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The Peninsula Times Apr 2, 1969

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 ^JA.jMlM^   ^J  "^���"W HKrf! W   ���.,-11   ����� j ^  ^),^*Y��^if* 4&*fcvVf^ ^^J��44'4^tkJi4fsb?1">��^N^*0!- V"*4f'  5   f  /' 5  ">-t-)?l'(4,.  CAST 'MEETING :of the* Secheltratid Dis-  added that the Authority is catering only  " trict Chamber, of "Commerce was-held- -to the tourists, who, he added," are appre-  at-the-Peninsula Drive-in -pining Room elated out, we still need a regular late  and was attended by about thirty members   service,   " *~    -  and^ wives. It had been previously agreed        The.President warned that Mr, Strat-  ���thait* regular, meetings held every second' |ord has advised against, seeking a regular  months be dinner meetings.   '     ,-.<, ���    -Jatersailing on grounds'that "such a request  . Opening the meeting, President Erich * might result in no late sailing at any -time.-." r-."*"*  Hepsph" said "he feels' -the*" Chamber's plat-    He-was told by Mr.- Fa'rker that the Chamber should seek either an'improved serv-" i -*    '  ice or a road through 'to" Squamish as pre-   |  ���* /#rWglbe$up$btoe*^  mL, *���  WllsOrt Creek, ^Setmo Porkr Sechefc Hoifr^rt-gov. Secret Cove. Pender Harbour. Madeira Pork: KI,?Iri_t_-IrolneVLandtrio* ���rl dove. Egmont.*    1  '-*   I,  .^  - / /Try*  \  A-   //; fs \  ���tf'  \  'form for 1969 should be support of a pro  gram for community betterment -and understandings Stressing-the value 'of tour-  -i��m he said the chamber should seek an  improved balanced groWth of the com-  "munity; 'r  I Regarding tourism, Mr,' Hens'ch told  members he has appointed a tourism com-  ���mittee comprising. Canon- Minto Swan",  *Aiex Gilmore and W. Smith. A meeting  had been held at which the Gibsons coun-  'cil and Gibsons Chamber had been invited  ��� to discuss possibilities of a tourist' booth  :hear Langdale. ' *,   -    ,    ,  ���Mr. Hensch was reminded that mem-  -"Ji  I  r  n, *  A  A''  .������  y  r  \  *   5e  .   ���;    i'*��  *��        ,.  T  "+ ff    (  *   **  ���  V  "��������'**,  r  J  /  ���M  r  _  ��� )  4  ���>  1  r\  *  )  >f,  t  i  -tfl  ���    "I  *r   "^  f*      ���  4i  , TJ.  n  it  7  > *  it  h  ��� ���������  - ���*  ff.  ( -  \)  viously intimated by Hon. Phil Gjiglardi."v" f-**%  'President Hensch ^however, argued Tthat'T  'he did not think Powell River would favor  a road/-  ��� ~"Mx. Swain said he could appreciate" the  fact that1 Powell' River would not seek .a  road; but, he $aid, it* is the squeaking  wheel which'gathers the grease and. as we  de not appear to be getting anywhere .with  $he ferry situation, then s'-^he, Chamber  should push for the road.-   ���    < '  '"Mr. "Gilmore, s'aid he has been'told by 4  ,      ,       , lijlr'. Stralford that 'more "would. bVaccom-  hers have already discussed possibility of "plished'i-cthe public would' only, submit r.  establishing a tourist'booth on properity in   letters 'to. 'the Department mdieating .thei^, k  _echelt, permission has already been ob-    desire for a,n improved service.:-j ������ *��� ^>* ���- -  jtained.from.owners of the> property, fur>        Mr,'Wheeler commented-'that people  vther, Canon Swan'is -understood > to _-be  < are generally apathetic and,will iiot Write,  .Working t-tp.thkend. Mr, Hensch explains   furthter, -it-is-��pjc~the Chamber to act on -  ���ed^thatfhe commjltliee.underrchairittanshiR   behalf,-of "the .public for.ttus Is one of its  of-Canon-Swan had recommended the " functions. > He also 4 referred to the "gall"'  Gibsons'location'.    -   ..\: !--7.-     "*'' t .       of. Mr. Stratford Who -at-a* recent-meeting-  '"���"' Members previously moved that _ com- - of  Chanib6rs~an_: Councils. * in' SechelV-  ���mittee be formed .to investigate formation " st&ted,,'a ^mimbe'r ,of improvementsi would -  of d Retail Merchants, Association within   be carried out On services to ^the Sunshine  ���the" framework of ithe Chamber... In, this   Coast; ithen .Afterwards asked the' press to ���'  ^-espect'-Qie president s&id Ke~Kad-failed to   retrain from quoting his promises for tie  appoint "a  committee but suggested' the   had-been carried away somewhat; He had  matter'be,left to next executive meeting,    explained that the,improvements Were, in  Mr. /Ehed. Jorgensen ���pointed Jout .that "itr (^asctual -fact, only under consideration.*  had been moved-the chairman.'appQint'. a  '��� -. ^rt~' _.< ^^LU k~ ^iik^ ^a��;��?i-   ,-*. .!,  'ciimmitSee.of three, and".as this 'has 'jiot  ,b��en donerthere> was .no |rea-bra/why lie   ���,_v.0..,.-rf���w���_..6 ,������v. ,v_v,���,_Uv__^w��� > ���.  ,.,       ,-- - - ���---���-���  should nottdo so there, and vthen.^ Heswais -$}quam!sl_, Copies to,be forwarded'io the   School Science' Fair, vyithtiieur^snlo^k-^    -  supported;by Morgan1 Thompson ahd dis- -Premierj: MLA   Isabel   _aws6rt, mother   i_g ?'bul>b_tig   volcana",are" .KsO-V  "tussion itermra&'ted- with* Mr.-j Thrompsoiv   Chambers, etc.   - ���-���'-',    "*       ~ , -d-Z'"   *   i>.��vwu ��*���������-�� �����j'dwi>i��  Mr. Joe^Benner and Doug Wheeler agrW-   V' .���.-���<,     .    *     .-.   '.       ���   '   , Bjornson, Rou^e Wlltos ^d i?hiHp  ingto>comprise.-thecommittee.'   '.      -     -^j. -i -W.o    ^..     -Bir __    M_<iison. 'His^hg(n-3s-'vblack]as!;.spot,      ' Si!^f|_i^���i,'   _9fol_fflfyQi*-   (MWIi^l&^WM^iSM  '  Reporting ��^,the Sunshine'Coa_To_r-    Jrrtlll^Sl'    Plfi_"T_l    M  K��   YOu^g Rodr���ad ^e .time^df ���^^^^ lIIHiii��U WlKlll  ^iTtfe^5^^^^^*    >T^^ \      't\2i        ^' st^ingdeter^tr^water^d;^     _���?,A' ��Z,Z   , 'i?:\ ! >  -, .*   't*L,. .7 ;-^T?:: - .  ed> that, members. Of  the Chamber have.    .*:��,:*:��_. . fl _.���:i    IflAL.      ��� ���. .'_?_.   '��_-i _ __.j._i __*.__-_;,    FHWJL, TIME .staff of:the.Sunshin*v Coast.   ��ut. lha-h Cihsons. -has a -fHllv-n  1  **  ���r r  4 _ ' ���*  -�� fl  ���JJ  ���^f.u IJS.S  Extra aid rejected  -J*  5��t  if  'tl  collected between $600 and $700 in mem-    VlSlf lllCr AP-li . IDf U  -berships-on behalf of the Association. He   'l���j,i,tT-   ,     , ���-   _     , .     . ���  said^that at ,'a 'recent meeting, execdtive   CHA1RMAN    of   the    Sun?hme   Coast  ���inembers of the association expressed*-ihe i -'- -Liberal5. Association, ' Norm   Watson,  view sthat'-Seehelt .would ,be"' the logft���' ahnoti^ced this week that M.P.-for Coast    . f        _      ^  center, for->  headquarters,  rather  than . .Chilco-thi, Paul'^St. Pierre wiU -be paying   vift<U5li1a, K��f1 *_ H/flfel  \RyweU7vRiyer. , A. Chamber member e'ic-    a ^wit'to the, area ^Thursday-April ltlth.    UU_&IlJiC   WV   __U.UUO_  icei�����1h^modeltot>-^duC.eriiptioa:< PI^L .TEMB1^af? of >_the-Sunshine, Coast,  out^hat Gibsons has a _ully; qualified .ad  .-   '     ��� ���    -,      .     -    ���" ���'.���������     ..RegiOnaL-Di^^.h^.naW .'-junrped to,   mmjstratntrw'ho ispaid-o^y-mat^mount.  ��� ,- -a.:�����-._..-__ r_ ���__.^�����-___�� -    """Director' Harvey Hubbs a'greed  with  ' - *���-       ,.'-X -  j   *^'j_.rj.'_I'  ;-���,'  , Volume6, Njx. 19 ,  W5DNES6AY, APRIL*, 19^  School Boards offered  enity inio real estate  A NEW ACT enabling school districts to  provide housing for -teachers and other  employ-ees, if none is available, is a good  move, says the president of theiB.C. Teachers' Federation.- >  ." VMany "of "the districts in'the more remote areas df'the province have great difficulty in attracting teachers' because of  the absence 'of accommodation," Tom  Hutchison said.' ��� ��� '  -1-' The .actr introduced into the legislature  by Education Minister Donald Brothers,  permits boards to borrow up to $50,000 or  the'value of ,one mill ,to construct houses  for employees. " . , 4        _ '3  The houses .would "then be rented,to  employees [who would- also, be-given first  option to purchase if' it was.ever decided  to put the property en the market;  ��� i "It is to^be hoped that school districts  use the provisions of- this 'act to.provide  necessary housing .Or teachers," Hutchison  - said.- --    -   -   - -    .     '    .  itegipniBjanchw,  meeting day change  EXECUTIVE wSa8a&��RB& "Rpyal .Cana-  - diah'Legion Branch 140 will be held,  in future, ori ���the" second" holiday ;qf eich  month and general meetings, on the ,third  Monday. However, this-change wiircome  into effect in'Wtay"due'to'fche���fa.ct the-hall  has already1 beeh rented for the third "Mon:  day. in-April.' May general _meeting is  therefore scheduled for the -lSttx. '\    '    '  ��� tExecutive points out "that -while -it> is,  doing'its best bri behalf of the branch, a  larger ;turn-out to general meetings ^would  be -appreciated. Officers do" their best to  carry out iflieir duties but-a great deal de->  pends upon--membership, as-a whole'iturn-  ing- out to meetings in order''to 'present  views-and .make rex?_mmendations4..,It as  suggested members;plan to attend the.mext  ing i^pector.j -It wjisj apnouneed at "last  meetihg ojf -the Board thkt Mr. ^arry Jamie-  s-JttV'FontrSt'J-Dhn has beeir fleeted from  matter-of moving  Yt  Disgust?  ferry, service,  members,  pgnschlfifat'  aeon again win.in-era-is, a���>m�� .. ��. m ��� ~  ���- <��� -  |gpcf we'-will;get a later*fprrjr���for;,week-    0/^Y63f   OIGl SGJIOOJL  ^r-^'B'ot*/ N^rmtn^o���-:s^i'^*-^evare   fci:idli-i-i;-j|, ���,*,,Wii'_*��.,  ^n^i^^'hr^^M^^' -mm, first <remnon  ��' _e.*tf��f'7'*r.���*'-���- v 4 }-<���**���!::,*��� t> <-"%.',' (.-�� V i  ^t'yedr.pld.Herbem  Soencfer . School  Dire^S__*tSiLtSS^ *v&&SSfifi&8m  is quite common in indusitry.   .        - ?*_1I��*" ^ ^^ Sechelt Mayo/vexr  Ti:-^^. *w���,-j vir^^s u4i^ ii/r��4.~ -v*. .Passed the yxew that he could, not -com*  vm have;td>rder"specializedkeq-uiphtent ���  H-��_W^m^.^^5_S\��2SLiS   'ment'on tHe^merits of assistant jL-rfaMfled;  r *  I .  'A*'i'  ������\t'f>  "I fl M  SOCCER FINALS  Winners of -the Sunshine Coast Juvenile i^occer-League were declared4after finafli  weekend playoffs. Divn 2 ��� Residential  Totems; Divn. 5i-Resldential Braves; Divn,  7���Sechelt Timbermen. .  ! , On Sunday Totems beat Gibsons United  4-3; Braves' Scores, 1-0 shut out, over Gibsons Legion.   ,, ..... , ,.  ACTibN^.Vr^.-v':'.i:.;v'-: /,;vi/',.!,:';;'  ^e|whereitho action is on^Easter Mbnr  day, Aprll;.7..vAt ,2, p.m. Gibsons Athletic  Club will wind up the, soccer season with  a, grand OExhibltion G31"0- ��  Athletic Club1 coaches will tackle the  ?!_!!-fe__#__^^  4tew,Westrhinptesr will*,be' Jield; April.-25; .   , ,.;-,;���i >   \ j,^,i-r-v... ,*y, .'.-*,  $9/ih^he.school beginning 'ajk7*K>;$M. FOr-<hb^iCXtpp4dA.UA<  ormerrstudents,' ]teachers, and.their ���wives '  ;'.,-.'; .VJ-T-'i' :' '; ��� "   '  'jxid husbands tye invite'd. The event com- "���"'" _?_'. -, r" 77 '��'  Imemera^ithe fiftieth anniversary of PTA  irv The school and forty-six years of teach-  irigin-the sohooLby Miss Catherine J. Mac-  . All those who are unable to attend.are  asked to senda 'Jetlter in care of Mrs. J. A.  McAplHillrlQ7 Sinclair Avenue, New Westminster, telling of their whereabouts and  other information of interest to ( former  school' friends.' ���  ' '   ',  Especially invited guests include two  members of the (Provincial cabinet: the  Hon, Bay Williston, a1 former teacher, and  ithe Hon, Dan Campbell^ a former student.  Other former studehte include'' Nejv Westminster's forme!r mayor, Stuart, Gifford,  ahdAld6rmah.'-I^elma'Benn6^     ;   i,l  , Pictures and'souvenirs for display are  being sought by the comrnJittce, and, those  peoplle, in the greator, Vancouver area who  have anything they arc willing to lend,  , Secr-et^-Trfi&suref. ���  ," GARBAGE PJCKrrtiP  r.- '- , {''.T^a/le\i��t^^vfareZr6a^ pro'testing.plans    ifi^ahy^ne'^bo is  . t   ,'of^the-poard "^Put tHetprorw.^ 'needing'assistance.  continue receiving the national magazine  "Legion7' it is;necessarythatoverdue"mem-  bership fe<">s be paid as soon as possible.  1 'The* House Committee-has established,  a newJ.entertainment" policy; and starting  inr April for a three-month, trial" period, a  series of events are' scheduled.* Success of  <this venture- will depehd upon acceptance  by .-membership and. will' irtchxde: Tuesday,  ���Sh-uffleboard,^yednesday/01d'Tin^ Sing-  .,..-�� ._....��_j   - ^   Night Doubles;  '-- Live Music;  1     r  to-' bring ��� a.  Smok-cr^ind'Ham^Roll  " 3.at 8 p.-cn/^hi^wil*.  Hall*-Sechelt-Snacks  and 'admissioh is free.  ���Comr-ade tFrank Bonin js Service ���Officer'., and he welcomes information regard-  -sick, -in th'e-hospiital or  'His phOne' nuriaber is  local Chapter" is only awaiting iiadvice on  the existing situation in the school district.  c di^pl��yin^soi-rife'eq^ally��,lnoridlblo soc-J ,'icpiritacti  cer'. Game will take place at Elphinstone   Floden, 526-3820, or Mrs. Roy. Braincrd,  Secondary School grounds, 526-3592t  SECHELT and Districf Association for Retarded Children'made a1 major decision  last week 'which now only requires the #��_��__���. i  sanction of the district superintendent Mr. HELP REQUIRED J  R.'R, Hanna and the School Board to au-        Special Counsellor Bud MacKenzie out-  thorlzc a 'special class for handicapped lined the situation in (the absence, of Mr.  children in the'district. Hanna and Elementary Supervisor John ,  :': :Mr.'Dalton Murphy^'E*reCuiive Director Bartpni  ^ explained that..tW ye'arS ago ���  of the B.C. iAssobiatibn for Retarded Chil- when the Association was formed ithere  dren explained that grants' ar6'available -were no .special help remedial;; classes in  bnceU'he'fltearChapter.:h^ ��� ,   ' , '.',,';,;;i,,;i',',.,\,\,JY,!���'"!',��� "���'������'  tion through.the-proper channels, v V ;,  At the present time there? Is'a special  President; of .the ;Sechelt  Association class of fourteen students who are'^ream-  Mrs. 1. Christiansen stated, that the .'Asso.,:;.1 eqloutipto |the -regular curriculum'for Art  limitea^aWdutn'o^ruhas ate hvaiU   getTri^vHuat'atlFhTiori THey .Ho not <bche-.'  special.equipment,which she has,   fit ahd the 'district- is how fated' with a  situatlon-whitih'is'notworkihg,'     "      '    '  .plck-Mp: system On the' iniir rate. *6ne"ileil> {��85-2163.  , iter w^'fwm' a West Sechelt resident,']"^. .  '." " .*     "      >,             ���  ���Frank Parker, the other from 'the WesfSe- ,ra*\ ""J,          *.-,  j- ...j... __ . .    t  chelt Water Board'., Both" sUggest-ed.that XpTllfW'"   1.1 ll7PTI ^' A^H '  .-^ihile the.miU-rite might 'be arie'asy's^ OClUyi-   UlU^CU i>   __���Dll.  itwp to administrate,' rt was inequitable.' JI-��'\'--''l   -_��-.-,��.��*-,  Further, it was pointed-out that garbage SlSlGS   S0C1SI   0^0519111  is still-garbage whether it comes from* a ���                                ���      **  luxury or" modest dwelling, -yet, under the BRANCH   69,  Senior  Citizens'   Associa-  ',mill rate, the. owner of a large home will tion will hold a social afternoon at the  , have ,Ho pay considerable more than the Sechelt Legion Hall oni Thursday, April  owner of a smaller home even though 3rd at 1:30 p.m. The convenor, Mrs. Guy  'the amount' of garbage might be the same. Clear has an interesting program arran-  Dlrector Feeney said he quite agreed ged- Admission price of 50 cents includes  with the comments and noted that it in- tea, prizes and cards for a friendly Bingo  deed would be the simple method from an  ��� adrpinistrative point of -view.' However, he  suggested tho committee, ���thoroughly 7in~x  vestigato all other , means bofore" finally'  '���,,���   . ,L��� S4*je,pooe A-5  ga'ihe. Tea is also served at l^;30,p.ro. for  those coming in on the shoppers'; bus. ,  NeWs of Mr. Harry A. Hill is that he  uhderwehit further surgery last week in  Shaughnessy, Hospital. ���        ;,  ISP1  elrna Parkr.^  lw ���   nVcTt <tyiZ3L^jlAu^...ni'L^jy^,;fi,:iMi.^^'-.-ifi.!  iZ... ���   ���  H-- '��� ,"        ;    "���r ">'  )    fA*.*i^4 ��� t ri-r. ,  4,7' .<_  able ior  been told the children require and the'  OPPORTUNlTy CLASSES   '       '.    * ,,.'.,'���  Having, had considerable, experience; in ������  this' field, Mr, Barton's suggestion is ,to  divide, the fourteen students into three  Classes: ope primary and one intermediate,.,  called' opportunity  classes  for', -students' ���    . , ��� . *,   , ,,    ,  Who can,benefit from education nhd'Uhe -SERIES  of  vaiylng  speed  limH,*? ,from    s.toted,he h��  .third to be toi^ Htudcnts who may n^ver        Davis Bay to: Sechelt,.w^s .considered;    engineer, Martin  Dayton  who  indicated  progi-css beyond the grnde 8 level; but are   unsatisfactory..;bjr members of the Sun-        '  ^-.f-.^.. . ���.���._���,_-��� h.,...^L,L i j -. ...1..LV;li,.-. ���>   Bmrf0 Coast Regional DistricfbUt an carMcr'  request ito the Highways Dephrtmcnt for'  a straight: 30 mph right through, was rc-  ��� Jcotcd ris*unsatisfactory., ,:  , * ,,  Mi.in concern centered on the fuel that  the limit of 30 riiph ���through-' Davis Bay  changed to, 50 foV itho del:n>a.,Pn'rk,', Hill,  ���went down to-30 through Selma Park and  'ilr^crensed to 40 mph shortly, before 'entering Sechelt where 't again'changed.to' 30.  Apart-from.'crcatlpij confusion 'to motorists, .tlie 50 mph zone entcrfng Selrhnipurk  from Davis Bay Wnq considered excessive.  ' Latcpt flotlficMlon from the local ROMP  suggests a standard speed of 40;'nipti'  through DavW Bay and to Sechelt. Tlda  was recommended iw acceptable^ by Dlvce.         ^  , tor IItirw>vlliihh��i urhn i-rnwfiA>nt!fi iihrJt..|!.rm- .' <'Y".lY>2''""'"iV  ������*"���/"*,,�����"������v;�� v��p.,*,. ... v',"')  clflc  ', mCmbera Wlih- the cxt'cplioh. bf. Dlitfotor  Archie Rutherford w,ho exprc.^cd ithe', view ��� ~"'-" .,.' i  .*"��� ���������'������'.��� -���>' .'    '��� *    '  ', that 7 ho. .failed' . to "undcr^land" -how' "the  'Board could /-ijippori such n proposition    ..  ' nftpr' pnrvlously; risking ft>r,' ft*, W mpli; "t  V"'-- _ f  limit, "If our rocbmmcndatloivfor 3i) mph    SECRETARY'S REPORT  tms any merit, then wc sltouWrtlcK to" IC '      Mr. G<K)diiuMW>jtcd that the Water  . he itiiid. ��� ',     ,        ': ,",'���",���     ���������' -Cominittoo hatt held two meetings during  ���   .Dlrectfw trunk West drew attention to   March Including q visit to Victoria, to dis-  tlio fact Unit the representative  for the CM{in application of 'parcel tox to ttws P*-o-  arca is the man oh the spot and the Board    vilwial HoIIh, with Municipal Affairs Mlu-  , ��houlld i>e guided, by, hb rccommcnd.it'opn.    Jster Dam .Campbell.      ���  11 wns'-tficreforc  moved  the IlCMP. l��c  liotlflcd of the Bonrd'a approval.  Easter preview  , r  .  (jottinr a preview of Easter at the   Boyd, Sally Phare and Rhonda Coop- IOa.fter E#_ Tree which added ad<|i-  ------        or were delighted with the beautiful tional color tx> the very attractive   tm> Mudfcnts, .under the 'Public School*  Easter basket of colored eggs and event.-.*....  Girl Guide L.A. International Tea  held at Gibson.'! on Saturday, Brown-  lea of the 2nd Gibsons Pack, Lorna  trainable.; K-is this" (hird class' Whlph'requires the , support of 1 the local Chapter/  )\Ic. jyiurphy, .explained to tho twislvci people present' at the mcetiritf -ihat tlierc is" ii  severe lack of profcs.slonaHy .trained people  tor this type, of, cl,h��s. A, hfhool 'bonrd  would not'bo able to 'hire anyo'nc without  a,- teaching; certificate but' ah antiociation,  for retarded, children',could..hire n person  trained in thi�� type of work.   :   .      ,, ,  'decision'' ''   ��� '" '.:���'���/.:. ,     ;; ������/���;,;���  Aslced by Mrs! Chrlt��tiuhficn how long  it "would take to gel sticli a program operating; Mr. ��� Murphy replied (hot as soon  u'n cdmmit'lcco were formed tp fiinction.'Iit  nr�� adininlntratlvo ��� capacity*; an(J (^ppirovnl  Itr received'from the 'fichool dlatrlct. admlp-,  IstraiUnvlt'will bo >po"!5��lblo'to'commence  immc<Uately��(   ' ��� ' ''���   ���'��� ������".r   j'./T   ;.,  V Two commitlec.'. Were'' prcjmptly do-  cflar-ed, subject to the approval; <^f.,JNty.  Iianrra; Thf? Educatiort Com'mlltcc of the,  , Sechelt and District' A-is-Tclatlr'n for;Re-'  tai-ded Childreh will 'bo ,con1pH��cf};of two,  Ctiaptor members, Father Power OM1 and  JVTra. Leo Maccy,' -iiid the Di��triqt, Kupcr-  lntondcnt Mr. Hanna.   < ',','���  '  The ficrcmlng CommKtea Is' compfiticd  u'f the Medical  Health Officer,  DiHtileli  BupfTintendtTnt, ��� Elementary   Supervisor,  Father ��� I_wcr of the Sechelt ^tcsldcptlmli.  School'-ahd Mrs. Lee Macey.  At the present time there are only, two , WATER, IJEWESTS^  Btudenita .who would qualify for the train-4  nblc class but should tho .number ��� reach,  iad discussed the situation WHli  water could be supplied once, the Board  has progressed with Its proposed water  system. 'Director West commented thuit  this is about .nil the Board can offer nt  this time. "We'certainly cannot interfere*  with so��pcone elso's system,", lie said.  lit was agreed tlio company be riotifled  accordingly, ,    ' , ...  Another request came from the Chekwelp Water Board seeking approval to a'  hook-up  from tho Gibsons Village line  until    establishment    of    a    permanent  scheme by the Board.  Director Fred Fccney, stated his council  has no objection..providing all arrange-''  monits.are made,by the Board and Ph Jh��  nHHiupptlon that its pfbposed' water system  a recommended as acceptableyy wivee.-      nv {    hca(,  M {        h> ,    ^   H ,  Jhu-vcy Hubhs who a-pwsBcntii Ahot/��po-.' ���c<;rned,tho hook-ufi would'be'on'a motor1  lc. area,- ami was qpproyed ,bjr other-   Msia Und council: would, iiv'turn bill the  Bourd.    '    -     -,  j    �����., ,;- ,;>    (  iiVWos moved thu matter be turned over  to tho Water Committee far.reeommemln-  i"   , ��� i  Act, the (iChdoi bo-rrd would be ell'gtblii to  ���tulle over the cldts.  Sun Const Development requrated information us to prpa-dures Involved ^ni  order'to "obtain a wliter hooktup to a s��b-  divlsion >nt West ScchehV '     *       ,     ,!  tkdutdjii/iTrciiiiUiur  Cltilllca  Guadtlta  Engineers arc presently carrying out n  ground survey for the water scheme. Thl;i  work la expected to tontinuc; during April  and a provisional site for a reservoir In  the Sechelt area has* been chosen. Sketch  plans will Iw prepared' nnd application  made to the Provincial Government for  (tub Site*  i  fr-*fit^Vifip������V-^r"' ffwrtw. *w*-4��eiRJi**-*e'*i":*  ��.W!W41.p��Mr.  ^.,18,   lf��.*(i4��l(4^I*,lt��^ai����iM'J!'f fv(������fc^��  >'**4ii'*taf#'*%i4(r�����* W�� 1*  *��������**-tel**   ���*^l��i***t>^,^i��i>4?4��to#t1J4^^WI��''***14^ t,��'tl��<A��*��*H*����W,f4��^��-|*|��#rtlf^^ J4V**,. *l^Ht-jl;^tt��^^f|(iM**4*teV^-|ii1MJ��l^-4i^ "*>#4.*^J*t***1 **���,  J*-*^*,>.  llfht*p&J'&&  >%X>r��*<t&^J*Vi*t*7!*^^  /���" .-r^'  '{    4  ���-..)  fi-A^SMssW**^* y*~- v-4'*-*^-*'^*,**^*'?***^4^*****^  ,~vv"  Pa.- A_ ttePeftfhsul. fliWes; Wfe JtiesJdy;. APM VIIW   ft^f   mAT_ ,,_,.<uji   REAI. ��STAf_ (continued)     lEGAI  *-Vr**wt*V��^^.4^-w'k^^^ * 4i*"'l*^U^,^*''W,*W*V  ���' 7f' "-  .��^^JA^W->^^'Sj|^V>^'*-*'--��*^^^ *��"' t&^tF^ftp" S^f "-/^V  * 4    ^���Htf'w "S"  f . .   t* -5* y��*   J.       ,  <  �� ' <-     ,5 .'/    ?-">   <J*A  ���4��t>4il-^*iy'V' ^>*^. ���<����� ***���������--  LEGAL (Continued)  Hi   .11 'mill.  I�����*^VlW_����Kliq��iP*^ ,    J- , ; , .   ,    , ,j       f .    ,���.--���   ~       -   .  . &X��%?>Ari:~     e*.V." :*W'- -i 1* "*s ___~__i_'     ^^'residential  teal 'tami', CHQIC_ Oc���n view lot. 56 fly  "'Ta-BbOMSOlA^WW*^ lot   with   _6od .access^to-<* ��-����*���*>���'��*�� -���.,��*��.,�� _na_  Clossified  f*todtagev6nl Sunshine Coast,  ^horlline"" Bea^qnably I, leyjil /"Hw^-101 t,atiJJopkins "Ldg. All ;  " with1'.'convenient    road Vap-    services. Clpse to sandy-beach,;  proach." $4,T,00 to. $5,qQQ pakh.   >taqf ��� #'sfrpre. Cleared, ready  Reply   Box -2314,   Eenmsuia    to build. Askihg $3500. Owner:  ,.  Times.       '   "'      , -2314-19^ 3px, ��82,, Sephelt, B.C., Phqne,  a^31Q.,,' '  CARS ond TRUCKS  ���^ ���������.���������������"       i ��������� ��� ��t~  ' 19-33, \ POtfTI AC,   Parisienne  1 .Hi 'l'ltl li'nili' "i, il'linhitiji ��� l^)U*i')i4^''' I'l'l" **���"���  '    **  "WAHT_b>"'   '~ iv"   ' /r:<i  __i  ��� ^,,���;.,.,4>,4t-  ''A',  WILL purchase jwtehes*Qf fcobk: _QOKS~' 6alore*^_3hie.  -Custo^Wo-door hardtop. JJF-hf ti^WjJJJ ,^^^8X861  'V-8 autc^radio bucket seats/ ��- -y -*^, m -Wg , |ffifS&%��&ns |pS  A-l  condition. Low mileage., ^ok"';twUlgtifc>"TH~tre^pro^   go5k.feook-Outcloor Cook Bflok  2307-191  ^ublish-ad Wednesdoy by  TheJPenfnsula Times Ltd.,  .-,    ���, at Sechelt B.C.  HELP WANTfeD {Cotif.)  '    .HuuSbIba' >ARK-rapprqx.\5   ���.._..��� ._ .wnm r<   --,,...  ..,-/.'   :'���'-.-"���!;���      acres _ LakeftbhCproperty v ��W 2 feedroom house, all  Form No, 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  E��TI]VIATES    .required . - ior  paihting hou^e - and ' barbe-  an paved ,road and wa|terl|ne,  with .secluded 3 'bedroom base-  cue two coats. Telephone 885T* jhen*t*h,dmei'A^to Oil .and fir>-  Mchriber; Audit Bureau  "of Circulations '  September 30,1968  Gri��� Circulation 9250  ,    Paid Circulation 1942  Classified Advertisln^Rates:  3-Line Ad-Briefe (I2.woeds) .