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The Peninsula Times Jan 29, 1969

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 >** f i '    i  ,-�����<.���> ��* ,��������������  ,   -  t^-r-v* 4-"i ^V-ts-y f f^  *- j.' "-  K-jpr  ���\ ��*���** ���  . Yn-.fi:    \^. f* .J        T* ?  r***>  <--.*���<���> *  t-J  ���< ��� ���>  ��� *jf  w  '����� t  West .Canadian Graphic Industries Ltd.,  *   "V-"-" ^y,   v **/ -i* V K *  stttteflotente' ��si;' ftiidgef; cut�� -   s  IT IS A grave error "to wpTa-pp feach-jng eEfc, '���Grounds; Bob'lEtutterU&todithat bating 1$ad"  * ciency and quality with- money, -teb-rtei-t   worked \yeH a-nd^-regarding a -janitor (being  Secholt Schoql'District igMperiniendentiR^iB.   in, srt)2iidlraceY wflTe-reve-r pos-jible overtime  Jrlaniia, speaking alt%rita*$ BoardmeeUne .-^a'g'Wo'jded,-; \, '���.��<������,. < ���t  held on JTOiajy 23rd/'       ,      <; ,     The Board agr1��od'to support in prdtieiple  , Mr.-'Wanna-an^de his comment wihen Jh/er   tHe ?Rgcreatio�� Centre.��� A tetter from'Rec-  Board was discussing . arrangements' for  meeting with Sechelt Teachers' Associa&on  to cla-rdfy a statement that ithe Bo--iittro&��  cut tho budget without lowering educational  standards. " ,       ���       -  _���  ,������ It was- agneed that the new Eduaa'tion'  and iPubBo Relations committoe comprised'  of 'trustees! vAgnes Labonte, I?.eY. B. Jenks  and Wm. Malcolm should arrange a meeting, with ithe Association. Mr. Hamm will  also attend; tihe meeting iset tentativelyJfor  January 30th,  Otihar I committees proposed "by cnairman  Sheila Kitson and/ approved by the Board  " ate: 'jTransportai^on���iMr. Hough and Mr.  Blalcolm; I'-orsonnel���-Mr. D'ouglas" and JJr.  Burfatick; Finance^. & Purchasmg���iMri  Hough and Br. Burtmeks -Planmng-r-Mir'S.  ' Kitson, 'Mr> Hough and Dr.'Burtnick.  Policy���Full Board: '      - -> <  ' Dele-gate to-' the South ^Coast Branch is %  Mr. Don Douglas -but -as he is presently  reation 'Oealre Committee chairman vDr.  Pag'tkau stated that moral support of orgaoh  izaitions(yis* required. Trustee, Dr, Burtnick  explained that the whole idea is to get -the  Eeo-reatipn-- Centre going.   *  SPECIAL SEMINAR  Referring to recent publicity concerning  the "Use and Abuse" of drugs, Superimten-  -denit R, R. Hanna stated 'he has received  two 4e/tiiers, one from Education Minister  Donald Brothers "and one from Assistant  Supfetjnjendenjt Mr. Taylor; the person nominated to attend the 'special seminar on use  of drugs, must be expected to undertake  and "be mwlved in education at the district  level and work in this 'field. Following Mr,  Bairna'S' recommendation1 ijt was agreed  tha? Special <-Cou&sellor Bud Mackenzie  should attend the seminar.  Mr. Hanna feels, that (the Board should  takeHhe initiative jihd get, something mov-  l-cg; Lheire should be two programs, one. for  adults at the tdistrict 4evel and one ior-ssta-  rAuthorlze'(J as second ;dos^  mail   by   the   Post   Office  Deportment, Ottawa.  ������   Volume 6j Mo. 8  WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, 1969  .����  i^f �� w *������  chairman of t^e branch, iMr. Douglas- *re-        ^_        __    __  quested thajt "other ��es also attend.,   4^4n",the"scho^ls  -JPrUst-ees'^Agnfes- 'Labonte Jan4f Rev, Jenfcs   .--'���-'*.  offie^ed. their^services to attend,-when ip-oV/   tt-J-i^*   ���'    t**-*'   ' m."ZrM      ^  sible.JvSouth^ast"Branch*is comprised of     HAliflftW 'T^liSVrirtli-Cli   -  Powell-JRhier,. Secholt, Ocean-Falls and    J.lUlJL*Ua|   JTI,a|UUUOp  Howe Souwi School Districts.- iTru^ees m^^ . ' ,    '#/ �����   /f*   f* ��� ,i<       Z f  to'discuss p^dblems of the boardl to -their' Tfl   'VISII'"FfiUlIlSllm    ~* ~"  mutuiai'^vantage. ������������ ,-> '  ' , '" , -s��*w**   * v******* ��**-**  ��� iMr^.^iAgnei .Ivabonte will' -represent 'Se- HOlflDDiAY Playhouse* British Colum'bia'lsi  cndi^'School District on the Umon iBoarjd of % -educational theatre, 'resijimed its tour of  Health*�� /  -j '/      , ���      ';".,, ���eleanen'tary anr| secondary,schools on Janu-  TRUSTEE "DAY-" .-   ' \   <       / Z <>"':    '**? >2(>'' *SS9, / '  - ^ '��� ^     ��i4 * <"  ���*    ��� "  " Dise^siB^JTrustee'Dayheldiii'Mairchat^ " Thes iprovmeial Company >-will present  Victoria 'VjutoaN&ttoii TJB6_whero boolhs ' R'9"*c.*"��f* ,^.5en?re' .J^e ^e1^��� de*  *��    1  V  C of G geneml meet  slifeij^eri fo^Feb,-3rd  PE!NiD!!BR,, %a.?bo.ufA-- Disjtricjt  Chamber* -of  CcnttnetcO jAnnual -Generai Meetiiig was  cancelled 'fJanuary SOthj duo to, the Jbfad  weiather. Hcwever, it has now been, "scheduled 'for Monday Febi-uary 3r4;at ihe'pen-  dcir'Harbour Hotel. -Two mernbers, of the  School BoaroV Mrs. Shiela Kittson, Chairman and Mr, Rill Malcolm., Vice-Oha^rmap,  will bfe in attendance at the meeting which  gets /underway at 8 p.m.   _        ^       ���   ' ,  All tho��'e wishing to attend the diniier at  6:30 p.m. prior to. them&etijlg, please phone  Alice Hkddoek.a-t 823 3248 or-Kay.-Mittel--  steadt at 883-2931, before Saturday ;nooa,  February 1st. Plea-se plan to attend.*- <  Senior; Giti^ehs'7mSe:  ^"  \      MEETUra -of'Branch--69cSenioriCitfeeoS'  %  s  Lr t ,*-i  -":  L  /  J  signed *espedt'ffyiforv��ecohdla,ry "schook and  directed -by Jane Heyman, *~ '" ���"*--*-���  Vancouver area for-ftw  been ��pon&onv*a*ds',in- -Bieptet ^rochur-fife "^ fi>r tower .Fraser  ar^natmaUy' printed for Uke occa,W -and ISunshine^Coast and Va  memoers'of the ��oard set up displays-giv- Plays - for jelementary  iii^ltprcsP^tivrteachOT9 a chance ito leairn  *^a�� A FaeeJby ��Enc.mcol directed by  are'*setirp by sdibo} districtSsto-attract new  teachers, ��� "both trustees'Bill Malcolm and  Norm Hpiigh feel -tb^at too imuchJnioney fcais  Snow Pads  '-.-4  i"y  -f  abottt the disjtriot Truijtiaev "Msdcolm."-wondered 'Bow jmany't-e\rih��is contacted ever  come h.ore,>and -.trustee Hough -stalled this  disitfct has--never had --any trouble (getting  teachers li-eiro�� t r '- * '~ ^ *��� ' i *���  ^Mrs. Xahonbe who has attended ^Trustee  Day-felit It is worthwWle"a>'A"lot"of7-eii-  quMes ^are^recexved -and it is -goadv far strus- "  .teos-'to get outside itheir oWn distnct,lMr.  Majcolm', Suggested -ythat ithe t Boaaxl t cub  " drawn on "brochures,and jthe presenta:tiott,J^ ���  M .The ^ecfotaxy advised that this is 'not *-  aerially a.rrocrtiitmg day which,can be  ariianged 'any^timo-with'-thckmjversilies^ ���?���-  RECRE ATION. ; s/ v> J^Z'1 *''-" v  , TJ-se( oif 'Jrloberts' Creek.- School for inec-r-ea<-  tion* ^tivitaes.on a Friday, ^evenifag^-was  again ^viewed/"wheb fflti. 'iMetzler'fc^orted; ,  thit.npifc SajrJng; "ijajitpr, on? duta^ is -con-  trarV to-the Board's -��-gr��ement.witfi tOatt^  dito-TJmotk'of'P^b^-iEmployoe^ itoca-I i^'w'  Pamela , Hawthorn and .The  Decision by  iBrian Way'directed l>jr Hutchison (Sh^ndro,  'asVeil as the seconda(ry program-^voll.-be  jpresisntedUo many itho-usands. of Children  (and students during the four 'month tour. ���  s\ 1jhe company, _which includes Chits. A��-  len,-iArdott 'Bess, Mario Crido, "Nicola*-Mp-  man, Rohald Ulrich. and IM-artt Wright, will  wturft to the Lower iMainland"the>-firist week  in) April and -alfte-r.'Eaater-wili present the  ���p-rJokrams. in the" SqtuamiSh'area, (Buwtaby,  JOoquiUani, North Vancouver and! Surrey^ ^  New classes slated ;.  for! adttft edition f  SEVERAflL. ���ne^,classeV''Ateill -"be -oflered.'-by  \ - --the adult^edac^tiw: -Itepartment of School  C. H. L.:wtdodwMid i  chatigQ,   The Woartl^Agro^rJt'to ^advise'  Roberts.TGreeJc PtHn^paJ Wcolm -WSjaesMW-  isVito ^ee^ow^the^cireation .group fofejs ,.���,.- _���^~ ^��� ,___p,_ .%m ., k -    - .   ,  About this.', '^   / y kL   " *- -r ^-',���*'���, oft Tue^ay,: January ^ath at Elphiitstoo   %?r?x?��ft situa^onv is..one that;-��fdl;have  . -Gibsons1 A-ctt-yit-in Hoom 'will- be, used 'Ifor Secondary School. This��cok^o. ^ stiU^gis-   ^ *e rosolyM -by -Ci^uncn. andx-the: Fjre Xm-  grade & aiid 0 Vasketb'all 'in >���? 'evening, tering students.:..     ��� . ��� .).:.; ���    provement 'Dfstrict--  Pr^bl-anwrTn' |thi^ re-  fbllbjiviflg \ requ6?t; from Principal .George        Read tins week's night school' ad for  Cooper who sitated'he-and oth6r imeiribeais time place and,ft>es. ,, -  of "the ^taff will-be .in attendance. !��� Many of the night school classes pre-  When free, Elphinstone gymnasiuimi will sently-in progress have been interupted by  ���be! used Ifor adult'seating on Saturday eve- toad weather. conditions^ but they ,-wi!|l be  mings.    Superintendent ^Of'  Building   and resumed this week weather permitting.-  _      *-\\. ��  *j > <��� ��� "'        * ��        \    .���  l\lj,t ��      /   i   -'    "*.i-   >T-W-    r-a ���      �� �����     1    a   ,'t  -     ,,1   1  Marguerite -$mlth^'Provmcial, -Presirlent* pi  the Senior, dtiziens> A^ociaitiprtt- ot ^^wltt  ba'aWo'-to "-attendr- y ��"'*-'"~ **,"," ^T.^  ,'' iMemhershV, card? are now 'ready- anjid  imemoe^'iare^.difis'erl to pay u-p "S��ir,'4ueS  if .pq-ssible before '.tho meeting.^Mail,'ybur  dftllaff to t^rs.^Wm^ -McGregor-RvR.! I^-Sc^  <jheit a^d-shtf t^II send your ^mem"bership  c^rd'toy retaxti. ��� + ��� r. ^ ; ,"' y --...  *   -There'���.^-yft&rtys >no social";���afternoon''on  Fobrua-fy ��th^';  "B^pfi^SillSflM' amongEitj. t&r"jumoi- <*m��!m-  _ -hfejrsjtjf Setiheitiind DislirmtRod h^GUn'  Club i^ very ���ev^nt'iriMe'.res-ult^-;'^  foUrjflwrig^e-JCunior ^e^arnfe Safo^Trai^-  iri^idourse:*. One'hundred :por cent *^p��ed  percent and Mghes^-pe^be-nt i(.. rJ,, -   -vic^R^^--r^eatB^dayr��wijrrVicr<^^   1TOstsw^.heid^a^tho<a# Hous-5, W��t - ,:.indich-^s mo^y^toemg'^eiea^-forihe  . <soq Creels onThut-sday, January %r& wAth   constructidnot^i ���roadto'^Vaitoffge.dunrn  _fMr. Wm."'Miasoif' a's "-o?ca��ihter.  Instructor   afGjDbsbhs *"     ' - ���v '  ���'-'-'-    '.'*'���*  ?4"inrc*^>e    %T -fl>���"s��tt�� 9^*;MSr. H^MltJ-eteoa. ."I        *   ' .  , - '".Tr^T;'-.- ~~ 7 77���7  T ~w't,^-vr-^--i.-^s^:*s: -a; m"^i -t^-s ���^t -r^'^^^ifi6 *J?^^#nft&te>w fake ^tini��te M^WSCHOOL TAX FIGURES V,< '>  ���scmsiVjaiago.hpuildarie^'bAvcbeen-foi^ard-- !DepaT%nent-wifl'insist 4hat >^-ieqwta3fl.e cluh'* Junius program ra!^e^ pBeit Bec^, ������ Notice -Received late Monday- 'afternoon  edrt-p-the-^De-pa^N^nt of ^Municipal lAffairi;1 'a^eeme^t toe delved; -onces, e?tejaon_J| *��-'-������ ��--"���- ��--���- ^---^-^^^ ���.r ,\. ����� ..."*. r~TL. - . w-c? _-. ....p* JV-^...  MayoMFred'-Feen^y. ���a.tlast^eigttlar'-jmBet-, approved."'"-:}-' *Zy ���-<,���. - i .c ^ ->'  ifetoId'cou^no)did;MrJ4itihM ^ ^Regarding r^ad^Vi|h-J -1'- -"���J ~-  sdf|icte%V^^^--ix*e^9-W,^# tensioii,'' Mr/^oodw^1  ?r�� 'One^ 'small' jgroup "front ^ "Hie ^Gilb^o^., would to��1 resppnsiblft,'fo:  ,  ^  Heights airifea-*^rlier:'n\e,t 'with. m��mT>e-rst'o^ ' the-,mannep-} ma^it is^espon^blja'  couQcili'to'-discuss ^ oium^ejrv ol que4io*fe ' roads wi^'th^\ir^seOTim\rU!Ucip3  ���exists  ijtiat^r writhe fire  spect'have arifeen in-past municipal cxpan-  tsipns hhd there are'ra number*-^ (ways by  which they might toe resolve^. '\    , l  Whilo' r^uch 'ne5g3tiatfons hro', of' cpur&fe-,  depQndent upon lapproval -of, the ,prop6sed  ektension^ ij would not' be prober for'ithe de-  Lastly^ any "Services'' expected- frd^ 'the  yillftge 'author-.tiqs, ^hquid'ithe'e'xten^o'nfb^  approved, would, be the services ptWenityy  enjoyed toy the people of Gibsoms (Who' Mb  within the Village boundaries. Iifeyel off such  services"would, o'f course, ���deponcl upon decisions- of eWed council." | ,' - - .-  ACCESS ROAD       ,'t    ['i',       ' 1    ,     ���',  Mr.  Glenn Davics, owner of ^r6bef/ty  /'���  h$ldr -bacl^v-io' '���pSV'li^iiff^s  SCSltOOLiBoardr budget for ISlftd'is ostimated before March dst, it will ibrj necessary to go  u ^'$1,8531,4^ almosV'tto'Bi s&mo figure as 16 ireferenduT-n/, requiring ���sixty*; per"cejft^p-  _,-.   ,.  _���,.._ ���           the i]553 oudget of^C.853,158 after-it had proyal of owher elc'cton^ta spend the re'-  thrpugh which runs an -hecefs road to ib-��ui    been sl-ashed by ��om6 $80,000 by(the depanb- qitlrdd $275,13^ in excess of thfe" iterinitt'ed  Village and Regional garbage dump^, h'as    ment bf education.      .   '    '   <  \' operaiting qosts.   l        "  '<-       *" '  giyon wr-ibton approval  to  the  Regional '        '    ��� M  Board ito use his property for accessi use  until May 1st, 19G9.  .  Copy of his letter to Hh'e Board was read  to council and stated "I will1 accept your  o'ffer as outlined in your letter I of January  With; A payment of $125.00 to bo withheld as  credit against a water connection���for Ihc  use of my property,,,      ,   ,,     ,. ..,'.   .,  .j'.'i' VTrhls,, then is: my, consent, to, open,;the  ���gh:beV'unUit/!Moy:ist, l^^it���is���|olso���undcr-��� - ���       . ._��� ,.��� ,,      ...   ..���   .     Al     ,  stood'that you will irtain,tain:*.an!d leave the v: WrtSff&S matatain ithc:cducational  property in Its present state,!'VI     -.:..;:     standard in this district,  ',( .Mayor Frpd 'Fceney explained that iMifJA  |lon,- Isatoel l>awson bus 'stated th-^t if funds  are, aivaWa'blc; the Highways lVJflntster has  ���said he will 'push' a- publl-i road through as  Operating Action of the budget is still  in excess of fthe ibas-jc education program  for thD Sechelt District which has .been set  by the Provincial Government at'$1,-231,13ft.  The Board is allowed to exceed ttyls amount  by ilen per cent giving an alla^vatolc operat-  ing'cost of $1,354^49.  Estimated operating ,cost for 1959 is $1,-  629,401 which.'imoans that' Sechelt School  /pj&Srlip.-t'^iTOipt/.^ej*;- ipbrmi'ssldn to; rais'fe itho  11 ���  ���soon jag" .'jfosslble. Othciflylsc it wjl^ 'be included in the. next budget ahd probably be  done-'in'April.' ''        ,  ,;. This week th6 School' Board ^vill' meet  with iboth Sechelt and Gibsons; villago" coun"  qils .to ijeek approval of the oxcess ekpendi-  turo. If one council should" re-'fusa'to- give-  approval, the BoaTd must publish a.iGJudgot'  Money 'By-law on or before jfabr^ary ist.'  If one hundred taxpayers petition the Board  Welcome news  ~   ��� ���- ��� ,   ��j j���   M       t^     1     At     *   l. .       j   \ ing some agreement .regarding a,'"specified  Snow piles at Port Mellon orotoogin- reads- the��� s}gn% in tho forbg-r^und. \ar^amvbMngibuiidingscoiitrtoTs. it wa^ explained^ that there are roflds wWcto .arc j>��  located! that one side is In tho villago, tho  ning to dwarf tho buildings as trucks  work to keep parking area open.  "Parking' at "your  risk"' ironically  Highway crows hayo done a wonderful job keeping the Port Mellon road  opon.  $2,$Q0 returns  ���iKltXFUL. bandllog of .vlUa'gc funds thy ad--  minifltriitor CDave Johnston has 'gained  village of Gibsons tho fium.: of, $^,300 ini ��ho  past year by moans' of interest,obtained on  shorit term' toanK ,4opo^.<'.'TMrvfatf .made  known (to counciliby Mayor Fred (Fceney  who, at last regular meeling, compllnrcnted  iMt. Johnston- on his endeavors. ,,;,;..,.  iMr., Johnston' explained that when Mxts>  come in there arc momctlm-w largo auntiS  which imight Hw held for some wc^to Wifor��'  tici-nfg'-iwrt,:'ito use. During thSt -p-edod'tob*  possible to transfer the money to IBank  Term deposits for short periods at high in-'  ���tcrcst iraifccs, He said that while tho -Dcpoirt'  ment of'Municipal Affair* docs not permit  any Ipvestmcnt of villageiund.v there l�� no  oliJccUon to short .term deposits.   ,     ,: "  Further benefits to the vHtofto 'Vvero  made throuRh ��i little known grant avnllflblc  ifronii Victoriai on street lightltiff,'.'Where  street light* Arc, hung-at intecwatfon* on ��������  miilnjitivot wWcli te"'Jll�� the -.wgh-wwy; v'  ' -fifty ���pt^critii''M^ti:S,iYiila!bJ��'.^'Oi| occc#-  i*%��*9�� tJt% ^*t��w4h'fl��y.#(l��|1*w ip ������ i*&f��v. *n#?/*''*  dory roads Hhls grant is twenty-five percent. Knowledge of this Iby tho administrator resulted' in'tho" sum' of $305 ���returned  ito the Village on cxlis'tlng lights,  CLEARING COSTS     , ,  vVecfuisition of a gravel pit should 'also  save the villagoimonoy -Inifuture, for it was  irtpfSrrtcfl/' that coHt of snaw clearing ,and  grayel! ^reading will cost; when all bills.  .'oroMrtriicW^ft Utioo and $1,200, ; Of thi$"  '$$fi'km$ for* sand-, .���Itwa�� however, afreodi  ithatil'considering,i��ho qniisuijUy heavy snow  arnl, 'ivork'-carried'.out, the amount is not  :too''i<!xc'efl��lve'.:;   \ '���������:*���'   '���>   .��.'....  ,',i ijvfr. Johnston -expressed the vi*ciw that ass  council will'-havo Its own -gravel pit next  year -there should in future be a substantial  ��avlftg'* on gravel alone.  SPECIFIED ARPA  'lAfdcrman   Waller   Peterson  Suggested  ���cofmdr'consider nweflng Tilth- 'membors- ol:'  ���^���'Rcgioaali^lJoor^ w|��Ui * view to rcaciif  other, isid-o.com-Bs,under Juriadlotioni o'f tho  Regional Board. Main concern "La that itho.se  Nvho imight own, or plan to Ibuild, good clnhs  hoime�� wlthiiii tho village, should not have  their propertii��Bopa'rdl*ijed toy prospecte of  inferior ��truoiurfes being permitted on the  other side of tho street,     ;,  iMayor Feeney, a-grccdMth'is. might be a  good idea and it was, moved such a- moetints  hoaxxapgcd;ahoJrtly.; 1 ���;>.,-',; .-.;���������"��� -  DOO, PROBLEMS /  trnusuoMy' bad ���wcaltocr condttions havo  hampered aclivltica of' the dog pound opcr-'  ator result of -which has 'been an increase of  stnrys 'making, ar inuisanco'of v,tlicm-3clvies  iwlthln the village;   .. u-..       ,   *  'iMayor' Fceney fi'aid,, apart '.from..nmny  complaints'' by residents,; ho' himself has  seen thr-u-p* )arg(? dogs-, running at largo and  knocking people-over in tho vicinity of the  a��03t Olfice,: |l��| aaid, h^ understan<l�� we  poundkcepers is ahout to launch a new drive.  (It was alsouVmph^sizcd, ttiat, dog licences  ��wtmld ibe erjfomd ami a notice to this'effcol  to Ibe advertised id the -prc��s;  CHAINS STQI.EN    ']  Itcjfarcllng. complaints of garbage left  uncollected, Aid; Ken <^ldard/rcportc<l Hint  the contractor had -been dotwnt with !flu.  chainstfor Ms truck had -been stolen,'.and  heavy sntw considerably hampered collection. An aislstant ha�� -been" doing; hl�� .best.  to carry on without' cImiIom 'font new ,un��  haw limit (rp&ertd--imtr--ttcrvliiCc-'iA  ��� -ba-ck' tO'-ou-^al'-Vtrry f.boxtty, ���.-  >er OTveii assurances  .;'/v'''.-������..' ������        ���'' i, ��� ��� "��� ������������'''"  r-^;Qlr%ec^wdter cJeirelopn|ieiit ,  ANiNUAL Rcneral meeting of" tho Sechelt development of the Sechelt breakwater.  'And District Chamber of, -Commerce" was Regarding tho latter project,. imoctinff.si  held la-st 6'n.lurday, January 25th, at tho have been held arid a roprescntailivo of tho  Ma-nUncz Itestatirant, Davis H-iy and was Gulf Oil Company has indicated a-commep-  atfonded Iby about fifty memtoers',';wiy��s -nud ''ciaJ i'mariha will bo operating during 10C0.  'guests. -Pender. JlanboUr^htliDiWictC^am- Other private interests are bcltevcd to'bo  bop waa represented, toy1'-President John  Haddock and Mrs. Haddock. ���Gibsons  Chamber by Vice Chairman Ed." Nytes  and 'Mra. jNyfors,; togetlicr with Mr. and;  iMrs'. Lylo Schwa-bo of the Cedar* DPna; Village of Sechelt was ircprescpted by- tMayor  IVill Swain, accompanied by Mr)s'. Swain and  Mr. (Harvey Hubbs reiprescntcd thoItcglonaJ)  Board.1 "    '.-; - ��� ,'';'.' '.-.��� \\<. ���';,:.-'-'/ '.' '  Guest -speaker waa Paul St;. Pierre, MiP  for Coast Chilcotin, who flew-in'from Ottawa to bo present prior to cwiimoncing a  numtocr of 6ffJcJal -visits 'fitarting' Sunday  with a trip to Calgaryi and inciiwling two  trips to Ycllowfcnife,. Dawson Creek, Vaiv  couver Island and polntsi north.  iyVclcomlng all p;;s.ent, '���President -Erich  Itesjch'.ckpTCWtd ���the view- that- "wliile;tho;  Chamber could not lay claim id any -great  achievement* during tho past year, -mom-*-  hers have been'active irt a number of directions and are presently working toward  establishment of a later lorry from Horseshoe Bay, Indications are t|ia,t a midnight  run is under consideration by the iFcrry  Authority. ��     , .  Three   projects   consldfred   worthy  of  'iprtorily  planning a^ half million dollar investment,  lalao in tho vicinity of the breakwater.  "���Mr, jHensch drew attention to the itact  thrft in order to encourage a- (sewage -syst-cm  and pthcr progressive project* withi-ri! tho  (vlUa-ge,'meetings have Ibeon heW. between  the Chamber and Council..1 Council has' alu  waiysi been moat co^opcrntivo and ao hw  any other organiza'tion ;which the Chamber  ha-S'-. approached,  MMemberahlp of "tho Chamber has increase  ��d (from 57 in .1067 td Tl- in lOfia and tliero  wai'si * an increaw of $000 10 ��oopenditurea  during .l*p68 over 3007. This is* a situation  '���Jvhlc?*'Jiaa'-rcsul'ted in peed for * change in  fee slructuro together: with com�� toy-law  changes.' This i�� being checked out with  .Uie.ltoardof Trade and if approved will bo  -tacorpowiicd'next, year.."- ���'. ������ .���'-" = -vi '- ���.  ...".;For a short period, Past .President,Joftn.,  Hayes,took ihe chair, during swearing into  office of'Mr. Hcnsch, who was c|cct��c-."*tn  serve Ms ficcond term as President, nad  iMr. Joo licnncr as Vice Chairman, iMnyqr  Hilt Swain carried out the installation,,  \ Mm. II. Gray was appointed "secretary  . and Jim Janlcwick, treasurer. Other executive .members include: iMor-gfln Thompson,  Doug "Wheeler, Fred Jorfi-Mwon, Neil Campbell,, Irvine licnncr, Frank Newton, Adclo  NEW LEGISLATION  The new school financing formula "was  introduced 1-ist ypar and js undergoing its  flnst test. If owner elector? refuse permission to spend this "money, the. Board's last  resort is to appeal to the Ministor Of Education. f  Education. ,��� Minister., Donald. Brothers  stated on Wednesday, January 22nd ���0iatl tho .  Provlnciali Government jwill*rais9 .the-ibasic  cducaitlon toudget b!f sonicv'echboi; dl^rictA '  faced w:th lifta'neial difficulties. "��� ; ';;���;,/  .  '''-.'���^b'mc' s;ch'p'Ol'';;ib0'ards .h^vc/.fouhd.-'iheir''  .costs to ibe'uhre?hstle; and they have: just  got; to .bring them down to a pWCtlcal'  ^ loyol," stated itho 'Minister.;/;'���;���;���_"���'��� -; *��� yy<: ���  '��������� no 'coNTRpL y t y.zlz.''.::':."!'''���"'��� -'Z' ?';:,,:'  ��� Referring to the -$67,035 cut in ^perfrtinsr'  costs which should, have* been- madci last  year when department of education slash-ed  the budget to the $l,8$3,i58 figure;, secretary treasurer J. Metiler stated no control  wa s' exercised In: the district last year.  ,   ;  Only lip service-was paid to the cuts but  no action token, said- Mctzlcr -who came to  the district in August of laat year.   *Tf I  have tho support'of tho iPo'^'^'iwili'.iijril:''''  be repeated this .year,',' ho &aid. ,  ' Trustee Don,J>ougia.si who>,wa�� Chairman  o'f the Board Jastyoar objected to '.Motyler's  statement that no (budget control was exer-  clscd ��� Tho Board stated ithat no over expenditure was to take, place.  Mr. iMctzler replied that his remark was  not directed to the Board. Cuts were mado  on the spur of the mcrment and it M-as" im-  'practical to out the toudget as it wa-si not  possible to )ive within that amount, He  further staled there is no point having a  budget if wo aro not going to stick to it.  ��� BUDGET' ' ������ -Z ' :   '���'' "  To keep the budget at the same level as  last year drastic cuts have been mado to  offset tho 0,3 per cent increase on teachers  payroll,, as shown:  '" "' '*���-;.'.' --^:������-"; Es^ Kjipcn-'"' JBad-"'"'  mates)   diture '   mates"  ,. ISm,    l.lQSa ;.-.  ipso  107,268    107^13    VH'flll  l,W,pl l,Qtt,'KO'a,090,600  221,053    219.m    233.4S5  Administration  Instruction  Operation  Repairs and    ,  * 'Maintenance  Conveyance-  of Pupils  "i38,ws,-jar,anr  a-i.poo  Auxiliary Services     o,02a  mm  jaf>,6i5  a*i,r)0  Chamber support wore,put on a  ......   'basii and Include a recrea-Mon centre tor the m , ,r,    -   ��� ...       ,���. ,  ���d"fee.��� ��� ��� w*ttr��>-iiw*,'mpim'm-<4- <v!VI*He-t������Ti4ft-ii*��-���<��� 4e,wl'ft��f-Tiea.-.Sm&Hm, wm Wateoa w  .., \ <uid.'PO**ibiUU^ol au��w  Total Opcr��tlna  Non-Oj>eratlnR  Debt Services  Current  norvi-harcuble  CapitalAccotint "87,542  Total 6Atlm��t��d   ���'  ExpwwUhirt    i.a'��a,15B 1,871 ,&��,1,85.1,185  1,582,407 1,G01,353. 3,^,401  8,33ft        7,331'    23,048  174,781    173,4341    15^,838  87,512        1,000  ( 5!  h( Ww*kb rf^rt,**.!,*"^*!!******.^ -rfiM n��.iv��*- ���* *p������f-**w*Mrp*M ���*���  -�� jfOnitt^li*����,a\,w*-,*tMt*Vt��. ^fc,(*-��T(F^*14 ��-,(I" j***��,'*****' *��Vlt*,*#. .^V-i"*' *w-*'tam|*fa��^)w<*!r **(�� ���"/��� t*  h^��lrv^>it^^^����^i^^'iM^^,^n^^^i^ ^A^O,^   *|)fc*Bt��t����Mt-A**H-t*ft<#IKl^fc.^ <"Y^" "���itiM*.^'^ *��-^'^'fi**^^^**^(t^^,ff^^lrj'lJ[l= ( ^*^t/lit&lfii&>����il*%^v1h^t^pft1^ ������^%^fr(^,Aai^$.<f����A'W*1.I Wl*'*��^*'4t*l* f.W* ^tN^W^WM^^^^IH**!, '^mft^l^m'^tB^ ^ttmt^Wm^"^ ^W*^*^^^ jlll ■\"    V, V*     -"".   )!
' " „ ' . '•• .      7 ' .}>.     t    ^       ,      ^      -J v. ^ I      •        1        itJ        ' ' ' » V ' , <>i !'        Y'       Z    >       -
'     ■• - " ' -* ' ' ' I* vV ,      <      • ^ , ' a ','       * I       /*
..t-^lJUjAir iJ*l*i^J'il'V±*f/"**l'tr~**"V^-"^1' 1"—>1-^(iV.   _Yt-*"
rTHEPENiNSULAS»«^ Sechelt -/I
-?   '   J ^ ' -    «.   -      ' '   \
--"  "' Mil    ... >l?ltim«illiiiiliHlii'))WllMi&rti<M
~i—t    I     ,ft ^J.A
^      -   <r
infrff',n,fi),T«i'l*|.^^,f^<™*MMl^'* »iiii>g.».ii w»<mi
*• i *&    * * ■***"    ■*"   * '    "-..*• -
EXCELLENT, commercial \ loj   BHICIPS Cassette Tape ftecor-
-^centre Sechelt—highway^-   -'&&;; w» fully     transistorized,
cation; level, and cleared. Allr battery; * powered^ ' microphone,
1  '<T<
ervices   available.
Peninsula Times
• >V*-*-.  ,s'-;>"  *v     ?-      ^      - 'W   ' :      Any Questions.ftfeose?
., Ti  ,...,,,....,.    ■ - .- ^   ^ ■,    ^    l  „ -  1    ■»'»     *    .  «   '     ** "       - •• * f **'r  r 'l'*-
.'Box   11Q"|S and-rn^W tape, like new^ only   '"--Q. T iwas worklhg 4o4iours a week and '/'"0_uestians should he Veferred to^nfohria1"
, "   1:t,-H-tfq .$BD^Pfi{'885-9654. ,9813'vtfn    have bj^h cut ^down to -15 ,hottrs a week: tW Services, . Uji&mployinent ^Insurance
:^'«^A.o* '"]H -T—:—T"—'.-.   " -      Willi be -&fble> to draw Unemployment insu^ cammissinn. VJitiifiv RuiiHthtr. vx>. 'K^ann
-^Published Wednesday by
The.PeriinsuIa J-itt\es Ltd.,
. '--,'«<* SecheH-, B.C.^   , ,'
VIEW lots for sale in ^Vest; Sp-    fe]. IT»S - Sllits—it*s,. Morgans
«,?«!: Zl'« S5;92?i  £m2h '     8^933°-'>s*chslt' ®-c--    - >< a -week.^irfiit days>haven't -.been"cUt> down,
9796 or write Bdx 441, Seclfelt, .    ,      . ,  t8893-tfp just, the'houH.    -•;/';-,*",       "    J ?
—-—--■■—'— -" '-A.  As a-'short'time -vvbrkef," yod; snay
*    « ,.    ,-.  ■ . Unemployment insu^   cimmission, Vftnier Buiidihg, ZZZ^mm
ahce nenefits?  I .will be, working five*days   *■• ' *\n~*.*r~ ^-* .•*.!.'*■)'««   -     >*
j§t.,L Ottawa, Ont.-JTel: 995-29754
service: •"',.-';,_     ; ;,j^^cHEI-T
r  ^ '   Sunday School — 10:6b a.m.  '.\ ;u
■   .    Church Service.~ J 1:15 a.m.1,   ,'.
1   }      .REV.--A. WILLIS) PASTOR"-' -'   •,
Voli ate invited,to attend any breach service!
9883-tfn i.
Member, Aii^tt Bureau   "
of Circulations   f' '
* * *  < i September 30; 1968 "
"Gross Circulation 21250
^     Paid CircuJotion 1942
. Clossifieti Advertising Rates:
3-Llhe Ad-Brjefs^ (1 fcrwords)
One 'Insertion','
MAiE *or
- 'complete
vice ori Su;jishine Coast. Write   with'power and water. Prided; ««"n"uf-J^^iTTS" ^urr8Wearmng3 exCeea one h
6ox'84 Powell River. B.Cr^         at §2,750 each." P.O. Bo* 299,' ^^*L2?SS5?.al .** 'mum ***Sr ben*t Mto*-':              -
Sechelt or to view contact^. chelt w p°?"e 8859654- . ^.-- - -     -",       ,    ,*'.'***-.          '  *'*     '    L-*
Xestman, Selma Park.- 96^9-tfn BUY   your ' trash   incinerator \Q-!l hayc a letter from tthet UIC that »%
fromV-Sechelt   Kinsmen* at J.^ understand.- It'says l>/a»i dlsquali" UM
rlALL, foi, rent, Wilson Grceh
Community Hall. ^Contact Mr.
L 75c " Okn Phillips. 885-2183. Kffl^tfia,
Three tnfeertlons *• -_L„:„„^1.50
Extra lines (4^words),'„,.Jli.Iv,il5c
, fThi$ rate does riot apply to <■
'    ^commercial Ad;Brtiefs.) ,
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- publication date."
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Ad-Briefs columns, $1.75 per inch.
> ■, l        -   » j \-    5 >
.Subscription Rates1—    '
By m'dil, Penirtstila area ^$5.00 yr.
Bv Mail, beyond ,30 rrules $5:50 yr.
By .mail, special citizens J_$3^yr.
By carrier _. LU 50c>month
V ^ *■*
COMING EVENTS     .      ,
,     |       „ . ,  , ,_ .      -i
FOR -Twilight tTheatre"  ipro-
gramihe phone 8S6-282t.
J' -     2021-7
', !      1
11 *
i d\
t I
i  *
OLDER type 2- bedroom home,
oh,busi(route. near Gibsons*
'Oil range, heater and frig. Suit
batchelor- or   pensioners.   $50
mohlth. 8&6-2919. .        • 2043-tfn
found.. Private entranced Selma Park, Gent. Pbonef 8S5-9335.
.I - .   *, u    ■       755dtftt
.   .* ■■ ,'Z'       	
,  Notdry Public
.   ';        Member
'Vancouver Real Estate,Board
Multiple lasting Service
'   PHONE 886-2248    "  -
Well* situatedV revenue house,-2,
&W-each. Phone 885-9542.'-; ^ed -ffOW. receiving Unemployment ihsur7
*■' »-           „         <,j $g88-tfri ance (li>en&f« /for.three days a wqek. (What
. ,"'-„"„ \J '. 1-i-,  * does' this Tnesth? Does it "mean i'can'st ct>l-
^AXlM*1   "C-2    8mm '  Movie lect at a|l?\ I was <workiftg J^hreV days .a
I CaihoSaj^S   speed,-, powerful week beforehand I want .tov,continUe work--
zoonr.lense,   like -Inew,. with ing the-three'days.  If jthis, paper means I
lense.'shad'e, unused fiin>; and oil can'^cSllect (for three days a week ihd ani
accessories,    cost, > over-„$500k disquslified'far (three d"ays, the-n I am salfe-
sacrifice'$150. Ph. 88S-965C.'"! HeS. • *"*i''     ,     ' "   *   ./ • " ->
:    (l •           -,       . 3812-tfn l-wAv-Yes$, you *tare enatled to .benefit'for
—'-- 't'—: ,   '/■   '" .'-• the^balance'ofithe-week. '   i '
SEVEN 'month old 'half appa-
"loosa filly. Halter Brome^Ph,
Phone Mr. Good 681-9700 collect
or 736-9171      1    11
For fast service on all propter-,
ties and businesses.    ,'
,•      ', 9646-tfn
*5    - i    J \
MADEIRA ^ PARK-approi    5 ^SkTTT••">< ^^vTTw'^S&^SS^wS
acres, ofM^akefront property d            g ^ d w- ^ the^.anea!? Iby^lot or ^eclion.number,
on paved road and waterlme, u^w£e dasher• te4Ml See conce^ion^fld township? I lfe dn Toronto^
with sectoded 3 bedroom base- ^gSmSSt^&S^ «^rWt kn^ what {0 put down for- diat.
ment home. Auto -Oil and fire- 'SwiiSrSSwffi up to to%! '* - ^ 'Tife <&¥*<**-d^s «* apPl^ td those
rtSle-nLff iHE*£ 3^:*S ridinginan-ajor^^^it^k^
It        J5!   j   1
^.\'t wonder if you cbuid'-heip^me. -wi,di
Parkers \Hard-^aret • X4«i.'r'; $e-
ch'elV'B.C: Phone 885-2171. • <-,
\\    :s    , "-   \\   '    "2029^fri
FRENCH Poodle puppy—Black, ^__^I r*-^~--J .,,.
undipped. 8-9 months .old. 8! ROpT Camper, $175..Electric
lackstock^ ^ Cabin No,'' * 3,1 - -.well pump.lV4", intake, 30,ga,l;
,., ..         -     2025-9   tanS |is„new; $75. Phone5v88^
Sechelt. 885-9963.
J 9724 eyeWngs."
BIRTHS   ' '     .    , ■    bedrooms,   dining  xoom,   oak   -^ST on Peninsula. One tnan's     ,
 :—E '-    floors thru Out, economic heat,      blue sM Jacset. Size 38. Ph.f   J.958 ,F0jRD  V-8  automatic, -7
McCOIJRT-^-Dougieiis;happy to    garage One bedroom-fully and   485-2427 (collect).       .;  7547-8     jtires^,radio,> gobd ,cO"nditiqn.
'    )   SfAlKf HiLi>A'S--SECHELT . k
-     ,   v8:d0a.ni, EverySundayr
• 9;30 a.m. Church School .,,    ,
11:00 a.m. 2nd; 4th, 5th Sundays
7^30 p.m, 1 St and 3rd Sundays k    %'
* ^ • "• -> r Services4ield regularly in *   : s. V -"
**!',Fbr frjrormatton ph"ono-8B5'-97*?3
EVeryVWed.^O-am H. Cornmunfon St.HifdaJs
announce' "the arrival of , a well "furnished; vsuite^in-. full
baby bwither, Robert: Scott, .7lbs basement. Good terms on
1^02.36ru. January 16, ,1069t at   $22566   x .-.,.,
' St^f Mary's, Hospital^.Sechelt; .t -^ii ' j-a« . .-■ --
B.-Ci ^Prdud parents are ;Tom » A fiood solid 2 bedroom home,
and Barb, x - 2056-9    AMjP?1?^ *ofl"and tile fireplace.
