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The Peninsula Times Nov 20, 1968

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 JLtd**  Axrtfcorfeed ����"second" ��_H3  irtoil ty the Fpsr Offieo  ',!&$��$ -dwi&frtyfin*, in. ifc$:_3ga ut Hie * j��n&H.'$ul*&e __er__j_Ste 0&e_d to" main.  -l��e_iii/Mbj^/^^��om��*)tt!sy ,fajr e&itye  'j____^ ,was;k^bd_ti-. .Jy ^utosfl 3__st wte^k  CAStEVISJON ' .   ���  ., Xarwwsst, Cetnmnx&eattons IM. applying for .a Ullage Jnisineas $cense/kte!xd  paps, iff-^He^xm^ wiMn the Gibsons  ia^t-j{fak jpbgi$&&ag ^a4i___aic*oj_i|y^ Some  ioW-iip-i bave been fi-Kxmnteredbat it is  audi deor-.jp dbe **__*-bc( i^fOraaearted.  W.fffl"^/flttM?!!1 ����.��____* hoped 4o- aaaS* an farly Marts�� tsample-  ��s__tod in tmA-wt&toNv a&fog 4he n<Q&t ��egotiatton.   ��� - -  owfflar, Jv1&ria��|d�� to deaa j_he property.     , J.   ,,k. ',..,   '"'   . .  up, Ualand i�� turn failed to reply to mdst *T  Y' *   * *  ^-SrSSr^tS^^10 UnsiKcesshil search  W^C^^  foUoWSjlOal jdllMng  at a -fceces-t meeting of-cpusdl and  lie had now obtained Jkances' and toad ac-  lumbfir,in older to fix up the buildings into'" presentable Wiring accomodataon. "This  was seizded and council agreed ito pro-  eeed thtmgh its lawyer a^th the removal  order.'.,.___    ^    ���     '  *'" Sthis was ^SBojwed Sy^ja Jetter 4_xMn,l_>-  1ab__s 1a-��y��r sas&ang ^t council" Met _u>  wSWfe&dtt^s^in pxder^&ai'he migbt ld__s0f  *3_d ^l>s^u��n^gave'XJp3a3iid p^njlission  to ^teatry a ont' a__Mwai|_a_as {acxwidinit JWs  fto�� ct^fo-rim to ia�� tniildiog !n^��^tor8lir6-  -guitemeate, posting of a titod of $500 and  approval ^f fcis'i_an_ by Mwembet 1st-  1968. A time" iumit ior completion -was also  iiojjiwsicL-1;  ^t.Iast.ipfiettDg of ��_wui_a'a^ri Daiy��  Jmihns^ ^eportfced be.had^okce met iKitih  Ujflaad l��3lo -Uid'^indispatea lie liad finally       ' ' <    ���    \~  a &ptic tank. PercuLatLon' tests revealed    JtlXSL 80l1_l_llOES SMO  ^i**��?w��^r a ^^^ 6*����___ reoreatioa centre faid  B��U__kri_jy Joraned i��o*5|khi centre mm-  imittee tnefy last weei and formed1 an exe-  c\Mye c(___n_aittee <_��zi]piiis^g: Qhakiman  CH&SQNS fil_M_3AY. BCJMP seamebed i_3-  ���. ��ice6p^tfl_y ov��r sUbe week-end to jBtod  a Va��eouver man ibeli&ved to (bave drowned en route to <^amtna Island Satorday  afternoon.   *   - >  Searjd) TC^mmenped Sunday morinng following disiqoyery pf a pi-Ually jsubmerged  bM by1 Harry ,Sn__h and Ibis son John of  "5jiiitlfes" -lllarina^ Ofysona.,. "Hie yessel  was pn&ed oi$q the heath ahd was jEound  to icontaur hekmgwgs e)& hunting, equipment cf .S&mes l^Mrmajj to&npsy of Vameou-  ver agedtrwexAy^sfvesiY    ���       '  His 4v_��eYv&e_. jno-ified said lie bad left  about 2 p~m. 'Saturday' pot Gambia .on a  iiun'Jing Expedition," "TBe"b&at was sighted  on the '_ast*_id* ^ Cfem&a Island with, the  motor switch on and in ^ear,  ���was sejeebbd.1' _  (<3ftniKil ia��i^!fea_j ,��nai_3?__��sly moved  we ongSA&>rettemil otdet be compiled  SBWJE^sysre^'./     I  Sewer Syjlaiw goes,to tbe peopile|in Decem-  _*era__t.'itSv^&xepttrtedthat while,one jtesi-  -d��_.t of .tthe area to lie taiasa wife vil^ge  l^mdarhs has ' rsisttl,' s5fa^n*ie^_on  ��_��kt, <m"*h�� ��fli��r -hand, ibavei expj*s��ted  ��flffld6ia-ae Interest and' ��pi__i_B_?_ni7 j%_^  man <out of tlie expanded aj^ ^xpre^sed  a desire to b<$ 1_tk-en into the -illage.  Ftrtwristic developmen*       / ���>  Tjhisartasf- ia^ression c��� a pioposv&i  iiarbpur deyeliopment plan ior <M>-}r  soa6 p'oMs ihe way to" creation of a.  tourist mecea second to none and  coojld vfiiy well ��pen ug a completely.  "new fiiture for t&e dfeinet. Estunated;'  to _��st iii tiie���fe^oh oi j$2% naHlipn,  Engineers present.  Imagmmwe kmbom plan  an eoonomic. leaslbilitf  ESTABLISHMENT of a two and jone jhaH  million   doliar   battxmr   devetopmeoit  much of ike cost would be borne fcy  Br, Eric 0>a��tto^ CBHcfi&Bn_n_-ni Gmsiby,   government grants and private inter-- , nmjKm   ^l, ^^-;ufTSS  Seezetw<memm*ndTreawetMai   W^���11*��� *��">*>*���� ?               * r plan,   proposed by> w^ilto^ ^engn^rs  de St E��my. ' y -  ests.  Widespread interest nas followed an-  nounc-memj: -of fwmQtion x>f a committee  and ��j$t Cheque" to the value of $100 has  been dsnated !by.___;^tijQsliine Coa��t Lions  Gteto, Close {behind cauneanofflier donajion  to the. sime amwxt fecrax,�� Sechelt E3ns-  m'en., Other onganizations ftate" also indi-  Vic^mrbas approved 4jbe Bylaw whkh.   eated-int#n'ton of i>end^ring substantiad &���  pote to tie polls Satioday Becemtex 74$l   aai^^suJE5��_t. '  at" the muni<-p_l ball,.  CHRISTMAS ilGHTS _  .Council agreed to support the iC__3$toas  -3fibfi_Qg program as ip* -l^e ^ast Mr, Jpto-  s%_j< eatjaaimeii, -____t iwpjnjwisly |he stiegt  ii^_fi_5g'was .jhOuMeped <by the mereihailt^  1 l^^s^f however ��XHmol ysud tt�� dwt..  -" Alderman ?_atL; C^ddard ��a54 It j* iiis  Budget* Mmmed . *  l-ie caim3>aign fund has now been  lanached and"Pr. Pa&fym&wtfe'VbaX all  assistance wil be -greatly aipprejciated.' The  ^oninjitliee Ihopes'to" determine" what ISne  peosple ��l the area would lilse to see in the  v^ereaf&n sesAxe, "where it sihould be and  3k_# ftntoeed. -        ',   l -   -   -  West an&eifljQg' -mSfl be-Jfeld ISor. 20, s(it  4ih#<5-!bjons Athifetit ��As��>-3ajion _3_(b Jhouse  at ft:at>- gum.        *  -THEaaB''is a 1��u_z ��_ aettw.ty this Aveelc *n  "'-Ocean &veme3n Sei3he-t, where "last minr  ute -preparataans are ->wng made tor the  official -opening ol the Sunshine Coast  Senior C3t_teils' homes Sunday, Nov. 2& ai  2'pum:    ^  - - Painters are putteng the finishing touches'  -tf-ecftor, floors are toping -tiled and electricians and plumbers are maiking final   dredged from the existing -tidal flat. The  connections- ' " " P-    perimeter to he protected jadth mm* and  '.Apart from all this actavity on .Ike site, /. connected to the shone* hy means ef a-c&i-  a' great'deal of wcwfe and orga_3za_i-��n Is' seway* extending to���Pj��*ae Boad. "'This  g!o_ag_om iheibind 4he spenes. Mrs. Bea. Hr_h . Tvould entail a low hri-lge���.>K>rich lyoiild-per-  and Mrs- horene Vaitt,ia&si&ed by Mrs.   niit tidal flusanng of She hay;  Dayton and Knight and Alan BeBou, -dould  provide Gihsonswithao approach second  to none in ithe erctire iwovince^ acwrding to  engineer Martin IDayton.  Appearing before ��� village council -last  week the three eujginaers, anned with topics of their jeport and a framed art-sts impression of the enyasioned project, .presented an impressive run-down regarding ways  and means by which the development' could  he brought about ���al compantiwely small  costs to the community. TMa teolVed'possibility of cost shaxmg & ��er)ain -aspecfe  by the federal government and aclru^. development by private interests.  Mam feature of the plan includes^ four  tedr to provide separation ^between beach  ^xsers and majitiie traffic- :      ''    ',L  A 25 me*er Stored-salt -water- tramming pool is plamed-fot the,area-J&jckb^  iog the trecreatiQeal area north of We pie-  sent government wharf. Jncluded worild he  a s&nAcp fenlding wilh-iSiter room; ��hau-  ger -jxrams^ Mfeguani centre apd -coaees-  _l<m counter. ' ��� -      -y~-  " Proposing zomhg of the watenfemt calls  for li^it _adusta_al, commercfap m-tti^e  iamily,: single faniily a_d'r��a��ationei  An jOwter hai^pur, __*ated'he|a*__n. titSie  Mand-/ind a floating bdeafcwat-Y 9f 2&&  f^et- wcgte serve as a iwirbpur of "tefhge  and ancpary ^erw<^s'with'3pffi.,ci��iit',ai!ea  to pwjtnit _utuire.e^itein_��m.'.-1 ,' -  ' : '.  _ StAting fribat ~t_t_e project is indeed c��e&-  jnoinically feasihle'," fifftv .DeBon -estimat^i  Jacfc ,3fe__^ajid,!EI;ss SuMa Smith are hitsy  i   ��� ^.-u   ��  C^Sr^JI*fS 'i^eral'con-ributkaatiaQO^mixjcal^  acre island bmlt off shoi��wti_ matol   ^vaterporfion A^aOld/am^vto 1����w  and- would -be -eligible for mat$_ng<g��a��te>  . IM _3igible -lor matching. grants, would  be -the p.iblicr outdoor swim ^��ool end changer rooms,' heath imparaveoofients " agnim-  tion of Yp&psxty' aM^ hotel developoment.  Tbtal estimate of "these"items is $&0fi&)  ? ^St-fftoeft s_te^- ^ewadj^tettt  ti-Onal inS-ruc-ion.  ��i loafing opewmmmg cost  PlW^^IWAiL -budget d-Jiib&ra-ions lcept tjiacpapers Ihav^fe fhe jfitfal Win? the matter.  _^atfi^sine^lt_*^till^.m. : $ec^aiy fa^asuW J. S. aieteter be-  xhairaday,. Noy. 1A, following "the 7;80 p.m. v'_j.-_u___. *.    *_'     v-  sdrfol 'fc<4lrd >metetW ��_f ^l&m.     ^ 1fM^r <?*?t ^ ^^amhmng the qperafaon,  .The jbudget-due in Victoiia(i>n JSTov. U6 W^M^ out duplication and bulk buying it  __& ibe Hhje tfarsir under*ithe neiw iinanicinig: -f-liJbe ppssilble to hold' the budget steady  ��oimi_;a introduced by. lhe' pmyincijai gov- Hindoo.- dacaMcing ihe quality of educa-  emmeht ea_lierz(lihis y^-ar- The Dew.foriinjilla'  is ba^ed o^i ichanges m isfudent e_K_me_i  aipd -he-previous year's approved operate  ���costs. 5Pue to the tough <npera_ing costs in the  jSeehelt1 School distract, the seventh Inghest  dLja the Ixnoviflce, tthistees ioun^l (it "neoes.j#  to hold .he line on budgiet e?qpenditu_res.,  Secretary treasurer J. S. Meteler n#  tied rthe press on Thursday that in 1$$  Sechelt School (District budget exceeded1 tU  cost cf the basic education pono&raim by  $178^77. W. is hoped to hold the excess  aiptouut itihis year, in the region of $266|<fe0  f ���.".%"!Y,'..  #-ho_t lot^mng tbe edteattonal fitanda*d_    |��lf?4^  In the n*-��yisional budget the nt>n-sfaar_i  iible tapdtal ^ccoimt ha^ been mbduced *_>&m  M_t year's esteiate off $fer,&��a to jfl^OO,  iMeteler Mated thit this section of the  buijg<?t, whieh included site., devdapraent;  WW hiuilldings; iwWn8tm,tcion and Sd_Att6_i(  to ..feidftln^, baildinfi�� ^nd'-ipuf^hase' ot.';kiem  etiuij^mentt should have been plasoed1 in a>  referenduni' wher* if approved by VicUoia-  it would Ibeteha^aiM*^ ���'.'''���.���:  ;Adminl_tratioR account has been ��tat  -lightly il&tom, tmfiUQ'.to $102,83(6; Jnatrup-  tiott. *cp6unt is .increased (Drcwn $a,(��j9,OTii. to  $1^,880; teathers' salaries have Ibeett 'fcsitl-  mated at $9j_.,oop comopared fwiith'^a-,^  last year; school clerical 6aW-.es> pem^in  the'.;��aWie Ibult^ teaching ��t^pHt^-ah4 ^tiw  ihsltec-ibnall expenses have been a^t|iCjed  hyl(3,WK> and $l_��^bto rcsp-*ct_vely. : ' ��� ���   '  X>peradion ^aocouht ha* ibfeon 'ikdncM  iirpini,<p225/K__ to $216,000; flep;airs and ttnaln-  'tcnahce rodu-ed' fixxm tlM/&35'-i6' $(i_i38llO;  ���Gonveyance otf"- puipis nt-nailns roughly the  sanle at' $85^00; AiukWiiairy services1 also  sttntlc at',$6(ffl?0; non operating exipejtse :^m.  dncireaeed due | to an estimated Adult Education (pnogram- d��afldt:<xf $8,000. Dcbtner-  vte_. account increased ttom $U5S,i]j55' to  $213,228.. .",' ,' ,- ' ' ��� ' ,'|.''.', .' '. ��� "��� '."'''.'  The budget i�� only provisional and tmb-  Jctt.ito Victoria'* approval but llihe fMstl-  milftfi lati* in the,region,otf H^az^|44 ��o��t��-  pared with aoca estimates of $1,853,058.  CONSENT  On ,or bdforc D6c: l. the .board wM be  notllfted off the cost i<tf the basic educartioto  prc��ram together with an ����Uraiate oi tjhe  batiic levy., iSchooll Ibbairda rniay not exceed)  the basic led-ucaWon programi by -jmore t(han  30 per cent untoBs ilhey obtailn.the, offltefe  if each imiunldpallly in (tihe wcfaool dijsititiiiifj,  orMRcck Aippiwval ctf own_r-<_ectod; te,1||ae  nchool dlnlirict. flif (or ��txmt rcimn A miMy  by4iw cannot Ibe |pr��_sfati<_l 1h�� (board ittiiay'  eiopk. cfrfttapht from the iprawlnciM _<.vcrah  i>to*l-t. ' , ,  f .... Thfe bfrftlc levy wJM dciteriWlm! hOiW inMh.  inottey will be tajntd in: i|he' school dist^.tt  through itaxa'tlon; the didfercnoe bctw^n  the cost cf itihe b^filc ��duc4^0n progriup ��nd  ���lhe aioiiuont rail*iBd through taxation wilf lhe  pjkdd Jn the ironn. of A gov��ripmenit utAtd.  ���Any <HS*t��ifc0��W' 'tfae mike *d:a#di^_n two-  gram ���wHU1 have to hejraleed by fcwr, moil  valaneeslor the drajpes andSihese "aa*~r^B4y  to rpoi ap as soon as the painters 'are  _tw0_gb.'  Convenor of 4he tea ^whieb is to be -served  in Sit, Hida's Parish Ha_l after the opening  is__*s. %n> MdJjsegor who is overwhelmed  b��y- aJl the generous' offers of'help She has  received. ��� . *  Centennial Pioneers are requested to  wear -heir iPioneer medals for the opening  ceremony- Anybody requiring tnatnfcjpoirtla-  tion can telephone 886-9979 or 8^-9^8; ���'  ~For the convenience of those wishiflg to  see the senior citizens' homes but'unaiMe  to attend the opening ceremony, lhe units  WiU be open for inspection on Saturday,  Nov. 23 from IriSfy pi.m. to 4:30 p.imY  :sW  nil Jt_.4k.M�� \ 4a i .t *Y ��?  . r.  mi-  L_tun��hod \  Atixkti}nk wide int*reBt in SocheJt on  Saturday morning this 25 loot Jong  ca^swl^ was eucceaafully air-Hted hy  Qkian^ari f?eTicopt-!i]8 IM., hea<3ing  for its j^rmancnt tocaUon at ttoe S0^-    7.,.^.r ^^ -���-.,h,���.   Xt .il^vfii wjiere at will,,act is rmfo  taafii.tion but libit, ttete thfi i&ittxdii^wbf ori^^i^A>jeit fltir B.<?. Hydio Aiitlioriiy.  ANY copmunity becoming part of the proposed Regional District .could opt ouit any  tune it so wished was the story told ..prior  to, its estailiM'Shmenit. Today the, tale has  changed tor Municipal Alffairs Mimster Dan  Campbell has notified the Pender I Harbour  and District Ratepayers tbat no provision  exists for oipting 'out.  This was revealed at last meeting of tihe  association ��t Madeira Park, however, he  advised that no community has to accept,  any, function it does .not want. The association had \vuitten the minister seeking Jnfor-  miation i^garding possibility of leaving the  jrfgiona'l district.     Y    ,  ��� Projiosal- 30 of a ronlng bylaw involving  the Pender .Harbor, area was /ejected outright'on grounds that it would ttirn the  area into'a playground and limit the growth  off logging, fishing a��d service Industries,  Dbsaitissfacitiloin with tlie .operation of  the; School'"ffoajid was e.xipnessed and this  pulbject will be up,for further disoussion ��t  a later date. , ,  More ithan 100 mcimberis turned out to  ithe ndecitlng and it is ���reported 1iw>t wdl over  200 residents have taken out membership in  the association.     ' '  VancouvfrSurrard MIA  speaks at Reserve Hall  MR. TOM Jkrgcir, M.L.A. for Vaiiwuvcir-  Rurrard and lcontendcr for the leadership of the N.D.P,, mH speak to a meeting  Saturday, November 23 at 3:00 p.m. In the  Communlly Hall on the jSenhelt Indilan, lie-  flcirve. Mr. Bcrger ha�� >i��m to mmtlonml  projnWence as a defender In the Courts <��f  the xJgbta of tlie native Indian People.  Mo will diBal wjth:���o-^co&nitioin of Jaxlia..  Culture and I>ainguago-^llie, Indian land  queistion���the neeeusity tor the eji..a:WWi-  ment at U.B.C. or B.I-U, of a departmetiit.  , to asslfat Jndlains in Kcbnoniic, Empfoyniem,  mud Social I'lonmilng iiijid Self Govcmincnt���  th_i obvi^a need of eomplete dlalogiic iand  truM bctwMai thri decision makers ��md ith<i  native Indian people ithemiiwflvcfi.  Dr.'-Eay -PttrtdniiKm M,|b.A." and acwad  member, f��w* Vaot��uv��iHiw��nd wiW Mltto  addneaB _bo mofitkes.  ���    ,__  ...    i__iS_*(��jf.'. . , ,. ,.  o<ani>aj3te with poolr eohVfitttloii aqd^^h^ig'  fecililies. an area for marine .Stores, shops;  and services; parking tor itw_��n minctred  ears; a" marine servicfes JWHdijBK and an  ornamental sitting-out park asrea", sitrip a-  longlhe sfeaward side. The"i&laj_d hap been  located to act as a foreakiWate* wathotlt in-  terfesrimg with existing dsvRlopmfi^  Between the island and the, -hb-^p'a five  feet deep boat basin would be dredged b&  Iow.Um. tide which would provide an Integrated marina with a-comodatioh for 375  pleasmje boats ranging up to 40 feet'in  length.' Floats would be floodlit and have  water Jatad electrical services, access from  boats 'to,hotel and paridng .area would be  provided.?., , |';'r";:Y';!'"..,'-.!. *���     ���  Other facilities would include; A dredged commercial basin -from, :>vif_.db, repair  work, .marine services and sales would be  handled. Also, on the shore side a similar  type of development ��� together--with, teraii,  nus tor a hovercraft teahs^xtatioh,would  be encouraged to locate;. A one, mile long,  ten foot y/id<e walkway would expend a-  rocund the harbour shorejline. This would  be dependent upon w-ope,raitioh <tf, upland  o-wnerft." ���      ''Y ',"'������'^,;'..,,."  Construotion of this walkway would provide full-public access and it is anlticipated j  that surplus material (from the dredging  operation will ibe available for extension  df two beach areas. Thes^'have bec_.'loca-'  District 46 . . *  ���on ipresesnt day costfi.  . Mr. Dfayton told <xmncil -it- is feasible  that, wfh'lhe t^A apj_?6a_h; sua a-pro-  ject/cbuld -becon_*'��rstoblii_��d> fact -within  five-years-, itoth^ It would provie of heale-  ��i to tfi^epS^'Sjinshine Coast _wifl_ its j_>-  tential' as. a totmst. att^ctibn.      ;"   . ..  ���  f" y?l����%'Ho. 51 ' Iflt  > WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20,1993       *  ii ii i     '      '   ' ' -  1 Hew candidates named  for cunning elections  WMIAT has been^desipriibed as "badly needed changes" on both; council and school  boainJ could well become fac* at the next  elections December 1, T*i& a number of  new names announced as candidates.  Sechelt Chamber of Commerce, at its  last regular meeting, moved to appoint a  nominating committee as a means of encouraging-fresh interest. It has been pointed  out" that it is not" the Chamber's function  to lend ^etive support to any particular candidate but due to aeed for active Jeader-  s'hip thf aouninaijttng committee was formed.  - At a meeting of lhe- committee ia-st week  if was announced ihe following had agreed  to penmit their flames jo stend for aomina-  iion as school trustees Dr, Walter Riutnick  and Bichard Clayton for the area from the  Seehelt boundary to Pender Harbor and .Egmont, John Hayes for Sechelt. It is not yefc  known v/hether the existing trustee, intend  seeking re-election. They are Leo Johnson, Clilf Thorald and Bill 'Malcolm.  Two Sechelt aldermen have indicated  intention of seeking re-election to council.  they are Morgan Thompson and Miss Adele  de Lange. Kfeen competotion wil be introduced this time with two new candidates  contesting (the 2 seats. Ednmer village commissioner Joe B-ainer, 'who previously served/a two year stint, -together with Norm  Watson original -chairimao^of the Sunshine  Coast Regional District and ihe man who  played a major role in establishment of a  harbour retfiuge tor the district.  _n Gibsons two aldermen have indicated  inteotion ��_ seeiking _re-��-��c-ion_ They ate  Ken Goddard and Walter Peterson who, up  to press deadline, appear to have no competition so lax.  -.  Coast Chilcotin M.P.  commended by Tories  PAUL ST. PHStBE, M.p: for Coast Chil-  i lotrfin, who displayed unusual honesty  during his election campaign by stating he  had no jnte__i-_j of making political promises on grounds that to do so wo-_d be  dishonest, has won aelaim from a member  oi ihe ppposition on Ms maiden ispeeeh in  which he criticised ids own patty.  St. Pierre had made a series of pointed  remarks directed at the Finance Minister  and his irecent budget and on completion of  lais^p&ech Wa_P_yn,<S}��_,eyto, Co_ts_rvative  ?^^^J^^^djQa<_Qto_^^^i^  _mg-S_ Pierrc Abated"?^ifiis wan'bias&gxpafc  deal of courage in my opinion; Some m his  Treinarks were indeed constructive. They  w��re critical of-the govesnnment as they  were critical of other areas of the administration and f commend him for what he  said in this, house."  Water supply distribution  nest ions and ��inswers  WHEClS general .acceptance.tof the-E��gi��.oal  iDistrict water .supply and distribution  bylaw has been indicated, many.-residents  have aipproached both lithe Times and. the  Begional: Board office seeking further details. In oider to ^assist' we .obtained the  Mowing question and answer release from  the'Boaid and trust it will provide the answers most peo0e* have sought.  "- Q: ��� .Will:':1he liegional Board "take over  existing w&ti^prks and increase the rates?  A: NO, Existing waterworks" will only  be taken over if the trustees or management request it. '���'���' ,, , ,  ��� Q: df this referendum passes -will another > referendum be required before an  RTOIEAK, monthly meetings of the, school  board have been attracting lively ^public  interest otf late and now it is a oolRitoon  occcurrene.. ,to see roemberB of the Olittens  OiTglanitatloh to* Better Educnrtloh ^ln. attendance.  ���'''',.,:"       7   i. .���;,.', ;���,"( !   Business'conducted in open meeting is  dlimirilKWng" with very few committee, reports given: and only ��n# tW tVvo item's at  correspondence read.  '7  Two trustecB, I_eo Johhson and jR|IIIl)'Mal'-  colim were absent ffipom law W^nc-flay-i  board imeetilng at which a most ] unusual  letter "Was read:  education officer. The board does not .sanction teacher- approaching|. trustees. The  duties of ihe secretary-treasurer are as he  sees fit in tbe areas of rcspohslbiMty given  to Mm by the board. ;' ', ' . \  ��� With regard to student; problems, the  ixroper approach is' discussion with the  teacher, principal or .both. .With a high  scho-fl student the counsellor should be consulted as iwcli,The matter then goes to thc  idlstrlct   ift^perintendcnt   and. the   school  ' board.       '  ' ' ,'    '���'��','  , 'Jtegarding administration, if it is an edii-  Ilanna should be ap-  catlonal matter, Mr  .   proa ched, anytliing else goes to 1hc sccrc-  *.W��, otf the aUr.ens.i Oilgani^atten for    liry.'twawror, then to the Ward of school  Better Education wish to request the, pjppor-    temfteeJ, in writing. "  tunity to speak at the next scteoM board:  ���meeting with the express purpose of attailn-  Ing rtlwi following iaCormaiUop:'    '���";';  <i)' The  duties  and ' rcspomilblMitles-'of'.'  the wewtary trcawurer <thc answicr te pe  a puiWIc stateuncn. (by the school board).'  <2)'The preferred procedure % ap-  pnoachihg 1lhe scliool1 board with regard to  stedcrit proiblcirn_ and questions concerning  uidmilnlpte&tlon."  The Jcltcr advised that Mr. lA>rtte Wolverton would be etpokcVman far the organ..  izMIoh,-" "   " ���   REPLY ' '  Cliaiiruhan Don Douglas advised that, the  duttefl: otf ,ttw. iiecanctary Ircanurcr arc com-  l'jflcx awl fiimicdi ���u-n pages of detailed ex-  "pdanatton. A brtcf-oirfflne indicated that the  *i��*rt*ry i�� tho Iboawl'* iHt^l^erttti' tna#����er  and .ithe .dl8tri��t ��a|i]^U(l^��9l ia�� --tU$  . ijjlri W^verton stated that be was satis-  fted with tbe reply glvcn.  NO AMSVVEW  ; ;ift_jter from the Pender llajnbor and Di*-  it^di'-Ratepayers    Aesoclatlon"   ^cgardlpg  trfiafl^portaiion   H   klndcrgarticn   children  fitetcd ithat the ��?C(i_anatlon given by th��  board 4^a�� iconnidcrid not good enough and  no  answer,' Ii seems- only f.cnsJ__e that  , wheh tipac-i' ip pvailahlle for these children  on the bus, they Khould be permitted to  - tnav'-lY . 1'      ',.  ��� ���   -. ���    (  ,\T(-ite '.lfp*t further stated  that Pender  ilarhcwir area pays more in' school taxes  t_ah the combined total of Gibsons and &c-  ch.lt vililagcs and more consideration is ex-  .'ipecUnl.  - " - I ......  Chainman Don Douglas stated that .wtftt-  ing CmBlhcr..can He done, the board'* poM-cy  is ,ji��t m Ma dttitter. ��� -,.   ���  r  area can be supplied with water?  L'L'A-;: -.-INiC).'..I^toiw,���sa^MtVaOTwrwr^,'.'Siw_lfc''^v-s.  the ftegional iBoard ,the power to miaijee  water 'avtS-Jahite^'iyher it" is economically  feasible, Residents of a locality requesting  ac water supply will have to assure the  Board that the majority of them want the  water and are prepared; te pay the costs of  obtaining it. ; ������.''���,'���.'.���  Q:, ��� Why .should 'I vote' tor this bylaw if ,  I am already oh a water supply? .  . A: ."For two.lieasaas-;, "i..'M"; ������.���' ���'.'.'  (a) You will' help others who at present  have no water supply to obtain one.  <b> Though-yon -will not incur any additional cost .to yourself at<._t_ls time, you  will ensure ithat should your supply need  improving or puipplemeniting that there is  an orgahiration already prepared to assist  yo* ...     '���    P-'"i   .':���,".  Q: YW I am already on a pub^c water  system will1,1 have to pay another eonmec-  tion;charge. ��� . '       1  A:'  NO., Vow will only be included in ,  the ovcral scheme if your trustees request  .it.'   '     .    . ' ���     '   ���'���  <}: Does the parcel tax apply to all my  land.     ���     i' L      ' ��� :���'.������':.  A: The .tax wil apply only , to those  lots which can be served,1 '.,',' '      .',"���''���'!  Q: Df water is supplied to my axea,  must! pay a connection fee and Join the  system1?       ���   ��� '.'  A; Not immediiately, you Will be given  a rea'sonaibte length of' time in which to do  so after' the suppdy is .available at your  property line.   ,  Q: Will, the parcel tax Ibe applied to  land Sscrved by existing watorwork��?  A:   NO. The Board will have no Juris-- '  diction over eade^ng waterworks and the  area twved by them.  Advance poll provided  for Gibsons elections  AN ADVANCE poll will be opemod ot the  MunteJpal Hall,, WW South ITctdicir  Itoad, Gibsons, from 2:00 p.m. to *:00 p.m.  the aftcunoon. of Tuesday, December a,  11K>8, for the purpose of providing qualified  elector*, who levpect to bo absent on tflw  regular polling day, Katuixlay, December  7, J9C8, an opportunity to,, vote on thc mtne  issues that wiU bc presented by the village  on 'the regular polling day.  Such elector*, applying to vote at thc  advance poll, must present to the Itctunn-  Ing OMccr, or bla Deputy, a ���jtotwowA, on  a .form- provldea, to the effect ��� tf_nt - they  expect to ibe atonont 00 the rt^iilar mMtxg  day, Saturday, DiJoeiubor 7�� lt__t.        '  {''���  Y  . <��� *-  1  I 1  �� 4*> m  m   m* ��* * * a.  m.   t*  * *    �����   *y*f   *   tKf,\^-^ P # ft$ ^ '"*,s 1** ��� * ^f,^^ /H<i*f _*  \rtf,ii(im*<lfj^^^pA**l^'*Q*^^ *.. ___r.__ct<.__.  ._ ��... __._JUi._7...       _> ______*"M^__  ^'.^:.  ��� i��.-2 .�������� V^'i- *-���!  ,-* v y^A* $$vJr- J-'LVV^? *-V. V',-> U'X-Vy vv--V��-��-?-��� _.w*5*<����_Y'v ^ .^y^AX^kYu  -^i1  '<i,  .   .     r A     ;f i     k .  V,  ��< Xi' \     ,   ifcl if   .   ��If  w  ' *-   "      , .   I    . '  I  r_     H_^W_����WWWIMHP*P_V1_I>��.^*    . _���_���I  FOR SAif ��?OF,flnued) fOft  " SALE Ko^inuc  ./ V*'  <*.��_  lllll l|iiii>Hili_^n��l>yi��^p��  , BVitJyobt^asixif^a^s^:% s.jgfft^^Bttto** %&_/'-&-  ;__��_��  *__MJ_feM  _���_���  Published Wednesdoys ,by  The sP��r.tnsuto^T.ories'Ltd.JT %  ���    btSe&eltsBjC.  -Member, Audit Bureau  *f Circulations  September 30,1968  <____ Circulatlort 2108  Paid Circulation 1946  (Subject to Audit)  Classified Advertising Rates;  3-Line Ad-Briefs W2 words)  One Insertion , 75c  885-9782, or, sWrite Box 470 e-o  __ _?. - *_�� ii��t-- *��r.t_.__fc "r_.___ i'e-ihstiUJ "tikes, JBox 3&; 6b-  HA^iL���toi. rent, v,Wpson _3reel_ -,<,.���  *��/. .-      *-v.      .!(,;*.  Community HaiL tont_ct Mr, *hett, 3M_ ^    . .        mp  <a^gMIlfrs, S^i83_ fflWjto' SSatolSS^S-PS  HOtfSfiKEEPING    rooin^   all ���centre Sechelt���bi&xwaylp*  WvinM room^^iS; tiiepbce.   at f_&&.. eifeh. P-0/ Box 29?/-  *&����**��� Jdtfchen; re,p, roQ& * S^h^t ojYip tfg* ���jnfafaet'ft.  A-oil heat dto carport lively   Nestm?*, JSelma Park. Mmfn  Jarid|ciperf,yard  mx%   pity.   ?' w   -' ���   ���   "- -���'-��,r\.  |3?.ejbj, Wei;, phonfe evep^is' pSItf$#B Harbour  view lotsi,  iih wringer 'washer,  . .-'L-i *ia - __.    ii- *��   i "<c- * &01.    '$79-95';    used  Ooxd^teeflHf&;vfiati& for. 7  ftom^io   <up   to   $19_9J.-  found, private entrance, Selma Park, fiettt. B85-9533. .  _   9&8i4fh  FULLY equipped one bedroom  cottage on waterfront ai Mis-  cation, level and cleared, \j_J  services ayailable. Box - Qte  Peninsula Times. 1104-t_J  BLOCK BROS.    l  I_ot 27 and 2?,, Sladey subdiy-  Men. Phone ^3-24(fe Or svfitfe  Box &j$lk Peiunsdla Tlnies^ s$e-  dbtelt. ���    967fe-i_n  ( >   -4~ -,_ I. ' -4   I I  ~  the sun snmh on  i���5* of unrestricted vievfr waterfront with the finest sandy  beach- 2 bedrdom home tkat^is  a deji^bt to show. $a8.O0O_ ,"  lmnsaej_|te ~ Qtiartef   atie  Bkindisr^ &k \taxdis.  Stindivlsf- jeriS^oli fox "  salvage -wprk;.  WALT.MyG^S^Lti  \i -1 $$xwbe# <��� it"'   sitkctibnxtdo-s- a_.d' 2" xfipords,  $399.95; 2en-   I3J50 _aehu' Phone' jB85->JJ542.       * $35. Two ahto head _este,. new  ���?>A-i&>nd3iY --!y /vj.- '��� j;.^ JtfoafWfa1*' tykpw* ftXWffiU -, y#97'tfo  a;_w��vj|; ^ s^^lji^    thjiiife- emtitoid^  .^plies!  885-9330, ^echeitj BjC_ V'L.       - '?r��e/ tasttnctoi. -Phone, 386-  .'v Y!. v1*' i v^^"*^r 9612. -Amae ffems.,  /, t9933;5l  ffidgej by irtgidaire, 1-ycar old;  %sll^__ly damaged, -$175; used  ' fridge^ $29.95. Surprise her for  C^rip&ias; buy the new port-  d-_e'di6hw^_j_er,- nb'jv _t ��&&-  ^.g,. i   . ' ��** Hsrdware,  stsk'fbr fi?ee   _____________________________  ��h_��i i^W M&&__* ��ri��   ?Mir4elm,nst*:a1ioli",*PAr��^   DUMONT stereo wmbirfoitipn, ,.  Phone fiflfe-flSOS, ^Citatui, AC.   'H^divaK Seehelt,, b^ -PBope'     6 moiiths _-ld, $300. Phoke S85-  1306-t&i ^85-_i7L ^ 9&72-i_n    9541 . ,       ,     '��326-51   '  ���i.i^m��� i_nir~,���<���> ���   --mniift ���>.���_.,_���,���,     i. ������i_���i������.!,..!..,,,...,.., ���.i.��i ii.w M��i.|��'.i.��.��.|ii��mi^w'.��-i-"  CONVEBTlBliE-Mby   bugfe, 027 iGUACUE electric Jradn set  . used oi_yJfe j^nttia. phone Over 49 It. of track, 2 swit-  8_5-2D07_   ' 'i >    > "'  ���9999-ifn chesj and lull accessories^ Ph.  _^_7__^.-_���'   ��� - . -\-���-4-JT'  885-9973.  9976itfn  FOR, QUICK  RESULTS  USE TIM-S CLASSIFIED  41.50  _.15c  jfhree  insertions   Extra lines (4 words) _  (This rote does not opply to  commercial Ad-BriefsJ  JBox Numbers  lOc extra  25c Book-keeping charge fs added  for Ad-Briefs not paid by  1 publication date.  legal or Reader advertising 35c  per count line.  Display advertising in classified  Ad-Briefs columns, $1.75 per inch.  Subscription Ratesfr  By matt. Peninsula area__$5 00 yr.  By moil, beyond 30 miles $5^50 yr.  By moil, special citizens $_! price  By carrier ^_ 50c month  COMING EVENTS  TWILIGHT f H��Af RE  Gibsons       '  Thursday, Friday, Saturday,  Nov, 21, 22, 23  Clint Eastwood in  'THE GOOD, THE BAD  AND THE UGLY"  Colour  Monday, Tuesday,  Wednesday, Nov 25726, 27  The most Beautiful Movie Ever  Made  ELVIRA MADIGA  Colour  -7534-51  CARD OF THANKS  I WOULD hke to thank all my  friends and neighbours for  the .cards, llowerB ' and visits  received during my stay ih St.  (Mary's Hospital. Margaret  j  Wray. S934-51  !-58��L  9958-52  3 BEDRQOMteD Jtause i��-Se-  chelt.  %  Basement,' reasonable rent. S85-S330W 885-2341.  fl9_7-t_&  vT 4o6*9x7j. i     fKyw^pfi   senilis   jdfitl t__ltios   3 ~~ *  For fast servicfe onJ all propfer- - bok&toi house.ga^ge and out-   *ckra Ny^^w* Mrs. Mae BvJget ^nd  ties and hiislnesses. J*irii_i_es   l_��Wr *��*��ffic  tuxi^H     Mrs. Nygren as CO*hostfiS8es.'   "  Arotmd Gibsons Tonaed Nfmm ^ - ��� P   ,  ���TS?^?__gV!_&'fe_;    PMlrib-itiM-oi minutes  . ening id$t -vveli: at iiae home of Miis.  ties and hiislnesses  WE TRADE HOMES  buildings. Njear schools, heapfi,  abd stores. $21,>O0Cv" -   /   ' ,  clarified by school Board  _..���,��_,   large M, Selma Var%  g6��6'^   Gopd teem..  A SeaiM wsejatd ;etfiuge jbad6 hy . distribution of the minutes of school   will-be introduced at ^grade 5'and comGnue  Mrs.N^finlay^n. was tannbd bn the    -   h   ^ meetings -was dueitibned'hy^toi^    toukh to firade 12., -  " :���iV*  i,LL���L   xj"   Y,Ui.*_YYnfi-    *JS_> moaro njeexangs -was que_ncneu. ny pnus-  l^l;^iS^^J&/��    *�� fiSBI. Kitson �� Mst ^eefc>��� ineeting  REAL ESTATE  Ate 2'Ssr^ffilias?fe.s a_r_irs5s__riii^  2 BEDROOM cottage"an ^inall  lot for sale. Excellent T^es*.  Ph. S85-9728. S   ^     9312-H  Unfinished *|>lit leyel on j*forlh  Boad. 1% mile west of Langdale Ferry T-aminat 3' large  bedrooms wi-h -vail io wall ear-  pet, liying~~pot��n; vaifiiy bathroom with 1 heat lamp. JLtits -of  room, 1500 sq. ft. Big basement. All conveniences.  Evin Gordon, 731-3473  291-2881  Vancouver  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD*     ll^flQ,. "DOWKt���In   Sfedw_t   2 bride^eleet ���w&v.i4.Kaied ah _ chair trimmed  Sunnycrest  __mpping' Cehifa*^   ectfic-iie&t, laundty roo&patr yellow sf_iea_api$s aM& received 4 very e__- - >   9rn.A   -  ��� >-  .���,���*_, ^,,^1, ��_��,  '      v       Cibstms              .      iached carport. Move *ig_i in gantly decbta-fed ^afibet'contaimng^nkny Discussion re-vealed that 54 copies of   I.T-A. P^grwe now in its ��>^^r  at- $10,800. handsome gifts.'          .."***        ' .mMites used to be distributed but W been   P* w school. The ratal teaching alphabet  .      ~    '      ^                                                                               _ ...**���: _ ..    _   -.    .       j ^                                .   .         , .��          ^iii<-.*tf-H   iUaci   o>.    _nt_-T*.r__T_+i_^ri*_1   1ia,rTiPtr___   latin   -vn  b^room ho'Use, ^modelled; d-   with yelow^a^Mie etealieinuanT^nd    ^^rd tod proved ^t>ie. of ^min-   -   Eoberts Creek Principal MaLoolm.Jtec.  i-wi---jij_����*   f*����a^, .^��Y^*    �����m_J. jxi.i?8u JStfi* __i.'j!_._ - JT-. 3_r    Hires susg to sidhool pr_acipals.    1  >.'     '.   Javish gave a comprehensive report on the  Providing 'ibe ^Sunshine Coast ^._  jjvilii a eonlplete  Professfonal   ^y���Sj s��(^Tt_.yiew of TraU Is- A pleai^ ^iai evej_ing Ms enjoyed  s   Service.   ���               jati^ ^g 2 _drm electric heat- and eye-ironfe jpwep prfparfed iunuftfete  ��.-, B^ji^      T���.^._.____       ^ comfortaMe' eotlage dn 75,x'J and praetica,! Kite'of Advice for-ithe guest  700' loi is a gem. $S,-000 casE ' of honor. Fott'OiHrihg lhe qpehl_4 of ti��e gits,  ��^��r  ��,  ; o __ ^ .��      "__ delighflfuj wfoesJnnenfe *verev .served:   *  NEW, West Se^helt^Luxuriftus '  BLOCK BROS.  9994-50'  Beal Estate ��� Insurance  (feeheral And We) . '  Lajv Office jand TSTotary Public  lU.yF- Kennett)   -  f��i*t_iipt jliMeiDion to.jpur_i_.ase $r  sale of property from inception  to registration. <   ��  To list or purchase call now ���  Our exp&rieneed salesmen are  - at your service,  886-2481  ?546-tfn  curtailed to trustees, ex-trustees, ' the  press, department of education and B.C.  School Trustees Association.  which has ,24 conventional letters and 20  hybrids is easier to grasp than the conventional alphabet Mr. Mactavish stated that  boys' show greater interest in reading be-  - .i   1- ..  SINCERE thanks to my neigh-  ��     hours  and  friends  for  their  beautiful  carps  and messages  of goodwill, during my stay in  1 hospital. Mrs] E. Sturgeon.  9975-51  I  .  ANNOUNCEMENT  MR. V. LAKING takes pleasure in a__J6__icing the en-  r  gagement of his daughter Janet  Gail to John Alexander  , Thompson of Sechelt. Wedding  j  wall take place December! 7th.  at  St.   