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The Peninsula Times Aug 7, 1968

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Array -II  its  "vIV   J  *A   *. '  Bar- __ :rfft,-. ut -^TfiTff^-ffiffllfiff i^i[jig-m]' ^   Wj wW ng(05 ^ V-Sir   Kaii^^S-*^     - ^triiliiTiirii-f^       .HMSjjW__S____i.B&_d��_P    flmfTftrnilf - >  MoLJ^&fejj^^ Candiriflf/ SSrantbom's (landing, Gibsons, Roberts Creek, i  ^tWiSoflfwfCove/ f��e y_*f|r Hdifcp-f, Mod<_m Po/fe Klejndpie, fine's tondingi; _$rf Cov^-iliwwif. *  . * _  tb^ >ot_i^-__^cal',te6urce-6f primary water  supgpily'onthe Sunshine Coast.", , ."'"^  >' Hegiona! 'jBslHct  directors.* ate^ now  . *��  EXTENSIONS  - )j Efctepding the sytsffixii foun^est Secliett  through Eedrooffs Jo Jlallmodn Bay is est-  there  three &u* system^ which would eventual-   ,��re *�� 2���** ����������'����*���� -.vflO ag-  '.Jly eupiply*nequarter of -.millionp&bjfie<W- -xes <***&���mntxojddL^sexvied,  * the Sunshine Coast, -Main source will b��' "k^JThe^tcpott ddptfft,the'fct>stvis justified,  Cbapimad.Creek Jbacked _pinth~ langdale -'irt*.__s time, ���-7.     Y, - "'      ,-  , area by water fern jpakota Cre_k_iid< lav *- W^uWher extend Jtys syjtfm to JPettder  the  Pender, Harbojir   area ��� from  Lyons > Hrfriur, * new large'diameter pipe will be  ' - Creek, each of these sources having a por,';required.from Chapman Creek. The survey  j, *��� _.���_*> ^'*  _  ..������   .   _ ��   . _l��_ _     j. 0*04.04.        ��_��__L_��_/.M%._n_iJ__��t^l_^    -4-t.^t_>     _i��i4.l      ^l____4r__f_rM\-*MAm4f      n��_c  ;' .  tion of their .watersheds above the 3,000  foot level * P  The report- points, out that most of the  existing wdlem.ark$ systems lack adequate  sources ariaUahnotbe^ expanded. Future  growth wjJI exhaust and pollute existing  50m3.es atelv-fvelopment will gradually  stop until an adequate' source of water has  been established.'  REGIONAL FUNCTION  recommends- that until development has  takeh place between' Sechelt and"Fender  Harbour, It would be better to, improve  South Render Harbour -water supply so  that _hf system can be extended' to serve  the low zone between -Madeira Park and  Halfrnoon Bay. ,  White waiting for development to, justify  an area-wide water supply system between  Egmont and West Sechelt, the surVsyzxec-  ommends that each agency west of Sechelt  Staling that *be*?t__ional District, un-"' consider its position with respect to water  .T___.    _:*__    __M_lvf.<_._4-   fl_A_r����___f_^_4_.���� '   mh.    ������_��*���**    4-1*a.    #_r___r _, ___..       j*"*..  _L__ L "������* .f ��      -W______l 2 _.__. 1       _________  der its enabling-legislation,' is now the fav  ored structure" ef government by which an  area-wide water supply scheme can be financed, designed, constructed, administered, operated and. maintained; ther report  recommends,ibatthe Regional Board iseeks  approval of owner-electors to add the function of water supply and distribution" to its  letters patent  supply iij the 'Begional District and petition tbe District to jtol�� over .the > rights  ands responsibilities of its' existing ^waterworks system. This will enable interim  improvements to be more easily financed  and constructed.        " "   Y��    .  COST?    '      '     ���*.  , The survey assumes that the iDfeitrict  ^0s    -&&m��>-- ��� ������������  ��� i�� i_.'.����� v.��� tt* ij: .- ._-���*.'"i�� irf!_J..fc_^   mmtfr*  .    J    '     * ' r  1J  WEDNESDAY-, AilGUST 7,1969  I yoJ_tm_5S^feIo.,36 *'^  *^W"1WW_l  I'll   Store closure only  temporary situation  ��* ./  1  __*1B9I  ^��1 wji  ^-^ <...,  4__S-gLaf--_> *���*- i _t_?fa__<qji  *-    I       111    ���_  -^ I        -111"        ��� ��� ~��� ���������^- -Ml I l*""<'**-,*���*,i~,i"�����"   ���*   ��� ���������*  &ii^��5^la_E:  TPE YKM_S j-e^retluUy 'announces ,ihis  ^ ,w��ek, closmce; ^ I Hs( -C&iwwns.- <#c|&  which was opened'^abopit IB,monks ago  imalhiy as a convenience Id customers in  the, area. Commercial:?tattoneiy lines* and  <- books were';put on, sale to p����?et cost ^of  tent, staff, lighting and phone but as {he  store has operated a4,a near total loss  during this time, changes'were necessary.  For the time toeing we have greatly increased stocks of office supplies and'books  in our Sechelt store which is gazetted for  expansion at a .later d^te. fdso, at a later  date, consideration will be /given larger  premises to the ���Gibsofas area but at this  time, economics'have proved such a store  to be uneconomical- ~J ' '  Welthank^fu^toBiers for~_heir-past support and ag#j^point out we'nowoUet a  compfehe^siye'.seiiy^ce ib'?our jpremises, in  the'YCme^ Building, Sechelt.     .,        .  K   '  y f  fb.  !Ehe area as'a whofe^by joining togeth-   w2lL ^y J��R existing Tvatenworfcs'jsystom;  J      -    -"    ��� ' L ' and pay the pr^eiit owners in ca^bi __t>jjl  ,the initial bond issue.        <     r       > , s ���  Annual costs for {bond redemption,' bond  interest, operation, maintenance and ad-  min_i^_ra_onw_l be.financed^by iaf frontage tax on land, and a commodity charge.  People will pay ih proportion- to bene-'  fit received and in proportion to the cost  of the system. People without water or for  whom the new water supply will be rela-  ' .ively expensive, must expect to pay more  than some pf the established communities  that already bave organized "waterworks  facilities.  Total annual costs 'of stage 'one serving  the area from' Sechelt to langdale Is estimated at $139,000 assuming 20 year instalment/ debentures at 7__ per cent interest  rate. Total annual, income ftom the area.  is estimated at $150,260.  Stage one can be financed by institution  of a sliding scale of rates, varying from a  low of $48.00 per year to a high of $105.00  per pear for a typical single family dwelling.  Raising money for subsequent stages  of construction and for expansion of ser-  - vice^ twill be easier than tbe Initial step;  many more connections will add to-the  annual income and the machinery tor administration, maintenance and operations  will already be functioning. ,  er in one plan, of $_Hlfc(Wa!er supply sys  , tern,-will save money over the sum of the  costs of "jgoigg it .alone'*. Establishment  of an acceptable rate structure within the  Distract will be difficult, to all casesJ Hie  rate structure should recognize the necessity that each participant, whether incorporated municipality or individual homeowner, mustjpay in proportion to benefit  receiyed.     ' ' ,  IMMEDIATE .WATERWORKS  Estimated t- cost' $1,165,350 first stage  of the plan will be to purchase and connect  existing systems between Sechelt and iLang-  dale. A new one (million gallon reservoir  will be constructed above Selma Park so  that water can be pushed Teastwards by  gravity, it will also act as a settling basin  to remove silt and sand. Water will be  chlorinated before distribution.  Stage one will allow for existing connections between West Howe Sound' and  West Sechelt to be increased from 2yl77  to 2,805.  Stage two, estimated to cost- $152,400  will increase connections to 3,715 and will  consist of storage reservoirs and booster  pumping stations at Roberts Creek and  C_wer Point. Ahis is expected to meet re-'  quirements in this area until 1978, when  -^new and larger )4main Will be, required  ' . -      ^ ^       Momento / l   ���  Secretary of Pender Harbour Cham- fening of * 4he whale' station while  'ber of commerce, Mrs. Jo Benja- Chamber president John Haddock  field present Federal Fisheries Min- teams- his approval. Made by Mrs.  ister,, Jack Davis with a toJsen of ap- ''Benjafield, the gift is a beautiful  ^preciation, following his official op-   'Whale patterned cei_iinic~_isii.  *i . _...������ i .1.  Public use . * .  Guilty verdict . . \  [QSBI��@ TOO  si  4.  i* -  f'  OHAflEUGMD under the Motor Vehicle Act,  with operating a motor vehicle on Front  Street, Sechelt on April 14th, without displaying number plates for the current license year, Mr. Basil (Bennie) Joe was  found guilty as changed and fined $10 in  magistrate's court on Friday,- July 19.  Pleading not guilty, the defendant stat*  ed that Sechelt Indian Reserve No. 2 is  private properly, posted with signs indici  ating that the general public is forbidden  use of the Reserve.  Defense lawyer, Mrs. T. Berger of .Vancouver referred to Justice Dohm's ruling  In a previous case tried under the Criminal Code, that Front or Seaview situated  on-tlbe- Reserve is not a highway.  Evidence submitted by Band Secretary  and Business Manager, Clarence Joe at a  -�� *,*, .���__**"�� 0-  V.  r  \  ~s  previous trial was read by defense, stating that roads on the reserve are maintained using Band funds. A ^gentleman's  agreement exists between department of  highways .and the Band whereby the department's grader has been used on Boun-  - dary Road in exchange for gravel.  Front Street or Seaview was paved en-  firely from Band funds and lhe only people  authorized to use it are lessees of Reserve  property along the waterfront. Tradesmen  use the roads the same as they would  ftehver on* anyone's private property,  *' General public attending the Bingo and  sports events on the,reserve do,so���by in-  'vita-ion, notices in the local paper being  considered the invitation.  3 Signs prohibiting anyone from trespas-  %ng oh-the Reserve are posted and [Should  $>e seen by *he public. i  -\- Defense -HJbmiit~d that Front Street is  not a highway within the meaning (of the  t _fotor Vehicle Act !  TWENTY-EWE year old Clifford Foreman,  former resident of the Irvines landing  community* bid farewell to his wife and  a small group of hippie types last Friday  and left tot a tout month term in jail  after being found guilty of possessing, marijuana.  Another member of fhe group, Kenneth Laurance Peterson, is out op bail of  $500 awaiting a preliminary hearing set  for October 25. * :  Appearing hefore District Mggjsitrate  Eric Winch, Foreman entered a plea of  "not guilty" to the charge which followed  a raid by members of the Powell "'Biver  and Pender Harbour RJQMiP detachment  together with a member of the Vancouver  Drug Section July J2 at 12:30 a^n.  Constable Allan de St. Rene told the  court that together with CpL Snidanko of  the drug,.section and Constable Cranston  de St. Bene1" of Powell River, he visited  a cottage at Irvines' Landing July 12.  Through the window they saw Foreman,  his wife Susan and another male person,  sitting pin a semi-circle cross legged- upon  floor cushions; Fweman was at mat lime  reading from a book.  Entering lhe bonve the I police warned  that certificates of analysis were unacceptable as evidence.ia ,that they did not state  tyjpe, of marajuana* and that a ^statement  made by Foreman during, the,search was  inadmissable.        -   '  Maigistrate Winch ruled both. state:  ment and analysis' ifere admissible. He  said evidence-of possession was overwhelming and* found' the accused guilty a?  ch-rged. ' r  An impassioned plea by Lauk on behalf  of his client suggested.extreme leniency.  He told file court Foreman bad taken up  residence in the area> last August and apart, from working part-time be makes various items of arte and crafts. Everything  indicates he has'been a law-abiding-citizen  until this time and in hisrown simple way  contributes to the community. He is looked  upon as a good tenant-by his landlord  said I_iuk and no purpose could be served  by sending him to jail.  Crown -counsel Terry Ryan pointed out  that he had been advised the landlord had  already served an eviction order ^upon  'Foreman, further, as an adult of 25, a det-  errent.'is of vital importance in that we  bave a growing problem which should be  stopped before it grows too big. "Other  such cases .are pending in the area and I  , i  4'  a.Y  -j"**     V0l*i  two private eitizens who are also in busi- scription YHashish" was picked up a feiy  nessjin tbe district, establishing that 4hey inches Jfrom  Foremanfis band. Another  bad never seen signs posted on the reserve pipe was located nearby and a hone con-  and had never been stopped or warned tainer found in his pocket. "  Hon. Jack Davis  m  m  .<    I  *   'h:  OFFICIAL opening last Thursday of thc  Vancouver Aquarium whale pools at  harden Bay added a tremendous boost  to what is undoubtedly one of the greatest  arpas of tourism on the entire west coast.  ^Members of the Pciider Harbour Chamber of Commerce and a representation  from Sechelt were backed by, a large  ���crowd of residents and visiting spectators  who gathered  to welcome  in the  yacht  ("Norsal" which brought in honored gucsus    land officials who included: Fisheries Mln-    , ����� j    i.- 1?J���-._M__..:.-JL---.  ister Jack Davis .Coast ChilcoUn MP Paul    AtlUlt   J-ldUCci-lOn  ClclSS  largest of the Dolphin family and as predators could swallow an African Lion whole.  They are, however, extremely friendly  creatures and haye not been; known to attack anyone,. , |  ' Success of the venture was attributed  by. pr. Newman to a large number of  Pender, residents with special mention to  Cecil Reid Jr., the fisherman responsible  i                                 ���sco pago A-5  Last minute strike  After two weeks on vacation in the  Porpoise Bay area and no luck with  the fishing, Han Koch and his wife  ���Karin of Calgary, decided to have  xme more try on their last night. Be-  'sult-thls beautiful thirty-three-pound  ���spring. Mr. Koch told The Times  they had a similar exeprience last  year with a styteenrpounder on their  last night. Both times the fish were  caught by wife Karin. Hans is employed as superintendent of Domtar  'Packaging Ltd.  In Calgary. ||  that the reserve is private property.  Constable/Ehler stated that private and  commercial vehicles driven by non-Indians  use Front Street and tourists drive as far  as the Church. He patrols the road when  on duty and has used it as a private citizen and had never been stopped; also be  had never seen signs prohibiting the' general public.  Prosecution submitted that the Motor  Vehicle Act is a law of general application and Indians must abide by it. It bad  been established that Front Street is used  by the general pubhc and comes within  the definition of a highway under the MVA.  Evidence alsd established that there were  no signs.       \  .  $100 and suspension  Mows hit and run  EXPENSE of a remand and bringing in a  witness from Vyhitchors�� resulted when  a local driver entered a pita of not guilty  to a charge of hit\and run March 16 last.  Case finally came up last week and Mrs.  Margaret Duval was found guilty of 'striking a vehicle driven by Game Warden Bill  Mason of Sechelt. Mrs. Duval claimed she  had no recollection of striking the vehicle  which"is why she failed to stop.  A fine of $100 was imposed by Magistrate Charles Mittelsteadt and her licence  ' suspended for one year.  Charges with driving without due care  and attention following an accident at Pender Harbour, Norman J. McKinnon of Vancouver was fined $100. Police ,told lhe  court extensive skid marks were found  near lhe mishap and ihe auto appeared  < to. have. rolled > a number of times]  Constable A. de St. Bene said he asked  Foreman did the pipe belong to bim and  was told "yes". The other 'denied ownership of any of the three items. The three  were then warned that it'was suspected  the articles contained narcotics, they  would be taken for -analysis 'and if _uch  proved to be the case charges might tot-  low.  Defense lawyer G. Lauk put up little  defence 'but submitted Crown had no case,  ing. the law, he has to face the consequences. Ii is not a question of simply administering law but a matter of protecting,  the'public. In'this case, be said, he-gpt  the impression that Foreman is pot a fully  fledged member of the community. A transient bringing in narcotics is to be considered more^seriously than a local resident who has possibly become .addicted, depending upon circumstances, of course.  ���"We must bear in mind that maximum  sentence is seven years at the same time  there is no evidence of spreading marijuana and at this time sentence will be four  months," he said.  I   '  At Roberts Creek  ;3  engineers commissioner  FOLLOWING presentation of ihe Sunshine  Coast Waterworks Survey at July meeting  of the Begional Board, consulting engineer Martin Dayton was commissioned to  do a further more detailed study of the  Roberts Creek area.  Initial staige of the overall plan covered by the report would not take in properties on the higher levels, and Mr. Day-  No blame attached  St. Pierre together with their ��� wives,  Aquarium Director Dr. (Murray Newman,  'Balph Shaw, President of tho Vancouver  Aquarium Society, and Mr. H. II. MaoMfl-  Jan of MacMdllan UlocdcJ. Y    ,  Thc ithrce pens, presently housing three  whales, arc now set up as a permanent  'attraction and already the Aquarium Society has spent in excess of $25,000 plus  cost of whales in order lo establish lhe  pool* in ithe area. Already approximately  100 viMJors have i^sscd through Iho ticket'  booth daily to iscc the killer whales which  at feeding limes provido a great ehow  which reveals considerable 'intelligence  considering thc short time training has  been underway.  , Opening ihe official cercmany, Pr. Newman said Ih-cntiona are ty establish a  whale station as a public attraction and  to enable closer study of Iho whales in  their natural fiiirroundings.  i Enthusiastic In tola praiso of the giant  mammals, Dr. Newman said they arc the  .  produces prize winner  SECOiNP prize in the Pacific North West  Creative Writing contest was awarded  recently to Miss Trudy Swanson,of Gibsons  who competed with M entries covering Iho  entire North "West area.  Requlremehts called for an unpublished story not exceeding 300' words and participation was arranged through lhe Elphinstone adult education program at  which Judy took her course with Mr. Raymond Mull. Her winning ctory wa�� entitled "'Peace Come Slowly". Unfortunately  ���she was unable to ,attcn^ the award1 presentation held at the Western Waslilngton  State College In Ikllingham.  AMcnding from this area wepj Mr_. R.  Alsager and Mrs. J. Clements who each  took the writing couree last fall. Mr. Hull  was also present ami wa�� speaker and  moderator at the writer's conference!.  (1) Tlie tong* and ri'gging iVcro examined .  and seen by himself and other members  of the investigating comwlittec and found  to bo in good working condition and adequate tor thc job being used for at that  time. .'.���  ���.<�����..  (2) JUie fatal log was examined , tor  long marks and it was observed that <he  tongs bad not -tabbed off. I.e. not pulled  off considerable' pieces of side wood but  sUpp6d hold, causing the log to fall or  Jroil. (3) There was no evidence of breach  of regulations or of misconduct. "  Coroner, Dr, E. J. Paetkau dialed' death  would occur In a very short .Wc, injury  being to the left ch<at where six ribs were  (broken, one'puncturing tlie hcaii.  