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The Peninsula Times Mar 13, 1968

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 f* ^^r^vt\. *./.*?*���  *>  -   1��  *a___s> 106  71  langdale -. :j,',__��.  School; Board Office  pp-ih&tpne ~* .*_��__���  Davis Bay .~-   24  Sebna. Park* ~_,_-_i :_,_  19  Sechelt; Elementary __,_:_,_ 49  No  .   8  -  9  tile'' Regional College proposal* by.register-   W^ne andftgthojot bykeven.:Those voting  jug/a _K6 percent vote" against it la&   gfojSfe' School, B��ar_; office tc?ist "228 No  Thursday' thereby eliOTltt^tin&'ja&^oo^',^' ^_%t406-Yea.^; -    - -  a fantastic tax. increase in a coujfte ���'&' ^yrS^^dma'is'is follows; -.'7 .  year's time.   '   "'.i1 , ��<$����-'      \' '       " .'"JY**"  Approval was.given by Northland West  1www:;Ida_d'-,.rl^_.7.X '0  Vancouver and the Ifowe Sounds areas ie   Porjt -Hellob  --.._���J__._^__,. 10  go ahead "with establishment of~the College   Gambier~Islanih ~r���.-���z__i.' "2  District and, in effect,.provides a W^hk  cheque to the j committee. '<' >;  Such approval was "given a similar f>ro-  jecl.in .the Okanagan .but -collapsed jiter,  when .taxpayers were asked (to approve a  money referendum far in excess of any*  thing they had anticipated. Result'of-4his  failure is ithat Grade 13 has been introduced  into.' schools in ithe area6 involved and  greater technical facilities "incorporated  into ;the existing' vocational school at  Kelowna which is ithe more practical solution suggested in past Times editorials.  - While voting on the Peninsula was de-  i 1���  - p-   -- -1.      1 ���    ���'     -   n.   ���       1 .      ��� .   .      -i  Explains, Junctions  West/Se_helt(, :__._;.._> 19  Halfrnoon Bay _,_z    S  40  42  Mad&r* Park _--_.,.-_v-��- 54  53  Garden Bay _____  is  t&nbnt r -"._-_-_ U-' i.' 14   .  32  '7  ISfelson .Island __-j__,ct __- l  ,     5  .JOTAI, Ct-1���___.-' 466  931  WBWBPAY7MA8CH 13.1W0  i��3SHo,.1S /;    ",-   aOC  Gikoas Kiwanis plan  Georgia Beach project  GIBSONS Ewanis, are proceeding with  * plans for providing facilities at 'the  Georgia Beach at the bottom .of the-Bluffs,  it was. announced at tbe last meeting of  tbe Club last Thursday, -March 7th, but  members were advised that work parties  will be required in order to .clean the area  unit is proposed to construct a barbecue  pit, tables, parking space etc. and consideration is to be given establishment of  rest rooms.      '  Another worthwhile project presently  being investigated is that of a Senior Citizens- JBomes complex. Chairman of the  committee, George Hopkins told' (members  be has-been in touch with tbe Lands Branch  and. so far-has merely been advised that  his enquiries regarding the proposed site  is under consideration....  It. was. imported that -while .sums of  money have previously gone toward completion of the- Scoot Hall; they have so* far  been utilized'for other necessary items.  Approval was therefore: given, to tbe suggestion that $300 be- donated by' the club  which will-go to cost of completion of the  haBL .-/    '"t " -f^��_S5__S -      - ,      - .      ,. ,    m^. ���    f -      ��f     ,-..-*  uwriiAWAtr ^��*a-���,v���4��i __��__ /����.���    ,*A-___*."��� '        - --��_v '        -   _* _ * Construction is already n____r��_y tm. $Sa~��JbSim&J' Mr. Ed Mcllwaiae.  Disposal problems �� ��� ��  RB&IONM, Boa.d, Ifospital Board, Cou*   was Kerbaps^an-oversj^f on my part but ft   Sunshine Coast Golf and OtW* __sl Mr. Ed Hughes died, over plans    Tv   '    -  . ;   .-' '.^'-:'/  ,_u_, Chambers of Commerce and organ-   it -was brought to my .attention-by tbe JS���k^Iwi__����    *���_t* t^-^Z^L- Z^^Sw^r  w^^rt  izations tbrotigfaout the'area have been   Board an,' baTnow been.stopped/' he'said, gub  clubhouse; -bwtt ona m&& ffir tfee ?���gation system. Water,.Will  rfeclpients of/,ircuJars printed oh School    .'Asked whether any of the. organizations Muff, it offers a coiamai^^ww- ���_�� oM^ng[from angarby^^creeK and  Board letterheads and posted-in School   approached have,agreed to support <the of the  course  and  me Sfraafs of   paanpeo tram _entr__iy located: tmik.  Board envelopes,.,seeking a meeting be-   project, Mr. Blaney, said there, has been Georgia., This, picture looks'_dSpara.-' ;     '*       .," ,.  tweeh tiie various organizations- and a rep-   spine indication that t^e Pender Harbour  ������-r- 7 ; ��� : : r-.���'   tentative of what has been described as    PTA' ifr interestei, also a couple of chulreh ��?*��.,_. >.Z*r.nn-��Ic ��     - ,    *  a'Community Council Committee. < grqups and one less 'significant .ervice i��*��e cngngeis ��� ��� ��� - -  Most of .the groups approached naturally   club. /'Unofficially 1 understand the union  is also interested," he added. '.  ,   Blaney asserted .he was not in favour  of a'slong ihe School Board to head _he  scheme.jbui, rati^r preferred going to the  ��w sewage regulations  rerara n��w  assumed^ _ie .rgapization was a function  of the School Boaridr This myth, however,  has long since been exploded aid various  trustees have-explained 4hat at this dme   _.. ,���., ^_��� ^������ _T���_ ���   tiie. Board is In no way connected with the Begiohal' District, - which, he said, repre-  proposed .organization. Certain sums have sent^ far inoi^e than' -ie" School Board,  been budgeted in the event-that the Board, The Begional Board representative to the  at a later daite^, might decide to participate, committee would'then be chaiximan, serv-  tattie or no information has been re-   ice clubs wpuM.be under one director and  guidance supplied ^where necessary.' It  would not'- be 1he intention to take over  operation of such events as May Day and  ,Ariy- flst but -if, as has- happened in the  past,- organizers of these events are lacking,' the committee .would seek helpers  prepared .to take the-initiative.  , Community studies' of specific local  problems could be undertaken by groups of  experts. from UBC," costs of which are  estimated, at this time, to be in the region  of $700 to $1,000.. This would be raised by  donations-from participating organizations.  .. JBiere is a. possibility that some assistance might be fbrtbcomihg from' the gov-'  BUH>n��lNG of*4he. new^ Coast Garibaldi   ticularJy in .the Squamish area and extra  leased as to the aims and objects of the  proposed Community Council, but some  light was.'shed during the meeting last  week of the Gi-sons Ewanis Club at -which  <fcwo of the organization's anembers were  guest speikers. t t x  <Mr. Mike' Blaney told Kiwanis, the concept of a Coniimunity Council was discussed  at an earlier education conference and was  one of the recommendations -merging.  While admitting his knowledge regarding  a Onnmimity CounciL is still: somewhat  vague, he did explain its functions ivould  be that c. a co-ordinating body between'  4he various servicejcluhs, and other organ  A LETTER sent to Sechelt YHIsgs ______  via Clerk Ted Rayner, Fefe-siy _%_sss  yet Io be brought before conneSL 1_e __&__*-  from Northwest <^munanzcatia_s I___ seeSs  a trade licence to install Cahfe V��sc__ ____-  in the Sechelt area-  . Tbe application mas sent _> _3Q___L__t  the,same time that a s_-__r .e^aaA-s-Gt-  to council of Gibsons. The latter dea^siSSa-  the matter at its meeting of Fefer__ffy~3_/  At tbat time the Gibsons' Mrcnfgrpgll ���___.  told council he had written to __s c_3_c_ar-  seeking further details _____ he fe____a_3_  received. As a.result of bat- letters, jhj&r*  oil' agreed" the JnstaHafioa <____l f&ysn.  aEffi'_act laijge xocKs. had been piled up .at  -sane poast _n Obe waterfront but have since  ______ *jfl__m the beach, ��� They 'were un-  _^% ___! lie felt should be cleaned up.  Tfee^Jaaranan agreed work is needed, to,  iaajpiWe __e wateifront but said he feels  -____3ti_-0_ld x��___er building up a' sea  r__3i ai__3g ibe boulevard.  While agreeing  ibsst _____ be fairty hi^i, he eaid it could  Be -see fty __dge_ng lor a certain amount  ___C@EA11__1  Cmsn. Thtanpson, commenting on plans  Health Centre in Squamish may be delayed due to the newly enforced'^ewage  disposal regujatiotjs whidi" ,"atfect~ ^he  Squai?ti^i area. .   . ;   : -- -   -  Dr. P. J. Reynolds stated at last week's  meeting of the Union Board of Health tiiat  unless a quid, answer on sewers is fbrtit-  ��xmi_g, tiie Government grant towards  huildingimay be forfeited this,year. Grants  .ire'available until April 1st The Squamish  Munic^al Council has' donated the land  and.money:will also be'Taised locally for  the project.  --TSqnamislf Municipal 'Clerk,- W. DrRen-  nedy stated.that the Council bad met with  Min&ter of -Mun__pal ^AEtairs, Hon.. Dan  Campbell-ur early February and'the.Provincial Government will assist by guaranteeing bonds for- installation .at a .sewage  system if the. interest rate is suitable. _f  a .buyer can be^ found at 6% percent'inter*  work which new sewage regulatipns necessitate has brought about the need for an  additional health inspector. A -letter from  the Uirion Board of Health to the Minister  of. jQealth expressed' concern*, that sanitation programs in this area are not being  adequately conducted due to staff shortage.  In reply the Minister stated 'that his  department is doing'"everything it can to  appoint health unit staff on an equitable  basis _and Consultant Public Health Inspector, Mr.. JR. G. Scott is presently touring lhe health, district...  VOTING POWER       '��� -  Be-etectodr^bo .serve as chairman of the  Union Board of Health for a second term,  Mr. J..M. Pord ,'of;Powell River stressed  that appointed'representatives should mate  every, effort' to attend the board meetings.  , The hoard members unanimously agreed  4hat alternate delegates will have full vot-   r , ^ est ~ rate,, Jthe Minister, will seek cabinet  f^j_g_aa__ea^f an overall recreation pro-    ajiprovaL . Mr. Kennedy .said the, couhca   ��ng ptwfier and that both Sunshine Coast  JstC_i_��a_ed in last week's Times, said   is hoping to" _rr___e temporary financing   Begibnal Board and Powell Biyer Regional  _ss^5!��-_r__t luges-toria-ten* .��-->_.  Mwffl-8 -ho^Sy.    ���-;.;;--,'-'-    ;* *       'cao'.torhelp./^e'Bdafa"^efge^"fotfBef-*dental REPtJaT  CZ-jirimaiiSwaia-ejqrressedtheview-lhat"' suj^ort-ifit^6ece_sary-^  in _b__to__ it means "more taxes"    ' nfc__M.-_is~_.tf .*t.-*_.  ��zatiofi$ -within ^e disttict,   "Oac aim, jegjnftart hutit 4s:cot f*<mose_^__ the initial   asset to _ie area and B__ie_i3__3y agprao- Jt&Tas&el^ somewhat =__zy as to wMt ��� and.itIs^stHctty a ^n&ncial matter n&w,    Board _e represented;ateb with luU voting  woidd,_e to^rdtiujte^___5_-^ -*��-����"*���*�������- -       --   "~^��    -* ���*��� * ���   -     -��� -   --��� ���-���    -  sajar-'V.^;^^-" ' y -, ; - -_ ��� - ./? * '-.//fe'toiother'-'funt^ns,, Mr; 'TMcKenzie  - School District Special Councillor Bud brought, up as an examjrie the hiptpy situa-  McKenzle'. _c_d the club' he would-' like to tion,, '"This is something--we could .ignore,  make clear the. fact that.be was not speak- j^ri__jse-things^cannot--be-��_iply passed  ing as a representative of tbe School Board off ahd should we decide, after discussing  but that-it was he who took.it upon tum^   ^-.'situation, ,to,do something about them,  self io use School.'Board stationary. '"This    then we could take action," he said.  ������       ������ - ........  Many complaints . . .  Packs of uncontrolled dogs  create problems Ieh Gibsons  ed Jhe, appUcation;   When the letter again ___edf:_9',Se:  brdiiglit up at last .wee&fs mpefeg -tS.  Sechelt,council, Comm. Morgan TLumgasn  asked had the letter been xececrcd and x��  so 'why' had It not been feoagBi fca&ae  council in the normal way? Me __s"___l  by Mr. Rayner that the letter ___t nafe-d  been received 'bat he bad deefijed to __-  vestigate the situation fast and tszs, m  fact, acting in co-operatfon vritEs G^Bfflas  Cleric, Dave Johnston. \  Comm. Thompson expressed! the \p_sw  PROBLEM of uncontrolled dogs has again  7 come to the fore on the Gibsons scene  with complaint to council, by a local resident who draws attention to the fact that  dogs, are running the streets in packs, of,  six or more. Ap.rt from interfering with  pedestrians and motor traffic, they could  prove extremely 7 dangerous with .young  children.  Commissioner Wally Peterson agreed  and told council he knew of two small  dogs that had been, attacked and killed  recently by the packs. "They certainly  are dangerous and the streets are not safe  for the ydungsters anymore," be Isaid. <  Chairman Fred Feeney explained, this  is an old problem and one which previous  councils have investigated thoroughly.  "Biggest problem Is to enforce the by-law  due to difficulty in obtaining services of  a poundi keeper," he said. He also expressed concern at the present situation,  stating he knew of one lady who was unable to leave her car because of one  ferocious dog, which she eventually reported to the RCMP.  It was   moved  the  matter   be  tabled  ' pending  discussion with   Mr.   Len Wray,  SPCA representative and in the meantime,  services of a pound keeper will be advertised for.        T  NEW HIGHWAY  Commissioners expressed concern regarding anticipated ferry traffic increase  and the fact that it might bo a year or  more before there Is any likelihood of tlie  bypass road going through from Langdale,  It was felt that representation should be  made to the Highways Department seeking  paving of North Bond which during peak  periods docs take a great deal of through  traffic.  At the present time, condition of this  1 road la such that it could prove hazardous.  Similar conditions could exist through.Gibsons with coming Into service of the new  two hundred car ferry. It was moved the  Department bc approached and asked if  consideration might be given improvements  to NorHi Road.  FLOATS I  Owed floats for 4bc municipal,��vyim pool  area have proved difficult to obtain. Council has therefore decided to obtain new  ones which, It was reported, could bo constructed at a Cost of $315 for a 33'x��* unit.  Comm. Ken Goddard is to, obtain a firm  price and will order Ihrcc floats at or near  <hia figure. f  It was also suggested consideration be  given to carrying out the project under the  winter works scheme.  PUBLIC BYESORE ^   f '  Shacka  twrkTpst&S  *9 ,���*>   Jc_��pa   �����  Unland have provided a problem of long  standing for despite requests by council  that they be cleaned up, the buildings have  continued to stand out as a public eyesore.  Numerous complaints have been received  byrcpiincil butthe owner has'failed to take  action.',        ''���:'''y\    , ';,  .' Chairman Feeney drew attention to a  Similar situation winch, had been acted  upon in Kitimat under a "nuisance" bylaw. Clerk' Dayfc Johnston, said he was  quite familiar with this particular by-Jaw  ahd explained that while council might  term the. properties a "nuisance" it will  be up to the court to decide if such is the  ��� case.    , ��� , ��� ��� ,  Comm. Peterson told council it was his  view a, few more properties within the  village should be considered under the  same by-law. It was suggested Mr. Johnston confer with the Village solicitor with  a view, to establishing the by-law.  e rats assisting  iiMioB experiment  STSSSSESTS at Gibsons and Madeira Park  w.uuu.   iu��u,|��uU __4,_.____ ���__. ^w��^-        Seho-ls are learning the value of a good  tbat'it was his nnderstacdfng soda 1-tep   foa_*_rq��i diet hy studying the behavior of  --------    ^Sate sals sipplie. by the Nutrition Branch  -f __e Dcgiartane&t of Health.      .  la Gibsons two rats identified by blue'  2_d'ied __3s are living it up on a steady  id o! ��ake, cookies, crackers and pop;  p___e l_n> others are enjoying a balanced  ___t -of vegetables, fruit, - milk,, meat and  cheese; all of course bave fresh water.    -  After ose week, the seven week old  s__e__s __icb Vice-Principal Mr. Alec  Mcdgng equates to a thirteen year old  ��____ are showing a marked difference in  weight gains. The well nourished rats are  fat. sleek and contented, the others are  gasaaag weight slowly but are restless and  E3��_PI7V3-_-_.  S_nflea_i/are tremendously Interested in  __e sSndy and charts are being kept. When  ���__e cxperimeat ends, the poorly fed rats  mil be placed on a good diet and suffer no  preplan���ot hardship.  Sea_oT Nurse of Coast Garibaldi Health  Cfcif, Miss M- Thiessen mentioned tixe  sSo_y _t the rectal health ���meeting and it  neciray to be an excellent method of teach-  ing tbe -_3ue of a good balanced diet  should be brought before ea____ fi_r Jfis  decision. Gibsons council __d seen M. &st��  weeks ago to approve the���sppEeaXam.  Chairman Bill Swain mtarjec��__ to ^iy  that the blame to some extent. r__te_ ��s_.  him for be had discussed the- matter vsiSSh  the clerk and agreed it shoold _s __b__S-  gated first  ���' A phone call by The Tiroes ,to ��fee  company seeking information _$ to its  plans for the Sechelt area reveals a s__e  channel system is planned. Same ��__a_s_v  however, exists due to fafhnre off ��_____ to  reply to their request for a trades liawarr-  As pointed out in tbe earlier repast is_-3w-  ihg Gibsons, the Northwest Carramtrnffa-gajs  Company has been in existence snare JSSfl  when it was incorporated __der that nauae  of Northwest Television System 1M. A  licence authorizing provision off tbe caEie  vision service in 'the area has alr_��_y beta  granted by the department off txxsspaxt.  The application to Sechelt has yet to seme  before council.  UNSIGHTLY BEACH  Comm. Harold Nelson drew atfa-tcaa to  .Pawett'_twert;._li_-_ipal Council''rep-  resefltafive,-J. Dallos commented, it-would  take a miracle man to sell bonds- at that  rate >when the current rate is 7% percent.  MEAT PROBLEM -  "A letter from the Upper Island Union  -Board of "Health was read expressing concern'over the method of. transporting fresh  meat A near fatality on Vancouver Island  when fresh meat was contaminated by insecticide during transportation brought the  matter to light- v '  ���   No complaints- have been received in  this health district but Dr. Reynolds observed that there appear to tbe'no regulations regarding transportation of meat  which is dumped on any old truck;  ADDITIONAL HELP  Geography of the Coast Garibaldi Health  District,  together  with development "par-  Dr. H. CL..Bennett,. RegionaL-Deni&L  Consultant who is leaving at the end of the  month reported tbat'the school _ental program" will cover three to,five year old  children "ih. Madeira Park, Texada and  Pemberton districts this year. .The Madeira Park program will take five weeks.  " Response to the .'Birthday Card program  in the Gibsons area is roughly 22 percent  which is about average. Dr. Bennett stated  be is glad that chocolate milk has been  withdrawn from the Howe Sound district  schools as it undermined the school program on dental' care. He also recommended the Proctor &. Gamble dental health  teaching kit which has been used by Grade  two classes in Howe Sound.  DRUGS        -  Dr. Reynolds feels that there is a need  for an educational program on drug usage,  ���tea page 7  Fred Reyburn . . .  COUNCIL of Sechelt met Wednesday with  , members of the Sunshine Coast Regional  District to discuss, an equitable arrangement whereby the Regional Board building  Inspector takes over responsibility for  building within the village.  Chairman of the board Frank West told  council It was not the intention to make a  financial undertaking of the situation and  , suggested three alternative proposals for  payment. Most acceptable of these was a  $100 minimum to cover first ten iiurpcc-  Tbompson a copy be forwarded to the club,  SPEED LIMIT  A petition from a number of residents  of the Porpoise Bay area protested raising  of the speed limit in that area from 20  mjpb to 30 mph. Mrs. Gladys Clarke wrote  pointing out that fast moving trucks and  other motor vehicles create quite a hazard  with young children walking along the  Porpoise Bay cut-off road.  Comm. Thompson said he held discussions with the RCMP regarding | the varia-  ���._-    ...............    .w    <__.~.    ��.._-    _._   ������ 1���. Biuua   niui  mi.   ji_w_.    i~|,a��u��iifa i-uv   -������a-  lions, $50 to cover, up to the next five and    tion of speed limits within the village and  Four white rats supplied by Nutrition  Branch, Department of Health arc  glvlrrg Gibrons Elementary School  students an o|_>ort��Bity to ctudy the  Fecdtng experisrsesst  effect of good ami poor diets. Grade  creatsines are Marilynne Musgrovc,  6  Science   stndentsr  w_tgte_g  aad   Jo�� Zoeff, John Sleep, Betty Topham  observing beHsvlfttrof ps& eyed   aodi Battea Abrams.  $10 per inspection thereafter. In other  words $10 per Inspection. This arrangement  will be for the balance, of 19&8 and will  then be subject to reappraisal. I  Clerk Ted Rayner brought up tbe question of alteration permits and car-ports.  But council and' board agreed that to differentiate could pose problems. They settled  at the proposed figure regardless of what  the permit might entail.  MAY DAY  Former active member of earlier May  Day committees. Mrs. Lee Redman, wrote  council regarding announcement ' in The  Timea that the Sunshine Coast lions Club  would again bc taking on operation of tbe  annual May Day event. She commended  the club for their efforts In this respect but  submitted a few suggestions which, she  feels, could Improve proceedings.  Foremost was the fact that as crovninK  ot the May Queen ccremohy highlights the  whole event, consideration .should be given  to withholding operation of musical rides  and olhcr forms of entertainment until  such time as the ceremony Is completed.  Mrs, Redman also Indicated' tbat she  would be more than pleased to offer ber  cxperichcc In any way toward assisting the  . lions wttb tte projeid. ...���..'.  Commissioners agreed the letter bad  merit and U was moved by Comm. Morgan  the police had suggested 30 mph. Further  the change has now been made and ho  sees no point In changing it again. It was  also pointed out that what ever the posted  speed limit, there would always be speeders. Comm. II. Nelson expressed the view  that if speeding persisted it might be an  idea to ask for posting of radar.  EXTEND LEASE  An application from Ted Osborne sought  approval of council for an extension of his  present water lease 'at Porpoise Bay. He  bad, It appears, been in touch with the  department of transport but has been Informed nothing can bc done without  approval of' council.  Mr, Osborne's plans call for more  dredging of a sandbar in the area ot the  sea plane base, which will provldo sufficient deep water for a marina from his  foreshore property.  