_■_; „ Quiet,road, lane at back; good
view. Terms $12,500.
Vardes\ white t pearl accordion.
;>pou'b]|e J>ass switch—like" new.
 Pho:rItK885-9787.'   ,.     .'2035-10
Madeira   Park.   Phone   m- s-naperDess-than 3^yrsr-oia.
7SBL  mQ'd    $lfe.. Ph. 885-9752. 2037-10
House and rental cottage going
OH. stove .in good condition.
 .     --,•-.-- - .- „ ^     ^Around $30. Phone Mr; Bed-
ftLCOHOLlCS^Anonymous. P.O.    at sacrifice-price. Good water,   FREE tq good home. Female    £ord>886-£570.      J << 2047-9
,   "*A-w    nnd^    HarmVtAii-      13 fi        DIm-ma OIlTATMOT-Jft       nil Annnroto       Koca. <-***%*-r*%A -Oii       tr**        *AA      Tiitr?%«T -1, 1 !■■. ■-> .
;*5x-29ii Sechelt, B.CC Phone automatic oil, concrete basement. $6000 to handle this two
bedroom home with- easily
supervised rental.
' BJU-9876.
spayed,  ZVz   yr.  old  husky.    ——- -^^ - ■       . •  »    „  .*<
Had   all   shots.    Good   vSh    RUBBER stamps  6i all des-
(Undenominational)' *,
- Sunday-School 10:00 a.m.
Church Service Il:15Ta.m,
9   Evening Servico,7;30.p.m.. <.
Davis'Bay Road and Arbutus
" (2 blocks up from Highway),
• This free reminder of coming events is 0 service of SECHELT AGENCIES
LTD, Phone Peninsula Times direct fot-free" listings,'specifying "Date ,
Pad''. Please note that space Is limited 'arid sortie advance dates' may   '
"have to wait their turn; also that this is a "reminder" listing only and, -
cannot always carry fuy^delalls.       '    - '    ' '      ,,'■""
Jan. aS-r^rSO p.m, Wilson Creek Hal)/Burnt Out Shower.-Kitchen and-
"■      linen, for Paulette Thorsteinsop.': «• \        •
Feb. 2—7:30 p.m.;Annual General /Vteeting of Saint Hilda's GrWch/
Feb. 3—All week.' Roberts Creek to'EgmontC Kinsmen Mother's* March.
Feb>.5f-ll-a.'m. Glb?ons'Village qfifice, ^Court< of Revision re-Secheft1
School District Assesment ro|ls. *■;    ■ -   *" t
Feb. 5—8 p.mv St, .hjilda's^Hall, -Sechelt.1 Garden'Club* meeting.-. New J
1 . members welcome.      ' * - -.  '
\ .        ,   - * / -  .
\ J.eb. -5—1:30 p.m. Heolth Centrplafbsons.- Hospital Aux. meeting..     -
*Feb."8—9hpm. Wilsoh"'Creek Ho». St, Valentine's'Dance.    -
, Feb.. 10—2:30 - 4:30 and 6:30 - 8. ri.m.• Sechelt Legion Hall.-Blood',
' Donor' Cllnic^-DROP JN!
,7, , -      .   v.   <, ---       -.     .
Multiple Listing Service -
'..Vancouver Real Estate  '',
Sechelt 885-2161 24 HOURS Gibsons 886:7015
FOR   Twilight   Theatre n programme phofle 886-2827."
Charter tour .now ibelng planned
VA acre lot ori Pratt Road, 2p
Iromt; cleared 200' back, total
length 660'. $3,350 cash,     '
E. AAcMynn ,
Do Wortman
cMdren. Ph. 885:9312.      2055-9,
WANTED,    ,
WILL    purchase    patchesl, of
standing timber. Phone' 886-'
2459.   * ' 1681r£n
toReno, Nev. for 8 days.'L&ave    4-' Vyar"      .      1   886-2681
Powell-River April n--4 days, Bbx 238, Gibsons, B.C.  '
ln.Reno,'tours, .nightclubs etc. 2058-9
Bus and hotel, and, two > dinners     *k»h
included'- in  fare. ,       » *   .   -,   ,	
, THE, SUNSHINES ON        unlicensed   fish   boat   for
t''I>AViIS^.BAY:''^W>*-Unio^te''" "ab3Uf"$500  or less;'Phone
FOR   Twilight    Theatre   programme phone 886-2827.  '
30-30 OR .32 rifle wanted," good
shape.  883-2438. 2048-9
,, day-.Pow^-RxVer^l83-S2§8 dpsign; ^^Cs&wus Hv-
after 3 p.m.         _ iflg,   3   bdms.   Uving  TOOm;
i                                     ..•j-aKw-a .dining-room and kitchen. Col.
  Van. plumbing. Split level* with
WORK WANTED basement   and-  large- family
 ;  room over. Some finishing, ytfll
WILL Mux trees* bo safe this sell  unfinished or will finish,
winter* Let us make certain. $27,500.        >    >
criptions may be. obtained
at;The-Tiines. Phone*885-9654.
Quick service -on' all orders.
-    Paint^-Fibreglass—Rope—*
-~-  Canvas—Boat' Hardware""
*   Compressed air service "for,
j skindivors air tanks^ *\
i ^Mndivers available tot,'
salvage work.      -    (
..'"-.   LTD.- ,   I. "u/
Phone i886-9303,«Gibsons^ B.Ci
„?w, ^l«f''';:,.••; v  • -■ -1306-tfn
Bol Block.- Gibsons
Every Wednesday
886-2248     -•■
V *- -l»-v*      *^ t     <f <u,
Trees(topped, limbed or felled.
Insured experience and guaranteed work, Free safety
inspections and estimates.
Phone, 885-2109. 9943-tfn
CARPENTER work, alterations,
carports,   etc,    885-2343    or
evenings 885-9460. 1874-ttn
TILLICUM Chimney Service.
, Eaves cleaned and repaired.
Painting, gardoning, , janitor
service, old jobs, etc, All work
guaranteed. RR1 Secholt, Phone
&5-2101 or 885-2094.        1871-tfn
__ , !	
SUNSHINE   Coast   Painting —
Interior aiid exterior.'For the
bOSt phono 885-2375.    ,      2026-9
DRAWINGS,    sketches,     coat
estimates—cenovatiohs,    new
building,      very      reasonable.
' Write Box 2031 c/o Peninsula
Times, 'SechcU. 2031-10
■Hi ... ■.■»■.■ mi   — ——■—■. .,...,..>..—■———«—«
top price paid. Good quality
required.1 Contact J. M. Hayes,
Rccd Moss St Fern, Secholt,
885-0313. >       0532-tfn
SELMA   PARK —Large   lot
$2,800. Good terms.
View 2 bedroom, home fuU
basement. A/oil heat. Asking
FOR" all'travel information'and
bookings, Margaret MacKen-
zie (local rep), Eaton's Where
To Go Travel, 886-2960. Gibsons.
GIBSONS     Building     Supplies.
Ltd.   886-2642,   Gibsons,   B.C.
„ WILSON GREEK: 2 bedroom    Quality Ready-mixed   conciete
Cottage on 7>h-acres with creek,
Basement with A/oil heat.—
entry—large L. room, twin kitchens & 2 fire places. Dandy
family home: $28,000.
SECHELT: Waterfront home.
2200: 3 bedroom with 4th in
basement, Rec. room. F.P., A/
oil heat. $32,500.
H. Gregory 885-9392
Don. Hodden 885-9504
Phone 885-2013
Sechelt, B.C
ROBERTS CREEK: 2 lots on
mnln highway each 100* x 450*
approx. 1 acre phis. View potcn-
 ~     tlnl,   ncai^   golf   course   $2000
Nearly now, three bedroom
home, electric heat, V> acre,
close to WI'T. Could have great
Serving the area for 20 years
TAKE?? In trade for our equity
in 1968—12' x 65'. General
trailer. 3 bedrooms plus utility,
still under warranty; sot up at
Irwin's Motel, Gibsons. Phone
886-7491. 2049-9
12 ft. FIBREGLASS on plywdod
runabout  with  1968   Johiisdn
outboard 33 h.p. Phone 885-2106.
Gibsons^Village nv ->
\'   - -  -' ■
-, Experts at.cuts, coiffs and colour
Cu^om Perrns  ■—  Phone 886-2120
:;       (CLOSED MONDAY)
The Brightest Spot ori the Highway
Opposite the High School - Gibsons
For Take Out Orders Phone 886-2433
Telephone 886-2069
'- Pottory, Supplies, classes*. & firing
dealer for Duncan's Ceramic products
Pino Rd. ft Grandvlow Ave.
P.O. Bpx 62, Gibsons, B.C.
John Hind-Smith
-v    PORT MELLON   • '
Phone 886-2231
from ? a.rn.'.to 5:30 p.m.
'      SECHELT, B.C.
«        '    ' 11./    ' f * "
, ;.,   Phone 885-9713     ,
Res. 806*9949
1   *      L*     *   *•
"     '  .     TASELLA 5HOPPE
Th»r0 oro Ihrao mtll|on pooplo
provnd tho World today,who, hi-
llovo (hat tho unification of mankind
Is tho will of God for our arjo. Thoy
coll Ihomiolvet) Baha'li.
■Pertiopi Oaha'l It what you am
poking for., s
Bohal's of Sunshino Coast
803-2088, SochoKr, B.C. ,
l a h.
Phori^j Mrs.  Naida WHSon
885-9746 or write:
, Box 390/ Secholt, B.C.
Vc<)KO\ Uu
i i. *3
Saloi Pickers Wanted
Huckleberry      »37c Bunch
« plus 5q bonus
- Snlal 40c Bunch
plug 5c l)qnus
Contact plnnt before picking,
Ideated   at   Roberts   Creek,
across atr-sct from Btoro.
Phoner 886-2633_ ,;
;     2051-tfh
■;■"• ■ "'Mftddta-Park'	
,     Salal Pickers Wanted
37c hunch
plus 5c bonus
Salfll 40c bunch
plus f.c tonus
Contact Plant before picking,
Located 1st house north, Fender
Harbour Hotel.
■■' - Phone 883*2265-■-,-.'-■"
view. IjoUi of cupboard space.
Fiill price $18,000.
tilBSONS; DctlBJitful 2 bedroom * stucco, bungalow,, Ideally
suited to retired, couple. FwUV/i
furnished and In convcttipl (
location, FuU price only $15.«W \
caish. ^
Very nice redesigned 3 bedroom home, close to centre of
town. Fully insulated, A/oil
heat, large I* shaped living-
room, utility, large kitchen and
dlrtlntf area. -Full.price $16,000
with' $4ooo down.
4.5 Acres onrltelr) itoad. Ixtvel
property. Full price $5000.
Small 2 'bedroom home, clow
to, L-nngdalc, Largo lot. Full
price $8500,,with $2000 down.
Gllwoni, It.C.
Phono (£30-2000
W!SWU4-^ ft.
-Z&£Z<~    .
■£1'   <m' ,  -: -"-n, r*
■.',1,"'.^ --",'*»•' :•-■'
tf "
1 )i  "•\'~   ",c"-..
LV^^-v-'^Z'ZJr^y -..*.* s.w-&-'viz* -'''(
^    ^iariu.11     /.tan    ^"y^Ot^t     *     _**.*      "   %      - *-— ^ ■•■ r "      -*    jt  il-rni>.   r        Vf\j tit* —Jb.*- _.
* Roll V Readf Paper Feed
* Magic* Meter.
* Touch Control*
* Magic* Margin
* Full »l?o keyboard
•a Watlc-* Column Set
• T«in-Pek* Rlbboh Changer
• fingertip control panel
o Eraser tiblo
• Una Finder
• Accelerated type bar action
« ftuggciMn metal Structural design
Plus ctsotca of.fiiw dBcorater colors
EASY TERMS • *Bttlujlvo Royal feature!
K. Butler
Bon ^eSavancy
^d Butler
— 888-2000
•"   - 2093-9
e / unes
mmno SSS--0-SS4
Septic Tanks and Drain Ffolds - Backhoa and
Front End Loader Work
Screened Cement Gravel • Fill and Road Gravel
Phono 805-96S6 - Box 172 - Secholt
Custom cabinetry for home end offlco
Kitchen Specialists
R. ulr|kln, Beach Ave., Roberta Crook
Phono 886-2551 or 886-2261
For Your Fuel Supplies
Danny Whcolor
886-9663 - Hopkins Landing
.,' Hot(soholcl Moving & Storage
Phono 886-2664 R.R.I Gibsons
■»—"•■"■' ■* ■^■^iwi.itw Hi .il .n.   > .I..M   .n.,.11. t\ ■hi,...
.{',    V   1521 Gowor Pt. Road
886-2100 Gibsdrts
• „■-.    1 .i . ■,..        - ■, ■  ,   ■  .    -.   ■ ■   ■ ..
All electric cabins. Boat rentals.
; Launching ramp,
Mercury • Outboard sales ana" service,
•    Marino ways, Repairs.
883-2248 - Madeira Park, B.C.
Residential - Commercial
Industrial Wiring
Electric Heating Specialists        ,
Gibsons 886-9689
Serving Port Mellon to ponder Harbour
Foundations - trees romoved
Clearing and Road Building -
, Grave), Navvy & Fill
 > A. .itlAMttH^—SS5-213.2
Scows,'—^- ;Lbg$ ' [
HeavyrEqi^ipm^nt Moving & Log Towing
L. HIGGS , -.
Phone 885-9425
No down payment,- Bank Interest -
Ten years to pay
Complete lino of appliances
For free Mtlmatc—-Call 886-2728
Dial 886-2808
When Yoii Need Building Supplies
Give Us A Call.
Your One Stop Building Store
-For All Your Building Needs ,
1653 Scavicw - Phono 886-2642
.!   .  I
W—|.I^I..W.M—,1.11.         ■l.»W-|-*l-»«lll»l1lllM.H«lwmil«lll>.i«l—lllllHlW».Wll..,lMli«MlW->«l
UNSHINE    n     .      0 .   <
ERVICE        Born«no « Ompga
EWING       So'cs, Parts, Service
Mrs. Mona Havios - 885-9740
' • s .'■■','   i   ■'   '
—■■—— "■ "   mini' '■ miwiKiLw »     miii— ■■■»■■■>■■ mil i n mli| I iimiiiMHi -tfiiiH n I ll
1589 Marino - Gibsons -886*9852
Everything from Needles to
School Supplies    .
I At trto Sign of itho Chevron   ,
■"'    Stpol Fabricating — Morlno.N
Automotlvo'and Morlno Repairs ,
Standard Marine Station
Phone 886.7721       Re». 886.9936, 086.9326
• Ladies-' - Men's,- Children's Wear
Yard Goods -'Bedding'- Likens
Dial 885-9331 - Secholt, B.C.
t   " * r v    m '
Arc and Acty VYelcllnn
Madeira Park - Pender Harbbur
Parts «8« Marino Service
Dealer for Evinrude,
O.M.C. Stern Drive
Lawn Boy, Sporiyak, Springbok,
K , & C Thormoglass
Ford Marino Engines
& Pioneer Chain Saw Dealer
Phono 883-226,6
Phone 886-2873 after 6 p.m.
24 HOUR TOWlN-3—886-2811
J     Latest Equipment ton \ ,    '
Wilson Creek; B.C. - 885-9466
1 < -•      . ■ .       ....
Ladies' and Children's Wear
Open six days a week
Phone 885-2063
Cowrie Street, Sechelt
        "   i.
Phono 885-2818
Open in the Richter Block     '
Secholt, ,D,C.        v
9 a.m. to 5p.m. Tuesday-Saturday      '
-"•W <-"■ '■"■'■■'-" ■.■H..I.I.-tl-ltl»l..»lW.l...W.*>'Wll.li»I.M	
Phono .885-2062
Phono 885-2062
,..,...'.'      FREE ESTIMATES
y ,;, .\ ''Ffefe;bOMW^^;;•(,'■-,:■ .
1 Pender Harbour - 883-2403
: ,,•,,,' roV &,"WagenaAr.',!:,V
^ B.C. Land Survoyora
Whltakor Block - Davis Bay
R.R.  1  Sechelt, B.C.
