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The Peninsula Times Feb 19, 1969

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 fa /*"■■■'%,       * ',„->«  I  'J. .      • ,   ,<.-   ,   ■",   -».
i s
■V-* (.f   *»1*>» fc-1
BiEttfttNU^-'iam * Building   _ttigf»fe^fttor
" -^-ed^JRierylbiuDnri in-te'yeaiwina;^^
eiKialb^i ia^cadELc^ aofelfihiatir-lfi^a ifhsOwW fewwne   „___._,   . _..__	
a^cosrdv-yearj©^ swisse. ;iTm^'[',^^^1^rmyt'ii^t trfith,   3to.< ffc&frxipft
foalstedf iorh-i1he_udniberTbf •enqtiiriea, ifiwaft cww- ' r pointed out Itflwufc hg-jfyais CoillawM.fiuiger§aiOTa „
ers,>-pr^speietive^WnerSi-^dca^contrA-dtoria---iby ithe 'Boand' ia_d' hais appEed ithe !br_M_la f
i—^^tsdia!^ Jcoaacta»id|}a{ijSl: V f '" .<-■","■••' - regttMalaplg >wtt_#iU!M(talin^    - & -    'V - '    §
- Foy-a'rt^l"-"of ^-penfrujtfe.issuect BS-dSjW* ** * *>Brefllk-&ow3l! olf ocim^truetion fwithain' -fibs
ife^j^io'^tfcaVlto $4f,*279 to An otf6!ria!_ w^Jju]- •- .Begiiftiyi Dtotirlct d-urjnig iBSS'it ais Ja_avvs:~
•d|wjejanigs.„v .—„-,   ,.    •    •    • p-eriniit '-3Pieann_fita ^ Jttote   '-receraed '
«©>Beylburji wtai -ecnnmenced! his Ktute-esst \g£3J jj^jj-   -*?WTT  -,      l   -WJSS«~B--
in &ptemlbe£*3$", nam into some oppasatilorri ,^Xr___sY e& "_ is.7 s_ fia «un- ko
*,   i
alt IfiSstr -to&t: jm^t .rapplbalble icomtnaotors * i__tio_5/
•miafde! -clearjlhe'fac-tithey ha_ mo ffltteatwnv Ito '     /n__i_a_ _
en^c^e^ the buldtag -code: iMatn>   jsieamSmia» S5
^   r" *
s -r»
., *!
•^tfiers^later adjmiibtecK'ith'e irestriarions were ' rr^jj^ *
|jiyf.'alSbi w*£m feis^excessave ais-w!a!s fitteit " <^_iff_.<erci_iL
iflea"i?#Vfr»i! the;Inspec;t!aa« repoflfa itfe^t alflterl Tr^us<iri_i,
•sixteen mOimehiis-^f operaifcn he finds itjba|t •■ piilim-*h-i!n,e
■aSb^t-Sff'^-'of-ithoae with whom, he d_,3in f^'H™*
•^^^^ive'.he^niio-s&jco-oper^^   '* -'   ' <
"ZSm .jr^^tttionss! iarajsinSg from taiMin^   TQHIA1S
        t» * i _,        • i ■■   ' 	
' 3*^)00
3^.00 r[
- .73.00', j
/ 68.00
324   $2,237,832  $4,'279.50
» r.e *      *        r
h*    •«•'??   *»-
1if 4.
I&tmZwhale lost *~; •
.- "
*  e
®11@: victim,': to - ¥andalism7i •.".•"
ST^-'attr;a^tio_"of -the Sunshine- Coast, pressed disgust at the,jvandalism .and one p -
'.iPerfiter" Barboyr's performing - whale.- resident told The Times,-"I have no doubt '
Hyak*, •has'g<mer and .despite, hopes he might' tbi-s act of vandalism.-was:concocted ?s the
rett«^\f<w'^foQd; chances are he will-not   result of a beer drinking, session: This area
iu?'<,_*i?<ad.iiti'       **     ' : **-"',,.       rlpnen'fl-B niwtit ihiirism smd -wft will'all^ suf-
-> > f
bej s-aenja^in'.
'Ciprured'.last February 22nd. 'Hyakwaa
later: "jjolned* Joy two more taken from a,
cat^ofisev-en, >spme of which were sold"
to lya^ipus' marine, lands." One; .a baby^is
sti^inrcapti-vilyj-at the Vancouver acqu&r--
iunj ;but has" npt-yet "been put on display.
; ya.npouve-c-;Public Acquarium ,has pour-'
edt njany^, thousands of dollar^ onto estafe-
Kshntent'of .th,e VThale ^enclosure at garden
Bay/and had indicated intentions of,-&irther
depeiids upon feurism- and ive will' all; suffer \ result of'this sttipidity."
• Police are still investigating and -it is -
understood charges will be laid if ■. those -
responsible are* apprehendec^"
St MaryfHospUal;
seeks accreditation
*****    ^
p-jr -»r—t^--p ^_
] '   rl     IT)
•      L.*
' K
Young patients in Stf.Mary's Hospital   MtfPnse move .
were thriUed last week wjien two yeiy
4 *-•
ii   * »,.
< I
i \
',>'* -•
deveibpien^ WsT however wTuldippear «_ 3MaY_^^aS Seehelt, ,wffl a^ ^lourful downs arrived to heiptoerri
rKSaS^r^^^^ ^£S2aS__^ft^ Almost. jmrecoj&Shte
■TneSayJn'ithe^ncouverdaiiy press .thit SS^^SSS^S%_?- ^der^e grease paint are - ge«
ti^^^?^A^rlr^T^ atteeSScScaSiSi3£ »i^-^u3^iy:,mTbs?Js
'cohs^cte^rni.^taniey' Park and that the (artjyaon.       <      '• ■ Grafe and Joyce Farewell. Enjoying r
Pender lOller, Whale would eventuaUy_-be - - A<»remta5!o_ Ts~deE8ed"« .g?v_g ia Eos^" ^Gre'imTIsual occurrence" are''Michael
moved;ito-ltb* new quarters.; ;. * t  , ^-^ .lec^gritioaii io_ jUs e!££orte ito aitibam aindl   PhMps and,Clayton-Cyr,
^P^dturesrinJast week's Times -are pro- maUntaiin Ihish isHandaird of ^service to pa:  *-Ul —L :—'.'' ' "
bablyat|ieilast taken of Hyak and were -   ■     — -    • • ...»
«qtuafly\"pubUshed the day-he was trefeased
by-.-j^artdals -who -cuj: a hole in. one,net,and ^ -weu nxamneq!• pensioomea. 4*oi anamK ^isypes   "_*#J__ -r>/» -j-.-.— jU irril
raised) another., Two- buckets were .found a-ndfecm-.lthebeist*possil_e e_vtro_me_bcso_-    y*v©J2 Zo OOyS in JuJI
nearby ^vhich b.ad, contained: fish* and it is dn—ve -to recovery.     , *   -   -'   .
a6^un^{,'the--fisli jyere-jused to, tempt' the ' - _f|f -giv«s ithe ipiiib_c*<at,sense o-tis^cwrily ifor -  ■ ">t/hol!B nnrdei Bi_*penrj™n, iGeorge-Pglletier /*o adhere ito De-pairtaerjlfiiof-Highways-orig--   TrusteeiNorm'Hough was <a
SjOOdj-pound Hyak through the hole. *   .-.,, prsoir/eiricaiie-of iQ»aiU,*a^ oliPjorpoJset_ia-yw^asi^6v,e_28day-s^ ina3; propoaal jfo-rtr^oi-^ito .' ' ,   - "*
'DEPARfBMESNT-of Highjvrays'-is -air^anently meat^-Mfc'ltiiusitees Lalbonter,' .Mafl.oolm' asicB'
Volume 6, No. 12    " tOc
Elphinstone students
make honour roll list
HUPHIINSTONE Secondary sifcuderibs achieving ithe Honour Roll for the second tern
of Ithe school year, aaie a® follows:
Division): I--^ndra1Hainsen 2.3.
Division —--Judy McKeim' 2.4;   Eilijpltt
■Truematn 2.3; iinda Price 2.2.       .    ',
DMsiaw milv-Doria-n; Gregory 2.9; Doran'a
Nelsom 2.7; Jlabefit Bermie 2.3; Mark iRug-
gles 2.3.      ',..•*-
Division VI •—-Fraoces Finlayson 2.1;
Joata -Gory 2.4; Steven Lee 2A.
Division- Xfc—Lygie Martinez 2.4; Daivid
Bulger 2.3; Claudia Headley 2.3; Sheahah
Be__e 2.1; Cathy DeKleer 2.1; Mark English 2.1.   '""*•  -  "        \       '     "   "  '      '
DJvisSon XVH—Kaithy Potter 2.9.
Division tH—<Na_cy LelWairne 2.0; Juan-
iltlai Wariay 2.0.- -.   •»   ,   _ I     -   "^
Divisioo _DC—■Eileen (Mackenzie 2.0.
Division,'VI — Blab 'Barnes' 2.0; -Greg
Hayes 2.0^
Division: XI—Mairy Muehlenkamp 2.0. •
Division XVJI—-Laurie Allan- 2.0.   ' "*
, Two new night classes
tor Gibsons and Sechelt
TWiO NEW might ^classes, will brijgiiri newt
.week in Sechelt 'and •Gifljs'ons.
■Mrs. iNloraih IM'acLeain will offer 8 weeks
tof oil paintSmg insitruation for -both advanced
aflad begiianing situdeats _lt Sechelll; Elemen'-
tairy School. Mns. Ma'ciLean, ai graduate of
Vancouver Art School, is ai -well knowra
pjuirttiea; and1 itefaicher on Ithe e^ast. Her claias>
iwill be ini i_e oM Mndengairtein) building be*
igimning a-t 7^30 p.m. on -Thursday, FeT>.
27jth. The fee •viilljoe $10.00.
IMr. Frarik Postievyaite wiU offeir 'a -course
in ibamd for adults1 begjaining on Wednesday
■night T"eb. 26 at 7:30 p.m. in the 'Aamex A
at Elpbimsitoine Secomdiary. Mr. Pios_e|waElte
is ai -w^l-quali_ed m__ciia„ amd .tea-cheE,
The fee iwj_ be $12.50 Ifor 10 weeks of imv
-resiponrj£_(^ iwas sr-e^^tur^ng
•CMAiHGED - Bind found guilty .,ioi£ -driving   ing to elarilfy tthe-sifcualtSo-,-* *r_u^ees'aigf,eed6' twdshed. ito adhere ito the-policy .mamual.
< -T-uD-Jml'tai -lim'^Pir, KiifiAtft-nrSiirtrt. rRlftorrart •Pfelleti-er .**(•■ fl<ther!i>! »(a n^-rMTtmerite-rf-lHrfiiwaw *l!nirSfce!6 -Ninrm'Haiieh was •aibsenstT-from'' Ithe
(.Charles   by "^abeen" ""people; <C^ek_j^ira*v%tf-  v^^^^toWtoi&antf
>     >
jW^en;, "fee ,-pool; wasr-officially opened' 'of the -community.
\l  last^ugu^t, 1st.'the1 three captive, whafes •' *»6n'ce""a.",!hio!spijtai "receives accmeffiitatti^
Zl , w-f^.e.at^'name_t.r»yJ-}I.P.<Pa_ St, Pierre. * "ia4snurv^v_'coiriducted -evieay thfiefeiyeairsi (to
'4  A^r/#ller-*rt^JShwkttm'Ceca,' escaped :6tte^«raartfa*eS^^ '; '*j__a_ llJec^-»'of.Sdb-_ iPar^'eakened'a)   ba^ltototi^^
•/ flSSfcSSS^^ *^___?^?5«_^^
•rq•?a^e;'^'K^',? "
y\\S    a: syspectedn fy
^    J     I^4kf.:hf4v^rer,rnas*-reraamea qune,„*conri-' ^h^v
'    '"■   '   -3-' --   --  "    '     -"*"   U-^-'«-*-**-«»«"»" '     «-«■«« B-.mi-rB^^-ar-.^^^-^^
jwecessand1-*"   —"---—j"
,      ,    tracer,'jGrariam E__;"    ,,     yf " »VP&nAfif  H___I0U'_"       ,  -
, t     'v 'u^erskooIcum^CeciL^ Hyak -seems-to - ZTiu,   Cf^l*'?f- /u>«f*.*f"UJ'    ' '   )    M passing,
"/-•■   .'^h^yeVcoinpletely    disappeared'   without'   ^ ^»22feS^
'    Wee. Th^^Cjap 'patrol ^boat, fishermen   ^ K S2 !!2_S2ffiBhf?2_ fSK"   ^ ^ltofll^
and!-private plane have aearcned a large   »JIWj^W»ao^^ ^oe pUto-awmtem was (tafcem do|w_ !by    .   _       .     „Ctt
are^SccSilly. f - _•»!?&***&«"*«■«««^^^a_nio_   o_e lof .Ithe group ^ he ,wa^ ^utoeqiiea^   - OeBc_ber> 1968. <
■a^tf^a.hp.lis.naturally   ^S_ffliS^l^,«»..,„*   **_*       ^               •         ''     ' -EDUCAT.ON.   ''J^r:    \„.A.'
2? SLSST'- ?Ju»;has J™™ «°*stte>   fihoaie QFfeh land iGaim« CJub wene guests toll!   M J*^ '®®& a» .cha'rged, lie twas fined %esuit of ,a receri1,. meeting: between
!!^._!ff^*a__™._s<^^Itr7™   Ithe Haddocks and wene out* in Iforce earijy   ^00 and <gwe_ one month ,-toi pay.         > schaol principals and ^e. Edncia-tWn Com-
.Geo-r-ge 'Guelph „ Biolberts Creek wais miititee wais la proposialE Iby ch!airirnialr*''of -the
fin-edl $300 and'ibis driving Oioenlee isuspandl- comimillteie,   Rev.   Barry -Jehks -Itha't the
ted to one imiotnlih foHoying tai oharfie of Board approve thnee -r^soluttonist: (A) tha|t
drilvjinig iw—iCe jimpiaired. ' minultos, of a-U! boaird meetings ibe iserit to
vAIso chairiged with impa5red driving in school principals alt itihe, same ilime, aa ta-us-
Itha eady houns olf Inst Friday moroing, Itita teasi;  (2) ithait aU cowresipoindcincei be ac-
MEMBERSHIP to the St. Mary's Hospital
Society has reached an'alarming low
and in:the near future the Hospital Auxiliary plan a membership campaign on behalf of the Society. -
• Membership chairman reports that it
is getting difficult to get sufficient' members "out *to form, a quoram at annual
meetings. Membership fee is a mere $2
and it is pointed out' a member has to be
the meeting,
elected annually
:'' general meeu-rig. and all interested
■'s annual, meeting is scheduled
April 2lst at 8 p.m. Location
announced later.
- anticipated.'that addition of the whale pen
>c\ a^;Hyak/would have resulted in a record
, ;1yeaiT'.jLaidt.isnminiier,'in Hhe -early (?.ta!gejs,
' (some "10,000 rtburists visited tho pool over
< ta forty day-period. Even during the winter
, t months .a Jtrickle of ,visitors have continued
,    to' call 1in*to\see.<the famous performer.1
> .'Many, jresldfints. of-the tatea* have, ex-
: rvxsiltors from Ithe iNorrtlh
Share QF_sh land £raim<e Club were igueste lolC
Ithe HJaddolcks and wene out' in (force early
Sunday" momng. "Prize 'catch,' 30.7 lbs.,
want to iMr. Al'OuUy. R_ph Maher lataded!
ta> 19.-8, Bill Southeriamd _ 16.4>, Meaw iGotrdlon
la 17Vi -pounder and!'Den. Hepbtinn iai (_5.75.
Aniothem -visiltar, tFjiank Paisco, lainded a moo
20 pounder,"
Church services . ; -
Lacdl gtoup-i commemorate
Boy Scout Week Feb. 16-23
(PROOLAMWEION by itihe .Pirovinco of Bnlli-
ish Columibiai hais decl'a'red the week'o'f
- ri   - i •.,« -«,i.j ,,»».vv. ,w»..,u«j uiviuuig, luiuui -»    \—/   —.-.-  ~—   — K~ ——   —   — xsu *wnu;ililiwiui i-iai*? -ut-xxu-ivu  uni-i \wu-uiv Ul
. All were -caught in the Indian Hsles amdl    McCleod of Davis Bay wais fined! $200 wilth   knolwledgicd by Ithe School Boa-nd Office;    rocrivnuarv ig-23 il9S9, ais 'Boy Sdoul! Week
Bargain Harbour area's,
a ono month suspension.
(3) iwhews icha-niges in policy affec-t indi:
vidulal peiwonnel, oxplainaitory letters bo
$erit persons alUccttcd <by 'Uie DlsiWct Superr
fiwbendent. -AM resolultioms -were approved by
(tho Bo-a-rd. y ' )
It avals also a'griCed ithait subject to Sc-
chelitl .Tea'dhersi AsisociaiUom approval, a public meeting cosspemsored1 by S.T.A. 'and -tho
School Boaintt be held on Mairchi .10th to cri-1
Ughten parcnllis on the problem O'f drugs.
.     Superiiniterideaiit R..,By;Mama BSUaltcd ho
- had /written the Drug ,AddicrU)0in ;Biritt«ch fan
mora, Iritornvalliion., -■,.-Irj*^.:-.Ji«^,'6tia1iodJ
in British Columbia!.
■Tho [Proclaimaltion'duly signed by Col.
dho Honourable J. R. Nicholson, P.C.,
O.B.E., Q.C., Ll.D., Lt. Govornor; tLcisilile
'Petemson, Aittorney Goncnail and "W. D,
Black, Provincial Secretary, was released
ito the Pj-icsis Gallery, Parliament iBuiWImlgs,
Vddloria, on -Febnuary liith.
To o6irnimomora!te this special iwcck in
honoup dt Lord Baden-iPoweU, church senv-
iees will Ibe held at 2 p.m. in ttho SochcU
Legj'on'HaU! andat 2 pjm. in itire*United
Church! Hall, /Gibsons.   Brownies,  Cubsi,,
,'Hhalt it wais the feeling ait /'lira (Ekluai.tikxn  • Cfuld^ ond Scouts together iwltlk;!lheir, lead--
mecitinig ithait'best;pmcodure .would Ibe-ito ,-
eihaw a 0m. and have '>ai' panel) ojf d-octors,;
' IRJ0M1P -oT-Ocicinsi 'iamd ,tsip,ci,ci!al; *couin!siel1ior iBud
". (Miaickenttlo iwHuo will by then .hiaiyo.attttonded,
,'itha is'pcciial "seminar on drAigs.; \ ]','.,'', ;'-
-  Uev. Jeiilksi.'iail,.<?oi Wished to kolil1 ipinoiUli-eri
, jmcdliteg on Mlnirdii.'awl Ito d^ou^^'taWVic-.
era ivviUailHicind-llhosc services to'-(which,'(tho*
public is cordiaffly invited.' •     • '-
SOchellt amd Wilson.Creek Cii(ba andl .WiK
ison Creek •Scouitisi.wiH |voM thcilr Fajthcr and
Son, BamquCili oh Thursday, February'-aoitih,.
Sci-ih^t otnd, Wilson Cr-eck iBrovvnles wi'll- SioMi,
Itheiri, IB^othon,, -aimj, Dalu^tcr   Banquo't -on
Highways tiepti plan *
« *
ding his own, will bo abolished.
') 'Secretary Mctxlcr replied that he docs
not have this authority nor ha« ho tried to
exercise It; silch rnntto'rs wcro entirely
the, responsibility of tho ■ Superintendent,
i To support his «taterhont! Bell rend tho
secretary's reply to his application, for
leave of absence J909r70 to tnke a Master
of Arts and Education degree. The reply
SCHOOL District,Librarian John Bell,wa»
ruled out of order when ho read a lengthy'
letter of resignation Instead of Wh anticipated Annual, Itcport, at lost Thursday's
meeting, of the,Bparfl. ,,       i    '/ '
;'' Mr." Bcii's letter which Is published «lsc-
:whcro   in  this   publication,' accused,' tho
Board of cutting education -costs'Iri o«)cr
to havo good relations ;wlU», Victoria. Ho ,
stated that School Boards are not- ihstru- ■*****:tha the Board could not Waran c<>
ments of the provincial- 'Government, but 'Mr. Bell, the position of, librarian upon his
are elected by tho ™lDUc'/to;'ii>iwvldo,'''rtr,  rt:U"ti:] ■'.:" '■'•' '■-,'"..'' "'.''.",    '    '..
educational needs of young people; *      - \Mctelc^wjn-icnJed 'that this was the
.       • .       y    ..    .,,.,., . letter he had been d reeled to send by the
In reply secretary treasurer Jim Mets*- no'irii-- . * ,
lcr pointed .out, that a Jicliool board Is In • ■*   :- '   ■    • '
.fuct.thc agent^ of tho Provlndol Gilvcrn-  "COMMUNICATION  DIFFICUUTIES
ment of EducMk**n/Ch»lrman'*^itl*»tS-Boa.rd''- - t'Tmstee 'Barry JcnKa' -staictl Uwt during
KhlHa' KJtso'n commcntc4 tb«t ,.i-he person-;;hlcIw months experience,as a, trustee he
ally feels  responsible  to'.the '-community , has , encountered   atrlouli   comimunlciilJon
\ Bobcat or a hybrid?   This   Iho Lnwfion,family's pelt rabbit from   and thick,: black tipped bobbed tail
dclermiriocl i.efM<iQ:rjBWi;\tltol^-tai^ spoked body, large paws • tolurlc la thd Vldnlty,
not Victoria..
Mr, Bell also accused,the' Board of fiiv-
Ing carlo blanche power to tlio.secretary
have* sole responsibility for
only how much money will bo
.      mentory  acho^l  ^brprlctJ „ btit
'.whotlicr profcsslanal itUfl'|?ow|Waa%,inclii*'
difficulties which he Is frying to overcome
but Mr, Bell's action could only further
hamper his endeavour,        ' '  .
Superintendent It, R. IJnnna, risked iho
Board to accept his npoIoRlcs; Mr. Boll
had been Invited to-tho mecUng to give his
Annual Rcporl. ',  t:
-It-Is iinderfttorKi <bat Mr. BcU'a rcsig-
naUon has been accepted*
Monday, Hebnuary 21th. Pender Harbour
Guide Company will be holding tots Sfiret
Motihep and Damghllicr BanqutiL ajb iMadcira
Park on Tuesday, February 25th.
Camp Olavc, iRoberils Creek, is m-airmcd
alfiter Lady Baidein-iPowell 'who send.-* ithis
imeisisage to com'memoraito Thinkinig I>ay on
Ficbruary 22nd:
I shall! have been away in AJJnicai when
yiou noad ithls, and hope to .return homo at
Ithe llimie of Thinldng I>ay (February 22)
which, ais you iprobalbly know, wil also be
imy tifflh birlthdayl
• llltl'hais como,mound to unc thalb some people consider ibait to be a rather spedal
, date! in anybody'is life, Ithoijigh to ibb quilto
icandid' I would, imyself, iiko ito itorigc1!; lUjail*
I halve tcamo to 'istti'ch mmj advainced 'aige.
Eweiry yoa'r I -aim mcipcaitcdly much itouclv
ed' by itho veni'talble -flood o'f Icimdly mcsSs-algcs
iwhich coime to imeoni TliinkLng 'Day, unwl!
miolw I ixaiyo, am licl'da. Ulliiail) ithis will in all
'pi-obability-fliaippcjft'algallhi; I diall Only just
hinlvo arriivcKi! tome, and theno will ibe an
Immense aim.owrt of anaiil Ito ealtch. up wilih.
So I, aim; igotnfg ito atslc-'whother; if you iwc-oo
.ettntemipliatimg -sending rm« in .mestsiaigo, you
would igiive imo a pnescnt Jmsitciad, a.nd isioimo«
thing itha|t I would taippiTectaito ialbows amy-
tWng else I,
You know, don't yon, Itlinlt ;ihe one wain
love irs my life mow h for Scoutiirtg: and
.Guiding, and my ono chief wish il4* fori i\!a
pi-ogre,w and tfurtUnsr develapmortt on tho
lines Md down by my hu.')band, whose birilliii-
day to the waiinc us mine.