John's   United CKureh,  Wilson Creek. Reception will be  , held   at   the)   Roberts1   Creek  Legion Hall. , 9928-^1  i  PERSONAL  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. P.OJ  Bex -294, Sechelt, B.C.   Phone  S86-9876. 969-tfn  WANTED  WILL    purchase    patches    of  i^ain__ng  tamiber.   Phone 886-  2459. _68i-t_n  f DEEP well pump, electric required. Phone 886-2056.  9996-51  ROOM  & BOARD required in  Sechelt area for young man.  I Phone , collect    936-3867,   New  Westminster.        P       9931-51  WORK WANTED  TlMiKTUM Chimney Service.  Eaves cleaned and repaired.  Painting, gardening, janitor  service, old jobs, etc. All work  guaranteed. RRl Sechelt, Phone  885-2191 or 885-2094.        1871-tfn  ,  CARPENTER work, alterations,  carports,    etc.     885-2X43    or  evenings 885-94)60. IWWh  HELP WANTED  $14,000 PLUS regular cash  bonus, for man over 40 in  Sechelt area. Take Aort auto  trlpB'to contact cuHtomcrs. A'lr  mail C, A. DlclM._-Kon, Pres.,  South-weHU��r,n I' c 1 r o 1 e u m  Corp.,  Ft.  Worlh, Texan 70101,  ?ltK_!)51  5ALAL WANT  ^D  iTop price paid. Good quality  required, Contact 3, M. liayea,  Ijlerd Mokh & V'cm, Sechelt,  885-9313. 95321 fn  SALAL PICKERS WANTED  Phone Mrs,   Naida Wilson  885-97.6 or write:  Box 390, Sechelt, B.C.  V7WJ-tfn  WANTED TO RJENT  'J"WO befltx>om house \n Sechelt  jiren, automntlc hen., Two  ireHIKHtKihW. juJuHb ���'will keep  up pr��i>erty, Rentionuhl*; rent,  references If required, Write  Ik��x SH��M, c-o I'enlnisulji Titties,  Swliell, i��t��M��-ri_!  EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Notary Public  .   Member  Vancouver Beal Estate  Board  Multiple listing Service  PHONE 886-2248  All electric, 3 bdrm. home,  semi W.F., Gulf view. Large  Sundeck; carport & % acre lot.  Good water. $18,000 on % down.  3 acres of beautiful land on  highway with river bordering  one side, old 2 bdrm. house &  garage $12,000 cash.  Revenue duplex 1560 sq. ft. 2  bdrms. each, good view, community water, close to school  $25,000; $10,000 down.  2 bdrm. cottage on 66' W.F.,  600 ft. long, at Selma $10,000.  1.47 acres j_)s Sechelt with  large revenue house waiting for  enterprising party to develop  $25,000- Good  value.  Choice beach & 2 bdrm.  house 8 yeSrs old/ West Sechelt.  Hardwood floors, car-port, wonderful location $30,000; $10,000  down.  Large 4 .bdrm. family home  .or 3 bdrms. & den) on..fovetly  big view lot, handy to all local  facilities. Full, concr., bsmt.  with *A/oil iurnace. Laundry  facilities and tiled floor rooms,  pleasantly decorative _abd;S'cap:  ing. , In exeleltent cohd-tioh.  $21,500. Cash, to irritge.  E. McMyrtn   :.:  v 886-2500  DoWortmcih 886-2393  j. Warn 886-2681  Box 238, Gibsons, B.<3.  9939-51  BLOCK BROS.  Phone Mr. 'Good 681-9700  collect. 24 hour service or  736-9171  mdin office  2695 Granville St.  ISLAND I  Approx, 1 acre, 2 -Ottages, water and hydro. Pender Harbour  area. $5,000 down or trade.  27 ACRES  Approx.   Overlookihg   Porpoise  Bay good access and water available for suibdivision or holding   property.   $1000 per  acre.  LOT  $600; 5O'xi20' on water and hydro, Selma Parit area.  CABIN  Spring water year rotted and  5 acres and cabin hear Roberts  Creek turn off. Good gravel  road. Ideal for horses. Only  $8950 full price.   ,    .  BUILDING LOTS  Buy for the future at today's  prices only $395 down',and easy  terms, Turn off Snodjjrass Rd,,  Selma Park' all lots priced.  View lots FP $3950.  5 ACRES  Just off Gower Point Rd, !|$0()0.  Nr. Gibsons ideal for retirement, Located on '.sloping land  and well treed. Tennis. Also 1  acre $700 down adjacent.  COMMERCIAL CORNER  Junction of Francis Peninsula  Rd. and Sunshine Coast llwy.  Approx. 450 ft. x 2U1 ft. Piped  water on property, Approx. 3  acres $2J000 cash. Mortgaigc  monies available.  EXECUTIVE HOME  Nr. ferry Langdalt. 4 Ixlrmji,  Large LR; D-nren *nd cab, kitchen, all overlooking Howe  Sound on waterfront Jot. Terms  to  $29,600.  GIBSONS���Immaculate 2  room, fully serviced, part basement home on leyel landscaped  lot. An ideal retirement home  and location. Full price $12,000.  Choose your building lot now.  Ah exoellent selection of level  and view lots priced from $1,250  to $2,250. Down payments from  $250 with easy terms.  ROBERTS CREEK���4.8 acres  with southern slope and view  over Strait of Georgia. Frontage on two roads, ideal for low  cost subdivision. Full price  $6,500.  DAVIS BAY���Fully serviced  view lot 00' x 150' in fast developing area close to ea_e_l-  leint .beach. F___lpripe $2,250. ,  ���SE1C_P_JT���F.iflly serviced Vz  acre in choice residential area.  Ah exicelent buy at $2,500.  Tennis.  pldmhing. All  Fully occupied.  SECHELT���220O', 3 hdrm home  ���tvith'1 extra" bedroom and rumpus room in basement. Fireplace, A-oil heat, 100' *water-  ftt>nL Secluded $30#00.-  SELMA PARK ��� Delightful 2  bdrm cottage. Family room on  large lot. WW carpets, electric  heat. $13,500. Real good terms.  H. Gregory 885-9392  H. B. GORDON  & KENNETT LTD.  Phone 885-2013  Sechelt, B.C  9969-50  TRAVEL  Mrs. E. Reitze, Betty Gisvold, Margaret  Whelan. Dqra Finlayson, Kay Owen, Margaret Boh, Agues Labonte, Agatha MacKenzie -   '  Unable to attend but sending gifts wer*  Mrs. Theresa Mulligan, 'Mrs. ftobinsoil, Mrs.  G Cooperxand (Mrs. L. MacKay,  SPECIAL OCCASION ���  Guests at the" home'of Mr. and 'Mrs. M.  MvaroT were ihe "latter'a sis'ter and iam-  dy, Mr.^and. Mrs. Damf and_sons Richard  and Stephen from Australia." Mrs. Alvaro  had not seen her sister for 16 years so it  was a happy minion.  The Damf family whose home is at Na-  rabee, a suburb of Sydney, travelled on  a French ship to Panama and Guatemala  then visited Mexico before motoring to B.C.  They expect" to stay in Vancouver for two  j ears.  In honor of the visitors, Mr. and Mrs.  Alvaro entertained at a lovely Italian style  dinner. Among the guests were Mr. and  Mrs. F- ,R.. Orao^; Mrs. Oram, and. Mrs.  Damf were bridesmaids at each other's  weddings; they worked together in North-  Vancouver before Mrs. Damf left for  "'downiunder".  REFERENDUM  The chairman .stated that ithe board, hd-  psd to present referendum. Tgo..g.'jsp.lhp  public o*n Defcembef 9th but Victoria's approval had no't yet been received that is  why no public^ meeting had beej[._ galled.  Supermtendenft R. Hanna and lhe architect  were going to Victoria" on Friday.  FAMILY LIFE ,-,    ,    ,  Trustees agreed to the implementation of  the Family Life education prograhime in  the Sechelt school district. Proposed by  Dr. Reynolds of the Coast Garibaldi Health Unit and recommended by dis��r|ct superintendent R. R. Hanna, the programme   for  year  a  programme has been  the   principal   recom-  supplement to the conventiohal  reading program.  T rMr. Mactavi&h stated that ithe important .question is not, "can a child read?"  but' "does a ciild read'". Although no definite comparison has been made, children  in the 4th grade this year appear to be  better readers . than those in the same  grade last year, which could be attributed  tp Jhe success of the I T.A. programme.  "Seek", we are told, "and we shall  find." Frankly, we keep finding things  we're almost positive we weren't looking  PENDER HAfbBGUR ���  smocied7 beautifully ���tseeedixvfar--  tenfront and semi-waterfrdnt  lots in this scenic harbour wiih  year round boating and fishihg.  Priced from $2,500 to $6,500.  SAiiaiSrAW I_^E���Large waterfront lots on this beautiful  6 mile long lake. Easy access  via Lee'is Bay. Easy terms  available Full price $4,250 each.  For   these   and   other . choice  properties^^tf'   the    Sunshine  contact Frank Lewis or  atrton ^acksiy at Gibsons office, 886-9900.  F1NLAY REALTY LTD.,  Gifcsons       and       Burquitlam  FOR ail travel information and  bookings,  Margaret MacKenzie (local rep), Eaton's Where  To Go Travel, 886-2960. Gibsons.  99684fn  BUILDING SUPPLIES.  GIBSONS    Building    Supplies  Ltd.   886-2642,   Gibsons,  B.C.  Quidity? Ready-mixed concrete  Serving ,,.tbe 'a$ea for 20 years   " "   *", 90-tfu  ALCS_N; AlW^tim windows and  slidjing   doors.   Complete   in-  stal|atiph dr\do it yourself. Ph.  885-3534. 97734fn    p^dbury,, to   .., ; , ,     jorfe Pulton, Mr, and Mrs,, Fred^ JSaunders,'.  PETS' ^ :*&$���: %s- fficha^\Ma_.et, 'MriS. Joan  .  ,     Iwiby and Mr. .and Mrs". Charles ��Hal?teads  Unaihle to,be present were -Oapt. and Mrs.  Thoimas, EdVKul'andef, It'ay Holhrooi-, and  M.and Mrs. T, Baugherty.  Library celebrates . . ,  Young Candida's Book Week  observed MmQmbet 15-22nd  SURPRISE TEA  Surprise tea was held on Wednesday  afternoon, (Nov. _3 at 1O60 Franklin Rd.,  in recognition otf the recent wedding off Mr.  and Mrs. Daniel Hardiman.  'Mri. Hardman (the former Mrs. Alice  ���Sfcotbt), was^ given a heaut^ultcarnaitioniand  "brather corsage white Mr. Haijlman was  the recipient of a white carnation bouton-  mere. A gift w^s presented to the couple.  Those attending were Mrs. Ed.. Kullan-  .flerz Mr.-^nd; Mass. Jim Martin, -Mrs. Niiita  PEOFIiEwho arfe interfestied iii ,Ji^fflx cldi-  -dren and booM'-^ould^hi^^llie;!^-*-  together.   For   this   ireason' a: dft&c^tld  . groiip of.lihrarians '.&&& t^t_M__5%)f^iized  - .3totang Canada-.  33oOk We^s^t obseryil  But as Francis Bacon added: "Some  books are to be tasted, others _ro_dl��wed  aMisome few to be chewed and <iig��st*p4."  ; Di an age when almost anything is permis-  B%le in print, the wise rjeader seelss" the  m Canada every year from Ndv��mlier;l5    |dvice of a skilled librarian, a inowlaige-  1hr1�� 2_ad. IfcrSeeh^t; T^ or an informed parent, pr  isaghaflcaoce this year, for it is 'tfif^;i#^-^v-i|B]ad toymak^ sure that i_ie tbo__3 he;^el-  time we have celebrated'the oceai-KMYin ;'4ciiisYv_ll add to' his maturity and t__d_r-  pjir;ikn^ly. neiw.;__.rai3^-JBl;,is,,ithe hopfodfihe *;it&!__Ig, rather: thafl ^btra<^'|r^_f ihm  Seehelt 'I3b��^^.|fi__f^(ffl_|i^:.^  ni_f visit th* T^rrfrv^.Vi **^--l..fe.Ss_*^J^' ^^^sc<3a_''gc>ok: Week And i-urge allyumg  SAMQYED   Cross   puppies,   7  weieks old,  mother- purebred  Samqjred.  Males, |25; feanales  $20. Phohe 885-9598 after 4 p.m.  3936-51  GERMAN Shepard male about  7 months Old. Phone 883-2396.  7538-51  SILVER WEDDU  ���^ v .W^esday eyehinig, Nov. J3 at the home  ogYMir.   and 'Mrs. \ Fired Feeney,  :seiver!al  will 'visit' tM' 'lablstly''M' !_ii"-^tt__#^e^  This year the patiron of ISoung -Canada's Booi W����k Is 'Hi��,,E��o-_.6n%'\t&  Right HohdhraiHe Roland, M&fei&r? C: "��.  Governor .oil Canada. This is ..his message:  _ A wise man niatned. Erasmus '<_ice .said  ���"^Ken'I������ get- a -littfe'^Mnisy 1 biiy Woks  .a^d.df any i��-ie^ii:my:.i^L^-'Jia.tMek.^-  .Such wajs one; famous ;i&cho|ar%. estih^lioi.  ���cf,-the importance of',.bapfci:y,:,.-.; : " ;':'���  " ... Indeed, if one thinks &.a-mipute*^^  'we'Should be'ivlThduit' ithe"t-.ea__ires .of-'ltt  formation and ehtertaamneiof'to" be found  in books one realizes jusi, how much of our  present knowledge ahd happiness we Owe  Canadians to take stock of their reading  ":hailbits Mdsto' nja&e suite flfiBSt they sfirls ���get-  ._ihg theiiekt _ro!ih t_e:1 __Hlculable ridhes  Which can. be found in good books.      ,r  fri^ds gaithered 'fig a delicious smojigas-    to bbofcs. Ttey stand ready' -d'helpW at  borddiimer to c^ate^e 2^ Wadding    all times and they have tk ikfMk, patience to repeat their lesswhs as oiteA as  we wish. \  PENDER HARBOUR BEST  BUY! Tidy 2 Bdrm. Cuitie just  ifedecorated. Easy to heat and  live in, Only $9,000. Try one  third down. Call DON TAIT  883-2284,  HOTEL LAKE AT* PENDER  HARBOUR: % Ac, nicely  wooded, secluded W/F. Level *��,  ground, $4^600. cash takes or  try your terms on $5,000. Call  DON TAIT 883-2284. '  ROBERTS CREEK: Modem  3 y__ir old home. Spacious view  living room has adjoining dining room. DeJlghitful Cab. Kitchen with built-in utility area,  modern tiled, vanity bath. Eaey  terms on only $18,000.  Better than 1 ac, with hway.  frontaige. Easy terms on !p3CKK>.  dnly $6,000 down gives Jim-  mediato pc.SiHcs.ion modeirn 3  IJda-m., Bsmt. home. Bright  Cab. kitchen. The !at1:racive jiving room features. Roman tlta  fireplace with built-in book  shelves, deep pile W/W. Oil  heat, Convenient locmt^on.  $200 down on full price of  $12,000���large level lot, all services, close Jn.  5 minute walk to ferry lge.  lint, with ia lUirJffik view, J .vrep  on  Bilk,  top,  Full  Price only  $1700.  COWER POINT: For thc dls-  crimlniiitiniR 'buyer. 100' of developed pa'rk. Neat, 2 Bdrm.  cottage feaitiwa .attractive living room with F/l\ Modern  Cab, Kitchen and t-atlng area.  A/oll heat. Attached workmhoji  Garago  $_7,0(H>,  K, Ituitiler  RON, McSavaney  Ed. Butler  DON TAUT  1 female, reg. $100 each. Phone  885-9987- 7537-51  LOST  ,  aomyersary off Harry and Margaret Smith.  9763-48    1 ^ clASS Silver Po(>dle PUP"    A * was presented from the group wil-h  pies, 7 weeks old, 1 male and    wishes that the guests of honor would en-  "' ' "    ^ktnany  more   years   off , happiness' to-  getlSer.'''..'  HERE AND THERfe  -,.���. MT., and Mrs.- H.' Haimtm and children  ��� fricfrii, Vaiic&itietf are hew, resides ait l-ffO  l-^httitt. Welcome to fc&ohs; '���   .  Miss May Lopgton of Granithairos Landing' has returned ailter spending five weelos  ih the.British Isles. Travelling by jet 0ahe,  she visited he* brothers in OhCsiMre where  she attended the wedding off a nephew. This  hapRT ewrit was me occasion for a family  retiniioh. Miss Lohigltah also went to Wales  where she 'visited ��� a friend who was' in  hospital. I     ,  , Attending open-house at Western Pentecostal BUIbOe College in North Va'npouver  on Monday last week were Mr. and M*s.  Kaii1 Schroers, Mrs. B, j; Wlsken; Mrs. R.  Cramfer, Mrs. F. J Wyngaert. Mahs R.  Braidketit and Miss Cheryl Bracket! Rallies  at 2 p,im. and -M 7 p,im. were enjoyed. There  ANGLICAN CHURCH  SXllsTT HILDA'S^ECHELT  ' ���'. ;S;00d.m. Every Suridoy  .9:30 o.m. Church: School  ;,     J 11.0.0 a.hn. 2nd. 4th, 5tH Sundoys  ,    7:30 p.m. Is. phd 3rd Sunildys        /  Services hfeld regtildriy in  GARDEN BAY, REDROOFFS and EGMONT  ' For information phoiie :885-9793  ' \  Every Wed. .0 om H. Commfunibn St. 0(d-i's  =  LOST at Hackett Park.  Boy's  heavy   wool   sweater,   raspberry with black & white diamonds, Finder Phone 885-9604,  9937-51  BETHEL BAPTlSt CHURCH  SERVICE: S_CH_LT  S-nddy ScJide! ���10:00 a.m.  Church iervice��� 11:15 aM.  \\Wy^Miih,'p'/ssfok  Yod are invKed lo attend ony or each service  ���^" ^y~-yyyyr>f: r, -r- :ry  SUNSHINE C54ST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenbrrtlhatlcindl)  Sunday ^chool10;00a.ra.  Church Service 11:15 aum.  Evening Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV, S. CASSEUS  OovUBoy Road and Arfcuttis  (2 hlocki up f rom Hefihwdry)  FOUND  FOUND at Selma Park, boy's  J.C.  Higgins   bicycle.   Phone  885-9C33. 9932-5,1  P  BOATS & ENGINES  15 FT. CADILLAC alum, boat,  35 hp motor, trailer,  cover,  lights for sale. Phone 885-2007,  9618-tfn    was insipirlng music and Hoy e" Upton was   ___  ^ ipbaker.  , Whe^ _talb and Jan Rowland were om'a'  10 day holidlay ithey imoiored down itbe' Oregon ipoast to Oalilornia visiting Sea Lion  f^rlm^c   n��V.    mn,n���  .. l!_a_    ',.    i     , _        _      X  WISCONEWN   37   H,P.   motor*,  air cooled, clutch forward and  reverse.  $250.  Phone  885-205C,  9995-52  Excel lent   tcrihs   on  ��� 880-20<K��  ��� 880-9650  ��� 880-ZKKrO  ��� mzm  CARS ond TRUCKS  ON15 OWNER,  1959 Ford  Sed-  an, jihone after , p.m., 883-  2291. 9979-5]   \ _   FOR palo���1957 Dodge 2 Dr.  Sedan, G cyl., good hccoimI  car for Peninsula week-endm,  ^100 or offer. Phono 7iW-.13or�� or  885-9*24,  , I00(KI-r��2  '(13 FORD Galaxic, 2~d(Ki'r, (i  cylindi-T , standard, new winter and wmni.T tires, $850, will  take boat or car on trade, Kelly,  phoho 883-2502. 7530-5.]  Wf N^TED TO BUY  Ca-ves ahd many pollrKts otf iderest. On ithdr   b* *�����  ��s_ilf,i��r��.v.     rf-*.).*-     _V._-i..      ���i i .__._,__        'it-  0  X.  For Fast Service  Phone Mr. Good 681-9700  I    BLOCK BROS.  Wc' Trade Homes  ,      SW30-51  K. BUTLER REALTY  8< INSURANCE  Citoons, B.C.  Phone 880-2000  MH.MJJK5R  WULTII'LE LISTING  ���    ���    ������   SERVICE  1W35-51  ONK or two bedroom Imniv  iM-^nr jflio.pi��lnfi ecntre, (|||>.  Bioms or Ntichrlt. Can he vwl\,  Phone Vancouver 985-MiOH,  cvenlnpn, WM-wl  IFOR SALE  40" I EU0CTIUC    range*    |����i,|  $5(K)  new,   r>   element.K   nnd  grill, atitiuminitic oven, and m-,|��  arat-<? barbnciK. ov.-n, j:wxl vm\-  Mkm. $125.  Plione WS-WMi,  .,      ���     ��� 7535 52  \V   rcitiurn trip (they .stopped over Jn PodJand  and In Vancouver,  <irue��tis otf Mr. ahd Mrs, Gordon W, Itiklbr  ,ards m-K their son Jtdbert Richards wJth  hia iwllfe and son Jt.olb.ln out from Vancoii-  ���vw wiw-ino (Mr. Itobent. RUchairds is iin Ma  IfJIIIh year i��.t UBC., The occaHton for their  visit was the bidihday ot Mr. Gordon ��ich-  ard��.  VJslUng  MrYand   Mrs.  Hugh  Jadaton  ,(lx>wt'r   Huberts   Creek   Road)   are   MrB  JiacfeiKto'H iwplvew Fred Tomcallson with lil��    .  Wdo fatim awm Mills, Alberta, When he  '?  warn *������ young dhlfd, Fred'�� home was  al   I  Pant MdiUxn. fl  Diwayne Burnett tflram Ladncr was ujuest  of hk ��nanditnioitihctr, .Mipb. ��M. Hofltovwlnlr for  a tip dayN HiiIh pa.rent,�� Uoh and Jndd��  Burneitt visited rcfla'lliv<en here.  iMr. and Mrp, JOd JHiiUUt cnilcrtattwd at  a dlnnw party t>n Ka,|lU,rday evenilng at the  MmuHJh*M, The occasion wa* their  Sim ���wcddlnB. an.ntvernary and tine fourth  attniy^nxxry of their daughter and ��on-in-  liaw (Mr. and Mrs, Ifen Gurney.  