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The Peninsula Times Nov 13, 1968

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 .!&#��!��&���&  ftf��St**B>  ^ Y'4-.44r.y4/*y.^4-r.{.4  T-j-   .      ���  1  1 ' 1,1  ��.1  Female killer whale dies  'top' perfei-mer lemoisis fi.  West Canadian Graphic ���Indttsir$e�� -��i3.j��  i606 Meft}5iii -fere* r ;  Authorize* '<�� second*--Ifl2.  mail by the "Pest  Off4*��  '"    Department ��tfr#o(Y .  wson  project  on Friday. t -���-,.,     .^ expected that be' vyii <rej;ilr_i to the pen  An autopsy had been performed /JWi^iaoisr tfcat- Natsidalia hafe gone. She was  cause of aeatn was not known at the toe _ mvsi" txpsei when he escaped; Tbe 'baby  of going to press. Apparently the. female [ yihalet[ which went * to "Vancouver Public  whaie nad'been in indifferent 'h&lth for ~ ^quaruufc is also h&p&rted-to *e-. in-good ���  some days. Dr. Paul Spong who us study-' ' health?' the other whales weht 'to various  ing the whales stated that the head of-'fife . locations and one other-died,In captivity-  Health Board warned . * m  *.  Bond market deteriorates  holds/back .sewer projects  vJ**�� *_-��_��.  <   <��J  1  r  * t^^C '--__��_?:  Mr.  "*{?>  IV     ���  ^_  SMALL Municipalities  and regional dist-"  eonduCted by its  biulding inspector  ricts will 'be haird pressed" to raisfe'fe|nd$/4; tytypppbLy^. l .' '/.'..._.���,.  due to a deterioration in the bond martoet, -> .ijetter from <3_e itegjooal Board to the  predicted Squamish M-uoicipai clerkv W�� p. 'r Miniver pf Health pointed out 4be need -for  Kennedy,   speaking-at   Jast   Thursday's  J$n- Additiebal. 'bfialth' iosp^jior. -Mt'. Bey*  '    ���     ��� "   �� 1 ������   �� il*    ������      '   .   if  ��� ���-_���-____,   ^^^_ 3tr   ��� _��� -   J J ��� |  .   ~-   . ._   . .�� !������ ���!��� lllH-l���_���  ���  WI     I     H__l   ___aa���^���-���J>^�����  Remembrance  meeting of the Union Board of 'HeaU_t1 _teld 'bum 'has been making inspections' to help _  in" Gibsons/'   -        - ;      -      ^'l^'\t3ESiW'lMV &ST^^\^^eSS^ IBe Tfuturif is t6eirs^an(i fdr'.^o  Squamish which is an dire need of'{a   asp required and-eompJakitevare bejng re- miroites on November* lltii,-a sEeoiee  sanitary ^ewer system ha* been endeavour-". c^xyed., Eegwoal^Boa^d sj_it^d ii '��ill dis- feu onf Sechelt as it .cdn&T tbe.Test'^  ing to raise funds and Mr/ Kennedy jso_gJ6.t. coiili-iifi service bk Beeemhet _t_stj 1968.   , ^e iyol*lcf in RemembrailCfi. SuitOllB-  lhe Board's support of a,bnef.je^be���jswt'.���.Health  Minister - Balpfa���T itffmarW. has 'ding fhe Cenolapb, Brownies? -Cufes;  to Coast Chileo-jn M.P. Paul St. Heme   Mtafied- Unittn Board of Health, (that the ��bouts;  Guides-  Seaforth HigJjiaatJ-  ^J. Prwfadal Heal1il Minister Hon. E.. bIw fiscal, year'conamenees April 1st ihd- erg; .|jte Residential School BanA;  I^ffinark. ' ;      \eveiy eonsideration ivin> ife^yen to lhe Sea ^^gers ftom S,R��. Aretb-USa,  The brief suggests that a loan fund-be   appointment of-an additional health ms- Vancouver ail joined  members "dl  set asid^ 'to finance sewage disposal; pro- " pector. ��� '  ' ^   j Canadi!^ i#giQn BranjA X40%  jeets for municipalities with a population   ,-.pr.  Beynolds felt that the Begional tja^g StrtTto 1kc^p"-wJmSd:fli��  rf 10,000 or under, a* Squamish jtadtf   ^��i .hduld wait until April Mr, -Weaje {gffi?���^ tato^J_ffS*  all doing a pufohc service," he oommemtfid. ��yy*^**^^ ""^ "* "L"v w"����> ��.��*�����  .Sir. Ford -jjoiiited out fliat '-(fihere are not , }  even 'suficient 'health officers in the-Province and although' there is'no> guarantee  Guilty verdict  *������ ���  points out that this municipality had lhe  highest rate of hepatitis in British Columbia-in 1967. It is impossible "tp construct  septic tank facilities in two-area of the  Tee-off time in sigM  club plans golf ciiBlc;  SUJNSHI-IE Coast fiolf and Country course  4- at aoberts^Creek is looking veryisnr&r  ing these days''and with Spring iu?t around  tbe corner the C3ub is holding its first Ck_i  Clinic on (the Sunshine Coast, * -     \  , , .. .       JVtembers  and -visitors - are, most we��  The Board agreed to write io Mr.- Raul   -Many ^complaints'- ate bejng received re-    come to attend the dime which is ia be at  -n: J   tt ��     T ���__t i_     ��� _. <r_i<_..n_t   _4___i..c_   irv   i��^rw_o��/%vi " '._    .  > il    1 __! ���> ' 7' ���*    -  municipality and unless a sanitary sewage:' toV'additipnal help will tie provided, ihe  disposal system is installed, growth of ihe* ^Regional Board should -hang on unUI April  area will be restricted. Dr. Reynplcfo also 1st.' -"We have done afl we' can for  .he  pointed out <the serious healti_ niattier'jn time! feeing."' he'said.     ���    - .   -   '  the Squamish area. ' - - -j^sg -^ Lange/ tejaesentihg -he Sun-!  Mr, Kennedy staled that insurance com-, shine Coast Regional District, stated'that'  panies had been the largest purchasers bf* .tlie matter "should lie hrougkt ltd a head  municipal de1>enture�� but newly iipposed' and the Begionil BOard' feels that its ac-  Federal taxation will affect ws market    Hon will J��ijj_g the unatter to a cmelal jpoint,  , __._�����#"___' -i--".' j.   '..-.s _        '������  j      *"  OONSTW9T<lC_Sr of a house which bore no ihe' Regional Board ��fficfe for 'a permit  resemibl^ncfi to plastts approfe^cC. Sty .hie which would give him liceitoe to .Eve in She  R&gwnal Disfaict Building laspectoir *Ja# te_9ptorss113r_.hPime.ior, six months while the  June resulied in the owner builder feeing? j^in&nenit house would he under construc-  five count? in Sechelt ^iMagis-rate's Coiurt tion. This be Sailed to do ibecsuse he wished  last .Friday.                     ��                     'to finish the home 'before obtaining .he six  iCSiarges! against Oliver VaEefef'^Gunboat month Jicence thus giving bim more time  Bay were (laid by the Inspector F*ed Bae- to start the' house. He a3$o admitted warn-  bum "who told She court -be had -previoualy - ing- Baeburo to toeep off his property,  issued,a" 'haft-ting permit 'after/ a^pjprovang       Ja announcing a Jguilty yerdiet, Magis-  plans submitted "by Oliver early last June, irate Charley .Mattelsteadt said *'you have  Later he inspected ^e ��tnictua*e- iwhen be had -some-months ih which to obtain the  heard' it was'well "under constauiction and six mon_h, licence yet you have not'done  discovered a numherof irregularities which so. Had you gat 1��ge!lher with Mr. Raebum    ���      --.-.SX  myMfinfloci  mduded" a/ceMing  b&ow !ba_ldtog  <S)de inssfead ef ordering him- off your property    Jy  YlSil  PiOVillCCS  BOiNOURABLE 'ISABEL Dawson, MMster  in* hand for  Coast senior  November 24th  will declare  the homes open,'Also expected from 1/ic-  tOria to take part in .he opening ceremonies  is L. 3. Wallace, Pe^ut^ .Provincial Secretary -of the. B.(_ Govewument.  Anybwiy arequiring transportation to Se-  ,chelt for, the openings can contact Mrs.-^M.  Tinkley at 8^-8479 or Mrs,  Irene Green  at ��89-��79,     *  Formation ot committee  , ior. Recreation Centre  ' J>R. ��BfC PAEmA-J announced this week  ,that a nominating committee, set up in  ' order to tecommptQ those $))f&(sen%y, interested and prepared ~o work'as a committee on beha_! ef the eventual'establish-  fment of a' recreational' centre, has now  submitted a full slate. ^  .-ll have .accepted 'and enthusiasm is  reported as running high throughout the  Peninsula.  Commit/tee comprises;  1. For Egmottt-T-Pender Harhour���Mid-  dlepoint, Jack Bathgate; Ken Powers; 'Alan  de St. Remy.  2. Tor Halfrnoon Bay���(Redrooffs, James  Nygard.  S. For Wtest -6edi-^--SedJelt^l_ilson  Creek, Len Fox;'<JSlbej* Joe; Eiric Hensch;  Eric Paetkau  4. For 'Roberts Ore���&; J;oe, Horvaith;  Thelma Prittie. *  5. For Gibsons���Port Mellon���Cambier  --Keats, Mike Blaney1; Ken'XJrosby; Chff  Gilker; Fran? Hayes,  Members at large: Dick Branca; Bill  Haley; Larry Labonte; Barry Redinan;  Minto Swan; Keith Wright; "Geife Yablon-  SKI. r �� t \    ���*-       �� f.    ���>        * ��� ��  Hon. Isabel Dawson  ��  t-  St, Pierre and Hon. R, Lof&nark sugg^t- girding delays in inspection.  ing establishing a revolving fund, copies' msii-rrni_'< acPMT   ; *  -"���'  of the Sq^amlsh brief to he included",when '      ��I^;L J?-1L!^ *.a-i��'Jw^fcl-^  i* ih��c ___C��, ����>_w��r__^ v., ��_n..n��t.oi, _"��������_,'_���� " -, -*��^PO���rMng enJ��>e new toiieit&'Which have  it has been.approved Ay Squamish CfcuhaL ^^-1^^^ kt ^gv^g ^ ^ y^r> ^  PENINSULA SUFFERS '       -.��''--' Reymolds*'��1^-Kil��ey a"j�� ivefi'Jtept and the  Chairman of Union Boamrof ffeWI^.- ld%*5.*^**'*^5?^a*Jr-  Mr..J,',M/-F��rd warned that'tfbe <H_ly^>eo-, *"J*%S   "^ "  ple���to'$nfer;wiH he jlhosfi on the>'$sgms4tfa<  ..t c .t-if ��. x" *._i_.-:*i  -n'JLJ _i__3___L_--  height requi^m��nts;I��cK_a^ and' floor goisitfi.   things -wuld have probably been ,r ironed  S'pread further apart tbaii (tequired' distan-    out"/  tln^ locations.  Qn Sunday/, November 17th, hi the $e<  chelt Legion Hal from 2-4 pin,   "i  Alsb^ofi Sunday, November 17" at" Port  Mellon in the lecture hall of the old*$dipof  -from. 7-9 j>,n_,-1 Monday November jl8 in  Room 123 at'tajjihinstonfi-from 6-Sp.m,  ce, rafters not eonfciming to the code and  spliced Chiang members not spliced directly above a vertical support' as requested  in the code,        i -  '  The low ceiling was fr'& iean-te ,room  attached Jo, (the imajji ibuildJug,' which, he  told .the-court, in no. way 'fesemibled the  plans, previously approved.        ' - -  Ehtedng a.ska- of^guilty", 160 o^e.cbar-  ge^Valtoe^ls^d^, not jgj^^.lftoJshf^olJter  ���   able to supply Mm rwBlh -idrtasin iofbwaia-  tion he bad requested '  v Mr Raeburn told the eoijut jit vfas Jiot  his responsibility to provide copies of the  building code, at t_.e game time, had 'VaUee  requested he would have been quite prepared to let him look through his own copy  Be'jsaid that on his first visit to the building he noticed people, described by Vallee  as liippifs, working on the structure Due  to tUie nonconformity he suggested Vallee  drop into his office and discubs the matter  before proceeding further. This he failed  to dot and- on a subsequent, .-visit at which  time work had evidently' gone ahead, he  posted ia "stop -work;' notice; ���  . Va_l<_! told tbe court' i.he had originally  taken, out two permits, one lor, -he house  the second for a tool shed. Dfue to. the fact  a fife ha'd rendered him homeless, and tbe  fact 'he lacked sufficient capital to proceed withlthe house at'ithis." time, he decided* to convert the shed to'-a'temporary  living quarters, which, be added "has turned out. ito be a nice home." He admitted  He also made clear the fact he supported the" Regional building regulations pointing out "we. can't have shack upon jshack  in (the area and" the building regulations  bav��e te be comjpSled^ with".  lExpiaioirg' that each count carries a  maaomunx" J9f $300 together with $10 for  ea<_i"day of vj^atitfn, (the magistrate He-  "visd a _jne ot $10 tm each- offence 8��-_#ng  l^foM-Tof ^NwSiph--ijy6i|(weeks toyoay,  >w��l^i��i_i!-plHH  ������_--;*iiii��a-wM-iiipi-iwi--Wii��.iT���� -^ M .n ,,mu,nwJmmmmm*4^iaaafrr*ami**tir�� jm^ifpiiq^iiy  irh^^^r^t^^,^^^ y,  y  without Portfolio, announced today that  she will be leaving on Tuesday, November  _2th, for approximately'*worweeks, when  she will be v^.sating,Correctional Institutions  and related .Services'in other -Provinces.  Mrs. Bawson's trip will take her as far  'East as Ontario. ���   "  This strip, is -a follow-up xm_her earlier  "live-ins" and visits to Brannan Lake and  WiUlingdon School,  ..;  =7^  -"-    JL  Ghambei ^ieciie^:; questioned  f    P--'   L". ���''���������'';'.'      .';'.-       ��� ' 9  will give wrong impression  �����*    T'           'i   ��� ��� ��������� ������**  ������ .��� ���! 1  ������   ' J  SU-MJESTIONS by the Sechelt and District Chamber of Commerce'-ithat 'council give consideration to expansion of present boundaries and emphasising heed; for  sewage disposal within the .village ���' came  hp for cri-isicm viby : Mayor Bill' Swain at  last' m_e.-ing.of Sechelt Council; ���-      ''  ;   ,   He .said that while he appreciated what-,;  the Chamber has inf mind,he felt 'it uh-/  fortunate that .(they should be; seeking ex-'���  pansion and spwage '.disposal at the saine .  time. "I.ami in accord with'wh^t they.say  buit unfortunately it will ;give |1he wrong  impression , that���', we  wisii 'to", expand  in  order to get sewers" he added.  Alderman Adele de Lange agreed and    _ .         said that ithis is the one thing'used as fuel  the Inspector had advised him to drop into   during a previous plebiscite. She _aid she  Licence approved , . .  Demonstration i 1  Beneath the emblem of the B.C. Hospital Auxiliaries, Dr. Croshy demonstrates fiome of lhe equipment wMt-fi  combined hospital auxiliaries jhave  donated to St. Mary'shpspital. A^r .  iliary members were intrigued \yp_  the functions of ihe Heart Machine;  Anaesthetic Machine and Bird Ras-;  pirator. '������': P  ,  ,  _  . ��� 1 ��������� -. ���' ' -n.  Deputy Minister rules  clergyman is eligible  JNTEItl'RETATJON  of the  PutWic School  Act .became a mat^T of minor controversy Jn the Sfchclt area llnst week. The  qu.CKt.lon arose, "ls a practising cJcrigy-  ma,n reRltAcnd undcir the marriage act, ell-  ���E'lbk. to hold office as a trustee"?    '   ,  Only .nfonmaUon ' which couid be; obtained at thc ilocal lev*'! istatcd' that ��peh  a portion Ih not eligible to iliold officd,   ; '!  Tho TJimeK office which��� Hrlea to'keep  abroawt <jf aimondm^jiitd wafj aware ithat  In J��C7 action U of thc art wjis aim.nded,  the word M.ru��1��c' ibt;lnfi removed from ithe  lint <nf loffkiWi which a clergyman may not  hold. IX-iUrmlncd to clarify Uw imfltticr  Pt<ij>uty MlnM,<\r of JEducallon Pr, NoJl Per-  ry was conta'Oted, his Jmrncdlaito ir_j_y wia* ;  that a clergyman may Mand lot ot-.ee of  truh'tifo but he double cherlw .1 before ��fiv*n  pcrmlesion to be quotod.  . To clear any douM* which  mai . *UU  wtill <'xi��t a   clergyman registered   under  Times aid sought . . .  GBElAT^MPOmnAINCE 1* attached ito the  : Itegional District ByJawis requiring as-  Kntlofthe Electors this month. Panticular  attchtion Is .tfocusbod upon the water supply  und d'lfltrl'buijilcm', function , w'hJclh, although  Mltiroakly veto Mquldatihg,' has to have ap-  ijwoval of the electorate.  ' Today'_'Times carries full texts and  cx'plaoatory notes on the 'Uylaw��� Involved.  (News lit/ems apipearlng elsewhere contained  errors and were misleading, consoqucotly,  '"Wt haye ibocn asked to publltrh the foJlow-  J1J5 pcteimary Ot Jntarari ajlanj coocernijRg  the Bylaws. W* alro recOmimmd pcmsal  oiiboth tbe explanatory notes togethejr with  i(ib^ adviTtiMMnent ,wlthin.  ���"; 1. The Bylaws INoa. 17, 38, 30, 20, and 21,  ktcLkll fofi the purpose of e.mr>owerijig the  JU.global District to j��-.ovid<! Kervicea in  th* W|trlct or to parte otf .he District. Some  -,<_>wt:r;', a nervice to a ��Jngile District l*>\,  olhera covw the whole District.  2. Polling is from, 8 a.m, to fl p.m. on  fialurday Nwember 23rd.  3. iI*-*lUn.g Ktationa arc at E&momt School,  Carden Bay Laundromat, Madeira Park  School, Hailfmoofi Bay (Biuthejfords), West  Sechelt School, Whatjiker Block, Davis Bay,  may cawt only one vote in itheir Electoral  Area on each Byliaw. Tbe Voter**'List is  that;iU6*d for the election of school itnwteos.  5; Each Bylaw n_ust recivo a YJ5S vote  Ifrora 3/Cthti of those casting baillotti to pns^,  fi. <*) Bylaw No. 17. This Bylaw eon-  cerm only tiliose residents of DJsiitrlct J..(H  340O, which area, includes Langdale a 1.11. ���  division and the area East io the Water.  Th*!Bylaw If a_s��nt��d to would ijwrmlt lhe  District ito provide ctrcct Ufiht'lmg for ircM*  dentei of that area.  i(b) Bylaw No. 16. Thh Bylaw would  jwmit; th�� DlBtrlct to provide light* on  wharves at Uamlbder Harbour, New B.rii.h-  ton and West Bay and concerns only 1ho;i-  rcsldents living in that area,  '(c) Bylaw 39. This Bylaw would -wiiiil  the District to provide ctrect llKhtinK in  thc Davia Bay, Wilson Creek area uwl  .concerns only ithose electors ownlnR j��n>j��-  erty in that area,,  <d) Bylaw No. 20. Thin Bylaw would permit the District to provide Jight* on whiur-  ve-s ilhjrougihout the District.  <*) Bylaw No. 23. This Bylaw would  permit the District the  Begional  Diwl.nct  the M_airria,go. act may hold ojflk* M Itnis*   and GaaWer Harbour Varans Hall  lee. 4. Ohly Ov__��vEtector�� can vote. They  BobcriA. Creek. Schoo'L, Gibson* .SAetneaiarY,- to have f��!atiiic��j"�� -otf 'Water tikrppty and !