*���   r  One Insertion -���'��� '������^75c  Three Insertions          $1.50  Extra ltpe$ (4 words) \.J.r....~)5c  JCThis rate does not* oftply to -  commercial Ad-Briefs.) (  Box Numbers -i 1QC extra  25c Book-keeping.'charge ?& added    fiucklebjerry  ' for Ad-Briefs not paid by     r' ^  ' publication dote.  ' -    -  Legal or Reader advertising 35c  .   , per .count line.  Display/advertising   in   classified  Ad-Briefs columns, $1.75 per'fnch'.  Subscription Rates-r  By roail, fenipsula arjea _$5.00 yr.  By mail, beyond 30 miles $5.50 yr.  By mail, special citizens i_$3 yr.  JBy carrier. _ 50c month  9712 for further particulars  "      ' r"       y     ,'-   7\ 2342-18  ,      I  l L ;   SOMEPNE' . required'" to * ��� do  plain sewing.* Ph.,v 885-2859  or write Box 515 Sechelt.  .    .       ���    2323-18  -���-���'������       ^      _��������� - - ~"'~  PENDER HARBOUR     .  EVERGREENS .  Madeira Park -��� .  Salal Pickers Wapted,  37c bunch  plus 5c bonus  $alal       -      '      40c bunch  plus 6c bonus  Contact Plant before picking..  Located 1st5 house north", Pender  *  -  Harbijur Hotel/  Phorf-3 883-22-$^   -  , , 2050-tfn  place. Phone 856-8-328. Mr. K.  Ltfckhart,, R.B'. 1, Aldergrove.  IF YOUR DESIRE fO  SELL YQUR*,PROPERTY'  .        We Offer  elect., plus 3 roorn cabjp' oh  1 acre with view of Georgia  Strait: on -Municipal water.  F!P��� ;$1$,500; d.p- -$P,500/, v  balance -$60 per month; ,&%  int. $1,00 per year ta-^e?.' Con^  tact J., Kelly R.H.I., .Sephelt.  Tei; 885-9979.^ .,2339-20  Notice pf Intentipn to ARply  ���    * *    to ��jgase l-anb^   _ '  Also neW Mobilaire ice cooler  for camper or trailer. Ph. 885-  9345.     J   * .   2310-tfn  -    ��.  - ri ,,^.' Y -t,,-.  FOR SALE 1964 Ford,  4 dr.  sedan. ' * "Goad '    condition.  Price pffer?' phone 886-2684,  gra��nnievphone.886-2827  2623-7  , C 6 U BI Wk T ION bar-man,  Peninsula Hotel. Phone, 886-  24-��2. '   ' .?' *'\>    '  2285-19  In Land Recording District. 1965 YAMAHA, x 250 , p.Ci,; 5  pf Vancouver,-<BtC. and situate ' speed. 4700 miles" $300. 1958  Aigamenon   Channel   Vicinity ' Chev., good'runnihg condition  2229-tfn   ,CHAJ^S   to . sharpen, r precision sharpened:-' Chain Saw  Centre, Sechelt, B.C, .885-9026.  ? ,' ' 2U3-18  OFFJ3RS wanted for purchase  - and removal" of solid'5 room  hou^e J with   new-  automatic-" lowing   described  lands:���350  lot 3795.  , Take  notice .that   Beverly  Irene Strukoff .of Delta; B.p:,,  occupation* Housewife intenjis  to appy for a lease of the foi-  $20,0. Ph. 885-2087,.       228T-18    p��XS^  Chinese Cooking���Pies-< and  Cakes���Favourite ways -i With  Cnickep-r-Ad^WuFe9 in.Food-  Barbecue Cooking. Many others  at The ' Times " Bookstore,  Sechelt. 885-9654. .21fi0-tfn  ���SINGLE'     Holiywqod    : bed,  complete   trilight,   2 -lamp  shades (matching) all in perr  feet'condition.  8BB-2389.  ..*  2340-18  '54 NASH.^ood' motor, fenders   5 MONTH old samoyed bfoss  rusty,' $.65.   Evenings" 885r*     pUpS)'    inoculated,    hpuse  9463.. 2321-19   broken,  excellent disposition.  Mother imported'from U.S.A.  ..... Jiuuj-.e-wi-.il     ucvi -    ouwiiwui,      lowing    _tBfU��u,eu    ���aiiun.������u      ,fi_   nWCV *'"Piflr nfk    A-1    r��rtn-      .     " .���"7       _���     * -*- i��      1  ^Continuous   adyert1Sing   in - chl Heating and heavy wjrmg    feet + from north west corner   ^.g!?^1 fAfsLiStir   frT' coh9mpl0f *��*  f^-nA  fenjr newspapers. .     .     ;     _.Loeated%}Jrvine's Landing, of loT3795.    - ir^uSTolseS^^'^^ZJSS��k'i1S.}^  -Effective   and  proven   ad<r    ���Ask for Mr.'Douglas. L,.E,  vertising in our catalogue.- "KYI<E,'Real Estate, 922rU23.  ���"Real  pstate sales" staff' of ^ ' '   232R-1  2328-18  COMING EVENTS  4 ,     4"        I       *      . 1 4  '  .       �� r  FOR  'TWUiglit" 'Theatre; *pro-  ' gramme phene 886-2827..,   ,  1    ' /.:,:   :-'<^-i  ���-�� " > r  ANNOUNCEMENT  MR. AND MRS. S. Hately of  Madeira Park, B.C. announce the marriage o�� "their  daughter " Wendy Marie to  Daniel Robert Lee cury "Saturday, April 5th, 1969. Reception  will- -be "rat Madeira Park  Community Hall at 7:30 pLm.  to 12 o'clock. Friends and  neighbours please feel welcome  to   come. 2334r18  OBITUARY _^  NYGARD���On March 23, 1969,  Gladys Helen, aged. 49 yrs.,  of Halfmoon Bay, B.C. Survived by her loving husband  Tag,~ 1 daughter Judi; 2 sons,  James Wayne and Robert  Noel, all at home 4 sisters,  Mrs. Josephine "Nielsen, Vancouver; Mrs. Mary Nielsen,  Melfort, Sask.; Mrs. Margaret  Linn, Vancouver; Mrs. Lucille  Galloway,' Bonnievilte, Ah)a.  Funeral THurs., March. 27 "at  2 p.m. from the "Family Chapel of the Harvey Funeral  Home. Rev. ' Canon' Alan  Greene officiating. Interment  Seaview Cemetery.      2318-1$  PERSONAL  r        7  _  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. P.O.  *_��� 294, Sechelt, B.C.  Phone  $&-9876. 969-tfn  I.,  FOR   Twilight   Theatre   programme phone 886-2827.  2022-7  FOR RENT  ��� six in two offices on* the  PeninsulaT ,><���_.  ���Twelve   . hundred    Realtor  - sales! people off the Peninsula when you multiple list.  ������Twenty-four hour answering service.  ���No. charge to you if there is  ( ho sale.  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  - , Phone 885-2161"     .'  v Box 155, Sechelt,' B.C.    *'  Box 369, Gibsons, B.C.  2181-tfn   -"��� f *  "    EWART McMYNN"  ;realty^ & insurAnce^  -    l^orqry^Pufalic  Member  Vancouver Real Estate Board,  Multiple Listing Service  * -- '4PIIPNE 886-2248 -  Close to Sechelt, almost new:  three   bdrm,   bsment    house  EXCELLENT   oo-uq^A   kf. ^ff^^?/_S.  -centre Sechelt-highway 1��-   Srownas-  Arizona  F.P.  _ease  cation, level and cleared. -All  ��� BLOCK BROS.  Phone    Mr.    Good    68Ir:970Q  collect or 736-5933  1969  jffALL for rent,"Wilson-Creefe  -*��� ���Communi|y Hall. Contact Mr.  -Glen Phillips. 885-2183.. 1095-tto  -FURNISHED 2*'ba".'rnu house,  Soames Point.- Apul-ts' pnly.  No Pets. 885-2549.       2338-18  wanted"to rInt** "^^  URGENTLY     required     2-3  - bedroom   house   in  Sechelt  area. Ph. 885-2362..      2315-20  REAL ESTATE  services   available.  Peninsula Time's.  Box   1104  ���  uoi-tftr  "WORMS  4 ''*DAM|-|-\  a 1 problem?" Use  ���PAMOVIN" the ONE-DOSE  treatment for pinworms. Available at' Kruse Drug Stores,  Sechelt and Gibsons.' '    2174-22  HAVE you visited The Times  Bookstore yet? The selection  Will surprise  you.  Phone 885-  9654���Drop in & browse.  2159-tfn  FOR information regarding  Sarah Coventry Jewellery,  please phone Carol Facto at  885-9652 or write Box 585,  Sechelt B.C.     . 2308-18  LOTS foir lS*ale�� 4 cle^"d view  lots in Selma Park. Serviced  with power and water. Pj-jced  at $2,750 eaeh. -P.O. Box 299,  Sechelt or to~ view contact L.  Nestman, Selma Park.' 9659-tfn  SEE OUR DIM  AD ID OUR  DATE PAD  Sechelt Agencies Ltd."  Box 155 - SecHelt, B.C.  .*-     .     8|3^?161.  2110-18  EGMONT: Delightful hideaway on over 3 acres, with  appox. 250' seafrqnt. Cozy 3  room furnished cottage in  lovely garden seating. Fruty  trees, excellent water, attractive terms on $15,000. Call  DON TAIT 883-2284.  ROBERTS CREEK: Delightfully landscaped 1.25  acres, with nice 6 room home,  99' on WFT. Phone us for  further details.  Close to shorefront. This  lovely 5 room, electrically  heated home, situated on a  beautifully landscaped acre,  with fruit trees, berry plant?,  etc. Very good water supply.  Full price only $15,500. !  land. $15?500, half dn  Semi W.F. acre with _ six  bdrm. home for large v family  or-small camp. Lots of water,  quiet dead end road, lpftes. of  woods about $5,500 dn. oh  $15,500.   '  Close to the centre of Ser  chelt, a property with promise. For a Hostel, hotel, board-  "��� Commencing at a post plan-  ���'. ted thence, 100 ft. north;  .thence 300 ft. east: thenceIbp  ,ft; south;"thence 300 ft west  s to point of commencement  and containing i -H (three  ' quarter) acres, more or less,  i-for the purpose  of  Summer  For fast,service on all proR- vthome site.  -    .p-fjfes an4 businesses.   ; t  *;,.       peyerley Irene ^trukoff  WE TRADE HOMESr ; ', iDated March 8, 1969.      ,  2242-tfri -^3265-pub. March 19, 26-April   ~rs 1 -' ��� - -'   4      , ' r *��  ��t  THE:SUNSHJNES OV\; / "  \W. SECHELT: 2 bedroom  cottage on .50* waterfront.  Magnificent view of Gulf and  islands. $16,000;.* ,  50' Waterfront lot/$7800.4'  WILSON 'C^EBK: 2��� acres, '  ^creek, 2 bedroom?, basement.*  A-oil heat. *$'16,900. "  $2,800. Terms.  ^fEST, t SECHELT: "4rplex.  Luxurious liVmg W��th income.  Large.lot. with view of ,Gulf  & Islands. Professional.  \ RQ9ERTS - CREEK: 2y3  acres- 1 bedroom house & cabin with a -shed for your horse.  Sunshine Coast Highway.  $8,(T0O."  DAVIS BAY: New Unique  design, 1,500 flrof ^acious .liy?  *���" _��� hdrmji;   living  roQm;  Form No- 18  (Section' 82)  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to" Lease Land.  .. In Land Recording District  of "Vancouver, B.C. and situate  Agamenoh -Channel vicinity  hjt'3795. '  -  n-Take notice that .Mike  Strukoff of Delta, B.C., occu-  jpation" Merchant intends to  npply for a lease of the following described lands:���250  ft. + from north west corner  of lot 3795.  Commencing at a post planr  ted   thence _100 . ft. . n��qrth;  trailer. Unit or, separate. 886-  9561 ; "   2322-18  1959 FORD pick-up. $150. Ph.  886-2160. "   l        2315-18  . SECHELT VOLKSWAGEN  '69 VW's  ,     From $1898 F.P.  COPPING MOTORS LTD.  885-2812    .. 885-9646  See Herbie, The Lovebug  1100% Financing  2282-tfn   ���* -  BOATS oiid ENGINES  14' Sangster Craft."Vinyl'-tqp.  35 H.P. ^Mercury, excellent  condition. :886-288p.    2218-tfn  11W   FERGUSSON   and   50  H.P."     Chrysler     ' engine,  engine used 2 months. $1500. '  H. Chaster, Gibsons, Tel. 886-  9566. ' 2312-18  12-FT. fibreglass on plywood  runabout, with .1968   Johnson "outboard.   33   h.p.   $450.  Ph. 885-2106. 2293-19  14 FT. CLINKER' built, good  shape with-10 h.p. Johnston  outboard, $275. 12 ft. plywood  boat, condition good, $65. 8 ft.  clinker dinghy, fair shape, $25.  Evenings Ph. 885-9463.  2320-20  horhes   considered.  9598, after 4 p.m.,  Fh.   885-  '.'2336-18  GOOD- home "wan$e<J    for  spayed   female 'part   elk-  houiad'dog.   Ph.   885-2094  'or  885-9384. " ,       ?33p-18  FOR SALE  JUDY LaMARSH���Memoirs of  a Bird'In A' Guilded Cage.  Now available at TheS  Times  Bookstore.,885-8654, Sechelt.  '  2157-tfn  IF   IT'S,, sySts���it's   Moifg**03  * 885-9330', Seclielt, B.C. <   '.  ���       8893-tfiB  Wg;   a   nonnji;   .uyjuu_   wm^i ...._.  _    ,  dming" room and" kitchen. Col. thence 300 ft. east; thence 100 , . 40 h     j0hnsoh  Vgp. 'plumbing.' S|Ht leyel wife ft. south; thence 300 ft, west    **** ^aLSontTZ  "basement   and   large   famdy to   point - of - commencement       '   -6 ^      '  room over. Some finishing. Will and    containing    %"   (three  ^rurBn^^,^    sell unfinished or  will'finish, quarter) acres, more or less,  ag_rs_r5__fSi__? ���**������ - : :   --    . h*��:.p��w - *���  twenty.    Set , in    beautiful    ���  TILLICUM BAY:  Close to-  marina, 2 lots, $1600-each.   ,  $425.' Can be seen at Smitty's  Marina or phone 886-7793,  " " *     *     2327-22a  grounds, lots of privatespring  water as~well as village supply. $25,000 F.P. Some terms.  ..Trailer, park .with highway  frontage , but   secluded   sites.  $7500 C<??b or Terms for purr  chaser with trailer of his own'.  ��� Approx. VA acres.  21--2 acre retreat with log  house and' guest "cottage, good  water easy access' and only  a block and a half from waterfront. Half cash on $15,000.  Large modern 3-bedroom  home, with self-contained two  bedroom suite, on 70 foot lot,  quiet view street in Gibsons.  Very nicely finished throughout, with plenty of good.  closets and storage. Full com-  crete basement, double garage,  landscaped. Asking $10,000  down on full price of $35,000.  home site.  ; Mike  Strukoff  Dated March 8, 1969.  2264-pub. March 19, 26-April  ���    2, 9, 1969  21' FIBREGLASS to waterline  boat. Ford inboard, sink,  stove, bunks. Enquire Chevron  Station, Madeira Park, B.C. or  phone 255-7210. 2326-20  BUY "your 'trash' incinerator  from   Sechelt   Kinsmen   at  $3.50 eafehl" Phope 885-9542.      ,  BEST selection of Books on the  Sunshine Coast. The Pathless  Way���Journey To Power-  Ghost Towns of" B.C.���The  .Story of .Medicine, ,Many hundreds of quality books to choose  from at The Times Bookstore,  Seehelt> 885-9654. 2158-tin  MISCELLANEOUS  household  articles  for sale. Excellent  condition. Mrs. Youngson 885-  9393.' . 2324-18  8   FT.'   CAMPER,   sleeps   '2.  $150 or nearest  offer.  Ph.  885-9724/ evenings.    " 2341-18  MARINE ACCESSORIES  Paint-+Fibreglass���Rope-  Canvas���Boat Hardware  Compressed air service for  ;   skindiv_s -air" tanks.  . Skindivers, available "for  salvage "work., -  WALT NYC3REN $ACES  LTD."    -  USED chesterfield-;$39. 2 hse-a  wringer ' washers $29.95-  $49.95 _inette Suite, 6 chairs.  Flopr model,' /regular $139,  special $89. 2 usjed' portable  ~T.V.'s $49-$59. Hoover Washer, floor model just $169.' Used  Portable double laundry tub,  $10. 3 Used 'wringer washers,  working order, $10' each, as is.  Parkers Hardware Ltd. Sechelt 885-2171. 2329-tfn  STUDIO couch $25, hostess  , chairs $5 each, kitchen  chairs, mahogany^ door with  hinges & lock. Misc. household items. 6 plate" glass windows. Ph. 883-2547.      2317-18  1,000  FOWL,  50c each. Must  be cleared before April 28th.  Fh. 885-2048. 2319-20  SPORTSMEN:   Canopies   and  - car   toppers   f.o.b,   factory  prices.   Copping   Motors Ltd.  Sechelt, B.C.' 885-2812.  ,      '      "     '"     " 2111-18  '*f  %\  4-1  K  m um  Phone 886-9303,- Gibsons," B.C.  - 1306-tfn  SELMA PARK: New G." D.  entry���large" L. iroom, twin kitchens- & 2 fire places. Dandy   family home. $28,000. *��� "~7 , > _.   . \        ��� _.'    ,_.  .  \echelt; waterfront hpme; Late columnists works in artgallery display  220Q:   3,  bedrpqiti  witii 4t^ in ALFRED John (Jack) Charman, Who died   .and sonje expenmepts with anew ^���mi  The Times  basement.-Rec. room. F:P., A/  oil heat. $^,50ft.  >y  E. McMyrm  Do Wortman  J. Warn  886-2500  886-2393  886-2681  Pox 238, Gibsons, B.C,  2343-18  WORK WANTED  TILLICUM Chimney Service.  Eaves cleaned and repaired.  Painting, gardening, janitor  aervlco, old Jobs, ��tci ,A3J woyk  guaranteed. RRi Sechelt; Phono  885-2101 or 885-2094.        lOJl-tin  NEED, a   spring   clean   ui>?  Can't1   see   the   water   for  trees? Let us solve your tree   furnished, only $10,500.  problems. Wc limb, top and       B   acres,  wo|l  ^QP^'Ph  HOPKINS t��� Fully serviced  semi-Waterfront     view     lot,  close to! excellent beach. Ideal  GIBSONS: In the centre of   permanent     homeslte.     Fuil  .���'������"���* ���*���'"._������;*'���       ���. ������   ���*���'_"���,���  ���"!" "���"������_        _*'_.!_'!.   _��i* ���rti  town,    this    immaculate     f  room home, jvlih!"ft dement, has a beautiful garden,  with flowers, shrubs etc.  Wonderful view.   Full;-.,-pr}de  -413^pO.--.-yern^.1i:.--M-; -:. j,',-���,.'77-  In village expansion area.  Lively SI bedrpom homo on, ^'  x 268' lot. ;Ideal for ro|ire'*4  ment. Electric heat. Full price,  '���fall trees' expertly and to your  satisfaction. Free estimates,--  all work insured. Phono 885-  , 2109t ' '2287-tfn -  LIGHT copstructlon, specializing in additions and  alterations. Cottages, carports  & cabinets. Ph. 885-0306 cven-  inga- 2335-20  BUILDER   seeks   work,   contract or hourly. Phone 003-.  2280 2112-18  HELP WANTED  SALAL PICKERS WANTEP  Phone Mrs. Naicf-a VVilspri  885-9746 or write:  Box 390, Secholt, B.C.  '���   ..';��� ���*'* _���'*���  ' ��� |* ��� 7���;',y;,";,',' 1 ������;���..,���.Uiii u...i ��� iii!i'--i-i���i��� 11  if     Tr *  CALLISON  EVERGREEN fdo.  Salal Pifkers Warited  HucWebcrry 37c Bunch  plus 5c bonus  Salal 40c Bunch  plus 5c bonus  Contact plant before picking.  Located,    at   Roberts    Creek,  acrosa utrcejt from -stoife.  acres,  good road. Only ^f?000t T-prm^  10 acres, facing on 2 roads.  Heavily timbered. Offers tp  $11,000.  QQtfm POINT: Landscaped W acre whh 6 room  home, featuring heat; fireplace, W-W carpet in living  room. Patio, garage and  storage shed. Full price  $23,;t00, Some Tcnns.  GRANTHAMS". Situated on  2 lots, this grand view home  has 5 large roQms, full basement, A-oll, hot water heat,  attached garage. Priced at  only $22,000. This in a. wonderful buy. Reasonable terms.  . Ovcrlooklpp Howe Sound���  19 acrca, good hlghwi-y frorf  tage, only $1S0Q dewn  payments,  K. BUTLER REALTY  & INSURANCE  Gibsons, B.C.  -price $4,500.  GpSONS -r- Fully serviped  building lots, approx. 6() ft.  fFor^tage from $1,250. Terms.  ^ acreij on, highway, close  to villaigb. Ample water supply. Property slopes gently  from highway with vieW over  slrlilt. F14II prlcie $0,500.  SECRET COVE AREA, ���.  TvTaterfront. Apprqx. 2 acrca  with oyer 3^0 ft. shorellpe and  a view that ennnot be matched  anywhere. Choice secluded  building .site framed - with  colorhil arbutus and evergreens, overlooking wide ��ea-  scflpe  with  large  iBlnnda.  A  Multiple Listing Service  H. Gregory 885-9392  Don. Hodden 885-9504  .   .H. P. GORDON  & KENNETT LTD.  Phone 885_013  Sechelt, B.C,  2333?tfn  BUILDING SUPPLjES  GIBSONS"' Bujlding    guppllea  Ltd.   886-2042,   Gibsons," B.C.  Quality Ready-mixed concrete  Serving the area far 20 years  GO-tfii  fftAYEi  FOR all tn-iycl Informatjpij and  Jbbokmgs,' Margaret 'MacKe-"��-  zle (local rep),1 Eaton's Where  To Go Travel, B#29G6. Gibsons.  ������'     9988-tfn  " early in December last was well known  to' many through his writings. His essays,  filled with a philosophy acquiredin a full  and adwrrturous'life,- describing with fluent pen .the changing season? -and furred  and feathered neighbors on-his woodland  homestead delighted many. They appeared  signed only with his .initials-, A.J.C., many  years ago in the Province, and more recently in the Peninsula Times.  A very modest and gentle man it is  probable -that few Knew of lite skill with  pencil and brush. He painted and sketched  eptirely for h*s own pleasure in odd mo-.  ments during his sailing days and throughout his life.  When Jack "Charman fe'lt a  need to paint or sketch it never worried  him that he might have run out of sketching paper and paint, he used whatever was  available at the time,. and. some of his  most beautj!ful little sketches were done  on the back of an qld envelope or a cereal  box.  A lesson to thpse of us who. think  ���that expensive equipment is essential to  good wprkmanship,  He left behind a small collection of exquisite' waterrpolors, some; pencil sketches  pastels., The painting? have beerv.rppunte4  and are on loan to the Gallery through the  generosity of his spn, Mr. George Charman. The Sinnshipe Coast Arts Council i$  proud ito" have this opportunity to display-  some of the work of a man whose love of  this part of the.British'Columbia,Coast  shines in his paintings and sketches as it  did in his writing.  Also on loan to the Gallery is a portrait  of Jack Charman, painted by'Bob Prough  six or seven years ago* which has been  kindly lent by Mr, and "Mrs. "Austin Mopr-  croft of Gower Point. Bob Prough- was at  ���that time working'-at-Port Mellon-and hi3  mother, 'Mrs. Anne Prough, "and sister Mrs.  Joyce-Ripper, both live in the Gower Point  -4 'Wfr^ Cl���r/ppn's pictures W-J1J be-on dis^ *-/*  jiiay uj-#rApril 12r The Gallery" js open 1  Wednesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to.4 p.m.  WfiBrZ BAPTIST OjURCH  MERMAID & TRAIL, SECHELT, B.C.  Sunday School 1��� 10:00 t9.n1.  Cbiirch Scrvjcc ��� 11:15 'a.m.  "     "Ml?. ROY ADAMS, PASTOR  / I      f>RQNE 485-966$ -  All Welcome  ANGLICAN CHURCH  ��� ��� SAINT HILDA'S���SECHELT  6:00 a.m. Every Sunday  9;30 a.m. Church School -��  11:00 a'.m. 2nd+ 4th, 5th Sundays  , 7:30 p.m. Jst and 3rd Sundays  ,'   Services Held regularly In -  GARDEN BAY, REpRCOFFS and EGMOhfT  For information phone ��85-9793 ' . '  Every Wed. "10, am H. Communlpri Sf. Hjldq'a  1 1  %UU$H\W COAST  GOSPEL CHlfRCH  .(Undepdmlrjationol)  Church Servlco 11:15 a.m.  Evening Servlco 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSELLS  Davia'ftay Road pnd Arbutus  (2 Wocki up from Htghtf2*��  1 ���' '������   '    ��� ���      .-���       -      .    1 " -' 1 , '.i    '_'____j __.  f,r  MWjli''M9n(��  ���w#<  T��i.  Fom> No; 18  (SectipnO?)  LAND ACT  ,' ' ���         ���,''., 1  Notice pf Intention to Apply   -         to Lcaao Land    ', In Land Recording District  Hcuiw   wiiu   miK4.-  >.����aw.  **   Pf Y*1^1^0^  a"d tfituatc in  price $15,Q00.  MADEIRA PARIf ��� Scml  Waterfront, fully serviced lots  a few steps from safe -sandy  peach and boat launching.  (Sheltered fialmon IMhlng  water��. Priced at $2,7B0~r  $3,000.  PENDER HARBOUR ���  Level cleared waterfront lot,  fully serviced with 70 It, frontage on sheltered bay. Easy  Deceits "off paved road. Full  price $5,750.  SAGINAW I4KE ��� waterfront. Your choice of three  Jots on thfo pictureaqijo 0  mile lake,'Just 3 hours from  Vancouver. Lots average IJO'ft.  of British Cphimbja.  Take notice that John Daly,  of Garden Bay, B.C., occupation flshcrmon, Intends to  npply for a lenae of the following dc.*?eribcd lands:���  Commencing at a pojjt planned ut the S.W. cp'rpor, of Lof,  Pno (1), District Let Twp  Thoufianil, Two JJundred ond  ���^Wenty-six (2220); thepco In a  sppthftrly dirpctlon, approximately 200 feet to the' N.W.  corner of water Ipt 0003;  ihence northwesterly following (the boundary .of the said  water lot CQC3 approximately  800 feet ��0 a post planted nt  the $.E. corner of Lot One (I),  District Lot Tavo Thousand,  Two- Hundred andiTwi��ty-si-Jt  am ���ftft on ��� lake by 170 ft Excellent 4 w  llione UU0--SUU fishing and  wnteraportM. Full (2220);   thence  followin��  the  price $4,2GO each. Terms. 8horellnc    to    the    point    of  Call Frank Lewis or Morton commencement,   ami  contain  Mackay at 88O-09Q0, crves. 88<3*  7081^.  MEMBER  MULTIPLE LISTING  SERV|CE  A room'? color ��chc��n0 con bp changed  Injrantly |i/lfh 9 flfck of ffio np\r mttod  (Ighttf. (fn a lorgo family,, jrtjo question  7      i-t w(ip$a wood wll| pr-wjfl? J  At Jf h,a do-wn't haro enough trouble  W* l*?0. ^W iHH����Wftr w|JI bo  pblo ��o buy bjit bouia In scctlpnt an4  r'n cr��t ir htmjelf.  ..ft.'.,'*  Tho mora decayed a PrWih wffoof bul|ld-  Ing lloojb, tho hfoher fho tul��?i��. Fffla  goverp^^t.fchoolf are usually housed  "'        fn sleek, modem buUdtngs.  ���n.       ' it    ���  The Mc?t bul^fn h a central vacuum  system . ��� ��� no fa��M to pufl, wo bag* to  empty. Im** P*��fl _�� ��n* V���"*' Cost-  between |200 aad $800.  tS? ^r  "A bOMtV WW U Corbu��lerf *be Swfsf-  bom archit-sct, "I* a machloo for flvfna.''  '���tt *  Ul in nhow you tho right "machlU"  f��r yauf way at lifol  SE���|3_LT A(S^-S@f  PA_)  v,:  �� This free reminder of comjn<j evpt>^ |�� 9 #rylW ��* ^C^^T AGENCIES  L.m ph��?no Peninsula T��r��>cs dlf-c^ffdr.fr^ flpHnq^ i^lfylrtg, "ppto  Pac|'f. p|t?a$q note jhat space,|��|lmltt?d ond foifia adYonco *M*�� mf?Y  hovo to wait fhelr -turn; a|w $\af tWi( ft 0 "^mirider" llitlno oply end  cannot olway* parry fu|| detalty. , , ,   ,  *���"������<  Phorie 886-2633  K. Butler  Ron McSavnncy  Ed Butler  Don Tntt  ��P^t%  ��� BDO-2000  ��� 000-9050  ��� 8BQ-&00Q  ��� B03-3284  233l-lt|  FINLAY vXEAlTt UJD,  Gibsona      ond      Burqultlnm  .'    ' '    �����??-!��  Ing % of one acre, (more or  les��, for tlie purpose of moor-  Intt'boaN.  jOHlf HEYWOOD DALY  Dated March 25   1000.  ' 33|7-n*abvAp*cll % 0f }&, 23.  /"'���  r"*-*u  April 3���10:30 a.m. Next to TosellaShoppo, Sechelt. H^P'tal' Aux.  Pake Salo.     . ��� ,      ' <  April 3���1:30 p.m. Sechelt Le0lcf|' Hall, pronch 69SenloriCltlren$  As?n. Social Afternoon. \  April 3-���8 p.m. Sechelt Legion Holl. Smoker-and Horn��� Roll, Cdn.  Legion Branch 140. <  April 5���8 p.m. YVelcomo Beach Hall^ Bingo.  April 7���2 p.rm Elphlnsltino School ground?, Q|d- timers iwcccr! Klwant*1  All Star ys. Gibsons Athletic Club Coaenp*.  April 0���B p.m. Secholt Leglori Hol|. Cdn. Legion L.A, mcctlpg.  April 9���2 p.m. legion Hall, Madeira Park, Pender Harbour Hosp.  Aux. mcollng.  Aprili 11���1 p.m. Roberts Creek j-eglon L.A. Baiaar and Tiea.  April 112���2.4 p.m. Wilson Crook CQmmunity Hall. St. John's United  Church Spring Tea pnd, Paka Sale.  ASK ?0| fm PAJAI.OSMB Qf PRQPE^TV  ���M^Hpft Wftlng $orvlc��  Vqncouyor (t��o| pst"?a  $nqrd  UUAL pStATB  1   IWS&iriAWCES  Seelielt ��3S-21#1   /    a^HOtlRS        Olbiom 08-5-7��! S  AT  umnmmm.  "    A\       f~  ��� ���  _      _   ������* ,V e���Aj_��aa^fis3i��3  ' ?v   ��4      4  '>4  4*-  ^��4S,,^,^^W!��^4-4!��4wA(^-^-��*����^*W4M^wp^^^ ^ '&**   t'* r,t~A..K   rt,A ^,^4^   A,,A> ,* .., * <^t  1   -      '   '7*"*-r���l ���"���'   ,'���^'���^^,^�����H���A^^.^A?,<.M,^^^^^^4,���>u.,M^^r��?,^%r/i>l^.'^.)>>,>>.>���H:r^ \ '-«,'*^-%f»t».>^ .4?«,>v-v'S5X
ThePenfnsula-J'ihies, PogeA-3
Wg#gsdgy,-Ai»jj SU9&9
■C*^ V^r-jrt**,^   py_,~^v   ^_   -^"^Uri      t -y .,
*  —--• <f      ,-„•/■      ,
*>*<,***^J*~.lfp.j£-tfrvptl **__-■■*■    ■i'f *V V^-^*^*J^>^-^lV-'-*'^^w^S>, &4j=&v/1
J -*^/"<- ■'-* •«■ *W*v V V- . 4>i^,'<v ■*, -ni-* (^-^-"v^^v,.
