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The Peninsula Times Aug 14, 1968

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 ��� ^yQffft _w__^7_i_^_Miie toeatiSwiir  ' Council recertify agreed to serve notice  on Joseph HY Unbind,! owner ot two de-  ptepit -uildiijgs, advising Km to remove or  P^^;4o��vra^ttoe/^taw*_re5, fill in aU excavations "and remove all debris, and Other  material from tlie site witbin one mono, ot  notice," Faflttrp ".to comply mtl~ result in  T. titti^sdnr of Gower PtanV'protesttog  posabie pollution from proposed sewer in- Y  smatim. with anv oitifalt in, Vie. Gower  Point ^rea, was again discussed.   .   _  \t  - Acting as chairman \ ateepce _��f Mjayor  Feeney, Alderman Wally P��ter��oji pxplaia-  ed that efficiency of a,jsewer system w|_l  be up to" the Pollution Control Board and  council having the work carried out at ex.-   any 6U(* ����n��p5aintsshould be directed at  pense ot __3__d.    '  ' **" "     '   * ~"J,! L'~       "*"  Despite repeats request by council,  Unland '_as felled to tafce any action-to  clean up. ^cbuiMing^.aud follfraing various, complaiirts council was finally forced  totafceaetion. '  Property "referred to by tbe Brakstadts * # w�� therefore agreed to refer Mrs. Finis the tonner Jorgensen property^ Pnrarse _ laystm to tbe P.U.C.  the- Board! A public meeting will be held  shortely and at that time questions will be  dealt witb,    ��� ~ ��^  Importance of such meetings was  stressed and it is possible more than one  wiU be held prior to a sewage referendum.  Road and was said to include two buildings  in bad condition and surrounded by broken  glass which creates a hazard to youngsters who might go running around in tbe  a��a--~   ::.P,. P.   ^  *   ,y   *  1 ft was agreed tbe owners be contacted  witb a view to removing or burning down  _ie old buildings.     *        ,_ ;    "  r  Clerk Dave Johnsto advised council be  bad, at tbat time, been unable to serve  notice upon Upland due to tbe ttodt strike.  DOGPOUftSD . .      ���. ,        ���   . ?  ' it was reported seme interest has been  -indicated bp two people prepared to operate V dog pound mt a part time basis. Mr.  Johnston "agreed to' meet with the two to  discuss a system of payment and if nec-  cessaiy; kennels will be constructed by  municipal works dept.  SMASHED CANOPY .  . Seeking an extension of the curb at the  Ball Block on Marine Drive, Vtc. C. P.  Ballantine told council trucks stopping sit  ibe' sidewalk edge bad on a number of occasions smashed tbe canopy which protrudes to tbe edge of the sidewalk. Problem  would appear to be tbat bodies of tbe veto-    ��RE EQUIPMENT  _"tac avifnA nvor thi��_>__r__  _.   . >       Y  Alderman Jerry Dixon, on behalf of the  PARKING BY-LAW  "Rie clerk announced he had discussed  tbe village parking by-law witb the police  whp indicated they would co-operate by  checking on violations. Corporal in charge  of the Gibsons detachment .had stated he  * rendered Ms service, in Squamish and expects to continue here.  Yf  ^I^S^^^C/tm^ U 0$^i fer fbp,&e^t's<mtm>  \ 7 "dabi*&mpa*? ^itmomtYmet?*/ W& ^e5?��a�� GroAtf  -"' regarding ttfS fctf^.iitf Wjtpiwtf htt_JKSRfiEJfr"  v la_r,;#id iffltsr bL Braksted drew attention -y  to attother property in the Bky ajraSsfcicb * ��' Further correspondence  ^Ti__k  1  h  >'.  tiles extend over the curb.  ��� Mr. Ballaritine explained tbat tbe canopy does not extend over the curb and was,  in fact, approved by council at time of  proposed erection.  * Alderman Ken (frosty suggested tbat  snould renewing of tbe canopy be contemplated-it be set back sue inches. He was  told'no sucb renewal was tinder consideration.      -,    y  \t was agreed a curb extension might  A|N60_3SEE popular, annual event^or the \  Gibsons area has been scheduled fori  Volunteer, fire Department, stated be understood council bad previously budgeted  tbe man. of $150 for purchase of certain  equipment, at this time the firemen would  prefer toe money to be spent on a foam  applicator at comparable cost.  l^J*l^t��^^*LC<T:   *"rt<*t. Concession Ixwths will also be io ? ment *����."��_- gtmgto miss tbeHttle  mittee for further investigation and recommendations.  ten weeks in Germany  IX3a_L unit ot~^;t$efiortinftyghl&ndets  ,   'of  Canad-^MSBtia' returMd . recently  Yjfrom  a  challengi^, to^^weats^ training  ' course at Al>ert Head,' Victoria, under the  > leadership of Major- tj. Boomer and CpL  ^Walter John. /^' * ' �� ~ .  -'" Now qualified as sergeant, Walter John  a has I^ft for Camp Borden .before going to -  ,vGetm)my^ fdr ten weeks. Cpl. - Back Wray  "w__>\w��nt to Germany last year jbas Joined  * tlie*,, regular Mr Foree after serving four  Yyears in the-MiMa.     ,.     ����� "   '/t  rJ c-Uk/'John Ayris whocommands the local  unit' )��as~ successfully   completed ->a' four  "<��� week ^captain quatifying course * at Camp  ��� Borden.  ' l^oung men 16 years and over, wishing  - to join the Ipcal unit for ibe/coming year  should contacf U. Ayris at 885-234$.  r - ;   - \   J     i.  v    J     1 ~  ^      .  Vancouver arjist  displays at Sechelt  MKS. Jessie Morrisonj of" Vancouver whose  paintings wHTlite o_"dispqly in flip Gal-  1 c..M.s<��  ��.^___^__��:_._. lery Siop, ��s*&ek, 'iJntii;tbe:fjind;ot the  A       -    ,.      i Surprise presentation ,   ,    ^      .    ,_    ^^ hi|SIm-___3rof _��l___s_ine  ri Retiring after ,23 years   witfcc flte   left are/ Mfoss Mary Harding, secre-   c^ast Arts Council si%e its inception in^  ~i Sechelt  Schxml jAdrici,   Mr.  John ^ tary��� Local  801;   Mr.  fteslon;   IVtr,    me. The Morrfosons who have te^n sum-  iHeskin has.a pleasant surprise on   Hans Lehmann, viqe presideiit and   mer visitors to.Gibsons, since 4935������ hope  } Saturday when'fellow encq>loyees pre-   Mrs. Dorthy Szabo presidewt of local   evented^ to retire to tbeJJr Manne Dnve  |sentedTiim^wi_i"a1farew_U^.FixMn   801 G.U.P.E. ,< ^       f    "   -  '    ���  "    ^       ���  1 y m - " > Jessie  Morrison's. interest in  painting  20 VeaiS Service ��� ��� ��� "~ was aN fostered fit night setwol classes   *  " to Vancouver, ^nce WSt^be has taken  every oppoiitunStjr to ��� increase * knowledge  and expand her t'alen^i^y, faking at* courses at UBC and tW ��� Vancouver School of  Art She has also been a student of professional art teachers, including John Poole  West, VMette- Ifobalma and Robert-'Alexander. <��� - .       - ,(.   .  Mways reaching out for new mefljt_ls  and "new,wairs Tof expressing'id^s^ihaii  form, Mrs. Morrison does not- confine her*  self to any one'formrHef ^abitingg ihclude  Y     1    '     Jx "^Hseopalfee A<6  f^fc?  ' T�� rY  f 1.'  4J1   f  lr   ���  PP  ��    J  Gibsons ar^  Sunday. August, 18 at tbe municiapl swun/|  ming floats and on past records is expect- \  ed' to attrat* visitors ftom near and fatl^ I  Gibsons Volunteer ^Firemen will again <  feature a series of water sports which ~--^  include-a;long distance.smhn. from Keato . HETlffi_NG after'Sa yeaw as custodian.of  Oisland, various ,<mm^wtm events, wgt- sechrft seho_flsf Mr John^ilesMtt's-cQm'-  canoe race by toe YIKJA and a tog-jollhagl schools, Mr. Joju^MesKjnsr corn.  MI0R.R.Hanna ����� ���  >".n  ew school supermfetitieiif  attends first i Ibooxd meat!  operation. - - 4   ��people'  I_ong distance swim commences fni|pi>. Last Saturday morning, Local 80i, Can-  Keats atil a.m. and all participants ire ' adian "Ui^Ott ot. Pid>lic Emj_oyees honored  warned $ey have to "be accompanied ly , Mr. JBeskins by ,pir&en/dng bim'wilbf an  a boat'in event of doubles possa_y ocefir- engraved sfignet '^iSi^g, president of the  ring. '      -   '       -        '"- branch Mrs., Dorothy Ss_i-0 made the pre*  <)ther races taking place from flK���muik ;  School cusfodicm retires /  C J f1 t 0    ���* f _._.  urilon makes presentation  bit of a chore getting tbe. boat in and out  of- tbe water so the re_retfv longesWime  employee <dt toe school Ix&rd will spend  a lot of his time remodelling the house.  Tw^aewsemce^ open  operating from Sechelt  * y;  sentation.  for SecJielt Scbool  , Mr, R. B. Hamta was  Don Douglas  HU?5BA!NI> and wife team; Lance and Lor-  icipai floats vnll also commence sAMaM.^ Wben Mr. HesMn first wonted for tbe. lit Kilborn of Madeira Yark, bave an-  Thtee will include: youngest swimmers school board; to ms, Secheit scbdol^was nouueed a. new business andjservice on toe  race, races from eights fo nines, ta_> to just three rooms and eventoatiy^ expanded SunsMpe Coast wbicii it 3s expected will  eleven, twelves to fourteen. There wfflrbe, to tbe size of fee old building which stands   prove a boon to summer and part time  NEW:  District 'NO,  .introduced _ty ^_  _.    ,._,.__  _      ._.,    ______  las$ TTiursday's meeting �������� baaitL Sir.    equipment; ^.fiSSiLextddtect's Sees; $8,929 Po^er_oat Assdcii_ondi-pW b>A'^                                                                                                             win otter patfrA and  Haiira vnll officially take crver fee district _ coctrngencics�� atso 'arcbitecf- toesP accidents appear to have?caused cam^te-^ iraily-goiife to'lffl^; an��> be is'now _r c'ml    teto_ia��*prot?cfion for abseatee.auA vac-f  at _te'e^ Of Augustisicceeding _lr; Gor-    J Y__r> IWlson obsarvfed Ife^t tbe.Jboa��d.l��ad tion.'"        '   '      *-     Y        '\.^v**^^ ."eiMneer     "   "r ���"-'-*-���** ������-��� -< -'������   -    -    *.*.����.�������,__��.._>'__.._*__��.   -_��__,���_.__��, ,__ ��.a  "   "    '"-   "    "'^^^^��*_lateft-i��S��f_-^ ���-���v- .^   ,-v-  ->    *     engager  ^jta, #****���.s-penn-   was.^wer ^^^^li^u^was . Sg^a^JjgjM. ��^^ ^?^^ce^^��to^m;^, ^^^^  -"4s8dfe^ri_.���  Y^Hnte:  tendfeut 'for TUnfyej^y' WuX' vfinch Has ap-   ?S^),  proximately"^ s^id^rts;-*, .     J  -"i  hi  r       *.  '1  RECOMMENDATIONS I .  Substituting for,Mr. Johnson wia> is on  holiday, Mr. Hamta recommended that tbe  board, try out suggestion submitted by  Sechelt Elementary School principal W. L.  Beid.  Suggestions/included commencing the  afternoon kindergarten at Secbelt at 1 pjm.  instead of 12:30 pjn. and cutting down  the ZVi hour session to 2 fcours as cbOdcen  get too restless during tbe longer period.  Secretary Wilson pointed out tbat tbe  Council of Public Instruction recognizes 2%  hours per day as regular aittondance but  Mr. Banna commented tbat be would not  protest if it will benefit the children.  Mr. Reid also recommended tbat the  Halfrnoon Bay children grades 1-4 should  attend West Secbelt School wtu^re classes  will not be so large.  SUMMER CLASSES  Reporting on summer classes in remedial reading and arithmetic held from July  8-August 2, Mr, Wilson stated that, a total  of 8S pupils attended. Cost per course was.  $10 amounting to a revenue of $3SQ; cost of  teacbers and supervisor was $1,575. According to Victoria, siuhmer classes are  supposed to be self suppoprting so it fs  possible fees may be raised next year,  CONSTRUCTION  Footings are being poured-tor Gibsons  Elementory School additions and planning  chairman Mrs, Shiela Kitson reported that  it is hoped that Tccton Structures Ltd. wiU  bave tbe prefabricated units erected in  time for Sepptember.  Four 1 portable classrooms at Gibsons  Elementary School will be moved to Scdidt  and Madeira Park at a cost of $2,700 pi���5  an extra $300 for gas and electricity change  over.  The Vancouver firm of Underwood, Mc-  Kinlcy, Cameron, Wilson and Smith bas  been retained as architects tor (be school  board, presently working on plans tor expansion of Elphinstone and Sechelt ecboo&s.  STOLEN PROPERTY  ...', Mr. Wilson reported that a radio valued  at $70 had been removed from West Scdsrlt <  school and petty etpnh between $30-f25 t__en \  from Sccholt Elementary ��dbtool. Secbelt  detachment RCMP bad been notified but  there appeared to be no visible _gn of  forced entry ot cither Bchool. The secretary  commented that theft had not been proven,  ono of the tcachcra may bave borrowed  the radio. Trustee Agnes" 'l>__o__e tiboasM  that It was hardly likely t__f a teaxtmr  borrowed <hc petty cash also.  Tbe radio was insured but trustees advised that no cash should be left in prihools  overnight.  EXPENDITURE  Finance chairman Bill Malcolm reported that the budget situation is quite healthy  at 'present, being only very _-��3��Uy  overspent to some tostaiKes. Ttvewc to to be  no over expenditure without approval ot __F  board. .  Trustees approved tem|K>rairy bMmawins  of |25,000 on  (he  budge,   and temporary  Iwrnnvins pf |2a^&8 on refnrndom No. XX  No r��5_y has been; received from Secbelt  Tribal Council regarding the possible purchase of land tor school site and trustee  Eitssn stated a reminder should be sent  as the board must know soon.  sons Ba___r"Sb_i_'K-POTes jtor the various  contests will be trophies  * Judges 1vM be B.  K.1 Crosby,' Event Registfas: C. Mablan, B.  Feeney, B.'Knowles and G. Duton." Mayor  FfedteFeney will present trophies.  -. 1  j|mily 4��n ^Bi'tfaeir JolidaW in Setoal  age ioT boats.and trailers.  Park and eacH tune it became<hat_er _>I w ^^ # 5^^/^ ^ces u ae  company are presently staffed by Mrs. Kil-  born and are > located 'in the Benner Block.  return to the city. One year ]_f. Heskin  decided to buy a vacant cottage in Selma  Park 'and the family bas lived tbere .hap-'  ^ly^ ever-since. - ^_  ��� Feeling almost too young to retire, Mr.  Heskin said it was the students who reminded. Wm that time was creeping by when  they used jk> say* "You were here when  my jhummy came to school." ", ,."  , Fishing used to be fun but now yt is. a  ' Also operating from 'pleasantly fitted-  \out quarters- in toe Benner Block is a long-  ifaited dental clinic. Hiis is a service offered by Dr. T. C. W*__ who also has' a  climbs >a Gibsons.  Understood to be operating on a'three-  daW weekly basis, Dr. Webb plas to expand a$ business demands.  \    ti?j . e- 'iy-_���^ -  I'., ^WW^"  ,    A      t*  \Hfir.   w-l��_.   nC  Council report . . .  :oiiows ibecic  Secbelt Tug and Salvage was called  to salvage this 28 foot pleasure craft  the Sweet Sue of Vancouver when i\  struck a rock at Redrooffs last Saturday evening. The stricken vessel  was helped by the coast guard ship  Ready until assistance arrived. Tug  Victim Of Rock  L and ivi captained by Martin Higgs  of Tiger Tug Company undertook the  sub contract of temporary salvage.  Total damage estimated by Mr. W.  Y. Higgs, in charge of operations, is  $10,000,  STRUCTURES   erected   on   the   Sechelt  waterfront by a group of individuals Was  a subject of discussion at last meeting of  council. ['    .'.'''���':  Alderman Charles Rodmay drew atten.  tion to the fact that the people involved  had been erecting such structurestAnd,were  reported, ��� to be sleeping in them^ ��� Other  t^bund-a-abbu. from one end and a pat_al  existing road toe other. Homes and rocky  terrain in between made difficult any possibilities of a complete through road.  With a view to future development which  could involve! traffic, (concern was expressed by the Mayor who said he felt the  proposal should be studied thoroughlp by  coudcil before any decision be made.  The clerk suggested council contact Mr.  members of council indicated knowledge of,   Burley  ai��d arrange a  meeting,  possibly  Mugust deadline  TKWAMT  dectora   and   resident  electors  must file application at thc school board  office before August 311 to, be included on  the voters list tor thc Sechelt School District.  Secretary treasurer Peter Wilson stressed tl>Is point at last Thursday's meeting  of Ibe board, stating that names will not  aotomaSlcaUy be carried jfionward from;  last year's list.  Declaration forms will bc printed in  next week's Issue of tbe paper or Uicy may  be obtained from thc school board office.  There was much confusion last year  when people found they could not vole for  tbe trustee- otf their choke or on tfie College plebiscite because they were not on  the voters list.  OWNERS-ELECTORS  Refjistered owners of property should  fie automatically on lhe list of owner-electors but it in adviscaWc to chock when  lists arc posted on September 10. Appeals  should be made before September 20. Ms1��  trill be posted at tbe School Hoard Office  , and,at post offices in the District,  TRUSTEES  It isno longer necessary to be a property owner to hold office of ehool trustee.  New legislation states that any, person resident in thc school attendance area whose  name appears on the list of electors for  the current year and immediately preceding year is eligible to bc nominated,  elected- and hold office as school trustee.  Trustees whose terms of office expire  this year ore Wm. Malcolm of Pender  Harbour, Cliff Thorold of. West Sechelt and  lx_> Johnson of Sechelt Village,  NO RESPONSE  During the past four years only one  person has attended tlie Court of Revision  held dtirtog September, commented Mr.  Wilson, and advised that those eligible to  vote should check the lists' every year,  It should' also be pointed out- that if a  property is registered, under thc husband's  name, tho wife ��hould register as a resident  elector or visa versa.  the situation but were assured by" clerk  Ted Rayner that too Regional Building Inspector is now patrolling toe district and  checking on any illegal buildings.'  Alderman Harold Nelson reported Uiat  potholes are slowciy being filled, ganibag��  disposal sites within the Village have been  cleaned up following complaints. Thanks  were in part, due to endeavors,of Alderman  Adele de Lange and tho clerk. However,  Nelson said he had removed one container  himself because the refuse collector considered It too heavy. .  Mayor Bill Swain questioned situation  regarding burning of refuse in unscreened  incinerators which, ho stated, icreato a  hazard in the village. One such burner had  been sending out considerable asli and'had  appeared to l��avc gone out ot control for  ho had seen the fire engine In attendance.  Thc clerk explained lhat an incinerator  with an adequate ecrccn requires' no burning permit, witho.il a ��crecn strict supervision is required together with a burning  permit.  Mayor Swain *uggestod stricter supervision should be Imposed, the incinerator  to question appeared to have no ecrccn,  neither was anyone standing by. It was  agreed a clieck should bc made of thc situation widi tho firo department.  What would normally have been a  straight forward application to subdivide  proved to involve some complications regarding a Ihnough access road. -The clerk  told council the applicant. Mr. Nprm Pur-  ley fiad encountered problem's which made  a direct road through dlffiCTiH..CohscVju��ncc  is that plana call for a short road ond  at the property, and discuss the problems  with him. It was agreed tbis might be lhe  best solution and further action was tabled  pending such meeting. <������"  Captain M. Hjtegs,  Prompt 'action 'by VigHap^" tug boat  Capta|n Martin Higgs was probably  responsible for saving lives of a Gibsons family when he spotted thefr  home ebjaze last, week.  Tug Skipper's warning  saves family from fire  BUT for the sharp eye of a tog boat skipper, consequences might have bee drastic wben an early morjnig fire completely  demolished a Gibsons home last Thursday.  'at'3 a.m.7;;   ,'Y !��� .''Y,;'''' '     PP"PPP-]  Tug Skipper Martin Iliggs of Gibsons  was aboard his tug the L _; M when he  spotted flames from the home of Mrs. V.  Abrams upon the bank, Unable to obtain  a peply on bis radio t^ephone he sounded,  blasts on his emergency whistle and finally succeeded in rousing Mrs. Abrams  who in turn quickly rushed four children  from the blazing house.  Alarm went out to the fire department  but despite endeavors of the firemen th��  flames ha4 obtained'too firm a grip,   ,  Mrs. Abram_ ��� and her children have  been temporarily' housed by the Gibsons  Glad Tidings Tabernacle.  *.  1 1  {    .  it'.  ��� ���  Marijuana charge .  faces Mai for possession  11  ANOOTM9R member of the hippie elcmet  was arrcstc^l last Saturday In Sechelt  by members of tho Sechelt RCMSP detachment.  fChartgcd with possession of marijuana,  jack Cyr who also goes under lhe name  of' Maya Catwan, waa arrested fo^pwing  an Incident In th<* Pender Harbouf area,  lie is being held in custody pending trial,  Another case of marijuana possession  Involving n sixteen year old Gibsons hoy  came up early last week in' juvenile 'court.  Before Magistrate Charles MJMelstca'dt he  pleaded' guilty to thc charge and admitted  growing the plant himself, Thc magistrate  remanded Wm one week for sentence.  Another Gibsons you_i faces Irial lids  week on a similar charge.  George Terry Fornhncr,'nlso of Gibsons,  appeared before the magistrate last Friday  August 9 and was fined $50 on a charge of  driving wltJiout due care and attention.  Charge followed a incident >. Sunday Aug-;  list 4 In which a sports car driven by For-  shncr left the highway and landed in a  ditch at Selma Park.  Robert William Dennis Smith of North  Road, Gibsons, charged with' stealing a  chair from the Peninsula Hotel toW the  court the Jhcldent was the result of a joke  which was concocted while drinking a|t too  hotel.'' ,' ','.'".   '������"-''"  Police Investigating the complaint discovered tWo chairs in Smith's home, one  he said Was takcil as a Joke, the other he  discovered later in the rear of, hia car. A  third chair, also1 missing, was discovered  by thc hotel proprietor >n hut own car'p-Tk  as the result of an anonymous phone call.  Found guilty as charged, Smith was fined $100, Y,  Speeding Js against the law whether it  bc two or twenty miles an hour over lhe  posted limit and a new one-man operated  radar machine now In use on the Peninsula netted more than sixty charges In thc  first ten days of operation. Biggest haul  ha�� been In lhe Sclmn Park area.  Th"�� new equipment accurately clocks  drivers at a range of eighteen hundred  feet and result has been a shar^'decrease  in speeding local drivers.  '   -^     *���    *    ^    J\cA   J*    *     #   *    j^  * ^ i#.^^ A Ai^ 1^ ^.,,#,���^��fc _^.Vfl|#i��^  *��*ft-4^4^>Jh*^>^^ .     J.   JbJl*&.**V**t*X*l*b~J*,4l.4S.<44ll4ju. E|..-V_ .'  ^-Sai^atim^*A_��w imx  -.__��������=_--���_-_-_-_-r___----w._.__'*^iJ&^gr|ril^h^^ MfHWa-yy^(..i>w_�� ^uL_i^_nJ -Jinkb..  ��*,,* ^a*,,,*, ,4 , * v^ ������,��#���_$ .. ..<Y .fYY^. % .  ., _���_._ _, ^_Av. _W<��,~r��*3M*4'*^.^__'i"1*V|"��^^  U��&_;4y    -i&^.i_,t!_.^i_..^Jt_z-,._._..__^i...  *A^  ��!  t\\   fj^  min��itvi^^.i^mvi��|.rtmt i.n^^H.il^.iAfcWtji.i, ttjftatjrt,%w__mfc*M��*W'tsw-y^^tyvWj^im, Wwi>rfuA_-W*H_J<^'~'!��^jitl>'J^vi****^  iMrf^VvS,,^  ^"!___!_'Y*---�����  Jti.  YY Y  ,  >-*"--*^*it��t��� ��������.^--.---i--,. _____,-r--���y-rii"-TtTi^rirr.ni_ri.iii>ti_i^  PERSONAL (C-_U   >  /  ��LC0H0t,lfc_S A$^yfo-ii_: K0;  ,;;^px294,'-Secb'e]_,|I.C. Pjtorie  Published Wednesdays by the  jfhfe PeninsuloTimes Ltd.,  *at Sechelt B.C  lev^y 3 jbr_ nome;. auto,,;$iit ;.$Btpfee% ^vaiiajne. -na& %m ~   ��� Y*J y,y., y���^r-r-   ��a��* budgies,-^' eactr _r��� 3  ^_^ce^ii2^-8&8.. .IfelS - ^4p_fela;tibiei^ ' %tto*__t l��^'m#^1w#_T_r__��r     tot $>; Gtfdfe _ivl_rj_st' Sel-  * ,^S+S?l jH?It&bJ' ' P*^ *W*fc'Bfe* 1o^'#?eHh   -Mfa ,<a&efetes-edl to* xieek.   *���*-: ���" ^/.'��� .������/���-,'  IEALTY A .NSURANGE      t&j._.t. 5a*.i_ *iafol t^jft^riiASiage, -{Jorttect Jatk M^rCer at Store'stl POKE bred-Seal Point Siamese'  <y__i��W*_>   IMpil.   >--���  Ito&t  REALTY \& INSURANGH  >*  beach and safe boat at  ,.Iai_lgL��j-&iJ^2SxlS;   '  S8G-587C.  fiG9tfn  " v tf&iastitt. AuditBturein  pf Circulations  - * March 31..1968  Gi_s$ Circulation 20S6  " Fold Circttlaiibn 1807  sY"   (Suoject to Audit)  Classified Advertising Hates:  , 3-Ltne Ad-Briefs (15 words)  I Orte insertion SOe  three Insertions  .,,. $1.00   10c  WORK WAfCteBI  -1   V    Hotarv'Public'4 7-   ,JGbrfB__W^ii--~lS; ^#1ace, Maritia;" Secret-Cove;    &5jSd-38  \'    *' Mfetober   '-*,'-     &-6��1aan4b1fe'-arjao?t.^^ly ^1V[1��  cat��^cr^i_5er. Some  *.!:��_*_-_�� _. ' tfv? iL.,_~_ Jl_ - Jandscafied - 4t_, -wl__ Tatb. "finisbtog.^ '63, 40 >p, electric  ^KAtL-^-^^ , fafe byT^pU&ffi ^fctta*^ *   bitch,  -'   3_?^P^ JasfaUggervic^-       ^^82uarifrBte ^(��I ^ c* ^^ Beady^te go $i,50��/To  '           PHONE 886-234_     ^    ;paiasala; TM-S, -J&jJc My$e- ^< $&>**% $&$&&.   , ��563^tto  .  ONE 'paird balf glasses (read-'  kittens.   Mrs.   -D., Bovison,. jng 'passes,'/prisinaitic iefe) iif  Pratt fcoadYGibsons. 88^2867,,^^,^ 'j^ther ^ase,vdarlc  , P -   " $624-37 -grey pia&tfc feame_.tl��stwarea  ^-  .  ���     '  ' of Bavts Bay. Alex MapFariane,  261 % Osborne ��d., Ml Van-'  SPHCIA3- for���sal_.,l*arge,Eapy  ^^^^     , Read , Tyi>eta*ite^ gAlmost  LY-pyy *wv. <?<jst dVe^^HYl^dw his.  flO-tfii  4  DOOR steel tflihg cabinet,  . I-g��il %iz_; J' desk'; 3. isheck  pwterfar; 8"-_8ce chairs; Ph.  SS��-9S80.       , $845-38  RESORTS  jccuver, "BfC.  -kAi.  37  Extra lines (5 words) _.  (This rote does not apply to  commercial Ad-BriefS.) ���,  Box Numbers -���, ^_ 10c extra  23c Book-keeping charge Is added  ' tor Ad-Briefe not paid by  publication date, '  Legal or -Reader (advertising _5e  percOun^ line. 1  Display   advertising   in   classified  Act-Brief columns, $1J>0 per inch.  Subscription Rates���  By mail, Peninsula area -$5.00 yr.  By mail, beyond 30 miles $5.50 yr.  By moil, .Special citizens % price  By carrier , , 50c month  COMING EVENTS  TWILIGHT THEATRE  Gibsons  (air conditioned)  "   Wed/Thur., Fri., Sat.,  Mon., Tues.', Aug. 14-20  1  Academy Award winner  Rod Steiger in  71N THE HEAJ X-  jbFTN.GHT"  1      (Color)  .., Thur., Fri., Sat.,  Aug. 21 - 24  "WHERE WERE YOU  . WHEN THE LIGHTS  -- WEMT OUt?''  Color - Doris Day  Coming -Bonnie dnd Clyde  I_i3l47  1 bedroom suite and 2, 3 Mrm  suit��_; in cojivenieDt location,  yfllagfe water! ^4;fl00 dp." S_3,d00  F.P. 1     '    '   , "  4*     .   r  $4,000 <tn. to A/S $62.08 per ino.  for,2 bdrm- home witb Xb aod  A. trfect hot water. Lot SO'x  27tf. -  $ icres of good land close to  highway j$2,800 F.P.     ��  E AAcMynn  Do Wortrhan  J. Warn  880-2SQO  ^86-52393  886-2681  We^J-  BIRTHS  MR. and Mrs. Heme. Lamou-  ' "reux (nee Siirtey DeMarco),  tafce, p^?asiire "in aEinouncJtng  the birth of their daughter at St.  Mary's Hospital .on Sunday,  July 28, tm at 6:14 am. Five  lbs. fourteen ozs. A sister for  Tracey Lee. 8587-37  OSITUARY  JONES-On August '6, 1968,  Florence litia Jones aged 74  years of Selma Park, B.C. Survived by 3 $ons Clifford, Bur-  siiiy; Keaneth and Stanley,  Victoria; 6 grandsons; 3 granddaughters. Memorial service  was held Friday, August 9th  from the Family Chapel of tihe  Harvey Funeral Home', Gibsons,  B.C. Rev. H. Kelly officiating.  Interment Seaview Cemetery.  In lieu of flowers, donations to  St. Mary's Hospital.       8580-37  POtTS^-On August 8, 1968,  John William (Jack) Potts of  Madeira Park, B.C. survived by  ''hiis; ^^e"iyy;';'<^e:'son','1*OTy :.at  borne;'6n_. btot-iei. Thomas bf  yvtnt^wocd,.^Sask,f one, miece  M<Mbi ;2,,./|ofei_it-ws i l^edi and  Doug; .2 stepdaughters Mrs, Jo  Groves, of Oiregon and Mrs.  Molly Lltster of California.  Funeral Service was held Tuesday; August 13th from the Family phapel of the Harvey Fune-  r;al Home, Gibsons, B.C. Rev.  H. Kelly officiating. Cremation,  no flowers.   ' 8579-37  CARD OF THANKS  >-��� ������'��� ill'"' --..��.���,-��..._.i..��_._>---���.......i.___���,�����������--.,1....  MY sincere thanks to Dri Paetkau, nurses and staff for ithe  good .caifo awl kindness while in  St. Mary's Hospital, I also say  thanks, to all my sincere friends  for Uieir flowers, cards and  good wishes.  Mrs; A. I>avies. 8623-37  PERSONAL  P" ���'��' 1- '    iiifc�����ii.mii��ni'i�����iii'��iiii��i wm n  POR complete information on  Marin-, Industrial and Liability insurance: Claims and  AdustmcntH, contact Captaii>  W. Y. Hi��gs, Marine Consult-  ont Box 3?9, Gibson;). Phones  B8C-9540 and 885-9425.        489-tfn  SREING Ib believing���Visitors  from across Canada; UAA.;  U.K. ami many Soulh Amcrie-  an countries including Ecuador  have visited my Shell Museum  located at Roberts Creek near  tho P��st dEUce, Charles 11.  'Bedford, phone 886-2570.  ' 8646-38  COPIES OF PHOTOS  APPEARING IN  THE TIMES  may be obtained promptly  5x7 SIZE, 1.25 BACH  6 (same subject) ,.. 1.00 each  12 (flnano .subject) .���.   .90 each  8x10 K1ZK, 2,00 KACH  fl (same irabjcct) _. J.S0 each  12 (warne nuujcct) ,���. 1.25 each  LEAVE YOUR ORDER  AT THE TIMES  HANDYMAN/, __bUiet< raaltor, \ 'tuA^iL.  ^^^ *KfliA'rJ-, '-tSbM^ %.C.    Y   :?*> '����� m-ttn  wiU do dddjobs. Readable. %^^^g^'mJ^   r3^ 'VY'^y/  '���  PA. 886-9A)2. - '   ''.       tMn * J^fl^^J��**   ^^   ^>�� &A* 2 fHcbUaM^ lots  r- ^r it i-vrt,;,,    m��-tolly 2oHed tot.,   ^    * jsftxlSO   aril :uo^-0^ One  .   Eaves a^aued'aad ri#alrt_L. ^JSSKiaTS J&tyLJP^   *^5~���  -*�� *n____*-��.. _.-.  fainting,,  gardeml, >bitorf ^P�� .cadl to seHle es^1T  service, oltl |o_��s, ete. AaJ, work  guaranteeUlRRl SecheM 5P3ione  885-^191 ok f__-20-4.     " l-7l--_t  CARPENTER wOii, alteratibfas,  carports,    etc.    885-2343   or  evenings 886-ft4j5p: ^ . Wlf&xt  MATURE wooaan wants  P&rt  time flight' wpik or baby sit-  tin. Phone ^-SSftS eveadings.    J8S8549  ,    VERNON & SON.  BULLDOZING  (formerly A. E. Ritchey)  Land Clearing with clearing  blade - Grading and  Excavating.  :   Competent work, service  ���tand satisfaction  guaranteed.  Phone BB6-28S7  1 1555-tfn  , :   WANTED _-  WILL    purchase    patches ~ei  standing tambea*.  Phone-;886-  2459. 1681-tfO  FOLDING screen 5' to 6'  bi  height with two, three~or lour  panels. 886-9516..   _    _86ffi-37  WELL   jet   pump    requited.  Write  Box  $56-   c.o.  Penih?-  sula  Times,   Sedbelt.      8569-39'  FOR RENT  . 1E3ALL foi  rent, Wilson Creels  Community Hall. Contact Mr.  Glen Phillips. 885-2183. 1095-tfn  MODERN     electric     cottage,  Davis   Bay.   $50   per   week.  Phone J885-9740. 8629-37  -_^l_?_K)ON    Bayi    furnished  cdttage for  rent.  Access  to  water. Weekly or monthly rate.  teh-ae  885-9534. 8819-38  2  BEDROOM furnished house,  Gfaiithams , Landing,   available Sept. 1st. $100 per month.  Phone, 886-35S5. ��� -   8566^9   2 ���    ���?��� ,*i : l__  'ONE -bedrodm fully fomishel  and equipped cottage on  beach near Seehelt. Available  Sept. 3-June 30. Call 922-5681 in  West Vancouver. 8625-39  CLEAN housekeeping room for  gent.  All found.  Private entrance.  Selma   Park.   Ph. 885-  9535. 8574-tfh  FURNISHED 2 bedrooms on the  waterfront, close to Sechelt.  Teachers or retired couple preferred. White P.O. Box 427,  Seehelt. 8575-tfu  TENT trailer for rent,  sleeps  6, available August 15-30. Ph.  885-9494. 8582-38  14 ST riinabout, excellent 'condition witb ,40 hp. Johnson motor tor isaie. Piu. 885-^419. >   "  1*^4/9- i    "T J��- *-V  3'EVtNtfUDE'S for; sale. 5%-  hp $&5 each.  Ph.  885-2007.  *   ' ��� 8S83-tln  UVEST0CIC  ���ri_.A.,.i. ���������_������, 1.1 ..��� ������_������_��� ..Jimlnful-nt WiXn.i   ��� \i**tmwnMn*,m  NEW Zealand <Rabbits ��� 3%  moilihs, 3 does, l buck.-Best  of litter. From 'good producing  stock. $6 cash. 885-9427.  -  - 8587-37  ROOM AND BOARD  OLDER gent desires room and  board, close in. 885-9997.  8585-37  REAL ESTATt  GIBSONS-  Fully serviced 2 bedroom, part  basement home on beautifully  landscaped lot. No bills to contend with. Full price $12,000.'  Ideal young family home on  view lot close to schools. Two  bedrooms plus den. Auto-oil  heating. Full price $11,500,  terms.  ROBERTS CREEK-  Flvc park like acres with creek.  Gently sloping to,$oulh.   Close  to golf course. Full price $7500.  DAVIS BAY���    .   .   -    '  Your choice of 2 fully serviced  view lots close to beach.   FuU  price $2,250,  SECRET COVE- \  9 acres with 288 feet blghwiay  frontage, Ideal sunifner home-  site close to beach and boat  launching., Full price $4,600.  PENDER HARBOUR-  New, waterfront development  with' easy access off paved  road, Fully serviced Jots range  from $2,500 to $6,500,   Term..,  SAKJNAW LAKE-  J.argo, n<^wly devcl��|>cd lota  with 72 to 100 feci frontage on  this beautiful ��ix mile long  Joke, with access by gazetted  road via Iscc'n Bay. Excellent  1/trrtna available. Full price  $4,250.  For these and other choice  [(mixT^ies on Uic Sunshine  ConKt contact Frank Iyewia or  Morton Mackay at Gibsona  office, (WO-OWO.  Box 238, Gibsotts, R.C.   -  ,   - ��577:37  THE SUN SHIMES OK  Selma Park���3 bedroom home  with $th in fidl basemefat. Wall  to wall carpets. Washer,. drier��  jfridge and Tappan range.jlri-  cluded. AhmI heating. Just under one acre with _12' &. wal-  erfront. Exclusive setting 'with  lovely grounds and gulf view*.  F.P. $29,500. Some terms.  ' _���     ����� ..    . - _  PoipoiSe Bay-r__?. .of- saittly  beach, waterfront. Over ona  acre with unfinished 3 be*-  room cottage. $17,000..  Sechl_ij���Close in. , Rockery,  planters, shake roof, A-6I1 heating, full basement. Large living room with fireplace, 2 .bedrooms, hardwood floors. $18,900.  165' of unrestricted view waterfront witb the finest 6'andy  beach." 2- bedroom home that is  a delight to show. $38,000.  Gardeners Dream ��� Va acre,  fenced and in lawns, walks,  flowers, shrubs, and patios. -3  bedroom house, garage and outbuildings. Near schools, beach,  and stores. $21,000.  UX.A, Porpoise Bay���1j6 acnes  with 100' waterfront. 3 bedroom  house with A/oil heating. About  % acre cleared. $19,500.  r  4 Years New���2 bedroom base-,  ment  home.   Cathedral entry,. .  stone and vaglio fireplace_~5iui-  deck and attached .carport, si-  tuated   on * level ' 4%   acres.  $19,500.  Large lot, Selma Park, $2800.  Good terms.  H. Gregory 885-9392  H. B. GORDON  & KENNETT LTD.  Phone 885-2013  Sechel^ B.C.  8584-t��n  K. BUTLER REALTY  BENDER HARBOUR: 21D'  sheltered shore. All services,  $9500. Some terms possible.  AliTTRAiCTIVE:   3 RmJ cottage  on 1.45��� Ac, with 244' .phore,  small sandy beach. Romp aild  float installed, excellent fishing area, $8900, FP. Call Don  Tait in Madeira Park, 88^2284.  ROBERTS CAREER: Southern  exposure, 5V4 ac, with double  road froptage. Immaculate 2  Bdrm. cottage, cozy living  room,) bright kitchen, arborite  bathroom, large workshop, garage. Beautiful garden. Attractive terms on $16,000;  NEAR 3 ACRES: 218' bei_rh  frontage. Park-like grounds  with young evergreens. Older, 4  Bdrni, home. Fireplace in view  living room. A-oil furnaCe ,ln  part bsmt. Ideal suh-dlvision  or country estate, $23,700.  APPROX. 35 ACRES: Willi  dibfle. hway front. Low down  payment on $17,000.  GOiHSONS: FOR THE DISORI'-  MINlArriNG BUYER���A very  charming 2 Bdrm. home situated on 100' waterfront. Paneled living room has ritone fireplace. Modern kitchen and dining area, workshop, garage  and storage shed. Details on  request.  LOW DOWN PAYMENT gives  immediate possesion cozy 4  roohi honio on the loyel. Few  steps to beach, stores, etc.,  Full price $8,000.  HERE'S THE 8MARTJE2ST BUY  on tlie Coast I Bright 4 room  cottage right on the water. Lot  all in garden. Lge. boat house  with concrete floor, float in,  .enma on $14,800. ���"  , HOPKINS: Near new, modern  4 room home. Spacious room-  afford gracious living in .private ��ettlrtg. Lge, acreage pah  be ��Hb-divldcd. Attractive  terms.  Ki_kerson  ��_a;'ttdri&fe-$' Stey  Roa��bX TPb. 885-941^.    jSStll-ttn  y~j      ��Y       ..      _j ,.  *   ��.,-*�������� -" ^  i-i- W ���_.. ���i.n.nw .(.u^m-n   nm-Wlill  HilHitbW   1,���.,   1  \ ^LOCK fefeOS.!;..  nope Mr. Good 681-9700 Act  -   y     or iaA9m.-\t *'*  W^fa$t^s-rid_e on.aii't^Q^r-  .  ties and businesses. t L  '/WE'TRADE HC^ilS  *i-_-__i  BUSINESS OPPOafUMifY   &\   I    _ ...    ^  FABItrc business tor sate in a     lUEGIIGfE SCSaGS:  ' new block next to I8as8k afid   v    ^.     ��-i��-�� .        *  post Office. f*_��di|se trk Sin-    1 Af^ fthllflllHl  TfiaCtl  ger Sewing  Machines,- Vadio,    **C* V**14Ulcli *v ______  TV, yacUUttis and eteblrieal^p-  p1iame��s. M_chme repaits; de-  pat fdr a igood dry-clea___)g -arid  laundry agent. Nice business  tot a-couple, .Wigaixl's-.Sewiag  Centre, Sfecbeit, B.C., 8576-37  -f   - -           1E6AL NOTICES /,  CAMPERS, traReritesv��� Wake.         ���������-  ^up by the-sea in our lovely fOU SAl__  camp ground. Hot, showers,  etc./also 7 modern units, facing tbe water. Daily or weekly  rates. Boat, swim, fish or just  "loaf at Mission Point' Motel.  Phone 885-9565. 1875-tfh  "��/  TRAVEL  USED washers, all * working,  14,95 to 40.95; 1 Annex beater, abriost new, 89.S&; b-ed electric- range 59.95;. used TV's  89.95^ to 89.95. - Parker's Hardware litd., SeoTielt,- B.CL Phone  "885-3171.        .    "       %    8S52-tft_  FOR all travel information and  bookings, Margaret MacKenzie (local rep.), Eaton's Whet*;  To Go Travel, 886-3231, Sunri>  crest Shopping Plaza, Gibsons.  1591-tfn  SPEED Queen automatic-wash-'  er. Like' new.   $175. -Phone  386^59...    t, , .,8609-138  BOVS'  2B'\  TT_��nt>b"'Bicycle  witb   accessories.   Excellent  condition. 886-7703.      *   8586-31  PRACWCMJUYYnew 2''piece  ' ;darkv brown cbesterfteR^Ph.  886-7746., <      r   8564-37  ^REAT-Y ptessure pump, good  11 condition.  What' otfet��.' Ph.  883-267A.' , K78-37  ^_ p- i-   MARINE ACCESSORIES  Paint���Fibreglass���Rope���'  CanVas���Boat Hardware'  Compressed air, service for  ' skindivers air tasks.  Skindivers available for  salvage work.'  WALT NYGfcEN SALES  -    Y      LTD; "  Phone 886-9303, Gibsons, B.C.  1306-tfn  Form No. 18  (Sectiotf 82) .   ,   -  "    ' ���    I__NDACT    '  Notice; of intention to Apply  _  to: Lease Land  in Land Recording District of  Vancouver and situate Noifth  Lake (Sechelt Peninsula), ���  Take notice tbat Mrs. Ralean  Mar PhiUips/of 1170 Harwcwod  St.) Van. 5," B.C}t) occupation  housewife^ intends- lo apply for  a lease of the following described lands: ,.   -;-/ .  Commencing at a iabst planted on "Mon" Post hot 6783 at  shoreline;- thence -100' .West;  tbence 570* North; tbence 100'  East;' tbence South 4�� shoreline  point of .commencement and  containing % acre,/'more or  tess, for the purpose of summer  home. , . ,.. .. .- 4. *' '  <       R^E^?SCpiM^_IPS'  Dated Jane}22; 1968.: \Y ,.  1982���Pub. itny 1(E^ 17, 24, 31  Form No. 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply  to Lease Land  In "Land Recording District of  Vancouver and situate appro*.  900 ft. east of Egmont Point,  100 ft. west, of L7285A on Sech-  feir.Mlet';::;'--,:::1', ���7'. ������(/.,���'  . Take notice that RiChiaixi An-  tonenkd ttf <125<_5 Cerite Dr.,  North Surrey, CB.C,-, occupation  dispatcher, Intends to apply for  a lease ot the^following dfescrib-  ed'yViMii'Y^'':'[. Y ';.���': '. .-  Commencing at a post planted 900 ft east of Egmont Point,  100 ft. west of L7285A; thence  300 ft. . north; thence 100 ft.  west'; thence 3bo ft, 6outh;  thence 100 ft. east and containing 0.7 acrek,:more or less, for  the purpose of summer home-  site..  RICHARD, ANTONENKO  Dated June 18, 1968.  i'1903���Pujb. July 10, 17, 24, 31  II <_Hll|lll-H..��l^|M._-ll*-l-��-^l��l_.-l_lnl   WJM.IIII |l II  ,i  CARS ond TRUCKS  10C1 HILLMAN auto, sedan, for  ��� sak, T<^p car. jphone 880-  7094. ,, 8639-38  1963 CAMLliAC fiedan DcVlllc  Arctic white, all power, I��h,  885/9534. 8620-38,  FOR   sale   10C0   Desoto  4   dr.  hardtop. V8. Power windows,  brakes, steering etc. Excellent  conditon.  Pb,( 885-9419.  ar>73-1fn     in .,1. ,   I960 RENAULT  DaupJiin, nnv  nlng  order, i Phone   885-1W8.  8570-39  COATS G ENGINES  15 ft CUNKER buiU boat, "5  hj�� Scott outboard  will) controls.  Good  condition. 885-9C84.  