Oiu- Movcimcnit is m 'good handsi—bigger
and bciMcir itham ever bdfiore, Ui:ain1cs> ito itho
wwk-lbnt to bdmg done by oa-clv and* toyory
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(•, «M"lt*«WI»^«l<(«»(»#,f* ^ 'ft'.   ���Hft.-j.f'      "t      (   ���**��<���    ���*3-*'.    "i      f    t-V-f'irPc   Y     v.       \��^    A, ^.-l      t ��* *���-j-J/*  . CwAor**>>*��l* W��'WW��^��*-(Bll>*\P*'*i�� ���.��*��� **  .** *W**iijr��s^lw��*-if ��*�� ���*���� W Wi*i  /  .^'V^'-V. ���*>-^. ^.w.^v.h,!   *>^"iw/ ��^"��.  .J fc..- ,J .  -V"  iri.ihii-ir-' ���-*�����:������-���'������'-A-'...*-^"-.. J-;        j iitI^iiii!An  ���toL.ii.iUu'.r;  ESTATE <Goritinij<3d)   BUILDING SUPPLIES,  BOATS ond ENGINES  ''-. ���;.i'-'.  Hii.'fiiii.i |i'ii,liii-n'iMiii��iiiwiii'ii��<n.^  FOR SALE (Continued)  .*'���'''       '    ���> .. .   V j   f   i ,  ���J****"*  waterfront home,'   GIBSONS    Building ^Supplies  Harbour'area;-1    'Ltd.   886-2642,   Gibsons* -B,C.  sunken Uvihg';ropm; Qua?^- ^dy^ixed concrete  ���Box' W04 dining -rpbmfrkitchen, ^'algp Serving, t��e area -for-20 years  - 't 'iiOffifa ��� gue^tr:eor|agqv 114*' waterfront,        VZ     '     '���,,  *  Hil il i if--'1 f if'-'-rr-:"iV ���'-fl fmll1i|iilIimjli'ill    -. ���"��� -  ' -*- - - * i ^ i..  9^2 H.p: JOHNSON fisherman   LEAVING .Canada-riWestin&-> BEST* selection, of Boqles.on the  outboard   motor;'  like/new. ,' -"house'������Jritf.V?*clectrft ifloor 'Sunshine.Coast,' 1%, pathless  $250. See arRonVSh6e,',Reparr-;i polisher;' chrbme.1'1 kitchen"set' WayWoufcney��� "To-'    Power-  Gibsons. .    ,     .            2082-13   (dining rPQ'm'-si?e), good-record, Ghost-   ^o\Khs> ^of ��� B.C.���The  Ipprpx- :t" ag^e.   All ' elecjtrac.  _���* 7* **3        -|-��^i*V       ^  Published .Wednesday by,  The Peninsula Times Ltd.,v  - -  at Sechelt/B.C.    "  ,75c  Member, Audit Bureau  x of, Circulations  September 30,1968  Gross Circulation 2250 :  - Paid Circutqtion 1942  - Classified, Advertising Rates:  3-Line Ad-Briefs" (12-words)1 "  One, Insertion'���t 1   Three  Insertions 1 $L50  Extra lines (4 words)  L_.15c '  (This rate does not apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs.) f  Box Numbers 10c extra  25c Book-keeping charge Is added  for Ad-Briefs not paid.by _  - publication date.  Legal or Reader advertising 35c  per count line.   ,-  Display   advertising   in' classified  Ad-Briefs columns,"$T.75 per irichl'  -���   - Subscription Rates-���  By mail} Peninsula area _$5.00 yr.  By mall, beyond>3Q rniles $5.50 yr.  By mail^ special citizens ���$3 yr.  By carrier ____ __" 50c month  COMING EVENTS  FOR,   Twilight   .Theatre   pro- .  gramme-phone'886:2827.,-V -   ���  r ',        , -     - 202L-7 '  CARD OF THANKS  THE Kindergarten teachers of  "Sechelt' Elementary ' School,  thank the unknown donor who  sent' them trie unexpected and  lovely gift of "flowers "on St.  Valentine's Day. ,'   2166:12  MR. AND MRS, Alfred Barnes  wish to express their sincere  -appreciation  for  the , kindness  "bestowed upon Mr. Barnes during   his   recent   stay   in   St.  Mary's   Hospital   by   Doctors  " Crosby and Ingles, Nurses "and  staff.  Also a' special word of  thanks to Mr. Ray Kruse who  kindly provided transportation.  .   ' "���    '   2170T12  MANV* thanks to "the nurses  -and staff of St. Mary's Hospital '.for the wonderful care  they gave .my husband. Special  thanks to doctors Hobson and  Crosby. Also many thanks for  the lovely cards, and flowers I  received from our many  friends. A, special thanks to  Rey. R. D.' Morgan of Gibsons.  ���Dorothy Robinson; His' sisters and brothers."        2156.-12  I-' WISH'to  acknowledge with.  gtatelu-l-'thariks.v'-.-'the'  many-  kindnesses given to me by Mr.  and Mrs." -Tom - Parish" "during'  the  snowy  weather���Sincerely,  Elizabeth H. Burrell.      2139-12  QBITMEX           GRIEVE���On Feb. 11, 1969,  iRoy Percival Grieve in his  71st year, of Secret Cove, B.C.  Survived by ope sister Mrs.  Maisy ' Smith and 1 nephew  Gerry Smith of Spattle; 2 cousins | George and Pearl and  several- in ithe Maritimes.  Funeral Service wa^ held on  Saturday, February 15th from  the Family Chapel of the Harvey Funeral Home, Gibsons,  ���B.C. Rev. M. Cameron officiating. Interment Ocean View  Cemetary. 2146-12  WRAY���On     February     12th,  1J969, Alice Mary Wray in her  78th year of Hopkins Landing,  B.C. Survived by sbc daughters,  VM^s..:'R^th.',;V!0gl^;.'MjrSi, ,E. T.  (Dorothy) Woodward;: Mrs.!, A.  :"(ttQlia) ;.'Greoi|, -?iU"'-pfi'; C^^jtwypclJ  B.C.* Mrs. Vf. (Marlon) Moliry  Langlcy;  Mrs,   G., (Va'l)  &al-  brallh', Kitlmat; Mrs. G. (Sue)  Hebert, Surrey. Two, sons, Capt.  Edward  Wray,   Langcl ale  and  George  Wray, [ Soames   Point.  ^3    grandchildren;    H    grcAt  ' grandchildreri. Funeral Service  was hold on Saturday Fobiruary  15th frem the  Madeira  Piark  1 Community Hall,  Rev,  Carton  Greene   officiating.   Interment  Forest View Cemetary. Harvey  Funeral  Home  Gibsons,  B.C-  directors, 2145-12  McNEIL���On Febmary 9tli,  1069t-John P. McNeiL ot Red-  roof Is Rbiad, Half moon Bay,  su-cylvcd by his ��� loving wlfo  .Jenn; ono, eon Alex, North,  Vancouver; two douchtors  Mrs, G. (Teresa) Styaync,  Ivanglpy, B.C., Miss Florenco  McNeil, Calgary. Brother, jand  sister In Scotland. Six grand-  el��ll<lre��. Remains forwarded to  Burmiby where prayers and  Requiem Mqsa were celebrated from St. Helen's Roman  CnChollc Church. Interment  Forest Lawn Cemetary. Harvey Funeral Home, Gibsons,  B.C. Directors. 214Q42  , BERSOMAI. (continued)  WRITERS' interested ;:in meet-"  'ihg^at"'informal-' gatherings.  Phone 886-7240;    s   , " ; 2091-1^  HjS^E- you 'visiteH^He" Times  Bookstore yet? The selection  will' surprise, you.  Phone _885-  9654-rDtop in Si browse.  * , '   '      ' "' '2159-tfn.  RUBBER ^stamps "of alludes-"  criptioris may t be" obtained  at The Times.'phpne.885.-0654.  Quick .service, on all brdersv  WORK WANTED  III    "|     it     .   ii.i���i���I.   ��� l__l���H    I      H   H_���_���  V/IL_ yoiir/trees be'safe this  ��� winter?.Let us make, certain.  ���Trees topped^ limbed, or,'felled.  Insured experience and guaranteed, work., Free" "safety  inspections     and"    estimates.  , phon<-5.885T2109. 9943-tfn  TILLICUM ^C^niriey - Service.  , - Eaves cleaned and-repaired.  Painting, gardening, ja'nitor.  Service, old, jqbs,"etc. All -work  guaranteed. RR1 Sechelt, Phone  885-2191 or, 8^-2034.        1871-tfn  > BUILDER seeks jobs, contract  hourly. 883-2280.   t   216^15  UT WANTED.  SALAL WANTED  i - ~ -  Top price paid. Good quality  required. Contact J. M.' Hayes^  ReedVMoss & Fern, Sechelt,  885-9313. 9532-tfn  SALAL PICKERS WANTED  Phone. Mrs.  Naida Wilson  885-9746 or write:  Box 390, Sechelt, B.C.  ,  CALLISON  EVERGREEN CO.  Salal Pickers Wanted  _uckleberry  .^___3_S13K :&*&*&? --aw..-/,:  _  Sechelt or - to view - contact' L:  2099r14  i���r1-   �� ���*������*��   iAjj**.^'- "v  Nestman^ Selma-Pirk.  booj-tjngs, Margaret, .MacKen-  zie ^(local rep),, Eaton's*" \yhere  FOR SALE'  VIEW'16ti"���r sate'intWest 'Sfr  chelt' Ph., 88|-9330'- or"885  9796 or write Bok'441, "Sechelt  MADEIRA PiARK���approx.' " 5  "acres" of Lakefront property  on "paved road'arid* waterline,  with secluded 3/bedroo7m b,^se-  ment home. Auto "Oil "and fireplace. Pbphe 856-8628, ^Mr.'R.  Lockhart, ,R.R.' 1, Aldergrove,  *"' ' '2095-tfn  HOUSE for sifle^welL built "5  room house^with lower^ suite  &' cottage on thd lane! 2 fireplaces; 'wall to wall rugs; 'A/oil  heat. Magnificent view. $16,000  n��L��� SMALL 2 bedropm hpuse,' all zie (local rep),, Eaton's \yhere FOR, 5  9y9JtEtt " elect,, plus'3"room cabin ,on To Go Travel, 86^2960. Gibsons. 4 , ,;  test '&���' -11 acre with view of Georgia      '  ' -    . - ,    .     9968-tfn    *?**,;  ,^    ...���-       -Geor;gL  Strait*; ~ on! Municipal' water.  F.P.'   $13,500;   ' d.p.'   $6,50J>;  , 9&83-tfn    balance $60 per month; "6%vint,  '$1,00 per year taxes. Contapt J,  Kelly R.R.I.,-Sechelt:-Tel.' 885  9979.   '   " ��� ���     ' -  2159-1!?  -*ij4 tJf  t v^lJSX   > ^-h-JSW^J^uV^V^W Vw-k * ^p-'  ; RENO - 8 days - $69:  ���,-EWARTMcMYNH'  REALTY1 & llslSORANCE 4 s  Notary Public Z :>    ,  Meniber ���      , ---,  VHnQOuv.er,Real E&tate' Beard  j j JVfutiple Listing'-.Service. 'Z  - ���    PHO^E J886-2248, \ : j. .s  Fairly .new ^-bedroom horne  S   suits���it's * Morgans  885-9330^ Sechelt, B.C.  ,* - *  8893-tffl  10 FT. x 52 FT. general mobille  home.  1966  model.   Ph.  886-  2602   or . see   Sunshine ��� Coast  Trailer Court,- Gibsons.  2081-13  USED Wringer:Washers:-Zenith, - A-lr v shape, - '��� $59'.95;  McClary Easy, $3.8,88; Westing-  house", $19.95; ' ~ Westinghouse  Cottage Range, 220v, $39.95;  International'Harvester Fridge,  $39.95.   Watch   for/our--"Big  ART, BDPKSrsMade' ,'Simple  ��� Serles-^Maps & '���M^p Making  ���Child*rens,., Books���Hunting���  Horses���Something for ��� everyone, available,, at- The, "Kmes  Bookstore, Spfehelt. Ph. 885-9654.  * ' '-    <  '2161-tfn  Side trip/S. Fun Money and  '"���    "Extras.'  Leaving March 8th and Easter, - MOTOROLA     mantle     radio,  *'- '"' *"" "      ' works    welt    $8.    Sylvania  mantle radio,  good  condition,  works-well. $15. Phone 885-9654.  2163-tfn  April 15,  Contact TAYLOR TOURS  \ , 'Z4$$% Earls Street,  ���'   Vancouver. 16 ' *-  ;, 434^4355,  2102-13  for quick sale,  on" terms "or    with large revenue "suite b^low   LIVESTOCK  cash. Phope 886-9661.     '2165-12 -on  70' ft  view "lot/ Gibsons      "     ,--��-.--  BLOCK; BROS.      .  Phone Mr.Xtood 681-9700 collect  br.73%5933  For fast service on all proper-  "ties and businesses ' l  WE TRADE HOMES   ^     2067-tfn  tfOPKITlIS'V ^^y" "serviced  semi-waterfront view lot' clQse  to excellent beaclu Ideal permanent homesite. Full pfiee  $4,500, -' -        ���  GRAIynniAMSr-5, year, old  bungalow on "fenced lot iWith  Dqubje ��� garage.   An   excellent - SEVEN month old, half Appa-  property. $10,000 down.     "    " <    'Ioosa,    "filly;  " halter-broke.  $li50Q full priceWs a well   **��&*. ^- ?h^e 8te^  ipaintained   2   bedroom. "* view  home. - A/oil  heat;   5Q'Jft.  lot.  2Q92-13  nicely planted. Come,-and dis:  cuss terms.     ' '  Twq bedroom Lindall home  0^1% acre level land close to  Gibsons. $12,500' "full pricet  Cash,    ,    . Z,  Two bedroom home on 4-*/z  -a,ere; Yi mile to school. Ijosul.  elec. heat, some terms on  $J5,8pQ. "%  -Modern 3 bedroom, home  ne^r -Roberts; Creek on-46 -acre  cleared   lot.   Handy   to   bus,  carport and separate matching     ���__         ,  ,    ^    ^ ������   workshop.  Large   living  room  flhe/cft7andi. shopping,- -��6,0,06 Condition." Low -"mUeage7 Also  CARS, ond TRUCKS,  1961 VOLKSWAGEN. Good condition, <' 7    tires,    'carefully  driven, 1 owner. 885-9506.  -' ,  ��    ' ' 2168-12  1954  NASH,   runs   well,   body  poor. '68 plates. $65. Contact  Pete. Smith,    Mission    Point,  Secheit. *     2103-12  1963 PONTIAC-Parjisienne Cus-  , "stbm, two door hardtop? V-8  ,auto., radio,' bucket seats. .A-l  2  FULL length whiter" coats,  near new'> size 14.' 1' Tan, ^1  black. ;885-2184V "  - "' " "2063-10  DELUXE -40"' electric -range  r$75. 500 gall tank $85. Bird  . 'cage, and ^stand $5. 120 Bass  Italian Accordian with case  $125. Wood & coal range exl  eond. $29.50. Phone 885-S550.   ,  2165-12  DE WALT 9 inch radial arm  saw,' as new. 885-9506.  .   I ���       -       -2167-12  JUDY 'LaMARSH���Memoir-s  of  a Bird In A -Guilded  Cage.-  Now  available  at" The  Times  Bookstore.' 885-9654, Sechelt.  - . 2157-tfn  Hoover  Bonus, .pays <'Saie," $ -   '��� ���  savings   for' y*(5u   at - Parker's ���-��� '���   Hardware-Ltd. photie 88&2171. LEGAL NOTiGES  Sechelt, B.C.   *   V ���   ,.2162^ ���������-���,    ^    ,  COOK" BQQKS" Galore���Something 'for-' everyone-**-;Betty  Crockers   Cooky ��� Book.r^ctt-jr  Homes! & Gardens Casserole  ��� Cook Book-^Oilt<Jopr Cook Book  ���Chinese    booking-tPi^s   and,  Cakes-Ta vourite    ways. ^ with  Chicken���Adventures ,-in...Food���  Barbecue^CooHdng. lM^py. [others  -at    The \ Times--' Bookstore;  Sechelt. 8853654.'-'    - ���������;216ft-tfn  lUSuMiSaM*  ;,    .Fo^in Np. 18     ,,.,  ,   , ,  (Section 82)   ���   (,  ,  y .-'LANTi ACT ,' Z"  Notice 'of"mtention- to? AWly-to  - ;' '.'\- Lea'se'Land -  ''-,  "- - i "'" -' ��� - -   ���    ,     - -    - ��  11 9988-tfn      i0 _apd Recording District, of  BUY   your   trash   incinerator . Vancouver; * B.C.* andL *. situate  from    Sechelt   Kinsmen    at   Trail Bay, just off the Sechelt  Indian,. Reserve-No. 2 at Sechelt, B.C.- ,"....    . -  i-p i  "��"ywrtwi "-.���"  $3e5Q. each: P,hpn�� ',885r9^42. ,  17-INCH Admiral Pdrtable T.V:  Good   condition/" $75.   Phone  885-9648. , * '      -     "��� 2142-12  ENTERPRISE Space Oil Hea-  1 iter, $25 or.bffer.'Pyrerte fire  extinguisher,'. $2.00. 3- fir doors  2' 8," x 6' 8" vrtth glass,* inclu,-  es frarne fe-hdwe. $7::50^ 2Y2' x  6Vi'-^-$2.50; 2' 4" X 6' 3"���$2.00.  4 windows 25" ~x 52''���$2.50  each. Buck saw $2.00; Cross  cut   $2.00.   2' .chrome "chairs,  37c. Bunch  plus 5c bonus  Salal 40c Bunch  plus 5c bonus  Contact plant before picking.  Located    at    Roberts    Creek,  across street from store.  Phone 886-2633  2051-tfn  PENDER HARBOUR-  EVERGREENS  r  m Madeira Park'  Sa|ol Pickers 'Wanted  Huckleberry  with floor to ceiling fireplace  Magnificent view. Perfect for  retirement FuU price $16,500.  Terms. _.    \\  ' GIBSONS���4% acres on highway, close to village,. Ample  water supply. Property slopes  gently from, highway, with view  over Strait. Full price $6,500*.  SECRET COVE AREA���Water-  front'2 acres with'over 350 feet  seafrontage. Spectacular" 180  degree view. Full price $15,600.  < MADEIRA PARK ��� Waterfronts 3. acres fully serviced  with 225 feet on placid, lagoon.  Gentle slope to leveL beach.  Full "price $li;500.  PENDER HARBOUR���Level,  cleared" ~ waterfront lot fully  serviced with 70 feet frontage  on sheltered bay. Easy access  off paved road. Full price  $5,750,  ���,_      Mi���- >  SAKINAW.  LAKE  down on $18,000 F.P.  i$l,50p  down, buys  residence  and revenue close' to work.  LOTS & ACREAGE," REVENUE HOMES & FARMS.   ���  E. McAAynn       ' 886r2500  Do Wbrtman -     886-2393  ���J, Wprn L ��� 886-2681  Box 238, Gibsons,- B.C.  2149;12  BLOCK BROS.'  Mr. -Good:  681-9700 ** 24~ hr.  service or 736-5933 ** office.  Let Us Sell Youn Property  _ Sunshine, Coast Selected  Properties  ACREAGE-PENDER '  '. HARBOUR AREA    ,  Lake "front   with ^ house   78  '    , 'acres   oveirldokin^*   lake   and  �� Wafe-r>^ road^^about', i.QOO.' ft��sjfinmt.  new, Mobilaire  ice   cooler for  eamper'or trailer. Ph. 885-9345.  2155-12  '66 VOLKSWAGEN. Very good  " "condition. Ideal second car.  Ph., 885-2121. 2143-14  MARINE-ACCESSORIES  Paint1���Fibreglass���Rope--'  Canvas���Boat Hardware  Compressed air service .for,,   v.50c; .tQilet tank,$5.00, Yellow G  E.'"Fridge, .8   ft.   $65.  fridge;   apt.   -size*  $25  ,. Take, notice that, J, S. Kennedy oft Vancouver, B,jC. occu-  -patiort ��� Engineer -intends to  apply for ,a . lease of- > the  follo\ving described-'land's:���'  Commencing"' atf a.r post-*plan-  ted? at Highvpter mark opposite  IsTW * corner lot," 5 df, Indian  Reserve Np.. 2', Sechelti * plan  B.C." "645 and TOanadV Lands  Plan 51378 thience West V4'niile;  thence���No-fth*3/16 mile more or  white leatherette, $3.sq each,- 2   C^ *W    *i^3T,���  ��� 1 ^ tr^rf v r, jZ^i.* ,,Atv.    lesS *�� H.W*;M.; thence return-  wicker Hong Kong chairs with    ,_���  alon^ Said'lRW;M    -  skindivers air tanks  Skindivers available for  salvage 'work.  WALT NYGREN SALES  LTD.  Phone 886-9303, Gibsons, B.C.  1306-tfn  pads $4:50' Wen; Clothes basket   ^J/sT ^0" toVe  Mi.- tnn<kt. ^miir *k (\(\ Vpilnw r;     generally &.n,, airecuon xo ine  pointy of commencement,- and  containing 20  acres,',more" or  Astral*  Bissel  sweeper * $4.00.-   Odd    garden  tools. Slade 885;2324, 885-2186.  ,   , 2144-12   !__ ���,   SMALL square Astral, refrigerator in good working order.  $10. Ph. 885-23-h 2147-12  less, for the purpose of-Construction a barge" loading  facility.  JOHN SEATON KENNEDY  Dated 29 January, 1969.  2071-Pub. Feb. 5, 12, 19 and ���.  Dispatch from the iarm . . .  37c bunch  plus 5c tlonits  Salal 40c bunch  < plus 5c bonus  Contact (Plant before.picking.  Located 1st house north, Pender  Harbour Hotel?  *   '  Phone 883-2265  2050-tfn  SPARE TIME INCOME  Refilling and collecting money  from NEW TYPE high-quality  coin-operated dispensers in  your area. No selling. Tjo qualify you must have car, references, $600 to $2,800 cash. Seven  to twelve hours weeldy can net  excellent monthly income.  More full timp. For personal  interview write CANAPENN  DISTRIBUTING LIMITED, 302  OUELLETTE AVE., WINDSOR, ONTARIO, Include phone  number.  ,   2171-12.  ..rfrontitYour choice of three'lots" J#��^JptfffiV  some for next year. The ones I have are the  bid felt "type made in Quebec, and r they  come with bilingual instructions. When the  bof syrup flows through one' of these it  takes out all the extraneous and leaves  the syrup ready for the cans, at close to  220�� F. The big item is what sugar, people  -call niter. I eall call it gunk and -glop, because I don't know know how to spell--niter.  ' I "am not good with the niter data, fit is  UP IN^my woods now and again I* turn on well with some such tool as a puttyknife, necessary to wash the filters after so-many  my battery radio so I "wotf^ lose com- and then I roust it with a wire brush. I try , gauons and then at the end of the season  plete touch with the rest of mankind, and all. kinds of patent and. highly praised ^ clean'them thoroughly and wrap.them  the other day i' just had the thing tuned household cleansers, inside and out, but I jn" g^ paper f0I< storage. I- use a deep pan  when a lady's- voice came over loud and get the best results with lost of hotfwater - 0f jy>f .water; and roll-up my sleeves. I get  clear ahd'said: , ' , and.plenty of scrubbing. The thing is.heavy    SVyeetly( maple-flavored to my elbows,-mak-  "Hello!   This  is  Eedie  Gormay here,    tin plate, and the first rule of making, good . fog -e extremely desirable, of course, but  wondering what you-are doing there!" maple produots is cleanliness, so I work at . t00 remote'to take1 advantage ,of the social  FOR RENT  HALL for reijt, Wilson Creek  Community Hall. Contact Mr.  I Glen P1"U?PS> q85.2I83r 1095Ttfn  SPACIOUS  1   bedroom   suite;  ���"ywlth frig and stove. Scchc-lt  centre, $95' month. 885-9366.  2072-tfn  REAL ESTATE  PERSONAL  ALCOHOLICS AnonymduB. P.O.  ���3X 294, Sechelt, Ii;C.  Phono  "*9$8878.'- '      ������ ��trn  FOR   TwIIIrM   Thoalro  gramme phone 880-2827.  pro-  2022-7  PORT Mellora Hospital Auxiliary Thrift, Shop raffle of a  girl's watch, was drawn Feb.  if>th by Mm. Bystcdt, winner  wn.i Mrs, Gladys Booth.  LL.41... 8172-12  THE SUNSHINES ON  DAVIS BAY: New Unique  design, 1,500 ft of spacious living; 3, bdrms; living room;  dining room and kitchen. Col.  Van. plumbing. Split level with  bnsemeht ami largo family  room over. Somo finishing. Will  Bell unfinished or will finish.  $27,500,     "'',.."  TILLICUM BAY: Acreage on  hydro water nystcm. $8,700.  Vlow lot on hydro and water  system. $2,000.  ROBERTS CREEK: Near  golf course; J.25 acres. $2,500.  SELMA PARK: Now q, L.  entry���largo L, room, twin kitchens & 2 firo places. Dl)ndy  family home,  $����,000.  SBpiIELT: Waterfront home.  2200: 3 bedroom with -fth In  baacment, Rec, room, P.P., A/  oil heat. $32,500.  H. Gregory 885-9392  Don. Hodden 885-9504  H. B. GORDON  & KENNETT LTD.  Phono 885-2013  Sechelt, B.C.  on this picturesque 6 mile lake  just 3 hours from Vancouver,  Lots average' 80 feet on lake by  170 feet. Excellent fishing'and  water sports. Full price $4,250  each. Terms.   .  Call "Frank Lewis  or  Morton  Mackay   at 886-9900.   Evenings  886-7088 *   "  FINLAY REALTY LTD,  GIBSONS,        '   BURQU1TLAM  2154-12-  PENDER HARBOUR: ' This  thrqe' room home has wonderful view of Harbour. Close t��  * shopping etc. and bus HnQ,  Workshop and storage shed.  Completely furnished for a full  price of only $8950. Call DON  TAIT 883-2284.  HOTEL LAKE: 200' best  waterfront, sunny side. % acres  ready fo build into Sun Fun.  Full   price   $4600,   Call.  DON  TJ^,88fc2^.\'''.      .      ;'..