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The Peninsula Times Aug 21, 1968

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 -���r  -  . ' *'T.    �� ' '*            ,,              -      -   '     /'**'*','  ^' ;A -  /          ��'-             *     W��st Canadian Graphic Industries L44.#                       '                  *   .    ���      . t      ���, . -    w 11 \  > ' >     r r     '*��'  '/'     '���'-..      '   '    v      ' �����   , - *<P  '*  -' > . 1*06 ��est 5th Ave*,- , . .;  ' .   ,���       '..��.*--'        I: \  .���,-^..-�����. j-,���...���,__...  ������ 1    -'   ^ii;,,:iYj}YLt_YY---  n-' '���*        "��� "-*^tiBSraS&__     '     - " ^ '-"      "-.��  -r " * "' ' ��_A**if*<��_. * '* ** '       #?^i^^��llf"- -      --A-~_wi��_iOS secer_f.-_fass f'  'I  I   (  ���< J  -.'  _KiP__l_H__B__F___rr     ~*ft. V i  .Authorized, as second-cfass  mail   by   the .Post, Office  Cteportment, _>ft_w_. ~  ^        * t_->  ���_..-.  f'-  ***  -jr"x  I  ^  *-*��-',-^  .K  _* "T__  r.  ffl_iS_l'  ���-j^-j  v*  At  <_���  ' 1 *  Weal mail elec.rocuted  climbing up power poie  J>BATH by ei_ri��ocufton has been amouh}  ced etj-a former ^ecbdt man wblist ji  mfimlber oj the uaval supiply sWp JProvider  in port'at Halifax N.S: ���,"'v, -y  AJIen' Jler^in Jolious aged 21 of _��  Sechelt ^res^tve' fell  to bis death, aftw  ditolbing a power pole and &friki^g: live  wires. Msiiaip occured last Thursday mghf.  The teody .was,returned to Seqhelt for  burial Monday.  ,J4-" >*'  .**.  %  *?.  '^V  ..-  'mrt*  Jl*" IIP���_-_-_���-__��� ��_ii_> *��� liifc ��� * M_-_--___.ii^ i��*i   W- * _. _"����� ��� _-*���   -_.��� iwin* �������� wi^ihw���___M!i__MMI il-irtin__t__---____l-im   J  Distance swimmer  FIRST to cross Hie nautical mile dent of Carson Graham School, Van-  frqm Keats-Island to Gibsons Muni- couver. Brian was accompanied by  j-ipal |>each ,iri a time of 30 minutes his uncle Mr. Jim Chaster in a row-  was 16 year old Brian Thicke a situ-   boat.  \ ������ -  Annual event  STARTED two yesbrago, the, Kiwanis Chit)  Pancake Supper, on ihe eve of the" Sim  Fishing Derby, bas proved- -a -tremeodoiB  attractioin. and is now adopted ��? an aitoual  project of the club> ~     -  ^-   4  Noi only are funds raised for. Kiwa*_  l    *?s_u.�� i^SSR*1*^^  fi"Aj_-.j___j-. '���^���"*  ��_j?B��^*.^>*"^7'-  *! ��  M X___>_    rf*       -_  Nightmare Journey  THESE, snaps dramalacally illustrate  the horror of Mr. and Mrs. Len Ryer-  eharitable causes but it is welcomed by th�� son's holidayJrip from Northern Callage and ever increasing number of *__= ifiorma' -when their new Ulfcra-Viaai  sels pulling into the Gibsons wharf in pre? suddenly became engulfed in flames  paraxon for an ^arly start in Hie Salmon leaving it a mass of twisted metal.  Derby. - , *  : ;���'��� ���,���r  - The- second event last year-drew such c��__.__��%.�� fatm****'* Yiavmao  la^ge crowds-thast members this year hart oeniOr K^IUZGU S ilO-Mtf-.  *decidedto introduce-" an outdoor dance C&. uitervieVlfS in prOOTeSS  the wharf. This means closing of the anea r    *  Near fatality * -.  Californians Ml troubles  heading lor Welcome Beach  WHAT should have been a happy holiday  at their summer home at Welcome Beach  became a tragic and near fatal experience  for Len and  Eadie  Ryerson when their  Mona Havi ,s of Davis-Bay and* both-he and  his wife are tfld Mends* of Mr. and Mrs.  Harry Gregory. Since they prrcbateed their  home at Welcome Beach four ���* years ago,  Gibsons Firemen chalk up  successful sports project  Corlefct, Tom Stenner, Doug Evans. 3rd  team: Linda Camjpibell, John Crosby, Kathy  Whiting and Bill Letham.  Winners of the ticket draw were Mrs,  3Uumanerl��eil!t and. Steve Holland.  given to close it off as of noon August 24!  TO assist pie club members in preparing  for this outstanding, event tfoe-ptiblie is as_>  ed to co-operate by removing vehicles,by  that time.  Highlight of the evening will be the  draw ior a 14' pleasure boat complete with  20 h.p. motor and trailer. Actual "draw i$  scheduled for 11:30 p.m. on the night of .he  24 and tickets will be available right'up tq  this tame from any member of the Kiwanis  Club.  Dancing will.be free and a cordial in*  vil  a  flames on the journey from Northern California.  to motor-vehicles and approval has beefc   AT A meeung of the Dirastors of the.Sjm- . ^^^ ^^ mtra-Van became engiilfed in   they have made many Mends in.the area  "*VWi  ��Wuxvw0 ��iuu ��rrivvai uon, wwsm        cWwo  ^rf   a***���*. ni4i��>n<:'.  Wr*i=rmiff    �� ^. .. * ��r.__i��� /-.-��     and are tfsSai��T Kifescriibers to Uie Times.  We all join in wishing them complete and  speedy recovery.  ,...   . .....       v  Similarity of names  created inconvenience  shine Coast Senior > Citizens'- Housing  Society held on August JS, progress on the  home? was reported toj* going ^jpced ^ Byewons were mighty proud of the  ahead and it wMJ^ w��dd bo Ys^arMog nw Ultoa-Van which they had  ready for occup^by October 1st. ^ Setp8cbMy &r commuting between  Aprelimj^ryi^^,wa^h^rdfi:omthe    ^^^JnT North Hollywood and what  Square pegs . . .  G-BSONS firemen Annual Water Sports,  -got off to a fine start on Sunday with  the long 'distance swim  commencing at  11 a.im. from Keats Island.  Eleven fiwtiimimers started out with seven  can_p.eting the distance of one nautical  mile. One plucky youngster was pulled out  just a short distance from shore.  Gibsons July 1st Queen Lee Wiren declared the sports open and received a  beautifully bouquet of red roses.  Successfyi competitors were as fellow's:  DISTANCE SWIM  Brian Thicke; Gordon Letham; Karen  BrignaUr Franklin Roberts; Carl Swanson;.  Francis MfcKeozie; Steve Thicke. Those  npt quite a__e to finish but making a plucky    . ,  attemipt were Steve Harris; Jian Scorgie;    MfflJURE early ladt July by the office of   assuming that as a comjdaant had tiptsutig  Bill 'Lethasm andL Brian 'Cooper. the Attorney General  to permit pro-    ftom the inndeni, pros^cuUoninigbt'ensue:.  ", Sace <&$ toys���Greg, Gibb, Chris Hill,  Steve Hoops.   ���  Soce 8-9 eiris-^Laly Mandelkau, Karen  pvans, Jo-anne LaSrd.  Novelty racit 12-14���Brian Evans, Steve  1 ittlejbhn, Jennifer Cooper,  Bpy& 10-li" *oce���Paul Sco'tt, Bruce  Gr-to,^Len Beaudodn.  G?rfs 10-11 race���Kalthy Whiting, Donna  Mandelkau, Debbie H_1L  Boy* .12-14 rate���iRick Cotter, William  Corlett, Steve Iittiejohn.  Glrf* 12-14' ra'ce^Raren Bngnall, Jennifer Cooper, Iinda Campbell.  Novelty raco 8-11���Paul Scott, Bruce  Green, tie between Debbie Hall and Dorothy  Fraser.  Rowboat race 10-14���Jim Laird, Valerie  Robert's, Trevor Quarry.  ,J��og rollings-Butch Barber, Ken Skytte.  Jousting In skiff*���1st Bud Jones and  Butch Barber.. 2nd Ken Skytte and Ron  Werning.  Canoe race���War canoe race by< YMC&  camp was won by blue boat who gained  the trophy.  Combined Relay���.1st team: Paul Scott,  Steve Litllejohn, Jennifer Cooper and Karen Brignall. 2nd team; Rick Cotter, Wm.  Admfesiftns Committee which is interviewing aU applicants for accommodation in  the homes. The Director will meet: again  on August 23 to receive final reports from  the -Smumittee. ,   . ,   -  You can help the senior citizens' homes  by buying a raffle ticket for the September  draw with "a fine collection of prizes |n-  is lo be their retirement home ait Welcome  Beach. _  Setting out on their first journey in the  mobile home, they reached Fresno, California when Mr. Ryerson heard a hissing  noise. Thinking that it was the tare, he  slowed down when his wife said "let's Iget  :.  BSEOENT1  repbrt in the Times * involving  '    hilt  and run appears-_o have caused  certain embarraSssmesif due'to sxmilaritjjrof  itkhmhf extended to all to take' part in   S��fing" fck^rc^vin^r^OO fey dock,    oitt of here, I smell gas." At tiiat moment  great ni^it of enterfcainmeut ^   "    a Sjiyer tray, a faandkniteed bedsprted and    ~*  other prizes, if you have any cQ_-culty in  obtaining ra__e tickets, please telephone  885-9179 for the name of your nearest supplier.        ���  CANCELLATION  Branch 95 O.A.P.O. rehictanltSy abandoned |_ans tor the trip io Whistler Mount  tarn and Pemberton on September 10 because of road closures'in the area,'  names. The J$m,e$ aptiligizes for any in-  van ajguMed in flames and the Ryer-    e^^ence tb_t migh^ J&Ve "occured and  sons  suffered second and  third  degree 7    ������ "      .    narM��� ^^  bvmis and shock. makes clear the fact that ihe person con-  Mrs. Ryerson is still in a wheel chair    vjcted of 4he- offence was -Mrsr M: ;Deval  but is recovering;  Mr. Ryerson -is back    of the Roberlts Creek* area and' not Sirs.  working in his aircraft maintenance busi-    jj, Duvalof "Selma Park.,      ~  ness and thankfful that they are both alive.  * 'The new van is a total loss and it is  believed that" Butane  gas had something  to do with the horrifying experience.  Mt, "Ryerson- is  the  brother  of Mrs.  Get out" orders  "&Zk  r&affrt*,*..^.*.  escape prosecution  a public beach in  W0A- featoca SjOawjson, a *Vanwuver^ nJetws- ' J^rney-&snkraf''iar' proseculon of .....  paper and the Times, criticising its actions    offence of "nudity Jn piddic" is required >  . Resultant' IpubJiciiiy in b(rfh the Times    fi^- ^Tho  latter  was inserted "into the  and  the  Vancouver  paper  has   created    Criminal Code as a means of regulating  widespread  intereslt  and  idignaiion  that    prosecultions of members of a certain sect  what was described as a "naked hiptpie"  shoud~be permitted to  after parading nude on  full view of youngsters and adults,  Recent editorial in the Times drawing  attention to square pegs\in round holes in  departmental offices, often unknown to responsible ministers who nave-to carry the  blame, is borne out in a\ reply from the  Attorney General's dept. ^> Mrs. G. Phillips, the complainant It, in effect, points  out that the acttion taken was on a decision  made by an officer of the department  of religionists who at times divested themselves of their clothes and paraded. Not  for young fools on beaches. In other words,  the law on "nudity 1 in public" does not  apply'in this case.  What does apply is the offence of indecent exposure, and having discussed the  matter with the police, an officer of this  department, learning that the cupnt, Silverman, had been arrested and locked up for  the better part of two days and had learned enough of a lesson, advised that no  further   proceedings   were  neccessary.   If  WORKING in co-operation with" the police,    released after being held for observation  __iff_t __..-_.���-    _-._��   ___._-    _e��� _]_*_____!    _______.___.-._��____._>��_>___-    J__ ___      _r* * ___   .m        _.____. __..__.    _f_  Letter to Mrs. Phillips, signek by J. A.,   anything like it happens again, the police  ox   AH_YiSni*.r_��._v_> AfffWr   Rfi*_��- can be relied upon to handle it quite prom  ptly and eSficiently without any curb from  Knox, Administrative Officer, states;  Your letter of July 11, 19S8 directed to  the Honourable Attorney-General was handed to me for reply. You will appreciate  that the Minister himself could not possibly attend to all the mail addressed to  him and keeps a staff in the Department  to attend to letters from citizens.  7 I tiiink your point to be well taken. You  'would naturally be shocked at the subject  using a public beach au naturcl. Most peo-  : pie would, and the police were correct in  this Department. We don't want such be-  havier to proliferate. ���������.,..  Tt\e loiter concludes ;by notifying Mrs.  Phillips that, the Minister te in no way to  blame for he wafe hot personally involved  for he was away during the whole affair.  officers of the federal immigration department have commenced a crack-down  on American members of what is referred  to as the hippie dement. Result is that  the Sunshine Coast is no longer the Shangi  La it was apparently considered.  Mine young Americans are reported to  have left Nelson Island for the States following a,talk with RCMP, another group  of a dozen or more have been' routed out  of a home at Roberts Creek by the immigration department and other deponta-  tiops are expected this week.  An American based bus containing almost twenty of the bip'pie types was seen  off on the Sunshine Coast Queen last Saturday and ordered to return to the United  States. The pasisen&ers' are understood .to  include the group from Roberts Creek.  ��������� Mean wihile one member of the sect, is  in hospital with hepititus, another has been  Hon. W. K. Kiernan ��� .  VISIT to the Sechelt area last May by  Conservation and Retrcation Minister  Hon. W. K. Kiernan resulted >nmlsundcrr  standings regarding a statement ho made  in rcspioct Id a further forty acre parcel of  land purchased by his department as a  public park site,  ' In a subsequent lfesuo of the Tiimes it  was jointed out that wWl��Y[h^/l>rcv*ous'  report pf Mr, Klcrnan's rcmarto appeared  to eugigest the property referred to \yas an  addJitlon to an carjler purchase of soimc 175  a'crcs of the .CroW-lott property al East  Porpoise Pay�� ^T- Crowston had made  dear the fact he had made no further  agreement witli the department. Puzzle at  that time was thc locaUon of the new 40  acre acqulbitlon.  Sltualion has now bwn cleared up by  ihe Minister who In a letter to the Times  last week, stated; Your article of June 2(5  ha* just come to my attention Indlcntlng  some confusion aa to Ihe parcel of land  recently acquired by our Department.  The property to which I referred Ir on  Garden Bay and I am enclosing a sketch'  map Bhowtng thc area In question, You will  also note that wc have reserved consider-  aWc acrcafio of Crow^i l>and, so that wc  eventually will have a park reaching from  Pender Harbour to Garden Bay Lake.  I am al a lotm to know how there could  be a misunderstanding, lnit 1 hope that  this will clarify the situation for you.  MARINE PARKS  Department ot Recreation and Oot��er>  vatton  has. dmtns   recent  yeat*,   bou#^  cites. Another has been purchased and will  be established shortly.  "; "U 'was announced last week-end that a  cheque for. $2,993150 wa�� , accepted by the  Minister from the Council of British Columbia Yacht' dubs. First such check was  donated in 1QSC and,more arc planhcd. This  organisation, a few years ago realizing the  need for more and better anchorages and  marine facilities for yachtsmen, undertook to financially assist the Paries Branch  programme.  Locations of the' marine partes arc on  Islands near yantbuycr Island and on Uic  mainland coast In what Is considered the  most popular baatlng areas of lhe Pacific  Northwest.  1  Oil painting exhibit  at Welcome Beach home  fOR 1-iE  next two  weeks, Gladys  Hero  Bcntham will hold an oi>en house exhibit and sole of old paintings at her Welcome Beach home, on the Redrooffs Road  IV* miles ca��jt of Jim Cooper's Store,       (  The paintings cover a variety of aubjecta  including portraiture, landscapes and florals  ���and prices range from $5 to |125, Ten per  cent of thc proceeds of Ihe aalc will bc  donated to thc senior citizens' homes project in Sechelt.  Mrs. Bcntham has studied at the Vancouver School of Art*, the Banff School of  Dine Arts and lias worked under Mildred  VaUey Thornton and Gary tiemfrom whom  ��he learned the OM Ma_ler*# TcdasAque. ������  For further particulars  telephone Mrs.  as a-suspect. One is presently serving a  four month sentence for possession of marijuana, two are in jail awaiting trial and  another out on bail also awaiting trial, all  on similar changes.  In, SeeheOl, a building which had degenerated into a hangout has now been closed  off and, it is understood, will be renovated  for rather more useful purposes.  Incident at Roberts Creek followed a  complaint by Mrs. P. Rowley, owner of a-  home which she originally rented to a person claiming to be a minister. In short  time it was occupied by between thirty and  forty hippies who, it has been reported,  -"tore the place to pieces."  Immigraton officials say it is unlikely  the banned so-called hippies will, be permitted to return. Apart from inability to  meet the various requirements it is suspected many of them would fail to pass a  medical cxaminatioh. ���  This comment is partkulary significant  in light of a number of reports that hippie-  have frequently been, seen swimming In  lakes in the HalfmOdn Bay and Pender  Har_our area from which drinking! water  ���Supplies are obtained. It is pointed out  that such complaints should be made to  the health department, not the Times, as  bas been a common occurence during the  past few months.   i��� : ; j -  Ducks in B.C. .. .  1 *i  n  I  3-a  Mr. James S. Metxler  APPOINTED secretary treasurer of  School District No. 46 (Sechelt), Mr.  James S. Metzler comes frpm Mission wfyere he was secretary treasurer for 11 years. Prior to thgt: he was  at Campbell Raver and Princeton. ,  Mr. Meteler has early connections  in the district for he attended hi��  first term of school in grade 1 at  Bowen Island.  1 Arriving to take up his - new ap-  pqiritment last week, Mr, ; Metzler  will soon be joined by his Wife; thfeir  four children,- two sons and two  daughters are aU married.  DAG and possession limits  for dutks Jn    Ing  permit  in  addition to   any  required  about thc acqfteWc-n of twelve marine ptitk    Benlham at 885-2286.  1  ~VVff_,'   ,..     .4^    ^^^/���(.���T^f^T^lft'-.^tM*.^,   ,f, *$#?!�������_ f^.*4!   ^^,^^./f ^^tt��,^^^,^_.   ^^^^^^V^^^^V*'^***^*^^^"^^'"^'*^^"^'  *4-��**^4.**t'*> ^*444*   4*v^*;.��l<^��^t*4l^4.44'4\,4<rt^4l4**l444^%4*l^'l?tf!44^-  British Columbia will continue at eight  and sixteen, according to thc 1968 Migratory Bird Regulations, released today by  Uic Canadian Wildlife Service, Department  of Indian Affairs and. Northern Development, An additional sixteen ducks may be  held In thc possessor's residence or a coM-  sto|ragc locker.  The dally bag and possession Hmtys for  geese arc five and ten, of which not more  than four and eight may Iks Mack brant.  An additional eight Reese may be held in  the posscssor'a residence or In a cold-  storage locker.  Bag ami possession limits for rails and  oootn arc eight and. sixteen, except' that  Indiana, Eskimos, Metis and other persons living by trapping and hunting may  take twerfly-Ivc daily with no possession  limit. Thc limits for WU-oh'a snipe, mourning doves, and band-tailed pigeons arc ten  and twenty.  Mourning doves may be hunted In Provincial Management Areas 4 to in Inclusive,  is and 19,' from September 1 to October  Vandal- work Zl' Panddailed pigeons may be hunted in  .,     __       ��� ��� 1-. ____   -. ��� ��     j _    u      m    .   , _,        .   _.      . "   __     Provincial   Managcmctft   Areas   1,   Z,   3,  Mr. Harvey Hubbs la seen showing been hurled through the show room ,7< ���&. and M from September 1 to October  an old bumper balr 16 Constable Kct-   door at Peninsula Motors completely   w.  Ue of the IICMP shortly after dis- shattering.tfae.plate glass. Poucc arc whcn'huhUng or transporting migratory  covering that a vandal had been at investigating and it is understood a game, birds, you must be In possession of  work over tiia week-end^ The barjjiad   suspect ia to be questioned, a valk Canada migratory 2Amo Wrd hunv  provincial hunUng permit. . The , permits  are Bold for $_, at post offices.  Season dates arc as follows:  District No. 1 (P.JW.A. 1 An Zt), Ductos,  Cools and Balls Oct. 12 to Jan. 12. Black  Brant Dec, 28 to Mar. 101 Snow Geese,  other Geese, Wilson's Snipe Oct. 12 to  Jan. 12.  DlsHritt No. 2 (P^M.A. 2, 3, 11 & 23),  Ducks; Cooits and Bails Oct. 12 to Jan. 12.  Black Brant Dec. 7 to 10. Snow Geese Oct.  12 to Dec. 8 and Feb. 8 to Mar, 10, O^hcr  Geese, Wilson's Snipe Oct. 12 to Jlan. 12.  District No. 3 (l\M.A.i 4, 3,0, 7, 8, 12,  13, 14 'St. 15), Ducks, Coots and Rails, Sept,  21 to Dec. 22. Black Brant, no open season.  Snow Geese, other Geese, Wilson's Snipe  Sept. 21 to Dec, 22. '  District No. 4 (P.M.A. 9, 10 & 11),  Ducks, Coots and Ralls Sept. 7 ,<o 8. Black  Brant, no oi^n season. Snow,Geese Sept.  7 to Dec. 8. Other Gcose Sei>t, 1 to Dec. 1.  Wilson'* Snipe Sept. 7 to Dee. 8.  District No, 5 (P.M.A. 10, 18, 10, 20,  21, 22 k 2T>), Ducks, Cools and Balks Kept.  14 to is. Black Brant, no open season.  Snow Geese,, other Geese, Wilson's Snipe  Sept. H to Dec. 15,    ,  DiMrict No. 0 (P.M.A. 28, 27 & 28),  Ducks, Coots and Bails Sept, 1 to Dec. 1.  Black Brant, no open season., Snow Geese,  other Geese, Wilson's Snipe St.it. I to  Dec. 3U h'���       i  ,#f ^(tewRW^^^��pM!