Comm. Thompson questioned availability of space for other craft should Ihe  proposed extension bc permitted. Chairman  Bill Swain said the intention is to build n  marina and that providing lie carries  through his plans It could be a definite  asset to the community,  Comm. Thompson said he wa�� afraid tho  proposed extension might cut off what little  ����**_�� vKi��g<e presently has to the water.  After further discussion, however, he moved  the application bc approved.  ft:  [v.  I  ...ft tyJb.,4. .fc.lSJft.*^,*.,*4s**%��*^J*!!,��',*   ft.^^# ~"^ii*e ^F . iffi. rfh,f!fc,* Jfr &.^bj%*k<^./l*!'��to��.*-fi�� ^ 4fr^ ^..^.#^fc **fc *., #n A,.*, i**.^  ��^^.,^^.^  A. 4. ',"   >  11.���������.---*-.��...���.���!.- ���,...--'^nn^f|.rrir1rt>^in-'nlnrMi  ������Ill  I II    I H ���'     1 'I  #fcr,_ui.ti_i___^^ ~  msu^a,limes, sm, xayge ./��_rppit,  designed' % .^nd'.^S_ch#K   <# ;*_ce^tit   The limes B  ^^   '>,   ��� -*^1��; _itii�� ^exe^iive-or~-'^  KNT- commercial lot   b^&^'  Arbutus- Bftad/JPasfls ffitatefc-^? ,.; ���./:-.^'AJ^MfBL. -a ��'>.)A  ��� Bj��C(  ,�� j .1  1464-lfti  "Published Wednesdays by the  ThePenlhsulo Times Ltd., ,  ,01/D ^J RejMngton, * in- wo-kicg "--'  ��� Jtotake? M:s voMer^$20. ^9f_tf/' 14_3-15 -��� ���  -Vl_i    ��_J, ! fig-'" "  ''"   '    V ' ;V ���>'...���;.���_.,,.. ,i_)>. ,,,  Iairlea4/Ae-   Jft__tfJ(KM___Y-J  _*--   'Victor  P#c4$3,#X>,  v��Mw  adding -nteebiney' 9    "  "       .XQSM7  Megnber, Acidit Siiiean - '  oFCircu-iHatt   "   '  1     September 30/1957   '  Gross Cumulation %9*9  Paid Circulation 1764 _  {Subject to Audita   ,    '    l  Classified Advertising Sates!  3-Line Ad-Briefs (IS words)  One Insertion * -,.^.. SOc  ~$U00  A r i * �� V  7 ^ j-���---_ .m,,...^.-.V --���-    -..������  ^  -r-..-���____    . , __-_    ^    _____ .-j^.---,-.---, L .14     ��� I     H II ������_p-1-f_W-_^__-f_J  HEAL estate' sale$m_n familiar Wsftt eaU kitetien? tee, room, SUILBING SUPPLIES  with Supsnjiie. Coast pt��per- A-oil heat, dfye cafpo^ lively w*- ^ ,w ��"?���"�����  i��         _)��.__ti*��'._?      __��..i         l^-,-~- i_n_04h*ll_A#l        ��r.��o3        ��mit*   -   ��i-4i,��  -il  f<Three -Insertions  ty. ExceH-_i; office  co^bpera- lan$_*_ped  ya*dL, with' patikt,   G1JBSQNS   * Building    Supplies  tion provided ,t6|ether wl_a; ad- Sale by owner; jphQhe;eva_ipgs'    ud. 886_��3,<j Gibsons, S*&  eqitate.- adv_ytlsiag, - allowance: *HW8' ��*. wtite, Stat '47�� **>' Quality Beady-mixed honc&te,  Beply Box _$34; rTbe Times,. *^nto$iHit Times,, Bos 581,. Se-   Serving the area to? 20 *y$*��f  -   -                     i L J'                 *    *> I      .. . .   **~--��WIHM-MM��-M-M-_-M-M_.  sale, J|J\per Jbade delivered.  phone ��4ft���$88/; , ,- ,8046-i|n  IPH hi, il^ln  Soger'6  riding condition'. $15. Phone 883-2893.  ���   , '      ' ' " 1452-15  ..I ���* I |l >��� l L HlHi      ���        i i ' I.  ? ^j_^___$^a��a^Bo^^--' -  ^  Ca_was^Bba|"Ha^ware    >  C^mivessedW service to- '  skLndivers air ^tahks;--  SMadivers ;ava_^h!e for.  -^ -      salvage sroifc- - - -  WALZ NVSGIREN SAUS  -" '. 'i,TDr\; " ���* '  Phone: ESS-SE03, GibsoE., BC  ��    ,-    -        .       1303-lfil  ^^   PHELIPS < ��attrid^{ vptvrtable  w. �� '���  ..?. tai��/recorder.;'B^lte^pow- \  ered, includes 2 hr. tape>plus  mlcrophoiK . _nd; Accessories.  $60. - Phone fi8S^^:?. Jj J.i4fe4fn  '���i-.i ,'t iiHiit  i   '(���  VSBD fridges, -11 hi good working orderi -jfil. -I^M$: '<*&  $C9.95; ftigiflbdre;, $40.95;^-  mJtal,, $89^$; ttsed^w:^^-,  they -*or_^ ��Wrtip ,to. $4$^.  Let's.trade no*T wiih^lugbest  trade-in, ^lowatwes..- Parker's"  Hardware, Sechelt; serving the  peninsula. Phone S8S-2171.- :  ,    - 1445'1-a  im^maSm   Random Tkouahts  Bctrd Ones (5 words) ^ _10c   SALAl. I��!^CERS VVAHTEO  {This rate does r>ot opply to  commercial Ad-Briefs.)  <   -  Box Numbers . 10c extra  25c Book-keeping idlatge is added  for^Ad-B^efs not pold by   .  publication date. >   (    .  Legal or Seeder advertising 25c  per count line.  Display  advertising Jn   classified  Ad-Brief columns, $1.50 per inch.  Subscription Rates���-   .,  fiy moil. Peninsula orea _$5.Q0 yr.  "By mail, beyond 30 miles $5.50 yr.  By mail, special citizens % price  By carrier . 50c month  CARD OF THANKS  I  ___ :   ! MRS.  Jack  Heslsin wishes to  extend-her<heartfelt'thanks to '  , the doctors, nurses and staff of  I St. Mary's Hospital;and to all  her friends for their kindness,  cards   and   flowers' received  during her recent stay in St  Mary's.  Special thanks to the  Totem  Club,   Legion,  Caitholic  Women's ' League   and   Holy  Name Society. 1457-15  AFTER six years .serving as  an Avon (representative on  the Sunshine Coast, I wish to  extend my sincere thanks to  all my many customers and  friends. Oh leaving the area, I  wish every success to Mrs.  Gladys Klein who replaces me  in the'Pender Harbour aaea.  ���Agnes Feon, 1454-15  ANNOUNCEMENT  MR. and Mrs. Wilfred Wray,  Irvine's Landing, wish to  announce the forthcoming marriage of their eldest daughter  Carol Rose to Gerald Henry  Slinn, only son, of Mr. and  Mrs. Henry Slinn of North  Vancouver, B.C. Wedding to  take place tat St. Mary's.  -Cimieh,'" Garden Bay on March  23rd, 1968 at 4 p.m. Reception  by invitation only. '1456-15  Phone Mis, Haifa Wilson  8854746.or wrljfe:, .  Box 390, Sechelt, B.C  ',;  / ; - '��� 87frtfa  - PENDER/HAHBOyii  .   \  EVERGREENS    .  Madeira Park *  Said Pickeis'Wanted  ��� Huck 34c Bunch  Said 34c Bunch   r  . Contact plant before picking  Located 1st house north Pehder-  . Harbour ffatet .-    -  :   ^ Phone 883-2265  '  - l4_M_o  CALUSON EVERGREEN -.  CO.    .  Roberts -Creek    -  Salal Pickers Wanted  Huck 34c Bunch  SaJal 34c "Bunch  Contact plant  before picking.  Located at Roberts Creek,  across street trom store.  Phone 886-2633  1448-tfn  ���SS-ttn  f^VimOAT Bay, 4$ acreTeiiher   .-,���'' "^ '^jLl  .^4e,of m&my iuivAth  SpAl^ & ENGIN6S  120ffv *;' waterfront   Sale^ jby  owner,  ^_5,OO0.   Tel.   883-2285.  Rax 17, Garden Bay.    1303-tin  IB;  - ?  _���&y Mojy; Gross  Phone 885-2898.'  1403.5  FOR RENT  GENT'S   housekeeping    room,  clean,   warm,    private   entrance.1 Towels and linen supplied. Sjelma Park. 885-9535.  |, 1138-tfn  HALL for rent,  Wilson Creeh  /te;.SUN-SHINS Crtif  VlLLAGE---tovely spacious 2  bedroom - home, haidwood  floors," fireplace, A-oil heat,  aux. elec. wi^ng, attached gar*,  age, SOI high basement, $_.,-  900. 'v     '  WATERFRONT home���large 4  bedroom, basement, pool table  sizeree room. A-oil heat, fireplace cm" 100* WF, Good buying  at $25,000,r *  SUMMER, eottage- on water-  fm&i Some- terms' on $12,000.  2' bedroom- home, garden lot,  elec.' heat, $8,950 with $3,000  down,  ���  Finish yourself���new' 4 room  house on lOO'a-JDO' lot., Duroid  roof and aluminum windows in  ^,500/  -   - *  SILVER SANDS-75' waterfront in protected bay. Luxury  home. H.D. -wiring. High basement, double carport, fine  beach, dock and ways, $32,000.  Try your terms.  Treed WF lot, $8,900.  Harry Gregory���885-^392  H. B. GORDON  KENNETT LTD.  Sechelt, B.C.                  885-2013   ^313-8  GIBSONS ��� Spacious, modern  3 bedroom home with 2 ^xtra  finished bedrooms in full basement Wall to wall in 15x21 living room. Large bright cabin-  'Cm~ YOU .teach ah old^do^'newAricks?"  -              "��<0U' can,*". j&*0DriDe -Verier' of. the  WANTEDV, aluminum bdat, t&   V.S.C, Adm^ducapon-staS tojd wtrtic^f  ft appro*., in good cdnditloa ~v.a-t_ in a recent wotjsshon on adult educa-  --���'-- ' tion ^Gibsons. - , .'   :  ;,   ^But f| takes JloJger,"bfe .added.  ;', tnte' all-day wdifehop/ s-ponsored' by the  Adult JkUicataoh   Depaidment  of  School  ^istriit JJo..4_f-*eld on Feibruary 2Wh at  dhe'Cedars Inn, drew thirty-ive par-cip*  .atits^Crpm a wide cross section of the  ^comiimmffy.^     v    "     ,    ",       _    *  ��� 'jTifley included members of the mght  school teaching staff, management, labor,  the 3>i)Mc school teaching staff, the Sechelt  'Indian Band, the School Board, the Village  Council and other grouips.  The goal of thcworkshop -was 4o introduce the psychology of adult learning and  'instruction -methods to member, of the  community involved in adult leadership and  instruction,/ s "  , Utr, Verner very simifly demonstrated  his subject toy examining the why and how  of thp,,learning process that - was - taking  FOR SALE: .12* aluxntoum boat  ' cohtpleile    with  , oars-locks.  $200. 885-2053. '    1453-17  ^ i'  TRAILERS  HOUSE "traiier, 8'x42' with at-  tached living room and'carport Ideal lor two persons.  May be seen Big Maple Trailer  Court, Wilson Creek.. -Phone  885-9681      ~130��t&  CARS ond TRUCKS  1959 BORGWAR.D, feood waning,  condition. $125. 886-9656 eves.  1063-15  WE, hear a' great deal these days latent 2_c^�� year oa one-cent candy. \ , , ,-,  t ���>&& reb_ujousne__-,ot young people,and *. And so .it. goes, we din it^,o_r _hildren  their flgk for freedom. Can it be that 4b�� that' privileges carry: ��orrespondiflg 'res-  youth of today is searching for the kind of pansibilities. But do ��e ever' cuiestion, our  "personal freedoin that you- and .1 enjoyed? right to shower upon themuso" ifaa_y;privi-  FOR SALE.'-1959 white Inter ,, . ,  , ���   ���. ���������   _      c^onaj   panel jruck^ gw>d    place in tte workshop among the participj-    school when he is-* years old, and keeping  Look back Hto-the past and see how.simle  and free Jife was in your day,-'compared fi>  ihe organized.^staiictoedjsocfety oTtaiay.  .The oW way "of life, which producedlhe  kind of self-sufficient individuals, that so  many of our senior citizens are, is. gone.  As our society becomes 'increasingly complex,' it' is absolutely necessary to" _or_ta-  late more, and more rules and, regtOap^S  ���to the point where we ore all wrapped m  restrictioi^ and consequently must Jose  some of our personal freedom. - -y  For example, education has assumed* a  position of isujierior importanccifi Sie THte  of a child today, and although we know it  camict ,be'c_ierwise, we "recall that very.  few of us faced the pressures and demands  of _7-4o 20 years in school, in fact some of  us .didn't go to school at aB. Nowadays, we  think -nothing of. clapping  a  child  into  -leges, that the load of responsibility .becomes unbearable? - '     -i .  - This is not vvritten to suggest that .we  Tretum'to the old way ^of" life���nor would  the teenager of today 4o-so~ if he-could. He  knows *lMt'the freedoms we'hid'ate-last  -foiever, and perhaps that is perhaps why  he searches so desperately for his-own  l^ freedom..       .    _     ^ /   \. ' , J. ���  Sechelt���885-9654  Gibsons���886-2616  (SndftIon/$380, Phone 885-2395  1455-17  SWAP  WOULD like to swap 1S65 two  door Valiant for late - model  Vz ton pick up. Phone 883-2481.  1433-1$  LEGAL NOTICES T  SUMSHDJE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  Garbage Dump Site  West Howe Sound Area  Southerly 10 chains of lots 3  and 4 Lot 1507, Gp. l; NWD  Plan 1507. r,  ��� The clearing of three "acres,  provision of  an access   road,  ~anf��  The aill-day ��0|siori-was-the"first -of "a  ^series,, of 'workshops' on "Mult^Fducation;  the next will be in October.  '"  BC Old Age Pensioners  thriving organization  IN IHE hungry thirties, |ome 35 yesirs  agp, the Old Age Security pension, was  ip operation on a very^l limited basis. It  was high iikne some_a_agi was "done to help  pensioners obtain their rights as heirs Jto  (their native or adopted land and thus the  B.CI Old J^ge Pensioners' * Organization  came into' bfejng. 1 ' j  ��� Since itSi|inauguratio_^4he organization  has grown sjteadily and today there are  10��, branches \ throughout the province with  an approximate membership of 13,000. It  is 'Cartelling! to find persons of aU ages  him-there for 20 years. This we inform  him," is his duty,, and perhaps it*is, bat  did "duty" demand as much of yea? -'  - - to every day matters the-governing and  mritolling-regulations, (all of which are  unavoidably necessary) are imposed. Jt  a student has a job'besides going to school,  it' is accepted that he 'buy a ear, and  taken for granted that he owes his life to  the | finanee company.. Certainly, The isn't  fprcedto" buy a car, butlje is only conforming; ifo'the pressures of our way of life  wh^Fn he does. Furthermore, before be  might drive his car, he must pass vations  examinations and possess a valid driver's  licence, j Did you have a driver's licence  for a horse? -"   ;  If he owns a boat, it, must be registered, and he must not fake it ont without  the required number of life-jackets, to my  day, the only people who- wore life-jackets  were I the passengers on the Queen .Mary.  We know that teenagers spend billions  BBTHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  JSSJVICfc SECHELT.  Ss-__ySc_ooJ ���10:00 ajnu   /'- !  Cbardb Service ���11:15 a~0. <  -  Proter -��� Wednesday 7:30 pj_u "  .      REV. A. W1LUS, PASTOR j  You ate invited to attend ony or each service  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  S-a_a- School 10:00 ajm.  Ob-fcb Service 11:15 a~a.  Ereaiag Senrke 7:30p_nT  -PASTOR REV^^CASSfUS  Data BayBood and Aibttftts  (2 blades up from Highway)  Community HaU. Contact Mr.   &SS^__?Ti_S 3S    SpZavkon<i>^ *TJ Sb^SS^��Ke ^_k bWg WdertaW for oTdfars eacltyear; the presire is c^__e  Glen Phillips. 885-2183. 1095-tfn   S^TL^^toS    SXeTSt ^Sa% W^e ^t whate^is^one for to ^fJ^ "��^^-^i  ���*  ^^^   ,_��   ^._8.__    hot   water   hp_w    ��_���-�����;   the ^pertyTdescribed abave. ^fB ^ ease their burden ann\ in bmc, ^g^^J^J, *����* ^����^J^ '"*  Bids may be submitilieotieith- ^^ ^e3X <*wn goM*11 a^ a oaPiPier one' e3���^^ *roni  our  children wdhoot the  T i\ *  PERSO  tation onlj  5nm!  FOR complete information on  Marine, Industrial and liability insurance: Claims and  Adustments, contact Captain  W. Y. Higgs, Marine Consultant, Box 339, Gibsons. Phones  886-9546 and 885-9425.        489-tfn  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. P.O.  Box 294, Sechelt, B.C.  Phone  886-9876. 969-tfn  MY   TRACTOR   not   available  ' for   hire.   George   Charman,  TWO  bedroom  self  contained  cabins,   also - one - bedroom  um>. Winter rates. Vic's Motel/  885-9561. 1288-tfn  WINTER rates: Fully furnished  cottages, $eb month, plus  utilities; also weekly and nightly rates. Also available, full  tnailer hook-ups. Phone 885-  9565, Mission Point Motel,  /         '       13464��n  SECHELT���Puraished and un-  funnidied one bedroom units.  Combination kitchen, living  room, bathroom, electric heat.  Phone 885-9333. 1381-tfn  4 ROOM furnished houss  side Gibsons. 886-2983.  out-  103815  886-98G2.  1382-tfn  COPIES OF PHOTOS    ���  APPEARING IN  THE TIMES      may be obtained promptly  5x7 Sli-E, 1.25 EACH  6 (same subject) ��� l.OO each  12 (same subject)   .90 each  8x10 SIZE, 2.00 EACH  6 (same subject) ... 1.50 each  12 (same subject) --- 1.25 each  LEAVE YOUR ORDER  AT THE TIMES  NICE warm batchelor cottage,  furnished,    $35.   Phone   886-  2559 after 6 p.m, 1065-tfn  WANTED TO RENT  �����  '  '���    i   ,    ...n  RETIRED couple wish to rent  or lease house on fair* sized  lot. Can pay up ito $85 per  month, Write Led Christensen,  No. 803, 777 Cardero St., Vancouver,  B.C.    , 1458-18  hot water heating. Matching  carRort, Full .price, $15,750.  ,Terms.  SAK3NAW LAKE: 85'x200' (ap-  prox).lakefront lots, well treed,  gentle slope to this beautiful  island-studded, 6-mile lake adjoining the ocean, and just two  hours drive from Vancouver.  Only 4 left priced from $4250..  PENBER HARBOUR: Waterfront. Large fully serviced lots  with excellent year-round moorage in sheltered bay. Water  piped to each lot; easy access  off paved highway. Priced from  $5,500.  FW these and other choice  properties on the Sunshine  Coast, contact Frank Lewis or  Morton Mackay at Gibsons  Office.   Phone 886-9900.  ,   FINLAY REALTY LTD.  Gibsons and Burquitlam  ���      ��� .. '"1538-14  er:  (a) for the timber" ti$ the area to be cleared  During the past several years this org-    most msidious'atid^om*timeseva-&nn of -  fcation-has-presented. Biiefs to-both the  "pressure.-A- imtria* purvey^doneW'jjroii -"  REAL ESTATE  PETS  PUPPIES for sale. Registered  Doberman Pinschers, championship stock. 885-2835.  1435-16  WORK WANTED  HANDYMAN,    cabinet   maker,  will do odd,jobs. Reasonable.  Ph< 88G-9902. 766-tfn  YOUNG   lady   requires   work,  has    'typing,    waitress    and  clerking cxiwrlcnce. Phono 885-  9504, 1450-17  TELEVISION and radio re-  ; pairs of any nartwrc, prompt  service.    Phono  885-0G54,  l-2.tfn  HOUSE painting and decorating. Professional work done  promptly Dick Blakcman. Ph.  886-2381, Henry ltd., tilt I,  Qlbfiona, 767-tfn  TREE pruntlng, hedges dipped,  Gcorgo  Chtirm.n,  886-9862.  1383 tm  TWO youn�� men want amy kind  of -work, $1,50 per hour.   I'U.  885-2600. 1447-J5  SKINDlVElt with boat. Under-  water work including dock  repair, salvage work, cable and  chain inspection ami replacement. ConlatJt Guy Whytc at  883-2274 cvmings only,    1407-15  WILL   carry .out   dressmaking  jn my own home. 885-2828.  14_M<5  ATTRACTIVE: 3 Bdrm home  on 100' Wft. Good beach, workshop, fruit trees. $18,000 terms.  32 ACRES: Gentle slope, both  sides of highway, $17,000. Easy  terns,'  LOVELY VIEW PROPERTY:  3 bediroom home, nice garden,  $13,600, easy terms.  CENTRALLY LOCATED: 3  bedrooma on level lot, $13,000.  Terms.  LOVELY VIEW LOT: All cervices $3200. Terms.  HOME APPEAL:     This house  has it, with 2 Bdrms,, electric I  heat and nkely planned. Only  $12,600. Name your terms,  THE iHOME WITH EVERYTHING: A. oil furnace, full  basement, 4 bedroomo, lovely  view, fish ponds, only $15/000  terms,  LARGE VIEW LOTS: Berviccd  $2300,  Some finishing to complete new  1000 i*i. *t. full b_s��ment liome.  A. oil heat. Unobstructed pano-  iramk   view,   e*sy   terma   on  $16,500.  K. BUTLER REALTY  & INSURANCE  lGibsons,'880-3000  The Progressive Realtor  UNDERWRITING LIFE  AND MORTGAGE  INSURANCE  RopreiKintlng  MONTREAL LIFE  INSURANCE CO.  14C1-15  EVVART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Notary Public  Member  Vancouver Real Estate Board  Multiple listing Service  Phone 886-2248  Willing to start small? Orao  bedrm view house, half basement, (concreted), $1,500 down  on $6,300. Easy terms.  One bedrm home, with largo  addition on at rear: $4,800,  $2,500 down, easy (terms. '  Two bedroom home on 3 acres,  close In���good well. Over 800  pq. ft., Arb. work tops and  8.S. sinks, lino, end tile floor*;  $8,900 cash, or offers.  Two bedrm borne, with finish-  ed rooms in basement, on waterfront acre. Tennis on $15,000.  Convenient to post-office, chopping etc.  2,000 sq. feet of floor space in  this view homo, Halfrnoon Bay  area. 15x28 living room with  fireplace, hardwood floor, conv.  mod. kitchen, with dining area,  large rec. rm. 4 bedrooms. A.  oil heat. Double Rarage, good  grounds, 2 lote. $15,000 down  on $26,500,  Excellent   lot   below   Highway.'  near  Langdale:    $1,000   down,  good  tetrma on bal.  $4,000 full  price.  Waterfront home near Gibsons:  50x210 lot. Two bedrmfi, Jargjo  L-shapcd Jlviftg rm. wlith fireplace. 4 finished rooms ond  balh below .lairs. $22,500, half  ca��h, Good beach _nd m~gnl-  flcemit vl<!W. 1  BriiJlil Business for Cash,  E. McMynn 886-2500  Do Wortman        886-2393  J. Worn 886-2681  Box 238, GibfKms, B.C.  1460-15  or-  (b) for the complete preparation of the area a_d access  road with,the value of the timber to be offset 'against the  work.  Details may be obtained (from  undersigned who will receive  tenders up to Noon, Friday,  March 15th, 1968.  CHARLES F, GOOfTlNG  Secretary,  Sunshine Coast  I        Regional District  14431���Pub.  March 6,  13, 1068  FOR SALE   SPECIAL:   New   shipment   of  combination   transistor   and  electric radios. Earl's, Gibsons,  886-9600. 1459-15  SPECIAL for sale. Large Easy-  Read     Typewriter.     Almost  new. Cost over $300. Now $175.  Phone  885-9654, 1017-tfn  USED washers, $10 up to $40.95.  ,2 used Upright Vacuum  Cleaners, $5.00 each. Used  fridges: G.E, $79,95; iff. E.,  $69.95; Frigidaire, $49.95, See  our stock of 1068 power  mowers, then trade now for a  new lawp mower, Parker's  Hardware Ltd., Sechelt, B.C.,  Phone 885-2171. il462-tfh  IF   IT'S   sufits���Iffl   Morgans,  8854830, Sechelt, B.C.  8893-tfn  HOME trailer, 8'x2V, electric  hot water; eiiowcr and toilet  $850.   885-9504. 1416-15  "THE NewBpaperlng Mumays"  The .tory of Ma Murray.'  Now available ot The Times  Bookstores, Sechelt and Gibsons, 1465-tfh  USED power saws for sale. All  makes and sizes. Chain Saw  Centre, Sechelt, 885-0626.  8966-tfn  "BIRDS of Canada", Get tlila  wonderful illustrated book  too>y at Tho Times Bookstores,  Gibsons and Sechelt. Two stores  to serve you. 14-#-t*n  1957 PONT1AC, 4 door  ccdan,  good condition, also 4 7.75x14  suanmer Urea.  Phone 885-2303.  110815  NEWLY   arrived,   "Tbe  Smug  Minority", by Pierre Benton,  at Tlie Times Bookstores, Rech-  elt and Gibsons, 1467-tfn  STANDARD   l*0t   w*Ut   tank,  with   automatic  dectrlc  clement,  good  working condition,  220 volt. $25,   880-7442.      1000-15   , j   HIGH *pnpd.2 cycle Lawn Boy  in    Ktxwl    condition.     Phone  885-2014. 1451-17  'vaniwtkm  'Federal and/Provincial Groyernmpts on be  hait'Of the pensioners and feel they have  played a part in bringing about some of the  benefits such as increased pensions and the  supplement also increased welfare ��� payments. "      ^.^.  Other requests made to the Provincial  Government include additional Continuing-  Care Hospitals-, Nursings and Boarding  Homes; inclusion of drugs in the B.C.  Medical Plan and reduced transportation  rates. ^With the ever sipira-ing costs of.  housing ithe subject of low-cost housing,is  'on? of major importance and kept to the  _��oi_-front Membership in the B.C. Old  Age Pensioners' Organisation is open to  persons of all ages residing in the province.  We would urge you to join your local  branch and support our work on behalf of  our elder citizens.  If there is hot a' branch on your area  write to Abe Provincial Secretary, Mrs. A.  Browne, _545fi Victoria rAve., White Rock,  or phone 506-8145; for information on how  to form one. i ,  and' me thirty years ago would have" uncovered-the dismal foot Ojat-we werenft  worth bothering about, as vie only spent  ^ ANGLICAN CHURCH  SAINT HILDA'S���SECHELT       j  8:00 a.m. Eveiy Sunday ''  '  9:30 cum. Church School  -   11:00 can. 2nd, 4tb, 5th Sundays   i -  >.��� ,-7:30pjn.lstoodSrd^umfejys���-j.l.4,  '-"���  -' - 3ferv��-_>4ield^e0_t_ffyinV:~~'_J~'ii  GARDB��4 BAY, -REDROOFFS ond EGMON?  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Commercials: Murray Crosby 603, Irene  Tlottluff 702 (261), Shirley Hopkin 2*0,  Lome Gripgory 656, Evelyn ShadweU 663  (264), Geonge Elander 608, Frattk Nevens  758 <310), (266), Doreen Crosby 6-1 (311),  Joan Quarry 615 (262).  