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The Peninsula Times Apr 10, 1968

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 :���>' �����. sty '-si]  Easter excitement  Hey Mum*   Look what the Easter* ftoganseems to he saying wMe .twin  Bunny brought, 15 month  CHAIRMAN jsf the May l>ay enrngnitte^BsiHl cmprlsii&?i5 indian girls. The Pow-  Ted Farewell told memheps t$tbeS&mWe31 River, HigbtosJd Pipe Bafld has. been ap-J  shine Cpa^t i^johs ci��h last week hfc <&i)J3$> preached but so far no rsjfly has toeem ie-  mtt'ep ba�� plans well iraderw^yiar y^||f celved. AsttoeraWe bagpipe flayer, Taffy  shrnild materialize as a highly" 'suice^^f Grsig ct Port Melton has been approaclied  May Day event May 20. .    ^   yjr*. vto take papl in "the ceremonies again: '>  Following suggestions hy Mrs.* #.*����&*.'*     8_4ariawT<rf Powell River have' again  was accepted and Mrs. ftedman ,__11 tws;- Another project of the lions which has  responsible for this part of _he,day'!S 'pro-/' gained tremendaus supps*. and is attended  ceedings. The float for the Queen; and hear   by residents from far axsd wide ii the Mo-  t'aer's Day  Pancake  Breakfast.  This  is  Court will be decorated by the lf<-0as-lia:i  dies.  47  scheduled &r Sunday, May 12 and com  Two marchings bands have promised tfr, mences at 9 p.m. at the showrooms of Pen-  take part. They are the Sechelt Residential ��� insula 1  B__d and ihe Kamloops Residential" Oi_l-^  Motor Products. Tickets for this ey  ���see page 6  Pender Harbour district  3jSWji ��W  &��>,  ��...  &  cr>"  ���<>  /'  i   >  Sharing  Twins alw^ys^jsfcare and young Bruce ' egg to investigating young Byan.  graciously hands oyer half the Easter  BAD HIGHWAY  ^f^HM^S^X^ ***__�� *stpfess0f��,i  MEETING- of the Pender Harfcoijr^a^  Dd&trict Chamber of Commerce M0odl|f{  March 25th. resulted in a number of motions  made in respecfrto the present- unsatisfactory ferry situation. / ^���  With" regard to hour-long- waits wihile  femes are T being supplied- with fuel -.or  water during" scheduled sailing 'tapes, ^ifie  Ferry Authority be urged to have-5-%  iVisitors, regarifiKg' lack ot eating facilities  north ef Sechelt on a Sunday. Following  some discufesion" it was moved tbe B.C.  Ferry Authority be asked to give consider-  * ation to fche-rfi-Opening <rf ihe Earl's Cove  jDoffee,Shap.   --���*"-  The Tourism  Committee  is^ presently  workings on a draft copy of a brochure in-"  ^eluding the Pender Harbour and Egmont  Installation -  installed last Thursday, Worthy-Mat- ���> tured with retiring Worthy Matron,  ron of Mount Elphinstone Cfaai*ter 65,   Mrs. Kay Franske.  O.E.S. Jifcs. Eiraly^Quigley is pic- *  �� vessels serviced during the hours they ate (areas. .TShis wall he brought np for discus-  at their respective terminals for theifr_iay^   sion at^the, next naeetang.  .. up time, thus avoiding much inconvenience^ I _ _ -,_>_/ -"  * -  -  "   -  to, fee puWic.      t -   '   * A-, *0*?* .  . ,. ���.      . .     ' '      .  _._.��_TZ����r^j'~uZ��ZZZ^^~ ��-��i�����r__.. * ���<     ft was reported that work is progressing  -n^SLS^^SS^PS^^^   sat^JwilroR'tbeSnciairBayltbadaM  3��f rSS?S %Lf%*��!�� SSStl w^   ����e tols Committee ^gr^d to suggest to  the pufohe as soon as they board the fen��, ^e j,^  ffiglways t^ ^^ ^ ^  China cups and saucers should be viised * ^dumped across the lagoon at tbe end of -���  rather thantJjedisposahae nw^.       ��;,      Garden Bay Road to provide _  proper,  A counsellor'should be  provided and.^ road- across the lagoon in place of the  brochures allowed on the ferry.   -  The Chamber also agreed to'suppw^a  Watch expenditures  If  request by the Squamish and Howe Spgpd.  District Chamher  ttot   the   Government,  Travel Bureau place a Tourist Inforn~9f_on  Booth at ^he^intersection of the iforsejs_Joe  Bay1 turned "and Hipiway 89.  present footbridge.  