>'''*���  SebooJ. HopWns Landing_ Community^ Hall,    iri-butloti'  included in it's  Letters  Patent  aiid conM*quc_)illy jxnovlde wa"Ut werei eet>-  nomical, to areas requiring jt.  1*0 COMMITMENT as. to any specific date  has yet been announced but.�� spokesman for Northwest CaWevision has 'indicated installation of cableyjsiotn is jpot too far  away for the Sechelt area.        ..y.  Council of Sechelt last; week received a ,  business licence application from tlie company which staled plans were now forging  -head. Unforseen circumstances have held  up progress but negotiations for Bites jn  Ih^s area are now taking, place. !  It is understood cost of installation, will  be close to $50,000 and that two suitable  sites have been tested with excellent results, M Js hoped, that an immediate s.t��rt,  might be made on comjjlelion of cite negotiations.  In approving the licence application,  council membera agreed such news was  good to hear.  DIVIDED VIEWS  On completion of her report from last  meeting of tho Iteglonal Board, Alderman  Adele de Lange was qucitionod on atsp&da  of tht! propostid aoqulsiUon of local water-  works by the Board. She told Alderman  Morgan Thompsori "that Is confldentlaji  Mr.'Morgan" M which Thompson threw his  hands Jn the .air In disgust.  Mayor Bill Swain told him "I suppose  (H te the Begional Board's business' he added that he would aosume the Board has  some, basis for its findings,  Aid, .Thompson eaid he strongly disagrees "this Is a large ��um of money, they  intend ejKmding and we should know Jhihvt.  what it Js for", he .argued. He ��aid he un-  derstands the Board plans to pay twice an  much for the utility as was recommended  by ...two ����_71��wt*. "Tbe�� lAoard tngjuutitr  lias suggested double JJieir figurt! for the  very same thing", he added.  AJdermaa Chuck Bodway exprcuwdiiim-  jlar views and agreed with a suggestion  by Thompson that a meeting be held with  the Bo,ard right ��way. He al^ked, "is it right  for us to sit back ahd let the taxpayer pay  through the pose!" '  ' 'Aid. de Lange said' the matter ishould be  teft in the hands of the Regional Directors.  '"We agreed to this and there arc nine of  them who haw. .approved .such action,"  she said. ,   ��� ,   ,  Aid. Thompsofli jwinted out that thousands of dollars are .under discussion and  stressed the fact that an immediate meeting bo held with the Regional Board.  ..,..���*������, paoa A-2  Healih Unit Director  hands in resignation  COAST Garibaldi Union Board of Health  regretfully accepted the resignation of  Director Dr. P, J. Reynolds at last Thursday's Board meeting.  Dr, Beynolds came to this district in  lhe fall of 3tKW and will leave after Christmas to become Director of the Central Vancouver Island Health Unit at Nanalrno,  The Board will write department of  health asking when Dr. Reynold's successor will take office.  NEW APPOINTMENTS  Senior public Health Nurse, Miss M.  Ifriesaon reported new appointments; pub-  lie health nurse eervjng'lhe area from Port  Mellon to Wilson Cre<-k 1�� Miss Dorothy  Held who has Just .graduated from UBC.  Servlag the are* from WU*oo Crwk to Pew-  der Harbour Is Mlas,Catherine Ogdeii wlio  ppent one year in Kamlkxips and thrice years  at Cre_ton as jpublic health puruc.  dbes favour expansion "a^le^'that coun-  dl "Should eohsi^r ��� holddhg ''���������&��� diseus-lo-n,  wixh'the dJacaber-IAn-ordcr-ito assertaon just  what ideas are Involved. This was igupjpibr-  ted by Mayor'Swain who agreed to sit oh  the committee together with Aldenrham  Chuck'Rodway;-;  - ' "  Both  Alderman   Rpdway   and   Morgan  Thompson' pointed oyt .that it is almos.t a  year ���inc;e ijiiscus^ion on a sewer system  ��� first- commenced and -expressed the view  that it is "time for action.  , Clerk Ted' Raynor advised council that  Health; Unit Director J)r. Reynolds has indicated intentions of seeking federal aid  for :sewer installation. He '-suggested that  if council is intersied it submit letters  .stressing such need to both'himself and  a copy to 'M.P, Paul St. Pierre.  Council unanimously approved a motion  that letters he submitted, as recommended.  EQUIPMENT BUILDING  : Plans are under consideration for clearing of property recently purchased by the  village for future use. .Mayor Swain expressed the view that a hut should be  erected for storage of village equipment  such as park picnic tables etc. Herald it  is not right that;council should have to use  , other peoples facilities for ithis purpose as  at present.  Alderman, Rodway  suggested a proper  plan ibe drawn up rather rthan "throw just  any' thing up"' at this time.  NANAIMO FLIGHT  Unanimous approval was given a motion that council add its supjwrt to an ,  application by Tyee Airways for an Imreigu-  lar scheduled' licence to operate between  .Sechelt and' Nanaimo. Mayor Swa^in expressed the view that council should give  it all possible ^support,  ROAD FLOODING  ComjiJaint by a' local businessman .that  flooding of Wharf Road during wet wea-  ither wa.s affecting his business resulted in  heated discussion when Alderman Thompson. fiaJd he quite agreed with the complainant and expressed the view the matter should have been attended too iking  ago. ,  "The water ha-s been sitting itwrt\ for  some time and I think equipment abould  have been brought in to take care of it"  he ��aid. '       '     ,  Roads chairman Alderman Harold Nelson pointed out that this was not the only  road in the village. Thompson rctointed that  if the water had been in front of his house  he would have been mad too.  Mayor Swain added that the matter was  not sufficiently important to warrant, renting a pump from Vancouver. Nelson agreed  and stated he had been informed by a local  contractor that tho pump previously acquired to (take cam of this particular water  problem was too ��mall in the first place.  Larger pipes would bc the answer but thi*  would call for a larger pump, However, he  commented, the matter is being taken care  of...  It wa*. moved a lctter.be *cat la Um  complainant explaining the problem will 2x_  taken car* of.  "r'*^..*^.^^*.  i,#w^*v^**^w.,.--'-'','^-'"**V"<^w***  ��,^^��^^��_^^..^,.,)..i.fr,��,|Wi*lj^��lw����^IW��*H*fr^  ^.H.'^.W.'.^Hi.'^.l*' -  ^^w^w^^n..... q.,i,.t,,. WiU..',",,,.���._-H.._"l-.ip*"'.'"  W<*w. Fi'n'l.,l'.i, |.n��.,iifi>,iiHin���in.��Miln...i,yjM.i  WE_iim��inq,u>i| ii.,.iitf.f-n i-nr-iin-i1  Tt'i*.|i)rt ii-i-rt-iiiirrrnfiifiiiiil i|i n   ,i n   "h'iii'i"   '*i|ii'    n" -* - ' 1 "'i'*ii���   T   '^if'i-li���i   1*1 tTT n'T m *1 |ni,|'i" , ,  ��� /Jj.   i��.^_^^^_Ji.t_^__il;'^��^^^ w ^U-./^W jtt-^fiyi-ivH ?a��--4u ilH**��w_*-iV W*���- ���^���^yig��iiW.su<-vO��.  -V-is .-��� *   "Y   * >   ^   f^-'r*  ' 7 i     i  *^��*��^fc.^i-<''w',<<--*_-'*- -i  JL. ���-��vt-^*-t*  Sv*-^  .Jl*-ii,>-M-'ltWJ*^ ^-\M<w4finv. ulVv-^V"-!- .  *y^_#l^4y*_*  iPagc. A-2 The Penli^sula Tim^ .^.,>Jcvember 13,1968  .��><    i. ��� <    -��<    ".    H'V        ' "'.Eg-..-     ,iV-i "  l^a^Wl*!" ,ry��*!*yff*ww*r��i*ntjiiitii  1  V0f  ���m*?  _BS^��  REAL ESTATE (Con��n��pd)    REAU-ESTATE (Cic.tf��.ue#   MOBILE HOMES,  I&ST  FOR SALE  ���� in i ���>" - . < ."i.  "���'; ��� < wiuu'Wii  i>inmlim_iiiwiiii. i'j  FOR SALE (Continued):  Yt  *_.  ,��hett.  Published Wednesdays by  The Peninsulo Times Ltd.,  fit .Secbelt, BJC.  WQRK WANTED.ty$fc)  > J��PJ��)EH'"Hi-rtour yjpw lots. gEttpOOFFS-Mod.ern 4. bed- PARKWOOD Canadian, ,1967  ���.Y,*#t 27laaf 28;��adey suWiv-' town injme on2'lots/*& sp tr�� mobile,;>_.oB*e, 44'xlO1. ��� Two  Ylsiop. Plapie ,��8%2_03 oi^^rite be&ph awl safe fooat anchorage, bedroojps, fcopt living q_*.p__  : .Bo*3676 Peiunsula SSmes, Se. Iivfee ipom, 28x1?; fireplafeeu' FuU Pnc<: S5'9^ Available Q&c.           ^^t e^U^miTec. ippm,- is*. m vgormaUwiphone m  A-oil heat,' dble carport, lively'  landscaped  y^rd   with 'patio,  $a|? by ow4er, p&dne eyeaings  $g$-3782 ot write Box 470 d-o  peninsula Times, Box 38L Se-  cbgli, B-C. 469-ttn  sjfofr  REWARD    offered   t��t_M3firv   of  j brown leather wallet" lost in  Sechelt - Porpoise Bay area.  Contains valuable  papers.  Ph.  ��ji ,-j m  jEWARTMcMYNN  REALTY ___ INSURANCE  *���     * ** jr  C 'Rotary "fluMe  23b7.  TRAVEL  885-9384.  fob i_m#iiBS5Aijev >*v4  opes," st^tempnts, * Invoices  3P�� all copjhiewiial printing,  comfeaft Sbhp! Times oHice 0t ��e^  9965-50  5962-50'   chelt'or pljone ^85-9654.  Member, Audit Burcoo  of CiirulbKons  September 30,1968  Grass Crculation 2108  Paid jCrculaHon 1946  iSdbieei to Audit)  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-Line Ad-Briefs 112 words)  One Insertion 75c  fhree  Insertions ��� $1.50   15c  TBJUCim t _M_aju>y   -Smiteo, r s.  Eaves irle^eil-,?i^, **_*$$($. '-/, ���?'. ,,^��� Mgmb^r Y  Paurting,* ^^_sxdiyL^J��^'^��)^B?& Seal Estate Board  service, old ^3��sf etsj. ^ '<sw>rk ./.���.>;" -Multiple tisfing Semee  guaranteed. ^Si S^efieli JP9jp��5  ���;>     '     ' '  8fe-2191 or��85_H04.   " 4101461^ >_-'-  PHONE 8S6-2248  Extra lines (4 words) _  (This rate does not apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs.)  Box Numbers 10c extra  25c Book-keeping charge is added  for Ad-Briefs not paid by  publication date.  Legal or Reader advertising 35c  per count line.  Display   advertising  In   classified  Ad-Briefs columns, $1.75 per inch.  Subscription Rotes  By mail. Peninsula area -$5.00 yr.  By mail, beyond 30 unites $5.50 yr.  By, mail, special citizens % price  By carrier 50c month  n__T*.T>TPiMq^\m����4-; '_it��__i'."-   pometnetd to stores and trans-  remnes ��ffi-34S0.        -38��H��i U ��n^b Coors, $6,000 down, *&,-  " I- ^ .-,-^^00 Iw' mew home on two  " ,"*���:���-." ^ ���;y. ^ya'^   l��tsi ip CShswis. Boad frontage,  SALAL WV^HH)   ���    ,-   ^e access. ^,000 to handle;-*.  Top price, paid. Good quality" -$10,000 to handle spacious home  required. Ckmtaet^,/!/!.-Baye^r.ihf''Village   wifb- 3   revenue  Beed  Mqss & _E_��_q, ifej^tt,; .suites. \  EX(_Ep_3NT commercial lot  -nceutre Secbelt���hi^iway lo-  ca%on, level and cleared. All  services available. Box" 1104  VetmMd Times. 1104-tSn  FOR all travel information and  bookings.,  Margaret MacKenzie (local rep), Eaton's Where  To Go Travel, 886-2960. Gibsons.  9968 .in  BUILDING SUPPLIES       ,  evenings __5-34fiOY  help wmfm"  Y CLOCK BRQS.  Flunie-B&. Coca ^581-9700 eolleet   Serving the area for 20 yeajb  GIBSONS    Building    Supplies  Ltd.  S86-2642,  Gibsons, B.C.  Quality Eeady-mixed  cancrete.  BOATS & ENGINES  RUNABOUT boat storage available. S^fe and dry lor winter.  Ph. 886-24Q0, Shaw Rd. Gibsons.  9516-tfn  15 FT. CADIUAC alum, boat,  35 hp motor, trailer,  cover,  lights for sale. .Pjhone 885-2007.  9618-tfa  WISCONSIN 37 H>_P. mioton  _ air cooled, clutch forward and  reverse.   $250.  Phone  S85-2056.  9995-52  885-9313.  S5324&  SALAL PlCKEf^^WAiNTEO  v  Phone Mts.- Mcfida l/V^lsoii,  885-974$ orywrite;  Box 390r^e(^l|f;B.C.  ^7^4_^  FOR RENT  COMING EVENTS  IF YOU -RE-30 you are through.  See   why.\  See   wild   in- tie  streets at the Twilight Theatre,  Gibsons. 9967^50  TWILIGHT THEATI^fi  Gibsons, B.C.  Wed., Thur., Fri.,  Nov. 13, 14 and 15  WILO IN THE STREETS  Shelley  Winters,  Christopher  Jones, Dianne Varsi  Also en same programme  MARY JANE (Marijuana)  Fabian and Dianne McBain  Skat., Mon., Wed.,  Nov. 16, 18 and 20  MRS. BROWN YOU'VE  GOT A LOVELY  DAUGHTER  Herman's Hermits  Tue., Nov. 19  . Hl-C BENEFIT SHOW  9966-50  Wedding announcements  ������������ : s^   YMR. AND MRS. Alex Simpkins  )Y are pleased 1_��; aimoiuice _he  for-hcoinin'g marriage of their  daughter Marilynn Catherine  Frances to William John Ayres,  son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank  Ayres of Gibsons, on December 7th at 4 p.m., Sunshine  Coast Gospel Church, Davis  Bay, B.C. 9961-50  CARD OF THANKS  I WOULD like to express my  (thanks to all my friends and  neighbors for the cards and  best wishes they sent me during my stay in Grace Hospital;  also to the OAPO for their card  and best wishes. ���Marline Williams, Davis Bay. 9963:50 ���  I WISH to thank ail my friends  for  the   miany  lovely   calrds,  flowers and,visits. Also Special  thanks to Dr. Inglis; Dr. Crosby   and  the nursing   staff  for  their   many  kindnlesses   during  my stay in St. Mary's Hospital.  ���Harry Reiter  9955-50  PERSONAL  HALL for rent, Wilson Creei  (Community HaH Contact Mr.  Gien Phillips. 885-2183. -1Q954&1  WEST Sechelt���fully   furnished  4 bedroom all electric home  with   A-oil   furnace.   Ayajilaible  immediatelly. Ph. ;^8^_i8.: Y  _' v y.yPMAl  HOUSEKEEPING,    sroom,     all  found, private entrance,, Selma Park. Gent. 385-9535.  9981_fn  Business opportunity for couple  ��� looking for job independence".  .$8,000 dmvi? on $13,500 and ow-  mts. wU give .rainingvperipd-  Beautiful home on, choic^ ate  3^4th 70 ft ft- 3^39 if.���xm-  fwifli heataator,' FP, ^ 1$ws  fmdr taja! -��f 2,fK�� sq. fi. JL_  space..'Same Jootage da stairs  with 2 Mnn suite. $10,(MM) down  $32,500. total.  Good 'beach, gentle sloping pro-   Prompt asttenion. to purcjiasp or   Yi  __^_*-l ^_    _   ����� -���___.'*   *-tM*-^  _.��� -^v__r-��-��-._rfmm-   ��*wi��m   '_*r__A_.l_._.  ,. tm 736-9W1  For fast sarviee on sill properties and businesses. "-1  ', * : -   964S-t��a  iBwiijffiiPliHwtiiiwij! im��mm�� �������� m ���>���..��� .11��� 1 m    CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  Sunnycrest  Shopping  peptide��� -  Gibsons  Providing the Sunshine Coast  vdQk a complete  Professional  $em&.  J?eaJ ^Jstato ��- Insuraiaee  I-    a <Cksnei!9l~attd life) - -  Law' Office jand Notaiy IHiblic  <B. F. Kennett)  90-t��-  ALCAN Aluminum windows and   CARS ond TRUCKS  sliding   doors.   Complete   in-1'   "   stallation or do it yourself. .Ph.  885-9534. , 9773-tfn  PETS  POODLE puppies ��� loys and  miniatures���<brown, black, sil-  vei^--Tsilver-beige, apricot and  white. Registered, innoculated  and clipped. i)eposit will hold  till Christmas. Phone 885-9797.  9974-50  GERMAN Shepherd male dog  about 7 months old, $25. Phone  883-2396. 9953-50  ONE OWNER, 1959 Ford Sed-  . an, phone after 4 p.m., 883-  2291. <��� .-     -   , 9979-51  PENINSt__A   Driving ..School,  dual ccoitrOlled caire; D^y or  evening hours. Phone 886-2401.  9766-50   -��� ���i    iim ������ -III ���III -��.        Ill     I   ������    ���n     ���i-���.^  FOR sale���1957 Dodge 2 Dr.  Sedan, 6, cyl., good second  car for Peninsula week-enders,  ,$10Q'��r offer. Phone 738-1305 or  885-9424. 10000-52  1955 Vauxhall Cresta, $100. Ph.  886-2773.    , 9998-50  BUY   your ' traj*;"- imcttierator  from   Sechelt   B3_s_ie��   at  $3.50 each. Phone ?85��542.  S988-tfn    .     if I   ��� i     <   I     I   ������'�� ���!)   F L E E T WOOD ���' combination  stereo and TV,' 2 years old,  reg. $600, now only $399,95; Zen-.  ith wringer washer, A-l' condition, $79.95; used washers,  from $10 up to $19.95; all  fridge, by frigidaire, 1 year old, '  slightly damaged, $175; used  "fridge, $29.95. Surprise her for  Christmas, buy the new portable dishwasher, now at Parker's Hardware, ask $or free  home demonstration. Parker's  Hardware, Sechelt, B.C. Phone  885-2171. ; 9972-tfn  MAR1NE ACCESSORIES *  Pajnt~f^bregla����--Rope--  Canvas���Boat Hardware  Compressed air service for  ski_diyipr.i. W -\ tajiks.  SkuMMvers avaijabl* for  salvage work.  WALT NYGREN SALES  VTOP  Phone 886-9303, Gibsons, B.C.  ,   13ffl5-tfo  JS' ITS  s\Ht^4Vs- Morgans  '885-9330, Sechelt, B.C.  S893-tf_  027 GUAGE, electric train, set  Over 40 ft. of, track, 2 switches .and full accessories. Ph.  S85-9971        "' "99764fn  ___     .: " ���',"'����' "���   ���' i���rr   SINGER  600 sewing machine,  portable, latest model with all  attachments.  $275. Phone ��85-  23(07.     . ,' 9964-50  i "i ' i ii,        ��� M      , *' "   i '  FULL size hand knit .bedspread  ior sale. Phone 886-2060, Terry Thompson.   ��� ,   9952-50  ' CONVERTIBLE   baby�� buggy,  used only two months. Phone  1 885-2007.     ' 9999-tfn  5 STRING Banjo, in tase, instruction book and 2 records,  $35. Two auto head rests, new  $10. Phone 886-9361.        9997-tfn  4  FT.   white  Pembrone type  ���bath tubr'excejleat - condition,  $10. Single bedstead springs and  mattress,  $10. Phone 885-9772.  '     9956-50  JJUBBlER stamps of: all des-  eriptions miy fee  Obtained  at The Times. Phone 885-9654.  Quick service on all orders.  FOR  QUICK  RESULTS  USE TIMES CLASSIFIED  WATERFRONT  house.   Large  fire  place   and  7497.  bedroom  room,  furnace.   