Pott MeHon: Axil Hansen 615 (283), Red  Day 600 (203), Al Edmonds 609 (282), Jim  Thomas 288, Art Holden m (244).  Bantam*: David Pedneauit 251 (163),  Cindy Whieldon 314 (161), Debbie Sicott��  248, Dcfora Pedneauit S19 (162), Bruce  Green 236, Debbie Whieldon 217, Randy  Whieldon 265 (152).  SECHELT it-IEf-CIES PATE PA��  ��� This free reminder of comjng events is o service of SgCHELT AGEMC1ES  LTD. Phone Peninsula Times direct for free listings, specifying "Date  Pod", Please note that space is limited ond some advance dotes may  hav? to wait.their turp; also that this is a "reminder" listing only ond  cannot always cany full details.  iro_roffltro<MMlWM  March 14���2 p.m. St. Hilda's Parish Hall, Sechelt. Hospital Auxiliary  meeting. ' *  March 15���2-4 p_n. Gibsons Perish Holl. Catholic Womens League, St.  Patrick's Tea and Bake Safe. ��� ���' ��� ,  March.. 16���8  p,m. Roberts Creek Hall. St. Patrick's Squbre Danoe  ���. Jamboree. ���       ;,'��� - '.,������������  MqrcH   IB���8 p^n. -Pender Harbour Hotel. Chamber ol Commerce  meeting, Or, Murray Newmor. guest speaker.  Mprch 19���11 o,rn.-j pjm. Legion Hall, Sechelt. Conodion Legion LA  ,   Rummage Sole., |  March 22���-10 om-t pjm. VAton Creek Hall. Coffee Party and Book  , ' ;5Q'e.;  ...,:'-.  March 22���Elphinstone Auditorium. Jack Davis M.P. Will speak on  . Community Betterment. '  March 23���9:00 p,m. W.lson Creek Hall. Dance to. live music.  ASK FOS OUR FBEE DSOCMUQE  G��AL ESTATE  BNSURANCIES  M��r*aj_�� Ucttop Service  Voocouver (teal Estate  Doai.  fhome 8S5-2161  A��_^3CIES LTD.  gsbsoms cmce vitom. 0.6-7015  '^  Gossip:  Ear pollution.  |j ii,inul'ln��Ml...i.in imiiii :iun   1;  St. Sohn's United Church  WiltOQ Cr��c&, 0.C  Sundoy School���9:45 o.m.  ,. Dlvlna Wprshlp���l t;|5 o.m.  Ud bv Mli�� H. E. CompUII  Except on 2nd Sundoy each monwt  Family Service���11:15 a.m.  Divine Service���3:30 p/n,  Led by R#v, W. M. Cameron  ,J#* tWA_r {*fe<��_��tlftii'  P8M_��ee8S-f744l|  MBMansmsaau  ROBERTS CREEK  9,4 ocres, southerly slope, easily cleared. P.P. $2,300.00.  GIBSONS  Proctlcolly level1 residential lot. Handy  to ���hopping. F.P. $2,500.00.  D.P. *_0O.O0.  GRANTHAMS  Spotless well  planned  fully modem  home, view lot. Fireplace, Auto/oil  furnoce. Full high basement with self-  contained suite, olso second dwelling.  F.P. $17,500.00���terms.  GIBSONS  Commercial���Industrial buitdina, over  1900 square feet, concrete ihon,  110-220 wiring, village water. Convenient highway Irantaoe pf 27@ feet,  I $11,200,00.  ROBERTS CREEK  $950.00 eoch. Three lots, eowly  cleared, close to beoch. 2/3 acre each  lot.  C, R,--Goth��*re��^e--_Si$-7t>r5  EGMONT���No. 642  800 ft. of waterfronioge wllh 3 roomed f fthetman's home. Access by boat &  ���and trc��l. Good potential of domestic  water on 18 oc*e�� of land. Oa��_ to  Egmont Wharf ond Gov't park ��!te.  Power and phone are in. At $15,000  F.P, less than $ 13.00 per ocean front  foot.  Bob Kent���C85-94A1.  No. 620  ULTRA MODERN HOME  4 bedrooms on 20,0 ft. wqtcrfrontage  West Srchrtt. Many features, mutt be  ���een to be appreciated. Asking  155,000. DP. $15,Q0O.  Boi> Kent�����85-9*61.     ..��,.  -Jj<  ���r-,.%.-..'V.'1'..'^^"...  f .*(��� f.����.,.���!����� ,.".�������, 'W,M,j,>,���t,1��.<, iim. ,��k ^ ��, ^> ^_, <t^n _ . *,�� ^..* *i J(  :fl*ti*_ j#i rfft m, ^i* j(4�� ^ j_v^e, )���^ *�� * pia, ��i 4h>pJ'  *,*,{(-,*   %^.^.-��,1 w,,^^,*^,^^^ (r* <*��� *��**f*>��*^,f? f fiJB. __>______!_ -    - -'     /-:, ^  y~, j V  . T&e Bp_5gs_|$ essBasSiy itej^ai&TOeie'  roe gat _SC got ____!, aH fibs ^ao^taS'Sp  jrega*_l _? onac Eftfe��*,, and, I tjrjbM |?e-J tse  last one to- '_se__ _Eas <lirai3-_al AS_ar.?Sl,  1 do cams fern _b_ gmaatlng. j_5_?g"sn. tfcfe,  prsmocei _____ eat ___ Sc____j_<fea_t,a_-i  fa Pbwel E___r sss_____^, _agy trag*  playing ��aSf 'aU ___v _ffl_2s __, 'tea. in  Victoria, nece fwWlireg a ��_____��__ cat <ke'  ____T Sapshine  Coast is ��&____. fwsqg ts_�� to ills name. ,' '  Tbe moire 1 ���_{_$__ _____e__se: fiadjng,  file mare 1 pirn _____ __ _be"gr_at__ss, 6f  tfrfit area, sza. _3_ ggea_ar cny pnvSege  and __t__r ecu gepgegj-namg fibem an __is  I/egfsIatana. __gse sue a -_____3__i peoj_e.  some ���___> 3____ 3_dL Bwe s_3_ pons flP  _kot ffflrmirfeBv, amagM __la_a_i___5 at fife;  yet __. 3 _��__6_> __j__s' s__y Ss'si soxesi of  ______e_s,  Off  a u__l zmg^d eoasSapB.  WM!e oa __e <j__ar ftgwnflj i!__y _s__I tea  logger or a. ffflmrsxm sand Ms _aa_%,.��i_i-  a��@_ in one ef ��t_r __aoy _____ _r ��_ymw-s,  and -_?___ ersjb^ii-g: xsa-ty1 Ssvc3y .ays' that  are n_caj____di asiy��sbasg_, <____ mast jpot  t__tr a_gt-t��li& agaEesfc a iu__us_ -���-orij can  be. vary _n_sy _o_ ___^t___ at #___.'' ;���  'Evesy year, __ar_ ___. _q_j_ _4togri?ti5  v_g. omr coa^3-3. to ^tfeeay ffi_e -Steer __a_|y  of t&e area, s_#. to _a___ eae_ of out  famous ______( _____ a_��___, __wwg3_rot  tfte entire eo______  lacti green J_?e_$s,  rnrers anrJdreeSs _c_ ___ss, 4tee___tg wJ_a  fis&, __cr___I w____ ___J as'set fcas baidy  been to_efee_, M ate�� ____n_se_, ca_l as  I bave gyi[j fsefsffe, a E__���fly sSXkA t__i__  n�� ��too_s 3__t^Ba__y __an__e. Yes,^H_s._s  Mari_-naie! Ending���a 2a__. _f ___Jt_Bg;o3d  and OEW .miaftej.-- _ (  T&�� e^t__f__t _f __e ?SH-_3firw��. Coast  fats gtawniBsr lleagB assi feansSs mto past  five or ss jeans.  T-j-y  i_xrpaj^^l^^th> VandjI s_aU.,cbj^^,'#  ^refe'^j^ei^.^.^ 4jpr,ip��Pn raodp  fg Jteavfii VW| ^-..iNteed' ri^fijW*,4cr(i��p  tJiat much 4'__lilftef/��^v��M��l^en, ��� ^  Soreesboe Bay Terminal, fM$fo* 4tf&  S^'frCove; :me^'with acQ,\A$iA^f&..6xic  Sm^^:Cpak,Q.neeUf -���wMc_';.?_ll;ig^'into  s��ryic^ towards Gie end, of Jlafc^i ojc eiarfy  'Al-pnt'.Ajelcs ^a to^lexpcnd^fi ;of oyer  S^jrdVden:,doVerB. '* -,('" ',[^ -r -y\ ^ ,'  ^f^7?^4l^ve^Ckanox f&r&hw pfyt-  eip^a-fc^da^rmte^-nc^ on\)/[pr #>*&���  lets;potior tp$ local.ie&derte;^etp&o--pU  ia42ie Lowell Jtivef area; axe' indeed lowing fi��wax4y.to-tfre day,' vi/hicU'they hep*  -_9it| lte'l-i"4ib.e;tipar (future; Tvnen a andre  __eg_atc ferry terniinal will be co^tyucted  an_ alaxger ferry wall be,able to caxjy *^e  ever-increasing traffic to Vancouver J__t__i(i-  *"|Ur. Speaker, Lowell .Raver is ieally  godng fiaces today. -l_ast July, number ten  pajper^machine, a part <rf:bur ^305,000,^00  con^rwtjon went into service, _od^_i ����e  capacity ofspo 4ons'a day, ir��m wis one  i^Sine,,oari��tal capacity in tne .mill is  now fi3fif,0W) tons > year at iull production  O^^Kxa&'WSl, with its-fifetccok being  dpne HstmoxM^nnd'withii^.'tswo tiigeste?:*  _priai5^1_6ta_il cbios, we^t into pxoduc_on  March i; aaf will produce 525 tons per da;'.  Wi_j o_r;fii9t standard guage railway slip,  ia*e are now' able'-to tr^soott "d^redjothe  railways' anywhere in Ca^d^ or toe United  States.'! aim pleased to note in the expenditure^ -that ^6S5,000 h^s- _een spent to  reduce ;odor ifirbm toe .Kraft MUX Also, in  addition ito theJniiLI���expansion, -we have bad  niany nowjitusibfissee open and /we have,  v^out-avoouaji, some of <&e (finest accoon-  fflodataons* found anywhere in; British Col-  uinhda. One developanent that will be catering not only to our local residents, but  niore-particularly   to. our   tourists,   has  T_t^___n_-f_',i!_-Bi^r^    :r��0��'3   SafetyCouncil 'swsMaw reveals  :�� ����e-  fSbssns ssoess ifisss a _ _                1^_3l As _f _o_s UsS, W3B, ���1ffl^-_ast ee_s_s   already*sp^nt in-excess of 34. jruilion 4ol-  wa* lgi&, z&'maresss ^Jss&^Sf^dx^Lt   l__s,.__d 'by' the 4_me it is finished, will  ��ost in excess of approximately 4 million.  P_we_T__verr-as iifleed*i>rdlgressed'to the  point where .perhapsit'eannttt yet encoar-  age, the: largest of jtonVe^ioJa.i but cer-  t^nly can eisify, co^vVith the" small and  mediunt - ��ize f grojups.; In; fact,; this - past  year,7we did __ve'_hree such conventions.  Ittour'areai I ica. telling you'about this;  Mr/ speaker, in order to emphasize our  heed'of: a more adequate Vancouver Mand  ferry^link.^ /-.   *'.-���' .: -' ��� -, .-  ; -" F^try 'finis'ake] as vital to us as roads  ate to ntbst' other areas,' for these are in  essence, _uf -lifeline with B Vancouver ;and  Va^wyejr^telaijdv .,.,/ ':.'/ , .  , -fridges ire always a good topic ot con-  versa^to 'anywhere." Way ' back: in the  ISQS's. or-thereabout?, -they must, have bid  a real heyday b_adUi& all ihose" funny old  6tjjict��rei3^:.Jtf^es.,,We'��aye one:^n  <wr P_MteinWver aifea too. You know/3iJr.  Speaker,* I <.'fyu3yi think- -$te mo_eitf_ype  bridge'is anddi nicer" irid are inuch'.afer  topi' Srioug-^saSd- din that topic, but I dan  sure ��^e,in_B^er.of b^ghwaj^.aas got Cite  P&A- , 5 .',.'. y-,t   . ,���i:-   '.'   .���,-'."'  :'''I4fae olfier^ areas; j��'ri_s'.'arei important  to iterin-B^cKehzife. /Since 1565, $402,100  bas. beep, spent pnr.parfcs in our area, of  whic%^iome.^3&4,ODO.was spent o^acqui.*  in^'?*^^'whicfiJiwll-1��,.developed in  the yjaarisJahead-,'^/ _ V. j.. ..','..". r ^  .' _)m)ik^eV'_ Cove:.. 150 acres. Crowstdn  K_^ertyinear._��A__^ in  the Pender .Harbour ar^a and _teo' Myi*_e  pock, at Powell River,- which has hee_  cl^s&eX^ a'iOass C Park: The imjiort-  ant^hing-was- to acquire 4be land while it  co-ld fitlll jbe had. Also in the Bella Coola  and am tfie f___A,'__ tsl_a'pE^___kai  was v__ ��w_r^_be-9,/29_ T"?"j.    Powell  Brver, n_f_g __e ggrgie ___es, __s _0^_8 so  I3SI, sraf-as _. JT_s_re J__��� _��SS, ___ 12^33,  ax^msvesss _f ______ _y_S9 Js fixe years,  and ___. am ansa p^p__3___i of close to  I8J50.- *   . ���  ^trtgri-migirtppTr'^ ���T |W_-_I_ '8���_ipr in --S-  _ms_n__i to $__slS555-_. __d__(Eie ______  Pa_____Sv -c-rBteg _ff-.ir>i'i!lis _^a_-5_J__y_50,  a sfTTPfflite aimK.trA e-5j__L  Kffrp^   ri'itVJB^P   _3__9   60  |Pjt^7*^* -_J_lilW_Mftj.  temrsia is jEtst bexessssBgi ���aa. iaspart-td'  fecfor 09 ccv ____3S3y. 2__f Enyijm_> of fln^  _QB tOOV SBB ��___S9l___  XSiW.'S 1AHSI-WnjjMt I*  anf- fEwns _s mag^s. Ea__fsff9_ fesnrfias atn  p_x&Ew  HI6KSBKV5 iS^9 iSSS3Bb.-lV  Eta_Kg __�� ipastt fecv  _oas__s,  I   aan  p&27ss_  _> DKgcnfli" ���_s_ a  ______aab3e  amoanlt off *___. feas __��n ���ssoe on our  sec__d~_ry rstr sBjUp st_s_s.   B��<_-S_fH__on  ami Wsa&tygBBSg feas Iseesi ^dsce on a  . z____eir off 4J__oa _Sa_ci_5bsai. "fflffi __s3e area^  .N_taE2%,-iBK.--a2MJg_e^_o._S��'^is ^ronk  ctn-jTrmv������ ___. I ana p_sass_U _o' faaow, -as  __J __2 people E3 _r^.__5_aag, __3-"S03ne  _S_ayQQQ�� Bas &eeea -g^gefe- -__r- MiacS-aae  for _���. cpatitt. JJMrisH y___>  ESefiS _u__ caa __e Baa-pased Gfihsons by-  pag**1,. <wfll&i <Sffgiigii ->__fc to S�� ^anjBetifid  later m tSse yesr, is ffa_gg__gflg'-_1L 'It  _|[| _e a fioaDto _r____/_^pec__fy__OTSJg  _rr__j PckebSI E&rear _s�� __e I_ggfla1e Terminal azaS _9> __3_e ��n lfjh*p <i4_~3'', Sftcihfflt.  Pennis__8_ S ws___~ aUso ff^op 4o- _oa_s  nTfTfBv-fii ��___: as ss__( as ��jp_tpg conies, a  survey off -be B-la Chadla 9srad.'<|ff3ll Jbe  coornrgrairfflrll ��� - *~        - * -  _o looferngg into _be ______*_; _f o_r riding,  one cam essllj- fascsse a ssaway _f ftsties,  Hon. Isabel Dawson  -   Mackenzie Siding MLA  area, {dans are progressing well to the  exchange of land with a logging firm in  order thai a good park and swi__tning pool  may be developed. _^  - Just as recently as last month, 17 acres  of land "was' granted to tbe Harwood Park  Board of Texada Island to provide tins area  with a" fine beach and swimming area. And  while Pirn, at it, I might mention that one  of British Columbia's first lime kilns on  Texada Island will soon be designated as a  historic- site. - ;  ��� Mr, Speaker, as I mentioned last,  Skookunchuck Eapids- could be one of our  greatest tourist attractions. However, I'  feel sure that development of a road, or at  least-an access to this, is not too-far  distant: at this time.  HOSPITALS  Now for a little on the humanitarian  side..,Around May IS, Powell Bayer wiil  see the opening of its new 26-bed extended  care hospital, and also space for our new  Emergency department,' kitchen extension,  medical records and   also   facilities   for  occupational therapy. Total cost is estimated to be $1,145,869. St. Mary's Hospital  at Sechelt is also waiting for final approval  ���i*hich could be given any day now, for a  22-extended care bed extension, and 13  acute care beds.  Ocean Falls has proven  a; more diMciit problem because bf a  greatly reduced" working force, which wSl  have been reduced from over 1^00 a year  or* two'ago,'to around -50 by April %  As  a~ result, |Hans for a large hospital bad to  -b_t_han_ed.   However,' I am'pleased"to  say,- jptens' between  the   Company   and  B.CH.LS. are being proceeded with posa-  b__ty. of conversion of one of the better  lodges- for a hospital. j  1 - Br W. Large Memorial Hospital at Bella  Bella has been given approval for a new  25- "bed /bosptital;  plus six extended Care  beds; -As a lot of the'population is made  up of Indians, the federal government is  expected.to make a special grant and also  the United, Church, the owners of the hospital, itself. -  - ������ I would like to mention at this time, that  the government representative on the board  page 5  Oilstaidiig comedif  at SecMt Theatre  ALP-HE'S back this week at your Sechelt  Theatre on the Waterfront, this time in  the year's greatest comedy, "Ibe Wrong  Box". Stealing Michael .Alpbie) Cain and  Peter Sellers ibis hilarious movie will be  showing March 15th through JBth.  The fallowing -week at Sechelt .Theatre,  one of the most touching dramas to ever  be filmed, "To, Sax With Love," will be  showing for six: tug days, starting Thursday, March -1st. 1  r Unable to obtain a position in his own  field, a young engineer, Sidney Poitier, becomes a teacher in a high school in the  London-slums. His students, the graduating class, are hostile, ignorant and surly,  just jnariring time before leaving at 4he  end of tbe term. A repulsive bit of teacher  baiting rouses their instructor past con_roL  Kealizing that the hoodlums, both male  and female, must be treated like adults,  he discards conventional classroom methods for procedures that introduce these  anti-social teenagers io a sense of responsibility, some respect for the decencies of  life, and standards of right and wrong with  which to face the world. His own example  as a self-made man -widens their horizons,  and his growing involvement in their pitiful  private lives strengthens the bond of respect and trust (that grows -between them.  Mr, Poitier brings humor and compassion  to his warm, sympathetic performance,  and is most effective with the big cast of  natural youngsters, some ot whom, are  making their first screen appearance.  If is - mr-L-fflilY" IooHsli-ii@ss., v * -  that causteslbodttmg:d&d$b&  THEV put to .fseia in anything that wifl  > float #��d sometime, in things that  won't float very long, .They break aU basic  water safety rules that axe taught five  and six year olds in Bed Cross swimming  classes. They refuse to __e the safety de- -  vices required by law, - ��� "  " little tots are allowed to-wander away  alone on wharf or by rivers. lifeguards  are mistaken for babysitters. Jio -wonder  221 people drowned last year in British  Columbia, an increase of 35 over 1966,  states the B.C. Safety Council in its annual  summary of drownings.  One victim was last seen on an air mattress a mile out to sea; aaother tried to  ' run Bell's Gate on a nylon raft; one paddled far from shore in a six-foot kayak;  20 small children wandered away "just  for a minute'' and fell into water.  Due to the small craft present condition  reports co-orinated by the council with the  meteorological office, the Broadcast News  service and tbe commercial radio stations,  drownings due to adverse weather in the  lower gulf were eliminated entirely from  a high of 33 in 1965. Mainly it is foolishness  that causes boating fatalities. One survivor told the inquest he was lucky, fie was  able to grab a hfe jacket as it floated by.  His companion was not so fortunate.  Possibility of drowmng while driving a  car is greater than going for a swim, 31  drowned in motor vehicles; 20 while swimming.  If they used seat belts motorists  probably would not be knocked _aco$scipus  when their vehicle dropped into waiter.:  18 of-20 swimmers .broke baac.safety  rules:' Six succumbed: camming straight  out from shore; four more drowned while  swimming alone after midnight; one dove  into unknown water and' d_dtft' surface."  Jumping, up in excitement ivheo a fish  js booked, oi leaning over to uitsnag the  prop is the main cause of boat drownings  on lakes. Of 18 who did, none wore a life'  Construction costs up  LOOK for a -1SG3 increase in construction  costs similar to that of last year, warns  Ed Trefiak, editor of Building Supply  Dealer. Wage increases will figure prominently on the rise.  Last year the index of building materials  prices was up 3.7 percent and the wage  rate was op by 9.8 percent, for a combined  rise of 8.8 percent In 1958, 85 (percent of  firms surveyed recently forecast a 3 percent to 10 percent increase in wages, and  another 10 percent of firms expect wage  bikes of 10 percent or more. Last year,  92 percent of firms .surveyed paid .higher  wages.  TV announcer: "Portions of this program were pre-recorded . . . pre-recorded  . . . pre-recorded ..."  -JKE ESK-ESeE-t BQIKE-ltai the Cuban  teas. a__��ft_i' _sr As _&_(_- 'Anwifian  GyrraKEsCoc CP"?"w_^^m1MjW' _be Canadian  Customs ofifiwws _& -he Vmwem/er Airport  were pfesssaiBfflly casaa3 afte���t Sa_^ee_oog the  visitoihs J!_j8W8E�� ____ i__ey caaae to, lhe  two _sxt___���$ <_m___ _gr ____-* Venaa, the  tea__ boss!! Tfot f-tstt ma tmtiained. clothes.  The D-spectonfc" c^es BauH__d ��ten the second suitcase iwa$ csaernefl to disdkkse S00  Havana ojgsKS a_s___/ a _ot_b botffles of rum.  TftrorxgEo ss i_���_ijj___bt __c _Dsjpec!_o_. saSa,  **Ooj��v tsmr, yem awe __% cs-Med^ to 50  dg^rs am. a a_u_Bc ____cM To _4__h the  C___n 9T^^ __- B-_ffi-_, ^^h yes, but i  have (beea to- *o ___cn__������1 tihal C_x__UanS'  are v_oy _oaj?iJt_fi&: iQBeeffte aid I __w~ come  preparcdl _> jiw%--_j_c &_ itihe fiw-jpolality  1 expect to fUr TTbry M 'Kffl pass _ritb  his casgHi'-f "c_s_r__ira3Bal."*' Hossilality!;,, *  . m m m '  . HERE'S Wfi!>--4_--_3__V' Aid Society  ha�� n-xDedJ dbmn B"fe����_ ESeat-a as fiuest  ftpcaJk_7tr for iti__ awwroall j_w~_���vg in' June  , . , Vetwwa OS-Ensam V*c W��-_r*, pulls  1 ou. KCaur. 29 �����r a Jte���ffi awaited ro__d-4he-  worM juniTirtl .��fe_rih Vk amd fids wife expect  will i__ke si* fflDG_a_t_ ... Vcs, CSiartle, Che  two peajjiJc ywn see s%>jp__g <j-le<_y 'into  Artb-ir Sflcomsy"- ora Safl_o__y miaircings are  Mayor- Tern __esag5___ a__ _ds _-"��, _��51a.  The dV"T*ng Dr_tom6 asc fi__ __ca E>ecaoscf  Tana TerrtCuc w_j-~Trte_a TtxtMe-on tbe  dance iflbos- f%B__cr Bfla_jle__ premier  D_f9 Bc&C&a ��* a_Kn_L _o torn ��u> on tbfc  board _9 ___-trt-V!- eff a BC investoent  _evrIopin__- c���cop-aqy ... A _3t)_p < of  ex-con�� wax-ted to *-jy (___ri__ to "__f0_  ncoo_c ___Tdl fcri^rd _hrn_ on She outside  ts* titucy HexM. u^ a cm-kct-Q- asnonjC fhean-  eelvea ___ fto~fl a <_s~__] fcaaqurt at Ihe  lotos, Gac_~l_v ___~_ar��ri!* Jedk .SfC-sSer  btscamr m xra_ SJursa ��. Ibanwr. __cn 1ms  rr��c_e_ i_ta fesa porfart. asd caume u^ _tlh  ^t_ to ireptorc >t_e jca-h _-��t hid mysder-  iouafy ��nor 'jraoaiss ffinasa a ptkujs of cx-  coots* coOecffiao feBBSff.  ���   _   ���  FUTfira.: FUJE�������Be V*aroavrr ��nag-  l��tr��tr> a-it-il <-3 -_sa Barest abwrt. ��2��e Court  of /fepspexFy iSccfe���tsa fiBaat j&m���_c (_*nvictcd  of rr_trijua73_ pc_.-i��nr.ana ia__t ����rve a mbal-  pi_m of sfc* a_���__3h__ as a *lft__rrc_t**, re-  gaxdies* of csr_8Sj~j_%ck. It. h posasSble  f_a_ ��Bw ,"TW_<n' sxtasy be _c_tod *tartUy. But  Che imagJ3S_3!t__ asc ^-t as e_*_rcrDcd a_  the hfgb' cosset* _**r _n_gtl__g . . ,  fr^K__r ___n_t is ta^iss a _��_��__cr _|a  ..;..��� ........ J .^, -.. ������,���:������...;.��� ���.i.'i.iv'i.ii.''. ��� .7i-- i. ���.'(  on Ottawa because a Federal election call  wouM probably precipitate a 'general election In B.C. Hie Preeth is J^lylflg oh the,  riimbfs that Bob <5tr_chon will probably  run federally^ for Cotiiii Cani*rptf�� ft&tiaimo  sent;  Ran Herding is mentioned as the  NDP candidate for B��rt H��rrld0��'_: se?t;  Alan MacFarfen- is mentioned as a possible judge and Vancouver ��outh Is already  vacant as: the result of Tom I Bato** death.  Three bye-elections In seats already held ,  by 4he! oppositioh is something the premier  would probably just as soon av^ld . . .  Onetime .local   isport   chronicl*..   C*lfk  0___o���� Ms been.In Vancouver m the  pact rfew'days gathering material for a  planned book on the. professional' hockey  *c^,ytfp&.-'\a)Toronto:.GUM and Mail  columnist, Beddoce will probably have to  d_scHbe, <lie;v'Me^.,|mduUiMi:V|��i *'����-  tion", in order to "escape the ouWaiged cries  from some well known figures and/or their  lawyers .,.���>. Caveman Ken Jtsuffer is  talking about Bobby Darin for a summer  jing-a-l^dg.     \ ..'���.  $����__���  QUICKNIK���When they opened the new  Justice Building in Burnaby the first two  prisoners were two 31-year old boys who  wandered1 into a cell and found the door  locked behind' them. Their anguished cries  eventually brought an RCMP officer and  a key. ; TRiey were released "in the custody" of the very embarrassed father of  one of the boys, who happened to be Beeve  Alan Emmott,  MAIN  STEM  MUMDLES-ThiTC  were  a lot of out-of-jolntl,noses when the press  conference   called   to   bear I former lion  quarterback ,J<k�� Kepp make "an Important, announice-ienl.'.' turned out to be a very  routine deal In which Joe's partners in a  real estate promotion told that they planned  to!start work on the contrpversial Shannon  Parte town housf developmettt.   Joe bad  -been called to Toronto and wasn't on the  a_cne  '. "; ,��� ;otflowna  winemafcer Tom  Cepoxxl Is In ratal fiprlngs recovering from  an appendectomy. The medics claimed Chat  P3ji of (he problem arose because grape  seeds lodged In Hie appendix and caused  inflammation ... A pilot plant;l|�� already"  tceUng a B.C. man's allegedly brand new  method for refining pulphur.  The method  |�� SO cheap'thit, ft It proves out, It could  bring large numbers of marginal Canadian  sulphur deposits Into production.   It could  also make .ha'rcboidWB In two junior mining deals very very comfy . , . Although  he's, only due for a Sunday nlghitcr at the  QuccniE. which looms as still another stJl-  oot incidentally, Llber��c�� has told frlcndf  be bad tried to arrauge hl�� travel plans  so that tie can stay over "io have dinner  at Ibe Casa O'lAalla". He took a three-day  ' vacation at the K-taur&ct on bis fest trip  &2TC  ..",.���,.���.��������� * -,...-   ��� .,  NIGHT NOTES-IJig band leader Buddy  Rich took a. night ol. from Isy's to fly to  L.A. to, attend lhe Grammy awards because' he. figured he was a cinch to win  one' of the three record industry awards  he'd' been nominated tor.   