Jurors, were: N, MflOi.cn, G. Fluy, R.  Mr. R. Bt Cranston, Inspector for Work- . Clayton, II. Gregory, R. Spencer,;R.'Steph-  men's Compensation Board of B.C. staled:   "ansoa and B. Tall. '  SEVEN members of the jury brought in a  verdict of accidental death, wllh no  blame attached to anyone and no recommendations at the inquest held on July VI to  enquire into the death of 38 year old Frank  Kingston of llalfmoonl Bay, at 8:30 A.m.  on July 10th, il658. ;    '  Employed as second loader ��nd ehaser  at Doyle I/>gg.��g, Frank Kingston was  described as a man accustomed to working in the woods [with,$k.years:logging ex-  perience and fully proficient in his job! Me  had set the tongs, on a log afy>tit 28 feet  Jong and 'W inches in diameter at the butt  end and given the signal to the' yarding  engineer to go-ahead. Tho log was seen to  roll out of the tongs and Kingston was  found pinned between It and a larger log.  Questioned , by members of thc jury,  .-I"  ,* .  |4__%s  ��N_**-y ���  i    -'  ton will look into a pumping and distributing system to cover lhe area mapped out  by the Roberts Creek committee during its  investigation.  Gubsons Heights area has been included  in the survey which states that a self-liquidating distribution system could be installed In Gibsons Heights using wfitcr  pumped from the existing Gibsons supply  system. Apitfoxdmijte nHortthly cost per  connection would be $8.00 plus a frontage  tax of a.5 cents per foot per month. Implementation of tbe concept of an overall  comprehensive water supply system for  the District depends primarily on ihe participation pf the core areas of Sechelt and  Gibsons.  REDROOFFS QUERY  Letter from Redrooffs Waterworks  District, to tlie Regional Board pointed out  that the system has about 70 connections  increasing at the, rate of 3-5 per pear; it  iyas suggested that the District take over  the job of controlling intake and outflow  from the Trout L?ke source before expansion is considered or, other areas get water  rights on the lake. The letter also queried  bow long It will be before the Board undertakes the resource of waterY  Director , Rutherford commented that  control of water is not a fynctton pf the  ��� Regional Board but comes under the Water  Rights Branch. Outcome of the plebiscite  which should be called before the end of  the year, will decide if water becomes a  function of the board.  \4  ><  ' I  ' V  Y   '  ��� y- ���        ��� ������-. Now arrival";;.;:, ���/. y ::  Recen(ly-nni>ointx.d, corporal in cliiar-  gc'of tlie yfiiBorw R���MP detadimcnt  Corporal L. (Unt) Biggeman has had  extensive experience Sn ! tfie force  ���with 6lx and a half yeare In North  "Vancouver and a total of flye and a  half years, in Squamish in two terms.  'A keen mountain climber, Cpl. Biggeman hiiis convicted training courses ;at Grand Due, Hope-Princoton,  Banff and Squamish. While in Squamish lie met his wife Janet and now  lliey have Uirce y<jui}g0cns, two already of school age.  .  (  ������ ,*��*��>**tiM>!^,f^w^|��^i^U(^1^^  " ' ' " ' '   '      ' ' ' ' . ' ' ''���''" *  7 ���������I.  dr  u  f  v  u  t>  r;  h  f  hi  1,  .  ��...  (V  V;:  .* .   i  pA^tn&Srtiprf  tWe Insertions  Sctnar litest (Sherds),._  j flh^rqWoesn^ippiytoA r  ��� commercial Aa-Bi.efe.J  . -fetft ifytfnhers^  1 *.../ r _<>c fextt- ,  ��_p Bpok-k����p-Hg tSihr&e Is added Gardfeji  _i,f forAd-ftriefeynofpoidby    > I_teindate?  '    puMit^tlpndott^   *< funeral  legal or Reader iodyerttSing 25c  per eouhtUne.  ^teS'^flfe^68**    IS�� I^aSTS? ^f^^^i^i' SS^^SS^SbK' .SW '^^iii��j^>_mv 'SEWS* jpW&pfis%),  Display  adverting In fterfBfi-    2W  Ad-?rief column*, $1.50 per indi,  - Subscription$#tes--* ,r   -  Sy mail. Peninwta,o*�� ~$5.0Q yr* , ��� *.  By com* ^^..^ Sfe tnortgi ^^a^iaty-J^  ?.n  M..  1./J.  ^)t  COMING EVENTS  rah;ii  granaiarerits Mrs. ,B. MeKinr  granoparenxs jars. tn.  mcnm?  ��HATTY__M-ienf Wilson Creek  2-_53?i_f-*�� -$__W-tf_&?Sf.  Gleh Phillips., 885-2183.' a&54fe*  . Yj'g'^S''. S"'  ''���"iyq *vv' '4.V' ii>i-  and several uncles and aunts  fige^ttsj^cei^^.jgte. y&mjah  Cwwegsfs, W^nesoay sJJuly7 73i  "MjOtd'ajm. In 1ft? )__tgdom   ag^ Aft ^conveniences. .Si-  G^sONS^r  *__&_,'  D 2 (plus) bedroom  Selma   Park;*   inaih  terfrolt lot _  ,  iMe^m*'M&rS^:  H. B. GORDON r,  $rK_NN_TT^Tp,. ;  /Phone J885._0l3 "y    -  , Secheit^f.C, 4J-,.  |f^ $$_#��#  i^-Y^   f ii-y (J*, 1988. '  Pll^'flifieiaa   ?.  Flier fil86t3a.  *t ssa&Puib, Aug. 7, ises  '4��> "I'm-  W^Jhirv#!;7^-,f   ^^^^JS^1 S��r ^^^e^^Write-Box   W*^-����eda ^^.1^  ^eorgc. Hanrilton ' ^ Crilor  <��� ' Form-No. 18  - . <   (Section 8��_  ,     limited,  TTotice^lMsEaitioff to Apply  CJaude I5av-  occupation  apply tot a  jflesprihed  lands:  (Jommeitfclttg at a"j_Mit(.plant-  >$d m' Sast of iSontSt Wast  cornet of DLL, 1379 thenee 330*  EJas^ thence 660* North; thence  thence 080' South and  acres,  more' or  purpose of perm-  ilte.1  <_LA*n>E"SAVAKD  IS, 1968.  , 8^1���Pub. July 3, 10, 17, at  BOATS & ENGINES  15 ft. CLNKEK buUt boat, 23  hp Scott. oii%ard wilb controls. Good condition. 885_��_4.  r -       " 1757-Hh  EliACK Cocker spaniel "Res".  Missing in Secbelt area since  July 24. Wearing 1_Mage Uc^  ense tag '68- Beward for ia-  formation.i Phone 8&S8S8.  '     Yr     , '    8518-3C  FOfl SALE  IP ITS  _uSts-#_5  Morgans  8S5-9330, SecbeU. B.C.  SPECIAL for ^alfc UtS�� Eagr  Read,   Typewriter.    Almost  new. CbStover |300. No* $175.  Phone 83546S.. ^5  A-l J1UDGE, che^teifield  - chdr, toilet.^reasonable. Wanted, 1 _teagte etoss fade pup.  Phone ����-0J88..- ��4436  Form No. 18  (Section 82);.  ^ANDACT  4 DOOR steel filing cabinet,  .legal ^ize; 1 desk; 1 ��b��k  protector;.2 office chairs. Ph.  TWO. 14 ,& plywood boats,$75    ^gftj,   -   J '     '        8845-38  ?ach or mt% VA .hp Bvinrudes  $250. Phftle 885^007.     , 1927-t&  Pe^^lwS  ��I_0_^Ji#tH33, 1^68, ���C%-  le$ Ta!IbBt'"||^ns-<_; lHadeira  Sat. Mon'-/ Ttii?. 10-12-13   **% �����<?. Spiviyed by plkns,  '*��'-������ Ricbard, torne, ^V__i_m/ Bar-  Vfiy, Walter,'-^ran^s SPtenins-  i_la;   HerbMt/Yyahcoqpver; T5  1^57,^/o penksula Times. basement borne on beaufifiilly  -iSsi^Sn l-bdscapedrilot., No hills to *on-  i.;:, YYiT 7'j '^ y: .! '��� rr~ ^-"t t^_t_b.jiutt jprfce $i2,ooa.  _lectrie   ^cottage, y^ yojung-femily home ion  to LeaseLand i c r; ./'_ ^^ of Jntention fo Apply  FOR-3AUE: IS ft. clinker cabin  cruiser,~*50 hp Merc.- 0.B.,  full canvas. 885-2827.       3__0-37  In C_nd Recording District of  Vancouver and situate vicinity  of Secret CoveL , *      ." * "  Take notice that Albert Perry  to L���_se Laiid  -DARLING  Julie Christie -        Restricted  Vy*ed.;Tue.;i4��20  IN THE HEAT OF NIGHT  Rod. Steiger Color  ACADEMY  AWARD  WINNER  . Come On In  "Ws Cooler Inside"'  8648-36  ENGAGEMENTS  MR. AND MRS. Frjink Reid  are pleased to announce the  engagement of - their youngest  daughter, Susan Marie to Mr.  Lyle F. Jensen, eldest son of  Mr. and Mrs. L. F- Jensen of  Tweedsmuir, B.C. Wedding to  take place on August 17th from  the home of the bride's parents. 8562-36  Wedding Announcements  LT. COL. and Mrs. R. Quigley wish to announce the  forthcoming marriage of their  daughter, Roberta to Mr. Kendall Fosberry, son of Mr. and  Mrs. E. Fosberry, Alberni, B.  C. The wedding to take place  at University Hall United  Church on August 24, 1968. The  brhje and groom elect are attending UBC. 8551-36  1:     ������' ,iMR.   'AND  (MRS. ' James  W.  *������ Skerry of Granthams,  take  erasure    in    announcing    the  1        forthfcoming -marriage of their  eldest daughter Linda June De-  '        iMarco    to    Charles    Rusiell  Brown, son of  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Herb  Ebaeh  of  Selma  Park.  !<        Wedding will take, place, Sep-  iernber %. at 7:00 pm.,-��k H--  da's Anglican Church, ^echelt,  ;; B.C.       '" ' " 8650-36  ,/���       MR.   AND .jMR^.,  Berne Lem-  / oiireatix (iiee Shirley Deffllar-  .' co), take pleasure in announc-  V ing the birth of their daughter  y. at St. Mary's Hospital on Sunday, Septemtoer 28th at 6.14  "' a.m.; 15 lbs., 14 ozs. A sister  for Tracey-Lee. 8649-36  OBITUARY ;  ��� ������r"1',"������������ > i^i�� �� ��� "    ii  CRAWFORD^-on July 20th,  1908, Albert Edward Crawford, aged 74 years of Roberts  Creek, B.C. Survived by his  loving wife Margaret, li dauigh-  Y ter . iMrs, M^rigaret Eiickson,  Vancouver, 3 grandsons.   Fun-  i eral service was held Thursday, August 1st at 2 p.m. from  ithe Family Chapel of the IJar-  i vey Funeral Home, Rev. M.  Cameron, officiated. Interment  Seaview Cemettery.       8��3��J6i  HROWN-Jiily 27th, JJKJ8, Capt.  'Afloxapder David 0rown oif  Seehelt, p.C, Survived by hla  lovipg wife Jessie, 1 dauglitcr  Mrs. Evelyn Lamb, Aldcrgrove  B.C.; 3 sons Ronal^i G. Robinson, Victoria. BjC,, Alfred, Vancouver, DjC., Roy, Burnaby,  B.C.; 8 grandchildren and 9  great grandchildren. Funeral  service was held from the Family Cbajpcl of the Harvey Funeral Homio July 30 39(W. Rev.  A. F. Willln, ofificiated. Inter-  men. Seaview Cemetery.  8554-36  daulghHers; 'M_^.*-Ru_ii--Se_by,  Nanaimo, BX!., Mrs. Ruhy Nichols and Mrs. MaryamrHaase,  Francis Peninsula, Mrs. Elen-  ore Reid and Mrs. Marie .Reid,  Garden Bay, 3 sisters, Mrs.  Angus Molten; Mrs. Flora  Scoular and Mrs. Martha War-  nock, Francis Pepipsula. 1 brother Jack. 22: grandchildren  ahd 4 great grandchildren. Funeral service was held Friday  July IS from the. family chapel  of the Harvey. Funeral Home,  Gibsons. Rev. H. Kelly officiated.  Cremation. ��60-35  MINAHAN-July 21, 3968, SEarl  James Minahan of Hopkins  Landing, B.C. Survived by his  loving wife Mary, 3 daughters,  Mrs. Phyllis Hylton, Gibsons,  B.C., Mrs. Beverly Cartwri'ght,  100 Mile House, B.C., Mrs.  Consta_.ce 5 Cecil; Fallon, Nev.  .ii granddaughter Christina Ce-  . ciL 4 brothers and i sister.  Funeral service was held July  23, 1988 from the Family Chapel of the Harvey Funeral Home,  Gibsons, B.d Rev. M. <Jamer-  on officiated. Cremation.  8561-36  NYSTROM���July 14, 1988, En*-  igranten Oskar Si'gfrid Nystrom  (known as Sid Strom) of Sechelt, BX_ Survived by. one brother in Finland. Funeral was  held July.: .19, J988 ; from^ the  family chapel of The Harvey  Funeral Home. Rev. H. Kelly  oificiated, interment in Seaview  Cemetery. > 8559-36  MODERN ___       __^   Uavis :Bay.   $50   per  week.    Hew* l^clo^ to's^k >wo MoW^lT7145GUfn__" 'wS  PhoifiB 885-9740.    ' 86^-31    |*_r*p|ns   &! jpTwfa M*>^W* ���� ���45- 5^J^t_5f?  npee, j8llj500,  $��&��   ^pdrooins   phts-iden,' W^oH    y^uv^^p&:"��des'ad-  jKxaHnw        Piill      tn.f4>      ��.1*U��1        Y__-!__.   '_._!__ ___.-J_l *_ ���   _._!i_V..  Bay,    furnisW   ^  JHAtLFMOON  cdttage for rept. Access ,t��  ,water. Weekly or monthly rate.  Phone 885-9534, 8619-38  FURNISHED 2 bedrocon ocfean  . front home, Selm'a' Paric,  main highway. All conveniences. Available September 1st  to June 30th. Teachers preferred. $110. per month. Write Box  1957, c-o Peninsula Times, or  call at Oszusts Oasis, Selma  Park.       ' 884_-___  WANTED TO RENT  ACCOMMODATION wanted���  School District No. 4S, Sechelt. Teachers will be arriving  towards jthe end of August.  Those interested in providing  accommodation for maleror ffie-  -aaale single Iteaehens" or |or  married teachers with; or without children, in furnished or  unfurnished ' quarters, are invited to write to the School  Board Office at Box 220, Gibsons, B.C., giving full details  as to what is available and  what rental will be charge^.  The information will be kept  on file and made available to  teachers on request.      8621-36  FuU  ROBERTS CREEK-i ,  Five park like a_res witb creek.  Gently sloping tlo south. Close  to golf course. EJull price $7500.  DAVIS BAY���   !  ministxator inte��ds-to. applyxfor  a .lease, of the following de^rib-^  ed lands:- .-' "YJ.y\ "''���  Commencing at a post,planted approximately 1000 feet'east  from tbe north-east corner of  DJL. 4661 tbence 100 feefeast;  thwiee 300 feet south;  th��ice  to Land Recording District of  .Vancouver and situate North  Lake (Sechelt Peninsula).  t.Take notice/that Mrs. Ralean  Mar Phillips,-of 1170 Harwood  St',  Van. 5,  BX_, occupation  BRAND new 17 ft Gbreg  cabin cruiser, 110 Volvo inboard, outboard. B-dly equipped.  885-2116, 1970-tfn  NEW 18' cabin cruiser. Some  finishing.  '63 40 hp electric  siart ^Evinrude. Tilt bitch, trai-  btnisewife, intends to apply for' ler. "Ready to go. $1500. To see  a  lease  of -the  following  de-    phone. .885;8392. '   8643-tfh  Your choice of 2 fully serviced   100 feet west;^ tbence 300 feet  north and 'containing' three-  quarter atres/'more or; less,  for the purpose 'of a summer  residence." -  ALBERT PERRY MORROW  Dated June 21st, 1968.  8655���Pub. July 3, 10, 17, 24  view lots close to beach.  Full  price $2,250.  SECRET COVE���  9 scries with 288 feet highway  firontage.   Ideal summer home-  site close to beach and. boat  launching. Full price $4,600:'  PENDER HARBOUR���  New,   waterfront   development  with, easy   access   off   paved  roadl Fully serviced lots range  from $2,500 to $6,500.   Terms.  scribed lands;  ' Commencing at a post planted on "Mon"' Post Lot 8783 at  shoreline; .thenee 160' West-,  thenee'570' North; thence 100'  East; thence South to shoreline  point of commencement and  containing %-acre, more or  less, for tbe-4>urpase of summer  home.  RALEAN MAR PHILLIPS  Dated June 22, 1968.  1982���Pub.* July 10, 17, 24, 31  17 FT. calyn boat, hew 23 hp  outboard   and   trailer,   $970.  Phone 885-9582. 8610-38  SAKTNAW I_\KE���  Large,   newly   developed  lots.  REAL ESTATE  with 12, to lOO^^t-ttitoge ori  this beau__ul six, mile long  lake, withYaceess by gazetted  road via Lee's Bay. Excellent  termis available. Full price  :f4;250.    ' '  jfot these and other t choice  "prop^030.y'oar'yp3e''' Sunshine  C^a^coiitjact Frank Ljewis or  Morton :Mack_y at ^Gibsons  886-9900.1  -^s  EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Notary Public  '"Y Member ���  RNLAY REALTY LTD.  GibsoiB and Burqiiitlam  Form No. 18 Fo*m No-18  (Section 82) _    ... (Section 82)  LAND ACT LAND ACT  Notice of Intention .to Apply Notice of intention to Apply  to Lease Land to Lease Land  & Land Recording District gf      In Land Re&rding pistriet of  Vancouver and situate Sechelt y^p^uver ;aijig situate approx.  Met _$0 jpfc. east, of Egniont Point,  .Take   notice   that   Tuwanek W> ft. west of'L7285A on Sech-  Deyeltqaneijt Ltd., of, Yafacou- elt fide*.  yer, .occupation land developers      -^ ^^^ M m^rf ^  ifttewls to apjay for a lease of frm<.Jj��0 of i 1256? Centre Dr���  tbp following described lands: j^ Sajr^; ^. ��eeupatioh  Commendng at a post plant- djsMtcher, fftt^tls to apply for  A   '_.*    ^_...44.__n_><.    .._���n_~    nt    t\!T .         _���   __' _.    _���_!!_..'.___   J_ _f_  12 FT, inboard 90 bpskiboat  Cello   finish    sides.    Offers.  886-0039. ' 1569-36  10 FT. fibreglass boat for sale.  ���Phone 883-2671. 8640-36  CARS ond TRUCKS  19S1 HELLMAN auto, sedan, for  sale.   Top   car.   Phone  880-  7094. 8639-38  LEAVING Canada, must selL  Right hand drive 19E5 Vaux-  all  sfetibh  wagon, $900- 885-  2365. 86-5-36  1_S3 CADILLAC sedan DeVille.  Arcfic white, all power, Ph-  885-^34. 8Sa)-38  PETS  SUMMER fecial���Oodles of  Poodles, Ipys and miniatures,  black, brown, silver, white and  harlequin- ^Registered, dewojm-  ed and ipno'eulated. From ,^0-  Also poodle clipping and groom-  jpg, $5.00. 885<ff9?.     ,   8S12-36  'Beautiful, Siamese  kittens for  sale.  ES5-9.10G. , 8514-38  SPEED Queen automaticwash-  erT la&e iew,  ?175. Phone  8K^759Y        ' ' _6_J=3_  _��� *^ - I .     JM   III    ^1 ���  WOOD stove/ near new,-Best  reasonable offer, 885-2M__  869836  USED washers, all working,  14.95 to 49J5; 1 Annex beater, almost new, 89.95; used electric range 59:95; used TXTs  S9.95 to ��.95. Parker's Hardware Ltd., Secbelt, B.C- Pbone  8854071." J- 8552-tftl   L, i :   RBTURNLNG to New Zealand,  must sell household furniture,  appliances. Some as new. Beds,  dressers, tables, chairs, elec.  range, vacuum cleaner, toaster, kettle, etc. 885-2365.     - _  8314-35  MARINE ACCESSORIES  Paint���Fibreglass���Rope���  Canvas���Boat Hardware  Compressed air service for  skindivers air tanks,  Skindivers available tor  salvage work.  WALT NYGREN SALES  LTD,      x  Phone 88841303, Gibsons, B.C.  13054fn  THIS W1TM.  ia94-3i   *_ at southeast earner a�� DJL   ^ ie^se of the following describ-   _A_V .-.,AB   ^ ^ .   rt_ 9     ,     . fc ^-w:*****  R&affi fSKS-tfR "tt*,l,i,,M,t��i  D_WIDS<K^-July 24 ,1968, &b-   y��r|r^^^  Board .ftf^J..maOKm:     Off    %E^^^JS%s!uSt  ert   DavidsoJ   of   BcS     ^^^JjbSSST^ " S-���   ���   AH  �����=    BW- Wneewe*����  op^.  (pE OF.' A ',K_ND; 40.73 acres  Wa$tftbnt property with large on 1.45  Ac,  with  _44'   shore,  ipodern home, over 2,000 sq. ft; #m.all sandy beach. Ramp and  __'Y    ..' _:__    jn.ll _���__.       a ii    rt_ I .    Y__.Y '- ' '_rl'-.''___-   '  t_k%__4^_ll^v_t_        _rwin_a11_t_��.4-      <l.cY._  Roberts  BC Survived by his loving  ���rtife DoBy. One brother Ti^n>  as, Vancouver aha one- sister  Mrs. Patterson of Northern Ireland; several nieces and neph-  iei^s. Deceased 'served ih 1st  and 2nd World Wars and wis a  member of Roberts Creek Canadian Legion. Funeral service  was held Friday, July 26, 1968  from the family chapel of the  Harvey Funeral Home, Gibsons, BC, Rev." H. Kelly officiated, interment Field of Hqnor  Seaview Cemetery. 855836  PERSONAL  100 It. west,of If728?A; tjhence  uorib;   Ihence   100 ft.  ?; ft"  gfeMerad  shore.   AH  services,   2glj�� ^ nj. 3259 andtSp-   f��$> ft-  ^rih;   thence   W ft.    brgbaTS  $6500, Som.e>rms jtossible. gE g Cfts, more hr lefts,    ��?*i   Ihence'.,300   ft.   mth;    rT:.  *  _^ i���  AOBAOTTVE:  3 Rm. cottage   for the fcirpose bf land swb-   *e>��pe 100 ft, east and contain-   c/_MP$HS, trailer^tes ��� W��*p  IJING-July   17,   tm,   BJarne  (Barney)    Blng'  of    Wilson  Crefk, B.C. Born In JWo, Norway.  Survived  Jby  hl~ loving  wife Bena (Quecnle);  2 ��onii,  Roland,      Noirway,      (Stanley,  Freeze,   AbbcStaford;   5   grand-  ditldrrn.    Funeral    was    hold  from   Uic   Family, Ghapiyfl  flpC  The    Harvey    Funeral    Jloirtc  Juty   19,   19m.   llcv.   ��1.   K��11y  arwl   Mir Kjphinstone  Masonic  J/mIrc officiated. InU'rmcnt S<la-  vJcw Cemetery.   "  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous, rjQ,  ���Box ��94, Seehelt, p,C, -Xbm  ^9876.        ;.:,yy:y,bwto'.  ��wi.i-.i#i.-���^_. i..-..i.i^T>W<p^,^��Wii..i|ii��y>_WW^^W^^,lliWii>ttw  FOR complete information' on  Marine^ Industrial and Llab-  ttity insuritttce: Clalmo ;#rid|  Adustmenh., *onta ct Cfl^wl-  W. Y. Higgs, Ma^tt? CoSsult.  ant Box 339, Gib^pna. Phoncis  986-9546 and C%4iZ>.        .B3-tfo  SEEING is bellevlpg���Visitors  from across Canada; U.S.A.;  U.K. and many Sot^h Aroerle-  an countries including Kcuador  have visited my SheS Mns����m  located at Roberts Crepk near  tt\p Post. OpSOop.', (a'arlei DE.  Bedford, phone 886-8570.  864648  COPIES OF PHOTOS  APPEALING IN  THE TIMES  may bo obtained promptly  5x7 SIZE, 1.25 EACH  6 (same subject) 1.00 each  12 (namo Aubjcct) ...   .00 each  8x10 SIZE. 2.00 EACH  6 (name mibjert) ���_ 1^0 each  12 (aame subject) ���-. 1.2S each  leave your order  at the times  Work wanted  HANDYMAN,    cabinet   maker,  will do odd jobs. BcawmaWe.  8557-36    ph. MHS-9902. ' 7M4tn  on (tpain floor. All living areas float, installed, excell^ht fish-  beautifuUy panelled. Fireplace ��-- -���"'^"������ "���-�� ����-  in hying rni, also in basemept  ree. rm; sundeck overlooks water. Protected mooring at private dock, usable boathouise.  Framed (unfinished) 16,000 6q.  ft, hou?e on Bame property.  Driveway from main road. For  pKiivate , prpperty or development. Full price $135,000 with  learns.  Neat' tiwo bedroom hom|e in  Selma Parte area. JOO ft. lot,  .'alspbas guest cottage. Price  of $12,000 includes washer,  *tove, fridge, Cain view by appointment. Terms.  Jfalf-^cre view lot, with two-  bedrni home overlooking Straits  anil Island., full price $15,000.  Gibsons area: Unusual property here: 22Ms acre farm, close  In, with three bedroom home,  also two-bedroqm rental suite,  each with fireplace In living  room, modern plumbing, etc.  Landscaping, gardens, fruit,  year-round stream, All outbuilding-, Including 3-car garag��  supplied with water and light.  fenced and cms*-fenced. 20x20  woirtcshop. Park-like area at  rear of property, $40,00 with  terms.  Waterfront property: (103 feet  beach on sheltered cove, with  two bedroom home and pcM-  contained ground-floor I suite.  Drive and grounds nicely kept  and landscaped. Views of Sound  and Island from most room*.  Fireplace, el. heat, ample cupboards, workshop in basement.  Full price $36,000.  A choice of small acreage* with  homes, village liome.i, from  $9,000,  E. AAcMynr. 886-2500  Do Wortman 886-2393  J. Warn 886-2681  Box 238, Gibsons, B.C.  rnn-m  area, $kwu. FP. Call Don  Tait inMadeifa Park, B83-2284.  ROiBBRTS CREEK: Soulbern  exposure, ^Vt. ac., wth double  road frontage. Immaculate, 2  Bdrm. cottage, cozy living  room, bright kitchen, arboritc  bathroom, large workshop, garage; Beautiful garden. Attractive terms on $16,000.  N^JAlR 3 ACRES: 216' beach  frontage. Paric-likie gr��_-_S  With young evergreens. Older 4  Bdrm. home. Fireplace in view  living room. A-oil furnace to  part bsmt. Ideal sub-division  or country estate, $23,700.  APPROX. 35 ACRES:. W��th  dble. hway front. Low down  payment on $17,000.  CMBSONS: FOR iblE DI90RI-  9mwrmG BUYER���A very  charming 2 Bdrm. home situated on 100* waterfront. Pan- ,  eled living room has stone fireplace. Modern kitchen and dining atca, workshop, garage  and storage shed. Details on  request.  low novm payment gives  Immediate possesion cozy 4  room home on the level. Few  steps to beach, stows, etc.,  Full price $8,000.  HEBE'S TIIK SMARTEST BUY  on the Const! Bright 4 room  cottage right on the water. Lot  all in garden. Lge. boat bouiw  with concrete floor, float In,  t*rm_ on $14,900,  HOPKINS: Near new, modern  4 room home. Spadous rooms  afford gracious living In private Belting. Ivgv. acreage can  he fiiitMUvldcd, Attractive  terms.  K. Butler 886-2000  Ron. McSavaney 886-9656  ��d. Butler 886-2000  Dor>. Tait 883-2284  ��_.i-e��  division.  Tlh^ANlbs. .DEVEfcOPMKlNt  Vet N. A. Pawrseii.  Dated June 14th, 1SS3.  ^5(M?ub- July 3, JO, XI, fy  ing 0,7 acres, wore or less, ��or up by the sea in our, lovely  the purpose of siimmer home- camp   grUvnA. r j^ot   showers,  site.         1 \, ��j(c��� also 7 modern units^ f_e-  . jmw w**���*0 {^r*s?_- ?��s  Dated June $t \m.           , i^af ^ mi&on Point HoteL  Vm-Pub.Jhty, 10, 17, 7A, 31 Phone 685#!5.              J*fl��4fn  Jb>ty9r 1$9 f$s%> fiSitea ��*_sl_>  fi&o$^p&vpddft>d8y ^_�� J&9��  EiWffl thsl Hso Ge__3e_S__i cf _Sss_l__sd  f��{J_t��13��3S.C��Jftsr<_-c$!>_a^r  ' tf����ipp& ttm/t U w__* ysa c?_  tsstSog for, ; .  JEStHA M. ffOOIE  Effl&oi'ff ��ff g____l_a. Ceesr  t  !  K  '���>'.  S5?S  mmi BAPTIST CHtiRCti  SEftVlCE: StCMfetlf  Sunday Sc&ool ��� 10:00 a.m.  Church ietrica��� 11;15 o.m.  REV. A WILLIS, PASTOR  You qre Invited fo attend any or each service  ANGLICAN CHURCH  SAINT HILDA'S���SECHELT  I      9:30 ___. Every Sunday  GARDEN BAY ���11:30 a.m.  Juoe 30, i-ly 7,21, Aug. 4,18  REDttOQFFS ��� 11:00 a M.  June 23, July 14,20, Aug. 11. 25  EGMONT ��� 3:00 pan.  June 30, July 21, Aug. 4, 18  JFof Infon-Qtfon p)t��pwi 005-^793  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday Sctieol 10:00 fun.  C__i.h $ervtc�� 11:1S mm.  Evening Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S, CASSEUS  Davis Pay Rood ond A_>uttii  (2 bSocV* un from Highway)  .    SECHELT AGEF-CBES S>A��E P-  ��� This free reminder of coming events is a service Of SECHELT A-__-Clf_  LTD, Phone Peninsula Times direct for free listing*, specifying "Pat-  Pad", Please note that space is limited and some advance dates may  have to wqit their rum; also that this |s o "reminder" listing only and  cannot always parry full details.  September 14-'  t'  Sechelt and District Chamber of Commerce  21st Anniversary, Grand Banquet,  Sechelt,  ^  0|HHI0f���l  ... ~. jrfci^i*. ���_-.���)>�����. ttftVfl-tWif,.*  bIfl0i���#i*Mm.tmi. ��i����M#ia ihu*��#b'��4t>f** n#*> (^lf���rV^H^*'^^1"���,**'������^^l���M**mrt',l**, w*^��f*w'',*i|^y*'''*^.i'i**^^�� f��***i**w'f^***W *"?��'* mfliw. %**�����"  ^^^^^^^p,^^^^^ r,-* ,^^*.^^*fc^r*^-^^:*^ >*���. ,^T7.^Y& &< iv^"w !s?.J{y!?*>V��>MS'^BW'V'^-. >-**�� vWfjy vjS .'J  0        > "-i"  JJ5 *      >. r.   .  ���v:   sipyyp*,y ,*-*> $r4r ^v;>^^Yr;^ 9fe4. t v*&^k ^^vvP'^X^^^^ v^, X  Cl!i_^J_ta*_rft*S^  j r  1 Vs. V  '  i  ���FIVE toatiqads containing ��2 memh^n? of  tbe Sechelt OAOPO set out from porpoise  Bay, on July 28 for a boat trip go _Sgmqnt  They ivere guests yt ythe Sun|3rine -Coast  lions Chd> w worked l<n_* and hard' m  - extremely' hot wfeaiher < to arrange' one' ot  -the most m^morahle excursions r.ever en-  joyed by the Branch.      - ;' Y~>x  4 Oyer a xialm sea and wader cloudless  skies, they>travelled thesis miles ttp.Se-  chelt ���. Inlet anil navigated" the' Skobkum-  chuck. On arrival :at Jggmonti .where coffee and buns were,' awaiting, them, they  were welcomed iby ..President Ted. Safe-  well, of lhe Lions* Cljjh who paid tribute to  the excellent job of organizing'/done . by  Committee' Chairman Erich. Hensch. air-  Harry Hill, in joying/expressed appr��r-  iatioo to the lions who had given up their  week-end to do this wonderful thing _ for  the senior citizens of Sechi-lt and said that  the enthusiasm of their guests could, be  judged,by the big turnout. Alter coffee  break, there was time io sit in tlie shade,  While some of the more energetic member-,  explored'the points of interest around.  r* , , ( I  To an interlude of piano music pla>ed  by Vic Walters, 4he lions served a delicious lunch of barbecued salmon, follovn-d  by coffee and cakes in ihe making of  which their wives had obviously -co-operated. "'   *  On the return trip, the passengers had  a chance to see the tide sfill running  through the Skoofcumchuck and all- the  boats bucked ihe tide back into the Inlet.  One of the factors contributing to the  t.  I  ".  \ ,'i 1  I .t^  py  % ~  ���-.  J&uiges in djecJcere_,Bert#Mda shwsj^nd* 'ibis make  fl^hy"H&ya5ian< M_ui$ *taw is ,ft wrong to ' the taxpayers'  tfai'sojbe'jQayoiir Snip eyeryiiay Jifp?, And   Very fewv ot  m&ny ,$k M>s%^"j^_ged c-Aye-men,^ or ^.,.Step and*  ca?&vjH^fy%ya14 ��� dressed"* for * comforts fcveryfi__r  eriPatfc'one mile  _������ the^ ffig&vay has  teiteli'4_*'^'',M^ J_r. and JUrs, -B. J.  tdhekfei: ^i_firVa__ptt*er/ Ttfty'M-ve tour  community*,  ) wds in hospital  f< ^yJMimrat  IY- 1  S.'-'-l   l  _sil3in_b'C5_b erijoyfedaday trip  V^ouyef tost ^edc.    / ^  gupst, ot 4|IissrjC^a4diie Bremner  'jmec^jro^ Vahcouver.'        (  Mr. ^rii?^us,~OljBon bas Returned from  a "tiip .to California'where he' -nsiied a  U--**/���- * w ov**jf, w WBaypuvw. p#u, vm fancy sgjrrrB'=TjT'17T-T��,"n^Tjy.  ^Utfe0Dw,1he ^_Up # c^eapn^ss. Then ^tor/^.gSmep.Y  tate;^ iq^���^t yoit- owa fingernails by the ''$^rifa'fy$$i$f .. . .,tnen,we   niece'"-' '���- '���"  ^^fca^p^M^o-^ gfrfa*^^J%lM��yr   L����^ 5< ,!!^ WW *  ^^fclttoh^&fp^pleno ike way&'mWWM ��3^t_S_   ge'^^^*e^!^LW ^  _ self si_4aeni^atenf it'is wroig to seems VKSSS ^S oSy   ^^^pf.^o.chU^en ^Jancouver  $hw*goodnass (aiid humanity 1�� somiphe for ^e ^sfei;:tiie ^meh^drps'ad-  perhaps less f��t*un|iie fJi^n ypur;seyYtfaeB dik/W^^eir^^nte^-dfell^e.inal  w^jhjvet since le��t to go overseas on mis-  siim^y -woi_c.1- "l \  r1 ^hy" improvements bAve tfeeh anade at  the :Bjfpt&t-Caanif oh Keats Island. Mr.  Wyder has been coming out from Vancouver on ^fe^keads since May hplding work  i_rfa^.'presently at thetcatpp are Bev.  grid Mrs.- Sentall and their daughter Mrs.  _.     Fund raising draw  Mayor JBUl Swaiioi .lead'iMeliionor ftf. /  drawing the Ipeky ticket  elt-Juvenile Soccer diib ftuad raising  gamzations as the Peace C_>rp^f.*,l^__^X>.  the Eed C*oss,, and-tiie ^alvatipn Army  would notjevep'bei- ens&hce, As a mat-  |jlU3.e<>ne, down  touch  vrijth reality, ai^^pmp ,w|irped |�� our  In-short; _    the one A^bo recoj^z^; JBttg %^em$tand  ar, awlSficoioe , warped ji�� our  t; 4 leelUKfs^ime-li* '^titbone  une w me racrors coninnunng io we    en Juvenile soccer C1UO tuna raising    "you'restae wisest ��nd^s_r_wflest-man-in   ��ja ��jg>r -are -^ -j^flgs. HJ^iCSr "    ^^ Ti^STJr X*^Li��^*^P*fyUHr ^  smooth, _fficient organization of the out-   ��roiect winner m,.- t.vrin-Bfl_M_hafd ' t-^pa___- To.whatrwouM^ou^ttribu^   ^iS^S^ffKSto%L.i ����irilH     ft^-��^^-^^**wc����W  _nt�� waft _th��. vaiiiaMa ..__ ^rtr,_�� i�� w__._.   PwjeCT- winner Mrs. \jyw.&t5QGWTQ. -u--��-*c a;* ���*i.-*_,-���5,^'s_iLfii>��- * 'n     '. Jzte+vocident of the Arts Council build-   at .his^.immedfate-'4ass> iiecauSfe.he is__not  ing was 4he valuable work done by Werner Richter who maintained communica  tion between Porpoise Bay "and the XSay  Ninety,  RESERVE NOW  The charter (bus for Golden Ages Day  at the PNE is not yet full and Mr. Bill Coffee is anxious to get reservations in as  soon as possible.  trip for ^tTfi)"VaHJeoiIy_r "to"  see the Vancouver- Boyals play*, .Return flight for two, hotel room for  twOj.two tickets" to fhe game and*twd  U&zetstpa sjbdjifaf tfie CSve. fii pic-  tiii^-from-left;- Willie Takahashi,  Gordon August, Wayne Campbell,  Bill Swain; ana-:Ne]l CSampl%lL   ;.  .".tbe.taci. that" you 'Soaow'SsoimxtsStV  "<?ood judgment" i^plied;��he,sage./Td  say it was 'my good judgnjenl;"  ~  "But" where^did ^yoii -&et ybiir  M" pemste^^&e^frjerid.''*  ''That" rgot* from. 12e'el^aence?j  J "But ^where-did you gc. your" life-experience?^ ��� " ^*Y   ^    p1  * "From my" bad judfement.^  "     '' *  Council build-  ing-is just aimatdfestatiDn'tff���yoitt'  MtUe, .since you appear toLJae the  to obiept-inpits ushge/. "Kiis is  en thp, Se^or ^oys  mj    >_f_r ,-. ������_ ���, v. Baxfer^of Ti^nily  opportunities at hal_i" "_*a; eli_ehvpiir& to   P^fiM^j^^^ *a'.1,f,1gSr  .  .  ,...._.    ,!3f. ....r^i.   .- ,r     _*��   i^er.^Rev;;��ehtdill-fr^n.__lgjlry,' Alberta  St  . ��0..  fnext  -tt���t-t  A    ' ���- - r   VJ,   r-1'    ^. .    .  _���    -   ,  latter's iriend  4?ouse guests          _     ev,.My, and  38^-^"_^eivwl&^n_oY Jiibq and  Paul,- aridvMr.-ahti Mrs/J. Jorgferisen and  Aiine.ill from Vancouver, E__iy Thomas  wjs.outJfroip'tia#tt on. vacation for a week  with Mrs. Nissen.  CRANK E. DECKEIt- OPTOMETRIST  Bol Block - Gibsons  ,   Every Wednesday  886-2248  TASELLA SHOPP  Ladies' - Men's- Children's Wear  Yard Goods - Bedding - Linens  Dial 885-9331 -Sechelt, S.C.  ) I.,  BRIAN'S DBIVE-IN  Opposite frhefligh School -CUbsons  For Toke Out Orders Phone 3S--2433  Telephone 886-2069  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  pottery. Supplies, classes & firing  dealer for Duncan's Ceramic products  \ Pine Rd. & Crandview Ave.  \ P.O. Box 62, Gibsons, B.C.  ���   I_ & H. SWANSON LTD.  Septic Tanks ond Drain Fields - Boc-hoe ond \  ' Front End Loader Work. "\  Screened Cement Gravel - Fill and Road Gravel  Phone 885-9666 - Box 172 - Sechelt  MADEIRA MARINA  Madeira Park, B.C.  Vour OMC Service Centre - Peninsula Evinrude  Dealer - Cabins - Trailers & Hook-up -Camp  Sites - Trailer Court - Launching Ramp  Phone 883-2266  #���        #"  " ���" .������^__�� ������������           OCEANSIDE FURNITURE   .  AND CABINET SHOP  Custom cabinetry for nom6 and office  Kitchen Specialists       .  R.DiricIn, Beach Ave., Roberts Creek  Phone 886-2551   _    -      t ���- --  For Your Fuel Supplies  Danny Wheeler  ;; Yoiif  IMPERIAL ESSO DEALER  886-9663 - Hopkins Landing  John Hind-Smith  REFRIGERATION  .     PORT MELLON  TO PENDER HARBOUR  . Phone 886-2231  from 9 a.m. to 5:30 pjn.  Res. 886.9949  GIBSONS HARDWARE LTD.  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A SPECIALTY  COLLISION REPAIRS  24 HOUR TOWING^-886-2811  Wilson Creek, B.C. - 885-9466   ��� ���   Tailored i Suits   by Orapeshire  Work and 'Dress Clothing ,  Accessories - Jewelry ;  Watch Repairs - Timex Watchps  MARINE MEN'S WEAR        -  1585 Marine - Phone 886-2116 '  REAOY-M^ CON_#TE >ND   (  BUILDING SUPPLIES  Your One Sfop Building ^tore  For All Your Building Needs    ,  GIBSONS BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  1653 Seaview - Phone 886-2642  TpTflrjpOSS'  Those mho you "would ��all "dead  came to this comimunit^ with intentions _.  mhUng-n. Uinaig't~n:^ood:tiie'totM^(n6el-   ones in authority, necessarily, not *__��-��_��_���  xes..-3&eyYflr��i stoorted'Jby: |Jj^r_ own   edrne^s^y^3^^/4oe^vtlifc^c_i_v-  . v?^s'\a<* by MfM&re.oz,toen&aetots who   fr^egatdiess-M-hlsflatus; Msopiimce,  We are lniman? M-Bogg Vb^^.ln - #e- will %$&* S%C a^ good gfatfy,  thes? people/you. c^_'�����i^e_" aref many mach iess-4 #&fro)&, -__Si Sv-iMi'ex-       Orviiie "Buzzy- and- iiell Xn^e imtchey)  char^teajstics.so; oiten lost.or confused, ce^^ce .apd^memnenC.is not only res- Braii_jatigk. ^mfer "JSijsoiis' r_5i_e_ts now  No racial or religious ^ejudjees. rei* in g^A ^encojir^j^ 2M&jqfo I'm of W-steicie, ^a-Mooiis were guests of >Ei-  iT^'-JS?    a1. & ��ni-    ^miabaa of Ifa; the uspe^mSie,. ae^eyer^e,. ^uc- Wer apd���-Mme _&Panna1d befone going  Meeilte^Alaeatfe^ngforWlyand ceederi -War fi^ mM\& ffiDA on to'Sit^lxada IsJand.  huin^nity can be seen, m th&n. They axe society and ��ns wiU miiy jbe'dotte by thbse' " %&*&&���� movid'to Merritt    "  ^n^tctH^^eiriS ^^^^^j^^^j<- ,,��n^%^r^r^pioyed  tice^ , r        , .      j,     '      ,  .  ipy then d,o you, ptersecufe tksm tor  what, you ti��h^ you jsep behind flidr motives? Would that you cbulc. Jwrt talk to a  few and perhaps gpt an insight 3n|o thpir  ways. Is it .beyond vou to kespect th> itfeas  and feelings of-an jhdividual for what they  are?- Wfrenjt they may disagree wifii your  own, l^jjprare many wdr_ifty__ie ideas  and gdals, in Ithe youfli 4oJE today: Aren't  they fworttk even some consideraiion?,  We dream of peace and beauty, of happiness and Jove, of sunsets ^nd oceans, of  life. "What lien do you dream of] tSx.'Waee-  ler?      . |  IAN OHAODlWilCK  achievement, tot m^Jfce nod cf ttelr    & #: &; spag^pe in Vancouver visited  native atwMy, for &ffi$ aonevthe- jofc at    ^ y^aMh^i^: five days.  'hand.  by -fira^R  Greatsupport:  Editor; tlbe SRm^,    ' \  Y ' J >   "  - ^ir-^As you haye-^trlbuted /ai^ftrially'  to the ?r\i|-r^rr^sealaM��. j6| 4he-'Arts Cojm-  cil Worjsshpp peiaiafis you will" allow ine  to.-present our--ide-c_"_ie-story.  ,      ,;  Since the Gaiety $}iop opeiiedih Aptii  '6T w^ iavo received.,frequent,coiptoents  ind' requests^ tar h. ffl^ce ijn Whick. people  nlsiaent! to find _����'Siamese"- cai,'"S_ki"  yfhftL^as.toxmA^.Mts..Al Kan, also vac*  a^^ga^isnfflqyjlwckljxMner. ^ I ,   .  Miss-N^hcy LeWarne enjoyed,a two  week trij>'to ^ahih4>a with her brrther .n-  ^iwj and .^ister (dadys) Mr, and Mis. B.  Zarn.. ...     >   i{     ^ ,    t       . >  5Yti_e_te'i_:;i|n 'ap^ "S&s.' W^IIy Peterson  wefe ^--fir ��liier; son Larry wi_i his wife  JOaiS at_4 ion. Miihad. .��rom Coiicitenay,  whjefe ^Lin^i is .'a * school teacher. Ibey  ewjP'lgeiC together %-w^.ofe��^^ tamo wedss  lf_n_U_k4_A_. __!____ -tt-1__._*_f____.   ��__. _4tU.r_._-_    __._____d *    A   49___L.*>^l   J. *��     ^ <*���!*    '*'��'' J*    1_i',lt*J *   '   _ra    "*/1'       "   ^"��. "        J  h^hhi^s to 'Jhptf- own (tii_i.e and at thfeii. own  inclination.', ,.    ��-   ->' -    . >   -. i*  , ~ - ��  ;in ^flawh ^^^,wfre^japprdaej^d.by  the B^pjlt^J,A��x-4arJesra^d ,bffe��5i the  use of- __e "_fl|il^i_g '^wijiKay. u^d $>f ihe  Eyesore  Editor, The Times \  Sir���I happened -to visit rec&nfly the Gower Point area along the watenfroht and  was quite shocked ait the terrible condition liibraty fbr'.tMe Art GallSy; Ttie ___fery  in which I-found it-             ,  -        i QmaniWee #cadfid'/.__3t',__^^_ui^SWgt^ild  During the heavy winter storms and location wer��'unsiyutabfe.ifpi; ;the.Gdiifiry  high tide, a lot.of.Jtyge logs/and jgiant ^ut"when'% mifwas ieduced to $25.pb,  butts / were iswept across ihe park and in evei though iwe tml, respnraupps ^bout  front of the pottages, fliese were event- starting lanyiiiliig B. "tlie' silmmer it _e^m-  ually pished across ithe road and are an ed a-good-o^Orttiiiity to ^v<.tiu&'i(fea a  eyesore not only for those who reside there  the whole year/but for our summer visitor^ also.  Thiase'peOjple |>ay heavy taxes and some  of them haye lived there for SO years or  more and 1 feel jSoat, St is hoi fair to them  or their families who icoane out to visit  them during the short 2 or 3 months of  vacation time.  A cairp bag b^en place4..m the email  patik at Gower Point in memory of Captain Vancouver wtyo i& believed1 to haye  landed there at one time. Now the residents all ^lo^g tjhpviGower Point area have  access to the Park, is it was donated to  them by the generosity of the Cfaastor Cam-  I s Jt"'..'  BemiR- Ut Otneg-  Soles; Porta, Service  PENINSULA CLEANERS  1521 Gower Pt. Rood  886-2200 Gibson-  >OR YOUR fAMILY DRY CLEANING NEEDS  HOWE SOUND 5-l<M5c STORE  1589 Marino - Gihtons - 886-9852  Everything from Needles to  School Supplies  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER  Household Moving & Storage  Phone 896-2664 R.R. 1 Gihson*  SUNCO PROPERTY PATROL  Gov't Licenced ond Bonded  Scrvlna the Sun-Jiino Coast. Offers sccurlty-  dteck fKitrol to suit you.        V ;  "WE CARE ABOUT YOUR PROPERTY"  Ph. 885-9737 Benner Block, Sechelt  or  UNSHINk  EWING  eayicE  FdEE HOME DEMONSTRATION  REPAIRS AND SERVICE ON ALL MAKES  Ut*. Mono Hav.cs - 885-9740  WIGARD'S SEWING CENTRE  .,,... i      Authorized  'Singer Sewing AAachine Deoler  Cov/ris St. - Sechelt - Ph. 885-9345  McPMEDRAN ELECTRIC LTD.  