|i��fl^  &VF*wlttvtfyf}^&i4W1!t\^ ��'. <&sfig  :   ^--wr .,  ���f-M  1^_A_  m . i i^'w. _r___t,v.    .   , .j. & -, Tip;. _J  s^v-.  l_��M___ll  :^^^^^^m^^m^  f/t__f&^iqe-M �� fi8ft^!&?<^^/w$' 3 fSWS8Wlte''ldr ____.:_�� -  L > .�� . -V' wv >Y.,_ /. r&S . Y A&oH %fcfc dble,cavort ��ov_to ��&,���* ��i�� .^Lj, * *��}*-��&ie._��/uw ���  I' Ideal ,jfoung famay homel bnJ^$^yU&Vk xp$? '   Bp ��' ^ ���        ^^2��97'   -  &&-2G$7.     _-%__  bt 5-cbefti ,B.C  '' ������ " Member, Audit Sureon  '^'Mi __P<3ir__l____�� ~'  ,       March 31  ,.    Gn^sOrculotiOD  .,"��� Paid CimiloHon  Y   ^_>__ject  CtftssffiedAdvcitmiiQ  3-Ltne Ad-Brie��s (15 wordsl  One Insertion -  . FOB. cpmpt(M'iWaiiSm$&  s l^tj^,^usm^m.t^'  ��Yidsurantee:;;Claini^        . _yu,     ..u. .     ,���ft ����.���  -w. &tfgW;*&*�� ��;'<��& ���?M^*��&'jggs -i^7&rjiS__?3S_a_% pf^  obtained t*&-tM9��fl__ >ti^_a^��iJd''rotis-  885-$55^ -__? #$; Kenmore 4to$as��er $8;  MOK^d&nu" * _jle__ri�� - kettle $8j 2"n>U-away  '���^ cots/$25 ueaeb;  |_gji__air $7;  o  threes insertions  extra hoes (5 wprds)  *,��,�� UK- and ananjr .Toutfe-Americ^ t*����&250Y  _1_____50��. an countries ^liJdiB&^cuador ^^ft evwv  J^$l.00 have ^t^ inrsElH ip^um. HfjK:  ���~ -- located a^tybertt .C*__k near 9 **** w,m   -  -10c  {"This rate does not apply to  ��   commercial Ad-Brlefe.)  Box Numbers ��� _���__ 10c extra  ty stoJK/sindy^eflw^t1 & wharf  at WbptensJimidmg ^ear. Lang-  date iTerry. Double frontage ot  tt_   Fart ��* c&TlL   &&&*> iNT-mmer tome-    ** ^ **kd_ (�� i01 and  SW7-3S  Bedford, p_on_"8S6^_37_I'v  88 feet highway daie ^��wy. DouM* frontage on  .����, t��U summer tome- S^** "Eft W ��� . *Bd  site d_se to'lwacfa'and boat W^ ����.) PS^H ��* ��V  " launehW Fun T_riee ��d.f_ift't lewns or cash. Open to offers.  ., TAKAiU^vfr octave-* gtgan, ^Me' laundry fat__ on "casters  FEMALE - BernMB-fliBritofl Y���l^<* W'S^^Wt ? $15;,^eel ironing _oar_ $8, all  SF% ��mS��?Ui Yh25S tose Piapt>,��e^oii;tW. _��at ^ W^lent  cttndMon. Phone  axwut>6 montns ojd, nnndle tAxes* aM'Ttoh^J&optano met- Z*sJ��SYo��i��. �� �����i�� -'   _k*t��_  color with Dtt��wn leather eg- g S?g^g^1>erte ^2365 ^^ ^^'r    aPM8  lar. Owner fflease phone ���B85- cpeek,  phonfr ggB-?lfa.' 1933--0 OE. _tove and tot'water tank  2C28.                         ,   '   8596-38   -t__l s-^-L���;��,. ., f, *~ $^^1^3. jYWtttt Whittaker   _^  COJJNGS'imriger l^her g. H4&a belltod ^ Jdm^ oamih,  PITS            '             * Hkft ^,.N*^'!^LfJf ��avis Bay area..         1332-38  RESORTS  launching. Full price $4,600.'  Box 294, SechelVB-6; gto   ^'easy  access'off ��  J>5c Book-kcepihg d. orge is added  r .for Ad-Sriefenot jjaid by  publication date,  legal or Header advertising 25c  1 ^ '      per count line.    "  "  Display  advertisinsi  in  classified  Ad-Brief calumits, $1.50 per inch.  Subscription Rates��� uAT��T>VTWATcr    ^w^t   ��,���i.^r"   I^rge;   newly"'developed   lots?  By mail. Peninsula area _$5.00 yr.    HS?*?AS - ^f ^   ^a^r��>   wifiTW *oJiM feet JltMrtage on  By mail, beyond 30 miles $5.50 yr.       w^ do odd jobs. Tteasonafcle,     mux "      iW       ' ��wm-ns- oa  !4f��3f|ll_ IVAHT-D  frbm $2,500 to $6,500. Terms.  SAK3NAW LAKE-  By mail, special citizens % price  By carrier 50c month  COMING EVENTS  TWiLJGHT-THEATRC  ' ,Gi|>sons>.   .  <Air conditioned)  4Wedv Thur./ Fri^ Safc,  Aug. 21- i 24  "WHERE WERE Y0U  WhiON THE LIGHTS  1  '* WENT* OUT?"-;r  Colour   ".     ' Doris Day  Monday Through  Saturday  August 26-31  BONNIE AND CLYDE  8529-38  Ph. ^886-9902.  766-Jfn  ____-CtTM J<2amhey~1Service:  'Eaves cleaned and repaired.  Painting, gardening, Saniter  service,Jold jtfbs,-et-. AU'work  guaranteed. BBl SechelJ, I|3xone   properties   on  885-2191 or &5-2094. *    '1871-fn  frontage  this teautiful six mile long  lake, with/access by'gazetted  load via Lee's Bay. Excellent  terms available. Pull price  $4,250.     -"  For these  and  other  choice  the   Sunshine  CAKP^p5Rwork,^lteratipns,   <&&,, ^^^  cairports,; etc-    885-2343   dt -  evenings' 885-9460. ' ' * 'iS74-tfh  Coast contact Frank Lewis, &_.  Morton   Mackay   at   Gibsons  MATURE woman  wants  part  ���'-time light nvoxk- orYbaby sat-  tx@/. Phone 85-d^ evenings."--   "    ��� '  '     S565-39  MRSi Boisjoli;  Sedidit, mature  lady wishes  b_-y~at__gr5_i  my home or yours. Dr's reference. 885-9538.       ' 193540  VERNON & SON  BULLDOZING  (formerly A. E. Bitchey)  RNLAY REALTY LTD.  -   Gibsons and Buxojiitlam  1994-31  THE SUN SHINES ON  Selma Park���3 bedroom tome  with 4th in Ml basement "Wall  to wall carpets. Washer, drier,  fridge and Tappan range included. A-oil heating. Just under one acre with H? c_ wait-  Owner: Box 562, Seeheli,"tB.c.  Phone: 885-2310.      Y      8592-39  rilEWARTMcMYNN  Jl_ALTY'& IN^RAtiCE  i. Notary Public^  Member  Vancouver Real Estate Board  Multiple tisting Service  ,  "     PHONE 886-^iS  Two excellent revenue properties, both in good locations.' Details available. ���  Large modem ylew tome, Gibsons. JO, ft. lot 16x19 ft.,living  rth. with- heatltr-'fireplacfe, 3  bdrms main^ftodr, 2" in. ^roundr  floor "suite) dbL garage.'Plenty  of cupboards, -built^Q rahge,  etc.  $10,000 down >'on~ $35)000.  Y        .       J   .' '   .'  Small country home, < cjmvje-  nfent, on 2}h. acres, wjiif ornamental (tree planting^, "garden, vijlage water, .about one'  acre cleared. Large 'addition  started.  Would sell for  CAfMPERS, trailerites ��� Wake  up by the sea in our lovely  camp ground. Hot showers,  etc., also'7 modern units; facing the1 water. Daily of weeMy  rates. Boat,- swim, fish or Just  loaf at iMission Point AJoteL  Phone 885-9585. 1875-tfn  ^LZ-^��ifh'smeTIIi   FRIGIDAT& fridgeYdli���TOii|e,  hunters and pefe. Can b6 seen ^  TRAVEL  FOR all travel information and  bookings, Margaret Mackenzie (local rep.y, Baton's Where  To Go Travel, 886-2231, Sunny  crest Shopping Plaza, Gibsons.  1591-tfn  at Municipal  Airport.   Phone  885-9933.'     '        ' 8597-.0  FOR SALE  IH,   !������      ^iM��IW--^W^MMWlWMWI��W_-_-_k��_  USED wash'ersi'.'all wi___3_g,  14.S6 ti>49^; i Annex heat-'  er, almost new, ��.^;J used electric range'59-95; used TV's  89.95 to 89.$5, PAifcer's Eaid^  w_re Ltd., Sechelt,' B.C. Phone  885*3171.'        "        " k' SSSi-ifo  SPECIAL for sale, large Easy  Read ��� 3^pewriter. r Almost  new. Cost over $300. Now $175,  Phone 885-9654.        ,     1017-tfn  chafris. Top qualUy Idictien  table. Be_/v5pr5n_,��__n^tess.  1/3 hp^totYPhone 885-S-97.   -,,    i r "�����  AAAR1N5/ACX_SS��RIES  vp^i^F|b!ce^ss--Boi^���   .  " 'Cdiv^Boattl^Mfaxe  Compressed a-* service for  4   sB-^se!rss'ia_r'4an3fis; "A  Sldndiv^ Va_aWes for  ^"^'salyagl isrtaL'   :^~  -*    pim    *r\  IPhone, 886-3303, Gibsons,. B.C.  .->_.., ^ ^^     1306-tfn  USED' Elecfaie Range, ^59.95.  ' Used Entei^rise Annex Heater, $8955. Used Oil Range, A-l  shape, $79.95. Used Washers,  $14.95 to $39.95. Used Jfridge,  across top freezer, 6 years old,  $129.95.. See oiir in-Store Sum-  mo: 'Clearance Specials. Parlor's Hardware IM., Sechelt  RC-.1 Phone 885-2171.-   8534-tfn  ,  ? : ft   2"tSfiOCKS, 5 & 6 galls; lbottie  eaWer; 2 antique lamp fix-   $-��"���* -.___v ..m** !cjV1<4_xr_inliT jrnTl-  1 repeating rifle & cairiridges;  1 oak during aftom "table; 1-4 tL  ctom cursaw;*Phone 885^2273.  8528-38  Dispatch horn the farm . �� .  Olde iymers lake nole  ���by John Gould  A YOUNG man limped to our lintel in the  small hours of our lonely, rural night,  and asked us to telephone the police. He  had rolled his automobile over just up the  road and needed help.   Shortly our local  police  cruiser picked him up and with     terms, consideration for Cash,   flashing lights roared off up the hill to comparable.   The hunter, "of" course, wai  t ���>���� ��_..��+��. ih^mo ��n ha r_i���   *llie SKSa&-  ^e went -back to' bed.   ' perplexed at the turn of events���he^had a  prfrwnt   Trrf,��;ro ^m^ *A*h    iS ^S  t���Y vivu,���P��S        The nfiXt moming I.looked tbe situation licence, tand was wearing a red hat,.and  s>"4  pension i  IF YOU were born in August, September,  who didn't know a simple pa'tridge from Xhftolier, November or December 1902,  a game"bird!T * r   > -     ^        " " ' ^��u should s^fl^in your' ap^lica_oh for an  I1 am "wiUMg to admit that a speed"of old "Age "Security Pension vui '3uly, 1968,  80 ipph ten, yards -beyond a full stop is a or as soon -as possible thereafter. If you  remarkable testajqaqnial tor"the,automotive' jsend in your appEeaSIpn Id "July/you should  industry, and in1 my agil^ mind I see Some " receiye your fcst-pensionv cheque in-Janu-  reason to find^ Mr.  Bourgoine's agitation   ary, 1S69.  i?t>   ��_><��__   <_��_._ ���������<_   -       -��,;* w* !:._��,�� ����   ��_:ffl�� i_4��~    man's right front wheel had dipped off tiie    well surrounded by forests. He had acted  F.P. $29,500. Some terms. ��^L*�� liv^g nnb btifr   pavement and ^^^ -mU> ^ ^^  j    upon a ; iea5onabl^ assumption that tie*.  CARD OF THANKS  TO an the staff of St Mary's  Hos^tal and to aU my friends  who visited me, sent cards and  flowers, during my stay, my  sincere thanks. Also a1 special  tha'riks to "Dr, W.'BurJnick.  Ife_s. Sophia Bracket*.  "  *       s 8530-38  1 The age at wihich pension becomes  payable is being gradually reduced from  70 to 65. In January, 19��, pension becomes  payable at age 67; in January, 1989, it will   ^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^ become papable at age 66, and in January  Land Clearing with clearing    Porpoise   Bay-l^   of   sandy   fi*5%^    gdod-sJ?d   14**��?   couidsee howhrhaan^e a^ig^urtii on -Rfill ~t*i��e -abTqu-ny, and" even llfto  ,3970 at age 65.  blade - Grading and beach,   waterfront   Over   one   with blt-m range & oven, tgsfi    ^ steering gear to retrieve things, and    their identity was pointed out to Urn he        It is important to note that an Old Age  Excavotina        *       '   acre  w?th  ��riSnished  3  bed-    1?.6??  P61^111 mcFSage. Full   how ^ had ^^ dragged j^ brakes for    could find nothing in the ��__ and game    Security Pension will not be paid to you  **���  -��"������ *"" once onlv S24_225.        - 35 smoking yards across the asphalt and  off on the left side. In the puckerbrush he  had found the .immovable object   I don't  know how- he had extricated himself.  What interested me in particular was  Competent work, service  "and satisfaction  guaranteed.  Phone 886-2887  1555-tfn  WANTED  room cottage. ��17,000.  Secbiefc-Close in. Rockery,  planters, shake roof, A-oil heating, full basement Large living room with fireplace, 2 bedrooms, hardwood floors. $l����00.  165' of unrestricted view" waterfront with the finest sandy  beach. 2 bedroom home that' is  Oft>bSf- of myself ��* fam-    WILL, . purchase -patches': <>f    *J^ %J^' **��  ,;fa�� V^mAOA'TSlmig.iBr thewk   ^steading timber. S&ks*_s_��" 9aid^s "^^ ~7 ��� Aa*>  Eive-acre farm with 3 bdrm  home; wired 220. Plenty of out-  buildings. Price of $15,500 includes furnishings, washer, dryer, eL EW. tank, drapes, etc.  $6,000 down.  ���Almost J& acres- "practically  level "land, sdme cleared; "with  house (4'rooms & bath) stream  /taa?gi^^^.rc_is_-to tagbfi-  othing in the fisa and game  laws covering a bag limit on fighting cocks/  nor were (they specifically1 excluded if  occasion arose. ' -,  - -'Billy was nevertheless pointing lout that  differences do prevail betwixt a woodcock  Security  automsat-oally.  You  must  apply  for  it.  Only after an application has been received  and approved by the Regional Director of  Old  Age  {security,  can you  receive  the  monthly pension.  Age and residence .ire  that all this took place about ten yards    and a gamecock, and that anybody with    the only requirements for eligibility,  beyond the stop-sign at the intersection,  where be,would have been going about  eight miles an hour in low gear. Would  have, that is, if "he had. come to a full  stop as the law suggests,  ^ijjee. fhepe ^vas tut ..ggitness*. to any of  2459.  .vs&r?  ^4*  ^rery muck sill who senfc-cap_s    ���   -and flowers to our home; and isrr���j ^ _ . .        .   ,  to _��H"._ao gave donations to the rfElZ,    jet   pump    required,    bedroom house, garage and out-  Itemoria Vund ot St. Mary's Write  Box 8569^ c.o.  Penin-    buildings. Near schools, beach,  6ospifc_; Sechelt, in memory of s^a Times,  Sedielt.     8569-39   &od stores. $21,000.   "  iciy ^usbahd Albert Crawford;     ,  ind to Rev, Muray Cameron  for Ss service and consoling  message in the loss ot our loved one.  HELP WANTED  Mrs. Margaret Crawford.  8532-38  THE family of the late Charles  Ifiggins  of Pender Harbour,  would like to sincerely thank  Dr. ��� Burtxtick   and   all   kind  friends who 'did so much for  tjjem' at ihat .tim?���  Sincerely; T$te Family.  f" '  " s      '"       <" *f8598^38  MY sincere thanks to Dr, Buirt-  nick,   nurses   and   staff   for  their 'good care and kindness  ��� while 'in'St, 'Mary's''Hospital.-1  also'say t^nk you to all my  sincere friends for their flow-  . ers, caidsv and good wishes.'' '  '.������:Mvs. A., Dimes.    ,      8595-38  I WpUUb ' like to thank all  the' Neighbors and frends who  sent so many cards and letter-  to Bob while be was in Shaugh-  liessy' hospital. To Branch 219  Jjeglon ' and the Ladies Auxiliary, JlospitaJ Auxiliary and  Roberts Creek Assoc, and the  many friends who gave donations to the Memorial fund to  St. Mary's Hospital in his memory, his relations in Vancouver  LABOURERS wanted ��� West  u Sechelt area, start $2 hour.  885-9722. 8^94-38  WQMAN   wanted   for   general  1 household work. Phone Mrs.  Jack Nelson, 885-9558.     8590-38  FOR RENT  HALL foi  rent, Wilson Creek  ���Community Ball. Contact Mj..  Glen Phillips. 885-2183. 1095-tfn  HALFMOON    Bay,    furnished  cottage for  rent.  Access  to  water. Weekly or monthly rate.  PKone  8854&ML ;'ffil9-38  2 BEDROOM furnished house,  Grainthams   Landing,   available iSept. 1st. $100 per month.  Phone 886-2555:  , 8566-39  ONE bedroom fully furnished  arid equipped cottage on  beach near Sechety. Avaiilable  Sept. 3-June 30. Call 922-5681 in  West Vancouver. 8625-39  CLEAN housekeeping room for  gent.  All found.  Private entrance.   Selmqi  Park.   Ph. 885-  9535, - 8574Pfcfn  FURNISHED 2 bedrooms on4fae  waterfront,  close to Sechelt.  anc| myself are very grateful.    Teachers or retired couple pre-  To R^v. Kelly for his services  <ind't6 P��re_Sd��ni Thiatcher arid  his Legion comrades who were  pall 'bearers at hk resting place  In the Soldiers' plot in SeavicW|  Cemetery, To all wlio made m$  grtiiit loss casiicr io bear',' a sincere thank you.  Mrs. Dolly Davidson, Roberts  Creek, 8593-38  IN MEMORIAM  VAUGHAN���In loving memory  , of our dear grandmother,  Mary Elizabeth Vauglian wlio  passed away August 20th, 1967.  Lovingly remembered by  Grandson Glenn, Helen and  Family. 8520-38  fcrred.   White  JSe'chelt.  P.O.  Box   427,1  P575-tfn  TENT trailer for rent, sleeps  6, available August 15-30. Pit.  8854M94.   ' '    8582-38  U.L.A. Porpoise Bay���L6 acres  with 100' waterfront. 3 bedroom  house with A/oil heating. About  # acre cleared. $19,500.  4 Years New���2 bedroom basement borne. Cathedral entry,  stone and vaglio fireplace. Sun-  deck and attached carplort, situated on level 4% acres.  $19,500.  Large lot Selma Park, $2800.  Good terms.  H. Gregory 885-9392  H. B. GORDON  & KENNETT LTD.  Phone 885-2013  Sechelt^ B.C.  K. BUTLER REALTY  7    ���'��� '��� Y\ "'  *���"  EGMONT HIDEAWAY  244' waterfront, beach, float,  2 boats, 3 large furnished i_>om_  and t��ath. B.C. Govt Ibiig  lease. Only $8900.     '"' \ '  Panoramic Pender HariKwir  view, modern compact1 "raii^-L  low, moorage and __w_s,|i__r-  by. Steal at $17,500;^^���?-  7 rooms on 9: acres, on highway' near "high* school;* yfedr  round stream, $2_j3K."'"'''taloe-.  Easy Terms.. -:"v'   ':'Y"-\  DON TAIT ���  PENDER HARBOUR -883-228*  IH acres, nicely treed, alongside main highway. $11,000  terms, r  ft. sea(fronit, good ibe?icih. House| sr^iny day and look at the Teport on this,  sjte near water/ Try1 "<*E��ers*on '_ wojddlike'lo see "wlat it-says under,  $8,000.      .'        -*',.*"  "Cause of accident  The other-day one of these gay sportsmen from a far place who come around to  amuse us got himself all-accoutred up with  a shiny new shotgun that needed experience,- and he wept bird hunting. He was  sneaking around,in theY'coyer" looking  ^ ca_   this way and that, and without knowing it    .. __ _^  ..__ , ,   cellent    buildings 'year-round   he  came up bdrind the Billy Bourgoine   , ment, and'perspicacity. I do not believe we  stream, plenty of fencing and   F13** ^fP���3 atewst at the barn-except    fame any right to expect public sympathy  he couldn't.see the barn for the bushes, if, we are aggrieved in the midst of our  Just then he saw a head stick up out of a 'own folly. T think, if we are gr,6wing fight-  juniper^'and the "batflewas on. For the Jog' cocks and somebody shoots them, we  next few moments he had great" fun. Every ' " ' '" -...._  Acreage: level, with blder farm.  buildings. Over 30 acnes, 12  cleared. Full "price $32,000, one  third down. <  Close to Gibsons, but on quiet  road, farm, complete with ex-  two eyes could tell the difference at three-  quarters ot a m3e.' The hunter objected  that he was a stranger in'the vicinity and  shouldn't be expected on short notice to  reason such things out '  iWhat With this and what with that" the  colloquy continued while Billy and the  -Jftfoter picked and dressed the birds,, <and  during this'they arrived"'at "a1 just sett_e-  ment. The hunter would pay so _h.uch.the  pound going'price for the birds, and Billy  wouldn't tell anybody about it (He did,  right away). Thus the State Police and the  Game Warden were spared a decision in  this moot matter, and the crowded court  docket was not further burdened.  I am inclined to think there are morals  in. such things which should appeal to all,  of us gifted with circumspection, discern-'  ( Application forms are available at all  Post Osffices in Canada and at all Old Age  Security jEegi'onal offices locataed in the  capital* cities Ot al} the provinces.  GWM DISEASE ^ t      ,-' ^  -,'jMasit cases of gum disealse result from  lodal irritations sttch as tartar fonnii&ott  iind poor oral hygiene. A 'deriEst can help  pro'tetet your gumls by removing tartar  dEpo'siife and cleaning your teeth.  cross-fencing.   Revenue   suite,  triple   garage,   workshop,   etc.'  Terms on $40,000.  $25,000 with good terms on large ^anuly home on 5 acres good  land; on main p��ad. Plenty of  wati^r. Everything modem, including extra plumbing, extra  hot water tank, panelling in  roomSj-^ldtx^en, .double, garage,,/  2a>f wiring! O^ thud down.  Large lot .with., ateactive small  on^bedK��hi''hatne'i'''^hd guest-'  c^^^e.;,^vel''(to^s^���fronlt, with.:,  ___ieat__red:; L'Mbming* ���. Furnished.'  '886-2500  time a head popped up he would shoot at  it,\and whenever he shot two-three more  heads would' came up to look around and  see What the noise was. In a short time  the gentleman had mowed down the covey.  ' "Meantime,*in this barn, Billy Bourgoine  was .atteiwjling. his' chores, and he went  $bp-t"'sixtf^et'in' the air when the first shot  y^:.oifl. Jt wds"close! He had baidly hit  ,7 tine".."|lD<wri������' wij-^jc-'tJtie'',z_kk��. jsUbt' came, and  Billy' 'was' by' then irpundiiig' the corncrib  ffl��y beaded for the fray. He arrived to see  ',0s'���ycSiyXeyki'-' shooting away at his flock  /ittfjhe^.:'���'"''���'V ���"'.''���  f a^i sorry, but I cannot find the words  are not in1 a position to appeal to the Con- >  stitution.   I think if we bowl our motor  vehicle into a shambles we s-ould meditate.  Amucm CHURCH  SAINT HILDA'S���SECHELT  >    -' "9:30 o.m. Every Sunday  GARDEN BAY���11.30 o.m.  June 30, July 7,11, Aug. 4,18  REDROOFFS ��� 11:00 a.m.  June 23, July 14, 28, Aug. 11, 25  EGMONT ���3:00 p.m.  June 30, July 21, Aag."4,18  Fbt Inform-Ho^ phone 885-9793  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  ^yiCE:        ' l     '        5ECMELT  Y      Sunday School ��� 10:00 a.m.       Y.  ���Church service ^���11:15 oj_.  '"'���'"���'  '. R EV. A^ WIU4S. fASTOR       '.  -You are Invjted Jo ottertd or^y or ebch service  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL ^CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School 10:00 o.m.  -  Church Service 11:'15 <__��_.  ;  . Evening Service -7:30 p.m.  . PASTOR REV. S. CASSEU5  Davis Day Road and Ai-utus  (2 block* up from Highway)  ROBERTS CREEK,  waterfront  home,     one   bedroom   plus,   .Nice   two   bedroom   home  completely furnished, oil stove,  frig., stone fireplace. Full  plumbing. Ideal ifor school  tcaclicr. Rcasnable to rpspons-  Iblo party. Available Sept. 1st  to June SOtJi. Call S8C-70O6.  