'V JL H ■
7 .
mvote Smasfcine Coast
APPOnJTMENT of Lloyrj Morrill -as area
< "transmission .superintendent has been
announced?by B.C. Hydro,
t 'Mr. Morrill', who lives at 4&71 Carsqn
lfiace, Burnaby,will be responsible for all
transmission line maintenance on the Low--
er Mainland, north along the Pacific coast
tp Powell River and in the Cariboo as far
north as 70 Mile tfouse. , ■ .
Prior to his appointment to this new
position, Mr. Morriij was assistant superintendent of transmission and distribution
maintenance in B.C. Hydro's Metropolitan
service area. Mr. Morrill has been employed by B.C. Hydro and predecessor
companies,since 1949.',,■"., *
-. Also announced by Hydro was -the ap--
pomtment df-Joseph", Brand'to the new
po^t of'area transmission supervisor. In
this role, he.Will assist Mr. Morrill.
- For the' past' three-years, Mr. 'Brand
has been B.C.^ydro's Eraser "Valley maintenance supervisor.     -    '
>f - 4 *-■ '
Complacent: dinner
SOME WASPS.sting and paralyze then
: prey without killing it. The insect is.
thep placed dn'the nest with a wasp egg
When the egg hatches, fresh.food is read}
and waiting1-for- the -larva. The diggei
wasp is selective aijid chooses only a certain tarantula spider as food for its young
Qur-tously enough, the spider seems quite
unaware of its doom and allows the wasp
to crawl'over its body.in search-of the
vulnerable spot in-which to place its sting.,;
,        r     i *■
,   Woman deaving1 M.D.'s office:- "lib- isn't
jfSlfal^1 teZMnW** ,^.1,-suppose
--^yvv ..-■■•.■v >n5»'/ v-v-v-_■ ^•*•-*>"'j> _ $*-«>;• v- **"**«■#»'</ jX'^'-'At-' y' ,
Dhmef and dance
Tfc  I.
"» h
. i
■•»    « *4C
4.  A
■, :   - '\<>.:». - '     '-   it:?*; 7    : •' U .. ..
*•.    Ufa-**'*'/
1  'A-
eioh annual Meeting
attra'ef@d\ record dltendance
SUNSHINE Coast Credit Union'? first an^    League, stated that iri future credit unions
■"i     __..-_ i !_r _    __     t__ J   _»; _.:,      ___•__.   --_     v  .__L»-it     _ _^_L _     i             _..._*     _ _ c f _.,_-. ._
Flaws important role,. - .
"omeii the leaders
C.4^4^     i~.\&<r?*2\M     t.,%    &&-<,{   ■'•>- „   y^ ^    /-.
>.«W__Jt-_J«ttMW_^^ '
•3./■« ■» *.-■ *i";.^~A« ?■;•■,» s
• welfere endeavors
>...-:- ' Annual Meeting -
Suris„in.e' Coast Credit Union combined <<f_.e~__aiualJ Meeting with a ditiner
•«|5|-      ^  , and dance for .the first lime this 'yeSr
.—-J.    "*■"   and it Was an ou„tan*$5ig.,sy.ece§s..
.._ : Pictured standing from left are directors "G.-,Wtag,'Eric IngMs, Gbairman
-    ' Don -Ohappell,. President-Eric ,'E.
; -,;:;   Rosen; director Gordon Walker; Se^)t>
-. THErROLE^of women in tihe-field'of wed-   also noit of recent'vintage since'gene>?kly   ed,' Mrs-. Florence E. Johnson, trea-
- Yi £are*4_ia.been a-traditionaJUone^In. al- ' the. principle of family rrespo^sibiht-y. is   surer/,' BlC.-Creclit Uriion.Lea'gue'reto-
mostjall periods, it -was considered quite -deeply rooted.both in'law and custom in   re'st^litalive,  Mervi Schuite;; arid'-re-
righ^anc^prpper,for women to carry .out   Canad_ *  .,     elected director, Mrs. Muriel'Bail'.   ,*
_0e.dWQrM;U?i4«urdayihe woman vol-     . Through these statutes,. it has-.been!   ■'-  - z ^ '   " -^ i—;	
unteer continues to play ad important role   possible to provide welfare 'assjslwce - fa
lji»_,wid^:varielyorwelfareendeavors..,._ des^tedmothers and at'.the,same:tinxe
- As-the welfare field began..to develop,   endeavor Ito apprehend the'h.u^band wlxbge"
prp-ljesisionally, wpmenrled the way and, in' desertion has "resulted in failure io'fiilfill^
fact, have only been joined by professional' bis obligations 'as br_dwinher.'   "
nual meetihg ito be;cbmhined with "a
dinner and dance1, Was held tast.-S^tjirday
in the 'pleasant- atmosphere of ithe Peninsula Drive-In* restaurant at .Sechelt, and it
was an outstendihg-success.'  '
Last year <^o meetings had tp.be held
before sufficient memhers attended to ;make~
up a quorum" but"this ^ear.jane"hurf>_-ed
and ten members ahd guest? were present;.
Members present appeared unanimously
in; agreement to repeat the eVent next year,
' Directors for'1969 are: President, Eric
E, Rosen; Mrs. Muriel'Ball who' wa'& reelected and Messrs. Eritf Inglis,. G, Wing,
•and Gordon Walker.   Y Z .   ,      Z    „   ,
)Su-j»rvisory' Committee:' Mrs. -;Ha?el 4
I_ste,"Mis. Beatrice Swahsohahd'iy[r..Bud
Blatchford who "replaces.'Mrs. Catherine
Hall -whose term' of * office expired.
Credit Committee: Cliff *-Co**mor, chairman; -Mrs. Eleanor Garter,1 ,Messrs. C. G.
Lucken, J. G. .Warn and E; H. MaCDanhald.
who were both re-elected-
4 4." 4
GROWTH .    '    .
The Credit Union's growth is shown in
the following, figures: -' ' !.
28th Year   '     . ,„     '
:1968'i WlJ.im     W$
Assets   154,185153,418 147,225.133,001
Loans     124,187 ^29,q33 12$,441 105,991
Shares .... 131,833' J-27,799 109,437 • 98,017
Deposits .... 12,157/-9,774* 2,041 105
Revenue over . • ' > .
expenditure 5£M • ;< 6,609- '4,040 2,901
Dividend mcA> Wil* ' 4%, V/i%
Interest _**    ,;
Refund .     4%-%,", . 10%.', "
, Asked why ^e'pajbonage; refund .was
down this year, treasurer Mrs. FJorence
Johnson expl_ned"l,^hat' -there"had -been
extra expenses- tWs^year'and it was a'case
of either cutting the dividend-'or-the" patronage jrefund-1 • ---'A ;-\ - * '      * • -." '
Ou^tMning- '^c!tivitiesri'at---;fche-' Provincial
level,'.guest speaker,; Mr,>Merv Schulte,
djrector of field services; J}.C'C*e&& Union
•Will,come under one central organisation
•and-regional, districts will-be formed^ ^The
first regional district has in fact been
formed*at Ifcelowna.'and the good relation-,
ship between the League and the Provin-'**
cial Government is reflected in the fact
the Premier ■ W. A. - C, Bennett presided
over -the opening-'ceremonies. The B.C.
Credit Union* League has enjoyed ten
yeare of co-operation with the Provincial
Government, he said.
i '.a
«   "On tl>e Water Front"   *
|  Wm 7 Pays a Week' |
| SUNDAY 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. |
'('"^u1" i1 y.  -~jp^wi1 f>
Madeira Park; B.C. 883-2248
Your' Authorized'Mercury- Dealer
men during \the- last few decades as ijhe
wage rate? paid to professional social workers• begfjwta^-fise. -     - -   - - -  ,•
*^In: spite 9f^he predominance of women
in the welfare field, therefore, it was not
su*rprisjrjg'„.note the comment in a recent
study "relating to women in the Public
Unfortunately, it.is. a.fact-that in'the1
implementation of these -laws, -many local
agencies have had little regard for the -dignity <■{£ ithe -wife'and-in.many instances'
have made -requirements^ her which may'
be questioned, on moral '.grounds.   Such
'j ■ 'i"  ■"   <.w~~r
Service'to the effect -that the absence' of' actton as requi^g the ^e lo la^
women""vs welfare officers" in the Public charge against; her husband as.a condition'
Service" may or may not'he related 'to" tow^e-re_ipt jitf-welfare assist^ce, "^ould
scarcte of,women with^herequisite train- no longCT be tolerated.' The price raayjbp,
ing^' 'Jt'hss been' suggested that hi some' the emergence in this country of woman in
c!ases;'*a".career pattern involying movement the role of leader of .a protest movement,
John Hind-Smith
Phone 886-2231
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■WPIiaM-tSi^qWl-1^ »iyi«IMIIIil^»Mtoi_itUUWiiiij|illMW'l'MWU||''*'l~lt1ii wwn w/
between" head-office and field offices may
be ,a.xe?trainmg factor." Jn ajl circum-'
stapces^ ^here' Is san eloquent absence of
viVomiBn iri'the senior'ranks of .the Public'
Service^which, is' particularly>oticeaible in*
the .welfare field -where, "for so long, won>.
^i hstVe'enCfelled. 4..-,
-..There as,; however, a -new -role being
played'-by Women in'the'welfare' fjield,
particularly in'the United States at'thig
time.'/ This.vrole is associated .with the
emergence i'of a new movement growing
out'of'the ranks of the ^ecipien^s of welfare and .is. centered, in a'Welfare Recipients League, a protest movement against
_ie'ime_o'd_ through which public assist--
anee is made available.-
4' Spcial workers in' Canada should not
taket|or granted that a similar^ role may
not be taken in ,this country by the women
ih this country" in receipt of assistance,'
sjnee many methods used by seme (though-
not alljTof our' agencies also frequently disregard the dignity of the woman on relief.
The, early provincial' statutes under
Which l-rrjc-iher's allowances were made
available wore initiated during and following, the fir-s't World War beginning with
those" initiated hi the' Western provinces;
rr)nst'pf(ilhc;se, la*w# have recently been
merged .'with, overall .welfare legislation.'
Licgislatipn relating the deserted wives.ia
as now developing in the United -States.
' Creative programs -for women in receipt''
of-welfare assistance* 'would "be greatly
■facilitatedby-the testobHshment of daycare
facilities for young-crMdfe_."*'(The participation of gov*er_men!ts'in programs to ppo-!
vide such facilities,-was successfully dem-''
onstrated during the• last--war. ^Through
emergency Lwari-iime.. legislation, the fed-*"/
eral government initiated.^''program.at-
*hat -time in co-operation with •the*prpv-
inees, which,,of course,4-laps'ediattthe end
of the war.  However, 'the' p&te-jjn.jes&b*-"
lished then is one -which mayjbe worthy-of-
review, having regajr^/to.pgace-^tame oorfr
ditions and totbe limitations prescribed -
by jurisdictional considerations, .
 .-... ^._r, .'_ ,- jAf,.. . ..,-1.^ r.-» _»|j»wf» ■.y.'^'t 1? ■£ a-»T-;
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■^n**-* «*si»B4T(n«>w*rii *t*)<w»i**B|. * 3- * ,,  **��  T*" *"-."�����  hn'\  *,,'*; 4  * *   J    -   - ' ���"       4,    ,. \        i  " "'���-"   ��� *---���'    Readers' Right  Pvif>ii/44^s/W?*^^'Wiy -w-**!  4.-^.^*.  W %��� *��� *^ *���  v  jfc^u-**  ^.i*s��V"*  V ���*-��- V  ���A-*--* j  :u-��.._.��.   ... .4  l^na*^ *v"c^��^*rf**-*i ���<*rtix*Tvfij��cr Jty'i***** v*^*^'i'i.rf*vw-W;��*'%w'jV't*'*>* '  .- ���>* �������� V   ��r ���*>   ���v*^**-*^.>'s   -     -.'^S*    V-V-4.V   v*N.   *N  *Y ->��� !      "^  '^���<-***���? V. :���> w-*^*^^^^**W*_0'U'V^-^4Vi��^*^J,~^ u'M4r'S*-��*7?--j-**' *��� ^ 'v,  ���. *y -v. ^ v V-*u _��� **-* ^.^vv*-*-**-*-*-*- *v*v -- >*��� s   *��� 1    ^        *"���   *       -i  y    *-k       i  - ���**-���-   ^  !*���  Peg3-A-4  j^l*        ll|nlll*Mf^M_W��^l_  MIWUWUIJ^Ml|lllCi*^  -*_���**"' " "  The Penfnsuf. Times Wednesday, April 2,1969  t3SOSeR3S4teS<  MBOMWil  Th_ pE-nNSUIA%^i  , . *������     ,     I ,v       I    A  ������:--  **f mdry 6e wrong, but I shall not be so wrong as to lair to say what t believe to be right"  .  ' s     .,    ,.*���,-**'.  -- '��  * :-rHlomj Atkins  "  '    . Douglas G. Wtieeler, Editor ��� Stewart B. Alsgard, Publisher  mmimnmatmnwmniuwmmtttm*miiitMMnTrmii��rrm\r'-\���i 1 n~n���arrirn-tir 'thi ' ���������������.  LETTERS to the editor column of a  newspaper is generally accepted as a  privilege extended to readers who wish  to express a viewpoint, convey a message  of general interest, or as a means of  drawing attention to certain situations.  Most editors welcome such letters as  son certain public bodies, who we will  be naming in due course, prefer to give  thp*^ bulk of- their business, elsewhere.  Nevertheless, we fhave no intention of  polishing the boots of "any administrators.  7 At the same time, "we have no intent  tion of being used to dispose of these  an indication of reader interest together same messiahs by small groups who them  with the fact that many people frequently selves have axes to grind., When there is  contribute constructive ideas.   Needless incompetence in public office then it is  to say, among the ranks of such contrib- simply a question of time before the axe  utors. are the crack-pots who over the is wielded by-the responsible board,  years submit stacks of journalistic ver- An attempt along these lines has been  bosity, not only to editors but to police, made recently with a number of letters,  attorney-generals and just about anywhere where it is considered a gullible  recipient is prepared tb take note. In  cases such as this, it quickly becomes apparent that the most suitable means of  dealing,with them is .the garbage container, for there is a limit to how much  the reading public is able to stomach.  4    It is quite obvious that some control  all signed; from a number of individuals  few of whom aire to be found listed in the  phone book and strangely enough, all  appear to have * come from the same  typewriter. _  It is obvious the aim is to remove a  certain individual, who in .short time has  We  upset a large ^number of people.  has-to be exercised regarding letters to . wouId ad*��*.w? 'fjf ���lOTCi fof,thjs  __ -j___. c ���_!.__ _*?������ . v person either but do feel he should be  the editor for even though recent court  action resulted in a ruling that libel action resulting from a letter is not the responsibility,of, either editor or publisher,  there is still the question of good taste.  There is also'the situation df small  groups using the columns for their own  questionable ends and this is by no  means .unknown right here on thp .Sunshine Coast/  This-is a practice which might appeal  to the fence sitter who will be perfectly  happy to let others, do his shouting for  him for this way he upsets no one and  retains his various channels of income.  given a chance, certainly we do not consider -a series of nasty little letters to the  editor the best means* of ehmihating an  employee from the public payroll, there  are* other means available, providing  genuine cause exists., _  , ,  We would make clear the fact it is  not our policy to be used for campaigns  such as this,-and when we do encounter  the ingredients'" of a plot, then the shut-  Appreciated  Editor, The times, ���    - -    J  ' Sir: We wish to take this opportunity,  to thank Mrs.' U. Wheeler and the Peninsula Times for the interest shown in the  Sechelt Juvenile Socqer Club, partlcu-,  larly during the "Soccer Windup", on.  Sunday March 22nd.  Sechelt Juvenile Soccer Club  Astonished /'/N  Editor, The Times, ,.    "      ',   '  ; Sir���As a user of the present garbage  collection system, and soon to come under  the rules and regulations of a new, con*'  tract, I am astonished and dismayed to  hear of how the Sunshine Coast Regional  Board intends to finance the operation;  namely,-, that the charges will be based on  the customers' tax assessment.  Surely they must be joking. There is  no earthly connection between the value of  a man's home and the cost of picking _p  one or two garbage cans. And there,is  surely no just reason why people in a  large home should pay two or three times  the rate of their neighbors living in a  more modest home. ���   " ,   ���  Apart from the fact that it should be  compulsory for everyone, what is wrong  with the present collection system ���so  much per family per month. It seems to  be working all right and people seem to be  satisfied. *  . If the Sunshine Coast Regional Board  decides on the Tax Assessment basis, I  wish to register my persohal protest*, and  would advise [all .prospective customers to  do, likewise,      -      ��� -,.,,������  -      ' f        - -    * . F: PARKER,  R.R. 1, Sechelt, ��.C. -  -. -  Clarification  Editor, T_f News, " ' :_J   ' Sir: As a Oublic servant and President i   ss  of the-Sechelt District Chamber of Com.- s confidence an the work' of the -Sechelt  merce, may! ask you to publish in your )District Chamber���thii is.indicated by an  "Oh, Georrrge!"  next issue the following which contains ^-^r?^e^n_menibership.of approximately  facts-which- I feel 7 obliged to; make in * 45. per cent during that, tune:   , ' .   ' -  order: to, clarify   statements "you  have '" '/Your Editorial suggests, the promo-  . made< in recent Editorials regarding the ��tion of "TburiSm   _y the 'Sechelt Cham-  ters  suddenly close. - We do, however,    chamber's activities, and _lso to answer ^er k unwarranted because,, and I'quote  welcome letters Jo ttie editor providing   SOme of the accusations. -   -     - " --   - from your paper "At this time we have  they are not libelous or the work of        As president of the Sechelt District >s?' -^ttl�� to ?ffer ih<*K Tourist" etc. Yet  kooks, then we seldom have reason to    Chamber of Commerce, I am "willing at *eyen though jtb'e Chamber has no other  Minister tables report . . .  - Hospital service spen  per person over 20 years  BRITISH  Columbia - Hospital  Insurance  Service has paid 1 -billion &% million  An ethical editor who prefers to stand    withhold them, unless, of course, they    any time to accept constructive criticism,   ^interest but;to promote, the betterment    dollars towards hospital expenses by resi-  op his own feet, regardless, will not tol- ��� happen  to  reach the  proportion of  a   but I am not interested in sensational    oi this * toflimunity;  this same lack  of    dents between Jan. 1, '49 and Dec. 31, '68,  _' ..-     t.    _      ���.���_,.���_      ���t-       i.        .._        <      t ._ *i   *    iA.ij   t          _.. -.   j j.,   ���   *J i-  lattrar-tinn   dope   Ylht.   r)(*��fAr   (ha   Ponincnlo        ������.    it      t-._i_i:    t _m ��-      i_-_i 4     .  erate such a situation.   This applies to  The Times and is probably the very rea-  novel.  Letters normally should be concise and to the point.  W.  PRIOR to establishment of the'Regional   paratively simple services. Further to all*  District concept, areas, such .as the    this, it seems we have an ever increasing  and downgraded information.  It would appear, according to some of  the statements in -your recent Editorials  oriented towards the Chamber; that your  particular news media is only'interested  in progress when it meets its own objectives, whatever'they ntay be:  On February 23rd, 1969 arrangements  attraction does not deter the Peninsula  ^Tirnes from promoting Tourism through'  'financial*-contribuutions from the local  "merchants.       ,  '       7 - ��� "���  - The accomplishments of- the Sechelt  ' Chamber. to date, are-not claimed to be  -jstartling,    but ' these '--accomplishments  could' be' greater and: more eff-active if  'were  made for - a - combined   Executive    given-the'smcere co-operation of all in-  said Hon. Ralph. Loffmark, minister \ of  health services and hospital insurance  when he tabled his 20th annual report in  the legislature. This .expenditure, he said,  represents $500 for each man, woman'and  child now living in this province.  Other highlights included grants of  over $68,000,000 towards the cost of hospital construction and $20,000,000 towards.  Sunshine Coasts depended upon various    number of conventions, workshops _nd    ZS^f^lSSTS*��^Sx  -V^l so_ceV withW the Comm__ty   fnT*^K7 h^^SS^-*   SSSS  enthusiastic {rmilivs fn hrit1<r about faf.lll-      aftnpxnl     of>t_tnoAfhi*rc      heAA    in    iranrmc       "     .      6     _...    ���". ..2    ���. ...    _?        . > w-hi-oh  ov_ eti.iirr-cr +�� ���.ol,'^ �� Ue.n 1 *. :-u:       �����u:_ u__ j j .     .  95 to 100 in-patient beds, based-on 80 per  cent occupancy. , ,  S During 1968 over 4,400 accounts worth  $1,000,000 were paid on behalf bf residents  hospitalized outside B.C. including Alaska  and Hawaii, Austria,, Australia, Belgium,  British Honduras, British. West _adies,  England, France, Grand' Canary Islands,  Greece, Holland,-Hong Kong, Hungary,  Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New  Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Portugal,  Scotland, South America, Spain, Sweden,  Switzerland, Tahiti, Trinidad,' and West  enthusiastic, groups to bring about.facili- general getrtogethfers,  held in .various  ties and services. -In many -xases they communities throughout the province, All,  were successful and. iri others it was one we are' given < to understand, are quite  run-around after another.  We had" an important  and "informative.  They   are  ARDA-committee which sought federaL also,extremenly expensive and "are"paid  assistance for a. water system, another for by the-taxpayer-who probably has no  group worked .toward a garbage system conception-of just how.mueh of his hard  and-despite ���considerable work, had little earned capital, goes ,to, pay for these  ��'_ccess.                                   .' '  ' affairs each year/ -  *   * ^M***"*'-^S-ISKS -The-answer^wonld appear to be.that  Regional District we,were mformirf that .{ we ^-^ sbTvlccs^w       t  provmcal departments were mundated for ^ To whatextent is a- m*tJr  with ��� requests   and ; delegations   from worthy of considerable speculation. The  groups which gained little. recognition  on thp grounds that they were either semi  official or unofficial bodies. Formation  of a Regional Board-would change all  this fpr we would at last have one integral organization empowered to deal directly with Victoria. Without doubt, this  was one of the more acceptable aspects  of the ten controversial issue and, to  large extent, played a big part in selling  the scheme to a suspicious public.  Certainly this argument held out the  prospects that badly needed services and  facilities, would be finally brought about.  Indeed, such is proving to be the case  for definite progress has been made toward an over-all water system which has  every likelihood of being in operation  within two ycaris. ;  There; is every possibility that, a  garbage, pickrup system will be in operation before the end of th:" '"***-  T :i"  Rome, neither project ^will  in a day,, even (though most of us would  like to pec things work that way. The  dye, however, has been cast and at con-*  sidcralnc cost there js every indication  both facilities arc now on the books.  The Regional District is an expensive entity and one which will continue  to expand as functions arc sought and  realized. With today's high cost labour,  costly surveys [and, even worse, surveys  amount paid for surveys in relation to  water already has reached many thousands of dollars.. It just does not end  with one * $3,000 survey. This is but the  start. There is the original survey for  an adequate supply. Then there is the  engineering survey followed with alternative system surveys and so it goes on.  Latest innovation is the survey to determine feasibility of a survey which in  some respects might be claimed to have  merit. Then we have periodical trips by  members to \ Victoria for it ��� appears this  is the only way to extract a little action  from the various departments.  