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The Peninsula Times Nov 27, 1968

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Array '"      Y r'lYi  ���     i ~mmmamatmmmmammJ2Smma*mmmm*tammmmmmmmmmam^  i.y^y    *V...?* ."T  MDf leadersliip oaadidate  ,  -��� ��.. _* ���..... >n u i y . x P �� i T '��^T'" |" >��� r '"V f ������ '* ',     .: ^ f.  mounts lediaB boindi^agon  - ',,   Put,   Pr'P   "^      Y '"*,'   '-  "''-   ^ '    * "    '  P P^Pph'^^'L Y"V     '    "  ^MffiOtfJx&LPmQCtaMe.Patty..j^etn&ker&s lawyer,led'__m imypm^e&^nd clain^ed  - in oSSee'ln- Victeria/^Hl Mp -JSicHaw. * tfkat'fflwwe tomans a^/#^^>wit_. criiaes  take their 'kghtm place in Biifisfc^ta-. *^'?fy <**�� <*��lSe fa**--*** don'4  w. **_!--. i_m_�� i j__*_��<w__ _^ ., saxnimSt any mote, he sand. -Indian-reserves  bia, stated provincial NDP leadership can-    are . ^vate property, but he jfa 'never  didate Tom Berger; speafciag" in ��� Sechelt t heard, of anyone being prosecuted for tees- ���  Native Ha_. on Saturday. .       passing on a reserve. The police go along  audience, 'the Vancouver  Burrard  MUA   eMsned. ���      ...       ��� .  . .  ly  ta    v     '.      .�� TA\    \      ���      ^  P ,   . ^  P?3     >���,  i.   '  Y  ^  _.__...____,���� sswnil'��f__a? l,  jnaM^jb^the^lPost .OfficaY- ^  r    Department, Ottawa     <*"$  tr *"*        *��� -< __���_____.  .Saving *__Fj_M-b����^ Wet),  Wilson Cr^-Selma Pai��i<. Se-Krifr, rtal*m_p_ Boy, Secr  et), including Poitj^/jjlan-tJ^^^ landing, GII��c__v,RQbejts Creek,  :��ef Cove, Pe   nder Hoil��ur, Model .i ^a^'K'ei-dg^/livj .e's'Landma, Earl Cove, E5__��_r.)  ,*      .it  ,      .    <���-  -<��r^  said, *-2aII it Red Power if you like Iwit  through political action we can ensure ,that  the rigbtsof Indian people are heeded-  They have the same Jdnd bf right -bat trade  unions enjoy.* Indians will find they have  many friends and many allies when lhey  ask for their rigMs."  All Ithe facilities of UBC should be used"  to help -Indian: people, an Inslitu'te off* Indian Studies should be established to help  Indians and they need help when; they  come into wnEiet TH-th the department of  Indian Affairs, said Berger who is a lawyer.  APARTHEID  Apartheid was introduced in this province 100 years ago and is still being practiced today, said Berger speaking on the  Indian land question. British Columbia belonged to the Indians'who were not savages but had the most "advanced culture in  North America; they believed in sharing,  a .policy which NDP has urged' people to  adopt Ihe white peopte took the land and  put the Indians on reserves where, exposed to the white man's diseases, they were  expected to die.  "jSta'tang thalt Indian people ate neglected  ��� in ,terms <rf.__a&&,' Dr, Ray Parkinson  , J\!E_A warned |ftat She Federal Government  is^trying to,-unlpad the fare of ,_aliye people onto _he province. "Don't iejt the Fed-  ���eral Oovt o�� the hodk until'N��P- is dn  power prtOvanciaMy," he advised.  EEOBEA^HON Centre Committee met'on  November 20 in Gibsjpns to discuss the  project with Mr. John Sanderson, professional engineer from Integrated Becreation  Ltd., of Vancouver. Mr. Sanderson's firm  has been involved in the planning of recreation facilities in over 35 communities in  British Columbia. Speaking from this wide  experience, he stressed the importance of  planning,   especially   proper   professional  planning for such a venture. He was con-  As a consequence of 100 years of neglect    *��nced many pi-falls could be avoided if  the life span <rf the average Indian is 35    4V;= "'""��� J"��  'rv"i ~~_s��� _�� -j- �����  compared with a 65-70 span cf the white  person. We are not talking. about Biafra,  said Berger, but BjC.  To redress the wrongs a start should  be made with the Indian Land Question.  British Colu__bia is the only place in the  English speaking world where no treafty  was made and the Indians still own B.C.  If a settlement was made, we could do a  lot to help them. Indians only bad a vote  in 1949 and now for the first time they  are being asked-about changes in the Indian Act. Indians ate saying s<crap this  act and are insisting on their rights.  INDIAN ACT  Later in the meeting Sechelt Band Secretary Clarence Joe who has oeen alt-end1-  ing meetings throughout the Province on  the Indian Act, stated, "we "have asked -he  Federal Government to scrajp ,the Indian  Act and draw up a totally* new one .with  Indian legal advisors present;" However be  cautioned, '*we are scared fo_ certain levels  of government and need an Indian Act or  we may find ourselves the same as the  whites���..feed on our own lands."  Joe stated that there is great bitterness  against the non-Indian. The whites stole  our land and Ifreedoim, in fact they stole  everylMng, even the rights of a chief. ��0.  what could have been a somewhat 'grim!*  &*'&dsit&&far^^^  "Why a chieff used to have 5. wives." -  DISCRIMINATION  Tom Berger stated that his work as a  _ -Volyme 5, Wo, 52       ' , ' ," -.lOfc.  WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27,1968  Elphinstone students  named on Honour Roll  EPHINSTONE Secondary students on the  Honour Society. Boll for the first tern-  are as follows:      c     * ; .. ..   ;  '  Divn. 1. (grade 12)���Sandra Hansen 2.2.  Divn. Ill (grade u)-i-Karen Alsager.2._jf  Dorian Gregory 2.7; Donira Nelson ,2&rf  Mark Buggies 2.2. , '   '-..  Divn. VI* (grade 10)���France_r Finlayson 2.7; Joan Gory 2.7; Steven Lee 2.1.  Divn.   XI ,,(grade  9)���^Ginny.   Alsager  2.3; David Bulger 2.?; Cathy- DeKieex -2A; ���  Maj-k  En^isii 2.2; 1 Lygie, '.lilartinez 23',  Mary Muehnlenkamp 2.1; >���''* -" ' ���  HONOURABLE MENTION  Divn. 1���John Barnes 2.0; Marilyn Hopkins 2.0. ,     .-'   "  Divn. II���Linda Price 2.0;-Juanita Wray  2Q- .���../������-.  Divn. Ill���Dennis Macey; Rohert Beanie; Angela Willis and Eileen MacKenzie  all 2.0.  Divn. ��� XI���Diane Fisher and Margaret  Gory 2.0.  . h$.YM&  this were done. The services of Ms firm  are available for population growth surv<ey.,  recommendaitions as to what ��ac___ies  would be most advantageous for us to bave,  wihere they should be located and finandai.  feasilhUty. - ' .  Discussion centred'on the planning concept, .with the committee reco��o__iog, 4be    need for ithis. 'Mr. S>anders6n streswsd ifae   .T ,    'n"\    "wJ^Yi.^J.*��*__*  fact that the Begional Board must** tbe No, wonder Bender Bart��ur ,g^r-  sponsoring organ in this project ai_d the men always come home pitonjffiiy���  Board nxusit be convinced of its desiraMay. waiting to greet them" mt_l iSOIlg and  With ithis in mind, the comipittee wall be dance routine at the ' Fisfceniien's  approaching ail organizalions in this area Homecoming were: Gail Wbyte;  for their written moral _aij_��ort for sucb "a Robbie Peters; Est&er Duheaij; Bon-  centre. Any suggestions and ideas will be ^ 1N&&- JDoreen Lee; Brenda Scou-  teSd^Jt* lmiT' OT fr01VDy ^   tor and Joyce Ciay.^Ladjes wlio re-  seat as  ��i��*",,,^'W��i����"i__l_��_lM_Nl_p����__*W��**_^M_*ita**,**"M*iM��*Bi1Bii^Bi^^ A��___*_8M_N��_Mwa_��iriM_HMM��a___HM--__-__��i * ~- -*-  -  Homecoming   .   .^r    t     >-.  * - -  Classroom problem * \ *  Shift arrang  if school referendum fails  people.  A smaU operating fund is now in existence and 'hopefully more monies wall be  donated'to keep the groundwork going.  Meant meeting is on December 4 at, tbe  Softy Boger Inn.  hearsed under ihe.discerning eye of  Choreographer Mrs. Vera Lowe were  soon snaked up to appear at ttie  Lady Lions function the following  , njgfat, - , i  e crosswalk . . .  ,3^^        ,-_������-��� t^.  DETAILS pertaming *o the for_hcomii_{g  Referendum No. f for School District No.  46 (Secheit) are' presien-ly ii�� Me hands of  Provincial Department of Education., Departmental approval is expected momentarily, .".. y.. y ���:������'��� ;���,"��� , ;  Main purpose of the referendum is to  both upgrade the existing] facilities, in -Sechelt JEJleme^tary; , ,,'#nd, .; ..Elphinsbcme  Secondary as   well  as  piovide  essential  new equipment.  Provisions for. development of sites and  playing fields for the children's activity  program is also pant of the refere_du_a. A  on_>z-��m-addition to Langdale Elementary  *-____��s*fcr~s  vf  ^>J>^M^..at.��_^rr^f  ywi^mif w.^bij^-   , i,"ffrtt.  rooms per year.  TJus group of building is expensive Jo  operate and mairi-ain, and does' not contain an adequate library jox provisions. for  lunch room..  Elphinstone Secondary bas a present  population of 627 students and the predictions for September 1969 is 764. Some'shift  arrangements will be necessary unless this  new accom<��ia-iai_: is provided for. ^mie-  inakeshift work may also be necessary  at-Sechelt Elementary.  Present accomodation at Madeira Park  Elementary and Penden Harbour Secondary appears to be _a.___ici��ry for the  ANOTHER name was thrown into the ring  ' last week-end- as candidate for seat-of  school trustee. Rev. Barrie Jenks has  agreed to accept ^nonjlnatiop for Sechelt  thus pioviding a t\vo way.contest fpr on��  seat between himself and Mr. John. Hayes.  So far two new names only are known for  the area between Sefcbelt village boundary  and She Pender Harbour-iSgimont areas."  TTbese are Richard Clayton of West Sechelt  and Dr* Walter .Burtnick, also' of West  Sechelt,   ,  .. .y.%UiMu^^d. .^iifx. Leo Johnson .who^  has   preyi__sily " r_pxes_-i_ed . viOage    ��_E*"  Sechelt will not seek re-election. Mr. C__f  Thoraldtof West Sechelt has not yet indi-  caited-whether he intends seeking return to  office. ��� ��� :  SJEOHELIT e��une_l is at last ready to proceed with a painted crosswalk which,  Mayor Boll Swain stated, should be estab-  15*  m   ,-���  .*. jy>      *   -_ r  ,     rt��.A>*^i_  +*���'  rt:  F*i\  ^��T  __f__S^'  Jn,i  L^feSL'  >\0  Y . **.  i- ^  Ism  ^1   W��|  . _> <  %$^0i*]  Lfc.L irfV- ^"^41* !��*���/,  *M  VMM '  "fl  **.  ^*SF?*��*T ^-\mW 4  Official opening  Completion of the Sunshine Coast  Senior Citizens Homes first ten units  was celebrated on Sunday. Gathered  for the opening ceremony are Mr.  Lauritz Hansen; Mayor  of   Sechelt  Bill Swain; Mayor of Gibsons Fred  Feeney; Canon Alan Greene; Deputy  Provincial Secretary L. J, Wallace;  Hon. Isabel Dawson and in ceremonial dress Constable D. Kettles.  Dr. Pat McGeer  ADDRESSING .members -of. Uh-o- Gibsons.  Chamber of Comirrivrce iawl' Friday in  the Cedars Inn. Gibponsi, Liberal leader for  B.O., Pait McG��'er coimmentcd that "he is  presently engaged : in acquainting hkn'sdl'  with the province. "1 feel it my duty to  iisccntain what Is expc'clcd of me and too  party 1 represent," he said.  lie isald the. liberal party has a 'great  opportunity in this proviir.ee but 11 has to  look to .he future. The liberals wlM l>ui3)d  up universities and coinmuiiiitles and a  province which, with youmfi leadership, will  earn" out objectives of the past. Jt needs  a young government, to build a new oul.-  look. He said the province has a wonderful bJrLhrigty apd ^o .many natumil' rti-  Kources "it Is an enonnouB pJec<! of tor-  rllory," he added.  StaMnj} ho antlfcipa.ed on election nejet  year McGeer uugscsted that at that Uroe  all Boris of money will! be avallabil* for  borrowing purposes in reigardfl to hoMpLtaJa,  schools, ntc. lie. was ref��rrln,e to the present difficulty In obtaintng funds for BU,di  project dc_p_1�� a ko called MirpluK.  Ucgardlng  present trade (barriers,   Ww  liberal lcad<T said:  "As the eHuatton ex-  ihts now, our naitural1 reisouf.es are proccs-  **d wily to lb* point wht-rt- f>w*%_ _.��T__f�� ���  JnUafcrc."  ���".-ootunay coal Is exported along wiHJl.  Texada liron bre to fuel' Japanese steel  mljile. Vancouver Wand .and ,Interior pulp  is expanUsd to'tho U.S. to supply American  paper ,'pllanil_,'"'.M,C-S*-T said.��� "l>ead, zinc,  amid aluminum'itogolis are shlppiid lo.mol.ai  fabricaiUns'ipdan'ts in many countnlcs."  iM'CiGcer saild forelgrt tariffs are designed to k*-p the.province'* laibor contonit to  a milnimuim and .to force JJ.C to export her  i^tural resouirices mnprocessed,  "Th<*y tend lo reduce uh to being liw-  eirs of wood and drawers of water." be  said. ���"Most lmpartarit single benefit to  BJC. industry would be the ne��<._a..lon of  (rt'iriprocal free trade, Wl'tih the U.S. arid  other Industrial naitilons."  IMWJeer '��a[ld Social' Credit has been  com^k'tclly JnctntcoUvo in advancing this  cause. Not even a study ha�� been undertaken to assess thc total economic bentrfjta  to this  province of tarilff r<>duct.lcms.  M'PGecr na'id a i^rovJndal liberal gov-  crnmmit In a now Uritltili Columibla would  rally ithfi suppori of other provincial gov-  ermments whom, induwtry woulld benefit, "m  oura wtmld wJltb Hi* reduction of trade bar-  lUCTK." 1  The liberal JeadcT itravi .s awxt ito south)-  ��nj. Vaoeo-ivcir Inland, tibea ��n to tb�� C_s-  anaijun.  lished <b__ore Chrastoas in order lo offer  protection to, <__dst__as choppers.,  " lOottmal previously moved iJbM work pro- <  c���FCd" with tihe cax��sswailik, to be -located at  Inlet Avenue, since then cleric Ted Raynor'  has diseased the maifcter w|$h .the Dept. ���  H-ghiWays 1 District Superintejideiit. He told ���  council ''as appflicaijion .torcrosswa.-s was  made  oniginaly 'in 1964' aid was for ,a  SFChooi crossing at Hi^biway 101 and Trail  Avenue."   ,...,.'  Smccthat 'time vanoiis; letters and suggestions Ihavfe passed back aod forth but  tie ma .ter was dropped a year or so ago  when theVRiQMP indieaited such crosswaite  could prove a hazard raltiher itham a safety  measure., ��� '   \  Word how is that council^ight ��� proceed  at its convenience. Alderman^ Chuck Eod-  way drew' attention to the fact a motion to  that effect' is' already on the books.  BUDGET  Discussdnig proposals for the provisional  budget,! Alderman Mongan Thompson sug-  gested ^,&00 as, a figure for recrealion  and community service and $1,000,for the  airport. This' would 'mean a reductioji otf  $250, both councils having previously increased their airport grants to $1,250 each.  $4,000 was  proposed for public  works,  $4,000 for capital expenditures and $300 for  sundry grants.  'OLD PROBLEM  Potholes and some flooding in 'front of  the post office 'and the Lang block brought  forth a suggestion by Alderman Thompson  that the mree property owners Involved  be apprOathed with a "vSew to'getting the  whole area bdackitopped'pn-^riy...  'Mayor Swain .pointed out; itliat ihe property line is below' that of village ��� sidewalk "%o(y are, too low and we are too  high," he said.  ' Aid. [Thompson, suggested a drain might  help "all we have ito do isil^iclktop .to theSr  proiperty line and that Is' where our responsibility ends,", he added.  Ut was agreed the maimer be held over  for the next budget. '  SEWAGE h    ,  ( AW. Thompson has conlMnuajily eimpha-  slwd the unge'ney fori action on a niwa'ge  system for the village, So far he'has failed  to get further- than thu casual discuHwion  stage. IMaMng clear the* fact that decisive  acitton Is necessary he asked that a spe-  dal meeting be arranged In order to discuss the matter at, length. It was finally  agreed to hold |th�� meeting following next  regular meotang December -ttrtJrj.  / ��� 1  Police investigating  near drowning mishap  \, At _S_p_in,s1__fi Secondary" the' seieace  la'boritorie- and commumty service areas,  are crowded and mot condiiciye to modern  teaching' mettvods.. The Social feaence  laboratory needs prov-iicms &r .greater  i^se of visual aids and r����earch tediiiiques  are required to be used:  The present gymiia.sium is iniadequate  for the P.E. Program and there .are no  proper lunch room fae__ti.es���titius children  are eating lunches in all parts of the building and on the streets.  ^ new gymnasium will contribute,  materially to not only the school program  but to community use.  The present gymnasium will be converted into a lunSph-room, auxiliary gym-  oasiwqa, and band practice and storage  area. ��� \ '  Presently four\poftaibles are in operation at Elphinstone Secondary. These are  temporary, and expensive to heat and to  operate.  ' ��� Presently Sechelt Elementary .School  is divided among nine different buildings���  of which five are portables. The total ren*-  WrC.^i^^pvdSP'^m 'HahlpjoT &ep-  Two -mcumlbeii--! O'n Gibsons village  council;-Ken Goddard and Walter Petersoa  >have each stated intention of seeking.w-  eJection and no new names' ��aw~feeeu  nominated.  Pour seek two seats on Sechelt* viitog��  council, two encumbents, Morgan. _!ho&on  ���" "^38^^^t(__^-&teHS*^?(pQfe.  -'���fromT^sf W&&12I 'ifiaard "C__op-  ?Jli_*"JRease' wajfcb future advertisinig for   man. Norm. Watson and former  village  location of the polling stations. commissioner Joe Banner.  Pender rejects *  * .*  Subsf -dntidl ajj^  water jBupplY distribution  FIRST real .test, for the Suns'hine Coast  ��� Regional District- was' safely surmounted1  last Saturday' wife substantia! support for  Bylaw. 21 in, all electoral districts' b\it one,  that of Pender, ijarbour, greatest "no" ma-.  jority vote being cast at Garden Bay.  Madeira Park voted 60 yes and -2 no. Eg- -  mont voted H yes and 5 no. An overajl  vote' was involved and the referendum was  'therefore out for the Pender area.  Total overall figures for the area  are  718,for 1 and' 338 against', giving a G8 per  , cent majority vote in favor-fof an extension of Letters Patent Ito  include  water  tal of portables in this district is $32,640 per' "supply and 'dis'triibuition as a function of the  year, the equivalent of two standard class    Regional District. I  Arts Council project . . .  Folk' Festival presentation  promises top entertainment -  TIME SUjNSlffllNE Coast Arts Council pre-    I have enjoyed producing it, and that we  scnts   an  Inlternational  Folk    Festival,   , may have the privilege- of assisting  you  featuring the songs and dances of many    again at some future date.  countries this Saturday evening at 7:30  p.m. in E'lpMl'ttstone' Secondary School Auditorium.  -Through lUho kind co-op'cration of the  Canadian Folk Society of Vancouver,, an  jnlteresiting evening awaits the public of  this area. ".  ' SelocWons to b.e presented includes a  Chjinesc Lanilcrn Dance, Spanish .Bongs,  Irish medley jigs,' Tahiti an Bora, Bora  dance, Flllipino Bamboo dance, Hiawaillan  songs, Ewat Indian folk dances and Russian Folk songs and dances. Each select  Hon. Will be oKlfcrcd by a dlifferenil, ethnic  group. ,  Also featured on the colorful programme will be young members of Miss Gordon's School of Ballet and Mrs, Dianne  Laird's School of Dancing. The Gibsons  Squarenadera 'vylillh culler Harry Robertson will also perform.  Members of the Sunshine Coast Arts  Council express ihelr thank* to Mrs. Aignes  Krlpps, President and Program Director of  the   Canadian  Folk   Society,   and  to   her  With best wishes to all for a successful  performance." ,'   ��� ���  Residents are tinged ��� to attend the In-  ternaitiionai Tolk'Festivial and ensure, that  it will Ibe an unqualified success.  Next 'step toward establishment of the  water district will be a,pplying for approval  of Letters Patent by the Heutenanit Governor. This w_t pave the way for negotiations be_weeh" tlie Regional Board and water works owners as a first step -toVwhat  sliould be a sa'ti'sfactory end to most water  problems."    '���  Y'Y. ���'-"'<"  Yother bylaws approved were 17, 18 and  _9r These .included'' street lighting for Davis  Bay, Wtoon Creek and Langdale and wharf  lighting"��� for ' the 7 Gambder  Harbour  New,  Brigh'ton-lWes't Bay area of Gambier Island.  " Bylaw :Nol 20 went doyirn to defeat. .This  was a bylaw to provide whaifl lighting and  'public access lighting within the Regional  District throughout the District with' the  exception of Gibsons and Sechelt villages.  Voting figures for these four Referenda  were not available at press time bui. those'  for Bylaw 21 are: Egmont .11 yes, 5 no;  Garden Bayj 17 yes, 43 no; Madeira' Piarfr  60 yes, 62 no; HaMrmoon Bay and West Sechelt 108 yes, 49, no; Davis Bay 8�� yes, 23 ,  no; Roberts Creek J.61 yes, 56 no; Gibsons  Heights 170 yes, 71 no; Hopkins Landing 84  yeSi 29 no; Gambier 21 yes, 1 no.  Failure by Pender Harbour to give approval will not affect ptans for itbe water  bylaiw for' it might bave taken _0me years  'before it would have actually been incorporated Into the proposed system. However, it will s_Mi, be- eligible to partkilpate  later if it eo desires.  *���  artists for making' passible- this week's ln-  ROMiP AiRilO tavestlgattlng & near drowning -[ terna'tional   Folk   Festival.-  foMoiwed by rescue of a married woman In u recent, letter .to the Sunshine Coast  from   the  water M Irvines   Landing _la��t    Aria Council, Mrs. Kripps writes: ,  I i V '  Wednesday  afternoon,"'  iMrs. Fern PJckerlng aged about thirty  was pulled from the n��a aibout one hundred and fJifty yards from the wharf where  she is understood to have swam before  calling for help.  Hearing her cries. Kenneth Lawrence  Peterson rushed aboard a flelitooat and  toigdlM'T With the owner succe.<_led in pulling the woman aboard. She was rushed  .10 St.. MaxyVll��*'p_lj_l <*_��_����� the is reported n�� out of dain��(��r.  "Jt   is   a   pleasure   for   me   lo   extend .  greetings and best wishes-to the Sunshine  CoaHt Ants Council on behalf of the Canadian Folk Society.  "like our Society,,your organisation Is  repdering invaluable mtvJcc to tbe community by promoting and encouraging the  deve-lopmesit of the arts.  "lit was a pleasure and n privilege for  me to personally organize and co-ordinate  t|vd vari(��us g-roups tor yaw., prewnlaitdon.  I hope i-ou wil enjoy tth-J fcbow '���� mudi ��i  ������" ��'P" S-$^  ���*      .        _���     "^SSFFtVlV *.     ������  Charter prc��e��t��Hon  Sechelt NDP clul) came into being accepted llie Charter from Vanoou-  on Sattifday November 23rd, 19C8 ver MIA Ernest Hall. On lhe left is  when club secretary Mr. Gilbert Joe   club president Mr. Wayne CterJc  {���   ���  ;yP  i   1  4  ��� I  >wtmmaftti^mjmmtttit  *~r*  f04-mf*m4f4ttt^,00^^4^4^lm y��ffi .wiywumf <j>immj*n mm* "f "l wim��wi  fm4r^m*f^��m^xrmml^  *i i#jV��*w^>*y^V*V'l>'f^*''<f  4a,tw0*to?��: w-***f��* <"��W Mt \ ��& fi-Pf^Xj^ "***% '"t'f*'  ! J�� J ^ /     - ^ ��  I .   * *��>*��**' > �� .    _| ,,, .... v.���   ..... ������ ��� .  m.      ii..-.'        ��� ,_���.,.���..    ������  t.   .���-      .14.     ,     ���).__,      |  m  t-i-tJ ncl'lln-itv  ....  'i \  Page A-__  PentnsuTg Times, Wednesday, Nov. 27, 1968  *��*.  7  HEAL ESTATE (Con��nyed),   fl��^$l$K (Continued)  IFOR SAif  '   .lltll  tfcEU.M ������ ��� iihi-ii  <��� ��*.> ;.  .'��    ' - i        i X-C    . >   ->.<<) *���    . .         _.  J^W^'sale. Vcleared vjtew   HOUSE for sa&inSechfm $700 fW   ELECT&IC ~ range,  lo*s ia^'Selma Parfc. Seyncecf; , dewn?! Small' 2   bedtpmns:  Wife.' pOX'ter^aM pa\fy^  _ Published YVfednesdoys J>y -  The Peninsula tunes Ltd.,  ,     at SechEslJ, 8.G  A_��a-_f. And-: __��&._  of CireBlpiions ,,  '   '     September 30* 1968  Gams Circulation 2108  Paid Circulation 1946  (Subject to Audit)  Oe__ifled Advertising Bates:  3-Line Ad-Sneft .12 -voids)  One Insertion  : .75c  J$1.S0   ISc  fiiree Insertions    Extra tines (4 words) _  (This *ato does not apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs.)  Box Numbers, . 10c extra  25c Book-keeping charge is added  for Ad-Briefs not paid by  publication date.  legal or Reader advertising 35c  per count line.  Display  advertising   in   classified  Ad-Briefs columns, $1.75 per inch.  Subscription Roto, "  By mail, Peninsula area _$5.00 yr."  By moil, ��eyond 30 miles $5.50 yr.  By 'mail/C-speciol "citizens __$3 y.  By -soma-. 50c month  COMING -VENTS  TWILIGHT THEATRE  Gibsons, B.C.  Thurs. .Friday, Saturday,  November 28y 29 30 and  Monday, December 2  DARK OF THE SUN  in color  CLOSED, Tuesday 3rd  Wednesday, Thursday,  Friday, Saturday,  Dec. 4,5,6,7  Lucille  Ball;  Henry   Fonda;  Van Johnson  yours-Mine &'. ours.  in color  9901-52  CARD OF THANKS  SINCERE thanks to nay neighbours and Mends for their  beautiful cards and messages  of goodwill, diuring nly stay in  hospital. '-Irs. i!l Mirgeon.:'  9975-S1  WILL purchase patches pf  1 fiiandiog t_n_b_r, Phone ��8S-  2459: lG81-tfn  wi mmm��imaaw**0aaammmmmmm>mat0mmmaw*am0mmm^mmmml^mmm*m  woft-t wantes   TILLICUM   C_I___#   Service.  Eaves cleaned and repaired.  Painting,    gardening,    Janitor  service, old jote/etcj M work:  guaranteed, EE1 Sechelt, Phone  fi85-_ifli or risapw.? r- mi-m  CARPENTER worik, alfcifc&ffls,  carports,   etc.    885-2&S ,01-  evenings __&���&_$ Y       .l��7_-_fn   -r- ���  r   -        * ���'- '��� V- ^y-1- i"  \ ��� in   if i 7  WILL' your toees te /safe this  winter? Let us make certain.  Trees topped] Embed or lelled.  Insured experience and -g_ar-  anibeed work. Free isafety  inspections and estimates.  Phone 885-2109. 9943-tfn  HELP WANTED "  ���   ii ��-n imimaamtmmammmmJmmtmmm^ama  REQUIRE reliable lady to provide day eare for a_tiye 3  year old. Twice weoBy-for  three weeks. Sox 9944 Hie  Times. , ��44-52  ��. Uw��� pm��� mmmmmmtimmm^mm^^mmiaimmhimmu m  SALAL WANTED  Top price paid. Gooff ctualty  required. Contact, $, M. Hayes,  Beed Moss & Fenn, Sechelt,  885-9313. _' 95g2-t&  .���il   I 111  I .���ftll^Hll_i-Wll   l-��lll-_-_-__M��P_l^-��<>__��^-----_.^-----__��  SALAL PICKERS 'WANTED  Phone Mrs., NaJdo WjIsotj  885-9746 or write:  Box 390, Sechelt, B.C  9752-tfn  WANTED TO RENT  M���   ��� ���������    I-������ ������  i   ������    i  _l_l.__-l  TWO bedroom bouse in Sechelt  area, automatic heat, two  responsible adults ��� will keep  up property. Reasonable rent,  references if required. Write  Box 9959, c-o Penihstila Times,  Seehelt. 9959-52  TORRENT  HALL foi  rent, Wilson Cneek  Community Hall. Contact.Mr.  Glen Phillips. 885r2183. 1095-t6j  _  HOITSEKEEPESTG    iroom,     a  found, private entrance, Selma Park. Gent. 885-9535.  9981-tfn  MRS.     DOROTHY     Sitockwell  regrets   having   omitted   to  mention   the   Sunshine   Song-    __.   ' ��� : ''   '���~"  sters'   Piamst^ .i_r_. sCfearles - SY. e��Pli?*S? ,f>e?fTa'  wer^' introduced a^ the opening  of the Senior Citizens Home On  Sunday. The Group also wishes  to thank Mrs. Evans for her  help and guidance.  7540-52  OBITUARY  JORGENSEN; Passed away on  November 23i_, 1968, Christian (Chris) Jorgensein of  Sechelt, in his 67th year;' survived by one sister in Denmark, ahd many friends.  Funeral Service held on Wed-,  nesday, November Zlti\ at 2  p.m. from ithe Family Chapel of  the Harvey Funeral Home^  Rev. A. Willis officiating. Interment Sea View Cemetery.  9912-51  STEVENS: Passed away on  November 19th, 1968, Kathleen Ivy Stevens of Roberts  Creek, survived by 'her loving  husiband Mr. M. Stevens, 1  daughter Mrs. Carol Skytte of  Soames Point, 1 son Garry of  Shils, Manitoba!, 3 brothers,  Basil dement; J��ck Clement  both of Gibsons, and Dennis  Clement of Princeton, 3 sisiters  I Mrs. Doris Baxter of Westbank  Miss Violet Clement of Duncan,  ( aq_. Mrs. Helen Holt of Bowen  Island; and her mother Mrs. A.  E. dement of North Vancouver, and 3 grandchildren  Michael, Randy, and Tracy. A  private family service was held  on Saiiurday from, the Family  Chapel of ithe Harvey Funeral  Home, Gibsops, B. C. Re-v.  Canon A. Green officiating.  Cremation. In lieu of flowers,  donations to St. Mary's Hospital, Sechelt, B.  C.      ,  9911-S2  YOUNGSONrOn Novomber 13,  10GB, WiUJam Aa��xander  YOungsOn of SeeheM, B.C., a��ed  79 years, survived toy his loving  wife Jessie Ann. One daughter  Mrs. H. ,P. (Betty) Imgram,  VaiKmivcT, B.C. One brother  3<Am audi several nephews in  Winnipeg. Private Ii-tneral Service was held, Friday Noveim-  Ikt liSth in itlHi Bonl Memorial  Cliapel B��v, Canon Thomas  Dailey ofldated. Cremation.  It^owers gratxMly <lecl_OB<l.  Tmmtkma may bt ��*wt lo fit.  Mary'a Hospital, Sertvelt, B.C.  Arranuements through the  Alemorial Society of B.C. and  First   Memorial  Services   Ltd.  9945-5-  pensoNAL '  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. P.O.  Box JW, SerbeH, BC,   Phono  UKWl37fl. 969-tfn  FULLER   Bnijsh representative  (    for      Rol>cit5     Cr<H-k      iand  Serhe-H   nri'n,   Lloyd    Rol>eiis,  SK-2970.   ' 753&-1  sSon Point '^0 per mc-ith plus  utilities, until Jfune. 922-5681.  9958-52  WHITAKER block Davis Bay.  2 bedroom apartment ���, for  rent. Fridge, range, free laundry facilities. P^. 885-228D.     \  9903^2  REAL ESTATE  GIBSONS: Better than 1 Ac.  with hwy frontage. Easy terms  >n $3000.  Only. $6000 down gives immediate possession modern 3  Bdrm., Bsmt. home. Bright  Cab. kitchen. The attractive  living room features Roman  tile fireplace with built-in  book shelves, deep-pile W/W  Oil heat Foonvertient location.  $200 down ��� on full price of  $1200.���large level lot, all services, close in.  Close to shopping and Post-  office���3 'bedroom home, fully  insulated. Large living room.  Family size kitchen with dining  area. Full Price' $18,000. Easy  terms.  GOWER POINT: For 1he  discriminating buyer. 100' of  developed parjk. Neat 2 Bdrm.  cottage features attractive Jiving room with F/P. Modern  Ca<b. Kitchen and eating area.  A/oil heat. Attached workshop.  Garage. Excellent terms on  $27,000.  Choice W/F home in private  setting. Immaculate 5 room  home features firepflace, W/W  and large view windows in spacious living roox_.. Modern Cab.  kitchen, Bar eeperaites, from  roomy iJaaellod dining room.  Lge. patio. Grounds beautifully  landscaped and maintained,  fruit trees, small fruits.  Lge. tool and storage shod.  Carport. Low down payment on  $22,000.    '  GRANTHAMS: 3 extra large  bedrooms���terrific, vjew from  larg-e , Mvlngroom, and good  sized 'kitchen, ulalf ib^isement,  A/oll heat���good sized Jot. Full  price  $18,000.  Epsy  terms.  5 minute walk to ferry, lge.  Jot with a terrific view. Faces  on BIk. top, full prke only  $1700.  at $2,750 each, P.O> Box 299,  SecMt "or to view contact I_,  Nesta-JO^ Selma Park. 9?5k_d  E13I��^F^S--Mdflertr 4 bed-  room Uine Ofl 2 lo_5, cl6s6 in  beach and safe boat anchorage,  living  Bright cab.  A-oil beat,  landscaped  Sale by owner, phone ev_E_ogs  685-0782 ot write Bos 470 c-o  Peninsula litoes, JBox 58L Sechelt, B.CL      i 463-tfo  Mil i|���i iii._-_i_��_fcp��-_illi_��_i_����_��_*_d��_��w-_^^  CHARLfS ENGLISH LTO.  Sunnycrest Shopping -Centr^--  GihsOaas \  Pibviding i__. Sunshine Coast  wiSih a complete Professional  Service.       '       �� ,  ' _teal Estate ��� Insmaaee. '  (General and life)  Law Office ami Notary Public  <B. T. Kennett)  Prompt attenion to purchase or  sale of property from inception  to registration.  To list or purchase call now ���  Our experienced salesmen are  at your service.  886-2481  8546-tfn  EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANGE  Mot-Qiy Pubfic  Member  Vancouver-Real Estate Board  Multiple "Listing "Service  : PHONE 886-2248    ,  Fourtwdrooms, or three and  den, make this well-planned,  home' a real family property.  Large, pleasantly landscaped  lot is bn a quiet street, convenient to Gibsons businesses.  Large rooms overlook harbour.  Full 'concrete balfement has  tiled rooms for a variety of  uses, auto-oB furnace atad  laundry- area. Glass doors open  onto south sloping lawn, which  features bathing pool and fish  (pond. Fruit trees, rose, trellis  and sundeck complete the picture. Full price $21,500, cash  or cash to approx. $5,000 lo��.-  (ihterest mortgage.  Summer retreat on scheduled  water_ro:_t.. New 'AJpin^ 3lbed-  ioom cottage with fire-rilace,  99 feet beach. $16,900, rtermj  $4,500   cash   for   1.  cottage   with i excellent  supply,    conveniently   sH  ,i��-^sea and village.  ���. 1J8Q9, sq. "ft' modern -bus;  _a___ing and living a<  tion, with good parking.  on eaisy down payment:  . Three - bedroom all - electric  home just-of niain blackitop.  Comipletely modem in dfisign  and convenience. Half-acre lot  planted to grass. Handy to bus  and to beach. Big sun-deck,  car port, and excellent water  supply.. Full price $18,000,  terms.  " , down? l Small' 2   be_ti#��_s; ;  $500 new,' s " dements  \'^_^^^��__u_i��*b.cc i* y s?rm, mmmme mh,"^  9903-52 - Atate *��*5?rtSL0'^ii^2* m* ' 885-9973>  JnO_ria.ru  4m>>  -__-  ', ^4enBe ^llelt^jlihway, lo^ -^Y ��� P:~ y  Cto-4,' teto __dcl��a*��_. m FLEfcTWCHM? '' cor^mmh.  Aervi����$ available." Box U04" k sfereo^and tV, 2'$e_af oldi  Peninsula times- ll04-__o '&& $goo. powonly $399.95; 2en-  HA1TS- bicycle tot ' sale/ .** ^todel 3JWHa^ _f^|inUr  ' mt&S&c purple, with 3 "speed gvaraatee, tpu&J&aa J#jee.  & sneedomofer, Ph, B85-997S. iSos^sMm "&y<8om. ,.CSp_��e  - '     .     ' S904-52   te^te. ***** ��-*' 32 ���{&%) m  .*   -,���;, V   gold^ Hand yt^fyAvow^&fss  CRIB H7, Also Playteit Nutter,  Mono S&_5_1     .    _ 7^41-52  ^^v" -J*" .     *"���*   *�������� Tft> y     ,    --i-iiii ���'   **   iri ���  DEJMDAV Christmas tyee sale.  dtfders taken' at 886-771L Also  on   _ale   Outside   Super-y^lu,  Gibsons and at Sechelt.    9907-1  'Atftt  BLOCK BROS,  l't fiidge, $29^5. &ig>ii_& ber tot   my  BOOKS   for   chti&mas   sahdw, drill) ���& 'teiv^jfiiy,  >v Christmas, buv me hew ��__;-       ,*_..   /j_jj f^m   caDa.   ru3**r 1QftB  iak9***'r!,rt!le,*'fll"-0'-  Topping   Gahada  CTBING B^woA in case, instruction book and 2 records,  $35, Two auto head srests, new  (sabr^-saw,,  $io. Phone 886-?361.  ��997-t_n  '- able distwasher, mm at.Park-' *��*,.   *Jn*  4V��*_  Halted, ask for ftee* ^^  m  Jot fast- service os all properties and businesses.;  .yWiz TRAD-i HOAAIS . :  _6tf4_lt/'  4 Mill. | �������>���.���In       hi ��i   ��� ^    ���      iJ-  THESUN SHINIES ON ;  1Q5* pf' ___esti_cted view wat*'  erfroat with -%e finest sandy  beach. 2 bedroom home tot is  a delight to show, $38,000.  Immaculate ��� Quarter acre  .fenced and in lawns, walks,  flowers,' shrubs, and patSoi 3  bedroom house, garage and oiit-  binWcttgs, Near schools, heath,  aynd sfyrtes, $2^000.    '  '8SS^217L  >S973nt_n  C?C��1WEBT1BI_3   isatjy Ybjiggy,  1J used only tstfb tota��__s> Phone  ���>" <  _��994&  3H3EBE5 is &,g.OitJ& _eleclion of  ;- ��____re_s _opks-at *be' Times  ^JBOokf' Stoxie^ Sechelt vix��t  Worlds -$5,95, The Americans  -Indian $5,95, The Wonders of  Physics, Let's Expraimtot  _$_.95j Golden Treasury of  poetry $5.95, Phone 885-9654.  9915-52  $24.95, See them at fhe Times  Book Store, Sechelt. 885-96_4.   .  -   mt<s2   ~r.  �� *��� .  ^ESTINGHOUSE    Wringer  Washer, $29.95; Zenith Washer, $79436; All fridge, "1 year,  old, &7fc Used Fridge, $29.95;  Rogers Majestic Console T,V���  outtawd. motor. ,C__}kerfoy  boat,, 1968 | Volkswagen -4e��u��e,  sunroof, ra^loY>J itn^er^-ted  eifcc, New JFJits^ahiar custom  30.06 t-fte; tytewer yariape  seope. * New goitf A,M./F,M.  transistor, 'ta&SK' Port-We  . mains/haittery ta$��e recorder.  Canon camera, also telej&oto  Jens. M&ty ofter ?nisc. items,  TEL; S83-2285.-      *���'       9947-52  neV picture -tube, $175;  Vet*   S^L^feml_Sl^' 2__ ����?  T.V,, $49.95; Corabinalion TLV.  & Stereo, $650 * new, now only  $399.95. Parker's Hardware  Ltd., Sechelt, B.C. Phone 885-  217L -     9913-tfa  condition.  ,|Phope   -:885;9336.  After 6 p.ni; "- r   9908-1  6 TIRES,  8.00 -x  M summer  treads. Phone ��85-9578.  ' . 9906-1  BUY   your  trash   incinerator  from   Sechelt   Kinsmen   at  $3.50 each. Phone 885-9542.  9988-tfn  MARINE ACCESSORIES,  Pa__t-~li2h:r��glasiS--Bope--  Ca_:vas--3oat Hardware  Compressed air service for  skfodivers air tanks,  Skinddveirs available for  salvage work.  WALT 1NYGREN SALES  LTD.  Phone 886-9303, Gibsons, B.C.  1306-tfn  Ouisianding comedy  a^8^Pa* *^ for Gihsons fli-aire  Unemployment Insurance  '. * i"."  ���H\hiY  r;u.��.  E. McMynn  Do Wortman  J. Wdrn  886-2500  886-2393  886-2681  BoA 238, Gibsons, B.C.  \ 9902-52  $L509 DDWN���Itt Sechelt, 2  bedroom house,. remodelled, - electric heat, laundry room, attached carport Move right in  at $10,800.     -  West Secbelt���View of Trail Is-'  la^l ft&s 2 bdrin electric heated com|orta_��te cottage on l&z  790' lot is a gem. $14,000 cask  NEW; 1jS.est Sechelt~-Lti_urious  4-plex oo S0*x478' lot. Own water system. I4'x20* living room,  tWW ' carpets, 2 bdrms; coL  "plumbing. All with gulf view.  Fully occupied.  SEC_____T-<-2200'> Z bdrm home  with extra bedroom and rumpus Tioom , in basement.  Fire-  b%ci,Pi&ffl heafc 100' .waterfront. Secluded $30,000.  S&I_ltA IfARX ��� Delightful 2  b4A'.'iC(ji^ge.:,..'Fa___y room On  lirge lot: W carpets, electric  heat. $13,500. Real good terras,  H. Gregory 885-9392  <   H. fi.' GORDON  & KENNETT. LTD.  Phone 885-2013  Sechelt, B.C.  I 9969-50  ' xPva'Py , 1 .-���-  ;-'i!2__!_____^  _p^la "^tl ?^mv��i |____k>Bi___aMo__. and  Iwkings, Margaret MacKenzie (local rep),\ Eaton's. Where  To Go Travel, 886f-2960. Gibsons.  99684_ri  BUILDING SUPPLIES  GIBSONS    Building    Supplies  Ltd.   886-2642,   Gibsons,  B.C.  Quality Ready-mixed concrete  Serving lhe area for 20 years  I 90 -tfii  ALCAN Aluminum windows and  sliding   doors.   Complete   in-\  staUation or do it yourself. Ph.  885-9534. 97734fn  THE OLD woman who lived in She shoe  __ad nothing on Lucille Ball and Hehry  Fonda who have so many kids 4hat they  Any Questions please?  Q. 1 have been waiting as a sec^jy1' pie; Automobile or fire insurance although  steadily for the past 15 years in full-toe. each cf us does not expect that tbe con-  insurafote' en#oytm_rit. My mother 'bfk, tingency will arise, Aoart from tms as-  ���been caring foi* any two children, now 7        _ as-  A^.<t im^w what to da "te Mia' hilarious **��n carang ior any wo cnuarea, Ww �� JS7*. prindpie behind a ^^buto^  ��v��,l, mTJ^ Oui-^lS SSSZ ^ M. hut due to her death, thesis ��o schfitae is that .of spreading the costs of  JSfw,,?; 2n& SS one to look after thorn tfuH time. I am the plan in order that the cost to one per-  Wefcesdv.-IgcM^r 4 * the *��httt ^^^   ^cemd during the sWomi* ?tm or to spe'cific .groups of persons wm  tfceatre m Gihsons.^Nineteen of itoenU J^^ ^ ^^ ^ m schwA   t m ^j.te <uttTOUS.  Ten of 'em ate Henry's by a pi��vioj_s ayailabLe i<fr employment for one-half 'day, Q.  "I applied tor a social insurance  * marriage, the -"youns" of title,  eight of y ^ days a weelk) ^^ <fDe t0 five# j^^ ojuo^t about four weeks ago and so _a<r  Cs by a previous ffi'arrialge, d     through Friday, yet I have b&ai '&& ' I hive not heard anything. I have changed  K,   BullfT  RON.  McSavaney  Ed. B��tlcr  DON TAIT  ��� B86-2000  ��� 88G-lWrtl  ��� 886-2000  ������ ����3-Z284  K. BUTLER REALTY  & INSURANCE  Gibsons, B.C.  Phon* 880-2000  1        MEMHKJtS  MtJLTII'LK LISTING     *���  SERVICE  BLOCK BROS. PBTS  P_ione Mr. Good 681^9700  collect. 24 hour service or  736-9171  main office  2695 Granville.St.  '   ISLAND  Approx. i acre, 2 cottages, water and hydro. Pender Harbour  area. $5,000 down or trade.  27 ACRES  Approx.   Overlooking   Porpoise  Bay good access and water available for subdivision or (holding  property.  $1000 per acre.  LOT  $600; 5O'xl20' on water and hydro. Selma Park area.  CABIN  Spring water year round and  5 acres and cabin near Roberts  Creek turn off. Good gravel  road. Ideal for horses. Only  $8950 full price.       ,  BUILDING LOTS  Buy for the future a\ today'v  prices only $395 down and oaBy  terms, Turn off Snodgrass Bd.,  Selma Park all lots priced.  View lots FP $3950.  5 ACRES I  Just off Gower iPolnt Rd. $8000.  Nr. Gibsons ideal for retirement. Located on sloping land  and well itirwd. Terras. Also l  acre $700 down adjacent.  COMMERCIAL CORNER j  Junction of Frand* Peninsula  Rd. and Sunshine Coast Hwy.  Approx. 450 ft. x 291 ft. Piped'  water on property.' Appro*, a  acrtsi $__000 ca*sh. 'Mortgage  rnonica available.  EXECUTIVE HOME  Nr. ferry Lanfi<tnle 4 bdrm*.  Lange LR; D-arca and cab. kitchen, all ovcriooklnn Howe  Sound on waterfront lot. Terms  to  $29,500.  For Fast Seivico  Phone Mr. Good 681-97^0  BLOCK BROS.  We Trade Homes  CHARCOAL male toy poodles,  inoculated; 7W lbs. one year  old $50. Also Christmas puppies  4, 5 & 6 weeks old; ex-ceMent  temperament; from show  stock; most colours; toys &  miniatures; will hold till  Xmas; stant at $65. Phone 885-  9797. 9909-52  BOATS G. ENGINES   |  15 FT. CADILLAC alum, boat,  35 hp motor, toailer,  cover,  lights for sale. Phone 885-2007.  9618-tfn  WISCONSIN   37   H.P.   motor;  air cooled, clutch forward and  reverse.  $250.  Phone  885-2056.  9995-52  CARS ond TRUCKS  FOR   sale���1957   Dodge  2  Dr.  Sedan,  6  cyl.,   good  ttecond ,  car for Peninsula week-enders,  $100 or offer. Phono 738-1305 or  385-9424. JOOOO-52  HOT1 HOT! HOT! 3��07 Sun-  'beam Tiger powered by Ford  2C0 V8. 4 njxMvd trans., traction  masters, radio, new Urcti, m_l..  inlUc IWuo panit, iand Wack  leather Interior."Thin car In in  fpoUe'sa Fcondilion ��nd hm  mover [been raced, Suitable car  for the sports car mind. _ pcr-  non with Wgh jM*rfonm.anc<>  taste. $2905.00 firm. Comitact  BUI Cc^>}^ng, Box 550, Sechelt,  B.C. or phono HU5-2812 dayn, or  885-mid nights. "Suitablo trade  arccixl/cd,, 90JO-K.  19f��2   VOI>KfiWAGEN   for   ��al<>.  G<kk1   condition.   Brand   new  tires. $400. Ph. fl86-2G2��.  9!M2-52  them, are Li-ciUe's  and one. the "ours", are* theirs. That it  all adds up to some pretty high comedy is  not hard to imagine.  The story is based on the highly publicized marriage of Warrant officer and  widower Frank Beardsley, U.S.N., played  by Fonda, and Mrs. Helen North a widow  played by Lucille Ball, t residents of north-  Fern California, who met in a naval d_sp--i-  sary accidentally and knew -hat it wa'S  love.   Melville   Shavelson,   the   picture's  director,   and   Mort  Lachman  wrote  the  script.  The job of rounding up the kid&--from  Fonda's  oldest,. a, manly  eighteeii-year-  older, and Lucille's charming fifteen-year-  old oldest daughter down to the two-and-a-  half year-old "Ours" of the scenario���was  not an easy one. But producer Robert F.  Blumofe, who claims he interviewed practically every minor in California, came up  with at least iftwo from whom great things  are   expected;   -The  oldest -boy   is  Tim  Matthieson -who has appeared .in "Divorce,  Amenca��-5lJ_��..~__ii' the, girl is Jennifer  Leak^ a .Canadian, who is said to, look _  enough like" Lucille -Ball to indeed be1 her  ���daughter.     . " '  Auiiliary annual event  reported great success  BETTER lh#n ever--was the general comment about the annual smorgasbord of  Sechelt "Auxiliary.  The glittering'hand-crafted pink and silver chandelier which hung from the centre  of the 'hall was a work of art in itself and  . the colours- were repeated in the mums  and, candles on the tables and the wall  decorations of top hats and silver slippers.  The formal gowns worn by the ladies emphasized the theme.  The wide variety of foods, beautifully  arranged, was a credit to those who had  prepared them.  Music for dancing was supplied by local  talent was declared excellent by all.  President, Mrs. J. Parker wajs at the  door to greet the guests. Mrs. C. McDermid  and Mrs. J. Morgan were general convenors with various chairmen and their committees assisting.  Thanks go to all who helped so enthu-  sla-stically to make the affair a success.  Luck, s__ always against. the man who  dopehds on it  day through Friday, yet I  qualified as I can no longer accept full-  time work. To me, this is without' justSEU  cation. I do have a person whom 1 tan  implicitly trust who is available during -toe  afternoons. I most ibe at home in tjie  mornings for children must have a mother's guidance during at least a portion of  the day. Ihave an excellent full-time work  record, 1 am''���s^v'a^_aible;':ftnr"p^tto6 ;  work for good ie&sohs.