885-2332 or ZEnith 6430
Interior - Extorter Decorating
For tho best phono 885-2375
iUITS;- In Stock ahd Made to Measuro
Hoadquorton for G.W.G. Work Clothes
Stonfleld • Arrow - McGregor
Currlo - Pioneer Clothe*
TIMfefi AD0RIEPS WORK FOri vMS'!'. * ISP MdririQ Dr./Glbftontt'r 886-2116
t •     *     w  .-*,1*   ,n   ,w.     4i   H'   *'(»*'**   (       't    -In ii     'i    1 <,.,.,,     t A.     M    . , , , '
^V itt't**}'*!*'^ t.^^^^^'^T^j^'^Jii^^My^
r*"    *   s#^   *ff A  **   1*   «*i (*»•*»!». •iWW'* 1m #• t*|- i»tmti~-rt*<>*i* *" *«**i<
ThT'*    *»*^7"*i**/*   .**?**  *\*fi*\+   f,r*«K*4-*     -**    *   r*<^H»*,<*   -f*^  "f»!-
1* ,* f*,)%,  *v*fft /» /*  w
- ^-* J* ^' t * I\^ ^ ^ * * *^ ^ "^^^^
^ y-tt * ti'^'V*v s>  '^M0  0  ��� ���*���*��������" �������!���* HM    ^m\iii|Mg!fia  i    ���?.-.  ..>--- ,- ,--i..qii vf ���������������>��� " '������-���'   ���������      .���������"-.;������;/  ���yzz v  :   N   ���    -fi  f v.-'.* '   *l,  iu ��� k'ii[y  '��� l- - >tfrf i     *    *    *-      S-ff/      r.   *l        j  *V  -.    >rA'  *. ---\  1 ���;  Installation-.   i'SI-l  71      * ������  r   ��� i  /A   'zfl^4l^  . * *  '*- >r v����u- VjWviJ.-mfcu.v hiHtfoM   ��*n  .JAfaBl-i, .ft-."***. ^vt^^aifeia^^M^tiaftiwwtrt -,  ���MCtwdUtn-Mi-i��wviMI>MM Wh WAiM4mMwAJm)ii  Job's Daughters  ���*d~^*^JM~i**X^  tanked by symbol of ihe beautiful of "Befaen**J6.~28, I^lefnatipnal.'Order "on ftie-rigfcfc'a&d Junior Princess  theme of their installation���Praying' gJ 'Joit'i 'Daughters is: pictured with Glenys- MacLeod.- -Ceremony tQok  Hands���Honoured "Queen Pam Boyes   Senior' Princess, Wilma .MandeQcau   place, oij^aturday evenings       - ���".  >i+  \\  ���* V'  v :  - n  A  X  '    '-   ��  v   1 *���>  1 w  V-/  *���   ,Ar.-_  .���*������/"������  l-r  i. *7�� *���*..  i'  fr^�� '^  \.', \       ��  lb  J*  A*"  4  \.J'  >     ���  -I  ���*���  f'lK-l^1        w '  ����  ii  ��� �����  ,^i.  /'  /  "i ���*  > t  i >  t  Bethel No.  28, International Order   delkau, Barbara Price, Juanlta Cham- >   > |    ^r* ��� I        "���  Job's Daughters installed last Satur-   berlin, Beverley Roberts and Cheryl   /\rf\t lITifl    I-i/hc-hrlC  day in the Masonic Hall,  Rober|ts   McEwan.   Front:  Cathy Deaton,   J^1 uu,tw    %JLU3SJiLO  Creek are, from left ^standing: Nancy   Lynne   Brady,   Pam   David,   Faye   OONiGJRATTjTLArrrONS td Mr. a-M.iMrs-. Johm.  ��� ��� .. . . iNimmo on the aaraival of their -first 'child;  a ibaiby gki 9 lbs. 7 ozsu* Sfcaoey Lorraime  barm Jamuary 24th ait- St.- Maiy's Hospfcal.  Grandparents Mr. and ,Mrs. A. Swanson and  Mr. and Mrs. R. Nimmo; -greait grandpax;  4inits Mr. and-Mrs. 0. Swanstm. .The baby's  ���natal day is also the birthday i of Iher'aiurt,  ���Mrs. W. N^mlmo.,      ' -   ." . .  . Mrs. 'R. McSawaney of Rioiberts, Creek  has retunned after spending a month at  Melfort, Sasfcatchawan:. ' '  ,  INSTALLATION of Job's Daughters, Bethel        Following   the   installation,   Honoured        ,M���   ~ (WoeLram.  .B  ^���Amur mAl   ���  No. 28 took place on Saturday, January    Queen Pam was presented with a beautiful   Me^k VaJSf ^ ^* *  25th in the. Masonic Hall, Roberts Creek,    bouquet'of pink and red carnations, tea- -��Z.   rZlZ ^Z^Zi-^ fi,lwi��� ^-^t^ u��.  when   Miss   Pam   'Boyes .was   installed    ditional ,gift from Mr   Charle, Robins   d^3l��?S��S^^SS^ ^  Honoured Queen.       - and presented on his behalf by Mrs. Arlene        John, Dttnn and Ron Parke were guests  Theme for the very beautiful ceremony    Robinson. . ^ ^^ pabemai gra-ndparents-in Vancouver  was "The Praying Hands" symbolized by        Congratulations   were   received    from    ior t^ -weekend.  the five foot high emblem of hands clasped    Mrs- Doreen Dockar, Grand Librarian of      . jjjs. Doim Pa!rke> visited her mother io  in prayer on a purple backdrop. *ne   Grand  Guardian  Council  of   British    K-elawnai.  Bethel Guardian Mrs. Vivian Chamber- C��lum*b--a; Mrs- Emily Quigley Worthy Ma- Mrs. A. 'Wyngaert celebraited her- 89th  lin assisted by s Associate Guardian Mr. ^��n. Mount Elphmstone Chapter Order of birthday, on,January 24th at the borne of her  John Robinson called the Assemfoy to order     the EasterDI star5 Mr- Bm Ra^m on be-    son-in-laiw and daughter Mr. and Mrs. P.  n^A, ���������� l.���   �� . j ���   i n i-       ���. '    haljE of the De Molay; John Smith on be-    Fletcher. Among those caiHiing to offer best  ��nS!S^if ^^���l??!%*^:   ha�� of De Molaya Advisory Counca. wishes Ware Mr��and Mrs. Ed^Connor, S.  Millier^ Darlene Lawson, Karen Stan-   Reid,   Oandy  Harrison  and  Susan  ley, Candy McPhedran, Donna Man-   Thomas.  Bethel 28 . . .  Honoured Queen installed  during impressive peremony  mony Miss Carol Forshner was assisted by  Bethel   Gwair-dian  Mtas.   Vivian  'Chanv    H. iMaishaill1, 'Mrs. S. Fladager,  Mrs. E.  'hi  ***  1  A'.  *f v  Pi  ' -  ��J  *-,       f  \  J*~ .�� �� .  /*''  I   *  i ?���-���; A  \>^,     /-   '     -    r-V     ���* ^y  ��� ��� ��� ��� if ���������*   ^���*fc.������<J/V * 4.��ri        4  t    ..in.-.   ��� -  Installing Officers  ���"  : .*J�� tV-'"'  'V  Blake C. Alderson D.C.  SSSlt^ii'S8 "!M^=0?^ "�� berlin and Associate Guardian Mn John    Lawrence, 'Mrs. R.' *i����?��Z '^Coopl  w   l^ff    S155 I^m5 EmU^; ^tal' Robinson  congratulated' Honoured   Queen    er and Mtat-F. Wyngaert. Tea was senS  3��ir !f^8r i ��� rS;��.     5*   Morrison; Pam and her officers ^ commended the    including a beautifully decorated birQiday  Instalhng Chaplain  Miss  Mary Harding; ���mst^his te^m for ^ very  ^pressive    cake.,       . -  Installing musician Mars'. Mae,Freer;  Sr. installation , ���   ^toM.?A^w?v  WaU?;^r   ^        Honoured     Queen     Pam     graciously  ���?i^^*S^RSU,S<m; 1J?tanin?.Nap- thanked everyone-who had helped espec-^  V^J^JFfL-1?^  rMT���   ,?ianne "Uy Mr.  Robinson for the bouquet;   the  ^E^iS^t^ \MU^' ^stamnS Team; Mrs- Mae Freer and Mrs.  t^v" ^-d  5y   MrS-   DuaTm! Lucille Mueller; her parents Mr', and Mrs.  S?SS? ^.^P*"8^ ^.y^g based A. 'Boyes;   lissiland   Florists   and   the  on the theme of "Praying Hands" also sym- Mothers Circle  boUzed by &e favors carried by each of A reception foUowed the Qosing Cere-  the young officers. ^^  Installed for the ensuing six months are:  ,   4 days-weekly  Post Office Building Sechelt  Phone 885.2333  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday  12 noon to 5 p.m,  EVENINGS BY'APPOINTMENT'  ?r^^nT:S^oy^:!^^n: ^^B^MSBy^g^  ��� ���   ������ ..���,���.,.������ ���������������������������������������-i    i i ������ ���������   ���   .... -^..- ^i, ���... ..,-i..i���,���,. I...I..M. ��� |ii|.,i|.| m.,    j,,  ���-ii*-n/ii f -**i ��� f-" -r -    In in VrnhMfrthntfiiiiin i'- r -i r -,..,���   .} ^-fj*- ������?-rrJ,v^&.....rJi..��-?J -.,.... r, 1M t -^,.i ^T ^h)-��-   - �����������������- -���������-������' ^������ (..-t-c-, - -. *-<>*. r^. -p���- ..p.^.-a -f-^f-J^|.< ���*  Former Job's Daughters, of Bethel Mrs. Cathi Wallis, and Jr. Custodian,'1 flinrlp Hr RTftWnitfiC WA  No. 28 conducted the installation of Mrs:.Arlene Robinson.  Seated^Mar-"( ��w*AW-5.:Ut UlU WlUGd  ������.  young - Jobies  for  the  ensuing   six shall, Miss Lynne Ennis;' InstaUihg ''^1^   '' TJ^rt t ^'-    l^_        -^jl  months giving them confidence and Officer, Miss Carol Forshner;'Nar-   piallS DXUWIlie DaIl({UcI  guidance.    Standing  are  Recorder, rator,  Mrs.  Dianne Lukashul^Vand \ j1A[Mjaiiy 8Ui Meeting of the Sechelt W.A.  JJ-S*  Mandr?r   Mi��nr��riS<S.;  rwSff    GUlde' MlSS Matllyn H<>PMS:     V        :     -to the Brownie's and Guides w held ��t  Miss Mary Harding; Sr. Custodian, . v ���     : ^ w of Mrs Mnry  Reports were received from tho various  'FaJry Godmothers' on the activities of their  troops, ta-11 reported having held successful  Chrisbmais parties. '  Plans are now underway for the -annual  Bro-wnib1 Mother and Daughter Banqueit; to  bo held i?omtji;iiUmo in Fobrutijry. Convenors iwill1 IbejMr-s;'Mary';'iFIa-y.yancl,Mm Sylvia Jackson.'  �� y,' Z ���:���''���; ZZ,iS:':'  1 There iwlU not be a iGuidO Mother and1  Daughter Banrjuet as ithw 'are no Guide  compander presontiliy operajtinig duo to lack  of leaders.'.'"';,,';. ".:  ������. <v ;;'���;,;,, V;.  Noxtiiweoting of (tho W.A-- 'Will bo 'Fobru*-  ary 5, 1069, at the homo of Mrs.i Ingtid  ��ndcThm.'v;:-j'-'|-:'- yz'.->.y.;y\ ;,���'.;���  /Aoss Wilma Mandelkau; Junior Princess  (^lenys MacLeod;' Guide Darlene Lawson  and Marshall Elaine McKenzie. Appointed  officers are': Recorder Faye Reid;  Treasurer Candace Harrison; Chaplain  (Pam David; Librarian Juanita Chamber-  lin; Musician Candy McPhedran (proxy)';  Sr. Custodian Cheryl McEwan; Jr. Custodian Beverley Roberts; Messengers, Nancy  Millier; Cathy Deaton; Robin Nygren;  Donna Mandelkau; Lynne Brady; Outer  Guard Suzanne Thomas; Inner Guard Kajen  Stanley; Lady of (the Lights, Barlbara Price  and Flag Bfearer Donna Mandelkau.  It, ,A-  * \   1- *��� J***      -*��f*   L  Ap&Bt@Mgve��m@Bit  Regular monthly meeting of Gibsons,Auxiliary  to St. Mary's Hospital will be held on the first Wednesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. in the Health  Centre^ starting February 5thr 1969*  jiii I    in )   11 .iLing i,ij]i��.w, p ���t!HJ'J81ifi'^t"<' 'L4JAJ " 'M'l��il-'">Jii.''''��'aM>''l. i'"i a xj iiiiiiMJiLiiiiiJAiinuj ��� j] ii.iiuiji.il ji, inn imp Ml ��j��u^ J.iwu'jr^w-a1  ^fa" i.��,.J> 5...,.ii'   iiiVin.i-iini'i.ny j,?if.*r.,ii���iwu8f,ii .riWffifniSfwurainrtifiii-''---'������--���'r' ,.*~.&~J.x~i. .^^.SHi-if.-r. . ^a-n-tn-^^TT-.^���>-'*��- -JT  \  V.  Mexft to E & fl- Grocery and ConfeetSonery  e the people need the expansion  off our Hospital to prevent having  a waiting list for our families to  receive care am  Another good thing afyoiit lipstick is, It  smears' * up the cups and glasses! ih' public  eating iplaccs -so bad that they Wavo to bo  rwoahed flh-oroughly,'.-<-.-'���>,.*--�����;, ^.,',-i; ,   If you h(Wo ^r(qporty of any kind ... nnywhoro In our proylncoV.. It may havo orpat rocroa-  t\onnl vnliio./.Mountaln tqp or rlvor oclgo.-wlth trooa or without,'tsoaafclo or lako ahoro, 100 ,  (not or 10,000 ocroa ...marinas, ski lodpQ3,ll3hlpg  rancho3 - larrjo or small ... hero nt last Is a now way to .lot' peoplo know about it. Block  Droa, is pr'oparlnrj Volume I of an outdoor land^ahd rporoational property datalofjuq; qoi|o8.  Spoclnl national and, Iniornatlonal dlntrib-MUpn of this publication la'JalannorJI so that your property llntlnn will bo rqnd by Ihou'snnds o( Norlh Arriorlcah rocrohtlpnal land buyorn. Act nowl  :~: SEHP TJ3IS COUPON NOW. LIMITED TIME OFFER   YOUR  HOSPITAL  NEEDS  HELP!  B  B  B  B  n  ' . ,        '     ���'������ ������)'���   '-,,������  U.J. Z-~- PH0NE..���_U,^������._:^_  '���'  1 B  a  3117 Klftgsway, Vancouver, Britoh Coh/mbla ���   t  NHMMWMM'illMH'illNmtiaMH MMIM-��mttat��fWMfMtMMIf��m(e��l|WIMIe|i  Gontlcmon:       , -    ��� '< "     V-   ;  -����   ,1 '        I     I .    I . tit I  ��� PIq.iso aond mo qomplola information of your catalogue  D I liavo oncjopod Inforrpjation on my proparty(n),     ,    ���  '  HAME ��!,i,.,...���..���^,.P,.,.,._  BLOCK BROS. BRITISH COLUMBIA. RECREATIONAL LAND DIVISION  The cost factor as it effects you and me,  the taxpayer is outlined below.  ,' SUMMARY- OF'ESTIMATES'OF-CAFITAt-COST>; ���':  Now\A/brrc-���11^400 s(q. ft���...-...��� ^,.���.::���:.������L.:.���������...������...U.���. $345,278  .Araas Imprpved or altered 7,000 sq. ft. ...... ..^..j.....;..        141,000  TOTAL BUILDING COST ESTIMATE .!.........,;_���..     $486,278  Less Federal tax credit ..���������_*_.��� j. 20,278  ;        NET BUILDING COST ESTIMATE'���.....���..���;._.._.  $466,000  Fixed equipment (recessed sterilizers) ..^.,-...���������....���.....���...��� 41,590  Architects' and Engineers' s fees ,..,...���..,__..��� ,���._...  40,OQO  Landscaping,: parking, roadways .���.^..^.^.^.^.^.y^ ������' ��� 15,000  "Clerk of Works ...r._.. ...���._..���.���.������.. ,4^.^ .._���.,; , ,   10,020  TOTAL CONSTRUCTION .COST .I^-.��:-i-l ���  $572,610  Moveable equipment and furnishings ...r..:..���^.���r.. __���., 36,666  Supplies, bedding and linen ~L.-,.._ ..���. : .  14,000  Working capital ������.- ���.-.- r-������_���.���_.���..���...���.���.���.��� 15,000  ^:r >: "'"���:' -��� -'���\: ���'��� ���������'..������������-'  ;;':' -���' '   ��� ��� ��� --������ $638,276"  Loss Estlrhatea; Federal Grant....... ���.;.^^.-..-,.���.-...���--���..<..:     ,120,000  , NET PROJECT COST ,���~������..__-U.:_..��� .���_���.     $518,276  COST TO THE  li^DBVBIDUAt  ;;;v:';:'TAXPAYER ���";������;��� .���'������.'������"���������(  Present HospStal  Tax.',....,,.' ...;.' .:���.':'  . . -98,���  Additional Cost  Tax,  ',' ��� , S.04,  '������", ., TOTAL'^.00'  For every $1,000.00 Aa-  searjccl Value it costs  $2.00. If your noocoa-  ment in $6,000.00 Your  Hospital Tax would be  6x$2.0Q-or $12,00 per  ���-year..'--.  Signed  HZHUBnS  Public Rolatlons  St* Mary's, Serving thp Smshm�� Cornet fr��m  fgmotii to Port MeIIowvis YOUR Hospital.  1 mi  ��  1  ^���-���s-fr^w^^ ^rfftyxtpffy^fa  l#Hl��*��J��l%��'**-rff����*S i^wrf***^^  * ftfrf&^tMl i��*l if*v <**  ����B��*H*iify��i^f(ft <#rw#n i(*jit("f.i^'i-,��'��fl��*^1*��TmA ^.^iKl,!* j*^,^^** ^mni*Mi**Ki*n.ffl*.�����*��''��*���� i^*#Ht��*%i^��f^"��'^^***^*i*l��*ftiitlt��ji^'.,��'  l(K��lAh!(^*(((^lf ^H*C*(i i**1 *ffl* "��p%-f(#M'*^i'C  ���V^���V^^''IW*^^���^^^�����������W*^^l\���*��^'^���^A���r'^���*^ ■v^-V'
J* ' * %
-   * , r -yrrj-^-r      j    f/\ |r~rj
f ■*
*;(>«'*;       SVf
*) •"-* -,,.;•"■
1  rHy4
S j
I   <
i a
< i"
, ,<
M I      >,
I i
'   I I-
I ,'
' I
•        I
l       *
^Editor, The Times*,    , ,     -
v girAEj^OTO jtihve to time.T -read, witb.in-
!t;erest from, your paper, (of; ,the succesk of
\    -r^T? *t^   "-rs ■jr? ' Tyf-■■yr T- T"3 ^ ■"*-"'—r-s-™—*  , ,    r -   -      .-./I   the Sunsniire Caa,st 'Settlor' €mzenyk!Homesr.
"4 may oe lvwn^, but I shall rt0tSelfso;Mo/ig rts to jail tp say what I Relieve to bf. right." | •,$•; has occurred to me, anore" tJiarj; >6nce;\I
,J *      K     L'r     ;;,!',      «**      , ,, ,     ' \ —Ioirri Atkins i   hayenota5^thQardaiia>raefof-iioiitsid&
BovGLi&G;WymhifiKEditor — Stewart B. Aisgaro, Publisher „   ,     .     -|   the name mentioned above.
«tMMMiiiwviiMi)<tt^'i^^ With iCanfrn Greene's eightieth ihirfchdav-'
' 'x ' ' in February, what would be more fitting
than to uame it' ixt his honor? "The "name I
•wpuH.like V suggest is, Green*. Haven. The
visit toTM London &W ol^qiri:   Appeared* to* enjoy in" the past <sUhp$   -^{J? sa!,etJr~  \ •.    f    „ -     ,
Jiohweahh" leaders by-%lr&['^Uer   boofreranged, there is no doubt the W       *«*g £■*«• *»??. ^ady ^ name, I
$efire Elliott Trudeau^s'anything put   meji ventured too far, for after all, there   ^SSv
:o' see it mentioned as rt gives!,
an msigti^ficantcoAtrirjutfon.' Apa$ ftonl^b^ limit to" ho\^' much' any public figure
his. obviously arge$£tte&i& to project* the is* exacted to Hake.   Th^re is such, a
iin'age>Jbf'a swinger Xyithii 'strong leaning thing as ethics and maturity as'weU as a
tp^arxi the fair sex, it] would seern,;his breaking point S6me people in the p'ub,-
greatest 'achiev^irjent wfa^ h.|s"jmpviir|eiit lie ey^ wi^I"goto great lengths to cp-oper-
atterript todict^tepdlicy^ort'Rhbdesia to ate but this does pot necessarily mean a
Brifaiti's Hafold Wtfsqri. *     \"}. "-"   ' blanV"cheque, any'responsible n$wsmari
1 vff o t^ie credit1 oJE Wilson1 he ^id, ,make & normally governed by' common sense
clear the fact he had no intentions of fql- and, an awareness of where the party
lowing In' the' wake of a fqrme|- British ends^     ' j
Prime Minister who threw 'awlay -the Suez " ~ Mr. Trudeau, we" feel, was perfectly
Canal at the.dictates of. the United $tates. justified in .calling1 a halt and although
And, needless ,to sky; the Suez'tanai h,as most of his comments Were twisted out of . . .     .. _
be'enioule^up.ever since..'!  :MI^.- \ context, he merely, pointed out Aat he   says the garlbage dump is too fiar'asway and
There is little doubt- the^only favour- too was entitled to soma privacy.  One   -tocceasffib -as a result of deep snerw. .
abfe^pi^&rtiii^^^^ feoiis  Vancouver  radio  personality     J|^/Sa^/SIfftS^Sffi
through! hik faithful "enmuragft/of^e who; needless to-say/is'renowned for his;   *ag? atiseai !?v^ ^ ParQ°™ Bay. Where
grownrreportera who rertaftl^criated *ttie leftist ideals, twisted his remarks to such
impression'he-was*sontetHing of 'a.hit in an extent that listeners would be led to
that not toosstrange"buf distent land, believe he had threatened to,have the
Such; hoiyever/Ws hardly "the case" 'as P°Kce investigate girl friends <5f the news
roTtmfaA Kw wnm4i#- trAtTt^tTiriruio ^ik+Airtn renorters. This was not so!' all the Prune
,     V.'f.YHGS.
Trash galore
Editor, 'Xhe"*rimes^ "      ,      '   ' '
," Sir—'Gaadbage is 'garlbage, or is it? Is
•there a- difference ia'what 'cwitstitutes ith&
■pulling of'"woorover i(he eyes, or m the tra^h
they give you -to print jusit aitother form of
garbage.'    ' " *'
-The ipaper» you -are the editor of has been
-printing'a lot of articles on .pollution^and
cohtrol bf this aoid that.^ ~        , .
> sf   i -■ *
Then as you can mvr' see .the weather
ed by reports" frorr^varioqs fading   reporters. This was not so;' all .the Prune
are all. of jthe. health rules andi regulaitdons
oicw? Maybe these regula'tiqns' are for IJie
good, summer weather «rily, "not When-iwitt-
iter is here for a few weeks.
-The "JaB." 15pt, ,1859 issue of The Times
had. a small atticle on'the garbage-as ito
when the sepviee should xesume, tiiem it
states "tQ-the effect ithey cafinot~get 'ito the
dump. 'So, Mr, Cteboirn^ayisLdump it in imy
yaird, 1 need )the fill, all1 you have to pay
English newspapers.       "' '*:v "-' ' ""' "    Minister said, in effect, .was "you have
-l-c -Regardless Of Mr: Trudeau's faijure   been questioning young ladies with whom
to Create the image df amaitof strength   I --we kept-company, how would you
f^^O^iLim^'^^   .Uke it ifa had some of the women with   ^ 4 SSCSto SifflK £
why certam-segments'of the news media   wlipm you keep company .investigated?"   feetofsaaid< TMsigroufidds below iealS
should make .such, a "peat .issue"" of the   This .was the reasonably-obvious utter-   ,^._^. ,,^v,       ,. ..     ,  .
*ijv -..-. -^-Jii^ i-.-'i^-i.'-t Li-,.*-.....    pretation as has since been, made clear,
it is too bad others chose to use his comments for political reasons, but that is
politicsl        " '       "  Z
Perhaps Mr. Trudeau's visit was not
establish, his present identity and with   in vain, perhaps he gained a lesson in
hq. small success. '"'*"»   '       -1      (diplomacy, possibly he will have discov-
"J;*v Un^itMately;,both the Prim^'Minis-   ered that the cloak of Winging flamboy-
ter(and news" media we^rit a Uttle.oyer-   ancy is not becc^ning to the Prime Min-
bo^rd' in Englandand, in*tus ojvjq v/ords,   istef of a great country.
fact lie "registered long oyerdue5 cntioism
regardipg^ie abominable lack at ^privacy
awarded^nim^by the.newslnen, .-Certainly
he has, without question, played^up tothe
press'and television cameras fnf-order to
WHILE to some extent \it welfare' state
-should be  a desirable_ innovation,
alties involved more dollars.  The average" overpayment, in the case of males
miicrl older-and vastly rjiqre experience   being about $71, while the overpayment
countries' than ours, have velftured into   df benefit in the case of females "was ap-
the field'of "protection from trie eradle   proximately $47. A reason for the vari-
fo the grave" only to run into a condition   ation in these averages lies in the fact
of near tiardkrdp^cy* : ' Zy      '        "        *Un* ^^ nf *Ua m^a ^™m»nf* **<* nni
'   .Tllis .is a situation which .theoretically
should not exist, unfortunately the people
ymo, with ihe'.welfare :of thfc:distressed
and infirm in mind, have worked-toward
establishment of such. a. scheme,' have
tailed "to take into consideratioh the'hu
man element. Two characteristics, greed ,"and* penalties was the same in both cases,
and dishonesty, far too frequently enter being inaccurate reporting of' availability
into the picture with the result that graft artd/or "Caphbillty for work while on
arid corruption qujckly create more hard- claim.. However, 65% of female claim-
ship for the very-riee"dy peopkv'for Whom ants;were found guilty on this point,
the assistance- was deyised, and --at fan- whijethe 47% registered for male claim-
tastic expanse tO'the taxpayer. '       * l ante represented only a slight increase
i(t Ms Ibeen filled with saiwdust and stumps.
iBverythliig^has made its -way to this'spot
ito help fill in and reclaim- the ground, in-
'diuding the dredging,from -the Bay.
