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The Peninsula Times Mar 5, 1969

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*_    *'
w*.v»«*-vvt^ ^ **'^--~v-^.A>i'A'V /VvVV-i */»yV»'Vvv „ ^ y'jly *r'>T"',li''*p ■"',3^ *tZv vr-vy /j/y', yl'v'i j'-irvV^/'VV^^r'V'vKv^si-s' $*S--*r-»v">V;^-**rv'X^V-* fU^^y-jy'ifj"^ v^j Vy4- »"-*'. i   J,v.V-n'-**v'V W* ** •* «V^
' ''   .,'■-, -.1  *v     '""     >': - '.. >-''/>West SansdianGraphic IndissViea Ud^'f .<,*"•-■', , ' IWAR 7    fJEC'fl
'record ;oirey*
-•l:,'*-r^>. s
Authorized* oa second -class
mail   by  the   Post  Office
Department^. Ottawa.
' LOjNGE&T "over-water transmission
•  crossing   in .British  COlUmbia-
?--w<9,i©r;:ci?0issiisg,;:'-:''";:-'-''~JL J^4*>__ v.->JJ»A'_:_i'ii^i9^tUj_C3ii". ,/:f^
inline.- t-&d''to'"begin. this, fain and: be>completed - -S-wy'ng fheSunshjne. Coast,, (Mowe~Spuna,ft»;JerViirlinlet)/lncluding Port; Mellon, Hopklils^ndltig^'GraMham's'Unding/GibsonsrRoberts Creek, - -IsS •
-11,542' early In. 1970/" '    <   - "" '     ,n   "' .WHsoq Creek, iSelmaJ-'arK',, Sechelt, Holfmobn Bo*/, Secret-Ccwe,-PenderHarbour>-ModditoPotk^Klelndole.-JrvinaVLonaina^Eorl CoVe. Egmont.» /By' ■'
-Volume 6, No. 14 &Qg
bluffs on each shored of the inlet by^ a
35-foot-high steel tower.
-and tight-Company's previous pver-,wat-
'.er'^r     '"'"'      ' -• ■ - •   ■ -   " •"•*- *•
The, new* "champion   span's  highest
The new, 53-mile-long transmission' P61*'™"--.** W **?.above high water
iin_< _-ni c..«^i_J_.i. o««fs„« ^ *^,.;_n mark m -Jervis Inlet; on the north shore
une*wm supplement service, to* Powell „. xt^i—^ > r*ik'wA v\.~~ «wa.a «,-»- -*-;—
River now provided by a single -138 000- ?- ?eV»a' Wgnd-. From there the ycon-
»rrti+ lino *v«-. c_T«.«r ^r^^twi- ««_ ductorg.wiU dip to a point W0 feet above
voit _ne from Sechelt. The existing line - x-l. i_i_i-' _j «,«„„:"•„- „^,-„'4„ o_-™»+
has a 10,100-foot-long span across Jervis    ^e inl^',and ?enJlsf a^m V ? fe-«
Inlet "vlJ-w'" w"a a*""1, o""^ »w>«    above high water mark,where ihe-y. will
', AmOfiOQ contract toclear the-first ||Jjchored to^b'e towers,on the opposite
section   of-the new  transmission  line, ?^'   Y   '-7 '     ', j- Z:     .,  J.. *
from Sechelt to near Earls, Cove,   has — -'-The new  Sechelt-Powell* River line
been awarded to Alpine Clearing Ltd.'of will also have a, 6,450-fpoHong water
Prince George. Contracts to clear the re- crossuig   over, Agamemnon Channel  to
mainder   of   the   right-of-way   will  be N$son Island.                     ,  . '
aw-afded later. " ,                    '    ,   *    . ~ \ The;' lhife will be energi2ed initially at
, Construction, of,the new line is expec-    138^000'voJ~.  .   . "     "
T . . _..__ „ y  * '
By Doug Wheeler
. >
i '5f
M1»-*T— **
*• -*-—     * *   ll  l
' * i. ■    #■ -     „   ,    *   .* .   - T     • - r
1 7*^  /•
' ►.**-   *
T •
*   •/■**■»
,   j--* «•-        /
SOME' TI1M_ -ago The -Titties drew otten-' aay^was^-Mcked'iby t^ri ppUce officers." % <. t ,  Jr,..    -,,  „    ,   ,    Wrong .Location
; tionWtheiaU^ha^tcnit^blerswerecbm^ ~L "
1st miUtancy in various .circles.- Some fame.   Qol&ftuerrfy W>P. Accordihg w.«_«.v-   ... — ,.,     .«• u     - ,    u     ^-    .      _v-_     -l   -    -_   -   •  •   •
after this.we beheldHhe spe'ctatele ot NDP '^SWamanagerClar'enc&fleahe.mdn _ Section. Mishap occurred when the-  itig, Bitroaby. TChere wert na injuries
leadership aspirant Tom Berger speaking;   «^ho*6fSenjtly totdA,yan<x>uver;court he'is „pilot-ear ^toppeo.sUadenly 'and _lX>r-<   and no Oliarges laid as damage ,was'
«„ i»iV.A.C<w.h_l4- InAiaxt i_an[ra..anrl   olraifino-' '   «»*V.krn_4i'<~^«r~r>KiAf' „r*h*-l«.-^«,^1i-i4\n--/%r> V__       rip.*!*  rtA   9Vffld   a   /•flill'is'inTI   *ttll»  trt*Wr   V*»- '    lpffS Jfhail-$10(1 - "    '"        '      .'-
on the-Sechelt Indian reserve-and sbatihg
"Call it RED Power if -you like.bUt through
political -action '/we- can ensure thafc'-thfe.-
rights of Indian people are heeded " later
on;he-saidr '"tAiparthfiid-was*iritiodu<^--m
this province 100 years ago and is still
being practiced today. The white people,
took the .land from the Indians and put!
them on reserves where,.exppsed_to,ite
-v^hite.fnan's diseases,*they, were exrjecbed!
to die," he said." *       '   _    ;
* The, die having 'been "cast, Berger's laV
est-outburit inthfe legislature ckunis bru-.
itality on the part.of tbe Sechelt RCMP
detachment. As:a result of his statements,'
province-wide publicity is expected to set
off a formal investigation' whichi bn --the
local scene, is
der to avoid a collis'ion the tow ve-' less than -$100.
>,.....-^ i ,»,. u_- :—, : -^	
Construction aggregates .
an hejedi'tary- Chief, while:speakih_r op. be-
hatt"<Sf"his'daughter, the^Prirtceds, has qlsa
laid dmilar'cla__andhasstated,he'bas
been- disc_imnated against by.the Oham-
- ber-of' Co-mmerce: -He-i^d"he-^vasr_fuse_
enky because he is an Indian. .
\ H;It. is ^-notpd'that we.h^ve_ a local busi-
•ne^mah who^was'-also refused' entry-into
ithe -Chamber- some-years -ago,~assumingly
because he was non-Indian.
. ■ Asr with most- newspapers, -The -Times
liW 'close -contact' with* the.HCft50P. and ,at
■tjuVtime. states quife'-einphaji^y, we.doi LETTER fromf Construction -Aggregates,:
•not'^or ohe monienr-piit an iota 'of belief - - iftfe second company .'interested dn es-
in„ry'of Berger's aowsations..Should they, Jtablishing- a ^-substantial' gravel operation
prove ftp be .true then :we' would, be the in* ^e ^iea^anfornied^the Bqgional Board!
'"" Sunshine^Coast Lions club is about to
launch .the popular Birthday, Calendar,' Mature on Friday, February 28th, and that
' .   . > ..** *>_ '■'.... J-J   - **h-ic fei«orkrHnti«n-shall  Rbmd^TieadV'to stun-
School Board policy
holds many surprises
APPARENT mi^understanduig ' between
"school board^and office staff resulted
in failure by the staff to .forward copies
of recent minutes to' The Times. Following a special "meeting^ at "which it was
made clear i_is usual practice to forward
copies to it{).e press a copy -arrived' witlj,
the* following, notice: ',tt ii tfie" policy, of
the board to INVITE , representatives of
the press to all regular Bo^rd.meetings Jand
the Board expects Jhat newsi reporter^, wilj
have the courtesy to discuss releas__with
the Secretary--T^easurer of the Board prior
to publication to avoid possible misinterpretation." „„ , , f ,
. Check with board members reveals the
fact that (this., little'gem i? includ«?tl h>
Board policy. It is therefore a__med that
> among other things the l Secretarv-Trea-
surer is _so an experienced' newsman and
appare*ntly -has"available time ipr such!
censorship. *_,.,,".,
Local New Democrats
support Berger stand
MR., _ON  Lockstead, -New  Democratic
Pairty candidate for the Mackenzie constituency; speaking at. the NDP constitu-:
ency meeting. he3d }n -Sechelt on Saturday, -
March list, urged strong 'support for the.
Indian: resident's' of the Sechelt" area' in
itheir efforts'to obtain'just treatment from
the RCMP. The meeting passed the following resolution:- ~-
"That-the Mackenzie constituency association of the New Democratic Party go
on record, -assupporting the action of Tom-
Berger, ~M_A in his action in the" Legis-
Board'on completion of exploration_Whjich.
should be by June next. "
if "Gillcer n _
of the Garbage 'Committee
___E_VSiS_J_ ^K&n^'w&A, pn pother,handi, Vast ^kS^iFhas tod~^_Tft-■"*__     ' Dae6to^ 9m 'G^^ reported-ondwo
SrSto be -resSbS *)wuld_1hey be proy^.homo^,th«n ^ Sedtehv Wr "for/.the-.-past eight -yea^rs.    rec„ntjn.eet?lf„
lerea xo  oe irresponsible .m__.;_»;   +T.^.-n'Ta_t.«_r. -™i^. i»it .„€_»<!#_. ^. .'-    -       •..---..'■ .. __ j.-    _ ._*-j     and arK-raxl +.v>
he-cross.', ;    _ —---- —
;,rCk)risxder^ble--indignation-;has been'ex- ttUnfeti.
SSSLSSlSSil£-   bn^*a^hlt  4cali6nV4eh':^ger/^hirfs^afe    5SS^_w^md5; w7y:fo7°a"modern^ "d advised ^concern>wj^expressed
accusations to the cross.. ^^ ibe-'exposed aa"mfte.seeking bppor- * tKp^ of plant'which-wiU include a.,dock   at ,the sefc-uP *or'„_eotion and fees.\ \ .
- and breakwater. It is,the intention of.the
be • incohveiK
started, last year-for the-first time./The
^rpjectr resulted/in-nbout $700 being turned .over'to the.Senior Citizens• Homes
-project. This year .funds'will  be. spiit;
50/ per \ c0nt   toward - hospital"' physio-
theraphy, 25 per .cent toward the -Senior
. Citizens, and 25 per .cent toward; the. pro-'
, posed Recreation Centre.      ,  i    -*,   _■
senior: citizens •      , •' •
-  'Members of "Branch ,69 > Senior "Citizens' Association sbould.riote„that_* there
this Association shall stand'ready'to sup-t
port/the people of the 'Sechelt reserve in
their efforts to obtain'justice."
Gibsons Auxiliary
holds 2nd tournament
GIBSONS HJospital Auxiliary Ladies held
their-second.Bridge Tournament on Feb--,
ru^ry 24th with, 13 tables,playing.
■First prize went to Mr. *?nd -Mrs.^H.'
Harris,- Soames Point, with score of 5930.
<«_5_3!!!3LS5_«:' .ff_*_v __£ks a2®ffl s^Er"«-^-- rf Wto?
toria and'evpn. should-a^door ,tn dWop ™r- a_ thF newf Executive^has- not -yet-had    cafe Gibsons.
4„ons_4rthat irreparable harm Has been''^_0^^^^^                                                                                           -■.     .   /   ' '  ^ bTtaSvSd heSu_l-S '1 .Second prize-went to Mr. and Mrs. L
oJnetothepaW.Be^gerirepresents.     '   ■-    mS^^^SSS&S^^ .  ^iSffiSSSS^ E^ Reid,'G_sons, with a score of ^90. Gift ox
.  Among ni^accUs^ '^k^iil^ S^^flLSSSS^ffi^S!   -not-it-seeL 5he only,WrS too,«£ ^i-S£J!L5PT2?^^
. McGregor, .h,as    Gibsons.      ,
Ifenry AI-Hill        Next Tournament on-Monday,' Mai-th
^iii^SliaiigiaiEs^y'5/ -31sIj atSt. B^WlK>lbmew^AngUranlChvrch'
, -*-■   '   "■■---    —  ^  #       — _    '  •  *    f-"     _        •    '._'"'   —■--—■        .   -.    ,    _-,:-■   ■ : rji-Lt  •—.-_.■.   i »11  . f. ■ . ^     *.-  j *■ tt - v *i    "_r ~•  __      -    . ___._■ _i___.___ _f ___s_i_-  r_T—_-*_*—•*•■ _-r_:_i_.~ ~r^i___i __-.__;__ i__ula_      __ailu._i__.ii_     __s--:_u.i_A__i_      uiirut—iuv        v_iu_ .-■*■" i * '      " ** ~        _       *_1 '.
xngs .have -increased -smcclast'November,
and he <■ claimed1 there .have -been) 30 casep
of 'brutality, inl'the' past, eighteen ^months
by the RCMP' against' Indians. - Among1,
these, he c^laims were acts' of'.,brutality'    ..,, 	
against ^youngsters from'l^'lyearSiar^d'up, •< ,Bergor .'i^ibtempted 1*o*'questi6n'<
also against a '17-ir'ear-'old girl -■whom, he '  to validity of _era__ati6ris-
by the RCMP' against Indians. -Among,    ,,  ..-_ -^-.fr-T-l _-,_,	
these, he claims were acts'of'., brutality'   $$1," it'is-understood' 'tfe^t'ihf nb'Way "ha_
......_    .1  __..,!.(■. .,..._     «___ ._ ^ ^.. --'-"—'officers as
• -• .•
^w«j..nave „ De.cnangea io permn; cravei   ■■     ;,    „7v I7T - i V'T   -'•i-      viL
' d^p'-ro^e.''This'"however; is not con-' ^ta^to.ft-^.^*«!KP^-^™^
.   sidered, airy'pr-oblem/;1 ;' l     '    '" ' h?ld/ This would also -apply-'tS'coimner-
•-'»'.->_ii   ' j™ •■!   ■-,V-i"      j^.-.,.   ■ cial properties. Anything, in excess-of -this
Furtthcr d«Hail-5 will be forwarded the    „rMtK, ZTu., j.^iLai*- wa~'.«_7 :J«_*
would be by negotiation between,resident
and contractor.
Director Gilkerjs .report -was accepted
i and adopte&rand. costs will. be.raised by      >v-.\
" "mill-ra-te^un-til'oth '• ZZZTL^^ _ •   ■„- ••    • »-o_mi, nyr-^i^™
■ nw« ■'•:■■■■'•     .;..! :     A.   . , LETTER from Provincial'Health Minister,
1   r Hoh.'.lR-alphr I^>ffmark,   read-at   last
Thursday's meeting of  Coast Garibaldi
Health Unit, dispelled all hope that an
Secretjary-• Charlies • Gooding.i Wfiis-"-_-■•
strufcted" to prepare 'a simple' cqntract and
to' ablvertise for -tenders stating Hhat necessary information will be available at the
Board office.- Ft was- agreed that the contract -will .be-for ,a ithi^eVyear -period as a
means,of offering.the contractor projtcotion
for his investment^ in equipment..     -,   '-"
ealtji Ministex rejects
_. - — .j '
district liealtii insp^tas:
Regional D^ict':;^uY^ng;iifeppctor Fred
fidditipnai health inspector would be hired
' for, this.district.- ■: 7"->'.','
The' Minister has been informed, |hat as
f ram last December, .inspections would- no
longer bo conducted, by Sunshine Coast
Holes in wall
m ■ • '•
■ • *'.     ■ r •h'%J">.> ■ '   -'-'^ "I .vf^w-ffV^'-'.. *' '1___^_______\/ J /
THREE offences under the motor vehicle
j act resulted in a Vancouver man receiving ip.' total of cightyrfour. days, jail; when
BIHLpiNt_ CODE ' .,    ,  f...
•, Facing two'Counts under tho building
code Bylaw, Plumber Ray - Newman of
Sorry situation
■ 1
Local letters^t^^.;Arij^ii|Si„,.j -,.
complains Board Secretary
he, appoarcd before Magistrate Charles Davis Bay, for) -the second time- asked for
Mittelsteadt last Friday, February 28th>,in a remand,' this, time to April 30t|i. Ho'said
Sechelt.   ' ' ' ' „ ,' - ,'.   r   j. •■ ■['      his lawyen is, out of town'and various de-
S^ocn.tobo.drlYiWcrraUcaUybymcm-!,   tails need *1o be arranged. *.       ^
bers Of the ROMP tho night of .February .    -Cb^ Ha power to get additional help.
- ■:' Mr. Reyburn"• had beon-' Helping tho
Health Unit in a, tomporaiy capacity but
his own duties required his full time and
a resident health inspector had, been 'requested for the area covered by the Sunshine Coast Regional District.   ■;■'.''i
s . Previous letter, from ^e^Hoa'ith M"!!--3-
tor had stated that .every, cOnsiderkiion
would be given to the, request for an additional inspector in the fo-rthcomins estimates. However the latest letter dated
February 18th, stated- that.' although the
Minister is sympaihetlc, and- appreciates,
that demands made on the two health - inspectors 'aro heavy; he regrets that llmita-
, tionl* In Staff Iprevent the hiring of an additional inspector at this'time.'    -   ' >
( ; Cl-jairmon1 of itho -Union Board ,of
Health, J/M; Ford, commented that only
.one additional inspector had boon requested but'two are really required duo to the
rapid development of the Whistler Mountain - Pemberton area. 'He- felt tho Union
Board of Health had' done everything in
' Planning Project ,
ounhii ne. vv«[|k v    |s» :«■i  •» t,  ,    Pa pcra or tne jivulvij,' mo nig'"- ■,oj-,Jc«pruM*-y' ••   ..w«uii».i«vlt ««»« »;,»".».".«.. ^^....~.
WfipPPB&S^^ 'SM*h, -Ralph .Pedcrsenwna subsequently    Building Inspector Fred ^bum who told Senior Public Health Inspector, P. M.
Wliich apar't irpm carrying a number stopped, found to b<? impaircd'and locked .thcrcourt-heftoo,had a lawyer nVailablc. Bcll c6mmenlted that department of hoalith
of. local buairtOSSO? a,lso has names o£ up for the night. Closer invoptiiatlon.irei    AMbo :insrtructlon. of tho magistrate Mr. „aUzo -tiho need ia hero but have to bo
REPORTING at last meeting of the Sunshine Const .Regional Hospital .District,
Secretory Chnrlca Gooding, expressed
disgust with the local moll system. Referring to the recent Referendum he stated
"Instructions to returning officers ,were
mailed February 14th yet a number of
them failed to receive them uptti Thuja.,
February 20th," ho suld.    ,
"This poor local service cpuplediwith
the loss of evening collection, I think.,
warrants auction by the Boafd-lntho fo^m
of a complaint to the Poatmnstcr General
and our local Fcdcrnl member.
, "Wo receive our mail In the: afternoon *
and nro unnblc, to,answer urgent lctt-pia
by return mall.""," i
Director Frank Wcat agreed that Ihp
filtuation ia dcporablc and added that
now mnlllng costa-hqve Jncrcnucd a, letter
t*eems4o take fou'r'd»y» to reach - Pumcopt-
whercoa when mailing cast was 6c it took
only two duya.
The Board unanimously approved letters of complaint bo forwarded to this
authorities tin fluggestcd.
Further to the recent hospital expansion Referendum, Mr. Gooding explained
that costs of tho Referendum nro borne
by tho Hospital District nnd as no authorization has yet been received from tho
UCIIIS, Victoria, ond an the Boiird hoa
not' be used, debts Jncurred ih connection
with .the Referendum cannot bo paid,
lie eald ho fiUH has not received a rc-
ftly to a previous letter seeking approval
roni tho B.C. Hospital Insurance Service
Department.      ,
Previous run-roimd by the Administrative Officer K. G.; Wiper • Resulted Jn a
lcttci1, from the Board, seeking rnthcr
hiorp^mngjn^lyc. nctlon>.'.In • light of hia
.jttjliijfrq  to ; reply,Oplrccjor '.'Frank- W/?8t
indiV^uQls, and birthday dates togo'th
cr ^vith-ihe-various organizations on
theSunshineXJoaSt and meeting dates.
