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The Peninsula Times Oct 30, 1968

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.-#- *-*—
legionol Board reconsiders
airport acceptance request
WDICATIOiNS are that the. regional board
bas eatertainfid'setoiid^ thoughts iregar-
ding accepting, operation of the inunidpal
airport as a taction and whale a committee is to be appointed to investigate further
it will probably not go into operation until
the new year.
Director Fred Feeney told the board
his council ifelt quite strongly that opey$a-'
tion of the airport should be a 'Board function. He understood that the airport committee 'has turned over al relative information to the regional board's committee,
which had been appointed to investigate
the situation, and council was puzzled at
what else the board wishes to know. He
explained that the airport is owned by the
Crown which in turn leases at to the airport committee at a nominal fee.
Director A. Rutherford, who chaired
the committee set up to investigate, stated
his committee had been asked simply to
present a report, not to make any recom-
mendations, while this has been done, there
were a couple of questions they found the
airport committee was unable to answer.
"We were told they would provide answers
later but never did" he added. This was
supported by Director Cliff Gilker who
expressed the view that the airport should
be undertaken by the Begional district. "It
is a burden which has been carried by the
two councils for some years and it is obvious they would now like to get out from
under", he said.
Chairman F. West asked ''how do we
run an airport, what are the rules and regulations involved, there must be some pro-
ceedures laid out for this sort of thing?"
Director Feeney told him the board
would have to do the same as the villages
and come up with its own ideas. "The fact
that the villages have been running it until
now does not neccessarily mean it has
been operated as it should be and I would,,
suggest a committee be struck to investigate operation of airports in other districts
regarding economical feasibility etc/' he
Director Jam Tyner expressed the view
that the board was putting the cart before
the horse and that it should first decide
whether It intends accepting the airport
as a function before finding out how to run
Director Feeney argued that the board
is presently considering entering the water
business without first learning how to run
it. Director Lorne Wolverton agreed and
said this was the information he had in
mind when making a motion at the last
meeting "I feel it should be a responsibility of the board", he said.
Director Adele de Lange suggested the
committee when formed should study economics of sucb an undertaking and report
accordingly first.
Director Gilker agreed with Director
Feeney and said he would recommend the
committiee comprise two members of council and two from the regional board 4nd
post it finds out thfe tactions, revenue to
be derived- and involvement with the DOT,
j The motion,was approved with the suggestion it be considered as a project for
early D8S&.
FOLLOWING 3JEFORT received too late
for publication in last week's Times reveals
good, progress in the Sechelt Senior Citizens Homes project, now near completion,
A list of applicants is being set up and
any who are interested and can qualify according to the government regulations
should ember their names as soon as possible.
There has also been considerable financial progress and the directors would express their gratitude to all those contributors who have sent in donations this month
bringing the number of those who have
assisted well over the 300 mark. There have
been a good number of -donations from $5G
to $250 during the past month.
The director would like all those who
will make gifts of $2, $10 or $20 to the Sunshine Coast Senior Citizens Housing Society
to send them in at the earliest possible
imonient. In this way, time will be a
great saving of interest payment and lhe
property wil he completely paid for iby.ihe
time the units are opened. The opening
date officially will be set within the next
few days and aU Sunshine Coasters "and
their friends will be invited.
Lady directors of the society have oyer
$000 on hand for the furnishings of the
homes and wank has been already started
on drapes and other essentials for tbe comfort of the guests.
The Sunshine Coast should be proud of
this new community asset and all those
who have inspected the buildings lately
hav<£ been agreeably surprised at the care
which has been taken in the whole enterprise. One noticeable factor has been that
despite all the rain there has been no sign
of mud around the buildings. The B_C.
Hydro lighting is another fine recent development. Something new can be seen
everyfew days and certainly there is a
general feeling of satisfaction and com-
imunity. pleasure about the itotal project.
Thje senior citizens who came from
Mission to ^ see the buildings went away
with a desire to do the some thing in their
owp area. They were most favorably impressed especially with the fact that the
land was so dry, it was so level and adjacent to beach, stores, hospitals, churches
knd park.
fc**4       P
last.Gknziim Graphic Industries |*tdf,
1696 ©est^fck-Ayef i
Vancouver 4* £#£<•
Authorized «s "second *Ios»
moil   by  the  Post   Office
Deportment, Ottawo.
Serving the Sunshine Coast,
Wilson Cr4ekj Sdmo"Park,
wst; (Howe SoiirijJ tf3enlis%ht), including Port Metlon, HopWns Loading,-sAmthem's landing, Gibsons, Roberts Creek,
'prk, SechelJt, Ji&mooii -Say. Secret Cove,, Pender Hcufeour, Madeira pork/KTeindole, .rv__M^l_andins^__d^
ONE OF Pender Harbour's oldest ptoneetcs,
Charles Wray, passed away quietly" on
Sunday October 13th in his 81st year. Born
in Vancouver August 4-tb 1888, he came io
Pender Harbour as a small boy with, Ms
parents Mr. and Mrs. John Wray about
73-years ago.
The family settled on Nelson Island and
later moved tto the Skookumchuk area. During his 'life he worked as a logger and fisherman in the vicinity of Jervis 'Inlet and
Pender Harbour and for twenty-one years
worked with "B,C, Granite Company on
Nelson Island.
Two years ago Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Wray celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary and during the 1087 Centennial'
Celebrations, Charles Wray was awarded
the British Columbia Pioneer Medallion.
Funneral service was beld October 3J6th
fiom Pender Harbour Community Hall with
Eev. B. J«s__g officiating. Six grandsons
Cecil fieid Jr., J5_win Reid; Michael Reid;
John iWpay; Harold Wray and John Ca_fn-
_er«n semid ja& vaXLbeasrers;
Presence of mind and determination
enabled Carol Johnson to save the
life of a young pan just over one
year ago and Mrs. Kathleen Jennain
of Garden Bay was equally determined tbat Carol's bravery should be
Tecognized. I^ast Monday Mrs. Jer-
Gallantry recognized . . .
main had the pleasure of presenting
the rarely awarded Royal Canadian
Humane Society medal for bravery
to Carol who is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Johnson of Garden
P__EOEED_NG a talk and slide showing
by Dr. 'Murray Newman, Director of
the Vancouver Public Aquarium, last Monday October 21st at Garden Bay, about
100 members and guests o_ the Pender
Harbour Chamber of Commerce witnessed
presentation of a medal of bravery to
Carol Johnson of Pender Harbour.
Outlining circumstances leading to the
event, Corporal Orville Underbill-of tbp
thing we can all remember" he concluded.
In making the presentation, Mrs. Jer-
maan told Cadol; the medal is to commemorate the .saving of a person's life and is
presented to you by the Royal Canadian
Humane Society, I congratulate you on
your bravery.
President of the Pender Chamber, John
Haddock, also expressed his congratulations and thanked Cpl. Underbill and Mrs.
/■vs ?
Seehelt Detachment RCMP, explained *bafr   Jonnain for their parts in the preseata-
0$. the 14th September last year Carol was    tion. „(    "   _ .
an1 a boat between Earls Cove and Egmont " "
Volume 5. No. 48 10t
Community Hall meet
favoured complex plan
MEETING called by Gibsons Aldlerman,
Ken Crosby, to discuss possibilities of a
community hall in Gibsons was attended
by 25 representatives of various organizations within the area.
Chairing the meeting, Crosby suggested
the group first consider three questions
before anv further action be considered
These were: <l) Should an attempt be
made to get together with the school board
to establish a hall to be used jointly by
both school district and public, (2) should
consideration be given joining forces with
the rest of the Peninsula and go for a
civic centre complex centrally located
which could be used by everyone, (3) can
Gibsons and area build a community hall
and support it with the present population.
General discussion revealed the fact
that an average hall would cost between
$100,000 and $150,000. Upkeep would be
approximately $30 daily. Together with, interest on the borrowed balance, should the
necessay 25 per cent be raised, monthly
payments would be prohibitive considering
only some 4,000 people would be using the
Begarding joint ownership with the
school board, it was considered an undesirable proposition due to governmental
involvement together with the fact lhe
school board would have to have control.
On the question- of a Peninsula wide
operation, Erich Hensch of Sechelt, presently working on such a project, explained intentions were to work toward a recreational
complex which would be centrally located
and available to everyone on the Sunshine
Coast. He discussed some of the information already obtained from Other communities and stressed the fact that in order to
establish such a complex, support of the
entire area will be necessary.
Those present expressed considerable
interest and it was decided to get as many
interested people along as possible to a
meeting to be held at the Cedars Inn Tuesday, October 29 when as much information
as possible will be made available.
You in the ghost suit
tighten up your mask
THURSDAY night, October 31, is the night
of ghosts and witches, of bright yellow
pumpkins, of sputtering firecrackers and
finishing rockets, cf hideous masks and
gay, spooky Halloween parties.
Advice from the B.C. Automobile Club
is: youngsters, wear light colored clothing
and snug fitting masks; and to the parents,
please accompany younger children.
wife Margaret (Maggie); four sons, I__i
of Oibsons; Wilfred and Peter, Pender Harbour and Bill of Terrace, B.C.j four dauglt ,„„_,,       , ...
"Without her presense he would have
,w_!r^ thrown out. The vesaes continued to
spnT.ai.und resulting in Webb getting'
crated by the propellor.
-hcjl.   g*v*r ■*-*.* -vo
ters, Mrs. Julaa Tteid; Mrs. Margaret Cameron. Mrs. Muriel Cameron; of Pender
Harbour,, and Mrs. Florence Hausman of
New Jersey. Twenty mine grandchildren
and 18 great grandchildren. He was laid
to rest in Forest View Cemetaxy at Pender
Harbour.    x
Guiding Auxiliary
schedules meeting
'GIBSONS District Ladies Auxiliary to Girl
Guides, Brownies and Hangers will' be
holding a meeting at 6 p.m. November 5
at the home of Mrs. F. J. Willis, Port Mellon.
Transportation may be arranged by pho-
'ning ©SS-TO' and any ladies interested are
welcome to attend.
drowned" stated Cpl. Underbill who explained that Carol managed to drag her
companion to a log boom and pulled him
to safety before setting out to swim a mile
to Earls Cove where she was able to get
help '"For someone who has had no life
saving experience we must surely all agree
it was really something spectacualr" he
Making the actual presentation was
Mrs. Kathleen Jermain, who, said the officer, was responsible for bringing Carol's
gallantry to the attention of the iRoyal
Canadian Humane Society. "I think she
should be commended for her action in .this
regard1" he commented. He added that
these medals are not handed out to just
anyone and they are indeed something to
be proud of. "This medal has Carol's name
engraved on it and is something she will
remember I aU her life, in fact it is some-
Winter project
ikqIy research
si quo
Proving that the staff at St. Mary's   Mr.  McCrady who is accompanied _
Hospital do anything to make pa-   by Mrs. Marie Connor, is recupera-   5cr Ha'rbow a^^WskictXhaTOber of Com-
VIAMCOUViEiIl Public Aquarium Society
hopes to retain the Pender Harbour
Whale Station,at Garden Bay and at present it is planned to maintain Jt as a research station during' winter anon. hj. and
as a tourist attraction during the summer.
Dr. Murray Newman, Vancouver Public
■lAiquarium Director told an audience of
about ilOO members and gucsite of the P'en-
tients happy, Administrator Tony
Wagemakers became male nurse to
a giant squash to enable its grower
Mr. Ralph McGrady to become reunited with the monstrous vegetable
which  grew on his compost heap.
ting from,a broken leg, which prevented him from seeing his 105 lb
squash take place of honour 'at Harvest Thanksgiving at the Church of
His Presence, Redrooffs. Squash is
now on the hospital menu.
fi.C. program . . .
Federal assistance scheme
finances Indian fishermen
APIXJI^rraiJSNT of a iflvc-man board to
administer m new fcdural program, for
Indian fishermen in British Columbia wm
unnouncod Jointly in Ottawa today by Hon,
Joan OIirtMkn, MlnMtfr otf Indian AWalrs
and iNorllMirn DwelojMmwt and Hon. Jia^k
DaviM, MtalKkT of J''MktJ«h and lFor.:«.ry
Undw the program, loans and usranlH
will be paid lo British Columbia Indians
for thf conntrutiJon and purchaoo «f tTinh-
Ins; vcsscilis, ipqulpmejit, iRrar and shore fac-
illUiis, and for fisheries training courot-s.
The program, to cost 4,<S million dollars
will bo phased over a five-year period.
Funds wJtt be provided try the Department
<xf Indian Affairs 4ind Northern Development.
M/timbera appointed to the Indian' FMv
ermen's 'Drvriopmwrt Board are James
Gosndil, a native Indian of Aiyansh. B.C.;
■Robert Clifton of Comox, IJ. C, Paat-Pircsi-
dent of the Native JJrothcmhood of British
Columbia; T. F. Hotlhery, Development
Officer with Iho1 Jiidian Affairs Branch,
Vancouver; Leo Jiolthe, Manager of the,
Gulf and Fraser Fishermen's Credit Union,
Vancouver; and Jt. IB. iMaciUren, A-Bie-
tnnit Regional Director of tlu> Depairt.m__t
of I .tihcrlcis, Vancouver,
The board will 'hold its inaugural uneet-
imij tihoplly io elect a chainman and to arrange for receiviinig application* from Indian fishermen. An adiml»l«iratly« officer
to ibe ajipointed by the Department of Fisheries will provide technical advice and
.attend to the detailed admlnidration of
the program.
meroe last week that to October list this
year a total of 30,000 visitors had passed
through the whale station since it lOfficiaMy
opened August 1st J.9&8, lie said lrrt«ntk_M
arc 1o develloip it as a'credit to the community,, so far thc project baa been financed by the, Aquarium Society at considerable iexipense and it has been JimpossiiWc,
in the time, to bring in sufficient jwoj*le
to dctltaay all the costs. However, it is fell
that the 'Pender ilairbour area is an excellent place lo study the wbales, which
he thlntos, are probably the largest carnivorous' creaturea on earth.
Dr. Newman also paid tribute to the
local fishermen who,, toe eaid, made the
whales available to the society an very
generous term«. \
An interesting area of _tudy to rescur-
ehers at present, is tbe eye of tihe whale
"so far it baa proved something of a inyn-
itwjl and indications are that (tlie mammals
are auditory and atudy Ihcir surr«^ndlii««
by wounds around them", he explained.
Regarding the escape iabt Seiptembcr <_
the bull whale, Sliootoitm Cecil, Dr. Newman commented that due ito the. end of
the tourist, season, at .east Jt ehoso a good
.lime to leave. 'He s_>Jd a eitronger net hat
now lln-en jwvdded at a cost of %\p*> which
.should prove capable of1 preventing amy
hirthtv ewapes, He noted that during recent ononlhM a larfe sjumbcr of «t/ktttim haw
heen raught in other areas, mainly for
commercial' use, this bowctcr ia.jsot ih«
interest of the Publie'Aquarium Society.
Following publicity given the capture
01 the Pender whales, D. Newman said he
had received a letter from the Scientific
research department of the U.S. Navy enquiring as to possibilities of purchasing a
whak from the Vancouver Aquarium. Hie
said bo replied etatlng the iSociety Is not.
actually in that business but suggested that
if sufficiently interested the U.S. Navy
might care to visit Pender Harbour in
order to study them.
Prior to showing a selection of slides
ta'Jten during a recent expedition to the
Arlic in isearch of a Narwhal, l>r. Newman
said he had hoped to bring one back with
'him to Pender Harbour but luck was a-
'gainst the exuxxLitlon in that respect.
Director demands
acta, on garbage
"WE HAVE dilly-dallied Jong enough with
the garbage Ki.1ian.lon and if we are ito
get future bylaws through we are «oing lo
have to1 stop dragging our feet", stated
Director Cliff Cilkcr "at last, meeting of
the Regional Board,
Fellow dlreclOJ'H agreed and votx-d 1hat
action be taken forthwith to get the pro-
jwed garbage collex .ton system underway.
'Administrator Charles (Joodlnft explained ithat ithe. hold .ip haa been due to failure
hy the department of Municipal Affalrw to
produce 1HM cards ito facilitate a system
of property owners liistlng. Jle iwld the
ca_xiB had been promised a month ago,
now he is told, they will not be out, before
Novpitnber Z(3rd.
Thc board *pprwcd » mottom by Director CUHttrr that the'department be notified it Im boldinc up an JmjHHiant function.