������.;,',  ROBERTS CREEK: 2.30  acres on strategic corner 350'  on main highway, 300' on side  road/ creek crosses property.  Wonderful potential. 'Full'price  $4000.   �� ";���"    '  GIBSONS: Delightful 2 bod-  room bungalow, ideal for. ���retirement. Stucco outside, fully  furnished, and. insulnted, Move-  right In for only $10,500.  Shack on 50' x 200' lot; conveniently 'located, will soon bo  Garden Bay Lake, about 127  acres with' I80p" ft. '.overlooking  lake bora, the" bluff. Stream on  property. $19,900. "Terms.  - SECHELT INLET-about 180  ft. waterfront with home' and  cabin, A very desirable property. 28 acres $25,000. Term's.'��� ���  Homes  Bight across to the beach, an  older  type  home   modenp-qd  with all conveniences for permanent, living   op  nice  sized  ybuf-' it's _yoie^ Gormef;' she's somebody I  never heard of' and I djdn't jot it down] at  the time. But I felt if Miss Gormay is so  ^solicitous about my activities' the least I  could do was bring her a detailed answer,  and feel pleased that she cares.  What I was doing at (the time, Miss Gor-  ��� may, was washing-out felt filters after the  maple syrup season was concluded and it  i& a nasty 'job. Nasty and sticky, but the  things have to be .thouroughly cleansed and  wrappq4 in,soft paper for; storage until next  year. Indeed, after the maple buds have  swelled and tho sap is no longer useful  everything has to be cleaned, and it takps  gel  tory,-30 years ago, but it looks pretty good  after- a couple of days of shining,  , .Another thlng'that needs cleaning, is the  general area. I, remember as a boy that  Mother .could always te)l when somebody  smell, Miss Gormay.  So-that!s what-I was doing here, and I  was pleasantly surprised 'that you were interested. I stuck with- it, and- got all the  filters clean and neat, dried', and wrapped  in clean tissue paper and tucked up ��� over  took some honey off-the beehives, because the-back shelf in-the sugarhouse. Now that  ov,ou *\*a +i,��� ok^ Ar.^ ��.fi���i,���' *m,i^ i��� '*u~    y(JU jcnow> j am wondering what you plan  to "do about it. Farewell,'   ,  she'd find the shed door, sticky. This is 'the  way it isfat a sugarhouse. After a, few days  everything gel's tacky. We sweep up two  an-"! thr/ee times ^a day, and wash and clean  - as we go; but the real laundering comes at  the, end of the season. W�� wear rubber  woods bpols, iojr instance, because there'is  still snow and where there isn't mud is  area. Terms, asking .$28,000,  will trade for Vancouver property.   ���  AT SELMA PARK���Lovely  view property, good sized home  with F.C. basement, auto oil  and H.W., 2 bdrms.-, sun deck  overlooking the Bay, blacktop  D,W.. Plus two rentals, one  bedroom cabins on. same property $27,500, only $5,000, down.  ��� ON ' HIGIIWAY-'Nr. ��� Gibsons,  about .115, acres all services.  Ideal for drive-in or other commercial property, $6,000.  iofy- HlGHWAY--JWnption of  highway ' Frances Peninsula  Road at Madeira Park.' The  pick; of all comTncrc;lal property, lnclu4es all services, ideal  for Motel, Service Station of  Drive���Iff 450, ft x '29JL ft.  n��PWX, ; Corner pr op e r t y  $��1,000, both.roads blackto-m^d.  commercial' property.   , ���. ,  ��� ���-    Money Winking  rnotel, located  In   vlUlngo,   Closest, offer   to,   in ideal position, nusb^iirjl and  ($2000. :���;";���.���.. ':'      ' ;"'      ;'���!"'', ���'.'���   "       '    " " '" " ~"  Immaculate 2 bedroom homo  on well landscaped lot. Fuji  baspment, garage, good vlow;  $13,514: Full Price.  Tills new 4 bedroom, homo,  somo finishing required. Large  living room and dining room.  Full cabinet ,kitchen. -'Double  basin vanity bath. Full, concrete,  basement with Rec, ropm,  bathroom, storage room and.  Kara go entrance. Hqt water  heat, A second houso with 4  rooms and utility that could  easily bo rented. This Is all on  12 acres of potential view property, Ideal for S/D and can  be yours for only $0500. down.  property.   Gower   Point   Road    quite some doing and is best done right    coming up, and after ithey get a little sugar  British Columbia is the only province in  Canada producing red cedar- shjnglest, and  shake���.->. The cedar species is found-in commercial quantity only along the west coast  of B.C.        - -  wlfo operatc<|; year ^urid proposition,- -substantial cash down  payment or trade your Vancouver or, other property. Further information "< ty appoint-  mentonly. Picaso. phono Mr.  Good.  BLOCK BROS,  Mt.rQood:   681-9700 ���*  24  hr,  service or 736-5033 **, office  Let. Ur�� Sell X^r Property  2152-12  away. All the buckets, each with its little  spile stuck in thp'hole in ithe, tree, must be  brought 'to the sugarhouse, washed and  stored and left all ready to go next year. A  lot,'of peopplo, every spring, ask me how  many trees I have tapped.  I don't know how (many, and this is not  the right way to ask the question. What they  ought to ask Is, "How many buckets do you  have hung?" Some young trees just breaking'.Into tliqlr professional careers get only  brie- pail, but down oyer the knoll on the east  side of out* operation I've got a dozen or so  big old veteran^ of the colonial wars that  got aa many'as sjx or seven palls apiece.  They look like a, display in a hardware  iitbrc. They play, a turio, too, It's like the  man in tho old vaudeville days who filled  tumblers -\ylth, different amounts of water  and': "played, on tlu>m. Different tap holes  flow at different speeds, so you can stand  bf>ck from one of these big troets and hear  the- tink-tapk-tunlt; of tlio drops and it  makes musk most delightful to the rustic  eai'Z ���'.  Some days tho biggest tree, the ono  right by the brook, will become ovcrwhel-  ificd by thp salubrity '"of a lovely' veriial  morn, and It will strike up Mendelssohn's  f'1  "Spring Song'' so I can hear it all through  ���}' >  tlio grove. There are a lot of people, Miss  A  Qprmay, and some accounted well Informed  If'  ���about music, who do not know that a gnarled old sugar maple can outdo.po Boston  Symphony If you just hang enilgh, pails on  It. It Is what I call sweet music.  Cleaning the evaporator to.quite a Job,  It gets a lot of soot,and smoke from tho  vicious hot fires we've had under It for  a month, and It's a good idea to get oM as  much of tills as you can, It flakes oft fairly  sticky you havo no idea 'how many pine  needles they track in, I've got'as many as  a'bushel of pine needles from one sweep,  and an hour later I can get another. Hot  water is the best thing. I get it cold from  the spring and heat it on the stove. I have  a six-bucket stove,  But the filters are the meanest part of  the clenn-up, and that's what I was doing  when you asked, I haven't tried the now  synthetic  filters,  but  probably  shall get  . ANGLICAN CHURCH i .  SAINT HILDA'S���SECHELT  8:00 Q,m. Every Sunday  9:30 a.m. Church School  11:00 a.m. 2pd, 4tri, 5th Sundays  7:30 p.m. 1st arid 3rd Sundpys  Services hold regularly In  GARDEN BAY, REDROOFFS and EGM0N1  For Information phoho 885-9793  Every Wed. 10 am H. Communion St. Hilda's  ��  Is  If*:  v  K'' "*���  ��"  lA  if  i-M>K-ic-.t>^> ��� .^w-'ifw -liWl/j,^ ,���> �����., -.- ���,*io.\ivfS /*��n-'/i-  V1*  .1  I  ' *  ���. ���  &���  WANTED  K. BUTLER REALTY  & INSURANCE  ���    ..-Gibsons, B.C.   -  Phono ��86-2000  MEMBER  .MULTIPLE LISTING  SERVICE  K. Butler  Ron McSavancy  Ed Butler  Don.Talt  WH*L   puroha-so,   patches   of  ptondlng tlmbor, Phone sao-  24|SP> ; WPitp  FOR   Twilight   Theatre   pro-  ; gramme phono 880-2827.  2023-7  BBTWL BAPTIST CHUkCH  Mermaid Street & Trail Ave., Sechelt, D.C.  Sunday School 10 a.m.  1"        Church Service 11:15 a.m.  Deacon Jack Morgan Phone 885-9668  l Deacon Gooroo Bern Phono 885-9665  ! Pqstor Roy Acloma  It -.  '  ���" ,*���  .    SECHELT", ^��EN^IES, iDAITE [PAED. '  ��� This frqe reminder of cording events Is a service of SECHELT AGENCIES  LTD, Phono Peninsula Tlfrtos direct, for free llstjnrjs, spoclfylnfl "DatO  Pad", Picaso note thot space Is llrnltcd and somo iodvanco dates may  havo to wqlt their turn; p'lia that this Is a "reminder" llstina only and.  cannot always carry ful| do-alls, : , '  wi��fiM,ipitpMkifjm  Fob. 20���1:30 p.m. Sochelt Loolon Hall. Branch 69 Senior Sltlzcns'  Assn. Election of Officers....  Feb. 20���-6:30 p,m, Wilson Crook Ha|l, Father and Sun Scout and Cub  Panquet,  Fob. 22���8 a.m.-8 p.m, Hospital Expansion Plebiscite. Don't foraot to  VOTE. ���  Feb. 23���2 p,m, Loalon Hall, Sechqlt, Special Sorvlco for Brownies,  Cubs, Ggldos and Scouts. Everyone- welcomol  Fob. 23���2 p.m. Gibsons United Church. Special Service for Brownies,  Cubs, Guides and Scouts. Everyofro welcome.  Feb. 24^-8 p.m. St. Bartholomew's Hqll, Gibsons, Hosplta) Aux, Brldrja  Tournament.  Feb, 2-4���6:30 p,m, Secholt Lcg|on Holl. Brownlo Mother and Daughter  Banquet, ; ,        '  Feb, 25���6:30 p,m, Madeira Park Carpipunlty Hall, Mother ond Daughter Guide Banquet.  ASK FOR FftSp CAfAfj^jaill OF PROPERTY  Multiple Lilting Service  Vancouver Real Estata  Boord  .    RIAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  T_*f*^r,]  2151-tfn  880-2000  680-0650  88fl-2000  ���2148-13  I^EWABP offered for Inform a-  %ri leading to tlio rocovery  of -ft ,13*' 6" flljcrglflss boat,  stolen from Tlll^ciim Buy  Maririii ori Friday; Feb, 7lh.  Anyone harboring tlio " um'c  will l��t proscculcd'. Phono 321-  Die-3.      ���   '      ��� '   ��� 2t4M2  SUNSHtm COAST  Gmm tHukcH  (Undenominational)  Suntiay School 10:00 a.m.  Church S��rvlco 11:15 a.m.  "   EvenlHig Sorvlco 7��30 p.m.  , PASTQB REV. '$. CASSELLS  Dovlj Bay lUwtwl ond Artnitws  t|Zv^|��5.|��,MP fl����H HJjjtiwiOf),,  L^^  i . j**?*,^**. *->���*��� ***��y ���*'-",��*'*'*3-'*--*'  -1     * l "���      **fr   *     jA T   ,    *-, *���    -.��> *      ,   j  v-w^ir,^  V*-**-**    *>>-^-l-*-��H'  . ^^  *<-u+��-j^rf    ���"���j-^Vit-JJ-f-.  i-^^+ty^'  I ^. ���- *    p-<.   t-*������-���   <���> /  .^.v^t-X^tdij -  V     f  r  "�� r  i  \    y w -T-V-*  T  *M-j=s_  *v  * *  ������  f  how pMokitp? v*  ��  -brar-jr ss. sis  t  1  better fnam i, .te aicheiris   in Atoe smallor.  icols.  i\v-ai1cj.r^g  d'istamice  of   the  -dMrict library  \  *��� -  \>  *\V  ��*  w"*-*  "���,1*. J1"1 't  ^1 J  ANNUAL r,-eipopt} c�� School B^.l-riC(t; Libwt*.    or  lata Jphq, Bell)\vhqjrel^gpe4 ft la&Uveek's   5c>h,c.o���. Teachus in 'Ulb two ischiocls- within  meeting of .Doe Board, isitates it-Bait 'tih^ Dxslt-  ricit : L-jbriairy  which, seinvcs" -eleirrienit-airiy  .^c'hoojs is -fj^r below "stonda'irds set iby^'de-  painlime^li* olT education."T      -       ,  Axfeai'turcinal-* 15,6-78 ypQiumeist1 aare rie.quire-4  ���l�� ibring numlban otbootesuup 'to tihift T^quireii  28,210 for i,51_ ���e'lej-rt-enifcary -stud-enita,  Mr. Bie_ &tia!tes-"rt���k,t -hits is suippoir-te- by  school prM-jpals air4 teiaichens in Jep&alt-ing  his 1SB7, rcecomimehdatiion Bhat ..a capital  gra'rtlf of-'$5B,290'bfr ial'1oi&aUed over a toee  year pctuDd ito Ihring- t5ue library .up to r-e-  quired' lEitamdar-d.0, He be_eves thait" if this  yaa-rfs reqiil-red' $18,095 camnoit be inicludaii  iin the. iSSft budget then- .tiaocpay-euns istyc,_i  be ���aiskedini l'.ihi&'next referendiutt'ito aipprpive  spending -lMe itcitai'.amount idf $55,290 to bring  elemmtairy scbool.libraries' up to >stawdlairid  Jn lihe'distrdict.   *  The Peninsula Times 'Phge ^-3  Wedngsdoy, February 19, 1969  -ft        �� T  scrcldl is Wait iboo- few books are available.  Baoks -aiTB mot being addled to the ischool  -bJ'ar^ -ifo 5l��pidi5init",qu*3!ritLty ito mee^t eiithej;  puip_3*- msiadie-g in^etis or sthe* r.eqttirem'$iits.  of ���neny;comUie5 of Atudy.  BMtfemnk  Bpan%Rg'I_^\ is the fluid left over after.  the imaJmfachirVof butter,. It! may also  mi^kfr loss nse of <bhe materials than ^tetob- be fmade with' a culture added io skirn'milk.'  ot- in %e;d��iliainit hotels. ' jj^ skiin milkt it has toe'swme food value  M*.- BeH',9 ifiigarieis sihciw that bornoiwirftg ag whole"anilk except tha't" it' contains, very  and use tff books is high a.nd a ccimmiO��� little fat," Thus, at proyjdes.less energy, o,r  cc-JiplaC-rj; elf pupils arid'.teachers in each palorios, -aptd no Vita-min 'A,*  Aid the, Beds  Paying a visit to' St.'Mary's Hospital^  last 'week, -Sechelt -schorjlJb6ys- -suddenly became silent as they gazed: in  awe at the tiny,babies,n&tlong" &Tr  rived" in-this world. Busy sfcajf took  time  Jt' V,  r��     '     I  ??*   ~?t  time-toarisWerendlgss quesstions'^ndV, mcorporated in  \    * > f I      *��    A" "  *  \ * Li '*  *.��� r    *  ,  .:. ���" *. s r- -.-j -*.' 1.: -  youngsters, came, .away most unpress-  ed!. with.'-all the: functions. which.-ate  in a-hospitals \   l  . .  AN^SVpiJt ,to\Cainl'idjai,s,i,nivolveiment ip, Viet-  'v  main} can "be desscriibedl in 1)yw> words;  "Get oxft,'-- ana^iltains.Claire Culhane, ^peak*-  ,    . .   .1      -,       - -. ..  -m  ��� -.   iJig.undeiritheaus'pic/e.sof Ithe Voic'eof. iWonV  % in jibe ^duool idjsbrict's m of expendi-    en;,a^(i &irimer.adm3lnil=itiiaa,tor for tfche idana>  'tures;', tsitaites 'Mr/BeM.-$14',3���'or .77 per    ^i^ -aigdicai Tealm'. ' 0c&. CulMainei, who  "Books occupy fa;r too imiporrtainit apiece  in -cur schloiolsl ito b^ given, isucli tow "p;r!iiqirj.  irKr- *i  ���A  v��  �����-/"*'->,s-.��\ ���:,  mil.->/. /".  cent of tlie" itifcital 'd-lfcrJct^budget -was pxia-  vided'in 19S8 foir ithe central Mbrairy Wl^,  nine'eleTmerita''ry s'chicicid libr^iriei, is'tW ifiif  giire quc/tied Siii rjiis rieipoait.' '        f  The "cehithal 'librairy' -cxnnjbafL-nsT not oriy  bGoks bu^obart seits, -jjim toops, filimafcripi,  miodel's,,.records, 'ovfe-phe-ad pjogecfcdir trarast  pairemcies, sliid'e si��ifc5;-speci'm��m9, itaipfi reco-p-  dings etc., it is in fact a. resource; cieinltre.  LOCATION  The toapoxit, wjliicb Mr. Bell wais niob ali-  hiwejd to inead! a|t'iUie-''nte��lt!iinig because of hils  ���uttdrithididox ���niethiod'of-piieiieiiittiin'g Ms reisig-  iiiatipn.fm-ier^iSital'.es:  "In 'C!r;der to ���emaiblelteaicb.eirs' iniitihe isimiait- AmericaiS fiorq'es ito-ck'baittte staitaotqB if| and  ler isc-Dolls-'to visit --the:-dLgMot ���briaryin la-roiiincl line hco-pjl-al*/ As siie wais'un'aible ito  person, ithe lLbrairy shoiuld be -moved _101m rece^Via i_eilip" dini evaicuait���ig tihe paltientSj slue  its present lcicaition in G-ilbsons Ito a miiorie iwas ��� forced >lto- <send .thieim -back* to- ithiek ���  'cemtriail isCito in itbie Seobeilit 'auieai. Temporainy hicimei*���m'CUit of them imsidie the balttle zone.  Te-lo cation in- ittop  vacaint baltajjum Bay        Thali_je"Ameirioains aire despised by 'the  School Binldunige"_ triEcamimiEiaded until sm& Via'Tjaimejse- is na S'Uiripris'e, bu,t Canadians  .t:ime"i.t can be^erniaw-iitly-lciioaiL-ed in Sfi- (End themsiellves in tlbe saime po���titon. Beflng  cheflt en <a isCte adtroaWpg ia. new elejme-nbairy runaible to 'rjailionalize ber ecin!:,rpbu_on WifliiC  schiocl ot isecondairiy isichtool.        " - ��� rv-j-a-r? eff'O'nt laoid Caanadai's pant ia at, Mrs.  Mast requiei-ib for loans olf fflmiiitrips aind Coijluaine -resigned her poislt in Vieitelm api'd.  ether smaiter-���/si 'aire re0eive(J by -telepbiomie ire.turq,ed 'bo'irleT Since her*reiturini, _ie hais  .trayelied throughout Canada, atnd - Europe  ���Elpeatafig iffgalnsi itihe war in, Vieitnalm a'n-i  a''itending ipeiaice conferences.. F^6r,b��iipsf hejrl  mffst^t-riMrig demonstration was ai ^ein day  faist "bmi ithe ��teps of Parliament in Otta)\ya^  t       l'aisit If ill." Heir appeals ifor "peaica .to MPs{  5e'rv��d,wit^!^h.eTe-aim,in Vietn^rn,-U;ntil Aprit lamd-iciishieir.itcip-ran'lang -mien in-goivei-mont,  3BftSi- is'PjOke jait* <?�����% Indifiini iBj'esesrjye Hajl an, ificiudimg ^rime Minisiter ^ Trudeaji, 'Jvaive  S&cbelt'%, ^b- 9 to -ainiaiudier-jce Of 5Q*-_oni   .gc.rie'.un'ainswered,  Secbclt %(JJ -q-jlbaoms,'    '   H  , '��� ' B^Q^us^-iel O-rmadatein^olveniOntitt Viet-  ' eaiving" bq-en tsient ito Vietnam, to ladmln- Pf-fOi- dCirigQJly cf indirectly,. J* is a'mpoisisiibi^  kl lex tu Cainadl-affifebuUitho'sfpital for ittoe taicaSt- for this country to plaiy an eiffeotilvie oole ais  ,ment of tu!berculosis/sbe immediialiely found nuediailic-r or peacemaker, tMris. CulhaHe be-  hi-M_ra_T_e center 5Tfig6l_g"__ boimib-"    1"a"fl=    ^^^^ M���"* -��^-+" ��*����� "*���--*-  dug with 'the nesultant qiyd^an ���w.^oaiauial-.  ties, the imaijority suffenirjg _iom, napalm  bums. ,  Duru'ng ,tbe TDelt offensive of 1968, Mrs.  Culhains", fhavJnig b&en^unid'eir Gro ifor (ttaiee-  "diaiy-, 'waiji-gi!v;en oridie^ ito eva-cnate ^aftesr.  Sieves. Canadai's direct aid "-to Hbe lAimeiit-  oalns jand iSouth. Vietnamese in .Ibe parisoiiis  tit ���OwrlaAdjalra'scIiiiaps' Cnoi^^'nuimber-iii'g fcwrq  than *2,fi00), .boilpltal pensiDnnel, OaiBia'dLaai-  rrjade ..planes flyfrig overhead driopping  ���bc!mll}s^aind ^aipaliji, li.nk_jis -.aotivejy witl}  'tfiiei 'war. **" ���  In aidditiJcm to the direct involvement!,  Caf^diaT is bbsy /Sfur.reisil-.rag''MJittT 7JS.J|wiit|  p'la��i;e?.,r 'am'munition amd malpalm as'w&ll ais  cjllbe-r^m-ateiitais used^ irj, .Uvg, .pjiRdyctiipn of  war materiaOrl  How cam Canadians- be "'PeaoemalkMns'/  ��ipd at .the same tlime be ihe'atvily cttmimiitted  to leading ithe war?  The mly 'ainiawer is sJmiplei���Get Cut.  JVtspst. Oullhame aDso spoke on Feb. 8 to a  igaltbarin-gf of 40 at Garden Bay Community  -Had.  KnnW \ICkllf h&nrt    Variety of Stainless steel gadgets in   Mrs.   May   Blatchford   tells   them  g Xf l\j vv f vui,  i-itui l    the kitchen of stt Mary's Hosriifal a't:   Virhdt's on;thevmenu for-supper as the  ���by John' B. Ari^strong, M;D;  (Youir Heairlt Foundailibn-prese^)itiS'-'_'-l_ve-  pa-rit series! on heart d_aa'sev,to'in&irim ithe    ActivegrOUD  public of the progress being made ito doton-     " **-  bat this twemtdet- century health baizard.)  ;-_by John, B. Armstrong/ M:D.  Canjjdiiaa H^art^T^.ndaitton  JMISEASES of the 'beiarfc .and blood vessek*���  '    lfair from being'ffitemW&^WiWb"alb-  sitxaction-^^e. ai^caUJp.4Qblfein.''s.' '7- '\  iPbysiciams, mxmses and .momber^.of. be"  re'aived Ifaw-li'esi oam- test_y ithat tbis-is ttrjue,  So can mewsmen/ who iwritia '"th'e'objrtai^irip  so folten icionlbaining, (the -words "heart'1 dis  tract the interest of Sechelt school- , youngsters wind, up a'visit whienmay  girls during their tour of the hospital;   help them decide on-a future career.  ��� ���  .lllr  Sechelt Hospitel Ap._ciliaiY  isports" grp^iri^me  ease," "heart attack" and "sitiroke." -  In. this cofmmunity, as'elsewhere in Canada, the heant diseais;05 jaind stroke Oxact ai  frilgintening ito!1. No one, no -faim-^y is iraL  mune. Griandparenits, faiUiierjs, mcllhens,-  youn'g adults and -chlldnen couldi be���<and!too  (frequently amc���'among th'e,victims.  Nationally, deaiths ifroim the heairt amd  blood veissei, diseases' occur in what, haisi  come to be ai ne-iaisioiriaibly predictable pat-  itcrn���.one which varies ibut1 little ���from ycar-  to-yieajc, , .       .  With Iflguros  rounded,  the ' breakdown)  wilhin the -ciairdioivaisculair disease spectrum  is as follows:   Of each' il,6oo isuoh ddaiihs,  albout G32 aire ,'iCndim cononary, antory tte-  ea'so, .chiefly heart -aititnick; -abonlt! 205- aro  ;(DriCMrn  'sitrokc,   i9  firom"' hypqirjte^ofl 'ainlrj ���  1 byjpenlie'nis'ilve hoa-nt-d'ljseatsto,��� &&Z'iromj-<<xai*���.  igenltai hoairt dteeasc-,' 17 'frpim Thpiuimiapc1 ���;  heairl disease a-n;d ,.0jt. f^oim' 'all; dtlibr. iflOTups  ,df. iheart disease.' ���' -'' -:- ' ���  : -: ;'': ��� ���'      ' ���':- ,'���-'  (The imost'ineceint t igvxm' fawBoatie (blue  chirdilovaiscu!lin'r'.,diise|aisie& 'were, iic'sponisliiblci  for 51 % olf-all-doailto fa this,counltry. ailic'y. ���  isitllli accouini't Ifoip'ohfe' 'fn* every two dcaljlw,     '  A, dlfifenenit, p'jictuw! emerges (hawiqvcr,  whon wo ipomsMer ith-a provaJienco of icaiixtto-  va��cul'air disease, Natfonalily,,-til20 Irhillion  Canndliatnis1,.albout azVjVipwr'Jc'Pnt' 'are llivihfe, '  wiltb some Iforim of hcwlt amd blood vessidl  dlise-aso, inindt'olf^'hom, ''nparfly hnlfb^viC' Wgh  blood pra-sisiuro,' '.'���','  ;','������ ',,���-."  ', All of ithls put a. pricim'ium on Who Iperiipidlc  mcdiionil 'checkup; wW'ch ienalbl!p9, your ipH^yl-it-  clan to begin limmefll^t^ t-reaitmieint Of any  .dl-wrdor the cxiaim,iinialiliO'rii imay 'dlscioisc., thiii** :  ��� briingiiiiiiig' |to.:yov|,' itiluQ ib'cindfl'la otEIUlio, igrojit,  fund of now knowlcdgo itbatihatsi ibeeni ia&  " euimulinltedl ovop tlio nhAfee*Uldtvir 'yoftJns."'1   " *"'  An cxccMont tcawi-iw-potiinilj U hyipprtcnfllon  anid hypentenstlivc heairit dliscaso; ;i^lilcihi' afflict about 78 of each 100 liivlbg Canadians  ' fmlHTcring Klnoim, isomo-fcrimioif, caralovasiculihir-  dlflciftiso. K hiiigh Mood pr��s_urK5. Ha Yotvntt, Who  chnmiccLsi aro oxccl'llenl^ ^hait after .aippriopiilai(:o '  dliaignioisilic -sUidlos' Jiilio ipbyisliclun icon, bring  . It under control Iby prosonHblmg diuigs.  ^Phy-slclainsi ol^'-nrc'/in �� ibctiUin posiH'on  ithmm over betoe to. idetnltlfy -cororwry-iproiw,  indlVlduhte. For ilhe hiigttt-risTc pi-warn,'��. pro-  fjpnimimo to (reduce itho risk, o'f.lwant artitiaicfc  is 'Vl'tnl; Won aiiioif uh, lit i�� hlglily dcs;i,r,abl��.  Tho rcoamimondcd dxps imay fnohido imni'iil-  tcmnnco oiC nonmnil wieitght,  mvoidatiico of  clgaipctlcs,  'Hasis. LSia'turalcd tot amd Ifewcir  c'hofe.silio.rol'-ivilcih food's, mcflmH-ngful! ���pliyslc'n!  aiot'lv'lily, lairwl, olf ��o\in*|e,' "cbnutnol of .amy bjigH*  Wood pressure <ili,nt .might Ik> foun<l,  ;,Regulw ipliyis'licitl! 'idi-dctoipw alstf* may Ktlw-  clioso either Inborn or acquired'homnt de-  feots in cWWr-ein nnd -ytmng adults. If tho  ymmg ppmson )��ni*j- tsuiffoncd rbcumailc ifcwr,  llllio doctor cam ailimasit nlllwnys guaipd inlgnlnst;  rretpeail" alltoickw, lUi-us- tasscntog tflw> diianico  of fui'riiher !iieit)ti damvaige.' "Amd fa chid has  ������ m a-ewtety- ��ore ithrroat, -Ket Mm to (the phyv  nlclari rlight"nway. lit may bo "istrep"  ithiroait, froqtiehit .forernmner fit dicumaitilic  lf<svci\ ^ind II m, Uw doctor -can talko ipromipti  -and <|f/ectllvo steps, to ircjtfwoe tho dnmgar,  AwUjerr way Ito -pedujco tto ntsk of heant)  disease isi by generously supporting ttw  lflOO Ileniilt' Fuwl Campmlgn, Hwlng tco-mlunkdl  here .and jlhrouRhout Cnwada during Febru-  J��ry,  MRS. 'PHYiLLIS (Barker ichiaired the Febru* smo'clcs -to the Sechelt laiuxiltalpy volunteer  < ary regularr imieietklg of the Seebelt Hbs>" ��� -^prilwrs.""iW6nsi.> Sylvia. Jione^ hais kindly  piital* Auxiliany held reccraOiy with a 'sub- o���ejred'jto belrthe netw'-Thr-t Shop lOhaaav  isjt'aird���>aOL (tunaso-ut of 38 memlbeins andMw^j. m'ain^ ! "  ..��..!*��� -   *   -ppoiit of- $_>t>,S4 was miaida on  visitors.  Volunibeer direcllior, Mns. .Mary lEedmap,  irieiplorlfed, Ithait during December) Oil ivolun-��  teens wicirkcd' 8 hours amd sieirtved 40 pai-  itients.  The group lost tfour >pif its regular'  shoiplpe.rs. These melmberis had served sfince  t-hie oeiFvico ifirslt istarJted.  dn Janiuary, ithrec ne^v auxiliary imiem1-  toera joiinied itihe -regular shoppers atnjl dxprlnig ��� ,wnis*sltneissiedi ithalti .the utmioat cp-oipei���lion ii1?  (1^9 monilhi _M ishoppens worked '11 foodr-si  'esisential .Ibetniwan Wpltal'toas-, the ald--  Ifflie  Christimi'ais oasfd iprioiject. Donallioins go ito-  liyalpds ithig imieimbniall (fund.  DQAflD ^PRESENTATION  -   Mis. Eye IMcscxip igawe am intierestfiing re-  pont TegaiP���jnig her tnespoauaibiliti-es lais repne1-  "sejhijajtilve to lthe,''CO^0irdl��faiailiing council aluxiil--  iarles'-qf (lihie-'hois'piitai boaind of trusltecisi.  It  amd served 38 ipaltlents.  The imemlbershlp  ncporlt was -rcaid 'by  mJinfist^al-joip-a'qd!.ithe aiuxililairy.  ..... .. iMrs. iMo,scri!p-iailis��exirJ��ineditlliia|Lithe Se-  IMrs. -Mja-rlha llaid .and ishowed i|hat itllnero . ohellt I^oisipd-ta^Aux. and ithe St. iMairy'is Hosi-  ���aine niciw 72 actlive -and 66 associalle micim^ " pi|tial'So���ieiuy _-nc 'liwiomentirely dilffronent tood-  beris. iicis.   It' wins imiadie tclaair tlhalL the punposie  ��� iMrs, Chairloitlto Jiacksian giaive an init^r-; ^iftd' ftfnetfloo Ol't^'St; (Mary's Hospital  icisitiireg talk ircgatidinlg the Bunstary iCand. Qocdietiy wais .to -miaiintain 'and oiperaite Hie  iMiiisis Oanpl iPinockne-11 isltiairltis ttnaiiinilimg .'lalt'^e:' ^tjslp^^ ��� ^..ihospiltiall aruxlliairy's ipui-poise is  ilflvenvlieiw Montalli Hoispiital in F-ebr^M-y;;;'.':!^ besides) be-  An. aippniipriato leitter was ireceiBy-ett'|f^  IMti.. ,iT. W^igclmiaikar,1 .admihtatrallfe'iiol;'^*,.1'-Jf,f,iJVlri9; ��� Ma\' :,C{rialfe, * ;vo^iiT^eier.; cliiaiiinmam-,  ���Mary's IHo^piltial,  to , pnesiidenit IMrs.; j. Jliitri \ {'^'alvia ajj je^cielllieinft *rjepor.fc"ioir��' trie ivVork o'f the  ,'Einirjker, irogmndtn-g the .necessity of';-a,''flloiw.';; ^1111*^111^1).',VTrits. ^Drjiqiuiail.tmfoettiinig tfoip Ithe.voil^  meiter for hoisipliball! use. "' ;.'.���';,.���'.*���,''."'���' ;*initi^t_i\'wM''.ih^' -B��Mfc''drh--/liairch!.'��� .'  ,.;M,A rieaiiplrill Ifnom itlio ThrilOt shop-by; iivitji^.V,-{l'i?"*>"*,.'W^i��?dt*|^1,'^05^r^.t*vy!BUlii *�� Valentlno'is  J^eioilar (Hill isilwwcd ithait WWtq _tDc|(rt^lnInt���,���wSr^���;,''. ������^di',,'.T��t*MaluitM*I-ly.. (pnelpn!nc(_r, iby itho snofrcisihh  is a:nid ppiefkeit -novolSs aire in didnjiinindi.v-.'.v > J. J-'irnijBhli:' -^mirniliirfico which indliuded (Mrs.' iRuby  A imtnliloni wais approved to.pu'-r^iwtisli!^ !Mrs..Fit7Jgcir.oild.  FRANK E. DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  Bo! 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Q, I worked as n ohrponlor a yonr ii^jt debt, ibtm In t|io;(cn��c of n person���-without  Inst fall foi; lift woclcs nnd this past Biimm^1, a) (JppijWcnt' ftlVc nppllcntlon for boncrflt  I iworWd for lis weeks fishing lobs'teni My ��� ���xskw tbo'icl^lrnant- to Indicate If ho Is .wholly  olalm for Jbeaellts1 this winter was vfor .,��:or#malrdy,'Maintaining a dependent and H  only 1Q weeks as a seasonal claln-j; :}^h'^',,'is<i,��Ht6'fiLvo ^0181���.'bt the relatlonshiip, etc.  did 1 not f{ct credit for those 14 Ma-mi>s.;);.;'.'-'-|n'ordpi}"ilnat.U can bo dctcrmlnod W ho  had earned within tho laat two yeajrtj?.--,, ';���;. -qu^llfi^si, tf^r*  t)io' Ijlphcr ra,to of benefit.  A.- As you had earned 5 or moro ��on*J, |f thp ��iopc|idcnt |��'-otner than a wife or  trtbutlons la the 52 weeks iprlor to tho datfQ -��l|l|ld over' lft1 years of age, a de,i>cndency  of your clnlm, you were automntliet��Uy\ i-C-rttfiicnto'-.li rcfiiilrcd, to be complctod and  classed as �� fisherman and, as ymt did the cTalrnftnt Is asked on this form to state  not have sufficient ''non-fishing'' contrl- ih<} r^pons for having to support this  butions which by themselves could enable d^pendentf This Is only one of several  you to establish a regular claim,1 aH-soft' q^ost\Q^ asked on the. dependency ccrtl-  sonnl claim was set up on your i l��dh��|M,'' flca-to,.arid It Is on tho basis of all the  For more Information wo wilt sond, yoij; ^;, ovldcnpR furnished by the claimant that  copy of our booklet, '���Informntlon-HrJflhoi>,l,:-,(tjieij' adjudicating auUiorltles determine  iman's Benefit". ; '7,    f;.'or*t|tlei*uent to tho dependency rate of Ibcne-  Q. Why on tho application for n doj>cn-    fit.,  dent, does the UIC want to know why you      . '.'  ���        -__*_>_.���,���____  are supporting someone? '' r ,, ',Tho iCanpdUn' *rtcd -dross iscrids imcdlcal.  A. Tho Unemployment Insurnnco > Act>vtwhnleal aitdi maltcrlal a��flbtanco valiuedi In  provides for a somewhat higher weokly (- OHopfia o'f $8(K),000 .|o .abimt W) ccnmtrles each  rate of benefit to a person with, a dopobv;; V��|ftj",,,.;,   -,  .    .,  i vmmc SALE  Phqno 885-2818  NITA'S BEAUTY SALON  Open in tlio Richter Block;  .Scqbfthy B.C.  PERMANENT WAVES--TINTS  HAIR CUT ��� STRUNG -- SHARING'  9 o.rri. to 5 p.m. Tuyi,fiqyT%"N��y  LEN WRAP'S TRANSFER  Household Moving &Storqge  R.R. 1 Glbions  Scows ��� Logs ; .  SECHELT TOWING & SALVAGE  LTD.  Heqvy Equipment Moving & Log Towing  ' ' L. HIGGS '    "  Phone 885-9425  PARKINSON'S HEATING LTD.  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V J^ * *^^-,it,u-V*  ,1^-  "SZSL"* "UZ��*'~ "*        " * '^���<"''  ''"���V**!     "i-!*,'  !*<���  I [  JOHN PETER McNeil died 'suddenly following <ai hsaiit -aititaick ori Fetbrnijjry 9tih ait -to  elgeofTO. He"wai9'boiai!initilieli5lB.ofBia!rTO-  &a the Outer Hdbrixtas and1 ,4e3-iedl - *r|^* _uep*  c-amtimaivy1,-ait am .-euurHy.-aige. Durijig -She  fittisit; TviorM war, ibe -wais ibwice toixpedlfd''<axfct  dfj.'ons of Ithese oceasawis!, aifitox ,l*reing pic_-  eel tip, he 'gaiwe up ihas seait Sn itihe iffletaait ito  _afflOftfcer ana- and awairn. around 'ihUMI .anoitin-  er Iboat coa_d pek'Brian-nip. -Am adfe iri -pour-  ia>ge a_d sefllffiessness for -vi-Mch'-e.-suS-Wje*-  quently, received a> decxxnarf-iio-. ; -  t_ 1924, Jlaick-MoNeil ternigralted to Oa_-  oidia amd seMed* to Vancouver. Foirr yeaira  a_tefr, ho m-ax-riie-d! his wife Jean-, who Is also  ���a ital-v-e ol the Mo olf Bamrta. Be worlced  in Vancouver as <a> coai!maicrtjor and oanperiter  tpiitai Ms riertalpemenit in 1065,-Par i_a_y  years he lo��_ed tfb-rwasrd to a^-riiag to rsarae  ���beaiut_ul -spdb close iby the -mater, but -wais'  ���destined ito enjoy-Ms reltfoemeiitt alt EiedV  inrjrj_s firjer ohty's-t-a yeains.     -<, ���<  He was 13. ma-'exceptiiiOTaqify blessed1 In'  h5�� -disposSl-ioEQ. Emendly, dheferful (ami ibnatn-  quii j_ raimid, ibe was always neady with, a  jofee amd % amMe to smooth over Ife sma_  ���crises wMcih 'besal; ,_e paltih of mi_. '  ". During &��r4y yeairs of family Ek, his  ,..--.. "     -i-_y,Maiy'TiBkley^  Wife iamd oh-dren had. -never taxwn ibim Ito  be onoss or - ^h^_io_tedl.- 'V/hdle _ia beV  meatved f^imailyfm^nntns Wis tes^ehas'leifit  ithiem -whalfc is tsuroly the nto���-patedoiKJ*  (thing ai aniaa -cam laaive hi^'lain_y, a _te-  dimie of h'atppy nilemoriesi. , ,  He iis sruriviivteid iby" Ms wa!��e Jieam, ihSs tson  ���Alex of Niqnth Vancouver lasnd -twoi dam^h-  teiisi, TheTieise (IMrs. <5. Swaiyne) o�� Langley  a_rl -Misis iFlanenoe McNeil of Oalgary.  /" *  *  ��  Jieam McNeill -wffl spend the nejdt tflefw  tr_rj_lihi9 in OaDigatry -wilih bier d-a-u'ghlter Mar-  emce whio Is IteaicMnig ait ithe iunLven>ity ithere.  They pEaa ito tretunn ito 'Redrao��� fart ithe  suimimer -vtaioalticc-.  in the !atr&a> laislb week ito -vaisdit !Fna_c  Lyloras in Sfc. Mary's Hosipitaili wane lis __-  iter, Mans. Many _icn_en, _6s son (Rilchardl  Lalland atad his igranddiaughter, Mrs. Chuck  Chie^bmiit.  1  AJLsa dm St. lMairy,'s, fefflowing _ heanti iafe-  tadc, is AmcMe Biilthertod-.  New mwnens of Ole's Oave _ttes_orxtt are  JSm amd Aiudrey Wiolslteacriolfti -who ame,Ibusy  imiaOdmig same ad__o_s to the resoiiti iatadl  aibenatxanlsi ito Ithe lodge and dirning moom.  It, iwl��� Ibe ai "month or ttiwo -before they ame  tneaidy ibo TOcpen'tfor -bustiiiiass.  The Wolsitehcnofts! haffl, _iom New iWesit}-  im_islfcen atad halve four igrofw_-up o_Iidnen,  two of whom atre tn amiiviensity iamd *wi_j be  hefllpdSng alt ithe nasont during the vaealtwrna.  it is hajptey news .thajt -Gkiy -amd'(Male -Wo--  _ng p!iam to spend ithedr rrtetiiaiement at Sao-  " Wednesday, Februaryi9* 1969 ,  ' -A>--��aged to -^eep5��)nd_teihedviby ta tb__--* .-������-W'W;-��w~uwi ��  �� .���'��������� * ;, ���",   ^tajors; In a nnmbe$ripB$-r3e 4_(exrter .-waist        ���    '    ���     "  Zl^.- '' J1'"���_1-..r'_^_���_:", --m _��� t,L.    ,^��w��ibte;'vitofa,ilii6n attl , .    -��%?{���*-��  celfc -jOovejena -flw ��hw?ud(tR,wl nolbsSose, , ^^^ ^^^ raitil^:^,'_i���iMJK?.'IBalrih 'N i 7WM  >these good! bms.- ��� '  ' '     ' L^,,;_ynd!s imigai.inmne.Qdai ��nm-taei-Hal--ilfiB:a-i ajnou' ���- ��, ,-���*, '*"���-" -,  Simm'-and! .dtadter;.Oadjmi. -Ooa^QW -_   5^ teey ^^^ {^ ianry i-vsb^lto_S'icxip-     ' . ~ s ~;  .eflfcd musW(calain Quintal misMcrtea ^equea^ly d�� molbriietee' it was ��_ eamtto-' 'tASNNUAiL MelefflWff  ���oataeer,^(iswo3^g_��oil^^ . . , * , ,.- T_��m_,Ti����� �����  Ya-^t1 iW-W**.  41 -J>t'  irJg\igno-uip,.i��^piaira_g .to artaUse at seite of  ' G-ueits of OVrms. -VeHa Saffisi haiye heeh her  silatep and Ibmorther^mHlaw, 'Mir.' amdi iMris. W.  ��� H.' Ksher elf _iveine^t, ��� Waishtagton, - *wh;a  iciaiiimed ithait the only baid 'stretch of naaid  km Ithsir -journey from, Kve^eDt, ,ito Enirekaf  -wais the haiffi nil<e istoebch tj�� ithe iRi6droo_5s  tR(>a_ weatr.Not'West Bay. ., - - - -  'iMrs. Saliis ^ccamipairied ith��inv haicfc ito  Evereibb tGor tat neturn -visait.  With (throe iforoner- famliets from _ithe  Bay noiw esltiaiblished in Squaimish, lb mnysit  t[ua&e.  >i   iBi_ines_ iwals- Ibrdistk laislfi1 iweek-*erid'���-ait 'Old1 -;  {Failthfi^lj (the twaibari sapauif; on"4he>Ber* Uaanes'  "���propei'by,,t��oiri as numher "olf"viisliitiqirjs aamiyied  In IRiefdnaolfSs'aind Weloope Beaieh to'ichecfe  ;ltheiir oatitiaigei?-atad htJoeMy- Iburmi on _e��  > waited ftalpB^ This iiis ifhe -seventh) oc-seeuitilvia  .-w^eUc <when ithecpe ha's-.been ma "waiter on ithe;  ' Ee-to!0_5S systtjetm:  -", ** f  yary child's toys  to stimulate him  of ithe llPiendeir iHairiboiin   onislbnaltdoin rolE <ai ismna'il-ipair|b'of -the eo.uijpm'erifc  *M;��HW��K�� 1Tuv��nn4l>>ll 1fln.TIlnhti.oMI       HiUn.. T..��,J.'i1.,��hl��in,J. '*��'L,��M�� .. '." �� *  lAsutijtta-jry Ito St. Mfary'ra Hosri"^aMI(olvvie_   ithey haid'h^ped; 'tto'pnovjt-de^  0i^^^otrd'tet^eon Um 'alt (HBuS^m    J $n atokad, M". -Philip ��QiMR^,^fliaiab r  ' tParlc Legton Ha31 Feh. _.  j)WWflig Tfieisid'eait, Mr^b. PMTip;,wel-'  oouried 'Mrs.' Wairdeai ais Paslt 3Piieaidan!b tais  ���weE ais1 aOi new imetrobeps. Mrs. Wardon  ���wais then ipreserjtieid with a -Pai^t <Pjne_dent'{s>  fipin '-which she. igr-aciioiUBily aiceeptedl twith at  few'Wfirds of --thamks.  -   'iMMutes of the JJassfc annual meeting wen��"  reaid!. Reponts -were heatnd fro!rm convenors  a��d Jthe executiive.    *  The Piresidlerit itepomfced a. very isucoesslful  to aill memhers; ithe executive aad (odrnimit-  tee ichainmien; tfior ithefip-Bu|ipojtt diErirjlg tho^  jna��lt yea*.- - -It.",' ' Z , *'/."  '' jMns: Wabden, <m head of the toarainalbiing  commitite^'-them presided over the nomoini-  itiio-nis of, mew olficers. Eiectwom iJoHawed -anrji  the IfioMoiwiutg olflticeris were instaMied, by Mrs.  Warden:       t  -      ���        j    ' ,   ' -  '    j  Piaisit Priesiderit-_!rs. -D.' PMlip; 'Presfii-  ���danlt-iMTis. O.' SBatdiey; _st Vic��4*nesMle_t)--  IMifs. 'G.-iGioialimp; 2nd Vioe-Pr��s3o^t--3M&is.  J.   DoMttely;   Secrebairy^Mrs.   Bay  iLee;  seem _ce �� omdeor of Halfimoion B^ tlW   WHAT k_d> of "toys *diould!you get ��or your ��� year In" ibs tthioney Rising eve_s"ai_^   ^L, .l^ZS^TnL'TS  SS��JSS_  ���Diaug .FWey's aire livatag meaw |bhe_* <M   ]^ child?    - ,''"..' '    ���opened ien)Jbersi>. ^fw*'61^ *���**;  Puib_c��ty~  tEriiendis iamdl u_eitghbt>ns-', Hhe Jianiray Schuite  tEalmiQy, while Owen amid 'Lois Edimurflds,  ���with daughter dmi-Jy, aire iMsag ait iParaidise  y-aiUey -Rasont. -iMairi'anne, the -eMIaat of, _a"  Schulte girls d_ ztoiw JL9 yeains olid <amcE is in  Vancourver toaiiming to he a. de-tal 'aiss01sitiai_t.x  .,  iMr. amd iMrs. Keiith Comyo -wexie in Ponw  ell 'Raver -laislb iweek-imd ito voait'ltheki son, -  iRioy iMainshaiE1. They -found Koy cheerM and!  Smipnoivieid in heaOlth atrid _bl'e to go for a 2-.  hour drive twith ,them. The _ealth Comy_'-s  _re ���rejmcing in Ithe saXe awivaiL of ithe_  iEourllh igramddbil!d,_J)e!boirah Oaleen-, honmiba  theiir son <Bo_ iMatastoa��� ainid his iwue'jCTelol^  on January ar_.' ;   * _ I _ .  v   This Vc-entine .Day >eairrthti-u!'aikie -was  The *federal health deipa5^ment'paimph!|eit^  Play and Playmates, says -toys should:  ; ' ��� be -appealing and suitable to (the  child's age and abilities. '  '. -^ ~< stimulate-ithe -child to, more difficult,  complicated -activi-ties.  j ���he dnraKte, hut not have *sh_op corners or poisonous paints.  ' ���fbe>vairi-edy-<some "for cohstmdioin1 and  solitary, play, "and isome ifor social play, so  that they contribute to the total develop*  tm-ent of the -child.  [-This pamphlet is" distributed, -without  chainge, hy yguf provincial and/or .local  i>epajrtment of Health.  I   sM-elmhertsihlijp ishows 30 'adtive an^mibeins  iknd 35 laissiqdiaite imiexnhers. <  '-, .Afitiv3bie9 incltuded at fashion -show in  April, iby Ithe Pont 'MeUomi Auxilairy, hosited  iby the QPiender Haafloour AuxUiary, ai -baHoe  isaie on the floats alt Garden Bay in, July,  atad ai -very successM Fall [Pair and 'Camr--  val as a> raeiw venitUTie held in Novemher. ,  -"_hie [IlhriJlt Shop oorittnues'ta ibe very  iprD^baolse. Ths/six awdEiairies -were alble  Ito-'priesent "several piooes o!f valuaolie-equip-  iriienit (to (the hffspitai a_d in Noviem'ber ithe  OBoiairtdl Tm-etmlbers iamd -staff -game, am Alppne-  ���ciaitliari Tea to all Auxiliairy members. Fol-'  totwih'g the Itea, imetmhers -witnessed! a1 cfcem-  ���Mks. Geo. WiOlpeTit.,  New (Pnesiideh^ Hrs.;o..Sladey, ithanlced1  the miomitoalillng-; .qomimibtee for their iwark  wnd asked! (the inew exec-utlve and im!amheris  for-itheir suppoint fior Ibhe learning year.* fMmsl.  !L. OUsen .gaive a vote of fthairto to the paislb t  execultifve. .iMrs. R. Deame gave a vote of  thamiks to Mrs. 'Warden -fior -fr&ta_tng of_c-  ���ers. .        ' '  1 Next "meeting- to ibe held Wednesday,  -March I3lh^ in iMadeinai Park Legion Ha_  ia)t 2 p.m/ ' ,"     ���     "., r  iAhout half of every doHam in ,the econoany  of 'British Col-am|bdais derived from the forest industries o'f the provinco. f  HADDOCK'S CABANA MARINA  MADEIRA PARK -'-  -    PENINSULA PLUMBING LTD.  J. DERBY - #A8M f RODUCTS  SECHELT  HOWE SOUND 5-10-15 LTD.  GIBSONS  HILL TOP MOTORS  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING CENTRE  -FRED JORGENSEN - BARBER  SECHELT  LISSI LAND FLORISTS       ]  GIBSONS  MARINE MEN'S WEAR  GIBSONS  NEVEN'S RADIO & T.V.  GIBSONS  KEN'S LUCKY DOLLAR STORE  GIBSONS  GIBSONS HARDWARE (1966) LTD.  WELCOME CAFE  GIBSONS  H. G. 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SWANSONJ LTD. ,     .  ..'-.���.., SECHELT....,.':.        ���.,.'.  !  b.  X  f-,,tl\tfmt.;*\      Jt-  ^  ^ (ft!��^-*��i*^-^^^^'W'^*f^^ 5^^   J,^^^^   y^^J  SJr^OTWt tflt#tyiriylil&.y,  *<3  >��I>*,w���i,��K^.��<)W.rf��^����r>rtHr*-,��'P.��'*va^����l'*'J^*'��~,|t*-vH^i~(s��,r^rf|.|';*^ ���*, ^l1VfM<.w��M)M|l-MlW.t. w(Ki��^�� Mwn>vmwmffWwimTl����i||w��wMM4i'k��/ ,ft^i,��ui,,��ici flH^.i!,Y'W*'-��<��-r��wrtr,.��i����5f.,fr.����.%.,vf����.t^m-,��, ��Ji'��r^vTr'--.^��-N��"W,>'''*-J-vV^ W'v-V-VV'wVV-S ������"**������ *��*,**", *-fl*^"^ A-.*^*>*rY''��-��,-'*f V ���' T -.-'.-"-, v ".'���?' C V -V *"\-V '�� �����-.*����- V>>   * W ("SA^1*  ���   . J '>.*-> .        ' I    *   * / , * I ,. '  \ ���/ * ���- v   - ���*    -���    *   , i - ���- ��  ��� **. \ S "V-v v *���   jm*- .*���'�����    **-   ���*���  *���   ^"5 1  iv-asf! v ^> ���* -tfV^^v-^^r'ssV * iri*-9-r ts-V**-'?���f-V'i"^"''"-? ?\<"C- ',-"ii/ *ftf-t-?Vyv'o-y**ss-4 ^T��  .' j(     ���=-���*- "fJ ��*   /*iW*i)--  f^^^>_^v;*,V-  ^���*  dtvs  ���r-a  '.���<  V  i-  *>  ���*  ��v  -  j��  * ������  ��*v.  ����� * ���  -*-,  ^  *  ��  i ( * *��.*-     \]  * t  ,'"*  \  ','  /  >"  ,K-  J  -    1  ���*�����    * v  .���,%>.*.  r-rA\/-  �����**  *   .���>  L      *^  J -  -\  ��� i"  ', -  1  '_<3<  *     ii  ���? ��� -'i  1  -     -4  ���  i  j  o  *  v  t:  _-_.  /  hold '69 election  SUNSHiME' C-oasfc Chaptiearjof the ftegistaiv  edl -Nurses A^ociaitdon of British Coluim!-  biai irjecenitily held1 elecitioirji of olfieens "&r  1969. New exeou_ve is* ias follows:' Presald-  erit, Mrs. Jiaann Ro'titleff': Viae preisiidetnlt,  (Miss Bllaipiie Connor; Seeret"_y,',Mr-s. Oon-  ataifflce,'' Wesitjel^;' -Treasurer,, Mirs. Besisie  Birfl'Jt; P-rogram diiaikiman, Mrs. Judy Wiehe.  The -Chapter wishes Ito (rerniad oiasMlefflta  of ithe airea ith'ait there is 'a-variety of useful  items which way he loamad io persons me-  quiring mursinig eaire alt' home: hospital  feeds, bed pans, "01511319, Vaporizers, comi-  imoides, -wheel chairs ejfcc, ,JB�� tothexi finfoiri-  ���matiion phone iMna. T. hasmfo 885-9979." '  !E1or ���oaaya'dtiive was&s initare^beid ia ne-  turntog ito "work,, ithene is 'a five Aveelc _iej-  ifnesher course toedidg offered''alt ithe Vara-  -couvieir iGen'erail! Oas-pjitiali ���ramirnieriitaing Ap-  Secf-ion B  Wednesday, February 1^ 1969  Pages 1-6  Referendum 8 . . ,  SCHOOL Board trustees received a finan-  ' cial statement on Referendum No. 8 at  last week's meeting of the Board. Trustee  Rev, Barry Jenks asked that the press be  given copies in view of the number of  questions being asked about this particular  referendum..  