The dismal picture is that in order  to obtain a water system we have to pay  a fantastic amount of money for a great  number of questionable side shows. This  is not necessarily the fault of the Board,  of 'this year. Like. tnev  aro  SWP/Y .��Pcra.tinE within the    Association, ,   , _  :>ill ne'completed   ^"i^^-^I^J*f' weXReg^nat'District:>>i��s   Hr.^-At, a later, niecti  set up by.Victoria,,     " " -  '   "    *'"**  *   ���.     ��� '.     ' " i  ''    7 ���   Y  It is appreciated that the District is  still in its infancy and mistakes arc inevitable. Unfortunately, the Boards are  suffering in that they arc put to a great  deal of unnecessary expense and abuse  through no fault of their own, simply  because various governmental departments prove to be frequently stupid and  often incompetent. The result of this is  Harbour, Gibsons and .Sechelt Chambers,  with excellent representation, also a  splendid representation" from "the "three  Councils-and Mayors of these areas, in all  43 persons were present, and this for the  purpose .of _discussing Ferry Services,  Highway' 101 ' and 'the Sunshine Coast  Tourist-"Association. A most informative  address was -given by-Mr. Bensley of the  Greater.V-aricouver Visitors and Convention -Bureaur���uwhich lie .pointed out the  advantages of belonging to such a Promotional -Orgahizatibn;: the only, one  which is supported - by a Provincial Government grant of $1.50 for every $1.00  contributed in the area.  Mayor pourt, Mr. Jolin and Mr.. North  all from Powell RiVer gave a short resume of the formation and purpose of  their Tourist' Commission, and each one  pointed out the importance of close cooperation, which had been necessary to  make their efforts the success they are at  present enjoying. This meeting was the  first of its kind held in many years and  the consensus of opinion of those present  was that it. was most worth-whil-j,  though' your Editorial later termed it  "Great Effort Wasted", but no doubt an  intelligent public has already assessed  that Editorial., ��� ;     . ��� ',  At our last Executive meeting on Feb.  26th, 1969,- at which, incidentally I was  unable to be present, a motion was made  and carried by "70 per cent of those present, that SechellJ. Chamber of, Commerce, would take out a $50 voting membership in tho Sunshine  Coast Tourist  which are striving to, make a better place  to live in.- - -       ' -��� ' ���  '' y \ E. .HENSCH  ���   - , , " , President,  Sechelt District Chamber of Commerce  Editors Comment: The meeting March  8,th was- unknown to the executive as is  this letter. Perhaps ^ Mr. Hensch is unaware that Chambers bf Commerce as  with ,other.;Organi^tions, councils,inclii-  d.ed,, dp'not act- as. an -autocracy;*Decisions  are -made by the executive and 'membership as a whole,.  furnishings.   This program has produced  over 9,000 beds, in addition to new diagnostic and treatment areas, emergency departments,   laboratory facilities, .laundry,  buildings and schools of nursing.     ,   , *  Total expenditures during' the 20 years  of the insurance service exceed one billion  ninety-two million dollars.    '���������-���        ;  Major hospital construction projects,  completed in 1968 involved a total of 660*  new beds, of which 282 wtare for extended'  hospital care accommodation, as" weUf'as"  the-improvement .and expansion of .diagnostic and treatment services.- GommunA--  ties included in the programs in-1968 <were  A total of 328,433 adult and children  patients were covered'by the service, an  increase of 16,715 or 5.3 per cent- over  1967. Of the total number of patients in  British Columbia public hospitals, 95.7  per cent were covered for hospital ins_>  ance, compared to 95.2 per-cent in 1966  and 95.3 per cent in 1967.   ���  Travelling with baby,  TRAVELLING with a baby is' not nearly  as difficult -as it used to be, says ithe  federal health department publication Tho  Canadian Mother and Child.   Disposable  White Rock,  Cranbrook,  Fort- ���t- John,,   diapers; -disposable paper bibs.and,paper  ' ���by Lcta Hanncy  "TO-MARY"  Always_ lending a helping hand  Always there when the needs arise.  Whether it rainr>or storms or hails���  There is always a smile in Mary's eyes.  1  If you have no heat���and you have cold feet  Mary will firtd" a' way to come :  To relieve your troubles���and start your oil  And put your kettle'on to boil.���        ]'���'. ['  i 7      7 ,.  7    . ',���;������,:' -'.������;,���  : ���'.���) | ..'';���,''. .   ���' ���!"'   i     ������  Many a, trip Mary>has.made       '���  To sonic-one ill���-who needs some, aidj^' j    '  Many a kindly word is said ,  To the sad at heart .when1 pence has fled.  More power ito Mory-^bcst'wishes too  Prony^i'.o^'us^with'lov^to you.  Campbell River,  Grand  Forks,  Murray-  ville, Powell River, Richmond, Enderby,.  Vernon,   Comox,   Pouce   Coupe,   Prince  George, Vancouver and Victoria.  In addition to these, hospital construction programs under way at year end, were at:  Quesnol,  Abbotsford,  Castlegar,  Greston,  Kelowna, Port Alberni, Revelstoke, Terrace, Surrey, New Westminster, Trail and  Vancouver. Approvals - in - principle were  given to plans of over 45 hospitals.  ;  In  February  1968  day  care surgical,  services for outpatients provided an exten- -'.  sion Of coverage offered through the hos-;  pital insurance;service.. Based oh thQ assumption that day caife surgical servlco  patients would usually be in hospital for!  two days had they been admitted as in-:1  patients, a, total of 23;000 patiOnt-days  would   have   been   utilized  in   the   ten  months that the new benefits have been  in use. In other words, the introduction of  these services has saved the equivalent of;  handkerchiefs solve-a'number of lauridry  problems. If your baby is Used to' going  to the'toilet, take aloAg a potty for him.  If he is drinking fresh milk it is a good  idea to change .over (to evaporated milk.  Spend a week before the trip getting.-him  used to the Change.     .    , x  Strained foods, disposable;.diapers**and  oanned milk do not have to be carried in  large quantities because they can be picked up all along the way if you are trav-  ;elling'by,;carr !,���;>,:/,!;���'.,���,. '������', ���'..������;.Yj'77:,.\������':<���,  ! Take along a few familiar':'toys.'anc( his  own littlie, blanket. These help.him to -feel  at home wherever he is., ,' ;\  :"0n no account, leaveVyour, baby, alone  in your car or in your "���peat or berth in  the train, unless someone- is keeping an  eye oii him for you. ���  For the older baby, a car-soat that  hooks on is the safest place for him.  March'   8th,   106^ -vvith   rcpresehfatiVes' ' 7 ,!!  A Y *,     'Z ' ^������**7'"<   7  to decide if a survey is necessary, it is   the big run-round at tho expense of the  obvious there is to be no end to the   taxpayer. As wc have stated, wc will get   very "good!  from the Pender .Harbour, Gibsons and  Sechelt Chambers^ who give full support  to the Sunshine -Coast Tourist Association, final plans were formed to canvass  each area prior to n deadline dute of  March 19th, 1969 for the purpose pf obtaining na mtich support and members as  possible. In uccordnncc 'with'these'plan's  nnd the motion of our Executive meeting  of Feb, JO, 1909, which Indicated favourable interest, the area has been canvassed  and Incidentally tlio response has beeni  innovations wc will have to pay for in  order to obtain what should be com  the needed services but at what cost?  We will probiibly never knowl ...  lillc mm�� @��bm�� Fig  JJJSTICE Rand's recommendation that  labor disputes be settled by arbitration tribunals is one of the few official  recognitions in recent years that the public has somo rights when management  and labor tangle.  Lcgislatipni and court decisions have  protected  cjrhcr  the  employer or tho  And in Canada labor has shown itself so'strike-prone these past few summers that this situation cannot be tolerated indefinitely. If a person' or company gives a building contract, for example, he has no assurance the work  will be completed when he needs it, because there, is likely to be, at least ono  In-so for as your Editorial of March  20th, 1000, 'HANDOUTS ON INCREASE'  Is concerned," It. would indicate our'merchants are prepared to hand out monies  for any cause without any investigation  as ,to the Worth-wh'llcncss of the cause  they nro supporting.* Those acquainted  with'our,local merchants I am sure havo  not found them' so locking in business  acumen. *  ��� . ��� .  ���   Furthermore,  Dear  Editor,   it  would  appear that the public ns a whole, in, the  :i i ���:'���,:     ,    -���Harry W. Fletcher  RliGBNBRATrON      , '  Wo:irievcr rritiat admit 'to growing old  Nor recognizb we're gculng bald or gray,  So long us Vcmcdicti arc being sold  To'keep us young until we're called away.  With ptorcd; hair or wigs to change our looks,  And,lUndeiecicd'arUficiali teeth,  Though dieticians must derange the cooks,  It's tjasy to deny that Time's a thief.  We squeeze in tighter girtllc* to suppress  Reluctant tummies for. a iilirnmcr girth;  And exercise :lo gain more Mipplencxs,  liu't mostly td prolong our stay on earth.  But conies a llnic we're' face to face willi truth:  There's no Miicti thing iw everlasting youth!  Uut just Mipposo'tho HcientiKt.** huijcccd  In keeping bc^icS ton^tanUyjrencwed  With hearts and. I(in^��, us, doctors liavccon-  Wo��ld then life's'^pa,n, approach infinitude? .  But one moro answer, scientists must jgivc;  ....   ! A   ... .<._ . I.I  ...[...ill   .11 .��� ���'.._���- .1  been done to protect the customer.  union concerned, but next to nothing hus   strike of some construction un?on |liat  heen don�� to nmtM tht\ ���u��t_m<*.r will1 bring Uic'wholc project to a halt.  The strikers have their pay and a not  unattractive-surcease from their labors.  fly holding out, the employer m.ty be  able to reduce union demands and thus  pant two yenm has shown intercut ��� And    Wli-jry in the world wou|u>ll these people live?,  "''rmrnwrnrrnMFmrFmiFmimrnwinmmmffrrffffwmffmrwwr.  *m<&4mmm0��m*i#imm��rm-*n��immmmm>+i  The pBt&wmm^med.*  Publiohed Wednesdays at .SccheU  op ll.C.'u SunMh/no Coast  '���   . ��� .."'''."by"'.'" .'.,..  Scehtll hmrniM Tinier Ltd.  flo*<3|0(-4$eeli*tt1II.C<     ��� *������--  Douglas G. Wheeler, Editor-  S, B7 Alsgard, Publisher ���  Subscription Rates: (in advance)  11 Year, $5 - 2 Years, $9 - 3 Years; $13  ",     ;   ,U,S. and foreign,, $5.50 ,  Serving the eava from Port Mellon to Egmont  (Howe Souhd tq Jervla Inlet)  ,<w>*4^^i^^  i_j  U  save himself something. But the customer pets personal inconvonicncc, loss ot  business, and in the end, the bill,    ,  It is even w��rse in the public sector  \vhcrc the dogma about the'tight to strike  has been accepted so' widely that any  service,, no matter how essential, can be  suspended, and the public wilt have no  recourse.     , .     ..,..,,  The strike is as uncivilized a way of  settling aj dispute as duelling was in the  old days. It*means a breakdown of order  atitl reason. ,.  5  5  |  CANADIAN LEGION HALL  SECHELT  fHI|RSDAYf, APRIL 3rd of 'AMAp.m,  '  ,    SWACECS A^D. 'ADMBSSION WBWE .. .��� .��  ��  .^.J'i"irj,-^7..:'kt>L.'i��"4i''y^^  ���vf^rmsi-^'^w^\i^m!��m^}'  4    I  Sponsored by Royal Canadian Legion Branch  140     I  t (1,(   w ��.      t ^ .-, w      ���*���*���    -    - - * * *������**���>�����'���*' - **- fe*"       *   ���*        *    * "K  'RoVi Shankar-My Music,  My Ulo"  "The Tiger of Canadian  : ^.-Zu^W^".'-.''-,';  "The Trail of Chack  Chack"  "Three Against the  Wilderness"  "Canada's Fighting  :;Az:Af!W*"'-!']- ������ ��� /  "Judy LaMarsh-Momoirs  y. . pi a Bird in a1 ���'   (.'!  Guilded Cage"      l  'Dictionary of Spoken  ''��� Spanish'  i  '.  4  n  rf*    ft-  i ��WJ(*'V-<*Sf'''H ^*  ��*^ 44"V��'*  '*** 11"^f ��)���'' ���"!?   '���* **'   '**-^**��t1>-< >!&<#���$  ("*,��*    JUT*"   ���*��������"#   4t(**��*14>*l4��^��l  )  I,  ^4w*��^ ^. ^.^^m. A-^^A. r^^iA^m. A A* *  ..,4. ^jft /4.,rf  ,,    ,4  jl . 4, ^   (,       (        ,  -*1*. -*.1*" *' *- '* ���'   ,"#-4s(����WM4s^*^-^s4W.,  .ft V*��,<f>,1,My��M^,t,,,l.,S,  %,    . A   "*  ��� ����imt:"4��iv. *5W*.'*"��  ..4.t\.V,^f4^rf.4tH*��^��-4W4��**��*K^'rf��"<,4<'.4**1*l,'^*(^'**^ ,AfnJ>l'%f���%"% >'4*'a,'**!l',��''��)*f"*!>" ���<"*!* *���#*-�� 4* ^��-*w**^^**��rft^^��%��t��^��* ^^n��,A-A.tA>Ajlt/ i_.  ���j.  3-  A^"*   .   t  4.*^  t^ i, ;%/    ; \  *t  s>k  4. .  ��    . V  ��A*  r.  /A  '*��� .  'i'  1/  -   f.  --*��<���  ftH"1*  ~"l  3  f*,. c  r - ��.  \ w$$&y& m$&f4 vote *g* *$$$  J       /S���retarv-^ria6t_!er  Charles  GoodUhd  ��   ^  V  ;  ^  {  ^  '*&>  i.  &-A  ****-   - j  _ *i��__S_\_ *  4T  V  *L1  4_r   >  * -**  ff     4"  "*-?!'  ^  f.    V*  -to'  ______  t A --�� - *->> *** I  . \ *->.wvv. ���� - ���. *'< 'v--m ;  ���-'-���. tf** w* '  ^''-. ^+ - ;���,. m  V > '. i * "    J   . ^ i    it.",. - �����  _ i     #  mm rm p��p�� iw sffrew ��y vw?  J m   fyfib*WF*&i % t?��rpf1Jt|e 'is in^feed  r - , .^ _^Sf &��% ^herford sifted^haj  ^ig <��-mn. tjee has pu| in f great jde$ of  j f49P#'?|pveitigatog ^(est -means pf grating  ttie systjern. ^ijrolugh ��fc)oBa w^ have  p|,nowhere, i^^act (they have - been *a  i^injejii^rjd |n ord^r $o'gef |hj3 s^rn^  una^w-fy; we |iavg to put fee? bn the^ rnill  fate)>* hj s-jld.   " *-*���-.''   ^ -  .     !  _        ^i  f  ��--\  I' '''  V  A      *  �� <  T  ^. -^'  wiji^r^^m taxpayers in the)nre-|,*  Djire^tor West ��gr*eed but explairied ikfeft  in pr-def to get the prbjecroff Jh. ^grptinc),  there "^$, l|ttle alfcrnia-tive^ h-jwgver, phee  ^���pperiation ii"is^quite 'pqs^ibk phabgeg  can.b? rpadjB later. "Many people object; tp  . ] this mel|iq6; yejt" agreg tha| they pre|er i$  * have it^lhis'way rather thaniio sys^m at  all," he said.  Attracting a Ho. of attention -at the   AJrialga^ate4JCfln^mcttpr|'49^^      ^ffIr*J|"la? reueygs Stress,.  .Science Blair  7 phases shows  Beetle ExDerts .                 .,         _ _           _  Beetles are not just a "p;Qp g^up^ -^ i of ^ Insects &jf^S&e$& ^^r/jKshould now be able to offer. �� beetle f��>m the foundation-stage-, Bipit for   nfwerf.  Jo-Anne   Jorgenson   and   Jennifer   Their.detailed, study won t&^WrM;,eons^lfant service.       ���>*'** J ~ *     -   ~        ���--        -  ���- -           "*���  ���Cooper, who made an extensive study   grand   aggregate   pr|ze   ^d:^itW/(  ,   ,  ir wasfojsn&dej whi��h^ *ion oT-3.py.fli.8-ppdei4 Jia$ ^ctoi fctfu^d by minor tensions  LOwsbuildi|igofahigh-me   working parts'whfeh.; t^u^m  na^^inq, hke thumb sucfcW'is a  innii��iT.iAn.sfeiffA     Rmlt mr    V^tgwejCS ' - ���        '   *���     '       Vr '���^��,~a i "���i,:ij ��^��� +^ ^��* _��k��� * t  ^  \  =-. - ���*���.*'  *n>ef%od \ phihi uses tq get J*elie| frprn  some stress pr'anxj.ety'.-tqo grgat.for hirn,  say? the federal health ^papbment pub-  )icatiop, *T||> the Yea_5 fron>*One to Sw"  Jfal_j ��re jtough ahd insensitive and so  lend: -ttiernselyes to bjtiing. Once this hit-  nig ha^fbe_un, the rough edges of the nag  |nd-the fgpp^ed nail bed terid >to ,cau_e  irritation and slo strengthen tjjfi habit,  ^pjrecfc r^traint such as ^andagep' may  ^topNhgil b.iting bn| will intensify the nervous tension which is the true cause of the  jiifficuto:        "~ ' "'  .One "of the first step? in sooftung $  nafl bjter js to make hjs nails srnoqth and  lessen-the* ijritation py soajdng them in  tsornei^jing like olive oil. Scolding/ pun-  Ishhig"��? putting something bitter'on the  ���iiaflg wpn'-t stop 'him. He rarely knows he  is biting <thenv |Ie is so tense inside that*  he just has to do somethhig. '"    "'*  The un-Sasihess causing the nailtl>iting  is often hard to discover. It pou]d~show up  in-a clulci who is. forced to be inactive 4oo  long, who hasn'i enough -running, climibing  or- free play. Too much excitement, nagging, pupi-shing, bossing, can make a child  jittery as well; ��� ���"  4    KW    .t--4. -ftp"  A%y*  m-  ;   -",; -* InspWtiori, ���'.,< *;f '^^ ~  ivn.; C_rifor4.iMr.l_d Sherman,; b&^r.  ��� -4rX 5  Hovercraft project .>       ���       .  Neil Booth on lejt aii^ Gary ?D^.vieso4 |t .won 'hogorable/|nentioB atJthe^Sci-  right had to put in a ^temejjdous, #nce Fair ^an^puts feilovsr stugf^t  amount of experimentation- tp gat Steven Cliartestyortji in a thkkrng  their hovercraft" |o, work, although jnood.  , Z      . .   ,~  ���the final ptoducft looked fairly shnpte.. J                   ,  Enfeqsiqp-c- response . . . ;  4"*K      *>   ft* i  .,,v ,._ ibsons/Elementary School'student   Divtt.; C^rifor>iMr.l;_d Shern_n,;_ia^ The P*wl*ii*i_**%*il*��i  F^w^pieena/Gza holds her tfcepu whole   specfts her*iitodeFof,ft_eVPulp-^^W/f pri^vld^*1fie ^11^ catejgo^.^ *  ��4 .    ->   &&UMJ&I.@  i^i^peskferit Manager ,of-HoVeVSound ��,'   i-   *��� V'       >    .    ',' ^*.,.*  i'_0    i  / ������,-.* , *���. 1  itlMtJ.  ENTHUSIASMS of Gibsons Elementary ' ,with--b-^tels'MLinc1a' l��6stlethVaite1"'a,rid ���    .-  School students in all branches'of kdlence    Debbie Campbell). '<-        < ;1  <i.  / .4*14  S-t.lt,* ^.y *T^t}I jn  :$fi  < i  <��� h  School students in all branches'of ^dience Debbie Campbell)  and "their interest i in current /Scientific * Bpol(:lets":y-IhSectsr (Ella tstarr and  evepts was very evidenttin( the, school's Sherry ,Thatche>)?- \ ', ' ' <>" w,  second Science, Fmjt> ft . Z. Cppectionj.'���MosS garden (Candice  Within the fir,st two hours well over Harrison; Yvonne (Stanley, and panpa  600 children and adults had visited the Mahdelkau. Honourable mention, -Skulls  event, ahd pebple were still pouring into (Sheane Reid,and',Danny jJ-Tygren).' .' >-  the auditorium where 8ft.j student, texhib- > W.oricipg, J/jodels;'���Experiment ,4,wiih  its arid 8 commecrial displays twere on t E|ectriqity(JirrJi Flock). Honourable men-  view, last Friday. y ' . tidn$:~Hpv���ercraft' (Neil -Booth and Gary  .Judges were-*School,Board Chairman pav^es)^How 4n old fashipped telephone  Mrs. Shiela Kitsonji Elphinstone Vice- works (Peter Kerbis and Jacjt Clausen).  Principal, Don Montgomery and Chair- The Furnace Burner (Ryan Stewart),  mart of the v Sunshine Coast Regional Space>���Apollo 8 (Margaret .Einlay-.  Board, Lorne Wo}verton and it took a ftillt son). Honourable mention:---Planets and  two hours to V classify;- arid judge" the ��� Stars .(Kathy Fisher arid Llta Allnutt;  exhibits,                    V               ,>'.    i;. Pliajipt^ X-f.^^'-.g^^i^ry, ^d-p^n^^^ittp).'.:  Mjmy students had put in ajtremen- ^ ;^  dojus' amount of r^seitrcK'" 'jirijd. thefr.'bb-, ��� ���'Cra^'Jfv;iiMw'"'0|>4y' Stanley). Experim'e,nfe  serVations were; 011?'carefiiny^.isti^->tjh:e -^Ith'^rapblts;''^:(B^thy^vw1iHing^4'.si^)ly  habit. * of! turtles,! hamsters;> ^nd' rabbits Ben$bn' ana' ;Roxanne Hm^),'.: , ���',  '.; yJ',  had; l?een fltudled; and^ proving that vt^ ;���. <; ^playsir^p/prt; 'H*?W ��� (Meerta '���$&);  Lmgdbife %q> ' Egmont  quipmierit   siasm;1 cortqmpridation��� for the'open Ihreft paHdASnitth..Birds ihptv^ir^teV^irl'.,!(&i^  ���bs^rvatlons.   teaching programme apd ^ wis!vth|t^ , ^om'^ebple.wmis);.'!,'���';y: AA'-.^Z "���  ��� j ~~.>v   evcn C(?uld tb^.'|xc4d',',dvep/'to':$tttuiday'.-":as .^Miijte^ ''-''^V  r   there Was so much to see a^r^ffort J; '-blspj-iysr ih'cluc^i-' Mri/Chafe 'feeH-',:  deserved a lpngqr. period otejchtbltlon.i Sf>rfo , shell' ,Collection; VModei 'ojViJie  Proceeds taken will' go towards  an Ari^ ,-p^i ^y' g^ ',Iy^;r My^ry  outing for the Winperaind prizes. , "pow^ ���y. fetgeti; ���Qoa^'W-'.^'toy  GBAWP AGPREQ^TE        :    ' Robe-fits'. CreeJc  3c)iobl; B.C, Telephopp  Grand. atJaregate went to Jacqueline AntQipjitle, Exchange; Project 200; models  Inglls nnd Janice Furuya fOr their study of bouts by Mr.^yjr: A. Wh'ipley.'Of West  of hamsters.  On, display  together with Vancouver}^Construction  Model  by the  the little creatures was  the, equipment Amalgamated   Cohstru<rt)bh   AbsocJaUpi>  which the observers had made aha iised- 'B.C.'..",,' '','''"'���'        '..;'���..���'''., :'  '      ;   ''  '<  to study their reactions.  Also pages of  Goy't liccn&od and bonded.  ���;��� ���;' 0ffeiri ''security check; patrol; ��� i  ',���*?'?���''"������ -'.���!':"<-.'-!i;"-.;- ���'.-���jpiryice*- "--.;v.;-������'������:", ;���' .���������'  Phono 8@3-��t>588 pr ?end informal  . .;i;:,.'^pn.^dii'e*t-*wtP^^^^ .,.,"  "vMSechel��v;B*C.-''':  :i. ��� \  ���f.  'AffrmrArargffirtrffrfnfm  Aiddresi .��-. ..���..-.���_  reqifppt fpformafiop on patrol  ',,'';. , ;:,   service. .���.''.  iip   -paper   neatly   relating   their  ulon.  foolscrni  obscrvni  Second grand aggregate Went to Jim  Flack for his working model; using hack  saw blades, ntove bolts, tin, an<r| other  odds and ends he made an electric motor,  electro irjnKnct and other devices, even  the switches were home-made. Young  Jim ls obvious|y a handy man to have  around the homo.  Third grand aggregate went to Jennifer Cooper and Joanne Jorgenson for  th6lr beetle display. They had-'ptao dope  a Jox of research and thelf colourful  paper rnnche beetles attracted a loj; of  attention,  GROUP WINNERS  Exhibit;- were divided into seven categories an follows):      '       ' *  Experiments:���1st Hamsters (Jacqueline Tnglis nnd Janice jFuruya), Hutchln-j  eKgs (Cindy Kunicir. and Maria Snyder)!  Honourable   mention,   Five  experiments  '(������WW��4��M44JMlj4i_WI|��|WiB��^��MM444-f'0li'''<r^  >^��/  to  id all  ippty   nLMwm^mM^sm.: ��� to ��� one ant  Easter novelties made up in ffte shop, still available,  We have lust received a large shipment of flqyelties qnd  Qift item* Comh md kwwso.  I  TWILIGHT THEATRE  ] GIBSONS  Ml?ftifk$)i$hpiay  Jim Flack's knowledge and inj&ralter" brushes from hack saw blades, srtove  produced th\a working' modd'-vpitlais\ |a��Its and tin.   His project won fir&t  featured an electro-mugnot njttd a tnprj pri2o in working models and the Rector.  Jjm, who is a grade 6'frt^dfcuV ond grand aggregate,  made  the switches, ��� vibrator .���teitl;  Oloko C. Aldersom D.C.  4 dayt weekly  PaH OUIcq BulJ-Jinp Suchdt  Phono 003-2333  Monday, Wednesday, fhun^ay, S^tuf^-ay  12 i^oon to 5 p.w.  EVENINGS DY APPOINTMENT  't;''? Yn J.qdjps' Summer  Handbags*. Limited number.  masses  seats  Wc will 'bft (closed Good Fjridta_>  ^p-ril 4jfh IM|4 Ea��|��r Monday,  April .Ttfa.Qpta Sa^irdfty, April  ��� 'Bthf &' thP*. Iq" 6 p.m.  asr^s?B*tes!Ss  985-9343  ILMOm'S VARIETY SHOP  Sechelt, B.C  ��i����.