8591-39  ROOM AND BOARD  on  paved road with 300* froittage,  nearly twi> acres, pfM down to  mtge. at 0 percent.  Beautifully located retirement  home for tlie persoiw liking  waterfront view, and parklite  surrouodings. Two bodnooms,  workshop, garage. Details on  request.  Cory 4 room homo on large lot.  P^^'P  ^Wvferv'.';1.; : ^^^^;;jp^:'''But'it.W'h%^ ..������  J.' yvbrp     7l7������������ .y.--,ffi64mp:'^'thihg< invdved1^^*^*' needs  'e^ouhd^ing,: and may be considered pert-  tiototyP''These tiensi 'were''''not' of 'the egg  i>-|S_asian; but were Billy's breeding flock  1^^'profitable busineijs lie had going In  fig|iting'-ciodes; Irue; the!breeding, grow-  |n|f.' keeping, Raising, possession, fighting,  1^1 IllL-M^ for Ysrataesslng, and wagering on same is con-  ''��il^;'A'^v'Car.'!i'p|rt>iAe '' 880-, ''.trjiry to Jhe'statutes' ma4e and provided,  arid this explains'why any remote agro-  noJnist who turns to this business generally  pursues it in the bushes out back. How-  0cr,"ihts wouldn't det/alu�� the crop, and j"s;  Bitty could ��e* that he had just been put ��- '  Oiit of a lucrative business by a sportsman \l ''  '"'"   ' "   ' kP-!  By*;2$,' Gibsons',.'B.C.  LY-:-P:iY. ���:-���;    '      &W>-38"  f=Mi^'  a, ti'.'m ;ft,..,  im.'  8C39-36  19_$ CJimU^C -edan' DeVJUe.  'jfltfctfd'white; all power, pjh.  _85W_5W:   "���"���'���    ���"    ;i'    -S20-38,  FOR   tale  19��K)  Desoto 4  dr.-,  bardtop. ya. Power windows,  brakes; steering etc. Exccllcjiti;,  ctHtditon. Ph. 885^19. 8573Un  RENAUM" Dauphin, run-'  n%g orxjlcr. jl'llionc  885-9^78.  [���''     '   '������'''   | ���',' 8570-39;.  FOR fiale 1��S5 yauxhail Vlclor;  Startion   Wagon.' $300   1m')w  market ��� value because o. ri^htY  hiand-drive,    ExccOlent    ��hiij��'  PERSONAL  OLDBR Kent desires room and    ^ �� "����m �������0 on ��afge Wl. ���   ^   88W^ jdtar firm  board, close in. 885-9997. ' cbsc ����*�����<*. rtorca etc. Low f*��- **��� ���*���^ ^  �� P-m  '      down   payment  on  $8000   Full a>w-.��  Price. . 1   8585-37  ���38  COPIES OF PHOTOS  APPEARING IN  THE TIMES  may be obtained promptly  5x7 SIZE, 1.25 EACH  6 (same subject) ... 1.00 each  12 (flame subject) ...   .90 each  "      8x10 SIZE, 2.00 EACH  6 (name mibjndt) ... 1-50 each  12 (aamc subject) ... 1.25 each  LEAVE YOUR ORDER  AT THE TIMES  REAL ESTATE  EXCELLENT commercial Jot  ���ccntro Sechelt���highway location, level end cleared. AH  cervices available. Box 1101  Peninsula Times. 1104-tfn  BLOCK BROS.  Phone Mr. Good 081/9700 collect  or  736 9171.  For fart service on all properties and businesses.  WE TRADE HOMES  J7��Hfa  Beautiful 5 acres close <o highway, gently ��� tsloplng, treed,  $4250 Full Price.  Nearly 3 acr��-s; 218' beach  frontage, C50* de<^. Ix>vcly  older tyi>c Immisc with A. oil  beat, fireplace. View property  lliat could lie S,D. $23,700 Full  Price.  K. Butler  COATS f_ ENGINES  J_J :���!; Z... ifc l..i 7,.���LL-   FOR, SALE: 38 ft. clinker rntiin  cmiscr,   50   hp   Merc.  0,1$,,  full canvas. 885-2827.       1IKI037  IB FT 110 HP Inboard cndM-r  and w^atw _kl boat, sleeps 2,  !stailrfe��s fi1*s<i��l' ehafit, maisier  'steering, fibreglassed |�� dcek,  Conitict Jack Mercer <a\ HUnw'a  886-2(K)0   M��rte_. Scclrt'Cove.     fir��RS3S  Ron. McSavoney 886-9656   NBW w faWn m,lM.r   ^my  Ed. Butler 886-2000      finWilng,   '^3  40   lip elertric  Fkyri  Tr>ll ftm OOfkA     ^^      Evterttfll.       Tilt      .iltfdl  Von. I ait 883-ZZ84   tfaUer   ^ to f;o %um  To  mmw ��e i*oafc 'm-tmz.----:. 'etoatfn  TH(S IfIJAL  YO!LI||G''  RELIGION  (A  ��V*rS.  SECMEiT AGEWCBES DAJE PAD  ' ��� .This free remir^yt^'c^r^'-Sventfi iVo 'service of ;S_CHELT PVSEHCIES  LTD. Phone Penlnsti'lo" times direct for free listings,^^ specifying "Date  Pod", please note that space' Is limited ond some advance dotes ihoy  have to waif their turn; also that this Is d "reminded listing only and  Jwnnbt'otWoys'coity^^ Y.    '\;;'/ .''.';'���' ,'���.���'Y'','  AUg. 24���2-4 pjtn. Gallery Shop, Sechelt. "Meet the artist."  Aug. 24���From 7,p.m. Gibsons Gov't wharf. Kiwanis Pancake Supper,  music and dancing.  , ���    I  Aug. 31���5 p.m. Deodllne for application, to bo Included on School  Dlst. Voter's list.  Sept. 10���Check School District voter's list posted at School Board Office and Post Offices.   '        Y  Sept. 14���Sechelt Chamber pf Cpmmercc 21st Annual Banquet.  Sept. 20���Deadline for appeal in respect of school |x>ard voter's list.  "Make sure you have a, vote."  , -V, '   -'  '5*&!*tt  "^e^ ������  "s *  -    - - ���    *���*  thmrm arm thrmm mSBUn p*opt��  around Out worfd to4af wto bm.  t.^lWti_>ii_^H0acf BKinUnd  fit!����*_9 of God fo/our ao��-T!*y  OfA ��t>��>m��etv���� Dcriia'U.  PwfeajMi BoWl b ��W yom arm  UriMmo tor.- ' '       '  EDNA M. FO0TE  {tohol'd of Sum Mm Caxnt  i  !  E  *��  t^^ff^-tf)^^^**-^wwn*,to**w,*M^ii''''i'''W|jT' *>",',����"'" f        Mt   <���      W,       *    X 1  i^P^M^''r   ,.Y.     ..   ,'<'.'  -     ^t'^^^Mf^^^^^      A. Yes. men ym Mvemmd, .contact  a Kelly (^��#?#|fT* * ] --^ Yr;    the KwaaployimesJ InsumnperCommission  >��_ .*. -���_. _i-#.^._^7i-- i__i__�� ���w_w.    .____..   _. BBT'ltawie and ask  claim. > This ebould  your Teaching your  OH-Pe-TWa Emily"S-S.e_T" ~~ ^-^^Jt f53^^-^^^^   to��iltafl_-_ W fl�� North' Amorlcaii eoa-   ^^  feafrJi tewfe Ito. J. Mitten *      ana^ntzen sweater.  Aggregate, Jr. Flowers, ���anfar$5< cer-   ChawL  tmcaten Juanita CbamhetMn, ~ '  SOCIAL'INSUR-  NtfMBER  must-I have a Soriallnsuranice  numibej;?.  "������' Aiffsrwwa^  *_.   ��*,r��w_ _���*._.*     .��.���><   Ooafctfr; 3rd. Anlora {Dave Lefier). �� ,        - ^   ��  te. Jfc. tregetsM.es,  ___&>_ $5   j^ __    ceJKfefoiitoSSh**' ��aife' *   **��*" ** *Vets <*ua3ifi���d ft^m***��      XL3*^&^ *\ "St^^SSi5 ����** *�� <&**#, almost J^I^cated"  e^^^e^&^rff^lS   s��->^1ist S&trfabViMdeii &���� Dancer'(fe��'  i^^^^t^ss Qiete ^ stM^m^       Q^* h&e kn^oyee ytols going w  eaatoas ffalm gy <%etmjz Jfattgrfla��.   He#^>Y2^^V_Jad^ Prattcer<CT��m M>   ^f#?K^^*  **��*wL^ va^tfonWwKkandlt__n'Mto__>g   ��� ^_.       v^<jte*pm^f**7tas&' whKh teaeTO_k_efaS____l_?r --.   *  " AB_ftie-___ Jr   fctomo mm-   w��^_r,   l^^ar-<W>___- (_f-_b^__-S__i__}/ 2d3   ^^J513^^38-    . ..' > '* A. You did not state if the-employee  -toHSSeMfrtaSS^LSS?: WylWavezmteT): maimer: {Greg       ^^nUton iJTTI.'��?��?** ^^ "�� ������W_��**��c---�� vw te 4be  ^?{__S5__S_L?ffl??5ffi*��'9i^^ f ^^S*^^/^-?!^.10111^ weekhefemholldayfi.If.the^l-yeefe  ^^rSifel^SS. ^W^f ^ ^^ C^.C' fiJaft<>m ^" Sto^ra   JJd^m a^ provajesf a^arcase paid for _fe Break a carfribiifioa^ iquir-  eaiioai period without pay-  * *   > * ' "���"+  Q.  I  pay-my employee-' * every  imp  MS2fcS����%! ����t-cer__i:   fei^lerr"   *      * "       - / * ^���� its Jncept��m  mgU years  ago,  ^S ��fSL?Sfe��, , " *~ySEF*��&* ****** Ho^: to- &e band h^s to^ed '^Vlx&mxSk  JtewcSr^ZJSZT1 a^^' Ctoto    aQtSie'4 <��plee!a -BWf) ��� -��Biim_g *-sW , Oeatoal* America," appeared" at ^C-roe^e  l&d &Seffita^CSS',^ ��*g��8i5 <3en^ ^oKT^SS ' HaH; HoHywood Bowl,- Canadian-SJatfboal  fi__te SS!,r^LY|S, *^^' '3��^yii^^^hattBeiime}YPp��ie'(��5a_w NE__M_on, ?Jew Y��rk World's Fa_r,-lb^o  ��ca*e, Edd-es iNursery: BermCe Chataber-   ^<^m��^YH^^P-tei(Joani^Iafcey).   '67 and panned oo such 4* ^teietMob  AsfflSS Tr SS.  *r'_..^     ,   '  ,^-ra��dlC_a?niAoji is Shanfera Fenseyo   wicopia of music aisd shoronanshap aM*       a   i^y.my emAovees* esetv  two  -aS^^^^'oS^S   f^tZiW*' ^^e <**��fe   ��,%^ed to please aUtastes'andal age   ^Ji^a^J^^'SSjS  a,^��.TT   *.   . ^"^y- . "aa, Jjurn��_.     ���� SJiiipabV Golden _5mji Dai_e__r ��wne_il hv    fiTOUDS.   .    y       4 A' i"1.  r-:*-  "    * J-**   i,*      ��^_/  j   r  ia^^ac^X.Cf.Ha^a.Y    . T   ^SS^S Hor^ 'i^MM   finSSIOnS aet shoiteT WOrk  M^M&& &&oone winn_3g it   "���'"3  ���t_^edAgg^ateMyB;,A&BJ Later.   ^^E^^cS^IS   -_S___^��I_r>3^^  :  Ak^^; j; kJrzT" ^ p ^ ?     ^esiwi^ Trail h������ Peter-GhrMmaB' ifussians aei sfloner worif  *ff___H&-J5S5y*r��� -g^rtss--w��3K Week and tenge^oJ^airs  CHAJLK up amother gain (of Wis)" for  'ithe Soviet* Vtfim, comments PJant M-  -u. -_."  EfUSBEE SfA^iPS .^ffit^l^ r^fe mr^ SSLSi art S^^/s  -  Y   t-   "  TT         riwwr Hack: Harvey Lefler on Triaalo Saw__ay js (s_M a wopwg day �� w  r:DMMrf>riAI   omtwnixm        wao-toig. the Hi_e JEJit jBanch. trophy; Do- USSB.                j           !      ",' -,/* " -  ^wivutftCKV.lML rKlrolll?*?        lorfe Jkck on El f!te and Peter cauMimas AHhough felwrday is technMyi lahel-  -    y               Y                                        0B 3831^y CDoone.       t                  ,r led- a woridiDg clay, 4he So^et j&oaon has  fiM&rt* TilE W8miZ<g                "�����__���� faUtteims Stephanie* C_aster on heenr cpnyer_ig from the s_k-day^to",jfive-  r   '   i^p  pflir IfffiJCS              ^nig. tstotog- flie Jualyo Fawn ^ta^phy;. day work week similar jto^-trth' Astaai-  ^Eeteir iChristonas' on __Wy~0'D��one and* can practice. The ifcwo-day weekend'fe^be-  Hawey ___3er;on Tnano.          f   r coming more common.     ""-   - r*"'-    *  14  Hi B. GORDON & KENNETT  SECHELT MOTOR TilAWSPOUT LTO.  FRED JO!lGENSON BAflSER SMOP  TYEE PRODUCTS VtO.  ti.\0  JV7M  SECHELT VILLAGE COUNCIL  GIBSONS VILLAGE COUNCIL  HOWE SOUND FAHMERS INSTITUTE  ALCAZAEl HOTEL  0ONOVAN LTD.  FRASER VALLEY MILfC PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION  PX. TELEPHONE CO.  .,  A# E RITCHEY  t. AND H. SWANSON  ' $&YTjt Dooming contractors "���"  5ECHILT GARDEN CLUB  CANADIAN FOREST PRODUCTS CO. (Pert Mellon)  ROYAL BANK OF CANADA  ROTARY PIES  SECHELT PENINSULA TIMES  DR. H. R. HYLTON  COAST NEWS  SILVER SJCAG1T SHAKE & SHINGLE LTD.  ''���"'.;.;   UNIVERSAL TIMBER'!':.'"  EDWAR!> AGENCIES (Scott^at%ol_)  ANN FERRIS (Tri-Chem)  BROOKE-BOND OF CANADA LTD.  '  ,'"7'' BAM|C'.OF" MONTREAL  PEOPLE'S CREDIT JEWELLERS  HENRY BIRK AND SONS  HUDSON BAY WHOLESALE  BtlCKERFIELDS LT|>,  THE TOGGERY SHOP  SECHELT AGENCIES  PARKERS HARDWARE  L, C 3. JEWELLRY  G!LMORE'S VARIETY  CAMPBELL'S VARIETY  C&S. SERVICE  MORGAN'S MEN'S WEAR  H. BISHOP LADIES' WEAR  Um AND WHITE STOH  WIGARD SEWING CENTRE  SECHELT BoivUNG ALLEY ."  TASEULA SHOP  SMELL SERVICE STATION  GULF BUILDING SUPPUES  SJM ELECTRIC  STANDARD MOTORS  E. a M. GJICCEaY ST0HE (Secbelt)  ' SBMA PARK STORE '   '       ;  PENINSULA ^iABl-ET  VIC'S MOTEL   ' '   "  GLUE StCY MOTEL  1 CASA MARTINEZ  BIG MAPLE A^fcTEL  BENNER'S FURNITURE STORE  KRUSE DRUG STORES LTD. No. 2- Sechelt  UNCLE MICK'S SHOE STORE  VICTOR WAtlBtS *  SECHELT BARBet SHOP  OSBORNE LOGGING CO.  M.yBt'W.'LOGGING C-Lt;':':'���������  :;. CHAIN', SAW'CENTRE:��� -', y. ��� ���..  ".",���; :.SHOP-|EASY '���     '.,.:  y',.;,/'  COPPING MOTORS    ���''.;���;  KENMAC PARTS (19_7> LTD.  '���'���'    MIDWAY STORE      ..'J;P%> \  CO-OP ��TOJ_E: " ,'    "','V': '  ',._';. DCMSWOOD.CAFE^,.',',.. ..-.y..  GIBSONS AUTOMOTIVE        ^  FISHER'S TAJtl . ������   'y.-Pc!''  NEVEN'S RADIO AND T.V.  GIBSONS RADIO CABS  THE VILLAGE STORE  EARL'S AGENCIES  MRS. D. WORTMAN ;','  RAZOR'S EDGE BARBER SHOPY;"fr.'  AL'S USED FURNITURE '<���  HOWE SOUND 5-10-15c STOgE  MARINE MEN'S WKAil^'",;.'.'.',!,.  MRS. FISHER'S DELICATESSEN SHOP'  GIBSONS HARD^RJE'V^.^/^;  MR. L. SING_��HUR_T    ���   .  H. R. McKIBBIN INSUI_At.Ce  J. a B. FURNITURE  J. H. G. (JIM) DRUMMOND INSURANCE  /      KEN'S FOODLAND  MURRAY'S GARDEN AND PET SU**^  PENINSULA CLEANERS  GIBSONS BOATWORKS AND ESSO SERVICE  i>- ,        '      .r      I  ,*      J,  \i   \      *   .      >     - A   *  i        - .  LISSI LAND FLORISTS  GIBSON GJRJL BEAUTY SALON  .IC (BUTIJE^ REALTY '(  KRUSE DRUG STORES LTD. No. 1- Gibsons  GIBSONS SHELL SERVICE  ��OB KELLY, GARBAGE COLLECTION  , WpLJ NYGREN SALES  SMITTY'S 0OAT RENTALS AND MARINA  GIBSONS BARBER SHOP I  i COJN DRYCLEANING  DOUGLAS VARIETY STORE  SUPERVALU  TODD'S DRYGOODS  V...a,;p...., nidCi, m^chine^hop ,,..   .  ;;;,:;^1N 'ickEEKj'illilJDINGVSUPPUES  ' :'. i ��� ''���'/. ;TrtRII^^StOREv :,  .:���.���;������':���;������:. ,|._|t;S. TM^^RT'.,,;-.  :   THE CEDARS CAFE AND DINING > ROOM  ; -   SUNNYCREST ^OTOtfS.' ''  i���,"   ''^^s-6mi^Hy:���  PENINSULA PLUMBING  DON'S SHOE STORE  GIBSONS BUILDING SUPPLIES  LEN V/OAY'S TRANSFER LTD.  McPHEDRAN ELECTRIC  GRANTHAM'S STORE  SEAVIEW MARKET, ROBERTS CREEK  FRANK SOLNIK  WISHLOV ENTERPRISES (Peninsula HcM)  DAN BERGMACH  JOHN HIND SMITH, REFRIGERATION  MR. ERIC THOMPSON  LA. CANADIAN LEGION 105?  CANADIAN LEGION 109  GIBSONS VOLUNTEER FIREMEN  SCHOOL DISTRICT No. 46  DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE  $  ____-SS^Il^QXS-___^^_iS^^S_l__l__^^9^_^^^^^n^^S2^^S^^^SK^B  HBB��g^^  I  n  *M����^��#W��'^W#S_��^*%#��f1**^^  ^a^j^y^^flS^^i'r���*^1'^ ** * r<?    y  ��    Y  M  i,��5 _.ts,v t.  y  H*  Y  .<  Poge A-4  it. 1    '      v u  �� & *�� _j  r  r  :Yft_�� Peninsular Times  Wednesday, 7 A_i's��st 3tl# I960  *imay be wrong, but I Aall not beta wrong at io (ail to toy Jvfta* I believe to be tight?  >     Y    :f->S?   'y "      ,Y "'. Tt* -���*- ' - -. j       ������    .^-jr_H_s( Ansn_  1DOUGMS G.WHEE__R, jR&GT  ______HH__i  Sn^ABT B. Aisgabp, Publisher  natMatdmeaemMmmmtmmdttmttt  M_M__  r  Eye opener  EA_ir(.TI��/!-ta_3%,  ,  .   . .     ^  "  _ir:-��-J_i ��11 ihe newspapers-^ie read ��ok  much" about _ifi/'Jlippies*''aBd atfti-^iriMK^ > |  tileyowg"pepopfe pause.-"1    ��� .~?^Y~('f^  ' While holidayingl recently -at*'the' Big  3__��_��rTS_ot_i; \ve*ieally had"out. eyes open-^'���!  _._!      "������    1 -'-''," "    -     V*     '     *        ?'��?'���"-< j_  There were abotit 15 teenagers from 12  to 16 years there who played, swain and  had a Jot of fun together: There was Mo ������  an elderly gentleman, 'Mr. Bob Mills who  "���""rr^","^' ^oV^tW^tee^cer-   ��-��Stti?___��S2!_��  pointed out the advantage of an effi*   tainly, no claims to big attendance. get-togethers. �� r /���"'   * ... '  cient publicity chairman to'any'oiganiza- ,TWis to largs extent we would attri- -���> 4Ib&$e ^ fou^ out that Bob didn't  tion which depends upon public support bute to a local lack o! communication by have a lawn chair to rest in, besides bis  for its' success. It is virtually impossible the compiitteee which chose to com- campfire in the shade. They took up a cdr  for _ny new,i^ to ctasejromri to   >^ ^/* ^____; .i,1?   *_- -JS^ttfKSSS  the local artists and autographed by each  tad.  It actually brought tears to an "old  man's" eyes, to think teenagers thought of  older people. " f   '  - The bad ones are in a minority; let's  give a bit of credit to the good ones, 'once  in a while.  You have a great holiday resort here,  away from the asphalt jungles. We should  know���___ is our 4th time here and expect  to 'be back for more.  A. A. "AL" BROWN,  Calgary, Alta.  .   various organizaitons in a community in   not- concerned with extracting paid ad  *   order to supply them publicity, other than   vertising if the committee had spent it��  on special occasions. Usually in the event   funds on other matter but we would have  i  of any unusual happening the press is extended an invitation to attend but again  it is not always possible to be present  It is therefore quite obvious the organizations, clubs and institutions seeking  press coverage should give due consideration to the fact that it is up to themselves  to consider some of the facts of life.  r-  Some of our annual events have during past years shown marked increase in  popularity and to great extent this might  be attributed to the fact that new and  hard working committees have realized  the value of the press and have taken the  trouble to enlist the aid of The Times.  With a present circulation exceeding  two thousand copies and some hundreds  been more than, pleased to have cooperated with advance publicity. Unfortunately there were obviously those involved who had other axes to grind and  preferred to put .their news and money  elsewhere.  This is strictly their concern, from our  point of view the type, of coverage we  normally provide in'advance notices and  later picture coverage is expensive. Consequently when an organisation makes  abundantly clear the fact this is not required, then we are financially further  ahead. Whether the event is able to make  the same claim is not is, of course, a matter of conjecture: Unfortunately, in this  case, the, many people who look forward  7 i, . ^     ..    ,,    Jo our superior picture coverage are left  I   more than our nearest competitor, it calls   dis_ropc___ted.  for little imagination to appreciate the We would make clear ^ m t]m  I   value to any orgamzatton of Mistype of   The Times is a progressive newspaper, ft  *- coverage. Last week two hundred copies   -        -    - - *  alone were sold on the Sunshine.Coast  Queen and this alone is sufficient to indicate the value of publicity-  One typical example of lack of vision  and foresight might be attributed to what  is referred to as the Sunshine Coast Fall  Fair and which this year would hardly  be called an outstanding success. It is  understood entries were down consider-  7.  %  has gained far wider acceptance than any-  previous papers on the Peninsula. This  has been accomplished by a st_ff suf-  Public enterprise  Editor, The Times:  Sir.���About 130 years ago there was a  demand for a market building, where farmers and others could.display and dispose?.  of their wares, in StL:yPe>ter*$yPart,'W:^Y.  Island of Guernsey^ehannel Isles. f^siisS  purpose a ten acre tract in the. centre 7 of  the city was in usef where tents and stalls  we!re erected weekly, or bi-weekly; a^sceait  inconvenience. A covered-in airi properly  appointed building was needed and plans  were drafted and coste estimated. TlieseY  however, mounted up to a very large aim  and the Bailiff, or President of _ie local  Government, Sir Isaac Brook, vetoed the  idea of borrowing, the money at interest  sssfisasS  L  J  51  "Mr. Bennett, there^ a New York financier here to discuss the  ;;;,-^$y|iS^:,inuLIlifl^7; j__q^|is': v- CV';Jtfe. Bennett . ��� . Mr. Bennett?"  ficiently interested in providing the very   from the.baitks, proposing instead the fol-  best coverage possible without becoming  narrow, dogmatic and subservient We  intend continuing this way and again invite cooperation of any worth-while organization seeking efficient news coverage.  v  I  READERS Right column in The Times  and in most ethical newspapers is  open to all who wish to contribute personal opinions providing .they are not  libelous and the outburst of cranks. Libel,  of course, is something guarded against  and is quite often the reason total con-  trine upon gullible residents. They do,  in fact, peddle their wares on behalf of  all that we, who seek a free and responsible existence, despise. There are  those in the education field who need  extremely careful scrutiny and while the       ^ ^ , ,. ...    >  r-����o^;o�� t.��.��______*_��.,_ r.���~,.*~..___* i__,_.   and b perpetual source of income, with, aif-  Canadian Inundation Department has   ficieQt^i^  ^written .ie$^7,;!toj_#W^ '  itheir nstmes-i'y^y.tb4$l  ^aittemip- tp^malicei;^^  |seem not;������ o?^^pr^|i^eeidt^-^fc^^ieiMS^';',_C''  : standing up and being <��unted? In a good  ���'niarn.y~y&t&y~&;jid^^  |have never fot^Jtii^^Sig^&Eid <m.^E^_siib-  ijdct nor __raid:fe:;al)ai^  |and in iu$Y.fa!JkrYy^^  Kyoung peoj^;\^wJro,:'.&&&Y&0,yydtti^n%' in -  fitheir name;'f ites^L^^T^^- '?'''    '"'  There w^"m^.J��^ai^ipe^ for anony-  Imity but sun^'''ni-t-:fd_r'?'iii��iJie_aiEiig'-'a*''::��vlio-e.  section cf flie conunuhity hy one's choice  &<tf.an.a___i-.;,v:;���;:^.^  EiiEAIN^OB ORMSROD  s Editors note: Destpite what the writer be-  ; heves or���has been led to beleve���a nttm-  ber of local ^i&ge^ w^-re_pbnsi_le for  thf letter in .question and, were merly re-  .plying to criftcdsm thrown at them in a  better  previou_fy by 'another local  teen-  lowing scheme, which was duly carried out.  All materials and labour was obtained  on the Island, so the Government passed a  law authorizing .the issue of "State of Guernsey notes;" ' exchangeable with British  notes at'par, and freeiot interest.      ��� :'Y.;?Y  Architects, workmen, merchants and  materials were all paid in.."States" .nwjiesfo  The structure, a very fine building covering about five acres,; was built to accomodate every possible need as a Market Place  and Community Centre. Accomodation, as  required^ was rented at a nominal rate] to  be paid in "State Money.". As these noteis  came in they were cancelled, and at the  endof about 50 ye&xi jto were ^ih p^ager and a faeinlber ^ a ^^ wMcn ^  wdi-fcawn, and fln^mimunity h^  plefely dept-free pu_bl_jc_y owned maxk&Y  :7Bv  '. tents of a letter are hot __waystp_blished, ^xece^^beeii:tes{^^b~--iL __e 4epc��ct&>   t^ -*'  Local pride?  