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The Peninsula Times Mar 26, 1969

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 ■I4)4l|j *\   •,>      '
*u,^i,^^*<(^ 44 «^*>^4f
v,««*;j. ^^•■^.-■j.^y^ '^r^S,!.
. 4//i«,^v44^4^'^ „
"/yvyvv vs -"v^'-v^ j
■\ n>V''-"(-A*-«,ta,***V
i y* i
,t*»^ J*V>,,f#-'«j#,u'i*-'
-4      I   I  i ' ^
v I-*-* ^ -v
7 f-:
.,f<V ^ V  .      ,"^ ^ 0 4t« 4^,4.-
*     .. ''J-       V y-wi- ,,' >^    ,
jfew,gcffyflfeg .. , A';; -V.:; v y.y
Lcunber pmrsMes
t-      *      "-J" *       -
pusmiig pieiiiDeESiiip any e
{|£3t/<&nectfa.n -rapKl'c Industries" Xtili/
ub& seat. s$hkAve;;;.:;:_.„.; ~;.   -
VeMctnxv&vAt'BX.Z -.
SECHELT and District Chamber-of Commerce appears to be .extending its
activities -into seeking membership/ ori
behalf of the Sunshine Coast Tourist
Association. Apart from ,a canvass among
forks out andTequires final    Servlng-the.Sunshin^ Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet), including fart, Mellon, 'Hopkins Uridln-***, Granthom's landing, Gibsons," Roberts Creek- *:
" \    ■' *      •   , Wilson Creek/SelinVPcrk, ^
*___._ <*W-i_i j_  _   ': t. '      - ' " *-""■"""■'  " ,     ...     ,    i   i -     i    i     i-  i     i n    i        ii      i  it .. i r  i a .
w_ch-soon works
**'Alderman Haiold"Nelson is to invest-'
igate1 possibilities of-paving xtie section
of .highway in the" residential area of East,
2nd Oocr. Moll
Registration No. 1142,
local merchants, a request' wa$ receivtid   .Porpoise Bay within yillage'boundariesf,
».._ «_._„.  .- -._,_.,. ...     _<.,..   ._.__._- Alderman Thompson said he felt a full .-
pavjng job should be considered iii, light
of the amount of traffic now "using the
. Mayor. Swain argued that cost of such!
a job would be beyond "council's means
at this time and perhaps a double flush
coat'would prove adequate. -After due
discussion, it was? decided the'matter be
left* with roads chairman Aid. Nelson.
Aid." Thompson questioned -council's
position regarding garbage pick-up once <
the Regional District-goes into-operation
with' a .pick-up".service. Mayor Swain
said the Regional Board would be putting costs on a mill rate which, he feels,
will .lead to some protests.  *
,. Mr.-Rayner explained that it is quite
usual for. municipalities to" put"it'ori. the
mill rate,- at the same time, there does
appear*tb be,inequity.'He"said the,Situation will dt=pend, upon-what-the Regional
Board 'arranges. 5 Aid. * Chuck -Rodway
by Council of Sechelt-last week-asking
that it consider taking out a membership.
.Mayor'Bill Swairi expressed.the view
that it was nothing to,do with the Cham-,
ber- but was told by' Clerk Ted Rayner
that the request did' indeed come from
the Chamber of Commerce.
Alderman Morgan Thompson suggested that for the sake of $10 it was not
worth argueing about and moved council
take out a $10 associate membership.
Reluctance by the Sechelt - Waterworks to complete filling of water-line
crossings on roads within the village has
involved various correspondence between
council and the company.' .A recent, re-
• quest that the work be completed, resulted, in a letter from the company explaining that it was assumed, after the last
correspondence the work* had been
carried-out. Details would therefore'.be
appreciated giving specific details; of
work'involved. ...   . » • ' ' ,
It was pointed out that a totaipf three
r v ?
- . 1
I ,     t      •»   .
*    it,
,X    1, J,
*■ i ■  *
*   r } >-
*     ■*    v t      H
■        V
•"l 1-
I   _
_ a
»-   .s
.: rtjrjWy~:
arranges. -' Aid.
  t    aigreed-that the -matter should be left until	
crossings-hav¥-been iSed'witb^ ^.  ,      .. — .-- _^  . .   •
Jf* °/#*,*^_fW ^W. to ^-*.en- . HlCter^r.-AeiJiiett. 4»..„>
forced He too-vtoa^vedpUttmg pick-up   ■
b-_.the4mai.rate. ,    *',"--.,* ."-! .'   '.'
-1 Mayor ;Swalri -reported; that * he," had'"
bee)i approached'^by. a.JB^!JHydio.rfiprer. _
tentative- who -Tttdd. suggested  .ctruncil.
might be interested in. having two lights
installed in -the ^vicmity of _St.w Mary's •-,
Hospital. -,-  . „  •
—TAld.--Rr>dway -said-he-would- -think—it—-
the responsibility, of the >fRegional Board
Voluwe-6. No. 17      * - '   Z   %®^
      i .1   i it       ,i i i i ii  111    a i   •
for additional ien
'    DIRECTORS of the Society wish* to ex-
i    press their gratitude for **he magnificent
I    response to ithe appeal for the Senior Citizens Homes.   Some -time .ago, a request
1   j was made to help in, the payment of, the
,   ,;property whichJiadito.be done before aiiy
-^nought cbuldbe given to'the secohd phase
of the building program.    "'   - '  '
Some $15,000.00 was. required for the
land-and this.was paid off in instalments.
The first $5,000.00 had to be paid' before
> the first units were •pomrnenced 'and the
* total before-any furttier.expansion.. This
, has, now been done and so?far over six
' hundred people "have shared ihvthe 'effort.
The special "book whii-jh will-contain"the
"names'of all givers'is being established and
will .likely* [include,'all .gifts received: up
until May' 1st. • The names, wiU'be.'plaojr-d
in aTphabeti^l order' ani.the Donors Bopk
Journey's End .      > will be pl^edalong.with a number of pip-
"W$R; it is a prellfy1 rpugh. road,'' .rue- - ^f *? i^vejnfomation for .posterity.. _
fUHy,ieprariaed_iedriver bf this'Nick^ ' ' ' ^'^ t^-^r^ p&W^'9ompie^;:g^is
eX.Bcos.1 Hou^e.Movingmiit when lie   wiu noW ^-towards-_e-establishment of
, tod s'riM fprjhe fifth-wheel.and-.work-- ^^ .^^ _-loan-from-Cen„aI Mortgage
ed'.out, ferhinately causing no daip-: and Housing as:was<d6he~fbr the first ten
age„janythingbut--the-flatdeek. units.- ..-   •-- . -.; -,-■ -■  ■-- \\
SUGGESTION that, consideration be given
items as decorative,*rn_rors^ etc. .   , ■ ,.        -
It was explained that the] building is
  —;        ;", * y,  r -It:-?ior the hospital, isr outside 4 village- limits.     *, eMablishrnent of-'a weathers reporting •*   _._  ....  ._
Sechelt Kinsmen haveagreed to* -under- v Mayor Swain pointed out that the-hbspi-'   station-at i>he Gibsons-Sechelt. municipal 'now usedas a union 'headquarters but Mr.
e  renovating  of   the ^Haekett'rPaJc' ^ . '; ;       -r ^am,paa9.M - airportJias beer J-3 ^ "" ^~-J~  ;~ '- —ui- ^ '*"■ ' v- ' —-
See„ remand .
bleachers. Materials- will' be supplied bjy
the. Village ahd Kinsmen wfll-.donate thEtHr
time 'and labour to repajr-and' paint the
bleachers and back-stop, /They' wiU also
erect a canopy over the back-stop.   .
Council of Gibsonsf failed to attend' a
meeting called byjfte Sechelt Chamber .of
Commerce President-Erich Hensch at the
St. Hildas Hal&SechelV'March-9th, An
invitation, was also extended .the' Gibsons
Chamber.,/It „is understood the' meetihg
was to discuss.possibilities of a 'tourist
booth to be situated at Langdale.
, Job's, daughters^ "are throwing, a skate
party oil >Sat*)_rciay night, March 29th from
S:30 to 10:30 plm. at Elphinstone iSecon-
'darySchooL • • ,      -     -  „ ^.__ .___..__._.(__.._. ,,,
The party is open to everyone age 12 'Co^'^^w^ci^Z^Zf^\vka^'y&
years and over at regular skaifihg'prices, the secd„d[ for'Qibsons, .Mr,' Richapd F.
Proceeds will go' to the' Job's" Daughters Kennett has^ held'.a.sirnilar- appointment
Educational and Promotional Fund for some time.    '
been forwarded .to jthfe .District / Blaney is renting part of it.' Approval was
Meteorologist' at the Air Services Brtanch, -itherefore granted."     -       "    '-•-_■
Department of Transport..                . - *•>..,'
:-Ri<*_-a''F.':Keiinett;' who foc.althoa; ^WATER REQUEST    - -    • .   , .
v^hteen years .has kept eontimious cli- -     Chekwelp Water Boa_d,-Waiting.estob-
matologieal, reports for the Gibsons* area, /lishment of. a pkTOanent"wat4er; supply W.
wrote to the department recerttly. and for- ''the Regional Board, seeks' temporary book' .   - ,.-/.,. . .-,. - ,;». .   .   • -- .    .      ^    .....  -
warded a.cppy^of .his letter ito both, coun^ , up to -the village water line- which comes   "CHARGES of: willfuf ..damage, resultmg    ^ent> in which ,an , auto; he Iwas 4riving
cils- Mr; Kennett states that wither re- -to within-100. feet "of-the Chekwelp line. ,  ■ f*frc^'.destruetioii. of 'B.C.- Hydfiv street" .crashed diito a'fence .at-Pont MelloW1 He
. corded at his station is a -good deal difllef- •:     Copy of a'letter ^seht Ho -the 'Regional
John Harvey sworn as
Justice of the Peace
APPOmTljteNT- . vaif ' confirmed.:' "last
•week" of Mr. "John Robert; 'Harvey of ^  _            	
Gibsons to the position,of Justice'of the. ^ from,that at-the airport in-that Gibsons '. Board'wasTread at "last-week'-s meeting of
Peace for the province, of British Colum-    •- --»--1--» *----—j-^ «■ ' **<—~-* • =•      -     -■,■* A, -^ ■.._,.._._... --
bia.-Mr. -Harvey' was-swOrn'itt -Thursday
Mareh - 20th. • by - Magistrate- -Charles
.Mittelsteadt 5 .  -     \ .' '.    •'   ':.."':
-   Mrv .Harvey,- of the' Harvey Funeral
.Home, ras,long:been active,in-cornrnunity
affairs.-.He is-a past chairman," of;the St.
ilary'§ Hospital Bpard,'. former •■ member
.-of the Suntshfrie Coast Liojis' apd is- presently, an-active-"member fit the Sunshine
~ • _f-~.„__„-«/._  'ir: • i__-_.r__* J." I-
is affected by conditions on- Howe .Souiul- '.council and explained ithat r^l^™nieii.t-of
.while the airport and Sechelt are affected - Soames bridge with a culvert, the dam.inr
by conditions; in'the Gulf of Georgia. ". /take was replaced with a Cut-Vert/ Tiyet
■' Council, agreed (the idea js a gocjd one "dam intake was and is exposed ;to;pellu-
•and moved the letter be filed, as it is .only   tion. . • , < . ' 'Y ' :
for ■ i^enjnation -purposes .no; action  as  \    Both pump ram and the 5,000 storage
called for,   •; ,    . - . ,    tank are in need of replacement arid pipe'
E is therefore felt that providirig\ar-
might,be made v/ij3i.thervil-
'for^a" budness ttcence to "operate a" lighf lage for a* temporary'hbok-upr.'iheW'ater
rf^ufaetruring business in a'section df^he1 ^Board is prepared to-pay cost at material
old ■'Hilltop 'Building Supplies,' staled he .and labour together „with payment for
plans to carry o_t the manufacture of'such   .water used.
lights; have-'been laid' agaihst two;Sechelt    was' fined $200 - and his, driving li&nce
men, "Edwin; Martini Joe "and Corby Jeff-    suspended'fiir.six months.''. - ' -       -    l
ries,;bpih.. of whom, appealed in court last      lAnoiher Gibsons, 'man,*- Leonard Scott
wee—-!"/- - ''_- .   ■'-„../*;    ;. Bennett, also" ifaced a-charge-of impaired
*;'iSetekmg"¥-remandr-in:.6^ obtain . driving: He'was-fined $200 aend'given a
legal' -repres_.tafion, they:,told" the" csoiirt" • three^-mo'nthrsuspensioJoV •  ~,~
they Bad been -in touch ,with' their, towyef,   • '. Oren teroy Kincade of Pender Harbour
aiii,assofcjate.-of NBP Torn Berger,. and had -. entered a Ejea'of notgHllfer to a chargebf
iai_ are m -neeti or rtJDmcrxiriemj aim mne-   ' b&nl^vised' to^ask. for \jemaa&J .135&.   im|iairpd drivijigr/He was charged follow-
^_S^fS__lo^S^_S_«?_S    ^re;eaeh;gifren"Ohew^and.toldto,ap-   ing .cfaeclj-. byan-B(^^,patrbLcar:'Fbu_d
line nam tne ram to tne tamt-JS w years „     '   stiioin* -PridflV. March aafhi1 Mrm-v-a* Aav„^i "h_ _«« «r,oif <<onn ^a
pear i_- eourt Friday, March 28th;"   - J • *  * guilty ^s ;charged, he. was fined", $200 and
rifflfXlRED • -'*'' ' - " " A A AAA,,", ;^.J^ driving 4%enoe^suspended for ti_ee
"--Faej^-'a/seccm-d <^ge/of;inipair;ed -;wontna,   .       ,   ?.     ,   *-' ;. -.y..t
driving ^be&xe he^had eveii-appeared1-to - FALSE PRETENCES- '** ' :    '  "<-r~\"i
answesr the first; Gene Erickson of. .Ppr- ..,   FoU-twihg .-a' pr-evibus- remands 'Giiles
pois?a_Vayralso asked for a remand morder'   Ar*her- C^orette,- presently .residing' !in
Growing problem
Business Men's dissociation
seeks solution -^tY.:!§^&^q-
FOUR REPRESENTATIVES of ithe Gibsons Businessmen's Association met last
week with villago council to seek enforcement of the one hour parking restriction
Within the village. Recent- parking r-estrk- ;
tion on theiwharf has,taken nwny parking
for about ohe hundred cars which has'created greater problems for the village. -. (    •
Spokesman for the group, CharlCtS Mandelkau, told council the downtown businessmen had got together to connidcr what
steps might bc.tukcn to ease the parking
problem in the downtown area. He said
that parking is;n cause for growing'con-:
ccm, closure of the wharf and the approaching, summer season will add to tiic
situation. The group has therefore decided
to ask that council take (jteps to enforce
the one Ijour parking regardless of who
la involved. This request la to assist tho
tthoppmg motorist, ;:,'.' .,,..!'..-',.
Mayor Fred Fccm-y wild ho could nee
no difficulty. "R will merely mean a few
more signs fitrotcgically placed and the
RCMP have agreed to enforce tlio regulations," he added! •■''.
Alderman'Wally Pctcnwn agreed that
the present «Kuotlon ia bad, Hc-avk^l Mr.
Mandelkau if ho ■■!»«» Invefttignted obs|i. of
clearing his own vacant lot in the village
for use as a paid parking lot. He Was toUt
the possibility has been conKidcred aftd it
Is likely -space for twenty cara could .'be
established,-"      ""■       "
AWL K»cn Crosby suKgost-cd ai» are.! sufficient to accommodate • twelve or more
cars could be'bulldozed out b«itw<-cr« tlic
fireball tind village pump-house. Mayor
Feeney, however, cxplainctl that thla
would prove a problem in view of tspdngH
In that area. "It could be looked into but
will bo coatly," he said,
Mr. Walt Nygren told council that
wharf pai-king baa been in practice tot
about, thifiy-fiye years, in; Gibsons, ,he
wondered why it should suddenly be stopped. Aid. Peterson agrtpedand explained
ithat council .hada pbi>' fpr pixty cars on
the wharf which would, in no way, impede
Uwuting, fire service or anything else.
'It was agreed, nn immediate stort bo
made v on one- Jipur parhjing', enforcement
arid Alq. Ken Crosby, will check with
.RCMP in order to determine where signs
wjll be jQcatod. ;.- :   ,• ( ,
Time limit for objection, to councirs
proposoV'to ejetend, the village boundaries
has long since past, approval by Victoria
Is now: awaited, but concerh at delay was
oxprcEeed last week by Aid. Peterson who
paid the whole buninc?ss seems to be dragging out. Mayor Fecn-cy said the matter
now rents with the Department of Municipal Affairs which lias probably been kept
busy of late.     ■     •
Ucgiirdlng a meeting called by the Sechelt and Pistrict Chamber of Commerce,
Sunday, March Oth In Scclutlt at which,
couiKil of Gibwns and the Gibsons.C of C
were Invited to attend, some members of
council had declared intention ot aiteiid--
ing if poH-tiblc, however it was report»cd
jionc wi*re able to make it.
-'•■;AH- JWersonafikedif th#-rf''wi>re'«iny"'
,fuilJ»«r,-4eyck>pni«nt« r-eipu-dtng' h<*W4x:raft...
service to tlic area.'-lie js-ild1 it tscanwl
rather strange that if the company plaitmed
to dtart in May, as prcVloufsly indicated*
■Uicy have not approached council regarding landing facilities in the village.
Mayor Feeney said he has been in touch
with the company and bad been given to
understand council will be approached
*<horU/, ■     . •
Many retired people on tho Sunshine
Coast devote their times to. worthy
causes and Mr. t)avo Hay ward's spe*
cial project is the garden which surrounds St. Hilda's Church, Sechelt,
Tills week the garden is particularly
beaujifwl for golden crocuses spell out
the name of *tfo |        ,
Shift classes blamed
on Referendum defeat
BbARD   of   School   TruHtees 'of""School'
•District   No.  46- (Sechelt)* announced
this .week   that   Elphinatone 'Secondary
School students will be on shift schedule
beginning September 1, 1009   The deci-        ^.^^ ^ vdluc o£ mian and ^
»ion wfts reached after careful Mudy ""    \limn „*hifl„mmt
the districts educational fncilltica nvall
LAST .DECEMBER a brief 'on human
rights was presented to ■ the Human
Rights Conference irt Ottawa by the.Cana-'.
dian Baha'i Community. Drawn up by Indian members, of the Baha'i Community,
the-brief is designed to restore Indian pride
in\ its own cultural heritage arid states that
•'Ignorance of - the • cultural heritage of' the
Indian peoples has perved to sever the j
Indian from his past."
Member; of the Baha'i Community and
former Chief of theNitinoht Band on Vancouver Island, John Thomas yisitcd Sechelt last .week and. presented copies of,
the brief: to Principal of Sechelt; Element
tai-y School W. hi Reid; Mayor Bill Swain;
newly elected, Chief Henry Paul of »thc
Sechelt Indian Band and The Times,-
■ ' -Ml". Thomas is touring thi* lower Main-*
land distributing copies of the brief and
during, his visit to the Sechelt School District he visited both Sechelt Elementary
School and Elphinstone Secondary School
and was quite impressed with the progress
of tho integration program.
Two 'sources of injustice ore pointed
out jiiy the brief—one
ignorance of traditional
on the plart of
'■yated whites.
'More deliberate
resulted from white
ploit the Indian
alien European
native way of life and a persistent refusal
primary instruction in the native language.
Development of courses of, study covering
the entire, religious heritage of mankind.
Involvement of Indian youth m Canada's
overseas aid programs. Inclusion of the
right to a cultural identity in any civil'
rights erttrehched in the Constitution. •'. i, ,
: The Baha'i faith, which is hon-deri'om-
■ [national/ believes that Human Rights are
notcbhecssions to be parcelled out by governments, or' justified by political : and
social philosophies. Rather they represent
the unconditioned gift of• God,to all mankind.   ,    ,  .
A f ■•>'■- 	
THERE is «still-time to- send in your sug-
' ; gestionsfor a name for our senior citizens' homes in Sechelt. Several very interesting suggestions have already been
received which will be considered by the
Board at (their next meeting.
Become a regular supporter * of the
homes by taking out membership in the
Society, Dues are $2 for the first year arid
$1 for subsequent years. You can also sup*
poni the project by ordering a Corftmurilty
Birthday Calendar. '.
"Send y^urtsuggestions for a name and
also your membership dues to Mrs, ,M,
Tinkle^ R^Rl l.iplalfmoon Bay--or tele-
.phono865-04?9.„:;'     . :..'',',
kimo achievement.
able after the defeat of Referendum No.