-jL'have paid.Uneiih*-  ployiriieht Insurance for iifteen years. N^w  I cannot draw even part -of it. Whyl  A. Because you are not available lo  work during regular hours of your occupation. This is the reason why you have  Ib'eeh disqualified. To receiye unemploy-  jtnent 'benefits you must be available to  work. Since there is no part-time work at,  the moment .and, <m.the other .hand, you  don't want to work full-time .because of  your children, you unfortunately .cannot  receive benefits. Even i_ yott have paid  Unemployment ^insurance lor. fifteen -iM&rs,  if you do not follow the regulations.of the  Act,vyou cannot receive (benefits.  k- VbsLve tale&ff-t pari^dme^oVitokang  after an apartme&t (bu-tdiiig. In return! for  - the ichores, I am given a suite free df char-  joibs since and my new employer is insisting that I fill out another a-ppLication as  he needs a number jfor me. 1 was told some  time ago that a person its not permitted  to (make more than one application fot a  social insurance numlber. What S'hould I do?  A. Four weeks is an abnormally long  time to wait for a social insurance number.  You sboi_.d check with your previous employer as it is quite possible that he has  your social insurance number records. If  not, contact your nea'jrest UIC office and  explain the situation, although it is correct  that you are not permitted to make application for more than one social insurance  number you can make application for a  replacement social insurance card if the  first has gone astray.  Q. "When 1 started working for my-employer a year ago. I gave him an unemployment insurance book with a plastic  card attached to the cover. I have been  laid 'of and have just received a new book  'from my employer, 'but it does not have a  plastic card on it. Is the 'book valid without  the-.paid and if not, how can _ get one?"  ��� A. The absence of a plastic card in no  way- detracts from tjie validity of your  (jmemplcyment insurance hook. The pJas-  ge ito J" entitled to stem<ps tttt tins work' f    ��d desi^, S<M   as an ad2nin,  and if so, how can deductions be made      - ^ - J-  since I do not receive money?  A It is possibl. that you would not ibe  entitled to stamps for tbis (work. It depends  on the contractual nature of the empiloj. -  ment and on the extent of the work-you  perform. In some circumstances stamps  would be paid,i( however, it is neCj&PHiTy  that the HOC office consider the fcwftW-'  stances o. each individual c_*_' toelj&tts A  ruling can be given. 'Where it is det**b_|_5_.  that stamps aire payable, (both libfc ��_&ip(Mjy*fe  and employer sharfes aire jp_i_ by ia_ ���&_>  ployer and are based on a lV_luatiOJI. Of t|_&  living quartens. ���  Q. "I have not Ibeeo jpayitog tttteidploiy-  ment insurance for yfcWB, as1 I ta^e always (been earing over the tg-ttog.- EtfoW'I  understand I must begin paying &S ljelntb  under thc at-W ceiling at $1&X>. 1 a4�� p&c-  manently entffoyti nnA ^ tpi b&ye (to  use Hhe Ifun-.. Is tbere no wiy in ^&cn I  cotdd H_*fcmpt jny-elf?" -  A. The fact that yo�� consider yottrsclf  to be permanently e__J_tfyed it* pot &imh&  for exiemption. wot o_ m tatty varjiw  types of insurant*; ^bt_^-toDii tot ,<__a*h-  istrative convenience -and is used to imprint your identi-icaition on certain of our  docum-nts. In the absence of a plate we  make the entries by hand.  mmi BAPTIST CHURCH  SEHVICE: SECHEVT  s__fitfyStfjooi ���io.00o.ft).  ���_unt��i 5ert-��9 ��� Hit 5 a,td.  fttV. A WJLL1S; PASTOR  You ore invited to mend try oi eoch service  IMMItf  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  <l/ftdfet)0mlnotl0ti_il)  tt&&$1 |c_C6l .0.09 o.th  Wxitm Sarvlto lljlS __a.  PAST<5�� rev. s. casseus  (fay.) titty food ond Atbahrt  (2 _le��(_i up ftotn Highway)  ���wwi,-.',.*iffi��i  Ji_w___lW_**W_M 1.^,0 _H_^lji,lrflMPV^F|.^FHI   I  SE^Ei? A-3_i^Cgf_S MTE PAB>  ANGLICAN CHURCH  SAIIMT HILDA'S���SECHELT ,  I 8:00 a.m. Every Sunday  9:30 a.m. Chgrcih School  1L00 a.m. 2nd, 4th, 5lh Sundays  7:30 p.m. 1 st and 3rd Sundays  Services held reoulorly In  GARDEN BAY, REDROOFFS and EGMONT  For Information phone 885-9793  Every Wed. 10 am H. Communion St. Hilda's  THIS VITAL  YOUNG  RELIGION  V/ANTED TO ��V  V  ONE  or   two   b^room   boiw  near   ��_ropp._tjj  ccnt.Tr>,   Gib  iwwjss or ScclWlit. Can be cn.;h,  Phono     Vancouver     9R5-MWW,  listtr       *  Hmmw mrm Dim mttBon p��opU  erpund _����� world today who b*��  D*y�� t_a�� t_�� *mIftcaJlon of mankind  ii ftt* **9 pf Oo_ for our no*. Th��y  cptl ih��m<��l������ Paha'li.  PmtUtm* ��oWI l�� ��_��-l ymm mrm  CDMA A... FOOTS  Cd-al'i 4sf Sxmtfotm Coosf  ft��. S*1t$$l\ %mc3m0, 0JC  .-33BLWL  .-_Vj**_f��'s>Ji_1?{  'ST  ��� This free remitter of eomlno leyehta h o service of SECHELT AGENCIES  LTP, Phone Peninsula Tlmfts direct far freellstlnoj, specifying "Date  Pod", Please note that spdee .8 limited arid some advonce dates may  have to wait their turn; also that this Is a "reminder" I listing only and  cannot always carry full details.  Hoy, 29-^-10-12 noon Sclipol Bodrd office. Deadline ftir nomination .of  2 trustees, Sechelt-Pender Hofbdur orea.  Noy. 29���2 p.m. Roberts CneeK Lepitpri. L.A. Bazaar and Too.  'Nov. 29���8 p.m. St. HUdo's He'll; $eeM_ A.C.W. Fun Night.  MoV, 30���1-3 p.m. Roberts Creek Legion' Mall. Parents Auxiliary Rum-  Sale    '  No/. 30���7:30 p.m. Elphlnttone Secondary School. Internaltonol Fbtk  Festival.  2-8 p.m. Municipal Holl p^sons. Advance Polling Day.  Public meeting to discuss  .��  ASK FOR FREE CATALOGUE OP PROPERTY  V��F  Mulripla Uftlng Service  Voncourer Reel Estate  Board  REAt ESTATE  INSURANCES  Gibson* 006-7015  5,lT  -'*<ls, Y  '' _- 5. '  iH*=>y--_>'.l>F-��Fi's��'>'**>-*<frji_V fifrahFiW-s^. i  1    .^v'-*^ +*->wtj*~  "*^-jw J<W*<i��� if^v_> �����_*  w-. ., -v.^v * '  ^' v Y-s-^P'y ?*^,,ilii^"^F^-,   *-.YYj��" "-^Y'^Y^y- V.,"*  V  -^ySeeM fii&fd&cieiyr, *z*x ��� ��� -��� -��� 5 -^--  ^jr!*/*       ���       I I    mi     II    lllllll     ,1 F���   fji        l^ l]  iij . i ' ���  (  4e^eft^BP club, piegi^ep;f;%  ,r WlimteFe$@tmm  i,* *  noils Mdiaa itmscbiiceptioii  IX>tWBR (_j'ainia_d Mipw- toemocrafte Party  Atlfeo�� <tf Ibe frMftifa-pfe <rf,��i-&''f(-rt-  ers, JfcrgSawt1 llflelfctyinp. a#-' Jie^/Jer-  yfs, $b,0 _4a_rejf tier adventures,., #efe "in  Sechelt lai't week find St i_ <jjift*. ^ftssifct*  tHat 'they wall' -Oi)nJbe"rfiittii?jl��tg H>. the  pla-ce where, Jh^y find most bapponfesa.'7  irnTf jTiii.�� iii��v  1_ILAs Tom Berger; Dr. Bay PaiMnson  and JEfrnest Hall attended a meeting in the  Community HaJl ol the Sephelt Indian V_>  la'ge on Saturday to matrfc the for__a_ion  ol the Sechelt MIDP ch_b.  -President Wayne Clark opened -the  meeting'with' _te wish for mote open dialogue between'Indians and non-Indians to  hel^ solye troubles, "This is to he a true  MJ>P club and will n��t be mainly Interested in Indian affairs" said Mr, Clark  who hoped, to see a lot more white people  in tine duh.  Television and''the press tend to sensa-,  tionai-ze^nd there is a anasooneeption ihat  the Indians want the country back. This-  is not so, he said, there is enough for everyone bvAj it has to be a just place ior  all of us.  ���Regarding militants, Mr, Clark said,  there are a few; he disagrees with them  but syimpathises with them if it is the only  way to get ahead. He believes in the NDP  platform and that diange can be made  through political action.  Speaking as an Indian who attended a  non _ndian .school and as a father whose  son will also attend such a school, the new  president deplored the lack of teaching  Indian history which is a great history.  Band secretary Clarence Joe commented, "we hear a lot fibwA the feats of Simon Fraser but nothing about his Indian  guides; he would have drowned without  them."  The CM> Charter was presented to the  secretary Gilbert Joe by MLA Ernest Hall.  Recreation activities  include floor hockey  RECBEATIOI? activities vmdsot \%erajt&  pices 'of Sfehool District No. W J<_t^jiefi.)  Adult Education Program have been Iq aill  swing this fall from Bender Hapboyf^ to  <Sibsons. * > i  "These activities, wbteh-bhve been Organized, so that individuals pay only a  small drop-in -fee, have drawn 75 to 109  individuals during week nights, Newjeomers  ayre welcome.  The activities are from 7.3-<M9;3Q p.m.  at the places listed below.  > Monday nights-���Secbelt EtemeiSlary������  Mixed Volley 'Ball, Tuesday nights-Gibsons Elementary���Mixed Volley Ball, Tu.es-  nights ��� Seehelt Elementary ��� Handball,  Wednesday nights���Sechelt Elementary���  Mixed Volley Ball. Wednesday nights���  Pender Harbour���Ladies Keep 'Fit, Thursday nights���Roberts Creek Elementary-  Mixed Volley Ball. -        _ .  A floor hockey activity will begin on  Thursday nights, at Gibsons Elementary at  7.30 p.m.  The Elphinstone Recreation Group and  the 7 .dian Totem Club have been assisting  the Ad It Education Program in maintaining the__^ -'Ctivities. .-��� .^  Drop in at any of these 'activities if  you feel like a little exencise and play,/tt  costs very litjtle and its fun. -   '       '' /  1$.% and Mrs. ��"timie of _3_Mwac|k  _re.s$>e&di_# i lew days at t>3Vls B&Yio  their trailer, getting their property ^le^jr-  4fl>6d'ready for building. "  ">  1" _, _, *        _,      _ <     '   - j,   *    inamiDMHia xismng cc  fMSt, aniiMrk W. Sehad of Powell Wv$t   metA *^alfedifcHtt  IN A m^t^^ml't^k&e& to. foa-Mptf "sld^s U> \be angS-fag . > ^Sucb faffies are  <tf the B& WMdllfe ryed^ration elected   a pettten&tox of nonotai $&ot% GMilg , V. r ?  offidals .ol -ifa ��<mserv_4io�� otgstka^n ''fxirtfoetmoie, #te-feC. TSaimott Hem liis*  of*.^,��w_..  _��..-_._.j*,___ _uu_.  ���!____���*..   Za  it.<_..iii_j>_      ���^,    a_.���~.__._.- _Je    j.j^__i_��jM__i-.<i. i _____i_.i..__*____;  4r*i spendibg a few da^s wi& Mir. and 3~*ej^  j; -Ivan Smith at Davis Bay, \t  *' fyleOkeni guests oi 'Hit. arid Mrs/ Bob  Nonmihtoh ytete Mr, and, M*s, iiWd^Mc-  Arthur of Vancouver,  "*' - -      *���-.  Attehdiing the _5th Session Synod of th?  Diocese o'l New Westminster to be held at  St, John's Shaughnessy Church Ate B��&  Barrie Jehks; Mr. Ivan Smith; Bfc. Aatetiie  Williams and 'Mrs, Amy Bryant.    ���  .Mrs, Roily Read and Mr& Emily f$k-  sons were surprised and pleased wlaen  friehds gave an unexipected birthday pa-ity  a>  discussiwof'the ire-   mifent ��/_lt ptove a. ��eiifea^_t ^ihe-ca-U-  cenliy held 8J& S^toon St)ej% daoiitg the ^g^io have <_0aib'wa_M5S rfeseived^for  quarterly meeilh& ��_f offi<*te ahd- directors spo^s fishing. Ho^e jScmnd; sift' ��f |W_��  of the F*der_ia0fc in Vat&iMeb last week. we'L&fc, ^afcau Dk^^iitd fltie Vanfewtvcr-  They dfe<_a*ei ',:-, . ^ jneovspipet'isf 4tet%/ -Vfis -'besetveSt eo3nl>'  "Whim seizes '�� ��ftf_i' ^gnltude ��J�� ^4Ve% f*$^&^L���J^-%&*  offered tfijtt -Via_i_g ibecfeme* tte stt$e jwib- mewal _islie!rfl>e�� disp��s_^sedT ��t M& tight,  tive to* tafrifig out f^d^ r��fe. we .niiHit 'lo ash-ifi <&e fiwintl Mye lepfa&tetear  object. We al* apposed* tbtmammotb} Jji_h- ,***J(> ^<_ft$0aih ���liteftjBiiey #e '%ISUtm  ly' cpmj��etitive, "h^bly' ^��t___m_____l_ld, ^'��_����**cfel' *^|%��i> fcttefom U, *  fishing derbies, --'       - v,    ,   lY  * - ^ 6rea tie^ teiv��fj��|i temis��8&,t&ePr  "fin SSkite ft_i_i 4 Wmm ^ ^ ~to��to* *��^_^4___.,,,  ship and ate Wort IMly <M)hn pat, toYih-  "Tfaen ijohtrikite ��s__i^ to 'siport-lnan*  ip and ate ft&orfe likely thhh __t toYih-  dermkie It, Jli��i__ey .se^ye ��9 enervation ^  purpose atiflL ifBiilt_ij_ieS fe.hitSil.Krs oiikt  a��'��, ,4he f��d#aii6g Uit^ffe&m,  for t&em on Thursday afternoon. Present   a period 0flime, ��otia ifefr J_a__3____L <bp#sh  jVere. lbs. Breese;- Mrs, Ivan Smiih, and   ��tocks- "&*& do nothing, in fact, to suppo-rt  Pender Highlltes f  ijftt. dive Porte,  Speedy recobery to ai-patients Jn St  Mary's Hospital especially Mrs. Eli_a8>&th  ��rian_ie) Wlakefield and Mrs, Jessie  Lucken.  Sipeedy recovery to all patients In St.  ���Mary's Hospital is accepting! donations fti  lieu of Christmas Cards. Proceeds are for  the pediatric ward. To ensure pUbEcataon  in the newspapers donations must be mads  by 'December }2ih. See or call MxsL Bvfe  Moscrip at 885-932_. -    ,     -  Pflfl3 football is like nuclear warfare, Tbete  1 are'no winners, only ,surviyOrs, >  PRANK E. DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  Sol Block - Gibsons  Every Wednesday  886-2248  Phone 885-2818  NITA'S BEAUTY SALON  Open in the' Richter Block  Sechelt, B.C.  PERMANENT WAVES ��� TINTS  HAIR CUT ��� STYLING ��� SHAPING  9 a_m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday  BRIAN'S DRIVE-IN  fhe Brightest Spot pn-fh<? Highway  Opposite the High School > Gibsons  For Take Out Orders Phone 886.2433   .  Telephone 88&-2069  SIOSE & ART ENTERPRISES  5-��nery, Supplies, classes & firing  dealer for Duncan's Ceramic products  Pine Rd. & Grandview Ave.  P.O. Box 62, fiibsons, B.C.  JL & H. SWANSON LTD.  Septic Tanfcs and Orain Fields - Bockhoe and  Front End Loader Wofk.  Screened Cement Grovel -fill and Road Gravel  Phone 885-9666 - Box 172 - Sechelt  R. H. (BOB) CARRUTHERS  Oil Stoves and Heaters  Gleaned ahd Serviced  Port Mellon to Earl's Cove  Gibsons, B.C. Phoiie 886-9354  OCEANSIDE FURNITURE  AND CABINET SHOP  Custom cabinetry for home ond office  Kitchen Specialists  ft. SirkJn, Beach Ave., Roberts Creek v  Phono 886-2551  For Your Fiipl Supplies  , Danny Wheeler  *r' '     '��� Yow  IMPERIAL ESSO DEALER  886-9663 - Hopkins Landing  Tailored Suits   by Dropeshire  Work and bress Clothing  Accessories - Jewelry  Watch Repairs - Tim ex Watches  MARINE MEN'S WEAR  1585 Marino - Phono 886-2116  PENINSULA CLEANERS  1521 Gower Pt. Rood  886-2200 Gibsons  FOR YOUR FAMILY PRY CLEANING NEEDS  John Hind-Smith  REFRIGERATION  -   PORT MELLON  TO PENDER HARBOUR  Phone 886-2231  from 9 o.m. to 5:30 p-m.  Res. 886-994$  Scows ��� Logs'  SECHELT TOWING & SALVAGE  ���'LTD.   Y.'!  Heavy Equipment Movi_9v& Log Towing  L.. HIGGS \   Phone 885-9425   GIBSONS HARDWARE LTD*  - Yt>ur Marshall Wells  Dealership.  Phone 886-2442 - Gibsons, B.C  PARKINSON'S HEATING LTD.  GIBSONS  ESSO OIL FURNACES  No down payment - jSahk interest -  Ten years -o poy  Complete line of appliances  For free ertimote���C-H S66-2728  TWIN CREEK LUMBER  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  Dial 886-2808  When You Need Building Supplies  Give Us A Call.   FREE ESTIMATES  PENINSULA SEPTIC TANK  SERVICE  Prompt - Effective;- On The Spot  Service'/  Call 886-9533 or 806-7071 ofror  5:30 p.m.   "  Fully Insured   i Jill,i  . ... i i i     i     ���'... i ��� ���   ��� v-   --1 ���".-������   ' "     ���'    -   ���  HADDOCK'S CABANA MAMMA  All electric cabins. Boat rentals.  Launching ramp.  Mercury Outboard sales and service,.  Marine ways/ Repairs.  883-2248 - Madeira Parle, B.C.  C & S SALES  SECHELT- B.C.  APPLIANCES - HARDWARE     .  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Tbe lord's YP!  ft&ytst m* s_kfit_4 \$,& t&p-ffi&ffii &~r  left^   Ifl m^mda^t^Ul^^M^tm^mW'W   '   f  mute mt $faMm.>r&/*i4tdi$<>si'i mb?i *  *_& nti p$iih *fa&a ��&'&&m&,     '  '  , .*_ fJifaf'^tiw,, i5z<mtiim.'t^e-  br-ted m amM M#W and ��_.#  Bay.^ete.yri^e:af^azvm^ttU Fcosttanes,  itt iwteci the- v^ole-'sblSici iook'partL'lah  ^^S^VS {___f-,__V_��J__f-fflf1i_5��  ���was ��� twn dollar-. ���ife gopyed ah< esfSfiag -  liit&h toodt' "Which ty&i&it&ided, $ljrst;v__�� "  .tKeF costume i(j_$fi&' i&tt iiaii^'^tttfe  of -^tispaers Base, ah tbxeMiig jgtune "<*  volley-ja_t- <tfe-lchers.'Vi., skfetejis> 'ami-io  end the pieasani nw%%4ar,&ebad��$o&t ,  Hcfe.-**'      _        - -   _   ~t ._ .   ,.    .  '   Pender JHa_lb-i_r','$^jpl'^te'fl3* gtddg  Ut hi sold, #iey ~yM< bpfe Me jfiiljaj? '&  - the school, ih ;'iold_,!twl_: a 'tfbaiff, i__tl___  itovra to && year ^69,r;  tye ipajgiyeid a seiUejriflf y&ty jstteces^til u  gaiaes ��f volleyball WeiiUiesc&y against lEt-  pWiisitpoe Sciiooi EesuMs Mre _s i-ltttiTOs; *  Junior CHrls; Pander, 15, l��, ll; 'E-phift-1  ��to_.e, $, da, 15. ; '1  Junior Boys-. Pender, 12, 15, 1; __i>3t__-;  Stone 15, 4, 15. '  Senior Girls: Pender, 15, 13, 15; E^hiD-  s-ofte, ��, 15, (6.  '   Senior Boys; Pender, 15, 6; ^SjfinQsione,  IS, 15.  There was only time to play two games.  the resource 45iey exploit���or to 'enhance  the sport olf aeglimg."  The federation recognize tiuyt fisjiing  derbies have -jeeome widespread, ajid admit ._.$ sme ffi ibti m_*a&��a_3 wm-  ber�� fati only jpartiidipate' ih. thetft, but also  sponsor, thexn, Tiky sty, JiaWfeve^ tijat n*A  all dertoites af-0 _de.sa_de.,J3_j_yl _ee little  harm in S3ae one^day evFeirfB often'_.eld"l��y  business tixtmstot iiheir enijplpyees, & by  fish and gaoni #tofes and -othtsr groups, for  their t_ae__t_9&r_-_i__i iaTfiicllt wei&'are  usually'in___j_ial. titey .j?D5_ii *Ut,/jd��d s_4'  dom, 8_'._4K  participate  These 4_Q_xTor ,dert>ies-,l3iey, see\as vhaiii:  ly social everits, ratheir tt._�� competitiote'.-  They csaui-taJ, However/ 1&at derfcies M_i  specifically, for youngsters are���, not a good  thing, because iitfy are U]_ely to^ give boy  or girl a badly difetoried"-few, oif'^e spjwit  of angling, far better 'to i6trodu_e aybn%~  ster to atigling lay taidn^ __m ori ao ordinary fishing easjfcsidfi, -Hiey say, -   "   /  Th^ d_rectors consider sea^oa long fishing derbies less- objfifcHoifeble ___6 olthei"  types, because in *be$e contests,-.'"Ratitier  .han the an#er b^ctg iriotiyated. to feh  because a prize is olfered, _e goes fishing  for 'his own pleasure and bteeause be want-  to." Th��y feel, l��weyer, that even the season long deaiby injects an elenieht foreign  to nonraal sport fishing when the prizes  osffered are big enough to promote contestants into unsport_ma___ce attitudes and  actions in order to win.  A one-day derby sponsored by a Vancouver ajewspapfer eoimes dn itor Bowe  ���criticism on doe same basis, and reference  is made to.the "carnival' atmosphere" tfiat  surrounds it, and to an irtcident .tbat marred the outeofixe of the event in 1&&I,  The federation spofcesttfen are inost c*i-  tical of the "massi^fe, time limited, major  prize defiby*', wbicit they ��� see epito(mi_ed  in the B,C. fedtoon Beifty held'in Btftoe  Sound last labor Uay weekead. The S>���.  Salmon Pferby, a three day event, oEBfefied  prizes valued *t ^Sfy/m, wiUh a top jff&e  of i$85^)at> fin idJyer, Tbey prM'edi-.thai'&ie  promoters .of*tbe *^dft1by'f0und*it necessary to ia__ ^xitrai6��_inairy precaution* to  jkeep ifce-contestaiJte bonfcst^aod suggest  that lhe B.C. WdMe federations an,organization "dedicated horn its inception" to  a true appreciation of aportlsmansHp" cannot condone that sort ofc event, wbicb.  "leads to dishonesty and -unethical beba-  vior". Moreover, itbey' say, to tihe _eat  sport? fisbenman, "flighting '_or a, j$_5$-_>  prize is not the sport _$ aogJdng as.Jte  knows it. A situation wbicb cr<w^.sfewer.  al thousand people togetlh'er in <_*_-peti$on"  Mth one another, taniling lines and losifig  letopfers, bi^fcs no relation whatever to  the quiet contemplative pastkhe'be tefib-  E.-3li:  K   �����   iMUs*#,��.aBF=u*_5!_5aieatf'j  ^*tt��______-U&.vi  - , Something eise this world needs: a potato chip bag that .lasts as long as tbe'  potato chips, i  ^.r'.fBTtiRjNG  :;  '^ Tohitian end fcst Iralian Folk Dcnces  ^ ^ Scandinayian and R_Kscn;-B��dlet  '.'* local Squarenaders end P_Encen;  Etfyp?��fr{j^.^p ak^fefMBMliiiliy''j^cIbwI"'^^w^-wBt^ijiii  - "*���*        'u 1 '     % *        Y    '  .   }y        y-    Ptt^^S      - 'P  AduJtsr$U0, - S&��htifri 6ch��if Stwfen��s-$1,00  '.'"    ' ���^XhiJdlfert���1-il^^er 1-2^-7^?     '  a-.��� .. .    ���:   ,v>    '/*"    '  -     ���-'"     -  3        S*���  i  _   i     v  Bernina & Cmepa  Sales, Pat... 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If you are now 66 ... if ydu've t>cen contrib-  ulin^; to the Canada Pension Plan... and if  you've retired from regular employment, contact your Canada Pension Plan Ollipe now. If  you will become 66 Sn 1^60, get in touch witb  your Canada Pension Plan Oflice three months  before your birthday. The people there will  help yoti fill out the application form that  ,' starts your, pension pheques coming. They'll  explain hw yoUr pension is worked out...  arid when yoti become eligible. You'll get tfll  the answers to questions about your retirement pension. jPayment is not automatic. You  mus-t apply to r<pcciv;e your pension bendi!��j.  "Application should be made! in tb6 C>nada  Ptnsiori Plan Oflice scrvlfj^ J'OVr cottitfiunlty.  NOTE: If you ere   ondhsvo  I you don't t]  justify for  Triadiatrii  ereaorofi  CC0#--S|l  VAMi  Room f Si     j   '  %tm TewTft-    .  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(*. ^��1MH**+#  fc,^,^-**^^*^^^^^^,^^^^^^^ i^J,ttl��Si._^,M��lH,*'r.,'!!�� ���**  Ww��Wrt(w��1����**1  ^wftwrtf^^s****-**^ ^iW ��� t^i^^v**^*"**1*-**  .A /'/  1                       1                           '        '                                                                                                                                                                                     , \��. -\  _,.-;*��., J* r   ���^yHv^,t&<Xf*?'Jii'S ^"la^vk^-^yf ^-��. *^    \^*Y..y W.��� *ms>** **��*��� "-V ' -if   ��"*'�����.    -J��- . <f . ,VJ!'l1* J-"KKfH/*^Si',��   - v<-ftl..��.-*-*VV   ** ��    '*"   X. i^S~  - ^  Hj"''tY" < tY^Y'*   _^^_l^S^C^^liLjLJ__Ll_'Clrj _��** "!___. l"VV  -Y    nS-FtirVW1**-^  , T      ^      *.,���*���-r _** ,_ _jP ���  ��    ,   *                 j >       ->             i.    t Y   '      f-            ���5     ^               i*"'             '     ?"*"     i-i~          - -   -     - -  ��� ��� J ._   _        J< - "i        *?*>. .   '   s   /'c                                                     -'     ___ii   -'-    v -*��� .��fcta.e_.-..i_. ��___.��.    iHwr-jr __j_.���. *_!____._.'*.__ i***<..����_> - ' *    >_^a^^^-^._iim,^ T^;  feme A4 Y.   'Jlto ftmfogttfr m&   W<_f��H^ffy;.*a^^ *' *  ��=  l-T^ *^ I I    l__i____________________l____________________________________i________^ _____________________���____���______TM- _...__      .     ^Y  ' i".  