RESIDENT DOCTOR  lhe Chairman told members he has  conia^ed the Medical Clinic asking that a  doctor attend tbe April meeting to hring  the Chamber up to date on the situation  regarding correspondence between the  doctors and Dr. S, Drabhitt of Frofcisher  itionj,  5  subsequently moved  sent Hon. Isabel Dawson  Chamber's disappointment  tion of the highway whicli  worse condition than it was five years jago.  Further, regie* is expressed at procrastination regarding the North Road"ai_-o_f toy  the1 Highways Department <-<  In addition, "ft was moved the delegate  to'tne B.C. Chamber Annual Meeting'attempt to bring up- the fottowing*4moiion:  that having regard to the nurnlber of lax  dollars! raised from residents of the Sechelt  Peninsula, the Pender Harbour Chamber  df Commerce feels that: more monies  should he spent on roads on tbe Sechelt  Peninsula; and The Department of Fisheries should spend more monies on research  and' the practical development of the conclusions of such- research.  TOURISM  Chairman John Haddock reported he  has received  complaints  from numerous  I #oiest b4  infing nut the  it thedeteriora-  is now in far  DEFENDING the proposed new school finance formula in the closing debate on  the second reading of Bill 86, the Honorable I^^Peterson, (minister of education,  stated: K^*There appears to .."he a- Rowing:  tendency on-the nart-of some educational  authorities _o consider they are���jthe_master  of ihe tzxpay&$~4bat they" can provide  educational service at whatever^levd of  cost they see fit/'and"that"taxpayers have  to foot the hill whether 4hey like it or not."  ~" ^^l^/J^^^^^^^H?110- ^_ainDstt_Je__^^|f^  district, about mid-May.  Council decision  ��� ��� ���  eeis wi  G-IBaONS-UExtreme displeasure was expressed by Chairman Fred Feeney at  the last meeting of Gibsons Council when  he arrived ten minutes late to find tbe  meeting bad been called to order. An embarrassing interlude in which commissioners maintained silence terminated with an  apology by Clerk Dave Johnston.  Mr. Johnston had stated earlier that  the.;#jaii_nan phoned to say he might be a  little -late but commissioners  finally  de-  ister stated that three adjacnt school districts in the province had operating costs  per pupil of |$750, $559 and $488. Provincial  average is 1489- He stated the quality of  education in the district with the greatest  cost was inferior fojthe other two.  Mc..Peterson believes ihe new"finance  formula will gis^ all pupils equal educational opportunities. * - t  NEW FORMULA  Each, school district will be divided into  --i��_~~w^ -  *-   -�� - .   >^_-_D-__hb^:_4_t operational nmtshased-on  tk^nSK^taxpTm^^ exett-^gr&&e��ia8jtt * tfce'0||ifljer^,ewollm^ ��  ence on educa|jo_i_a ea$endi!ai^:$ii4ittm-A^^ kii^tergartem or elementary ~  ��� ; '"iv -, ',"';������/ ,^,;r'_?l-' /"'"������'; r*~ 'st^lidxfa^fojziiz^^  ,_  y^p*^, ' .���_   .... , ^'��-*    dents, including (Grade ja or fraction tbere-  Number of instructional units multiplied by a dollar figure which will foe tbe  average operating costs based en ihe pre-  vioits.year', will be a school district's basic  education cost. School boards may exceed  this amount by ten per cent", but if they  wish-to spend more they must either get  permission from the local municipal government or place a referendum before local taxpayers.  Pressure from teachers and school  boards resulted in an amendment to the  proposed act which now states that a ref-  ���see page 6  Pender May Day group  Worthy project ��� . > ���.,..;'   ���':���/���;;:...'^  Wditerfrout csecs^wall scfeeme  gets coranoil coiasicleration  Easter greetings  Chocolate coated twins, celebrating   and Bruce arc the sons of Mr. and  the occasion of their first hair-cut,   Mrs. Mike Hogan of Gibsons, B.C.  wish everyone a Happy Easter. Ryan  Not enthusiastic .. . ���  c  ouid. retain autonomy  airman warns counci  GlBSONSf-ltcporting on a recent meeting  of the regional board, Gibsons Village  Chairman Fred Feeney, village representative to ithe board, stated he was.not al-'  together in accord with suggestions by the  board chairman which, in efflect, called for  a co-ordinating committee of councils,  school board and regional board,  He explained the board plans a mceUng  between1 itself, councils and the school  board in the form of a dinner meeting  followed -with a business discussion. Chair-'  man Feeney added: "1 went along wlith the  Idea but am of two minds. I cant sec us  relinquishing our autonomy and 1 can't see  anyone telling us how to run our own  business any more than us Mllng tiicm.