9.       ■  ' - -   ■<•;■<•■•■> ■■■ •■   ■•■    ■  *
The plan ns adapted by the School
Board will pn^vldc for*1 tw«> uhifts nt
Elphinatone, Secondary. School. • The
morning shift will go from fl:00 am, to
12:30 p.m. It will be for Grades ft, 11 nnd
12. The afternoon shift will be from 1:0(1
p.m. to 5:30 p.ini and will be for Grades
0 and 10. It in-possible that this shift
arrangement may "be .revised at midterm.
Tlie' Board also.''considered an allor-
native plan which would have husw.d
some students from the Scchdt area to
Pender Harbour Secondary School. However, under the new secondary program,
.. Pender. Harbour, -Secondary ..School docs
not havo space for more tlion one oliins
group. One class group taken from tho*
Sechelt area would not have rdiovnl
Elphinstone Secondary School from going
on shift. .i
The School Board's final decision ws«
designed riot only tu make the best urn
of existing facilities but also to Insure*
that secondary students will be offered
a full program of studies.
Cultural differences between- Indiana
and non-Indians are reviewed in the
brief, which help explain how mltaindcr-
stamiing arose between the two cultures,
. In unfamiliar siluntlons, the Indian
/tehds to be silent and ob/scrvc until ho
knows what Is expected of him, while the
non-Indianilgcncrally attempts'to cx>pc wiU»
tthc situation by Initiating conwrstrtlon- or
activity in order to find his.bearings. During intcroiMural meetings, the white man
observes the Indian's silence, arid withdrawal and concludes he is ignorant, hoK-
•tllc'br apathetic. Tho Indian on the other
hi»nd,J regards Uic aggressive (howover
well motivated) overtures of the white
Irian* Ws' both c-orrfusing and disrespectful.
Many oUirr differences arc wtllncd'ini
lUje brief which also points out how,the
Indian, has been exploited ccohomleal'ly,
culturally and in rtjliglon.
During his visit, Mr. Thomas iftatcd
th.tt Die Indian ennnot live Jn the past bfit
action can he taken to restore his identity.
In brief, recommendations Include: 11c-
crultmcht of native Indians as teachers and
deadline iizuHimUi. Kindergarten ond'imne
*     i   r^   *    *                    *"*•      '
**&.■&'*  '   ■       '  '•*
'     -,    '•       a-*..'
"      -          *   w                 ""                                  ''
y-y«ri': '■:*,*
■»>;- 4-* »'f.; t-.
.    ,               .             *                ,
".** .*f£r?±    -* -
■      ..r t -.'
.> "        4
-         i-   .     «       .J.*^*B«
'   .-                    _*V     ?          '
Nowly-elecftcd Chief of the Secholt In-
rfiari Blind, Henry Paul, receives a
Brief on Human frights from former
Chief of the Nitin.iht Band,* John
Thomas.  Pictured on Hie rigjit Mr.
Brief Presentation   ( r
Thomas is t6urih'g the Lower Mainland presenting copies pf Uic brief to
Indian chiefs, school principals, mayors, and ncwa media.
,tf, ** *■./«, (•■ a ^ ^ &. * *» (
■  f>,tfs,» a   f,-! ,*,^ * aa^.A." /• *i», *
1  & ***■ jf* & a* A 4 *r + t^t^AjAi, * A?#
* f * f   )<-»**„,*
■ ■■.-  ■          ■ V■" '" ■ "
ft f '</sV<,4V,-:)'';';-,j *���- y 'S:^:r^*-*4,jrr-^-,;j'kV 4 /���^.'nv.cw.*^^ ���*-*�����" ^.^^^c^^^y^^^^'i  ^������Ns*^^^1^--^ v^jr^sw'-V^i'^^ s^ ������-^'������-^���^������������^���'���wA*--*^^ Vrtrt^*^^**^ V-*^1-?*^^1^ w'*4��;^v,*1*>^^  rfi.ii-*     ��i.vJ  hit***** C  ? *j*_.^.j(i__.:^^  -.y^r^-y^tA^** **^^^ '3w_��n1-4^*^ -Wi. "W-U^.^  i     !  1     1  t  Page A-2, peninsula Times, Wednesddy, March 2<fc19,6$.  , Classified  MMMMMfcpMpMyM  -REAL ESTATE X$&h&$$f'J 'REAlT_STAftf (Conftoi���_)   AUTOS ft.TRUCKS (Cpntf)/ WANTED , *      , FOR .AU^CotWhuedT ' ,    -FOR: SAW (CpaKhtfeil*  . ���   . -  .      .-      ..*>���.  n1"-- /r^t f,?,yt ', -  ,,,,,'���_������-?-- "-~ -V,, '--l-r -*-*-*******1**- ~        '-J     r-**-���'    '   '" '"���"���     ' '      ���"-���^ ..   . Y<y,?, r ,,.,' ,-, <���- ' ."  " " ��� '  -----Y'-f- - ,  *.     w ' \����f* .^vroflXCfitLENT   comihd&al  lot/ 1965   YAMAHA   25Q lairf-.6   WJLL -.purchase    patche. - of-   IF   IT'SVsuit^it'S' ,^!6fiaM - AS NEW, Rernington portable  .  PisivrnttR wAPPnttftJ- w-nfcf* "���,-���_��� ^.l.*.- ���_-...���. tl(     __i���     i����-.-*~.     ���-^      -*.-^r��_i_i. ._bau_ *��_    * ft-fc^fcj^lT &._/"f    -    'typewriter. Wedding; dress,  -    -.     �������� v;, /; P ��� ��� jj^te    ^m-plr- s-ryta;"wi1h"lQri1 -ittain,  -  PENDER HARBptJft:; 7S;;oh' /'Centre $5cj��eft^hii^y w(; spe^d. ^1958: ��� Chev.,   g^oe  -��' deep wafer,-lovely yiew, nicfe- ��� ����4ft0p, lev^t jml .c:lear(ivl,��� All rUnningv condition. *88_-20a7.-  iv  tteed,-;power >nd ,water Services: ayail^le.. Box   11(14; ' ���"   '   ���*---- *�����-���<-�����*.  aces available. Term's 49n ' peniilsitla'Times.,'e-     litM-tfij'  J,*4,*,f, ,S7,�����.  services  .$6000. CairDON TAI-T";^  2284, '  m-    __ .i _950�� HWLLirp'. 2' wheel drive,  ��kALL,T ���earo'Qm"hpuSfe, J���r l   Jeep station;wagdv as ds*$��0  * > oipof '��i��i�� -3 TnAm'iit9'HSn<inh*   of sfe'll for fj'a'rb.' Ph.' 885-r9677  - '"-Published Wednesday by-  fThe Peninsula Times Ltd.,  "  at Sechelt, B.C.   I  Hap WANTED (CoriU  Member,' Audit' Bureau  of Circulations  September 30, 1968  Gross Circulation 2250 <  Poid Circulation 1942,  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-Une Ad-Briefs (12 words)*"  One   Insertion  ������: L.75c  _$1,50   15c  Three  Insertions J   Extra lines (4 words) .  (This rate does not apply to . ^  commercial Ad-Briefs.)  Box Numbers _-__ 10c extra  25c Book-keepirjg charge, is added  ', for Ad-Briefs not paid by  publication date.  Legal or. Reader advertising 35c  per count line.  Display   advertising, fn   classified  Ad-Briefs columns, $1,75 per inch.  Subscrlptipn Rates���  By mail, Peninsula area _$5.00 yr.  . By mail, beyond 30 miles $5.50 yr.  By mail, special citizens ���$3 yr.  By carrier 50c1 month  COMING EVENTS  FOR' Twilight   Theatre   programme phone 886-2827.  '2021-7  N.D.P. membership meeting.  Pender Harbour Community  Club Kitchen. -New -members  welcome. March 29th at 7:30  p.m. 2290-17  CARD OF THANKS  MY SINCERE thanks to my  many friends for their  visits, get-well cards, gifts &  flowers. Also my thanks and  appreciation to Mr. and Mrs.  Jim Hall, Doctor Wiebe, the  "nurses and staff of St. Mary's  Hospital for all their kindness  to me while I was a patient  there recently. ���Lola Turner.  2309-17  ,   ,   CALUSON    '',  ,     EVERGREEN C&>   .  -*- y ������" ��� " ' I* n-*"      4*1 1 V  Salal Pickers WantecJ.  ��� - *-  ' Huckleberry        37c Buhch  Sqlal ,">     "' 40c Bunch  i    , - plusScbonit's -  Contact plant before picking.  Located   ai   Roberts    Creek,  -" across .street from store.  ,-2229-tfn  -,~��--���,*  ----t^   4,  .  �����       elect.,'plus'3 robm'fcahm-w  ��� $��2��*$�� CHEEK: ^Lot 6Q   i,acrb-wjtH view* 6t <a6orgi-S'  after- 6 -p.m.- .. .',    <-2244-H  x   660���stream   crosses * back,    c^if.   An" Miitnieinaf 'wafrf -���������     1'���~ ~���-  **&&���� h?* Cieat1^ ^ ' ^      #0^    ^   '$$���'' *%2?I*_2_ '^gndftton  price #S00. �� , ..-   v     batoc/^0 per morith^e%   I- s6aan*"    G*d     ^ndibon.  ��� ATTRACTIVE' 2 ^bedroom Jnt $1.00 pbr yWr,taJjes;ipon^  home' with full' basement.' tact J. Kelly'R.R.I.^ Sechelt.^  A-qil-v furnace, Rec "room, "nice * Telt< 885-9579.   %     .'223347  S%. ^_^r^��- '^SlfSl^FIS  f-IBSONS:   10   view   acres ( services. Close-to sandy beach,  has frontage on 2 roads. Stand ' wharf &' store.' cleared,; ready  standing timber.  P}ioti�� _5-  _159. -;  ,       ���     /;-'i���i:tf_  i i '���_ ���     'i i -i  FOR ^ TwilightJ fhftatfe l.pro- BUV" your v.trash- 7inciherator ���  gramme phone'.��|6.2827.; , ��� " from Sechelt," Kinsmen - *t-.-  ^Z\   y ' -2023-7 !^:���' each,'Phone;885-9542., ; t  C Q M,B IN A T ION " tiar-rnah,' BEST Selection, of Books on .the  Peninsula Hotel. Phope 886- t Sunshine Coast vThe Pathless -  2472.,- >   -    , "���    .2285-19 Way-^Qflrney..- To  '. Poiv,er-r  ���hrA^'ri^7'1 "~*��� -"i* T~T Ghost    Towns i of   B.C.���The  WANTED - Mortgage funds -^ of Medicitte> Many hun.  -by professional   clients   on dred^ Qf      nt  hoo^:to choose  Sunshine Coast. Property se- ft.om-at-The Times Bookstore,  size* 14-15.��_est-offers. Phohe  885-2X42". ' ''" '    <" ' ''2288-17  .CHESTERPIfiLD  & 2 "chairs.  One' floor polisher for' sale.  Ph. 883-2383;  '2294-17  1985 -Y^?^^  25L��C;\J!'   <��-��L>Ph. 883-2280.     2306-17    secneU. BBMsU'Z     '   _i58.tftf  speed, 470D%miles. $300: 1958  Chev., good running condition  $200. Ph. 885-2Q87.       2281-18  Phone 886t2633  2051-tfn  PENDER HARBpUR  EVERGREEN5 "  ���4. ^ -.  IVJadeiira Park l%  Salal Pickers-Wanted  ���  Huckleberry' .~37cl)unqh  plu$~ 5c bonus  Salal - <        40c burtch  ��� -���" ���-plus 5c bonus  Contact Plant before picking.  Located 1st house north, Pender  . Harbour Hotel.*  ,64 CHEV. Pick.-up, A-l cph-  ,.  ,                           . dition, also 14' '68 Security  timber orf back   %.  Nearest,   tp build. Asjting $3500/ Ojv^er:* trailer. XJtn^ or separate. 886-  offer to $11,Q00.          -   ,  _      4, Box 562; Sechelt, R.G.^ Phope 9567          " '      '          2313-17  GOWER POINT: Onl attract    885-2310. , ;     ;    ,    2307|f9- .-"A,-   . ���. ���  ' t.    - ,y ���  ively developed V6 abre tyFT,"WAnt "VesidehtST Seal^front BOATS'0p,��J EN(3lHES  lot   with   an- immaculate - 2 ,  , jQt   wjtn " good, T&ccess*-' to    ~Z"- -��� . '��� =   bedroom"   home.     Fireplace. V-hni.M,-na,    p-���inni-M��-'i��;_' 14' Sangster Craft. Vinyl top  BUILDING SUPPLIES  GIBSONS Building Supplies  ' Ltd. 886-2642, Gibsons, B.C,  Quality Ready-mixed concrete  Serving the area for 20 years  * ,     '. . .        90-t6i  TRAVEL  Phone 883.-22-55  bedroom " home. , Fireplace,  W-W in living room, carport  and, storage shed. Full price  only $22,000. Terms.        .,    .  GIBSONS: Ideal retirement  home dn 50* x 268' lot. Electric  heat, fully -furnished. $10,500.  K. BUTLER REALTY  ,    ^-INSURANCE  -   Gibsons, B.C.  ,  Phone 886-2000  MEMBER  * MULTIPLE" LISTING  .   SERVICE  2050-���)  FOR RENT  K. Butler  Ron McSavaney  Ed Butler  Don Tait    -  HALL fox  rent, -Wilson Creek  Community Hall. Contact Mr.,  Glen Phillips. 885-2183. 1095-tfir  LARG_ storage space, for -rent.'  885-2813. v 2298-17  ��� 886-2000  ��� 886-9656  ��� 886-2000  ��� 883-2284  2301-17  shoreline.- Reason-ably- level  <with - convenient -' road i. ap.'  prpach. $4,000'to $5,000 cash.  Reply. Box * 2314,; Peninsula.  Times. -~   '     ' "  2314-19  BLOCK BROS. "     (  Phone    Mr.    pood    68i-?970b  collect or, 736-59,33       ;  For fast service on all. profa-  -'  erties and businesses. "  WE TRADE-HOMES  2242-tfn  business pppoRtMNW  Sangster Craft. Vinyl top.  35' H.P. Mercury, excellent  condition.  886-2880.    2218-tfn  l7'/2f  ,FERGUSSON 4 and   50  H.P.       Chrysler       engine,  engine used 2 months. $1500.  ,H. Chaster, Gibsons, Tel. 886-  9566. 2312-18  12 FT. fijbreiglass on plywood  runabout with   1968   Johnson   outboard.   33   h.p.   $450.  Ph. 885-21Q6. , 2293-19  ���     -'-   ',11  -" -v"      .   WANTED TO BUY  k '    1        1 -  TWO chests df drawers want--  -ed: Ph.* 885-2142.    -2289-17  FOR all travel information.and  bookings*' Margaret MacKen-  ��e (local>ep), JatonX^here < ^Sl^Sresl^Feod-  STIHL' Power\Saw, - like", new  $200.  Also Used  outboards.  Haddocks ��� Cahaha     Marina,-  Madeira 4.Park." 883-2248.  ���   .     ,        . t,      . -2296-17  p65K~ Bp&jCS Galore-Some-  ; thing^ for', everyone���Betty ^  ' Crocfeers Cooky Book���fetter  Homes & Gardens Casserole  Cook Book-^Otttdbor Codk Book  ���Chinese -Cpoking���Pies * and  Cak-ss���Favourite    ways'   with  REAL ESTATE  I    OBITUARY  CHARMAN: Passed away on,  March 21st., 1969, Georgina  Charman of Roberts Creek,  B.C. In her 79th year, the  widow of the late Alfred John  Charman; survived by 1  .daughter, Mrs. W. Wiren of  Gibsons; 3 sons, George "of  Gibsons, Alfred of Coquitlam,  and David of Egmont; 7  ^andchilclren, and 4 . great  .grandchildren; and 1 brother,  Arthur, ,Husdon of .Vancouver.  Funeral Service was held on  Tuesday, March 25th at 2 p.m.  from the Family Chapel of the  Harvey Funeral Home in Gibsons. Rev. D. Morgan officiating. Interment at Sea View  Cemetary. ' 2311-17  PERSONAL  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. P.O.  2-3X 294, Sechelt, B.C.  Phone  ��B-9876. 969-tfn  FOR    Twilight    Theatre  gramme phone 886-2827.  pro-  2022-7  WRITERS interested in meeting   at  informal  gatherings,  phone 886-7240. 2091-16  "WORMS a problem?" Use  "PAMOV1N" the ONE-DOSE  treatment for pinworms. Available at Kruse Drug Stores,  ^^.���^'^GlftBons.       2174-22  HAVE ^pu! visited Tho Times  Bodfetflro y<H? frhP selection  wlp 'surprise you. Phone 885-  9fl54--I>rop in _ brow.se.  ^ . 2159-tfn  LOTS for sale, 4 cleared view  lots in Selma Park. Serviced  with power and water. Priced  at $2,750 each. P.O. Box 299,  Sechelt" or to view contact L.  Nestman, Selma Park.   9659-tfn  MADEIRA PARK���approx. 5  acres of Lakefront property  on paved road and waterline,  with secluded 3 bedroom basement home. Auto Oil and fireplace. Phone 856-8628. Mr. R.  Lockhart,  R.R.1, Aldergrove.  IF YOUR DESIRE TO  SELL YOUR PROPERTY ,  We Offer .' . .  ���Continuous advertising in  four newspapers. - ������  . ���Effective and-*- proven ��� advertising in our catalogue.  ���Real Estate sales" staff of  six in two offices oh* the  Peninsula.  ���Twelve hundred Realtor  sales people off the Peninsula when you multiple list.  ���Twenty-four hour answering service.  ���No charge to you if there is  no sale.  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  Phone 885-2161  Box 155, Sechelt, B.C.  Box  369, Gibsons,  B.C.  2181-tfn  THE SUNSHINES ON  SECHELT: Yes���close to  everything. Large landscaped  lot, lawns, flowers, shrubs,  trees etc. Immaculate 2 bedroom home. 2 garages. $21,000.  ROBERTS CREEK: 3 bedroom A Frame oh 3 acres-  Creek. $9,000.  WILSON CREEK: 2'/i npres,  crpek. 2 bpdrodrns, basement.  A-oll heat. $16,000. ^  SELMA PARK: Large lot.  $2,800. Terms.  WEST SECHELT: 4-plex.  Luxurious living wltfy inporhc.  Large lot with view of Gulf  representative���Selma  ��� Fark-*-~Cnll 885-2383 after 6  ���^.7:Z'Z7Z" 2234-17  FOR ��� Information    regarding*   & Islands. Profcsstohpl,  Sarah (Coventry Jewellery,  nic^e phone Carol Facto at  ri85-0052 pr write Box 585,  feeltBA  2308-18  WdRKWAHtED  tfihUCm Chimney Service.  ! J&avcs cleaned and repaired.  Pointing; gardening, Jnnltor  -iprvlce, old lobs, etc. All work  guaranteed. RR1 Sechelt, Phono  BM-2191 or 885-2094.        1871-Un  MOVING to Sechelt. 10 yri.  : experience. Secretory,  switchboard, -business mach-  inea etc Wave enr nnd chn>uf-  feur's licence, Excellent  referenpen. Interested ju W  Mw.   E.   Ivanlsko,   U  qffer. ������.,.   ���^Vest 47tlu Avenue, Y��^��c>r"*   %M course; 1.25 acres. $2,500.  ROBERTS CREEK: 2%  acres. 1 bedroom .bou��(c;^ cftb-  in w|th a s)ted for your horse,  Sunshine Coast Highway.  $8,000..,...:j;;'.,,;,',_;,,.,..   DAVIS tiAY: New Unlauo  design, 1,506 ft of flpaclotis Uv-  jfrig; 3 bdrhus; lining room}  tilnlrii trpom m4 kitchen, Cpl.  Van, pjumbWg. Split level with  basement' nttd iMrgo family  room over. Somo finishing. WlU  sell unfinished 6r w��V ttym,  $27,.W0.  TILLICUM BAY; Acreage on  hydro water system. $8,700,  Vlow lot on hydro and water  Byntem. $2,00*0.  ROBERTS    CREEK:    Near  ve'r 15, B.C.  2258-tfn  i|E_b"'-a' eprliiB clean up?  ; Can't ,see Jho water for  trees? Let us fiolve your tree  problems. Wo Umb, top nnd  foil trees expertly and to your  twtUfact|on.' Free estimate.,--  all work Insured. Phone 888-  3l0$, , 2287-tfn  HELP WAHTglJf  SALAL PICKERS WANTED  Phone Mfi Nalda Wilson  885-9746 or write:  Box, 390, Sechelt, B.C.  SELMA PARK: Now G. L.  entry���largo L. (room, twin kitchens 86.2 lire plitcps., Jdwdy  family homo. $28,000.  SECHELT: Waterfront home.  2200- 8 bedroom with: 4th in  basement. Rec. room. P.fVA/  oil beat. $32,500.  H. Gregory 885-9392  Don. Hqddpn 80S-95O4  H. B. GORDON  8t KENNETT LTD.  Phone -a8540l3  Secholt, B,C. >  \ ;   ��� t  2280TlO  HOPKINS 3_ Fully seryiced  semi-waterfront view lot,  close to excellent beach. Ideal  permanent homesite. ' "Full  price $4,500.   *  GIBSONS ��� Fully serviced  building lots, approx., 6ff .ft.  frontage from* $1,250. Terms.  4-34 acres on highway, close  to village. Ample water supply. Property slopes gently  fro_ -highway with view over  strait. Full price $6,500.  SECRET COVE AREA ���  Waterfront, opprox. " 2 ' acres  with over 350 ft. shoreline "and  a view that cannot bermatched  anywhere. Choice secluded  building site framed with  colorful arbutus arid. evergreens, overlooking wide seascape1 with large islands. A  nature lover's delight. Full  price $15,600.  PENDER HARBOUR ���  Level cleared waterfront lot,  - fully serviced with 70 ft. frontage on sheltered bay. Easy  access off paved -road. Full *  price $5,750. <���  . SAKINAW LAKE ��� waterfront. Your choice of three  lots on this picturesque 6  mile lake, just 3 hours from  Vancouver. Lots average 80 ft.  on lake by 170 ft. Excellent  fishing and watersports. Full  price $4,250 each. Tprms.  Call Frank Lewis or Morton  Mackay at 886-9900, eves. 886-  7088.  