2  4  i  I  P  ��� y  but in the event of cranks, and indeed we  certainly have them, their letters in-  |  variably end up in the garbage can.  One of the main issues involving letters to the editor is use of a nom-de-  plume. We appreciate the fact that there  are times when circumstances warrant  exclusion of a signature providing the  letter is signed but we do agree With  comments by two writers of letters in  this weeks Times who express the view  that when writers level attacks or make  accusations; they should have the courage  to use their names. We do not, however,  agree with the biggotted remark that because a person lacks the literary ability of  ��J those with a superior education1 his con-  & tribution should be discarded. In this  *.�� particular case the self styled literary  tipn pf^score of tindssirpbAe members oi  the long haired sect, it is hoped their activities will be extended to a few more of  those, who pose under the guise of the  gainfully employed.  Minor troubles are breaking out  throughout the western world and in most  cases we are all aware of the hand twisting the knifed We have though riiisgui  and experienced trouble-makers of 011  own without \payihg jgopd salaries to out4  siders to turn arouftd and turn famili  against family.  For the benefit of the sceptics we  would mention the fact that we have one  person who was active in the civil rights  movement in the' deep south and js now  right here on the Peninsula. He already  forsees the day whefc the Quebec radicials  will start an uprising Which will be the  gj   genius has little cause to set himself up  g   as a useful member of society while the     .-������  ja  person he attacks is a normal accepted   native Indians. This man"aiteadi"had  Today���and^  ......,�����..������-._.���  value oflotM^ba^^^t^^^^^M"  ourselves in dire ne^ erf _ihik__;7cc^||ges^  hospitals and sewage disposal schemes at'  enormous costs, far b^yound our means  ordinarilly. Can we leaim a lesson fi��m the  Guemsei Scheme and ask the Government  to issue interest-free "B.C!7 Notes'' &r use  in;(ienj-tnucting any (or all) of th_jise 'pub-  lic-riecessities," \vhose cost:.at, "banker's  ihoijsy" Would be quite out of the question,  Perhapsl ah! Immediate start' might be  made wi'ih anti-pollution sewage disposal  scheme���ithe idea ii worth looking into, and  perhaps should be Canada-wide rather than  Provincial.  Y; ; .  ��� ���      .     E. W. ABRAHAM  Undivided youth?  Editor, The Times, '  Sir:���T^is is a protest against a letter  claiming to represent the young people' of  Se'chelt. in a long life I have never met  such uniformity in any group. And I regard  St with the distaste I would accord a letter  5^^a^^t^ri��t^OM , -lgn��l the women of Sechelt. Apart from  ��:  citizen.  J.    '  ��        Nevertheless, we have no intention of  jj[ permitting use of the Times as the battle-  *(��� ground for a slanging match for members  I of off beat groups and local teenagers.  S Another letter from a,group of local  5 young people has this week been kept  J2f out for this very reason. It was in actual  $;' fact comprised by a number of teenagers  Sf and contained a number of good points,  �� unforutnatcly not one of them chose to  * sign it. As the writer on behalf of the  5: hippie element has the courage to sign  J his letters, we feel tho matter is a two  3 way street.  S3 This in no way suggests wc do not  5 welcome views on the hjppic situation  which we are pleased to say is presently  a failing cause. Thc misguided supporters  of this abominable way of life use every  g devious means possible to discredit those  * who abore it while lhe vast majority who  *> despise its evil influence remain apathetic.  S One aspect of which many arc un-  ^ aware is that most of those who wish tb  5; bring their filth into thc area arc throw-  3 outs from the United States. There arc  J also  American  citizens   in   our  midst  * holding important situatioris in thc com-  $ munity who behind the scenes arc inflicting their idealistic und leftist jndoc-  a    the  fact  that 'the   expressions  used   are  dogmatic and preconceived idea of how    Ibo^e <# an older age group than those ca_-  ralmpant discrimination is in the area and  |;Tia^;Y��K^li��l^^  f'rjje&astl to the rec^Mter .Aug.':  il3_^a^Ma____^^  and Signed^."The rLpcal* Sechelt'--Eds," I  ^ to ..comprehend how you would lower  titetfiWrftiards of your paper to print such  _te_ar^;diarrh^Y ,'  The^^so ha_tf��lY<bipp5<es" ��� of our com-  muxity have bben subjected to undeserved  troi_!$e;;fHMn fltese "kids" recently. They.  have poured a cascade of foul, abusive,  it^fMtscene. language alt every possible  otJcai^dn to these.:"hippies1' minding their  dr^inibusineSs and causing no one any harm.  ^^.'mi^..'tme5<al_lter:g_lit^ drunk (often  ope&y:;;ohp'.the be^ch or waterfront) they  have raited to physical violence delSber-,  aitely-causing harm bodily (to people who  refuse to' lower themselves to an animal  level and i5��hlt bade) and to their possessions (ie, throwing ddthing into their camp-  ftie$pV"yYY" .'  7 What ,Mai of "local pride" do these  youths deserve or inspire? A number  ajgreed' to a truce to end hostilities, proving  their' intelligence and maturity. For this,  jgesfcure they are held in high resp^dt by  mo-t. But. the others who prefer to remain  hostile and troulblemakers just show,their  imm^riiy; they are still, as they signed  don't aid the cause any.  I hope that the parents in this community would never aMow their children to  grow up hate filled violent, and unreasoning suc_i as are represented by these let-  '���t^Yvn^tem. I^n^irat^saying that by any  means they should become "hippies," but  decent moral people _____> the "UocaU  < Sechelt JK-ds."  IAN CHAI>WIiC__  P.S.���_, would- like to see any of them  prove their courage to stand up to their  convictions and sign their names to their  lettei__--LC.  '"P\1S^^'''isia^^^aldeTS Right column is  open to anyone be he school drop out or  literary genius we do not presume to discriminate. Actions speak louder than words.  Two way street  Editor, The Times, 1  Sr���There" are some people in Vancouver concerned with the California Grape  Strike. We are expected to help the strikers  by refusing to buy any Calfornia grapes,  howrey^i^^i^eianot so cut and dried.  work and tourism for their live-hood. They  were peace-loving people who did not have  to worry about foreign wars, racial riots,  or smog and pollution.  One-bright and sunny day, most days  being bright and sunny in Apathy, a strange  creature called a "Caveman" came out  of the jungles of Vancouver. Soon there  were others following him, some from as  for away as the jungles of New York.  jMost of these were the ordinary, type  caveman. They were covered with hair,  knowing nothing of barbers, were unwashed, as the caveman knlow nothing about  soap and cleanliness, and often, when "far  out," their language consisted of grunts  and groans. They also seemed to mate the  same as their ancestor-, without benefit  of law or clergy.  Most people of Apathy took little notice  of these Neanderthal^ type except when  they came in close contact with them  and found it sensative to their noses.  Of course tfiere were the "ODD" riti->  zens who designed to give these .ancestrial  types  cheap or free. caves to live in.  iYmmmmmm^mi*Mer*^miw.i S%JS?:&^aS?'K;  t^m^m^mi^te then the Canadian^   **��J%& ^^tt^l^J^g  members are expected to back them and  against .he opinions?  also strike. BUT, when the Canadian members strike it is doomed to failure because  their American friends'- refuse to back  them and production goes on normally.  . Therefore, the only alternative to the  Canadian people is jto buy grapes like they  are going out of stn^Qe, otherwise, the only    CONSTANCY  <tKonp!F-t'  tfiA cifr-iIrA nrilll   _it.n_r n.   .��  <_  1i��t<_l_-_*.       ..n   I concepts, of mod-  page A-5  Fletcher's Philosophy  -Harry W. Fletcher  it leaves little to the imagination to  visualize the troublt a person, versed in  the ways of instigating strife, could be  stirring up under our noses.  ling themiselves kids there is alio the faot ���toehaselyes, "Iridis."  that no number is indicated. Just who. are V'And .as for the "beautiful waterfront,"  ^the kids of Sechelt" who try to make us I think thalt they'd better' take a belter  believe they are the voice of all their age !ook--lt seems pretty clogged with drift-  peers?; In the past Sechelt situdcnts have ^0d and ap, excfesS of broken bottles which  'benefit' the strike will bring us is a higher  price for grapes. Buy grapes, if only to  get even for injustices wrought upon us by  the American people.  ... A CANiA_fl!A!l_::  Looking back     l '  Editor, The Times,  Sir:���Onfee upon a time in the year 1970  A.D. there was a litltle village called the  "Village of Apathy." Y  It was a pretty little, place, surrounded'  by other smaller communities called "Unconcerned Park," "Lethargy Creek"  and,  "West Apathy."  .These communities, and a few others  besides, were all situated on a Peninsula  that wajs approximately 8 hours and 4  ferry line-ups away froin the largest city  in the province and 16 years away from'  the Parlialmentary Capital.  The citizens of these communities were  nice, average people, - depending mainly  on the industries of logging, fishing, mill  Whatever comes, whatever time may bring,  I'll love you, though our world may break  ,,.., apart, _  And heaven falls, I'll hear your call, dear heart,,  For ever nearTU be and listening.  So never heed the toll of swifting years  Or<dpiibt my love shall constantly be true.  And firm as rock as ageless mountains grew.  I Nor let your hopes subside or drift in tears.    ' '<  ���Jjfy strength has sprung from all your loving  ,   care,  My all desire is centered in your smile  Which brightens toil that I may reconcile  Thc Joss of sunlight, just so you are there.  You gave^ me love I never knew before,  Arid this I treasure now and evermore.  Not that you need assurance or my pledge,  Nor ask it, yet as winter comes at last  On6 trembles when thc sky is overcast.  To doubt the sun will shine is sacrilege.  Then rest content'your love bas stood mc well  As I against lhe years stand sentinel.  aty street seen  n  s  a)  0  u  Y  The Vzmmuij??Jwm>  PublUbcd Wcdncsdayg at Scchdt  on ii.C'a SunslilDo Coat!  by  Kochrli I"enlns|il�� Times I.ld,  ftox 3_�� - Sechelt, JB.C  Douglas O. Whteltr, Editor  S. It. AUgard, Publisher  Sul>��criplion Rntca: (in advance)  ��   Year, *5 - 2  Ycara, $9 - 3 yCa��, III  U.S. and Foreign, $5 JO  Serving tht area from Tort Mellon to Egrne^i  (Uowf Sound roJrf\Urlnler)  HAPPY DAYS  Of all the services ] bate thc roost,  Is our Sunday ferry Bcrvioc on the Sunshine  Coast.  You are back a mijc in thc line-upland slowly  move ahead,  But as you near thc pay-booth you wish that  you were dead.  Your face shows nothing but hate;  As you reach for your wallet to payyour way  The attendant slams t|��c gate,  "Sorry, but you arc just one car loo late."  The babies ihcy arc crying, the mothers they  arc crying  And you arc not too well,  Itut (o wall 2 hours for a ferry makes you feci  just Jlko  Helping some soul build a road around and  around Howe .Sound,  So that wc could bc homeward bound.  Now my old car Is not too bad,  At least It's Mill alive,  So "II ju.t leach Mama how to drive.  .So 1 can lay back and relax and pray  That Mama gets me homo to work next i,1ay.  To spend a weekend on the Sunshine CoaM,  Ik juM a wonderful thought,  Put If we don"t get better ferry wrvicc,  Wc Will ftlllf go to pot.  The Desperate Hours���While the Vancou- ^^ named Mlko Nichols. It was hit last  yer Festival brass tried to figure a way fiopLVe went on to win all sorts of awards  around the financial disaster that Is And ^ Broadway a_d an Oscar for directing  KT_....          hi ______ I        __*___..___>_���______���           4_U_^_l       __>V��_-_/(*r*_n       arkW___-*_ _._._*.. _, I    .    .   _               _                              _.__,_,          'a.                  ���                 '���>             ���                .       ���    ���  Accession: lacomcpoop.  Now, Noel Coward, the show's producers  had almost decided on bow they'll make  some sort of theotrical Impact In New Yonlc  Somebody got a bright Idea that tho first  act curtain would open on some of the cast  ritandlng on stage in ihe altogether. This  may sound weird to thec and mc, Charlie,  but one of this season's Broadway hits���  a thing called Hair-had a "nude" scene  ami 1 a lot of critics think tbat the nudity  was the reason for tho show's eucess. Ono  of tlio people associated with that production was Vcm Theodora who was brought  in in an effort to rescue the Noel Coward  lebaclc. Although thc baal'c Idea was ito  spring the gimmick on a New York audi-  enco there had been a suggestion that lhe  company would try it out one night at, ,iii<!  Playhouse, In view of thc scanty audlcm.<�����  for tho ahow, they'd bc undressing ahnorit  Jn privatel  a    ���    ���  UP fH ITEIvVnT-onc of the showis produced by tlie Vancouver, Festival could  over have been as funny an th�� <.ccik> In  the office of a downtown bank mnnjigcr  when one of the Noel Coward Broadway.  ty|>c�� attempted to entice tho Iwnkor into  putting up some more cawh In return for ��  piece of Iho action "when Uic show ojx-fi-,  ih New York.", Thc bankcra laughed wi  loud and the Broadway type threw a mtt  and toil Uic banker "our associates In jsicw  York have a lot of influence and w<.'j|  make life very bad for your bank." . , ,  The last comparable Festival flop lnw_ve.l  a bunch of Broadway and Hollywood jx'o-  plo who left town complain-tluil VaociwuvcT  waa a bush league baekwaler, The loudest  gnad_ng ot teeth camt)  from comedian.  The' Graduate. When Interviewed about his  experiences in' Vancouver he just ��ays  "Ugh."  MB, THE PEEPER��� In town for a five  day visit with city writer Jane Rule was  longtime best fldJing author Faith Baldwin.  Of course jfou remember Faith Baldwin!  ;, . Has anybody mentioned Uiat eomctime  hotelman Coley Hall is a front runner in  tho race to get the hotel concession in the  Block 46-6_ complex? . . . Ray Sk-gtood  who pioneered the kakdse Hot Springs  project before selling part of the deal to  Pdyw Corporation, has now eold off the  last of M" share and had thc cheque for  $163,000, fat his pocket the other night, just  to provo it.. . . IW1A insiders are (speculating  (hat Jack Moore's attempt to retain thc  regional presidency Uils fall will run into  rough going'If .Vancouver local chief Syd  Thompson throws his weight behind Duncan president Weldbp Jovbetivllle. But tho  guessing ili that Thompson and Joubcnvillc  canl get together for thait Jong. Instead  they see Ernie Freer of the I/iggcr'fi I-ocal  as the man who might beat Moore . . .  When Broadway istap Mary Martin toura  vyitti a stiow she Insists on a private home  In each town raUicr than a noisy hotel. But  there wcro no houhcs available for the  Uime she cornea with Robert Preston In  "I Do, I Do." Then there was an attempt  made to find her a luxury yacht but they're  all booked. So Wary ilnd her liusband, Richard Halllday, will have to rougli it In thd  Bayehore'is  IntcmaUonal  suite at |225 a  ��� day.  ��� ��� ���  fiAl# BABY��� It isn't generally known  that Vancouver is growing into an Important production centre for TV commercials  largely through U��c facilities of Canawest  Films, the KVOS Canadian productions  subsidiary. Anyhow, that's the reason that  Henri Roy, of tlio Catelli-Fivc Rosea food  giant and Guy Parent of McKim advertising, shooting a color spaghetti commercial  for thc French network, in search of an  eight ycaj- old girl who could both speak  French, the pair held auditions in Maillard-  ville which has the largest French speaking  population Jn this part of thc world, Parent and Roy had no trouble finding a boy  for the film but the girl was �� major problem. They interviewed nearly fifty before  they found a suitable accent. Their complaint: the other children spoke French  with an English accent. Winner of thc  audition and Uie girl who spoke Uic most  acceptable French for tho Quebec car waa  a child named���ore you ready'/���Monica  Murphy ... In Uic midst of last ditch  negotiation's between Western Hotels and  the Hotel and Restaurant Employees to  avert a strike at lhe ,B_y��hbr�� and the  Georgia, the Bayslwrc guest list showed Iho  name of Chlnn Ho, the Hawaiian financial  genlua who owns the Western - operated  Jlikai Hotel in Walkikl. Jt might have been  aignlflcant because Chinn went, bcldnd thc  picket lines and personally operated tho  JJikai during a 3% months strike last year.  But it'ia more- Jikeiy that % financier was  merely topping off for a social visit en  route homo from a highly wicccssful fishing expedition to JUvers Inlet. Even Hawaiian* hope to go tKwn&wherc on vacation.  I     ���   ���  ��� -     " ���    1  WASSERMANIA ��� A career woman Is  gal who ��oea out to c_rn a man's nalajry���  instead of (staying at home and taking Jt  away from him.  in n mi    urirsMr ifrirnmi l_rnra^iJ~*������ t     ^ t    -nri   umih-t        m- h__|  OIHEOAUD MOT Oil  Store your motor in  MEATE�� SfOUE wm  our PROfEfflWE  n-lAINTE^m^CE and avoid  next; yeor'o ��tart~up tronb��@s>  STAHDAUD B.C, Cff&TES  885-9626 Sceficlr, B.C J  1  *,lM_*J**H)��l**���A^IM #4>l4*-4t��it4 J**n,l**��'**������* ����"*H  ���4f^0f*:-m.,4��i B*W-f*_. .*��..f.��4'>y*V I^kWV,*,*  'JB*tfl*T*1H^ftsrt~t<���W***wMWMM. *  N* j#tH#***"Vr^*-^%*'*. *m�� rff��*m #|4i|r^  ff. ���*!��_ uf����i^%. &4t0m-.ifmmtf*4�� V.  t__*_**i��*-_i"*i��-y^  " J*rtt,,S^-r- ���*���  V^S*-*-  'V"vJr  l*v Mr-w^SPvMl/ * w-^WW-W VW V***-r*j, -,  ���'���'���rv *Jk> ^a^~ ^.j**1 ^s** *��*^��>��^,_H'*rf��*_��'>-  MOftE ABOUT . . .  I  -.  Readers' RiqEi  yhuM see it_ne$_j_.g amazing, if wtaild tj_/\  ..tii_-j_ij'_v..i'_.t___i _.�� _* *.*r\0 ..__....   ._ 1..  lv  Yr'.  - '. *- ���-_ V   y.->:  ern society and do exactly the opposite.  tacks  Of course some survived on phone   because'" it toed'to! be the rpt��t&dst'\Mfc  calls home asking for more money  ana- *-___#-:. ~> '-����� Y -* Y>   '*"��� -*^;Y^" *   T  ������*  >>  5lrtiS&%3fiSM!    ..   _.  SJSJjiii  Gibsons advances  some were like our cloven hoofed animals  and survived on "grass "  One summer the citizens of Apathy, Un-'  concerned Park and Lethargy Creek started to notice these cavemen They had become so abundant, and as the tourist had  stepped coming as often, it was virtually  impossible not to notice them *  was, although peoples  over-tdne, they ivere  citizens and didn't know  the merchants of  Apathy, ..ho readily held out their hands  A _   for tbe green stuff in exchang- for  the  ^s^E^r^ssm^ .  w*i  On, diner^'Love" iri-M&fr odt.*  ���fl    i_    -..      r <-V>*    ',        ..  tlt��  mum  iHimi^t.>mU-mm^ivmf4,jitm iV���t_i> nli <  mum  AMmmtmihi ^aiifciiii-ni fc__i-ii-_ifl_i_-_-i^  ��� f     \       +    *���        S>v, 1  {C0E^��d 4�� Gibsons, marks a wel-   tive. It. ws tiiiilt "by^^ffip^ijs of /*    >  -ome-���advaiifce for the village andis   Davis B��.yl' *���'*"* * Y  '%1 t "> *   * ',., _S_9  5--      .        . . rr-~<.���; '        -������'-������- *  Calendar Of Flowers  ward' to. evencsay they, disliked. cavemen, .  *      ��-   *-   __���      . _  ���,. ' - ,      r      -   -j    -mim    ..____,>i'_i     wara nr. evencsay mey. aismcea. cavemen,  Jbigm-year-Oia gill StOrvea    most people had finally .come' to the con  sa J^ia��f6et ^uitteaf]    -����y_?-!&: ?*_5^ J*���-^?!"  tor j^_J be*1S�� most b��,tavaaning    ����� B^> - v ^ ^'enitoned, these -^j$ahy  TStory of 4he week came out. of Gy^^um-   dtizens-didtft know how to ivrito. They  Ijsavetaen  abbW.the  . The'flowering  . smr �����ot.��_ y ti��  2-Pce. SECTIONAL SUITE  - _^gV$3__n9S"T.w,^, *".".; ~" __  IIIPFIC' TOYS  DELUXE BEDROOM SUITE comp. with Moitress & Box -, %  HOSTESS CHAIRS  + ( V JUV -_  $yi?i^:kspiie_sD  ^_i 1^_ 1 $16.50  G^EAf ^E��ILICTa��r.S OKI ��EB) WJSTS A^.1D  ** *���% wst^r  -  �� *  '*������_��/��**.        t.-    . 1x7.-4-"Wi *^^riT  COME IN AND SEE FOR YOURSELF  ���i rurniiuis.  GIBSONS -. Phone 886-23  �� * *  ���mmnm3  ertag currant was followed-by; fatd telMng to;a^t-yeaf>ol4l^ill'��ihmir.     * They never' pitied up theirs pens.