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The Peninsula Times Mar 27, 1968

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^mmui_ty.a'betlw«_ao^iiiiv__:htomve. iiU* ^vmmuart lias jrovfdeii o|mpst /fSfc?..*
,$M^*t<JQ»sS, .last Friday^evW <*V#f fci^-ocyrfcesrwjca&J»pe to  fe*,
. .*^raTr*& z. Sli*!,-'* ^_:   .,  ,nJrv> ^bave-but wo may be, heaxingi more about
log, notr a$ a -pmtcwt, - Dr. Jack I?avjs; iS^J___?__m__i. ii_-!__)^'n_v_T^
©kange -tat people show so .tttte infiest   fcJSSSS^ ,dws ^JJ! *^f JJ^ ^
w^w™T «_^^,»^^i*r.^_^&3*   g*taa_«-te_4 meome for' those who do not
* »at^t J^ **v* fe *%sept«#^*xo*ic_ unless there is some treason.
uaUylaa 80 per cent,_irjw)ut of voters;=|n
provincial matters, roughly so per cent,' but
in local matters/wbicb even more _j_ecj$y;
concern tbe voter there isf«#tatty Va^pW
cent turn-out. Most people in __pat_. uxt-
ManyryotiEBpeoipletoday would. seetootb-
Wg vnjrong, ta^ _ad' it could encourage
► mitre "hippies". ' J \   f ^
j." 'ilapy young people today can't see tbe
relevance of what they are being asked to
derate *b-ir ,owfl ability.and capacity, but? '"^Lf*®/1* '"T* s^<*if*g' J**1**^
bappy and cannot see their' role bar the
7s.beme.of things. "? < - i " - ■>
r Most of tbe freedoms Hnave; been won
and young people bave even grteater^oppor-
^tuni_i^„biit^jybe.^main_d-_ic_l^ sewns.. to
be relevance.
..   _ _ " Tfoe-e must be 4a«gibl_ objectives for
'There is a, need for-change of attitude< community betterment; trying to solve ev-
botb locally, _nd in victoria to accoinplisbJ , erytbjag at once causes confusion. Dr.Da-
fity&l redevelopment programs, said Dr. vis suggested _ feature iiem.and interest-.,
Davis who referred to the Gaspe Peninsula ing people who are inclined do erpress -tbeir
where a Crown Corporation of local swoplO" * opinion.;"' f ' " , < ' ;" - ' ■> -
djaw on -xpe*te*r<nn the Federaiawd**»- » - Referring to" ithe» HkdloweeW rinV in
vtoclal levels.,/Hus prog^ni is. subsidized   jfo-ai VajjcoUver,; Dr. Davis told-how tbe
if enough -people who bave <tbe answers
can be collected, tbe problems on _ie S__-
' shine Coast am be solved. >    .    {
T~~ Sunshine" Cbast'is a growingairM
with a wonderful climate and scenery, ideal for tourism- which, will gradually re-
. place logging _md fishing.
but progress is being made and is, working
out cheaper tltaijrbavin^ half tbepopiilfl-
ton onJ social assistance. f \ "z',.
\ ,lbe" situation on the 'S^sbJne'Cqast is
not compacaible to tbe Ckispe" Peninsula but
Dr., Da vis-feels'.fbat Federal and Provin-
dal experts" shtovbd be called o% to'assess
tbe future of the area. Ibe Eegional District sbould be ^^umbn^ orgaipjsatio'n for
rural redeyelpbment and Boards of, Trade
should vVorfc" ctoseiy witb:it.
,'- .   ,   /--■ *      ■i % ,   -i < <  : !
./In'areas where there is a high level of
unemployment, new plants may get^vem-
ment.asastancer but only ____ tbe employ-.
w%& level is raised.' The ,0__n_gan' qual-
ifles-at tbe-preseat time. .'. ,.,'. I
'.., The federal <3ovemrae_fc has .allocate4
$25 ^milpoa'ior B^ri)isairCol_mbia over tbe
D0xt S ye^^forr redevelopment programs.
lithe A&DA program-was in effect io tbis
area it wouldJhave been __sy Ho.get a boat,
basin in 4be Gibsons, area, as ,part of. &■,
long term program. r; - - - ; < - *
* v Dr. Davis also commented on the Manpower retraining program, where tbe federal Government lakes the, xesp__sib--ty
of j^training and .finding jobs ffer adults—
essentially apyone' over 18 yeaps of age.
1_e Manpower officers,have ja>.Mnow what
sUills are iweded jn.eacb area. The,_^to-
mo^eindustiy; has'been revolutionized ,l)y
r_tx-u-ng, people "at public expense, leading to higher skills and'beiter jobs. . -;•'
Seventy fivO percentt0f the costef yoje-
O'ibpom progress __ _ j __
sitwatioowas remedied^be following year   Welcome additidri to ihe Gibsons ,_is?   inciitde __t' X-ray ^toopi vvitft dark   TI&&&&Y' (vr\m - ViytfSfinlla
bybolding a Veutb pay. School was dosed   tricfc wiltbe -his super modejn inefli   room, treataiefit room for ifiijior sur- : _.1_^_WS* * *_ UA» / w iJ-UMSlSi
fhr   TO1_.   Haw  «»w)   ^cumoorc   hram   invnlv^ul      .^_<     _»•_*_     __._j..'1._    0 1 -i_x4__.-'" .'~_i._ir  __<___^.^   _*._  ' A_   _»L._i. - '
went to (Wtawa.
ley Cameron Wilson and Smith show§   aljout ^,000 feet Plans have been; .sy^jSpiNE Coajst Golf and fCk>__J«sr^Ciab
the frontal view vd_a'offices to le$ -completed and _ite exifected to go to*- - -me_ftershlp -has nowrjratfiwd J^.230
.a « x 3  _.__l:_— ____i .'__i    <-.__-]__  ..j._i_-..    t ^..AM—_.  .._41-1»_  _.«_      mio«Jroml tn_vta«f- /wrn_nifos (mm Aui .Trtivt*
pretty well |ooked after, said DK, Davis, but
victims or casualties are ignored.
» ~ ' .       "■
to bis closing remarks Mr. Ed German,
resident managerof Canadian Forest Products, Howe Sound Division, commented on
tbe .problems of inertia or lethargy in the
.part of the public which prevents people
from becoming personally involved in community projects.   ' .    ' *     -    ,   J
Ibe Community Resources Committee
is an offifioot of the Sunshine Coast Art
council which believes in enriching life toy
tbe4-art of living together-harmoniously and
productively. Chairman is- Mr. H. jfilyne
Headley; committee members include, Mr.
Edr Buniat; Mr; JrJud, MacKeozie; Mr&.
Maiyamje West; Mrs. Celia Jlsher and
__.: "Mb?t 'McKay*  "       < .     , , -.
Mr, Headley commented that the, problems o ftbe Sunshicie',Coast _to'tbe problems Of the whole countryr Ibis mee_ng is
" the1 first of aseries.to determine what kind
ol community we wwnt, to five hi. '>?* ".'.*.
house four consulting rooms, two of
each at each side. Q&er rooms will
ihine Cojast
HaHmoon Bay . . ,   \ \y<'
" ■   ■ - S
Small attendance
closure of co^nt
Highway and
fbrm__bn c^esin^ Wnsd^bout way ^
a r_si_£nt of-V&gi&^:USA-who "wrote-Past
Catamjbec of Coiome-ce iCbairmab^-JoJ--
leaves gap in disiqet
If"^ VVTIirJ great sadness tbat' residents
* ids'_ae'Sunshine tCoast learned of tbe
death of 'Mr. Jpbil ^Dunlop in" Nanaimo
Regional1 Hospital ion Wednesday, March
-30tb _t 10;20 pjn., 'i    *   i.    • ,
...J- John Dunlop was one of the most popular
correspondents of Ibis publication and his',
column, "The 'Egmont Eye'! kept bis many
-readers in touch ^with this somewhat 're-'
jft_te/viit-o* community in Sechelt Inlet. A
staunch supporter "of the, district, Mr. Dunlop worked bard for toe Egniont Community Associatiob and _t£e Pender Harbour and (
District .Cbanvber ofr Commerce, being a *'
3P_st president of * bo& organisations,  He
was<also a director on the'first Regional (
District, _toara"-nnd strongly supported tbe
need for road' access to Doriiton and de-
Arelopment;Of'the .Sl^laiin^hulc Park. '"   *
~'TMa:_y'months of1 pain^*>r_cee_e*d ilr.
DunloJ^s* passing <at"tbe'agC"of-sixty-ibree
years _M 'be-le^vfes" bis'devoted wife -lUly;
a daughter, Mrs.CN_il (Lilian) Black and
one grandson,cJobn;David.c.Nanaim0; bis
nifttber, ^s.( li^gar§t^J)ynlop and one i
brother'Robert ot Vancouver..,   ,., r- ■>
^'fuS^tem ye$t&jpn& jSQZJfcfcn md bis ,
wile operated Dunlop'&r^tore. at-Egmont,
prior to tbat^Mr. Dublojp" was employed at
: the-Vancouver Ice'and Cold Storage1 plant. -
He Was a past anember of IVinity- ILodge
%-S$^5F &.AM.    T  ^  '^.V   t,  -
''fuberail" was held ".on Saturday, March
at tbe Chajtel of
Bev, H. Pstkety
oEflciated; 'cremation followed, "
meztt^L^ resoliiSioE
4 'i^vnvjBtwd IMte,. Hayes she is a"~nl£ ~ V "" "*"*__ir*' ■   •'"* t    '*    ''    «_*
'wttcb be1 was;4_i_io4"_s C_a_jl^^ir;" /_8_S0iL'U__OM'"  regarding/ .smolpn^,- in
n_ai''S_o"sa_3C pbms'cail _oa,,l5e_i_(rg''in ^'v *0-cois wWcbviwas„j?assed„at a copfer-
HAIiFMOON.Pay, Se_o_l woU be closed^ to
June when the school year ends. TruS-.
tees, unanimously approved this decision it
last week's,meeting of the Board. „* * "1y
Trustee Wm, .Malcolm was miite adamant tbat Halfrnoon  Bay ' children   should
attend Madeira Park School, his rebop -    -L^-fo^'V   1    '<     > \" *   l
being that a bus already travels tbat way V*e,rJ. H * Tr'rr    T* "i  '« L   , «     ^
Ldt^tbe Madeira Park School dS k^^^^S^^M
4 < ;.,"i.   -x1 —
time ifron^ Halfrnoon Bay,to Secbelt is half
tbe/travelling time to' Madeira Park., - ^ v
*• Transportation chairman Cliff Tborold
stated-thai -t~is~es__aated -that-transppEta-
taon of students" i from * H^q-oon, JBay to
Secbelt-will cost |2,200;per.year.      '-  >■
this "district" and .-would appreciate infbrm-
aton regarding living <»ndit_i_5^ewr Further; ?be -bsA..tf^Jdm& ^labout; jfb^*wqpp
ond Co__try Cbibtaiat wo^ conserjpicnUy
^preciale .info/matwJ^' about a. ^Iso. - ,-
'Mr.-'ftayes turned __. letter ovOrlo tihe
dub exe^aifive €_& infOrmatio^^-as, ^Ire^dy
£_?» w/,ay down,to Visginist.,
- ';t Tym-bo-sefs- are ^fteduled to1 b&'moved
onto the course 'and it'is believed txne is,
intact; ^already there.; One %ill bouse; tbet
caretaker rand the otiiejr wfll be ^converted
encC on health problems bfSd^ by .Ontario
-teachers-at Geneva Pork on„Mar.h $u is
of great interest to iiny Department, the
Jtonordble - Allan J. M4cf&cbeji; Minister
Of National Health and Welfaite, said in a
- statement-recenily."f Ifte resolution will ask
tbe Ontario Teacbers' Federation to en-
dorse';: a recommendation tbat teacbers
consider %not smoking on school property
.because it sets a, bad example. .
•- J_r. MacEachen went'on.to say: "This
resolution is worthy of serious consideration _y teachers in .other provinces bk_ In
the face of the current knowledge of tbe
serious bealtb- hazards of cigarette smoking, the Department's Smoking and Health
f  y_». ,-._, .■n-'.xj,.
4 -* wH   ., .^« I  A1^-
' —■ y_Jj *-•**• , , ,       ~ -— -
•ij@|^^-^^^S^^L^j^'j »•-*
Safety project
>   Superintendent Ctordon Johnson nobit^d *»«"»»«»jr^rf^-r^*. w -* _^*-.   into'.a" ISO's ghop..\ .
wrfTS If- aJ school :is going- to' closed *< S^oxidary sc__ool principals W.«. Po^r   *»' f ??** "^;   \ ,   4,
vSiK?nfy-Sonable to^a^rt^ fani-^n-Skeltw-in*c(K>per^ioit-wl_»tl_o ' "Jta^^jBjnw Ji«« flie    __ __._, _______
:stSts to^'nearest idiooL^avelltee ^superintendent bave inrepareA\ro§ommei«l.    week^Wt ^nd itie? reported bqtb^eeda^ . Pro-am encourages sucb persons as par-
ovuu   •» w i«f_ {^     ?*v0«uWi   * ^^«»_6 'ations^t-tbe-proposed-iiew school. -r. '   ; and -water; Jines ai_3r^r_56^ jsatisfect:    ents, teacbers, and Jieattb workers to set
CLASSIlobMs   " ' '*"*    ; ' '"""•   '-' * * ' °ri*VA" ^ri"-' ' -'' ^0/—-*^—^-—— -4 ^n examjfle by not smolan^,.      '   ;
^ Altboit^t working'drawings.'ac$ nw, onl; .„_
.paifsibn, We'cost per f^asstoom^t c^mitft"
^neet' tbe present cost afibfirieM sit by 'the
Provincial Government'at $15,000 per «lenv-
entary-school -classroom,
Present calculations .show tbat with four
portable .classrooms Utt Gibsons, using 'tbe
old budding and dividing one classroom, it,
.will still be necessary to bave four divisions
on shift at Gibs-ns .next year.  . *     > ^
Sechelt will require three portable .lass-
rooms and use of the two-basement rooms. ■
Principal W. h. Hcid stated tbat tbis will
leave only one covered play area for students when it is raining.
Superintendent Gordon Johnson's summary of the situation showed that Gibsons
and1 Sechelt elementary schools will, between them be using IS temporary or undesirable classrooms which are on entitlement.
Most of .the teaching vacancies for next
year have already been filled; remedial
teachers will not be travelling next year,
two will be located at Gibsons and one at
Sechelt. Mr. Johnson also stated tbat Mrs.
Wircn will not be Elementary School Supervisor next year but will take up a remedial
post at Gibsons. *•■
COUNCIL of Gibsons last week questioned
intention) of tbe School Qoard to close
off entrance to the Elementary School from
School Boad thereby enforcing entry from
tbe main highway.
Letter from the Board to Council, referring to traffic hazards In tbe vicinity of
tlie school, recalled a recent meeting attended by representatives of' the Board,
Council, RCMiP and Dcpt. of Highways.
This has been followed with another meeting between ihe Board's Planning Committee, RCMP and Dcpt. IUghways at
which dime Kite Department indicated it
might not be possible to comply with the ;
Board's request that flashing lights bc
Installed at the junction of School Ttoad,
North Boad and the Sunshine Coast Highway but it Is Intended to carry out a count
of .traffic and pedestrians In order ; to,
ascertain what, if anything, miglit be done.
The bcparWlcnt lias, however, agreed
to put Jn another cross-walk in addition, to
the one presently crossing the Sunshine
Coast Highway and will bc across JSfprth
Road close to the Junction. In order to
help improve the situation more, the Board
asked council to put In a cross-walk at »h.
top of SchoolBoad. The Board Intends to
• ensure tbat patrols will guard all three
crosswalks at such lime students, including
kindergarten pupils; are using them. •
Council a„rccd to. comply, with'the crosswalk request but moved a protest-be. made,
regarding closure, of the School Boad entrance, -j     •■■•,"
Plans for rest rooms to be constructed
near tbe Bank of Montreal at the Village
Park, w<<r_ submitted by landscape artist
Allan deBou and approved unanimously by
council. .Plans call for ston* construction
In order to avoid vandalism. A septic tank
will toe usfcd until such time the scwago
system Is installed and, unbreakable toilet
units supplied, Cost was| estimated to bo
between $4,SO0 as4 $~,ooo.	
It was moved plans bo obtained and
submitted for tender,
"" Copy of a brief submitted to Councils,
School Board, Press and Department of
Education, was read out by Clerk Dave
Johnston. Prepared by a number of concerned parents, the brief baa requested a
public meeting with 4he object of discussing
with the School Board various problems
and recommendations for improving the
present school facilities.
Chairman Fred Feeney expressed tho
view tbat while Council could hardly participate as a council, he s^w no reason
why commissioners should not attend as
individuals. It was therefore agreed tho
group bc notified accordingly.
Mr. Johnston reported be had received;
a phone .all from Hon. Isabel Dawson rc-
gardltng previous" request by Council for
information as to plans for future ferry
service. Mrs,, Dawson had stated she ia
not too happy with tlie present arrangements but Is awaiting a proposed schedule
from the Powell Klvcr Chamber of Commerce. The MLA suggested that perhaps
Gibsons Council would car. to submit eug-
gestloha allKO,
1 Some consideration was given to.a few
recommendations and Comm. Wa|ly Pctcr-
; sorti suggested that apart from seeking a
later'service and additional vessel to" com-•
plimcnl the Sunshine Coast Qucch, request
, bc made for a, stort on, the- new by-pass.
Enquiry  received  from tho B.C.   Offr
shore Itaejng Association asked if Council
might be Interested in a marine event in
tbe areal. Chairman Feeney said he believed the group to be a Power Boat'organ-
■ Jzation which possibly  considered putting
on some kind of a speed boat display.  It
• was moved the clerk write -..cldtag a littte
■••__ors- __M£m_____.--,,.:..-...'t,~. - ■  w....-..*^*.i... .,.
Discussion group
First meeting of Community Resources Committee, an offshoot! of the
Sunshine Coast Arts Council, took
place at Elphinstone on Friday evening with Honorable Jack Davis,
Coast Capilano MP as guest speaker. Taking part in discussion were
from left, seated: Mr. Ken Sneddon,
Elphinstone graduate; Dr. Davis;
Steve McCourt, president of Elphinstone Student Council; Miss Claire
Donley, Pender Harbour senior student. Standing: Chairman of the committee, Mr. H. Klyne Headley; special counsellor, Mr. Bud McKenzie;
Chairman of the Regional District,
Mr. Frank West; Resident Manager,
Port Mellon Mill, Mr. Ed Sherman
and School District Superintendent,
Mr. Gordon Johnson.
Uniied lations visit
as competifioii
ONE teenage high" school student 'from this
* area will b$ selected by competition to
take part In tl»ls year's Annual United
Nations Pilgrimage for, Youib, sponsored
by the Independent Order of Oddfellows
and its sister organization the; Rebekahs.
Sponsorship is by tbe Arbutus Bcbckah
Lodge of Gibsons tor tills area. Tbe student selected will attend United Nations
headquarters for one week as an observer
and as _ guest of the Oddfellows and
Rcbekahs. ,
Following the successful completion of
a 100 question examination on tho United
Nations the winner will finally be determined In a public speaking contest among
the ranking contestants.
Tills public speaking contest will take
place In the Elphinstone Secondary School
I   library at 8 p.m. Thursday, March 28.   A
panel of judges will decide the, winner of
flic content while at National Film Board
>rcsentation  entitled  "Grandmothers"  is
being shown.     '
Tills film Is the story ot three grandmothers from three different countries
showing how each moves within ber own
social werM.' "The poMfe U-tonSaitjr Invited
ANYONE interested in participating In
, men's soltball this season is invited to
attend a meeting at the Wilson Creek Halt
on Tuesday, April 2nd at 7:30 pm.
Executive officers for a Peninsula Softball League will be elected. '
ASSURANCES by a Victoria engineer that
' be would prepare a.water survey,xe-
portlfor _echelt Council by ia$t,Decemr-
ber appears to have .Topped d little-by
•the wayside. Commissioner" Morgan Thompson expressed concern at. tbe .situation
Involving J. Motherwell who was employed to c^rry out v t$urvey, ot, the, Sechelt
Waterworks' in briier to provide the Council with an estimate of ibe value, of the facility, * j « . . , .
' Chairman Bill Swain suggested.perbaps
a letter be written should nothing be forthcoming by next council meeting. .Comm.
Thompson however expressed tbe viOw
tbat "right now" might bo belter. "We
were promised Ibis report by December, I
think the situation & getting a lititge rid-
iculoufi", he added: It was agreed a letter
be forwarded ihe consultant should nothing
materialize by List Friday.