1 1757-tfn  SOHOOIS everywhere are handicapped by  a lack of good teachers. Unesco's International Institute for Educational Planning,  in Paris, reports: "In the past decade,  most countries have been plagued.by teacher -sho-tages. Meanwhile, the capaeity  of teacher-training, institutions bas lagged  well behind-the demand."  A few United- States schools are trying  a highly unco&ventionat tactic, cbild-to-  chiM tutoring, tbat might help alleviate  the problem. .Although the technique is  new, the'theory is old and, according to  some of-America's leading educators, very  sound. That theory Is simply that the most  effective , teachers of childreii are often  other chitdren.  ORAL 1 TRADITION  John Fischer, president of Teachers'  College, CohimMa University (in New York  City) says," "Games and songs that show  up in (every generation have been passed  down literally for centuries by boys and  girls teaching them to others only slightly  younger than themselves. Why shouldn't it  make sense to use the same process, the  same energy, to teach other things?"  In Chicago, Illinois, twelve-year-olds  from a school in-a well-to-do neighborhood  spent 45 minutes a day, three days a week,  helping four-year-olds from poor families  learn to build, paint, paste, and listen to  songs and stories. TTie project worked so  well that the 12-year-olds were made academic assistants in the first four years of  primary school, helping the younger pupils  with reading, writing, spelling and arithmetic. ' -   '  .Twd afternoons a week, also for 45 minutes, the. older children met in a seminar  to discuss''ways%_y could best help the  youagfer. puj^ls. Through role-splaying, they  pretended they were younger, by way of  testing how they would react to praise or  scolding, friendliness or threats. A supervisor reported, "Their habitual disdain ior  the. ways of younger children turned to  sympathetic constructiveness." >  ''My child took so long spelling a word,"  , said one tutor, "1 wanted to hit,, him. But  rdfdo't. I made sure t was patient."  v^n Denver, Colorado, a teacher paired  jgodd readers with-slow Ones, good arithmetic pupils, With poor onfes, in her fifth-  grade class (M-year-t_ds). Tutors prepared  ijheir own teaching lessons, "I expected a  great deal of tbtem,"' the teacher said,  *and I got it."  '-; A, six'-year-old itexican boy, Jose, kntw  ;ni> Efig!i___ at all. lhe teacher arranged  for one of ber 11-year-olds, who came from  a Spanish-speaking family, to take over  Jose's reading instruction. The tutor, Juan,  invented teaching Materials. -He cut up  cereal boxes for fl_shcards and on their  unprihted sides droiv pictures and labelled  them, with Spanish.'and English words. Jose  rapidly began learning to read ��� in Spanish and English simittaneously.  " Teacbers Veport ihat often the older  child learns directly from the example set  by a younger child. In a CaUfornlan school,  a rebellious and unkempt 12-year-old boy,  Rod, was assigned to tutor an immaculately dressed, but poorly performing, six-year-  old. Rod's teacher said he "hated class"  before he began tutorii. g, and that he mis- |(,r ;  behaVed contHnualy so that he woud be  seat, to thc principal's office.  But Rod found that tutoring the unre-  ippnsive child was a great challenge. After a few weeks, he began having substantial success with the child. And the teacher  noted some remarkable changes in Rqd's  behaviour and attitude: "He began washing his face and dressing more neatly, He  stopped contriving to be sent to the principal. For the first time, instead of, feeling  shut out of school life, he felt a part of it,"  Vs*'  Nat_raUy, all child-to-cW!d tutoring tin- t  dertaklngs arc not this successful. But observations of tlio projects in American  schools so far reveal that, in most cases,  child-to-child tutoring not only benefits  both chiidrcn but also benefits the teacher.  East Kooienays mill . . .  Hew pulp mill const ruction  pushed,.work force climbs,  ON THE valley floor near the -confluence  of the Kootenay and Skookumchutek  rivers in the East Kooienays, the construction of B.C.'s newest pulp mill is being  pushed to completion.  -The work force will climh-to 900 in  July. Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd.  expects to start buying pulp in order to  test its machines by the end of September  and has set Nov. 1 as the date to start  copking chips and flowing material through  the whole operation.  The floor of this particular valley between the Rockies and the Selkirks seems  an unlikely place to find a pulp mill. You-  drive north about 35 miles from Cranhrook  where the Crestbrook company was headquartered. Quite unexpectedly, you turn  c__ Highway 93 and into an*area of small  trees and dried grass. (Cranbrook is about  350 air miles east of Vancouver).  ~ A short distance from the highway be  hind a screen of timber, you find the mill  with a 223-foot high Kamyr continuous-  digester and its 120-foot high bleaching  tanks. From the top of the digester, the  ���vista,of the mountains and the valley is  great���and it encompasses the activities of  construction, chip storage, water intakes,  trailer camp and effluent settling ponds.  , When you talk about this miU being in  an unlikely location, you have also to consider it is unusual.  Consider:  ���It is the first major joint venture of  Japanese in the B.C. forest industry and  represents that country's largest investment in Canada. -    ,  ���It is .being built without, any new  guaranteed' timber supply, signed in advance. Its fibre will come from waste  brought from East Kootenay sawmills, including its own, and from a new form of  cutting rights based on performance. This  procedure developed after three Arms bid  for the timber. Lands and Forest Minister  Williston halted the bidding, but when  Crestbrook decided to build anyway, he  devised the new tenure.,'  ���The mill has a number of technical  firsts which its management believes will  ��� make it the centre of 'considerable; attehtion  when production starts. One of these is the  first application in North America of  Kamyr upflow bleach towers -vhere\.tfae  pulp is washed at the top of the 120*oot  vessels. NormaUy, pulp is washed von  rotary drums inside fhe mill. \  ���The mill is being built with a jomt  Japanese^Canadian supervision team. There  are about 12 Japanese on the site. Sacbi-  hiko Tachibana Is the <��� executive vice-  president and general manager of Crest>  brook. The resident project manager is W.  H. A. Andrew, who will bead tbe Canadian  operating team along with J/T. Hegeman,  operations manager.  ������The in_l ihcludes about $5.5 million in  Japanese components, part of the capital  investment of-$32.5 million put* up 1>y  Honshu Paper Co. and Mitsubishi, the two  Japanese partners.  Control of Crestbrook is held by the  Japanese through voting rights granted for  10 years by the late A. O. Farstad,^one of  the -ompany's large shareholders; President Victor Brown .of Cranbrook said be  understands the Japanese partners' are  buying additional stock on the open market,  although their latest holdings bave not been  revealed.  Williston bas often described how the  Japanese came to B.C. to be in the pulp  business and suddenly found they bad to be  in the lumber' business, too, in order to  properly use the logs which will be cut  under the close utilization rules Of the B.C.  Forest Service,  Crestbrook now, operates sawmills at  Cranbrook; Creston, Canal Flat and--Parson,, a veneer plant at Creston and a  plywood 3ay-up plant at Fort -McLeod,  Alta. The fcompany. will spend up. to $5  million at Canal Flat and Cranbrook to put  in equipment to handle small Yogs and to  make chips. . Operations at Parson likely  will be curtailed.  Brown expects that total employment in  addition to the 125 to'be hired at the pulp  mill, will increase beyond the 550 now  employed in mills and woods.  ^The -company has given Williston an  undertaking that'it will double the capacity  of the.yulp mill,by mud-1973. �� >,  1 wrv -,&3^Bob!<MeMurr&"y,-Province)  Infectious hepatitis  suspects in hospital  SEGHJELT���Two persons are under observation in St. Mary's Hospital here f*��r  infectious hepatitis. They were admitted  Thursday, believed to be from the local  hippie, fraternity.  No results of tests have been released  yet. The Ooast-Garibaldi Health Unit office at Powell River would not comment  on the report of an outbreak of the infectious1 disease, \  BETHEL BAPTIST ^CHURCH  SERVICE:  SECHELT  Sunday School ��� 10:00 O.m.  Ctiurth iervtee ��� 11:15 o.m.  REV. A. WILLIS, PASTOR  You ore Invited to attend ony or each service  SStmWSJ^^mmltmfmaSSSSR  SECHELT AGENCIES DATE PAD  ��� This free reminder of coming events Is b Service of SECHELT AGENCIES  LTD. Phone Peninsula Times direct for free listings, specifying "Date  Pod", Please note that space is limited ortd some odvonce dates may  have to wait their turn; alto that this Is a "reminder" llstlrtg only and  cannot olvvoys corry full details.  Aug,   18<���From   11   a.m.,Gibsons  Annual Water Sports.  Municipal Beach. Gibsons Firemen  FINLAY REALTY LTD.  Gibsons and Burquitlam  ltfM-31  K. Butler 886^2000  Ron. McSavaney 886-9656  Ed. Butler 886-2000  Don. Tait 883-2284  EGll-Ofl  FOR SALE: 18 ft. clinker cabin  cruiser,   50   hp   Merc,   O.B.,  full caftvia. 68S-2827.       )WH.-37  BRAND   new  n  ft. fllvcmnss  cabin  cruiser, 110 Volvo in-  ty>ard. outboard. Fully equlwH .1.  m^-Zllfi. 1970 tfn  11 m* ,!���������..-.������     ���!���--,  .'- - 1   ,    I, .��� __   ., _._^_.__   tll  NEW MT cabin cruiser. Nome  Wntshlreg. 1�� 40 lip electric  start EvttHUdc. Tilt hitch trailer. ItCady .0 to. $1300. To neb  phono f_r��-K��2, w_n-tfn  SUNSHINE COASlT  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Chmrch 5_tyIc_ 11:15 oj*i.  Evening Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSEUS  ftovfi 0-ry Road and Arbutus  (2 W��clc�� op from Highway)  ANGUCAN CHURCH  SAINT HILDA'S���$_CMf_T  9:30 __*i. Every Sunday  GARDEN DAY ��� 11:30 a.m.  June 30, July 7, 21, Aug. A, 10  REDROOFlFS ���11:00 o.m.  Juno 73, My 14,20, A-(J. 11,23  tGMOMT ���3:00 p.m.  funt, 30, Jttfy 21, Aug. 4, 18  for Information phono 885-9793  .arrtaau  Aug. 24���2-4 p.m. Gallery Shop, Sechelt. "Meet tho orlist."  Aug. 31'���5 p.m. Deadline for application, to bo Included on School  Dlsr. Voter's list.  Sept. 10���Check School District voter's list posted at School Board Office ond Post Offices,  Sept. 14���Sechelt Charnber of Commerce 21 st Annual Banquet.  Sept, 20���Dcadllno for appeal In respect of school board voter's list,  "Make sure'you have a vote."  ASK FOR FREE CATALOGUE OF PROPERTY  Mulliplo Utttng Scrvlco  Vancouver Real E��tota  Doard  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  I  .  s  A��i��ir__1_S LIE).  t  %  a  I  p.  U  i  k  I  I  Si  ?4*  if.  h  k  I  I  *  i  8  n.wS\iy*rf .  .  ,.,���..       ���..%      ��,       .,      ������     .,,.,  ' /*���<, t\ >*'''.*.     'I'''   ������������**'���.    J**'     W|'fl      |<*t     ;1*      ^l(jf*ll(*',l����t       II  i. ,.i. ,��.��#*, *h, *�� a.^,,.*r,^.,.!'...i|*l. .%,kr../i ,**>���*%. at i ,**���+. .#, i_. j*. ^ *.**, tti..���A,^f^^,.-4^.rit4-<l4i^,^^0^.\4i.���4h..ji~^J^\..^ &,.^K4<% 4n..4*.ifa.-t** jh,i*i.^* .rt^.iAr*r^*-'**-**Aj*'*^--*ft��Wi ���\ V  K^-r/^r   ,  *���  I  aga_______r,"i_il ���  ��&*:  V-if^'-ir.^i  .T-ftffW'tfir^taiSni'-^r-M-r-Ef jrrin.J>���jruti m-'idr^ TjU^-qn VMHj' ft iMW'��!_����� M"tt��->frliUlVi'lfr"'*-'��ji itjjn)(|f_oV      ������' ���  U** &.JS /��+._-   rf^r ^w^ fv Ji5wC��^-g.  *'��''rE*^W_i&WM^^^a-^*^-^^  ; Summer dnV/ng scene .. . .,.,.,-   -,.,--v,t  r-Y _Bn_ig t 0m':-_ktcfe'Q;��e;:  "BRING tent fcads Alive!" the B,C. Autfc s to {l.eep clfe_B,^itp;^d away from  ��� tY-._Vki1_n.      A_v_4_r.��kt_n4-iA*��      ���__._��**      i*.       _n ���������� _.������_��-. .�����_�� _iiU___.r* __���____! _wJ____.   * ___.���_-_)    .]*���* ��� *      - ���'--. *~ A���j--.- ������.-     -���      -J   . The;Pehiris_J_T#nef"\. ^,fw^��  >-,   W^dnegd-yi A_g~st 14? :19#8  .^  ^ i3 *,  ___Ii_  _ 'i j ���'  an  ctntr&ugkjQfce 'pa&'Sed tHenLjEram the  read. ;i�� tvtf%ar��aocideiits7it ;_s>a*rfirari_,  Speed a tod failure' to' yield, rightf_-wayr  Diving Jesftt of^cgiiire jmoimd ��for*es ls*a  practice ^osarie driver tries, aloWg wnlf  attemipted passing, on MUs or cttfVes., ,   *  .    ~ ,. -.-    -!_--��.  ���..-,���,���     _      _r,__   Ob?ylj_g- traffic  signs  and  signals  if'  mobile Association says in announcing .the'dtivter )M2HsYtypcMtra!iiqw on tiie   standard * practice,  but /there are  maOy  educational ca;nii>aign to bri^ about^  toad, >  ,   'y'JPfi/iY^^^      LL   , .        -tfther "' - - ���  -  -  ���p?   fikrthtiii   iXrivino^ Htirinit   fh<.   hn1iH__v __>  -L.y _!___._.t..if___ ___._>_._ *!._._ n_- _:i_-     v...-,-;:  '   Hi  "V.  e.  *  ��� Y*  "* . i  *"S i, . more careful 'drivings during tbe bottday  signs and signals-notpioUBJed on  If you are kW&Um M$te tbaa 25 miles   boards which can be observed.   For 1nj  ��_._,_.._..        _��_��fc___s__,-__t?Y1  _r��       ���_        ___.__.i____l_Li__.1        i_- ��--______a      _^��.*.]_..   ��*M_����\r_.11   tM     -���    n_^*m   +rt   kfl. ^tMMtaif  * _���  j * P6"03- * , from home^ aljfl.u#irit%is- essfnjtialv to   stance, lartyrainfaU is a sign to be treated  t     The 158,000 member assoeiation uiges   keep alert ihe eh%ie"itip'?pay fipticlal atten-l with- a great, deai of respect because it  j motorists to:     " , fion to tbalj{fc&-#_4 tot,'?5 miles. I^mil-    creates a slick -on the road surface which'  iarity wiib thfe^me^e^tapparentiy lulls ' lingers until it has rained lorig enough* to  ___-,       ���___.__._   *���__*_��__._�� Z-li^JL* __.*      __. !i��� J trinrX     44��A     ^arfo^MMb C  11  '���Plan your route in jadvance and have  reservations" on hand. early.  drivers into % fabeV-fense-of security and    wash>the surface. Slow down'as a matter  .Champion housewife     . .  . ., .,     .  ���        - *   "���   -' ���. '        . Don.t werioad the automobile with a  lot of extra luggage.   It is neither safe  /��_.._���_-. i.~\az ��.__/_     j    __-   _ x_.v<_'   i"/.-';--.--.---"^"  " i~T~ _v--���   ��� .���.���"��.��� "rr* ���'~ '"���   n��t sensible.   Remember loose objects on  Creek holds tfaenSEn��j4 a|gregat|i^ "^Sj'M^^^drpunui&of wi-esurly - svf1^ iMtfong P���� a variety of :sjlver   the rear seaWeck can become hurtling  "***""* "'~v'" "* *~~~ " x   " ' missiles .with a  quick stop.   If you use  luggage,carriers on fhe roof, make sure  they, are  not overloaded  and  are  weli-  -Show"exceptional"caution   and court- ��� catdjfiS wa��y-#_*nwW.: Remember the    of ?ourse?during bad weather.  esy on ttle road                  ,            ' first and la^^fes(,a?e proven the most       The B.^3. Mtomobile AssociaHon urges  -Fasten all seat belts.                 ' dangerous.,' -Yj^.v;^';>''���         ,                 motorists to enjoy their holiday^trips  but  -Keep within posted Speed limits. -A trip m^ch;.���^ ejijoyable-and    at the same time wants them to-be Mly  -Avoid passing whenever possible. safer-if _jerfdave^is>eU-rested before    conscious-of their responsibilities to their  -jMake a rest stop every 'two'hours. leaving. OuceLp%\W&!!&M; stop to-rest at    family apd fnends and to other users of  With rgard to *thest basic ideas, the least ontfe ^Y^ifir^fP-urS., And once    the highway.      .  BOAA says, there is sound reasoning be- every two Jtt#t# <$i ^^poinmended by the              _       hind them.                                    ' ROAA, ,es^c^��yfjf VcbSWren' are along.                       ',-,.'.* P.      . .   u-i     *_.  In order -to- "Bring "Eim fBack Alive!"' Avoid Mghw#fch$^$rY                               a a floating fishing-hue -ihks below the  the auto club recommends that you plan There is'-%fytMhW$k to "Bring;'Em    5?*��a<:e;.?�� *�� water, it wtay just be dirty.  '^ -    - The fishing -experts suggest wiping it off  applying a light  line dressing.  check into a hotel or motel early to avoid too ,'often, ^e'^f_��risi^^ns to ti_kev un-  any last minute speeding. reasonalfe^ji^Bils^'aJid mds/_imse_L'be-  Critical accident periods are most often coming tenseriJl|i_>^Ieii3s to an. impatience  defined as between the noon-hour and 5 which'is dangetousf^himself and other  P m., and again between 7 and ,9 p.m., drivers.      p-tPPPp^P                 *       '  when drivers  are too  often tempted  to It is much.TOi*r'reja����g���and' safer���  make a quick twenty or fifty miles to a , to maintain 'a ^A%cdatfpi! traffic stream  desirable restaurant for lunch or supper, rate, remeiiit^rijit^'1l5e^p a following dis- '  or to a recommended hotel by bedtime. tance of one^ca^-leogwi^r/jevery 10 miles  It is a safe move to plan a trip in an hour of speia.,' Bfe^Jert^particularly at.  t'  detail, know exactly where you are going, night, for .bratce jSjgnals,-^   -  A    how to yget there and how long it will JDon't let fctber., drivers-cutting in disturb  safely -take, including rest stops.   Have   you.. RelaxYbeeause ^ fa,'proven that tfae  your car ehecked thoroughly to make sure motorist who .lane-jumips .on^a Iwsy.lugh-  it is in good condition for .he distance to way in fact s^v^s flnly^^ry few seconds  be travelled. *~"~ !"        '     ' *" J~4*5*������"--  ward at the Fall Fair. With :37_ first   retirement, jokingly encouraging his   ,trays.  prizes and 30 seconds, Mrs. Stroshfehv Mentedrwfe,irit6/<^teitog.eveiyrMl,  H^te���pfc____M*_  t *,���** .. A��id  1*0^,    *  j*^J  v .  jt.    �� _* -  per 'milff in^t^ci)mk>^^1^tion.  On a frip^way; Jcntfw %e" exits prior to  the one yotf; actually-?w^nt- to use, then  make your-mpve .yfeMi-in.iadvance to pull  over to the ramp. Don't make a sudden  lane hop at the jtas�� minute, if you should  pas's your exit,^ undei. tto-eonditiofls^attempt  to-back up.'; Proceed to the nextramp and  secumL In packing the car, make certain then return by fb&i^rvtpp^road. or. donyn  a clear view remains through all windows tfae opposite lane'to youtc comect exit ramp,  and there is amjple elbow-room, for driving. Two-lane fhigi^aysr trnfitttuhately, con-  Make sure tires are properly inflated for tribute more'than' "1faehr'"share- of -bofli  the heavier load, otherwise there is the single and double car accidents. In the  likelihood tires will heat,up. and blow out. case of single car-accidents, usually they  On long trips take games and puzzles   were traveling" too fas$i<m-*a--_irve'and a  BRANK E. DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  Bo! Block - Gibsons  Every Wednesday  886-2248  TASELLA SHOPP  Ladies' - Men's - Children's Wear  Yard Goods - Bedding - Linens  Dial 885-9331 - SechelJ, B.C.  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The ones ^e*ve seen 1atSedS��% ac��  Hke Tarzan, look Tike Jane, ami smell l&e  Oheeta. _  <      ;      ,    ,        /. ",vi* ^  ioha_iti-g verandaihs, and,. Readies *al-  *   ,   ILgamgHoMg at* ill�� law/       '  THERE are many times when the read-   are quite incredible but a gullible magis-   ongside a local cafe, m&ngr it a-lu-ae  tog pri* ���___, MWb-tail   m~ o> one striving to ta to �����.*._ jJ^^Safi^S**  the tnvial sentences handed convicted   quently give the benefit of doubt and   called *%;autifui people" definitely do not  add to tbe local price of our community.  And it is  not particularly appetizj^g ��� to  offenders who, in the eyes of those .who impose a light sentence.  know their past record, should have the ft has been suggested that there is ,, ,    .   .  