-to  epreseritatives  of r |^6nic6jar-��i *Sbe; led most of the bemes'^stto' picked proiM fibmselye_; their children ��r''their  _, VJ&ut scentless honeysuckfe'^iai . fo her" E^e brother."      ^Y'jJ1*^ ioHfety. They "co^'rbebirilferedtoxlt^end  .....        .              ^r wands and   iwes to crawl^"ovik: a woven* wire fence in "~MH and ifour-year-old Eirl^'ib_came?lost the1ilocal editor "'and 'the few "responsive  are sneacwing a few leaves ttiat they can   most jntricate^patt^ns and would strangle last -!Thup_day^"while their parenlte hunted citizens who, felt they should fight. ;ihe  m longer support. On the Dogwood that    anv ji^g ^ri^. And thai^nies the seneca^roofs a  shades my lodge, other leaves���ornim  red��� can be seen 'by peering   _               _ ^        _   depths of the tree.                        "     -      SS."i5l7toVsp-n it p^seTasS Exgotii P^'U&piial at 4e' Canadiai' Forces ����>2Sj father rtScu^/'lMe W ^  In the wbrld of birds, the great events of   take up 4he~ tale ^waxing si^ganftr; rang- stafibn-lfere,  llO^miies 'sdutih *<_!' Gr^md ^ahze^the power *& ^'^riiten word apd  summer ^re over exceplt for those -'species - ing-'m^eoiour^fisini the trt��: Dijdi^is piuv -Bdpids'' ahd 160 nffle^no^Hft-Wimupeg, ^-fte good It would .get^them ���it Vused   if  that nest twice and they are well along    purea  through   many  mid-tints  to pm�� mrovided the  nearest medical personnel. <rften enough by enough people.                     ^^^r^ir^^r^/r^*^^^  Arith it. For the second time the migrant, -white, D. purpurea^%ne of the.few^ . Dr. GorsM, said..they��� wftafta       4. &e yeaF drifted by into 2000 A.D.,    |��y^^S^^  thn^hes-have scattered broken eggshells   pknfe whose leaves 'are stiU ^ath-red-_otr ltospibl'for another day ^^wd^/Yl the little vpage'of 4_��%r and 'surroiinding   S*^ ''**'*    "             r"              '                   '                                          I  ^ that peerless robin's egg blue, for from   medicinal purpdaas; Showing14hat we aite '   "Exhaustion seems'to be 'tiieir Inggest communities'" hadf cMnged/^Tounsm 4wals                           '   *                                                    "                         -       --  the nest and prying eyes. The pigeons were   not quij�� wholly syntfie'iic!       " *  'J   " .   oroblem. We've _oir1he mosaiiM'Inteirun- -��r*�� H_a|. by the same merchants who  suent white they were-feeding adr first'  (" An somewhere ajbuj: here ihe  squabs but haye since become vocal again   steeple flower would" demand ���*-'  with their soft love-calls morning and even-   the calendar;   "liar_-__ck" it. ,  ,      __   BliU,  DnKnM.vea 3���  remuwiv t   . ��� ,    .-,--   --,---, -.-  The, calendar of tbe genial months given tforse namesj By the time the foxgloves with toys Wednesday but 'his<aster' was - -f ' ,- * ' ; ' ^ . ^ Y  us by such wild flowers as we can expect in bave flowered and faded to the taps of their having' more" difteciilty. Dr". Gorsla"; who Mir-"Average CStizen was soon gone too.  forest' country, 'aided by. more numerous tall stems, fiieweecj'of theYgreat -willow ^aid fehe1 was- extremely shy, talked 1>ia^ly ^ couldn't stand seeing the way his child-  flowering' shriihs, *k aimok compitete 'for herb has hoisted' a wanni_g-T^M7^;to(a^i ^th JiU who told how she'picked foerrles ^ ^A evepltualy turned into lazy indi-,  ttisyear. Our" natiwe member of Babes/ it is-_hat "summer is passing'middle" age for __irby. She hied to satisfy her' bun- ^P35 v^aa took'J drugs/did-'no vtork add'  the flowering currant was first to brighten and- today ihejast of our flowerinjt'sbnujis,- ger^angs with wafer. ' "Y> "'\, took no interest in community or world  tfae underwoods'in spring, and as usual to the wild _|area is sere and brdwh, aiid of ;,"'"'" " ' , ' ' '~L af��2rs. Besides,, ISIir. Citizen couldn'ij; af-  aitract* those who dig up specimens "to take lesser plant* only 'pearly everlasting' U in "* ���-!-������ '"*_..* ford to livevih*Ap^yi^ jkore.'He'was  himieand plant for which-if is the very its prime. Flourishing best iir broad com- AHll-IllTP7 fJ.1TI11l.1f?!1 repred, ort close to it, and bis offspring's  '"--���'                                                           ' '        eed her�� biit is f*^1 ffi   S5WHHBHIS feneration. of  "cave  babies"   to follow,  ^^"'^��  ^^1.^^ >���             m                                    -' Li   _��*J   -.r.   ^ didn't Work 'eft ��lfeT��_r_r_a ^__+K r,A  k~v~e  ��-  wgp^a3i*!r0&  worst time!  Shade, water and care may    pact dumps it is little noticed  1   '     i   - . . *     ��� _    admired in _5ngland ihe home  q    astic gardenei_s--for its massed moisoms  ����,_��' *_��' T*__^il > -_U_^.  *x.i ��<iLiV i___S��__   ��I�����Hit-G Af-D  Tig-SMC-fig.^  LQfSS.T AI.EI ��IEA����  BULLDOZiHG; "  T-IUCEl^C..  C-HA��E_.V THFS0IL  didn't work,'so .therefor*, .with mi taxes or .  reyenue coining in, there was no money to  pay his oid'iage pe__ion check''or Anyone  ' - .i ^LUtA^r"-���Si..^l."-5_^^^__   ^�� *ven-?ar^ what-happeiedCto him.  twred Jaste.does not always demand gaudy     -i ^Lg^^^nyH^lg JS^ Sfl^P01^,  *��? ^^ ^d a^ mwed ��"* yeai^ ago  wcv w^.jh.^ v-j,        j   u_  ��u��ie��Hiuy     4-fltodid-__i__. the pacfagi^>^i^ells&ye^hen they  realized  they  "couldn't ��beajt^  T\*___rra#1      tmvAj-fa        _-___!!4aw     a<     _T*_n*%_n_rl.-nM    *V��__.___.1^__. 4_._.i��J__ ___p__m_9   __._s_^_Jl_A__.��_i.   ___________    _._ ��_. ^-^*  _    admired in foigland _ie home "of eiSJiiisi- , -l^^JI-, ��,-^--* '____. _^���fJ-^*��__��  -    astic gardeners-for its massed blossoms     I166QS  111016  B&CK_ll|0rS  and the ijreV^-green foliage'that contrasts    2L ^^^T"*^  __!-Tr!M$��P?, ���?  -pay i  so'weU"wi��i'_iat:of other planfe-^the _ul- - ffl? ,f^L^amdt. *V&&L!!?P^!?   ^ ��-__cai__L what-happenedcto him  v colours!,.,.-,   1   . ,  .<j��j;.*j,pur garden J3��>wers  tbe'floralealendaivtoo  mid-season are hbwbuthiemories-^but the  1 b^t**2&*m 4&fa^-^<&&��^^ r\ "XC:?  .. Those ofsprim and    *png-^v;-,^r'a   '/YY jfttr.��?S.v_t|o^jt-i' ^^#.^^^^^0^^^%^-any 0f the    |,"  .._.'____������i:-_f7rs. ^.     ' "Everyone^ who   is   involved- in the    WOr6* cwnmunmes in tint, wo* wm, an    S3  ���.__*i__-��-* __���       * -b_.   ___��___. __._i_ .���>.. ^m.i     __._���_*_,*i._rt_+-*if    *-��_.     ���_��_��-.__.  year 2020 A.D.  the old 'Greeks called  Gods and dia_tnu_;  cal listing.  Days ��HS-2SS3  or _ft ��� " h  ���PMM*  "J1     "   "  J   "    "  '   >*4V*4V4V       ^rfl    .   I  With favorable weather they will extend        "The paclcaging industay supplies <fa_m,   Stll^LSf T_fei$  iir stay into, the following month and    Wth the material to make ihat mess, and - R^^t^Jfl **. ��? v ?3^H  therefore is implicated in lhe crinie of    ���� Sffij?^ ^ ^ ^r % ai^'   _��  littering and has a moral responsibility to '.fi^Sfi^SrSt,"0** de^n^R%y �� '  prevent it. It ill becomes <i^'packaging , SlslSl^iS b(W *�� get a^ 1  _n__.__.t__.   *__  ��.*._,..   _^,_,  _.���*.>.__   tt.  t'-_     "f 5��t   ^^ sociexy. (      gj  The fe* iJtrho remained, did so because  ley couldn't' gelt but. They were too maladjusted, too defofmed" in body and mind  "���-SW* Hf" a^U'offil"1yE     -'^  ���d*.X"a��  P80^ ^  fi110?    SL^Sd��fih^^^lln?TaJtt  abo^'his fable  manners.  They'll  came    utter1 are not 'litfcrpiggieV, as 6ne muni-    or -Hdni care  ! ��w��ii __ar 1.  in cood .__m__. What. S_r imnorlailt i__ thai he     Vrinaii*.. ����<(�� t_.t__>i_. _4._v_.   __.__.. ��~_ _.i^u_.       ������   ��* ..il ._-.'...    ,.     .  leave us pleasant memories^ to carry on th-refore is implicated in ihe crime of    *._ ^rfc.*'  witb,        -    ' r Uttering and has a moral responsibility to '*?S_s1s3l ��   1^____:  prevent it. It ill becomes the'packaging . M'a'hslSl sociatv  PLAYING W.TH THE PABLUM uttliistry to  throw  stohes before it has    ^ rtjeSt^��l�����__��i  Let your'b^y play wiihhiB' food at ttoown info the pdt fhe kind of money    tteSfi S'Sv w_��� f���ft ���_  laltime. Ma^be he doesmake amfess neeSfed to,s mount a ca_Snaig�� which will   SJfiflni !ILS?: ���y, W���re too mal"  mealtime. Maybe he does'make a mCss  and it's" trouble to  is how be lealms  in good'1iame.',piat hi* important is that he  enjoys" meatemes. " '''  clean ilt up; hnt^lhls    really win the war against Utter,  about* it. Jt&nf'VnT       -Md,  adds Judge, people who  ia��nnf>rfi.   Th_v'_!l   cmrtie      UMar' _^__ ��n4- .^ii4��___.>v;^_.:o._4 0 ~�� a��.  ^ipality coyly labels tbemA-they are slobs.     * . Ut you di^ go back in the year 2020 A.D.  k  ,Y\  \  't,  & wV;^^  ��H|if mmmii��E sales aNp sehvice healeu  r^ss^E^S^^YJlSa^'j  t     t . i-B' -,;_i*_SJ-��^ ,*.~jii. (��f��v_�� ^-  I  c v.  When Vow make %,beer that's enjoyed in  over 60 cquhiries it's got to bo good:  >���..   *. I  (r?>rf%:  * ^ , h.* M/_v_.-   *$_/     ���  '  *" M  I    'Y,'  -It'.  .��  ***^*V        .,���**���������        Y-*-\J   /  1��  S��APa_ES' SP0HFS l_/EAi|  Phono 886-9994  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  ��_3^�� p^pe/  AT YOUfl POPULAR  LUMBEH AND &U1M.1NG  *'SUfP_J_S  S^ryfpq TJiie Sunshine Coast  ��. w> M_  Y"_i_: _J'>'n . >  885-2283 - Sechelt, D.C.  KING SIZED MEALS  AT PMPGET PRICES  ot  I. .J,**  ��<ih    ( v_  >OK  <!>�����  __s_s  wnirw_^ffi^iS_r.��_  #, .  rm^.3��^^  Brought to you; by  fyese progressive  places of business  7 , .��    . /.  e"r   ��;���  !���> Ifcllir  _  >' 4  5!l���_ MIVE-KI  OH HIGHWXy 101 ut SECHELT  FOR TAKE OUT ORDERS  PHONE 885-2311  r^-VEnr? telev;^;q^  STEREO - B 8. W and COLOR T.V.  Fully equipped for Color'T.V."  Deoler for  ZENITti-PHILIPS-RCA  REpfWOOD '  Better than City Prices  Phone 886-2280  G.DSOM5, i.C.  PEPPY HEARTH BUNS  PERFECT FOR SUMMER SUPPERS  Pep up a patio supper wllh homemode Hearth Buns. A touch of pepper qIvcs  these robust supper buns a pleaslno, "fJo;whh-CW��ythin&" flai/or. Thi/re bfusbc!- with  catsup before baking for on oppeaUng, 6|d-_as|.lor>__l fookj '     ' (        '  5'/4-6'_: cups flour (regular or Instant    ~   2 tbsp. sugar r-i ���    .   -    *  blending) 1 tbsp. toll'  2 tsp. sugar 3 Ibsp. margarine or shortening  % cup warm water () 05*-115" p.) I tsp. eoarjta ground pepper  2 pkgs. active dry yeast Cooking oil  1 % cups warm milk or wotcr Sbmn wrap  (lO-'-HS'F.) 3��b*P.ton<jp  Spoon or pour flour Into dry measuring cup. Level off and pour measured flour onto  wax paper. . ,  Dissolve 2 tsp. sugar In xh cup warm water In large, warm bowl. Spdnkla yeast  Into water mixture. Let stand 10 minutes. Then stir well.  Add worm milk', sugar, salt, margarine, pepper ond 2 cups flour. Beat with rotary  beater or electric mixer ot low speed until smooth (about 1 minute). Add I cup moro  flour. Beat vigorously with wooden spoon (150 strokes) or electric mixer at medium  speed (2-3 minutes) until thick and elastic. Scrape Sides of bowl occasionally. Stir In  remaining flour gradually with wooden spoon. Use just enough flour to make a soft  dougli'vAldh leaves sides of bawl, adding more If necessary. Turn out onto floured lxxard.  Round up Into a ball,  Kneaa 5-10 minutes or un|l| dough Is smooth, elastic ond no longer sticky. Cover  with so ran food wrop then a towel. Let rest for 20 minutes on board. Punch down.  pivfd- Into 16 equol portions. Shape each portion Into a boll. Ploco on greased  baling Sheets. Flatten sllgfitly to make rolls about 3 % .ncbes In ��JJomcter.  Brus.. surface of rolls with oil. Cover pans loosely with coran food wrop.  ffcfrigerafe 2 to 24 hours at modetatcy cold setting. When reodv to bake, raroove f  from ��.frlgenott_-. UneovW. Let stand for 10 minute's while rirehfcatlng oven, Cut 6 <fcros&  on top of kxtdh roll .fish thorp kn.fe and brush llghtry with catsup fust before baking.  . ���  'Rake ot 400* F. for 15-20 minutes or until done. 0ok�� on a low^ rack posftion  for best results. Remove from baking sheets Immediately. Cool on rack*.  Y.eM; 16 large molls..  ���tiT.    4_-  w^* "f*f.f  mm^U^SI^uSxW  ���jkJ^^W.      (*.��+    $ *\     **,AXri#-of    )%^^ ;.  ^fliUfisfflsi^ and '  i t-       ��      *  VISIT OUR LARGE DISP(_^Y  OF TOP QUALITY NEW  AND USED FURNITURE  i.  Appliances - T.V, - Radio  Phone 885-2058   -    Sechelt, BX.  !  iSnsulu Pluiiiiii  Ypur Kemtone  Stierwin Williams  ' Paint Dealer   -  Phono 086-9533  Gibsons, D.C.  Where,  Fashion is a byword  Smart Shoppers are  >4      (ill. 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Nfcholds. < p,  Mns. -Wan; Brown, wflso reeen^, smiled out,,  i"  *^.Y<  Poga A-_>  Tfee^PegpinsMla'TiTOe-  -    Wednesdoy, August 21, 1968  SATURDAY,  '    Re_roo_Cs  . ���     , _,,__ , ���  ���_._,, _  . .i-�����o    - -   -  ,- ..���-    - --  ing deriby and,the stonmy , weaitier was *'towel,-w^e, awarded.fa'__M��l_ Ijfer^leeB,!"Mac Cajtiers are a*;t&e Janlcs cottage and'  __,.���.    _,_ _______ _   _*_._._���_.._..    ..... .n. --.���...-.     ... ���-��-     J t)te R-<_l��_f iamiJy a^re at tiie^en A^ue  ^wv^jgweLrjj!*  sticcess-ul day.  Strong winds and a.rough sea rriade it  imipdss5ble for boats to leave the shelter ot  the Bay and heavy, rains later in the~morn-  ing dampened the enthusiasm ot the hardy  fetar who trolled just off the Redftxxfs  beadies for several hours. The result was  BUSY MONTH                    ,            Y   \: ' l ^BACK HOME      .  u   %_ *��* aga.? ^'fJ!^**^*? ?',Rather gfctti to Beiome "after a disa-  gran!dtaoaer_. Mis. ttB. Pearce,--who p^g t^p to Saskatchewan axe lb. and  visited Vancouver for the 25& wedffinjg-ao. < Mrs: Guy Clear. They traveflied hy C.N.K.  mversary, celebrations of her daughter and ."to Sa'skitobtt "to visit Mr. Gear's old home  son%tav, Mr, and Mrs. Wally-s CMbertam and to meet many old fneads. During five  ot Wka-ey/ha- had as guests her _aug_ter, days w^e they were-ifiere, it rained in-  that there were very few'fish caught .ahd    ^: R*'f: Petersen of Cedar Falls,' Ioiwa,^ cessantly and the sun appeared only an  ���**c*J  Hennntg Brasso  HENNING Brasso has extensive experience  in the automotive industry.  The son of the founder of Brasso Motors,  one of the most respected names in fhe  automotive service and sales in Alberta.  Hemting had an early start in the field,  he 'went into the business himself after  graduating with a Degree in Commerce  from U.B.C. twelve years ago.  The reason behind the choice of Dat-  sun agency he states *S>nce we decided  thai;'the economy import held the best  future for us because of the growing trend  to more sensible autos, it seemed natural  to pick the Datsun���not only because of  it's obvious dependability but also because  it offers the excitement of .performance that  other economy cars lack.  Our choice of locating on. the North  Shore was based on the fact that the ratio  of import sales per popltiation.figure is  greater on the North Shore than any other  locale in Canada.  Pender Higklites  ���by Donna Vaughan  THERE is a song out now by M WHson  called the"Snake Song," tbe story Of  a good Samaritan who while goin to work  one morning spots a pretty snake which  is half dead from the cold. She very kindly takes him in and gives him the besit  care until he recovers. Instead of thanking  the woman for saving his life, as . one  might expect, the snake, a poisonous one,  turns around and bites her. When the woman complains of'his ingratitude and say-  she is now going to die, the snake very  cynically replies "You knew I was a snake  before you brought me in." This .would  appear to be a satirical summary of human ingratitude and indifference.  But aside from its social implications  the song is rather catchy and led me to  think'about different varieties of snakes.  I<-d&cover��__ ^tbereyare ;ma^f:ki|_^jai_ar'  3ha_ only 8%. rf :them are hari3_uL; j33iesfe~  are the constrictors (ithe pythons and anacondas) and the poisonous varieties. In  North Amelia the only poisonous snakes  are the rattle snakes, moccasins, ��� coral  snakes and copperheads.  A snake's venom is a clear or slightly  cloudy liquid and is located in a poison sac  at the base of the fangs, Muscles press  against the glands a. the moment of biting ���  forcing venom through the fang. Some  venoms attack the blood stream causing  destruction cf corpuscles and preventing the  blood from clotting while other attack the  nervous system causing death by 'shortage  of breath.  The constrictors kill by seizing their  prey in their jaws, throwing one or more  coils (around the body and squeezing until  the hear, and breath stop. The victim is  then swallowed head first. All snakes eat  their prey whole.  The python was long considered to be  the largest of the snakes, the largest specimen being thirty three feet long. No ana^  conda of a similar length has been found  alive although a geologist }n Columbia reported measuring one almost thirty eight  feet long The biggest boa coosltrietor found  measured 18>��| feet.  Snakes are really very useful creatures.  They rid us of many destructive rodents.  The common garter snake is completely  harmless which should reassure some of  the ladies who are so nervous of snakes  that they do not even like to touch one's  picture.  Service interruption  delays new stamp issue  GANAI>A Host QJIHIce anriounccd today  that August 21 has been fixed as the  date of issue of the postage stamp commemorating the 150th anniversary of the  birth of George Brown, one of tlie Fathcas  of Confederation.  Thc date originally set as AiiguM 7 was  deferred due to the intern ijrtion of postal  MTvico.  none yery large.  Largest salmon, 4 lb. 3 oz. won the  Stoker Cup fdr Jeremy Dalton. He received  the cup fitom Mrs. "Wendy Melton^  whose lather, the late Howard P. Stoker,  presented it to the Club in 1535.  Prizes were awarded to Steve Taylor  for the next largest salmon caught by a  man; to Mrs. Lee Straight for the largest  salmon caught by a lady, to Hugh Canter  and to Steve Wilson for the two largest  fish caughlt by a boy. A special prize was  awarded to the Mac Carter family for their  original entry which deified any attempts  with children Kip and Missie; another  daughter, Irene Boys, with husband John  of Santa Barbara, California 'with their  children Martin and Philip.  Visaing Mrs. Roy Holgate has been Jier  daughter Beth, with ipisfrand Don Bath and  sons Gary and R-hbie. Don Bath who has  recently completed service with the Royal  Canadian Navy, has settled his family in  a home alt WhaMey where they are build-  jhour before they le_t for Regina. Mr. Clear  was also disapointed in tbe Exhibition  which was not as good as the last one he  visited in 1923. From Regina they returned  to Vancouver by C.P.R.  VISITING  Mr. and Mrs. MaUory Bentham of Montreal With their two sons, Kenneth and  Douglas have been visiting their cousins,  _w <sa_B yoiir - School Supplies  ��bsb* prices are very competitive  IMMY SALE ITEMS    >  ing a trimaran craft.       * -    ��� j^Mr  and Mrs. Roger Bentham at Welcome  At Middle Point, Mr. and Mrs. K. Zethinr^Beach. Mr. MaUory Bentham is the head  have their sion Bennett of New York with "of the Research. Dept. of the. Canadian  his wife and their three children, Peter, ^Pacific"Railway in Montreal  Aw, C'mon! Smile  Your Way Back to School  Clearing  Children's   Clothing  I   WOOL ODDMENTS  LADIES' STOCKINGS - ETC  We carry a complete line of  Reeve's Ait Supplies   "  Phone 885-9343  _-______f_--___-________-__l  Sechelt, B.C.  ^-_____Z2&?22��~^^  Exctusiwe North Shore Pofsuti Heater  Serving f_orth cuid West Voricouver  Now, the North Shore has o new Dqtsur. dealer! See the line-up  of new Datsun cars and trucks at Brasso Datsun, North Shore.  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"   "*-      ���  ^ J 4. , X 1 . ., ^ , , . ��� " --  w- -        *  0. l>  EM1MSULA  Section 8  Wednesday, August 21,1968,  /<**  *    j..��  It J?      ��*V   ,  I  tf tR&** A  'M  "Tp.��  '    1  $*��&: ,-Y .r*.  <_vt*  ft*  \  _ _***  ^  . i  V  i 4?W**_  1,  ��  .'  n  0*'  j**-*  ..  ' %*&*  \i  JriiY mi     ��*  .  *��.  *ti.. ��  . t  ���I?  .   J'  r  1*  ���*_��J  /-^  ."'00  MS  w.& #^a,*j. *_^ii,�� ^x��,i��*rv _**!*��. flS*v.j*- ����������?->�����  Determination  COMPETING with his older brother- and this *he did, he was about an hour  in the Keats to Gibsons swim, Stpye   in the water and was accompanied  Thicke did not expect to wjn but he   by Ms father,  was determined to finish the course  Second place        ^ y r  Gordon Leflia^n who attends WM6b - the  summer  at Hopkins landing  School in WeSt Vancouver and spends   came second in the swim ftuti^-C-at-  ���������; ';>. - T~   ->^Y. .'' S���    Island with,aHme of.40 ioius."Mari-  !