Now, mot only are we going to create
,the sarnie healith hazards and pest i-reeding
grounds as the old dump did, but we are
■going ito pay a tman for putting 4' feet of fill
on 3iis own bog land.
it seems strange ,tnajt the Village Gowk-
cil would even consider such an alternattive
as itMst' to avoid plowing the road ito the
existing dump, after all the commotion that
was -raised over the old dump on West
Porpoise Bay road.
, It seems ithat -the sea gulls are tie only
ones who will benefit from this arrange-
rojent as .they doat ihave ito fly so far ito
ithe dump:
Editor's note: A -Jitfle closer study of
that 46%.of the male claimants had not thejneWs reports, would -reveal the fact that
declared earning^ accurately while they council long ago turned! the ganbage dis-
were receiving unemployment insurance f°^ •over *o #& (Regional Soard1. Further,
benefits. By contrast, 30%' of the female   ^V**- ******«» Ration to our knowl-
„<, The^major reason for disqualification   Gmfeiulthanks »     ^     i
(Editor, THerTLhies, '
Sir: iDr. Hatschmauova has asked ima' to
Iwrite to express her deep gratitude for the
coverage given to Mrs. R. F. Bennie's
Coffe Party a!t which $400.00 was "raised
for the TJSC "Cup of life" campaign.
 .rr r-ji— » - - K it is at aU possible, "will! you please
One of our' most abused institutions   £vqr, the 46% who, ran into problems be-   gonvey to those of your readers who con
is that of unemployment insurance and
the amount of money obtained through
this source by means of plain straightforward fraud is tremendous. To the
credit of the Unemployment Insurance
Commission steps ate' how being taken
to bring offenders to justice. This will in
cause they had not reported earnings.
1. A -variety of other reasons make up
the other percentage points and include
such problems as inaccurate recording of
job separation and declaration of dependants.
The majority of interviews and in
due course bring to a dramatic halt this   vestigattons are now being carried out in
unprincipled means of obtaining the' easy
buck and by so doing will greatly assist
the genuine recipients.
A stepped-up fraud detection program
nqw very much in force reveals the following facts:
By the end of Pecembcr some 3,949
interviews arid formal investigations had
been completed in the' nine area offices
located throughout the Pacific Region.
These resulted in 652 disqualifications
arid penalties and the establishment of
the UIC offices where clairris are revlcw--
cd with the individuals in private discussions. In the six weeks covered in the
report issued today, over 90% of tho
investigations were conducted on UIC
premises. \
The overall program of interviews
and investigations, aimed at detecting
fraud and misuse of the unemployment
insurance fund, will continue into 1970.
In addition to examining' claims to
determine   any  inaccuracies,   the  UIC
action io reclaim, $16,4,88 which claim-   representatives are finding that the inter
acts had received under false pretenses
Also, five male claimants were fined u
total of $565 when their cases were prosecuted.
1 Slightly more female claimants than
males were investigated, but more male
claimants were disqualified and the pen-
views they are conducting frequently reveal some basic misunderstandings and
misconceptions. Therefore, efforts to
educate the general public on the role
and function of the Uncmplbyment In-i
surance Commission are also being increased at this time.
' r < i {t- . >  .     t'    t y • ^ i      * ii t
I&S*^p€)iite mi ye^tei°y©iar
* '  *
THE MAN dropped in to say what he
v\ would do about dropouts and more
particularly   afcorit   studptUt; riots. <•' and
Ifircatcricd riots. ,,'"   '      '
;;'   The man said that wheh hisi grarid-
mthcr labored hard arid sat«?4 ^ pennies
to go; $ college, he did n,ot sjsk any favors
m anyone and sought' not" to'hav6" the
ulcs changed |n h«s favor.  In his day   from the govcrnmcru, are really Students.
licreWai ho help from outside, although   Will most of them drop out on their
' -■--'- ■     stud|«?s ft"d drop out on their loans? Can
a red convertible student loan help a personbecome a student? Is there any effort lii the universities, the colleges and
other1 schools to establish a system of
cf"   ' '-   "     ' "      ' '    '
tliere was some private help from certain
places when he, needed it) most.. .The
ruileS were made by thd -di^lVcrsfit^"'fifit]Koi--
ftics dnd no o'ne itl^vigfft; qli rtnypqdy's
rifeht to Intcrferp with the|jn, let alone to
run ttib':.iu^iycr3ity.'v' .',' , .T',;M'/;..| !Vi ,
1 ' This riiariV -Information; which go^s
McH t# TVihity College,
in those days it w^is
^ents to bV'H college
■ ■"' Any lack of discipliric on' tfiji1 part of tAXc&V ■
|he students was not to be tolerated for , The,main, pcr'jW th9 P.n!y. VqH <>'
one moment. University presidents, vice- criticism coming from students that is
Residents, chancellors, bpartfs of gtwer- vfi|id is crijicism of the people who teach
Ibrs and other such did not expect to be %W, ^ Adcm* to them. There Is the
Mobbed, derided, scorned; floutbjil or shot fcutp thought that many yvlto are prosit orally dr with bullets. , fessedly teaching the young do not know
■'; H anyone didn't like the way t|ic what they are talking about. Which is
school was run, he could stay way from   not exactly new.
Ichool, if\hc was old enoughs Thpfc said	
flic man whose Information gqei bnck to
ttribufed,   our igraiteful  |thanfcs  Ifor  their
'generous support.  '   '
Dr. Hitsehma-nova is leaving shorltly on
her annual tour of USC projeots overseas,
(this year to include p preliminary isunvey
of conditions ftmong children in Viet Nam,
She sends her kindest (regards to you all
and hopes to, -one day, have the pleasure
of meeting you personally to thank you
for your' kind co-operation,
-Assistant to Dr, ^chmanova.
Spotting pqt
Editor, the Times,
Sir—Before wo click our tongues in horror andt disgust at itho current drug
dilemma, let us first analyze the situation:
This technological age is a comparative
pin point of time to, itho mlHiona of yoats
of ovolvement. During fhis ago annn arid
all other species developed a very close
und6rstandlng to their immediate natural
environment, In fact this close contact with
nature has enabled them to survive t» tills
present day. '
With the introduction of the mnchlnc,
<lie- tendency to depart from this under-
standing increases but tho Jnstlnctlve behaviour patterns remain as alarm bells
within one's nervous system. It is the repression of these alarms or vynrnlngs within
us' that prompt us to find something r|o
aootho our nervous system and stop thd
ringing bells.
If the cdincfltlonaj process Js not geared
to survival and harmony then ihc relation
between tho nervous system an4 the eh,
vlronmem; is dkturbetl through tho jfcclirig
of Insecurity, resulting, in *#hat "wo know
os. neuroses. ' '
, (Now education Is |he freedom to ba
able to respbiia to environmental conditions
and to act upon any decltllon;■' <it irt'siponso
that will enable us to survive or live in
linrmohy; briig ritldlctloH' ttii dknttely a1
slffn pf a frustrtttcjl| eduwt'P1* pro,cess^
Example^ or .this are \k\M& o|;'"aspirin,
sleeping  pills,   trariqulli"iior«i;   tobacco;  ol,
., .. ............   ,.  -  -f -T „   «M «t1mv!|h^':'ii^r^^
l|9cipllrj|e?    Are   university   authorities   heroin, L.S.D., and fio on throiigh Juindrcda
mean a (-change x>f behaviour and the traps ,
of the formal "educators" "are too comfortable" to change. * v ,
' The symptons of thisVn^urosis will continue to' increase; In 1968 10,000 people
between the* ages of' 19 and 24 committed
suicide in the tJ.S. (Canadian statistics are
probably just as appalling)., Are we gO;
ing to try for 20,000 tsuicides this year?
Are we doomed to gradually mutate into
wearing glasses, hearing aides, gas masks -
permanently because we are losing the
ability^ to haranonize with our natural environment and'because we doinot deal with
pertinent facts? 15%^ of- bur -children) are
being deprieved of their response mechanisms by' tranquilizers. Tomorrow this
will increase.
We see^ minority groups, through frustration and desperation'respond to their
"alarm beUs" by dropping out, by taking
up different patterns of ^behavior aiid sometimes by making a complete circuit of the
drug "scene". " r
Laws -and punishment are certainly not
the answer to the drug problem. Let us
change our attitudes "toward -education) and
establish- definite <programs of applied
knowledge and involyeanent,' with the ultimate ehdv bping survival and harmony with
our natural environment.
-  ,' '   , DON-GARB
IR/jR. 1, ■Grlh^P*5-       ^    , ..,     '
yPprWcitizen '•'-% '[!*   ",
Editor, (Peninsula .Times,
-Dear Sir—I really appreciated the article "Itandom Thoughts" by 'Mary "Gross,
iji.your Jan. 15th issue. Her final paragraph
was beautiful. ■•"Call ai ..Canadian an indefinable folur if you like. That's the closest
thlnlg yeit ito ai iworld citizen"—& say Amen ito
that! Let our pride be in the fact that it is
isiimply (great to ibe a person—not a Cana1-
di'an, American or a< Frenchman. Let us
mat glorify our past. Let us take pride in
human achievement and the advancement
of justice in, all areas of the world.
■' v '"if «
1 V^ *"£     *      I
<{¥ott Ifnow,,Martha,;we may very well be at the dawn o£ a new age."
' 11   ' —-— ,
tftzpftenLngs Around Elphie
—by Marilyn > Hopkins
, ,-.
in next weiek's issue of 1he Times.       •*<"
OiNOE A'QATN this was another- short week
araumi Elphie. Monday the school was
©Pfa-07u>4o^itheNstudents who could get
(there. iNo School Ibuses were ^running. Some
one' hundred people arrived, but there
■couldn't haive ij>een wer'25 left in the after/
noon.' iMost of t the day the students and
soma of the (< staff spenit their -time in ithe
igym "playing-baidminton or ishooiting ibasket-
baU, although a. few exaims were given, to
ithose ,whqi attended. ' Because .of the poor
weaifiher and ithe high absentee irate the date
Ifor* raparifc ,card' imarks to be "in has been
set back a week;
The time is clawing closer for part df
•the year book pages to be" sent in -to be
printect. A few grade I2'svhave been busy
lately 'assembling vitheif pages. The ai-l's
iheld a> shoe ishine on Firiday 'in "tile main
- foyer., >There was quite 'a,,good turn-out al-
ithough^imainy people just enjoyed' seeing the
igirls worWng hard ..ait shifting shoes and
boots. The priee was 10c for>a boy, 25c for
at girl and" 50c for a itea-cber. On ithe 88th,
another division is holding & bake -sale sat
< the 9 minute-break and again at noon to
naise -money for ttheir yeanbook pages. On
,the whole t|iere is a lot of 'enthusiasm jfjar
the book even tthouga -a few divisions Ihave-h't
i done anything. Each divisdon has ithe "choice
of put•ting• "whaitavei? ithey' wish in ithe' yearbook because' they pay^ for their page <or
p&iges. If "the division isn't interested ithey
won'it (be -remembered in 'Elphi&'is 1968-69
yeatibook. '.  '
Last weekend our senior boys towelled
to Powell! River ito play M&x .Cameron,
Squamish and Pem;berton. They were only
bea'fen by Max Cameron. This .weekend all
of our teams;' junior' and senior boys, and
junior and senior "girls -travelled to Squaimv
ish where they Were also to play "Pemiber-
y ton. Leaving Immediately ijtifter school BFird-
' day they 'were billeted oVetJt|ighit In Squam-
ish.  the. ■cesults 'of,,these will be availaible
This year's Homecaming is scheduled for
the 28th df February, providing nothing will
interfere with the plains. All past igrads tame
invited to attend. It is hoped to have pur
seniar girls and senior boys- play \<me past
students in, two games of baaketbaUi and
then a dance wiU follow.
Fletcher's Philosophy
—Harry W. Fletcher
In not too distant years machines will travel
To far-off spaces and colonize the stars,
Where astronomic colleges unravel   -
Life's mysteries in sunrise seminars.
On earth,ourunproductive deserts flower.
With water channeled'in from source remote.
The white desalted oceans furnish power
To slake the thirst of voyagers afloat.
They're building planes to fly with loads
•enormous"*' *' > * ^"'* "■   •'',' v '"■'"+*!"»?■<■'
At twice the speed of souhd and still survive.
But men w|io watch the weather yet inform us
We must (defer to storms ip stay alive.
With all his boast of science and invention
Poor puny Man still cringes from the rage
Of elements, but yet has made no mention
Of overcoming weather at'this stage.
So why not get the world to work together
That cause of war and hate shall be lemoved;
'Cause when We've finally controlled the ,
,J weather
Our disposition's bound to be improved.
loan, nor was there travel to Europe on
the proceeds of a, student, loan. Even today student loans,'-honestly obtained, are
nuppowl to help a student to get through
'scbjqol.";\"''.        "  *
It would be Interesting to know how
niany 'studfcnts, with or without loans
his grandfather and to Dublin, j$ tl|© way
bought to bo. Z',"] .Z "Z \!
Entrance into a college did nr>t suito-
matically qualify liny person, fo*^ ft sty-dent
A crabby old lady, '*(tt.l.rtg immedla'lcly
ll»ehlnd tho bus driver, kept plying Jihn wltH
questions',' Finally, «he jabbed him with her
umbrella 'owl asked, "U itbat 'my sU-jp?"
*'j^o," he (replied, 'Hlvnt irtimy roar -ntul.1"
I'liblislicil Wcxtnesdnys nt Sechelt
on n.C.'a Sunshino Coswt
. Sccliclt,PcnJijiula.Timfei Ltd.
Box 310-Sechelt, B.C.
Douglas G. Wheeler, Editor
.-?. If. discard, Publisher
Subscription Rates: (In advance)
1 Vear, $5 - 2 Years, $9 - 3 Years, $13
■    U.S. end Foreign, $3.50
Serving the area from Port Mellon to E&mont
(Howe sound tolmlfInto)       ^'
mmimummmmu ^*^ ^ ,-*vyy*i*vvv-v*i.,!' ���  w. ~ s  -.     -��-W -'-���������I > *f   (  -".I       >t.       trf��-, j*,--,/u 4i    fftf      >     j%     ^vw       J  .  +is*t^-~i.   W  -fc*    +. ^luC-u/    *���*' 4t"i*&'*^  ���"   V-J^V-    ��,t��^'    Jkv-^-"^*   ;  -^-^5      J->>     i^^.-*v    V^  *�����    ^"    ������'U    ���*    w  l *    -V  *" T  0  Pdu/ Sf. Pierre  ���Utter from Parliament Hill  OTTAVvW-The imornihg an ail "brings yet another ^protest against the Abortion Section of the Omnibus .Bill, The Emergency  Organization ipr ithe * Defence of, Unborn j  ���Children writes:'"With absolutely no chance  itb defend himself the unborn child -(would  be)" judged guilty of the 'lerime" of being  unwanted, is' sentenced to death and executed." .    ' *    -  ���**���'  .*  "��._^ '  V  !.'-  ���'+��� \ fi  h  t*  ���4"  .wUJ^pgj^��J*9iwW^ 3&-4S$Bw   thVpeninsulo ���Tiroe?  Jp��de ^  *���*   -^m.***  There have been many such protests.  Organizations and^indiyidaals in Coast-  Chilcotin have -written in anguish and \xk  horror about the proposed new abolition  law.*- ,        , - -.  - By the time this column appears, debate1  on the Omnibus Bill will,probably have begun. It might even have -come to a vote,  although I expect that the Omnibus debate  will .be long and hard-fought with many of  this Parliament's," -members expressing a  genuine imoral outrage about the abolition  W- -    '  ,   ,    .    v '  ���   /    ' .    \.  X shall be voting in favor of the Omnibus  Bill as a whole and, In any clause by clause  examination, will be voting in favor of the  new abortion -section and isin.ce, this will  grievously offend 'many people, an explanation is in order.  - 'First, what are the changes proposed.  The present law makes it an offence for  anyone to procure the miscarriage of a female or any female to consent to the abortion.   ';  ���      yZ    -  Clause IS" of ithe Omnibus iBill on Criminal Code  ito the rule  an'abortion  ��^  K  i>  ">���-��������  S"\  w      r  *-*&-*  ;\  creases  MOB'E TBAN^OflO-'iW^dDWs."receiving-B.C. if at school. '        '   '  ' \Vo(rkmeh's-eprnpe^atioh;pension's wiU       '- More thdn 11,000 persons, injured before  receive a-,4.(T4 percent1 iicrg^se in.thfeir al- ;*SS, and ih receipt of disability pensions  Icwances.reffijctiverjfa-nujiry 1, 1S59." The - frc.m the Workmen's Compensation'Board  ��ew taculhly pehsiotr^f 1^.51, highest rate ^*;11 also receive 4.04 percent increase in  paid to workmen's compensation widows in ithteir pensions.     . ���  Canada.       ,j  ^ ^^*1'1 -U     '-'"_     - ,' Minimum compensation rates will also  -'Ttje announcement Has,; been , made iby bz increased due -to last year's cost-ofrliving  'the'Honorable'Ldspe1!?!^.Peterson, Q.C., rise.   For wotk injuries received oh and  Minis'ter)'trL't^badrri   ,\' Z*   Z '     '���'' after January 1,1S89, the minimum-weekly  _'���  A 4.C4 percent"increase in alloiwanoeg to ccmpensaitlon ra'te now' is  $33.78, unlfess  14,C0O dependent childr^h and permanently Wages- are lawer than this amount, com-  dtsabled workmen is" alsO'ajinounced. / < l ���' pared, v/ith $32'.47 previously, , >  }   the increases"are.a- resiil-trof thi arise in 1" The ne.w rates will be included in iWCfe  the Consumer-Pr^qe'-Index7during 19&8. , ' - cheques issued at the ^end of this month:  .; , Allt/wances'jiO'y? payable1 foi^'QW^-depen-'       Since January-1. 1358, disability pensions  der.i.children ire: ^45.0,5 monthly for* those awa-idad 'prior to 19S5 ahd all widows" and  unrler I6,yrears,*i50.68,'jmo^}hlyfor'itlibsev,be- dependenls' allowances Eave risen-H2.6 pesT-  Chapman Creek - -   ��v'-<"-*',t**-'���*�� - *    �����- <��� .  Sktf%��~qkPfrkj>mn:CreQ)rZnear/its % mm^immetmWni  rv  * , For example, a'Widow witH two children -xB.C, is the only iprovince in Canada- .that  uttdef, the age oof lib ��� Will receive $21*9.5l' provides for, ahnual increases in workmen's  'hiohthiy under the new T$��es. *    *, -" ; compensaticn penkcns and minimum com-  5. "AlL?'Vvanees'.nB.W'-|kSyahle<J'fpr dependent pensation rates when the Consumer Price  pjiildren where? there is iti-depenctfent widojv -Index); compiled by the Dominion Bureau of  afire-: $50.68 apon-'tWyt'l'oii. ih-ake UJideir -j�� and gtatisties in Ottawa, Jias risen above a cer-  -^j9S- Mofll|^h-^iirL^^feC)^*Sr��eDi IB ^4 91 tfi-in level.    "   -. , ';,   \ " '  (tbafr'continuaition of 'the pregnancy of such    COld1 tempemti^es1 may be-a head- ���,    - ,.   , , , -���   ... Uf ���-������, >���-���     ,,j  eifdanger her -life -p^ health'  be  bers,  (tors,  The definition of^'health" is left (to individual 'C-o-m-mittees-'in hospitals a'c'ross Canada, It does' not preclude consideration of  danger ijio '�� woman'-�� -mental health. Neither  should it, in my opinion, 'and. I would hope  the section eould be applied by these committees in cases;x��f women and gisrls^imade  pregnant as a result'.pf rape or incest,  ' , Obviously, it-Ms* la^v^wiil make'for easier  wHole"newfield'of winter spot-ts'for  ��^Aii-M#r    -nl\K^A'' ^ ���IrC+Vi'XviXi+r*'* AtfA<n��fn��A    WA_1  SiiafSJiwaiKlSBfS^^  >   *  ���*���   _t  ���-t  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  ,- *-  Dog o^erear�� reminded that a licence for the- year 1969 ,  became ^eXaBuaryTst.f.DMSifourid running at large in the Village -  will be impounded. t *".