REMINDER  I>opU lf.ongcit the ��l_,b��ons Ilospllntll AiuxlIM-  ,Bry .Jwidge tournaiment tn the Anglican  parish hall on Nov. zt, at 8 p.m.  Well, if imedlitimw can talk to awtlwr  world,' _a*ylbe tbere'< ���still hope for com-  OTunica'liop ih-IiIi tcen-'a��cr*,  h  k  p  IY  j ilifettfeiT A��EMCSES DATE PAD    ^'  * V}\s trie reminder' of conhlr. a eveinti ts o seryite of SECHELT AGEMdES  LTD. Phobe Pehlhsula Times direct for frCo listings, speclfylno "Dote  PddY Please note that space is limited and some advance dates may  havi. to wait thei. *urp; dlsp that thii Is a "reminder^ ilstln0 only and  cannot Always carry full detdlls, l  tiMlhMilltkni&  Nov. 21���1 p.m. Secrtel. tleolpn Hall. Q.A.P.O. Business Medina.  Nov. 22���-1-3 p.m.Sechelt Leolon Hall. Lions Ladles Christmas Bazaar  ana Tea. , ..   ,       ���  Nov. 22���8 p,m. St. Bartholomew's Hall, Gibsons. Hosp. Aux. Bridge  Tatil-dhment.  Nov. 22���-lb a.m.-. p,m. Wilson Cr^iek Community Hall. Coffee Party.  Nov, 23--,8 ci.hh.-8 p.m, Sunshine Coast Reolonal District Vol lna Day  In Electoral areas.  Nov 24���2 pm Official openlna of the Sunshine Coast Senior Citizens  Homes at Sechelt.  Nov. 26--2 p.m. Wilson Creek Hall. St. John's United Church Wo-'  men s Christmas Bazaar.  Nov. 29������? p.mi Rdberts Crwk Leolon, L.A, Bazaar and Tea.  Nov. 30���1-3 p.m; (.dbcrts Crwk Leplon Hall. Parents Auxiliary Rummage Sale  ASK tO% mi CATALOGUE OF PROPERTY  MutHpt�� Uttlmg Scrvlco  Voncouver Real Estate  0oard  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  AG-C-COES LTD.  Qib��om 886-7015  .]  r  'x  i  y.  J  X  $-4  (.'  J|-'lffMf!^��*ii|ll1t��-f,-t.|-i'l��< W>f itf ' > *    _' ��� "   >    *'���   ^     f >    '��* ,"'    '   r    ^     ^   V       . * . , , , <    .        > '     ''   f>AiY^        <>   ^   ,'    * > ,       * ' (J    Y/'      t>  I       P   <     >   < r       i ^ y /y^k. a<^-'(        f >        *   . J        Y    -      . -  *Y.  llf'lVti)' a   IijMiiiii I  rTfetliteAIfetf^  'way Mpfygiate. 0       "v  " >  la tifils j^ilee. J$|y*jg $* Wfp^_ d#y $p4 1  'Far mrto^nm $ a^ speoma, tiy  ^enmep; ggnus, i&toe^f'jSMJjg ajad  d^nij^anep^ajml beet drinker�� ��f Caa$t-  ���J^uloo-ia, J _$er Me flowing story?  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A3_fcur jGiu^fcen, iKhe nwheait sjpeeulator,  __?_______?_______  i ^i_5__&��___.  Hookup r j  Routine operation for the crew of   The 25 foot lojfg capsule is one of _ Power Au-hority^Hiis capsule was ih  Okanagan  Helicopter,   operator  in   ahouf'20"instaHeei?v*at'_ii^i levels   stalled at the 5,300 foot level on the  radio contact with helicopter pilot   throughout ihe"'province to .improve   Moui?| Tetrahedron range, last Sat-  hooks the radio transmittang capsule   coim&u__eat-��nvffauB.C, Uy&io and   jir^ay |>y Secljelt's Hydro crow.  onto hovering ^ui%o jet; lieHcopter.        \n. - *    r   f '    It - ;.".<��,,  l|Ul^'l*>|WW'UWUIiWi-IJII��l.l_-��_UUULUllUUII IUIUUIIIMJUWJIH.  CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE  Post Office Bldg., Sechelt. 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Frank West i  Chairman, Regional Board  Sunshine Oact Regicrool District  Y  .    t  ;,.   .,.���*,  <4 ^.. -���. _k,^^^ Wl^***)��MH��W*��^Mfcl*��^^^'* *l"��*l^ w  "  I  '^->*^^��*".-*��� *(*S ."V.��*,���*��� ^^ /W   ��>   #   <��l    A   iA     *    #   *   *  #   M  ^^JT ^X-��ii_C��^^^-*^ *^*-ft*.w.*^V.1!Ls.X ^w^-^w^lr^**^-^j.*fTi-^t 4wCJ(^T^^'^��^^^'j(^^Aj,*'4fi'^'^^'!f ^*|,**���*^ ii(*M^wf y^ ^t4.*rf_.iflw^ .* Y/r' . Jt. ^ Y " > YY V      '' *  UM^^M^^^^M^^i^^AlM  ' X  X_��IS f Se&i^j^lp^^^  "''   4,  Page A-4  The Peninsula Times   j^mmaatimmmm  *rm  MfHMHWHW  Wednesday, November 20- 1968   ,   ^eOcfefS'    ftig/j_f  Ihe Vwmswufjimeb  I may *�� wrong, but i shrdl not be so wrong as to fail to say what I believe to be right.''  ���JopN AT_J0-i  Douglas G. Wheeler, Editor ��� Stewakt B. Alsgard, Publisher     Simple explanation        4  Editor, The-Times ,    ,    '  -  Sir: Now _aat an explanation _.as been  given to us all who own acreage or "the  smlallest parcel of ground on* Hie Sunshine  Coast concerning domestic water it is lime  and opportune that we take a very serious  interest in the nermanent supiply of tins  important commodity which now is within our grasp. ;  It does take real money to install a well  engineered and permanent water, system  which would encompass the _gc_ue_ia_ anga  SHOULD referendum No 9 fail in the   der Harbour area where money delegated   from Halfrnoon Bay to Port Mellon taking  Sechelt School District; the Board of   for school expansion at Madeira Park in   in, .as it fettled �� growing ar^  __B��_hb��&I (Buries _bl_n____.e  School Trustees will have only itself to  blame, for never before has the door of  communication been closed so firmly  on the public.  With lessrthah three weeks to go before the $1,660,506 referendum is presented to the taxpayers on December 7th,  the pubhc is still ignorant of its content.  When the referendum has been approved by Victoria, details will,be release  ed to the public, states the Board Surely  this is putting the proverbial cart before  the horse for if this building programme  is considered essential to the future welfare of students, the public should* be the  first to be fully informed.  In the past although it was not fully  appreciated at the time, school trustees  have travelled the length and breadth of  the district tp fully inform the pubhc on  forthcoming referenda.  Certain areas of the district are already suspicious particularly in the Pen-  referendum No. 8 was transferred to another part of the school district to meet  rising costs of building. |  Integration of the Indian students has  led to overcrowding in Sechelt Elemen-  which lie between, but far sooner than we  think this will foe an absolute necessity,  two of the sound reasons follow:  1. The continual falling of the water-  table, (height of underground water) in all  the areas noted above due to the logging  tary School which already has Jive rented   of the sidshills and the cutting of isolated  classrooms and a motley array of buildings scattered all over the grounds.  Department of Indian Affairs is contributing a substantial sum towards building but  the support of the district will be needed  also.  A realistic referendum presented  candidly to the taxpayer is essential at this  time but the present method of communication is antagonizing the already overburdened taxpayer.  An increasing amount of school board  business is being shuffled into committee  and the press no longer receives minutes  of resolutions approved followed "in  camera" sessions. An informed public is  far more receptive than one kept in  ignorance.  ��e____l��g���)(i�� tread lightly  DURING the course of a year our  elected representatives, whether they  be on council, school board) or regional  district, come under fire from irate taxpayer who in many cases are not with-  Board. At this time we would hazard a  guess that certain of the Referenda will  go down to defeat and while this will be  regrettable, for all the projects are basically necessary, much of the blame must  out good grounds for _-eg_stering protest   fall upon those who failed to appreciate  Much of the hostility is brought  about by the actions of certain elected  individuals who persist in adopting the  irole of saintly beings cloaked in an aura  of supercilious dogmatism. People of this  the fact that the taxpayer has a right to  know rather more than a few essential  details.  Far too many elected representatives  lose touch with "terra-firma" on entering  nature invariable join forces and form   public office and, under the misplaced  the nucleus of an "establishment" which   S?*se of toessiah, feel they have no obliga-  expects total servility within its ranks,   ^on to account to the taxpayers every  Slightest indication of deviation by any-   time .it is decided to proceed with pro-  one sufficiently  brash to harbor con-   Jecfs often m ^ million dollar bracket.  trary ideas and the culprit is immediately   This and this alone is why we ft^y anti-  disciplined by the horrified clan. Na-   ciPate failure of one or more of the pro-  turally, not in public, but the moment the   Posed money By-laws to be put to the  group-retires behind closed doors full   voter Wlthin the next few weeks. Far too    __.. .���   armament of the "establishment" goes   mupn secrecy during the planning stages    point of consideration it should not ibe over-  _.i-_   i . .      -        looked, that with waiter laid in, all our in  surance pre___ia_ms will fall on coir dwellings and our properties will be woa[_h more  from the sales angle;  patches of second-growth Fir and Cedar as  residential areas are opened up and. inhabited. The explanation is simple and fundamental. As the tree cover is e__ninated  there is little or nothing to hold the water  that falls, it runs off rapidly by the way  of surface water and streams and down  goes the water table. As a point in fact and  by careful observation the wells in the .tower Point and Roberts Creek areas have, in  many cases, lost their water-table in ithe  drier part of the year by ten inches annually regardless of the type of season. The  end of the well water supply is definitely  in sight So many residents are forced to  deepen their wells from time to time but do  not fully realize that, quite naturally this  will come to an end as some have found in  the last few years and who are forced to  haul water.  2. Pollution: As more and more people  move into .the Peninsula areas noted, pollution of the domestic water supply" from  wells and creeks will present an ever increasing threat to health particularly from  Infectious Hepatitis which has all to frequently shown up on the Peninsula in the  last number of yearns. It would be a very  serious matter and progressively so as,the  village of Squaimish has found ooiit where,  ���it is reported, the 'highest incidence -of any  part of Canada for Infectious Hepatitis is  to be found. Already, we find prospective  new-comers to this coast shying" away on  this account.  Pollution, in varying degrees, is now a  fact in the areas under ireview and I venture to say, that if all those who rely upon  wells and sitreams for their domestic water  were to take advantage of the GovemiueBt  testing of their supply, they would 'be very  surprised at the results showing, especially  during the months from June to October of  each- year.  Yes, it will cost us all a few extra dol-  lams to put ithis water system on tihe road  but what of it when actual water supply  and health hang in the balance. Ait this  Halfrnoon Bay Happenings  writes p.  into action. The dissenter is then forced whidl inevitably leads to suspicion foi-  to toe the majority line or be labeled as lowe. bv lamentably few realistic details  a trouble maker to serve the balance of and Items of information when finally  the term of office batting bis, or her, presented to the people.  MR. DEREK McOooey, Regional Consultant  of the Fraser Valey District will be lhe  speaker at a public meeting at the Welcome Beach hail on Thurs. Nov. 21 at 8  p.m. which all residents of the area are  urged to attend. Purpose of the meeting is  to discuss recreation in the area.  Hard tames were recalled by some ingenious costumes at the social evening at  the Welcome Beach hall last Saturday.  Prizes for costumes were awarded to Mrs.  'Guy Clear, who wore a dress made of paiper  shopping hags, and to Hugh Du_f whose  'garments were adorned with an assortment  of red pa_ob.es.  One of the most successful items on the  program was a hillbilly pantomime, produced toy Roy Holgate. Canon .Alan Greene  was starred as the bearded Pappy, with  iMrs. Hugh. Duiff as Ma, Hugh Duff as Mountain Boy, Janet Witham as a Sweet Young  Thing and Mm Cooper -as the Villain. Mrs.  Hoy Holgate was in charge'of sound effects,  A names contest was won by Canon Greene  and Janet Withaim. The program also included community singing with Ed Cook  at the piano.  FILM CLASS  Will -members of the -Film class please  note a change of time of the film programs.  head against a brick wall.  s For reasons difficultto define this  sorry situation has a leaning toward  school boards and certainly is not unknown in this district. We have witnessed the spectacle of elected representatives cut down to size for ever-more  simply because they have had the temerity  to speak up and seek recognition as an  individual. This df course applies to both  council and school board and we do not  Most of us realizp that certain information iias to be vrata-ield when invblv-  I 'believe that it is to itJhg,.advantage c&���  Stalling with the program on Wednesday,  all and our; duty -Cfet be$ip& ^elwell em^. Nov,"39,. the "show will starlet 2 p.m. shanp.  guieered 'proposed waiter scheme and back  ing financial negotiations, unfortunately    UP a11 ��>& g��od work and .h__k__g which  , far too much public business takes place    lllas ??��e F^ briDg ,0ie ma*ter to -?�� stage  in committee and the public told only  that considered necessary.  When millions of dollars  in hard  earned income is to be expended then the      man who foots the bill has every right    cost less to accomplish the carrying out  to know the why and wherefore. If, as    "' "  we forecast, certain Referenda do fail to  at which it is now is, by everyone concerned, and especially the regional planning  board.  If we take the progressive step and vote  "Yes" to ttie water scheme it will never  .This week's program includes the colorful'  ffim "Amgotee", the story of an Eskimo  boy from 'his birth in an igloo to maiturity.  IN HOSPITAL  .���'Mr. Ralph McCrady, aftek- a six weeks  ���stay in St. Mary's Hospital, has been trans-i  ferred to St. Paul's Hospital, Van. Roy  Marshall, the  son of Mrs. Keith Comyn,  ���by Maty Tinkley  has been transferred to the Extended dare  Unit of Powell River Hospital;'In St. Mary's  Hospital are Mrs. Anton Kadin who has  undergone surgery and Art Ar__Sftro_igY  ON TOUR  (Mr. and OMrs. Hugh 'Duff have returned  to their home at Welcome Beach after a  two months tour in which' they have covered  7000 miles.  They first made a round trip to Moose  Jaw to pick, up Mrs. Dufflf's sister, Miss  Clara Hal, and returned with her to Wei1-  come Beach and headed ifor Powell River.  They crossed to Vancouver Island and afiter  touring al over the island, crossed an the  jferry from Victoria and headed south. They  _ olowed Highway 101 which runs close io  the coastline of "Oregon and California as  far as San Diego, saw great-redwoods and'  the Sea lines "Caves and considered that  the Oregon coast was just a^ .lovely as anything they had seen in Hawaii. They saw  al the usual tourist attractions such as the  (fishermen's market of San Francisco and  Disneyland,"but alsd took many side trips,  to out of the way places of interest which  are so often missed !by the average tourist.  They returned 'by way of Las Vegas where  Miss Hall left them to fly back to her home  in Boston.  Home at Welcame Beach, the Duifs are  considering another."-rip before they ^settle  down to seraous reSreanent.....  IN BRIEF  Guests of the Guy Clear's at Seacrest  are Mr. and Mrs. Kent Witbam of "Nanaimo, with daughter, Janet. Mr. and Mrs.  Stan Moiffatt and their family were in Vancouver last week-end to attend the wedding  of Larry McHose to Miss Melva Coward.  suggest that there are times when such    S_2?S_fa ^2 ** ^ ^uT *!  instant lords of the manor" will discard  their purple gowns and return to instant  reality. Any Referendum which fails now  will eventually gain acceptance unfortunately at considerably greater cost than  right now.  Fletcher's Philosophy  discipline has been without good cause.  The fact remains, however, in general far  too great an emphasis is placed upon the  need for agreement within the ranks. It  is good to see a councillor or trustee  speak up for something in doubt or  against something slightly devious.  As this year draws to an end some  millions of dollars are to be sought by  means of various Referenda. This will include projects proposed by the Regional  District, Council of Gibsons and School  lP����f?@ Conmei*  of the plan because costs of construction,  like many other costs, seem io climb every  year and inevitaibly, this which is growing  at such an aecelJei-ited pace.  ( Both ends of the water system would be  fed by a clean and sure supply originating  in each instance from the general area of  5,699 foot mount Tetrehedron with its surrounding snow-fields and clean lakes far  from the reach of Infectious Hepatitis and  its lingering ills.  Wm. YORK HIGGS,  Box 339, Gibsons, B.C.  Random Thoughts  AiMD the wall's came tumtoling down! About  time, too. .  IThe open area classroom signifies more  than a change dn the physical structure of  the school. It represents a change in alitd-  ���by Mary Gross  seems   a   somewhat   drastic   approach  to  education.  Nevertheless, in tihe past, we subscribed  to the theory that the more restricted1 chB-  drera were the ihore they would team. The  tude within the school system, and toy the    rule otf the day was "'Be quiet and sit stil'  inulMAc. to edupfl.tifvn and   learn-ror   else!"   (Consequently   the  world is full of "or elses" otherwise 'known  ���by Vcc Lobb  THE WAV IT IS  There once were two robins; no huppy were they  Until on thc scene came a most gaudy jsty.  