A number of building permits included
application to bring in a borne which would
be placed temporarily on'_he corner- Of a
lot within the village while tbe eventual
site is cleared. Some concern was expres-
• • «
Special meeting
School Board stall. iitmg.   ,
followed wifli; resignation
WHAT should have been a simple matter Chamberlin be released from bis duties In
j of the School Board dispensing with the r ligty of the fact, that it was considcredhe
services of an employee considered uh-    was not 6ufifidcrrUy capable of assuming
duties off secretary treasurer in the event
c. Wilson's absence cither temporarily or
permanently. This of course could result
in the Board finding Itself in a difficult
sltoflUon.7':';"'.'-7;H.-''i';'''i'':'''-'j:'''''':';;:'"" y''y:':'-":^:-t
As secretary, treasurer, Wilson was rc-
sponsiWc tor hiring and firing office staff
and I be was' ithercfore advised following a
meeting of the Hoard Hast Wcdneid^y to
ask for Chamberiln's resignation and faiL
lug this, to tcmiin.tc his' employment by
giving litm notice to April 30tb. Instead,
Wilson took It upon himself to tell Chamberlin his services were no longer required
but that lie would, be patdunUI tlie end of
, Apr-, in toe meantime he need not come
In to work again.   .   ■,    ,':,'..'
On Itarnlngjbis, tlie tJoiird called an
Immediate meeting at wlilch, as stated,
Wilson tendered tils resignation.
; J^lr. Douulas said he was extremely
sorry that,4be'dismissal 'of the iBsi&Unt
scct<tary treasurer ;had been handled In
that way, It certainly was pot the intention
of the Board tliaf he 1k> told he need not
come into work again. This has consider^
ably embarrassed tbe Board. Now that the
damage has betn-^ohe it Is considered to
let' matters stand', as they, are and in tlie
mc^ntlnic tbe Bo^rd will be advertising for
Ibe aetvlct.-'of' bc%': secretary■■■■tKtwmPt-
and an assslstant. > ■'•
Suitable, erupted into a minor outpry over
ii. 'weekend which tcrmiiuited wltlt fhe
reslgnation of secretary treaBurcr Pete^.
WilBon/ '■..', ■'  ■   - ' . ■ .'*'■"',.. .
' Investigation as to the circumstances of
the dismissal of assistant secretary treasurer Ray Chamberlin revealed the fact that
at 5 p.m. last Friday evening be bad (been
informed by, Wilson that'his services were
terminated and that while his salary would
bo paid until April 30th, ho need not appear
furlhcr at his Job.
1 While it Is the pcrrogativc of the Board
to hire and fire as they see fit, as elected
rcprcsentativea of (lie public, considerable
hostility was indicated by various" Individuals And <rac organization as to the methods
cmploye/l. Bcsult of Mils was a special
meeting of tlie Board last Saturday even-
ing^during which the Bec'rctary treasurer
tendered hia resignation.
Puo to ihe sudden controversy which
followed the firing of Chamberlin and "In
light of Wileon'fl resignation, a meeting bc-
4wcen the Board Chairman (Don Douglas,'
the press and district superintendent Gordon Johnson was called at 11:30 ajoi. Sunday morning at which circumstances leading up to the situation were explained in'.
 '"■ W*c_sMons"' between<-WilsoO'*""»_dt" tlJj©;
Board exscinded .with'.tbe dccWon'• that••
sed 0s to how long the building might remain on tbe temporary' "site ___ following
discussion it was moved a letter of intent
:be first obtained from the applicant
"Prdblein. urvolving various work required to tbe village brought fortb a suggestion by tbe chairman tbat the time is
approaching when council will bave(to give
consideration to employment of a Irian to
carry out the odd jobs needed throughout
the village. He suggested it might be possible to obtain the services of a semi-retired'man who could carry out the jobs
"now" mot weeks later.
Discussion resulted from a report that
a 20 mpb sign which should have been moved some months ago still remained in Its
old position. Comm. Thompson agreed tbat
sucb employment would be a sound idea
but added that some consideration should
also be given a works dcpt. building.
Further discussion regarding a protest
that posting ot a 30 mpb sign at Porpoise
Bay Road would prove a hazard in light
of children playing and walking along tbe
road, it was agreed tbe mattler has Already
been dealt with and tbat there was not
sufficient justification to change matters.
Comm. Thompson said he had discussed the situation with tbe RCMP ami fur-
_hef, tbe kids should not be playing on tbe
roads anyway, "this is the responsibility
of the parents," be added.
As with Council of Gibsons, a brief by a
group of concerned parents was submitted,
jit was however, decided by Comm. Thompson that it be filed on tne grounds that
council bad not been given sufflcleiit time
/to study;it.1-."'.'."'    ;...>.'.,v.,.,!•/.,.   ■>. i.,
SEWER''SYisT^M'.v';i''JV': "','.'''■.■■ >:'">''- -■'■'.•
Following enquiry by Council of Scch-
,<_t as, |o availability of assistance regard- ',
Ing sewage Installation within the village,
the Coast Garibaldi Health Unit advised
council, its engineers ore availably in an
advisory capacity but not as engineers to
any- contract, (.:■ ■:■<':/.
ft was suggested that tas the engineers
and Health Director Dr. Reynolds will be
In tbe area within the next couple* of months, couiicil meet with them in order to
discuss tbo siluatioa, "': "..  ;""!
Comm, Morgan Tliomiwon cxincssed
the view that council would bo wise to nieet
tlio c»ginecrs--"we liavc a problem wlilch
could bold us back, In fact with' my own
property there arc tilings I would like to
do but It la impossible to build under tlie,,
present situation," bo said.
aijiirmaO Bill Swain argued that tills
is not so for tlio water tabic in Uni particular location is more than four feet below
ground level which means septic tanks are ,
it was agreed council meet with Dr.
'.. I)W!yv__i»''«_d,-_> ____nocr'wb_o..toy'visit.
4be district 'next     •   ' I
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By mail, special citizens .%,prfce r_fl$^;#fc_# tjMtf___&lfc_ft-  By-cdrrier* L__"50cfr��*rth. l(i-|^��|>^ t��.-_e-SOWtrBe-  ���    -     ���  '    ' .W^BeWWw ���_^c#Jab|e.,JA!p-  '��� *  - -  Pfe ^^ettef &t$m\<wM#a-  A______U____E_tf_��t_<TL    -''��-' 1M�� tt:,fL> W_|_fc\;*_&������ &*  ANNOUNCEMENT    , B^ate^o. Canada Lid., _\  (JOVE. G004 workbg o* S39-9.. PleotW.^sL^-  1^1, 886-2801. 1070-18 CO.   #B.��a v SWJW��t 'MprSe.  _r.nl   ^..���m"m��> 1 -.>���' $99.&;t Philips C^nsotei i_avset  po.wter saws for sale. All warW~#*    a ;reat   fcfeat|ty,  - dhdisties, C_-k Saw $!_$.$��. VlSa*-*?*    H&itrVSi_r_     _  ,   mWa___, ____. , ,_.,  ���___._.*.*. JS* ** iSV-^cbeit, B,c; Shone .85-'    P-O^.458&��303; *_Ufc^fe.C/  p^intr^__fjreglas^^gB-T  ___V_^Bo^t Hardwire ~  - Compressfidi air service for  sldjRdivea& a$# tpblss,."   *  ��� sj_k__v0��. available for  a Bf    salvage .worlc.x;jf -  LTBS  am.  ieoo-tfn  ,ir i.",Ti v 11" jn,   ^' 1.���  _U>  Ib  JJ2  I'��  ���_b  7"  qi*.  iw  )/)t  .eb  vi  'lit  Co-nmi..ed to deep...��  <mW��^_#_' . t^x&&%^tA  ��iiigtma�� S(samaa pai)i@s  jjl   di'*u 1 mt  REALTY $ -INSURANCE  Mtepjabesc  after long userai Me  _*3M_ iS^JS^iSk1!& ISv mewart-mm ot ��& W'i_->W  wflWi^   size i$b wfite. Aojl ty$tfr,,l&e> ,  i-mehtieot^^^w^^t^^aidM^  WWW.:^   ..    -    . -,     t_��t--i;��bi? ��^danie_c _-^c.iH��f ^_te��_-____o___i  SUMMER   cottage  on   wa$er-   of;EducaMQnand Labour and this week, we , ,.. ^  front.^ttito, terms oo,$ja,W^    w_-'be"4eba|jflg the' Health .department, .CAPTAIN"Hiomas tieonatd- Higgs of Gib-    partners, designed a_d,bu_t.th�� fecry "Ai-  ���> Jf��Ji_vv'_v Ua   ��U^_v���' iM,    P^btolal'-Secreiary^ at_i"ibe Hfgftways    > sobs, fi'.C", passed away, in hospital In   ireviaV'- lh^>essel opfefa^g "under Pro-*    ��-,  id??SSF S5S' SSklkS.   Depait*Be&^',.-",,_..;-,    P , ,. , Vancouver, B.C., oni the __omi_g'0_ M_��C- ' nricS-r Government Cbartor xjaferled out a -r^  &9��*m* WWr wWk.^rW-     '.Uj^'-fee; fi^mites, of-the Minister lV5�� ��-U& agorf 7a   ���       . -     * /,   .continual* s^erviceto G__M%'5a<M &oja '  "-  ��^.^_ *-.��'����_.' *��V - * ��-*   of.fiduc_tioi-.fwas ibteifested'in' bearing       afe broughtto a-clpse along and use-   Na^atnto, ficom Ifel iflgUjm Jw��: _*_  SILVER. :_4NQM-'J. wa^r-��� of,'A ^��_jo_k-_-_Ji_a*J0t_- Cotomiitee. under M life eoimected almost _nt?rely'wi_i tba:. t Bg^/l^thersT#n^gemem\,iat vs&ch t��ne  froj&t ��t,pf*tectiea, b&k &UW7,   the diafrmanfjhiyvfof ti JL Odds. Corordin^ *** #e w*& iirvfrT m'Netbetton, B__nps_iii&,1 ' **& ^^ *PW to C^pbun H, X;. Jt. Davis of  "    ��.    i" *���  MR. -ndrMrs;?ii_~K'War__.fc .'&,-_--taff7, Vao^��^;ft^>  of^ Madeira'Parfc,~B-.ar.ai-' -:.r, ;.r,V:'   ...   **".'" :l5*!;gr'  pleased to  announce * fte-'lsk- ' ^ptfckttt^^^rett^'-^  Iinda  Dian to. A, B.  Steven      ?-r'v,*s^llc vy^rf-.^^. v*?1***,  Harold John*om, only  and Mrs.   Frank   J6bn_on  Port CoquiUam, B.C. The wed- Hosiri.^i Sechelt^'&&~~'*~jjjfiUt' ���F**'*XIF*&1V��SS>   -     f ���        ���   ding wm take place on. Sato- ,;���, ,IJ^,,;ll^;,^;y ,; ��� timmto-te holiday 'home-oa- w_^*sVMid_l_?___. -^seo.--- ��^___B____________ll_i____:4___^^ ��_P*si__   entering" the towbOat aMsbtopii^ todUsfry    _��eV sens, Martin,' Gor^Jd ^i_L^oto,'_lSo  v!MAK8^tA ^Al^flCK_^#AMir^^^ House, S^ret Cove, $1.%. ���" - " ~" ^ -       "   '      --������ ��� ���   ;Pbone/8$_-__>^48('-',_ . ( b^<j^ri^.Jffijfa&   atrrf.of M^'KmW^'   iSS^jS? c^ng^'S^SaTlfe^.S ,'N_l_^"_^^-5__e^ *J opferato her on  konmen^ ffl:_S^StSwft.. JH��__Ki3��S^!H_J!__^J^S !��W.^_fe?^_feA*:^^ ^^?^-. ; ._..�� ^___��-____�����  ]W��ssUulit|_s_  hisc step-son, Waltejl Cullihaa.of Nanaimo,  Vancouver.  on*: _7><it ^:.*.���rfL. rm- aldtoig glass doors to deck; ��w.��w.>  d ^ar( _^^5? b>    "*�� ,^c?ss?]Na ^e ^��S00- 1!0*y ^ ^^ Bay��- ^*^- -  Bo* 390, ^hfilf, Et,C       l^afimoonBay area. Hq/ry Gregpry���885-9392  .   ..-    .'..WKfr.. Setota Fark View home: 2 bed- u  rt   r.fi.rttNK,^  ��� .. ,; ,,    _j;jlV,,,,,,,^..^   --^--^, MbCtoea,   livbig   room ^A_SS6P521* -   -  aod hath, car portf 50 foot tot, KENNETT LTI>.  major j_U aj^ulancos and torn- _ejchelt B<_  Itore- included io  ^,500 sale -'  price, $3,000 down. ~ '  PENDER HARS.QUR  EVERGRE^S  Madeira, ^_?Jr ..  Salal Pickers Wanted  Huc|t 34c Btwch,   -  - Salal 34c Bunch  Contact plant? factor, picking, -  Now Duplex,. _��� strife. ��*% 780 f��tHLAlMa ciippi brc  sq.- ft, good .view ptop^^a BOIlPIWB S"PF"E^,            ���   gwid,  investmeot , Terms   on Gras_NS'-Building    SuonUea ?*&??* ,fro��,^ '<*Pet organization and pioneer'towing firm, of ~Gree& and'coyle-oi  f^^O-                .                  ., Ltd   Sg6-_Sr_lbsoM   B C i^w^als will be welconw. ?our working Vancouver-wbero be waa corit-nuously em-  $9^00   casb  buys  4.6. ��c^s, Qukfey ^*to|_eTconciote, ^SJ0? ^l^l^^ff* UP *e Pkyed until the commencement of World  jusfcoff highway, wifil two bed/ ^vi&&e ieTfor 20 yeaS t^mittoe. S^sions m_st be pmmar- warOne, afewbicfctehe be joined the Royal  Located 1st house north Pender    room��--ple��ly oi Wafer, good .                                 _____ 2f* 00*^ s^"^J��j3n-l��iPg prepared tor Canadian Navy __d &w active service ov-  Harbour a>t^    -   -      sfmtbera exposure.- Near Ito!*-               - -        v    ' r^S^^   ^.^ * COpy ** *��! ��*��*�� ^^ 19W�� w11*0 ** re-entered tbe  du  :    aa-Solfc eSTrfeek, v "     JLt*^" ^  %2%S*LS 5^ t &*Vt ^ _f sertit�� * **���<*& Cimpany to be their  *    Phone 883-2265             _           ��� TRAVEL   - obt^med by .writing to, Mr. Can^, .��epaii- serdor Master for manv ve___ u__il leav-  l��M-_   Jtajlh-taam. home on black-   ^4 ������>..,., ment of giucation,, Parliament Buildings, IJto_nS_iJ S^TWSb *��L  ���^���^,-gereS-itefto?d; toPdy FOEM travel information-and Vwtona,. S.C.                    - J^ C-pHTJT!__��?*-��.SSgS  to-sdroora_d sboypuig, ea&% ^boplongs, Margaret MacKein-       laie o_jer *e_ni_��s-of lite CotttttUtteo the Gabrtola torry swvke  vWtbey as  __*     r*_��^n_tf__*    __T     'f_��_t__p    a* . ^,^-.j-���_.��� -_*._      h_t_____ * * *'  CAHP0FTHAHB_5  WARM^ thanks' to the friends,^  i__at_v_s asnd organizations'  who sent cards, flowOits and  gifts to St, Mlary's r Hospital  after my accident. A special  thank you to tiiose, who sent  homo baking to my home.  Sincerely���Vina Beeman.  l58S-tf  i"       '���    ���     ���        ii-ii ihiiiii.���w<M f J 1 U tm-.i_lil.il   _    ������*<  MANY thanks to the Legion  Auxiliary,. Roberts Creek for  -their hamper of fruit, etc. Also  to the Roberts Creek Community Association and all those.  who so kindly sent get well  cards during my stay in  Shaughnessy HospiteL--C__rl&s  Bedford. ' 160&-17  BX.R myself and the boys, 1  would like to thank all those  thoughtful people who did so  much to help and comfort us in  the recent loss of my husband.  There are too many to thank  personally, so hope they will  accept, this expression, of genuine thanks for myself amd the  boys. Thank You.���Mrs. Ruth  West. 1589-17  PERSONAL   FOR complete information on  Marine, Industrial and Liability insurance: Claims and  Adustments, contact Captain  W. Y. Higgs, Marine Consultant, Box 339, Gibsons. Phones �� BEATJWFUL pure bred Ger- . w^  886-9546 and 885-9425.       4��9-tfn       "Mb shepherd puppies.   Now    ���*��� VVUI"  .     taking orders. _85_i32.   158&.9  ALCOHOLICS Anonymoys. P.O. ���  Box 294, Sechelt, B.C.  Phone    ^u  __  886-9876. 9&-tfn    POR RENT  systems and alternative organization'of the   "33" _ very young lad.  school day tofc get.gresr^r, pPtottaA'-cf, t    _ .ilm^Wrl%,_^.  _,__   _-.k, ��,_. .who,ore .all master ntaribers,actively tol-  facilities. - - y -    War fi^t employment  w^  with  the - j   & tbesea: He _lso 'leaV_*"his step-.  Young an* Gore Towboat Company whto   ^.J^rV^TVi^Dtby 'Stticfcer lesidifi  . Mv^M��nim-<m b. considered frith ^^TZl^T*, *%2TEJr". daughV^Mrs. -i  ft View&0&B&*$m&*kflrtt- _e4SSnd^te^ w?S SaHXS '* ^y' BC'  ^T**_��M5a_9* fW?__- �� ^ ?***��� P__de_ I_S to^aUjHfed S^w__i ��- _*ffei* ffifigs pursued over fcho years was  onn staff *eq_l3te_J?nt& epi tat4 enrolment r^^i ��a�� 10 ���� uaajw. b^ates waft�� >r -tttfSokttdiaaa oll^ oiils oFBritlsKCol-  notentiat ani'Mf-itj(,i_iMtA_i��H_ _��*. *__ tow of logs. Later he left Hie tugs and   X?lW/4rJ_?lr_T^.r.  joined  tho passenger   vessel  "Wuqi?"    ^h^^c\f^^^^"^L1^  Teachers  'Federatton,    PtA   federation,    all but a few of ber passengers and person-  Chambejjs 'Of. CpJ^merce,  Federation ot   ncl,were drowned.  Labour, Union of &C. Municif_Uitijes; sub-        Prior to this, Tom Higgs had joiaad the  Creipatiofl followed, ihe service which  toolt plgce- <a��J H_trve|'s' f_r_3e*a. Chapel,  Gibsons^at _.00 bojirs,' Saturdayaftern^on,"  Marfch leat^upoXCdptein Higk's own re-'  quest, ii|s ashes viill be committed to the  sea at a fatosr dote.-  Vj/te all admir| ,the>wis_&9]t' of - people  who, come, to i&:tor advice.,'-  irjr^rTpr^nfiTinoiwnrariniTitiirjiii'iiiiiiitiii-iiiiiigiij  CALLISON EVERGREEN  CO,  Roberts Creole  ,> -���   _.  Sdlal PIckers'W^nliBd  Huck 34c Bunch  u   Solar 34c Bunch  xea&i q^bus Jasagh, etc. $omo _ia' (local rep.), EabmV Where are: Ch^Ifej,^ pk3& o%-Vancouver Nam,-  extjenor f^nmg-fe&ted. r_U TO, Go Travel, 886_23i, Sunny- inee'of fee teachetftL F_4eraS��Mt}' Peter  Price $13,250. Cash prefciaed, crest Shopping Pteva, Gibsons. Powe% North, Vancouver, Nomloee of _io  tovely   waterfroot   home,   on 359M_n' Trustees Association?  a__ -Mrs. JPrajcfces  sechuM  sbel^erejd beach  tor-                        ���     - i_ ^oh^oo. 1^ictoria. _&a_a_f of tie PTA  rific" view ~S. Sound two' Ixid- CASS And TRUCKS fefcertfon.   t believe ifcl* Comt__te^ Is  room house, fireplace in view ^�� ��j-, TMIBK. ^A ^__��*^<*,f Wfl,r^ affll <W.M  fivbtg roorr_,'_to_og room, mod- FOR SALE: 1959 white Inter- s^mbebefit aH of tis.            -  r*��_f�� f    ^-*  u^.   -V,. *    ���� ��tohet�� gn4 _ath, toll co* .national  panel   truck,   good OT���2ftJ* 5ePrf A ** &r<!P* Pa*  CJohtoct plant  bqfere picking    -^ basement with plenty of condition. $380. Phone, fflS-^s! Eif^% ^^L1 ^_ "ftp _��' ^S^1  Located at Roberts Cwek,      headroom,  Would  accominod, -                          1455-1* ?L*^��S* ^^ ����[_��������.����4 *& Wtof.  -across 4rinet from store. "     ate extira   bedrooins or  what       "*_^-&"��J���' "'   ^ JhKtSiL!^ <_?ffl^__?j^fr,;  have  vou    Pull oriee ___or��o ^^^ FOB3, Branch? Wagon, 6 the. possibility of a ^eriobs dfejay ttttd) b&ve  Phone 886-2_33            terms,                          ww, ^   Standard.   Bes.  "offer, matfo a mjttnbpr ot eoauijeies with -tie Oe,  *   ^^o*^ Phone Gordon 886-2817 after Q partntcbt, of 5_4aca_o_t   W^bla tho far.  _4_Kin     nillMin_    1ot_   artrl   hn<rft>Ac<_vc _���               '              "-    "         ^^--�� four. i1_v_   T'ftow^  1h.m_1  AI.-+  /���*._  _>-___t  fiS=  0^Hi;t $/S_W/sr CHURCH  SERVICE: secMar  '-   Sutt_Oy$abM|-^l.i60o,_i.  / "   .aUreb$.#vl��0-*~|l;lAo^i.    ,  *" P��_ye<'^vVcda_^jjyy_Jdp.E_  ) t,       REV. A. WllXl% PASTQR    , .  YOU.ore Invited to atferid ony or each s^lylc^ .  pEti.  Building lots and businesses.     p,nv  E McMynn  Oo Wortman  1577-_&   few- days I have learned that tbe School,  Boaitffc _a_ held 4 series of meetings with]  886-2300 i&M MERCURY' Va ton truck, depa^__&l c__ciafe in an c_fott to dear:  886-2393 kw m^e> wia��abox- 6 ply up fiotoo o�� the problems that had, arisen.  8Bf_-2<_81   ilMs* 88^2880- i06?-16   At tho anomettt, the plans tot Gordon ?ar*  Box 238, Gibsons, B.C.  1S65 FAIRLANE station ^S^    ^J* f*^."?** &m&��*Sff*  nt conr     W^*- ****$* **"* d^wO- by the} Prflvb^aX  MY TRACTOR not available OJWS housekeeping tporn,  for  hire.   George   Charman,       clean,    warm,   'private'  -ri-  886-9862. 1382-tto trance. Towels ^itd'Itottti' .up-   ;  plied, Selma Pork. 8&-0535.  MOBILE TV service shop serv- n '   -       H384fo  ing the Sunshine Coast. Phono _- .-, ���r,_g..p._ _��  V8, automatic, excellent cott- f.'^^l *_* ^"lu^ A'V**  ^M ^-��!���^- "��&, ff��ATA?_,,��'S'  ! J ^ '";; r~~!���rTrr^-     :.., : ..        rc"*** wiu imm<t Jd^tlattonft irfit* co__t_ctoi_  $1500 DOWN' 'gives' hnmediatjB   1864, FAlItLANE 500. Z dr. H.T., tor tte erection of the schopl  Because of  pa__e__.on  of  _his  heat  two       V��, a_toih_tic, ftdly equipped.' ^e publto^intorc^t tothe^matter, I bave  b_diw)_r. homo on level jo.  close to beach, electric heat,  good garden sOit  88d-9353i                      .   1075-10 no ldMtbt ^ttft0 School fedatd will make  *i\&:\ ."*.*!i.i|?;>.'.i".|;.!|.i< ,-.'t few .i.i>:'f rtj". ! a pTOJnpt,��� _i___uic_me_t when this stage  1^ CAjPHULAC ��, coup��. 3$ has, Wn ^acbedl,      .  -_^, _^ ._ v���- r���   -= -, <,.i... n   ����.������ ^ys��r.v   -     ��jx                P**1^1���*oid "^^^ Wfe& Fbjpfto I k��>w hj����(^ you, leol aboutt^) tjeed for  collect for service.   Peninsula    HAfcl, for rent,  Wilson Cree*   ^^Jr^i^fT ift  _^_"    ^5?_&..-.:-...-     1607-19 this sc^wfl'. an* I hope t&at Ws wi|l re-  tv   *��.^n                   1^0      __��-����___ �������� __,._ u.     �����.�� df ��__ lovety 3  bed-    ^^j^^^^^^^ jssge j^mewhat ,that ,��,, matter, is  ^^   ^T-_-.,,i^.rr-w.v    .;'4:^^A_il^;.Oo|to;8^ ���������   fci^^__-rSB^^S_^-l���i[i���4^l^- '��i1Ur<--^ie  '������_._������   ,     -  co^ai^; ^^^Mr^w^W'.^ ^���;;y JSWx"^^''^^  u       "^1-iI.A  ^            _-_.���     ..��^*Wj   also,  o^e,   r^room,   room bonje on beautifully land-    WhW* Auto Sales: l'JCl Ford 1^-*WrW���'B*^fi^iM��7,Hl^i  ���^.-^��i             ��,��^ .^i___                             .^,                                   ��.'_________.    tiJ^^tni^ftKOft    ���__' <W formraftl to tho occasion and trust their  TV, 883-2430.                    1609_9 Community HaU. Contact Mr.    _,          .       .  ������ ������ *��� *- Glen Phllllos   8��*5?im   io_.._fn   xoom> view home on mco  TAKE notice tot I Charles Roy T* ^T"' .^fffi' w?5ff   Active surnoundlngs  SeweU-Feim of RR  1   HaM- TffiQ  Wlioon>  moon Bay, B.C. will no loftgdr  contracted in my name u^lesa   805.9501,;  authorized by I myself and that  ^Oil/furnace, earpoi*, siindeclc.    new   wiot,   $500.;   *5$   Cbov.  tiic homeTwhlch"1 am matototo-   Y(^^-ri^':Vu%''&i^i   MODERN ��� as   WortoWI   Atr    H^ ^  tco pteknip, kmg ride  Ing for my children will be* locfc- . cottage)-,    $60    month   plus tractive post and beam bungo*  ed and the further removal of utilities; afeo weekly and night- tow,   2 bdrms, spacious view  any of the contents whatsoever ly.'riftei.   Also  available, j$iU hying loanvbas fireplace, ond  will be considered as theft; aa trailer  hookups,    phone I'gjjfr.' ^^^ ^m1'   ��_P tiaiver C0.  of this date, March 25, 1868. ��563, Mission Point Motel,    ��� Kwchcn   with  ���breatost   abd  (Signed) CHARLES HOY                                          l3_Mln u|illty aTea.  Tiled vslnity b^th.  SEWELL-FENN   ' T?^1? "'"'*'' "^ ���' '-ti^^ If&pw ����_�� irj lowra? l&vel. Just  visit will bo not only educaJional, but cn-  joy^Wo-;as,well,,   ..���,���.    ���.-���������'  i';i"riL|i"i(ii,rifi'^   �����  i ��� nn       ...  Smalt boy as napping father delays  f tbisfrte r<5rnlrt__* of coming, oj/thte is 0 service 6H%Crl��L?A$$MCi&  box.  Phono, % demp..8$%W,  ���,'.: '.���,''. ���','..,���������,��� ���ifflhti:  1^58,  YOLKSWACfEN,   reai-o^    family outing: ^4Att systems are go7_ut  .'ttbje, prtoe, ?hoo�� $��H#&.      "' '  1545-19  one'  DO.  JJt'Ir46fM&_  l546-20a   PEiNP^R Harbqur, all electric   ia ttew wtep^ to lovciy beach  ,mfjde��^ cabin,on watortront.   J?2,500,  with  at_iadl,ve do,wn   ^ ���     _        .hrm^ifW t^,,.  P>^^3-^,     '        mm   parent. ^t^Fv^t^fS^  COPIES OF PHOTOS  APPEARING IN  ,     THE TIMES  may be obtained prompt|ly  5x7 SIZE, 1.25 EACH  6 (same subject) ... l.op each  12 (some subject) ...   .90 each    Ri$tiRfcp couple, wish to mit  8x10 SIZE, 2.00 EACH  complete    with  o_r*-lodcs.  14^3-17  ^ ROOM fuwkdtod or 15 tooto LARGE? view lot, half closed. pj!i0i 88^2059.  wtomlshed bouae, located. _ .Older i room, Jiomo .rermires    .�������*��� .,��������..1*.^- ,-.^.-_ -,_.- ,.��� ��,��  mile, from Gibsons. Phono 8&6- *omo work,  AW wervlccs, closo, FOR SAA-E-r.4' boat and out  2983                          ~ 1600-10 fi'toP" ��hd rjcbools.   ^8750, tnV, board, motor, excellent, cowdt-  price,    , / tl<m,   $250'or   sell  separately.  "���"-f.'W"> 'i ���  '��� ������ ' "il '��� " i  ������ ������ 885-2007' ������ 1471-1B  -WANTOB..TO<MMT-'--i -   ��� Wl-LY developed view lot, all ^r,:..,,,.,.;. ��� ,,,;.,  ^ services, $3250. j.  ft,  FlifitlEXSI^SS and pty-  or lease house 90, fak sfecd KL JJf ^��* "J1  ��" "* n��}i? O.B., with wtodsbleld, and,  6 (same subject)   _  1.50 each    W>   ^n  W��y  "P <�� *W   P��^          ' ficrv'coo, ?Z3W. octrois. $400 complete or $150  12 (some subject) ... 1.25 each    monlb., Wri^e too Cbflstobsen, IMMEDIATE    i>o_se8slon.   o* ooai only. Phono 880-7783.  No, 803, 777 Citfdero "��-5 Va��: $2700 down. �� bc^wms, living im-10  cpuver, B.c. tt5Jl-lR p^,,- flP4 --ay kitchen.  $maj!fc    ��-- j 1  ��� ���*<��   ,^^Vli|iW|1yit4��itu,4,^^wM^^y^i;i ,if .��> r^jn ffifyj jf iun,Ui,m|  suNmm coast  GOSPEL CHURCH  , (Undenominational)  S*t&m SfhotA 10jfJ3 e,p��.  0rdi Servleo 11:13 OM.  Ey��nln^ Servl��-^:20 p.m.  PA&0& R^i S, CA$$te  Pavh Bay -o-4 q��d A*t>Bftia  (ft 6>cki upt frant, H)o^w<wl  LEAVE YOUR ORDER  AT THE TIMES  WORK WANTED  WOODCUTTING, ditch digging.  etc. Tod IlJirdlng, c-o Secret  Covo Marina, Secret Cove, 11.C  4   ROOM   cottogo   with   fttove  ���and   frtdgo.   Would   tako ,0  mowth leoflo, prefer watc��front.  lot,    vrondjCsrtut   view   of  strait.  tfto.   ItlAlkERS  rtBAI. ESTATE  . fo*^ REDROOFrS-^^ffl,  4,  bC4-  TELEVISION   and   radio'   re- room boin. <�� g ^ ,db^ to  Hrw of any natoro, prompt ."������en "^ <aw, bpat ��fl��;b<Vage.  fitTvlce.   phono 883-065.; w*l?8 ro<>m�� ^*J t��r��>l4ce.  MZ*:tM ?MjW;c��b. Wtcbert; tcc.Joom.i   ���p -. ��� .- ., Aroll heatv ��|ble carDOrt lively,  HOUSE  painting  and  decorat- Londscapcd   yard   Wtb,   patio.  ins.  Profeaslonal   work done Sale by owner, pliono oveninga,  promptly   Dick Jljakeman, Ph. ^8W782 or wrlto fc>* 470 c^  880-2381,   Henry    Rd.,   RR   j, p��idnsuto Times, fib* 3flJ, Se-  Gibsons.                           767-% cfclji, %.C.,     ' ", "   ���' .4B0-tln  K. BUUER REALTY  & INSURANCE  Gibsons, Wi-3000  Tho Progressive Realtor  UNpERWRITING LIFE  AND MORTGAGE  INSURANCE      ..'...  RcitfC^eniUing  AAONTREAL LIFE  INSURANCE CX>.  ";��� ���   t<6Jrft.  UQi?8% tw��w, -W with At-  tacltcd living room and carport. Ideal for two pcreoa..  May be eom B|g Maple Trailer  Court, yjikon Crceb, pHooo  885-0684. 1303-tfA  _��*IHj_ Ij H>*������_i_-HhMi .tl-^M-wHnw.^iin     ^[OWi^ ..._��.._i,_)>|)i^  F0f SALE  ��_^��_wr-->��i..iy-.-*.*-i��_.-..����.'i<-i-'l.#i i*.. Ii-.t^o.-.m.�������!_.  _i���.i.m>  SPECIAL lor sale. Large Easy.  R�����a     Typewriter.'   Almost  new. Cost Ore. $300. Now $m.  Phona m&46$i. ioif-ttn  If-   lt'B   stififl^���it'��   Morgans,  SSMO^O, Scehelt, B,C.  AH6UGAN CHURCH  SAINT MIMA'S���StCHELT  0:00 o.m. Every &indoy  9:30 o.m. CtVurch School  ll;00 ����,��o, 2nd, 4th. 5thS_ndoyo  7;30 p,m, Ut ond 3rd Sundoy-  .     ��aiVlC__ held r��9oulortv tn  GARDEN BAY, REDROOFFS ond EGA^OH!  for WwnoilOn pborw 08S-9793  Eviety W��_�� 10 eta (3, C___��a_kwt la. r_H��'��  ��� ��^������ii;fijiin|iii.if my��  a:  -twmptt_eM_������faf-��  March 27���8 p.m. St.  Bartholomew's Parish Hall, Gibsons. Robert*  Creek Credit Uhion Annual Meeting. ,,''���",":  Mpn* 3()^10; a.mf-2! p,^  Rofnmaao Sal., ���......;���.���,. ... ������.���.';- -,,:     ;";,",;.������; y- tii\.%.  April 1���7:30 p.m. MaddraParH Elementary School. Education meeting.  April ^i3q^ ,W|(toril Creek ^  v.   Io Men 3 Softball,   ii.,.:. ,1   ���;'.,������     '���������.."���      ,'..��� ;.'.'��� !v..' ','.���.. ''.'��� '.;,;���  April 5���2 p.m. Roberts Cr^cK Leglorj Ho|l> L.A; Bo��>pr,and Too.:  April 9���8 p.rrt, Pender. Harbour Seconddry School. Ho_p./Aux.. Fashion  1 Show and Dessert Porry^ ;    7  Xf>ril 10���3 pm* ?ort Mellon C_)mrriiUriiry:Hdri.:Hosp.;Au)C.,-Fasbl-^  $bow & pesscrt Porty. ���  1  ASK FO.1 OUR FR.fi 0ROCHUPB  REAL CSTATG  IN9U��lANCe3  MuUJplfl tlstlan Serrjco  $k 4q<ii's t/ti/M G|tM��:ft.  W(J*<jrt <We^ 0.C  Sundoy School*���^45 o.m.  ��� Dtvlm Worship���'11:15 o.r��.  I_fd by Ml*�� M�� 6> C-mpb.ll  ->��HlH! PO SW $W��d<nt "I0��*^ ��?>orwh  Fomlly Servlco���11:15 a.m.  Dfylr.9 Sm,lj6e~-3:30, p.m.  %M by Ftev. W. M. Comwoo  ;.   f____MM/4*|  90* WATERFONT LOT  Selma Park over one ocro treed. On vff��  looo wotcr supply. $6500.00 toll prlce>  $1000.00 FULL fRICS  Lorjjo vl��rw lot In Selma Pork, Good Iik  |   vp.tnocnt.  FURNISHED WATERFRONT HOMfl  CI0.0 to oov't wharf in foment. 2 bad*  rp<?m_ A* <ttn, lorae .urwock, aulo. oil  heot. Id<��l for fltnermon or sportsman.  FtP. |l S,000.00 with, 15000,00 dqim.  E_MONT-*.100' WATERFRONT  2 bwdroom hom�� phrt ��ood work %hop  ond  paropn,  Auto,  oil b��ot.   Fror��tog��  Ideal for boat building & rcpoli*.  $14,500,00 F.P.  I 20 LOTS  SELMA PARK  All for $.2,000,00 cosh,  100/ WATERFRONT LOT  Srwhelf Infef, clow In. Good vl#wr ond  occom to beach. $5500.00. Terms.  GUNBOAT BAY WATERFRONT  Modem 2 bedroom horn�� on 1SO'*!?^  lot, AM, htm fyrrtliWna* Included, Good  veowoblo pardon A fruit tr^ei Good  _ .   .'   loSOp.QQ PMU. PRIC5     ^  2 bedroom bfluprricnt home, Solmo, Pqrl-  Nff��d* iom^ repair. Ideol for mtwnct cot-  taao. Treed, vl��w lot.  /, W. ANDERSON���885-2053'  irfniiwiinifiiiinniriiniiiiiiiiiriiioiii'i1 limn  1  >BWMMp_jb  m*4  .)  >2  Y  ^  3  01  11  Ii r\ _>   #     ,���* <  ��� j��* ����� rf^l   ��V  **t *^ <*Nn*"�� #"*-��>������ o��  #.-**i *H.(_  ^ *i ^^^l^VfV^^H*|(��%^��t^����>*l1^1J!h.  ,^J^  *,^<*(.H*��^-^r*V^^^if*_*-#^i^i.^A|<^ It-  H _!__-_*. ��_,_��, A/fj_*,.JrsiSLo.___k.___.  . - //  lig'V^tfr^itAi^^Hfrifr^l^NtV1^^  *:> f^.-v'U-s,  < ,  1    ty1._ tf 'f'^'ff'fy'  t^Jt^K^^^**^"tt0^ <^^---*^_-AJ..___f_-i _-_-->-  *)       I  $���"' i  .V - "--1  mr��<3��$ci  --.--.- ^ ,-_    _  ^"i^_dsN_%sp; ^v^i��fAi$  i _fvif _-��_~��5��������_-��p- -y   *��_*     ��*.^ **����"  ^Vj^��*****:^(**v * '  ���fcv W,'M/0m__w_fI   y^^" ��#^ #��0^^ * ^  >   ���   .       --, ,,.-   -,; r7TPX^w#^__*na��ew^��   ftM_.is___ ��_. j_^; !_$_*;___&. i__id-_n:ai��l  r_do>ra H-i' bit the >_ig*; o��'a^t^t^?e__-_J_^ ' _^^"5^-l^_!f4-SI^S^  - ^tK sp. jtaaerta we^o* afinost - _#. - *W3*- IffSBf 2iSf? ^SSfflSEifi.  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Us 'great struggles bad  can only guess =_ 1fl|_ c________. _an___l aa> waaH' amount  ail __asp .j u___e o_fffi_j feet. _f tfbe dry dock crew  - BOmfJf!* ^ iRassffi to��1^ ^^r;BQ a^en ^ ^^ wel:B  size Gftfixe jijg^-g^ ii^ '^n^rr iwgrffiiiefl -aica as wooden  ___________S__S_S________S__E__S______SSS  ' 3      ��'  -T^w^��a|J"i5��' 'jiii"i��n|j-ii^ i  Units ' two" of ^wbich 'were" Infantry"  MURRAY'S GARDEN & PET  SUPPLIES  l_A'Nt)S_APlNG v-PRUNING :i "  .%^r, Poiqt Rcfld  FRANK E. DECKER; OPTOMETRIST  Every Wodnesdaye  80(5-2248 '  -    ;        TASELU SHOPP  Ladiesf- Mela's - Children's Wear  Yard Goods - Bedding - Linens  Dial 805-9331 - Sechelt B.C.  ; TrJpimllin^Srflith  '.; ^SfRI^ERATIOM  from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  ' ' c:   &e$, 886-9949   '  ->^._^,  __   *��.   -t.   , __.     am_y"_____ __e cstBat _f ibe -action Oolite of  stone 'steps runmng the fuU fengtb. of t&e   g^ ^ga^ mw at_B_�� aid fwan 4be 9ybig  ij^-'**' jy i  " l_.\*?���_?Wt| _f"* l*flS *   ,   '    '   '  SECHELT TOWING & SALVAGE  ' .      LTD.  \  ,l-^_*^��rf   ^ *��<^^-i*    *.    /��ywrW   *r*-���^  ���mrsr;  ..��� @RIANfS DSIVE-m  The Prightest Spot on the Highway  Oppo_ite the High ScKoof- Cp$ojt|t;  for T$ft Out Prim. f^'tSfrgW  BOB'S APPLIANCES:    ?>  ��� Soles! & Service ' '- -'-'  Benner Bros. Block, JSJegfjelt. i|^C.  ' Phone 885-2313  L> H. SWANSON LTD.      .  Septic Tanb| Qpd Bm��a fields - BapUsoo end  Screened Cemenl Gravel - Fill and Road ^rsvef  fhopo Jpg^QI^I. ��� Boa %fZ. - Sechelt  MI.P��IRA MARINA  Madeira Parte, B.C.  rYouc Q/_P �� er^kp (Jen _o -. Peninsula Evinrudo  Dealer - Cabins -Trailers & Hook-up -Cpmp  Sites - Trailer Court - 1-auncbinq Ramp  ? ; Phone 88?-^  OCEANSIDE FURNITURE  AND CABINET SHOP '  EL Siifcln, Beach Ave.^ Bob^tta Cred^  '   - Phono 886-2551'  GIBSON GI^L ^UTY SA^H  Gibson? W9$?  Experts at cut's, colffs and, f^lour  Custom Perms ��� Phono 886-212ft  W~\\~  For Your Fi��pl fupojieo  Danny wheele.  '������   'Topi1 ;' ',';  ,',  ;;,IMPERIA|:|^.MM^  Q06-9663 - Hopkino Loading  fIBSONS HARDWARE LTD.  Vpt|r 7yic|r_tfi_^l| vyoiisi  Dealership.  Pljpne 806-2442 - Glbeono, B.C.  iiwhj Wn|i���iii.i riiirmi :"   -     - "l'     - '���"-��������� "r '���     ���"������*--| ���  ��� '"���"  ' "'  .  IHIINSULA' CUEANEfiS.....  1521 Gower Pt. Rood  ;ron vour fa^y ||y cmani^Q Ngtps  *��  I        LEN WRAY'f TRA^ff|  household Moving & Storage  Phof�� 8J|i#6^ .      ...lift* 1 G%W  WIHlMU' SEPT|ft. ta^k;  WVICfi,-  Rfompt t Ef foctlv�� t On Tbe Spot  Service.,  :   o��|| i3_~9I33 or ��86-7071 after  '"  5:Si�� p.m.'  "I,".,.1!"*"*1  H^ayy B^tipnt^nt AApyiqg �� Lp^Tqv|(|ng    !  '  *' *- *L H1G6S '  Phone 885-9425  ^T^T##G|RY  Lqdles{ and Children's'Wear  Open si>i days a week  ; ' ' Pftonp^.Q^,  Cowrja SSteet, Sechelt  GIBSONS  ES5Q OIL FUflNACES       "  ^q^wii^qyment'-Bcyiklntefest-  . fomRfete^jngflfopplipnce?  TWIN CREEK LUMBER  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  f Dial 886-2808  WhetuVoii r>leed Building Supplier  'Grye^ Us A Call:  .     FREEE5TIAAATES-  Consult ^ap.. W. ��. Higgs  Sox 339, Gibson., B.C. ��� 886-9546  Re rNSURANCE CLAIMS   BOAT��SAL-S   .   "     Pho^o 883-2062  SIM ELECTRIC LTD.  EUgCTRK-ft COHT^fCT^RS  APPLIANCES ��� ELECTRIC HEAT  ; ' ���" f h^e 8%HQ$2   EWWONE    ^^>��W  IfipC^      Soles, P_it��, ^Ico  '.:;'__sb flaw DmoHSfiATloH V ���:  Mrs. Mono Havloo * 083-97^30  / 5     SECHELT, &fe ,       .  A1?PU!AN6_S -. HAB_.>?VARE v  HOME^FU^NI^HINGS,  Phoite 885-9713  Phon4g8|5r^1��  NITA'S BEAUTY, SALOM  Qp^n in the Benner Block  i *    "'.' Sechelt B.C.   -  PE5_ylANp^AVK^ TlhfTS  HAIR COT -- STYLINfi ��� SHAPJ^  - 9 q.rn. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Sftfirjloy  BELAIR CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY  REUPHOLSTPR.1NS'- RE��ryUbJG .  CUSTOM DESIGNED. FURNITURE  -DRAPERIES  .   