuummmamw0Hvtuiavm  CGMING SHOWS IN ORDER  TOnTTour Wagon'F  'The Grasshopper"


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