Mr. robin himself, undersized and no beauty,  Visibly drooped watching her forget Duty,  Jay chattered and preened. Her attention he  claimed.  Mr. robin Mood by and wisely abstained.  He then left them alone in order lo seek  Some jolly fat worms to place under her bunk.  Each time he brought one the bluejay would  score;  Snatch it and jayscreiim go and gel more,  Wben this happened, the lady fell tjuilc  deflated,  .Remembering the past and to whom slit- was  mated.  She camo to her senses, thinking "birds/of a     '  feather".  Thc two robins linked wings and hoiipi-.il1 off  together.  The moral involved,is plain to be seen:  Thc provider is king and his consort is ijuecii.  ^   .  The PENiNsuLA^wei-  Published Wednesdays nt Sechelt  On H.C.'s Sunshine Couat  by  Scutirlt Peninsula Tirhrm ltd.  J��o\ 3R1 -Sechelt, U.C.  l>oufilu.\ il, ft'herlcr, Editor  S. B. Ahgard, Publisher  Subsciipllon Hates;  (In advance.) ���  1   Ye_r.  J5  -  2   Years,   5.<>  -  3  Year*, $13  U.S. and lorrisn, $5..M.  Serving tin area .r.*rt /Vr/ Mellon fo Eftrnc '  (Ur*we HtHtnd #<�� lervtt I ntef)  ,ll�� ������Illll**    MiftuHllUllllllll I  II I    lil   fci  Bw ������il���-M_��l__lfc__il_fcl i_iiiiiIii_ii��hm>hh   ���Harry W. Fletcher  CANNING  Now comes thc corn and the beans nnd  I    potatoes,  Apricots, peaches and plums and tomatoes;  Cantaloupes, quinces and all sorts of berries,  M ushrooms and onions and three kinds of  cherries.,  Also there's cucumbers, squash and the grape  crops,  Muscats and concords and almonds and  kumquats,  Cabbages, broccoli, eggplant, persimmons,  Honeydcw, peifslan and huge watermelons.  J.ug boxes full of them, crates piled on carton,  Now who's to decide which landslide to start      .  on?  What's in thc gunny-sack, what's in that basket?  Needless to doubt it or even to ask it.  Mother's the victim of all this crop planning  Simply because she's the one does the canning.  Jars of preserves line the shelves in the cellar;  Who gets the credit? Does anyone tell J>er  She docs a fine Job? Well,' not so'h you'd notice:  So may 1 suggest thai this ycalr the vole Is  Thai she who puts up all Unit stuff thai she's  Muck with,  Accomplishes more than u man would put up  withl  I  BC Liberal leader  meets Gibsons CoC  PROVINCIAL 1,liberal Parly leader Pal Me-  Goer wild visit the PertiinMila this Frifhiv,  , Nov,  22.  MeellriK wjlli the GHwiPn.i Clialniiber <tf  I'oinmcroe, |u< wllil l>e KticM, speaker 'it'l a  "no-lion." luncheon M the Geclars Inn, start-  inn al 12 noon, bater will moel with local  parly ineunborn a. Secliel., A "no.mm"  illnrnT will be held by the local Llihera'l  eKecu'Uve nt Penlnsulii inn dlnln/j romm,  Seehel'l, Martina, ��l (I;.'l0 p.m., folilowecl by  a public. mwi,ln>j> nl n p,rr\, Kveryone cordially Invited,  Perhaps the grass is greener on the  other side. But until this weather breaks,  we're staying over here where the pool is.  ipulblic, to education  The demolition of the walls between  classrooms symlbofozes the simashing of the  concept that to confine the body is to ���release ithe mind. This idea may hold (true  where no other ichoice is open to the 'individual,  i.e. hospitals or  dungeons tout it  Happenings Around Elphie   ^   Aeeonllii'H to one pwyehlalrlril, 'this scramble l.t j;et color XV ht-ls'ls .iliinjrly dementia j >e a cocks.  AS last week was a short one things were  ipret'ty quiet around Elphie, Our school  toand which played at our own licimMn-  ibrance Day service last Friday also played  for the service bold In Gibsons on Monday,  Nov. 11, iMiany favorable comiments were  passed along and we would like to thank ;  Mr, Postlcwhiiiiite for the 'great joto he is doing at 'Eilphinstone.  On Wednesday, during the noon houri  our senior glints challenged our senior boys '  to a game o'f volleyball, Although .he (girls  have been doing good everywhere else, our  tooys seemed to Ibe too much for tlieiiu  Maylbe jif therc-Vs a rem.itch the glnls will  do bettor.  This weekend our girls aire reaWy boimr,  put to the 'test, AiflLcr winning the iu|>|��er  Vancouver Island toiinnaitnenl ithey ik.1  vaneed to ai|> osiliion In the prov.neli.l  chaini]>lons'lili|Ks lield at Teimplcton Secondary iin Vancouver, They loft on Thursday  nlglit, ittxl their ifirmt M'l o(f gmmeji started  at JO Prklay' inornlmg, Pull details on the  ���chflniiplojisli'lps will bo iivaiilablt) In tho next  isBiie,  Uiifortunateily oiir , junior glnls teams  'were u.tiiii|>le to travel '|,o Pender last Wednesday but will be going on Nov. Ji(>, Jin-  mediately niter neliowl, Thc s'tudentH <u\[ Pender are supplying our 'two junior girts  tewms and our eherorleadera with dinner that  evening.  Our girls tennis have boon jraveWnn  qui to a bll ta'tely but now our junior unci  senior boys basketball te.unn have 'their  ehanee to prove theniM-vcM cir�� Suturcjny,  'Nov, Hi when they travel to Hope. IloMiils  of those mimes will also be available in lhe  next Issue.  On I^rtday ail'ternoon the grade tens and  grade eleven class attended a show over u|  the Twilight Til-outre, After Olwlsliinaii il ii,  hcuped til hi I. at. leas't two shows can be  brouwht up for the gradti eleven and .iwclve  l.iii..llfih elasho,., Shown that have been seen  in the last low yearn are; "JU_nano.ll ntul  . Jul lot", '"J'o Kiil'l a Moi-klU'Ublrd", and "J.orU  \ui Ibe. I'UieY'.  ���by Marilyn Hopkins  Monday, the grade twelves are holding  their first major money-raising project toward ti graduation in June. About 25 grade  Iwcilye (students will be auctioned aPf at the  disposal otf the rest of the school. Two  "teachers. iMir. Smethurxt and Mrs, Rankin  have Wiunteered to bo slaves to ��� assist Jn  this event, This is all meant in fun .and  ���should provide a good time for everyone;  ���an 'assembly wliil be held at aipproxiiimatdy  '11:40 a.un. at which a short ceremony to  ���swear 'In tihe Student Council executive and  then the auction will! start.  as "dropouts".) Is it any wonder that' after  sitting quietly still mdl day, a kid not only  developed varicose veins in his legs, but in'  his head as well?  Be that as it may, the school system  served it purpose, which' was to beat enough  essential information into the student's  head to enable him to eiirn.a living.  ; This view otf the .purpose 'of education is  obsolete. We realize now that If education  is ito be worthwhile,' it must provide Hili-e'  opportunity for eqch and every ^individual  to develop his own special taJerits, in accordance with his particullar abilities and  preferences.  Education then is the work .of a liifcitiiime,  not Rometblng you "get" by itumitig on  your mind at 9 a.im, and HWitchlng it odlf  at 3 p.im. It is not confined to. the cloister  of the classroom, or even within the walled  enclosure of ithe school.  If wo wish to promote enthusks'in and  joy In learning, education mus.t ibecome an  "open area,"1 Tllic walls between learning  and Odifo imiusit come down^,   .   . .  , -r-from the Lesislature- Victoi^o  A NUMBER of sodai services .^r'^eside^s  of British Columbia are a-_nin_ster$d  jointly by the provincial and fecteiBul goV-  esrnments. Among tfeenx . are;" tospiM  insurance, medical services, jwodsimenrs  compensation, home owner, ginants, social  assistance, unemployment insurance, fajh-  ily allowance, old age security and _peb-  sion plan. ' '.  "   "  Most' residents, -n$ud__g. immisratis,  are eligible for hospital care under B.C.H.-  I. after ithree months residence. B-mefits  include acommodation, meals, necessary  nursinig services and o_faer available te-  pital services, for which patients aire charged $l per day.  The British Columbia govertanerit has  esitablisihed a prepaid, over-all medical star-  vices plan which covers the costs of /lie-  quired miedical, -_trgical,t obstebacal and  diagnostic -services. These ���services axe provided regiardless of the nilivid'ttal'-s age,  health or financial ci_xumst_ances, provided the premiums fixed by tbe coinw-isson  are paid.  Time loss compensaitioia is paid under  the Workmen's Compensation Act to those  who suffer injury wihile at work. In addition, seriously injured persons are given  rehabilitation itreatmeot, permanent disability pension, and pnxwision is made, for  ��� their . faflniEes. The entire .pr��-__u_a _^r  , vgpripmgn's j^pxvt^^^Yf^dJ^emr  ployers.  The home owner-grant is paid by lite  provincial government; _ie l_^_aa_iio__Q  grant being $130.   '.'''.'!..".'  In addition, provision is made for ��� tftke  purchase of a newly constixtcted house via  the Home Acquisition Grant.  Social assistance is granted to individuals or families who are unable to'paxwicle  a reasonably normal and healthy existance.  The two aims of social assistance is i��-  habilitation and prevention. v ������������:'������...  Unemployment insurance benefits ate  provided through a naiUon-wi-le system-  Contributions to the funds axe shared  equally by employers and employees.   '  Family allowances are paid for children up to 16 years of age. From. 16 to 18  years of age yc-uth allowances are paid  providing the youth is in full-time scihooi  attendance.  Old age pensions of $7.6.50 .per month  are paid to residents .aged 67 and over,  with provision made to reduce Ibis age to  65 within ithe next two years. An income  supplement of up to $30.60 per month guarantees pensioners a minimum income of  $107.10 per month.  The Canada Pension Plan becomes operational in January of 1966, and covei-i, on  a compulsory basis, most types of employment. Contributions are required by  employees at the rate of 1.8 jwYc_.i_r6f  their earnings bbtween $600 and $5,100.  Employers contribute an1 equal amoumt.  The plan .also provides disability pensions,  widows' pensions, orphans' bonefiits and  death benefits.  One of the boys at the office 'got back,  from vacation, looking iso irested' -we ms-'  ipcct he didn't 'go away at all.  f  'Xmtmmm��m*mtm'm*m9xmamBmm\*xxxmTmxwxmmxxamm  FOR THE TJt  booting  HA  Madeira Park,  B.C.  Your OMC Service Centre - Peninsula Evinrude  Dealer - Cabins - Trailers &  Hook-up - Camp  Sites, - Trailer Court - Launching Ramp  Phono 883-2266  HS!!mmMwammaamimBmBHBmm  K_  J.S-hS-T'i  SECtfLT THEATRE  ��� presents �����  IMMM_��_-  ���r  ��ii��i_iiwm��mmi  STARRING  ,Ror Stelger, Lee Remick  Cartoon - Technicolor  Starts 8 p.m. Out ICTp.m.  Fri., Sat., Mon., Nov. 22, 23, 25  'X  "K       >(<  K  NEXT WEEKi  THE ST. VALENTINE'S DAY  MASSACRE.  i^^i^mm^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i^  r)  -t^1w*�����..HV,*. ^..hM,,.^ ������*-- / Jt  I  lt%"#*"tY'^?vV^��YV.*'1_fY '% ��* .WMA'i^> ���.* I.M  *,** ;  ia*W^i^te^^-jJ^_1_.���'l:__.,X_l_i,j_S ______ .. _._..__._.._.  . -    ��; -,y Ira     ^ r' -. ���*  it [     3 - J i r  H->**��^_ ,  ? > ^ . 'c!Y ;  \' r    i -_.?  -_j.  3:4  ...    Sec&elt  Shop  tt-imi^i-bli-ls (Se-  y,Sechelt Tim-  i. - _   , ��.  J* V,   -'*  ���  __���-������        ��  -    -kww f -    *��� ���_._..'_���      nw _.-r��jt_______t ���* * .���-��� 4i. 3w.33_KV**T' Jr.*   ��� _��� _, *r��Cn  ��-�� **i>*, _.���,-,. ^-^-___-_.       - iJ��� , a.>���>.--^.^>-h ^'.tt.,_-. JJ-_     . -.J:-..,*;..- .-- J- '���"', -Ji  __���        Tt_A_li.      -   .  (259); Hazel Skytte 282.  Nov. l&-#_vzel Skytte 685 (265J; Mary  Henderson 276, Lorraine Conroy 270.  Sports Club���Nov. 4���Fred Bitter 284,  Jean Eldred.289,.  Nov. ll���.(3_rdb_ i&cCalirt feS8~ telly Mason 620, _=___. Joe>278, Jean Eldred 2B3, Sha-  on Kraus 259, -Gladys Newman 254, Hazel  Skytte 292, Ol,McCourt 263.  Ball & CShain���Rfed Robinson 690, Gladys  Ritchie 6l2-/(250); Al Lynn 280, Louise Mid-  dlemiss 251.  Sechelt Comm.���Npv. 7���Lome Leigh-  ton 7^:^v;^^fci_ii^287^ 7Dick Wise. 291;  Dick Clayton __1, tola- Caldwell' 276.  Ncfir. iMPefegy AyfefT' iWtW^.. <322);  Doug Tlurnei- 723 (302ft mM.&M-'m��, Mildred  Turner 282,   Cauleen MeCuaig  298,  Jim    Lionel MtoCUaig 314.   /  ,.t,  ..   .��� .      . ' I  -...rfft.i        Pender���N^v.  6���Isabel Gooldrup 633,  fSer    De^ Gamble �����4.  ii sull-u        Nov  i3__i]vturi���l Cameron 539, Al Lynn  Underbill   634  ball ivjix Pin���-Nov- j6 -r-.T$rry Rodway 354  Barry    (202), Dorothy Bodway 304 (191).  H     Tait   in   "exhibition *   soccer   game       Nov. 13���Terry Rodiway 310 (im); Hazel  STAIR bowlers for Se^tember-Octc^ex, vere i$g��rs 2.' ' . cheltT SI"* fliwfai*"T"sec__at   Legibn  Caule.en MeCuaig jCcomm. league) with 7       .     _.   ��� rsehhllt)'  games cl_ 2Stf and wet; and Ofv Moscrip WVISIOM 5Y .�����   ^ a  (comm. league) wiliK three games of 27$        Gibsons Chargers 4; Bes. Hawks 1. Se^ ojyjSION 2  an<* over.     , < chelt Legion 1; Gibsons Legion 4. ' ^     j^ ^   v   Rfei.   Totiins tGita(te),  Ladies  Tues.-Oct.< 29���Rose   Bodway, _llficina 4 * Giisoiis Uiiitea v Sechelt Hot Shots (Gib-  083 (&1). DIVISION Z --1 -  Nov. 5-iBonnie Wigard 616  (256);   Iii        Besidential Totems 1:  Gibsons United "��/;,   ,r, ��� ^   MoC-urt 7Ji3 (302); Malic Gray 276; Eve L Weal 297 won by default over Sechelt-  Ch^a,255.;     ._    __u    ,   it Hot Shots. '      __  ^    ^     _ _fJ  Nov. o_i-oins Criicil 5M, Esther Berry 1   Gamss scheduled for Sunday November        -      ^UI? ^U^M^xVL  263, Nof_ Leitner 25&, Sandy CavaliSr 251. 24th:   ��� . 4. \    [1 lT___   tl Ufj-/_!��._)  L_die_,We(i-_^ci. io���Vivifen Beeves -705 ' ^k  DIVISION 7 *'<.���_._*._* ��_��  Game time 12 noon, Madeira Park v Sechelt���885-9654  ���f-  f  vihicb saw Lions and Hydro dia.\ one skytte 261 (150).  all   o\ei holidav weekend Semors-pfev ��-iBob Benner 398 (205);  Susan Jorgenson 375 (23>9); Scott Henderson  ������ ��� 257, Brad Allen 205,  '  _.__*���,.,_   ,   _, ���_.__^ __ i.n. .����� v,,. �� , Nov 1'5-Susan Jorgenson &51 (177); Ken  f De l._uU. i, ^j utcd U Ma.mi hi- V4��� Wmg ^^ j^en^ulsdH 205.  yju ��ji* pf bJ- ie\e *h' lumw lu" hti al- Junidr��-'BMiJHotisl-^ iiSS (156) Karen  n-auy tjmp_. uud j'��. _nemujr_ iluouji 1OTD Spencer 230,(155,), KieUy.Allan,341 (208)-   aRtngHBoaBOBta  osa��  ���. *  Kinsmen Club of Sechelt fames id  announce the Kinsmen Amateur Night  scheduled for November 22nd has Been  ���  ���'���������j   ��� ��������� ������  reluctantly cancelled due to lack  ot interested Ideal talent.  Heel Kick .  yyy   J  Tripping lightly over J_especej field, playing . a bit more ^nvenftoiailv  Eric .I^els^n .has eltfier missed the takes 'fcall in .recent gi3me vvtodj de|  ball j��r- is -_temonstrati_^g a new type lighted young saeeer player- speeia-  of "heel fcidc^C Hon Kjeld Hansen   ixa��p   '   - '  ���    -  r_,   .._._ . .'' i J  * j  in    ii    iimmiimi.   ���      ���     ��� ������      i      ii.   i      .mi i. i |, i        i _ .      umiii ^������ ii.h- w _������__^-___--_.ip��w ������ m umi^i   -p  Policy unchanged .;. .      ,    ^., ,-  ic iiSSn.  .-  snows siaccesssui year  ANNU_vL report of tie  Gibsons Athletic    Gibsons Village Council, Port Mellon Com*  As&ncaation   shows   a   highly   sucessful    munity  Association,   Local 297, Canadian     \  first y_ar.       ' Forest Products, Roibeais Creek Commun*   ^  J'^riTbed on November 1, 1967��� the' club    % Association, Hopkins Community A_so-  ha��"fcmi-involved in many activities From    elation, Merchants of Gibsons & Area, ancj  Nove&ber 67  to April 68 some 10 to 20    Personal donations brought on $1,57--2Q. Tot  youths enjoyed the club house facilities. As    tal revenue $2,253.20.  yet, this year because of lack of supervi-    -����-��,��-��  ���sors, the club house has  been unable to    EXPENSES  open. Operating costs for Club House $233,29,;  Four soccer teams in thfe area in 1967 ^ccer Teams $542 95; Bro_ters Memorial  increased,to si* tepms in 1968 involving ap- Pf^2'78J J^^^^^SiT1"  I_��_j_de_#y;i& m^ Claflses $234.50; Baianee $439f8.,  tyU increased ^ok 3 to 7 teams with ap- >���';  prox. ,150 e'hildren participating. They had  ithe. labilities of Brothers Park where hiack-  stpips^farid 2. dugouts; were c-^siruicied ,fay  nieniibers' of ���.G'A.A.'''''.'  ���'.-/.S^IinjmipgpiiJasses held during JxHy\'afni  Aji'S^sf eninblledr 406 tfiiildren; 8.3 from Hop-"  kihs 'Lajnding; 281 from Gibsons and 42.  fioim .Boberts Creek.  ,; P'^i^ei-t' this yea'r is Mr. T. Connor;  y^cef-'^ireHid'emit, Mr., -Pj '''Mouzaikis; Secre-  tk'ryJl-iiaas.ui'er, jvir. L. Ijalbdnte.  Browaies-Guidis I.A,  FINANCIAL STATEMENT  .RiEGitTLAiR imeeiting of ithe #chediL.A, .tic.  ithe Brownies and Guides wis held- at the  (home '0>f Mirs. J>cxt Jiaeobseri .<(_. Nt��V(C.  It w*s ir-ipoirited that the 'E^chxiMtk Party  of Uhe 1st Sechelt Brownie P.aick! would) J��  ���held Nov. 18. , ;'|;       '';' i  (Next meeting iwJilil be h<M on I^c  i  j  l^c.1 4 a^  )G*i��_fral 'membership dues of $3.00 from    ^ home of '.Mrs. Chariottie,'Jadiii5pn, 'ana  225 'nieptiWrs 'brough in $075.00. Donations    wil take rtlhe fonm of ,a C__rt__m'��i��, Ddpawi  from .KJwaxtis,  Kinsmen,  Gibsons Legion,    (Party.  ������y.. ��� ��i.        ,,,i .���.     ,   , ,.., i.    ���, i,'',l  i ..  . i     i  m��to&i9tcesfiesti  Mr. and Mrs. Guy Winning  ..:. , .   .'. , ....... . . ., i.i.  of O/e's Cove Resort  wish to announce closure of the  WMMMQ POST  PiMBi^G HO��!..  During i/io( winter months for  the purpose of extensive renovations.  Vvi-K*- y  s-vw*w  I'    s<.  $ m  s  CMWren.a^d  'ear   -^y  7��ar  ^ ** �����*   -i��'  ***  Sii_pM'  Umn   Y.  Phtwjo 886-9562 r yp^  lhe %��^ze m&ll��n  ��$&ry\Wm $&&  'n  PBNG BUYS  bnfhly Drdw  ���U_-  >   4  GASH youft FAMILY  ALLOWANCE CHEQUE  AT ANY SUMNYCRESt  St��RES AND A FREE  EldTRY feOES INTO  THE DRiiM FOR OUR  MONTHW $50 DRAW  ��iie $3# and Two $10  Winners.  