Phone 886-2873 after 6 p.ni. /  UNSHINE AUTO GLASS  ^AST REPLACEMENT  ERVICE LTD.   r ASPECIALK:  ^      COLLISION REPAIRSf  24'HQUR TGy^JNG^B^r-tBl^  Wilson Creek, B.C. -885-9466  ' fj ^ ^-^^FH'&l^Slff'^t?^   4"* afl4: ^er? ^ f0^ tb?;^ao<feni praps   jj--^ ^ ^^^^ a^ ^ stone steppiflg  &^ _.^]^^^ ^te eflv,rons     . At thf t^e fmnfltaj. were tAg   ^Sr^SS-SmelowTo^  mad? to rflpod tbe-^ocfc tyveyfas* sdracl   TBfa_fl"a_a__^f'_3f^ &&r#&fpi, star _nd  ivbicp include'tile dry-dock:  eveuii^ a srnjill group of s(_pe ttn men %nite an utidermyir for one of the ___ar   ^^ ^2Sn_aSa",:_a_r'*P i��i around  or sowouM' .ow: across tbe barbor in a ^alfis ^00J1 fouild iteeif in 4rM~, Pose   �� ^^ ^__T_�� m wiaa la& for it to  row boat to. a pofct-opposite tbe naval of m wha were wtcbfeg i#oe_ tfiatt at   taJ^M |��_ ___L�� go iSgbt rojwd tbe  y?^ai.J-^a ^_^^t-fOT,-_f appea^eo; to ^ ^toggli^ ^& soaie*___g   S^-SiXS 9_tea��n_fv__a  mgbt. Tbeir .acms-consisted of-.tbeir rifles >bat we ^ Jot immedifely reaEas fflfe   SS,          -*_v-��*  -gus aq pjd^ yi.k|rs-Majdm anacbine gun cause.   It s00n became  appaieni, htm-   f SWW _-men escaped serious  ? tt$&ffi.2Wfiia* and, fof ,&e oper,f- ever, tbat it was <gradn_Uy.iW forced   L^j_^__J^_s ^q^ Itban  bon of whieb there nvere only 4wo men who gfaoreward.   It was~pirt_pg~ td> a t^iifii   ��W)SPr'ss ��^^v^^^1*4t*��ia"'����-1""  bad any knowledge relative -to its operation ^ struggle but tbe suctioiT of ffik ______ow  and tbat oidy of tbe vaguest 3_P4--</ ."   . was 'apgaregJJy inexorable.- Tit ws& n__  1 Eaob ni^it that small group of aneo uP(_j jt b^me'��p^afenf jffiat'it] v?3srl_3<��-  Vroul4 i(ie out ijfrere, vptb dbeir do^tful .ng-fdr'tbe^-ock gat?s3'tbat we rea___fl at  machine ' giin. gugrdiog against possible        - ���"     " -ts-l_?_-____���^-���_J :   attack. T??bi$e o^er jgroiips o| menjnoupted  guar^] at various ppirits ^iclu-irig ^a old  fehca^iy.pn^e^^b^^'R^serve*'. T!be  only ^ntry^go*^_"rv_icb a sbpt'w^s fired  iii apgertxr ailanpi waif joo a pqst'a^; what,  ras Imow^'^s^'Iiatrin.^wnt!"   guite'a-  was  few mptary personnel, j^oing places during  _be ni^itbours were burriedbri tbeir. way  chiropracjk: ome  Post Office Bids., Secfedl? Pftpssr pjfe^f  TUESDAY���J WQ a^to^jkp^.  T^U RSDAYSr-11:00 o.t|i. ta 5^30 ana.  S/dU&^S-r&ZO pjrr\r to 5r3ff pj__T  effisi Esw .oii'v^jWPPfifp**^^- 'Through  ���*".F^.   5��_?    5i_   S^TS^iS.^ T_i 1    > ^ ^   *       ���*!  ^gasfafs ms$gu�� collie.     \|  ' _^k_|____ads*Sffe^'. ,    \  y&&&a*eat 2 B,C, - 68&49f 3  A. liio Sjgnof tbe Chevron  HILL'S MACHINE SHOE*  & MARINE SERVICE LTD,  Machine Shop ��� Arc end Arty. yV$ldi_&  Steel Fobrlcpting ~r Marine Ways  A-tomatfve ond Marine Repairs  Standard Marine Statiosf  Pfaono 086-7721       Res, BP0>?956. q05-9326,   J���:���,.:,.., ',, .'   _,  READY-MIX COMCEIETE AND  >ufi._>iH^ $wm  Your One-Stop Building Store  For AH- Your guil_Jng< N^s  GIBSONS DMILDB^r. W^IEf V?%  > 1653* Seaview - Phone 005-2_42  ^mm*~*~mm~B0mm~B0*B00~~**m0*mmm~~0*0****~0i>~i0^m0*m**0*'  EXCAVATIONS  pOMPslqtions -, t^PPS rented  Clearing and Roqd Building  Grayol, Navvy & Fill  A $IMPKINS-$85-ai3?  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IXJADpR  DITCHfNe, pASE^WTSi, UNIOSCAPI^  MOM BM MACMIMB  X  "''HfWE SOpt|I| 54Q:!i��>'WE  '158(9 Marino - GS_8ona' -' 88_-9852  Everything from NctMles to  S<;hoar Supplies  Wprj. rj^cf prof? Clpth'OP  ��� ,   Accwwrfos ��. ieweliy  Watch Repairs - Tirnex Watches  MAUNE mWS> W1AR  ��� ��� >  f,*%^,,' -       ��� -''���'' ���  "m*   "fwt^s  ���  iiig^l|sytff_Mm��im___>11��*1)W__��* *���_�����* *���  -J  Here's a spsc^l ofer jisst for you.  TFh^ (iovcrrjrricn^ of Canada has crca|<^ a, spfcial  flc^ Ijigljrjficl^iiig securty for ttit; advance refunding  of mi CanMi Ssivinp Bon^. These Special  Replacement Bot}drs will bo dated Mayl, 1%$X ftn<|  V^l(|ji_%ilif^-'l|| Iqlyc^^ iS/i^pnttvi'^ii'0cipber, 1,19>8*" ^  Thejf will fee available pnly, jn e^pge for an cqUa!  {amount of 19159 Canada Savings Bonds^ ^nd riot |o|  cash. Their arerage' annual yield to ma|urity HM l>fi  6.88%. They will retain all the standard features  wh��_rl. hm nw*c C?����# Swing8 Boad��,','rli? "p<ty  popular investment in Canada history^ Tt"H Ittr  dudes |jhe ri^ht'to casj^ them apy lime at any bank  (bf fyll fa^c \_iu9 pfts e^rqe4 invest.  In addujon, Special flcpteccm^i Bo^ pffer the  opportunity to double your money. If you chaps��  pot tp 9^sh ypu^; rc^qlfir ^tcrpst coitpons duj in^ the  liff pHHf bpnd, 3 Cp^P9uq4 Ifnicrcsl Cc^^t^ ,  then become payable far n total of $2$*$) extra,  (on e?ch $1,000.00 bond). Jio)t qtnmmt pjiw yoar  regular interest coupons doubles your money. You can;  ^ake atjvantagc o( thij compound intcrfs| (c^|urc in,  ygrfous WW,        ;  An- lhai's not 9II. T\im Vi!l be ^wo Prepayment  Coupons, cashable May 1, 1968, attached to eaclf  gj^ciitl Replacement-gond-. T\ffl "nfei"^fi S  qimfo* |R|f re^| #??d|y ef rw4 by your oW bood and  th�� Biwaymfot of ibo 3% nortTttxabl�� premium  pr|glqa% dife Noveinbcr J�� 1^-?B- On q $1,000.00  ^d,f ^^so two Pcepaymc,��H Couppns wi|l b^s wor|h.  Ma!olpf$S5,(J0.  The _3rx|rapt|^pfp(E9_fe^ |?5��,  Canada Savings .B_t_fl$ to j_oo" Baao^. |ilW?Ti^  Inypsfment de^s; tnuusti __ Itoao ��p?r_33^^y, "|b^ will  mal(e'al| ^nnwaiTOcnSs finr joas. ____ban^e yirkir^59  'Caruwla fovfegsf J8_t___ |3wr '  S;pipfial flcppacKn^fr^l. P-��*tf!'  ;: f xpljfflt oe? Ms_? S5, P__v  war  C%da  fjnt, ��fi| |frjatnum_��trwr��_i'��ri  jhe u"ppw cornsr of ��������. tonrfl  , l��j|��ftc��df-tm '���ST4'"|it_.__J*u  ^PC .rid. |ti�� nam* of tri<r isauav  ''Cai5*d# 5*"io_�� Porflff"  **t 05S( Serie*" If sftawn<|_��r.  btlOW (he ferial number..  attjff. rij^WiT rf"f _'  1 ,'���'��' ''��� *"    ���*,'*.*���>  ^^wwi'iwm     '��l"i.'nn  ^n.^rt.i���.^nwrti^,!  t  ��  'ty  "_    ��  '1x i' _  V  tK<iv  'if-..  ���'-  }  t  !'  1,1  t  Hi  nHn��iiMN!^<rf*i��^Wh4^ ��_y**i��f��'_�� >^^r^^SiB*yff^M^vfv%^ _m_wj__��!r-A  v S < ���     ���  ^i'%,: # v;*^�� '^\*��� i~v..,��*��&���_���*.^&,%V;w ^ j%'  t-^.y  ,   ^   f>M  ' _.* ^ ^ _$ _*�� <&��$_}*  1. ?> J ' ) ~��  TENACITY  with  -which < the \ SchooJ ^ cqmki4pAy:.4^ ������$__�� tho obyirjus;  Board of Trustees clings hi Its desire and pursue a couriepf iS-lf-rdestruction a* -> -  to involve the taxpayers in a* Regional', unnecessary cc_t totheitaxpayer, then a  College on the-North Shore, despite Uttle strai^tta&isiequ|bd. , A -��h  recent overwhelming rejection, is "diBTi- ;" 't, Thdu__.nd_'ro^^ spent" on;  cult to comprehend.       '   ���Ai    *-'v>S}j  the recent cpMelg^'p^niotidn^yei^'maay  Dedication to duty is understandable , thousands have b|en; spent on turning  but dogmatic, insistence that'they "are Elph|n_tone ipb.3n;^cb|teot_ral'mon>;  right and 66 percent of the ,ypting public % strosity^ ftow^hd^jOf, dollars have^ been' 4  wrong bears, the] imsavouiy odor of * spent'on job"ey^otioh^uryey, insurance,  dictatorship, the more repubnant when survey, services of landscape expert, an  we are continually assured of the unani- extremely doubtful. music program, ad-  mity of our .trustees, for it is hard to ministration costs spiral almost weekly,  swallow the fact that each and every one and so it goes on. Yet; as a typical  willingly goes along with such a policy,   example of penny-pinching in the wrong  There,are. undoubtedly trustees who   area,; we have Trustee LeoJohnsonsug-  genuinely seek to carry'out the trust put   gestihg on ope hand that we keep the  * in them to the best of their.ability, but   college door open" and on, the  other  it is obvious others prefer to ride rough-   replying to the" request by school prin-  ' shod in order to satisfy then' own ego.,      cipals for a junior science program^ with  We must, of course, bear in mind the'  fact that the lot of a trustee is not -an  enviable one, neither is it a financially  rewarding undertaking, at least to any  extent Nevertheless, it is also a fact  that no trustee volunteered his, or her,  services at gunpoint. -    r  One of our main objections to the  I wish some of .you people could sit in  on our budget meetings. Cost of this, he  was told by one principal, would be  about 75 cents per pupil.  Requests for equipment by r other  principals have been rejected "with equal  aplomb. It would seem the trained  educators' requests have to take second  ^____"  Old meets - (ugh) -new  **__*��  "College" was the fact that our existing   place to the' desires of untrained but  schools should be first broujrht up to   elected trustees.  standard with particular emphasis upon  the High School. This in no way was  intended as a reflection upon the principal Mit that facilities should be brought  up to standard. ��� Further indication that  we stand not alone in our contention was  made abundantly clear with publication,  last week, of excerpts from a'comprehensive brief compiled by more than  thirty responsible parents, mainly from  the Gibsons area.  We would make clear at this time  We have implied it previously and  say it now, we do not require elaborate  facades, a school is purely functional and  it is what it has to offer and not what  it looks like that,counts. Let us forget  the daydreams of the empire builders  and get down to providing an education  second to none.  This requires efficient  Readers[Right  Rather strange      :  \  Editor, The Times:-  Sir-Bather strange isn'-t it that we hear  no protest at the wholesale and cold-blooded  slaughter of /civilians, missionaries, .and  women and children in Vietnam' by the  Viet Cong andjtheir, communist -allies, yet  illegitimate, or mentaUy' retarded," t or ~ __>   ing Ms name to" the Jetterr ^Obvism^'t^S^e  ... .   . * ���     *..    ..    unouittt   xmistbe many people who are' grateJuTtor  idiot. $135.50 seems a pretty fair amouat  for every citizen in -B.C. to pay. -  To some of us who had to leave school  early it does not seem necessary to go on  educating everybody till the age of 23 or  so. Doctors and various skilled professions, yes-, or if they are going *> take up  a really useful (?) scientific profession!,  such as figuring out ways of getting' to  Mars and Venus.- or concocting newer and  *Gray dawiy wbeocouragc wattes, mi weapon  sends pass on,' "t;4��� *; ;-'a' J ~l '*) �� *'  jltie first ^shfeak, toeo wanning ap^frwl*.  They ^u%4osqu|ckenoi life; a,blasthig:��oar:���t  x% fbtyjsc gone./'*, ���, 1�� / * *  I      ;.,. ?J'.  parkene. figures, standing by,   ���   v  ,  > l , v-  <��aze intently at the sky;  'y '   '      V    5  May the' Gods of Luck smile on tbe dawn  patrol. "r     ,      *-'.���>,      / ,  \  >      '        ,*"l    " i    -     v " ,  A-sparrow borne on eagle's wings, at eighteen  thousand.feet,      - "    < \m L - ]  A fledging who had scarce begun to thrive,  Yet iron-nerved in victory, unyielding in defeat,  A master of his grim machine, the fighting  , S.E. 5, tj v '-'��� ,>'.  On line .patrol 'neath billowed cloud- Beware,  /for death is night; ! ���\ < * ^ *'  That single Taube be cunning foemanVbaiC  The watching Fokkers far above wihdrojp from  out the sky;   '     y       r '  ' - * ^  Be careful, youth, be careful, for you'll see  them-for too late." -   ���  Too late perhaps, but Orders-'read, "Attack.  who'er they be; r       '   -  'fTbe best defense is: FJght; at _ny odds.*"  The laughing boy remembers he is of the  He has chosen; may the-outcome be upon the-  lapof'Gods. '   *    "  '   *    *  y '  I  teachers, adequate classrooms, necessary ��*��� --"& ��^r �����^ _w^_����u_�� *�������-, ,j���   ^*����- -_- *__-., r�� ^-^-:-__-... -----  eauipment and a little discipline   The Mr- $eatB��n and other puratan Canadians   deadlier ways of slaughtering the unfort-  dScipUne requires no more thai firm make a treme^ous^.ifuss alwut MtodesU^ >,upa& Vietnamese. ~ "~ '    _j~��wl_���__  iul ���1,;���_��� ���,_ a-hM execution of a,few -convicted murderers.,3*,  --.--.-..- . ^uustration, the remainder we should ,03^ one-4Ui_.. doem^ It?'and window  that it is not our desire to continually   have,\considenng the size of the ever- what ^ops 0_ |_ ^- ^^^ ^ same _f our  criticize the trustees|, but,  when they   spiralling- budget. ' leaders. -    ��  eB��_py AmtiMiimty ��htl#^; _  crossings .with a fifty mile stretch <#* ??.*?**  hway between. Statistics regarding E^. J* ����� '    .      ���     M  **_ *�� 4���-*!���{~>__i�� <.��n<.��noi '    SnwHerewilb a few random thoughts  eoftraffkj^dantici^ate^easond ^ prese_t day life Marfcl Raines and var-  utcreases should be readily avauable and trios other "moaning mumies*' complain  bis having presented another side-of Hie  Begional College question.      y    j"   |  To suggest that be he "dis-^pUhed'* Tts  monstrous, just what do'people think the  School Board is? Man-eating Tigers? Well 1  we are not, we are a group of people twho    The big Hispano-Suiza roars, hill out on opened  are walling to devote a great dea. o�� jftrrfe       oj^     ' -   * *  and sSfott to Ithe challenge that,we haye  accepted in running in an election as school  trustees. -     ^.    "-i ' "'  gun,  EVER since it was ainounted a new and  larger ferry would operate between  Horseshoe Bay and Langdale concern  has been expressed as to whether this  would lead to a dete rioration in the ser  ferry  o^hi]  vbt  E. W. ABRAHAM,  r Victoria; BjC.  4 On the other hand,-if my father-had not  bad to take me away from school at 16  years of age for lack.of means,'and spent  13 pounds, 5 shillings, and ei^t pence ha'  penny seeding me to Vegreville, Alberta,  I might be able to figure Out my income  tax return, instead x>f having to get Jack  Mayne' to do it.    " "    ,'...--  And the -antics of tbe students _t Simon  Fraser Universiity tend: t��-_essonone'_ en-  thusiasan for hitter learning for the'young.  Just one more beef from this "moaning  ' A qualification for running is to _e% 4  taxpaye^ -like-so   many  olher^|^o|_e--  cannibausm was never mentioned.-  ,     :  ...      .      SH1ELA KITSON.  Gi  $  HIGH scores *his' week, Irene Bdtt^f f<J2,  - Doreen. Crosby 280, freeman Jleynnlds  737 and Frank Nevens 3J5.. ,,,���,��  ^  Ladies' Colfee: -Ann Johnson 609, Doreen  The S.E. screams and trembles in die dive  Tbe Taube waves-frantic sighals as be vainly *  tries-toTun* *   * '  And he passes by JhecroSs-si^htsof the 'v   1  shrieking SJB. 5. .   .    .   ,     -  Twin Vickers lash their rapng lead, tfirougb  cowling, dash and pit.  The Taube has reeled and staggered 'neath the  stroke,  -The hungry tracers bum and. whine throughout  a foe bard hit   ��� 1  Who falls away as tongues of flame lick-  through the blackened smoke. . '           _ itreqbkesnovsrhGSrdof the drawing bbard   that the pohce and governments have too   __i____'\ It is" wetf Idwwn _bat there is 'a    Croshy 697 <28��),.Pa_lelte'Snuth-^90 ,(2*lJ|;    No time for exultation, for a Fokker on Ms  ^_Tfo7 obviously with a consi_erably t��i_fe out a1 satisfactory schedule.     \ much power. It is' well known that crime   shortage of housing. Therefore why is it    <_��), Manon Lee 614 (266), Irene JOwttt       taU     ���  "              , _.    " "...1    ���,���TAr-t UU.    .._�� -  u *_-_.I'^v-   a a~~x*~    K *n *e increase.. Therefore it would ap-    made as difficult as possible for anyone to  larger vessel, turnaround tune would oe a        | Why, after all this time and despite   z__. ^^ ^ ^  great deal longer. | , repeated inquiriesi a satisfactory service  Four Chambers of Commerce, Coun- has to d^end upon suggestions of indi-  cils and other organizations have sought vidhals and groups who hav& oflier pro-  assurances that service ioandfrom the Moras to dealiwith, is diffjciitt to under-  Sunihine Coast would bd improved rather stand. On the face of, things tit would  than reduced; needless to say MLA Isabel seem to department involved is staffed  Dawson and the Ferry Authority have by a*gn>np��f people who would be more  pear obvious to the meanest intellect that  the police Med more power, not less.    v  As ito governments, I wouldn't know. To  me polities are -trig joke. Whatever the  party in-power doe_^or tries-io do, the  other side reviles _ran_ for, and calls them  nasty named. You cannot believe half they  erect a ___d_3g ��f any kind? I know a chap  -who wants to build a woodshed. For that,  he has to submit plans fo specificatirjns.  