HEA'LTp -Minister,   Ralph  Loftmark  last
■week gave approval to the $656$L0. expansion \ of St. Mary's Hospital, Seehelt,
thus\culmtinating three years of hard work
and endeavor by the Hospital Board.
Next 6tep is a referendum but following
last meeting of the Regional Board, which
■ now doubles as Hospital Regional Board,
it was decided to hold o_f until after the
yvater district assent bylaw, Saturday, November 23. Reason for this, stated chairman
Frank West, is that it will be impossible
to prepare the necessary details in time
ito hold both at the same time. Further, a
letter has yet to be received from the
hospital board asking for a plebiscite, he
suggested Director Harvey Hubbs attend
to this detail.
Director Fred Feeney, also Mayor of
Gibsons Council, said he was afraid of the
situation, "we have the water, school district and hospital Referenda coming up together with tlie Gibsons sewer by-law which
will be $425,600," he said. Director Gilker
agreed and commented that total amount
involved would be about three million dollars.
Suggestion by Director A. Rutherford
that the hospital referendum be processed
through .the normal channels was supported by Dirctor C, Gilker who added that
nothing further be done until everything is
received in writing regarding 'the hospital
expansion. Tlie board so moved with no
objections registered.
■Letter from the board of .school trustees
indicated interest in a combined office
block with the regional board and stated
a committee of two had been appolnt-cd to
discuss 1ho matter with tlie board.
Chairman F. West (suggested that this
also be left; until ithe water by-Jaw is voted
upon. This iloo was passed unanimously;
Road lo the West Howe Sound garbage
dump at Gibsons runs through private property, the hoard therefore wrote 1o MIA.
Hon, Isabel J)awson seeking her aid Jn pur-
Miadinfi the roads department te put
through a ]_ibUc access road. Mrs. Dawson In turn has written stating she had turned the matter over to the roada department, Resultant Jetter from Mr. Underwood, dislrict superintendent of tlie dejwirt-
,ment informed Ibe board Hhat he regrets
It will not hp possible to put Jn an accema
road at llhln lime. '
General disgust was expressed and it
was moved a idler be «ent to Mrs, Dawson, Highways Minister Black. Health Min-
jnlfr J/jf.timark and'Municipal Affoiro Minister Campbell, protes.in« and explaining
that apart from the ^present access passing
through private property, there is a question of pollution involved.
lA'tfav WM-king support to a proposed
abdication to operate a Class 3 scheduled
service between Secbelt and Nanaimo, by
Tyee Airwavs of Sechelt, was given unanimous support on a motion by Director
Fred Feeney, This support by tbe Board
follows similar approval by the Sechelt
and District Chamber of Commerce the
previous week.
With the amount of development and
changes .taking place within the area and
as regional planning to some extent involves ihe two municipalities, Director
Fred Feeney stated it is intention of council of Gibsons to appoint administrator
Dave Johnston to the technical planning
. board.
Director Lome Wolverton explained
that it would haye to be the administrator
for elected represenetaition is not permitted.
The board agreed that it would be a
good idea for both councils to have representation on the board and moved that an
invitation be extended 1o both councils.
Since  removal  of  a  full  time  health
inspector, the board agreed temporarily to
help out the health unit by letting building,
inspector Fred Rayburn carry out inspec-
—»e« peg* 3
Gravel pit company
seeks Sechelt water
ESABWSIHMiENT of  a  substantial' igravel
pit undertaking on the east *ide of Porpoise 'Bay has been under consideration
for some (months and unconfirmed reports
indicate employment would invoivie between twenty and thirty employees. Rumor
also has it that the gravel will be .nans-
ported te tbe waterfront and carried on
pilings to barges for use on thc Roberts
Bank Superport project.
Following a 'meeting with members of
1h« company involved and the regional
board jidmdnlistralor Charles Gooding told
the board at its last mcrting he had obtained a copy of a iegal advertisement
from a Vancouver dally newspaper in
which Construction Agragates Ltd. of New
Westminster Indicated intentions of applying for a water licence lo divert, a substantial quantity of water from Chapman
Creek for gravel washing purposes. Gooding also advised that he has a copy of an
Order-ln-CouneU regarding a reserve being put ui|*on Chapman Creek,In order that
waler be retained for domestic use,
The board passed a motion that an objection be filed wllh the "Water Rights branch aftking that thc water be held for domestic purposes for tlw. entire region.
It was noted that during the meeting
wiih th« oompariy r*§we**®tativ«"<», no mt^o-
tion of the waler application had been
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Jenks officiating  1 9758-48  CARD OF THANKS  WE WOULD like to express our  sincere thanks and appreciation frr the many and thoughtful kindnesses shown to us  during our recent bereavement,  wiln special thanks to Dr. Walter Burtn.ck and nurses at St  Mary's Hospital ���Sincerely,  Maggie Wray and Family.  9762-48  I WISH to extend to my very  kind friends and neighbours,  my sincere thanks, for their  help and Mndpess during the  illness and death of my husband. ���Amae Warne       9761-48  WE WISH "to extend cur heartfelt thanks to all who Mndly  assisted and for the -words of  sympathy and beautiful floral  offerings extended at the death  of a loving husband and ifather.  Special thanks to Dr. Stuart  and nurses of St Mary's Hospital. Special thanks also to  Rev. Walter Ackroyd for his  consoling words in memory of  my dear husband Martin Warnock. ���'Mrs, Martha Warnock;  sons, Edward, James and Bill.  Daughters, Mrs. Cledia Duncan, Mrs. Luella Duncan 'and  Mrs. Stan (Nina) Almas,  9760-48  PERSONAL ~  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. P.O.  B-x 294, Sechelt, B.C.   Phone  ��J6-)876. 969-tfn  YOUR Avon representative for  West  Sechelt   and   Redrootffs  Road will soon be calling. Call  Fay Hansen 885-994G.      9749-48  COPIES OF PHOTOS  APPEARING IN  THE TIMES  may be obtained promptly  5x7 SIZE, 1.25 EACH  6 (same subject)    1,00 each  12 (same subject) ...   .90 each  8x10 SIZE, 2.00 EACH  C (same subject) -_ 1.50 each  22 (same subject) .... 1.25 each  LEAVE YOUR ORDER  AT THE TIMES  WORK WANTED  HANDYMAN,    cabinet   maker,  will do odd jobs. Reasonable,  Ph. 880-9902, 760-tfn  Kl.l.lAIJU.  Judy n.piliTN   Ken-  era] housework, Ironing, cleaning. He. I'll. B85-218J...  .I7.7-.H  TILL1CUM ci|lmney~S(,rvlcc~  Eaves cleaned and repaired.  Painting, gardening, janitor  service, old jobs, etc, All work  guaranteed. Jtltl Sechelt, Phone  B85-2191  or 8B5-2WM. WH.fn  MAN experienced in most facets of construction, home buil-  r-ng wants permanent work Jn  Seehelt urea. Own tranniKirta-  lion. Hc-crcnceM, Write Jinx  HOW,  Penlntuiln Time.,, Sechelt,  WWt.7  I.XPKIUI.NCEJ)   fwrrtary   re-  quIrcN   full or  part-lime   employment.  Ph,  8rHJ-7(KKl.  .1701-18  LADY   wlllllng  to   pricvJde  rare  for baby under I year,old. By  day  or  for longer  period).,  I'll.  K8f. OT. 0707.8  CARPENTER work, alterations,  s carports, etc. 885-2343 or  evenings ��&5-��i60. 1874-ifn  y if> j  WANTED  WILL    purchase    patches   of  standing timW,  Phone 886-  2_51_ 1681-.fn  SMALL acreage, view or waterfront, required by private  party. Ph. 886-7006.        970248  CASH &r 3.5 to 4.5 K.W- Die-  sel Genset, 110-220 preferred.  Must be in top ^ndition. State  make, year, ajxprox. hours etc.  to Box 9748, Peninsula Times,  Sechelt, B.C. 9748-49  HELP WANTED  SALAL WANTED  Top price paid. Cood quality  required. Contact J.'M. Hayes,  Reed Moss '& Fern, Seehelt,  885-9313 ' 9532_;_a  SALAL PICKERS WANTED  Phone Mrs.  Naldo Wifeon  885-9746 or write:  Box 390, Sechelt, B.C.  9752-tfn  FOR  RENT  HALL foj  Tent   Wilson  Creek  Community Hall. Contact Mr.  Glen  Phillips. 885-2183. 1095-tfn  2 BEDROOM unfurnished house  at   Tillicum    Bay.    $50   per  month. Ph 885-2191. 9711-48  FURNISHED    bachebr    suite,  sfelf-contamed, low rent Close  to Sechelt. Ph. 885-2041.  9741-49  FULLY  furnished,   1  bedroom  cottage on highway at Half-  moon Bay. $45 per month. 885-  9534. 971849  COMPLETELY furnished 1  room suite with bath, heating, lighting and phone, clean,  $65. Single female preferred.  Phone 886-2276. 9768-48  WEST Sechelt���fully   furnished  4 bedroom all electric home  -with   A-oil   furnace.   Available  immediatelly   Ph. 298-6848.  9746-tfn  WANTED TO RENT  3 BEDROOM, house in Pender  Harbour area. Preferably water frontage. Ph. 883r2594.  9731-48  REAL ESTATE  LOTS for sale, 4 cleared view  lots in Selma Park. Serviced  with power and water. Priced  at $2,750 each. P.O. Box 299,  Sechelt or to view contact L.  Nestman, Selma Park.   9659-tfn  ONE ONLY: There is no other  house like it on the Peninsula.  Built to owners design on two  lots with 'the ntiagnificent view  overlooking Davis Bay. Three  large bedrooms all with Rouble  ���closets, master bedroom has  separate vanity o. bath. Utility  room, kitchen with breakfast  area, dining room, large living  room with fireplace opening onto unfinished t>atio. Full basement with rec room (unfinished fireplace) another room  could be office or den or workshop. Owner will consider  trades of acreage, smaller  house, or small business as  part or ail payment, Further  details on request,  ROBERTS CREEK: Approximately 10 ac, South slope, nicely  treed, excellent access, $6800.  full price, excellent terms.  Immaculate 2 Bdrm home on  lge WF lot. Bright modern kitchen, spacious LR and dining  room, Full concrete bsmt., features 12x20 room and A-oil furnace. The greenhouse and garden ' features many unusual  plants and shrubs, plus fruit  trees, small fruits, etc. garage.  GIBSON'S: Small do-it-yourself  deal, Partially finished. One  bedroom ihorno, in nice area,  good water suppply, $7,000 full  price,  Cemlral Gibsons, lot 05'xl30'  wJth creek, only $1800 wit.li only $500 down, balance as rent.  aoWiI.lt ��� POINT: Enjoy privacy without isolation on this  '.* Ac. WF park. Delightful  year round 5 room callage Xeal-  uri'M attractive living room witb  flrcplHre, Convenient, nil electric kitchen and dining area.  Workshop and garage, A oil  heat, Details on requcs..  BLOCK BROS.  .Phone Mr. Good 681-9700 collect  or< 736-9171  For fast service on all properties and businesses.    j.**  FENJDISB Hatooiir viemir, lots.  - . Lpt.2Z apd 2^_aj.4ey^b[!iv-  Mon.f Phone 88$-_4fi3Y#r ����a$e  &ox 9676'' Peninsula 'i^es,, Se-  &jelt.J">-       ,    , ;.].;,'    967!B-tfn  ���" ������ ��� ��������� ��������� ^_____________________________________^       *  REDiOOFFS-Wder^ kjifii-  ' room home on '2 lots, fclosg to  beafch and safe boat'-atieh'orage.  Living xc6mt 28x15^ fireplace.  Bright caT>. kitchen; ^te^ioohi,  A-oil iieat^ dble earport^loyely  rfpf SAa;|i_ntWef) 'r/'" '*W. SktM^tttimef !^       FOR.5^^.j@&$^yt,'  "    " >      ���'        iY     '  ' ''  r ���".��� ' r        i t��.i i r\               ' " ' " ��� ���"   j" 'u;  TRPMPET/JEbr satef Goodt'feon-  rtffl&L btcASMMsr} P&a$*4s  ZEWI3H wringer washing, itna-  'dhibe; -4'.- feats tMr�� W^USiL ���.  - . Y- /   -vU./ ���   .*��**ws48  V��-  ^t'c ,��._����, OtP i_r__*_,o^__" ' Small arch of _fee>1&Srl#i $25>  ^2ftal^^K_55t' .WM prisale. %n gM condi-  pon. fjaanet S85-2Wg.' 975S-48  |2 yplt customer *_d|o,' run-   "jjood' saddlf hor��e 'fo$ .sale. |  ^  '68 ^oysSlJOBILE Cntfais, Sup-  WE TRADE HOMES  EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  I Notary Public  Member  Vancouver Beal Estate Board  Multiple Listing Service  PHONE   886-2248  1800 sq. ft. floor space, half  suite, half business premises,  lots of "plate glass windows,  concrete work area floor, yill-  lage -water supply; half acre  land, 100 ft highway frontage.  $21,750.. Try your' terms, try a  trade.  1 acre on Lower .Roberts Creek  road, 125' fr., 330' deep, gentle  slope, lots of -water, $1,100 cash.  Bright clean 2 bdrm view home,  FP; A-O, part bsmt., lane.  $5000 dn on $11,500. Furnishings  included.  Almost new, semi w�� home,  all elec. 3 bdrm on % acre,  carport, good well, $18,000, one  third down or offers considered.  Beautifully groomed and maintained 2 bdrm cottage in Sechelt, two garages, tool shed,  fully developed grounds, $21,000  one third down.  E McMynn  Do Wortman  J. Warn  886-2500  886-2393  886-2681  Box 238, Gibsons, B.C.  9764-48  GIBSONS���-Immaculate 2' bedroom, fully serviced, part basement home on level landscaped  lot. An ideal retirement home  and location. Full price $12,000  Choose your building lot now.  An excellent selection cf level  and -view lots priced from $1,250  to $2,250. Down payments from  $250 with easy terms.  ROBERTS CREEK-4 8 acres  with southern slope and view  over Strait of Georgia. Frontage on two roads, ideal for low  cost subdivision. Full price  $6,500.  DAVIS1 'BAY���Fully serviced  view lot 60' 7x 150' an fast developing area close to excellent beach. Full price $2,250.  SECHELT���Fully se'rviced Vi  acre in choice residential area  An excellent buy at $2,500.  Terms.  PENDER HARBOUR ��� Fully  serviced beautifully treed, waterfront and semi-waterfront  lots in this scenic harbour with  year round boating and fishing.  Priced from $2,500 to $6,500.  SAKHNAW LAKE���Large waterfront lots ' on this beautiful  6 mile long lake. Easy access  via Lee'ts Bay. Easy term-  available Full price $4,250 each.  For   these   and   other   choice  properties    on    the . Sunshine  Coast, contact Frank Lewis or  Morion Mackay at*"Giibson1#i'i-_'it'  fice, 886-9900.  FI NLAY REALTY LTD.    ���  Gibsons'      and        Burquitlam  9763-48  THE SUN SHINES ON  1  165"  of unrestricted  view   waterfront   with   the  finest  sandy  beach. 2 bedroom home that is  a delight-to show. $38,000.  Immaculate ��� Quarter acre  fenced and in lawns, walks,  flowers, shrubs, and partios. 3  bedroom house, garage and outbuildings. Near schools, beach,  and stores. $21,000.  Large lot. Selma Park, $2800.  Good terms.  