FINLAY REALTY LTD.  Gibsons       and       Burquitlam  2303-17  33 acres of rolling bench  land with stream, pleasant  woods and view of the Straits.  2 bdrm house with spring  water. All kinds of possibilities. $36,000 full price.  Over 500' level to' gravel  beach, arid vi-sw of Trail Is, 2  ocrps with highway running  tb'tpugb. Cqminunity water &  cabih on $17^,000. '7  2 bdrm, 1000 sq. ft. horheorio  block jfrbm beach, store & P.O.  friiU concrete bsmt. Unfinished. $5000 or better dn. on  $18,000.  $15,800 Serni water front 2  bdi-rm. home with suite in  bsmt; Hopkins. Separate  dnrm. A-O heat. Holf Cash.  _08 View lot on highway  With rotud access at back for  $3300 F.P. Name your terms  at 7 pef cent. Lot cleared.  Three-room cottage on Ifeo.  lot. 60 ft. road front (IRL),  nicely planted, present lease  fep $40.50 yearly. Insulated,  easy to heat. Full price $5,500,  Older three-bedroom home  (with renovations), plus lnj_c  workshop nnd portly finished  rental duplex (view) on .84  acre. Lot terraced and gardened. Clo3e to Po;tt Office  and shopping, on blacktop.  Can be. had for $4,000 down,  balance e��ay at 7 per cent on  $12,000. Cash offers considered  Try $7,500 down on $12,500  for new 2-bcdroom hoiuui on  Wi acreu cloao in. A very attractive, property,  EWART McMYNN  REALTY  NOTARY PUBLIC  SPARE time .income. ..Refilling  _id collecting "money' "from  New Type high-quality coin- 883-2373  operated" dispensers " in "your  area. No. selling. To- qualify  you must have car," references,  $600 to '$2^900 cash.'Seven-to  twelve hours weekly can net  'excellent ~ monthy income.  More full time. For personal  interview ' write "Canapenh  Distributing Limited, 302  Ouellete Avenue, Windsor,  Ontario. Include phone number. - 2304r17  Vh.s��� ZVi cubic .foot cement  mixer, gas - or electric. Ph.  1 ��� , 2300-17  To Go Travel, 886-2960. Gibsons  . - .       ,   9968-tfn  FOR SALE    USED boy's bike $20. Phpne  885-2276 after 5:30 p.m.  *    , -        2263-16  JUBY LaMARSH���Memoirs of  41 Bird in A  GUilded  Cage.  Now available at -The' Times  Bookstore.. 885-9654, Sechelt.  ~2157-tfn  FRANKLIN fireplace com-  �� plete with pipe, basket,  screen etc." Phone 883-2671.-  2291-17  Barbecue Cooking/Many others  at The ��� Times Bookstore,  Sechelt. 885-9654. ���    ���    2160-tfn  SMALL  compressor, &   tank.  ' Floor, model    drill    press.t  ��� Garbage .burner.* 200 gal. gas  tank. Ph. 886-2046 after $ p.m.  '   "   x ,     -     a1'' 2299-17  2   BUILDNIGS'"24   x'36   ft.  Good material. 2 qii furnaces.- 2 electric 'hot 'water tanks.  '2   bath   tubs - (Pembroke)   3  large front windows (alum.).  Some smaller sizes, phis doors.  Misc.     Lumber.  -Box     318,  Sechelt. - Phone. 885-9693.    '  .  -     ,   2305-17  ���BRITISH' Colonies1 mint stamp  .- - collection.   Value   at -. $1400,  (Scotts  - Catalogue)..   ;What'  offers. ,Bo5c -273.-Sechelt; ;B,C,  ,   .    ,       " . 2292-17  USER chesterfield $39/ 2 used  wringer- washerd" $29.95-  $49.95,' Dinette*Suite, 6'chairs.  Flobr- model, regular -$l39,  special $89." 2- used portable  ' T.V.'s $49-$59. Hoover Washer, floor model just $109. Packers Hardware' Ltd. Sechelt.  .885-.2171.    . -  .     .. '. 2295-tfn  1 , ARBORfTE t table;" &    6  chairs,  'excellent r condition.  1 Tea waggon and'1 bookcase.  Phone 885^9734.'.      '   2286-17  ��� - ���-  : -_j       -  ���  LAWN.- Boy'  motor   mower  - with grass catcher. 1 yt. old.  -885-2813.   Seen   at  House   of  Dallis, Davis Bay.       f2297-17  MARINE ACCESSORIES  Paint���Fibreglass---|tope--  Canvas^-Boat .Hardware  Compressikl air service for  skindivers air -tanks.  Skindivers available., tor  salvage work. -  WALT.NYGRfN SALES  .     Lf D.      - > . .  ���  Phone 886-9303, Gibsons, B.C.  ���    - *      ?1306-*_n  Happenings Around Elphie  ���     ������       ' ��� 'r-^ .,     .   i-i *  -���by Marilyn Hopkins  NOT too much time left now! The Easter   ' of blocked off with the flowe-fs. It"was  Holidays are less than two weeks off,   va simple theme but dohe really well "b'y  LEGAL NOTICES  Form- No.-18  (Section 82)  LANti ACT .  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  - In Land Recording District  pf Vancouver, B.C: and situate  Agamerion* Channel vicinity  lot 3795.   ���  , but there is one thing that sort of takes  the joy out of looking forward to a holiday, and that's exams. Grade twelve de-  partmentals are being written the week  pre���ding Easter. Another thing that a  few people are not looking forward to is  the coast falling off. This talk about the  earthquakes lately has got a lot of people wondering if this really will  take  'place.  The   topic  of the coast  slipping '  away seems to be prominent  in many  -conversations. - Some' -really believe it.  After all, it has been said that the earth  around Los Angeles is going an inch an  hour. But for the most, they'll just sit  around and wait, and if "the coast goes,  well, it goes.     "' -  Two meetings have .been held, so far  with seven, -studepts . from  Elphinstone,  three from Pender and, 10" adults from  various places on the Peninsula attending. The purpose, of tbese meetings was  3?ake .notice   that. Beverly _   to- discuss the drug situation in'the com-  frene Strukoff of Delta, B.'C~'' 'inVumties.'' A* public meeting is"* being" pre-'  occupation "Housewife intends    pared for April'21 and 28. One in Madeira  to appy for a lease of the fol- ' park and one at Elphinstone.  Dr. Wong,  lowing   described   lands:���350   'who was the guest at a provincial drug  conference which Mr. Bud Mackenzie  from our district attended, is to be guest  speaker if he is free for those two dates,  or at least one of them. Various people  ���from our area will also be there to talk  to the public. The format of these meetings is to have Dr. Wong talk briefly  and then have the people in attendance-  break up into small groups and discuss  the situation. Later Dr. Wong will answer questions. Dr. Wong and the representatives will'circulate during the evening and talk to the groups. It is hoped  that the public is interested enough to  make these meetings worthwhile.  Our Senior Dance was held on Friday,  Marph 21st at 8:30 p.m. in the gym. "The  Sound Condition" from Coquitlam played  till midnight. The theme of the dance  was spring. Flowers were hanging from  the ceiling and the bleachers were sort  feet + from north west corper  ���of-lot 3795.  Commencing at a post planted    thence    100    ft.    north;  thence 300 ft. east; thence 100  ft. south; thence 300 ft west  to   point   of   commencement,  and     containing     3A     (three'  quarter)  acres, more or less, \  for  the  purpose  of  Summer  home site.  Beverley Irene Strukoff 1  Dated March 8, 1969.  2265-pub. March 19, 26-April  2, 9, 1960  Dinese, Quarry, our Minister of- Seriibr  Spcial Affairs, and .her committee. They  .did a great job. it was good to see that  there was no trouble of any kind at this  dance.  Roberts Creek news  .MR. AND MRS. J. Sear observed Iheir  , fiftieth wedding anniversary; recently  "and   to   observe  the   occasion' Miss", E.  ��� Harrold held a tea at her home to which  were   invited   members   of -the   Church -  -Committee of St. Aidan's and also mem-  'bers of the Anglican Church Women.  Gold    chrysanthemums    and   freesia  ��� decorated the room and with the refresh- ���  ��� ments a suitably  decorated  anniversary   *  cake   was   served.  A, presentation   was  made to Mr. .and Mrs. Sear to mark the  occasion.  After many delays a>. much, needed*, 1  new set of shelves has been obtained for1  the library from Mr. R. Birkin's cabinet  shop. There was no trouble finding books  to fill them, as the library has a very  interesting selectiop of books on loan  from Port Mellon.  Both adults and children will find  books to suit every taste.  These books are much appreciated,  as it meant a great deal of work to select  them and list them and it' is hoped to exchange them in due course for other  selections.    ' '   ���  ANGLICAN CHURCH  SAINT HILDA'^SECHELt . '  8:00 a.ni. Every Sunday  S<:30 a.'rh. Church School  11:00 a.rq. 2nd, 4th, 5th Sundays"  7:30 p.m. 1st and 3rd Sundays   / .  Serviced held regularly in  GARDEN BAY, REDROOFte and EGMONT  For information phone 885-9793 -  Every Wed. 10 am H. Communion St.Hilda's  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  * Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Church Service 11:15 a.m.  Evening Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSELLS t  J Davis Bcty. Rood and Arbutus 4  (2 blocks up from Highway)  ,14.  X041NQ  Bumper sticker: "Go to college^���learn  to read and riot."  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  MERMAID & TRAIL, SECffELT, B.C.  Suntfoy School ���- 10:00 a.m.  s Church Servlco ��� 11:15 a.m.  MR. ROY ADAMS, PASTOR  PHONE 8B5-9665  AW We/come  Therp art rhrt** rflltllon peopto  (irounj lh4 world ioday who be-  l��vtf thpt jhp Linlflcalton of mankind  U tWwlll of God for our ego. Ihoy  call thpmtolvof BahqTlt.  Porhopi Boha'l tt -what yea era  looklno for.  EDNA M. FOOTE  Dabal't of Sunthlnp Coast  60S--O86, Sechelt, P.O.  I Fprm No. 18  ���: i(Sect"on' 82)  LANp ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to, Lease Land  In Jjiahd' Recording District  of Vancouver, B.p. and situate  A,garpepop   (Channel   vicinity  iot,37p��.   _, '/,   '  :  Take notice that Mike  StrMkoff of pelta, B.C., occupation Merchant intends to  apply for a leojse ,pf the following described lands:���260  ft, + from north west corner  of lot 3798. ,;  Commencing nt a post planted thence' lpti fj. north;  thence 300, ft. east; thence 100  ft. south; ihence 300 ft west  to p^oirit of 6bmmcncemcnt  and containing W (three  chiartcr) ncrcs, more or li*:m,  for tho purpose of Summer  home site. 1  Mike   Strukoff  Dated March 0, 1060.  220-J-pul). March 19, 2(1-April  2, 0, 1009  seeds���Bsuate  gassa  w^w^MbJtmtrximmTi  BB  a  A  big  now  Influx of  horno buyer*  ts  expected    now   from   the   post-World  War II baby crop.  ''   ������ :'   ft ., '     it  Tomorrow'* houte will bo cllmarc-con-  diffpned with a phojee of floral and  South Sea itcrttj turned on |ika p faucet.  >��r  ���it  Dox 238, Gibsons, D,C,  Member  Multiple Listing Service  PHONE 0(10-2248     ���,  Res. Phones: K. McMynn 000-  2000.    D.  Wortmnn   OflO-2303.  , , .Jock Warn 000-2001 : ���'������"  2302-17  CARS ttrtd TRUCKS  1903 Ppl^'flAC Pnrlstenne  Custom, two door hardtop,  V*0 auto., radio, |>ucUet Bfinta,  A-l condition, Loyf mllengp.  Also new Mobilaire i(�� cooler  for camper or trailer, Ph. fl��5-  0348. 2310-tfn  ~���-������' , ."���";"��� A������-'���T��� '  SEPHELT VOLKSWAGEN  '   I ...   '69 VW'b  From $1898 F.P.  COPPING MOTORS LTO.  80^-2012 085-0040  100% Pln-inclrijt  , asoa-tfn,  Today'*  kitchen  hoc every mechanical  aid   tho   houjcwlfo   want*���and   hopefully, a built-in mechanic���  hof huibandl  *<,���'     ' ���"(*  One of tho wcfrld'i rno��t ejponilvo lunury  hotel* it a treehouse���-Treetopi Hotel  of Kenya, built In an African fig tree.  -ft      ,. it  A tree homo might ba difficult to find  among my listing*, but |u*t name orty  other typo  " ��* ���* '  '  -    Wi^ iwt��������'^�� 11 1 *i>ii-l>  fciimn Ai mi       ���% ip*n*_i J���i|*  i_��^m   ���!*���������i���J*���!*���-��������    ��������� ���   " ���������������"���������*_ ��!*��������  -        SECE-3ELT A��_W(tJSE9 ��ATE PAP       '  ��� This free reminder of comlrfiJ ovor��ts Is a Servlpe of SECHEUT Av5ENCIES  UTD. Phono Portfniula' Tlnies dlrectTfbr free ||stlrifls, Sp-iclfyiriq ifotM  Pad*', fleaso riote that'spatdis flrhlted rihd soWo adv'orico rJafei may  hqye to wait their turn^alfo that ��h|s Is p "romlndor'Mlstlna pnly qnd  cdnnot alwoyi carry full details.    '  MM^B��l��Wli(MaMMHIIIMrt  March 26���2 p.m. Rpd.Cross Cottage, Roberts Creek. Medtlnq 'td.'or-  oanlie Red Cros* tamjidloh Irt dred,  March  28���Gibsons  Elementary , School  Science Fair,   Doors open  at  7s30p.m.  March 20^-10 a.rw,-1   p,m,������������Wilson Creek Communlfy'"���Hall.''Coffee  Party. . ,  March  28���8  p.m.  Jolly Rooer Inn.  Pender Harbour Credit Union  Annual GenoralMccllno.  March 29���Peninsula Drlvct-lp, Sutishlno Coast Credit Union, Dinner  and pance.  March 29���2 p.m. Urjltcd Chnrch Hall, Gibsons. Elphinstone Girl Guide  Assn. International Tea,  ..;���.���.  March 2�����8:30-10:30 p,rn. Elphlnstdno, Job's Dauahtors Skatd Party.  April   1���8  p.m.   Port  M��"on  Community   Hall<  Hospital   Auxiliary  Foshlort Show,   ,, ^  April 2���8 p.m. St, Hildcj's f-folt^ Sechelt, Gardtin Club General Meeting,  Now members wolcomp.  April 3���10:30 a.m. Next to Tasclla Shoppo, Secholt. Hospital Aux,  B6kc Salo.  ASK fOft mm CATALOGUE OF PROPERTY  Muitlpin Lilting Servlco  Vancouver Real Estata  Doard  kiAt 'SstAtik  MvmAucm  Scchcl. 005-2161    '     "2t4tf$UttS      ��� mmm 886*7013  PITER SMITH  AT  miummm.  mmm��*m*  k<p#wte.  ^tm  mmtm  I > '\  A.  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A.-1      �����>*��*���.**�����������*%,">-   >    -4,��     ��    ��\  *>  mm //
% '*«■''
* -> ,4.!-, A
l^rA+jr°Ab***- ^--A^/v *-*•**«.  *^^*y*A^^w^^^^w^<J^^'*t*-*:Kr
' J^-s >t»> ~-v
p «, * sut' tit,1**^*- X^J U^vi—ifc^n^l ^ -U,^!
*» !-.•'«<»£—+ 5—   W v"*~f*-\F-ti *•&'***>*)*■ &i
V! -4,
J» nf***1'  -ft**..  j^V*  4«^ v>  *»">A<-' ili-^fl'
-   ,*  V- V   V f-    1 ** *<■■"-'■-•■ *•
i*n-r~"-i!ii"'i filler?-- V iv? ■ ■ ~ i**■■<■*■ ^ u-r*4,-ft<,rr<--*^'4r-*»*--t *-v~   ■■
-^Th> firrtes cMfa ^rf«M
OTTAWA—Cahada'e new system of ta*x
reform shottjd be ih effect in March
1970, Finance Minister Edgar Benson has
fdrecast.    \ *•
Ufe* re-assured Canadian taxpayers
that tKey would not be retroactive in
their apjolicatfoh.
The government has ,not yet fnade up
its' mind whether to. apply a capital gains
tax as part of its new taxation, plan.
'^However if the' government should1
decide to levy a capital gairisjax Mr,
Benson has stressed that it will be on in-
fcftsases in valuation from th._ date trie tax
hi\\, reaches parliapjent. -        '    .
' • "A .capita gaihs tax, if onri is applifct-d,
would-pot be reiroijetive.
Tb.e finance minister nas reversed his
previous decision not to introduce a white
paper first, outlining the government's
proposed tax reforms. Mitchell Sharp
when, he was finance minister, had asV
sured .the business community that he
would bring in such a white paper to give
taxpayers a chance to study what the
government had in mind.
Mr. Benson, when he .became minister    1S-1_«A   knnMinn   rtir\
dismissed the idea of a white paper. But     SIHCc   flaflylHQ   SIO
the bpsipess communily and others have       ' -,,...■»#,*/.
\ \
*    *
■f" k    1-
h» t
!■> >
v   _
s   ^  ^ *.
y * t
IvtR. AND Mrs. W. tyeliseh
.their c]bdjdkn' p£~
l sbhuttd toft wi&M tfii.
s on up-swlng
been very di^Urbed and now Benson has
agreed to go back to the ideapf the white
paper outlining the governnient's new
tax ide_.
. -The procedure Benson plans to follow
oh" tax reform will be to introduce his
white paper into parliament ih Jtine of
.ftjj.9 year. Jt- -yi/ilji jrji—lose the government's tentative- conclusions concerning
the revised tax income structure.
- The intention is that the white paper
be reffered to a committee of parliament
which will hold public hearings on the
proppsals,. The .central ,core of the income
tax-'.system.will be under review and also
under examination will be parts of the
core which the government does not propose to amend as Well as those th_t it
does want to change.
Those wishing to appear before the
committee, or make written representations to it, "will do so in September, it is
expected. The. committee siting on the
proposed new tax system are not likely
to begin until the commons reconvenes
after this' summer.
- Puring discussion of the tax changes
the Canadian government plans to make
public draft sections of the act as they
might* read if the proposals became law.
It |s. hot ^ehson'is thought at this,time to
dot every "i'' and cross every "t", however the draft sections would give sufficient details of the way in which the new
taxes would work and interact, so that
taxpayers could obtain a clear view on
how they may be affe'cted.
While the white paper. is before the
house committee" the federal government
'Will be 'consulting with the.' provincial
government. At th_ end of the period of
consultation and hearings the federal
goyernh)?nt *virJU have to. tt&cide .upon the
revised proposals' it 'will- put before parliament for enactment.
They will go before the house in the
form of.a bill and be considered in committee of the whole house. If necessary,
the changes puce passed will apply back
tq the time the revised proposals were
announced—but there wil be no' sugges-
tipp; oj their being made retroactive for A
year or two years.1
Mr. Benson has now declared that it is
hoped to have the tax system amended'
to take effect for 1970. This will depend
to a large extent oh how long the com-
mitee hearings continue and how long it
takes the government tb rethink its position in light of hearings, the consultations with the provinces and points
brought out in public discussion.