**  Comm. Peterson expressed the view  that he was all for working together providing it could be worked out and isald he  Ncea no reason why it should not, As an  example, he referred tn tho hospital which  is everyone's business. "It is important to  flic whole area and tdiould be looked at  with a broad view," ho added.  FAUL FAIR  Following agreement to intake the usual  donation to the Sunshine Coast Fall Fair It  wan suggested council submit an entry to  Ibis year's event. Acting as chairman due  'to the temporary absence of Chairman  Feeney, Wally pil^sou said l*15 *clt Ud-  would be a sound idea and suggested perhaps something regarding planned harbor  development bo considered in co-operation  with the : village planning , consultant. It  was agreed ithat Comm. Crosby come up  with ideas later.  STREET LIGHT  Request by a'resident for an extra street  light on Wynlgacrt Road was tabled for  consideration in next year's budget. Comm.  Peterson pointed out it is usual to install  so many now lights each year and this has  already been done for 1968.  lit was suggested that in the meantime  the situation bc checked by Comm. Dixon.  TRADE LICENCE I  Comm. Dixon drew attention to the fact  a householder situated IkiIow the Gibsons  Taxi Office is selling used dothing and Is  operating as an individual, not a firoup or  organization, lie asked whether a Inisiness  licence has been acquired for this purpose.  The clerk said hv would check on the situation.  PAINT OP  Harold Hunter Is tiie successful bidder  for painting contracts for both the municipal hall and health centre. Cost for each  building is $��& and is part of. the���laixl��  SECafEl/T���Suggestion by Sechelt Village  Council Chairman Bill Swain at an  earlier meeting that consideration be given  Improvements in the nature of a sea wall  along Boulevard Street, was supported last  week by Commissioner Morgan Thompson.  Comm. Thompson said be agreed such  a project would indeed be worthy of consideration and asked the chairman what he  had in mind regarding expenditure for the  ��� first year. The chairman pointed out Uiat  the project would prove expensive but providing a certain amount could be carried  out each year it could be fitted Into the  budget. At the same time, due to the  nature of work involved he did thitdt it  might be advisable to seek tlie services of  an engineer in an advisory capacity.  Clerk Ted Rayner commented that  some funds are available in the budget for  such work should a start bc decided on.  Comm. Chuck Rodway expressed the  view that the Job should certainly be carried out and was supported by Comm.  Thompson. Comm. AdcJe do Lange suggested the project might be brought under  recreation and conservation which could  possibly bring in the aid of a departmental  engineer at no cost to the village.  It was agreed tho matter be further  investigated anad brought up for further  discussion at the next meeting.  SEWER SYSTEM ,  Most member.) of council appreciate the  dire necessity of a sewage disposal system,  anil following an earlier decision to seek  guidance of the health unit engineer, an  apiMiintmcnt has been made a ml1 watt confirmed last week by Dr. Reynolds who  ' wrote stating ho will be in the area April  16 with an engineer. Both wBU mket with  council members to discuss a sewage disposal situation and precisely what will bc  Involved. |  HARVEY CHAPEL  Council unanimously approved  a]_>Uca  uc^jittg project presently well dialer way.    U_fl for jM.thlliit.i__. to cd��i��trudL Aji-hcral  ; ��� " T'7'  chapel within the village by John Harvey  .jxE'..4he Harvey Funeral Home, Gibsons.  (The huilding will be across from the  police station at Dolphin and Inlet and will  be of 1084 square feet. The permit was  approved subject to approval by Building  Inspector Fred Reybunj.  Commissioners Nelson and Rodway  questioned use of the building but it was,  made quite clear nothing more is involved  than a family funeral chapel.  AIRPORT  Comm. Thompson reported that the airport loan has been retired through Ihe  co-operation of both councils. It is hoped  to employ the services of a caretaker soon.  He said the committee has e man in mind  but nothing' definite has been settled.  Senior Citizens Homes  cash-pledges solicited  SUNSHINE Coast Senior Citizens  Homes  Society is now making Its appeal for  cash and pledged from all who would share  Jn assisting a project for elderly people  from Egmont to Port Mellon who would  benefit from living in tills excellent community enterprise. ,  The Board of Directors has sent out  brochures for distribution through the  postal service plus a personal appeal to  many who live in other centres. Already  a number have donated without waiting, to  bc 'asked,  ,  Tt Is suggested that directions given Jn  the brochure should bc followed and anyone who has not received one may ark tor  one at the post office.  Donors arc reminded that they may  contribute , through 1hc bank of Jhcir  choice. No amount will lie too small or  too large, mtiich also applies to pledges.  Every cent coming in cuts down on interest payment and it Is pointed out; rccdito  will be seht out tor income tax pUirpoisea..  y b'$CUp!6'.  isapprbycu  cided >to go ahead after waiting some minutes.  ' Returning to village affairs, a letter  from the school board was read which clarified the reasons why,the board decided to  close off the School Road entrance to the  elementary school.  Council previously questioned action by  the board in closing down tbe entrance,  suggesting that by fbrdng students to use    ^-^W___���_��/��#__.�� ��._��r__._._>f  the| main entrance only, a greater hazard    seetZS greater support   .  was created. FIRST meeting  of the  'Pender  ifarbour  The board'explained that School Road        May Day committee was held April 1 in  was graded and signs,erected last year to    the  Madeira Park Community Hall with  accommodate parents stopping and unload-    five people present. This was termed "dis-  in<* /.___.nn Un ��.���" ��_<__ <_<_>   _��./.����     couraging"  by the committee which expressed the view that unless greater interest is shown a poor May Day will result.  Due to the interest ih .the killer whale  held captive at Garden Bay, a larger than  usual influx of tourists is anticipated and  it is felt a successful (May Day event would  serve to show visitors what the area can  do.  An executive has been elected and includes (Robin Peters, president; Marilyn  Harris,\secretary; Maria Beid, j vice-president and Jane Ecid, treasurer.  Another meeting is scheduled for April  22 at 8 p.m. in the hall and it is asked that  anyone willing to assist please attend.  Four simple rules  for welfare claims  INDIVIDUALS who are refused employ-  ! ment because of their unkempt appearance would appear to have no grounds on  which to obtain social assistance. And  what seems an apparent clarification regarding past controversy involving those of  the hippy element drawing such assistance,! was submitted to municipalities  recently by tlie director of sdcial welfare.  The letter, referred to as "self explanatory," states:  From time to time questions have arisen  regarding whether or not assistance should  bc given to individuals who by general  appearance and manner of living would  normally make any would bc employer  rdusc cmployuvftt to thorn.  An Individ** . applying for social allowance who lia* not been certified as unemployable must conform to the following  before social allowance is issued:  1. Must be registered with the Federal  Department of Maniwwer for employment  and be actively seeking work.  2. Must be available for employment  through the observance of conventional  dress and grooming.  