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  Sunnycrest  Shopping   Centre���  Gibsons  Providing the Sunshine Cpast  with a  complete  Professional  Service.        ,  Beal Estate ��� Insurance  {General and Life)  Law Office and Notary Piiblic  (R. F. Kennett)   - *  Prompt attenion to purchase or  sale of property from inception  to registration.  To list or purchase call now ���  Our experienced salesmen fire  at your servicel  886-2481/ pj  854(W��p  BUILDING SUPPLIES   , .  GIBSONS     Building    Supplies  Ltd.  886-2642,  GibsansY'&C.  Onaiitv Ready-mixed" conctete  Serving the area' for 20 years  SD-ifu  FOUND ~7~  A. GARLECK���your item picked up. Ph. 886-2747.    9734-47  PETS  TOY and miniature Poodle'pup  pies, most colours, saipe adult  stock   Around $50.  New litter,  9 weeks old   Also CXeprienced  clipping, $5. Ph. 885-9797.  9770-48  jS58!*$_iD sedan, as is,; wh^   WATERFRONT    1uane\? tibtx  . .?is^ffi$,yfflr885-&q61   _-234$ - - Garden Bay~^^>iftwe��-  tu_tk_**'_o.i'; .aac nir.,*+_*,'._ '___ii^. ��� fioa*. J&M&- toadL Call $83-2229  '!.�����������>,-'-���   ,-"'--���   ��� '.-9MW8   P��*,B=C-   '- '   9paMS  PE3>rtJSSl__A Wving  ����&>^>'������wK.ttftn  sethelt^��C ��� ��� (      ,       ���,...,...   ,*-      .     -.-���   -    -  ���JuaK<sontroHedvcacs. ��*#.or r   Yi,'-   *.frr���* *.*t '" ^   -m$ $15. Jes& w_.eel "and new     -Piione.SB8._J89 after6 p;m,  eveniiig * hours. Phome 886=240L. ''     '    - :B8il^   tire' $i5. New SOjlfc ri^yy pat-     _        ' Pl      '     /     9750-48  >r*~- >*     "***��' rfl^6B4A' S3X3VJ5 and Replace wood, fir   itern ancHpr^O. Btfttdmd, Bob-   ������ ..'.,      ''IJ'1    '  *'V^'.^��:  w��v;-4���^�� ^..*    ortd CvtypXr.       ,. >*J. -   ��� ��7��i_ia -> BEATTY    automatic    washetv  'good   condition.   Phon.   &&���  '    9___t.    "-  -   " "'"  75^1-48  lIDNTING boots, various sites.  MARJME ACCESSORIES  Paint���Fibreglass���Rope���'  Canvas���Boat Hardware  -Compressed air service -f<?r  skindivers ait. tanks.  Skindivers available fox *  salvage work.  WALT NYGREN SALES  LTD. '  Phone 886-9303, Gibsons, B.C.  1306-tfn  and 'aider, jye'n^ersell ev; erfs Crfeefc   , ., p ,/plpa-p'  eryons in "town. SpeJcial'rates -'---^ "���',���;���:, ���"���;���',��� ''���"���/.. \���  -_._.-_-_._*___._.- ^�����---Tg Kjibsob 0IlT��ran*e; &&**$& 'tank,  t^aui'    > a.���'. .���� ti., \,, - �����  a���� ww��u. o��)-<j.4o After 5:30 what  d#er_/ rf8B._2053   eyen-  landscaped   yard   ^'^o.     ^empY'tofor, "bu^et seate/�� ' Zi"&sTot^Ps^^��Z   CMlT  '9646-lfn    Peninsula Times, Box 38j,< Se-       chelt, B.C. 469-tfn  sa_e,:883-2528  FOR SALE  9754-49  LEGAL   NOTICES  Form No. 18  (Section 82)  Notice of Intention to Apply jto  Lease Land  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver, BC. and situate  at  the   south   side  of.���Sec$3Bt  - - -Take-notice tbat Wesean-JBx-  plorations Ltd, of 38 - 845 Hornby, Van, occupation land development and mining -exploration intends to apply for a lease  of the following described  lands:  Commencing at a post planted S.E. corner of Lot l, Plan  12912 of D L. 4661; thence South  2500 ft to N.W. corner of Lot  5416; thence East 1600 ft.;  thence North 1900 ft. to a point  300 ft. south; of the N.W. corner of Lot 6843; thence westerly  following south boundary of existing lease applications to "a  point of commencement and  containing 80 acres, more or  less, for the purpose of development of land opened tip by our  road construction.  HAROLD JAMES McKENZlE  Agent for  1  2  el-  at-  in  Is-  K. IJutltT  Ron McSavaney  Kd Jlutl.-r  I>tm Tall  ��� 886-2000  ��� BH6-!_r_  ��� HH-V2000  ��� bh;��-2?.ha  $1,500    DOWN���In    Sechelt,  bedroom house, remodelled,  ectrlc heat,  laundry room,  tached carport.  Move right  at  $10,800.1  Went Sechelt���View of Trail  land. TIUk 2 bdrm dec-Irk heat-  ed comfortable cottage on 75'x  700' lot Is a gem, $14,000 cash.  NEW. West Sechelt���luxurious  4-plcx on W.'x478' lot. Own water \VKtem, I4'x20' living room,  WW carpets, 2 bdrms, col.  plumbing. All with gulf view.  Fully occupied.  SKCHELT-2200', 3 bdrm  with extra l^droom and  pu�� ri>om in basement,  place,   A-oil   heat,   KKI'  $99.95;;   Ptotoo, g>nsple, ^np    ^m^,^ .&,(��$& Sicoat,  picture tube, $149.95; Fngidaire  er wasaers worn *jj_j��. ui ^a^.va e.��i/_jn.'AT_.Ti<    i.n ^__..��___ ' -iia  sber $29_95; KenmopB" wrinier Parker's Hardware Ltd. Pbone *��J2? ��m *'��S*S^S?i���?  washes $19.95. Paper's Hard- 885-2^71, Sechelt,' B.C.            " tJSS^SLtS5S^SSS'  bpd-^^.                   f    3w_-w DELTA Su{)8r ^'9oo�� nine inch bination TVand stereo^ $399.95;  SMA1& used  wooden kitchen radial   arm  saw with steel used  smnger   wash��r$Y $19.95  table,   cheap.    2 - children's stan4 and tool cabinet 3 blades to* $99.95; poxfoMe TV/ $89.95.  tractors, need -slight fixing." 885- and   dado * attacbinents.   $170. Parker's Hardware Lt�� Phone  2181.                                   9753-48 Ph. 883-2624.                     97S6-48 -885-2171,' Sechel^ B.C, " 97fi9-tfn  Westcan  Explorations  did.  38 - 845 Hornby  Vancouver, B.C;  I  Dated Oct. 4, 1968  9705-Pub. Oct. 16, 23, 30, Nov  6  BOATS & ENGINES  RUNABOUT boat storage avail".  ��� able. Safe and dry for winter,  Ph. 886-2400, Shaw Rd, Gibsons.  9.r)](l-t.fn  15 FT. CADILLAC alum, bopl,  35  tip  motor,  trailer,   cover,  lights for sale. Phone 885-20(17,  9618-tfn  ' ....:....:_  36   FT.   plywood   boat.   Cabin,  New   controls,   two   5   gallon  tanks,  35 hp  Evinrude,  Phone  883-2615. 9710-48  homo  rum-  Flre-  water  front  Lot  Secluded  $:i(),(KK),  K. BUTLER' REALTY  & INSURANCE  Glibso<n.., I_,���,  , Phone 880.200(1  MEM HE It  MULTIPLE LISTING  SE It VICE  Welcome   I.eaoh,   JOO'xlKKI'  with/ road    allowance,    ^2,(KMI.  Village Lfrt,-Dolphin St,, f2,S00.  H. Gregory 885-9392  H. B. GORDON  & KENNETT LTD.  Phone 885-2013  Sechelt, B.C.  JJ737 -47  27.   IT.   clinker   built,   275   hp  Chrysler. Bunks, galley, head,  FP '$5,000.  Ph. 889f434.  9725-.H  17 FT. flbreglasi. hardtop with  conitrola  and  gas tanks*,   Kk,  cellent condition,   Ph,   88.V2��tt  t��7!!0-..',l  SEVEN 14 ft, cedar clinliY  boats, 3^ to 7 hp, Brlggsi and  Station Jnboards. Price ijiino  eacin. Btrj-2424, Lurson'ft JteMiri  Madeira  Park, 7r.:i(i-<iM  FORnLE^iuiBADsi" t'livi-T  opes, statements, Invoices  and all commercial printing,  contact the TlrnoN office al ISc-  ciielt or phono 885.0654.  MOBILE HOMES  PARKWOOD CANADIAN  10(17 mobile home. 44'xlO'. Two  bedrooms, front llvlnig rooin.  Full price $5,000. Available  D<ic. 1st, For Information phone  885 051.1,  Big Mople Motel  & Trailer Resort  0707-l.fri  Planning Committee  Planning is one of the functions of  Sunshine Coast Regional District and  last week members of the Technical  Planning Committee met to discuss  a Regional Plan regarding projected  major uses of land in the district  From left are: Dr. P. J. Reynolds,  director of Coast Garibaldi Health  Jat a cost cf approximately $730,000. Local 'Unit; M. G. ELston, district engineer*  share of this expenditure is 40 per cent   Pubjie Works; Don Thorn, Land In-  ptos interest spector; Tucker _Foxsyth, local en-  Prfisent hospital is <qf-35 bed capacity.     K -        ��� - -  but bas-operated at 123  Yfofybhe past^year. T3&*jsfr��  Hospital expansion  flashed green light  WORD has ibeen released that Health Min-  ���_ster, Bon. Ralph Ltfffmark has given  approval to the Sechelt  SL  Mary's  Hospital Board for expansion of the hospital  Sechelt Notes  WE ARE SORiRY to hear that Mrs. Norman Burley is a patient on the Hospital  and hope she will saon be up and about  again  Mr. and iMrs.' Crawshaw of West Vancouver were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Ted  Os_>oxne Sr of PoipoiSe" Bay. They are  panning to make their home In "West Sechelt. Their heme will bs irpugh't iby barge  from its present site and located on their  iproperty Here. u   '"    .,  house guest, iMr. jMoscnp tor. from-vaneou    exLsjilJg 5,^^^ Additional -35 beds -win   officer; E_ G. Iferrason, are>a engin-  v&x",   ��� _, �� ��.     _,*.������ ^ ^ be; is acute .care {for a ttfai of 4B) plus   eer,    Water ' Rights    Branch   and  Mr. Ted Osborn Sr. and Mr. Bob Cum- 22 extended *are. ~    "      -    ~ ��� l~ ���  mings of Roberts Creek bave gone to Sid-        0ne cf the lowest burdens the taxpayer  ney, Vancouver Island to visit the Boyal ,has to shoulder, Ibe hospital at present cos-  Arth Chapter there and are expected home ls le6s 4han one mill; &e e^^^ ��s e^p^.  on Sunday.-      . te(| tt) fo^g tt,B ^ai {0 ^upproximately two  Glad to  hear Mrs. Thelma  Alywin is miEs. 3Sfext on the agenda ^dll be prepara-  feelmg better and able -to he-Jiome again. tipn of >a refp^enda, "V___.c_i is expected, will  Mrs. Pearl Osborne attended the Grand b^ presented to'tlie taxpayer within the  Representatives luncheon and ..meetmg ofi next few wpeks.    '       ('"'  the Order. flCAe 'Eastern Star ...held at the  Regional   Dist."' secretary,   Charles  Gooding. ' ^   j  Grosvenor Hotel ~in' Vancpuyer.".last week.  About' one . fiundrid" and. .dSfty American  members -were' special guesis.  iMiris. Gladys'Kean: visited Mr.' and Mrs.  AJIfen' Wood 'for -a iewcdaffl last' week. She  ^as; a.-ope tijpe resident here and spent  $om'e; ,time" visiting with old friends.  ���..i Sechelt .Ekmehtary'. pupils held their  first assembly of the fall term on Friday,  pupils of Mrs. Lang's grade 3 class produced a play titled "Th;e little White Rabbit who wanted Red Ears".  ��� -��� Mr. Seymour's grade 7 class entertained; with a play, "The Story of the Silk  Worm". Both of these plays were enjoyed  by those at-ending and will be repeated  a^ain. The activity room is. not'large  erimig- 'to accomodate all of the classes at  one time.  t He's a perfect executive. When he's dictating to bis secretary, he always ends a  sentence with a proposition. 1  BBTHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  SEftyJCE: SECHELTf  Sundoy School ��� 10:00 o.m.  Church ierv.ee ��� 11:15 a.m.  J.��V. A. WILLIS, PASTOR  Voj ore invited to attend any or eoch service  ANGLICAN CHURCH     \  SAINT HILDA'S���SECHaT  8:00 a.m. f_yery Sunday '  ' 9:30 o.m. Churdi Scbooi  11:00 om. 2nd, 4th, 5th Sundays  7:3pp.rrt. l��t end 3rd Sundays  , Services held ,i_igularly in  fiARDEN B^y,: ^pRO^FRS idijd; C6M0NT  !"������.'������'. ���ForVjnformatibii^onej^  EVery Wed> 10 om H; Comrnunlon St. Hilda's  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Church Service 11:15 o.m.  Evening Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSEUS  Davit Pay Road and Arbittvt  (2 block* up from Highway)  "   j'.n  1   111 1 mi   niinn in 11 i.iiiiiiiiiiiii.uiiiiiijjiiii, 11. jm 11 g im i ju jj  T V 1  WILL THE PERSON WHO  BORROWED A JACK FROM  MR. ALF RITCHEY OF GIBSONS BE KIND ENOUGH TO  RETURN SAME IMMEDIATELY.  THIS VITAL  YOUNG  RELIGION  g ragaa  t ���<  Th��ra   nr��  fhr����  million  p��opl��  arptind thm world loday who fc��-  ll��v�� !H��if ��M wnincallon of mankind  UHii will ot Ood for our opo. Th��y  OoB tli*nnttlv<_ taha'lt.  Fdi'liap* Bol.a'l l�� What you or*  looWng *or; ��  C&MA M. FOOT?  0c!tai'i off Sunthin* Coant  035-2000. Sochelt, O.C.  t".     #:-���'*    .���*'���* ���* --s-^.; '���. 4 -i "���, 'y-   ���'. v *,*' -X-v-j-riu*  SECHELT AGENCIES DATE PAD  ��� This fn?e reminder of cominp events is a service of SECHELT AGENCIES  LTC. Phone Peninsula Times direct for free listings, specifylnjj "Date  Pod". P|ease rxrtp thpt spoce Js limited and some advance dates may\  hove to wolt their turn; ��}lso that this is a "reminder" listing only and  cannot always fiorry fall details. ,  gaaBaaca-_i.flM_.HHHw_MMMi.Hi__HM  Nov. 1���10 a.m. Gibsons Munlclpoi Hall, Court of Revision for Voters'  List. .  Nov. 1 ���10 a.m. Sechelt Munlclpoi'Holl. Court of Revision for Voters'  List. .  Nov.  2���2-4  p.m. Gibsons Leolon Hall.  St.  Bart's A.C.W. Christmas  Bazaar & Tea.  Nov. 2���2-4 p.m. St. Hilda's Hall, Sochelt. Sunshine Rebekah's Christmas Bazaari  Mov. 3���2 p.m. Madeira Park Comm, Hall. Pender Harbour & District  Ratepayers' General Mod Ing.  Nov. 5���7:30 p.m, Wilson Crock Comm, Hall, Cubs fi. Scouts registration, Parents plr_r.,o accompany boys.  Nov. 5���8 p,m. Mrs, F, J, Willis residence. Port Mellon, L. A. Io Guides  & Brownies meet Ing.  Nov, 7���2 p.m, St. Hilda's Hall.'Sechelt Hosp. Aux, meeting.  Nov, 13���2 p.m Madeira Park Medical Clinic, P.H. Hosp. Aux. moctlnQ.  XSK FOR FREE CATALOGUE OF PROPERTY  Multiple Lifting Scrvlco  Vancouver Real Estate  Board  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  -I   _  AGEMCIES. LTD.  !_  6  /  b -^'Y',Y\<,\ <*���  <  i      >,'      Yb?y- Yr   .1 rtY',*- *     f"<?< <,;    y ���,.'!.�����"���'   .   __.���--   k* i       .     ft1       ' i     .     Y   j��'       Y   J '     - J     i     Y '   !   3   "     '   '     i   '      !'   s'"   i      1       . m*   jf   ,     r       sf  r)��  ���-���-���-���L___ .   -    -    '-      - ._v> __iix���^~--i<������-������r~. - .Y.ix -. , _- Y'    ,���     Y~      * '^ ��� , JK-        ���...   _? y r* ,      ���   - '-,(,,', ' *  Wednesday, October 30, 1968        Tite Peninsula Times Pose 3  about: ...  Expansion approved     __   _ ���from poxje \   septic tanks until.such time a bet-'  agreement be made by _he health unit- '  also stated that a charge would be  against t&e healtb unit for such inspections. 'Y    ,''  Since that time, (however, no payment  bas been fbit___coming and despite promises '  that monies would be included in forthcoming budgets for tbis sendee, reppesenfla-  Dr. Reynolds, Healtb Uimt JMrec-  have continued to bring a.aneply to the  that funds are stall unavailable for  purpose.  was explained that under the new system, a healtb inspector .visits the Gibsons  area once weekly from Squamish .while  another inspector visits the Sechelf district  once each two weeks foom Powell Biver,  the event that Mere are problems re-  quiring the attention of a healtb inspector  residents frequenQy end up with a waiting  period which holds up progress.  Director Feeney asked wby ibe Powell  Biver man is unable to visit once weekly  the same way as bis Squamish counterpart. Director Rutherford agreed and iepm-  mented "this sort of tiling is getting Ibe  board a bad name".  