--*_.. m ���.,-. _ ,_. _       tt^.P e$rn Hopldhg accompahied Gorckm in  icnoolJDistricislafl     a rowboat.  Fine effort  Health Tips  ii    "  ���.  Canadian Medical Assao*  CONCUSSION-means violent shaking.' 19  medical usage, says The Canadian Medical Association, it means a violent -basing Jt 'Hie btaip resulting from a bead injury in which there is no fracture of tbe  stadl. Tflje .lead jrajuiy producing this cap-L.  dition ne$d ncft be severe, and no structural  brain damage is recognized^ rt  Industrial  accidents,   aiitamoble  accidents and sports injuries are among tbe  mHoA common^ causes of concussion. T_e  victim is actually dazed or unconscious for  a fBw seconds, but certain^ mental functions may be impaired for a period lasting up to several hours.' During tbis tmte  be may carry out complicated activities of  vybich be afterwards remembers nothing.  Tne duration of this period of "post-traumatic amesia" is of value in determining  tbe seriousness of tbe head injury.  1        The pafaent who recovers from concus-  /    sion is also usually unable to recall tbe  r/jl    actual moment of injury. His memory may  be blank concerning tbe several seconds���  or   even  irilinu'tes^-ipireceding the   injury  i This is called "retrograde amnesia."  As the patient recovers conciousnes?,  his pulse and breathing become stronger,  be Often vomits, is confused, restless and  Thr_��A P_lnhiin_.ti.np .tudpnt. who fin- irritabie- and almost always complains of  i?S ti&TSS, tJ��� v��LJ\?JhT�� fceadadie Tfae C.M.A. says tbat tbese syni-  ^^-^.S^/'^fi*^!??^    Ptoms- with the .possible except of head-  says tbat these syni  ^ ___ __: _>       1.   ml. 0 .  ���- '*~-��-��^�� excepifion of head-  a very short time of each other are athe, usually disappear within 48 hours,  from left: Carl Swanson, 13 yrs. leaving the patient with a gap in bis mem-  coming 5th; Francis McKenzie, 16 ory but no other recognizable evidence of  yrs. coining fifil and 14 yrs. old brain damage. However, he may feel a  "Franklin Roberts who came 4th. l*Me weak for several days.  Eleven $wi|nmersf Started out and Yl Anyone who loses consciousness should  finished the distonce. This is the *>e seen by a physician as soon 3s possible  second long distance swim which  jthe Gibsons Firemen have held and  tt Jopfcs like heconaing a permanent  challenge to the young people in the  area.  Airbne magazine: "Fly Paper'  CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE  Post Office Bldg., Secbelt . Phone 885-2333  WEDNESDAY - 12 noon-5.00 p.m.  Wednesdays otter 5-00 pm.by appointment  SATURDAY���2 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  -jt'awa'^.j^ vw J.,iuk^^j^��5��  ILL YOUit WILL  COOL, CLIA1  NOMINAL HANDLING CHARGE FOR TANK TRUCK  AND EQUIPMENT  t^orBsial drop 1,GW gaUS^sus  FOR FUBITHER INFORMATION, RATES, ETC.   ..  Phone: 886-7123 (24 hrs.):   -  ^wf.JiJfe^ "���>rj'**Hf .TJ��_a?,n__?,��M__.'  -���tvb5*ri ' - The woikih&p'vsas- attended by mem  bers of the cu_#o_ial<- staff of School Dis  tnct No. 46 _t\wa_ sipOnfiored'-bythe adult  education depa?4mentr wtb *be co-operatoon  of -tbe- maintenance-department  and -the  Canadian -Un.��n of ^Public Employees.  Objectives  of 'the worjksbop  were  to  n'personnel to identify types of floor-  and methods of treatment, training in   |  ��Eerthicidalst -chemical breakdowns,  preparation rand fimsbirig of vanous types  '* tiles, method- of getting co-operation  teacbers and students, and methods of  instilling efficiency and economy into their  programme.  Mr. Jones, the workshop instructor has  Only girl i Wllde experience in conducting such work-  Thirteen  year  old  Karen  BrignaU   in the Firemen's sports, coming 1st   S^JfS^SSt *"*" "���"*  was the only girl to compete in the   in the 12-14 girls event and in the       ^ ^ Wfi ^ custodial work  swim from, Keats, Island and she   Wining relay team. Afinaswimmer,   ls ,VTttitaiAm::vMcii rcqurlrcs isnowkdgc,  cattie third, oiit of 7 swimmers to;   Karen was second in the Keats swam   training and skattppet-orm.  complete the distah_e. Kareri al|o^  l^$ar. - Attending * the ^ricsb<���� were;.  went'on to compete in otfier events   ,,   .,'       , Me^��i^.>.Y^i,..jfc...itiUSiett^-D.  .,^,--1 Szabo"_and 'M^tnf,,,yf\. ^ScJhwmlar;, O. .Car-  Bradley, A.  ^, BMeirnan,  "��L.-''i  ^  .***  in, mmnin  boys' ... mmm  FANTASTIC VALUE  Compare at up to $8.^0  8-16 ��^*_   z^*^  SPECIAL ...��� _. SkiPio  ^   y L' i i  5n'/f >.' :  ' <        )>T., *   Y  ' '-'     f  , Jf      Wa     11        >        > '    r',",k      �� i .ii 4, \\ ~   \M '*��� >IX>> * H"J  mLr*m'L."'/Mf jVi'i .^V^.'.,Jf", ol', t !^��-i(?H^;  ��i#-"    . P<  I'A P'ssif" ,i,t * r  ���IlJ��f,'vYvl  _. '    *...  '*~  -.   K'  ��" V.  ������*�� K *\ ���-  ������ "   Y^��-*  'i;/,)  1   !   ' Y (   ��Vk^ i  EARl'S HAfTOAMD  SPOSfflN�� GOODS  Authorized Frigidairc Dealer  with GMAC Time Payment Plan  !'    YY,'   I -', ,Y'V   '  i mtGiBMim  ��� ..,,.��,.._. -.. ��� ��� /:,"  Jef Act ion  .   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Special 3 bolls 1.00  BOX 16 JUST   Check our Eack-to-School  OPENINGSPECIALS  JUST ARRIVED  LADIES' FALL bLOUSES  I  '���  X      0* * \i   .i       - ma  _V.:_v.-n#i/wft.  ���?*'"^ "���_.*?'w^"*- >���  '.wm'  l^^^^^^^^^^^l^^l^l^i^^^  n *A  , *  ^,)H.H^>rtJ��tyWl^|fc^k(iWl^��*��^  ��*^_*tf^W��tl**M>f''��^rlWW^%l^<^%.^j*^^  r^.��t,**v# -frif'M*WV^   -tf 0,i  'ft *ftm>&'��!>#w*0tf<lt^^ rft^mBft���^^  #Mfo .ro-Hi_ftitit#ff<l, <*l(t*ii-*l����V^'*r^��f' V .,  j<~Yf "  *\7  .YV'* rj- '*~r/-?*7 '.      ..'    ��      w    * '  '  '^     : ^ -  *   Y'  -:,>' -* ,-.     .     4 r  X��45&v��i4#-*3c&^^  ''"���j?"''*'-* "J,?  JDufeoi^lfeqtf^;  ft. -.[  "*_ .-      II .    J * *_      * J 4.      J^ 4*^"  _   A"^  . >' __&_     . __*'���{.'������ "   ~  /  i .   > ,   .-    ...     -  sr  Y>  Hyatt  -tcame/the br^di ,Vi<rlQiYi)ee . /  DuDois. ,a3ie tirade is\the second daupter    i  of mtt/tfhd Mis. Charles,Hyatt and the  groom "is ,the .only son; of jMr. afid. Mis.  tAnLDvQiois, both, families , from Madeira  Parfc^ BIO.        \ ^   , .  r Jj The tciuirch was fragrantly decorated   j  wifii^twp large baskets of* flowers tor the   |*  afternoon, ceremony witii the Rev. A. P.  \/_%<offieiatiiig.   ,   j  j   _Wej_ in marriage by her father, the  bride .wore a Ml length dress of .billowing  w_ite nylon tutle~ decorated with, applique  em1>roidfiryt with lace yoke and long', lace  lilyppint. sleeves/ Her shoulder length veil  of Scalloped! tulle was held' in place by a  head-piece of satin ribbon and streamers  tipped with rose-fowls.'  Attending the bride* were, Matron of  Honor, His. Linda Mills and bridesmaids,  Miss Darlene' Dubois and -Miss Donelda  Hyatt. Their gcnvns were matching ^floor  length, dresses oft pale" green; pale <pink  and pale blue and they carried bouquets  of white rosebuds/ *  Best man was. Mr. Dave Mills; ushers  were Mr. Len Lee and Mr. David Hyatt.  Reception followed in the Reef Room  of the JbEy Roger Inn where two large  t_tf* ib��_> >*8W %&hb  G^AWA-JpAke, Minister Pierre' $udea_  i(announced changes in Ms Am 'Ooyerfc-  mekt'k ^otg&iazafeon in mi_tf._y-_tat- will  steengtW the h&&\ Cohstihief and^-Jor&B*.  ate AHairs JDtepartiaen't s<r'& to giveCaft-  adiatfj-onslifeers.mote protec&Mi. f _  -" Under' tiis_.p1anhe_< ailerons in the  riiake-up ef goVertibrtbhtai departments .iie  atBnife^tratiottVill be able to taW;tnor_  Page- B*2*      v .The- Peninsula Times  ,     WeJw^day^fliist 21,. 1?68,,  T^Tf**-'"'1" aim i- ������������*������*i���-__-_�������-��� i^t^tSm^mHtmmmamtmmmmm  IMSMN bands through*.itt Brit__i.Ck_ii__bIa" be flefc-intb-r "1/ and it fc'lf-Ped td hold ihe     ? >  - < arid the.Yufco^ Jiref being a_&_d i&selteclt  'first meetlngot the new coune_r���$hotf&     '>-.     .  i^preiejit4tiyes>fdrv a/fleto Regional-Ad-   ^fte^.   , "       '      '-       *     '-   ">^Y^^-   Y  vistlry'^puni.il to i advise;tte* government     -" a    "  *s   ' >      Y    'j        '    '^'/f    >'  _��   _______.��' _:_l ii-1. .-' _. ^ __.!___. ti . _.       > ..  i .   . *���*,.* . '  t ���  ��� ,      .',���,-..        ��� Regional Advisory  He-disclosed the Department of .Health   insitiiUitedby the Departinietit ef Indian Al- l       ke. ,. ......  and Welfare and the-J>epartmeiit of Con-   fairs three years'ago, and .their main iufic-       o��fice .����>*���� to wear miliirskirfe and  ^*B_S^  A^^��_?^��*  . ._,...-* ___.��. -.���*  the consumer, immediately. Two of his  new young ministers are involved.' They  are Consumer and dorporrite Affairs Minister Ronald Basford, ^year-old Vancouver Jayfyer and Health and Welfare, Minister Joshri Munro, 37-year-old Hamilton  la-wyer^."     / "._ . -  Mr. Trtideau explained that one of the  maitt reasons for establishing the Consumer  aind Corporafte ^Affairs Department ^in ithe  last parliament was to provide a ������ foc^l  point for the interests .of consumers. He  L,       f ,b _ and Methods. Of 10Q coihpanies surveyed.  The firs^douncil has recently completed 85 per cent permii; the wearing of these  its three yearlecm, and the newly elected h'    _��-,!-��� T_ ^mh^  ���� ^_�� _��_��* ��!.__-*  rwesBnlkvCs wiU alio serve for three hew% ***leSL fa adTon' ? ��er cent v allow  year?, ' " male employees to wear long hair, 19 per  The Indian people hVe until October 1 ^nt aU��fr  tiirtlenecfc  sweaters,   85  pe>  RPW Gear tubricants Keep  metal sdrfaces movjn^  smoothly, quietly,* Cut wear..  1.J3AU.YO-RSTWJDARD01LMAK  PG. H. (Gerry) Mcc&onaFd  1 Wilson C_, Sechel.885-9332  j- -viandara oil company ortr.c.  ,JM!��flaoda!s " Gaddhi  Wa's once   as^ed:   r���r..     . . .       ��What'do you think of Western civUiza-  to sifbmit their nominations to the Indian   cfent permit mustaches and 47 ppet cent    tton?*,' ul think it would be a good idea,"  Affairs Branch, and balloting is expeeted  to start shortly alter.  *t!he first ddyistfry council I consisted ,of  representatiVes/from JBve zones tbrotfghout  B.C. anl the Yukon a!s well as represents  do not object to beards.  he replied.  Mr. aiid uMi*s. Victor Dee Dubois  41 "* '    \^    _ 4' ^V.A''  Mr.  and 'Mrs. l^thYFigHiitsoii aifdJim;  baskets of flowers flanked the bride's table 'Mr. Jim Hyatt; Miss-Jon^'Stensoh-of Bow-  which was centered with a three tier cake den Albfeiffca; Mr. and'-Mrs.. Oliver Dubois,  decorated with pale pink roses.  Mr. Bill   Durican;  Mr.  and Mrs.- Charles -Etarich,  said this role was being .ca^-f__y_cle'vet- tion from theJNalive Brotherhood, of B,C.  oped and tbe piiblic, bad shown greatY'la- the North American Indian Brotherhood,  terest in it".                                  -        , and the Homemdltefs Clubs, an 'prganlia-  He said it "was now  appropriate io tiok tS. Indian .wrthenY  transfer to the new Jfepartdtent^soirte of The new council is being expanded to  the  regulatory  activity of other depart- include eight -ones as well as the organi-  menits, the primary aim of which iss the zation representation whicb vrill have the  protection of ihe, consumer.              *, effect of increasiig the num_er of repre-  The Standards Branch of the Depait sentaiives from eight to eleven,  ment of Trade and Commerce and'fthevre. ^ ^w ^^ are w^e��� of q^.  1  Emrfch  uncle of ihe gride was master of   Victoria; Darcieltanunason; Iter Carolyn    tail inspedidn services of the.DepaHmeffls chan aff W^CoS VaSl l3-  ^^^^^^I^.^.^f^J^   ^si.T^i;^-^i^r:^d;!^^��   <*, Agriculture' and Fisheries, wiU ge to Sw&hS bSi cS?a!"NorthoS3*  ^C     _^���   u. ���     Y "' Babine  and  Terrace;   Kamloops,  Nicola,  Department is dso as- Kootenay-Okana'gan; Fort St. John, Stuart  -    -- *   ��� ��     PK   X responsdlMles Lake   Bllrns Lake  and Wim!aQlS  uake;  germed up tendw by the food and drug L^on and East Fraser VaUey inciuding  directorate ot'National Health and Wet- chMwacfc. MeA Fraser yaUey including  mother chose a blue" lace* dress with white  accessories and corsage of red roses. The  mother of the groom .chose a turquoise  dress with accessories and a corsage of  white rosebuds.^ <.  For the honeymoon journey, the bride  wore a three piece snit of pale pink with  white accessories arid a corsage of wMte  rosebuds.  Mr. and Mrs. Victor Dubbis will "reside  at Madeira Park. -  Out of town guests included: Mrs. Mabel Hyatt;  Mr. Bill Emrich and family;  Brand-name drugs winning  over generic named drags  AP~ WASHINGTON i A~Vrobleni looms ii��  , the face of ^many,,money, saving generic  named 'drugs. 'Teste *on(-_u_ian volunteers    m3srm  tfave tweried "up t_roliidil_iotics  and one    gging  fare with -regard to economic fr_ud in  foods, including deceptive advertising and  packag&gr" This will include matters relating to" the ^dmposition ef standardized and  unstandardized foods together with, ally  misrepresentation, in labelling and adver-  sulpha drtig whosfcheaper, scientifically    fel^ *rnOean has pointed out that the  of Health and Welfare m checking fraud  Sechelt; and the Yukon and Northern B.C.  The deadline for receiving ballots- will  Ltd.  YOUR HOSTS: THE BRYNELSENS  Secret Cove RR1 - Halfrnoon Bay  For Resmafioi-s Phone ��sS-$S$3  ///////////////  1  !  1  BSE-Sl.  it   was  M__Bi_ajaM_ww^BWujipf��  Odd hour emergencies?   il^fcli  Service ism service unless  you get it when you n&sdit  CA_l'YOURSTANDA5_>0_JMAN'  G.  H.  {Getty) MacDonald  Wilson Ck, Sechelt fl85-933^;  ���Stindard Oil Company of B.C.'.  than  the   brand-name  originals,  learned Monday.  The three cases, the latest of which  has not previously been made public, bave  sent shock waves through the U.S. Food  and Drug Administration and the drag  industry.  The matter is of great interest to drug  consumers���especially the elderly���because generic drugs often cost only a  fraction of the brand-name versions.  Generic ��� drugs  have the same  active  chemical   ingredients.   But    doctors   frequently   prescribe . the  brand  names   because they  are familiar with  them  and  x..     their quality.      -   ���  * -* 'Differences in performance so far have  been traced to such things as tbe amount  J   of "pressure used in" making tablets and to  coatings or other/added.inactive ingredi-  <: >5 .   &t^Si s.ii v-;-"- ;��-/; "* ��� c\-. ^ "     ���    ,  iJ' ? ^/r^PrjYBerbert ^Efr 'Jr.,Ytite FDA com-  nussioner,   confirmed   that  the   new fin*  dings "are making us look very seriously  \ at the' matter" of supposed equivalency  ' of generic and - brand-name drugs.  '/   ** 04 y.~ I  The Provincial Credit Union Share and Deposit Guarantee Fund protects tho Investment of all individuals  in every credit union in British Columbia.  Such Investments rriay bo In the form of credit union  shares and/or credit Union deposit accounts, term  deposits or any similar sayings or Investment plan.  Tho Fund also guarantees credited dividends on  credit union shares and credited interest on deposits.  This protection makes credit unions ono of tho safest  places where any ono can save or Invest  in foods and drugs will remain with tbe  Department. He is convinced the two yc_ng  ministers.will work closely together in the  best interests of the consumer both frtfm  the health and economic standpoints.  The Prime Minister said the re-organization of the departments within the government has been guided by two basic principles: First, there is a need to provide a  better structure to deal more effetcively  with new problems. Second, there is a need  for each minister and his deparitment to  concentrate on the areas of primary coit  cern unhampered by matters ��� which may  be "better handled in some other agency.  He initiated the reorganization by employing powers under "the PubEc Service He-  arrangement and Transfer of Duties Act. ���  This will be followed up with legislation to  be*submitted to the-firet session6, of the 28th  Parliament this~��all. ' ^ . JXU- �����  ^Five- new- departments"nofr   emerge/*'  They are:  1. The department responsible for re  gional development.  2. The" department of communications.  3. The Department of Industry and  Trade and Commerce.      .      �����      ''  4. Depaitenent of Supply and Services.  5. Department of Fisheries and Forest-  Some existing departments will be substantially restructured, some departments  will be amalgamated with others and certain activities presently carried on in several departments will be,concentrated in a  single department. Some of" the changes  are designed to meet new; pKfbiems, and  to handle coritinuing proMems more effectively. Some of the changes should result iti large savings in administration, said  Mr. Trudeau. However he said the Treasury Board has not as yet given him a  breakdown as to the exact amount that it  is estimated will be saved.  Meantime the Government -is still considering the fdrmatioh of' V wages and  Prices Review Board. This has been given  evfen more emphasis since the St. Law-;  rence Seaway strike and the postal Strike.'  Mr. Triideati said he hoped to meet with'  representative- of industry .and labour be-;  fore the ejild of August. He will, set up his'  Tiiek aiid Prices Review fcdard early this ,  Fall. ,.   ��� i;  He1 also plai^ to introduce a White Paper in parliament-ort the question of maintaining increases in wages and prices at  a level that will not siJe_d up. the spiral  of inflation- He said the forpiation of the  Review Board would not necessarily await  the 'Iritrodu'ction of the White Paper.  Ihe Goyernmcnt has'been,trying to set  i up such a board for several months. It has  encountered problems that it did not anticipate. It had also had meetings with rcpY  rc-ciitaitlves from the Brinish, government  who were able to give the Canadian ��ovr  ernmeht information and words of camioij.  on how to jptyeced and Iww not to proceed  In the light of the experience in thc Uniti  cd Kingdom. j  Mr. Trudeau Indicated however that b\it  Government i�� determined still to go ai  head with the formation of the Review  Boanl,  It Is all part of the Canadian government campaign against Inflationary pressures thla year.  NK ���. DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  Bol Block - Gibsons  Every Wednesday  886-2248  TASELLA SHOPP  Ladies' - Men's - Children's Wear  Yard Goods - Bedding - Linens  Diol 885-9331 - Sechelt B.C.  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All you wasters who demand but  contribute noticing of your own, under tfhe  shelter of a 'protest banner; it is to you tbat  I.address these statements. You shout about  western intervention; you shout of American imperialism. You are supjwrting the,  acts? of one^ country, yet<&ndeminug the  same,acte"displayed'by another.* Br^ bur  hair aside for a momentind cast our lyes    if  toward Czecbbstov^MaS^fiere'is'a.cb^inM-y     r  Jiav^h_r.< internal politics-tampered1 wiih  by sblfoteign power. I am listening for tbe  rumblings pf.protest.    , " <\       ,  :3<t_iiaaf< Where are all you ba��_he4>orab  types?* .This country is making great nu-  plear.fl<��s^8��    >      ,   <,    ., s > _    r.      M  vNorth Korea! A nati^holding* tite *JEJue>  bWL and it's crew until the United-States  goes down, on her knees and kisses their  feet. Oh, man! The whole issue is absolutely disgusfting!  ' 'At the _aovi.es, the main feature is Very  often proceeded by a "short" I am wondering if any of you recall the one that was  shown not too long ago featuring two motorcycles racing against the autos in the  Monte Carlo Grand Prix. Believe it or not  but it is true; the vrijd looking character  riding that hot machine alongside a Mas-  sepatti, out in front, was Sechelfs own,  Bili-Kristofferson.     j  ��� Phasesy'bfthemoira: The moon is said  to >be "new" -when  5      ,       <Y. .    ' .>*:.,���  B-3  r" -  > >  y'w. ^���."-'Vs.i^  ���By The Old Rake   tfr'cbmpo^t^e'm^^werk'-they have\\  Jensen-Read .  I  Mr. and Mrs-Lyle Frederick-Jensen  y  it' is. im conjunction,  (when theY-ioon Is ^between the sun and  the earth). Wejeannot see the moon at this  time 6s it's -luminated-surface is on the  bt>J___te ^de of-the earth. A4hi-t crescent  t___i Incomes visible 4 jid the mobri "waxes"  until "it is ur opposition, when it is said to  be "full", (opppositkn is when fhe moon  in; the .proper location' it comes close to m  being ithe ideal garden subject' It requires'  a minimum of care and is quite capable  of growing into a "good sized" clump that  will not need dividing for years. 