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The Peninsula Times Feb 12, 1969

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Array f-^trri---**  '   f,~%*Jl   '*��� V-tU>*w  ��if i -y-ft-Pi   r *-m <��� v"Wf   -ti       **-^' ���*��� *  f-t J**  -'   "^i-  ���> sj^ v^^..^tJi\f-^Tw^y1  ��� i/V �������� y-'j ���.>���*? v-i- ���������"��� v  ���4   U  J I f    �� ' ^      (t 'ft     .*" ^  ���****> tr** ����� y-r 5r<  AS  ���u  . t ���  1 'i  ,West���C3P8-i.ian Graphic Iniustries  IbQblwest/pth  Ave.-j, ,;   .. * /  Ltd.*  i  *?  ,r  J /V* v'  J>  * ^/** TTvf'  ,< -!��� ''   'fc^^t-�� J^'-w^-sk ap*  j**^^^-*^*-^--**-*^   ;  t  '^'.^rving-the Sunshine Co^  RKOUESTVby Tyee Airway* Ltd./jtb leaS^-* .sary to WrWitopay, the -school requisition   ���-Wi"iwn'CreekV��SelmQ/Pork^Secrjeitf Hoi Won Boy, Secret Cove/Perider'Hprbbur#Madei/QPork, Ktelndaie, Irvine's Landing, Eorl  the r"Municipalr Airway appearsto be <$   during .the- early- part 'of the year," Village ��� ��       *���-���-.*... �� ��� >< -_  _ _ -   ���  *���> �����*  ��� $  Authorized 03 second efasa  mail   by   the   Post  Office  Department, Ottawa.  Roberts Creek-  Cove, Egmbnt.  -step -terward. and��has -advantages, stated .���-Cleric,JDave, Johnston 'stated that��� by im-  'Afrport -Committee���'Chaiirmap Ken Goddard ./posing -an"early'penalty date -for "tax pay-  when-*ithe matter was discussed at the first " *" "    " ���--.--������ -. -  -.  Ttebruary, ", meeting   of ' Qibsons  ,C^uncU.  However' he .commented, that 'the -matter,  -would have" to be' looked at carefully 'iiul  ment it:i? sometimes .possible"to TrelnvesY  ���an.-dJxop> to,.p&y..back the1 interest..,'-,    \  tnatthe~special meetmg'.which the Airport  - Committee held with. IMr. Al. Campbell of  ��� Tyee' Airways, was purely exploratory; -.,,  ' -Reporting on vthe meeting Aid.  Ken  Crosby who js ��� secretary- -for, the Airport t  Committee, stated that.Tyee Airway's wa'ri-'  ted to, lease the airport and'develop it -com-'  " mercially with plans for a charter aircraft  and hanger with a-mechanic in attendance  so ^jthat it would be_no_ssible to pick- up  _ business, -which now, goes  to Vancouver.  Tyee Airways woul4 keep the runway clear t  'ancl rolled with a possibility of ��� blacktop-'  niri'git in future..    . .    . ���_ 'r'  ���  - Jfaypr Ilred F.eeney , .reiterated1'bis  opimon that' the -Municipal1 Airport is a  matter for the Regional Distrjct-^and that  it should remain.a public��� airport.  _������.' -Aid,- Wally* Peterson commented-that  Airport- i? '.used^ extensively during the  sumjner- and. it is an asset to the Penin-  sula. ja__ r,        _,, v ,       >- ,'.-���'' -  ���  It'was1'agreed tiiat a further, meeting-be  arr��$ged ',vsdttv"the 'Aerp/CI\fbf Mr. Canip--  .-j /Council ^agreed to send a fetter sto  ���-Education- -.Minister,~ Donald���Brothers-  criticising .tie new regulatioiis which(> put  .the School .'Board in the position1��!- Asking"  for Municipal approval of, school; budget  over-expenditure. >     - -���    .���..-,.  *" Council agreed to accept the overage for-'  this'fyeaf but-it appeared there-is-some  doubt about approving .ah ^over-^expendi-'  ture next'year.    -, '  _ '   '.",.,,/'-  Aid. Wally Peterson-stated that the budget" for ~this year'js one 'hundred per, cent *  better'than it had been_i^jthe_past 4:5  year?,.but'the"village is, stillforced to col-  .lect; the tax douirs for- the school, board  which takes 75 per cent of the taxes and  council had to make ia .decision1.   . j *J  SUPPORT   -"--���-������;������,������      . r ,' .-.  ( Cou-ftcU'wiH check into'ithe fact that-no"  -grant was  given -the 'Salvation* Arntiy in  W69;;'."tbe intent iwas* 'there"*, ���' commented -  1 Mayor #eeney. Approval of a' grant ft>r  18rKI ^was tabled, pendmg- a'c.heck-'Oii' last ���  -H. OEflyne"- Headley^  *    ��  j  * i  'A  -I  .+  ^v  *'/  S-.  .���*��  *��r     ����� d  year's oversight;-  -1 letter from <-Mr.  bell; the, Airport jcaretaker and thatDirec-" iasked-^ Council's' -support in ��bringingc the  "tor^* Rutherfdrd^and -Gilker of the-Region-il - Brno -Cbildrens'-Choir,to Gibsons.-Arrival  .'Board''be furVited.' iFollowing^ the 'outcome of->this -famous- Czeehoslovak^n^CMdVeils*  of'-'tbis meeting, department of ��� transports -Choir in Vancouver in-"June will come un-  W(Md~b^^pproached~aTttd~legal  j*  it  ���*���     i  * i  ������ * *-  tr'  >  ^*  *H*  J  #  *  �����  ���*       f+  t*  *  f                  ���  \-  A.  *���'  I  1     *    \  tl  * 1  il  l'\  '���*  4  s��  >��� ���  ., n  Volume 6, No. 11  WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12,1969  Pa?t President's Pm  for AumUary member  HIGKUGHT of -the February 'meeting of  ' Gibsons Hospital Auxiliary was the presentation of a Past .President's Pin. toiMrs.  Gordon Richards. Everyone. agreed; that  Mrs. Richards worked tirelessly during the  past two -years to have Gibsons Auxiliary  * become active- again.       . ���  -     ,-  Plans for the Sm&rgasbdfdT and 'Dance  at Port Mellon'Community-Hall, .March  15th are well underway.-It was decided to  have a bridge: tournament once a 'month  at the Anglican ^Church' Hall. The first will  be held on Monday; February 24fl*i. Jean  Wyngaert remindea everyone that there  are baby.- sweaters, blankets, "diapers e*tc.  for sale from the gift-box. " *��� ,   . ,  Several volunteered to transport voters  on February 22nd/ .'..."��  i Z  advice"  souglit on possibility .of-leasingtthe .airport.  ���sctiippt:TAXE5'/:;i ; lie./:;?. i-V  Commenting on the fact that it is neces-  \}  ��� BUREAUCRACY���'-;., i,'  '-��� ^R^gi6fial'*-iBci/a-rd! ^recltcxrsj/iiin orden 'to  -ifacilillJatie''' -p^yonieiiifcs' of 'Hospital Wstrict  * debjfcsi due on Jainuairy 2nd paid-up teimpor-  laialy-fmm Regional Board- -funds -uKtal'SUch  iundsi .were'ireleased fl>y itriiajHo^tai^iInsiirr  <>ance Seiivice'Department:- However,/d-ie Ito  .|the.%urieauaiatic re^pod5.e of "a ���miembeir M  ���^6r~i3ie~Cul-Eurar"Ex-gliaage- ProgramiM  This area will just have toJootvflte cost of  . bringingrthe:children and.their chaperons  \irom^Vancouv^rto"-X3ibsons ^where' they  1 will be billeted, y  -. "Mayor * Feepey >- explained  shine Coast Kiwanis have-formed a special  committee'to discuss' the, matter, aftd it is  ; possible they will ssponsor* this project with  . the;heip. of "other organizations.''Council  - agreed to back the Kiwanis/ when approa-  . ched���, , t   ",'*���;"'   /        . ' : .    '.  APPLICATION .  '   ;  ~;, Discussing" an application for .establish-  .i . "    <  * ; '���:* ���&*. P85�� A-2  i -   ' - Perplexed.  Sechelt Sand & {Gravel Ltd/,appijoca.-   planted a!t highwater'mark opposite  tion to lease 20 aeres of Trail Bay   N.W.".corner of lot No^ y but .the  Sunshine Coast Lions  - "^    iin^fi'B'fail^ia ii-emr ���ft'KrtliQffj ju^t off IndiahiReserve.No. i5, leave's   notice has been posted right on Mr.  that-the jSuh-   UUUcIJlClKl?' UCW'litUJoui   ]esse,es.on Indian,Reserve I^jid, Mr; /tfensctike's gate posit' Leaserds for  med a snecial    ��*���� *&* lwuL irs_��i. ~-~i��,-*�� .-* 4.t,��. ic^m^  IJnvrl ���'FVaser ahrl-'Mr.  Emile 'Hen-   -constnicftion of .baree'loadiMff facM-  Norman Watson  4    >��  -��  ANY -motor velucle pperating pr -found .pn   Therapjsit, JMr. ^��hn- iLawi^. -  ONE OiF '$& finst pnoaedts io��.,the Sun^uner Lloyd Fraser and'Mr. Emile 'Hen-  lOoaait'Iaoms.auV-foiraned in 1954, wa-i' ."schke","Wondering if .their waterfront  at a" post  made > Ittiroughi jthei |ba-nk, -e^ui-pmant, ipujr*f : : :   chaised,' and vat5*ous (fund, raising, -projects/  isince.!hais belped^pa-y -tiGE ithe itoan. '<Mher-;  pTOfjeotS!* ihaiVie' Ibeen^ansSitUted bfesidesnandlf  Uhe ��� number of yrtrtilty 'ciausesr jto -whic^i <the *;  Iflo^'feaiwe^cojntributfed na\ve taken up'Ssotme ���  ^otu^a!^-.oK'iioju^   ' *, .���*,/ - - ���   - ���   ��� "  s  \ iPot isome time ithe -pn^Ontherapy ^uip-'"  imenttiieceived -only^oceiaisioitiarl use -diue to',  Ia'C^^cf^a^quaffiled���lipnysio^e^a^   /This  iraw^*cbaa3iged--witih*riecent-Taip-' n^-uj��i ��y  ipointment of a fully' trained andiexperiencfidl'      of" Wilson Creek that' Sechelt Council  ���'  '    - *"~- ~~~ ���  k��" ���������'���      ' '    'consider re-zoning a-property at Porpoise  Bay. from residential to- light ind-ustriad"re  construction of -barge '.loading .facili-  . ties .and extends -V4 mile in westerly  direction and 3/16 >mile-tiack to high*  water mark. .-���     /,;��.'   .  Immobilized -vehicles  IWtlllYP -'PHITPIIT  TllafP-5    BflaMteaa-'has -now^-cnaaxged^witih necent-Taip-�� REQUEST by Mr. ahd^Mrs. C. J. Salahub  Idermair fakes firm stand  past land. action  that'aspect at this time, further,, you knew  it was-residential when you-purchased it."  Latter, ^ on jeturn to - normal business,  . Aid. Watson expressed, the view that a com-  ft&\  Funds! will!-molt be used (for 'Regionalt'iHiosv  pijteli--p>is!tiricit puipos-eis agadn. ���> - t -,;-{'  8pNOUR;RO(U,   ., ;   . , -I .\,A  i, Pender iEDairbouii Secondairy" School, i$l-  dentg wiiOise names will' be on  Roli for'this itertm.aine:  " ~iGr-ide":ija----^a^  'Gtade lO-riDarlene Di^bois    .'-  -  ittie/ highway- ��� Marcht 1st; without ���* 1969  licence plates,will rfssult- *m-pnoceedIngs'by  . the'^.C.M.P..'   J'Z;   -,   ^'   , _ ,.< \ ���  ', .Report' from'local detachment, states   ��� -T. T_, , ,              '���that stickets,  will  be ;issuedi ,fall .motjor and'^emipba^teed fne^ct fer ^widatipMaii^ equip; -niachine.shop with-Jiving quarters above.-   carry out -improvements hi the Bay for  vehicles -operators -or owners-of 'Vehicles iment^1          -. ?   --^       i       ���    . i r   .        tjir   -Kn>.;v>aoc.   ..~v,.-t^�� r;��.T^v,.n   c^cn'ni^avi    tntblic recreational use. He said he under-  Waltihm a ahont "periadi ri�� Jtime, Mr. iLeiwis ***' w��� resraenxiai to- ugnx majiscnai^re- . aio. waison expresseauie view uuh: a com-  Un&^W&wtefobelnvmitimBctas- ceived litUe support at last meeting^of, inittee,should^ be appoined to, investigate  !ing;-demaittd':and,.'a-t.a mecent.meeitSaig aa   council February 5th. ~-- ���    .ry,   .       ways^and means by which grants andotfiet  lgue^.'ffEM"tilert'Iilpns,,b.e Jontiliined rniis, duties ' ,  Mr; Salahub said lie 'Had in nid;a l" "      "*1"x "~~ "      *~" '  __..*.--^-,^^._iL.j ...i^-.j"^..^ -_aj*_    imariune .shop with- living quarters above.     s ,.   .       .      ��� ,       i  business jwould 3 involve   specialized    public recreational use. .He said he under-  SECHELT' ROD and Gun Club report  ,, plans are progressing well 'for 'the  Trophy Dance and a tentative date has  been set for Saturday-February 22nd.-Some  tickets still out from the New Years event  which may be returned for refund to  GeorgeFlay."      ."    ��� :  -1 ,      .'   '  " Success of the ladifes rifle group has  .been *fo great -that it is understood a couple  of male mfembers have joined? -Plans are  afoot for a'competition between Jadies "-and  the men but it appears some problem involves refusal by the lady sharpshooters to  ' give "the men a sufficiently large, handicap.  Stir mining appears 'to have; created  considerable 'controversy and has" caused  many Rod-and -Gun clubs concern. -Litera-  . ture, on the subject is available at^thenclub  house and members are asked to submit  letters expressing views on the 'subject to  i the Minister of Mines and' Natural' Resources. ,        "        * , '  In conjunction with other clubs, briefs  were ^ submitted   on 'proposed   Firearms  Legislatiori. These-have, to some extent,  paid off and proposed amendments "are  generally considered" an improvement.  Nine juniors passed their gun; course  with flying colours, they are; Len Beck,  Michael.Beck, Barry -Franske, Scott Henderson,' BiDy Higgs, Robert Nestman, Biliy  Mestman, Ricky ���Pearson:-" and' Karen  , Spencer, - '  .   ",   ^       ���  * "     --���--.-  ^���C^mplaints have'*rteceived'by;the &CMP', -rJhV -tio^ljwrjlfoan^i  ^Way^br-ua^tea--/<tHe^ad*4sed to ^apply .to*<couneiI^  lOaning Rtootm',' Sechellt.'" Ticke'tsi      - AiA#"*ma*n��'-MnVm - wnfsAti i  u^^iw w,tuullHW.,  -���-,,. ^they-.come^nddealing,with. 1��em''-sOme-���-���-^e^  ^ Alde*mah~-Norm- Watson expressed aie^ >��� ,|��hat-hapna-sardly. 'j was -sorry to,.see   irons.. K-c-ture tej^bi,tio(n!, also cancelled, ��s  ���   ...    A*-JSm-->.- x...    ..' J7. ?;-lii..(l_j.i_ ��- ���      J     ���      J-        ' >   * '   -_.-��^  L,^��   A_"��       ��^... .��ln**>A, It^r. ���EVA���*.!������ rtC+H  ,view tiiat- -hcQgrpatly (i^vjour�� > lighfcs industries "*it is me"ryp^**ttbittg~we'need.'I ain,  not against- progress^but .at; this ^time, I  , roost certainly "would notbbe<--in iavbur of  such a project in that lo&tion"kihcr said.  Aid. Watson's argument was thS-fc-tot/ pro- *  perty  is'adjacent  to.a'iod fbot^teip    **'  retained by the village for public access^to;-^;  the- Bay/ He pointed out. that he strongly   >N  disapproves the Way in wldch. past -councils  permitted strips of land to go to private  Interests and said that there is nothing he  can do about that, However, he would fight  hare) to keep the little remaining.  Mr. Salahub sajd he feels it wilt be a long  time. before -the', area' would be a /beach  although it might be alright if properly  "���see page A-2   now slated for iFeferu'ary 15tb.  Building violation  ��� o  ��� ������ *���  with Mayor- Bill Swain thait it would (bo  pointless employing a buUding < insipector if  COUNCIL of Sechelt-at its. last regulair  meeting Feb.; 5th gave'Unanimous sup- _  port to a recommendation by BMding,'|n-    lie isi uniatble ito'ihave baicking of counciit.  ispectbr'Faied/R^bu^ ��� /���/.���.,i-:  ,   ,,   -   ���    . 41, ,..,  ������..,,,.  ���-., t   ���    algainst plumber Riay Newman/of Wilson  dredged "and that would, prpy^ expensive      ���Q^ ffipr i^,,;,^ ^ m ]building Bylaws.  re if. . '      ... ,1^.; >���-...-���.�����-_��-       At aHpaevi'Ouis imeetfng ait which Newmian  jg^jj^^^ tu^,^p ^^ jnsjpg,.^ outlined! cir-  Watson commented '-that is a matter of'  dpinlon, as a matter of fact I have some  ; proposals to put to council, later in the form  Of a long range plan for the Bay area.  While there is a small m]arlna; arid airplane base there at present, it is riot impossible   to   develop  a   recreation   area  ithcrC." ' ���:',. : '    '  '"' :  , '      ,  , Mr. Salahub stated that; without per-  mlsijion to carry out his plans, the lot is of  no uso to him, he suggested perhaps council would bo intcrc.*|ted in purchasing it,  Watson replied "wo are rio^ considering  T-���:":";:":'���  cumstanceisi leading up to the situation and  ���white igeinlcnai^, Oipinlon,was ithait prosecution  appeared justified, it was, agreed to invito  Nclwman 'allianig ito speak Jar ihiimselif at the  ncx.t imeetlrig, ���  V , .After ligiteniing ito his explawaitfonis, cour-  , cilriaturncd ito normal business and laigreed!  that 'the ilnspricitoir proceed with ohaaiges.: lit  (\^asJateo un^nlmou-slly imoved |tha;t In -futuiri'a  it wilt, be luanccessiairy ifor IReyburn to idb'ttiILn;  consent j of, ���council. prior ito laying similar  cli'airiges agaiihsit lainy-onc.  Aldetimcn aigroed  >&,  A  11���� �����.(.*  WMI FEW texccip;Uorii��/,lbtii.'firic'sis/ people of  'itho' SuiilslKibe' iGOasit ��� ih'aivte; ���oor>tiriifb^tJe<l ,aj  sttiM isum' in order Itoadvcritbo the tflaict  Ithey' approve; the: propoiscd iodpalnsloia *ef jSt,  iM'Oiry'fii JliOTpiM, n's may he ficon Jim -thfe)  iwecic';s! Tiim^. ,The .vsottne jadi:wyiifjb<j jruirj'  la'Railri next 'week .and anyohq ovcrlaoJixiH' pwd'  .wHbihiing ito'llMMVjo ithcir naimo <on tho.^sttiimfy  comtn'ct ITJie' TiuriciiJ' office.' oii' 'Mr,' Iftiijvpy  JIubto.. , ,"'",,. . ', .' .'.' . ..'. .' -  ��� ��� Indicitiori.4 tore 'illwllt' ithb *is,'one.iRcifc^  endtiftni very few people iw1!! opiwpo for It Jn*  n facility ariyono couJd, Iiaw ,a ,n<?cd (for jiirt;  , . , , any dime. Since oonstructcd Iri 15MM mdm'W  jV*?^^ of casos'M've'iri^nlBioim'Bi^liovjonxwtim.  Patient days''durJrig iUiei isarrio period; Juimp-  Dd.ifwm 4,J0i;to.il3,-��H.  ���< ZZ>  / f-'  , cr^tilyy.'w/Oirklng^  ���corr|���|r^-g��� Ri'"  ,,. TOBardiri'g'jthe':  6(iiturday, J F��bmiJ|ary  fiSZnd, is Ihb rptosssaiililEiit^ '��6|e' ^IpffUiy and faljurci  '��� -iriC^'ifi^cki^'iJoodi'-^^      al) taas-pola.  Ai 60'^' '"Y��!?il"* vote 'i-v rwnijlrcd! 'and'; iwihtta  ' -pajfcln. f^ipWrxKxviai M 'oUrao^ !c'tantainl, 'ov��ncx��i-  . Wwco'w wilP.por*c:ris> -couljd irc-strlt ih at jw*oor  |tur^n'-ptii|.t|. ������Vjpjjtp. v^e\F.ebruniry & iM�� llper*-  ilf^^ur^tiy iwftuea-t-ed.        :," \ ''.' -'/' '���  ��� /jjhplljilip'g ^iti^rifor. ((rtir^ owwr^toctorfl!'  ���will (joe ^cjt up in 'the, "rwial iarp-i's;*i.ndi polling  .BWiona; ifo^r, 'Muft^'ciipal .tol^er-^o^'twra/.iata  Now Trick1  -  On February 2Zn^i, Hyak the'young  bull whale will.'hayo been in captivity  at Garden Bay for one year. During  tho vtrhtto'r ho has been learning now  tri'ckgVfrom his yoiing trainer, Graham1 Ellis and" the rapport between  thorn.is unbelievable. (Besides a variety} of other tricks ho does n back  flip landing w$h aItremendous splash  Which .WiU'!-thrill ��� summer visitors.  Regional Board . ��^  ,      '    . /      *. ' '      \        " I     ' ��      �� ���   '    , t ' | '    ',' '    ''      ' ' '  Secretary sapnual report  ,  shows year',of/aGMeveM      ��� ���  iIMUCSiENTING !hisi ammnnll 'rcipotifc toiUie (Re��    ,' Villaige of Secheilt iWiaicltol Iain a!gr>omien!li  gionnil Jioaixll -aitl. Wt . irdgiitnir), imieqling,, ', with, thus (poolrd wnerclljy |Uio topre^lw iac-  Socretniry, Chairles ,Gooding rcipoiritwll1 "Una, cep^d'.irieSROTfJsiibiUity iCorr��� 'Jnxslpccitiioins'4ini"ttftus  hibli^  L'ONG''!P'ELAYED fn^aPatlort of cablevilsloni  '; for; S<;elvcl!t! lanjct Gibsons jits by no imeans  j* l'tefc cmis�� aridlMn.'.W. S.^fThomais; of No'rlli-'  west ^rrilniurii'c'aitloins'-Ltd. "sought as'sistamca  facility anyone cowuiiMW^necdW wlli'dic ca,t)tib-   4,'th�� Times laistw^ek.in .order-itih-nit tho  ny rtJime. Since oonstructcd in J5MM'ntiitnit^er-; jk'KM'in the 'vm "viila-Rra '���-..'    iPUWic :ntay be imadfl -alwaane of itlv'o M'tuaUoi-*.  *��/��tf��cv,h.h^'w.��rttti��irtm'��i-*.irrt*9mT:ih^-^^     h'���:^:.> .^':';; r^L -..^i*'-- .t' ! ��_��� :��� ���--   -. iA^ori#'^a^'11e6rieo 'ly^a'^^ra'njlal'' o'nrly  ��� Vplijiins'JIiia'liS' Wed fox the Rdtarcndtim. -wiM  i|k^'''tt|u&;:;<n��T��^t, ���rtWit,��rt��^teC'ti��r rolB.; oC'tho  >...  ty   (-.A-^f  plreswicdl eWfi 'hata' been forcicd to' Work kja  indvof.se icotidWiom, due to ��vercT1oi\wii,rti!| Wnrfi  on intmvcraw occawioriS pa-U^ntoh^voliairl  to' occupy -toiflrtyora-'at^-^-'-rjit^  flvalWWo,, ',   ' .     /I','. ���  One loval! m'ao told ithe Tihw�� hiA <v$t}t  ho 3*ad ibew'lwwpiiiijatocd iton two day^ d!uir>  fng iwhtcli lilme ho was 'moved to -ffilw dif<lcr>  tcnt toca'ilo'rfe'ii in order ito 'fncjli'tii-'ito an influx  of ntiw patiierrf-s. 'lib ladmlration Ugin' rtho  fttaW wais over-whelming -jjwf, bo ���sal'd, ''the  devotion ito duty and caa-e for 'p-aMento do-  sipifo inconvenicinti -cond'ruww, wats troinarik-  ittbto." .  MM cottcwa of Um Bttla'xvf Which ��s $$&    "I   '   [With- id^ {wvffllkQt ot .iUvoW :*r^isitttncd,:.ttis  ^^s^tivfs ol :corp0?$tkim,: 'tht-se,may-  cai$8'^'i^te iri'^atc^'city^���:���   ; /  1! irWvi��*fd jiit' of !Pbuirig:Sia(tion.i' Js a�� tb%  J'bws:-' , . ;  k-. tegminint iSchool);. (Lloyd's,- Garden 'Bay;  iMmidclnn iPairlc School!; Ruiher^rcts, 111011-  'invobn May; Da'vls! 'Day Sclwot; -ROberttsi  ICj-Nrek, .(School1; "Qibsons' Rurat-iElcmenhi-ry  flch-M;' ilfopkfns! Community HalJ; (VJltoKe  off! Gibsons Municipal Office; Scclwdt-lxs  igliOrt'IIalll.    .���'"'',  iRwMenb. of Caimlbiiai arid K-oiiftea auay  ���Vote -at icMih-cn Ma0m w Qitmas. ���' , ,  lai^ibVycar to; ihci company - Iby ����� the (fcdcrail  i^ropoiit.,4fpa^imw(t.: a-��erics: of problcmB  baiVc a��w��Jlerj!; proEr^;*. Sites ihaivx? (been io-  cstod'bolUi Ifor Jjibsons land' Scch,cDt awl nit  the (present iii'mc,.lt wouM nippcar, one. hoi*'  atp^m'iainV. 1%ail: fa approval oj! oppU'caitiop  for,a |ic^m^ by jthc CanatAiirni Itadio-Trlo  visi'aa .^mimis-Mon. * Thtsi will' bo 'dccljlrdl  .March ^th'tiilt a hcarioii in London, Ontarld.  (Aa'-of'la-t-st A!pHt M,' such projects enmo  under tJio JurisdlJcWoPi Of itho -country's brond-  ���cawtinK ���re^U'ttl-ory 'aiiitihorJily Inste-rxt <ot I he  itiflarisponfc d'cparltimcnt. They tare now fiov-  tcrrrcdi by-the .saimc .-wiguiutiUons 'n��* convi"ns  itlonal television.     ���       ���  fjvir. 'llioim'aisi ��a!ld Itel-pnavidinff Ws 'np-  "Plfooiti-an fa-^appiioivcd-<Uie way wilB bo cJcaii  ���far"^Btton��       ''' '  " "  t  'lltoainii'held ilO imwHqgisi.rXhistb year.'land'to  ���aiddMlon !he 'and imembens' oif the Boiairid attended n mumiber ioU 'mecitinlBs, isemlnairs and!  . conivientilonsi held irii Vancouver 'lawdl Vio  Itonlm:.   ., .''..'.,,,   ./',/ :;!���:,��� ��� ;,  CambTiicinitiiriifS on Haislt ycar'i�� aicitivWics by  the ''IJoaird, iMr, Goodbff noted] (bait nespon-'  atbilMy ifor admini^traWoni of the1 iReigional  Jfospitot DtetrJcit iwaa lacccipterj i-m June. , A  , iRdfctreridum. hdd Nevemibw ZClrd! unlve fl(k,%  ��� 'approvail |to Itbe Waitar Supply and flJysWbu-,  illoni Bylaw. Twelvio iBylafww w'ere, -pricparcd!  :iand eleVcAof thcmi laicceplcd, \iQajibalgd .  , dumps) were corwitructod- lat-IPenderj dlta'i^bpurj'  iaind :Wcs[t JIowo iSoaiind!,   Cost of dieveliop-  .iment and im'ad'ntena-n'Co o'f'thcfiici land Mio  ������6t*ach!c,l|l) dump, excec^lcdll ibuds*4tcd iicoato/  'Ddfictli wlM bo tnan.sto*irc<Jit|o -(she. ^(jiQO'biidli"  pit, ,        .'        ' ���_',: 'i;'  ���    Exiixl(i'|inin(t ^ho extra, icasits, the L-^qretary,  isilialledl ttxMtftn nciw d!ti.'|ji,p}ii,lwcrio uscdl'lrilimcd^  iftltely toy lllho ipubliic -and''��. iprivato urollccUoni  service isl-artcd- up iri the render- flaftbotir  area-, imaWreg Irac olf tho -Ga-M-sn Buy dumb.  ,/vHla-ge;:,.;'/. , ;; ,    > ,\ i [  / : 'VVIhJ'Cci:: <oi" -dcrtoSiiod,' irctpotrib' iby. rtlhio' ^Bitiidtitni-s  M**poctx)(r wil ba submitted ia!t ai lalter da|tc,  Ihioi'ijepoir^si totnill railiue Of ponmltsi aimounted  ito $2,237,832 lor a' total ot 334 pcitnmts,  'In; concluding bis bcpooit,.,iMr.'-Coodi!ng ���  i-jaldj,' '"Tbiis .ycair ball provedl tfrmsitraitteg in-  ithat it,iha'Sl'niwt been iposiMble ito* imstitulxs m��  Marbaijjo 'C-aUcictilKJn' sdwi-co. -and fiot up oiun  ' ovwi record 'sywliem in' wr^unotilon. iwlUi' ai'  ''datocertilto^jnjVancofii-vior/.,   ,',���;.  ,, ,-���'  ������'Ir-orVirciverv'-"**'diirtonit donlnajf been accomplished to this end and the Board hns ob-  Wncdl ��� .ateu^'ecs .by ' llbo, IM f-reilstbcai'- of' JVtu*-, ���  initaCpal AKlfateltlvat Itlvesci probtoms are j��p-  jprecJiatcd 'by hli-J-dcpairjtimerilb flirrfl ar<s;lbclnfj  ; icbjvMdwed"'Jn iconjithcttoni .wllh.oHvey Pro-  v'JricJal1 .fiOvernimcftM1 depamtmcrite,'  , "ijw wiatpr vsupply and distribution ?ne  Bo-^int bait-iaililiailnicd one of .Jits main objec-  ,|U!vesi'.an4''J)t'i'ii to bo hoped 'l^GO wiU ��oo tapa  tunW on in womo prescnilty very ctny mireaisi.  "iBoaird oWl'ccs' wrro ���o-Htcndcdi la-st year  ���arid i^vhiiie-ito addittorr?! 9taff were crupTwy  iPiroibl'cims involviwg .accd-ra resulted!: in , iod,! tHelpairt Itinio clerical Wp w'nw Jncnc<aiscdl  temporary,cliwire of <he lyVcs-tj Howe Sound  dump (but ireiTressertta'UoirEsi (k> 'the SU-'-jhjvv-ay'S  ODepairilimcnlt and our, MUX irciultcd Jn pmmi.  tec o'f .a lejjai laiecxwus, Toaul' early flito year,*  iBtilMlrtg Inspecton'Fred ItoybutrW' bnis  -continued'to efficiently conli'mie bM irltiWeA  'throu'Rhouti (the ^anca.. IT*�� talso aiKsi.tte<L Itb-ft1  Public lilealh Jteipccton Jn smnl|liai:iK)in worlc  ibitt ithiw "ficrvico tonnltfaitodl by dacii>lotf-ol  tii-a BomM AtitM -end' ol '��l�� ior. '  A#f#t**kim***fa *  ����� *^^��flM*rfl-����*��w"��i<��  ��''1^p���*BJf^^*��^n������|^rt?'V^#^^���^*J*Bf*K���*J'^',*^* "*  "^,ffHn^%rJ,fc **V-"^I|''1  t��*����t���(n����**Vt,��*. ��**fl<!,*.*��-��., *r i*ff> ^*s*V.i��r�� jw*w*(y��i*t.(��HM>N-^*f f  lla Xulftime. TW�� cnnaWi sta'ff 'Wi|�� ladcqiiato  during H988 but during .108�� /the "addition of ���  Ithe Water. Supply project awB Jlospltal.iPJeii-'  llri-cit'itiwiiUI'bo nvocessary to, cngaige -some-  lono ito -aLsifci'L-jtl: wJtlii 'the 11rcaBurW!?J dtrtS-wt." '  lilxpressllrig W�� ptoaaiuro 'ait working with  tlvci iB��ainlitbwtRh.i7ut Hive past "year, th^ Kcc-  "ircK any'said he loolcs' Oortvard ito*1996 during  wlucji, bo topes, .nraitorial mult-a oX \v"orio  ctaartrScct out to'STO will btvw tfwcw&ti  *, mp,**&fn,$t ��� ������ m****--**** rt������}* i����,)ff(h.J(w *��^���� ��#���.��<��.j-*��,i  ���SEEKS GUIDANCE  ipWnqr Olf two Ijofe in 'Block 9 at-'Porpoise  Bay,; Mr; 'A-.'%' Simple.wriotcj council tstait-  Srig he under&ta'brjiK'.tihero has been a irequesit  dta'p aippriotval to IbuiJdj )ir m'aichlrie shop oh the  isqimc,property. As the owner of'to(ts lift iamd  17 ho 'wondered what he would.ba'perniilltt^  to' bulldj.'ori'ithcim. 'He. bais in 'mind such  'buildiirigs iatS' ai Ihiouse,' duplex'or apartments.  ,;��� Ut Ayiaoriaigreed- flio bo -referred'.'itO' tho  'BulWtafiriByl'aiws.' ���������'���' ..; .-,  i.|(?HfjNG; GRANT     '   ;'..'���;"  ;���;���';;.r;iAIdje��|ri|4-n I HJanold. Nclsorii ������fiiaid, hts.'-liad  ttbeJeod on 'ai (Deport regairdlng governmcints  ���:.iCT*ot,.,'?oj street lifting alt intersecitions 9f  'itho ihighiwiay, irunnlnjr, Uirough the .villaige  laiud secondary-road*. He oatrdj be ifindstho  igrain|t hate.' been1 atvaiilaiblei tor same years  ���arid; wondered Jlf -council bad piiaroncd to  'm'atos (aippltcaitiort. . i , ��� -,  i .  /To dv iwsmiairJc Iby Mayor Swiain ihait kucIi  'lal-lgnant would1 (mean Itho villaige could lhaivo  imore lights,* CJerk Ted IR'atynoy isaftd bo  (would tavie��"%aito the dWartloni. ASderiman  irhotrijpsion /Buggcsted infommiatloni couW bo  obtainedinomiGiifoorisVillagelofflce. '  ,'  SCHOOL BUDGET  ' iCounciH' idffi'cJiaaiy appnovedl thd iscliool  diisilirJcb Ibudgct ir^es-^tcdl ito ithem ait isliont  ���notice ireccntly. It was Ihowever, laignccd  itha|t in Iclt'tcr of protest be Kent the tDepaa,-|t-.  mento!E'Education-ita.regairtte to tlicprctsent  isyistom, wM-ch latpipeaitw Ito can torn approvtal  iait fllho Itet imomcnt*. It was mndo -dear illiiatt  the protest is In ino way dir-ocibed) ait the  ���school board,     '     '"..',  ,  GET TOGETHER  , Aldermani Nonm Waltson isajd tiiat dialing  ithto past, touncJiii bn�� wet with School'  Board! .GJibipoinsi Council1, .RegionaiH Boaird and  Cbalmbcr of Commerce, "Oun nearest neighs  bouns, the IndJamt, \w appear ito haiyro oven-  ���looked and .a'ftier 'ajll, tljey .are im icSfect ��  im imi-clpali'ty too ,���' be waid. J to e-^adncd  ithait i|b J* poa-alble a' imictltirig of swich w nature  coulkil Biclp clear up any problems onboitih  .-sides.- .....      ,    ������.'.������  (Mayor Swain-waJtl-ho y/afa- nnalwaro of  any. iproblem-s ilho vintage has whlc^i w^uld  Ibe. of any interest.to tho ludktti asjd doubt-..  ���ed if Ulic ilndlan�� and doubted JI'.they h-ail  ;any toi discus wiitln the viDa^, boiwixvicr, '.  ho/fcaid Hie wow not opposed to audi a- imcct-  ing if ji^; was requested,   i ' ���  ,  ' Aid. Watson s'aid he onTy brougli'l! tiio  - im alter up Ifor coa-HldcrinlUon,  MAY DAY  AMcrimmnt TlVom'p.'ion recelvcti' full isup-  ,port to a motion that the |Sun.vhlno: Coast  Ijions Club, bo n-stood to agaJn itatoo over  opi?raiUoni ��i Ibo iMay -Day cercmoriicjj/aiwi  that ttie usual grout l�� nrads tmwrd eosti^ ���  ���.--���*  n    f, .  i\  i    ��� JY Jr.,   * -   * -v  -V   <-��� .t-n-    j;,t    <-���","-   n,    .'JM      ,j('l *   ,W     <" V     -'   i  -,      \  ,?//'.',   0'i" .���"..',,  ,^Ji^i^isx��^'*.''U,^*-^Stav>''^j''^  <-i>���- "tV'-^i r"J'  ���7,1  ���j    ���; **, ti'   ,,���     s *\ . ,   .       ���*' i,.r-i-     -'   , ���    - --I ���    '1.',,'     ,-r   *��� ''"\,    v..    . ���*' - -i >' *\       -^^v  "��� s  fSgge A-2 the Peninsula times, Wednesday, Feb. 12, 1969  ^ "*'m"-J"t-^^~~*^-'J^~^:Ti&^  "!_���     ' \."    '  '%       >���    -ft      > , v , j ,, S , V'      -I     -       I      ���<'   '   *> J  ^PfiNIN^lJl^^ 885-9654  *kX��wit^-laWWiiL  Mm  ���PubfisKeti '.Wednesday .by.  The Peninsula Times'Ltd.,  "ot Sechelt, B.C.  PERSONAL  REAL ESTATE (Continued)   REAL ESTATE (Continued)    LEGAL NOTICES  SMALL 2  bedroom ��� house, .a|l , EXCELLENT*"commercial' lot', '  , , elect., plus 3 room cabin on      ���centre Secbelt���higlxway' lo-~* '  ���1,acre, with 'view of 'Georgia   cdtton, level "arid cleared.- All*  "Strait; ��� on   Municipal! water. ,"services  available., Box .ilO-t -?  T.P.     $1J,500; ..d-p, \:��6,500,   Peninsula-Times. Z     no4-t��n; t  balance $fio,per month;v6% uit,    -    --     --'-..-������     ���?'..-  $l(.00'per year taxes; Contact 'J.\< lots for "sale, 4",cleared .view  ���"  Kelly, Rmrt., Sechelt. TeK-885- -   i^ ^^Selm'a ^ark.^Serviced   '  -Si"9-' -'- '       * - -      :H12S'13   with Wcr'and water. Priced"'-'  mirimlil   111f i i .  PETS  - '���������'-^  --Vyri'l'|-i|ii|-)n r-Ltj-'"1fr'f'1"^''  BUILDING SUPPLIES  iilUi ���.  :>0,***v*>4 w^j��* a^^. trJ^*r.tMte-.,  illjlli.  ..^���..it,  POODLE, puppies &1 mother $50 '  GIBSONS 'J Building   'Supplies.  " eaeh. Registere4~P&::jhnoc'uta-,. .JM.- 886-2642,-, Gibsons, i.B.C.  ted. Ph, 885-9797. ', Z '*> 2128-11   -Quality Ready;mixed 'cohcrete,   $3.5^ each, phone 885-9542,  ������-r������ ':."���' "'" '���/   SP'rvihg the,are"a 'for^Oiyears * "-;...' ^' Z' ^998  FOR SALE (Continuerj) "  ���, ,r, .,,..���... .- ,���, ., ...n ..i ii , . |.    i  tBUY   your   trash t jncrnerator  from - Sechelt- Kirtsriieri. at  . - - 'Member, Audit* Bureau  of Circulations .,  September 30; 1968  ''        GrossCirculafion 2250    '-  Pa?d Circulation 1942  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-Une AdiBriefs CT2 words)  ���One 'insertion _L_i���, l_.75c  Three  Insertions , L_$l.-50  'Extra 'lines'(4' words) ��� ��� l-5c  ��� (This rate daes,not apply to  ' commercial Ad-Briefs.)  BoxtNumbers 1 Oc extra  25c,Booktkeeping-charge-is added  .   for Ad-Briefs not paid'by  publication date..  , Legal or Reader advertising 35c  per count Jine.  Display advertising   in   classified  *-Ad-6r!efs"Column9, $1.75 per inch.  Subscription Rates--���  By mail, Peninsula area _$5.00 yr.  -By mail^beyond 30.-miles $5.50 yr. ���  *Byvmaii; special-citizens _l$3yr.  'By carrier, '.       ,50c month  MAUEIRA> PARK���approx.    5  acres of La'kefront' property  on paved road and 'waterline,v  ^...^ -.,.-.;. ���^-   ^-   ������  .        with secluded 3 bedroom base-  FOR   Tvyihght . Theatre   ,pro-   ment home Aut0 oil an<l fjre.  gramme-phone 886-2827  ALCOHOLiaS.Ahoaymous. p:o.  Z-ax' 294, ���'Sechelt, "B.C. > Phone  ���$V987'6.     -      ���   ��� ���1969-ta''  2022-7  WRITERS interested in meet-  v ing at informal gatherings.  Phone 886-7240. .-      2091-16  WORK WANTED  WILL.your irees be "safe this  winter? Let us make certain.  Trees' topped, limbed or felled.  Insured Experience and guaranteed work. Free safety  inspections and estimates.  Phone 885-2109.      ���        9943-tfn  TILLICUM Chimney Service.  -Eaves cleaned and repaired.  Painting, gardening, janitor-  service, old -jobs, etc. All work  guaranteed. -RRl-Sechelt, Phone  885-2191 or'-��85-^094.       -1871-tfn  COMING -EVENTS  .FOR  ,Twilight- Theatre   pro-  gfamnie" phone- 886!-2827.'  .,-'-, '2021-7-  ANNOUNCEMENT ~~  MR. AND MRS. It. J. Crich-  ��� -ton wish - to ��� announce 'the  ���forthcoming -marriage of their  . daughter, Cheryl Ann ,to Mr.  -David fMervyn. Wedding to  take place on February 15th,  1969 -at 7 p.m., St. Mary's  Chapel, Garden Bay; reception',  Xegion Hall, 8 ,p.m. Friends  and acquaintances welcome.  CARD OF THANKS  MANY thanks to the doctors,  .nursesand.staffelSt. Mary's  Hospital for the wonderful care  during- my stay -there. Special  thanks to -Doctors  F/gan and  paetkau. Also, many thanks to  my x many   Mends   who   sent  their good wishes and sepcial  thanks to those who .provided  Itransportation to, and -from "the  '.hospital,   for    me. ��� Sharon  'SUvey. 2096-11  MAY  I take this  opportunity  to  thank Jhe_many .people  who' were so kind to, my sifter,  / -Mary Evans during' ber illness.  Special ' tnanks*,'', -to ' Doctors  ;Pafetka-u, Burtnick, '-Egah,  -Wdebe and -Vosburgh who did  everything possible to help ber  "while "a "patient in^St.  Mary's  Hospital.    The   Nurses    were  wonderful especially Mary Gordon who worked so hard for her  during the long hours of her  serious illness. Sincere thanks  to ' Rev.   Father   Kenny   who  attended ber in her last few  hours and comforted her with  the rites of our Church. Last  but not least the good people  whp sent so many cards and  letters. Many, many thanks to  ���all.   We   the   people   on   the  Peninsula are so very fortunate  in having a   splendid staff of  Doctors, Nurses and other hospital workers who maintain our  wonderful   hospital. ��� W.   J.  Mayne. Sechelt, B.C.      2137-11  . A-WORD of'thanks to Dr. Eric  ^Paetkau-��� and staff .of St.  Mary'�� Hospital for their kindness to -me during my recent  illness. Also thanks you to L.A.  Canadian Legion Branch 140;  Sunshine Robekah Lodge 82;  ^rbutus Rcbokah Lodge 76;  Sechelt Gajrden Club and Senior  CitJzchs' Assn., arid for ttie  many card and (flowers re-  ciJiyed from many individual  "friends and neighbours���Alice  Arfiella French, J  ^OliEl&N capable, lady requires   lot. $I6,t)00,  housekeeping    work.    Pbone  -Mrs. ��� Barclay 885-2016.'   2075-10  place. Phone 856-8628.  Mr. R.  Lockhart, "ft.R.  1, Aldergrove.  2095-tfn  ���EWART .McMYNN  ���reauy -& insurance:  Notary ^Public  "Member  -Vancouver Real Estate Board  , 'Multiple Listing Service  .PHONE 886-2248  Sacrifice sale ,'of revenue  building,- low, .low down payment! Come in and discuss.*  For cash only. View, highway access, comfort, modern.  2 bdrms,, -2' guest rms., built  insi w-w carpet/ fireplace,  garage   a'n<L well  landscaped  at $2,750 eaeh. P.O. ,Box -299,  Sechelt or to view contact L.  Nestman, Selma Park. '9659^tfn  VIEW lots for sale in West Se-,  chelt.   Ph.   885-9330   or   885-'  Forrii No. 18  (Section "82)*  LAND ACT  ' FREE to good home, male kitten. Ph. 885-2184.  ,    , 2150-U  ** ..'..'-<���)  WANTED  9988-tfn  pO-tfii.  CARS and TRUCKS  . '" JJSED .Zenith Wringer Washer,  ~"' ���> 'like   new,; - $79.95; ' Westing-  house Washerr'$24."95;" MeOJlary  Notice of .Intention to Apply .to  Lease Land  *  In Land Recording-District of  Vancouver,   B.C,   and   situate  WIIiL    purchase  -   standing timber.  2459. .'   '.  : ' ��������� 1966"HALFton-Mcrcuiy'pick:' ^asy Washer-,��� $49f; -Dumpnt  patches - of , UD truck / Mileage - 17 S00 Co-osol�� / TvV:��. $124.95; ,;Used  . Phon6i 886-, .ir^^tj^^rigffi   Ffidge_,:_429,95, Parker's Hard-  FOR,  Twilight   'Theati-e  , gramme phone 886-2827.  o      * ���������    -excellent   'condition.    Bargain  16P1-?-q   for<$l,'50O cash; Ph. 885^772.  2090-11  pro-  HELP WANTED  ,      SALAL WAlslTED   Top .price paid. Good quality  -required. Contact J. M. -Hayes,  Reed' Moss & Fern,- Sechelt,  885-9313.   . 9532-tfn  SALAL PICKERS WANTED  Phone Mrs. -Naider Wilson  885-9746 or write:  Box 390, Sechelt; "BX.  CALLISON  EVERGREEN ���0.  Salal Pickers Wanted  Huckleberry 37c Bunch  plus 5c bonus  Salal 40c Bunch  plus 5c bonus  Contact plant before'picking.  Located    at    Roberts    Creek,  across street from -store.  First mortgage at 25% discount. A good return on your  money.  Warehouse and office building on two commercially^ zoned,  lots in Gibsons for only $8500.  -Acre lots with lots of -water,  on blacktop road. $1000 each."  9796 or write Box 441, Sechelt." Trad Bay, just off .the .Sechelt  9883-tfn  'Indian 'Reserve --No. 2 -at Se-  ,',     i -' "chelt, B.C.     - '  SPLIT -level waterfront home, ;, Take .notice that J. S. Ken-  Pender j Harbour - area. ��� 1.: nedy of VaiicoUver, B.C. occu-  Bedrobm, sunken living room, pation'' Engineer - intends to  diningroom, kitchen, . also apply -for a-- lease of the -  guest1 cottage, 114' waterfront,. - following described lands:��� '  -approx 1, acre, AT\ electfic.. * Commericing- at ,a ;-post plan-  Beautiful view of Harbour and ,. f���j nf i-uii" m^v^^t;^  Mi>Jn<ninn -<!trai-?hf<!   fi��a "Wtsi -     ted flt-^ghwater mark opposite  Malaspina straights. ^-2461       m  wroer  M  5 of  mdim  ,   -     .. -^-"-tni   Reserve No.  2, Sechelt;  plan  -   '        - B.C.  645 and" -Canada Lands  - BLOCK -BROS.      -        plan 51378 thence West % mile;  t��.      ���   ���   j ��,, n���^    �����   L ��thence North, 3/16 milefmore,'ot  Phone Mr. Good 681-9700 collect |,less to.H.W.att.; thence xetuijn-  ,       or 736-5933 *       ping  along Said h^m. *^in a  For fast service on .all proper-    generally S.E., direction,to ,the  '"     ties and businesses     -      point ef 'commencement,  and  *"��..- minrn.Ali��if. * - * 'containing 20 acres,  more or  ���     WE fTRADE HOMES      - 'less, for, the -purpose of ,Con-  2067ifcEn"4 struction    s.    barge    loading ,   ^ facility. i >  WILSON CREEK     -'���        JOHN, BEATON KENNEDY"  %  acre cleared lot with -2   Date4 29 January; 1969.    -  ibedropm  home.  Large ' livings- 2071-Pub. Feb. .5, 12, 19 ana 26.  jroom.;and largeJdtclien,/WjredI ���,��� "������,.���;, /,;',,���-���~���rr-r  for  washer  & Dryer.  Conve-  2023-7    BOATS and ENGINES  UNLICENSED   fish   .boat   for  about  $500- or  less.'  Phone  886-2893. ' 2057-11  TRAVEL  ���9Va H.P. JOHNSON -fisherman  outboard   motor,   like   new.  $250. See at Ron's,Shoe Repair,  Gibsons.    .   ;     .'      * 2082-13  32 FT. Gillnetter,,Warren.Bay,  a licence, ? .'pjiphes &- soun-  FORall travel information, ahd    ,      ���      �����-���������-      ^.    ���������  - .'bookings', Margaret MacKen-   J^ Cx?wn Chrysler. *Ph^883.  zie (local rep), Eaton's Where  TO'GcTravel, 886-2960. Gibsons.  ���'!   -        ,     ' '   '     ,9968-tfn  2419.  ���2099^14  LIVESTOCK  SEVEN' month/ old, ha^-Appa-  ldosa '' -fjlly; *���' lialter-broke.  Sacrifice' sale? Phone- 883-2312.  -    --   '- *' '   ��� ' 2092-13  Side trips. Fun Money and.  'Extras'.  Leaving March 8th and Easter,  '    ,    \    - April 15.  Contact TAYLOR TOURS  ":   .4532-Earls Street,  Vancouver 16 *.'  FOR SALE  nient   :to   transportation,   and  beaches','Has "outdoor stone barbecue. Only -$3,500 down on "full  Gibsons   Rural  area:   Small   -payment of $8,500.        . -  country home on 2Yt acres,' 4  Phone 886-2633  2051-tfn  .  PENDER HARBOUR-  EVERGREENS  . .        Madeira "Park '  Salal > Pickers ��� Wanted"  Huckleberry    ( 37c bunch  plus 5c Donus  Salal 40c bunch  plus 5c bonus  Contact Plant before* picking.  Located 1st house north, Pender  Harbour Hotel.  Phone, 883.-2265'  2050-tfn  FOR RENT  HALL for  rent, Wilson Creek  Community Hall. Contact Mr.  Glen Phillips. 885-2183. 1095-tfn  HOUSEKEEPING    ROOM    all  found. Private entrance. Selma Park. Gent. Phone 885-9535.  7550-tfn  SPACIOUS   1   bedroom   suite,  with frig  and stove. Sechelt  centre. $95 month. 885:9366.  2072-tfn  2   B-ROOM   House,   West   Se-  chelt, unfurnished,  oil range  (heater^. 885-9378.   ;    ��� 2127-11  WANTED TO RENT  WANTED   to    ront-2   bdrm.  (accomodation near Sechelt. 2  school "ago  children. Roply  to  Box   2069,   Peninsula    Times,  2135-11    $ccholt, B.C.    ! 2069-10  OBITUARY  REAL ESTATE  ROBINSON ���-- Passed away  ,, FObrunry 7th, 4969, William  G. (Bill) Roblnhon of Gibsons,  beloved ihuriband of Dorothy,  also survived by six sisters  'and three brothers. Funeral  Service was held from the First  Memorial Chapel,  North Van  couver rtt 3 p.m. on February  lith. Rev. R. D. Morgan of  Gibsons officiating, No flowers  please; donations In lieu to B,C  Canter Fund.  THE SUNSHINES. ON  (DAVIS BAY: "Now Unique  design, 1,500 ft of '-spacious living; 3; Mrms; living room;  dining room and, kltelion, Col.  Van, '.plumbing. Split level with  basement and tor go family  room over, Some finishing. Will  sell unfinished or will finish.  -$27,500.      '  SELMA   PARK ��� Largo   lot  2136-11    $2,800, Good terms,  Vlow  2   bedroom   home  rooms',.and "bath, 'wired 2^0, village water, nicely planted  'grounds: $8,000" cash or cash "to  a '7% mortgage (open), pays,  $65.00.  