Novelties "We are coming under fire because we  Gay novelty stall was the centre of   types oi novelties,  the stall was a   Mrs. H. Sparling, also active were   are trying to help &em out/'added Feen-  attraction at last Saturday's, Pender   tremendous success   Pictured here   Mrs. ft. Nield and Mrs. J. S. Willi_an_-   **'  _* > ^* _Jiw��:.$.  WITH AM  Harbour   Hospital   Auxiliary,   Pall   are committee workers, Mrs. S. R.   son.  Fair.   Featuring over  100 different   Maddison, Mrs. L. E. Alexander and  Approval was given a motion by Director Cliff Gilker that tbe health unit director be notified the regional building ins-  "!    pector will cease assisting as of the end of  (this year.  *k-      *ti  S*  V- ' W^  **-*:;  ���***? ����� i ��_  CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE  Post Office Bld9.. Sechelr . Phone 885-2333  WEDNESDAY- 12 noon-5:00 p.m.  Wednesdays after 5:00 p.m. by appointment  SATURDAY���2 p.m. to 5:00 p.m  AUTOMATIC WASHER  AND Ci-OTHES DRYER  Need a Washer-Dryer!  or BOTH. See Your  ZENITH Dealer in Gibsons.  (A Marshall Weils Store)  You* Authorized  ZENITH AUTOMATIC WASHER  AND DRYER DEALER  in GIBSONS.  ��IBSOHS HAIWWARE (1966) UP.  PHONE 886-2442  mri ���mk* rP^f  -/i'<  --^  Who'll fi(uy?  Pender Harbour Hospital Auxiliary   rap didn't really ihaye to pressure soon as the fair opened eager buyers  workers, Mrs. Winifred Course; Mrs.   anyone Into buying the home-fraked were anxious to purchase the fine  Anne Scales and Mrs. Isabel Croold-   bread, cakes and preserves, for as goodies.  /  j  \  e>  /v V.  Discussion time  Willi gue^iii,,' games, thambor of  hoiioi s .Hid fish ponds to choi.iu  from, >oun^s1ci' at the Pl____. Hai-  buui Hospital AuMhaiy I an get together to discus1 the bf��-l \alm for  ii.om\ Fiom left die Ktlly M,m  3VlKkc\ Duii1l>, Tud WainocL, IIu^  iell Cnmeion .iiid Randy W.miotk  Fnd and ].and> an* 8>eai old twins.  /"  X  Bnlloon Sole F0R| QUICK RESULTS USE TIMES  Scllins cav b-unches of balloons and  colourful masks at Pender Harbour   adbriefs to sell., rekt. buy. etc.  Fair, Susan Sladey (left) finds Debbie Whyte willing to make a pur-  chasp. lJotli eleven years Old, Susan  is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ole  Sladey and Debbie is the daughter  of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Whyte.  iMMOTS CLASSES  Will be held weekly at thc Health  Unit office, Gibsons from Monday,  October 21st to Monday, November  25th. For registration please contact  Health Unit, Gibsons.  Phone 886-2228  \wmmmwmxm\\m\mt��mMmm\axmxwm^  GARDEN BAY  BEAUTY SALON  883-2201  EXPERT ...  CUTS - COLOR - PERMS  The way you like it.  Open Thursday, Firday & Saturday  (Hairpidces, and Wigs Styled)  1mm  w��ww��WWii<��i.��.i..i_ii..   ,     nnnniu.j i  feat yourself fo Great Bwys  m Fri ck and f reaf Goodies!  We have a good selection ot  Candies and Masks on hand.  Note our longer shopping hours for your last  minute pure hotel  E & N Srdcetrf & Coifetfionerf  Open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily  i Phone 885-9414  MIMMMMMMMIIM^^  CRANK ��. DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  , Bal Block - Gibsons :  Every Wednesday  886-2248  Phone 885-2818  NITA'S BEAUTY SALON  Open in the Richter Block  Sechelt, B.C  PERMANENT WAVES ��� TINTS  HAIR CUT���STYLING���SHAPING  9 a _n. to 5 p_n_ Tuesday-Saturday  BRIAN'S DRIVE-IN  The Brightest Spot on the Highway  Opposite ffce High School - Gibsons    ,  ?or Take Out Orders Phone 886-2433  ������-M'H       ���������__���������������������_.!>   _|f'  ..I.      | ������������,���...,  Tefc-bone 886-2069  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  Vonery, Supplies, classes 01 firing  dealer for Duncan's Ceramic products  Pine Rd. & Gran-view Aye.  P.O. Box 62, Gibsons, B.C.  L. & H. SWANSON LTD.  Septic Tanks end Drain fields - Backhoe and  Front End Loader Work.  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Publisher   uLtmmmmmmmmr-ryiliimamimTi���rrn~l��� ' ���*""���--������������  MaMMaaMMM-HBaaoMM  fcbLLOWING a lengthy peridd oi virtual aftd fr&ild get full support of the prov-  inactivity on the Sunshine &��- by WH* government.  .             �� ,              o��t ii,.. ��*�� mi.- Sihpe forming,- at considerable cost to  $EZ��*SS&&��*54 ���� 4w . *��� hy "  taiceniy tnougni, w uic w�� ^j-^ filiation. No longer do we have  r���tP��o *. a ��� o. _a, party. J�� �� * jp-g & fg*  It has beeohie inereasihglr obvious jy^,. A g^ <j^ y�� ^s wytfe J^s been  that this faith is to bear little or p re- foisted, with nd i#ti_rieb.t{bti?) UjJbn the  ciprocity, orie would almost-be ihclined regional buiidifag iiis^eclbf. bibsbHs is a  td suspect this area has been designated jj^g tjette|. dfe, their iiiiin a$b&s once  as number one on the blaelc list. ���et~ �� week g^fo the Sflri&rtiisit area, ttepeated  tainly we rkte first place ori the. rpn- objections b the HealtH Dept. have prov-  atound carousel. ed worthless.  Continued requests by responsible or- The gairWge by:lajv ajsfcfyed almost  ganizations for highway reconstruction  ahd improved ferry service between Langdale and frbkeshbe B&j have febn'ciini-  pletely disregarded. Proposed Gibsons  By-Pass appears to have taken its place  upon the sagging, dust bovered shelves of  the official morgue. Previous assurances  by former Highways Minister Phil Gag-  lardi that he was negotiating with R_|ro-  a year ago Ha�� bejpH dogge'd by ^dvern-  ment iriilckcih with the fresuit we still  lack an fe&ctfefti bbil_^oti-a_s^M system.  Recent irequest that the roads department push a rba'd thirori^i to ihe newly  established Gibsons irefiise dump has  again been rejected despite the fact the  eMstiiag  access passes  through private  _>u would see.  Mt  _ .YmimK _. ^ ~~ - ~   .      .f * "^i-'iStesto ItoiiMfefeS fftlltfMfM l&esqtiaT�� danctofls auojhir'^ay to Bet-  >; irifq -vmm t tod fctt, iif foitfttyt is. wit wmA doiig in -bis wea. We -_?ve  si-iete, i jm x%mii Uki ^u M& me* tu W �� ?m> go$s & s^mk w  rrff, a^i* &lI ^rf_l ^H^ii''^iTiie ' staii id ��_i_b or1 are aatfrented ill jsqtee  to to ����k iM %m. m& k evmt <�� &w�� ^^g ^ ^^ au-atofer is #85-9941-. Our  Sayi ^gtt.1-' i slogan as, "have P^A. will traviei"  Ves^ flwixfeh^ f%^% ��_$��� y^JJ ^ ^ ^^       Thfe next daaae will toe at tiie Efopldjos  treu^,^.!?^ # *#*��� c^^l Walt Vlth tK& cbsons Squarenaders aext.  E'ltiltYKfeiia* fir_ ��._B StS4A ���U_,��i_,d,��a_U^   t     ^ <��� >��� ���>���>       ....'. - -*.-���;-   .-i^���::-.-  U^rp,Ur %y&M&. & M .he wall  i.b_��iHyiwt ^ lib ^-efeek oi- aWuittaiaY  #^e ^ |lii_t a few d�� ,M wety day  fr&j&aabs flfiit ij&Ml ypu tSfee tiifa* out to  4>rovWei.  The idck sho* an the show aiiart build-  Sag on the P.N.E. grounds 20li of October  was the fc-ggest we liav�� ever attended. In  fact, I believe It is latny the biggest rock  skew in Canada, ysii hot only see rociks  iff _U MfeS Jiiit s��l$'d the art of lapidaty,  silv-tsihitfiiiig, ^aintihg with coloured crushed rock. TMs pajMSi1 just isn't large en-  mMtuatmiiiimlmmiimmmttmmimimtitlti  mm  i  i  i  'i  THE  PENINSULA TIMES  M-MHWHIMIMIWWHMIIIMk  nier Company with a view to puttwg the property. A similar request by council of  rdjad through from Port Mellon to Wodcl- Gihsbhs was also rejected earlier.'  fibre now appear to but a dim memory. when the Sechelt District Chamber  Substantial financial assistance is avail- 0f Commerce recently celebrated its 21  able under the Federal ARDA scheme ' anniversary, six members of the provm-  which has to have provincial approval be- cial eabinet were individually invited to  fore any project mi^ht be eligible. All attend. Not one of those approached,  active   group   p'ursded   possftiiitifes   of including our own member, could find  qualifying for such a grant in order to the time to be present Yet only days be-  establish a combined water system, a few  years ago. This failed to leave the ground  because of the run-around by Victoria.  This ARDA group was the forerunner of the present regional district board  which formed in order to bring about  badly needed tunctioite ih the area. A  regional board, we were told, would be in  a position to deal directly with Victoria  fore was an approach made to Ray Perrault MP who agreed instantly and took  the trouble to fly directly from Ottawa.  This is a sorfy situation and one  which points clearly to the writing upon  the wall, the solution lies with Victoria,  unfortunately recovery of good faith is  inevitably a slow process and in this  case, time is now at a premium.  ��  Readers Right  Face lite  _ Ecbtor, The Times^  Sir���The Oct 21 Peninsulla Times stated, "Commenting on a report giyen to  trustees, Hanna stated (tUxat he feels that  failure is a devastating expeiienfee and a  child should be brought along so that he  succeeds "  It is very unfortunate that a school  supermtendant should have this opinion.  To fail at some time or another is part e%t  life Some of the greatest lessons are learned through failure People who are no.  afraid to fail enjoy life more and accomplish far more than the tiniid souls who  are afraid they might fail. It is time we  stop coddling and over protecting our children. Let's teach them to ma"ke creative  call ten seiyfes *'&_�� ah^L {Etfuntry C|lujb"  which o0em the door Yd '<fifife!r recreational  and social feciitties. We social s��acility inay  become n p&oit, u&eSul iohe community wise.  feMe^ fbcfi, an #&$& ���* *>e  a costly .ine JBioi It wouJoKhe a gre&t financial saving vif one l^o'cafem'fe xised ��<>r two,  three or ioiiir fecilities, ipta, out Peninsula,  txy,Chh is miost adiyattta^ewis. (&_gr Sdnd  of am%jiita#on ^fib-ild ��$ve tieWvd fa  the gj&etifc a.|> m tile club Ih t|tf|,^uld  b^- Mih to Md a Mhd ifa sevetai ^py_jht  w_yS. .Serfe wdiiici Ue 4 fe(W_raihiti-iit ot  opfefcdteoB, 0nl evfeiituiilly.oh^ JsM apd  v# -ii&ul plari -w^dd ��e Wjmfei. Of  cotfise, -iich an j>^r^ll 'dev-M��_ae_i wcijild  n^ti cat-ful copsideSrati^Ji otit 5t is ��eb>-  same, Soofee <wm ibeject }he $lah Siepause  of post, because of o|>e___iiol4l TiHation  or to^aii^e SSt jshfiU nuan$��*s Ufa tifflfe of  th��*fe wM^dS #e rtaJj*1 valid ih Hie  AUTOMATIC WASHER  AND CLOTHES DRYER  use out of failure, face Me positively and    ligfil cf what hds ibeifen d_-& -te-Jwheie.  ��ir..i.     _     _.'-    -^..���i..... *__.. _si__. ...__._(  atii.  -j__._1L_i ii_.'    *____i'j*_.._  courageously With a positive attitude  failure is NOT a devastating experience.  It is the poor attitude of the adults passed  on to the children that causes ithe disaster.  eel &e B&$s3iQe  WHAT at first sight wo?ld appear to be Gibsons council is actively working on    of ^SSST^iSSt�� T����*  a formidable sum of money will be such a project and the time is past due for    grade when he is riot ready for it is cruel  sought during the next few weeks by the Sechelt  to  be actively engaged  on  a        ' '    '"'      "   """" ":~J *~~ '  various civic bodies  oh the Sunshine similar scheme. Neither village is likely to  Coast Probably the largest referenda we make further headway growthwise until a  have to face up to will be that of more sewer system is established. Many other  than $1,600,00 to be presented by the small communities are in a similar pre-  School Board. - dicament and those who get in first will  Next in line will be the Regional have the advantage of getting in on any  District water system referenda ivhich government funds or grants that might  apparently, due to reluctance by council  of Gibsons to part with its water works,  will be somewhat less than the $1,400,-  000 or so previously reported.  Village of Gibsons working behind  be available,  We say again: large sums of capital  will be sought all for a good cause. It  may be a simple matter to say "no", but  we would advise extreme caution in exer-  the scenes on a sewer project is also ex- cising such power,  pected to go to the taxpayers shortly Another re&kenda not to be over-  for an as yet undetermined- siim but al- looked is that foi: the hospital extension,  most certainly likely to be in the half Present building has been operating above  million dollar region. capacity for almost two years. It is absurd  As a round figure we might s_y three that sucil a necessary fuhctiort has to go  and a half million dollars will be required, to a v?fe�� hut this it seems is the way it  probably more, which is certainly a con- nas to ^e- In the eve/tf of a priority we do  siderable amount from an area with a  permanent population of a^pirbx. tight  thousand and a part time population of an  additional three thousand.  What must be. realized, however, is  that approval of any or all the pending  referenda does hot necessarily mean three  million dollars wjll have to be provided  immediately, it will, in effect, be h vote  approving the proposed projects involved  and, of course, agreeing to such expenditures as and when they become due.  In the case of the Regional District,  the legal and technical details involved in  the proposed purchase Of existing water  works will in many cases prove so complex that it could quite easily be two years  before half 1.jie funds, if approved, will be  required.  In  fact,   indications   are  the  whole project will be a long term affair.  What, perhaps, is lhe most unfortunate aspect is that so many vitally important functions have cropped up at the  same lime arid while asysUJih bf priorities  might bc considered, the situation is such  that it would be folly to turn down any  , one of ihem.  Wc have become accustomed to educational needs despite thc rabble presently  permeating the university scene and creating extreme doubt of the need for education. There is little doubt wc have to  accept our responsibilities regarding  education for there is no legitimate reason  why our students',should be expected to  accept an education inferior to other parts  of the province, providing, of course, we  arc not expected to pay for unnecessary  frills. '  In order to progress, the Sunshine  Coast bfldly rcuires an overall water  system, it is an absurd situation that Jn  so many ureas a water shortage situation  is permitted to exist each year during lhc  dry season. This, more than anything, will  hold back development of the area. It  would, therefore, Ntcin imperative that  Mich a jproject bc given ii high degree  of importance on thc priority list  1    Sewage is also of vital JfnJKntancc.  