Buddy lost, the  Club lost and itihe whole ihing was a mess.  Because all the other big name drummers  around the U.S, whom Rich tried to hire  were busy that "night, the' band played with  George   Urson,  the regular drummer at  Isy's sitting in for ���Richi-and creditably,  too.  Tlie club dropped about $1300 on the  night's business.   Rich later kicked back  $1000 from his fee , . . Then house bandleader Bobby HoI��m and. I��y Walters got  Into a beef the Bame night (over how much  Ursbn would be paid.   Walters said Rich  would pay Urson's fee when be returned  the following night because Rich provided  the bhnd.   Harsh words were exchanged.  Trumpeter Bob Harriot is now tbe dub*s/  regular band leader . . . With the music-  lans'   union  brass  arbitrating  jUrson re- I  ee-ved $75 for sitting in for the absent  Rich . . . Buddy Rich on Bobblo {Odm to  DUII- Jo*) Gentry* Grammy night appearance: "She needs four cranes to help ber  tarry a tune" ... By the time you read  this the l����al entanglements should be not  of the way and dbe Atliflc Inn (ncc Ramada  Inn) should be renamed the Holiday Inn.  Some bills left over from the original production have stalled the name change . . .  For the man who has everything. Hwsh  Chapman has stocked an electric fork in  his Granville street Aioppc.   W"s the kind  of fork that, usually comes in a carving  set but It has a long cord attached to tbe  handle.   It doesn't heat up, or anything  else,  "it Just keeps your electric carving  knife company," Hugh explains. For $?.-_!  ��   ���  ���  WASS-RMANIA���J wish the Legislature  would stop making new laws. We've already got Ctrtsorfc.'' ibaa^we'tan pos&il_y  MURRAY'S GARDEN & PET  SUPPLIES  LANDSCAPING - PRUNING  Gmt&t Point Rood  Gibsons, B.C. - Dial 886-2919  ���*---w--*----��-a--r-��^~----��-----i i -_.-��^----_-_-i--_----w  FRANK E. 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On leaving the area, I  wish every success to Mrs.  Gladys Klein who replaces me  in the Pender Harbour area.  ���Agnes Fenn, 1454-15  ANNOUNCEMENT  MR. and Mrs. Wilfred Wray,  Irvine's Landing, wish to  announce the forthcoming marriage of their eldest daughter  Carol Rose to Gerald Henry  Slinn, only son. of Mr!) and  Mrs. Henry Slinn of North  Vancouver,, /B.C. Wedding to  take <place at St. I&y's  - -0H&dh,"C_rdenBay on March  23rd, 1968, at 4 p.m. Reception-  by invitation only. 1456-15  PERSONAL  FOR complete information on  Marine, Industrial and liability insurance: Claims and  Adustments, contact Captain  W. Y. Higgs, Marine Consultant, Box 339, Gibsons. Phones  886-9546 and 885-9425.        489-tfn  a_TO 4,ted*\&-   perV ��__&,'- fetal W$ ^^^^^^.J^Write^^..^^-^**72- ���''     ^  Be4.hanij|<fiaCel��ataaclu��age,     '   ^ =-   * ��� /���__-���_ /������ ������f >��������� ���.- ��� ���.  - ^ ��� - BIG,,- cabinet ._tyle   1  Ufng:xoomt,2$rt5; fireplace.  ^m^ibx^^si^mp^y,  C__va��--Boitt Hardware '-  ,' Compressed -i^s^r^ '< *��  < sldiKHvers,^, tahlssl -! >  Skhdlv^a availahlV fo* '  .'    ^yagr-i^rk.^'-"'.  1589*15  REAL estote^salesittain i$m%ax   Bright cab. jatclien; rec. rdow,   SUlLtSING SUPPLIES  wildx Sunshine Coast i>wr-   A*il heat, db|e carpairt. Lovely   ^HfwwrrHB  ty. Bxcellie_t 4#fc__ , ��w>pera-   landscaped  yard /wlth^patw   GIBSONS    BuUding   SuppHea  ��._ _._i>j___ .-_.. ... ,_. . Sale t��y owner, phone evenings , ,tid. ��8B-26_J,   Gibsons, B.C.  mmz^pr wttte Bo_ 470 chs   QuaUty Ready-mlxetf concrete,  GOOD local Ladneir bhy iox  sale, $1 per bale delivered.  php��e ^fi-65S8/s ' , ; ,8046-tfa  ^i>____-b_�� )>^��*jw^i^i_^��w^"!*-*if*|iiwi-��� itmin^i.>��ip ii  ;iyle   ��� Rogers  radk>T in good working, condition. $15. Phone 885-2833.  .      *    1452-15  walx, uymtH. SAL5S  ; Phoae 880-9303, Gibsons, B.C.  t    *     <      -* 13^tfi��  i      J   i   i    ,       i.iiiijIihhi in    in    |. iimi.. 'u  -1  USElD ftidges, -tll'la good woty  ���^IslhM <M?a*ri >&$ m&i ^i  $69,$S; IrigidaUw, -,$��.$$; >Ad-  j_4ml, $89-95;; ttse4,,M^a��tt6,  they jvork, ^10 ��I> .<���� $49.95,  Let's 4rade i_wV,.��!__'-highest  trade-iq #^watw��Si. l��_tker'.  Hardware, Sechelt, (serving ,the  Peninsula. Phone 885-2171- ,-  ,   1 .144$-t&j  tion provided JtogeJhe* with ad-  equate, .adveiijsifcg' altow-nce.  Reply Box 1534, jjlje Times;  ��..   -'        "   -> * "- 15344fi��  PenUisiila Times, Sox 381, Se-   Servirj| th'earea for 20 years  ?helt, B.C.  SO-tlu  QA1 At" DirwcDc \a/a krrcrk   GUNBOAT.BaV, 40 acres dlttier   -^.i- j. ��_n-._.i*  SALAL PICKERS WANTED     ��^ of jfigiiway  10i with   BOATS &-NC3SNES  *���     ���" ^ * .    . _1-W.M      **L-f->     '.,JiJ__>.    "._- *__��-' - ' L. - __. -__- .  Phope ;Mi_v NaJda Wilson  885-S746 or^ >*rit0;  ;Box 390,; Sechelt, 0,C  ; -    ; *\1  :      '. eiMbt  " " "*        ' J*   !���   '     11 inn u   1   hi.  > r '  PENDER-HARBOUR  '   EVERGREENS    .  Madeira Park  , Salal Pickers Wanted  ��� - Huck 34c Junch   ,  *.   Salal 34c Bunch ,  . Coiitict plant before picking  Located 1st house north Pender-  Harbour ffertel^ [  /.Phone 883-2265  ���      -449-tte  CAMllSON EVERGREEN. .  CO.  Roberts-Creek    -  ��� Salal pickers Wanted  Huck 34c Bunch  Salal 34c Bunch  Contact  plant before  picking.  Located at Roberts Creek,  across street from store.  Phone 886-2633  1448^fn  1200 *���&:> waterfront  owner $25,��H). TeL  $0% i% Garden Bay.  eltiier  with  Sale  by  883-2285.  1309-tfn  lively B#ti^atito i Random Thoughts  inetafi&i workshop ���. ���. -; ':'.>.;�����'���>.���>  ���S��y Moty^Oross  ;tHfe SUN SHINES ON  VlLtAGIi~Lovely spacious 2  bedroom ho^he, hardwood  floors; fireplace, A-oU heat,  aux-Jelet. wiring, attached garage, foil high __s.ntent, ?1J8,-  900.     -  WANT8D, #UOTtoum boat, 12  ,8. appro.., ii  Phone 88S-2898;    ' 1403-1S  FOR SALE: ,|2* Mumiiuim boat  complete    with    oars-locks.  885-2053.,       * 1453-17  HOUSE "trailer, 8'*42* with at-  _, tacbed-living room and eaar-  WATERFRONT home���Iar^e 4   port   Ideal for  two  pepsons,  bedroom, basement, pool table   May be 'seen Big Maple Ttn^ex  '%'amo^ing^d eondUioS: ^m ih, a recent ��tt__g��: on adtiu educa-   ^^ figk for iteedoxa- ��* lt ^ ^ ���*���  L     ..      tiotfJa'Gibsons.''.'^  v       ^* .    t.  , ;?Bi4 H "takes^lphgerl'V'h. added. ;  r' TSe all-day wdrfe&hop, sponsored'by the  -Adult Education' Depaiitment of School  lJi4rict JJo. 46/ held on February 24th at  djhe'Cedars 'Inn, drew 4_ipty-five par-tidp-  ;ants-��from a wide cross section of the  -community.  TRAILERS  __. oti one-cent candy. .  , , -   >y   so-it goits, ,we din ih&Mriir <a__dreni  that privileges carry carrespondi-fi ";��s-  pansibilities..But do we ever Question our  right to shower upon them., so ifaany,. privileges, that lhe load of responsibility becomes unbearable? * . - < ���" .  ���' This is nat written -to suggest ithat .we  "teturil"ito the old way of Jife--_or "woflld  the teenager o�� today do,so*iihe~coald. He  knows "that 'the freedoms JWe had "aire- Inst  forever, and perhaps tot is perhaps ,why  FOR RENT  GENT'S   housekeeping    room,  clean,   warm,    private   entrance. Towels and linen supplied. Selma Park. 885-9535.  1138-tfn  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. P.O.  Box 294, Sechelt, B.C.  Phone  886-9876. 969-tfn  MY -TRACTOR   not   available  '-for   hire:   George   Charman,  886-9862. 1382-tftl  COPIES OF PHOTOS  APPEARING IN  THE TIMES  may be obtained promptly  5X7 SIZE, 1.25 EACH  6 (same Mtbjoct) ... 1.00 each  12 (tsame subject) ...  .90 each  8x10 SIZE, 2.00 EACH  6 (same subject) ... 1.50 each  12 (same (subject) ..* 1.25 each ,  LEAVE YOUR ORDER  AT THE TIMES  PETS        ' "  PUPPIES for sale. Registered  Poberman Pinschers, championship stock, 885-2835.  1435-16  WORK WANTED  HANDYMAN,   cabinet   maker,  Will do odd Jobs. Reasonable.  Ph. 880-9002. 760-tfy  YOUNG   lady   require,   work,  has    typing,    waitress    and  clerking experience, phono 885-  0504. ^^      1450-17  TELEVISION   and   radio    re-  ; paihi of any narture, prompt  service.   Phono 885-9C54.  ^        l"2.-tfn  HOUSE paloUng and decorating. Professional work don*  promptly Pick Blakcman. Ph.  686-2381, Henry Ud., RR 1,  qit��xra��. 767-tfn  TREE jminilng, hedge* clipped,  Gcorgo  Charman,  880-9862.  I 1383-tfn  TWO young men want any kind  of work, fl.so i>er lM��ir.   Ph.  886-2COO. 1447-15  SKIND1VEH with boat. UnTeT-  water work including dock  repair, salvage work, cable and  chain Inspection and replacement. Contact Guy Whytc ot  883-2274 evenings only.    1407-15  WILL  carry   out   dre��ism��Wng  In my own l>o-m��. 885-2828.  HALL for rent, Wilson Creeb  Community HalL Contact Mr.  Glen Phillips. ,_85-2183. 1095-tfn  TWO  bedroom1 self  contained  cabins,   also -_ae>-. bedroom  units. Winter rates. Vic's Motel,-  885-9561. 1288-tfn  WINTER rates: Fully furnished  cottages, $60 month plus  utilities; also weekly and nightly rates. Also available, full  trailer hook-ups. Phone 885-  9565, Mission Point Motel.   1346-tfn  SEXMELT���Furnished and unfurnished one bedroom units.  Combination kitchen, living  room, bathroom, electric heat  Phone 885-9333. 1381-tfn  4 ROOM furnished housa, outside Gibsons. 886-2983.  1058 15  NICE warm batchelor cottage,  furnished,    $35.   Phone   886-  2559 after 6 p.m, 1065-tfn  WANTED TO RENT  RETIRED couple wish to rent  or lease house on fair* sized  lot. Can pay up to $85 per  month. Write Leo Christensen,  No. 803, 777 Cardero St, Vancouver,  B.C. 1458-18  -1 ,.. '    . L-. _  REAL ESTATE  ATTRACTIVE: 3 Bdrm home  on 100' Wft. Good beach, workshop, taiit Arees. $18,000 tcrmis.  32 ACRES: Gentle islope. both  sides of highway, $17,000. Easy  terjhs, ''������, ' ���  LOVELY VIEW PROPERTY;  3 bedroom home, nice garden,  $13,600, easy terms,  CENTRALLY LOCATED: 3  bedtoonw on level Jot. $13,000.  Terms.  LOVELY VIEW LOT: AU ecr-  vices $3200. Terms.  HOME APPEAL: This house  has it, with 2 Bdrms., electric  boat and nicely planned, Only  $12,600. Name your terms.  THE HOME WITH EVERYTHING; A. oil furnace, full  basement, 4 bedrooma, lovely  view, fish ponds, only $15,000  terms.  LARGE VIEW LOTS: Serviced  $2300. ,  Some, finishing to complete now  1000 ��q. Ot. full basement liomo.  A. oil heat, Unobstructed panoramic vkrw, ca��y tcrma on  $16,500,  K. BUTLER REALTY  & INSURANCE '  Gibsons,  8863000  The Progressive Realtor  UNDERWRITING LIFE  AND MORTGAGE  INSURANCE  Representing  MONTREAL LIFE  INSURANCE CO.  size zee room. A-oil heat, fireplace on 100* WF. Good buying  at $25,000. '  '  SUMMER- cottage- on water-  famtx Sorae-terms - on $12,000.  2 bedroom home, garden lot,'  elec': heat,' $8,950 with $3,000  down.'   ..._-'  Finish yourself���new 4 room  house on lOO'a^OO' lot.^ Duroid  roof and aluminum windows in  $4,500."   -  SILVER SANDS-75' waterfront in protected, bay. Luxury  home. H.D. wiring. High basement, double carport, fine  beach, dock and ways. $32,000.  Try your terms.  TTreed WF lot, $8,900.  Harry Gregory���885-9392  H. B. GORDON &  KENNETT LTD.  Sechelt, B.C. 885-2013  1313-8  *  GIBSONS ��� Spacious, modem  3 bedroom home with 2 extra  finished bedrooms in full basement. Wal^ to wall in 15x21 living room. Large bright cabinet, electric kitchen with adjoining utilitf room. 4 piece colored  Pembroke bathroom. Auto-oil,  hot water heating. Matching  carport, ���FuU price, $19,750.  Terms.  t  SAKINAW LAKE: 85'x200' (ap- ���  prox.) lakefront lots, well treed,  gentle slope to this beautiful  island-studded, 6-mile lake adjoining the ocean, and just two  hours drive from Vancouver.  Only 4 left priced from $4250.,  PENDER HARBOUR: Water-  front. Large fully serviced lots  with excellent year-round moorage in sheltered bay. Water  piped to each lot; easy access  afif paved highway. Priced from  $5,500.  Eor   these   and   other   choice  properties    on    the    Sunshine  Coast, contact Frank Lewis or  Morton    Mackay    at    Gibsons\  Office.   Phone 886-9900.  FINLAY REALTY LTD.  Gibsons and Rurquiiiam  '���'  ��� ���"'  ';.      '���   '������,    ,      '      MSM-M'.  EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Notary Public  I 'Member -,  Vancouver  Real  Estate Board  Multiple Listing Service  Phone 886-2248  Willing to   start   small?   Owe,  bedrm view house, hatf base-  ment (concreted), $i;500 down  on $6,300. Easy, terms.  One bedrm  home,  with largo  addition  on   at;   rear:   $i,800,  $2,500 ,down, easy <l��rms.  Two bedroom home on 3 acres,  close in���good  well.  Over 800  sq.   ft.,   Arb.   work   tops   and  S.S. pinks, lino, and tile floors;  $8,900 ��ash, or ��ffer��.  Two bedrm home, with finished rooms in baacment, oil waterfront acre. Terms on $15,000.  Convenient to post-office, shopping etc.  2,000 sq. feet of floor space in  this view homo, Halfrnoon Bay  area. 15x28 living room with  fireplace, hardwood floor, conv.  mod. kitchen, with dining area,  largo rec. rm. 4 bedrooms. A.  oil heat. Double garage, good  grounds, 2 lots. $15,000 down  on $26,500.  Excellent lot below Highway  near Langdale: $1,000 down,  good terms on bal, $4,000 full  price.  Waterfront home near Gibsons:  50x210 lot. Two bcdrmA, largo  L-shaped living rm. with fire-  pUuce. A finished rooms and  bath .below eitalrs. $22,500, half  cash, Good beach _nd magnificent view.  Bright Business for Cash.  E. McMynn 886-2500  Do VVortman 886-2393  J. Warn 886-2681,  Box 238, Gibsons, B.C.  1461-15 1460-15  Court,   Wilson  885-9684.  Creek.   Phone  1303-Hn  CARS ond TRUCKS        '  1959 BORGWARD, good Tumimg  condition. $125. 886-9656 eves.  -    ,      ��� ' ,    .1063-15  FOR SALEr ;1959 \irhite International   panel   truck^ good  condition." "$380. "Phone 885-2585.  1455-17  SWAP r  WOULD like to swap is_5 two  door Valiant for late ^ model  Vz ton pick up. Phone 883-2481.  1433-16  LEGAL NOTICES  SUNSHINE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  Garbage ���Dump Site  West Howe Sound Are^  Southerly 10 chains of lots 3  and 4 Lot 1507, Gp. 1, NWD  Plan 1507. t -      * The clearing of three acres,  provision of an access road,  and preparation of the site for  garbage disposal is requii.il at  the property'described above.  Bids may be submitted** either: "'-   k \      ^ .T     '  Sechelt���885^9654  Gibsons���886-2616  (a) for  ea to be  \e tunber on' fire "ar-  ieared  or  told. paT-tieU>  youth of today is searching for die kind.of  personal freedom that you vahd;I enjoyed?1  took.back into-the past and see hoyV.slinle  and ,��ree life wis in your day,'-compared Ho  the1 organized, structured society_of"today.  ,The old way of life, which-produced %e  kind of self-sufficient individuals'that SO  many of-our senior citizens, are, is gone.  37%*im^i.vm ^-t__5S5____5W5_5:'iTK_��3K_^sra:;__  ^school teaching staff, -wajjagetnent;-labor,   {^ *��J? ^ mo^ x^l^r^^^   ���nPlw ^ee6om' ' -./*-*  ^*^.��^!ft��^.��^5s** ^E^X^^SSgSZ :^^^,^^^_^^^^  restriction, and  consequently  must 'lose ���  some of our .personal freedom, r -s.'"-   ,',  For example, education has assumed' a'  position' of "isu^eriof importancciti' lhe life"'  of a child today, and al_aough we know/it '  cannst be'o&erwise, we'".eca_['that very]  tew of us faced1 the pressures and demands  of 17 to 20 years in'school, in feet swne'of  us didn't go to schoolat all. Nowadays; we  think -nothing  of  clapping" a   child, into  school when he is 4-years old, and keeping  him there-for 20 years. .This we inform  Kim,' is his duty, _nd perhaps fflrjs, bit'  did "duty" demand as much of you? - ' ��'  "In every day matters the governing and  oratrollinlf regulations,' (all of which are  unavoidably; necessary)  are imp&sed., St  a student ha. a Job'besides going ^> $_&&_,  it' is accepted that he *buy' a car, and  taken for granted that he owes, his, life to  the finance company^. Certa&jly/fae isn't  forced to buy a car,' but lie _5 only conforming to'the pressures of our way of life  when he "does.  Furthermore,  before be  might drive lus car, he must pass various  examinations and possess a valid driver's  "a driver's licence  Organization    for a horse? , , t    .  If he owns a boat, it mustLhe regiiljer-  ed, and he .must not take-it out;without'  the required number of life-jackets. IH my  day, the only people who;w_re life-jackets  were the passengers, on -the Queen .Mary.  We know that teenagers' spend billions  of dollars each year; Che pressure is on lhe  child to want more and'buy more. Obviously these vast sums of < money are' not  extorted from our .children without. fife  most insidious' and sometimes evtf-fornj: of  pressure.- 'A-marks. _U3*ey--ido_eion"3^u  and'toe thirty years'ago would have''uncovered the dismal foot fljat -we- weren't  worth bothering about, as, we only spent  (b) for the, complete preparation of the area and access  road with the value of the timber to be offset against the  work.  Details may be obtained from  undersigned who will receive  tenders up to Noon, Friday,  March 15th, 1968.  CHARLES F. GOOtflNG  Secretary,  Sunshine Coast  Regional District  14431���Pub.  March 6,  13, s1968  ����^w���j���W rw up ��!���>_���____ 11-   wwi_-i-^w>-ihii     m  FOR SALE   SPECIAL:   New/ shipment   of  combination   transistor    and  electric radios. Earl's, Gibsons,  886-9600. 1459-15  SPECIAL for sale. Large Easy-  Read    Typewriter,     Almost  new. Cost over $300. Now $175.  Phone  885-9654. 1017-tfn  __ ; 1   USED washers, $10 up to $49.95.  2 used Upright Vacuum  Cleaners, $5,00 each. Used  fridges: G.E. $79.95; G. E.,  $69.95; Frigidaire, $49.95. See  our stock of 1908 power  mowers, then; trade now for a  new1 lawp mower. Parker's  Hardware W^J, Sechelt, R,C,  Phone 885-gm. 1462-tfn  IF   IT'S  mijlto���lt'a   Morgana,  885-9330, Sechelt, B.C.  8893-tfn  HOME trailer, B'xZV, electric  hot water; ��bower and toilet  $850.    885-9504. 1416-15  "THE Ncwspapering Murrays"  Tbe .story of Ma Murray.  Now available at The Tlmca  Bookstores, Sechelt- and Gibsons, 1465-tfh  UJ5ED power saws for sale, All  makes and sizes. Chain Saw  Centre, Sechelt, 885-9626,  8966-tfh  "BIRDS of Canada". Get this  vfonderful ihu&trated book  today at Tlie Times Bookstores,  GlbM>ns and Sechelt. Two stores  to servo you. 1466-tfta  1957 PONTIAC, 4 door  sedan,  good condition, also 4 7.75x14  cummer tires.  Phone 885-2303.  110815  NEWLY   arrived,   "Tlio  Smug  Minority", by Pierre Benton,  at T3���� Times Bookstores, Scdti-  elt and Gibsons. 1467-tfn  STANDARD   l��t   water   tank,  \��15h   automatic   dectric  element,  good  working condition,  230 volt. $25.   880-7442.     1060-15  HIGH speed 2 cycle Lawn Boy  in    good 1 rondJtton.     Phone  885-2014. 1451-17  Indian Band, the School Board, the Village  Council and other groups./  1  The goal *of ihe woika_top-jwas--_>jU34ro*  duce the psychology of adult learning and  instruction, -methods to -'members of tbe  community .involved iu adult 'leadership and  ipstfuction."  ., Dr, Verner vfery simply demonstrated  bis subject by examining the why and how  of "thgulearning -process^ that was ��� (taking  place'in the workshop among ihe-particop*  "ahfsf ~ " " '"    "* , "*  The all-day session iyas-the"f|r��t of a  jseries,.of 'works'hops" on 'Adult' Education;  "the nextfwall be in October.  " '  BC Old Age Pensioners  thriving organization  IN THE hungry thirties,  some 35 years  ago, the OJd Age Security Pension, was  in operation on a very limited basis. It  was. high time something "was,done to help  pensioners obtain itheir rights as heirs to .  itheir" native or adopted land and,thus the    licence. Did you have  B.C? Old   Age   Pensioners'    Organization    for a horse?  came into being.  Since its inauguration the organization  has grown steadily and today there are  102 .branches throughout the- province with  an approximate membership of 13,000. It  is .heartening to find persons of all ages  infefe'sted in the work being undertaken for  _ieyrrealize that whatever is done for their  elders will ease their burden and, in time,  make their own golden age a happier one.  . JDuring'the past several years this oijg-  VanMtwn-has-ipresented Briefs to-b9*h ibe  Federal and Provincial Governments on he-  half,of the pensioners and feel-they have  played a part in bringing about some of the  benefits such as increased pensions and the  supplement also -increased welfare, payments.  Other requests made to the Provincial  Government include additional Continuing-  Care Hospitals; Nursings and Boarding  .Homes; inclusion of drugs in the B.C.  Medical Plan and reduced transportation  rates. With *he< ever spiralling costs of  housing the subject of low-cost housing 'is  one of major importance and kept to the  ^fore-front Membership in the B.C. Old  Ago Pensioners' Organization is. open to  persons of aU ages residing in the province.  We would urge you to join your local  branch apd support our work on behalf of  our elder citizens.  If there is! not a branch dn your area  write to ithe Provincial Secretary, Mrs. A.  Rrowhe, '15456 Victoria Ave., White Rock,  of phone 5_8-8i45, for information on how  to form one.  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  ifWICfc    , , SECHELT  Sunday School-*-10:00 _.m.  <Shurch Service ��� 11:1 S o.��.  * Flayer ��� Wednesday 7:30 p.m.'  ' RW. A WJU-1S, PASTOR  You are invited to attend any or each service  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School 10:00 a_n.  Church Service 11:15 a.m.  Evening Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSEUS  Davis Boy Rodd and Arbutus %  ' 12 blocks up from Highway)  ANGLICAN CHURCH  SAINT HILDA'S���SECHELT  8:00 a.m. Every Sunday  ., * 9530 own. Church School" -   .  -���  >   11:00 o-rti, 2nd, 4th, 5th Sundays  ,.-. ..- 7*30-p-P/ 1st,ond3rd.5undsys ���_.;.,���  tfb  ? . 3^��__^td>'4e9ufarfy in'^��.JJi.>i  GARDEN BAY, -REDROOFFS and EGMONT  ' >'    F-afinfoooiotton phone 885^9793; .  Jvcrjf Wed. 10 am H. Conuaunlan &. H___*a  m  sons  ing  H_GH!_cores for the week, Frank Nevens  75#<310), Irene Rottluff 702, and Doreen  Crosby with a single of ail.  Ladies' Coffee: Lorraine Werning 55 ,  Theresc Jebkins 526, Marg Peterson 555,  Doreen Crosby 5.7, M^ion Lee ^01, Irene  Rottluff 589, Carol Kuruc* stl, Tina Van-  deHhorh 513, Pat Comeau 632 (265), Hazel  WrM^t 6W, Iva Peterson 591, Vera Fanr  ' GJiwons A: Prank Nevens 668 (243),  (254), Lorraine Werning 60J (254)i Attt  Hojden 60- (062), OrviUe Shogan 600, Free-  man Reynold. 664 (241), Joan Whieldon  655 (250), Don MacKay 035 (245), pauletto  SanMh2e5, Herb Lowden 253.  Teachers HI:,Red Day 629, Linda Yah-  lonskl 609, Gene Yablonskl 621, Ed Gill  032, Len Ellis 258, Art Holden 240, Vera  Farr 60S, Jim Stewart 657 (<ZS2), Freeman  Reynolds 709 (269),  Commercials: Murray Crosby 603, Irene  RottluM 702 (201), Shirley Hopk,ln 240,  Lorne Gregory 656, Evelyn ShadweU 662  (284), George Elander 608, Frank Ncvcna  758 (310), (256), Doreen Crosby 601 (311),  Joan Quarry 615 (202).  