���..,.  ife-wasiaasswsirSitni^^  qAVID JOHNSTON, ,  .   Municipal Clerk  ...r.,;^,. r-.,-        .    * Mr/Hanna stated it as possible .that the    J2�� ^^TatS ^seereJarv"  mtal^GWith ,the sp^it^ the timef   Board could 'miscalculate but the expected    %��",����? Sff'iSclufes  ja��^S  , ' the (Art's Council iGallery Shop, Sechelt    enrollment mcrease1 is approximately. 235 , engineer salaries and "  cases,,but that ��he old law,expressed this ���� w.^8 eommtuuty   A serious student Of intendent, 'who hopes to keep the primary        Repairs and Maintenance section has  vaguely.   I cannot see' this.- The law will art wth a-wde kn<wle,dge of the history-'of sections Jower than ethers. ,    \   - been reduced considerably from 1968 ex-  make abortions easier in Canada. painting and sculpture Trudy spent .three         j s                                         , ������_ Denditure xrf -S127 281 to Sifirn^;  Mr-m**,  ^   ���n.T'    u   Jn .             ^ -imn-^o'nt thA**On.+a-rii*-r!nilj��i>i ��f A-rt--i-n *rn. TcArucDc ftiicov   -              ��       " .     , pentuture et "$i^(,,jai xo ^11-0,015. Mr. Metz-  ���nn,^A-N*4. m^n :.��_M(.AnM.M ���,���~,<w.��� ���* , years' at the-Ontario College of Art in To-  Whetner -it wiU increase Tfcne number of ^irxii-,, -     -r. > j , ���, <  TEACHERS QUERY  ,;, , J     , , -.  iLetlef "from' the ,Se"chelt Teachers'? Asso-  ler jstated. that the Board has cut out black-  'abortions dsless" certain, De^erate w��m^h "f^^'^iJ,^' v ,'L-r. *ha v,11m^ ��* '.^^ ^^ we.seeneit leacnersjasso- napping.'.There-.-Will be .a problem regard-  now go ito the illegal, dirty aW dangerous 1L*L���� iShSw!?\J6���&? ^ ciaUo^toJhe Board requested^ mating i^^cenKot of equ\pment wMch  abortion anills by lie thousand everTyear. *! 4raughtmanship and majy xe-. Witn ^e - ^ucafaojt Committee, to, clarify ^ouis i -more than rS sum aUocated  or+��xn +w^& ' - - -" ������ -* -'' * .yealherkeen'intere^inandobse^rvaitionof a statement tbat%e Btfard can cutVthe t*t3S��Z!ZZ* JiZiS m��� ��� aua,carf'  Often they die.,   -            ', '       .       v      i ^ everyday ithings around us' whieb. .we   J\iafet; ^w&ou^oweriS'Se educational ^-^^ ��Ht J about $2,000 is needed to  This as a.>huge  allegal, dangerous atid  .fake^for .granted; The present series of   ISrfrd hi tee S^^-'Z^'^^^ meet the aUoted sum.  damaging racket.; The M |aw ^on't make"    pflBfe-^wdi wili vbe,ori display at ttheTCr^   sw:Qajr(J ?m* JJfrtf-|i      ,  '"   -; -. 'AMeB^Ii,A,1^1  it. disappear, but it should -reduce' theI scope   ^^{Z^^tt^v^zS^iat^SvS.        R^erruig, to-this-letter,  secretary ��� J. TRANSPORTATION  of the operation.    .'       .'..--     :-      I&ISL* A\����n*m* ^m. .w\aitS���*    Metzler; pointed ,out, .that instruction see- '-Althoughta riew contract has been awar-  san ease the con  Ithat "abortion :  circumstances.,  .._      ... .us. at-even early ispaKes ��!    *ingc'��,' ;���- ,\o r '                    ." ���" ���      " ���'      -**1"?  r",*r��r**-,wf*-, ��^*** * -*-"   ^--pc  �����"!������������>>�����.; u��� -v- wv��.��.��. iW*��. ^.^^uvu u. ������,��w,��'  its' development, to beJ a ihuman xbe^ng with, ''-^way^in'^rejsted in new ideas, new $5SU5?'to $64,500. There"is a redaction >in Island students has been djscdntmued be-  all the natural, rights, of "a i.-uimiaa- being.' media-' and" methods, /Mrs. Smaill ,-also eatf ^other'in$truolio*hal expense" .-from $32V,7^L ea*us,B th6 uamber of students fell to three.  There are also those,' ancluding mamy-al* ducts -an Art Workshop on Sunday' aftei- *�� $1-S|34(>) due partly to'the removal of the Two dre'receiving boarding assistance and  though not all! Boman Caitholics?' who 'believe foobns in'the^old dentists "office oq Gower old'adult education programme-w}-dch has one is receiving transportation assisibance  that cpntraceptioni is an immoral praictice. tipoint ltd- in 'pibsons where children eap. I*5611; transferred-, to a trust, account. It ib place t of the BoardJ supplying ferry  In OttaWa', there are imern on both sides bring their own (materials' and',experiment ishjpuld be possible'to conduct schools ade- transportation. During last September  of the -Hbuse.who so feel; and they are now    to their bearts coptent.  The workshop twill    ctuately on the budgetted.amounts', he said, meeting of the Board'il was reported that  '   Both   the   superintendent and . trustee seven students were using the ferry at'a  Norm' Ifough a'greed that schoolst-in this c?st <& $21 Per day.  district are. well supplied eomparxid with *,,._,'' ������-��������,.���  mm other districts.    .     -'.     '  A'  < 3AJ'C PR??RAMMEt A ^           ���    ,.   ,  . *       .   ,   .        ,          /          *    ��� '     Mr. Metzler reported that not all school  ADMINISTRATION    .      '-',s           'n    <_ -'districts "are operating in excess of the  ,   fteWer*al.so 'pointed out.ithat adminis-' "basic education programme alioted -them.  tratlon costs have been reduced by $3,000,,- Burnaby and Surrey school districts are  'Although mo actual'referenee was made" brtb. managing to operate within'the basic  ��!��8S������M?l^  ,in a very'difficult position.  Is art sufficient nopefully re-open next month, and ithe Gat-  that the1 new law forces no one''into'Abof- Iwy hopeis,to tyave a display, of children's  tion?> That itbose whose conscience or re- work from the iworkshop later in the spring,  ligion forbids' it imayV continue to abide by ��� ?*" Z.U    '.''.'I .'. "   )"  their, conscience and refuse abortion under nr/tmrr Lf riAvil Wrnrvhin  ^iny'-circumsitances?   pr is the state snnc- ^f����4U W i/eyil  VVOIsmp  tioning njurder? .  ;    "' "    "'   .' this week at Sechelt '���  I feel sympathy for ithese.men, being ^".i x\'.  ...     e������i.��HTnu   * Z      'it  fortunate ir, the, belief tha^ abortion is not TOSa^��f ' ^l^fhelt T1T^1' on, ^  murder: Instead, any oapfdm.would be yJ?Sia^ltt during-'the ^'^^''^ri^iae    ^ucatlori programme.  Kff did ** *��* t0V ** 'a^^ Sy" ito^BwSSSS, Jonn CasS   fi^.tj^S*^ fi*gi��S?    S^t 4��f ^^ budget is #5,1*  ^Abortion laws were imade.by imen, ntbt Jf*tes'-Ru5l typ0** -SMney  Women. TrV(sre; ithe choice offered,^ would Maurido Evans,  sup'pdjnt "the staiul .of Ithe C^mimons' Jone     ' When'. yeung 'Rosemary  Woman Member,. Mtjs. -Grace Maelnnis of and hor buffbnnd, Guy (John Cassavetes),  the New ��omocratilc 'Painty.'     ^ an aspiring .ftago and TV,'actor, move Into  Mrs.   Madlnnlfe ! introduced'' a   Pariva'to a7 ifamoils Victorian ah-artment housb in  '^ember's Bill which/ W(-pUld lvave -removed irnld-Manhattan/ hor pleasuro in'tlio myster-  &U refe'ronce',to^ibMion from tho Criminal fou,9 old pla,oeM'daimpqncd -by, ipie ismotlh-  Oodo, leaving ithd entire question to itlio dc- erlng at'tentloiis7 ^of tho icldoriiy Castdvets  clsion of' individuals in a'ceordftnoo awIIJi 'ncjtA dOw ('Ruth 'Gordqn, SUlCfey Blitckmer).  their'own confidences, (I assume she would IHoiwover, ;Guy "isuccumibs io itho coupte'si  agree JLhlyt non-quA'lifled pdrsons continue ito obnpms, mtys what with new frlendsi 'tmis  forbid ito conduct Mortons.)'        ��� ina'wccd advances in his edireer, is Qiapp^lljf  ''Mrs. iMadlnnis' blU is nuililcoly to reach occupied   "  Part of tho B.C.,' Telephone  Building    Provincial average.  ��� i'  �����  Uio floor for ddbato in this session.' Even if  Shortly a$lcr. she discovers that she is  it should, the chances of its pn>ssage would ip,rcgliaul> As^e (^ftlby develops so do Hose  be'intiniteymal      y   \ imnry'sl suspicions ,iha.t hw eccentric neigh-  Under -the circumstances, tlio govern- ^m nrc ^mm, that her husbUd.is ln-  mont's portion bUl seams to mo to fUx VolvccJ'in 'v/ltdic^aiit and that som^ng  some reliWi *m.fot> aum of human imlvcry hmMo |Wm ^m to hw ^lby vpm lu  in this nntioi> ��lnd ito bo one; smt��U welcome hlrl),  ���               ���,                 ,r'   * ..  withdrawal of 'g��vernmont from nn area of Director Ito-h-inm PoUansU subtly mtAvr  p^lvmto imornls, whicb Should not bo tho uMu tho i^ "bbtweon weal and unreal  government s -bu^wsal. brlng8 Urgohiby' and  tonslon to die dark  i  ���  tnlo of imodoirn day devJliwor.shlp. An ex-  Paying alimonyj m like- liavlng itho TV cqllenti cni*t iroundi? out tho story with dra-  set on after you'VeWlort a^leopV            ��� -i, maUc"dis;ti^t|on. ;r::<\.���;:,,���">;., y\  ;,-, ^-��\��,  Wmmmt  ���-- ���  . --^���*-*���;^.���etff-*^���'**  ...     ^-^S'<  iiiww iom^m^vmmmmtmmmfim\^.��  .������    ���������������   ��� "' '"     ;;M0NDA��#'FEBRUART,'10thf..1969-  #����WfSiW*��W����WP*^^  \  S  z  Sponsored b^ the Kinstnen Club of Sechelt   \  s  -V..,.,}.:  .!j^l��.  V  ' '      ' ^  ^*^-**^**ti��^#i>^-^^ " ' '• \      I ' —
•;,'   /V-Vl   v"'! "'"//''--•'-- "'"^ ,!','"^*,Ny/   ^ ^.Z" •*r-- '* "■'";.;*iJ', ****** *^j>i'y-.'wiKJ'i*? & y xy ',*■",■
h   ■>'      - ' 'i *• -*   ;• ■ *'   ,"   4"  ' Vr \*.v    ; '      - ,-*• •-'*■. ••,   ,--
*■     -r* * -1 "1
•^ *"-    ^wJ *      11/    h-   t
-f i - J-
T   i,   , I r. \*
t\    n ^y      *
Page J5--"'--      The Peninsula Ti«rie9
■>•    Wednesday, January 29, 1969 ;
^" ■'     " "       i           '     "'i1
InZYour Garden
|    -   -.^  _By The Old Rake
"   ;     •■■"**- '    •-
BULBS that' were 'potted; up earlier and
put awayjin„the,dark should have made
enough roct to/wa-cr-int' bringing out to'a
warm'room1; Qaffodis and narcissus can
g> „rightr .into^ the full light of «a'window
Where tjhey are to blooim. Hyacinths, on the
other hand, 'should have the tender tips
protected from 'strong light for a few days.
A' brown 'paper cone about eight inches
high Should be plaead over them until they
ha ve, acquired --a'Shada of dark green. This
has the,addad* advantage of helping the
flower head grow up with the leaves and
develop a suitable length of stem. Do not
leave the cone on too long or the leaves
will be ex.ended and weak and fall over
the edge of the pot-
Bulbs   grown   indoors    require   aimple
water during the flowering period. After
flowering they can be moved to a -basement 'window   and   given    a    moderate
j amount of watering- until the leaves turn
yellow;'1 then- thi pots can be turned on
their1 'sides', >.sr/ no 'w^ter can reach them." .
They should.be stored in a cool, airy part. /
of- the" basement and when the weather
Warms, up can be plan.'edin the cut -flower Z
ptotTwhere "Efieyj will be" reco\jered 'enough -;
to, bloom again in* two year£.*        --} ,,,'
~ Paper white'narcissus"that;were forced*^
*»   «      *
**     »
Kinsmen campaign ■* . .
during" fiie''.winter rtiont-hs; rwhat "with the,
"fexcess, beat- ,ahd, -resulting  dryness ^p.-'W^rhinamGe%fi<ion    - - ' '•
leaves 'require to 'be^ kept free from Jdust     W~erning-\xOeson «,*•>.
'.'$¥ spoigbig with aired^ wdter, except^ of
course,"■me;hirsute or hairy,leaf-edr ones-.-*'
![ As/a-.'fiepferal.rule'most-house plants
should-' no? be "oyer- watered in the winter
months,-.except *^hose that do their flowering "duJc^rig .that*,time. "Do .not be tempted
to v feed plants that are' uVa dormant or
senii^oTintinit „st'ate; wait until growth
startsf-Then 'feeding shd-uid be on a regular schedule.- say monthly, with,a" good
liquid.: •fertilizer'.*
lANJNftTAiL Mathers' March," sponsored" by for c-ther disability grpiips, and noiw offers?,'
the Kinsman club, takes place Pebruairy   a wldei variety of services'to physitJally dis*
iSrd and local Kinsmen seek support of this   ahled adults wd children.*      - -■ -'
very wwth-while cause. For those -flat torn-1   ' -what ias ha^esaed'in the past' is very*-
lUar-witb the story behind the "Mothers'    commendable'-to the^Kinsmen-Cluib^ md all'
March" we present ,the following:    - ; concerned'in"-the interest <ff their fellow
The Rehabilitation Foundation^ British   manV Wbat' the future will bring in' temis
Columbia, previously known as' The 'Polio-   of Service is stUi in the hands ,of the people
myelitis and Reh#rilita>tian foundation of   °* 'this' province- whose continued support
BriJsh Columbia,-hadvits beginnings in '18i4>   alo-ne determines the even fuller'scope.of
when an epidemic of Poliomyelitis broke -our development /    '[''       ^       ,
out in British Columbia. Kinsmen' throiigh-        Member organizations' are nearly 1009f-t
out the" whole of the province came to the   KUnsmierHCluihs throughout ithe province who
fere to raise funds for the needed hospital   are represented, by one 'of,their members
equipment such as Iron Lungs, Portable   at the -Annual' Meeting of fte Fo-und3'^0
Respirators, Hydrotherapy Baths, 'Rocking   each year. - A Board of 'Directors is elected
Beds,  Ambulance  Services, * and  Special   by these representaitives who > govern Jthe
Nurses.  The opening of 'the Pearson "Polio    affairs and activities of the Foundaiticm.  At
Pavilion for chronic long term' poliomyelitis ' the 1958 District 5 Convention held in Gold-
cases was undoubtedly brought .about Jange-*.- en, and at .the 19S8 Annual Meeting for the
ly as a result of the prominence "giyen to the" -Foundation, a 'motion-was passed.in each
poliomyelitis problem 'for-ihe^ Fjinds raised,    case to change the name of the Foundation:
©van at the present titae:)many*Jatiet**.ts are   to the Kinsmen Rehabilitation Foundation ,o£
living at home after being dis'charg^d from  • British Columbia.'.^ •,   ,'.'/*•■   *3  '   *'
Pearson-Hospital using'iron, lungs, ttf sleep,.     EaCh year,; during'\the* latter paTt of
in- •which 'are,;seryiced%xegularly pr the - January or :eatly part o^F^bruary, the an-
(foundation. _, -. (l  .'■ ,'^r . >'   v   -  -    -nual Mothers'.-^MaTeb-is^h-eld^by Kinsmen
'     SALK Viccine':twas ifirst 'distributed .Ch^bsHthrou^hpout most are§s-in'tbe-jfijrov-*,,
throughout the province by"' -ftie Foundation   ince.- ^TWs^campaign 'is' fbe'main source of
and brought poliomyelitis' under -control but   revenue"t6»'sup,jri0'rt ,1be "Foundation, -and'ifs
the aftermath of-the- dread- crippling diss- , program*-of services^ In ^ome^areas; ifiJB-:
e$sb wasstill to be contended with. 'The   men ^Clubs have^cnose-o to support ithe, Foutw
serious lack Qf*{Rehabibtaltjbn ®CTvices for ^datio^byway <*'a^g•cant lr^'i&eir:ldcal>
the, physically disabled jpfi*s,ented ^ the n^xt   United' Appeal, whieli ithey, participate. 1%,
great challenge to itiie iltu-rUori idurtag the   in fieu of cpndnc-tog'aM^other^^^       "r*11!",
next decade.    s "' "Z^f l~. '.',.*'^ Z?   , paign, but.no ima-ter what metiibd olf sups'
Local eomple take vows
;g pretty ceremonY
■ floral arrangements
United Church on Jan-
,uary"ll,\lSS9 for'the, evening wedding of
'BRONZE and yellow floral arrangements length bouffant veil was held by-a fhine-
:ta«M«»»IM.<M,win. ^2'*asriS^a,!>0*r?!.iel ?ZJFSZ£l,tS££& ^
Vancouver General-Hospital. ,   -   -
FINAI, stages in construction-of ~ the. new " The .target was'to %elp"ffiem|w>n]S*"and port Js used'it isjs-igni6can\ ^afaB ^s-'
Arthritis Centre in Vancouver are al- work again."'As,the services incl-easid:^ .pen Clubs, in-District" 5.particibate: to What
wM^)^^m^cV^t pos£ P^o'patiJents'the unmetrneeds.Vill if **fW&^^:#t^M the
-™u    «    *?   >; £yT^ ^,-21        « physically tabled' person's became 'glar- .Association of Kmstaen.        ,r          y\'
The.Canadian Arthrristis^and: Eheumabsm ingly apparent and _could not be denied.     •         :-..r-; ;f-,>.,. ". • v,'
Society/states -that the building is expect- ThuS, thepro-ffant of the" organization was - MadTsbn''A'venues'Where the laWf -the
'F'&J* 'i?a^? i(*T '^"P^y on'January expanded *-t»'flU4he gaps in rehabilitation jingle prevails.; -      * V"   't   -*;"•-- '.•
to. The official opening will take place in    -^—r-— ;—°_™ .  ^^ ^—-^—? "  *-v   •—'-
April.-*       ,    ;    *
Situated-on the-north east corner of
One' Of -the .most interesting features
and "fungi are rare as they do'not -thrive        The bride is the youngest daughter of    were gowned in identical full length dresses   hi this'bmlding is-the position of the win-
i'l dry a*toQspSere.    '"^     '     ' "'  '  ' >    Mr. and Mrs.4 Ja"ck"GdesDn ef ■Sechelt-and    cf "-n&1<»i chiffon with matching headpieces   -dows^ 6n thef ground ftoor. These are posi-
\J0L ho, often one" sees^ old Jteggy. and!  the greom fyji» youngest sonTof Mrs. Al-    ^dJ;arried 1)0Uquets of lhr«me ^^    tinned; some six feet' above- ground level
«Mdyrp<UL-a1%-w^ mums . and m fact-are not wu^my^ at all, but
Uve^utVWeptfor^entimenhlr^asonV^^A^^ r BestVman was Mr. Bob; Laeoix of New   dne continuous -glass tend*about IB-inches
Mu^ore'saesfaetiorrma^bebadifeut-" ^ G-#B0^,?:F-V .-   /    .\ Westminster: with -the; groom's bretbers,.   deep goings around, three .sides   of  the
tings are taken off these plants and new '   J "Retf ^ M. Cameron offieiated at the    Floyd,  Ken and Harvey Werning 'acting    building. The glass is "dark-tinted' and 1be
..plants; raised.,If you dd^not; wd&h'to dis-   wedding'and Mrs., Mae Freer played the    as ushers. - - ...        visuhl effect from- outside is excepbonapy
ea^the-old,vplant,.try,cutting* it back ba^d'   nuptial, -music. - --;„,,,. -, For her daughter's wedding the bride's
in< March, then repot it. ■ •- - •«■-.- - ^GiVen;-in "marxia-ge'iby her'father, the
'-,- !^Quse plants are.!like]pets, yoii be'eotoe;' bride wore a- fup.^length gown of white or-
attaeh'ed .to them, so-they-desenre^more ganaa ^thvembriidered overlay and full
attention, than they usually get    \",V'    tfeain'caught-at the,shoulders! Her elbow
    _   __ cleap.. There are-ito visible vertical sup-'
mo&eV^hes7~aTsuif of" white and ^fver >rts in Ibe'window area.; Op the inside
brocade with black accessories andebnsige Patients, will enjoy, the , visual benefits of
o'f pink and White carnations.   "  ,.-,'" the  daylight and the trees   but without
suit with .w,hite aecessories and pink rose ^ mf mbsC attr9ctive ia the city. -Lo0kipg
^      c      , «   . / •    r.  ^ ,l r  '• d<wn Uurel Street from 13th Avenue the
Reception followed, ?n.. Sechelt; Region
Hall- with one
qncg. Th.'e,brade',
and^white streamers'
three ,tiered
whltte, made
Marvin Skytt
Mr. Ray
the  bride.   Following   the 'buEfet supper, ..     .       , „ .     „,
the bride and groom led the dancing. Pia^ three  main   areas.  Research    Education
Hist was Mrs. Helen Sinclair.    ,       . **d   Treatment.    Effective   cluneal   and
Out   of itoivm  gueisi'js  included .grand- 'soci9r .research vdU be conducted in the
paints of the bride," Mr. and Mrs. G. Mor- centre   where   patients   under   controlled
den of Lethbridge, Alberta; Mr. Jack Goe- .conditions will be seen regularly.     ■
son Jr. of Vancouver; Mrs. Betty Wecknltz        Proximity  to  medical  specialists and
and family, Haney; Mr. and Mr*. Jim Bais- laboratories are other benefits the Centre
S'ett,' Por,r CoqultlhftV; Mr." and IMr*.  F. w4Ur offer, Up to'ijow these facilities have
W2lrning of Ooquitlam;  Mr.  and Mrs. A, been in a variety of locations around tho
Clairmanit and Brent of Haney. city.