Discussing the lay ou't of the new calendar wi'_i Timds Editor Doug Wheeler, coritrc, are' Nell Campbell, left,
an,d Frode Jorgenscn. Proceeds go
' toward the Senior, Citizens housing
veakid iho fact he had beciV driving- vrb&io    Reyburn agi-eed to havo huj lawyer nr-
his licence was eUll Under suspension, -fr^m:. ".."rtnBc wltU the defence counsel to be proa-.
wblo to justlly the' pdsltlon.  Guide lines
allocate one inspector for every 15,00(f pco-
, n previous conviction of' Impaired driving, ; «-*M mxt Friday, March -tthjjat whicli tlmo pie Tho jIcaltll Unlt haa roughly a popu-
Tho following morning K'wrirf discovered date of tri.-,l will bo set. This ia tho only ]0jilm of 40000 and WOT|ld ^.^1^ 45|0oo
Uiat, ho had knocked holes In tho wall off    way to settle this matter," the magistrate    ^ jUBL_y tlwrco hvspectora.     '
the iCCH- block, damaged a blanket and
emaslwd.* chair, all to a total, valuo of
iitly dollani.. ' . . , , • • '*■'"'
'Entering a plcu of guilty on:alll three
pr^pct,   PJiy^otheraphy  equipment   c^SJS^ E £& w? p^vioSs
and the proposed. Recreation Centre,   pension had,terminated last October but
fihorta-^o of funds had prevented hhn, from
m_. <*«'«kw'Jj ■ O nnfl ■■ Bottlnc his licence returned. Whllo In b'a
6S   GXCeGQS   _#UUU <*U ho experienced a .recurring log otl-
' ment which, necessitated raising - it .abovo
hoved, a W%.bp 'prwordpd to 'Hoajth TIMfcS circulation ,hn» passed, tho 2,000    h|3 ,b(Kly, Irv owlcr to (lo _,,, ,lt! had utll-
M ntotcr, Ralph .Loffrtidrk dr&wlnB, bis        'poid circulation mark and offlclnl fi-    ized tho'blanket in oi-de^to-makc a-nlln-fl
i^tWintlon to'tho delay togothcr with a „■_,,„■"'^■\1'Jas-<Z iu.7 \..au r\.,™n„ »p
cOnV to.MLA Hon. Ianbcl Dnwaon.' ' G»^,,rclc^cd by, the. Audit Bureau of
':7fo\6 Board' gavd-tho nccccaiiaryi rocon- Circulation reveals that- flRures for tho
filtration »nd approval to the'. Hospital: ,-f three m6nth.V proceeding Scptdmbcr 10011
j^yl^w which will now be submitted to weekly ?*»)«• averaged 2,044 piiid.
xnlco! UiU Itegionit fii&(r|cliuji<b'm^/''\i(o4i'
/V^tqllft for final npproval. Thc|-e will
tH»n be the cUHtomary ten day cjiutlopary
wa|itlhg pcriotl following which,! archl-
ItectS pi ws will; be drawn tip pf lor ;to put-
Wnl:^dt for:t*ndcr..'-'. -.L-;
r Comnicnling on ^ccew of the!,i{cfer-
'chdum, Director Cliff Gilker cxprw-sed
the vj«w tiiat n word of thanka whs duo
Director Harvey Hubbs arid hiu eom-
n-iittoo for their publlcy work. Thanks
nlpp to the press for excellent cowrnge
and assistance. Chairman Lome Wolvcr-
ton commented that the fact that many
merchants also paid for ndvcrtifiine in
support of the project also deserved men-
.•^lic Time,-!,wua accepted as an'ABC
weekly newspaper early in 1065, at which
time pAld BubHcriberH, totalled 1.104. At
•Uic oh^l.b^thq year thia h«d increased to
an avfraW of 1,23? for the last quartnr of
1065. kast'quarter of *6(l paw an nypragc
of 1,420 which juihpfd'to 1,01.1 at .the end
of »67. End 'at September figure, of 2,04-t
hrts' already lncrcaned conaldcrably and
while wc will, from time to time, reveal
our ow'rtt audit, tli« next official count
will be In two years time, unlctm, ha:i
happen-ed once before, the flgurea are
questioned. At, that tinie tho complaint
cliscitvc'rcd our claim .wag, actually, ope
paper jitort of.wlwt th© audit revealed.
for his leg. In attaching-tho bjapk-cttotho-
bara of itho cell it became torn,       • : ; •
.Reason for the broken chair wa^tbat
he,had attempted unsuccessfully to attract
attention of the police officens ^a-nd: had
finally used tho chair ot slriko tlio har&
Oomitabl-b'iJohh fchler iold«*the cesurtro
hnd lx**cn;diivlng l)ichlrtd:l>edcxi!5'an on tho
night of lust, arrest and had obwrved him,
drlvo onto the left hand -side of fthf., highway into; tho path of. ,'nn appro-jchipft
truck, he had, however, swerved back into
Ida own lano iust in tunc tw ««.vbid '■a collision. ,, '■■'■■.
For driving while Impaired, the accused
wn'a Bcntcnct'd to 2ft daysi Jail, a further
211 daya for driving while under sufjpen-
dion and 28 daya for Wilful damage. Ho
wom also oixlfrcd to make rcatHuttoiii to
the; amount: of $50 or faco % furLKop 2(1
d<iyy, All t-wnte-tto-sa ia tfui*i coatjoeuU'w'b/i
BAD, ADVICE...'.' ' '
'; (Peter Brian Reed of Gibsona appearing
In,. Glbsona,Magistrates, Court February
25th was fined a total of $70 on fthrco
mobor vehicle offences.   ''■■'■'
Charged originally with failure to display current B.C. number plates and fail-
,iirp [to produce a driving llccncd' hej was
Jat«r| seen driving still* without |cutrcnit
ptatdj. He fo)d the court he had been
given to understand ho did not rcmilro
B.C.'platcfl for two montha.
, .'. .Ifar thojiirstoffenoe of no airrc'nt platca
he'-w'aa fined $25.00, fdr tho, offence bf'failure' to" produce a driving licence he was
fined- $10.00 and $35.00 for tho third at-
ifcnfce,-. fsiiluro' to: dlspljiy current,, B.C,
plntos.: •'  ' ■ , (,
""BRBAlCrfN,' '        ''" ;        •
Thrw *dnte.and a juvenil*» all pleaded
guilty to break-In and 1h«ft at iWalt'a Service Centre, Gibsons, February l20th. Oooda
iif-dludlhg clg'urcttca and money totalling
$035 wati'stolen.
The! Juvenile was remanded to Mrtix*h
17th for sentence and the adults rcmandetl
pending a • prc-acntcnco report. They are
David j-TcJl Mncjiay,,aged 10, of Gibsons,
- Wayrte Rom Bacco, 19, of Gibsona < ami
' LawTcnoo ItMda.1 Wll;;0rfk ■ 21> of Vancouver,
Alder-man Al Henderson of Squamish
expressed-.concern, stating that in hia experience unleaa pressure is exerted nathing;
will bo done. ■;,,-,       ' ,
Alderman'F. McCloskey of Powell River also wished to press for actlpn and advised the Union Board of Health to itako
advantage of Election Year to get results.
LotU?r from Pender Harbour A: Dtetrlct
ChathbiT of Commerce to tho Union Board
of Health stated that Uie Cliamber views
with alarm the, situation. The Regional
Dlfitrlctls no longer performing itho acrvJca
of Inspection and people are waiting many
weeks for service, The letter requested a,
resident health Inspector.
Rapid expansion -throughout Ahe Coast
Garibaldi Health Unit ia iUu.strated in the
lflflR Annual Report, which stateoi that in-
npcotfonH Incrcaftcd over 1067 by 02.4 per
cent. In 10«7 a total of 427 inspections
were made including 101 subdivisions. In
1000 a total of 705 < inapoctlona were conducted, including 244 subdlvlslon-a.
The rcporf. states, "a third inspector
based at Gibsons would greatly facilitate
our overall programme and allow us to
initiate additional apcclfio programmer
which would--bu o| benefib to tin? public
•and oUr ataif." i,
*• i%>i*iM*«(V-}»3**.#>«f*| H^ .(^wndt^uwiMbMh* <«
,<;'|W^Hrt»>»«(»V0*i*'!# <ifH*-*i^i*-*v- »^A(«lflM|^%#^«H*«w*^'-1^^•(,^'l,^^
■un>-*i*»*ftift mf<Mv M*wfai'** mp&fx^imto&^wtfhfiifapiHit 0&t4$w*trtm*ilih<t0fi*fm<»i^^ ���*���-*  J- *jp'-y.-\y.-^-v^--��*^^-,w--y^^v-s.*-Vq-^--l*s-i'^*^'  "���-'/"/                              t    ' *                                  '                                                 "  '                                   '   --                                 ~                      v   -    v                 '    '                               <.                                           - %                                  "                                  *                                              "-                          *���                ' ���  The Pan_��li!_ TiWe. WpiII. ftjWI, _..1��_9 A ''     '    .      '   '"''   '" ".^"Ll.' u.' '"'Lr. "h.lT*^  '���-.'' -?'.>rf'l'"_"_-"? !rin'    ' ;_���' ��,  *---Tf-   s1&^    '" -  ' - ������  ���-- ���-���  /���^���***.-^S*'_.11#^3^'*-  Page A-2  .   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L. ���' vriiio  Kccibt Vri '  entry-large L. irooin,-twin khV/' Jr YOUR.DESIRE TO  chens. & 2 fire places. Da'htly ,; SELL YtSlUR - PROPERTY..  #>-mi1v  hrtriria    <li28.00ft" ''   '     . - .'. -  METAL ; housing   (casing)   for  No. ,550   Fairbanks,   Morris  well pufrip, 886-9623 after 5 p.m  1965 YAMAHA; 250 ,(c.c. 5  , speed. ~49��8' "Chqv., good  running -condition. &85r2087���'. ,  .    _        ,_.    2l94-17a  BOATS and ENGINES  32 FT." Gillnetter; Warren; Bay,  a licence, 2 ^ phones .& sounder, Crown Chrysler. Ph. J883-  2419.     ,       .h   .       ,     1.2099-14  12'     Mcfcullough'   Aluminum  Boat, almost new. 885-2361.  / .2l5o;i4  ...    Phone 885-^2161  ���6k 155, ,Seei|eIt,,rB.C.    .'  B6H. 3'69,' CibSdns,;B.C.   ..,.     .,'2217-14  family home., $28,000,  SECHELT: r WEeroron^-jiome. _  2200:  3 'be_cbbift ,with- ^th'- [in \.  basement. .-Rec. room. F.P., A/ '  oil heat $32,500." -    .  H. Gregory 885,-9^392.  Don. Hadden 885-9504\  H. B. 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Feb.-23 in  Nanaimo   General Hospital.  2216-14  OBITUARY.^,.  LYONS ��� Frank'Alexander,  D.C.M.,   of  Halfmoon  Bay,  on February 22nd, 1969, in St.  Mary's   Hospital,   Sechelt,   in  his 73rd year. Survived by his  loving wife, Eva, and daughter, Marilyn-Russell Montreal;  Richard   and   Gordon   Laird,  stepsons,    Vancouver;    sister,  Mrs.  Mary   Kilcull'en,   Burn-  aby;  brother Harold, Winnipeg; 2 .sisters and 3 brothers  im Ireland, also-10 grandchildren.  Mr. Lyons served  with  the    4th'' C.M.R.-C.E.F.   " in  France and' was awarded the *  Distinguished^Conduct, Medal.  He was a founding member of  Lodge   Mt.   Elphinstone   No.  130    A.F.    &   A.M.    Roberts  Creek and a,member .of Royal  Canadian, Legion Branch 140,  Sechelt. Funeral Service Was  held at  St.  Hilda's Anglican  Church,      Sechelt,     Tuesday,  February'25 at 2 p.m. Canon  Alan'Greene and Rev. Barry  Jenks officiated, followed by  cremation. In lieu of flowers,  donations to St. Mary's Hospital   would   be   appreciated.  Harvey   Funeral Home,   Gibsons, B.C. directors.     2207-14  MTAKAWA���On February 24,  1969, Koyoski Miakawa,  aged 77 years of Sechelt, B.C.  Survived by one daughter,  Mrs. Ruby Ono; one son  Robert, Sechelt, B.C. Three  granddaughters, Dianne; Rita  and Gayle, Funeral service  was bold ori Wednesday, Feb.  26, 19d0 at 2 p.m. from the  Steveston Buddist Temple,  Stcveston, B.G!. Rev. T^ Naga-  tani officiated. Cremation.  Harvoy Funeral Home, Gib-  sons, B.C. Directors.     2208-14  , ������ BEATON���February 27,  1009;  iWargnrot   Glhshan   Beaton,  ,   widow of the late James Ben-  top, of Gower Point, B.C. and  ressLag, cooking yard and  maintenance experience helpful.- -To ' objections to active  retired couple. Position open  now. \ Write Box 2104, The  Times; ^Sechelt. 2104-14  SALAL WANTED  Top price paid. Good quality  required. Contact J. M. 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Good- 'well,  property cleared $5500 dn. on  $15,500.  E. McMynn 886-2500  ' Do Wortman       t886-2393  J Warn 886-2681  > *  Box 238, Gibsons, B.C.  2220-14  BLOCK BROS.  Mr.  Good:  681-9700  ��**  24  hr.  service or 736-5933 ** office  Let Us Sell Your Property  Sunshine Coast Selected  Properties  ACREAGE PENDER  HARBOUR AREA  Lake   front   with   house   78  acres   overlooking   lake   and  road,   about   1,000   ft.   front.  $22,500. Terms.  Garden Bay Lake, about 127  acres with 1800 ft. overlooking  Jako from the bluff., Stream on  Full price  $16,500.  PENDER HARBOUR  EVERGREENS  Madeira Park  Salal Pickers Wanted  Huckleberry 37c bunch  plus 5c bonus  Salal 40c bunch  plus 5c bonus  Contact Plant before picking.  Locatod 1st house. noi?th, Pender   propea-ty. $19,900. Terms.  SECIIELT INLET-^about 180  ft;, waterfront with homo and  Harbour Hotel.  Phone 883-2265  2050-tfo  WANTED TO BUY  ��� .,."������ :,^i��� lilt ������ -i .H I.I. ....Ml ���������*���'��� I-. ^      I ���.��� �����������  POSTAL cancellations of Irvine's Landing, Earl's Cove,  Wilson Creek ��� Howb Sound  or  any  other  old envelopes,  cabin.-A. very desirable property. 28 acres $25,000. Torms.  Homes  'Right across 4o the beach, an  older typo Hiotnc modetnlZfed  with all conveniences for permanent living on nice sized  property,   Gower   Point   Road  &*���&.'^yo^^W' ^J���   postal cards & view card?. Ph!   ��>���?"���   ^rms,   asking   $28,000,  83rrt Vfinr. Survived bv 2 sons.    i,.~ ~����� .������'__. I.   ��������.'_������     _m- ivnAn tf/w VrniMnnn. ��,_  83rd year. Survived by 2 sons,  Stanley J., Toronto; Kenneth  S.i West Vancouver; 1 daughter, .Mb. H. II. (Muriel) Wood  Portland, Oregon; 7 grandchildren. Funeral service was  held Monday, March 3, 1009 at  2 jp.rh. from Gib.-lona United  Chui-ch. , Rev, M.( Cameron  officiated.. Intermfirit Seaview  Cemetary, Gibsons. Harvey  Funeral Home, directory,  2221-14  CARD OF THANKS  WE WISH to convey our special, thnnka and appreciation to the doctors, nurses nnd  staff of St. , Mary's Hospital  for their klndncsa nnd care  ehown to FraHk clurlhg hlft  recent illness, Grateful thnnkn  to bur innhy friends for their  lovely flowers, cards and  doHMtloris which nro vpry  milch appreciated. Kva Lyons  nnHTnmily. 2222-14  PERSONAL  ALCOHOLICS Anonymoufl. P.O.  ��sx 294, Sechtelt, B.C. Phono  pi _B7b. Oco-tfn  ���  * i.u�� Bi...i-W..#i m���m*.~.,L������,..i,u Mil  ��� /mil,.,, - f, ..���|ii���ii....��;.iii'. n. n,  FOR , Twilight   Theatre   jpro-  gramme phone 8802027.  f 2022-7   ��� ,  ' ; ,   WRITERS thtcrestctl  in  meeting ; at  Informal  gatherings.  Phone! 880-7240, 2091-16  000-7759   or  write  to  David  Nystrom,  B.C.  Box   235,  Gibsons,  2102-14  FOR RENT,  HALL for rent, Wilson Creek  Community Hall. Coiitafct Mr.  Glen* Phillips. 085-2183. 1005-tfn  St��AOIOUS  1   bedroom   suite,  with frig and stove, Secholt  coptto. $95 mbhlh. 805-0300.  2072-tfn  3 ROOM cottage, West Sc-  , chelt, Suit,,, retired couple.  Phono HE1���5705 or write Mr.  W.G. Mills,, 55(11, Rupert, St���  Vancouver   10,   B.C,    2210-14  wanted to mm  WANTED to rent in Secholt  ���Wilson Creek rireo, three  bedroom house. .#11. 0h5-,2023,  22-15-10  2  Oil  3   Bedroom  home   re-  , quired by March 31flt. Iten-  (tonnblc.   005-2302.        2213-10  .,   II  ��. ,     I     I III      .!�����!               II. Ill    I.   IlllilJl.  ��  REAL.ESTATE  . ,; ; ,..  r..i.iiij,.'i iliii.i   ��� ���yu>liimB><a..iii.��iiii��i���m>-��mL�����ii��fi��wwi"����i|'   "* ii" "���"���  MAURI RA PAIlK^approx, ,5  acres of Lakcfront property  ��� pn.'paved road and waterllne,  with secluded 3 bedroom base-  ment home. Aiiio Oil and fire-  plUOO., Phono 850-8028, Mr. 11.  Lockbart,  n.U.  1, Aldcrjgrovo.  20^54���.  will tr��do for Vancouver property,   p   . ������  AT SELMA PARK-Lovily  view property, good sized homo  ���Wltti P,C. basement, niito oi\  iihd tl.W., 2 bdrmh., "siiii deck  overlooking the Bay, blacktop  p.yt, ( Pius itwo rental.*), ono  be'drooin ehblnS on same property $27,500, only $5,000 down.  ON iilGHWAY-JNr. Gibsonft,  Alknit 1.5 flcres nil services.  Ideal for drive-in or oilier commercial property, $0,000.  ON HIGH,WAY~.Tunctlon of  highway, Frances Peninsula  IlOJid at Madeira Tark. The  pick of all commercial property, includes all services, ident  for Motel, Servlco Station ot  Drive���In 450 ft x 291 ft,  npbrpx. Corner property  $21,090,'both toads hlaclctoppbd.  COMMERCIAL rROPEnTy-  Monoy making motel, located  in ideal, position, husband and  wife operated; yenr round pro-  position, Ruhstnntlal cash down  payment or trade your Van-  ebuvor or Other property". Fttr��  thcr information! by appblnt-  niehtoiily. Please phone Mr.  Good.  BLOCK BROS.  Mr.  Good;   681-0700  ���*��  U Irr-  Bcrvlco or 730-503.1 ** offlco ,  Lot Us Soil Your Property  2152-32  retirement.  Terms;  GIBSONS-_%';acres on lilgtv-  way; dose" to , village. Ample  water supply. Property slopes  gently from highway with-view  over Strait. Full price $0,500.  SECRET CpVE AHEA���Waterfront 2 acres with over 350 feet  seafrontage. Spectacular 180  degree view. Full price $15,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� Waterfront. 3 acres, fully serviced  with 225 feet on placid lagoon.  Gentle slope to level. beach.  Full price $11,500.  PENDER HARBOUR���Level,  cleared waterfront lot' fully  serviced with 70 feet frontage  on sheltered, bay. Easy access  off paved road. Full price  $5,750.-        -     t  ,-AKINAW tAKE ��� Waterfront. Your choice of three dots  on this picturesque 6 mile lake  just 3 hours from, Vancouver.  Lots average 80 feet on lake by  170 feet. Excellent fishing and  water ,sports. Full price $4;250  each. Terms.  Call  Frank Lewis  or, Morton  Mackay  at 886-9900.  Evenings  886-7088  FINLAY REALTY LTD.  GIBSONS BURQUITLAM  2154-12  EGMONT: Delightful hideaway on over 3 acres with approx. 250* sea front. Cozy 3  room furnished cottage in  lovejy % garden setting; Fruit  trees, excellent water, attractive terms on $15,000. Call  DON TAIT 883-2284.  .ROBERTS CREEK: A ter-,  rlfic J buy   in   level   acreage,  close to Hwy., stream.through.  Some clearing, only $4f>00.  Ono of the most desirable 6  room W/froiit homes on the  Coast. The developed property , alone is worth, the full  asking pi-ice. Don't hesitate!  Call us now for an appointment to view.  GIBSONS: ,Cb2y nnd immaculate 2 Bdrp, stucco buh-  galow, fully 'furnished. Bright  living room and kitchen. Vanity bath, Utility, large | car  pork,, Coihpletely,,,...iriimjatcd,  electric heat. $10,500. F.P.  Good terms on tidy 2 Bdi-m.  full  bsmt.  home situated on  view lot. Village, ccrithj. Full  , price only $13,000.  Near, now 4 Bdrm. lipme,  rerjuires outside fhiish. Nicely  appointed living-'-dlnlng. Cab.  kitchen Is answer to any  womanu dream. Vanity bath  features double basins and  nrborito wall bath enclosure,  Full concrete .Bsnit. hna oil  fired H.W. hent plant. Unfinished Bee, room, roughed  in second bath, Rtotngo roohi  ond workshop area. Excellent  private water supply. 12 acres  nicely timbered. Only $0500  down gives possession.  K. BUTLER REALTY  & INSURANCE  Gibsons, B.C.  Phone 880-2000  MEMBER  MULTIPLE LIFTING  ,     SERVICE  K. Butler  Ron McSnvaney  Ed Butler  Don.Tait  Isabel writes...  Pender High-lights  ���from the Legislature, Victoria  LEGISLATION _,of great importance to  the people of British Columbia was  introduced "Thursday. This was an Act  for the Promotion and Protection of the  Fundamental Rights of the People of British Columbia, cited as the Human Rights  Act.  Of -interest to women in particular is  Section, 4 (1), where the equal pay section has been changed to read "No employer and no person acting oh his behalf  shall discriminate between his male and  female employees by-paying female employee at a rate less than the rate of pay  paid to_ a male employee employed by  Him for the same work or substantially  the same work * done im the same  establishment."  Section'5 states' that "No employer  shall refuse to employ or "refuse to continue to em^loy;\any',-person, rbr^'discrim-  lnate against any person in regard to  employment -or any "term or condition of  employment,' (a) .because of his race,  religion," sex, colour, nationality, ancestry  or place'of origin, of (b) because of his  age, if the person Jias attained the age of  forty-five years and has not attained the  age of sixty-five years, or (c) because the  employee has made , a complainJ_.under  this Act or has testified or is believed to  be about to testify, in any preceedings  relative to enforcement of this Act. But  discrimination because of sex, where  based on a bona fide occupational qualification, does not constitute a failure to  comply with this section.  