not question its position as being number one on the list.  Fletcher's Philosophy  ���-Harry W. Fletcher  PRODUCTION  In the springtime buds arc blooming  And we're quite correct assuming  There'll be summer and then autumn in the fall.  All the fruits and nuts have ripened,  But we've never once been frightened  Fearing nature might not function after all,  With the field expertly seeded  Followed by the care that's needed,  Then the farmer knows there's bound to be a  crop.  But if water is forgotten,  Or die 8fc&_ is foul and rotten, |  What results may bc disaster hard to Mop.  Thus the common law of nature  Works in Jife and legislature, I  Like when poison oak takes over���that's a pest,  If the farmel's not alerted  And controls at once asserted,  You're In trouble, and you'Jl come off second  best.  So you say you're not a farmer,  And I'm just u fu|sc alarmcr���  Well, just Jook around and count Kiibversive  Weeds.  Once the poison stuff gets rooted  There'll be other pests recruited,  lor the tallest trees grew tip from tiny needs.  and heartless. He flounders around for, a  few vears, finds himself in an impossible  situation, and finally drops out of school,  feeling completely demoralized and not  prepared for anything. That is truly a  devastating experience! How much }>etter  it is to challenge him to try again, repeat  a grade or subject until (he ha* .grasped  the work; Then ihe woujd have coiffideDce>  to go further. What does it matter hew^ong  it takes him to tcomplete Grade 12? "When  he is finished he mil have a basic scholastic grounding on which to build his future  and will have gained self confidence  Should noit we adults learn to accept  the challenge-of faillure and to *hallenge  our young people? ,    .  ELEANOR WOLVERTON;,  Community recreoWpn  Editor, .Hie Times.  Sir:���One  .complete  facility . should  be,:  the aim of every ��,cwbd_ac_unijty winch jrecogv  nizes   the   value   of  athletic?,   sjwrts  or''  games. Perhaps a community wi-h a pop-,  uiation  of  one  hundred  tho-taand'  might_  defeeaite   .such   itbingte   ibecausie j distance,  ���would  he  a   problem.   This  -oiie  facility1;  could Ibe tb>e cetbltre $ox golf, curling, skat-1  ing, tennis, lawn ibpwling, swimming, hand-f  ball, .badmangtoh, sqash and volley ball. (X)  course it isn't necessary or even desiraible  to have all thfe.* things'. A *tart itiSght be;  made with itwp or three and in time more.  could ibe added, even skiing.  ,Sueh a composite plan has been devel-,'  aping  across Canada  isii.ee   .__-��� when  a'  number   of   buildiri-g   projects   fodr  games  were  erected   as  memorials.   Some   coim-  imunllies just built a community hall and  some built curling and skating rinks, tennis courts. In many cases these were related to an existing igolif club, In moro recent years,  many   communities  'have   sa.  up recreational plans believing that they  are of great -value in any place. 1 know  of a large jpwriber across Canada which '  have launched out on such a progrmmme  and I have,had personal contact with a  number qf them. Kingston, Toronto, Winnl-,,  p&g, Calgary and the Utile village of Wood-  (bridge. I have seen and I hold imember-  ships In several. Jn  every province  .hero  arc   communities   both   aimall   and   Jiu'go  which have embarked on such a j_'o���riiini-  1    me.  'Most ipla��H istart faxnm a golf course or  golf club. There is 'good reason for so doing. J .rat the igwilf clulb usually has considerable 'properly ^surrounding a club lions.  and secondly, a igol'f club has nearly alwnys  a Jatpge anititnlbenship. A number of colif  clubs, like our own Sunshine Coast Club.  Any jdhfe >wjb_> H&�� vte  Club in Woodridge in Ontario (and many  others) bas seen the overall recreation plan  doing a grand service. I could add the  Cataraqui Club in .Kingston where golf and  curling have been operating under one  club house for many years.  ft is noted tnSt; it. all these clubs regardless of We Mxrber-oi A_htetip 44_abiles.  thfere is a c^^dini'ting principle of jm-.n-  berSftip fjees. It & ndi niy $uSp_sfe to set  up ab^ pitox in detail, bui ij is Wfiw-ii wbite  For your Automatic Washer  and Clothes Dr/er  IT'S FRIGIDAIRE  See your Authorized FRIGIDAIRE  Dealer in Gibsons, with GMAC  Time Payment Plan.  Earl's Hardware  and Sporting Goods  ON THE WHARF AT GIBSONS  Phone 886-9600  ;!^#'  ufce as the b^sis <j_! deyfelppment Here Is*"  a Suggested _keleton schedule.  ���1. t& ihaac ^e__bebsbib, fee in the Club  (perii-ips a d-febe_,tur-e bolder) for individual^ $rj a( B__^% imeibbprship. It could  be an^Mtikl ^)b^200 entrance and then  an anwtiajl fee cf $25 to :$50. This could be  iset al|0(_bl* "Social Members" only.        \  : 2^(!@!o3l __ie5_iiy���say -.$50..(k) to $100 annual  f$U^PP:pP---:)P-i-..- .-.������-���  Z: ;^^&-^^^^ay;'^-^5-.  7:(,|l'^ii__._| ,04* ;._^at_i��i^���i__% same as Oawn]  '^^^xP .'.���'-���'       .,     ' . ,  --.^%!;imm��---^ie-;same-'.as lawn bowling.  .'l'*,.M_''^i._j'-.fl��-;' ii'"l��'i'i._iii"'/'."   ..���_<;   i.'-iX-ii . >/i.'i.;,.i   ��  -���if-^'^wefx).;tii^^e^: abd mdre .could be  ' ^a-^r^t$^ffi^-)-Jl^'. -'-fil^fcsBssa .y, '''Jdexaan-libd, but, ihe  mt^^tv Hoes ^Haiv./lipssibilitieis; Und, $-imce.  w^L-^^-'^j^'^'am^ to'-t_ilrerpa'ti p all  Jtofy: a WgHfst-iMerest-yet Canada Savings  ��bi?q at tn^j JB&hk of Montreal and in 14 years  ^ei back 2% tlrhes wbat you'vie put in. $250  i, for etfery $100 invested i  tei;M:,. ...  iE-att ;''y��wi ���'��� eEdbii& ywk ��� recr-._'  In brief, the ananaigem*nt of such an  ojteration tcbuld-istairt simply ]with a general  Board| '"of :->ireotoris and a small manaige-  ���nieixt. ��ommittee of each sport with a repre^  senftiative on tbe general board. In time, it  wipuld D-kiely demand a' resident manager  or' rapid p^id .secretary ox both. This piro-  igra&rae of  recreation for  the  Sunshine  Coast ���would be a; tremendous asset |-as the  yearn bring more and more residents to  the'area.  tWEV.CA'NON   MINTO SWAN.,  ��� B^rik of Mphtreal sells Canada  feppWs BBBBs bif instairhents as well as fdr  fcalH. 'im b_H liUy ybtib fcii- 5% down, balance  th &&jjr jaaymfehts fciver a year.  success  'Editor; The Thmas,  Sir:���-I would Ufce the people fdom the  Wilson Preeik ito IHalfmoon Bay area to  iknow that otir ONIB canvas has been a  very ��uccessful one. |  I wish to personally thank the canvassers wfyo gave  their time to   cover this  area and those <whp have shared by donating ltd this canvass. '  Mms. MlAlfeAKET IjAMB.  OWN FOR A  A feinale can change a flat itlre for a  dime. That's all it takes for her to jnhonc  for some man to cdihne and do Jt for iv��r.  The father of a teen-age daught/er can  manage a iiicat-jib-beatt talk with 3)ier without too irriueh kmori. All ilie has io do Is  isllp outside the bouse and 1*lej^ion. Dei-.  yMwnwiwmm���www  T^E PeNINSULA^WA.  Published Wednesdays at Secbelt  on n.C.'n Sun.shlne Const  by  I  Sechelt Peninsula Times Ltd.  Bon 381 - Sechelt, B.C.  Poustax G, Wheeler, Editor  S. R. AtstOrd, Publisher  Subsdlption Rtltcs: (In advance)  Year,  $5  -  2  Years.  P)  -  3  Ycara,  U.S. and If��rc%n, $5,50  iervlng tht area from tort JXtellori to Egmc 1  (Howe Sound to lervtn Inlet)  I  $13  Thriftee Ladies' Wear  Come In - Lodk Around.  SEE OUH FULL LINE Of FALL fASHBON&  Next to the BANK OF MONTREAL., Gibsona  lineimlb��!*  CHARGE ITI  ��r��oM THoi.it on wmovro WB1B'.' %|| Credit Card Program" .  BOND!  DOWN  FORA  BOND!  $'  $!  2S.i!  DOWN  FORA  BONDI  $:  $'  I  SOL II  DOWN  FORA  BOND*  Get yoiir Canada Savings Bonds  now at the Bank of Montreal  Htm*  Bank of Montreal  Cimada1-* Firm Dank.  Y  b  l,s.aA-B(��'.vii<*"-n��' ,._i.'./-��'V*j��^*�����!.���<  ^K.i.Mt^m-nt'-vKltiaM-^Fniitn.'hf-' ���   Y i>                 j                       ' r-      -    L   _                                         L  -Y'                .-                                 i     ,     ,._                 '                               t   i'      u. * Y  i&kjtfc&am^ r..;4^ y~ j^ - '/������** y ^   ,  .  [<-vY-     ^   P-  \ tP"  J*   r"', i/V '^v^-^^^^ 'y'^"     "    ',.��''', "     '  '  r -      .   ���' ��_____J|_lYj_ m < ,'      -   I, '*���'���" ' "        * \      s'l,��V   .     .__ .                    i . ___ , _._. iv ��>___                            o                         '      1       , . i -.     .   ��wk   -   v - ��� -    r   ...                                                                                                      i   \i  WcdnesdayrCcfo^er 30, I960   ^1__^_B^__itar.  "i Jl " ������������,������������ n'.j... ���"������ .in I. ii r j  ... "a       i.  ��"�����    v  Unemployment Insurance  ' _>���..__.  <i  J.  4"*.  soccer: ,  week-end results  - BESULJ^" of >occer ganteTplayed SuiAay,  f^ October 27.              - N.                 '   j/�� '���"'            ' A*y C-esKorfs pteose?  DJVlSjOfa 7                                  .     .  r Q, "Why do gbygrawBnt' tons, indud- tW amount s&e expected for woriong in-  -' Madera ��a$k %, .Roberts Creek Thsh- jjfg ����� flJies. Jiav^ Jo" *fe>��o 4i��ic_lt to stead of the %\A% she bad received .before  derb.rds 2, Res, Warrior 0, tfjfesuu Cob- understand, and what '-Is'- toeing done lo becoming unemployed. I think a person  gars 3; CanSor Tigftfs fl, Sechelt TMihet- make sure Jhat genple' aadewtahd and so would put .down ivjbat she would LIKE lo  ,Jn&n ��-   .  '-                             * , giye tihe right answfjsg?     tJ         * g&t per iour. To rieltise unemployment pay  DIVISIONS '   -'       '    ���- '' A. It Is n&cc^s?a^_ *&��* fcnw *amjj>le- ��a ��uc_i a flimsy point almost borders on  Bes   Hawks" 0 'd-ibsois ihtdon 8' fies *&d J- connection t^ a,data Cor bene- the insane. Why must getting a pittance  Braves 8 SecWd- S&S�� ^  J*"**8   aH'lafOimatiSn  required'   fe> ��e such a ghastly undignified aSair?  ��._����__��_>*           '        '' '            ^ en_W*ntte faorfgtte flffleesr tp arrive^ at a. The Act which tb8 UIC must apply  Z y���0H. *�� �� _      ���.��._.'           ��� a d��Blstoa ��a*|aMU_g.>��Mb, tke jr^mre- prcvHes that to <jualifv for benefit a ��lai-  Gibsons Umted 2, Kes, Totems<3; Se- mpnts to the legislation.- the,amount of man,t nmst be available for suitable em-  fihelt Hot Shots 0. Local 1297 1. informatioli required depBJwls on the na- piopment.  The  higher   rate   which   -was  SCHEDULE  /                 "                      i ture rt ^ is5UB kttttto&d- T^e i&^s used claimed m .this case was a restriction to  Games Bcheduled for Sunday November *n ^wwetoai with <_aitos #* (henefiYare availability. If not taken into account, a  are made when it is evident -hat a par- be a guarantee of a holidav with un^m-  DIVIS10M7-    "                     ��� ticular Um is causiKg difficulty to  the ployment insurance pay. Area officers tiave  Sjichelt Timihernien   vs   Sechelt  Sbpp publiic. Wshfen *!hapges are being considered to jaresume that the wage rates cited by  Easy; Canfor Tigers vs R. CL. Thundsr- ?��p sjJgges���ons ir^jm-boflj' office staff and claimants as these at which they are pre-  birdsi iGibsbds Cougans vs Madeira Park, "the public 'are taken into account . . . pared .to -work are given in good faith and  Game, time 12 noon. "<����� A recejit a&swet in one of,yaur -cot relate to the minimum acceptable to the  pmns showed that a woman 'claimant had claimant. Incidentally there has been no  lost  unemployment insurance  benefit  be- report that the claimant in this case appea-  cause she ihad put down $1-8�� an hour as led 'the disqualification.  Sechelr Timbermen  Playing their second season as a   Chuck Rodway are froin lefltYtoaek Kelly Bodnarey,   David   Nestman;  team, tough division 7 Sechelt Tim-   row: T4rry Rodway;>0avid Newton; Wade1  Maxsnag;   John   Niekers#n;   last week saw  bermen always  give the  opposing "Craig' Bh&w&yp Dearf Crick;   We��s Sam Casey and Scott Rodway. Mas       "---'   team a good game. Pictured with   Marsnas; and Scott Jackson. Front: sing is Bill Carlton,  manager Ted Farewell and coach  DIVISION S  Gibsons  iLegion  vs  <Jibsons Chargers;  ftes Hawks vs Res. 'Braves.  Game time 1 p.m.  DIVISION 2.  Local m vs pes. Totems; Secbelt Hot  Shots vs--.ibsojas United.  Game itiirae 2.J5 p.m. f  Spectators are most welcome.  ;,] -Couis-Cubs register  Nov. 5 al Wilson Creek  ll;-NEW f  i start of the Wilson  Creek Cubs and Scouts fox ano-her year  under the very able leadership of Mr. Ed.  Le Warne and Mr. Gordon Walker.  All bovs from ^ages 7 to 11 are invited  to attend Cubs on Wednesday evenings at  6:45 p.m. and boys from ll to __ to attend  Scouts on Thursday evenings at 6.45 p.m.  at the Wiljson Creek Scout Hall.  Registration night is planned for Nov.  5 ait 7-.30 p.m. at the Wilson Creek Community Hall. All parents of boys wishing to  join areasked to atte_d to register their  boys and meet the leaders. Registration  fee is $3.00 for each boy.  A member of the District Council has  been asked to attend to give parents an  insig.,t into the workings cf Group Com-  aorttees and District Councils. These groups  work hard behind the scenes making it  possible for Cubs and Scouts to operate.  Ccffee -jvill be served and all parents are  urged to attend and support their boys.  000m*00iGm0im0im0i0400in��m��4mw<004*mm*m04m0m,*��w��  '       ��� Seehelt Shop Easy  Division 7 Shop Easy -wifea numiber by Beg'Thomas. Baekrow-ifrpmleft: ilish. -Ba<3_ im:"'Dancy Tait; Carl  of new players this year is -getting in- ' Dwaype .Aaderson;* Wade s Gofeson; Montgomeiy', Bory * "Walker, Mark  to good form under supervision of ]>>n''Bol��i^UYl^rin3SrRet_i1a;^Neili '-Ev^ris; .Rfclj: August^ Tim Bracket^  Manager Denni. Grav and' coached -��� Cldvlon^   Craig Jae:ger;   Make Eng-"  Gr*g August and John Himmel  n  GOCSSJ PRIZES  I Chance for  fPrize  8 p��ttio  . Jf.B��lAfg  VILtA^E  ...  NbW YOU GET A FULL 15 CU- FT. REFRIGERATOR  IN THE SAME SPACE AS A 1968 13 GU. FT.... THANKS  TO  GIBSON   REVOLUTIONARY   NEW   INSULATION.  J\. 4*       ��  ���MiyMii  * 1$ Cubic Foot.  ��� 146 lb. Frost-Free Freezer.  9 "twin Porcelain Crfspers.  