proverbial book thrown at Hun. Utile point in a heavy jail term for cost of   jg^TS? JKL St5_^"_3_S  Needless to say this view is, more upkeep then falls upon"the taxpayer. This f^ waterfront or enjoy a quiet supper  often than not, shared by members of is indeed so but what has to be con-  thc police also. They are usually more sidered is the fact that the public has to  aWare of the offender's J>ast record than be protected from criminals. As long as  others and is therefore extremely frustrat- they remain behind bars they are harming to lay charges after considerable in- less and unable to participate in further  vestigation during which conclusive evidence is uncovered, then to witness either  a dismissal or a petty fine. This is particularly infuriating when the accused has  an unenviable record a mile long and has  been a source of trouble for a lengthy  period.  Fact of the situation is that while the  public is aware of the wrongdoer's record  as are police, the presiding magistrate  generally has a completely open mind. In  the event of a visiting magistrate the accused might well be a first offender or  possibly an innocent victim of circumstances. It must also be borne in mind  that in most contested cases, an experienced lawyer is using every weapon  at his disposal to discredit the case for the  crown.  Only if, and when, found guilty is the  question of a past record brought in and  even then not necessarily so. Some of the  excuses offered by a fast talking lawyer  such activities. Unfortunately, today,  many of the near habitual offenders in  our midst have little or no objection to  present prison conditions. They are well  fed and housed, are put to work which  by no stretch of the imagination Would  be considered hard labour, and on the  whole are simply guests of the taxpayer  for varying periods of time.  We have been experiencing rising  crime in the area for some months and  until the police are backed by both public  and the courts, it will continue. Time has  arrived to put away the (gloves, quit the  featherbedding and get back to heavier  sentences which in turn should be backed  up with a little of the old style hard  labour.  As things stand, the police come under criticism, certain regular offenders in  the area are openly laughing at the situation and there are times when one wonders justwho's side the courts are on.  ��  The smell of smog from the big city  is certainly not as detrimental to our l__l.li  as the odor from otaoxtaus cigarettes  which they seem to have a habit of smoking.  What future have these hippies in store  for their unfortunate children? Is living like  this going to bring peace to the world or  an outibreak of diseases?  THE LOCAL SEOHELT KIDS  CBp___?M_fl(BBQ  FROM time to time we read or hear of  bureaucracy rearing its ugly and  childishly idiotic head in governmental  departments and while, unforutnately,  too many recipients of this civil service  humbug suffer in silence, a little agression would ih all probabiUties produce  gratifying results.  . From time immemorial excessive  officialdom has continued to emanate  from departmental offices and while  Warne invariably falls upon the shoulders  of the minister concerned, most investigations would reveal he is completely unaware his office is staffed by incompetent  dictators.  One department which shows a dire  need of weeding is Social Welfare, that  branch which deiajs with- welfare arid  adoption of unwanted, discarded or orphaned and homeless children.  We are constantly advised there are  more of these unfortunate youngsters than  there are parents willing to adopt or take  in as faster children. Also, from time to   childless weirdos, have their own ideas  what type of people are employed in the  department.  In this instance a local couple of  middle age with two* teenage daughters  of their own adopted a young boy. A  product of drunks and a near-nervous  wreck, he is now enjoying an extremely  happy life in an excellent home. A few  months ago the couple were asked if they  would consider taking in an infant as a  foster child. They readily agreed and as is  inevitable with a decent family, they,became suffiicently attached to the child  that they made formal application for  adoption. (This is not new, it happens from  time to time andone would assume that  a family of proved responsibility, consideredfit to take in a foster child, wpiild  vBave>^iority wnfaoiit question in'the  event of adoption.  Such was hot the case, our bureaucratic experts who have gained their awe  inspiring knowledge from dust covered  books which,\ probably, were written by  Able presentation  Editor, The Times  Sir���Be: the letter in your August 7,  1958 issue under the signature of Mrs.  Marpanne West, Chairman, Gallery Committee, Sunshine Coast Arts Council, in  which Mrs. West very ably presents clarification of the position of the Arts Council  in connection with their renting of the premises behind the Hospital Cottage in Sechelt.  May I as a member of St. Mary's Hospital Board clarify my. position in-as-far  as I have been connected with this whole  matter. ��� '. Y:^,'Y.  'For some time past the telephone in  my home has been kept busy with calls of  complaint from  members ot the Sechelt  Community regarding the occupants of the  premises behind the Hospital Cottage, and  some declared their intention to take the  mattter in their own hands and contact the ;  Department of Health and other authorities"  if no action was taken. I am also informed  that members of the Hospital Auxiliaries  have been experiencing annoyance by te!�� _,  ephone calls .from Sechelt residents mak-"  ing similar complaints.  Investigation, therefore, became a necessity, and unfortunately these investigations proved that the complaints from the  Sechelt residents ..were not unfounded, and  certainly not exaggerated.  j The use of the premises by the Sunshine  Coast Arts Council for the purpose intend*  ' ed has never been questioned and could  only be regarded as commendable so long  as the purpose was adhered to, however;  it is well known to al who have had to  deal witii the matter that the premises  were not being used for the purpose intended.  H., HUBBS  ..Trustee for St. Mary's Hospital  Health Tips  "You can't do this to ME! I'm an AMERICAN CITIZEN!  ACK WASSERMA  time, we read or hear of perfectly responsible citizens refused adoption. Even  worse, parents who have proved excellent foster parents have, on becoming attached to the child, been refused adoption  and have had the child taken away from  them to another home which while approved by some spinsterly maiden, is in  many cases of unknown quality.  ;( Such a case occurred here on the  Sunshine Coast recently and apart from  being a disgrace giyes reason to wonder  Fletcher's Philosophy  on what will constitute a happy home. In  this particular case it was decreed the  Canadian Medical Assoc.  MENSTRUATION  MOTHERS have a responsibility to prepare their daughters for their first menstrual period. Generally they should forget  how they were told, if'they were told at  all, Tbe Canadian Medical Association advises.  T^he. first menstruation marks the onset  of puberty. It is a physiological event  signalling the   start  of ~ function  by  the  0  ���Harry(W. Fletcher  BIOLOGY  1 raised my kids to use the golden rule,  And supplemented, minus third degrees,  Thc rote and rule they daily learned jn school  With private talks about the birds and bees.  To propagate the 'species, 1 explained,  The good creator fashioned our reflexes  To Jove, and that's how children arc obtained:  A simple case of Just between thc Rexes.  Thc years rolled by and one by one my sons  CJrcw up, were wed, had chiidrcn of their own;  Thc normal thing, no hidden skeletons, '  Until my youngest budked (1 should have  known). (  "Kcmcmbcr, Dad," he said, "when we Were  small  You did your best to activate our knowledge  About the bints and bees, as J recall,  Hut this h not what 1 have Warned In college. " '<  "Your good intentions though 1 must respect,  Hut biologically you're if bust.  Your entomology )s Incorrect���j '  It's only human., that have sexual JuMi"  foster parents, \at middle age, were too   ovary gland.  old to be considered suitable for adop-        There is a definite correlation between  tion.  What appears , to be dogmatically  overlooked by these experts in the field  is that invariably the children awaiting  adoption or foster homes aTe the result of  irresponsible young parents, wed or unwed; and this alone shduld be sufficient  to render quite ludicrous the story that at  middle age a cOuple are too old to be  considered.   ,  Too many square pegs aire employed  in too many round holes in governmental  departments; In industry they would not  last two minutes. As the taxpayer has to  foot their salaries, it is high1 time a little  common tiense be instiled. If a car- ...        .     .    . .,,     ..    ,.  ���������,���_. - .  . ,.,��� 'TY     ..           . plenty of warning in judging the time to  penter js needed we employ the services ^Ik to their daughters Between ����<*  of a carpenter, if we require a plumber jo and 12 tho girl's breasts begin to dove-  it would be rather senseless to employ a lop. Between 12 and 13 she will develop  gardener. Yet this would appear to be pu^ic hair, and increased vaginal seen;-  the mode of selection for too many gov- lJon ^ *w miice oi a "lem^iai iwlod  the mother's attiude toward menstmation  and her general emotional outlook and  attitudes. A calm woman will, be able to  prepare her daughter sensibly for this event. The nervous woman, uncertain of herself and strung up by her own periods, may  well turn this physiological nuisance into  a frightening event.  Daughter should be told what to expect.  The first menstrual period is practically  never heavy, nor is it painful, so she  shouldn't be warned about pain and  heavy bleeding. Also, mothers ^should use  the technical terms���menstruation and  menstrual period. The use of silly terms  such as the curse, the' visitor, or even  |worse, being sick or unwell, keeps young  girls poorly informed,  Tbere Is a range of events occuring  prior to menstruation which gives mothrs  SUNSET JN THI WEST���Any minute now  i ��� you'! be hearing an a_houncement that  a major. American hotel t operating company is about to taifce over the 'operation  of Victoria's litSe bit of old England, the  Empress Hotel., tt's all very hushhush  ; (shhhhh>! but"^-dea^l^ ^eady been  made. The CPR contemplated closing the  aging pole before-enxbarkfittig on the vast  reconstruction program called Operation  Tea Cup. The problem has been feat it was  built in a day when staff .was cheap. lit  doddered along while new hotels and motels sprang up around it and took the cream  of the tourist trade. Even though it's been  modenrized���witMn reason, old chap���_he  OPR is still having trouble maMng it pay.  Another problem is to get bookings and  since-the-largest'potential marik&t for the  Empress is in the.Uis. it is necessary to  tie-in with an organization that has a high-  - powered selling organization in the U.S.  The Empress will continue to serve crumpets.  * ���   ���  ���TOWN TALKI ---Comedian Bill Cros-  We's Coliseum date drew more, than 11,000  people and took in nearly. $50,000, making  it the largest gate for a single star appearing indoors in Vancouver, history. The Cosby^ timetable was so rough that supporting  Star* Leon Bibb said, bis "goodbyes" |to  Cosby- before the show started. They'd  piay&i Poitlahd and Seattle before Vancouver. Bibb said Goodbye and Cosby  went on stage and opened the show. Then  Bjlbb came on and sang up a storm. He  left the stage and Cosby closed the first  half .Of ithe performance. By that time  Bibb was already en route to the airport  to'catch a flight that would put him iii  Rochester Monday where.he rejoined, the  road company of a Broadway show . . .  Wafting: if, you're afraid of heights don't  buy' tickets in the upper reaches of the  Coliseum. It's no troubte getting up to  them but the Incline is so steep that many  customers get chicken when it's time to  leave the building. They have to be helped  down by ushers. On at least six occasions  ' ushers have had to carry patrons from the  higher altitudes.  ��� .���   *,  NAMESDRAPPER'S       NOTEBOOK   ���  Stockbroker Ted Turton had no idea he'd  own a  piece of al race horse when ithe  phone rang the other afternoon. Jack Ran-  ��� dull  was  merely calling ono  of Turton's  associates to remind him of the B.C. Breeders' Annual Yearlings'sale. : MMng men  Merv Davis and Bryn. Brynelson were going to be busy and tawlboater Art Elworttty  was out of town. "Davis asked Tuiton if he'd  join the syndicate. "No way,'? replied Turton. But he" w^'''',_3r-e,,'^t''-we&_^"'_tid';-b--;-'  would go out to Ex Park and handle the  bidding. As a result Turton was on hand  to make the record ��� breaking $11,000 bid  for a B.C. bred. He s__ didn't consider  himself a part of the group una!: a, photographer ran up and snapped his picture as  the big bidder. Then he shrugged 1% shoulders. "Now that I've had my picture taken  I guess I've got to go in with it," he ex-  plained. "Uh huh!" his wife Laura replied, . . . High rolling baiber Tony Farina  hopes to" be^ open this week pith bis new  men's coiffure set-up that he remodelled  after buyii^ the Hotel Vancouver barber.  shop from Reita Federieci Whalen . �� . ��  Pacific National Exliibition brass closed  the door to George Patens St. Valentine's  Day Massacre wall display after it( was  viewed by top staff - members, pireefcors  themselves refused to look at the trailer  mounted show built around the bricks that  Patey bought when \the Chicago garage  was demolished last, year . . . And Now, ���  Noel Coward star Carole Shelley goes into  a bar she orders a' "Virgin Mary'\. After  the horrified bar waitress recover she explains that it's a Blow Mary without  the Vodka. ��� ���''. !  NOTES TO ME-^By the time \deposed,  MacMillan Bloedel president .Charlie. Specbt'  found a buyer for his posh University area  home he'd taken a new executive ^post in  Chicago. But his wife, Gertrude, stayed  behind in Vancouver to' handle packing  details and the like. Part of the sale price  included certain items in the house such  as the drapes and the fire irons. Gertrude  phone Chicago several times to protest  that too much was being given away and  Charlie called Vancouver several times.  The phone bill was nearly $300. After  the deal was finally wrapped up Specht  returned to Vancouver. ' That's when he  discovered that while his wife was burning up the long distance phone wires to  protest the "giveaway" of certain items,  she herself had given the family $4,000  Steinway to a UBC music student. "I can  give away what I want and besides he'll  hpve more use for the piano that we will,"  ���f_y SttOOt f00��8  she told her husband.' "I just don't like the  feeling that I'm being beaten." .... The  musical Tshunko Family, led by mama  Tillie Tshunko, ___tnd a Mend with a record company and nave come up with a  long play album of "Vancouver Nights,  at the Johann Strauss" the ��bm^ry''[Meet:'  club where' they have been long time fixtures . . ..���.-, Granville .street; druggist Ar-<  due Baker the Arbutus Ridge resident who  led the ^cc*___ul fight aigainst the GPB-  Domimon: construction shopping centre, project has bought a honie on Eyremont in  tfie'Biiitisli Properties' LLTTViMn a';��___tti"  of opening the Atti addition to hi&. restaurant Frank Baker bas called in the architects to discuss additional space. No, business hasn't been good���it's been fantastic.  ���' ���  ��  -HITHER "N tYAVm-Sometime local  Trader Vic Captain Alexander Spins Stav-  oravdis went to Dallas - early in 1967 to  " manage the Trader Vic operation atop the  Hilton Inn. U.S. Immigration authorities  . decided; he'd have to; enter the country  properly and shipped him back to Vancouver after 1A mbnths. He's now back at the  Bayshore waiting for the miail strike to  end so that the U.S. government can tell  him when he can return to his job...  Max Amman got permission to serve liquor  on the patio' outside the Queenie Theatre  restaurant by the. ample expedient of putting awning at either end of the patio. The  entire front of "the area js, only slightly  screened by shrubs. The liquor Control  Board's decision to licence the grbund level outdoor area for liquor with meals is another indication of relaxation.  ':���������.:'���'*   *   *..  WASSERMANIA ��� Happiness is when  you can find a restaurant that 6ervcs butter soft enough to be spread on the bread.  A young man knocked on the door of  his boss's office, entered; and then said,  "I'd like to 'get some time off. I'm getting  married and I want to go on a honeymoon."  The boss looked up and said, "How  much time off do you want for a honeymoon?"  The young man was nervous and he  stammered, 1  "How ... how long would you say sir?"  "How do I know7" 4he boss snapped.  "I haven't seen thc bride."  cjrhmchtal departments. Changes are long  overdue and a start with thc department  of Social Welfare would seem to be a  good place to start.  within six mOnlhs.  There is no exact age of onset for Uic  first   menstruation,  The  average  age   1,.  13, and tlie usual range is between 12 .in.l  14. During these three years, 75 per cent  of girls will start menstruating. If a girl  hasn't started by age 17, 1he CM,A.  advises that she bo Seen by the family  doctor.  *WWWW40�� 0 40W0WmW0W4.U4n.WWB1.4,m��1H,4,WW01.4,W4HW4.wwv  The PENiNSULAy&we*  FuMlohcd WnlncMlaya at Sechelt  Ott JB.C.'a fiimshlnc Coa.t  by  Sechelt PciiIdmiIii Times Ltd.  B<)_ 381 -Sechelt, J1.C.  Donning (J. Wheeler, Editor  S. H. 4l*K(iret, Publisher  Subscription Unless (In ndvnt.ee)  Year,  $5  -  2   Yearn,  $9  -  3  Ycara, $13  U.S. and Forcljen, $5.50  Serving thi urea from Port Mellon to EgmC X  (Howe Sound to lervlt Inlet)  I  by Vco JLobb  FLASH FLOOD  Duwn slipped over the mountain ,  Through a curtain of mist  Rising Kilently from the Valley;  Slowly rifting like ismok* on a windlc&i. duy.  She crept through . lintbutt clouds  J'ink-tinted by Iho Kim.  Windlei. it wu��, and silent;  The land and (tea birds muled i_ iho' wailing;  Rvcn as people wait for thc unknown.  The lidc wa�� neap and calm-andgcnlly lapping.  Ah dawn turned into day black cumului. clouds  were gathering.  'Iho wa turned black, with angry whilc-llppcd  ere tits;  And in Iho distance wan a huge black curtain  ..clentlesihly advancing, yard by yard.  Omnipotent It came, There was no May,  A ��)lid mama of waters from tho t.ky  Ixlt floods and desolation in iU wake:  And when it passed lhe ami appeared again  Pulling lhe water back into tho t>ky.  �� Cents  In  ��� _ ��� let  The Times  Classified!  ake Toy  onev!  6*&Bon��  ' '    lt    005-SS54  ���-MW^__a_H ���_. ���M_M__^i��_-��W__��_Mh--^^  acres ot tun!  w.  AUG.17-SEPT2  iLur.i_-.i...  Fabulous family funl 184 acrea of oxcltementl  Como often and seo the Grandstand Shows  with stars Eddie Albert Aug. 17-21, Anita Bryant Aug, 22-24, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans  Aug. 26-29, Bob Crosby and Tho Bobcats  Aug. 30-Sopt. 2. See the free Festival of For-t  cstry, tho Treasures of tho Orient, Iho Livestock and Horticulture Shows. VIsltTeen City  and tho Gayway. Win a prize a dayl Grand  Prlzo a $50,000 Bar O'Gold. PNE '68 a 14 day  aummor celebration ... fun for all Iho family.  PACIFIC HATIOMAL EXHIE^ITIOM  , VANCOUVER, CANADA  IW^^��Wi^Si��W^��^S����g|l^^^^i^^^^li^SiS��f��  m  -J.  c  .���  r-  .<!*(-���*,ilfr    *H   .^1,.1.^(1 ,iW,   >*>    ���<_   (^t,.*,,,^,^!, Jfc. 0f-,J**���  a ��j.t*. ,*,,**.,(i*  K.,*P..(lV   P*., j*..,^.!^.   rfV-**-   *.<rtl^*"-*   <��. .IHl-ita*. (���..'*.,^^__., ^M4f /ft. (��t.;/..^B,   -.���-M*iM~^M*Fft-|. fe.'J*(.^41)BHiHUi>.tJl. 01.., 4*, 0i^4^^-0t^'^\^f^.t^l40*ftl*^  S4rftsltt*��**f*>*e*��^^  ^i*'v.ifK,f^��/��f-v**. ** i  ,v  tJS4'    -  ���i��<Ui_.i<ri_n��rf'  -'**"    * _.���  ^i��_^_^&��* ****��� -  -suns'  ��� t  *  ^ ��<*���*���* ^w**  �����(���  J**  Y ���*��  .   _  w  _u   ��r _t __m,  f4 ��*���  tf _______ repreSeilatiVeK     **&& *** Jwte the. Se^"tfite^. .fie ticket are new being sold to help  - ��� .'. <*_��� * ����� ' * ens'. Housing, project in #e_J._Ms ���v finance the fine project which -is re-  V1S1 iS tSlP Ham' IJkiin snaking igdod prbgresfe. The4en unita ; ceiling wond-rful support from many  Vidua me llUiy AiC-llU      ^ili face a central/gawieh^M each   people r : "  exkm&nig-.trip to- the'M-diterm^n awaits ' homei&M tiavir a~ pHvate patio.'Raf- ���   "     , '    r  s^ > Mrs. Edna J_. F_ote <tf l>aws Bay wko   -��� : ��� . '/. Y.f 'J ..���'.. . ^- ; "��'   ���   . <w*i  leaves" sfroritiy as* re����_;enta_ve_ bf the.'  Sunshine Coast Bahai^s-First Coceanic Conference in Palermo, Sidly.     ', ; *',, >  ,  Fffim-falenmo, Mirs. Foote.-vwll,journey    '   _   M ' .     >        '   -     'Y ��� -  Y" i '. ��� \-   ���    ��� '          >'.,       ,  -     ' '  -   '  to the 'Holy j&and; Aliens .and AimstenJaitn.   ^END^G  three -weeks  wtfh .Mr- ..and "Ijimed from a"*rondfera_tlttt-weeks cfcar-  -_fore *etum0ngjhoime.                                      Mto. Erik .Kielsen and tantily/&��^7 fer'f&ght to -Denmark. -__fs^ Keeley *vas  ^   *_ts$ p���eaV/B^]builconferences were held   J*03?* *** fe Mr.^MeJs^VyouEgey feffit> searching' fiiighand low', in SecbeJi.;- last  in five countries and attended by represent   ei ?*ns wiho.is^in'tii'elDapislj'NaYy} _��- " Saturday looking tpr tie tyjte'of Canadian  atives'from all oyer the world.                      side^'p^yling ifis .first v_s|t to C&hada, .H-flip ^lieese served.on tiie .flight  j--���. ^lso,,caught.His:fir_t -aJmon"and tjearfy - Mr. and Mrs. .Ktenmati Franklin, Lor-  "���"l   broke - tihe Reason's tf&iojjjd by lan&wg. ;a name arid Jimmy ,are enjoying a boasting  "' j"32 lb/spring in Noftyes.. Bay. Gtfter,6sW   holiday in tie Princess Louise Inlet.   >.,  ermen 'in��� the. area, eiflier reeled' in and Br.' and Mrs.' Stufritt ate also-enjoying  'one ��� even,cut his, line"loose so' that Hans a cruising holiday in the ^rea.  coirid' boat tie l5si;  this ,sportsraa_jSliip -  Mrs-. LvGariy and little daughter Lasa  really impressed the young man, w&o' has .visiting witi Mir, and Mfirs. Ben I^jigi  a -warm, regard for Canada. '     ' "    * - } ,v* ;Mrs.-JD.. Ciampitlt and. her sister Mrs.  Mr. and Mrs.  B. M. Tiampspn hgve .M-'��� Pat&disbn 'are guests' at the 'Cozy Court,  returned from a ten day holiday at Branch .Sechelt.      '      -              .  No. 2, White Rock Legion Camp and ire ������ Mr. John,Ayris, nee-principal 1(of Gib-  full of "praise for the camp which' is run sons Elementary School and teacher Mrs.  -for war veterans and CAP'S. Nursing cate , AgnesjSkidmore are attending a Beading  and everything is  found for a nominal Conference at Western Washington State  charge of $10 per person and tours of t^te .College in Bellirigham.         J  area  are arranged.  Mr. Thompson says ������  the camp is open to all branches-of the when space' travel becomes common,  Royal Canadian Legion and Old' Age Pen- _;a_ere'il-.still be some of us who can aCfoM  sicners. x   a vacation only on the dartc side of the  Mr. and Mrs. Bob Keeley have just re- > moon.  ^   CraiceJ8ed|eni, threeyeete eariier.    _  __s,,B3_fei_. had come ihmi.the^East  "^.   I   t > visit tos. Luffliden "but was ifa&en itt oh'  the traito ahd, di��^ in Vahctftfyer.  Mrs. I_u_jsdeh is survival by two daughters, Grace aitd J��tn and one soir Jack,  also grattdthiMreh.    -  Funeral service was held in the Chapel  of Chimes, Vancouver with Bey. ^S.-'Cas-  sells and Re&. 3. M., Watts offidafing. t  Mrs. Lumsden was a faithful member  of the Sunshine Coast Gospel Church.,"'  &\  y-" ,-,���' -  *: 3^y;..-' "-.'< ^"-- ,   '-.'  Offers -ecurify-clieck ppltttl of homes from Lonsdale to Earl Cove:  P,  ' _4ri_fi'ge jroar WqMWme^fe Witfi us  ' , SERVICE W��iL BEGIN SEPTEMPER 1968    Office opens August 5thit>ffi_ B_n%Bi6c^SecheJt B.C.  e 7' -  7      .     4. , " '  "WE CAftfe ABOIIT YOUa Pf-OWERTT"  . s rY       '       --'\- - ',,'  Ph. o&ice 835-9737, Res. 883-2688 or wife P.O. Box 43, Sechelt, B.C.  Mechanic  to  owner  _f  foreign  car:  "You'd be belter 'o��f deportotg ��.����;- ;.',  Say You Saw it In'fhe times?  ' *���rrni i will Minn im mi i i  DINNER SERVED  "EVERY FRIDAY AND  SATURDAY EVENINGS '  TILL MIDNIGHT"  P&tm Gwjd&Biis  Halfrnoon Bay; B.C.  -   Tel: 885-9927  'RESERVATIONS PLEASE'?  .  55��tt_t3TOea)��3ttn��pi_���_S  5  .  i  SELAAA PARK BREAKWATER . No. 761  59 ft. of waterfront overlooking npw breakwater. Well landscaped  with several fruit trees, gardening area and lawns. 3 bedrooms,  large Jiving room with fireplace. Unobstructed view of the Island.  }h. basement with automatic oil furnace. Lease lot, $220.00 annual cost. Full price $10,000.00. -;  Coil: Bob Kent                                              885-9461  GOWER POINT No. 439  Single bedroom cottage with large living room and fireplace. 2.9  acres w;th fruit trees, excellent water supply. Sutnmer guest cot-  ". -   .-    �����tt>ge. $15,000,00 full price. Some terms.  CoirYCR;qath_rcoi_:'/rr '       886-7915  CREEK SIDE ACREAGE     ' No: 803  Modem 3200 sq. ft. 3 bedroom home on 2 acres of 1ahd with  small fruit and vegetable garden area and lawns beside year  round creek. Close to elementary school. Large living room has  on impressive fireplace, nicely appointed kitchen. Hallway through  to bedrooms and spacious vanity bathroom.. Interior and outside  entrances to cemerit basement containing recreation room and  laundry facilities Ceiling and wall insulated. Good sized carport,  exterior finish in siding and brick combination. Water from  spring-fed we|l. Two roomed cabin on property rented the year  round. Gross taxes only $135,00. Reasonably priced at $17,500.00  with $5,000.00 Down Payment.  Call: Bob Kent 885-9461  HALFMOON BAY WATERFRONT No. 678  147, ft. Waterfront with two���2 bedroom houses. Reduced  to  $14,700.00. Down payment of $4,000.00.  Call. L Surtees Res. 885-9303  WEST EGMONT No. 660  125' Waterfront on secluded boy. Lot size 6.6 acre. Has nice  float. 2 Bedroom house with basement. Diesel light plant. Extra  cottoge. Boat building workshop. Nice garden with 8 fruit trees.  Good water supply. Price $ 15.000.00 with some terms.  Call. E. Surtees Res. 885-9303  POULTRY RANCH No. 804  Only large sized commercial poultry ranch operating on Sechelt  Peninsula, supplies local stores. Several poultry buildings, shpds,  storeage etc.  on 37 acre district  lot.  Full price  $60,000.00���  1/3 Down Payment. ��       '  Call: Bob Kent 885-9461  ..:..��� .���.������, |. ...   .1      .....   ...       -  SELMA PARK No; 808  Large treed view lot. Close to store and  beach.   100x200! on  ' village water supply. $4,500.00 Full Price.  Call: J. W,Anderson 885-2053  SECHELT APARTMENT | No. 4b5  Seven Units. Six one-bedroom units plus owner two-bedroom uhlt.  Two years old. Ideal location close to new hospital. Ranges 'and."  fridges  Included.   Electric   heat.   Full   price   $45,000.00.   Down  Payment $21,500.00.  Call: J. W. Anderson 885-2053  ,WEST SECHELT BEACH No] 730  Modern Post and Pcath on lorge level treed property. Good beoah.  2 Bedrooms. Large view living room. Automatic heat. $26,000.00  Full Price,  Call: ). W. Anderson  885-2053  WELCOME BEACH t^o. 661  Nice six room house on opprox. ono aero. Good QaroQo and water  wipply. Two bedrooms, living room, with flreplooe, Utility room and  bathroom. Landscaped front. Full Price $15,000.00 .Terms.  Call. E. Surtees    . Res. 885-9303  WATERFRONT PROPERTIES  Four Waterfront Properties Gibsons to Roberts Creek. Priced from  $16,000.00 to $30,000.00.  Call: C. R. Gathercole 886-7015  GIBSONS WATERFRONT REVENUE No. 731  132' right on the Beach. Owners two bedroom home, plus two  other houses. All furnished. Revenue $163,00, plus oWnftrs  quarters.  Real Investment.  Full Price $22,000.00.  Some tenms.  Call: J. W. Anderson 885-2053  WATERFRONT���ROBERTS CREEK No. 10  Comfortable   ond   solidly   built   single   bedroom   homo  on  level  lot. Patio. Garooe and,workshop which could eotlly be converted  to guest accommodation. Down Payment $5000.00,  Call: C. R. Gathcrtole 886-7015  EGMONT���100 FT. WATERFRONT N0./6IO  Two bedroom hbme plus good workshop and garage. Automatic  oil heat. Frontage ideal for boat building and repairs. Full Price  $14,500.00.  Call: h W-Anderson , 885-2053  ROBERTSCREEK WATERFRONT ~        No. 740  Four 2 and 3 bedroom rental units, furnished including oil or electric ranges, toilets and showers. Room for further development on  2.43 _cre lot. Full Price $29,000.00. Cash required approximately  $15,500.00 tojexis*ing. A sale of $13,500.00 payable $125.00  *    '   -' ' per month at 7%.       -�����-      '    ���   -      ��� a._.  CoH: C: R. Gathercdle '"    ^      *' '-"** "* ��B86^701S^  ACREAGE  2 Lots���highway frontage. Good apartment site^ Village water.  All for 4500.00���Terms.  Coll: C. R. Gothercole 886-7015  GIBSONS ~ .    No. 789^  Attractive ond well maintained single bedroom home on yiew lot.  Close to shopping. Full Price $8,900.00.  Cal I: C. R. G_th_rco1e 886-7015  GIBSONS " No. 30  Modern bungalow. Well 4ocated near shopping. Close to beach.  Three bedrooms. Full Price $10,975.00���Tenns.  Calk C. R. Gothercole 886-7015  PENDER HARBOUR WATERFRONT No. 561  16.8 Acres on Oyster Bay. Year round creek. Oyster, beds close.  Smalt island included. Some dredging required to develop. 1200  ft. of water frontage. Full Price $18,000.00. Open to cash offer.  Call: Bob f<enr 885-9461  SELAAA PARK WATERFRONT No. 629  Waterfront lot 70x300 ft. Full Price $7,000.0d. .  Call. E. Surtees Res. 885-9303  $450d PULL PRICB^VATERFRONT LOT       No. 809  100x600 fronting ot} Redrooffs Road. Could be su-rfiyided as  property also has road at side. Real value.  Call: J.VV. Anderson 885-2053  DAVIS BAY VlEVir No. 797  Large treed lotbrijplped water supply and- hydro available. Fronts  oh paved rood. Grayel. road at rear. Full Price $3,000.00 with  only $1,600.00 down payment.       Y       '.  Coll: Bob Kent '    885-9461  [^^^y'Jx/.y Y,,        ���������������!'  2.3 acrek. Slight slofM, Good soil and water supply. Full Price  $2,500.00���$500.00 down payment. I  Call: Cj. R. Gothercole 886-7015  MISSION POINT WATERFRONT Ncy 810  Tills desirable property, consisting of o*.e 2 bedroom, 3 one bedroom units fully furnished, one single unit and ono duplex, one  bedroom each. Priced from $8500.00 to $10,500.00. Level to  safe beoch. Long lease on property,        i  Call: Bob (feat, J. W. Anderson 885-9461 - 885-2053  ACREAGE No. 798  2.5 Acre*���treW property, near Roberts Crecjfi. Vaik. Full Price  $2725.00.  Call: C. R. Gothercole 886-7015  SEI.GEANTBAY No. 680  HotteW fishing area tin Sunshine Coast, Large view lot, 150 feet  from the tea. Full Price $4500.00.  Call. Bob Kent 885-9461  100 ACRES No. 384  $15,000.00 Tertn*. Trout Lake area. Year round stream. Real  Investment���subdivision.  Call: J. W. Anderson 885-2053  GIBSONS  Several  well  located building  lots  In  the  village.  All Willi  a  ,        vltw. Priced from $1650.00 to $2750.00.  Call: C. R. Gqthercole 886-7015  20 LOTS���SELMA PARK  All for $32,000.00 Cash.  Call: J. W. Anderson  885-2053  GIBSONS No. 42  Cosy single bedroom home on 50x260 ft. lot. Concrete Patio,  Electrically heoted. Well priced at $5,300.00. Some terms.  Call: C. R. Gothercole 886-7015  SELMA PARK j. No. 35  rtebt'arid "dear, tvfio bedrOortf home on small Jot, Magnificent   ���, ---view. Busot-door.-full price $6,500,00.  -Call:C. R.Gatfeerco!e' I 886-7015  GIBSONS ' No. 15  5 acres, four cleared. Short distance from Gibsons. iModern single  bedroom bungalow. Spacious panelled living room, fireplace.  Sundeck. Attached carport. Full Price $13,500.00. Some terms.  Call: C. IR. Gothercole 886-7015  Gl BSONS COMMERCi AL - INDUSTRI AL        No 17  Over l^OO'sq.^ft,, concrete floors, 110-250 wiring, village water.  Convenient highway froptage of 278 feet. Full Price $12,300.00.  Call: C_��R. Gothercole 886-7015  HALFMOON BAY No. 597  450 Feet of waterfront around boy with a house ot each end.  A three room cottage and a six room house, both rented at  present. General store only a few feet away.  Call. E. Surtees Res. 885-9303  THREE BEDROOM No. 761  Three bedroom on waterfront lot unobstructed view over new  breakwater to scenic Trod Islands and Gulf of Georgia. Beautifully landscaped with several bearing fruit trees. Automatic Oil  furnace in basement-area.. Lorge living room with fireplace.  Boat House with winch on beach. Lease approximately $220  per annum. Full Price only $10,000,00.  Coll: Bob Kent 885-9461  SUMMER HOME SITES No. 681  Close to famous Sargent Bay, Hot fishing area. Each lot over  Vi. acre. Gentle slope. Easily cleared.  Road  to bo paved this  yebr. Price from $1,950,00 to $2,350.00 each.  Call: J. W. Anderson 885-2053  MVCLEGMAR BOAT CHARTERS No. 777  BOAT SPECIFICATIONS: 28 ft. Ig/g with 9.6" beam. 5' freeboard. Full headrooni In cabin andVwheelhouse. Pulpit rail. 9'x8'  cockpit with self boiler. Sleeps 6 persons. 2 forward-;���4 aft.  Powered by 1967,210 hp Furry V. Drive. 20" wheel, with 17"  pitch. Cruising ppeed 14 knots. Electric winch. Wagmon hydraulic  steering two itbtiori's. Bilge pump ond blower. Depth sounder  and compass. 40 gal. woter tank and 200 gol. gas tank. Hull  and ribs fibrcglassed. Search light and horn. Enclosed head.  Stdlrilees. steel sink. Bums 7 gtols. per hour full speed. Cruising  speed: approx. 4 gals, per hour. Full Price $15,900.00.  " _ (W Cn_h Hown.  885-2053  4 gals, pei  $9,900.00 Cash dawn.  Call: >. W. Ahdfersbn  GOWER POINT WATERFRONT  No. 780'  Beautifully Ifltodscopcd lot with 200 ft. of waterfront. Largo living  room 20'(<j5" with fireplace, 2 bedrooms. Full Price   16,000.00.  Coll: C. R; Gathercolo 886-7015  WEST SECHELT No. 541  Close to Wakefifeld Inn���Suncoast acres. Thc view is magnificent  on these lots foclng South to the Gulf of Georgia overlooking Trail  Island, Use of lounchlng on applying to Wakefield Inn, as fl  courtesy. GoOd fishing and swimming. View lots start at $2,450.00  for 100x150 ft. Piped domestic wotcr supply available. Terms  __.| /3 down.  Cal.: Bob Kent 885-9461  GIBSONS No, 767  Ideal family home. Near schools and Chopping. Three bedrooms.  High full boscment. Auto. heat. Full Price $14,600.00. Down  Payment $4,000.00.  Call: C. R. Gathcrcofe 886-7015  REDROOFS No. 781  1.2 ocres building site cleared. Good wotcr supply. $3,000.00 full  price. , .  Coll: C. R. Gothercole 886-7015  GOWER POINT WATERFRONT No. 77B  200 ft. of waterfront, tufntontlol 2 bedroom home,'with largb  living room with fireplace plus 2 bedroom cottoge. $30,000.00  full price. Down payment  $12,000.00,   $140.00 per month on  1 batonce.  Call C. R. Gothercole 886-7015  PORPOISE BAY���SECHELT  Clean two bedroom home plus extra lot. Close to Government  Wharf. Automatic Oil Heat. Good Workshop and Carport. Ideal  for retirement. $12,250.00 F.P.  Coll: J. W. Anderson 885-2053  .> t  SECHELT No. 526  Semi waterfront lot. Good beach, .right on waterfront in Sechelt.  Lot size 70x130. Full Price $7,700.00.  Call: Bob Kent  . , 885-9461  ULTRAMC^^.HOME-^^^ No. 656  four bedroom on 200 f&  woJemoAtoge West Se_rielt. Many'  ,. features. Must be'Seen torbe appreciated. Asking $55,000.00.  k     - ,      ' Down'Payment $15,000.00/       ,  sColl; J. W. Anderson y 885-2053  WELCOME BEACH , No. 700  Good view lot 1OQ'x5G0', '$3,000.00 Full Price.  Call. E. Surtees       v Res. 885-9303  PENDER HARBOUR i No. 589  Gunboat Boy, Semi waterfront lot. Size 99x141. Ideal holiday  homesite. Only $2,000.00 Full Price.  Call: J. W. Anderson 885-2053  WILSON CREEK , No.'18  Immediate JRevenue. Two houses ond smell trailer court on 7.49  acres. Level jparklike grounds. Fine for future commercial -residential development and capital gains. Full Price $26,900.00. Down  .   Payment $12,000.00 or offers.  Coll: C. F. Gothercole 886-7013,  DAVIS BAY ' No. 707  Modern 'N.H.A. Three Bedroom home with full cement basement  oo.latge 12O'xJ50' groiihds. Built In wall oven and table top,  electric stove itt kitchen. Splendid view. Two vanity bathrooms.  Fireplace and wall to wall carpeting makes this o fine executive  home. For appointment to view.  Call: Bob Kent 885-9461  WEST SECHELT No. 745  Sea view lot. Aprpoximately two acres. Well treed on village  water supply. Ideal Home Site. Full Price $3750.00.  Call: J. W. Ahd&son 885-2053  WILSbN CREEK CAMPSITE No. 743  Hot showers. Toilets; Lovely treed park like setting. Good tent and  trailer business. Ideal for, semi-retirement. Boat basin close fo  Sandy beach fronting on Chopmah Creek. Long, reasonable lease.  i    $7500.00 Full Price.  Call; J. Anderson or Bob Kent 885-2053 - 885-9461  MADEIRA PARK MOTEL SITE No 671  Modern two bedroom homle. Full basement, recreation room. '  Autom. oil heat. On 146 acres right in the heart of resort and  fishing area. Close to Government Wharf, Store and Post Office.  Year round trout stream, runs by house. Property )00'x600'.  Nicely treed. Owner has ��!pent thousands preparing fhls property  tor a trailer court site, which 1$ badly needed,Irt this drca. Priced  to sell quickly at $21,500.00. $14,000.00 down, balance at  Y $80,00 per month.  Call: j. WYAnderson 885-2053  DAVIS BAY  Treed lot just steps, to public beach^ View of beach. $2950,00.  .    . ' .   .    '. Terms. ;,  Call: J. W. Anderson 885-2053  SARGENT BAY l 'No. 690  Large view lols or> Redrooffs Rood. Good occes's to hot fishing  ipot. All lots over $15,000 sq, ft. Nicely treed. Ideal for summer  homes or year  round living.  Priced  from  $1,950.00. ��� Terms,  SALESMEN  ���. It Gatacrcc.o   Res:CC5-70l5 GIBSONS >  t_| Surtcea to:iSS^30l HALFMOON DAY  Jctk Anderson    Res: 885-2053 DAVIS BAY  Bob Kent Rcs:005-9.61 SECHELT  ten Von Egmond He_sB05-9$P HALFMOON BAY  t-EAt ESTATE  INSURANCES  Muttlpl- Lifting Service  Vancouver ttebl ��*t_tt��  '     ��� 0sor4.  i   '  Y  mmt4mt>0040mm0mmmm  Mtmmmmm0m0m4lt0mr0*40*0ln0**0m,wm0<0m0*i0004*i0in0memmmmm000*0m  *���_  ��M����ii'i''��i",Wl|M���������� ��-���!������_���������__��_  Syt.SC.IME ���<��M$'  MMIHMMIIIHlll ��� _l<lltllW��t��������MH1 < II 'I I�����������>ll I II lll��<WW_���-M_)_lliplll���H ��� HlW-ll  i����aii��wir>iiaiiiiiiin��.<cmiiA.i��ii><iiffli��rt.iiiiH����f_��__i��Bwai��i_  mzzz^msmzmsEss  ^BESSES  iomnw.4ai.fc.jti i a hi ii  <ii___��_i<��iwiitii_i4��_i<tiiiiiw��������__iini  S<Et_e!r8��5-!3!lCl  tkk. 155"-  ^tioiiiS'  G:5jio:iaGD6 7015  Box 369  !  v:  i  I  jy����i^��^  * A.**.,^ApA���i��Kji* 0A ^f\ 0%/0>yJtr\ I*  *t_*.,HH(.rt_1��%_*��.^.<��i".^. #'^*^._*1-i*"Bi'��%'*>*'>1 h*   ** )* *%-^V 4  ^^iM��ly*^w^f!*Mw(>V^i^%^''Ml^i #w*^*f?Bi^^��"^i��{f*V'1ftwf>t^'tf*^^^ i ' -'-��S��J4_S_*%-.  t ���_ -> ufr&H'.l n_k fcimny.ii,.. - ��� - -A tl  1 "\  V    *-  iv ."'���'P isi*^i-^-.rt&*��* ���$,~>>3iI_~  iuLC'._w_w&2_S:3*^ *">  '    ��     ' *       . ', r i ���> l   > v, . "   J  \_ Y      YYf. , -   y    -   l V     '  ,'...  Care while driving  i *_      '..,i ... _ '��*..  _v.  ~Y J.    M  saves  , THOSE __.--._-_3 %eM^sways'ip^f ��iuj_-  - met at' vacation: panes', are "la,dfi��e$,t#,  the B.C , rwotor'branch that ttejmprelpey *  drive the more _&fey><at_ JiaWe &-__&b$--..  upon the Highway Traffic Act W4itcb these'  litfle ppSni-d lHey.3_��aX-ave^yoa .a." dollar  In coast and they may save yourl ife in  an acc&teat     -       - - - ^  ��.- ,t ^ .* .�� .  HIGHWAY MARKINGS  BROKEN LINE    The brofcea line dividing  a roadway is intended to convey the mes-  sag ithat crossing ithe-line to piss Vve^cte  can be done with a minimum, or*concern (  lor traffic approaching.from ..the olftpasSte . I*,*   %jj��t  direction, provided thai approachcing traf-   ��t   ��&'���  fie is not obvious at-tthe time the passing  action is taken.1  '- '   " ' l *4"   '*  When the broken Jjne is used/lihfs* are  no" blond corners or jwterseclaoas im*  mediately ahead. * The simple caution. of  being sure that the other lane is not Oc��  cupied is generally all 'that is needed.  