Would it not be better to let anyone build  any kind of building they can afford, than  have no place to live'in? -There is lots of  space -ia'thO- country- where, people could  577 (245), ____elWWght:508/Ma"rg^etets0n  564, Carol Kurucz 928 (248), Millie Scbmid-  bauer S10, Lucille Mueller ^2.,' ^>< >���   < '-  Gibsons A: ^aidette Smith 6__/_t.dTJ_y  618, Frank Nevens 638 ^315),-Dot-Skerry  628, Ken SWaJlow 254, Carol McGivern.659  In snarling fury spews a wicked burst.  He overshoots���and out.beneath tbe Spaadau'e  rending bail,,  ���   , .      ,     ,  '   "  The Vickers savage greeting sends bim down to  join the first  continued to state that an adequate service will be provided. Extension and  general improvement of both ferry terminals have served as ample indication  that such will naturally be the case.  However, as is usual, despite the  months of assurances during which time  one would assume a first class schedule  will have been worked out, literally nothing but chaos appears to exist.  One schedule,has been worked out  and was intended to come into effect  from March 29th. It was a fantastic work  of unprecedented genius and must surely  have involved many months of careful  study and preparation. Unfortunately,  the brain behind the masterpiece would  appear to have been schooled in Ye olde  days of the coach and pair, for to reach  Vancouver by 2:45 p,m. necessitated  leaving Powell River at 8:30 a.m. As a  student of the Wells Fargo era, this undoubtedly would represent a spectacular  breakthrough in modern day travel.  Wc country bo^s on the Sunshine  Coast do not ask, nor indeed expect, to  move in the same sound barrier circles  as the recently deposed Highways  Minister. Wc arc not even interested in  free excursions to Texas but wc do consider ourselves entitled to a reasonable  transportation service and at the moment  the situation leaves a great deal to be  desired.  True, the schedule gazetted for March  familiar with the right end of a spade.  Fletcher's Philosophy  -���Harry W, Fletcher  BEGINNING  Come lift up your hearts and be singing,  some rift in tbe clouds must appear, each day  there's a newer beginning awaiting'the flouting  of  fear.  No problem was ever the greatest, but  somebody's battled before; and nothing is ever  the latest since time creates new evermore.  So look for new^eights to oe scaling, new  challenges testing your skill; for nothing is  solved by bewailing. Get going to win with a  will.  In spite of what some have, accomplished,  not all that's worthwhile has been done, and  only the weak stand astonished when unat-  tained goals have been won.  Yeu'rc never too old to get started and  never too young for a try; don't dwell in the  past that's departed, but hail tho new dawn in  the sky! ���  No..l     ; .'   .  : ; ';       ,\ I .'���     '���'  Super science fiction  visits Sechelt Theatre  THIS week come io your, Sechelt Theatre  and witness a now concept in, motion  picture photography and scenery, come and  see "Fantastic Voyage".  This extraordinary science fiction ad  say, just because they keep up a torrent ^^ without o|fe_>c__g._nyoJ!��'S'a____e_tc  of v_idictive__s_. i'$<v.     *'*' " sense. One^would hot"expectflhoweyer, the  ��� _. ,   *_.    _,    ".   _L_, ..   L citizens of Sechelt _Ttolerate architectural  Of a surety, Mr. Bonner's regulation^ Vl"*wi' m ��*���"�� ����� ����_.��w^_.v_��w..i_��_x  .��._������� _.. __*w t��� _���_1TS   enormities, _l0io_gh there ��re- marry'other - <253>. paddy Iticbardson'62.J_$0jjt SyJWa  makuig rt easrer % people to %*f���&    queer sighte hTsecheU'these'days Burley 683.(273). (342). Bob %ker|an 26?,  Om. Fteem^rBeynol^mLHem<m^ - m ^.j^. whip and ^urye, the fight  1    ,l     ' in earnest now,        " '  '   -  TheS.E.^5 in vlperoiis attack '.'''.'   *  Sends the Fokkers' flight-commande., with ��  jagged gaping brow,  Teachers ffi:' Helen _______[.efti]; Oarty  DeMarco m (291), Bill,Ayres 250,. _|k  Rogers e_f, Freeman B"eyndlds^73f '"<!_6S),  J. S. BROWNING  and drunk-drive, appear, from what one  reads in the papers, to nave a deleterious  effect on thie sc_riety of the people. That _ _, * -  does not,appear to 1 be a .case of govern- ' nOt tiqerS.  ment taking more power. As regards Mr. \Ek_iior, The Titnes;   v '  Gaglardi's so^f. motels and aeroplane, the \   Sir���I am protesting to the comment in  opposition says "ypu did, a 'bad had thing/.* me newspaper of Wednesday, "March 6th,  Ed Gill 653'(255); Gene YafitonsMWl <2OTJ,  Melvin Jay 650 (257). " " ���-��� -;-  Comimercials: Jrene 'Ro_u_f ^0_'if<ef_),  Harry Ashby.622, ���Haryhe_e He1fandr$t0  (243), (270), Jack Olement 640. (242), (253),    too late, a biting stream of venom lead  Spinning dowh with blazing vengeance on bis  - track. <       '       ' '  A heatedmotor sputters and another leaves the  fray,       .    . '  * .     ,::*..'  and Mr. Gaglardi says, "No, I didn't".  "Yes, you did". ."No I di_n*t,"~_o one  does not know which side to believe. <  As regards to education, lhe "moaning  minnies" bowl that not enough is spent on  education. The vote fox education for 1968  in B.C. was $271,000,000. That is $135.50 for  everybody La B.C., including that 2,000,000  baby, who, we are glad to note was not  reg,&rdibg the' comment that "Nom-de-  p&tthe" was necessary to protect the individual who wrote the letter'from being  "disciplined",  t The writer obviously felt strongly about  the proposed college and his research into  the subject was lengthy, but the whole  point is lost if he feels that the courage of  his convictions did not warrant his apply*   342 (188)  Moiha Clement 6031 (249):  Port Mellon: Myrna Inglis 0J5, !bot  Skerry 633 (25?.), Mavis Stanley 607- &S5),  Don MacKay 61J. (263),. GiyncBayiesi m  (268), (255), Jim Thomas 602, Hugh tnglis  640, Art Holden 662, Elaine HuAnbef 659  (269). .        .,    j   Bantams: David Pedneauit 262 > (164),  Randy Whieldon 222, DefcTa Pedneauit!310  0183), Debbie Sicotte m, .Cindy Whieldon  i (  ���\  nyWiWHiM_>|i-**i_  city, st met��$$&$  Rips through the shattered fuselage and tears  f' controls away ' ^  And Ihewreckage plunges" earthward with its  dead.  The Hispano roars defiance as the S.E. climbs  again.x  But the Fokkers now are streaking out tor  home  And the victor views the vanquished with  respect of fighting men; ,    " I  He, too, is feeling weary as" he lands back at  his drome.  d.  , THE EYE, SPY-rOne of the reasons  the so-called hippies ran into trouible on  the courthouse grounds is that the judges  of the Supreme and Appeal Courts felt that  turning the courthouse steps into a sun  porch was out of keeping with the function  of tho building, lhe judges let the appropriate provincial authorities know their  feelings in very clear terms. All of this  is by way of background to an incident  Involving one senior judge who headed out  onto the court bouse grounds to let the  hippies have a piece of his mind., He was  so angry that he slipped.and fell on the  bottom ��tcp qnd split his lip. Two of the  hippie types, who had no idea who he was,  Immediately rushed over and assisted Jum  Sadlo (Mr*. Albert) Ertdert, a well known  figure in the ice skating world, is quite ill  in Grace Hos_ital . > . Most, fascinating  rumor of the week comes from the upper  reaches of Pacific Press ithat Province  managing editor M.rv Mooro will shift  over I to The Sun ... Despite all the screaming about the Vancouver,City Police curb  lane patrol, which sent tickets'-by anail to/  motorists who sitrayed into the curb lane on  West. Georgia during the rush hour, the  pfan has! worked., Buses bound for the  North Shore via Lions Gate Bridge now  njove with ease and.so' iew /motorists get  in the way that the,special, traffic detail  didn't.cyen bother to.show up last Friday.  Of ithe "several hundred" tickets that were  ay dawd, when courage wanes, and weakened  soulsp^sson,.' ,   ,  gang:;and asked/"What's _t. ma^��v-ir0    ^if8* dim B^v^ wanidng mo^ri;  you afraid ,you ;Won't get; theijr n^els top  a paper if they stay here and l^n?i'>>;if��  And speaking of candidates, Pat Paol_<3^,  the Smothers Brotrwr. candidateTWif |tt*s-  ident pf Jthe U_3, takes an afternoon off  during his one week stint at the: Marco  Polo, to j>lay aldate ,at 'the t/Wversfty.'of  Victoria. Because the Marco! ;JjooJce4'  Paulsen under ah old contract option befdre  he became, a major, TV _igur��r,Faul.-n^  fee for fthe day shew in Victoria Will be'ds  much asr bis entire week's piy -on Pander  street . . .Word of Labatt's entry into the  hockey wars finally seeped over to/Hawaii  where Coley Hall stirred hirteclf Off Hfbi',  Wki Beach to phone Vancouver, and ask  When ImV.'WAji filled  just snorted, and  the suni   Ho knows  roll:  In far Valhalla, young and mmompyps  Gaze ,dowh'toward,the Ii_htiig sties ( ',  To greet on whom the Gods ___U frown  At dawn patrol.     ' > ,  _J  .   Matrbrily browser to; librarian-   "Has  Gunthcr been Unslde' anytwng; lat_ly?  .,,.���.        .      , , erials to microscopic size.  But tho man in  situation exists, for according to,informa-   the world who knows how do control tlie  tion emerging from a recent meeting of    process has sustained a brain Injury, opor  Gibsons Council, the Hon. Isabel Dawson  has slated she expects a recommendation  from the Powell River Chamber of Commerce regarding a proposed schedule.  Further, the member suggested that perhaps council might care to sumbit a few  recommendations of its own.  Wc have a reasonably simple proposition   involving  co-ordination  of  two  The Peninsula^5^��_>  Publi.hrd Wednesdays at ficchclt  on fl.C's Swuhkic Coast  by  Sechelt Peninsula Times Ltd.  Box 381 -Sccbcll, B.C.  . tyouglar G. Wheeltr, Ettltor  S. It. Altgartt, Publisher  Subscription Katc��: (In advance)  1  Year, $5 - 2 Years, $9 - 3 Ycara, $13  VS. and For.J_n, $5.50  fervlns tht area from Port Mellon to Egmr '  (If owe Sound to Icrvh Inlet)  I  able only from Inside tlie skull. A nuclear  powered submarine with 'a crow of five  medical and technical experts is reduced to  germ size, Injected Into the unconscious  scientist's Wood stream and started on Its  voyage to tlie injured brain. The entire  mission must bc accomplished In sixty  minutes, in which time tlie crew must  perform the delicate operation, battle the  body'a massive defence system and bc  prcparcd to meet all sorts of unforsccn  dangers. There I. even the threat of an  unknown saboteur among them, to ,add to  tlie thrills and tension.  The Inner body reproductions and other  special photographic effects bring out tho  wonders of lhe human body in sets that  rcBCinblc a scries of ntrangdy beautiful  abHtract paintings. Munlc and sound arc  equally effective. Wllh Its able cast and  wealth of Imagination and detail, tlie Fantastic Voyage Is fascinating entertainment.  A judge in Denver sentenced a man for '  drunken driving desnftc picas from the  man's lawyer to dfWiss the charges  against his client on ground,! the motorist  was too drunk to kuow what he was doing  when he consented to a dfutftomcicr test. C&G'ttte way <tttafi8 are shaping up  them off.'  QUICKIES���Response to formation of  Tlio Electors Action Movement was merely  overwhelming, Thcj group spearheaded by  Art philllps, Dill D-llman and Ed Lawson  went way out on a limb and printed f>00  applications for membcr-hlp. All the forms  were requested the first day the TEAM  offlco opened ... Former UBC president  Jack Mac<fona|- is a quiet visitor oh the  campus this week . . . Chief Justice J. O.  WlUon Is due out of hospital this week  after another bout with that mysterious  Wood ailment tbat has t^e medics baffled.  ���  ���   *  TOWN GROUND���A sometime singing  hea<iwa|t*r who took over a Granville street  restaurant with great fanfare lasted two  days and then, took off for Montreal; The  first day the place was full of people he'd  Invited as guests. Tho second day he had  three people come in and two of them were  bill collectors . . . The 1 story around the  OIMJ Is that Regional boss "Kan Capla will  ' stall his retirement until Jan. X, 1968 because his replacement will be handling the  corporation's Olympic coverage until -then.  And covering the embattled Olympics ought  to be good cxpcricnc- for a top post In tho'  lion on Bin 33���boy, are they against .tithe union men had laid on a small bar and  a fow trays of canapes. The waiter arrived  and . Federation secretary Ray Hayrwa  almost flipped when he spotted caviar on  the tray. "Eat It fast or do something  before the press sees It," he ordered his  associate John McNIven. "Can^t you Just  ice what they'll say about unionists eervr  Ing caviar?"   Heck,  Ray, no press guy  would ever recognize caviar.  *  *  ���  NOTES TO ME-Justkc Minister Plerra  Elliott Trud-ao'. weekend romp through  Vancouver and Victoria almost came to a  dead halt just before the press conference  scheduled for Sunday afternoon. Already  seething because they'd been limited to a  half hour crack at tho man who is eud-  denly the darling of the pundits, tho press  guy* blew when thejy discovered that  selected liberal party delogatcs had been  Invited to watch. The press men decided  that they wouldn't work with an audience  In the room. "There go at least 10 votes,"  one Trudeau worker muttered as lie helped  some key IJbcrals to leave . . . Trudeau  lived up to his advance billing as ,Mr. Cool.  Some of his associates worry aloiid that  Trudeauls sense of humor might get him In  trouble, j After Uie delegates had been asked (6 "I&vo��� TtWeau" looked "at the presa  ��  JAX   CRAX���Hlghways   Minuter   PMI  Gaglardi's  Jaw surgery  was, a  lot Wore  serious than anyone puspects.   Besides an  Impacted wisdom tooth he also .o_t>k-cyst  and a few Inches of jawbone.  "When I'm  under pressure it really aches," he (tells  friends.   And these days that must mfean  constant pain ... Art RCMP sergeant  appeared before Magistrate Gerald Levy  on an income tax prosecution and asked to  have tlie case against (lie accused pvoman  withdrawn because' the government cOmi-  puter had fingered the wroi^j person. Ihe  magistrate   agreed   to   withdrawing   the  charge but insisted that "$S costs roust  be paid by the Crown."  The hoh plumed  sergeant paused for a moment' and a-ked,  "Please, your worship, can tlie Crown have  two weeks to'p_y7"   Permission granted  . . . The crash thai, killed helicopter pilot  Par Fletch.r, lb- forrriar pr_f*����lonai flolf.  ���r, w<i thra�� ttrilce* and out for Mm. Mf"a  had a minor mltbap In Calgary but friattd.  r-callc. that whan |m wii y__r��_.r and ���  real nut on flying b*?&  _ra��hed a  small  plana near R*_lr". Hit pa.seng.r, a nurf_  whom bo'd pllirtnmf to marry, Wat killed.  *   *   ��� 1  WASSERMANIA���If'ym must talk about  your itrouMca don't' bote your'. friends. Tell  them to your encpiks who will bo delighted  to hear them.  SERVICE  SOLHIK SSI VICf STAtfbi  ; Highway J0I ;  PHONE 886-9662  ��m 111. 'unpmi^mtummmmivmUwWZi  BENICsi  Wdrit to ro-ke your homo  lorpr; mOro comforfablo, rnoro  modem, ��� more t>oaert|^_l.  Whotovor homo improrcmon.  prOjecf you, havo in mind, ,  you'll find helpful idcaa ond  Informqtion ot yout ono _fop  supplies ehop  Peninsylo Byiiding  'Supplies''Ltd..';,  Phono p85-96_9  ( SECHEit; I.e.  mm  r.  '*���  J_>___s_a  *i*��mammmmm  _��_M*_i  f   4   0-   0- B>  1  #��   4f-    0\   _,s, '*,. ��  i(#u^��*<��-   <*, *fc mfr- # /_ *% j��*  /* A /* rfv n* -* ,  ,   *��*M,4M.*>iR>f*V<*.i��    -*,  *% <*f 0%  #   f��  >*   M   1_ ��pJ��^*li-W.  *jl*%|,M^^C^��-'-^*<��J-**l* (*�����,-(*   '**  fhfh��%, ����#/#** scyj.s.A  "'!,( (y>^t>Aip  I  S  letters: oiid4 one haby, 'seven _at_rf_F old   ,  Leonard iflkkey, who setoned to think' tbat   '  $wm dHtmitfrmr-jfist: '(&&"&8g>hg$a  gr^g.W^^^      -^ * . \%  f Lois BJakcy came out' ahead with the  4^ door prizO 4nd mmjfflmfa  the highlight of m rtcM.