>��^i��iiiMM��j)i��4��ft��B<i��aa!  ^"I!jt *'*��*ftw*'��j��1  k,  iUff-Kf^ Jj*w*-   *-�����" t��  It <*  A     ���*���.,*��������( ���*  **-       Hl#*  j*��l W( J��*W** i*m ("I. #*   4-���   *f    -*����*��  ("Win* Ht*V*f *-V ���*^**^r*7#',��',,'*'*I-rtl  iw.rtMi**'! ri%Mi��ti��4(Hj-44��^4 ,fl*v,��f!M.*�� i/,tm  ���^t^*IT*il*l*H&#M&&^0��&<#1f*!to'lt W lip, Jll W4^^tf|41��w^^l*l>lW4'>>����4��w, v --,   ' ^��y- ;, K      :    v      ���������*     ���-     .   "������- ������'<*. v-  -  ; lri-'S>/sf *4  #***- ' ������'-1  *?  !-,?���  4   4,.'- V. ^/f' 4.V        ^ .  ,'.vy.f-  HH*-4^i/44^4A4��V^ivAt>V.^ 4i*V-4^^*4i-.  i:  i;  ���   I  ���V4^k^4^^^V^VA*.V"S--4't^'4*!''4',i;- J****-***"****?******.  In ccrse of iftlWF .,. i . **'��   Xr-v* 4'   .V . ���* , ',    <'   I        -.���; -^-������ ��� ���~-  4  sliufileboard  *;.;-.       XelehraHpn: .,.    \    ]  RoyadCCanadian Legion- Branch 140  S_u_3��hoa_d��.Club enjoyed a celebrar  _on-EIa$t "^week-- when, club trophies  M'  "\__,w *t^__*:--i_v   *#* PresehW and Mrs. Ann Ebach   pensation of rpermanent total disability  - Legion   BrancTl   J40    Tfv5r(f|a..a j_��ec___ cake*decorated With    ?���   <s-i��;n   _��.   -,������.    /All   rnmn-aisation  , "(Editor's not?: ^followine ^ Hoof a penes on workmen's compensation  benefits   and * general   information   for  workmen.) ,        ,,   .    ."���   t     "*'  BENEFITS '    L   .    ,  COMPENSATION Under the Act Inclu*  des: (a)'Payment for time lost from  work." (b) Medical aid. (c) Awards1 for  permanent "disability, (d) Physical and  vocational rehabilitation services.' (e).  Pensions to dependents of fatally injured  workmen.      ���" '    . ..   * V \ ;  DISABILITY PAYMENTS 7   '. .-Sr       . Where the workman on compensation!  For injuries, occurring7ori and-after v faijs to support his wife and family the  November li 1965 compensation to cover WCBhas the right to' divert payments to  loss of earnings is 75 per cent ol a work-    theta. ' v  man's average earnings, not however to ;.__���,.- A���;  exceed 75 p��2^W^*�� '^lESSi A? wtder the'Act includes  Maximum comper^ation <is $9493 per , .-pessary treatment, drugs, subsis-  week, Mmnvogn *J *����   Se   aUow!hce$   '(where    applicable),  Any Questions please  -.' "| ���-       4      ' ' ' ' ' -, ' ! 4    ','      " " / 4    ���  -'  !f Qi' I -filed a claim for Unemployment Canada Manpower Division.. ' y "V     ; S-  - Insu^noe' about a year, ago and later Your present claim sttovldbe e^tendec}  "  commenced a training course paid for with automaticaUy providing a -b^lEmceu of en-t  ��� - living allowance by Canada' J^npower .titlement remains ,on' your claim- ' -       }  ' *t!ent|*e. The cburse,is completed and I ' if you have eKhausted your benefit en|  have .filed a renewal claim.  I have not -titiement on your claim file'oVa-year ago,  worked since last September.  Will I re- , -the period of training for which you were  ceivgd  .   ...  Podiatrist,^ Naturopath or'Dentist'. For the>  first 13 weeks of temporary todal disability, compensation payments are  usually based on the average earnings at  the time of the injury except "for casual  or seasonal workers. After 13 weeks compensation payments ^are based on the  average earnings'^ during the period of  4 three months' or- twelve months before  the injury, Whichever are greater,  vides that a claimant's regular' benefit period'can be extended beyond'the normal  5_ weeks by the period 'that the claimant  was attending a course of instruction and  in receipt of a training allowance paid by  ' Quesiions should be referred to. Inforf  hiation Services, Unemployment Insurance  Commission, Vanier Building, 222 Nepean  Street, Ottawa, Ontario���TeJ. 996-2975. . t  aric^s and transportation.  |OYAL^; Canadian- LegiW  Br^h-^40    -n^e-a SbecM C2_e" debated with   t  $15Q per  m0nth.  (AU compensation   p_W4ANENT  ii^^&S^^l^^ &*&^&#,iSXSS "4^____2^_<SSL^^  DISABILITY PENSIONS  injury'results ih a perma-  Board.  impeir-  pension or  (BOOK 1)  by Harry Roberts  4.95 (plus fc��2_)  Sechelf ������ 885-9454  ore  ���nan  _9W  LS  high* single forgone .iught -of "41" -points.  HtJamer-up* wa_  J0.yce ^ Lowrie ".with*- 40"  -fbints. --'     ' --*-'-.     *      - .  *���  Hi^i.'team points for,onfe nighV-J-Ohn  ^y Mary Tinkley  TltoS^��S��&^__irJia!__3�� ' MRS:^Giady5'H.Nygard died'peacefidly >dniissionand ixft^enfs axe^jjfod  \ 'High^.totel points,,Don Eyr^bn,,with   '    in -her sleep at her home in HaJ&nopn   cards 5 cents each, Everybody i&welcome  Where death results from injury, Tthe  benefits listed'are payable.    ' ���  Effective January lf 1969.  I  DEPENDENT WIDOWS  ,   lmmedf^t-1 cash payment���$250. Mon��-'  ���4 a^ ���w _, _. MV* .w��>~ ��- --_-.���-.   ���-��� - -���-- 7 ------   - _--_ _     -r ���-_.    thly pensi9iti $129.51. (Payable until death  432. 'Ennner-^p-Hierh-Ebach'wrtH^as., ' -  Bay ojKMartfi 23rd atvtbe age of .49- Born'   The dressmaking class, whtph has proved    ot .remar^Mger-Allowance up. to $2500  Winners of Oub League,. Herb JEbach    Gladys- Masftn.in   Melfort,t,'Sask.;  she   an unqualified success, hafc now ended,    p^abieonf remarfiage.)    j.  _S' **__ W���u'4���au   -_.__-.-�����~i "Xe'ooc      !_> +^-- *��.*�����  r;-   io-ao   on^^ +K^c_ vtaars     KiU. *hv Tw^nhlar flpmand'another course is \   . .'    -"        > '    -  Snd-Ann Ebdch^with grand:.total^"_ 836. .'came-to"'.^.^-1938 and.thf^ years    bdt by popular demand another course is  Second place/John and >Fran Ayr^s "with latere inarried- Tag   Tfygard "at > Port   planned for the Fall and those interested  8|l'; third, place, Lotus'Valfofd and:1 Joyse Alberni 4_Ke. awmpgnfed. him to'Ontario   should get tHeir namesf registered with  I|tiwrier with ,735. r' Erankie" Barday- was to be'ne^Mm during -his,army training.  decla^��d"43iW beS^*S^pOrt.    *���"-   '-     '--'-"���" -hiit'<iirh-i>Vi>'.'tiB. I^ff  F-anarta'' for'*overseas  Mrs. Boy Holgate a? early as.-posgible.,  for.  Gtedys/Nygard fettled first-at Squamish,  ,i' Po-eemaii with'tickrt inhand,-,to->ao- Wi|i-4950-they���moved'to'Haltmooh Bay  torist:--"!-Ja&jmt: to/spoil^yonjr.-weoX-^ w>_ch"hsis-_een,~ their'nome-ever^since.  end^soI_l;d3tetthiS'-for4Mottday.,r-4    v< ( x- ^ .-.,  .���^-i   -  -��� <���   " - ���    .--���-'- \, ��� -   - ���   ,Canon 'Alan  ^IMWipWjlWt��WWWWM��W^  i'-  F_^!^SIJI.A ���FOaiSS  .-   ,    .   4 :1~?cf      , .     ,  4 No- -^ Dqwn- Psm{ii9n��.- N-��f DeKveiy -Qtorse  - < Phon&Mw./Tua./Web*.; Thilr., S43t.j'  i- - * ���* b^eqi-rr 5'p.irr.-^ p.rai *��  .- <    <       ,v:10-p.ta:-l-Q:30*p.m., ,   ,* ������;  ' ���- Locqt Representative -   ���. i  ;    . yfhonz^s-WB'   ;  " For'lhfbrrn'oHon'.Write Box $6, '.'  ;        - PowetJ River ^��� Mo Obligation'  Green officiated at,"the  ���f^fe-r^-'seryifee-'afr fihe Harvey- Fitoeral  Home'W^Mi&rch 27Uu- Pallbearers were  JoeJ ^ims^'Eete-Jorgenseni Don Hen-  dterrs^h)-"'Tom^Shicrair,' Bill" *Svcain"_nd  Andy Hanseri. ' ---������.--'-���  HEUE AND THERE -     -\ '   ; ,';',  Mrs. Mel -Htarvey who1 has'fieen a^  patient in-St."Mary|s iHo^>ital- has been'  transferred to St. PauJ's lfospitai.:  Yetr another family;\is settling^nto the  snug little comrnu-ity at Eureka, Richard .  Gillbanks, a retired- carpenter/ and. his "  wife Isabel from- North, Vancouver 'will'  live in a trailer home, while they build '  their permanent retirement home, j . ���  Mr?.* Roy^Greggs is glad to be home  ;-- -*, -r---    ������' -  w --'.-a-      ,   -      w. sunny.-B.C. .after a visit to-her.swi,  Two-'of Tag* Nygards,sisters  have   uayjd Bjssett'-- ���-�����-*��� -��-- ^  been at^thy^Jfygard home "during* the past  ot-veekv-toygive_.a"- helping- hand- -,They are  Mrs/Wally, Rude'and Mrs/Eric Helmer,  bnthrof Surrey.       * V,      ,'     ' - \   ^  'i^mgo-at the Welcome Beach Hall on  Y Saturday, "April 5th, -will start at 8 p.m.  in Wmnipeg.1 She found it  extremely cold1 there and when she left  there'were still 4 ft snqw, drifts.   -  \(  _ Guests! at, the Bill- C^inerori"home are  Mr.- Cameron'*! (motlieVrMr& "Ruby Cdm-  eron," hi^'sist-Tr'-Mrs. Kevin- Holmes- with  Daby/JKinv Hotaies," hU  Northern. Ontario. ��� -  dEpendentchildren  *4\ Under 16. years $45.05 monthly, 16-18  years (if at school) $50.68 monthly, 18-21  years (if at school) $5ff.31 monthly. Where  there is no dependent widow: under 16  years $50.68 monthly, 16-21 years (if* at  school) $61,85 "monthly.      J   Z'  OTHER BENEFITS  * Pensions ar4 payable to certain foster  mothers and other dependents. ��� Funeral  expenses of a workman-r$265.00,'buriel  jttot or cremation of a workman���$85.  4S9SSR��IS(tS����S8Sli-iaJ^^  COMMERCIAL PRINTING  ffj.!?j^*s-^i^*-as^  !  Notice Is hereby;'given that the undersigned has been appointed RETURNING OFFICER fo conduct an Election, to elect  ONE (1) Trustee .for the above mentioned district. FOR A THREE'  (3) YEAR TERM OF OFFICE.  - ,>> * -  /< One (1) Trustee to be elected from ewners of Lands NOT  -within the Corporation of,the Village of Sechelt. This to be known  as ZONE TWO.     v  The Registered. Voters ;in Zone One and Two are hereby  notified to attend a meeting.'to be held in THE SECHELT FIRE  HALL, INLET AVE., Sechelt, B.C., April 21, 1969 at tho hour of  SEVEN-THIRTY (7:30) O'clock P.M. at Which place and hour I  will proceed to call for nominations and toj take the votes of the  Electors present.  ' " '4  - The said meeting will be closed as soonl.as the votes of the  Electors present, and voting when votes are called for; have been  counted. 4  Dated this 2nd day of April, A.D. 1969  Ben/amon D. Firth,  ..Returning Officer  !  i  t  i  ^..iAV'^^^^.Wfe.^  I  * '.f'.)  _ \\" ' ><<fK''^'a v - *, - '���_  ���'���r  I  CALL AT OUR SECHELT OFFICE .  AND VIEW ANY LOCATION ON OjJR  50 FOOT DETAILED WALL MAP:,  SOAMES POINT��� No. 934      *  Close to Ferries, this 2-54 aero country estate has deluxe accommodations ���fpr the discerning buyer at $65,000.00 full price with  *    terms. For complete details with pictures please  Call: C. R. Gathercole���886-7015  GIBSONS���REVENUE��� ��� No." "1056  Well located Triplex close to shopping. View lot. Tenqnt parkina.  Full   price of   $28,000.00  down  payment  of   $7,000.00  with  " reqsonable terms on balance.  DAVIS BAY APARTMENT SIZE���   No. 1048  2  lots ready to build. Close to beach, store and Post Office.  '   "    -.     Only $6,0d0.a0 for both.'  r   -   .   -Call: J.- W. Anderson���885-2053  ASK FOR OUR FR5E CATAIOGUE  FOR A COMPLETE SELECTION.  13 ������ ���  ���Mi*.  _4,iiiil(;i.riii-i i) I,  UU4A.  ASK FOtf^UR^^CATALO^U^'  FQR A COMPLETE SELECTION.  Villi! Him  ���.  WILSON* CREEK���No. 1016  This two bedroom home js situated on o lorge level lot with  some fruit trees ond shrubs. Lots of room for the gardener in  the family. Has a lorge living room and good kitchen area. One  block from main highway. Try $3,000.00 down, balance ot  $90.00 per month.  Call: Peggy Ayer���885-2375  1  DAVIS BAY��� No. 1032  Lovely post ond beam view home overlooking beach ond Trail  Islands.  $2,000.00 in landscaping.  Extra large living  room. 3  bedrooms. Vanity bath. Sun deck, Garago In basement.  Asking $18,900.00.  Call: J. W. Anderson���885-2053  TILLICUM BAY���SECHELT-*, No. TO 18 *  Living room a'a��ed wall facing We��t 6verl6ol<lrtg Porpoise Bay.  Three,rnJnutes walk.to Marino; swimming; and boating.:Ideal for  future two level home at rvat of property. West' portion Is  .tevcHcd and landscaped. In. a beautiful, location, $9,450.00 f.p.  Call: Peter Smith���885-9463     .  .GIJEST RANCH��� No. 953 ;   ;  12 rooms, 27 acres. Two year round trout streoms. Level southern  slope, approx.. TO acres cleared. Fruit' trees. Oose to Govt,  park and beach, Roberts Creek, Auto, oil heat and hot water.  Most equipment, and furniture Included. Full price $45,000.00.  ��� Terms. , ���  Call: J. W. Anderson���885-2053  WILSON CREEK��� No. 977  Has.stone.Bar BQ on largo cleared grounds. 2 b^room home with  ���remodelled kitchen cob., electric. Spacious living room. Uti|ity  wired for washer and dryer. V block, from main highway. Good  playing Oreo for chitdrcn. '$3,500.00 di-wn MyrntTrtf.' Jlcjsr $60;00'  month ot 6% Interest will ptityou In Hrtldcntej  Gjll: Bob Kent for further detail*���885*9461  GIBSONS--' Nb. Ms _..., *.;;_ ���, '^"      _,., ���' ; \ t\:'  Commercial Bl4*>ck---ri^��hforced caninisto^onstrtjfttliw."Five' nftrital  urtlts. Centrally kxatfcd.  Designed : for additional sforeySv COn-  tin<jous cKcupancy-F.p. $75,000.00���O.R. $25,000.00,  '���"   "Cqll:- C. R. GatrrercoleA-8846-70t5  ���   ���,,,,'���    ������'  .' y '   .', .������'' ���, . ' *,  w^ErVrsv*^EEK-~;^-W7 ���,. V.  ,Tw ana half acres ntjar Roberts CreeH Park. Full price $2,725.00,  Call: C. R. Gathcrcole���-886-7015 ;  WELCOME BEAC^^'l'boo'^; v" ,/'.'"." ";;" ;;. ',..  Comfortobra 2  bedroom' homa plus Mimriief gucsr cObin on 3  ocnes at. view.f Hongc ,ood ., ffl4Qfc%<.ar*4 ...tMJW^^fjjrnl^ino*..* Ha*  290 ft. frontage on Redrooffs paved rood. Ckxxl water, supply,  only 700* by direct rood to lht��t��;tetet��ii>."',Niiety tr#e<l southerly exp6sur��.- Tr/ $5,000.00-da-Mn, MafKO at $100.00 p��sf  nw>. 8% on full pfiee of |IZ,000.00.  Call: R. B. Kent at MS*946l or .  #. .     J. .W., Anderson ot.6^5-2053  v , ���Thls-.charmlrig 2 bedr-iom homo. Is^iituafed tloso;-to^, rWdro  '-; >hlch!dffe->f)obd-m���ro'gpy'fi^rn^  rtAfpsi/s;  iidffen-*ac^-tm���ro^ ��'  road. Kitchen hos built-in Toppan'gas dvon'ond'table top stove.  This largo lot is partially landscaped, fruit trees, shrubs, has srnoll  cabin for guest house. Large covered potio with rock planter.  Offered at $15,000.00. Call anytime to view.  Call: Peggy Ayer���885-2375  SECHELT���No. 989  Acofss from Hackctt Park. One block to schools and stores. High  ground, good drainage. Lots are nicely treed and are serviced  by Hydro, telephone ond Sechelt Water System. Two lots each  63x122 facing Dolphin Street are reasonably priced at  $2,500.00 each.  Call: Bob Kent���885-9461  FRANKLIN ST���GIBSONS^ ^^031        ���  Only one btixk to beach and park. Ytaw'of water. Quiet street  In good area, Fully remodelled 2 bedroom alI electric hom��. Large  dining area. Garden lot fenced. Asking $14,600.00, $3,200.00  down bdlonco at $100.00 per month.  Call: J, W. Andersor>���885-2053  PORPOISE BAY���No. 1026 j  Zoned residential. Beautiful view lot facing up Sechelt Inlet, 75  feet'on waterfront. One rnmufe to Government VWwrt. Potential  Is unlimited. Sheltered water. Full price $5/50,00. ;  . . .    Call: Peter Smith���885-9463  GJBSONS���No. 559  Commercial*���One   storey   frame   building   on   solid   concrete  foundation. Concrete floorv���1980 sq. .ft, Suitable  far various  commercial uses. 178 feet highway frontogo ond 100 ft. on side  rood. P.P. $ 12.300,00. Vendor may consider some terms.  Call; C. R, Gathercolc���_86-7015  GRANTHAMS���No. loor        ;;     7  Completely modern ond beautifully finished two bedroom home.  Full   basement   with  largo   recreation., room.   Attached   garage,  ,  paved driveway.  Economical  hot water heat, 220 wiring. Outstanding view. F.P. $22,000.00���D.P. $7,000.00.  Call: C. R. (^thercole^886-7015  SILVER. SANDS--No. 1042  Folrly new 720 sq. ft. summer home, on 4.58' aCrcs of tremendous view property. Bounded by year round Creek. 1/4 cleared  with 10 cherry,\pear, etc. trees. Rest of property is nicely wooded.  In area of $20,000.00 homes owned primarily by middle-aged  retired' couples for congenial neighbours. Our full cash price  $9,950.00 or will consider $11,000.00 with half cash down,  balance $75.00 at 8%  Call: Bob Kent���885-9461  26 ACRE RANCH���  On Sunshine Coast Highway���Roberts Creek area. 2 bedroom  homo. Largo shop, plus 2 small barns. Two year-round streams.  1st water rights. Some timber, approx, 7 acres cleared. Ideal  for horses.  F.P.  $29,500.00.  $20,000.00 cosh  or  try offers.  Call: J. W. Andersorv���885-2053  GOW.ER POINT��� No, 778  100 feet of waterfront. Well built two bedroom' home. Living  room 24x16, heatilator fireplace, Solid oak floor. Large modem  kitchen. Also comfortable two bedroom guest cottage. Presently  rented. $25,000.00, somo terms.  Call: C. R. Gathercole���886-7015  MISSION POINT���No. 1053  Income property���rent one side, live in other. Both rented at  $50.00 month  plus utilities.  Fully  furnished even to bedding.  Lovely view across Gulf to Vancouver Island. 60' beach front.  220 volt range (2).  Call: Peter Smith���885-9463  t  1 ^cSt^'bcdro  T04$  -ii  f..    ..p V ��.,  '���I. I    J'iSo^^  Full basement with self contained,,furnished suite. Good-garage.  F.P. $22,500.00. _  '  Call: C. R. Gathercole���886-7015 -  CALL AT OUR SECHELT OFFICE  AND VIEW ANY LOCATION ON OUR  50 FOOT DETAILED WAtt AAAP.  SELMA PARK-  1047  ASK FOft 6UR -iktk GAtALd6ut  FOR A COMPLETE; $i|;|<:Tl6N.  MISSION POINT��� No, 1051        yy.^A.  60�� watcifrontogr Unobstructed v|w of Gulf pf Georgia, ^  Vancouver lslqnd. Ideal surrjmcr home.. New rented at $50.00  ������'������������'������'        ���     per mo. plus utilities, F.P. $7,800.00.  ( Call: Peter Smith���885-9463  SELMA PARK���No ?88 ;  Gcntlo sloplno residential lot,_ top-oithe-hjll, Selma ^^Approx.  footogo 70x188 deep. Hydro ��� Telephone��� Sechelf Woter  Svstcm Only two city blocks to breakwater at Selma Park,  bysicm.  wny _p $3,500,00.  Call: Bob Kent���885r9461  DAVIS BAY���no. 959  , i. .  Only $16,500.00 full price for this 2 bedroom, homo. Wing the  S convenient sandy beadi On tho Sechelt peninsula. Approx.  , 1 % down required. *      ���   ,  Call: J. W. Andersonr���885^053  ROBERTS CREEK--NO, 910 y , '.'������  \w�� hove this 100'by 360 ft. lot for sale on a -paved road with  W , an asklra price of $2,700.00,  Call: Bob Kent���885-9461  GIBSONS���No. 991 ,    ���      v ,  Excellent  residential   lot.   D.panslveylcw,   Landscaped,  several  Lxccucnt fnM tf^ m pr)w $?,aop.00._   t��  Call:,- tl Gathcrcole���886-/015,.,; ,  GOW_R ,POlNtV-No. ��oo*      :.,,....;;.,.:���..  /��,���_,  bullr,  (wo years  old,  some  rnlnOr  finishlnO   required.  Oorn pl��n, hteh burned c-illing. Fully ��-^�� -^l* vl��w ,0*'  open p ��n,     j^b|y pfM fp  il 4,000.00.      :  ,   Calk C. Ri Gathercole���886-7015  Cdlt: ���_<# "Kent-r-885-9461"  HOPKINS��� No. 1046  Well built 2 bedroom bungalow on full, high basement-, suitable  for extra  living space.  Magnificent view.   Interior finishing  In  progress. F.P. $18,000.00, D.P. $5,000.00.  ';,',    Call: C. R. Gathercole��� 886--7015  G|BSdNS��� No. 993   ;  Residcntlql view lot in villade, Full price $1,650.00.  Call: C, R. Gathercole���886-7015  WEST SECHELT WATERFRONT���No. 926  Tho vatuejs in th��? property with 160 feet on the waterfront,  150 feet on tho Sunshine Coast Highway and 375 feet on a side  road. Older one of a kind,  three bedroom  home, Ono of tho  most suitable properties we havo for future commercial development. Full price $32,000,00. ,  Call: John Goodwin���885-2161  GIBSONS���No, 917        ' ,     ., ,  An Unfinished three bedroom split level home of 1,555 sq. ,ff.  flcmr area located on -Me acre .property. Here,is a home with oil  rooms of adequate, size, The1 decision of Interior finishing and  decoration will be the buyers. Down Paydicrit of $9,000.00  ,        roqulrcd.      ,'       .     , ,��� ,  Call: Bob Kent���885-9461        :  SALESMEN  Peter Smith Res: 805-9463 SELMA PARK  Chris Gathercole Res: 886-7015 GIBSONS  C. PL Golhcrcolo Res: 006-7015 GIBSONS  Te4 Surtees Ret: 885-9303 HALFMOON BAY,,  Jack Anderson Re*; 885-2053 DAVIS BAY  Bob'Kent' Re*: 88&9461 SECHELT  Peggy Ayer Ret: 8852375 WEST SECHELT  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  - Multiple U*tlwa"S��rvlto'  V��r��^nver Rc<il ltf��ra  t>ot)rd.  ��?f,  iiKimmmMMiiii  nnnanm���iM'*-*-  .mv*.HK*vm.��w.wvv.  Kfwmmft  ���ji^Y   ..fa  1  nmmm..mm.mm.,n..  Sechelt 005-2161  Box 155  Cowrie Street  AGE  24 HOURS  Gibsons 886-7015  Box 369  Marino Drhrc  ^SW^^^M^^'ir^:P'^'fW^  ES  mmmMmmmMmmmimmmmmmmmBmmmmmmiimM  I  {  Vtaj/Ht.   ��*j#V#* (**���#!  ���^^--^fi^--**^^^ ^ f *^^>fc*>M��<firi*irf**& ����U*W#  ,      '     4        1 ���    , '  t  H  ... _&-,  -4*  f-4  i'/i  ���_  *-*J  ���1  - ��  n       ^-F        f*>     <*"/     "  *v>'f  *     "  ���" "V,".   V***-- 44    *   v  -t'q.-V'-^'V'i-'j^'y v^-;t".  e  ���uykv  -���'.  Section B  :- t  WgdtneSday, Apyil 2; 1969  Pages  f *��� �����.  ������*-.    .**  ^ -     ***. j*"  Provincial, _%& -��� .4.  > 1*-  /  encourages pome�� ai  <      j ������- ������"      . ., -     IBS' -i, ih - ,  ATTOBJ^YhG-ENEBAXi. Leslie R. Peterson-, Q.CVhas.set- forth-proposals for  an Act to proyfae Cort)pensation,for JPe$r  sonsi As&isting Law Enforcement Off i<��&  ,The job of the police is not an e_sy one,  especially- iri fodajPs society where permissiveness and a tendency.to rebel against  authority are domirianV characteristics.  There are too'��� many, examples of police  being - assaulted in the  performance of  to those "who are covered is much more  generous. There is no means test���the injured person will receive the same Compensation that he would receive if injured  in the course of employment and covered  by Workmen's. Compensation/ (Under the  provisions of the Workmen's Compensation Act) an injured person may receive  a monthly compensation of up to $412.50  per month.  He would also be entitled to-  ���~,i  ��'i  ��      i  ft> -T  A  i:>   1  ! v'<  t   -i  t  ���>>  7?  4  Anniversary  their" duties, while members of the public   ***** rehabiUtative and medical services  u~~_ t... , w~ <u_-a ��^_^* ���*������ ,_i���J*an*_   that are provided by the Workmen's Corn-  stand by To great extent the reluctance  of-citizens to assist the police-stems from  pensation Board  for  injured - workmen.  .There will be lots of remini^diig next. versary of JMr.-and Mrs.",Louis-H.   Ahefacttfotthey may sufferi^rsonai in- 2^t_e*ilSBS^&XSSS  Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Benner . . .  Arts Council elecis  slate of direpforis  ANNUAIi meeting of the Sunshine Coast"  Arts Council wasAheld oa Saturday,  'March 22, in Roberts' Creek Legion HalL  Ele<jted'to serve as directors for a' -two-year  term were: Mr. Ross Gibson,  Mr.' Stan  Tnteman, Mrs. Judy Baeckmann and Mr.  'Bernie Baeckmann of Gibsons; Mr. Bud  Blatchford,' Roberts   Creek; Mrs.   