1~ fact,  the gardaer who is always changing and'  shifting will not be happy with peonies  To divide them, there must be a good  and proper reason for it. It could be that'  tree roots are encroaching ,and it is being  deprived of1 sustenance, * op perhaps the  cjump is-just too large ahd the flowers are  getting smaller. When you move, *a' large  clumj. of peonies you wilKbe surprised at  the amount of soil and roots that you have-  to move and no matter bow oaxeful you  are it is inevitable ithat the tips of some  of the- roots w_l be damaged.' When this  happens thes plant suffers a set back and  takes a long time to recover.  At the initial planting get as \much  humus as is possible under the plants 'and  thereafter the feeding will have to,be in  the form of screened compost or well rotted manure as.a top dressing: Be'geeious!  Aifter the blooms are finishedand the foliage  dies, cut the plants down to an inch from  soil level and theh top dress.  Contrary to what many people think,  peonies are excellent cut flowers. To have  them last in the vase they should,(be1 cut  while only half-opened and in the morning.  Some of the large flowered varieties are  probably too large for floral arrangements  m the home, lhe semi-double types produce  flowers that are of a size compatible with  good flower arrangements. When they are  in the. ImkTstate quite often small black  ants are to be noticed on them, they do no  hapm but if they persist after the blooms  open; weak snpp solution sprayed on will  get- rid of them. If and when they have  to be lifted' ahd divided, make sure each  division to be planted has at least four eyes  on it. Tbe depth; at which'they are planted  determines whether <they will bloom or not  For better results ther'eyes-should-be not  more than an inch*, below soil level. If a  good compost is not available bone-meal  will make- a fair Substitute ��01* one year,  but it should just'be ^n emergency feeding  as nothing take.? the place of rotted manure  "Si  PENINSULA TIMES  Regular equipment care with  quality STANDARD petroleum products slashes downtime.' .    ^ t<     ,  %, -\-   i',    "S  *pp*��MftjMMN_MHi  ' ��_fl  CALL YOUR STANDARD OIL MAN  1 G.H. (Gerry) MocD-naU  ly/ilst>mCk;JSe;chdt 805-^332 f  i i^Stdhdahdi 'OlPCnmpam bf tf_J. I  TIMES ADBRIEFS WORK FOR YOU^  'Are 'yoiii.- a - COf-T--ACTOE- - > D^OLCtPEH   ,  . Y>~i^  ~l_AI^DSCAP_vi_;- FAi-l-IE-t ..     .  of;ma^eLa-^��'��-ltrYOT--S_��_iVf-l?!<r '.  I  wifih a ^/iDE i?Ar.GE of TCUGM JO_?S: to do?  j,         .       y BaV-r * '<.      '-f   "��, ' !1 -    >*"������ , t1'/9            l!           *'   s      r      1   y\-*   -,  ffivromanlie weddinig in. a'long time fierea^weddin^f cake'-wni tdp^d with a  .iDk.place on Saturday,Yifiigus.* JTith handsoine'yohng' colt?>-a^corati<_J jn-keep-  We^i.Susan Marie Read became the hap'py ing w^hthe'^ejit*^"then��B^ofifhe<wedding.  ide'of young Cajilcotin rancher Lyle Pre- for her doughter's wedding, the, bride's  iiSck- iJensen.          . mother -wore a green two piece ensaanble  - Susan* is ^he youngest daughter -of Mr. with beige and green' accessories. '  niL Mrs.., Frank S. Bead of West Sechelt - -ASter.a two weet ^tay^oh-thePeniifeula  no the groom is the eldest son of Mr. the happy young couple'wdll head _or'their  jtnd I^rs,. iLyle f. Jensen Sr., of'Tweeds- 640 acre ranch on .the - Olisbako Biver in  mu^-BjC.    '            '          -   ' ��r t&e- Olnlcotin' couabry-wherenthey vw_li build   ^ iiiW ^^ vaaiK. a .g^^,^ ^       Bev. rCanon Man D.-j Greene, offifeiated their <xwh fog cabin and barnS. Ikey^ will  then so on until new moonlis again reached.    at the^dOuMe ring ceremony held in -the raise horsei arid cattle and as" the young  w_,__- ��,__ ��_��__._ L -__,_. V.^ �������� ���  �� t.          Church 'Of Has Presence at Bedrooffs. rancher' says 'they will live ,c_f the land  When tne moon is new it's age is 0 hours         _.       ,                   Y_ .      . ^      _ a^ woric harf ��� -                  .<.���--  0 mmutes and,this, occurs an the monthly    t .?hieJl m J*1*���*��6 ^Jf faaer .fee ��    -  ^"*-m1.     L  ^ -U       - -'       *  occasion when titesun and mom <_I_i�� ��ti    bnde *��**��� *^Weitettt^jsltyle  two' inece lSusa_r was-wmrHnig^asra-ha^dresser^in     ^,  .m^SSSSSS^SSdS- ��*athteW-uit of A-Ene skirt and' vest' ^^ ,^t>V9rHA'_t��^j-ip^^                                  .   >  ]_---_? SSf_____Sn?SS?taS-t_    wtote ta^^JW_^^^er moccasi^^ yhocame^eanateittvm Satiate CSty^,^  and sun are on opposi e sides of the, earth).  From' full moon back to new moon the illuminated surface decreases and is said  to "wane." The-eight-phases arenas follows: ,new, or dark moon; crescent, or  quarter moon; quadrature, or half moon;  gibbous, or three quarter moon and full  moon. Ihe next phase is tftgain^gibbous'and  tssmsssspmsssmtmsBsms  Want mom mileage?  _?:-.^.'____.Lai^__s__^_..ff_.-'r- '  from conjunetkra-to-quadrature in seven  days.' Opposition takes place when the moon  crosses the midnight meridian at the same  time as the sux| crosses the midday meridian and it's age is about fifteen days. During the 29��i days of the moon's period of  lunation .the earth has advanced in it's orbit  about 30 degrees.  ������ The moon rotates once on it's axis in  ope revolution' of it's orbit. This is the  and brown feather circlet headpiece with    Utah, twelve years, ago,  nose-tip 'veil.' She carried a colonial bou-       , _______________  que. of red rose .buds and stephanot-S.  Attending the bride was her sister, Mrs.  Anne Kelly wearing a black and white  suit and carrying a colonial bouquet of  yellow rosebuds.  Best man was Mr, Murray Ohm's of  Quesnel, B.C.  Family reception was held in the home  to*  HOSPITAL   BIRTHS   FOR   INDIANS  Between 95 to 98-per cent of all Canadian Indian torths, now-take place in hospitals or >nursing stations under "competent  professional'-supervision'. Increasingly, Indian women are availing themselves of  pre-and  post-natal  clinical services,   ac  Chevron Gasolines Keep  engine parts clean. Boost  . ���      futel mileage.  I  Xt-l?  G. H. (Getty) Macponold  Wikoa Ck. Seehelt 885=9332  r3&anl W^^any^ix:  -Sflifffpftim.  r.eW��_^SJi,580 Construction King-fastest, most productive and profitable Ipadcrybackhoe'you can own! laltts 3&X)tb.  with Hyd^-ieve|ing loader; digs jeibjra- than 16' deep "with ___tenda-  hbe. Designed for high pKid-_Cuon.'<_iy-ih,. day-out: torque con-  verter, Wf�� shuttle, hyclraulic self-levetogbucket, sin^e lever  loader control_Ret_ni;tc-_ig automatically repositions loader bucket. fc!hoice'o��l^khoe controls with dual-lever controls or foot swing.  HAVE yS--��E^��^STEmTE��ME K1EI?/CASE  S30 C���_-STHU���TiOf- HING  USED EQUIPMENT? Yes. We hove a good selecHon of  Bockhoe-Loadef-Tractors/ Gx��wJer:Looder Tractors^c.  , available at attractive prices. ...    __.  '  >.?ii._.  .  Jf*'  10547 King George Higliwajr  NORTH SUKBgr^BJC,  "���T^F^TfPTri^^ WMBs---l4&m&^��*db&&   ^,^^^  ttfMflM  ���'1  ' M��^j '. _*'''vi����t*5,Ii*.  is calwcays increosHiig       _   _ cording   to* .a ' Department   of   National  moon's  sidereal  period and  equals 27%    of  the bride's  parents  where tfae  three    Healfluand We3__te reporti,  days. It is the time the moon takes to  make it's revolution from one star and  back <to the same star again. (27 days 43  minutes 11.521 seconds). From this we see  the daily motion of (the moon to be about  thirteen! degrees.  Lunation or Synodic 'Month: It is the  time taken by the moon to pass from one  phase back to the same phase, or between  two successive cc^ajunottons or oppositions.  It has an average value of about 29Vfe days  (29 days 12 hours 44 minutes 2.84 seconds)  and is principally due to the eccentricity  of the earth's orbit. So much for tbe moon.  Pender^ Harbour weekend  prize in photo contest  DEADLINE for entries to the Vancouver  Sea Fe-lival'B1 photo contest has been  extended because of the postal stnkc.  Photographers should submit their en-  trlitf- to (he Sea Fei^vial offices at 640  Burrard .bcttore midnight Frjday, August  ie."'    ,'.'.;'      , ;      ,..���',���  '.. The contest, which sliiputated that photo-  graphciis take pictures of events during the  Sea Festival, offers a flratclass sea voyage  for two to San Francisco as first prize.  Second prize Is a weekend for two in  Kelowna and third is a weekend for two at  a fishing resort Jn Pender Harbour.  Tho first prize will be awarded for the  bctft overall1 picture, color or Wack-andi-  whilte, second1 prize for the best color print  and third for the best black-and-white print.  'The  contest  was  ^sponsored  by   P&O  Utveis, tlie Maritime Museum Association  and ICoklak of Canada.    ,  (      Entries will bc Judged before tho end  of Auftust,  ^r^Z  Tailor-mado clgarcttcfl lmrn hotter than  hand-rolled ones.    ������'��� ���' ��� '���������--������i.n.i..i.*_._.'iii .j. jii^;    1 ,  Fuel bills too hioh?  i'_ .      -   ��t      -    J  pU^^UclWh CHEVRON  G&NES find STANDARD  DIESEL FUEL cut costs.  0  ddOICS FOR EVEHY  CI\tLYOUn OTANDAnD OIL MAN  ' G. H. (Gerry) MacDonald!  V/U.on Ck, Sech^t 003-9332  ����.umd��f_ Oil Co��"P��"�� ot B.C.  Anyone Can Make A Million  Sex And The Teenage Revolution  Topping's Trail  .'���������'������' ���  Coastal Cruising  How To Buy Stocks  ���  ���  *  The Smug Minority  Breakihg Smith's Quarter Horse  m     0 1  ���  The Gibsons Landing Story  . ���    , 0.   t��   ��� m  Place.Of Quiet Waters  _-��� "r;rr       4  i         *      1 hi������ 11  JEftfliER CDF TIIE. FAIiBLY  AT  SECHELT, B.C  Phono 885-9654  ���WlllWI  j  see-rr-At you n<fei!��ett<0t_^j-en oh-th�� pe>3i^suLA  1.1 4   -J. . 1  _. * *  A _     .   _ ',   , U    ., I \  ' t *  j Mm  ,osio  '_!*"__ j_ _r J���1  Coririe Strcc3, SccIhc'J  .  *">(*w_i��ii*fcw_|i��^l��M  ><Mtfc^<MNlw^<MwV(J><MV^a>^^ yyy^^WtiM^Mt^MiMi!*^^ ^t��i____^St-^*r^ < >S1Vy^^^^A��-yVV Vj^rf^r* wr^v^-tf*  .______!______ __i!__-*J��jW*_l>*^_te__'i.^^ _. l^^uUi.^^^  .   4  r^  ��* W^.'%i Vs*"* <  . - .Bf *-^a_*___.i       *' L    . ' *  v tiff t4 flR _--�����=�� r   ��_*i? <. ' ���  .  .. ��� jCompact.erieampment ���  Tfikssa tEtas ggEhana type structures and bunk-houses.  A group of five  a_t�� fssstt nf tfbs ��oitjplete axid- com- men erect the campsite in advance  jgastt QD��aj_cpQQErit ssljadb houses -nine of the field crew-headed by Jack  imraroteg <c_ _hs JBX_. Inventory Div- MpCJellan seen facing camera and  ebeje <sff t__e BC- -Forest- Sendee, discussing the project with limes  sfeads snfl ��gpBjHBeni;, Other build- editor Doug Wheeler.  ��2g$ m& aseca are treoler type offices  *��ii-ea_Sff_j^ **  *4 -��  .*���   s  test  ���  'ytf,.. I     _   ,.Jw t-  Mobile landing ground _ . ,  Fifty-five foot vessel, the B.C. Fores- base while up at the top of Jeryis  ter, plays its part in the giant forest Inlet. The Helicopter of Northern  inventory and is used to tow the Helicopters is seen dropping in to  sixty foot barge used as a landing   land prior to departure for Mallbu.  ���\  i  &  f    .30  l.  i  f*  *_  ^-^J*  MadHaMMtibMIMMMbMllit-MMHMI  I      ;    \      v   -  i^E_|3*8kv^.  "���-..Ti.'^.T" *   '."' RacKo cbrifact     * __ _ -  li^ik-l;   ���-____* ''���"�� ���'"-, *   Pu Pt       '  ~tal  ��r   ___=.!.        _,_.-,     perienced foresters like Mike Zachary   curate and detailed "ihfbrffiation,  ^rttem   Wg&SQ&sss\ pilirt   Chad   over the Woodfibre ar_a, bis signals   can read the spedes and matori^of ~ i -    V  JEwsy a^ps^S .^esalaon every.YlS" were'  relayed" from" Kamloops  to - ' ,   ,, .,...���,,  jjgjilafeg. ^aiite-^a-t 4m -sarvcy: Flying. Sechelt base camp.  Specialized study  Using a stereoscope makes two pic-   timber from aerial photographs. Cur-  tures appear as a relief map and ex-,   rent invei^^y[,m[ ^ We ac-   fieid ^e foi-its^ helic^ter fficiew   the 'copter tokto land.  Approaching base "  Time staff photo shows the sixty foot   while taking inventory at the topCof  barge used by the forestry dept, as a i Jervis tnlet. Hchire was tsikenLais  By Doug Wheeler . >,. -       Px..P^Myx1  B.C. Inventory Division      <>  laiHiches giant mwentoTj '  YB^ViNG   unobtrusively  into   the  Sechelt the-event-of'emergency.    -  area early in the spring, members of ,      Survey of inaccessible terrain* is-cirried  out by the 'copter at a height of ISO* 'and  recording of the necessary data is done  by a forest classifier who reptafe-Ms repent  ��__��__  ��....   ^ ...... ���.. _^t i   Constant alert .  Em tfihe U&nge tfcnaalfir equipped a^ main    tac;t. is . maintained; between,  boat,"  the B.C. Inventory Division, of the B.C.  Forest Service headed by Project Supervisor Jack McLellan, have been carrying1 ...       ..  ^ ���__.__  out an extensive suvey of the SCchelt Public ' on a portable tape recorder; This is" liter  Sustained Yield Unit  comprising a total transcribed and added to the growing 'pile  of 850,000 acres.               ��� of r^xjrtk and lists of facts5 compiled by  Object of this mammoth inventory; is the field crews.                            ;::',.;  to provide a basis for ensuring a sustained ���    Quantity and quality of matuie and in-  yield or, in other words, to make sure yield mature timber has to be determined .vhere  is not exceeded by depletion. To do ��� this possible by\ the field crews and spot'^^ checks  requires an almost tree by tree inspection, carried out for deformities, tot, tu_ease  for factors to be considered include deple- and other: upfit:-th_es. These and-a-TOulti-  tion through; logging, fire, insects, wind- tude of other facts are all recorded and  throw, decay, roads, industrial, sites and finally sent to Victoria where they are fut-  cultivation. ther studied \befOre ibeing. fed into compu-  Species  have  to  be classified 'and as tors fxom whichVa very near acurate ��ox-  '    large areas are 'at present inaccessible a mula for e_fi<^ent logging is produced.  great deal has to be assessed from a height Jack McLellan ytold the Times such an  of  20,000   feet   are   meticulously   studied inventory   should Wealy  be   carried   out  through stereoscopes. These twin lens in- every ten years, unfortunately due to cost  struments bring the pictures into 3 diamen- and labour factors,\t will probably be a  sion and the experienced eye is able to de- fifteen year process/ The oper'ation takes  termine    accessibility,    mountainous    re- between four and five months to complelbe  gions, species, and  a reasonable acurate in the area involved, but a .great, amount  i    estimate of the heigth of trees. <j)f book work is completed at Victoria.  \        After considerable study of 1he pictures, -   ���Graduate   Forester   Mike . Zackary,'' a  j    Mr. McLellan and his crew are able define forest graduate before he came to Canada  '������    areas covered by and volume of mature from Western Ukra-jne, explains (that "grea-  Umber, .areas covered by nonforCflt^ areais test concern has been, so .much past,wast-  covered by immature timber, species, age age in the forest industry. Time >vas when  _ _.  __        . _ ,,���,,��� . "'       " '      ' '    "   "     Project supervisor ..  ���  t u vvtom  h ^ _or ���. _  ������w_��,, ���, F,������ ���,^.��,  csfflBt^, miiwemfy student Paul Mol7. helicopter;   baie ,^ahip   and   field   w$th   1,400   aerial   photographs   to   the.importance of the survey. Eleven ' and height. TOs provides"an o^eraS" pk- onTylh-'l^"a_id!m^'  -v^.  ����^��4^;���_   0^A,n  ���n+*M   un4h,.'_-roiii��. -   -.       ��� check' against   recorded    surveys,   irien plu_ the pilot and engineer are   ture from which a plan of operation is de- was taken, no reforestation was carried  everyone is kept busy at the Sechelt   workmg  on  the  survey  conducted    vifi0(1' out and in iUme we could have been in dijpo  marr Bn^csfhictiaiTis  jradio  contact   with ��� crews;  Bosi&raipQfin. TTswo way A.M. radio con  Camp but Project Supervisor > Jack   from Sechelt.  Mctellan takes time out to explain  !  ^'i<V<Y  ���vrprzr',,?i<  i*��    ��^v^V':, <p"P  All accessible timber Is first inspected straits.  Now with almost complete' Mtili-  and In order to accomplish this a variety nation a timber sale calls for clearing of  of equipment is utilized and Includes:  a Umj area l��Sgcd. Rescedng is then possible  55' vessel, tlie B.C. Forester; A Bell G 3 B and togclthcr with rigid control we will al-  1 Helicopter which Is on rent from North- ways be assured of an adequate supply. '  em Helicopters togetlier with pilot Chad Based in a compact encampment on the  Murray and engineer Bob Roberts;  a 60', borders of Sechelt, the inventory crew has  barge which is also used as an operating i'ts own oflflccis, bunk house, stores and kit-  >     base for the helicopter and is fitted with chew. The crew itself consists of nine which  I     accomodation for two men; two 18' cabin includes four university students who arc  YI     cruisers; two l-T clinker boats; one rubber employed as tallymen; They are; D, Mc  raft; five motor vehicles and two Yahama Martin, P. Molnnr, V. Davo and B] Carl-  mo'tor, cycles. son. Classifiers who are graduate forester-;  Clnwriunloations arc maintained by two M.  XacWary, 11.  Mueller  and  P.  Teaxoe.  way AM  radio between boats, helicopter. Assistant, supervisor I. SpantU and'project  j     fi(ild crewH and base camp ot nil times, si .wrvlsor,   Jack   McLellan.   To  ccwnplejc  ^       The helicopter when on patrol reports in . the team is ��klpper of the B.C. Forester  at  regular fifteen  minute   Intervals  thus I.  McKcnzic and  codk and deck-hamd ��� D.  permitting Its position to bo pinpointed' In Stewart.                                 ,  Forest classifier  Safe on deck  Times photographer Marcia Wheeler   deck of the barge used as a base  Wash tttw iM'Jicoplcr costing approx.   onia on tape a visual report of ter-   breathed.a big sigh of relief when   during operations for the  B.C.  In-  $2. gwr jrcdnirte. jio time is wasted and   rain as he checks previously token   Pilot Chad Murray brought her and   ventory Division  gjrailku__e itouster H-" Mueller rec-   aerial photographs ot the area,  I.  of the Forest Scr-  ihe helicopter safely down on Lhe   vice  tv  i,*,^*^.^    .I,,.^.,!*,,.^*,*.*.^*,^  Life Insurance is good for you  , in so many vpays  ��� guttranleed tiecurtty  ��� lifetime income at retiremem  ��� excellent Having values  ��� mortgage protection  ��� funds for emcrgenrJen  ������I iO^  -^i  ^   i  W5NC  T��1B  Robc/t E. 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S^ yo<lU ^nd-  Page &_���  'Vpaiidffi 'em" ik^m&ex--  to better health.. ��� ih^yjkty  DON'T fast ��t 'fhei^-do -_oroethi-g!;   '  ' You'll get ^; lift' out of<���- _-!ng~ active.  Pby'Seal/^ikvitaes" ate jtarjfist, fir  "aposr-s jeyp&i" feat for uveryotte *o�� benefit frdht-ami ifofay-^ven y&h.'       P   '  U yok think ^you're just not *he cross->  half otWSS, almost $900 million, or iO pe��i new ojjporthuitles there Must _e constant    de?&!f ��r Womng darts.? HipKe's jan  cent/ above the level of ihe same tpertod attention to the Irasics of good anarKet per-   ac��wty for everyone, depending on ihe  in 1967.                                      '    ' tP L, formance���imiproved methods of  produc-    person*  prefcaratioft' and  te��t__>ri��_n��_  .n  Mr." Pepin congratulated the busipfeSB' tiofa, effective salete promotion afld compet-  commuhity on this outstanding fecpoftper^ itive Vtki'dg.  formatice and paid tribute to the leadership? the niiaister emphasized the onus for  given by the Hon. Robert Winters, bfc? i>fe-' a strong ejsfrdrt performance cannot f be  decejisor" as minister of* trade* and" com- left to the i>rodueef and ifexporier atone,  merce, who had set the tradfr objectives. Much depends on proper recognition by all  for 13S7 and'1038 and had mobilized, the' groups in the economic coinmumty of the  stropg cooperative effort of ihe export com- "' !J   ''~~*~       .* -.^ji.niv, ..^.__i.  munity. _    /  This exceptional advance ih exports ,ha~  been a major factor contributing to therre-  cent pickup in the Canadian economy. '  ,A resurgent United States econoihy ac-  ,com^>anied by unusually strong demohd,in  Uhat marbetfor, st>mc of Canada's principal  "'etpirts,. pihicuMrlp"] Automotive prodticts,  weife 'cited ^as the doMoant external influences underpinning the strong fexpont  ntnvement.��� Exports to the United "��fates  crucial importance of tnaifMbdhg competitive ascendancy in the iriarikets of1 the  world. !  Sechelt Library slocks  include many lop books  person's  pj_|aration and  experience in  the activity and his age. tVhait will y^urs'  be?      <��� ���;'   ; ,    -- ���>   ,  Bememher that keeping active ih^otne  way iwh ^tiBt only ^jittove your t^ysicalr  fitees^. The sheer enjoyment of activity  and the social pleasures asso^ated with  spdrts ^nd ^ames are" kflown^ tor relieve  ni&sial and emotional tensions and add to  your zest for living.  