 :  tin  education,   students   and  graduates
Marriage 'teaches a man temperance, who are the lifeline of the C.A.R.S. treat-
regularity, frugality, forbearance, and a ment programme, will be able to see the
good many other dandy virtues he wouldn't proper care of arthritis patients demon-
need if he had stayed a bachelor. s'trated  over the course  of  the disease.
besign . .   ,
Extensions *
I * •:    ■>■■.-•.- r< "''J!Z\k'Z -'Z.      " '       .. r ^.. ;-y.. .  . ,. „
J    ''' Ti—    J" i  ' '-.''. .y'L    ''•Ji*   '    •'   " '   '     '    "      "il«-i;-   i^'lp   '11  'i    ■ I'll   mn   j    «■■■>        '
• ■      S
Bud Star, faster Barber — Prtgferietor J
(at Bus Stop, Gibsons) J
•*K    Men's Haircut : ■   - ' fi&Mft-
Pensioners & Children
,     "" .5'bJ Sb " - i r**w    «\    "S* >«. »i   •»  :
•we" :*. ■ •"«*.
. *,j 1 -*•»**      **■
-   '.\i i-? ■
1    i   1    ^.-tj***»* «-*c*it«is*
r     ir -
^^ u- i
I-*V»-h v«
•«•.. '■"■* *-,J*D».'
,1   ^;V^    >■» ,
M%''^zAy;r ' Z'
-|«V - ' ■
i*1   - ■*. ■
1 >
. otV- ' z\\zL *Zlkf
,\iz''ZK<Hr, z yynp%
'-mW' rti&>A z^wt
Jiv. t -I-u  'Z i«,i :  > , M
 >-.■•■ .«    ,  L,-. W   J   I /;'# W'-u T'  .",1
Mr. and Mra. Ronold Norman Wornln^
Photo by DennisI'Gray, Sechelt, B,C.
DRY SKIING^,.......:..,._..,
SCUBA piyiNG  _ ...
TO GOLFING -..-.-.	
LOG SCALING I.....-:;	
Textiles    ,
Uat» r;"""r
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ST. JOHNS' FIRST AID 1    Open Area      Tue., Feb. 4
• ,.'!' (AII classes am "from 7«30-9:30 p.m.
Z. ■•■'"Regi'ttraflw) • J»->W' ♦>»* ■»%hf f*t ■ t\m%,' ■■■■■■■
,' " ■ , >
Sav© Money
Serving The Sunshine Coast
885 2283 - Sechelt, B.C.
Brought io yoti by
these progressive
places of business
Furnis&Bingc and
, ■■; .■'■'Applteitccrs:':,:
' Applionces ;•»'; T:V. - Radio
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Fully equipped for Color T.V.
Dealers for
Better- than City Prices
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It Is amazing tho difference mushrooms can mqko to any number of what mlQht
bo tiirmcd family supper dishes. Take for example Macaroril and Chccso m<*t<!|d , With (
either a cream or tomato sauco. By adding a layer or two of cooked rpushfooms you,
lift this, often torved standby up Into tho class of a party or company specialty,,,,',,      '
!■■.•■""• ;      , •.  ,     ii;i: 'j' ^ :■■;
Why not check your recipes for supper dishes and note tho ones you would like
to try with tha addition of flavorful, Mutccd mushropms, ,,'■,■
/'/■;.■• i'-;,-:iiii."):.. .'i?':-
% pound mushrooms
? ctip elbo*r/mocoronl
*.      . , .. .   .
3 tablespoons butter or margorlnc
I tablespoon finely chopped onion
3 tablespoons flour'
J teaspoon Worcestershire ftauco
1, teaspoon'sugar
2 cups tomato Julco   '
salt and popper to taste
I, cup grated chccso
Your ICemfone
Sherwin Williams
Paint Dealer
Phono 006-9533
Gibsons; B.C.
fashion is a byword
Smart Shoppers are
found at .., ,
, Break mushrooms. Into plecea. Saute quickly In one tablespoon butter with light
sprinkling of &alt, until mushrooms are tender and well browned—about 5 minutes.
Cook rpacaronl In bolllna salted water until JUst tender-HJbout 10 minutes; Drain and
' rlnso with cold water. Melt butter or margarine, odd chopped onldh and cook '2 "fa 3
mlnutos. Blend In flour. Add tomato |ulco and seasonlnns. Cook, stirring constantly
until mixture thickens, Place a layer of cooked macaroni In greased crisseroftj. sprinkle
with grated cheese, then add layer of mushrooms, Cover with sauce. Repeat, finishing
with sauce and topping with'grated cheese, Garnish with mushrooms ond bake ot 3S0*
f-about 3Qm)twtm,!Mo'Hm 4 awvtngv.* •-    " •■■- ■-**   :" ' ,
Fcsshlon Shoppe
Gibsons, B.C.
»■"■>•■■'-•• ?■''-,"" i--' vf',], inn.
Ph. 880-9941
I, I - ,   , 11   11,111 W«, , 11IHJS3B
Complete with oil burner, cluqts
work and oil tank In your home.
Call   Bud   Klewltz  your Shell  Oil
,.. Distributor,, „.„,_,....	
'    006-2133 Gibsons, B.C.
4» r 1 t >   ■   ,
V t t.'f.
!-|..\*l  i
■It > 4 I' !'■!(, t *> .',/.'/
# *  * t  « r»
SHt 11 If.
•» •*^f'-^''--^,*^I-'--#^^ ���* ..a��MT��.n h. ^-*ix"*-fe      f~����l   i  r -0"*-w. i^K��>^^,i'n_r''iJ -m*** Qtttuir ^y (u"^ J._-^*4i1v ^  ,   .-rt- (_r *H��   ���^J-ttt^ >w-rs/ ��  l.V~ 4<^��-v <J.    *Vj  ~v*    C**��� I1*"*       -V*-V.v  u** v" V*** ���*�� -WA-*��*  r-  -ayj. u,��t. j��***l-^-v*i^-Vy-^    *"li  W   y="if^, AV-v-'^*"��^,*^"*>-W**r*'-*-  ,1, ftti  ^.y W   ���-^-Q;  -,��*���-'f#*"V  -m     il''->t>'0  ���j;    i,    -����* ,.\i ���r �����(#     (lV(   ���,  <��� &   -J��(-     J    -(   -7.  a--*-j*A{  i  Si  V  * *,  -ji-'  f  'to  ���M'  ^  r."  The Peninsula Times -, Page 7  ,   ��� Wednesday; January 29, 1969 ' -,  Coa^ildotih M.P.  oft compromise  * m  **f'  balMting system , in federal elections. ' - ,  v/   Paul) St. ipierre_ (liberal,   -Coast-Chil-  ' cc'lin) spcike in sober tones about <a recent  s-a-lnlon--fishing- expedition ito demonstrate  ' the1 -'virtues --of compromise���" the meeting  '"of two Intelligent men.-"  ;'" -The Hansard report of .the MP's state-  '-rne'nt follows:  J One -or two hon. members have expressed an Merest in fishing in my constituency.1 ".Fortunately1 I ihad an experience  ^recently ttiat.1 think poirits up splendidly  * the*'value of compromise in human affairs,  1 * i was fishing for salmon and I caught & 14-  / inched jwhich. by our system of measurement' I? an -extremely large fish.  Asked* "is that between the eyes."  . "M^"St. Pierre said, Yes, between the  <syes." Unfortunately I did. not weight it.  My wife -had a camera and took a iblack and  white picture of it, and ithe negative alone  weighted seven pounds! I was mentioning  this ito Jim Chambers, the head cf the fish-  enmen.'s union at iPawell iRivef, and-he said,  , "What was the\size of ithe fish, iPaul?". I  said,. ^1 .would esitimate dt at about 160  -pounds���dressed, that is." Well, Jim said  he 'had -a -"big catch himself. He had been  fish'ing just off Desolation Sound, ne:r  "���Refuge Cove,* which was first mapped by  ������Captain "George Vancouver of the ship Dis--  icayery in 1792. jim .was fishing very deep  and-^hagged, something on the -bottom.  *"^^��  '%''  h ���#��  i n*t^$r **  visor quits .  ��� ���  f -i ���  &*  f ~  (.^-������i  "X  V*-*-       ��*���*,  *���       l *   ** Ji"vfI,  REGRET was expressed by Districit,,Supert- xe's-olution to spend this money it*^ will be  dhterident E. R. lianna ^and membei��s or necessary -tor the Board to hold am emer-  ' the ScKool Board when it was< teamed at fif?py **��Mtag to give the by-lam.a fourth  * ZZ   *���<  ���   * Z.     j      \*     x.ii * -w-i^^.^ reading,  It^wdl then be presented to itax-  the January, Board meeting (that Elemen- ^^ Jp ^fe district on February tott   If  tary Supervisor W. J. Barton thad tendered    kjd .taxpayers ipetition tihe Board to go ito  his resignaitiom.   . ' v' ~  *     ' , refetrendum. before' Mairch-^lst, it, wiU be  -,. "Mr. Barton w��o> only arrived in ithe dfei; .nepes.s^ry' to 'go through .ithe procedure of  -tdct in September of last year will foe-leaiv- setting =up polling-stations. ' o - ,  ing ontJune^0tn io return to-the British ' Secretary iMefeler said "that this will cost  ���Isles. 'His Jetjte-rAO'f -resignation wasjamoaug the fBo*aTd .between $1,500- $2,000 -and he  late coxrespondenca^ rreceived^by the (Beard can't se"e & hope of it -passing in this district,  *and-,wasf accepted wilh regret. <l '; \ '"look back ever the record," he commented.  v '^Sechelt? Teaelifers* AsSiWiation ^vrot^ihe Z Tj-uspee'jion pouglais dbserved that,-the  Boa^r-r.eferring; ito their request toade lasit Bo*aJrd";isf��fitlsfied it cannot operafe. with  teahtn fequwting k meejBng���,to ^discuss She _ 't^^ ^nirjney; p�� councils -and the people fail  value of.ajfJLLaison fiommittee, ibetween'toe   to -approver-the! additional expenditure of  Camouflage  Just peeping out of layers of snow ^t '  Port Mellon, 'this car will not be mo-'  bile for some time. Snow is already.��  five feet deep in the'cottage,garden4  completely covering the picket fences,  /udgo reduces amzrd^  because no seatbelt  /  PauhSt.?Pierre,  s"!  *?��*''  i e   >y.  Association mid jthe.Bo&rct;s P^nsannel -dam."  imitfcee.. iNo-one .app'eare&^-rememb^^cto  a ieriuest-^but itrjostee. J>on Douglas advised  that a liaisonr comimittee ihad? tieen' -formed  in the^ ip-ast ito^ dis<tu^,<iiteims needing, "clacri-  fication. S.JT.Aj , b'eHevesi $hat < such' art conv  mittee is t woEQiwInJ^^ arid .leads to ,jb&fctei  relationship.. .Pe^onriel Committee agreed!  ito contact SpHih..       ��� > - ���*  bIidgbt by-law.v., -,.���^,.��� 5 M-  $27545'2, itEe Board will have to appeal ito  VictotdJi. '^Wlhat do -they do, tell, the' councils jamd itjie people they are wrong?" he  queried..   ���  > Secretaify JMeMer pointed out that the  ^oafd! qy-er^pentto a par greater extentlaist  ^���ea^'-bemg^l^r-S^T over -the^aEowed^ud-  1 epw '���< ('Nothing will be neglected and we will  ibe-^ble Itft iceep upfmaintenance,'' he said,  ���4 /JJof jbn&g this! -school' district'-s operating  ���, The^Board f anr^-titree meadings.to, )pudger| ibudget -in,ilinB��wilJh: the amount approved by  j,i,i;7-�����Mf tiT���      ~L^y^:'~uy T,   s:���Z��� ' y* Z***" Zy Z.\^<,���*    &yl^^..l^w&Qcpba^^ Viajoiria' it will^be^-necessairy. to -praclice  |NfPRCM>XJ!aEI>. by, JMr. Nonm Watson/W   foreigners. Hii, 'al-iument 5s ��kat -opeiiajfcion   CKZj.over ,the'lapptoved; ��� operating cost-toif ,eeonoipy/!&>r,2-v3 years.foruthe Provincial  '"   '���   --   '-'-       '-'---���   �����--*-'    of  such  rancbes 3 is \extre^ely marginal   ftl ,e*9Aa"                      -*����*����.hi* .��-h4. ..��   tj^^^ ��..������.��  There,is<no law-stating that ~a person,  must fas'ten tSe!seat bfelt which is now starn-  ��rf "  u sl  ' "T. -.   "s Zr**     * toxT.    da^ equipment in'all new cars^-ohly ctfm-  Wihen he brought it up he found he had ���     ���    v     ,. - . ,, t       . . ,  ./* v*'���  snagged .the .binnacle lamp from -Captain    mon sense can direct the car driver "or pas-  -George^ ^Vancouver's ship discovery:  You    senger to do so." Tb~emphasize the need to  can imagine his  when he 'found  burning^  '    Naw, Jim Chambers,-  ���  able  men.  We ,"compromised.  I took 100,  r. pounds feff 'the fisfa. and'Jim put out the'  ������cjtndle.    i ������  .(Francis Peninsula home . -  ,hosted music festival ���  ';-POLTX>WING -music .students^bf Mrs.1 G.  }c    L. Brooks took partr-inVrecital held^in.  Leit paradise . ...  y  -J'    i -���  ���**  ������it  \ 4}    Grf|de 2,Sirring: Deirdpe Murphy. -   v  .������Jlj    Grade   t   Plano:   siindy- Bildk,   Cindy  t   (Haws, Rosemary JMalcolm", Wtifred Phil-  ,    [UpsC(Honors), Roberta-Bain (Honors).  "   lj     Grade'   2     PlaiW    Heather     Walker  I '(Honors)',   ' ,   n '       '   \   ���  i)    Grade 3 Piano: Lorraine Bilcik.  ���   '    Grade 4 Piano: Heather Duncan.  j '    The -following, students  also  received  / "j' .certificates  from   the  Trinity  College of  I c^MusIc:, Louise Rutherford, Grade 1 theory,  I  -Pass with Merit.  jxT>vr>T*T\m<irv <,*am* *����� -ha ,k,.;i^���� ,.�� ^n       jexeejUent main to Ihaive as our M.P., Paul ���.  ^u^ ��-o����.-i��-., �����  -v^.^^^^,   ��w��e-����*  PRECEDENT seems to be buikung:up on. gt   ^^  ^iriber for,Coast Chilcoto, and while v^lue-kaip.Jtojtwo .and teee  ,- therseatbeltquestion.-     ,'. f >     ^as"guest'spealcer-at'1 the lannualt^enecal thousand dollars^may/be-iplaced^on-somie  Meeting of tiie Sechelt and District Cham- of ���them, they^ aine1 mot 'wwih /anywheir-e  MecZM jCommerce. held last Saturday^ Jiam. neairliiait amount. 'Such <V!aiuW.'-areIoften  ffi,th. " ,       -> * ;;: set by -Americans who,-usalobpholesiin-the  "NoTmal!ly"a^speaker"of'srinre wjilr, with" IT.S. tax law."     _        .'""  a 'host of vinteresting stp'ries- *^��^xelate;j'&r: ,., iMgmy" of t, these^ so-cajled vhigh-. .'.valued  "St^ Pierre this-time ^chose to give iBj�� views- * ranches have operated -either-atVa-loss"'or  -- j.i._ j   --J..J.- x��� ...-!.._*. .i.-    .4. _. xi.._ xt.^ .*t���_.T pgyerty level.  on ca-pitali'ini-  itx>nthesmal-  _fj j-j*    i. t;      t.-       x t-'.x^   i     j    *    ^^^,&v ,��^,��,y.^��.,^, ��*.^. ��v .*,.., Ik��^v~��-v    �����-��.w.w-.i.��---w.wV, ^���^^.it'or the to^tteni  arid did not haye his, sejit -belt fastened. A   JD^en Evolved in:ia battle "with'/financfi min-    percent. All ranches ,-valuedj art more iQiam  specialist testified --that jthe'iata|-injuries ,'ister Benson over the subject.''   ' \    ,' ,    $100,-000* netted i-ari- average ^return of 2.28  would :not have ^occurred,:if the v^ctiniha.^ V,-.( Main cbnceinlof St^Piwi* i^that.'es-te'Je    percra,t.>;     3   ., .        .       ,     s�� .  been wearing a seat belt-'at tiie* timef of the 'tax on BjC. ranches; valued' at -anytihlng <ijj>. one of Benson'si -argun^nilii.ifoRjaie, tax  collisibn,/.and' the judge concltided^tbat Jthe Z to -at teast $100,1)00 wilt create haidsMp/land is that of social, to-prevent ihe aiScunklar  victim contributed_tovfiis own injuries*-;���,'< >vttil eventually result in- sale of^rancfoesffo tion of wealthy faimilies aver geriraaitionisi  ��������� . ^ -,    <l ^ crieaition ef ^ynasties.- v    f\      ��� t  ] St, Pierre 'added ^al*o���^ut-eistalte tax  upon ��;$20j00u'ranch ist quite ludicrous for  value wise,r"-such -a iholdiiig. would be no  more than a souvenir.  One of the better aspects of !,the ptroppsed  new estate tax is ito ensure there will be  no -passage of taxation of husband against  wife, or vice versa, "This, 1 aim in agreement with" he said. , T  ���He agreed wijfih critics ,of estate^ tax  that a *ase' could be presented against it  on grounds'Jthat,taxes have aiteeady^lbeen .  -paid and should?itherefore not be subject to  further taxation. This unfortunately- would  L'in\Ottawa, it is easy 4-lose-toucli with " create "Wbers of wealthy families but ior  ithe home riding and .the country, i^mers-, ���ft>"��m^ ^sons the money as required to  -   '     --���-   - �� **��� ^-v u..^,��&t.^ ��c 4jjje country. This, how-  should not ,atpply to am  $200,000. ,       \ -    <   '.-.  Piemta (for itaking itjhe .trou-  Joe-3enner expressed the  ���> condiitions being' so bad,^  leave B.C.," he said.      '     ��.       '   ���-���->       dt ^^^viDus 'the member went to .great  ,The chunky author with the long, grey    troul)le io be Present  His early search has led-him. to the wry    brush-cut talks with conviction, not passion.  *  conclusion-impression, rather���-ffyri* politic-    He chain-smokes, getsuplfrom his tilt chajr    f A���imniiUir PliiVi  Jnnn  al decisions are made by a group ,of elves    and moves restlessly around as he talks.        OUIUmlllliiy LrlUJj   UiuilS  or -fgnoimes- buried in a cavern onerhailf-mile        "My perfect life w��uld be ,to make a liv-       , ;i ,-* ,  under the'Great Canadian Shield, that piece    ing writing the sort of thing you wa'ni.to    nnnillar   911111131   fl^TlPD  of rugged topography which makes up much    write  without wondering whether it  will    J^upilxQil.   QllllUai   UQIIUC  $1,354,249: "VT    '       v 'iay^igeflto1.'Caiticli��Uip.  However Chairman  Should^ either Ifechelt o-r iGibsoijs'pillage   Sheila. Kiteon.wacned, "there is no pioint 4n  Council fail-to- ���approve-the Sciwol-Boaajd'si   standing still, to please the Government"  aaiBWMJ6��a��!faMwaB8^^  : -�� ;  The Peninsula Animal Hdspitkl will be closed until  -February 10th., Boarding fac^itiek will- still "be available*  Upon re-bpening I hope to,- cohtiriiie-to service the com-  niunity under the direction of a veterinary surgeon.  '  Thank you-tor-Tour-patience and understanding���  '���/'A  PHYLLIS HYLTON  t  rf.  MSiagBtMBIl  ii  99  ^December at the-borne"of Mr. -and Mrs  VDuhcan Cametotf, 'Francis Peninsula'.  ;    Pjano:\ Roberta, Mickey and Roxy Bain,  ^orria'ine,   Sundy   and;   Genaldine   Bil'cik,  ;jvrary and  Jean Cameron,  Maureen and  ; Jtfaney Cameron, Karen,t Denise and Donald  ,' Dontbroski, Helen Duncan, Leina, Fraser,       *   .    ��� -. ,-<���-���-��' -   \���   ,-   ��� -  -  -     ���   <  "Martina, Paul and Wilfred Phillips, Carey PAUL ST. 