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The Peninsula Times Dec 11, 1968

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Array r"v?',nr '.f' f   "^ j�� .   f if    ''-.��"     (Fv    ,. .v ;.��.���?*��� ..k  -ii"T*��-*��rty%W*'W-F'e''*''*ft*^ yyvilig.  ,   i  1  ��  *. _   ^'JV.P^Av"'*'..*'' 1ft<_ * Jf t '~Si' '-fv> .'>;,'.-,��'.'- '*"'("-^fi!��^SFf^-��/���.��*,, i7-,r<��-i.�� ��h.<~ <����� -jftt    �����  "i V*    ">' ,'   "i  X-'.'4 Y Y_77   v! *    " PY YY ��* *-' YY?Y  " ' "-"���fi^~    t~ .IMr.*.   >-.,j_,_* rf-rt ',(_-,_���>���    .      */>  J ..-.,.5  <(��������,.��>_-<.   f^wiij,,*-./ j~.��� > j   .       v i ;   _.Y        iv.   <���   1 /,'   '<  ,!-,..'"��� ��� )   ,X   . "( i      S  !   ?*'     y                         .>*    ,-          ���                    Y       '  .; /-Y-';   o       -    - . - * -       '   '    ' .- - ' ' '     *' ,       ,"';-!   ,^*^  .-'.*' _    - ixi  , "-_____. ___        __,-'_._.__._,_. j _.���_*..    ' ' v '    '    )'   i^     ���*  Eeslt Canadian Crsph-tc Iadt_��itrifi�� I#tUf  ..^*.-^-.HW-S_Mtefl^541i*Aye_-f -��  -    '  * j '�� -���"' J^MBirar .9,' ^fi-Ci.", V.-*.*  CHARGES a^^'pet^lt^^-Mlovmtg an ajsck itreitween Langdate ania JBarls Coye as %a  .dent test ^today inorii_ag< at Madeira". means pf cutting down oh. acea&mts loausfid  Pad.- w^ch^^r^-^end^-'S^^w^gHh -.by, impaired divers mi *ne___._aj_a_ty de-  hospital 5n *Yafamxver'witii _eyere. ^eial j'iecitive yeihicles. Oomanon 4eiect is t&at of  laecfiiraitions.-Y*      -    '-' ' .'"' m& ligU oxdy &1her tt<m% or seat. ...   .,  JSlds W_akce'2i'FQf Egmont was dxiyer   Y '   1 " -   '"  ef a v<eihiple Sriving 6*o__'t_�� .d-rieetion.^l  Madeira^ "Pan*: 'Jfoj^ib^lFyl)^ H$ "vehicle is  understood to have erossed Jflre white line  raissinig ��C��- auto and #__luB.g a pick-up  truck driVen by Baymo-nd Wioodman -of  PfO'w��U Rivigir, driving toward Seehelt.  Wallace, iuxi Mrs. Woodxoan, passenger  in *he tru<*, were each >c__vcfaBd at St  Miary's Hospital for lesser injuries but  Wallace's eompaidon, 19 year^old -Jiaonoii  Devaney of Pender liariWMx was*rushed to  Vamcouyer witii seyere facial injuries.  5efv-ris1^e$i_nsWi.eC^ost,i^we^p^iJoJeryiS^nlet),, indutffng fori/ftellw. Hppk__*_��ndii.ai-wWr)oip>_*^j^ j  .Vifsor-'eireek:Setmo*Park.'Setihdt.'rirffewew ^_I Seaet Cows. Pe nder Harbour. Madeiro Paris: iCIelndile^ Irvine'sLnndioo/E-rf Coye_.Egntont. 4*  POLICE COURT  W-Jiam Alexander Gibbs el Qramtibaims  appear_d before Magistrate Charles Mittelsteadt on Noyember 2, to answer charges relating to an mcideat which took place  October 5 in whieh ixe to. eatened a poOice  officer.  Constable Hams Bux-ri, following a complaint invoihdng a quarrel between Gttfb  afld his wife, called at the Gibb home and  was met at the door by Gibb who 'was armed with a rifle. The officer was told to get  off the property by Hhe count of iten and  subsequently departed at ithe count.  Corporal Lou Biggerman of the Gibsons,  detachment _yas notified and be in ftumn  spoke to Gibb on the phone.. As a result  of their conversation, Giibb promise- to  hand over the gun ito ithe Corporal, who -hem  drove -to the Gibb home and effected an  arrest.  Gibb entered a plea of guilty and assured the court __> was sorry for what toad  transpired. Be had been upset ait the time  due lo _he Samily quarrel and such an incident will not be irepeated.  He was given a two yFear suspexided sentence and ordered a '$500 bond. Counsel for  the Crown was EdL Hose; Gibb was xep_e-  sented by Graham Walker.  Powell Hiver freight driver, Lawrence  Anderson, was fined '$240 in Seehelt Magistrate's Court for opeiatingf a eoiajnerciai  ysahicle, property of PoweJi Siver/Pendier  Hajtoour Freight,- with an over load.  Checked by ithe pojiee patrol officer,  Henry Johnson of Sedhelt ws��_s;^und to be  impaired and arrested. Appearing before  Magistrate JRCtteistead November 4, be was  fined .$200.  POLICE REPORT  Police carried out a routine ohecik of the  Peninsula Dsrive-In at % axm. Saturday and  found aHl weU.  Eeto-iing again about twenty minutes  jSuspfests &re vnder-4$_^^__aon ahd iuvv  v<estigai_-_!S -ctotinue.   iLovesttigaitions are  also still under ^yay folowiog a recent  break-in and theft of considenable items  and money from Parker's Hardware.  During the next few weeks members  of ithe RCMP will be operating road blocks  Emergency phoiie lists  save precious minutes  BjC. T-SLEPHONE  ., i the public to keep  ��imexigency numbers  ahd Aimbulance during  ~    Buring this period,  comes so busy that c  ance thjou'gh ithe operators  counter some delay,  ���list-near-ijiie phone  ���dial direct _hus saving  cious 'time.  ' To assist further,  each customer an emergency  emergency numbers might "be written and  kept- on hand.' ���  _ Public co-operation is requested and it is  pointed out, that by so doing, cutting down  of the time factor eould-'very easily result  in the saving of a life or loss of a home by  fire.  ��� _>i_.nn^ii    ������      ���_����� Nli_-<rfn    ***mM��wjmw ��� s-��-__i���_p^p�� "^m i_M-i-N_���mp_____w_fci-*. ���i_i_.e-----__--w��-_��--_'r���  GIBSONS Village electorate voted ;a 77-6  approval of By^aw No- 191 to establish  a Municipal sewer system estimated to  ccst $425/000. YDlagei Oeik Dave Johnston  stated that 41.7 of fiiose eligible tpmi?d .out  to vote registering 295 yes amd^85'joo votes-  Gibsons Sewerage Survey ,was first  drawn' up by consulting engineer Martin  Dayton m 1963 ivhen Village o__.ciais were;.  FChairman A. E. Eitchey and commissioners were: Tta. G. Coriefct. W.B. Hobson; S.  Fladager and N. MacKay.  At a recent meeit_og to discuss the sewer  ���syjstem, Mayor Fred Feeney explained that  since the report was drawn up, shortage  of \.ater in the"V_llage"-3ok precedence, Jn "  1967 the Sewerage Survey was (reviewed  leading to approval of" the taxpayers last  Saturday.  Discussing success of $&.e sewer by-law,  Mayor Feeney e_pr��ss<&d Council's appreciation and paid jtr)bute to $_e older people  who are prepared to make a sacrifice' so  that the village will continue to make progress.  Meeting this week  .-j  Sechelt Chamber committee  consultation with council :  Sa_xd Barred. ��- .       - ��      m  -Gate bars public access to boifr Gib- lie becaus^ it'xemm��-pm$te. lanO-   ���H>J iOCql WOWS snown  'sons MuEttCip^ and Suns-iae Coast Site was chosen by'Departrneuis of   Qf fats Council Qcdlery  Eegional Uts\xkAr garbage  dtiBiips- Healifli and Lands tout JD&pt dt High-                                  '   -  -The road which over -he.past 5 years ways have, failed to pmykte public  lias cost GShsons Village $500 per access. Regional Board has now alp-  year to maintain is now closed to pub- pealed _o Hfeal-h __Mster Lo_fr_ark.  MAYOR BWL Swain and Aiderman Chuck  " -todway are to meet this week with a  Chamber off <3ommerce c<___nittee to discuss previous representation made to (Council by the Chamber regarding need ior ex.-  pansion of village boundaries and establishment of a sewer system.  'Mayor Swain bad expressed ihe view  that to attempt tbe two proposals at this  time would be lolly in that it would imme-  djj__ely be mdsconsitrued ithat Sache_t requires money from the outside area to pay  for sewers, even though sucb was not the  intention.  Some Chamber members bave <^spressed  the -view that while expansion lo anclude  West Sechelt would prove generally beneficial, the onus rests with the outside area  to make representation to council, should  it seek.a__a.gama_ia_.  ,       .;  Chamber committee "meeting with council comipnises ipresident ISaeb Senseh and!  **~   Ernie iBo-fcb,  that $50' would be rather more acceptable.  The tMayor also stated -hat next year tbei  Chamber will probably ask for more i^aift,^  Alderman Bodway, however, co__nu__ted^  that the Chamber had not requeued.estra,-  it is'simply a question of council ___astiiJgJ  a worthy cause.  ���Mayor Swain argued tba!t $50 _vas s__fi-  cient, Alderman de I<ange agreed,-Alder*  mai| Thompson insisted the charober should  be'given more support, A3__>_man-_--1_et  son asked would taxes be increased to c&fi,  er the sum and wben the battle ientuxtf  ated a majority vote by Aldermen ___o_3p��  son, Eodway and Nelson moyed !__e sum *A  $75 be donated to the Chamber-  STORAGE SHED  Import that council is .considering plans  to erect a small building on remttly ,pwr-  F-hased. jpiapjer-y within the village as stor-  age fer such items as picnic tables appears  Mr. Rm ll, Hanna _ . *  upBiinmnu&M  meets Fmnam miumrm��  Mr  SCHOOL financing is ch-ticuitto explain,  "perhaps even harder to understand, .und ���  last week's mealing at~P**J-*r Harbour  called by tbe School Board _o- discuss Ref-  erendum Ko_ _>, |H_-K_bly.-Jeift more than  ! one of the fifty persons .wbo attended in a  , state of petple_ity.  -IVhat bappeaed to ibe $6M>��0 allocated  in- Referendum J-o-. 8 for expansion of  of Madeira r^aik- J_fime__a_y School puz-  'afled Mr. SimTynsr. JIMs';sum had been  ^allocated to Gibsons ElBmentary School  Ll _.   ja H-__.-.__fc>'-.    _o��_ fiOfL   a<mU_^_4___  AKter some' discussion <couneil fiially  to have s-tftft sometojg of & furore    letters ik protest from a nu__ber'of resa-' totneet -the atsbsteetts $_&i,-KKl estimated   _,^ .r. _._   ^_^    dents objected to svbat was desexalbed as af .cestefcoinsjxtxctifm. Bpvm^r when the de-  agreed.to _ncrea_ie lak-^ear's'i^S^graitt'ito    '"works yaisi" b^ng <e0ns|ru_--a.t^3^_aaiden- 'ipai-ment of education puiia ce__ng orfcon-  isrwAft    am^^-^*, fln.x���_��. t^t^ji _���<t  jfxabarea,^     r    r - _.  ;.",,    Pf^\ji- ,    ,%#tiyg8m-e9&Si ibe Sehool Board aocep-  5-!Sj^S____^_<b^_^ .^--fTec^i^botejufr^Md. f_L$l$EMH^,��*-��. ,  ^^^^-^T^-JSrt-ismat.^om^   ���'*��!W*a-l_-t__.fLjft__-<^^  in the*s__x��S^i-i-_1at ��_at   ^den^ fs��dd be trm^m^ ^^ a^msh  Counpil' tourist Ytwean ^nd that be -feels  council, should at Teas, help to that extent.  'He explained that council of Gibsons bas  donated Wo ^substantia, amounts to the Gibsons Chamber ef Commerce.  Both' the Mayor and Alderman de Lange  objected to siucb a large* .sum but agreed  conditions between Sechelt and Pender  Ifarbour mada the Journey- much longer  tban -between Sechelt and ��li_j_3stone.  JLMer he.told the Times that a cheek with  the bus company Fg.ave a (time of 45 an-fflut^s  including stops from Sechelt to Bfedeira  Rark.and 20 _-in__es between ElphinS'toiie  and Sechelt.  There are presently 199 students travelling from Sechelt to Elpbinstone. student  Fenrollment at Pender Harbour is 124.  Trustee Aignes Labonte stated-that tbe  Board bad been thinMing in terms of trans-  pouting Sechelt .students ~"to Vendear Har-  bo-ur^      y 1  .   ,'\  y    ��L .. "1 pY'Y  ^^������s^ej^tM^^\^mm^&&i^ _-_?*  bas -every ri^ht 16 put up such a- aHi__Egtjg-  It was also ^plained | that council's intentions was p build a' small neat structure  which would certainly not-be an eyesore.  Following due discussion it was agreed  to -s^ek; advisement before taking further  action.    j        l  :2  -  By Doug Wheeler . . >  Public registers feelings  and votes v-^ry definitelv  (M1O0D OF .he ipubllc was rcflec1*d through- 3J53.                     . ���,.  out last Saiturday's elections' and voting DetTeat ot tbe school referendum baa ere-  on ipropostxl bylaws with substantia'1 ap�� ated soumething 0. a setback dn the school  (proval of Gilbpons Sewer /Bylaw and dttfinlte ^iatj-jot and iBoard Chairman (Don (Douglaa  rejofUon off'ithe iSchood. #ylaw. Two new ioldthe ITimes lakrYlt is obvlou�� the poo-  Trustees were elected to the school: board pie do , not want science ' rooms, ��yrona-  ��<nd a .third creiptback lo by ifivfc yotoa.ovcr , slumb and iplayigrdunda, which is lunlonliun-  hls closest opponent. ate for k will mean thc students will not  ' Election :of, jNorvn Wttlwn to JScChUt _��* ���"�� education they ne*d." He expressed  Council in (Ance of Miss Adele dc La.ng�� the View Jbat Hxutrtecs wJU have to alt down  provides welcome .support to the rankB of and decide bow best to proceed with anr  jwoewJ-BWe iMifoikeni and, with Uxt ta��wl- ' ��. Uvf iwe��w-a*Io�� to lhe taxpayer. This  tidge of municipal a-folra and past .ajjsoda. ^111 take nnolher six months and, be said,  lion with the VkWln ihierarchy be sbould "will setback building .wo years." .  prove .a 'great mm* to the comimunity. ' Break down fO^ results is as follow-:  flncumlbent iMorgan Thomson retained fojTO- Polllnp ��t��flon                              Y��      No  *t ipopulad-ly' nnd was Ju��.urnod ' to office,    Ndsondsland   -.1.    2        0  ddreaiUaB'JoBeph iBcnoKr. Egmowt.    --.,.     a       10  Garden iKay ��� .���..���.   3       M  With licv, Barry Jeniks j-faJrcsenUoK thc. j\jB<jt��jra, ||>ark"PPPP.'P...,'-.. <12>     10C  ivillaige and Dr, Waller Burtnick ithe outside iiaMtn^on Bay PPPSPPPPP. .15       21  area on (&t_iouI Board it is .generally Wl. tbe ^.phdt School        I       "P~PP, 91      Mi  Secheit - Pender tllailbour amenic wJU have gecfat-t' Village 'PPPPPPPPi. W>       70  tlit) kind idf rejwesentntlon Jt needs, DuvJa tftay P.,���P'~~."""". H7       27  This iplcture would ha-v* been comyMe   IWboW* Creek ,  72,   |  *��  with t���w|.km olf f5.-trihf.lt businessman ttild��-!   Ipliphlnsitope School .  .-.Jim       54  .��rd CUiyilon Who lost out by five >voles only    0��onB ViBaifie  ..,-......., 22t>     1��t>  to 'loc'vwnbent Bill Malcolm of Pender liar-    I-at��jdaile    _ 4��        JO  bour.   Blls deifeail was itbc imoro tiuruxrlmlng    Gaitnlblcr ���^... .   �� 3  wlion Jt Jw .noUid that ilMnlieen votit^H at StV    liown     ���.............. 30       18  rlicJ). Schoo1!' went to Mr, Malcolm. '  ��\    Y        ' '     "   Another Jneu.mltx.nl,, iCUiflT Thorold of Wcat Total    "* '--���-.-���"- 7Z7      009  Swhdit,  was  ddfcfl'lfid  and pdled ^nly  SO ' COUNCIL RESULTS  voUtn.   I.ari_csil nuimber of vol.\s, cast tor mwo iGllibsons Incumbents were. rHurnetd  'l'rus|iee went ito (Dr.  Burtnick w.no ipolted by! acclamation .and wwo Wia.lt.er Pd.erw>n  1K.H,    Itasuccaislful  ciontostant for fi.ii(*hdit,,   and JCen iGoddard, On 6wh*l1. Council iim a  uraa local thratrr operator John Hayes <whp ���'���jtmr-mnry fight-for two e<eiitai're8t_.t�� rwrre;  spoiled U votes ito lilt) by iltcv. Jenks.   Bill liksnncr C7, de _La.nec 77, Tbotnp-on ��7 *��d  Mailcolim ii'eceived 15-1 and Jikihard CUaytton Wateon Wi.,  Progress  Gibsons electorate's 77.6 per cent approval of .be' sewage by-law made  council members bappy and appreciative of progressively thinking citizens. Holding up a Variety of surveys  of wWicli waiter and sewage have been  approved are from left: re-elecited  Aldernian Wally Pieterson, Aid. Ken  Crosby,. Mayor Fred Feeney, Aid.  Gerry Dixon, re-elected Alderman  Ken Goddard and Village Clerk Dave  Johnston.  -.1���,,_,���������,_���.���.!���,!_���..,��� ..I��� I ���.������������.���,._��� .,,,���,      ���II���||M. ���      ......II ���  Legion Branch 140  plans giant evenis  GENERAL mooting of Bonanch 1.0 Jtoyal  Canadian' legion ischeduled for Dcccim-  bw S> waa WighUijJhitcd with deciion of offl-  cea\s for 1000.  Amoilihcr >|m]>ortant cvicnt will be the  Giant Christmas 1'ianty Dcoc��nb<'r 15 at  wihlcb ilbe legion will ihost diMdren of  members, DUadlca Aujdllary a��od members  icrf Brnmc-i 340. Gilts awwl (Uncats will be on  biund for boys jUnd glris rv>$st<iml.  Tlckidts ane r��re!K_ntily a v��ilablc for the  New Venr'e Punctv ��mnd may be obtained  -.1I1 thc club rooms or from Jim Jnwi.,  Deadline for ilJclk^ts As | Monday PoccmlxT  23. Jloilih this *��� vitrei mod dho .Olirlistjjias '.Party  >\t111 ibti hdd Jn the J-rfsgion Hall fiodbolt.  1��G8 Popj��y loarn^algn 1�� reponU;d to  liiav.) ib_enr,a great .nircotsw ��ndUiankt. arc  .extended to the JUadiea 'AuKUMuy. for. tbe  iliaird work j>it| Into thc. ,a.r����uall jwoject. Vol  (lowing itihe Armistice par��de ian ��wdlent  iget-to-getiher ���wa* iw-ld |�� tlie dub ��wm��.  Thli. whr enlnamcrd by .doK-aloag mimke  ]>re��ent.ed iby Mr. >. iand Mrs. BUI AriK��ld of  Davis1 0��y nod special ���bw_fc�� turw -iB��_e to  tin!1 Ffluib jstcwjunl iand House Gominittcc  C-iaimrrmn for t_wslr tdlorlH,.,  as be-vias'lddi.)  time, he could sot accouttt" for "What happened,' all be knows is that the-secretary  treasurer has informed him that referendum fio. 8 money has been spent.  Questioned __b��ut a surplus of $32,-100  from referenda No's 4, 5 & 6 held in deposit  receipts, Mr. Hanna stated it was held for  -e__��-3Jencies and equipment and could not  be spent without approval of Victoria. Mr.  Tyner observed ihat it was not 'voted for  emergencies.  JMore than on_ Pender Harbour resident  expressed the opinion that over the-yeais  tim Always happens to Ihepgrider disitric.,  money voted to be sp2nt in the airea goes .  to otherp_rtsoflhe dist-iot.  NOT WARRANTED  School trustee Bill Malcolm who lives  at Francis Peninsula explained tbat the  school population did hot warrant expansion in that area. The school situation at  Pender is better than in any other part of '  _ie.district. '  , Discussing referendum, No. 9. ^an^ proposed expansion of. Sechelt Eleanentairy  School, Mr. Scoular stated that liattmoon  Bay School should have been fcepi open and  some Secbelt students -ransferired there.  Commenting on ov-tx-wvdfog 'at 'Elphinstone, Mr. Ed JLowe pointed out that'somo  classrooms at Pender Harbour Secondary  school arc closed, why not transfer Sechelt  students io Pender and improV*- courses  ot that school. "I_*-*s use the stocilitiqs we  have first before sp����ling more money. If  Sechelt wants <o# spend jjjoney theire, let  them pay for it, Setehclt only yvanilis 'wihat  is convenient for them", saM''Lowe.  TRANSPORTATION  Mr, Ilanna tried to;expliain ijjbiait iroad  net 'if (people j wished iJmt.Elptes-oiiie .&_p  has fo.be irp.griaded. it is' ixopossiible io  teadh the modem science fPTOgramme.-nn-  der existing conditions, h_ said.  <M iMBPSUAJy at the Sunshine CJoast Art  Council Gallery in SecheHr untU Christmas is 'the work of a-jn-tmber of local artists "and craftsmen.      . ,  This particular display has no' special  theme, but jpuip'oseliF* coyiens a -wide field  is a variety of FSiibjects 'and anodia, S>oth  in traditional and contemporary fonm- It  inehides the w��r_:'c��� -such popular loeal  antists as lila' Carswell, ��0 G-iSson, Itoiis  Crowston, Elinor Ormrod, of Sechelt,, Jo  Jplehie, .formerly of Sechelt, Wan Bitchie _f  Davis (Bfiy, Kxy-W^Ss -of IWberts Creek,  Irene Anderson and _0_Miy' Small of Gibsons. Also the work of newicomex- to the  district-Moe and Chari?��' Wteray.  'Until Christmasj the ��$U_sy -will ibe open  daily 20 a.m. til 4 p._a..a_i Friday nights  1 p.m. till 8 pjm.  t  Santa visits Sechelt  Saturday, December 14  GREAT day in store fbr the children Saturday December Hth wheaj Sa��t_i come-  to town. A joint venture (between t__.e lions  CLub and local mercihants, it is hoped to  provide a great treat fpr the young -dement and this year the p)d -geo_te___n will  tiaitoej^rtjn^ js^d^.tow^town led. byr  -33^13^ to.iem^nberp^y^tsiaadayy  December 14 at i'p^mu it jfe <espected ihe  w_I sstop to  __eet''^_e:yo!__-&Ser>* -watt  .treats on Cowrie Street ir��ar H. S. iGoidon  & KetmsU..  No. dictatorship  AIN TJINIUIS-IAL su.ggestion: iby the president  ,, pel, the . Seche.lt .Chamber of Commerce  that he 'should, have, the right: to elect his .  owrl '.executive received litdle .support at last  executive (meeting held in the Selma PaiHc  Hall.  Erich Hensch told members he felt a  president and certain imemiber^ of his executive should Ibe elected to it'wo-year tenms  of.oiPrice, Further,1 the president. should  have igreater powers to the extent that he  chose his own executive.  Jt was argued that an ineij)0cieht president could do ithe ChlaimfbCr pohsideralble  harm jif he was In .office for idwo years.  Secondly, appointment .of his own executive  would in edified Ibe tlie estabUshmenit'of '�� '  dictatorship.  