Alice  Murray, Davis Bay; and Mr, Jack Whaites,  Sechelt  Mr. Harry Almond of- Roberts, Creek  and _r. Vihce Bracewell of Hopkins Landing each have one more year left to serve  on the executive.   ; r  , Mrs. <Doris - Crowston of Sechelt has  been ejected for a two-year term by the  Gallery Committee, as its representative.  Indian fishermen courses  to be repeated next fall  PLANS are underway to repeat next fall  and winter the successful Indian fishermen's .training course which was held at  ���the Terrace .Vocational School this past  winter.       ���  By presenting a series of 8-"��yeek courses  ,   Introduction  New. manager of the Sechelt Chain  Saw Centre is Mr. Turner Berry,  formerly .of Vancouver.. Mr. Berry  opuiar 1  celebrate  The Bill will offset*Jthis reluctance, ..  Not only does the Bill provide compensation to persons who are-injured -in the  course of assisting police, it ;also.-covers  ���the. situation .where, aperson:sees,a crirne  being,committed,and endeayors.tornake a  citizen's arrest. .      .   _ c; . . Z:'..    '  taxpayers o'f the province cost of establishing <a separate administrative office. .Under this legislation .the Workmen's Compensation Board will .bill the Provincial  Government just as if the injured person  were" a workman" employed by the "prov-  lince. '   "'  starting next October it will be possible jUves. at Mission Point where, he and  Ms family have been summer residents1 for ' many- years.  iMale 'crane to female:   "Look,  baby,  we either-whoop it up or face extinction.''  ON WEDNESDAY, March'12*^ 1969; Mr. serve Habroad >a|id;remained in-the C_ia-  and Mrs. Louis H.' Benner of -Selma' dian Home Defence. "      ', '            ~*'  Park celebrated.their, GWdfen^edding^An-,. .: ltv/as ^ 191^ whekvisitinghis sister,  mversary but it will be next Saturday, ^.^^ )that ^^ Benner .mfet -17*yeariold  April 5th, when; relatives.and friends will'. p_uita_ Messner-and after- a _vhirlwjnd  -gather to officially celebrate the happy ^��i.&y w^dp^mpl^Mih sleigh-  occasion.                                                    > r^e) ^i^ young couple were married-at  ���The.-Bill, -however, .dces���npt coyer; vie- .  -   /���-*_.--��� r-^���: '  Urns of, crime, .but .it is- hoped _.at?,^fter^ '     ' "      .     '      ���-.-        . - "  -  some..experience- is gained 'under tihe,.op-   Baby rUUS a. temperature"'  : *' ,     -fS?8*"? &*PoUce.-and-those wno.choose   ^^^y^y \gggty; j�� & ft-, t^^^t  SSJL^SwnrS-S^'S   ** elEect*o_.the ^by's gemaal wndition  SS^^SI^p. taWJ^SS^ .^atjma'fiter. Normal ttfowtow*** ^b^  ^^^^SSS^tZ^SZJ^^'   tt��ito*ftJ0to ��W ��0fi4,6'. A temperajburo  -tions���m an erideavor to prof it ftpm expe-, -ove_ m. ^^ ta g^^^-^^0^^  during the fall and winter period to enroll  a total of up ���to' 45 Indian fishermen from  any area of .the coast' for courses'in' navigation, maintenance,of engines,-welding,  fishing-gear, work, and the-use'and care  of electronic equipment ��� Other' related  subjects include fire, prevention, fir,st aid,  fisheries-management-and record keeping.  The-pilot^-course* .which .w_s- attendod i \ / ' .' ' SttiCS:  by 14 -Indian fishermen from, (the north '" *A"'  coast' region,' v?a_ 'developed'by/ithe^ pro-  vmcial-department of-"education-'under'the  joint sponsorship_of Canadarmanpower and  the department of-todian'^Karrs.^Full allowances - will- be'-provided to- students  while on the TOur-^and board'and:accom-  modation, will b^-madei available in 'the  ' new dormitories -arid, 'cafeteria which rthe  1 r*  ,r f  r  X  At 4 p.m. on Easter Saturday, relatiyes   Prince, Albert, S^katchewan.  and close friends will^oin^Mr. and Mrs.    ,; ^ ' Benne^ ^, y^^.;^ phoenix;  Benner at a^pecial/(scrvice tobe held in , m    '   "   *        '    ' "  Our Lady of ,Loufdes Catholic' Church '  Michigan,' coining, ,to; Canada with*/her  family when she w&s.fiye years old."--^^.  Benner .recalls that people were-' "comirig  -to "Canada" by fhe^rarr_oa<r'at'itl_t time  -and her father came ahead to build a home  at Carmel, Saskatchewan, -where the' funnily hbrnesteaded.' After her marriage,^ Mrs.  Benner,worked side'by side withherhus-  bantj on the farm.  After-being' married  nence: l  - - - '   *-"  ,While ^coverage- provided- is  broad -as in some other ^urisdi-stionsi-t^e   federal ihiealihi deparitmeQt'pvib_oa,tio_,',The ��� students may obtain details' from-'Indian  benefits in terms of compensation provided^ Canadjan,Mother and Chifd. *      -    -   -        agency offices:     . "     ". '  .. .    ft is Si.sig-fl! of.__eoiian"and may,.nab be ^department of��� education has'planhed for  not'^as, "BarLftuSi, Kit should he "Wajtched, rsay_ the   the Terrace Vocational "School.,'.-Potential  -��  1 , *��  y  \Zl  Zf  with Father Power and .Father Kehny^of;  * ficiating. A.\ family dinner .will follow*at  ��� -the'Peninsula Drive-in Dining Room and  at 8 p.m. friends are welcome to drop in  to "enjoy a social hour and evening of  dancing. -'.  " Looking back over the .past fifty years,  Mr, 'and Mrs. Benner have ah'iriterestmg:'' "for -two years she,had-a family of.seyen tb  story to tell for the first twenty-five-years % care'for, with,<their -sustomary kmdness'the  of their married life were-spent workings f Benners, welcomed^into rtheir Jionrie four  a three-quarter-section farm at Cudworth,' V-little" nieces, andjnephe/wrs who'ha_."4<��t  Saskatchewan. <TheSection was in-'a poor "-their- momers-' -and-were brought; up-to-  area and from 1919 to 1944, they battled gether with'their "first son Joe. . '\\ \ -  with the elements to wrest a Uving from - *_orn in Saskatchewan were Mi-."' aroi  the land. It was hard work and-grain . Mrs.-Behner's,children: Joe,'Bernie;''Lof-  pnees were low but the i_rm produced _e> Mary? *_thel who died -whert'she was  enough to take the family through the, just 21 years old, Sonny, Ervin, and Arnita.  depression and well-known for-their open- ��� Their youngest dau_hter6ariene"wasAorh  hearted generosity, no weary traveller was m Kelowna where' the family moveibin  ever turned from the Benners door, dur-   ^944   - ���   _   ���      - -     - - *    ��� ..   1 ���  ISf_____S^_r^W*'to WWCh      ' ^-."d *** Benner-detennined tiey  hit Canada in -the  thirties. -,.,,.-        , ^Qujd "5eIl ^e f;^- and move to Briti9h  . At the turn of the century many people Columbia as soon .as the farm" produced  were'migrating from, the .United States to -the ,fin$ good crop and so "it was''they  Canada. Louis Benner was born in Union- m0Ved to Kelowna where Mr. Benner. fruit  town, south of .Spokane, ^Washington, and farmed-for four years before moving to"  was thirteen years' .Id 'when he and-his Haney and then to, SechelVsixtecn' years  father came to Canada. In 1917 he joined    ago.*   --*',��� ''   ������*     - ���     '' * V ��� "*  -.the*., ljrf.  "vDeroofc 'ftal.tiiliotv' ��� ftas_ati��Vi��>T)irnri> -._   - -., .      ���  -.-,,  -_    ���      '���'���" _   ���'- ".'; -,'-<-  ���>- ,-JTogether with-Sonny-.and ,Ervjuii; ;Mf.  &e~tter^tkp4d\a:\ttsk\pg outfit until, wis ���  , retirement', at "Selma Park ."where he.'and "  -this; wife had-chosen a beautiful "spot oyerV -  , looking the bay and away .over' toNVafc-  ���couver, Island,.for ��� their-.rciireritent^hO}Yi)��.  ��� ' ! ��uring their years here they havkbeep  joined by many relatives and made 'many  friends. Mrs. Benner is very active" in the  Sechelt Hospital Auxiliary and'Catholic  '  Women's League and also works behind  ithe Scenes for many ottyer organizations,  always busy she crochets' and bakes for  fund raising sales. <  (Mr. Benner still actively assists his son  Joe in the store which was built eight  years ago and has been growing steadily  ever* since.  ��� AH Mr. and Mrs. Benner's children and  their families have jo|ned ihem in Sechelt  , except Bernie and his family who live in  Peiiticton and Lorine and her. family in  Victoria. Next Saturday was chosen for  ���the celebration so that all the family -and  grandchildren could be together for the  'very happy occasion.  "TV  i -  -.the1-. 1st "_>epot Battalion"; ��asj_tchewari*  :.Begim-3rrtr,'tte_ii*a'*eme of _^I5^regTm^&  ��a^a overseas, but he'-tyas'-noV destined ���.  The Annual Meeting of the  ,   ;1  t'V  i* . . - 4 .v.... .    :  v��;*ptihz-   ���  -4it!t^-��,^,;,/--- 1 *trtr,*';*#i>/Jt<ffY.\-~}~/-,'-.'i:-{ 4,  ;;".   v   v;,",i  ;. -��� '��� ./,-������ <y ��� .. ',  ''   4'   <   ^--r-V.1 -\__V "A-'";  A^A  '/.'  a-H^iK-^^^  V):  will be held on  0NIMY, APRIi; 21,; 196?  '      :   at 8:00 p.m,  IN THE SECHELT LEGJON HALL;  '^Four Tnistees will he nominated for i^*��fectSon.  Furtfier nominations, will li-a redebradi froSM -III�� iftooiv  t.-   ;���'���,''!,,������,';������ 1 : "1 -,;./ ;  ���    ���    ���       '     ' {    ' ���       "'!'.!���   7  ���:���'";  ��� "   :;     " ' ���:" '   v"   ' ;,  '  NOTE: Entitled to participate in and vote at the mcctiitg aro:u-��   ' '  Membei's registered tti 1968/ who have paid! Membership  dues ($2,00) for 1969, before the commencement of tho  meeting. ,; .   ,  New Members who haYe been registered ond have paid. Membership dues ($2.00) for 1969 NOT1 LATER THAN ~- 30  days prior to the meeting, '   t       ;'  i   "     ' ' . " .    ;l     t       '       " .   '    ' ���  St. Mary's Hospital .No6jcI$'<. Ydur Support and Interest.  New Mem^brs Will Bo Wolcomo;        ;  Sechelt, B.C.  April 2nd, 1969  A. Wogemokers Z  Administrator-���   . ,  Sr, Mary's Hospital, Scchcft, B.C,  ��i''^^^|ra^j|^  ^^sssasasis^ssiBs^^ssss  Kpt,|)0p Jw& ^0, ^all logs, sa^ill cuttings a^icl veneer  dippiij|$ had Kttlo Vjali^e In tho forest industry.  : That woa hcfoi-o wo leaned how to turn this waste into  ���'vduiiHoi^  ihkiMtk^j&lmn to tho people of  British Columhm. Waste not, want noiTlus oM-faihioncd  policy gayshsmta  tiiat every acre of forest will yield jta full quota, of payrolls  and iwosperifcy,. Equally jiniibrfcaiit,  by malting more complete u$e of wood harvested, w��o*i0  helpiugto preserve (Mmtial timhe^a^uw^.  r^_*i  tnttfztstzii'mdsmtii  timtt  Mmmm*tmmma0mm  ao  ��_*.  ,jfV iM��-^J*''5  ��t (**v 1^�� ��B4vJirt* *M '  ,? ^WWnWff"*- *f��( M"* 4f*f4.^*up^lWi*��. I5,*4  j �����-*"** **>f i*)-*!,**-, im, t^*��'M sstMH.* ?��  m I*"**, i�� f ��b^��i ifM)�� tf  rd WtJ*^*^! iv�� *i  ^.^.H^oitt^tmtfff   ,^114%1^/HvlHIM*-)"**^*  -KHt*^ t��<Xll'#l>'>f*'��4  m ^Wtrtlt^^w***,.!?*"  I'rtiiniwii'''  '*"����( f V'!^1L*H*,-MTm-'��i*W4^V*-��MH��^BW^^  *yr*m��m  v*w^���W^���^'r^*^f*��^*����� \*��"W,^-i^��ni,^w*��*i^*w* *�����*��(����!����  &i!����^*y��*,n*iisifr!pto** '-*^, v-y.4,. s> -j ':    ./ J ^ ' .    tv v'*a • ' .;,>: ';" :;/:: y ■.. -vv,,\ * '^v
dbV>V4j^>^4^Hftw^k.W<.'^^^MM^''4^»IwrW4l.'n>i^V-  a.*-^'.<Arfn,.Wi"4,j'i>^^^^i.v4.V''^^»4^^V4.~4'w^-4^.^-^.Ji  »«»*. ^J^W~,,44»V.i,.-W*rf-J^,*^4^-^,^i4L^-.W^.»WJi'w_^^   „,       >
jfagfrft-St  '        the Peninsula timeg   "
*■ v wemes^yrApTirarr^s^  r~
> * ;, : >  -*«-;-- ,. , :—"""7 -"i~
Paul $i: Pterre
"\' \.-^Letter from Parliament Hill
'   " >     .*■       '*;      '*-■>.-
QTTAWA—Dear Jeannie,'„        /     • ' •
.  *-I have your^lefcter, asking how Parlia-
.,.-ttient goes about passing laws/ I*under-    .
stand you are going to transmit this iit-
formation*- to the Grade Txve <^a,ss of the
J. W. Gromrnet filehientary 'School. >
\1 wish somebody had done"-so lor me,
4 .when I was in Grade 5, ,Even as recently
as last .June/'l would have beea grateful
for,such inforrnation. however,/let'that
pass. .We will examine the,ques14oii.in the
light of my present; imperfect knowledge.
' Let us assume that we aire sneaking of
major changes in law. 'The tKings.\that
affect people where they1, live, as the saying, goes. 4, •- „ ,-.    ' ,
M sufch a case the routine' would be
roughly' as follows: .
' ;1. T_e government of the-day will appoint a Koyal Commission! to investigate
the-.matter. _f the public be weary of
Royal Commissions, v1hey" may1'choose to
call it a Task Force. The name is of little
consequence. -This commission will sit for
■Mff- -W mwm.^t^m^^*t —
1 H
#■    *4
■' *»
t-    K
SlOUllU \KJIP9OFIS should be easy, relaxed
MIS& PAM Jackso^ w^' guejt of honor IF yOTJ ^ ^^ whe^ p^hari' try '
at a bridkl dmm ati Friday evemrig ;_ to do it llnde_ i(Jeal ^attiote'*!-_
when hog«af s Mrs. Edna Husby,and Mxss     fent   ot tlme iQt"T^i; s&Vs ihe'.foaorai '>
CdWeen riu^y^ntertajhed'-at- th^r home hfealtK a^^eht publication ^The dwta-'
Wrth co-hostesses Mrs  Helen Wemhandl dl^ Mot^er     d fj^,, 4        ,      .,.     . t
ant^AS^\5P^ _ * ">-   ^ :' /,"     '-■ OdA'M. 'Don;t" carty luggageV W
^ -
Meritorious Service
Paying her
Rebekah1 Loi
months, listening to what people have\to -ra-last W-eek
- say. Some sit for years. ,      ^
2L The gov^nment'(which maybe the
same or may 4iave been,.changed in. the
meantime) examines the findings- of the
commission. Many of them they don'it like.
They wish a different set of commissioners
had been chosen.
3. The comrnissionr-report is referred
to civil seryante^who^xpress.their opinions. .   . '    \
4. A White-Paper is-introduced. Now
everybody becomes a oritic-^boards of
txa'de, laDor unions, housewives, fishermen, the otheu political* parties, the gov
concerned will meet with a. group of his   Lillion-Holme,'Assembly Musieiah^ Mrs:
J _•_.■_  ___,_     _i_ \_1    _1_ « fll      Ji        _ *n-)-__l_.        _<***1_ K___ _"__, «X.        T*t—>n.n i J3 nvi 4. »«■« Y3 TV/T*»
top civil servants ahd they'will draw up a
new law. It won't* be "the" same as the Old
law. It won't be what the commission recommended.- It won't be what the*- critics
wanted, because all' the critic^ wantect
something different. It will be a peculiar
blend of -all these forces. It will-be called
a Bill ,    ,
6. The Justice Department will be
asked to examine the wording of the Bill
They will find it faulty. Lawyers always
do. They will rewrite it in a form, which
will withstand, they hope, challenge in
the courts.
- 7. Finally, the government of the day
will introduce the Bill to Parliament. It
will be given First Reading. In the ordinary course of affairs, very few people in
the Commons chamber will pay the slightest attention. First Reading is a formality.
8. The Bill will later, appear in Commons again for Second Reading. This time
the Opposition parties will criticize it. A
few government members may also criticize it.
9. The Bill will be sent, usually, to the
Parliamentary Standing Committee concerned in the matter.) The Parliamentary
Committee will call witnesses, the members of the various political parties' represented on the committee will criticize the
Bill, and sometimes each other. - After a
time, the Bill will be sent back-.-to* iffie'
House of Commons for Third Reading.
10. On the occasion of Committee Report and Third Reading there will be furious debate, unless perchance everybody
has by this time talked themsOlVes out..
The third reading may end with a formal'
vote in .Commons, an affair of such protocol that I cannot claim the space to describe it here.
11. Having passed third reading, the
Bill then goes to the Senate. The Senators,
if active, will then proceed to examine it
in the same way as did the original Royal
12. When 'the Senate has passed the
Bill, they will so report to Commons. The
Governor-General will then sign the Bill
and instead of being a Bill it will become
1 law. The law of,the land. This is called
Royal Assent, ,
May I ;add,; Jeannie, if it be riot too
confusing, that oil,things are done by Her
Majesty Tho Queen and that nothing has
tending *w„e-Mrsi Charlotte Jackson,<Mrs.
Leslie Jackson-,. Mrs. Dorothy Mackenzie,
Mrs. Dorothy - MacDbnald, Mrs. - Gwen
Nirnmo, Mrs* Bobbi Cramer, Mrs. Lynne
Pe'idler, Mrs. Trish Cramer, Mrs. Paulette
Thorstienson, Mrs. Mavis Christmas, Mrs.
Marilyn Sta'hway, Mrs. Jerry Nirnmo, Mrs,'
Marty'Melclrum, Mrs. Sylvia Jackson, and
Mies. Fran Jackson.. Unafclle to attend but
sending gift's Were Miss £>ianne Bergen,
Mrs. Lynda-^ Hunt, Mrs^ Bessie McLean,
Mrs. Edie Day,. Mrs. trehe>Puchalski, Mi^s
Vicki Johnson,, and Miss Susan Puchalski.
. 4. .Visiting' Mte. Terry Thompson alLlast
--,--7!*.':—j,t,;---«-t"c?t-^t -.^---- -W-,  „_,-,-. _»t>o-    ■«- vmni_~.< ^«'+i,_ -r,t«i«-    week wore Mr. arid Mrs. Alfred Boudreau
President'Of the; Rebekah Assembly, r^^'FIRST^e^-bowleEsof-Je Jumor , ^ t CampbeU
„'BiC:;(Ieffc),metX^^Rubyvfiree.sfe„ - ^gue.rolled'good,scores*tms week   •g^Tgnier      ' °     -      P
UUUQAiy 'OpieKRebekah 'lWfc&B -ae>  ^eonard .Page- -had a'-game „of J95 and  - - - .     ^   ^ ^    ^       ^
self iri/BrittisK-Columbia/to^l-^e1 --David._etty & 192    v   .:- v .   , j*-   " M_TE_b*aSr |fa^ hRvS^SxrtSdt fra«a.^-a
Alex Skyttei:766 (270,*33a). *•"•     motored to,Nevada.
; i Ladies"Tues: T2nsScT2bwt-609,   Ev \\   ' 'Mr.^dOVIrs: A. R. Blakeman-of Henry
Ch_ppeil-i96.(281)-. Fran ^Starrs^^S.' -    'Road -Were invited to a special dance- m
'^■^SSS^^^''^^ l ''--*' r' ii4_0*»_;a_d Mark from
ife -S*^ tfiSS a W * - .xsirWtteUa _ " Vancouver visited _>r si-veral days at the
Mixed^ -lQ'-.pm:    Mex,   Skyttee--3*2  .hoirie.of ^ md Mrs.-T.' My-ers, Selnia
VeaUe, .who has been attending
Vancouver CMy"College, is home for. the
The weekerid before last a ] group of
.« ,j.     11 n^.-    j - 4. •     -i •  --v-i, 4.«„».   Don't" carry luggage."
Wedding bellft «nd streamers m pink        u ai.e j-^uihg by car take a-%^. A
and whttf were .used as ,depdrat.on.   A fon mg bum J t<  m|y>^rtm&fer>
-f^^iff^t'S^-rt^1^*™^ ^&actions.ahd, up* to the third-an^.
lovely gifts. MisaSahdyDavKtson assisted foupth m^ths  particui^y,  mBy\caUsW
thehonoree.   ,. , miscarriages •'in    certain   people. ." Vou'
■" Gdmes were.enjoyed and delicious re- wouldn't know whether you; lire', one 'of
freshments were - served.1- The'.beautiful thoso1 people- who seem to miscarry easily ,
cake frosted pink, White, and silver was until you have, had the unhappy oxpe-
rtiadle by Mrs, Jean Davidson'.*' Others 'at- rience; so don't take a chance.'
If you'travbl late in pregnancy it -v^ill ,
be ^necessary to think of the possible in\'
' convenience- of having your baby" in,.' a
strange community and withoutl the at-;
tendance of,your doctor. v Che'ck with,him'
before you<'m&ke travel plans.- *    . " V-.v;
Doctor df Optometry
.41 '      )1 ' ^ ,
204 Vancouver Block
Vancouver, B.C.
4 j
Will bo iri Secholt
For an appdjlnfment for
eye examination phont^
1    ' ■ S8S-2S-8
"*        4,      .^    **-..    »■*   <
makes an
MRS. /Margaret ;GruBisic,'- President /.of
...^.,  ,, „. ^ , _^.       ' Rebekah-Assembly'Of B.C-paid'heY
e-^ent's o^po_E^al, party" _id^s^ne-   official visit 'tb\S-un^jhe^Rebfekah»Lodge  -XlB|)7/_aWlJ_^e4^&-'Gv8).''
timeseven.a'fow foreigners.  ;      " " '*32; Wedn} "
esday-iMarch- 26.' Accompanied     -^ Pender: 'JohH t)ivalp-6$4,'Jobn Cam-  -  f\T.
5.   After a time the cabinet minister   by Mrs. Summers,--.Assembly conductor;' 'eroh^-2_> Harry \ BrOWii-i-26i;   'Albert .*.- ',Er^c„
^i^rv , acic.&^ivi\iT T\/ri4cirt;n+... -iOttt-c*-   .mj-4. *~iJ-." AC4 .   -•■ a       *    '   '      . Vancouv
South' Pender- Harhoiar Wa.erworks IMslrSc.
Evelyn.-Shaw, .Past President and' Mr.
Shaw; Past "Grand Master, "Vedder Millar
and Mrs,- Millar:, - ■_ •"   'k \' .-    -
. Othet-g_ests_w_ce.fro_L Eawe_:_tiy.er»._
Mr., and Mrs. Wally Schad,.Eileen Stin-
son, Isobel Farreli, Nellie Rushant, 'Alice
Beecham; from Gibsons, Mrs. Elsie Hut-
chins, Christine Ritchey and Alice
Cherry. Also Mr. Stan Collins of Vancouver, Clara Foster of New-Westrninster,
and Edith Boniface of Powell Riveri v
A very wonderful banquet was en'
joyed at the Peninsula Dining Room/ and
the meeting was' held at 8* p.m. in St.~
HiW<; Parish Hall
"   Rill &-Chain: Matt?J^eger-i-725 --(2:7,7).
...Commercial': Fern.^Taylor-^B   Lola % , .    . „    ,    u_       ■-_--,.
Caldwell'"— "250,'.|Cay Mittlesteadt -.^fb   .oWer -boj*-frwn^Vandouvter'were busy at
Benner—266, Matt Jaeger—706, • Lionel
McCuaig—701, Cauleen,McCuaig—665-:r
, Juniors: Patty Wing—314 (154, 160),
David Kelly—318 (192), Craig Rodway—
154^ Melody Farewell—151, Leonard^Page
—195, Kelly Bodiiarek—179.
' " Senio,rs^ Susan JorgensonV-471 (209),
Sveari PoulSQin-4i33 ^(16,0), .Andy Hende^*
son—205.        - ,       .,' . * -
dfficialTy "open" untiT -May;" work" panties
lhave been aotive from time to time
throughout  the  winter.    The   Retallack
• Memorial Chapel is being constructed in
memory of a faithful, much loved Cub
leader and his wife who passed away with-
4 in a short time of each other.
jPres-KrtigitaiHnn-   Crone with the wanoL
Ninety-five .percent of aU tha sortwood
plywood produced in Canada comes from
plywood nla-nb; located in 'British Columbia.
«->- _
1 Step f-ttrytard >
'Ftesidenlt of'Sefcftelt & DisitrM Asso-1
•Ciatiori for RetardM Children, Mrs.
I. OWrigHans-en, is bbvio^siyaetglited
any force except through Her—although it   "with progress made ^t fegf Week's
ia doubtful that Her Majesty will have   meeting Whtich.COuld T&ivHt in Spedal
even heard of our new law, far less have
taken any part ,in its formation,
Perhaps it doesn't sound like much my
dear. It may well be that your Grade Five
class could do it better.
But, at the moment, from Where I sit,
it seems the only way in which to accomplish change an,this system of democracy.
It's Ithe only game in town, child.
tuition for handicapped children, next
year. From-.Seflt are »Speci'al Counsellor BUd Mackenzie^ Mrs: Christiansen,,Daitx>n Murphy, Executive pireo
Itor, B,C. Assn. for Retarded Children
•and'Mrs,1 LeeMacey-wJio will serve
on Eduoa'tion and Screening Committees, ,""'•,
\"^  '"'."'lOtill'S' ,;;
Phort© 88(5-9^94
SUnnycrest Shopping'Gentry
,.11,11   i.jl.1. 1          '^1       I i.-..n".,|    ,j['.,yi».i|''».-,»l.>ij[l'[.l'«j!';'.lyy4~
&mo Money
Serving TKe <■ Sunshiny. Coast
Secholt, B.C.
Come in and*see   feo- Y©li^SBHIPI
Authorizen,.PliiH.pg;,-. Zehltib.'.,-. FleelwOtt<i.,..-.iRCA.
Sales and Service
phsula mrn-n
''' ''Fdi" tXke out • OROEis
PHONE 805-2311
p MarSie© Drlv©   ' '    -SBBSONS
.. "i RADIO  ,   .
'. IM%. e#l|»ped ifor Color T.V.
Dealers for
Bettor than City. Prices
Phono 006-22C0
Brought to you by
these,: progressive
places of business
As'tho old saying 000s 'tho proof of tho puddino Is In tho eating' ond with, thj^
honcy-sauccd pudding tho eating must modr a high standard to,'eqOajl Its ottrdctlvjBl.!
appearance, which It docs.  Naturally this fwo-ln-ono pudding Is a gonoral  favorlta   ,
because It Is so easy to mako and so good t<S oat with tho honoy In tho sauco exuding   ,
that oxtra special flavor. • „...'•:.,.