f> . * i ��, *.'i<���. < ���*  Dedicated ladies �� ���,��  ' i  _D  ��^    i  t>J&?&  Seehelt Brownie leaders  honored' foi long-set%ice~ "T11" **?fcliB  **  fti_f< ��� ���    liM ( ���' P^_iS%I4-fIl_i  .&Ti_j_i*Twr ���. "^      /^��_t     vto _j_!i*ta_��   *   .__    *�� *   k��       _��� .**_ i-'^-g' <_?- jTt. *_j_55-_aflragCT_nry7ri-f^  jft ���^^-aff_^Bpi^W-^B^|--3*i_ -y ��� ^n- ^    j. .-"^iVt "I^iiti "JJT*rT^^rffr^TT i" ^i*^iliiT'-1>-<rjJ    -^���^B_r___liw^iil-_T.^1^ii-ffitiia*yi,>>. ^_&_- * J--*-_^-��Jh     _**��--��*_ urn ���imw "W*i iin_.inil��iii-wm wi_wii_-i-_i_-_---iw-__-_ww*i-_-_-^w��^i^*w^M*i^w��  jv   ' .WO D__Vib-_E_>. stealers of tke'Seg&elt l?t tera'.biM^ 1?he namjeslof^ihV ��cw brownies., *"        ^"ffg.        *5SP'��  :   A .,  "  Brownie Pack, were honored las^; week Speeial gue&ts were Mrs, Breese and Mrs. J /%&  *o_*_. v^ ����_. ** -* afagSb'BS.L i S___3T",in  meat ceremony-  Mrs. B.ulby Breese has been Brown Owl    p^^_^S_^_aSs  trf the Pack ��or eleven years and Mrs. Bae    >T  Fitzgerald bas Ifeen I'awny Owl for 1#n    t;  3r��ars. Both retired at the Fend of last sea-   l'  son Ea_h -was preseuited wifli a laMeclOti-,  liquid embroidered with Brownie j?mble_as  and signatiures of Brownies, many of i__s__  -Hie first to coime under lhe leader-hup cf  tnese   two  lasiies   who  have   devoted  so  many hours to their young -changes.  The two former leaders performed their  last presentaijion when they presented seven Brownies with their wings. This would  . normally have been a Brownie Fly-Up ceremony but the Guide CJounipany has been  Brownie awards'  Special occasion for 1st Wilson Creek   front row: Donna ftathburn; Debra first year silver stars were: Karin  -unable to form this season due to lack of  Brownie Pack was the enrollment of   Carby; Brenda KJark;  Kirn Benner Paetkau; Lynn E'berle; Lee Eberle;   leaders  five new Brownies, pictured in the   and Carta Paetkau. Receiving their May Pearson and Colleen Casey,  '��. f* <^��s*fl_i-, __> L"Ys '^sairfiJ  Brownies who received their wings are      ,  Melody Farewell; Cindy Grafe; G-ayle Ono-,    gj  Lon ftodiway; Susan Sanford;  Rhyl Wood  and Pattie Wing.  ENROLLMENT  St Hilda's Hall was decoraited wuth colorful wigwams for the'Brownie <nro_.me_!t  and the -tweenies dressed as little Indian  girls glided through a woodland setting in  a br^gitly decorated Indian canoe. One by  one the h'tie girls stepped out of the canoe  to discard hsr Indian blanket and headdress and make the Brownie promise before Brown Owl3 Mis. Donalda Sigouin.  NT&w Brownies are Jennifer Mactavish;  Elaine Mactavish; Sheila Murphy; Kathy  Rodway and Wendy Flay.  Also enrolled were Tawny Owl Mrs.  Rose Rodway and Fairy Godmother, Mrs.  Mary Flay. Musical Fairy is Mrs. Vona  Clayton all are mothers-of Brownies.  Mothers and young brothers and sisters  en_ovs^r._res_^e_!_s while Brownies under tM leadership sL Musical Fairy entertained/ with action/songs,. The tea . talble  was gaily decorai^d to match the Indian  tiem^and pla^naats .cwt'in wigwam, pat-  ^^M^^m^^mm^^��  t  selection @f  rapery Sumples  ond specialize in made to measure for your  home or office We are the new dealer for  White sewing machines, from $79.95 up.  20 year guarantee and easy to operate with a built-in button holer.  Nice selection of materials and accessories.  WIQAm'S SSWIS4�� ���Em��E  Sechelt Fhone 885-9345  i^KMammfmatafm,  i  Enrollment ceremony  Making their entrance in an Indian week were Jennifer Mactavish, El-  canoe; five little girls enrolled into aine Mactavish; Sheila Murphy. Ka-  the 1st Sechelt Brownie Pack last   thy Rodway and Wendy Flay.  jfiffcv  V      ��(T       |V  1 :. ? -'  'r3t&*lZ  ?+l  *_ tf   ���  f&fc* 4  *,���   '>Yk       <tl  \}~ati       C    ,/  . iJmTwA   v. >  U* \  w  ��>j  Brownie Pack accepts  five little Tweenies  LAST THURSDAY was an exiting day for  the Wilson Creek Brownie Pack for hidden in a forest of Cedar boughs, Tawny-  Owl found five little Tweenies' all prepared to enter the world of Brownies.  .Quiet as mice the little girls .remained  hidden until ,Mrs-... Diahria JEberle. found  them and led them over the bright yellow  stepping -stones to the magic pool where  Brown Owl, Mrs. Bonnie Pj\��fikau was  waiting to w&lcome them.      ' -  Making* the Brownie promise before  Brown Owl of the 1st .Sechelt Pack, Mrs-  Donalda 'Siguoin, were: Donna Rathburn;  Debra Carby; Brenda Gark; KittJ Benner  and Carla Paetkau; Kim Wilstm was sick  and will lie enrolled, at a later date.  Five J-ttle girls enrolled last year, quali- '  fied for their  service  stars  and  proudly  stood on a huge silver star to receive their  awards from Mrs. Sigouin. They are' G61- '  leen Casey; Lynn Eberle; Lee Eberle; Karin Paetk.���u and May, Pearson. .-���������.  Fairy   Godmother   who   acts   as   Jia'son  between   the Npack  and   L.A-,   to   Guides  and Browndas .and also helps if a leader is  sick, is Mrs. Dianne Benner  who retired���'.,'  last year from the position of Brown Owl.  Following the d-remony, Brownies sang ^ Anticination  a number of songs includinig 'Hie popular,  I   - ��� Mniicipaiion  Navaho Rain Song and Swinging Aunt, '. Seven Brownies of the 1st Sechelt company may be re-activated are  while mothers and younger children en- Pack received their wings last week Melody Farewell; Patty Wing; Lori  joyed light refreshments seated at a table but they have nowhere to fly because Rodway; Susan Sanford and in front:  decorated with cedar boughs and yellow    there is no guide company this year,.   Rhyl Wood; Cindy Grafe and Gayle  ��^O^  t* t  ^. if *____/__._< J \ -" *~:*r~~i~f "*^  :K -?*Sr/^��> &    ***&  -.is,  ���_W__i  Tm.   'StL.    *m    ������ __!���___-ii  ^^^-g^lS-^^^^^  Will buy second growth Fir and'  Cedar   suitable" for   Poles   and:  Pilings. Highest prices NOW.  Phone 886-2343  after 6 p.m.  Coasf__as& C��mrtB-_d&rag  FORTH-  ^lamll  ��� JUUUWIRA MAttlliA  ., _.-..=.-_.-i,-,.\...i,..,,i:.c_ -Madeira Park, B.C.    -   ���������  Your OAAC Service Centre - Peninsula Evinrude  Dealer-.- Cabins - Trailers & Hook-up - Camp  Sites - Trailer Court - Launfcbing Ramp  * ���   ���     ��� - Phone 883-2266 ~  SUFEU DELUXE m^EFUl^ERAtOU  daiKics,  Eagerly awaiting leaders so -that lhe   Ono  USE of the computer in planning marriages  is,nothing new. Many' a young'man has  been hooked .by a cailculating mother.  ��� -   * | i  A SUCCESSFUL man is one who has the  'horsepower of an optimist and the emergency brakes of a pesslment,  * Fd    *  IT IS  our  rtisponsllbillties,  not   ourselves,  that wc should take serlousily.  !l'   '  f     * 3��-<-     . �����  .     .. ., - p_?- *;,���-j  SECHELT THEATRE  presents  P^S  THE ST. VALENTINE'S DAY  MASSACRE  'Jcition Koliatrh., Gnorpc St'iJtil,  ��al(>h Mwkor i  T��ichnlcolor - Clnriniai.aip"  5tort�� 0 p.m. Out  10 p.m.  Fri.# Satv Monv Nov, 29, 30  and  Dec. 2  l|( sis )\\  Next Week:  HOW TO SAVE A MARRIAGE  MW^:t^mP^^p ^v.gjp4-   ^  ^_te^_^;  mmmlii  i,,-s,*,f;;��ii-F.,   ,  i -v   '      y    '��  Ul   V \       4 ,FF ��4> *       .       C .  ���^    i     Y    i   )     .    *(    1 * *".  s  ����� *   /���f^ V.*^ 'jtiV5 )j*" .-  ->_���_..".. i.   Enlisted  Jt was a mother-daughter enrollment    Rose Rodway and Fairy Godmother  ceremony for the 1st Sochelt Brown-   Mary Flay, both have daughter), who  ics last week when lirown Owl Don-   were enrolled lhe same afternoon,  alda   Sigouin   enrolled   Tawny   Owl  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  . .. '  NOTICE - S_W��ft MEETING  t ,  i  There will bc a public pneeting in the United Church Holl  on Wednesday, November 27, 1968, at 8 p.m., for Village property  owners and residents. The proposed sewer system for Gibsons, to  bc voted upon December 7th, will bc outlined. The Council, consulting engineers and health official- will be present.  f���Jlg)f_)��  SFWW.7. t444f   '  _-ti__i*a__i-i  13 CU. FT.  DELUXE  FftOST-FfiEE MODEL  List Price  $419.95  CLEARANCE  PRICE   I  15 CU. FT. THIN-WALL  FE.OST-FC-EE REFmGEAftTOI*  With huge  122-  Ib. .freeze  capacity.  CLEARANCE  PRICE :      !\YYYf.. V   #(��'.Y ��� '  -i  i,^-4'h'>y^"t(imM'Y' "> *���   . I   ''  ���Pimm i?vY.Y,YY   .f ., ,,*t .Y&tfV,.Y FitfY Y fi^Y'^-'^VYt *  fc^iliSiM- ' ., " ">���"   s   '���'   'I -m.   '1*1. ;   '���      i��.;,. "'.   I'.  X^mvPPy*^. -. .  .���^d^.tiL^>w1��wh^*._'i.��J^1�� ' - Pyl\  %��MtHP 'P'tPS'^p  i^in'siY^f^lpYpP^j  i j��u_> f*i^fc_*_^ i*J.��lf .*.��. ^^s^_u__y  November 10, 1968  DAVID JOHNSTON  Municipal Clerk  17 CU. FT. THIM-WALL  FROST-FREE REFRIG'EARTOR  Top-of-the line  model.  List $529.  CLEARANCE  PRICE  19 CU. FT. SIDE-BY-SIDE  FOOD PASTER FREEZER-  REFRIGERATOR  Frost-Clear  throughout.  List  Price  $699.  CLEARANCE  PRICE  .  .  LIB,  "SEHVING TME S4JHSHINE COAST'  S^^^^B^^SS^B  Jh  ___BgMgBidi  fhom 6S5-2171  ,r  *0v*fnftjimi< -��ft. tv-*���-nfi.*. !," ��?T ;f^".��". i"^'--_tS*-*-^^,^ -���>���' ;',iif*��"*, ft. ~v*w/F^*,**t-s��F. , ,..         . _.   ���  .'.   ..     .JS.,. ) ,_.��..l__.,_K>^. F  1 '���,",  Y       , *  ^���<jw_��*6'>Wi4*__V.t* ^'lFaFw*��^.��JH^g��^>. _^^_ft_rf*iM��**^VA _*.^*- ����'i_^>��w**.1*4^% -ta( *.  ���   -s.     JV.  ~ ��-  & !? ��(-w y  *  '"_  M1MSULA  Wednesday, Moygmber 27, 1966  v.  jFburj^qf study  * i iwi n-   ��� in. mi .���-Bl ii ��� ii maammmaattmmmamtaMtm  Poges 1-6  Seglaeif dreg group ..., -  ,���_���.���^...    . ((   . ������ - (    t ,  Branch 96 OAPO bows but  '     -s L Y' '  ' '  applying' far !.aiew Charter  ICraft mill effiiient~ sfii'i  siiows. no sallinon killed yet  /i'.*#���'  B&ANCH S6 O..A.P.0., whidi has already , of each morning before itfye Jwrds were up.  given notice K>f its mtention to ixaodio ,  its Q,A,P.Q. chatter at *he end of tbis year,l  agreed at last 1toju_sday's meeting ito a,j��pfer  to the Senior Citizens' Assodatioji of JE_C">  fox a Charter.  Mrs. .Marguerite Smith, PioviiK_al-  President of the Senior Citizens' A_socia-<-  tion, is 1o be invited ito the next business '  There was prob&ifty ffl>i imfexobpr, of the  audience who (did j_ot s__ll_ _aey' lad gone  along on such anJ adveatee and able,to  stand with Jtter gazing ouit across the Atlantic with the same plde and <sense <tf  achievement as Christopher Columbus bim-  &e_f must have felt__  There followed a program by that ever-  meeting on January 16th, wben tbere ^wslll' popular singing group, the Sunshine Song-  be an election of officers for 1969.      "      \ sters, under their director. Mrs, Dorothy  ,A ST__E>Y is uindeiway, sponsored by the  1 ^kraSt and paper industry, to examine  the <f��ects of xoill efiffliuent on #he Mood  pressure of tmigrafing sataion. Scientists  ffian B-C, Eeseancli Comw-l l^tve ibeen  working on J&e project for four years. Tbey  say, that paliution from nulls like the one  in Powel jBivier has sot been- known to  MO. .akoon,  ��� Pr-vdou-sly, _st__.di__; w.e;re based only on  the fish death rate attributed to river pollution. - Tbe -current program broadens the  fi-ld to determine pollution's lesser effects  as well,  r Understandalbly, such tests require a  fine degree <& sujjtilety and sensitivity���a  lahaHlenge that hass kept several of the pro-  Welcome home  vince's top biologis'ts busy since _9W.  Appointed to the Nominating commit^' Stockwell and   with Mrs. 'Evans  at the    tU?S^f Dr *%' ��ffwMd^^a  m; Mrs. A. M. Batchelor, Mrs, W. 0* ^ p^    The  pro-ram > included  Peking   S^^Taf mZ^> TSmZt b^-  weise  Bird Hill" in 3 parts fitad an old favourite  Hon. Jsabel' Dawson and Magistrate  Charles MBtelsteadt tour Uie. Senior  CMzens Homes with Hiree of the first  residents;  Mr. Buck Cranswiek of  "    7      -_r  H___mo��tn Bay and Mr. and Mrs.  Maynard Duhois ��f Irvine .5 Landing,  all are recipients oi the Pioneer Centennial medallion.  ������ v/-__>  i ��  'l^'     ^^'51*^3^^ .iliS^- 'mJt*��)  ,*A /. ^_vEM' ��4EUT- r _l Ifilii^r **iy&f  L  "��__?r*is__i  !/  *5  Ribbon cutting  As the ribbon floats ^away Canon  Alan Greene's dream cftmes true and  ten brand new homes for Senioir Citizens are ready for occupancy. His  determination was equally matched  Housing project . . . '  Official opening, ceremony  marked first phase of goal  i  p%  i  !  /,.  THERE was deep pride and satisfaction in  ithe hearts of many of those who stood  ior <___5ensY-3b__es on Sunday afternoon  waiting ifor the o___i__ openimg.  St was a happy occasion for the Hon.  Isabel Dawson who has worked unlaringly  during the past two years for the betterment of Eving conditions for semior citizens of the province. Beside her stood Mr.  L. J. Wallace, Deputy Provincial Secretary, who has guided the project from its  beginnings with his adva.ee and encourage-  ���ment. They, the Board <xf Directors and al  who had supported the project by donations, gifts and sevices stood united at  that moment with that sense of _ul__lme_lt  ���which can come onily with the realisation  of a dJUficult and worilh-wihile tasik accomplished.  Probalbfly- no-one standing there had a  greater sense of satisfaction than Canon  Alan iGneene Kor whoim it was the realization of a dr_a_a of many years. '.,;'.  Alt 2 p.im. the Hon. Isabel Dawson cut  the nilbbon and declared the hoimes open.  The crawd dispersed to admire the weH  'planned suites, Ithe laundry and'the>'locker;,  room. More flban 200 people galthered ait'  St. IHllxia'* Parish Hall. Canon Greene in.  troi_uioe((l Mr.;Wallace who said how happy  be ��� was jito ;be present and con-gratulaitjcd  . Qanon 'Greene,, 'Ms Ooimmittee and the people otf ithe Sunshine Coast on completing  the first ten units ��� a first step to greater  things to  come. He presented  to Canon  Gireene a plaque to be hung in the Homes  as a token of the part played by the BX3.  Government in heliping to build ithe Homes.  Hon, Isabel Dawson added her congratulations  and presented for the Homes a  Gucslt 'Book and a Book of Memory to record  the  donations  received.  She said  it  ' was a very proud moment for her whenever she opened senior citizens homes for  her work was mainly centred around the  interests of the |elder citizens.  Canon Greene thanked everybody who  had helped ito maJwj the completion of thc  first ten units possible and paid special  tribute to Mrs. M. TJnkley, the sec. and  Mr. Ben I .rtth, trea surer, He said that  help had cOime from young and old. He  mentioned t'hait three of the most generous  donations had come from j>e��ple over the  age of T5, one i��t them being 91. While he  fey ansl Mr. W. Gwgor.  As the new starting tim�� of 1 p.im. __tsiJ "Charmaine^  proyed to be inconvenient for a number ofn  members, $ was agreed to revert to .the'  former stanting time of 150 p.m, 'i  The eharter bus for Vancouver trip ooou  December 3rd will start from the SecSBabt*  bus depot at 7J55 a.m. There will be an  extra charge of $1 each for those swho wisfrJ;  to see the 3 p.m. show at the POanetarium. *'  Plans are well in hand for the Christinas''"  Dinner to be held at the Legion Hall, j^e-a  chelt, at 12.30 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 12.  Arrangements for the turkey diimer are in��,  the capable bands of the A.C.W. of St. s  ^.Hilda's Church. Any memJjers who have,  not yet made their Reservations are advised to get in touch with Mrs. Wm. McGie-��  gor immediately.  Members agreed to invite ail tea ten-'  ants of the Senior Citizens' Homes to be ���  guests ait the dinner.  There will be a social afternoon on  Thursday, December 5th at 1.30 P-tn. and'  members are invited to bring their own  games or cards for a go-as-you-please  afternoon. Mrs. Guy Clear was appointed  Convenor of the social gatherings which  are held on the first Thursday of each  month. There will be no business meeting,  in December.  Mrs. McGregor, Senior Citizens' Coum-i  sellor, gave a report -on her trip to Vaip-f  couver ito attend the Provincial <3onfenemee ���  of Senior Citizens' Counsellors in October.-  She explained the many fields in whiohs  she would be able to offl^-r help and advice.  Senior citizens are welcome ,to get in touch  with her with all problems TeOating to pensions, medical benefits, making -out wills,  legal problems, special rates for demtal  and hearing aids, etc She does sot claim  to know all the aioswers but if she doesn't .  know tiiem she will at least know where to  find them. Hex telephone number is _85r  2819. Mrs. McGregor also has available particulars of the Sturrock Pioneer Tours for  1969, and the C. P Air and Air Canada  offers of Standby Fares of 50% off normal  air fares ior travellers over the age of 65  within Canada. Mrs.  McGregor will be   __.r_"_ _ 1...Y, ,,��� 'Mors.   <5_as,- JEvais,   $bat   lesourceful ^      ^ USUa1'  Chairman of Entertainment Committee, introduced as part of her program "a little  bitty wMte-ihaifed lady who in a little  bitty Volkswagen car" had driven all  across Canada to the Atlantic seaboard  and back ithrough New England states  Mrs. Elsa Warden held her audience spellbound while she Mid them about her trip  in which she averaged 400 miles a day,  camping at nights in her car and starting  Former student named  for academic ability  WORD has been received from Aiberta  that a former Elphinstone student has  been honoured for aca&emic excellence at  tie Southern Alberta mstitute of Technology at the Southern* Alberta Institute of  Technology in Calgary, Albetffca. Vincent D.  Zral, formerly of Wilson Crefek, who has  been studying Petoteura Technology at  the Southern, Alberta Institute of Technology was awarded _b�� Pan'J_m__ican Oil X5o.  Scholarship of $300.00, "the Chevron Standard Ltd. S-ho_ars_ip. of $250.00, the Shell  Canada Ltd. Scholarship of $250, the Und-  hon's Bay Oil and'-Gass Co. Scholarship of  $75 00, and the Queea Elizabeth Prize of  $50.00. Only one other student has received so many awards.  Vincent received these awards at an  Award Luncheon held at the Institute on  October 25.  Vincent is the so_ of I&s. Esther Zral,  who moved _nom Wilson Creek to Medicine  Hat, Alberta, whei* she now _*sides. Am  older brother, flicbard, graduated from Elphinstone in June, 1953. ���  device that measures a salmon's breathing irate.  A tube is attached to the fish's snout.  At the other end of the tube, special electronic equipment keyed to water pressure  in the salmon's mouth and gills comes up  with a reading.  When this treading is checked against  Measurements ^obtained from "control" fish  in the laboratory, it becomes a significant  method of judging the stress caused by unnatural eiesments on the water.  - *i know of no specific instance of salmon ls__ed by kraft mill waste/' said Dr.  Walden, '"but the mill operators themselves  realize that the effluent must have some  effect on fish.  . "Many salmon don't reach their spawning grounds under completeily natural con-  'difiqns���so nobody wants to add any haz  ards. The first step is to accurately assess  possible hazards, and that's what we'jre _  worJci-g on.''  A man in good physical condition, he  said, ican survive a -quite seyere knock on  the head, just as'a completely healthy salmon can "be expected to survive the rigors  of migrating up a swi_fc-ru_x__g river.  But a man suffering some physical disability���such as heart troub-e-^could be killed by a ndatively minor injury, and a  salmon impaired by water pollution imight  as easily fall victim to some normal hardship of the .spawning run.  '���tf want to stress that at this point we  are not aiming at any answers to pollution," Dr. Walden said. "Our object now  is to perfect a tesing system that will provide a clear picture of the problem.  'Then wil come the tone to alleviate  any harmful conditions, and the foresight  shown by the puOp industry indicates it  is willing to do whatever possible to protect  the B.C. jsaknon fishery."  ���Cost of the research project is estimated  at $50,000 a year, and the industry has  put no time limit on it.  So the salmon that finds himself gasping like a fish after navigating only the  first waterfall should be 'heartened to know  that his problems are not being ignored.  CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE  Post Office Bldg., Sechelt�� Phone 885-2333  WEDNESDAY - 12 noon-5;00 p.m.  Wednesdays after 5; 00 p.m, by appointment  SATURDAY���2 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  by Mackenzie's MIA Isabel Dawson  who leayes no stone unturned where  the welfare of Senior Citizens is concerned.  HOGf JtS MSiGMS LIB.  "Makes Your Home  Your CA5TLH"  Home- Offices, Apts and Stores  Designed���  Complete Contracting Services.  Power Lines, Water Lines, Sewage.  McNaug-tton Point - Sunshine Coast Highway  RR1 HALFMOON BAY, B.C.  Phone 883.2280  was speaking a s__a_. girl approached him  with a par<eel co_____i_ig $15 in coins,, a  cSjast Gospel  nation had previously been rec-wed from  the Bed Cross Youth Group of Elphin-  -stone .School.  Canon Greene "then led a prayer asking  for God's blessing on ithe Homes and al  who liVe in them.  This was followed by Mrs. Dorothy  Stocbwell's Sunshine Songslters who sang,  with Itheir hearts as wel as their voices,  "taiess' this House" in dedication to the  Sunshine Coast Senior Cutizens' Homes.  Their second song, dedicated to all senioir  citizens everywhere was "Three Score  Years and Ten", which was written by  Fred Manson a member i of V-ctoraa's Silver Threads, on his 70th binthday.  This little song, full of vagor and -optimism will undoubtedly become a favorite  With the local senior citizens' groups.  - ���!,Ifea- was served under Ithe convenorship  of Mrs.' 'Wm. 'McGregor. The tea table was  'set jjyi-h a tablecloth of yellow gold with  gleaming slilver and tflorial arrangements  of ye-low' and bronze. A beartfuJL airnange-  rpent of yejilow a'nd bronze ..ohrysa'nithe-  mijjims which delcorated the hall' was a  gjBitil&iom the architects, Underwood, Mc-  Klinley, Cameron, Wilson Smith.  