Both nxraposais were coimple'tely rejected'  by imemlber_. , :,',;'  .R-eporUng on Trade and Comimerce;  Ernie Booth -said he understood there are  possilbilltles that the fores'lxy deipartirhent  ���mliglvt iconsider 'stationing a number'of ��ira-  ployens ((scalers) in itlie area. There is also  . 'ilkeilhood idC an anliquo store oppning wp  In the "village iin the near future.  BJig iconcern of the Chaimt>er Is the ilnade-  By Canon Minto Swan * . P     i <  Worfh' ^liilfe accomplishmeiit  coiaiti^^     to gain approva,  SEEII.G is Relieving, is an old oxjpinpsdon  whldi conl_tB*c_ to prove true In (lib��  case of the SunsJiine Coast Scinlor ClitlMWS,  Homes, Over four hundrx'd people tove  come to see 1l_c beautiful /units which wt'iro  open for inspection ibttfore ihe itienamils moved in and took up rcsldcctK-C. All _��?��� visltorw  b.Uevcd lliat eomc_dOg: very worth wlillo  had been accomplished and many of them  liavc nhown tlicfir fflppj^iatlon and prtWt! in  theb* newest area projoct by maWng a oon-  tritniUon toward- M��e $100,000 cost, of bullld-  ing ami land. "Jlila h sCiown Iby the ta��rK__i->  ied numb<*r wiio have, come forward itililn  pa��t .nontli wilh eniflJl elfla, medium t.lHtK,  and several largo gifta.  Mr. Ben rirlh, ithe Twaww; repodn  tliat -Im.�� amount ^ven to dJtte fam, fl.Jiti._n lo  J17.3.B.TO, wttli fl.FJKB.fJi, U-ng roc<-Jv<Xt  dming tlie inonlh of NovH-miber. Jit 1I11 iim  terefltina to note 1J��at a nuimlbtT of donoins  4in< eiving- a initial} fi. Ii each moinllh .and Jt  ia hoped that many will icomitimH) wMih Uil��  practice which willYiisure 1he normal rou-  <ioo cxpeaaeai Iwtinfi okCJI J* expc<ied Unajt.  wllh many initial expense- Iher*- will ibe >a  -irficit in .Uie rec^ipla for itihe Slml few  *\  montlhs iat.Jioiaei TJie Merest dwirgta. amp  at itheir pteak *ilso during thUs JniU,al period,,  Seeing la ibellevolniR *1bo wihen twicmail  of the tenants taaive ibooh making pUm to  have ^andens surrounding'their honniwi, Ail-  jsi> it has .been oib&erved that wine .��iant��  lhave ibmen watcliinig the gaimisi Jn the ��,de-  raemtiary sdiool. yard and in liiiicskett Park.  This Is another reason why the Board of  l)JiH_.toira foell thut tlio choices of property  was .an _atc<-liMit one, and lasl, 'but not.,  leant, itihero have been ho many coiriiimenita  th'U't m imaliU'r how much rain mmy fall,  there Is never Jimy mud around itiW- homefl.  JloqueiMits have been received iiwiit dur-  img OhristniFiia ...rawn ,at .eFiist, cowlaincrs  Miould be iplaeed Jn the nitores so that ovt-ii  .:lto��o W.10 cannot make any larger donia>  tion iMiiii. he'aWe to put a few ertnita in. 1W10  box iaftii!_ illhey have fliUshed thejr chopping,  The idlroctoi- wJill eonaldcvr this requcn. at.  itheir an'i'iHhvg, no Jf they *giree, keep your  eyf'tt open for tsliJa opportunity to ift����i��t, Jn  thiw grand ��autie ���which hm . t_ipturod tlie  iniingJnmtJon ��f all dwellerri from Port Me.l-  lou'.to ICtimomt.  quatp ferry service 'between Langdale and  Horseshoe Bay. Chairman of the -toads and  Highways Committee Fred Jorgenson reported everything under control but it was  no!ted. that at an .earlier mee-ing it had Ibeen  moved a workalble schedule ibe compiled  and' submitted to the ferry authority together-with recommendations and copies to  MLA Isabel Dawson.and.ithe highways de-  FpartmeflY Mr. Jorgenson said it was his  intention 'to, first of all meet with' the local  ileriminal imanaiger to. dlscuss ithe dituaition.  Attention was ��lso ;dr,aiwn to errors in the  la!test ferjry schedule. Tourism*, Chairmaan  ��� Alex Cllirhore pointed o^t that it Is the flfith  such schedule .containing inccwrrect |bus  tlimes.'' The matter has Ibeen brought to the  .attention of the ferry fliuithority ibut.with no  nesults,    '       ,    .' ,'  It was iraoved a; letter of comipialnt Ibe  sent to the minister of hiigbways toigether  . with a request for an improved ferry service. - /���:, . .'��� )'���''  , , Consideration is to Ibe Igiven estaiblish-  imenit OT ,a tourist icommilitee within tlie  Chamber, also possibility <if operating a  tourist booth. 'During jvecent' years . the  Chamber [has donated financially toward,  operation of the Ariel Council Gallery Shop  which has, alBo doulhled as an Information  centre,' ;' ������'���'���.'���'       '���,  Couninicnting on , imarine wharves, AH.  Campbell isaid as an airline operator Ihe was  quite dls8aiUKfJM"w;Jth the sea-plane float .at  CJibsohs, Jt ia iprespnlily so situated that  nearby boats at adjacent floats |.consti1iute  a (hawurd to pianos at the federal piano  float. , f  He agroed to take it,ho malter up with'  the idiDparinncnt and would request ��injiport  of ithe Chattilber should Jt fwov�� necessary.  An JncreaaJng (parking prolbleim within  the vjllaige, parUoulariy during ilho tourist  season, gave rise to a dlticusslon on ways  and unieams' iby which ImprovtMncnts imii^iit.  ibe'JnHtituted. itlt waa finally agreed rcprei  ��en'talJcwi _��e made to tonnc-l to deslignate  .ttdequaitio iparicihg for touristH.  ���Memlbera ��kpr��iBt.��d admlta-km for itihe  manner Jn which itihe i-tmlor itiltlr-ens had  ���worked toward es'talblishmrwuit of the wecon'U  (ly opened Benlor'CUll_w��a ttfomes .complex.  'it was Jiigreed a it .lit .jx of congratulations be  M-it to the .directors.  President JJlensch drew aititention to the  fact that i|he taxpayers are to ibe compll-  .rncntcd for their foreslglit in approving the  nwl rtng'iowa'l idkiWcl waller Ibylaw,  Next irxheral moellng of Hhe Chamber is  slated for Deceimlber ,13. at which time n'U'x-  illon ���i<_r the ;0��w .-jsda'ito' of otlficers will take  plaice, jTilfait imoelJnig of thc new year wJU  ibe Jiiiiiiary 55, owid at 'that tlime Jt is (hoped  to Obtain ^imvlinciail1 Libt-rail Parly Leader  PatiMioGw ,as' igweitt speaker.  r.  V.  <.  i  I  V  aW^ Jf Mu^^t 1^ ��*t�� t-f^i^ ,y��A>^  **Wr>  ijh^��wiIM W.r 1* ��T**'l,'Wff *��^^^  , ii i! ,   ' */    ''   l 1   I  1        /t    U, * -    ,,        '      1 " 1 "   ' I      '   ' t       n ' '       '/   ,M' ^^s^^^^*^  ^0^^^k^f*  'y   / ' li ��  11 " *   ,  iy .%'  t^ift^^i.  A^-4Y<$_5  $����*ft,Y  Y  *MsAtetflM.:*fe. w^^^^^^ ' ��_t; %lm_ ��*__Si; Atm>s & nwcjfaa^^iB^ to buy  wiMiiW-H  *iWJi-*l-u  wfelthwmi'itFfcrilW nwujurm^jiy^a  - -F S   i k     ;' F ' F  F0& SMS Wotttltti-edlv -  ^te^tof^ ^he^Ho^SBS,^  Classified  RrDRODF__.^Mo<_��frX-har!_^I^ 1967   Rm,  VB___* ^WXlWKMrtfc ^jca^  ��&_.*,, ,_       heds <jsgg ^esB_5s��i:^^0   ��o_�� <_tf ��t Secta-t ; ..9887-3  i-d*  mtinnhiniimimni-naiiHit-  Published Wednesdoys by  The Penlosttlo Times Ltd.,  ot Sechelt, 8X. .  75c  Member, Audit Bureaa  of Circulations  September 30,1968  Gross Circulation 2t08  Paid Circulation 1946  (Subject to Audit)  Classified Advertising Rates  3-Line Ad-Brte_s 112 words)  One Insertion   Three  Insertions   $1.50  Extra lines (4 words) 15c  (This rate does not apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs.)  Box Numbers I Oc extra  25c Book-keeping charge is added  for Ad-Briefs not paid by  publication date.  Legal or Reader advertising 35c  per count line.  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Lucken.  9871-2  ��� "   ������ ������"   r " ��������������������� ���  ,MR. R. LOUGHREY and family wish to express their  sincere appreciation for the  kindness and sympathy shown  to them hy itheir fiiiends and  neighbours in the recent loss of  a beloved wife and; mother.  Special thanks to Dr. .Stewart  and Mrs. Irene Burtnick for  their  assistance, 9875-2  OBITUARY  CHARMAN���On Deeemibetr ..th,  1.968, Alfred John Charmian  aged 82 years of Gibsons, B.C.  Survived by his wife Georgina;  1 daughter, Mrs. Florence  Wiren, Gibsons; 3 sons,  George; Gibsons; David; Eg-  mont and Alfred; Coquitiam.  One 'slsLer in England. Stwen  grandchildren and four groat  ' grandchildren. Funeral , wa>s  held on JVlonday at 2 p.m, from  the Family Chapel of lhe Harvey Funeral Home, Gibsynw,  B.C. Jlev. W. S. Ackroyd officiated. Interment, Seuview  Cumeitary, i)-M-2  JLOUGHIIEY ��� NpvwmbtT 3W_,  19C8 at St. .Mary's Hospital.,  Sciche.lt, B.C. Elizabeth l_oui.li-  ry aged <M yearn, Of 212. Cliff  Avtinuc;, Burnaby, B.C. Survived by her lovirug hutiibamd  Jllcluird, one daughter Mirn, il.  (Joyce)   Clay,    Madeira   Mirk,  ' Oiin 'slsiiT, Mr.. E'lpliiic Peddle,'  SurruiHTlaiiid, One brotilK.r,  Georgu Pendlobuiry, Victoria,  U.C, Six gratidelilldirun,, Futii-1 ���  J al ttiTvico waw held Tuewlaj.  Deceiii'li'i:'!" 3rd at 1 p.m, from  Iliitii'lllot. Mortuary, Fnuiw  Slrec'l at Wtli Avenue, It<-vt_r-  end A.  Goodwin official Ing,  In-  i U* rnu-nl IVmit Lawn Cvme-  liiry, llarvfy Funeral Homo  DlrwLnm, ��_r>2-2  PERSONAL  M/JUHUI.ION Anonymoua; P.O.  __��_. 211, Sechelt, I_,C,   JPhoiw  WW 11870, 909-tfa  VVORK WANTED  WILL your trees !��> Mife this  winter'. Let mi make certain,  Tree, lopped, limbed or felled,  Jlt.Hurtirl experience nnd guar-  unite.��l work, Free I wifely  Inspection., nml .BUmMcri,  Phone   BHr��-2JW. fM.llfh  WOm WANTED (Con..)  CAHPENTER WQtk, -Iterations,  .arports,   etc.    885-23-3   or  evenings 885-9460. 1874-_fa  TILiaCUM Chimney Service.  1 Eaves cleaned and repaired.  Painting, gardening, janitor  service, old jobs, etc. All worfc  guaranteed. RE1 Sechelt, Phone  885-2191 or -85--094.        1871-tfn  WILL baby sit Christmas E'vie  and New Year.S Eve. Ph. '886-  9327. 985-4-2  HELP WANTED .Femole)  SCHOOL DISTRICT No. 46  (SECHELT)  Clerk accountant to jb.e (responsible for payroll and to assist  in other a-icounlting functions.  Recent experience in payroll  procedures is essential. Salary  $407 per month >k_>ject to adjustment January 1st. Apply  immediately in writing giying  full particulars and references  to-  J. S. Metzler,  Secretary-Treasurer  Box  220,  Gibsons,  B.C  9873-2  HELP WANTED  RELIABLE   trustworthy   Fsitter  wanteid for 4 yr old girl. Some  evenings   &   new   year's  eve.  Phone   885-9933. .921-1  SALAL WANTED  Top price paid. Good quality  required. Contact J. M. Hayes,  Reed Moss & Fern, Sechelt,  885-9313. 9532-tfn  SALAL PICKERS WANTED  Phone Mrs.   Noida Wilson  885-9746 or write:  Box 390, Sechelt, B.C.'  9752-tfn  $14,000  PLUS REGULAR  CASH BONUS  for man over 40 in Sechelt area.   Take  short  auto   trips  to  contact customers. Air mail S.  M. Dickerson, Pras , Southwestern    Petrc'leum     Corp.,     Ft.  Worth, Texas 76101.  7544-2  F-HPftfiNT  HALL foi   rent,  Wilson  Creei  Community ftall. Contact Mr.  Glen Phillips.  885-2183.  1095-t_a  HOUSEKEEPING    room,     all  found, private entrance, Selma Park. Gent. 885-9535.  9981-tfn  EVERGREEN   Crescent   Apts.  One   unit   available,   unfurnished,  stove, fridge. $70  monthly. Ph. 885-2862 Sechelt  ' 9866-tfn  OLDER type 2 bedroom home.  $50   month,   pensioner   preferred. 886-2919. 9868-ftfh  ONE  bedroom house for rent.  Ph.  885-2306. 9872-4  COZY  waterfront cottaige fully  furnished.    1   bedroom,  fireplace.   $55   per   month.   From  January���June, Ph. 666-7006.'  9859-2  beath and sate fcoat anchorage, nation, :Uye\ ��nd e-$ate<L All  livibg ttJom, 28x_S.  fireplace. &eivices. available,.   B&x ���J|04  ' Aright cab. fcitchefl. *���& room; pfeniiisujj. TUnei.    lr ktm-ffo'  A-oll heat, dWe carport lively    -?���;'    ;���.'   ,���;���:���  landscaped  yard   with   patia, - VJ^W'Jpts'ioi'j_alft jh Vr&A Se-  .   Sale by owner, phone ev*i__ga fcteltVl*.  ��85-^3S0 *r;S85-  885-3782 or write Box 470 c-e> a79Jh#r write Box 441, Sechell  _    Peninsula Times, Box 381, fie- -   .;/          *      - .' "fSffitfa  chelt   BC 469-tfl��    " '"    "   ''"    ' '  '   ' r���  '__-______-!-; -i- PENDfift' Hartioui.  view lots,  LOTS for-sale, 4 cleared view ��� ho% 27'ao_t _*, Sladey ^ul��dlv/  lots in Selma - Park. Serviced Ision. Phone S83-2403 ot w4te  with power and water. Priced Box Wl�� P��___sula Tinm, Se.  96t6-t_a  FULLY   furnished   4   bedroom  Fwaiterfiront    coititia'ge,    Pender  Harbour.  Ph.  731-5050.      9858-4  REAL ESTATE  EWART McMYNN  REALTY fi. INSURANCE  Notary Public  Member  Vancouver  Real  Es-aite  Boanxl  Multiple listing Scrvloe  PHONE 886-2248  Almost an acre of waitorfronit  at Egmomit with 132' if rant, iiaimip  amd l float giv<\s Rood moorage,  3 bdrm, A-O, '��.\ umflnlsh-d  b��mt, I|il4,000.  Old house on 5 a-iPM will) sandy 'boach, 133' front at E*.mo��t..  Orchard and Rood soil, spring  water,   !|-X),<KH>,  Oti highway at. MidcllopuM, 2  bdrm I-JtoHday Immiic on j acre  ---025 sq, HI:, Cholw of rommim-  illy or KlFroain water, $4,000 dn,  on $7,000 full price,  J. acre with 225' WF, be.auU-��4  lamdMFcaplnHt modein^i tttemm hw*-  l.c-1 2 bflrm home with 2 <-W  jjarujJj'i', only !|i22,7DO���l|il0,0(K) du.  J.jirije iaimlly borne wlUi *  bdrms on JU-droofes Rd, 1U*.  room, 1"H*o car gJiirngf, 2,000 ��j.  HI., floor, ItoiriHin tile flrvpiL-ca.  ,5115,000 dm, $25,(KK) VP;  Cjllbfwnis Vlll^tvti���ca��!!i, or twiato,  lo Ktnmll mortniiwci will ��;lv�� po#-  pienHlon of u Une fmtnily home,  4 Wntna, bl.._ oixwi-pl��n llviiiig-  dlnimR-lcltchen jurKia, Full Fcon-  crt .i^' hsmt, CwmipU^.y wwv-  i��1,ed .amd n.-lwwr��tiiid, LiiiriX11  nicely liamdwwFjHsd lot, quiet  view 'ttlreeit, A ���ii|Hiclinl buy ��t  f21,5p0 full price.  E, McMynn 886-2500  Do Wort man 886-2393  J, Warn 886-2681  JAox Z'M, VAhmmn. U.C.  9884-1  at $2,750 each. 'P.O. Box 299,  Sechelt or to view 'contact 3L.  Nestman, Selma Park.   9659--fa  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  at your service.  886-2481  Gibsons  Suimycrest  Shopping   Centre-  Providing the Sunshine Coast  with  a   complete   Professional  Service.  Real Estate ��� Insurancto  (General and Life)  Law Office and Notary Public  (R_ F. Kennett)  Prompt attenion to purchase or  sale of property from inception  to registration.  Ib list or purchase call now ���  Our experienced salesmen are  .8-46-tfn  PENDER HARBOUR  WATERFRONT BARGAIN  Unique 3 acres with 225 feet  frontage on placid lagoon. Tlhi-  property is fully serviced with  aiocess off paved road. Ideally  located in the centter of PeaK-jr  Harbour. Beautifully treed <rf-  fering seclusion and enjoyment  for the whole family. Full price  $11,500.  Your choice of seven semi-waterfront view lots close to safe  moorage. All lots fully serviced.  Priced from $2,500.  For appointments to view  please contact Frank Lewis or  Morton Mackay at Gibsons office 886-9900.  FINLAY REALTY LTD.  Gibsons Biu-quillani  9885-1  DAVIS BAY - WITH VIEW  New-unique design, 1,500 ft of  spacious living; 3 bdrms; living room; dining room and kitchen Col. Van plumbing. Split  level with basement and large  family room over Some finisih-  ing. Will sell unfinished or will  finish.  SELMA     PAKK���Large    lot  $2,800. Good terms.  NEW���WEST SECHELT  Luxurious 4-plex on 80 x 478  lot. Own water system. 14 x 20  living rooms; w.w. carpeits; 2  bdrms, coloured plumbing All  with Gulf view. Fully occupied.  H. Gregory 885-9392  H. B. GORDON  & KENNETT LTD.  Phone 885-2013  Sechelt, B.C.  9874-2  GET INTO THE  CHRISTMAS SPIRIT  JOIN THE FUN  Be sure to call in at K. BUTLER REALTY and try your  skill. Enter our Annual Xmas  Contest. Cash prize.  Drawing on Dec. 28/68.  ROBERTS CREEK:  Close to ,  'beiach pa.rk-2_! Ac, Year round  creek   runs   through   property.  Shack   with   possibilities.   Full  Price $4500. Easy terms.  10 Ac,, on isou-herin slope-good  view,  potential, offers  invited.  Modern 2 Bdrm, WFT home  on 1 Ac, Cab, Kitchen, L  shape L, R, Full basem-eint with  large* finished room. A/oil heat,  Attractive garden, green house,  garage. 'Full price $23,500.  GOWER POINT: Owner transferred, Nearly ��i Ac of parklike jjiN��undfi,,;!faic_njj[ gulf, .excellent fishing area. Cozy two  Jidrm, home, Caib, kitchen,  lunge .will Hy room, garage-,'  Dtmill cabin ^ thrown In for tlio  very attractive price $27,OOt>,  Ea��y liertra,  Choice WHterfnonit home in  charming garden BCitilhug. W/W  carpet through L,J.i, Bdrm, and'  hull, Brick fireplace, The low  price and eiiwy Iiititih will  lanuiKO you,  'Clow to Glbsoas 4.5 Ac,  Iddal development ..pjoperty  $5000, Full Price on very -amy  terms,  Close to Ccimtirt) of Glbsonis, 8  jUlrm, home wltlt W/W carpet  I.i H-paciouN L.R., Cab, kitchen  with ilargo dining area, A/oil  heart., Full P>r.lc<i :|i,IH,(K��o, Terms.  <ihelt  ���"  JiLOCKBROS.  Phone Mr, -Good 681-..09 JJollect  '    t   or'786-SKl  For fast service <oi�� atl ^rpi>er-  *"   $ies _.h_ Msinesses,  WE TRADE HOMES ;  i ',9e4e-:ttn  DAVEBUCK  THE  FORD FJTTER  GUARANTEES YOUR  '  BEST DEAL  ON A  BRAND NEW  v FORD TRUCK  F100   From  _,   $2833  F250  From      $3053  ECONO VAN From ..__   $2805  win $1000.00 cash  OB A TRIP FOB TWO TO  HAWAIL DETAILS AT OUR  . SHOWROO-I.  P,IAJblO in good condition. Ph.  - -"885-676.   '       ������       " '   7543-  ^a, ,��a����_tv^��i^^|t^��  dble _>ed'tt-.68i} ^l^iVolks. qj^, GtlAGE electric tt��U,$et  wa-gen delidi-i etoli 3&&' W-S*o.       Over 40 ft. of track, 2 swit-  undersealed  4fc.'AW. ,'<?$& cbes and full accessories. Ph.  $l,77j5,   2  diests 'pt  d__i_^er_ 885-9973. ' 99WXn  ' WIliL   pursb_.se - patch-s . ot   $1^50 e��a. Dpe^wug HaUe) and , �����_ __  " -rf���n_ln��  +.m_W    Uhnn^ ��RR.     g^j    ^ . gfcj^y ' fo^ggpet     gyy    ymr , ^ash ' incinerator  eMhal sander, 1968; ClinKer ��Jw f^^   sechelt   Kinsmen �� at  boat $40. Clanfcer bo4 with 3% $3i50 eaeb.  Phone 885-9542.  lup.   Briggs 4k ti/tatfaQ ,S>ear 9988-tfn  new $125. &���_��. ^toob-fc *ype- l   wtiter 1968. GsstetPfer duplica-  _��_���___ t^ used ^lc^ pplyi jqo^pj .500.  FOR SALE Canon earner^, _11 laccessqries  1.2 lens, IVory; pbes. ssfit.-B��S  (as new) ��' x 1?' $65/Fridge  j$65. Tel: ,883-2285. 9&0-2  WANTED  anding itMntieir, Phone' 886-  245U.F   , 1681-,tln  ONE iuS-d Fcash r����isteir wanted  for ithe Hospital Thrift Shop.  Tb. S85-2U7.      ' S900_  '  ��]0 YEARS YOUtSlGY  3 > h&mk 'home, fujly _ervi-fed,  *eattiie.i quiet country lividfe  Plus 90 Acres.  $f lpveJ:' sgricmltural lattd, Idica-  Aecl oh $)Qd road near Tlwndeor   straight  ^wers^be^mxe^ to  Bay,,, &.P. $45,000 Try $25,Uoo '   " " '"  "    ,      down.  Your price���your  terms  auto-  'inagic-credit  To di&cuss your trucking needs  -either NEW or USED with  someone   who   will   give  jou  Lortn datnpbelL Tel <&8-350i  ',; ", (?4-itfjs.) Collect  /ykicGregor Pacific  -Realty Ltd.  ��� /    " ' 9899-2      \ , , ,  BLACK POINT  440' W.F.  -Q.M", #0. acres-excelient level  Ma��hr flffers ^ood Jboat acc_s_  ���a^ well as being serviced by a  |n��in.hiwy. Ideal for-_m^le suA-  divipion. - Owner says "SELL"  All reasonable offers considered.  Details���Lorin' Campbell 985-  1524 (Eve.) or MacGregor  Pa-Cife) Realty Ltd. 688-3501  (24 hrs.). We need all types of  property to service our many  enquiries-  9856-2  LEGAL NOTICES  PUBLIC NOTICE  Public notice is hereby given  that Gibsons Radio Cabs Ltd.,  Fisher's Taxi and Sechelt Taxi  -are applying for an increase in  ���the Howe Sound-Pender Harbour, Passenger Tariff.  Brief details of ithe change in  rates are a>s follows:  "Minim-um charge-any point  wi_iin a'-ridius of V2 mile . . ������  0.60/subsequent rates increafe-  ed on a pro-rata basis".  "Charge for extra stops .  0.10. Waiting time: first 'three  minutes free, 0.07 per minute  thereafter."  Any objections to the aforementioned changes may be  filed -with ithe Superintendent of  Motor Carriers, Public Utilities  Commission, ,1740 West Georgia  Street, Vancouver, B.C., by  December 27th, 1968. Proposed  effective date is January 10,  1969.  9862���Pub.  Dec. 17, 24,  1968  TRAVEL  FOB all travel information and  bookings,  Margaret MacKenzie (local rep), Eatjon's Where  To Go Travel, 886-2960. Gibsons,  "" Mfn  ask for BOB McDONALD.  Personal service to residents  of the Sunshine Coast".  985-3165  1600 Marine Dr.,  North Van.  DAVE BUCK FORD  9867-3  WESTINGHOUSE Wringer  Washer, $29/95; "Zenith Washer, $79.95; All Fridge, 1 year  old, $175-; Used Fridge, $29_>5;  Rogers Majestic Console T.V,,  new picture .tube, $175; Used  T.V., $49.95; Combination T.V.  & Stereo, $650 new, now only  $399.95. Parker's Hardware  Ltd., Sechelt, B.C. Phone 885-  217L 99_3-t__  40" ELECTRIC range, paid  $500 new, 5 elements and  grill, automatic oven, and separate barbecue oven, good condition. $125. Phone 885-9550.  , 9851-2  USED TV $49.95; combination  Fleetwood stereo and TV,  reg. "$595.95, 1 year old, mow  $349_>5; -used GE portable TV,  $89.95; Rogers Majestic Console TV, $99 95; used fridge,  $29.95; used Zenith wringer washer, like new, $89.95; Westing-  house wringer washer, $29.95.  Parker's Hard-wane Ltd., Sechelt, B.C. Ph. 885-2171.     9895-tfn  IF  IT'S  suits���it's   Morgans  885-9330, Sechelt, B-C,    J  9893-tft  RECONDITIONED   boy's  bicy-  cle for sale. Phone 886-2801.  9865-2  ELECTRIC     ofrgah,      concert  symphony, in good condition  with bench. Ph. 885-9788.  9864-2  MARINE ACCESSORIES  Paint���Fibreglass���Ko_>e���  Canvas���Boa., Hardware  Compressed air service for  skindivers air tanks.  Skindivers available ipr  salvage avork.  WALT NYGREM SALES  LTD. i  Phone 886-9303, Gibsons, B.C.  1306-tfn  THIS VITAL  YOUNG  RELIGION  Than are throe mtltton peopte  around th�� world today who believe that the unification of mankind  b the will of God for our ago. They  call themselves Baha"!j.  Perhaps Baha'I Is what you an  looking for.  EDKA M. FOOTE  Bahai's of Sunshine Coast  885-2088, Sechelt. 8.C.  city street seen  BUILDING SUPPLIES  GIBSONS    Building    Supplies  Ltd.  886-2642,   Gibsons,  B.C,  Quality Ready-mixed  concrete  Serving tbe area for 20 years  90-Uu  ALCA.N Aluminuim windows and  iBllding   doors.   Complete   in-  sitallation or do it yourself. Ph.  885-9534. 97734fn  OUR TOWN���The scene was the operating  s_dte of the Vancouver General Hospital  and a team of doctors worked feverishly  over a young man who'd heen seriously injured in an automobile crash. Adding urgency to the situation was lite fact that the  doctor leading the team of surgeons had^  himself lost a son in a similar accident. All  the valuable blood had already been used  during surgery. An air of desperation seeped out into the coirridDrs. Ano-her doctor,  who'd just completed surgery in an 'adjoining suite, discovered that he 'had -he same  type of blood as -hat required by tbe accident victim. " \  But there is a procedure to follow before you can give blood and the bureaucracy almost stymied the effort of ithe doctor to give his blood. He was-finally able  to Fconvince fhe Mood bank people thaJt he  should give blood without the formalities.  Jiis dona-ion of blood was pumped into a  plastic 'sack which tMe doctor carried Un-  de* his arm into the- operating room. He  also carried a spare -ransfusion kit The  Wood was pumped into the dying youth.  It wasn't enough. At that point the operating suite became a blood elini<) as the  surgeons, anesthetis-s,-and nurses by turns,  lay down on benches and gave blood. At one  point there were 12 people from that surgical team giving blood in an effort to  maintain tbe 'life of a young accident victim.  Their dramatic and unheralded effort  went for nought. The young man died later  thia. day. But I -houghit you'd like to know  that behind the vast impersonal walls ol  our giant public hospital there were people wbby.caied -saottgh to step out qf their  ���fKttmalyil&les'a-s jptoyisteians and |healers to  become ;wlgh-tyrs in an eJ_o(rt to save the  ]_Ce��_;^  .."���^Mi.rt.fe^JEOPL.e ;P'E'Ef>Eft-A_ter his  oi��;^^-'-jtiiiiM:-k\ the Cave to *ee if the  steel 'iiJ-^/jBV-us'-fcuiU'would stand up to  tlie Mp^-jc&&d. '"'<pf the ��aloon cirouit, sing-  or iimmio Rodgeri cancelled a whole series oi Wight ciltub engagements. The head  danWlFge /was''caused by his altercation with  Bill Irwin to freeze the issue because they'd   s0Qi instead of the money losing attempt to  discovered that they didn't own the property, upon which they hung their hopes . . .  Could the,B.C. Gov.ir___ent be planning to  hire the retired chief of another province's  Liquor Control Board to replace retiring  one man commission Col. Donald Mc-  Gugan?  *   *   .  DOWNTOWN 'N OUT���Although he's  turned down the invitation to speak to several dozen national and international conventions in Vancouver Mayor Tom Campbell was cut in force the other night to  make a speech to the B C. Federation of  Labor annual meeting, proving that the  election campaign is now in high gear.  Campbell got elected the first time without  making one formal speech . . . World, famous architect.!. M. Pei is no longer involved with the Block 45-52 project. The  wojrk is now entirely in the hands ol a  California firm. I wonder how close .be  finished product will resemble the oirigi-  nal fancy pictures -bait were presented to  the public? . . . New Maitre dJ at the Timber Club is Pierre Moscou, a j��ci-tit from  Montreal's Queen Elizabeth . . . Radio's  Madame X is UBC law school graduate  Allison Stewart . . . Artistedes Qazetas  who has continent wide fame as -heateical  stage designer and who firsit visit-id Vancouver several years ago when he vyae imported to design sets' for Festival productions including West Side Story, has abandoned the theatrical trade to .enter archi-  itecture, as a freshman at UBC.  ���   ���   ���  NIGHTSPOTTER'S   NOTEBOOK  ���  As'  pi-fidicted her,e a week ago isy Waiters isn't  aili thait keen to sefll his West- Georgia nighitr  's$>6,t. An agent's aittempit to sell ihishlg-  gesit drawling act, ,,_jaW Grant, to ��unoi-ier  club for next -.ummer set off (|ihe blifeg^st  exjplosion this side1 of Hiixrahlma . . . Meajv-  While Alex Louie has confirmed -bait the  Marco Polo will stop 'booking ihpoorted acts  aider Jan. 1 but you can look Ior-Hie CW-  iies,�� Smorgasbord house to try a dine and  dance policy to the late evenings . . . Still  meanwhile, Caveman Ken Stouffcr is1 go-  stay open 52 weeks with whatever acts are  availaibie he'll only open for big and super  names 'Line up already-includes Duke Ellington, ,Mills Brothers, Ella Fitzgerald  Carol Charming and Ray Charles.  ��� *   *  FINISH LINES ��� Onetime sportewriter  turned pulicist Wlike Sone spent three  hours undergoing a grilling from nationist  Chiin-se consular officers in. Vancouver  when he presented his passport along "with  ani application for a visa to visit Taiwan.  Tbe big stopper was a passport entry showing tiiat he'd visited Russia. They were  very doubtful about his story that he'd ifcra-  vplled with .the Canadian National Hockey  team into Russia . . A couple of travel  writers from Playboy Magazine have scheduled a Vancouver stop on a round-the-  wqj-d tour . . . Singer Maxine Brown's only  disappodntm ent in _^ Vancouver���' 'No ' packaged hominy grits ava_.a>ble in the super  markets." ... A Buncch of BC. junior  mining -companies have taken dead leyel  aim on Nevada and Mexico . . . Members  of .the Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club approved a $600,000 addition, including two new  squash courts, a swimming pool and some  new tennis courts. The item is that ithe  vote came over the horrified ohjecitioibs of  titq club's badmington players who iresein-  . ted giving up part of their space for squash  courts, P?|rt of their resentment came from  the squash players' allegation that badminton is a dying sport.  * ��   ���  WASSERMANIA���A dime isn't entirely  wodhless. It still makes a pretty good  screwdriver.  (  *' X ^\^*��WJKW*w>,tA!*;A,AJttff 1 .frit*-.. 1������<Y  1 Lj���^lM^"1-'" "   ���������  _i.ii _.Ffll_��   ���  PETS  K,  Uullcr  B.W-SJ000  Ron. 'MinSii'vawy     WW-WOfl  Kd.   Rutlcr       HH��-S50(K)  Don.  Tail.   -  HH3 i.284  K...BUTLER REALTY  & INSURANCE LTD.  Gibsons, R.C.  I .lone 880-2<Km  MKMDERR  MULTJJ��_JIC USTING  SJSKV1CJS  IHI70 Z  POODLE grooming ��a.nd clipping Ait reasonable rates, for  further lnifurmia.Uon ph-we 88,r>-  9797. AW suddly poodle puppies for Ohrlstimaa, i\ girt Unit  will pldane the whole family for  $50. 9820-a  WHITE   toy   iKKvdle   puppli's  Take o^rdWH  for Xmaa,  $Mt,  ph, B-3-pw. wisti-:i  DOATS a ENGINES  15 FT. CADILLAC alum, boat,  ' 85 hp motor, trailer, cover,  lights for sale. Phono 88r>.J!(KI7.  W518-tfn  FLATIHEAP Ford V-��; IKKJ cu.  i-iwh Ford V-B; Bcrn-V CliryM-  ler VH; 40 hp Diesel; 0 cyl-  jitvder CUvev, X.I.I five ai'inpUiticly  marine wllh i-0_K-Wflr.MT ilryd-  ruullc itrattttnlKiiloriH, dlmvi  dplvo or wll.li r��dU|ttUon ��(iiir,v  Pli,  WKI12785, \MWV  CARS nod TRUCKS  IwJTFoiH rinii.k )���.>.','" ?;"<iw, (I  cyll, *ti\JKlaird. Hr.nH rl<.in,  now it-ine, Jksso, Will link, olrl  cUi_mt Ibont and Inbomrd <.n  tirade or what have you? Kelly  HS3-2P0Z. jlWHt?  a Los Angelfcs policeman neairily a year ago jj^g for an all-or-nothing approach next sea  . . . Elroy McC��w, a principal in the Vancouver 'bmed Oascade Moly play, and an  owner oi Ctonnel 18 iin Ta-oma has itihe  Doih-tty Jlttiadliouise ^ people looming a Vancouver siiock, report for broadcast over the  Seattle arm (station every moaming, so  he'll kmow what's happening . . ,, Jim Wl��-  bey, who just wgftnglod ia liquor Ikeoce too.  ���He Torch, which he renamed Diamond  Jim's is the man behind the plan to reopen  HoiMe Bateman's old Inquisition Coffee  House 'loioat|ion ibeneallh the Quadra Clulb, as  the Wiggle and Tickle.  ��� ��� ���  QUICKNIKS���The Graduate with finally  gjnadluiate from Syd Freedman'B Studio  Theaitre around dhrlsdima-s, maktog it itilio  Lotnges. run fiealiuirc In modtirn history , . .  Set dGislgbers Working on thu Sandy Dermis  pic, Cold Way Jn the Park, wore going nuts  SFearchlmg Art. fcome cmmnny looj_l.nig J.930  typo fuFrmlture to diowraite ian la'paintimmit,  scit for the film, Th<.n they s1iu��iibk-l ion ia  wairchouisie Cull of the ideal stuff���which lurried out to be ithe dlfliciardod furniture from  liho Hotci ViaitMwivtir'H wl^jlnal Royal suite  , , , A imb-liig company wbkh itufuiid _  liargciuumk of -stock In paymcnit. tm an ui|>-  (vouiirtry jiroj^enly but tllw. dlrwrtoro lirekt'jd  over to VlctFOirla and asted ��Sciaurlitles pui>er  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sundoy School 10:00 a.m.  Church Service 11:15 o.m.  Evening Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSEU..S  Davia Day Rood and Arbutut  (2 Mock. ��p from Highway)  :....-  .--.' '���-���-'"."' "���_:���;>.'. Y-   ��� Y'-"'^'iVr    .....n -;_  ...i .... .rt  ���..��� ..ii>V��F.,-���t 1  CONVERT.  '<���� IXkIkc  Moimiim.,  P.S.,    ?,��.,    I'.W,,   ImrM.,  rwinv Urcu, _UH V^t. 1'h. xm-iAW.  !��Hr.:i4  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  SERVICE: SECHELT  Sunday Sthopl ��� lOtOD a.m,  Church iervic* ������ 11:15 a.m.  REV. A. WILLIS, PASTOR  You or* Irrvlted to attend any or each service  m*mmmwa4mmm4mmma*m  ANGLICAN CHURCH  SAINT HILDA'S���SECHELT  fl:0p a.m. Every Sundoy  9.W o.m. Church School  \ \ :0Q o.m. 2nd, -4th. 5th Sundays  7l30 p.rr\. Ut ond 3rd Sundays  S��>rvlC-H hftd reoularly In  GARDEN BAY, F.EDROO.fS and EGMONT  For Information phdfta 883-7793  Every Wed. \\0 aw H. Communion St. Hilda'��  r;^  SECHELT AGENCIES PATE (PAD'  ��� This free remlnder.of Cbmlhfl events Is a service of SECHELT AGENCIES  LTD. Phone Peninsula Times direct for free listings, specifying "Date  Pad", Please note thot space Is limited ond some advance dates may  have to wait their turn; aleo that this Is a "reminder" listing only ond  cannot always carry full details.  I ���     ,  K_1_-OTMII��^  Dec. 12���11:30 a.m. Casa Martlncx. Sechelt Hospital Auxiliary Luncheon Meeting. ,  Dec. 13���110 a.m.-l p.m, Wilson Crock Hall, Coffoo Party.  Dec,   13���2 p,m.  Super-Valu, Glb-ians,  L,A.  to Kantiers,  Gul-os .and  Brownies Bake Sale.  Doc, 1 .���9 p.m. Wilson Crook Hall. .English Pub Night.  Doc, 18���10 a.m.-2 p.m, Cup of Milk Fund Cofftw Party, Ren, of Mrs,  R, Bonnie, Polnl Rd,, Hopkin. Landing, ,  ' Doc. 31-���6;30 p.m. Loglon Hall, Scchcll. New Yoar';. Eva Dance,  ASK FOR -REB CATALOGUE OF PROPERTY  Multiple Lilting Servlca  Vancouver Real Ettata  Board  REAl, ESTATE  INSURANCES  Sec licit 885-2161  A^EINICIES 1TD.  24 HOURS Gib.on. 006-7015  I  I  I  1  I.!  1  ��>  "���_r** ?**Vif '^ ^-* _^s*r*����T^V?,��(Wjrt^^^s**.-**^, ^y^, rtjj^h.^^^^p.j. ^^ ^j, _.,+.n-�����*f ^��*��,J*t��w_*M^��*t-��j*^-.. *�������, ���: rf^ ^n-^/Wf?1*!.^ 1 i       ���> . f  ��-��������* f  /fo  Gibsons Guide Troops ^^^^  sale  ...  fiSBiSONS 1st and 2nd Guide Troops Sueld a  very su&cess'M 'lea and sale of OiDsme  cooking and handicrafts at tlie Christian  ' Education Centre on'-Saturday, November  3Dth. j   .  This was the Guides first attempt at  raising tad. !by selling their own handicrafts and tbey were assisted iby Brownies  oi. the 2nd Gibsons Pack who also had a  handicraft'ta_fe.  i Funds raised will go towards buying  badges, >ma.erials for handicrafts and  caimping.  Wath three Brownie packs, 'two Guide  Troops -and Bangers to support, the Ladies  Auxiliary is also kept busy and on Friday,  Decembsr 13 th a Bake Sale will be held at  the Super Valu Store, Gibsons 'from 2 p_n.  UNEMPJXJYMENT    Insurance    C5o_3_ti_s-  sion's stepped-Hp drive against fraud is  paying off.  This, represents, an average Jttpasease -of  $t& per case, ��r 22.2 pet cent        ;.    , "  In July" 1S6S overpayments delected.ftot  It was inaugurated 'by Chief Ooimimisston-' the five region.- into .which the VSC opeta-  4timmmmt4m0mmM4ti^tm0��ntmmmMnt4t4tV4t40mm04titimt4t4t40tm0  CHRIST.V2AS  THURSDAY, DEC. 19th  7:30 p.m.  AT THE  SECHELT ROD & GUN  CLUB HOUSE  Bring your family we have games  for all ages. Come early, lots of  Turkeys and Prizes for ell. But  be careful Fa*hery Mother might  bring home the Bifid.  SECHELT  ROD & GUN  CLUB  -_-__��i__-Mnmi_______��  -�����_���___M-__--H1-__l__B  er J, M. De,sEoche.s, 'then newly 'appointed  to itl'is position, in February,     .   "'    !  Without additional sitaff but with con-  cer.'ra<_cn on improved methods of investi-  gatJo'a, th�� number of checks of claims and  t_-s t_'tal of detected overpayments, or payments of benefit which had been based von  claim statement- that eannot be substandard, is rising isSgndfican-ly.  "It's hard to say whether the principal  factor 'is initiative on our part, or a strong  public reaction against fund abuse," said  a UIC spokesman.  "Bzth factors are .certainly playing a  part."  For the period April 1 to July 31, 1968,  , tipre were.47,623 investigations on claims,  7��<3 cempared to 44,629 for the same period  in 19SL :  Overpayment's -detected by  formal  in-  . vesSigaitions into cases where statements  ���xnadiz- in claims were suspect amounted to  '���$413^908 from April" 1 to July 31, 1988, as  compared to $357,484 for the same period  ���cf 1987. This represents a 15.8 per cent in-  'CTEase in detected overpayments. At the  same time less cases resulting in overpay-  |-m.en_s were discovered.  The average overpayment det'gFcted in  the four month period of 1968 is $99, compared to ,$81 for the 'equivalent 1967 period.  tion is divided were as fcHows, The figures  for, July 1967 are in ibraekets,  Atlantic legion. $10;949 <$W,370); <Ju_ibec  $38,3C�� ($33,932)', Ontario $19,61�� ,($11,491);  Prairies $14,126 ($8,573); Pacific $6,75D  ($4,975).  Overpayments 'detected for the whole of  Canada in July 1968 amounted to ,$89,749,  compared to $69,341 in July 1967. This rep-l  re sen s an increased overpavm-esot of $29,-,.  408 detected, cr 29.4 per cent.  The average ovcipavment per case of  abuse detected was $74 in July 1968 as against $51 in July 1967, an increase of 45 per  cent.  There has been a distinct upward trend  in the fines imposed by courts on dishonest  claimants. In June 19S8 five prison terms,,  with: tot-option of fine, were .imposed fcrv  abuses by claimants, icompared with three,  prisofl terms without option handed down  in-line 1967.  In th�� ligM of 'the past- six months of the  pilot operation, the UIC is now pushing ar'  head on, a. larger scale control operation,  witb increased staff ^Unstated to investigations and extensive use of new criteria..  The trouble is that you always need a  cigars'lite to give yolk the courage to stop  smoking.  CRANK E. DECKER- OPTOMETRIST  Bel Block - Gibsons     ,  Every Wednesday  886-2248   ; : ; ���   ���, -     i      f.   Phone 885-2818  NITA'S BEAUTY SALON  Open in the Richter Block  $echelty &.C  PERMANENT WAVES -���'TINTS  HAIR CUT ��� STYLING -~ SHAM NG,  9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday  BRIAN'S DRIVE-IN  "he Brightest Spot on the Highway  Opposite the High School - Gibsons  Pot Toko Out Orders Phone 886-2433  MB^a^Mli^MIII^MHmMRWWMtaMMMMM-HHMMIMM  . t ���>  Tctephone 886-2069'  HOSE & ART ENTERPRISES  5-Ttery, Supplies, classes .& firing  deolsr for Duncan's Ceramic products  Pine Rd. & Gran-viev. Ave.  P-O. Box 62. Gibsons, S.C.  L & H. SWANSOk LTD.  Septic Tank- end Drain Fields A Backhoe ond  Front End Loader Wo '  .Screened Cement Gravel - Fill and Rood Grovel  Phone 885-9666 - Box 172 -Sechelt  John Hind-Smith  REFRIGERATION  PORT MELLON  TO PENDER HARBOUR  Phone 886-2231  from 9 a���m. to 5:30 p_m.  Res. 886-9949  C 8. S SALES  SECHELT. B.C.  APPLIANCES - HARDWARE  HOME FURNISHINGS  Phone 885-9713  ''"X;  R. H.  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Land Surveyors  Whitaker Block- Davis Bay  R.R. 1 Sechelt, B.C.  885-2332 or ZEnith 6430  Commercial Printing  Gibsons couple unite  in, doiible ring ceremony  ST. MARY'S Oa-bolic C_.imd_, Gibsoims was  the ���scene of a prisfcby wedcli-sg on Sater-  da>y, NovfiimibFSi- 30fh jwheii a% 4 p.m., Oainol  Ann j B--ser becaime .-be bride of Wayne  James Skinner. Tibe bride is tibe daugbter  of Mr. and Mns. George Boser and toe  groo'm is the son of Mr,.and Mrs. Don S___-  ner, .botb fa_iiM.es of Oibsoj-S^, B.C,  Fatter Keimy officiated at the double  ring ceremony. '  Given in. mamajge by ber faitber, -be  bride wore a floor leogtlb gown wMb lace  sweetheart oeckiijae Faiad long lily point  sleev'Es. Her bauffan't v>effi_ was beld in place  by a single white flower and sne carried ia  bc'uquet of red ros0bud;s and white carna-  tions. Her pendant Becklaioe iaod earrings  were a .gift from _he 'groom.  Attending the bride were Miss Audrey  Waterhouse gowned  __ a blue lace knee  length   dress   and   JMrs.   Nanette   Eldred.:  gowned in a ipink lace knee length <_cess:.  Best masn was Mr. Stan Sttuibbs-; ushers  were Mr. Jim Skinner, brothei" of the  groom and Mr. Brian -Bossier, brother of t_e  'bride.  Reception followed in the Legion Hall,,  Gibsons --wheaie- Mr. Bud 'Blaitc__ord was  Master of Ceremonies. Toast to itihe bride  was given iby Mr. Ken Pearson of Wilson  Craek arid the toast to the bridesmaids was  given by ithe best man, Mr. Stam Stubbs.  The lovely three tiered wedding cake wa.  made ,by tke pride's snpSoen, Mirs. Julia  Boser and decorated by Mrs. Ronald Hughes of Roberts Creek. ,  Foiojving the smorgasbord supper prepared by the 'Ladies Auxiliary to Royal  Canadian Legion Branch 109, the b_uppy  couple distributed wedding cake amongst  the. guests.  For travelling the bride wore an eaner-  ald green two piece suit with black and  gold accessories A brief honeymoon was  . spent at Abbotsford and on -heir return  the young couple will reside in Gibsons.  Out' of town guests included; Mrs. Irene  .Monagban, aunt of the bride, from FFalun,  Alberta', Mr. and Mrs. Pester Herman; aunt  and uncle of the bride.. Mr. and M��s. Frank  Herman; Mr. and Mrs. Nick Herman from  Haney; Mrs. Monica Thompson from Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Itaran; Mr.  and Msrs. Lee Matrie; Mr. and Mrs. Don  ���Thompson; Mr. and Mrs. John West froni  Nanaimo.  -TfeeP^ntrisub.F'liroes  , Wednesdoy/Pecemfeer 11^ 1968  In Ycmr Garden  ���By Tina Old Roka  WHBN deciding on gifts for ���_ri_tn_as- we  often' try to get -0__��t___g d-E-eremt, and  gifts for a jgardeaier present no dj_ficulty  - as there is a large field to dhoose firom,' An  ardent gardener would most ceitainly be  pleased with and use to good advantage, a  soil Wting kit. These Mts will give an  exact finding to let you know what your  soil requires. You can get an exact reading on the acid or alkaline condition of the  sok and what elements are lactag. This  is very important if we are to garden intelligently. Kits are priced from six. to  seven dollars to 'thirty five dollars for the  professional one. The more you pay the  more tests you wU be aMe to make.  