Section 6 states "No trade union shall  exclude, from ^meipbership or  expel  or  suspend any, person or member or discriminate against any person' or member,  (a)  because of her race,  religion,   sex,    |  cojoiir, nationality, ancestry, or place, of    M  origin, or (b) because of his ago, if the  person or member has attained the age  of forty-five years ('arid has not attained  trie age of sixty-fiye years, or t^c) because  the berson pir member has made a cdm-  plaint under this Act or has testified, or  is bellevej-j toj be about to testify in any  proee'ediHgs relative to the enforcement  of this Act.,  Section 12 (i) states that the Lieuten-  nnt-Goveiihincnt in. Council may  estabjish n commission to be known as  the JElumah Rights Commission, and ,that  (2) at least one member of this commission shall, be' female; ,  "Xdirector;;lji addition to investigating  complaints would have ii duty to pro-  mbte thfe principles of' this Act.  Sectioh.i0:iBtQtbs,i'<fNO''per]sdh, directly  or indirectly, alone' or with another, by K*| -v  himself or/by the interposition of another f, ;  shall:(a) deny to.any,person or class of w ',  person, , the n-^Pniuio^-^tlon, services, or )} t.  facilities' available to the public in any ,V '  place to wl?.ic'h, the puplic is customarily  $���  FOLLOW the birds to Victoria, and this.  ' vis exactly what happened on Wednesday, February 26th. Each year a student  is'chosen from Pender to go to Victoria to  observe Education in Democracy. Part  Bathgate, ithe representa���ve for this year,  took the trip to the B.C. Legislature. This*  event is sponsored by CKNW, B.C. Telephone and Ithe local school-boards.  Now (that the sunny -wearther has come,  more of the gang, is outside eating their'  lunches and wandering around the school  enjoying the "sunshine.  Doug Sladey, one of the .Senior Boys, *  made a -mind bike. Sometimes he is seen  roaring around the school testing it ,out.  1 In P.E. the'Grade 8 girls played a game  of soccer against the grade 9 girls. The  grade 8's won with a 3-1 victory. ���  A few weekends ago,-'the Senior Boys.  Basketball foeam ,took a trip to Squamish,  and- played in 'at basketball tournament..  Scores .were: lost to Pemberton 73-48 and  ���by Karen Dombrbski  lost* to Elphinstone 50-37. Good .effort  boys. A thanks to Danny Lee for chaperoning the boys to Squamish.  A little verse on Spring:  "Gone the snowdrop���comes the crocus;  With hte tulip blows .the squill;       . ���  Jonquil white as wax between them,  And the nid-nod daffodil."  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Church Service 11:15 a.m.  Evening Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSELLS  DoyiYBay Road and Arjbutrug  (2 blocksupfrbm Highway) '  ',.     w-�� >'  _��  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  SECHELT  Sunday School ��� 10:00 a.m*  Church Service ��� 11:15 a.m.  MR. ROY ADAMS, PASTOR  All Welcome  ANGLICAN CHURCH  SAINT HILDA'S���SECHELT       \   .  ��� 8:00 a.m. Every Sunday  9:30 a.m'. Church School  '   11:00 a.m.'2nd,,4th, 5th Sundays  7:30 p.m. 1st and 3rd Sundays  Services' held regularly In  GARDEN BAY, REDROOFFS and EGMONT  For Information phone 885-9793 -  Every Wed. 10 am H. Communion St. Hilda's  COMPLETE HOME FREEZER SERVICE  3  l  LOCAL  REPRESENTATIVES  PHONE SECHELT 885-9418  PHONE GIBSONS 886-7156  ��   f k'i>$>  7   }       W"  vr~n'3i*.**+fy\��*fvti*ri..ii-\jjXtt^���,..,;,��� ,.v. v , ,<..,^_  lA1  V  I-    ll,  tics avallriblo to tho public ini any place  -ft.  to ��� which the public is customarily nd-   f"  milted, because bf he race, religion, color,  nntloniuity; flheegtry or place ot origin  of such iJc/son or class of persons or of  nny ptjier person or class of persons.  Section 0 iilab htfttea that "no person  shall deny thc-rl&ht to occupy hs a tenant  owner or purchaser any commercial unit  or self-contAlncd, dwelling unit that Is  ndvcrtlscd fpr, occupapcy by a tenant  owner or..purennqcr, because of,tho race,  religion, colour, nationality, ancestry or &~.  place Of origin bf that berson or class of X.  persons." ,! if, .,"<  Tho int-fodtictlbn ot this Bill ls Indeed  a forward step In the field of our own  ���humah'Tli^t3''��id will, -I-be-lleve*, 'be-.ohe  of the outstanding jploc'es of legislation  in this Scsslbn.  ���' A  SECHELT AQEf-JCIES DATE PAD  ��� This frea reminder of coming events Ii a iorvlco of SECHELT AGENCIES  LTD. Phono Peninsula Tlmos direct for free listings, specifying "Date  Pad", Please note that space is limited end sorna, advance elates may  havo to wait their turn; also that this Is a "reminder" listing only bnd  cannot always cdrry fu|l details. , '  _i__i___H__^  ���M0.1"' 5--12;3 p.m. Pcndch Secondary School, Spring'! Fashion ShoW.^  Mar. 5���8 p.m. St Hilda's Hall, Sechelt. Garden Club, General Meet.  Mar. 7���2 p.m, St. Barlhblomew's Gibsons. World Day of Prayer Special  Service,  Mar. 7���8 p.m. Ivan Smith residence, bast Noblo Grand Club No. 82  YVhlst-Drivo.  Mar. 0���6 p.m.-12 p!m, Eiphlnstono Homecoming.  March 11���8 p.m. Solma Park Community Hall. Special meeting Selma  Park Community Centre,  March  11���8 p.m. Wilson Creo'k Community Holl. General Meeting.  Wilson Crook Community Centre,  March 12���2 p.m. Legion Hall. Madeira Park. Rogulor Mooting Pender Harbour Hospital Auxiliary,  March 13���2 p.m. St. Hilda's Church Hall, Sechelt. Regular-Mootlno  Sechelt Hospital Auxiliary.  ASK FOR FRlfe CATALOGUE OP PROPIRTY  Multiple Llitliio Sarvlca  Vancouver Heat Citato  Board  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  ��� nno-2000  ��� flnti-oosft  ������ flno-2000  ��� a03-220i  221S-14  Why floeji almoin evpryonO howndaya  Bay "nhklbita1" when he usually menna  "eager"?  -Literature la mostly-about having mx  ,nnd not much-About liavinflt children;'life  Is thotothe* way wound.  ,\  ���.t>v'.  *t.t., ^.,"v*,*.-. ������ f",*.,��\���*.^( .^^..^.^^^a^- ff swy^y^"v-fvi*  IH&AH& j*rf^ J$ p&k .fa m& a^ -f .J*"  ,*  #t*.       ���      J-      A,  4* f j r * r * t *  ft*     '    #    J"    jh    J*   **.   l��    f     ���;  h at, *����� <P����i*  w ��  n- L^i*.-*u* J^-*-*-*^^ *******>*��� U't'K)3'^ fc" *si  L��fcW*V'i<i,*V' V Vk**>1,V*'*t�� V'*^"'vS*'',**^,-V*J*iSirti*(J**>i 'i  ,v-V* if-���a-'' -Is- J "V-'��������'���**��#* ***����� V'-J-X^V-"  i*VV ^"V-^v vv-**  ^ *���*���>���>       ���**     l '     M -W    **    J!r     **  --*���*)�� **->i-  ^ -^v ^ '' "*���* V **1 J!' _" - -  ��- ---V' W  v? vt- '  r <i Vs,; j,-^-'HJr',-i>-Sr iS'-C- *.  ���*- J I/-**.. ���>.  -   I'  '    wAy-   J  ��*   i> w "^P-      -"*-"���* "V    >>*"-<*A-<*" ,  ���j- v-->i *>*��� i-^v^ V ^f- V -*-  The, Peninsula Times . Page A-3  W^efe Marth 5; 1^9  P&a/ St Pierre  --- ,   '   v.���--, ...   r,. .,���-,.,t    t   ���Letter from Parliament Hill  OTTAWA���One of the pleasures bf reading old lettere is the knowledge that  they need no answer.--���IiORD BYHON. .  ^    Pawing'through ah,old moss-green filing cabinet iri Room 101-S yesterday, look-   1  ing for a sack of .Bull Durham which I    '  clearly; recall having filed there in Sep-  iember, my hand chanced upon a late-  blooming Post Office flower, a tight cluster of t old letters.  They may have been  answered in haste but now they may be  enjoyed at leisure. '  Here are brief quotations from a few  of them:-  -ON ABORTION: "Was somewhat dismayed with the, conclusions of your conscience on the abortion issue, Paul, but at  least you have the courage to state your  stand .aforehand. Reckon you have heard  all kinds of argument for and against, so  this is hardly the time to reform your conscience. Generally, speaking, it appears to  me that -the right of life of a human being  should never be left legally to the discretion of another, competent or no."  ON GOVERNMENT: "This bloody  business of efficiency is all embracing.  You and I have seen a good hen on a  farm, hurry around and search out the  last bit of food-in the failing light,-arid  then hurry off to roost, tired but happy.  In tthte -interest of efficiency, man has put  thatt good hen in a small wire cage, in a  building without-windows and in-so doing,  man is building a cage that will' confine  huh as surely as it-has those-hens." ���  ON PARLIAMENT: "Something has to  be done to limit the speeches made to  empty seats .*. .Debate is one,-thing. Irrelevant loquacity is another."  ON HIGH LIVING? , INDIANS AND  RUM: "I might summarize by saying that  Canadians are living -too damn high and  not thinking^ enough ,of the future., I hear  you and L��n Marc-hand are concerned  about Indian affairs. WelL I.wish you  luck, but I think-it will take another generation to make real headway. I have just  had a look, at the rum bottle but note'that  it is in need of conservation, so have to  do with milk."  BILINGUALISM AND AUTOMA-'  TtON: "I hope the present session is .not  going to spend weeks aiid months arguing  about bilingualism instead of getting at  the more important matters of unemployment, pollution and automation." "'   ,  LET'S DEBATE A NEW FLAG: "Beit  known to all concerned that I ... do  humbly request our Parliament to suspend -  normal procedure and hold -an emergency -  meeting to study the urgent matter���to  Remove this Foreign Flag being used on  our Flag Poles (throughout .Canada, and  restore ithe National Flag of Canada," the  Canadian Red Ensign, to its Rightful Place  of Honor. . , . The TV, Radio and Press .  will cover this Article. Let us.fight for  the Truth. ..." On to Victory."  '   FOREIGN OWNERSHIP:   "It irks me  that a foreign citizen-can-buy a< portion'of  our country. For example, Americans buy.  ranches, summer; homes, etc. .'This foreign  -land gr-abbingTnflatbs land values because'  foreigners are wealthier than the average'  Canadian and are th4refore,,mbre able",to  pay these inflated prices. The only people  who should be able to buy a portion of  Canada are Canadian citizens." ,  PROGRESS REPORT: "I can report  that Chilcotin is still here and have every,  reason to believe that Coast is still there  and haven't heard anyone wondering out  loud what the hell their Member is doing.  But give us a late spring and falling beef  price to brood about and we'll have lots  to 'blame you for."  Make corrections.  -* -��� 'V  .Elphinstone,Senior ,$oys h&ve' ���aoV"a - coming: -From��� ���ft,- 'standing:j -L6n  ���busy  season;", qualifying-^for"'Howe   Martin; Wolfgahg Buchhorn,-Trevor  Sound' r^lay-off _:they it&v.eUecl; to -West ���' ���'*���"' r^v^.m^^iu^u* i-r^w t\�������  Vancouver on  game.. Qn'Saturday-they  past graduates at Elphinstone-Home- "Watson. ���  man wins  l they ^yeUect ^:West ^-^rami-Crai'g^h'amberlin^irohri EHiffy   tJ%"~r" ' _" "^fi��� 1"A^ui"  'Erifiay^fOE. their. 16th :-MdMr.<3eheYablbriski.--Pr6rit^Kim   J\1W<1!11S   _161I0   131116  urday-they-will take-on :Iriglis,' Ken Bland,* John Dew-hd.Bnfo    ryj -"* ; '/'."���';��� ���"'���"��� : -,-- < ���-��� -���  , ^i. _iim-u:_m<��m-^..Woni_.   "WfltSOn"'   ~     ' '   '   '      '  ' " FTTNr>i raisine- raffle   bv ��� the ' Glbsofi  mnm Afemd &phie  \   -        *^   - -  FUND;���raising: raffle .-by"-, the ' Gibsons  . .1 Kikanis: .included "anl-��� expense; paid  eight day trip, to Reno fo�� two/Draw .took  place, last .December and" was ,won by  Clyde Higginson of Selma .Park who -left  s-by Marilyn HopfeirtS    lagt Saturday by Sechelt Motor-Transport  TtJIS WEEK -the 'Coffee Room' for 'Grades .-{he., direction :of-John'> Barnes, ,gr-��<_\12  '11" and'^ 12; opened'mi;the abasement. .'President, are .holding -a -pillow\ concert  henevenjstudeaifcs iiugrade ll.or'-12'.have  . �����4t��.+u�� ���o'^u.nv^iu,.  TKn^nt.^-^iii  �� 'j  Whenever^tude-nte iiugradeILori^haye lwitK>the pbPpy~Fah_y. THe-"-concert-will  a free period ithey can spend 20,m_mtes : -*T'     ��� .-, . v     ...      L .���->>.  of the hour class in ourcoffee room: -Ev- ^rt & 12:3�� P-���:.^^.1?**1*1,^  eryonefwho Ranted.tojohi^and have the >. 2:15.p.m. -CQstofthe concert is one dollar  privilege of using 'this"area'was asked ^t'o  privilege of using  bring. 30c to cover the expenses;, sp���fai  there's Keen good co-operation. * - ��� / -  Another change -took place ��� around  Elphie jthis week. "Our afternoon "homeroom period-was changed to immediately  after lunch from "the end of the day.' The  teachers felt there ,was quite a need for  'an absen-tee.slip'-for* the afternoon whereas  before ithere was only one absentee^slrpfor  the . day which was ��� recorded from the  morning homeroom period.  " -Friday* after school our senior boys, left  "for West Vancouver for a, basketball tournament and if they ��� win their Friday night  game, ithey were to stay in town and-play  Sentinal on Saturday., ���"    t   , ,-  ,,March 3rd to the,7th is Education week  across Canada. On Tuesday we are hoping  'to have a dress-up day in contract with the  Sadie Hawkins Day, we had last fall. 'Also  'Ph .Tuesday Elphie's four basketball teams  are -Starting a home and home game;-with  Pender Harbour. The winner of the games  ��� will be decided on the total poinfe of all  -the games. Then on Thursday, Elphie'will  itrayel up to -Pender for -the back to [back  eame-.      ;'      ;       . ,       ���  / j  'Friday, March ,7th, the, grade 12*s under  and'there is a dance for outsiders to^-at-  ;tend,*.but..-that .is.'.not, definite yet. The  ���> profit from this.is going .towards grade 12  -diplomas and pins- The meaning of a;pil-  . low concert for those who don't know is  .that you can bring a .pillow to sit4 on or  - just sit on the floor. There .won't be .chairs  .arranged but if. you really* want a chair  tyou,could get one.  ',.    The week will end up with our Home-  - coming- on Saturday ��� night. -Everything  'starts off at 6:00 p.m. with 'a tour of Elphie  for all the past grads. This-will be followed, by  games,  the  senior- girls  playing  -broomball and bur boys playing basketball  with our past grads. _ _���  ' -Later on in the evening there will be  a dance with the "Perm Kings" and a din-  ���ner for -the past grads which will begin at  approximately 11:00 p.m/v All the past  grads are cordially invited'/to attend. ^ We  hope to see' you there. Don't forget, 6:00  -p.m. to midnight!  bus';accompanied by   Ron-Caldwell  pf  West Sechelt'.   '    ���  Kiwanis. are presently ^engaged_ in  raising - funds for their senior ' citizens  hbrhes pro*ject. -A nutnber of possible -lb-  cations "are under, serious, consideration  and it is planned-to inspect some of thei  Homes project-on the lower mainland before any definate plans are decided upon.  Figures will be, released later on but  it is understood proceeds of the 'sumi-ner  boat raffle also went toward this worthy  project. Some individual donations have  added to the amount on hand.  The first rule of wise financial management is to save something for a rainy  day; the second, rto distinguish between  light sprinkles and heavy showers.  _���M  _  Jt is truly enough said that-a corpora*1-  .tion has' no conscience; but a .corporation  ���of  conscientious   men   is -a -corporation  ���with a-'conscience.i r ���'     -    --     '  ���.      .    , *     ~ - *      .  ���,^ _������'  i         W^IBfWdll  ���  ^Jm  (BOOH 1)  by- Harry. Roberts  4.95 (plus fan  Sechelt ��� 885-9654  'ore  mlmmmm^AmmAm  MIIIIBlWirMlilltll  ivinu  Paif ley, .Prints for Spring. , %^ g&,m  Sites :,2W:-d.-:i..:.:::..'.-:bNtY ���' ^S^H'il  S-  Viscoso. material, fringed --onds. 24t"^45'''.  Rose) Aqua; _old/Cinnamon;    '-*-��.   -*'-  Blue,  �����_...���......,.: ,ONUY  TWEED  Bcigo and Brown, 18  72"x84"  .���^i��a^'^^u��^^M^i��4i��-��iS^��^wiiWM4'����iiwiiJ��i����i>��  Cbme in and browse around.,  o need to buy.  mmmmmmmmmmmnnwmmmmmwmnmitmmmmw^nmm^mmmu  si\4��tm.$&  & wIa* :* .  r-^o^-i  THE BbARD bf School * Trustees is *un^ni-  mdus in its decision -that the misleading 'sitateiherits of Mr. John Bell as pub-   The School Board is,   __     _ .  lished in the local press on February 19th , -agfericy of ,'the legisla'hire assigned -the re-  shbiild. be corrected. Board /release states:    -sppnsibility of carrying otit'the provincihl  The many errors show Mr. BeH',8, lack   eclueatibrtal pdlicy in the community. The  bf understanding of -the fundamentals at   *"^~i -~���-j '��� -"<* -�� "j*-^^- x* *u* rtnW^  stake ahd his failure to check his-facts and  sources of information.  He made four premises:  1. THAT this .school district overspent  its budgeted amounts in sections A to'p  (operating sections) of the 1968 Budget by  $275,280,00. ^  CORRECTION: The figure quoted has  no relation, to over-expenditure nor does  it have any relation to the 1968 Budget.  We preseiimelt is meant to be-the amount  in excess of the provincial basic "programme fortius District,in 19���,'ahd if so  it is $227,753,' riot $275,260. In any event  this is not an over-expenditure bf the budget, it is the amount the School Board feels  necessary to provide for the additional  Costs over and above, the basic education  program for.this District.  2. THAT ( over-expenditure in 19f|8  justifies- a reduction - in -expenditures in  1969.  . CORREC-rtON: There is-no reduction  in the iristawiUdnal account nor -i the total  budget. Although, the total, budget for  1969 is bnly.'a fe'jv' dollars,more than the  estimates :for _68, -���'the Board "feels-that  the areas'other -than -the-instructional account have been generous in'/the past and  it was in these areas that reductions were  made.   ,  3.' THAT this school district must out  its education costs in order to have good  relations with Victoria.        t ,  CORRECTJOrT: As stated in 2 above,  education costs have not been cut. The  Provincial Government is a partner of  this District as much as of any other and  certainly the success of any partnership -is  directly in proportion to the relationship  of the partners. Sections of the Public  Schools Act state specifically the method  by which the basic education cost SHALL  be calculated and how *|he budget MUST  ���be compiled >'  According to legal opinion the Board's  overMl'-and. primary .fUiietibn^is to provide  education, for "/the children in iheir -area.  The School Board is. ih fact the .local  $chbbl,Bpard is not an agertcy of the 3ocpl  community (in law) though tb some extent  in fact. , ( ' v,  _'��� t THAT a reduction Hi present --leach-.  ing and rlonrteachihg, Staff -arid ^rvibes ���  will riot impair the District's educational  programhte. ,  CORRECTION: % Bell is Equating  excellence iri ,the,jteaching-learriing.situa-  tibn(wiih qilaiitity andighoj-ihg quality.  We-hatvernpt dealt with the analysis bf  these premises for the inforriiEation therein  is personal, opinion. In reference tb item  1 of his suriuriary, -the ^cretary-TreasUrer  does riot have and has hot attempted to  exercise the powers which Mr. Bell attributes to rhim, With regard to .item ,2,  the decisions mentioned in his summary-  are in f {-.ot made by the. Board, .Tipori 'ih-  formation submiibted vtp the ���oard, by tits  chief educational officer,, ,the v,Etistri&t  Suiperiritoriderit. _ubh - ihfbrirnatibh - is in  the form of recommendation and in no.  sense.a directive.   .    - r   , .      .  ,-  This -SchooL,Board, takes full responsibility-for ,'budgejary decisions-made in 19l69  and-is-confident that'the educatibn-of the  children, will, not suffer'as-a result bf "certain- administrative changes; : "   ..   .'  , MRS. SHEILA KITSON,  Board of School Trustees  School District No. 46 (Sechelt).  A couple of engineers igbt off the train  carrying a special suitcase in which ilfiere  was a gyroscope, one bf those i'ttstmht-ehts  that keep _ plane on its course.  i As "a gag, ithey started it up before the  porter picked up the suitcase and headed  toward the exit door to .the cab;s.ta*id. The  siiitcase ifcept oh .ai straight *course Ithrbu^h'  -therdbbr ibut (refused torturh dawn the -street  with ihe (pbrteh Oe -tried it three tikes and  finally piftthe Ibag dqwh.  *'You -gentlemen," he said; ���wagiihg ah  accusing (finger at ithe ehgiiieers, "have  ibeen drinkiiig ttoo much."  , _  FRANK E. DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  Bol Block - Gibsons  Every Wednesday  8815-2248  GIBSON GIRL BEAUTY SALON  Gibsons..Village  Experts at ��� cutsy - coif f s - and * colour  Custom Perms -���  Phone 886-2120  (CLOSED MOhftAV)    r  AUBIN'S UPHOLSTERY '  Furniture Recovery a Specialty  Fine line of fabrics.  Samples brought to home.  HAL AND MAY AUBIN  Tel. 885-9575 - Davis Bay  1������_t���������������������������IMI������!���_������1_____.__������_���__��_���.I���__���Mil ���  Telephone 886-2069  ROSE & ART ENtERPRISES  Potteiy, Supplies, classes & flrirlg  dealer for Duncan's "Ceramic Iproducts  Pino Rd. & Grandviow Ave.  P.O. Box 62, Gibsons, B.C.  |     L. & H. SWANSON LTD.  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Wednesday, March 5/1909  y  r  tv "���'  1  it  /**,  \w  -  i_**  ����� ���  *>  ���v"  -J  1  1    <  4  J.   /,  , A   �����  J  J -.   -  ���. ��  W*1  *        1  <f  I     *  ���tsj_---'  -I  -v.-.  -^C  \-  ^  ing is 50 .much idle  hjs! ^But-aya^'-ow  in^tUVou^ave read1  in", Joseph Conrad's  prjjicipar  youngecc"  nirkive 'fiTSSnSt V^XIX,  _> �� started"ftong the .beach ,towar_ ' jT��ff^_"___?^  of -m^n^oking^nslvelianas aSpfl   'to^looked Wan^^ing me, promj^ t lad, for teof goto, m mm^��H  sipping ���the -very best brandy,'&nd- says��� *��� becj^onedme ijo^join him.   When I sat ;    , In irons! .Unable iox steer- the course,  and I'humoW quote; "By all ghat's -won-   &&$& 1be^e5himJ(1on Ms log he said,'i'It - he-chooses^-at* the mercy of the, tide, bf  de^Ut-is^^'I telieve,'^ r     ���   ���*   .  -       - .. - '   -    v   "And it be 'grdest^on those who *'-"we  tasted the sweetness of running free on the  ���_ w���, . _,_,���, w��� e.����� vlK   w ,s, -, T^F , --, _    seas of fancy���ah; the freedom of UnShae-'  shore-^nitelL^WfWi-asn-t that the .best   ^i-lvdr suddenly wavered/in-my mind. < v   "~kied youth���for they eventuaUy feel "the  time, that itime when we Vere young at ' 1' * agreed with -his ^observation, pn 'What   need to taste again/ but, inevitably, miss  n^n. ^niia .�������)- h��a I��^.t,*��rt '����i.. *��.��� _���     1 tKoUBh* meant "+lrif& ���-An*fihpt>.  ni-w-l i-rd  \.    ��i  o-t  _'��M,  -'^  L  New Library  say I'm from some'eres   ensure his words wore' imprinted in my  "  be  Walked  and  a, a^,.a^a.*,*_m,,*������ xw ������-..    gj^tamg on our log on! the :beach. Sunlight    hauled the small knohorr from the sand.  <    ^���AfT6'**1* nanv^Q^Jsid   dance_ across the bay, making the' lipples        I- followed to the water's edge.  "But  S?__3f J�� 2iWs^fS���� JftS   !__��'_^_*��** J*�� ^oidoscope of   teU me, old man, what, brought you in  sum-  In  F"  i  ���+  I  1  1  1  1  .1  1  *. ���  v;  1  *  i��  s  ��I  ./���  ',2  I    I  ��  i I  F  ^J^rS^S^^^^^^   fe^" --^^^^^il^me^m^a-poi^builft (mons! But who sent for- you, then]"   I  mask -along the .beach, behind me, as we _a .Bristol fashion."  When lieV>kei_s   called back-cOmpreherision slowly begin-  *��*% ^-tfS"1? to r ^ *5f &?Kt Wue�� &**> ageless eyes sparSedbEthety. ' hing to kindle in ��iy mind.     J               '  fZ^^^lfed*CSm^J6<^_,thrtJ      ^W^*alke#ofOife*aIahis^Siomwa_' ���   "You," ��e said. -  the acquisition of more and more material - ....'^. r��� ,,-.-���        .   > **.v *   "-.**. " .    '��� ? *       -,   __  N...  \  ��� **���"  I-  /  Ml  i.  y  .   "*.  ?*X  *    >  t   <  r     ���  %  4"  %   i  J  comforts, -I was mulling over everything,  and yet,nothing--^the way .one does when :  alone with his inner self.  I climbed to the top ���of a short, trocky  bluff and looked out over ithe sea: A1 Ine  of white stones, like 'blocks an?ambitious  ' child has piled together across a polished  nursery floor, ranged out'to form a short  breakwater across the bay "below me. A  j small, white lighted structure 'sat ait' the  i end,.marking the entrance to a haven suitable for small boats., Across, the bay,  ���along the gentle curve of the coastline,  a covey of squat cottages nestled silently  satisfied. A solitary, white church stood  imperious and erect, its; black-roofed  steeple jtoweiing in ��� authority above jthe  rest. Its doors of turquoise hue, like/eyes,  looked out to sea, past the aging, green  building perched precariously on the end  of the decaying dock that stuck out from  the shore like a rotting, wooden finger.  Beyond the.village the coastline continued,  sweeping and curving gently along a wall  of green and blue* and brown ^firs.  Suddenly there appeared a' boat near-  ing the breakwater." I'hadn't seen it approaching, but it was, making for "the cove  ���a small boat of odd appearance, about  eighteen feet in' aength,- dwatffed beneath  old canvas.  the.Eght, slip-  as it round-  Shelter of the  see a .craft  . lt r . ,. , . .gravel, hill that  sloped gently to'the beach and wa-tched  the boat run into the shallows. As it  touched bottom an old man, balancing1 in  the bows, heaved a small kedge toward  the shore. A small hemp line settled into  the water behind it. When he had made  the rope fast in the forepart of the boat,  the old man eased himself over the side  and nimbly waded ashore.  ( He walked up the beach for a little way  and sat heavily on a log that was as  wizened as himself. I did not approach  him right away, but stood at a distance,  watching. He was quite old; his appearance told me that, despite his agility. His  face was deeply lined and several days  stubble covered his cheeks and chin like  i  !  i  * \  Canada's Fighting  Pilot*  "Jody LaMarsh-Memoirs  of a Bird i In Td >   \  ,.   Guilded^Cdfye" ,  "Dictionary of Spoken,  i      .   Spanish" 7 ,  "The] Yearling"  //,  Canada 1968  tt  )  >  i  Homecoming event * �� ���  ftrteenth, iBirtliddY:,PCirtY)  for Elphinstone Secondary  yf*^^_^iff}ttl^S^-Jii^8  Electrical Shop '  ,.   ...   .. ���   -. ��   ,.        ��� , , , Completion of .the pectineal Shop at  Sixteenth <Bi_thddv-"Pdrtv'        ��S^a&S^S  include  dr/afting,. metal  and ,woo(l  ���    shopri. Visitors will have'a'chance lo  tour Uu> new sdcjfon op, Saturday.  , ��� ,       - .   .     ,ti , ���,.- i     ,,., ..     ,    Also Used as aPhysks lawraltpiy, Iho  ELPHINSTONE  Secondary  Schopl wlU the IW Kings; from- 0 to midnight nnd    ncw' ying ^as' buUf to nicdt rcimlrc-  bo   holding   it^   sixteenth   Birthday n buffet luncheon-ls.avauabne at 11 .p.m.    merits of iho Mrlv new hl'Eli school  Party;-Homecoming and Education. WoolC        Studehta -are /working hard, to n^ko    curriculum ���   ���-���    ���     -  Jin. one grand celebration' on Saturday, the���-event.,amir outstanding  succoss and     ���J _J   March 8th       , th'cy>te Ioo,Uln��� forward to family ,pnr-    <SMJSg!Bgaa  Programme commences ,at 5:30 p.m. UtfpMion. The evening will be entcrtaln-  with a tpur of the school and Bake Sale. ��>B for the youngest mcmberB of the  Reunion' between- former Btudents; pre- 'nmily, for the students will' ba providing  sent and fohner staff will bo,in tho form ar baby )s tting service leaving parents  bf a Pot, Luck ��� Supppr. from 5130-7 p.m. t���9;to) enJW Ihemsclycs.   ,  .WJ-th.gucsts,invited to bring their favour?        Education^ WpoH ,wW. ��lso. VO Elphin-  He dish to phurc.       ,  , , stone'-nnd- Pender  Harbour 'Secondary  Elphinstone School Band will present   ^ho9]p,-Biir����;I|^n_'M4^tw-whff9^:��^  a .programme from 7 to 7:30 p.m. &t_?1 _/am?��� G,n,n.C8 f!1 ty Lpl?^ af  , ������        ��  ���-   -   ,       ���', ������ -   .   . ,      ElphJnijtonc'after-school dni Tuesday and  r 9f?duat*-$   Qro . requested   to   tolto   .otPondcr after, school on Thursdoy...  sportfi wear for challenge games of ban-  Icctbull   and   bi-ooimb'all  which will   bo  played from 7;30'to D p.m. .Z,  Bingo- enthusiasts --will ��� l>c able to par-  .ticipate in games also running'frpm���7$0,  to 0,p.m.1 ��������� ��� r ������ ������ ������ -    ......... s  ,'   J\Iusic for, dancing will, be proyfded by  ���,:'".'"..,, '."��� : '", '"'. : ������.���."���' ;;- rirj-^r*'  ___���__ , _.__ ..^.^-i  __l_a___M___BW  'aw��xg#tefttew^ffF,��fflwsi  i  , ii i'  [Sides'  ������   "'���   Service      _ v^;  OLEII SERVICE STATION  v       Hishwoy 101      �� :     '  ' ���     PHONE M6-9&621    ' ' ���' '���  TMMMMMIliiiiMIl        ^ IPS  COMMERCIAL PRINTING  : ::':seb'Wi'lMiS' ���  . .';::i','r..' '. , ." i: -���,'. "i  ; ���-. ���-���,-.'.' ���  ms&ssmqssmtt  (���'���  'W.ef\ yrtuv ��dd����f iCQnvesiiesico ''"W�� - Biayo- how a ���  .' "'  in' cvnlm&ttm' with ..omr ��� BryoBeanlii'g.-',  Oppo-Ko .the, Bus  <  Power Steering, Power ftrakea^ iHydra-  matic Trans., Radio, Whit. Wk\l Tireo,  ; Two Tone Paint, Auk. Lighting, Inner  Map Light, Dual Head, Rcato,  BHHIIBIIIM^^  Ford 2 Door Custom  Dig V-8 Motor, Power Drakes, Automatic Trans.  Nice Clean Unit and Look Only  _j_i_fflwa!_tyw^  !  Um��r Price - $4395*^0;  l. .'Qbcbdiil  .��� 1966  Oldsmobile Oelfa 88  2 Door Hardtop  Fully equipped. Power Steering, Power Brakes,  Hydramatic Trans., Radio, etc.  $2495.00  niSfe'li'hai'^^  1  i  :  A TOtUE VA_II_ SA^pWG  ll''! '. '    ' ���  ' l Hi'      41  Sa^^^^^^^^^^i^^^^^^  iiSIii���  < ^___.*____  Sgii'MyfeHMS  ^f-SIMffPfPfSIMffy*8^  _ .;���;,; ��� ..';'���; 1964 y     :  md Fairlane 2 dr. Sedaei  Standard Transmission.  t  rmftasmm^aKeis^iaagi  fedj_j^jys|y��yf%^dp^^^  ,"  II  ALSO A BEAUTIFUL SELECTION .oHlUND NEW FACTORY PJtICED CHEVY lis, ACADIANS, CHEVELLES  - y,          '    ��� - -    ���     AHO bH^tUM STATION WA<��ONS READY;TOrGO-*'- '  jCom�� h And Xook Afaitnd farid IM W�� Htfp'You With Your Now Car Selection.  MARK 01*  ExcallMcE  CHEVROLET^ W^HjjIlfAC, OMJSMOBILf, IJUICK, CHEVROLET and G.M.C. TRUCKS  PHONE 885-21 ll       \   ] SECHELT, B.C.  i  ^^^l^l^S^^S^^^^gg^^^Sg^^^^^^^^^^  Sf-yg^��yf^p��^p  msm  S^B  ESSi  m  ..4  \h  PP.  I  i  4  I  / # . I- ,    , ' - 1 * . L ! f      " t t kr .'Zt ^tfj J?C,\$i.i'',>,  ^\J&��W&;^  ,'1  !    1  * i  ,i !  I-  /  *-       ��  &  '���V -.-       f       ->  - *\ \4 i   \v, ���.*�����  **     \   ��M *\ *  ���  ���*\\-  /*  ��� ���',*1  *���> -\  \  \!  V A  *->  AW  -'A  1  "4,  A  /���  /  '!>  i>��*  *  * .*  *y  ���:  \  ��� v ���  v  r.  )  .���***���  i  r  I*  j * > ��  X  ��  4.  ���*N  r  1��  *  1*.  1 "J  i  Section B ���  Wednesdoy, March 5,1969  Pages 1-6  Lite membership .  I   4  \  DESCRIBED as being a credit tc- every  Union at the recent Wage Conference  and showing tremendous leadership for  its size, Local 297 received high praise  from President of Powell River Local 76,  Render Chamber  elects officers  LAST general meeting of the Pender  ' Harbour & District Chamber of Commerce was highlighted with election (of  officers for the year. John Haddock has  completed his second term as president  and is succeeded by Doug Turner.  ' Rest of the slate includes; Mark  Myers, Vice President; Mrs. Jo Benja-  field, Secretary Treasurer; John Haddock  Past President; Directors; Art Alexander, Peter Benjafield, William Birkett,  Don Cameron, Harold Clay, Len Larson,  committee. Mr. Andy Knowles who is a   (A1 Lloyd, Earnie Lee and John West.  welder has served for the past four years  as financial secretary; Mr. Pat Quarry  who works in Mill Stores served as a  Attended by, seventy people, the annual party was arranged by Mr. Sam-  Moore and attended by "visitors from  Powell River and Vancouver.  A)  Guests  _    _-  ��� Next council meeting is set for March  18th at the home of the president and  next general meeting is tentatively slated for April 21st.    ���  At last council meeting of the Chamber, importance of a health inspector for  the Sunshine Coast was stressed and it  was decided in light of the fact the Regional Board, Building Inspector no  longer assists in this duty, the appointment of a Health Inspector to the Sunshine Coast be sought.  '  It 'was also decided that the Hover-  Thoroughly enjoying Local 297 IBPS resentative,   Jim/Terry;   President PMW, Stan Green; Mrs. Dave Hill;  & PMW's Arintial party held-at _e Local297, Dave Hill; Mrs. Eve Terry; President Powell River Local 76, Jack P_^d^rj_iwS^?__:T_?^dSt bf- other persons QPini<  Peninsula Drive-In at Sechelt on Fri*- International Representative Katl Egaiif Mrs.' Marie Mouat and-rOtired Dave MouaT accompanied bva_T___ f0.rn*e: benefit of the j  d���y are from left: foternatioftal- R-epV Stelpf Retired Vice-President IBPS & President of Loeal~76, Murray Mbua't. Mouat           w-��pa_?a, oy^vra wane wlll bnng .success.,Aithc  I  /  ^T  \  I  .J  \  i j  **>. ���" ^s. a-  1  _!���  ,/ ��j i- *t i * i  ��� ��� -i�� i.��_ u it i., a _. _w._  n p  i V  ���$ltw ** "V*  Jack Egan at last -Friday's social gather-    trustee and Mr. Lome Smith,  recovery  ing   held   in   the   Peninsula   Drive-In,   "operator at the Mill served as recording  ec    *��� ' secretary    and , a    faithful'   bargaining  agent.  On behalf of the Local, Mr. Geoff  Thatcher presented Mr. Dave Hill with  a travelling case.  RrnS^tin*g_ t *=ei      I"*6���^"81' ���    Retired   president   of   Powell* River  Mmw,Sad0fPulpSulPhlte.?n_^a.per Local Dave Mouat, spoke on the aims on ,       ��� . ������     v      ,   ���  Mill Workers was recently retired Vice- the Brotherhood  which' strives for the craft company now in operation be asked  p���enV rStan T-,Gr^en;'   Internationa}^ betterment of the'working class. It is hot * �� it had any plans for a service including  hvPM.0nS V^  Jlm TfT%  a^��^Anfd possible to have everything on a socialis- * ^��rfer Harbour.  renr^ntfn? J^X^ ^V ?f L^^ ���  J* -^^ ** ���id: ��i advised tolerance -, ___;   representing Powell River Local 76 were    'M nt}?J _WOftnc Qpinions  aTld working.     ,     ��� '  ���group asr a whole - Secretary,  taking   (dictation,  to  boss:  Although I am retired "Are you sure you want an exclamation  I.Have1 not forgotten my'affiliations,'he P'pint?   Nobody's  surprised  at   anything  Highlight of-the evening, was,the pre-, said."..: . ;.."'.-..     .'>.          .. V anymore."  sentation of an 'Honorary,Life Member-    '-���=���.��� . "   ,, ���.���-���r r- ���   ship in Local 2&7 to-Mr-. Stan _reen-who~-fi*_'  was 5th Vice President when ill health  forced him to retire..   \    --   -,,-.--,- ^. ���,  Pr42sident of Lobal���97; DavVHill wlib .  made the presentations, also paid- tribute -  to retiring inembers'pf the executive who ���  have served 'the Union Well." Mr. John -  Connor who now has a staff appointment  and is a second class engineer at Port  Mellon served' as chairman of the welfare  Picej?ent|itioris'made at lasrPriday^s' ^etfar.'coirimittee; Mr. Lome Smith,  $0pial ga_iering of Local 297,' recog- re^dofdjaig'secre'tary and faithfurbar-  nS^d valuable^ service torthe .Unioji- > gainiiig -g^rit; 'Mr. *Pat Quarry,- trus-  p>jroniied'byretiringexecutiv-emem- teefahd"Mr;/AhdyKnowles/-financial  be|?sv:,Mr. 'John' Contfor, cHairmanrof Tse^pre^ary-for the pa��� four yeains. '  Wont. to make -' your - JiomQ  larger, more comfortable, more  modern, - more ' : beouHful??  Whateyer home .improvement  project you" have ��� jn ��� mind, u  you'll find helpful ideas and  information at' your one" stop  supplies $npp;;  wm^jmmiwmmMmm sm  9 piece Lwm& mnm mow  4 SEAT_��� CHESTEHnELD   ,  & COFFEE TABLE - 2 SflDE TABLES  Z HATCHING LAKUPS  - ;:  2 CUSHIONS   -         J"  AT THE last meeting^ of the Recreationi  Centre  (Tconmittee ��� held*- at the ������ Jolly  yppii@s  Phone 885-9669.  SECHELT, B.C.  rfafatoMtimi  L___  1553 PowerPoint Road  .���tJii.i.f1.i^,i{ii.L.-..i  Phone 886-2346  \  A  :-\ f-l\.-\  * * iV * v    **���   *  ii*  'I  'n.v.  Zfr-ihi  **��-*ij/-.i  *M 7  " .*��� I.I      '  fflw  ^- *rl1  *    *���*���  t  " 1  1   J  *��**%���  4    ��� ���  "���*���    "    J  '***-!_*_���' "*���.' 1  ���  .*���<.  ^ <������.*'  M  1  �����   i  ^   i  ^.,'''a  ���   ���*  '  ,  V  cic1^^     '      �����  . ->  * _f      *p    ���.  .       -  �����  ��     .*      .  \ -  1  *   *  4  <���  ���jW*vi  't*  t  t  <.  .  ���   ,��-<���'  \  * *. ���*  -��� 11  *  ihave^n&ters. staU^-^uHa^vHl'in *''     .    '" ���*"* "; *���'"���'���'    ' ���'   v -    ���-  *��. ^' w *'j*___ r- /     -   - '���    ,  princiiple of 'this project   Many pffered  assistance   if   required.    The   Regional  Board, -the three Chambers of Cbmm&c-e,  the Scdioal Board and the Villagfe Council   .  have all expressed their'*��� interest ^andi-ap-       ���  proval. -'    i        '    ���,  A meeting is^being arranged -in Victoria by our MLA, Mrs. Isabel Dawson,  and Mr. Ken Kiernan, 'Minister of Recreation and Conservation, to help "expedite  the building of this centre.  On February 10th Mr. D. M. McCooey  met with .the committee at;Robexits Creek "*  and stressed the1 basic issue of ai master  plan for regional recreation development  and the establishing ; pf priorities. This  should be done in conjunction with the individual committees.; Without a master  plan, confusion -will inevitably arise.  He further stressed that care must be  taken to determine what is. best., for this <  area.  He was in favor ,of a survey,being  taken to do'this.  Such a survey requires  money, .and the committee, is how/in the  .propess��� 6,f enlarging,its'opemting fund.  ;���,'< iNexfrmcot^  March 10th at the Sechelt Indian Hall,  Any interested public ai-c wercome* to' at-  rtond.:>"' ��� ��� ' ' '     :'i  ' ��� \     ��� ���  I   .��� ���'      ',    '���������'���(   '    ��� ' ��� . .       ' i    '   4  ;'������':'v  -:i-y'-.;���' 'J". -I': ';  ������: ,   ;,.,'/' ;; i ���  - ,  ArVilsph Creek community  general titeeting slated  GENERAL meeting,of tlio>Wilson 'Ci-cck '  O^mmunlty  Centre' li  sclieduled ] for  -' Tuesday, March 1 lth -at 8 p.m. in ,the Wilson Creek Community. Hall.  Executive committee urges nil -to support the organization with a good ������j/urn-ou't  and if possible /take along k few new ideas.  lbf��)wMll granted ah. Honorary Life ^President of, Local 494, ,!��.. health. ^^'^^^A^X^oTm  Menf��^whrp;i^IxKSal 297-at; o'social forced Mr. Grccn'ls rcUremcnt as ipSS sSJort ahd iwKorwarti to a  ���functidtl'on Frfday eyenlngi Pictured   yice-Prcsident, canly last year. record tuwi-out.   I -       '     <   i ��� ��� J.  COME IN AND SEE FOR  YOURSELF!  Many Gift Items too nMmcrous to  list; to chooso froni# with  up tol|      Porfo'ct for your own homo, or as a _  FRESH CUT FLOWERS TO  IRIGHTEN ALL SEASONAL i  ���I. :���������-��� '.-"-EVlNTS.---"; '��� ' v.'  L  ,50% OFF,  gift that is always right.  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J^-^��^iW*aA*B^��^j^��J*-*��*^'**('^^ * r J     *  li  1>  j      -J'  J*l   ���*,�� ���.ifvJ'fj   r.  i_eh?s ilii'e&fehed  ��� ��� *  FH*h in a Five-Part Series-  (Your Heart Foundation presents a five-  part series on heart disease to inform s the  public of the progress being made to combat this, twentieth century health hazard.)  -by John B. Armstrong, M.D.  Canadian Hear-t Foundation  YOUR HEART Foundation is now in its  twelfth year as a national health  agency.' As noted in the previous articles  of this series, it has been one of the spearheading forces behind a drop in the cardiovascular death rate for-persons below 65.  What are the prospects for the next dozen  years? ���       j   ,  , Nobody -can,give an exact answer to  the question. But many competent authorities think it likely -that great advances  are likely, and that progress during the  next two decades will surpass that of 1949-  ' 1969. These possibilities have been mentioned.  ��� Prevention and control of conditions'  causing heart attack and stroke. Realizations of this goal would constitute one of  the greatest medical achievements in human history.      *  ��� Identification of causes and prevention of inborn heart defects- with which  hundreds of babies are born yearly.  Increased knowledge-leading to sue  Page 8-2     "      the Peninsula times '  Wednesday, March 5, 1969   ,  ^block,,:iri Powell River,-' -valued -at ap-  * proximately '$140,006. *   "l   "-" ;,  ~r -lMeetirig.'-in Gibsons .on * Thursday of  ���f.last SfeeeV,* members of Coast Garibaldi  ' Union $bard "of Health approved Powell  ;/River Alderman -McCloskey's proposal  .Z that In 'six week's time the Board will  -\ survey progress made-by Oxfo-rd Mortgages ^Corporation .to consider if .Ocean  Villa/Ajpartmehts should be-closed down.  . X-ray amd dentoj. oxamftniation abound six,  years of -age m'ay ireveait ana��y causes' vl ���  , futons irregularity -df ttflu? iteeiM). and face bet-  ' Hore they faaive >�� _>avnic.e -to ca-iise p ermamemt  r changes _ 'growlh.   J,   -      ^ > '  The, federal' Iheailth depaintmerit puiblica-  Brownie Awards.  ��� increasea Know-age-icaumsw*.^-      W^V.,-   ,   : V. t -,./   -    --.      orownie Mwarus.    _.,,,- v <-��-. v��;"    to install at a cost of $11,000  cessful transplantation of hearts and other ^ :(&-j<i���_ -Satf-V "Silver -Star and a    awarded -her first year-star ahd;_ee- ' 'disposal-unit,, the same type as "<  orsans-       ,                  "..,__/ hom^h���kVd'-���edN cake all helped to   Ann -Nest-mari* qualified for her -Geld-   ting successfully .at Pemberton 1  ��� Development of an artificial heart, _rt_,-w.-ii|',',;_a,r)<, *ttril<W Crook    on Ror en TiivAtin's mnfher Mrs' Pasn    seems "thai "this" will' nbf be "at  Development  with a fully-implanted power source, as  well as perfection of '-assist" mechanical  devices to help hearts in distress.     ,  ��� Extension of already-tested "-coronary care units," or their equivalents, to  many hospitals in the country treating  acutely ill persons. These units, which  provide for continuous monitoring of vital  functions of persons surviving heart attacks, with an alarm system bringing per-,  sonnel trained to cope with sudden 4-aner-  gencies, improve the survival rate by as  much as 30 per cent. They are now available orily to a proportion of surviving  heart attack patients. v  further substantial gains also are expected in the fight against rheumatic fever  and rheumatic heart disease, already widely regarded as being preventable by knocking out the "strep" infection which almost  always precedes rheumatic fever. Some  scientists believe that a reliable vaccine,  immunizing young people against "strep"  infection, is in the offing.  Dramatic advances in cardiovascular  surgery are quite possible. During the  1949-1969 era, this type of surgery focused  ' on correction of inborn 'heart and blood  vessel defects, arterial grafts, valve replacements and relief of conditions resulting .from rheumatic heart disease. Additionally, heart transplantation moved into  its clinical trial phase. During the next  twenty years, medical scientists are likely  to improve existing techniques, and develop many new ones. :  Apart from what is done by science  and medicine, each of us can play an important role in reducing the risk of heart  attack and stroke in the years ahead. The  steps we can take include periodic health  exatminations, which give the physician  make-'Jttst -^hmsdayis Wilson ��� Creek  Brownie- meeting - something -;specfal.  Flossie,-Viola-Woods,- -on-left,- was  en Bar, so Lee-Ann's mother Mrs.-Leo  Nestman made .this lovely- cake wJtfch  Brownies enjoyed* sharing: -   ���  ->   *  Hmfmooh Bay Happenings  -������' - J   *��� -  AT A meeting Of the Halfmoon Bay Rec-  - reation Commission held on Feb. 24,  Chairman;-1 l)ixsJ. 'Pat. Murphy advised  members of the Commission that permission'had been received from the School  Board to use" the _alfmoon Bay School  for recreational^ purposes. It' had been  hoped to arrange a Rod and Gun course  at the School for teenagers, but as such  a course is already being held at the  Wilson Creek Hall, it was not possible to  arrange an additional course. Those "interested can join the course at the Wilson  Creek Hall at the next session on Sunday  March 9 at 7 p.m.  The Commission will organise a social  evening at the school on Saturday, March  8. -All pre-school -children and children  attending school, wh live in Halfmoon  Bay and the surrounding area up to and  including Secret Cove and Nor'West Bay  are cordially " invited. The program as  planned is for children aged 3-11 years  from 7-8:30 and for those 12 years and  over from 9-11:30 p.m. Teenagers may  each bring one guest.  ���-by Mary Tinkley  Laird of'Vancouver, Mrs. and Mrs. .Cfcias.  Chestnut bf Bumaby, Mr. and Mrs. Doug.  Foley of Squamish, Mrs. Laura Scarilan,  Mrs. Florence ^Thompson and Mrs.^Flori  Brewfs, all of "Vancouver, Mrs. Pat, Welsh  of Kew\Westminster, Mr. Bill Ramsey-* of  Langley, Mrs.' Marilyn Russel of Montreal and Mrs. Lucille Pettetier ,of Bur-  naby.        1  Overweight sufferers  easy pray for faddists  IF YOU are .really overweight or are suffer-  ;  l^Pipper tooth care pays      ,  '  ���*.! MOST "cases, imaO!fomned' teeth and jaws ' '  can be pilevenlted.        }       *    > -  "     ,  '{ - ,Four -oitit of'liive,people with iirineigulair '  "jtoeitih halve* Vejb- *his> condition <leiveloip be-  ��JNADEQt}AT��   sewage "disposal r could ' ments wiil pay two third of the total - ��aiuse they ior itbeir paire-nts- did! not Jknofiv '  '-"  ' close ',_' twenty four unit apartment  * cost. ' '���'   , /     y  Z   . { "-the-causes olf: crooked teeth or, did not know'  *���-������- ' ��� " .-r-     ' -  '        v '���������-.' . i't--coiuld -beocirre-ited. "Even the one in five ���  POLLUTION,    - ^ ��� ' whit)*-ihai5 alnhier-ited im irregularly shfaiped'  - Film on pollution shown to the Board - jaKv_ amd iteeltlh ��oulid, through propearvdiehlial',  stated that'out of 130 B.C, communities; .'care, imipnoive or -comrecthiSi condition.1  one   hundred   have   sewage   t-ceatment  plants. Many communities, it stated, are  approving  expenditure for sewage a disposal without-waiting for serious pwlu-  tion to arise.        s,-    L        , ", < -  /Senior Health Inspector T*.-M.'Bell,in-,  ' fprmed     the    Board     that, - minimum ^ tioh enfclled" Crooked T<j6th, Crooked Face's \  <-,..,      . , ,.   ��� .standards on air pollution have been re? ," ���-They Can Be Prevented/ -reminds yc<tt ��� ���  7    .McClosfeey/stated, that although  he    leased and  recommended that they ,be . $s& ��o it _a,t your -child's teeth ane well  ^sympathized' with .difficulties outlined by    introduced   into   Regional   District   By- t cared lor and that- he vMite his dentisit  'v Mr, F^.* Kearney .who represented Oxford   Jaws when needed. .     . regulairly.    ' '���  'Mortgage,;1 this < situation   has   been   in  -^existence for "two yeairs and if a private  /'householder/was .faced with, the  same  ^'problem his'house would have been'con-  'demhed. ' _ -7��  -/  $     Kearney.stated that there appears to'  "".be cohfrrct^of "interest between the-De--  Apartment  of - Health  and  the Pollution  - Cdnttol. Bofird. His company is prepared  to install at a cost of $li,000 a sewage  "one opera- -  but it-riow-  seems ;that "this" will' nbf be *accepted"by~  , the Pollution' "Control Board.  As ^temporary solution the four septic tanks,'serving the apartments lwere  causing - -the . present pollution , which  effects a~pubiic .oysteir" beach. Mr.- Kear-  , ney: stated .that pumping was'now in pror  ��� gress- arid a written confirmation of this  will-be's^httd1 the'board. ��� . .���  To further alleviate the problem, ohe  - block of six units will be closed and the  septic tank drained-  "Instead  of  going  broke slowly,  ',we   are .going    broke  rapidly," commented Kearney.  _-���. PRESENTS, -t-  TESTS,FOR TEACHERS  In reply to a query by Squamish  School District representative, T. B. M.  Fougberg, Nursing Supervisor, Miss M.  Thiesseh stated that it would be good if  school-boards made T.B. tests for teachers compulsory and recdinmended that  they have "something- in their policy. Miss  .Thiesseh wno i-3 acting Director of Coast  Garibaldi -Health Unit stated that/tests  could  be  incorporated  into the Health  DEAN MARTIN and ROBERT MITCHUM  -    - -in  ' Technicolor, . , ���' Starts 8 p.m. ��� Out ,10 p.m.  \  FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MONDAY, MARCH 7th, 8th, 10th  Next,Week: THE AMBUSHERS  li*ti_ja^^^^  SOCIAL  i Also on Saturday,  March 8th, there  wul foe a social evening at the Welcome  ^ ^ ^   ������������    ....        _ ���..     Beach Hall at 7:30 p.m. with a varied  an-opportunity to"^ -, program  of  musip,   skits,  etc.  Refresh;-  ment of any high blood pressure' of dia-r *ments' wul be feerved and everybody ��  , ing -front some disorder related to^diet,  consult your doctor. ' Do not iall prey <to  ,       , - ��� *  food faddi&ts." They don't knony anything Programme if school boards so wish,  aibout you.* These laufliors of bodies on food  fads have no special or superior knbwtedge  of anything except of how to mafc&mohey,  says the federal health department publication, "Quackery." The lack" of .knowledge  about nutrition of many people provides a  fertile field for, creators of food fads. 7.  -  " Remember,, the safest.-surest and cheapest way to.lase weight'is ito see your doctor  first and then follow his instructions.  Artist, proudly-, tq observer at exhibit  of his paintings:"I've never sold any, but  ,1 hrMld;oA0���^r^Cln!^.,  -..iijiTj-Myrwr  SQUAMISH CENTRE  Wltn hew members on the Union  Board of Health, it was decided that the  new" Board "be askeot to re-erifforse previous -Board's 'approval^of a new Health  Centre being "built at Squamish. Motion  was/ carried, and -Squamish- Council has  agreed to-make land available. A start  will *be" made. tb "collect* the' local share  of the _ money, required. Three service  clubs^m-Squamish; Rotary; Kinsmen and  Lions . will^ take w partem . fund -raising  v,activiii"e4^Fje^^:~^  ft Fiberglcss, ^ Resin   ^ ^_et@o_e  ft llocafieig Hisrdweire, ���  svtrvn^im09tnKiKam9WAnmmKPSA^Bm9tg^  SPECIAL  H  mnmnrtiinmifri4it*iinmf4iiniiit*i  IS  betes that may be present; avoidance of  cigarettes, maintenance of normal weight,  regular physical activity, and adherence  , to a diet which substitutes polyunsaturated fats (chiefly from vegetable oils and  fish) for animal fats and which has few-ar  high-cholesterol foods.  Any look at the future also must take  into account another vital consideration���  your Heart Foundation is now needed more  than ever before. Its highly successful  research programme, having contributed  so effectively to many recent advances in  cardiovascular medicine, surely warrants  extension. So do its programmes of professional and public education, which  must continue to bring the benefits of new  knowledge to our physicians, nurses and  other professionals charged with medical  care and, of course, to every Canadian  citizen.  How can the individual help? One way  is to work a9 a Heart volunteer, actively  and personally participating in the fight  against hoart and blood vessel diseases.  Another way is to give generously to the  I960 Canadian Heart Fund Campaign,  which is being conducted throughout Canada during February.  welcome.  WATER RETURNS  The sound of water gushing and giggling from all taps in v the district is  music to the ears of housewives and life'  is getting back to normal for the first  time this year. This past week it has been  good to see such activity in local gardens  with residents busy with bonfires and  getting ready for an early spring planting. ' \  VISITORS  Among visitors arriving in the area  have been Mrs. Richard Manton's mother  Mrs. Earl Anderson of Vancouver and  Mrs. Frank Lyons' son and daughter-in-  law, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Laird.  Visiting Mrs, Larry McHose at Brooks  Cove was Mrs. Margaret Harrington of  Regina and Mrs. Hugh Duff's guests at  Welcome Beach were her son, Rob Berth-  elet of Vancouver and his wife Dawn.  In the area last week to attend the  funeral of the late Frank A, Lyons were:  Mr. and Mrs. Micky Kilcullen and son  Brian of Bumaby, Mr, and Mrs. Gordon  Laird of N. Surrey, Mr. and Mrs. Richard  iffwniitfiwffl-fiiiiiriTin-imrtnn-Ajn  ���OTn-^r^ffl^nm^irtiwnfj-Mvmmr��if��CT��4W��4��nn'f��fl.... ,  <r  Your Authorized MERCURY Dealer for Sechelt.  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Qfrigier^ root or  '\  oround tjjirifl'ferv     ���:������,���'-���  1 coo, sllolilly beaten  2 teaspoons cornstarch,  1 teaspoon sherry  1 teaspoon lomon jlilco  1 teaspoon salt "  6-8 slices whlta bread;ft few cloys oltfVj  oil for deep1-frying Zi  iSnsula iffliii.  tfcl-  HEATII3Q & SU^U-S  Your Kemfone  Sherwin Williams  Paint Deafer  Phono 886-9533  Gibsons, B.C.  Thawied frozen shrimp or fresh shrimp may 1><j used; bo Isiiro tho shrimp loro  <drf,,t\ma fexcoss molsturci wlll'moko the mixture too thin, Mjnco shflmp and water  chestni||S wltS a chopper,. knlfa or kitchen shears, Add scalllons, glncjcr and tgQ.  Blend In cornsfarch and remaining seasonings.  Where  fashion is a byword  Smart Shoppers are  found at'. . .  1.1  . ������;;���; v.'���^;:.flA0<O, '���  STKRIO^iVft W dW COLOR T.V.  Fully ofjulppcJ for Color T.V.  Dealers for '  ZENITH\r\ PHILIPS �� RCA     ;  FLEETWOOD  Better than City Pricco  Phono 006-2200  "-" ��� ��� ���   dli3iS6N$# BlC. ' ��� ��� ���'  _gga__s_g____sg^^^^^gj  Trim crusts from bread ond quarter broad slices Into small squares or triangles,  Spread shrimp mixture on bread. Heat oil to about 375* F (or until a bit of breod  become brown offer approximately 30 seconds In oil,) Lower shrimp toast sections  Into fteatcd oil ���with a slotted spoon, and <\aco fry I hem to o golden brown, turning  tho bread once. Drain ori paper towelling and serve hot,  fashion Shoppe  Gibsons, B.C. - Ph. 886-9941  To servo at lunchcon-sIm) open-face sondwlches, spread whole pieces of bread  wlih shrimp mixture and deep fry uncut.  Make _-4 to 32 tidbits or 6 to 8 open-faced sandwiches,  itism^S'^tmSilmimssimw^x^mflmsmtm.  S^g_SggpSs^t|^^t^gy  AS iO|W AS'  25�� A DAY  WILL COMPLETELY INSTALL   i  A NEW SHELL FURNACE  Complete   with   oil  burner,   ducts  work and oil tank In your home.  Call  -ud   Kiewitz your .holl Oil  ! Distributor.  006-213_ Gibsons, B.C.  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The PeninsMla times •>       Page $4
-;    Wednesdoy, March 5, 196,9
Squaringly Yours
-rhy, Maurice Herns-tree1}
BERljJ I ha. again with the latest of square
datnce" news. Did you all have a wonderful time last,Sat. night whereyer 'you
square danced at?' Weill let me tell you
about the square dance we went to:'
Due to overwork,- sniffles, laziness, rain,
soft chair, tired Wood and so on, I had»
quite.* a time making up my mind to go ,
dancing.   Then,' with  a dramatic  quick ■
decision, we decided! to go till coffee time.
A series of events then took place, T!om. ■
Parish phoned to see it we would like tp
motor down to the Hopkins Hall with-'
them, and right av\ray I thought, "a chauffeur, how nice." , Resides  it's more fun
travelling with others/so we took off to,
•join the Gibsons Squarenaders for an evening, of-fun on the floor to the oalls of
Harry Robertson.  We only had two-'sets
and a few oyer but the evening was terrific, Jack Iriglis came up with" some very
good calling which kept -the dancers oft
their toes.- Didn't even have time -to put
our heels down, I had a very bad cold but
the show must go on so I did ihy best to
mix the square dancers up!" Don't knopr
what happened but everything came out
right. Bud Blatchford was nice enough tp
finish off for me, good old Bud.
_ff Madeira ftsif * v.
ORCHIDS grown; f>H Nelson Island and Mrs, M. Wheeler, Peninsula Times.
blue amd gold .rib,bbns made  up the THINKING DAY
lovely corsages pres^ed/to _u_ts at Pen-        .Gtiicfe Jennifer Miller had the importer Harbour Guide Company's first Moth- tant'task of explaining the significance of
er and Daughter Banquet'./ \"-.   •          , Taking Day  and   also read  a  special
Held in !tode„a;|i3rk,Community Hall
We had the "pleasure of having Inez " -'' V ■     '
Hendrickson with us fpr the iirst .time in FWV$$&iW$t\OVer
albout five years, sure good to see old -d?r.'H£^bptyr 1st-                                                                                                                                                                            _                                                          _
friends again.                                 ' now'tweniy-one members strong and <'Cameron, K__y,BrowTi,'D^bielGIav-- cik.  Front: Tammy- 'Brown, \ Valerie   he7 reply," Mr_T 67 si^defWrelTed' the   _nd^Th_^S^T™^vLV^^hTn-fa?hf
oil «*wa «vA^i,t *«,. +w f.v^4V'_A4>-h_->   4U« -<r?r.rv'fr,4-.i\/r«-««^oit-«7{n« _-a'_/t_y.1-- iTiaiA   i\/i*oT44rtvio'n/rooVQw   -K_U<« Mail*.     __i-n„ _«:^M^_ ?«*rti^_■_;_._ 0f tbe-Guide    mrthe        d    Ate t'        hW
on February <25th, ,twenty*ohe Guides ac- . . """won commissioner  mrs. verawe-
companied by. their W6&*$k*hB and bich, congratulated the Guides on their
guests* were welcomed' by W Joan Rae, smf *. apKsiwance and expressed pleasure
chairman of the' Mother/ _W    ' ' 5? be£g mvit?^J°. *te ?2 „I°™er-Dand
- - ,       \      '    ' ■    -   , Daughter Banquet to be held by the Pen-
- -The Guides, look^ng.espgcially neat for der Harbour Company. Expressing the
the occasion, had been, busy'-with prepara- need for Guide Leaders, Mrs.( Liebich
tions, each patrOl' being responsible for one stated that many people hesitate because
of -the - colourful. Thinking Day posters -they feel they don't know enough .about
which decorated, the v/alls. Also hand- Guiding, but this should not deter anyone
made .were the ornate,, golden - sprayed -who likes and enjoys working with girls,
vases which held^rrangemetifcf of daffo- '.fhe Division Commissioner presented
dils and pussywillow, 'decorating the ms_ Wise witH her Warvani Pin which
tables. ' l - • ' ,- ' signifies that she is qualified in the re-
Mothers and- guests- were escorted to quired tests and authorised to act as -Cap-
ithe dining tables by,"the pritfd-es and the tain of Guides.
buffet- supper „prepared by' the Mothers , A spemal vote of thanks from -the-Moth-
and convened J>y ,lMrs., Myrtle Page was ers' Group was expressed to Mrs. Bonny
superb. 'Gourmet disnW surrounded the Dubois who supervised in the kitchen .aid-
whole baked Salmon which -had been ed by willing helpers: Roxanna Dubois,
caught in the Harbour" for/the occasion. - Brerfda Crosby, Nancy Wiley, Linda and
Cindy Harris -had -the honour of' pro- Sally PM«-d Lorretta Gamble,
posing the, -toast to,the, Queen.and Sundi ENTERTAINMENT
__^ _i^ *S.e x'*£ 5° J^L^^e.£" __ 'Patrols competed in a variety of games
all -W-ere present for /the fir^t' Motherv > ton,'Gap'tain-Margaret Wise and lM$rr 7Reid, JVferjo'rie'Mack'ay, Kelly, Mair, feeling of-pfide in ithe success
aridTiaugh'ter-Banquet held1 last-week. • garet-Bain. -Centre from -left: ^Siisah- -Jean^e^PauPand^Ma'rie _aih.       r, Company * and gave .a, special , vote of
•Commencing-. With; back: irow ^fromo.Sladey^Myj^leiPauV-I^ry/Gameitoii,/'        '-l<   —- ' - ' \     .-. thanks to the tead^s^Mrg., Margaret Wise
 _     . . " - \ .--. and Mrs. Nancy Brown.   ; „*
^ .... GUESTS ....«■..     ...