Referendum No. 8 approved by taxpayers gave the Board authority to spend  $782,400 on capital construction, sites,  equipment,-    plans     and     contingencies.  on Madeira Park Elementary School additions. A variation approved bv the department of education in July 1967 re-allocated  this sum to Gibsons Elementary School to  OTaat ooris,tr,u6tlo��� cosUsi -which had risen  from $173,800 to $234,800. Later ruling by  the department placed a ceiling on cost  of classroom construction which resulted ini  the Board's acceptance of Tecton's Struc-  ���tures bid of $166,817.58.  Also unexpected is the sum of 1$54,000  noil 0th. For talther information on ihis   ririseizeJ I'atem imposed'.by .the Provincial!    for a school board office; $3,000 which was  phone 886-968,  Neofit.imeettiinig wil be held MaT'ch 10th at)  ithe homme olf Mrs. Marie' iMoritigamery in  West Sechelt--at 8 pjm., a_ -nurses' in) ithe  atneai aine iraviljed.  Miss Rita Ono -who -visited (���e" Unified  Nai'taioi���j liaisib year will show her sides' and  tell of ithe'" visit.  Government allowed only the most essen-  i_l_Q 'SitaLofcurasi .to he huiQt.  Money authorized for building but still  unexpended is as follows: Elphinstone���  $37,923.07 which was money allocated for  music room and gymnasium. Gibsons Elementary School���$67,982.42. which includes  ,the sum of $61,000 which was to be spent  In near future  \  \  ���*-,.-, Z'l ,( .New.Executive   '' 1- >r( _        " '    .    'm'      ,m~   j *  lender :H_rbour Hospiltal Auxiliary ,1969.-, Seated-are: .Mrs. John Don-   H0S_ilal    Al]3fiiiari*fiS  was formed in 1937-and.is the olde-^t neUy, ,2nd Vice-President;  Mrs. .0.   XAU,,i,"ul  ,xw_uuuiwa  one onttihe Sunshine Coast. LasiWed- Sladey, President; Mrs, D. Gooldrup,   -f-_vnTxri_ll  -nv-accirita-ririTi  ^nesday, following" a luncheon in "Ma- 1st-Vice-President.   Standing:  Mrs." luICWCll, pi COClliailUll ���;  deira Park.Legion;Hall, Life Member -Gilbert Lee; Treasurer; Mrs. G.Wol- -highlight of the February meeting of.  and Past President, Mrs. El-sa- Ward- pert,' Publicity;. Mrs. Elsa Warden      ,the Port Mellon Branch of the Hospital  en.installed the new executive'for: 'and Mrs. Rae Leei'Secretary.  Effective Feb. 17 -���.  AiixiUary was a presentatio-a to-Mrs. PauT- i ITAMOOLYI_ePnogra|rnmiesrecotalmend'edhy  ette 'Smith who is, leaving the area. Presi- ��� ^ **%**** when he was ��jreetor of  dent Mrk. L. -Wolverton expressed the J**"* ��^<>Mx Hea�� Unilfc �� Ibejntro-  members, feeling of regret at her depar- Jm* ���*> |^��* �� ��w Sechel* T^slWtot Mil  hire.' She has , been /an' enthusiksti'c. ind ^e "^ ^^ - ,,��� .  extremely hard working member '.df our ^^^SOMSa^mJfa^.   __j j������ x. -_^          _.;.',. j iton outtiined ithe program'mo alb la-Sjt week's  group and will be,missed.  .m|ee|la!n!g olf ithe Boar-d. The prograon'me has  DRUGS   , ;, ,  Following   the   Prorviricia'l Seminiatr on  ritaugs to (be held in Bursaahy froim! -Fehriu'airy  27-28 whiich spedail counsellor Bud Mac-  fee_zie wilil! alttaid, a paneili discuisE-ion will.  Itlatoe iplalce with grades 10 -12 in secondary  schools.  Plans for our sorinff oroiect (a Fashion    ,u^'-^s ��. u��- -����_���  m, ^vei^uiu^ _m       .'It has haani isuggested{fehalfc -alt Elphindiohe  ��,����, ^ k-h^M f^nl��2v��� _��i AiJ^ZS   already womrnencedl at ���Elpliii^tone Se(con.   _ panel of at least -three:' ���ev. Bairry Jeriks,  snow to oe new April 1st) were ousoussea    <ia!ry Sdhwd! ,alnd ^mmgem��S!i[s ^& b<iias   ^ Wai!iter Burtoilck or alternative phyisi-  t,CQ^"i *m '   t��il ,Wt^ appo?n*ed to onad'e Iflor -showing ithe films "Boy to iMam" .ciialn and dpi. aiggelm-an ol�� the E'OMP pre-  work out details ot -tne arrangements.      . ^^ uQirl ^ Wl0mani'. ^ @ra_eis, t, 9 amtl 10. ae-nit psycholoigioal and -mioraa, imedical or  It was. reported that the .wool ��� afghan        -^e a^ ^^ -rybajyiy ^ shawn'to an- legaiS aspedts ol drugs. This wil Ibake plaice  has been completed and Mrs. Swan will be (texesbeidl pane-nibs prior tboi oMainiing pa-rentaS ala soon alEter Ithe Pxiovirjicial wiorkshop bb  in, charge of the raffle tickets for .same: lcfliniaeinit.  ipufo_c Health -uirses!,' IMSss Eied;dl ipas-sflMe.  The winning, -tiqket is to' be .drawn , the ladd Mdiss Ogden haive lalgreed' to Ibe alvaO- .Mr. Maickemzie <w_ also speak ito guid--  .evening of the Fashion.Show,.-   r (.   ,.  _ - ian,];e  )��<���   -di'Sieuasfiioin   in  ithe  "elemeritairy "aince elates��� on tthe psychologieall aispectsi  . The next .regular meeting is to be, held tsjchools.            *   \     .    '              , - 0f ^g ai__ii__)0B_  at the,home',of IVlrs. ,Elsie Willis .in.Port       (Dadtors Wdielbe, Oroslby and ingEs- hawa A .grouip ���,icioMcer_ed;parents has writ-  ��f em-nlfw.Bp.5 -fin iPTi-ir>v m iMwrMistv"ihn-TrtrwfiW ���" 7/V]7      :~ "'T'""." _                 ,'   -     Mellon on March 12th. ~Any ���dies 'wishing agreed) ito visit -scbiolols ifor istudent disicusr ten the Scholol Board 'commending -trustees  t^wS^tSmiSf^ ofZz'  '^ ^ap served hy letter capers, wb   to become,members of pur group,will' be mm offl^Hms. .coacerning-l��am_y 3iSe, -vfia- for taking an interest in tacMtog .the drug  T^*^-1^!t^^k jan3't? "w^ *-��i_ia_i_a'. -si^rvurrjg^ox _aqrm*er , -piQ-siiijo__c-es la-calfceid' a._ ckrtug: sttorses; >ai���dt isHcm.-    most Welcome at'ithat'time.','.-,'  T "s--������-���*������ jl  ��������-���"--- =- *^- -��---���-  to   have   been spent  on   Halfmoon   Bay  School, rJow closed' due to insuHficient enrollment. Roberts Creek covered play  area���$4,700 and Sechelt covered play area  plus administrative alterations���$12,000.  Langdale spent all its allotment of $56,500.  EQUIPMENT  Sums still available for equipment are  as follows: Elphinstone���$4,840.48; Gibsons  Elementary $2,103,70; Langdale���$496.69;  Madeira Park���-$5,288.50 and Sechelt���  $477.01. School Board Office overspent by  $572.78.  SITES  Site development .funds still-available:  Elphinstone ��� $3,387.90; School Board  Office���$2,100; Madeira Park���$2,365. Overspent are Gibsons $782.20 and Langdale���  $2,638.42.  SUMMARY  Summary of referendum No. 8 moneys  is as follows:���  Esti. Expend. Commit, Balance  Sites ' 47,300 34,783.92 8,083.80 4,432.28  Build. 586,600 406,308.60 685.91 179,605.49  Equip. 84,000 69,371.48 1,994.92 12,633.60  Other 64,500 41,289.09 930.00 22,280.91  Total -   782,400 551,753.09 11,694.63 213,952.28  "EKE  SHORTENED  Po��� <, Office delivery,   mia't exceed!���g four hours wiU he pneryided  ��� '.week 'and ithe new qiwglsi mail pnooesistag ���-, on Saiitrrdayis. -The wicket itramisiaicitiiorjisi, wil  isyatean whcich becomes effeetke* ���Februairy,. kicliudie ��eineraideli^ery, (the sale of postage  Ifillh; was reconfirmed today ;by -the Hrjiho-ur;-, J.islba'rriipi.iamd,'money orders and the aceept-  aiblei Eric Kieramis/ The, Po'istou'slter '*�����_���' jaincfe/wf, Bibeans for maffinlg. Lock hox <sery-  era!',-stated fkese a-djiistmieinits. wM retstiJb'Jin , ice will' he unjatotaCned land .malsi will he  heffiber.-usie of slHaff, aUlqw- a 'grieater) "nwnl&ear ���. received and despaifcched.  $13,000,000 ito 'the Cam-ada Posit Olfiee.^ J _ ���, --ffair, ohtisiuiestsi e^bjrdbfehme-ats will .remain '.  . ,Therje (will he no ich^e _^post^ iser^ce.1 -opp��� to pnovide a wickelt service for ithe  in^sm���ler-ce-tres'geineraffiy "served* by post ,0aQe of' stomps and anidney orders, and for  riEElces opeir'altied in conjninction' wi'th a'pri- ;'tlie' mlafiliing of items requiring weighing .  rate buButaesB,' on,from a privia'te'-diwielliing. ���_'-*.��__ dtfcumernibaltiio-Q. Aft it��e posrt: office, lock  RjunaJ roulfce''delivery semce^to'",hoxie^-'ilo>- '''.bDk^e^e'ry'will be iaiviaiila|ble amid'general  ���calSed on.or,-neair ithe propeiity Ihre5)''o!��rfairim , '���deliiiwery' iwll he priovided ifior four- Ihours1.  ereai diseaise^d drugs.  pro-Mem in ithis *disfcrict.  Blake C. Alderson D.C.  ������IBI0PilACT0EI  4 days weekly  Post Office Building Sechelt  Phone 885-2333  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday  12 noon to 5 p.m.  1 EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT  ���^ir-W^:*^^  !  >  AMMmML  In -eofflimuniilles! -bit iserireriibyietb&e~h(if.--' '$��ww&r',t they iwil" haiVe'-to-iUalke* dettyery  > ... .-i __        _  ��� ���*_**_-.    .s   ~>     j J ?___*____._.. i__.L * -ti_n   i _._ ._nn  _;.__ __  on  ���staieejt)  'd^very 'lathd'iwiekeit! sexH^'te''' letter "������box.'ico^ecitibns^w^ Ibe ,  ���  *  ��� " "        "   '      '   i '" ,'' ��ri~4rje,i8iihd maife w~li oomitimue .to be -peceived ���  5__aygegsga'jtiJN. '!.' an'dl despaitchb'd. ���    '  While imaiOis will he processed on iboHh1  Saturday atnd Sunday, iMr.  Kierans -slaii-d  isitaifflng arnainigemerJIis are being made Ito  reduioe the number of sitailf memibens re-  quired Ibo work pn weekends to a mHiiimum'.  | Procedures for .'implementing ithe  (Cilve  day delivery week halve Ibaon developed ito  aCllbiw the grea|test number of employees ito  enjoy 'a' ccaisltant Monday ibhrough Friday  ���woirk -scHedulo wilth miniimum disiiuptiioin in  ipositai^ siervice,  Ais he staltcd pneviously in  Ithe House of Oommiomis, Mr. Kierans ea'M  llhto .maljor change will Ibo ico-mpl'eitcd (wJlth-  fliut omployecis being laid off. Departmonlball  loTfiicd'ails fliavo made .use of every possible  ailtewi'alUvc ibo prolliecit |lho ���am.ploym'erib of  fulil-tlmo -regular cimployees.   Most -surplus  employees cam be offered "alternative om>  , ipUoymomt wJlthim ithcir presiont post office;  j towcoiuso there hais becm mo hiring of ifutt-  i i'lirio ���eihrployccs. siince October T, I19C8, Iba  iM ���vacancies umnd to -tako -care of normal  iscrvlcp' icxpansion.   Its aomo ca'ses where  omiploVcesi have to bo mo-ved from one to-  ' c*_liby[ bo lamoibhcr^penises will beipaiDd1.  from  <S puintp (Ho 12 pints  Events:  BAKE SALE  SCHOOL BAND  BASKETBALL GAMES  BINGO  dance With live music  DINNER  ���k  . There will be, tree  . paby-Sitting in the  School  '' Wiie^i you donate Wood ito itho Canadian  iftcd Cros* you give only on6-*tJwenttoth of  youn aiv��rage'body contenit. Three quarterai  of a iplrjit. This Is 'replaced within 24 houivs,  EGrJSOOT, SCHOOL .'',   ;.'  GAKDEM BAY-A1 Uoycfo  HA��>EBg?A' PAmi SCHOOi  HALFMOON .BAY-- , ,  -.'Rutherffords'-.- --;-;-;  DAVIS BAY SCHOOL  ' mOBEESTS C&EECi  ��� /������ ',''^cuojoi, , : ���  GBBSOWS RUiltAL^  EficmeBiftary ���  ,IIO^HI��-tS-,COM!  HALI4.  1UNBTY  VILLAGE, 0F ��� GEBSO-WS-  ViMrAOE- OF SECHELT-.  'St.  .dry's Hospifqii is. TOIlM' Hbspitdt-  VOTE YBSION'SATtmRAY.:; v:  Children and  Infants Wear  Ladies' Sports  ���������Wear ������,,;-,;���  Phono 086-9994  usinf crest  ';   itttors  Phono 886-9962  The"* Service' -Station:  with everything for  the Motorist  Our Monthly. Uraw.  Win . ��� ���  i$$  ���i   McPHEDRIl  E111ICMD-  .     Mone '  CASH YOUR FAMILY  ALLOWANCE CHEQUE  AT ANY SUNNYCREST  STORES AND A FREE  ENTRY GOES INTO  THE DRUM FOR OUR  MONTHLY $50 DRAW  One $30 and Two $10  Winners.  Our popular monthly  Family Allowance Draw  Nfaw gives you * a better chance:: to  wen. We give 3 prizes cacEa month  One $30 and two $10  Dra^s  Winners' announced 'monthly.'  .ost ;Monf Si%  BMB  OEOGHCaAH  .Jlfl-MnUr'  MUS. D.  SCHQENWOLf $10  ftflftS.' L,  PAKICE _  J$tO  D. ��. D0U6UIS  Variety and  Paints  "Anything You  Want We Have"  Phone 886-2615  Phone 886-2726  On tho Sunnycrest  Plaza for your  Shopping Pleasure  Charles English  Limited  Heal Estate  and Insurance  Phono 886-2481  Dili's .'Shoe Store  A Complete Line  of Shoes for  the Entire FantUy  Phono 886-2624  ,.^V*A~.*^t,*v,V>.^^ I' ItA A^tll 1t7t7Z 7JT ��%?&&��^<hZ'f*te>s ^^^flt&^t&lft^mtii, -aW Kft^-4^*  if^  t V   1   f  M     U    **           l  A.%     ~1                            ' -  V)t       '                I    >!  %*.  ���U    ^     f *        } -,   ^  1'     ^  ^ k L    ''       l  ���  " l            ^'    J   v *  V-. * -J-  1  tV i '���    ' '  1  1  7^   h^ ��� *  1  1 tj   V       -   *  1  1,       '       *l        C   ,  h {    '���              *-r  1  *\!    **.  \~4  1 A  I-  ^ !  ��  1  '-��'* I  ������,  I  ^   1  **  ,    -l  1  !  -  *  i  f  -  V  f  774  if 1  i  /.ft  i     i  r  1  W'      3  ' ,  '       t  r  I       I  .1    '  (,*f"*1  -    *�� i   "    " \, Vj.  "ft* ' *  *�� l" I    T^dlni^^_l-iu_t:'sdMySd lia��r��Je(fltea!t x-v^ibb^ 'teajm/vds-%^ . good Ipa^g: arid  -r    .!     iiinl^p-visiltDTi-v-ialt'-tafiiffrtraiT^ferTv te.nmiriial    ^Uuiwbm&m^^  Birolw���*. strained! as (three) igbial -win.  , -Game -hejtween. Division 7 'Gihsoins Cou-  *i   igairi ajid <Mt. iSe-yimiaur^Brioivras went into  20 irnin-plte overitiime w3th llhe vi'sBbors seining on cannier kfcks in .aJ,io-n.e all -tie.  !Er%isS(ra Sl^asSdentJai iBra-ves taouheed  '{ iMjaupit tSe^jjcnai i__0fyjai_a i_,._ 2-1 -swiii on lie  Bnaiyes  ithJs y^ar.  sd.izz_hg  HigMaind:  .SUNSIfllNE COAST LIBERAL. ASSOCIATION  ���    j-      ���- ,    V       Jiv1' v s"-'   I". "    " ���  *. )''���if ?  'j   -  a Strong team scoring two goals in1   out t>f eparatioiik    '      {     /,'--,- ;r A Mrs.> George Betts df; Wilfon Creek wh,o    al .|ftough gaimie wxfli il^tiirJt Seyiir��o_r iBiack   lp  ;   .    i"'*"' ���    ,-.v   ':   ''t&s  Z'"y..>^^\. '77   .{' l>  , 7 j^lZ    wm^he;-atteDdlrigfa>.wed(iing:ui,,the^Yan-   B��yato itaikisng/(fhe galme in ife see<m-dj #aif ''��*  ^^^^^^^^^^^^M ... poHvefc ai��aV <4 \n " t\'    \, .,      ,   '      with'ai 1^0,^-n.  7^;"    " '     \   7 B  M__HM__B^t&8MMM__B*.*'<; "Mrr^na";iffre!' Chris; Gooding ;and two   <^'- iGdhstrtw' ILegioyi '^aiymig' at 'lAaribleside;   ���  'boysVAar'oh^P-l Br^nt, fraraTcweU Bivqr,(' iwene .1w$ferj( i^'tyfydi^, movers >ho miat  are fay rpsidents of \he ,pibsons  area,    llheira alt llhe �����ei!rylftarrhii|i-al' and! iprtovicledi'  '\VeliiomeHo*thle,Su;nshine, Co-ast. " irtel_��sfcl���arils,   Sdorinig ,lthe three! fwimning  ��   Mr.^anot Mrs. Dave' Watts and Family    goals" to Mdb isepotid' half, Gibsiows iLegii3��� '  frcni Vancouver were up at their summer    ^ ~  , bprne jn.Wilsnn. 0rpek.fpt .the week-end.  *  Mr, .and Mrs. W, Lawson spent a few  days 'iri ���',Vancouver.    "    ri '  ;    Mr,\an4  M^��  Sacfi Mprgart have re-  >turned frpro a feW-weelts in' Vancouver,  Pfews1 irom former, residents Mr. and  Mrs. PaVe Jijmiesbn now' living In Say ward  .pn, VancpuVer tslljrid. Tr��eir son Scott has  been col|ecting ribbons,(and trophies* for  spar'smariship' by the -dozen.' Now eleven  year^ old, Scott won,the grand trophy for  sportsmanship at Sayward School, travel-  led to^Victofia'to. participate W the ticket- *  ball playoff^' and to' Campbell' River for ���  Intej-Mschbol spprtsV ,.  ,   -     , ,  ,1 t !.��(-, ',** '���>�����, ���,\, i.<���������  4ELMA nm COM MUNdYHML  * I *"' " 1 ,]' '.     ���' ,.    -  V'       ' *���    '      '     '   '    -" '  HtlDAif, f^RUAfl��\Sltf'Mi 4:p.|n^  , '       i  '  EVmYBQpY WfLCOArlf  8  '4.  .���M  S  Service  mm SERVICE STMIOE  Highway, 101  PHONE 886-9662  Well Don�� '  barytain.ftf Mount Seyrnour Browns   which <$aw) John's toaiti wltining on-  John Clacco on' left and Captain of   corner kicks ity a one all tie in last  Gibsons Cougars, Mike Marleau ��� Saturday'^'Provincial cup'playoff.   '  shake .hands after a well fought'game  i  *  " I  !  i*ffliwpi��^  !  i  Custom   '  Peslgn  Construction  Landscaping  Henovat^ons  ' Extensions  CONTRACf ORS. LTD.  SECHELT  885-9614 1  BBMJSBpi^^  W^^^M^SS^^^SS^.  mwm?  it .  i  i  ,i- yi   ,   ..  OFFICE 101OPEI i IE11E1 BLOCEf, SECiSfLT  Enquiries: Bon 21��. SecBteBt, B.C  CHBLP6-SE&*! A^P - IMFAI^TS  (l  " "'"^'wt^M'  LADBES' SFOHTS'WEAR  '.      Phorto 886-9994  Slinnyqrest Shopping Centre  1 it" >  i" .  �� !  .  i * < f ' i,  ' <  ' N_ > ' ���'  I   I ��  I  1  SmvQ IMk*n��y  i  AT YOUR POPULAR  tUM&BR AND BUILDING  SUPPLIES  r ' '(v- '  Serving Tl]0 Suhshine Coast  'blli-F1 JBUILDING  RECIPES  i  i       i  brought to you by  these prqgi'essive  places of business  id__��_^_kiBiiyB^^  - I i  BRIDAL COfFEE CAKE  ��� f '      M  nt   i I J ���  80S-J8^3 - Secholt Q.(C.  i  !  K^NOi SIZED MEALS  ftT ^IfPGET PRICES;  IISIIIl I11VI-I  <?f| PPT ^1 at SECHELT  i'FDR'fAf���-9 OUT ORDERS  ^      s P130WE 885-2311  i .   i ,' j ,'  a^r��*��*sa��tteof^^  ^EYPif(' TELEVISION  'Z*y tt'^VRADIO  STCMq i �� &SW and COLOR T.V.  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With wooden spoon or electric mixer ot low spoad until trnobth (obout 1 mlnutX'ffllK  beat vloorously w|(h wooden spoon (150 strokes) or electric mixer ot medium WW^ ! <  (2-3 mlnulc-j) until thick and olasilc) Scropo skies of bowl occasionally. Stir In cherZ I]��  , with wooden spoon. Then Pdd remaining flour flraduolly. Use Just mouah flour to mak< ' '  a soft douoh which leaves sides of bowl, adding moro If necessary" Turn outS , '*  floured board. Round up Into 0 ball. - w",li <�� ,  Kncod 5-10 minutes or until dough Is smooth, clastic and no longer sticky. Coi/ttt 1 ��� '  with won foof| wrop then 0 towel. Let ro-sr for 20 minutes on board, Punch M;'-'  Divide Into 2 equal portions. Round up each portion. '  ��� -VISIT'OMR LARGS DISPLAY  OF TOP QUALITY NEW  AND' USfeD .FURNITURE  Appliancbs - T.V. - Radio  Phono 085-2050   -   Sechelt, B.C.  ^Insikfluiliiig  .    Lf-tL  HEATQMG % SMfPLIGS  \ [ Your Komtono  } j I Sherwfn Williams  };; Paint Decifer  1 1  11H  Phoi^o 88,6-9If33  tiibcons, B.C.  -ynyii-tP!  -__!(=  Roll coch portion Into on 8x16-Inch rectangle on lightly greased board   Cut  long side Into eight 2-Inch strip-.. Reserve one strip for handle, Cut remaining itrlni *   ',  diagonally, from Corner to corner, to make  14 narrow triangles, Tho tapered eiidj '* '  will form lop of itmbrolfa, Twist coch triangle slightly and place close together on  Mfft* orea$*d Mklnp ��Ji��i��t, Punh tog<etl*����r wh��r�� memtory to form desired umbfjsllji  diape. Cut a small piece of dough  from remaining strip to moke knob for  umbrella. Shape, remainder Into a long rope ond twist slightly for handle,  on baking ishcof several Inches opart ond parallel to bottom of umbrella.  umbrella. Shape, remainder Into a long rope ond twist slightly for handlerplaco hindla  rt on  Cover pon* loosely with saran food wrap,  Re  removo  Refrigerate  2 to 24 hours ot  moderately cold  setting, When ready to' bqW.'  >vo from refrigerator. Uncover, Let stand for  10 mlmitc-% while preheating -pvon,  Brush each urnbrella with beaten egg white ond sprinkle with  1/4 cup pearl 9MM  |ust before baking. l|V\f  Doke ot 375" F, for 26-25 mlnuto-} or until done. Remove handle when It app<4fj  done.* Tho umbrella, may toko slightly longer to bake. Bake on a lower oven rack  position' for hesf result*. Remove from baking sheets immediately. Cool on rathi.  Attach hortdle to umbrella when ready to serve, , A  ][  ,  f\t\d; 2��coff��* coke*.  ��*�� *| ��  Athlon is a byword  liASrnatt Shoppors are  1 ������      foona at . .��.  ������t  <v Fashion Shoppe  '/Cjibiom, B.C. i Ph. 886**>9941  MM  atfXa  A3 LHW AS  JJJ5C A PAY'  JWILL COMPLETELY INSTALL  . 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Call  Bud   Klewltz your Shell  Oil  Distributor.  a  ��',�� 68&-213S &b>tm%* B.C.  ater~-*!r.,. i  ^nffKWVt i*f*n**-(***o��j   *^  ���%*  & "-���/���^*w*iii^f ��**��ifj^^ *���*     ����������* fY^** *���    r"ir'*^'|"'mh-��,tt    ���*  * iB*j��-?i��^-k   ^   ��.*���>��! ^��-i* -^   ���* -  > ^-rt^mw���*,-^!,**,^^,  ��  ,    ��K��I     |�� j'lWOJMKrS^  i**1** '�����'*    **t- V- ***   *.����(*(�� -i  * iK    i��m* ^ ^H ^ "f  **  *����, fji^ii^^/F-H-iShff*^?,      -���  -��   A     #���  n* ���/������?�� *"( ��*Wi   f     ite ft- ��(  (*^��^MhHf*>��^*��V*^^^ ������'���V'lM^'*^ ^'**'*l''*��W��iWmnawtHi**-- r  (������j^'!? f���**^***-f : \s?*J <v*t-*r\Jfab -*a'*J-.J.p,-i ^   ^ ^.^ ���*-, i^. -,jj'  f*"*y-*./l  ^���nrtr-**   ***** n   i/~r**rr  ".-WjrW'io'j'ij        -w-J1-/      ',<*>-,    M   ��-   "ST"!!*  ._^t,��^','*i^��-  ,  :���&  *    J        '   ���k   ������ u J'**'      ^    V5*      J"**!   1  >^V ifjSs^t ^rV'-rf'4^-**w-*'^:-V*'--****'*  _.,   OS.        v*  ���Jt V1,V*-l**V'<lisW^---'>''^S*' W��   "^ *'fc*-'-y*1-%*- i>T<��li>.  V l  i V-. "��*   W* i*'��-'* *P*^ f-*iu   *v-*lH',lv    t*���^. t^. ^, ^���'������"���n* <�� w    \l--VJ*S*>^   (.N*.   V* ��>�����*  f**"^* v^^Hr" Jw* 11-.   ,* \f f~ ******^l <n  6*^*rt*f fj *f -J*-*-^ fr  -7s  5  l ���  !  ;���  The Peninsula Times    ��      PtfgerBr3"  Wednesday,. February 19/ 1969   -  '""" '"  "���'*" ���..N--..-rT.>..���..��� ...-I.II ���!������-���  Paul St. Pierre  ���Letter from Parliament Hill  - OTrnWA-.-SBCffi'T NOTES ON TOBB BUG  'COUN~RY North'of ithe 60itih ��a-r-alllel,  wbiene to one ithlrdJ of Camada. They were  -ja���embleitii dtaaing ia one-week tour AvittShV the1  Standing. Ctomimittee on ^Indian Affairs laind  *^orther_ (DeVelojpment, diiring .-whiic-h *_e  -20-*man. Parliaimeritary _rotip visited Yel-  loiwknife, i0tfpperm_i'9, Font <jfcae, Norm-tain  ' Wells, Iteiwisoin,  Wbite-toTsie amd. Waitso���  _J__j6 3 '  WlklTBHaRSG; YUKON TEBJPTOjRiYr-  A poipulair topic of 'eanviemsation (here is itihe  - tweailherWithe CShaoolitv IPlateam, imoaciaislM  telegraph reporting jfchat (the it^i^m-orm-eft-etttsi  '. WaiiJ dropped to1 TO (bellloiw -amd! ithait -jalchr^ineisi  wene mplodin/g in (the cold., Afthou'gh ���Mayo,  "A. couple o'f hundred 9_U!Cig ito taue*. North,  oitce reporiteiti SO lbelow, Wloitiebioinse .ptffs^��_  awer-algest mo colder ithatnf the -city olf ���Winni1*  ������peg..' -   .- *        , .  . . -     .  , .   ���  EORT _A_, NOB-IfflBWiESfr TBIPETOIU  I_3-HAjeti��g as diattrrr^airi ntf -a ^pmblic vnjaefb-  irig ��� ItMs*, Indian -comirounity,- I i*ai_ !tbe  ��� ipraiv-ege of Witnessing laiTietolarlcaihle kxca^oir.  ��� 'Ha treise !��mm! jtlhe -a-udxe-ce, --olatrji _ tpairMe  ��aoid jrai���Uks1; anld tagam to -��peak sit very  ��� Idw itonea. "Eie sileno�� s(pr*ea(di aro-und Mm  . antii .th*e entire medmg toa'H wais -slal als> lai  ' deep iwdlL  - vjprjir itwetfty im_iute_'lie ibadi lt_o jmdivided  -. aitltet-ilGE- df every iperson to it_��> oneeffito|g  amd the.o���y tsou_d!9, whi'ch cam,�� ibwo tor  three itames, was fhe !big. loollediiiv-e csaigh  ��� with mMc- -ilihese indiaiaa -express- laJgneeH  , meat. -Hei -used ihis Ihatads to -geslfiune, lmt  only occasionally and _wer with a -w���ited  movemeint.  I haVe mot yot seen a_y.-nxam w damitoafte  Itihe House o'f Oammons1. Vir-oiilnittatiely, he  .spctk;<j.<xrily tki Bognib iamd aH {his (Woxjdy itx>  the committee had Ito <oei Ktexed iteough am  -ImterpreHfer. _*   yiEnJI^WiENIEB, NORlJtiW���ST TE3HRI-  TORUES-flniei -Nioiifihwest Tea^toirM sGoutt-  .cHis oomlpossd o!�� five ���elie'ctedl 'iamd Jthree  , appointed   m-eartlhers.    Yulcota   Temtmual  Council _ai9 six jro-emaibens, wH leleotedL  The -cxmcrjttSi3srj& of 'the Itjww temitoiffies -atnel  -Qdt 4deaiitic_ but ibatjh -coamcilis one _ algpee-  -mjont' oq tone tthrmg.  Eaich wasots to imiofve  beyond ii -stbaltus -whl-chi _ little *moxe ffliain  advisory ibo tone of mom power iamd xies^o--  sibility.  1_���se aie, in ���feo.fc, (ttoe^-coi-oarHial pesople  "df lOatnada, ttiheir anoither.-coumtry Ibeiag the  ; -southem r.egi!OBS -wl-cto ithey mil QBhei Out-  - side. -Their -coanplaSirite albout -albsentere coh-  - -iid are /much Ithe saime as Ithosle of colo���'Ca  ;*_TOM^o-ut.ihistfxxr^--- loaunltry is  ;indi_eneat <to rtfa-eari, doesn't laippreciaitej  .them, -taxes 'itlheau -wlthttuit igMriglthem iaide-  **���'  *y  ���*. -  ?V  *  ��-  ���1  /  \^ i.  u  Ham^s Around llphie  .. I  \  V    ��  A  r>  I  ,-._.������*  *r ���-  AFTEE a few misunderstandings its  - -finally back and a lot h*as been happening around Elphieln the'llast few "weeks.  The yearbook staff put a lot of work  ���into preparipg'32 pa'ges of this year's an-1  nual. The Conimejece wing^ was constantly  filled with people [Jjelpjng^'out; prdparihg  itheir own divisiofls'^page's in order that  they -could be sent jixn, -to 4he, publisher. It is  proposed 'that .the 'yearbook, will cost each  -������by Marilyn Hopkins  lovEinilmie. For afwhile it -sieemed like -toheir-e  wasn't going to be an, end, but in the last  second of play a Campbell River player  fouled and the Port Alberni' girls got a  point, The Campbell River cheerleaders  won the Cheerleader 'Tournament for the  ���second straight year.  Homecoming is coming up pretty soon.  The tentative dates were February 28th or  March 1st, but there might be a 'totirria-  student 50 cents 'When they are completely    ment at S��*fe Jthat weekend which will  -____.    Jmy^he^f  who  wish  'their    conflict with it.   n  V  i  1  ���a  i  j  '1  A  /  ������  ., Victory  .%-;  v  !!  ��l  "V  '\  V.O__i'i\_  v?i.  Ill    nfCklllT   Ciliirfl^n   Scoring -^eir'fi^st'Pro^cial-.Cup  'S^m'Casey;- David Newton; David  " �� r .�� ',; ^M't ', ^ ^?<) ^Vf ������   playoff victory. Secheft Timbermen   Nestmah; - Terjy   Rodway;    Dean  ;J' ^ /'���" �� j,y i-|,e oy ^^0   .were mighty proud of themselves on   Crick; Kelly Bodnarek and Wes IVIars-  "'-������' ' Saturday and. sri,iVas -ttieir -manager   nas.' in front: Wayne Phillips; Wade  Ted.;Farewell:. From' left standing   Marsnas;^Craig Rodway and Scott  -arer Scott Jackson-; John~Niekersonr -ftodwayr��� '- -*- -    ���- -  jpiRUNlNCr itaane "is here again and one'df  1 ;jtii-6ri_r_t 'j��hings;itQ- jggl__r.. ait_mti0_ _is_.  the grape- -vine. As- they often grow near  ���3 buiidiiig or in a sheltered place -they istarit  ito -send the sap up early, to delay too long <  in pruning could* (result in bleeding with'jits  su'bseque"**ft,fosses. '"      ^     ,   "���'" ",'  An esibaib_sh��d -vine -presents --no^ -prdb-J  leim; it is-merely a 'matter of -culling back  ithe lateral ,��� growths to 'two oft-three eyes or"  ibudsi ddjp&MWg on whicfi "5^ them is1 on flie  desired side! Amy w��ak, broken, or diseased'  bnainches:* sbould (be jr^moved.. With vines  that Tiave open neglected for k. number of  ���yearrs it t��, ^cessairy to Ireimove quite 'a lot  of wO'Od'leavirig only'the numlbar ��� rods  lion! Isabel Dawson  B0 problems  IMiUOH iHlAB befen s&aiid in -the.M&wS media  necimtly abonit the (problleims thait1 a'xie  Ibeinig cneatbed Iby "surface ,*mi_rjg'' iolpea-ia-  -   �����   m.    �� t     y ���     A-TT^Xt: , .    T .ttaua in Itih-e United States.  or branches* that you want and tne laterafe ,     .,     . tMU^vw>-  ���   ' * The A-iera'cansi aire concer_etl beeaiuae  lrjn thpse storitiemed'to' tiwo or three -eyes.  :   A^ter ^ucji'heaivy cutting ithere will prob-  aibly be excessive new growth in the sum-  oner, sd^E-rt^F'Eibxiua-ry'any, new -canes that,  [tfaeir ictdal i_e3ds'iar,e tso -vast Itbalt tho-usaindls  id�� isquiaire'anilleis cf ���fairm !l_nd in sueh'stafceis  ds flPenin^ylviai-Ja, Ohio', -West Virginia, Ken-  cenlt of i���diaiiM..'   ' - '    ���  Nearly on'e-fifth of the surface <of iHiobis  had been di'stucribed-by iaS5,'but:by th-et-tittte!  Ka'jser ispends. 16 yeans - working a'lthnese!-  siquarte-mile* aineai in ithe Ko-oit'enaiy, it "will  haive diiisifcuTibed.le'iss ifliain one thousands'of  orate per -cent of the surlace of -.ritish Oo-  lumlbia. - -        ".:.., ���  Kaiiiser Coal atad 'all other coal) compainies  finilshed.  name printed' in -gold,will ;Be charged an  additional 40 aJntp* ,* *- i f'  Every week sonie divisions or clubs  have been Holding money vraising projects  from; "Body Paarat-ins" Ha Bake Sajes. The  enthusiasm being rshown for "this yearbook  is .really promising,- And its not just the  senior students who are doing all the work -  as has been, done ih the past. Even~grade  eights are learning the set up for getting  a page ready ?(Sor<- puSbTio^tiioh. Nexit 'yeSir  Ith-ene won't lis amy tnonfljlo-i-n tea'ching a  new bunch of'**studenta haw- to da itihe, woir-k  needed./       *} ', i '' " . \  The second weekend in February our  senior  girls  basketball team and cheerleaders travelled- HP to Campbell River for  a Basketball ^nd'Cheerleading tournament.  Mr. Sallis, MftfBJojrnpofv,-^nd Miss Wilson  , drove up vrift;thenv Arriving in Carhpbett ,  . River at 6:00 p.ni. after 7; hours of travelling, Elphie .played Port Alberni," and Port  . Alberni came put 'on. top. Afterwards, the  fleam \a-nd -cMeerleade'rii iw^ire 'billeted wJlfo  students from" GampbetfRi^er Jdnior High.  "   The weather up', there was worse than  it was back fhorho. Max Cameron- from  Powell River "wer�� tunable to get over On  , Friday, night, ^Thoy," left ,'Powell River at  - 5 p.m. and ttien sat^out in the ocean for 4  hours, and finally turned "back because of  the  gale  force' -wind's.' ."They  arrived  on  Saturday afternoon:' In the* finals 6h Saturday night, ElpHie^and1 MaV played* off for  8rd. taM-4_St^bi'_*er Oaimpbell tRiVer  beat out Maxithatafternoon. The last game  was filled with excitement', and suspense.  At full time Port'Alberni and Campbell  River were tied, and were forced to go into  ������ This week the police have been visiting our school quite frequently. Their pur-  ^iife hcnyeven was .to talk .to.the boys albout  joining the RCMP.  This 'weekend bur basketball teams are  going to Argyle.; This should be one of the"  final 'games of ^he season.  On Mcirrfiay JRL-b:uary ,17th the EolikJaiy  Playhouse. Theatre is, again visiting our  school for 2 performances.  In & Chicago bookstore,  going out of  siniftSS-   uV!nvtis   PailaA   TTc ����  business: "Words Failed Us,  ��wiAjmimnu.jinini  Want to moke your home  Jcfi-ger> more comfortable, more  modern, more -, beautiful?  Whatever home improvement  project you have in mind,  you'll find helpful ideas and  ihforrhation at your 6r��e stop  -supplies shop  t  Supplies  Phone 885-9669  SECHELt, B.C.  cWe-from'.ioVdawn can be-retained^d -tajsr. Wag and-JUIn taM UMi-dk-    rtK^itS;wIT2^  the 'older ����_��-* thus gmdgyou-a   -��*e�� --��? ��te ��_n_g operas   |^_?oS!K  L'aad- jieclaimaition   legislaltllon,"   to*  'poimparaittveiy ner\v vine.  givirig you _  < icxieietp laicnoss t_e laifld.   r    Spraying"with Bordeanx mixtur-e 'is a -     I -would Eke to poanlt icutythat; comtnairy  quate trieip-rjesente(_on, ���uses'them, a_I mis-    irmisfc'of'the | vines are to'be kept ���ealfhy, .Ito ithe imfpriessJioiB being ���ooaiveyed1 -by _e  ^.oisies thBEq. ffior _er ofwn .purpose!." - an fact,jtjh*^e-pr -even four subsequent spray-   iswrifatce imining "stories, ��ritish polumibi-  irigs'-are^-recommended'.by commercial' Iwiill ��iolt-1bB '-faced' witli s2rn_ar <pi)3T>l��rris in  -grtonvers/ if.^*ttio vines aire near a building * Ithei dweloplhenifc of its icoal fields in Jithe  it will fee'necessary to lower them.as the  However,- areSther .���eaund feets ithait i_e3ir  iregionS -are yet sn��-cie-t!Iy developed- Ito  _chieive provitacaail sJtatus.  Yukon fitemtorrfial CWticil -waisi ���tefrelsitedi  in -Premier Bennett's Is^ggeslted iamnexia���oi��  ���to Hihe-exitenib of laisking (Mr.- Benraeltit ito put  ihis iprirjipoisaXs1 ibeBoiie Ithem.  HwivewerP-iie-  imior Bennett- mover-'afctaowledged'- receipt  io_ itheflr itelegrairh' -amd Terxutorial CouncSlv  lof|S -do-ncit and'lthr& f^SSbddslbS flttdi* jtasitje.  ��.;^-���NOBlMAlN. WEI���S, NORTHWEST (I_R-  ' ;ROra>RlIES-JAlexaindei' iMialckenzi'e finslfi r<e-  '.���ysaeteA oil teesre ini-a789. The-, field' Bnats 'been/  ���tprodudag sSneei,JU921 atttd-'tha openaitton^  , shared on ai tw��ito-one Ibalsfis "by Imperial  Oil amd the Oanlaidi'an govieinnment, mow pro-  duces o-Vier $660,000,000 iia'crude oilannuaiuy;  ' IThis Ss one of itho Nonth'is ima'jor 'stuccess  1 sitbri-es, Ibu't Itihe UMd is -.a (tiny one in com-  iparison -with ithe big' isbnQca off tho Aiaskaln  ���cciasit recently, . '  The federal government is now a 45 per  ceint -duaiflduxtdeac* in 'another pairtnexisrOnlp  w|th iprivaite Oil atr*texKaslua ������ the iPamarotio  ���Qonsoiribium. Panarollic wiM ^tiaUt; ami $18  mlllian <explorati,CBi) ik�� (the Aroti'c. I-s^abtdlsi (  mcixt yeafr nvi'th the high hope ithait fflicaet  ���may oontoin a*nl _imonsely -ridic oil deposiilt.  liRecenUy, oil ��ompan'ies signed up (for  $2D,000,000 olf lexplonailiorj loaises in ithe NorMi-  iwest.'  ,11m jsucih Ihaippy ovront, iwo may expect an  la-dceleratedi i (piilygram lof Iteitinig" bejw ffec.  Ibrealdlrtg equipmont for inwtlicaini (waiter, bel-  c-aluso sMips twill '-rtcqulino -m-uich Wter laicceisis  to itho Ardtlc -sea, A million la-ndl ia> Stall! 51s  itotw being spent in tfiltiimg a dovioei toaUcdl  4h�� Aleodbow ito ia momtlhorii supply ship.  This iodbroalocr, wlilch Will oporlallie am a,  plowing (motion instoadi of In the convem-  itionaiD way, might Ksnalblo ia ycry long sM'p^,  plttg 'season iamd) year-fatnound soa itrams'porilj'  , in illhiaib Occam is/ ia paasalbllity.  <m SJIORT, NonUn olf Si��ty ft? now ono  Of (tiho imasrt; -exciiting -parlis of Canada.  Un-  'fontutiialtely far too Hew Oamadians. Ovea?  sue it.  Tliis ia(ppTikss ovon ito FwBamcriliary etoimf.  mlill-cosi loaii norithcnn aifJflallrei. Ours is lUio  Ike�� ito Visdlb lUict monUi In soircrail yoairs.  Jn _^2, VillKJaimur iSbejiluinssioin wnotd:  UH tlio aivcrage lAimorfcan or 'European mnli.  voi-ibSty ignadUotlo has ton idoas lalbouti (tho  NorBih, irino of ithcirft 'aro iwrong.''  -Bordeaux Is-injurions-to paint. A hand!fvd  cf aimmonium sulphate well watered ifl "will  help eonsidesra'bTy"'amd'leaVy~mulch in the  "Shnlmer will ^help to '-retain moisture,'' and  .provide ���food.';   --���.... '   ��� ,  ���. - The-peach is'aootherTfjruit'tHait can'be  pruned- mow for---_ic~'slimetrea&dhs'*aii* the  ���be  brought in toy Itfie'Govermnieriit alt this Session, will ibe in effect -(before.-'_be -coal-is  ever extra'cted am' 'lamge quamtMes, whereas  the Ame_cainls.'dId, mnt ithlnk cf:closing -the  bamnl, door, until -ma-ny years alter .!t3ie  hio-flses were- -gome.     -  '        ^.       '    .  jj-a-WtW-^  Croiws Nest Pass,  1 droip'ped' _ on -the'Departmienlt of Mines  iamd! Petroleum-"''Resources, amd''tear_ed *ai n                                           -      i ���  v  ffielw th_g-/wSiic-h <��thoughf mi'^iti'ibe tfJ __- 1311-1140   lOAnOVC  TIOAflOfl  iteiiesit Ito'lthe people 'cf t_e''Mackem_e! area. UUlll-   ICaUCliO 'U-9CUGU  ffn ithe tEiilslfc (plaice, -��������-���reiaiti-wd^ p-_       ���*     Tl     -x < TUT   11  icolail-depioisitsi iri the iKootenay will ibe "anSnedl " l-ilh^nn^-r flft   IVi P11 flTl  :inws*tly.iby itihe' "open ipSt" !meth-��d, which i!s W*""" * .*** * ��� -wxu**wi_  grape.,. Rnininig beconles Simple" if Xt/,is   Quilto ���diffei^t-ffiam-itihe' "isurXace fining'', AiLOlfG wiithrgemerail  known (that the fruit 'buds are rcrunded Amd   ite'chmque 'beirig'iusied ^"ithei-*smalUo*w,'1-cc,al ,  ,.anjithe.*Gib��o^s,'a*i--  .fuppear"inf^three white,the leaf ibtid^'aire", deposits,am*foe'igenl_y'_^ ���.'���...  Bobied-#'r>d^^                                                                                     ..:.   ,7  pBautish Colurnlbia's icoal!! -mMnig loperal-  >���//1  *��� Amiu<A  -X*\   ^J  ft  '"-���**���; i'yfm -7 ���*���*���" *  SlCHILf THEAtRE  PRESENTS  Starring Walter Matrhau, Jack Lemmon  . Cartoon - Technicolor  older amd m'Eglected tree'back hard in ���spring  numerous branches will foe forced out ito  form bearing 'buds next year/  *    ���*���-"--  A properly- looked after peach tree will  bear more fruit than it can handle -so it is  neces-saVy to thin the fruit while it is still  dm ail, but wait -for the natural 'fruit drab  before doing this, If artificial fertilizer is  u.sed make sure it is one that is lew in  "ftttro'gem; too much'o'f this clement results''  in a preponderance of .sappy growth thait  wJUi'lta-ve *t,o berernQved. /    % ;    .  The 'worst enemy of the peach is leaf  curl %vhich usually appears-on the ends- of.  bra-riches  when they  are  grown near ai  building.  With proper spraying plus growing in the open this disease seldom occurs.-  !_ons- aire in ai -mjounltaxnousi areal whiich ia  -spalrse-ly popufalted; /ahtdi has., practically mo  'alginiouliturial Saind; -���am���i', (the ismrfalce -ave���  whi'ch -waOl Ibe disturbed amd lalter rest6rc,d  iwhe'reveir ipoislsible, is odbramely smiaill ;in  corhipari&on wJitih ithe aimount of land which  is (bein'g -disturbed, by siurtolce (m'Mng oper-  altiornisi in the United' Stalbes. ,  0?lo_- example, a -sipecia-ll repomt om Surfa'ce  iMin'irig amd Our Enviromimeoiit, puib&hedl by  Itha TJ.-S. iDepa'rtmonlt of Ithe iriterdoiri showetd  that aisi of 1065,119.1' per oesnt o'f the sur&uce  o'f Itihe Sfcalte of Iffi-nois ha'd been dLstu-rbed'  iby icoal imining operaltiiffjus, as had -17.6 per  cent of K'cinituclcy, 17.4 'par -tenJt of Ponnsyl1-  varcL'a, '15.4 per cent of Ohio and* 7.7 ��� pen  iGBifildas are increasiimig  'Brownies torn Gfbsonsl 'and L'ainigd'aleame : fi&'.'��  eininoued in 3 jack's 'arid-50: <3<uides 'Ifriom *. 8Mj*' ^  'Gibson,s, Ciatogdhle amd) Port Mellon a-re enrolled to '2 -cioanpanie's. Although all groups  'aine-is'laiCfed with leadems at present,,it will '  Ibe mecesisiaay to train more1 leaders (do ate- ,  coimmo'dalte the increasing mumVber of girls  who wisn ito pamticipatcin these worthwhile  alotiivities.       < ��� ��� ���    ���  Tho ipnesenlt urgant need i-s -for. women  over 18 yeax&of age. to come intojlihe^iQul.de  companies <ai9 heJpei-5. Experienced pciople  tare; 'aivallable .to offer guidance amd itmai'n-  ing. IE you Wave some -spaa-ie,'ti!me',ainld -dn-  jay iwojlkmg iwith' young people we*aisk you  to icomtaldt our 'Diistorict Cornlmisisioneri, 'Mns,  (H. iLeiWarne, at .880-^421 (for 'mone.inliormai-  ttom.  .:*)"*��",���>''>*'' ''W      i*ffT?'  . �� .-    i.. ./   .'Ji.     i     it�� f|*irS*'/ ���  >   >> ' >  *  1�� ,        f     j       .    - > ,'#*7 *- ' . *  '-   'i, i     i   ,���'������ "-i-'"|"-m i-�� rff's.  lncrepsedtPrices; Adults $1.50 - Student $1 - Children 75c  Friday,' Saturday, Monday, Tuesday February 21,22 ond 24, 25  ^���^^Si^..^  r  i  v\  FlhrInog-e�� Is (m ado Ifromi Wood) -coHifecitwll  -fey tlio Oamadiart Red Gross, It produces -ai  ^���vrntttlc coasaltlort of bleeding,  " *lAxiw*M\ritvwmaa\mu<Awmmwmwnwnnuuv\i**iu]Am*wmmmm  *Wfawm Hospital Auxiliary  AzmkAMzm^  rOiidayf Feb* 24fi  OsOO p.m.  AN6MCAH CHURCH HALL  Gibsons  Bridge and Door Prizes  Refreshments served  FOR TICKETS CAUL  Book Sypply  is siot yet-complete  i   ���   ���  ��?%��?<|  T^mE^y*!.  ���BS5-S_S4  t>6  care cirri^ipg confisiilcilly.  A8r@aaly ^ a ��� tr&itifn^us Meet Ion.  see  ����^��^z  ^Y.A.m^��B2o��lcHILl>ReN;s  this  ^Z;?^  OF  ART  .<>���*:  H*SJ"  1,5        \  u^r~*  EZ-_3  v_. *  ���*   f  l*��-*.^^^^J^��#>lT<ll^?<ll%wfl>%^.#^w-^  n�� *dii��Att*f��ti -V tC*wu'Si^oii^',-B*Wh i^fcrf'  *  \'  *M^mHW*'��-rt��'?j* Jttjsjsw 7    "   ** .,   ^ f      -   "���"���      **���>       ,1 "' '     *''*,>''''',      'V       -<*",''< 'CV'���    '    'C>l--V'i-,    <t        ', M>>    *'<>��.*��� ii*.''p. .'"&?.*-���?$** *     i ��>!&���*-*****;'    f-'    fj.'i ."������.'-rV-"Y*-P   -r   J**-' " ^ ��">���<<��� *V.    ,'W ��C'   />" l-T1*" "b   ,1 /" '^H     'i   ' �� >'.   < *���<- ��*u--��rf.<n��n-"-��-���   =?n *   Is '<.-"�� <������)����-','�����   SM   ��� ��v��>,l , -Wr v-������*   ..fc.li -    ,       ' ,i-"    -' "!  i ���   **  V  -' jl" J_Il��j  f I  k! ,<  wawwt���oi  aui^jjiwwiijumitiiiH^iiiiiiii  '��� ,rfAft��,.>tf��tt*�����,. *rt<  a "���a**��-^'^iLXi_>_  ���***ffi��  -&J������-��&33ZSU  The Pe^nsula^^  ' "/ /nay be wrong, but I shall not be so wrong as to fail to say what 1 believe to be right." j  ��� ' , ' *      ^   ���Jo^ATKmaj  Douglas G. Wheeler, Editor ��� Stewart B.' Alsgard; Publisher  t        _______  iiii��ii��nnr��nmnninnmtiirio-iii-iiiinniT--i-r-iii���-~���r���p���.����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ihimiimiiw'*'  THIS week-end will decide whether expansion of the long overburdened St.-  Mary's ���Hospital will gain approval of  the taxpayers who cast their votes Saturday, February 22nd throughout the Sunshine Coast,  Indications are that the Referendum  will gain overwhelming support, as indeed it should, for adequate hospital  facilities surely deserve priority on any-  ones list. As is pointed out in a news  release by the Hospital Society; should  the construction fail to get the go-ahead,  it is very possible the bed they would be  unable to provide could possibly be the  one anyone of us might suddenly need.  Considering the vital necessity of  such a project, it seems difficult to understand why, once approved by Victoria, it should be necessary to go to the  expense and time wasting procedure of  a Referendum. This however, is how our  system works and, in some cases, it is  -, a good thing the public has the opportunity to voice its opinion. Otherwise,  as we have seen with past school boards,  the taxpayer would have now been paying for a prodigious empire, enormous  and vast. Fortunately, Victoria has from  time to time curtailed excessive zeal on  the part of the big spenders, other times  the firm hand of the voter has called  a well warranted halt.  