ROMP OPi_OEJE and _a�� local contractor  are recovering in St JuRaiy** Hospital,  Sechelt, following a haflf&our ordeal in  the waters of Sechelit Inlet, Sunday evening. -   ,  Cpl. OrvoEe OndfiihSIJr. and Jack Nelson  were ashing,when their small boat overturned about 11 miles nip 1he Met. They  clung to ithe vessel for h$&an-hour before   " '"' --"'--������ Se��'  Cpl. Undesrihiill was ataost unconscious  when pulled from the water,. But, both men  are now recovering sai-sfetctorily.  J1QKJES are the cayenne of conversation,  and the salt of life.  LARGEST STOCK OF QUALITY  ���-1 i.t-  Ask to see fhe new fine "FBodk" papers for elegance  and GSigB-ily.  YOUR KEMTONE SHERWW WILLIAMS PAINT DEALER  Gibsons, B.C. . Phone 886-9533  MWrUM-���  THE  PENINSULA TIMES  mnmmmmmmmnm -  W��V'/WW#W-/V//!/,A/;  ���Wt&priMWtfttliMi  '/'/i/t/s/mmpM-fi/j  GAUDENI BAY  BEAU IT SAt.01  803-2201  EXPERT  CUTS'- COLOR - PERMS  Tbe way you like it.  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'"-t-1���1-1-. ���    7 ��� ii  ' .i.i in -mirn���mn nryji nin. u���rr . : *n-nr1T���'-r���"r"*i���*-*-'���r���r.i 1 ��-^--_----r_.--_^.-.n-----1-------^  \ ' i     '��� ' a  M^Mh^K^.*      l*1.^r��^+^^rt^1P*m^l*'%im^^ **.*������-��..��������   ,*    LtSH-S-*,   40,    ^���^^,,^1_t*.^,^iM^;l.��.j^^^^>F,tt^^.|1^ A  M^^^^^^  kmmi^w.  0t��  ll  '&  mmi&  i^S^3__l-IS��S_&^^  "' ' t *, -\vr^ x^'HLWWrs\'A > w^TrTpj^^^  ^����)��,SS,  Thcrf other Pierre  ,/  sit1* A.1  COAST-^HILCOTItl'S rooMe liberal feacfc  bench-r had opposition ni'embers -whoop-  ingy and bangipg j&fiSr benches as he Urn-  basted the government for wfiat he called  its sickening and i^g-tening budget deficit In Sis jaaiden^ sjfreedh. to t>SrIiaipe_l  Paul St. Pierre showed that,the labsral  brand hadtfi yet been burned into bjfe Mde,  Tie -aav-rick liberal sa__t -be'a_-_niii*  istration in Ottawa has lour years to put  Canada's Tfiscal house io order���the likely  life -of the first government of Prime -Efii-  ster Pierre Elliott Trudeau.  "If they fail to 60 so/? warned St  Fierre, "I do not1 believe they, will be forgiven for it."  The veteran Vancouver newspaperman,  author, and rugged individualist; said the  government should have the courage to  take a hard line against mounting inflation.  He quickly siteneed Opposition applalise  for his opening blast in the budget debate-  also his maiden speech in the House.  They hammered on their desks when he  stated: "Here we have another budget  with a sickening deficit, a frightening deficit."  Hie government has "catted for a $675  million deficit this year, but has proposed  tax hikes and spending cuts to balance the  books in 1959-70.  "It is astonishing to shear applause from  people who inaugurated this type of deficit  budgeting," said St. Pierre of the app-ov-  ing Tories.  Later, adding that he didn't have any  magic formula to solve all' men's ailments,  St. Pierre said" "I am. not a member of  the New Democratic Party."  ' In a swinging speech, he extolled the  beauties of his riding and the toughness of  its people, stressed a B.C. feeling that it  sometimes is short-changed by Ottawa, in-  yited Canadians to move west, and called  for a better deal for Indians.  He got downdight folksy. He talked of  cattle drives an Cariboo country, and cf  fishing.  "In the Blast you measure a fish from  the fork of the tail to the nose; in Chilcotin  we measure between tbe eyes," he said.  But he was tough on the government in  fiscal matters.  "Not sinee the government- of the Eight  Hon. Louis St. Laurent has a government  in Canada had the courage to tell people  that they are not getting anything except  what they pay," said St. Pierre,  He said the principle of Liberal and Conservative governments in the last decade  egged on by "irresponsible splinter parties"  ���was to do things and then wonder where  the money came from.  Of Finance Minister E. J, Benson, St.  Pierre said:  "I am convinced that he and the government must bring ouf fiscal affairs into  far better balance thant hey have been for  the past 10 years. The question is: Is he  doing it'  "Rather than complain about taxes, I  think it is for honorable members of this  House to ask themselves: Is the tax high  enough?"  St. Pierre said he found the Opposition's  Views on the balanced-budget concept difficult to believe.  He said he was not an economist, "but  I do find it hard to believe we 'can go on  recording deficit after deficit, year after  year, without experiencing inflation, which  robs the poor, the old, people living on  pensions, the unorganized and the helpless.  "Inflation is robbing these people, and  no matter what the economists say, I do  not 'believe this country can isurvive a continuous deficit," he added.  He asked if the budget���brought down  last month by Benson���showed the necessary Fcourage in facing the true facts of  what is being spent and taken an.   .  "I can only offer one man's opinion, ahd  at this time mine would be tbe old Scottish verdict, not proven," St: Pierre said.  He told Eastern Canadians, who might  be tired of bickering in their part of the  world, that there as still room in the West  for them.  "The people there do not give a t___er��js  dam about who you are, -what your religion is or was, or anything like that. They  :  are only interested in where you are-going," St. Pierre said.  lie maintained that B.C. had been short  changed by Ottawa in some fields,  "We are a little weary of paying taxes  for ihigh tariffs, for subsidies, for subventions," he said.  "Sometimes it seems to us, perhaps a  little unfairly, that we do nothing ibut build  in the East with fedexial taxes we pay,  while iwe ourselves have ah older idea���'1  one that still works���that we ishould go  out and do 'the job ourselves."  TME SPEECH  Thc following is the complete text, of  Paul St. Pierre's maiden, speech jn the  House of Commons on Wednesday, November 6, 1908, 4:50 p.m. (est).  Mr. Speaker, shortly before tlie last election an old rancher in .he Chilcotin  country got in touch with me and <SFaid,  "Paul, If you are to runt for parliament,  for God's sake don't promise me anything.  __��&���.$ .afford- half the promises I now  -_,_.___-��- ' . *���* * _.  have/' i W0i_ler;&w_ much of that is the.  atoty at, Ms.twdget. Mere* nve have another  Widget with a,.sickening deficit, a fright-  gning deficit, ���'   -   �� . . -  ,  Same hdn. Members*. Bear, heat, cheer*  ing,and desk .bangipg:,    . .  Mr. St. Pierrot It is astonishing to Max  applause from' people who inaugurated this  type of deficit budgeting. They led us into  <B_i morass. This has gone on for ipo long,  Mr. Speaker, but for, the moment I will  leave Ms government out of it���for the  moment. , \  , Not sinee-the government of the JEUght  Hon. Louis St Laurent has a government  in Canada had the courage to tell the people that they are not getting anything except what .they'pay for. The principle of  governments ior. the past decade, Conservative and Liberal, has been, first, that we  look at so__ethih�� ahd say, "It would be  nice to have it"I "Then, egged on by the ir-  nesponsiblle splinter parties we do what we  want and then wonder where the money is  to come from. If we cannot fitfd it, we are  Surprised. This time, again, the money is'  not there.  Before I _p&ak specifically about the  budget there are one or two other matters  I want to raise. For a moment I want to  speak of myself, .1 am quite ignorant of  the operations of this house, though I might  be a little wiser when I sit down tonight  That does not worry me too much 'because  a very wise man said once tbat to know  your own shortcomings is ihe 'beginning of  wisdom. I also remember the advice of a  senior British Columbia' politician who said,  "When you are a young member you will  lose some fights you should have won;  when you are an old member you will win  some fights you should have lost; and in  the balance the country will have been served." I do not know whether he was right,  but bis words give me some comfort at this  time.  Also, I wish to speak about Coast Chilcotin. I realize that a remark like that will  be greeted with a certain amount of cynicism in this house. Some will think that I  am talking about my constituents, for the  benefit of my iconstituents. I do not have to  talk about Coast Chilcotin for my constituents; they know their own country. It is  important that people from the east should  know about Coast Chilcotin and British Columbia to a. greater extent than they now  do. So, if I may, I will talk about my own  country of Coast Chilcotin. In area it is  about 50,000 square miles That is about  about the same area as all three maritime  provinces combined, and it is by no means  as easy to get around in. Why? Because we  have rain forests. We still have a few Douglas firs which reach to over 300 feet in  height, higher than the peace tower here.  We have some coastal fiords that are over  100 miles long.  One section of the riding, the Sunshine  Coast on the Georgia strait, has a climate  approximating that of the Mediterranean  shores of Turkey. Then, within sight of  that same coastline are a mountain range  and perpetual snows, where the climate is  Arctic.  Oh the interior plateau wa have jack-  pine, sagebrush, cactus and grassland, tens  of thousands of square miles which are  one of the last areas of this continent  where open range ranching i6 still conducted. So far as I am aware one of the  last cattle drives .of the North American  continent north of the Mexican states  moves through my riding of Coast Chilcotin.;, Pan Philips of the frontier cattle  coimtry s-J drives e_st across the plateau of <��� Quesnel, because there are no  roads. This is a great, empty^ dusty country. An ol<J frierid of mine saiil to me one  day, "You iknow, I was almost a man before "I footid Ojlt (there was anything els<5  to eat."  In between the high plateau and the .  coastland,., are mountains that go up to  13.000 feef It is splendid, isolated mouh'-  tSihtdnnWyYliet, Mr. Speaker, even;while;  _ usfe these; "words I realize how difficult 'it  is totalkabout my country in words, because I realize that we are all at some  disadvantage in Canada in maintaining a  diologue between the eastern and tlie western parts of our country.  We often talk about tbe same things in  different terms, one example being sports  fishing. In the Coast Chilcotin country,  Mr. Speaker, we consider ourselves 'good  sports fishermen and think our country  contalns'etfcelJent salmon and trout. In my  part of the country, Mr. Speaker, we do  not hesitate to take a si*,inch fish; an  eight inch fish is a good 1 size to lake and  a twelve inch fish you really talk about.  You can just imagine my feelings when I  heard easterners discussing casually 18  Jnch, 24 Inch and 30 inch fish. I found it  hard to believe what I heard. But, as in  do many other ways,7 Mr. Speaker, wc have  hero a mere difference of standards. In  the east you measure a fish from fork of  tlie tail to the nose; in Chilcotin we measure 'between the eyes.  Mr. St, Plmtrm: There, are a few other  IEW SERVICE TO THE  SUNSHBME COiAS?  Specialist in Oil HeatSng fnsta-Balion, and  Mot Air Furnac-m.  Red Fauteux-Agent for "Flame Heating"  for complete design and quality installation,  with efficient and prompt service?  pfacm 385-20SS  1  Mm BH0S. - SECHEIT, BX.  IgppiiMiaSWiiW^  couikrtfwfife Indians who eomnri^    saontmr vmyto .'WiVYytpl ,  10 per^i%?^^&Tofmm^ ��^J^����^^ WtlA^to  and better'treatment from ihe lordly whites  than they have had for a century or mote.  Yet this i��iiot the time to discuss JSb&tfri^  sinee tiler* wilt He other, more appf&prla-  te occasions for that discussion., .   . .  I want to say, to, eastern Canadians that  if you are tveaiy sometimes of tbe bickering thatj seems to beset many parts Of  eastern Canada, there is still room for you  ia the we_*. The people there" do not give  a tinker's f_amn about who you were, what  your religaon is, what your race is or was.  dirts, Na'toaSiy Sella- -_>(_&.-te&ated to  change* the shortened name although British .Columbia Telephone Cpmpany occasion  allyjfelt a,-_ife.^rrifl,feii 1 am'toldY  - Sella Coola hid ho road connection with  the outside 'uittil very r&cent yekis,< in  d6ed -in &e -'fifties. So the townspeople  built, theif own road. It went 6,000 feel up  the face of the coast mountain range to  the c*est and then connected with ano  ther road in the interior plateau. As happened in the ease ot the telephone system,  which was later taken over by the feder-  *        _- -  ^���__. .^^jj^v,*. .w, -.__...,,-��_. _���.., ��_ _* .,<��, *v_jiu_ *.<__> i_u_r ia_en over ny toe leder Aft JExjpdrfs  cr anything,hke that They are only in- al   government   telephone   system,, and QflSei__ly,vfcpei__ig   thfe   ,1veek   tile tikM&tbrire'   bfcat_!ia_M.   d__��SK_t_v*  terested 111 where you aw going. eventually by ihe larger British Colum- Hoi_$e<lijJlrtneaffithI&(S Sw^��_JrtfaTSsto ^58?Sfl  I brought a letter with me from an old bia telephone system, the road has been Board m&Ph ��IS'"ffiw  'BiS f?n^LS ��^ir ^J??f{ ���S  iend^f **�� to CMcotia He has tested tak��n.over by the plovmcial ^vernm^t S_S_fi?^ te �� S {PSE- �� 5S^JW__/_0!�� % ��*  ��� ,._.__,,.___<,__     . __..    -_ But the people themselves bliilt it. They  built it wftb their own tttoteey, not with  friend of maine dn ehileoiin. He has retired  from,his ratlch and has a little mote.iitne  to read, si];, and think,- and occasionally ihe  pulls out his stubby old pen and writes to  me. I yvish to read these two paragraplis  from his tetter;  t��t ks ipfay that the Government will  be grahfea great wisdom in dealing' with  Qu'e<l��ec"anil t��at Canada will come out of  it and dot two rival cultures geared to past  wrongs.  All I can remember about the capture  of Quebec is that Wolf was reciting  "Grey's E|egy' and I would offer to forget  it, but pro|��bly can't.  We hav* different attitudes on the west  coast and, ih beginning wth the frst of my  two or Jhree specfic examples, I *ant to  talk .about. Sella Coola, As hon. membeis  probably know Bella Coola is down on tho  saltchtick bellow-the Chilcotin plateau, onr  the salt water. It was settled by Norwegians froqi Mihnpsota in 1894 or 1895.  That was Just one century after Sir Alexander Mackenzie reached .that place���-the  first whiter man north of Mexico to cross  the  north, American   continent  by land.  government money,  Recently they ivaated television in this  valley, so they appTi&I to the CBC, Of  'course, the aWom_3ah_e no-men of the  CBjC, gave a number *f r&bsofcs for not  supplying such a seryiee, JSo Bella Coola  is putting in 'its own system. So far, these  people have rased $12,000, They have placed a receiver on a S,0OO-foot peak on  King Island which is catching a signal from  ,a transmitter near Ocean "Falls, Ths -sig-  'nal wil then be bounced into the valley  by another statioia. And the homes will be  covered,-'  Of course, word of, all ithis has finally  reached; whichever government board is  conce<i____dT_bout sudrniatters, and the people of Bella Coola have now been given  450 linear feet of forms to fill out to ask  permission so that they may do this, I  would suggest that permission be given  very qiuekly, because if they send an inspector 'in there -somebody is  iiablfe to  ���see page.B-3  somethujg/ new to foe* &re& w. 1&. #e jeaif cto it/' Mrs. Carter Is also a  worn of art PartaerriirUie 1wsi> ��J4_!___1__ial ^Usi/to* fitst painting  ness, Mrs, Dorothy Carter .and M&s "Was sold<for calendar reproduction  Geraldinei Baldwin bring: witli tJierh at a <Jo_t jo_ $200 since which time sJie  a wealth of experienced almost all has sold- more than fiffy. She also  phases, of art ^ddapart ftorn'��iock- does . feathercj-_ft,   floral  arrange*  wg a large selection of quality, im- ments^works-in agate,, jade and opal  ported   glassware " and   ornaments ahd does her own original designs.  pffiffi  Notice of Meeting In respect of Referendum No. 9  ���will b*#eW in. fhe activity room of Madeira Pork School ot 7:30  *yp< '���"'--prnPon Tties_ayy December 3- 1968. , .  BOARO Oi= SCHOOL TRUSTEES  in .in  ..r.i.ii,^ ,fa .,__�����>_���-*. ti 1,. ���t.Vi-'.,, , w      ,BlM *-e, .F.r.Y....^ ��� r  ���*B^_ttf_W.i-ni��irn.li  Bay YGuSew It fa 'thh times'  1        1 i�� .  iPRESEN)  YOUR  PROVINCIAL GOVERN!  REPORTS TO YOU  on the Annual Financing of your  Public School System  Where the money comes from  |T FISCAL YEAR  Provincial personal and Corporate incortie taxes  Provincial daM tax ,  Provincial natural resourcti revenues to jDayment of annual Home-OvVhfer Graiita  1  to reduce We ta&s On ihdivjduarhome-ownem of the property tax levies  by school idfstirlcts  Federal contribution to construction of public school vocational tr^nirt0 Units  from Federal personal income tax collected frdm British COIurat-ia taxpayers  Total estimated PfOMnctaJ fOVfirlues lo financing of our public schdbis  Property-owner ^tltrWiohS by lodal school taxes to support oUr public Schools  - paid by business and indiisln/  - paid by rOsidential property-owners i  Total revenues expended on our pubiic school?  Where the money goes  Provincial Government direct grants to school districts  8choo| district sfiare of teachers superannuation paid by the  Provincial Government ,  Free textbooks jarovided by Provincial Government  Provincial Government Home-owner Graht payments to resident home-owners  to reduce tbe iamount of local school property taxes  Total Provincial Government payments for the operation Of.our public schools  Portion of public school costs raised by local property taxes paid by  business, Industrial and residential property owners  Total Cost of operating our public schools  $116,600,000  11^700,000  ,4.��C.C),ti0Q  4,500,000  $17^800,000  98,200,000  1 25,700,000  P��"1 ������"��'! ���������_-'    !���!   ���-_>-. IW-W_  $297,700,000  $126,000,000  6,400,000  1,400,000  41,000,000      ��i��i,..4m...i   Fll I      ���  $173,800,000  123,900,600  ��� >  $^97,700,000  t:,.,1 tt.i ii i', ,-. ���. pa  Thus, home-owners only pay this year, $25,700,000  out of a total public school cost of $297,700,000 which i^ less than 9%  The Goverment of British Columbia raises and advances all the money for appfov^d capital  school building costs throughout th�� Province and repays 50% to 90% of capl^l costs in  accordance with assessment values.  GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  Department of JRnincd  Parliament Building^,  Victoria, British Columbl  ��iF6_mii'��-��>ln  *  ~>W_IFM>��IM����FM^  \il.lf* <'4%t.'H1 ..<1*V#L-H*I   J p  ,;   ^ v   "       \ "\<a    .1 % -   .1".!^';   . *';;;y  ^j .   ' *      '/, *'*'-.*���_��, _i - -    ,       .,        . TP  fhe Petximisia fimes Page 8-3  Wednesdoy, November JT- 1968 *  say to me tbat I'should be coiistructiy^  tffli is ft&Liery swill to eti$j$ize bigness ik  gov^nj_aejjt, and ask ,4vJtat "l propose to _#  about it? It is fair, fbat >ttey jshould ask  take i si.o�� &t Jliih, 1_ie tetter, of course   little <U_Lcuit io Relieve. >   r , __. ,���_ ���_��� ,   is similar to all, geireftuiiefci letters iwifc. It is true 13m ogt anatomist On _ae this question, A man,should'fee construc-  ien in put great flemwhra'tie society. I other liabd, it is also iwe I have never live in Ms criticisms,"  wonder beti tobhy Hon. gemetflen m this made an ernpj. of '$400 mUUon in a _ore- So, do-J want to see Canada return to  chamberj^n team, an .occasion when tbe cast, jmt I do find it hard io fceJieve we a village economy? Well of course I don't  demoj.ta.1ie govfe^Wetit wiU_h iibey sti j* can go on recording deficit after deficit, Mr, Speaker, Do 1 want to abandon, all the  port eiter move mem a letter which did- year after year, iiitfttywii! etopefiensing in- social legislation that 16-giving some promt cohtejh a Shre&l, 'obeh or 'iihpllfdl This Gation which robs the pobr, lhe bid, people lection, hdwever inefiicient in some cases  is the \v_.y m whch government commjM- living on pensions, the unorganized and to those -yyho are poor? No, I do not What  catefe with its citizens. Again, I say it would ihe helpless, -JGtfUiion Is robbing these is my solution? Well, Mi-.'Speaker, I did  be a good plafc _t the people of Bella Coola people, fcnd hb ' Bafter' wiiat ilk. econo- Hot eotnae to lids house bearing any magic  got .their Ucebce very qUickly for the ser- > nitets iky 1 do not brieve this country formula to solve all men's ailments. I am  can sdrvive a continuous deficit. not a member of the  New Democratic  I dotft have %o go to Niagara Falls to Party,  know ihat water, mins downhill, So I say - Some non. Members; Hear, hear,  government should have courage. It should , ,Mrl Sh rterre: Sometimes, Mr. Spea-  have the courage to lake rthe hard line, *er, I t&hk it would be wonderful to be as  strip but encoiihteted isome dificulty with   The Leader of the .Opposition spoke of the <&*tain arid self-righteous about anything  j   regard to land ownership. During the last   hard line as being somehow reprehensi- as the N.D.P, Are about everything. But  couple of years they have bUUt a 5,000-    ble. I believe Chis coiihtfy needs a gover��- to'return  to   my  hypothetical   question,  foot gravel runway which Is used by Btf-    ment which has ��bfll_ge to face hard facts what solution is there to the curse of big  tish Columbia air lines flying jet-prop twi_.-    and do the hard ithings that need to be governments? I say 1 do not know; but I  engine planes once a Wrfiek.                          done. I say to this government that in all but 1 -say also, Mr. Speaker, let us rea-  I am sure hen, members would be in-   apparent probability they, have a full four &�� 'that bigness is a threat and that big-  terested to know how large a part the    years to operate, here, and in that four n��s is a burden. Let us recognize it is a  federal government played in this opera-   years the people pi' Canada expect them cohtMiing burden on the nation. If we return. 