Thero Is no trick to making this pudding which is really,0 variation of "dtswtfof*
tea biscuit dough, plus a miniature mixture of honey, wator and butter which thickens
Into a sauce as tho pudding bakes. If yau ire not familiar with puddings of this typo
tho first tlmo you use this rocipo you may be dubious about thai rdsult w,henf you? qrfr.\'
pouring so much liquid over tho small, amount of'dough, But no need to worry for
os It bakes the,dough rises to tho top with sortie'of tho thickening sauce1 bubbjln#'
through I* ond around the edges, , t,..,,
• * -■ * * "      -■ ]
'^urnKsliings mti
/Nj5pliaric6s-T.V. - Radio
Phono 885-2058   -   Secholt, B.C.
zmm EmMm
;    Your Ke^mtone
Sherwin Williams
Paint Pooler
Phono 886-9533
Gibsons, B.C.
nirTi<Tifri't":r" 'i","',' hJ .iu,,i
1 cup all>purpbsd flour V* cup milk
2 teaspoons baking powder Sanc«
2 tablespoons tugor % cup honey
Fashion is a byword
Smart Shoppers aro
found at . ., .
'■',"■■."; H^lew^s '
Gibsons B.C. - Pf». 886-9941
14 teaspoon salt
2'tablespoons Ntter
I ■ cwp' trafsln*	
1 % cups boiling water
2 tablespoons butter
Pinch of salt •-• ,:.-.
" ■..   S|ft together flour, baking powder, sugar and salt. Cut In butter until mixture
resembles flno crumb*, Stir In raisins. Add milk ond mix until well blended. Turn Into..«
large baking dish (dfcoiur 9"x9"-k2"). Add honey, butter and salt to t»ollln£J Wor^ Wtid.;'
pour over .aaMftft,, Botes pt 375"  F about 45 minutes. Servo worm. Wakes S ttf ♦! 1
servings.   •'"'■ ■■■"■■-'•■•.■ ,".,;',■•   ■.,•.;.■..'« \>.',<<,
"■"""AS   t0|W;AS
domplot©   with  olf  burnor,   ducts
work and oil tank in your home.
Call  Bud   Kicwitz your-Shell Qil
Distributor.*  ,
'886-2133 faifoMff/'B.C.' ' '
t ^j^ftTjw; ft^f iffy/^^f^^^tf^^'f^
, «■ *|lf^^*4K4AWtart4V4.I4»4
-,■.,■,   ...A... -     -' •• •,.., .-..   ,. -        , ." '...  ......	
• \'V " ■■■■■ ■ ■ ■"•■■■ ■■   	
, .*^i*, v"* f- "
»,*,,*,-.   *',',*-,»f'f.f.^ym,*.^*
>->^<>yj-*»-W«ty"-WBB*-ii'*,.*,1»   ****** **'i,f*V*'-^**'
w,,^.«^^)vfl«WfW^^,^,.^44>!*^a^^4few'*«^-****^l* .■4*V*'/B'ft-l|t*t«.J4Vj|((ilti4t)IM.4»«*J*
■W»^.W.f*,*^*^'^V^^4l>^.**^f*«#|V,**.!^ '*,   l!t*)i^*^,*-1*'^>^f"^i*W>(^4«p^*. ,)*>•
1#^.<t»    ■»»»%,.#
-/Tw'*w-"^*-,****'*\?'%**i*>"^T'\"*«'*^'*",'»" •^.•^■v-i : ;-.«»V •/"." ■:■'•/'    ■ ';•":,-W'\'..'"" •■"     • -'• *"'■ •'■
"V *,.* ' ■ -     i fit       '• ,   / ' : *  • , .*-.*,-'
•-4»;-''',v.";^.,i-.-' "*--*•". yz,.:7i -y      .;.. .;;■ ■   .--.
- ,>«
■ A "•
Thaflsr_ay, Friday. Saturday, April 3, 4. 5
Ntsw Owner.      •   ■«<,.*♦'.,...   .->;».   _       The Penirisulo Times Pdge B-3
•Sechelt harden Shop'changed hands r;y©ars;:, _Ie, ihte„^«j»'"Jconfeue;_ie    ,    - - Wednesday, April? IjU&K*' ■ I
this week-when Dave D'o^b-scame %irsines&^/to^^ ~~T:—T^—v / ;/-"', -,-.-r^—
_e'new''owner:* Dave conies from ",_erfuT,seh^ *> ' ; '   W^i J-**Tr
.Vancouver feutiias^wped Ms .present' .erjT.AimT'arid'Ted'lKurluic who, will,' ZS'il '- _v__l_'l"" CV-^l/OiafT
residence at/Roberts .Crtek for. ■ten ^a'ssl'st-fta^ '„   . '#-fly 'fr Y^fv M¥t¥¥11
mw>ownershipA.z.    \;< ltiA:AA\"Ay':AAAA A:Al:AAk:^ttW^
■A*  '
atieizjemjQt. tep^-Bi
'BUSH "arid -standard1 -ros.es-/are-'Sehding
— - out- :new- Shoots? •ahd;';_te vready Yior   |
pruning:, Eafch* -in&mdaal- -'bu'sh.^has * ,its
own-1 re&iufen^eht^^^-andyby^'doin.g~your
'- own '-each-' year;"you ^stKm';kn^w^"Whichi
x*- ohe&-*rfeoi__e _e;i-^'prt_ii„g*^V^cVto
OVER THEpast year Sechelt "Garden Shop -*> His-own-property-there.* A member'of the ' - • .' >-'''- :' *• ~' *" - - *-*"* *•__ - _ _ '.,
• - has not only built- up a complete Jstock - „msmfeh -Club;- -he'_terids:transferring 'to ' - ' ^ "Jajonjy.-of "j-oses..aj_.th_ ^hybrid
of gardening supplies, plants, shrubs, fruit. ^b> 'Sechett -Branch-where ihe-hopes -to ■ tea.--variety, dlthough;tHe ilOnbundas are
trees,, seeds, -seedlings,- -fertilizers,--soil and < i__gt4ri projects'•to-ftelp-senior oitizehs;' .catchiriglup :fast.^They -are>-.more*_.orifer-
pestjcides.but also a-*wonderful-reputation, ■-'-•'--F^_ia^-w4_Jcity'pEices,Dav'e intendsJ J»us,than, the Jbybrid-tesp, the .blooms, last
for reliability-ind service. - -~ --__ver--!to 'exceed-ttieta-'and-hopes^o'offer longer on the bush.:'As-<a* rule>ther,pre-
- -Last week -the business changed hands eyenJower prices, in fact he wiE. eater'to ' fer not'be be cut back too severly restat-
and former-owners 'Aim and Ted Kurluk ■* the "budget of retired' people. He is lie- - ^ in the blooms being-fairly high,
have relinqui_ied ithe business to someone ensed io sell'pesticides and will offer tool ■ 'Ihe same -general prihcaples ■ a|)ply to
who has ithe same interest in horticulture. " reriftals; "Siioh asbedge teimmers _nd"f_r- ' b0*11 types- Krst remove -any -dead*- or
Mr. Dave Doig has spent ten years in the "liihSec sp"readfer„" For gard-aners^who pur-~ diseased wd(pd, and any weak shoots,
retail and wholesale business as well as chase fertilizer from Dave, he will loan the leaving only the stout healthy ones.^l'hese
^specializing in garden 'maintenance. For spreader free of charge. can be cutback to an, outside eye 6ri>ud
the past seven-years-he was employed in "Former owners Ann and Ted Kurluk to Sive the bush that cup like appear-
David Hunter Garden -Shops in Vancouver. wiU remain to'help _ie new ownW ^or the ance th*t ^ so desirable.'Any suckers
Dave has been a summer visitor to Rob- first month ,as 'Dave will be busy bringing *hat are growing from below the graft
erfe Creek -since 1953 'and in 1959 bought    in new stock for his first business. ",""",J *" *~" J *~ **"!~ " ~ **"''
Youth division
lepoirfclble traffic accidents
Lefinecl' by safe
LATEST   figures   reveal   43,837   motor    ceeds $250. Then, unless a "Pink Slip" or Tail^iicpose   rose^spray  _ii _as6tut_r_
'<   vehicle   accidents   reported   in   B.C.    a   financal   responsibility   card   is   pro- regular spraying 'program at two week
••iuring theA first ,-len months of ~1968rwith    duced, -the* motor vehicle must be taken intervals. .".Cfnly 'in-this way will black
t, 16,133   people   injured   and   480   filled,    (not driven) to a spot designated by. the spot andi'aprdds be 'kept -under cdntfoli^JI
4-lstatpa   +Kia •■Vrtnthl  ni-irtQYriM - nt    tUi* - T*t f*     * ^AWI^A -*„ „u^^V.« ^* :i ™j +C1 r-,:-!.-^***^— .   ,    -■    -   «    ZJ.JT                 *.                    '        '•■     .-   :- '     t
should be followed -to their source and
cut out there. It is'best $p do the pruning
before -manuring and digging rthe rose
beds as it is easier to gets around among
them. Dp not.dig too close to the plants
or else the roots will get damaged or the
bush even moved a bit and air' pockets
formed. Quite often this is one of the
*cdu_es "of failure with-roses.
AjS soon as the priuung and digging is
finished, spray, thoroughly with a §o9d ;
No. 1 Grade.
15c -each
h       ;:»4<,-. .jf   ,        l
A.     r J-^    '/* fr ',C    I,    «  ,-
•H^iD^VAl^-TJ£S.>-- v
'':4ltx' ft'"-
r-f    ',
•("■'■.i^ i.r.i'
•80- \b._ogs' (approx.)
!  -..
■        ■**      *  f       ;
4lecrMT0:i' -t
Drop-in and enjoy a FREE CUP OF COfy
FEE ahd.DOUmNUTS arid feel free to
-*-■*■"■*' *     i
v "V  ■    j      "'        r » **
cfisti/ss- your .gardening - problems with
our;/experts. We ^ave many years',of
experience which we will be pleased to
'    put :of your disposal ...
1st prize $25 value cf nursery stock'
2nd prize $15 value of nursery stock
3rd prize $10 value of nursery stock
Estates the -Youth' division- of  thfe-B.C. ' person in charge of it and the registration         T      ., - - -   ,      .   ■■ ..      -..-»*
■ Safety Council. ,-V ^ „      v;j    f - and .licence plates surrendered.        , :             In rnidrstamn^r when the „r _h^id
[  In each instance' an >ccid_xt-report "• V^vefting.to Sectibn 54/ if the aoci- ' ^^S^JWSSirffS£?V^l
^as quired. iMany drivers are not clear 'dent havens in a dify or' muhicipality, ' ZtoS SSSSSS
on when a report is required; in what the report must be-made-'within twenty- '• gj?^?ulph5-wSSto _?K_
Circumstances they must show proof of fori* hours to the chief of police of the 'ivtS
•financial*- responsibility (usually a "Pink ' ctty, or to the -municipal •ql.erk or peace                     ■           ' • '
Slip") and where they file the report, and officer of the • municipality. If "the acci-     • ' Monthly supplementary, feeding is re-
what  happens' if  they  faj^ to produce . dent happened in any  other area, the commended to keep the bushes at their
financial proof. ., , ,   report inust  be  file^d with   the  nearest best right up, to the blooming stops,
-     Under  Section-54  (1)   of'the  Motor "RCMP within 48 hours.'if,, due to injury, ■ -   Another-pest'that plays havoc with'    I
yehicle Act a report in"writing in the pre- ' the- driver cannot report, his passenger xo?e leaves is the leaf roller As'tiie name    \
scribed form is always required if:     - - -   must' file'it, or the driver must" complete implies it'VoUs the leaf up into a cylinder     j
\   (a) Any person is injured. or ( killed    if as soon'as-he is capable.
directly pr indirectly owing to the pre- '   '  '
sence' or operation of the- motor vehicle
and vfhen'it reaches tlus stage no spray
can get to it. If a systematic spraying
... .   .,   .     ... _. Host alt dinner party: "Centainly you    schedule is adhered to'the leaf roller will
pn any highway, or similarly; (b) Damage    ma   Imw the redpejust add water and'   be contrblled before it gets to' the rolling
to property apparently exceeding $100
Look through the nursery for our many
unadverfised SPECIALS.. .You will be
pleasantly surprised af our comprehensive stock. SOIL PROBLEMS :.-; . Why
riot bring a sample of your soil to us
and have if analysed.
Another service available to you . . . our
valued customers. FREE
From   this   section ' it   Jlppears ' the
yehicle could be legally parked, but
if involved in an,"accident ~  " "
Quired by the pfii^on in
well as by the other driver.
'    Section    84,    covers   im
vehicles after an accident
death occurs, or if apparent damage ex-
>arked, but yet,    KrSSSSS//7SSSSSSSSJV^^^
: a r.epprt .is re-.    S -^ ™ » ^-        ■      n-  •    '       as*.     ..,,-*, ^
it if injury, or    I       '' , S-P / fe
■  ,.I
Phon® SSS-9412
vtntouncenzen <
Ted and Ann Kurluk tafte pleasure in announcing that Mr. Oave Doig has
purchased their Sechelt Gordon Shop. Dave has had many years experience in
the operation of garden nmery business which, wo feel, ■///// prove a great
asset both to the Garden $ho$ and the district.
We would also take this opportunity to
express sincere gratitude to pyf many customers ,
for their patronage and r?op© rf?ey wilt continue
to support Dave Doig who. wo r)ave no daufat,
will proyideavery fine service*
Finally, wo extend our congratulations to
Davo and wish him a mosf successful future.
lla»*#"»"'«»-^*»»-* Hi*-*** * -J^N,*^<<!4«*l«^14»l*>4|*»¥*~-»f if***1
W^TMW^iJMWjW^HWiitM^^ t***WWW» ^W^*%W«*W^0^?&$**^^ "$T$* "f *
Ib ■«>H.I*)(,ii»i«n»t« '��^^*^-W��i|iJ*4�����*^^*"4"i^^ J  %r^M/ ^vv* v t\Ay4*r^A<M4;^ fA tf  * i" <���       .     '      *��� ���   . '     u  J>  4  z,  ;i  i !  *��������-�� 7 V*1 I  _  i  ���i       ��  ���*���     -  * t       }*>      -   *  feM^U''-  ���>              *  r\M\y~,  ft1i8  ��." ������ <���>'  ot * * "<  M'i -aYi  *�� *    .     .���'  4s'/i"  *        ^  ."/*.y. 4.- ���*���  ���>''fif        ^-.4  r  -  3i  i  J$  ' "t ���.'  t  * ' * "'j ^ <  ��  4   lS'         '  i  #,'        %   /  I     1,  />  Jt      ��-  ���%  .,   r  5-  1  '  .      Z,  I*'  V*'  ��*r  1  >^*4jnjl  v.Sti    i^     <&*   ���  Restructured body . . '.  >i"-4rt^  -A- (    ,  4^t  (.1.  '���"!'  ^  -f,*,-  *   *.  ^  /"  I  / '  '  ��  ���*  /  y.  'u.-  . (V  ^  A DECLARATION of pollution  wntrol  > ' . policy, based on the consensus, of the  restructured British  Columbia  Pollution  "Control Board, was recently*issued by F.  ' S/McKinnon; chairman'of the board.  71 Mr. M(^inndit "said, the statement was  being made as, the result of- a decision  reached at the' first meeting of the board  following appointment of three members  'of ithe executive council's pollution control  'committee to the board.'Ministers are the  Hon. Ray Williston, lands, forests, and  water res-MEces-Zthe Hon.- Ralph Loffmark,  ' health; ai-^^je, Hon. Dan Campbell, mu-  i nicipal afKfirs. - ���  the Pollution Control'Branch Vial, en-  *li      -    �� ^ <f   Z    }  s ������ ��       s M *��?���  ' **   V.vL A.J I' vt. j��t.(,A.fj.   jL/r��l    *ZLa.  *"z��a,^**;\ i-  Pago B-4     *     The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, April 2, 1969     ;  .' - t      '    '     '_,      ^ .'���,''��� I' ,/ , , 4  issuance- of a permit may, within- 30 days/,  present, objections to the director of pollu-  tioncdntrol. <   ' ,'v  ' -~ Following the waiting period for the -  lodging of objections in connection with an1  applioMion, the director of pollution control then must <��n6i_er all relevant material presented to-him before he arrives at  sure that any permit -issued contains , a decision as to whether a permit "should  prescribed effluent standards to ensure *be granted or refused. *  ^ewititheH^DepKteat ,    --Beyond this, British Columbia^'pol-*  ���;'������,��*._"'             i-   -   -            . luition coqitrol legislation  makes, further  u' T^ a .^P^S Pro-ram is to provision for an appeal Xa the Pollution  be undertaken m any area where .there Control Board against any decision of the  2t �� ma_er' of health significance,- it director of pollution control, whether- this  shall be deemed expedient that such a decision is either to grant or. refuse a per-  ��� program shall undertake to co-ordinate nut.                                          ,    '   T-iMl  the respective interests of the health' ' -.      T   *u          *   *���   j-        '     ' 1    ..,'  * department and -the pollution control .���, ~ J^e event of a disagreoment with  branch in a single joint effort. - ' ft?  ���S��n+lS��ntf ^?rd de?S��Z��n  mhn��� _^1;'��� j   i �� *���   '                 .j the "appeal, the  act  offers  yet  further  These policy declarations are carried avenues of appeal , .                     ���  -    ����    -nrn- a-             j���    ^-    , .,        out'through the issue of control permits.  Mr  Wilhston, assured;the board that    Regulations    governing    procedures   are <- _,,      ������      ;     '.'          . .  , he and the other two new members would    summarized to encourage a better public The FerUlltV Problem  . be serving, not m their, capacity as min-    understanding of the ��� responsibiUUes- in-  isters of the ^crown, but in the capacity of    volved.  co-ordinators to help bring -about' a full  ���by David Dempsey  understanding   between   all   (levels' of  thought on pollution control as the public  - presents them to various government de-  ' partments.   - ������'   ' ...   , ���  ��� Mr. McKinnon recognized that pollution  control is assuming priority importance in  . the public mind, even-'though many mem-  i , International Costume  ,Gliding i& an International organiaa- sponsored -International Tea held, at (Japan), Eileen Mackenzie, Linnsey  (ttyn and to emphasize this Gibsons the United- Church Hall, Gibsons, on Young (Scotland), and Marcia Mc-  'Sea-Rangers wore national-costume's Saturday.' 'From- left   are:   Dena Heffey (Arabia),  [to'serve tea at the Ladies Auxiliary Blatchford (India), Winnlfred Skellett   ,  ,  \  \  *"4    "���V  if  I,*  ���    *  *  i  4  'I  Ni  'J  1  \  \��  t -c  *//  ?\  \  V  ���c I   '  A*  <*.**��  _  ��� As already stated, under the pollu- AT A CONFERENCE on the population  tion control act it is necessary that a per- crisis a few years ago in iLondon, Dr.  mit be obtained to discharge waste. The Alan F. Guittmacher, the tall, bouncy 70-  details ��� of the procedure to be followed in year-old president of Planned Parenthood-  obtaining a permit are set out in the regu- World Population, was listening to a speak,-  lations pertaining to the act..            . er decry the soaring birth rate in develop-  ��� These,regulations require that, upon ing countries. "Mind you, every half sec-  receipt of an application, the* director of ' ond while I stand here a woman is giving  bers of the public find it difficult to. spe-    pollution  control forward  copies to the birth to a baby," the man declared sol-  cifically define the nature of their concern,    various government departments such as emnly. ' -        " ���  4 The policyr declaration on behalf of the    Health, Water Resources, and Recreation        After a pause, during which the audi-  government. included-the following points:    and Conservation, which are .directly con- ence attempted to project this frightening  , 1.  That discharge of untreated domestic    cerned in pollution control activities. This statistic into a yearly figure- (it works out  sewage to enolosed or confined bodies    requirement has been established to ensure to 63,072*,000),< a voice from the rear of the  of salt water be-prohibited! where there,  that the interests of these agencies on be- hall boomed: "Sir, we must find and stoo  is any doubt as to the adequacy of the    'half of tho public, are co-ordinated in any that woman at once " '  .-    flushing effect of the tide. , permit issued.      .* ' -   ���..  2. That the discharge of untreated domes- ��� It is the responsibility of the Pol- i,      m but lieaPed out of his chair,"  - tic sewage to'any body of fresh water    lution Control. Board to incorporate the !L ^^P0 remafked J-ter.- "�� was as  such as a lake, a river, or a -tributary    various control requirements into a single mousn An�� waffed *> start looking right  i   ,  toa river, be prohibited, permit. Health determines the'water qual- ��������f" ATe^ aT ^s the inost influential  ���: 3. That, regardless of ,the flushing action    ity standards which must be met from a b-1tn-contr<>1 advocate in the world."  :      or assimilative capacity of salt water    health standpoint.   Recreation and Con- '  Cutfcmacher terms this description of  ;.,.    bodies, the discharge of untreated do-    servation   prescribe   standards ' for   fish, t his powers exaggerated, yet it is doubtful  !  .   mestic sewage be prohibited in any area    wildlife, and recreation.   These > examples that anyone in our- time has done more to  designated by order as a recreational    serve to indicate the individual responsi- propagate the idea of less propagation.  - -   water or beach area. bilities of affected departments and agen- The author of several books on -family  - 4. That, insofar as health matters are con-    cies. planning, an indefatigable lecturer on the  cerned, the Health Department is to set        ��� The regulations  also  provide that subject and a -traveling  ambassador in  -i     quality   standards   of   the   receiving    any person who considers his rights'would behalf of birth control for the international  waters to protect the public health and    be affected by either the issuance or non- ��"" of Planned Parenthood, he has be-  k ������ :  aome a symbol of hope for millions of  J   Colourful iheme* i women who served their time with Dr.  ���UOiOUr.UI meme  .  .  . , gpock and want' out.   "I give the move-  _ 0 ^^ ment an image," he says.  :.  International Tea event ?Z?itTS^��^z���%��  cation to ithe cause has propelled him three  times around the world���into 65 countries  on three continents ��� bearing contracep-'  ���tives for African 'natives, money for clin-  GIBSONS Ladies Auxiliary to Guides| formed Sea Rangers; their leaders are ical outposts in Pakistan and pungent re-  and Brownies International Tea was a    Judy Baldwin, Skipper; Betty Allen, 1st.    marks for banquet audiences in the United  truly delightful event. Held last Satur-    Mate; and Meg Meredith. States. ("When you give the kids .the keys   _ to your car," he once told a Los Angeles  group, "be sure to give them contraceptives, too.")  for Cuides-Brownies Aux.  Hostesses -.,.,,  Gibsons L.A. to Guides and Brownies   ed. in national costume of many coun- land), Carol Olson (Denmark); Non  International'Tea was a truly delight-   tries. From left are: Denise Quarry nie Veale (Ireland)  and (Sinriy Al  ful affair with preltty hostesses dress-    (Mexico).  Karen  Alsager   (Switzer- sager (Spain)..    '"'           Y    V  f.  >  ,   /  ���A  r  X  . I        .   - - i .v :v.      ;  **���-'  r  ���*���       ,**,  ��� i  - ��� \i   -  6''-    '    ���   - . * \>r\f  ?z-   )l^-J' '"-   - /     l tit.    ������  .. ,.yv - - y*-   c: .  fc       y^f,'> \  uk.   ������ --j.*   j**        ~v~        "Z:hdf7i >  , ���**- ;  'i  / * A . A        -     . |  <_ i.      .   iSa\  'a. '    ��� i  Busy Affair  With tho number of Brownies, Guide's  and Rangers increasing every year,  Gibsons Ladies Auxiliary is kept  busy. Tables laden with Easter goodies, novellties, home-baking anil plants  at the international Tea attracted immediate attention and L;A. members:  were delighted with public' response, v  i         \  *���~���i���-��� j,  Vitamins down the drain  ARE YOU throwing vitamins down the  drain? Tho liquid drained off avnncd  vegetables' c6ntnlns 60% to 80% of tho B  vitamins, and 20% to 60% of Vitamin C. ,  If pc/s.siblc, tiBC ithls liquid aa you would  in soup, sauce, gravy, etc. .������������"���"  ' -��� ^/'''i.'i'X ��� /  '       4 " J.iV.|> ,���'������������,        1       I   /    '  "-4     "w/   I ill \       I  day in the United Church Education  centre, it was 'opened by District Commissioner Peggy Le Warne.  Theme was International with flags  decorating the walls and even the tickets  were tiny* cardboard flags. Tea tables  were decorated with spring flowers and  t gay flowered serviettes and' the ten  1 * "hostesses were members of ' the newly  'formed Gibsons Sea Rangers.'  Dressed in national cost'ume representing nine different countries, the  hostesses were introduced by Karen  Alsager who spoke of Guiding in each  of the countries represented.  Easter theme dominated the candy  table and novelties, baked goods and  plants were soon sold to eager buyers  before they relaxed to enjoy tea in the  pleasant atmosphere.  Mrs. Dianne Laird was wardrobe  mistress for the event and the costumes  were both beautiful and authentic. Mrs,  Bipin Oza who often visits Guide companies to tell of Guiding in India, supplied the beautiful green sari.    (  Rangers taking part in the event  were: Winnifred Skellet; Marcia McHef-  fey; Nonie Veale; Carol Olson, Eileen  Mackenzie; Linnsey Young; Karen Alsager; Dena Blatchford; Ginny Alsager and  Denise Quarry,  There are fifteen girls in tho newly  Suburbanite: Big-city dropout.  &  >  ��� ZMSk  X  \  \  I  \  \  1  -    _.  ���*  mm HARBOUR FIRE PROTECTION DIS1ICT  NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed  returning officer to conduct an election, to elect one (1) trustee  for the above mentioned district.  The persons qualified to vote must be property owners and  qualify under the Provincial Elections Act and are hereby notified  to attend a meeting to be held in the Community Hall, Madeira  Park, B.C., April 22nd, 1969, at the hour of eight (8) p.m. At  which place and hour, I will proceed to call for nominations and  to take the votes of the electors present.  The said meeting will bo closed as soon as the votes of the  electors present and voting when votes are called for, have been  counted.  Dated this 29th day of March, A.D. 1969.  Markle Sydney Myers  Returning Officer  ST'  ���������it.--1  4A.��  '4  ft  .....hiwrt, i      ���r,,,ilr.i,,**tl;-y, ,i.