886-  9977-51  FULLY equipped one 'bedroom  cottage on waterfront at Mission Point $60 per month plus  utilities, until June. 922-5681.  9958-52  WANTED TO RENT  REASONABLY modern older  type 3 to 4 bedroomed house.  P^tirnished or partly furnished.  Must be. permanent occupancy.  886-7285. 9971-50  TWO bedroom house in Sechelt  area, automatic heat. Two  responsible adults ��� will keep  up property. Reasonable rent,  references if required. Waite.  Box 9959^x:-o P-_dhSt_3 .fimesY  Sechelt. 9959-52  perty, ��� well landscaped. One  bdrm home U'x20' iv. rm. %  concrete bsmt; A-0,' 12x18  guest cottage, $16,900 for cash.  Semi w.f. lot in Gibsons ��2,800  A lupixy .^elect home with  almost|a$thOnsai_d ^r&Lfjaor,.  and'-'cai^it^on^s acres7':''Vf_y  private $15.000���$6,000 down.  �� McMyrm 886r___00  Do Wottman 886-2393  J. Warn 886-2681  Box 238, Gibsons, B.C.          \-   L ^70-50  '4--ESQNS--Imiiaculate 2 bedroom, fully serviced, part basement home on level landscaped  lot. An ideal retirement home  and location. Full price $12,000.  Choose your building lot mw.  An excellent selection of level  and view lots priced from $1,250  to $2,250. Down payments from  $250 with easy terms.  sale* of property from 'inception  to registration.-  To list or purchase call now ���  Our experienced salesmen are  at your service.  '. _:.   886*2481 ���,-.'���-. ;y'< ���  "''M-xP' ".- L '   .   . :v^'��546-_n  . Y.. __ ^.^Y-..   ;:��������� .1  ' '���-     ���   ',  Unfinished split ieyeloin-Nor-h^  Road. lVz mile west of Jt,aing-f:  dale Ferry Terminal,';3; large!  TTt-  MORE ABOUT ...  ��� Gablevision likely  .'." -Hfrom page A-l  Mayor Swain suggested it might be advisable to find out what council feels on  the matter. Aid. Rodway moved that a  meetng be held without delay with the  Board and received full, support.  PLANNING APPOINTMENT  Suggestion by the Regional Board that  Halfrnoon Bay Happenings  bedrcionK^ith^wall to ^l:*ar=- council appoint a representative to the regional planning board resulted in appointment of Clerk Ted Raynor who was told by  Mayor Swain he is !the logical one for this  position. Elected aldermen are not eligible  ���to sitton this board.  pet living room, vanity bathroom with heat lamp. iLofe of  room, ^500 sq. ft. Big basement All conveniences.  Evin Gordon, 731-3473  291-2881 Vancouver  '        BLOCK BROS.  9994-50  THE SUN SHINES ON  ROBERTS CREEK���4.8 aaes  mth southern slope and view  over Strait of Georgia. Frontage on two roads, ideal for low  cost subdivision. Full price  $6,500.  REAL ESTATE  I  LCOHOLICS Anonymous. P.O.  Box 294, Sechelt, B.C.   Phone  W.6-9876. 9G9-tfn  COPIES OF PHOTOS  APPEARING IN  THE TIMES  may be obtained promptly  5x7 SIZE, 1.25 EACH  C (same subject) ._. 1.00 each  12 (saline subject) .90 each  BxJO SIZE, 2.00 EACH  C (saime subject) ___ 1.50 each  22 (same subject) ���-_ 1.25 each  LEAVE YOUR ORDER  AT THE TIMES  WANTED  WJLL    pilrnluiM'    p21l.ch.n1    of  fftmndhf!  Iilmibwr.   Phone  886-  24r����. a 081-tin  SADIES :i speed bicycle in"noo(i  tiluipv,  J'h, BHr>-im7��,       i��M_l-4!>  J.AD1KS or imin'N -bicycle, iruilll  ��peed,   Rensonable,   Ph.   K81-  fM.r>7. 'JW57-50  ro-  DEK1' (well   pump,  electric  quired.  I'lione  HH0?(ir��(i,  iMKl-r.l  WORK WANTED  MAN <'Jtpriiencffl In moKt fne-  ��Mh of eonslnietlon, hom��< bull-  ding wuniU .permanent work In  MerliHt iiren, Own tniraporln-  lk*n. Jtelerenrc?, Write l_ix  tWK), l'f-nln.iuln 'I'lmc-s,  Sechelt.  <.m:\w  LADY   wiHIim   lo  pn.vlflc  c��r��<  lor   biibv   under   \   ,ve��r   old.  By day or for lontfer }>ertO(lK.  1'ji. txt^iwa. ��i7a-w��  2 BEDROOM cottage on small  lot for sale. Excellent view.  Ph|.  885-9728. 9772-51  LOTS for sale, 4 cleared view  lots in Selma Park. Serviced  with power and water. Priced  at $2,750 each. P.O. Box 299,  Sechelt or to view contact L.  Nestman, Selma Park.   9659-rtfn  BLOCK BROS.  Phone Mr. Good 681-9700  collect. 24 hour service br  736-9171  main office  2695 Granville St.  1 ISLAND  Approx. 1 acre, 2 cottages, water and hydro. Pender Harbour  area. $5,000 down or trade,;  REDROOFS  2 bdrm bungalow lot 100x671.  Well water, oil heat. Very cozy  for .retirement Low cash payment considered. Full price  $12,500.  27 ACRES  Approx.   Overlooking   Porpoise I  Bay good access and water available for subdivision or holding   property.   $1000 per  acre.  LOT  $1600; 5O'xl20' on water and hydro. Selma Park area.  CABIN  Spring water year round and  5 acres and cabin near Roberts  Creek turn off. Good gravel  road. Ideal for horses. Only  $85)50 full   price.  BUILDING LOTS  Buy for the future at today's  prices only $:tM> dovfon and easy  terms. Turn off SnodKrafis ltd.,  Selma Park nil Im* priced.  View lots FP $3950.  5 ACRES  .lust off (lower Point Rd. $H0W>.  Nr. Gibsons Ideal for retirement, 1-o.ttU-d on eloping land  and well treed, Terms. AIko 1  acre $700 down adjacent  COM M KUCIAt CORNJCIt  Junction 'A Krancits Peninsula  ltd. nnd Sun.sliine Coast llw.V.  Approx. .f'O ft. x 21U ft. Plpixl  water on pro-MTty. Approx. :i  acres flIJIOW caoh. Mortgn'Rt)  monies available,  KXi'X;i!TIVK  HOME  Nr.   ferry   Langdale  4   bdrm*.  Law LH; D-nren and cab, kitchen,    all    ov<-Hooklnc    Howe  Sound on waterfront lot. Termn  to $isi(r��oo.  For Fost Service  Phone Mr. Good 681-9700  BLOCK BROS.  DAVIS. BAY���Fully serviced  j5ew. Jot &r :<.jc , j4g' Jn fest^ -dei  veloping area close to excellent heach. Full price 82,250.  SE^E__T---Fully serviced %  acre in choice residential area.  An   excellent   buy   at   $2^00.  Terms.  PENDER HARBOUR ��� Fully  serviced !b-_iut__ully treed, waterfront and semi-waterfront  , lots in this scenic harbour with  year round boating and fishing-  Priced from $2,500 to $6,500.  SAKINAW LAKE���Large waterfront lots on this beautiful  6 mile long lake. Easy access  via Lee's Bay. Easy terms  available Full price $4,250 each.  For these and other choice  properties on the Sunshine  Coast contact Frank Lewis or  Morton Mackay at Gibsons office, 886-9900.  FINLAY REALTY LTD.  Gibsons        and        Burquitlam  9763^8  ROBERTS CREEK: Two bedroom home with wonderful  view. 75' of WFT-531' deep.  Paved road. L shaped living-  I dining room, Cab. kitchen. Full  basement with completed bedroom or Rec. room. A-oil heat.  Good garden and greenhouse.  Garage. Full Price $23,700.  I  ]0   acres,   close   lo   highway.  Electric power available. FuU  I'rice $6850.  Very  ea6y terms.  GIBSONS AREA: On paved  road close to .shopping, schools,  etc., one acre, $1000. down,  $3000. full price.  Centrally located three bedroom home, W/W in living  room, fireplace. Cabinet kit'  rhen. Oil heat, unfurnished  Rec. room with roughed-in fireplace, Dble, garage. Two lots  with view. Full Price $22,000.  Try $6000. down.  GOWI.lt POINT: 100' of park-  like waterfront. Two bedrooms,  utility room. Large cabinet kitchen, dining area, electric appliances included. Large living  room featuring stone fireplace.  Canine. One room cabin. Do-  La its''on request.  M55' of unrsstricted view "wat-  ^ erfront  with the fijneslt pandy  beach. 2 bedroom h^me.Bbat is  a delight to show. j$38,QD0.  Immaculate ��� Quarter acre  fenced and in lawns, walks,  flowers, shrubs, and paitios. 3  bedroom house, garage and out-  buiWings. Near schools, beach,  and stores. $21,000. ' \  TJargelot, Selma Park,  Good terms.  $1,500 DOWN���In Seehelt, 2  bedroom house, remodeled, electric heat, laundry room, attached carport. Move right in  at $10,800.  West Sechelt���View of Trail Island. This 2 bdrm electric heated comfortable cottage on 75'x  700' lot is a gem. $14,000 cash."  NEW, West Sechelt���'Luxurious  4-plex on 80'x478' lot. Own water system. 14'x20' living room,  WW carpets, 2 bdrms, col.  plumbing. All with gulf view.  Fully occupied.  SECHELT���2200', 3 bdrm home  with extra bedroom and rumpus room in basement. Fireplace, A-oil heat, 100' waterfront Secluded $30,000.  SELMA PARK ��� Delightful 2  bdrm cottage. Family room on  large lot. WW carpets, electric  heat. $13,500. Real good terms..  H. Gregory 885-9392  H. B. GORDON  & KENNETT LTD.  Phone 885-2013  Sechelt, B.C.  woy-r>(i  LEGAL   NOTICES  ELECTIONS  'Mr. Jack Mayne was again appointed  returmrjg officer in the . coming, municpal  elections. Nomination day is November 25.  Up for re-election on council are Alderman  Thompson and de Lange. It is understood  both have indicated intention of accepting  nomination. Other new candidates are as  yet uncertain and it is understood two new  names, will go. into 'the hat for ..school trustee. One for Sechelt and one. West Sechelt.  AIRPORT  Letter from the Regional Board explained formation of a .committee to investigate  management and transfer of the municipal  airport. It is suggested one .member from  eacih1 couricil1 togetiter ^with two 'board members ���comprise-il&fr'committee.   ��� -  - ���-"��� Aid; Thompson said he ii.pnepaped to be  council representative but ^gges&Ysueh  appointment be held .o-v^-i_tn1_l aifter the  coming election. "I mighfL hot he re-elected",, he explained.        x y    ' A'7 ������"  MORE ABOUT  ^Heam Board warned  P ���4rom page A-l  ed W Regional Distract Water Bylaw  which he hopes will be implemented. The  Sunshine Coast Regional::District Planning  meeting which he at1xa_ded'L''in^.es',i''_liat a  good job is being done.  , Family Life Planning program is'(being  introduced in the Howe Sound School District and Dr. Reynolds hopes to encourage  it in both Powell River and Seehelt School  Districts.  A doctor's report on the psychololgical  effect of promiscuity amongst young people was distributed to board members. This  report has been weifl received and sheds a  new light on, such freedom. Copies are  available to interested persons.  HEALTH INSPECTION  Senior Health Inspector, Mr. P. Bell  reported that during the months of August,  September and October inspections, included 95 subdivisions; 179 site inspections and  120 private sewage disposal systems.. The  work toad is. fantasillc he stated, ithe biggest  problem is keeping abreast of Whistler  Mountain developments. He can see the  need for another inspector in the ^quamish  area.  SOCIAL evening at the Welcome Beach  Hall on November 16 will start at 7:30  p.m. Admission of 50 cents includes re-  ireshments. Everybody is welcome and  hard-time dress will be the order of the  evening. -  Mrs." Sarah Wall celebrated her 85th  birthday cm November 8th quietly at her  home in the Bay. Her granddaughter, Beverley, with husband Larry Silvey, came  down from Powell River to help celebrate  the ocasion. Mrs. Wall has lived in Half-  moon Bay for over 49 years.  Mr. Harry Mills was in Vancouver recently to at]bend *he funeral of his ibroth-a:,  Hopkin E. Mills of Vancouver who has been  iii in hospital for some months. The late  Hopkin Mills was former Provincial Vice-  President of the Senior Citiens' Association  of" BjC.  Recent guests of the Jack .McNeil's  have beejn Mrs. McNeil's brother, Job  Collies, her sister, Mrs. Mary Chappell  both of Vancouver and Mr. and Mrs. John  McNeil.  The John McNeils and ithe Jack McNeils are not actually related, but thfey  all come from the Isle of Barra ip the  Outer Hebrides, wher_v McNeil is a common name. The Jofan McNeils still make  their, home on .Barra,, btit/vrare over |gre w  vjsitfa dai^hfer living in -^hcottvesf iJean  ifefoil recently droye to Calgary with her  daughter,. Florence McNeil who i$ teaching  ait-the University of Calgary. On ithe way,  they^ visifed Banff, Lake Louise'and Eji-'  mc-iton, where they stopped for a visit  with Jean's other daughter, Therese  Swayne, whose husband is a pilot for TWA.  The Swayne's were recently transferred to  'Edmonton from Powell River.  Edward and Frances Cook have moved  into their lovely new 52 ft. mobile home  -���by Mory Tinkley  which arrived in Eureka last week. They  look forward to, many happy years of retirement in itheir new home.  There were a few visitors to the area  ���l_vst weekend, but piwhably mariy were  puts off \ by the dismal weather forecast.  At their Redrooffs homes were Morrice  ^nd Monica Hanley and Don Ross, while  John and Robert Ellis were guests,<of their  parents, Alex and Hazel Ellis.  Last week's film program at the Welcome Beach Hall offered a fine collection  of films, mainly about Canada. There were  magnificent views of Vancouver Island,  particularly in the Forbidden Plateau area.  There were scenic studies oi 'Wells Gray  Park, Mt. Rpbson Park and Jasper.  A film made in the vicinity of Duck  Lake in the Valley of the Swans presented  a fascinating study of migratory birds and  the work of the Department of Recreation and Conservation among wildlife in  the area. The next film show will be on  November 19_h and the subject will be Canada's Northern People.  It may be posible to start a I dressmaking class ih January at the Welcome Beach  Hall under the ^uspioes of the Adult Edu-  p^'tion Program of School District No. 46.  .An ^ft^rAPo-n- jclass,., is ^ugges^egWd; s anybody interested should ttelephone 'f&rsV Roy  Holgate at 885-2i75.yi:  It .seams that everything today is avrin-  ikle-resistant except people.  MWI  BEAUTY SAIOM  883-2201  EXPERT ..'!..:  CUTS - CQUOR - PERMS  The way you like it.  Open Thursday, Firday & Saturday  \ ;(f-jairpieces and Wigs Styled!)  IMMMMMIMMMMMMI  mmtmtm  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)   ,      \  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.       \  Church Service 11:15 o.iii.  Evening Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSEUS  Davis Bay Road and Arbutus  (2 blocks up from Highway)  v.  ANGLICAN CHURCH  SAINT HltDA'S���SECHEtT  8:00 a.m, Every Sundoy  9:30 a.m. Church School  11:00 a.m. 2nd, 4th, 5th Sundays  7:30 p.m. 1st and 3rd Sundays  1 Services heldjregularly in  GARDEN BAY, REBtjDOrTS and EGMONT  For Information lihone 885-9793  Every Wed. 10 am H. Communion St. Hilda's  Close to Gibsons, 4.5 arrcR,  Jdeal development i>ro|K;rty.  !f.r.(KK).  Full Price,  easy  terms.  K. Butler  JU>n McSavaney  j!.d Jiuller  Don Tait  ��� 886 20(H)  ��� tm zooo  ��� JtH3 22H4  Wc Trade Homes  K. BUTLER REALTY  &  INSURANCE  GibM-ns,   11.C.  Phone tim-Timx  MKMIJKU  Min.Tin.K Lifmrfc  BKltVJCK  DDttlV--'.)  U954-M1  DEPARTMENT   OF  HIGHWAYS  MACKENZIE ELECI'OHAI.  D1STK1���T  NOTICE OF TENDEltS  Tenders will ho received up |..  2:00 p,m,, Standard Time, Fri  day.   November \ZZ,   1JKIH,   uml  will Iki opened In public 11! ilmi  timt> In the office of tlie Ki'r.lon  al Highway Engineer, ifl'.Ki Mum  Stni-I, North Vancouver,  III1  lor 1he iiiNtnllallon of;  Flasliiru: heiieon und linhi.  lnt_   InstilIliitJon   011   Ili;,ii  way   No.   101   .nnd   Nnri.li  Itoad,   Gibsons   Limiliiir  rlnn-N irnrl KpeclflcntUms umy  W obtained from -the Depnn.  m��*nt of Hii!hway��, Gllwue,, nr  Xfac ofice <_ tihe plttlrlcl SupiT-  Jntoidenl, Drpiirt.nn'nl <-1 llijji  wayH, JOWt Main St.rni*i, Norm  Vawouver.  TIk' iowtkI or any tender  uo| I  nrrrfifinrlly  accepted.  W.   M,  UNI)FHW(��fi|��  ( Dltttrict   Su|M'rlu1endi'in.  I>at.*d this (M,h Day ol   N��m nti-  tx��r. 1W8.  ���S'orth Vanrmiv'T, 1J.C,'  10^1 r.o  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  SERVICE: SECHELT  Sunday School ���- 10:00 a.m.  Church Service ��� 11:15a.m. '  ' REV, A. W.ILLI5, PASTOR (  You are Invited to attend any or each service  THIS VITAL  YOUnG  RELIGION  1h*r�� or* Air*, million poopl*  around (h�� vrorld today who b��-  ftwm that llm unification of mankind  It Ih�� will of God tor our oo*. Th��y  ��fiII i|i��im.��i|r��> Boliu'lt.  fartiapi Doha'I I* what you ar*  laoklno for.  fONA M.  rOOTf  Pmhml't ot Svnthln* Ctmat  085-2080, SocHc!. B.C.  SECHEiT AGENCIES DATE PAD    '  ��� This free reminder of coming events Is a service of SECHELT AGENCIES  LTI>. Phone Peninsula -Times direct for free listings, specifying "Date  Pad". Please note that space is limited and some advance dates may  have to wait their turn; also that this is a "reminder" listing only and  cannot always carry full details,  Nov. 13���2 p.m Madeira Park Medical CllnlcJ P.H. Hosp. Aux. meeting.  Nov.   14���from   10 aim,  Sccholt Shop  Eauy. Bake Sale sponsored by  Wilson Creek Cubs and Scouts '  Nov. 14���7:30 p,m, Gibsons Elementary School. Open House.  Nov.  16���2-4:30 p.m, St. Hilda's Hall. Tralnlno Seminar for Scouters  and supporters,  Nov.  16���2-4 p,m, Roberts Crock Community Hall.  Eastern Star Fall  Tea and Bazaar.  Nov. 16���Legion Hall, Sechelt, Sechelt Hosp, Aux, Annual Smorgasbord.  