^fowfti fob  jmcfDotis Crfe^nAicS^ftM- with  too "thank Yoh'A c*r<fc], _n_d? M%o? of  their square 4abce spfcnis^/s��$eta_d)g  Wo* this is a ��enuifc# frleaswo io^fcftwe  4rio*is 'woith more than all the,nr~ "-  the world. It gives one a great,,  tbat he-has really had % succ-es^ij  Bill W-iehandle-and Pearl >Tr___ewey of  the Gibsons Squarenaders .or burning out  to help make this an evening for Boh ''  remember. (Eh.,, parents went ail'out  Ijelp supply 't& variety of food far*the  ''���-Sir-/*' ���'   ��'-*^��-  ____���   ft" ______���__.       *_    ^ .  jt   sdt^SS^&We^^W^'  #  intermission time and it was. just_**eat. . >,<  ^e them, of the night _ square 4M&M. *+���  w;as a sneak preview of faster with-name  baskets of Easter gdddles to all of the ��-*.UMverste.,$bfe ndnorhy-g*h��p  k^ds. Theft with a windup square, every. I��*____��tt _#3^__^i^e_itiS<c_jS|  one headed for home with the same thoujeftt a f��^: year^in an a_nosphe$ei of,  in mind, this has truly been a greateven- and, knowledge, and yet, the, pret^a}  ing,      ~* i   *       -i       ~   ^   ���*' *> "-���*. &p''fi__r__*o.��,__rx  ' .The next square, daoco wk ho * the, ES2feS^_te  Hopldn-JHall agg.fttytax *^;#<n;<& BS^./IX  come. C4ye.,_oe^4nyolfe,ro?^rih��^ $W����.WW��P-  rddeo a^Pe^;fla/_otj. ^jtt'9        ^sth^igdto;  B^?efe_��& wa^ ��* _��_-jf fiu^ho Wte " omh$uebc_; - jgf&  time to gek m *&fcir^ rrte $$&#�� t^rJgLdesign, ,hutl ma��f%,fe$#se SffU  would. a^red^JahX p_tf*e* %&��#$,&., MHl _n-_a-4mot|iJi_in toft/and, one  a*ound*and &u��*g$_fy^4of so. fefocess- has, #��^feepng of'__cend4ng to Ihe.hifly  there Joa��' y y   _���       -,   ._ ^___e^___as^^c__4__j_^  Well, ___st get along. Ifc8e doggie for    sionrlh& ^.-too^nhere^ ��W*fra. as  1 included -that _J1 the rebels had.gone'   two;orTfaree months.of ,'my i#rk,h��re I  ; v CMW,pllfmmgS JO Shap�� for fheC6mm^ holiday season.  > ..._L____ __ ���.Ju..tM.. ___!_^JaA.i__ii2__j_r��-j_.J.�� u_3.���-i_...._.__:_ ic-'^-JL^^^-^g^ ^    r\cl^.55j*.La._/__2J.VllJ. ilifd^^^7i____i___r.f-*x\T< -}-  uoderground-thatbhe e__^4__Mi3^r#aU cpntiiilie'to-serve  ndnedwith cfatacomhs; '*       .    *   ;* ���rf   he^t-of ^my aMlay'.J'--I  the  ���Peter-  in,'Secret  w cciiiiigit^^^Hfeifiy^ir  ���v-f  ...  , t       ^m^A t^-fi' ti^'M **  *=! ,ffiy5fi"v''<.A "���#* vJ; ,1 /��!>  V.     *  ^u "*^.^i^_^^'Vi____r-_i_l,_^j_^ '  ^ekurticipOh^  totheViUagemidghte^  y^ ^     ^^^  i- _*���:%����� c  ,   .<   ^_ J^ <  r  Juvenile soccer  Week-end Jt$Mfi&  * -PoMb1^^1^isi'"m^^^kruoWi  hopse" in e#eet^ or because there were  ���^'M^sk^'M^^^M^ ''a -"i&t day  d.'_po t^vi^t^Klhgq^iJy^ little use in  s^m^0ktnm0^m a noite_i$ten��  ^? , aftdl-tfefe. tiffit^fc^^yaky, l didn't'seO  WTPH the-soccer s^on tfmainjg to, ��f^. - ^^^i^iwi^ii'^0^ wr a s_a-  at the end of the mam,, Seoheft, JeamsA' 04 spMe^ndm^^%^&MetAt and the  really jerked up^over^ej weekend' *ik%i ^no#^i^e-|e'skd^S^c#Mst I saw, was  the^ foUdwlng results: */   Iz  . ^ ^ 1^*'  -_te.jw&l___i wwpn_?#e javelin {no.  Division 7; Shop Easy 2. Gibsons Cou-   not at.mo professors). I.did *ep smoke  g_^^OfJ_WW__ Tamheftnen-^^ateo^ coping' |^ behipd -one 4>Vtho %h����?g.,  Canfor o.        , /K*m tnavz? q*+, a^ ^ hiaiied *of*��^iB��__Q- opw__^.-_ng  Diyhnon 6: Sechehv I*egiori'-,; ^ihsfcns' -M^deah ^eW^in^d'in ��__gy-<n; m��r#e  Legion p. < ;,/.| ...n'   ���-<���,-' e^M^Hte^^y^^M^v^^'onl^^'Smt^ld-  ~Divislon 4: Sechelt Iiegion 2, Local 297 1.    eiing leaf fixe. If the e___cteei_ were whip-  PIXTURES FOU MARCH 31st   ' ^��^ "^ ^wr^ w '^*J_^f aai- ^* Axts  (Division,?: (JihsotoSugars vs. Gibsons f^Jtt^J^^S^^^  Canfor, 1 p.m, at Gfrsaiuf Shop Easy��vs. J^S^i^ * &^^2S5  TanberaneO, 1 |��,n)., ftesi4n-al SchooL fr engmeenag tfiese projeete m an artM  Division 6: Braves vs. Sechelt Legion," ^anner.^ * i        >  Hackett Park at 2 p.an.; Tigers vs. Gibsons        I slipped, in <&pA qft of lecture halls 0c-  Legion, <f p,_L '   \      . quiring disconnected - hits . of information,  "Division 4; Sechelt Legion vs. Totems, oft*.firpdlx J' (found a crowdo*lecture Jw_l  Hackett Pijrk ai3 p.m,} toeaf 2^ vs. Mad- where tit$j; ptottsssof* wa_ -jfpoufiding his  i "JITS"-   t  ;i  yx?<>; * T  J.    _.^f.y i  *���   *    f"f\  ., J, ,. I. n i i ii  J I      n if ��� ii i wui_i "in I'Jf'Tjir.iijii, ijifeir  * & in f ii hi  ,____._ I   i   i  i  11  *jL_i-'T"   * '^ r .  . /  .a       ' ^ -/.'.?.' %&**. 0^j__4w*_-__'/ ,,  :\  i  !  1  ���"   7f,  ^4  - u  * r  ,.  *4 IK.   ^-*  ^i^.^   ^^...i^   A     .^i.     t^^Q.^ rf>  : >_ ^.*4  ^r  *^_S__2?;  0mM  ----^Hq Canadian should rfemain indifferent to the fact that there fe, in this  l__. ^^rf X"ad��at^sea^uR��,airo3s.'' ,'       -v ^7    * - ,/"���* '    ���   -  '* AlV'-* ? l' *     '. ?-- Ih^aseMnenmrl anrf "*rhrSlrVyi^RM*^_���fl_irluiIrfi__^-^  JJJ.    M-,  li*  >^ J '    '/ ^r-  J  . - _ ^flL_______l!?l__liiiiI_i_5<_    > - * . T    -' . i >^4-  >t>i:$re being created 1  0+4  t> *   '_;  '^.'  ��R  , <^7.  ^   .  N  /1  r'J' *     f  ��"i;<#oy_i  findprbifificitt:  ^"S  r!_>  eb;a P^, Gibsons at, ^ pjnf  iij      itniini,m,timi^ii<i  belief, 'm\ the,existence of God. Here, at  i<li-ia_-il _m_��*__'--ii_-._- __T-__.  I5^_  Pender High-Light��  l��A>_^  $re being created through resourcQdsvsloprnsnt  "' ""' " %m3er- >  f_ri__sQri  ^ Jl^cwram under i  afsoii^rilfindVbi  y man and physical resource development.  4 ^ 4 ,     , _ ^ .. _,. ^.. ..Jfljon dollars have been committed todrainage,  -^r    .^H^^^dr^tSrrtde^ohdmipdwotopmentforwra^ i  .���   Wilization of natural resources are the two concepts inspiring ARQA. ;  ..yjS.S'i^/iV 0 ��-t ���-  <"�� '2si_a-__"' "~���   ~  " *"  , a -,r-p_____='..  J��-^1^   v-*^ ��� _^^r_���- ._      <���  _w      _. ^   -M-    ^  r^"  I--IIW __-t��_-i_.  -���_7- _.c7nKa Vo^Eton  OKJ* JHfONiiDAY, March 18, pender had the        When I fij;st.began wijlt|ng mi} column  honor of having as a, iguest Dr. Murray I uSedVtp, have a quijsllpn. o% the week on  Newman; Director of the Vancouver aquar- which I ^otdd :obt__r the _tudent opinion,  iuni. Dr. NOWinan told Ud a, lit_o ajwjut the I discontinued _hi6rj however, because I got  aquarium,', beginning and of the Vah^uver the lnutfesiioh tlhajt tbe- at_denf$. A\d. not  Public Aquarlnm Association, ajttd fihiwed. Uk. beiing asked for aO opinion.' However,  films- of the capture <rf Moby Doll, In, 1^. I recently asked a number of students and  at Saturoa, l^tand^her arrival at the 4 .~&r* found that they. dJ4, like-having their opin-  luip, the, people ftOxn- Harvard IStitptetstyy ions printed an tlie paper.   In fact out of  who came up to study; the; woaleV fttd&r the 19 petjpjo ^_s-c<tl0 said.they did not  system  of  communication*  Splasher  the mind givjing<an,opinion.-So from now on  Pacific   tyhltfe  Doi^iio,   tho   Cflptur.0  of the question of tbe week will be a regular  Sk*|na, come of he?' tf^fcs, h^ IftJurif?^ feature o^ my. cfAusnn.  whj!fn she .broke, (faough the &tem el the _ftfemMT "  '      '.'  aquarium, the trip fie and his ��pllets_ues *<*W>foT ^WS( -  too> to some Mands near Mexico, nod the c.1*,urfnB ^;^dJ*rry> j��l��eJ ^Crry  biSls and exolio tropicar fish Indigenous to Sdvey, Aw&iU��. of. Sian and^Dot Silvey,  that region flew ^<Mne ^ ^ weekend.  The pilot on  Jatter part of,.��ie^-��JN*��-L��- , .fffi^Z"JjSft^^  whule capture at Qardefl Bay.   Rr. New-' JVJ^JffiwB.T_1d^   vT ��-��������  mah says _icy idanrto,^^ the whale In m<^JS_��ff^ ^ _M_W���i'_n,i ^  Gajfden Bay through me summer as a       JWMiftmi to^<# o^ ho_pt^ and he  Peidder tourist attraction 4hen it will be and   Nellie   are   back M  residence 'III  brohgiiit to tilie��� Vaiicou^r aquarium and Egmont.    ,      ...   ;     '- ' .    ;,  pujj in the pen with Skana* The pen Would       Bon voyage to Mra. Jean Jeffrte* who,,  haljcl to ho<<tn|atfc4 flS ��* present it is left . VOfWtw^i .:%Mcfy':.--T;'.' :<___>ftwj('':;_b~��;;  onjlr a porpois. pfd.',' ���^mem.rdylj,'' of* to ?lp_land vlatbel��an*  On1 Friday, March 15, ifoltB. Bltatiflf fli mm\C&my':  Pefider.   There was a large turnout, ao        Ladles bf the Egmont Ctommui&t^^  much ��o In fact, that there tm a mm%& b_W k Very ��uccess__l Tea and''Biw_f$rt_7  of skates. ,     .. ., Sftlo WcdL,JIMh _.. ��� ." r.^.-"^:"-'.  On Saturday, March 10, a dance, at tho       Here's hoping their tea and bake sola  CoJSnmonlity HalL on Wed., March 27 will be as well attended.  i  _.  s "fI     *0>**y       ~*"^   ��� _,��_iTj��� "- ��� -.  ^; v  4  ��*.  J*. ?���  3&  ^  *.":  sW:  '<0 ���'!  =p  _ guaranteed security  ���^-*"��"W(!f_  ��� ?��/ctim<? iwcomo at rcl  o e*_<?W<?nt saving tH^IM*  �� mortgage firO$e��t$&t&:i '  r*.i5 ��^i^^  ^v   1_a>^-';Vi   /,  ''I       '����� .���'-* K    tirt !���  jhrniawairtif-  _k4_r.@.Lea      ',^''.  TH��  For furrow Informally ^r|?j|r9  C&JIM0.  ^_0��#||I3# QOiAfAkt  %ft8t  ' JfOUr fcs^ _0 g-Mitsed financial cccurits?  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Malcolm reported- that-the committee^  wished to know if the Sechelt Board ol  trustees is still "interested. " ~        "  Trustee. Leo Johnson felt that it/may.'be  possible to support the college on a per  pupil basis and felt that this district should  .till-keep a foot-in-the door.   ���  t The. Board unanimously approved retention of Sechelt's Community College  Committee.  Malcolm Macfavisfr stated that cost would  b_ about 75 cents <per pupil, When trustee,  Johnson queried the cost.  In a letter'to the board, Mr. Mactavisb,  principal'pf Roberts Creek School, said he  was - astounded- to -see that even though  adjustments had been made in .his request  forschool-supplies/ the figure was slashed  by a! further 36 percent. He was not even  given a chance to propose priority equipment, and wondered if the hours of effort  and thought" put into the request were  worth-while.  ' Chairman Don Douglas commented that  the procedure, of preparing the budget  wouldfbereviewedShis year and an earlier  start made on it.  DUPLICATION  Trustee  Cliff Thorold  stated that the  Community Council Committee organized  Total cost of 'installing the bydrant will  be .$1,050, the ^balance w_l be paid by the  Village of Gibsons and merchants.  TRAFFIC HAZARD  Department of Highways require a  vehicle and pedestrian count on the vicinity  of Gibsons Elementary^Scbopl to' ascertain  if the situation warrants -a Clashing light/  It was also pointed out that crosswalks  would have to be patrolled. Trustee Sheila  Kitson stated letters had been-sent to  kindergarten parents requesting volunteers,  as older students could not be expected, to  one committee should (now out grace-    <r_  -        * '   ���!_ ______ _M   jl   __���   ��I_ J  _��Mffir__; MS Fnends -aflM* round honour 81st birthday  proposal by  Council.' A meeting of minds is necessary  and one committee should bow out gracefully  Council has spent many  the project and if botti groups are pursuing  the same end, it is a waste of time. It  was agreed that a .meeting should be  arranged between both groups.  RENTALS  Rental rates of school activity rooms  were again discussed when a letter from  St Bartholomew's AXJ.W. enquired about  rates for the annual Christmas Bazaar.  The room is usually booked for about ten  FIRE PROTECTION  Trustees approved payment of $610 to- ���   ---������--   -        ..  _       ._. .   , -     . .   .__  ward the cost ef installing -a, fire -hydrant Community Councd Committee organized w Special day  in Ibe Elphinstone School grounds.  'The to set "P * Community Self Study program Celebrating   her   81st   birthday  on'/day wish from daughter, Mrs. Gladys  cost -will include repibcemeirt, of the 3" <fw *�� ** nunung teadtong into a son- Thursday,  March 21st,   1968,  S__s~s. Batchelor  at  a   surprise   birthday  SS_r?^uatte%^'^ ^ fln^^J^^J^^Xes^, Isabella Cox of Sechelt gets a Urft.   party held at the Village Cafe.  MRS. ISABELLA Cox often drops into the  Village Cafe Sechelt for lunch on Thursday but she was a very surprised .person  last Thursday when she found -the. dining,  room gaily decorated with bright daffodils*  Born in Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland,  Mrs. Cos. came io Canada, as a.young girl  to live wiili an aunt in Toronto, moving to  the Vancouver area after ber marriage to  the  late  Percy  Jack  Cox.   Two  sons,  and Mends waiting to wish her a happy- Thomas and Ernest and a "daughter, Mrs.  eigbly-first birthday. " , . Winnifired Shepherd live in Vancouver while  The   __ntbday  luncheon,   arranged  by- a second daughter, Mrs. Gladys Batchelor  Mrs. Cox's daughter, Mrs. Gladys Batch-�� lives in Selma Park. - <  elor was climaxed by the cutting of __e        Mrs. Cox has lived in tbe area tor,many  __ _*_._ _.__������ vv_*_ ��.* __      ���,.    w beautifully iced birthday cake.  Mrs. Cox ' years and made many friends.  Amending  take"1_me -��^"irom^cbo^^to'^-rorib.   tew*s and the  church  group could not    received many lovely presents from ner.~| the birthday party were: Mesdames Alice  crosswalis'  Onlv 'one ______ had volun-   ��-ford to pay $80. , Mends and as the happy day drew to a.\ Batchelor, Kathy Nelson, Zilphia-MoCrea,  close, she recalled, that 'this was the first** Pat Gibson, Winme Toynbee, Ethel Burdett,  real birthday party in aU ber eighty-one    Olive Marshall, Iil McCouct and -Gladys  crosswalks  teered:  SCHOOL SUPPLIES  Commenting on. School Administrators  recommendation that a new science program be introduced in elementary schools  to cover Grades 1-7,' trustee Leo Johnson  stated secondary schools haven't enough  Science equipment and now we are being  asked for elementary school equipment. "1  wish some of you people could sit in on  our budget meetings." he told principals  Secretary treasurer Peter Wilson explained that there used to be special rates  for church groups but die new policy has  set just two rates and tins would be classed  under organizations at $8 per hour.  Trustee Thorold states ithat the charge  is' not excessive anl only covers heat, light  and wages. Chairman Don Douglas commented that if the rate is reduced the  School Board has to underwrite the costs.  The matter was banded over ito tbe policy  committee.  years.  Batchelor,  Surplus shown . * .  Ichool  r%  O I  mtuct du  The Frogs of Frog Pond  t  _������ ���     1 -l���...-l.-.��.-.���l.lll���_,.-ll-l.lWW-_.._-<ll     _l._llll.il       . HM ���-���������-    !���      .!���-���������������.������^���   -      ���      I   -.   ��� ������    I- 11���I���    - ���     -ll ���  ���by A. J. C.  SECHELT School District financial state-    ing, $2,080,737.99} equipment, $426,_32._5.  -merit for 1967'diows a total expenditure Indian Affairs Branch contribution to  of $1,5.5,205.08 and revenue of $1^76,825.30. war_s the building program amounted to  However by applying' the 1966 surplus _f^_ $23,709.  $31,346 the, School Districircamjs out on *op '  with a surplus of $15,966.22. " DEBENTURES  Administration costs were mu_b.._igher        Debenture debt on December j31$t, 19671  than-.anticipated, total expenditure being -was $1^77,800.   Belr^ures in Canadian  BEING fond of _li natural sounds,-I had   , - When 1 bear-that-full-throated spring  been listening for one seasonal note .or    song ,stop as suddenly as one could dap  some t/une when I beard it'about mid-    his bands, <I know tbat the fate of the frogs    __��-..._-���r_ , _~^���,��� ~    ... . -.-. ��� �����___i1'_:+-��=?'-, ,-t-.---  vst&h. It,was ��fe a hen&''o��$fc& but   Has .caught &/&$-hem.and. jf, w^ I -S^4W.��L JteoJb. 496��budget was j^^^-^mg ^^�� ^pem^dev.jbfaag r  enpugh to show that thg merdbefs of our    sfculk around, noiselessly seeing but not Rared adnumstrataon costs for 1967 were -~ p _->=a.- anffls> -   - -;-;   ��� y^:z_ V; ��� : \  most" apcient family had awakened from a    being "seen, I see one of the largest and shown as $93,128 and the amount budgetted .  comfortable" winter ih the _n__~WS_i no    grander of our native b��d_-4he great Uhe- ��� ior 1967 -was $81,972.- ,    .  bulk for heat or aig_t!-_.nd were* prepar-    crested feron-who has Srog'pond on his v    Other" expenditures for-1967 were:- In-.  ' " "                             calling .list and who knows instinctively struction, $854,408.37; operation, $173,890.84; .  