Which all points to the fact that  when purse strings need tightening the  public knows just when to pull.  At this time it must be made clear  that while almost everyone appreciates  the importance of the hospital expansion,  there are always the odd few who feel  otherwise and who will rally all forces to  the polls to vote "no'VWe all lean to-1  ward apathy when all appears well and -  in the case of the pending Referendum  it is all too easy to say "oh well, who  would vote against such a worthy cause?  It is bound to be approved so I won't  even bother to get out and vote".  ��� Minority groups have been known in  the past to vote out what the majority  have considered to be necessary and  bound to gain the 60% aproval. For this  very reason it is essential that all votes  possible be cast in favour.  From time to time we carry cards  of thanks from past patients expressing  their appreciation for treatment received.  The dedicated endeavors of doctors and  staff have made the stay of very many  sick people a memorable one. Considering the fact that for past years the hospital has operated above capacity, often  with beds in corridors and any unoccupied space in sight, that duties are carried  out with such a high degree of efficiency  and cheerfullness is a credit to all concerned.  Places to vote are published on the  front of this week's Times and we again  stress the importance of your vote Saturday, February 22nd.  x\  rot */_t ��rf  rr  "���tow     ���_��*    --f-ij j,    Al  , 'J,\  vJ<   *AA>i$iZ:7&KA  l *% * J~/'j>  7 ��   r>    i'f^i-f ���>" *.��'     ���  |HMHMM,4*'*Wii|MMM  mmtjiwiytf ������*���  masmmuim^mmuMi  Husband-wife team  * ���  FROM time to time it is necessary to  make clear our position regarding  publication of police court news. Most  newspapers adhere to a policy of some  sort and while The Times is certainly  no exception we continually find our-  ' selves forced to turn down requests to  suppress news of certain convictions.  Life for a newsman would be considerably easier if he failed to publish  court news entirely, even then he would  get some individuals demanding to know  why certain cases were not publicised.  Such is human nature, there are those  who have no desire to read of the misfortunes of others, there are also those  untrue for while there are circumstances  warranting reporting of seemingly trivial  offences, there are also times when circumstances call for withholding rather  more serious cases. .This might be at recommendation of a' physician or police.  It might also be simply that the case  was too late for our deadline but was reported elsewhere and consequently would  hardly be considered news a week or so  later.  We make clear at this time that The  Times does not curry favour. When the  name of a customer appears in court we  are morally obliged to publish his name  along with anyone else providing the  who take great delight in reading of a --penalty is $50.00 or mOTe,-or imprison  ���by Benny (Buddy), Paul,  "BIG ROCK FRISCO BAYW  There's a golden gate city called Frisco  That stands on the banks of a bay;    -  I fell in love with old Frisco  From that rock out in the bay  My first trip to the golden gate city.  Was a trip III never forget,    .  I landed in Frisco in shackles;  Doomed to that rock in the bay.  They put me on a launch in Frisco  For that trip out into the bay;  on the rock stood that fortress like prison  better known as Alcatraz.  The golden gate city is famous  And numerous storys are told  Of destruction by earthquake and fire, -  1906 was the year  That laid old Frisco low.  Many tales are told of the big rock  That stands out in the bay, ��� ,   ,  neighbor's downfall. The average person,  however, simply adopts an attitude of  normal curiosity and appreciates the fact  that at least the police are carrying out  their duties efficiently.  Our policy has always been to refrain from publishing cases involving a  fine of less than $50.00. Under that it  is invariable of a trivial nature. Somewhere along the way it is necessary to  draw a line and wc feel that is it. Only in  exceptional cases which might warrant  publicity do we mention convictions  carrying smaller fines.  To say we report every case falling  within our policy would, nevertheless, be  ment. To give "credit whersid1���,fve-ry;'"0^^  few people indeed do ask to have their  names withheld and of those we have  been forced to refuse, it is extremely rare  for any of them to bear a grudge*  The job of a newsman is to compile  and report news, it isn't always flattering  to those who make the headlines but this  is the way the ball bounces. As we have  stated in the past, we do not make the  news, we simply report it It is easy to  understand a desire to have one's name  withheld from court news but the only  solution to that is an obvious one, even  though not always easy, that is keep out  of the clutches of the law.   <  AMERICA  is on trial  in the worldLiberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."  court of opinion. Americans arc;  Fed up with riots; Disenchanted with  civil rights movement; Bruised by Vict  Nam; Mistreated by Gen. De Gaulle;  Tired of being kicked around by pscudo^  peace demonstrators from New York  City to Tokyo to London; Bothered by  being misunderstood; Woary of tho rolo  of playing papa to the world.  AMERICA NEEDS:  A swing back to the right; to the  quiet enjoyment of( a neighborhood free  of violence; to make certain that"freedom  must be accompanied by responsibility,  whether man be black, brown or white;  to sec that laws be obeyed���for disorder  in society reflects the decadence of a  people.  The soul of America is at home in  her own domain of declaration: "Life,  u��mmmmmmmmmmm*��0>mi*mmm**mmmmmmmm  The PENiNSuui^!We4.  Published Wedncstlaya nt Sechelt  on D.C,*�� Sunshine Coast  by  Sechelt Peninsula Times Ltd.  Iiox310-SccliclUl.C.  Douslas G. Wheeler, Kditot  S. ft. Msgard, Publisher  Subscription Rales: (in advance) j  1 Year, $5 - 2 Years, $9 - 3 Years, $13  U,S, itnd Foreign, $5.50  Senlng the area from Port Mellon to Egmont  (Howe Sound to Jervlt Inlet)  (America will conquer America by  wholesale rejuvenation of her own faith.  Every American can make a cardinal  contribution to his country if he will use  his spirituality to the full.  ������Cobourg (Ont.) Sentinel-Star  Fletcher'8 Philosophy  ������Harry W. Fletcher  ENDEAVOR  There was u time when love was passion's king,  And youth the willing slave to court its lure;  Dut years creep up and bring refashioning  Of young idc-as to something more mature.  Wo cherished thoughts that jn the longer run  All means to win would justify the end.  The race goes not to those who jump the gun  And overlook the pitfalls 'round the bend.  i i.  'Die strong foundation makes the building  stand; .  No weakling structure can survive'the yenrs.  Ami gingerbread built on the fthifling wind , . ���  It helpless when the storm and tide appears.  Sweet youth endures but for it fleeting flight,  And age comes swiftly as the swallows call.  And brightest day gives way to meet the night  As certainly as winter follows fall.  So aim your shots to hit the target true,  And keep your cimmunition fresh and dry.  While SMch Rdvicc to youth is hardly new,  Tlic winner always docs his best to try.  And the men that were doomed there to stay.  At night when the pale moon was shining  Through the mist and fog round the rock,  I could still see the faint lights of Frisco -  That shone out in the bay.  It's a long time since I last saw Frisco  And one day I'd like to return,  For my fear of the rock has vanished;  The gates of the prison are closed.  I  Would they welcome me back to Frisco,  Would .they open the golden gate wide.  I'd like to TCturn to old Frisco  But never the rpc,k in the bay.    /  Weight gain in pregnancy  to be watched carefully  A ICAIPiIiD and -unusually la-rge weight gain  ���should mot occur during your pregnancy.  There is> general /agreement that a woman  who enter�� pregnancy with a nonmol weight  tor her age and her height should hot gain  tmore than ES pounds, somo physicians pre-  ifcrring weight gain rtx>,t>e, under 20 pounds.  Here aro a few suggestions from tho feder-  at. health -publication, Trw Canadian Mot-her  and Child, on what you can do to prevent  excess weight gain:  l)Eait esmall to medium size servings of  food.,    i ;���'.���.-. ,. ;-.���-���  2) Take care Uiat Hho total amount of  food eaten each day, at meals and between,  does pot exceed What is needed to keep to  the weight tsuggestod, Iby your doctor.  3) Keep to a reatsonaplo minimum tho  extra�� which add interest but also 'many  calories., Exaimplos of these e-xtr-as aro  iffravlcs, .d-rcsslngs, pastries, chips, beer,  heavy syrup on canned; Crults.  4) teake' Ibotween-nioal! tsnacks? wor1h-<  while nutritionally, for example milk, fruit,  tfndt Juices, cheese. Avoid -starchy or iswcct  foods giving chiefly calories.  5) Use skim milk instead of whole milk  ���making up for some of tho loss of vitamin  A by eating liver, igrecn vegetable* and yellow fruit and vegetables.  Not for regular use  WHILE it may be -alright to take a laxative  occasionally when -required, remenibcr  /that you fihould not use a laxative indefinitely without consulting a doctor. Chronic  constipation may. indicate*, a very nMsriouw  di-JordcT needing early ���medical attention,  says the federal health department publication on drug*, "Handle With Care."  WORK lof talented -husband iamd wife, JC_ar-  les- -amd Alice Murray, wiU -be dcsplayed!  ait the'Su���taine Coast Ants C&Hincil Galleofy  in SKchieilt -froim February is .to Mrarc_ 1.  Bath prefer to _3e waiter-color. iWe halve  , loca'By very few artists who work in _i!3  aneduum and1 it must toe a year since Itihe  , -GaJlery ex_bilted a< complete js-hc-iw of wiaiter-  . ccrJois, _t /tbast tiim'e -the paitn'taiflgs of Mns.  Q. -Gray of SeJsmia Park were exhibited.  The Mrurriays have necently moved to  - this- area tarn Fushenmara'ts Cove -a-nd airs  ibi_dSnig talt Bavis Bay.   ,  i "Ghairleisi Murray was bona in the north of  England, and trained as a draughtsman! amd  . designer, the disciplines of his *professic_  simw in bis paitatings -and his special feeling  ifor historic -buildirigs. In Canada1 he studied  with Jack MattDonaldi and' John Valley.  Alice Murray who is a second ge_eT>_ti!o_  . nial-ve daughter of the Bunualby district of  greater Vancouver has -taken wui&es alt  , itihe VaiflcBuver Art School <a_d isyiudied��witb  ���'R. S, Aleocander and Onvillte Fishier and is"  iat--��h_ater -member- of the West Vancouver  "Sketch CM>. In fact it was at ithe West Va_  SkeMt Cft-uo during -a- ciitcrisrn, o'f paWt&rigs  ii-haft the Murrays -firs* tmet. She descriilbea  _��� -specialty as BjC. landscapes and wild  flowers as a natural ifor -a_yone who gnew  up _ong itMis coast. This ���eludes boats and)  the sea. Of intere-st Ito Ithe many followers  of Wiif iDa[wtson's "Co_srti_ Croiisiing'' is ai  pafiMting of Ms boa* the West W5_d.  fEhis display includes paintings ,of Oso-  ���yoos,' iGeorgia Strait, T_e Indian Church  alb tChase, St John's, Yale, Bedwell! Bay, the  S-aaiLkalmieein, OMBsquito Creek Matrinai, 'the  Ortegon Coast-laBd* Santa Baifera with a  group of stOl life and flower compositions.  1_a iMurtnays aire impatient to get their  housia finMied ts�� th_t i_ey can paii-t tsome  of our Sunshine Ooaislt -scenes and taut lovers  look forward! to a- (future sihowiMg of -these  pictiuies.  The planting of 75,000,000 seedlings a_-  -nuaEy by -ISfra . . . this is the target olf ithe  sRefo-pesla_on Division of the British Cr>  lum!bia> Forest Service. There are 48,000,000  .seedlings now igrowing, ithe.p-oograira,ds al1-  ready1 ahead of >schedule.  Pago B-4 The Peninsula Timea  Wednesday, February1% 1969  ^.^ ������������������  Around Gibsons  'BtEIiL AWD Biomirde Nimnto lefit.on Fridlay  "   iotr Gneeiilwoiold) where Itihey aititendedl ithia  wedding olf Mns. IN���iimo'is tortiher oo Salt-  ��� urdlay. '  MSiss CShaiddiiK -BremtXDar oneturmed on Fxn-  diay irom Ba_er, OaUatornfiat, wlhere iste ihadi (  enjoyed -wawaltaoniinlg Ifiotr ia -miorifch.  (Mr. AUaa Coibb��� and Steph!e_ friom Vair>  ���couiver paid tai viisdit to ifihear iplaiee on tihe  Uowier Roafl, Babeirite Crieek*  1 IMrts. Flo Hicjcs hiais xietiJiirmeidi Ito Iher  ihlome talt Daivis -Bay alSter ai lengWhy aSbsfence  -ctuirirJg wMdb isihe -undesmve_t -surgery iatt_  ���received itherapy.  IMrs. F. iHolaind and Mr-s. F. SB^ey -vis-  ated !_e Mte&'9 aiurit in VaMooiusvieir'.  iMris. N. - tMbiore vis3lte_ !_e_i daiughter  iMairy-Amne _ Vancouver.  IMr. John At���DKon teas ���re'fcuittfed ihome  tfnom toospital1 ais lhalve alsia iMrs. G. Elairider  ���amd Mrs. D. C. Hornen.  Mr. attid IMrs. Col��� XkojbeOl wane in jfcoiwn  - Ito meet tai Mend fnom England.  iAU aim kmitied to the _tareslt_!g. amd m-  s-truerivie coloried1 fflm, maiiraitiea;, on the  tnaveflis o!f Mir. IPalt Hollilnlglworith ��� Ithe Vaw-  couver iBneaMalst: Group iw_a in'ade an ex-  ita_ive Itoun laf itihe Holy iLamd. Tlhis will ibe  alb -t_e Ang_ca_ iBairash Hail on Saturdtay  - ieVe_ng, Miairchi mab. Coffee amdi desseint will,  _ei served! ait 6:30 p.<ra. amd the tf_ma wiB  'be isihoiw- ait 7:30 pjm.- hoisibed toy a atari-  deniamina-onal ignoiup; Ithe -Gi-bsoais Rrayesn  _ iBreaKfaisIt -Group for CkriisBan Fe_owshli(p.  "* The Ridberlbs Creek Pamenta Anxiliairy will  ihaive at prolgrBlm alt the nextfc Atrxffiaay iraeetr^  irig, consasting o'f tfolk isairtging amdi iskibs -with  local talerit. The dnatmla igroup _> malking  progneas and! intetrest is increasing! Enthusiasm is also shown for ibadiminton) amd  p-flg-rpoirig.  iThe J. Cornrrfea out irma. town to their  eourJtiry hiotrne tor ithe week-end.  iA pla_riMg meetirig ifor the ''Wdrnen'ig  ���"WtoaM _tay of Prayer" service to Ibe toeM on  (the 7itihi xxf MJarcto took plaice at thet homie'idf  Mns. N. Maore on Tuesday last week with  IMrs. R. Kennetlt, Mrs. J. IE. MairsWafll, iMrs.  IR. McQueen, and 'Mns. -S. F���d'aiger pneiseait. v  - The AngEcan Church Women of St.v  B*MJhoik��miejw',s held a delightful Valentine  tea alt l_e Parish Hall on Friday, Fenroratry  Mth'which was well attended. A imarvei-  lous variety of -excelLent iioane^baMng tsold  reaidily.  Whan Ithe Women's Miissaonary Couricil of  ithe PentoeoisiM1 Asselmbly met ait ithe home  jrjf IMrs. F. IWyingaerit on Tueai'ay eveimntg  lalslt week election of officers took plaice re-  sultkg ais tollaws: Pnesatferib, Mrs. F. Wym-  gaeitt; VieerPinesident, IMns. E. Laiwrence;  Secnetey^-Treasurer, Mrs. B. J. Wisken;  C__c_jo_atry OuitQ.1i Fund, Mrs. K. Schroers.  Age is an accident of time  AGE IS only an accident of itime and it is  harder to be brave when you are old and  your body begins to fail. But for tsome  courage never falters1. In a -nursing home  near Haeelton, B.C., ai woman of over 90,  -completely deaf, with failing eyesight, has  made oven 40 quilt covens to the Unitaiian  Service Committee in ithe-paist'-yeair. The  quilts are seat Iby USC headquarters ait 56  Sparks Street, Ottawa, to squattier tfaimilies  in Korea.'*    ���   ' . -.. . ,.i    >  ^ilsJ ' "" ~iaai���'.4HS&.1*.���*_j>^��b.-m'^ j.gr^.yas-a., ^���si^.^.^njsss-^ Anuy,,.'  ���__|__2l_r. &  m^mmmmm^^mm^  f^eninAUia ZJlmes  *Mf - -Cfi 4. IM-wi  Inclyding:  "GARDENING FOR THE WEST"  "EPTTAPH FOR NOSTALGIA"  "FOREVER FREE"  "THE KINGDOM CAKVtR"  "WAY TO WOMANHOOD"  "A BOOK OF WIZARDS"  '/EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION"  AND MANY''HUNDMDS MORiE  TO CHOOSE FROM  WW  i���i     *-,ii>^   i����J  i.,~.'-ji  mmvViiuvmu,VV9fwmvvimeyVVnn,nmwtmvm>f  MM^'M',��*,��,,**tMiiwwiiwwaii��a  1 Muw��wmiiwjii!l|".iw  ��**-***.��*     *   -*'**���**   4ff ���>���*    �� , ,*   <*    fH,    ;   |<t��   itp t��~i   *v   ,% /& (rfi,*^   i   Jt    $��tj<*> r!V, Itaif *^%'-*-^^^'r^'M^-).^^'��*,1^'JtfV-^^ -���ft>��iWl^"i-^^fcAw%.^^^i*^.v^,*��^rt**��^,J^ * /**%���'&*<&* <f^^* ���*<#�� 1*/ j*��m>*,*# IV, M. ,1%i*i4,*H rf*   **��� ��",����#   ^ rflti-*-,*!/**��� .* Mt*t�� *t,**.J<(. ��#\ -S*, *��������" ** **l   ff^-*^   It, f����� **   *'   *f  ~t-r^tfr    **    1*1-"^'**    **I'��H  p>,   ��, ^fc,.�����,A,A  ���,Wj%.��1,;,  HM^^^Aun^A^^^^A^^K^,, l*"v***A* ^-\» ^Vyti **„**v
£?"l •*  L      s
r      -.1        **» '•"-"I-'    *<\  V" ■*
•W   t/^i-1^' f <*>•*    &' V*1* "*( Wrf.i^
•J*i I
/ ^-■"V-Vl^'-V      /"    •»**   --   V-*N^~'>^*-,J»-"-._-     «.tui.J.^   4*~-".        ^J.^4 -
^•V^**.      »!..—?■■    ^-^t#--<.l"^i     /,      *"*   (      111     -W-'   J
^^ ll .* ,-*   ,*   «■*   >-vL
Carte blanche powers
»rori©m quits
'*,''*<* , > -
suggestion ol dictatorship
"*-- , ~^j***'v*''l
AT'-ilHE Jiainuairy -meeting ,o'f' ithe School   pie should mat ibe s^ordtoaifced to a- ^Ti^m ,
4   /.
5* -
•Board/Eleitrietiitiairy Scrip™ Supervisor J.
Battort -tendered his, meialgaaitiani to the
RoaVd. -Feibrua'ry meeting held'last Thursday saw 'aaiother' 'resignation, this .time t>y
\ District liihmriafc John >_e_ 'w!ho makes
clear the ffact'-fihiat under present condiilions
"his position lnrlthis -school district dls 'an-
Itenahle.'     " , \
In ^"prepa-red statement Dead to the
Board) 'Mr. -Bell (--jtalfces:
It is^with'iregreit (thaifc il tender my rasig-
najflon aist. ©iateidt Iibranian for School1 Dis-
*•tric'fc, No. 46 (Sechelt), -effectiive June 27,.
1969.," : ; •
Tiysi action hais -been itaken alter caineHul
exaiminaitiion of premises u'pon which eur>
'■real; pt&licy tit ithe Boaird of School Trusfees'
appears to be ibassed. The premises ia__ my
realsans far questioning' itheir validity aire
'oVitlinediiaBiSollb^Si -   i < < j
1. T-Jusfc (this isehool d-^ct-ov-erspent its
budgeted laimeunts in* <sect£o_s A to ID (oper-
a_ng sjefrjlo_0 of ithe 1968 Ibudgett-by $276,-
2. Tfeatt lover^expiBndf tore in 1988 justiifieis
a reduction Miexr^nditures in 1S89.
3. fEhaib llhia ischiffol1 disi'tniet must (cut its
education cosltis iu order to halve good1 relai-
itionsf TOith Yi-dtoxia.
4.. nftaftila^re-rfucte
and monkteacMrig istaiff and'services wall rub
-tap^ifl-^dislti^ prograjmime.
fe ilexirrW'iof Khils di'sitiri'dt'is _eeds we were
r_t-oyerspeintj_y $275^60,00. »AvaSlalble in--
tormaittori '^^s j^s^ ^met^m^saMat'e: an
se'cti'ons A to & <Operait—g sectaons) of Ithe
1S68 budget misMed* onJy $19;430.0B/ It' is
tor ithe ifirtateeial requirements of ^herPrJo-
vineialGwernmanit,'",    - * <■ ' >'-t'f
PRJE&2IBE 4. ' " '    '   '.7' \l
A 'good ledjutialtionai prograimme 'daW upit
toocutn torfeitautsly. It hais Itakeh mainy yeiairs
<_"*e_5orit amdl iexpet_eJo touEd cu-p ^Ucaitbn--
■al pnograimime to its pnesemt ^taige/,'  Evidence ithait -pesidenlbs; of <the i&it-rldtVa-nt the
Ityipe of educa!ta!an!ai| programme ptittvlded by '
ithe IBoaird up to arolw is sh-oiwri by 'lliejaf wilj.
irJgness to pay for it. To Ibegim to dismain„e
al pnagnaimane ithialfc is yeit ineamplete ar|$ .
ishorlfc of its -ulitaim'ate -goals eain'i&uly Hv-uye''
.unforitua'alte echsequehces for the  ycu-rjg
people o'f iQiis district.   " , >r \
Oun Schoolsi need -more, na% less, atafff
and isemviceis if ithey aie ito meefc. pnesarxt
and! ariticipalted 'ne!ec^s., 'The presence,' ef
miiany -undempriivileged -chUdreri, ^<ndl'^ alrii
aixatrjlndiajii,' am • our, gehjo-ols nee'essitalfes thi9
p,rovisiorn of m'afay, sewiceisi tbeyt^^lthnse
molw wallalble. SpeeiailM: toa^iers,, adequate' tealehing aireas «nd mecessaryipsfcriiic^
itLonal irn^eriiafe,- iirfcl^dteg Jahr^-fyC (books}
mi*us!b "be'added _»'igr«^elF*durn;berfs'it eSahi
•child: now enrolled in or albout toei-jte'r oifr
Sclr5oo„lisrto"ii5eail_e hisf ifpaixMum pcl'ehtlail
am?i eo_lrilbu1ie to rthe wel^being *o| ithiis ecfli-
murdty.- -      ,.      ; .,   ,.,
lAs.a lmie!m!beii „ itMs distnlct'is Ir^flfeisi-M*:
al slfia'J- rai£i aist a* -member bf -ttie^omlmunP
- %,' I: aihu xiiisltuiOied'-ithalt 'Jhe •-'-Boam-i - -shcidd
■brld'the! E-r^oe^rJig^prelmises^ The-lBoiard)
* i'     ~ ** *-*     5
<■> -<A<-J ■
»*" v    ^
J +   J
j"   Ir.   t
"i    £
■■m.i< nm-llniil— ■ilia
Wednesday, February 19,1969     T<|e Peninsula times Page B»5
Conflict settled y i\  -      (     ;\
,, SchoQi Board iaicl|!(" parents.