Although we Idon't plant roses at Christmas time it is a good time to order'them.  Most rose growers will send a catalogue  along with a card stating from whom gift  comes and wi_. send the selected bushes at  the proper time.  Also to be had are books ithat deal with  ���specific plants and those who specialize in  suich as 'mums, dahlias, lilies^ cactus or  rock plants, can never get enough information on (their favourite plant. A book on  the local wild flora could very wiell ibe 'Hhe  start of a worth while bobby;  not many  people Jtnow very mudi about what grows  in the'bush all around us. The fact that  books have been written about our wild  plants is often a surprise to many people.  Although llower arra'nging is looked up-  _>n as a woman's field, some of ithe besti  arrangers are men.  Again a book on this  subject could well be .-the -start of an interesting hobby.  No masfeter what phas.�� of  gardening you can think of, there is a book  covering it, and books- keep an saying Merry Christmas year after year.  Aoo-her type of book that makes a nice  gift is a garden diary. The gardener who  malices notes always knows things about  his garden that would otherwise slip the  mind.. For instance when certain bulbs  were planted and wben they should ibe lifted .and divided, times to spray, weather  conditions and flowering dates can all be  recorded for rutee reference.  As I have said ibefore, the -dtimate in  gifts for a gardener is a green-house. But  the gardener is an easy person to please  so even a trowel would be aippreciaited.  just be sure it is a good one. The same  a.pplies to aU hand tools, secateurs, shears,  sipades, 'hoes and lakes; it is f __se economy  to buy -heap tools; ���-������'���: ��� xx3- -  Two families of gnus that Eved near one  another had young sons, like all youngsters; the littlefc gnus spent much of their  time. getting .into trouble. Each mother.  gnu thought the other's child was always  causing the teouible. | I  Fina'_.y F��ne mother sai,d:  "You should  give your child' a sound spanking.'.  Re.p!ied the other mother r '"Why don't  Mmsmsmsms  see THE TIMES  you go paddle your own gnu?"  ���;.-yqpaiairetJifc _g_��caaaa{!#i��__3_^gwaBe-��������_.��������  S3T  Fistmas tia  Tliero Is great joy in ,exohangiiig Christmas  Greetings by telephone. So much bo^ in faot, that  thousands and thousands of Canadians do so  each year. As a result, telephone facilities become  crowded with traffic and you may encounter  delays in completing your calls, ��specially on  Christmas Day.  You can avoid these delays. Just follow tho  telephone tips below:  FIRST Make a list now of those  persons in distant places to Whoxfi  you plan to plaoe Christmas greetings oallH this year. Jot down tho  area code and telephone number  for eaoh one. You can get these ���  without charge ��� through your  pperator, or by following instructions in your telephone directory  for reaching out-of-provinoe information directly.  Do this now so you "Won't have to  fight heavy holiday traffic jufet to  get your numbers. By being prepared, you'll Have time with your  Christmas calls, whether yoxi dial  them directly or assist the operator by giving her tho number you  want to reach.  SECOND Don't wait until  Christmas Day itsblf, when circuits across Canada will be overloaded, to place ail your calls.  Spread them, over tho holiday1-  season. Your family and friends  will enjoy your oalls just as much,  and you'll be moro certain of  getting through without d-6_ay.  REMEMBER Low night ratea  apply after 0 jp.m. daily and all  day Sunday on telephone calla to  anywhere in North America.  FREPARE    YOUR    CHRISTMAS  PHONE LIST NOW. SPREAD  YOUR CALLS.  And have a Happy Christmas.      j  -./���"><��-  -*AT  1/       '  .     -  BRITISH COLUMBIA KUPHONt COMPMf  ^v*^**^^********^^  *|*|*lF1(_}rf^��^*(lWrt(W��|,��  ..tf^^^^^..,^.^^^.^^ ^���^^��,*5'*���'*,*^^T'7V;*V', Vi  i''M '         i,'F- *                                                      '                           -                                r                                               s                               '       V l��   .'; ' _  vt      , _ ��   S ' *                                                        -   ' *     '  *                  -               '                                  I             ^ l- ���* j  'H '     �� (' .                                                                                   .           -         i             ' .     > "i -' '��i v  ' . '                                                                       , YY > '  ..��-_*��<    -.��* -1.*?  *"���" '"Sfi'i-f;*.  ; -'f%Fi'/F'  ,V    ~*  -_ i  Pago 4    )'l    ��'��|IFJ  The Pe^s^a _j$p|9f  ���i"^i,.iii,i|i)jiij(iii  Wednesday, December 11-1968  ThePeniwsu_41^^  *7 yjtoy ie >(wpii_. i&tff / sha}\ mot He ip wrong qs to fail to say what I believe to be right."  1 _ ___Tnf_Kf A-rcitJC  -JOHN AlTUNS  Douglas G. Wtoeler, JS-jKT-W ��� Stewart B. At_c___>, Publisher  uHuaamaaammammtiuWla0tfi.f^at^Ufnm rnini���rr~-___-___-_______-__-_______.r'  1  THERE was a time when ]*MibJiG apathy  was such that many appirpjps *Q  public office were put in by acclamation  and repeatedly returned year a$er yepr  by the same great demoq^tic pxpeess,  men,  Change on Sechelt council was obviously needed and appreciated as were  changes on school board. Rejection of  the school referendum simply reflected  Providing the boat remained' unrqqked . bad public relations and doubt by the  and cruised along smoothly wit|i little or  no added cost everyone was Jiappy anil  change was usually considered, an unnecessary chore.  Today the situation has changed drastically. Large sums of taxpayers Tmoney  are literally demanded with increasing  tempo as need for progress calls for added  and improved services. The little red  school house has, in a comparatively  short time, become a gigantic complex  with facilities which have extended far  beyond the old concept of education-  Sleepy villages have become actively involved in the great commercial whirl;  and in order to keep ahead' are faced  with water and sewer projects which are  naturally expensive undertakings..  It is therefore with little wonder tfcat,  faced with these growing demands, the  taxpayer has suddenly awakened to the  fact that genial old John Doe who so  readily agreed to represent him in the  past, requires a little grey matter to boot.  Consequence is people are now $hpw-  ing an awareness of who does what and  how. Greater attention is paid to nomination of candidates and their performance  when elected. This aspect is aided by  those of the ethical press not' afraid  to publish both sides of the picture.  Servitude to individuals pr grpups such  as councils and school boards is revolting  and to be deplored. Fortunately very few  newspapers remain which exist by these  means, today's press, in general prefer-  to present the facts not weakly drivel designed to please certain taskmasters.  Perhaps one of the more significant  aspects of the recent elections and voting  on bylaws was the fact that people will  support a project if it is considered suf-��  ficiently worthy and when the facts are  presented in a straightforward manner.  When changes are needed* in public office  the taxpayer acts accordingly. If all does  not seem right with a proposition it is  rejected.  Acceptance of the Gibsons sewer,  bylaw, by a substantial majority, marks  the start of a new future for the village  for.it opens the way to bigger and better  progress. It was a dire necessity and  voters not only appreciated the fact but  indicated sufficient faith in their council  by approving both lhe bylaw and return  to office, by acclamation, two of its alder-  electorate. The whys and wherefores  would take far more space than is.  presently available, but the most important matter, is the outcome. This is not  as serious as we might be led to think for  because the electorate registers disapproval to one referendum it does not  mean we automatically have to swing into  shift classes. En six months time it will  be possible to again go to the people  and during that period of time carry out  any changes considered more realistic.  More important, adopt a rather more  open approach by letting those who pay  the shot know a few more facts.  Much of the blame for the failure  lies with the provincial government and  this is where the truth in an outspoken  manner might have helped. That the  department of education should have held  up the referendum until the lost possible  moment after so many months in which  to act, is lamentable. But why not outspoken and say so? If our educational  facilities are to be sabotaged by the actions of a few incompetents in Victoria an  issue should be made of the fact. To state  it was impossible to acquaint the public  with details of the proposals until Victoria  had approved is so much hogwash. It  would have been a simple matter to have  told the taxpayer: "This is what we propose and this is why. Whether the education minister will approve is another  matter, but it is what we require." Then  meetings could have been held and plans  debated well in advance. To keep everything behind closed doors until the last  minute is fatal and ludicrous. When the  voter pays the shot he has every right to  know just why and for what.  Another unfortunate aspect is that  of the ��ge old parochialism. Pender is for  Pender, Sechelt for Sechelt and Gibsons  for Gibsons. This may be a fact of life,  but while it exists progress will be hindered at considerable expense. Not only  must this general attitude be eradicated  it  must  also  be eliminated from the  workings of public office ... if we are to  advance with the times. Above all, let us  remove from such quarters the arroganc_  which appears to dominate the thinking  Of some .of our elected representatives.  To turn around and suggest "The public  is wrong and we aire right," is a blunder.  The public is not lacking in intelligence.  <���/  Fletcher's PkUmophy  ���Harry, W. Fletcher  QUESTION  What makes a rooster crow at night?  Does be remember some forgotten hen,  Or vainly seek to expedite  Tbe dawn; or just an afterthought amen?  Why should a tree grow toll and straight?  To seek the sun, or maybe to defy  The pull of gravity, and wail  With arms outstretched, perhaps to someday  fly?  What motivates lhe search for space?  The need to colonize another earth  For future hordes to find a place  To live? So why not halt the need at birth?  And why should men with such short years  For life, waste energies in hate and war?   /  Why spoil the yearn to love with tears  When peace and beauty stand at open door?  THUR., FRI., SAT. ot 8 p.m.  Dec. 12. 13, 14  Paul St. Pierre  ���Letter from Parliament Hill  My, my, but the locals are becoming militant!  ay  MB  LAST WEEK The Times started its sixth  year.      j    '  In the human yardstick, six years is  just the beginning, although kindergarten  experts tell us that a child���by the time  he is six���has received the impressions  that will guide him all his life,  As its publisher, I can sajj things here  which Editor Doug Wheeler and his capable   assistant   Marcia   Wheeler,   mi��ht  hesitate to say, although 1 am quite sure  you know how they stand on local issues.  Although The Times started only five  years ago, the need for its services was  seen 25 years ago.  In 1943 Ernie Pearson, a far-seeing booster for thc Peninsula area, urged my father to start a  paper  here.    It  was first  published  at  Halfrnoon Bay, then moved to Sechelt,  later to Gibsons. It was a disaster, financially, but both partners (Ernie and my  dad) believed so much in the need for a  paper that we now have two in the area.  Two others have  been  attempted  and  failed. They were too far ahead of the.r  time, as was Ernie Pearson.  Too impatient.  But Ernie didn't fail. His dream is  in your hands now, as you rcadi,  He visualised your neon signs, your  modern buildings, your lusty growth  from Egmont to Port Ivjellon, and particularly the peninsula area, which he  loved, wild as it was a quartcr-ccnlury  ago,  In five years thc growth of this area  has been astounding. But this is only the  beginning. What we do now, as community leaders, as the peoplu who fire  unwilling to "leave it, to George," will  make the next live years unbelievable.  Some of us will be chtrcpfcneurn.  That is, wc shall place pcn.on.il gain  above community service. Dutr__fortup-  jilely-���many will be loadcrt, willing to  **"*" mmtmimtimimmmmi���mmtmt wpp.^���p* ����� ��.���_�����.��i^y^py^i^L maimammX} WW  ThePeninsulaY^w*  Published WcdncsdnyN at JJpchdt  on J_,C.\_ Sunshine Count  by i  r m  (Srirhcli IVnlntuilu Time* Ltd.  ho* 381 . Sechelt, Ji/C.  Doughs 0, Wheeler, Rdttor  ,\, //. Aksord, Publptkn  Subscription Rates: (In ndvinee)  1 Year, $5 - ?. Years. $9 - 3 Yearn, $JJ  U.S. nnd Iwcljpi, $5.50  Srrvlnft the turn from Port Mrflprt To ^ginpnt  (//cwr Sound to Jervlt fnltt)  wait for a profit from the second mile,  from the enjoyment and the satisfaction  of doing what will benefit our neighbors  and our sons and daughters.  The area which The Times serves has  many people who are doing a job which,  if it could be duplicated in the metropolitan areas, would see many of the daily  press scare headlines non-existent. I'd  like to name the&e people, but the possibility of missing one is too great.  They are people who are really living. I salute you. You are bigger than  the biggest people.  The Times has made mistakes', in this  "short five years. We shall make more,  for action must inevitably result in the  occasional boner. If one doesn't attempt  something, one will never accomplish  anything.  We could play it safe, as a newspaper, and avoid rocking the boat. But  that won't build anything ... it will just  prevent it from sinking.  We have been threatened with libel  suits, all of which have evaporated in the  cold light of fact. The best defence  against libel, so the lawyers aver, is  truth. i  I would not presume to be self-satisfied at this timet The Times, after five  years, has only reached the break-even  point, which should prove my belief in  our community, But this is no mean  accomplishment, for wc have created a  payroll of taxpayers here which will continue to grow.  And wc have achieved an audited,  paid circulation of almost 80 percent of  thc area. One man questioned our steady  and rapid circulation growth claim with  a formal demand to thc Audit Bureau of  Circulations (of which we arc a member) for a recount. We came out with  one extra subscriber over what we had  claimed, an unusual event, since most  pajkrs subject to this demand prove to  be far short of their claims.  It has been a most eventful five  years, As 1 said, the next five you will  never believe. Just have faith in syour  community, in its fine people, and know  that they will overcome the few who  would use it and debase it and prostitute  it for their own ends.  Wo shall probably Jmvc our squabbles, our differences, but if we are a  sound family, we shall survive, grow,  prosper, and above all, wc shall leave  something really worthwhile for the people who will follow us to enjoy this fabulous Sunshine Coast.  Happy bir-hdny to us!  -���Stewart B. Alsgard  OTTAWA���'For long these many day's, be-  ginning in the early afternoon and ending at 10 p.m., the Commons has beempass-  ing estimates. In simpler terms, the Members of Parliament have been approving  the government's plans to spend tax dollars  This is one of (Parliament's most cherished rights.  iGovernmenfts were originally appointed  by Gangs. They are now appointed by some  more mysterious process, involving what is  called The Popular Will, God, The Great  Two-Tailed Toad or some other, invisible  force.  Whatever the process, the government  is not Parliament  The  government may legislate,  but it  receives money only when Parliament vote-  it   Therefore, Parliament's scrutiny of government's proposed spendmgs is, supposedly, the right 'Which makes Parliament supreme to all other forces of ithe nation,  (except that of the general citizenry, who  retain the right to vote out MPs' at elections and if necessary, string them up to  lamp-posts if elections are unduly delayed.)  How well, then. froes Parliamentary control of government spending operate'  How thorough is this scrutiny'  In the present consideration of the estimates, it seems rather less than impressive. For one thing, most of the i��aney has  already 'been spent. There have ���een what  are called interim supply votes durjing the  recent months of election and confusion. As  a result we are, in the month 6f November',  voting  on   departmental  estimates' which  began being spent last March and which  will cease next March. Y  Is this the only deficiency of \the process?  By no means.  Let .us 'hear the testimony of a senior  Parliamentarian, IMr. Baldwin, Conservative Member for Peace River, A-berta:  "Mr: Chairman, 'I have a f<ew observations .1 should like to make. During our  consideration of this item in the estima'tes.  "When we are in the committee, of supply I sometimes have the feeling that d.a_  ing with these estimates is Jike an ancient  tribal ritual greeting spring. It has no real  meaning as an examination of thc estimates.  '. only hope-that the new structure' or  procedure of sending (the es.timates Urcom-  .mltteeis will ibe more effective.  "While 1 recognize the usefulness of  using the discussion of estimates as a  moans of presenting the sort of argument  wc have heard from members of the NDP  ���and.ivte have been doing the sairie thing  '���I hope that proper uso of the1 committee  system will result, ip,a far more mcaninK-  ful' effort.'.'  Mr. Baldwin proceeded to suggest that  there Ibe five-year estimates of spending  programs and that each year, as estimate^  were presented, there be figures to show  whether the various project** were ahead or  behind original estimates. Then, continuing  the Hansard report of his remarks:   '  "Then, in four or five years, wc would  be 'able to come to decisions, to evaluate  the various proposals, and possibly when  wc come to deal with the supply of money  to the ^government, we 'would ihe able {��.  exercise a judgment which at the present  lime II am afraid can only be a slab In the  dark.  "There may,be good and valid reason*  why this should not bc done, My recollec-  tion Is that It was Secretary Mt-Namnrai In  the Unitjj,$ Slates who introduced into tin-'  department of defence there a budget pro'-  gramming and a more Intelligent and  searching look.  "We heard from the Minister of J .naneo  that he too Is now doing this (scientifically  and that im ha�� computers for th-e pun,(,M.  "Talking about tribal ritual, and havln.'  in mind what thc Minister of Flnanre has  succeeded In doing, I often think that -when  camo io estimate his bud'ge|..wy iproj-mv  als and his deficit he"probalbly slaughtered  a chicken and examined its entrails, and  this is where he came up with the facts  which he gave to (this house last fall, and  again recently."  Whether Mx. Baldwin's suggestion for  more efficiency in Parliamentary scrutiny  of 'government spending is best, we cannot  say   He cannot Say hiansejf.  However, his w<*rds have a familiar  ring.   *_  Tribal rituals, he says. Tribal rituals is  tbe same term applied to this process by a  man of even more seniority in the House of  tonvJvms--St,anley Knowles, ,N_>P, of Win-  nipfejg-r  Und, to my knowledge, no spokesman oi  gov<fJ_jment or of the government party has  suggested that the present system is .effective. In fact,7 Prime Minister Trudeau is  one of the foremost proponents of parliamentary procedural reform.  