���,,,,'r.,,>l^*\.*_^^._**^'^..->y.. 4_,._,.J__^,_._A_^.f_i;  ^MSSi^^ffi^K^^lS^^^W^^Si  2_____�����  BRITISH COLUMBIA FERRIES  ��>j*  WBLOBNG  SUPPLIES?  Want to make your homo  larger, mora comfortable, mora  modern, mora beautiful?  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I" *    *"   * ** ��� * +"_'__ _.*_* ���_ _ *_*   *_*   "    "   *   * #��� *��   *- *  -*,��,.��..  ^    ^^    *  *   *   ^ o>-  7. ���    "4-    ������ ;. >  fc*.*^-!^ 4__-K,f.   ,_*!(-*-���* r-Ji'-'  ��it->4^��i1e-. <*f ^j ^.^.^.riVrf^j j����� v��^ **���.���.*.**,     jtu,   4i(i��'vr-Vil     '������w*A **���    A A-  ���f\\.\        f r'vw jri-,p   m  ��� ^MtryJP^****:** i   t*r*  ., ��rf.%0;.i. i ^it a>  ���- -f^.*-"**.!.,*C-^*.S *"*>  .  /J  n&w^rti    -��"   ���  0**ll   I* -v-Wid     <*t,   '  -from ttte LegistoJure, Victoria    :  _-iere is no* safe dosage  of the drirar ��.&D,  , "NO ONE is able to guarantee a safe  dosage of L.S.D.,. a safe series of doses, ,.        .       .     ..    ,  ���or   a   personality  which   is   certain  to WITHIIN^jfew days; tho Third'iSessio-ii^/J  create no unfavorable reaction to L.S.D."        the 28th-Pariiameht of British .edlrtm**" ��� |  Reginald D. Smart, Ph.D. research psy- bia,. will, carneuto as close.  This- wedtk <has"  chologist,   Addiction   Research 'Founda- seen Iheypassing, of the Estimates"ofr, the-' '  tion, .Toronto, reports these "findings; ih an Departments pf .Lands, forests -and* $*-rt_rv - ���  article, "L.S.D.  Problems and Promise" Resources,.. Public, Works,   Co^jpftSroiatV  which appears in the federal health ,de- Transport'and we. are", at present, dis"pussV ''  payment   publication,   '.Canada's  Mental IPS'the Depdrtmeht of Il/Iunicip^l^Aff^rsr,; '  Health Supplement, Number 57/ '  "A number; of Sills have'recefve^'ttilr^ h  "Many cases hive 'been reported  in reading. Some of these are":'      v 7 .V'''���* ���  '  which a single, moderate dose of L.S.D.        l.'   The Acfc.to seVup speciafch&iVfor  led to a, profoundly adverse' reaction in our first citizens, physical fitness and ama>  otherwise    normal    persons,    especially Jteur sports,  Disaster.,Fund,  Agricultural'  where that dose has.been taken in an Assistance to,countries less r#iv_eg$d than"'  unprotected situation;, Even where other ourselves and mon* monies for the Guttural'"  persorjs have been with the L.S.D. taker Fund.       . .   - >"    ..",,<��� "H  i f  ,,...r. .1..,,,^,  - 4.y ^nn^mU^p^M  A  '(  A,  u  /  A  \  V  4  ><4  l'4\      ..  s  * -V  4*  ���  ���!  *  C  supposedly, protecting him, suicide and  psychotic reactions' have occurred.'* the  article Says,  0  ;  ��� ^'  3  ��-     tA    >"  �� /  L  You've- qot To be, careful  vackina him oil to bed  Unusual Visit, .  2. ��� The Act to set in motion the,cele%  braiion of our 100th Birthday. as'A -Px-oVv  * ince which-provides for monies- ,for,,pro;j-?F  ecW, administration and- programs' simi1a|,,<  to ithose set tip ih .1058 and 1966/67. '<>:{  - 3r Increase-of- Homeowners1 Grant fronii'  $130 to $150.      .4- ., /'���        '   V  4., The hew Home Acquisition formula'  whierebx thosfe; building or r^Ghasihgne-^  homes may obtain either. $1,0Q0 outrighjfc  grant or <a loan of up to $5,000 secured by��  ' " a" second mortgage, which when *'pa(iji:  monthly by\the* borrower, " -'---���  repaid* to borrower Ca) *  "'No. r'" ���":', ���' -~-  5, Act to provide  .   cipalities  fqr .cpnstruotion ~   ^������������.���    - .-    ~  .   ��� .,_.,.    , ->K  .   Pl4hfe:by Bffoyilitng^ProvMoJal^gr^ts-itV   ^Ok feols has-parents are in a hurry to  aid, to,the extent of 75% of ajnnuai p^yr B_t-hUn.duit of ithe way may1 be somewhat &  ..   menteifllnte-cefet'arid.^Wdto'a^isi^exce^'l 'Met. Though heavy with .fatigue, he will  of a 2 miU levy'on proper'ty in ithfc munfc* --���fry,#6tay-���p-as-long-as he can^-and that     . - Z^     *,***.*.     ^H~^l^v     *a__ _-_���-__  .cipality:. ": :   Al"^:  O,   .7 '   .]0 ,rnay be for, several hours..-  ���/-���'���       .   ��I-JOl?^ SlKl��'   t��U^^O  6. Incre^sinK grants to Municipalities: 15^0 matter"hoy rushed a parent ,may      - '.*.-' *���      '"-,_���  -  from $25 per. capita,to--$28-per capita;,th^ a6, the itirtie spent in;getting''^ children  -increase to "be used, for ambulance; sor��j--  ,'olEf *o\be!d'in a peafceful and leisUrely, fasK-  ices, the encouragement - of ..tourism-aiwi^   &n will pay dividend's for years, to"^come  industrial development, % "   ' *' '   ''   '   '  '    '"  ' '   ��� ���  ' ��� - -^   ���   -  ' ' 7.  The Hwrrnff' Ri  h-ave* already reportetl'  t >  v  i-  ^  fThe'1'etiinciilo Trmes    ,     Pd$e B-5  ,    We-Jn-gsday> April 2r. 196^  B_e aMiKt ra���ce,  1/   i^ -4, *^   ,   4  ��      '        -*   �� 4, ,       ,,   I   t  a consianl challenge  j ' AMONG--the* great -expectations ofr -the  j '.tvwBrJdZxs thfe'day when man, will have  ' def^atOd-J cancer.. No more stubborn, ho  < ipo-ro. dea<Jly enemy has,existed in his war  '.against' liisease.. No threat to his health  'and' life fyas challenged him to more deter-  ' mined-resistance.  (-     ,      - . ,    '  .* r"-_rouhd has been'gained1 T>Ut there have  'b^ei^-fro* jspectacular' o'ver^ght victories.  'As'-ySt, frto ��� so-balled j "v^bh'der drug" has  ��� 'revolutionized- the. situation as has happened 'yith, cerfcain.. other diseases. Ad-  'vance^^'ih/a' field such 'as cancer of the  V*cer'vik- have been balanced by setbacks  ' 'sufch' a^r fhef s-irious' iricrease. in lung can-  'cdr.-' Tliere -has been not nionient-in 'which  'the global effort by researchers,, "physicians  "a���d- volunteer" workers."his  ehcouraged  . 'cbmpiScency-or allowed-for reduced en-  i deayor. ' ' --  *i , *i'i^~   ���>    *     ,        - f  ��� ^iCapsidsi iias a long and, impressive rec-  ��� /, ���      i     ,- ,- -,-.       ,  ���           """j �������"' ���:-.-. t     v-.�� -    "-.    *--;-, 6 ��� ',-* , ��� - r'.va-paiaa joas a long ana unpressive rec-  Thrilled-lasif week by. the visit ofMt.'   JoimO^i*clceVs0p,;;EtreridLa^Pi-oetbi:; ��xr- PVcr'-m _is\ sustained r^ght; not only at  Doui, Warne,   Sechelt   Elemerttary   <leh���Dorru_kL,Iabrt_ine;Nesteati,aii_ tome-put abroad and these are p"oinfe 160  o���u��-i   -���._^i._-���m   ���.���._..    ni:"..    v_--.���-��_.  .-,*!_:,  .7��1.,.   _.?... .-.,.' b^feopt-'in mind as the panacliari Cancer  anhUal appeal io  of national health,  and its control re-  great dhallenge'stfacing  jss.' has been" made' in  yides^readV educational programs,' and the  *; " advances rn'adetliii, cancer rese'arch" also are  y ' hea-rj-ening..  .   .   . \ " .   .  '\   ( '������^hC'forthcoming: Apsil. campaign for  -   - 'fu-q-^toj achieve .conrknitments in. educa-  .tiOTi/{Tesiarch; and, service to cancer^ pa-  "   '    "*" '     and understand-  ��� ��� - >\ - M'l* ...._. ..."   ....       -    ..     . _    .    ,      -    ���    _. .     i  ��>-,  against cancer11 lias mobil-  laymen^ and scientists the  an effort to unlock the mys?  ,  8s   fZWtetpnPZSP^te&Ko^^^^              words and'action.                                               Visiting the school for the whole day    low s��� level." Time-r>evente_-many slides -*tlrrief0?,*his unrelenUng foe-of human life  :ani as^sting lAw^Enforcernont <^i$p$yyi With the ^tiny-child, shov/ your' uft'efesf   Mr. Doug Warne dressed" in fuU* Saudi'" from-rb^mg^-^n'^^^^ and ftappuiess. ^^ th_j struggle there. ,are  a    A-Q-^u���i���+4��>*M*,.-j~it-oi .*��� mim -. 1- ^Q *����-^+u ,���u;~u v,��.��� -io-���; and    jfaofa regain transported tne"youngsters"a qdosrionr'i>6rio��'--Yburigster_ were"*ur^t- WlW*?"^', ���+��.*? month ot April pro-  to the land' of the nomadic Bedouin' b]r   ing*M|hjquestions 4hd Mr..\Warrie heis < 71!     f1 ��PPortuiuty  shhi^ihiT i,iC��. o Mrt of hii superb1 collec-"   promised tO?-maWanoth^r.visit to,cortihuf* , to..noake 4 personal  number-6,000. .   " :    fhe'^ourney'i acr^)ssi<;(t_e insert.:;      ,;  -, ^rrtost lnxportant  o r����fii,QT. lvr���.'  ��� ,*ri    -    >T-4_NTricn,i,~>i4.'.-a��4v .rt*4+v,��-.l��^i��i o*,,���^ .���'   The Powell .  provn  didi  er one^ before you  arms,  stowing jusb a part  tion of slides which'  4  'S?  ^*-  "���  'Jt'  A  '-ZS  ���  4_4-_i  1.  This 40 hp engine is the  happy medium for many boats  between the big power engines and the smaller fishing  outboards. It's powerful  enough for family skiing or  cruising, yet economical and  smooth enough for trolling.  To top the cake ��� it's(a  luxury motor with pushbutton  electric shifting, automatic  choke, thermostat temperature control, fully regulated  generator, and much more.  See- the- Lark 40 soon.   - -  for every Canadian  personal contribution, to .this  cause"!     (       '  _      __ River Cancer Society will  , JL1. A Trfea^nent Resource Act' vraereV^'warning so ^hey; 1  by grants m_y be given to MuiucTpalitiTs, ^heir "play": 'To Y'chihT his "pr_y is not TmoTct^^A^ed ^t^^^^, ^a^^-'Pflifcl^-W. L- Reid, which chairrh_n,> envelopes wiU be picked up. on  or to a sociOty incorporated-under fthe ^o-' ', trdviaL It _��� aa��importtant. When --it's time the Persian GuU Mr" w_rnetr^rflpH i��' brings1-the-world into the, classroom, .and Wednesday Wemng. Give generously when  cieties Act for development1 of iyidfehce��; 1 for 'him to _op, talk to bim with interest    remote r>arts of the desert wherZ h 'A ^ "^^^ with tremendous student re-    a ^c^vas'ser calls, and do your share to  facilities, sp���ial re^ardihf h&ja��,^ -^jbout.what he's doing   Take, it easy and    ^oxm^red the .nomadic' Bedouins Svhose    SPW1Se' '     *      ' "'    ' '"   ^P-Htne fight against cancer.  ttels, workshops for mental rotariMefr,;eto^���� -..-hell be"co-operative about going to bed     gtranee  CUqtom��  ho  Pimiai^ ^  _.������_!      to an amouht hot exceeding 6he^ird% - Ruih and nag, 'and he'll resist.' '       * ggj, ^gf &S^S' %����d  fthe-totalcosr?_^urchase,'con^Uc���6>'or:^'r, Stories, nursery rhymes, or just talking    immediatelywhenS??SlJTui_^flM_;'  reconstruction;Provided,  miinicibality; *;  Up mabe^bedtime a happy time, a time    iSS^^o^S^S'tS^SL '  daggers in the broad leather belt, which.  abo served to hold money.  The slides showed 75 miles of oil" pipe  society contributes  10%  of total') cost. of-  'purchase, construction or reconstruction ���>-  T 4 ' .   ��� , 1 |~*- 1   ,nn',',ii 1 ,f �� 1    ���  to give children the reassurance of your  love and affection.  -     _ - - -       \ H' -     ' jA r '  Hoppenir^^rgimd Elphie  x. . .   J   1..  ,-.  H) Hl>.,w'i| ..ll.Jtff  >*���      .-'   .*  Madeira Park  Pender Harbour  ^Phono; 883-2,2661V ,  ���by Marilyn Hopkins  THIS COMING Week is filled wftft'Oxam^   /ed Don MacKenzie, Barb McLean, Greg  for grades'11-and 12 Studfenfeimh-the    Lemky,   Robert   Corlett-and   Wolfgang  aca'demic program,'anyway. Students who   'BufekhOrn.   Mr. FoJcall, the_ senior Social  have" to write, only'have ito-be in atten,-  - Studies' teacher, alsb went, ,"  dance* for exams,1 as was  the' s4me ��� at;;        There has been a- change around Elphie  Chrisitlmas. Commerce students^iti ^rade-12'    but. n'ot in the school system. With, beau-  had a three-hour,.exam oh>_le 2&th.(   '   )     tiful wealther we were having,  summer  . 4 ����� Student .representatives  ���|!t~>;fqr.tK.el***   1 clothes havel beeo-,evident and the lawm.*  ctiiMDimc caicc _ ccniUPP - .   / < owna1 .Thursday -morning for a'tttrW-da&'    is'fiKied with "students' wanting to enjoy "  , EVIHHUDE SAL65 - ofc"^**1;. ; ' ,   united Nations Conferen^oer Th^^fcjid- ' ithe sun while, we've got it. /On Friday a  "- ' *���.'?.>.<���>���!���*���"'"���' ������' �����������...'���'������a���<-* ��-���-'������>'",|�� ���"������',ii��������    couple of airiibitious students had a-kite up.  '   ���Friday   night   our-juniors - had- itheir'  spring  dance.   The Manchurian  Debaite  , .played' and although there wasn't a big  turnout-,  everyone  seerned  to enjoy the  dance.   Thanks to Ona Burnett, Minister  ' Of 'Juniof Social Affairs, who, with her  if i, Committee, organized the dance,  ', f The next dance for Elphie will be the  grad dance en May 31, This will follow  'the;grade 12 dinner. Again ��� (this year,  4ob's Daughters are catering for the dinner and-ithe grade 11 classes are organizihg  the dance later. The decorations and planning Of the dinner and dance'have been  getting better each year, so the| grade 12*s  are really 'looking forward to see what this  year's grade' 11-s can do. Judging from our  grade ll's, it will be great.  At the beginning of last week the spring  Issue* of our school's paper, The Gladrag,  weriV'on sale.  Another reminder of the public meeting coming1 up on the 21st of April concerning the drug situation in our communities," Dr. Wong has been notified and will  be In attendance for the meeting. It is  hoped thatienough of the concerned people^ will show up and make i^his meeting  worthwhile. I     4 ���       v  Hope everyone has a happy Easter  ftpliotiryl' "       ''"  Everything/for Lsawi*  Free cadvise on your Icnidsccapitig'  FLOWERING SHRUBS ���< FRUIT TREES' - kWLBS  EVERGREENS - RED MAPLES - PINK DOGWOODS  MAGNOLIAS - RHODODENDRONS - WEEPING CH_flRIES >  BEDDING PLANTS - -PERENNIALS - SEEDS & FERTILIZERS-  Licensed to sell Class A and $" P���ticjdes  1329 Gower Point Rd., GIBSONS  ���ci-  1  .* t'i'  1.  't. ^v*    ''1     '    -  *  lift   ���   ��� *S   ���*i r*.      .  ,-'���   ������*>'   I    ���   �����* ���   ��� - **   t  ���    *���.-     ���. ^..   1  ���ffs^MBMMgafflff pmii��u_^  ��� ^t*W/<<v'- " -.H. w. -'J^';' h>A?%A '-V'-'ltf y  ���'���'���- %ri" ���:���"'������������ A*A   V."   y.'^Z^'zY  t '/ ^*"_"**"_  1   i*^       a^<^^<. y  *?*���.     . -^   t*-j^7l ���\jiff4r4l&{- * --sr ������ (   .  Even though tho 1969 VW Squarobock. ; ;     ���'<     y< ','L '���!   ,  *   Fasfback and Nolchback sodans are* tl^o Only ccirs .      1   ; .   ! i      in the v/prld v/itri computorli^d fucJl injection- o^srarjdqi^ ���^qu^e'nf/ ' 1  Ung*erriec|ri^ If, alMheyVq still humbld, llar^wbrklng Vblk^d^bnV '  You'still get ah air-cooled engine fri the rear thaf dof>stif*> rtopd water  or antifreeze, ������ ,' *      -y     , .   :, ��� ._   '.' 1   '��� ; ; '.,.''",.,  You still get ardund & mibs to ct gdlldrt of rjbi,  And <fospito other 'bridyotiont like  a new double joint rear axle and  a heated rear wihdow, woVb ���  still made sure thai you fjef a tfar'i  ;;  thqt isn't too sniorf f<��r,it��own'o66;<L'  Because wo wouldn't want It saldj  that wo let our jfelo'^froriW ��rain* g��> t  to our htt&ds.   ���*',-'' :'>  ������''>;<,  ;',���  ,   * >      1 ��� ��� ,' '  ��� ��� 4     .   , ,  . .     .  ,    W  '  4,        irf  I..   4    .�� (* ' ' ��..'<��(..���.,��.,,,.��� ���    t J     .       *��        , '-.',, '   ' 4  Chock the Yellow fagot undor Automobile lor tho nomo ol tho Volkivya&on dooler fll^Or-Sst you.  ���b^-*^|4>yB!��M^v W4w>��l-t��*' 1*1*  ����,VW  jin, ,rt-Jtt.^  in (f"Hf4*-^JW   .A TB.tt~f.it wn.. j��*.- .fs��m��  *���* *��4 ^Bij.-,*!^.!���^ l��T-i"I"��f- -a^ft**>,lfnrt��.r.lr0 ^ip4w4*^��n���4��ii#t��4fci  *-WJ*^^m'T>��f��^u*Hl^��^iV-*<.''l*^*,*J4f��JI>^J����J,�� >yzyS^A[    Vy<:AA\i^^ \7-^  " :'
_ ,kt\'i7s**i>i'>t*y YA-')'7Y7       ''  *' fY\"-Y 'Y -1 >-"•««" * i f<vAt v' **-■*     .■-''i'1  '"4'.;     > J   '-v'' "if       •, ?   7     .1 <■/,
fm^-i^ V.v •* "• ^   *** ma'- j..' :*"';?s V> *.s Bunke* D_L and'Brandsnwihe* Butfcea* afa^  >shot
as-toKow aleao^^^^ ",'   T   , ''' •      ' see'-rty,iteddzatlon of same. Thus far he
.prepare..an •encycIop^4ia;\goe« V   \^h«n toe-list'{began to grow, Icouldb'*, nas not rejplied.' >   <
bofight^this maguifuje^t^en. > •.Bouthisiwork.Onedayllo&lci^ -l '•* ■       :—i-i    ,   ■   • .
4ar4 my eradition.^and^ili.' w;. )Lawson.rtemei»v,he- ,-waiii. ^the-rey i^.Nlne'Woraiesin-my $et; and.no Beaufort .The troupie -these days is there's ho ar-
"  *-    '   •      •' " ' ■  -- """' *"" nsV.SO on and on.,The 4^1 f0r th6 wicked,        , ,-   .
-Kdchab and the other   '
 ______  -_,._,,      ...... ... .     - , -,.       ,      -     i LauTa" E, Hichards; ^>te™*^
doubt"manyof you have noticed, .ehhaneodj - 4n«t-fhere was a" vessel named far l_iaZ. 'Sovereign/-foe 'British eoin; -PaW who
_.. »—.jrj.;n..  +,. 4n»»_llM>v  nmnnnHnm    atiit'   Hid   rtnlv  .Severi-Ofl nstp_ *- Ksilmtf   voscol    an«t4       made   _invi**K?    9nH   *Tio  ClnvArun    P,_n     Ana
< v^v- 4    ->---■-,   r-4« -♦-.-.-,--   >ro qipte hrfeBigemt
SO J.3SCI. .       '• ,., ft   - -•    1    4  -t4--t4    ,UAr1i   „_ nlr "canto '   "
- j^pnsenset';i'beUotW«d GaU^*nbi$   iS,*S£&%
77 vi
'IS Vear* I have anchored my facts tp tlio   deluge". 7 [I - y ;<   JZ „ ,s,i     ,rjthi_^ jthey-are not: important, somebody
as^volmnOs I have studiously jotted o-it fly* ,„-'   What I wanted to fcnow, inpar&oulary is' —~~"—^ '   ..*■<'   ""
tiiim^'■pront^d>'tihe plebe- This' body'   weeo the; k*|je_ >of «ourraaid 'seven. A^elay  -leaves the.ipTBcise items i could never find tthe name of theseventh mast. ^Mariners '
seeping' deeper into -_e'_^onsof'-_w '>om m-^ fl**8* yoW;clnld will develop per- , therein, and today I have an excellent hsfn "worked" alsattingship/by sa_s and masts,
' ' ^hole^-i" *hfirancretie sidew5fc-   -• "     ,    "^^ .trottW^.-beca-use.of -hisd^feolave^ of the things the country's leading educa- „-,and when the .Thotaas W. Lawsonwas built
' .'.-fjGoldfarb rJaised ?high h_foo_^bead ' *?&&    ,' ? - 7*  * ,'^  '      "!   "*• ,       tors don't know. -      , -   ; '^and launched the'single .most'important
1_____^ * Z7ZLj   ' !_.i_    _. .*__n__i fi.*t..' '     «   __ _._•••_ T/P   +T*«   *_»v**Jh«*4«^_   4e«   ••*«_<   4^«.   _^t^ft*__vi_t     n-r* m_- __._._-._4-:.._.  __^—MA.A.U j-*» trNMiflfJerA l_n^ * \ -f _/*i*fit_1   /-Ip+qU   „<Kr\iif   Tim*  nirj\i*T/1   t«n-*Wf **_^ _"«.
Sechelt—885-9654      r<
 1 •    .
>--•■    \     ,  J
*    r   "I    (j
• A-   ]
»    -*,"'
ll      )l
!  !
1  1
< !
Bell dknglfixg ori/the end of his red ta_j    yoih* child:    . _"    ,  l ;        , as soon have my soup, I said, without ca- f was -when the first, six-master was built,
y^lipjw; srto^ing caR hxciisgtisiV he clinibed     ' P*! ^further^imormation on what, you -can    vorting, and the next moment we had down * The chances may well be.100-1 that if any-
There is _»much feood in1 the worst of us »hle hideaways, but the 25 volumes stood;   tonic out of his foook only by deciding that
Iherejis _"-much f^^^^gg» maite on this subject. I turned to the flyleaf,  nobody, even I, would ever want to, know
us oughtTto! reform '<* Bron-el and wrote; "Capers".   ,    4. , >ch a thing.   .._,„,'
.ikTOfe-fo^fe^                                                                              '                   ' " ^  Yousee^outhereonthofa-^iwehawa    A^Jl^^^^^^^^^Z
aWe^salesanan. ks .-ju^^-thair'the ^ihipJs^     -       -   ' *""~              '""        *"*    *                         •«.-^ .    /«-^-   .,«.-. ™
tfi-ey-*«aT^;affoMja^d'00 r_nd^eitber,'o^ii
it'<,*aif6rd the, dixbious"services ol'-the traiv'
^'eft^^g_teriiai*it;^:JU*". • "-,''.' ' t"r.
' • _iej» h^ppened^ knbck'on ihy^ Idtcheo
door 'ohe--rhorning recently. Lbpehed:the
door -and .there! ^o"d-J a( clean-cut' young
ihan ih^-gla^sses, 'w*ear_gap_ir;of casual
sinhhi r slacks, sport -^hirti* _n<l light -:plue
•wirid chea-fer.'V "- • "' 7'Z'''~'p',\">, :'x7^-t'
\ ^(^dVprnroi^ir.'v'W.sai-d, st-anding
yqry;- erect, hinds" clasped;,together, \i3ps
white -.-teeth -H^^^wrth- mannequin' brilf-
Oiarice--as, lie*?'l^inched-into hiS'-poUshed.
speech, -no' dou>t- for the umteenth-1 iirag.
^IVfy-name -is> Dittrc_ai St4«wa^/(j***nugM;
have' been Sifewart t>unca^-:-iFs not -ffh-
poriah*) "ancTIhave been taUang "to; sar|e!
of-yourneighbbrs:- You"see,*I«karoneof-i
group-of persqns.goingwout into'the^djsf
•trietr, and' Miocking _on doors simply' 'to
talk with, different people-in wxter'lJO'im.-
prove our public ^speJfMhg ability1."
1TtVi„   Aankn   ^—.41^    _■_,__   >-T»-.Ll"   -^
....w ..«3jr   a, ojj,, iuvc jtutw bwu IJHIlUlrtJJf
of xpur valuaple time to "speak to-.you??
'."Sure," ,1- replied, ."come; hi" , I "-was
certain this well-spoken 'feHow-wMVihe
v distant,* here_-go-agaia eyes wasL.' going
to'jfry to sell something, and'I waj curiotis
tasee.just what.','< ,' ^ <     ' >■ \.%
-Once 'inside' he hegan «*to ask Amiable
-juestiqns .about my.joT^ ^ho-bites/ etfc!,^
the pubhc- spiking bit '"Erom-«?his',.mfck
packet ho prptiuced- a notebook arid -showed,
me names, of-.seyeia} "rieighbOT^'lve- -had
talked^.-with. 1 coujd^ recognize no"1'Ji
th^m- As-he spoke, Vorking-into hiSt,
my- wee --sort „i^led<llu^uglu^-i_i	
•Wearing (the ttoy;red gumbosfs'lhe" loy^as
so much, -beatingon'his -toy druh_ f&xaa£
tihump, tthurhpf. ti. ^   ^• M „.4v- '.M t! 4 f™
_ Tlelthe Jfellow speaH for awhile, and
answered'a few.aimless'questions for t§i>ti
^fit *_ W* P«Wte;*^ealclng. eh^bavore*.
Ww, what is it I can do for yoU?'!?!
finally asked, ,      '       ''.,",».
■•"Well, you, see, I am'in a contest) and
, af I to I receive1 $500."" ' \ ''f >   ^ -
-.Thump, thump, thujnp! went'the <W;''
- /And if you vote for me :; .^ :',     n
Aha!   The magic word "vote!" "thig
fellow with the plastic smile and the -at-.
leged degree in psychology Jrom (the Uni-!
yersxty of Manitoba, or wherever, was go-i
ing to try to flog magazine subscriptions.
•~ ^Vr?_ye,ars ago my shiP W-s berthed
in Montreal and a fellow came aboard
selling subscriptions.' He used .the _ame
Fi„h"~^ u,niversity type out to win a con^
test and all we had to do was vote for him.
5 !S° e?. larexQ ^,airly e°°* ot{er a>, some
ot my shipmates bought the subscriptions,
writing cheques on, ithe spot. That was
three years ago. They are still waitihg fat
their, rhagazines.     •   (        . ^+
«„Su coaWfrdatlonwas ovfer. Wo moro
public speaking., No sale! "I'm. not inter^
est-ad, chum. Goodbye!" •
Thump, thump, thump! ,;
M am wondering, did he knock on your
-, . - .    . , bothersome,.mileage factor to research.; A   gan's Riflemen. I knew 4aibout th.es© .sol*
]       -.. Jt -       - ,, /v. N   :    ~", » 1 college student, (turning from rabble-rous* ; diers, of course, but __ -at once there' was
Last-mimite ind^^ontb-astronatit in ing and trouble^rewing to do a samdgen ', more--what about Jheir' rifles?, Longfellow
capsule: "Try to buy it for-$24, but if they of study, can look in one book and, finding ' tells of the British anusketbaJls at Concord,  '
^haggle, go" up -to-ithree-rmlUon."   '' nothing, go to >-anbt*her unta he does. But if    and all historians tell of the musketry-, at
; of the
Wishes to thank her many friends and customers for
their patronage and hopes they wil) continue to drop
in to visit the hew owners.
, -lie,
These trying times are the good old
fmm no   ^ ** h^nS "* A ^ .yen^
Fri„ Sat., Mon.,
April 4, 5 and J
Joso Fetter, Shelly Wintpnfc
Siam 8 p.m. Out 10 p.m.
Ap«l 6
Joan Crawford, Ty Hardin
5 lissi f»"0 lbs.
9 0Z.
Centre Cut
Fully Cooked	
-- Ib,
Sliced ,—__—,
?4 ox.
Betty Crocker
Libby's Sliced, 19 ox.
Libby's   ',  (■"
12 oz. tin
u Mark Crest.
I Frozen Chccso
48 oz. unsweetened
cme mm
Whito or Dovils Food
iia conYork:
Local Na 2^
20 LB. BAG.
Mark Crest
Mushroom or Popporoni
i' ,
Frozen, 2 Ib.
MalkW-a a
14 ox. tins I
2 ib# pkg, ^fi©l
Oatmeal,, 1 Ib.
AIL Delergenl 30i o«
Alcan   18"
... LB.
Prices Effectives Tgiur.-* April 3rd and Sat., April Stlt
SSoro Hours,
Easter We@k
Thur., April 3rd
9 a.m. to 9 p.m.'
f> n »%*«w'«ir««»ii*i%6j
* »■"%,-? r-* •'* »,*v * "« ♦ ii »•«* v n
-, •^^^4#w««^-S%ffl«N^^
„%+*,$*>    *>*!!»**   «l'4^»   *
M,^    ^,**.   (*•   #      /
* f■ftft'#t>!r*f'W* *


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