Residential - Commercial  ;Y  :,    Industrial Wiring  '������ Hectric Heating Specialists  Gibson. 886-9689  Setvlt^i Port Me. 3on to Pender Harbour  '   ' At ttx> %>i of tfc�� Cheyron  HILL'S MACHINE SHQ?  ���   C MARINE SERVICE LTD.  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Pender' Harbour - CD3-2.03  :i_:.rec_fled'1by moving,all ends.ai^d; oilier  obstructions1 away fcrom '.tlie ftoni ot "iiJ"  b_$y. We've not blaming peoptk', we khonv  how it is jin tbe summer W$ w too vtolfc  ily, al^o, thosejwho haye summer homes   about  doing  things |jut s<^ehonY  "OTer  are permitted to use this park as well as    get around to them, ffy t_# wo^Ji^p ^ipod  visitors. empty and umise^ tot C^<? P/eetes, wflen  I ifecl^ that tbte gajfc pcSpg donated to    some o_ the youitg (people ^rdactied lis.  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"t &C you 8hould stop    lf^ ��Silfefe Sillffi  ,^,/i^k_-Ke,j.Baior' obsefvefl tiieir  Em bedding, anniversary in July with a  small -dihnfer-at S local "Irift. '-     ������    - ���  ,  JRtsjr, ���torddn^YJD!angejfield.of-|B West  JEdward.Aye. Vancouvier, BJC.oHici-  latea^tt^ie.matr}0a. o��,$iwe Berdahl and  lap- Sh^srh J,mo haVe sii^ce taken up  reafleri^e- &* Headlands" - fioad.  Mr.   and .'Mrs.. fiOn   Bracbett   Dan,  Cheryl, Standi, .and. David -are holidaying  d8ffie"<foi$ islands. ."  " __rs. F4tseihi vnte ofYRev.> Mairvin For-  ��$h'$> Cynteughl ���mM*' Ptsnteco&ab  Afisemj^ ^j^6^ Westminster was _ visitor to'___3onsvon ��unday.'��  Sorry to fceyir Mrs. BaU>h CJr_ig is an  hoSplt_[l in town.'      \   ' '  . ,,. T_r _- ,     __^_   _,. _    ^. -j^Ur- -^ttcj .Ar-. A-' C.thoin jEnrtn iNorth  s^aU\o3e yras donalte3 ^t ��e; jw*^" iii    V?p��pttV<f?r-' W^ ~vgcaponing # at Boherts  the building is not atjequate anil before    t?r^r(, > j,, \\ .     r.   -,-   ���   <" J  ive can r_iwire, me nked 'ass#ahie .hat     rF^K 1li{inw��feter Wesierh. Bpe ?hoot  (he workshop JwiU be used ahd| member6hip    tcsms were-iBronzse dward- A. G.4Ander-  nbyer Je��pei*ses, .       tJ,,'. ,     ,,,......       60n' J' Bfan**". A- Brodie, C. Hogan, B.  jjf, Miss  Malyea.  Hogan,  try. The workshop "was .opened .on April  lS^on a trial basis. -   ,., ^  * pottery group showe^ inteftst hut.ran  into difficulties oyer'a Mht The GaHfery  ittoe has ^ money, Srfin the Pr^iptt-.  cial, Ifrfypt j?et ^% to %y a _qJn ^��4 a  Jojies.'UMCrs. JoneS, KuJJandef anil JSlalyea.  G^d - Anygrd;' Anderson, Brodle, Hogiin,  Jo.ne?^ and ;K4illanfier. And, - Special dpld  A>ward: Brodie, mQx&Sty;. (Jones, 4394x  4500; and Kullander 4412x4500.'  Bon and Bufh W^r<l have mu'rned from  trflp; to:A__erta waere' they tositcd Ron's  es.  ...     .4.-4.4 ^���4���y:4..'.l  and reeppsttyft:  y.t ,We' Wve to a beauitiful ..(c'otmtiy,., end ��� a  free one at that. Our nrianricr of dresa ,1a  not specified; to tmyAam, ,PM.'.|f wearing  hair down to your shoulders for men is  nic^l^yo^.'t^U'^^^echdtla |i ijreat place  to (be, everyone knows iliis as we see tne  tourists from all over the world come.to  visit. But who are you that you can ju$_e>  wfyp comes ond who fip^T ]Rr;.v^a^ everyone ,-3|i>uM wear? ?mfi&,.yop^.'.rieat' igrey  puiil Mfl' Ihip stan4ari^ idrpiff .py ^11''Wf1:n??sa  men or woridnij people. .'Dili 'perhaps, ijpt,  TJijp MK.fllU}4 ;ipcfd-beat|i,'|l oddballs  and Bums of P^fie^ ffe nduMly ��o tte-  yond yotir tiny world of the Sechelt Jj<inc-  lety you cannot Btop and observe what la  happening, and n<A just in our fair villagf.  AH ovc^.llie wotfd people d*��-��4R* aa V*."  say:*1ik_ "bOfrfCtSd^ fn&ri a circus" or l|f��  "retarded cavemen, or cave-women", .  11hiC����^ peopto fire gentle and bc^uUf  Tiicre are' m iwti, yum .4ri��i|na' pari  or trouble with the tUCMP. Stop and look  at thc local fifccheW J*-^*1' Stealing battor-  Ica from oars, fight, ng, disturbing ^J|o  peace, dmnk and ioi,ii| every opportunity  they can get. 1_ this good and rigM in jniwe...  mind? I; ^tnow you wotild rather stir wp  trouble for the "bto" people than help  clear up toffie, of ^he Ipcfl tJro_t_e^mak��|r(l.  Have f^ou ever fficeri 't__��o people Hvittg  who have/hjept ���Uieni1;;'ii.E^v�� .~*,..*~~*.���,~,  including twp member�� j of the hospital  board who not- only searched1 the premises  but Bub)ecM;mylM nffrMtji^'.Jifere  to a crdss-^x^minatlon, it Is surprhung thalt  Hhjey liayeybsm fiiven ��ny credence.  Howeyer, Our faiUi in the basic d��^ncy  of human nature lias been restored tn the  ^Mlf, $'��� W'W^''��.f^^^',wbo  pfess (h^r.4J#i-t -jt We ;way tMmi^vc  been liaikM'L%&tm'wb 'HavT'm^lvcd  donations. |��-, exefc** iof |m__Is to cii^er ex-  the woHcsl^1 'fytb', ��^tt' 1Sepf "     "'  <CI(|l|rma��!;<l��l^ry CmtttdiXee  Sunshine Coast Ants jOouncil  '��  f-lffl^M"!'  Coitodldn M.UIcdl A��i_.  ;'^I###S��^'^7.'  is a coildition named after James Parkin-  tiret d^scribod It ii*l��17. It is a  s in motor  function  which,  is  einOtional and voluntary movement, mua- ���  eular _UffiMa^ or rigldily, and ehaJdng.   -.  The Can/idian Medical Association re-  pontjs th^t piajtinsonten is a common disease and. iu^^yt;.ap^';.peoplp'-tmt-. age  jsMt jjj��:M��fay��. i^o^^ve,, but <h�� ^eot  pto^^^^Wirto^ '..c/jfi^d^rfib}y^0^\\^  soil to person.' The symptoms usiialiy M>-  poar on brie "Bde of the J^y aibd spread to  top iplher jaf fhe years pass. Parkinsonism  li��eU d^op-. iMi .f-yi��e.,tpentjat. disoase. ,k_, ;.,:,  Tn^re is ho euro for Parkinsonism.' The  patient fihould remain active and noi spend  long, perioAS of time ih bed because the  A\sc4sc ^emrs to worsen wtich ilk. patient  bi.:jmifn6b^fyY ���,.���;. Y; ... ',.. ���,. :'p ������ -.P''  ,s,. Mfwy,Mug^4we wjtito&to, -Ug. bidp ttgyse  with Piarkliik)!nifeJh,   They have the effect  ��^ ^i^ps^^ MyMm^^ ._��d...io_-cniiiB'  the suffne&a. Unfortunately, most of these  drugs ajf&'~h4vc Jto,d^ftori_ig .ftyfe'bttect'  ot drying, '*pe mouth; wmch la sonidimes  In' r^��m yp1^ -#W!_^. J139 ��� I**5*0, me<*  to help cohW Pa^hsoni��m. The C.M.A.  advlsca ^wt the current operation Li called  ��� thalamotomy, lids involves the cutting  of wcrvf, f%��s pj��nry|ng ,%> *,'l*�����or to-  W. #�� get-' ''ntktUeqLviM. - f4u '��� giyo , up  fnnoMMT'A ��|iarf.;]UuV'.:prflW>octty_ l^fde.  ���^And Jlrtyffyg; ioo|", ,  Ah��f Vili you titop feoing to your ciuh in formatioii'V;^ _w��-^4atlnk to fitlftoe^.  the evening?''   ���������:,,'.;  .i ;.."7 ��� ' This opepltou ^s^j*��ii_I|lyv't|op^wl*en thc  f4yfi, d#j\*'Y;VYYY ".";���'.���>:: "y" dfsc%1�� in Htnarlly  on^lded ��� ^iwl  the  "i ,-    '"  ' " J'"   "'��� -i'..' - ^ pdaH'cht Ip., youna\pWi.#*^����e healthy.|  "AihI  what else  are  you thloWog  giving up?*'    .  ,     ,   .  "The fdea of mMttg nferrieil."  \  ^jer,operiatip9/|ik^ fh^^tnykal^im, pftcn  cwiroh j^ioi #$|C*iso ifor ��otti,o' yetaiis.  i*�� i;i^w>*>iijyft^��^'i^yffpw^M��l%ff#^��i*^  ,wl%W��>��Wyi#1W*.'"*tlW*'T*-l^'rW  l^0^mmmV^>0'^<nmi mWiw<��iw_������*w^'^��-#>i^_^*w *H_i.lhW. ��� ^���n^n>��<*!<fr,*-%  ��iiii)llWlWwrtMn^i_-H1<'.|liPl.ii**ii*><l*">��  (M*IW>*l^%.��l^iMlrt>W^frtW<��MfttBI>��V^  ^^^^1^^^WHU_^^*^^^1^U?,%',*,1; 1$  ���i^ ��sfc  %MmW7i��9^  f^��, -Y    ��>> 4? KY AJ  k.X  ������ f 7    . 3 *      _.  >- Si  *  ��**&*&.%  *i 7 ;>   >   v.i��/'r .-;* y^y?\? to ^*v ^Vr-joimA��_w  "*    *     '     DougiasG.Wheelbk. Editor ~SrtM&rB.teJ?w^ publisher  ._*  wrfMwwi^iiir��lmwffrr>n����  ayaaM��8��aMW_a^fflffl��^ffriTm!i��!ii(B  CX-  Y    W  ,  lip [t^^^^%^^f%fk     _  u THERE now,5i��ma��is litHe *4|9i_-4: Tflip 4>%i^dci^_---ihl��ne^4-o�� eourse/tfee story  1 Y    present ferry service between Lang- was "vote Social Credit an- you wiU get  ^>__!e and^Hoiseshoe Bay is the woflst youJrVoad.,'  yet despite fervent promises and assur- * P At that time the choice was socialism  v_aH��?_f by our political representatives that pr Social Credit and while we still feel  * previous doubts were groundless, and that the final count was ike wise one, quickly  , all problems would be removed once the shelved political promises invariably leave  ., !  Sunshine Queen went into sendee. a sour- taste even though, by now, we  Jl _ -The Sunshine Queen is inservice andY should be jsufificientlyY experienced ,to  all previous doubts-and criticisms have treat them as one big joke,  proved well justified. Naturally there were What is needed is either a major road  bound to be some teething troubles but improvement or a new highway. Road  despite efforts of terminal staff and ferry improvement would probably prove more  crews, it is obvious, a great boob has been costly than a new one for with ever in-  made. creasing traffic, detours would be con-  Premier W. A. C Bennett probably tinually required and in some sections reacted with the best of intentions but was construction   would   prove   extremely  , either ill advised or carried away by mis- costly. It would therefore seem logical to  guided enthusiasm, lhe vessel is too cum- expect a little active consideration to a  bersome for the short crossing and while new highway right now while the existing  it has a large capacity, the overall trip track is still usable,  takes much longer than previously and ' Unfortunately it is one thing to expect  . resulted in a far worse service, conse- and another to receive for regardless of  quently tourist trade on the Sunshine cotatinued requests by Chambers of Com-  ' Coast has deteriorated. The Vancouver merce and other public bodies, the de-  travel bureau happily announces a sub- sited action appears to lag badly by the  ,, stantial increase in tourism while here wayside. Even the promised Gibsons cut-  ' the situation has been reversed. This is off which underwent a series of surveys  not surprising for it is only natural that has been, apparently, conveniently for-  any tourist who finds he has just missed gotten,  a ferry and has tp wait two and a half ft now seems obvious, the Sunshine  i /  Y  gfntiNT  *~i��y Joan Blomgrcn  A man ��#tib,thoughtsIwrpidand poor,  For wailinjg waifs of worthless war,..  (Was shot-rand to Ms death he went  Tim man--he ttoxpt Bi__idea_  Ax  ^ man W~ft*��fea�� for^Jt&ljjnd  Now gone. A ancfand worthh����.ha��~^  .-! Has killed Mm, and all they meant,  To ibk mm whb tan for PreMeet,  ^  v>��*< ���  io__  Hey, Sarge! McNutt says him and the pigeons are sidin' with fhe posties  ASSER  OOWNTOVm 'N OUT���Ironic touch in the -1 chiidrfen". There was  another delay, of  sudden dismissal of Roy Corber* from jj an ^our and a half, while the clergyman,  cify street $����__  sik&ll^  firom  the  Indians'.  Heaven  ajone  knows  what the  Indians  might  pick up  hours'for the next, will turn around and   Coast has Kttlelo SnTftonTthe present   bis ��*fiM a year post as managing direc- ^ <&e wedding party and the distraughtJe-   ^J^S^Sre as* chairman of 4he Si-  to come again, people and will probably remain so until   Nation lawyers-~_pon his return foam .  ^ charge liad no basis in fact, the tense  On top of this sorry situation is the   the next election. At tbat time, we would   his sixth and final session at Santa Clara .  aa<i nervous wedding party returned to the  deteriorating road from Langdale to Earl   forcast at this time, the electorate will   University. He'd just won bis degree as a    church where the ceremony was conducted.  Chartered Association Executive, a unique  course for  trade  association  execs that  numbered 200 men, of whom he was the  only Canadian . . . Decision to chop Cor-  bett from the post he'd held'for nine years,  ever since he was lured away from a similar group in (Ontario, was made hp the  use of drugs is 100% and incidence of   association directors in phone vote taken  published   a  number  of  editorials ' respiratory infection is almost universal   by president Jim Vernon . . . Prior to  which, it would be true to sky, were not   among the hippies. Corbett's arrival - _be hotel industry w^  __-   ii r      *_,     t      u . u��� 6 yv badly split. Hotel operators who had some-  particularly complimentary b what has Jbuc ^ Qfhej. shocking ^ m   ���W ^ m ^f mind than beer sales  become known as the   hippje   element.    trewa1p/,  in  ihR   American miMioitimi   had broken away and formed their own  His family mourns, and sodo we,     ,  For Robert Francis Kennedy  To them, to us, so muchjmeant  This man who ran for President.  DDT use discontinued  harmful lo animal life  13SE OF DOT (dichtorodiphenyl-tricliloroe-  thane) has been discomtmued an Canada's  "National Parks ahd is being replaced by  less persistent insectaci_es, it was announced today by the Honourable Jean Chretien, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.  The Minister said that DOT js elective, but its use is being discontinued in  National Parks because of its undesirable  side effects.  "DDT is extremely persistent. Residues  have been transported from their places of  application and are now found al over  the world, even in the oceans."  She National Paries' decision was influenced by scientists* reports from several  countries that long-lived DDT residues  have caused serious damage to animal  populations, particularly fish. TJhe residues build up in animal tissue and become  'j_toxe concentrated along food chains���  from bottom-dwelling onganisms to fish,  to gulls, for example.  Canada's National Parks will now use  non-persistent insecticides to reduce mosquito and Ey populations in the vicinity  of camp-grounds and Visitor Service Centres. Park officials are seeking even more  Cove which, over the years, we have constantly been told "is under consideration".  make abundantly clear the fact, it has a  long memory.  DURING the past year or so we have  As the bride and groom moved up the  aisle to toave, an usher stepped on the  bride's train-and her dress ripped. Once  outside the couple's car wouldn't start and  a tow truck had to be callei They finally  got to "the. airport in: a "borrowed car, just  in time to catch their -flight for a European  moneymoon.' The groom had 'forgotten the  tickets back at his apartment The following day they finally got away. Would you  believe that they w-i have memories?  mon Fraser University Board of Governors this year there*- every possibility that  he will be asked to stay on as Chancellor,  and well he should . . . Marquee on the  ^    Bay Theatre the other evening announced,    satisfactory control measures and hope ev-  You Only live Twice���-7:30 and 9:45".    entually to be able to avoid using insect-  That mafcss it specific.  icides of any land.  revealed in the, American publication  Needless to say they haVe not been ^ _  appreciated  by  these  individuals   and    claims to have gathered most of its facts   OT^n_~^o_r_-ice"_or__tt'_ arrival many  whichwbUereviHoghippiedomasa^ob   g��*5�� SSjSlTiTSL'S  have been condemned by the gullible,  naive and idealistic few who rush to their  , support. This, naturally, is par for the  course for society has always had its  minority \ groups dedicated to any - Gft-  - beat movement,, distasteful though it  might be to a'responsible society. In  many ways this might be considered a  good thing for many of these people are  sufficiently weli known that their support merely accentuates the undesirability  of the movement involved.  NEWS.TO ME���Neon -chief Jim Parti-  son, who has been acquiring everything in  sight, didn't hijve to look, very^ far to find  a new home. He's purchased the plush  British Properties residence of the late  Fred Hume and Mrs. Hume for a price  from the Haight Ashbury district of San more hotels have been built which have  Francisco ignored or de-emphasized the beer parlor  ,    * aspect of hotel operation, to toe fuss that's Y rumored. ih the neighborhood of $_50,000.  One little point overlooked by some jikely to ensue following Corbett's axing, Y PaDtison. plans to ' continue the tradition  of thclse who support these drop-outs: jtisi-'t-beyoi^-J^ ��*& ?^te toayor and create  jStjie human race is the, fact that they the 1b_^����a^4g^ display at Chnsimas.  aredrc  ,.���_. w_, *i,_^_._.���.m ^��^_..-��� t��,_   Innkeepers Aslocia'tiOn, -will be xeformed  uts by their own choosing. The   "^ J^anwhife look for publk relations  childishly feeble cry that we should help   ^B' p^ smith as Corbett^ potential  them in their search for a better way of   successor wfth the Hotel Association. As-  life is ludicrous. Practically everyone of  us who is self supporting has worked  for what he owns. Many have, at one time  or another, hit rock bottom but rather  , Most Of us tend to become somewhat than abandon, all hope and reverting to  apathetic and it is a.simple matter to sug- thc caveman era, have worked and fought  gest these "flower" children with their to improve our lot in life,  garrish clothes, tinkling bells and pretty It w^uid ^ wrong ^ suggest all hip-  beads, are harmless. pjes ^n morally bad, there might even  Whethek they are harmless or not ^ a few who ^ genuinely concerned  might be deeded after reading the fol- with the way of wor,d affairs> but tuniing  Pattison is aware of what's involved. He  and bis family lived two doors away from"  the Humes . . . B.C. Federation of iLabor  wanted the visiting representatives of striking migrant farm workers to go slow on  their call for a boycott of California grapes  in B.C. but the two families <of Mexican  Americans said they planned to\ start picketing in Vancouver with or without'local  ^support . . . City police plan a\ full' scale  trooping of the colors when retiring Ralph  Booth turns over the Chief Constable badge  lowing quotes from a publication which  found its way to the editorial desk last  week and which is published in California.  It states: Jn hippicdom ��� virtually  anything goes, they seek to be different  yet end up dressing alike. They are for  what they call "love" which often means  promiscuous love making homosexuality  or whatever you want. Other than their  "  one's back on society and responsibility  is simply the cowards way out. Furthermore, despite the petulant bleating that  thc world is deteriorating, let us not be  misled. Things are improving steadily.  People today are living better than ever  before, there have always been wars but  again prospects of world conflict are  minimized to what they were two decades  ago. More and more nations are resorting  attitude toward society and their odd to discussion rather than/the old practice  dress, the two basic ingredients of the of declaring a state of war and while we  average hippie are sexual promiscuity hear of moral decay among young people,  and drugs." this again is restricted to comparative  Another significant comment Jn the few. The malcontents invariably stick out  publication suggests that seventy percent Me the proverbial "sore thumb' while the  of the hippies are school drop-outs, forty responsible, majority clement passes un-  perccnt come from broken homes and are   noticed.  