Suggested List Price  $489.95  Your Trade  $100.00  �� Porcelain Meat Locker.  * Additional Door Crisper.  �� Removable Egg Racks.  YOU PAY  f��t  MANY, OTHER BEAUTIFUL GIBSONS TO CHOOSE FROM���  A SIZE AND PRICE FOR EVERYONE .  ��� _. X *    *    -WW r -W-i.ai_ . _���___.:...  WS l'kfHp^4^p/4< ,    " t sr?-\ ^&rj.r*^}J::^ ���. *t  Y^yy^Yr<<>'p;p,A  t  ���   1   0  '     .*'  '* ��  .  ��  .. :   "  S<5  f%  ,   Residential Hawks  Sechelt Jlesidential School has four  teams on the weeer iM   _ iis_year. ^A:TJUEEN lMcClUAI1G  elM. ^^...(aiMoj: :^r��.:��0w;.;��o�� Caldwell-W3 (,��w); Mil-  Hesidential Hawks ini division o.^ojj- lhls miefc wJ1h 762 (^j^^.^B^h We filray-asp, Pauteen��� ^cOualg-75_ <sa��),  cl^ed   by   Brother   McDougall   are, oo0 was top iman with 740 ,(W),           ( R't>y Huiiion-_TO,��� iMajlt Ja��tg��>-4.72 r^5).  hark fmm M. ��� Gahv Paul: John Jo- Yt.��(ai*B "li^esday; 'BPhyllis Ifaiiditord,~<K0, JJall & Oh'ali.: Ilod. JloWnson~��t)0 ,(285),  ,      r            rI,     Wllnrd   W.l {5ha^i(lV?id#emiBs-(255.       ;.���,,.   ,,.���,��� Gail ^Kedmanr-W Am) -{m). x  seph;   lian'y   linker;   Willard   Wal- ,   .j^*$��� ^.   Afe ^ife^  (^y LidJtw'^dnewiay:  fcUiior GrKt-��4��.  lace; Gerry Francis;��� Harold Harry. D^nne B��cl��y���293 <17|0),        ,.., ;   . ; Vnior'-s; Jlflrfcp,Spuncw���278 074). K_tin.v  Front" EuRene Dick: Don (5onza.es; Fender: Nancy Brown-634 .(SSS),��J5dy Oawy�������4 <154), Br*U (Hou-Bky���its. ������  T?w.n"p.��pn1.    Arnold   Francis   and Ch-nddwton-SSfl. Senior's:   SuHan   JojTgt-WwMKW   ;(2(K��.  Jtyan   1 ascal,   AmOJO   rranti&   dim Cl,imi���H.,rr|,n,i:   <>rv   Mfl.crJp-78e   (2M), liob ttemner-OU. (-HE), 'Scott Metwtorwm-  Hardy Francis.  SALES  SEHV1CG  milSEI��!CtS!llTISfl  Higlmdy 101  PHONE ��86-9662  'Fern Taylor���7oa i(276) <270),  Butch rf>iw    224, Dale RU'farnsoin���219.  PENDER HARBOUR AMD DISTRICT RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION  ;  i*in_yi-w^  Swidoyf'. No��einber 3rd ca^. 2:��.p)' p.m.  Y"YXY^r^^-rizrY  'i  , ', '.'V*  ON THIS FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF THE ARMISTICE, YOUR SUPPORT AMD  RESPONSE TO THE WILLING CANVASSERS IS URGENTLY REQUESTED. PLEASE DONATE  GENEROUSLY TO THIS WORTHY CAU& IN MEMORY OF ttfttUE WHO FELL IN TWO  WORLD WARS. ROYAL CAWAfel^N UEi&lOM BRANCH *4t��, SECHELt, *jf.  ���W!|-  i._�� JHUHU" -UUMJI  \  "^-^*M^^w^ff��*w^^^Vf^��^:'^���,,^^f*"'^'*,w^'''^*^,'^,*'''  V  ^  ���..-^.,y.^J-11��,��..HtB.^.,.,,Wpt-.,B^i.^t>.J^,..*^.H i-^^M..^ ^. ,^ W^��* .^HMjWbmI*. .H. %��� ^nW-����~l ���l��H^t)^<f��Av-��^^ytf��lWnf<f^>*hT#. j**^^** VWwi|��y��lw ���.<* ^ HB'*-#1 W��t*.>��*f ^t.f ���**mH*��ftWi  ^""���f^K:,J^Sf'**"jf- *i(^ffiw^^|*ifMff^^Wiff��^^Wf^^ L      .  S-^&^linii&i^&^d-*^*^*^  ��   ���_!  ���_^_EojgL_L  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, October 30, 19feB  ' Y     -    ���      l    Ys"   '       ' *. -  Paul StL Pierre  ���Letter frpm Parliomen. Hill  "BEHOLD ithe- successful rancher. Started  bis outfit without _a dipie. "!pjirty years  later ire's a ibig sipe'ratar, $35,w> in debt  He will be interested in the new faun credit legislate of .^gricuJtture MioisJsavBud  Alson. * .       ,.  So will some other people who think they  might like to tai_e up ranching sojne day.  In feet, tht suibject may interest many  people who, lor any one of many reasons,  ���would just like to be able to use other  people'-; money Sfor a change. <  Debt and taxes are always with sus now-  Very little happens without the use of  credit. Many of us, if our personal possessions were reduced to what we have  paid for, 'might find ourselves standing in  the snow in sock, feet.  (Members of Parfiament should not talk  to constituents in this way about serious  problems. It is- better to stuff your mouth  with marbles and talk about the magnificent contribution to the national economy  being made by the local industry of one's  riding. However most of the ranchers I  know are irritated by that sort of conversation.)  Mr. Oflsen's new legislation was in three  sections. Each dealt with government assistance to farmers borrowing money. Each  provided for increased interest rates.  One section affected only a few people.  This was the Farm Machinery syndicates  Act, which provides money to a comparatively few farmers who pool their efforts  tD buy .equipment. Under newilaws, some  buildings as well as equipment may be  financed in this way. Also there is some  broadening of the terms of e-ligibility.  The Farm Credit Corporation was a  larger operation. This organization supplies loans directly to farmers, usually in  fairly large amounts, usually for the purpose of acquiring land. Since 1959, almost  tlie entire $L,G_��,000,0<.0 has been taken.  Parliament had to vote new funds.  The legislation also unpegged the fixed  5 per cent interest rate and permitted it  to rise to a level not yet fixed. Mr. Oisen  indicated the farmers will get money at  one per .ent more than the government  pays to obtain it. This would indicate a  rate of between six and seven per cent-  better than the best bank interest but  worse than the previous five per eent.  The Opposition .oritized Mr. Olson harshly for abandoning the fixed five 'per cent  rate- After all, they pointed out, although  interest rates are higher today, during  ���most of the past half century they 'have  been lower than five per .cent and they  may well go lower again What happens,  then, to the ifarmers caught with 7 per cent  loans in a period when other people are  getting loans at 6 per cent?    .  Mr. Olsen's reply was that unrealis-i-  cally low interest rates didn't help farmers  as much as might appear. For one thing,  be said, it resulted in inflation of land  values. "What farmers saved on interest  rates could be lost in higher land prices.  The third posrtion of the farm credit  legislation is ��_�� one affecting most far-   . -s ---AfyQb  eons  Anniversary  Congratulations   to   Mr.   and   Mrs.   Golden Wedding Anniversary, today,  James E. Dowdle of Trueman Boad,   Wednesday, October 30tfc_.  Gibsons who are celebrating -their  Golden wedding party celebrated at Gibsons  MR. AND MRS. James E. J>owdie first became acquainted with Gibsons Landing  in 1329 and although they kept in touch, it  was 1959 before .they finally made their  home here.  Today, Wednesday, October 30 Mr. and  Mrs. Dowdie are celebrating fifty years  of marriage and will be at home to friends  in their hutrne at 1233 Trueman Road.  Mr. and Mrs. J>owdie were married in  Dalmuir, Scotland just before the Armistice ending World War 1, when Mr. Dowdie  served  with the  2nd  King   Edward  Horse, a cavalry unit , which was formed  during the war and ended with it.'They  came to Canada in 1921 and took their  place with 'the pioneers who saw the depression through.  Mrs. Dowdie is a charter member of  Gibsons UOW and an active worker for  the United Church. Mr. Dowdie is an avid  gardened as the beautiful flowers which  ���surround their home indicates.  Mr. and Mrs. Dowdie have one son, Mr.  F. E. Dowdie an optometrist who is now  living in Vancouver.  Many attend > . .  United Church Women meet  for Yhcmksgiving luncheon  ATTRACTIVE table decorations of var-  igated ivy and small vases of prettily  arranged flowers made a delightful setting  for the Thanksgiving luncheon of the  United Church Women, held last Wednesday in the Christian Education Centre.  The -delicious meal was very much enjoyed^  Mrs. Kay Moore spoke -of a project to  rejuvenate arid dress old dolls and also  appealed for used stamps with part of the  envelope left on. Old nylons are also  wanted and should be left with Mrs. H.  IngHhs. Articles wiere solicited {for -he  "burned-ouit, shower gift box", so that in  an -pmergeocy needs would be immediately  available.  Everyone is invited to the Christian  Bonanza on December 6 when there will  be booths with home-cooking, sewing, gifts,  surprises, a wrapping servioe, delicatessen etc' Mrs. Jean Mainil will convene itohe  meis. This <was the Faxpi -. tosprovement - decoration? and1 Mrs. Irene Pudhals!k��~w__u\  Loan Act. ' have 'charge of the  kitchen.   There mil  Tne government does not supply Farm  Improvement loans. It guarantees theim.  Banks lend the money. FIL loans have  been pegged at 5 per cent. The decision  as to whether or not to make loans is made  not by the government but by the banker.  When interest rates went to 8 and 9 per  cent, and hi'gher, the supply of FIL funds  dried up. Most bankers are quite adept at  arithmetic. They did not see the profit in  paying 5% per cent to customers with savings accounts while they were loaning out  the same money at 5.  So FIL funds will soon be available a-  gain. The interest rates won't be as high  as ordinary rates. They shouldn't be. Bankers take no risk renting out this money. -  However they, also won't be at the comparatively comfortable 5 per cent level.  It wil disappoint many ranchers and  farmers who feel .with some justification  in my view) _hait they are odd men out of a  I world dominated by big corporations and  big unions. On ;the other hand it will, please  i&oime of those' men who've been Obliged  in recent months to get loans at open market rates for 'the reason that there wasn't  any-FIlL money available to them.  Of. course, there was once a man who  said "Neither a borrower or a lender be.'"  But he didn't dive dn 1908. He died of the  yaws in Buenos Aires in the winter of "127  and was buried in Potter's field.  be five official greeters,  Mrs. Val Boys who was complimented  on the success of the recent tanft sale,  thanked all the ladies for their help and  co-opera taon  Devotional part of the programme was  conducted by Mrs. Shirley Horner, opening with a prayer. With Mrs. Jean Mairul  at the piano all joined in the singing of an  adaptation of the 23rd Psalm with a chorus  "The lives',,'. Mrs. Ev. Vernon rendered a  vocal solo. Pravers were read by Mrs.  Be_ty Duncan and Mrs. Horner who is the  leader of the UCW Evening Unit.  A number of visitors were present at the  meeting. The collection will go to 'lhe Gibsons Senior Citiz>&ns Homes.  GUEST   SPEAKER  Highlight of the afternoon was a most  interesting talk ^iven by Miss Mildred  Cates, a retired missionary who was in  Central India for 37 years. This charming  lady (nicknamed "itihe doll" by friends)  was wearing a 6 yard sari of fine green  silk.  Miss Cates received her education at  Saskatoon with a final year's training in  Toronto before going to the middle province in the heart of India in 1931. During  her first year in Jndore, she became acquainted with the people and learned Hindi,  one  of several languages and numerous  dialects spoken in India.  A qualiMed teadier, Miss Cates took  up educational work and in one primary  school had a staff of seven. She was at  Ujjain, an ancient and holly city where  there has been culture since 3,000 B.C. one  time, she and her helpers had the use of  a building as a church meeting place but  the government ordered them to pay 2,-_i0  rupee before it could be dedicated. Not  having this sum they got along by contmu-  mg their work but caHilng it a dub .until  the government lowered the amount and  ���they were able to comply.  Miss Cates worked in towns and also  remote places where there was a high  rate of illiteracy. Gradually more schools  are 'being provided. In gospel work she  would print study papers so that women  m organized groups could each have one  and they would be encouraged to choose  __Cfio_a_r'Sfram _33K��&g ^ems_flves.'Congregations are now heing^sterved ly ja__iye  ministers. y  To lllulstrate her talk, Miss Cates displayed pictures and maps. She told of being  "adopted" as a sister by a native.lady of  high caste.  Miss Cates spoke of 'the historic symbols of Christianity and showed a beautiful  ring in the form of a fish, made by a goldsmith m Ujjain and presented to her by  friends there.  In reply ito questions, much interesting  information was 'given and m speaking of  India, Miss Cates warned, "don't believe  everything vou read in the newspapers "  On behalf of those present, Mrs. Edith  Forbes ably thanked 'the speaker.  MISS ftatojr Price, ��&ugSJ_iter of Mc ..and  Mxs.-W^^PJtee pttGomr jRofiat whose.  marriage to RObet fiusfigy mO. take plaee  at Gibsons; United Church at �� p.m, -on  Saturday, November 23, i&6& was jhsaored  at a bridfcl ahojver''ait lhe home of lawn!  Herman; <*��mes were eil&y&d- &nest& present were Mrs. 'Price* Mrs. (Gaumey, Maxg,  Berry," Wendy Criwaey, Anne. @avb. Shawm,,  Gurney,, JSdna Helmer, Barbara JtazanaodS,  Phyllis "iGwrney, Pat Herman, Mavis Wilson, Mrs, Ball, Ethel Hermaax, Shem'JHus-  by, and Heather .Shepherd.      ' |  Jfat attending but sending gifts were  Julie Baser, Heather' Goeghegan, Carol  Baser, and Mrs. Glassfsrd,  The bride-elect's eldest' sister Miss  Gwen Price who is at present jn Begina  (where she is training girls for the (Company by whom she is empHoyed) is expected home for the wedding. Gwen flies to  Winnipeg and to Alberta -on business lor  her company,  IN BRIEF  Mr. and Mrs, W, McFie have re.ur_.ed  frsm Vancouver Island where (they have  lived for several years. Welcome back.  Mr. _ind Mrs. M. Nissen' were out from  town to Iheir Roberts Creek home for the  week-end.  Recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Doxant  Irgens were a granddaughter and her .husband from Vancouver Maod.  Mrs. H. D. Adams of Beach Ave., .Roberts Creek is among patients in St. Mary's  Hospital; Mrs. TV, Barnes of Vancouver is  a visitor at the Adams home.  Visiting Mr. and Mrs. D. Horesnian was  the latter's mother Mrs. D. Andrews from  South Burnaby.  Mr. and Mrs. Karl Shroers and family  while visiting at Ladner met friends from  Fhn-Flon, Manitoba, their former home  town.  Congratulations to Mr, and Mrs. James  Dowdie celebrating their 50ith wedding anniversary.  Out from Winnipeg to spend the winter  here is Mrs. Little staying at the home of  her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.  Alf Puchalski.  There was a fair attendance at 1he  first meeting of' the fall season when St.  Bartholomew's Anglican Young Wives  group met on Thursday morning. Rev.  