5 acres close in, cleared and  landscaped, on blacktop. Prae- ��  tically    level,    fenced.    $3,000  down on'$9,000-fulLprice. Terms  at 7%.  Country home r close to  sea,  on blacktop: 3 large rooms & -  bath, ,'basemeht;   green  house,  shed and car port; large lot.'  Full   price   $12,000.   Purchase  ���terms T.B.A. -   -  Gibsons Village: Excellent  retirement home, large bright  rooms, fireplace, furnace in  basement (some -finishing), all.  modern appliances r included,  large lot: $15,000' cash.  E. McMynn 886-2500  Do Wortman        886-2393  J. Warn 886-2681  Box 238, Gibsons, B.C. ���  2138-11  BLOCK BROS.. "  Mr.  Good:   681-9700 *���-'  24 hr.  .service or 736-5033 "���*��������� office  Let Us Sell Your Property  Sunshine Coast Selected  Properties  ACREAGE PENDER  HARBOUR AREA  Lake   front   with   house   78  acres   .overlooking    lake    and  road,    about    1,000   ft.   front.  $22,500.  Terms.  Garden Bay Lake, about 127  acres with 1800 ft. overlooking  lake from the bluff. Stream on  property. $19,900. Terms.  SECHELT INLET���about 180  ft. waterfront with Home and  cabin. A very desirable proper*  ty. 28 acres $25,000. Terms.  Also panoramic view lot near  Gower Point with all services  $3000 down, v  ���   '    ' .   ' I.  Home;,  Right across to the beach,.an  older type homo modernized  with all conveniences for permanent living on nice sized  propfcrty,'"'Cower Point ftdad  area'.,. Terms, asking $28,000,  will trade for Vancouver property.  AT SELMA PARK-Lovoly  'view property, good sized home  With F-.C, basement, auto oil.  and H.W,, 2 bdrms,, sun deck  overlooking the Bay, blacjojop  D.W.. Plus (two rentals, ono  bedroom cabins on same pro  Call Bob Kent "885-9461  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD. ������  " Phone.885-2161   '   '  2074-10  ��� '     MacGREGOR^  '-���-  PACIFIC REALTY  is.pleased to announce, recent  expansion has forced us to  move to 1400, 777 Hornby. For  action on your property on the  Sunshine ' Coast, contact Dal  Brynelsen- at ~ 885-9998 weekends, or 688-3501 weekdays  (24  hr.),, specialists  in   coast  properties since 1951.   >,  .    - '2094-11  This charming i2 bedroom home  offers comfortable living, surrounded -by beautifully, landscaped 'grounds, -fiisb pond,  fruit trees, plus roof for a kitchen ; garden - and chickens.  Ideal i retirement ' or family  home, close . to .store, post  office ~J and beach. Try , $6000  down. Call anytime* to "view.  Peggy Ayer 885-2375".  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  Phpne-! 885-2161  213411  perty $27;500, only, $5,000 down:  ON HIGHWAY-Nr. Gibsons,  ���about 1,5 acres nil services.  Ideal for drlvo-ln o> other commercial property, .$6,000.''  ON IIIGHWAY-Junction of  highway    Frances    Peninsula  PENDER HABOUR: 78* Gunboat Bay, nicely treed, lovely  view, serviced and, cleared.  Full Price $5600. Terms.  HOTEL LAKE: 200' best  waterfront, sunny side. *y�� acre  ready to build into sun fun. Full  Price $4600. Call DON TAIT���  883-2284,  'ROBERTS CREEK: Immaculate 5 room homo, features  view living room', dining room,  cabinet -kitchen, vanity bath,  two bod-rooms, full concrete  basement with Rec. room.  A/oil furnace. Garage and  greenhouse, 75' of waterfront.  Full Price only $23,500.  -TWO; ONLY: 1 aero lots, on  highway, near golf course,  Priced at'only $.1000 each.  GOWER POINT: This delightful 2 bedroom homo is  placed' in a beautifully landscaped Mi acre lot. The living  room features heatilator firc-  plajco^ W/W carpet and opens  onto covered patio, Largo  .utility, and furnace room, This  can ho yours with only $0500  down.'  GIBSONS: 5 acres close to  Gibsons, on good road. 267'  frortthgo, road down side, Full  Price $5000. Terms.  IN THE CENTRE OF GIBSONS: Delightfully finished  interior, three bedroom homo,  large living room, W/W carpet,  utility room, largo cabinet kitchen   Mind   dlnltiig   room.   Full  VILLAGE. OF  GIBSONS .  ,   APPLICATION JF0R. A    .  .   PERMIT UNDER ,  POLLUTION  CONTROL   ACT, '  -  .    ���   ..    1967 '  ���   *  The 'Village of . , Gibsons  applies to the Director of Pollution Control for a permit to  discharge effluent from a sanitary sewerage system in Gibsons, B.C.  The" point of discharge will be  in the Strait of Georgia, at a  minimum.^ depth of 75 feet  below low water, about 600 feet  off Gospel \Rock. *  The land upon which the  effluent originates is Stage A  Of the Gibsons Sewerage Area,  comprising about 165 acres in  the Village of -Gibsons.  The average 24 hour discharge of "effluerit is 166,500  gallons, and the maximum rate  of discharge is 230 giillons per.  minute. The "average characteristics of the effluent will be  230 ppm suspended solids, '200  , ppm biochemical-oxygen/demand' ' and 1.5 x . 106 MPN  colifor-m,' bacteria. The '.treat-  merit to *ber'applic!d to the waste  before discharge .is comminution and chlorination.  .   i  A copy of. this application  was posted on the ground on  February 6, 1969.  Objections to this application  may be filed with the Director  of Pollution Control, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.  within 30 days from the date of  this publication.  Village of  Gibsons  per; M. J. J. Dayton  Consulting Engineer  2133-Pub. FeFb. 12, 1969  PROVINCE OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  DEPARTMENT OF  HIGHWAYS  lESQUIMALT, SAANICH , &  ISLANDS, COWICHAN-MALA-  HAT, NANAIMO, ALBBRNI,  GOMOX, MACKENZIE, WEST  VAiNCOUVER-HOWE SOUND  NtiftTH VANCOUVER-CAiPI-  LANO, NORTH VANCOUVER-  SEYM OUR, BURNABY  NOR'JTH, BURNABY - Wn,-  WNGDON, BURNABY - ED-  MONDS, DELTA,, SURREY,  C O Q U IT L A M, LANGLEY,  DfcWDNfcY, CHILLTWACK  AND   PORTION   OF   YALE-  LILLOOET ELECTORAL  DISTRICTS.  ADVANCE   WARNING   OF  LOAD RESTRICTIONS ON  HIGHWAYS  During breakup It will likely  be, necessary to impose load  restrictions on some Provincial  inguwny     jjj-anccu     rcniiwuia    price $16,000, with $3000 down.   Highway,  pursuant  to  Section  Road  at  Madeira  Park.   The       ���.    w��� [ , ' , m or tj,0 Motor Vehicle. Act  full  EVANS���On     February    3rd,   basement.  A/oil heat.  Asking  ���1069,: Mary Josephine Evans   $10,500.      ���       ���  *  !0f Secholt,  B.C   Survived.by       WOSON .GREEK: 2 bedroom  two Aims, John of Gult, Ontario   cottn4j0 m 2Vj ncrcs wm, ���(,<*,  Basement with A/oll heat,���  $16,000.  SELMA PARK: New G. L,  entry--largo L. rroom, twlh kitchens & 2 fire places, Dandy  family homo. $28,000.  SECHELT: IVatorfront home.  2200: 3 bedroom wllh 4th in  'basement. Utoc. room. F.P., A/  oil heat. $32,500.  H. Gregory 885-9392  Don. Hadden 085-9504  *nd\ Laurie of Sechelt; Wirco  -���daughters, Mrs. Agnes Robin-  %on, Australia; Mrs. Mary  Gma, Sechelt -and Mrs, D��ro<  thy Mlniato of Oakvllle,  Ontario. One brothor, Jack  Mayne of Sechelt; ono sister,  %rs. Wlnnio Slu��w of Van-  Icouvcr; nr�� grandchildren.  Prayers were held on Wcdnes-  my, Fcbriiary stb at 8 p.m.  -from tlio Holy Family Catholic  CJrurch , Sechelt where Requiem Mass was celebrated at  D -a,m. on Thursday. Rev. D.  Kenny, celebrant, Interment  Oceanvlew Cemotary. No flowers, donations Io Sechelt  Hospital Auxiliary. Harvey  Funeral Home Gibsons, director*'.. * ., .... .      . .     ....fm"u  1  i/1  pick of nil commercial property, Includes all services, Ideal  for Motel, Servlco Station of  Drlvc���lni 450 ft x 201 ft,  approx. Corner property  $21,000, Iwth roads blncktoppcd,  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY.  Money mnking motel, located  in ideal position,'husband -and  wlfo operated j year round }>ro.  position, substantial cash down  payment or trade your Vancouver or other property, Further   information   by   appoint-  meritonly.   Pica so   pliono Mr.  Good,  jLOTS���Idenl for retirement,  water & B.C. Hydro, very l|ght  clearing 50 x 120, cash $700,  Selma Park area.  H. B. GORDON  & KENNETT LTD.  Phone 885-2013  Sechelt, B.C.  2Q5Hta  BLOCK BROS.  Mr.   Good:   681-9700 *���  24 hr,  servlco or 730-WW1 ** office  On quiet j"c,sldcntlnl street  iconvonlont to ��hops and  schools. Wo bavo a very dosl-  ablo 3 R<lrm. home with a vlow,  Tho spacious living room fon-  turos luxury W/W carpet, brick  flreplnco ifinnltcd by woodgrnln  nrborlto book -shelvon, Brlglit  cablhot'kitchen wired for range  . etc. ...Full concrete basement,  611 hont, dblo. gorogo. Try  yoMt down payment on full  price of $22,000.  !; K. BUTLER REALTY  & INSURANCE  Gibsons, B.C.  Phonp 680-2000  . A ..    MEMBER  MULTIPLE -LISTING  SERVICE  K. Butler ��� aflfl-2000  Ron -WcSnvnncy ��� fifi��-965fl  Ed Butler ���886-2000  Let Us Sell Your Property   Don Tall ��� im-m*,  . ���2Q6fc4$*.-.-...^ ���-��� ��� Etag-M  m<\ Section tl of the Highway Act, These restrictions  may be 'imposed on short  notice, and trucking and 'transportation com panics -should  govern -themselves accordingly,  and are requested to tako advantage of tlio present road  conditions.  Tlio restriction wiil limit tho  axJe loads of trucks and buses.  Vehicles with solid tires will bo  prohibited from using tho  Highways.  Your cooperation in the protection and elimination of  darhfl'go' to all roads will bo  appreciated,  M. G. ELSTON, P. ENG.,  ���REGIONAL HIGHWAY  ENGINEER.  1CW Main Street,  North Vancouver, B.C,  January 28, 3909.   wflKR��i"'F<s��mwy."Jfl, tm  434-4555  2102-13  IF  IT'S   suits���it's -Morgans ,  885-9330, Sechelt, B.C.. . . .   -  . , . 8893-tfp  10 FT. x 52 'FT. general mobile  ���home. 1966- model.- Ph. ��� 886-  2602, or   dee; ("Sunsjiitie J Coast  Trailer. Court,, ^Gibsons..:  ,    ,    -2081:13  w^re Lid.,*- Sechelt, B.C. -Phone  885-2171,.       >   .    , .    ���    2080-tfn  ��� I.. , i    i"       ��� -,    \  2  FULL length  winter coats, 1  near new, 'size 14. -1 Tan, -1  black. 885-^2184,'    - '2063-10  .. ��� i   " 'i ~s *        >���     t-    rAf*- ���  30,-INCH Moffat 'range; .exc'el-  lent .condition, <$8d.  Ph. ��S5-  9626.* I 2126-1-  MEOPTA.enlarger for sale���'2i4  - x :2Vt,' .also -other photographic , equipment. Exeelleht  condition. Phone '886-9505.  ',    ,   , ,',       . 2100;11  OHi'' RANGE, 'excellent cohrji-  - tion. $100 cash. Ph. '885-9772.  '    -     ������-. '   ���       20'89:11,  MARINE ACCESSORIES.  Faint���Fibreglass���Rope��� *  , Cahvas-r-Boat Hardware ,.  Compressed' air service for  sWndivers air tanks.  ' -Skindrvers available for  .    . ^salvage work.   <\   ���  WALT WGREN JSALES^  \ A '   ,LtrD- '  ';-, ���"  Phone 886-9303, Gibsons, B.C.  ,i306;tin  MOORE ABOUT.. . -      '  , < {      'MORE ABOUT Z-'.;. .  �� Gil^sqnscouncilmeetirig   �� Sechelt councilmeeUpg  ���from page A-l  irig a'beauty salon'in a' private residence,  council agreed -to send the" applicant, "Mrs.  . Ivy Fiedler the usual letter regarding park-'  ing ��� and no advertising  in a  residential  - area. The application is subject to Public  -Health .approval. Council-will-also look  into advisability of placing such establishments on metered water supply.  . . Council approved permits for $17;000  family dwelling; "^.SOO sun porch and  $2,000 fire -damage repairs.  BY-LAWS  ' Council gave final reading to Temporary Borrowing'By-law No. 198'enabling  Council to borrow,up to $50,000 from the  * i-^from 'page A-l  Blb'ck'9 lost '.by Rfeferendum a few years  ago'but it is too late to do anything about  that now. However, 'we can at least see  what can be done for the future otherwise,  we will end up'with no -beach or foreshore"  he said. I  Mayor Swain said he understands the  ' lowest cosjbfor a dredge is $1,000 per day  bi*t agreea a great deal can be accomplished in a day.^He said there would ,be no  harm in looking into the situation but pointed out that at present council, has  arranged for an engineering survey rfor  waterfront   improvement.   Other   projects  sBank of Montreal at 7,per cent interest   are   also   under   consideration   such   as  sewers which will have to be worked on,  there is a limit to what can be done, be  explained.-  Alderman Morgan Thompson moved  that a committee-be appointed'with-Aid.  Watson as chairman to ��� seek out grants  ayailable.arrd to come'up with recommendations. Unanimous approval was given his  'm'otioh.  '     '  rate.  Final reading was also given Indemnity  By-law No. 199 authorizing the Mayor to  '^receive -an annual idemnity of $875 and the  aldermen $625, payable in quartely installments.  Village Clerk Dave Johnstone informed  Council that'no word -had been received  ; regarding extension of village boundaries.  -' -Regarding sewers, drafts hadjieen" re-  ceiyed for making application to B^C. .'Pol-  ���lu'tiqn Control Board regarding .outfall5 and  'signs'will'be posted:     *'    .*      ; - '''.r^--  ���Serum albumin is imade-iiram blood col-  "lec-fed 'by the Canadian 'Red Cross.   Jt is  used for extensive burns and is also valuable for the initial treaitmentof shock.  ANGLICAN CHURCH  SAINTHILDA'S���SECHELT  8:00 a.m. Every Sunday  | 9:30 a.m. Church School  11:00 a.m. 2nd, 4th, 5th Sundays  7:30 p.m. 1st and 3rd Sundays  Services held regularly In  GARDEN BAY, REDROOFFS'and EGMON7  For information phone 885-9793  Every Wed. 10 am H. Communion St. Hilda's  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Church Service 11:15 a.m.  Evening Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSELLS  Davis Bay Rood and Arbutus  (2 blocks up from Highway)  ���  A hundred years ago,' a Prisoner  irifa .Turkish 'fortress' in .the  'Holy'Land am-iouricea" a new  Revelation \of-'God, His name  wak*;Baha'u'Ilqhi-Hi'!! "Letters to  the kings" are, without doubt,  the most remarkable documents  tn religious history. Several million people have now responded  to His call.  Local clergy of all faiths havo  just received an offer of  BahaVllah's Message. We  urge you to investigate it either  through your clergyman or by  ���writing;  Bahal's of Sunshine Coast  EDNAM. FOOTE  R.R. 1, Sechelt, B.C.  .    SECMELT A&0XBES PATE F>A&  ������ This free reminder of coming events Is a service af SECHELT AGENCIES  LTD, Phone Peninsula Tlrrios direct for free listings, specifying "Data  Pad", Please note that spqcq Is limited and somo advance dates may  havo to wait their turn; a|sq that this is a ''reminder" llstlno. only and  cannot always carry fqj| dotalls. .  Fob' J?~2 "P-nv'Sr-. Hilda's Hall, Sechelt. Hospital Alixlllqry- RdnUlar  Mooting.  Fclv 13���8,p.m. Wilson, Crook CltJbHouso. Rod & G  Mooting. '  uf> Club General  Feb. 13���8 p.r-n. Wllsbtt Creek Hall. Previously concollod Burnt Out  Showor, Kltchoi-, and Linen. for.Paulotto Thorstolnson,  Fob,  I5t~O:30 p.m. Valentino's Dance (Lions Club) Peninsula Dlnlno  Rot|m, Socholr.  Fob, 15���12 noon; 1 p.m. and 2 p;m. Hackett Park. Provincial Cup  Juvenile Soccer Playoffs,  Feb, 15���12 noon; 1 p,m, ond 2)13 p,m. Secholt Indian Vlllono field.  Provincial Cup, Juvenile Saccor playoffs.  Feb,  17���8 p,m. Solma Park CbrOmunlty Hall. Improvement District  , mooting. (        v     !      ���  Fob, 22���8 a,m.-8 p.m, Hojspltol Enpanslon Plobisclle. Don'ti forgot to  ASK FOR rnDD pATALOpUE OF PROPERTY  Multiple Listing Service  Vancouver Real Eefata  Board  ' HEAL ESTATE -  INSURANCES  AGE^CISS LTD.  24 HOURS        Gibfona 886-7015  ScchelM305-2161  jtj.j*JJiJ* *,>J1>AM sj.Jkj' * ^>^-<^*A^-i>sj^A,f,*��"^v*N*'^��*>>/1>i'!<f'.-^  ���f*^#fe^*^�� ^ ^ #%^^.^��tJt^#w��.'^."-'^   -*  -^   " ~**2J*i>i'y-*��-.i�� "t^*.-*.*- >"*.'  J.V��,.L��.i^*,,t.,  T,r  V*T.   *.*'V*''*���''-     F--".** ^-    ^  V-   >        ���  '.f   '.->.''/<'  "-,-.'---���'      "J  Sgmpr Citizen's &ssn.    :'.  fetiefyesbQO membership  :^mMCM,69 of^the'jSenior'Citawns' lAsso-  Jaiatfidn>/O!��f*to-a Eying"-start Aviiih MO  itoehiih'enshJps 'already -paid up andi applica--  ti'onsjifor-.miembership 'coming in ea'ch day. '  , 'Qhlyjpald^-up members 'will 'be entitled!  Hid-yritte'd-n ithe election ���of^CffLc'erisuto. -be" held!  on iFtobruairy 20th -at 1:30 *p.��i. ait fiheSethel't  t'egi'on,'-H1a']l, so pkase get your membership  j&aird'fnom (Mrs'. 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"If we broke into" these monopolies," Williaims said, "we could create incentives . . .  get closer .to a free society." ,  REGIONAL DISTRICTS  William's suggested 13iat regional -district *  government - could democratize the '-forest  industry -by 'assuming,(m'a-na'gemen-t. "You  (.the pe-ople) should 'be able to determine  the use of your area -right here." He safid  such responsibility should mot rest with big  companies like MacA-lillan Bleedel.  In closing Williams said, "Back in 1052  Bennett -was the maJr for the time. But  .times have outgrown the man. He toad a  plan which he -put into a'ction in 10 yeans.''  Since then, tsaid 'Williaims, his ad.minis'fcra-  tio-n has 'become *a junior sized jig-saw puzzle.  CAPJTA.L INVESTMENT , ,   .   .  Capital investment under a socialist gov-  The Peninsula Times - Page A-2  c Wednesday, February 12; 1969  witl!h -aicooufiitaibiBty at ewTy level oT-Mia-n-  Vgemerfc       "' ","'",  'u -Barrett.-^pe^kih'g'-for iall eandioateX said  that -an ^p-^oveirrnm-en^t^vwtld.remove-itJie  Wo <seb'tiORg**fl--oth "bill 33'tinat Required com-;  pulsory. aTibitr-aiti'Mi, and, permit cpllfeetiy��  bargaining for laMr, including "civil servants.   "   " , ,  OMBUDSMAN  \ M'spoke in'ifavor of am ombudsman, -but  -Bar-gar said an'ombudsman 'should .be a beginning, notdtt end-.- "Every [ciltizen should  be his cwn -ombudsman. All civil,servants  'sihiduW'be accourifiaibl'e.'"  .Berger, a practicing '1-ivvyer, wais -asked  i��JKe*fav��red i.em't>ving the monopoly of ��Z&  Oa'nadia'n Bar -Associaition -from '*Camia*dMji  courts. , Berger said it was irhpofitanit 'to  ha-ve prcjperly -trained people --to -defend -accused.   I|i\e!seirit lj��w, he 'sa'idj alloiwed -an  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  SERVICE:     \ SECHELT  Sunday School ��� 10:00 a.m.  Church Service ���11:15 a.m.  "      REV. A WILLIS, PASTOR  You are invited to attend any or each-service  erites:   -They heard-speeches -from   Nfcw tfDemacrat"-'spokesman'  their-.;own -Mackenzie Riding caftdi- >from left are: |dLA Tdm'Berger;  'rWP'rally v.,.;*.'' y  .'".\yl\     '^yz   ') .:.���".  Here  John  Dave Barrett; .and emcee for the^ve-  hifig Roger Garbutt. -  ���News photo  mvMfMjjmMmwmMmmwmMjQ  0PFHIfl^ IMFOJII^I.      ^    FIviE 'LEA^fcRS'fmm-'B.C.'s New'IDeano-   rservi^'opex'aitiaig-thwm'gho^t^  rlaB*aBBlW t$tr^%tliBwb**&       ik ena.ticlPamtv.addressed .lainaiudiem  From  FEB. 11th to FEB. 15th  fore ms land was .expropriated!"  '. * ^ttftn.th^re;W;a3t!i^  took a gun in -defence o'f his property," Ber-  ���ger said.  : Save from $20 to  * ,* ^ / on ^ijs-^^s  Limited number of  .    .    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'������"���-   ��� ^ -���,   -1 t, ���ey)-^'himisel]f-in~lus'h'a!rd;wa're store.  Do^LCek?t&ad,:iaealWneM( waste    ^at to-.pplls   -he said:              ���   .     ���- ^^e ohe-s," Berger said, "not the  lMlt"      -Bfeng6r sf&id Jife-Soened adininisltira-faion *   - >-* ������---.-* - -.-*���.-."���--'*���  emmenit wais the itheme of party lea-denship    accused 'to -conduct his owhdefehce," but he  <��'an^irfQ*a no,,��� -RamraH ' ��� favored relaxing -of Resent' jsta'ndaiKls "ito  permit ^xi'untrained-iriefid ���6f-an-;accused ito  ���repres&nt'him. -  --  POtUUTIbl^ -.'... 'J r  v .  "'BergKr,said' present 'pollatidn^agi^Iation  wais ."brought 'ih to -contnol 'strip mining 'but  the pollution board -doesn't-.use;it because  goVenunent 'slays mot- .bo. "Since -J95S only  one coippa-ny has ibeeh-prasfebutea. -under  -this -aet-iairid tihat c-am.pany was "a 'Mufldry  in Victonia,;' Berger said.  Berger-s'k'id he had 'ques'tione^ Ray Wil-  li*$rttai in Jthe house about "-flow "6f 'ipotUutiom  tOrom a 'pulp imill ihto^Hhe Fra'sea? -iRaver.  Wlllisfcon.teaid^he h'ad;eeait not -one ibut two  -letters "to Wiei offeridiri'g "Cbmp'ariy.'  :' i*I^wlsh;JMr.JPetea?sttn ayoul-a send" such  lettersi 'io i'aiw violaAor^ from "trade unions,"  - Berger ��aid-wryly.    ���   ,..--,-.,-  socialism 'will scare  capital*a'way. Yet capital is clambering "ito  come here," he s-aiid. Kaiser coal ait 'Crow's  ���Neis't has a guaranteed '$89 aniliioii! pno'fit  -over 15 -y-ears "lfjnam.v -its 'sate of B.C. -raw  material .to Japa-n. '   -  "The ionly-rthing the. Liberals aaid the  Socreds can.ifi'ghit'over is who gave it way  -first.  