mostly loners and losers with unhappy This too is a matter for conjecture;  pasts. Their wild clothes and long hair are there arc always those prepared to launch  symbols of rebellion against society. a j,alf baked move to support thc dead-  Referring, in part, to the San-Francis-   beats and mallingcrers of society yet these  co hippies, they arc reported as having   so do-gooders turn their backs upon thc   |  the morals of an Alley Calj. They believe' often  poor but responsible youngsters  in free love, any kind of sex goes���man   who seek to play a part in contributing  and woman, man and man, woman and    to a decent civilization,  woman ar even group sex. Casual sex  sedation labor negotiator Stan Smith is  acting boss, although Vernon actually runs  things.  THE WHEE! PEOPLE���The sc<$ne was  a suburban church and the guests were  already uneasy when the bride and .groom  were nearly two hours late for the ceremony. The uneasiness was hardly dissip- to John Fisk later this year. The ceremony  -a'ted when the clergyman got to thejpart "will take place in the 15,000 seat coliseum  in which he calls on anyone who knows . . .The very hip hippies are long gone  why   this  couple should  not vbe   wed  to from 'the Vancouver scene. They've been  "speak now or forever hold thy peace", moving out into the countryside and setting  A woman's voice pierced the stillness of up colonies to put themselves close to th*  the church. '"He can't marry her," she native Indians,   Among  other  things  the  'streamed.  "He's the father of my three hippies hope to pick up some handicraft  CLOSE-LINES���Watoh for Premier W.  A. C. Beratet to announce some firm dates  for the extension of the PCHE from Fort  St. James to Fort Nelson.-Target will probably be a 1970 completion and the announcement will be followed by announcements of a sulphur, plantr���immediately���  ajnd a pulp m_i-4ater . .-. Ev^ry ;(PE man  and press agent west of the I__��-__&tf'iii#s  made a pitch .to Japan AJriinesin ah elKort  to land the account when the airlme starts  flyihg: in here 'lato'''this'',;^ar:;,'uIn<:''Vain,'"  chaps. Japan 'Airlines wil handfe its own  public relations . . . Musicians Bobby:Hales  and Dave Rob-ins burned the midnight oil  for three straight ni^its to write the mus-  ital   arrangements '.which' ,Oal;  Richard-  took 'the Toronto where he'll conductrh-studio band in an RCA recording session of  all, of Canada's football sons i . , When  UBC law professor  Tony  Hooper, some-  thneis called. the. hippie law prhf because  of his interest in civil righte.yquit and  headed for England in the'spring he $aid  it was for a long stay. He's back in Vancouver already at the firm of Eussel and  Dumoulin . . . Not saying it, was hot during one of those midnight plays at the Arts  Club but actress Pia Shamtel fainted ijrom  heat exhaustion. Titles of the plays include:  Keep Tightly Closed In A Cool ��ry Place."  WASSERMANIA���'Any fool can criticize,  condemn and complain���and usually does.  Here To Serve You  fecSSSSl,^ fBSSSst-.  M  Mechanic to car owner: "And for new 1,  customers we have a special this week '  . . . we're charging only what 'we estimate!"     / .        , ���'  Y;''Office  CHAS. ENGLISH REALTY LTD.  Sunnycrest Plaxa  Dave Hopkin  Resident Underwriter  ZURICH LIFE OF CANADA  serving the Sunshine Coast  Phone 886-2881 ��� Res. 886-7446  P.O. Cox 500 - Gibsons, B.C.  y_rfBsa_i  ^^^!S^^i^^|^Ss_b________9_i____l  MBSBaBsnmsas^  B  msmsm^mm^kmB^^^msf  ^Bmmmham^'i'ii^^k.ssiiJ  DHYGOODS  CHiLpREI- AG-D IMPACTS  ' WEAH  LAPSES' SPOUTS WEAH  Phone 886-9994  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  abounds, venereal diseases, syphilis and  gonorrhea���are rampant among them.  According to Robin Uigur, Public Health  Adviser in Los Angeles, "The chances of  a hippie who believes in free love con-  tnicling either one of these diseases is  100%".  Fletcher's Philosophy  ���Hairy W. Fletcher  UTOPIA  Last night ] look flight on �� fanciful wine  lo a world out in  unexplored epaoc, which  Even   worse  than  immorality  and   seemed at ihe Umoa most praciical jhing to  venereal disease, apparently, is that of   this newsman assigned to iho case.  drug addiction.  In the  Haight A��l>bury 1 J��mJcd on carpets of dale.lc��  and gold  district of San Franciseo, it is claimed,   where folk* without Um or pretension who  looked neither young nor cra/.y or old, ituid  "Welcome lo you, Fourth Dimcnuion." ] naked,  "Who's your Jcadcr, your ct>icf or your king,  mid where can 1 buy mc some dinner?"  'they nmwered, "Wc never por>sc__cd ouch  a.thing, nor cat to get fatter or thinner,"l  So, having no leaders they didn't \f>ced  wealth, no money, no taxes, no treasure*; no  liard-fintcd drinking to ruin their health, while  work Iwas )uM one of their pleasures. With no  public office or drones to Mipport, no Candidate  rose to resent it.  1 dieted city dc*k lo phono in my report.  but fell (Hit ot bed���1 had dreamt jt!  Save Money  AT YOUR POPULAR  LUMBER AND BUILDING  SUPPLIES  Serving The Sunshine Coast  GULF BIJILDBNIG  SUPPLIES  885-2283 - Sechelt, B.C.  THE PENINSULA^y!*^^  Published Wednesdays M Sechelt  on ILC.'h Simshlnc Coast  by  Sechelt Peninsula Tlmca ltd.  hox 3��l - Sechelt, J��.C.  Douglas G, Whreler, RAltor  X. 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Even If I you pick a shady spot under a tree,  It sometimes can become a real effort Just to start a fire and broil &tcok, hamburQcrs, or  hot d^fls.  I* So why not beat the heat and try something different for your next'picnic In  tho sun? To avoid cooking, how oboutipxtra lean corned'beef sandwiches as a treat for  tho children, ond an extra lean corned beef solod for tho grov.n-uP*?  Tbat way, there's no bother or fuss. Just buy one or two 12-or. tins of extra loon  corned beef and, the night before Iho picnic, put them In tho refrigerator to chill.  Tho secret Is id make sure thot the tins of corned ,bcef you use ore marked "extra  Icon". This is Important, because lhe fat content In a tin of "extra lean" corned beef  runs between 9-11%, or about half tho amount of fqt you'd find In a tin of regular  corned beef.  Children like variety orvd they often think It's o special treat to have o tondwlch  mode on a bun or roll Instead of slices of brcod, So use buns or rolls for your next picnic  ond here's all you do:Spreod with mustard or mayonnaise, odd lettuce, pickle relish, ond  sliced extra lean corned beef. Serve with a whole tomato on the side.  For the older ones In the fomlly, tho extra Icon corned beef salad should bo placed  on Individual l>eds of fresh, crisp lettuce, The salad Itself Is prepared as follow*: Dlco  ono 12-oz:, tin of extra lean corned beef, odd two finely chopped pickles, two finely  chopped honi lx>llcd eggs, one finely chopped stick of celery, ono heoplng toblwpoon of  mayonnoisc, ond mix all of theso Ingredients together. Salt ond pepper optional. Garnish  with chopped chives or sprigs of parsley ond ploco sliced lomatocs around each ind ot  lettuce. Serve with French breaql. Tho obovo quantities will provido three generous  tired wlods, ,   ..,...'  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Canipbell;  Jed out of bed at the crack v��f-4��wrt;*p;^wl.^w-,Y ' r .���    -  participate in tbe fishing 4-t_y< wt -vent ' D,*,������� '    N ���.       . v     "-  of the Gala Day at Hopkins.-   - \      , >     Y 8* 3*��rt.; '^Boys-IIan fanning,  Mark  -   Something new was "added IhiVyejr g^Mf^s&a3*2*  SMra^teykYG'r^a,?,n  which ted to much preparation for the %*��**' Tai*D Brodt Patri��ia McA1'  . decorated .flotilla which sailed past-,ithe" pm'  flag bedecked wharf on Friday 'eyeriihg. 'P^% -WW ^JBoys-BM  Letham,   Pop  * The huge gaily colored paper^oache fish Campbell, Doug Rilok Giris-Ponna Mande-  v ����_j_)i wen first prize and compteiely JBlled ^J** ^^1Je ?**J$W_ i*ail Mardon  the Utile red dinghy held a place of honor " ISM years; Boys-John Rae, Tun Jobn-  >in the community ha31 for��the evening son. Ken Jtoe. GarLS;Al_son Bell, Louise  prize.presentation.'"*               ���   <     -, MarierY          ��   "    '  Hair still slightly damp from swimming 14 and over; Soys; Jimmy Scorgie, Jan  eyents..~un-tanned youngsters gathered in Thompson, Darry JRae. Girls-Marilyn Hop-  Ihe ha- to hear results and enjoy a feast kins, Chris Kiloh, Ahne Letham  of hot dogs and pop while parents relaxed  probably for the first time that day over  ,3 jasU deserved cup of coffee.  TROPHIES  Presented for the fourth time this year  to the girl with ihe highest aggregate, the  Imperial iEsso Trophy was won for the  - third lime by 12 yeja.r old~Allison Bell with  25 points, Close second was Taryn Brodie  * with 23 points. Mlison also received a permanent trophy to commemorate last year's  success.  Presented for the second time this year,  the Florence HopMns Memorial Trophy  was wo- toy 9 year old Hark Hopkins,  1 grandson of the late Florence Hopkins/  Mark gained 23 points with Jimmy Scot  , gie close behind with 21( points. Last-year's  winner, Bill Letham received a permanent  trophy.    . " "  The mile swim was completed by Ian  Thompson; Janet Thompson; Gail Mardon  and Donna Mandelkau.  PRIZES  ' Decorated Flotilla; 1st, biggest fish entered by Bill Letham; Janet and Marion  Bown 2nd, Peanuts Gang; 3rd, Rub-a-dub-  dub; hon. mention���B.C. Ferries; Mayflower 11.  Fishing Derby; Heaviest fish, Bill Letham; Most fish, Stewart Manning; Smallest fish,   Paul  Godman;  Stranges't fish,  , l>oug Kiloh.  Most shiners; Mike Fyles (55); Sandra  Twamley (35); Bex ThompsDn (21); smallest shiners, Ian Noble; largest .shiners,  JDallos Brodie.  Driftwood; 6 and under, Marnie Young;  Kristen Falk; Kevin Best 6-9 years, Ger-  aldine Fyles, Mark Hopkins and Ted  Chapman.  PADDLE BOARD  Seven years and under, Boys- John  Bell; Scott Bown; Bruce Neilson. Girls-  Sharon Twamjley; Dallas Brodie; Joan  Avis.  8-9 years; Boys- Mark Hopkins; Ian  Manning; Shawn Twamley. Girls- Taryn  Brodie; Geraldine Fyles; Bernie Bell.  10-11 years; Boys- Donnie Campbell;  John Brodie;' Bobby Laird. Girls- Donna  Mandelkau; Gail Mardon; Robin Young.,  12-13'years;- Boys- ''Bobbie*Fulton, Scott  - YoM&^m~*Re^Gm?mBs^ Bell;,  Shean Bennie; JancrBowBf.YY"^ * *  14 and over;. Boys- Jitnmy Scorgie;  Peter Kvist; John Hopkins. Girls- Anne  Letham; Christie Kiloh; 'Marilyn Hopkins.  FREE STYLE  Seven and under; Boys- Paul  John Bell, Scott Bown.i Girls-Sharo:  ley, Brenda Bown, Marnie Young,  8-9 years; Boys-Mark Hopkins, Ia\n Manning, Shawn Twamley. \Girls-Taryn prodie,  Patricia  McAipine, lillV MandeMcai  10-lH years; Boys-Bill Letham, \Doug  Kiloh, Mark Johnson. Girls-Robin Young,  Donna  Mandelkau, Marion Bown.  12-13 yfcars; Boys-Stuart Manning, John  Thompson, Ken Rae. Girls-Allison Bell,  Louise Marler, Nancy Wade.  U   and   over;    Boys-Gordon   Letbaim,  Jimmy   Scorgie,   Ian   Thompson.    Girls-  Janice  Johnson,  Marilyn  Hopkins,   Anne  , Letham.  DINGHY RACE  _Seven and under; Boys-John Bell, Scott  Bown. Mike Fyles. Girls-Joan Avis, Sharon  Tijyamley, .Marnie Yojittg.  , 8-9 years; Boys-Mark Hopkins, Ted  Chapman, Shawn TtyamHey- CJirls-Taryn  Brodie, Bernie Bell, Gfi-ldine Fyles  "10-11 years: Boys���Bill Letham, Doug  Kiloh, John Brodie. Girls���Kathy Hamilton,  Gail Mardon, Julie Manning.  12-13 years, Boys���Stuart Manning, Jock  McPlhiedran, Scofljt Young. Cii'ls���-AHison  Bell, Snean Bennie, Janet Sroun  U and over, Boys���Jimmy Scorgie,  Parry Rea, Pete Kyist. Girls���Liz Chap-  *na��, Janie Johnson,, JDljrisj Kiloh.  R��tAY<,     '  . .'  , *   ^Hajopymombhtfor'teveive  12 years and under-AUison Bell, Don   Allison':Bell,aii(l nine year  ins      Tlnifd.  inirtV,      TTTnlK.n     V__..��_��     <r._._.._       -r���_���._.__-��_._._ ' - __^.-_       ~*   _?_ .   t.  PY    i   *    s /  Tbe P&ntmy&p Tiroes Pose A-5  yfetimiiUy) Augugt 7, MSB  J J&s  ���5W  i .   ��" J  -_^j.  ���By the Old Hoke  ��0mSETT(A�� should be. in'__e_ pois in  which they will teoqrf * at Cbrfstsnas, li  they are gelfiiig tod tall #}ey cdn fie pinched back bulj (ion'i lm^��St till after July to  da this. Keep tije~JeawEf sprinlded occasionally to stop, tjfciem from iuttfiag yeSkm  and dropping o��f�� The .process of^ranspir-  aiion is more apparent in some plants than  others, the ~$xitotie ^ot JPolnsettia leaves  make it su&ceptwle to cBy-atoo^her^ so  fry to _.timula% pe ajoist condition? found  m greenhouses- $h��fl& &e tmny ways to  do this, by standing; the po\s in a tray of  gravel ihat&as keen is^jmap. By having the pilots in the ^ieliefc js^iere there  H usually ifblniroitt U^efa^ by taking  the plants *stft the batfijfoo^ $hen 4rMvihg  a bath m&j jbLe end trf*<$*ober ibat  plant shoHl^l, nqt ftaVe 'any 'wite item Kbc  hours of bgh% feaqb'day & %m,8& ?p be  at their cc4orful^st b/,<JMstpi^ time..  The spring tMps<t_��! ��j^ i^eled-m to  malyre can be Hf^^aBd wrted. ,**_����" ttie  foliage ielioivs and pn\\$ away &$$y)ftom  the bulbs. Daffodils ^od j&jtjcliftwit, wotdd  not be ipUt ujp ^ut -merely fy'dewgd off  and the dry ropts 3sem'o.|&d. TuMB on tne  other h^nd ^ulre ^ \% ��epar^e_- 3$?  round good:��_^d 00?$ vM bloain again  ne\t year bj$ % mb sfded olnes can U  put in a rew^ jfcpejwk to ^row on lo Attain  flowering size in a couple'et^yeats, A.  dusting with ehlordane or DDT will help  to \\eep them clean until planting time.  -josy .that ,&e nights are warmer, "the hoiise  _.-_i_-__._..__ j ��.t.____-_. ^-^eing'put outdoors  Farfi.t wrap the  n,  Twam-  am, Janie Johnson, Stuart Manning.'  ADULTS  Dad's free style���Robert Brodie.  Mum's free style--A_ne Twanley,  Belay winner���Robert Brodie, Mae Brodie, John Ydung," Bernice Bell, Anno Twan-  ley, Gloria Fyles,  Competitors-HMprm Thompson, Len Letham, Ronnie Hunter, Pauline Thompson.  Nancy Brown, Elenor Hopkins.  Ladies Nail Driving���Gloria Fyles.  Tug-of-war-won by the South.  MORE ABOUT . . . '  '��� Whale pools  ���from page A-1  for the catch. While those who helped and  took part,in the-^capture were all given  due credit, space 'does not permit naming  them all. ���       ���-  , Next speaker %as^ Mr. Ralph Shaw  who stated: .the yan^uyer Aquarium has  taken its place 'among the worlds largest  aquariums. Thanks for -this achievement  goes to Murray Newman and his helpers  who have worked so hard and enthusiastically.  Paul St. Pierre, taking the platform,  sajd that in years to come we wiil lock  back and pass comment on the small pool  which be' visualizes as the start of-bigger  things Jo come. 'This should make Pender Harbour famous throughout the world,"  he added.  Task of naming the whales was awarded Mr. St 'Pierre and he stated it would  be naturally fitting to use Indian names.  Result of Ins investigations were therefore; the largest, a male would be known  as "Sklookun^HOecil". Skfeokum meaning  large and the Cecil in honor of Cecil Reid!.  The second male, slightly smaller, he named Hyak and the cow Natsidalia. Tbe older male |s twenty foot an length, Hyak  about seventeen and Nadsidalia between  eighteen and nineteen. They presently consume between three huj  hundred and fifty pounds  Hon. Jack Davis said _.._.  ilege of bringing the good wishes of^jhe  Prime Minister with him. He was veiy  impressed with wisdom of the whales and  commented that here on the coast we have  _**# ���...  L.  Vi  ��v  <^i.  !��_  '*. lW -'?.'.'  ���  m  m  July report.  Tersiperatares soas high  *&f it ~  Champions both  Brandisbing the trusty' hammer  which nailed the 1968 Hopkins Landing nail driving contest, Mrs. Gloria   --* ��� r~-   Fyies beams victory while vanquish- ?-nceJ?e T11*^1* ? c0U��Je �� ^^ a��?-  ed long lame holder of the champion- Mr M^<*1ian hkes *ft ,,sa thft new fl<,rvl,c  ship, Mrs. Marion Hopkins Looks like  she has something up her sleeve tp  redeem the fiamily honor next year.  weathepman >R. F. Ktonett, - Reveals the  hot month of July _9S5 still remains unbeaten. First figure is for July 3968; second for July Nortaal-and the > third figure  lanaimo magistrate's  BACK STROKE  Seven ana under; Girls-Joan Avis, Anne  McAlpirie, Brenda Bown.  M years; Boys-Mark Hopldns, Doug  Avis, John Twamley, Girls-Taryn Brodie,  Patricia McAlpine,, Karen' Owen.  10-11  years;   Boys-Bill  Letham,   Doug  Kiloh, Mark Johnson. Girls-Robin Young,  Donna Mandelkau, Elizabeth McAlpine.  12-13  Avis  many big things to boast at; Wg trees, big    represents July Extremes with the year !n    __ ^_1-ll_ MfW''%0i , 'U^WiW��M  _a-��on and now big black fish. In the    brackets. j    meSSSCfC 10  00511615  went ot any pixiposed expansion of the       Total rainfall 2.58", 2.26", 4.74" (1984); .-*.'���  Child to psychiatrist: "It's about my  father, actually���he's got this fixation that  a cow can orbit \be moon!"  project he pssyred W> listeners ib&jjii t^e  and St Pierre ,vw>uld do their very best to  obtain 'assistance. Me then declared ��he  pools duly opened.  President ot the Pender Chamber of  Commertp, Johp Haddock, welcomed *v-   , __. M ���iF.w.        ^Poe to ��be event and ^j��res$ed plea-  13 yeam  {ftoys-Sluart  Manning,   Dion   sSUI^ ?n ?*ym. <* ���> vtwinbejc that such  is, Kefa Rea. Giris-Aliison Bell, Louise   ^ Vtoicd hm l��een ,ei_)Ul��%l In the area.  - ^2 f? ��ti*Uot the .chamber. Shy. Jo  'RenJaHeld presented Mx. X��avlp with a  ceramic tray (which she herself had manufactured. ,  feeding and an exhibition by whales  and trainer terminated what will go down  as a momentous occasion.  symjgs?  Wont fo prto&o your homo  large r, moro comtiortoblo, moro  mb&em, moro beootifnl?  Whatever homo improvement  project you have in mind,  ypu'il fjtsd heSpM ideas ond  jnfformo^pn pi your one stop  y ��oppHcs ��hop  Feninsyiia iyilding  Supplies Ltd.  Phono ��85-9669  SECHELT, B.C.  Girl beiiig offered cocktail 4t p^rty;  "No more pit me, thank you���I'm being  driven home."  Days with rain C, 6, 13 (1&4  Wettest day  1.25"  (39th), 0.83",  1.91",  (_DSl). \  Highest tejhperature B8 (2nd), B4, 95  (flsas).  , Lowest temperatjire 48 (22nd), 46,  ClflSS). ,     ,  Mea^i temperature 64, G2, 69 (1958),        i  l RainiaU Was confined to the middle of  laic month, otherwise July skies on, thc  Sunshine Coast were relatively <k<ii_* apd  temperatures ranged well above thc nor��  mal figures. Precipitation was slightly ar  bove the average. >  t JRfesldents will remember well the hot  and dry July of 190? "when -temperature*  THE  PENINSULA TIMES  Tho Medidcal Clinic wishes to announce that Dr.  Henry Wiebe has joined them in general practice  beginning August 1st, 1968.  hiinnnmm mini nun.nt mum;   ��$&$Z\ ;^)'^Y  COMOX District Free Press reports Magistrate Eric Winch" of- Nanaimo as passing  on some strong words ;to errant boaters  while dealing with a tpan who pleaded  guilty to operating, a "power' driven vessel  without. having a ^life) preserver* for each  person aboard.  