Pont Mellon: Axil Hansen 615 (283), Red  Day 600 (263), Al Edmonds 609 (282), Jim  Thomas 288, Art Holden 624 (244).  Bantams: David Pedneauit 251 (162),  Cindy Whieldon 3M (161), Debbie Slcoltc  20, Dobrft Pedneauit 319 (162), Bruce  Green 236, Debbie Whieldon 217, Randy  Whieldon 255 (152).  SECHELT AQEf-CIgS DATE PAD  ��� This free reminder of coming evepts tfq service of SKHELT AGENCIES  LTD. Phone Peninsulo Times direct for free listings, specifying "Dote  , Pqd"��� Pleqse note that, spqce is limited ond some advance dates may  \ have to woiMheir. turp; al�� that this is a "reminder" llstino only and  March 14���2 p.m. St. Hilda's Parish Hall, Sechelt. Hospital Auxiliary  \ meeting. *  Morch 15-~2-4 p.m. Gibsons Porish Hall. Catholic VVomens Uogne, St.  PatficH'S Tea and Bake Sole.: , ;    ''r  March, 16-4 p.m, Rpberts Creek Hol|. St. Patrick's Square Dance  ", Jamboree.   -:   '��� .���<���;    :���  ;��� ';; , ,,  ' .,.  MorcH: lfi~8  p.m.-Pehder Harbour Hote|.  Chamber of Commeiw��  ,     meeting, Dr. ^Urray Newman, ouest speaker.  Mqrch 19��� 11 ;6.rji.-i p:m, Legion Hoi I, Sechelt: Canadian Legion LlA/  KummaQe Solo.,    , . ������ < ���     /   ���  March 22���10 am.-1 p.m. Wilson Creek Hal|. Coffee Party and Book  ,. , 5a'o.. .���'.'.. .    ' 1, ��� ' ���     .   ���   1  March  22���Elphinstone Auditorium; Jack  Davis M.P. will  speak on  , Community Betterment. .  ' ��� ���  >  March 23���9:00 p.m. Wilson Cn-ek Hall, Dance to live music.     I  .**,  \*A  AS(C FOR OUR FREE BROCHURE  REAt ESTATE  INSURANCES  Multiple Listing Service j  Vancouver Real Ecrato  Board  Phone 005-2161  GIBSONS OFHCE PHONE 806.7015  c*i  Gossip:  Ear pollution.  St. John's United Church  Wilton CroeV, D.C  Sundoy School���-9:45 a.m.  Divinoi Worfchlp���11:15 ojn.  L-Ki bv Mlw H. E. Campbell  Except on 2rtd Sunday eoch monm  Family Servlca���11:15 a.m.  Divine $erv!ea-���3:30 p.r��.  Led by R#v. W. M. Cameron  hfpf iuxtbtot _*_M1MM_I��(��  f(t��n_ _3.-$744  '" ROBERTS CREEK  9,4 ocrcs, coutherly $loo., easily cleared. F.P, $2,300.00.  GIBSONS  Practically level residential lot. Handy  to shopping. F.P. $2,300.00.  D,Pr $500.00.  GRANTMAMS  Spotlew well   planned  fully modem  hom��, view lot. Fireploce, Au��o/oll  furnocc. Full high bas<m;ent with self-  contained suite, al��o second dwelling.  F.P. $17,300.00���twnn,      '  GIBSONS  Commercial���Indwttrlol building, ovm  1900 square feet, concrete floors,  110-220 wiring, village water. Convenient highway frwitoae of 278 feef,  $11,200.00.  ROBERTS CREEK  $950.00 each, Three lots, easily  cleared, close to beach, 2/3 acre each  lot.  C. a Gjotb��*cofe~-5g.-70r5  EGMONT���No. ��42  800 ft. of waterfronlogo with 3 roomed f isbermon's homo. Access by boat &  lond trail. Good potential of domestic  wat��r on 18 acres Of land. Gout to  Egmont Wharf ond Gov't park site.  Power ond phone are In. At $10,000  F.P. less than $13,00 per ocean front  foot.  Bob Kent~-883-9461.  No. 628  ULTRA MODERN HOME  4 bedrooms on 200 ft. watcrfrontooe  West Sechelt. Mony features, must be  *��*n to be appreciated. Asking  $55,000. D.P. $15,000.  Bob (Cent���883-9461.        ���  _*__  ���'..!"*��.<'"*. ,rf%,-^., ^!I,iVA  *ly,t��Sl,,A(^��*^'*.J*%((^lhfA j^JvA'^ft' .,:*l��,-��     *| ,#���   *t   *.,l<l. (*jrfV���    ^    I0>    1-,^^   f#  ^VA 4 p* Wf,**,^  ��*J(��1��,*rt W/y^A,flv*"H��\''  1 fh i<A) ^t 1 **> i*V % i"\  , A' A * /*  i*,-*^^** >A"4*Wil i!__i*^   *>      ''     '  >-  MR. SPEAKER:  ' f i. ^.BtBg_t|��e?sgs-0&r ffl^^, w  ��� we get off oar cfcest, sill las ^^Seccs" _a  regard .0,oar r_iin^,an4tI _^j__|6ss'tE35  :. last one to break tfm'tra��iSsaa~ "fftbar.tSii  X do came from the greatest.BE&g ca.S%  province, where on the S____ine _3s__t-as3  in Powell Biver %_t_gi_f��n_y,~ fl-gt ~_WS5*  playing' golf aU day, v/��e"we,~fcCT_ S*  Victoria, were battling a __o__-��b> en <&��  opening day of tins Session. ___TS______ev  Coast is indeed living op tojto name^T"^  The more I' ���raveljManrtnaai-' BaSs��,  the more I am aware of the ygte3Ssa^y&  this area, and the greater ayjfeffl^  and'honor in xepresenfiDg fflj__."__ ffisjs  legislature. These are a'___M|^.  some who .work and Eve end farms 9  their' families, amidst aU anrnnffies tf_ESe;  yet but a stone's -annr away is a feBESt __  wilderness,   or   a  vast rugged etwffiggia.  While on the other hand,"_ft-y _____ _e.a  logger or a fisherman and Ms gangly- afe-  ated in one of our many Mete car tfrprnfffei.  and while enjoying mangr -w__r __S_f fie_t  are unequalled anyo_ere, e��_a_ __a_t _--  their strength against a*1____re;^___6"��sa.  be very angry and danger--. MSsmssT"  Every year* moz., and *_3_ro.;toi5_sS_  visit our coastline to view,the sJ_aar ____��sr  of, the area, and to' cat__ Gtse. _f __y  famous, salmon which __-__i. fi__^^dt  the entire coastline.  Los& greeo __sa��isi.  rivers and creeks and lafa^.4_g__ag  fish, mineral wealth that as y^ i__sf_a?_i_r  - __!_p^-__t-'l^^tji"-^affii 15shi|tt4��K^Miti^ ijj),'  pi__s;fer"___ie��'-_sar-.TOS is epemainanode '  -#*$��__. jm ^^hdec^yi^s^^sp  <|_lJ; _se_Sj ^aafiffS^j _ittl   _on^picfio|t; fojf  fjgtaj5__3s ~e&fm~$eai$ finis;Jutc^ding 4Jie  j___j^s-Cbnv ___are.'with a_Quiia_o^/Qf our  S____%s-i^__i "Qnicn,." whicii; will ^ ';.Mo^  same? t^ai^. __e;__d'b|;'l_arc^iOr ;e'arjy;  ^S^Eoaiss 5a" tcM ezf^^t^: of oyer  S3, jnsilfia:_-__-&.���' '' ������* .*"<,' i: j '*, ,* ���J\ /  7-__3'-f!_9-_^_w_r-C__^ f^^-l^ !ptov-  e_|3;_��:a-^ffi_ar, route, it^pi^r |pr tojir-  ^_y-__-.*f_r_$_'localr_sMeitf��;?,tiie ipeojfle  eMB�� _ta__lfJfiser area; are indeed lows*  isg f_r__i_l''to :fhe day, -s^ci t^y ,faf^  _��__ t_r_n~__e;iiear future,,when a more  _e_sg___�� fcasy tprminal wfll he copiistriicted  a_a afas^r feiay--s_tt te'jalde to carry the  cw-.-fiRSKS-^icaffic to Vancouver. Mandi  f ;S__ns^s___5? ?o^r^^Jfivier ?ls ��___?  g^-_Sfi&^es io-fsr.^last July, number tfen  psger-zaa&sne, 'V part of ^ our $105,000,000  gpTM^aefeis^ �����-_- _S_>' service, ao-^with, the  c^E_!af _f 5��.-ifeK_s a day, *am this one  ��� _a__g__ffi,."__T lolai c^adty in the, mill is  s_v<ps^8_rtQ_s':a year aVfidl proilnction.  ���^:-^__ft"M3,r-i_i its-'fifst cook being  _^_^_s___h, i^ 1^ iSs*wo digesters  _^:___3___t ___ -c_tps; went uito production  f__i_hJ, ___T __D'fa��___e SZS Ions per day,  _^ <__r;p^_3_jri_rd ^iage railway slip,  \_s aste-Bj^Tsfl-e-tb' -ransportdurect to 4he  ir___s^^__9_-_s_ i�� Canada of the United  SSafa_:"i aso ffSeased to note In the expend  ^rfffiqsrilfllfrIpiw^pf|^ fS_^.  _-__g!*--*-_!-5-g^  .1^nJ_MM_ffl__riM!B___lk^l3' f <_SS.-". "S^-7   'i      .,        j ii iff     i -imi 'I���<ll,"g1'    " ' ���'" J" "���' "l"'"^" "i nil i n    i| i   '    ..-^w.^��--��  It is idholIiiIy foollsto,0ss  3*      . "*   "^     "fl"1^  "W  9 comedy  at Secheli Theatre  ^       ' - < fi, _ _ ^"  ___S_aiE_S _e_k 4Ms week at your Sechelt  -TEat-Sag _a __e Waiexfront, this 4ime in  fibe s-ar's .gwaSest comedy, "Hie Wrong  ESssf . S_OT__g Wdiael <AIphie) Cain and  Ptefesr Se33_3s i_ns Iniasaoos movie will be.  _&___gg-J_aa_h 15% -hxoogh 18Ql  _3s> fateaiag -_e_k at Sec_el�� Theatre,  esse _f __e most l_ea__ng dramas to ever  lie ffil��_u M_b S3r H__h I/we," will be  g-owB-gg fer sis: isg days, starting Tmurs-  fthat CO.P.SSS fe@OltiBS d,<SO.t&il  ��� Hon. Isabel Darasca..  Mackemie Biding MLA  ar^a,'ilans"_re progressng -wettto ���6e  _5__t_e to <__j_5^ a position in his own  ffMfl, a s-32g __^D_e_r, Sidney Poitier, be-  co-sss a C��___er In a laigh school in the  Trffaftgi ^lams. Bis students, tbe graduating ^nTas5!, aie iaostiilej ignorant and surly,  j__It i___ii_g ___e before leaving at Jthe  enxS _f _he term. A sepalave hat of toacher  feaafa^g trasses ____��� instructor past controL  fteal&ffrg Shat -he iuradlums, both male  s__t fiffffnaTup, 5__st _e treated like adults,  _e dFijcaife <___7___o&al classroom _e_-  __s far ��___e____s -hat introduce these  _c_E____i. _a__age__ to a sense of respons-  __��_$$, sssje respect for the decencies of  Ha*, a��_i ��j______te of right and wrong with  tta.iypyffis ;��g) Sij^<pq> ��__ wm_d. Eus own example  as a sdlfsiadE ���____ -__iens 4hdr horizons,  a_���i ���5s jgiat__a^g lawfflvement in their pitiful  B_ihia_e Eb_5 s_ne_g_uais _he bond of re-  ^g��c_ s_c3 IhnasI ���hat -grows ^>etween them.  Mir. 5^e3__t itrai^s Hwiamir and compassion  to fi^  _r___j, Tsynnpathetie performance,  serf! ^ ____t c__5c_tve ___i flie big cast of  fla-Kiwil 3_-_��__ea_, some of whom are  nnalifiiisg ___���is* first screen appearance.  ^EHEY^ piit- to sea to. __^yfl_ngtiiat will  -.. float ;?and sometames in things, tbat  won't float very tong. They break aU base  water. safeJty "rule- that are taught, five  and six year olds is Bed Cross swimming  classes. They refuse to use the safety devices required by law.t '-     '        ���"  latUe tots are allowed to wander away  alone on wharf or by rjvers.'lifeguards  are mistaken for (babysitters. .Kb wonder  221 people drowned last year in British  CWumhia, an increase of 35 over 1966,  states the B.C. Safety Council in its annual  summary of drownings.,  One-victim was last seen on an air mattress a mile out to sea; another tried to  run Hell's Gate on a nylon raft; one paddled tar from shore in a six-foot kayak;  20 small children wandered away "just  for a minute'' and fell into water, r  Due to the small craft present condition  reports co-orinated by the council with the  meteorological office, the Broadcast News  service and the commercial radio stations,  drownings due to adverse'weather in the  lower gulf were eliminated entirely from  a high of 33 in 1365. Maizdy it is fo_ti_V����y;  that causes boating fatalities. One survivor told the inquest he was lucky- He was  able to grab a hie jacket as it floated by.  His companion was not so fortunate.  Possibility of drowning while driving a  car is greater than going for a swim. 31  drowned in motor vehicles; 20 while swimming. II they used seat belts motorists  probably would not be bfoclced. iBMWpaous  when their vehicle dropped into.'wafceav'   ;  .1? of .^ swimmers to *>��#',. safety  rules. Six succumbed swimming e_rajgS$t  out from' shore; fotir more drowned white  swimming alone after midnight; one dove  torn unknown water and didn't suxtace.;  : Jumping up in excitement when a fish  js hooked, or leaning over to unsnag thp  prop is the main cause of boat drownings  on lakes. Of 18 who did,' none wore a Tito  jacket. ���   i . ���    -��� ; _ * -     '    -"���-  Coiisiruciioi costs up  LOOK tor a .968 increase in construction  costs similar to that of last year, warns  Ed Tirefiak, editor of Building Supply  Dealer. Wage increases win figure prominently in the rise.  ���Last year the index of building materials  prices was up 3.7 percent,and the wage  rate was :_p by 9.8 percent, for a <��mbined  rise of 8.8 percent In 1968, 85 (percent of  firms surveyed recently forecast a 3 percent to 10 percent increase u_ wages, and  another 10 percent of firms expect wage  hikes of 10 percent or more. Last year,  92 percent of firms surveyed paid higher  wages. -,   ���"  ���ft  hi?i  m  fyi  W'  I, ^4  In'J  1   ^  -n  TV announcer: "Portions of this program were pre-recorded . . . pre-recorded  ..'. pre-recorded ..." '  bwn touched, tot alone_-wwat^wi*   ftra.,___T$dmsm bM^en'spent to    _xchange of land w_3i a toggeng mm m.  have said before, a ___^pdto_t irao   &&;**& fun. ��lie Kraft IBS. Also, in   order thata  no words adequately desffihe. Yes. __s is  Mackenzie Biding���a tend of e___x_s:_S_  and new horizons,    _r       t '    -"  The population of the SmsTJce Ctesst  has grown -by leaps and &_____ rta __.��___  five or six years. In 19SL, __s Se__e__ asS  Gibsons areas bad a  yj-jt-iipffi _r> _ta�� ___l expansion, we have had  Esssjy j_esr __i__ess^5 open and ���we have,  __S_al'a__afi~^ come of Afae. finest accom-  E_______s-i__M;.__ry___re in7 British Col-  ______ __��_fisneh^Qnei* that will be cater-  fcg; Effiflt c_5y to our local residents, but  -  -  "'to ear ���-tourists,  has  1,579. As of June 1st, 13S3, _a, _ss& ____as ��!____y.-_^_t in-excess^ of 3% million dcJ-  was %918; an increase of osier Sfj&bssdh $sss,~&3sd -Isy lie __ne it is fim^ied, will  and on the Peninsula, ^e'tet_l'p^_-____ ___t_ae__g_s of affipioximately 4 million.  was well over the 9,00_ n___L   E__^ f^__a _B^I^1^___"^ogreBsed'to the  Biver, u-ing the same dates. ___s J_v^3 o pe___" _____ .peglaps Jt'cannot yet encour-  1961, and as of June 1st, IS55, ^s gja. g^- fibe lasgest jbf Conveidionsi ftut cer-  an increase of almost ZfMSt m &e s___^,  and with an area popo__������_i _�� <-_se-te  18,000.  , BuMing permits to Powell __ier_3_^r  amounted to $14jES^-2, and cea __e _Se___1;  Peninsula, buildingpe_t__sJ__ee^2-_^S.  a sizeable amount indeed-     '. -      ���  Likft most' -8rft_M? iff ___ti��ifis��-'-ffSrfiffiwiri^y  tourism  is .fast bettmxk_| '..aa p____e_s_'  factor in our econmny, ami I  we too, are oonsentai _____  ant items as roads.  parks. '  fezjsly"'_��_h easily. _ope witu  p^yf_^1jfTfflSt"��� ^^yff 7^pc03zp5-,r Jo^ tEact  5__r, _se __S Sjave'���hree such  Mc_x"ai_a_ _ asntelEng  E_c.'-^^a___;'an ��__er;to  E___C_ta essoe adequate V<  ^^8r nS_SSSte  HIGHWAYS MIO IMBUSffBY^  During the past few   nnrtfe^  pleased to' report,; .t&^ "a ww^affle  amount of work has heed ___e  secondary or side roads.' _te___sSrafi__t  and black-toppong .h^ been.___�� _a a  number of them throo^_rc4 fife _fe^ajnsau  . Naturally,, site .-would J5te.to .seg^S.y__k  continued, and, r am ptegsaB^ _> ezxbsf, as  will the people to.n^...BE__^ ---t'ssffis.  3618,000 has been ___^_al fiET- 2__dte__s  for the next fiscal year. --_.    _  Field work on the propose_ -Sfegms _#-  pass, with design <____ to be ccs__fe_2_  later in the year, is t_-gn__l_g"-_--"r--  will be a boon'to hrafSc,' espeei2%__-_sqs  from Powell Biver to t&e lignggafe���_____-  iijal and'to those in the, _gger'_ Sffgft-S  Peninsula. I would also Me _>..____e  mention 4ha>t as soon as sprfng ce��a._w��v a  survey of the Bella Coola Eo^dl^NS-l j^r  commenced.        |    - * -      I'yy  In looking into the fat-ore _f ccsr jBfiai^g,  one can easily foresee a seaway _f fgirefiesy  iriiall ahd  this past  " venttons  this,  our  ver Island  'ff^rjry'EnSs ^e' as vital tous as roads  "awe te ____t-��#_r arezis, for'Jfliese are in  gggee-ne,- ��_f __3e__e isifli yancbuver ahd  Vasaspyer __teid.^.^ '.-//. "/- C- i < "J"  "'-��__^s ione always a good topic of can-  u__sa__a ;any��_-_e. Way back: in the  ^��ms��� _r-__erealxB-$, they-m_?t, have had  a 8_s_l"2__5a_y 1b___a_g att'ttbse' tonift' old  ���^taosSfeas ,feiC7__fi_g_s:���:We':_ajfe ���one:|m  __rJr_as_3l'^scrar_a7too. You know, fi_r.  S^pcdt^;" ^yUt^^r^^^^yvii^etAt^e  %m3��ess _ani_h".��_cer and are mdch'safer  t_i."SSi___i'-___l-_a"__at. tojoc;-fi-t I ___  6_%|S%3S^^_t*^E tughwaysaas gqt the  BECSQEKHON' -" * *'' " 4 * - - ��� ' i ^  --"^^^-____���'areas; pa_3ffi are; important  _3>-. __f ��3. Wss&gsme. ySatee i9S5t'- $402,100  Eskfceea _je_i <m paiks in our area, of  ___^.'__E^'j5l^jM^,,was.^peh��-:bh' acquir-  Eg^pts^^Sfef, .:'-^ch witt--_r;_e.eloped in  __e3-_js.affw__L _^ ��v ^.^ 1 f^";'..,   a.  "s Core:-; IS) -acres Crowston  Ba_p_ill^,��-arig��A^''apd"Jbe Nacres in  __e<_-____,'_-__-iaf'^rea and abo Myrtle  g___ at ff___a Biver, which has been  gfe_BM"as a'Cfais-C Park. The import-  asat ig__g-��__s-to acquire ihe land while it  _____ sSaH'Jbe &ad- Also in the Bella Coola  good park and s_iE___3gpeH_l  may be developed. _^  -"Just as recently as last m_-__, -7___es  of land was'granted to the Hazwoad Pfesfe"  Board of Texada Island to prov-le __ls area  with a fine beach and swimmmg area. Msd  While I'm, at it, I might mention ___t ms  of-British Columbia's first Erne Mfi-s en  Texada Island will soon be desSgnaftal as a  historic site.    ��  ��� Sr. Speaker, as I me____aS !__%,  Skookknchuck Bapids could he one of ocnr  greatest tourist: attractions. Hoareser, I  feel sure that development of a ____, _r s_  least - an access to this, is not too isr  distant at tins _me.  HOSPITALS - -;_  Now 'for a little on the IfniirTMOT'flariabdi  side., .Around May 15, Powell E&rer _fll  see' the opening of its new _6-_ed ea_pn_ffll  care hospital, and also space for our near  emergency depaMmenf,'l_td_en ex&aigro_,  medical records and   also  ______es  fisr  occupational therapy. Total eos. is esfem-  ated to be $1,145^��. St Mary's Wa^rSgi.  at Sechelt is also waiting for final spgnssai.  which could be given any -ay no_r, ��mc a  22 extended care bed exterrsfont, a_a_ 33  'acute care beds'. Ocean FaSs__srBBtss__  a more difficidt prbHem  _eeaga�� of a  greatly reduced' worMng force, wMdi w2a  have been reduced from over l^ffi> a yeaar  Or two ago, to around 450 by ApartB l:-&s  a* result, plans for a large ftospital __d to  ^bfe ^changed.' Hftwever, I an_"s_ease_{re>  ��>ay,  p_ms   between lhe  Company a__i  B.C.H.LS. are being proceeded un_& posst-  b-ity of conversion.- of one of the {&____-  lodges-for'a hospitaL  -1 B. W., Large Memorial 'Hhqiftal at ___!_  Bella has been given approval far a'new  25- T>jed- hospital; pins six exfendfed esse  beds;! As a lot of the "popo!at_OT _s &___.  up of, Indians, the federal @3v_B_3___-t is  expected.to make a special gran_ and sis*  tbe United. Church, the owners of  pitaLitsetf.-'    -    '*.  ��� I would like to mention at this tSnre] ___t  the'government representative oa tbe  MUI-IATS GASD2N & RET  SUPPLIES  LABSSDSCAPING - PRUNING  _Sj__w_ iLC - Did 886-2919  H_M-i: E. DSCI_-_�� OrTOMETRIST  Ek_I _to_k ��� 6w>s_gis  Ev_sy Wednesday "  886-2166  T&SHU- SHOP?  L_dB_s* - A__si"s - Children's Wear  Ycad Goods - Bedding - Linens  ��!__ ^_U��331 - S__f___v B.C  John Hind-Smith  REFRIGERATION  PORTMEUON  t TO PENDER HARBOUR  Phone 886-2231  from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Res. 886.9949     f  ��� Logs  ING &.SAI  LVAGE  CUBAN'S D3IV&.N  Tihe _&%glfa��-_. Spot on the Highway  41^g___e __�� H%Si Sc_����l - Gibsons  Ifer T<_ie Oe. Os__as Phone 886-2433  U5BS APPHJAMCSS  Sales & Service  ____-_r Bras. Block, Sechelt, B.C.  E_ffl_ts; 885-2313 '  1- a H. SWANSOM LTD.  S_D  o    o  THE BORDER BOIff&CE-Wcm -he -hfna  team arrived tor 43_e Pforfi. Aawii'iia'JM  Gymnastic ChampionsSiips tbe Cjny&ia  Customs ofiBcers at the V___oiss_r .Ai____ft  were pleasantly casual a_o-~ tHHtjyeetrei.; flte  visitor's luggage, _b__ <-��y c-tar to ffise  co _aia_a fiecause a Federal eledion .all  ��s__M .'jp____s_-lsr prec_dtate a" general���-elec-  iasn BJC. mePreeto is relying oh 4hc  fliasagra ��� '.hat ___> ��� _Sr__hon 7 will probably  tem��oikaa^f 'iter C__n CameroWft Nanaimo  scad; Sew Bte__ap is mentioned as the  two suitcases carried by S___r ifa___u tte. BB8P ^a^^iejte. Sot Herrl-gi/o seat;  team boss! .he first oms c__��_<__9������I ____<__    " " ~' **  The inspectors' eyes balgC��� ___ffl __e SWD-  ond suitcase was opened to dJirifegr 58��  Havana cigars and a ������rot* __����_es _- �����������.  Through an interioeter the nsspeefSaas ___!��  "Oops, now, you are osiy _c8^__f to ��.  cigars and a single _ottEcM' *B_> _____ __e  Cuban siniled and repfied, "Ah __����___ fi  have been led to und_tst___ ___t ���3ww>_-���w-  are very hospitable people and I Bfcuwe cease  prepared to reciprocate tor <t_e _capfi__2wr  I expect to find." They tot _&��� pasa^wfi*  his cargo of "contrabraml.1-  HERE'S  WHO-CMB��n"s  Aa_ ^.coe^r  has nailed down Pisrro ______ as ��scsl  speaker for its annual mc_&2 tz." Jtesas  Veteran OB_���tan Vic _fM_m. |?t_���s  out Mar. 28 for a long awaited r_���o_1_���o-  world junket whkh Vie and __��� w-5e e^perl  will take six months . . . yes,, C__c__e,J_be  two people you see sfippfag ^i__% is__  Arthur Murray's on S_tor__y,_��_____�� ase  Mayor' Tom C_mp_*tt and Mi w��_e, J_S_��  Thc dancing lessons, are beg __ca _ec___e.  Tom Terrific was���Tom Ttm_b-�� t&e  dance floor . . . Former 5i_ni_J_ai p_��aa__r  Puff Roblin is about to toon c_�� en __-  board ol directors of a ILC imtsSmeA  development company ... A gjnsa-p _S  cx-cons  wanted to  &agr __w___ to a___e  /iftfff nscS-esfi���ise is 'rocnSlcnssd as ��� a poss-  a_e J___�� amd��� VaBCbaver South b already  ws___l as" Ibe ress_t of Tom Sato's death.  _ta_E _^_^_e_t_ms !in seats already held  fcsy __�� _5f_K_3__m is something, the' premier  ��___} jpr__3t^y just as soon avoid ...  _______    local    sport   chronicler.   Pick  fH#ftr ___; fc����a ua Vancouver .or the  f__a-._e#''i__j�� gaJheriog material for1 a  p______ i_s__ on' ��he. professiphfll' hockey  estesjr,' ��� - jffoar: _ Toronto .Gibb. and': Mail  <c_______t,:-Bedfloes <MDi.pro_-.ly have .to  __s_n_��:,._be' fiisisfeM production' au "fic-  <ga_T>.'ixi''_r__r,to'��_fcape the outraged cries  _f_a aa_a_s vn__ ftxtown figures and/or their  iamptss ... Caveman Ken St_uff.r is  __��___;��� a___t ��_-% Dsrfn tor a summer   :'-������������  ESASS3 _____ f^UiilDtES���There were  a M ef e_t_f-|_tot noses when the press  <��_$r_ir__e called ;to ;hear' former Won  efoxxttsbask. J__' Keps��' make' "an iniport-  as- mnammiamfL'' turood out to be a very  s___ne __al ia _hkh Joe's partners In a  real estate jaxHnoiton told that they planned  4o'_tari ��_f& on the controversial Shannon  i_u& town bouse development. Joe had  -fecea c__tod to Toronto and wasnt on the  (Stasac   .  .' .  IQ-Umna  winemaher Tom  people who'd helped them era tte ______    C_fw_3 is la Palm Springs recovering from  so they took up a cof&eettoet a___s$ __e_s-  eclvcs and hcM a amafl E_��i9e& 3_.,t~_:  Lotus Gardens. RMfior_c_> i*d_ W_l_-_r  became a real guest of feasor,, w_>m Sac  reached into his pocket and came bj^���___��  f44 to replace lhe cash Chat h__ emsSrr-  iously gone mi����lns from a ��rec.* _f ca-  cons' collection Wtty.  -   ���   *  FUTURE FILE���Some Vaarawor ��_a_s-  l��'.raU>�� aren't all that keen a_o_a ��te C__ct  of Appeal's decision thzt *a$me'mm!kXM,  ot marijuana possession nt_st*��r��c a c___-  mum ot six mottths,, a* a *^��eetirc��r*B regardless of circumstance*. Et h* p____3e  UjM wc "ruk" may be ___tej|'_b_r__r. Jfc*  the magistrate* are h-sfi as c____��__l lathe Mgh co-rts over t trageftfeg . , -  Premier EcrasTT is Ixcjjfc^ A *���fctfSgf cjv  gj^jggtflifffasiy. The' medics claimed that  pet ef __c -QtuMem arose because grape  ��ea__ Mg~4 to -be appendix and caused  jy____-u_tos- ... A pilot plant Is already  te_2_2 a ILC, maa'a allegedly brand new  e��t__9d for refining 1 *u!p_ur. , The method  is ��b ����**��> Ihat, if it proves out, ft could  Ca^ig t&rgir n___bera of marginal Canadian  __3jfear 4fpo>it. into production. It could  j_W iBu-ae __are3>oldcr�� in tajp junior min-  jbc _ka__ vary very comfy . . . Although  ___t/c_fir ___.._or.