Nov, 17���2 p.m, Roberts Creek Community Hall. Roberts Creek Water  Commit loo Report,  Nov. 18���8 p,m, Roberts Creek School, Parents Auxiliary Meeting.  Nov, 23���B a,m, - 8 p.m. Regional District voting day In electoral areas.  I '  ASK FOR FRIE CATALOGUE OF PROPERTY  Multiple Lilting Service  Vancouver Real Eitata  Board  REAL, ESTATE  INSURANCES  v  ScchcH 005-2161  AGES  24 HOURS  ICBES1TI  Gibsons 886-7015 *_��"  ,-r i>  iH_.lbJ.-t_ N. I rij.ni. ^j_  I ' _ / *...���*-���  JO*      ��"^ '���* t "���-���*��� ���  I-*,  ^     , "*    , I     *   *  I*        -  .* *"    r - , , . , ^ *      .      4   0., T        ^ ,  Happenings Around Elphie  OUR VOUJBYBAlSt team has done it a-  gain! On Friday, November 1st, _hs day  after winning their -games at North Rurn-  nby, iUusy towelled.to Courtenay for the  ���upper Vancouver Island volHeyb^l itouxna-  jmeni The girls on our team were Rev Barnes, Jill Cobleigh, Fran Volen, Debbie Dockar, Nancy LeWarne, linda Price, Tina  Bofhwell, Carol Newman, and Audrey  W-tterhouse, The coaches were Mr. -Bjorn-  son, and Mar. .Yablonski. Our team stayed  dn a motel unit in Courtenay. .  - The gam.es started at lQjjO a.m. -on  Saturday; there were 5 other schools __-  ���by Marilyn HopJ&tJ.'  'possible. (BCb,sneally great to see a team  _r��m Gibsons do so well; the school'* congratulations go to them. >, v*  ' , This y_ar ��]phie ba& also got qtiite a  Piratoia Club, The week before >l^st ihe  Junior Grades spent the afternoon tyitaeas-  ing the first production of our 'Grade 8 and  9 Drama Classes. Due to the lack of spaee  in our gynp. ns>t everyone can fit in t&is  year, sq on Vb,e fife, the Senior Classes saw  the Grade f class1 put on their's again. The  acting was' sealy good. You could, even  lu^ar \the speailsariS. which makes any pl^y  alight. The play was about a guy named  Wednesday, November 13, 19..8  'like to see them challenge' ea.h''other* it  wpuld be'embanrasing tot .he'tooys'itiiough'  CCjie highlight of the noon hour, games was  not really seeing our senior giWs witfTlbut to  watch the senior boys challenge a rwmb&r  of hungry teachers to a pie-*ai_30g contest-  Eftch of the contestants had their hands  tied behind their backs while mejnhets of  ibe girl's team and some of the other teachers fed them. It was quite a mess in ibe  end/but everyone 'had a. good'laugh., It's  hard to say but I think our senior boys won.  An-admission of l���c was taken at the door  in aid of our "senior boys team which is  raising money to .buy warm-up suits.  tending:  Nanaimo, Campbell Rave?, Yott   Jack jmon'who was in love with his moth-    fjfel ot^mU^I^d l^TiZi to  Alberni; A and B, Vanier A ��tfB, and tfu. ' ����. maid. But 'lhe problem was that. a    ^S^S^^S^Z^nJ^^  Cameron <Powell River). Elphinstone was-,young lady Jhad planned already that ahe  a.-Remembrance Day Service, The'school  band under the direction of Mr. Postte  wsite, provided the music for the 'hymns  which were sung. A grade 8 girl read the  traditional poem "In Flander's Fields" in  memory of the men who fought in tihe war.  As Friday evening came around our  juniors held their Sadie Hawkins Dance  The band "'The Manchurian Debate" which  would like to take this opportunity to thank    volleyball andi of course, our senior gifts phy,   Warren  Allen,   Ray  Sheridan,  Lee Hands' tied iand ncH)fle-.& %elpyWir-  ^r^^lem^Ji m^jnjite pi��� in{fl06]a  tihe coaches and Mrs. Yablonski for accom-    .won. I think our senior girls may even (be Brown, Rod Rudolf,  and Kent gteridafc; phinstohe teacher Mr. toe-Ysfclon-    l3plir<2or.test Witfe'Stu^nts fi  panying tbejn on their trip and making this    able to beat our senior boys. But we would began flaying at 8. A full bus load of stu- ski    valiantly* ^muaebes^'.fcis' ,-W-ay' - -    '-'.",   -\Y  ������    ���----��� L--"-���;_i--L_._-_-.��������� ������.        - dents arrived from Seehelt and' added to  lyictonous in all but one game. After play  ing the teams once Elphinstone and Vanier  B battled it out in a two^out of three situation. Elphie's team will now. represent the  District in the Provincial Finals.  - The senior 'girls now go into-Vaneouyer  for the provincial championships on the  14th, 15th, and _6th of November. The team  . was going to marry into the rich" Dolton  family, but if ihad a happy ending with the  maid winning his (heart. All the student-  deserve congratulations for putting on this  entertaining 'play- Now the Seniors are  waiting to see what the Grade 9's can do.  On Fdday at .noon the senior girls again  challenged the teacbers in two games of  MMMK^^  EASTEM STMB  Saturday, f^ovember 16th. 1968  .2-4 p.m. , '"y  ROBERTS CREEK COMMUNITY HALL  Adults 50c CW!_n__25e  mum  t,hc crowd already there.  Bingo dances, Spot dances, and a Char-  iie McCarthy were held throughout the  evening and everyone seemed to have a  great time. Thanks, goes to Ona Burnett,  Minister of Junior Social Affairs, all the  senior students who helped organize the  ..dance, apd the jteachers.-who supervised. A  great: ipght Show was: put on .by _a few  is^denifcs,  .: ,- . -P'-Ly^ Li...- "  ���Right now, on the behalf of Elfpliifi, rd  _oJ{ie#>wish our senior girls team.;i_ie!best  <>f;'luek in th^ Provincial Finals ���$&�� coming  ;iweekend:; also our junior girls, who-are tsra-  veiling to1 Pender on .Wednesday.,  CRANK E. DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  JM Block - Gibsons  Eyejry Wednesdoy  886-2243  Phone 885-2818  NITA'S BEAUTY SALON  Open in the Richter Block  >       Sechelt, B.C.  PERMANENT WAVES ��� TINTS  .    HAIR CUT��� STYLING ��� SHAPING  9 o_n. to 5 p.m. Tuesdoy-Safurdiqr  +M^mmtma*^BmmmmMmtmmmttmmmmm*mmmtmmmmmmmttmmmmmm*tt*m^mmmmmpa*m**m^mmmmm**m^~  BRIAN'S DRIVE-IN        ���  The Brightest Spot on the Highway  Opposite the High Sehoo!�� Gibsons  For Take Out Orders Phone 886-2433  Telephone 886-2069  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  Merer/, Supplies, classes & firing  dealeV for Duncan's Ceramic products  Pine Rd. & Grantfview Ave.  ' P.O. Box 62, Gibsons, B.C..  L. & H. SWANSON LTD.  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Parents Auidliary  adopts new project  MR MJ_UX)LM Madavish,' principle of  Roberts Oreek School,, jpxesentpd a talk  and demonstration of a personalized' reading program to the jpaisents" attending the  October Patents' A-uriliairy soaeetinl.  He supplied seme sample'tests which,  are used to e_tab_.s_.'a Ibase r-eatiing level  in the, general areas of speed, accuracy,  cpjnprehen'sio^. apd vocahulary skills, ..  #a__eia-,' "cab fielp L^'0Md--iMld''ms '-'read-  . ing speed cc_isi_terai>ly In .a .comparati'yiely  short time. In wnjiinction with -he speed  knjxroviement, other programm^ed materials  are used to help improve comprehension  and. vocabulary skills for ^children -with'  ���peci_ic weaknesses an ifchese areas;  1 The general philosophy, undeiiyihg; the  p^sonaii^ixesidi}^ pmgramMi if a chalet  receives pleasure firom xeadihg; he ;.wi_.  readi-\S.n line, with (this philosophy., lone aim  is tio develop a love of reaiding. Other aims  fl're; i(i') to improve reading skills i(_) to  develop discrimipatiop in choosing reading material  Members 'Of the auxiliary voted to support the project, and will contribute funds  through various fund-raising projects.  ': ''Pacific <Gold", a fascinating fiim depicting the fishing industry in British Columbia froim "the catch to the can", was  shown.  Also presented by Mr.-'W. D. Fraser of  llolheirts Creek was an interesting t__.m on  <lhe work toeing done for children at the  Shniner's Children's Hospital in Portland,  Oregon. Mr. Fraser mentioned that inquiries inegarding services available at the  Shnip_vr's Hoispltal are welcomed.  :_____2  __Z_____S_ESSSSS2SSS2SHIZS^^  ���ES  i  s  ��f 8CI Of HL_-C?8��^.  Public notice is hereby given to the electors of Rural Area "h" of  School District No. 46 <Sechelt)'that 1 require the presence of" tbe said  electors ot the School Board Office, Gibsons, on Friday, the 29th day of  November, 1968. at the hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon, for the  purpose of ejecting persons to represent them as School Trustees.  Nominations will close at twelve o'clock noon on November 29, i"968.  The-mode of nomination of candidates shall be as follows;  Candidates sriail be nominated in writing by (two duly qualified  #|3��!f^!$^ ���Q/st/i.qt- The nQnqioat-ion j?pper  'sl^l^'lii&fiye^ Officer' ot any time between the  date of this notice and noon of the day of nomination. The nomination  paper may be in the form prescribed in thVPuJjttc Schools Act and shall  state the name/ residence and occupation of,the person nominated in  such manner as to sufficiently identify such candidate. The nomination  paper shall -be subscribed to by the conditlate.  llntliie event of a poll being necessary,-such poll will be-opened at:  SeCHEUT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL/   '  f^ALFMOON BAY ELEMENTARY'SqHQOL  AAADEIRA PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL'  LLOYD DAVIS' OFFICE ��� Garden Bay  EGMONT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL "   '  NELSON ISLAND���General Store & Post Office, Billings Bay  on the 7th day of December, 1968, between the hours of 8:00 a.m.  and 8:00 p.m. of which every person is hereby required to take notice  and govern himself accordingly.  Given under my hand at Gibsons, B.C.; ithisl .6th Day of November,  1968.  J. S. MET_JLER^'jwr the Returning.Officer  School districtyiNpl;46/(Sechelt)  Box 220, Gibson?^ B.C.  i  i  i  iWtofWgJPfMffl  ____  ^W1?^  !!  fi"1  .  I;  .  I   I  from Pender Harbour to Port Mellon.  [E ARE PROUD TO AWHOUWCE      ;  THAI iARGE STOCKS OF TOYS HAVE Bfl  ARRIVING BY THE TRUCK LOAD.  Our JOYS-AMD HOW open; come in m4 l^ok cardund!  Compcire our prices with city prices.  J&a@^&  mm toy  SQECTKl  OM THE  SUfiSH COAST  4vmnmmmmm40M.w4mmttmmmm0i00tt 7  . ���   ���   '    . ' -i.   ; i L.'L ,  Use Our Lapiflfjfl  Ho ' Extra C^Qrgo ;   .  imd wo vMl h��M yotyr] -  December ZBrd, %  OI^LY 37 S!  PAYS t.W  i  _ssa  S2S2SSSS2SSS  w*^.n��������-��^Mt��v��i  _-if^-i��fSi^��*i>*_v��*.--i  i��4y*H4*h4#<fr0rtltrt*f tiM^nfUinW* ��#<r!*W ��**�� mmfiufto**"!!!  Jt, Vr^- _ i Sf\r ������}--#-* U0*">t I1****  ^ l:,^{ y^f.i a^.p^y^rteTtR,, jft ,^,0/mruttini0t,viii'ir rt*-^^^ ii!fmw#t^.f��f.. w nffs. ijwf ���#*",*#*. '**5*)(***^* vfl***.*- (** *"*��**vr*it -W. ^��* t^*' f^^^m^fr.^Ktt^f^iM-, -y w# -tw ^ ^        __ _p     . VBi      j.*.*    ■.___. fc.*"  _i*M_B______M_B_n    _ _n_____ra __<_*    V ** -BwT * _.a__________B__i_____r       ■«_■__ ^.__«__i*W^    l*^! M)_U____k__      _
J£   .     o %v!a ,,  j-   -1   ij_  jj.rj.,^4>..   j^    tf   .gr.fe.Vr v/V->",v?> - _ -«j^5"T-i|[ .."V '  ."£-*„«_?    .*»%< f- ^   L»',"J_0     *J '    {,.. ■ ft./......7,,.'..,,.. ..
.   Y«        '.'""       *   ^    '   '. ' Y1 !    ■* ' »!■    " •* "' . "'     ' ~   If ' v
r-__-=.1'__v*      ''glgge' j4-4 I.,,   -THyl_M»gtf1a-IfiWHM-   Wjedwesdttft November 13-J<
re aiirses
."'.'a."-   J*-'
T1_e-Penin„ula:Time3   Wednesday, November 13- 196S
r,J' ll
- ii   i i
: TmBLtEERmsmbets'Lti lhe Simshiife Cb^t'j >;
Chapter of ite Begistfcred M~urse& j4>k$&. • i
of B.C met at lbs hqmejaf Mrs. M.-I<am)b i
on NpTicmber ,._:. ^ '"-,... ,   - „ _    ,. | , i,
During th_f feu-Jaess period it western- ^f
ed "that 4he project to1 support'Ihje Jofcal. "^
chapter cf the'Retarded*Owdsfen'k Awso-'i ■
elation was very successiul financially 'and1
socially.    ' '-, ,
Plans are being tfaadg .regarding a* Future Nurses Club for interested students '
at Elphinstone. f   '
Guest speaker Mr* Bud JiIcKenzie, Special Counsellor fpr Sechelt School -Wstpi-t
\"o. 46 showed a closed circuit ?ty operation
and explained the vjlue of it in interviewing families or individuals with {problems.
Ha spoke of lhe need for planning ahead a
worthwhile programme tor helping local
retarded children.
Next meating will be for m embers only
and will take the form of a Dessert Party
at the home of Mrs. Caroline Stuart, J>ec.
2nd at 8 pm.
Members are asked to acknowledge
their "notice of meeting" cards promptly.
i t . rv_
"j     i   ' '^ -1,-  i . Y  u   '        ''^ y
unie wsms mem with
..ft.tf »« Secheli Branch OAPO
^^i^M plan planeiariiim irip
Girls' Volleyball team
chalks up good record
St. Baithblpme-i/s ChuicH Holl
'■'.....'... y     . _   J
8:Q0 p.m.
i. :■.•;..."   •'■
^fioi^J-M^***^*" "TL***-
SOCIAL af^ernttob planned by Branch £8
O.A.P.O. on November 7  was a very
Senior Girls happy accasoon with about 30 (people at-
™-i.- .'' '«'-'«. ,    «T-«^,_    « *    -*' *       - »..  miP"*" *.     t€_idlng::and.mjcq^'t__lr^a-h^^
Elpttinstoae Senior Girls ,vc&eyball   Barnes;   Assistant coach, Mr.Y-E.   cxibba^ andv<_jeck_a_i. An• ^dfc__rai bihgo
team is off to Vancouver on .the   Yablons^; Centre:,Karen AJsag&r;   game waSiaM*-^it'-t___^-:^E*r^i^_a^»v;;:^i :p___zites -"
weekend to: cc^B|)ete!for^l__eP«)VHi-   IJebqrsliYDocfear;- Carol Ne-vman;    _eaogdoii-^^-_k^,!Gity'-Ci^^>
, """—"-*' —,r ^'"","^:i",,",",r":""-.   cial title. Picbired backorow: Coafih   Fran Volen.  Front Tina Bbthwei       Rega-dmg:^'trip; to Vanc<>u*er oh Dec>
;ELPHINSTONE   Senior   Giris   Volleyball   Mr   Bjonison:  Audrey1 Waferhoiise:   'and Iiniia Price:      - - ■<       "-".•.'      3rd, w__&jip-ay>be%w.ssMe toineiujaea
-   +_—w .i^,,^,!!,^™^-,™,^     ...... j __»      .«?_f_... ...._»-.. ..    . ,- -.►..        yj^y. .^ .7ij^tdRiJBjB_M"dMa«;---P*N!«e' "ac*-©-'"-Afcat
there »»oald be an extra charge for "this.
Owing io'a- 'pridter's. errar"In the Mst issue
of tte-.f^Eme^',; nfce oppositerimpresswan
was urfcn|unat-iy given.
The -next regular business meeting of
the Branch will te on Xhusday, Novem-
- ber 21st at 1 p:m.      -       ■rh-'
Jvm$e soccer
imelp^ resiflte
''GAM^-sritoiul€_l:fQr Sunday,,JPfoy; 17th,
Divv 7i-Game time 12 noon. Seehelt Tim-
I bermen Vs KlC; -Thu^erbirds tSechelt);
"'- lies. Warriqs; vs Sedielt Shop Easy (Sech-
r elt)i^Gibsons Oiugars vs Canfor. Tigers
_- (GJ_tsons)V ; -..-■'-,.. . :
Div. 5: Gaine tiine i.p.m. Gibsons Char*
i-j      gets vs Bes. Hawks .(Gibsons');. Sechelt Le-
r^Ht ».    gion vs 'Xiibsons Legion (Hacketit. Park).
Div. 2ri;GaS_Je time 2:15 pW. Resident-
- M Tptemsv vs„"Gibsons United-tSechelt);
lac^.^.Y-fs'-'-Skthek Hot Shots -(Gibsons)•
"BS^flfe" "of "games played Sunday, !_Nov-
emiier.iiaK^YV.'  ; :'.'.'.."' i
Div. ,7; Ses. Warriors 4, Madeira Park
*, o; Gihsons Cougars 4„B.jC, Thunderbirds 0;
. Shop Easy % Canfpr_T4ger&'3.
£S £^£ '?_S,1o%?,^   » Coi.leighfD.__se.Mej_*; Bev.
Island tournament on November 1st they
, lost onlv one game in the playoffs.
,Y Elphinstone wiped out - pie , following
feiieanis: Campbell Biver 15-6;-Bias'<_uner'
f;jm 15-4; Courtraiay B 15-5; Alberni B 15-1;
*j_3ber_i A 15-6; Nanaimo 15-10. Courtenay
fbeat Elphinstone 16-14. . .
p In the fiiials. Elphinstone played Coart-
|enay, twx>., games out of three with Ellphin-
fstone scoring 15-12 and 1503.     .   *,  :
|, Elptituistone staff, students, and tlie
Icommumty wish them the bast of luck in
fVancauver over the weekend vrfaen they
Ibompetci fra* the Provincial TiOe.^Eipbm-
tpone'.'vrpl"represent the -rpper7VancduveT_,
;p3^td';ji^i^v"«ompeting with a_cteen'-ea_?s
'7_a the J^vihcial Tournament.
Foot play
Shop iNlow Atid Sci¥e by using our
cosweiaieiraf IAY*i%WAY PIMM
SSi©p Loeally at
--      ..■■■■ — ■ . __    -■■—   ... __.  ■ r     -■._ ■■    —■
•;■ f
~.     ~~r-'    •- - -'.--     rwP-':0»      - .-.  - -'    - ,t-, -* Div. 5* Gibsons ChaftgerS 2, Sechelt Le-    "*      » ^ —"T-
.udy ^^jDj.<ja^n§jJj^n,^^ri^xX^^1^^ _iga:c; •m<'£M^jsi^Qe^ a,     Does Your Club or Group report its
&?&& ;yj
*^am*r- -."V,   ^        *,i
- f    *
t«»_ tanrfe^r cdnttt>rin last Sua-   game scoring a^'"^ trfer Legion.   Tcrteins -Vfttby'.clfefauit c?v-*-3& §hot&r" :
■ft r*
4.      V    »    ' »-i
Activities Regularly to The Times?
i   .
opeii cirecij
on inno^dfion in elementory school design,   .
■■   '. .■■ '    '' ".
will be on disploy for the public of on open house
of Gibsons Elementory School
from 7;30 to 9:00. p.m. on
"t__S__.ri**,>-*       '  1
"■"^ ■      -*-1*   'X0
_      -it—
Introduction ond Welcome:
Mr. Don Douglas, School Board Chairman
Mr. Gporge Cooper, Gibsons Elementary School Principal
Observation Session:
Students and teachers will go through a condensed morning
session in the open areas. Public will observe. ,
Panel of teachers will answer questions from the audience.
The panel will include:
Mr. John Ayris, Vice-Principal        Mrs.  Diane Earle
Mr.  Drew McKee Miss Shirley Reid
Mrs. Agnes Skidntore Mrs. Marilyn Robinson
Mr. George Cooper, Principal, will moderate.