SOPER-lMti  turn  L  ?s2str_5ly A3S��t7a3Bnse Draw  flow gives yoia a lifter cfasii^�� lb  #iii. We" gfir& 3 prases eadfi iwiiitt  One $30 and Tw�� $16  ��Blfll-Sf-S aEtlB���llill���@fi  HBC_l-ill|fa  SiMWMM^IMMMMMMMl-MMI  mwimiiKiM-W *it_��--^i>w^w>_N>-fc��>_wt__-_<_^<-->-  PAYS Till  'f ^J^..J'.v,"fc*<t*h*M*H:i'!,ll"v. .'  ���?��� .���' YPy'r' ���'-     y  a%. ��@l_ipl��li __ISi_i  D. 1.0OU_li$  ���VsErlstsf jsntl  faints  "Atyththg You  Wbnt We Have'*  Phone 886-2615  iSsq WsMre ��� FaieiiBy  P&one 886-2624  ���J1'  4*7   '"'      M    M   I   Mi      "imi "il IIIIIMIlTl     ll  jSS iiiP Hi"  P^c.-g CiD5-2726  OU fibo Ssieaycirexif  Pfoxa lor yoor  scorO  OiaH^s Englisfi  United  .. Heal E_to_e .,  Myatfi  ss  Phono 886-2481  ^3SS_^^3_^32bS___2  _5g_j��_Ss  =��I__SKtt_____aK  _______  ss_s_s_  MPULAR STYLES-  MODERATE PRICES  J      ,0H.0t4   ,0>    ,*    f*   '<*      ���*      fll'1*       *      *'     *     *      *      **      *      *  Prepare for winter now while our stocks are at their best.  We bftet cf wide rcinge of winter footwear at prices you can  tiff did. Why not drop in and see lor yourself..  mima^sa^^ms^mB��ss^  SHIfNYCttEST SHOPPING CENTRE  i_-gB3_ag  atoggg:  fas��6^iiaa��'.gaBi'MnM8>888a  .  :  I  I  "*"^^tt^^^g^^^^8<BSBMg^gS8^BMgS^^^M^^^^^^^S^MM8^SS^^^B^^^^  sasaS^^MMssa-  ie*i*s  .    Y  4 '.Y/  ^w^,.i*w.^(��V��W-**��W.r-^^^'*^At^  >lrt**S)^*V!>*^*^_.^**'*f,''^> '���' 1w%x  ���'"��� �� imi-1  . . .        s, p ���*��� w �����*  *'' ���& r ^ ^  W1  -f*'"mfr*x:  1  '*___.  J ^;../-'Ty  ^aaI^i*ii_4tijN__:.IMMl*y  Anglican Church wedding      last meeting of year  uni.es Millage - Swanson wff��-5-ftS_a��?___*-'.;  "    .      7    _.: _,  ��T_.-'m.."* j_*.i_����I- ��___'��*��.��*���_��._����_.'��* *___<._    Novraniw-^^as^-s^^d^lastibiiis^   i  ST. JMD-VS iajjglican ^Ohijir^j, Sec_fi-t,   !__&.& fflMajge; MSWbbar^s cf Nana. mee_ine of Jh.e ./ear , 'Y >"���    ��� .-;. ^ .-t .r' ''     ��.���,*������.   ^t^    ; ��� /    >/_--    ,* *     _   -r  wa_-_epeei��c_aiwt^autOT.awedd__g   mo; Jtarayl Hsuos; flfir, and Mw. ��,��^-       LTl^-krilL ��_i  _>r��n V__m    3B_W0^;__*^ i*1te*_i^ Wfi**s-      -,���,-_ __Wm_v_i   AiwrtMAfiv  th tU_��_4_ for ihe CtaS&mas. ffcaOprffik   ���-_�����, ,W>i*lhAr jftMtffl^Mwa^'M&i   -WtfLAtH^niimi  Ife* fitagdAad andYMiws.  .  ^..4  1��v  I  IFE1PAY, J^W__����0_ a__  MANY PRIZES AND SURPRISES  on a_bv 9 when at 2 pm. Vajterie haxmne 'din, Vancouver,                              ��� -__  Swanson 'becarofe tteW ����� T<% Ken- Mr. and Mrs. T<*by Mfflage wffi reside ^^^^ ��� g"5S^*S5?-2 mon^metb^^^P^^m^ "S^'Miim^M ar^Zsatad ��*'*$.,, �� m^amgam ��OTflf��tfy��il��'. 1  _��H JsKS&fii McHo^oward rites $^V��?����*T *SS_firtftt��Jtftf U^'S#S^Ml_^:i'-*- **N_*, c_-**��  W. Milkigeof Wie__ngton,-New Zealand. Callfomian honeymoon ���             4 ������_,���-__���         .._.__    _._,��� .          ;,��� -v-v "'_  Officiatifflg aft the double ring ceremony Saturday, Nwemiber 16, at Como lake Ponflor  chlflAll fc Hialm *ers an<i ^ l^rJ^^^Jra*fce'J. ^^ ^^W ?f* fW* Jffit "��/$?*' i         -   '   ��   8:00 f>JP.  was the itev. ft. 3arry Jenks. U_ited Church, Coqi#am,  Melva Co- ACfllUJI,   _>lUUCm5 Jllf&i&f? ^ to<__a!ke) ^e^^^ja^^m^J, S^^f"H<?lf^Sft^^                           '  Given in __ain_age iby _��_ faither, the Wand,   daughter of   Mr-  and   Mrs.  Ken f-      i   ��              T_F_%i._��F4_. IImIT """          "�� *'**" *'"*i,"A~'***"**���   *e,A   "^'-,'-' ��**"-*���<"��"     *������� *>����*         ��*��-  toide wore a short white -tress1 with ia*e coward of Drinkwater, Saskatchewan and J|xSl 161111 .1101101   ��1011  sleeves and shoulder lenglh veil; her eul- Lawrence   Crawford   McHose,   Halfrnoon                     .������.-.        -.   ^ ,                            ���______,__      _,-.^    -.A         _^  tured pearl necklace and eamngs were fee Bay  son of Mrs. Wendell Walker of Los STtTOBNflS of Pender Harbour Secondary Tm wa�� weH-aiimded end xesults most  groom's gift and sbe carried a beautiful Angeles,  were united in marriage,' wifch School on the Honor Boll for the Jfirst gratifying.       -                       .           ,     .  bouquet ~ of yellow roses witih yellow JUji ^g j^^ g_ ^ Love o_&c__t_ag. tenn are:                            >                  <          After various repo-rts were given; ilrs.i  chrysamt_ie_a__n  and toromze  chryfean-he- ^ bride  wearj11g a i^ length gown Grade S-'Denise Burt, Karen Itamibro- o. Sladey read a coroprehensivfi and in^  mums. of French nylon crepe with lace yoke and ski, Jack Htom, Jacquie Lloyd.            , teiestiog report on the B.C-HA. Convention  DressaJ alike in bright green dresses jjiypojut sleeves, and carrying a bouquet Grade 9���Janice Cuniming, _feil Sea- held an Vancouver jlast month. Four aniem-  with matching hair bands, the bride's at- of mauve orchi(_s and __.epi_a_i.o-is, was giv- Iwlm' bers from Pender liiarbour attended.  tendants were her sisters, Miss Gail Swan- -^ ^ mar-iage j,y her father. Matron of Grade 10: Cheryl Rae,                                   Eleven mepxb^rs attended and eoojoyed  were inttodaced aa^ welcomed iplo^taw Jaitio��T^a ntJSL M^sJHp!Sl4!lal;��_^were  Auxiliary, tjie presldfent i_aa_sed^ mean- 'greafiy Metied&d'in tfl�� Id^mtm^.iim^-  bersandlibeni^'Ji&i^a^^ fiolMJDji. Cteqhy aw |ju__iO)g f^.o^Jsewswi,  hard to'itaake -_,er1RaE fair aod C^!B_iv#, pieces _ffeqi_|>m��ttt domwd^b/r#��TAji��-v  such a s_��cess^^J_^_fy, wl^nfers xrf the a_j_fl��� ^iies.,Jilembe��!S were. toJd tot.'St M?fy!s _  were. 1st prize Mr; ffitbkt iJe^ 2nd, Mr, ;MoSiP-4al is &e' best'eqLUijPP^tbOiS!pital>^  John DaJy a_4 3^ _to-"A &:��uilaw ^��^ its size in She Pi_ty|j_cfe. v, , ,<��� >, ��,' ��i��   ,. -__.-__.._. ._.,-_.-.-..            Delicioius  re_r*sJimfiP-SH were  ��njoy��d ,  'and JWr. Wagemakers intoodueed heads of  If  |_   'if  >^t.  Pbone .^pjryiiefcdrs:  g8^00?_ 8��6-2050r ��#??^?  iaanwyxnm-1  nmw'w.iiiw'r'  >_n_MMMMOMIMNMl  son of Vancouver, and 'Miss Marilyn Swan- H(mor was t^ bride's atint, Mrs. Marlene  son from 'Peachland, B.C. Uatma of Regina and Miss Sandra Fritz of  Best man was Mr. Barry Milage, bro- New Westminster .was Bridesmaid. Both  ther of the igrooan with Mr. Bill Stibbards attendants were dressed in* purple gowns  as nxsher. >   _ of nylon ciepe and velvet and carried bou-  :B*peption folowed in St. HEda���'_ Oiurch quets ^ wjlite chryssuitihemiums.  M,dec^^inautoncotoK^gr^^        Mr. Wayne Hindson was best man, while  yeHow aiKi^bw^. Mr. Bud Fearnley i��o- Reynolds of Vancouver wis the  posed the toast to the bride. A telegram "��� "^   ^ 'rr    ,  .. *a,m;uuvwi ,.,* ,rf,  ^th warmest wishesand a .beautiMbou- f���*���*?*- ^cv*���te.'f  "^  Mr' mdY  oM^^im^me-^mons were f?*. &**.<* Norm ^ancouver was so-  ^ired from; Wellington, New Zealand by the '% ��nd ^8S KA Moffatt was m charge  groom's iparente and received dn time for of ���e ^^r61'  *   * * * ^_  the wedding: Roberts Creek Hospital A___!i- w .j*?���* &* ou* of town guests were th?  ajy were caterers ��� for the smorgasbord bnde s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Coward  limcheoh andY_2a__y  Sparks   and  Trudy and **& grooms mother and stepfather,  Swanson served the wedding cake. Mr- a^ Mrs- Wendell Walker. Folowing a  YFor the -wneymoon joiirney to Seattle, reception, the couple left for a honeymoon  the bride changed into a bright green wool ^ l^s Angeles, the bride wearing an o_E-  d|ess  and m_a*ching coat  trimmed with white woolen dress with green accessories  wpte fur and beige accessories. and a Persian Lamb jacket. Her corsage  I: Before leaving the groom's brother, Mr/ was of Australian green orchids.  _��ii_y' Milage greeted them on their re-        On their return from Los Angeles, they  turn to the ha! with a Maori traditional, plan to make their home at Brooks Cove,  iatliail^ywleoane in^^ the form of a dance. The near Welcome Pass.  Kride .presented her mother with her bou-  q!uet  and   Bougie   Shepherd  .caught   the  bride's garter.   '  Out of town guests included':  Mrs.  E.  Sipaxks; -Mr. M. Sirarks; Mr. and Mrs- V.  ^arks, Kathy and Chadene; Mr. and Mrs.'  A Swanson; Mr. and Mrs. A Shepherd,  Patti and Dougie; al of 'North Surrey; Mr.  Grade 12-Jackie Griffith.  the I^iends^v:_Tea which was hosted by  Oosss Lcidies  CHRISTMAS mm m m  HOVWMBEfit 22ml - �� pan. to 3 p.m.  At The Sechelt Legion Hall  RAFFLE - BAKE SALE  FISH POND  ETC.  EVERYONE WELCOME  > ���* *,ij*^  Plf-H-SU-A SlllVli.�� S���t-@OL  Learn fo drive with confidence  DUAL CONTROLLED CARS ;  Phone 886-2401 * Gibsons, B.C  \:^&P<SP  �����     * (  I?  '       4  >f  ^ ��*  <\ .    *\t  'V i*��*******  i      4*^_i*l    -        _.  fT^^V.  ' P ,Py  �� H_Fr*t4ffll?   X ���   "  \.Yf<Y   /  'j v vy *f"  .._ j     *  '/  i*'. Jt*  Mr.  and  Mrs. Toby  K.  Millage  Pix courtesy Dennis Gray  SMES  5EHVBCE  SOLIISHlCESIATIOl  Highway 101  PHONE 886-9662  .".MMM^^  tenders |are invited for the  clearing, removal of debris, ond  grading of Lot 21 of Block "I" of  Block 11, Plan 10318, in thc  Village of Sechelt.  Bids to be in writing and submitted by December 3rd 1968,  The lowest or any tender not  necessarily accepted.  The Corporation of the VHloge  of Sechelt.  E. T. RAYNER.  i Municipal Clerk  ^^fi^^^  .oHH   rmm.o    |   ��� DICK'S. Plain, Garlic, or  ICHleS Polski Ogorki, 32 ox. jar __,.  CALA. 64 ox. bottle    Stokely Creamed. 14 ox. ���  "J&, fpr  Crisc�� Oii 38 ox. ...  OH _____��� ^^  ____b_RS            H    M ��� Mil   __MM__                 -h*B*-^ T  H*>*fc#^l  HetJ    IIIIIO     6 ox. tin   Tomato Soup  to���*.in ��f��r  Green Beops iw1 s [ 5 ^ ^1  Coke Mixes KS1^. 2^  Chinese Food   FroxCn. r^. ssc   '_��_-___��_��!_��   C��-2-__*  ERASER VALE '  Tench rnes Fro��<m. 2 ��>. Pk9 l.   libfet's Corn ?2Tti��,ANT 2*~   1 ��� 1     ��� ���    ���      ��� ���  PRICES EFFECTIVE: THUR., HOV 21 - SAT., NOV. 23  ^���^.*-t, ^^'  /   jr^      ,~ -j,��� /���-  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES  r^CCSELT  ft r  .>.' ����� i .������  "iKtma."  _M^_lllGtO  ��R��IHWMMi��-*M_MMMlMI  ni<fc i    ��n.hfii ni.Hii��nwii��  r��     .��|     ^..-i.      f.��� ->.,.  ��.^ei,..��*..f*y^^...-fi-*iiA-A.*.j ? ���*,.'.>  ,.^. A.A..A.I* A,#N,f,*.,l,|.,nril,(,Jj, .|i,,��v,.At.;.^ ��.. #. ^wWm'S-**)'''"P'1  -_ r*>,^�� ..*..,._, ^  ;,.,Vl.I!^u!.Jli,l,l. f* g&g3__&&_^^  ^���^���'��-L���. .'^>���., / J^'P.UP.: .i^a'^CY vY..-/.'\T'   .   '    ,    -   Y   '-^,.7     Y-Y-V   ^      *  '    , , .   ���   ���,       Y     *'*    -   '  ��r '..i'f   .-�� >,YY<ir ;   Yy, f.^y-Y   ��������� �����<   -   ���       ,*     -   'l'    '      -f*'       .Y'YY  "    -      7 '" 'I - , 'V:  'C Y:if,"'rU->J, r't|i].!|,'f'   fVYY> <" Y'Y     yT^yTT        -   K/       4    >" ��t ' i     YY  ��� '-^^ .:-������ ^ lt*'v:  'y->��?< vj^  ���Jit._���-_.n __^_.'^^'t_____'__��j.Vil.-.jtf __^r______.__i.4i__����__  ���(C  >'��*"M  EMIMSUL  Section 8  Wednesday- November 20-1968  Poges 1-4  $3,000,000 sought . . .      m  !���������_��� -]  Dishonesif, ;d_Bd Iraiidulence  hit Unem.plojm.ent Insurance  Elecis trial by judge  on marijuana charges  KENNETH IAWBENCE Peteram of Irvines handing at,a pre-lajioa-ry hearing  last week ixt Seehelt Magistrate Court was  committed for. trial by judge w5t__*ut' jury  on charges of possession of marijuana.  - Peterson was arrested loliowjog a xaSd  of a converted garage at Irvine _ Landing  in wbicb he residing. Member�� (of the  KCMP together with a member of the dwg  squad entered the builcUing the night Of  July 12 1568 and during a subsequent  seairch discovered a vial, later found to  contain resin {marijuana). Further searching of a vehicle outside the home revealed  "WE MEAN business and v/e aim to cut the government's share of .be fund is ac-  losses to the 13LL Fund which can be    tuaiiy the taxpayers' participation."  traced to fraud and cither abuses.*'. So said        "still, the major contributors ' are ithe  the regional director of the Unemployment   workers'of Canada and their employers,"    two P.?��5 a*^ a pouch which also later  Insurance   Commission,   Duncan   Young,    he emphasized. "Consequently, niost Cana-    proved -to contain ithe narcotic.  when he opened a press conference in Van- dians have at least two reasons to be personally concerned about this new benefit  control program."  New phxlt^ophy  couver last week.  The XJIC spokesman and others who follow ed, left no doubt (that the Commission  ib geared to fight fraud on a national scale.  Their collective goal is to reclaim money  which they say has probably been paid  ��� out to persons who .receive it through dis-  ,r honest practices. The amount involved  could be at least $3,600,000 by March 31,  1969  The name of the'game is the encouragement of honesty and the UIC makes no  bones about the fiact that those who seek to  reap rewards through dishonesty are headed for trouble. In their book, every Canadian is entitled to a fair 'hearing when he  deals with ithe 'Cominision, andiihe administrators intend that those lights wffl be  Cub registration night  Si. Hilda's Nov. 21  ��ROUP Gamtmit.ee of Sechelt Cub Pack  have announced that a Registration Night  will be held at St. Hilda's Church Hall' on  Thursday, Nov. 21, at 7 p.an_  Any boy ���who wishes to continue as, or  to become a Oub, must have a parent or  'guardian with him in order to be registered. ' .  It is hoped that parents wil be sure to  On entering- tbe building, police observed Peterson and a female Mend (squatting  on cushions on the floor. In a partial loft  divided by a low partition a fifteen-year-  old girl was found who police said' was  Peterson's daughter*  The vial was located in that half of tfae  loft in which Peterson slept. However, when  questioned he denied ownership but did  agree that his fingerprints might be found  on the container.  Magistrate Charles Mittelsteadt ruled  police evidence was sufficient to warant  trial. x#  ,��__-__���  e _              _                  . _.                                                                                             upheld.  They' also plan to tind---__iie: the    attend  Breaking away, from the regimented ary $01001, In a demonstration ses-   dom to develop their own pattern of   responsibilities which go hand in hand with   me aetavuties and operation oft he Pack  drill sessions of a past era students, sionfor teachers, conducted by 3Vfes>   movement in a gym session which   those rights;                                         wteh is undea- the leadership of Mr. Dave  are enjoying the new equipment i re- Inge Williams, UBC Faculty, of J$__u- .. kept them mentally as well as physi-  cently installed at Langdale .^Element- ca2t_pn, students were allowed free-   catty alert.  Wiisc-i, Mrs. Jtora Leitear and ;__�� Bruce  CoMeigh.  1UBBER SfAMPS  COiVMERCIAL PRINTING  see im rims  BBS  ��l  t^tvm*,}  e  ti 1  'T  j�� �����:  : 4.  *x \  its    *m  V  1*1-  wm -. ���  'i  The Chief ���cc_n_nis_ioner Thoma^Ward,  who  pointed out,   "Persons  who  defraud     the   Unemployment   Insurance   Fund   are ����H_��B��-3_Q-3^^  stealing taxpayers'money. Any person who �� -__i��i_��.��_ ���'�� ______���__- _���*-.-_. -"':J'-_i___'       - ______��_���. ...in.    _�� _��  TYK- AIRIWMfS IWm - SECH_ELT, EX.  wml 'y/^>-��  i  condones the misuse of the Fund is actually encouraging people to take money out  of his own pocket.  Mr. Ward explained, "Employees and  employers contribute SO per cent of (tihe  Fund's resources.YEbe other 20 per cent  comes from the Federal government,  which also pays the actainistraition costs/'  "Government money/' the Comanission-  er continued, 'is derived through taxes. So,  4"  _ .*���  ^^IST^r-^T "-'-   -.- -r---__.-_cs.^P/^, t   Y'%  New Gymnasium  IF-  .'"-ri >___>���  UlLBIi  syppygs?  Wont to make your home  larger, more comfortable, move  modern, more beautiful?  Whatever home improvement  project you have in mind,  you'll find helpful ideas and  information at your one stop  supplies shop  Feiiiiisiftlp Building  i  i  i  i  i  I  _  i  i  i  I  I  i  i  i  I  I  I  I  i  i  1  s  s  I  DAILY SCHEDULE FLIGHTS BETWEEN  Downtown Vancouver -Gibsons - Pender Harbour area  and Sechelt.  MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY  ^LEAVES*  Voncouver       Pender Hbr.        Sechelt Gibsons  9:00 am       7:30 am      8:00 am      8:15 am  1:00 pm     11:30 am    12:00 pm    12:15 pm  CONNECTING FLIGHTS TO LOGGING CAMPS  SUNDAY ONLY  ^. LEAVES^  Vancouver      Pender Hbr. Sechelt Gibsons  1;00pm    11:30 am   12:00 noon   12:15 pm  Includes Thormanby, Nelson, ond Keates Island.  PLEASE RESERVE SEATS IN ADVANCE.  CONNECTING FLIGHTS TO VICTORIA ARRANGED.  ���";  Phone 885-9669  SECHELT, B.C.  FROM VANCOUVER:  Render Harbour ���_____���  .19:25  ONE WAY FARES TO OR  Blind Bay __.-ly---__.-_.22.40  Earls Cove ~-L~|- 20.65        I^uby Lake : _21.70  ^gmont    _. 19.60        Sakinaw Lake .21.70  Sechelt  . __._ 9.00        Secret Cove - _16.45  'Gibsons    , __. 9,00        Thormanby-_ ^ . 17.15  Keates ls.^__  9.00        Vanguard ^2.40  -      AU.OTHmi^&^1����3ESr~Y        -   "  Half fare for children under 12 accompanied by adlilt.  Built and equipped with funds fr,m   strated use of equipment in a new  Referendum No. 8, Langdale School, approach to physical eduaetion which  has a bright new gymnuasium. Last  ,had students using imagination as  week Mrs. C. Inge Williams from the   well as muscle.  