That $69 million is igoing to .the U.S,  .'because they say ,we camU develop tLt here.  "I'm 'amazed at the attitude taken by the  greait. cempanies.. They say we socialists  are dangerous fellows,. . .'.' because we  have gnaisped some, basic -finao'ciail! awd,eco-  nrjiniic lacts. Barrett s'aid -that -tixe "people  could -reap*the full benefit -of the "profits  - m'ade -by those great -oompamtesi dnsitead' -of  watching B.C drained by outsiders.  MLA ' ..--.--.,.  to' speak. Ha ' t s minded -the' 'aiadiehce^ thali;  Itbis -region is one of the lairgest produceiis  ���or .ti'ttiber in B.C., but said he was concerned by the way valuable tunberlaad is sold  to large corporations and'Tdir-eign" interests,"  thereiby depriving individual Oalnadi-an ci'ti-  zens the chance to profit participaition.  "B.C.'s resources .aire plentiful,'1 L-oek-  sitead said, '"'but they -are not inevhausitible."  Among other things Uockitead said he was  viifailly interested in seeing an'adtr ambulance  had 'become -a vast bureaucratic organizai-  tion which rides rough-shod ovjer'the rights  cf the individual but bends in favor of'the  " glaMl^rpoiratioSvs." ' 'You've ';fe"aTd~a!bout ID&n  Lpcksifcead's program ito isitop that land deal  oii Texada," Berger said, "th-ait's one example. '  "There was 'another recently -down in .the  Delta area where -a farmer was given 10  days .to imove himself and his prApea^y5bie-  FRANK E. DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  Bal Block - -Gibsons  Every Wednesday  486-2248  GIBSON GIRL.BEAUTY SALON  Gibsons-Village ,  Experts at cuts, coiffs- and~ colour  Custom  Perms- Phone 886-2120  (CLQSED MONDAY)' '���  ,  AUBIN'S UPHOLSTERY  Furniture Recovery a Specialty  ���   Fine,line of fabrics.  Samples brought to home.  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Work Clothoi  Stanfiokl -Arrow - McGronor  Currl�� - Pjonc^-r CI<M-nes  jewelry . timex watches  Watch repairs  1585 Marino Dr., Gibsons - 886-2116  DOUBLE SHUFFLE  "Speaking %a the -r.ecefi|fc*.budgat -Berger  .said: Uli.jyiott'd 'fieea irt-.itihe.h.ause' a-mi iieard  Benn'ett you'd ithiivk. he'd made it Othe mon-  ���We  cor-  po���IlaltiO!ns���, who mrvalde it."  Berger said it was a ibiidget for the icom-  fortaibl'e, >a 'budget -which made "mon-iper-  so-ns".-of the.unemjplpyed'^aind ittoose on wel-  faire.  On the $39 miUion surplus, Bergetr said  it comes from money that should have -gone  into hospital! -and school rjonstruciion.  They're doing a quick "double'shuffl'e" nolw  there's att election in the wind, Berger  isaid.  CONFEDERATION  Berger said ithe I'M will 'be a-tterading  th-e provincial !pr-emiers' conlfenence next  ���week. "Last time'he provided comic iielief,"  Berger said. "He contnibuted nothi-ng to  'Coiifed'eriatron.  "It's impojotacmt w,e keep rtihis country tto-  ���gethier���accept lbilinguailiisim,M Berger said.  "We need a ^ov-eirnment that says -we want  to shair-e in ifche ibuilding -of a great -Canada.  Nat one .thalt -holds on to (the assets of B.C.  that oome to us iby good luck and1 not by  - good mfanaigem eat.  "We haroe -a responsibility to people -all  over 'the -wo-ild."  -In ^closing Berger said, "We can demonstrate ithait |Lhe corporate system isn't ithe  only one that can work". -. -.-Socialism can  work, too," he said. ��    ���  ONE COMPANY   '  Bob Willia-ms, second leaderahip hopeful, said, tongue-in-cheek, he had been in  Powell BiVer- o-nee,before. "I worked here  wree summer," he 'said^'-and am .pairtly cre-  ���spansjible for the '.s-trieet naiming in Westview  a.nd Cranberry." -   ;  He isaid 'Powell River is -a typical ex-  "Wha!t about your own 3MELA," Barrett.  said. "She's getting $6,000 a year .as a min--  ister wiithout portfo'lib ifco'-'sit - there-amd ^do'-  _nothing.   We're fed .up "with ..it amd you  HYPOCRISY  ' ! 'Questioned on'a suggestion of-fiis It-hat  iso'ciejty'-lje Jiumaoized, ������Baiwie'tt was aisbed  'vrWhe^/oo to accomplish IhlS. 'YtriecTto  bring in i legislation to prevent 12-year-oltts  .    ��� >. i��.     ..;���    j I    .._.._    Hill A     uniiu*  should "be too    . . inadequaite 'ferries and. ,S,:^to"ja7l' Lnd"yoor"\MLA-"vo7fed  ���noit. getong a fair share of school ."taxes.".   _, a-ainst it-" -        -  E^ifcer .The News tasked -Bairtett to elab-  'oia'tfe^i ^iis allega'tidh.' He' liarl Tefeired sto  a nepijit m"-*The News on a recent speech **by  flie Hon. jEs-aibel Dawson -whan she exprtessfed  cOinceirii' albout youth in correctik>nal insititu-  ���tions.  '���ijypocrisy," he said.  . "I introduced an aimendment* to .the Child  'ProJe'ctiion- '^ct in 1968 Jthat, Wo child* 02  years o'f age .or under shall be housed in arn  iristiitution,-holding xddldren over 12 yeairs  xtf ;aige.'''t"* "-  " "A' vote 'jn committee xiuled the aimexsd1-  -iment to-order. Then there v/ais a divisi'on!  oh m& Ending vote.  "Page-1��4 of the journals will .show that  Isabel .jDawson vbted against this amendment, ?(6ng with all her colleagues."  ^ Barrett, a social -worker -before entering  On choosing a^pairty leader 'Bampe-tt wairn-:  led im embers ,no,t to expect ta. electa (Moses-  ito lead .them to the promised land. "This  party's,success never depends on leaders;  it depends on party members; you imust  ibecome ithe leaders. Now is the besst chance  we've had for a Socialist government ill  B.C. we -can pa'ss on to our children."  QUESTIONS  During a question and answer session  Berger -was asked how it would be possible  for B.C. to continue ito encouraige foreign investment yet maintain political indepen-  ���dence.  - "Problem of economic -penetraitioh by  U.S.' and Japanese capital is 'growing in  ���B.C.," Berger said. He said the province  could -raise its own capital for, investment  from such as a ���pnovinciaH pension-plan, one   ,the_house, said he was so angered iby this  which subsidized ithe federal plan;  Berger said iMacMillaav Bloedel was 'ithe  only giant corporation Avith controlling interests in Canada which operates jai B.C.  He said that -if ithe shaies owned iby Mr.  .MaoMiHain change 'hatids this might no  longer 'be so.  Williaims added that $35 miHion of the  money used iby Kaiser coal corporation to  mine in Crows Nest came franx .Cana'diaOi'  ���baimlcs. "We could have 'accomplished what  they are doing -ourse-h-es^" he said, "wilfi la  crown coriparation." Williams suggested a  -socialist government would move .into insurance where most capital is presently  raised.  Barrett, in answer to the question of political infiltration through foreign investment, said, "I don't think it will ever be-  ,-��������, ,. ,, -.-   ,.;���.   .      oome a battle like the CIA sponsored was  ample of a town essentially responsible- ito    ���  one giant company.  "The range of employ-  menit should be 'widened," he said.  He advocated a wider range of jabs.  "���What the Socneds have aichieved in J.7  yea^s is a greater concentration of power to  .the hiaindsof a few," he said.  .  ONE CENT AN ACRE  "There is sdmelhing desper,aibely wrong,"  he said, -'But the gbwrnmenjt is not willing.  to cioimc to grips ���With the'gilante." Wiilliaims  oompWinied of ithe tprJiyiilcige attaicfhedi ,'to  I these imomopoliies: ''Ih itihe north oif 'Van**  oouver Island dlto'ens must "get pormission  tSnoim- the coimiptiinios ( btfiittro'; traivtellliinig ,  thriough tho country; yet '-tlr^owo compamies  get ithe lamd for .lean a'cne."  WrlUaims siald. ino't only is tho timber, -in;-  iri Guatemala1���-tlie war will be with Wall  Street when financiers find we can grasp  financial" sidructures."  he spoke;, ou!t of order, arnd told Mrs. Dawson and her -collea-gues that they'd haive'to  live with this "cm their'consciences.  When The News asked why SoerecLs  'would- vote against such an amendment  Barrett said, "I don't know. This wasn't a  .mo'Lilon of confidence in :the government. It  was household legislation."  YOUNG, NEW DEMOCRAT  Representing YND 'John  Conway  said  <0*t>ecenit 'iby-jel'eqtioms and student' protests  . ,-^ja^-a^ ^ntf^artWnte'rfM v&disallsm in /the  population.; "There is a sense of a need' lor  a change,'' he said.  ' "Oiir soeieiy is geared to waste," Coil-  \ya-y"said. /"We're geared to planned ofo-  -soleseence amd suffering for foreigji domination. - ���  . "It is a society of oppression, not from  'tooib-n-all-ed policemen, but from foreign in-  tereslt's," ihe said,  Conway adivocaited 'ithat  contnol should  rest' with ,the people.   This he salid oould  Ws!.t -'be 'accomplished 'by a social d'orrio-  craitic '^trUdtiire. He said the NDP should  ibe'a. paAty ito cowtr-oht oppression amd suj>-  pressian.;.".,': ���: ���       .'������  ;Ha" ia^vipcaited: "day-to-day" oomtnol ovfer  COMMONWEALTH ,  "InaLead of investing in Commomvealth,"  -Bairrettsaid, "you could'invest'inpiTovinciail!  goyernimient controlled' indusitry," ;He;said',,  "Wie-siboulid stop sendiiimg raw maiterjiaitei.tlbmt'��� --v; *������ ���--������,'���' ���-i,-.v��"��, ��� *; ��� i r it ,* *. ���-��� t  of. B.C.; we should have a copper Ismeltor $??'$$&��"s- ^ins limltatton,ot  in B.C. and we should stop. sending whol*   ;^M^^^.^^^^ .   ���.. Z  ���loss to Japam" v ' ' -"���   -ff 1vi^-4o,''get ih," Ihe'said, "the work  ...     ���'      ' .  .        yn\f 'jy^t'.-begijn.'���',:Wi��ss support will glyo  BUREAUCRACY    - , . .   .,-..���������  ��� -iND^^ait-poiwer'itio cairry out social retorrn,  '���'���'���How will this socialist governmemt avoid ;  hte s'aid1,'flf^tj'votes, ���  tho buneaiuora'cles created by other socialist Conway .criticized the -liiberaiH movomieiiiit'S  govermmieints? This question waw directed within'Jlhe -p��Tity^'and oxipireisised fear -tihatit  to Young l^ew Democrat" John-Odihwia-y.' *Wa mlght'Shd, u,p Hkeith'e linlb'of jpftiily in���'JBdltnln  'mnswer was  a> pairticiipating iburoawwacy ' Insiigto'iJng'Corlserva.'tlve ieglsl'a-lion.  Hl*V  l*Wl��.+H  1.  tl-ClR��tt  Wftf-iMtir-jtsoi  Trfi��-Cw-Ml( {{['**&  Evenings after six...  lay Sunday,"  Cuitom  D*��lijn  ConifriKHrton  Renovotlon*  fsreasfan*  ....iOf-H-t-e now. ,o|��s��.:.la.v-S��!��i*r Woek  Enquiries:  Box 210, SccEteft,  B.C.  MARK-ELDER  CONtfUCTOte LTD.  Sec heft, B.C.  ILong distanco calls cost 20% less! When ntoron and offlppp ^ro dai|od,  yau can phono anyono in North Amnrir.ft with a 20%' Bating - |>'n  normal chnrgea ��� and for no moro thnn $1,95 you can rnoko n  (I-minuto cnll nlmoat nnywhoro in Cnnndn, stnUon-tq-BtnUpn. Tlda  putn rogulnr wookly nhnla wilh dlslnnt frlnndn ond lovfifjonos qm'ojig  todny'n oulntnndins hnrgnlnn, 'Enjoy thorn for nil thoy nro wofihj  ... ...������ &��T��L �� ��� ���   ���  ^  1 ,%. *v IV. '"* -*S rfs~��'*'-t'{*" *  ���fcU,-^  t<f,Jfi%,J��AH**->t*��.'*l>'*^ *������*'���'��.+ *  , *t jit*., j*. j#T ^K.,^ *��  *��.J*.  *   ���% M. *#t Ji*   #t   #�� ,*��,��-��   J��*-iH   *,.t��    <^ -  t.,ilr<-*nSJlfc.��l^��*r<"%rf  1- .#-+1-**-  ��*,*-.**     *    **- "  (ft. jm ^(*ji*,wB-.-��-l ***   l>^ff*> ft f -**���   j����*i*��  ^s^^^h,,,*!* 'l%aA��~-,%. !*��.,*l ���by John ^j^m^j-bng,, M.D��<'/; s^afe.  Imipro(ve*d tiechmqireS 'for%'gwato,-a��cuE-.  aoy in diagnosis;"   -     \      "'-' J - \\'Z 4  ���df ikbo    "  Second  <Ybur  part series  pile  ds'Slwen^tto'05010^" Jiealtili; Jl^a-rd.)''wemkine ^toeeliher  deterMii-nft tfr��\ .milte  m*  ife-nce olf siheumaitlc ^beaitt diseaise-oamf be  further xedueed; ,   <   , '/**"  muB.BT aiMMMi, %,��eai'j,eUZl ^ .'Ac^as&g'erideoce ithait'-adoptog a. diet   6. ���M-oa^iiulam^tionontberoleof enwiron-  THE HEART and bleod vessel disegsos are    ^jy-ja jj^ &mt j^^ %& amount of ��� v (mental ifaotons, such 99 smoking -and!,  a family problem; , ohdlesterol1 mi tifie Mood! may Mp to pre-                 ''  - ,-Over tiwio ��!od!ta inalt muaon Canada-atta y^t or delay ithe progress of ath-aroscler-  frmas the meta-tan to tire; -aiged, aire -affiioterdi "* ��sis.'"' Thaifc is why your Heart' FoundaifcLoii!  -by a complex ot diseases.ithait ineludes,*lieairit mges that $& fcomemafcer start reducimg  attack, stroke, other oompUoations of Jiard- ^sks- for the entire family at the dmner,  ening of ithe, a-ilteries, ifcigh! iblaod.preasure,    taJbJe/ '< *   - < ���  rieumatic fever ��nd rheumatic -Want diis1- c     _r    " _-   , _  easo, ���oosngeniital heart disease aind^eoriges- ' Your. Heant Foundation recommends -a  Itive heant failure. No^ome as .immune: ^twagny-qpund, modiHed-fat diet to da-  1 �����.�� ki�����.u��� ,a^ ,o^;�����*l**>.#*rfvft -j^-wi-, . cpase? the task of -coronary lieant disease.  '' ^fc-Hr^"^.^atedJWQ'balbies ' i-uxges the-use-of less &urated aM Ihydro-  . ���will*be;bomm1hhe*artdefecite,thi9year.       ^ fte   morrpoWsaturated fats t _.   . ^    ���    ,���-,,,  2. The School. Child -More fife 20,<JGO(  5*S��m idmMte oSSol Mto   s& Bust �����^ rf to H^ l^to  - 'youngfitos'inthisage'grouptevsalijs-'   most people. l everyone's -cancera Fight you* Number 1  tory   ol   ���rheuimaitic,^-fever,   rheumatic                .                     "                 u            health enem  1   beaut disease add conge-natal Refects. v ,But dietaryJhalnts are only one ampor-   Hea'rt Fund. -'-'  i'TheHiimemaker-Wom-ea^oW'thema. StJUS^ t^t^l^ZSit !St     ''    '       "       ���*'*--  - W��jl&-��Hlafcrfp^ The llesearch Division of the British Co- v  '. blood pressure.    t ,.                  ' S-33S^'iMnS?S^ SLl -taniHa Forest ServirJe Js contmuing to warfc  4. The Wage *n*-J�� 1966; the latest ^,^StSL!SESSiS^ tt to relation-with ^e Canada Landfeye^  .diet, in "causing cojooaiy beart 'disease',  and!rne'w teo(wledg!e*'a!D<WK other' chatnges  In our ipaitfcera! of Bvang .througV iwhich�� t  the onse;i: of Msrk atta-ck andl*s*roke can^  toe delayed;    , " r< \ ���*'    "  7. New techniques (to make heart surgery-1  even isaler, and continued, -raseairdii din,  immunology) to -increase ��Keotiivenesis of  transplaintation of beauts, asi vrell a�� oih- ��  er orgamsof the body.  Just as risk reducitian is a faanily affair,  , must  everyone'!!  fcseailth enemy with -more doHains to the  V  ���^"���-.  -^     > ..'  *���    *       ,  v.*-"'  .*-/  y  "l4.t  0    A  Vmi  >'\  /  ^  . r F  zA*  "\   "^ s : J.���,���*   >  f        -> -!���      ���   -  year te wScTS^ fi^ S ���       ^       -       ,^   WW .      ^ % **^K      - ��� ��� -,      . -^   ; avSaS, ^fififtoFKS   level of your bloods cholesterol. ^ Srt^to?J&SSi^^ ^^*^fcJ��? ^^L1^ a/��� ��?WP5'����WJ Alderman, W. Van^O-  - ^ --     -      -   -     - -    - ----   -   -    ���        --   ^- 'sieio+i-ifijr iaHw-Minicwri,nuA���''T��n    iur��-.���*...*.*���- r.^ n *.**_! _i��ji. *��� o-    j���*���"T^sft Vancouver and Mr^,  , ���Robin Clarke photo  'women between 25 and 64 yearns of age .     Other, important   advances   considered  ���the  most, produotire years���died;  of    possible in -Hie foreseeable future,* will for-  iSgy" soiTcapaibSy^rortforeSy, -and ifo-rest-pslatur?�� lady minister The Hohr Isa-   Magista*ate"Cr Mttelsteadt from Se-   dean from West Vancouver and Mrs,  eoono-miesT ,:   r ^|bel :Davys-oii entertained guests-from-. c^^ "      ��^^��^^^ _t-^  HADDOCK'S CABANA MARINA  ':< y   . MAwiwcpAwr*' '  '"  PENINSULA PLUMBING LTD.  GIBSONS   .        .��� ���  J. DERBY - FARM PRODUCTS  SECHELT    ,  1 HQV/E SOUND 5-10-15 LTD.  GIBSONS  HILL TOP MOTORS     .  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING CENTRE  FRED JORGENSEN 1 BARBER  SECHELT  LISSI LAND FLORISTS  GIBSONS  MARINE MEN'S WEAR  " GIBSONS  NEVEN'S, RAPIO & T.V.  GIBSONS  KEN'S LUCKY DOLLAR STORE  GIBSONS  GIBSONS HARDWARE (1966) LTD.  WELCOME CAFE  GIBSONS  J. H. G. (JIM) DRUMMOND INSURANCE AGENCY  LTD. .-^'GJ&SONS'.i;!,1 ;' ��� ���;  SUN GLASS 2, INTERIOR  GIBSONS  DOGWOOD CAFE  GIBSONS  McMYNN REALTY;:A INSURANCE  'GIBSONS- ZZZ^".Z  MURRAY'S GARDEN & PET SUPPLIES  -.^-GIBSONS'''"!"-' ��� 'I- '    ��� ���  SELMA PARK STORE  PENINSULA MARKET  DAVIS BAY  THE HOUSE OF DALLIS '  DAVlS BAY \  VIC'S MOTEL  DAVIS BAY  JACKSON BROS. LOGGING  ������..-I'-.-- ���    WILSON CREIK ��� ���������������*'���'��� ���--.-���������������  PENINSULA MOTORS (1957) LTD.  ���     ��� ! SECHELT '     '   '  BENNER BROS. FURNITURE & APPLIANCES  SECHELT  SUPERVALU      \  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING CENTRE  DON'S, SHOE STORE f '      *  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING CENTRE  McPHEDRAN ELECTRIC LTD.  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING CENTRE     ,  THE CEDARS INN  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING CENTRE  TODD'S DRY GOODS 1  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING CENTRE .  FINLAY REALTY LTD.  GIBSONS   ' '  SUNNYCREST MOTORS  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING CENTRE  ROYAL BANK OF CANADA  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING CENTRE  D. G. DOUGLAS VARIETY AND PAINTS  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING CENTRE  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING CENTRE  GIBSONS COIN DRYCLEANING  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING CENTRE  H. BISHOPS LADIES' WEAR  SECHELT        .' :;y.-  THE PENINSULA TIMES  SECHELT  CHAIN SAW CENTRE  SECHELT  SUPERIOR WELDING  SECHELT  L & J JEWELLERS  SECHELT  GILMORE'S VARIETY SHOP  SECHELT  PARKER'S HARDWARE LTD.  .  SECHELT  McGAVIN TOASTMASTER LTD.  HANSEN'S TRANSFER LTD.  SECHELT  PALM DAIRIES LTD.  VILLAGE CAFE  "���*-���"��� SECHELT  SECHELT BARBER SHOP  BANK OF MONTREAL  SECHELT  UNCLE MICK'S SHOES  SECHELT  CALYPSO CAFE  SECHELT  H. B. GORDON & KENNETT LTD.  SECHELT  CAMPBELL'S VARIETY LTD,  SECHELT  THE TOGGERY SHOP  SECHELT  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  NITA'S BEAUTY SALON  ���������������  SECHELT   C. & S. SALES  SECHELT  \,  eg man  s;.riospifoi .serving  MORGANS * MEWS -WEAR\;  ,' .�����: \)~ ;,* "���JSEemib^-'.'t ���' M kK:~\   *  : . : TASSELLA SHOP   \  :. A    .... secHELT^ f Ji .;r;  r  HOME OIL DISTRIBUTORS LTD.  "-"   ' . SECHaT- - -l       '"..���,  :; ' SECHELT MOTORS TRANSPORT     -   ' SECHELT      "   ;   '  '     "   ,     ..  ��� ROBILLIARD ELECTRIC , ,  i   SECHELT    ;        (  .      . SIM ELECTRIC LTD.  SECHELT "      \  COZY COURT MOTEL  SECHELT     '     ���       '������.���'���������  OSBORNE LOGGING LTD.  SECHELT  SUNSHINE COAST CREDIT UNiON  SECHELT        '  HARVEY FUNERAL HOME  GIBSONS  HOBBS DISTRIBUTORS  ':;  ... ���,  .'-,���     DELTA'  SECHELT SHELL SERVICE  SHOP EASY  SECHELT  SECHELT SHOE RENEW  PENINSULA BUlLblNG SUPPLY LTD.  SECHELT  COPPING MOTORS LTD;  !  ." . 'SECHELT" !;;���.('';-' .  GULF BUILDING 5UPPLIE5  SECHELT  '"���''���TYEE AIRWAYS LTD, 'i-",;'1.' A" ���  SECHELT    "  - i   '.   '"'''::'i,r',  STANDARD MOTORS OF SECHEl,T LTCi.  p.A. COFFEE BAR AND BILLIARDS  a SECHELT DRYCLEANING     ;  TYEE PRODUCTS  SECHELT  GIBSONS BARBER SHOP  THRIFTEE LADIES' WEAR  GIBSONS  PENINSULA CLEANERS  ::".r ,/: - .. ���-/..��� .jgibsohs'.-..' !���..��� - .,.','���' /'.������:.';'  GRANTHAMS LANDING STORE  HOPKINS LANDING STORE  ERVIN - DECORATING :        :'..  \  -SECHELT,'  ;.- -   VILLAGE STORE       "  ,. GIBSONS .. .":::  WIGARD'S SEWING CENTRE    , , ���,;,;. - 'sechelt. ; ' '."'  ELPHINSTONE RECREATION  ROBERTS CREfK '  ,    STANDARD OIL CO. OF B.C  GEflRY MacDONALD - AGENT <  CUNNINGHAM'S AMBULANCE SERVICE  "��� '������ ''* ''"HALF-MObNVAr:-'  '���" .���':���������:'���.- ''  '���   "'   "''' ''B ��,''J STORE      :  , ,       HALFMOON BAY        ...    !  < ��  .,;.  ZURICH LIFE INSURANCE OF CANADA  ..'  " "* >    D. HOPWNS-AGENTuGI.DSONS   ;     iK^-'Z.' -  ! r '    KRUSE DRUG STORES LTD. -  s  '������.u GIBSONSf'SECftELl't*M^YCRESTPLAZAt  -  .   DIG MAPLE MOTEL & TRAILER COURT  . , Wilson creek; :v  ',,.  it,;       SUNSHINE COAST: SERVICE  t    WILSON CREEK  *"  ;   E & M GROCERY & CONFECTIONERY  and SUNSHINE COAST LAUNDRY   ,  .    HALL SHEET METAL & HEATING       ;  . WILSON CREEK     Z  Z '  JOHN HIND-SMITH I ;  RELIABLE REFRIGERATION  SECHELT TAXI  v  GIBSONS BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  RED & WHITE MARKET  SECHELT  TWIN CREEK LUMBER & BUILDING SUPPLY  ^'GIBSONS-''"^-1''���;������' :-  '         IMPERIAL ESSO AGENT  DAN WHEELER . HOPKINS LANDING  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER LTD.  ���' . '������.* ...: ������ Gibsons    .:;;,-���  BANK OF MONTREAL    0 '  MADEIRA PARK (  ELPHINSTONE COrOp; STORE  "':���������, ��� . ���iGiKONs .;,;.;' ���;���,'.        . ',-;,  GIBSON GIRL BEAUTY CENTRE 1   '  JAY-BEE FURNITURE & APPLIANCES      :  GIBSONS  K. BUTLER REALTY  GIBSONS .  BANK OF MONTREAL  GIBSONS  HILL'S MACHINE SHOP & MARINA  GIBSONS        ���, :  WALT NYGREN SALES LTD,  Gibsons   ���',        ...-���.:...;���:  HENRY'S COFFEE BAR & BAKERY ��  VILLAGE BAKERY, Sechelt and GIBSONS BAKERY  /'\';:;;',1r,;:',V:PENINSULA>ii)fVE-lNV,'' ".-.'���.'     '.'."���  '.-.' '.*-        SECHELT      l.< ������<'���' ���  '.'..���..-'...  SEAVIEW MARKET  . ROBERTS'CREEK  WALT'S CHEVRON; SERVICE  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING CENTRE  KENMAC PARTS (1967) LTD.  ������   .���,���;- 'GIBSONS ��� ��� ���"������   1 ' "���  GIBSONS RADIO CAPS^ LTD,  ��� .,.���., AL'S USED FURNITURE   ,"''���'       ���-' GIBSONS   ��� ��� ������ ���    PENDER HARBOUR HOTEL LTD.  MADEIRA PARk''ST6RE'<  '���;;.: '. ,,WAL-VEN:;AUTb:BODT:.; ".���������  ' ' GIBSONS       '      ,.,.,-  *;,  '; , ������..."/.-���' ���'! 'MADEIRA MARIN A LTD,    . 'i! .,','*. :..'.���...,  ' , MADEIR' PARk '  ';.-. - ; .-���   'L. & H.'SWANSON'LTD,- ��� * - ���      ���  ���  ' '.���'--''     " ������������.-, "    SECHELT"":  \.  Of  q mmmmm mm  elion, ask/you to he sure q  AYf FEBRUARY 22^ '  11  .   ,   .    6  ��     '��'  ^.WIKSk,  wmrmm^^iifiii  ��  1  i   4  if'  p  A  it  : P  Etc  I*' -  Z'  .*��� t  ���,>  y  ���y  Zir  A<  $J -  tf -  A     '���  I  liiA  ii;  ;��  'f'fV'ill^^V1^1^ ? **  i,,r  ��-,. >t j- *���*    itvNn-i', * i.   ���>    *  *��   *    t v *        "^tv    �� v'* -**   -.r* , * v  "f   -."-,",   '  \*<^��*^ ^r-^-v^^ihy-ui^V'"*  ^   J*��f**Jv y '^^^>-W vuda   ��. ^o. t.   wO-  -   - - -        f J.  r5*- ���/ -*- <���>  J. ,-.*.,.���  >*<"!.��� ,.(��� .-j- ;? *srV J  - 4 " '\  *' J-  '      I  r  Section B  Wednesday, February 12,1969  Pages' 1-6  *- mwirtcw*  l-vls*wv-.��+w-/>> w  1 t  /-*'  *- it  V   i  1  ���    *   -J  h   1  - ������ ���-j        ~~-~tr *X  "^.Vs.  * '.\  -   "   " M    -'i  J,  "r  >   /  ' /  -      M,     -,  .    E  S. *-*  '/'  -*  \i  U  ,<>      IJ      T  in   MM <���!��  tl *  ������**  '   * *    if  **���     M  ��  Greeting  "Nttw let's see eye to eye and novtfdh- 'he~ almost kisses, his, closest irierid.  gehtfe"* during. this training Session,'' "The young whale cavorts like -a ^uppy  tlpaiiltjf' Graham ^ JHU^.l-ectures, drid. and appears to tie quite content in his  ydung-Hyak proniises to 1)e.goodvasv Garden Bay enclosure.  I  t  -V** "-OP* ���*�� t~A 4*  I ���-  %  i  ���J/  -" '   //    ,c --*   .  --  r'   / i     I     ��-*��-*���*  Hon, Isabel Dawson . ��� .  i�� ii��  ���rLMJDt!  o  X.   .r-  4 "  ���   ���-��  i*-  r  *ir^. ^  *1  -r-,    -  '       1  >    1  v    i^  ��: j  * -t  i  "���    *  *  . i  . Reward  ���QRflEJAT many ^enefiifis for people i*n ,the    Ilea for ai Finst 'Oitizen'-s Fund bo laid\ cul-  'MacfceaiiEiB C:miS.utuenc-y and to people tuire, educatic-n and the economy of the'  ai!l ftv&r British. Columbia were neporited' by tnaU-ve Ind3aiis���^25 JVLLEiion for a Major T>is-  ���l-he Hcmcoira'Ke Usabel P. Daiwaom, Minister a:lter Fund--6 JMffiion for aid to Agriculture  ���Wiitiaciiit Pcrfitolio, as she ouMined Jiighlighte in -uflderdaveJorpad ��ourttries���5 MHUion in  of -the "Good' News" miracle budget, pre- aiddition to the exisiling 5 Million for the  seri sd in the House Itodlay- "by Rnemier W, Ceintennial! Cultoail Fund���1-0 Million for  A. C. Bemiei'it. OPhysieal Fiitosss Pinogr-ame aind Amateur  Ito-pp-Img lone; tbaiLon dollar* lor the first Spori.s-^-35 'Malllon 'to be invested in the jpro-  itilme, this dynamic one 'biHion, 25 -millian, vinc'x'allly-ciwiied P.G.E. Railway to develop  -712 -thousand dollar -budge't, reflected the a|J1<i expand ithe Nontfli-Haaid 25 Million to  ibo-3m"ing economy o�� British Columbia, sMart ibuilding new Goveramient buildings in  bringing genercilsi aiJd to edueaition at all    Vancouver,  levels', fheilp ffior iproispeciti-vie home owners ais A general raise for afl!l -civil servants was  we'Jl as presemit homeawnisirs, and' increase also annocunced in the Budget������.5 Million  in grati s to municlpalitdes.    , in addiU'ion jto annual increments.  Of par[icul'a"r interest locally is the in-  op^ai-ie in sulbsCdles to Bnuiisto Columbia  Hydro tov a rural electrrifioatian program as  wera as tor. itir'anusit ia VaniooUiver, amd an 8  lmilliDn doldar ancreaise 'for &ie Dapaiffcrnent  df Highways tor xioaii iimiprovement illhiiough-  oub the lPjiorooce, as well as increased ferry  service, including the Sunshine Ooaist anea.  'New halif-ipt-'ice raises on British Columbia  ferries were ais�� nscentry announced by-  !Priem.er Becnett ito aipply to passengers  |teiavieill'iE!g cm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and  Thursdays.  The increase in grants ito imrunicipalilies  frcm $25 to $28 per capita, wtB see some of  thus aim oun't'e'a'jnm a-rilce d for ambulance service aatd taurjsi: pnomoition -in the municipali-  Ities. .        '.-,..,  An laUcwaaice cf 321 jnulioin ha!s Ibeen set  a'side (for-Educaitiion a^ aU levels; with a 60  per cenJt, up Eraan. 50 per eenit, pairticipation  in 'Rs'gioEial Colleges; and a 15 mililion dollar incr&aise for TMveEsx'H-es, from $65 million fc��$80mMon.        -  ,,  A change in the Borne Aicquisitio-n Ginaint  allows for a choice between a-, ithousiamdi  doSair outright Grant, or -the boirrotwing o'f  $5,000 at -cuTreiit Nailaonal 'Housing Associa'-  Ifflon! iarterest rates, which can* be used ais  ithe dawn paiymemt, plusf a bonus 10 per cent  ���rebate of ithe payments rfoxr each yeatr "the;  insbailmeMLs 'have been* -paiid promptlly. This  wall lenaible people on m'odenate imcotm'e& ito  t\*���  TAKE HER  TO DINNER  Taking taie diTt for a snack, Hyak grown: During the summer He will puroh-ase.a mew home. In addition, 'the  gets a teward-'Of herring from-Gra-^,entertain" Visitors tour time's La day Home'oiwner,'S Grant was increased -fnota.  ham-Ellis, the first herring thatHyak   with his acrobatics'and he now talks   ^3�� to $iso.  i  ���A      t  gets-for lunch' js packed "with ,vita- jto his trainer in a, long drawn out  >j   miris and the young whale looks su-"���'squeal.. ,'.*'. *  perbly- healthy  and  has  rjbviously       ,, ,���''���''  M��AwJlMk^w JU*       -^  )  w. - -    ������  J*.  r  >   \  -r _ s  j*- -��     ^.*'  ^W1��        ���"���      "J  !  ff  *1  "\  >. --*     Performer",,, ,���.,,,  Hyjak^soo^l^rned'to-leap-but during' <��rniriand H^^sdainftilly -s&ptiie  f.  n  'Si  mf&my^m^A"^m  mm  ���SI  mi  jilt ' * ~*���z a ��aja_.�� -      /  J**   S . - i  1  ^  *  1  '         \         +  j-      I  .     *���"  *M��<��Sm  1  ���     4     -  $25Q,000 expendfture ./."..  - - Extra telephone facilities  .; plariiied lor ^Siiiisliine^ Coast -  NEJAiRtY $250,000. wiU, be speot dwing 1969 and E-grnont areais" to iiravide fob igjrowih in  to- bjfrj^;addi^qnail telepnone -facilities to, the -number, of, customers' and to .permit  . e-iu-ii. _^__:l.*_.i_ ���^  a-u- B ^ q^^    (existing multi-party-line- customers' itb' ob-  -tain-ihigher grados of service! . -- \t ' ,x *  ���canipafty's        -]^e,^��IJ��c1IIities! al-so a-re ito !be wmp^ettd  -o^ffitTOfla .ViceMr^e&V^as��OVEKOWK'jtttv' H��^mtoex<*?<., vs..��� vV ;-.r ���,-;-.'.,., i-...-  itni's wfll16rj jspfenf ?o|> Mle; ins$aUa��on��J' to      * A ���aoo-lme' <-ad^-rJan,<-ta*- s(w;itehing** -equip' -  proyide,^acili1ie^ 'iriithe proofs, iH'alfmoon    "> w* te H** -Ptoftep Harbour <telephone, office  Bay and.Secrdt Cove areas aerved-lby -the   ������a-teo. will ibe made, -together,.."With ,-pcwor  Sechelt telephone-1 exchange., ^ equipment additions. ,.,,-.--,  ; (Re. -sajrl-. those facilities will create cir- . . *���*'��� MaCFarlane said itho ^^ch^t.penin--  cuits 4or .growth and.new4faciliti4s ito pro- ���Sl"a expenditures are patit ^thK.Pomp^iny'is  vide present customersMwitH higher grades over-all $70 million capital expattsioh- proof service. These, are 'scheduled for com-   'gram-for 1969.  , \ ��� '   "   ��� -  . ple'ti'on in, May. , ������  ���  In addition, ithe capacity of the-switching       'Meteorologist:   One . who   whethers   a  equipment in ithe - Sechelt -telephone office    storm,  will ibe increased by 100 lines at a cost of  $23,000.  "  At Gibsons, $47,000 will 'be spent for installation o'f 7.6 miles of cable" from the  Gibsons telephone office, ito Boberts Creek.  Another $22,000 wiU Ibe dperiit.for a 200-lmc  addition to the Gibspins..'office.'-'Theie projects will provide ft*' igrowth in the area,  additional trunk 'cwneotiops to the Sechelt  office and will allow for-.'��- higher''grade of  ���senvlce. Work completion is scheduled fon  Sciptombcr. "::':t  In the 'Pender HarbOur area, a total of  $32,000 will be hspcnt for new telephone  (facilities this- year. Installations will include 4',2'imlle$ of, calblo in 'the Earls Covo  A "special dividend" to ithef people of  the Pravitnce, was an amount of $130 ���-million  from cash reserfves, which will be set aside  tan Iseven ispecia]! penpeitriial: fundsM25 M51-  cttio  mm  addend  Halfmoon Bay, B.C.  Phone 885-9927  NOW OPEN AFTER  THE FREEZE  Sales  Service  0IM SERVICE STATK  Highway 101  PHONE 886-9662  ,1 Rotriover  Retrieving ;tho, .bright orange float, first io be captured at Garden Bay  Hyak never misses ,and bounces it in last February;, two other whales later  the air before stre^kin$ it back, to his ' joined blm but one died and the dther,'  trainer.  The young whale was tye* Skookum Cecil, esca-pod'lasit August.  ^.^��i^W-->.lff.ir!^^,-/T'��fl!t^  i  tT  I .Ilii'llilnnl   NbtitiQ' of Ll  ummiMmMmzM^  I.    Ill  ;' Th^.Canodlan; Radlo-!Toloyls|on,';Gorjirnlsslon,1V'lll   hold o  Cubllc, hcqrlrio In tho. Ballroom iof tho-Holiday Inn,, King Street,  ondorv Ontario, commencing at* 9:30 a,m, on Tuesday, March  4, 1969 Iril connection with tho folloWlhorriattcrs:,    ,    .  -,:>.: ���i.O/^^v':y'-V.'''-',-siCHBSr,,''0.C..'-' ,.'���  Application for a licence by N6rthwo4t Cammunlcdtioni Ltd. to  ,'cafry.on a CATV broadcasting uhdertdklno' to tsorve- Secholt; B.C.  , , For, the proper conduct of the htfariho. it |is-Impbrativo that  tho requirements of tho Board of Broadcasti Governors' Procoduro  Regulations bo strictly followed,) Any .comment or opposition In  rcspoct,.to'tho above mentioned applications.should bo,filed with,  tho Secretary on or before February 20/ 1969,' In twenty (20)  ..copies./   , ������.',,:.���, * .',��� '",  ��� .'. '���   ,'������   ���','. : .'������������---I^ _ '��� - ;'-"." ��� -_'���  Coplcs'of the rcgulotions mdy b�� bbtafn��!d' from the 'Queen'?  Printer/, Ottawa, OntarlOi, ��� '     ��� '  Persons wishing (p;Inspect ^riofs Submitted wllh rpspect tq  ���  tho obdvc applications may do so during regular offfoo hours at  the offices of tho Commission, 4B Rldcau Street, Ottawa.  ��� ,'   Further copies of this, nptlco may bo obtained by writing  id tho undorslghed,, I  "!   ��������'��� "     ' ""     ! ��� ���''��� " '���   '   ���.,.���,P/.K...F05TP-V. ..'......'  ��� -,   ;    ���  ,i. Sccrct-aiy.  "    '"   " '   '     '   ' ""1JL  5  SUNSHINE COAST REGIOKAL HOSPITAL DISTRICT  HOSPITM FlMlM MAMI Ml  Information on Polling���Saturday, Feb. 22nd, 1*>69  1.' Polling stations'fr>'the rural aregs will record the votes 6f rural  owner-e|ectors.,  2. Polling stations in the Municipalities of, Gibsons and Sechelt will,  record the votes of Municipal owner-electors and rural owner-  electors.  3. Tho Voter's-lists to be used for thd Referendum are the current"  owner-elector roljs of the School District and the Municipalitlos.  4. Owner electors are entitled to one votto, with the exception oMhose  rcgistorpdas representatives of corporations who may cast an additional vote in that capacity.  5. A revised list of Pollipg Stations is as follows:  11 ; Egmont School  '.Garden Bay���Al, Lloyds  -    Madeira Park School  ,' Halfrnopn Bay-���Ruthcffords ���  , /DayisBpy School ��  Roberts Creok School  ,., .Gibsons Rural���Elementary.School,  Hopkins Community Hall ���������"',..  ' Vllfago of Gibsons Municippl Office  ���  Village of Sccihclt���Lcgiort Hall  SECRETARY TREASURER  'wm^mm0XmmViim^m0��Migmmmm^mm!smi  ���* ���q/ttpi^<r*i*fa**f<*'  H-iJ��rt��H*"!(ft��'w-( (!���)*��( -^i**i p**^(^-"i��^w^����*l����'^*V*,-"fM"',H.^j^,**rt*w*w*  ii^jttilf&'tofaltHP*^ Q *\it*lrwfaii4*tity^^ iMto*ft��'��'��,^**M��,"t��'4i*in-*i ^".t*-. j** ****  tt<&n��wm* "*tfKftir"  B�� *W B"*"**^* Jrtffnefi���^r-m^��*��il^'m"^  **it#�����**^��M^>^#��WSN��ftW����^  >^^m��f**#Mt^!^m*.&r&^��*<>mM**t-f,- * V'
• 'i ,*
^^fc^-i."-* ,^ »WJVurt» jrf*»fcy*-^,*^-»y»^™j
*•"■* ■^MHIafhA***^
J*   il
\ \
\» 1
' 1
J'jJ"* '~    -*"-"1!-*-
►fc   <e 9  1
j > A. -
•»-«-»- j- fc ..4^-i.j—»*■'
V *
^ .*>
»   •»
\ .U,:
*»   '
f   ,
•t •
it"- -
rf *
«•>- -••
rv^Y****w-w'vLw-v-^A^J.J »*yvwV^-^UsW^^-j«^vy7*,«*l>i|v -t^*J«A"*vi»>»yVy wv^-v*]***.»«-<jr
Ppge B*2        ^ rfhe Pefliftsut«i;tiines    i  Wfednesdoy^feBrudry 12, %^m \
' mmim -rmwU^—w^^x^p—ii, *,,   igi. ■,,„,■ ^ t, pxpwfpw ■■ imini 'IM" ' "" mmm*****
HaLfiii66n '-^/^ti^b^i^s'y':' j:
"      *      ~~        ' ^      _ ,    ,/,;' •"; f" ' 4       "    s    <.*-.by Mary Tinkley
Al'B;.-G^ORGEJ Olson has H.acl thri oast re- - Wrtray some glorious scenery.    '    „   /
.   moved from his left,handtand Is making '';» Next session on Feb-riiary 19th at,-7:30
^ iood recovery after his recent "ac-ct-   t>,m., offers a program of five filhis covei--
iJerit He has been a patiemMtt St. Mary'S 4 jhg a wide' sphere< of interest.- "JUgget- -
Hospital for several days* after helne^r-ly*, naiit", a 30 minute film in colour,, follows
electric power' for the entire' area 'aroilild
-(, .
'• !
and Tvler. With the school bus nb1 longer!,, m'  ... -     , x.,    1L
travelling bv the Redrooffs Road, iLance', Z Besides showing something of the prto-
,would have h'ad*to,-stay home from scbdol%' W*nw «f transporting the vast,load, the
aU'last wek, except tot Bill Fraser, ,wW * *to dobuments glimpses something of tile
took him to Sechelt in time for school! each v life attd terrain of India .as seten from the
moriiihg and drove, into, ^chelt^ to5 toli#« OTe of 'the i"gget,ftaut-   ^
him home each" afternoon/ thu§ wihhihg'lr^*'VEthiopian Mosaic"  gives  the  viewer
our  commendation'for; the" titW of this - *a 'cblorful picture of ohe bf the inost ancieht
-week's Good Neighbor, ,    ',*'".        kingdoms bf North Africa,  "Fisherman's
.* „Mw\ Mary Kingston,  accomp^d; by ^ -FW" brings the viewer1 back to^hada
Gwen, spent'a few days in Vancbuver la!$t ♦-forian unusual look at fly fishing-at Cahip-
.week, visiting her-brothers; Jim and Totn-^ hetf River.^The fisherman is rural-magist-
.".Uii tu-5_ * jti>._     ^    " '        .      ■* rnf a . Bnrl^riok   HaiB-Brawn   and   the fish.
and their families ---."'',.    \      ,    I rate ~ Roderick. Haig-Brown arid the fish,
,    fiufck Cranswick,returned to the Bay! the famoUs steelhead salmon. ;
recently to visit his old friends," He was. -   Set in Ottawa, "The Buildings Already
.the guest of Mr-Harry €asper,--*~i*       . « Bfrgun" offers a piquant peek .mtd pages
ttappylboldnrsnbwman -pictured" Std^Manton who all won prizes for  .   ™?aCT°r 7lto'hlf*boat<*?"tti SWT^ISm.'TK
.wife grade four students Bonnie Le f" Iheir effort?, gets a^arting Ug Itotn  ^^£L'^SLSS1^^^tft < ^'" and ''Chiicotin'' complete tiie JL
b"ea"ch. 4        " v .       "'.,.!
■;     ,     ■    •- -     -    ;Snow-fiaby „;- .s*. * t   ,-*•*-     ■ -■ -
West Secheltgrade one ^tuderitsjVDoh-,'feUow.won them first-prized'a coh-
D6mbroski,and-Craig SRellbn-^ettle-d "test Which -saw the,schbbl-yard;decor-
<s V'-v for-a' baby- snow-nian. and, the-little "ated.with silent ^hife figures.";  * -
_i,v** "••^ rj.^r ^. i *        ^       ••       a- * * ^* »*•   / >. -, - -. 1 * J. f   ■>
Joy Hansen, -Wendy /Guenthei\ and j he. disappeared overnight..
<i  v.
It had been chased into the "water by a : At ithe 'beginning of. 1-968 there wer-e i9
dog, but after encbiihtering Cliff it turh'ed <p,ulp and paper "milb operating in iBritlsh
and headed out to sea again, .eve>tuaUyf iOc-luhiibia, with "two morfe scbeduled Ito start
I »
Any -Questions please?
making a safe landing further along the
.beach. '/'    ,     j
•operations; -and five more to -camtmence
\    •^-|i-**ln-Nt
• •
• The l film program at the t Welcome |
Beach Hall on February 5th got off to *a.
good start with an interesting program of'
films and an appreciative audience of 22.!
The two films which created most interest1
mm iimm
Sweet, Reward
Grade three snow sculptors,Teresa   of one of the chocolate bar prizes
Thodeson,   Dean' Gray  and , Scotty-' Teachers had a Jtough cold job choos
Drane decide that this
show-man should have
Q., I'lindsrstaivd that tthere is a way- <oS persons'as, not beings dependents -under ithe
paying ^meiitfplbyjnent ihsTirance •oantrifcu.--'' Uneiflpioymeni -lasurance^B-egidattens, I
(ti-ciis which ^eliminates the need to fcuy'" found ifc^to "bejat va-riajiice n^ttb,previous in-
^.tamps'from the Post pffice. Haw does dhe - Iforinatlo-n I ^adr receiv-ed. Woiild you de-
ibulk paynfent^-m&Uiod work? ' fine drdep'indent?.  • '          	
A.   wilh.'"^ibiilk payment method, pay-- - A-' Thfe- Uns-jn^toyment Insurance Act    were "Ottawa: Reflection of a Nation" and;
imenb cf contftihutions is made by -cheque and Regulaitions dfefine "those persons -who    'Forest Highways", which, in depicting thet
ence -a- month direct .to the Unemployment " are dependents as foUwws:-             -               making of roads for logging and develop-'
Insurance Commission. A wife, maintained -wholly or mainly, im-    ment in many parts of, B.C., managed to
' Under thfe-*-(system   employee ccmtribu- 'less t-b*3 wife's earnings! or, unemployment
lions ane recorded on contribution record insurance  -benefits,  or  'both,   exceed  $25
forims'-which are. supplied -by the Commisi- weekly-.=,     .     '                  . , .   „    ' ,
sicn.   These ane retained ,by the employer A <?$& .unaep IS years, maintained twhol-
un-U the end cf tha yea-r.         • " Vr <» 'mainly, -unless the child's ea<rning or
Permission^o tiu-ge to the ibu^-pay-    SS?S?2eST^,S^* cMd
employment  Insurance  Oommissxon office    &^^ ^m or illegitimate  childL   The
serving your area. tefclrf .^opted" child" xefex-5 hene to adop-
Q. -I am 'retii;ing .a-t the end of (the    ticn in any maomer.
month, ani I--u».'detsband that-I cam draiw -      A .husband, maintained >whclly or main-
Uneimployment'3-fts.uraai'cie benefMs.'* Please - ly, -unless the husband'si income: front a«ny
send same 'forms so thait I ca-n ^get them. , source lexceeds $25 weekly,
filled in and have^my claim started <m the        The following "0.thsr persons eonnected Iby
fust day iQf imy^reterement.    ,.',.-*„•   \. Waoi *nala!tiioiiisau.p, by mai-riage or .legal
A.   We are sending you an information!    adoption /the adoption here must ibe iby
ibooklet; and we suggest'that you -nead'ffie    process cf lahv), wholly uir mainly support-
paragirla|phs,-whiai! deal -wSth benefits.   We    ed in a SelE-conltalned' domestic estaiblisih-
iwould Remind)'you that ithe fact you haVe    ment.maintained hy the claimant, .unless
retired does not automatically qualify'you    that person's!-income from any source e-x-
for Iben-e&ts uiuler' the- Unemployment In-    *eeds;-$25, weekly; ihe cladimaint*^ parents,
Buna-nce Act,  In order .to 'receive' lbenef|«3, ^•>*gra-*ridparen1^r>greaitTgraaidp^ento,r,tphiidl1
* -ybu-ttnUElt meet cdnditiarist^ibr lentitlement,    -age 16 or aver, grand-'chiildpe-n, great-gra-nd-
such as ibeing .ajvail'aible' arid capable for   "Children, Ibrothers, sLsltensv uncles,  aunts,
-tv/orik.  Unemployment ■Insuriance was never    mephews and nieces, as well as the par.en.ts,
designed as a supplement to ia> '-retirement    grandparents, gneaitngraindpaxients, ibnothens
pension', hut iA inl'ertded ibo carry a person    -and sisters -of the claimant's spouse and his
through a short-period -of unemployment,    stepchildren age 18 op over.