4 ' Y .!_��.,.->..��.__.        I.     .. J_      l **,1    *t      *   />���*** ."V*!. -<���-,��� ,.,,   ��� ,^�����~_,��   .Mm    ._    J   _.        ^    J"  .1 *r 1   *    '.     '    . ��>>��l('      .�� '",-���� "i  .J-    *  ' * ��  "      *   Jft'  * * * I u     <"       *   |     If    I ^  "    -  ' 11 VI  l V 1   �����       �������( .*   ���*        I      fc   j-    t    1  -   _*        *   J"  ��, ����� ��" ,1     n  ��j J,   v  ^ j.     *  ^   1  ' J   |V��    ' W ���>      V     t       , ��  J1"  �� "��� -I     /"J     ll '^ _   . ' _,      l,.    |V "   . ., - ">" ������'��  Y(  Section B  HE FENIMSULA  ���������_�����_ I    |��� t ,H_.mpf j | Mil..! \ -vUflnd��� * llhw * .  ' ������   Wednesdldy, Hovemher 13-1968  PlBgBS  _,*A  P ^tS^S.S^TS^^^^7"1  ___j__-__l____u--=''-__: *?* "*���-< -* *��� r '-- "? - ---������--* -'- -^ * -^ t __r_r-T___- .__.  ____--___. >���_  V Modern Building  All complete except for the drapes,  /to the community. The building fea-   amination Tooms; x-Ray, minor sur-  Gibsons new Medjcal Clinic with its /lures four consulting rooms; four ex-   gery facilities and a laboratojy.  spacious parking is a fine new asset /    '    "  1  -* .f-  iff.',% ���**���**��� i  j  Laist charier member  Branch 140 speaker  ABOUT ninely guests attended what was  later described as a highly successful  banquet and danee at the Sechelt Legion  Hall last Saiturday ��ommemorabng the iif-  Ueith anniversary of the Armistice.  Last surviving Charter member of Branch 140, J_tr. Jack-J-ayne, a guest of-honor,  )> already holder-of a twenty-five year  Pin and is presently awaiting his thirty-  five year award. In 1952 he was awarded  life membership in the Canadian Legion  and was recently awarded the Legion Medal for Meritorious Service. During service  with the Royal Canadian L&gion Mr. Mayne was secretary for seventeen consecutive  vearsv  Originally a member of the Great War  Vets_ Association, Mr. Mayne later joined  4 he Provincial Command *f'the Canadian  Legion Consideration was given to formation of a Sechelt Branch in 1933 and, he  1old the gathering, formation commenced  with eight vets and finally grew to sufficient number to warrant establishment of  a Sechelt branch. f  "We   started off  wit�� $25   which  was  down payment on the present Sechelt hall  ,ite at a price of $175. This was in 1935 and  l>alance of the purchase price was paid off  nt $10 per month.  "We then built a small hall from which  ��rew the present building and one of -the  hssi such halls on the Penmsula'% he said.  Offering his congratulations to the Ladies Auxiliary for the valuable contribution  they have made during the past since  Branch 140 was established, toe said "they  have given a great deal ef itime preparing  dinners, dances as well as helped with  finances Without the L.A. I always feel  there would be no branch".  Guest speaker of the night was Zone  Commander Bert Clarkson of Texada who  was accompanied by Mr_. Clarkson Another out cf town guest was Mr. Ralph Gib-  Attenlive Audience  Members of Seehelt; Halfrnoon ,Bay   equipment which combined auxiliar-  and Roberts Creek Auxiliaries 'listen   ies donated to St. Mary-s. Many were  attentiyely to Dr. Crosby's explana-   seeing the equipment for the'first .  tion of the many-us__>-rf the valuable   time.  St Mary's Hospital . . . J  Hospital Auxiliaries tea  expression of appreciation  HARD working members of the combined  ... Hospital A-uriiliairiies were honoured last  Wednesday at a superbly arranged Ajppre-  ciatitffiY|fea- .fa__d in ithe .cafeteria of St,  Mary's BospitaJ.  :���(��� Staff olf St. Mary's lHaspital and Board  members organized the- event as tangible  Way cf. expressing the gratitude  of the  whole district for the tfy&nk these ladies  perform. From. 1-3 ip.__. Port Mellon; Gibsons and Pender Harbour Auxiliaries weflfc  entertained'  followed   by   Robert? ,-Jnee_-$ "  HaJffimotra Bay and Sechelt-< AaixoKapje*.  -' '.One hw-tte^cfaod-eigjily' Igu-Sts-wwe io���  troduced to the supervisory- staff, of the ,  hospital by adxainis-rator, Mr., A. Wage-  ma_)e_is, ahd witnessfed a demonstration of  justW small--part of ithe valuable equipment  ���wb_C|b ithey had 'helped provide.  .Equipment demonstrated by the medical  and nursing stafif of the 'hospital .by ad-  niim&traitor, Mr. A. Wagemakers, and wit-,  iiessed a ��� demonstoaition- of just a smaJl  part of the valuable equipment which they  had helped provide.  .Equipment demonstrated by the medical and nursing stafif included the Bird res-  irator, adaptable to imany aspects of the  care and itherapy of patients. By insextiJig '  drugs in jthe_ machine, tubes of the lungs  are opened up and improve breathing. The  heart machine which not only registers ithe  patient's heart 'beat, but sounds an alairo.  if (the ibeat'should stop and alsoiadministers"  a shock which, may start .the heart beating  again. The bicycle .which h$lps loosen tohe  joints of. _u_hri-ic patients and the Auto-  malic 'Tourniquet were also demonstrated.  Following (the deimonatraition, a deiiight- ���  ful tea which had been prepared by ithe  hospital kitchen st^'lw^'';.s^r^'"l^'''-il!irs:''  Erie Hen&eh; Mrs. Mike -TacksMi-; (Mrs.  Norm. Frankli'P and Mrs. <Jeorge Hopkins.  Pnesid.e3_ts and vice presiden-S of the anix-  "iEaries poured tea.     "'������'  -' fShairmsm of rthe Board,, Mr. E. Booth  jand'^-lMjrA. BSoth welcomed guests and Mrs.  LLjL: Hvtoson was in eh-arge of the iguesit booE."  ; jj____a____JJi____��^.rtftiiMM4_^^  1  i  Will buy second growth fir and  Cedar  suitable Yfor  Poles  and  Pilings. Highest prices NOW:  i i . -,'  Phone 886-2343  after 6 p.m.  Coastwise Contracting  Iii Tree Service Ltd.  MiBM__a$aM��^  1^  ^��wspa  ^  2SBS5jSSEjj||;  msssas^^ssxs^M^^^!i^^m_  fKtia^m^fB^i^j^pj^gss^Kx^cxHm^a  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  i  Public notice is hereby given to the electors of the Municipality  of the Village of Gibsons, B.C., that I require the presence of the said  electors at the Municipal Hall,  1490 South Fletcher Road, Gibsons,  B.C., on  *   ���    ���   i   i '  Monday, the 25th day of November, 1968,  at the, hour of ten o'clock jn the forenoon, for the purpose of electing  persons.to represent them as follows: ���,  Two (2) Aldermen, each for a two year term���1969 and 1970.  The mode of nomination of candidates shall be as follows:  1 i  Candidates shall be nominated in writing by two duly qualified  electors of the municipality. The nomination-paper shall be delivered  to the Returning Officer at any time between DATE OF THIS NOTICE  AND NOON OF THE DAY OF NOMINATION. The nomination-paper  may be in the form prescribed In the Municipal Act, and shall state the  name, residence, and occupation of the person nominated In such  manner as to sufficiently identity such candidate. The nomination-  paper shall be subscribed.to by the candidate.  In lhe event of a ppll being necessary, such poll will be opened at  the Municipal Hall on the 7th day of December, 1968, between the  hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m,, and further, that an Advance Poll will be  opened at the said Municipal Hall on Tuesday, the 3rd day of December,  1968, between the hours of 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. in the afternoon for duly  qualified electors who sign a statement that they expect to be absent  from the Municipality on polling day. Every person is hereby required  to take notice and govern himself accordingly. , ,  Given under my hand at Gibsons, B.C., this 12th day of November,  1968.  F. JEAN MAINIL,  Re turn J ng Of f Ice r  SEES  SI  agw^^^jBsi  Bssagsss  JWrBiiMfeBil^  I  THE TIMES IS A  UNION-LABEL NEWSPAPER  Therapy-  Chairman  of  St.   Mary's   Hospital   Paeris of the nursing staff demon-        _____  Board, Mr. E. W. -Booth checks effi-, strata it to members of the Hospital son^^of~6ourtensy,Yoimer Ptovmaal Presidency of therapeutic bic^cyle before Auxiliaries at last week's Appreeia- dent and now Dominion iBepresentative for  Mrs.  E. Andow and Miss Vencita   tion Tea.             ���      .     " Pacific.Command.  ERNMENT  :-v, on the Annual Fmanc^p  Public School Sple  Provincial persona! and corporate Income taxes  Provincial sales fax  Provincial natural resource revenues to payment of annual Home-owner Grants  to reduce the taxes on individual home-owners of the property tax levies  by school districts  Federal contribution to construction of public school vocational training units  from Federal persona! income tax collected from British Columbia taxpayers  Total estimate^ Provincial revenues to financing of our public schools  Property-owner contributions by local school taxes to support our public schools  - paid by business and industry  - paid by residential property-owners  \ Total revenues expended on our public schools  Where the money goes  Provincial Government direct grants to school districts  School district share of teachers superannuation paid by tho  Provincial Government  Free textbooks provided by Provincial Government  Provincial Government Home-owner Grant payments to resident home-owners  to reduce the amount of local school property taxes  Total Provincial Government payments for the operation of our public schools  Portion of public school costs raised by local property taxes paid by  business, industrial and residential property owners i  Total Cost of operating our public schools  r  $116,600,000  11,700,000  41,000.000  4,500,000  0mm������i i.i    iii���n.-^i ���Mi-inia  $173,800,000  98,200,000  25,700,000  $297,700,000  tin,,. ,..,.;..��� -....nr,.,*.  $126,000,000  6,400,000  1,4p0,000  i  41.000.000  $173,800,000  123,900,000  ��� *;������  $297,700,000  Thus, home-owners only pay this year, $25,700,000  out of a total public school cost of $297,700,000 which is less than 9%  The Goverment of British Columbia raises and advances all the money for approved capital  school building costs throughout the Province and repays 50% to 90% of capital costs in  accordance with assessment values.  GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  Department of Financo  Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, British Columbia  ���--.-.^'N^.     ?7^V-,.--:V*  T  ���H^rt^'fcp-^r+^-ii^fMit^^a^M^t^^irtm.*^)^^  -Ml4\i<vfaW\l*��mi^*tl*.*ilfy4l1^^  h, *i^q^y'rt4}*,itm��m>ff*t*<'*m^tmb' <$** ��tm. ��f��we_' wny'Wfr. i><W _w* mm .  ^-V-*"Vr*t.^.M^^rJ^r^rfJ^i V1^-S^iiM*_J_ l^WW.  7f  w";1'"1 i  -% , k-'"-> 'u-. ^ ���  "is ,'.  '-���*���; 'i'1 w A   ",        ..- Jt .'_i_  It  ���  _  _  Y  JBY-IAW Ma 21  _ t f-i,  Being a I>y-Iaw to submit a question to the wmsj-plectoTSim ssai ^xt^a_i���� of Ihe  Letters Patent io include Water Supply 2nd DistrsbuUoa as a te^ of the  Rtgtonal*"*^^'"*'' **'  WHEREAS the Regional Board may sunder Jfljp |>jx>wisions ,of Section 766  of the Municipal Act by supplementary letters 4^enTa|d Additional functions  to those already granted. > ''!  ', "  AND WHEREAS the JBLe^onal Board has nndertakep a survey to establish  the water supply and distribution needs of the Pectoral .Areas within the 'District:  AND WHEREAS this survey, the ��u^h3np poa&t ,^aterworks Survey  submitted by Messrs. Dayton and Kni^.'^id., f&^xtiMdg ^gnaeers' and  dated July 26th, 1968, indicates that tHe' 3Soar4 ifigivea^tfce jpoweiis^ cpuld  i provide adequate water supply and where jtecfelw^'idi^^j^Um systems on  a self-liquidating basis thioughout the Regional Dilriet:'  AND WHEREAS a synopsis of the Sunshine, JCoast'.W^works &w0  Appendix "A" is attached to and iorms part of .this ftjrtepr:  AND WHEREAS before requesting the Minister $$./Municipal ^fEato to  recommend to the Lieutenant Governor in poundl that a suppje^ntarj? Letters  Patent be issued the assent of the owner electors is refci&ecJY   ''' i'   ^       J *  AND WHEREAS the assent of the _>ag_er elp&ors kjcl-SHa^'Jto P��>? fopen  obtained if three fifths of the votes cast ^fmUVotfyMg^&E  n " " *'"  THEREFORE the Re^onal Board of the Suns%ie<3oastRegional District  in open meetmg assembled enacts as follows; ''Y  !   '?J  ;-   '   '      *  1) The assent of the owner electors wilLbe aseertaaned^^he presentation  to them of a question in the following form; ."''-'  "ARE YOU IN FAVOUR OF Tip LETTERS PATENT BEING EXTENDED TO INCLUDE THE SUPPLY AND DlSlStiBUTION-IOE^ATEl--  AS A FUNCTION, SUBSTANTIALLY AS RECOMMENDED IN THE SUNSHINE COAST WATERWORKS SURVEY?"  2) The question will be in the form of a ballot aijd presented to -he' owner  electors in each and all Electoral Areas, and a poll for this purpose _;hall be hdd  on Saturday, November 23rd, 1968.  3) Notwithstanding the fact that the question described in Section 1 of the  By-law may fail to receive _t^e Jjecpssjary @��s&)i ^thin erne o/ more of the  Electoral Areas the function may be made applicable in any or all1 &Ef those  Electoral Areas in which the question receives the necessary assent.  4) This by-law may be cited as the "Water Supply and Distribution Assent  By-law No. 21, 1968"  Read a first time this 18th day of October, 1968  Read a second time this 18th day of October, 1968  Read a third time this 18th day of October, 1968  RECONSIDERED Adopted the 25th day of October, 1968.  Take notice that the above is a true copy of the By-law authorizing the  submission of the question therein set forth for the assent of the Owner  Electors of the Regional District Electoral Areas A, B, C, D, E & F and  upon which question the vote of the Owner-Electors of the Regional pistrict  will be t$ken at;���  Electoral Area  A  A  A  . Bt  B  C  D  E  F  F  Poll Station  Egmont School  Garden Bay Laundromat  Madeira Park School  HalJmGonBaylfes_0iKc&      ���.   .-*  West Sechelt School v  Davis Bay, Whitaker Block  Roberts Creek School  Gibsons Heights Elementary School  Hopkins LandingCommunity Hall  Gambier Island Veterans Hall  Sources an�� cannot be expanded. ~ ' -. -��>._'.  ;4- fb& Sunshine Coast has experienced considerable growth in* ^he $ast tgi ^  *   years. To continue to develop" Jand prosper- and jpmpssjn. lhe health'^ of 'the '  cjofiiimplty adequate potable water supplies snust ,^e ipfcgfcpd' ^nd caastibag  spwoes-^roteqte^ jBrom ihe jproblems assopiated wifli^is ^growth.'   ^  ��. ^fptHijtogJy, 'the JR^lonal Board of the Sunshine'Coast Regional'Plistrbt  ^anmimctned Consulting Engineers Daytoii and flight Ltd. to 'study water  siipp^ylfor the Pistrict ^nd & submit reconunendadons on' future- .water  supplyvior the area as a Vjhole'.  '        ' k I"  $.m The r&^mt yia& siu^mitteid on July 26, -1968. Copies may be examined at  '" \tiif R.0^on��_. koard oliEic^ jn Davis Bay.  '  '. : ;! " * -     ���  ,, / WE PLAN  1^e\$imsihine Coast Waterworks Survey, J9.68 recommended implementa-  ,^on of ah ^area-wide, comp^ehaasive water- supply scheme for the JDistrict  ii^sing Chapman Creek as the is^tial source.  r i.    �� '  1y13m? plan comprise? Jflie .integration ��f jsome or all of fhe -existing  utiles ^ato>^on;a_^1^m by:���     ' .'���*���.     J  a) provision j?ind s^_e &i $u&. water, or   "  fe^vpl_|i^;tm^fer,or '";  ���$f&&8& ^ ��� *,'���"'*  2. "tht plan is capable .*& serving ip^OQ people: fa. $$$&#��� there-^ff  I   Zip! potential connections in its 'service area rfipresentibg/a pop^ttoii  _��f ^ver^OOO. ' "    '' '-v'" "' *   "-/^   ��� ' y ' 4  ���*    ^/^nhgiplan and the area to be servedr%��jr -tijie-lasst- 'Sta^e-^of'the 'works is-  shown on the attaSdied drawing.    *'    ' '",.*"!       ' *  4. Subsequent constrwration, which would be implfemehted-'in stages cpm-  inensurate with joeed and financial abilily, woiijd include:  a) extension of the service area and supply facilities westward ^rom West  Sechelt to Halfrnoon Bay, Pender jHarbour, Earis Cove ani E^aaont  areas.  t>) extension of the service area uphill by construction of additional  -mains, reservoirs and pumping stations to serve the bigher pressure  zones.  5. If approved by the Owner Electors, construction would start in the  Spring of 1969.        "       '    jITOancin;g  Tlie construction cost of Stage % of tfae works ,to jserye i^/J^O people is  estimated in the en^gmeering report at $^,165,350 for 1968 prices. Allowing  for price increases in 1969 and 1970, plus bond discounts, administration  costs and interim interest charges, a total figure of $1,40Q,0G9 "has been calculated.  The annual cost to retire jthis bonded Indebtedness over 2Q years and to  administer, operate and maintain the system is $165$Q0 per year.  i To cover the above annual cost, a water rates schedule is proposed that will  incorporate three charges:  1. A flat rate connection charge, payable at the time of connecting to  the system, that will cover the cost of the initial house connection from  the street water main to the property line, ft will be $125.00 for a  3/4-inch connection. ' ,  2. A ^^-parce^tax on all land capable, of being served jn the service  area.1 This tax isvill vary, depending on the size of the parcel, as follows;���  ���   a) tjp to one* acre in area��� $l!25 per month  b) Over onp acre to three acres in area��� $2.50 per month  ]c) Over three acres to ten acres inlarea-  d) Over ten acres��� .           $3.75 per month   $5.00 per month  on the 23rd day of November, 1968 between the hours of eight o'clock in the  forenoon and eight o'clock in the afternoon, and .hit "Charles F. Gooding has  been appointed Returning Officer for the purpose of taking and recording the  vote of electors.  Dated at Davis Bay this 1st day of November, 1968  Charles F. Gooding, Secretary  . ��� r  Appendix 'A' to the "Water Supply" and Dis^cUiution Assent $^Jpw $0,. 21,  1968"  BACKGROUND  1. At present, there are 18 community water systems, serving resident],, on  Sunshine Coast between Port Mellon and1'Egmont, plus numerous private  systems and individual wells. ..,,,:,  2. The condition of the existing ^yaterworks varies from primitive systems  serving a ffcw homes to a fairly sophisticated system in Gibsons serving 600  connections. y 'x.    . .  3. Most of the existing system Jiavc one thing in common���they Jack- adequate  3. A "User" charge for each dwelling or building that connects to the  system and jt&kes water trom it. This charge will vary, depending on  the cost of supplying water to various locations, and is estimated to be  as follows:���  \  .$3.50 per month  \$5.00 per month  B4.0Q per month  1. Sechelt and Selma Park        2. West Sechelt li_    3. Davis Bay i__    4. Area between Davis Bay and Gibsons-  lower pressure zone  $^.00 per month  5. Gibsons Heights-V-second presppjje zone  $4^00 per month  0. Gibsons Hei^t?���ithir^ pressure pne- $8.00 per month  ���7. Chekivjelp, Granthams, Soames ^pint and Hopkins ......-$3.50 per month  8. Langdale-^second pressure zone 'P..... $4.00 per month  ������I '-    ��� , - .       ���  7he '4>9VP "financial zones" are de^neaiecjl on the drawing as Areas 1 to 8.  Halfrnoon JJay, Pender Harbour, Earjs (Gove,  Egmont areas      '��� Comparable rates to be established.  ONJ-Y THOSE Q^NI^-EUECIQRS WtyO WJJLL BE SERVEp BY THE  NEW SYSTEM OR WHOSE PROPERTY IS CAPABLE OF BEING SERVED,  WILL BE CHANGED.  /  U.WW  iNiiimi'iitiAtrii *"*�� umimmiY  (INANCIM    IOW   IMIimilANT ^f  ra<>f*u<ir.ii o**' rKMjjttt-  I'lUH'tlllfll |1M^*SlMK��(  J  psir  SUNSHISfC COAST REGIONAL pIQTRICT  1ST  STjiGE WATERWORKS PLAN  " ' ,&%ffi'lt��fofr^   -"   P   ���'   ,  WHEjREAS the JRegio^al B^8?4 is .empow^r^ .with respect .to JKat j^art  pf the Re^onal Pi^ict mpwj$mt V(W* 'cU&twet; j&ytn. bPvJm&e iQ^Memke  $&y work Or s.erviceiunder'^eproyisiopsff P^rt^VJ:of *fce *'Mwici|^ $&*..  .AND WHEREAS it is 4&E^;ro��afiien_ to esfaiblish a ispepiJS^l'^^s^der  the jptrovisions of Section 6|j. qT t|e ^M��n|cipal Act? in Electoral A��ea(s A., B.,  C, t>,, JE.;"and'F for the p^jpose of ptoviding ai^tSng"on Wharves and areas  accessible to 'the public.'     ><^'���1   ^   ���''-,,   ., . ���  x ,>,,   4W. ,.  