But it will no(t _e easy.  Sechelt News Notes  LADIES Auxiliary to Seehelt Branch, Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 140 recently elected the following officers: President,  Mrs  Gladys Ritchie; 1st Vice, Mrs, Diane  Anderson; 2nd Vice,   Mrs. Vilda  Waters;  Secretary, Mrs. J. Lowrie; Treasurer, Mrs.  F. Creighton; Sergeant at Arms, Mrs. M.  Porter;   Executive   Committee   members,  Mrs M. Jaeger, Mrs. Nellie Erickson," Mrs.  Alice   Batchelor;    Past   President,    Mrs.  Gladdy Prost; Poppy Fund Representative,  Mrs  Alice Batchelor, There will be a jomt  installation in thiejnsar .future.  Spending the, past weekend in Vancouver, M_r-: and Mrs. A. Wi_li��m?5 of, Porp-  reminded to turn in books of raffle tickets  at the Auxiliary Luncheon on December 12  Anyone wishing to contribute to the Se-  elielt Auxilary Memorial Fund, in lieu of  sanding Christmas cards, please contact  i Mrs- Eve Mosenp at 885-9322  SAT., DJEC. 14 at 2 p.m.  (SPECIAL CHILDREN'S SHOW  TOMBOY & CHAMP  NDAY. DECEMBER 16 CLOSED  TUES., DEC. 17 Hl-C BENEFIT  I POCKET FUU. OF MIRACLES  An insurance salesman was working on  a prospect. "This policy will cost you only  $5.90 a month on straight life Do you >want  to giye me your signature now'"  'That pounds pretty good," said Jhe cuS-  ���ut - had in mind to fool around  ..., _���.,___.__.-  ���___ ���,---_   _,tomer, "tout I  oiSe Bay attended the Symphony Concert $ome on' Saturday nights."  at the Queen Elizabeth. Theatre ior ihe premiere of Mr. Lioyd Burntt's composition  "Assasination". Mr. Burritt is a graduated  of Elpphinstone SchooL Mrs. Williams  thought the.pprforman_,e jyas,both outstanding and interesting and gave the feeling  of being present >at the tragic event ind in  the midst of a nation; da mourning. They  also enjoyed a. visit to .the Planetarium.  Mr, and Mrs. Garnet Flekher and Mrs.  Freda Adams jof .Vancouver were wieekend  guests at the home of, Mr. and Mrs. Harry  Baitehelojr.    ,y  w,,;  Mr. and Mrs. C..T. Gordon visited Mr.  and, Mrs. John Clark of Vancouver over the  weekend.  Visiting Mips, A. A. French was Mr.  John Mckenzie of Victoria, an engineer on  the Big Arrow Dam; an Old time visitor to  Sechelt, he was astounded at the many  changes in the 'area. Also visiting wwe  Mr. and Mrs, Jack McGee of Ladner.  ; Membeirs of the ��� Sechelt Auxiliary  , THUR., FRI.. DEC. 18.19, 20  ��__T'  |i\jVvrf*;*, 0&'vrt  TWILIGHT TB-EATD5E  are  _l_fTOj_-Ffh___^  insfmm 9w��gesmpms  IF YOU DbHJ WANT TO BUY"H_VUA,       ,  MERCURY OUTBOARD or a STARCRAFT ALUMINUM or  FIBREGLASS BOAT  HOW ABOUT:���  Fishing Tackle r Ro_i - RepK-ITactye -Box  Net or an lc!e Chest - Anchor - Air Guide Compass  Combination Running' Lights' - FalconJAir Horn  Plastic Bilge Pump      '  SEE THEM AT  , .'Hodiiocic's -"CiiIhiimi;  Madeira Park i  Phone 883-2243  WH��yWi_^^  OBBB  O  o  o  o  ��� ������������  o  o  .....  SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14lli -1 P.M  i  ���fa Lead by the Sechelt Residential Band.  lie  "k Santa stops in tho vicinity  of Gordon & K^nnettt,  Cowrie Strefj., Sechelt.  Treat for  the  youngsters.  THE  PENINSULA TIMES  ^mmmmmmmmmma^ammmmmmmmtxammmmmaa  ,!lft.tt#iflWft!ft#!lll!f!li|f?f!t!#!tf r  ^ars^f'^'^''  ��Visif fo Planetarium  highlighted OAPO trip  'JWHJILE there was not a big turnout for the  5 social a_. erncon of the, Sfichelt OAPO on  YDeecmher 5th, those -members who were .  , ^'present enjoyed a very ipjeasant afternoon.  Yfhey helped to pack ihe bags o'f oranges  ��pn4 candies fop Old Santa- Marstin to distribute at the Christmas dinner and then  ^relaxed over friendly games of criKbage ,  "and checkers,    ,   >  f   An informal 'Bingo -was run, with all the  rprize�� donated toy 'Mrs. Guy Clear.  The  /fully loaded bus ���or the Vancouver trip  Started off in heavy rain on J>ecem.->er 3rd,  ��� but the weather Cleared !by thc time the bus  'reached Vancouver-   The highlight of the  day for many qf 'the party was a yisitto tbe  Planetarium, -which proved  a fascinating  and 'memorable experience.  As more than  ;20 -members of the group visited the Plan-  Setarium, they were all able to enjoy the  Sppecijal party rales.  if There are -till a few tickets for the  TiCbristrhas Dinner on Thursday, December  "I2��h at 12:30 .p^m., and these can he obtained 'from Bill Coffey or at the door.  ^Tots riding bikes  should have lights  THE  longer  hour^ of  darkness  and  the  '   foggy daylight hours of fall and winter  provide great hazards���against safety.  It  is absolutely unsafe to he on the highway^  without proper warning to others, and, for  .this reason, it is essential- that all motorists,  and bicycle  and  motorcycle riders,  'see that their vehicles aTe properly lighted  ���when they are operating on the streets and  highways.'  In order that you may stay within the  law, and protect your own safety and that  of others,  the following  safety  practices  %$ Peninsula Times ' P<nge 5  Wednesday, December 1 f, I960  moon Bay hap0r$0��  %;^v,,TiBk_. Squarinaly Yours  AJF    -_1-_.4-_*r_-Vi**v,svf>.      1*����.   nvimJTn * XXWXXXW 0  ON DECEUfBEiR 1st, friends and neigh-  hours of Mr.'-.Harry'.Mills and Mr, Bucfc  Cranswick foregathered at th* Pat Murphy  hj|rne to wisk Godspeed to 4hese two old,  fiends who have sold their property and  ate leaving the Bay,  ~5 Mr. Mills, who will tj>e celebrating his  been their _jm, Tern, of Vattpojiyeft, bis wife  Pat and their chjUjlren 4la�� an4 pne-montb-  old Thomas Wtedetilfe,   '''*'*   -  Visiting the Fraflk hypns last weekend  <wete,fiieit sons piehar^ and ^Gordon Laird.  ���by Maurice Hemstreet  I BATE lo draw your attention to the fact  that it is December already.  However,  with Christmas just liwo weeks away prep-   w         Reno seems .to foe/pne of .he'favourite   arations are under way,for a grand finale  w_ birthday 4his'monlh7is waving ioVao-    vacation spots ifofe ye?t, though<two tarn-   with the Gibsons Squarenaders at the Hop-  eouver after 18 years' residence in Half-   Hies recently retwrped fra&v fjavada, the   Wns FJail next Saturday night. Get the rate  *-       -       -     -        ��� ���   ���        ��� - - ������    Jack Burrows aiwj the "Ifcg Wywfds, found   ��-*>. 'Dec. I4tb, 1983, 8.3D p.m   "-���� �����  the Ponderosa Rancl*,' the setting for so  __oon Bay. Mr, Cranswick has already  taken up residence in the Senior Citizens*  ���%mes m Sechelt.  A Mrs Murphy, in a delightful 'Irish toast  to the two guests of honour,, said: "May the  road rise up before you; may the wind be  always at your back, may the sunshine  wjait upon your face and, until we meet  many western Slavics, eyer\ mute interesting 4han Reno.   - ' _ .       '  On December'24thYRoy Marshall will  spend his 2ist birthday in hospital at Powell  Biver. His mother, .-l&r^ &��rth Comyn,  plans io visit bim &r\ibe pctaiiop, but for  am, may Cod keep you both in the palm   friends^who -yould J_ol to -_ni| &oy a igreet-  ii.. _-___. ������ ing t8 brighten this speci&\-day, bis address  is Extended Care Unit, Poyvell Biver Hospital. ' ,  Charles Tinkley is undergoing tests in  St. -Mary's Hospital.  Ed. Tjensvold is home after a stay in  hospital.  of His hand/'  ; On behalf qf all the people who knew  them and ail the people who' loved them,  'Sirs Jim Craves presented them with farewell gifits. Mr. ijMilis was presented witb  a Humidor of Italian hotn, filled with bis  favourite cigars and 'Mr.' Cranswick a set  of breakfast dishes,    Mr. Mills expressed his thanks by singing "Land of My Fathers" in Welsh and,     -  Smoking is 'shocking Jo some people in  in honour of his hostess, Mrs. -Murphy, he    Seattle, Washington, University of Washings-no "ww* +_^ ��;,._- .��.^��n�� _?To,.,c��   ��Cn psychologies jare treating sixty smo-  Ir_9i*o u_-fir_     ^.ir*_*.+c     +J..' f1 -_>*���$*-     *mA4\%       _*_1_._A4-*__s_.  Same old c^nt miracle  Cup or can,' it doesn't matter as long reaped a bumper harvest earlier this  as there Js milk inside. This .small year thanks to a new home-grown  girl has v&en waiting since 3:30 a.m. seed, it will take more than one crop  for a Unitarian Service Committee to relieve the poverty of years, and  sponsored' nplk distribution in Mad-   the lives of thousands of children con-  ras, India, -which begins at half past   tinue to depend on their daily supply   7*L% an ���������*,���* ...^.^ ��� j,Qimt, aiui  ��_.,_   t-__* ��,����_.   ��___ ttfcst< A;~t~;uf.*���A    ���f r��^ju��� -,;n,  tu_��� *i���^*#.-:     joyed an excellent supper and a happy and  should be foloiwed  WxWSWBr lacHrs^PVom one-half hour   five. Last year, the USC distributed   of Canadian milk. This year" the "Uri-  after sunset to one-hal hour before sun- 5,344,000 eupp of milk in 15 different ' itgrian Service Committee is appeal-  areas in In^ and Korea. Despite ris- ing for $1,245,000 in funds and gifts in  ign costs the USC can slill provide a kind. As usual Mrs. R. F. Bennie of  brimming cup of milk for one cent. Point Road, Hopkins Landing, starts  Milk is often the only protein food off this worthy campaign with her an-  these children eat. Fifty per cent of nual fund raising coffee party. This  __ _ India's diseases continue to be caus-   will be held Wednesda}^, December 18  use head_gMs.~W<jy"bav- b*.n deSgniiji   ed by malnutrition. Although Jndia   from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m  for that type of us�� and parking lights do  not have sufficient c andle power bo qualify.  Approaching motorists heed plenty of warning of your'presence SEE AMD :5E SEEN.  ���   TURN SM__NM_S- --Make sure your tufa i  signals are ifa.j-Oqd worMng ord<r and.M-  iYS signail) "yo^ir intention when you al.'  sang "Where the Biver Shannon Flows  Ted Surtees sang a fine Welsh solo and trio  of Mrs. "Murphy, Milford McAllister and  Don Henderson gave a grand rendition of  ^Galway Bay,'' iMrs. "Murphy, assisted by  $frs. Bill Swain, Mrs. Ruby Warne and  I>eirdre Murphy served an excellent supper  <jf turkey and salads followed hy baked  Alaska  AUXILIARY  The HaJInjoon Bay. Auxiliary, to St.  Mary's Hospital held its annual Christinas  smorgasbord at the��home.of Mrs. Frank  Lyons on Decem_er 2nd iwhen members eri-F  kers���who -wanv. *��'4 ijuit-wiai electric  shock. Vfhep ti^ptjhpke, ^electrodes attached to their' fwgc]rp> trap^mit 'a shock.  It's the old P-ivfty's^ re��|-ii-t-'punishrtieint  theory. Said ohe'tof thja psychologists:  "EyeiWlly the personam learn the con-  .csctionr between taking';!#,. puff and the  existence of shocking affah-."  Make it  a must to be on time so that caller Harry  iRobertson will be afole to bring forth a tremendous program for the whole evening.  This is turn will bring to an end the year  _t-"98 with fun for all and all for fun Ladies!  it would 'be nice if you were to bring something. Christmasy for the refreshments table. Colors ��f course are "red and green  with gold as a runner up, oh! and fellows,  ���wear something to Wend in with Christmas,  like red or green ties 'With matching red  trousers; Better forget the red trousers,  they may make you the center of attraction.  4t is. customary at a Christmas square  dance to each brihg a gift "where at coffee  time exchange.of gifts will take place, reak  ly dig into your imagination to come up  with something different, not expensive,  aibout one dollar value.  All square dancers welcome, wherever  you come from. Tbis will ibe a really big  show so we will see you at the square dance  with a HO, HO, BO.     :,  TIMES ADBRIEFS WORK FOR VOL'  CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE  Post OWice Bldg., Secbelt -Phone 885-2333  WEDNESDAY - 12 noon-5:00 p.m.  Wednesdays after 5:00 p,nji, by oppointment  SATURDAY-^-2 p;m. to 5:00 p.m.  rise, a motor vehicle must NOT be driven  without headlights. The us^ of parking lights  while travelling on the roads during! dusk  and dawn, when it is foggy, or when visi-i  Tjility is poor, is a very jiangerojis. pra��-ic-  and it is the cause pf far too many acscci  dents. Bf it is dark; .iioaigh for any lights,  Wnix��7   oiguaj   jrunix   |JL  g4fng to mi&ke;a|le-t turn'or'���*"������'rijgjht'tt___|  ]MC_X)lR10YCLEsi-'All too ofteii unEghtl  motorcycles ��� 1 loom, jout   of -novihere   ai  change course yithout any ind cation  tuflh signals-Ithat this "is' ihtewed.  Maiflr |  s can be prevented if  ���give  proper, signals and  LY*~'   \ ���.< '   '   '���  Unemployment Insurance  motorcycle a\  the I riders  maijIe-sure't&Wt-^  2YODES Ur Between dawn \ and...___  bicycles must lliave a lighted laimp on -fb%  fronti that can bfe seen for a distance of 5TO  feet, a red ^lector or red la^ on t&ei  rear.j and ah ^nch;-whiite paintefl at^kytm  the re^r -ni'lidgMrd. A Eg_^l-iffl^__i^it in  ���the rider's 'ha^:'b'il(rt"St_^  whose ve_3^s^!��i^;no' -ig^'ate-ii-yitii^  trouble. Th^ Jb-t thing a motorist wants to'  do is to hit a bicy_le rider, but he doesn't  stand a chance if the bicycle is not equip-  ���^d with !__.Ms.  ] Q. Why caij I not continue to draw unemployment insurance benefit when I am  available .tor ^art-time work? I paid my  contributions; td the Fund while I was employed on this-j__Sis.  A. Claimants who bave contributed to  tbe Unemployment Insurance Fund on a  part-time ba?ip  are  generally  granted   a  Any Quiistions please?  refusal of a job offer ma<le by CMC.    ,  A. No. Canada (Manpower Centres inform area offices of the Unemployment  Insurance Commission of refusals of employment they consider suitable, fhe decision as, to whether, the employment is suitable under the terms of -the Unemplopment  In-urance Act, and whether.1 the claimant  reasonable length of time on claim to firid    is - to be subject to disqualification from  employment under similar circumstances.  The length oftune for which unemployment  insurance is granted depends on the previous period of employment on a ��pairt-time  basis and"the availability of new. employ-'  ment Y  ���     . ���*���*   v -  Q. Could you tell me if an official of  the  Canada   Manpower  Centre- had  the  authority io-disqualify me from the receipt  ot unemployment .insurance benefit on my  "'-'I11' f~��   B'l  benefit on this account, depends  on the;  Unemployment  Insurance Commission.  Best defenise of the year goes 'to the roa��  arrested in' Oklahoma for smoking in bed  after firemen rushed into the hotel and  found his bed on fire. The man told the  court, "The bed was on fire when I got in  it." The judge didnt'-believe him and gave  him ninety days to cool off.  pleasant evening.  Winners were drawn )for('-b.e Christmas  raffle -and the prize winners were, 1st,  r Margaret -De Hart of Sechelt; 2nd, .Ron Marshall of Wilsoq Cr_ek;Y3rii; Moy Doyle of  Halfrnoon Bay. '������-,'  The Auxiliary has had a most successful year and, largely owing to the success  of the Regal isaLes, has been able to meet  its quota of $300. The,members express  their thanks to the community for supporting this venture so generously.  Next riieeting will rbe <m February 3rd  when new members and- interested people  will he welcome.  SMO.GASBORD  Tl e Christmas smorga-bbrd -Upper of  the welcome Beach Con_d3U_ity Association  will be olp Saturday, December Mh' at 6  p.m. Anybody intereistopl- in attending  sbouli elephoae1 the convenor/ Mi^YKeith  Ccm'yn ateg$^237Sl A prbgra__m-t<_: enter- .  tainnj-r.t has-been plannM to foHiJw.^the  supper... -.^xyx���  ^.:;^i;.Y.7....::.;V)..:i...���.^;-|v ..������>������  A busy 'winter season is planned at the  . Weleom^ Beach hall. It has 'been found  possible to continue a programme of travel  films, but they will be in the evenings instead of afternoons, starting in January.  jEnough ladies bave expressed interest for  a. dressmaking class to bit arranged, also  starting in January. ���-Those '_____jsted in-  either of these activities, 'please watch this  column for further details.  IN BRIEF  S     f Yffi 4l|^Af S if O; . SICHILf, B.C-      S  ,  Sij&ir SCHEDULE FLIGHTS BETWEEN  Downtown Vancouver - Gibsons -Pender Harbour area  s  'T: Y    '        on<* Seehelt.  MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY  ^LEAVESO  Voncouver      Pender Hbr. Sechelt Gibsons  9;00<im .    7.30 om      8:00 am      8:15 am  1:00 pm     11:30am    12:00 pm    12:15pm  CONNECTING FLIGHTS TO LOGGING CAMPS  SUNDAY ONLY  ^LEAVES^  Vonicouver     Pender Hbr.        Sechelt Gibsons  1:00 pm    11:30 am   12:00 noon   12:15 pm  fncludes Tliprmonby, Nelson, and Keotes Island.  .  JPLEASE'^SERVE SEATS IN ADVANCE.  CONNECTING FLIGHTS TO VICTORIA ARRANGED.  Blind Bay  Ed/Is Cove.  Egmont   ���  Sephelt ,.  ONE WAV FARES TO OR FROM VANCOUVER:  Gibsons   __  Keates isY-^y^r.  i     r~  Y.LLZ2.40  .20.65  .19.60  .. 9.00  9.00  9M  Pender Harbour  Ruby Lake    Sokinaw Lake ...  Secret Gove   Tho��ini'anby ,���;.  Van'liaghd. 1_���.  ~.. 19.25   21.70   21.70   16.45  ���_- ...__17.15  _.11_..������22.40  J AU: OTHER RM|S Mm^��St  iWalf foro %$n|ldren under 12 accompanied by adult.  HATES AMD SCHEDULE SUBJECT TO CHANGE  Recent .guest? of the Jack 'Burrows have    *%mmmmmim^^  ��^��"��'^^  �������"����^^^  it.  ji  .1  1  2 TURKEYS  Given away Free  each week until fMew Tear  Free entry forms at  any of the Sunnycrest  Shopping Centre  Stores.  CASH YOUR FAMILY  ALLOWANCE ��HEQUE  AT ANY SUNNYCREST  STORES AND A FREE  ENTRY GOES INTO  THE DRUM FOR OUR  MONTHLY $50 DRAW  One $30 and Two $10  Winners.  K����l<Ht(C����*����W^^  1  Friday, bee. 20 9 am to 9 pin  Saturday, Dec. 21L-9 am to 6 p  9onday, Dec. 23 _._9 am to 9 |tf!i  Tuesday, Dec. 24 .9 am to 6 pm  MEW YEAR'S HOUI-5  Closed noonday, Wednesday and  Thursday*  Open Tuesday, Friday snd  Sotnirday. ������  ,  |  ;riddy;'' December 2��  and  Sat mduft Pecenfikef 2  From 12 noon to 2 p.m.  FREE PICTURE AMD TREMS  FOR THE CHBLDREN  Bring them along for the thrill of  mooting tho old gentleman.  THI$ MOf-TH  IT ������-J3,D BE  YOU I  Oliver  F ,���'"  HcPHEDRAN  ELEC1RIC LID.  D. 6. DOUGHS  Variety and  "Anything You  Want Wo Have"  Phono 086-2615  ���""' "��� I"  se Drpp IM.  Phono 006-2726  On iho Sunnycffe*.  Plana for yam  Shopping P.cosuro  ���*1���~T~"nrtiTnrij_ijrin.rrn nrnrmmiTnrrmririTTf >-,--.���.���-_____._________��__���_��� ���>�����������������^�����^p_-^_t_i  m^mmmmmtmmwmmmmmmmm4mmmmmm~ammi~*mmammmmiammmim****a*mt*mi  wwwwwww*  t  Our popular monthly  Family Allowance Draw  flow gives you m better chance to  win. We give 3 prizes each month  One $30 and Two $10  Draws  Eronem announced monthly.  0i^^t4ihM0U4m,V4mm0MH444i4m0i^4440mm.^4m0004Mmmi0m00,��m_��**wmmmmmwmm��  Clarlis Inglsl  Limited  ileal Estate  and ff$��f^fQS3$^  Phono D06-2401  Dili's Shin Store  of Shots f��r  tto Entire Family  Phono 806-2624  Phono f P6-2424  unnycreit  phcv.a ��86-9962  T^q Service Station  Willi @veryth��n|E for  .    thet Motorist  Todd's Drygoods  Children and  E-o��_Eo3f Sports  i   Wear  Phono 006-9994  x  ri  H  Iii  <'  )'*  .  ���V  A  In  i A  A>  T  ���i)  ,iJ  Y  in  VI  A)  ���ol  'in  Fill  ><!  Fill  ��."  in  ���i'l  '.?.  ���^.fi.^^^^^i^fc^^  m>*f*JX&~,*%<*>**^^ '*'*.'* ���*���<* AF^-V^^,4,iiH*^^.f*.^^^-*iw^^.**.^^^*^ *v'*' "^'"^f^f* *4^A*^^*iMA*��lIS'',k-'^'  IS wiff'"j(Ni-?lVi^,'|-*#" *#__!%--l^jfr^^tpfp-ii-^^^1 ##>^H <|fct**.��WVi#i*i# nf  ^^��^1rfl^#_l!'>^F^t*.'��fr-*'J*^'' * - *      -     ��v *    ���_��� 'w���_��^*_7  , Gibsons United  Helping to keep soccer going in div- Thomas,   Richard   Sieotte,    Dennis       ision 2 this year, Gibsons United pla- Blatchford,   Bob  Blakeman.   