�� Siiflday nlghtof at the  Qj��*__E. __iirti looms as still another ivcll-  eel &wi_ftfa%, Wwe- has told friends  te bad _med to arrau_e hia travel plans  m &sS. fee caa ��Say over 'to have dinner  ad. fia; ___a ITIJalia". He took a three-day  ��*��__a at H_9| re.taura_t on' hia last trip  .:.���'.";:���������''.;���'.'��� '.city.sffp^f'.''s_i���r0 '���  QUICKNIK���When they opened tBe neiw  Justice Building in Burnalry ��_e fast ___>  prisoners were two 11-year old (k__ __��  wandered into a cell and found the ___r  locked behind them. Their angt__-__ esses  eventually brought: an BCMP o_5a��r and  a key- , They were released **h_ the c_s-  tody'' of the very embarrassed fM-es1 eff  one of the boys, who happened to be Et~_s_  Alan Ehnmott  _  _ ���  NIGHT NOTES���Big band leader P__%  Rich' took a night off from lay's to fly to  L.A. to, attend the Grammy a_ar_s because be figured be was a c___i to ma  one' of the three record industry ___r__  he'd'been nominated for.   Buddy lost, Hoe  club lost and the whole thing w__ a mess.  Because all the other big name dsuamas  arpund the TJJS. whom Rich trie- to _xse  were busy that night, the band played _itB�� 1  (George   Urson,  the regular _r__jsncr at  Isy's sitting in for Birti���and cr_��__%.  too.' The club dropped about $_��$�� en. tbe  night's business.   Rich'latter Bucked tsarik  $1000 from his fee . . , Then fcooae hanS-  lcadcr  Bobby Hale, and lay Walters jgaft  into si beef the same night over bosr nmh  Utson would be paid.   Walters sawl f&d*  would pay Urson's fee when he _tt_sn_e_  the following nlglit because Ititfe prorote-  the band.   Harsh words were __cfoB_r_l  Trumpeter Dob Harriot i? now the _Gb_Tk  regular band leader ... Wtth\ the jamfc>-  ians'   union  brass  arbitrating  tDrsca received ?7-  for sitting In for the aftaect  Rich . . . Buddy Rich on ______ (___ to  Bllllo Joo) Gerttry*�� Grammy z_^_�� appe_i^  ance: "6be needs four cranes to !__> totr  carry a tune'' ... By the time yea rewS  this Die legal entanglemctits sBouSdl be aai.  Of the way and the AUiftc lot^i <_ee Eagaa-ia  Inn) should bc renamed the iloMay lam.  Some bills left over from tbe ofigtoaB pva>-  duction have stalled the name change . . .  For the man who has cverytMns. tl-__i  Chapman has stocked an electric task ra  his GranviBc street shoppe. It's Hke teal  ���of fork that usually come, in a carvioa;  r>et but it has a long cord attached ta Car  handle, it doc&n't beat. up, or ar_-si^s  else. "It Just keeps your electric c_r��i_��  knife company/' llugh explains. Far $sxa  ��   *  ���  WASSERMANIA���1 wtsti the I^r_f__-_te  would ��top making new laws. We/V* already "got Car sscf.. than ��e can passer'  t��e_& '  1 ff__ds - Bodcboe and  _MB___Hia KD^sQI ���L_9___5��l_r vv^_S_C��  9 C_____ _so��_l - f_3 __d __ad Giavel  885-31666 - Box 172 - Sechelt  MA��H__\ MAHNA  l______;B_sS?, __C  tf_nr ___C Ses��5_B Centre - Peninsula Evinrude  BBrdter-CcBaras-Tir__ers&Hook-up -Camp  S__s - Te__er Court - Lounching Romp  H_ee 833-2266  ti!C--4&-S__��� fUEMITU-U.  /_J_E& CASINET SHOP  C_st_���. c__���__iy f_r home ond office  BGl_h_n Specialists  & EM_y _____ Av__ R_&eits Cr-dk  EsS__j_3 6B6-2551  OBS^Hi Can. iEAVTV SALON  Ebcjjeats of cuts��� coiffs and colour  C__S__3 ^_oe_s ������ PiJosse 886-2120  (CUOSED MONDAY)  W&r Yc__" _F___9 S_pp9ic_  iJsasny W&celer  Scows  SECHELT TOWING  LTD.  Heavy Equipment Moving & Log Towing  L. 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I'    l__l_<: *   "_____/^__.i2__*  'iput} be wrong, but '^^^^kH^^t��^iali^^v^at i beltevito bH right?'  /,���>,.    i -    i- *" >  <*,        vc''"^"^   X '*���// .','        V H   " y~Mwi Afintwsj  DESPITE the unusually lgiB- Ww^et .etain a modicum of saftity will soon be  of r organizations on -^v-Sunshine foipc_d( tow place' oidei.  for  straight  Coast and the feet that there >re' various jackets.^ y      V;  <   '         '   ,  projects under, wa^ ^uiring^.volnnteer ,   iWwhole^intfc that weliave'far  labour/it' would appear Whave Uipsfe more dedicated groups providing .vastly  among us who see the need for establish- superior services at no cost other than  roent of even more institutions^ K/tf fV hard, conscientious work, fund raising  The world appears to be, overloaded projects and selling of memberships. This  with people who liave lok ^touch witft creates no hardship to those already  the old concept of home life and appre- swamped down with taxation hard to  ciation and instead prefer to devote their ineet.                * , -  free time to controlling the lives of otJiers.  No. sooner have we, with'little'omo  reluctance, relinquished' the^-etyfees of  a Recreational Director, then a jsniall  group,, together with individuals a&upyi  ing government created positions, come  up with-bigger and better schemes'*to  decide how our free" time 6hoWd be spent  This time the project includes not ontya  director but' an assistant together with  office help. Initial cost is only 510,000 of  course. Indeed, no more than-a-quarter  of one. mil .to .the" taxpayer? ��� Without  doubt this will tr_ble witWn'a;'y.ar*but  the good old-taxpayer soon gets Used to  the idea and forgets after a few days.  At least this is how things woifc according  to one of our well paid public administrators,        t    ' ' * *  .    .    ���/���;  The incredible fact emerging from aH  these schemes ii that there, is always' an  abundance of those prepared to swallow  the bait -and- dedicate their tunc;, and  often money, toward unloading such propositions upon the paying public.  Latest brainchild isr that-bf a Com*  munity-Council which, from scant "ia-  formation available, not only to the  public but by. its disciples, is an organization to direct organizations/ In other  . As one'example we have a small  group .of residents of the Gibsons area  whds have equipped and are now operating freely an excellent recreation centre  for the youngsters. For those who seek  glory without labour,'a visit to the centre  would prove quite a revelation.  We have the people who devote many  hours, at no cost to anyone, to the training of soccer teams and other such  games.. This particular situation existed  long before our departed Regional Director came on the scene. So did swimming  lessons,, now operated at considerable  expense.  At Roberts Creek, an excellent golf  course is fast approaching completion  and will nor only be welcomed,by some  hundreds of members who have made the  project possible, but will prove a tremendous'asset to the entire Sudshine Coast.  This too has been accomplished free of  any added; taxation anil, so far, without  borrowing one cent,  In short time, we are to be faced with  an addition to the present St Mary's Hospital: A new" High School which should  help eliminate the high cost of rented  classrooms is. apparently under considera-  words, it would seem the present Cham- tion, and substantial sums will be required  bers  of  Commerce,  Councils,  School for the Senior Citizens Homes. AU three  Board, Regional District, Service Clubs projects are vital necessities but total  and numerous other groups require a costs wilt be high, we would therefore  co-ordinating body. The limit has been suggest .the time has arrived to call a halt  reached. The camels back has sagged to the totaUy.superficial propositions with  noticably and those of us who seek to virtually nothing to offer.  POLITICALLY, farmers in Great Br  tain are almost one hundredper ceij  supporters - of * the Conservative  So are the vast majority of country dv  lers aid the reason for this is usual]  explained by the simple feet that  time will blossom forth to nearer $30  million. "Those ' who suggested the  Referendum will add but $7 per annum  to the average home, even at $11 million,  are dreamers and no-one but the extremely gullible would surely fell for such  more leisurely - way; of -country, living   a ^lib.estimate This is, in fact, the very  provides more~time for ____ang.' reason the Okanagan Regional "College  has dropped by fee wayside following  This could, well ;be-the~ieason residents of the Sunshine Coast so overwhelmingly voted against inclusion into  the Regional College District. We have  no doubts what-so-ever that time will  prove the decision'to be a wise one and  we will have more than good reason to  breathe a great sigh of. relief that.com-'  mon sense prevailed at this time. ���  The whole project was a gigantic promotion and was put over with all the  trimmings of a great movie production.  Paid experts worked on teachers, parents  and students and the gun at their head  was the age old "your children will suffer". Thousands of taxpayer's dollars  were squandered on promotional literature, advertising, T.V. and Radio.  Result of this snow job was that  dedicated supporters rallied to the cause  paraphrasing prepared and well calculated  arguments in favour of the enterprise.  One pompous individual stated "We Can  Afford It'", Another person came out  with the infantile statement that those  opposed wished to keep the students in  a cage. Perhaps the most contemptible  statement uttered was by one of our  ��� female teachers who upon hearing pne  of our most respected retired residents  state she could not afford another tax  increase, said "if she cant afford it she  should sell her nice waterfront home".  What unmittigated gall? Yet another  small mind came out with the remark  that it was not right that The rimes  should have been used to present the  other side of the picture.  It is a significant fact tbat In tho  entire district involved, apart {torn a  last minute editorial in The Sun, The  Times was the only newspaper not bought  with a few advertisements ' arid tho  thoughts of printing the propaganda  literature. In other words, the taxpayers  of the olhcr districts involved were not  given the opportunity to read the other  side of the story, and, to hazard a guess,  the $11 million wc were told will bc an  anticipated budget in about two years  .*-  TOMSILS BO S6RVE A FUSMffl^ /,/ ,,  ��� __ntr_iy to, common belief iqnsHs do  serve a useful purpose, 'according ;*o "Hie  Canadian Medical Association. "Riey ton-  tain a great many ceils known as lymphocytes which perforin an ifr^pdrtarifc function  to help protect you from a ^variety of  infections.- - ' \ '-    %  Children are exposed to many more  infections than the average adult 'During  ibis period the' fonsils are laftge. As %  child reaches! the age of nine or ten, ihe  'tonsils become smaller, and by the _ioe  adult life is reached, the tonsils have  usually served -their function and iecatne  so smanjhey are difficult to locate.  , There'are indications for'ithe removal  of tonsils. Among them are repeated tonsil  infections, especially/if'tiles.*have 'been  'accompanied by'-infections of< the'ear or  difficulty with hearing due .to these infections. Child-en who have had ah _bscess  around one or both'of <tbe tonsils' should  have the tonsils, removed after _he acute  infection is over. Small children, who have  difficulty ih eating _nd "sleeping beeahse of  bbstiuc-bri fftm adenoids in 4he hack of  the nose or from grossly enlarged fottsils  often benefit by having tonsils and adenoids  removed.   '"  ~ It .should be remembered that'tonsils  are; notably larger in- children than ih  adults, and their presence is beneHciaL  3bey do not normafly'cause loss of'appetite,  growth "problems, convulsions, mental retardation or the host of other conditions  they are. frequently blamed for, and used  as an excuse for iheir removaL  ' - Ibe removal of *tonsjls and adenoids is  a surgical operation, ft should he performed only when there ate specific indications. Removal of the tonsils in any other  circumstances will not benefit the patient  in' any shape* or foran.  ' -She's 4be land of girl who rides-home  from a walk. - > _ -  a-  at  >t  n  A  //  ���il  o  ^  c  d  i?  id  'i  f.  _  ii  n  'I  ;i  A  "I hope the wind doesn't change until wejie ^gssed BT*;:  r*-i���  Careiul study . . .  THE Vancouver Board of Trade believes  that Bill 33, an Act Respecting Collect-  collective bargaining.'.   t ",''.'"'���  ..'  ,  I  Unfortunately, bowei^r,' Sthisv as$$ctj of  mmm&  WSEmSSmt Juvenile" Soccer included - an  _' ex_i~--o& j _:ajhei ^ between- ���Divisfou-, 6  Gibsons ILegion .and PivisiQn:4: local 29.  resulting an a. 4-aU- tie. _   ,  i Sunday- soccer -results- .were as follows:  y Diviaon' 7:-' Gibsopsj- Canfor 2, - Gibsons  ^^rs 0;"Game,be1_yeen'Shop-Easy and  Tlmbenneri pa^poned.'"  \Dh__ion ��:.^tesideptial "tigers -0, .Gibsons  ive Bargaining and Mediation, setting out   the legislation has been largely overlooked ^ tegdjiiTS;' S___e_r'Le^onl,���B:esid6ntial.  oroDOsed new labor - leeLslation. stioiild be    in  the  contrrtversw" wKiirh -hna:^wii��n . in    ft+i>\,t>-c< a~     r     ��--.���-.��       '* �� .'  earlier approval by the electorate.  The. argument that die United States  has gone for such'colleges in a big way  is hardly a recommendation for already  to the detriment of our educational system, too much attention has been devoted  to what is done south of the border. The  fact that we have so many American  teachers pouring into Canada should be  ample proof of this fact, particularly  when we are' told salaries are much, higher  down there, ^   1  It is to be hoped this latest lesson in  misplaced arrogance will convince our  Board of School Trustees that taxpayers  money will not be spent on dreams. Entrance into any of the levels of education  is possible providing1 our students reach  the standard of efficiency required, and,  now the bubble has burst, common sense  should be brought, back into focus and  our o\vn back yard vigorously cleaned up.  Some emotionalism following defeat  of this dubious propject is naturally inevitable but let us not be mislead by hog-  wash. To attend this college, if it is ever  built, means for the minute few likely  to attend, boarding and probably working  in Vancouver. This alone suggests they  arc then residents of that area and as  such have every right to seek admittance. Further, if as has been suggested,  the Provincial Government will foot 50  percent of the costs, then we fail to see  how a self appointed messiah is in any  position to decide who attends and who  doesn't.  If this is the attitude to be taken perhaps the University of British Columbia  should have refused entrance to the  1,233 out of Province students who registered for the 1966/1967 session and  even more so to the 881 students who  attended from other countries; paying  the same tuition fees as British Columbians.  proposed new labor-legislation, should be  examined in.Ibe.perspective .of .what both  labor and management spokesmen have  been urging in <the matter of legislative  change in recent years, ft should be noted  in ibis regard that, while some economic  conflicts of'interest persist, there has developed an increasing area of commoq  ground between management and labor oq  the procedural aspects of collective bar-,  gaining. IJath .parties have recognized the  need to encourage the direct collective bargaining process with' the maximum responsibility resting on, the parties themselves  to resolve their differences. Both bave  agreed ithat the role of the government,  while it is an important one, should be  kept to a-minimum. - '  It is against this background that tbe  iBill should be viewed, and it would -be  appropriate io comment on the major  elements which it contains.  Tbe Bill eliminates the rigid and irksome conciliation procedures which both  parties agree inhibited collective bargaining.  It eliminates the Government supervised strike vote as a further move ito  place maximum responsibility for collective bargaining action on ihe parties themselves. While some employers view the  elimination of a government supervised  strike as a backward step, it is recognized  as consistent with the apparent purpose of  the legislation���to remove procedural restrictions from the collective bargaining  process���and therefore should be particul-  'arly welcomed by labor. We note, however, the need ito ensure that all employees  have lhe right to vote freely, by secret  ballot, in the strike vote which now will be  conducted by *he union.  It establishes the basis of a high class  (mediation officer service, something which  Mas been consistently urged by both labor  and management for many years. Tbe intent of this provision certainly seems to be  encouragement to the direct colleotivc bargaining process. It is. also significant to  ftote Ithat ithe mediation officers do : not  come directly under the supervision of the  government, as did conciliation officers,  and -his greater independence should increase their worth.  The legislation also provides for a fact  finding body, refcrrcl to as Mediation Com-  '/ mission, which will be empowered to  undertake research and provide facts to  the parties. Both labor and management  in tlie past have urged 4be government to  broaden its research and statistical facilities as a means of assisting tbe parties in  ithe bargaining process.  Theae main elements arc responsive to  views jointly shared by both labor and  management, and lit can ibe properly Inferred ithat tiie primary intention of the  legislation is to encourage frcO and direct  in the . controversy Iwbich -has'-arisenNin  regard to-be, authority-given,_> tb^^Jabine^  to act{in dlE^tes.inv^vi^ftife/^ulMic interest and'welfare by, orderihg'4haI decisions by. the Co_wnjs'sionshalljbe.fiaal';ana  binding onflie,parties!"   */-'V \-s}*<  Everyone simuJ^b^.reo^^rti^'jman-  agement> and. labor ;bave in^iaigej^egree  shared gammon groundfbn-ie^ipriBelpJejOf  compulsory- arbitration., Management-re?  'mains just as-;opp(Ked��to;^^priJWi_3e of  compulsory arbitration]as'*t| ever- jftas,.and  views .free ^collective bar^ainteg,^despite  its imperfections,- as tbe, best;means of  resolving disputes.-.-,     ^x-"<'>,'<-' /     -  If tbe intent _fJB_T:33. Ws^torintooduc.  the general principle of icomiwlsory; axbft  ration' in Bntish/ColumtHa^^'management  would vbe .opposed, to.d���> But'^'careful  review.of.tbei'Bill does- not;indieite' any  such intention., Seotion-'l8* prdvldes' lhe .  authority' to Cabinet to >#ot^in ,di��putesi  affecting, tiie public interest andijq&f&ce,  There-are some areas, 'such'as .police^  fire H-ghting, and trther Wssential-servicesr  where, the pablic-^ncluding. ,ihost ,.}abor  leaders���agrees _ha��vsiri$c-~ smust ^not' be  permitted. Tbe I^gUlaA^iorfPatbament  has always had tbe power to! order MnduM  awards in vital services,, as ^or^exgmpfet  the Parliament of Canada in (the" raifway  dispute. It is obviaua th^t samp a^tiiprity  must have this power and in our view tfhe  only new feature involved bet's "la its (transfer or delegation from the jLegislatiu. &o  the Cabinet which would' be able to act  more expeditiously where the'-public b>  iterest and welfare is direotiy tiur.ate_.ed.  How'tbe legislation will function depend,  on how this dlecrouonary.poiver is exercised. Tbe (Minister has indicated'it would  'be exei.is__wrarely and only,in tHc>imost  compelling circumstances, and' 'until ��� the  contrary is ��� shown we "must accept this  assurance.' ;''-/:,'.".'.    ,; Li-',';-' f.  The; only responsible position; is'. 4o view  the legislation as a, sincere attiainipt'to encourage free collective bargaining/'and to  co-operate in trying to makeVjt work.     .  Current attacks' aimed at the/pill are  highly emotional and pHiriarily based on  pure conlectiire. '���,���'"'  The 7 Vancouver Board ������<. of ;������ *Prade \ ba��  adopted a "wait and see'* position regarding Bill 33. The legislation is, in general,  what both labor and management have  been asking for in recent years, and has  great potential for improving the Institution of collective bargaining, fit Is hoped  that the Cabinet will exercise, with wisdom  and restrain, the authority given to it by  the legislature. M so, the legislation could  >a great step forward. However, it the  discretionary power available Is used ito  introduce compulsory arbitration on a general scale, the Vancouver Board of Trad-  would centainly have to review Its stand.  Braves 4:  :> pffiS&nM ^^ra>arl^'l,tIAcail297  2; swheit :Le|S.a'-'o,;T^te^ r. y,,   -  ^ Li, >'i.  CmROPR&mC OfHCi  ���������i-.-.     ���*  ^t v _.  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" N-  r*  *��� ���  -���it  "J-  '���-.4:  i"i -ft  .&%&  .'in  ;<1_lt�� ~j    -It  I  UJWAE3 C'tUftni'  Take a Centre Ring seat for this thifll-  packed 60 minute colour Spectacntar featuring  do^ns, jugglers,, eerialists and animal acts  from the Cirrus capitals of the mild.  Brought to you by  B.C* HYHHO  it  il  imP<P'.IIW!! i.D'UP I"!  * tt_B___i��-aaB__j__ga^^  2S_2E_33@  I  >ft\ ,*���   (w.^^   * ^ ^ Vk A ^ ���'   4"1 if* ,f ,��"' <  ''fm   ���* *��,<��,-������>���'* ,*> (A/S/**.^^ tA^_f'*^��,'tj���i^*,ir,,l*',iW\ v^�� -�� t*   *h .4 A * #*! A ^-*. A, A* VA.Ay'W A Atf*^t. A.<* ��**��� <*��� *&.^.JS. <fa ^ &A # A^ft /I ^ -^ ^*^ fa^A,"^^ ^^ ^ ^'���fa\<^^*'*^fi^i^tS^^^ ���n  Education within  trials In Mackenzie  No.  .3). 196f>aw  t. t&^s'.v    i     , -' -<-*y Florence McSavoney  . increasing traffic ^WITfl people havjns-iR}Q%^[ more lei-/positions" and other bodies oi ihtt Solarw  lem-and the situation has       sure nowadays, JU^ jftg��S_4*&develop; system, it also,tells how b use' the fetes---  MaggeMus''- '     "  /  _  -ii&eresiirg   a_&V)%w_r^ cfcpe _nd sjte profusely illustra-ed. Each of  M-Mherg of the school board have been, orders to .get to^jtnasfc*.utjroffa jbobiy ^ the boots in this series is a.coinplete  ^.,*. ..... .^ ��_< A ___ ���-���..    _j,3to_gh study shpttld ># iJiadelof t_e sub-.. handbook in itself and valuable as a refer-  ject, soraetmes -one!;" ^bj|��t .jyill involve, enee book for anyone wishing to increase  several other retetejd;<mW#fO"   ,,   "-'   ~ t^eir knowledge of the-things about them.  im.'  n '*   . -,'_tfi��_i JJj&y*? -   "  . _: Available of course at The Tiroes .Book  The Peterson: field mfe'Sfipes covers stores at g^^ or Gibsons.  wide range of subjects all Hw? way from. ,  Birds, Butterflies and ^Ham^n^is to Rocks, -  with  CO"  OBTAUt YOUR eit^Df 121  Univeisify'entranco or general program^ bjf .correspondence. Through  : ';   Canodo^MeOding college.  National; Cbllege of Home- Study/  860 Rjchords Street  Vancouver 2 B.C. _ 688-4913  are aMrogTessiiJg, into, aj&d we,trM$t that  approval will be given shorty .for the u��g  of 0 or to units in the boarding borne, tor  afiiount of-uronles- for elderly "citizens boiisf  intermedial ea^e, which would fill a great ing j&& $&& 'store. ��(__fitted, .haying  need ,��uour<area. Should we obUhn per- beei��^lsediw��n'X2 miffioA'to 2&-atilion.  nussion^todo so, we have b^t orie more ��� -���'--Xt-- ������-'--*'~ ��� -*-������� "--,���  p_aset_d>5!Quire, and I re&r to long term  care.