THEREFORE the Regional Board of the Sunshine .Coast Re^onal District  in open meeting assembled, ENACTS AS FOLLOWS;  ' 1. Electoral Areas A, B, C, P, B and F are hereby established as a special  area of the Sunshine Coast Regional' ^strict to be known as The Sunshine  jCoasl Wharf And FubEc Access Mating Service Area. IWs area comprises the  .whole of Jhe',Stunslune Coa��t Regional Dktiict' excluding the mumcipplities of  )Gibsoris and Secielt       y    ]\ >]' Y       \  H 53ie' Sunshine Co^st! Be^dhal District1 is hereby authorized to enter  %  publicii^ein J^e^ea^^^^bdye/Y-'  3. A ^ate sufecient ^>��''$p ccst of the service ^eluding ^o^^nces  ���for damage,'addiWal"^P��esj,and a^riiriistralaon ^xail be lewed andVaised  .on all land and Ji_piov&����]ats cxc^u^irig ?aSl property of lbs B..C Uydro and  Power ^.Jhority; iubject^to.taxatipn as fixed for -schpol purposes within ihe  ^gional JDist^ct t^c^3ngsJ^e mBn|cipaliti6p.    J  4. This by-lftw/.l&f^^ assent-of the" owner-  .clectors of the .Regional District cj^ludujgg .the 'Muni^paHties,'  $. This by-law ^all take ��ffect on Hhe date of adoption by the JRegional  JBoard. " j1"/  6. This by-law may be cited ap The Sunshine Coast JRegfonal District Wharf  and Pub^c Access Lifting fy-l^w Wo, M *?(%"',  Read a first times this 27jth day 'of iSeptember, 1968  Read a second time this 27th day of September, 19,68  Read a third time this 27th day of September, 1968  APPROVED by the Inspector of Municipalities the 30th day of October,  1968.  Take notice that the above is a true copy of the proposed by-law upon which  the vote of the Owner-Electors of Electoral areas A, B, C, D, E & F will be taken  at;���  Electoral Area  A  A  A  B ^  !/  D  E  F  F  Poll Station  Egmont School  Garden Bay Laundromat  Madeira Park School  Halfrnoon Bay Post Office  West Sechelt School  Davis Bay, Whitaker Block  Roberts Creek School  Gibsons Heights Elementary School  Hopkins Landing Community Hall  Gambier Island Veterans Hall  on the 23rd day of November, 1968 between the hours of eight o'clock in the  forenoon and eight o'clock in the afternoon, and that Charles F. Gooding has  been appointed Returning Officer for the purpose of taking *lnd recording "the  vote of electors.  Dated at Davis Bay this 1st day of November, 1968  Charles F. Gooding, Secretary  EXPLANATORY NOTE  Approval of this By-law by Owner-Electors would authorize the Regional  Board to provide lighting in areas such as public wharves and the total cost  throughout the District is not expected to exceed $1000 or a mill rate of  approximately .033.  BY-LAW No. 19  Being a by-law to establish a street lighting service area within lhe  Regional District.  WHEREAS the jRegional $oard is empowered with respect to that part  of the Regional District not within a city, district, town or village to undertake  'any Work or service under the provisions of. Part XVI of the ^'Municipal Xcfl  AND WHEREAS it is deemed expedient to establish a specified area under  the provisions of Section 616'of'the "Municipal Act" in the Davis Bay-Wilson  Creek area for the purpose of providing street lighting.  THEREFORE the Regional poard of the Sunshine Coast Regional District  in open meeting assembled, ENACTS AS'FOLLOWS:'  1. The following area is hereby established as a special area of the  Sunshine Coast Regional District to be known as:  Davis Bay-Wilson Creek Street Lighting Service Area. The area is  shown outlined in red on attached map and comprises District Lots Nos:���  1379, 1356 and 102$ ^uid includes any unsurveyed and unlisted land,  leases or water lots.  2. The Sunshine Coast Regional District is hereby authorized to enter  into a' contract or agreement with British,Columbia Hydro and JPower Authority  to provide street lighting in the 'prea defined above.       V     ;  3. A rate sufficient to pay th.p cost of sei^ice inching allpwaijces for  damage, -addilionai fixtures, and administration shall be levied and raised on  all land and improvements, excluding all property of the B.C. Hydro and Power  Authority, subject to taxation as fixed for school purposes within the Davis  Bay-Wilson Creek Lighting Service Area.  4. Jhis By-law, before adoption, shall receive tlie assent of the owlner-  electors within the Davis Jiay-Wilspn Creek Lighting Service Area.  5. This By-Jaw shall take effect on the date of adoption by lhe Regional  Board.  6. This By-law may be cltppl as the "Duvls Bay-Wilson Qrepk Street  ^Lighting Service Area By-law No. J 9, J 908". '  Read a first time this 26th ^ay of July, J 968  Read a second time this 26th day of July, 1968  Read a third lime this 26th day of July, J968  APPROVED BY THE Inspector of Municipalities, lhe 30th day of October,  J968,        ..1 ���  Take notice that the above is p true copy of lhe proposed By-law up<'"  which the vote of the Owner-Electors of JRloctrnl Area C owning properly  within the area defined by the By-law will be taken at:���  DAVJS BAY,' WHITAKKR BLOCK  on the 23rd day of November/ 3968 between t|ie hours of eight o'clock in Uhe  forenoon and eight o'clock in the afternoon ;md that Charles F. Gooding jh����  jbeem appointed Returning Officer jl'or the purpose of tiding und recording ih*  vole of electors.  Dated at Davis Bay this 1st day of November, 1968  ���    1  '    ���      " CharicB F." Ooodipg, Secretary  EXPLANATORY NOTE  Approval of the above By-law would authorize the Regional Pislricf  Board to install and nu.inh.in street lighting in the area, The estimated cos. in  $2,300.00 per annum which represents an approximate mill rate of 2.15.    .1.  r_  i  _ii��i^W**^(M��*^'f.,*,r,'t*��,^-''T,*'i,'W'f"��t,'��*Wt�� -i&^v^pfh^-,  ����jc w ^*rf.s��^. ,";;��"���" scY'^f c  ' "l,7<7iaf t'*��  ���* " -k lv  y_.**^p >�����^^>^f��*^>v**r*;f/^^V,���^^���^y*^V^^^  p-  BY-tAW Wo. 18  'J-  IteaEg a foy-law to est^lish a wharf fighting semee ami ->ti_-a fhe f_eg.onal  _. - ' -  _   - .-r-.-~ 0Satf&   -~V^   -" -     ^  -  ��.  , ���I^H__REAS The f-e^onal Boai^.'fs'enJpowered.'with re*sp&ct to ihat part  '��f the Regional District not within a^y/district,,town or village to undertake  ahy woxsk or semee sunder ihe provisions of P&it Xyi of the "Municipal Act",  , ��� AND WHEREAS it is deemed expedient to estsjblisfc a-specified area under  " 'titepxmteisms of Section 616 of the "Munielppt Act" in the Gambier Harbour '  JNew Brighton-West Bay a*ea of Gambier Island5for the purpose of providing  lighting on Carves and areas accessible to Jibe public,  THEREFORE TheRe^onal Board of the Sunshine Coast Regional District  in open meeting assembled, ENACTS AS FOLLOWS;  L Th& following area is hereby -established as a special area of the  Sunshine Coast Regional District; to be known as:  GamMer Harbour-West Bay-New Brighton Wharf afcd Public Access  Lighting Service Area.  Tin? -area is shown outlined in red on the attached map ahd comprises District  Lots Nos. 1297; 1409; 3161; 3164; 847; and 276S and includes any im-  surveyed and unlisted land, leases of water lots.  2. The Sunshine Coast Regional District is hereby authorized to enter  into an agreement or contract with British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority  to provide lighting on the wharves and other places in public use in the  area defined above.  3. A rate sufficient to pay the cost "of the service including allowances  for damage, additional fixtures, and administration shall, be levied and raised  on all land and improvements excluding all property of the B>C. Hydro and  Power Authority, subject to taxation as fixed for school purposes within the  Gambier Harbour, New Brighton, West Bay wharf and Public Access Lighting  Service Area.  4. IMS' by-law, before adoption, shall receive the assent of the owner-  clfcctors within the Gambier Harbour-New Brighton-West Bay wharf and Public  access lighting service area.  5. This By-law shall take effect on the date of adoption by the Regional  Board.  6. This By-law may be cited as the. "Gambier Harbour-New Brighton-  West Bay Wharf and Public Access Lighting By-law No; 18, 1968".  Read a first time this 26th day of July, 1968  Read a second time this 26th day of July, 1968  Read a third lame this 26th day of July, 1968  _ APPROVED by the Inspector of Municipality, the 3_��th day of October,  1968.  "' '-���'... '  Take notice that the above is a tnie copy of the proposed by-law upon!  which the vote of the Owner-Electors of Electoral Area F owning property  within the area defined by the By-law will be tajcen at:���  GAMBIER ISLAND VETERANS HALL  on the 23rd day of November, 1968 between the hours of eight o?clock in the  forenoon and ei^it o'clock in the afternoon and that Charles F. Gooding has  been appointed Returning Officer for the purpose of taking and recording the   *_3!l��:<_.--��__��*G^ ,...,.....,......;.  Dated at Davis Bay this 1st day of November, 1968  My  swdden Venture  Vfednmdoy, Kovemfrgr .13, 1^&3    *Shs PeahmSa times.. -     Page Br3  T  Charles F. Gooding, Secretary    "' ' 4t ���.--������������         -.-.,. - ���'...- ��� ^      .  EXPLANATORY NOTE  Approval of the above By-law would authorize the Regional Board to  mai&tam.ieM^ Gambier Harbour ahd; NewBrighton and  install other lighting as and when required. Present annual costs are approximately  $100 and with expansion of the service as, and when required, the total cost is  not expected Ito exceed $500 which sum includes provision for installation  charges.  BY-LAW No. 17  Being a by-law to establish a street lighting service within the Regional District.  WHEREAS The Regional Board is empowered with respect tq that part of  the Regional District not within a city, district, town or village to undertake  any vyork or service under the provisions of Part XVI of the' "Municipal Act .  AND WHEREAS it is deemed expedient to, establish a .specified area  under the provisions of Section 616 of the Municipal Act in the Langdale  area for the purpose of providing ;;j5|reet lighting.  THEREFORE the Regional Board of the Sunshine Coast Regional District  in open meeting assembled, ENACTS AS FOLLOWS:  1. The following area is hereby established as a special area of the Sunshine  Coast Regional District to be known as: ....       A  Langdale Lighting Service Area. The area is shown outlined m red  on attached map and comprises District Lot No.  1400 and includes  any unsurveyed and unlisted land, leases or water lots.  2 The Sunshine Coast Regional District is hereby authorized to1 enter  into a'contract or agreement with British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority  to provide street lighting an the area defined above.  3. A rate sufficient to pay the cost of the kervice including allowances  for damage, additional fixtures, and administration shall be levied and raised,  on all land and improvements excluding all property of the B.C. Hydro and  Power Authority, subject to taxation as fixed for school purposes within the  Langdale Lighting Service Area.  4. This By-law, before adoptiob, shall receive the assent of the owner-  electors within the Langdale Lighting Service Area.  5. This By-law shall take effect on the date of adoption by the Regional  Board. , '  6. This By-law may bc cited as the'"Langdale Street Lighting Service Area  By-law No. 17, 1968".  Read a first time this 26th day of July, 1968  Read a second time this 26th day of July, 1968  Read a third time this 26th day of July, 1968  APPROVED by the Inspector of Municipalities, the 30th day of October,  J 96*.  Take notice that the above is a true copy *qf the proposed by-law upon  which the vote of lhe Owner-Electors of Electoral Area F owning property  wilhin the area defined by the By-Jaw, will be taken at:  HOPKINS LANDING COMMUNITY HALL  on thc 23rd day of November, 1968 between thc hours of eight, o'clock in lhe  forenoon and eight o'clock in the afternoon and that Charles F. Gooding has  been appointed Returning Officer for lhe purpose of taking and recording thc  vote of electors. (  Paled at Davis Bay this 1st day of November, 1968  '* , l n  ��� PAET'-IJwo; Three quarters #ie way across  - JCahada and still in tfine fettle, Jfcwnpg  j___ Gxawetihiir&i, 1 travelled oh fflghwpy  VI, a six lane divided freeway going  ���tliwigli OriUia io Toronto, Along 'its sway.  I shwtid have turned ofif at Wasbego _*nto  Highway 12 which, would take me strait  mho Qsbawa, "but somehow 3 missed th*  exit sign. The _ra__c was fast and ibeayy  and bow I go. o_f tibat freeway and onto  i_ae irlghit Ibiglway, m never itenow,        ',  'fiventuaiUy I reached Osbawa to su'ch  a warm, welcome feon my family and incidentally in time fox dinner. Utey wsjre  astounded that I had driven so far and was  not tired from eight days travelBng. fJverj'-  one I met seemed to think 1 bad perfwaned  quite a Seat ibut to one the journey had tfp\  been d_ffieutt* indeed it was full <of itttej-est  all #fe way.  It was wonderful after seven yeais to  again see my daughter Stella, son-in-law  John and 15 year old granddaughter lies-  ley and we had a grand visit of two weeks.  During that time I went by train tto Montreal to visit my 20 year old granddaughter  Cathie, who had a summer'joh at ithe^Jtoj--  al Montreal Golf cluh out at He JBizard.  Arriving early, I had a toowse around the  Jfaib-iloti'S Pla'ce VaUe Marie, a group of  'ipecialty shops helow ground which, were  ��pened at the same time as the "Metro  Underground .Railway an preparation for  E*jh_ Later I waited in,(the Q_%ea S3iza-  toe-h Hotel ilounge until 'Calhie jbireezed in  -rath '"HeOlo Gran", We walked over to  ���Bonayentee going through a small park  where we stopped to view an Art fSMbit  and watch the outdoor dancing. Everyone  enjoying themselves in Major I>rapeau*s  gay Montreal. Cathie took me, to Charlie  Brown's Steak and Chop House; at was so  dim there that I could have wished for ,a  flashlight] The .dinner was delicious ibut  when I picked up the 'bill, I then knew why  the management ikeep the lights-low!  .. We visited JExpo. next .day;. ��y__ryibing  we saw was most interesting from the side  on the Minirail to the spectacular flfo depicting life' in Canada' ifrom- Newfoundland  to British Columibia. Cathie was: so fafraid  the .waafring wpultl.;itke.mej.. but she doesn't  'jknow heir grandmother���:she had to. ask 'to  res-t for a whUeJ It was a wonderful two  days and happy interlude.  Back in Oshawa for a few days, after  which imy daughter and husband left for  a three weeks course at the University of  Denver, (Left to my own devices, I decided  to continue Eastward, and having obtained  A.A.A. maps, set off. I crossed the border  at Cornwall, over Lake Champlain and drove through New York State, Vermont, New  Hampshire and Maine.  The highway traverses pleasant countryside and towns, "some of which are mot  :_<ma__ It was, at tames, difficult to Bind my  ���way through, them and _��� needed, .six eyes  or else a mavigator; however I aecompli-  shed it; Everywhere I "stopped people .were  firiost Jhelpftil .and much surprisedxat the  'B.C.Ylicence and *he feet that I was travelling alone.  I have so often read of the pleasure of  driving through Vermont and although the  day was overcast and xain began to drizzle,  - -it was <_o beautiful. lively trees' 2nd rolEM*  .-countryside and interesting looking hou- '  ses .which really seem to have s-uch individual character.  A motor inn at Montpelier, Vermont was  any first <night% stop. Next day the weather  icleaned as _ drove through St. J?ohnsbury;  Eumford:; Farmington; Skewhegan and dn  to Bangor, Over the.bride t6 Brewer and  on .6 the ,eoast road tfeougfi Cherryfield  and Machias .crossing.into New Brunswick  ..from Calais to St; Steipheh!" The highway  ' goes through Utopia Game Kefuge but I did  not see any yvM life. That night 1 stayed  at a smal motel���. near- St. Ceorge; this  was a "Mom and Pap" deal and while  ���not luxurious 7 was quite adequate for my  wants."  Next morning I took my time in reaching St. John, turning off on a scenic route  round Dipper Hairibour. Gazing out over the  ���by 0S0 WanJen  misty sea, I felt iiuiie i?eartened 4o realise /  I had .triven from coast to coast On to .  St. John and the Reversing Falls which I  have seen foefore. A very fine tourist bureau here *wi_h an excellent dining <roo_a, ,  featuring ��f course, Atlantic sea food. After  lunch, I phoned a relative and alter a visit  and citp of tea continued on to -Fnedericton.  The highway is very altered since my last  visit, the ���Government having taken over a  vast area to enlarge Camp Gagetown.  Approaching Fredericton with its lovely  old elm trees and church spires, I experienced much joy in having travelled so far  and in being welcomed with such warmth  by my son-in-law's family. Their home is  a gracious example of early Canadian  architecture, set among lawns and stately  trees witb a fine view of the'Saint John  River from the screened in verandas. This  residence was the first frame house built  m Fredericton and has been the home iof  many eminent people during its long life.  The Anglican Cathedral too is historical,  being the first cathedral to be built in  Canada.  On Saturday morning I drove my hostess  to the Fanner's Market, a fascinating place  with many stalls loaded with produce;  pickles, jdes and live pigs to beet, broccoli  and butter. Everyone so friendly and a  real get-together for tbe fanners and their  wives. Frederic-ion is of course Lord Bea-  verbrook's town as evidence, by the fine  Art Gallery, Play House. Skating Sink and  enlarged University. While there I was  taken to the summer home on Grand Lake  by the younger members of "the family.  It was interesting to be there again and  enjoy the walks in the woods accompanied  by ihe family wire-haired terrier and to  swim in the Lake -with Geordie and Mary.  Back in Fredericton for a few days  when with great reluctance I left the warm  hospitality of the Russel Evans clan and  headed once more for the New England  States and Oshawa. {to be continued).  <;.'"���.?_  8��S  CHR!SHg_5 MIMk AND TEA  2<Sn_i * % pjm. to 3 jje-sst.  At The Secheli Legion Hall  RAFFLE - BAKE SALE  FISH POND  stc;-  P-    ^  BtERYONE WELCOME  What retirement means to the lady of  the house is twice as much husband on  half as much income.  JESPBQALLY FOR  STUDENTS IN THE  PENINSULA AREA  Tfae West Veacoaver Tefering College ltd.,  1473 Gjrde.Avenue, West Vancouver, will  fee open eveiy Sottzrday ior Students from  Grades 1  to 12 w&t> cteed extra ttiitton,  CoO 922-0869 for further  (oIoimoBio-i ���  SiHVlCE ���� TNE  SpetMtsi.m ��H._3<ss-_5.g Isist^s-loia, ms*  Hot; A&r FiiTOsees.  Red Fauteux-Agent for "Flame Heating"  For complete design audi l-isfelM-ffin,  eWmemt smd proBupt semce  with  os. - mmiiu.  mamam  eac  tiso_tpi__Js!__lor<flsj__y6d-ythoUquorC_m!^eeardcrt^th_  otB_tis_<  yg����iw����^^  SS3SE  BB=!ECi  i__sa__  .  DtYGOODS  CMtLMtl_$I AHD HMFAHTS  WEAH  LADIES' SPDRTS WEAR  Phone C86-9994  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  xrave  AT YOUR POPULAR  LUMBER AND BUILDING  SUPPLIES  Serving The Sunshine Coast  GULfF BUILDING  SUPPLIES  885-2283 - Sechelt, B.C.  ssus  BUM  jgjSHIHggg^a  KING SIZED MEALS  AT BUDGET PRICES  ot  CJ.arlcN I. CJooding, Secret nry  ���     ��� '  EXPIANAWttV NOTE  App^mal of <hc nlnovc By-law would ilulliorize lhe Regional Board to inslall  and maintain i^roct JipjUinR in the area. TJic estimated cost k $970 per annum  wlikh represents an approxiuwt^ wiJl rate ol 3.22.  isuu mm-m  ON HIGHWAY 101 nt SECHaT  FOR TAKE OUT ORDERS  PHONE 885-2311  RECUSES  Brought to you' by  these progressive  places of business  Honey - A Natural Sweet for Pancates and Waffles  Poncol-cs ore alwoy. a treo. but wbol a Iroot whem lopped wllh mcltlno butter  ond jjrnotbcrred wjlh delicious honey syrup. Liquid honey as nature mokes It and we buy  it is really lob thick to pour but con be easily thinned to the consistency of syrup by  mixing a little waler with it. To go a step further butter may .be ���added to the syrup  heated just enough to melt the butler. For a lloh _ delicately flavored syrup which Is  especially pood with waffles honey and crpom blend together perfectly.  