Front:  yers often take time out to help with Doug Knowles,  Greg Hogue,  John   Passes after 42 years  younger teams before playing their Crosby, Perry Harding, Dan MacKay *  own game. From left, back row: Ken and Brian MacKenzie. residence  Bland,   coach;   Bob Johnson,   Kii;k  Random Thoughts  A FRIEND, of mine has jusit completed a  course in. SR '(Speed Reading), and al-  ���t_o_ig_i he's feeling pretty smug, 'he admits  he tad to -work very hard to get his  diploma, j  The greatest obstacle he had to learn  to overcome, was his c<_tr_ioded concept of  reading. As he explained it to me, it itafees  a student about two months Just to __learn  if he old attitudes of reading. E-vidently., the  instructors in itbe school have a terrible  time eradieatiDg the''Old-fashioned 'idea���"���(thalt'  one reads for pleasure. Pleaiure can foe so  time-consuming!  'However, my fri'end persevered and "finally mastered the art of reading for work,  but then he encountered another problem.  One- day, while he was reading a. story  in class, he was wondering why thfe -jerkins-  had chosen to stay alone, at night, in; a  deserted house, with the electricity i__od_ed  out by a thunderstorm, and where every  closet yielded either a headless tody, or a  ibadyless head, and "her GTO parked outside! ' ";��� ��� '*������  Suddenly lie was hurled violently across.  the*0-__1     ��� . ���-      ������"'  ���"What are you doing?" shrieked the  instructor.  " Uh, _ was just thinking about the girl  in this story," my friend quavered.  ^"Thinking!"    screamed    the    teacher.  "You're not supposed to foe thinking, you're  supposed to ibe reading!   You'll never learn,  to1 speed read, if you waste time ithinking!"  So much for that, .but there were* further '  pitfalls. The instructor, who >was a crafty  soul, decided to outsmart my friend .iby giv- .  mg him ithe 'dullest possible stuff to read in  the hope that he would rush .through it. He  selected Shakespeare. Now everyone knows  that the faster you get through Shakespeare  the foe>tter.  Unfortunately, >my friend had the quaint  notion that speed reading 'was pimply eyeball hopping ��� selecting a 'word here, a  phrase there. Using this method on Shakespeare toe came up with something like  this:  "iGood goddess Nature, a gross hag  Stay her tongue  Hang all the husbands  Bring one word 'tis dpne.  (Liars all!  Farewell, mad wenches, gross, gross,  fat, fat!"  His performance' on the technical stuff  .  SUPPLIES?  Wont to make your home  larger, more comfortable, more  modern, more beautiful?  Whatever | home improvement  project you have in mind,  you'll find helpful ideas and  information at your one stop  supplies shop  Peninsula Building  Supplies Ltd.  Phone 885-9669  SECHELT, B.C.  ���-4>y Mary Gross  was __t__- better:       I  ''To release the clutch, slip in closer,  A few kicks on the hull:, and it (plummets  to the ibottom."  By this time, the 'mstruotor was (beginning to despair, so he sent any friend to the  .counsellor's office.  After several 'sessions,, the counsellor decided this student must have had a traumatic experience in childhood. Sure enough,  when the parents were interviewed it was  discovered^rthat" this kid: used 'to' read for  fun! Apparently he took great -delight in  .curling up in bed with a peanut foutter sandwich and a (book. The -OunseEor said it  was the first case of its kind he's ever encountered. Anyway, it was mow a 'Simple  ���matter for the harassed instructor to induce  the student to assodat-v misery! with reading, instead of pleasure, i  (My friend I began to improve, put he was  ���si-LLL pretty slow.  One rainy1 day, while d_iv__gj .to .school,  he h.ad a brilliant idea. Why not train his  eyes to operate like a windshield wiper,  ���monotonously and / without _k.emip-K.i_,  sweeping back .audi forth ;a<epos-> the page,  wiping al the worlds away? it worked!  When he had his final test, foe caime out top  of the class. His reading was _aec_.a___a_ly  perfect, ihe could scan a whple book without selecting a single word, phrase or comma, 'and he had attained a reading speed  of '8,9718 w.p.m. .roughly).  Later .that day; I was thinking of my  friend's difficulties, and 1 decided the problem should foe tackled at the source. Why  i not eliminate the necessity for speed reading by teaching speed writing? Why should  a writer use a mountain of words for a  molehill of a thought?  Pender Highlites  ���by Karen  Dombroski  WITH CHRISTMAS coming up, Pender is'  busy planning plays and Chris-mas carols for the Oast day before the holiday.  To add to the Christmas Festivities the  Dance Club is holding a Christmas Dince,  on .December 2ttth. It will be featuring a  Vancouver band, "The Flood," recommended by 'CKCUG's Stevie Wonder. This  band has the sounds, of "The Doors" and  "The Collectors." The admission is $1.50  per person and $2.75, per couple. The last  day tickets can be purchased is December  13th.   Invitations are required.  PAST EVENTS  ,    'St. Thomas Aquinas boys paid a visit to  Elphinstone   on   Friday,   November   5^_nd. '  Here they were'billeted out to 'Gibsons students.  Saturday, they were bussed up to Pender  where they played a Wries of games againwt  Brooks and 'Pender.  ���Hurrah! Hurrah! The St. Thomas  Aquinas and Pender Cheerleaders .got together and really gave a bellow.  After a day of exciting 'games, a dance  look place. It lasted till 11:30 p,.m, and St,  Thomas went to homes of Pender students  for the night,  On Sunday morning, lhe boys attended  thc 9:(M> .Mils* at the Catholic Church In  Sex-hell. They then went back to their  licwnc.. Jn HMo.fUi Vancouver.  Isabel writes.  .   ���-Sfom thelegislature, Victoria  A" $30.7 ���M&LlJipiN. -tDjirist. expenditure, in" -  Britis-f C_lu,__lMarlasl ye'ar indicates ithe  prominent and' growing .role that industry  is playing an the jpr_vince?R economy. ',  *^ *- 7^1   __LJ? ^ ��vier-imrproMing highway, and ferry'  ^j^a i kSSmj    system fcas aided the indnspcy'M^ iapid.de- ,  ^**.'- Lr*\v      velopmenit by iprow-ing access $>' all fairfe.  a     *    '   of Hhs provinie.   ^    i.     \ P, - \  Roth international and  inteiprovincial  tourists ai�� attracted tovthe province .and'  the excellent transportation system facilitates their movement��,..     -> f '  The assiO-iated developim-eat'of firsfcclassV  accommodation- has- complemented Y_ie  highway network. During the year U2 new  tourist accommodation establishments were  constructed, bringing the total number to  2,063.  Authorities have been active in develop- r  ing natural resources for the benefit-of  tourists, especially the large numbers seeking outdoor activities.  Recreational -opportunities afforded by 7_5 million acres of  provincial and national parks are virtually '  unlimited,  i.,- {j* Provincial parks exceeding one-half mil  ls ^""-���x^ ' lion acres in^ude W^s Gray, Tweedsmuir,  ,** >.^T$,      "]     Garibaldi, Mount Rofoson and Strathcona.  V v * trar* *t' Garibaldi,  chosen as the site of Winter  V ??-?*/' -V4*      ?   ,     Olympics, will be developed r.ap__ly over  .*��>^"*   fa *       lj i     the next few years.  > "*       f? * Roadside picnic and camp sites are lo-  ��� cated along scenic main highways. ____rine  parks are also bang provided in increasing  numbers. *  British Columbia offers excellent sport  fishing and boating in coastal waters and  numerous rivers and lakes. The variety of  big game is the greatest in JsTorth America.  Alpine sports thrive, with increasing numbers of tourists arriving in winter months  to enjoy world-famous siding areas1.  To many tourisits, however, the main  attraction is the agreeable way of life to be  found in the province. British <Jolumbaa -  has much to offer to those interested in  cities, museums, historical sites; and interesting and colorful e^veots.  Vancouver's Pacific National _____>i-i<m,  the fourth largestv annual fair in North  America, Victoria's International Swiftsure  Regatta and Kelowna's Intemational Regatta are famous, while other _��-___;u_d.ties  ha-ve such events as AU-Soolce Day, a  famous logger's, sports event; the Penticton  Peach Festival; Victoria's Flower Festival1  and tbe Vernon Winter Carnival.   '  Victoria, Vancouver and the Okanagan  currently attract the largest number of  visitors. Victoria's fame as the garden capital Fof Canada is accentuated by the presence of world-famous Butchart Gardens.  Vancouver, Canada's third largest city,  enjoys .unparalleled natural beauty and  boasts such aittra.ctio.__ as 1,000-acre Stanley  Park and the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  The city has also become a major convention center.  The Okanagan' is famous for its salubrious climate,scenic .attractions and its beautiful and prolific orchards.  The awe inspiring beauty of the British  Columbia coast line and tlie fame of our  salmon, every year attracts' more of those  wh<V^-W40r-..o��. the-T&ea-py-, ,seek the  peace -and-.quiet.,.of the' _a____- jLnlets' and  coves. Some of these include the Pender  Harbour area, Jervis Inlet, Powell Raver,  Lund, Stuart Island and the CamipbeH River  area.  I wish to ihank o|l ,|he-citizens who gav# iwe  their vote at the election. My regret is that t shall not  Jiave the opportunity to justify this support and  0 ' ' i '  _ ��� f ';  confidence, <    '  AOELE de LANGE  GIBSONS TOD & GUE. CLUB  Sy-tfJif, Cicesssbs r IStfi it 1 p .��p.  22 Indoor f-ovetfty Ltidty Targets  Outdoor Shotgun  's, Ladies' and Junior Events  .  Cage 6 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday- December 11/1968 ���'  in community  WITH, the passing of W_t__u__ Alexander  ���Youngson on November 13t__, Sechelt  lost a long-time jesident.  The late' Mr. Youngson left Ms native  Scotland along with his wife Jessie and  daughter Betty in October 1)934; they lived  in Vancouver until moving to Sechelt in  December -9-5 where for nine years _Ir.  and Mrs. Youngson looked after the estate  of Mr. B. W. and the late (Mrs. Meek. 'Mr.  Youngson then built iRockwood Lodge which  his wife "operated for a number of years  until1 ill health forced him.to retire.  Duiing itbe Second World War he was  chiairmain of the A.R.P. Civil Defence and  held that positioii until anmistic was declared. He also took an active part in community affairs. Mr. Youngson recorded the  rainfall in Sechelt from November, 1951 until the end of 1966 for the Meteorological  Department, Vivtoria, B.C., having taken  over from the late Mr. R. S. Hackett.  He was also keenly interested in the  beg_____g of the Seehelt Fire Hall along  with the late Mir. E. S. blayton, and was  mstrumFemtaljin ;(b.e establiisitimenit of, tire  Fequipment���the A.R.P. fire siren is still  being used to -he pipesemt day.  Mr. Youngson leaves his wife and  daughter, Mrs. Betty Ingram to mourn bis  passing.  1  #*/ ^mbv^...  FOR THE LADIES ON  YOUR GIFT LIST,  MARK "THRIFTEE" ON  YOUR SHOPPING LIST  i  riftee  laaLes  Marine Drive/ Gibsons  ^i%uM.i  .: Two businessmen were discussing thei��  proiblex-s. ."is your adyFertjsing getting p^  'stdt_.?^-]i��qiur^'1^'--ir_i;.  T  "It sure is!" moaned the other. "Xast  week we advertised for a night watchman  and the next night we were robbed."  ���  r!  mmmmnMmiwnM  p_��  i  .  i  i  i  i  P��N0EH HMSOUR CREDIT Ul.lOfi  ������������-���������mWtMMMM���WMMMMMMMMlW��iri_IW_lll_��i���MMM-linilimi��Wlia  HEIf OFFBi  IONDAY tolTlllliSDAYl 12 noon to 4:30 pan.  WW^mPkZ no|_B to S p.m.  CLOSED SAvlillMYS  .   A ne^v 85ne of  laolt Clubs - GoSff ��aI3s - Bags Etc.  On Display At  DOITS SHO_: STQUfE  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  8_K___��)haM_-fay  !__  TODiyS  PRYGOOpS  CHILDHEN AHD INFANTS  WEAR  LADIES' SPOUTS WEAR  Phone 886-9994  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  %  You Fcain mHwiiys tell which of the, couples  i!i1 a <lrlv.'-Jn movie nre n.��irrl(!d, They are  Iho <mm wlio coirnpljiin when tbe tiutind  U'M'.n off,  >04im4mi*Mmma00*0V**mm0mmmmm.0m*m0w**mam0m00m0V*m0wm.00*m^*0V*0000'*****^^  IMGLBSH "POB" MIGHT  WilSOH  CREEK  HALL  SATURDAY,  DECEflfBEft 14  S p.mu  ��i��yw��iw nm��^Kmnnn^0tm.m��'4t4^nnnnmmmnmnt^Kiil0.mmmmmmnKm'>.  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Afler bakino, a haney rum wiuce Is poured over the bread and allowed to  soak In, It Is delicious with ��plced coffee for a late night snack but light enough to  serve after dinner. ,  BEl.Et.B_0S.  Furnishing, and  Appliances  VISIT OUR LARGE DISPLAY  OF TOP QUALITY NEW  AND USED FURNITURE  Appliances - T.V. - Radio  Phone 885-2058    -    Sechelt, B.C.  1  Su  an<  Everyone  has  someone  on  their Christmas  shopping   list  rprlso her with a gift of Canadian honey, This Is a gift that wil  a enjoyed.  who has 'every.hlnfl,  I be long remembered  1 envelope dry yeast  1 1sp, sugar j  1 /3 cup warm water  2 cups all-purpose flour  3 largo eggs well-beaten  BABA AU RHUM  1/3 cup butter or margarine melted  i and cooled i  2 tbsp, honey  Vt 1sp. salt  "Mj cup chopped citron or currants  Combine  suQar with  lukewarm  waler, Sprlnkla on  yeast,   Let stand  Measure flour Into bowl, Stir In yeast, Add beaten eggs, The mUture should be  10 minutes.  Stir  Miff, Peat with a wooden spppn until smooth and ojastlc approximately 5 minute.,  Cover and let stand In a warm place tor 30, minutes, Gradually s.lr In butter. Add  honey, saltand citron or curranls (or a mixture), Beat for 5 minutes,  Peinsyla Plumbing  i       ' Ltd. "-  HEATING & SUPPLIES  Your Kemtone  Sherwin Williams  Paint Dealer  Phono 886-9533  Gibsons, B.C.  Spread In 9 or 10 Inch tube pian which has been thoroughly greased, Cover and let  rise In a warm place until tripled In bulk, Bake at 375' for AQ minutes, Cool, a few  minutes then turn out on scrvino platter. While still warm gradually pour on the honey-  .rum sauce.  2 cups honey  ,1 r.up water  MONiY BUM SAUC1  1 tbsp, grated orange rind  'v, lo 1 cup rum  Simmer honey, orange rind and water for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and add  Spoon over Baba, Glare with  1/3 cup apricot jam which has been heated with  1  rum. i��poon over  Tb-p, Irm^n juice  I  (  Where  Fashion is a byword  Smart Shoppers are  found at . . .  '    ,   ���'      i  Heiene's  Fashion Shoppe  Gibsons, B.C. - Ph. 886-9941  aB:gf^gaiSiJgg_a__i-__aa_^  ��asaa  AS LOW AS  25c A DAY  WILL COMPLETELY INSTALL  A NEW SHELL FURNACE  Complete   with   oil   burner,   ducts  work and oil tank in your home.  Call   Bud  Klewilz   your shell   OH  Dislribulor.  886-2133 Gibsons, B.C.  C-  ,.(.    *..!    ,#(/_>     k   /.,!*,.����../�����/.��* .^.   j**,*.-!*.,,*..,  .A. ip>, J^..^..,,ji*i,.-fB|,/*...,  I����'fA,��I,t'  i,, J��     e, ,rf ���,F|t,  ,)��,. ��^i,Jt^,rff, ..^^flf^-.^^*^;- ^_...^t��>rnt*Si'; .l**..''^. (���,t,.^l!l^.����~"l^'-rt*H-l*����ti'*.���^-*#- ^(���f^,^ i^v^lt,,^,^,^!.^!   Jk*1Aui*m,iAn&*M**\'4*l*1l  *���!,,������,)��  *v*h,*-pW���m,,*(*=��.w^jt-tyf^^*. ,|  Wtyf-M^wXr^Mii^ ** h*P* im,**  w*w����*U ft****-, \f*    r\ Autocracy charge _ * -  v, i  < \  i  .^^^X>^3^^l$^^^l^^0^'U  ,S{fM_'  /.  >'    *'      ^       Y 4. >     _.   .ft  Y, Y  '      ?    * f> V j   ^i  >  1  f  AUTOCRACV was __e charge tey-lted fey ']$_^efcg__&_i "VittsMtatidfc' 'it ��6ate a_e  one  Pender  J__irl)W_r  i_iJ��_.t  at  ihC aVafla&k  School Board Cor riot stto-ftog l_j0-_si.ga_>        -fcttstee Bill Malcolm steied thai Pendefr  ten "children to irayel en school buses even $&x>hwr was toot . eally entitled !h> # Jrin-  wheis room is available,     ,               ' dieigdrtett as it did not bave foe _ai__toi___  At last week's _je��i_ug held at Madeira number of 25 students/ To provide tnans-  Park School Mt. Soijiiy Beid e*pta_o_d porfcation for otoe area would _-ea_t.j#x>vi-  that his children us_ ��J_e ___ool __$ exeept, ding it fe-tugtoiirfthe (school dfctaiei.  ior the one attending -a&d_#garten and al-        It is understood that m Tteussday M  though 'there is room on the v��_dele, he has last week, lo_t-��rga_-0n _hHd_ea were; alto drive behind ih- feus to take this youiig- lowed to travel on the bus to scb-wl, 2*_.r-  ster to school, "We know it is Board policy ents picked'the children up at nud-day aafld  but is .the Board so aFUtocratie that it ean- '  are apparently quite happy.  not change; you put-people in misery and        The Board was aiso asked at-he* tmeet-  .xpect them 'to approve a referendum", bf ing to hold a "school hoard meeting,at d��e&-  stated. d'Eir Harbour ohee in a while, .trustee Mai-  Mr, Peter Benjafield denounced the pub- colm pointed out tfj&t this hadheen done  he relations job being done by <tt_e Board, in the past and thfe! Ia>st tube oti&y one'per-  Pender Harbour parents only  asked for ion attended.  Jackpot'.*> - m  1 Vifijr^gnju $mt&    '. ��*  ~ Pope-1  ". , ;Wedi?|-alipy# December \\, 1 _68_  ''s*th_itimis ���  ������X.-Yty^m~ms:9tst  ' ��� Y  ���wiiiui>i��umwiwwM��  Local 297 ,*,*��.  Coached by former division 2 player   Miles Wil3_am_, Gai'y Shiis, Larry   Gafl&r, John Huanmel, Tony Gibsons  Ken VerfeulsVLoc-il _��7 players" gave   Knowle'g, Alan, Plourade jand Peewee ^nd Manager Mr.  P. Sluis.  Team  Seehelt Hot Shots a good game on   Green. Back from i__l_ ��en Veri^lst, ^,ins__5Cot is young TOny Williarfis:  Sunday.   Front  row:   BUT Skellett,   Mike Bergen, Mike Musgrove, Eegf  CASE in Vancouver office of, the Un��mploy-  question.. "Is it necessary to ti*at your job  ment Insurance r<^m<mi_io_. involves a    seriously?"  man who used  several names.  After  a -  . - ,      ,  thorough investigation he .can be identified. , M ^ ^e.r^PO^Wty of-the.Unemploy-  as Walter S. :but 'he'-- 'also- been cited as ment ihs-utrance Commission to see -hat in-  Daniei P, on several poiice doekete and    sured pc^ons revive fee benefife to which  they are entitled. Jt is also their task to  prevent losses to the _u_td through foaud,  the Oakaila Prisioh,  Walter keld various jobs 'but had tttniible  GOOD PRIZES  Chance for $300  Membership Prize  ot least- $10  FfUMY @ p.m.  SecheSt Indian  HaH  No minors under 16  s<s        * *  ,      Pender Panthers                                     -   ^ ithe end of the month, the ZOth of December  Pender Harbour has a fjLne <_ivision Ricky Johnson, Daryl Scoular, _tais- for Us at school.  7 team who make the journey to Se- sel Cameron, Cary Paul, J_orne Reid on Friday the ^th (lucky day') we are  chelt'ifor every game. Coached by and Andy Pfcters. Front; Doug-Ram- ^^g our /unior-senior Christmas Dance.  Ken Powers in the week; players are merle, Henry Sundquist, Rick Uoyd, .f^e MocJt Duck," a Vancouver band, will  pictured i$ith assistant coach Bahe Mike   Kammerle,   Don  Brown  and bepiaying. As this is our only junior-senior  Kammerle.   From  left   back   roty: Lome Newick.                      . ; "                       J '  --'--������' ������  Happenings Aroap.d Elphie  dance cf the year, it is non-mvitaitions. The  time jmJU be 8 - 32 .p.m.. and admission is  $LX)0 with ��tudent Council cards and $1.50  without. The highlight-olf the evening will  be' -he icrovyning of our Snowtlalke , Queen  and her two princesses.  i  ���fey Marilyn Hopkin��  keeiping th^m; If yot? asked hian in between  jobs, why he was imempFioyed he would  hkely explain he'd been "laid off". That  kind of answer got him into trouble with  the UIC when the employer involved was  a major railway company which was  known to be haring-rather (than letting workers go.  When his claim ( was. cheeked and ins  employer requested' to -onfirm the treason  for separation the investigatdng officer  learned that Walter had been "dismissed  for causFe" and not "laid off".  Under the UIC regulations, which are  fully explained to every elaimant, a person  is not eligible for benefit if he "voii__-  tarily leaves bis employment without good  cause or lose, it by reason of Ms own ibis:-  conduct." The- (UsquaJJ-Bi-ation of such  .claims lasts for a period not exceeding six  weeks.  Ck)__roniang Walter with his __l_-i!t_o_al  false statemieint was only the beginning of  the UICs |_-?Me___ in reclaiming the over������  payment he had received.  Originally, he was ordered to repay, but  would noit have 'been prosecuted. Howevea  letters asking for ipaym��pt went jinans^  'wered, aistii* it ^va<s soon7--_&eoye3fed -thai-/  he '''had '-hioyed^ ��� aind''':wiaiS' 'h^ppin^, bom  addse^.;,^$jeiddlae^^'''-j^i -^^..