- For together.with the,extended care  hospital opening, we will bave'.. provided/ to  ~KA'ttlY<J��ae*U��-  FAY (JJEABii v'   n  'TEBfty CAjfiEfcON  f CiAlBE.lJpNfcEY.'  at "least; fast ferry, traffic would receive"  v_&al .indication by means of the .flashing  _m_cr'li^hit that a school., crosswalk is  there."1        *.'.,''-  3_J__  :___  _j____S____r  BRITISH COLUMBIA  I��itny^a��alefcfi^e?b,vTv8Pok_-in particular  on 'this- phase of our elderly citizen? and I  also; mentiohedr I wotdd speak og other  aspet^^tije.needof Abese citizens of  our qlder/poputatiOh.- i ? - a  .atneationedthat Uejt there should be  b^jslftf^ns that nott-profit groups 'can use  and tints save money, thousands .of ^dollars*  I1 should think, and this'money could well  Happenings Around Elphie  -    >        *a. >     ^   "J!  i   ��� mil.  m    I   in ii^i    |>ihi  mw-rWMnMivuvn  I |!WlWWll.li|lljaj_ll||M>WM__-l_IWMfc#  MET$ ."J��f��  . i^_.'j_.      'to  ���i���by Rob Bbyes and Marilyn Hopkins  THIS ssreek,, lElphi's. halls were decorated of Ibis anonlb. The library is going to be  r ��d&,pai_ting_''by anflsts'.wbo are-past huite a luxury,. It will not be designed or  grads, of tins school.. One, of which wea.e organized for classroom teaching,  it wall  be,U^d*)hr_dd-in the.purchaS-spf *apd and   vely proud^-was created by a v&y popular bg-arranged for studying, doinff research  providing   of f_raishings,    Ife>ey}dently   secretary arqond _ae school,-Idiss Mary work/and just-relaxing in an arm chai*  caiteetL-a li&le ^_r ainongst.tha'arcluiects,    Harding. The frames fof thepictures were to enjoy, a book or magazine. This should  b__9ttR<f bad some .eotamulficflflOtt. inT   the work of -ft. 18ennier the art instructor, encourage n bit _aore reading!  dlea1Jng._ame we��& quite willing and ready    v a few |>eopie around tbe scbool seem, to  , On Friday,^ tiie _entre of aittraction  seemed to be tlie peiiny carnival. This was  a money raising project, 4he. proceeds of  t0;_it.4own sad talk: over, possibilities of   he holding fhear- breath, waiting for tbe  ^u^V'stej)being taken and believe.it or   iiew library" to commence operations.-ft   a _,,__, ���__.������ mmK:K.  *�� ^Qi^tT****-00? ?B?bBr2?   ^f!?8/*1^ *** can't get the'floor done" , wi^h 4n?to "iSjeet 100". Bach divis-  ftffiLtt^^^P*^- I Sfc   ^ff VXPJ& ^TS��TiSTe   <������ t^schoolSed a booth or pro-  I-fiJti4bos�� who coiriaoled-ipe we/e cnute   ready, to be ^floored", so that all three    W     m,erB ^.*s   f0I*uBe   tetiinfi    car  ^^D*^^^?1^!!!!?.??^   *aa* -^ ^P w^ be possible at ��ie .endi( ^-^ ^-^ ^^ _' -pai-^tf^ a w-go  table, ring4oss, 'jewellry wheel, Ouija-  Board,.packet book sale, gun-shoot, light  show and just" a general'array of booths  and exhibits to gather a crowd.' It cer-  "*"*T���J'' j_, -_ fainlyr succeeded! There were people*  �����py Kye Anascnp   everywbere. Screapung^was the main noise  factor around 4h House of Horrors. We are  sure ithat many people enjoyed the fun, and  the food from the cafeteria was great.  Thanks ' and congratulations to  everyone  REGINALD B. BURTON  Mr. A. E. Hall, President of tbe  Bankof British Columbia, is pleased  Uif annquacg ibe appoiotment of  Reginald B. Burton as General  Manageh A- native of J British Co~  'ipimbia, Mr. Burton began his bank-  big'career in. 1941. After holding  executive positionswiththeforonto-  Dbmipion Bank, Mr. Burton in I960  Joined the United California Bank.  ,To acce^ihe'positioo^cf.OCTferalj.  1 Manager^Bank of British Columbia,  Mr. ^urtonicsigned-sre^olfc. vice-  president df First Western Bankand  Trust Co.^vhert he" was uTcfiarge of  17 branches and a member of Fust  Western's San Francisco Loan Advisory Board. ,..'"'.  aye*wUliog to-discuss this concept in the  future;/plans for bousing of our elderly  catfeens- ��� ',* -   \  " - - t - -'". **  I wdidd also like to mention the problem'  of financing homes., r.listebed to the talk  about '-the .patters of federal participation,  thrpu^t Centrali-ortgage esad Bfou^iog, and  infihef��rea o\ elderly citizens bousing, L  feei't^y leave?much tobe^sired, and 1  atii gamg'ito rgad from" one. or two letters-  1 have Received, on this subject.. :i  AfABULA^JCeS  -'.fin.-of the needs of 4he elderly -citizen*  is also.a.need for many other .people, and  thiols" lower'cost ambulance service. The  great _anger* and-it 4s a danger; were  ambulances to be completely firee, -with no  strings, attached, would be that there could  be _hj__se by some. St*-would be rather  stupid to iayihe.least/if a teal emergency  came MP to find an, ambulance was not  available because .omeone vfa& using it tor  other purposes fban; for which amfedances  are iriacle available. ' - \ 'i ~ ',1 - *  ;Tn i)nt��ior,I.believe-ifc_s; where* _uch a.  ��� service is provided,' tbey7_re 'findii^g it a g ..n.^-  real beadache,.for in sdme'ca||f-f_ey are,   En^b 66S.  Sechelt Bowling  TWO 800's this week both in the Ccmmerc^  ial:  Lola- CaldweU with 801- (293, 276)  and   Bruce   Redman  816   (305).    Susan  Jorgensen in the Junior,League rolled:a-   ^^  ana congrai-uwuuns w  _v^on.  bWWand-a totaTof 434 fortwogan^'   ��ho TOmzed and .assisted in .the Penny  LEAGUE SCORES  ' Sports Club: __ly Mason 625 (265), Hazel  Skytte:729 (286), Gladys Newman 276, John  Irvine 653, Roy Taylor 282, Donna Joe 253.  .���Ladies: Nora Leitner 669.  .  ' Ladies'" Matinee': Hazel Skytte 659 (302).,  ��� Pender;,Dick Wise 7S5#"Butch Be'id 680/  Al ILynn 303, Bob Bain4 278/  Commercial:" Lola' Caldwell wk (293/  276), Bruce Redman 816 (306), Ted Kurluk  282, Harriet Newton" 256, nick Clayton 310/'  JJaJI?and Chain: .Bubbles Creighton 614,  E4er;��ehy^_S-,'-'Ja'ck Fisher 71_/"Les"'  ---^j_^��QH��iLT-885J��_43       '/ - *  mf 's^^omsj ik ladies' raiw hats  >^   Gl&VSi S^USJ HIP RIDERS - CUTOFFS  SUITS FOR BABIES  $mv mmvmjB m toys  BM8$p <fc M01^4KEYS - GOBBLE DEGOOP  >TV  NOVBJrY.'SALT^AND PEPPER SETSJ- MUGS  ^ GliASS^ VASES - COMIC CHARACTERS  ��   ./ -i i.'  o new souvenir tov/el with map of vancouver island and mainland,, showing   -.  sechelt, Render harbour etc.  �� stationery for business or home at  lowest prices.  "st.f patrick's' day greetings to all good  irishmen a^d to those who would like to  BE IRISH". '     ,  ���tow*-  MMIMl__MM_M��-N_M_Mi  being, Wsed as glorified t^,,^  (Mrs.' Dawson's speech printed in part).  ' -. j<���   * (  ���.^���_��_T*y__*i_"__-  .Boss to operator of ,space-rbcfcet lever:  "Just a simple aQ-9-��Ciotmt_Owo, Cbalm-  eri���never mind tiie/Ixtfle'lndiansl!'        '  fa.L_a___-_--_-ii!Mm*_-^^  TEM PINS   I  - fifixed: 'Bon Bobdnson 329, Bill Mc-  Dermid 183,; Dorothy Bodway 287, Lil McCourt. 16L ... . - /  School, League: Susan Jorgensen 43*  (271), Brad Allan 392 (214),                \  We asked Mrs. B. Y- Hijke1 of Gold River  what she likes best "about Electric Heating:  I  !  !  \  SOUTH PENDER ^ta@UEt AVATEflWOElECS DISlMCt  COMMUNITY HALS. - MAfSSSRA PARK  w4  0rieiaplo yxnepl  1967 Audit available for inspection at District Office  ^^fg^Bs^^aa^gawgi'  MMM  I  55  IIMHI__IIWI<IP��WWMWI___��'WW^  Surally... al IHE$..HH.lHEAffi  ��01111 THIlATIIC HI. Ti^IE WATi^^teT  "  JEflie's Boti%��.   IN THE YEAR'iS GREATEST COMEDY  i :,s  Peter Seller., JoJiirMiH., Mfcbbd'Cofn.  ^^CARTOON !'  TECHNICOLOR Out 10:00 p^i.  , '''     ���������.   ���      ���'���   ���       '      ���      :'  ���," .'..':/.r':.-.' .'���'  (       FRIDAY, SATUHOAY, MONOAr*  MARCH 15, 16 & 18  i"���"'"���" v" ���  '. ' ;������.������'������������������   "y:-yy:, ������������.���",���-;���������  ,_    i     i���____________������-__��_____�����_fr|^���������!__________��  .IGffTV'  FO^. SIX,DAYS - BY SPECIAL REQUEST  THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY,  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 23^ 23, 2^, 2@, 27  TO.S1E.  SIDNEY POITIER, SUZY tiENDAU.  CARTOON   .-��� TECHNia^JC^lNHvlASCC^  ,   INCREASED ADM#|CIH^';'     '  .Aduftf, $1.50,- ShnliMl_#"9l4i'*,vMI_ft_u yS��  .... ; "/ .' . CNil 10:00 p^1-'   ;* ',  ������ :'six Bm:^s  p<��  YOU HAVE  4SS__J��  ^j|*)t^M^��^MW^<^<^M%^^^'^��^  HOW PO I PROVE THE UIC WRONG?  ,' Q. "Tlie. tJJC local office saya t do not  have'enough stamps to quality lor benefit  now I have lost my job, but 1 am sure  that I haye. How do I go abj^ut proving  them wrong?"  Prepare a complete list Of the employers for whom you have worked in the  past two years. Indicate clearly 4be date.  i. cm which you startel and left and give  their addresses. Send this list to the UIC  lqc^l office, together witb your ^current insurance book and any supporting doCu-,  ments you bave been able to provide, and  ask for.a check .to be made. There will  be a thorough examination; and you will be  advised 'of the result. ���  The Unemployment Insurance Commission has passed oh answers' to some of  the questions that have puzzled contributors. Your question too can be referred to  this ; feature for reply.  Q.'l ani sick and am not working.  Can I be paid Unemployment Insurance?"  This depends on the circumstances.' If  you bad built up enough contributions 'to  qualify, had completed the statutory waiting period and were qualified- to begin  drawing benefit vyben you became. Ill, your  right to benefit I*'' not objected. M, however, you lost your job because of lUness,  you canhot be paid benefit until you again  become capable of working and available  for work. ���  Legislative report  =1.1; hourly Ly  JIEPOIUT from MOUA Hon. Isabel Dawson  Indicated that tho now largo ferry,  Sunshine Coast Queen, scheduled to go  into service between langdale and Horseshoe Bay early ttiia year, will be suppU-  merited between June 2t*t and September  2nd with ibe langdale Queen, tbu�� providing an hourly service.  Thifl service will also be brought In at  peak periods when necessary.  Diet: Lunch brake. i  iUSSILANO FLORIST  & GIFT SHOP  Specializing in Funeral Designs  and Wetidinfl Arrangements  .-    .  . -      -*-.,���__�� ��� ?&$&&*&$*  .jj ^-�����j ���; jr1-*- *-.--__��*-_,.__.- #(i >..  . -t.1 *&*$&*& "* fcw.jkJw \  _>r___��S________%^C*  Tl��      -.  ���\  ,*__,  ,&'���-   ��� ,��-#*&_____!  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Omf' liSglaaw'- Gl!^s��_f ��i f ||.f313  |n^��.^i^W^i^h^^t��ffliyrf^_��.iA'^' y^-^j^j^<f%ii^i{_h_^'^*f^M^'J^>^^^Mqfc^h^1 f^M^f^^rilftI0lt*0^0^'l^fiftvt^'ff^<"*��rfM>*^*l**'^'|!ft��.i^iw#H.j%-^Wi~)tfc<^B^jWin)*fc-i'yin'l*^<  * ,  11 ;,  i in ? AriSf-V-"!*- Jii^ArtrtM^^V^S^V1
^^^-•W^I^Kj^ yVVV^'V V<#
#w,VW'VS x^tt^tf^V^f^k^Hmb^frN* <^
V < rt*„ T^A.i^i^>^;
Peg© 6- Tfto Pcalosjifa Tfiesesi
Wednesday, March .3, I960
; r- '•" *i       ~4>y Maurice HemstreeS
•   ,'  *   , "• v't'j.   ,/f^  ;a ;"  ,*\> "Vi*
FIASH!"jsfaxfrspedffl!I It's'gtnng to ,be
■ -, the-greatest of jftiiaxe dances';-terrmc.
colossal, atJd.fun to be alive,-all "the way
from'thf}'^beginning, at'8 pini. tut the cow.
come ,home bringing their tails' behind
them; or was thatthe sheep? .* ,  .', _
^ ; Anyway. ,to ,all square "dancerg^.UIek
have been'arranged for you .even 'if'you
don't1 know ''if you're coming, till' ther la**
* minute to our St. |»atrick'sf Jamboree a1
the Roberts Creek Hall. Just- bring your
own binch and be prepared to have a good
tixrfe. Coffee, tea", etc. supplied for free
All this and more for 98 cents per square
dancer,, Prices have been slashed so that
even you.can enjoy an evening away from
home with old friends and make new ones
Plan to come .on Saturday, March 16, l&t,
your callers will be 'that well known group,
the three T's, that's terrific, tremendou.
and tremulous, otherwise Harry, Bud and
Well, I .realize this is a very short
column this week but reach for The Times
for next week's battle of the .typewriter
because* with a really big show next Saturday night I should have a lot to report to
you. I leave you now with this thought in
mind: Be kind to your .neighbor's cat, be
may be catching your mice.
Local Chiropractor
al three day seminar
CANADJEAiN .Council of Chiropractic Roentgenology, B.C. Division, sponsored, 'a
three' day educational seminar in Vancouver on the weekend of February 16, 17
and 18. Dr. B. C. Alderson, Sechelt chiropractor, was in attendance.    tt
Principal speaker was Dr. Joseph Janse,
President and member of the faculty of
the National College of Chiropractic located
in Chicago, 111.
Dr. Janse urged the attending chiropractors to stand up and be recognized as
outstanding contributors in the field of
Included in the program were lectures
on patient management, and x-ray interpretation, along with clinical correlation of
existing symptoms.
Following a tour of the Workmen's
Compensation Board Rehabilitation Centre,
the chiropractors were complimented by
Mr. J. E. Eades, Chairman of the Board,
on their cooperation and1 assistance in
dealing with compensation cases.
Mr. Crant Klokeed, inspector from tbe
Radiation Division of the Department of
Public Health, assured the group that.inspection of chiropractic x-ray installations
throughout the province has shown that
they are entirely satisfactory in consideration of the patient safety.
During the business meeting -of the
Council, Dr. Alderson was elected to the
_*, ^r1
. . yiwuiwnvr. j: .._-___   ».__ "_»uw a soil, w
Anticipating smcw>th greens and many   course and keen costs in a minimum    „<_~i k» *„^ —- ._.-_,-" flfvo.ur;   Everybody is weteor
_-R-_-^_g_33? ^SSSfaSE ^SBffws assr-**■<?;
mess .disci
J^ifl^AW^Jw*'- going aMeSw&Jfcay _ »3df
JuK^J?*? ^ ffc#2^fi$ato *M^««*Wy ,on-Tfo_i Lik^ Boad fc apend-
lun^eon and a tour^&e bbs&^/     > fag, two -week? .vacation1,wording' .nhk
The,A__Ular^^.i^.urgency.needing d|>n_^ P^ce. His guestshave Wen.Mr; and Mrs.
£_"?, f**^6^ J^^wM W*__afclt W" Power  of  Richmond with> dau^ter-
them in mind -i^ntwidh^^ut, i.y«iuV cupi       Jerry Hynek; .on bis, w_y home to Cortes
b»ards during1 your/ sjpririg^anfag;:' The Island with his new troller, polar Bear II,
group would al^o"weJcoine .nefrjnShfcer.. stopped-.off at file Bay .or a visit.with his
Meetings are-held during%*-, evenings of old friends, Ed Edmunds,and the Charles
thefirst Monday inea&motijjji;^'  - [V ' phMeys. ' .-•  \   „s-   -".
ST. PATRICKS,  M''-'.''*?$.' .,<',, J FILM SHOW y     '■"'
*u T5??Jwfll be a **■ J5aW*y Party, at       The next film show at. the.,Welcome
we Welcome Beach  Hall   on. 'S^ucdky;, Seaeh Hall will.be on,March 18th when
March __th, starting, at 7:30, ;p.m.   >_T_.^ ikeie ytili be a provocative film based on
program will include a skit with an _ri_h' && &&* ** S^basuan de Grazia, a political
— . an Irish
Everybody is welcome "andl the
philosopher at. Rutgers University on tbe
subject of time, work , and leisure.   Tbe
essence of his philosophy is' that tbe more
time we gain, the less we have and that
„ today <we have tranquilizers but no tran-
New residents of .Halfrnoon Bay are Mr.   quilify. A 30 minute color film Hlustrates
and Mrs. Ian Cattanaehwith their children   some of the provisions of-the National Hous-
four year old Heather and Deanna, aged   ing -Act and considers felum-clearance and
--, ,  ..'.Weekend helpers
De Malay, boys, were investing flieir
energy: over the weekend in the golf
course which is making almost unbelievable -progress, *; Gordon Hauka
and Gofrey Rabmson pile rocks on
tbe front end loader-driven by Mr.
Ron Oram. -Other boys were busy
carrying lumber for the clubhouse.
rm i _•-»-**      * *_i 	
two, who bave recently inoved here from
Gibsons.. Ian Cattanacb is the brother of
Mrs. Jimmy Doyle..     / . ?,Y,' 'j> -' 1 * -
Mr. and Mrs; Oliver^Poteet, who have
had a summer home.in this area for many
years, have now settled-permanently in
their waterfront home $n Welcome Beach.
"-' Mr. and Mrs. Van Egmond, wiOi Natalie
and Truman, are home after spending the
winter months in California; They lived in
their mobile home and so were able to
move around and see -a great deal of the
country. They visited San Francisco, San
Diego, Disneyland, Marineland and Palm
Springs. They have 'now put down1 an
anchor near the Shell Station.' ' '
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Connor Sr. visited
Welcome Beach .last week for a final visit
with their son Cliff and his family before
returning to their home in Calgary. Mr.
Connor, after last week's heavy rainfall
remarked how well we, wash our air. Back
in Calgary, he saidVthey freeze their air.
Mr. and. Mrs. George' Olsen recently,
visited Vancouver Island where they were
the guests of their daughter, Mrs. Patrick
Brown at Courtenay.. T3xey drove to Fort
McNeil to see their granddaughter, Mrs.
urban1' renewal, including 'the building of
low rental homes for senior citizens. The
final film in the Lew Mumford series will
be ("Tbe.City and the Future": ■
Wi_S®S- e£-EE£-
9:00 p.m.
MARCH 23i*4 1968
Bowen Island location Sechelt Socials
for new Gibsons movie r~~~
ANOTHER great movie, ""The Trap", recently made, and starting this .week at
.the  Twilight Theatre  in  Gibsons.   '"The
Trap" is;the first, major Anglo-Canadian
q.    v   ** _._r;,    r   —7 i—»_  wu».uw___.     _«•»<    _>,_j_  ui»^ xudjw   /_xgiu-vaDauian
We beautifully located golf, course is   ^production,   it is the dramatic, often
1^ _-—.—. _*—w ^ h      g^^0B0*      ^^1^ _ft^^ BJ^&      m+J
already attracting considerable interest, and' two buildings will be
moved in from Port- Mellon, providing caretaker _cc»mmodation and
$U0M0 expenditure
B.C.  TELEPHONE  Company  will   spend
nearly $130,000 this year for additional
faciEties serving customers in the Sechelt
and Gibsons areas.   '
E. B. Boyce, manager of the company's
North Shore District, said today the expenditures are part of the company's $67
million capital construction program for
1988 and are included in his district's $4
million share of this.
Largest item for the SechelkGibsons
area is $58,000 to cover placing of two
miles of aerial cable north of the Sechelt
telephone office to Mason Road on the
Coast Highway, and to place four miles
of cable south of the office to the Davis
Bay and Selma Park areas.
An additional $19,000 will be spent for
seven miles of cable to Sandy Hook, Tilli-
cum Bay and Tuwanek on the Sechelt Inlet
ro,ad where customers now are connected
through grounded wire facilities. The installation wilt provide for growth as <wcll
as improvement in .transmission.
Cable installations through the Gibsons
telephone exchange area will require
$14,000 and an additional $10,000 will be
spent to install • equipment creating five
more circuits on long distance transmission
facilities between Gibsons and Vancouver.
Mr. Boyce said additional sums will be
spent for customer equipment and customer
connection in the area,  which now has
about 3,000 telephones connected.
At Bender Haribour $14,000 is being spent ation 0
this year to place telephone cable in the- furr}jer on
Hotel Lake and Oyster Bay areas. An
additional $48,000 will be spent for 10 miles
of cable from Pender Harbour to Ruby
Lake to serve the area between Klcindalp
and Ruby Lake.
savage-story of 'life in the wilds rof'oxid-
ninteenth century Canada, a constant battle
for survival by man against loneliness and
'nature'in "the raw.    V :   J
Oliver Reed gets bis biggest opportunity
to' date as lusty French-Canadian--_ur
.rapper Jean La Bete, with -Rita- Tushiffg-
ham'■ completing the off-beat, casting as
Eve, the mute - orphaned bondswoman ~he
takes as bride to bis shack' amidst the
mountains and lakes. These two superb
British artists - are, ably supported hy^ a
largely Canadian cast. 4  .   ;-      '
The main part of the location movement
was at Bowen Island, where an authentic
settlement was constructed for the film.
Other important scenes were shot *at
picturesque Birkenhead Lake, near pemberton. Ibis was a village with a total population of 174 persons some hundred miles
United Church Women
hold Red Cross Night
UNITED Church Women -will hold a Jted
Cross Wight i; Friday, 'March; 15, at the
United Church;: Hall, ,;<*ibsons, commencing
at 8 p^m, Refreshments .including dessert
and coffee wll «b between 7 and 8 p,m.
An  interesting  illustrated talk on  the
Middle East will'■•be feiven by Major D. W.
Jenkins, an observer of the recent conflict
between Egypt and Israel;
Admission Mil be 50 cents and a cordial
invitation is extended to all.
Following this great movie another
.aotion-packed drama of 'the U.S. Marines
in World War H, in "First to Fight", which
has accomplished the difficult movie feat
of combining an effective story of war in
the South Pacific with a heart-tugging story
of young love. The Technicolor-Panavision
release stars Chad Everett, Marilyn Deyin,
Dean Jagger and Bobby Troup in the leading roles, and co-stars Claude Atkins, Gene
Hackman, James Best and Norman Aden.
"First to Fight," which was directed by
Christian Nyby for executive producer
William Conrad, takes its name from a
line in the famous U.S. Marine Corps
hymn, "First to fight for right and freedom
and to keep our honor clean."
—With Your Neighbours
VACATIONERS,   who ; have. returned.. to
. Sechelt recently after a-sojourn in tbe
sunny"> South - are -iir.   arid  Mrs.; Jim
Parker who spent- a month^in-th^!Souph,
chiefly in" Palm Springs.'- - ''"",'c 'r'• '■■' '<;
'■ "Also'home'after a three wgelSs^liOHday
in Hawaii is Mr! B_f MoD-rmid.^'-i~~'\",
>.     --   • i -. -   .    i . .} ..., ,
',*Slr.l W.. Reid, principal of the\ Sechelt
;Elementary School has arranged:a\series
'of'.assemblies'to afford the pupls 'in opportunity of appearing before an audience.;''
Two divisions. participate in reach program.: Tlie."assemblies" are not' intended to
- be in-j-onfeeri jform but are ratter %n. ex-
ftension of the Language Arts, and:-Music
'"Courses. ..    \;       - *'''.-. '
First two \ divisions participating, on
February 20th were Mr. Seymour's Language Arts class and <Miss Langley's Grade
four 'class.' '
'' On Wednesday, March 6th, Miss Smidt's
Language Arts and Mrs. Lang's Grade
three' class took their turn. West Sechelt
was invited and also any parents who
wished to attend.
The next assembly will be on March
21st with Mrs. Redman's Grade two and
Mr. Ross Mills' Language Arts classes.
MARCH 15-16
Gibsons 886-9345
Sechelt 885-9455
.    (Formerly Gilkers)
One fellow, to another: "Watch out for
her—she's the type whp kisses hello and
shakes hands good-nigbt.'v
Here To Serve You
*v\ y v *
\ I'M   '
\ :C<_a 41-
•..- * Z - ■;#*
at tho Office of
Sunnycrcit Ploxo
Dave Hopkin
Resident Underwriter
serving the Sunshine Coast
Phone 086-2881 — Re*. 886-7446
P.O. Box 500 . Gibtont, B.C.
■-__• ^•-N^_l-^-_-JI<IW-i«ll-W|IWM-_^W---ll_»Mlllli^l"
Ffeaf Yowseif to 0
Real iuiicfi Break, Mere
Shopping can bo a chore. Give yourself a rosr and
pickup with a pleasant, relaxing lunch.
Phono 805-9344
orry - S
Of sizes so soon  -—Of  Ladies'
Shifts — More stock arrived this
'..  week ".,.'".   .,
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f  sJi       ok -Hit * \   • ^r   V ft /_rfiT    If __f *Yi ™i\J fS**^V^l   *   _Br»        ■<"* ^
*  *  r * *  »  * *
*   P    *■    t    ■>    4
p, ,« .-i«(  ,«   fv   fy
, Jt m ft, *,, tm A .