■such as away .occur between jobs. (Follow-        The dependent to qualify must livie in
ing » study of the bpoklelt, -If you wish to    -Canada op in a isltate of ithe Uriited States olf
apply   for-- Unemployment -Insurance   you    America 'with AVhich Canada has a recipro-
anay do so by.phoning your Unemployment    cflt agreement.
Insurance Comimksion office or picking up Questions should be peferred to .Irifowna-
the (forms ait a Post Office. If you iwish to    ltion   Seryices,    Unemployment   Insurance
do ithis, you may do so on the first day on    Commission, Vanier Building, 222 (Nepean _BO-  g*,AMtM g,A.M»
which you aire not working. Street, Ottatwa', Ontario—Tel. 99S-2975. |»ZI  laower roinr
Questions should toe neferred to drtforma- ""
Hon   Senvices,   Unemploymeht   Insurance        Approximately 12,500 bushels of  cones Gibsons, B.C.
J      — ■      - -
Phone 806-2200
Blake C. Alderson DX.
A ddys weekly
Post Office Building Sechelt
Phono 885-2333 *
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday/Saturday
12 noon to 5 p.m*
y **•(.■. - ■».« i, * v
.'* ' •' ■*',■'""*|:,-i':,-- < . j
-v   ..•„' -*4 S*
"   *n*3tt-
■ *
■^ •'
ij* *■   »       A
*: -4 .'-■*.
Take advantage
of these
*'• -\".    ' A . *'\fJr :
'■ ' 1
.' Aw^AX im£mA'^f»y^
Just before the..^riow..disappeared last mo^t fcurv^ceous snow-lady whining a
week,    West   Sechelt   Elementary first prize,   Darcy Gucntlier's snow-
Sehpol had a snow-rrian contest and man Is waiting to be introduced.
Dcrilse McOoutit, grade 3, made tho •';
fMt B86-9994
Siinnycrest; Shopping- Centre
C>    ir,l\'    ...
Servir|g;The Sunshinq \oast
885-2203 - Sechelt, B.C.
-Ciistom',v   -
.  ; Ciiqulrkis':; Box 218.- SectNsit, B.C.. .,'_..  "'   .
.; ■  ot
'{' lv.i   PHONE 885.2311
Brought to you by
, these progressive
places of business
FufnEslttttg® and
Appliances; - T.V. - Radio
Phono 885-2058   -    Scchblt, B.C. [
MWip u U I, W and COLOR T.V.
r-iAty c(\\uppe<A for Color T.V.
'"   ■     " Dealers for
^Utifer \r\6n City PHces
. 'Z Z .Ph@n«.8i4-ii8d .
yit   iiii'<G||||^ONS/<B.Ci
Musllrooms with  their, Inlrrtltablo,  delicious  flavor  noturally  rato  hloh In, tho
world of foods. How fortdnato Wo are that mushroom orowlno lr\ Conodo has dovBlopfctt     I
to tho point where fresh orKjs pro;,avdlloblo twelve months of tho year, thoy aro
reasonably priced too when you consider tho orcot return In eating onioymont mushrooms provide'Wheri ierved in and with many foods, It may bo that wo have becomo
so accustomed to comblnlno sliced mushrooms with several other foods In  rriUMtld ';..,.,
casserole^ and the like that wo overlook serving wholo mushroom's by thcmsofyW or
With o suitable Qomlsh. Saulced mushrooms with bacon or ham are perfect for lunch    .
or supper especially when appetites havo been whetted by tho'chlll of winter.
Mushrooms on toast with bacon '■
4 to 6 -slices bacon
1 pound mushrooms ,*
Cook bacon In largo frylnrj pon.  Remove from pan ond keep hot. Add -wholf}
mushrooms and dash of salt to two tablespoons'of tho bacon fat In pan, Saute quickly
shaking tho pan until tho mushrooms aro well coated with fat. Reduce hoot anc*| con-   \
tinue cooking until mushrooms are tender and browned—about 5 minutes, Place toratj'." '
Slice of buttered toast on each hot plate. Garnish with tho cooked bacon strlpi aM   "<
serve ot once, Makes 2 to 3 servlnos. ' ■ .■>
2 to 3 thin slices boneless ham ...
1 pound mushrooms
Cook ham In larfle frylna pan.  Remove from  pan and keep hot.  Sauto whole
mushrooms In 2 tablespoohs ham fat, adding dash of salt. When mushrooms aro
Peninsula Plumbim
Md.    ,
Shetwih Wilfian\s
Paint Dealer \
Phone 006-9533
Gibsons, B.C.
cook«d ploce bottom halves ot toasted hamburg buns on hot plato*. Cover each wljh
slice *Of the cooked ham, spread With o little prepared mustard and cover with top
half Of bun. Arrange mushrooms brt top and around biink Garnish with parsley and
serve a* bnce; Makes 2 to 3 servings. If butter Is used to saute mushrooms odc| 1/8
teaspoon salt, ,
Fashion is a byword
Smart Shoppers are
found at . < .
Fashion Shop^e
©Ibsons, B.C. - Ph. 886-9941
25© A DAY,'
Complete  with oil   burner,   ducts
work and oil tank In your home.
Coll  Bucl, Kiewlli  your Shell  Oil
8864133 GJb*ons# B.C
'-•A>-><y;^^^-'(-»*t-f.*"*'w-*^**»;r/*';» ^;*y,,V->liiV*.X».''»''.i 't'i  I r'f ,".%'A,*X''»i ••**'^a^.^^^i'CV^XaVA^a^a
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*V**'**^tH*^W,^N^**#^^vV-/ui«.« *.■*,* * *■* M-VAMC^^, ft^fM-^w**'-*''*'-^ j      A f    -   ,       \ *  i* * *      \      " ' *      * i* f *-* "J   *'  '     ^ ������*-      J ij  * **���  *4>i**t *���*>** ^r   ����� ,*. ��� ^(    ^ -** ,* -w  e -~ ����;  -. -��� ; ���  ' ������ r;-:ii-:-;< ���-..-  ���,..-������*       ���       . ^i-i.-frLan;    ������  ff-*W  ���Sl^t  .��   t> .Ml**..',,*.,^.,.  . 1 ��� r  "6  **  ���  T'-*-  \,v  J.  I  *    *        -*�����  *-" -j ,    x A, ������� >   VS.,  . * ^  M^-**W��'--*B-'*1-rilI 11^^  *1 Bureaucracy.;  r v    '  ���Zj"iJ./J  b+^ni*  .���Z+9  W        J  ',��***��� f  ���* ���*���  '���it  :���-'. ' t.  ���A*  >,  ���v  ���c ������  **�� -  The..pQhjnsuja Time? pqge B-3.  ',* Wednesday, February 12, 1969   ���,  -rf-*'  ^  irf ���  ��� '  1     .'Hi  ���r        ***    . 2*   * \  seiJf iCQ'Vetuina'cl'et.t Tiejpa-ymeits.'A'cfvisory lOam-,  tmittee'ex])eii^'as, and any expcmses1 incurred!,  iri ocnhc^tiojil 'vyJth. the -Hoiipil'jalS Refexien-dura  amd; ���as'.thiese' funds jwculd 'be bo-txpcsy/ed' 'as  netiuiriad llie^l'aipket figure was not 'considered! excessive.  AIJAlOtttTY ml vision would appw to he   m jBM^Mwi*^funds ;io,P Uie -payment'   fU^l^SK^^^l^foiJ^K  scimethtog foreign <[<b the KC. Hospibal   cif their .bills di^ibg th'S.panod-DefiareigraWts)   as^jra'iiert eodt in fesipect of Regional Mos'-  flu    ���*  * *7  �� iV  I.  .*>��./  ������>:/  /  p-i&guit was'  da'tedi January  itahilpicj-iairy ibowio'wiii'g'  !   im'einit!'by iBtfard Secreta-ny iChadfies Gooding ��ary.  !   ��ece-mlb&r- lO.tlh.. Tiie writer, Adrriiiniistraiiive: 2.  The  ij   ClSfio^r K. Cr! Wiper -sstalbe-d:    s ame JOaifc  .   J>ed,r) ^ ^odihg: ' . fcr .a-ny lweigula-p; ;dls|buisement of fcuttic        ^e iBoa.rd re   ^^ (thalt thig reioM,io^  1 xegreit Hhe;delay 'm dealing -vdiQi y-cur frods aiad Uuearia^'fiUly mam-oC these re-    jje aipRtov���(i without delay, the amount*^  ",   leibten of December 10 regarding tomMi-arty aFcr-u'-buiitJES. ,?.K&c-efiwe when aDiplyiisg ifer   ^...L^ u"a i���h, t,-,, -anit^M. ��.,rWi,��iW  * -   i  ���   la'  -'   A  t  ���   *  ir.'g 'jiLduoed \o a sum you consider suffiicient  ea lllis yeair and 3 would like 'to be advised   -for.  Extra vitamins  i  1       '  4r  i ^'  *  ��    ^  <1  4  ���I  4  r  *  ���Tl  ����.  r  ���f  ^  4 *  ���   *���    "-S  t*  *  tr,  '    .*  ��  i.  I  1    t             T  *  r   '  ^         ���  Half-time  ���i.  A*           t  "*.  ���*.  ^ *  K                            1  (."�����'  kX  '       ."      ����<fc  ,���>    -.   *  **                         *               J  ���*���>.*  1  1,  ��.  *  S  ���*  "l  , \    * - ���  **       ��� *. ���  *   i  /*'          ��            v  f     ;  ���X"  . Ix  n  ^-*��  J    *H  IP-  i   -req-ttLTed.*--Ktodly .provide ���neas-D.n'aible diatail 'the Hs-spiJ.al Dis'I-ribt-haid debt repaymenlls -MUCH 'MONEY is wasted in buying vita-  in this regard.because this explanatory ma- due cuu January'2nd'r'lS��a- Due.to ithe ctilaj- - > m|n aiid inineral supplements which, are  'terial'-will be "irefe-riiied iwitlh- tie ResoluUiom tciry actiojE iof yqu-ri depaJltimient Jhes'e debts not needed. A doctor may recoiwmend sujfh  There's nothing like a cup of hot BO'S-    wiem-the 'atpproval of thie iMinisiter is being tove new bee-a !paid fpam JR^gionall Bisttedcit supplements for .pregnant women, infaiifcs  ill to warm \OUng soccci plajeisdui-   iiequested.   By way of explanation I wish! ^unds.  The Regional^Bistrict has 'no dJffi- ^nd the sick or cojivalescent. A-norm-^  ing a winter game and Ml*/ P Sum   ito point out that -a sum of "o^ei? 27,000 -Jtor cully itn -passing a'-^piple 'by-I^w'eanpxwerr healthy individual, eating -as .good vajiety  of Gower Point is al\\a\s around to   '.'other expenses"  is -comsMeraible larger ing it to \pxxmf iman8y���iQ astiticipaitiion of of food'in a proper healthy -uidividual does  see that it is a\ailable " Gibsons Le-   -Ihao that 'r��--  - -��� --- ���  *-~- --��'-��* ������ ���*-*����� -*����-.��� -* -*~�� ^-.���* .^-..-��.- -��.^^.  gion met Sechelt Biaves in an exhibi-   'h^ge?.  tion game on Sunda> and will lia\cl   are ^ asked 'f<)T-  tn  \nn-r*nnvpr  on   Sntiuda\   to nlav        It osr ^o^d funtbex that while the Biesolu .    _   . rf .  . ,    .,  that beilng -requested by disitricts much,    taxes without *a.py .appVoival 'or sutbrnissiotES not need .additionaili vitaimins' or iroMerais.  p il&ami yicumsi and this is why details    ito a senior gWeinhient.* bi this instance it What's, 'more,' excessiye doses of certain  '������--'���- i^-fcrituira'fce Sob the*'Hospital 'DistrdcT; 'that vitamins'may >be haBmfifl, says the federal  this is so. .   - ;��� '��� hiealth depafltaient publications, Handle with  chelt on Satin day  ��^^MI^^^^^^^^^^1^^^^^^^^^^^S  pa'asied" unamimausly amd !th'e nfamlben ,c'f  ������yeB".am�� ���"-ao''' voiles has diet' been speci-  Plslr-nif    -^nPfPl*   ft-fimP^f   '����^~   ^^-^ yiau ^^y &>>'&& laibove query  Sechelt this weekend  Would "ysou ��� kindly advise how the voting  went c,n~'lhe terhporairy Ibonnowing K&solii-  .tictf    ,/"���'*'''  EVilI'ciwing rqading_ o'f ithe iaTbove, letter, ai  vriTR &\u   irarh'ij   Q duw h 1    r   number," of caustic coimaherJts termnjoialted  v.k '-1 r Juwru'c Soccer \.ill be unJLr-    wift ardeci!sicn Ithi^-a ieitter in Eke !ter.ms be  ���AT-,   1 "j n .iS^tiudi,. Itbiuirj 15ti^   it    submitt!gd .to Wiper by Mr. 'Gooding stalling.:  ���imn "VJlg TJuaik you for your l-e|tter of ianuar-y 2lsit  in answer t-o* 'this! office's letter dsaited Be-  cemlber. iWx, 1988. - '���  ���    T  1  I  _\   P j\ i cial Cup ph\ ort  h Id  1 SuciLOlt  \t ILck <t Pirk ihiu* D vi mi 7 ? mis  * SechcH fTimboimm   v-.   M     Sivmour    ^ My Board is .extremely dis-saitis'fied'with  I1 "1 Rjv K (i> n   n> lt'le' iactl0!n teken ion 4ihis matter and ithey  G L   r^Cdi-Mi- Am[ hi*\m in r*iu��ns   iVfMk 'to m<3k^ % -W^wng observations:  41*  Sr  A  ilpm 1  1^ -The rie'siolution was corredily submitted  Ci I" " 'Ii'c��>   v-.   IJuidilt   Rr ,>n=!   (2   ���UI accordance with, the Regional HJoispiltal  p m j   " District's Act.   Section? 31 of tha't act is��  -    -   - - - -       quite simple and "is siirmBair-'to legisiia'tion in  clt'aen Act 'priaviding awthiorilty tEor Councils  j-  ��  r  '    ,���*  s*B&g&mKi&Baaba&m,knnMwaihii  1  f  f  ' Muddy .Game  Juvenile; Soccer has been at a stand-  On the S-*chiTt Trim \ \\i��s   1 unls:  Rl-  \\ ir   ��t- \ , Fiitf 41 tils   NT   \  ic.  (12 r in)  ** cl  U Lo'   n vs II "hiini SV flpm)  R -.   B'Lvi->   V-*   Mt   5 \mcui   Rovals  (2bpm)  \  H  &  P  ii.  w  It'  I  9%  team So 'pitik Bonus Salal by contacting  J. nL HAVES at',  isuu mm supply CO LTD.  (f^ext to Sechelt theatre) ,  .  Sox 34 V Sechelt, S.C.  SSS-93&3  ���J*!*  i  ft  fan  I  fcJ,  WA Brownies & Guides  slate annual banquet   , _.  ^FEBRUARY'Sth meq-aig of' ithe .'-Sechelt  . W.A,- to -the-'Brownie^'' and Guides .was  ag^^  ���im" ���������  e the people need * the 'expansion  -J ft,-* % u v   v��t'  ��n u WW m w w *  ^Wttnt  to- moke ;your"home  i Earner/more cbmfforfabfe, more.  Modern;��� -more.- ^beoutifful?  --' Whatever home improvement-  ��� project  you   have, in   mind,  you'll .find helpful ideas and:  information at your one .stop,  , still- since before Christmas but- Se-   he;d at the home of .Mrs. ingrid1 UriderhiU  chelt Braves met- Gib-sons Legion1 in   with ii menibers present.   ' '     '  '  aA fexhihMoh game on-Sunday giving   :    Main topic'on'-the-a-geirda was the fortK-  'these CtW. 5 Jean^,a.Warm pp be-    coming Mothers and Daughters 3'anquet.  :fate/5aturday^1l--i--^^^ ��� 'The1 date' -'set "for* this-event' 'Kf February .---f  player Steve Hlllidn.a itough game,       JJt ^  ���-*....��  a-jmu^ay.iiel4.   P^aUacore was 24    g��5d turnout of mothers  for the Braves.  , 1  / <  supplios shop  upplies ^uw  Phone 885-9669  SECHELT, B.C.  - ���-  ���^���^S^'^^3^^^^^��i^i^fe^  COMMERCIAL PRINTING  see  Another important" event in Guidihg is  the ''Thinking "-Day'? service to be held on  February 23rd. in the Legion, commencing '  at'2 p.m." This service 'commemorates the  formation of the Guiding and' Scouting  movements ty- Lord ��� and Lady Baden-  Powell, Everyone is invited to attend.  Next regular meeting of the- W.A. will'  be. held on Mflrch 5th .at the home of Mrs. '  Dianne Benner. ...  ^^^H^rft��^  Each yeair -J-h^ jCanadian lied -Cross gives  .emergency "ais^stan-ce to more -than 11,000  victims of hou?<)*lfii��es .aenosss the -country.  ��MA MGg-BT'WBfgiN  ���--"���"WW  r.\  At-Ttto  >jr^M9M^ pi'NIN0,r IWI0W ,^-^|��|f EWT:  YQUR  HOSPITAL  NEEDS  HELP)  The cost factor as it effects you and me,  the taxpayer is outlined below,  ' summihRY or estimates of cafbtai cost  New Work���11,400 sq. ft  J.__^      $345,278  Areas improved or altered. 7,000 sq. ft   _���        141,000  CG3STT TO TME  Present Mospif al  TOTAL BUILDING COST ESTIMATE .    , $486,278  Less Federal tax credit r ^_J  20,278  Tax   i  >  NET BUILDING COST ESTIMATE ZZL.Z L.     $466,000  ^iclc��ts>^'yji}|al|Ie^ fromZ'  '.; ' ;;;,": !*j^11^���{'fefw��a.'.! /,'.,,',",  '������V.M^TOWerJ!'.pr'/-ftt r: ,   .-.  CanTtpTacilrO -Vftri^y i...  -;*..f.'3ibrp,  '���iwmA  Hot'ttfrichy Raffle  ��� \tiv&ZmMc hy  The Periling*  Fixed equipment (recessed sterilizers)  Architects' and Engineers' fees   Landscaping, parking, roadways   Clerk of Works r~   ^L,_l.^.jl.,...'  41,590  40,000  15,000  10,020  1 TOTAL CONSTRUCTION COST  Moveable equipment and furnishings  Supplies, beddjng qnd linen -----���---  Working capital ,.. ,:.--...1-,.,���-���  Less Estimated Federal Grant ���.-:- -  NET PROJECT COST ..���-^���---  $572,610  36,666  14,,000  15,Q0q  $638,276  120,000  * Hl��ll * ������-���>���������  $518,276  TOTAL 2.00  For every $1,000.00 Ao-  acoGed Value it coats  $2-00. If. ywr. a^eeaa-  ment io $6,000.00 Your  Hospital Tax vyould be  ,^sf Sf.OQr-fjir $X2.00:P��r  year.      -  Signed  PROVINCIAL SHARE 6P^-r43!P,?66  REGIONAL SHARE 40%���$207,310  H. HUBBS  public Relations  St. Mwy*$, Serym%ffa�� t$w$i$l}$w�� <Toci��f from  Egmomt' to Port- Mellon is' TOVft H^pffof.  ifimn-pimn-i'���<r-  ,-���-;-������'- -, if        ; i M* I <    j   , ' .    -    (   ,   ., ..*...       \ , ,   ,    ,   * ....,.-..  U .       .      i      > i * I i IH    (  I'Sf 5  * 1J  i. < III ��� I  ���I,,'  mmm pubve ���;^^^;  a��cia��s  B��Cfl  iV  DIAL BB<B-ZllG  !%  ���^T^^^!:Ti^;.^S^^^  ' **���M**mmts$if'ti*��!**  ^^(^^BMWfc^  |^,t����-*^*^. #Mt��^(  Ji.-rWw*.'* ** ^* ���<**  ��*'   & ^ *���* *" ''  i*-*(*i, i*>*>m rf*��,#[ *������* ��v%"*i *���"��������#�������� *��n*>4 <  ��1rf,'^��^���W-^P^.*W^l��*-���*''*"^^^���'*w*^'-^^>^,^ H**-a��% J*i��<fi*r%sii#i  % ilte^f. ��^,it(i��^Tl��i!^��S^,fe-9S-^* 'Vi'^nf���?(< ^  �����itf!Hai!V*^Vi*ff^^i��''KwWy'ft��i<^^ ,     /1, -  *<i> ���* r   ,V<-      >, ,*���  <4   -1.1 >j   >��r"S,<      .-���     v       *r v **���, !,*-\  ''   ,'        .-. <      *<> ���'   *:  t -   " *>-  ~^-'       y -A'  *,> < .    A <   * ' ,i'l,,i' l ' ���     -  'wv<>^*i^^^^*w*Sf^v-^"*'5^-^>*6tN.v<^  i s*w��  T^e Peninsula Times       'Wednesday, February-12,1969  ��� j* -  uw��iiar<iwit-tfiwiiwiw��iaiii'r^^  uiiBninmummminMinmiiynnlimiiiHii  J   <  "Bus;Pj^nsuia%^  1  '7 ntay fce wrong, but 1 shall not be so wrong as 'to fail to say what t believe tq be right"  r        **,.,--,   *-v     ^ i   '' ��� ---JohnAtons  Douglas G. WiffiEL^h, Editor "-��� Stewart 8. Ja&atiRDf Publisher:  muimmmimimmnmtiiiuiimmnnmrimm'  mMtMHimtmumniin^ltnim  fidalVSt Pier/is-  ��� V L --Ufter town Pdriiainw* Hill  OTPAWA-^lfe ibact "beem my'iiiteinitxrjin ,to oe-  i "-pot* on- 'Indian lAiEfairs amd -Northern D-e-'  vet-oipim��iit Comimititee'iSi tour of the- JNioribh.-iiln  ���Ms column." Halving spent some 8,000 jmfltas  o'f foarVel.in ith^paist week, it seemed- "passible .that 1 imight have scum-eltMnig to say ion  the matter., ��� ,, s     - >' -  Bc-^ever.'ffche North, has been there lor^-ai  long time -and1 -wiH-Terna-in for some privet to  came. "Let it" wait. ,* ^  ,      - A more jxr-essing. ona'tifce-r to people of  TROUBLE created by so .called militants   who were undermining universities ana    ooa^frCMoatin as the naw Estates aod <3d!Et  in the universities has reached a stage   suggested the tirne has arrived to "throw   ^K (bm; which Js wdw ,in .the Parliaimentainy  whereby the public is finally awakening   a few out on their necks." He added that  to the fact that this is no protest by a   of .the minority group, ten per-cent, a  group'of idealistic young people who   small number of the perpetrators of dis-  simply seek their rights in a changing   order are from the United States subsid-  WOrld. ized by the British taxpayer to the tune  While most of the agitators, behind   of between  $2,600   ahd   $5,500.   To  the scenes, appear to be malcontents   cheers from all sides of the 'House, the  f��i��*w-"  fiVKUJS-i, ���~sen&&w< ^-a^rojMAT^v-��w-TW-��TgJ-wnw^-o^^^ iua.- ������ ���a^M^srsr-  from across the line, it is obvious they,  have their counterparts scattered throughout the western world. Spain, Italy,  . France and, of course, Great, Britain,  ' have all been subject to unrest, violence  and destruction by minority groups of  vicious trouble makers.  There have been those of the legal  Minister stated "these people are clearly  not here to study. They are here to disrupt and undermine British institutions."  One MP told the House "the public  is inclined to discuss students as if they  are a monolithic mass of wastrels. The  extremists,   the   revolutionaries,   are   a  process. In-its original farm, ithe foal  ���ara-ased imuch criticism.  'Sarnie people criticized at "because, -they  di!dtf.t understand" it���such as the man who  assured one ithat ihe'd, be paying a $60,000  ��State tax on a $100,000 estaibe. These complaints were not too serious. Time, la-nd .the  issuance of if actual inform aittoo *by the Fin-  .ance Minisitry, would! dissipate these feans.  , Wha't was -alamming "was that same people criticized the legislaition! -because they  -did undetisitaoid it. In this area, I joined a  number ��f other Liberal MPs in ���miateng  some add protests.  There is -not room dn ithis space ifor com1-  plete review of any le^slation- df such icom-  tightly knit minont��group of politicjdly   ^^^ as ltaK iegislatL(>tt<   Hcwesver, the  militants and supports have been those    ance. They want only to shout down and   designed to nfdng revenue to the goveroi-  tear down and have nothing coherent -and  constructive to offer. . ���  "In condemning the extremists, we  must not overlook the staff members who  have supported them.   They must see  <���-**--  ;who wear the same political cloak  t We are all prepared to go along so  far but the culminating point is never  too far away, it is simply that some individuals and some countries reach it sooner than others. In the case of the students who, it would seem, are far more  interested in revolution than education,  ���the grim dawn of retribution already  lightens a turbulent sky.  From California comes the report of -.,_-,.-  Vancouver born S. I. Hayakawa, acting   ing hard on the militants but by taking  president of the San Francisco State Col-   overdue action regarding the radicals in  meat. Xt is designed to aivoidi ithe Sotrjniaitictti  <ot hveaJthy dynasties in Canada by preventing the transmission of great wealth across  the generations.  The anain'purpose of EMr. 'Benson's tax  ibU}, announced* in the October 22nd ibudget  ^ %A<  ^* 'Su. **    r  to****-*^  4:  ���"Sse-ra  ���*���^JS**  tame:  that society is not going to finance the speech, was -to.coiweclt a traditional lOama*  education of people whose sole aim is dian-injustice Iby which -wives were Gawd1  destroy.''                      >   t   '            , $<& ���their husbands' estates: The pMlosophy  The gloves are off and it is to be oi 'the Benson changes were that wirves were  hoped our own leaders will wake up and **&*& -ooniMbutorsi to the iformation olf ithe  take similar initiative by not only stamp- ^band's estate and that m tax whatever  -^Vaii    Ant   Sb*   4l*fU->i-fc     ^���"������-tIIa-i       -Tkn-fl   -nrii n   ������v-atal   Z+ laiia^rn*   *����-rkTftj^��1��     Set    nAmn   4-a.   nn��     T     Tt     -PL  1 V     ��LA>i   *       _4��m*m 199  11VTI    gVl.   