1 am happy to say 1 can give them    to put the fiifcaT fiousV in order. If they fccgn&e this we will have ground on which  this information. Ottawa's help in build-    ��_il fo do so I do not believe they will be  ing this air strip almbst a miie long���not one   forgiven for it,'  ^nLN0tM?Qe���JM_ ^i^8 ** f f^        As to the 4_niget,.does it show the nec-  ^!hLxMl^i!te\^ ?e,_V^'-IliS+   ****** courage'inking the true facts of  not good jough ftur Be^a Ooob  It is *&    ^hai m are      ^ ay what ^e are  good enough for Co_.st Chilcotin. It is not    .-..'.i- >-   T-L^r^-TTT0.**-.. ... .  vice *hey havfi bUilt.  There is one other thing. They lacked  an airport They built a sn&ll one ne_r  the towifeite, but it was too short. Then  they scraped another onfe u>���just, an air-  to stand.  If we are conscious of big government's  frequent umctin-cious tyranny, then we  fciay be able to find a path to the better  life which the nation expects this parlia-  i_.im__ ^jj.. . w��j. > V4_w v��� .uffii ��� w - nje��t torfind. At least we will have recog'  good ehou^h for British Columbia, We are ��|����|* jj^ 'S^ii^^and^it Sds tbne mine ni$ed <mr OWJ1 weakness and that, as I  a  little  wteavy of paying our taxes for    ^^ ^'^ old Scottish verdict, not pro-    s?.id aj ^ begbining of these reinarks,  high  tariEEs,  for  subsidies,   for subventions. Sometimes it seems to as, perhaps  ven,  might be the beginning of wisdom. I tttfrak  the hon. members of the house for their  courteoUs attention.  Sechelt Bowling  1.    ��� -{  9 hhm_ ..��*o_rf*_ *i.o_- .,,__ __._ ��tv��,<*,_r u,.t to lhis ��onnectipn and in closing, sir, I  a Me unfairly that we do nothifag but Woild j^^^ ��uote;a pas5age w��h kno^vn  build m the east with the federal taxes we    j. l       ?%�����    ." "i&z.    r" r*y ,  pay,  while  ie ourselves fa�� a_ <_��    ������?& ^!S^^  ;���__�� ^r,__ ._,_;^v. *4<ii .,^.v_;  ��,_+ .��� ^._���j_.      Power tend tp corrupt, and absolute pow-  TtlxSt^b%!lfSkSS     '      �� er WrtUPlS ���*"#&>��* usually, Mr.  go oui ana ao tne jod ourselves. Speaker, this-is thfe Extent of the passage  There as ^e case ^Jhe Pacific Great t^  Lord Actonikid more.^nd I .wish ���K  WEEK  Orv  Moscrip rolled a  big  Eastern Railway   an extremely unportant �� add j_* reX "pS SAs to corrupt ��W series with slilgles of 333 and 333.  link in British Columbia runnng north and fJ^bZluS'iowifo^M! abSS' <%>*** close to ^ ^P a&y record of  south. How much mortey did we provide git S^rf a&rt SSs m�� ^2- Estll&f Be"y "�� ''     '  for the C.N,R. the other day? I forgot how ThSe eThfL Ster hSv^tnS w^k with ^ fi86 total.  think we should all, .large or small in this  chamber, think" of <this. It is of course a  generality, and-no -more accurate than any  generality ever is. But 1 think there is a  modern paraphrasing of it Ithat fits, J  bti'gh lady for the  ���JjqP.S* *��..��-*:  Iii-^visiori: 5 this ;j��e__r, <3ibso_is Le-  ^onU___z_d th.e way through to Provincial playoffs last year. Coadied  by Mr. Kevin Murphy, team mem-  Mt_///rroi_i' Bay Hiippenirigs  ���^b'y Mary Tinkley  bB^S .m back row: Joey JZueff; Gary e^km;^^beA ofm-Vfelcome Beach residence there.  Schindell;   Robbie   Wjlhatos;   Alan CoanmuaityFAssfci^hlarttended a meet- '   Ai 5^^ 'he ^ fcav��� for neigbibors  Feeney. Billy Muis and Shes&ne Reid. iiig-atihe-Weil_oimei__i.aeh'Haia on Oetolber ^ old jri^uds . ijn-   an<i Mrs   Maynard  Front:     Stewart     Barnes;     Barrie 21 to hear D. M. MeGooey, regional con- Dubois' and he expect? to have many visits  Blatchford; Steve Kill; Dave From- sultanlt for the Fra^"��VBlgy region speak .fr^. j$s former neighbors,    "  ager; Gary Davies; Roy Smith and about the various sepjefcs which ithe com- '  Jim L���ird. Missing is Bill 'Sneddon MM#y. programs  branch offers to. coin- <w. Ed Ha-mSlton, iwho has left the iMer-  ahd Mdiiager Jock Bennett,  mraities for retfreaitional purposes. Aipant    cer's ^rfesont ai Seci-et  Cove  to undergo  frc��m. V taon-My - gfrdnt, varying b6HiWeen    sttngei^ in Vanteouver, -will-also be takang  come and go here in such a hurry. But  there were no such millions set aside for  the extension pf the Pacific Great Eastern  Railway in. British Columbia. For one ishont  section we got the magnificent construction subsidy of $25,000 a mile. For\ most  of it, again, we got nothing.  Along the coast of the Coast Chilcotin  riding we find federal docks. But the commercial fishermen of :ny riding pay and  pay heavily, to moor at .these docks. It  is only recently I lejrned that on the  Atlantic coast Such *_ targes are seldom  heard of; a federal dO?k is considered to  be free to e-ndni^ial fi?_iermen.  Mr. Croose. If. I may interi-upt the hon.  gentleman, that is notlct__ree.. Msheimen  on the ..east, coast do-pay for the use of  pubhc works. We resent paying these char:  ges, but nevertheless' they are made.  Mr. St, Pierre: I thank the hoii. mem-'  ber for bis correction;: I will end my speech a wiser man, and check my facts a  little m^ore carefully before I speak again.  My time is running>ox&,^l should like  to say a few words aboutiE_.l" Bridget, Frankly, I feel sorry for the iMHni&ter of Finance (Mr. Benson), because it seems to  me that all he has beeh offered is, really  a "choice of which colour hair shirt he  wants to ifrear. I am convinced that he and  the government must bring fiscal affairs  into far better balance than they haye been  for the p_st ten years. The question is. Is  he is doing it? Rather than complain aboult  taxes 1 think it is fair for hon. members  ,, ijjf"this . house to ask; themselves.' Is the  tax high' enough?  Kraus, 6CS (2g7);  K^rry Eldred, 789; Gordon McCourt, 678;  McCourt, 239.  Ladies' Tues.: Esther!  _..     PJjyl_is Handifc^d, 670 (2^5); Rose Rodway,  mi; Jmdy Davis, 263.  would say, "mg government iilways tends /^Jf^8'  We^':   Mary  to be bad government. There can be no        Mjxed 10 piu. Hazel.feky^te, 305   (153);  more sorry fsrror for government   or &r pa. M^ullen, 317 (187). ,      '  unions or harness Jaiito think that big-       |pwder. 'Ma:k M   ^  hess is its own justification.. \\ j .5^  Bigness does not hecessafilV mean off- |    bwotmeteisli    Orv  Dlloserip,  $10  (333,  iciency. It doeS-not necessarily mean faiif- |_1S); Butch Oj_o, 738; MW..^ (290)i  ness. Bigness,is a burdfen. Th^ bigness of Paf Porter, G&\ (252)4\mky' Henderson,  this government is a -burden to the effis- fi3L ' 1  [ ,        ���  ciency of it, and a "burden in many ways kail and  diaih:   Biawy   Pearson,  ���2S  to the very people it is "supposed to be "(281).  serving.        - -    ,    . - \        Seniors;   Susin----JoSgF���miS^^-dl3--<.i]_��)*:::  'Some hoixY benibers tiiight very welll Ken Wing, 345'<eia);    Bfad Allan, _04;.   J  Henderson,    6^  604; Vicky Fenn,  <S��OT PRIZES  Cti&es&s�� for  PHd___H  SE���H:CLT  E��._53Ar.  Vil.--A���sE  MALL  |Hmin��il_i����w  $25 atfd $50 a month aepenc_ng> on the size ���p residence in the Senior CdWs' Homes    /M! ��� SSSliff _^T?Lv?f ? ��� ^^l*1011  and acttvJIy W the riomimunity, Mr, Blip- on bis ;retur__                            '             ;YYMr- ^^^) ���**�� a wlule ago that (there  Coo?y <b_IA< tfutt a library of films and '                                 ^ jm.mig sacmsmct abovd. a  balanced  books was availalbie on'al matters relat- " iGu^jSts at the Frank-Lyons home lasit,   W��^vAnd of course, predictably, while  ing to recreation..                                     j ^ Were   _ieir .gmnddaugMer Carol 1 �� ^3e^r^K iL^tT6 ^  TUio  yatich.  also   oSfers    playground and bet husband, Albert Dash of Tsaw-i���; ty speak of the "utterlv  irreleM ���'  Sgg,^. ^MmeS  f0r    *"****< wassen.                                                           ^^a baZcJtf Set^S thlTa  FILM SHOV/S ���  Amodher wutertestliing ffi'lm show on Oc-  tofoierv 2S0> -cuflfered itiwo pictures ol EsWmo  we m we far north, "Amigoitee" glvCfe a  viivB.d,j^cta_riei of pramHltive exlstehce in an  Slglop yiBoge 'in the ClhesteiriEeld Inlet arejl  of JJudsoh Bajr, ,wiL(and of the Long Day"  depicts all, tlbe seasons df the year. Ihe  land is ishoVn. ih the white stillness of the  sunless winter, chaitghjig with,the spring  b^p^.^and of ru-iniingv waiter. With ihe  -^mi^-^%^imet,.^-.lMdLl>!i��ls&- in ��un-  6M^��!,,^,^'JtourB a day. The snow goose  ,. i'leitui'riaf 7 and- ��� here. and . theine. clusiteris of  t-UM^-KiJ^^_>-bwbKiarirjl." ���^T^txe.'. ciWabnijaac of the film Is  the Biiht''a'-fc-J1 the'; .whliite > whale and the  nainwbal,],wjilh'the Es'ldmos in-(Canvas cdy-  er^d'-toayialfciik.''A'iiwilccfesfiffiul hunt uheianis (that  Uhiiy," wMl'Jiadit' etarve 7 ilhwugh the coming  long'aMgHtbl iwinter,,  ��� ���''. Mote ��to_talbe*s, ;,ai'�� - needed! for the' FWm  da-fiis tf; l^'is to'MSotrtilnue after CbrtfitmaB.  ; ��� " ' ' 7 ���   ��� ��� ������     ' ,      ��� y  IN PRIEP  ,: .aJucfc. lOrapipiwlick .will Ibe Jeavtag' Ms  Week: 'to'lta^ie ujj? resldehice In the .Senior  Cto^'^^mies.ijnSeFchell Budk w_m be  o*My,:Mwfl tin jhe Bay for, he torn made  ^hy^WtP^Ws dudtog Ws eleven yearns'  -A*W  "v itssiiahd-ffoHSts  crafty ftttrttes you to'&terk  art Qp%h House pi-evieW of thelir  - Christmas Display  0 �� -  Gibsons, Sunday, November 24tb  Sechelt,' Sunday, December 1st  Worn 12 noon to 4 p,n%  R^frkfimen^ Will be served  Phono 806-9094  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  At YOUft POPULAR  LUMDER AND BUILDING  SUPPLIES  Serving THe Siinshlrie Coast  MUG  SUPPLIES  005-2203 - SccBicSJ, B.C.  USE OUR LAY AWAY PI_AfTTO RESERVE  Your choice from qwr large selection  of  *  ^i%tmi^ KNITS  "AFTERifl.*. PRESSES  SPORTSWEAR  LINGERIE    ^  ZZ  tSEXT TO THE BANK ^FMONTR_-\L  Gibsons.] :;;.;''-   ��.���������. ��������i����������<��F����im��-i��iFii������fcFi����--��i^iimm>_<wi^wil>'>''"-'��'^"i''i*M��"i_i'~w^��i"'i��i8��iAiiAi<i*  mm*Mm��td,4uaiwwm  KING SIZED MEALS  AT BUDGET PRICES  o��  pimmih DRivE-m  ON HIGMWAY 101 ot SECHELT  FOJl TAKE OUT ORDERS  PHONE 005-2311  IE��BfS Ti_LEVfiS10H  STEREO -DGWond COLOR T.V.  Fully equipped for Color T.V.  Dealer 'for  ZENITH-PHILIPS-RCA  RfKTWOOO  Better tban City Prices  flsoso 886-2280  GIBSONS. B.C.  VISIT PUR LARGE DISPLAY  OF TOP QUALITY MEW  AND USED, FURNITURE  Brought fo you by  these progressive  places of business  PACK POTATO CHIPS INTO THE LUNCH BOX  ' Few children and teenagers who carry tftelr lUnches to .ichool llk_ to find itlo  same foods In <4ielr boxes every day. After all this fs iheir noon meal and tHey want.the  prarJety they would get If ihey were mating lunch at home. However ihlp doe|s inot  hold when It comes to such a favorite as potato chips. .No'matter, bow often these  crunchy chips are found In the lunch box they are alwoys a treat.  < Mother, naturally wdnllnQ to keep the young ones In. the family .well and .happy  knows-that she will be amply repaid for the extra effort and tltrte she puts Into pre-  paflnjj this noonday carried moo), First of all ,lt must be'nourishing and include moot  or fish, eggs 6r cheese, milk, bread and a sweet of some kind* It OhpUld hove norrto-  thlna fcrlsp dhd crunchy In It like sticks of raw vegetable* of p<S>tqtri tblpa* If sahd-  wlches ore losing thelir appeal, theti for a change the meat or other jiroteln tan be  wrapped separately to 1>e eaten with buttered bread. For o cbortge too the thermos  con be fllkd with a soup made with milk instead of'a milk 4rlnk. Ate the dessert  fresJi fruit Is a general favorite but when the varied Js limited cooked fruits with  homemade cookies ore favorite* too.  Here are a few suggested "llllings" for the school lunch box which con be  packed quickly If the necessary cooking is done ahead of tinier when the regulor metals  are being pr<ax_red. I        ,  ,,   ,  Hard-cooked Egg  Carrot Sticks  Apple  Cold Chicken Wlhgo  Potato Chips  CdnnWl Petsehe*  Crwartl of Tomato Soup  Sliced Cheew  Baked Apple  Milk  Hot Chocolate  Buttered f-oll  Pbtfefo tfrlpt  Odthieal Twrnovejf  Q\i\ti>i-&$ &nt>a4  - 'CeilrV  Cwt��Cnkft   ,  1 ; 0rfct*.��!f'  But1,p.rf*4 ,ftrp��Mii Ureal  -   Cliripetr,Cs>����kle3  ���  m  jgWB  BfeBK��fe8^ai��fi_��^Wi3  <��  ^^&  a  i  Appliances - T.V. - Radio  Phone 885-2050   ...   Sechelt B.C.  PeillBlll PiUBlil|;  Ltd.  JI6ATINQ A' GaiFPLiES  Your Komtone  Sherwin Williams  Paiht Dealer  Phono 006-9533  Glbsonu. n,C.  "'"     '   ' ,1.1.U..H_.I_II.1,.F|,M..    .H..|||. ���     ���,,,���,._, ,,!,.. |,,,���,  .  Where  Fashion Is a byword  Smart Shoppers are,  found at . , .  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Y '^      �����    j  Y���>t(   ,        f   ���Y.Y.     <*,-.!.-,   w_.-   - "���    .._    Y   - < - ���<,     v.j   <Y     ��  W _ ~ >   ff.-.   /" il  Jfcge &4~ Tfe�� Ptesgfosglg, Twggg    Wednesday, November 27, 1968  %LzVimmm^]im0  f may be wrong, but I shall mt be to wrong as to fail to say what I beUev^J^^ jjjj��j  nnc-iAS G, Wkhosb, Etictar ��� Stcwabt B. Aisgabd, Publisher  tucrf can  <mr_lv be nothing more create an awareness of dangers that exist  ^ITJ^TZ^e^^r, or in everyday life thus resulting in increas-  viewer to soL of ihe^s pictures ed Fecautk>nary and safety measures.  dhmte aHm fa vario^ segments Certainly accidents make news and there  of ��*�� ��^t*SZ.^^ fe little'wrong in publicising road acci-  mere are ^^J^^^Z^ for greater care on the highway.   This  hard to "Wy^ *^J"S h^ev�� does not call for inclusion of  publication of news J^ *&%_ grief stricken relatives who have to re-live  stricken parents or relatives prostrate ar ��_.  u #Jm^ tW ^ f|irfr ^  the side of a dead or badly manned their sorrow each time they see their pic-  loved one who has been involved in an *���� in a newspaper or on television,  accident. It would seem that extremely The line between responsible report-'  bad taste is obscured by the desire for ing and bad taste is not difficult to de-  sensationalism and to beck with the feel- fine. It is, on occasion, prudent to publish  ings of a comparatively few suffering a picture oi a bad accident as a means of  people. With some daily newspapers and focusing   attention   on   a   particularly  television networks it has become in- hazardous   existing   situation   such   as  creasingly obvious that common decency dangerous highway conditions or circum-  and normal ethics have beat -completely stances  creating  dangerous  conditions,  forgotten. This, in effect, provides a public service  Typical example of this moronic type and so does publicity relating to acci-  of reporting was displayed last week wifli dents caused   by  drunken  driving  or  an interviewer grilling a mother of four reckless driving. It serves as a very vivid  whose husband was trapped in the mine warning to those with similar propen-  disaster in the VS. Having reduced ber shies.  to   stunned   silence   he  proceeded  to Tbis then would appear to be where  harass a relative of the trapped man responsibility ends  and vicious  sensa-  until he too sobbed in anguish. tionalism starts. It is something we would  This is not news reporting it is a be much further ahead without but, un-  sickening   impeachment   upon   human fortunately, perpetrators of this type of  ' ��-__^���   ^e ......             ,  Ottawa Report  ''It dpes the some thing as being elected to council!'  Paul St. Pierre        ^ ��� ^     ,,,,.,        department which-cai* supply the-mforma-  tion. Good old Harry's department does  supply some. He has personal income tax  figures. Unfortunately, corporation tax fig-  aim juo��j. ���  _',-,_���      _*���   - ��� -j    j mauvu -__*  .~  _-   -      _ _    ures are now provided from a computer  some extent there is argument   ment any legislative action is considered.    through ^ ottawa ^^ ^ i^^^.    ^^ and ^ computer, one learns on  .Hazing oi such tragedies helps    Civhzation still has a long way to go. tUfa ^g^ was shnple, and is contained   making a later telephone call, is at pre-  ih who knows how many score ot govern-    sent still battling with 1365.  ment publications-what were income tax        ^e aboye ^ ^ conducted at taxpayers'  receipts from Yukon and tne Norm-west    ovnense  sicKening   __._p__n_jjjj.s.j_o.   __jp��__   ...��     _, _   _  rights and shoddy conun___________m of   gutter news media would raise the roof  .er���:��� n���A ,-___:_��t�� and cry "freedom of the press" the mo-  suffering and misery  To  that publicizing  ���Letter from Poriioment Hill  A REQUEST for a piece of simple information  bas  led to  a  tiresome   walk  DllRING recent years a notisaMe in-    through the endeavors of the Chamber  Icrease in interest has centered upon    of Commerce a number of extremely able  J     ���*���      �����-.��.**     ��._-vi-y.in ___  Territories in the last year of fuU report?  Hundreds of lineal feet of statistics are  delivered each day to the offices of Members of Parliament, but among them the  correct set are not easily found. In the  report of the National Revenue  Depart-  local elections involving both councils people have agreed to accept nomina-  an<3  school board resulting in better tion to both council and school board.  turn-out at the polls and ja__^ m��e Apart from the fact we have a num- ment statements lor ^ ^ year endefl  endeavor m nominating fresh candidates ber of responsible businessmen who have i^ch 31 196gf are same m^nie tax tables  for office. agreed to stand, most notable candidates for 30 Canadian data centres. But tbis table  The reason, it would appear, is that for role of school trustee are Dr. Walter does not dejineate bow large is the area  the taxpayer is no longer satisfied with Burtnick and Reverend Barrie Jenks. served by Whitehorse data centre, there-  ejected representatives accepting office Both are well known and well respected fore * s?fsJ,e* ^ telephone Natfonal  aid sitting out a too year lean in in the area and indications are that com- Revenue Department for toe urformaboiL  languid inertia. This is a situation which pletely new representation could improve ^ ^��?le tesk'ODe nught say- 0ne v<nM  certainly is not unknown for ___y too considerably this  area's voite on the ..     ��� __. , _.    ,  .        i - ..-   _-_r ��_.        ��.    _ _.     j Nation Revenue is not one of tbe lax-  many pec^Ie seekmg public office would school board. gest   departments   m   Pariiament   HilL  be far more at home m a wax museum. We have four seeking two seats on Nevertheless   tbe   government   telephone  The average person has little or no con- village council and here again a change directory contains 300 listings,  ception of the useless rok so many play is badly needed if we are to move ahead.        So tbat it will not be necessary to tele-  once appointed, these are those who coo- Gibsons council has a number of am-  tinue to say Ihtle and perform less and bilious and worthy projects in view and  in doing so are nothing mote than a Pender  Harbour  also has  progressive  complete drag upon those who seek com- ideas in mind for the near future. If  munity progress. Sechelt is to move or keep up with its  Sechelt is particularly i__��ortun_te in neighbors, then we must have more men ^.^'ch jtmtine information as this as I  it has such a small population to who will stand up and be counted. There am to telephone the Prime Minister deman-  have been far too many examples of ding (his mother's recipe for shortbread.  feSW      J-<_  ��������     _-f        ��m*     __-_-v      ���--        m  phone tbe 300 one by one, it seems simpler  to call "the minister's office and ask where  the information may most quickly be found  Tbe advice is to telephone the Deputy  Minister of National Revenue. I am about  a^ likely to phone" the deputy minister to  OTTAWA ENJOYS &e lovely twilight of  the northern autumn. On clear days, as  most have been recently, a dusky glow  fills all the western sky long after the sun  has departed.  A RECENT visitor to the commons,  seeking to speak wify Consumer Affairs  Minister Ron Basfcrd, sent a message into the House by a page boy whose prime  knowledge was French.  The little gentleman leaned over the  minister's desk and whispered "Mr. Bastard, you're axed in the back."  The Prime Minister has made a statement condemning political patronage. This  has dismayed some, amused others and a-  roused) enough comment to last until  spring. The notion that there are millions  of square miles of Canada in which the  people are more concerned, witih control of  the'rose tfarip has not penetrated to the  national capital.  ���tlie Times. C-tov. o Sureou  OiTl-VWA_JW!-b BSchaxd 2-hcon in the }Wb$te  House, a sage Canadian .editor remarlced  beifore the Aimesican dectioti, Canada had     '  better prepare to 'fortify ihe longest1 undefended border in. Ihe world.  Mr. Nixon has done nothing overt since  he won bis narrow victory oyer Hubert  Humiphpey to $ye new urgency to that  gloomy warning. But the su^picum remains  wides|pi��ad in this country that hell do us  so good as president of our mighty neighbor.  That this should be so is a mite strange  since the same Mr. Nixon can probably  point to a greater taWiedge of, and direct  association   with   Canadian   a_fair_   than  ' either df his two opponents. '  He even enjoys a dose personal relationship with Nev__wndland*s irrepressible  Premier Joey Sana-wood, in whope company he went calling on Nakita Khrushchev  a couple of years back in Moscow.  Joey, needless to say, thinks Dick is a  great fellow, and the fact that Mir. Nixon  was engaged in a legal capacity om behalf  of a giant U.S, industrial complex that is  making political waves in ��� Newfoundland  at the moment has done nothing to disturb  their'apparent mutual admiration.  As Vice-tpresodent for eight years under  tbe benevolent patronage of President  Eisenhower, too, Mr. Nixon must have come  to know something of Canadian-American  relations' that should stand him in good  stead as master of the White House.  