when there are tadpoles on the menu. repairs and' maintenance, $117,87111; con- ������  ' Our frogs abd toads are members of the veyance^ of   pupils,   $80,246.81;   auxiliary -  Order Anura, which   contains   about   900 expenses, $8,933.46; non^perating expenses,  species,  giving nature a  wide choice of $7^14.01; debt services, $154,104.02; capital  material   for   evolutionary   progress.    A account, $98,128.37.  ing to obey nature's strict orders for re*  production.  "Antient" is too feeble a word; fossil  lemains of amphibians are found i in formations laid down "in the carboniferous era,  so' remote in time as to be beyond comprehension, and in successive formations after  that.     \y  From tbat first croak it will be some,  weeks before we bear the full chorus of  spring���the "chanson printemps"���that can  be beard a quarter-mile away and far into  the night, as well as by day. But there will  be tuning up from now on in growing volume as young choristers of last year's  generation are given an audition by the  conductor and assigned their places in the  orchestra���in my imagination at least.  - Like every living creature in nature, the  frogs prey upon other forms of life and are  themselves the prey of others in turn. Tbe  tongue of ihe frog and of its relative the  toad is a deadly weapon, capturing with  unerring aim, countiess slugs and caterpillars that 'Would otherwise, devour^ the  tender foliage" of young ptynts. But they  have their own enemies and their own fear.  /"**���'-.  standard book on the subject states that  the members of amphibia have sprung from  . fish-dike ancestors of the lung-fish type and  thus occupy a most important position between the fish on the one'band and the  higher air-breathing vertebrates, reptiles,  birds and mammals on the other. The  latter undoubtedly evolved from some  branch of amphibian ancestors. Plain  words are those from one of the greatest  naturalists who did not hesitate ito include  man himself on that family tree. '  So it could be that my frogs have something ito croak about when they tune up for  spring. Or are they lamenting the behavior  of men? At least they do not hush their  song when 1 walk quietly past their pond,  so I may make the grade yet.  REVENUE  Taxation brought in $1,192,796 from the  rural area;  $73,339 from Gibsons Village ,  and $48,233.46 from Sechelt Village. Tuition  fees from the Department of Indian Affairs, j/  $35,750.  Government grants, basic, capital and  debt amounted to $209,23.; Dept. of Health, ~  $820.75; Dept. of Education, $150.  Rentals   brought   in   $2,086.50;   dental'  fees, $324.85; resale of work books, $534.05;  night school fees, $3,230.30; text book rent-,  als, $4,112.55;   summer school fees, $670;  teachers' pension fund, $7,541.84.  CAPITAL FUND ' ,     " '  Sechelt School District's fixed assets (at  cost) amount to: ��� Sites, $315,617,73; build-  ��r   _.__���_!���>___  *���1���_���  I^f-7  TEE. S  . t  Mr. Ron Thomas  Serving the area from Port Mellon  to West Sechelt, Mr. Ron Thomas  has been appointed Sales and Service  representative for Parkinson's Heat-  ing Ud. Now living in Gibsons, Mr.  Thomas comes from Surrey and has  been employed with the company for  five years where he specialized in  sheet metal and duct work and all  types of installation.  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V    * ���n_���*,-',,NV_^ _"V ��  0-H -v*-**-* _   _ V-   ���*-*���*-*��   ���_��� ���'i--H^��v*wv *��� W-f^Vf     w     "        *v,      *.     ^^.''���."-J    ^-v^V        _* %**��*��-*_�����- -_���    -  V ���- *_���"--*��� -   H-1*-  _������*���* *f        _*fc_r*A'>,   W^-***-*" ��������*���- ���!,*        **���!��   *  V1"      _* *r H-*w V v   *���-���  ��- v**��*^*^y>--t ^^^^^V  !" .  m000M0mm.  l5__ser^ifc*ti_n&_  We_oe-_oy, Morch 27, 1938  {Great comedy cfrtfifca  [|  Hot Gibson fk .Sir.  ,   yyrim Girl and the General';, new, MGM J .  -% ^   comedy-drama,   staVnog Kfad  sieiger, j b  _    ^Virna Lisi and the bnlbant >oung Italian     r  >tar, Umberio Orsini, sfl.Ils VioriaerM' eh-  'jteriainmcnt   tlus   week   at   tbe   Twilight  'Theatre invGibsons  0' Replete jwiih both Is&gfiter _m} teats  , _nd unfolding an extraordinary series of  ^adventures, "it tells 'a Story  .a__rfg plide .  during  World War  I  near  the  Itaban-  3___?M&K_d--<*r   Here, the Italia^ Soldier,  Tar.ircofii  (Orsnu),   sedated ftbtn his   ?'* f *? *  < regimei_c.whkh is in retreat, has been able   y-*> .^  to ^_a|>We   i mglehandedly   a   one'armed   fe,/"..-.' *-*  ���   AusirtaTLl'gemral (Sfelger)   The flustered   e t;* ;T"  and t>__$ffi#| "private rehbzes there js a   fe>.-jr*"  1 1,0.0Jlire Reward to be had if he eaft * L*^^JP^J$f  deliver, itiie general to the  Italian high   gvS5p_!  comftiarid.  _��_���, __ ______'   ______��_2.._   ��� ____,_.���_:__ "*i.__._._- __!____. _^..*_j__   _....__..__.  . '  not yef been contacted, please coll orto of tli.T.Tlow'ing to pick up your  ^_k__i^ ���     i> - '  listings ���v  i*  * %>]^o^ .iii^^pgc^i�� ��jtt^f*;i>:j. <_  w0mmm0m00a00M00000m0000000lt0.00BB0m00B00m00MmM0000BM00m000000*0*Bmm00B00Mmm,  ft"  -_   ^-J  ���    ^.  p^.    '    *   Jv/        t    ���  Illrtriday, 'MorYth i^^lC^^__5i_^i~i.i__:DdV.  Wife -o^ Husbands Horn j~4-^-~~^ ���  j__:_:  (.^  %_t _i_w __e general escapes and in order    M  '^Acfdfess  ^Wedding /2_niversaryfc_��__---^__.v^   : ?Chil__sn> NanSesIl '  -*       * ^v  ��� >A_.t..>  ,       r       * * J,  _.       ,  ��� ^ c-. ^j-tJ- si f.'.1*!..  'B_m_wiiiiii^^  ��� H ' 'i ;  ine^ge.Pe^er faster,^p'^.fo,^_b_el    "i^6^���^      ���'  % ' ' .^ J If      ~ <L  D������n, ^_d-.e_^Srig ;% %�� Erica's .^3^)#;L_mb:irP0XJ^y!Qr;:571;  Alb&t ^ J       * IP  '**.*���. f      '   .    ^.      i     **    *       _Jl      '_*-��<��.-��_���"_ Mum....   /VTA    t>��.4-   T>a<^_.   010>r<>10     OCit\ - *  -<"������  V  '*'  greatest 'musical groups The-L.vi_'"1Spoon1 Xh>��|^m4 J^tJPorte 512' (313, 254)��  ful. ���   ��� v- .. .... .   -   t        *~   i --Ji5__lfe%ay%MKrT-:.S7JJ^2^), Shai|ro -  .Barbara DarlingT^Mi_s~HaEfcman)��Js-.a J^^^l^^*.J3Ji^^^^^,,y^m  -gorgeous - man-hating -woman: in- the-^film, _JR_.VfiSL2_J__^���, __.._ ��� ���  with more than _er share ^ofsexualfnea- K" ladies Matinee: -Jean Robinson 592, Fat  roses. Her only cbnfid.&is'a'ditfarf,-play'- Porfer^75. ,_,..,.  '', J  ed l>y Dunn, and sfe--_s-^lfe$b-W_fe --.-Slider:-'Jofin Divall^709 (280), B^rnice '  destruction bedau_e\_hen she was assauUed Bain 293. "~>    i - ^ ,  by a lechero_s at-ffto^ypnotherapist, whose        CSommercial: WnafejGomble 852 (276,   ���  wooden leg sbest_l%eepf"��s'a soiivenir^ -344), Iiond.McC__ig,T75 (299, 288), Red   !  She is cdhstafitly jiuriued by, Ka'stner, R6binson-,771.- (-2&, Suich Ono 301, Orv    >j  the innocent you^gfboy *of the^-tte/'who^s lUQse$ip*&6.,   ~*   i.;    V if  trying desperately^ grow up. 'BarUaraiis v, f-Ball _nd C_ain;i Pat]Porter-623 (266),   ���/  one of the means/among his maby daify :__rn*l_lerryi_9_ (_C6),'ALLynn 686 (318).  -^  misadeveutures   be has ctibsen to guide       ^jumor.:-Bavid ^y'^r 390 (201), Sven     ��,___,.,  him on the roadttjnutotood.    ,        ^ ^.uken-203, ^rad .A___i _23, Susan Jorgen-    l^&S  ~���.    ;   .    '  V - =',       , sen 356 (207). - 1^  -"__-.  You don't bear anuch'about-"the ^battle       s   *��� "*   -    -  of the sexes anyindre. Do you _fink$_is is TEN PINS ���vii t  because of the diMctky in identifying wHo's Mxed: Iil McC__lt'296 (158), Ron Rob-  who? inson 343 (177). _  a-"  'V*  mir0  ^_*--*        " ffifr* _L*^w__       'afi ���* ���    <'       . ��  ���_*��*��� <*4;' **       <-;_tlJ_f_ ' jl* "-??___ '     ML   - i* j  fi3Py��v'__ a_t. -��� P <_____��*<  _____���  Let ,.��0yr  ^  T^  4'TT*T'^_W_'. !  , -Mf  ��i�� _8n_______bll|^;^  _ -it. ^  ,v~"   ^i��� *i  .__^  ��� 1 1/3 ^  motor, built  with; power to  spore.  �����  New Brownies  I  j 4rf_.  -. W_l' nbt;fee 4r_Ervt^e ^e^en ^brss^Oe :  _��� . t*V4J��..,,    J ,tk^\   ��� *��*�����*.. f*A __2fcT';_'*V.        * _  *"_     "  Bay and Langdale on March <28 as indicated  *_ -W-^i **.-l     _���  ��*.    * .    W_,__   \--w    .       _^       _.*_,J^ -J-   - _* ���  in current schedule folders. Sunshine Coast  passengers will be abfe to en joy a new,  .mprov__~_ervice-oHi^Iate-to-__-��nno_nced -  I  I  \  I  f hohM^i;_e,'__yiki-f4>i  . 'to^dolc 866-2372  ���SS&Slu^  * % - V" -       *rV >**- > , *J tV/��5_* T~1,���*J*���,* J^** *tx"U _f    "* * J" w "V ���l �����  **��� 'tt * f* "   "* ____?___*  ihe  worid. of  Brownie^  for  eight   Tej*a^rfi_ori.^J^httteai_l^I)^gh-  -Twcfeaies of tire __ffl''_H&_o_i_ ^rOWii-   ^J.^__.p[e:;Hffl]q��ff, SiisaniV_affin -  ie Pack when they njade their^Brow- t 'ai(d-I__idaXe'_:c__ra_i.  nie Promise on Friday of last week. '"  2nd Gibsons Erodes hold special mealing  LASTJ_id_y's miie-ng'of jHie ^Gibsdns ;?1_aclJ^_4____!p_,'__s!mUlartm'find Ii_da  JI ~1Br_wiue.__ick sKas^aJvej^-spceial ^a"s-��� i:E.S__^i_. - "      .  * *  ion for tbe eight Tweenies who made _he    _   Mrs. Le Warne also'-iad ffie-'pleksure'bf   '  Brownie Promise before Madame Commis-  *|>re|efiffiig i&e   _old.n 'tSSAec aWSfd to  ^1  sioner, Mrs. Peggy Le Warne and were ^S#i__r_ Wh_f_ig'__d 6(_de4iB^rsitoJMeIai_ie .-  welcomed into the Brownie Ring. - lttafitmkn^ L6rrfa -W>jfd, 'Cbkfyl "Pefafold,  !T_te Brownies bad -made very large and - Carla - RipjJer,   Brenda Rbttluff, -Rebe_ca  vgry^attracfive flowers bf pink, yellow and ��� TSTcKihndn and Ddnha aicliea'n. \  ikuie "Slid ft^ithVbe* _K_5h green foliage of       Yfee^cer^triony 'ci__cluded with a Brownie  <JS  sldSL aTi-_e^a^_n(,was'made for the new    Prayer aqd the girls then proceeded  to  ��� Bfownies^o step .hrb_gh into the land of    demonstrate their knowledge of life saving  TffovMes.    ��� t ' and firsti%ld" to visiting'iparents. .Tawny  J  -j___r y&lfe-g tfie Promise,  each new.    Owl, Mrs./Joyce Ripper led the Brownies  -' .jV p-^-.- ���  i  --.  L  . r ^  tatitoi. M , "��Hin!z, Jeanne McHeffney and Georgina Mc-  Girls Who qualified ^'become Brownies    Conhell  are;" lihda , Iiaing,   Gail   Head,   Brerida  '_).%, I]6rotta Harristin^Carol Daugherty,      'Gossip: 'A.id itidisbrefldn. ,   < ,      <|Mww^iaHi_w_w  "    pga^a_B__^_^fe^_^^  3Srl n_l_J-��-=--^4* ^��  -Jta    iJt   -      li   i.r   *ii_.   "-   -," -_���-����>--   ���fJ'.i_-    'I I  t _rr^B_M��^5SrtA-* >  .t__t^r^(7f/5_i_<  ^t_.->?.i_��^   ,    w, '5 what happens! /fts *sjk-K t 4  iit___A_u__; yw.,-..,.i,ivi.M. _*_X^^J_^iu_____^i___-UiwV.4  !><Wf !!>1  An  /l).^ ,'{     'J  j! _$G.d!- R^'a (SfnpjirJc ftl����? ('oa)i,;  WED. 27 - THUFt 28 - FRI. 29  ot^8:(  p.m.  LIGHT THEATRE  _*��v  4-  ta'4^- 'Sechelt  OEAt.asVoR:  .M.'C.h'd.fen - McC^IIoch  _JJa_- _i��jViiilVL.:.  P.M:C.h'd.fen - McC^IIoch . Homelito  Pibriecr aiid S��M Chain Sow.  tO^Pl-eifE Sf_<k OF ALL MODELS  %flV_____ftjlr Servlca  '   "  T_t_^To^B5-9626  jw&u^a^BgjaMMtii^^  Sawe Money  ^T YOUK'fOPUU.R  llirMSECl^D( BUILDING  S0PPUES  Serving The Sunshine Coast  :6.UIJF HUILDING  SIIPFUES  885-2283 - Sechelt, B.C.  V-  The New  CEDARS INN      '  Fine Cuisine in a  Frldhdlyi 'Airhosphero  LYLE ond OLIVE  886-9015 Gibson*, B.C.  1   <  J\ .J; 4��     jgjja;>j';il 1    ..   ,.     i.   ,,,.,,������������ I,,,   ���_*.. ������ ���  RECIPES  Brought to you by  1  .!  J  VISIT OUR LAR6E DISPLAY    {  OF,TOP QUALITY, NEW  AlvJD U_^D FURNITURE  Appliarices - W. - Radio  MM  .m  UtTJI  >!_'����  k. __*   .>     i- ui 4  ___��'���' n,,..^'  .PA^tVINIWG SNAM  \.  ! mOM/MICHAEiOUMlTOmitimm BLACK  . .jmli <l^ ^_^���h j ^^_^-^^^4a^ib3_^^  . .EVENS TELEVISION  a HADIO  SY^fl.O - B & W ond COLOR T.V.  Fully equipped for Color T.V.  Dealer for  ZENITH-PHILIPS-RCA  FLEETWOOD  Belter than City Prices  Phone 886-2280  GIBSONS, B.C.  How many cvcnlnfl "snacks turn but to bo no mdi. than a fleeting tasteless  r^u^''ito'iMtl^nth-seuah.r'Jdlrth.r'hUHti.ri)dnj..?'T^  otnlliddnt .Upply,of fresh friilt Is 'ot Hand. .    i  '������  ��� '   " "���" ���  ��� '���'��� ���������'���'���'- "���"'"' " - ' "���''"'���'  " ��� '\ '" l  May wo suggost on tfrppetfrino, treat Ilk. Pears 'N''Cheese -wrilch^nottwily  appeals fo tho eye, but Is, morvelous to eat. Juicy, ,rlpe/ tender mouthfuls of  wlnt.r pedrs tdrltdlizlrialy cdrnplement_d  wilh''pfa't.l-V-patt-r'-bi_H_' _f 'cheddar,  cream, ��|(ld'Ro<Jue'f.rt dWie^-^wlirolV.'.riy inocWir'patKo'to''V.fle.fond oather  his enargy to rrtumo ev.ning cnlbymfent. A - cHdhk df '.rtrsty bread Is a flno  occomponM6rtt. Pears 'contain a'rjood "spectrtirn of rlutrlcnts and yet 'are v_ry  low In calories, Try It���you won't 'deny "yourself a_d!n. ",  PEARS WITH CHEESE --  1/4 potlrtd Rdt|uefdrt Cheese, crumbled (obb/Jt 3/4 cup).  \ ' packrt_e (4!ounces) icream cheese, ��� .oflen&f.  1 /2 .up'_ rahid Cheddar cheese,  1/3 -upilnely chopped (resli rJarslcy.  Vf resh tylHfer'pcprs.  i*���fbKd toiietflor Itd^defdrt, .renin .rid Chelldar iflleese. 'dtyjcfe 'Into 12 pot.  \iom; ifo>m.'ied^h.into'o,Wl., f_ri1I Jo p_rslcy. Hal^e arid core pears. Fill pear  .Tester} with cheese balls. Makes 6 serving*.  Yoiir "KMfaite  1  1^* ������', j' i'ti&iJm&}!^$Uiimikffi  ���  Wl&te;  ���fesWdrj^is ;%J%yWord'  *SrnWt %h6'0��ts are  found 'at ���. . ���.   .  i  L  ���  .AS !liHW AS  J!  A new sifta rtfnwx<iE  Complete wiih  oil  burner,  ducts���  work s_ri_ 'pil Wnk 'ih ^dttr "fbrHe.  Call  burJ Klewltz  your shell *6ll  tftHrMttar.  *    ���*>./*(    -1      )*..***    *n    ?").     f.,/*.1  ��    t*   ._*.-�����-   d.*l.      _.^     -*)   iflt .���"���    A-l��* ��� *>..*'.���   �����! ^,1^'t-fi*.^.   ("*���,-����..-* ,>A ,,��*,*(%   *���   ,-��.��,>���*��   f%   l*t. .H>%v. *���:.   t*i, rt.,.(^,.A��f *.rr^t^��*~^.(^^^**V^,'*��,,S.^*l!i'**J��*V*��   *A.,,Av<*.*''*"��t*4t-A .?*,*�����.**���,, Al.��(*-^*'y*ijf> ^i.J*. _��^,*i.,J*.. ,#��rf% .*vrf��. A.,.|*<>.(*t.f#t...Ws! *,-**�������?-- *" *��� . ��V.-^��H*"'<* -i** j*f* ^�� l(*K ��*-   *' .#>���.#��� ^f*n^% f%���*..#t. #^ <*,*^-_#����''^ ,-ffl.^.,-*. Ak-#fc ^**   *^_*VH*lt._|  h ��#_ jO*_#> irt!fc,i^��.jWk ^��T,fe./*��- ^**^ /'fcwS^ii^TV 4
* *■**•   _*_r v* >r *. _>   -    r^V" y **     ""V n"_» V v **"_" + H-* •*■*** Ar*>
rir^r**    * *~w w#-v« ->—y i--,nr- r _*-W-v       *- ■*■ y--V      V.
' ^-K~^" "'■, "* _■
__)*•'' *l "* i'Cepa.f #s*. on.   or,, two'-^pfrre   .ing-rs.
^ f,  . --_.     _....-,. ■_. i _-      ■     ..     . .- * .,.-   -____. _.     t .    , --.-.__■-.*.      *—■       *_.-<    1>, _.     *_?     1?V    f&AA/ffVHUltlll«_   ^_.f»__«    Tlff_*_»V    /*____<_ ^1^*.J____.
are _I
trip are
bawling» Enough najnes Wve been collect- * .firs.
ed to signify ^r<;al interest _ttd the .j£.cu->
two hopfeSf to arrange* an early; start of
social'biiwling afternoons.- If .there are any
more members wishing to*join the bowling)
please get in-touch witfaJWrs, Wm. Tttc-
Gregor immediately.      V"  ,    '<- * "
The meejing ol the Shmch hold last
.-.hrta^ fy&*chma^y"~W>eyfmSeht
Caiion Minto Swan,, who said bow1 delighted    XJJtADJ? 12 at Pender High
he was that the, lions C.CA had introduced   -■  a pocket book driVe to raise
 „  .,, . '4cf;M_taf_er'^n&   poflietrv books   .dr'the
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1   *      ~        11
' "fri.)WH>»i i.i
—by Mory Tinkley
some Ot
Garden shop
Openjng of*the Sechelt ^Garden._4dp^ ~J^>
last week delighted- fiae- manySgard-'"' ' '
eners wholive'on^tfieSiirtffaineCto'asfc
Mr.-and,Mrs:'T_d*_Cui:iuk have just
_l.ii._t    _..__. _s_lj._    _<•„► _.  «_. 4J_*__2__
ednesday; Mbrch 27,1 frfig
Community' ;B^day;,fj_tend^rr;_nto"^fe help, pay the, expenses* of _i_ gr_d_at|oh    a»d-edit64 by Arthur CSpsett^ts a
district ^>s_ld;he bad Aad,ekperieface^of -dinner in May. tlyhm Brown is coirejbSnr \tBn itfstriking movie*sequences
fiiese Ca&tid^r^io: Ontario ybefe they;*aVe ' pocket Iwofcg in l£he fcilfinooii Bay, airei a^id A $$m __t>m -tie ItfAV ot the )aa_buy
been p-fodar fdr-'jriapyi years, crfeating'as a!_ylK>dy who Hs books they w_u_l>__»^lt>Jv'$':«'.,1. ^--J.    ■_*-   '   V .  '.
they do,% a -fitte ;apd Jfriendly cbmjndnUy do'toate for ___? ^purpose can ring-'her ^,Sfik__i&tf   «4/^^-4. - f -V    ,«
.•Sim. .j,<hW!i
_». 1'
about eVery variety of outdoor?shrub   i^gfis, ^f_i_k_^t_i.t
and'Plant Bast W?_irive in this dli-. ^M.f^Wl^f
,i ,*
mm*tnadn,** ™_+W' « _^__.i»k_T is«o.    '   several jnemners ot ine i;ecop«-^ion?