JUI   U1V1V-)    -VJLUUA<Wjy   OUU   f^LT-W   UUUI   Jib   lAUUtUT}   UVUVUJ    |V>    gUAJUg   l-V   34IJ    **J��    K��� %ML'lUtUl-ClIlliUI,   15    QUUUVi  Readers' Right    Sechelt News Notes  lege who used considerable police force  to break up riots on the campus, and  with due success. Warning of the danger  to the entire nation by student troublemakers, he expressed the view that in the  past the police have been called in as a  last resort, he went the other way and  our midst from the United States. We  have sufficient numbers ofw our owrTand  there is certainly no reason why the Canadian taxpayer should foot the bill to  keep outside rabble in well paid positions to stir up trouble here.  Already there are indications of a  ���should ibe collected in itransfers to (widows  ���or'towidaweiris".       ['  There* were other beneficial changes.  lAmttog them1 was ithe introduction of in-  icreased exemptions ifor children -under 125  yeats of��� age ((calculated iby -formula) audi  the Sntnoduction of new exemptions of $10,-  000 ��ach for- all! -adult xMLdren, for whom  there had ifopnerly 'been no exemption.  Appreciated  Editor,' The Times.  * Sir: The members of St. Hilda's Anglican Church Would like to thank you again  _this year for the coverage you have given  the activities of the -church and for other  considerations   we   have   enjoyed 'during  1968.  took prompt advantage of the abundant tightening up by immigration authorities  force he had available.  "I demonstrated and as  announced  last" week,  in the  the ability to act quickly to protect peo- Times, an American convicted in this  pie and property and the opposition got country -is eligible for deportation. Let  the message," he said. us get rid of the undesirables before they  In Britain, at the London School of create more strife.' We don't heed them   ^  (Mrs.) BEATRICE RANKIN  This ief-tTMr-. Benson with -aT revenue * Vestry Clerk,  deficit to -fill. He did so by increasing itaxes * _ '   ,       _  on large estates. I Express ttianKS  Uriforitunately,- and quite (urmece-ssaialy    Editor The Times  Economics, similar action has gained the and we .don't have 4o have them.  The   busin-essmen,  wholehearted support of the House of* place for them is right back across that        "   c "'  Commons and in a heated speech, the little ol' line which is^a fine place for  Minister of Education denounced "thugs" them. ..-__,  in ithe opinion of many of us, he also introduced itaxes on small estates which could  have been quite clipping to heirs-, parificu-  lariy the 'sons of smal ranchers amd small  toimlk a?li��(jpa�� v��o tosses  In its original form, ithe new bill would j  have lowered the basic exemption on lestates *  from-$46,XK)0 to $20,000. It provided mo reli-  lable method of itime payment on estates  such as. Saonm-s, iwhene Jihere, are few liquid1  'assets, -lit .could'also have created havoc  Ifor ^people, who didn't- tchamge their wiHs  AS ADJACENT communities grow and   when it ^'^^^^li   'SrT^n'l^  progress they mevitably merge into   taxes presently going to-Victoria would   J^jjp,, ^"     *   .      ' w"aucvca **"*  one and over the passage of time it be-   offset any 'substantial increase.,       '  : ; men pierced by mao^ eha-r-p words, (the  comes logical to amalgamate.   In most To-remain divorced from the, village   ^ance'mirdstep.came to thee xjondu$oniLto call on us.  cases this is normal procedure which is   means remaining-*--within^ ~the^ Regional that laBrfWasf-nofcwelS ���witfc^'ttus. isfcctiiq-r^io^ *t  accomplished by mutual agreement, but,    District which wilLalso'be incorporating   Ithe" legislaiticco* ?He'^bas'i^Bcer a-rmdunced! "^ "  various new facilities' as it grows. ��� One" Ganges.,   ���'  significant fact to be seriously considered J *he exempUon! categories will femam  is that while councU operates with' a paid Sw^6-,fa ^^^ *��f ^^l f  full time staff ofone clerk and an assist-   ^,000 or less wdl pay any tax, Restate  Sir: On behalf of the Sunshine Coast  Lions Club, I wish to take this opportunity  in extending our appreciation for the publicity you have given our club, through  the Peninsula Times.  Your co-operation has been the highest,  and always in good favor and taste, which  has left a very high regard of us in the public's eye.  We hope our good relations will continue  in the future, so as to assist the club in its  success of future projects.  We wish you and The Peninsula Times  much success, and if we can in any way be  of assistance to you, please do not hesitate  lA iGiROUP of Hospital AuxiOiairy membeiits'  have been busy the past (few diayiS ladK  dresising ineminders of Ithe HospdlfcaU Plebiscite to be hield on Saturday, Februairy 22nd.  TJiey hiope ithat everyone lentfaltled! Ito "vote  will make -a special leffoit to get out .and  volte.  W-e ame pleased Ito 'hear .that Mrs. A.  iFrench and Mrs. Elizabeth Wakefield!  CGmanny), have been alblle to leave thospM,  Mrs. d. 'Taylor is convial-eScing att [tihe  home of her daughter .Mrs. TP. Wilson. Mirs.  Taylor, <a former mesident, fell ainrl isulfleredl  a bnoken hip.  JMtrs. -Lottie iPosWethwafiite is movaing to  ���New Westminster. Another old lamer who  will be missed.  Mir. amd Mrs, J, Arendit spent l'aisit weekend with Mrs. Arendt's paments, iMr. and  Mrs. L. B. Johnson.  .Mrs. WMItitake-r- of Faoninigboai Cove iSpent  the weekend in Sechelt. . .  iMss ChxisvWia!rd! is> dm Vaitcouvter 'for-a  few diayis.  Miiis. IB. II. Biro, chief medical record  Hbnatrian of Ooms Gate Hdspitail audi Sianison  of ithe medical, record deptairlbmeiiit 'Of St.  IMary's HospitaO! visited on Thursdlay wad.  iFriday amd wais very [impressed! with itihe  Hospital amd Ithe iPemUsiuiila. WMe Ihero -she  (was lenlterltaSnerl alt ditaner Iby Mr. and Mis.  iA. Wagemiatoesris. She wil be visditing the  (Hospital dviery Bnionitih. >   L ,  Mais. IHaizel! liislte of ^IDavis Bay thats-x^-  ttunnfed home l&jMn Vaincouver whena tshe  ���spent a pleasant week and tfamiy ireunlon  Witb her mother ted Saltiher, 'Mr. amd Mrs.  ���House, daiugtitexis iPiauIime aind Bermioe to-  igeSther with their husbands land-two igjiamd!-  daughters Heidi land Leysa.  ' Defeat: Bitter only if you swallow it.  J. R. NICHOLSON  ���   -Lieutenant-Governor  CANADA  R.E.L.  needless to say, such amalgamation is  seldom carried out without long and bitter arguments between the "Yeas" and  the "Nays."  This is how our democratic system  works and few of us would desire it any  other way for we are all entitled to our  opinions. Unfortunately, such affairs are  not always a question of a genuine clash  of viewpoint, for lurking behind the municipal scene there is invariably the local  schemer who has reasons of his own for  opposing progress. Usually, also, he has  the financial resources available to make  good-and-sure the community bends to  his will. We arc all familiar with the  "blank cheque" routine.  Sechelt is quickly reaching a situation  whereby two adjacent communities arc  ant the Regional Board expanded its offices within one year, it presently has a  full time staff of three and a fourth to be  employed almost immediately. The building inspector some time] ago indicated  help would be appreciated and there remains little doubt his office'will be next  for expansion.      ,   With an expensive water system in  the offing and a garbage i pick-up service  in the planning stages, it takes little imagination to visualize what cost of living  in the outside area will be within the  next few years. n  The time .was when it could be ar-  -taocest may [be paid in six annual instalments  laitfd'itlus me'tbod'of time payment will become ithe -right of ithe -taxpayers, not a privi-  JiegeLto- Ibe ������granted 'at Itihe mJadster-is discretion.  Finally, an option has been introduced.  Ha ithe case of dealths occurring before Au-  igust l; ittfcp; "taKpayers will ha-ve tho option  of paying -under* oithen mew or old estate  tax islcKedules,  (This igivcs italme for itho rewriting of Iwills.  It is also one of .the primary reaisons for  Itihe writing -of rthb -column.  Many men, more, probably, than now  realize it," should -wsviow their wills during  itho next 'few months.  Tho'-removal' of tax ih the passage of  e^tg'to.bolJweejni widows' and widower-* alters  whose  ,000 will)  ,.   .- ,, . ,,   , ,.,----7,^,-.- ���          ��*..��� ....��,��their old wilsi wiB isltand. Mamy  such a move would be a reasonable one.    shihc. Cpast is concerned.; is a thing: of . ^eluding4Wase with .three or imorie children,  Thl��     rol.wMnnr-,,     n��    Hnnht     ctAm��     fr��W,       ^C   past ihd   WWlC  WC^   Stl^ ^^  gional District waS neccsSairy and probably still is, it will prove {jin expensive  and/ofteti frustrating innovation.  There are, manyi'and varied aspccls  rcgardihg amalgamation arid wc have no  <Wjt<J3^'fffiAP{ ffi$P?My:\nmadsi: Mg, wm&ort mm,vmnM flwHto moderate  available.. We  would-point out, mat   ^tisimay toalvo$HOO,ooo wtattes. <iParU<ni-.  flther-p wa��;allsioi a itimo when -Willis, icould  .bo iatopfo; "it recall,, ibeing told of tane-nthc  -rancher' who��� Wt -the i iraincih to bo' divided  Ibeltwocn tiiLs1 -tfawo eons, the lflr��t son to draw  Itho Mho cutltlng it in WW, ttibo second! ison  to have-first *cholce ofthohialvcs. j  'Tb!cTO'day��^'amo gono. "[' '  . rmm' IBSfflAiTte. TAX :pilANQES aire Just  pairt of "a" IgcrieriM' :W'ei^^.M"iiihio'',iOanadilan  ^awaitlon-'isys'tem.'���i'1: ; '. '���'.,-  ^'[���iho'inc-^/insltaillmenjb (will.be of, 'mi lam  more im'partaiilt inatiuro inmdH will, alimosit  certainly, causo much twider concorn in itlio  naltlon. In,about June) of thifc year, OFiEnairco  Minister;��^om plans to tntroduoo a. drnUIt  Ibffl ouiltaw^ bo tlntro-  ductcdi Jn lUisi way iso tbat itheno wil! b�� time  !��or..��dtJzien^.to:dicb8ltio Jits. Impact ,���  ���iPr^balMy Mils will tavolvo m'��jon changes  in ��cnetaH d'ax^lion, includteg -somo rocom-  Ir^i^piiiliQtrk, nil m> iCarter. iRoporb. No -matter bow, clwalble itaxa'Uon ircform, imay Ibo,  it -cowrtolt be i ntroduccdi wlthoulti dtorwpllon  off.oJd'pAttornsinjind .tho dtoiift'foil! (wllVdo-  This reluctance no doubt stems from  failure three years or so ago to bring  about amalgamation with West Sechelt.  Certainly council is correct in stating that  any further roqucst, riiust come from the  outside district involved but it is extremely unlikely that such a request would bo  "rejected.';"''  Perhaps, as, previously suggested, an   blank cheques would 'have to be very  legisliaitioin.': But. ia : imimlber iwill find that  Hhoy isbouldl - ad^t | their) -wills; to ithio now  lo^sIa'-ti,oh. '"; :-'-i-,'-','".'���,"''' Z��� ..','.- ���.' " i  ;  ntliero iwas-iai'itilme whchi $100,000 iCstatos  iwcre.i*^|;'i(w>^ In tho  day iol tho $25,000 "CO-ttaigo, itha $5,000 hair and  investigation into the pros and cons to  gcthcr with feelings'of the outside areas  should be carried out by the Sechelt and  District Chamber of Commcrco for it has  members from each community within  its ranks.  Without delving into the sorry situation last time which has since involved  allegations regarding a certain blank  cheque, it is important'that the main  item on any agenda must be lots of in-  formatidn. No-one is in any position to  promise the earth to the predominant  question "what will wc get out of it?"  The simple answer would appear to be  that 'ultimately wc would all benefit but  this is not sufficient, the whys and where- ���  fores will have to be spelt Out.  One avenue worthy of investigation  might be the fact that should cither ofca  come within the village, taxes are presently in line if not lower than outside,  Certainly installation of sewers will result in an increase as will any other new  facilities. This, however would be small  AraMm MM"*^ AMMHA  'THBPENINSULA^feie6. ���  I'lityMicd WcdncsdayB atiScchcIt   .  on B.Cls Sunrihuic Coaat  .'���'''.���;. ty   .��� ���,' ;.'..;, ���;,   '  iS(ichclt PcnjnsiJa Timca Ltd.  Box 310-Sechelt, B.C.  Douglas G, Wheeler, Editor  S. It. Atxgtud, Publisher  Subscription Rates: (in advance)  1 Year, $5 - 2 Years, $9 - 3 Years, $13  U.S. ond Foreign, $5.50  Serving the <rrea from Port Mellon It* Egmemt  , (Howe Hpufitl to Jervh Inlet)  substantial to compensate cost of living  outside the village during the next few  years,. ���'' I'.' ' ;v  Fletcher's ffyttospphy  i mi., niii*ti"i r rim ���i.i H j ii M r   Liihi.r   ini-:-'ir --������ -- ft--     ���   ���)  -  ���-ttorryW. Fletcher  '''ownersiiip'''""'''"''^''', '���'.'���       '������;���������"���'.���  Tlio cowboy sat ��|umpcd'by'tho empty corral-  >yilh afnr-ttw/ay look In Ws eye;   .  The horse by his side was his only old pal,  For the rest of the gang said, "Goodbye."     , \  ���  ' ;        '��� '   l ,.  From nine in the morning'til sharp four ��� '  .   o'clock/ '  AU iho ranch hands had worked with a will;  Tl*ien they rattled right off (torn, the range and  the stock      ��� '  To the country club way down the-hill/  Appreciation  Editor, The Times,  Sir���I wish to publicly thank ithe Parents' Auxiliary to iRolber-ts Creek Elementary School for aits oecer-lt donaittan of $100  ito ithe -school.  This tcoritrtibution hats -been earmarked  tfon increaising our paiperback collection iaind  for ithe purchase of some supplementally  Science m'aiteri^ls.  tOn ibehaOf of students land isilaff, (thank  you.  M. B. MAOTAViISH,  iPirincilpal, iRoberibs lOreck Elomenbairy  Around Gibsons  Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Howard Boyce  and -sons, are the former's parents who  camo by train from the province of Quebec to spend a three week vacation! with  members of their Jamijly on tho West  Coast.  Mrs. Phyllis Hylton returned on Tucs-  dayj last week after a- cruise on the Empress of Canada visiting the Barbados.  Mr. and Mra. George Bo'scr of Park  Road went by jet to Hawaii where they  aro now enjoying a 2 week holiday.  Miss Belinda Qibb of tho Staff at Cedars  Inn will be married to Mr. Ronald Kirk-  man on Fcbmary 20th.  .Jennie Morgan, daughter of Rev. and  ,.:Mirs,   Dennis  Morgan observed  hor 3rd  . ���birthday on Tuesday of Inst week.  The Gibsons Prayer Breakfast Group  for Christian Fellowshipl affiliated with  International Christian Leadership will  host a very! Interesting Coloured Film,  narrated, on tlio Travels of Mr. Pat Hol-  lingworth, a member of tho Vancouver  Breakfast <3roup. ....:,..  On Saturday evening; March 1st In the  Anglican Church Hall Gibsons, a Buffet  Supper' will be available in tho evening,  beforo tho showing. Please come along.  ,Tills will be very interesting and Instructive,  , Tills group comprised of Business, Professional and Retired mem meets, for  Christian Fellowship on tlio 1st Tuesday  Jn tlio month at 6:00 p.m. for .supper at tho  Cedars Inh.  This Fellowship is Non-denominational,  J-Jon-poIlUcal, and Norr-Hcetarlnn; discus-  ��\ifm aro strictly of n Pmyor and Bible  nature with no In "Charge" and all scck-  "   -PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  1  ELIZABETH the SECOND, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom,  Canada and Her other Realms and Territories, Queen, Head of the  Componwealth, Defender of fhe Faith. ' ���  GREETING.  "DAN CAMPBELL"  Minister .of  Municipal Affairs  To all to whom these presents shall come��� , ' ��� , .  WHEREAS by section 766 of the "Munich  pal Act" it is provided!, inter alia, that in  addition to the functions conferred by that  Act, a regional district has such-functions  as are provided by Letters' Patent or supplementary Letters Patent and for this  purpose the Lieutenant-Governor in Council  may, on the recommendation of the Minis-*,  tcr, provide in the Letters Patent or supplementary Letters' Patent such further  objects, duties, limitations and conditions in respect to any or all functions  requested pursuant thereto: ,  AND WHEREAS the Regional Board of the Sunshine Coast Regional,,  District has requested;ihat a further function ibe granted ItKe regional district:'!'  AND WHEREAS the conditions and requirements of section 766 havo  bccn.dulycomplicd'With;' ��� ':>:���.���;"���''; .���'������ 'Z[ZZZy.Z,}   Z^\'Z:Z''.Z,Z;,. ������':������    ���..'',  NOW KNOW YE THAT Wc do ordor and prociaim that oh, from and  after the date hereof,, the followingbo added to the objects, powers, obligations, duties, limitations arid conditions of. the Sunshine -Coast Regional  District, ' ',''., ,"''. ''���'/." '' "'';��� ',''';.'";, '.'.'*. ',:" '.' ���'���'.'. ':-'    .   ]  r  'Hie union got them the thfrly-hour wceJc--��  , ,    maT((j :&ct\ms s^y ;by ��a Ok��adbn��; inside    ing. International News, also,  ls always  Rach Friday thoy'-rf <ffi; |n Mrlcc ;.    and ;Utsiao.,>arl[fflm'cnt.| ^vajtable. '  For a week-crrd of pleasure nnd golf down the       y.JZiy: ry',;:... Zy...rZ::..:'-::,,'  '-,��� "-������,,',, , t ���..���..",! n,,'n lt'--    r    ~~r-rrr-~^-rr^^~~:.    ���������������;  For u wcck-cffd! of plcusure and r^olf down the,  Intcrccptciji with ppker and dice,  Tin's cowboy {.till rfdc* all alonodnthc rang*,  And works "Ul ho** bloc In Uio hcc.  The reason. Uicy ld(t him behind Isn't strange���  1 |c'�� iho sucker who owns the darn pluccl  .��...,,. I,,  ���A*  mt>��mm&*mris*it!>>  A monstrouj* saw-tooth iolado fyasj been  devctoped iby ih<s -to'toh CofunsMai iForcsfc1  Service ifor tartd-cleartng opcr-aiUon-a. Th-o  blade wciglta 1^,430 'pounds*,' iff (20 feet long  and nearly sl-^-aref-ir-hAtll feet wldo. !*Pro-  diKC<t as an experiment, iho J>tg ibladc wlU  ibe imou-nt^d' in front d�� tat ipow��rlul Aractor;  and will toe used -early Hftbl year {^Mf} In  tlio C^aobrool; aroa��. '  (BOOK 1)  by Harry Roborts  4.95 (pltjsjca  Sechelt ������18115-9654  kdt  DIVISION VI���WATER SUPPLY ���& DISTRIBUTION  1. The Sunshino Coast Regiohai District is hereby empowered to  design, construct, reconstruct, acquire,- purchase, maintain, improve, and  operate] facilities for tlio purpose of* supplying and distributing water fot  that part of the regional, district contained within The Corporation of the  Village of Sechelt, Electoral Areas B, C, D, E and'F, not being wjithtn the  boundaries of an inliprovemcht district having water supply arid distribution  as an object, and for such purposes may-establish rates, taxes and charges,  sufficient to meet the costs of; tho.: regional district in providing: water  services in those parts,of the regional district receiving each'services.  2. Tho regional district majr- sell water in bulk, for redistribution to  any municipality," or to any improvement district having water supply and  distribution as an object and may fix rates therefor.  ...       ��� ���   . , .'���...;';  ;'"������.,;. ���       I  3. The, provisions of sections .568, 560 and 570. of-the "Municipal  Act" apply, mutatis mutandis^ to the'salo of water pursuant to tills Division,  4. The annual cost pursuant to this Division, including any annual  debt charges, which is not otherwise,provided for by rates, taxes and'  charges shall be apportioned among the member municipalities of Tlio  Corporation of the Village of Sechelt and Electoral Area B, C, D, E and F  on the basis of assessment as fixed for school purposes in the current year,  oxchiding property t|int is taxable for school purposes only by special Act.  5. Tho debt incurred by the regional district for the purpose of this  Division shall not exceed in tho aggregate $1,500,000,00.  am  53  mmp^vx^^ii^jita;  ���^  MtwItM  msmmmttittiim&m  IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, Wo have caused these Our Letters to bo  made Patent and the 0rcat Seal of Our said Province to be hereunto  ,, .alfixcd. ���   ,' ,       ,  1 ��� , i       .,������,��� ������ '; .   I       rl " i     ' ���  WITNESS, ailonel The Honourable John R. Nicholson, P.C., O.B.E.,  'Q.C.;XL.p., Ucutcitant-Govemor ot Our said Province of Britisit  Columbia, in Our City of Victoria,- in Our said Province, this twenty-  first day of Jiinuury, in the year of our Lord one thousand' nine hundred  and fiixty-mnc, and in the seventeenth yew of Oitr,Reign.  By Command   ,  ���^-^���������MrVdlffftw JWuVi-,-  "W. D. BLACK"  Provincial Secretary  \  \\  "hf?*t**rfA* ��*fe*F,'.,7-r,*if-����� frpi*r ������/���.f-.^f^^ ��'^r'/"t^r;'**,'-��'*"r'**"'*''",^'*^T."^T:*^ "*0'*--*'>-**['*','V-''**XK'-'!V!r*>-^"'^i^^ ��*;/**"..*���  " /*-,.*  (Z I I.    Jr-T  Zl  �� ���"iL-.'tW** j^- ���> -^ ���  ���*"*" ���"p*> *-^ri****K   s*i-iiw^-*^��,^.?i.