With the season just getting into full-  swing here i,n~PowEll1tivertbe magistrate's  words carry a timely message of local  importance.  Magistrate Winch" f^id fce woyld consider suspending '^i^enp^s., <rf boats whose  owners convicted' of violations nnder ihe  Small Boat ^(Regulations, adding thflit, it'was  a matter of considerable i concern' tnat  boaters observe all ,safety jregulajjons.  1          IT*     ��� '   ���*" t..   " i . *  mmmmumf*  Blo\rtm0 fuse*, ri��j.s'��- ��sp^JIonc��j\, ��3��~e��-1  lag Hoht- may l>o dam to bto_equal_ wiring*  Let us check r>ow��� brioo wiring up ito ��!oto  for M_il��ra living. Um |&�� D.C. 4gy^r��  FJnonc�� Plan���add cost of c��ian������ el1 M4#i-  lloni to your Ugbt bill.  MARKEL EUCTRIC MEATIKO  C-.cPhgdran Seclric U  806-9609 - Gib-ono^ B.C.  HwejmrtjIK^^wf  M^��<tM^#i>^k1iii1��_Mtf��d.rtWj_i_a.'iP  HrtttviiwiwSii.wiai  Sechelt  Phone 885-9420  R COSTUME JEWa_? AT HALF PMVt  MANY ITEMS TO CHOOSE FROM  _***-,  ..j*  vm  In YM Garden   <"f ���-"���'!',' "tlJI "'V> "l___I":"!'   ''_"'  -'_   '  Befor-^bringin^ them back into .the house  again :giy^ <tb^n $ ���thoroii0i, sprayijjg, with  an all purpose spray and don't forget to  wash the pots, especially "under the rim on  the Oiitside, that's where most bugs and  disease, are ' found. Bo not be tempted to  reipot house jilants at _tfais time. Most ot  them should be re-potted, in the spring  when- the��� active -growth starts. A good  general rule is to water sparingly during  the winter and increase" it in the spring.  The' exceptions are plants that do their  flowering during the winter months.  Halfrnoon Bay artist  displays in Ari Shop  Il___5!MQQN Bay area has recently welcomed several new residents to its artistic community among them Mr. Jim  Meechan whose pakftangs are on display at  the Arts Council Gallery Shop until August 10.  Mr. Meechan took a four year general  art course at the Vancouver School _of Art  after leaving the air force in which he  served during the war. The difficulties of  making a living from art will be apprec-  ' ited and Mr. Meechan has given up his  ' pottery at HaneyJbecause it became neces-  ���saryio adopt'mass*_>roduetion methods-to  keep solvent and hopes to get enough work  as a handyman-carpenter to be able to return to his first love���painting.  Tlie paintings on display at the Gallery  are presentative selections including water  colors, oil and acrylic. There are *wo or  three abstracts in warm colors to contrast  with the cool landscapes. Two of Halfrnoon  Bay and one at Gibsons having been done  Mr. Meechan likes to use the new acrylic  plastic paint which dries quickly, the colors retain their lustre indefinitely and also  it wall not crack or flake even if the canvas is rolled. Used deftly with a palette  knife it is hard to distinguish from oil.  The Gallery committee has gratefully  accepted the gift of a painting of the Blue-  nose from Mr. Alex Znotin of Gibsons to  be raffled to support the Gallery.  White pine and oak were first reserved  for Royal Navy ship construction.  .-'  IV  Y1"  ���<.    J  \K    if  )  !   .'  l        t  ^  '-������|��V��,^rf^_,,^^,^w���.��^<>|^����>^  .- _��   _*  0,  i.   ���i-..-.i^.��__N.**��|����-___.-_r-.___ lt���,. ����� I, ���^| -y, | mi i, rin ffii ^f> iir^-nry-Hiii Hiii-Vr. i^irf iflii^ittfl>i^i_M)lftyf)).ifr��tiy#..ii1tii_^^ *.ii^i'.'  *^ '"1i-*^'r-*tiifT-i"*T T~)Jft'ir^hiTff'"'*^"tt"f'*r*l^n * **^r-����Ta rftr�����*�����# -#v-c <  i.<*  ~y  Jkjvj*  . v��nr��*>Sr'>^0-%��#.-^��W  _><*��   *   \*--V��.  n*^.__*- �� ��_>^n��������^�����^<>**^tfffa^>a..l��y^^^^'  f;^'^-r,ur-',   -v:   ' P-: .'   t  Fox and Hounds  Pog2 A-6 '  ������_��' '-L "-i^ ''^",'^i*^^  HBe;l��eaiEi8_!o Times,  .*!�������.  Wednesday; Atigus? 7, IfSff  _.**  port following a voyage that had taken, us  around the world; and this gave me the  opportunity to.'go down into ihe -maritime  county of ..which I was a native for a layoff of a few dayp.  Turning out early after my first night  at home I started on a long tramp to re  -.��.      _    _n     ���** ��-'���--' VOUR HOSTS; THE Sf-YW��tSENS  into the woods, stall upwind from me. For ���� ��� ���._.��       ��� ���  i* *�� *  his part, her mate ran back on the path �� * Secret Cove  RR1   - HalfmOOII Bay  and then wove a dizzy pattern to and fro ��  to mix the scents and confuse the dogs, & L.       ��__._��_�����_����._____��  _t>_.~_.~  �����ats A��Kd__ca  after which be yapped defiance of them |.      /  , For HeservatlOmS, Phom 085-9S9S  which brought on a renewed volley pf bar- |-   . - . ��  king and baying. Foxes live by their wits |fflaBMB-_ig___*8a^^  few   -  Sunday mishap  Surprisingly there Tvere no injuries   "ditch. Charge of driving without due  when this small spoils car went out   care and attention has been laid ag-  of control near Selma Park last Sun-   ainsrt; the driver, George Terry Forsh-  day and ended up cracking the tele-   ner of Gibsons,  phone pole before ending up in tfae -   Sechelt News Notes        ^  new acquaintances with scenes familiar to"* and they despise dogs as traitors who have  me in boyhood, choosing a route along-1 gone over to the enemy���man���for what  what we called a bridle pathrElTdfetricti they can getoutof it So Reynaud yapped-  once notorious for smuggling one could I some more and as the dags chine into  be quite sure that if a path did apt begin ? view he even let them see him���which  at the shore it would soon connect with \ drove them frantic, and having done all  another tbat did. 1 ne could to draw the chase to himseK he  -n._...__ \.���_ wt_ ,.*... _������,.��..* fnii.n_.oj_ $ bounded into the woods���on the opposite .  There had been rain overnight followed, i   ..    .    ... ^^^^ u��� >fc=_     'fo- z,r,iu, o  by a steady breeze that was blowiftgl ��*; to ** ^f1 /* ka mate-rath' a  Id _1�� ��.. h.. 7��r �� ���Z\tr��A- ����t I contemptuous flirt of his handsome brush,  straight jnto my ��ace as I waiKeo; tne j . ^��/l^i�����. ������j_,.,������ *-_-. _,��, -_.j^_... t  datewas early June and -flu. woodbine] and &01seless ^use from my hideout!  spices were wafted abroad and the musk| The chase that bad been, arranged by  of the rose was blown". After harsh sea-1 the fox was on and was soon out of sight  winds that scented land breeze could notl aBd hearing-but there was no doubt in  have pleased me more." , 1 *& mmd that the fox would wm. Those  But I had not walked far when I heard,1 d��gs had already *?"�� so���* distance and  .+  MRS. Myrtle Gibson, a sister to Mrs. Edna Fisher, spent a few days visiting  here from victoria and enjoyed a flight  back with her nephew Doug Wakefield on  Sunday evening.  Mr. and Mrs. Archie Williams bave  had their two granddaughters Diana and  Sylvia Webb visiting them for two weeks.  Their daughter Margaret and ber husband  John are taking up residence in North  Vancouver having recently moved there  from Fort St John. They also have their  nephew Michael Stubbs-Rou and bis wife  and family visiting here on route from  Australia  to England.  Mr. and Mrs.' Don McCallum and family of Vancouver are vacationing at the  Big Maple Motel in Waljson Creek.  - Mr. and-__is. J. Ross and daughter  Cathy have spent the past three weeks  .at their summer cottage "on Seaview Lade.  .. .Mr. and Mrs. Bill[.Jordon and their three  small children from Coquitiam are guests  at the Blue Sky Motel for the next weeks.  ;Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hill are in Vancouver on vacation.  Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hathaway from  Scout House in Vancouver have been guests  ot 'Mr. and Mrs.. Norm Burley,, and enjoyed some good fishing.     -    ' *"     '  .Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Birch from Vancouver are guests for the next three weeks  of Mr. and Mrs. Burley.  , Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Bob Norminton,  Seaview Lane, are their daughter Mrs. L.  Bourgeois and granddaughter Mrs. Patty  from Scarborough, Toronto.  -Mrs. Lil McCourt, Mrs. Efhel Burdette  and Mrs. Gladys Batchelor journeyed fo  the Okanagain staying overnight in Hopfe,  Kamloops and two nights in Vernon with  Doreen and Eric Durrant. Coming home  they-visited "the Okanagan Game Farm in  Penticton and highly recommend it as a  tourist attraction. The animals in the en.  closure included Yaks and Llamas from  Tibet, Japanese Sika deer, Zebra, Barb-  ary Sheep and Amkoli cattle.  ' Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Stewart and son  Robert of Prince George were guests of  Mr. and iMrs. Bud Fearnley, West Sechelt  Mrs. Betty Dee and son David from  Vananda were guests of Mr. and Mrs. H.  Batchelor, last Wednesday. ,  Mr. and Mrs. Henry Christianson of  West Sechelt are expected home Monday  for a three week trip to Denmark.  Mr. and Mrs. Philip Burdet'le have had  their daughter Mrs. Peter Bugden and  chiidrcn. visiting them from Port Moody.  Mr. Eric Durrant and son Terry are  spending a fow days with Mr. and Mrs.  Gordon McCourt.  Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Mayne entertained  relatives of the family at a dinner party  at Ole's Cove where they all enjoyed a  wonderful turkey dinner. Cocktails were  enjoyed at the home of the Mayne's before leaving for dinner. Guests included  Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Miniato of Oakville,  Ontario. Mr. Miniato is on the executive  staff otf Shell .Oil Company. Mr. and Mrs.  Phil Gross; Mr. and Mrs. Laurie Evans  of Sechelt; Mr. Karl Miniato of Vancouver, B.C. and Mrs. J. A. Evans of Sechelt who is the mother of Mary Gross;  Dorothy Miniato and Laurie Evans and  the sister of W. J. Mayne.  Mr. Joe Greg son celebrated hi's 92nd  birthday last Friday. Born in England  Joe came to Canada after thc Boer War.  Ho caimo to the Peninsula from Cortez  Island. His friends, young and old called  to wlsirliim -well.  Mrs.  Leo Johnson Is visiting relatives  ' in Campbell River.  Guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Lang  have been Mrs. Lang's mother, Mrs. M.  E. Dlcibcl, her brother, Capt. II. K. and  Mrs. Dlcbcl of thc Army Medical Corp.  Their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and  Mrs. Alan Marshall have also enjoyed ttieir  holiday at Iho tangs.  Itev. Ernest Jessop Js In Vancouver to  be with Mrs. Jessop who Is a patient in  St. Vincent'�� Hospital.  Lucky wJnnors of the Catholic Women's  | League   animal   rafiflc   were:    Mrs, ' Tony  Eberleof Sechelt, polaroid camera; Janiet,  Tinson at Itlchrnond, electric curving knife;  r J. T.  KJgby of Sechelt, floor polisher and  shampoo kit.  DAVIS  BAY  The combination of summer, sand arid  I Minslilno has brought crowds of happy hot  | Jday folk lo the beach at Davis Bay. Young  j and old are having a glorious lime: the  , young splashing In the cool clear waters  l of the bay, and 1he old admiring the seen-  f cry and blWnery.  ,       Fibbing, is  also retried  to  Ih.  good,  both from boats and from the wharf. A  new attraction at Davis Bay is the restaurant where there is a choice of/ tidbits to take out, or an excellent meal in  the attractive dining room with a lovely  view across the Gulf.  ROUND ABOUT  A busy season is reported at the John  deKleer home, with son David taking a  three weeks courss at the Hollyburn Sailing School and daughter Kathie having returned from Penticton, where she took  courses in batik, pottery, and painting, at  the Okanagan Summer School of the Arts.  Piaxents of M!rs. John deMeer, Mir.  and Mrs. J. deGroot of Noordwyk, Holland  are again visiting and expect to be here  ���for approximately five weeks. This time,  their enthusiasm for the beauties of B.C.  has resulted in their being accompanied  on the trip by Mr. deGroot's sister and  brother-in-law, iMr. and Mrs. M. Van Wyk.  Miss Nancy Harris, granddaughter of  Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Barclay of Davis Bay  is one of a group of Girl Guides from  Pemberton who are enjoying a ten*day  holiday at "CampOlave" in Wilson Creek.  On Thursday, August 1 the group with.  Camp Commandant Mrs. Brander of Squa-  'mish/and Camp Mother Mrs. Priest of  ^Pemberton were guests at the Barclay  home, "West Winds" where a cook-out luncheon was held on the beach.  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lucken of Port-  mouth, England, have been visiting at the  home of Mr. Lucken's brother and sister-  in-law Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Lucke'n", in  Davis Bay. At the same time Mr. and  Mrs. Harry Lucken, former residents of  Wilson Creek came over from their home  in Burnaby for the family re-union.  Mr. C. G. Lucken last saw his brother  Jack 19 years ago, but it has been 45 years  since Jack and Harry Lucken last met  Commencing at Boston, Mass., the Jack  Luckens have been travelling through the  United States 'and Canada since June, and  declared the "Sunshine Coast" to be the  most beautiful spot they had seen.  Other visitors at the Lucken home were  Mrs. 'Murray. King and children Wayne  and Patrick from Clearbrook.  ���      , J   A city slicker wantejd to retire and  bought a chicken farm out in the country.  Two weeks later every! one of his baby  chicks was dead.  "What did you feed them?" a friend  demanded.  "Feed them?" echoed the city fellow.  "I thought the old hen nursed them!"  a clamor of dogs coming from far upwind  and noted that it was baying rather than '  barking, which was no surprise for in foxhunting country the hQund blood becomes  spread around amongst the farmers' dogs  in time, and far off as these were I could  tell by the way in which Hhey gave tongue  that they were in full cry after something.  But what could it be? There was no hunting at that time of year and it wouldn't be  a rabbit, numerous as they were, for Brer  Rabbit feeds near a bolting-hole into which  be can disappear at the first alarm. But a  bare will run and can give dogs "a run  for their money" as the saying goes, and  being curious to see what would come of  the chase I found a suitable hideout near'  the path from which 1 could see whatever  came along while remaining hidden my-.  self.  What appeared was not a bare but a Ht-  tlejvixen and at first glance I saw that she  was in trouble and far spent, being heavy  with young and in. no condition to run. My  sympathy being with the hunted I formed  a plan to take part in the act if the vixen  held out until she passed me so that I  could confront the dogs by springing out  with a loud shout and the menace of the  stout hollywood stick I was carrying. That  bad used up energy in making a noise while  the fo* was as fresh as the morning.  Moreover he ran with high purpose; as we  would have said on tbe football field be  was "running interference" for bis one  and only. The end of the story I heard  the next day when the farmers who owned  the dogs all told tbe same tale���of dogs  limping in late >at night completely exhausted. Reynaud's "ruse de guerre" bad  been successful���he bad tun those dogs  ragged, he had run them out of the country  and I was glad of it, for if they had  caught the little vixen they would bave  torn her to rags and tatters.  At a dinner party several of tbe guests  were arguing whether men or women were  more trustworthy. "No woman," said one  man scornfully, "can keep a secret."  "I don't know about that," huffily answered a woman guest. "Why I bave kept  my age a secret since I was twenty-one."  "You'll let it out some day," the man  insisted.  "I hardly think so," responded the lady.  "When a woman has kept a secret for  twenty-seven years, she can keep it, forever."  ��. fVi"'^ *?**$''  / -. Jffifc"     ��  J S___L_9VlT   l \6�� r/V ~"  , ***42ttes!��t*~JL  Mysterious death  First believed to have been shot,  this Bald Headed Eagle was later  found to have a broken neck. It was  discovered by Billy Simpkins in a  gravel pit near his home at Wilson  Creek. The bird has been handed  over to Bud Fearnley, a keen taxidermist.  who by their kind support enabled the  Sechelt Juvenile soccer club to hold a  successful fund raising draw. Donations  included: Flight for two to Vancouver  and back for the successful ticket holder,  by Tyee Airways Ltd: 885-2214 Sechelt,  B.C.  Tickets for two to a show at the Cave  Supper Club, courtesy The Cave Supper  Club, Vancouver.  A room for two, courtesy of the Georgian  Towers Hotel, Vancouver, B.C.  Two tickets to the Soccer game between  Vancouver Royals and Los Angeles  Wolves, August 10 in the Empire Stadium 8:30 p;n_i Donated by Vancouver  Royals Soccer Club.  Thanks also go to The Peninsula Times  for continued co-operation and support  together with a special thanks to star  ticket seller Gordon August and all other  sellers and supporters.  Lucky   ticket   holder   was   Mrs.   Lynn  Bouchard, Porpoise Bay Road, Sechelt.  h  r. -t.sv;Kr_^Wt \  v ;s**-  ��y~yy'->l  r <=���*��:  fJ;  i f-  >oo  Is&W^^V^'  f^__^Wlj;   '  *��������� '��� ;i    / < -   .v.-  OUR FACE BUT  ;^:  I   NEW FLOOR STOCK 10% OfF  CHRYSLER 4.4 H.P. Manual. Std. Shalt.  Reg. $298.50      ..Now $268.65  CHRYSLER 9.9 H.P. Electric. Long Shaft.  Reg. $575    Now $517.50  CHRYSLER 20 H.P. Manual. Std. Shall.  Reg.  $573 ...I..  Now $515,70  McCULLOCH 7.5 H.P. Manual Std. Shall  Rep. $369 ��� Now $392.10  IISEP  7V% HP  JOHNSON ,.-  7 V% HP i"  SCOTT    4 HP  Mcculloch 1966  rER OUR FWCES  , NEW BOATS  %�� SMOKER CRAFT  Regular $389 ^9C|  NOW     _$-_M  14 McCULLOCH  Rccjulor $389  NOW    .10  THY US FOE YOUH OTHEH MAHIE-E SUPPLSES AMD OUT@OAHD SEHVICE  AM  v_  SECHELT  PHONE 885-9626  ,.��#.0*.     ��>( n'fl K   ��)tH ri"'  S&  t*4,M,    "^.'JJ^V1 < 7" ^ -��>tf���'*_.���������'-I J��-^''_.��..M. .  . ���. ..W...'-,_I.*.H  ..���'lji.(.'n_.*����v . >.j/.*j_.-<_i rv^���l J.. .  1  *.-*...-... A        ,'        ������        ��       ��       . ,        f        t       f,        *       ,       *,      tl       H t      0        ,        .        ,      ,4        ��        -       ,<        .'      .-���       4       A       4      0  .. .,. .��,. ._t. ,i ..,*.... *V, .(* ,f\ .����...*,  -ft. ,ih.,(V , ��*���,V A... .<���> .*>,*.  it ..,#', ,��*..��*. 0* 4v,-��- ,(^,...��� *,.... ��b,.. I. ,(H -v .P-  #  V          04,    I4\     ��    ,*   .rt-    ,4    .  *^_^   (ft   * <.  J- A   _. A J* J*, fc��� rf  i . ,1*   ** ��* f^ A^*,^  d  A *   ^*-S*��*,ii.^#'A1*.*'*AvA ����h,**t. 4.^_,*f.^X. A.^j*,-?. m #t_,A- A A"*^..*^^,^*^ ,*vX��*.^_PV,��f����f��f. <"��/���> ���*".**._* **. ���*,**, rft*^,��*_ X ** 0***^ <^.0^A*^ ��^^,.^^Jiy: -,-I^^.l^.v/.-v*y^^y''?&.^^ Y^:*w4^f-^-Ifv"V'1Y'--^l>^?5 '* y~v ^{,&'^V Jo y4>'^^._: -a -/,   L- .  I  C   ~f      f       i  . ����  i    iSwraJ'  ���-�� ���".  '���      _  "?    T-  1 lr atn��.Y  .W^- .  ---L tajs^v ^  -f  "IT"  ***,--_�� V^j  EMSNSUL&  Section B  ,Wednesdoy,A-SMSt-T^I^S  ��������� t ������\    -wpj-p-   "<5!5RF  t*"-    \jFE____. Ii*     ^f*J  "w   ._._.��____..  5w#   ,s'i ���  P'<$m  sse_SEi!W��SfAno;j  Htgfiwy101 ,  PHONE 836-9662  if ^  5 Y  ?   