3. Must not have rejected an opportunity  to take employment.  4. "Must not bo living in a group that  would indicate that other resources are  available to xik-1 mjint.iuu.c co$U*  ing children on the school side. However,  the problem is that other parents stop on  the far side of the road which resulted in  children leaving the side gate and darting  out across the road from behind parked  cars on the school side. This has been observed hy trustees and staff on numerous  occasions and it appears obvious there fs  a danger to children involved in da thing  across a busy road to get to and from their  parents' cars.  Although some commissioners still argued a greater hazard has been created,  Comm. Ken Goddard said that he had inspected the area together with the school  district works superintendent. He could see  the situation being far better! than it might  appear to council.  The board explained that while children  walking up School Road on the far side,  previously crossed part way up the road,  they will not be able to cross by the crosswalk. The board requested this with the  approval of council.  VILLAGE  FLOATS  Four floats arc to be purchased for the  municipal waterfront park swimming area.  A tender received from a Gambicr Island  man asked $29. per float, dimensions to be  35' by G\ This compares to an earlier figure of $350 per float.  Chairman Feeney told council be has  seen floats built by the contractor and although Shere might have been some complaints he is of the opinion they arc quite  good.  Comm. Wally Peterson questioned certain features in the proposcid construction  of tbe floats but was a.ked *>y the chairman: What do you want, $1,000 float*?"'  lie added that be considers them to ho quite  adequate and .hat council has been messing  around with the issue for two or three  years.  Comm: Ken Crosby expressed the view  that council should go for the floats and  If necessary spend a Utile more for stronger spikes. j  I Following decision to order three, Comm.  Gerry Dixon reported that the firemen  bad agreed to purchase one float���this to  be paid for from their funds; Thh will  provide the village with a total of four  now ili>-t..               I  J h  'u >��� (  h  i * t ^  1   'I-  **   '  Al '���  t \  1.  _ ^..i**.^*.*^^ ^-^ ^i*%.4, #1^* ^,��^* ��i_w_-N*W^v**^r ��^(**V*W"M^* ^rf*<*^^%*#^ _-Ai#* (|K ���**���A **>��� #��*,*. ^^-.^^^h^fflj^j^jiAt^^ .<**#w_%^*v��*��aft Jfi -^^iM,t0 ^v#^^��rf����n(%'*"d|!!Mi*#* ,#$**y^ .%..  i^^-W-^t^H^ i^*t/%a*%^ i%jl__^B\ j^Mw'__MW^M%>W1ii^^w*%a��<!_>^��<l^ *lbi0ti4//k^^^'&*^^4fa^it*l^^ ttf^ltit^li^'t^&^iflaf^^  *&4\*  * H Clossified
'J- ,.-'
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feted- ^.-wati_r^.-^th"^Mf
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*» Sedtel^.CV:, ,
-__bss. "i. >.,',
^Mif-fecfe Audit Bureau
*£ ipf Circulation -'' ,
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1647-Piib. April 10, it, likS
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MR and Mrs. Edward H. Gower of Vancouver and Selma
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daughter Diana May to \V_Jliam.
C. White, son of Mrs.' Walter
A. Flay of Selma Park.' The
,   wedding to take place May 23,
1968. '    ,- 16-0-19
Ruth Kristcfferson of Selma
Park are nappy to announce
the birth of a daughter, Kanetta
Anne; on March 31st, 1968 at
St 'Mary's Hospital, Sechelt,
B.C. .,    ' ^1658-19
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HWdwa*.,' SechfeH, B.C. Phone
885-2171.      »      ' 1634>tfn
VERY did standard typewriter
in  worldrig older,  $2Q.  885-
S654. *        .    1636-tfn
ZB3_1TH electric lawn mower.
Deluxe barheque wiJludeCtric
starter. 3 pee. lawn set. Misc.
items. Phone  885-2158 or 88S-
,    . ' 1645-19
REI-ROOFFS^-Modern 4, bed-    DednDOP*
VILLAGE—lively   spscpms 2
home, - hardwood
•^at-sr ! ,w - room-home on 2 lots, <;l_»se*to   fto0***- fiteitoce,   A-q& 'heat,
^ faeaich ^nd^safe boat anchorage.   && -*£? &&sl%*$£&££'*.