Yet it is clear���particularly in Canadian government circles���that most political sympathies on this side of the border  were with Hubert Humphrey, and that tfae  seemingly inevitable success of Mr. Nixon  was widely regarded with a brooding.sense  of alarm.  It is possible, of course, that the President-elect has been unfairly judged. He has  been branded a trade protectionist and a  military hawk; yet his published state-  meats during the election campaign were  almost universally bland and devoid of  policy specifics.  It is probably fair to say, without im-  pungi&g Mr, Nixon's own political attraction, that his victory was as much due to  the qmte-unprecedeated unpopularity c_ the  Johnson Democratic administration as it  w_!s to the Republicans' efforts on bis behalf.  Things were so bad in the Democratic  camp, in fact, that Mx. Humphrey's near'  win on election night was instantly regarded as SFametMog of a miracle. That he didn't  get clobbered altogether, and run third to  Messrs. Nixon and George Wallace, was  surprising to many.  In the American political system there  are no prizes for coming either second or  third, however. And like it or not, Canadians must learn to live for the next four  years with Mr. Nixon as the landlord next  door.  Haw will it be?  The answer to that probably depends as  much on our own leadership in this country  as it does on Mr. Nixon's initiatives once in  office.  ���It is clear that there will be litttle per-  Population increases by on every 14^  seconds. Maybe we -can't -control it, but  we've-got it tubed.  1-  Squaringly Yours  ���by Maurice Hemstreet  HEX__0 fellow square dancers  wherever  you are! In Powell TUver, the interior  of B.C., across Canada, Vancouver Island,  in the many States ol the U.S.A. Yes~we  have met wonderful people all over the  world in this ever popular past time of  square dancing and it's true that the only  way to explain square dancing is fun for  all and all for fun.  The next square dance on the Sunshine  Coast will be at the Hopkins Hall next Saturday night Nov. 30, #30 p._n. with <caller  Harry Bobertson and the Gibsons Squarenaders. All square dancers welcome. Come  and join the fun and relax a little.  Bob Crichton's Jr. Squares at Pender  Haribour on Monday nights at the 'Madeira  Park Legion hall are really going great  but I haven't heard from that sensational  caller JBud Blatchford this year yet. I wonder what he is doing?  The Freawheelers, the club tbat visited  us last St. Patricks from Victoria way has  joined the Mavericks club. This sounds like  double trouble to me. The event took place  when the Freewheelers stage coach was  held upvby the Mavericks. The fair ladies sooal rapport between the Republican presi  asked to dance while the gents were held at *M,+ ""* rf��,n*'X*'*' *m*w T_i��w>irai m-nmo min  gun point and poor little Ole Olson was  taken away in the undertakers wheelbarrow. Sounds like a very poorley club but  I am sure it will be much richer in fun  from now on. Happy square dancing to  all over there.  that it has such a small population  choose from and while iksxc are a num-   j����t i��*_^ _��*  *~~ j r���   -    ���->- r . .  ber of possible candidate* available most    pussyfooting over issues which should    But a! tte situation is shocking, it is not  -_*   .t____   .____     ���*���_��-.   _._.��_��.._,  ~__~_^_u..<-     .__.__f.__> _��� ��� ._ L���_..   n.mmn1ic1url   InnfT  .Km SUTpi-SIDg,  of them are, tor varcous reasons, unable  to accept nomination. This is one good  reason expansion of village boundaries  would have proved beneficial for in a  radius of six miles we actually have a  population in excess of two thousand.  This then has been the- past situation which, only too often, has resulted  in candidates getting in'by acclamation.  This year wc are more fortunate fot  Fletcher'8 Philosophy  Mexander Mackenzie . .  have been accomplished long ago.  1-Yvu.  that the taxoaver has an on- Deputy   Ministers   are  delegated   mes-  Now that the taxpayer has an op- er ^   , worfc Messenger b^  one  portunity to remedy  past unfortunate suspects,   can frustrate   the  efforts   of  mistakes,   we   strongly   urge   everyone $25,000 a year executives,  eligible and able to vote to get out and A telephone call to the Press Gallery  make that vote count Saturday, Decern- produces a  partial  solution.  Old Harry,  ber 7th. "you remember Harry", now works in a  PUSH  Now it's June, and pittim-ticm  Call for wanm congj-lu&iJwwk..  Since Coma_nceinient wocsot* Btosd pomcthipz  has beco fttmbed',  And the end* arc pat focg5iips..mj,  While thc gj��t ot them fo wraioaiojp.  Yet the problem* up ahead -_e _o_JH_njb_cd.  If,you thinfc thh praam oonfutMOin,  Then we've reached thc jkwtoc coadmha,  For there's, nothing more ��Joee����__�� ��___i  djplojna.%  Now the/re capped suwS gpwttcd i_ carocrt  J)ut that's s_| that foa* hotm fwwtfotd,'  Since the g_mef�� pot s_��aj* wo bjr.biJlJns  homers.  Wc congratulate thc ��__��>__-��,  Which ma-es seme Iran fto.ii.lly oJolUa.*,  JFor u shccpilin haft pwwjMwm to �� penwon.  They're all e-Ca-ttng teased au__ aat&Aet       "~  At thc bottom of tfic jUs&fttr  With itn awful JookJ *>S fexr ot tppKchcaiiion.  So, remember, dUd* md'moiiitt-u, ,  Unclei, ��i. ters,, auraj* imimH twotHwrt.,  1    While you pr_ne their p_i!l ttdiZtvemcalt.,  here's �� nodwa;  I>on't jvnt wi*Ilt ��m>_jt auiMl'lcawc tbntn���  'I hey've got pxth, wix help swlbk���� item;  Ccrliiin engine* pewJI a pwb. Ut get io n.<_ion?  "W"*'" ��� "'���"* **~�� tmrntrntm* _#_��'��-%*��*w'-*��**����>#Wi*-^-#-*-��-**��%��*����*<^*^*��_-i  The lfammmjfjsme&>  Pubtiibcd Wc&rKiday* a4 fkxtxit  <_�� JQlO Jkamlsiec Coatl  by ���  Sechefl femmtJS* Time* IM.  fte* 3��l - Scdxtt, St/C  Pmtgfoa ii. Wh���*lr*f Fit&tof  X 0. /tttgtant, PttHtther  &_t._t*iptKn Kates: im mdri>woc}  I  Ycsr, *3  - 2   *****��� V* -  5 %c*n\ ft?  U.&_ ��*_ %-mtigsK. *5_H>  ftrrrtnw rh* ttma fr^m F<m* M����0*t t+ Eft*" t  (tt<m* ��>rm*)4 (.a, ttmla ttsirt)  ���ftady W. Fktdstt    UP, UP, AND AWAY OUT���In an effort to  repay some Hawaiian friends for their  hospitality on one of his many trips to Pineapple   Paradise,  CJORsman Monty  Mac-  Farfane went all out to entertain them in  Vancouver. As a special treat he took the  friends, Jim ajnd Christa Feaney, to dinner  at the Grouse Nest atop the mountain of  thc same bird. Everything was a great success except that  Jim   Fcancy   expressed  considerable  nervousness  during  the  trip  up Grouse on the  enclosed Skyrlde.   He  looked at the floor all the way and refused   to   peak   out   the  window.   Monty  couldn't believe the fear-otMieights reaction.  His friend Feaney is  a Jet captain with  Aloha Airlines.  city street seen  of the month ���., IWA official Syd Thomp- BC Uom w1m> are extremely 'unhappy  n is batdung plans to appeal his law ^^ ^ seryice ^y get from ^ pj^.  it m which Teamster boss Ed Lawson won    >n -.-turn fot ^ iargfest rent payment in  ton  suit���   $3,500, which was almost, but not'quite,  enough to cover JLawson's legal bilJ . . .  Restaurant operators are going nutty because the Liquor Control Board is unable  to supply the most popular imported wine..  At one point last week nine types and  brands that arc standard on any wine lib.  in the Lower Mainland, were out of slock.  *   ��  *  WALKIE TALKIE ��� Although Frank  Baker's new Attic restaurant js so (successful that he's already building an addition to  more than double the capacity it's obvious  he   hasn't  pleased  everybody.   The   We.i  (EDITOR'S note: This is^ the second in a  series of 15 brief stories about the personalities who reigned in Canada's highest political office���that of Prime Minister.)  ALEXANDER MacKENZIE  Alexander Mackenzie, the second Prime  Minister of Canada, was, a plain, indus^,  trious, self-reliant, honest man, who bad  supported tyimself since the age of 14 when  f  _ his father died. He had learned the trade  Canada, if not North America. PNK em- of stonemason, and emigrated, to Canada  powered past president Captain Harry working for a number of years as a mason  Terry to meet the Lion bosses. Lion presi-    and builder. He educated himself by con-   "       --��--i "���-*"����� ,.i,_k    stant rea<iing. A friend who lived in the  same boarding-house says ithat Mackenzie  was not very companionable. AS soon as  anyone who voted for a candidate they did  he came in for thc evening, he would take  up his book with scarcely a word and bcr  gin studying.  In 1B73 Mackenzie, who had risen, in  Parliament to become leader of the Jiberai  Party, led his  party Jo victory over Sir  dent Alan McEactwrn replied that the club,  could only spare one director to negotiate  and despatched labor man Ed Lawson to  confront Terry. This rumib/le is just beginning . . . Thc veal Item that turns up on  the menu of the Modern Cafe's Bavariab  rx>om as Cordon Blue should probably read  Cordon Bleu. Don't worry. They cook a  whole lot better than they spell... A press  release   from   Simon   Fraser   University  *5w"  BACKGROUND SOUND ��� Eye popping  discovery of the name of Penticton bank  clerk Katberlne Ann* Splller In the list of  donors to the Vancouver Opera Amsocia-ion  prompted wiseacres to note that thc Royal  Bank, which was also included on the same  list, obviously  gave  twice.  Further   court  action arising out of the Penticton  case  will determine whether the bank actually  gave thrcq times, because there's another  name on the list , . . One of "the stories  bubbling to the surface in thc wake otf tho  Spillcr woman's conviction is that the cat  was.really set among the pigeons when th.  manager of another chartered bank In Penticton wondered aloud to a Royal Bank official why one of his employees was making  large dcjwslts in a rival bank . . . RU11 another  story   concerns   the   letter of   commendation received from high officials of  ihv. bank praising Miss Splller for her loyalty   because   she   bought   a   tremendous  amount of stock���some say $85,000 worth���  Jn thc Royal Bank.  * '     F* *  NEWS TO ME���I/K--1 publicist Jack Lea  will m.d a helicopter to recover the $0,900  he Wiled thc promoters of the Mrs. Mills*  D-vM WhHfi-ld   Biillhli  Vaudcvi.lv  Show  That's  how  high  the   promotion  company  cheque bounced, according to l^.c, who had  t.�� talk very fast to his own banker after  the disaster .  .  .  Frtd Mill who masler-  mindrd   lhe   campainn   th.it   promincs   the  "'layliou-K; Theatre Company the most sue-  rcM��ful year In its history  and then Was  told (hey didn't need a |Miblicity man any  more iKxausc most, of the scats were m_d,  will try his luck in London after thc firfet  Vancouver design \ panel bad insisUd that    Coopcrmatfa two newest books   The Day  the exterior stucco; which fs now painted    <* the Parrot and the Owl Behind the Door  blue    must   bc   repainted.    Incidentally,    are now available  in this  area,  equally  Baker stands to lose $5,W if the new spate    proudly   announces that  Cooperman s fie-  isnt open by Christmas. That's ,$2JW in    tion has been published In Playboy Maga-  bets and $2,500 in lost business . . . Biggest     zinc. ^   ^  winner in the fancy golf clmb tow to La.  Vegas was a high rolling businessman who  got off a $20]Wto Jo*ing streak  and came  home $30^000 ahead of tlie crap tables. But  he didn't get owl for one round of golf .    .  Long time pMotograpbcr ond TV camcrinau  Bill Peiwtt baa traded in lib pix makim;  equipment for  a   tape  recorder  and   lias  Joined thc CFUN new* ��ia��.  CITT BV THE SEE���North Van ItCMl*  officcrs attempting to clean up a hipps��-  I>ad in their area arc still quivering with  indignation as the result of an experience  with the mother of a 13-ycar-old girl 1he>  proudly announcing tbat professor Stanley    John A,  Macdonald. Though he had only  .    .        _  L_._.i.��   mu__ r��,o��r    one term In office (being de'fcatedby Macdonald in 1878) ho accomplished a ntimber  of things of lasting good for Canada.  _ .1  m  found in thc place during the late hour',  They took tbe child to thc police station  and phoned her mother to ��ay they've foutm  the child. '"Tlie b<^l with ber." the niollx���.  snarled. "Send the HtUc   back wIkm  you found her/* ... If P��*w Cr��h��m l.i��l  beaten Mayor Ton* CmmpbmU for the Nl'A  endomement, forcing Tom T��rr.f lo nm or,  an Independent, you can bet last month  rent   that   left   winging   lawyer-a Men nan  Marry RanMn would have run for inajF''  Don't write otf talented younger la-v-  y��r John L��*ton, lhe provincial NDP pie.  dent,  as  a; compromise  le��der*hlp  fin's  date if the race to rci��lace Bob Str��chan  gets as mcaay a�� it appears it will.  ��   ��   *  UP T* ITE^l��� Partfic ?<a.!'Kial Kk^iiV-  Hon director* tarncd Oiaml#�� down a |>l��..  for meeting with the full directorate iA the  FINISH LINESp-A dudo ranch operator  from Georgetown, Colorado, flew into Vancouver Friday and turned up at Aloxandior  HarrlfOff's Howe street Gallery a few hours  before Ibe opening of a one man show by  Jack ,L��a McLean wlw paints horses and  Cariboo country scenes. The dude rancher  selected  four  paintings,  peeled off  some  bills and beaded back to the airport. Spent  In  Vancouver���Jonc hour  and  20 mlnutca  and $2,000 ,  .  . Neon chief Jim  Pattlwn  has taken possession of the home of tho  late Fr*- Hom��. 'Hie shift to the British  Properties Christmas time landmark wasn't  that big a move tor PattJson. He had lived  two dooni away . . .After lie picked up'the  Kim S|H-r�� at the Airport, Caveman Bob  MHton diacovar-d that Sue Kim had left  her pur���� In his car. He started up the  etrcct tti return It to her hotel.  Rut the  ribbing was so great that he slopped Into  % dry cleaning (.hop for a paper bag before  he'd chance thc  remainder of the  block  and k halt walk.  ���   ���   ���  WASSERMANIA���Next gimmick for the  tobacco companies should be a pack of cigarettes with a net of car plugs���for the  people who don't want to hear all the reasons they should quit smoking.  MADE VOTING SECRET  He gave Canadians tlio secret .ballot at  elections. Previously anyone going to vote  at a poll had to declare openly which candidate he supported. Often men with axe-  handles, or other bandy weapons, were  standing about the polls), ready to attack  not like. This Wnd of intimidation ended  when any voter could ��� cast his ballot in  secret and no one could know how he had  voted. Prime Minister Mackenzie al��o  established thc Supreme Court of Canada  and the Royal Military College at Kingston.    In i��7S/fw1iI1c Prime Minister of Cana-  da, he revisited Scotland, ami was honoured In thc town where he had lived as a  bt>y, as one who had overcome many hardships to become leader of a great new  country. ,       ,  BETTER   know  many things.  nothing   than   half-know  LET HIM STAY  'And Just one yeur? Jf u "e<tnscii|it." gels  involved In something he wants to 'g-ft done,  let him stay two, three or as many more  years as he wants. He'll know when he  needs to come back for more education and  he'll know1 -why and what he,wants,  Oh, this little scheme Mr. Pclkticr men-  tion�� so briefly is a honey. Jf you follow it  out far enough, It could upset tlie whole  Establishment, economic, commercial, bureaucratic, political and educational.  But, after all, that's what wc want these  dayb, Isn't it?  dent and'Canada's new liberal prime minister. They have never even met���and when  they do, it is hard to visualize that the intellectual bon vxvamt Pierre Elliott Trudeau and tiie hard-line politician Richard  Nixon will find much m common, or even  much to talk about.  Nor will the national interests of their  two countries necessarily coincide to any  o great degree. ' ��� ���   ,,-,  Caniada is feeling its oats these days as  a political grownupy asserting its national-  ism and yearning for economic as well as  political independence. .  Prime Minister Trudeau has spoken  openly Of pursuing policies which represent  purest heresy in American terms. He wants  to extend diplomatic recognition to mainland China, maintain normal trading relations with U^.-emlbargocd Cuba, and piill  in Canada's, horns somewhat on our international military commitments, ,  And only a few days ago, in a casual  confrontation with students alt Queen's University in Kingston, he * allowed that be is  more concerned with prospect of civil war  In the U.S. than he is witto the threat ol  communism abroad.  t  Not surprisingly, this drew some barbed  comment from newspapers south, ot the  line, which advised him not so.gently to  solve bis own problems of \ national unity  before poking bis nose into tbose of other  countries. ���    .   *    '      .  Thc Americans, it may be granted, are  slower to burn' than we Canadians these  days. K Richard Nixon bad chosen to toss  off the same kind of remark,about Quebec ���  separatism at a California university rally,  thc walling and shouting from Ottawa could  be heard clear down to the Mexican border.  So jit may be that our own sensitivities  will set the course oif CanadiatnAmcxicaii  relations in thc Nixon era as much as any  action taken in the White House.  It is still much too early to offer any  definitive judgment on how close' or how  distant that traditional ndghbodincss will  be in th^j next four years,  Mr. Nixon is seen by some qualified observers as Jniward-looking, smart, aggressive and tough. fH.'U be out to make sure  his own country remains No. l,  Canada mqy find It advisable to develop  what the wise editor referred to earlier described as "enlightened but distant" Interest In U.S. problems both at .home and  abroad, comlbincd with a healthy preoccupation with our problems and our own solutions.  It Is undoubtedly going too far to suggest that wc should rig tip a line of cannon on |hc border. Thc^ Americans, even  under Mr. Nixon, arc unlikely to turn their  guns on us.  . Itut especially in the field of trade, It  will be no more than prudent for Canada  to keep a wary eye on dealings with Wa��h-  |n��lon. The 'da-jto of the easy relationship  between the White JDouse and U.c> East  Block arc almost certainly receding Into  tljc fojds.of memory.  *���  :  A POUITIOIAIn should havcilhreo hats. Ono  for throwing In the ring, one for talking  through, and one for pulling rabbits mt of  Jf he'., elected.  JiYKH ,��^ce the world began, It has been  imofMly wloKcdnesiS'". that | has made the  headlines, How many people even know that  Adam and Kve had a third son, who never  got into trouble?  , .* ,���� .*(.-_ ,*. ���  ^t.,^**,^*.. 1rf'.i.I^#��tiy*��<,t.��S'.F*r-��'1  >K^*^KH���tn   ^_^v��..^s^-��^.A.^)i%#<|j^^ftli^|)f>1i_<Fl< *   a  rtgUF'.F. Jlfn.. rnto*tw_��y..nr.._..__ ��*..i.".__.i  *.��l^V*-^_FJ*^����*"*U��S��_A.tol_-_F q^TT^.^^M*. .. /v^l.  ,4,    *    Wf     ���>. .t��4��- -^   ��       jK/.(  "   ~"     '^        '''���> A**  frf>^v ^fl��_^^FiFo^^��*>^-^t,)��4i_-^a->rtfij/��f  v�� j.Y">  |>_.V.>*^Vl2d��**ii*.  -   W.7!. M^ ;*F.^F__i.SV*il>F>/1**F^^'^i'^* F** irV.4>"'  '       .       F��Ft    rt  M<7 t  , >l !_.  , * *  1 _,  f (  1 *    * X  the Peninsula -tiW_   J      Pqqq S-S  V/edncJcdoy, November 27, 1958  j^r  '>���-* #   "    '   ' y   tbefiMKfe $&# <M*sJ��te_ of 3'caribmi dnd  Gl__SC-.S-._TO-   ���   ��� * . ���   t . u_1__ ��� ,    Waiiy' #et*tson joW&yed 'to Barriere  ft��J_-_-_   0jtft*a��jA0LmLt   ��-*__._.   A S17^*^ ttlweflaa-ouif wedding' show*   ^^&e gifted Me6ds fot _ hunting trip.  Order of Eastern Siar ofSrWs^eiS^^g�� ^fe|"fe��ew^^  ����ISr_.f !j?^*2Zi^.�� ��SL * A* ����- *�� fe*M* ** home oi ftfls*    Y^*W-rei_ and Mr. arid Mrs. Wlljo  MOWT Efphinsloge C&jpte* 14b, 65, Q*d-f   Audrey #_&riw_ise who was hostess a*   mtenlMnMcd on Ttaifcsday from a 6-day  __* ��___ *._._���__ **-_ _.._�� ��-a       .../.. ��� p�� t4 fflrltt whei-e __ey visited Mr. and  fll_j$.iBK^r.������f and kWldren. Edward.  _,    , ��� .     ��� ���* ��rt *u*_l*       ., x _        ^ Wa*4o��e ,was ptes-nied with a   &W* *f& ^�� **r ^jf* &* was  Hazcl_Fj*��e, GiraM &#*eta*& official-   1<m5iy <i0^a^ ^ ^ink a'nd while fcawta-   a 'fiv^ w*W��- ^v  ����t5' fiT^StaS $��S    l^^ste^fi^TlC-0^ SUSS,! #?&Pto O^ms Rod and Gun  of theJE&stemSfar held a i^p5t;.��f���cesfr <|_fcdV'io-iosto* L&da fate and Nan-  M Fall #az_ia* aitd tfel en Sa^tay, Kotr. ��tMlw5   i '  Jfith. ill t-tfterfe C^_ek CSnbiuniiy HalL ^            J  ��T .-     -��. '    ��,*      i-*J     _._,.__Jk_._^.        __��_iS  Fisher, Gibs<w__ The tablecloth was won  by Mrs. Margaret Hauka of Gibsons; Mrs.  Doris Aitchison of Pender Harbour won  the fruit cake and the cookies were won  by Jakie Donnelly of Pender Harbour,  Still unclaimed is the dopr-prize winner  ' Hu Wl?lV wh0 ^olds ticket fro, 28212 and should tele-  _/ $$$&&   phoaiB Mrs- A*1��� HouStt at 886-2414 to claim  .....  _. ^ ^e pt'lze>  Officers and members .of the Chapter  fJ(M^ aPPfeciate the presenqe of all who attended, thus making the bazaar sueh a sue  cess. f  Readers' tight  top of the. pretty shower cake which was itiefi'^t tfie fel-b; Nov. "_$th, Junior Night;  delicately iced with pale-pink, yellow, and jfat_-2Sfti.  Pistol Practice  (7 p.m.   to 8  blue flowers.v ���   ���            -       * -    >:   . p,m.}; tfoy, 06th, _bcecutiv^Ieeting; Nov.  Attending  were Tina   Bothwell,   Landa fyifa   ^e-jor jjeh's Bifle  Practice;   Nov.  Price, Carol Npwmaj., Teddy. Hettfoo, Du ^ ^dies Ki^it, rifles. Don't miss the  ana R'Pb^FJson, Mrs. Boser, Mdy Boser, rfegiinas. turitey shoot on December 16,  lr_ne 'Puchateld,' Mrs. IitHe, Ann Pearson, fo t ��� m> |t y bo^d thaft with the ih-  Kay Waterhouse, Lk>u MacKay, Agnes Bou- efeaM i|iemlbers_ip there should be avaii-  tin,  Nanette  Eldred, .Mts.  Hughes; , and aj^ ^fi ,mih for each committee and no  Joyce Price.             . ihem1llerj Should  hold  two   chalnrnanship  NoVpreseM^bUt sending gifts were .Mrs, jQDSm  Ot Inon, Evelyn Berdahl, Mrs, Wiren, Mar- '��� ,  -  ilyn Jtobmson, Barbara flaeger, Linda Mc- 'Mx.  