^Y^Mm.  s-_nmo__^F_^aderi_^g1 Mm to appear���hcouM-  n''t be served. Finally a bench wBaxant.-wajs  issued and Walter was airaested 10 mtMiths  after he'd had hi- interview at the U_C  "office. ''  :  The story is not quite told. Thieie FinttrFe  warrants 'had to be* issued before the fiast-  movinig tformer |ahitor's case was: .settled.  Despite a '<not jgt__ty" plea he was judged  guilty and ordered to pay a $50 Mae and  court costs.  Some people taight ask���is it worth going to such lengittis rto make a roaj-i.pay. a  s.mall fine?  UIC  would answer ithat with anothietr  missus- or abuse.  CMRIST&IAS  FRIDAY,  DECEMBER 20  8 p.m.  $15 a Home  $200 full card  Regular Prices  Proceeds for  Senior Citizens  x$Smatamkita��  nmn  Royal Canadian Legfo4 khuxch 140  N__W VEAK'S i��C ��AS.CE  UGION HALL, SECHELT '    VANCOUVER BAND  Doorsopen 6:30 p.m. ���.Dancing frorrj 9:00p.m.  Admission $6.00 per person  Tickets: Contact L 1resony  ,{    . fiefreshmenfs Available  85-2079 or Ugion Club, Selma Park  xmmmmmmm:m:m:mmmm:mmmim  42*  ��������  M  o  -��-���  - 4S��p  i~mm-.  ' '**��)  -.~*m  :''-S>'  .'4j9'  -4&  WHAT TO BUY HIM M QitSMS!  Things like: Tools - Drill Sets- Propane Torches - 12 Volt Batteries -  Rash Lights and Batteries - Plastic and Galvanized Gas Cans- Paints -  ���Brushes - Scrapers . Boat Fenders - Life Jackets - or the ultimate���'���  A MERCyRY OUTBOARD ON A STARCRAFT FIBREGLASS OR  ALUMINUM'BOAT,   "  Think It Over ��� Call ��� 883-2248 .  Y,Y. ..���.;���-,: Madeira Park  �����.��  ASft  ���*wapr  0..:  THIS WEEK was another short one for ev- \ tion of the 68/69 yearbook at 'Elpihins'tone.  ery<one at E'lphie.   Many thanks are due        This y>ear the Red Cross Club olf our  lo -rovernorHGeneral 'Machener who so kind-   'school is holding a giant candy ra_fle> The  A ghost rwho was quite proud wanted to  have it6 pontrait taken. The" photographer  used a box of flash bulbs, but discovered  that a ighost won't register on film.   You  ly dftclared 'Friday, December 6th, a 'School    flrstVpnze is 28 lbs. of fudge, which was . ^jg^ say ^ ,S|pirit ,was .wiUj^g   but the  holiday -or (British Columbia  i Elphie's school'paper will be on sale on  Monday, the 9th. This iterm it was quite a  rush production >so it would not interfere  with any olf .the exa,ms. The money raised  ifroim this second edition of our paper 'will  igo towards a page in the yearbook. The  Yearbook dub, ithe Gladrag stta_E and the  My-Ook will be putting in a piage in a ���combined effort,'  Speaking' of exa'ms, the grade 12 Academic stud ents. will be writing departmental ,e��uims on ithe Wth, HMh and 20(tb of Bee-ember, The��e 'Klt.ud.ents wl'Mbe required ito  attiiind .school only at the time they haw a.  scheduled1 exam. A percent murk wJl be  sent home to indicate simulated departmental .exam resulits at the, imld-polnt of  the year. Ail other students wiM be required to. aititend regular clawe'S   This wcwk, one of E'lphle's Ifonmer ��tm-  denitH, ��on iMadeenrie, and ,a. younigier Ibroth-  ���(>r, havie ������ returned tov a'ttend school her.  on.ee aigain. Two other students, I>on Rmith  and iMank iM-JCewie, have also (ulantod hero  In the recent weeks,  at can'il Ibe flrtld that thc students df our  (H'kml weren't intenwled tin the rctferendwrn.  Under the direction of Mr. YaWonslkl, phoning .-omimiiltettM were wet mii> ,tp cover ilho  Mcchc!)!!., iGllbHoriB .and rural areuH to rwrnlnd  ���voters to casl their ibaMot--����� J>i>cemlbi>r  71 h. iMoat oif itlKJ ��� students were Ifram tho  'Senior boyfi ivnd''glrJfl bU'SltoeitibnU and wltcy-  1>h_ ilemms, lOhceHendcrfl, and Future  Toachern, Adlilwni.gh ��oitn.t! ,p6o|i)le were quite1  rude wht-n phoned by i our (.tudenits, there  wrr�� Fathers who expressed their thankfl to  tint IrvtcrcHil, cf the studi-ntH, and a f-ctw peo-  l>l<> Ftiv.cn du\nK<^d their mind* to voito '"yeH"  alter the wtudt-nts oxplnlnod the eltuaillon  ivdw and what could evontualiy happen,  ' Tlit! yearbook is rcaMy doing igreat. On  ilho bfhallf .c��r all the people worlilniK to put  oiiit, a good book thla year, I'd illkt- to thank  all the buNinefineH1 and Individual people .who  ,lw.VM ui(ledit.i'd unoney In aid .of Ithe iproduc-  made by iM_s. Grattan's Home Economics  glasses.   The winners will be drawn'near  (Salvation Army  annto-incemeort. tosh -vvas  ^^_T^-^>  Wi  Yoti're sure to fit-d just the right items at our Christmas Gift  r*^"\ Bar-all tarefully selected to meet the requirements of your  KnL/       pocket book and reflecting your good judgment.  WS .CHOICE.  Dressing Gowna  Slippers  Sport Shirts  _>reos Shirts  Pullover Bc Turtle  Neck Sweaters  Cardigans,  Ties &. Belts  ESPECIALLY  for  Costume Jewelry  Wrist Watches  Jewel Cases-  Travel Clocks  Lighters  Pyjamas  ; Electric Razors  Wrist Watches  '���v':''.' 'Rings  ''',.','��.pl*��B Sets'  WalletB   (Buxton)  and Billfolds  Bentley Lighters  Shop NOW - Use Our Convenfenfj LAY~@WAY PLAN  |    M'  E  1505 Marine. GSb50n3, D.C.  fifl"  Phone G06-2116  ^\  ,,(^^WM(^HtMt<^����<|V|F��'��F��^��f1��FF.  Yk;  "BfmX FIU6AY AND SATURDAY  EVEN! NGS XUL MIDNIGHT"  $3.00 Adults  |LSO CtMren  ejBudor fen  ests  0mmmmm04m0004i4M4imm^t04mMmmm  HALFMOdH $kY, B.C.  >v  ")H  - l-r  _,i  i ty  ^    Frf  '_w.  ...  1.  ' __._________ife*(V��l*rffh_^__*W��'^i^Fi^��^ F_w*��wt��M<*. >*, n��u.*Mf��  rfwi.**.)*,^.^,* #t- ����w��*m>��.���� (** -*"* rf��*"rfu4 ���H.f*#. *���*���**>*.*  # ^ rt*i^ rt^��*^.^,*<t in^^Hi,*,,*^^.,^^ ���*{  ��y #jf.^ * tfi.*, -fc..* o�� ""^   ������.*��'. **"* t*��V*V'*(,��r*f._l., _p  ^*, ^�� .-^k f ^.._ .^ ^���j��J.(**^<#��*. pi***^'^". i*****-* _n_��t#^f>_^��*^*> *p��i��*^i-��****^^-^)^^M._��S�� -**i-^i-,,(-_����y��_a*��i��^*v**^ ^^i #i ,^KiAA ^> ^i*��.4'MMlti* h*S>*^* ^^*^Mft.fj*. ��*Vf%i*��if*����.^ ^�� ^-*v>**��m*i^# ^M^l��,ll*A%*Arf>^,lfllA^*''h��*'^ff,'l*'* ^i (_f. * **�� * vs>pY  i    ' *"'   V    '*     *   ; J   4   <!      '1f';"!    ' *   ^ ]    '^ /J'.      *     '     {       "       ,   �� . . 'I i   ,      '  !___!$��&!_S____^^ .  Page 3 The Penjnstila Tis^es  |     Wednes��3oy, December 11,1^3;  Jiiveailesoecer;  i weekend results  _�����__  j-jii  tf  x  3.EXT Sunday,- December- IS -will see ifte  last soccer sga_ne^__e' first Jp-f'Jf-  fhe season .-with the Mowing games, scheduled. V '       .     - ,  u k  DIVISION 7 .', '';  r   ��� 'Bobei-S .Creek'T3mnderDiri_$, vjS1 Maddia  fePa_-_.;-l__s-__ Cougars vs Sea. Wara-tH*-  Seehelt -fifoabermen vs Canfor Tiger-. |-  '.....       -      '-        I- ''   Py  .DIVISION 5 .  J  ��    Sechelt  Legion _ Vs" Gibsons ' 'Cbaagep.  ' Gibsoijs Legion vs Res. Braves' - "  DIVISION. 2   .  Lofcal "297 vs Bes_ Totems. Secbelt Hot  t Shots vs -Gibsons United. '  Results for the past two weekends' as  follows:  DIVISION? ' ^ War   Party preparations f -  ixto^o___STifie-s4;_^_WS-.�� Busy packing   goodies  for   Secbelt in the dikrict, some menibersTwre %Ar(\imA   C*lh*f\nS  fdeira Pari; 0- Gibsons Cougars l, Sechelt Branch   Senior   Citizens   Christmas busy packaging oranges and sweets   nlWUIIU     -JtfiJJWJU  _ Timbermen il " Party   oil  ��ur9jay,_ t__r��worl__ig while othersiwer, Paring well ov-   MR ^^ a^ ���, p-att Boad j^ re_  "    Games played December ��th-^iibsons members taoug__y-iyoy the chore, er a hundred beautifully decorated ;.   turned mesr j^g a p^^ ^ b^  Cougars -2, Shop Easy 0. Seehelt Timber- Jus, about we happiest orgamzation place cards.  "-cdbsttOam   H_sp_i__-   New   W_s___nster,  .men 4," M_de_ca Pa_k 0; Canfor Tigers 8, ~ '      ~~    where he was treated for injuries suffered  ER.C Tlni_ideibi___YL " jp> L      Im   ��� |_j -.���- ��� ���..     '��;*,"���"������ f ' here in a aiasty __atto__yde'a_c__e__ iwMch  -divisions;;:..-.:' . bectielt&&wwtG Lanes ^jst^**^^*****  : Decembeir l-t^Gibsons Legion8, Bee. .     ���    *^ .     ���   .._-. -;. ^ __��.'���*      _  _ ������     -        ':    �� _       ..--'.    _���..'-      ���T"^ ������_     .       .        -. TU-AT.V     F_TTMkTTM_FX)0,nM    _nn_     +V.__    1>/Ii__.    *��.__. T;n^;^.v    "����>,�����..    I_r___J_���~_    _M.      (��_,'   ��.nv (MT. 780(1 H__S.   B38> Cfll____ey iBVe -ClU-Bed  Guideposts to maturity in ne&lteatth ptLmpMet    -     -  ,i,-Vlfi_3K(;.4s,~a pebos ���"ictaiuiie"?-,  -���      Y ians7i -        ."_,- ,-__ "' /--.��       - ,-"  . -  ['��� '^MiKSt-'-S- tihe 4>_y$ie__ ich^racterjsitics _�� .     ���ipostiran�� _________��' ��ta-JfaafiiH_ -__f  "hujnans are reaeMnig maturity, at me age o_. needs. unfit _j__x_r .^__g__iS-__. imay _e  ' __. It is fa&eii lorgranted _mt fueh'snatur- gaimgdL                  ' -;    -p.  '.  -Sty Willi bja atta^ed. However, -itr is vow l-^^r__ _sdH^ ^K-^fifiEarMabaafl"  ^eriously";ques_ion'ed i^hetiher anyone's so- jcwe_  ' dal, eimc-ional'and moral behaviour can _L -  ^-. ^jf.���^ n^.- -���.jmJi *��,��  ��� *ver be^onsidfered entirely' mature, at _H , J^SLSi^SS^iCSSJS  - times, ilso. vew&e have different points sl^f^ JSflifSLS? J5f3  ' ol ^iew ,_ to %r^aet meaning of itur^. * ��**��� ^<^^iftS^�� 2  itv   N<ey��_-_L-___s   certain  e��!_le!o_i__s  can fte 5asE ^ 0O83I5 ass _____3Su mis and  'Ste _S?to ��i__i_U_3S____: es'^s.^srsf^r^-^  .>_--^__^__i  ;������    *  ;��� S_lSS_?-Xff~Ha,  Z_.e '^mphleit says ihe, socially, emor      ��� j   ^ '  \  ttonaly^'iniOTaJjy- mature Sndividual is one  who tan:/,- ,.       -.���         ' 1 ���Jaris-fe -ro__ jrdQsJS aend s_n ��_o_sYl  ���_aa_.e independent^ecisaons based on _3_L__ar ���____ ^^ecy -gaanm-s, arafl __g__F  * the help and^ advice- available. -ttrm into a ns|^___s__ tt�� BHTOKrm-3_e -___a_t <_:���  1 _'���ac'pepit res.po__l!K_i_y for these-decis- ypmr d_s__n_-  H_^o--_CK____fc_*_io����v Laches^ Mary Henderson 811 ,(28_; 340),,          .^ .   .    .               ....  ''- ^-_>r^ ��rti-^rih��>T�� Chy^ 'of Gib-'       week with a ��er_jaitio.nal series of Sll, in- Hazel Skytte 679 ;i(259, 2B$)v Bu_h_as <5peigh-    froni Ibenr _OTO_iim-^*i^-��as ^enl-'at^  tS_^?��^___S_4^ Haw��    *ding games of 340, and 282. Alan St ton 253, :Jean Eolnnsw. 603, Lois 'Bnllis ���12 . S^cr^mlo, CaMrnm^-^ey are ixrsy at J  Legion-*, ^es. Braves 4, Bes. mwxs   ^tfy:1!^ toplnan with 739 ai3)Y '/w-n      ������.-.;                 -                               their new tome en Month Boad.  Sports C-Uibf' Pete Jorgenson 621 {285),  <271).  BaE'���'���& Cl^: !Kat_y HaU 649 (554).  iMr. Geo-ge __i__is__J son -were among  DIVISION 2 ;  -.   . ���.".:         ,'.;.=      . Jay- Eldred 634,. Red Kobinson 597, Bob        Commercial-:-Frank Newton 306, Sylvia    those ^^J1 baa/Sag trip .*�� i_e f-ince  .     Decen_3eriis1>^^ Jackson 674, Bick Wise 696, Man SL Hemy    <Jec��ge a-_a-tas-eas__L  ited 5. Y                  ' ',           ...            y '.Ladies Tues. Nora Leitner 676 (279, 197, 739 {313),,; Mabel McDermidi 638; Sam Mac-  '    .December' 8th���Gibsons ttnitedYL, Tot- 200, Louise Middiemiss 261, Sharon Middle- Kanzie 675, Cauleen MeCuaig 663   .280),  os o._ Saohelt Hot -Shots 2.;i_bisalt297._. miss ��ro f���� ��>i  s_7_     \ lionel _M"-dC5ua__2 736 .C281).  eans 0^ Sechelt Hot,^ots_^:Xkwsalt297.1.  Popular columnisl  passes at St. Mary's  miss 680 {262, 201, 217).    N Lionel MeCuaig 736 {281).  -fixed io Pin: L. .Rodway 379 {199), H.        Juniors: iPatty Wing 265 .{140); Kent Cas-  Skytte 238 (133). ���y 235 (140)Y \  Pender: Denms Gamble 732, Bill Cam-        Seniors: ��ale Stephenson 370 (135), Sus-  eron 700, Roy Fenn 681. '      . -an Joigeosbn 343 (178),^fll Ne-tanan 1J��.  Gibsons -Umted Church Women axe holding a >F\M _-eet_sg on December 12th at  n a_n. in .t_e ___ist__i_ Educali-n Centre.  AM. women are __vit__l���toiiig a _ox lunch.  -Be -��as dressed just tlie way 1 3ibe to  s_e a %oatb���$so 'weddsng riio��-  Madeira Pas-t, B.C  '��ur OMC Service Centre -' P��__n-cj__i :_MfiB-_tia_te  ialer - Cabins - Trailers & Irfiaofisrcij  Site? - Trailer Court - La___B___igj  Pfaoise 8S3-22S6  -��  iJ_S  ,,; >P%) :*&<>    -  l f V      *-4^<tc ��. *  ^flBHKSsfec...,.   j?vr.Mr-i_  i      - -"���*������ iir---: ��� ��� "^ "������ - ���" "��� ������   ���*  .Mr. A. J, Charmatt    ���      \  DEATH has  s-Sp.ed the pen.otf. ia writer  known only to newcomers'of the Sunshine Coast as Ajl-C.-biiteOd-time (residents held a deep respect for Mr.. Alfred  John Charmhn" who* was bom- in England  and went to sea at the age of 14.-  ���  He was one of the few remaining^ pioh1-  e^rs who worked under sail and to quote  his own words, "Without a pound of steam  aboard the ship, I wias one of a:-eam of  ' four^ operating a hand " winch wjth -whkltt  we hoisted ��. fyll .car-go aboard from barges alongside, working on the open'-deck  with .pitched seams .b-bbling tmdeffodt and  in the full blaze of the sun".  A gentle man who lived close to nature,  ._r, Chamman shunned the comfo-ks of modern day living; he wrote about the changing seasons and wildlife around bis lodge  hidden }n ithe woodlands at Gibsons, bringing serenity to a hectic world.  Mr. Charman passed away on December 4th at St. Mary's Hospital after a brief  illness and was laid to rest at Seaview  Cemetery on Monday, December 9Uh. He  was 82 years old.  He is survived by his wife Geftrgina;  one daughter, Mrs. Florence Wiren of Glib-  sons; three sons, George of Gibsons; David  of Egmont a>nd Alfred of Coquitiam;' one  sister in England;. seven grandchildren and  four great'grandchildren,  A iflock of birds, sea gulls "called terms,  attatked a small village in southern England. Flying through open windows, they  stole food and pecked the Ipeopfa. Fllnaly,  the people accumulated a pile of rocks,  gathered in the writer of .town and throw  the' roelis at the birds, lurijil they dinove the  pests Ifroitn town, They didn't leave ,a tern  unslxmed, '  SWStf  SECKP.T THEATRE  ��� Presents ���  !  lole iiBCien  in toenail mo_:; 2^  leleiienS1 St. _ .'   ic  i  STARRING  Crala SU-vcn;., Louro Drvon  ADULT  Cartoon and Duublo  Tochnicwlor  Start* 8 p.m. Out 10 p.m.  Friday,  Saturday, Monday,  , December  13.  14 and  16  racolle Royale  Nincemea  3 Ply  Tissue  for\  Nabob,  24 ox. ..  ml  Reynolds,  18"      Bulk  c  ���  VwBlS  feswsgwBi^Maigiafiifefl  cicoBaies .ac,, M��9ic'  ib.  mm siaks ���.���.,,���  MM BEEF Ll .Ut ^    ,b  Bulk  lb.!  iC  ���  DRUMSTICifS  THIGHS       WII^IGS _____  GOLDEN  RIPE  No. 1  pp  PC-CCES EiFCFECTIVE:  THUR., DEC. 12 to SAT., DEC. H<_  NUTS & BOLTS Tu��y.  BUGLES-WHISTLES-DAISYS S3L.  / �����.   .'      *T ''t     .    ' *.?.'. / / St     -*->'  I      ���''���       -       ��k*:.-*" 't \.   7*1 ' % / /       *���   .    ^    ^.4.  \   rnms~**\ 1���sv:7 C /r s���?  D  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES  mur  \ ���!"-". '._fyffii_3_.  '_      ^K^Htil ___-��_  f; -  ,,.  ,.4    J\    ,;.*,      ,1 t  ,--t^.**,,!*,,?*.,,.^..^..,*...^ iti ^ ^,,^,,#!v^.,J.fc^^���:!-^��,^^���,^-������^^^.^-^���l^^-^���'',^������'1* ^"i1*-**..*.*#)n*iF-��#,-^.,*\ .ffl.i,A/.#(4A4/-4^/��<il|(��,4AA.*i*-*-��rfv^*��T*'A^.��*iAA4��t  1$-4<*&0!*4��#t$>*^^  >wt"((Bt^wi(f',*''**in��-i'��,��_. A .'.J  I'-*1 J*":        J^00-  ���fck1!^-���  (lip  ���-Y YY>f  I-,'.:   .*���  ._...._'_.    -yf-<_- -- ~"-  F _ .   S,  >iY   Y'    ,v   _,    -- f. '��� ; ..     ? f<   >-   -C-_' ' -" ���' ���>���-   x^,-'"'<x   ,��-.i;'r"v'.;-i"-v.-,<F"   >;<   ,- i-.     f -      -���       _*     "r-"    -',"-    -   _..">-     -��  .^j^ffi??^'^'^^^''^ w^^>��������H^*j^r,vV**^^ai_.A^l-iv:.C^'. Ajf*. >^ai^V y,tMrt*V*~._Va^a^i^ N-***J^_Fs '^-JV~**S''-4V*WW<V   a.*'*F<;a0JBJs_F^5Sf-F-^is*J  Ji'    AFP1"  *  ��.  ^  i . *".      i  .    , lr*43sil_tt^1&T$_^ : 1*006*1  ^^y ^    ��*���      r *   - * ' i "i        * *< ��* *K_____.  "**���*   " s ,.v / X . _._._���___*_*       %   " ������ ^'SSr ���  o  yt-fiic^  -8?  - i. -^'j."  ��    *      m  1.0 Down Town  Parking Problems.  NO City crushing  ^ and criiyirlg.'  Al Sechelt you  wilt find ill fhe  Gifts you want  And More dyings  Tee., .  Bring ie family  and shop relaxed.  *��w  '<<&,  _-  .Wf'  \ <__* r ' ���  ���. ��� ��� "  I f ������        .  . .  ��� ���,..'.��� ,,.���...       ���',.,. . .���..,,.,     ., mmmn  ��m ��  in' -V  ������������  ^  _��*  Fti*.  4Sr  t  �����->  48Sr  #����"  ���^aS"  V.  ^_-*��  _��  ��3J'  H<  <>���>���  jM'f-  <C  F��'        '  \(  -SBr*  -Ff  M  *    I  f!  ;>  i  \>  -V.  v  "*.i  \'  M  7.7:  fliff;w7fcw?jflfl^  �����/_-<i*fW.;*��^����rW'<f^f M->^l*y f��y wjw_hw��h��j. twnyyw. ���yw'if. ��r*ry_��w w*-��f>*fy  ��^,^hw^^h*^**wW*^ i. ti^'f^n^^^m*^^  r4f^f0f)' *.-*���+�����   .J.WV Ww.rf.i_. ^S-wVt  ..-fcJ__��    l-.._��X- -������,  .)������*.w *   <"m >*iy*>t <���  _�� _-._'���-* ._.,.-__,-��  ^&EBg.2      ;t?epiBi%dteb-_��m8R^^.l4j^i $N_-_fa-Hit_- W8B  ��N-ifcWWgwswwws  ^   - *  iS>j!W)iaw��f__fmw'M^^  WHWinwinwmWiW  tsmmn!  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Drop in and browse with  no olbigation.  ��� *      fr*' ^  it  Wcjbove an excellent selection off modern * Cftes-erfietd  Suites <tm sho_- Also  *P * 0 Bedroom Suites  '-' and Dinettes.  Y...  *Ts'->  ��� ./JO* ���  .- !f iti.li o fridge, -.roEiigev was-ier ** -tny ��t&er  appftoitce, see' as firet And; fee pleasonH/ sur-  . " -;" prised-rigour reasonable juices. , ���  ,.  ".;- r. ' yP"--  -,- "'*'''   -  p .- "'  p  lTpy .his ,;_. v > _���-, -" <g fjA.95 end  BEACH RANGE at Just _._ ft^^        up  . ' _'.-AJso>l,>Y  Good stock of Electric li_��nsJ; T<wsSe��j etc  POLE LAMPS <     - -\     .,  iv*f��J0S -  /idakeTfofollke, ��/eafc/  Selection >pf these  Quality Sets now available  . . . Portable and Console  models in Color.  ^*t   Kjreab (jhridlmaA  -Special  o   o  I'  .  r  5  :'  ONLY'  O-^jp^^W^'  fills offer lasts .otily tisitll Cf_rfftaias.  o   o   o  priced to suit your .budget*  _______  pSMBKBSW  gf^^aia|iff��iMS  ICES  "T/ie Benner Block"  Sechelt, B.C. - 885-2058  f^ff.>lf��_S_l__��^  *V��*r,   P  -i. _   *  .; -  -,  !>  .;���  ')   '  V,   i  p.YP  ^T*ffTt*f^'"f^?^,.f^^7*T^'  i* "^���,#��-l*^_  1 . .  *        ,   -  ^i*w^yjii��i^i<^hB^1Www^^^^^f|Fy^ j^.!^i&��_^  )      F^  p  �� I  -g--gg4 - -F-- -. ^__aij_5FBto^ig_^-4-a^  *��WM���**__^��P���*_IF,^��W  'A** i <*'. '���.-a >. ".<.*'  s-_s_asaa_a_B  ���.*  /4  _.-.1  ^   ;  f��r AJJ Occasion, Christmas���an-t��&nd Weddings.  "��� ,      0ra__i&eo!rf^  1 > i*   !,.Y 'l��1'* *     '-    ,,J1*    1w *     '  r f."1    i     �� i,   iiY *  Y*   i: '#>  .    F  /   X  Wedding Supplies  1#."   1  i   i  Pt  Yl  -run  *      ���<  *��*.--W'fll    k^i'-f   -!?sJP'   I   W 1  iove/y Se/ecf/on  lmpoirt Glass, Crystal and Ceramic*.  *       #       #."  ' ���  ^  * ' 'l' ':.  Selecfi"ve Stationery,  *    '   ,  H^sJy Notes-lite. ," y >* f*\  J,' ' > " F i       >   -   _     '\  i ���> .    # ^ v ���*   j  .-* , f/        Y Y  Res'm Craft-  Table Centre. Mantel O/naiaents. Woll PJagueo feUfiGfs..  /  >>  _B  4  F ^ "  r".  Seufe *>�� Toys While They Last  iikeSfisc^iO'itoaiy Croft Iteias.      --.*-  Hand Crafted lamps  .  f._, ^x��Q@^T4_-_^r^-^e'Jfcon-pflL-fliffid___-��& AUJo_iyrjsfe_dssinc_yr;  ..*-,,."- _ *���-. Y'- f;.,Y ��o��or tost&ray ��?��_-    .><���<,.*.       ^  -  . *��� -'      ~   - *        ���        �� ^  -    '' ,  Christmas Table Centres  i  -   c feather Flowers  All Colors. Arrangements Made and Designed BY DAIUS.  "' *        *        *  ; .Original Jewelry  9n Chip, Jade, Opal and Agate-y Daltis.  ���        mm  Czechoslovakian Crystal  Han-painted in I8K Gold. Collector- Items.  Y    *      "*       *  Czechoshvakian '  l&to Optic Glassware. Collector-; items.  .  _      ��M         W_      | ��� A-        --- ������ 1
f""y .^X    V.' ■fW^'-.f^ " J S    V   f\"   vi   *   X""VX '.    ?','*"   ""'^  '_   ^5»<?'.    _'i "*      /v°  /V"1    *
Peninsula Hsines Gift Ideo Supplement 1^65 '♦ . ^ Pa&eS-
,i y.
v 1,
Peiiisisulci Building
.Supplies EL.dL
Wbone -85-9669 -Sech-lt, S.C
Perhaps he has been waiting for new tools. Well) why not
\y      ' ' '
drop in and see our new display of quality tools then got
him busy on that spare room, car-parhnew Mtchen or rumpus
room* Make that Christmas gift a two way pleasure and at
\ prices you can afford.