An interesting outgrowth of the new
tax discussions in Ottawa is an indication
from Mr. Benson' that the old British
parliamentary tradition of budget secrecy
may be on the way out in this country.
The minister in a recent speech delivered
to the Tax Executives Institution indicated he was becoming increasingly impatient with the unwritten law that
requjres absdultc secrecy surrounding all
discussions of tax policies until they are
announced in the budget,
1 It was also apparent from that address
tljat Mr. Benson! welcomes foreign in-
V^ttpent. Hf3 enipbasized that Canada has
a-ywted Interest in preserving Its present
image as a safe and rewarding place in
wjiich to-invest; * •
■yjie address attracted attention both
In Canada and the United States and -Whs
cqrftmcntcd on favourably. In several
Cn'riflidian papers the flnanpe minister was
described as a "drayk on the ahbject 6t
foreign investment find foreign 6*#ncr-
■ ship and-control of Canadian industry,',
in contrast tq former Finance Minister
Walter Gordon,     >
Ivfr. Betistm told his American nu-
dichce/ho hid ho doubt Canada will con-
tihbti to attract foreign capital. IJnless
there were some barrier In ih6 way. the
cbtpblnatlph of resources und manpower
present in Canada can compete successfully with any othef such cpmbjnatlon In
ih«i world,,he said.
"| would go further and say th>t I
\ikve no doubt tbnt we can attract the
iqrclgn capital without tax gimmicks or
other expensive incentives. But surely jit
Utust be'clpar that Canada has a vested
interest In preserving its present imago
09 a safe and rewarding placn in which
td invest," tho minister told the Amer|-
i cans. '       ..',,.,,'..   .,
THE - MURDER' rate ahd the number at
-   otherfcriminal killings -Increased in Jhe
first six months of Canada's five-year-.tfial
of partial -alboUttatt of the death ppnaltyi* sfe*  -
tisUcs.sho-jy., t   , „ .     ,._>,.,*;    !
The-Jfigures: were -made -public '/Tuesday -
_y-iBarry-jMa'tber,'-New- Democrat UP tor
Surrey,, one of the early advocates -of- trial   "
death penalty abolition.
The .a-bjDUtjon-retention' battle culminated  •
Dec. 29", laSTjJ-^legisla-u^n^a^Qll^jg^
death penalty for"„1 killings except^tliosft"
of poljce j and prispn guards until 'Dpc, ^29r
1972.   ^',^.7. ;    ,   _ , .   C--.."*-*- .
.Mather, said that at his request^the bu*
reau "ofu statistics  (furnished   data  yfhicTx .
shows:     > "     :\. ^.   , '        •    <   '
— Number ofmurders rose tq WlanttJl*^
first six ijn'ontljs -compared with 122 in the
first six rhopths of ififi7.
— The .murder rate rose to .008 per 1,000
population age .seven and older, from .007.
>— Male murder victims climbed sharply while female-victims declined slightly.
— Suspects in/the age group 20-29 in-,
creased.   /'   " /. " '-'",,..
.  — Victims in the age groups .50 or over
and und&f 20, also'rqse. *- ', -     '
•Mather* said vihi.an interview, the figures
for so shq'rjt si period prqyide no .conclusive
proof as VvO, the'-desirability of ,the death
penalty. -■--•••      v r •   "- /
' "My interest-is" to saye life," he said.
•"If we 'carf do so"by retaining it; I think It
is impor-Jit,to do' so. But if we can't,'let's
get rid of it,"    '" "     -
By provi'nces,"here are the humber of
(murders.and murder rate in the first six
Worittis bf-fhe ;trial period, with,the" 1^7
figures bracketed?     '        ' '7'7
Newfoundland-2 ahd .005 (none)r Prince
Edward- Island none either period; -Nova
Scotia 6.and .009.(5 and .008); New Brunswick 1 and .002 <2 and .004); Quebec 35 and
.007 '(29 and .004t)j .Ontario 39 and .006 (40
slpd..007);. Manitoba Jfi and .02 <4.and<005);
*-_,.-       .-..  ,       .Looking Ahead  ,
With her leg in a plaster cast Sharon   with Mrs. W. A. Stitart last week.
.JJoylp-had first - hand - knowledge of Frorri left are Doris F£ul,'. Sharon
mirsing ,and its related occupations Doyle, .Paujiine ^Joh]lSoni• Siisari Tirij-
When grade 7 gechelt Elerhentary "stu-   othy, Mrs. ^tttart,', Adrientie" Akeson
,dehts discussed nurging as'a career   and Gerry Wils0h.
ahd h
ertjbying th> "weekehd at tHe,Lahg homfe'
-Thirty-eight volunteers at St. Mary's
HOspidai representing auxiliaries ftjorh
P»snder Harbour, Halfmopn Bay, Port Mel-%
Ion, Gibsons, Roberts Creek and Sechelt
attended the ahnual. meeting. Mrs. E.
Gr'afe introduced Mr. J. Lewis who gave a
most interesting address' on therapy, -its
nistery and use. Mr. Lewis is jn charge of
4he therapy division at Si Mary's. Jtie
Was thanked for his enlightening talk.
M**^. Sylvia Jones volunteered to act as
chairman for the ensuing year.       ,,
On Saturday evening, March 15th a
surprise 25th Wedding Anniversary riarV
for Dorothy and Tom Robil|iard was' hejd
■ at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hayes ih West
Sechelt. The room was beautifully decorated, and a lovely cake dohe in, silver,
rqarked ithe occasion, A corsage was pihtjed
on Dorothy and a botjtohhier for Tom. -A
beautiful silyer tray Was presehted to the
cdtiple with a card from all her family and
friends. There were 41 guests in all and
out o| town guests were Eftaff (Sfgt. mid
Mrs. Dick Payne ffbm'Bichrtidhd, Mr: and
iheif. wteekehd, |ufest?/ Ui;Z ahd Mri. A.
Vdh Spepge'n •&$ daughter Mdfy 'frbfh
VancbUyeh        _     , 7.   -„ Z'- ,
v Mr,.,and Mfi-W. Mc6regar naye moved
to Sechelt from the' qhama Phi Beta Carnp
in West Sechelt.     ,/'«"'.
A speedy retbver*y._:oe^ to Mr.'Oeor'ge
Marshall bf West Secheli*. .
THE \v
4 .■,
..  ....»
Grades 6-7
lletaeiitafy school girls
g@t iiisight into nursing
CONTINUING its programme of. bring-
.   ing people from the community into
the classroom, Sechelt .Elementary, School
• welcomed a visit from Mrs, W. A, Stuart
-.on Tuesday of last week.
■ \' Mrs. Stuart who; is-*the, wife of D-e.
. Stuart, taught nursing at Ottawa Civic
Hospital and besides Being a Registered
~_Jursa holds a diploma in teaching and
'-'' Speaking from her * own experience
' and with the help of a film, Mrs. Stuart
was able to give grades 6 and T girls a
.gljmpse of an interesting future which
could serve as a goal during their secon-
' dafy school years.
Students watched intently as the film
"Which was taken-at Ottawa.Civic Hos-
.pital gave thi?mia,;l>rief insight' into the
"duties of practical,- registered   and  psychiatric  nurses,   also'w the" "duties of the
public health nurse who-visits the home
-and school. They were quick "to realise
alLthe careers which are-related to the
care of the sick.
Mrs, Stuart" listed',the various schools
of nursingj and subject requirements; for
those' who cannot quite achieve the grade
12 academic standard,' students learned
that grade ten can lead to many'other
careers including practical" nursing;
Many   students   probably   wdnder   if
they can ever, meet the financia^'objiga- ■
„.__   —j   -we^e  told   that, grants   are
interested. They were advised to join, the
Future Nurses" Club in hj_h school where
they will learn more about their chosen
Later the girls will visit St, Mary's
Hospital where they will see many professional peop|e at work and as a result
of this programme, when the timfe comes
to make a decision, their choice of a
career will be based on a solid foundation.
AH® AMB§_!_£3 FESfEfE . . .
Sponsored by Royal Canadian Legion Branch  140
tions   and
apa..-Ji//j;. mapiiaoa as ana ._ *4. ana.-.005);     ~— . —< ■, _f - a   T . "7V ?.'.      „
Saskatchewan 8 a^d .01 (Sand .01); Albferta. . always available tq those Who ,are really
■6 and-;o05-«l6r 3^.01); British Columbia 28
'artd .OgtflS and 1OO8); Yukon and Northwest
Territories flone.4 (5 and ,2).   ,
Of "the. 141 murders, diii persons were
•charged in 1958: ( 3^ the comparable 1987
period, 84' -persons were charged in i_
. Where h-i'19&7-the number of incidents
of murder! totalled ,110, multi-killings swelled
the totaPof,.victims to 122. .In 1988, the comparable figures; Were 129 ^incidents of murder with 14^',yifcpms.        •   .
We'4 be happy to pay/as we go if we
could only catch up', on paying for where '
we've already gone;1,    ,    '  '
,  AUXILIARY     -
Monday; march 3i   ,
of- 8:00 p.m.
Anglican Church Hall, Gibsons
Phone ,8§6-2009 for tickets
AMlttfth-v2t06 P.M.
Further orindunc-smertt next week.
Bal Block - Gibsons
Every Wetjnesday
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JI .**  ,��� r" ^v   ;* '/^ *-r *  PogeA-4  The Peninsula Times Wednesday, Morch 26, 1969  --O  <l     -  A>  ���4��  T  Sat  _  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  ���by Mary Tinkley  1 _  11  1,4 .  4     '  Gibsons  Elementary 'School  children -surprised their teacher  conductor, 'Mrs.; Muriel,; w^en  ��>  ,��� ��� Sbrprise/Presjbfttcitioh  **���>    ���_.    ���_!     -__*''���*        _M.1_       ^    ^-*���-���*���,       4     -*, ^  First performanco  The sound of music is beginning to  spiead thioughout the school district  Last Thursday, Gibsons Elementary  School Band made its first public appearance placing a foui-piece selection which won them a tiemendous  ovation The band together with the  outstanding performance piescnted  by the sixty member choir has made  the school the most musical in the district and also made the public aware  .of the wonderful participation of tho  j"  A  /  i  i  1.  ��������>-  . /  V  PLANS for a children s cncial at the Half-    alonrr a st\en,*,y nulo chain of lak_ and  n oon Ba> School 1 jst Siturd iv had to    stavams  b^ c intelled when gale force winas caused It is hoped to hi\o a record attendance  a i-owir failure, but it was po.ible to at the Welcome Beach Hall on Saturdiy,  p-ru-n-d -with anothti .ucccosful dance for April 5lh for a Bingo E\trybody wel-  the Uienagt-rs. -The ��Halftnoon ,Bjj. Bee-    come. ,    ,  reation  Commission ' acknowledges  with  -- .ife and Mrs. -J-^. Burrows>rtav��v re-    teachers   who   have   devoted   lunch  pin^pongset, (turned home after _ bus trip to*'B_io . .hours to make such progressi possible.  wrn-n�� nrivfi    where (they, got the better of-the ohtwarmed   *��� '��� ������? ' '������ ��� 7-7  bandits and returned hota-e a little riciher    ���__�� ._��..- '        -  Mrs. Hugh Duff was hostess 4_t <a tea . than they left.      ;   .  .'    ,*,.-,- more about ...  at her home on-March. 21st in honour ot ��   Sothelt COUIlCli meeting  her sister, Mrs. Howard Nolan of MbittreaL   ��� ft-lr^ -   '  -." �� mmmj'%imkmmmm    ' . '  '     l_fr��m pago A-1  This was Mrs. Nolan's first visit to the  . hlDSOllS   AllXliltirV-- * , ��� t V - ���       w 1!  west coast and she plans a tour of Van-    ��*����U1�� .XlUAlUOl J tai ,16 on In-li^ reserve property which  couver Island and visit to Vancouver and    1_ ' 1J_  ����������--,. Ja��rt_ * **' ^  *        ^&0^X        "   ;  the Okinagan before returning home. ilUlUS  SUGGGS   UdilUC Aid.  Thompson  gamed general sup-  1    Mr. and Mrs. Guy Clear are home after    GmSONS AuxUikrv' Btoauet and Dance E^ W .eR he _��T_?ed ^ "^"S"  a trip to Vancouver Island where they at-    GJ "JgN��nAMSch.5tTirkrt MeS ���lllty+ ,for   SUch   llghtS  reSt$   Wlth   the  tended the annual banquet of thePolly:    ^UySU^-^SoS" h��SpltaL  ^ess. ;'   ���   -    -       .   ��� ��� "   . Mayor Swain- also drew attention to  Mrs. Hugh Archer, dmvenor, her com- the feci that council now owns three,lbts  mittee, the hard working members and and as intentions were to clear one in  their husbands are to -be complimented <>rder to construct a small building, some-  for doing an excellent job. '   : .^ng should now be done in this res'-  Auxiliary members' wish  to  extend P1���*-' H^ stated "we are spending money  sincere, thanks to everyone who support- on engineering surveys for projects we  -ed - their  efforts. - A ��� special  thanks  .to  Port Mellon Commimity Association for  'anna Club at Bamboo Gardens, Comox.  They visited Victoria where it was cold  and raining and returned home by the  Comox ferry.  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lynds' guests last  week were Mr. and Mrs. Normanr Place  of Mission, who are old friends from the  Lynds* Cumberland days.  Visiting in the Bay from Squamish last  weekend was the Doug Foley family, with  ii  Kathy as gua* of Sandra Jorgensen_and   '��f ^rf *��^ "tS6!^1-^  ���i�� J  vv  ir  't  ->  I  f  <"v  ��--��  v   .  V. '  ^-s  Right in thederi *il""��� J" *���*���*--+*-*--*����*'--���"-�����  of Dangers Land  had "  "   "     ~ ���  ���T7i%M7 ''     ' ���-. 4.. ' -  J  n  "   "4  the rest of the family at the home of Mrs.  Ruby Warne,  At the Charles Tinkley's was Mrs.  Jerry Hynek of Cortes Bay.  FILM PROGRAM  There was a good attendance at the Welcome Beach Hall on March lftth for an  exceptionally fine program of films. Of  particular interest were the films of folk  dancing at the CNE and "Campus in the  Clouds," a stimulating and vital film about  the Banff School of Fine Arts.  Next program, all in colour, will be on  April 2nd at 7:30 p.rn. and includes <t*wo  Dr. Johi) Crosby who was as entertaining Master of Ceremonies.  The Auxiliary was happy to welcome  an honoiired guest from Vancouver, Mrs.  .Wv Johnston, Past _ provincial President  and National Vice-President of .the Hospital Auxiliaries.   -.--.--���  - Kay "Butler "Realty" donated a' candy-  house for the raffle which was won "by  ^Mrs. John Brandy?-  ' "A tooled-copper picture made by Mr.  D. McVicar was Won, by Mrs. Harry  Smith.. The centre-piece, of flowers was  won By Mr. L. Rejd and other door pri-  cannot afford, I would therefore suggest  we concentrate on cleaning up the village with what we have,"'  t It was agreed local contractors be  contacted with a view to clearing off the  one lot. Filling and drainage will follow.  Sales  Yr     *ilf '      p ' - ^.^ ��    vTu    se* went to'Mrs. M Bujan; Mrs. A. Van-  films   about - commercial fishing  which    derhor_ ^/^ B jjgj   ���,     .       .  Money raised from -functions is -Uaaa  purchase medical equipment for St  Mary's; Hospital.  vessel the G. B. Reed, offers all the adventure of a salmon fishing trip with a  glimpse of science at work on the high  se*-is.  "The White Ship," which offers a -study  of*a different kind of fishing, is one of a  fleet of sailing schooners which sail from  a Portuguese port to the Grand Banks off  Newfoundland each year -and fish the  North;' Atlah \ ic, in much the same way ap  the Portuguese have' fished th.c*re for **fjLv^-  hundred years.   ;  .        ��� "/,.;���;,,  "Breath of Spring" pictures the coming  of spring to B.C.,' and the awakening of  plant and animal life. A film about tho  Cariboo, accompanies two Vancouver pec*  pie as they explore Bowron Park by canoe  Service  �����IC��  ���^���HighWy.JO? '  PHONE 886-9662  s-��|-m rt,.*fMih,iin  ftiixii.rtrtifi'.fii  "^'^.M'JA^i'^^h^^ThWfiir.^'J'^^.l  ���^��TS"B(__ 0F AW^UAL GE^E^AL ^EETBN��  [PEEMPE^ HAH-BOUH CPSEDiT UmQ�� '  ol-   .  JOLLY ROGER DINING ROOM ,- SECRET COVE, B.C.  A:: :'i '���WRi6AYf:'0/ia0ii 'A:  ''v'Cdrtpiimentery/Din^^  ! DINNER^ TICKETS MAY BE "PICKED UP AT CREDIT UNION OFFICE  BEFORE MARCH 26th  the play "A Matter  Annual event . ��� .  Young Thosplana ,1. rotor).      1   ,,:;/,  Eagerly awMtihg their cue to go on   are from left: Marie Rinaldis, Randy        The second, play, which! had been pro-  stage, young ac|x>rs who-performed in   Watson, Maria Snyder, Cindy Kurucz,    duced to illustrate traffic hazards to the  sr of Conscience"   Linda^ Postlethwaite and JDebbie jtlill.    primary',,;:.j^dc��V^traycd ��� thc-Scvm  Dragons', of. Darigcrland which aro the  seven' "Doh'ts" for youngsters on the road.  The dark dragons* cave, illuminated by  flashing coloured lights was most effective  and obviously appealed,to the youngsters.  Taking part were Debbie Fiedler, Ricky  -Stewart, Kim.Gregory, Shaunc Reid, Kelly  Bjornson, Dan Price, Chris (Sneddon, Dan  Nygren. and Charles Saigcon.  Yvonne iStahtey and Oandice Hiirrlsoni  s-'ing their; own. nrrnngenicnt of "To Sir  With love," they were unaccompanied  nnd sang exceptiomiUy well,  ; , Before the , progmm; closed, the choir,  Bhowed its appreciation to Mrs. NeilKcn  When Marilynne Musgrxivc, Betty Topham  ���and D.iVld,Hauka presented her with .a  1   Elementary school concert  thrills capacity audience  GIBSONS Elementary (School was alive possible for hen to teach choir next year.  with activity on Thursday evening of Ho alpo thanked Mrs. Hazel Evans who  last w-cek, for this was tho night of the although .'r-Ctlrcd from ' teaching, return.*!  Annual Concert, At 7:15 p.m; it was oh- eaph ���year'ito, acCompATry the choir.  Both  yjous that more chairs would be required ladjes received corsages, from the studenta  to accommodate the capacity audience and before the concert' commencjed. ���  this is where tho young wtudenta proved        There ia a tremendoua feeling of prido   . _, ,_.������ ,...���   ���.H  nble to meet any situation as they shuttled mhongst.thc. students for their, choir and    creamand eugar Kct which> to be-��n-  chaira from all parts of the school into the cym the primary grades listcm^ attentive-    graved. This wa-t the children's own idea  auditorium. ,       < ly to tho very fine an-anpemeota of tson^w    and marry a silcrtt tear was furtively wiped  Young thespians were busy applyini! which included Shmandoah, Climb Every    away -ngthc- youngsters made the prcsenta.  grease paint in clafisrooms, etaKe hands MountaJni   Kum   Ba> .Yah,   B��rn. i$rce,     tior*.   ,  were busy nwiking last minute adiu^mcrit?! ���. .OocMro nnd Mu^seln, DJnR Drm|j Merrily ��� Next'Friday the school will present u.  and Rlxty-elKht members of the choir, were ���� High.,,.'the ^Te-xjcar*, tsorig Chiaparenac * Sclcnc��,P��jirl,for which Htiidervt.i have. Im-ch  quietly taking their places for the open- and thcjftutwiun, TumbuloUiika.1 pivparing-for fsome time. Doors open nt  ingrrumbcr and somehow, almost miracu- , .Thc,��c'hool band' which has boon prao V:30 p.rn. and it will lie inteivsting to m-e  JwiHly, ,��verythl)iK fell into place in time. ' iiclrig un'd'ir1 tlio, inipcryiHiori of Mr. Fo;��tle-  for ithe opei)ing(at 7:.30 p.m., ., , tthwaitc .and nt noon hour with Mr. Mc-   MinVllriV'wiih'ithp'c^ltem^nV Was'St' K����r'-P^y��WWr'iM^  J*^^&>*��&.m�� ^ttlw:iKpmm-for 1Mir cwcl,cnt  ih lwving' the school at the and atJhe F��fc!'B; Z .'������!��� ������>'<:  'A te .    '  fichool year and it is the fervent thope of ���'  The two plays were delightful and rc-  tho Mudchtu that ��he will return -to Wach quired no obvious1 prompting,  the choir,   Mrs, Neilfien has led the choir Yoyngltandy Watson really found him-  for1 some years and 'many long.hotlK* Of self * ir*. an awkward  Bituation when  he  practice' have irsulted in a i^chool choir dispensed With his conscience (Cindy Ku-  which jla, superb., .     ,  :, J rucz) for an afternoon., Supporting tho  Princlpiil  of   the   nchool  Mr. George two   n���In  actors   were , Marie ��� RinaldiR  Cooper "paid triljuto to Mm Neilson and (mother), Debbie IlnUsisUw), Linda To��-  atso c-^iresscd tlio hope -Utofc -li -wtll-lw-'���UoUrwaitc (Mend) imd'Marla Snyder (nar-.  It IRABBITS . . ���'."only. .$2.98  Como early, stock is limited. Easter Sunday April 6th  MEM'S .. . Garu  Collar Sporta  Shirto^  Air sizes and  Colors.  $4.98 up  ��n'$ Sw��of Shirts  Ideal for lounging around. Back yard chores  etc.'.Colors. Sizes S-M, Med., ' 'a ||\fj|  Largo'and XL. Only .^,Z.���.^.^.^.^^^t^'  what tho laUist; invention is, at the elcimn-  tary level.  NEW STQCK  ��� ��� 7  mm  ^S  BSB3  2____-,  COMMERCIAL PRINTING  : see rflE 7!MS$  KIDPIES' H05HRV JUST ARRiVIID.  ��� ,,'.���,.,.   ���'.; ,',' :.,. ���, ..''(.' y  ALSO ��  .  - ;     t    \. ��  dcan-ge Stock L^Ses' tylosis  2 Nylon* and a spare.  A real buy for ^..Z. 1-���'���.  4.��u  LADIES'...  DRA. DRESS  Asstd, colors.  t5t yk  ,#  Now Shipment- . ��� ���  LADIES' HANDBAGS  $3.$-_ to $��4.00  rtc . A  A  CHOCOLATE i . .  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A-*       ���*"^^,1',     ^     lf%*l'*,jt*i-A*    *\#>       ***);>**      <*        ^      ' ^AW-'*r*-^*^**!^rt",ft''-J,u-*''*^,(B*'':*  f ������'; ,i ''...,.*    ' -. - - "...  V4^v *- ^..y^t^^. . ^ ^**^/���*, ^  .=--  /  >4  y  i    s  4  ' i  , 1  1  * C  ��  -:     **. *  /On  /"  ,/'  "<\  ��     ..  ������/       -  V  -   >N  Section, B  JOD strong turn-out  Broad]  Wednesday, March 26, 1969  Pages 1-4  ejiaiic.up successful ewe  izens  i  j> ~~.  \  >_  -"  -j- -i-  Estofe fax  ��� . ��  Bigness isn't efficiency;  look at our government  by: Sun Columnist,. Pat Carney  THE MEMBER for Coast vC_iIcotLa was  .sitting   at ��� his- desk   side-burned ' and  .smoke-wreathed, figuring out the" effect "of "  the propostid new estate and gift tax on bis  ranching constituents.  I lost Paul St. Pierre as. a Sun ���_eague  and won him as my Liberal MP when he  wrote a political -play called How 'to Bun  The Country and ended up playing the lead  role in real life. ~ "  "What do youthirik of Finance Minister  Benson's proposals?" I asked.  "I just don't buy them," 4said St. Pierre.  He picked up a sheet listing the assets and  returns of some 500 B.C. ranches in 1967  ���they show an average-return on capital  investment of .85 percent.  Added St. Pierre:5 "Looking at these, I  just can't see how, an estate passing' from ���  father to one of two sons can possibly .stand  the burden of the proposed tax, even if they ���  had three years to pay it."   ...  lie started pacing the floor in his slow  sweeping manner. "There is not a Liberal  MP who is not in favor of the general principle of estate fasces.,  ,"Benson has said that there are*.two  reasons for-having -an estate tax. One is  social, to prevent the^ ^accumulation. of.  Wealth over generations and the creation! of  dynasties. The other is economic. We need  the money to do the business of the country.  'HOW IN HELL CAN ANYBODY?'  "There are laudable objectives. But how  in hell can anybody reconcile these- principles with taxing estate under $100,000?'  There is no accumulation of wealth'and  ���.. , _ . -. the  $20;00O level is' luaftrous/ Today $20,000  isn't an estate.,Its a souvenir.' , , , .  He picked up the statistics again. "What  nobody here in Ottawa seems to understand  is that a $100,000 or $200,000 ranch can be a  very marginal operation in the west,  "This census of B.C, ranches is issued  by the Economics Division of the B.C.  Department of Agriculture. It shows that  the average level of investment in the ranches surveyed was $93,000 in 1967. The average investment in the top ten per cent . . V  the largest ranches . . '., was $182,500.  H'The gross income from these ranches  averaged $24,302 varying from, $9,720 an  average for ranches valued at under $50,000  to an average of $49,286 for the top. ten per  cent,   v ', , "".'"  ��� "But a. lot of these ranches operated at  a loss. Net' return ranged from an average  loss of $2,061 ori ranches under $50,000 to  $9,234 for the top group. Even ranches  valued at over $100,000 netted only an avb-  rage of $3,680 In 1967.  'The return on capital invested varied  from 5.06 per cent on the smaller ranches  to 5.06 per cent for the top ten per cent.  All ranches valued at more .than $100,000  netted an average of return of only 2,28 per  cent."    , ���'.���.���'���;  LOOPHOLES IN U.S. TAX LAW  St, Pierre started pacing again. Do you  know why the* returns are so low when the  estate is seeming'so large? It's because the  ���randies aren't worth the' amount shown  aind foe .ranchers know this. These prices  are being "paid almost entirely by Americans, who use loopholes in the U.S. tax  laws. ' '  "The value of many of the ranches' reflects generations of sweat���and damn little  money���put into the ground by some families. Many live at the official poverty level  of $2,500. The so-called value is just a paper  price.  "I'm worried that the estate tax is going  to accelerate the sale of these ranches to  foreigners.' People" just  won't have   the  money to pay the estate taxes. But nobody  here will concede this." .    ,  - I thought of the senior tax official who  said:, "Do. you men mean to tell me that if  you " were . offered ��� a $200,000  ranch  you  wouldn'it accept it if you had to pay an  estate ,tax of $43,200."  ���<  I thought of the $200,000 ranch in our  .familyl Despite the-price-tag, it still can't  support enough cattle for more than a mar-  , ginaj return.. The banker would not be too  .receptive to "advancing the cash. To raise  it, I would have to sell part of the range,  miking the unit even less economic. "No,"  ���I told,the official, "I would have to sel it,"  he threw up his hands in exasperation.'  PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO SELL  ' ���" But 1 told Paul: ('"AU the experts argue  -that these ranches shouldn't exist anyway.  If -they are so marginal and can't pay estate, tax, they should fold or be sold. Why  should, we subsidzie the family farm or  private business?" \y ,.  '-...; VYeah, ���yeah',." '._^id. SU.Pierre, "And  ' they also say the family farm is out of date  - and- the" sons' "don't want it. It's a chorus  around here. But the fact is they exist.  Pisopje don't want to sell out. They have  ��� stayed and worked the ranches to have a  life they enjoy and can hand on to their  -children."-.  He added: "Do you mean to tell me  that the family farm or private business  has no social value? I don't agree. And I'm  riot prepared to concede that bigness is  better, that General Motors is necessarily  ������* more efficient than a good five-man shop:  Government is the biggest business in Canada and let me tell you it sure in hell isn't  efficient."   ���  "But Benson says that if you have good  expert advice you shouldn't be too badly  off under the new system and you might  -be ahead,". I. argued.  ,' "Hi agree that a prudent man should  do some pliinning," agreed St. Pierre. He  picked up a story, quoting Benson as saying those who don't undestand itiie new system must have "lousy lawyers."  "In my constituency," said Sti Pierre  thinking of open country and poor roads  and jackplne stands and sagebrush, "how  ' many havo lawyers at all?"  _ ,_'-*, _ _ _ _ j  Ho* Spot  New stock of library books arrived in  Davis Bay School this -week and the  19 young students in grades three and  four had a wonderful tame choosing  a new book to borrow. Many read a  book each night and 250 books shared  with Bowen Island and Egmont  schools are soon read. Recent article  in the B.C. Teacher magazine states  "ithe library is reaching out to students in a more personal, selfmotivating way than -formerly���many are  .discovering for the first.time that the  library is the hottest spot in town,  educationally speaking."   IsabelZwriies...  A -snake charmer In India married a  i lady undertaker.   In their now home thoy  marked their towe|s "hiss" and "hearse."  ���from the Legislature, Victoria  ANOTHER week of the Third Session of  the Twenty-rEight Parliament has just  concluded and it has been a busy week  which has included four night sittings in  addition to the five day sittings.  Select Standing Committees have been  hard at work each morning, hearing the  remaining briefs and in some cases finali-  zing-reports.   - ,  r    n   -   ���    ��� " -  ��� The  Special Comtnittee on - Automobile-Insurance, pf which I was a member,  . has - submitted its report to the House  and we are now waiting for legislation to  . be brought in as a" result bf the report.  The Forestry Committee, of which I  am Secretary, heard our final briefs-on  Wednesday- and Thursday, which were  presented by the B.C. Truck Loggers, la-  dependent Log Haulere, Prince ��� George  Truck Loggers, Independent Squamish  Truckers, Caribou .Lumber Manufacturers, Canadian Forest Industries, .and^. B.C.  Federation of Labour. This has been an  interesting Committee, which dealt with  problems facing forestry in areas of slash  burning, fire fighting, grazing, wildlife,  recreation,. mining, and . 30-50, per . cent  clause for.contractors. .Tuesday and.Wed-;  'hesda-jrwe will-be1 going' into camera -to  prepare* our" report, to1 submit 'ito'- the  House, hopefully, next Wednesday.  One of the highlights of this week has  been the opportunity to welcome to the  Legislature students from Ocean Falls,  Bella Coola, Stillwater and Kleena  Kleene. The parents of the students have  reaijon to be,proud of their sons and  daughters', whose enthusiasm and good  behaviour was (commented upon' by a  number of people, I felt a little special  pride in the boys and girls from Still-  waiter, along with their teachers, because  not only had they.: and' their ;- families  worked so hard, to bring about this trip,  but they were from families whom I had  the privilege of serving on my mail run  for a goodly number of years.  It is my earnest hope that other;  schools in the years ahead will follow,  these students by visits to Victoria. It is  important to good citizenship that young!  people observe the Legislature in action.'  I also congratulate the Principal! nnd  teachers for th6ir efforts in this regard,  for it js indeed a great responsibility to  bring large groups such as these for such  a trip. And so, to all who helped or took  part in this trip and the other tripk to  Victoria���congratulations!  Monday, the last group from the  Powell River area will be visiting the  Legislature, and this will be members  from the local Air Cadcttes.  IT WAS a lively and interesting meeting  of Branch 69 Senior;" Citizens' Association when approximately 100 members  attended the Sechelt Legion Hall on  March 20th.  When the' meeting opened, members  ��� stood for a moment's silence in tribute to  the memory of Mr, Tom Bligh who had  died since the previous meeting.  President Canon Swan advised the  meeting that Mr, Harry- Hill was ill following surgery in Shaughnessy Hospital.  Mrs. Hill had been called into Vancouver  and there was a possibility that- further,  surgery would be necessary.  All present were urged to send in  their birthday slips' which should be  marked with an X if it was an 80th, birthday coming up. Mr. Milford McAllister  celebrated his 92nd birthday on February  10th this year and as no other member  admitted to this venerable age, he is presumed to be the oldest member of the  Branch.  Tribute was paid to Miss Emma Edmunds who had knitted 300 pairs of'socks  for the Red Cross. ' '.  The president announced that the  Executive, striving for Security for members, had obtained privileges as regards  haircuts, film shows and permission to  ride back to the garage, with the shoppers  bus on Thursdays in time for the meeting  at the usual fare of ten cents.  The following Committee Chairman  were appointed: Entertainment, Mrs.  Hazel Evans;" Transportation, Mr." and  Mrs. Guy Clear; Social Committee; Mrs.  Jack Whaites; Social afternoons: Mrs.  Guy Clear; Visiting, Mrs..Ruth Mitcheli;  Ways and Means, Mrs. L. V. Yates; Publicity, Mrs. Mary Tinkley.  Social afternoons would be on-the first  Thursday in .each month, starting April  3rd. Admission including tea would be  50 cents. -Under consideration are a Tea,  Bakesale and hobby display in April and  a Pot Luck Luncheon in May.  Canon Swan, in welcoming 25 new  members, reported, a paid up membership of 156.  Guest speaker was Mr. W. H. Berry  of the Division of Aging who advised  that the functions of his department had  changed over the years. Until" recently,  the department had been involved only  in financial assistance to the aged, disabled and blind. He gave details of the Old  Age security, Guaranteed Income Supplements, Old Age Assistance and Blind  and Disabled Persons' Allowances, and  mentioned the B.C. Hydro Buss passes  which, while chiefly of .benefit tb residents, .of ' Vancouver rand- Victoria, are  also useful to residents, of other areas  who were spending some-time in either of  these cities. '.' '  The Division, said Mr. Berry, is now  developing other services to elderly people. The appointment of Senior Citizens'  Counsellors, an idea of the Hon. Isabel  Dawson, had already proved a valuable  service to senior citizens. The Division  had started a Housing Registry and offered help arid advice in applying for  medital services. It was hoped to expand  activities in the regions of housing;, employment service, recreation, activity  centres, clinics and hearing aids. Mr.  Berry answered questions from the floor  and gave several private interviews after the meeting.       /      ,  Mrs. Hazel Evans, in her usual good  mm  19&�� and 1S&9  STYLES  Name Brands  DRESS SHIRTS * SPORT SHIRTS * REVERSE TYPE  (Short Sleeve and Long) JACK SHIRTS * and  SHIRTS OF, ALL KINDS.  tmirAAinmi**<*'>r<r+>*>'*mrm0*w*i***r*m*wmmmr��  **mmmmmAmmmmi*mmmwmimmmmmm0mimmt*mi'm*mmf*imm*ii*  $1.00 FUEE with Each Shirt Purchase  at i-tegulq'r Price off $5.00 and up...,  -���-fr��� "r"M"'""*Mi"'"**M"""'"'"^^  ONE  'DOLLAR  .GIVE-AWAY.  at  3 DAYS-ONLY  .  Thursday, March 27th-  Frsday,20 (open III 9 p.m.)  ��� anil, Saturday, ��� March 20th  Slyl* end  comfort  right.  u  1585 Marino * Gibsons - 836-2116  form, presented an excellent program of  Entertainment. The audience was delighted with a _kit by the Redwell Ladies  Guild representing a meeting of the Sunshine Coast Betterment Committee. Those  taking part were Mrs. J. Allan, Mrs. Wm.  Fraser, Mrs. R. McCrady, Mrs. H. Duff,  arid Mrs. M. Tinkley. Mrs. Fraser who  took the part at a few hours notice and  never had the opportunity to rehearse  with the other actors, is to be congratulated on a fine piece of acting. Stage Manager was Mr. Hugh Duff.  The Sunshine Songsters, led by their  Director, Mrs. Herb. Stockwell, gave an  outstanding performance.' With several  new members, the group seems to have  gained in confidence and stature. Their  program included "Galway Bay" with  the verses sung as -male voice solos and  "When Irish Eyes are Smiling". They  gave a particularly lovely rendering of  the African spiritual ''Kum Ba Yah" sung  in modulation. Accompanist was Mrs.  Hazel Evans.  When tea was served, Mrs. ' Jack  Whaites brought ,in .a huge cake, for it  was the,50th wedding anniversary of two  good and faithful members, Mr. and Mrs.  John Sear.' Mrs. Sear was -presented with  a bouquet pf daffodils. Said Mr. Sear "It  was a most heart-warming experience''  and he expressed of_himserf and his wife  for such a kind thought.  The raffle was won by Mrs. Josie Reid.  Job's Daughters honor  Grand Guardians' visit  TjAST OFFICIAL visit to this district of  the Grand Guardian of the International' Order of Job's Daughters, Mrs, Nan  MacDonald was held on Saturday, March  15th at 7:30 p.m. at the Masonic Hall,  Roberts Creek.  .All officers were there and Mrs.'Mac-  Donald, commented favourably on the  girls' work. Honoured Queen Pam Boyes  presented her with a donation to the Cancer Fund.  Following the meeting,' refreshments  were served downstairs after which- the  girls presented the skit which they wiU  perform at the Grand Sessions to be held  in iNanaimo during Easter week,  The 55 -hp Triumph was  Evinrude's crowning achieve-.  ment this past season. It performed so flawlessly that they  no longer make a 65 hp motor.  The Triumph has a 3-cyIinder  loop-charged engine, giving  it greater -power andr efficiency. The entire engine was  newly built from the propeller  rto the hood.'lf-you haven't  seen it yet, see us now.  Outside Laundromat: "Put your toga  in our tank."  MADEIRA PARK  PENDER HARBOUR  Phone 883-2266  IV1NBUDE SALES & SERVICE  EVERYOMMP^EOiMES  ^^o^^^&^ol^^^oi^h^^  B  a  AELOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS"  Only 3 Days Left For Expansion Sale Bargains  LISSILAl  Gibsons. 886-9345  ILQRiSYS  .  Sechelt, 885-9455  M  o 2>  WASHSI  ri-rr* -���K^TT^ZVy.  * A Truly All Fabric Washer  * Complete Flexibility. 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He visited a resort  in the &ay of Islands area where there are  many lovely beaches, and sport lishitog is  ���a feature..        , *       .  '    Lowell reports having a super tan after  .   a monitli in the $uh with temperatures,of  *> 75 degrees.   On March 15th he went to  'South  Island.   He will be * leaving on  March 31st from Auckland, .returning to  Vancouver by plane.  BRIDG_;PARTY'  Three-tables of bridge were in play at  the delightful party at the home of Mr.  ' and Mrs, Fred Kifkharo.' earlier this month,  on -the occasion '.of Mr. Kirkham's 95th  birthday.. Present to/ offer felicitations  were Mrs. Dorothy Hanson.from Vancouver, Mrs. Gladys Davis, Mrs. Marion Mc-  Vicar, Mrs. Ivy St. Denis, ] Mr. and Mrs.  Larry Reid, Miss May Kirkham from Vancouver, Mrs. Pat.Verhulst, and Miss Violet  MoRae -from CalifonjdaL Delicious refreshments -were served, including a beautifully  decorated birthday cake with candles.  IN BRIEF ,  , --   .   ���       1  In honor pf the birthday of iher young  son, CammieV Mrs: Lmeker entertained a  happy crowd of children on Friday morning at a jolly party at -the Sunshine Coast  Trailer park. ,      -\     /       , ��� Y"'Z-.    \ ��'/'.i"���"'��':"-���.". 4  "''"*    Tagged  Down from Prince George, were Dal   Her^.a^maj^e^U-isrtaggefl. .,Sjnce  cher&'s ���ccook'^  and Mary Crosby with baby,-Shannon, to    JheT- program, began' 6,796L animals    hauled tat1"  visit Dai's parents/Mr., and-Mrs. Ken   Have heen .tagged'.:- These .plastic tags    gets make* a. law ivi u��� ���ei_��-m��?u>^ ttrzr-fh���TT-cA- --^-*iri^-^--^-v7*--i*  Crosby-' ' * could.help save, the-species.. Animus . 