Barry Jenks was the iguest .speaker, his  topic being "Family life", A 'baby-sitting  service was provided and (refreshments  were served.  The Catholic Women's League Rummage sale which was held on Friday was  well patronized. The doll raffle was won  by little Heather Muligan.  Miss VicM Johnson of Vancouver was  the weekend guest at the home of Mr. and  Mrs   Walt Nygrem.  Mr Andy Jours has gone to Powell  River where he is a patient in a nursing  home  Winner of the I.O.O.F. draw for the  clock radio, held on October 19 in Roberts  Creek Hall was Mrs. Vi Beeman of Roberts  Creek.  Rt. Rev. Archbishop Godfrey Gower officiated at the Family Service held jn St.  Bartholomew's Anglican Church on Sunday, Ocdber 27. Following Jhe service 4he  Aitfhfcashtip and Mrs. Gower' were guests  at a luncheon held in the Church HalL  STELLA nnd Al BROWN  ** i       J     *     j .       i **, *  p  :���������"'tf ft*'-  Take fills opportunity  fo thank their friends and Customers  > for their patronage  and hope they will continue  to extend their custom, tp the  NSW OWNERS,  Stanley and William Youdell.  f  1  ^/���/'/���////A///-A//  1  i  i  ClJ_M4HUtf4BA^V  ]mj&&��m&m^j.  | Iranoittjf Wok  BAGS OF CAUPY ���  | fresh Hotssted  PEMIUTS ,   .  i  i  i  i  I  Pump&ins  Popcorn  DAILY DELIVERY - 685-9336  kUM.r/a<r'fcfj/*Mi/>H-i  */w-/-/-/-/vw./-//-/-y // /  Mfflfflffl-MM^  !  ffi  -*-i����'_-��m��t55eaww  I  :  i  COMMERCIAL PRINTING  see  !Mm  mr  Largest Selection Of Books  1      .On The Peninsula  *   *   *  Just drop in and browse,  you will be pleasantly surprised  qt the wonderful selection of books  for all) ages and tastes now available  at:  Cowrie Street, Sechelt t  885-9654  ^��_M_��inm^  WITH AN  AUTOMATIC WASHER  AIMD CLOTHEB DRYER  ilMBSBIB  MIUHHHHW  TODD'S  CHILDREN Mm IE.ra.TS  WEAM  LADIES' SPOUTS WEAR  Phone 886-9994  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  "���p���  K  BB  SBBBB  B8  Make Washday Easy with  a Washer and Dryer from  Peninsula Plumbing Ltd.  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It is a good ildoa to whip the well chilled dip  lightly with a fork before putting in serving dish.  CREAM CHEESE DIP FOR CHIPS I  1 package croam cheese (8 ounces) Ki teaspoon salt  . 2 tablespoons mayonnaise 1 teaspoon grated garlic  V>\ cup croam '    i ' teaspoon Worcestershire sauce  Combine all Ingredients,  Peat  In electric mixer or by hand until smooth. Chill.  CHICKEN LIVER DIPS FOR CHIPS  % pound chicken livers Mi leaspoon garlic salt  2 tablespoons butter Mi teaspoon sail  'A cup diced onion W teaspoon pepper  V'\ cup water % teaspoon paprika  Remove largo veins and gristle from livers. Cut livers Into small pieces (About %  Inch) and saute in butter over moderate heat about 5 minutes. All onion ond cook  2 minutes longer. Put livers, onion, waler and seasonings in electric blender. Cover  ond blend at high speed until smooth. Chill,  To use electric mixer In place of blender chop livers finely and mince onion before  cooking, Mix well with tho water and seasonings before beating at high speed.  SHRIMP DIP FOR CHIPS  1 can shrimp (5 ounces) Ms teaspoon salt  1 package cream cheese [A ounces) 1 teaspoon paprika  1 /3 cup cream 1 teaspoon vinegar "  '/.. cup minced gherkin ar dill pickle few oralns cayenne  V<\ cup minced plmlento '  Drain and mash shrimp, blend cheese with creom, Combine all Ingredients. Peat ir��  electric mixer or by hood until smooth. Chill.  BB  iMff.niiin]i  BEHUm BROS.  FurnishSngs anil  ~s?_/_,  I  VISIT OUR LARGE DISPLAY  OF TOP QUALITY NEW  AND USED FURNITURE  Appliances - T.V. - Ra^io  Phone 885-2058   -    Sechelt, B.C.  Peninsula Plumbi  Ltd.  MEATSWC5 fi. SUPPLIES  Your Kemfone  Sherwin Williams  Paint Dealer  Phone 886-9533  Gibsons. R.C.  Where  Fashion is a byword  Smart Shoppers are  found at . . .  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Elizalbedib Mm .Brand .vibo TWs'pliirtkHlair^jJeration did a'sgreaf '<i���^l  $ted jp^ October 3, io ber sand ymu-Sfocfc -' ^wrasrds opening wp the vad conttaettf,-' ^y  *���---*���- " ' ' _-.-i_.-_    __*___..__.    _L_r*__-X* ^__ -*._.__ J    _?���_. _-***x__.___������___ ____  $,e-deataj oMhex awsatwaaidi;; tjtlie -4a*e Frederick Br,end . years iago, Mrs. Bread ihad  lived for six months of each year^t tibe  J&Oore home at Welcome Beaich,^ jspendlilg  ^|e remainder of tthe year $hhh?dav&t$t  #��� Powell River. Beipre 2j��r jhusband^  ^eath, she had lived for^O years in Wweli  Itivex. '        *   ���  j-'Mra. BrendV Jiobiby was koj.tit_jaig.aiid  ^he pursued Jbip faoibby untiriogly in aid of  ally good .cause. During itihe war years,  she vfctfrked:folate LG.BMYwho awarded  Her a' medial after she ihad knitted 2W  pairs oiK��op|i_.. Mter the -war, her ihusy  fkygers s'till continued their good work as  s^he knit Led lor ithe charitable work of  iPhristchurch Cathadral to which sihe Ibe-  tlonged.  This   wonderful old  lady  never  quite -  &ave up .her work for the good of others  despite an operation for cateracts and failing health Wing -har.last years. ��'  tATE MOVii  Itocwpentary film show at the Welcome  Beach Hall received a set-back last week  when the films Sailed to arrive in time for  tlie Wednesday showing. When eventually  tjhe fillms were llisrcoyered, the show was  put ,on at sliort police on Thursday afternoon, and the "armcliair travellers who  were alble to attend were rewarded with j  very interesting'.and 'Colourful program.  , Three t of the 'films, "Discovery under  .he Sauiltoem Cross", "140 >days under the  World" iind "Based on 'Deception',', w&re  ahouit Antarctica i and showed fascinatbag  studies'<of pengukls and their chicks as well  as magnifipent scenery amid a world of  icebergs and iceifields. -  . The fourth fflm.Y'Mappkig ���.Austrailia",  gave an instructive'picture of modern tecli-  ���^xowitig (fejas-tog railways "andj-.a��ua!tait3ji!g  sthe (extension of tihe lines,, some of Austira-  iuVs igreat mineral resources were .Jib*  ��sovei��d fled m,ade accessible. /��� ' ;**  1 ��__. t-be feape ItotiL Peninsula in BorJibejm '  ���Q^eesffSland, the serial surveys sbowed Oddish brown cliffs afa'd protuberances whicji  led to .the discovery of the world's feiggest  strike pf ^awdte, a valuable sov^rce 'of  aluminum, "\ s* i    '*     "   *"'.  '���The next, show in the series wall be at  the',Weieoime JEfeach ijiall .��a' ^pyember S.  kEcnEAtioH :    ;      .  A .neetiitg was jb.el^ ^t JRutherford'a on  Oictictbetr 24" to discuss tlie possibility <of  fornaing a1 recreation commission. Another  meetog will be held shortdly and anybody  interested should ���et in touch with Mrs.  Pat MurjE��hy for further informaition.   '  IN-BRIEF  Amojig those in Vancouver las��t sveek lo  attend the annual lapidary exhibition were  Mr. and Mrs. Guv Clear and Mr. and Mrs.  Jack Sail. The show; held in the PNE  buildings, ihad e?flhibiis from all <owr B.C.  and even due -from as far off as Ontario.  Some of |he exhibits whicl} they considered  most interestliig were a 'jade studded saddle, Miss PNE's crown and a conception  cf rockhoimding on the moon.  Jim and Khona Cooper were recently  % ^Spokaae to visit the family of itheir  C ghter; Pat Hilton, fiat is at present nodi "bsgrvation in St.' Paid's Tlospiforl,  Vjinc. jver, while I^rs. Cooper is remaining  with t_.e* Beg. 'Hilton 'family to look'afier  her grandchildren,  E t*ent guests of Mrs. Frank Lyons  were _ - son", Gordon Iiaird from K. Sur-  rel, with _^j ���We Leona and children Chris  and Lisa.  V >'Y'  _**v   -  V-  '     4<"^    <->  ^4ne^y,J^er���tys$9#8P Y\W**M$MfrVm&  Wltf   f^r, a>   1. _ Tif.i i im i>      <L nm r ,��f m, 'lln    ,      ,��fu   n| >��, tint   .mt'l i' i   i.H    -4-^  ���">__: -  f-Vge y,  j2^^^-i_4...<i.' .4.-.  'I'.  I  passing Ijntfflier ship/  sickness. One wtfman, yho was w&fi&$&\i?^^ ^Jix  called to her un��-&i*ttJ7_i!te'1husMnd,^1iCome   'swe'tpe paigstng a tr��er' '  >.  H\TA IS HAPPY  TO mkOXSHCE  -~ it! K,  .'_;*_.- t   ,i . ..*?  *. *s ' ._ _,  ^ ���'' %|$9? pinner. -   -     > .    '.''"*'  Mr��_ tyy .Bafcumn pi ^p^m^rk   wfinoh was $lM.4%r Mrs. <l&&f&sm  the appointment ot Miss ��laire  Surslem fo Mita's Beauty Solon)  Sechelt.  A fullyqualified-and experienced  hairdresser,, Miss Bu_��J_?m comes  from Vancouyer and will enabJe  tbe Solon to"offer Jts plienteJe tbe  ponyenience of having,*wo fully  qualified hairdressers available  from 5> a.m. to 5 p.m. from  Tuesday to Saturday. '  _���  nmkwPt skim  SECHELT, BX.   T  ,    Teh 885-2818  '.J_J^>* r. ���  Yf?^  ^ $?j^y * <'* '* ���<<����*-^> t * *  s*,*,,��,''-;-.;i������ f,'"-7>.��"  Random ThotMhts  Happenings Around Elphie  IT'S HERE again! Hallowe'en. Which  L brings the fire crackers (that lead to  trouWe at 'school. Every 'year it';S the  .same (tb/ngv The ,iBr��st day ._|aiey; \W��r��, let,  out in Gibsons, the 21th, a package of lady-  fjngeds ware 1st offi by the lockers outiside  tib.e art room. Of course, ithis caused qiute .  a bit of excitement. The persons couldn't  possiibly of thought they'd get away with  it in school, let-^alohe'on 'the.. 'groiuinds- _-���  Adjacent areas. Firecrackers are /strictly  protobited to ibe brought in the school -or  tp ibe let .off anywhere 'surr^undinig ithe  sjchooL ' '���/''  '"'' Y''  '��� Let'.* hope that eraryone 'Wil ;use itih-eir  heads on tHalowe'en aii^kt. Il/ememlber they  cjan easily cause a very serious accident.  A$k - yoursjelf, is 1^ worth it for a ibit ��� <_E  fun."     ' 'M         "." ":"   ���' "  ���-by Marilyn Hopkins  our great ManchurFan "Debate.  During the past few weeks the commerce section l^as ibfen putting together  the Gladrag, our school' paper. M should  be on sale this coming week.  Friday is Sadie Hawkins Day. This annual event is Eoir the-purpose of. making  school some fun. J&veryone is expected to  take advantage <��f this, Iby .dres-sijig Sn  crazy clothes, and albhougli-. it'is-'iot- unusual, it's the girls turn to chase the guys.  They should pay the 'guy's way to the  dance in the fvienitngjbuit jmost guys arent  that '.mean.'Mr. and'MrsYfiadie Hawkins  are wearing the (best <xutfits. Invited guests  'will be decided on the-guy and the'^irit wJtto  will ibe choosing the couple during the  dance at which, time they wiU 'be wedded:  Mr. Titf__?, a new teacher in 'our .com-  iherce wing, comes to us from Burns Lake  District. His interests ai*e" uttaihly .reading  IN,one of ids 'columns in a yancouyer;daay,  3bb'Hunt��r asks it^e'question,'/'Is~y33,tfS��  Setter" equipped' 'to "come" up" wiflt .-new,  valid jsolutions to problems thart-_if-_i'$_io  a_����_.'��iSBenenced and proven, but oai in.  tijieir years?"  vMr.- Hunter "ansjverS "with" an 'emphatic  "Yes"., and ihe-jquotes .from Ianjarticie'-Jby  .Isaac 'Asimov^ a- respected science-wjater  ig the iLg. Asimov says that the brain  hardens quickly, not in the physical _s��ise,  tut in its wav of (thought.- Asimoy-wxjies,  .'It is only the young, essentially blank  jnmd, oat yft tracked ���pyw by the mu^dy  feet^cf accoroijjished .thought, 'that "can  see the truly revoluitionary "solutions." 'J  .'-i'll'gb along with that. As a matter of  fact, I'll go a little 'bit further, Tlie  freshest, mpst unclouded mind is that of  3 -"very young ehild.  . 'At a cettadn ideal age^ a .small .child  Ihas'"a direct,1 uncomplicated approach to  problems. Anyone who ihas spent any time  in the ��ompapy cf a small <_ild, ihas pro-  Jaably been flabbergasted by the  simplicity <_! a .child's thoughts,  ample- take the hopelessly tan;  bIem"Jof facial discrimination.  does not exist for the .young  pr'oacb tp a person-of a different colour  is not marred by prejudice, condescens|pn  : '^Jby: Mauxf Gxoss  . subjected to' Use most intensive indoctrination of Jus life, and 'wiU .almost -certainly  haye acquired prejudices andYtJang^ups".  r(We ceroid hardly, mainfaiin tiki Ms.Tmind  c"has-rot yei beimjtrads^mer' byjite  muddy .feet of accomplished thoiigfiC)  . - Once, Ke is ersyehtped^ in $&reppopn"of  ^confprJWty* -it become? ^increasingly -difficult for Jum,fc> emerge as ^n_ individual.  Occasi^nalUy.- ihe  pressure from  within  ���wiU crack jhe-haxd iJiell of tie chrysalis,  and lie islll venture a inief look at the  world around him- -But, ioa often,,the penalty fpr such rashness is so extreme, that  Jie quickly jwithdraxms into his protective  covering.  And so, ins life slips by,'and when lie  is very.old, He once again cfeariy $��erc$ives  '4he real values in JHe, When he cap. no-  longer bejaMneneedyim^'jor destroyed&y  ihe trivialities 4$. Me, the.-britSe, cocoon;  no longer net^ssairy for protection,,''falls  way.  r_-   7  -'.  - \   "> 5  '  V   -  Mr.,Hooter believes the younger generations Js better equipped -to; _6nd. s$u_ons  wurid -proMems,    - '. Y   -_.   _  believe -flie yojpgest ^an-Tjb^-^ld^t -  {Jons- are  best equipped,/beeause,  tbe solutions most hearty:- '    '.  W%8^fflMfflM@gM��MMBMffmmSM&Mfa  i -rt  i  _  1  1  DAILY SCHEDULE FLIGHTS SETWJSEN - /  Do^ntovn Vcincouy��r - GiJbwns - Pender Harbour orea  v-   " J "      ond SecU^t.PrrP' " ^ ' P'  -  MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY  Vancouver ^ ^Pender Sly.  9:00 om    . 7:30 om  P  ;Sjj_A<0L*' Y^C56ib��v-  Yx;$&L,lam   * 8:15 om  tJi*��"��S_: ��-��������(l*  nXt mm*-'*  1  I  i  _  i  1:00 pm    %1&Oam  ^iAyfs#,     "    it -**/       ^   ��� - - -  Vancouver     fender J|br, YA Sfxhdi Gibsops  1:00 pm    11:30 am   12:00 noon   12:15 pm  > Includes Tltprnianby/Nelson, .and K<��ies Island. /  PtEAkj-ESERV&'SE^TSWADVAh4CE  '  CONNECTING FUGHTS TO VICTORIA ARRANGED. *  YON3E1VAY FAtfS TO ol FROM^ V4_NCpUVJE��fc  Earls CaVeY-  Egrrtont ,1   L5e<?beN> ���,���  I  |' "Keates/is  ; 8      - '  -I* --. - *,  i  -20.65  .i.. 9,00,  ���-9.^)0  .J9125  ' Sdki'iio^ tslss tlY���:���21.70  ' % 'SecretfCbye X:���2 1 1j6>45  J. Tiiormamby ��� ^._^__ VY 17,15  �� Vbra^uar<i ___*_.Ll___: 122,40  } Last Wieekend oiif senior volleyball and  fesketb^.teams iteaveled to. Bowell^iver _,,,,._,     .     - .  ^T   -           . _,     _, ^ ^--������ t���  8S>r a Tip-olffi itouroaiment m^-Max.-Carney and aU kmds ,rf fiP��rt H'e 1S married and & 'hypocrisy.- It is only after he has Been  .