Mrs.jRae introduced Division Cpmmis-
;ioner Mrs. yera,LiewcW"Vho Ravelled
from'Texada Tsland'for the ocfcasioq; Mrs.
Dorothy- ^tockwe^lj Divn.; Music Advisor;
Mrs. Vbna Clayfoiv -District Music Advisor; Mrs'. Charlotte- JacksoTU. President of
the. Djst-riot L.A,;'Mrs. Isabel Gooldrup,
Vice-President of Pender |larbpur „ospital
.tuxiliary;' Mrs. Jo.'Banj^field,,Secretary,
Pander -Harbour- &-District 'Chamber of
CoVmerce» M-*-- Bey'-Div>I, President of
Peruder Harbour Royal Canadian L«gion
L.A.'«; Mrs. L. Kilborn, Secretary of Pender
Hartvur Community Association; Mrs! -M.
Wise, \ Captain; Mrs. Nancy Brown, 1st
Lieute-.ant;*Mrs: _-R'.-Ah^lla; iSodmother;
Other guests were: Jack Huish from
Gambier Point, hope yo.u'had a good time
Jack. ,
'Mr. Fred Spain from Burriaby, up visiting his son Syd Spain of Hopkins Landing. He sauLhe had to make sure his boy
behaved himself and was just checking.
Mrs. Isabel McLeod, also from Bur-
naby, visiting tne'Syd Spains and also
used to reside'-at' Silver'Sands." She played
piano in'a band up there for a time. These
two people brought back memories of the
days where! was raised up north. You
-see our modern square dance niusic is
very pliable and one can waltz one step
or two step* by adjusting one's step to the
beat of the music. So while two sets were
square dancing ait one end of the hall,
Mr.'Spain-and Mrs. McLeod were waltzing at the other end of the hall and they
were just wonderful dancers. I only wished that I had^a movie camepa then I could
have captured this scene to bring back
memories forever. I sure hope they come
back again and soon.    .
Harry was on stage sobbing because he
needed one 'more couple to* fill a set' so I
brayely grabbed an axe and chased a couple, into (trie vacant spot, then everyone
was happy. I think I will take an axe
with me at all times, sure beats crying to
get .-a set on the 'floor.
I&d Blatchford says he has not -heard
recently from "the' Heeze and Sheeze of Port-
Mellon.. Such, a nice hall down, tliere,
what's ithe matter? 'Maybe Bud; should get
another record, the one he has must be
sevienty-fiye years, old. ' , Community Spirit
I did get one'item right last week: Bob    Helping to make the fu st Pendci Hai-
Crichtons.Pender Jr. Squares are fast be-    \y0m  Guide Banquet a success and
at Madeira P-ark*Monday,njghts,A p.m. till 1,*,      P«nrl«>i     TTnlimir    <?i»pnndiiv
8:36'p;m. and he could alio swing an'adult S «* * ,    ?°_    ■■ ?  i       crmaaiv
clafc'iEromB^p.m^l'l^OO/p^oSSe Sdiool   students  uoiked  under   the
sanie evening. I think it's a. great idea, supeni-^ion ol  Mrs   Bonn\   Dubois
There is a rumour that there'may be a Fiom left   Linda Paul, Brenda C ios-
jamiboree at the Roberts Creek Hall in b>, Loieltu Gamble Roxanna Dubois.
AprSL Keep an eye on the Times for fur- Sally Paul   Mi s   Dubois and \ancy
bursting contest. The -evening ended in
Campfire led by Mrs. Stockwell and Mrs.
Clayton sending everyone 'home with a
song to remember arid an orchid grown on
-Nelson Island- to preserve as a keepsake of
the first -.Pender .Harbour. Mother and
Daughter Banquet.
Swallow your pride occasionally. It's
non-fa'ttenihg.      --'•'-     -
bfgke C. iMd^rson D.C.
4 days weekly
Post Office Building Sechelt
Phono 885-2333
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sorurday
14 noon to'5 p.m.
pbsign • ' -
C©^¥'ii_C¥©^S im.
ther development
The hi-lite of the evening came when
it came to light that it was the Gibsons
Squarenaders treasurer's birthday. An
appropriate card signed by the square
dancers and guests was presented to him
.With everyone singing happy birthday
dear Lome Mason. Everyone was singing
in la different key but I believe this ■ is
called harmorty. Later on I asked Lome
ho\y old he was but the only statistics he
would give was 32 - 22 - 36. I have heard
this phrase before but my grandmother
neve$ told me wliat it meant, So, till next
week, cheerio and all that.
Safety while sleeping
fllLHI] x-. • id r *u    1 \   »  I) h\    m,U
; 'f i at   ii h i . mi ic i. ih fr
ill i 'j mil » -.l^iim h lkit i ■(.■[
Uickid ii ml 11 1 i > i» lov If |>1 i <.
ii ii cd ii a nn U Li\wi, .huiUl 1>'
( f 1 • \Y, 1 I I1 ill \ '\i« Lvin j I a
b I)' ( n lift h , icul ml Imn it u one
s 1> »« ili l\n » in hi> ,1 )in ici\ -4ii i
"in ' i f nn mi u » i' . I l fi In il
In-1 h dii>uiMnLn imbl r i1 m, The Cnna-
cllon Mother and Child.
., ■v.V,-*
**. /
up '.
Unemployment Insurance
Q. I've been told that a wide variety
of dependents connected with a claimant
by, blood, marriage or adoption ties Are
reqogiitaed as such for the assessment of
Unemployment Insurance benefit. But us
cousins seem to be excluded, and as n de-
Any Questions please?
d    iu>   -iimi in-1 lit Ik i Oun,   *i i
\ Wu li no h id 1 > chini'i t'i ■. h u*" -i t
\ in 1 l i, Ii (.in i it ■ i i il\u i m» r i
ti- c ilum i   but wc h i>- in' hi ir- firt»
me mourn i'tttaicic (
I'ljisiS, fa lis -necesis^ry ito ircdoigmllzo itlnaib
■J"   *
=   f
■ '     r
■i   ,   t  4r.
*'   ««.
1/        _l
* 1 fi.-**    1      *
►   i<*.
-- -» *; »i
•H > **"■
W*.^ -' - - •.
■■f  .  -
**.        J*    4MT4A
'    <t
*t ■
- ***** .-n»tJL*,
4 »
**WI'    »   *
•A-ward '
AG-^m MW, ■■ YPIihA NW' cpiwunity
had the pl^sure of
pen^ont cousin I'm up In arms. What Is  ■'•(lfrte{^abj^ieni:: a_ubii_ ,fe ni'Imenln-r'dc   Besides helping the Gu'idesiqu_.Ufy for,    or Vera Lie-bltfi ] .  .,   ,.
the reason? ji^-te ,thwste(iwho -are urtemployed ibcftwccn   'their badges, Captain of'the Pender   presenting at 'the Guide Bahque/t hol^t
•A.  Regarding ^ ine '.particular ';reWl<m- 77 l^fiJWT^' -'1 .   Harbour. Company,' Mrs." Margaret- Ito commemorate/"' ="^^— ■*—-
Thinkirig>I)ay, JVIrs.
ship of cousins, thl? to a vague term which    .;, g^;&$ Awdeft t© ibcs just o faam of   Wise, ha^' been working for her .War-   JL'leblch is f rprii Texada; Island and is
mw/MttdevloJr^'remQto -^^ rant Pin which Division'Commission-   pi'cturcd on;ief(. ;
Tho 1040 Act provided the dependency rate iplotjiimtCinlb (Insuramco Comimlsislom woiuM ibo
only In inspect of a dependent wlfo, de- iCaiI$iinj^v'8^:.'(Wwfe;nc*' -dDu'fcy if ,thcy iallllo(wod Jt [to
pendemt husband or-dependent child. In. ibe'iused intei tswh. ' .
lOflfl certain othw specific categories were        ryViliiW-o.'-yicu* Ji;alw ivanldi ivx ito un^mlployimemlt
ad0^,   toi<i category of cousins w»b not tosiuir^ttiiciO' JtoM'-.witn-ny' ydnns witfiiaut dna|wlinig
included,  "■'■                          '           ,       ' IboniTO,*. -wi'h'nlvo of dofiiinio beein'ipnoit^it^
..--•■.^;-I -wwt to toow.wliy ,lh|,,U,ra:im!pl^ ,   ,
ml(?ri6,J«nfl.nice CainimMaa hm fiikgpjj     . |fy^J.^b^^nlnlblo ttor work artd-M
. tho» wfh)« rotlro? '-"-^ ■  * -      ---•  -
■   !tS|iie
• pcippto
y\p\tr Jdb Ibclcoiuso  -oMcrly Oainndlinns iaino ■ ., ',V\,V.,',L .*.-.,■ r ■.       . .- ,       ,.
pn^incdl.lliy Slmtmilgnainite, itlxcii twben you ' • •Qucs*#t,>AW^i 'bo noDwtiOA .to. UflPW'
turn ttajwrt amoithiar Job ivMch -tai aidt qnttmUdo m^afl. feCY^. UiwnipVwrocnfl. Jfnisvirapcip
yiftii ;flino idilisqunfliWifecli tfnam nt»omiptoyiin«mlt IOoirnim.b|si)l*i»i.,VftinikT SU&ti^.^WiWM
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Say You SawlUln 'The Tunes'
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SATURDAY, Dfl^lKsll *i> -18^
5:30-7:00 p.rr^i Tour of School orKj pake Salo
Pot Luck Supper—forhiar student^ present and former staff.
7:00-7:30 p.m,—^School Bond Progrommo,,
7;30-9;00 p.m.—BroombalI and Basketball Games.
7:30-9:00 p.m.T-Bingo for thoise interested.
9:00-12:00 p.m.—Dahce; Music by Penn Kings.
Buffet Luncheon ot 11:00 p,m. (extra charge).
Admission—$1.00 »Jnglo; $2.50 wliolo family.
Sponsor^ by,the Sunshine toast.Lions Club to
make a friendly community more friendly.
This yejgr^ (^len^ar Wi(l be beftisr t|ia^ eyer.
Kn^W/y^qt^ social func
tions of all local organizations will be printed on the dates
to bje/L-,J,i■"'"',' '"T" -
■'I     V
Take ddvarttage of the local business firms advertised *^;.;t|j'^ a;r_ offering you gifts on
B^Wf^ nM ahd April-10th,i 1969 a Lions member
or Lions helpQr will cqll on yqu for your listing. Should you
"a* mm app^9n©d please contact f-rode Jorgensen
W?-?Q27;;6lpi) t^ alftq^hed entry form with $2.00
tQ.$M.n-9mn^.Coq>tL;pns., Efox 275, Sfechelt, B.C.
members, famSltef and fri-f nets are invited out for a
6$0Cti PECKING PBCNlt-i SllNbAy.PAppil, 9' «5 _<^ ti.Sii.
W« nc!e<| -help to: pick«smol( roclcs cfc, off III© fa j nyayi. TWi I« lrt
preparation for cutting and Spring Play.
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AisgarP, Publisher  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii>'Miiiiii"iiir>iiiiiiTiiTiiiin��4riiriiiiiin*nr  OFFICIAL audit report for The Times  -released  last  week by.the  Audit  Bureau of Circulation reveals a spiralling  increase  in   circulation   probably   un-  ���**f l?flge��-4 'A   The Peninsula Tfoiea  Wednesday, March %, 1969  Readers' Right  Endorsement  Editor.,The Tinies,     . ��� ; ���' *;'  Sir;'" A, motion was passed at the:  Sechelt Teachers' Association meeting.pn.:  February 25 stating that although it'cm-*'  not support the mode of the presentation;'  used, it pubiicly endorses the sentiments;'  of the statement accompanying theiDisr'1  trict librarian's February 13,, 1969, let- ''t  ter of resignation as "published in the*  Peninsufa Times of Wed., Feb. 19, 1969.,%  (Mrs.) BEATRICE RANKIN,;,  General Secretary's/  w3l*iW"wi'<l<>  ever take alt the credit by any means for  without- the' support of the advertisers  we would have been unable to provide  ^           ^ such a widely read publication. In other  equalled in Canada by a "weekly'news-   words, the entire process is a two way  paper " stteet. Tne merchant with his advertising  To publishers and staff of The Times   and other business helps pay the bills   Mother's March  this is particularly gratifying in that it   while we in turn provide him with the   Editorj The Times, '    '  - - -  -       best possible media to convey his message to the public.  When'we state that The Times does  this, it is no idle boast for today paid  circulation is approximately 2,200 week-  fully justifies the confidence which has  led to considerable investment in this  area, an investment which will continue  to increase as the district grows and  progresses.  From a dubious start late in 1963  Sir:, The Kinsmen Club pf Sechelt''  would like to extend a warm "thank-,  you" to all the donors who .supported us,.f  in our very successful Mother's March',/  Campaign '69.  As chairman of this, project it gives,  ly. We would make clear the- fact this is    me great pleasure in turning over to the"  the first year of publication proved a   our own aU(ji��� The official audit was   Rehabilitation    Faataa^nZf. British  difficult road to navigate bat by early   carrled out up _ last ���*-��_ and   ^StSA^S^SLS^Z:  ourselves.  Through a ipost conscientious effort -  during   very   trying  weather conditions  our Marching rMothers were able to raise ^  the' total funds collected by 54 per cent  to -an all-time high for the district from *  Roberts Creek to Egmont.  It is most gratifying to see people  contribute so freely despite hardships  created by such a severe winter, thank  you.  RAYMOND L. WITT  Mother's March  Chairman  Kinsmen Club of Sechelt  1965 the public became aware that it for the three months up to September  had a progressive newspaper which had 3Qtj1) 1968 our count was 2,044. Since  no intention of fence straddling. This tnat time, despite winter months, .our  policy had been carried through without circuiation has continued to climb,  the devious practice-of. apple polishing f. h as m& we ^  and we have consistently published the ^J^ ^ ^ offcr ^^ ^  truth to the best of our ability.  From time to time circumstances  have made it impossible to cover certain  functions and at other times failure by  the organizations involved to extend an  invitation has also resulted in lack of  coverage. We have however, continued  to do our very best to give all coverage  possible to the numerous worthy groups  and organizations on the entire Sunshine  Coast.  We now find ourselves in the admirable position of having a paid circulation of some hundreds above that of  Jour nearest competitor. We do not, how-  very best possible means of contact with  the public, be it a small fifteen word  clasified advertisement or a full page  only the best is warranted and we are  proud to offer just that.  We share the view of many other  citizens that a great future lies ahead  for the Sunshine Coast and behind the  scenes there are indications of large  investments planned for the area. Without hesitation we would advise our  readers to share our confidence and rest  assured that during the next few years  great progress may be anticipated.  "IW'to  -feOCcfty  awn1' WHwywr"11* ���^mugw  \%\\m*mwm*imm*  "It is just an opposition plot, and if we all do our best I am sore that we can prove that the Sechelt Peninsula does not exist!"  Who next?  (Bi����&it ��ffita__; wia^teai  MEETING in Sechelt Sunday, February  23rd involving councils of Gibsons,  Sechelt and Powell River and the four  Chambers of Commerce, should have  proved of great benefit to the entire  Sunshine Coast. General idea behind the  convention was a good one, this was to ,  come up, as one powerful group, with  resolutions seeking improvements to  highway 101 and the ferry system.   t  Unfortunately there were those whq  for reasons best known to themselves,  saw fit to turn the meeting into a promotional project on behalf of a tourist  association. Result was that was what  was by far the most important topic of  discussion, the deplorable condition of  our  continually  deteriorating  highway,--,  was left until the end by which time many  of those present had to dash for ferries.  The Times has always been a keen  advocate of tourism and fully appreciates  the fact that as far as the Sunshine Coast  is concerned the potential is tremendous.  This to some extent affects us all but it  is quite obvious that it will be many  years  before  Sechelt has  anything to  offer tourists other than the fact it is a  peaceful   steadily   progressing   village,  ideally suited to those who wish to get  away from the rat race of city life with  little or no interest in any particular  activities. Apart from the theatre and  periodical bingo games plus scenery, it  can hardly be claimed we are in any way  geared for the tourist. At the present  time wc do not even have a boat rentals  business.   ��� ' '��������� "-ZY/Z"---  On the other hand, Gibsons does  have rather more to offer from this point  of view while Pender Harbour, Of course,  is by far the most highly developed  area for tourism. Marinas are in abundance, motels and resorts, good fishing,  boat rentals and beautiful scenery offer  ' a fantastic potential. .  It is therefore logical for that area  to play a large part in the Sunshine Coast  Tourist Association. Should any individual1 motel operators in either Gibsons  or Sechelt areas chose to participate to  the extent of $25 or $50 annually,  then that is strictly their business. What  the Chambers of Commerce chose to do  is also their business, but it would seem  that when funds are extremely limited,  it would be fallacy to expend the sum of  $50 for what amounts to just another  organization. Particularly when one  function of a Chamber of Commerce is  that of area promotion. In other words,  considering just what we have to offer  the tourists, it would seem there is very  Editor, The Times,  'Sir���In the last four years we have  witnessed a large turnover of school dis-  Itrict teaching and non-teaching staff.  Once again, the cycle seems to be starting.  In January, we received news of the resignation of Mr. W. J. Barton, Supervisor of  Elementary Grades. This month we have  seen the resignation of Mr. J. C. Bell, the  School District Ldbrarian. Were these people pressured into resigning or did they do  so of their own will?  Surely ithe Board would have carefully  screened its staff before hiring them. One  damper on the ability of school boards to  innovate and experiment.  The 10 per cent discretion permitted  school boards refers to expenditures beyond a basic program which has beeni  calculated using a provincial average  dollar figure. The provincial'government  recognized approximately 90 per cent of  actual 1967 expenditures when it approved the basic education program for 1968  The discretion allowed school boards,  therefore, is misleading. In 1968 some  districts used all of this discretion merely  to maintain existing programs; other districts greatly exceeded the limit of  10 per cent.  Dollar   Discrepancy���1968:   To   assist  would think that the Board is interested- >hiSh cost sch��o1 districts' to reduce gradually their expenditures, the Minister,  in 1968/ allotted then an Instructional  Unit value above the provincial average  (up to 10 per cent or $12,320) with the  proviso that these districts would be frozen at that new level for three years or  until the_ provincial average reached or  exceeded their value.-Some of these districts are being forced > to -live in 1969  using the same instructional Unit value  that was inadequate for 1968.  Other 'high cost school districts' were'  given   supplementary   grants   to   assist  them to meet expenditures.  '  1    Second  Look���1969:   The  announce  ment on January 22, 1969 that all  in obtaining competent persons for' positions at all levels in this school district  If so, who is to be next?  INTERESTED TAXPAYER.  What's wrong?  Editor, The Times,  Sir���Just what is going on in Elphinstone High School? Not long ago we -heard  that there was marijuana in the school and  we wonder if there still is truth to the  rumour. Next we find out that a body  paint-in was held in the school. It was  reported that students paid 10 cents to get  in ��� see a girl in a bikini. Those who  ���wanted to paint her had to pay.25 cents.  lated formula-  Uncertainty:   No  school   board   can  plan a quality -program and continue^ to  offer it when the board is threatened  with an annual crisis of uncertainty.  Fiscal Independence^ The use of a  referendum for the approval of operating  expenditures gives a false picture of participatory democracy. At the expense of  the education of their own children, the  denial of fiscal independence to school  boards may cause local ratepayers to vote  against. referenda in order to voice their  opposition to provincial policies.  The 110 per cent limitation, the discretionary power of the Minister, the uncertainty of obtaining approvals and the  high uniform mill rate have, all resulted  in less local control over decisions in education. -We believe that school boards  should have fiscal independence, and  therefore have real management' power  and authority.  Quality: The British Columbia Teachers'   Federation  believes   that  costs   mr  education should be scrutinized and that  equitable methods should be devised to  meet these'ever increasing costs. But, the*  real scrutiny must be  directed to  the  quality of the education offered. A for- _  mula which virtually prescribes' for all  districts the provincial average expenditure pattern of the previous year -V/ill  Cancer institute uses  radioactive isotopes  IbAiDaiOiAiCTWiE isotopes ore xtse& iafc ithe  ��� Briit-k CMumibia Caacer lasltitute, Vancouver, Ibath for foeataient and1 dilagoasis.  