4e caribou are *ar a rmia-cros'&ihfe JS^^JSS^Sr^^Sf *  Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Weinhandi enjoyed   are caugnt :MW ���n> 'oversized _hep-   points'    ���-   > ^K?yn-*'Tacoras-photl. '^ffito._!^^S_K'^i2  the good'roads and-fine weather while on *...        , ��v   ..      -  ��� ���.    - ".. f!    .>. .-.,���:.   .   .'j/j..  -_   .    .- - "*�� ���     _^?^SSL?"_^J!^'it_?_^.S__^  a two-week trip-to the prairies,, going as     _f_rri___"   '- " * ------  far as Prince Albert, ^Saskatchevimn. They   ���-**"��������'*"���  �� ����� �����  visited -relatives]there and~in Alberta. g^  ��� . ri^  ' Mr. and! 'Mrs. Lloyd ��p- Panttridge had  as guests, Mrs. Partridge's parents from  Pemtictop,    * *  Mr. and" Mrs. Reg, Godfrey, who observed their wedding anniversary recently, visited their son and his family, Mr. and  Mrs. Ron Godfrey and children at West  Vancouver.  Mrs. Kay. Charlton has opened Katy_  ���IM  *��� X-   /.,  r.~>  :  ��lyerfe>irsKl��edgy Ayer o* oykbrfice.', $M��  .'i\\  pfeo���e-!B85 _J6lU; ^  % ,4    ��     4.V4AS* "\  ~"~~ mom.B96Yi(ns  -^-^_.  odds stackedyagainst"' .the ���"eafibout 'whlch;  T7*siorflt -_*;rH:fo"xn*-- -<A..��(,n'���t-��^._n:. -___������._.  0  Drive-In at Selma Park.    ��   . > - shepherd's crook' looks like dangerous    has destroyed so -much of the winter ran-  Mrs. George T.Smith of "Carol Lodge" and-exciting, work. Actually, it isn't. The   ;ees where the slow-growingjlichens occur  visited her sister and niece at Harrison Hot biggest danger, .the catchers face is the dan-  Springs recently,  'in .the ndrth where, most .caribou;are _UJetf,  ,are on���th.e mo$t-commonlylusedinigration  routes or winter .ranges.' It, is quite conceivable that the last remaining barren-  ground caribou would be shot while migrating, in traditional fashion, through the  "^ * , , -    * centre of a northern village.'  Imperial Oil Review    the herds "could -replace, reducing them to  CATCHING caribou from a canoe with a   .the remnant that survives today.'And fire    ^Q-?Cfr that moving baby  WATCH oujtJor ibaiby. He moves, fast!  ��� Never-leanre him alone on a table,  ��� ,    ..=:.-������ ������ ,.    ,      ���       ���,      ,   , on which the caribou depend -that the herds    couch or Ibed.  ]___* or c_l__j__li___ _o1_l wji���ii T116V _r&c so_i__6q * ** ^ l  The Kinettes will be selling Easter Bas-    ^thvtae spray kicked _y the strugghng ia> have' slaw!i- 9n? burned -area' ^at wa^s        ~ P+f ^J*��* ��r gates at the .top  kets at local grocery stores on April 1st,    ___>,." As ���r_ie caribou themselves  What investigated was found'to .bestill -unsuitable    and -bottom of -stains when baby stairts ito  2nd, 3rd, and 5th. The Easter Baskets will    ^y get f^m.thg ordeal is a temporary Jor caribou 39 years after the fire.      crwl  also be1 available at.^he- Bakery.  Money    sore q^^ jm a htm     Uow plastic To put it in" money terms;-Johii'P. Kel--       -pu*  ��_��* -anything that might  be  r^edv.?��^^-^r^her P^te _^    streamer pinned to one ear for life. ^ saU,  supervisdr "of "mam_albgy\resear���    pulled off table tops,  with help- from the Village and the Ath- ���-  . - ^ +"     ���      -" -' "for the Canadian Wildlife Service in _d-        - If he cannot he watched closely, put  letic Association, be, used to sponsor a        'Why would anybody want to tag a can- ,J���. ^^ ^ a ,hei:d of.a millioii    Mm in a playpen.  A small Dafoy shojld ���  playground supervisor..   ,    . ,       bou? The answer is simple: the animal is ~ua��?vu, P"?*'^ "r-   w.,i.,_+ wt i��ii_ * ***+ ^ n,;^ a.^%.  ���aiy. *v,��. ,^j���'   ��� _  Helen SchroTrs, wife of Port MeUon    in danger of extinction; andif it should die oa-yibou c^ 'E^A ^SSiS^^SS  employee ICarl Schroers, has been-notified    out the Indian and Eskimo-way of life-Oat J?^8?* yTfr ^"SflT^vS S  from New York] that she-was the prize    ii'supports will dleVuttoo.' The caribou is .*8,125,0p0.  If you ^*^ .^W W  winner of the month for. asecipe submitted . the .livestock- of the north-it flourishes- in Recreation and sport hunfang ttata, tog  to the publication "The Pulp and Paper    *jjtundra^ no o^er large animal can,    BEtf^1lff^S*Sd^  providing, food,, clothing, even Attorly    ��� ^ - ik _addicraft>?or spewed  kept in his crib, with _e sides up, or in  his pram whetii _ot -being handled.  In nursery: "Brat patrol."  Worker."  Mr. and Mrs. Ed Butler visited friends  at Whalley recewfly.  means' of ���aif tents, and makes it possible      , .,.*     __ -   '������ ���. -��,-   ���������������,��� ^k~- m.t  a.    _    a      -_ ���   _ 4-1.   .-i     ^ ii .%��. ���     clothing: the-value pf-the antlers tor-cut-,  4. manto^tm^hpsWewld 0S   ^a^s%^a^craiB  There's hidden danger  in household items  HAVE YOU developed habits to keep your  home as safe as possible? There 'is  ever-present potential .danger _*om accidental poisoning from household- preparations in yout home unless you practise  such common-sense precautions as the  following, li_ted in the federal health department publication, Keep Your Home  free from Poisonings  animal species in Canada may be as hard-  pressed as the caribou, but none is so vitally important a resource over so large ah  area. Tagging is just one project being carried out by wildlife agencies trying to learn  enough about' the caribou to save the species, Tags returned by hunters will, it is  hoped, establish the roulos these animals  follow in: the-seasonal-migrations from  their winter ranges in the northern forests  to their summer ranges on the open tundra.  Their range covers almost a fifth of  Canada's 'land   area. ' It/ comprises   the  When answering the' phbrie, oarry Northwest Territories from Hudson Bay to  with you or put out of harm's way any the Mackenzie delta, and it.takes in nor-  preparation that could hurt your child. It    them Manitoba and Saskatchewan and a  of the bones, hoofs arid viscera ground 'up  for dog "food or meal for fur''ranchers/you  get as much again.-    , ��� >  . ,That the caribou can ibe 'saved and its  number increased sufficiently to ensure its  -survival there ,is no doubt. Kelsall suggests that if all'caribou hunting were stopped completely, the number of animals  .would double in five years, perhaps in  three. At that point Kelsall believes 'it  should be possible to permit hunting adequate for all esential human needs.' The  difficulty, he points out, is providing alternate food sources and occupations for caribou-dependent people in the interval.  Perhaps   it   would  bo  possible  to   allow  is better to risk losing a. ealTthan to risk    part of northern Alberta as  well-about    .j^;^VnUrtJFarcOiriplete'ban cou���  750,4)00 square' miles. In that huge territory       t ^ obtajnpdy jfe concede'*, but _i0 prac-  lpsing your child,-     ;.-- Wh^1* "dry cteanirig" keep dcfors or mey'oriw warned  '���W^^-^^^MI!^^i. ���^^���"���^v.-wtimfttfia capacity of the, range is a little  cleaninfi[fluids can poison as w<>U as igriitte. m0ro than two million. At the last count  / ���when housectoarang, if you camiot taken in 1967 there were ia few more than  w^hyour ohild^eyery momont, atleast 350,000, an increase of 150,000 from their  &r,Fe^r^ ^^81W'.'*0l,_1^: rCcdrd 16W of 200;000 In 1957-58.  you are using. Plac^ the;m. all,inpno bas-: 1T : : ���"������'���''���"��� j - ' ���'  feet and take them wijh; you, as you moVe Th^ terrib;!�� decline wascjiuscd by man.  aibout tlie hou&e. ' ), Sincij ,1907 tho north has't been penetrated  ; -��� When your ��� oHildron we Wound, by -Whltomon^ and thoy brought guns, out-  warn themof the dangers of the prepara- board motors; and fire, TI16 guris and  tion you aro using. Familial thpm,wi|ih . motors have ihado it *>i)osslble for the In-  ifie coribainer. Newr'ttarisfcrVharmful, sub-. , 41ari AVd K-skLmos who orico picked off tlio  ^jiances to cup.<?, milk bottles, or other food caribou one at a time with spears to kill  containers.' ,',;,, \- , '���' . /them in. hundreds of thousands���tho 19-10  ,',..7 ~r'������Wheat dis<jardirig me'diclnes, curling' fclll"is'cstiniated to have reached 200,000  solutions or other potent preparatibias, 'a-rilmalSr-although they often left tho enr-  malce sure children will not be able to casses to rot. In tho spring of 1957, for  recover Ahem from garbage ������cans''or else- ,(exsamplo; "tt^ Indians ��nd Metis of Stony  V?h��~.'-.: ' * "' '."��� 'ftnpias.'Sask., killed 1.090 caribou, mostly  ;, ������ As soon as,your task is dpne,.put * Piroigpant'. cows, so that tho hunters could  away the "tools." The sooner poisohis-are satisfy their- appetite for unborn <?nrlbou  r|storcd to a safe place, the lps^ the risk calves. Thl^ relentless hunting pressuro  ol| accidents.                          i, oyc��r the> yeari idllcd more animals than  ERY  Sueishine Coast Highway,  Roberts Creek, B.C.  Phone 886-2684  TREES, SHRUBS, PLANTS,  (.ANDSCAPING  il  if  ipcludiiiff:  Raw S/ian/car-A/ty Music,  My I^r'  The Tiger of Canadian  zt *m$t"  "The Trail ol Chock  Chock"'  "';  "Three Against the  w     Wilderness"  "Canada's fighting  Pilots'  Judy (.q/Warsfi-Mempjfs  of a Bird in a  Guilded COge'4'  "Dictionary, of Spoken  Spanish"  ,   "The Yea(l\ng:'  "Canada I96B"  -; '!*)<*.)  Sechefar^Ci,  aBjjpfaaa^gM'  Phono 8B5-9659  rs  WEAH  phono 88i6-9994 ;  Sunnycrest; Slippping Gentro  Mm  SPECIAL OF BAKIB Mi  and Other ��bodies.  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Brought to ypu by  these progressive  places of business  INEXPENSIVE CURRY GAWLE  A curry cassorolo, vory easily and Inoxponslvoly made with about a pound oHofr-  ovor cooked lamb, can becomo p cpnvqfsatlon plcco with members of your ff,rnl|y  If prepqwd according to' t(io recommendations of Rpno Vannlcuwcnhuizen/ Chef do  Cuisine*, at iho Cltoi-Jol Motor Inn, Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Whllo somo Marltlmors will toll you thot lamb Is thu'only meat to serv�� In thjs''  particular curry c^*,^rql<-f, Cl^cf VaririlpyWPpHlion jjOyji }t .can b<? .RWprqd'wItli, bpof��� ���,  If no lamb Is Cjvallabldj, Just mqko sure that all fat has bqon r��?m9y<?c| ond only solid  cubos of mcot aro used, ,      '     ' '    '        ','','''' '  *   '    .  Tlio Inarodlents alvon Iri this rtclpe are sufficient to serve four,people.  % cup butter  % largo onions, diced fine  2 teaspoons curry powder  1 Ib, cooked diced moot, lamb P*" beof  ^HORfDISNTS  2 cups cooked rlco  3 Oxo beef (x)uillon cubes  ���v  1 pint boiling water  FurinBsfolngg ���^nd     ������  VISIT OUR- LARGE DISPLAY  ���'���';0"F T6>:QUXLft, NEW  Appliances - T.V:, 7 Racjjb  Php,no, ii||^J;B^.V^      B.C.  Peninsula ^mmblhg  .;������...���'��� -i ��� 'W*ll��, a   , ;,  MEATIl^^ A 'SUPPLIES  Your Kemfone  "S^erWln Williams  Painf Dealer  Phohii 006-9533  i��, B.C.  ���J^^iJSSt^iliXi^m i umLUSi ti 1 ny w  Where  Fashion is a byword  Smart Sfibpper^ are  found at . .  .  Fashion Shoppe  Gibsons, B.C. - Ph. 006-9041  METHOD  1       In q casseralq dish, on slow heat, mix 2 teaspoons of cprry powder and 2 flpely  Bleed largo onions arid braise In U cup of butter,  Add 1 Ib, of cooked diced meat, lamb or beef, and 2 cups of cooked rictf. GcnHy  stir, lncr4W��4? your hcrat and add 3 Oxo b��f bouillon cubes which hova been tJljsoMd  In a pint of boiling water. Heat thoroughly, uncovered. ;  Th�� fIrioj step Is to sprinkle your casserole with breadcrumbs on fop of whlcfi yw^  put little pieces of butter, Finish cooking, uncovered, In a hot oven at 375-400 degrees  ���for 15 minute**. ������',',    '��� - :.' ������  -��� ���. ' '   ���      ,.' '  /,  ~���"r.:l .i4^ss^^B^s^^^^^asc^��SM^ag^g  iiiiwunin'ii a��n��  'AS MOT AS  WILL COMPLCTELY INSTALL  A NEW SHELL FURNACE  Complete   wjth   oi|   burner,   ducts  work and oil tank In your home.  Call  Bud  Klewl.tz your Shall  OH  Distributor.  006-2133 Gibsons, B.C.  _s^^^^^  !  1  n  if  'sm  I        ,fU,/fl    ^rt*,*��^<*tr��  lfj6,*#,<$f,'&>';1  i ,^l ^i,* ,4 ,��| A ��f, A��A ^^  f<S > j*  *    ^    4^. *. rf!����A.l*4fl*v^    A,f��S   *  .   4%    if*'   l*$ **���    *  14*     -*     l*     #      *  _  ... (>  lift ���#(�� d��f ji* *fc f* !^v, * t-#i ^t ���#�� ^M^-^^^fl��tMi��'ti-i#Si4%f*>^*i��^*4/^^^ *tpA<wn,& *' ���u-4*****���m, k\*it^Z,Mrf ���0*?siij.j,^,  * ���wji.��i>!*.>^i*w-t^.*t'; a  'f'"fV    ' -r it-"* vc* ���>(r    "}J     =_.i  _,     0 ^ ,  .-i^A. *rvN i.?jiAs^v^Hl-'*Nu������^,i^^^^ ^^.t.  rrWtf^nt 4v*^��"-ii��   W*--*"��1I>"_~U*,*.J' i  r w''Vi,S-*->--*-'*M.,***'**4'-''" #?ftiV-*4c/*JSJ ^Ar^SA.^VV-*>^f^>t-vr'nf k*<* >w'*mi��i,��i-v,���1-���tf.^^* �����- a. t^*-*.,  ���- *��V ���^*-����J^_��A# *J* ^   tf v fV^-^_**4)*'*-j,-'h _"<��.- *v\ s**iti~w*  -tAtH*/ ���.0' ^i-^fr /���'Oj- r>sj-s^'V'"1*'^  ���V.    rtf    <-"v- *^<  _*' <i':**r��,-*4'--'-i "V1- ^"VH>��iiw v   ^."Vk^ ^r^fr v'l<,,,*>" -*"-��** ^ ** V  j<   *- 'W-j  JJ^nCrWem,  ����� ���  - J f, , 4* / , ;; ';->.;'./ '^v.'-v/'"''..���-���-: - - .; 4*v*/r-l-'-1 7 V  .   -., "V v-w ���"-������,. i  iffi-fo^ -Sftrii^^-lbnourr B-dtois Ctegk couple  retention pufweigJusvqpfe  LSD,  -DURING the last fifty years dentistry has  \  don't shack on cookies. Ifcmfin-tber "if itr  advanced'to ithe point where decayed niak-esyou fait it rot�� your^eeth.;  teeth can be restored or replaced by per- '��� Decay; is, cause^i ljy/th'e acids in?sugAra'  nianently attached dummy teeth withvir- and"starches Peking (to jtaeHeeth., There-  tually ho discomfort.- A person who has ' fore have^your 'dentist ,sjicwt you; how to  lost teeth or whose teeth are badly decays    brush' your tefeth property and*} do it after  %  h  can once again have a' complete set without partial dentures.  This is achieved by covering the remains of*, the itooth with porcelain. The  result is indistinguishable from natural  teeth and -resistant to further, decay. Fur-  meals. Most' people hrus-h. wrongly. Also,  df>'-Jyour* - itbothbrjush is' more,, --than ti^p  .monthsvold.it is useless; (he bunted'brit*-  (ties don't clean between the teethi.\   ���  ' Th%  fluoride' .combined ,-with  -tooth  ���enamel strengthens it is Veil known. .This.  thecrmore a person's appearance can be, 'immunity doesn't, have' fluoride in-the  i^i^^A   -u~ -. i*i ^ ~u,^A    rifaflgQg, water- so youhg children" need  (fluoride diops.br tablets. Have your teeth;  coated, Vfith.' fluoride once a year by your  , der^tis}^ This "will* reduce' cavities- by 40-  ,This 'brings me tMheJasti and'most  neglected, x^evea-tfive-measure.^ A'cavity  .starts as ai-he'arly invisible, hole, in .the  h^rd; .enamel ��n the .surface! of yo,ur tooth  and then spreads out ix* the-lessvhard underneath part. The sugar acids" dissolve  the jfcooth until it is a sof\ ch'eesyy bacteria  infested -mess-' which l suddenly /falls" to  pieces or starts to hurt. "When! ^is happens  (the1 tooth is beyond at simple -filling "and  you- will .need an ex^ensivej repair "or- if  you cant a^rdthis,' ^e*xtracj^on!  If'you-gpi'for a dertM clxeckriip every  six rnpnt^s (the cavity can' bejsp^tted early.  It'cai) be* filled; f<5r' between ^5.' s-iid $1'5  and' a: g?e^l>' deal of di^mfort1 ,will be  avoided. U-n^ritu^tely many/ppople don't,  realize thajt! Tfago, you c^n.see^a' cayife it  is o_^-n,ltpKtlateto. restor^ the toothy simply.  '^S^^^^W^^T^^^yi^^^ so  he can"ffiictcavities whiteTthey are"_ma_T  '\\rJf|inaUiyi4he, Health Unit-in. this area1  s^i^ jthree-^ear-old <--h]ld-re*a k. birth-day7  caTCJ.~ei~thhg them'to a free* check and  fhtoride ta^tment at a dentists. * Use this  stsrvicei^it might J start  r^r^ to,-being one of the  of sever^y-ye?u--ol^s with all; their own  tee_i-4ind W indigestion,       '   ' '  improved. The porcelain can be shaped  to correct crooked-teeth or shaded to lighten dark ones. Most of the brilliant smiles  of Hollywood's stars are provided by their  dentists. ���i r  The advantages of modern r porcelain  bridgework seem 'to be appearance and  comfort/ Howeyer in the long run'the  chief gain is the preservation? of the other  teeth. How is" this?    - . .  '.Nature has equipped us with thirty-two  teeth for the purpose of 'chewing'" ���food  small enough to be 4 comfortable to .the  stomach. The front teeth' are designed  for (nitting and the back teeth for grinding  food. The loss of teeth leads to poor -chewing and the inevitable indigestion a^id,  sometimes, stomach u'lcers. Teeth/-like a  picket fence, are partly supporte4 by each  other. The absence of a tooth from the  row eventually causes .the loosening of  three or four'other teeth by gum disease.  "' Nowadays many people maintain i��heir  teeth and resitore missing ones with fine  bridgework. Salesmen and people concerned with the public do this," perhaps,  just to help the impression they make  when meeting customers but more' and  more people have'first class dentistry be-'  c^use. it is, more -comfortable and looks  nicer,  , What can be done for badly damaged  teeth depends only on the willMgness of a  person to invest the cost involved. This  can'be as much as $75 - $100 for each tooth  restored. These days treatm-ant, which ���  going to 'last twenty or thirty years, is  ofteri financed by people who previously  1i|xought that they couldn't afford the'best  j-treatme*o,t.  ;��� 'So far I have been talking about restoring teeth: surely it would be better to  -void, decay in the first place. It is well  known -that tooth decay is a disease of  civilization. ;Prirnitive people living on a  diet of 'fruiV vegetables"and meat don't  have it. North Americans eating refined  sugar, fine milled- flour, -sweetened -bread,  packet cereals and f inishing their me-als  with pie or cake have the worst decay rate  in the world. Ironically, this is yirhy NiprttSi  America has achieved so many advances"  ip, techniques for repairing teeth. - -  In the last few years dentists have had  many conferences devoted to methods,of  reducing dental decay.       *   ,  Obviously one way is to eschew civil-  BRILLIANT sunshine- and happy faces  * greeted Mr. and Mrs! John W: H. Sear  of Roberts'Creek, last Wednesday when  Miss Ena Harrold hottoijed*.them at a ".surprise tea" for the 50th Anhivjersary of their  Wedding Day.", *���-        7Zr   \  The tea table was centered!with a floral  arrangement b�� Golden' Mumsj' Friezias and  goldriDbon and a large "50th Anniversary  Cake." /���/���"^   \     *.��� ���   '  Miss Harrold had Jnvited members of  whose joint gift" to the hbnorees, each a  member of these groups, was an antique  cut-glass comport supported by a golden  cupid pedestal.  fThose present were: Rev. Dennis Morgan, Mr, C. Bedford, Mesdames L. C. Ben-  gough, R. Bernard, R. Cumming, F.  Downes, W. H. Dodman, Norman Ewart, A.  >M. Harper, D. Marshall, J. Matthews and  W. Oakley.  Several of the invited guests were de-  the  Church Committee ^ and  the^AOW    rterred from attending through^'illness.   .  . ���-���'   - ��� ���-? ���'���'" * ���- -    ������    - - 4 --      '     *--   - -'    ...,..���...>��,.  fllWfWaWMBMll^^  PORT MELLON AUXILIARY TO ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL  , ~<       ���-- - *  ' Prtssents  if!/  ' - Let' Alice,- and her Friends- show- you Exciting < Fashions,  REFRESHMENTS ��� ENTERTAINMENT��� DOOR. PRIZES  ���  FLOWERS AND CANDY FOR SALE  Brjng Your Husbands  8i00 p.m,  Tickets-fror/i Members of Pott Mellon'Auxiliaryior  Phone 884-5361 at 886-7143  Adults $2;       , Students $1.50    ^  Rides,with. ."Oscar'  i*.��  ^'.-*      -B    ^..4^1.  IC  ���siting;as* the.year"40,000 A.D. Gu-1 astror  naut Barbarella (Jane Fonda) receives or-  " ders from the Presidentof Earth to find a  -missing -Earth scientist, inventor' of a  weapon that-can destroy the world. During the "course of her mission, Barbarella  is saved from fearsome disasters by a suc-  ized diet. This ds not easy but can.be ac- ' cession ofr male ifescuers^ and to each she  complished partly by anybody,' particul>ar- v offers herself as a token of gratitude,  ly mothers concerned for their children's^ - - Much"transpires before the indomitable  hfealth, *"**   -. ' Barbarella completes her task in a bizarre"  .yoiirJbhildon the 'Lmda-Mc^l^nen-^T^^WW^Br/v SftMfilfflnfiMWKY'GI'fF  he growing number a: ride' wi_i-wOscfar" ,rece^%*.i $%e ���-^tWLHAP/-f:W}��'  wfth"iiir*t.hi��iv ot^ fo,imd,tha:t'<Oscar'^doe!s_Jt:1iavihi^     .' .__._ i:_: __...i__ _:_. ;.l.   ifi^say'foiit'-e 'does' s^ow.;General_%-'  "  '        ' 'tors' ex^e^imenl^l'. ^giKe^y;^"^!  a^amma about driYer./QQpdJort :a?id rpar^geat  SFienCc constraotaon. "Oscar'':isj:.a,^4i3pen.-  . -m '.     r     Tmi"   , ^nal checking.dwmmy^use4 toy.-the  at.;!aterfront: Theatre ^^^t^-^tf^-  THOSE wlfcio plan oh going to-Sechelt, The- ,SUrse' -fliat se^t .construction -provides  . -%trev*ojts.-the^aterfroi>4 this .week should ���e\best-in''driver COipfdrt .iahd,-Jihe.   and was"__o"rmeTthattheriext'dance will  .prepare themselves for an adventure into ability 'to reSLCld. arid' hari'dfe 'ithe"caf's;   take pla^'Easter'-weekend, .'April '5th, aft  ���*e "Ma^ic Theatre;' of the mjndas Jane contt^s>.����Oscar's'''dirh.ehsiotl, sipiU--   the-HopEns' Hafi- 8:30 p.*m.', .with Harry  Fonda"a,nd'John Bhilhp Law star i_ Bar- ^ ^ head> *shoulder,"bac^'aflliUeg    Robertson; arid the Gibsons Squarenaders,  based on .the popular adventures of ? ican drivers. ��� Pubhc Relatrons.-De:  French aduit-comic^book character. The partment, Genera^ a?otors;of Caiiacla,.  - .   .���by Maurices Hemsitreel  NQW,-- F6R aV. short" "short rj story f oil \the  square', dance ^picture of the Sunshine  Coast.  -VrTe didnt get to the square dance last  night at the, Hopkins Hall ^because my get  up-and-go had already got up and left.  However,' I-just phoned the callers ranch  *r-  NewslogdnemphasizGs  shall we"gd? "V-/hy"not!  Last "Saturday, night theyLhad-oveE two  squaries-so if everyone,turns -out on the  fifth _f April we should be able to square  up about*,six sftts yet and this'would really,  prove to be a>great night for- all.  Bumped* into Jack; and... Pat Wnitaker  mora hnndful artZiTOaeh     **    ^ week-ahdthey,ar> s_l--square da'nc-,  more UOpeiUl appiloatM    . _ .hg outi_ trieFraser Val^ey somewhere.  WHAT WAS, described. as,-a    PosntiVe^   pat ^g^ ^t dowri there "you could square,.  ��� more h6peful .approach^ to~public edu-;   dance-eyery night of-the weelc -_;ybu^chosQ  as much fun in six nights of--square' dancing down there as you would-by-joining-  us'-for one-night at the Hopkins'Hall,, because' it" has" '-been' observed' 4*that- most  larger clubs-aire -troubled xby'- what*-we- call  cliques,-��ndif-one^houldmake .'.mistake,  well!* it's just good-bye for'.-now; ���       ��� ���* *  A * Unique Service >  Pictured working,on one df 'the beau-   and select colours to order., Imports  tiful lamps which are a specialty of   from all over the wofld rrtay be round  the House of Dallte, Davis Bay, Mrs.   a(t 'the attractive store which opened  Dorothy Carter offers a unique^ serv-   last fall,  ice to the district' for she will design  yi/fji/iMiuiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiijUtSm  m{��ftyf��f//s{jfffffftfJftf{{fA  GIBSONS E^M^IAilJii^SI^-fYW;  Doors 'opu.,ait;,f^:^pi?,. \,,:  ',   CHARLES, BEDFOfrD'S MEIA..; CtuGCnrjIilf .  NEW MATERIALS, fO:R EL_il1E^TA���Y SCJSED5CE  Admission:   Adults 50^ -- Studenta 45? CMdreji 25c  3aOW5WWtW3B^  cation on cancer, was atddpted-'in --OtSawa  by delegates fo'-the' J^vember--meetin_s''of *-  the Society. The organization approved*a.  ���new slogans*}* ^"19B9,ca^np&ign, "Can-|  ci43r-can--be-beate*i't-to-repla'_-the one -in*,  use for" several years, "Fight cancer with^  a! Checkup and a Cheque.'.'  .The Society also adopted "Seven Safe-',  guards" to replace the now familiar "Seven* Warning Signals." The Safegiiarcls, according to-Dr. Ruth Alison, chairman of  the Society's national education'committee, '"are meant to dispel the fear which  our surveys'have shown is'largely respon- ,  sible for keepingt people 'from, going to a  doctor."  The safeguards are as follows: have a  regular medical checkup; don't smoke cig- '  arottes; practise regular breast self-exam-  ���uiatioi-'.; have your dentist check for abnormal conditions Jn, the mouth; have a  regular Pap test;,Arrange with your doctor  for -a,pQwel examination; ayo'ld excessive  exposure to surfUghf."''"���' '',    ' '"  . ''The purpose of an, edyc$ty1fr program  aboab* cancpr," said Dr..' Alison,- who is  senior staff physician -^t thd'Pyincess Margaret Hospital in Tfirontd, "is, -|�� prevent  people from getting -'the d^e"ase\-wherever  ppsjjible and, when- that is impossible, to  moliyate them tip 4peelcr early (treatment:  On-Jy W knowing 'the facts about cancer  can' we', develop a ��� hopeful,' realistic.' attl-  tii'do wliich (dispels paralyzing fear and  fosters hppTopri,ate action.",  '������Js Sh<i,eaid*Itl\4',W theij-p'ni-pJLori o��-r>7"per-  S kprfc".poliod'' 'inVlflO^ ifear^-^^-tihe; loading  l5!! ciiise^f -%la-y��� in'-^risiiiilrig, ^"45?ct��r wh'��*ft  pander,, ^as; s^e^e'd;; L^'; ye^ ^n, a ;sim-  il^���,jbp](ll Blj^<m\^U}#fyii?;Wi the ,prln-,  cibaJ'ca\l,se.,',',,!,���','''l���<?;! '^Z"'-''"'':���'.>��� 4/' - -  ���'! Z:f ���qoking ;'a,t Jtihi^l.^oile'fi^i^/V'patd' Dr.��  Ali'sbh1:. ffia ;"!phLO, -d-Me'^esi.;' ��^u-. will iw>1c  th^oit: nthie''l��wt��*te is p-revchtlon^theigreatcfit  hope, for tlie future.", , ,     I  ( She' said' her <��mmittco Had;nL-jO|de-  oldecl !'to-''increase its, 'promotion'- of ,thii  tl^eme: "Cancer,can bo prevonitcd,��enncar  can bo cured, and cancer patients'can be  helped." \  _M��fai_iK^.4d-^ali^  >I^IIIIIMI��>Wl^lllM*l^llM��tllliyM^^tolyltliM^lliprMMIIli��I^M  naacriMwtNimnnmnnMwta  ttQU,  '&B-W-Q&  LARGE SELECTION OF  F)N|E CRYSTALS  1   Liqiiers - Cocktqils  Clarets' ����� -Gqblets  .   Sherberrs -r Plcrtes '  Old Fashions - Highballs  AT THE  PRICE,..  LOW  ..EACH  ���fc  "wm  Sochclf���005-9654  ���$&m Styles Muy�� iqrfie^ UMm^iH9  i ,  Ladies Wear  Marlnp Omo, Gibsons  Phono 006-9543  .f^MltEIJ qVANTlTYt  :AAA #$$Cy  IE  FULL LINE QF WEDDING  SUPPLES  Briday. Bouquets, Flower Girl  Baskets etc: Wedding.Bells for  reception tables all J made to  order. 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Alsgard, Publisher  wnnm��Mtirn��mnm����iimiii��nnfHTnf4iwiiifi>  PERSISTENCE has paid off for Van-  .. couver School Board which has whit-  tied down a $2.4 million budget deficit to  the sum of $140,393 by successfully obtaining additional educational grants from  the Provincial Government.  Vancouver School Board's deficit of  $2.4 million-was reduced as was- Se-   for school districts with special classes:  chelt's when all 85' school districts re- _iy sending delegations to Victoria,  ceived an increase in the basic education Vancouver decreased its deficit to a mere  program. Vancouver's deficit was then .33 per cent of its .original budget of $42  reduced to $1,048,000. * million.    Although   Vancouver   School  . Further   pressure   from   Vancouver'; Board is- appreciative of the special al-  School Board resulted in the Minister of   lowance, it has gone on record as still  education indicate that the instructional  unit amount of $1* 1,960 should be increased by ah increment of 75' per_ cent  for the number of instructional units in  each���- school- district equivalent to the  number of special classes operated. This  will increase the basic educatloa program  Education agreeing to share in the* cost  of senior education staff salaries which  further reduced the deficit to $981,703.  ' At this stage the School Board was  forced to ask city council to make up  the deficit but it refused, making a referendum necessary. The board felt that  this would be a great expense relative to  the amount to be raised. Tb cut the budget would mean dropping some teaching  programs and other expenditures, so  urged .by the council, the school board  made further representations to Victoria.  This is where persistence paid off, for  Education Minister Donald Brothers announced a further special allowance of  $825,826 toward operation of special  education classes.  . Letter from the Minister stated that  an additional allowance for special classes will be given to all B.C. School Districts which operate them. The classes  include facilities for teaching mentally  retarded children in hospitals; children  with hearing and visual handicaps;, slow  learners and others.  The.letter further stated that representations  made to the department of  being dissatisfied with the present education finance formula.  - Brief recently presented to the Sechelt, Board of School Trustees by the  Association for support of Progressive  Education points out that various school  districts have successfully applied for  supplements and assures fullest support  in an endeavour to get a better deal for  the Sunshine Coast.  Recently in the Legislature, in reply  to Mr. Strachan, the Minister of Education gave the percentages of net budgeted operating expenses paid by the Provincial Government to each school district, as direct grants and exclusive of  home-owner grants, for the year 1968.  Sechelt School District received the  fourth lowest grant out of the 85 districts, in the following order: Campbell  River ��� .09%] \ Powell River ��� .53%;  Howe Sound���1.56%; Sechelt���5.61%'.  Other less wealthy districts receive grants  up to 99.96%.  * It would seem that perhaps a few  delegations to Victoria from the Sechelt  School District may be in order.  UNKNOWN to general membership, or   to be progressive and look ahead,  indeed, the executive as a whole, the  Sechelt and District Chamber of Commerce has circulated, and since canvassed,  local merchants and businessmen to take  out-membership in the Sunshine Coast  Tourist Association which at this time  has its headquarters in Powell River.  While it would appear something new  for a Chamber of Commerce to undertake a membership drive for another organization, we assume all things, however strange, have an explanation and  without doubt the president will shed a  little _ light among his members in due  course. t  ���  In the meantime, a number of business people have taken out membership  in the organization" which undoubtedly,  theoretically anyway, has something to  offer.  There was a time when quite a number of enthusiastic people in both Gibsons  * and Sechelt held membership iri the Tourist Association. In time they became disenchanted and chose to add support to  their own Chamber of Commerce, which  among other things should be actively engaged in the pursuit of tourist promotion  anyway. Main trouble was that for what  it cost to join the Association, it was f6lt  this end of the Sunshine Coast was gaining little in return.  We have no doubt that an efficient  tourist organization can prove an extremely worthy institution providing it  carries out its activities and promotion  equitably.  Certainly there have been changes  within the structure of the operation and  after the recent promotion during which  wc were given to understand the only  way wc can obtain provincial grants for  tourism is through this organization, then  it is to be hoped those who have been  pursiiadcd to pay out more hard earned  cash for membership .will at least see  sonic reasonable return.  Admittedly associate membership is  only $10 but there aro well over 100 organizations   between   Port  Mellon  nnd  Earl's Cove, many of them worthy groups  who expect support, and get it, In a comparatively   small   area   we   have   three  Chambers of Commerce and two councils, all dedicated to the betterment of the  community. We have a Hospital Society,  Masons,  Kiwanis,  Lions,  Kinsmen,  six'  Hospital Auxiliaries, Church organizations, political organizations,' just, name  it and wo probably have it,   We have  numerous annual canvasses for charitable institutions throughout the year and  the bulk of them depend upon the merchants unci businessmen. In other words,  ,the amount of money wc arc asked to  contribute each year runs into a considerable sum.  Therefore, just where docs  jt end? if every time some other body is  able to con another would-be "big operator" into peddling another worthy cause  we arc expected'to eagerly dig out another donation on assurance that we have  The PzmmiJiA^Jmteb  Published Wednesday-* at Sechelt  * an ft.Cs SwijftMcw Coast   toy  Sechelt Penimula Tim��� Ltd.  Box 310-Sechelt, B.C.  Doiifslax (7. Wheeler, Editor  S. Ih Alsgard, Publisher  Subscription RhIcs: (in ndvancc)  1 Year, $5 - 2 Years, $9-3 Years, $13  US. mm! Foreign, $5.50  Serving the! area from Port Mellon to Egmont  ���'������������- ������������-���"���(ttfwr Snrntl tn tervlf fnlrt) ������  We most certainly must look ahead  but there is a.limit to how much we have  to pay to do it. Th<? village badly needs  sewers, which it cannot afford,.the waterfront is falling' away for want of a sea  wall, we can't afford that either. The  Chamber of Commerce is operating on  an-extremely thin budget but has, apparently, committed itself to seeking funds  for yet another organization.  It will naturally be argued that an influx of tourism will increase village revenue and no one ,has pointed to this potential more than The Times. Nevertheless, as we have also, stated, at this time  we have so little to offer the tourist.' Not  even a. boat rental. Summer residents .are  another matter for they do at least bring  in revenue but one hardly needs a tourist  association to bring in summer residents.  It is1 doubtful if��� anyone desires to see  the Chamber fold up, at the same time, if  we are to be continually paying for community promotion, serious consideration  will filially have to be given' to just how  many groups do we have to join. If the  tourist association can offer more than  the Chamber, perhaps that is the; direction  our funds,should be channeled.  On the  other hand, perhaps the Chamber itself  should give a little thought to just what  it has accomplished of late. V  Readers ^ Right  Second thoughts  Editor, The Times, ' - \ -..','  . Sir���A fine mess our,bulldozing' PosftT  master-General has, made of our mail service./ Glad' he has ��� had second.' thoughts  about prosecuting the men who walked  o__>it i5.a wonder they -didn't-all go. -,. v  ' If I post a locally addressed letter,oh  Thursday- after 4:25 p.m. (local 4pick-up  time), it will'not reach its addressee until  some'time on Monday! Isn't that progress?  E. W. ABRAHAM  Victoria, B.C.    ' ',   \  -*��� " **      '���  Ladies unite  Editor, The Times, '       "   v-,'s  Sir���The ladies of the Sechelt Indian  Reserve Homemakers Club wish to express  their opinion of -all the remarks that have  been made in press, radio and -television  involving local Indians.  ��� We feel that -things have gone too far.  All we want is to stay united and leflt in  peace as Indians. ���  We strongly disapprove all tihe accusations made against ,our local doctor^ we  have respected ihirn and he has served us  well at all -tames. There has not been disr  crimination between the doctor and members of the Sechelt Indian Reserve.  LADIES OF THE SECHELT  RESERVE HOMEMAKERS CliUB  ' Editor's Note: The above represents the  views of about twenty members of the  "Homemakers" and, has been signed.  "' -  Ethnic cultures  Edit&r, The Times,  .4 Sir: Herewith is Postal Order for $5  for subscription to your newspaper. I saw '  and heard you talk on CTV and appreciate your opinion on racial entities.    >Y  Back in the Hungry Thirties the Vancouver Folk Festivals began with the' idea'  of preservings and'glamorizing the ETHNIC " "cultures ' and costumes, - music,  dancing, of the many different nation-'  alities in- British Columbia -and-Canada  ahd elsewhere.'.-        ���  '   -  The Irish continue, tb celebrate their  DAY-with St. Patrick cards,-legends, and  sad theme songs such as, "The-Wearing  o' the Green." ���    .'  And the native Indians have their  ancient -grievances. What is the' real  difference between elected ~ democratic  government's distribution of -public revenues on. extravagant, troublesome  Universities, and the "Paternalism" of  Federal Government Department of Indian Afairs-shelling out of Indian land  revenues?  Why cannot papa W. A. C. Bennett  provide free medical care for all Indians  and other folk of British Columbia from  his MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET?  Why cannot the Department of Indian.  Affairs provide free fishing and peddlers  licences td Indians to sell "fresh fish  directly to consumers, cut out middlemen  dealers' charges.  * ' '    M. M.' TAIT EVANS  Careful, you might get scorched!  Cigarette smoking and heart disease  ���by Leta Hanney  Fletchers Philosophy   ^_~ ; ,   -    ,,��������� ������   ���   ~   ���Harry W. Fletcher  SENTIMENT  You ask mc what is love, my dear,  Its hiystcry is not defined'; ' *  In bounds of word, nor majsr we hear  Its sound, or sight or taste in kind.  Affection satisfies the heart;  ,.  Devotion aids ^ sighing soul,  And faith and trust must play their, pari,  But love has Mill another role.  For love supplies unspoken need,  The understanding and tho grace  To give' unasked���is there to heed  The muled cry, the (rystlng place.  Real .love is not n bottled herb  Or .s'omcthlnjj chemlqids may'tc.-'t;  Pot love Is hot n noun, but verb,  And can, by no one be possessed.  Most blest is h'o Whose nepd is met;  For some it's Just to live and die,  While others need the world, and yet  For some it's just an applio pic!  Blake C. Aldcrson D.C.  CHli^FHACTOE  4 44��y�� -weetdy  Po��t Office Building Secholt  Phone 005-2333  Manday> Wodnoiday, Thursday, Saturday  12 noon to 5 p.m.  EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT  Just who?  Editor, tXhe,-Tj*naes, ��� .;,.     .,  .  Sir���An editorial in your paper Wednesday,-March 19, states that "In the event  of incompetent employees, then again, the  trustees themselves are best suited to judge  and act when necessary." If the School  Board should find that an employee was  incompetent and refuse ito release him  whait then? Is it .possible''thait the School  Board might resign in a body? Were such  a:-resignation to occur what,action would  bur un-educatioh minded Social Credit  government take? Would the gpverranenit  ��� then mess'up -this school district's affairs  by .'appointing a special adniinisrtraitor ito  replace our School Board? If so, just who  would that ibe?  E. COOPER  Interested  Editor, The Times,  Sir���I .would like to congratulate you  on your excellent news coverage of School  Board events in the past nnd especially  last week's issue of the Times.  I was greatly interested in Frank West's  letter ami wondered -why It wasn't printed1  in full.' However,,as the outcome of this  meeting with tho Finance Committee and  Mr. West is to be made public, .perhaps,  you couldi print this letter with Mc'-results.  OBSERVANT? TAXPAYER  ZM311MH&.  Want to' make your homo  larger, more comfortable, moro  modern, moro* beautiful?  Whatever homo improvement  project you have in mind,  you'll find helpful ideas and  information at your one stop  'supplies shop  Peninsula Building  Supplies Ltd.  Phono 805-9669  SECHELT, B.C.  "QUEST" :  I wandered many seeming endless .miles  For that lost Jewel once within my soul.  Sore was the load 1 carried.  Bent was I beneath its awful weight  As I pressed on to reach the longed-for goal.  One said: " Tis never wholly lost,  Memories shall fill the heart with  strength and peace,  And other gems along the way  will beckon-you,  And you shall rise again with some of these."  And so, on every road I chanced to walk,  ,'Neath sunny skies, and rugged mountains high  I searched,, and longed for that which X'thought  lost,  Knowing not that it-was ever nigh.  Then in deepest meditation dawned the light.  A flood,of joy came to my heart,  And* then .a silent���and in joy and peace and '  '    love, ...  1 found ,trle Priceless Pearl enthroned within.  YOU ARE probably well aware of the  established link between cigarette  smoking and lung cancer. But are \ you  aware of the link between cigarette  smoking and heart disease?  The greatest risk of cigarette^smoking ���  is death from a heart attack, says the  federal health department pamphlet, "Am'  I an Exemplar?" -   ���<    ���    .  About half, the premature deaths ,of  cigarette   smokers  are  caused by heart  attacks. This danger ^is found .among  younger as well as older smokers. . *.  How cigarette smoking increases the  risk'of heart attack is not known. Studies  point to three possibilities��� the increased heart action and need for oxygen  caused by nicotine, the decreased, ability, of the blood to deliver Mfe-giyinig  oxygen to the heart because of the effects  of the carbon monoxide in -cigarette  smoke, and faster, blood, clotting in smokers, the pamphlett says.*.  _v_  (BOOK 1)  by Harry Roberts  4o95 (plus ftcax)  Sechelt ��� 885-9654  mtt  am  iiHiaMMiiimniMm  LYTMMG  <_-Di_iii  ~asSF pi     KUwHH I  13  SMART COATS ~ DRESSES - SUITS  SLIMS TOPS and ACCESSORIES  at  The iiow Cascade symbol on your next water heater guarantees all tho hot water  your tamlly can use tor at least 10 years.  Cowrie Street, Sechelt  Ladies' Wear Is Our Only Business  Phono 885-2002  ii  Now tfioro's a now standard of performance  In oloctrlc wator hoatora. Every Caacndo  certified heater features greater element  capacity for a constant hot wa^or supply under  the heaviest loads. 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However ithere was wi-bk a .family; and since t July, 1968,-1, nation ^^Icjbs, IJnernPlpyrhent lnsi^&4  a bit of^itealc> -^ork afoot between the have-paid $1:40 ea"ch week'for XJ-nemploy^ Corp^ssjon.'iVajii^r Builc&hg, Sfe^tfepfNatt  goal posfs:' ��    <l , ���.('  "  ���'* '      >hi*^t Insurance ooiitribufioris.- I hav-e jUst   jS^^^Jj^^'OiJtwib .^Tet. SSfi-^IS  Aft' star t���in blcke4 from Shop Easy r ��� ���- ' ��� ������t ��� '��� V . / f ��� ��� ��� L^i^.Z^JTZA..:. 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Ml 1 ���  ���-i   ?*��� N  ' Y    , HI"    f V*   W  >*> 4��4-W*Jf��.   ���_\    +}>\��  >-fn ^2,^1  i- V V  *f  L<,*.  ;��  it  OH'  ���>-"  .Of  Prevent baby accidentSTTpy 7$qnsto;nt Tjgjlcriice  -- 't4.it"  ��� '::Caa :y\^-rM'''::^m  * ' _ _H_^-v.'f,-*v ,  ^^tl4us^���^BlAlBy'is'b���^.���vwthl^o^ : ;v.'��j  ''^l1wiii'���;_M.wt )*ii;:vv lV .^-4toiaiaii6c^.-'\%i^'/tvi4i��*-; >>A/'\, ^vA��fide?l&oim^  'tii  C";'', 4' ^ '''' Zy{> 7y As U:ZA'<"T-ay ,simil'-"eWlida5e_{,Jt;-do'es7'noit 'ailiwaya , Jiainaiper to'eheek -foir^m^eH' -A ��aJJ  ^university m-^-develop"'b^ic' '^ a ��^':t->>t>ve.^*i_juredt.biwte.' 7, ��� todtitiledffiow.eari .produce^eriow*? :  (to -thie  injury.  "EDUCATORS in Canada .who' had' de~ itical, leader^ as incompetent or-comipt,.    al process  ptored fee! silence oftyouth in -politics," andtexercise- any other forip',ofe-^U^sep^ ���������     He felt  now cohM>n^ithe^iol��irK5e'of fee .politics said Turner.    , -.j   ,''  ^    ''- >;/4 ^'Xregulatibns iW. ^..v.^^ w^_v��-. umwmu      -tV>-    , .-,,...-,.,_-,,.-_ -7r      ���   ^~r_ ,-... ,...    ���   ^.  ot youth,"said��John -IhOTier,1 rninisi-er-of >. ,���  yi^ demonstrations must be cwifined "allow theVudenit^'e'as/rniieh'freedohi^ summer,'<m<m!Sicree-ri!3'aneput,inrplaice-tor  justice/ addressiattg a meetihg of,the Cana- to functions whiehcommundcate,'aipoin1foi   possible hi the pursuitJof their *educatioh��l'  ��MUineJbuimps,/sti*i^^ ith^issiaiaQn, cheek <to jmafee.*s_eMthey'y are  ,dian Club of Montreal.     - .���' ���   -      -*" -view,1 he. said,' arousfe  enfeusiasm^^4 ' objectives.:.i' , i\ ' Z'^7   '%Z \  \>Z'"-*<   *gwwkig:jujp. ButTO'��l'hers omtst>e co_feteii!t-'  5sec_rialy I��sitene4. K.tlieiri^isan aggressive  ,    H;e -referred to George, Williams Una- group eohesiveness,W6ng.partiaparite,'a-l>.\      on the "wider sbhere of - socifetv* as a ' -^ ^e*^'**>*Pl->ndi1i'0^ wWcili'ca-flfe*^  !versity which,' had become fee scene of tract others to'joining, and imprest upon   whoie he ���lt we iieed restoration ii pel-   ��� ^ fA-andi i_jury. ���   ��� *    ^   ,       '   '  bmrs. TJiey raay-iritenexe <wm Ito deeijr,  the greatest student disorder in Canadian fee public and the authorities the point   itics>   Governments  must institutionalize ^'CARELESSNESS A FACTOR,   t.     - , , J��* ^ ��W��JPW��* iWto.ttwai dangerous  history. The establishment there, he1 said, advocated by fee protesters,-fee urgency    atazenshfp'participation-^d partially white, sa<ys Wxe Council. ,  wa^one of fee most liberal institutions of of the demand and fee .power 'behind"it , thai of fee young���in fee decis-ton-makang    sayis*i_ait many'ihioime'acciaWts are due ito        Gatas at-itiie head a>nd loot of Sifcaans acre  higher, learning in Canada. Yet ��� was at but must not include terror, riot or piUagev   process.   ''Whatever fee depth of-student    adiulb eac���essmess, or at '< least a lack.of    iimipoirta_t salfety atneaisuaries. Whieu ���cMldren  Sir George Williams where students ac-        m^ Turner said' there are exceptional    dissent, iit is vital 'for the public as much ' aiws&ienessiitihiait a bacsaapd exists., '.���      ame old enough, *each ���them >to keep a'hiaind  oused. a professor of racism and though instances where civil disobedience majjr be    as for them that feey feel -that change-is -*.  The Cou_cil', ai nounprolfit emgainizaili'oiir es-' on the ha-draH vfhm. ��oirag up ,or down  ���twice vindicated, the university vice-presi- justified.  Every available legal recourse    possible, that they can^ do- so Within fee    tah&hed -by membenS' of ithe dlrug todtetiry    state. <-    ': '      -   ,-      \   ^      (  !deat,was forcib.ly detoined'and forced into must first be exhausted.  I_w protested    political process and by lawful means," he l *0 Promote SamnUy Jji^aililib amd home salaty, , n    Saraetiane during the"ibwo to'four year  .Signing a- v?tateme_t implicating the pro- against must itself contain an alleged al-    said. ) , ' , " ",'    ^fifeans! ^ mimmibeir iof ���sraggBstas <m how'to V ,aige. period, imoithers ean dislpover'-lucky op-  fessor.  Students broke up hearings into legality: evil complained of ,must be of        Turner "suggested governments should' ������I^aibe, ��& isatfeltoybuaigsters.       ',      %       'poritu-niti&s-to iteadi salety halbls 'b pre-  1 be insulated from their citizens, and   '!  A'm>o_er who has? ibecome, accustomed^   verafc falls. .      '        >    **  the -alleged discrimimition. And after two    gych magnitu4e as to present a clear and   not  .i'*  Minister, of Finance Edgar Benson  weeks' occupation laid, siege to,the bu_d- present danger to fee fundamental values citizens must have access' to their governing, wrecked; fee ^computer, ramapaged of society. Choice of methods.of civil dis- ments '> U>: l . - - ,.  through fee building and caused an esti- obedience must not infringe upon the "f-WTw-i ����_J��� Hf��^n<><��_l_.JM'  ^^^J_"tal!Bt_i rights or innocence of other.. ', . fe .gflgg!~^����S��g&  ' .,_k5_oe-of fe_ t"blf ~as de-^P ����>t��d, "Freedom is fee pre-condition of lib- the creation,of community," said Turner.'  said Turner: Students had begun to ask erfy," he ^4- .-^nd restraint is the, he- ��rhey demand a polMcal system feat will'  questions about fee "running of the um-    ginning of all freedom. t,        l         ;   v create and preserve fee individual dignity  "There will be no solution unless we* of man and fee sense of community among  deal with fee root cause of ���ssent���both1 men."     " '   "    '  a* the i^mversity level and in society."    ', -        ,.,<,���  Turner said feat inadequatel response ^      .      �� '�� '       1'-      i        ' '     '  within the university staff to fee ptressure -UOlllCJCt lOUS time  of  -responsible- students  has   some'&nes HOW L0NI6 eatch day ihiould a pensonwear  made*it possible for irresponsible.elements^      comtaict lenses'''  to-turn the issue to their demagogic ad-*  versity; some became increasingly politi  cized; impersonality of fee university staff  ��� towards their questions fueled radicalism;  students who had looked to legitimate  ���vantage.  It is good policy ito wear the leases for at  "Students have a right ,to, participate   maximum of 10 hours, wl_c_ is the normal  in determining what happens to them d���r-    working day, ial86er wMch ithey should be  ito having her ibalby Me in one spot *wh*e_ sdit*  ���pfliaees Mm, down, may not reafee iwhen he  is neady fto tana jower by U_m_ei_. He usiaaib- *"  ly tries iby "ithe fount- mionth -aoid1 mcoeedis1  in the,���f th mno-th. ',       , >   ' * ,v  " It_a_hs h4arve noiied from couches, beds,  rfcaible tops, baltMnettets, crilhs and.' carriages. -  Pom'it counK owyOur-haby to stay -buit exactly where _e is placed1 whale you answer ithe  telethon�� or doOTbe_,,'o_ run *cr4lJa_;e Bome-  ithing out of Ithe oven or ofE'fee atove,   *' *  SAFETY FIRST  AJways (plaice fee baby safely backin ithe  -crrih, rvvith ifee sides up and -setcufed, When V  ���leaving him ailione.   Even IE fee toaibyis  sound iaisleep, ci_> .sides _o*_d be up. - -"  4_e!ep <a tmlbben m-ait in itfl\e>a1htub When  li'Me ones are bathed. SmaH children look  period. Under mp  very yoiuog ic__ be"  jO^AWA-^0^-4gu��St.CQl^mnist loday-'is , channels for expression now found illegit  ^ /fpdgstxI,Benson, '^minister/ of,. finance,    imate channels of violence. v '  jJ-fiSipictqre";^appears'Tiere-also,. ��;*ti^t "How, thwi, was iQiis cataclysm of vio-  Hnose^oiirypUj^whpserROlitjcal" sentime^s    lenee to/be controlled, if not prevented?"  'areu^���'xparif^^ nature    asked-Turner of his audience.  wiU'notshbot.'at .the -.wrphg. bird. . -\a He suggested several legitimate forms  ,V\^-T��^^_o^'iffl^Mr.'-_eiww,M    o* Protest A person may speak in a pub- ��� .. _   .--  . .          fee^'natidh^-'tspc'.collector janoT,. as suc^; a he fonun, print^and distnbute pamphlets, ing.feeir itenureat umversity," he voiced, q vrentoved Ifor itrwo or ferree homrs. They icouM -"Upon fee ba'th ais a ipilay  nt^whoni^bnly; a5,mother, coul'dlove, tin organize mass meetings, denounce fee pol- "The studenlt'is consumer of feeje-uc^phr * ithen ibe warn again tEor a full' evening. - ch-cmrtsitainceis^sho^ld a *v  f^c^ -itaxes' are .^collected,l by1. Revenue '        ' ' f ' "  ' ��� '  ,l4JWM^AJ??^~*Pi5-'?-^ ^��le' Aut.slhce>.lfe.  'jSehscoi announces fee forms-and rates  Ofwtaxe^'.heMs the riian, who; bears the  pubhc-;Wfe.)'-- ���'- >', ,*'.���./ .  ^Iflr.'^BehsorL-is "now. charged^ with, re-  forrningi. tlie , Canadian taxation system.  By/Jtme o^f this' year hete,xpects to issue  a;Whi|esIfaper *on thV Subject, a'White  Papfe-r; being a statement of" the govern-  ���nf^pt'?-intentions.> Y,/l f ���, .' ;Z'' 'rl  . ���: *��liis w|ll be* followed -by brie 'of fee  dinmdest hums 6% bees around fee, hive  tHat1 you.or I have seen since September  W^-'A'AwA] .:--;^::--.  vi.TJiei-e wfll" he,'smoke,* fooit��stomping,  Hollaring, loud .cries of delight,- s.pme song  somef blood "and "many piercing scrfeanis.  ' ���' Eiirsuipg"! my%, firm ~ conviction - th^t  yojeH in Ca'ast-Chilcotirt1 sfioiild'be,wa>-  pt>d;thatsgmeWdy. is,gojng\to. kick, the  Jjei^mest feis summer,' J have.made Hr.  Benson' your ,guest columnist for the  wee^.^>*     '   , -; -     -i4 ���   '  ���  '_.'* V  YTfae followmg,are excerRtS. -frprn hits  speech of .Ma^ch" 3,"to-'the-Annu^' Mid  Yejar'Conference* of fee'Tax Executive of  Washington, D.C%        '; ,^  ' Mr. Benson now'spe-Jks: ��� '"': ��' ;"-���"  .t; IV- ��� ���"��� LTlii?.. is^ap;"-age when f^lmosi  eyery, Citi-sep- ip.- involved in th<3 -tax"/$ys-i  l^rrkwh'e^^corrie^ax rates' of 40, 5p'apd  eye^ ! higher--percentages are* paid .by  'n^anyi more' persons than ever before,  When'; it seems feat tax provisions have to  he as intricate' and to some extent as baf-  ���f'ing, as"society itself.  ,"A^*a result, it - is dangerous t6 ent^r  irttoV any jcornplex, \transaction, ' without  having' studied carefully ,'the ,tax. results  -Vit' may well.be that ip such as age, we  in' Canada*'will have to re-examine our  trad-jtion of parliamentory secrecy in taX  ipatters. ' ,  ' "'Tn many" ways, the procedure which  we intend to follow . .'. can be viewed as  a step in this direction. For almost the  first time, the government will be putting  ���forth, tentative' proposals, proposals,  which, in the light: of public hearings and  discussion, it will feel free to change  extensively,'' ;.���;.��� ',.;', .;,  "Some time in u June fee goverhnient  will make public a white paper, setting  forth its tentative conclusions concerning the income tax structure. We would  propose that this paper be referred to a  committee of Parliament, which would  hold public hearings .. . /i ,  "1 expect that those Wbo will wish to  appear before this committee wlU for  the most ��� part be unprepared 1 until September . '. .  "Purlng the discussion of our proposals ; we plan to moke public drhft  sectlonsi of the act as they might read  .,'.,������ riot to dot every "i" and cross every  "t", rather to give sufficient detaihi that  taxpayers could .obtain a clear view Of  hoW such a system wouldj affect them;  '-���?,;... the government will be conaMlt-*  Jng With provincial governments'','., .  "I hope that it will be possible to have  our tax system In effect for 1970,  -'���"Che first issue arises from the over**  rill  level  of. toxea.  In  moat  developed  ciountries . . , revenues run between 30  nnd '40 per cent of the gross national  product. In Canada, fee figure lies close  to tfyo middle of that band.  ',. ���        '���'.,  * 'The size of tho bill makes it 1m-  pe'rntlye that the burden be dlHtrlbutcd  fairly. At these levels, gnd there is, nothing to indicate that th��Jae levels, can bo  dramatically reduced in the near future,  ah unfair distribution just wont do,  ���:'��� "In practical terms, it won't do because of Us effect on voluntary cOropli-  nnce, which Is on-^'of. fee cornerstonca of  taxation In North1 America. It won't do  because of the1 unfair burden it places on  the 00 per cent of, taxpayers who do comply  completely  with the tax laws and  who, because of their economic circum-  Btuncefc),  cannot  take  advantage  of the  shortcomings of th esclnws.       ���'���"v  "To any that lnw�� must be fair is not  to nay that they should not l)e used to  provide   Inccntijveii.   -taxpaycr��   un(ler-  ���sttthd the need for governments' to Spur  certain kindn of nctlvlllea. ' , '    '  ""'**". . . it inufit bo clear that Canada hm  ���   n;y*t?8ted:;lnter**t ih''piteservln^.iti pr��*  6-pnt Imftge as n note and rewarding pl-ice  lrt which to invest."  "Perhaps this  is  enough about our  prospective tax reform. Tho next ntcp Is  to be taken In Juno and by thin time next  year, the new rules uhould be in effect,"  ������piw.-ffpi^^  WW. OUTBOARDS  < HAPDOCIC'S'  ��      1-x   , *   4 s  Madeira Park, B.C.       .   883-2248  "Your' Authorized Mercury Dealer  l��^IW)-IUWi_l��JWij��IUH'IIWIUM|l<  ���-��� ���"" ������ "t���-- T "iir^-'V  Javox,, 128 6k. ���..���~..__.  Slaf lotrds  Doyscnbcrry, 19 ��*,  In  sports ck-rm-dmewt:  "Compassea-  wjfe complete dlrectiona."  W0���  Hot Houoo  IIQNS'  Alberta TURNIPS  1  Rod Dollcioua  iPPLES  Polski Dills r��cv.. a>��  Bleach  Pic Riling  ,, ft  Orange (rfstals ������>  Pineapple Juice ^'_.���T  SainioR. s��<��i��^ p^k w* _  63fS     Malkln. Cholco, 14 pr.  for  3ror $1  for  WESTINGHOUSE  40-60-100 (Wa��  Insldo Fronted....  ma^mimiamimmiuwmimmMn!dmaiBsm^'yWI&Sll��ffl^MSS^^.  '   " ,'  Cffsce Oil im ox  Paperleiels^  Instant Chocolate5^;v���i:_   Zee0elMie,l$$ue4'. -__r_.  WE HA��i A LARGE SELECTION  OF EASTER CANDY AND  CHOCOLATE ANIMALS, EGGS,  ETC. BIIT NOW WHILE  SELECTION IS GREATEST.  Prices ��� Effectives Thuiv March 27 io Sat.f -March 2��  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES  SIECHEE&.T  Woatfoir  L  i:  i  . A  A   A   ��  ,y^t4..4��.+4,��*4. *i*j.*A.A*A*,,***��*t  A,/^-^**^,^.^*,*.^��^4,A.A,,��.*.^,���rf-���l^���<*-*lP''���4*.,*���^*-*|,",������*���* ���v*-,*.^-,A-.f.,*  , ,��'.,<,.+ ,-<  -��.f   f   ,,,,M.A.*,*J,A   t.*    *   ��,��*   *   �����.��   A, A  A.*~��   *    A.A,AA  X*   ���  * ', f    -      ��'   >< /    �� '>   ���*   *    *    *    * ^   *    *  7 '    '  **.",sV-rA*:*.V;">*?*^^


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