SOLID LINE The solid line dividing a'  roadway is used to indicate that there may  be additional problems whrich could arise.  When this line is crossed to overtake a  car, a greater degree of caution is required  by the driver of the overtaking vehicle.  DOUBLE LINES Where there is a solid  line on the right side of the foad and the  left side of the soM line is either another  solid line, or a broken line, the law specifically states that the solid line CANNOT  be crossed.  FAILGATING A tailgater is: Ignorance  with a weapan at its command, Death with  a gleam in its eye, Stupidity with lhe power  to Mil and Irresponsibility with-a driver's  licence.  KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! You fallow  too closely if you are less than one' car  length behind the car ahead for every  10 mpb of speed you travel. Without this  margin of safety, any sudden stop fey the  car ahead may involve you in a collision  with it.  If you are followed by a tailgater,  slightly depress your brake pedal two or  three times in quick succession. Your Stop  lamp -will go on. This works -wonders an  getting the message to the tailga_ng  driver.  YIELD SIGN A yield sign means you  must reduce speed on approaching the  inoterseotion. Stop and yield right-of-way  $f any other traffic is in or closely approaching the intersection from the other  direction.  ?-��-' "'''���_��_���_.. '  ��� ���������<������- i ;. "��� ���  ���jst  y.  -*p_f_.  &<4  _V-J*  _*t_  * 9'  LX  '*.  Progress victim  Progress is inevitable but frequently and Mrs  provides added hazards. In this case  a young fawn appear, to have been  the victim of a motor vehicle which  was probably speeding along tfae recently paved Nor'West Road.. Mr.  Gordon Hall informed authorities of the dead deer lying on  the wayside but when at nightime  the bloated animal was still there,  Mr. Hall and a friend undertook the  task of burying it themselves.   .  If s go-go-go at Teen City  Regardless of the size or kind of tree,  all height growth is due to cell division  which takes place in the tip of a tree in  a zone no larger than a raindrop, wihile  diameter growth results from division of  cells in a pencil-thkk sheath, immediately  under the bark.  ATTENTION Peninsula teens! If you're  planning to attend this year's Pacific  National Exhibition in Vancouver the "now  scene" will be Teen City, where thousands  of young swingers are expected to 'congregate when tbe fair opens Aug 17 . . . and  it will be go-go-go for the 14 days of the  exhibition.  For 50c admission a lucky youngster  could twin an English car worth $2,000 or  a motorcycle. In addition there will ibe record players, records, clothing and transistor radios given away to some of .the  ���'\r   r->   <r-\ �����  i-  i s-^_ ��_. *��  *\ -, ���.  ..���. L2K lW_aK^^_^:_mL_:L ' ~^!",4s  i  L_���Sv-./  j *��<" it ���  2ET-,t~-��������**"-   *i   ^__ _-i__. r���** ���* ���"wrr ��� ."v- *'^^  **. ^t7^ f*   ���_'_ ____M_**_____.* 3_1l ���iJ?  _-.'.*���      ��"*�����."�����,  ^s*^  .^^L  Aroimd Sihsoris  "y -       i   "        'r'yi,     '!.   /���   -,  !N__=miESfI_NG visitors wthMr, and,MJns.  C. Mgijlma^, and Mrs^.Graham w��s��th.e  1 sitter's r cousin (whom they had not -me^  before); i Dennis Neviu'wi'Sv his "wife 141-  Iian and*two daughters, Ngajrejand Car��r  line Mary who immigrated to B^S-burn,  ManJtc_a from Bel��a% Joneland, . ."^ i  "'  Mr/ tNevin Is a - rhathematics 'jte^cherr' -  'Obey lived in'Naw Zealand for three Veare  where one of their daughters was barn; her  Maori name is pronojunc^d "Nyree". The  Nevin family has been^n Fiji, India and  Tahiti. They'found TahM to be a pleasant, -  peaceful place to live Iwit did not see mu-h  chance for advancement there. They are ,  really sold on Canada. Mr. Nevin had the  opportunity of three teaching jobs in B.C.  ���  and plans to settle in this province after  teaching another^ year, at Bossbitrn.  Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Pearl who motored  L0.500 miles during their 7 week vacation,  drove frpm Vancouver to Toronto, crossing over into the States and visiting relatives at Buffalo,' N.Y., Maine, St. Stephens, N.B., and spent a week in Newfoundland with a sister of Mrs. Pearl. They re  port an entirely enjoyable trip with no  car trouble. On their return they travelled  the all Canadian route.  Spending the summer at the home of -  Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hinitze is Miss Wenda  Silliphant from Medicine Hat.  Mr. Levi Fitzgerald and Mrs. Grace  Broughton bave returned after visiting in  Regina with the latter's son and daughter-  inlaw, Mr. and Mis. Bert Broughton who  are being congratulated on lhe birth of a  baby boy, 8 lbs., 9 oz. Dean Bez_n Lawrence at Grey Nuns Hospital, Regina, on  July 30th.  Mrs. Flo Hicks of Davis Bay who underwent surgery at St Vincents Hospital  in Vancouver was visited by her sister  who has since returned to Toronto.  Miss Sandra Corlett has been a patient  at Holy Family Hospital, Argyle Street in  Vancouver where she is having therapy.  Mr. and Mrs. Einar Jorgensen of Glen  Road have returned after ecgoying a motor  hip, they were away for a month.  Mrs. Glen Kraus and family, Roberts  Creek, enjoyed a ten day visit to the home  of her parents in Nanaimo.  Summer guests of Mr. and Mrs. Philip  Townley are,the Jock Irvines of Ottawa  and Rtobert Tazarik of Belleville, Ont They  report a number of successful fishing trips.  Mrs. R. Nimmct was a visitor to Vancouver last week to attend a tea in honor  of her neice Mrs. Fraser who was out from  Port Credit, Ontario.  ' Gene Pearl who flew down from Port-  Hardy for a brief visit home has returned  to the fishing grounds.  Roy and Donna Sauer from Vernon were  recent guests at the home of C. Mahlman  Roy is a fireman in his home town.  Mrs Evelyn Berdahl entertained at a  dinner party on Wednesday evening in honor of Mrs. Nanette Eldred who was celebrating her birthday. Mrs. Berdahl was  also hostess" at dinner at her home on  Thursday evening, when among the guests  was Mrs. Jackie Burnett and Dwayne of  Ladner who with Mrs. Janet James and  daughter were holidaying ait .Sechelt campsite. -They were'joflafed on thfe week-end" by  their husbands.  When Rev. J. Henry Kelly and Mrs.  Kelly leave for England they will be accompanied by their younger daughter who  will   attend   school  in   the  Old   Country.  mi TOUfth WDLL W13M  ���. ���->;;��� :C&i^M_��kf.fc; ll  .��'.���' s-- .4J        > 4 ..-'>     rr~   'y^ 'j ',',',*   "'  kmmimi* MA��num c^atce f��e_ tam Tftua-  i  I  ���it  ISormal drop &,f$fH) galSons       , -  .  1 - r \ < ...__-    . f   '    44.  i  ,\ FOR FURTHER |NFOIli__VTiON/RATES, CTC ,  ; .       ', Phone: 886-7123 (24 Ims.)' . \  Does Your Club or Croup report its  Activities Regularly fo The Times?  teenagers who join ihe iun at Teen City.  A psychdelic phenomena���The Mind  Bender light show���is a new feature for  those who want to experience something  diiferent.  A major fashion show will feature the  latest clothing styles modelled by boys and  girls. And, for fashion conscious- young  ladies < there will be free hairstyling and  makeup demonstrations.  Some 20 big name bands mil appear at  tiie show, including the Papa Bears, Mojo  Company, Black Snake Blues and Tom  Northcott. On August 3, two weeks before  the show opens, there will be a free dance  at the Teen City location on the fair  grounds.  Highlight of the dance will be a psychedelic paint-in during which one of the  stages,and a car will be splattered with  wild colors. '^ "  '7  i  MORE ABOUT    ��� Vancouver artist  ���from page A-l  landscapes, flower arrangements, still life, iJb^ el<ter daughter, Barbara will remain  porlraits and abstracts. to continue her  studies  at  University of  .     . _   . British Columbia.  As a teacher of music it is natural that vksWmg   Chaus  and   Mlarlene   Denroth  sheNshould be interested in the corirelation , were ^ latter<s ndce j^    c  Of mupic and art and is experimenting with friend Mn5   Judy Aad9nm ;nd Kun    u  different ways to express music in color, from North Vancouver. Other guests at the  form and pattern. Danroth home were Mrs. Danroth's broth-  As the Gallery is so small, Mrs. Mor- eMn-law and sister Mr. and Mrs.  P.  R.  nson will change her display during the Robertson,   Sheri,   Toni,   Ray   and   Doug  3 weeks. On August 24(th she will be pre- from   New   Westminister.   Another   sister  sent  at  the   Gallery  from  2-4  p.m.   and Mrs. Mary Hildcbrant spent a week with  coffee will be served. ' them.  BOOKS FO!. EVEHY  USER OF THE  AT  SECHELT, B.C.  ���WMMHWW  Phone 885-9654  MUWMUWWMUMMUUUMUMMUM  tm?tinstftw,yirw^fmrrmriTr^  >-.*_.._���,! aw*  "���sp^sse^t^  TOM'S  ���-**r��*  ���_f __>i__\-wj.   {fcTf.rin'  !  Chatterbox Falls  Right at the head of Princess Louisa  Inlet is Chatterbox Falls, described  by Canadian writer, Muriel WyHe  Blanche! some forty years ago in the  now published book "The Curve of  Time''. She wrote "In one magnific  ent leap plunging off the cliff and  into the sea a hundred feet below.  As your boat draws in closer, the  roar and the mist come otit to meet  you'.     '' .  CHILDREN AHD IfWAf-TS  WEAR  LADIES' SPORTS WEAfft  Phono 886-9994  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  -i^.iU.-'^VI^Str'.  ? .WfejS .'M^-Cs^fe^  .^^.r^'S^s^^.;^^  lOBlOy  AT YOUR POPULAR  LUMBER AND BUILDING  SUPPLIES  Serving The Sunshine Coast  GULF EIJBLIIBi^G  SIIPPL-ES  885-2283 - Sechelt, B.C.  Building or RemocielSing?  Use tho B.C. Hydro Finance  Plan ��� add cost off changes  or additions to your  light bill.  MARKEL ELECTRIC HEATING  ml  'P,Y,\  i Y Y  ���in" l  HcPhedran Bectric Ud.  886-9689 - Gibsons, B.C.  ( ��. ^  tjtmme��mmmp  iWMhtiftf_fii��_. _raJm__"M__tihf. ^tii.ihirii^iTti^-nir_IVt .if^Mni_iHi^i ^Vit'.. _rrii"A . ^ ,iW-.ifi _itrtr__.firi^f k '   '  t PP-*\P{  ���   ���    -' ...  ���_iiittiW.au,  V  KING SIZED MEALS  AT BUDGET PRICES  at  PMSULA DRIVE-IN  ON HIGHWAY 101 at 5ECHEUT  FOR TAKE OUT ORDERS  PHONE 885-2311  P  NEVENS TELEVISION  &, RADIO  STEREO - B & W and COLOR T.V.  Fully equipped for Color T.V.    |  Deoler for  ZENITH-PHILIPS-RCA  FLEETWOOD  Better than City Prices  I Phone 886-2280  GIBSONS, B.C.  RECIPES  Brought to you by  these progressive  places of business  SERVE POTATO CHIPS FOR DESSERT!  . . ii.. .  One doesn't normally think of potato chips for dessert���but stop ond reconsider.  Salty, crunchy potato chip* make a pleaslrtg qolnblnatlon with juicy cantaloupe or  crisp oreen apples. It's like having the fialtshokcir built In.  Since July is the rrtonth when fresh fruits ond vcQctables begin to appear In  obundanco wo. want to serve them as often as possible In main dishes, salads ond  desserts. Potato Chips combine In many Interesting ways with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Incorporate chips at the last minute into vegetable salads for added crunch ond  flavour. Crlmplo them generously over creamed vegetables to give body ond texture  lo the dish. j , I  Our Potato Chip Fruit Plate Indeed uses potato chips for dessert! It Is a pleaslpg  orronged combination |of succulent, Iresb fru|ts, potato chips ond an Interesting new  dip Idea. It leaves lots of room for Imagination, for any combination of fruits might be  used dcp<?ndlng on the season and fomlly preferences. Cut thc fruit Into serving slxo  pieces and arrange them attractively on a larpe platter. Quick to disappear ore wedges ���  of pear ond cluster of gropes but particular favorites with potato chips will bo opples,  contalope ond strawberries.  Remember that apples, pears ond bononas should bc dipped In odd olter slicing  to prevent darkening, A carlxmoted lemon or grapefruit drink docs tbe trick without  overpowering tho flavour of tho fruit.  Great with chips Is our Gouda Fruit Dip. It keep* well Jn tho refrigerator In Its  own container���Iho cheese cosing.  GOUDA FRUIT DIP  1 wpnall Gouda or Edom Cheese 2 tablespoons ��nilk  iMiw&m}  m  Furnishings and  A|-pEiances   -  VISIT OUR LARGE DISPLAY  OF TOP QUALITY NEW  AND USED FURNITURE  Appliances - T.V. - Radio  Phone 885-2058   -   Sechelt, B.C.  f  *  Peninsula Plyiiftg  HEATI1IC. __ SUIPiPLIES  Your Kemtone  Sherwirji Williams  Pairlt Dealer  Phone 886-9533  Gibsons, W,C.  1 /A cup fruit julco  opplo or plneopplo  3-4 (Maraschino cherries  c. wrverol walnuts chopped.  Using toothpicks os n guide, cut oif^ the top of tho gotida clieeso In a scolloped  design. Hollow out the cheeso ond lid leavdng  1/8 Inch of cheeso.  Ploce cheese, juice ond milk In blender or small mixing bowl. Dlend until smooth.  Add cherries or walnuts. If dip Is too thick, thin with fruit |uice. Pack .Into cheese  cosing. Rcploco lid ond allow to mellow for several hours. Servo at room temperature.  Where  Fashion is a byword  Smart Shoppers are  found at .J .  Heiene's  Fashion Shdppe  Gibsons, B.C. - Ph. 886-9941  msm  S��s  s^gaflit!^S_tfi5iSia__ttSttW  AS LOW AS  25c A DAY     '  WILL COMPLETELY INSTALL  A NEW SHELL FURNACE  Complete  with  oil  burner,  ducts  work ond oil tank In your home.  Call   Bud  Kicwitz  your shell  Oil  Distributor.  886-2133 Gibsons, B.C.......\   ,  ^&jgrfiiMSS&  -  as  gHgfgpg  I  ,  |^__k  ,S*,^,S*,.4*.l,���lA4A ,A..Ard.,A..4i .J,. 4l4.��4 J.  4  ,^���^,I,1^,.^,,>.��A.^.,^,.,,^,^..^,,^..JA./.^^  ^,^^144^4.^^.4444^ ^hl^lfi^fl  0.^^.^,  ^,,  ��,0.���,t\j, ,A,4J   4*.^   ^*( A^ A (^> ^ * 4 *|X��ll*^ / 4*^4 .**. ^~ 44.1 ^  *** ,^,^.j%4S   I*'"*   Af0,^A^..  ��.v  ,^^��V^'^Vr,W^fA,j*b^1.(^,A A^ *  * ^___�� II  ttwSU��^_fc^fit_Ip^fe .IT ' I  : \,��    *'      Y7 K*y  .   (  itizen's homes:;;;;  well under construct-on  f " Y., If.  i.����� _��Hf "* *_      .    ' <__b^_>4_�� *  ���.. S'f.0 �� iBiffi  ��� ��rfii_       _   -^ r*  *vfo_-��V.  !_��*"_____ .     "'^A'*^Y <��� 4,  DOUBT _ ^e^tnstm <�� you Waiting ,  V board: _*^"_irpy< ��af longdate- were  just a 1it_le curious as to nvfeat that strange T1  ���^   looking dwelling sfttuig.on 4fcat trailer was 1  all about. It is _je proud possessionof five  cajberpd-amg- yotupg 41^ttpsy�� ' Bob Manning,  Mark Riley, Doug Newson, Larry Beaumont and Garry Robiason-__ from South.  Burnaby and ail fifteen years of age. It is  a houseboat iheyJ constructed themselves  and in which they plan to sail up Princess  Louise Inlet.  -A cottage on two pontoons; their vessel has aU the conveniences of a small  home. The lads have done an admirable jotb  in constructing itheir craft, as can be seen  when one inspects the interior. Ibe XZ'6" t  beam ot houseboat allows tbe five summer  sailors to live in spacious comfort. ?  Powered by two outboard motors* and  controlled from the*"louQge," tfae 24 .foot,.  ���by John *4-therSn0ta��  WORK ^proceeding well on the senior   P.N.E. VISIT       <  L citizens'bomes at Sechelt and an Admis- J .Members ot .,4he Secbelt O.A.P.O. who  sions Committee bas been appointed {to bave reservations for the P.N.E. trip on  interview applicants tor accommodation in August 2Cth are reminded tbat tbe bus will  the homes. Any applicants who bave not leave the Sechelt bus depot at 8 a,m. sharp  yet been approached by tbe Admissions on tbat day. All members should be sure  Committee should get in touch with Mrs. to wear their name badges and cany their  M. Tinkley at once (phone 685-94793/ membership cards. j  " Tickets are now available for the ��un-        Pill Coflfey bas attQther trip on  tbe  shin- Coast Senior Citizens' Housing Socie-   planning boatd for early September. Wateb  ty raffle to be drawn in September. Some   t^"8 paper next week for further panti-  of the interesting prizes offered in this    culars.  giant raffle are on display in tbe window  of the TaseMa Shop in Seehelt! Tbey include two fine Eskimo soapstone carvings,  the gift of Patrick Murphy of Halfrnoon I  Bay, a 400-day clock donated by Mr. and  Mrs.  Robert Todd of  Madeira  Park,  a  handkmtted  bedspread   which  took Mrs.  Terry Thompson of Gibsons 3% months to  make, and _ silver tray, the gift of Mr.  M. W. Br_cewe_ of Secbelt.  Raffle tickets ate 50 cents each, 3 for  $1 and are available in Secbelt at the Tas-  CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE  Post Office -Idg., Sechelt - Phono 885-2333  WEDNESDAY - 12 noon-5:00 p,m.  Wednesdays after 5:00 p.m. by appointment  SATURDAY���2 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  /    lime-gwen and white vessel sailed from   vessels as webVas other happpeswngs along.   ��*& ^p, tbe Red and White Store, the  U   Porpoise Bay, where it was launched last   the boating by-ways .'. . which j_toi_d_  ' P����ins_la Times office, and }Sxs. H. Bishop.  week. me. There is _ ^rlmanan i_t-Be?id-r^Har- ttt Gibsons, tickets may be obtained &om  , We bad it in <the water last year but bour I must see.                    rj,��-yyy Mrs. itenry Thompson' (886-2060) and Mrs.  decided5to rebuild the cabin for tins trip."        Looking around' Porpoise Say. 'again* &eoe Green <88fr997��>; in Roberts Creek  x.    '     A.-W   tx.   -i   _ -�����  -   tu    ._*.-��.-> >*u ^     A^-s- v *���  .-     sw* Mark- the hottest stink-pot atwind bas to*e ^^ m* E- E- 'Bosm> m West Secbelt  pp^hWlse\^ctoiS^e,��ulm-Qato)n   ^O^^M^mjenMo^of'Tis-       The lads, two of v^om attend St Geor- Hai-U^��f_e5toafti fflteibw ' fto����Mrs. Wm. McGregor and in Halfrnoon  ot inany montlis <rf h_tr4 worfc in ��r^ 'Jtetite.in-flie areai -V!_|_r was tarn-   ges private school and the other three, Ed- runabout, "Stripper" Built from iconnon, ���w bom ** Post office or ixom Mrs- pat  der to obtaiiv water for homes at 3VEs- .'edori;i_tst, week-end.  sion Point. Miss de Lange played A .'r' *   -  .'!v J*1    - V  monds ffigb School, plan to cruise these ents, the  '^deep-vee"  huBed,   hioteod  is    M"*phy or Mrs. M. Tiifldey.  waters for three weeks. i powered by a 110 horsepower Volvo in*  A ,boating holiday is far from being boad-outboard. Where speed is concerned  unique and houseboaifcs, aJthou^i novel^ are i feel it will suffice to say Stripper .really  no longer too  uncommon. What  makes peels. ~  this sailing ����iourn nonpareil is tbe boys        PuKjl  M a mattetof interest I see, that  themselves. They are proud of their project ^ Qtegoa 0^^^ society invi^ved in  and n^itly so! Credit must be given to ^^2^ feat sailing vessel off Vain  these five young feltows. Tbey have the ccuver j^ an4 reputed m Mve ^^^  nmxdea . . .good luck, guys! following an Indian attack in 1811, ba,ve  Holland is noted for cheese; Frai^ and ceased w0rk ^^ jj,e ^M. Okay; lads, now  Italy are noted for their wines;   Russia ^ youl. cjumce^  t.SlP ffigVSNT f OBESf fiBfii  lays Claim to almost everything but on  the Sechelt Peninsula, trimarans definitely  seem to be in vogue.  Off Pine Boad, at the Boberts Creek  junction, there is a shed deep in the woods.  Inside this shed Nick Schoenewolf's 36'4",  muliti-bullwl craft, "Gudrun", nears completion.  Nine months ago, having been influenced  by Bill Kristofferson's ideas for a proposed  trimaran���which Bill launched last week���  "���Nick purchased half interest in Kristoffer-  - son's plans and began construction on bis  own vessel.     ' t  Built exactly to  plans, Nick's Hedley  SEGUE LT THEATRE  .���M__w    I        I   i   I  *   i        i ,     ���������������   !������������ ��� ���____   III     I       ���_afc^*l ������!    II  Ml .11 ij_     ji.l   ��� ���   .,        f ��������������������        i  The Ship's Office wishes, all possible  success to the B. C. entries! ib fflie\first  annual Pacific Northwest Drag Boat Races  off Dees Island later this mo__i.  