Allan Andrews    of    "Highfields",  Kinnell and Nancy Le Warne,                  - Gi&tipwins,.Landing,  leaves this week to  ,                .            A_ inaJce hi^home in Nanaimo (where he has  Prior  to1 her .mamage -to Mr.  Roger friends ahd where he will enjoy more level  has been a resident  25 years.  r ��t  �����.__���  Hidden talent  Rustle of grass sMrts in a darkened  lau^Wter when the spotlights^picked' Jjy a talent scout, the troupe Was- vices  hall as the Pfcwauan dancers-made   -'"*��-��       -     -    -r --   *��� ���  Appreciation  C Editor, Tlie *ftmes,  5)     Sir���I would like- to express ray appre-  |t ciation to the Canadian Legion in Secbelt  " for organising the very -moving. Remembrance Day^parade and accompanying j?er-  pftser bridal shower, -was hefd for her at    Tii47aTti1__  c/lffaf  the home df Mrs. flrs_____ Davis, Fradflin} ���l.tt1��OJ_Uit!  dfUUUCi  _->_t', ��� ���..*_<'  Boad.  ATgAmp'of-friend, from Port ,fiefl.or    ^f��g|f@Jlfl  TBSUllS  .. ,      , .-���-   ^ ade out; Harold Clay; Dennis Gamble;   quickly booked up for a repeat per-  geir entrance and 240 guests at the John Haddock; Markle Myers m&< fonnancce. at Sechelt's Lady Uons  Madeira  Park  Fishermen's  Home- Bay Matr Who performed twbstoec-   Mght. J " ,        ,  coming nearly raised the roof with tacu1ar dances. Immediately sj&ft&l    I; ' <   ���    ,   .  ">J  .  0-  ���-an tft  t f  ���tf  ��� -*-T~iT-"?!*r*,r3  3P  V  '{  I  jt-  A  ._  \  'A*--'  r  L3 C  ft  rf��_   VlJ-W   W    _-*,,      <���*���*   _>9L  _<f  _.   <*  e  i.V  7\  P  * t  tP-H_Tj  ���*_ *  Topical rhorrte  farloons on thc wall for the T lshei  men s Homecoming at Pcndci  Hai  boui were the work of Mis  Paulim  Bud   Dominating the sctne vas tin  fisherman wearing his licence ami  the vcrsi- "I think that I shall neui  see   a >matter fisherman tiian mc  For when I m occupied on deck   1  wear m> Ikvikp round m\ neck anl"  dare an> son of a fisheim in     JaK��  it fiom ine if von can "  Sunshine Coast IDP's  slate public meeting  fcl'-iHr.r C^a*t NDP < ub h phn <. 1 D  innjunc-. tut Ciaet M.clr.i, MP    il  bc in Gibsons .n Sunday, Dic.mb rlMi  pe ��k 10 lhe pjl .c   Tie mt.t nj   i ill b;  htld flt i. p m in Uk G.b-ynj Ltj ion If i .  IlrcUd   in   11'   Vancomu     Kin .     v  Cjn'ti'ucncy, Cjiacc Maclnn    is ni    l .  onl> vomen in P.rU.mfni  AnyoiH v/s unj to join th club fTi ml 1  ji i me t�� 2179 or i ntc III <�� Hii'ch�� r,  <��lb ins, FIC Ans> lie Voui N< * Ih unci ii    Part.       1 lv ��1ni-J   (      ir n  In particular, 1 was impressed by tile  Indian Residential School cfaildrens' band;  the dignity and bearing, of tbe Chief; the  colourful and very beautiful eostumes of  the children and their gentle dignity made  a beautiful picture which <* will remember  for a long time,  JESSIE B. GULLOCH,  Hatzic, B.C.  No communication  The Editor, 1_ieiTim--f, /    -���  ,  Sir���An impykattt feature of t_e wi&il-  run a&d wett-#<_n____*ered. school dist_ict  of Squamish is tbe elo_e co__m_--cation between the member- of Squamish' School  Board and' the publfe. ltt the '-Sechelt  School District, however, _aieb etose com-  munication between tbe School BoaM ai_}  the taxpayers appear* to fee almost totally  non-existent. School Board policies and operations are confusing or unintelligible to  many residents. . .,  ���*  It would seem that two error- are manly responsible for the present cammumica-  tion gap. The Board holds all its monthly  meetings in Gibsons in a room so absurdly small that it can only hold a few Board  members and taxpayers at one time. The  cramped confines of this room probably  have contributed much to the short-sighted  and unimaginative actions taken by the  Board since January.  It is also ridiculous' that each'"Board  meeting .is heldin th'e villag'e'of Gibsons.  Taxpayers in oUler 'parts of the peninsula  have a right to'see that their particular  needs or problems are dealt with.  There appears to be little or ito r_asol!_ ���  why the - Sechelt School Board, like fine  Squamisb School' Board, should not bold  meetings in different parts Af the  peninsulia throughout the year. Tne December meeting for example could fee held  in Roberts Creek, the January meejing  in the Secbelt area, the March meeting in  the Pe_dGr Harbour area and so forth.  Were such meetings to be held, much greav-  ter lirfcderatandfog of the Board's policies  Woulld result. ' :".'���"���'���'"  DAN CARR  RESULTS of games played on Sunday Nov,  24th.  were hostesses and there were thirty ladies  present., Mrs, Michael W_ittylhad artistic^  aliy-dtecorated Hie" basket to contain the  many lovely fifts.         ��� ,      .    .  Difrihg the pleasant    sdcial    evening, 0IV1SION 7  games were 'enjoyed. Delicious 'dainty ire* ,   Madeira Park l, Canfor Tigers 5; Shop  freshments Were'served  Tbe large fancy Easy 5, Tljunderbirds 0; Res. Warriors 0,  shower cake, prettily trimmed with wed* Timuprmene.  ding beilfr, was made by Mrs. Chris "Wood, divjcjom ��'  IN BRllsF                   ,                   . ' fief, Braves 5, Gibsons Chargers 0; Res.  Mt. and Mrs F. Ross-Gibson audrStepfy ^^ !��' Secbelt Legion 4.  ame jspent four days in Victoria wfrere they 'XtviettiM _  were guests of LieutenantnCommander and ,"*�� "*��� ?          ���_._,.   ._.          i     _  mt. Hindie.      '            ' iL.^-iyW^P^yj^lTL^  WlY;fmspbs United 3, Sechelt Hot Shots 5.  ���,  "^--.Icbaj-ied for Sunday Dec. 1st.  (Mr_ R. Ross Oibson, Ut. A. G. Andrews  and Mrs. Harper Were id yabcouver to aV I  tefad the Syn<wl ineetihg wfech was held  for the purpose of_no_fl_inat_ig a new bish-  op-coajutor wbo is Caooa if. David Som-  rhefville. '' Y -    < y -  ��� .F  OIVI6IOM 7  - ttfes^Warriors v Canfor^Tigers, Secbelt  Shops Easy v Madeira Park, Gibsons Cougars 'v" Secbelt Timbermen.  On December i at St _s_&ol_--iew/s An-    $IVI_>_Of- 5>  iUcan C3_Jr��li the $&vkes will be coMuct-   .,> - GibSQns, Region v Res. Hawks, Sechelt  ed by Caws* <RaQey,.   Y' - Legion v #es. Braves.  bmstxiu _���  I -ijdcai 29?- v Gibsons United, Res. Totems  v'StecbelTHot Shots.  t Walt ^g^jjl^ftrBtr-jsliein, and Pelte  Finlayson returned from a bunting expedi-'  tion in the Hudson Hope area liappy >ith  fM__��  ���WMtntrtM  mmatmmtmmttmjmm  *tata*M___PMN-MMMMa  n��m_____  tWMMI__NR__Mn_______  1  We kftew Johnny was home from school  even  before we entered tbe  house.  Hie'  garage wis empty.  infreciiiciwii;  A new <wie *��!' P"'m ''  Golf CIu&s - Golf Balls * .'B^f,  On Display At  D��E.'S SG.0E ST^E     :  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  x   ������',.-��� Rehearsal  press rehearsals are often more fun  than1 the actual performance 'and  choreographer, Mrs, Vera Lowe gets'  Awept-bfi her feet as two pupils get  �� littlp out of hand. Transforming  John tjaddock and MArkte Myers in-:  to Hula dancers was a feat in itself.  Tlie familj cm \acatlon any place it  ��� int this \i ir ju * j it s im i ie  n< i   h i  >n bh  _-_ l    '    ;     '    ,  ,    hMMM����l��IMaMH  SIIPPM-S?  Wmt to moke yo&r homo  larger, mora comfortable, more  modern, moro beautiful?  Whatever home Improvement  project you havo In mind's  you'll find helpful Idoos Qfsd  Information at your one ttop ���  supplies shop  Peninsula Byiiciiiig  SiigipiiesLfiJ*, ���  f hono 005-9669   ' SECMaT, @X, '  home Made style ��� FauiT cake ��� ugmt a*4_> dark  { Also oYoifabU rtffrsffi ttj^' qn& pc-sl���$1.10 pet Ib.   -  CtmSSTMAS PUE>_^&~1 ~ % pr.d %V% tho^n* per. Ib.     ,  IMPORTED NOVELTY CHaiSTMAS CANDIES  :  ff G03-99CO . .   .  5_nnycrert ^eppi^o fSara GG6-7441  . ,���. ..._^.. ^bwtot Valetry. $86-241$-  Compliments of  TtlE HOUSE OF OAlU$ VTD  Your'Hosts Miss Gcrafdlnc Baldwin,  Mrs. Dorothy Cbrter  Located Davis Bay, RR No/1, Sechelt, B.C.  Phone 885-2813  Selective Gift Items  Tor A_ Occasion. Chrittma* Candle* and Weddings.  Ornamental and Genuine Peei Wax.  Wedding Supplies  lovely ^Sel^cthh  Import Clop��, Crystal mM) 0��ram}c��.  I     (��!' F. ll1  ��� ��� ���  Selective Stationery  Hatty Notes e��c.  ��� m        m |  Resiri Craft  tmUm Cei.frc. Mantel OrnamenN. W��ll Ptaquei lit Rerim.  ttnnHa, Caw Crjrftu... '  Gift Wrapping  Far AU Otxatioam.  Sate on Toys 'While They last  Nice dcioftfeti * H9R^Y tUmtt Item*.  Y ���'"-' m-' '���    m ' I  Hand Oaft&d lamps  Svrog . Table, Trctt l^ptttp^ ��lfld Poli��. All lamp rhadet In ony  cotor to >ult ony motif.  i ���' ';!*';*  Christmas Table Centres  i  ' ���'   . ���'''' *  , Foathqr Ffowors  ' AH C$(m. ArronQenMwt* ftMl pnd Pmlgnad BY DAIjUS.  Original \ fkw&lry  tit thlp,Jn4th QPtd <$*>$ AqoX* by Oallif.  C^J^CrytXa,  Handpalntal H 1 f |C- -%?4. CeH*ct-��t/'�� ftetnft.  a    ..   a'        a  Czcc/ioc/ovafcian  Kara Optic XlA/rnvmrm-, tfotUetVf'm it***.  _sitgi��fflB^m^m��fftf��  a* ipkA' rifc^-f....^. fi? A^ ��% *,,^.A-^- ** ���* #' * f ,+,*.^-4.f ,*^#rf ^ Af^._*1A*>^^A.A.rt'*..%*^A^AA,A .  ^^���<\/v/v*w^S^^^ ^*-x^*^ *  ' a*  ?. I.  ��� _  iUAMt-__.*��^______���_J__��_i_~j��_UiiF_��bi^^ ���a____rt��^_Mi_-^>F^����JFq*_*_ji���_l_^^ ,  n -���'1.1.  iiynTi  __t^__A^s��-si*r,-j_4'G  i  ,,*  ii  Page EhS  fhe Peoiussula, Times  Wednesday, November 27, 1968 <;-  __ ^   |(_ , ^, _^  /n 5/up's Office  ' I _������������ ��� -������-������ |l _ p-HW-M'll'l'       j'*^.  ���by John HeJherira^oa  BAIN, flung to earth toy a <__&me__e_L��OBd/  ___ofed toioiigJi _ie white'loom cast Jay  the warehouse floodlights aM bounced" in  i_oy exploding balls on the ^lkteniDg concrete surface of OaMand, C-lifomia's/  Grove St, Pier. The wind swirled and pro*  bed ior -weak areas around tightly -damped  aluminium doors ibat ranged at intervals  along the impersonal, grey walls of Uie  long warehouse. A -ingle set of railroad  tracks, wet and. gleaming in the dull glow,  ran paralletl to the -warehouse and  seemed to disappear into the dimly  lighted telephone booth at the high  wire-mesh gates at the end of the  dock in lhe distanes. Opposite the warehouse the black wall of night marked the  border between the edge of the dock and  tbe restless waters of >the harbour beyond.  Waves jw_led an under the pier and crashed  and swirled around the heavily creosoted  pilings    .  A large rat with glossy, wet fur plastered to it's round hump of a body scur-  riecj,a<crDss the dock from one hiding place  ���HaTanother, it's long, pointed tail making a  furrow through a puddle as three men hurried around the end of the warehouse, hunched over and hugging ithe wall in single  file. Their heads were tucked into upturned , collars for token protection against  the 'biting wind that clawed at the fabric  of their raincoats. They 'moved away from  their ship tepidly and awkwardly, hand-  thrust deep into the pockets of their (coat-  as they preoeeded along the dock, past the  variety of absurd slogans painted by anonymous stevedores in the pocked and  chipped cement walls of ithe dingy warehouse. The wind gusted and shook an alu-  inum door with a rattling clamour, A ship's  whistle gave a low, throaty 'bellow somewhere, far away! - ,  The railroad track curved to the right  at the end of the warehouse, but jthe men  continued straight om, striding purposefully  I past, the 'glassed-in phone booth and  through the partly open dock gates and into a waiting taxi. i  "Jack London Square." one of the men  said .to the driver. The wind chased all a-  bout, moaning ond whimmng in the overhead power ;lines.  Our destination was on the far side of  the square���a small, seemingly rundown,  wooden building, standing alqne, and conspicuous iin it's archaic and about-to-cruim-  ble appearance amidst glitter and glass of  modern motor hotels, restaurants, and  boutiques. We dropped our cab by the  waterfront at lhe bo-torn of the square and  walked a short distance past the floating  riverbaail>ires*auraut; past the ^rray of  floating wealth nudging and bumping _he_r  floats in the marina on our right;! _ui__n^  left them imanediately right, past Ithe jeLeir-  gant restaurant���the one with it's exterior  decorated in a Polynesian' facade of rock,  fronds, and flaming lanterns. Aid them  there ahead of us was the place we had  come to see! It was e3��ctttyv_^lJM_^,  tured it in any mind. *  J"'"    ������ f -      , % ->  * I At least it was almost as !~_ad f&etaed  it woulld be! We approached the doorway  of the small bunding*-it's wooden slats cracked and peeling���.and passed ithixmgb into the tiny bar where the legendBiry Jack  London spent so much of his time so many  years ago. This place was Jack London's  Rendezvous! This place was -alive with1 the  spirit of a dead man! This place was history!  "Come on in fellers! Fall in,(but don't  fall down." cried the bartender in Jgreeit-  ing as we entered. The floor fell away aan-  miediately and the bar on our right was  set on a sharp angle downwards into the  room. The room was only 15 feet by 20 feet  and half of it's length was steeply angled  in this manner.  *~ "Whole place settled during the Great  San Francisco Earthquake and -his is how  tbe place was left." he confirmed for our  benefit as we balanced a bottle of beer on  the bar.  The entire room consisted of three tables with chairs worn smooth by countless  occupants over the years, an angled, bar ,  with seven angled stools, a turn-of-the-cein-  tury music box that played one tuum-of-the-  century tune, a vintage movie projector  that flashed pictures at you while you crani-  ked the handle, a tattered telephone book  of the San Francisco area written in English and Chinese and dating back to 1911,  and a tiny alcove at the back of the bar in  which two tiny benches have been .placed.!  "The (Orchid Boom, ladies and gentlemen."  Gaslight is still In use today���the roof  js black around tlie mantles-Las it was de-  cades ago. Nothing has been changed. On  the walls ami ceiling calling cards have  been left by patrons tbrdugh dhe years until  today there is little wa_l space left. The  second layer has been started by those  people who now leave behind momentos  of itihelr visit. '  From one wall] Jack London gazes out  numerous photos over the host of people  who come to pay him tribute and isip the  beverage that Fcventually killed him. 'Why  they is ay he k at right Where you are sitting.'  ��aid the bartender when1 I .inquired whore  tlie #reat writer used to relax. This is un-  doubtcdly told to nil who auk, but the gesture w_im nice nnd ] prefer to believe that  he did Kit. In the chair 1 was using.  The bartenders ��� carry on the legend,  laughing and joWnig with the cufltomerR.  The Jokes are corny and dhey wcver slop���  the atmoM-pherc Is wondf-rfulI PcopJ�� of all  walkn of life frequent "Jack's place." From  pany-tiiilc.N to tianiH; from blcycles to Bent-  Jeyh. Kveryone M't'iiin to utop in" at the  tiny Haloon that'was first established In  WM and made famous by ihj! "Sen Wc.f,"  hJiiiNelf.  1 w<m*H ashore that mlseraible aiifiChit for  one thing' only! And I wcoinpliKihed my  aim on that windy, wet evening. 1 went ��-  ifImh.' in the lioriu; |K>rt of ji ctiCbrHU>d author and Leatuan; J drank In the nanne bar  and Mil in lhe Mime neat a�� he dld���tl fiat  drinking jit the (.nine table"Jack 'Umdon  once Nat at, nuiny yfiars, ago. IUu spirit  was in the bar thai howling, gale-swept  nii.htl  >. , ^ F > I F-iiF Y + ^ ^ V   * . .     ...       _  HappeitihgsAto^^  ngs-  T7.      ,f?  ^7    ."  !  .      ~ f    F  ���h'">  f^k, xt:  ���FJiyinngFlIm '  |L.;_-i .Oisr rr. '^^ttiirmr,-^^/.LP7 :e.'-v^ ���i,Lr^Zi.^  ..  Health problem . . .  diildren  osisig on  costs  Y Y","-fry i^rflya [Uo^SSusP  AGAJN1 .ilMs 'we&sL'.onr befool tep teoms^ -^ur-oin Satoday. * Yp A ". '< P,\ '  ,' dpa__nated(����. oewi/^The1 senior 'glite/ \fi_MSng 'awiy from team& %e ��rad?;  wWmads'th&iway totq ihe BfC.-S>nvw- -?>h!m^^^f^l^^J^J  cidl Voy^aB^^am^ placed, 13th ^ Wy^ ieacher mte- sold to _^sHk  ointW th^jie sdiMs, jt 3nay aot $owd likse de^fis, Siace the auc&ia waisnTheW'Mttii  |hey?d?d mxfo, foot when- you consider all just before ,jj___^ it. was ;dedded ftta? the  We ^choolp in E.C. and our'owxi igMs even slaves wohld 'begin &eHr -work on Tuesday^  ma_ejjt,toit_ief_i&, wewa^ so the Hwyeas would get a'whole''day's  of them. Many lhahljs gO'to Mr. .Bjornson work. A numhieir of lod_as were ��teai_ed  and Mr/YablonsM who coached them. Brit-1 out, the drive-in was swept out, the parfc  tanisf Se��pwiaiy f��mi'��saieouverrcaspae ovt, xixtg lot was dcaned; idiqies w$te poshed/  the <ham#ons. TJie senior and junior fcoys4  took- -vej�� packed, and some guys even  got piggy" back rides*, all in all -^aryoma  had a good tim& and the' grade S2's prospered aMt  It's 'only three more weeks- |t_l our,  Christmas dance and, one month' tall the  Christmas holidays. Happy thought! Christ-"  mas holidays are about 17 days Jong this  year-.one of 4he longest yet. *  travelled to Hope Hh�� same weekend for.  basketball gatpes. They didn't do too well  so it may be beifcter if the scores weren't  njay  ' mentionedJ On _h��r way home Jsroim. Hope  they stopped to watch the final games of  ihe Volleyball Ttturnament,  Ob. Wednesday, the junior _oy_  and  ends, are the six yellow vehicles  waiting to transport some 249 pupils  to their homes.  '���THERE is no finer investenent tor -any  fcomimunity than putting milk into babies." <Win_!ton Gh____i__ wai-ime Ihroad-  cast March 21, iS&L)  Rising milk pxiices and increasing pressures towards the marketing of milk sub-  sti-utes have prompted National Health and  Welfare tMbister Jo_joMMunr�� lo remind  Canadians about' tihe dietary importance of  milk and -t_lk products. A'It is important  that' the public recognize that mik is not  just a beverage but-a food essential Ito  health", Munro &M.  . While milk is crecp^-ized as an important source of psroteinj'ca-ciuia, Vitaanin  A and riboflavin," its prime importance in  the iGanadian diet lias in its contribution  of calcium and ribO-Lavin. Without- milk  or milk products such as -cheese., it is virtu-  a_-y imipo-stfe to {provide an adequate calcium intake to sugjport inoranal growlth of  children or' for maMaianee of health in  adults. It is also difficult to obtain adequate. _ifoo___a_-_. onra diet whieb' excludes-  Four more members  milk produicts.  Studies in recent years of the eating  habits of school children show ithat many    . 1%    ���% x *  do not consume the amounts recoonm-nded ITIiClJallOn SC T 1f.TI<_  for maintenahce' of health. There is cojfr" IfIJ��1-1JJ.CU USa UlVllO  cern that in the face of rising price�� sw_> ojhe ojf the biggest sowal nights^ yet was  ents may J&irtber reduce" the provision of j^ last Saturday night at the Pei_n-  milk for their childien. to the detri_aei_t''<iif ��� ��,$& Dining Boom Ses&& by the Sunshine  their health. Canada's"Food'Guide, ^afl-^looast lions ladies dub and was aUtended  lishedby the Cana__anCk)Hndl onlS^laott \y about one hundred ��� members  of the  and endorsed by the Deipairjimettt of Nation-  all' Health and Welfare, recommends that  children under _2 years of age; consume  2_s cups -of milk _>__��� day, [fceenagers 4 cuj^s  per day, and adults 1% cups per day. Expectant and nursing mothers require 4  cups daily. These recommendations include  milk _s used in'all foods, or consumed as  cheese and other Jn__k products. The quantifies are those considered adequate for  health and the >use of larger -quantities does;  not confer additional benefits in health or  fitness if one adheres to a well balanced"  dietary pattern.  Y��iW5_rti",  As -he school population grows, so  does the long line-aip of school buses.  F_us___ar and eye ^tehiug sight outb-  side Elp^h-QStone as the school day   'girls volleyball teams and the cheerleaders  ._j_   ��� ___  ____-    -._..__.���   __._.,._^._   l���|j. Ifxxc jjeiuj^ at 3:40 p.m. headed for  Pender Harbour. When we arrived our  girls "33" team played while the rest of  our teams were given their dinner. Both  our girls teams lost to Pender; our junior  -"A" team playing the seniors from Pender,  but we used two senior girls. The boys,  however, did better. At one point during  the games our cheerleaders got together  with Pender's for a combined effort. Elphie  took along 'several senior boys who were  referees and linesmen for the games. Many  thanks are deserved by our bus driver, Al  Williams, who was kind enough to stop at  the Peninsula Dsrive-Ih and wait for us to  get a bite to eat Bev Barnes, Phyllis Thatcher, Barb McLean and' Al Gould .went  into the kitchen to help cook the food.  Friday night our senior and junior boys  again had games only for a change they  were played at home. St. Thomas' Aquines  from North Vancouver arrived for two  games which began at 7:30 p.m. Elphie  won both. We were happy to see Buss  .Edmonds, one of their star players, who  was formerly from Elphie. Our school bil-  ietted the" teams and their cheer-leaders,  as they were traveling on to Pander Har-  THEBE is only one thing for a'man'to do  who is married to a woman who .enjoys  spending money, and that Is to enfay eam-s  ing il , ~ '       1  lions Club, lions Ladies and guests.  Guest of honor was Zone Chairman Tal  Harm who drove down from PoweM ftaver  together with other members of-the Powell Biver lions Club.  Highlight of the evening's events was  induction into the club of four new members,, these were: Chuck Ayres, Bay Stock-  well, Sam Casey and OM Salahub. Past  Zone ��5hairman Joe Benner carried out the  installation.  0MCE1 .ad-Pi m  2j00 jmhu'  .  SUOTAY,. PEC.  ^  1^1  IT .15 d-Qkult .to see the picture when you  are insSde.-he fraane: ' "  ROYAL CANADIAN  LEGION HALL  GIBSONS, B.C.  'EVERYONE WELCOME  Till. K'l. Im iwrtiMrnij wrcmtR; wiWIv making mist-  taken; jiu.t don't irei.j.��oiKl with encore*.  '(  J.   AS  '1     >R  lJ'4  t   .  1  A  '\Y  ?. f.Y";','; i"V*; f' -fii lify ���Q'W*^.?���*!********!****^^  ''/


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