^YBrooks^nd^f^Br/0##i^dme out ' ^ ^ daughter. Mr, Turner seems .to ibe- exposed to cbiidMoning and bigotry,"that  ���ifetori-n*s:)tetagm                                           enjojang old EJpbie, >-*-       ���   ,   ,t�� _1V^W^��w^jw��!ja�� ��f _Kf^ to*4*i*ti*<iil*t  p%yL'We placed 2sni in tHe other games.  ''   /-^_L:071rtERJW\T15/^fe.^e?U-ST%  Hoff$are^r]cJilidri__i und^I^-iccoimp^  ���        I_AT��i AND SCMEDU1.ESPBJECT TO CHANGE  e- y.  Two !ex;peptional petfoinmers.for ns were  _%v IRarneB and *Jto,yee 5-mothyv By the  middle of November a schedule should Ibe  set down for u^^S-coiiraing igames. ;jMany  thanks to o.uir"*ibu's'driver,"3^.''Milea|ii~'-S0!r  putting up ; with the teams and waitihg  patiently for the ifMsh.  Thursday1- the photographer atnrived a-  gain. _>uring the morning the individual  pictures we��e taken, ��� everyone having the  ehoice of colour or the black, and white  ones which will !be used for the annual,  ���situden't .coupaeil1 cards, etc. Three sheets  of colouiried ;iphotos are availaible for $3.25.  On _Prids(y at noon the teachers challenged the senior girls to a gaime.of vol-  ��� ley thai.'Of; course ithe jsenior gMs won;  they weine tlje .champs last weekend. iLucky  for them they :did win! The gym was filled  with spectators who had a chance to get  at their "���faiyorke" 'teachers. Actually we've  got some 'real talent on our staiOf, it';s just  trying ito tEiAd it. Seriously, they put up a  good iHghit; winning, the second game, tout  the girls totjik it by total points. More matches of this type are hoified for in the future. Wait juntiil our men .teachers are  asked ifor a'game of floor hockey.  Pon'it forget the senior dance with Med-  dy's Peopled on the 1st. AlU of last year's  grads .havie .a .standing Invitation. And the  following weekend, the junior dance with  ���i  A man was 'having some dental worj  done. When it was pv^r, the ^dentist picked  up a different syringe'from the one lie had  ibeen using and gavje the patient's imoutli  a good squirt witlrit.""" '   ' ""  "That tastes very good," observed the  patient. "What is it?'  "Oh," said the dentist casually 'that's  jy.e whiskey. I just )xse it at ���hristmas:  time."  M^^ea^V^^iojEi of 3_& bes^4s'iYe&  ��ciir-id and confused: .   * "*   .," Y  He is unimpressed by jsut_i inconsequential .-allies %,$ weal_h, social prestige  or 'background. Because his .thoughts are  not yet influenced .or controlled by false  values, be is invulpefabl^.     ' - *  Unforunately, a ffehild's trap view of the  world is soon lost, and he becomes an  avid student Of (Conformity. By the iime he  has reached ids teens,' She will have been  -���*'*_&_  Wr^-^-J^SM  -?'  [  4mm000m0,400m0040i04in400m00<mm04m0m004m40m}u,*i*4tilm0i0i0  mwm OUTBOMD  4'CI1(NSA1  1   WpERAVKE-  Besf Chain Price  Anywhere  20% OFF  GUESS WHAT'S HEUE?  Automaftcc  CMAEF- SAW SHAHPENEit  $2.00 |ier chain  if?.  3>  'H _ '.,  I  '''  _''<���  J^fMHW'  ',<*   ...I i  ���**�����  Sechelt, B.C.  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J.  .' /,A  J"f jf  ;|^S^^^  ��>  IPoge,-��  The FeniRtsula Times      Wednesday/ October 30, 19��S  In fhe Ship's Office  THE YABHSf you aire .afowxt te teadi may <kt   tte (Bepgaanm I_ Ohase, regarded -keif cap-  may not 1��b true. You ���will have tto 3*  the judge" because I just don't tow what  to JbaBeve. The source ��4 the story is Jreli-  alble so I don't taow what to $___k * - , !  The Benjamin 1C C3xase, a .nisfosioeaibed  old freighter flying the Amedcan Ha��, saE-  ed from San Frantiseo on the morning of  Octoibar _9, 2934. T!he old {Slip steamed  through the -early morning mist swirling  under tb$ G-oiden 'Gate Bridjge, Ibound for  Perth, Australia, with a full caingo of itim-  iber and -eamied goods, Black acrid smoke  belched;^ in Joweiring, rolling clouds from  iher long, -slender funnel as she sailed past  the southern tip of the Farallon Islands  and out htio 4ihe-Pa__fi.c Ocean.  The Master of the Benjamin iL. Chase,  Captain J; Thompson lAMgood, was a man  in Ms mid-_Sies with craggy, weather-  gouged tfeatures. He was a Gentles�� task  master and. drove his men mercilessly.  Wearing a Iblue, woolen cap to conceal a  head as smooth as the Reaming, brass  tool) oiptfbe door of Ms cabin, lhe would  constantly^ pace the decks ranting about  the _a��__ejss and inefficiency of the dregs  ���and scnulf tbali manned his ship. To Ms  crew he-was Ueno\yn as, "TerraMe Thomp.  son."  ���  The men who crowded the forecastle^  ithe harsdjcase., potpourri of saiilors' abord  -SUPPLIES f  to make your home  larger, more comfortable-more  modern, mare beautiful?  Whatever home improvement  project you have in mind,  yoitiipll find helpful ideas and  information at your one stop  supplies shop  Peiiliisillci Byildiiig  Supplies Mdm  Phone 885-9669  SECHELT, B.C.  ������������.���^������������������������(iMWMiiiiiniiiwan ��� i mmmn-i  tain with wide degrees of varying emotion.  Some inspected him, whereas others despised Ms very existence. But "they all shared one common trait: the orders TerrMe  ���niompson gave were obeyed without question. lAnother similarity (between some of  these men was super^tiGn-4he old sailor's unreasonalble, all encompassing beflipf  in the supernatural.  During the afternoon on the day following their sailing _rom San Francasco, the  drew were just completing a loutine job  of lashing down the tarpauline on the after-  mastiihatch due to bad weather, when the  ship rolled heavily to starboard and a massive wall of 'green water tumbled over the  rails and crashed into the hatch howling  the men over like pins in an alley. The  seamen clung to 'anything witbin reach to  prevent (being swept over the side. But  two men were caught ^unaware. The swirl-  ling water picked them up and spilled them  along _he deck toward the rails at the  stern. Before anyone could pick themiself  (up from tthe deck, the two men were (BLung,  arms flailing,, through the stem rais and  into lhe churnmg,f tortured water under ifhe  ���ship's stern..' '    sY  Captain Algood was 'interned 'immediately: a sailor burst onto the bridge shouting ithat two men had been washed over  the sterni The Captain walked out onto  the bridge wing and looking toward! the  stern, regarded ihe rough sea with irritation. (His only remark' was a foai-ring'  "Thafs just ISne! WeQl, I'm not going to try  too pick anyone up in .this weather." And  the "Benjamin L. Chase held her course  southward, her crew tswo men short.  .The. next .morning, two days after sal-  her. Eleanor JRoosflvdfc Winston ChurchM, 7. Charles Awwnbs; TmothyJEunelul, Pefttp  'An Internal Study of Cireatness. Biobert iDisfer; The iMause' and,, m Motoir<cyw;  U>wis Tayttor.,        ' "< Bawdy Cleary; JElusty, A ,CMfe_r Spaniel,  CHILDREN'S BOOKS "  ~ "~ Matter ISrtP. Meek', House 'on Pinto's IsflaM,  JKifcten and more Ifittens, Mard BAdlowj Barbara  jScbuitz;  Moley Ears, .Nobody js  Secret, of tfie. -Emerald ;Stax, PhyJ% A. Dog, Marguegcite ,Henrys The - Flowers ef  Whitney^  Mystery of the Haunted Pool, -YasslOss. Tfcfla, NWmj Camerons Ahoy-  PhyiUis A, "Whitney: Mystery of _3aM]aite Jane Xtancan.       -        *_  Promotion  E-feetive October 4th, promotion to narcotics .division round up a mim-  tHe rank of Corporal has been con-sid- ber. of long baired marijuana posses-  , ..__.     , .... ,���.,... ,     ered* well,earned for Allan de St. sors. He was moved to the Pender  ���bog from Sao SRramclsco, <fewo' sailors were   Remystationed at Pander H^bsair Harbour ai^ last April after serv-  extnemely excited, ��ining the ni^it they   ag officer in charge of tinU pcflace ing one year in the Gibsons area, and  ���boat RCI_P Westwew. Corporal St. has served in all but two of fflie pro-  Remy 'has gained prominencejrecen- vinces.  tly for !_ns active part in helping Jhe  M_��M��_^^  gj-agg.";1^  worn mm  presents ���  !  STARRING  George C. Scott, Sue Lyon  Panavision  STARTS 8 P.M.  Color by Deluxe  OVER 10 FJ_.  Fri., Sat., Mon.,  Nov,  1, 2, 4  Iksgraaa  ijgSJjggggj  claimed to have heard moaning .cries for  help and when they went on deck at dawn  and looked aft, they saw fiwo 'heads, aibove  ithe astern, staring down w.th angniahed  faces oiwer the ship. The heads were crying out in agony���pleading for the ship to  come hack and rescue them.  The two frightened seamen ran to tell  the Captain what they had seen. But Terri-  hie Thompson lauighed a. them for. harbouring such superstitious nonsense. He  looked, !and saw iwthing^ there were no  "faces" over ithe stern! But the men persisted. Other memibers of the crew had  seen the strange apparition and they were  on deck now, pointing t?emibing fingers  toward ithe stern.  ->e_ermined to put an end to this h_a.-h.er-  ing ahout phantoms., Captain Allgood went  down on deck carrying a camera and waded' into the knot of terrified seamen. With  disigusst ihe verlbailly accosted one of the  men, telling him to point to the two faces1  so he could take a picture of them and disprove this claptrap once and for ail! The  sailor gesticulated and the Captain took  a photo of- the ship's stern, the sea and  empty sky as a hackground.  ��� �� *  iEour weeks Oater 1he Benjamin L. Ohase  arrived in Berth' and three days days after  sending the jfi_m ashore for developing, a  package txmtakoag the jAwto -wa_ delivered  'to 'Capftain 'AiU^ood^ .:^-.-'^_. ^^?. .v'.:.:.'-..'t^.u^..^j..^^fc7^77.^^.^^w*^.^i.  Taiing the nndpened evidence to the  er-ew'is oness, he tiirew it on a tahle and  challenged a sailor to open it. The imatelot  reluctantly withdirew the picture from the  envelope and gazed down at it.  '���'Well?" demanded the Captain. "Any  faces?"       ,  The sailor looked down at his shoes and  shook his head. "'No, of course not." he  mumbled. The other sailors looked at each  other sheepishly,  Captain AUgood laughed and taking the  photo from the man, inspected it for the  first time. Suddenly he turned deathly  pal* and 'his hands began to tremble. For  there, looking up at him from the photo,  were jtiwo faces wailing in .silent torment���  the faces of the two drowned sailors pleading with him to come hack and rescue  them . . . !  As H said: you take this story for what  you feel it is worth���you be the judge of  it's validity. Happy Halloween!  Books on ihe shelves at Secheli Library  MEW 'BOOKS ..oh the shelves of the Sechelt  _P_ilblk i4!brairy:  The Visitors, Mary. MoMonhies-; .The  Sound of Bow 'Bels, Jerome W&dman,;  The Hollow Sunday, {Robert Hariang;; Ofe  Above the (Ground, Mary Stewart;, Tins  Bough Magfe, Mary Stewart; WMerniss,  Kohert Pen Warren; Mr, ��kef_ngton, -Sli-  zaheth; Landslide, Besmond Bagley; An  Expensive Place to Pie., iLen Deighton; Ice  Station Zeibra, lAlistair MacLean.  Throw Out Two Hands, :AnthonySmi,&  Of iGood and Evil, CEimestiK. Cann; Voya-  ���ging ���HJnder''.Soil, JEric G. Hiscock; Bosts of  the (Nandlfio IDxive, Paul St. Pierre; Blue-  nose Chosts, Helen Oreighton; Madams  Oastel's ledger, _6\rance Parkinson Keyes;  Joan Sutherland, iBussell Bradden. ...x  Gome to the^Bower,, J. Y. Erysan; .0e  Story of the Pacific, Hendrik WMam Van-  !Loon; _k AM, Thor Heyerdali-; Wand  from the Carolinas, Robert Wilder; jindian  lives and OLiejends, iMildred Valley Thornton; Marco Polo. iBoheal; Walsh^ The Moon-  Ifloweir Vin^,Yjietta Carleton; Century, of  deer Trek, _5van Allen 'Ray; Artie Adven-  ' ture, PeAer Treucihen; A Fighting Chance,  John 'Ridgeway and C, Slyth; Penrod asnd  Sam, Booth Tarirington. The '.Chord of Steel  Agnes Sligh Turhhull:; The Nazarene, Sho-  lani Aseh; Not Negotiable,, Manning Coles7;  Booh Island, Kenneth Roberts.  Mamma's Boarding House, John E. Fitzgerald; All Men are* Lonely Now,, Francis  CHford, Fiaither's, Herhert Cold; Party  Games, Mary C Mayes; First Aid for  your Doig, R. Sheidon and B. JLoctowood���.;"'  The-Devil's SLaughter,, Frank Yerhy; A  Silver Plated Spoon, John Duke of Bedford;  The Case for Israel, Frank tGervasi; Trees:  and Flowers to know inB.C, C P. lyons;  Japanese and Maniature .Gardens^ Leslie  Woollard; The itoawings of Curtis 'Green,  W.' Curtis Green;" ! My' Autohiography,  Charles Chapflin.  The Canadian Oxford Atlas of the World;  Ordeal hy Fire (Canada 1910-45), BaOph  Allen:; Renegade in Power���The Diefen-  baker Years, Pteter C, Newman; John A.  itpn^0s^<#&��&&:-%>x^^^MaMedsi^,J^m^^ .. MacDionald^ The Young P<<_i*ici^,J>ta^d  icS^^chiast^^Hl^^ v isR^��^TO'^!!^;'.A."''' 'Mii^o^^yT^^iM''  liy Name, 'Margainet Craven.   ��� 'P    Chieftain, Donald Oreighton; Step toy Step  'Laughing Whitfish, Rohert Traverj Rein-    Ceramics, JOlyan Hafsted; This _ Remem-  FR1DAY, MOVmWEU 22, I96S  To be held in the  Peninsula Pining Hoomf Sechelt.  Smorgasbord starts 7 p.m. Followed by our  Amateur Talent Contest  Open-to students and children up to age 18  years. There will be awards for two age  groups;   Up to  13  and  from '13  to   18.  No entry fee but cost of smorgasbord will  be Adults $3.00  each, Contestants  and  Youngsters present $1.50.  EVERYONE WELCOME TO THIS GRAND NIGHT.  ENTRIES FOR CONTEST MUST BB IN BY NOVEMBER 15th  For tickets to Amateur Night Smorgasbord phone 885-9420 or 885-9631  Please fill in attached Contest Entry Form and mail to:  BOX 10 SECHELT, B.C.  NAME  ADDRESS  ���M$M?s*  iig^^��w-��^<-g_-_r_y_->---aM_-_g-W��-^^  mxmwuvwwm  WITH AN  AUTOMATIC WASHER  AND CLOTHES DRYER  f^iB^Mm Does your laundry day seem "end-  ��� 'jet'Mcmk i'i less"? If it does, you need a jet-fast  l' *       i       '       t^ i    it'll  fa��hGtiiGWrMFfigidaire Laundry Pair. Automatic  1   'I       Dryer - Jet Action Washer.  At your Authorized ���  FRIGIDAIRE DEALER  in Sochclt.  C Hi S Sales and Service  -^.^JI^bJK^&J Cowr!e Street, Sechelt        '   Phone 885-9713  YOUR  PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT  SAYS  Enquire for particulars of the Provincial New Home Building Grant. ,.}  ,Up to $1,000 Outright Grant Available.  GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  Department of Finance  Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, British Columbia  I  ^"'  DINNER SERVED '                 Each Wee!* 4 to �� p.m. 1  CHINESE STYLE  \yj  FMl  V  i  EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY  EVENINGS TIL MIDNIGHr'  I  X  \  |  885-0927 �� f_!d>crvatE-��n3 Please       |  PATBO GAUOEI  HALFMOON' BAY  I  )  I-  I '* l*!f*   V


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