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Add water to honey and mi* well. ,  rllSQiSflfSBfSS  <__3E_i  VISIT OUR LARGE DISPLAY  OF TOP QUALITY NEW  AND USED FURNITURE  Appliances - T.V. - Rodio  tfhone 885-2058   -   SecfceSt, B.C  ��  .  BjUL /    j  HEATEMG & SllflFLiEp    )  Yew Kemtone  Shemin Williams  Paint Dealer  xYhoste 886-9533  mmarnrn       | ' I  Where  Fashion is a byword  Smart Shoppers are  round at . . .  Iff0f@||0 S  Fdsliiiiii Sm>|pp0  Gibsoos, B,C - FK Sf_S^941  1 nip liquid hontry-  HONEY AMD BUTTER SYRUP  -2. to 3 tablespoons woter^���A tablespoons butter.  Add water and bullcr to honey. Heat until butter is meltdd. MIk wdl. Servo wom��7  VMfFUES j   '  JFolbw recipe for pancakes, using 2 eggs ond 1 /A wp (Wrltfd fcutMr, Pirt enough  hotter, about Vi c����p, into prel��e>atrd waffle maker to fill b_>t|_>tr| fldd. Close maker ot  once and bak* ��jnt��l slwoming Mops. Makes alxiut 6 waffles. 'S*rvo with Money Oram  Syrup.  HOMEY CREAM SYRUP  1 cup honey *��� Vt c~p worn.  Hewt honey. Stir owm in slowly Serve warm or cooled.  wm  ���ESS  IffUPffllf  ss  ___S__2_S__1_  sU  us  s#��B_ifftfeia  ^5g A &��W  WILL COMP1XTTE-LY BM5TALL  A HEW SMELA. {FUBMACE  Complete   with  oil   burner,,   duds  work cmJ oil toank in your home.  OM  Bud f-ietfft*  yew ��f*e!l  Oil  Diarrfbutor.  086-2133 <as5ffi��ffl_v ^C  '  ^^^^^  ,tf^M^^^*1,^i,��Vr^1,,^W.ftlffflL,.^t,l*'<.9f.'T,Tlf'^r'  _t_,*f,j��w^'>��f,^|i''^,'tt'*W|Wr*! "^ rMr ���<*y>-f*****  Lr0!*^^H*fr*ai^i4.x4qti*  ***fi4*m��m�� ^��'^W��"^,1! */w_ *> %?_fW&��#_,  I  I*  jj3srtw'*:r*"  Page 8-4  s.$?  T&e -P__s��mufa Tub^s  ^^S^SSa SecheltNMes  %4  The  I jssay ��e waqg, fetor i j___f nor to ��o wrong as to fail to say what t believe to be tight.*  -���John Aim**  Douglas G. Wbeeleb, Editor -  aK--a--____________________a_��___-____a___l  Stewart B. A-SGakd, Publisher  4MBII10)  would be given overwhelming support.  Unfortunately, It it to be presented at a  time when -water is abundant ahd human  nature being what it is, it is more than  �� WHAT could well be the rise and fall  t of the  Sunshine Coast  Regional  ^ District    will   be    decided   Saturday,  fcs November 23rd when between the hours  ,   of 8 aan. and 8 p___ fhe electorate wiU   possible many memories will Tiave dim-  �� have the opportunity to show faith in its   roed. Result of this could very well be  �� representatives. a negative reaction and one which might  %       The issue at stake does not reflect   deny the board its first real opportunity  3 upon any one board member but vpon   to show just what can be accomplished  f the board as a whole. We have a board    by a Regional District  2  I  r  __  ��.  fe  i  elected by the people and while it is a  matter of opinion whether each and  every one is worthy of the faith vested  in him, it is a fairly safe assumption  that sufficient intelligence predominates  to the extent that any proposed function  has been well and truly debated and  considered worth while.  On the question of By-law No. 21  which is approval of water supply and  distribution as a function, it might be  said that such approval could pave the  way for a practical and long overdue approach to the seasonal water situation  affecting so many residents on the  Peninsula.  Two years ago during an exceptionally long, warm, dry spell the shortage of water in a number of smaller communities was acute. At that time individuals and groups raised great protestations and sought ways and means by  which a comprehensive system might be  established.  Following various surveys at considerable expense, such a system has now  been devised and will ultimately provide  ample water for almost everyone. The  exceptions, of course wiU be those who  have elected to reside in out of the yay  locations.  Should the By-law be presented djur-  ing a dry spell when a water sh  in evidence, then there is little doubt]  _j  4%  There are those of us who quite  complacently argue that we have no water  problems and why should we have to help  pay for those who have not. This is a  particularly narrow outlook for it should  be borne in mind that there are those  of us who enjoy many facilities including  ample water supply due to earlier approval which in some cases was probably  given by those who did not require it.  In these limes of comparative  affluence it is very easy to forget that  others have to live too but it'is a sorry  attitude and certainly not one conducive  to a responsible society.  Shortage of secondary industries is  one of the reasons so many of our young  people have to leave their homes to seek  employment in cities and outside communities, whereas in most cases they  would prefer to remain in their own district with people they know. This situation will continue until we have adequate  water. Sewers too are required if the  larger villages are to grow but at this time  water is the big issue affecting a large  part of the population residing in the unorganized areas.  We can only hope that when the time  comes, voting will not be clouded by  selfishness and petty politics. The old  adage changes not; united we stand  divided we fall.  tsp  ��  MEMBEES of _5T SecfcfiE _djnu_Ja*y tSTSE ~  ~ J___^sTI��spl-3_ were j__I��W*i>����ud7aiB&  iiappy* to _>e"gu__l��" at lite ���"Appxetfaitiim  T?a'F given,, by %& Board **>| Trustees ��f  St' Muty's Jaospital*,- tbe 'MsdtssQ. stag  and fhe' management, I3tg name chosen  Ur.tbe tea -Was most appropriate iand the  Dogwpod crest at %e Awsiharies beautifully executed by ithe a(___j__tpator Sir.  T. Wagemakers. Dr, Crosby and Ms very  able assistants gave a most interesting  demonstration of the equipment bought by  the Auxiliaries. -     <  This appears to be the first time Auxiliaries have been thanked in such a delightful way. Receiving -a personal invitation  and the warm welcome extended tp each  and everyone made for a Lhappy occasion.  By taking time off from their busy activities the staff and Board members made  Auxilary members feel that they play an  important part in this wonderful work. ���  VISITORS  Mr and Mrs Deb Heaslip of West Vancouver were weekend guests of Mr. and  Mrs. Bob Noraunton, Sea View Lane,  Mr. and Mrs.' Ted Osborne Jr. and Mr.  and Mrs. Ralph Dunn were visitors on  Sunday to their parents heme, Mr. and  Mrs Ted Osborne Sr,  Mr. and Mrs. Karl Van Spengen had as  weekend guests the latter's parents and  sister Mary visiting for the weekend.  SCHOOL MEWS  Qn Friday, the day after Halloween,  Mrs Lang's grade 3 class at Sechelt Elementary school put on a play called "The  little white rabbit who wanted red wmgs".  This was a repeat performance to enable  the kindergarten, grades one and two and  West Sechelt children to see the play. Parents of the grade 3 class were also also invited and about 25 adults were present  Following the play, Mr Read gave a party  for the children entertaming them with  games and a peanut scramble.  "Are you sure you're not being just st little presumptuous, Harry  i  SHOULD we at The Times print  the news that makes its way to  news desk or should we print just  which we decide is "good" for the public  eye?  This question was put to us recently  f on two separate occasions. First we were  asked to ignore suggestions that came out  in an open debate and second we were  asked not to print "in full" remarks made  in a public report.  First objection was that the information wouldn't be "good" for the general  public's e>e; and the second one was that  a slip of the tongue, or a .comma in the  wrong place could lead to hair splitting  by opponents.  Both reasonable objections, but both  ignoring the function of a newspaper:  "A newspaper exists only because it  is the purveyor of news. If it ceases to  publish the news in a reasonably complete form, it presently ceases to exist, for  the public doom it to a swift or a linger-  __����-&12__iS___S; "**"'�� Philosophy  Daily News.  When a newspaper omits to print  "certain" pieces of news it is in effect  editorializing. One of the most effective  ways of dealing with an upstart is to put  him in -Coventry", or ignore him. And  just as there is no surer way of thwarting  an upstart than by ignoring him, there  if no surer way for an editor to kill an  issue than by ignoring it. But editorial  opinions in a good newspaper arc limited  to thc editorial page. They arc not contained in news columns.  Should the editor of a newspaper al  low himself to don the cap of the censor?  Should me, when he sees a piece of copy  that may appear not to be in "good taste"  throw it into the wastepaper basket?  Should he listen to the pundits ih the  political arena when they say, "people  will get the "wrong idea if you print that  story?"  ' We%t Tbe limes think that the public  will not be accurately informed until they  are fully informed. We feel that the  people of the Peninsula are sufficiently  sophisticated to sift the sense from the  nonsense when they read full unbiased  reports on what is happening in their  community.  And i we feel that those who try to  suppress information because it isn't in  the "best" public interest are setting themselves on a plain above we mortals.  At the expense of sounding trite we  repeat an adage from Times files: "If you  don't want it printed, don't say it"  The PENmsuui^/dme^  Published Wednesdays a] Sechelt  os. B.C.'* Su__Jt___c Coast  by  Scchcll PcnictMila IJimcs. Lid.  Boa 381 - Scchc!:, B.C.  Douglas G. Wheeler, tailor  S. B. Alsgard, Publisher  Subscription Kates:  (in advance.  Vc__. S? -  2   \��m_,  JV  -   J  Veara. $13  OS. mad Forcifn. J5.50  Serving th, area from Fort Mellon to Egmt  ' [Howe Sound to Jfrnt inlet!  I  DO YOU put off buying Life Insurance?  BECAUSE: You can't afford it!  YOU CAKT GET MlfTICIENT COVERAGE FOR YOUR MONEY!  A combination %A fvilicirrt coverage and low to*, moon* no return  of mowcy nurettcd!  Zurich l.��fe con fntX tooeihrr a j>u1icy  w.tich c��ir> o>cM.'.wir>��. further delay, in  prv.kUny    t.K-   p*wted_>_   you've   tnx-n  l'.��'j*i��>3 for!  rXAMPLC; A man 25 yews, of oqo can  obtain  $25,000 protection for lens than  I. I_> per month ond Mill hove Quorontcod  c.a:.h values ond dividends.  -VOULDMT YOU Um TO KNOW MORI APOUT SUCH A FLAW  ��� i  Dare Hopkin will be happy to explain ibe above plan fo you.  Write  Box 500, dbumt, B.C. or telephone  886-2881   or 806-7446  Random Thoughts  REMINDER  A reminder to members and friends of  the Order of tbe Eastern Star to attend  tbe annual Fall Tea and Bazaar, next Sa1-  urday at the Roberts Creek CommmtiY  Hall from 2-4 pjm. This has always beei  an enjoyable occasion and a good opportunity to choose some interesting ajpd inexpensive items for Christmas.  HERE AND THERE  Sechelt is hearing regularly! from Bill  and Linda McDeraud who are Saving' at  Clark Hall Plantation on the Island of "'  mlmca in British West Indies. Bill is wwi  mk with Doiiji-Can Timber and is mstrucj  ing the native people in modem log  methods. According to Linda. Bill is fa^  ac_ir_og a taste for native food and  are both enjoying the wonderful  Capt. and Mrs Jones formerly of Que  nel are now residing in their new home on  the Sunshine -Coast Highway They are the  HAVE YOU noticed -hait people who write  columns for��� newspapers sametimes  cheat' They doo'it write a coluann, fey  copy one.  Sometimes they shuffle thirougli correspondence, and one of -heir fans gets a  chance to air his views, soanettmes .hey  admit to lifting excerpts _rom other writers,  and sometimes they string together the  odds and ends off rtfbexr own thoughts.  I would not presume to call myself a  columnist, but I'm not adverse to aimitating  my betters  There's no use browsing through my fan  mail for a iCOluimn--I don't get any. The  books around ihere are no hs_p at all The  only thing 1 could Haft from * 'Woody Wood-  chuck or "The Boy's Own Annual," is  peanut butter.  The only thing left for me to do, is to  ���-by Mary Gross  get something far nothing, it's worth ]u&t  that" _>aes this include "'free" love?  The fragile flower of .freedom blooms  only when rooted in responsibihty.  The person most Oikely to benefit from  a heart transplant is a gjssip  dance, your sen-  by   thunderous  If you go to a teenage  ses will be bombarded  sound, blinding, shifting _4ht, and incessant  motion You can experience the same sense saturation on a much vaster scale, and  with infinite variety, if you go down to the  sea.  0?l���I  Doctor of Optometry  204 Vancouver Block  Vancouver, B.C.  I Will be in Sechelt  Monday, Mov0 18fh  For an appointment for*  eye examination phone  new owners of Ithe property formerly own- I rummage "about ^ny head  .a/.   \w   H/TV     11-_4 \ T./fv*--     C*     lUf_*��TV_k*��T-nt^ I  ���Harry W. Fletcher  REPORTING  It's hard to enthuse when society news  Poesn't tell what it knows as it used to;  And all tbat gets printed is censored and  stinted,  Which shows what the press is reduced to.  What Mrs. Jones wore, and the tabic decor  Is only exciting as chit-chat.  But docs the reporter say Mrs. Jones' daughter  Got drunk and was conked with a brick-bat?  And how can we trace who trumped  Whowasit's ace?  Or what tlie gal said���phew, What language!  And why don't they tell us what husband got  jealous.  And who gol his eye in a banduge?  In this cautious age the society page  Must never hurt anyone's feelings.  But not such conditions restrict lhc renditions  Of politic's wheelings and dealings.  The truth shouldn't hurt, so let's print the dirt,  l*ut ihls on subscribers' prospectus.  J.ct sports writers handle thc choice bits of  scandal  Since freedom of press will protect lis.  lint as ev'ryone knows\ we'll never disclose  One half thai gets told the reporter.  Though he's got thc talent, the editor's gallant;  That's why we don't print half we oughter.  ed by Mr andlMrs  C  McDermid.  The wedding of Miss Vicky Dunne, only  daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Dunne  and granddaughter of Mr and Mrs. Ted  Osborne, to Mr. Alfred Gerald De Boer  took place on _5a_miay, November 9 m  Renfrew United C3iurc_t, Vancouver, BC  The reception was held in the Sands Hotel  Sechelt Hospital Auxiliary members  back on 1__e mend after recent illnesses  are Margaret Burley, Ada Dawe and Mar  garet Williams.  , Mr. and Mrs. L. Chamberlain and trav  dlling companions Mr. and Mrs. Earl  Crick spent a very enjoyable week hunting  at Black Water in the Cariboo. Within the  week they had their moose. Les and Polly  then travelled to 93 Mile House for a visit  with Polly's brolher. Spending the last  wefek of their holiday on Vancouver Island  they visited their son Richard and his wife  Pat. Richard is a teacher at Port McNeil  SchooL I  DAVIS BAY NEWS  Ending a three month tour of USA and  Canada, recent visitors to Mr. and Mrs.  C. G. Lucken were their war time friends  from Tauranga, New Zealand, Mr. and  Mrs. Mayhill.  After a 22 year span there was much  family news to relate. like most New Zea-  landers, Mr. Mayhill is an arden angler,  and was very impressed with tbe local  sport fishing, also the captive whale, and <  the sight of hundreds of salmon spawning  in the local creeks.  Mrs. Marlene Williams, of Arbutus  Drive, Davis Bay has now returned honu'  following an operation in Grace' Hospital  in Vancouver. Her friends and neighbors  are glad to have her back again, and wish  her a speedy recovery.  Pender Hlgnlites  i ���by Karen Dombroski  PENDER Harbour students have the green  and pink jitters with the teachers till,  getting together ito record the rctwrt curd  marks for the first term. The report eiuch  came out Friday.  'We were very pleased to hosi the Van-  anda teams on 'November 2. The results  were: Junior girl's volleyball ��� Vaimtuhi.  basketball���Pender. Junior boys volley bull  ���Pender;  basketball���Pender.  Thanks to IIaw-1 Wray  and  Mrs. Whit  taker for the delicious chill ot>n-carnJ  Our volleyball team put up a gt>i>d li,',|ii  to win over th�� Lady'is Keep Fit Class, This  j    game   provided  excitement  for   all   ijirl..  when they iplayed the "Mums".  ���Mitwi,, immm, we can still iask�� those  delicious candy apples the Grad elms  (club) made find sold. Too bad ..here* were-  n't enough for the hungry line up their c|.  forts brought in.  All ithosc {vt.udrnit.fi who arc j.��inn to !���'���  ndld ms slaves on Tuesday, sure hope you're  good sports, hard workers and have it sen  tte tof humor, Another Grad elub money nil-  sing project.  W.* have a new clean Up squad aromul  Fender. They are mostly boys who are ke'pi  busy with scrubbing off heel .marks and  rleaning up desks. They -scorn �� "happy'1  crew.  First iof all, though, I would Hike to  suggest that _he -xlitor change the heading  of this column {at least this oneej from  "Random Thoughts" to "Disconnected  thoughts     Here they are:  Our society is suffeirang from gaposis.  We are constantly leaning about the generation gap, the (monetary gap, communications gap or the credibility gap. We are  told that knowledge us douMing every five  years {or it is doubling every five mm-  utes?) This is creating another ever-widening ichasm���-the gap between knowledge  and wisdom To bridge this gap takes a life  span.  Communication is the art of kstemng  The anto__.cating, breath of freedom wafting through the classroom door, is causing  some students to become seriously am-  paired.  There's a popular saying that "Hf you  Indian Aiiairs appointment  tor Paul St. Pierre MP  OTTAWA���Paul St (Pierre, Member of Parliament for Coast Ohilcotin, has been  appointed vice-chairman of the House of  Coanmons Standing Committee on Indian  Affairs and Northeim Development.  Among other tasks., the committee is  expected to study proposed revision to the  Indian A<_t during this session of Parliament  ���Chairman of the committee is Ian Watson, member of Parliament for the County  of Lapraine in Montreal, a member of  Last year's Indian Affairs and Citizenship  Committee Under current rules, both Indian Affairs and Affairs of the Yukon and  Northwest Territories have been given for  scrutiny by the saime committee.  ^wiffe#��^  TIMES ADBRIEFS WORK FOR YOU  That couple who met on a computer date  have decided to get married. They figure  it's a calculated risk  So it turns out Mao had the H-bomb  after all'. That was no bull in his China  shop.  Want to make your home,  larger- more comfortable- otoi%  modern, more beautiful?  Whatever home improvement  project you have in mind,  you'll find helpful ideas and  information at your one stop  supplies shop  Supplies Ltd.  Phone 885-9669  SECHELT/ B.C.  PUBUC NOTICE  PROPOSED EXTENSION OF BOUNDARIES VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  I .... ... ��� ��� -  TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to section 21 of the "Municipal Act" the Council of Village of Gibsons intends  to petition the Minister of Muncipal Affairs requesting the extension of the area of the municipality to include  the following lands: *  jy.v  I,.'"'  t'\rf  Ih  ���t  '.  I   I  Cl_  _*W���_  ,���*-"<*  yP''wc ,:  I, 'n'  %1  \  4.  ,-("        t    1  '0  (.1  1  J    '  ���HI  X  K  V. .i A  SOUND  Catris toeeip KCltlni: smaller and i.mallci.  ���And n��>wer imoweps keep (H'tUtcR,larger uml  ilmrger. Finally theyll interne; .hen joii'II  have ftomeliWng that can (mow down' holli  pi_k_iitjriao* vad ��ra^��.  