^1H iT?^ ~a" rt11!* <cl«b attetldcd ^w '«*»*« Conferee/of
of fertihze>s,,WiH)s, seeds and.*tools. Diitric^ & Uons'which was hel<fe«n Powell
Telephone number of this very- wel-
-._—__ *.    __.__1..A *-J__r ja J*      •__     _ _ TLa
Guy Winning ar^home at
.   i-js-ioueagi^on wiu-oe roer peoDie-xnar    ""-" ,C?y1 rested ind refreshed for-tbe^. «r7>1^_^;jft^_,c, £« ^ «,*. (_llfcta|1iiiW /•_._♦ oA«;_-
spreads^n^vfiPrtvideMng.circle^f bapian^ .to^liedule.abead of .tttfem. 3%y spe_t-m^^1^j>f Ajf Sufa^ip. Coast Senior
*tor6odd;;Tirst,vVo_M1)e.Blpio^.    h w.ofe ia Prince G«org©'witb theiir daugb-/ J -Ctozens Housing Society me^ receptly at
SecHeU senior citizens' - bousing   project,    *er Pat, her husband Hon Jones aii*tiieiit S;ffl i«&Jt^t* AtS^JlE?
secO'ndl^ypu wdl^be elidble tor jnany. gifts,   granddaughter I^refei Heading sodfli: tiiey- ±<$&y&&& }^&r% ^trfrJP*J**
and mmtimi^iy\h:£^ms   v_njoyedafewdays_tH_rrisonHOt^i^r: ^nwal-ajd from the l^vj^nt has been
District 1ft Uons 'which was helium Powell, on. the, occasion,,at 1»er Mh^h,vblrthday    concerns^on^our, ^pecialdays and, thirdly; - where they spent the time Tsoaking S» .he *• :a*Wr,i_* ^^P1^3™1 >MUy?e ffll^e'
-      -      >-   .,       -..     --      v-    -Rive^ on March 8th, 9th and, ]_$?,$tie    which fdfiM^§f__Xt ^.   ^iStle    your, Wrttjdjyl; will fr^bly^eolheVoioSt    pool During their o>sence, Mr. _nd ^f>^^fl8^utn^
come neV'Stpre-w^s omitted in Utst'"atten_i_g were President Terry;-lp«i_y" __rb we^^..^t^dy,'_ie^o&basidn.tH;        joyoUs you.*ave ever,^oerienc.d. with a    W. J. Smith held^the fort at^the Winnifi^>\J^ftt£§2^^
week's sopeidnr announcement. Tlie' 'Mrhis?%ife-Doroay, Mr. 0oo,%ddo_/^^A^^,> fti&&r v'   l" *''' V .     m*a& Ux^fa^y >t&epioner .To   Post.    :     • r v^S^^SSS ltP^S£Si
number#885l_83;            . '                ^Do^rr^id Mrs. Eric Paetkau,-Jack ^^«H%t¥ ensure ggflng yopr names printed on the,   VISITORS .   ...       -      -       '^\^St£^^^£?^^l^
• Vera^elson, -Joe-and-Arvea*rBer»errf lt«--A.-fc- G^me^.of '^ouyor     calendar ^whrchfwia^a>ail#erJuly 1st,   *   A their Redrboffe home last ^e^^'M^^^M^XJ^
K _^-T^'_»_rii?, -ffSff^w^2t^45 «_^_&_»'S-88; Ss^-_JSi{S_. aeyA#S^iM*#^-^T
-oesCRT^HOfclDAY  . ' - --/•'«_t___ev--_ - "-7 . '"  l-a'.:T^ t__» rt_P_ta v s__4ii- th ^&4_««_.^. * «rW/._    oi _oqumam ^wim ?>am, &ue,  uuiy anov.-j^re8e-tauye ^ ^theclub-be invited ti> a
. and Mrs. feugh-Duff, he Ron Beiu^j,^.^Carefully _creened'4wo _ites in/Gib-
"Golev^ .F^E. "want"'a"seat"r_sSv^*^*A and' ™e BiU>Ri6bmMtls-                   '   V' -"SOtiiCihr^fe'at -tofiaffstCt^.k and a nutnber
two w thriSayTJonf al__ in^S'nint ' ANNUAL VISIT                          .     »* ^\Me> Sechelt-Hallmdoo Bay area prior to
m ^ntaMrbark^ - -      J    --—-—-»- —;;-    Sf^M^T^
v*r*.., -^ — ^„^„.,» ..,* » -v    v     -sHousiNGfPROJECT« - ■>*■- -^,-w'v^-i.      4o_r--of-_ie-0_anagan VaJJey during .lossom 'RodroOffs
>WER -S43UADRON MEETING;- . /    •            a jneeting of the Senior CitizeW'Hous-    time.  Further details wiU be available at sPrinS   *
The regular .meeting   of .the   Sechelt    mg Project was held at _je,-bame,.f Bep    the April meeting:    -     - ,. _,,/  ,       . the
>wer Squadron was held at the home of    Lang in sechelt on ThursdaV March 14th.    -.^^ • '.St! den.
„  to'Seehelt after spendfng TJmbptb hohdayf" 2_iSS Kendra Lap were visitors at theiifll
- -i_&.n California. They visited many desert    otMr. and Mrt.-l»h^anr_&.^a^K*-e_ ..
holiday (spots, such as Blyth, HemeV .Palm    e0<i. xde guests are Mrs. *LaiH*'s aunt aod ,Goh<
- ^Prmg^ %uaaa ^nd also,spent jMiqejLap „nieCe,.Eespectively.t*.*- "-S,."*  Ji*A<< $Vk
in   f__tn_-_i    R_ir___ir_t                                     -  *    (              ->                                                                                                f «.+__«_i
Lang in Sechelt on Thursday, Maith 14th.    S,CK ^ilj'
Mr. and Mrs./Gord(m Hall, Potpdi^e^ay
, served ^s C
■wfere In  k
WM lake $lac> _t Hie _e_t;£n#fewid-h ^-bfrra£^ARTYt    ^ - u " v V fr   .ft- l^^'*52S&.^^ *"
-win tieheld/^pril _Sth in^bMsr    w  ^   Ttie^elM Pa% #_Mf^$u1_Jkl ^L^^^^'^6^^^:^. -r-
- ^ at the home of Mrs. FredsW^£on on W^d- afly -ntemhers art^sick .r a__utt_a^to hos-
INTERIOR TRIP , -, j ~ nesday, March _Oth. Fifteen ladies enjoyed PitaL ami>aUA membeirs are asked to co-op-
body saw one before this date.     .   ,r~ *S    A>i>^oyalby4:heGovertuflcnt meansithat
FILM PROGRAM      «    ' . _ "    ,_,_,„._,_„ ww___
The last official program of the educa'-, ^ the-'ooar jfutoe.-    .
tional film series will be sbown at%e W^">4lt -was -agreed" -that  all '^memberships
Expert advice
^ttr. and Mrs.-firvin Bender .enjoyed a a pieasant^aftemoon.*
trip -to Penticton during March 8tb to Jlth. — - - -'» j-*
They visited Ervin's brother Bernie  __d ' MORE SECHELT^VISITORS
-_>._>*__*__._.''' * v      -      i ..-.   _•__' "¥_'__■.   -_»"S__L__.'-i.
., -
ids wifeHelea
Another new business
mnsicaL background of the scede.
_  yisiting" firdSi "Mobfr-al ran3i J-gu_it "<«_
a „_*._, rt^^iiZ^i' n/r-J"AU««"____i«ir    ' '    9 ' -" - "^   "    -i;- k ^rs. ^-A^Fre__h-Tras-MT_H_oger _in_n-
AJ^ i^^;-M«..Aime I&Ujlk   ^HOOL^ASSEMBLY ,    .,   ' '      , ing, an old friend of Sechelt,;whb lived here
returned to the  business t she likes        The third of a series of school assemb-   .aQ_ <WOrked in Doctor Alan Ing_s, office at
._.* ^_^" Du^ -~~^--*^s. vB^_a|ch: was
 , , ^^gfknid.
and Mrs. JS. Redman's'Grade two class    j^ visiting-l-brs. Fren(^_rom._is__^were
1 were Ih 4___g. *ofcfhe program. Mr. Mills'   i.^r- -and-Mrsj Jack MoGee.
.' .     ,       -* '#.*'_"".-    'class presented a play, a courts scene-en-^'   vj««_„ m-  __»J_riiT^^„_*i5_^^S*
rrvalrfiC*   rinw 1T4   Q«m4_{-_.    thied «Bie Mystery "of Tmth?^rifteii %       "V3^ .^^*^^^™,f5SS*
nraKcS DOW HI  OCCIieil,  ^ £oliowing Vupik: Mark^ «vaas,^__tt   ^ 3"«ne.^ose„_^t_^s^Jlfe^Jfta
 -    *-_, ^   ^    -_.       '..-_--    j . _i    TTpnrfprRnn   Vfip tffplsnn" Nan_v Stroshein.    Gilbert and Miss Winme G-beit o. Van.
SECHELT Garden Shop, which opened last I Henderson, y June weKon,, wancy &n:psneui,    ^^    ^ ^     .,,».,-,-..,..r
^eek, has everything the gardener re- \ SmVBOdnarek and Marsha Gibbons.     ,      <^r-       . j .     ; . .. t      .
quires; but most important bf ^11,'- owners \.    Mrs. 'Redman's -class in colorful cos-,      Ttecent visitors to the bome\of^Mr. and
Anne and Ted Kuriuk are 'able .to "^give
practical advice. -.        '\     '? »*._ v.,_», »~.~—, »--»— ■--     —■~~Az-        ,     .     ■ ri4"-,«"''• __ t -_^.- _
dardenW is orobablv onelof\the"most <?ning the spring flowers and trees. The spent tbe weekend enjoying..the' balmy
poXrtS^e^S^Zt\s^ne W was vmtten by Terry Gordon.* ^S^oX^&^M^^
rn_.fr and nnpnin_ of _ie Garden Shoo H^e girl in'Grade two. The other class a^ptevleV of the 'Spridg-flbWers -which are
Set S a^&&^!-iJ^rtS J"-»« chose the, ifecordin^ Hbr the stih sleeping under ihe snoW at their _b*e
shrubs and rose,bushes, drewnremendpu. «m«i»i.iM<*__r_ii_ii of the scede.
response from the public.
Mri. Anne Kuriuk opened the first
flower siiOiP in Sechelt in 19a5, operating in
the building now occupied'by H. Bishop
Ladies' Wear and Morgan's 'Men's Wear.
In 1959 Mr. and Mrs. Kuriuk built the very
attractive florist. shop which', was later
taken over by Mrs. Lila Eldred ahd now
owned by Mrs. Lorraine' Kiigrpman and Mr.
Bob Heard, new,owners Of Lissi Land
Offering a Service for 6utdoor gardeners
the Garden ShOp complements the service
offered by Lissi L^nd which specializes in
indoor plants, 'florists arid giftWare.   ..
A soil testing ""service '"-gives 'an indication of the type of fertilizer a garden requires and all types are sold at tHc„ Garden
Shop together with a full supply of tools and
potting requirements.
Chatting over cof^c and doughnuts,
during the opening days, many 'people received advice on the best type r,of plants
for their gardens from Mrs. Anne Kuriuk
who has been a keen gardener since childhood,   v ■;■ j
ute film in color, gives _ big ah<^ beautiful..   „ Ah 'interesting, item   reported at the
view of Canada taken here, there _nd ev* f j_ie_|ing -was a letter from .'Canon Alan
erate in'this respect. ^     ./      -    ..,,-, erywter^.r , .- ,     \       . '--'Greene;; presently • in  London,   England.
HOME BAKE: , .,    f c"     -  'A-i__ie.^famT\italvw7thmusic,)c%to
A.salrjtf-lipjnie^^ig'a^jniin^^ ,!m<¥vem«it, ;d^fcts the final night ^of #»" 'ifajg held a'-ervice-iand-took^hp a/collection
scheduled-for-May' 16 to raise fundi 'for Canadian l^athmal Exhibitions where/bun- which raised $47 for the\Senio_ Citizens
the' o3c&_._s'/.of .delegates to the annual    dredsi/df £.l_d_dcers of many aotionalitfes -  Homos project.
dre__;'6f £.l_d_dcers of many aotionaiitfes-
Jt  i r"     —j-  ■■     . ■___■%.
--'.'. 1 i.J."i.iJ.' ; . .——■i -T-
• V
m ^sked The-mmm® DhM M»y of Goi_
wmim Tie likesU$\ abojul^tfic i*. .ating:
ijEANETtE  wishes  to  thank  customers  for  past
patronage and to anriouhce that fairAWtkAttb has
purchased the
and will carry on under the name *6f
Pender HBir:
sponsors fashion
RBGUIiAn meeting of the Piender Harbpw'
Hospital Auxiliary i Was held at' the, ttdlrie
of Mrs. 'A. L. Alexander. Fifteen members
were present with Mrs. P. Philp presiding.
On Tuesday, April 9th, the auxiliary Is
sponsoring Port Mellon fashion show and
dessert party to bb held at the PctidCr
Harbour Secondary Scho61 ih the gymnasium at 8 p.m. Admission for addlts p,
sttidcnts $1.25. Numerous door prizes donated by local .merchants Hvill, be; dra"wn at
intervnls during the cnUre evening.    ■ .
Tlie theme will bis "Going Artiund the
World'! with fashions rcprescn-lig^various
countries. There will i»lsp be a iaWe of
novcWcs and a display of ceramics by,Mrs.
B. Fair's class. ,t , ,
Plana were discussed regarding the con-  -,
fcrcncc meeting to bc held at Sechelt on
Apr" 2*th. .        ...
Mrs. Gooldrup gave att Interesting report on the Thrift Shop which <torttlhucs to
bc very successful. A letter of thanks was
read for this Auxiliary*" donhtlons ami
help. Pender Harbour hicinbers turh to
Moff lb« nhop will bo MHrCh 30th.
r:. 'a.
■iit,i i.
Ii*. \ '
mnm the cunfdm
imS-tiN THE B&T IN
'*'* '.V«^^^
Specializing in Funerol Designs
dncl "WBdlftQ Arrongernenrs
886-9345 - GIbfOfra v
  i 8S5-W5S - ScchdHl
If^id^ ^Cturday, Monday,
MA&CH 29, 30 ond A^L 1
fiteJi' v^* $ •■■/!.*
TOchnicwksr'-Cincmcrscopo Cortoon ond Singlo
OUT 10 VA'
.*» .^:.ll«iV_ht:^«M^'|u>M
r      •       i1 •
"My wife won't"agwfe -. Jshe's ;sold on 'the^leafiliriess of _t_ctr?o*|i_«; ;-""**
rsay&lt'bt»ealthi_r.'But \Vs the mdst'eco)ndrrtical!he^t we've eve? hadrin^*#i^
tried them all. No maintenance,^ith'er?\ffK_ p.6pl_ who have       i     . .. '
electric heat say it's economical.'.   ,.    -....' ... •,..,...,!      ,   .,;:.-/   ,
14,000 homeowners have'ma_k^MK_^ri& ho^t^faA^tfoile^ j^dlA^I:" *'
_5 ft.
■■ St?K J^fcl^ST Sf J0?ff J5!® PLA2A •
-    'ffOHILT, BrC^~f&;; M£H_.
;4 - '9WmHjEM -8IMIS..
lMH/f\"*-*Si*ft.»* .#h irtiw*iJ((i»._|t_i#» jt^m-**
i.^^.a^A^***,*^^.*^*^^***!^^ * ^^*-* i*"*1*^ AA44#/#-^ ^,^^^^»^^lf<^^wV^-^VN^^ >li  . A.-: *  *W"',  #&,_>  T,h*. ^r^;*._...  *,.    .._*n- ���V ^-'*5C*'  �����&_*��� *�� _!,��. rf_.'li> t>j��_  _>s ��?% r>���_ j. < w*f-  t"*<��\r  -rw  (   '  _    f _j '       .i Sj  W  f*l  ;  _i*�� _3  J-  ^  \ -   NOW;'JS THE TIME   ' ~ ^ -'"  10 iUY YOUR OUT BOAItP MOTIVE  1     ' , .COfiE Bf. A$p,,��fl_2W mm:yr ir  -   l. ' 3.S iiptovSS tip *    '; - *   '. ' "  ALSO THE FINEST SELECTION OF CHAIN SAWS  TO CHOOSE FROM    ...      /V     /  CHAHI SAW .EMM - SECHEII -885-9626  < ^  MMUH  l (   iy  "b  ** ~  H,   V  r  "5  > t  .'   ii.  (rf  '"���>  il.  '^   j i  4,  ] r*  t^Y  SPfOAL  SfAWF/fLDS  j  :\  'SPORT- SHIRTS  WITH ACTION SLEEVES   1  ��� Eteg. '5;50* ���/!,./-,,.!    ',, . -'���!���.  FOR TOPS lk CLOTHING.rns  Sechelt ���        *-!&   l..' ' 885-9330  I   Ih       1    (  nrnknamim  wfiliwiwiTum  ,i  3t \  "'��' 1  i   I ,  The revolutionary BULOVA ACCUTRON movement  actuated by a tuning fork working in conjunction  with a transistorized electronic circuit. This has  made guaranteed accuracy a reality for the first  time in history.  COME IN AND^EE THEM  1 at  SCATTER MATS , "   "���-%..;  Well made with remnants of carpeting; fully bound.  APRIL FOOL'S                              *     ',  SPECIAL 11  LADIES' AHD HISSES' -  BE 1N\ STYLE LINK ^   a(M  .'   m Al  or chaIn belts M��omW - **, ^��yJ  I      _ '    ^  ,   h       -. v -  -   -^-   w*>^     ���*   -.r     ^   * *.    *   *-,,,-  LADIES' CLUTCH AHD l-AUD' _tA__S  Values up to 6.00.  April Fool's and Pre-Easter  Special I - ONLY  SUEZ'S SHIHTS BY 'LAffCEH  Mod Prints, regularly 7.95.  APRIL FOOL'S SPECIAL   F__A���____ESS> P1LL0WS  Guaranteed for good dreams.  ONLY :       .     : 1   EACH  /  IPDD1ES' (TOIICES  For Kidk_ies,up',to*.6 years, rubber wheels <ihd metal  construction.  .    .    *,.,%'.-  APRIL FOOC'S SPECIAL      - S.      -     *. - ^^jj*  ONLY, :/ :    "   '    ' : -..:..  MUKM mMBBMB       REAL LIVE PETS  Come in and see biir Easter Bunnies. " -    <<|' ||��  (Cagesbyspeclalorder.)    -���   ' ���       ONLY J|@|p?|f|  A GOOD SUPPLY OF\~EASTER GOODIES:  Easter ��gg��~Pecorativ_ Chickens - Easter BloW-apToys  Easter Cards & Baskets - Toys made up with Easter Candy  y Have your Easter Goodies laid'0^_y;now while our '  |---',-v.-"---  ", '  j^lecfioririis good  } ��>'  t*^i4  ��-   "  . -. *  I      PLUS A FREE BAG OF EASTER CANDY  I-- '  CO-CO UfATS  Ideal for your door step, or protect you floors from  wet feet.  ONLY   ig^GESI  L & J Jewellers  Sccholt 885-9420  DEAL YOURSELF IN ON THE SALE EVENT OF THE SEASON  SEWBNG MitCHIM  WITH CARRYING CASE   FULL  PRICE  ONLY  PAY THE TAX - THEN MONTHLY PAYMENTS  AS LOW AS $7.00 PER^ MONTH  COME IN AND SEE FOR YOURSELF  IS  SECHELT  Phone 885-2063  LADIES AND CHILDREN'S  WEAR  SPECIALIZING  IN  SPORTSWEAR  n0mmmmm0mmm^m0im��0ii^i0ifmmm��mnmmmm  Sinn-Si*  Canister Clecsner  Sin����er Power  Upright ��cacyum  C@o_.BteB"  muk^&h^iiAttt.  Special  Vz off  LOVfLY SPRING FASHIONS  BISMOP MIMES' WEMi  LADIB' WEAR IS OUR ONLY BUSINESS  Sechelt  885-2002  Selected NOTIONS  Authorized Singer Sewing Machine Dealer  COWRIE STREET, SECHELT  PHONE 015-9345  STOCK  McColl's Patterns  leedlework & Crafts Magaxisies  Tapestry Canwas & Wool  'Yardage - Sewing Accessories  TASEILA.SHOPPE - ^Sedie  PHONE 685-9331  SiMW>_A______i��iiy���^  mm  m$  Wipe  *m  I  i*^.. ^,*A /���*. A i ���-���!*��� -K ���<��� /*.#-��� 4 t* ������**������'-* ./��� A A.# * #>r A /- A A. I  t   4  A   A >\ A  A , t  & j* /   *   A. # f /*. /*.  *�� fi J    ��   *  > ^  *   *   * -f*   -* .  _  4 4  * a *> &  (*  ,* * A,&f���0* $, A /t f tfi ji% �� MIM^M^Ii.  U ��*  ^^(^4444   _v**4IA#.A^**��*f(*A.#H��*^��tlr a, #B^^ A *?*.-* -*-^ -^ rfh^ * * A 4^^^A>-^^A^<*w��h_^"*^^^A.A^-<A^


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