For example, fan ttoeataen.1), radioacitive coi-  balt sources pnovide internse. beanos of inafd_��  tskm iwiich tame etoiployedi in a saimniar rmaitt-  -ner-to x-rays as external radiiaiffio- sources.  Sm_te_ aouncOs of various kindia may be  appledl ibo sk~ surfaiees or imtaoduced Wo  body oaivaiffies. ,  ���Fox- diaignosis J only minute quaiiti-ies of  raidfioaiotive matterd'ai 'ana used1, ibut rtHue  ra_ai_o_s emluted can be dieibedted' by seai-  si_vie' -instriuiments.  ���By. inconporatting a ra-dioaiotilve isotope  irtbo -some m-atterdial of imtei-esit; Sit _ passible  to ibna-co t_9 -passage of ithe tmiateriai ithnough  the Ibody or to anaip amy or_ amis in wbicih _ue  maiterM fe'lnoorparaibed. The (mapping ot  scaranSmg of indiiVidiuial ar-gam or slbmdtureis  is usedi .to detectb lalbnonmafliitL'es such _s ta-  hioxisf -wM'cli an pamticular safes imay concem-  toalUe iedlfcher rnioite or less madioaictive iwate-  -ra-afr itban normal tissues. ���    -  '' One ictf Itihe __3_y valued) meanfrsns of  the Physics-. Depaitimient of <_e Brifeih Co-  lumlbiaf Oatacer ImsitSfcutie, Vancouver, _ Mrs.  MargaireX Young, iwtoo gmatctualjed) from Lo_-  dan UMwiemsilty twlh a Maisiter of Science  little the Tourist Association could do   Now..-w^^.%-Jt-.st^  that the Chamber cannot accomplish.  It does after all have a tourism committee.  There is also the fact that it would  be futule to establish an attractive centre  out in the bush with no means of access.  This is hardly the situation on the Sunshine Coast, but, it would appear that at  this time, any major efforts by any one  of the Chambers at this time should  first be directed to the highway. Ccr->  tainly it is still passable but for a main  highway it is an astounding disgrace.  The ferry system too leaves a great deal  to be desired although there are some  rumblings of improvements at this time.  The idea of bringing together representatives of all responsible official  bodies was an excellent one, it is unlikely we will see another for a considerable time and it is ���o bad it was w.isted  on subjects of secondary importance.  However, wc '.< all learn from mistakes  and it is -to bo hoped the next such meeting will be not too far away for it is only  by a concerted effort involving all groups  that wc will ever got action on essential  services.  was a convincing demonstration that the  formula was not working. This announcement was made two months after  the provisional budgets were received by  the Department of Education and six  weeks after the 1969 basic education program was made known to all concerned.  Ministerial Discretion: Too many factors of the formula are subject to Ministerial discretion, the exercise of which  is always open to consideration of expediency or political advantage. No legislation should permit a Minister to vary  grants except in accordance with a stipu-  IT'S a losing battle, this effort to get  there is a surplus of room in the pas-  pcoplc in the United States to admit   scnger cars on the roads, and that there  that there are Americans who do not   aro 200 million people in "America  ^~w��^^-��y��,��B_.Ji-���Ci.cc  Jive in continental United States, Alaska   Nothing was said about the 44 or 4:> -A bnslc education program for each dls-  million Americans, otherwise Mexicans, trict  baewl upon a provincial average  Who live,south of tho Rio Grande. Nor dollar value enters to those districts closo  liquor have been sent home in the after- \ tion to that granted under the, formula  ���noon. What is happening to standards in  the  area's biggest  and  most   expensive  school?   In the last six or seven months  everything seems to be going downhill.  Why?  NINE WORRIED  TAXPAYING PARENTS.  Short period  Editor, The Times,  Sir: Teachers are on Probation for  one year. Principals are on probation for  two years. Why is the Sec. Treas. of the  School Board which is a vital position  only on six months probation??? This  does not give anyone in that position time  to make up a budget, keep'it under control and have it bnlance at the end of the  year.','  Interested Taxpayer  Other views  Editor, The Times,  Sir: In recent months your newspaper  has given good coverago to the trials and  tribulations of schbol boards, particularly  Sechelt School District's, with regard to  changes in the Educational Finance Formula made during the 1968 session of the  provincial Legislature.  I would like, with your permission, to  present the official B. C. Tenchci-K'  Federation point of view at this time, so  that interested citizens may evaluate for  themselves tho areas where educators  agree or disagree with the positions  taken by school boards and government.  Thank you for your consideration,  INADEQUACIES ���Average Practice:  dl school    inevitablyr inhibit -progress and, compel   degriea  She publtehsdl a. tiextbook "iRaldioi-  ���ilfe8ddi-v^edwcr.tfx.,;./r ^ 7^.^i.y^s^.^ ,,'..< Itagic^.raiy^ a  "WHAT NOW? The British Columbia  Teachers' Federation, believes' that all  groups genuinely interested in the education system should be involved in trying  to solve the problem of how to finance  education. s  We suggest that the experience of the  last two years indicates that-the education finange formula -will work only if, it  is 'tinkered with* to permit special arrangements for certain districts. We believe that the formula is based upon  faulty principles and should therefore be  thoroughly reviewed.  MALCOLM MACTAVISH  nevfoedl atut lamger, secandi editron appeatr-  iinigltt 1967. TMs ibwk i!s necognfoed ais one  of (the stamctard texts tfb-r- itihe traii_n)g of  x-ray teeln_ciains! and nasi'd'enfe in na-d&ology  and radio-theirapy.  Mms. Young -oaime to Canada* in 1955, alnxJ  soon upoaii Ihiem arrival' teatm�� a> miember  olf Itihe OPihyistosi tDepambmiesnlt ait ifh'e Oamcer  'Insltitutie, where her, expexieoifoe and sound  1 judlgm-ent maisi pnaved ai great help.  TteceriUy whan a 'Raidlioisotopets Labcxra-  tory wais opelneidi in ithe Irrtstiifcuite ito carry  out diia'grtasltic or dimvesJtiig'altliJvo procedures  df ipaitSenitis, iMrs. Yoarig was the obvious  pension ito uists-u-m-c iresponsiMiitiy JOor ithe  physical ipamfc olf Ithe opeaiaition.  or Hawaii.  One ot the great advertisers of all  time is American Motors, which recently  published an advertisement, saying that  Fletchers Philosophy  ���Harry W. Fletcher  TRIDUTB  Christmas is coming so what shali J bring you?  Roues or rubies or twect recollections?  Flights into fancy ns birds on the wing do?  Shall It be noctur or foreign confections?  Snow sparkle*! trees for your eyes to discover?  Frost in tho morning to tingle your checks?  Songi that the nightingale sings to hl�� lover?  Newly born notions or hoary antiques?  Ror.ci* in winter are rare and must perish,  Birds' may not sing at my opportuiic pica. .  Search in my mind for the values you cherish,  Vague as �� mythical macaroon tree,  Tangible ticasuic.t you never have wanted,  Metal and oloncs you rejected as cold.  Dreams are the Mihslnncc wilh which you are  haunlcd,  Wliat 1 must give I'll give two-thousand-fold.  Take then my love 11s n garland nnd wear ft,  Make my devotion a crown for your head.  No nee-d for chains on my heart to ensnare It���  Always Ji'�� Clublmaa itiiicc dial day wo wed.  was anything said about the 21 million  Americans, who arc,also Canadians, who  live north of the United StatcsrCanadian  border, When last heard from, Canjtda  was trying to achieve the 21 million  mark. That Canadian mark, along with  the Mexican tola), adds something like  65 million people to the .200 million  people who are rattling around in cars  on'the highways of "America."  This leaves out two or three other  countries south of the Rio Grande and  south of Mexico. They: have a population   also.  There  arc  Nicaragua  and  to'the" average, assists those below the  average and restrains those above 'the  average. But the formula docs not recognize the reasons why some districts are  above or ( below the overage cost (��.r.,  special classes, culturally- deprived1 children, umall secondary schools). Im a province as diverse as British Columbia,  using nn average must create injustices.  110 per cent Restriction: The 110 pet-  cent restriction on achool board budgets  unduly controls the right of school boards  to offcr the'electorate programs con��ld-  ci-cd to be essential for the districts.  The, 110, per cent restriction preven t m  school'baarda from planning adequately"  for the future. There is no certainty that*  Panama and Costa Rica and Hondura-*   0 w d ?,  and Guatemala and El. Salvador. And   it has; been initiated. '   '."       I  olhcrii likely forgotten.  Even Canadian reporters for radio  and TV arc apt to refer to a United  States Consulate, for instance, as an  American Consulate, litis is wrong, as  any city editor should know, In a report  in which this was noted, i,s. was also said  that there is an American Consulate  in Queen's Park (Toronto). Not so. The  Consulate of the United States is in  Queen's Park, (Toronto).  The 110 per cent restriction' placet a*  W0rkwN0t**N**W-tP0B4&tWj0  Woman to doctor: "Before 1 ncccpt  your, diagnosis, I'd like to consult another  patient."  Published Wcdncsday-i at Sechelt  1 ���* -:<��'B,0,'s-Saa^ne Const'   '   " *  by.    -...���..,.  .Sechelt Peninsula Time* Ltd.  , ��� ,'Box 310> Sechelt, fl,c. ,  Douglas O. Wheeler, Editor  S. P. Alsgard, Publisher  Subscription Rates: (In advance)  l Year, $5 ����� 2Ycar*i, $"> r 3 Years, $13  U.S. and Foreign, $5.50 '  Serving the area from Port Mellon to Egmont  (Howe Sound to lervte Inlet)  i.  h  i  c  A   ��*y (<*��j%,rt��ll����(<lft*!'*)M-u* ��j  I, *4>p^>�� s*wi w*. ^ ��B^ n-cvvrfftlk tit\ -lA &f*Tf'*t,t  ,(f*)<iV#,*iA1A��ki'Mi. *hy^v^**e*"4?'  it*i,J����5, iftrt��fc��  *��� 4��P  *'  ^AnAtf(l'S'W#i.��������^'l-M*J��-*" )M*-i* lf"^t��*��*.4jt*tti ^w^wfc-wrtilv^witBwrtihMit^,  4**J^B^^tawwl*,^-*.^ * Hrt* nj^tw-* W.4. jf ��� >T  "j-J.fl-'   I'*#'''   rfi'jr   ��"*?iJ7> *������*'i<"f A*-"1 >��� iL !f r-1 / ���)��->.  ;!  Ik"  .1  <r **!  a?  ^ ?*v -.  *.��4  The Peninsula Times    J - Page B-5  .Wednesday, March 5, 1969  Around Gibsons  THE Women's Institute marked it's ,43rd  . birthday', with a delicious pot-luck  supper . at the W.I. Cottage . on Friday  evening.-There* was a good attendance  and' all present had an enjoyable time..A  presentation was'..made to Mrs: Hodgson  in.,appreciation of her work,-during-the  past year. Some members .were absent  due to illness. The party concluded With  bingo. , , . ,        ���    ���  Mrs. George Weal was hostess at a  delightfully arranged tea in honor of Mrs.  Martha Weal' who* Has since- gone -by  plahe from Vancouver to San - Francisco,  thence to New York ahd -London. Mrs.  Weal was met by her son Donald whom  she is now visiting- in, England.  At the home of Mr. and Mrs. ��� P, - Sluis j  about'20 adults and. children were pre- 7  sent to enj^y the showing of a,, film .about.'- \-  Arabia by Mr. DougWarne of Vancouver [  on Saturday evening."   " '      '    "' '1  -' On' Wednesday afternoon - at the' home f  of-Mrs. Dick, the Gower Point unit of the j  St. Bartholomew's Ahglican Church held .4  a "meeting.,Sewing was "given out. ',  '     '   7 .\ '  IN BRIEF  Mrs. Jpsie Davies is in' hospital re-    ,  covering after a, fall. '     I  Mr. ahd. Mrs'/ Robert Clarke were at    .  Surrey where they visited the former's  'brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs.    ��_  Pete Dumonceau.      " 'A \  -Mr. and Mrs. Vince Bracewell have  returned from Hudson Hope where they  spent 2% weeks" visiting their soh-in-laW  and daughter Mr.''arid Mrs. Dick Vernon.  ,The Bracewells went -north on the P.G.E.  stopping "over briefly at Prince George tb  see friends. While at Hudson Hope Mr.  Bracewell enjoyed skidoo-riding,' hiking  and skiing. - *   *   -   r    -   -  The power house and dam .at Hudson  Hope are of 'much interest;, it was noted  that the lake is being cleared of debri.  Mr. and Mrs. Bracewell came down-'by-'  bus. L '."������'  Mr. and Mrs.,R. Birkin- were'in Vancouver recently to attend the funeral of -  Mr.' Birkin's sister. ' ���    ' '������  George Reekie.has moved to Nanaimo.    '  Recent guest of Mrs.-Nuotio wa'sJMrs. 4 j  Weddon, a friend from Winnipeg, also * I  -visiting Mrs. Niiotio was, her' sister-in?  law, Mrs. Seppala from' Vancouver.      "  David   F ossett "-"arid   Rickey" Quigley  were in Vancouver for the week-end to    .  see ..the Boat Show. |  ��� When the Women's Missionary Council of'the Pentecostal assembly met re- - "  cently;   plans  were made  for  a -WMC- ��� I  service made to take place at the Church  on March 2nd. Roll call. was  answered  With each' one giving a scripture verse.  Interesting reports were, read of the pro- '  gress   being   made   overseas   in   gospel "  work.,, After the- business ��� meeting,- sewing, was done. Refreshments were served  by.Mrs. H. Boyce. . ,  A dinner party recently at( the home  of Mr; and Mrs. N. Berdahl was in honor.-  of- the wedding, anniversary v of ��� Mr. and *���  Mnl.Jim Eldred.    '���.-���"!���   - .   ,;.���  .a Bob and^~ackie.3utn_t'arid^'Dwayne"  frorii-' Ladner' visited'' relative, here 'over  the'weekend. -' '���'-���-���'���   ���",'_ *"'.'  The Young Wives group at St. Bar-  *6fA68iigum  ' * r,<* A  r"  .-,.�� t  -*,. �����. ���*��   I  ���* *.  I,  ��-  v*7      �� ���   r .  >  v.  �����k,  -L  i  *  ealffi. Unit aissiiicil. report  s de  ANNUAL report of Coast :Gariba'ldi Health , VENEREAL DISEASE  J?*  t  ���* <"  Ci  \r '  j  ��. *'    VT't'.  51  ������*-''  Iff  4t. -,  .��<  ir.  j '  :./  <  -1967-- r-1968���  ��� Syph- Gonor- Syph- Gonor-  ilis     rhea     ilis     rhea  ...   1        10 .    0 3  ...   8        96 2        35  ...   0        15 1        12  ...   9       121 3        50  ^  Sr  ...    ��  K  ^ > ���*s *r>f  \  * * "���*���*-- v��y  * r ���v*-��'i * tj    > i i t    * ��   * \ \~ i *  > 'I'Ar. . -'> AnXioils'Moirierits V 't"j.: -  i-  l^afd' are'j^nri-JDasey,' J-^n.Wicfce^son  i- 'aiiaTJfaig Rodway. Pl#Veniiii1io/Z0  Berm'en;wlh��riM',on;cb^ overttme-rTvith'-'Vancbu.veri .ten rra���ujtes,.'  cpuldn^gathatsqorin^^oal.^y^ t 7 r-> ;*;.: -I-:-: - \.vs> c74/*      ,,���. .  *    it     \ *    w *,  \  Unit \yhich ��� includes School Districts : (  No. 46, Sechdlt; No.47, Powell River; and ,t'::;';-, >f v'"'   '  No. 48, Howe Souricf, shows that births K ^Z    ���  dropped from 671 iri 1967 to 635 in 1968. .S,D.'_��Jb. 46  Deaths/also dropped from 236 to 234 giving   S-t>- 'No. * 47'  a natural population increase of 401 com-   S.D.. No. 43  pared"with.435 in. 1967.   ' ' " '    "Total",}....:....  ' . Almost fifty,per cent of deaths were .;',' IThis jfcabley says -the .report, shows',a  attributed, to. carcliovascular complaints . marked decrease attributable in part to  Which numbered 111, other figures 'are: ctiligent .treatment of cases and contacts  Oanper���39; .Respiratory���_; Acciderfeil���,- reported dn 1968. Vigilance must be cOn-  17'; Infant (birth'to 1 .year')���5; Miseella-p.-- . tinued ands.as education in the school set-  eous-r-i4j Tuberculosis���1; Still deaths���7; ,.$mg is'carried out, it is to-be hoped that  Violent' 'd'eait-Ks���9. ' - th��? decrease will, continue.    . . ,.  ' In his- report Dr. P. J. Reynolds who -REGIOSJAL DISTRICTS  resigned in December in favour of 'Central       ' Formation'bf Ma_spina Regional Di's-  Vancouver Island Health Unit states the ;&& ahd Squamish - Lillooet Region Dis-  iruits of an efficient .public health service ��� triot Kesris that- virtually all the health  are shown,..m the, statistical data which . uri!t area- is under some form of organiza-  follows. It is imporibattt to remember that .tion. Whilit'the freed'om-loving individual  only by constant vigilance can diseases-be   ���ay, ^risider "that he is in danger of los-  * kept, under control.. Aetave immunization '.i^hk freedom to bureaucracy, from .the  and sanitation programmes are responsible   health' standpoint it means  that proper  for the absence of many diseases today ; facihties for water supply, garbage cdllec-  and he warned .that cost, both"fmanciaUy .-tion-and.up-to-date sewage disposal may  and an -terms of st_f should never influ- .become- a reality.  ence the reduction of Such programmes,       '- wu-. *^*.** ���!'���_._    *._    -     , ._���  *    .. * .--The* -report   commends   the  Sunshine  NOTIFIABLE DISEASES ' '        * -      '   - Oo'ast-Regiohal Distract for taking on the  Disease (    7> 1966 1967 1968 "fuhotion of "water supply and the Village  Infectious Hepatitis-..  1'4 -236   100 "of Glt>sonsifor embarking on sanitary seW-  ��i. x i mi a a  "���_ee- disrjo9-?iir    .... .       -  Streptococcal Throat  7"  0  Diarrhoea bf.Newborn'....'.    0-  Dysentry-Baoilliary'; %..'- 8  -Aseptic Meningitis-    6  Food.Poisonirig (Salmonella). 2  Virus Unspecified,- .���.....,. 0,  6  2  1  1  5-1  3  1>  3  . 0.  , "'Age- disposal:  0 .' ' -The -staff of the Health Unit-has accom-  q ��� plished' rriiich during 1968, states Dr. Rey-  -0 inoldsi and - although the^results of their  iq work is not always obvious, time will shOW  ���q -the effeotiv-eriess.of^their effort. "  q   -     -;_; -'-'."77  ! .    ' '  "  2 s'Wh'at* spriie  artists; need  most  1 brush- with reality.  is  a  i  A  Se  ��*��� , I -���        ^ r  News Notes  ^EOHELT,  Bod, &   Gun  club  members  -Montreal "Airport  in the riuddle ,of  the  ^ voted*l>Ir:-Ro_ Spencer, Sportsman of   blizaard, the jet making ah instruriierit  ithe .Year at-a speciail banquet held at the - l&ricli-flg'.atf 3"p.nl. and passengers had to  Clulb; House on Saturday,- February 22nd.   await a snow-plough  before they could  ���   Mr.'-Bob Janis, secretary of the club,1' -reach the terminal  mkde the presentatiori of the Gus> Cmcil-'*\:.-MisS,Jac^uifeFrankliil        fc afewd  Trophy to Mr: Spencer.who ispub Prea-   -vfeiting her   -ents a^^/^^^ vac*_  -dent; The.trophy is .awarded the member   tion ^m Victoria Colleg��     -  who;tdid the most for ithe club during ithe" ���-���--���--���--- *        ��� ���" "  __��� ��.      ��_ *��� ���lm  year.  .. Mr. Harold Nelson won the Fisherman-  6f-the!Year trophy! '--     "   ���  PATIENTS [  We are sorry-to report several Sechelt  resideri'ts'in hospital. Mrs. Lloyd,Turner  .is in St. Mary'.s Hospital. Jvlrs. Mary',Flay  ���bame home bn'S&turclay but is still an outpatient. ',,'''���  . Mr. Harry Hill,- well, known for his  work with senior, citizens- is undergoing  surgery at -Shaughnessy -Hospital.  .VISITORS  'Mr. Archie Nixon of Winnipeg js visiting,, his motiher, (Mrs. C. S. Nixbn and  sister Mrs.. Bill.Parsons. Mr. Bill Parson's  has just returned from a trip' to, Britaiii  Wiwre���he, yi?j<ted!(-w}AtiYeSvb,efoi:e grfihg.itQ,  Denmark.   On.1 this return t.he'1 landed ,a-f!'  .   ���* i  i    ''       J��--b I  Action  tholdmew's Anglican Church" enjoyed"a    Young Kelly Bodnai*ek of Sech-el'f.Tirri-    C A>'|i'A/f ' -fi'lft ___/'_ riA '' Phydical education    "     " bermen was at'tt-agaiii-on^^urd'ay;; J&CnEU    DOWLLfig      '��:i    ^.t about a  coffee party meeting on Thursday morn- uciuicxi wa*, ax ���i-,���_��juivii�����tuiu��y,i -----.._.