Candelabrum • for every* room
*' Christmas Swags
■* Wreaths >...;-  <  r
* Table Centres
Hand Crafted SEETUSEE
Gl&ssware; .
Exclusive Gift Craft.
* i\
Co/fee Sets ond many
deljghtfufa complements
.    r .%i -    fo. fl?e.    ' ,
Hitchen and, Dining Room.
» « «.
cJLand ^prlorUh
Gibsons 886-9345
/Vtany More Beautiful*
Gifts Jo 0)00-0
tod Numerous. To List.
' Com® in and* mo   .
for yourself.\
Sechelt 885-9455
; i ,   ','.'    ;
> ' Wooden
Salad Bowl Sets
Bar Accessories
44- i
i.        <
/J      F     '
. t, *v .    -»-■ -   .     -'"   F.R 'I*-
l^pwvqwj.. -*y»^ ttw^frW tii—l My_ 1 ■ ■"<■' " t ir* |Fiiji|F._|»tmr<Fi«l^»i»Him<
»q^^'*T^»iy^^W»W^iy'^fW"^lff^y^?^'»Tf^M ���*-~��**+ivf��Jl!Liff-?._rY$Y*iSLYY-wt-1.��� ^i"1*!.*.^...MFiws-v.i^-Y-ww'->>_.v-'U..,'.^..^.Vi,/j.A\.CiV^.if.'',"ii^ci,'. ,_* >..���.V~',_��Y"  Page 6>1      Peninsula Times ISift Idea Supplement/1960  '^:;/:-Jr-^-i..'>::^4>l^_i.-..-Bt.fi  J^  0    /   ��  1  GiY^ a good book for Christmas, and opejt.  a world off relaxation and interest. We  have them for all ages! The greatest gift  you can ghre a child is to start him om the  road to good reading . . ��� a iiffetittte  of enjoyment awaits himS  0$?3i  PHONE 885-9654 - SECHELT <> - t. _-F   )  SiSspi  ,UiM>3. ^Jr  V(VJ*^**t*'*-*��� *iiUK ��  - -_a��vW*"*? *t-f-*-TU   .?& * ���_--*�����  i ^J1 ^*T^l,W;f_^_J.  > A^wvt-*<J����>'��.'��"*.'H~*t ~  _*  .  * 't.jPr-'jU '���v��lv.,-^��i.fi*l.'s.^Ajpj_! *. s*r'v>>.i.,iI^-i*u,H*���*.  t i  _  t  PeHiriS_jtg Timfe ���_f*>!_&_�� Stlftplenig.rt, 1^.8 ,        Pcge 7  On Christmas mom . * ���  t.-   . STORf HOUftS: ^  Monday-Thursday ond Saturday Dec. 19-- Dec. 21 ond Dec. 23  " 9:00 o.m. r 5:30 p.m. r 9:00 o.m, - 9:00 p.m.  Friday 9:00 o.m. - 9:00 p.m.-,-; Dec. 24 9:00 o.m. - 5:30 p.m.  s  fell through fhe years . . . Your lovely  gifts off jewelry will light up the days  with beauty for someone special.  '���*. ��-FA ���"��� ^ .  ^l#l#IIJIiIW^Wi$i_5:  S      Alf wucis       ||  W i ' '���___&__! ^  **���*���  ���-���**���        .        " #****     -   - tug/  **-"      VANCOUVER       :^  ittas.  . i   t  .  1 f, . --:<    -**4�� ''*''' ^'-^^^SS^^^MiLCotlnpare, Y-S-rf  -  .   -.      ��.-�����-���- 2��* .'    -    .hove - ��� -       o   '  from 12.93   -  -      .'    SS    - '   .,  8?  4S-  -89-  A MERRY  CHRISTMAS  Necklace and Earring Sets    '  4 flue selection of Diamond  Rings, Lockets, Crosses,  " Pearls, Jewel So*  GIVE HER A BULOVA WATCH  She wilt love you for ever more  P��!i THE MAN  rm-YouR tiffs  ,; 3$e haye many   ,  ?4&e. -4      -.-y   ,  ��~9C8azorft Y ".  ��"3haviflg Kits  ��� Cuff Links  ��� Bar Sets  ��� Lighters  ��� Travel Alarms  ��� JRihgs <md  Watches  iii,.^^4>ic4^V>:  ���*M-5**_4__H,. d" '  "*ii_,^^-i  ^ '  <=X &* ^ Aeweiier5  Cowrie St.. Sechelt, B.C. - Phone $85-9420  _i_i-_____8t_j|__lw>W_-*_diM-_i>*Mw_fci^  1  ���  .  -TSffO.--  i I, ...I.,,,  i, .jay1; i��'' ������������������- "|..'i T�� !"-_������!��� i.T.p-..��i��t;Br...m..m_ |i ���. ������, ir^n-T.T'TTTrr  COMPLETE fptESH PEAT  ������ "M_lW_  w,a,,,viiiiiiMliiiii>.iiin��iiiailaii|<l:��|ljuj>i),u.,r'..|.,i.l.11......��� .'miu,,.","ir.iV. '..'..i i..v. ,.','.,��� ii1.1.; j��_t  iid Be 5tiu  KIN Wd0t>, ;t%OP.  ��Et-IVEIllf  ' ^ ps P"  \?>p *. ��-."������  4^TO_fil^i  ��*As h^��Y''"  MM  '.'. I. r-w_���i;__&.4^^  ���. .. * ' . . '. f j , , t '   J      -. " '   .    I i ,     *. f       ~      ���.*   .. '   .j ��f -f. .* , r - * ,     ^  "   T    l* V- ' . <, -      v F.       KV-.    -, '" l      . ' '  I ^"^ p. ,*,  ^-@er��^'-'-   Pemins-tqTiRtes.^fi- Idea S-ppieroeg?, 196$  ^ *.'.-"*  ^  4.   f        * ^  ? "3 if-    *  *?%*'     "* *i*   Y*       /i        f\ .��. J��-��V*-  **  V*   "*"    *  fjWf i^HtH.*iu_����iV_-*' *���*-'���*     -<*  "S  Penfagulfl Times<5ift Jdeg-S_ppje^ent; 1968 .  .,   ��>ooe 9   J'.ff l.m ���'���'!������ I     mill        "ii   f  | mmrnvmrmmm^mmmZmmmm  JUST RIGHT jFOa CHRISTMAS MEAl TIME  __?2-^Bic JCSBffe  A Moorer gifTyou jrill love,  Reg, $22.95. Christmas Specfal  "K"  Stoi* j��ur Christ* 1. # Y'; -*  mos ropnung .right   Y   ������;-  w'ah   o   stainless  steel Coffee -  Maker.  Seg. $29,95.  CHRISTMAS  SPECIAL  #���*��.  For Chnstmos Holiday entertainment, this beautiful 7 speed fclen-  der.. Reg. $49*95.  Christmos Speciol  ��W Pi  Deluxe Stainless  Regular $32.95.  Christmas   ��3|||  Speciol _,���  JiJP  Steel.  This is a Red-Hot  Speciol.  OnJy  rs  ' ti  'YOUR PENINSULA HOOVER CENTRE"  Cowrie Street- Sechelt, B.C.  >  ������ i* ^ *Sr-�� ���**���*!*<-��,  rir/-  ���>.��.  f*-**���-��    v_T      _-   v-�� -       J$**VH,v_.rf(*,",=  m{vSw��  See fhe ftosebowl Parade, Football {fames ��tc.  in true living color. Portables - Consoles. See  them ot Porker's.  '* .  'n,  featuring a  SUIT 25" WeSMWBlM SCBEEft  COLOR TFS LARGEST FICTORE  _5" ��v*>r*.ll <ll__. m��a��ur_tmont. 295 aq. in, rec .angular j>le)w~- ��re��  r -."   _  Mere .I the best of two worlds.  �� 6 Push (Button Control  9 New Cookwore Setting  4 iet Swirl Action    -  Reg. $349.95  Christmas Speciol  -Seer The Many Fine  ' Wostinghouse Products  Today At  S"?BS5>  \:  ��*ym*r**~**r*  W��fWH��-f<-n��Wfw^-|i'M��w>f��yiFin.  yH����^;jli^pff^^3lfffrff^ Y '   i ^' 1 / .,.'.  .    .   . . -       ��� *���      Y     -       \ ���.      ' ���      . .        *      -- ' *     ���'     ' . " i   . ' * ''  / *  -! .77  "*_        '  1 ^ Y *���  * _.  V  K>A -  ^J*   \    ��i r  t f r .  Peninsula Times gift Idea Supplement, 1S��->3..^..  Page.. J1.-,y  ��� ��� ���  ��� ��� t.   . } ,, , ,�����  iii��Miiii_iwuMuy _v ,      (  Y  f   ______ iL_  I'-���'   PlY-Lyy.yYWPp^M^PvpL^'Px-P :-L& 1 ']ftP-i Px"  Y. Y/  I ;    .        i.'v..L;JY**r^;'YjYYY^v^'"-Y rY^":Y^ ��� Y' -���.* ^r Yv'-' "'Y-PYf-vi.7,Y],  i'f^.j'7:.^1' .j*'1"," ' ���    ���       -" ,'   -,?i.yX ���~-.-i.' .  X     4        \i'll       mt,*  >*  .  1 .  Toble Cloths nnd Napkins  Y  '      Y     V V "  . fo Decorate the Festive  < ** F  <  1  i ���, "A I     j  Children's Books _- Christmas Cards ~ l?ibjbons  Tags - f0rce^W#��P - Christmas Crackers, '  *,.���>_.  V     -I).  We JboVe a large stock of  GIFT ITEMS  for oil members of the family  r- tr ~ *  .*���       *- i\ <>_��,  -f&0 ����yo- 1969 .C-dendcm'  -i-0y"_>erda ChrisstoWersorr*       "'  Indian Children ��� Eskimo Ait. Wjff�� prints  suitable for framing. .  C-mplete with mailing-_���_.������_* M>$  I    j       4.  ���a*       ,^ ^ \  ,   f  0^"  Mitel  Ajlany Gifts For All The Family - Use Ow Lay-Away PJrin  m  I  Secbelt"   i'/,   \ 1 .T     > s y u:* '"'*'' ' * , ' W^-WM-W.  v Cy Opera Monday to^tJUKtey 9 tun. to <5Tp,nv.     -"%���* . --  -.   '"      'r        r"   &��cep* fWda^f 9^'��_m."*_v9 pJrxl  -     ��     -,*  V     v  ft -F  I"*  >\  s  ''������_-  1969 CHEVELLE SEDAN���V/ifh 4uol Jteod re-  straints, hydromatic tronsv rear window <defogger,  V-8 motor, fn beautifwl frost ��reen te_l^^  ._.__��____;_- ami y ^r^'.llVX  metallic.  -JC*NLY  1969 CHEVELLE���2 dr. Coupe. 6 Cyl. Standard  trans. With dual frond restraints, fear window  defroster.    t        , $S.fft��l��  Glacier blue metallic, .�����.���.,���_,��� ,     mw*xWawmr  1969 CHEVY 11 SEDAN���Equipped wftb 155' hp'\  6 cyl. engine. Special trim, powergtide trans., rear  window defoggejr, head restraints.     !$9^Ati'  , medio. Frost gteen metallic. y���^Yrr ^^^^��^  1969 ACADIAN ��� 2 door Coupe ���. V0 200 lip  Powergtide, rear window defogger- clock, head restraints, ' * ' A^^>^*^  special trim :.- . Just    ^Jfj^lp  1969 PAfMSIENNE SEDAN���250 hp. 350 cu. inch  engine. Hydromotic trans. Power steering. Power  brakes. Mead restraints.   ^ ||>  Hodio. Rear defogger. ,.���     *  Phone 885-2111  JDUCIS {1957) itP.  Box. 220 Sccliclt,  B.C.  mmmml^mmm  I  ^.ff^^BUV.p^Fl.^Jfl."^    , * 1 mtfyUfWrupHI .***f��- .^IVW*!  .|.*rrti��i.ti��w.iWi������  !>"!'!*      ''U       ..*"     '**       'V     ll WI   'F"'l   >    '      .^       .*='    ���_���*    >rV.    ..��.,     Ut"      ���".       ""IH,   ,*.,**���  ,.#.���!. %S<S I"'"'        '.'   '      '"'.'( .F.t   I   ���"     ���.    ,./'..|.F..  f.l    ���'W   "I  I,.,.     .#���'"!' 1>-I    f"    ..*     r1*"    ���*    ,'���<��������� ^ .iPWlif**., IWT**1-  >   ���*.,.     .������.������. ,<\     ,(,       F,-.       "CI      ,-���-,���!      .1        ' c-4   '-"  < 4   i  I     .    S      <  L ���  f     .  J f >F^'"  \      t  F     Mi '  1  ll    J  ��>  i     Y  _ Mtw/.fM glCi  f        * > t      y-  'ws'.it.'tA'-Y rr. ��� Y-  Pwmpsff -fa Gulit f - Slh��r -Wm$& S^fe - f%��ttr lie  ��n #AJ*  V     >  y ��� >  Yi  -  Sfiiniiig WmjL  : , ..  Slip^tefor 'the fiiiiiiiy *  Warm-comfy-fluffy slipper?* in* new bright  Christmas colors.  ��� ��� *  i f  78>%��n.��fr  fr " w^r'    "^r-  for fibe J_*M5f#)e5$ pcint  oi- student* Samsomte  . Commuter Aftache  90  Linh girls and toddlers*  Patent leather, never  need polishing.  French calf uppers, leather soles.  .     ,      ^  lew ppipn>8���i ciiiii ss|if,--ire, toe$  M    .       F  o      o  >��   j  -        ��w_Mv_l ���SA3) ^ovst  [  Cordigoan, Sweaters,  i      cssd'SjJCfft 'SfssTBo.  I Reg. 6,95 to 19.95  ! iw $2.95 lo $12.95  I Limited .quantity so shop emiy.  Drop in and  browse, you  will be  pleasanil  surprised i  the wide  range ol gil  items availabl  Cowrie Street, Secbelt,  B.C.  Phone 885-9519  f  I  !'  "ntjww-f"! <4#j4,4f*#m����ti: *t** -f ���^^WfTwl,MT*,^V��, . *fl'i"f*!',**^�� tfft^HT'l.l'wrt W*"��-f 5* f��" **Cl^W�����f ��H W*^**WW. IW )W p_2i^W$__^*M^^  I ���       <  'v"   Y, < * v >"Y'^'i " -,    P,'    ��� f      ' TY-.  I , "       "  I /        > ' l' " '        I, "   f Y      Y  i_7i^j. a^w-j.1-, 7^^^.H-^*T^_.wi��^^^.vFF)^^^^^4^N^^j^!yA^��i4 ^7^.wiw^��^-*^Jv7^*f^^2^��^tI7_.^i^,F[^^^VJ^^i^^^^,te^wwt*4-UF^w--iWs*V^,^ i.jF^*4_^_.-yF*^w.<^Q^iw7^ fV^^^.^^.F^*^.^.��� .**. ���**  F   V      J  ' Y *  :!,.  .^^^HI^^^^^^^M^ll^^^p,  i   ^   ^ ,.,���,,..Wjy  J   7  ,   Y   i'^f  *. *F ,  'iy      'G     _j,F  {,"   *F"     ���  I  ���1  ,  I'  ��  - t>  ���-'(,','  Y   ?  W"-'*'-"  GIFTS THAT  TRULY SAY.  . f  ��;*  _-"  '"       (.-> *        *"*F      ">  ,'*.        ���  _7�� 2.V-  _        t   ^   F     _  ^Y  bodies? and ChifdmtfsiWear  m%-2M>Z  &  -<      5>*U   .  '��       ',   T'' �� Y'^  teftHsgr"  n  I !  CHiUM SAW  ACCESSORIES.  If  it's on  OUT0OAHD  you want see ymsr MHl-  CUEY' ��_AL_R ond set  tbe facta AT MERCURY  ��� * . flh��*pftj^$ff Is  Performance.  Horsepower _  Cylinder* ���__.-  Cubic Inches  Bore ��� 1���  S-wImj ���.   jr.s  24_-Jin*  ____-10_��   r  ACCISSOHJIS  ���*IS_fi_>. r  -'-_riX2i_i��:. -k  ft,   '  j-f. .- ,  ' ' Mr^_^rfA,i:'F**,8^^'^^M^  CfiristeiffS Special'  2��% offF,'m4mii_m:  Come in and see for yourself!  The finest selection of CHAIN  SAWS from Egmont to ,  Port Mellon,  5 Makes to choose from.  HOMEM  ^yLLmmm^'y  -P-l:-;':'P}' :���. y. ;:SI1IL:^ ::-l:^x"p  ��� y'.,'; 'f'p^^MiAMIM^   ';PPlP:P-M^U^^  4  *��*  1    prj*   *   ?    .,**  <V  k;Mu_s'ii.*^IVice'  '"lh%J f -V]*"*. .Secbelt, ��X.   ,   '   ' ,;...,     phom ��05^626  f * ^.'*-.��� 't,  CHAIN SAWS - OUTBOAEDS - BOATS  MARINE SUPPLIES  y^t^^.-V,   ; . r,\  ,.���  '7-,;   ��� "lift's        JY  'fe-.Y    %/i."/   t  !.-/>> ^y-:-*.  y  ?-"���_._  . -i  il-H )*W",!"'*f (***i  |('l,J*V��**N't��,kfl.     ��F,t��F  --fwiv- ' t'-~ f **i.(fi"-n-i-iti.i+f'  ^W. f f^^J^l^ ^ilf ������*�� l^ji'r* J #**1^��iH]^#*��t\ , o^i^c***  -|^��ge.;14  ,    S-anmsclo Times^fe Idea Supplement, I960        y'   lr .  F    .  i  I  I     - I  -_-_B-__  mam  ���s^w  \V  A'  s<  '$  /  f -i  1  H  " M  .'  r  '   H  V  4  i  .<  s  u  ^  ..,  1 .  ���#  if,  ���'<K\      .   ���������"-'-;   '^  'Y^ YYY-;YYs^YY%YY;YYYYYYY-    '   ���  ���*->"..-t.  r-    -   .- , xy-^-l    y   y ' pp    ���. Ppp"-,*'tS{ y:--  w^V:4 :%*>-'H^f Y^'-r \ ;^-. 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Weill send a gift card in  your name,notifyinqypM Peninsula's biggest  paper will come for the next \52'Weeks.'ypPyYYy\  Sjr;'flte^ $9.00 ppr  Eeyeiii 30! itiilesi   $5.5�� per  7,7' ,,.'. ������   '���.   .. '���   .,." ,   , . ' ' ' ���    ' ,'  Specicii Citizens .   $3.00 per ye��t  . ,    .   ���   A  ; ,'     ���.   '    ','      I,  885-9654  med-  BO)( 310 -i SECHEUT, B.C.  5  i  1  I.  ?  ���  ;  Nftl**. 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Nice Gifts,  &���  SECHELT, B.C.  wMWMiwm-__-iiimiinii,l"ii-'Tr"''TT*-*���-���"���*������������������������_----^-..���^_^-rT---j.f1_���-���,������-���,���--���-------���--���----���.^.���  ^��.1��#Fl1f|fF��." *~L^l_*_.ta*-~ vJ��*wU.���.jL^.���l. .���.! .Fw*^_^��,_a_~U-F��j; -*>,W*��iw_~J��� .��_,_._��>j4�����_��!__^.^^fr-^fr^^U���__���~��>*>._._|.*_F.**^ **^  *1    f-  '/YYl v  LITTLE MISS JEWELL^Y SETS���Bracelet and Necklace  L.TTL-E MISS SWEETHEART JEWELLERY  Ladies. Pierced mi pierced look EARRINGS���Asst. styles  ;���AtiSY HiPARfPlNf  CANDY CANES reg. lOcea,  Buy a box of  MOIRS BOXED CHOCOLATES���14 oz. selection  MOIR FAMILY BOX���28 oz   -Christmas special 12 for 99c  .24 for $1.98  fecial low price 00c   .Only $2.39  BOATS, FLAMES, CARS���Sets of every description 1  VISIT OUR FABULOUS TOY DEPARTMENT  49c to $8.95  m  lASSWAEi  BEAUTIFUL VASES���Ceramic style  BEAUTIFUL ASH TRAYS���Ceramic style  T^LE CENTERS���In ceramic styles   TUMBLERS in several styles   _ Just $2.49, 4nd up  -as low as $1.09 und 90   ' -,     $2.98 tnd up   from 25c to 39e  BOYS'  SUEDE GLOVES or Immitotion leotheiw  Fleece lined, sizes 2-7 ���^79c to $1.98  PULLOVERS AND CARDIGANS ��� As-*  sorted styles and colors. Washable. At  this price an ideal gift for.any young  man. Just compare . ���Only $3.66  PERMANENT PRESS SHIRTS in fashion-  able1 colors. Reg. styl,^ turtle ne<* ��I��  the new Guro Style. Boys 8 to 18--|3.9g  Boyi Z to:6X i-= ^**98  CHRISTMAS TRH ORNAMENTS i__  UNBREASCAOLE TREE ORNAMENTS���Bell style _  TOPS , . !���  Box of 42 only $3.98  Only $1.29  ANGEL HAIR���Pink, Yellow and Blue  OUTDOOR SPARKLE  SETS���25 lights,   -    '  only $12.59  -As low os _B9�� up   Just 59c pkg.  INDOOR SPARKLE  SETS���7 lights,  Just $2.89  1 *.  GIFT WRAP���4 big rolls to o  package 20x80 .,.__-l98c'^kg.  BLACK MAGIC CHRISTMAS  S*~' '-N     ** WRAP���6 rolls per box  .*������*-   $   26x216 J$2.00 box  ���&  J  >.  ?/  > -US'  ', '.     ,    , i  5%    r  Stationery  ASSORTED  CHRISTMAS  CARDS Variety  Pack 21 cauls $1.00  JUMBO PACK  CHRISTMAS  CARDS. 45 cards  only $1.98  Special Value . . ��  36 CHRISTMAS  CARDS. Assorted.  Only $1.49  ^&_w._s_sarf3*___  ��� *&*>v  Chrislisnais  December  19-20-21-23  9 a.m. to 9 p.m.  -   * Tuesday,  ���  December 24th  9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  BUDGIES  While they  ���,;;, ..fott..;  F|     ,      '  Onl�� 2.81  IsntterHa*  0. T..OVES i�� *w"'     __���^',*  trim- ^tTe*  ��J__^^5s^  Floating Waterproof  LANTERN with outo.  warning blinker ....$1.98  Assorted Tools. Speciol.  ROTARY POINT  REMOVING DISC ��� ,88e  3PCE.FIS.ESET ��� ���^8c  TUBULAR HACK SAW  FRAME -,..P.:P.^..Mc  12 PCE. SOCKET  WRENCH SET  Only $13.69  mini - 7 f-  m 9*r S-T  4n  Irfool  ���� nnr _-3i"ffj��  selection of I��  :;;:��#j����ttiseil ���' v  Toys-  Creepy Crawlers  Mini Dragon - Dolls  Torka Truck  Hot Wheels  Boxed Games ~ Guns  .^, (n     Holster; Sets,. ��� ^,'.;,  "     Colouring j^oaks      ,  ���,'.'.   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