Wple comments, etc.-.-4&_P.O.rBox JS7,  Sechelt, B.C. i  House-to-house service  A 7, COMM'UTER   bus   plan   witb   buses  following   railway   track   rodtes,   bas  been developed by a major bus company    __ in   north-eastern   United  States,   reports  I?i��_.  "torali^"  isra  bea^tifol  looking    ��"�� a"d ?���* Transport. Passengers-in  errand  when launched will take  her    ^suburbs of large cjties would be pic-  place among the fastest vessels of their    ^ u? af near^ �� Possible on a. door-to-  type in the world i door basis, and them whisked downtown  Nick, iris wife-after, whom the vessel    on sP"ial, b��s law* running n��rt to .raii-  is  named-and their two boys, six and    w,ay  **cte   {&>rry, no club tor). TRbe  .��� ,             ...                                                            eight years of age, bave devoted all 4heir    &*n calls for five of these bus corwdors  Welcome Sigllt ,,          . ^   ^ ��� .y                        resources to tbe construction of their tri-     m L*ss ^^ two yeaxs ��* a cost * ^��  Residents of the J/Bssioa^Eodjit, area^ ��� fyonsljalled ^_^er' iysfcem yM bring   marao. Credit must be given to people who    m*11*00-  of Wilson .Creels^ liave- no- ot^eetion.'- adeqitdte* water-to'theif;bomes'fpr   unselfishly undertake- such a project.  "������  to ditelieS holdang tip access,tortfaeir ifliejfiist lame.--     -'      "'   ' "   '     '*' A great deal of intoSest will sooni fofeus Ctoe way in which bam__4 insects ��iay  Jtomes fer^Withu^^few^ays^tSe'iiew-*       ~:~~ ' '"^^" 17 X- ��� ^^T^^^^^'^^rP^^^?^ ** i����esJ|ng to waWb^   be controlled is. t^'mirmmit"'pata^tM^  '   ' ? ���'��� i '-.    .   ' , ^-'-  r~~jf'tt]-P   r"Y ��-'    '       two similar vessels,^ ibzou^h' their 'paces.;    which attack and loll hem. Oil_> example of -  ITnifAfl   offAvf- T.^-_7ei  -malav1"'f1rt._f����- a4^1*itfl'     - ' 'ae Sdioenewolf Calalier and the Kristof-    ibis is ithe wasp-like Holocremnus which  UlUlcU' CllUll p_iy_��   W0L1��#1   IIUWO Cll 10_��1 , .      ferson modified Cavalier will be a very in-    bas  been used successfully in parts of  alBSmmsS' of  the Tsamfcom-- reserve- -��e_l'<��w sunk:; pump' bbuse.and; generator     S^f^ ^T'S00 jnd6*d* X fS? ^^    M*���*0** *�� Mil over 90 p_rcenttrf dj^dly  property  at Wilson-Creek despite in-' installed;' pipes.laid -andr-a "system ��� cotf     ** ^^"^ to ^ progress of these two    larch, sawflies- attacking tamarack toes.  creased lease fees, water damage due to   f^ .T&^J^^^^^J1   I  _   .. . '-. .        _.-,',    <he Mission 'Point comimunity with s___c-  floodmg and no- assistance from the local! <  ifent -^^-^ a^ng; 1^ae i^^ )  Indian band, existed'^for. sotoe time, witb , 'l Fvaid& -wefce" raiseivby - icach property  tbe additional hardship of water shortage. owner contrab__ng $1SQ,,remainder will be  IWssatisfaction was finilly turned -into' paid'through hook-up and" water charges,  a desire for action and one of the mosti ,  GostS,,would  bave  been  con-Bderahfe  active participants in a move to establish' more but hard \ manual labour by some of  an adequate water supply was Miss Adele the resident�� ofl^et a great, deal. An ac-  de Lange who at last has played a large cess lane thnoiltgh to tbe Weil site was  part in the eventbal establishment of what hacked out and cleared and the pump house  is now officially' registered under the local built by-&_*:!abW: c* potential users. ,  improvements act as the Tsawcome Water ^:iiay;,wiM';A_la4ied'..;f_dri last week-end  Works District. when  waiter  was' destined  to  flow  into  At a cost of close to $10,000 an artesian homes f_r the first time.'  * "if <   -*  I  A  _nB^jM_rii_^^ -  RICHARD BURTON - RJZABETH TAYLOR  C  n  m  _a  s  ��  ��  P  e  i  ��. r -  (Our 10:00 p.m;l  ���MMMMMMMM  (Stoiis S;00 p.m.)  .,,,,1..^,..-_,���.-..I..,,���  Increased Prices  MMHMMWIMWMadMMHMMMm  C-^sW^^lifJ&^affl^a^^S^-"^^^  ,*>���>< v(v, ?. >. <v<"^Y /.*  .  i  p.  4*  k*   4.'?*' ��f*��fV��(  " ^ * * *il%Lk  < I  I ,* I.      ^      h      <   *   in .  * ,  ^       t  r *  1 *���    ^. '        7T     *��� i'"^  *���_-..   .._*���'  *3K. - *�����  ���   ___ ���       .   " "���*���*  ���   *   --���"*."'-��  " ^. <j JM,(,     ..I  *, <    ^ /I,,   ,  ^iV^'1 ' ���! I,  ,   - 1, I J I      ,   I ,      I 1   ' '  ._i.i^��A^i7_i^.'^i���^UYU'-''1 *  ^   Mi  Mil DifgooiJs  CB.E.<_3reB- aBitl   ���  Infants W__ar       ;  l {____H^s' Sports  Phono 886-9994  *     .j,-*^- n^r-^mim*** ������   '�������.<      'H_).��-_.i��l<wii...��.4i..iMii��i.w.-i-����..i      _    .i. ,���_��� _nfc.niwi-.tlil _ft.  Sunnycrest  Mors  Phono 886-9962     1  Tit�� S@nrica Station  witla everytttSng for  tlio MotorSfit  GASH YOUR FAMILY  ALLOWANCE CHEQUE  AT ANY SUNNYCREST  STORES AND A FREE  ENTRY GOES INTO  THE DRUM FOR OUR  MONTHLY $50 DRAW  One $30 and Two $10  Winners.  Oiir popular monthly  Family Allowance Diraw  {Mow civets you a focSter chance to  win. We giVe 3 jsraz-o each month  On�� $39j/aEicl Two $10  / Praws  npers annonnc���-l monthly.  \,XX})alXiaMy^0*0tm^M0mmaTXmalmm^  THIS HOHTH  IT COULD BE  YOU 1  Dun's Siioe'Store  A Complete Line  of Shoes for  ' the' f.n__re Famly  Phono 886-2624  tmimm  LECTRIC LID.  Isi^a  SUPER-VMII-  Buy Better  Saw�� iHof��  Pbo���� 886-2424,.  D. 6. DOUGLAS  i  "Anything You  Want Wo Have"  Pfwfs�� 886-2615  Inse M��% Ud.  Phono 886-2726  On the Surmyerett  PIa��a for your  Shopping Plcasuro  _��a|ysM��rj3s!!��'g_^j��^  !gfffi?��Wg_JiKl_IM#|��^^  Charles Effiisl  Limited  I  Real Estate  anil < InsurttM^ .  Phono 886-2481  i��A___________SB3S  i!Lt��  !Y;l  i' _ ���   v  ' .J*  yy  _*Y  "\P>,  '���jmi  \H  *"#  ^���xi  -_.  {j��  i  S t  .' ��  ll  k-$M>friirfri,*** ��* "��i*i t t*Y'  ]j^*wP_  f**"       ��������     I"  -.' �� "*     "���  y .       '   * ~        >    P-    * ' *     i > \ - i ,  Y-   ���..*'..���'      "      yy^y .- :-     ���-"��� y -,'. . ' ���       , -.   .  fege,_M8t P      fko Pmlnmta thorn*  WeiSraeccfojryvA��3usJ 14- 1JM8'    <       i    jl "I ���; '" <"r> >_ '  5 ,_?.��_ ^r^a*n*y  _$ .��.*.  *?��� 4��>_r  Sank optimistic aboni  Canada s 68 progress  ���*.**�����       ��������*<     a  .    _    - .  _-  _ _     Sechelt players  New team'formed this season, Seeh-   Creek and^G-bsons teams. From left   Joe- Front: Bev August, Viola Joe,        i ^   elt Softball players' areliaving lots   back' are: Valerie-Joe, Bonnie Wi-   -Marilyn August and Joyce Timofliy,    ^mtry," whose prosperity is so closely tied   SfJ}*!? Jr*_.D  of fun in competition -with. Wilson   gard,.Maiy-Henderson and Doreen to success in international trade/' the B   B3y mthemtds.  Another busy hostess is Mrs. Ed Surtees whose guests are her cousin, Mrs  THERE Tvas a very small, attendance $t- Bass, both ot Vancouver, bave been guests  the annual general meei&ig ot ifc�� Wet* 1 *# tiiea1 brother, I>dnrBoss.  conie Beach Conwiwriity^ Asspciatmn"at   f4lPL^LL'      *"     "  - -    - ty% tztpmPiw  > last week, with  the fish only "trio  _wSwM_8^Wtf__s"_^^ who'had died'during the ��� **Jf &/4*? |S J^J5fe_&L !��  accortung wane nans.ot j-iumreaj. ,      . _, Alfred* A " V���u_i��     guests Who tojoyeij good fishing were, we  n�� populaticm d|: boU, countries are j��* ^^"$2eph~W ��_7j% ���**&*��� ���"g^JP* tf* ���* P***?  mainly young and aHUteat; capital spend- LifrrrSSv ��-'OJd^YAMa./ tile-Jade Temple's gtiesis,  fcg, while nrirghnving r_|__ly; Is at record ?<J?��xZl?^ iSH�� i*���*.* . ���W ^ '^^ Ametstmtasmly ot Woodfibre;  levels; and external demands on the two ,m *^f"ffnt **- �� Jr*fi r2��??d f ^ Mt ?*d Pop��fc-k and Dfc John -ftimr, at  economies have 'never* <been greater. m^S^ Jf   ..    p d S^H _* vi *& G9_ Can&or's and'Ufc and Mis: Uawd  Arf^tanM*..demands ftom tte "SSSStSL "tie *S_SfI?S^�� ^ * jfc'���**** *���*���         >   ���  xHher lugfely-ujdustodized vatuw and toe \^ ^ financ���   ba!Se Ld tociS IN pR|?i=  Sl^fS tTlS^A^tSS^ oyer ^ y^1*'* ^ tf*^ to fiPiie '<* ^ T$ ^nl9r Guenther famtty were to the  SLSS^ZL* ��iJS��SS S^   fact that a &mo Jiad been pjirthased and   Bay fart week to say goodbye to Mends  ^^^S^��i?SSL!SS �� oU w������M ^ ^�� converted info    and move their,fe&njjng.'to their new  exports "is certainly not discouraging . a most ^^ ^^^5 ^^        ^   . -       hme at j^jj ^,3^^^ ^e     .     . - . .  J^^SSS^SSSS!^^��Sm Elected to office for &e ye��r J858^9 ^^ Saturday, about 1:30, a boat "Sweet  3ItIS ^JK In��Sfn_S^jS were ILR. Holgate, president; jr. M.CJ04P- Sue" out'^Vancouver a^d heading for  t^4?^^f^S^t^T^i^ ��r' vice-president; Herheii Bol^ington and Pendef Hantour hit flu. reef at Siacrest  SfS ^^ ��,nj^ ��x����utive of_cekA coin-    and sustained damage to her hull. After  ^~Y"      .,-     . * m,  t.    ______    *    mittee was appointed to consider revisions   the passengers .were taken off, the boat  'Thus,, the fundamental taste confront-    to ��jC constitution in line with the present    was towed as far as Welcome Beach. Sal-  mg both Canada and the United States are    ^y ^^ & Qur commumty; ' vage deration? are in the hands of Mar-  At the annual general meeting of the    tin- Higgs.   *  Welcome  Beach  Water *oard  held   the        Mrs. Frank hyons is in Vancouver this  same day, two vacancies oeciurjng on the    week to visit husband Frank in'Sbaugh-   ���  Board  were ^Ued by  the re-election of    neSsy Hosj$taL  With*_he'hikh interdependence between   Vtiiz Leuchte and the election of guerre        1%e handsome trio of mail box stands  the Canadian and U.S. economics, "it is    Solvsberg: '        *     *       whieli" are1 'attracting so  miich "attention  not^surprisng tbat there should be a mixed   ����������[��  reacti-h 4o"measure now being' taken J>y    5  1*       , ���     4   ..   �� _^   ,   ���,   ,   .  but neighbour*. " ' *^ GuesSs of the Archie Rutherford's last  week were" Dr. and Mrs. Donald Jl. Rutherford of Walnut Creek, California. The  two-families were in Vancouver last Saturday to attend the wedding of their-nephew, Bruce Rutherford. Bruce and Ids parents, Mr. .and Mrs. Ed. Rutherford have  also been recent guests of the Halfrnoon4  those of maintaining price stability and orderly growth in {he face of a vast array of  competing demands."  INTERDEPENDENCE  "While measures which serve to strengthen _he VS. economy axe likely to be of  ultimate benefit to'Canada, the fact tbat  at'ithe moment such efforts are concentrated on. balance-of-payments problems could  create more immediate difficulties for this  near the Jack Temple property are the  work of Mrs. Temple's brother-in-law, Doug  Anderson of Woodfibre.  When using a "braided fishing line, the  experts say a short length of monofilament  should be attached between the end of, the  line and'the lure, as braided line is too  obvious in the water.  n&y,  V r"^~  .<'~  S\�� X  .^�����  _���������'"���" *  -_r  -* .  .v,'  %.*  "%��*�����  /A  T-*  . *��  ;  \js    "-  �� I     * �����  .#1 *  v    , + ������'���'��  Y*       >��J  ^*  .-���  1*.  J1 ^  ���****\  &���  of M states.  Canada's export performance in 1951  showed an increase of S_5 per cent over  1966, to meet the official target of $1L25  billion.  With the reassurance that freer inter'  national trade is a basic U_5. policy objective, despite recently-imposed restrictions to  combat that country's balanced-payments  problems, "prospects for Canada's external  trade position are favorable, although of  course not as good as in 1967," when Centennial attractions contributed to a very  large surplus in the travel account.  CAPITAL SPENDING  In capital spending, the two countries  show some marked similarities, with current reports indicating restrained performance in 1967.  Preliminary surveys of capital spending  for 1968 ^reveal a divergence" between the  intentions of businessmen in Canada and  the VS.  Some estimates place the expected VS.  increase as high as six percent, in comparison to a decline of five percent in  Canada.  Consumer spending last year failed to  grow at a rate corresponding to the increase in disposable income and, in both  countries, the rate of personal saving rose  to 'abnormally hi��h levels. r  "���* ''Relatively restrained as the consumer  has been, he nevertheless did provide one  of the major sustaining forces in Norib  America in the past year and prospeqs  are good that consumer spending will act  as a^ catalyst to renewed strojpg growth in  JSdS," the B of M Renew 1  Dave Biehards of Cumberland, her sister  -and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.  Gray of Cumberland and the Gray's daughter, Mrs. Howard Atkinson of Armstrong  with ber daughter, Kathleen.  Mrs. Frank Lyons' guests have been  Mrs. Florence Thompson of Vancouver and  grandscn, Chris Laird.  Spending the vacation with their grandmother, Mrs. Mary Walker are Geraldine  and Brian Stephenson of Souris, Manitoba.  Mrs.   Buster  Brown  and   Miss   Hilda  SMSS  ' Highway 101  PHONE 886-96621  3?_*_S8B_-_3___3_i^^  YOUR HOSTS: THE BRYfflLSENS  Secret Cove RR1 - Halfrnoon Bay  For Reservations i?f-one BSS-SS3S  Unern  nt  Q. How old must a person be to obtain  a Social Insurance number? ! ' '  A inhere are no age limits. It depends  on the ciroumsitances of the person.   ,1  Q. What should I do if I lose my' Social  Insurance number card, or Insurance book?  A. Report to the nearest office of the  UIC requesting replacement.  Q. jllow can I get a replacement Social  Jtasurance.card?  ' A Application must be made through  your nearest Unemployment Insurance  Commissioin office.' The card will be mailed  to you.-  Q.  MY LAST employer won't release  my insurance hook: What action can I  >ke?   "  A Contact the nearest office of (the Unemployment Insurance Commission.  Q. Can, I'continue to be insured even  though my remuneration exceeds thc ceil-  ihg'of insurahSHtyT  ''' A. Yes. Forms are available at ?ny  Unemployment Insurance Commission office. Application  should be made  within  " ���>' T>."-'Any Questions please?  six months of the date at which your remuneration ejkeeeds the ceiling.  Q. I liave an old unemployment insurance book. How do I get !an up-to-date  one? ,--'''1, ������":���" L'yt"' '        '"'":-:  A- Send thp eld bock to the neaiest office of the Unemployment Insurance Commission with your request for renewal.  Don't forget your mailing address.  Wilson Creek players  Now tbat husbands and sons have  vacated the ballparks, the ladies are  taking Vp^ptnA from household  chores to get in trim playing baseball. Team members present for this  picture arc! feom left, back row:  coach Glen Pbililps, Pud Dick, Geo-  rgina Newsham, Claudette Casey  and Jill Cobleigh. Front: Fran Jackson, Bobbi Bodnarek, Helen;) Phillips,  \Pat Porter and Mary Marcroft.  A government official talking to a group  of ,ibusines_ffi_en said he realize^ some in  his audience might wonder just \ what sort  of cteature his n^w department \was.  "We are not like the wis^ owl of the  forest Who perched in a tree and dispensed  free advice to all the other animals," he  said. "He told the beavers to btrild dams.  He advised the squirrels to store food for  the winter. He told the horses io face the  wind and the cows to back into it.  .''Y'Vl .'finally dawned on the animals that  tbe7#Wl was telling them7''what'to do but  not bow to do it, and they accused him of  this.  "The owl just Winked and said, '1 only  make policy'."  :Fon wm  GOOD PRIZES  MPipEiSSHfP  PEIZE  /  * . r  p���^nsip  P"  V f_W0w___. j^Vv9___  SECHELT  VILLACiE  HAUL  Maybe jDnrlonKdisf^nrepTmrtcIiHI is foolorvl  Wc'ro pcrioiisf Moro and fnorofirma axe finding I tut long  distance callioR saves thdr cjocculivcs lime and produoci  fiistcr results, 'they get to flic point quickly, otrlain im-  jnediate^^answcni, fcorp in constant touch with oul-of .own  cuslonicrs and distant ptafTittcmbcn_ Afk 0-r Martccting  J>rpartmcnt to aug&ot ways jmt could increase your  pliono bill.. . profitably t  I  PJP ">'  "'if.l_M_LiSi__.  _^_^*__1_-  it tarn m   !���_���  r  'i  -i��   w CI."  .���*"���, "._-." -'?"  1     j. J     , ������_���"!  '   'it '     '    ���*!��� -t.V   .'I* 3  NOW YOU QET A FULL 15 OJ. FT. REFRIGERATOR  IN THE SAME SPACE AS A 1967 13 CM. FT.... THANKS  TO  GIBSON   REVOLUTIONARY   NEW   INSULATION.  15 Cubic Foot.  146 Ib. FfOft-Frce Freezer.  Twin Porcelain Crispers.  Suggested lift Price  Your Trodo   MS9.95  1100.00  * Porcelain Meat Ixtcker.  * Additional Door Crispcr.  * Elcmovoblo Egg Racks.  YOU PAY  MANY OTHER BEAUTIFUL GIBSONS TO CHOOSE FftOM-  A SIZE AND PRICE FOE EVERYONE  purmt flX8w��_ TfUfttBHf cttatrwr  t       ��^ ���. '        *     J'        ���    t*J'   . JS ,-V*-*   *. ��. rf   .w   - ���     �� "..        .  ���    -...      ������.._������ ''"'i -�����. .. t...*'"-  *     i ���      . :rf  ..���.��� ��<������ ��������_���������an���iim* '������������   ��� _M_��i_i--i��i^^_-n_n__i___ ���  in ���  - f ��� ��� i - ���     ��� i.  r ���    im.   m   u rii���__i - j n ii ��� i li iii - mi      i- "���' ��� -      *"   t,  ���  ,i0*-tt    ��ft*J��.r.^��*_S  ,.,..r_.  .'.if. .���*- j^uMii|w^:i.��y��'V#*'M^.i^.^^ i^�� ^�� ���i��.m*i!^*i����i%iw.^mm'*H�� ^HJ��h_riHW-*.'I. i*W.*����i��> t ��<_��f(Bl.|W_ M#HH>*!.| *>nt'fji_ i ^ ^_f .^^.t*^"'!*^* *r       _n  ..,._-_ 5? J _ J*if. -j. ,t_ll__.V. a.   Iw -   *_j _. c ��� ������ - i*   -���..     - . _.     iT 1 7.   .. I*... ...     .    ._.    ..   i.  -i   _..    _....i.   I.. Ui   _.ilJ_, .Jt  ���__ .... ___.    -J)   - ..  . ������- , ,%JiJ'ii - A  tt-i__.l.__ Tl lft_i ml_ If 11 I'm 1"  if. Ii.  I   .*.<�����'< J |^IUWT ir I__TTIT'J���*Vii. t. "��� I*. I      il-"^  f-o^ ^"S!" ^ Vj��rr *'~-*1 51 **' ' "�����**- f  ?^-^-(-Vr^> j-.- d  . Vlf J  ���*�����_&/��*���**<  ���"Wf*1H����|i'-t**   -1  h     ' 'J   ������   I ���! J"       ' '^" *������  {"��� Hil ���   T     i |H i In   Mround B.C. -**_���.  ;...-.  Provli.clol WccUlei    'SB*' ��A, -rr"^,'l**~" ttttfh  *f*ft'���_������<-  ^��i  ~W<jiter polflitfoh .  ".      jii|Ht   .11   ?Hl'JH JMililM��*    'ff.l",[-f  m->m m.  t i  .   *     J4^   .>_-  ��� V> _��-  *  ' -^      ; ' '   ^ from  (Prepared in co-operation* with ��� ���.   qairator of Neighborly News and CBV &adb  r, >     . Vancoav��>.)^ Y *    {  \ "The assassination p�� Robert Kennedj  bas shocked the entire world. No^ we are  asking ourselves;-Why? Why ahd how are  jthc^e things happening? tyixe&^wth out  shock now is fright. We are frightened  jtecause we do not know what is happening  or has happened j to ourselves, our minds,  our Imorals, oult culture, our way of life,  1 "Till xiovy We have 'Jmished off these  bappenings 'as the work" of some jt��roken  C V       -  ^o * ���J  ^*_*    .J  _'  &  H    __il' "     IL'oi   "r'-*     ^9- Y^^C��^^>iY?Vr _S1"/   .���������'       ��  lias. Mi-ama-rmm appmack  BI01_J6ICl_ky-treatmeht pf pulp mHIwasjte^ ^h&fcgr'jH-oceiiSes to' get bitter, pertnrm->  YisJ'being1 carried 'out^Hty a hit-and-mgssY M?eY    .-   *    ^ n     *  approach, 'says Michael Waldichuk of the > ^he scifenfisl was optimistic about even-  Fisheries Eeseaivch' Board of Canada hlo-" *;,��_ ^.._,^^..�� <_���i_i_,_�� ��ftu,.i!���� ^  logical station at Nanaimo.  ���^_sjp  \|iai suc^ssin Sialting politttion,  -,      ,,, -     ^  - ,     ,  ' "''^'We are apprdacjiiog a time when all  . Waldiehuk'talked apout \yater pollution 'wastesfrom jb__- bumans and industry can  at the annual technical ����nfiErence ot t|ie be IfgUy treated" at_l only cieaii wa.er will  Vancouver branch of the Institute of Eiec^ ty released, intoJ the environment, llvw-  trical and Electronics Engineers. " "  Waldichuk, said the biological processes  in the aquatic environment are not weft   ^�����afiSJyarch has shown that certain tech-  understood ahd that increased research!*!, >_^Et&^J!__^- *���� ���I_,����--���- .f  necessary to prevent  ^and industrial waste.   - t >���' y ^, ^5^8  Inadeqbafe conclusions are being reach-"       ,,__ .. .    ,..,   ...    w .  ed about waste disposal methods feat are   '   "^fnmot, A is difficult to get a com-  safe for fjsh and other forms of life WftK n&W *�� ,nY??* "�� a.t"a^ne,nt Plant.]0 do  dichuk said ^ ��0^ o1^ ^mg w��hout Strong evidence  "The optimum conditions for the activ-    ��* ��>* Tfial "^J? f?r !t 3��d w3^0"1 s0���6  ity of microbiological orgahims in the treat-    ��Lork *n 'a Pfehminar^ pilot plant basis.  ever,-the costs in many of these treatments  3re still quite Jiigb.  -  t- .-������._,__ ^o-^^i.,.,.   '���''Bescarct has shown that certain tech-  t jncreased researchy��t  >mft& ^J, passa)le &r�� ��lW5h aspects of  nt poUuhon by sewag?  ^lljnent/as "tenlovai of, color from pulp  "r�� ' mill !��i/a<:foc ^    'V  The Peace Biver Block News says that  a million years of nature is being undone  behind the W. A. C. Bennett Dam at Portage Mountain. And because of that a new  industry has heen created on Bennett Lake  that is filling up behind the dam.  With water rising-at the rate of 2 inches  an hour, hundreds of acres of forests are  fceing 'lost to the lake every week. Anjmals  are being driven up the  are being torn up from  One of the most' impressive sights  the floating islands on the lake. These are  areas which were frozen-in several feet  of ice during the winter. When the water  rose this spring, it tore patches of forest  up by the roots. Until the ice around the  trees, melts, the trees remain upright, and  in some cases the islands are acres in  extent, floating downstream toward the  dam. " ~1  The paper says the new lake is about  two miles wide in most places and in the  deepest place the water is 200 feet albove  tbe ,former water level.  The amount of debris on the lake makes  boating with anything smaller than ai  sturdy riyenboat a real hazard. Bridgesl  oil drums and pieces of buildings wer^  scattered through the miaze of roots and.  logs. I  And it's because of the debris that the  new industry has started on the lake.  "Peace Navigations" is the name of la new  tugboat firm that launched its first tug  recently, and its first job is salvage lhe  logs on the lake and moveUthem to aj landing from where they will pe trucked! to a  mill at Chetwynd In addiujpn, loggers will  fell trees on the shoreline and leave them  for the rapidly rising wateri to flow them  when they will be gathered up by the|tug-  boat firm. \  But, according to another! article inlthe  Peace River Block News, alllthis business  of cleaning up Bennett Lake'w^l be wasted,  and after August 19th there won't be any  W> A. C. Bennett Dam. Stephen L. Packard of Dawson Creek predicts that "the  *iM3�� <&r *&���* ^BfiLsypy'  .v._��_^__J.. _.J*__^_*  ���* "^."*  i    -"Vt^jfc   ��;. _w. *-_-___:_  A.*  &��0h��v&   '>4%^?>-?4^^_C  00   JV^~- ���  w -' *->'''*!r.>i>.'"!-v>'i.'_ff  'T   4&4,  ���^x  ment '<of pulp miU wastes) are being ar-*  rived at rather empirically. A better established scientific apd engineering" -approach is needed . ..," the.Nanaimo ocean*  ographer sajdY '       '   (   .        "  JHe went on to say that pilot-plant operations of -some of the processes that ate  More research of both fundamental and  applied 7&aiure at all levcls"in 'the process  of treatment is obviously rfequired," Waldichuk 'said.  PUBLIC PRESSURES  ^ tfPublic ipfessures" to develop higher de-  ^gree&lii treatments for tnany types of  Beach clean-up  Geltting ready for the Foremen's w^- l Jbe sand gets carefully rated oyer, ^sand and a yalkway down to the new  ter "sports next Sunday, mothers and \ Tjhj&'&'pte second Gibsons'Miinici^al   floats,  hinsides and/trees   idiiidren make sure no-one gets Iturt ^ Beach ^Jian-up this year; ^; people   place for youngsters.  their roots. on jagged rocks or broken glass as vtuLrned out, to fte first oiw. With'cleah  'ressjve sights are    .   *"   .        ~ ��v ^--^     r ��� ^, ��� > r-    . ^  - ^      . "���  i  the' beach is now a pleasant  now being developed ^hould be possiSHe itfa&psY&nd to introduce 'sucb treatments in  an^ should be supported not only by indi|$- those 'opera-Sons' causing heavy pollution  try but perhaps by goyernment.       ,J -*��� J^ave sfimulatea developments which are  Cbinpimies  ar^e relm|tadt he sai4, 4toJ bficomiftf mOjce acceplijMe to imlust^."  7\  * .���*  P&*&  s  ii ��  V*  *J v*   J.    <  ^0*  *     Jf "  * -**  ���J -r9-.r-r"  ,t  X  *."  4*   "W  ^    Jk  "4* *&���*  W*      v-V-  ww_��wwwnw��wi��>iMi��iw>aMi��iw��mi/��Mnuiri��ii��-i��  ��� -   ' *.  .��.       _��--^*     v-        _*+4_q #v���  i>i<wiwrinwi__��wwwiiWJW^  -^   j        i  Vmt>tmKiuuult4tititmn��4tintftitin  THE PLACE TO ISO P��K ������ S���&3����IL ;SH^pyi��S  |S9   ���   * <���   ff_L.Ul  f,'<"  SECHELT  PHONE 885-9343  SELECT YOMR.��CT-lW#^ OET FREE CHWCE  ��r. COLOIlit TV A^�� 7S ����MEE_ S��Hl2ES.  Get m4f  for...  S^e oyr 8n-Sfore  SPECIALS  Shop Early ond  Avoid The Rush.  We Will  Loyoway Ordehs  *y . 4~        l\       # V .  If Desired.  ���MWMMMMMHMMMMHIMMWMIIHMIiHI  Anxious moment  Gibsons, Municipal! Beach" clean-up   ses to the .Twilight Theatre. Oliier     ,       organizers,  Mrs.  Dolores Ailanson. donors who added goodies to help  will eollapse that day, and -jat the s��oe   ana'Mrs. W. L. Reid hold aloft Hck-^ sweeten the beach cleaning chore  ^time Mount McKinley in Alaska will faH   gjg p^or ^ fl,e draw, while anxious   .were:    Irwin    Motel,    Cknoperatiyie  tiff;����!?y: %?% Sfeif^^W"1^   youngsters wait to discover that the We, Ken's Foodland and Gibsons  diets tbat the Strait U Georgia will dry up.i   i^��*      ���,���^��� . !������.#��_.. o��.^   _��^ ��� im^ini^x rv_,.��/��_i  Georgia will dry up.  ' Mr. Packard claims he possesses" a  sixth' sense. He calls it extra.-senSory perception. He claims he has made accurate  predictions in the past and has post-dated  leftefs arid newspaper clippings to prove  it. fie says he has visions-' in color Of  upcoming events and while he's bad them  all his Me he didn't learn to interpret them  until 1957. Since then he claims he has  predicted an earthquake in Turkey, the  outcome of the Grey Cup games and an  earth tremor on the Pacific coast. He  admits that while he gets his dates correct  he sometimes has his geography a bit off.  One earthquake he bad predicted for the  CSA occurred in Russia, but he was cor-"  reel on the date.  He's an electriician by tr^de and also  does, some prospecting. He says there are  four bajor faults in the rock strata below  the dam, and when the dam goes "You'll  be able to hear it in Denver."  ���   ���   m  The North Vancouver Citizen says that  North Vancouver District Council is trying  a niEtw method of attacking the problem of  election signs. In that district at will be  necessary to get a $> permit to (put up  election signs, and ._? they're not "itakeh  down right after an election then it will1  be done by municipal employees and the  cost charged against the group involved.  Alderman Roy Whittle was qgainst any  fcind of election poster being allowed in the  district. "IM go'tor a complete ban on  ejection signs if we couhJCget 'away with  it," he said, "but I don't think we can.  Tbis-is the closest we can come."    (  Well, it's going to be interesting to see  how it works out in North Vapcouver, because Jf It's successful;' the controls will  likely  be  copied in oth,cr  municipallitics.  Winners were - Jennifer - Blake-and  Mrs. E. Chadwell receiving free pas-  Municipal Council.  Taming of lhe Shrew fop movie for Sechelt  womanly, docile wife to love.  ' Richard Burton protrays Petruchio with  Vigorous enjoyment, and his Cue voice  ' does well by 'Elizabethan speech. Elizabeth  Taylor, acting with gusto, is lovely to behold even in her most shrewish moments.  Once she has been tamed, she has a dignified'femininity, and her speech of compliance to- her" husband's demands is delivered* with winning charm. Costumes and  sets offer a richly beautiful plap of color.  Director Zeffirelli sparlcs up the buffoonery with broad touches, and gives the  old comedy a colorful, spulent gaiety.  THIS week at the Sechelt Theatre on the  Waterfront a top movie, adapted from  William Shakespeare's most' rollicking  plays,' "Taming of the. Shrew", 'starring  Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.  Old Padua comes to life on tbe screen  with lots of bustle and fine graphic detail in a somewhat" bawdy version of  Shakespeare's comedy. The much-couxted-  younger daughter of a rich Italian may nottf  marry unti a Jiusband is found-for her older sister, the' potorious shrew JKatbarina,  Then to the joy' of her tormented' family,4  a suitor looking for a wealthy bride rides  into town���a flamboyant, lusty fellow, Petruchio by name. Having appraised Kate's  dowry, he starts his campaign, apd with  cunning   and   horseplay   calms   her  fiery*  Gardener    feeding    scrawny    sapling:  "Don't you want to grow up like other  trees?   Don't you want a nest of robins an  temper and proud spirit, and gets' himj a��  your hair?" , ;, '   '   '     '''  OFFERING AN  EXCELLENT RANGE OF  BACK TO SCHOOL  QUALITY CLOTHING  AT GENUINE  SALE reflCES  S  K  . . .���..,������ .���... / -  .. - ��� '��������������� ������ ��� ���  ^nii0piicii|iii@iif  ������  y  ���'������-        '���'.:'���        '  Or. T. C. WEBB is pleased tc* announce that he is  " ,. /< ,cY- Y ''-Y   'ti.ht'' "���' ���    ���':.. j Y(J\       '-  now taking appointments tor his dental oftice in the  Benner Block, Sechelt  .>;?;:���''  Phase phone 886-7020 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.  SEE THESI AND  ^NY UNADVERTISED  - SPECIALS -  big catch-big thirst"big flavour.  lew Slipmenis  mm @feif daf  it ii in latest  11  Bad fo School  styles  Give ^bOrself a  Y(break  *bk fimfismmt H m* pabflthetf or displayed by llkllquor Control UoafiJ'pr^ W.isCswncfir'of British Columbia.  REMEMBER  Hie t.aiti�� You  Can Trust - *  Secfieft, HX- - ��SS-SS3��  IP  ��� <", * <?** -*" f t ���*% 4* ���# i"*!** ^*"*"  ^flT^^sJ^^^l^f^lWIlff*?^  &t&yi*mii'fal4%t^**^*&W^  ��0>rr ���"<"�����'"m jySv&j*  7>-5  '      .  \P <*t*b P ^yp*  '  '   <  (^Y  *  /   u  !  >   *   Y   .,>     v    ,  , *J       l  t   .        �� J.*' 7-j'  >  "*,W  r  M..  Y1- ����� * (  tl ^>.?' ^ *' P P < ** '\P, -{,i   - * ~ i^rr^t��� (^ , *  f.    .,     Yw  ..v    * tjil/fcJl  yp^t ]&$,>,  r *-V*  - :��*���  ,,-^^fl'-:  "**=a2*��Stf 3��?*-r  a  i \  %,'V Y;;.  +1  1$.pM  X        _*1>      -,__ l_-^--_���-w ������     ���    _�����������_>���  _ i-y. ���"  "VMZz. >J___M__r_l____.  r^ Graceful craft  Nearing completion, the trimariah^ 'soft, itforks on the jsurprisingly spac-  Kismet is attracting a lot of atteri- ioiiS interior of the craft moored at  tion from tourists as Bill Kristoffer-    Porpoise Bay  r   -  ^^w^^Tte.  _. "v  ��_ j-  fey J ''ip^'feK lr--s^ iKt/?j  f3r J__3L Sf i j*R-*5ITr v'^;  --a.  -VJ*  Pogc B-4 The Peninsula Timcs  Wednesdoy, August 14, 1968  /n Your Garden  ���by The Old Rake  AIR layering is the term given to the procedure of rooting shoots on a growing plant.  In the past this was confined to house  plants that had become too leggy when  the bottom leaves began to drop oft Now,  making use of polyethylene, it is practised  successfully outdoors on trees and shrubs.  All that is required besides .the polyethylene is a sharp knife, some-;'daimp sphagnum moss and a hormone rooting powder.  In late spring select a shoot of last  year's, wood ,or in June or early July a  shoot ot the current year's wood about as  thick as a lead pencil or larger. A cut is  made lengthwise down the middle of the  shoot being careful not to break it as it  must remain attached to the parent tree  or shrub until it has rooted. Insert a small  stone and a piece of wood to hold the cut  open and dust it with the rooting powder,  Squeeze a handful of wet moss to remove  excess water, it must be moist. Push some  into the cut and the rest is packed completely around the cut until the whole area  is surrounded by damp peat-moss. A. piece  m__i#____�� _*��-__-___�� ��.'.polyethylene is then wrapped around it  m-Hung progress and fastened top and bottom, the overlap  On shore leave, Times columnist small outboard capable of powering at the top should be turned down so that  John Hetherington (right) gives Bill the speedy trimaran .which under the rain-will not be tunneled into the moss:  Krisltofferson  a  helping  tend  with   sail just skims over the water. On some plants the ball of damp peatmoss  ���"."���''"- may have to be  given some  support to  By John HetheringtOA ��� ��� ��� prevent it from breaking. The best time to  ���-���:       ' "  remove the rooted shoot from the parent  plant is after the leaves have dropped and  the plant is in a dormant cortdition.  It would be -wise to pot the newly rooted plant and keep it indoors for the winter  or at least in a sheltered place outdoors  and covered ���with evergreen boughs until  the worst of the winter is over. The final  move is, to the! permanent position of the  plant and care jshould be taken that it is  not allowed to dry out. This is an interesting manner of Ipropogating - and one that  any amateur should be able to do if he  uses care when doing the cutting. Even if  a subject is.hard(tO propogaie try this method, if it doesitt't work there is iwthing  lost.   ������      Y-'-"������ .������' -���       '��� yL    v~  B_     -*" .>  _f^  Z.ST ���!__f'V___^I   *T^~-:S:rX2!��ss2r*^4fi3&'  & *-.<.' i.__ __�� ,__  SUNDAY, July 28, was a day filled *yith give  her an  exceptionaJ&y  high  rate  of  <|m^_on   lor   John   Ball   Kjr_3to_fersso_. spvzd   Such vessels have been known to  and bis wife, Ruth. It was also a day o_ jattam m excess <* *��*& ***..  pride   for   it was  the  realisation  of  a Bill has been around the world before.  dreaik coming true as they wat_W the J�� J*8 f���11^ ��f * friend^ he once sailed  y^ , Lylr ��� ^ * f ^j i.^ * J-UKteen foot Arabian dhow across the  waters of PorpoiseBay part around th^ Mediterranean from Sfax, 1^ihs_j, ck-  three hulls Of -ieir M'4'' trin^aifi "ffis- jcwmHawigartling SjAly and soling back  mot?.Vas^it>^_ frpm the sai__,_g* .which Across to Trijioli; Be bas been, a part of  it had been creat^ .    J   :      tho -underwater, wdrld  of  Jacques  Cous-  .dl ,   7,   , -   -' ^ -    teau," when the famod diver and adven-  Tte asse:mb3age of fnends and o^ y^^ ^s tftermg a course _a-__denva_er  looker,, gathered on^tteshore at, ^^d exploration He has been a dive*, working  B.C. Fir Sawmill, cheered as tte white- ^ ^ SWedish Museum of Naval History,  hulled craft took to the water alter Mrs. at'the site of the famous man-of-war,  Martha Kristofferson, of Nelson, smashed ~Va��a", which was sunk m 1628 He has  the customary bottle of champagne par^cipated w. the^^Monte, Carlo Grand  across the bow. . |>rix.|He has run the course at Cortina,  The sucessful launching saw comple- Italy, iin;��a .single^^/mgn. bob-slcd'i Bill Kris-  tion of nine months of devoted labour by. tofferson- is .an adventurer "extra ordin-.  Bill and his wife and when finally fittbdY,, jfem." As a sailor, he is well qualified to  out, ,J.heir vessel will carry them, in ad;:1 undertake an adventure such as mailing  dition to their- two young ^u^^a,iii;,ip^;,;,.ia,rwiiid the world in a 36'4" ketch rigged  a voyage around the world. trimaran.  "A  trimaran has  never   completed1 ��� a ^f5^ *�� Sh?^'?. f  P^T  circumnaviation of the  world  so Kismet g3^; ^^JSSm^T     a Jt  _h^ii ho tho firstf'.nemarks Bill         . ,ters: KnslAe' eighteen months and Kanet-  shali be the first!    wmarks. JJUi. .,..,, '^tonr months will be living aboard their  The design of the craft is, in part,"^ ��� Vessel until she is completed. During her  Hedley , Nicol   "Cavalier".   However,   Bill fitting-out,   BUI   plans   to   use   his   craft,  has  modified the original design mikihg which bears the  Arabian symbol of her  Kismet unique. The innovations he hai^ namesaloe4wo-h|looidfred   pfrlm   printjs:  oni  inttoduced  should  have  an influence on each side of the bow-for fishing. Her 20'  Everyone knows that we have no classes. Futhermore every<me knows that he  belongs to the middle class.  boat builders in the future.  The interior is spacious and functiortal-  ideal for long-term, comfortable living.  In addition to a large, well.lighted dining  (saloon*, Kilistmet boasts comaP-Ote , gaiUtey  facilities; two spacious stait^^rooras and  complete bathroom facilities, Including  bath and shower. The "head", located in!  the aflter compartment, is versatile in as  much as Bill plans to use It as a dark  room for developing photos. Kismet's  crew of four will live in a vessel designed  to  sleep eight persons  comfortably.  The hull Is of i_und bilge construction,  copper napthanated overall. In preference  to sheeted plywood, Bill has used the  "double planking" method of consthiction.  The framing is yellow cedar iind tho three  hulls are joined in "mono-coquc" with no  Jess than twenty aircraft typo struts or  bean���, making the craft one pojld unit.  The vchni'1 is insulated with styro-foam  througliout to ensure pleasant Hying condition's in all dlmaU'N,  Tin' trimaran is to bo "ketch" rigged  and when the main and mlzzcn mast.fi arc  stvppt'd , will carry 4!>;_ nquare feet of  daicron   nadl   which   Will   csit��ma.eM   wjlf  4" beam will give ample deck 6pa.e for  that purpose.  Doctor of Optometry  204 Vancouver Block  Vancouver, B.C.  Will be in Sechelt  Monday, August 19  For an appointment for  eye examination phone  ��385-2818  EXCAVATING,  P1TCHII-G Af-ID  LIGHT AND HEAVY  BULLDOZING,  TRUCE-IMG.  GRAVEL, TOPS0IL  Af-D  FILL.  Days 8S&-2&63  Nights 886-2378  or 7764  ^^^^^^_j_^J^^^^j^M!B^  ^_g____��M_B  .  Af-D NATURALLY ALL ARROWS POINT TO  CAfWBELL'S VARIETY LTD.  BACK TO SCHOOL SAVINGS.  CHECK OUR FLYER FOR CLOTHING SPECIALS  m00m0*^000*00*mm0>mmm*4*+0^mt0 * ******* m*00r-im*0wmtW0*  COMPLETE STOCK OF SCRIBBLERS - REFILLS  PENCILS - PENS - SCHOOL LISTS AVAILABLE.  SAM SAYS ��� SHOP AROUND AND COMPARE AND FIND OUT  CAMPBELL'S HAVE THE PRICES THAT LEAVE YOUR  POCKET BOOK HAPPY.  I W/Ayh**AT" vvi i**Jff/7lfd 'nC~Psyyx-  ;  i M T.  a w-  m  W  mn  IP:  ..  BONELESS  COUNTRY STYLE  Sparefils  Q  _  0  8    0  IB  _  PORK OR BREAKFAST  a  q  'a  BONELESS ROAST  t%      1      ���     -  a  Miners  CARNIVAL      .  ICE CREAM . .,  KRAFT SINGLES  CHEESE SLICES.  SEALORD  PINK SALMON.  PREM  LUNCH MEAT    12 oz.  3 PTS.  _-'_  ��%  i '-n'  ,i f  Deep Buttered  Vegetables  .v>  LIBBY'S  12 oz.  SUNGOLD  OUANGI  cii��sims-  .    o  ���   *  Hl-C 48 oz;  OtANGE  ��^Kt.    o    .    .    .    o    ���  LIBBY'S Deep Browned  14 oz   \ Minute Maid Frozen  t-���illOilCic3@  6 oz.  tin ,   SALAD BOWL  Kraft:32 oz.  GARDEN GATE FROZEN  Strawberries  32 ��z _���:_-_-.   FROZO - 2 lb. pkgs.  ��� 'irt_A$.,-.  �� CORN  ��� MIXED VEG.  ��� CUT BEANS _  BEEFSTEAK  ���   ���  OKANAGAN  CRATE.  B  LOCAL  q   n  LOCAL  Prices Eff��_tfiv@: Thur., Aug.  15 to Sat-, Aug. 17  7__..__' .���*���..--;���,-,    * ��� ���*  _ 'H '  a  ^  _��.   # ���        *_�����-.  iNIWfc^ ������������>��. ^-������-i  SECHELT  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES  Xfb��Jt_air  7n/7/7/7Y7/7/7nn/7/7Y7ni7/7/L4  i ..A   ,,. .,�� ,.-* ,W*  "?-  ������ (*: ...if.,,*.... -.,��*���,  , .���.; V ,���i.r .A M. -nrf.X *-f ,*_f j**:,,**' -*�� ���*. ^^.A ^-,^0*^ .��*��** 4 *��* *f trf .0$ ,^.,0��,,T^^0a.M.iA. rf^,_*_*i..*A1H'.M)*,'**..��^*A��*l*��i*'.'**^. Mi--_/,,**'.,f��>-n'f^f ^���^*,i�� f.^^A-^-..^.^-^,.^'^ ^.iw-.-ii*.:!* -<i.,i,t._*rt,,,*!..,** *<..i4 ^!-,.^_^...*.M-*^f~.'*' **������ ��*.-^i..>rf"-i*'t,*'''*sj"*'4 ^V^A^^..^.^.^^.^^^^^.^^'^  ^���At^/0t^^i^^tii/Ay^fy0^^i��r^M ��,���


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