U^^tu^r^^of 1he areQ of ,hc ^^y * -����2 ^���*h^��,^  AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE THAT any owner of land within the area herein shown having objection to  lhe inclusion of his property within Iho municipality should notify the Minister of^unSal Mfoli pSSS^t  Buildings, Victoria, B.C., of his objections within 30 days of ,hc last pubi.Si.Si5 ^^^tti^S^  AND THAT this is tho second and last publication of this notice lna newspaper.  .      c   ,o>:D ' VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  KjrrhJr'        �� " David Johnston ���  Gibsons, B.C. ,   >j(1 Municipal Clerk  tfl��W*^ ��V*^W^*'W?��***HW*W>W����,^fiiTAVM^ '   ' , * . ,        >  ' *       '    ? ' ' . ' _ / J       fi r      i j> i    -   I   I I   '       I       , ���   '  '    * ' ' "      ' . .        '     (}���>"'- '      f     '    - ' - ! r '        r 4 _  **> \A - .  .^^--  ^v�� .rv1 *j44*j. v y ~ \i ^i  '_.    ���*<  IY if^r^#��S  I  I  ����_��������_��>��i  ��^��  day everting,'honoring"JVEs^ <_Jtc3 Boser Sunday/__oy.liber 24;'at 2 p-m. '  whose manriajgfi io Wayne S&wasx .wjlltake        ^eu ^ .aWi jy^ jj j^. BlaJoemari - *  place at 4 #��lo<# on ihe afternoop. ��f Jtfov- mo��orsd to Terrace w_texs iKh^y visited -heir'    ___ , em,ber 30, 43$ at ,&t.  Mary's C^Htolic daughters and grindebjlclren.  ,'��� St8* 8*? a$ *&*- ������*�� Cooper owned   booby. "Visiting _&&��tVa ���-Ky"w||fefe 3 >pu��V-Gibsons, ' / ' -,M�� ^ y< mMn <$ j^j. ^^ & j^ne  t tl^e proltert^ $t the comer of Marine Drive    she' speht1 some" jtiae painliOfSrlt1 -3&_ro& ' ���   A beataUlul corsage made by Betty _>u_- a#er a s^y j^ ^spitai.    *  �� ^f^/^'A^118^^!3^20,5    ^ck*    "I    '     ":1    s-   ^ il^^^^V0^&'tod'!f^SS���i?       Bud Ksl^ *^ among.'iase ending  ���I? ^^Sr^r?00^ ^ ^ gai>       ^^ *^��y ^ Jnd___��- fe?��e ,��fo��i ,^^d ��f PT stumers' tod' wwdiltog Jgls      w to ^ ^^^^ ^ Thfi mO0Sfi 'are  - ^���e wherd'HiU's Machine Shop is now ^nd    work belonging^ Molina <_SM> i^iadiTMi  f61* eKectwely ^used as dacoraiion ����tthe Mth^ ^^j    ^  ���a sawniU jp'ths 43Xen. At one time ner   man                         ���           *  ", i   *YH, , lonely jQoial arrangement was *he wort of , - ���  -��� daughters Irgaret^andDorolny Lawrence    "rte M dau_���� l-W.lp^, ?*^ . te'iSSS^lJJ^^  Mr, j>tan jruexnan. . pamttngs m the spruig. The GaUery i^'open   iield many ausefui gifts iErom ithe guests, a+cj.Hihnrv em hw-rotiiw. vmmpv ��he ston-  ^   When her husband retired, Mr. and Mrs.    Wednefe to /Sa&y^Jxom 5-4-&l- ��"-   ������r,   Marilyn   Robinson,   vIynda ^*^i?^^^n_?i^3_5  __��_^_MJill_M,____^^  i : jr_-_-___aL_>__^,^* ��� &?> %? ^f' ?Jlvia -P^ We S1 tore. She w^s away a month.  ff-M-M-<aiaBaEB-^^ geon, Nancy Le Warne, Mamey Je^on . Marv Hamilton'neeeirtlv observed  Patsy JBoser.   Dianne  JBergen,   Margaret .   m"y^.^L_T      l    necenuy onseryea  yarmi^h,  Belinda   C3U>,'Jtenrtte  Sadrod ^r Sltfc-tatbtojr when members of tor  and T>en'l_.fi 'OtiaH-v     -      ��� ^ family were out from town for liheoccasion.  Mr. Fred-Newman is-recuperating at  ���!. YSmble fa attend .biU .sending gifts were . Yvf   .   *.   ^   j - *. c*  MariJyn^opJdns; %aien ��bb, >emjy Cald %s &>*�� ��g�� f��f r^f ����8��y at St  -vwll'and feartoata Jaegei-.:       '"*   ' P^ fiospital last ��tonto_ _  -, - s��   _   .      ' T   -       . t Visiting Mrs. Martha Weal was iter sis-  ;Mamey jepson was ^e winner ^ a t      &��& Paulson up, from Tacoma,   ;  'ga^eK^^j#y^^<_Q^,refmsh. Wa5l?jn��toii for a wee* aS a'lxall f  ments, were enjoyed jncludrng a aa^ge ^o-        Mr a^ j^ A&c ^^j-^ respected  wer v&a, dehcately iced and gmced mth w.toe lorxm. xesidents of Roberts .Creek,  . a tsuttalwe damty feamtoo umibrella., ara jeported we]1 aWd Jtoppy juod enjoying  J.BW l--ESJlO��l.T5      '      - i fchemselves- jn Yistoria, -v^tere tney now  !   Bill and _Tena Youdell with tbtar eluld- !>��, .   " . -��.    ^  yeo Laui&e 6, _Mary s'and Biliy 3, fromUb-        Visitmg Mr. and Jta. ���ee& C3jamber-  llf , *Dtsford Ate Jaeing welcomed to Gibsons W�� 'wea�� Mr; and 3Mr_. ��: J9[urst from  *sc. <ViE_ti_g them at Sunshine "'Coast' jailer Noufeh Yanramver.  r" Paii-is Mrs.-youd���_l'_"m��_ier, Mire. "Irene       A special miussiaBary meefing was hmd  i  1  1  1   "���!  Y*  1  WAT&M i-lf-ES IF. TH���S-_eHQ_Tk��iSTEICT Wlii  WILL CAUSE SOJ^E OlSeOLmiJItATflO^ A��,D Sli?  0UilI^G fiOVO^IIEil 14, IS iHiD IS. (t '  SFCH&T WATfRWORfCS Im  and Denise -ittaify.  i  Talc# your, teif Mlty,. cpjifiij^i^  -.j^-. '      j 'J        ,'     i     (1)1     I     J     i .     .      .  .     In,.   .     >\ .     .   r  .  JJfffi.Cgfng^A11f|M j^f T��f VILtAGE OF SECHELT  '.*!::.'   .|   ^erber^ from ^ncouyer, enjoying' a 2-   at the Pentecostal CJnn�� on Wednesday  '. ���> .���'.jAiiaat   ''...''..       . . ....   .  .'."*- was "Mrs   _T��ihT.v_Vrir'Rrir_e'' ixrtin was tirirri at  !  i  i  ��*^f Wfi^^S ��&*��*$   It P��i* Alfeek, and graduated %om Bifie  Stan and oi Youdell wi-b thear ,17 month y, t   ^T Jr.' ^n^ s�����.w.v������_*_ **w. ^*��*  XTsT���. ^^ ^ College j_a ^^onipeg and-engaged Jtn evan-  /J^^^^J^ J*JMLS2" til she Syt tto lhe mSn fi^d ��sitfa *ex  ���  ���* '���_?jB_-_ui'_iHiiB_t(ijr  m&m^ap;  DAILY SCHEDULE FLIGHTS BiETWIEW  Dowflto^n y<jncouver - Gibsons - fender Harbour oreo  jp��d Sechelt.     "      ' *Y    -  *  MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY  ^L��AVES^  Vancouver       Render Hbr.        Sechelt Gibsons  9:00 am       7:30 nm      8:00 am      8:15 cm  1:00 pm     11:30 am    12:00 pm    12:15 pm  CONNECTING f LIGHTS TO LOGGING CAMPS  SUNDAY ONLY  ^LEAVES^ " -  Vancouver      Pender .Hbr.        Sechelt Gibsons  1:00 pm    11^30 om   12:00 noon   12:15 pm  Includes Tfcoj-manby, Nelson, and Keates Island.  .   PJL��ASE RES^�� SEATS IN ADVANCE  CONNECTING FLIGHTS TO VICTORIA ARRANGED.  ONE WAY fiUlES TO OR fcftOM VANCOUVER:  |    Blind Bay -_ Z���~���-22.40        Pencler Harbour _J____  Earls.Coye .��._l_:_^���20. j6S        Ruby Lake 1   (  .*  J^LAVCLLERS                             ' ^^r the '��imr'4i wtask of tbe iHyangori  Gflest ��f Mr. and Mr.. #. E. jBroderick trJ,be.'T$ey jlived at Nairobi yvbere? M& J_c-  ��� W B^bfirts'XJrfeei is'Mrs. pgodka^i yonng- *od�� .toileted. w<$k jainong -]_ae wogicai  ^str sister from* BeacmsK0, J&ne^nghim- in ^e fufyjf. md Mnong Jjhe ^^n groups>  ~ share/ England.'" : l   :   '���'���-'-'"  ���* ofNaafoW.--     ^   ^    -��� / -. .i    .  ��*   Mrs. William B. Bavidson of .Beach Ave. Slides of native jlife in 2$_enyauand ,<of #ie  LBiobentsiCreeJt ___:-returned after jspending Gospfy work jamojjg jii��n iv,eiEe much apt-tree weeks near Edmonton where she vis- preciated. Tea was served after tihe meet-  ��� ited ber broitherjs.                                  ' "^ by mmbers of the Women's Misjd<__ary  ��� '  After visiting ior several weeks  with Council  of'the - Pentesc��5tal\1^_c3aa-vle.  *lbiier.$onlanal <lavgliter-in-Jaw JVIr, and Mrs Mrs. McBride displayed many'Interesting  1S'- ri>ale U FrasMh, micrest Ave., ms. liucy curios,  PranMin iias ;r<5tuij.ed to Jher jhome in J-orth APPOINTMENT                              . -    ��  c":.  -'   i,/vS'  IX.'  4vi       ��v        {^��   .  ot  .���yancsonver..  Rev. Dennis Morgan will be coming "to  1 A  i  1  ;._i.  Egmont"   Sechelt -���   Gibsons" __  Keates Is.,  _2L7o;  r3d2>"t!>�� i'lK."  ^h.*.^^. ^^t-*.  19.60  9,00  '9.-50  Sakinaw Lake   Secret1 Cove .   Thormanby   Vanguard    : L-iaXIS  ��� ', -.�� ! I   AraJWan.Faim.^e��___amS)er]ains"are*very:  2Z'A0   ': i   pleased -with .heir" newiJhorse.*v.     '  i  I  . -   - ^ ALLOJWER PATES ON ����Q,U,EST - -   . ��� .,,.,.,. j | Y .^Seoj^ejanfl ^wron Sullivan and duld-  M_i(_:_��_j^.^viii�� ii--����  : -_~___l.    j^, -A          .. -x,ea' former local-nesidenifcs, who Jiave $>een  mf*ineH,*Mre*��n&er12occompa*#dby*dtfts ���               ~    Y11 ^living in'Ee^^'Ifive'retin^d to Gibsons''  UAT4S ANJ> SCHEDULE SUBJECT TO CHANGE -   .,         y |  ;and'are visitkg 3<ftm and Axiene Bobmson.  'MrM&JlBW^ - Visiting Mr. and Mrs.   Fred Newman  Mr. and Mr_. Syd Basey and daughters GlbsQns .   ^          ^^      ^.e       ^  ^Z^^'mSSLlSSi108 *       P new duti^ as vicar of St' ftattotaijrt  mo^s^n^BjritebJsles Anghcan ^urci. Bev-Moow'-wflo^xnar-  ingnd Blomgren v/ha fell off a Ho,rse ned ^^               ^^ comes torn  If ^T^^FTL* b^y hF��k*?^ st J<toX'Sb��xgtais^ wi^-Jhe was aside, lias^ finally ihad -tKhe cast removed. She sistant vica_-^^     \           '  and Jier .family are grateful for the splendid  -__  anedical sare j=abe received locally. v             ' ';           J  Ceor^e andr Ann W&al were awjay on a The   faJiher's   tone/ of jypice   severe.  -trip." Mrs. 'Weal -visited relatives at Birch "Young man/' lie said, "do^yon $mvk yon  Island TwJjii_ Creorge went hunting. should be' 'taking  toy  d^-jghstex^jto jfigiht  * ' OecU'and Bernice ���Shamberlin were -vis- ���cluihs all the tone?"              '   ^  foots to,0rtxville, Washington where they ''No, sir/" sreplied the yow^ man. 1&en  '}>u_lfella��M, an^Arahdan filly from the Oro- addejlj "iLettg ifrto fe&stxryiffii jMary*  AraWan-Farffli JT_te^hiamib__fl_iin* 1__-<.iv��>rv- J"    "     ���'���'-���"     '" ���"' j*     ���i?r..,.,'-.i...itny '��'  I  i  1  '^wbjic^otlce'is hereby giyerifb'^e,Rectors of 4he.-Vi.loge MUnl  :ipality ofS^.eJf>thaM requjne-'fhff^pr^nee of'the* said dectors a  t^e���AAu_JcipQj>^a11 SecheJl, o^Mbi?cfQy;]fhV 25th day; of Novefj^ber  19j68, a��^he jrourTof ten oy,cIock:'ir? tfe forenoon, 'for"the purpose of  e^ctingpersons'to represent themresi ~P>P*. ' : -  - ^o-AJjdermen fwo-f^o year term  o^jCto^cfeopI Trustee fw^fi^^y^Jewn;' "    -  _,   ^Tfee^otfe^nomination-e^^^ : y  -v' > Y   ' - ":��", *,'Y.' ci   y.   Y --   "���  "Candrdotes snail be nomlJiat^dViiri^^^^  ejectors of the (i^lurfclppJiity. Thejnoinii90tion-pap^er shall'be delivered  to the Returning "Officer at any iffn&WetWi&ri 'fhe; date, of this notice  ond noon of the day of wornitiationrT^^t^ominatrori-pappr may be In  fl^efforni prescribed in the yyAAunicipxiIjAct" ond shall state ^he name,  residency and occupation of the jpers^n ��ommatefl in such a jnanner  os to suwiicentJy identify such caodida)e.,  The nomination-paper shall beisubscribed to''fcy'the candidate.  Jn the event of a pplj beJng heoessaryYsuoh pott -wil I -be opened  at the Canadian Legion Hall' Sechelt/^n 'Jhe-7th~._lay'of-pecember    |  1968, between the hours of 8'OCT aMJan&^W'p.mL of "which every  personiis hereby required to take i^othoei^nd^oyem'hirnaelf accordingly  19��&  <5iyen under my hand, at Secbe^B^this'-^th.day-of .Novernbe'r,  r,  W. J. AAAYNE,  - Returning Officer  H .       r   i   , i   ��� .    ���   ,       ��� i ,m .,      , ^   _   f-.rrni, .-.j.,  t^.P...    ...   |.IIML   ,r,_      ,  ,jj ,    ,        .     .      .   ,       u  ^yW1  ;V -Y  optlonpl ^Cjylpw^nt iiJb ^mettf fo'bqb, jfr* 4^^^W  v **   VovjII a1*o rtii$s out on ji>wshbvttoh. winded ,gra|!y&^y,Vhsn^eats with o  >v^  jtCr-_^  i,    <^ Wlre��.#r   ^^   ��hi ,���. 4��^J1��PPP^ *  ^.a^ '      I     7, .    ,     ���'.Tj-fiW-N.       ofty v.  ,40*ay ' 4 '* f;���^,.. J ���   (/ 0,  ���   APA  ���Vn&#\  ^/-VV.    ,    .*>WrX ,     *..        '".   ,   Y-  -"���/,��� i^-A    K'ij.   yw -:fh&  /'  ii  *S Jl 5      >.  VfJ^ f  'fffitfm SNIARTVt mmp .i$H fWtpWHpip;TH&  JP-HOm SBS-.IJJ��,   y , CQWWE STWEIT. ���  ' *,.Y, ''...' f��CH��LT>.,#.C  ��PWMW>MainM>��f��|M  , -   ,��,.��,,*, ^^.^.^yfV..^r��^����A^r<-��l*������'V��1*"��'^��r^-f- *.��fl.--,.r����',��-�� *,rf��^.��i 0*  , ,4.   .    ^..^^.^ p-."^,f   ,1. 4-4.  14, 4. ,.*    .   ^ .��  ^" ^tj.^.r.r*. ^i, <�� rr��,(r. , .   r*!,#' r^ #.��*,> r* 'r*(t*^^. W  *t,/^  '. ^.^.^ ,w ^. *.  ��   . ..^'.*i(f(^#^^^^*^'^tf^!^ft,;*ViV,'^^''^*'^.^"^^,'w^"*''^'^J'^,^'^'T*���,^'*,^ *"  *,r*.f^|^*i'B' i     V       *  _ss_.  _&&(_.  ! S*vS_t(J  ^r--r^--i-_i^:...Y>it-'" .#V;^>"YyV^   ^ yPp ;pp; p���i  '^y''', ^y    ^T^U, ,|S;\'   ''':,^/"   ^Y,P>>ip^Yyf^Jyt:l  ��_1LL. t Wj_.ii___._i__.. *%*____Jt._._iiS6 j ��___*�� '' *v ���'      r -*& ,  .>     ~ ' M,   , < a ; Y <'Y  tlie ^enfn^ffitaeyY^  *.;'.   V<   TZ     .��:.,   xf^x Pt'ytY'yyy,  in The Siupfs,Whce  YY  '1 -  _&U sewer projecfs  M-rlE*,*'       fits'.'.,'14-1"      _)-'>i*u,"'*>    i"   ���!       ||Q|M,I|     , , ���  Y' ,v-'  . 1KHBN WiAS tfae last tme y&a.if&md^a^  bkito&jfen%$k & t^d^gjpy {niflc Recount?  _     C. municipal leaders  jsuddenly.  ito be doi  flooding  your mind  and coun_��_-.  1 made ^an odyssey through-my' a* Wftafeefl.4 see1 a, 4ecfc��ffie��r ordered 5**1^.1^ g> eeekifedfi^jw*op^'  tae car cum^^___^_^  , , oJ  today. Simptv by picking no<p, -Hnftg' to woirk on <_��ek. fi^^ten te sever >8d41ed ��jj^^J��W��nl��8*!��?nf4��t  ;        '*      .  bamraner and. a paint brush,it,wumefy&d, ��n �����?__<�� "itcfwboat, did^bel vMy 'last trip J��stal-ng sanitary and storm sewers.-., ' ,,      Women who insist on wearing the pas��4 v  ^Veral y*eairs foto my past-^ UBQM  Executive Direcitor T.  S.yB.4 m the family s'h.oul4 e��peet cuffs-on'iih* t  1 was master of Mil surveyed^ yrhexLt'w^s 'patd-e^t .1 $n\m my ludfie and' ��on and de- Adams said the C5BMM bas decided .tids-^ bottom.       1       <!   ,       * '    ' '  / '  a unique, individual' in this world; wbifto. jpsnesdon ��EoaeraJly'ttends to overwhelm me would be more useful \tban trying to ^nes-       _-_, '-'  IlEnew al'.itbeire was foiknarw; wihenl wis- Trat__n.ithe .Msteired walls,<rf this small sure Ottawa into srieinstating   -be -w-oiter    JMSL  young and uninitiated. Memoiieis Stooded v sbip. But tame passes and time beals al works program, which bad. outlasted its r  into existance in my mind cascading awl ais. %# they emotional or oitberwiset purpose. .        ' Y    -1  tumbling over one anoto In my mind .      ^ ^    g^ M&. u its     ^ Mr. Adams said the QJM, bowever^ y  the past became itbe present and because a^? JVery goc^questaon.  Wiy 'todeed! w&ul<i submit a request sbortly far an alter-x  I bad been ithere before I was a witness ij^anorrow is^ways" mucb bri^iter than nativ,e ^n because itbe 'inunicipaEties stall  to my own Suture. It was truly enlighten- io^^ <w ffW>t i��main all Witter and mux* at least a compensating amount of  ong experience.     ^       ^   * twisted!'for long, Tbe sea is my profession federal S"^ ^ '      '       *"  -w    -_   _,     j_^_-^   j *u _ t ^ aBd :fr'0(m ^ I !mils!t inafce a living. But  You mn^understand totlajn at sea what reailly ^^^ ^ej-ya^g sepm ^  2�� aJ?fir ^��a*~at*1f ?y i^S_^- . ^^ wiflS ^ ��& &^ tbat 1 a__ Messed witb an  fTiSV^S^SS'SlwS ^^an^ngwaf^.Ste^pallent.andlW-  a waitcnKeeper. a navigate tne vessel wrnie ^g^^ ��SnW4   iw^ even if it -rills ber.  I am onjwatcb^-a period tetelbng twelve a lwe to d^M   and it is to ber I sball  hwra eacb day. 1 am a cheated mate, ^&7S ^ 3^^^ ib^a,  therefore, being a -ship's o_&eer I am poit   required te do such tasks as ��t_p5_ng and . "   "  painting aboard a. ship. However, as fete        in tbe old days, if you wanted to fcnow  It is possible, be said, the Federation^Bill'"  suggest a (higher proptfftion of federal :f>ar-'���','  ticipation for underground work ibhe municipalities undertake in winter.  Mayor D. W. Poppy of Langlsy Town- .  ship said it will be difficult to -tevi&e a+,5  specific program to suit ithe weather con-'-1*  ditions,  budgets  and  work scbpdules of  every municipality.  _   . He said it would be more practical fori'  would have it I was painting on deck tc* if a girl'bad too<_C-snee?, you bad to listen, the government lo stipulate an assistanee^  day, chipping and scraping rnst and painting the baie metal witb brown primacon  primer. I bad not done tbis sont of work  aboard a ship for yeans; not since abtain-  ing my centificates as a sea-going odEfioer.  1 was on BrMsb freighters then and we  roamed .he world. Adventure was mine. I  was younger then and proud cf my profession���, was a Cadet  ��   *  ���  Working on deck under stbe Calii_g__ian  sun, sniddenly I was no longer "aboard the  tug, but aboard another sbip, during' a  period in my <li__e that bas past. __ie sun  beat down on my body and the smell of  paint drifted up into my nostrils and swirled through the passages of my mind. I  was a cadet again and as I worked, the  familiar smells from another era assaulted my senses and 1 relieved all the memories .hat danced playfully before me. I  cpuld point a toger at one and say, "I  know youJ Yes, lafe was good then." And  2 could look upon another, "1 bad forgotten about ber. She was wonderful and I  didn't even know ber name!" 1  I was in a vacuum. The past closed in  airound me, surrounding me in iit'si warmth.  1 bad lived all this befoie and now everything was so clear���I was living al itbese  events over again in my mind. My first  1 loves dn foreign ports: "I would become so  involved." Ibe Chief Officer wbo made my  life miserable: -"He was a tyrant, wasn't  be!" I sfras back dn the past, my past. But  (slowly my mind drifted toward the .present,  "be memories were there, but I ibnew what  ay future beld for me. As I chipped and  painted tl could clearly see bow my life  today was tied to the past; bow events  th-tjfewik place ukjng _a��c_--vn#S��4_av_i-'ai  bearing* on my life today. Long forgotten  incidents drifted up out of the silt and  murkinesis of my subconcious to reveal  themselves as -cireumstances that shapes  my life and governed the manner in wbicb  I would behave in the future���today, ifibe  present!  Slowly my mind drifted onward. 1 recalled, vividly,-tbe end of my days as a  cadet. 1 was now an officer. I was older,  more wise to the ways of the world . . .  onward my mind drifted, slowly leaivfing  the past behind: I met my wi��e. life was  good; starting a life for ourselves. Happa.  ness! A son; Ov-_^be___iiig joy! ... Suddenly the journey is over and I am back  to oneality, back on the tug, painting and  chipping.  *   ���  ���  New emotions now begin to dominate  my mind: Whatam I doing bere? Why am  I a thousand miles away, leaving my wife  and son behind? Wby?  1 Wby did I go te school in Scotland to  get a certificate of competency as a deep-  sea officer? Wby did I suffer through  school in Vancouver, just over one yealr  later, to get the second .certificate leading  to tbe tihiird and final exaiminationis for  Master? Wihy am 1 striving for the academic ultimate in my chosen profession  ... so I can chip rust from the decks of  a tug boat? iNot likely!  Why am I at sea, anyway? What future  is there? Is thc almighty dollar so important, that I must make myself imiftcraWle  Highest prices paid for second  growth fir, ond Cedar Timber,  Suitable for Pole? and Filings.  For further information phone  Coastwise Ccntacfa'ng  $k Tree Service ��M.  886-2343 after 6 p.m.  HOME MADE STYIM -^ *��UIJ CASCS ��� USMT AND ��ARK  Also available without nuts and peel���$1.10 per Ib.  CHRISTMAS PUDDING���1 -2 and %Vz ttw.���79e per lb.     u  NOV/ARRIVING  IMPORTED NOVELTY CHRISTMAS CANDIES  it       tAt*  Sechelt 885-9900  Sunnycrest Shopping Pioxa, 886-7441  Gibsons Bakery 886-2415  Soy You Saw It In 'The Timed  CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE  Post Office Bldg., Sechelt - Phone G05-2333  WEDNESDAY - 12 noon-5:00 p.m.  Wednesdays after 5:00 p.m. by appointment  SATURDAY���2 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  J  mm mm  ��� PRESENTS ���  GUIDE FOR THE MARRIED  MAN  STARRING  Waller Mat thou, Inocr Steven^  Rolmrt Mon*  Cartoon �� Double  Stern OjOO p.m. Out 10;00 p.m  Tcclinlcolor - Cinemascope  INCREASED ADMISSIONS  Friday, Safurdoy, Monday, Tuesdoy,  Hovomobcr 15, 16 ond IB, 19  j_s_:_��aaBaBsai��a3��a^ i  Tt  *,,_!*!. ���!".'��i, *\:-i*. <���:  ���l.,*M.'V-1'     '?������    /'i-fM,..,. f,  .%,.",-    H  X. Yh-   "..... ,Y.M-_. ,^.fill..._i. -C��. X'.tb   j*.".    "flfl    .*'. |.   .-..~ff'w*_.-t'li-  "��.0I.J...l,\]  ft,,,,l.,I..lftr&.*.<_l#l .1*  (#��.>*(?.*.*.���������_**  -t^H-l-4l%tflfllt^f,<fltkf.ll44t'^Cef^,    ^ty J^rjiM,***!..**} ./(I*.,.(**!    ��J���� ...n^! , i��


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