• recfeation \'m^i''ddtivity.
SCHQOIj Board agreed, last week to -subsi-
, disc Roberts Creek Parents Auxiliary to
help offset the cost- of. a janitor on duty
during the weekly Friday Recreation night.
* _ f
, * -Thai pananV's Group had origin-ally agreed
to clean-the school after each eyent but
this-contravened-an agreement between
Local 801 and the Board, *•
Cdst of a' jaiRj'Jc-r ait *oveitti'mB mate of
$3.88 'per hour came to $15.52 more than
the * group could afford.  Letter from the
■ conducted' at the same time. ■
' Halfniqo'n Bay recreation Commission
. was giv/en permission to use Halfmoon Bay
School oh Saturday and Sunday for recrea-
, -tion purposes under adult superv'sion. This
. would nqt contravene any agreement as the
,' school is, presently closed.
; -" Secretary Metzler assured the Board
. Chairman- that the school. is insured for
. s,uch usq. ,    ,  . .
,   . Past Presidents....
Iter-:'.twenty; years' -member^shfr) '& !-pictured-with retiring president Mr?.
|ertde.r H„f»quir Hoipitalj.AuxiliaryA D/Ph'ilp;(lert), For hef-faithfuVserv-
,^r&LM_i\W-_rden.!ia^iIL\<_ie-o£~1il(4 l Ich to feotti organizations, Mrs. Ward-
mp^st active members. Last Wednes*;. en hplds life membership in the Aux-
my-she-graciously-~conducted-4he-inf iliary and Sft. Mary's HospitarSociety.
-gtallation-ofthe (ne.w exeputive and*isi •*'".'* -- '-. :\ -■"• -* • '" " ~    >   >   '.
- letted! in'education.- It instead t appears rBo
emitertaSin the be-ef-ifealt'-re-^ente-wish 'tan
cuHhaSck a_ .-expenditore-ttbi -the^t-eiiit- ithaib
ithe dJ-i'-nlbt'isi eduea'tooina!!! if^gramme tcairi Jie
euiitia_edr I "-ffe-aver hWKeiver," "-iiiaf olji f^cSji
Parents Auxiliary-pointed out thatv people
of all ages from students to senior citizens    FINANCE ,   .   ,
were participating' and use of the - school > trustees approved statements and ac-
gave-the community a badly njeeded focal/"cpjints'fpr January, as follows: Operating
point. ' '    " '    cost? ~ $11,9_,20;    .Teaching    payroll —
' Present at the meeting to plead the case -' $W0,72p.85; , Substitute teachers—$942.51;
for the -Group;"President 'Mr*L Muriel Ball . Non-teaching payroll-^9,472.52; Adult edu-
stated that a lot of ehthusiasrn hail *been catioh-$569r00; Referendum-§3,379.59;
generated and the group; is,trying to- in-';-Shareable capital—$212.17.
,volve as many -pepple as, possible. Asked < ■ v ~—r-"—-——-——
about use of the immunity Hall by Sec- I,, What is now the British Columbia Forest
retary Met?ler, Mrs. Ball, explained that it -Service was; created in .1912. Today there
is difficult to he^at.anp^.itjs not possible to' q aire aippcoximately 2,300 iulltime personnel
have three or four different programmes • -with the service.
only under*rtha terms t^"^tthe'Pr»vJ!nciall <Gov-   Ibe ai "iserio*—^ mistake for ithe" Boapd (to 'rW    \
to an average of the section A-D costs of    calusei'rif tiziy hick of piiblic intereiti ip edu4
all British Columbia "school districts ca_.be   i-^tton ibut"because ithe Boar- -failed $ot ecitn-
,sieen to exceerJithe-average Iby $275^60.00.
OUghlt a) district tsubstiiyte tor-its tows';-*-"' standard of ie^endjlture !$i jPmvinciafli Gofv-
vj"v ^ ernmient sston-diairid wl_«Ai ws n'o trelaition to
sr y Me district's neai needs?'' -Mie M8» expett-
:,: :, <_ti_e, of Seicsh-e$> « school &tfs& Avilh.
Zy** uniqua meedis aard afbolve^a'veiiaige gr-qwitih,
• y ^ camhot he.irealisticaflily cimipafed! to al pro-
;;■;■-"<   vincaal aivera'ge.
'ZZ"']       ?°-,,v cai0 lQi:e lcos*s -^ ffift9 diatriict's ledu*-
[  '.v.    cait&nalprogrlalnrmieibea^tediBainyime^
-', ",4   ingfuT'way ito a> pru>v_ici_ cost average!—(al •
Zy,   figure-, computed iby Ithe Provincial Govern-
//7 ^   medl; for Sts own and nolb the distraet'ts tfaam-
y"Z>^ (^pjrrjpoBes? (Many of tftds disjtrict's beledis
:^ ,*•'•?- aire -unique.   ExpiendTtore- itor, dhese needs
bears little relaltionship tto an aviarjaige of the.
expenditurieisi of __ districts." Hofw does one
<Z.'-- sr'<   comipaiie Ithis disitiriclt'is .expendfliure Ifor itn-
; vlt. '-^4sllr!4c-fcna(l imaitorlals, tfox- example,- to .ah
/' -'-'^aivera'ge oSE .the expendi!turfis.<tf •'itlher .dits-
'! - ''/';\ truest-? Loea]i„*coj5lfe9 for jinstrwitaon'rl''' amale-
7 x ?  j.-roaits do molt offer, pali^tio/too^riiplarison iwithi
\ ■, Vcfts-f^in oiih'ej1iBsteto.iJj.,,j..'->i   .   .'-,
-'\. y      ipf, .ais is pfos-ibed; out, this disMofc &&•'
,  '^'•/f4pe_|ed -more in- 1S$9 - Ithatn -tsome-disroots-
4 -  -*«rf_ *.*. j._ _._«*_„i* t:_-_:i'it^_._C!_.»?!■
.-*    f   ,-■
miii-oaite elieaily to the public its." Men-
Itaans. t „-  ,
I am pDe&amed % ■wUhdraiwr flits resign^!
Mfm {_ Ithe iBajafid will    ' . ;'
1. -Rescind! the cairitei iblaneh', powers 'ii|
_a_igivie_ the-BeeretoaT^waBurer'.* -     " y
lit is.pf jsome concenn to imie -that the
secnet^-lfc^^ appears to ih^v-e'soia
respbhsi'fiH'ry for deciding not only how
m-uich momey wiB "be a-UiolJjted elementary
iSehool Uta-ries hut whether professitonai
•istoff (TMssiitions, including 'my oym, will ibe
albo—shed. Such decisions ishould be made
' Iby'ithe Board amd mot by its ibusiness ma-pager. r ir
2. .Recognize (that it may be guided hut
,mo,t dinected by ithe Bistradt! Superiritendeint
in educaittonal mattens.      ' 7 r
The Di_fcriict (Supermtemlerit •rnay make
'a.-redommeoidaitian to itha Board 'thate the
I>ls!_ict Xtbrairys proceisiirig se-fyices tor
two - -schools' ibe * toranihaiteirl.' * T4iie Board
-should mot Iha-oWigalled tof'riega'rdi hlis reccirn<
•rniendaltaora ais:a> direc_ve. • The adivice of the
I&ltricit  lATMariaii!   and' 'schwl Jlibrariarr_
ic/WnHiKAi    1t*./_    fMnNiiH.H4'AJ~_.".•_,,*„«_■-   Xi_._*_."_ ^ •_*     _r_,..4-'^
; •    I
;  ^ . ^-4.«*, (>-. -
w (*■* *" •
> ^^AfNJ'U'^'iUf
UPHOLSTERY        <| n
ALL FOR    iS■?ff,
y, t,, ctoio to-the pr«Viri6ial'w-eiake w
[',-'-    *, lurf',1iaein: 3!,; -^ -»ecau?e Hb,e distriot wa'spno-    Superintondenifc would ihe in th$ best inter-
l   is
idsits of distirdicit schools.
vidbg for needs which ishbuld harvie (been
mei in previous yeara. M^y'feaitiuresof (the
districts leducaltdoinal sryistelmwhalve Sn the '»             . ..                  '     - . *
paisit bean dtangoitteni or overlooked./ Priori to .Annual VeStry meeting
Septomlbe-n 1054, tor example, kmly 8,970, o/iow^r? mnrkpri nrnrvr^cc i-
Ubra-ry -hooksi were alvailable to the disM'cjt'iS .. "_.VLe_.   m"TKGa P^OgreSS .
lAOSiNiTJAIi Veisltry (Meeting olf St.'Aldan's ApT
ig_catti €hunch', Roberits Cireek, wais held
on Wednesday, Fiehruary l^th, 1S69, in the
Parish Hall, preceded by >a service tit IHoly
Comimunlibn in pie Churich.
The Reverend Dennis Morgan, thp mew
vicair, was in (the chair amd .eiprteiased hi's
delight ait ibeing ion (the Pipnlhsula,      ^ - •
Rieponjis weie given fmrn) itfie dUKeren*
orjgalnlJKi'Uonis', of the •ye-aj-'ta work amd all
showed Khali progness haioi been made.
The (sccrollary reporteiil 4 r^utte imeeti-
dln'gs; 1 -annual vestry meeting; 1 -bappnldai
imxscittoig and1 2 special im-e^tings had been
flection tit offlcens -resulted in itjuo if olbw-
aing bfficexis heing eloctcd for llrp yearn 1069:
■YHtoaWs Warden, Mr. L. C, Bengough;
Pielople'-s Wnmden, Mr. C. Bedford*; digamist, Mrs. C. D. Clough; fTnoa-surer, Mr. L.
A. llVtoilheiwtsi; Secretary, sBtoa, A.iiM, Hamper;
Delegato ito Synod, Mns. A. M.; Hamper;
AJIteraalto Detogiait-o ito'Syinod1,, SMr.- C' Bed-
fond.,, . ,    ■'   ''    ' "
iPatrfcilii ■C^ndiv|l!to...atr4i''Mr|Sv:J. W. H.-
Seafn; IMi«E» E. MarroP; ^ns, ^f,;-0, :'Beri!-
Igough; IMrs. G. Mmddi; Mrs. W. OaWiey;
Mr. L. C. Vullaimy; iMrs. F. Dawnes;
Bell Ringer, Mr. G, ^oukl; Flafg --Riaibor,,
^r.^C.lBedford. , ' ■• ■    v ': , ■
elememba-y schools. Since 1994 we halve hard
to ispemd '-morie-tor* •Hibrary IbrJoks ate well ais
"or talm-strips, HUm-loaps, phonograph records, ipeirdiodioals alnd other instrudtional' m'aK
tenialls meeded1 iby the district'isj id'ementory.
•schools. Nor, ais any 19G7-0968 Annual Report indicaltes, has every-demand* in ithis
hroa) of meed yo't Ibeen met,
The P^vinciail Govierm:ment,'tsi leducatiion
finance tormulai appears to be designed) lib
tma!|ao all isch»ol'd__icfcs alvcra-gci-castt, aiv-
ena'ge-grwwith districts. fThig school districlti
ii9 >noit, nor hag |t oyer been, ,aitt otvciiage-
gnoWth', herice dvterage-oas!|; ischool dist4ct.
B,e!lKviccm 1058 and IOCS it experienced1 a Q1.0
per cent increaiso in pupil enrolment—imoxo
than itha't o'f mainy di^tricits. As pupil caf
rJolmef,t continues Ito rise Mil* distriet wil
cremwln ono of iBiitiish Colu'rn|lbiai--s imost malr>-
idlyigr/oiwing school districts. It will, o^. tin
ithe p-^st, need to paly iroore for; Stia' ie4ucar
-UtanaJj' programme ithairi| a districit- Ivvhlich
•exReataccs Mlitto or mo ig*roMril3». ,
,,PRilEIR}iIlSE,2,,. '.   ,,
. Simias m, igm»ft. over-ewperaBtlu'rioi l-n, tPcXal-
' -tl-on" lio disltrtcSli' mfseds ,'was.iirrcuirreri iin ISR®
the'ipr^mlisio flijait I1DC8 ovicr-oxipenditoro justifies rcdu-ciUon in 1069 expandilturesi fa to-
iPINBMilSE 3. .
School :B»laiTdS are nb,fc lns|trwmc#i?i WE lUie - — —^—:  '"!',,..      ',
Prtoylncial Goiverinmicinli.  Ttey wfm ©leiciticdj        Aniwpxlmaifely  24,GOO  persons are om--
Iby Ithe publito for Ww> pt-mposo'$'-ptpoyldinigi   ployed In lugging opfira-Uphsi- and sawmills
tor 'tfhjst '(^•caittonnl'iheedL-i of ■yoiingpe^Rl^. ,, ifl tHe- Vancpuyer Forest Oisitrlct, ai^d their'
'':'Thdir '«^rjtdf9tii tor" ithe '-nceklis of youiig''pcW''   annu*>l payroll Is -alwiit $16530,000,    " ' .1
■ For c|elep-cjown carpet cleaning pothing matches
- a Hboverl'Only a flodver upright lifts the carpet
on a cushion of air while smooth agitator bars
g^ntfy tap the carpet, Vibrating the deeply
imbddded sand ahd grit to the surface. Brushes
comb out the pile removing the surface litter*
Therf powerful suction carries the diftaway to
a, convenient disposable paper bag.
Get the best possible protection for your valuable rugs—
plus a Hoover Bonus-^at remarkable savings during Hoover
Bonus Days. This Hoover Deluxe Convertible with famous
beats-as it sweeps-as it clean action, gets the deep-down '
dirt that oihqr cleaners miss. Actually
adds years to the life of your rugs, converts instantly, to suction cleaning too,
.with optional tools.-Stock, is.limited, sa
hurry . .. and save during Hoover Bonuf
Days.    ■
_© _^SIP©SA__fE
83>fl^T BASS
   -'*-rTrr'_,^™(!'^? ***T''
?*t_    _•   ' * *«  I*
.'■',' 1
Iff  M
ja . OZi*~jil'.i
r     '
1 1 ■ . i- ■
For liANS-POirATlON to the Polls^
any of the follbwi^p-
Phono 886-2216—2217-
Phono 886-9978—2764—9909
Phono 885-9336—2856—967*3
■  —2392
Phono 885-2013—2247-
'■ CA^E
Hero'* tfifl best friend a clean home over liodl Th« tamous Hoover
Cotittollatlon—th6 cleaner that wWk» on ollr—|u»t $49.95. Completo
with   toah,  tool   rock,   long   cJoutle-ttret^h' f»o»o _ ^    -?x ;—
ond your bonut of 10 dlip-oiable <ifrt ba0t, CHeck M U%
Iho low, low price tt»cr» hurry down to Parker"! ifl^-^J
Hordwaro today,   -. 'k 77      ' i ~• m m M "^
• wiptl ■■■'■.■.;■■". ■";;.
-it poygn^
, FliOOHS! '
It's th0 biggest sales event of the year and
it's your chance to save on the most versatile*
opliance you can own. The Hoover Shampoo
Polisher is actually four appliances in one.
It shampoo rUqs ... scrubi floors . . .applies
wax . ... and buffs to a glossy shine. Conies
complete with all pads and brushes plus your
Hoover Bonus., Hurry whilo the stock lasts.
Shampoo brw»h«»
j.\La\lsIj\X e)
.IX:) \ q
IM L 5
i 1
PhofMT 885*2171
Ctfwrlo Street, $*uclieSt, (_.C«
^evy+^^^f"**-,********,*,*^ '.^a^wa**^ <•*<•
^^, *+ *•,*.****?* *,r»**' * *>^- ■
,   ^,,^K^ ,*  ^. ^«   ,
*,.*>".   ,.N *. ^*.
h-#^  *. ^.«* &*v^. ^
,   % *<* **** *■
— ^^H^ *ph ^tw.ft ^* .^,^,1, f7r&¥^>7^t^HA7<J>   ■      5 <     v v   >*■ ,
fl^M^V. .««*-^«__.___L___ ''
!'".      -^^'" -.' ;^  ,' , ? . / ; •:•* •*- > . ,;></< tZ/y^l ' *V: ,lrV   '>\(. ";    ' l- * /   -
>    s  ':," *'   •,       'ZijyAz   ..   '.:j"\,    v--'1    -v'^..   -'  -f  v1-   "   -"
HM^2 H6*ercrof *. •.
'.r, *• * j
A**-!     \WJ i.
"f-((        *T     > I
I  "*>->
-n.  _    "J
-A     5-'
i     '
so came.
■^strueted of 'reinforced rubber. "Two .tanks
,\    1.       ...         >•   *■ .i- > •> ,        *     -<•'- ".< V <''•.'   ' '
AS MOST of us are by now aware, anHM-2' eveint wxll -be diijsculsised .. -. _, , ,  ,      n,    T  -.-.-   ._....
Hovercraft is scheduled to operate bet- ■ salon has three tows of seats ae<»mmoda:,' are-situated-in the area of the after corri;
,  ween Vancouver and £owell River ,by trie , ting 60passenger and allowing for an extra1 panionway and- 'provide capacity* for 150
summer of '69. The trip between thesetwo five passengers if required. Seats,, which -rgallons. Forward tank,  capacity 40  gal-
' points, is expected to take-only1 two' hours are mounted? on -tracks, are easily removed - Ions,' is located adjacent to the main-lift
45 minutes at an estimated cost to the pas- aUowing .for an alternative five tons of, fan'box.-,         ,         ,    ,*,.,,, *        Z'?\
senger of $10 one way, or $18 round trip'. ' freight *» be carried. Tracks also, provide -Protection of propellers from driftwood
'     ' Hovermarine   craft   are ' designed   to anchor points for securing bulky, items of ^ grounding is provided by skegs" pro-?
operate from ordinary jetties; specijal in- .freight..   "" '    > ,    ' >      u                    , jecting from (the bottom of the sidewalls.-"'
stalations are not needed and neither are , , Salom and dec_head-linings, are trim-, '   Steering-gear comprises twin balanced
deep> water berths such as are required med  ^ materMs & a  Selectivd- color spade-type rudders angled out to provide
for hydrofoils. The rectangular plan area range> The saIoon is heated ^ ^ forced some degree of tovard ,fleel on ^^ Con-
of me craft is ideal tor cargo-_an__g op- taught heating units situated aft at floor trc-1 is by a power-assisted hydraulic sys-
eraJ~ns- .    ..   "-          .         .       ,.    , level and,, electric lighting is by means of tern  to the steering  wheel.  Emergency
, Tbrpugh- .the   -use   of   marine   diesel multipoillt r<)o£ units> A compartment, con- steering gear is also provided. l      ' > 3
l4 engine^ and water screws or 3ets, Hover- ^wing toilet and wash basin is provided .'
marine are rela^vely. quiet in operation in the after starboard corner of the saloon PERFORMANCE                               ,   .-«
Sidewalls of the craft act as twin; keels and personal luggage and parcels are car- v S~wce speed is 35 knots. At 28 knots
and give minimum dnft in crosswind con- ried m S6para'te f<yre Qjid aft compartments ** • «■-* *& comfortably  accommodate
ditions   and  provide   maximum > control- alld under-seat stowage seas of 2*3 feet m heiSht- J- n1016 severe
,   ability. The' craft are most maneuverable • conditions the maximum speed which can
1 and can be coxed by any competent helmsr ENGINE ROOM    ' be maintained will depend' on the sea state
man.    No.    "flying"   qualifications   are Two; Cummins light weight diesel en- and the degree of 'comfort acceptable to;
•required and realistic wage rates can be gines are fitted for propulsion*;  and on the passengers.                                 %   ,
paid in terms of all crewmen employed.   ; Cummins engine drives the lift fans. Ex- ' -                 -                                      \
««i/rn»^ ,.„,_, haust system is fitted with water-cooled    ECONOMICS                                            -     : ■                   ■—•-
SEA-KEEPING ABILITY silencers                                       * Hovermarine 60 passenger class vehicle * n      #|, ,,          .               -L "I.   '
With reference to  sea-keeping ability, .          "   .      ,     ._  A „ .        !,    .. _ .costs approximately $182,000 depending m£ UOnt threaten OT Drwe            ma-vmferit IBor c^flr^-wnric teiak-* ia.MnaicrM'ce
the sidewall height allows the  craft to Mt engme is situated forward^ the equipment incorporated. With an muk_l' G~TT_«J al  child to do Sotoetto_g by    SBK^IlSiffi
STlVt8^ ?i6aS °f ««,?a«h5 ^S!Z^i^^^£rSS. utilization of 2,000 hours a direct operating       ^eato „,a,reward or »e ota^ely gets   ^t^^7^T                   '
this height without the seas making impact lift fans through toothed belts and the after m-st of annrnxi-matelv .-63«i is attainable*-^ ,   :,.            _            ^    * *    ,. ,    *..   ,     ,    _.    \      ,   ,             '              +-
with theSunderside of the cr5?oTeffec_S ™ by means of hydraulic transmission.' S^'gSS? interest on 3& KSJFS^^                                        Th^,S * fpUD*ient m «W"^»*-*
passenger comfort. Should the er? be sub- Engine  speed and  gear  controls   are S^SS, inLance^crew wlges, fueled , SjfS. S_S£* £S_S ^S    T_ 'I^i,*f * T^ ^ -f\^
ject to reaUy heavy weather it will be grouped together, centralized in the wheel- oil, and maintenance cost. (               , ;       faa-Ve^wibM-gty famUtoSa«Sm    P^o^aM!) -^ «» c^ your bluff, he's
capable -of matong headway safely on the house for maximum ease of operation by with normal operational overhead, aJ: you'l pnoibaBJb- aieigreit^ inaimely ithiatt 'do5Wg   *eafioed your womd is jUfflt -neliaalble. Or, |_e
cusmon or _eaving-to m the normal man- the helmsman. fare-level of , seven  cents^per passenger 7 thinga -miaai_< pafymnemit Yioro^icaiildi oaaii toe- " pinssibtatat, 1! eainrded! out, may _ott ,'_t
There are three fuel tanks, each con- mile allows adequate profit, margin.        ,   saome a sihmvd-bairgatarj! vTh_ juise of    fbhie"crime" amidi IhaVe poior -rias_tis.-        , >
7 -»s:^-    _
x _y'       ' "■""!"*,r!_-iw _^   -C-_—.
HM-2 Hovercraft
bribes iskj.uil'in't Ibe confused! tit -course wiiUh
Page, B-6 ,    Powell River News
Wednesday, February 19,'1969
ner under exceptionally bad conditions.
The 60 passenger class Hovermarine
craft is a sidewall Hovercraft designed
and constructed specifically for companies
currently engaged in or contemplating
sheltered water ferry operations. Craft
provides a high work output at a low capital cost compared with other high speed
marine vehicles. Existing shore facilities
such as piers or pontoons may be used
without modifications. Adequate deck
space is provided to facilitate -normal handling procedures. The craft may be readily
integrated with, existing ferry-boat systems and can be crewed by the same personnel. The immersed side-walls virtually
eliminate any tendency to sideways drift
providing precise control and the -resulting
ability of the craft .to adhere to its course
is particularly advantagious in congested
A conventional marine propulsion sys-,
tern is employed. light-weight high-performance diesel engines are used as prime
movers for both lift and propulsion. Main
hull is constructed from glass-fibre -reinforced plastics. This material provides a
structure with minimal maintenance costs
and facilitates rapid repair in case of
damage. -
Overall length of the HM-2 Hovercraft
is 51 feet. Height above _overing water-
line is 12 feet Craft will take an overload
weight of up to 16.4 tons and an overload
capacity of 65 passengers or alternative
freight of five tons. Its maximum service
speed is 35 knots and has an endurance at
maximum power of four hours. The ship
itself has a range of 140 nautioal miles.
HM-2 is constructed in glass-fibre rein-
| forced   plastics   incsooporatirtg   sandwich
construction.   Aluminium  alloy  structural
members are used in certain areas, where
required for machinery installations.
Complete outer shell of the hull is moulded in one piece. Inner shell is moulded in
three pieces. Shells are joined by the hull
framing, to which they are bonded.
,•.■, Wheelhouse gives a complete all-round
view for maximum safety and convenience
of control. Engine controls and instrumen-'
tatiom aro grouped on consoles and ample
space for any additional navigation equip-1
ment is available as required, by the
operator. Steering is power assisted by a
mechanical-hydraulic system.
Situated abaft tho wheel house the main
from the -re-activated town development plan
to -the school: boa-rd roferendttm (it Is godwg
( to refcremdatm, isn't It?).   Whether or mot
C^iriboriry Daya • will become am aranual
The Times
- i
, Vv


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