WflnJ  io  crtaSiQ- yctar h_sK>  larger, ��3tofe cQt$i\%&aM��,i!��3t$e'  'mtwetnp'.. "sabre    'fe___f ifta!?  Wfcot_ver hpMe fmtf*oreabet&  '. project' yoa -fitjve' 10  ntlad-  , yotril 'ffiadl "feelj^ftjl Mem. ntsS  ; isi>oj��iof!on ^"your esse _5cp  '���  "     ixUppUh sSop  1H^  illi  .f<  piioae _i85-^S9  $_tMT/%:4  eyjit^____w<iii_>_  NEW books on the shelves of Sechelt tabr-  ary   include:   Up   Into   The  Swinging  iftdreas&i hy almost $900 million, or'M 25    Moutffaitas,   Llewellyn  Richards.   Innocent  ��� per'ceat, m4the six-anonth comparisSn.J1it   Merr&tfeht, Franklm Adattls. Native ftees  the sairite peHod sales overseas held ^bout  '   Surprise presentation  Cdiriing off duty at St. Mary's hospi-   staff waiting to wish 1ier well, IVfl^s - the sarfte pei  talfor the last time on Wednesday of   T. Marcos,-nurse at the liospital,   bnchabgnd'  last- week,   head   operating - nurse   preseiitfed Mfts on behalf of the^staff.       y* Minister warned scnte of thte fey-  Mrs   Nathalie  Gardiner found  tiie -fable lories affecting exports in the first  half of 4be year may "ii��fc' be present in  equal degree in the months afiead. At ihe  same time he sttessfed ^he importance of  a; sustained all-oitt effort to maintain the  present'momentum in export sales. , t  '���Mr. Pejdn said that it was being increas^  ingly recognized that, for Canada, Igreav  promise for the future lay in the direction  V  i^T,  tionilof new export markets with comj��ei&(  tive"Canadian products.    -     - > J~x  Mr.  Pepin observed that a new,mile*  stone on the road to a freer and more &(_��*  -_&i l|Wilirllirf, IWMIBliVilW'lll IB  of Canada, Dept. of Forestry. Stones of  History, Canada's HDuse�� of Parliament,  National Film Board of Canada. In 'the  Company of Eagles, Ernest Gann. Shooting  Script, Gavin Lyall. The Gold of Malabar,  Berkley Mather. Rainbow in the Rloyals,  Garland Roark. Mr. Blandins Builds IBs  Dream House, Eric Hodgins. The Burgess  Bird .Book for Children (1985 ed.), Thornton W, Burgess.  The new shipment of books from Victoria, now on the shelves- includes Paul  St. P.erre's, llreaidig Smith's Quarlter  Horse an^ongst 'the 130 volumes of-fiction;  non-fiction and juvenile books.  Superior trees are grown from selected  seed.  SCHOOL DISTRICT Mo. 46 (SECHELT)  i'i_)^#  Brief stay       .    j r ft _.'  Retuqung to her^home la t^e"*PiJulip-*s"  ines after a brief but happy stay at'  St. Mary's Hospital Nuifee JFrene L.  Pajardo re__ives a foketi of appreciation from the staff, presented by  Mrs. M. Marcroft.  Hospital staff gathers  as nurses bid farewell  STAFF of fSt. Mary's Hospital, Sechelt bid  farewell to iiwo of Its members last  week when the nurse who has been with  the hospital-for the longest time and one  of the latest mirSes left the district.  Head  operating   nurse,   Mrs.   Nathalie  Gardiner joined the staff of the Ud St.  Mary's H-Spltal at Garften Bay in U981 as  Dr. MastersiSn's 6cnl!b fnurse, Stating thaj^.  she feels like a part of the building, Mi-7  Gardiner played an imlporitartt part during  the hefctic days bf the _ranSfer from the,  old to the ultta modern new building in  Sechelt,    ,  Moving to Haney, Mrs, 'Gardiner will  be HbU.se JSiipervteor of the 110 bed Maple  Ridge ..Hospital;  , H^^tal Adtministrator Mr. Tony Wage-  riiii^ri., si>eaking at a farewell ga_l_rimg,  dtimed (Mrs. > Gardiner Wr h_r, good and  faithful' service, to' lhevibos^J_��i:;4hd'l"Mie ���  P_S_i^U6-vox_ ihe P<iniiisula who 'pit their faith  In pie; nurses and doctors.  'Mr. WageihiakeriSi allso thanked Miss  Frche L. Fajatido for giving the hospital  good (service, during her short stay.' The  pretty young nurse from the PhilHj_hes is  flying home on August 22nd to Join her  family who suffifercd during,the re_ent  earthquake there. ,   ���      ' Y  {".  -<* / <���> '-1 rr*'-.v f���"* : &yrtf{iw  will sell - buy - rent  irode'  ... r,.   11  SE^VE ����y.  j��**i*">' v,(.v*  oi  s  Gibsons -^Surmycrest-- Sechelt - Phone 886-2234 - 886-2726 -885-2238  1 ^ ���>  ���������-  ���aMirf_<_|a_������  n^nmVM-tfrrtnMi, innfmnt.^.  ; n   :: ��  v Y- l $ Y   ��� i ���  i * > *. t y. ,   /    Y7~    t     -��     ��   -   ,        ...,,.,,'���  Y<s  ^-ffl'T-S^  s  _  * 04,44 ihium������waitiiw  MMMr '  00OD PRIZES  I  Ydu Wdiildri't do back to SdiO&l ivithooflyour BOOKS  Don't  Go ^ac^^ Them Up At  0(&  *,n.n^��\ffi) :.:  '^flRC  1  ME^Bftf-Slfff?  PMZB  members mutt be  present  F  8 p.m*  SECllCLT'  (Latest ShSpmenf of P_tnts. ��.rpm Aero - Day's - GWC.)  ,',���,''6pk - ��� sHiirrs. -" ties;;�����������siiofes. '-,������ M^d etc.  . V'lUU-CaE  HAUL ���  M04O��mumkhittmiimss  Registered owpers of .property should be automatically-on the list���but check when  the lists are posted on September 1 Oth. , ,  Qualified persons, other than property owners. Wishing to Have their, nan.es entered an  the List of Electors for 1968-69 mu?t file the necessary declaration with the Seeretaiy-  Treasurerof School DistncbNo. 46 (Sechelt), Box 220, .Gibsons, 6_C. before 5.0D p_n.  on AUGUST 31, 1968. -  RESIDENT ELECTORS���Canadian .citizens ot other British "adjects of ��the full age of  tv/enty-one years, who are resident .and who,havei resided co"?jt.riuotBly for  not less than six months within the School pistricr,imp__fiately prior to the  submission of the declaration provided for in'Sectfor��i69-of'the* Pit-Be Schools  Act, ie. since before March 1, 1968,,and.whose names are not entered on.the  list as owner-electors. ' ' ���*-{"-  TENANT ELECTORS���Canadian citizens or other-Brilisfi-subjects bf'ihe-full oge-of  twenty-one years and corporatibns which are and have been continuously, far not  less than six months immediately p/ior to the submission of**the declaration  provided for in Section 69 of the Public Schools'Act, he, .since beforo-Marc** I,  \96B, tenants in occupation of real property within the School District--and  whose names or .he names of which are not entered on the list as owner-ef-ctajrs  or resident-electors.  Wives or husbands of property owners, who are not- themselves- registered owners, may  register as resident or tenant electors at the School Board Office.  CORPORATIONS are not automatically placed on the list and those qualifying as owners  of property or as tenant-electors must also file a written authorization,, under the seal  of the Corporation, naming some person of the full age of jtwenty-one years, who fe a  Canadian citizen or other British subject, to be its agent on behalf of such corparatKjn.  Such authorization shall be filed with the Secretary-Treasurer not later than AUGUST  31, 1968.  Names, other than property owners, will not be carried forward from fast year's ffet  without a person making a new declaration in accordance with the Public Schools Act.  SOME INDIAN PEOPLE CAN NVOTE AS TENANT OR RESIDENT ELECTORS  A recent amendment to the Publjc Schools Act has been interpreted to mean that,  where an Indian Reserve lies within a provincial school district and where the Indian  children attend a provincial school, the adult Indians of the reserve can register as  tenant-electors or resident-electors, which mokes them eligible to vote for school trustees  and also to run for election themselves as school trustees. (Tenant and resident efectars  cannot vote on money by-taws) The necessary declaration form must be completed and  sent to the Secretary-Treasurer not later than AUGUST 31, 1968.  DO NOT DELAY. REGISTER NOW IF YOUR NAME IS NOT ON THE USTllt  1 Peter C. Wilson, Seaetary-TreasMrer  > School District No. 46 (SecheltJ  I Box 220, Gibsons, B.C.  i- If you are a resident^ but not the head of the household, you can bc.-pJaced -qn fhe r  ^MtAergi list-by ccnnp__i_q 'the form below __H sending it to' ^dtSea^iac^Xveasurei^JlM  ^plpFORE AUGUST21&96B. ���<���>-*.-/ *~   ^ ~* y  (cut along doited fine)  ���"��� �����.    /_ a  DECLARATION BY RESIDENT-ELECTOR  Canada: )  Province of British Columbia )  School District No. 46 (Sechelt)  Box 220, Gibsons )  I.   do solemnly declare as follows:  a) That 1 am a Canadian citizen or other British subject and that I am of the fuM age  of twenty-one years.  b) That I hove been continuously, for six months immediately prior to this date, and! arn  a resident of the school district (or a rural area Of the school district).  c) That I reside at ..  as  (here describe by address or property description)  in the said school district.  (head of family, member of family, boarder, or lodger)  And, 1 make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to be true, and (cnowfrtg  that it Js of the same force and effect as if mode under oath and by virtue of the Canad-t  Evidence Act.  (fiitprf Sleeve Spon-a Shirts - Battling Suits - ttufanfiip Sfsoes - WtiSlfiitg Shorts  ,   ansT'f-weity "Hats), ^  ,  Qf0iMll(pil$  f_rat__-A__!ii  '��  I  DECLARED BEFORE ME AT  . i- ���'.   1',���, ���  this-..____-. day of ���_.   B.C)  19-  (Tho Secrctdry-Trobsurer is empowered, urideir Section 10 of the Rrbfic School's Act,  to administer oat.? ahd .9 take and receive, within the School District, offidbvits, 'declarations and affirirrkitiohs required to be token by or under fhe Act.)  Complete the folrjn bejpw for tenant-elector- If you are the head of the hoasehofd and  send it to the; Secretary-Treasurer at the School Board Office. After checking out the  qualifications, he will sertd you a statement which places your name on the vater^ Cst.  THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE AUGUST 31, 1968        '  (cut along dotted line)  DECLARATION BY TENANT-ffL-CT-ll  Conoda: )  Provlfwie of British Columbia )���  School District No. 46 (Sechelt)  Box 220, Gibsons ) -  i  .  i5��5 MARINE - GSBSO^S  FMOI.E ��SS~2!I��  f.  do ��_.emr..y declare a_ foTtomc  b) That 1 am a Conadlah cltljcn or other British subject and (hat'I -ih'of. the fufl eg*.  of twenty-orie year*.  W  Tlwt l.havj? been continuously, for six months Immediately prior to thH dbte, end  oma tenant In occupation of real property within the'itHool di.trict Car a rural arta  of tho school dlifict),  and that tho pr6hl*i>�� ��o occupied by me are situewe  (describe the property to as to Identify iho lot/ lots, or priwhes)  In tho Bchool district.  And, ��� mo)<c this solemn declaration con*clenttot��Jjr believing it to be true, and fenow&��g  that it Is p( ��he name force ond effect as II mode under oath and by virtue of the Camxfian  Evkfenco Act.  DECLARED BEFORE ME AT  this ���  day of   B.C)  19_���j  (Tho Sccretary-Tr<_mwr Is empowcrpi^ under Section 10 of lh�� IH_>lic SdSoof* Act,  to odministrr oattn and to tok* aiH receive, within the School District, offkJovltv <&v  clorotldns and of flrrhatkws required to l>c token by or under the Act.)  ^ji^r1|fe^I^J|fkrffliMi*t^lK^��*-4^^*^^(A^^'1('^ y'^f'**' * ^ ���^,*** "*^  ���*��>i'��fc.^"ir'^1,*��nTj_^,rtn^H,��i����*.Wi> ri��, i^.Mi^ F<Ki 0*. 4*  fAwJitt.  (^.jArrfPh ii*. .044, *4% v^ ��*������ ^ftt 4i -^ ttouitm   J* j* j**^,-* fl  ��� *rt. .**.   &, *<ft. (ffe. ,4fh 4t4^ fa ^l rff^.^ff^ (_A i^H. 4** if* **^*f^l. #6 #1% 0\   rtt\ ^^,#*ft   ^*.^_  A  ^.    l^*�� ^fl"< -*^j"J ^*<f  14^  V  .<���*  l8--fel_t  -/���*A_x*��  kSff^ w?  4  _     '*7*<  #  ]��s.  ^^%YY  LV .^T&i  -l _  Porpoise Bay                                     '#_."' -������...                 ^  taTtPiC���?**<�����__$&��; Sechelt News Notes /              ;  veloped  Porpoise  Bay   area   w_dle   j^ M M ^ Vancouver is the guest of sons Dave and Tino ami a Chinese lad  others prefer to refer to is as a mud        MlB; ^ Yates of'Davis Bay. Mrs. Bell naimed David Lord were-here from San  flat. Scenic beauty and seldom rough,   j^ bought property- here and is looking Diego, C___��rnia.     ���,  waters make it a natural for tourism   forward to becoming a permanent resident. Mr. Bill Morrison, formerly of Rocfc-  but indications are that it will take       lyjei and borasLHousley, andson. ��rett wood Dodge, spent last week-end visiting  outside interests to realize and"- d& ^iiateAr_tuf^ old friends. He was the,guest of Jaan and  velop  its febu?toi_s potential  as  a    visited _ri_-u_- ii; .Trail,. Spokape and VSc. PhylHs Parker. At present he is living in  ' ' ' '                            toria.LW^LmlilpailL^ey'-m^ Mm and Los Angeles.              - '   r  Carol Zuc^, iwimerly of Sechett.JohB and y   Garry Lawson and -Robert FranMn en-  Carol are nqfw operating the J and C Sport  tourist mecca second to;none  i ���   _  Page B-6 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, August 21��� 1968  Around Gibsons  THE Meadows family who have been visiting at length with their mother LJrs.  Oney De Camp, lefi August IS tor Ger-;  many via Seattle, PMliadelpMa, and New  Jersey. They wiH be joining Sgt. Meadows  who is now in Hanau, Germany- Mis. De  Camp has also had another daughter Mrs.  La Verne Cammosa and her children Paul  and Chris___a up visiting from California.  'Mrs. Jack Myers had a nephew Jack  Myens and his young wife from Regina,  Saskatchewan visiting recently. Guests of  Shop, in Trait  it's.a full hoUse.this week alt the C. J.  Lucken's. Son f>a.vid, .with his wife and  two- boys;, Alan and - Mark are here from  Kamlodipis'. DaugSiler Avtril' anil her  husband,' Muifay- ;tQng; with children  Wayne and Patricia' 'are also visi'lang and  son Roger was here fox; the weekend. Young  Alan celebrated his seventh birthday while  visiting his grandparents.   iir. andv-jilts;. 'i&jtryl Redman and, son  GeoHry are valcalioning in California and  plan to visit -Disney^.Land. ���,���'"���   - - *  Dr. and Mri.-lhic'Pa^kau and family  are holidaying"' in Vancouver Island'. and  the interna, -  .-'������������' Mr.; and Mrs; Rbtji:Jones and daughter  Mrs. Myers for =4 days were Mr- andLMrs.L. frcm Prince George aire visiting JJrs. Jones  Douglas Thorp' and daughter Mango^ frtHfc    parenfe, Mr. and'���'Mrs.YGuy Winning:  No_.th Vancouver; / .���..v..,.;.,,..,..':.7.YY7Yy:Y  Mr. and. Mrs. Fred Newman andfaxojljr,Y Stihelt  Lower Road, were delighted when a cwusiii p.   Terry arid Joanne] Bootfcr returned from    Sam Dawes.r  joyed a weeks holiday inKelowna.  Miss Bar_ara Hood,, niece of Jim and  Paillis Parker spent ttie weeknend at Park-  haven, Seaview Lane.*;-  1 Mr. and Mils. Bob Kent are enjoying a  visit with Yvefite's panaris who are* here  from-Quebefc,  bating- |rave__d  here by,  tracer:    -"'   - ���     - '���-'"��� yL- ���        ~    ,   ���  Mr. and Mi's: Ted Gardener and family  of Vancouver were at their summer home"  in Setrna ParkYfor _ie.past week. MnsC  Gardener is Mrs. -Gi&y&^uqjh&r.-  ]��� r jJ_t. and- -Mrs.. Bill -Lawison spent a >-week  in Vancouver taking in'jbe Attbotgfotd Air  SS^'v^^'y^re. ������'������"-���YLp-      ' ~  if} Ito. Gordon: 'Beev^etde^tained -at. fcer^  home wh^ime^ Y^'chypiep^i gathej^cl-.  ���to honor Miss Susan Read at a miscellaneous shower. The hoiioree xeceivea.  many gifts irom frtMids^ -���������-���' r "^  ;,,:i0ts. Kfu Gampbetky & ac-  campanied by her five children visited the  BY THE PIECE  CUT UP - TRAY PACK  FRIC  i. > /  LB.  r '  Shoulder Steal  Ground Ib.  SHOP-EASY SPECIALTY  CHUCKWAGON  STEAK       Ib.  c  PACIFIC.  LB.  PKG.  GRANULATED,  SHASTA  48 ox. tin.  of Mrs. Newman, Helen Zavidoski with her   4h^_ hofidays :^^  husband Louis, paid them a surprise visit,    . Y^5. Woodford c_  baving motored from Fort William, Ontario,  ymoved into theoommunity-; andYtakeo up  They had not seen each other for. neariy,. .peBmar^^re^dwice,..   ..."  22 years.    ' '   ;        'Mr.���-ai_l:..I__s;.;___ii:.'j__-____e.la_d:._au!g-.l  Guests "at the George Chanihan fctMne    %** Marityn a# ^ve|Mi�� _^ <amp^ to  were HaifcM Buslfield and Miss Jeauetfca    ^^ where th^^wil visit Mr. McKen-  BushfieH Of Richmond. zie s parents and, sister.  ���Mr  Mrs. Gary Berdahl with Lee, aiStlaziffiba*,^foxtp,  spend, a yieeHLwitii rt^ali^MTCoi^CT^Yij,^^^  Vancouver Island.       *. p. pLpypY^PLyy^Pkei^Si.'  Mr. and Iflrs. Wljo llite.enwj^.a ��� If W^^'^ripb'^r^ S_(>tt Pi.i_M  three week vacation at thei^r fishmg^cainp  ^i&^rbtisjfit^YY"'1 '������ ���'������ -^-.���'���:'���'���'���-���������'-  Mrs; _ CJorddhl i^ggotty- of Catham, On-,  tario was k:Yt��eetdL:,yysi^L.& the Gordon  Reeve residence. Mris. Kggott, the former  Muriel Martin,; was, &. V^OLH. muse henl  .^itf-..ieigl|^.;.;yiM^^:a^....3|te. Piggott  sj_w:';manyA'C_^ges*inI the area and was  impressed by our hpsjpital f  Sorry to ���re^wt -Mrai. - Aliee Batbetor-rii^  '. I'^n-  TULIP  12 oz. tin.  on Haven Island, Jervis Inlet.  Ron Zahr of Powell Biver is viisitirg his  grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Wisken  at Hopkins Landing.  A charmingly arranged surprise wedding shower in honor of Mrs. Ian Shepherd  was given by Penny Verhulst and Donna  BarJdey at the home, of .the latter. Streamers and balloons filled with confetti were  used as decoration. Lovely gifts were received   from   those   attending   who   were  Sir., and' JjEps;, Jamanie Burdett are back  from ttieii. holiday in the Cariboo. Miss  ���Margery ^urley^ Public Health -Nurse, is  leaving for Jfenitralv to further her studies.  Visiting. MJrs. Flc��ie ..Clayton from Prince  George''"'bas''r'l>e^::'/bCT\'.so_!,' John's .'wife?  Maureen and��� .jthor t&ee children. Mr: and  Mrs. R. Heming ' were also guests from  VancOuver;-Mrs.- Meming: tau^Jt at Pender  High School.before- moving to the,ci!ty.  Lieut. Commander Roy CV; Morris and  Grace Bowman, Pat Verhulst, Babe Jep- wife apd .three..children have, been ,trans-  soi Lois Tyers, Charlene Berdahl, Evelyn ferred to Fdrces: Base in West Germany  Berdahl,, Nanette Eldred, Marnie Jepson, for three year. Mrs. Morris is Mrs. Oay-  Periny VerhuM, and Donna BarMey; Not    tpn's daughter Phyllis., ���      ;    -,  present, but sending gifts were Joyce Gib- ' M*15- Alifee French has had several yisi-  son, Marge Smith, Ruth G-dfrey, and Effie tors lately. Miss Lynne Citron was here  Lawrence. Delectable refreshments were from Ladner. Then Mrt. Dorthy Bruin with  served.   '  Dave Herrin land Kenny'and Mt. and  Mrs. Ernie Herrin and son were away a  month when they motored to California,  visited Reno and! spent some lime in the  Interior of B.C. having an enjoyable' vacation. I   -. ���  BiHy and Iisa Brisco from Calgary are  spending a month with their grand-parents  Mr. and Mrs. Rod Green at Granthams.  Mr. and Mrs. Ewart MCMynn accompanied by their son and daughter-in-law  Bob and Doreen have been erasing In  Jervis Inlet and Princess Louise- Inlet  abord the cruiser Arawhana. In Vancouver  Bay they met the four fifteen year old  lads . from Burnaby aboard their home-,  made houseboat which set out from Porpoise Bay recently. (  DINNER SERVED  "EVEI*Y FRIDAY AND  SATURDAY EVENINGS  TILL MIDNIGHT"  P&00 ...JQiiifj  Halfrnoon Boy,  Tel: 8B5t9!  'RESERVATIONS  u��  AUTHORIZED  Sales [Ayifo] Service  PAHTS  Volkswagen's Name Alone  Spells Service!  SEE YOU AT  SECHELT VOLKSWAGEN  COPPING MOTORS LTD.  085-2812 085-9646  fiiii  ;&?.-'fc**_..:_i._��  ROMPER  ]S ox. tin.  NABOE  Assort.  128 oz. bottle  Hunt7*  or. bottle  CAN Y0 TO  ��UTLO_��  DO THE  JOB -tlGHT?  ;..��  nwniwi 'nf^T'^T^imi i miii m'inf.1 ihm ��w   --������' ��� ������-��-J-__-_L-__.__*._   ������__.. ,_���_%-.      ,  Want full benefit from your modern electrical appliances? Let us add  outlets to add convenience. Uso tho  B.C. Hydro Finance Plan���add cost  of change* or additions to your  light bill.  MARKEL ELECTRIC HEATING  .1  :Pliedran Bectric  806-9609 r Gibsons, B.C  arsup"��  i Y.  Fraif Cocltail  Instant Coffee  Con  talatfe  for  Hunt's  .14 ox .tin  HiUif��      , t  14 oz. tin .,  for  Moxwcll. House %t  6 ox. ior __i.Y���   -.  MolUn's  14  ox.   tin  for  Molkin's   ,  24 ox. tin ..  TOilllS:  Dieatii W|jp *<***.  Pasial  Pineapple ?.  Fancf Peas  for  Krustcle  lbs.  for  Molkin',.  14 ox. tin _-  for  T"1".'   OHEEE-  SEEDLES  Ho. a   LOCAL No. 1  JL  ma m&m v��qd ?  yasaaasamBa  gMft'Efga  laislies and  ^  Green Onions Bm  Prices Effective: Tfliur., Aug. 22 to Sal., Aug. 24  ���V  CECMELT  We reserve the right to limit quantities  VJcsHSmsAs  ,&��_lliato  ^mmmm7YL7/L7mmm&  M"��1 .?/,���;>��� ***���  i .v _..�����. V.fl. ,-....��� -,..fl ..*.(.<���  *..U,..X.%^*4. V.w^'��.^*. ^.A.A^��^.t'*A^^^^^  ^/N'UJk^  n % VA ��K *. ��* A   ��i *^����*i ���� A rn ���*i ^ ,i��l ����i ��. ����� _>*f^ ^^^^i  *   (^     4ft>   t*    **,*��    **���   J��l    **   ������* "I  |�� A   *h  **   tin*.M^.*  * Jt. ^(.JJ. %%% % $a ** . . 7  *'  H "( s+rj ���


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