'Pierre, the story-iteller who be-s. V'YfJu nave to resist.or temind "yourself  (-Walters.    J ,' came ai^politician,-has'.impressions!���not    consita^tiy of it so you.don't lose youf-<jom.-  -. Guitar-.. RnhprH 'Rain Tn-hn ^A twt eonclusions-^of life as a player on the conn-- .nion-sense." That'sthe -danger here..Govern-  ^DuSn/Jobn ��n\mel^'Ma-SrJ irSv try's^ national political - stage, says Keri ' ments-lose their common sense,completely  -SpeteW Can Sf'^ ? '   "Clark in a story in the Vancouver Sun.,  .      $tinies,��  'x-J   -��W(M,W-Ji-3,v,- . ~"It is just s,tupid for.anyibody to cbme    "----  ^ Zy- rj  ��� A�������^n;,5*-ll. B5,-?nca: Russel <****&:   here and in a few'moitbhs decide'.whether  Coast-Chilcptiri. 'Lake finding the' decisionmakers to 'get ,tliings done.'   "  Roberta Bain, Grade 2 Guitar, Pass with  I ^Merit... This is apparently the first time  i 'Trinity Collegers examined a student in  ? ���'.Guitar in British Columbia.  u ,1 Guest pianist was Mr, Pnul Birch, a  ~ ^former stifdent of Mrs. Brooke's, who is  I now band instructor in tiie North Vancou-  | ;vycr High School. His' prqgram consisted of  1 f./'Rornance" by Sibelius, "Sheep and  Goats", by Gulon and| "The Cat and the  Mouse" by C6pland. '  \[    To end the evenipg,,brothers and sisters  o'f Eastern Canada  '- It is another way of saying that it is easy  to founder on government bureaucracy as  you try to work on behalf of your constitu*  ents.  - '  "People get lost in a red tape jungle and  think you can unravel it," he said,  He sees lu> ro}e as "ft half-assed ombudsman." Nothing moves quickly.'  St.,Piqr^e, 45, made his name 'as a chronicler of life in British Columbia's Cariboo  country before winning the B.C, seat in the  June 25 election.  He's a Liberal, but as an indlWdn-alist  shy of society's pressures, he is met enamored of 'the party system.  In the Commons, you tend to hoar the  inform.  ,i  ft >  I*  v  teamed up to play Christmas carols In duot   fam? IMiig add 10 to 15 times by oaqh of  tho four political groups in it," ho said,'   *  He wonders it the people within-each  group arc -trying to convince each' otljer.  As tor Ottawa, it has Its charm, but It is  not a Teal city. ,  "It is an artificial city. Prime reason  for Its existence is government. iMost peo-  iplo in Ottawa come from somewhere else.  This creates an artificial atmosphere;  fi  '���Wti  IWi   '  1&1  'wis  88tt  . 1 ���  ������Si$��4  1%  Sechelt Notes  tSEOHEiLT Garden Club starts another bu*5y  ,    season February &tih' at 9 p.m. dn St.  i Hilda's illaill, Sechelt. Anybody and everybody welcome; imcmbcirMxip fees wre rcn"  ^ona'bl'e but tlie benefits are bountirul. Learn  . (how to create beauty in your 'garden,  1     Magistrate   and   Mrs.   Olinrles   iMltitol-  Mendl -recently (returned from Oltnwa after  '.���spending fli month's  holiday  with friends  I 'and .relatives. On January 23rd they trav-  'ellcd to IVlctorla lo attend tho opening of  the Legislature 'and reception at the Em-  prcsft Hcftcl^ Laitcir thnt day tlioy attended  ^ n very; pleasant cocktail parly (given by  Mrsi. Isnibd Dawson.' Minister wljlfomit pont-  folio,  and  her ihusbancl  nt the Chartor>,  house,  Canon iamd iMrs. ,Mlnto Swnn are,spend-  in K tiw^iweeks' In Honolulu visiting -D,r, Akn  SwnA a nil family.  1 We ace happy to report Mrs. Mary Evans  much better Jn St.������Mary's Hospital, . i, '  M'hSuJI^ Wlckson In UiospUal for' a tfew  dnyo'. ,>Mri. Sam .Mclu'iiule is also a ho.s-  pltalpnilcra.'''"      '   '       *  Miss Jo Colemart of St. iMnpy,s���nura-  Jur jBtmff is spending a Keiw days in Cnllf-  brnla vilwlnft iMlss iMyfrnhi Burtnick -and  'jMlsa' Fiiyc Shtndclt who rtro on tho iStaiff  ��� of MeffHtHospital. The hospital Is pairit  pf the Untyersity of OftUfornla .Medical  Centre-.''' \ , ''"-, .'.��� ', .   ' ��� ���  )   Mrs. E. Brotherston of Pemberton has  -' beeri a guiwt of Dr. and .Mrs. W. .BuptnlcJc.  Sales  sell. '    "    '.  ���' "I'd like to spend three months of <a year  in Mexico, three months in the Cariboo and  slxin Yanrjouver.",, ,  His move 'to politics led him to drop his  newspaper column in the* Vancouver Sun.  It interrupted work on a factual book, about  his borne iwrovihee <"wMli a few damn'lies  in it."        ,.    ,   . ���  , U ..     ,  He-felt he had\something close to the  perfect 'life before  entering politics.   He  wrote what he wanted lii Ms column. IjTover,  ���went to tho' office: - Travelled - where he  wanted. He had time to write.  "I ran away from paradise," ho said,  "'I'm not sorry I did, I made ,tho decision  and Ldld it. -I don't know why, though.  . "I -wanted to register some of my feelings on political life. An<| I haven't done  much of it yet." ��� '  And he wanted to get some projects going in his riding. '    '  Ho is making slow progress. And that's  the way it is with tho chronicler of tho  Cariboo, where the ranchers and Indians  ' and loggers live fnr outside Parllament'-s  shadow.    " v  '"  ,'WfctfH St. VaJieniUne's, Day in the offing,  ,once "again Wilson Creek Community  Club is organizing another of its popular  dances.     ,     :  The laisib dance held in Deceimlber was  an outstainding success with one hundred  people enjoying^.ta'ped imusic in a beautifully decorated hall,  A novel group called -^Thc ,Whistlers"  was a big hit and ^11 be back .again to  entertain,  .-, It is advisaldo to ipurdiase tickets ea^ly  to avoid disappointment; 'they can bo booked1 Iby (phoning iMrs. Helen Phillips at 88&-  21183 or Esther1 ^crry at ^88^-2356.    ,  Don't forget iFebruat-y 8th-���take your  liiwoelheairl! out to an eiijeyablo Valentine  Dance and seo "Tho Whistlers". Admission  is only $1.00. ,  m-MtMB-l^^  ���?jyWii��iift^HU3JlH|i  fwwyygpg  mmmmrnm^^m  -���*--'������ T^; ���- r ���- i,A  TVP9*  SECHELf f HEATHE i��RESE^ITS:  ���mn^   IfV  ^ ^ If x ^ w,y ,.tf.W^-        ,   ,  >'',!','''  '   ZZ'ii-^pk  *"f^" 1** *fyr*r>,��w ��� y ii**f   pt��<  y  Service  S0LM18SERVICE STATI01  ,.,..,.��� .'.'.'.',..'������,,'Ml^n-way, tOl    ���  ���������' WONE eS6-9^62:"   mm  StorHng; Mia Fartow, 4of]r> -Cossavetes, Rtith Gordon  i ���   '., '  ;"        *'<������        ���        ���' ,  Cortoon - Technicolor  ��� .I,  Students) - Adufts $1.50  i if tee Lames  wear  SEMI ANNUAL CIWAMCi' SA!  Thursday, Janud-ry 30 - Sdfmd&y, fFebruary 15  Starts 8;00 p.m.  Out 10:30 p.m.  RESTRICTED  Friday, Saturday^ Monday arid! Tum4��y, Jon. 3ls<t�� Fefe, lit, 3rrJ and 4th  ��  >%  "i>*"'  lilies  : Pyjamas  Reduced to  'Clearaiice  Pras  Garter. Belts  ;  sposrrsw  to %  PARTY DRESSES  ��� in uplmim in'  Grob tmm��  of B^r^piW  tmtmgtmwmimm&M  r4  UnddveWd  Bbrgains.  *W^^^��^i^��%^W^P^M^^  (# -*   J*   7*H r!^! "**> *"*( b'*"*1  urt   hf*  *    PSl'V      ��\  Aj"**,   ^f,J*j  *> f*-     f  .     *     ���**  f*     4*      *    '  V   * **^ .**��    ^  #*   u**V    *  ��*,,#* ^,��,t r*s ��w -ft 4fr f��v,A fl'   <�����**> *% *** *��� ���JS))-flS*j.��''wpSTt. **i jft-jjiH* ,*h.j#i   ���**��� -i**^   f* <*v<*'"*it*t *��� rf** t|*v ��S* j*'*"***^ *j*tji*pv*,'f��iii*| fhfi#<i>i^��f**iPtyf^^t*fcffyj**^ **'f E&S$£&^^
•J&^&V- v-'- ; '    ' ^Orl>R :^v"-V</4,V,n«^^V^^V/.H^ %v''"W AA4f!y^y\y y^z -/y fA
\ J'->> ^H -iVf ''*.V --''        .' -       •'■> V • „ „'";,' Z ;*-.* ,'
) v 1
lCyyAAZW4fadayA*nm<y:29: iU9
t   B     vT^i ~   ^   .*■  '^■■W^w—•**—mi nil    i» 111 iw—m ■iii»M^.^.MiiMiw>-wit---iWMi,
The PeMnswtajTH-W
'.<     =<'     t
pt-ftw?',   •',
t '
'-f**^ifew-*1'   '
11 \
t   4
by John He.her.ngfon
TS^GVtifl^ipaaa ruling- »ladi« .of^e
sea -axe^the" cruise (liners n-ow.$hat tJieat' t
2"^ is havin^dilfficulty in* asVenrJing (to-the
throne. One o& these "cruising .British mtm-
archs, the 32,600 4>on '"Cajnmanisu^-^as- pub; * t
ran1 'ag-round^off the island of SaVSatvado5r|
- in,the e-astern Bahaimas.^She was c-ariying   '
4-7tl" passengers -and ai crew of 45uH on a   I
twelve-day ciTiiseffrom J^ort JsEfVergladesV   L
Florjdai to Kingston, Jamaica.' ■, --%>-.   - L ,
'r 'The -most direct -route for any vessel tp^
, tage -when bound -from '.Florida,-to .Jamaica   *
would-be to'steam directly" south "to Cuba,
come; left klong* the northeast •cca-st'until   i
Oajb6 M-aisi, the eastern tip of the* island, is   |
r reached -, 'come bard right into the Windward!! \
v Passage'and then .steer £ southwest course*   \
to' Jaimaic'a. But due to *thfe -existenqe of a-
bla.nket,of coupitless* reefs and shoals lying
bejiween the Bahknas and iCubaf navigaiuoni
in" this area- as "extremely bazardous and
Jarg'e ships ~are SEorced to rtake^lbW'longer}
-route to-rthe north of the Bahaa^^s.-steerin^
' riotaiea'St1 -i&om Morida', 'past- •G-ramd'-'Ba^
hain^/i^n'iiauling southeast ajfeound 'Qreat
Aba"ca jlsle,'; down tpasti Eleutnefa, -Oat* Is^
lai-adV Sam JSalvadorj^-aaid -Samana^'CAitWood
CaxK, .Then.du^ south'pa§t Crooibect^Island,
1 aodjOi-reat Jnagualsle'to the eastemr-tip'of
CtabsC^nd through i&e'W-Md'vto-rd-^iassage
*«.  *
*. -•
,C    V;'    f* i**   ^   l        ■*
y   fy /^-v;"*>J-::
* *  r     I
■»* -»*
wteatihe,!?, ,
^ ''I'^Qo -Ute ecc^clns/whWr'itbe ISechelt b^t's   and'John ''Restbnv afius -,Wel-?omie''B'?aclii ,
^dadee-^ir^etheaedN^fRoadlla^w^, it»Jco-ta-ge,."—    >:*■;.;    "' /-       ;.'   *-.'    _vt
- y-flokwted^rip disembarked* the children ^nd    ', A-ai ammco       4   }/ *> v   »
^ tiwpe4 04'ck ito THgEntoon Bay4o woid the   F,^f HESS,,- Az -+ *U w^^«J
»» -j
-* '^*
i   _
f, their chMr-en to,Ba-lfra'oon Bay or direct to.      „   ,.        H „„,,„    „iJ4M^«. ««•«,?•-
( ^eehelt, or else^e ten ft UM*y.<i, V   ^^^ ?s wie?QM» ^dxUons.permit^      t
^IftatorAiWy;' among ithe intrepk drivers       ** interesting new program of fillips is '
v-ni ..
po marveb of modem commmpcationl
It is now possible to hear the same new*
bulletin 37 times.
Wonl* f-o moke your horn®
larger, moro comfortoblo, moro
modern,     moro     beautiful?
■. Whatever .feom© 'J»p'r0V©»ift»t '■
project   you   hava   In   i«liiif,
you'll find helpful Jdcas ond
information , at your ono $top_
supplies tliop
Peninsula Building
Supplies ltd.
Phono 885 9669
.'."■/ sechelt. [fix'z ';rr'T
v^The_Briti§h -crtdse' Imerj.OaiiTm^rnia,- did1   and
npt-get past Sam Salvador* ~       ~y~    ~     young
j -The' island of San- Salvador,' or *Wa*fl!mg   jWho
Island as it is also called/is sixty struarel :—z
miles'.in area and has a populialaoni not ■much,
overrl,000,\ notj:ounang animabj. ^ ,was„*Sie
lOrst'laid'tC^iristopher Colutmibus saw, when
ubde/- a Welteroaoigi-suni be^syierl into the
Caribbeait on October. 12th, 1482 and discovered' ffie^PTew World. - The •-iniiito'iname for*
theisland^was^Guanaaiani.-^-"j--;--   -, *
1 There is a ihiodern lighthouse on San, Salvador 'jdow that?towens- above the hot/white,-
slparsely yegetatjve„ dunes.   It's" powerful
iigh-t flashes out its .warning tojnariners in
the^vicinity and guides .theori safely-pasit.
SattZSalvador as. they-steam to any,-number
of'fascinating destinations.
-My ship wasTonf a T^esti Xndieslran-, takr-
in^us ifrom^-ae^ east-coast of Oanada^to
Jackso-nyijle, Morid^'therf on to'Rreeport
on "Grand Batoma and Nassau-en the island
of New Providence. Erom Nassau We- sailed
on" to - Jaanaaca/ihen across the 'Cf-tribbean*
Sea for fourv weeks of working passengers
arid', cargo through .the Windward and Leeward, Islands. Our courses to Jamaica took
us along the same^treute the Oamnjania'foT-*
■lowed. .Trip after trip we'sWile^ past San
Salvador, past the1 spot wherer-ae'-Britisihi
liner, touched bottom. i>< , ,l,< • '{ ,-'
; ( On'one such'trip, a-shipmate' add I were
on deck, leaning aigainst the rail and star-
mgjat'ithe li-^ithous,e tjs we steaffliied close
off San Salvador. A1 light breeze ^Mowing,
oyer ^sWpCfave^a-nkful xelie^.froin the
"blazing afbemopn sun,- As we glided p*jst
the .lighthouse, any* -cjSum pointed; to -the
jgadq and ,-furned - itor "me, js&y&g, V'Yoif
kriowj I bet Christopher OolumbuS was awfully- darn glad io see ,tbat ■ligtttliousfe!,' -
'Even today,"!"am,'4ot sutelf ihe was"
s,erious or iust being facetious.-,, -       . • ...
v 'A j Reuters"-news; agehcy , conirniunique
da(te]ined •"Georgetown," states that Guyanese authorities have issued murder" whtp:
rants to 24 members of the wealthy Hart
and, Melville ranching faimilies. living deep
ih .the Rupununi hinterland of the country,
these, families are accused of leading all
abortive attempt to set up their' own republic. I itia
The Rupununi area is situated deep in
the, interior of the,country. With a land!
area of 37,380 square mjleg, these sarvan-
nans, or grasslands, are virtually1 cut off
pom the rest of Guyana, The major access
into ithe area is by air and the old cattle
trails are no longer used, the jungle reclaiming them. Beef (is driven out ^ the
Rupununi to slaughterhouses on the Brazilian border' and the moat is flown Out front
there,                                    I1      ri   i
Inhabited by local Indians and ithe1 families of the ranchers, thto Rupununi has received very little 'government assistance in
*ii?e past. Tho entire area boasts only ono
hospital, complete with ono doctor. Missionaries serve tho area' and primary
schools can bo found in each villlaige.
Tho Harts and Melvilles have been left
basically on their own In the interior of tho
country, raising cattle -and developing the
aroa as best they can. Tn tho true Bonanza
tradition, itho Harts and Melvilles are to the
Rupununi as tho Cartwrights are to the
sirnil r°Sa'   TJl° com<paris<>n iff strikingly
What makes- this news report notewortihy-
Js tho fact that my wife lived on the Hath
ranch when she taught school In the Rupu-
nnnl before she 'married and came to So-
l<    . ,^fnmHy> Gu*&m is Intermarried with the Melvilles as well.
Within tho next fow weeks I hope to have
biibstantial information 'about what is really
-going on in tho interior of the country of
Guyana, and this eolmn should read Uko an
hour-long television western.
First Ice Rink,  ^ v   ,^
^£:&*-*^^ ?TJ!^ei^:r^^^e    "Va7MuW^ter spending inside,
afm.KfiSSlr^WE   W*> W^wa^.build^:,tuBp
warmer dimes "    -.   •* <>        ' G'3**-1-1'11 'National 'Park. Another coloured
y>        .   '     . ^ *   ' . fSon ^Ducks of Course," provides ahiamy
Many water systems are frozen up agaui ibasic. dvM to duck ^^^^,1^ m<& as
and the^ang-suffering users^on the Red- |ee(j:rig itaJbits. fi'ight naifctems, etc., A Ighit
rooSfs Watenwor^ system have been wsth, ^ "^ amu£;a$ ^^ whdch '^m appeal
Out wat-er far* month • Mftog snow for a t0 mvtXB- 'fcW« weE as hunters, -Other
cup of te.a, btteakmg the, thick ace on the imm& in«M p>0gram are Forest "Highways,
raxtfbarx^s amd coHecting[icicles off the N;ia,gaIa.lF^b parkland and Canadian* Pa-
-roof.for #sh^ashin^has become a way of y®^   pric& ,tfE entrance is 35 cents'and
life, a| too reminiscent ofipioneenng days, everybody is welcome,     ; ^
i-w ^"P*0*18 a.^<WJcult for « nwnber, of       As* r^e,re ^as a sraaU ^tendance %t the
SL«%,pel^ f1!^1^* Sut ^f frway >™<&*Z o* ^e Halfmoon Bay Im-,
oonmunity^ spirit is &mmg#8&, with the J^^ait Association, the election'of offic,
supiuesforthear^neighbors. ^  ( • ^m ^.problems tod posslble-'solu.
IN BRIEF     ~,-\     -     ' '  ,  "  \A- tians w£-?e discussed.    •' J ,',V'""'*,»    y
poes Your Club or. Group report its: Activities Regularly to tfhezTimes?
■- f.
rMrs.,B. McCaul has received- news that , for?'', - .   ,     *    *"
[r.1 Berf ;jamesJ is" making good "progress   -" *4I don't., 1 just need
the "money."
FLC^niDA IfilltAfl"'RIVER
California, $l*o 113..,!-.^
U.S,:'Nd. 1 .:,; .,,.;	
Prices Effective: TBiurcEay, Jan. 30ftBa to Saturday, Feb. tct
>'JtM   *W      ■*,    » '
*-   _.A»-» ?yT%*p™
'-:-,.-.'/        ' ' ■/'"■' ifrW-ajrXS,' 'j&*y%<j\£rtr>'
>>V  V"-/ // >r ^ ¥/       v^v
i*    * \      V, ■/ //   /t\    il/   /}    tl"^1'
)/ n   'A' *~? JI «—A>*\
I^UMPiy'HIilJUIl ,H) Vi. IJI|h
-rtC«HiV.y.#i» ir4av«wiuuiA«i
''-i •s»*-'vt ■
■ ■ ■—.ltJ(J .j,-^■■■Hi->„, IM-hliHiaffiBIi
[   I
* i>H* tA?!-"" Wfc #*
^^•l*,!*. *^j»vf--f *» #***«-# **.*»" •»■•, ■** #* 'I * j *^/T* f
ji ^j**" •*■*■
' ^^^^.i-^ .
%.»l*rf'W«»i'»-»l^'>%j[^^ flts-CffhMjKvWifiHl-jPi-x^i -ftw,*!^
1  VA 4u"*-"*^f ^*v


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