--_���.- _--, r r -_.--,      WAVP.vi���  ihrtnpht -ihout  i career-in  ing at the Vicarage. Rev. Dennis Morgan POnfn<iinP'tooiiP-   tonnPrl   Fimfir/ht-Cr ' ���        . A -?  ^V   -5    g? 7-^fff����9  spoke;,pointing out that loving care was C��St^u .'^"fr; P**?'   5?^ THIS week t)ie-two, o.utstandirig, scores-- Physical education, and. rec reatonjj.  necessary for children and that lack of with hlS -t^cky footwork Dn Proymcial -     were bowled by -Red.,R6binson-of.the {; ���. These, fields hrive .ajmost unlUmited .  genuine love and consideration for the. Cup rjjay--0ff at.Hackett Park. Sechelit. Pender-league with an 806 triple includ-   ,S(:?Pe\ The   physica1  young could be the cause of delinquency managed  to   hold   Fir_iehters   but in6 a'345 single garhe'and Scott Hencler-   "-"-MS"-*' ��e, involved'  later. Mrs. A. Clarke and Mrs. L. Swan- ZSSJe t,���v was "iuSt tofmuch'for "* "* ���iA��^**-'a<"> ^ "^^ "'' ��etltWe Boorts tour;  son in charge of baby sitting had 18 werume piay was just too mucn. ior  children in their careat the ParishHall ' I>ivn.' 7-youngsters.        ;       *    ,  while the meeting was in progress  ���^iPfii&W^^^  THE flMISi  The   physical   education   teacher  be involved' in' conducting cpm-  soh of Ellphiristdrie'Sr's had a-1tot&rof" Petitive sports tournaments, recreational  in' conducting com-   * "  laments, recreational   * * -  ' , games,  physical  exercise, skill-teaching,    "JE  Sechelt���885-9654  Dr. and Mrs. David Vogt of Chilli-  wack .were weekend guests of Mr. and  Mrs. W. Altao Nicholson, of Cozy Corner.  FILM SHOW  At the Anglican Parish Hall on Saturday^ March. 1, there-was an attendance-of.  oyei" 50 people to see the' narrated  colour film shown by Mr. Rat 'Holling-  Juvenile soccer  Weekend results  JUVENILE 'Soccer -Provincial ,Cupi playoffs ait" Hackctt" Park On'Saturday saw  worth of the YanJ��UvwVPra>r Bteajt-'-   Sterns winnow-go on to represeht tho  fastGroup, of bis trip to the Holy Land.      ^^1^ Coait in Divn. t<  The dessei-t party .which preceded was  ably cdncened by Mris. F. j, Wyngaert  and Mrs. F. Ross Gibson assisted by: Mrs.;  H. Marshall and many willing helpers.  Refreshments,, were delicious and the'  fUny most interesting. The evening was  hosted by Gibsons Prayer Brenlcfast  Group' for Christian Fellowship (Non  Denominational), ���  (345),'John Cameron���678 (268).  / Xadies Tues:. Dianne ,Ojtio-r55fl. (2.48)..     .'   Ladies Wed: Jean Robinson���548 (206),  Residential" Totems"sijorc'"a" 1 - 0 wirn over- EY* Moscrip^-aftl, .  Gibsons United in an action, packed game.    \  Commercial: Itoy Hutton���293, Char-  -��� "- '      Iho '  Humm-i-693,.   Matt     Jaeger���655,  Eijcen EJvafis^-632.    * ;  . Iri .Division; 7, Sechelt Tlmbermen, . ?l ���?AtHa*";uJolhn^odnarS^^!  fought valiantly with no .score, hit game W~80���0' ,^her ��� -6e"y-��30. Matt  end but 20'minutes overtime wis'just too    x^���-^��� (,)^    '  633 .with singles bf 275 and 205. ._        .  .   . .,...,,.  Sports Ciub: Red Ro'bihson-727 (276), dance ?"d ot^ activities for ahy age,  Jaclc Eldred-^Jb!),' Hazel' Skytte-265. -f0UP- His ��5 ^ .f��m 1S, *? he?P <>*���� **>  x>r-     i',a    j     tv   n j ooo ,ini>4 develop useful skills and to enjoy whole-,  ���Mixed 10 -pin; Dv Rodway���322 (-173),* ���   ���      physical4 recreation   -    '   -  D: DoAley���339'(179).      t,        ;       ', some pnysicai recieauon.  Pender  Harbour -Red Robinson-^-809  Jaeg^er-MJ79 (280).  ^-gjSSBSBBS  SMwawae  much and \Vancouvpr Firefighters scored  two goals in overtime. I  Gibsons -Legion in-Division'5 -met last  year's Provincial Cup runrier-ur>i McSwcen  , Highlnndcrp. and m��riagc^,to bQld/them to  a.,'4''-'OJvlciory.'.':''It:lyV4>s'.;''a^!,-WMfih; game but  good experience for the local team.  I Juniors:- Bqnnie'   Whytc^3"07    (163),  some physical  ' ' ' Professional recreation - leaders ��� are  'also,greatly concerned with people. THey  help people of all ages to meet their  leisure needs. .This work becomes lncrea- '  singly important as we live longer ahd  work fewer hours. The recreation ���  leader's programs range from playgrounds to pottery���from sports, ana  games to music and diama���froiri hobbies to cplnping���a list as broad and Varied as the interests of people.  For more information,  contact your  Crhig Rod*yvoy���270 (180), Karen. Spencer provincial welfare department or, write  ���151, Kelly Allan���lOii. to the Fitness and Amateur Sport Direc-  " 'Scniot-s: Scott Henderson���633 (275, ' torate of the Department of National  205), Bill Nestman���015(277), Rob Ben- Health and Welfare, Ottawa, for your  ner���219, Dale Stephanson���216, Brad free copy of "Professional Opportunities  Allah���216. in Physical Education and Recreation".  ���     i  DID YOU fiUOW LO&S'AI-tE SELLBM�� F����� M@ME  .    EV30NEY TtikH EVER��� -ETOSSE?  WE WALL PAY CASH F0R .Y#UR. f MBER.  SeJI now while prices Sire at their hBghest  Phowe &B&4946 or 685-1314  ��� ��� ���  k Doctor of Optometry  204 Vancouver Block  ', V6ncouvor, H.C.  ;        Will bo In Secholt  Monday, Mctrch 17fh  1   Pcsr an appolntmcn-J fan  eye oxarrifnatlon phono  WEEKEND RESULTS        y ,    .  ,Pivn.' 7i'.',Madeira ^ark 0; Res. Waiv  rioi-s,vt.';*Ri,C;( Tliunderbli-ds, 2; ��� Glbsonsi ��� -,  CoUgara 4.. Canfor Tigers;3; Shop.I2asy 1.  'bivn;;'5: .dibsoris' Lcgiori*8. ���.'GJosons  Chrifgers- 0r' Scbhelt Legion ;i���JRea.' Braves ���  7. ���'���.������',. i,,'���',,���-. ". ...'���'������',  ; Dlvn:\ 2r Glbsons^tJril^ 0���Res, ikV"'' !  itoms 1. Local 207, 0���Solicit Hot Shots 0.   .'  SWWWWffiffW!P>  SUNDAY, MARCH 8 ' r   .,  Diyn, 7: R.C. Thunderblrds vs Secholt''  Timlbormcn (Roberts Cr-cek)v''Shop Easy vA  Res.   Warriors   (Ilnakett  Park).   Cnr(for.r,::  Tigers   va  'Gibsons' Cougars   (Gibsons^.  Game time uvt 12 noon,  DIVn. 0:  Gibsons- Chargers vs Secholt  Legion (Gibsons). Res. Braves v.i Giteons  Legion (Ilnciwtt Park). Game time 1 p.m.' "  Divn.  2:   Res.  Totems vs  I^oral  207 -;  (illackott Park), Gibsons United vs Sechelt:.    .  Hot Shots (Gibsons). Game time 2*15. ���'."' Z  3i  iiftliiiiinMiii  On behalf of the Patients, Doctors, Nurses and  Staff of St. Mary's Hospital,! take this opportunity to  "thank"tha'ladies Auxiliaries, Klwanls and 116ns Club  and all those who took the trouble to Vote to make tb��  Hospital Referendum such a success, (95%) ih favouf  H> HUBRS,  ' ' Public - Rddttdft**  I .  r�������� a ��,,��     - _ -v��t -����� Wi ��m  ���r*s#  Li*.  *   ���** \  '" * _���' *     '   < 19 ��*    i     I    ") 11 -i   '     - -  ''���n  '?  jhfc**.^^   i  ! #��^** trta*i^itN(iit(u '  * tl V K*\*f's��Pltf& *#A fft <*\ �����* t ���*VH>��>, f> 4 "*i "***- ****��*��� f^"*1!^/**^  Volkswaqen jntrqcluces the automatic stick shift.  f - ���f ' ''','."���' Z.     A  'Clrock'fnd'YellQwiPagos for.lho'.namo of llie'Volkswagon doalornoarosf you.YouVo gof nothing fp lose except d clutch.  .i  1,   ���rt-��    I,*,*,*    *   t*"*-     *���     ���*!,    I*    (>      ���'-'���..fh**,,**     **1^^*n*f   <*\   **, <n    4V,J*", <*    ^    ^*%.^^tf^l^tf\^I^M^%^-r0l' 1^4j^i-*>lM-V.T<***��** l^ *^ 1W��VM**ft-ll*"*-V�� l****^^ ^K^-U-^-j!*. fll    H^-J*    ^<   <���*����� V^.IHljUHij^^JH Jf   V   ���"*������>���!,    (��������   -^   ��M     **���   t^Jf,   _l#     ,1% (*,   ** ftA^��l'��J.��t ^At%,   ^.(J*-*..**,, *., ******* ^JV*!)^,*   , %^^,���-*,j,*l, ^ f, (��j^., ff   *   #&. ^A     a    ,44.   ^���  l 1 4     ,< 4 : , ,   4 , > , , -1 . , .     -     ' if^fs^^
Page B-6
IS7A7A   ;  Wednesday, Marcfe 5,496>9
11 V;      I*- j't  V  L Hi
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eathersnan's report' sliows
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—The Times Ottawa Bureau
all; _ime:iEeq©3fa7sn&whidl
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iatraiti'on.^ ,■> *       " '   •"   -.-   '" thus,getting rid of-winter's white with
out too much pain.
Gener^lly^ .sneaking,,', temperatures
/   The Oaoadiaiii igoverooiment -wteojt- on ^c-
ord,ais susppox'tiiig ithe North; A_a-__e -1163%
2®****®™ ^?e ^AT?;TetbSs'-S "«i-ed weU below'tli'e'-norWl figures,  -
o_:3isplay; at ^"-fibr_k; gall
.v _'hr,'
r ( -
•-«;-*•>.-   •.-•----,<,,     -    -   w„ Vancouver,,o'wn pictures painted-by.their
• -;Bl?ckspea, he made his way east-follow- father and wanting,to'honour, and sjiare.
I Virig.the", 1917' revolution", "staying for a • their pride" in their ."Father's work have
\whuVin, Manchuria arid in 1925 making loaned a group of these, delightful land-
i 'this wsbr to Victoria. Here hevwas able to f apes* pajtoWd in"'the; 19 century style,
1 , ... _.      -,      s _      . _,. .    _. *■ ' «  „_j, Tfor exhibition m the Arts CJouncil Gal-
;find   work  and;establish.himseM tand lery;lThe Gallery  committee  is ftppy
in" Winner   '>A>'*'    '',   arranSe for> his wife and two cl-Wren. to,  and proud-to', display them until March,
^-t^^^^^A .'^. . AlA ""'''X *\. , l^JlllT!™!!!^^£&™%'
completed <fri_ te<ve«wiM'totto'''_om-:   ^ ^t*^^ ^f1*^ " 	
S_ta_d, p^^b^_sW<__iS^S   S^L^_^drS^?maryWaS~9       WBifiti^C^hamWa.D^WCrM^naM^^ • by paintbg^ pict„„ __ w ™_. .
wfflbe acceptedor rejected.  -, '      , mches, an all time record.     . •       ^ _e B.C. Cancer-Institute, Vanw^^
'-But m 4he meantime one  pra_beot   ' *-    >     -   February   •     -    '      ^ ^^^"^8 ^.TO^ *he^P^,, *^^^^^^
mernier^^^derSifiJS^ ' 1969   NorrS   Extremes    ^a ^ ^ftoe Nata0^ ^^]^'   ^S.   ^
SS^SL^^l^J^-^    Total   Rainfall .2.50" 6.48" 13.84" (1961)    *?£££* that there may be at least    &A&&^jf£2&J~    *LH*_^.'_^._ *? ^ieS °f ^
The Gallery-Shop,in'Sechelt isiopen
public speeches to w_c_ he adiwocates -that m . ,    _     _ „ „ ,,, - A.
Ca_adanw_idr_«r toon NATO. This, to-say Tot$\   Snowfall 9.1 1.0
the least, _ dUcon(^a±i_g ito Oa-ada-'is _9ies- Days with rain >9 13
"""""                                                  " Days with snow 4 ,  1
in MAfBO.
. By. his dedaratioms Mr. Ki«_a_s appeams
to -be speaKaig directly against the deosi-an
ta_e_ at Brussels by the. Canadian gover©-
meotj-to **^ti_ue as an aietive NAfTO.sup-
poriter _td paa±ltipa_t, , The Mimster at
National Defence, Hon. Leo Cadieux ianime-
_diately <spir_£iignitx> the ^defence of the gov-
ernrnent-iS pbisition.   He took, direct issue
..witih his. caHanetl coUeaigue.   He^decl'aied
,co_t_ued! particiipattian an NATO is es$e_
* muW I118- T."L.3ep_amf'Of Port-Meta.   ,CPR- hotels* acr^s Canada. '   >.   ,       ,
of Ser if- ^' Bentfliam^ wmnm^ seat belt slu-' I   Later;.the family moved to Vancouver
fcy 6i pickled t*33^ waS: •    r. '   '     --'   '" it ■        ' ^ '    '    where Alexander, Tschaikowsky, painted
which arerconsumed andisoya sauce which     '   "His days are over]  '     i   *       .,   , murals >rid\gay designs over every spare
24   (1956)- is used liberally: Dr. McDonald is' now        His racette.rtUV   ^        -,,/ t inch of. wall and veiling mhis home. He
62   (1963)^   col„borat%g-with"doctore in Japan, in        He MthSs ■_^e1^;belt^U^_<>ne.,,        has had -p^mg, exhibited at the Van-
.  ;    .     this ihve^on,       t ^ ^;<I .Mrs. Be-ftab. 'received her a^ard   S^^LS^^^-2_»_S
12   a9^6)   ColSnbi^YSn3-^^^^^^^ wi^^heqVe £0^25 00^^
2S^rlSS.^Jv^SSLi^2:7W *t (Ed  Sherman*-lies dent'Manager,' - *_ rf -dti. Wn show. -Last yew he won
45   (1958)   Se^^e^f^SKlS.Sa? ^£^tfoJ*^i?#** -*« Prize> ^ internationel competi-
'    35 ( a9-i6i p«v_mo «i * s»t«w-*" _™_^v~«ciu. by - R  (Rusty > Rustemeyet (nght),    tion Organised in R.ussia.
.     -!!.....    *....'. 1   - .-•  .   »■»•   -   .'-• • 1       1 •_!-••■* Manager, Head Office Safety 'Depart-       His-son, .Tony. Tschaikowsky,. after
If March .runs true to form .we'should   JYlOre years—leSS IOO_       ;^ ment, Canadian Forest ProQUCts Utd.    servifag in the R.C.A.F. .carii'e to  Half
Days with frost  ' 19     12
Highest Temp.      49 - " §6
.   .     ,'    Zs     /*"(28th)
Lowest  Temp. .     20 - -   25
.    * ."   , (6th) ,
Mean .Temp.   '     36 '  40
18.9" (1956)  " two items in their diet which
24   (1961)    elated to .the.high incidence of _,.— .„ - v,
Ta   ,?Zil.  the1 stomach: the large quantity of picHeS    gant„.   ; •,-'.       v -.    n i
Hiiiiiiiiiiii«i4ii'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiir Mm miii tiiiiiiiii iiiiii iiiiiiiiinmimnnHJKujj^
*:Vtf T» vr Z. * t~ -IT  _1—_l     T~_- •**-*- iviarcn.runs xrue 10. torm.we snouw    ****** *f -irctiiia——icnao iuuu
Sl^fcSf aS'SeCU^ty ™^±i at ^   ^ve-no les§-tha« 5 *«*« <* P^iRita-  -MM calorie. a„ _eededatSS'year, of
piesept {time.
This -apparent conSiot -wi—biithe oaib-
rinet _attar__y aroused *questions in rtbe -00m-
nwwK?., Opposition anemibers ianmediaitely
damaaided'to know if Mr. _ieran_ was voic-
i_g govenumenit policy when he.said.Oainada
_iou3a"geit out of NATO 'amd divert; the
money mow spoat on NATO to foreign aid?
Or -was Mr. Oadieux voicing gove__oient
polcy -wren ihe said Canada in its own irr-
■teaiests and .security should continue as- a
me_tier tof NATO?
Mr. Trudeau explained that r$e Post-
maister General1 was ait_t_g 'the case for
TOt_draiwal Sroan NATO. It wap in the content of -the ^'S'baite in rresipeclt of the review
now "underiwaiy regarding &>reJign andl defence policy.
'i'He was stait_g shall <we -say, _e anti-
fthe_5 „ itihia ithesis ibd_g.stated ait Ithis
niomeait iby the national defence imi—ster.
We a® ithe government -wiU have ito maikle
a Syaithesisi of lihese two points of view amd
T aim sure ai_ m_j_teris .will contribute,"
Mir. Tm_ea_ told' ithe commons.-   .-
TMs stirred tip aiaraning ipictanes in #_i
minds, of ithe press andi ithe public oif different members of the cabraet gailoiping off In
all direat&o_s on' major policy questions,
.waiafismg pul_c fsitaitements whidh might be
direc_p contradictory. It all! fits in, (aqcordS-
tog ito iMr. T-rudeau, wi_ Ws concept „ pair-,
•-clpatory' democracy. .Ministers > pu_li_y
dtdt>aite poJicy maitters and *h.e 'ptdttli-cJ jbus^i
in so ithat ithe oalbinet ajppairently can tafce
ai "conseaisus, -   ' '.   -'
''Mr. Tmdeau-js-memod-aipjieai-re^
ait odds twith his declaration fet| caibiriet &W
idfrity and secrecy, when i»fer wais _rj$ft
islworn in as 'Prime Mimsfcer' of Canada. Alt
thalt tone in the spring of 1988 he denounced1
the eaibmet lealks that had occurred under
the administration of his predecessor L.1 B.
P4arsc_. He sounded <a grim warning to his
eajhinet mitnisteris. thait ttie would mat -stand
Ifor ipfoiimation on policy debaites being
(tefked iBrom beihand the walls of .the cabinet
inaom. or even fromicaruc*us.
< However, when Mr. Trudeau so decides
apparently the cabinet ministers ame tfree
ito delbate publicly matters of major policy
regardless of the impact that their -speeches
might have on this country's friends and
alies.   A minister is ait liberty to mabe
public speeches diree-Hiy contrary to declared government policy—-and when the
question is raised1 in ithe commons, the
prime minister makes it clear that what is
government policy today may in a few
month's no longer be government policy.
Meantime ho is iencouriaging the public'debate to get both sides of itihe question aired.
Perhaps dt is commendalble to encourage
such debaibeis,   But when members of -parr
llamenit, suggest that tho prime iminister
should ©at aside time in itho parllamentairy
calendar to have the debates tafce place in
the House of lOomimoos Mri Trudeau backed
away from that question with the declara*
tion that a white paper on foreign policy
would be talblcd in the commons.   That
white paper will spell out the gove-aintent'a
policy.        ■ -(■■■■,
One opposition member suggested •Clan-.
ada'a -position now appeared to be that it
was "bail! in -and half out of NATO." Another warned that Ms kind of "kite flying"
is contusl-nig and tousitraiti-ng to our iBrienda
Mr. Trudoaiu is weU flwaro thait ithese
aro importarnt .policy quosUons now being
pUbllcty aired. Ho concedes that tlio government will havo to arrive at a policy on
thein soon. That was one of itho points that
brought him -iiiidor fire at the recenUy con-
eluded Commonwealth Prime MinL-jtcrs*
conlereneo In London. There were 'tort snug-
gestionis In loiiding Ilrftlsdi nowspaipers that
tho'Urne had come when Trwdcau's ©overrr-*-
ment -should »top reviewing potldes oind
make somo decisions. Leaving isuch Irrv
poriant policy questions hanging in mld*air
d-s not caicutatcd to endear tU_» nalioo ito
Ito allies, or strcngUien tho nation.
Allowing public debate to ita-Joe place on
major policy between cabinet mlrrfstcrs to
boiiTOl to cause division across the country,
Ono caustic CtonwrvaiUivo Buggcstedi, iho
prime minister should ilssitc a {fidde to
Canadians to permit tho uninitiated to dfe*'
•Ungulsh between cabinet cUsseroion aiid
particlpaitory democracy.
Mr. ..KJerana h.ia imado it ©tear. Uiait.if
the govennment finally deckles aigalnst hl!ni
and agrees to contlnirc to -support NATO,
ho "will -shnug his ^boulders amd carry on as
a mein'ber of Uic caWnet., Tho wamo b not
to clear in respect to Defence Minjrter Ca*
di«us -wh»> is fitm-ty- commiiied to eobtfaw^sl
parliclpation in NATO at tlio present lime,
Jf tiie .government should rojoct hii podtion
and withdraw from the onganlzaitJOn be
would havo no alternative but to mcsigri,
 , ., t "Moon.'Bay with Dick Laird after the war
tion, 14 days with, rain and 2 days with        _ge ithain at 25, even for doing Ithe-same   ,               "    ."   '      s '               '    ™    , " to. take-advantage of the * boom* in the
snow,. Highest temperature-should'reach   ■work, amd _t__L ieiwier ait *_ years. _ haibiltis        We see the handwriting on the wall forestry industry   and  built, ,the  small
61 degrees and a low reading "of 25 de<-    „ hieaivy ealiug are kept up, they" ileadS ito-  and all we do is criticize the formation, of house now the.> home of "Mr.  and < Mrs.
grees. Mean iernperature should be close ' overweigat mMch may shorten life.' Z'" \"    the letters,    r         N   '* <    \1   y    r "< . Tinkley. Finding that his wife also liked
Each' housewife spends her time presiding- over n power plant sufficient to
havo «taffed the palace of a Roman emperor with 100 slaves.
_}©_  ®U
IS  ®_.
Canada Choice
or Canada Good
\   liHAPF
I ,14-
2 IB. {?K<E,
1   *    ' v      1
Canada Choice or Good
■ Med. Sixoi
U.S. No.
1A1B3   Tondcrflokc .
csispy cainers tr„
HyFj Mush, or Gccf, 10 ax..- (Z[
Royal City, 14 ox  ru.'^-L- J
Choc. .
Chun King
41 ox. .__.
Post Cereal
9 ox. '_„.„_
10 ox.   ..„„ ^-.
Plain or Salted, 1 lb.
64 ox.
Zoo *
4 pack
Malkln'a .. C_) for
Heinz    <A
'4 ox.   ^&for
fl ox. Sandwich
U.S. No, 1
No. 1
Prices Effective; TlmlVf IWarcli.. 6th to--Sat^r-March Sth
/yrr.^mtt^-V\^  SJ       h?±-'A
u o)f Ay/.
_»,m-"   ■■».■',«»._'   ^*«..~**,. •.
..   i ■    ,
)»M»Mit«i»iiW».w.»iM.w.ti.»-»~»iB>iwii«iiiiiii mini <yMm^uw^»t*rmmi.mam*m'H^.irt.^m..tmMUMti>mhmmrii.
-   i
' n
! «
*„irf"-«rW**^!-^. **«,**,***» -svfta^t •*   ■?
".*/«*■  ».uyn»*s>.^,t/mf/<**<?itfor rfivjwsiiw*.,**! mri*>*.^«ff^» •%Aiw<r^>fy*4,H,'i<<ll**,?*,'"*!'P'■** -"""tftl*!^ ***% "<■>
>-f**J***SI ■**%
,/t^ r ^ ^ , ^ $zA7?^h^ji:
,E % d *. *♦ ,j-A ^ i j
1* , *h^,fr\f*.    '
- %
\ i
"»'•* /


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