Faculty of Education, ,-JUBC, denaon:- :-:  ��� "... i       .      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I-        ���**fci^ ^  vr ���d**a��-'aJw ft^   V  _- ijf v  ���V- .  la^-n-^-irfV^���' .^V"-*. l*\*4  3>y�� 4*^**1 j^^^ijiJUB-jVV.W��*f^i^v.4-^-*����.^ &��^  H<  _Tr7 tf*^i\wPkh*m^.  __   __j____"l��sa''~   *  s/  t -i  firaanaJIy with -__5s~ teacbg* -on-,fhe   thfiir'._i_s4 ojffiprfeinity to assess the   day's 0%w'asme-  caipeted flooi to listen to fellow _tu-  ._#  ffi__BiPv_*i_mW  >. *-l  w  ��-__^_lv?   '  j'fStiy'* *���  ��_.  G��*  **���   -��� v*  '*t  M_  ^*"i'  i4S$$8  1  i ��=���,*S^.-1 ��\_ ���* t___?4_r-(*lr  I ^.aF^&____*  tatf**.-  ���**��  Experiment  Group instruction  Open aiea Oa^siooms g-^es teacherjs  an ��pportuml} to bieak avaj from  the grade le\ cl ^stem and vioiLing  as a team the continuous pi.giejs  system can bc __._._��? readih introduced .lis. Shiilp\ Reid oJfei . special instruction to a small gioup of  students duniM dn <_>->ei\ation m��s-  Mtm at la .t v eck *. Open House at Gibsons El.mentan School  *H*��f  *t &&>)?'*  ��AR_3!i_>_ BAY  BEAUTY SALOM  883-2201  EXPERT  CUTS - COLOR - PERMS  The way you like it  Open Thursday, firiay & Saturday  {Hairpieces and Wigs Styled)  i/ifl^amiginmmmimmttmaitmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmm*  Indmidxfdi Instructijcm "'  Working as a.ifap. young and enthusiastic tea��_i?$. at Gibsons -Elementary School* arrange a private  teaching session wiih each student,  recognizing the individual needs of  each chikL J>e?piite the late hour  and crowd of spectators, JVJiohael  Smith ^concentrates on his reading  under .the guidance of Mrs_Ypiane  Earle>_*'  Probst gnoups eomplam 1-Lat their jdcm-  taxpayers approval ' -     ' .,  Enjoying the ehance to conduct their jeet Held by their own interest they ^s was followed by a freeze on school  own, experiment, Guy Fisher, Phil are not the least distracted by other eoostruetion 'and- by -be time the pfejs ��nstrageRg always bring ojrt batdes of  Madison, Scott Forsyth and" Sheane activities in the open area class- reached the woripbg dcawmg stage the c_st pol^Jit1'seems--taty bM cares enough to  Reid work on their own.science pro-    rooms.     " per dasswram ___1 skyTiwcTsi^ted^Q $24,w^f .%__j3fi__�� _S_ofe__t_r -J  Latest concept . ..  Victoria   set_.a   limit   on  elementaay  i&ehool classrooms at $16,000 and eventdai-   ^  ly  Teeton Structones  Sxrirfldu-irig  a aiew  type of prefabricated conslruflitm met ithis  figure".  TSuspe, toe playing -JEtelds-ihav�� also bsen  developed, two grass- ones and an all weather fi_3d tw_j.cb is now in use.  Mr. Jtfwglas said the ��Joa��d is pleased  to ihrj-jg tb�� advaji.a��e��- of'opem area classrooms to tihe -tistaict.  .rranddad saved Ihis _b_rt dollar in a  10-cen.t tome. Now itihe firame's nvo__h a  dollar and the dollar's -wtcth a dime.  Open area ciassioom: plan  attracted great attention  WELL OVER two ihiundred adults marcihed ced just over two moniths aigo, it has ofiter-  down ithe long corridor of the oonven- ed a greater cba'llenge ito the teaahea- thain  tionial type .school into the green carpeted the -student.  spacious world of open area classrooms, at Teacheins   in   the   primary   area   Mrs.  Gibsons Elementary School last week. jy^m Earle. Miss Shirley Eeid and Mrs.  Mock .classes were in session and every- Marilyn Robinson together with, those ih  where groups of students were busily em- the intermediate area Mr. John Ayris; Mr.  gaged in various activities. TThree classes Drew MicEee and Mrs. Agues Skidmore _H Sometimes   the ' government  gives the  of prima, y| grades   occupy the  one open expressed happiness and enthusiasm with    taxpayer a break. At leapt it doesn't smb-  area and three intermediate grades, the . the new system. Ilhey enjoyed working to-    sidisie amateur poetry.    '���  other.'Teachers frown if grades are men. gether which makes them, feel less isok-    ^.������^ii^^i^fS^^.  tioned for these students are working on ted. There is less chance of student���tea-   '*  the .conitdnuous progress principle. cher .conflict and a wider scope of activity  [Prior to ithe inspection Principal George is offered each child. -   - '  Cooper explained, that (the open, area class-        i(Noise, bae'twea** probkim, but thuomglh  rooms gave teachers the oppontuoMy to .co-operation the teachers have scheduled  plan -and organize in a dafferemt manner activiities So that there is no conflict in the  than is possible in the .conventional class-    noise levels.  n  H  Will bay &ec&& $tmith fir ond  Cedar. smidBte   tot  F5��1ps  and  Pilings. Highest paces', NOW.  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Students can be grouped and iregroupT  Visitii. g other open a<rea schools to cqim-  ed more easily for certain periods so that ,the"t.eachers" haw returned confident  the   continuous   progress  system   can   be i�� .        "7"�� uo   , ",���uw ^*��l  more readily im^duced, ' and re-assured tbat their own methods are  The child is recognized as an individual g  and   personal   conferences   are   arranged ,    Students appear equally happy and one  with rthe teacher; Individualised reading in- youngster coantnemted that it is well worih  stmacition is also given, but Mir, Coopeir ofc- it's weight in taxpayiers' money.  ��t*irved that the meithod is not' so important CONSTRUCTION  as the 1_iaichliig and the success of a cMld' ��� - ��� y , ' ���,   ������'.������.. ^      ^  depends on Ma talmat. Schwl  Board  Chairman  Don. Douglas  ouitlliiiied the set-backis which plagued the  COMMENTS builiijng of the _$w exleoftsioin. ij^wwdium  .Teacher*' icommenitis on oj>en iwven toa- No.';7 jMiesented to 19^5 W(as(' defeated-bulb  dilng IndloaUxl that sinoe It was introdu- in May iw--ref&-toadwn Nip. �� mtet .with  Sechelt, B.C.  '-'-',-h^:x'xx.zs~zz&  IOPP*S  CH-BS-DOIE-. AfiP lf-FANTS  ���>''''        :WEAR,.  LADIES" SF0HTS WEAR  Phone 886-9994  Stanoyc rest Shopping Centre  m money  ���^������At-Wmi*" popular  lumde!l_awd building  ;stJ^M'{-S  Serving The Sunshine Coast  GULF BUILDING  035^2203 - Sechelt, B.C.  ,��,M'H,'l'i'l,ll Ili| ,'<,������ I         '," il"M,.=-__  HOME MADE STYLE ��� FRUIT CAKE ��� LIGHT AND DARK  Alto available without nuts and peel���$1.10 per Ib.  CHRISTMAS PUDDING���1-2and 2'/;. lbs.���79c per lb.  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For this mixture of mushrooms, barley ond <  pearl which Is more refined may be used.  One of the advantage*1 In making this simple 6onoootlor> Is that since It nerds'  to bc cooked slowly you con put it In the oven when roasting voal or lamb or baking  bom.  -4.  MUSHROOM AND BARLIY CASSEROU  % pound mushrooms, sliced 1 cop water (10 ounces)  '       3/4,cup barley ,   3 tablespoons butter ,   ' ���  . can cwnsornme or boul lion (10 ounces)   11A teaspoon ealt .���,',,  Put aN Ingredients In casserole or buttered baking dish, Cover and bake a| 325* P  for! % hours, To <lry suriace Govt*, moy be rfemoved loword end of cooking. '  Peninsula Phimbing  &, SUPPLIES  Your Kemtone  Sherwin Williams  Paint Dealer        /  fffW-*^" 'ifJIim'T  1     .  Phone 886-9533  Gibsonu. B.C.  iir,,:��..^-7.,  BP  BBSS  SB88B8gjMggS8MB|��iaifej^B^  Where  Fashion is a byword  Smart Shoppers are  found at . . .  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As'  tike- needle on the speed - indicator' eased  piu_$ 100, miles per hour* the pilpt puJted  l.a$c his controls and with a roaf'of satisfaction "from ttfee motors, tibe largest aircraft in the wrld lifted into five air for flje  first time. WjtJi lyater dripping from her  hull arid streaming away astern, the 'room-  stapus. aeroplane .rose to 'an altitude of seventy .feet, handling beauiifully in the hands  oyf her elated pilot; He held, his craft, steady for orie mile 'then gently eased back into  the ���'water. .  '  * *' *.  In. JS4_, German U-boats" were taking a  deyasfl-g toll of allied shipping. In the  summer, of that year ship-building tycoon,  Henry J, Kaiser, confronted multi-millioor  aire and aerodynamics expert," Howard  Hughes, with a fantastic plan to haye ships  fly above ifie, sea���above the stalking, bunting, killer-subs. Kaiser envisioned items  of war being transported across the oceans  by huge flying boats.  Skeptical at first, Howard Hughes was  eventually convinced of the plan's feasibility by tbe dynamic Oregon jship-xuilder.  Kaiser pressured the government for   n%P -'"  H_Ses'_xtod.^Setw^^l   ed'ifii year fcy-Bob p&fos^ hams-afid'J^Mmt_rids;  government authorized the Kaiser-Hughes   "teyerjs.are. pack jpow;:; H^ft^|lfei^^^'-.*. - "----T^^-' ''v':J Z'."^'*     . -'���     "���.'.' '-  '   :  organization to construct three Hughes-de- *"       "   '        "  " -..--.'  signed flying boats. They would be the first  of- their kind in existence.  But from the beginning the project was  plagued by uncertainties. Kaiser soon recalled his men from Hughes' Culver City,  California, aircraft factory to meet shipyard emergencies elsewhere, thus leaving  Hughes a frss jh-aod with building of tbe  bpaits. A Kaiser deal whereby aluminium  for ccnstruction would be abundantly supplied by an Oregon associate fell through.  Metals were scarce and the only war-time  material attainable -without high priority  ���was wood. So it was with a revolutionary  new system of sheets of wood glued together���today known as plywood���that Hughes decided to build the first flying boat ,���      v.  This gave rise to such uncomplimentary   f Ii ***&&   7**  names as the "Flying Lumberyard" and   FffV'rx-^-iin  the "Spruce ���Goose?? being heaped upon the     e***   "J�������� '  aircraft;  Work on the boat, did not proceed as  ejected. Henry Kaiser had boasted that  the first plane WQuid- b^ ready in ten mon-  tl_3. The ora^  lioir to have Lthe three flying boats completed by the spring df 1944, But August, _947_  s^w Hughes up before the Senate Investigating Committee; the "Hercules" (o__.cial  nanie of the aeroplane) was Still imcrimr  pM_d.YExpEinses hid stalled cointinuous-  ly upwand .and the cost of one'plane now  stood at $20 million.  The war bad ended two years earlier,  but the flight of his craft was an obsession        " Roberts Crgek Thynderbirds ���  did fail he would leave tbe country andr ��^'J��U_. *^��u*Jrv   yyP.   ^  vzyjyj  never Teturn. The Hearing was being ad- Stop  <��   !flue.-apa-'9aa^,:'KW��__f^  journed uniil November so Hughes toiled Creei'���have��4fae_P fOJWB "tenant' m~iftVb-  SS^ ^ cami,lete'** plaae *efM!e ^ sion 7 tius year. Pictureji t_^Tco_��3j'  November found Hughes' flyrog boat ^"^ Fossett in the = back row are  ready for ber test fight. Five years after Ray Dube; hjle Blomgren; Jitteftfaew- <~*  eoostoiotion began, a eoltosal. giant emer- BaJl^ Patxtek Bprvath; Martin Blat>-', !  S SS4 !PS jyjtftt J?B  d**1' U^-JWcWWi an* BrWt , t  flying boat towered to a toe-gist comparable   BlatcfifOF-L Fmnt row: Andy HarHle;,; ^  to a fiverstory biulding. She wa? 200 feet  Gary, Hjewrcfan^   Micbael Mactiem;- 1 ���'  tong and bad a wing span tbe tengtb of a   .y^ F^niager. iMarls^K^land: BMy   ��  football field, 320 feet, wd ooveawng an   ^�����1*^x *V"*����C1�� "    ,   *ww/  ��,  rH  area of n.460 feet. Ike. cavenwus jound   GOBHOf 3Bd <^ry QUelph, �� /_^  of her fuselage was 24 feet an dianwter.  A tug towed tbe titanic, Hercules, out of  the Back Channel of the middle harbour  and into open water. Crowds gathered thick  and deep on the s��jowi0jig bsacbes to  witness tbe much publicised flight  The Flying Boat wallowed in tbp choppy  seas, waiting] Howard, Hughes sat alone  in the cockpit of bis creation. His tight  band reached out to grasp tbe throttles  ilbat would give power to the engines���  eight ponderous engines, each capable of  producing 3,000 horsepower ...  * * *  On a balmy aftennopm, in November,  1968, a Canadian tug slides pa^t a lange,  grey, imposing bwildipg at the edge w the  bahk along the narrow Back Channcd of  the middle hanbour at Long Beach, California. The b)U_ldipg is in the form of a large,  central tolocfc with a long, low wing unit  branching out in an east-wesit direction  from opposite wals of the central structure.  A ramp leads from the water and ends  in. the flush wall of the slipding doors that  form the front of/ tbe building. 114s is the  hanger wbene tbe Hcnctilos lies. The, central block house ber huge tail isectipn and  tlie low, protruding unit* enclose ber enor-  mouse span of wings.,  On the tug, J gaee Intently at ithe building through btnocubwRs, bi, the. hope Of finding an opening that wjll a^ow n^e to see  Ibslde. But ilbe building is completely sealed, Inside the guarded hapgeaty the flying  boat, Hericulos, lies silently powprful. Inside .bat building, as tbe tug steams flUowly  papt, the larjgest adronafL in tlie woirjLd wtw?n  she last flew gathers du**-^eglected( now,  Just as ��b�� ha�� been al these yeai__  I wonder w4iat it would be like k enter  ,thot 'building, ito go aboard tbe Hercules,  to run my band along her smoolb, deteriorating, plywood fuselage, to walk in her  spacious, ibut never uped, cargo compartment, to look up at ber __gbt dormiami. turner plants, to sit in ber dusty, abandoned  cockpit I I wonder!  Twenly-ooo years earlier, Howard  Hughes landed h_s flying boat, after a brief  but ���Kuocc.seful fllgl��t, to bo jxroclajJibcd a  bcro iby the cheertog ��wi*B��fi. Tho largest  a<MX)i��lune In itbc woi.d-4ibt c��__io�����Jiad  flojwm! But now Hughca and the cro\vda  bave long since departed.  The licJucuJe* was towed back to tho extended, bpx-Wte banger vvbere ��be reatod  Jn itrlumpli. She jnosto tbcanc ��tUl�� untouched ,,.;.,  (Since WMI.    ���      Y .      :r~i.>.;AY�����  Ly     tissi Lond Florists  cordially invites you to attend  on Open House preview, of, their-  Christmas Display  Gibsons, Sundoy, November- 24th  Sechelt, Sunday, December 1st;  ��� - '  from 12 noon to 4'p.m.  Refreshments will be served  maaam  mta,  mtm  VIILA6I OF GIBSONS St*iMM Mo* 191  A By-law to authorize Ibe establishment of 9 Bwwicipal sever system and Ibe  bonmwing of fhe estimated cost of coaystmctiptt Qteteot  WHEREAS it is deemed desirable and expedient, to establish a iiiuriidpal  , sewer system to serve the Village oi Gibsons, '  W'ilni(Miii|^n,#^,^i'__Bjw__��w8-a_w  JJtUfCWMfc SEfeHEiT- B.C.  'WisheS'to^thank-the'Meirharits ond Citizens of Sechelt and^District  fot-their-XJo&peration and Donations to our Poppy-Fund  " for-needy Veterans.  H; A. Hill,   "        \  ^  ' :      '      ';.   ,        ,,���hainnc_n-Cariadian^Poppy-Fund  'iy^^}YL&^^YY^^���-^^^^Ly^^--~^^!:^^i  *g__ii__hfa;^.,y��a^w!^^  ���Btd__ammammmfUm^tam  ^ i, +\i-  -? #��_*  m  ..  J.V > '77 .7'  mm w R.^pHw*S,  BSise. Keg; $329.95 -  CHPUSTMAS SALE PRICE  Se��' ��asr Large .Selection, of FaaritSlure.  fflasgy Other,'$'Sovfbgft,''On������ Our  K_}e____s3tlita- ff-!iM��r:  , ��� ' "  ^'''^���--.'Cl^^  91  i  ���a,'i, ;  Tangerine Covering.  $AVE $50.00. Reg. $249.95 ..  ..Chrf&tenas Solo Prfco  ..','',���..,',.����...<������,���   -   ' ������  .���   WOWE  Y !/'������:���'���'���.   PO|U;   ���: ,  ' ��H3��S-��T��_IA5 O'lHli  AND WHEREAS the estimated cast of constructing the said sewer system  i including expenses incidental thereto is the sum-of $425>OQQ.O0, which is the  amount of debt intended to.be created by this by-law.  AND WHEREAS the amount of the assessed value for general municipal  \ | purposes of the taxable land and impcovements for the current, year and for  each of the two years immediately preceeding th�� current yeai were;  -   J966 ��� $2*701,244  19(67 _ $2^786,493  1968 ��� $3,006,567  AND WHEREAS the depreciated value as at the 31st day of December  31, 1967, of the waterworks system for which the_ municipality possesses 3:  provision^ certificate of self-liquidation granted by tlie Inspe^or of Municipal^  ties was $303,820.00.  AM) WHEREAS a^^ "t^rti_i����_e"'"-oi',^&]iq____-_J-ict-i lias been  issued in respect of the proposed sewer system of the municipality.  AND WIi3_-^AS the amount of the authorized debenture debt of the  municipality is $107,000.00'of which the wliole is authorized and unissued.  ���f-'.'r-r      \ ���-������]���������        *   -<���  AND WHEREAS the maximum term for whichdebeniures may be issued  to secure tbe debt created by this by-law is twenty-five years.  .,       ' '1  JNOW 13B2R_5I^RE,*e-C^jmca:r��^^ of Gibsons in open  meeting assembled enacts as follows.���  1, The Council is hereby- empowered and authorized to establish a  municipal sewer system and in that behalf to undertake and carry out  '    or cause to be carried out the construction of the sewer, works necessary thraefore ge?jwally in accordance with g^i^ral^ plans approved  *      by the Provincial Health Officer and to do all tilings necessary in con-  riecfioritherewith and without limi^  CI), To borrow upon the credit oi the municipality-^ .sum not exceeding  $425,000.00. ,  (2) To acquire all such real property, easements, rigbjs-iof-way, licences,  right or authorities as may be requisite or desirable for or in connection with the construction of the said Sewer system.  2. This by-law may be cited as "Sewer Establishinenfc Loan Authorization  By-law No. 1^1, 1968".  Read a first time this 6th day of November, 1968.   .  Read a second time this 6th day of November; 1968.  Read a third time this 6th _ay of November, 1968, ,    I  Received the approval of the Inspector of the Municipalities this 12th. day of  November, 1968.  Received the assent of the Owner-electors of the Village <rf<3i,bsons tlie .  