j  I-  -fV"-  Introduction  Dr    Muiray   Newman,   Vancomer   Coast Chilcotin to the first killer   day's opening of the whale station,  Public Aquarium director introduces   whale to be captured at Garden Bay    the fun-loving mammal accepts  a  Federal Fisheries Minister Jack Da-   just fi.e months ago Christened Hy-   fish fiom the well known author.  \is  and  Paul St   Pierre   MP for   ak by Mr St  Pierre at last Thurs-  :       r  - ^-._aa_.fcY3  f  ^  c^^l  ftti Jan.  CHIRORRACTI$ OFFICE  Post Office Bld3._ Sechelt + Phone 885-2333  TUESDAY���12:00 nooil to 5:00 p.m.  THURSDAY���12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m.  SATURDAY���2 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  VIIEIY SHOP  SECHELT - 885-9383  FOR BACK TO SCHOOL  Mill-ends - Remnants  Butterick Patterns  Buttons - Lace  Seam Binding etc.  NEW SHIPMENT  UuMM  mm  CANADIAN INDIAN CRAFT SOUVENIRS  B.C. HANDCRAFT - JEWELLERY  SEE OUR NEW LINES OF HASTI NOTES -  BOXED STATIONERY-  FANCY PAPER NAPKINS  WATCH FOR, OUR UNBEATABLE VALUES  IM SCHOOL SUPPLIES  EXAMPLE���  Narrow ruled extra thick \  TAB BOOKS  Reg. $1.50   .... NOW  (Limited Supplies)  Visiting notable  Patron of the Vancouver Aquarium  Society H. B, MacMllan of McMillan Bloedel, was present for the opening ceremony of' the Pender Harbour Aquarium at Garden Bay. He  is seen aboard the "Norsal" shaking  hands with Sechelt C of C President  Erich Hensch who is accompanied by  Joe Benner, also representing the  Chamber.  Reg. Hospital District  inaugural meeting held  BRIEF inaugural __eeting of the newly  formed Sunshine Coast Regional Hospital District was held ,on July 26 as decreed by letters patent, directors and alternate directors are the same as those serving the Begional District.  Directors approved chairman Frank  West's recommendation that the Finance  Committee of the Begional District become the Regional Hospital District subcommittee to clear up the transfer of de-  Opening ceremony    '--<." -- benfiire issue from the Hospital Improve-  Just a dream five jnontbs ago^Gar- /walk out toUie attractively enclosed m%^^ of ^ Regional District and  den Bay's whale station opened last pens housing lhe three whales awl the ifo^Sai DistiSaretKameS aT  Thursday and television cameras 'the large platform erected on floats cording to letbers p^t ^ $& pa���*^  whirred as invited'guests frorti Van- provide ample viewing space. Since c0f transferring authority,' hid No. 3i be-  couver and the Sunshine Coast list-   the televised opening, visitors liave   comes a member municipality of the newly  formed district,  "*7lD��ES^:"pafe&t abb" state that as soon as  possible the Hospital-District shall establish a Begional Hospital Advisory Committee which -will include persons representing hospital  corporations  in' the district  and such other persons who may be appointed by the Board together (with such  {persons as may be appointed by the Min-  . ister from time to time. "1  ', The committee shall, when requested  [by the Board of the Hospital District, re-  tview hospatal projects proposed \ by the  'boards of management of hospitals in the  REFERENDA which may be presented to now' four months overdue. Lease for the    1^^ ^jL^T^S ^S^if T  owner-electorvs   in  the  Sunshine Coast Pender Barbour dump has been received.      ^^J^tZ^TZZ'     ^IyL"^  Regional District  before the end of the ^ .       T !^2Z^ l^iZlZT^ il^+T  year could possibly include hospital extend ADMINISTRATION  I ,jg*ftSi,^JS^T^m^^'  sion,   wate/supply' airport Management        Deputy Mincer of Municipal Affairs, ^gteSSfi toZ JA HVc  and Weal services by-laws. Mr. F. Brown met^ the Board on July fS^^-L^sS fTaSSv"  Three by-laiwis given third reading at the Wtb; provision of information for garbage Y   ��� ,       ,      ^   "  _  July 26th meeting of tfae Begional Board collection and other < services was discus-  now await aipiproval of owner-electors. sed. It was agreed; that Mr. Brown would  By-law Nfe��. 17 seeiks to establish street endeavour to obtaini copies of the IBM  lighting in the Langdale area. By-law No. cards for, use. by the District. ,, ^  18, if approved will provide wharf lighting Secieta(ry 'Cfloodang lieipiont^a that jxo  in the .Gatalbdcr Haiibour-New Brighton- word had sitace been received' from the  West Bay area of Oambier' Island and may deputy minister. However Mr. Banning of  also coyer street lighting in that area. By- ' IBM iwho h!as( already studied the District's  law No. 19 will establish a Davis Bay-W_t- requirements seeinied-aware of some move-  son Creeifc Lighting Service area. ;ment on the Victoria I IBM scene which  A by-law is being'drafted to cover-pav* could have originated from the board's r��-  ing of ithe Langdale (subdivision. . quest.  GARBAGE DUMPS " ���\ ~^~  Secretary   Cbarleis    Gooding   reported ;     In London,' twenty policemen scrambled  that expenditure on garbage dumps is al- onto the roof of a [twenty-'storcy building  ready over the budgetted figure. fKie con- ^fter I excited callers said a man tlicre was  tractor u^ing the Sechelt dump has dtscon- waving a pistol.   Ati actor was doing just  tlnued making payments for its use and is that���while filming a spy thriller.  DINNER SERVED  "EVERY FRIDAY AND  SATURDAY EVENINGS  TILL MIDNIJSHT"  Patio Gordons  Halfrnoon Bay, B.C  Tel: 885-9927  'RESERVATIONS PLEASE"  SECHET HOT  ANOTHER Hit  Fri., Sat., Mon., August 9,10 and 12  HOMBRE  Paul Newman, Richard Boone,  Frederic March  Cartoon  INCREASED PRICES  Technicolor - Cinemascope       Out 10 p.m.  V  r, <���  VfmffIM0M0JMWIA  'f��mmi��mnmw��.  .med to Dr. Murray Newman*s* Dp-"~~ _��feen jpten___l.  1 enijig remarks.  Visitors may-iuw' -     >-- ~   - ^  By-laws prepared . ..  1  |  I  1  i  i  i  i  3  _3  Fff-tSST'I.- ��|J1BCt--llt-.S-AT  YOUH EWmmiPE- SALES AHD SERVICE EHwALEU  MADEIRA PARK- B.C  PHONE 883-2266  /'/���/0/'//'///vvyvyy->  *'//���/////���/  ^SSI^^fe^iSi  AUG.17-SEPT^<  Share tho rictlon, lhe excitement of PNB  ���68. Enjoy tho Grandstand Shows, with  today's top entertainers, tho Tournament  . of Forestry, tho demonstrations by Jopian'o  finest artisans, tho Midway, Teen City, Iho  Livestock and Horticulture Shows, and Iho  hundreds of exhibits. And, entor tho dally  prize draws ��� You could win a new car  or tho Grand Prteo ... a $50,000 Bar C  Gold. It's acres of fun, for all Iho family-  August 17 to September 2 ot tho PNE.  PACIFIC NATIONAL EXHIBITION  VANCOUVER, CANADA  9 GOOD REASONS WHY YOU  SHOULD BUY THIS SUfPEBIB  HOOVEH jm&tiEB  * Roll-on wheels       *  Sovcs $$$  f  Diapers to *  SayesTimo  Dungarees *   orfet |��� Seeondt  * Clean and Bright    ��  ^lioin  * Easy to Service Coppcrtono  * No Complicated Controls  CALL, US HOW!  asi( us to Arrange a  DEMONSTRATION OF THIS  AMAZING WASHER, WE'LL  PROVE THAT EVERYTHING  WE'VE SAID IS TRUE-  AND THEN SOME.    .  Lpaarr  n      n  L_\Vi_7U  Cowrie Street, Sechelt, B.C. YOUR PENINSULA HOOVER CENTRE  *��  M  o  Phono 885-2171  J  .  <  \    \  "* 1*'^��*^yl^^iw*>><*i>f^^ #.fT'^**^riN'^",*  :i<^tm t^s^^^^.t^tfyf;^*^^ fiffZ*. l��Z��*J;?M-��y*>��^^  ^*&^*ht^d/thi<&^^ 7* vfe  >).Y*P.    *l   /  a -,,   The Peninsula Times  m      /  /      *. i  \      '���     ������ 1 -  Page B-2 Wednesday, August 7,1968  ' HUlti Und 'ill i i ill    iTiiiiii      ill.      '.I   ��� ���-.��. -  i,ft .i -sV*���<   ^Y Y  Y��. Y  -r., ��-J  Y *> &  ���YV  I  f"ljH.M  "'ll I1"!!"1! .'  ' I ll MliLlllfl   .rirttili  I i  In Th& Ship's QHMiP:  ���byrJoJm HeSheringtw*.  * CR1BMT T>UE(D(EI_ri As, I affl writing, &( ^t-%^|i^^A^eri^s^H^anqB,  $     my vessel is passing l&rough skips of ^o^npmayybfeye $$e�� mex Utinencan  . % foe. Hussion Pacific Jasinng fleet lifiy iraiies . unfy&eay.vt&s��' ittfotyed, *..    " <,,  -~��ft the Oregon CoM.    Y      ; * * Y"' " B_S_aan ,_��$S  will * aspeatetjfify^ shadow  V* I must give credit to the seamanship fee p$ss$^rry%g Aaiprica'u: i&4rar sub-  I- displayed by' tlie Sbviefe tor, close off on *��aj(an$s "qn., fiwir, iJa^fi from" overseas  i tfae port s&depate: three; ships tied up alottg. F^jMffs tenses, xajdotibtgAftr ��* an attempt  '< side each' other" engaged' in the transfer- r to~__#p_iae thtp jg&m gptifep&.  ' ring 'of fish And sdppms^               'x , jfoturaUy tt^te- 4e^��y_a^'i_dt ��i jbgsa sub-  The three vessels'are comprised of two marines is classified .jso' the i^eseace of  10,000 "ton freighters and a large factory pursuft vessels fe. w)dtea?a$e and the nec-  stern trawler. Such vessels will transfer essify to shake o&any intrudes I bus ar-  fuel and supplies- as well as their ,catch in ises.  all weathers by" 'coming alongside each The report goes on to state ~?at in an  other in ,mid-ocean. 3 must say they make attempt to "wipe-off" tag pursuit of the  an impressive sight moored together as Soviet subs sijcb tactics as playing "under-  l'hey rise and fall in ihe Pacific swell. water chicken*' are employed with the two  There has been considerable outcry to subs closing, on collision courses until the  the effect that these fishermen lake our chicked "aU^ Ins1 course at the last mom-  salmon etc. This may be true to an ex- eml; to avoid, iftjjaaci. This is one theory intent but they will also take _U and every- to the fate of t_e missing "Scorpion" for  thing they can catch. A great deal of fish what it js.-worthi!  caught is Bo$ marketable in this country Perhaps 1 ami not .ayJitary-imnded or a  therefore why should they not reap, what good' malitaay strategist but I find it incre-  is to us, a useless harvest. dible to see haw, so-called responsible s^&s  They are  so organized  that  all  fish <0cejcs can, fi$k tfyear vessels and the lives  caught can be processed in the factory ol UpSx m��a. w^i^ indi^png -W ��QWe *��t-  B%P&oim*WheelexL  ii urtij nnii H;  i w_y*_w*i____y^w___��_  ���-^b^b���-.-wgup-^.   ~p.^��^,-^_( ^    ^    * * v   ��.     'y*y     "�����-...  ir./jmi. _ % j i   i     < i ,  '   *    ���> '  TOHCUB ^��"^ste^jhyf ybuft^^ople #e_er to'  aWe a_si_taijt^;whic^ wjis greatly aji^rec*  ignore'otiBSenioi citfa;^lt��s^opd���,*o, see. ^iated. ;   . t l  .   a, vClftfr __*_ a^. -he! S_^_jbuto Co^st Ltyn_       fAp��reciati|�� Is also eipnessed .by ibe  'j    dedl^ng _ 'grc^. <fe_4 >_! ^ine and e^?i_5r    ei^ for use of ^>ats 'piovid^bfrVic Wal-  Ii        ^-���   l.Hi._.f_.   _����   4f!k_n._>_n.   ��n1./_i   t��. #_U^*>. ^_t.___44_-t��- __4w!i��flei-     r   x 1    #rT-J   __-.-\l_ __.__.��� ��.x *-*.___     ����r   w^_i __._-.i___ __-     !_n_     ����������_  One of tbe cluVs most popular ^rojecis1 toak up a collection and raised the stun of  is,that'of 0?e annual Senior Citizen's Sal- ^0 which, w^s -p^eseij,t?dv tq*4h^' club ior  mon Barfc_4ue. Djuring the past two years use^in ^ny ^ortfry cause the tinns, might  this h^been held at Clowhom where'Uon s^e EL         ,    *     ' l  men^lbers have transported the.pejnsioners pjans for -next year .are already under  by baate put on their disposal by both, fel- consiideration* anflj one location suggested  low men&ers and supporters of t__C|>.x_- r is up the Inlet to -latibou and Chatterbox  jeci -                                                -���' Falls. -This ivyilltbe decided duriiyg future  This year, Egmont was chosen as the general meetings of the club/ presently in  d-s_na_oii. 4nd one of the most success- ^ess for *^ slimmer uto&u.  Ail events to date involved transportation  1���:���;������������ ^ ���-  of 65 OAPs from Porpoise Bay to Egmont A gal in Preston, England, who went  w*ere laons "members prepared an excel- through her iparmgfc'ypws for the second  lent salmon, dinner in the Community HalL time in one .month explained that the first  The location was particularly interesting ceremony ' was   *JrufuM",  because   the  to a number of the senior citizens in tbat wedding ptet-jtes idid'nol coftie out properly.  they had' spent a part of their early-days ���  ��     ships and from "those fish our fishermen a^Pmes^n^i^'and '^a^ Ja^e ^ cat Y   P                  *               -     Q&P&V** .cal_b f             .    *    .     -           ,    ' in that anea.  Revisiting old haunts'and  T     would tibaw *back some practical product ^,m��i_e. Sh^fa, as lite acte <�� men in 'E_gRfs|t    fis%rcaaa   Bp    CSg^Well   shine Co^st Lk>H5 "Club" in seanpfrjltf eacounfering. various changes wai an ex-  fe     can be obtained. Nothing is wasted! anmj&t-? ** <$ los&& && *�� ti&etia 8p^_fS a fitflkf. \Me 0|i.^ l^^mjgex-   ^l-Wia _0X ttie, ?I4pns ^riiiual Senior periepce greatly appreciated. ,  The fleets are state operated, thus the ff^ ^^^^^  t   ^J a potion wSilh" 4_od_m_ <*����� w% Spi-   Cflx&eiis  picnic.,   J   /    '       ^V._        Some nii^ odd pounds of salmon were  %  ?  high degree of efficiency displayed. For  our country to operate a fleet on such a  scale would impt.se an enormous strain  on the taxpayer. .  Another-im^Djrta.nt point which we must  bear in mind is that in this country fishing  is based on economics whereas the Hussions have a laitge .nation to feed. So it is  your agent1- opinion that the shouts of  Russian "poaching" are not entirely warranted.  Are you still with us, Babootchka?  Well, an article appearing in a Vancouver  daily taught my eye recently. The'subject  was the unconfirmed report of an undersea collision involving;American and Russian submarines..  Althdiig_i neither; of. the jsuhs was identified the Norfolk,' Virginia, report speculaf-  Heating Fuel Budget Plan:  even, low monthly payments  through the heating season.  : CALLYiJUBSTANDARD OH. MAN -  G.   H.  <Gerry) MtfeDonold  | Wilson Ck, Sechelf 885-9332  "Standard Oil Company ot B.C,  l_��__l__A_w_______ji_a__j___i^  UWmJE OPIMJOI.: I_fi7best man dyes  no^sdways^wml Si^cb was #ie case in, thje  much puihHebfid riding of Buiwbj^Sey-  m^jir, idj^re TTommy JftM^gl^s was" deteat-  ed'by -__|9ral Biay Perrault  A.slaunch Liberal supporter myself I  do feel, however, the country has lost a  great political' mainstay /in the House of  Commons through the defeat of,the leader  of the New Democratic Party.  Tfce colorful ahd dynamic -Mr. Douglas  has been of tremendous service to his country���-mo^eso. than too snany/people realize.  ������livtiis.n joys to listen tOithis jrnak accentuate h^^^^ch��;with"<ib1d'',^niase facts.  His comiwssuite i&^ms to- radiate tireless  I vitahty and an eagerness to deal with the  pressing issues facing the. future, of Canada. Hje^^d^^s:true!^na^iM but an  unsung hero ih this political, era J Perhaps  now he wM choose to t^ce that holiday,  which he so richly, deserves, from a joh  vyell done.  Had I been eligible to. cast a vote in  Bi^naby-Sfeyjnour. I d^anitely would have  vbfted for the man rather than the party  and in Ms untimely defeat lean only wish  him well. Through his absence the personality of this man shall now be conspicuously felt in Ottawa.'  V*j$j$ril  ��� *    *���  '-*_*.  jt.  ;t-��x*. u��s  1* *  Pgvltv.  donated to the club by sporemen DosCSald-  well 'and Bud Fearnley, both members of  the Sechelt Rod and Gun Club. In order to  provide more fish if needed, Mtf. Caldwell '  set ^ail as/guide'wi^h three'* mjote. lions .  members, Terry and Chuck Rcdjvay, abd .  limes "Editor Doug Wheeler, aboard- the .  cabin cruiser ''Wihoo"'; property' of M and.  W. lt$sging,.on a thrse'-day cruise,to Mali-  bou and C__atterbox' Fails. Haul/from this  voyage  proved somewhat  light' but .was  sufficient to complete the required bill of  fare, ^ .  Use of the Community Hall was donated by the Egmont Community Centre and  a special word of thanks go to Mrs; Silyey  and daughter who helped with preparation  of the meat Both were on hand first'thing  laslt Sunday morning- and rendered valu-  tohsa8,hl|!i cost?  _sj_i<_r imi���.��������i'"i^AZ-  tow monthly'terms on a  new- furnacp with our Oil  Heating Equipment finance  Plan.1    .    ��� -   '  v  CAtLVoUA STANO/^RO^tLMAM  G. H. (Geny) MocDonol-  Wilson Ck, Sechelt ea5-9332l  'Standard O'A Citrppany cf I  ^i-^-a:a��w^y��.J.i^)^^  Safely Jandbd  Don holds up his catch, a nice ten made by Lions past president' Terry  pounder, netted after a hectic fight Bodway who hooked into a-twenty-  and a dip overboard between times, 'two pounder. Ciatph was made at  Best catch,of the early dawn was    MaEbou. '      *_  Dr. T. C. WEBB is pleased to announce that he is  ��� now. taking appointments for his dental office in the.  Benner Block, Sechelt* ���  Please phone 886-7020 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.  ^NiimmM; ptiraNG   1%��$^^ .ihree month sentence  see rag TMES  vmmmBmmumumMMt^mmm/^mmm^mmm  V^W/lQtSSlM desc_it��ed as the "ringlear  det of -a; group cbnpcted of a series  of hreak-ins'and theft from a number of  Sechelt- stores, a fifteen year old was  again  before MagisQ-ate  Charles  Mittel1  per month. Billie ��nd Julian also received  one day, jail and were each fined $3,00 to  be paid at '$50 monthly. Failure in each  case to pay will briAg a six' month jail  term. ^The latter two had already been held  . t-WEU..  c^t^cttiMs^'   STIIIm''WATER  raO_l_H��.AL HANDLING CHANGE fOil TAHIi TOOCIrl  Mm EQUIFMEWT  formal drop _.,f$0f} gaSgons  FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, RATES, ETC.  Phone: 886-7123 (24 hrs_)  steadt last week folowing simEaf,, .of��en�� ^in Oakalla for 20 days pending trial  Vicious vandalisto was reported ai the  Peninsula 3ftrive-in where Y^ae joufii and  five'o&er j_vehilfis^1airaed;.ovf3r ,milk shake  ma'chinesi scattered "haimburgers and other items overr the fltior, d^ima^eil 'machinery;- AM1 lejft; water Ups- full;, on. The offence occurr^in the^ea^y; Soiirs of .morning andcoincided jMw aLhieak-ih and theft  of liquor,, ici^retteis' and:1a';t^hsistor radio  from the Canadian Legion;;,ait Selma Park  arid brea!k-iri of the Seehelt Bowling Alley.  ���All. six were from, thfe' Sechelt reserve.     f'  The elder yoittii and two of his helpers'  were sent io Brannon Lake for Ihree month!  terms, the others placed on probation,    i  Another three residents on* the reserve,'  Kelvin Craigaii, iMarshall Billies and Chris  Julian were found guilty of theft of a car"  taken from, the roadside .at; 'Madeira Park  while the owner was picking blackberries.1  The vehicle was taken by the three to"  Powell River where they were apprehend-'  . ed.;��� .'','     '.'....      ; i ii!*!!'5  Craigan was sentenced to one day and1  fined $500 'to be paid at the rate of $50  The~tfaek~of" a  large <niov_rig ' truck  admonishes, "Watch my behind: not hers."  O-UI  Speciai low rates for women���  one good reason to. \:.;;.  r  m-mmv!  ^  Robert ��. Lee  Chevron Hfeatiftg,FUels pum,  , cleaQand-packa,Jo.totheat  '  'CtALyWtli STANDARD b'tL MAN  G.  M.   (Gerry.   MacDoncrid  Y/ibon Gk, Sccbcll 085-9332  ASSUBANCC COMPANY  j/ssu^ ft^y to, guCTgrteatfl fyfam^d secui}^  For further informpt<jon write fr*  ' Bon 600 GIBSONS      \  'if     *'  {  \tt  i��   ��� *-������  f i.  ^S_����&t^.  -<\_  &?���  I  4%  �������. Jt SI   A  WM  v", ugfltf v i'A  -1- %Hti  /  Carting Black tabol.  Tho same great beer tbafa enjoyed  In 68 countries Is now a snap to open.  In fast chilling, lull 12 ounce cans.  Still tn bottle^, ffpl  1t^^9SmtM|sMp_S_}_l_r-l^%^%.i_9lJqnor Control Dosit)  ty l�� (he-CwernmentofBntlshColumb^  ^r~  ,),... J*, ,-^.     44,   ���,.,,  ri- ��<����, rfV. **�����-*>" 04, wfy ,*l,.*��.���<��H^#-...f��  ��*>,**l   |l*>nf I'C*1'it  |,,<��..^(|���*.(rt'.^',_.*���<tr���'**'^������4V���^*���.���^'���'���*  "i ri^ ..*>. ,*..,fV ^ ,tn . *,* -�����. ,^��.^  ��� *-.,  ^Jl./h./'.^^'/V^ ^.*-   ^'l^t:!  ,,������!;.. ^)-<tlf.J#w,^,.**, ,fl.   ,�����,���<.,. ,*, ,rf.. ,*(-  .jflff-Lt*^. -'^.HiSsMfht.   #  ��.**���  ���,*.,.._ #^i^*^v^^-*i^rt'^ )\ 1 Hrt^-S   fill  8    !'*"- ,(��� ^/r-V, _������>'  -<��� V-mA & VYjifc. S_y* i^"' -- "  ?4^^&^t#JiiiJ'  . .r  *&,  "a  *-v  . V 1  Y��Y  < i"* -_ ���"'  -?  w|fJ|^��%'  i viz    . ���  ,v��  ^^.0.'',  ���6*3  "^Y        * _* r    ���  iptt^JlfS Ib^ipjujs .were thronged Js-t    kThe bay was so crowded'by a htge"  ~ Saturday Jfotf what was pfobably ihe ntunblr pf entries in the lMtagbjr ract*'ihst  b)$g^kp&Y$^l^e&tta ejter oi��ganizecl a. number of collisions -resulted/ Eventual -  by the, ^gtttyaptyB' B^ach _md ^Sount-y $ttb, wiflMers were Or. Jeofail** piifc, Joe'Jfc,  In perfect wither, iwm a p^ant breeze towvfed toy Dfiborah Barley and Hitfolj  tempering %w_i&~ siinsbiae, Co��unod4re Merrilees.{2iMi)-and Bruce Campbfill and  Toiritny Caj^bfeU, dw&ejt in' fuM o$yal Steve Taylor (3rd).  J   l*  ggaUa  took the salute at the ��&**<��       The 2-ma'n Tyre lUces'iur-red. s�� pojk  deoM^l, fegfe Tte we?e piajiy* entries yi^r tbat _ numlbe^ of races hak to be fun  ���������'M.***/^   . '_'    ���        -*       *1������f* TV     'i      * ^^T SI"lat " **f* ._ Jm*fl    Redrooife*', represented byta string o. Ration.  *>#   y'     . >/ "\ "^      .'^^     illi l^jll^     y rfW^jfetJ     ^IfMi^^^nlnM     '^te^^Kk'Wtests as usual at,  '���*'--_     >���       V>^     >- \. ** _r fc /        <rWL*m $������&_1"XV1    adtvitie^ of the Bedr^offe beach. A secob4 fa____ie__.mam. mm__e��i_-_.r_   ladies winner  "��������__  ��L.a~^j  ��_     _-?_;���� j> *_��  �����       %��������. *_fc__. a ^ir        -���*��_#.  VJ_  9'  I-     -f   .,r*  *���  1 VJ__  r*  activities  prize  entry  eliurris.  StanrJafiJ Diesel   cl&��, inWase injector life,  ttiplef_ejfil��^|i% *,,    .'  'l      ^ / .  Loris Thomas  V*?**     ������y "Biggest uatcn a^Keoroous", lea-    -nj j^tby; Cteveiand. M-n's winner was  jPlH 4l__. A4.tl_4_t_<.i. _____.__��� _. <.  ��T.7 "  land a salmon as big as a whale. Another  Spectators     �� *   .  Redrooffs beach was lined with spe-   nual regatta wuch< commenced twWt   cojitiftu^d witii  ��ctafftrs duripg last Saturday's  an-   a sail-past of decorated feoate and   even^ for everyone  *��� i  ft  ^��SSI#  =^-rn 4 P^e win^r w. & G_rl Benix boat to Jff ffl ckiSm a S?SS      -    |^^Mgj^gggf  "'    ���' ''     i%'   -1 'Ifclftnoon Hiptry  fixprfcss".  Two boats T^    *      awnry qpa a napp^y day, con-   ,  .    lifa^.^^  h'a seritisl'O-. aquatic "���� Boat" atld "The Dalton ton^' re- l||-i^aiag,m>^m>^___.! .ju-^��� ?^"j^^  li"  . '    "      '.F calved  Hawftralfee Mention.  Other''interest. 1   '   * ,    ," f '  '. Y     "   '^??*^��^^  ..  r  i  t  ���_a��  4KW  !^S'./  "^^W  ����*��*'��*' i|i -fe-   *  Y      ^w.fj^_>a.j.^. *.?*  ^fe_i^a��w      rii    n_iaj_Ti n mi   rT^        ���f   l r  -   /*�������?  ^^;-^  ceived Han(��raJfee M-ntion. Other'; interesting entrifes were 'JiThunderbir4'', "Bed  Booife for AU1' andt ope-with, a JSfexican  moti, "^uerjte' BSpdri^". T"he sniaftest  entry was a Green Pea boat submitted hy  Mrs. Jtfike Jackson, '  Foltowugg are fl^e., re^ts of the swimming contests:  Girls 6> 'and under, Pam Avermain,  Sharon Hunt, Tina Mewpombe; boys and  girls 7 and 8, Wade Keeler, Barbara Gilhs  Debbie H_U and Ceoft Paper (tie).  Boys 9-12; Bonhle Straight, Gary Piper,  Trevor Firth,  Girls 9-121 Leina Fraser, Linda Ban-  man.  Boys 32-18; .Hugh-Carter, Johnny Carter, Bonnie Straight.  Ladies Open; Janet Inman, Wendy MacDonald, Penny Newoqmbe.    '  Men's Open: Craig Campbell, John Dalton, Steve Taylor.  Mixed'Relay: Craig Campbell and Chris.  Bpgardus, Chris Camp>ell and Paula Mal-  ?!(j_l-j   tby, Buth Lefeaux.and Steve Taylor.  ABSENTEE OWNERS ^ VAC^iajNI^'li^lP^Tf'  I  GOVERNMENT LlCEM^gp txy^WW&r  Offers security-check patrol of homes ttyk- Langdale to Earl Cove.  Arrange your requirement? with ttS/  SEfWltE WILL BEGIN SEPf���M0fellr19'<&8^ \'  Office op_ns August 5th in the Benner Block, SeChelt B.C  'fWE CARE ABOUT YOUR P80J?ERTY".    tP J    .  jb. office 885-9737, Res. 883-2688 or write P,0. Box 43, Sechelt, B.C.  WtSBJ>lilltf_^_B^^  v Tricky landing  Young fisherwoman neyer did quite second prize for the Rhodes, family  manage to land her catch during and took quite a bit of handling in  Redrooffs Regatta but the entry won   the choppy water. ���   .     - ~"  Pender High-Lights  i  *   **Kvi  rN  0 . *      * -s**. I  V  /fV  V  ^  JSsl /      ' ��"=^__f_SK^*S'*  !- 1-  *    _,..-. ��� -.���.���      ....   ...  ... 1     ii-  vV  -h% ^oniio, Voughon  EEOENTLY I've been talking to'Mrs. Jean applecake an4 eomn^oted, ftalj tbe Dutch  Jewries , about the high paints of her are good cooks, Jfo^ver, she] could not  European,trip. Mrs. Jewries travelled froh. bring, herself to eat raw hamburger witri  Vancoiive^ on the SS Diemerdike and ar- {kit and pepper Jlfce many on the Dutch  rived in Antwerp, Belj^um, via the Panama jkople did. iin the supermarkefe Mrs, Jef-  Canal. "She travelled through Holland, the fries said |hey, had- vegetables prepared  Bhine Valley in Germany, Belgium  and    ahd ready to be put on the table. j  the, British fcsles. t Via, all the countries tha,t were visited  She spent more tdme in the British Isles people were \most friendly and helpfuL  and greatly enjoyed herself as she had re- >^j J^j, u,rOon Mr*. Jeffries  latives there'that she had not seen since ^^-^A fa BA miiB& wto ^ere  a small girl She was greatly jessed - i'J^JA guest book and newspapers  by the beautiful forests and many large f^jSPA^i paj*rl_e ^Sef&  parks and treetoed to^evards in ^, c t- ^S^A,^ m^ Better hX  les. _he :was also delighted wjth lie wld ^ 'yo*utraS>u are never too iar awaj  flowers in the countryside which hadn t    ^^ horned 11 ' \  changed  much in appearance since - she      ^Y 11 V  <���"   ]    could 'rememberl As a matter oi facjt even  ^^'.4    the. cities ha4n't changed much either ex-        tSeman cpfifignet to ,��toe-_ihop clerk:.  -  *    cept of course for a. few "more modern    '<W35_Bh^^vig^b��as4 vraiha fausiliand 3vho\��  '. J    buildiigs.  Mrs.  Juries emphasjied  Sha^    hatfes JB^f^'    \~      ���   '    ^ .-  althoughi English people have a repiitaUon    ���  " * ' r " -.,..��*-.  for.'beicg reserved th^y proved to he very,  friendly and warm-hearted^  London was fabulous with lot�� of mod  shops and mini skirts on women of all  ages. She rode through Garnabj Street  but did not see too, many Mods on the  . street -One ot the new buildings in London  which interested her was the new 33 storey  post office building.  Mrs., Jewries loved, the picturesque  beauty of the Bhine Valley. She said that  there were many old castles all through  this area jand ajso niany quaint old private  homes. She< remarked that in Europe the  old buildings are preserved' and kept asx  tourist attractions. Many of the farmhous^  es hundreds of yearjs old..th,at looked like  j��f  ore Tommy Campbell gave his inot-   nual Redrooffs Regattau  .       . ...     Redrooffs Commodore       _���'.,-    they "came out of Hansel abd Grdel ar*  There is something not quite nauti-   ley squadron of vessels which sailed   stiil being occupied. While she was in the  _al about the isalute which Commod-   past him during last Saturday's An-   Bhine Valley Mrs. Jefflries had the ojppor-  ,_-__ T_>��_m., rio��.r_K__n rfoir__ Vi.o w_r_f_    nnol UoAmnffm Rotfatfe. i tun% of tasting the delicious B)jine ijini?  obtained fjfcm the area''s many vineyards]  Visit'  Holland she saw the beautifu^  tulip fields and especially in Kinderdike  many 'windmill- but' she said these were'  used chiefly as tourist attraction^, ���''  ��� Mrs,': JeffrHjee "'��� -^ |;tfe;- Dii^h':,' 'pfeWile, ape,  slJilVbusyVrf&i'nii^'iland' from,. M^e'scia.  She said they take sand from th^ sea, dry  it and"1thenvpu.t ihvpiling.,.dind erect'apart-.  ment bulldinjg��|;p^' tbe:'v'ne,W(ly...crea,ited, lian^l...  She tasted some of the Dutch dishes like  t t -5   ,   Yl %   ��"l ''  yvY*j$??'vlt**"t^ ���<"'.  I*       U      ***��.   Vi.__C,_^__._W_..__._    Ul  ���. ���_, yp&wd; y& have,  f fmw-$lyW^rtfrfiei��  Alubilcantf^rever^part  1  G. H. ulGcny) M^cDpnold  WilsonC2gS��tfiett 005-9332  ���_i_ndar_ 0)t Company of OJC,  14.12 cu. ft. (CAMA standard); 3 coliptti ot white.  0 FRIGIDAIRE Meat Tender has its own chilled air supply, keeps meat  safely at the edge of freezing.  0 100%. FROST-PROOF���no frost in 107-H>, size freezer or fresh food  section.  0 FLIP-QUICK Ice Ejector ends the muss and bother of getting out  ice���-handy 80-<ube Server.  0 EASY-TO-MOVE���for cleaning ground mth amazing  RIDE-AIRE  (optional ' ��� ,  ,    -  If!  Water hippies ^  Topical entry In tlie Redrooffs Reg-   ed as the boat sailed pa^tjthe jud-  atta won the Okl Renix boat a prize,   ges. Y'  mostly for the slogans which chang-  When your television set starts to shoW signs of  trouble, call us! We'll send one of our skilled  service men right to your homo to handle any  technical problem. We specialize in prompt,  expert service!  T.V. SIGNAL WEAK?  Call us and we'll find the trouble with our  Field Strength Meter. Mobile T.V. unit���  Repairs on the job. Color and Black Ond  White.  PSWINSULA T.��.  EXPERT SERVICE - REPAIRS RAPID  REASONABLE PHONE 883-2430  nund fading!  Picture psM  We'll fan II!  Service starved?  .-~  *      fc * _"*_"*1_*  5f_f#T*W_i __.  It's free ?nd .'plentiful'with' m  any productIft'our, full line  of fuels and lubricants.  CMJLyWfl.STANDARD OIL MAM  G.  H.  <Ge_ty) MocDonold  Wilton Ck, Sedidlf $195-9332  sxanaarQ OH Company ��r am.  -     ���     ;._-_2r-4^��'___3_.-Y _r .������  Doctor of OpJomotry  204 Voncouver Bloclt  VoncoMvor, ��.C.  Will bo in Sechelt  ondoy, Augysf 19  for on appointment for,  cyo cnfoipfnc^lo"  , *  i">-. - ��jl   ������� ���  Ul  'lKh#m(!jr|4!_'  ?  fs-  sis  PJ_JW______4l8B  _sy  TW<��B<��oii?l ^r��aiidcK)Mfmmare fiii4ing UiM lo^e  4ti_4__^iibp jpi_WtKin. ��IV__t _1j��<sm* *E_sio___tiNf_-i :;__sn__>'aau��_l' jpijodUioc*  p^t&^Sr'^-f^ lq.f_ci j^l^f^ytlc*^^-' (pt^ij^^iMpsi-- ���  c��M<w^.^dJ*tia^^#n*^^ A_-ouac, lrta)rifcdfe��.  pcjlwrtiricnt to ��ig��(��t way*''you could increase your  f$!B��Slb��t.m.piVfiiS&!ylt  ���  4>  i��  ���;  1  *"T"*"^**,'?��'<'_^1'V|t ��^ J.fHM'^-W. ilVW*^ *A^**V  ^i^j^H^!i^i^,'M^f"y*^'^^^i^l^~TO^I*W*-*'  .N#fftrt(^M*ft^*fl~*M* J*" %  it  WP  'I  Page B-4  The Peninsula Time* Wednesday, August 7, 1968  Local interest ��� ��� ���  _n IJ c iY Duy  Happy youngsters show their apprec-  'iation for the second fishing derby organized by 87-year-old Charlie Brookman of Davis Bay, proving that w>en  there is a common interest, generation gaps just don't exist Fishing  was not too good on July 20 but enough fish1 were caught to win a variety of prizes presented by merchants of Davis Bay area and Sechelt.  _ Mi* Biookman loves fishing and  VpbmXG of local .n'erest tosk place at   Organist was Mr  Prank .Statin m chid'en equally well and when he  ;'11 a..m. on Saturday, July 6th in St. Becap.on followed at Frank Baker's, decided to bring them together for a  MicblaEl's Anglican Church, Vancouver, Wist Vancouver where in the Crystal'Room derby, Davis .Bay residents rallied to  BjC.,   wa52n  Margaret  Edi'.h  Dawso|n  be-    the bride's talble was centred "with a three    j^ a^j   making the day a huge SUC-  cam'a the bride of Keith AUen Head.  i The. bride is the only daughter of Mr.  and Mrs. Bert Dawson of Burnley, England  who travelled to Vancouver. |or the ceremony. The groom is. the youngest son <of  Mr.  and Mrs. Joe HsacT of Selma  Park,  b.c.   ' '/' '-YyM; y; "--���/���  White gladioli decorated the church for  the doubi'e ring ceremony with TteyYWm.  Hillary  assisted fry   Rev.   Dennis   Popple  officiating.  Given in "marriage"��� by' 'her JEithei. Y the  bride wore a full length classic style  dress of ivory faiEe with open lace yoke.  tier waddlrg cake decorated with cream  roses and flanked by tall')vhite candles  and vases of roses. The "weddirg cake was  made 'by the groom's mother. .  Rev, Dennis Pc_jple proposed the toast  to ih'a bride, "to which the groom responded, and telegrams were read by the best  man.  ': The fcride's mother chose a two-piece  ensemble in s-oft green with brown accessories and a gold colored orchid corsage.  - ..Moi&sr. of, the. grccm chose, a. peacuck  blue dress with white accessories and a  corsage of two tone mauve orchids.  For   'the   homey-noon   journey   to   San  cess.  The chapel length veil of waite net v^sY Francisco, the bride changed into a blue  bouffant stylefand the bride carried a pas- suit wi^ cream acc8SSOries. Mr. and Mis.  cading bouquet of cream roses and ivy. fcsi_3i Head wffl tales up residence at Man-  Bridesmaid,  Miss Judith Galvert nyore    batten Apts.,>l075 West 14th,  Vancouver,  a full length A-lihe, Empirestyle ^own^of Out of town gue& includedYMr.  and  blue Swiss cotton and ca.rii_ a boiiqiiet Mrs. J.�� Popple, Adrian and Susanv Nanai-  of blue Cornfl&wers. Elower giris^feS^aaY mo; Rev: and'Mrs.. 3D. Popple and Helen,  and Helen Popple were charmingly ����wnY New Westminster; Mrs. F. Hatchings; _Hr.  ed in loBg-Ar_&f''^yte,4^^ Mrs. B. Preston; Mrv and Mrs. J. Che-  ganza v���v^yblup;-sp&es.. and,:emx^^&YY&fx:, ..andyCheriey Mi^biiYeity; Mr.t Cy  gays, of 'W^-\*n&i'wh^''-:!^ Mr. and Mrs.'  Bek.'man^waF'IftrYl?^ Mrs. S..(Wi-  usherswere,Ms.YGortfon^.fl^_y^^i_i_-;*^.'''prd..'Selma'-'-'Park-; Mr. and Mrs. B. Sim  of the groom and Mr. Gerald .McGov&fc-.Y  and Mrs. T: Parish, Sechelt.  Halfrnoon Bay Happenings  SUOCfiSSFUL Country Fair was held at  Redrooffs on July 27, organized by the  Welcome Beach Community Association.  Hat dags and coffee were served by the  ladies oi Halfrnoon Bay Sunder the chairman ship of Mrs. A. J. Rutherford. ;;'  . Once again one of the first stalls to be  sold out was the home baking,  convened  1 by Mrs. Jack Hall and Mrs. Keith Comyn  who extend thanks  to all who contributed  to their stall.  Mrs; Guy Clear was in charge of Wkii\6  Elephants and Mrs. Ralph Lynds organized arfd operated the Fishpond. Mrs. Mary  Walker sold plants and garden produce. In  charge of raffles were Mr. and Mrs. Hugh  Duff and Dawn- Berthelet, Kept busy selling sewing and toys were Mrs. Roy Hol-  ga;c, Mrs. Jim Cooper, Mrs. Rob Wilkinson and Kathy Gray. Jack Hall's Museum  once again provided a source of great inter^!, while Jim Meechan in tho Artist's  Conjcr exhibited his Interesting paintings  in Acrilac and did a brisk business in  handpainted paperweights.  Rob Wilkinson. Ted Surtees and Mrs.  Fred Julian operated the bingo, and races  for the children were run by Messrs. Duff,  James, Meechan and Holgate.  The Cape Cod Chair raffle was won by  Mr. and Mrs, K. R, Koebel of N. Surrey  anil the Grocery Hamper by Keg. Thomas  of Shop-Easy Store.  The Wdepmi. Beach Community Association express their thanks to ���the ladies  of Halfrnoon Hay for their help and to all  who helped In any way to make the Fair  finch a Nuccc.s.sful venture. Proceeds will  bc used far the piano fund.  IN HOSPITAL '  Canon Alan Greene is. in Vancouver recovering after mirgery In Vancouver General Hciripital.  Frank Lyons, Mill In Shaughnessy llo.v  ���by Mary Tinkley  pital received a surprise when his daughter, Marilyn Russell .flew from Montreal  for a visit. She also spent a few days at  Redrooffs.  IN BRIEF  Mr. and, Mrs. Henry Aussem of Burnaby, with thfcir son Richard and his family, have spent one of their most imemor-  ab'.e holidays at their Welcome Beach  home, the former "Du'If'n'Dorf. All'keen  fishermen who. have caught some fine fi;h  in their time, .hey have never before  caught anything as big as the 24 lb. red  Spring which Mr. Aussem landed .in the^  vicinity of Bertha Rock. They have returned home a very happy and contented  family.  Mrs. Janet Allen's guests have been  her daughter Mary, with husband Jack  Fairfield, their children Howard, Bruce,  Katherine and Janet and a cousin, Peggy  Fairfield all from Exeter, Ont, Jack Fairfield Is stationed a't the CFB at Clinton.  Mr. and Mrs. Fairfield who danced imany  years ago with the square dance club at  Welcome Beach Hall are still keen square  dancers. Jack (.alls, while Mary assists  for groups at Parkhill and Clinton, Ont, On  their way home to Ontario, they travelled  by way of Penticton to attend the square  dance festival there.  i There Is an Increased demand for codes  of ethlcK in, politics, although most officeholders are sworn in with their hand  resting on one.  Winner  Not much bigger than the 10-lb. ling J  cod which made her winner of the''  ���Davis Bay wharf fishing derby held,  -on   July   20,   six-year-old   Caroline  ���Newsham gets a helping hand from  ���brother  Terry  to  display  tho  fish  which won her a pair of shoes from  Uncle Mick, Sechelt.  ! PROMISE  NOT TO PLAY  WITH MATCHES  -ss  HELP PREVENT FOREST FlREfl  EXCAVATING,  DITCHING AND  TRENCHING  LIGHT AND  HEAVY  BULLDOZING,  TRUCKING.  GRAVEL, TOPSQIL  AND  FILL.  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BOSTON LOAF  ox. tin    MalkinS    ,  4 oz. tin ;  for  MJUr     TOMATO or VEGETABLE, 10 oz.  SHRIMP ?TP*Z.  OLD DUTCH  9 ox   TOMATOES  KING'S  CHOICE  28 oz   for  0M0 DETERGENTr *"  Deal Pack  POTATO CHIPS  SHRIMP _ CHIPS Z���WA":  COOLER CHfSTS 11.,  rco/^rvi/^rv  _2)^_j\J/AA  b  1 GOLDEN.' /M  RIPE      .  B.C. No. 1 - DELICIOUS  Peaches    .       ;  LOCAL  Cauliflower Sr':'0  LOCAL No. 1  ! Carrots  lbs.  for  libs.  HOME ftf A1MDYMAM  ENCYCLOPEDIA AND GUIDE  L_n_c  QIC 5.16     W^  * Regular Retail 99c each  ON SALE THIS WEEK  TAKE ALONG  Reg. 2.99   Prices Effective: Timr., Aug. 8 to Sat., Aug.  10  J  r  WEP.  \lc  l.ft  SECHELT  V/l   KriKVL IMi: UIGIir TO LIMIT ^UANTITIfS  XlToatfnir  Affiliato  ^7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/  i  ���,/., .^ t*,���jf*.^..,**.,.# rp._����..,.  ^^^^^���o-, 1,VrS.rfiiV.. . - '^. ���*'%., ^  ,:��,,.r��wi., %.%,:.  ..I'M, ���*)_,.        %...M-4.    (%rJ_l,���,_..  .%,��'_*.* ;  4|.4__ii)  A jfa *��� ��� .- _��� *��� ^ .* ���(* ./  ^���?M\, .*. >*��� .^ .^S ..*  ���  ���% ^**di ���fl*v'  ^-, .&{  -    itll^l*..*!    .(��       *';..*_%.     .l|U %t(.'V *��fi*��|A1*,^,"^f*"-J*P "*��� ^*'.^'^W*l^*'���'^^^��f^^-'".V..'��..   A...J


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