*��i^^ VAiil'��i*,V*J,V "***���* *������* **  -��* *'-���- -V W*u!^W'^iVj��.��v1 -/*.  **���    ^     '*s'*,1*iA-'r'!*'L-\        ���** I-."-������*  "T"  *   ^r.��-*.,����, *VWMJ^��   \��. tf��.  .���*-  -*J��.t-r-. M.TJJ'-i  J4J*<>.V y�� (,rf    ,*,( , ul ���*,/   h.  ,-J,  ^1*..^ wvi^ Vf,  '-4-'-  -, V  }�����-�� *  v.;  :i  [ear it .attach  ^..."i,  The,Peninsula;Times , V-f Pa^e B-5  Werjriesrjdy; Ftebrubry 12>-1969 ��  ope. De  -THERE .may ;b�� a >ay ,1o prevent''iheaVt lia-tients 'Who'were still'lurid, when .the -treat  altacfes-in people .who are - just'on the ' mfeht began. *li is still-tbo'eariy.to tell how WBm .'"��������  brink'     '               .      ;.'   '     ��� :, '.'v-:> wgll the^our)thlu-rid;.paa*ntis;goi^g to'do %n^ T-fii-vimvH  ..The ipossibiUty arises from the1 irekulis in thelongierith. it .took 40 ohimttes for im- taii^JT,  lima resident;  |assesl al Sj.; Mary -s.  MRS. MARY'Josephine'Evans, an'oW time'  '������*- resident of Sechelt, .passed away hv'St.  Clary's Hospital,  Sechelt,- B.C.  February  3rd, 18(39..    ���       ,      - *    ���  '���;��� Mr^:' EvaiuTwith4 husband John Evans  first visited' Sechelt in J9I3 and had a' cottage during1the',summei:*'oh the waterfront  \yhich,they rented-frori "~   '  *  oWed mos| of Sechelt ���.  ���. .-_                                 < *                    -         ��� oimon eraser umvereii-y  ''"* Pot'several years they visited Sechelt ?��* t^?^Vu*a^-V^f^^^��h '&**' ' K*>*efciw^g' said . couhteSpulfi'ation get bitten by mosquitoes,  ���during 'thfe summer months, ahd had var-' ^ **��$���� to the BOyalCo|ege<0*! pfifc should be used only H jthe -patient has not nl^ 28 WorlcHn a trailer at .the uni-  "ious cottaees on the waterfw whir-h *h��v **cians a-nd-'Surgeons recently by Or. Jaqoh responded to drug 'treatment.             - 1^ar�� ^'.wtt*s13?-* trMKr a! -?1? ^  ��� ��IT Z, 7E \?. ���  twateMrwlt.wnicn 'they -R,0S,ens,Wei<> o�� .Montreal*<s Tewidh ,Getw*-a\       ,��      ^, ^   /\ .   ���-.--,         -       ' v��raty and insect bites are a -natural haz-  rehted*from Won Steamships Ltd. SosStal           lvlonir,*;afs Jew-��fi? ^enerju _>Hejsaid_theJteclinique-breaks.a.progres- ,a.rd--of-his-job    - - " --       ---       , - In the year .1928 they purchased a- loV in counterouls'ation 'the heart 'i&��& Ifci ^t ^le 0/udeterioration -leading to. death ,He is responsible for rearing injects for  ahd each year.camped on this lot which iMiBS^^^^SwiS^^ wd hrmgs the patient hack ,to the,,point he the   univ-etsity'^   Otology . eenoW   The  ttey^had purchased front the Hodges Sub- Z.,i2?bS2 \S\TZrt*JS: ^J^*^.^^^***-* i*adib���witi�� soko of ife��������  f&.y&frqatfr&irt'^^^  %W iiriiof slSck"  PROVlNCCfVL   government   is   goihg^ ko  retain it's two thirds undivided interest  Iri those 1;7C0 controversial -acres of Valuable     timberland    in    Texada.-   Texada  H-LUC-M-HU  which,they rented from Bert Whltakef who   <* * troatnient ithat ife b^ltig useri'.ifi Mont-   provehieiit-and one hbar ior-the^shock 'to  che'lt at'Mat time. -real; and Edimonton. >  . *  '      , Sj 'Z \ i\ ���   disappea-r.,  times  Simon  division West Sechelt. The children came  tirn's; heart >itmps bloody the couat^pi;   -^to,���^ffiiK   SSS te/S  ma'kltig the heart'sIwork easier.' -       - 4s        -w.^,**-*...^.-   -'t.   Z -j   ��*-<. ^     toe5,_Hies, flesect j  ��� rooms Jtepb-at 90  nursiery .'for t ���African! imosqui-  de&eir^locu^jCOclcl'O'iclies, para-  ��� Don Lockstead NevV Democratic Party  hopeful for Mackenzie Riding told The  News that -this information' had been received by letter from rRay Williston lands  and forest minister..   -' ,   "       ;  The deal, which, received extensive  coverage ih .The Times, was. first brought  to. light.by twprJTexada men, then brought  When the heart is at rest, the couhtierr   " P16^^"^^''^ Saidi "^jnces^ the    siticjwa'sps.'.aphids andjma-hy other insects.    before ^-f PubIi^by L^ck&tea^-  Scheit^m-eich"year and aU ���enioyed  ",ai"5 ulc"���ir���cas"*- ���    : *-r  ;.. Mr.'Evans .retired from the Vancouver    -pulsato? ���Dumis^-SnoV*^ natural caipacity for rotovery'ahd'allows ""^^��*^"jolnM~l^oiii Prkser" from -��� LLockstead said-as far.as he knows the  Post  Office  afld-immediately 'the family;' tb'thfe "heaM     "'     '"'"               ������� the necessary ��-time to make that -recovery." the-University of Liverpool last July, de- 218 acres set aside.for class ,'C parkland  built a home which they enjoyed for many        Dr. Rosensw'eig-said ma treatment miD* ~   ^he basic pwblem in coronary heart"di> scribes- ,Hini'Self as Jari insect curator.   He will remain that;wayrandcome under-the  .years. They, soon had-a number of good ��� sports ;the-circulation -of-the -severe Jieati ��ase-is'that the arteries cawying Wood to collected insects ,as. a- Iboy, tooka-.short control  of  Texada, park  authority.   This  friends  in  the little  community  of* West    attack victim while he recover^ t��rom ffil *iW��'-heart: fiiuscle 'hatrowahd block.' The course i-n,enitomolo(gy; and got.Tiiniseif a section    has.   three-quarters-of-a-mile    of  Sechelt.         ���    -        . *,. .  Z.\l     -   *sho-cbof-the^ttack        '       .*           ���' �� I Wcfchg ke^ps --vi1fcal.oxygeri'a.way fKkm ffie tebflratory job .-with insects, at Liverpool waterfront and an access1 route  through  ,   In 1959 they sold the home and property        It also improves the:circulatipn ofV'iffi ' muscle, ul'tiimately causes'the mufecle^'to    Urdvejjsity.,   . , .w    . ,      . .     -.      +u !"<-"1" "J -��-������  to Mr. and Mrs/John Northcote and moved    Wood imithe heairt muscle itself by ppeniil^ die' andthfe -^a** <* *ul. ���               ��� -^^ intervieiw. with Dean is liable ���io ln-  io West'Vancouver and buUt.a home on    up vessels which were previously elosed. "��� --tte-irissue-^at di��B-.4>a1.l^-nw--intfl^r. teiamption., "I would -like ,20 .of your coek-  the privately owned section.  bocjor of Optometry.  . 204 Vancouver Block   .  Vahcouvdr, B.C.  Will Be in Sechelt  For on- appoiritrnenf for'  t eye* exomliiafi6A phone  ^-M^tB^SS^i^Sai^^  ............ ^ r.       ��� The -tissue-that dies -is "called*- an 'infarct      .  ,-. ���   *���--       ...   .,   ���  ,    .. .   ,,_ ,,,  Taylor Place. They enjoyed this home ior    Br. Rosensweig said this fearture of imprd$    and the severity of the attack is diiectly *foa*eV *W *bicutty -member.     Let s  a little over two years When Mr.'Evans    ing. coronary; circulation might ultimately -related Ito the "size of the infarct.-      ;     , have a oatch of blow-ffly egj^,   says ainoth-  ��� died suddenly in January 1962. Mrs..Evans    mean' that'couhterpulsaition could repl$a  : * By.o'pening up drteries that were not in er."T5S IIS^S^L^K  sold her home and moved V. suite in    difficult surgery for,patierite^ith *��X 'u&UZre, 4in\t^pulsSion- &���� A inse?tf ^^SSSSVSS^it  .West Vancouver and later .moved" to Van-    coronary artery disease. , Itr woyld <all tej   -size of the wtfaW - '     - 'i J2^Z\J��L*fSSrSJS.^S*LS SS  couver to be close to her sister. However    P-*nd on how advanced (that 4isea.se ���was.-Jt     ���   Dr"RosensWeie ��kM rfl.'nrfm;.iu-KA��hA       I '     ^ " ATk* ^t* fnJ^a ^  the urge^to Return was too great andMe    ^J- M<^^  ^��e?^S.S^^ro^^tt g^TitW -S^ ^  once again came back fo Sechelt ,whc^    **^*^<**ri*Wto^ y-      y      -   ? ^A^y^^^'^^^lA^  ty^^l^*^^    SStS^ao^S^feS  ^^^^4^^^^^.^^ "tSogSflSh^r^^  and  Gross  W.  She was one of the pioneers -of-Holy    <* ^^^SSt^^tSSSS^   ^ a     -   -'* ��� - '-, - . -     ���* - * *��� been ^operation IS months un-  Family Church and worked very hard for    ^^^^^^^i^^^   J% l^e��P^*���^ts, counterpukaiion has der .the direqtian of Dr.,-Bryan P. 'Beirne.  control  But he i>ei-��-ijianv wa\ nrfina&A >& <4&j    -����*"r:"��** -"e* ��p '"J'. ��y 4��cr>-eui. , measures to increase agncuituran land for-  ,.^l^L?"JL^a"y���^?i..-f WSPM&W        I>r..ftosensweig*said the dogs were .treat- est production (EoV use*^by people, (w dis-  the parish and of course was organist for  all the year's she spent in Sechelt.  .-   ,-���;  _, She will be ^ sadly  missed by  all her  relatives and- friends. She leaves to mourn  her passing John V. Evans, Gait, Ontario,  counterpulsation oh referred patients?" H  onti  -m^c ,-r��n^tu^ in- --t-rt 1 '-ii    ��"x''        So *tatr�� ���Dr; Rosensweig, and his ojanMi.  SinVHS' Zl  ��� f nat��' ��aokvft Q!!t"    -Sw*' ha^ ��^ counterplilsaitio^ ��& Se  daughter.-Mrs. 5JWary Grass,- Sechelt, her   patients in hefi-rt attack ishock. /TO  daughter. Agnes ;Robinson, ^ AustraUa, It ^d not help ttwo elderly pailentli W  daughter. LaUne Evans Sechelt,, son. W. three other patients who had severe^prX  J. Mayne. Sechelt, brother.1 Winnie Shaw, t lams aside from itheir heart attacks. ������ ''.*  incouver. sister. Fifteei> ffranflpliiMroM       ���������    -n-rv.��o.rb�� <u ;-.,���.,. ��m^*�� i_*i j s.V*J.  ^ ��mi t^c liiilL    e? ^<me houir-lbllt .^ improvement took   tuict ifrom pests)^and to do 50 without add--  SSo?ol*nile   '^ace inWe **s^ -W minutes.       - /t (    ing to ppUulaon with juanriihfl chemicafe,  W^y^Y&Aim&MiS^^  DSD-YOU HE^OW L��<&��  -     -  4V10NEY THAli EVO^ i^F-OBIE? Y*  ;' we will pay -cash muAmw. ���aBEfc  Sell now while -prices are at their highest . .  '.-^Wm^Mtml^Jii-taH^^  Vancouver, sister. Fifteen grandchildren.  However, 'it was effective injthree of four  R, F. Kenhett �� . .  Z1M  v   ffl  s report sno  coldest winter on record  .WINTER' f6S-'69 has proved to be Ithe long-  .   . est artd coldest spell, ever necoiideTd ait  : Gibsons weather station;.  Most all records'  I of ithe 'elements were ibroken." Already we ,  I have reached ai -record winter show-lEaiM., .A.  *��� nevir mecord snowfall was "also recorded! for  7 this January surpaissing iHie previous. Janu-  ; ary snowfall in 1954.   There were only 4  I days in Jaduairy that the'tomperature-did,  t> not (go beloiy'the -freezing point,''and "only, 2 '  ^days   the temperait-ux^^flijo^^ajbo.Vftr^  j degrees.   A hard', cold, Ibitter-janU&rji/ asi  *   *ry^ Mt'C! r. J    it***,   lit* ��.    tCnll..,..^^. ~a *.J J^   ^ ^ * 11 .'  9  A  * Days with Rain      6       ' IS  * Days with Snow1 11"        4 *  Highest"  ���    'Temperature      45(4th) 50  * Lowest..  .Temiperaiture     ;  3        21!  *��� ,Mea^ /  Temperaiture   /   29"       35  '  *'Days-lwith iFrost,   271        18   -  ", Winter snowfall -thus- far ^ 81.8"  OX denotes; ^ne.vi-ous-'-'reeord itrbok-eb.       ,   .,  A Today, ithe' fir^ day of, Februairy', itrJe  sun shines/ia-nd* flie ithaw appearsi' to Iharye  l4i(19S9)  '/'    -''  5^1950)  3(0359)  "'-���,   ���'���'  ,\    A,  -I Yi  1 verified iby ithe SoUawing is-ummary."  J'^ii.'    Jiam.\   " 'dan,  7.53"  38.5"    9.5**  -38.5^(0^39)'   six we&cs before wie see" the last "of this  ���v J -winter's white. '      '     ���', '     ' -.-  R- F. BENNET, Weather Technician  Total R'ainfall'   2.52  * Total Snowfall  Total  Precipitation     6.371"  Ibegun.   TomcirrioW, however, will toil- .tiie  Triount"  says,  1989^ Nonmal u Extreme     tale when Mr. iGnoundhog has Mis isay.��� N-d  13.09V<1958).   ma'tlier iwhait he' says, it .could -take .at least  8.48"   13,09(1959)  **  >v>\    PftOVIHtC OF^ *'��  ,    <  6RITI5H COLUMBIA^'  1?  ;-,v'v  /w*i-  *^',v  spew ���  ' t'      ,< < A'  t -A -* -.^' rv��?  ����� ->  "{?'��  ���'���wiUiAii'  ���   ,    .i!,t��v "H.f'  '       '       ��� -l<<^!, AC"  ,V>  ri.pi.,'.>* Mi.1.1.! .1 tfil,..(.  ,.;.>,r,i, r,��� ,,1  .**��,* f>��V   -KJJ���  1,-!'-r^,h.-*  A balamced budget wl  Fhcifever Yoour Printing Breeds:  envelopes - lettterSseacSs * - ��� JnvoStca' ��: memos  place mats - menus - napkins - caBerie3@V&  postcards - business cards - posters - signs  bumper stickers - invllatioril - work orders  name'tags - statements - dodgers -etc.  I  S4chc!t, B.C.  rro  tit e�� lmcrea^4ii  mcreaseo  When a business ia run successfully and keeps growing, the shareholders can look forward to infcrcafeed  dividendsi The British Columbia Government oelievcs in this principle of ire<i cntetprlsis, atod it passes>n  the beneflia of British Columbia's dynamic growth in the form of increased scrVicciJ olr "dividends" to  British Columbia'*! people. ,, ;( ,  The 1^69/1970 British Columbia budget ��� the first billion-dollar budgcl in Brltislj Col9tnl?la'�� ',  history ��� provides a blueprint for tho province's future expansion and details how and where British '  Columbians wilt benefit in the new fiscal year..  Tho budget Shows' that everyone Jit British Columbia benefits from British C6Wmbia*a 17 -year^ of;  continuous government experience with its dynamic development, its long-rnngo planning aij4,'|^;  ns-yow-Io* debt-free management. ' .   ,��� '   1      i  If you woiild like to keep ttp-td-dato on tho plans and potentialities of this great province, wittQ  ibr your complimentary copy of the 1969 Budget Speech today. ,  THE GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  ,   Hon. W. A.C. Bennett, P.C., Premier and Minister of Finance  r"  I  ^*WBw#%i"*,'��tp*w'  Muil[this coupon for your freeMpy;  1  O. S. Bryson,  I Pepuiy MSfilsfe bf Finances,  j , Parliament Bjilldlnp,  { Victoria, British Columbia;  I rleqMsttidtifeac6pycftIielp69  I Prillsh GdlutnbU Budget Speech  \ (PleaseM<$lMtelf)>0tt)'ektlu'&   .  j more than one copy.)  Namo_  mlmmMmmdmtm��tm  m*m^tm*it  Addrc^L  yn^irihfciii  i.**^*!  W  ���#**.  Oi  \.  '\  ,p, tfl*nmiLf^ uKAi*.* J*.,t%.-*i /*-.j��".^*  1  a, ^t /'>.,-*'-, rti j*  '  ������- A ������*   *  ��i*A'  '.-.���i #1, ������>  ^ ^^^w,^^^^^^  ^^|"  * ��"H H^^hjTaf^u-*-.**^ ^ ' and serenely  beautiful image; .is -slowly   jwhere fighting is intensified. In fact, after   Lionel I MeCmig-J��,   J ay   w^J  '  emerging!   The old Van****tawJj  I more than twenty years of war, the Viet-    ^^fS^t^-JSfp*-- Han-    TAKE 12 fuOHgro^ months;- cleanse com  soda^pxmf^^Oo^t^v^   namese.will require help.for many years    aytte-^300, Ralph uotton-^^,    ��\  - '   *   ,    pdetely |rom every clinging spite and -  ���^SSSSA _?tto3_* queen  > ^^ committee -*  gladly    "S^WW^:     P^ off alt ^ of pettiness ^-11^ >  ���through -tie breakwater at Long Beach,    ^J to contribute their 'time to sewing   Kathy HaU-^l (285), Jean' R^mson^7. . , ^      ^    ^ ^ fo^  California, ,and -entered Je ^bourto��* Emitting for this project and patterns        Commercial Cauleen MeCfcaig-S50 (275. * > ^ ^ d^ ���    f        ,,     ^ ^ ^  itumufaous  salute fryji  m_hon penge   ^veal| the'Vietnataes-a; will be sent   317, 258). Lionel McCnaig-^m (m Bob       ^ ^       m<M    Hberality, .  *5owdi_g lithe .shore and ^f^^f   toSone onSquest.       '' '    '  - Maikawa-736 (280) Hazel Skytte-293, - Ai,   ^^ -* ^J Meditation, and one  W^sr^^+^ai^,^M,?JS       K^McGregor, RJt.1 Sechelt will - Ly-���-^ Sam MeKenzie-276 wen-respeeteo>rS<ylution:       ,,-        s./4  arround to mother. Ite Q^f^f   be "�� ^nave the names of any volun- .     Pender: Scotty Cameron-250, Red fcor>       ^ aneaspoontul .'<* good, spirits; -a  ^ine al4,-��5jmiles from Stnitogon <m   MffM wgj���^      885-2819 for fur-    inson-4584. J       ,   ���   ^ dash of-fun, ^sprinkling of play, and" a  *gs,.to�� 3!ast'cruise.. ^�����^ to*   Sr MrtiSf - '> M^ed 10-pin: J. Janiewick-^60 ,(192),-heaping .cupful d^t^mol Peurlove  '^j^^^^^l>^m}SSZ     <    Particulars.,,    , .      , D. MuHen-2tf(149),^ --       , -intotherwhole and m*x with vim:* ��V   'A  ���walked! d'Oiwn ithe gangway Ifor theiast-tame. ,. .>       . , '_+       BaU & Chain: Esther Berry-572 (252),' ,    Cook ��� thoroughly,' garn&h with*-a  few ���  ,    Put to ibe.marde into nctjh^'more, than       Cryoprecipitate u one ofsthe newest *     ^J^T^, (275), Carl Kohuch-579 ^smfllsand a?Xg c��ioV anKen sewe  >isfc;*���� Wta some^knacken,   Mood **���������� Jf^LSfffi ' S��fSiS-Ak? ./^vSlmiSe^  .   S-^^S^T^eSiS   ��SSSfi2M^ *"** *Srs: Lau^T Rodway^lcfUSS), Brett > ness.^   , .^   ' B^et^enjoor^bute^ ,  A&> ~er iww n^�� i�� finally -comjpllated, Queen ________  ffiSaxy will Ibe -towed to her final berth-where  -she w_l irejign supneme; ia jewel aanidsit -a?  ���pa_ora_flic setting , of arched ��� causenways  leading to her- decks _om a "ram-Wing -plasEa  bountifully adomnied *wMs tabbing fountains,  tovashi si&nibs ia_d lending palms. , ���- ' , -  -^PMrchiased! in 1S67 lor a price fi_gh_y on  the low side of $3Vfe Miffion, the queen is  having money poured1 into her cohtinuousjy  iso ithait she might dwell ih hen rightful place  inrithe limelight as a 'gild'ed, tourist aittr_c-  tion without equal! Workmen swarm over  rthe ship in duotvesi: chipping, painting, irip-  pLng, Iteairing, -riefurimshing and completely  revamping. The last'.two in the line (df  ���three tunnel _se tfuimels have ibeen teimpor-  ai_y iremoved bo that the enginies c��iia !be  gouged out,of ber belly to make -waySor  the _uM-*miil_on doDarr Mxiseum of -the Sea.  (when flie dockside 'crane lowered; _e funnels onto -She dock they simply eoli-apsedj Sp  heaps of red, aged'rust). A spacious mez-^  zanine is -b-eing _uil,t within the .vessel, to  allow touristsi to look down into the m_eum.  thai! wiS dominate -the area once -containing scores of engineers!, greasers, oilers^  iiiremen, and -wipers, ikeepkcg alive the pit-  satrng, ithrobbing ma-d���iery thait waig it-he  JifeJatood of -the proud ship.    <  % '   *  To ibe equipped with the most modern  ���audior-visuaA Jedvmques, designed "to 'bring  ta_ve ithe -romance of the sea, amd -the.-graind  .past of tMst"former ltEtury liner, ithe fflntit-,  , seum^-^peraited by -the non-profit Ca_oraia-  Museum Foundation���is expected'te attract  three'.-mill'oni -visSton* annually. "Ehey -will  also conduct -guidied tours of the fiataous'  queen. v  Expected to Ibe ready for tourists later  tHhis year, the tfitno old' ship that now sits  allpngside Pier E in Long Beach, !tor_ and  sitaineii by ithe whirlwind of activity bringing her (towards her second debut,  wiU  ���become as Southern Oaliforaia. landmark.  Fun seekers and nostalgic visitor's alike ame  expected ito pay homage -to the maignillicent  old ship. A tourist attraction and entertainment centre of ithe highest order, Queen  Many wil (become a meoeai for shore-bound  lovers of the sea.  Her -restaurants, shops,  ���amd exhibits will appeal ito 1ihe patrons of  autistic class amd beauty. ,  OEficens will no longer pace her -bridge.  Her Master wiU no longer guide her deflfly  ithrough heavy weather, hb watchful ��ye,  ever mindful of ithe safety of his passengers.  Only the tourist will walk her bridge now,  tCor in a sense she will! be just a butUdlng-^  , a trlchly unique ono perhaps, but a> ibuilding  nevertheless!.  1 Queen Mary is a vessel cmbnactid by  deep pomp and pageantry. And oven in her-  mew role as a permanent tourist ifraiclllty,  Irom behind every wall and out of every  nook and crairmy thtroughoiit her .great expanse of aiieyways and compa-rtmetiitis, tho  past richness of this fine old liner WiU ��h  way* l>e ifeltt���like somethling hovering just  over your ishouMer, unseen,      i. *. i  Queen Mary to Bimply another legentUn  /the a-pgosy of the sea and her Minvt ownons  realize this. 'When Cunardlinc reluetanUy  ���sold their queen, tho one concern wais the  fate to befaiU .the beloved liner. The' incw  owners haivo relieved that -anxiety in saying: Long Beach has 'promisedi to pr^iseryo  Iher dignity and itradition ito the ereaitcst ex-  -"; - -'''ifccnt^ipoasiblor'-'-''' ....,.,,,..-, ,-.,���,,  And wfiere better \th'cih\Wf^pbe!lfs  For;a'iwicie'variety1 of gifts  please;. ��� ���Jyst'-lferi /  !-r-^"v ( vl .'"��,- * -1  Say You Sq:w It In She Times'  Somo 55,000 aurticlcs of sickroom equipment arc loaned free of chairge ito albout  45,000 persons every yearr from Red Cross  Sickroom Loan Cupboards rUiroughout Canada1.  ^  SECHELT THEATRE  ��� PRESENTS -a  MH|��M|IMpNHnf^Nf  DOH'T HAISE THE  EMDGE, LOWER  THE BlVEf-5  vg^mesimm  STARRING  Jerry Lewis, Jacqueline Pcorco  Corroon and Sir��o!d  Technicolor  Starts 8 p.m.  Oat 10 p ~.  HUDAY, SATURDAY, MOH0AV#  HEXT WEEIC?  "THE OBU COlSPt^'  Hpl Eg Rcd ���DcUclou*'  !)  -  Ceo Grade ..  ���m ��-/���  ir. / 20 LB, cato  /   '  AUlIA AlZZZZyzl r-'  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES          _;   SECHELT  W��30t_���d_?  ft  A  r******,^!^!  "*���)     ^,-^H^*^*!^,  ,      +      #�������-  Ut***'v*t �� !*,��� tot** **U  ' (i f~At*b  -�� i*   .>yt*.W��U\    f      i,.��   .      t *,  \*^>%#j


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