day of ���. ; , 196%.  Reconsidered and adopted this  day of   ., 1968.  BC���#��  Camello Ook Finish.  Reg. $349.95 ���... XMstpwM $ol�� Pric��  ' *  -k': ' *  * 1  YieaJ'Sdioiro.' '  ClirJ8_-moa Sole  Pirico  JUST ���.'���.  Mayor  Municipal Clerk  I hereby certify, tlie foregoing to h$ a true s��4 correct copy oi ByFlaw No.  191, cited as "Sewer Establishment j_x>an A^thcwatiwi By .aw Ho, i91, 1968";  as read a third time by lhc Council on lhe 6th d��y of November,, 1968.  Dated at Gibsons, B;C., this W\. day |f November, 1968,     ,  I ''|.       D. J03MNSTON   ���  *   ,  ' Municipal Clerk  NOIKft.,  ammmimmaotaaamfma��  pee. isecir1  Wolnut Veneer Finish.  ��� Ri��g. $299_D5,  -  CttrlpMnos Sole Pr.cc  Wlieiiewj" _be slate otwla money, Jt  ralM"�� 14m. %������ tax. Ac_l it inflaWoa fcp(g>��  on, ifH buve to <&o after the ��Uvea and  cb.Trie��, too.   __  All, elgtot, iw*-i tell you -wJ��at> xmnom  wlih rioday'n popular musk. Jt'a too loud,  too woootooous *��! too popdtor.  L  USE OMU, CC^MViHIENT  l    IAYAWAY FLAN.  A Ss^tl Btpp^t V/tS| Mold  Asy. tet-m V&tl. Ckahtmo*.  ��if  1   *.-.,. ,       ".   ..Wft^/'.JA      .'.... <iirt* ft.^>,      -;       ."V .;.        . .  1    - *-���,   "������.��������.���������-., .'i   ������ ���     ������' *:*..--���    .    .    ���  L-..   w  -     - -ITTIlIll   11     r���    Tl -        I 11      ���������������'������-I    ���"      '"    **"' *       ���'������    ���        **-��� ** ' '���   f*H'*'"- ���  ' �����' !���*>*���������**�������������"��������� _������*!��� ��� ������*������  Take notice that the above is a tnio <^>py.'pf l|y-law No. I9t upon which  the vote of the owncr-clcctors of lhc Village oC O}bpon�� will be taken at tho  Municipal Hall, 1490 South Fletcher gettl, Gibtm*, BjC., ��Ni;���  SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1968, from cigljt o'clock in the forenoon  to eight o'clock in thc afternoon, and ai���� at an advance poll to be held on:���  TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3,; 1968, from two o'clock to eight o'clock,  in tlie afternoon, for those who expect to be absent on the regular polling day  .md sign thc declaration provided; and. tbpt Mr*. F. lean Mainil has been  appointed Returning Officer for thc purpose of taking and recording the  vote of the owner-electors. .  Dated at Cibsons, B.C., this 15th day of November, 1968.  I  DAVID JOHNSTON  I Municipal Clerk  .   1/  i Y.  X  , .j* ,,^.v..*..f,#v,.>*,.rf^,i��f*��*r. wrtro^w-^Fi-itmt ��>-*( ��t< p*f��^4  ��"#.,*���� v0. ^^,,^^04.,  ,0a,a0��,40n.�����,,>��� ,*rt.^7..^f._-!..fi,'*. ���* ���  t, ,r* |A* ,t��" ,rf�� ^^f*^***^,,^ *vj�� f~-rt- -*�� #*,-r.,-**,J����t_!��>.^i..!/i.fc*",-��r-  rf.^(,^>.  **_<*    ^^_-<***    ���*V'*'lB-.'*,IMF*-^rt��,.-t!-K  %��W*^��*k^!lV-Hi^'*,!��^^ F*"^*M<t%����. a^%^��>��**��*'����,w*,l,^l�� ���i'V1*  �����rti*t��irtt^*"_*l|i��*pt*iv��"P> ���#��!,.:*-.���%'..'��'s^ii*   ^"n*l  *' ^ft. ..W,>  ,-r- ��� .^Ii.'.y iAJJ." ,T    i j -tm) iji, .        ,, .1 in    i i.        ���   I',   ',,  i '  ,l "i ' I'M j        '    i   I, , ,  I   Hi iii   i  ii        i ft '' r" '.'7iii U)   i,,  5     <fj, i- '      T^s, i'> -i . * '      '    S;   I     H - | ^ ( -/. *  *��� f    ih A  ,1 _�����_ dkvju*riit^44M4M.^i;*<i*^&**��  *0*��&t*t*l*ft\)tj*mi��*<mA*k l__f(^i|M)i.*li"^_i|^|tjBw!  _^\'J^. *s**^w  :. v * ���  -$oge B-4,    '1 ^The Penms-b Tiwcsl Wcdnesdoy, November 20, 1963  "i.i .<  My Volhwdg&iiWtiiure  *~ . , ", V '!' ',..���'/..  'ALVA. >vrY:^4,W Elso Warden  1 ' '' ; "     1^,7, -   -     ' -.      " 'I  _BEFOB'? leaving Fredericton I sailed. ii�� ..'jvel ima^ejicjw splendid _aey would look  ���to tlie Travel Bureau for maps, as-1 .i^^-'^��� their-full j^flxy. Beacfifftg "ItontpeJaer at  tended to toy way.'of Hoiiltoji to.^sD-girjif, -fn_kvl was'ready f&T/_5nner and^a good  Maine. T_.e"managEr asked me'wb^X"^^'-\^^^re^.'Y'������" '- < 'Zy\>L- "> r  from and looked a little siar^ed^fn'tpa^L^ ��� >��� FWqm Vejimont 'to Wewj York Stote, 1  him  he  Horseshoe    ..... . .., _   ,,..��..,.-,   ferry there to drive home;" ��� "\p^')is jm. " Ma-c^tmaid-Carfier ' Freeway, ,"  probable, but would you happenr^'fcii^Yjaitwn as 401, 3_be traffic was teriffic, and  Jim and Maud Gass.there?" -j- *TOlee_l.I,i,i &Lths��ugh I kept to the TO"mile an hour  do, they used Id 'live, near me ijbi .fender speed Emit, larger cars whizzed past me.  Harbor." "JnudentaUy, they biiilt iand lived - It-was quite windy and' at tones 1 felt as if  for some years in the house which is y&w- . the car was about to spread its wings and  the 'Mittelsteadt-home. Small Vsforld,! i^_t*t^,i Ipke off. ... - \ ;  it? ./.'���-    Y''p   Mier 200 miles of it, my liands fejt  The weather was good as I travelled quite sore w^ gripping the wheel, so I-  over the busy freeway from Houlton to'l took an exit road to Napanee and _H_jghway,  Bangor. I stopped for a picnic'lunch at a 2. It was much more pleasant to drive  pleasant spot with a multitude of Brown -ftraugh the countryside at a less urgent  Eyed Susan daisies,, so beautiful to look,, p.^ passing Belleville, Trenton, Port Hope  upon. Retracing my steps through New - to Oshawa���around 1,000 miles in two days  Hampshire and Venmont with tfae sun shirii * driving.  JUL' 1'   ���*<ITr "mmm*  .njcieorY  getting d___er.a_l the twne, Wfomoebxe-���ETof_a__l-J��_Y21_^i_3_Gr m ���-  lief-1 ran>ejyond it tar the. rain am* utisf I- ..,    '.        ���-3*~i   persisted until reaching Ighace J-deeded .       tm      lYS^'l  tp stay in the bbtd iot[ih*.tfft�� fJ��& ^BCBm  been a bit.<_; a ohaiUenging d_y.and___er-'      ��B'wr-    �����  a satisfying dinner was slad to'-tetirel "  jfflthoiigh I do not:or_i_oai^. djsive.on;?  wedsends 1 decided to l_.ep'o_u;L__y_ag.t  Ontario the taw ceased and t_e~ l__e__er- pBESfDESTS; -Irs. 3im Fa___.r, chaired order jplease-contact ^_ts. -largaret Bur-  storans and fo_I were behind me. _��ax_t_3ia the November meeting of the Sechdt ley,-Mrs: Ann g__rkik ot Mrs. Betty Wil-  was muchjunder and once again fiif,seen- . Hospital ao-iliary. An _x<��__3]t turnout,of liama. Mote of appreciation goes tp Mr.  ery through Kenora a��^ 1*&& td the ^Towb - mel_.bs$re itemed towards a eood coverage   ISonn.' Burley *_oc aU bis inn's and* effort  ��i_an iir-vri  c-t\ AW��a^c_.-^-.A 4��u1 l-Trttroli*" THvtrm^h   _    __. * - ��� ���1��� m.._^ ^��__��_r____in ___.-:_ _________<__l,-_-._i__ _:_   _l  s  hosts ~ Di��isi��nal ~ Presides!.  area was so diversified and lovely. Throngh _;aj business on band.  EJtesn.Snutbi gave an-interesting  on tbe annual convention which, ED.-  S^S_-_^_^1-_&^sSae^^W^^  prairie. Jkrring supper a little whit^'eaf,  1 protebly ^leSS t>y a camper, came - atotxnd.  ft looked so thin that 1 ��ave it a good mejfl.7  .On the way again , early for some miles  when'I puled over to the.side of the road  to, waAch the sun rise -oyer the horizon. It  dent of Auxiliaries Division of B.C. Hospital AssosiatioD1. Mrs. Pattenden called  izr more representation of auxUiaries wi_h  &a voting privileges on tbe boards of itos-  jntal trustees. *^Ve look to you; the administrator and trustees for direction and sxm-Y  ing brightly, the trees were beginning .to  show their brilliant fall colors and 1 could  My faanily arrived back from their Denver trip after the weekend and on Wednesday drove me down ihe Niagara Peninsula,  Ontario's Fruit Basket to Niagara Falls.  An interesting drive through Toronto,. Hamilton, Giimsley and over the WeJland Canal  where "we saw -freighters .going thremgh the,  locks.- ���' ',   ���-"���'��� ��� Y  . . It-was extremely hot as we neached Nia-  gra Fals and I have never seen so many  cars- and -people in- one place at - one time.  The Fails, of course, are quite spectacular,  but I'imagined they would be muc_��^faigher.  It was hard to bid farewell to my family the next day, but I left at 9:30 a_n. as  '��� rain began to f_l and before very long it  fell bd heaioly that 1 had to ptil over to the  -side of the road and wait out a thunder  "storim," as did other cars. Back up Georpan  Bay through Sudbury by which time the  weather had cleated and turning off at  Whit��_.sh, travelled for some mates to Fair-  bank Lake Campsite, a large wooded area  beside the lake. Tie sun. came out and after  a good supper enjoyed a long walk around  the lakeshore and through the woods collecting bEighfcty colored leaves to press  and" picking interesting looking grasses for  a winter arrangement for the mantelpiece  at home. '.  As usual I was packed and on the way  ;early, thr&ugh Sault St. Marie and Lake  Superior Provincial Park till, in late after^  noon, I turned into Obtanga Park Campsite,  where during the night I endured yet an-  _ other thunderstorm and by morning it was  somewhat foggy. Back on the Trans Canada  I soon realized I had turned the, wrong way  and was going back East not West Blame  it. on the fogi Having put myself right on  that, T continued on to Port Arthur, the fog  ����c !��_<._,._!��_.__._-  _��^ *,*��_* i -Kt4^, ~   %   port- We sue vohmteering our help but if  was magnificent and J lelt upEfted as I?-**^ j��.��_ ��,-t- �����,. ���JZ �����j ,-,��� ���^��.__  gazed.on^lhe glory 'if _te Xord?. Tnere is ]***�� ^JS^J^Z^ZS  so_auchbeautyinthe-vqrldif tsrebavethe' "*T2^^CSS^^i2rf^  eyes to recognize it.    "., '-  -, �� tm^s *** ted��5 on a weaMl "* f?'  Begina was reached-by * sum. where$��*&" **>* saa- '  stojpped for breaKEast and, gas. It "was a * W*5* Pattenden mentioned tfae wisdom  refreshing sunny day and I.enjoyed Ibe rd wdjdct ��4io^_ave the responsibility of  driving through SwSft Current,-- J_ap_eY.5TetcMBg the grocery dollar thus making  Crfeek, and Medicine Hat Aloiag^tbe'way Jn _ them naturals in seeing how far money  the early evening I turned into Brooks" goes and the good quality of -ecpiipment  where I stayed at the {hotel.  I found it" porchases. lodging the gap between the  much reasonable for my pac&t to stay" in  a hotel rather than a .motel, and by now  funds were getting a bit low/' ~ >'"  -7-'  Driving through Alberta" seemed very  different to the outward; journey; then it  was all an unknown quantity, now I was  a seasoned traveller. On the outskirts of  Calgary, turning south on what is known as  the Black-oot Trail, I found McLeod Tfcail  and 73th Ave. and the B-A station whose  owner was a relative of Fredericton friends.  It was disappointing to find he was away  on holiday. On the highway again through  Ba__f, Radium Hot Springs to Afhalmere  and next day through Cranbrook to Serein eos where I spent the night-.    *  My eighth and last day of continuous  travel was taken easily, all familiar around  me till I reached my good friends in North  Vancouver. I had phoned earlier to teH them  I was in the o-Gng and as I turned the  comer what did I see but a huge Welcome  Heme sign over the carport. There was  much jubiliation at my safe return.Y'  I had driven over 8,000 miles/averaging  both ways 400 miles a day. I am not the  litlle white haired lady tootling, along at 30  miles an hour. It was, indeed, quite- an  experience, and one I shall not readily forget. And new, where shall I head next  year? Norih.West Territories perhaps,  wfhere I have young friends.  >I feel I proved to myself that age means  little if one has health, determination and  ifo.r_tud->-.and the desire to enjoy and ap-  . preciate the ���Great Outdoors.  hospital and -the community was one of  the main points put forth regarding volunteers and their duties as members 'of the  hospital! family.  Auxiliaries represent a very definite  force in the community. They can, and do  exert political influence. In her concluding remarks Mrs. Pattenden stressed that  so many changes are now being made in -  hospitals to hasten new activities. The _��  most co-opperation is essential between the  hospital board, the administration and the  auxiliary.  Mrs. Pattenden rep_rted that B-CJLAi  received between fourteen and fifteen thousand dollars worth of publicity during hospital week proclaimed by Governor General George Pearkes. She also reported that  the knurs were limitless donated to hospitals in B.C. More than 9,000 volunteers do-  E_t2d 218,000 hours in, service! Add to this  figure -fc2 thousands of hpurs donated,by  o_r 12SQ Candy Stripers and other volunteers in fund raising projects; thrift shops  and blood clinics and the volunteer hours  are tremendous.  "Last year auxiliaries raised $368,000  of which ��251.000 was spent on new equipment ami patient comfort.  CANDY WREATHS  Mrs. Margaret Burley reported that  t_-re are over 390 candy wreaths made.  There are a few left for .sale in a variety  cf colors, if anyone wishes to place an  towards this worthwhile project  CHRISTMAS RAFFLE  ' Mrs, Elsie Johnson reported that tickets  will'be on sale December 5th,,6th and 7th  at the' Bed andtTWfaite store and the Sbog-  Easy store from'10 a.m. to 4 p.m. If each'  member would donate 1 .hour of time, all  'the hours of work would not fall en just a  few.  If any member wishes to sell tickets  please call ISrs. Elsie Johnson at 885-9383.  WANTED-  It was  reported that Christmas toys, -  White Elephant and men's attire are badly needed at the Thrift Shop.  GOOD EFFORT  ' A report on lhe "Appreciation Tea" recently held at 'the hospital shows that a  great deal of credit goes to Mrs. Eve Moscrip and to Mrs." Alva Booth for making  such an enjoyable and interesting time possible for auxiliary members.  ORIENTAL MOTIF  Allowing everyone plenty of time to acquire a costume for our 1S69 annual smorgasbord it was decided to select a motif a  year ahead of time which will be ORIENTAL COSTUME.  December 12th is tbe date set for our  Annual Luncheon meeting and election of  ..officers at the Casa Martinez Bestaurant,  11.30 a.m. prompt.  The meeting closed with lhe serving of  refreshments and delicious goodies.  Many neighbours attend  88th birthday occasion  ON WEDNESDAY November 6th, several  friends fromj the Anglican Church paid  a surprise ---*'���*- --      -_._*���.   -. .  field on the 01  ; ���Mii:--"Wi  known as "Gj  t to Mrs. Elizabeth Wake-  ion of her 88th birthday-  eld   who  is   affectionately  e": to her many friends  and neiglpourls in Selma Park, opened her  gifts? ami "after she had read the many  cards, everyone sang "Happy Birthday",  .little Susan Jenks helped Granny to blow  out the candles on her cake which was  made and7 very daintily decorated with tiny  red rdsss by Mrs. Leitner.  Everyone was.pleased to see Mrs. Wakefield so weH and enjoyed having tea 'with  her on her special day.  They have $5 slot machines in Reno now,  home of the world's most expensive lemons.  THE many friends,of Mrs. JSePoh ivill be  fo know she is indw^sonvalescing from her  recent illness at the home of Mis.- "Lottie  Pos___fcw_ile' in-West Sechelt. .   - Y     -  Visiting "Mr..ahd Mrs. C_ias..rMcDer__id'  in their new home iyere Mr, and' Mrs,,Geo.  Maddams from Vancouver. Mrs. Maddams  is Mrs- _4c_��ermid_ sister.  Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Irvip  Garry on tfae arrival of their new son.  Prcud grandparents Mr., and Mrs^ Ben  Lang spent the weekend with the family  in town.. '���  Mrs. Jack Morgan and Mrs. Clayton of *  Welcome Beach toured the new Planetarium during a recent visit to Vancouver.  Both agreed it was a wonderful experience  and recommend it as stimulating entertainment.  Mr. and Mrs. Crawshaw's home arrived  on a barge from Vancouver and was moved  with ease onto its new site in West Sechelt  on Wednesday.  Many willing helpers turned out to help  with preparations for the Annual Smorgasbord and Ball sponsored by Sechelt Hospital Auxiliary."The Legion Hall was soon  transformed by the beautiful decorations  into a lovely setting for the popular event.  Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Humm bave mow  taken up residence in Selma Park.        's  Mr. and,Mrs. Wally Smith and son Bruce have moved to West Sechelt. '''���  Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Benmer travelled  from Penticton to spend the long weekend  with Mi;. Benner's parents, Mr. and Mrs.'  L.H. Benner. >  ...'��� Mr.,, and- Mrs.,;John Hetherington spent  a few days^ visiting with their daughter  Mrs. Ken White.  Mrs. Hazel Stuart spent a pleasant  weekend visiting her daughter Jean Woods.  ' Garry Lawson and Jerry Wood spent  the holiday weekend in Powell River en-  joying a hockey game and visited with  Gerry's aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. Bob  Word.  Guests of Mr; and Mrs. Johnny Prosit  during the Armistice weekend were Mr.  and Mrs. Bert Clarkson from Vananda,  Texada. Mr. Clarkson is Zone Commander  of the Sunshine Coast Royal Legion District  and his wife is Zone Representative of the  Ladies Auxiliary.  Two Selma Paric families made a recent,  hurting trip to Kamloops���Mr. and Mrs,  Ralph Stephanson accompanied by Dancy  and Dale and Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Rennie  with son Mark.  Mr. and Mrs. l��ave Watts of Vancouver  spent the holiday weekend at-their summer heme in Wilson Creek.  Holiday guests at, the; home of Mr. and  Mrs. George Wagman were George's brother Ray, his wife Kathy and childrein Paul  and Sheila. Also Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kielback  and daughters Lisa and Ka.hy. Both families from Coquitiam.  klTEi SEMES 01F K1P0LIS  Lucky Locket Kiddle  Jewellery &���tddle   Liddle Kiddk  fCoola Kiddles  Kiddle E-olognes .  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