.j*. ^, .*,  #•■ #. (#, ,/f   (* ?'#' m :;». ■+   *■ .*». .■# .#1  *i  (* ./*. ■* -#*>  fV^  1"-**'■. \TT T  r^r-     T     "^  ���I    <v  ��       V 1  I - 1  .' ��� ti ;  gkg��l  ���'-1J ������������������    .. .M. ..J.I.. . HVj.'|. "j^i^t.lll/ .   > I    I   j.^ll     IM.I.MUKlliU*. II    iHW|I.V....WJJ|i��r��. U1_yri,-.��r<|i.i .J...H."   .,��.���   .  I,   .,  qL.ll"  ��� ___   ���    _��� _,       *   ���       ���    , ''^vV *   l -  ^<'>,�����.-' i 'A*���>;���"*  ^     J'tvJ"  * �� -r    i^j" ��- _-_ *v -r *�� it\*\r *��� *^v ���_- v*-**  4W&_^^  |Mwi  Mi^^^^%sMSi^Mmj^^ssi^^^A,  ���������Vl"* *  .     f��      >  <  ����*s*��_a___;_*^r ,  *�� *  *   ;__$_/  '*f*  &  x"Ta  r**;  f m   'Ms.'' .^jfrf��_ > ��J�� i.i  JT T7-^^?Mrss��_?!n_)sr<jr"_��r i  1_1- 1S��?**W S^TT^it -. ��-e^_^__rf   -  S. ,    j       i*tj, ���\  /J*r,   'Ay,  **��.   i-      i**    *     ��� ��  �� ��* * t~0* i   > ������'     *^.3f *  ,?{* i��i~ ��� ��   ' * *     -    *v   4  'V*  fl��  \  . *��*    ��  ��tt��J  and wo  4w  .-vi'^'.  f *  ir* i   >>,. t  Snarled Up?  I  ** *  |S|.    _/WJsi!\  5?. . *'^,W  t_i*>^V*jE        <fe^ng^s.^eal_'ana.|��^ing,.i>Ushingu_>. ^!i<xSS^2e?^t^v^fi*;,,yi|fae  "C^ *'   ^   .* aJ^fi^5ferf&rm,<SSi_ket-'^^ IJto��s��ttrt;ol-��R*^���, _   ^   *      ;  f *v '    '    **'|>5lffr^M__e6d said��/>e ndt>��erfHfi.^ <   -    ,%    .t  ^   ,.'     .^-'  <> i  - i  '��������.- i ^���it^'.i__.��-��^-wH: _-_-C&��^i.a i_��m.V__i..i- '    Once UOOna _JiIe,vfiif stennfid unvftiir  J, '��rttfeVexacri-ngfii aiuF^g>t^the��whale ' - Sw.ffS*^ stei^ed-un-your  7:t^t' tjW/^atianate its.]e_pT'4o _.'��roaad #3^9r4IW�� fi#W.'yoa.,got'.a�����aise/  ' 45'.eet^fti its we|glit:lt5__d-5SOO poufid^.    yow.yyi'J�� ��*<_> -UP youj tax.dedncSong.  ii.  -V . '  -��  ?'  V    �����'  T>  3St*  -���fcts.  /  \. I  The-w^afe is female.^  j-  ���'u"-r'.��i  -  jj^c^^tawle was^ready^ng ^ianself wifii   r^  ,��j    his scuba  gear; to ''ioi.yMo the j>ond 'to   I -     * ��    ^ ^,J_*n_ff!  1 bi   ���   ii i i n I r  ill        AX.J*      v**it*H-&L   /_-*a' *_���*���    4nilnnAH*A 'Una* H '    IHAV  IKtm   __LK_F IBl   I  Let us^straight-n. __*�� ��uto ..repair  problemsV We.'f�� >hing.^nght. the  - fir^rfiiri9. AllwoAguoronteedl  ���     Sunshine Coast Highway ���  T " :: ' }   086-9962     ' i  "j   .'' \ j i  ��____;  MM  1 ^ a^u#Q*L|he. w|^l^^:|as~:pres6nee, Wcl  i  - Mi^om&cdlmeKf^'l^Qmd like tjojgo  alQ9g'wiih then, in-" t'^��'  ifl  w -   irju4'jKrtlHf _%n^^>nq.tijRe>f^f.  F'..   ��ver, cariosity ovezc^erfhe ^maleyeavs-  E,   ' i^itit&ia_rn^over4JK%'_^<_t^'loolci^  "^   N^Mr<-9UMe8^__am^^_��tt^9, ��She  - -.^ebal^i_-��_nA-l|e^_aae4,Aep-V-l ��'*  \^yj��.-Sidwfap;on:vre^^^^t ��|aK^ 4. ,On  ^     ^_����y_*At_. -^JD-artntlAM^ Wt_?��^li___>r.__f^f-a^ rtXA.c_-A T_��_M  Phone 835-2171     V1  &!**** Street, Sechelt, B.C.  ,  4fM^^Pemhsu!a Hoover Centre  X > 7  lr#|:fi^^Eilmsik�� ^ life1: Easy  ,-,, ^  , *   ^��� ��� ���*    ���* X. ��. ^_I_ -". *    .��_���    -T *,--..   _ ... .,       . ^- .   course.  Good seamaiifiMp comes naturally fo have both qua__led for tire pigHnti��. - 7  coastal   Indians  but  modern, day- inrNavigafion'and Seamanship ana  navigation requires, extra knowledge offer advice to Andrew Johnfioa, jCatl  and members of the Sechelt Indian - *Jo~ and G. August, students of the  band <are taking, advantage of the- sesoad.'{purse ����"instructUwt to be    ;  Adult   Education   Course. - Tames offered ^iirthe'Seohelf Njative HalL ,-r  Jackson and Ernie Paul (stactding)  Good studmls *. *      -t     ^-.r.i^w j-v-^sj,*. -      --.       .  **vt?ts ���JHfflL^ r, ,*-?  ���^> *^-    + *  ^-r  ��*   ���*1��^'  ���> /.  '_?     __v-"<i ��� T" V-'P^  rf-^f.r.j-.        >'    ijf . .'00-^r-^r^  2*��tUi'___>__��.<_(*�� ' '   !_-_-��-__   ��-  ��� fff**^ffl__3_____V��� ��� .������' .JfflK^f "<  - 'Jks.i     fr_Hffi___KiaS_     e tCJmBbaSImI   is      i  "_��F>    ���' __ra_B8__P_> * ��� �� ' 'i_--_B�� iMi p   "  :.. /   * j:___H^_igrV T -* -  - *.   ������3__B_|S?^T :  I.  I*-  ^  �����-  '--����� ��� *   ������������ ���  ��� *���'�����*��� ** ,._,F.i||...l' '"   f * ������ ���    ^  i     * '."    , >r * ^ (    ���'���        ,       .  [ 1_T>_4A-I__M      ...��-     _~_.m*_j_     In   .<m(m     n l-tlf     ilV-k     /l*f '   _* " ' ��~'���ft.iV   ^   .   A. A. _     ''  ' < Nothing was made in vain,:  come near. it. ' '��/  ��i_��gssag^__a^S5a  1 CREDIT UNION OFFIQ- -n  I  CREDIT UNION CLOG, - JCCMSJLT, B.C |  I Saturday _.' 10 o.m. ito4|��.m.  Tue. to Fri. 10 a.m. to $ p.m.  ^imMg^^^^  I  Louie and Terry Joe prepare for tfte,  fishing: season by brtishing ujpl ^heir  navigationi. 1 Classes are held in tho  Sechelt Native HaU, with Mr.'jWM-  colrn Mactavish. instructing. . v    > .  i_" ' ���*' -��� !^l  /,.',/��� :. * ,.-' ^<.' 1,. . !!' ^iUs\_nder <_ur-:Ml%&co .of WrieS ��� ;     -ri- .��� - -     /^^   "     '  ,',���'���:.'!'.>���������  -.*   I ,^*tfiW;5^r'V,^W   ��p-  'l    j''__s^i__;j-    ���  U      l ^ j'^     ��� * ml-A    /^MAtltv   So    -__-_4    ��f't<iiA   _%^1*.l4-   Mkljaj-nt-.M*. M     ^-h.-n__> "   Jft    ___M_IM _______�� -���--<_____-     J_Jl_____l_f_hi-l  .__��&tt*U_-;__-��_$ Topifltt9iJtt4irector  early' Fehiyiry' &��*?flRt ^a*?.. '^cerfly    pi -dtt-fcU-_i��'-*JM_i��v^^.^1^^^  Arijuir'' Davld��on/<if.;VlfitorJa. i'TM secdnd PENDER HarhOtfr 'ao^^Dtetrict. Chamber  ' class, now in.jM,psr��ss�� w b?"^ taught fry ��* Conwnerjce is-mm&d to announce  Malcolm Mactavi��b,*Rahcrts t?r��ek Elem- that g_est..sp_alcer atvl^eir ne��t ����eetiiilg  entary, School principal and',*master -vn$x- willlb_ pr. Tifwaylye^an,'director of  ,  iner.' The following stodents,have.already the VancouverTtoifc'^wjHum.'  received dipJomas from the Indian :ASfms ^g ^eeti,^ v^ ^hfeld'at 8 p.in. on  fen?!?"? ��� Na^aUon and'Seamanship: Monday, j^rcfe1 W |ntt__--��ender Hartxwu?  Gilbert ,loe, Wayne,Clark, -Earnest 'F$uw, - mm      ���              \     i  *  Newman's   rnahy ".tojdc' will  be  fj    I4oyd Jeffries, Janjos Jackson and P*ter '     '  il ' WUliams. ���--.-,. ���   1;' Py.   N  H__3__S  U��$3 .*.S^ :t^S>  l*T'g_lp^a    * -*, i  ' . y      v r   wv'i,  garagi  i>Qa___iS  i_iwwi_J^j_uw<y-i*r.w-J.W'M^._^^  PENDEft HAf^  '   "::    . . ;-\pi$|lti^:.���;���:���.������'"'���  NOTICE-1�� hereby given that the un.crBiflrted has been appointed*  reluming officer to conduct on election,,fo elect one (1) trut^co ffor  the oboyo mentioned district. /     i . **  Tho 'persowa qwefified fo vote mmt bq property ovmtm ond ifualll^  under tl^b ProWncial Elccriona Act and ore ftct^by notlflofl to attend 0  mccJitjg fo be held In tho Community Hall, Madeira Petk, U.C., March  2_th, I960, ot tho hour of eight (8) p,m. At which ploco And hour, I will  proceed to coll for nomination, and to tofra tho vote, of tho dcacto  j    present,'  '   The sold meeting will bo closed at soon as the vet.�� of the elec-*  tors present and T��tl��g when rotes, ore called,for, havo be?n .cownt  I  P^t��d this 4th' day of March, A.l>. 1^(11/  Marklo Sydney Miyors     < I  ���    -.���*.,',��� - ������ R_tiwWg Officii*"  ��SS2__l__l_s__S  ag^esigaM-a  7  tab if?  < > w^'��iiT<li^''W'fl>*W|w^^  i4��_i~i  Elffurtng fuses' d~��joM�� oppftoncea, 0lc4��r-i  lap llsbhi may _�� -u- to Inodaqaet. wfifoo.  let M* ttiock p��W# bring wiring up to <f��f-  for mo-era IM��g. Um !_��� 0.C, My<A(.  fln^nc. Hon���a4d cott of cfwngwi or aM*-  t__�� to your IIgiit .IH.  ^umta Eifcntic hsatimo  pliip 13'ectilc 111,  ��0d-^S_|9 - Glbscms, D.C  \ ��    . i. "�� .    '.   v   ��' -  '     "   '    i    '     .      i' e'-��M  i    ,-; ��� ^j  <- -i*.r-^7 Vi /!, ,.->*"s^ - ^ ?' * '* "j k-M/tJ' 1' 'ff "  k&_3SSW^^?i_&^'��_2��^^^ 1  :   i.   - -  ''.'.JlLlLs l  w*m<*��\ <w)��ir> >i*��j����. V_ft*U^T w ff*0.i��0V'r00m��-mwflv* Hwnw  3?j��� !jp t|# fc^ViU-, c!;:i^_?^y no o.StoclIc^.  imm0000000.*00m0tf*<6i.^1>��00'i.,.^m00B000'0��0.r~m4m*m0mm0m  * IHbptfft'fo'     '    "���* S��vis TMm  0_tt9��f_it '* Urfco In Second.  * C?-30 end iirfgbt   ->  �� @py co Settle��  '    Coppc��to��a  * _ No pmjplJc0t<!4 Controla  NO  PLUMDIMG  Go__s#ct{i fi9  any, fowcet*  lust 12.50  ���    pif'-^MMNK  Eren 8_?ss With t*i__b  "%*��i?_^ a ^^#^^/v^^J^^^l,'*''f*i''*,1,****',i*rt,'  ���  mmmmfa  ���<_.  n_M_____i____i  4M_rf_M___  WBS^ie.  <% **���,,** (^.^.^.jdfcj*! (*��.** i*�� j�� ^^i # ^ A*# ��#t *��, ji#. ^ ^^A[i%n*.i*ih'#*m*^4*^i�� fi^j* \,&n0t^*n(* i #�������.)<��� *, ~* i*b ��i ir*^* AAA A^j**m,l*nrf,***#*.*-rf*��f*f #���<���*! ^*��l^*,(tt1,^��>,^^ ^A/A^A/1* *jtS(A ���** f^^��^A��ATA*'.'**k'^j^!*ftvif*K^-��*.T*i^  ^^f**^.**1* ^*fc ifftw-^i)'^!''^. ifr <*&i��^S d*1-^*1* >(#��i_^ *i4��'** i"%,"*-w*- *r> ' v."1- .*%•_»" '
»     _%, \.        V ■
• '-.'*
" tf^-e?W_jf__aBi^-i__^^^i>^it' &
ON MARCH 6th at' the borne of Mr- and
1 - Mrs. Fred Kirfcham a. deligfcffiii party'
marked the occasion  of Mr.  KirHiam's
fttai birthday. Fiends fcnriariBg JJJr.~S|r&r'
ham's fondness ior- a bridge - game 'had
arranged _ourr<tal_e_v  Present to offer
congratulations^ were' Wc..'and Mrs.   J.
AtHnson, Mr.- and-_lrs. L. Beid, Mr. and
Mrs/A, miting, Mr. and;Mi». F. Hicks,
W. and Mrs, M. frontager, Mrs.. I. St.,
Dennis, Mrs. M- MacWcar, Mrs. Q. Davis,,
Mrs. D.'Hanson,: Mrs. G. Cowan and Miss
M.  Kirkham, the latter two iram Van-,
couver.  Delectable refreshments were enjoyed including a large handsomely decorated hir-iday cake.
Mrs. Olive Clark left on Monday, March
4th to return to her home in Waterloo,
Ontario after spending three months with
her son-in-law and daughter -Mr. and Mrs.
Larry Young and family at Hopkins -landing. "While here Mrs. Clarke welcomed
the arrival of her new grandsons, the
twins, Gerald and Gordon.
On the Thursday evening prior to her
departure, Mrs. Clarke was guest of honor
at a lovely farewell party when Mrs.
Sylvia Spain end Mrs. Mary Gill were
hostesses at the home of the * former.
Games were played and prizes awarded.
Mrs. Clarice was presented math a souvenir
of Gibsons from those present: Mrs. Sylvia
Spain, Mrs. Dorothy Bracewell, Mrs. Mary
Gill, Mrs. Margaret Bob, Mrs. Lois Young,
- Mrs. Susan Earwaker, Mrs. Marlene
Bjornson, Mrs;* Gail EedneaiiUV Mrs. Lorraine Duncan was unable to attend. In
thanking the ladies, Mrs. Clarke mentioned
how/very much she appreciated the neigh-
douts and warm hospitality shown during
her stay here. Delicious refreshments
were served.
■Having sold-their home here Mr. and
Mrs. F. Psovsky with their daugrters
Joyce and Cynthia have left to reside in
•Mrs. M. Alvaro is a patient in St. Vin-
vent's Hospital, Vancouver, where she
underwent surgery. ,
Robert Corlett spent several weeks
visiting on Vancouver Island.
At St. Bartholomew's Vicarage on Friday afternoon, March 8th, the quarterly
meeting of the A.C.W. was held with 18
ladies present
Mrs. Effie Lawrence was a patient in
St. Mary's Hospital last week.
EnJo_/ing good health and in her 93rd
year, Mrs. Crick has returned to ber borne
in Gibsons after spending three months
visiting relatives in Vancouver and the
The Women's Missionary Council of ihe
Pentecostal Church met on Monday at the
home of Mrs. Mary Casan. Those present
answered roll call toy repeating from memory the 46th JPsaim. Scripture reading was
taken by Mrs. C, Cramer. Interesting accounts were read from overseas missionaries telling of their progress. At tbe close
of business meetiny, refreshments were
On March ISth in the United Church
Christian Education Centre at 7 p.m. the
U.C.W. Dessert Party will be held, at
which Major J. W. Jenkins of the Red
Cross will be the speaker.   -
Mrs. Elnora Buoyant wife of Captain
John Bunyan is'a patient in St. Mary's
Hospital. I
"BEWARE The ,I_e£ ot WanbMA, Probably *  on paths and roadside.^ and yet they, were,
nwre has been ^d about that'change-  Jpought ,'tjiefe;by 'the parentbvcds.tot.a ■<,
able'mo^ that forms a fridge'between* ..Very ^definite purpose &at<rhears:Sxec&y £
winter; and spring than any -other. ,'*Marl_h ,\6n _ie<surviva^t(ptf _ie^r„species." v \    \ t-
many weafte^!^y(cbm_s,rin like^a'^on^'v-nsteaid of* spreading'the empty shell.;
apd goes out like a lambn--arid so on\sl<J\,pt/fragments; rafter ?__ey,betifayiat -arid v
, Tlear,fa»atlt "is the' same with other    $&* it would have,been much easier to;,
"feint indigent 'souls ^past'v corporal toll   "J# heave t|iem. outoflthe'nestin the dn- .
"as it,' is'.>yntb:.meyany aches >nd |>ains"   ^*^t~o?_ood fcous_k#ep^_^_kiffi_B .the,;
that we W. subject to are:atways worseim Prstjaceoonfthat passed'yby on the night"
March. Our old bodies,:loog-used and bard-   'patrol1 Jwot_d'know'that there 'were fledgK\
used in the _ays when, so anocb Work that 'bng Jbird£,a_ovei and up i|e .would, go," witb
is done 'witb machines'today, was done   dire results. ,   *    •  ., s ,.-, ;    " - C
then by bodily labor, are slow to adjust ~o. ".. 'r*«t*7 Woodj.tte naturalist # the praise ,
the- rapid 'changes of temperature  and   ■con-fry; caBs the rohm "America's favor-
humidity that are typical.'__ the month--   *» WjL'\ I endorse that.    .("   ,;    <
and we suffer accordingly. But the friendly     s ,     i >"■• ■' * /■-■ ;—--vv    ■■
cock robins are here with their messages      ; J»-3Uay; 1894, me Fraser Biver rose so-
that the worst is over arid brighter days are   %*$%. the Alexandria suspensibn bridge was
—»— _ifc*i^(_**_* rJr
m     m^Bii       ITB1  '.■«■—"
New innovation           - v .
Speakerphone brings outside world   hold two-way conversations" wiiii into Hie classroom of C. Thring, bus-   dividuals in business and industry
iness teacher at John Oliver High   around the province or throughout;
School in Vancouver.   Students can   the woyld. '
_.._»__._. ■■ ' "   ™»«  "■ ■   .   ii - i..   .       .     i    . j     ii- iii^    .i._
School Board Bulletin
wishes to announce that |
IN is no longer under her
Will there be a building programme and
what will it contain?
If we are going to retain a reasonable
teacher-pupil ratio, and if we are going to
be rid of expensive temporary accommodation there should be a referendum placed
before the ratepayers. There will be two
major projects'in the programme:
1. additions to Sechelt'Elementary
2. provision for secondary scbol expansion. -
These are being studied very carefully
in an attempt to find the best solutions.
Why do we need more secondary school
accmmedation? Where will this be provided, Gibsons or Sechelt?
-' When present construction is completed
at JElphmstone, tins school will have a
capacity of 625 students. In September 1971
we will have 850.
Tbe problem of location of new secondary classrooms is a tough one. It would
help if we could look several years in the
future and know where future population
expansion will take place. But we do not
have a crystal ball! There should be 2
main considerations—
.What is best educationally?
What is economically reasonable?
-We have 2 main alternatives—_dd the
classrooms at Elphinstone or start a new
school in another location. Arguments pro
and-con for each alternative readily suggest themselves. When the time comes—
very soon now—for a decision, the Board
will try to make clear all the reasons for
its decisions. When the time comes to
seek'ratepayer approval we hope, that the
school district will be united iri support
of tbe proposed programme.
<        \
There has been some talk of a secondary
school at Sechelt. Is this a likely move?
Such a step has many advantages and
is well worth careful consideration. If this
turns out toVbe the Board's decision, a
school at Sechelt might start out as a
senior secondary—Grades 11 and 12. Still
later on it might, if school population warrants it, become a complete (Grades 8-12)
school. \
If our school population was growing
very fast—which it is not—the decision
would be easier.^ For the next few years,
however, our senior students (Grades 11 <•
and 12) must be kept together. Under modern conditions and <_irricula it takes 300
senior students to offer a reasonably complete programme. By 1971 we expect this
number, based on present population.
What students would go to a senior secondary School at Sechelt?
All four Grade 11 and _2 students, including, perhaps, those from Pender Bar
bour. .. *-.
What effect' would a senior school,' centrally located at Sechelt haye on transportation costs?
It would tend to reduce transaction
costs as buses would carry junior students
one way and the same busses would return
with senior students.
Is Pender Harbour too far away;to trans*
port senior students?
To Elphinstone,-yes. To Sechelt, .perhaps not. It js a Jong ride over tbe present
highway, even to Sechelt. What we bave
to^consider is. this—would the educational
advantage to Pender Harbour seniors offset the inconvenience created by fairly long
rides on a scbol bus?
Is the small secondary school at a disadvantage? .. y «, -
Definitely yes. Pender Barbour students'
cannot hope to have offered to them the
same courses and programmes available
in a larger school,                        "'  '
Order of
light bulb
DeMolay will be holding a
sale in the Gibsons and Sechelt areas on
March 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. Two each,
40, 60 and 100 watt bulbs will be offered
for $2. -    *
- In the following week on .March' _8tb,
19th, 20th and 2_st the ,area from iPoft
Mellon to Sechelt ^wiE be canvassed in aid
of the campaign for retarded chUdren!
Last year ithe amount raised was $228.88
and it is hoped to double this amount this
year. If anyone is missed and would like
to donate they may send contributions to
"_tetardel Children's Campaign,. c/o Dot
Molay, Box 53, Gibsons; B.C."
There will be an open meeting on March
27th at the Masonic Hall; anyone interested
is welcome \to attend. DeMolay is "open to
all boys between the ages of 14 and 21
years. For information phone 888-3^58 or
886-2750. \ ?'\l
Tbe public is cordially invited 10 'attend
the public installation of -faster Counsellor
elect, Mike Skellet and officers, of Mount
Elphinstone Chapter, Order of DeMolay on
April 6th at 8 p.m. in, the Masonic Hall at
Roberts Creek.
At present' they form a bachelor's' club
and they announce their arrival to me by
landing on the roof of my lodge, morning"
and evening and scampering all over it as
they—or earlier generations of them—have
done for years past, and -will continue to ,
do until autumn. Owing to its structure
-le'rqof is highly resonant and there as no
ceiling beneath it to muffle the sound so I
receive the full benefit of their activity and
enjoy their company.  '
They are also reasonably'safe there, and
probably know it Tbe migrant thrush—or
robin-is no swallow in flight" but rather
slow on the wing by comparison with other
birds and in consequence he is the fovorite
prey of the hawks., Of all the pathetic
little;„heaps of blood-stained' feathers' that
I find, almost every one marks the passing
of a robin. But my roof is largely screened
by the overhanging branches offerees growing close by so t tbat when there is an
alarm, one spring takes the robins into
cover, and no hawk will ever make bis
power-dive into a tree. Finding that he
has missed the mark be goes,off to seek
better hunting, and the game on tbe roof
is resumed.
Later on, as the leaf buds swell to
bursting it becomes the duty of the cock
robin to find a suitable hamesite in readiness for the arrival of his girl friend, and
having found one | be begins to sing—tbat
is, as well as be can. for be is no Caruso
of birds. It was once commonly thought
that; the song was to attract the hen, but
as rotated, be sings before the hen arrives
ano. in any ease Ms vocal effort is hardly
of a quality tbat a hen would find seductive
—unless she were a bit weak minded! So
the truth comes out tbat the cock robin's
song is a declaration of territorial rights
over the homesite be has chosen, and a
warning to all others to keep clear—or
else! Ihey fight furiously over it^ sometimes, as I bave .witnessed.
One never' knows today how many
people or bow few, both young and old,
take note of the little natural events of the
year, but surely some must bave wondered
at finding broken shells of that lovely
robin's egg blue scattered far from trees
and bushes and dropped here and there
endangered and'a wash-out of track in the
Fras-r Canyon severed train connections'
with the'east for 41 days.'
Wont So »,i!|jBj^_:\y«|sr^fe»|9_;
.lorser, .moTQce^fo^fl^fe^sr..
project you ffeov-^i^iwln-,
you'll find -Helpful i_q_s .and
v information ;aVyhm prie _e_j»,*-.
>,v"  .„._;_w.Ji*i_.__> ' \",   >*■-'>
supplied 8boj>,     ',   \.
Phone 885-9.69
*     -m ^ ■
■■)   "i"
m©\K £sr qMi
Build your lorig'term
eavings program on the
guaranteed foundation of
permanent life insurance.
THE       *
Clff^sat-West Life
your key to guaranteed financial security
Robert E, Lea
For further Information write to
_   e£f@
"- Doctor of Optometry
204 Vancouver Block
< Vancouver, B.C.
Will be in Sechelt
Mondhy, Mcirch 18fh
For an appointment for
eye examination phone
Due to changes in the time schedule of ©X. fFef*-
ries, a new Time Scheie, effective, HSareii 21% &$$$
is being fiBe_l with the Fuhllc Utilities €tomnfi@_£on of
*   , •   " :y\    ;*■'* ~-\ i'   "
€opies of the proposed time MNMi&rivffl J_& on
file at the tnain office of the Company at §@_h_!V_he
terminal JDepet at Vancouver, fPomreH 'Hiver 'm$ the
Express Office at dihsons, _B.C.
This application-is suhje£i to the consent ©. the
Public Utilities Commission ansi any Objections to
same may be filed ivetSs the Superintendent of''footer
Carriers, Public Utilities Commission, Vancouver, H.C.
dn or before, Inarch 20, ESSS.
, i*rr^*w ff "-YT^-ijf
\  "w-riry  ■*  ~i   t*     **tz**iir*'*?~-f
, ..CENTRE.-; '..;;'"
Box 489 - Sechelt
P.M. Conodien - McCuIloch - Homelit.
Pioneer and SHhl Chain Saws
Port* and Repair Service
Telephone 885-9626
Save Money
Serving The Sunshine Coast
885-2283 - Sechelt, B.C.
. <1_fl~-0     IftamB h*BtW-V^W TflWiMflr    'VHm*  '        ^HHIV >     ■*•«**       ^H-4     *_W-9    "**W_wi ^H_a_MM__r    ^S___»
18   a  19
ot 8:00 p.m.
The New
Fine Cuisine in a
Friendly Atmosphere
Gibsons, B.C
& g£AB*I0
6 models to choose from
Dealer for    ,.,'
Better than City Prices
Phono 886-2280
'    GISSHNS, B.C.	
dtf^^^    fll—_^^^    ____.^^__ia_H^^MMtftaBMi    ^_H___I
Brought to you by
.these progressive
' *        ,   i'   ' ■ ■ .
"places of business
/ You con always say, "Stay for.lundi or Sunday night supper," and come up with
on unusual and attractive company meal In a /matter of minutes, when you keep a few
cans* and frozen packages of Canadian-Oriental food products on hand.
For a quick luncheon Ideo, try Scrambled Eggs with Water Chestnuts, created by
The Kitchens of Chun King. Bits of crunchy wafer Chestnuts and a dash of soya sauce
fum this standard egg dish Into something special. Accompany the eggs with some
fried rice with chicken (which comes already prepared in canned form for your convenience),, ond for a touch of color, some Juicy slices of fresh tomatoes, if desired.
Servo tea or coffee; wind up with some fresh fruit, and you'll have a lunch to be
proud of.
Unexpected guests for Sunday night supper? Servo Chlckenoodle Chow Meln, a
casserole with on exotic flair from The Kitchens of Ch,un King. The.use of prepared
frozen chicken chow meln cuts preparation time to a minimum, and you can enjoy your
company while the casserole bakes. Round out the meal with a tossed green solod,
hot rolls with lots of butter, and a beverage. This "spur of the moment" supper Is sura
;ta please you ond your company,
Bolh recipes can be doubled for additional guests.
_ eggs, well beaten 2 tbsp. butter
V_ tsp. salt   | i '/» cup chopped Chun King canned water
% cup water chestnuts ' '■
% cup sour cream ,        Chun King soya sauce
Beat- eggs> salt, water ond sour cream together with rotary beater, until well
Mended. Melt butter In heated skillet; pour In eggs and cook over a medium blflh heat,
pushing them obout quickly with a spatula while pan Is tilted so that most of the liquid
egg comes directly In contact with hot butter (this puffs up eggs, making them light«
and olry). Add chopped water chestnuts |ust before serving. Remove from beat while cog*
arc still moist; they cook to the right consistency In their own hcot by ihe tlmo they
reach the toblc. Serve sprinkled with soya sauce. Makes 4 to 6 servlncs.
I .packogc (17 ot.) Chun King frozen I tbsp. Chun King soya sauce
' chicken chow meln J 'A.cupshot water
11 cup egg noodles (any width) I cup shredded cheddar cheese
Place f roJten block of chicken chow meln Jn 1 >. quart casserole, cutting oil comers
of Mock to make It fit dish, If necessary. Surround chow meln with noodles; blend soya
sauce and water ond pour over noodles, moistening them thoroughly, Cover and boko
Io 375* oven for 35 minutes. Remove cover, fold In cheese; let stand a few minutes
before serving to melt cheese. If doubling, us 3 quart casserole and bake from 35 k» 45
minutes, or until heated through) then fold Jn cheese as instructed, Makes A servings.
mm wm.
Fuml8fi.ngs anil ;     •
r   of top Quality new
Appliances - t.V. - Radio
Phone 885-2058   -   Sechelt, B.C.
Peninsula Pilling
Your Kemtone
Sherwin Williams
Paint Dealer1
Phone 886-9533
Gibsons, R.C.
Fashion Is a byword
Smart Shoppers are
found at . ,,.
fashion Sh^ppp
Gibsons, B.C. - Ph. 886-9941
25c A DAY
Complete   with  oil   burner, duets
work and oil tank In your home.
Call   Bud Kiewitz  your shell  Oil
'■■ ■ Distributor,	
886-2133; Oi-MNn/, 9jC; ''
.„.**' .#» .!*  .**. <\.^.^*».-^,«^^*h'..'
4.i**.A -** *-,*-■
*0,p.Apf0*0t#t    t   b    0   *   #   .-<*   m
t, <*..,v*ty *«...*, A- #* *T» ■» ■% # ■*» '*h *!■ *i i''** ■** ■■*■ **■ -
fr   %     .      »    0      '      *      *      *     ,'      •      *


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