'• MBsilily"biinlop1 ai?dau^^vin-,'*«*. &^;~fitepuZe'. f&t'*&}»^»:JM^tj %&:
tor,, Mrs. LilliansBladt and. fright ca»;Jdtehen; rec/«.0|r,-f5?-   . . -:--..._
• family  wish  to  express' their    A-oJl heat^ dble carport. Jjovefcr WATORFRGNT^honre-42rg_!-^
sincere appreciatioji to. all their    landscaped   yard   with   patio, bedroom; basement, pool table
friends on t_te Sechelt peninsula    Sale by owner, phone eyenings size tee room: A-oil teat, fiwss
fdr their messages of SyntpSlhy    885-9782 or yirrite Box 470 c-o place on 100* WF. Good baying
" Peninsula Times, Box 38lr Se
chelt, B-C. " '      469-tfn
"\i h'<".
JIT*   j
*ff        *****
4 rJ .:
>ul hi.
%'     Sill.-
'-   JiOt3<J'
i965.FAIBI^_iNB! statton wagon,
V8,--___M_atie,- .xcellent condition.   Be_st KKfffer.' 886-7798.;
S '  ~- ,r 1074-19
1964 FAIRIfA^ESpoXdr. H.T.,
yiBr automaitic, fiilly equipped.
«8fc83S3. -    . 1075-19
K,cohp^f all
NEWLY  arrived,   "The   Smug
Minority", by Pierre Benton,
at The Times Bookstores, Sech-
elt'and Gibsons. y1467-tfn
ENGLAND'S most popular
children's books. Noddy, by
Enid Blyton, on sale" now at
The Times Bookstores, Sechelt
and Gibsons. 1464-tfn
JACOBSEN Lawn Prince power
mower,   1   yr.   old.,   cheap.
886-2132. 1073-19
19" PORTABLE TV, American
model, practically new, $80.
Drafting desk with 10 drawers.
30x8 drafting table. Phone 886-
9541. 1069-18
WORK   boots    and    linesmen
boots,   excellent  shape.   Ph.
885-9976. 1630-121
Canvas—Boat Hardware
Compressed air service for
sMndivers air tanks.
Skindivers available for
salvage work.
Get Your
at The Times
FortoNo. 18   '     -
(Section 82) • • "■>
Notice of Intetitioh to" Apply
to Lease Land
in Land Recording District
of Vancouver, B.C.'and sifaiate
fronting pn north side of Sechelt
inlet approx. 200' east of Point
Take notice that Hugh E.
Meihot of 635 Maple Rd., Richmond,, occupation dispatcher,
intends to apply for a lease of
the following described lands:
Commencing at a post plant-
approx. 200' E of Egmont Point
thence north 300'; thence west
100'; thence south 300'; thence
east 100' and containing .70
acres more or less, for the
purpose of summer homesite.
Dated April 1, 1968. .
1643—Pnb. Apr-10,17,24 May 1
Form No. 18
(Section 82)
Notice of Intention to'Apply
to Lease Land
Form No. 1J
(Section 82
Notice of Intention
£865 SUNBEAM Alpine,- may be      WALT NYGREN SALES
^,&e_«^S!_nislj^->C*__sfc^__T.'..iri LT&,    ,--.;' ---•
/^Station..   *: ;' •  ". _664-l_ " Phone 886-9303, Gibsons, &C.
••" "7/- ">•!—^—~—;    ' i306-t&i
mSt VAUXHALL ^station wagon           -
.. ?hone '^85-2087..    1650-19
and floral tributes during the
recent bereavement of a loving
husband and father. Also to
thank the doctors and nurses of
St. "Mary's Hospital for their
good care and attention during
his long illness and special
thanks to Dr. Alan Swanior his
kindness and understanding
during this  difficult  time.
EXCELLENT 'commercial lot
—centre Sechelt—higjiw^y location, level and cleared. All
services available. Bojt 1104
Peninsula Times.v.       1104-tfn
MAGNIFICENT, view lot, cleared,, ready   to   build.    Fruit
frees.   All services.   Clos0 to
 . -—...    beach, store and wharf at Hop-
PERSONAL k"ls k*1.. near Langdale 'ferry.
  $3500 toll price. Low down pay-
FOR complete information on mentr^% mt. on Kal. Less fo_-
Marine, Igduftriai-and I$_b. cash. Owner Mrs. Chippendale,
ility    insurance:    Claims   and Box 5^2, Se'chelt, 1..C.   Phone   Hohse/Secret Oovet
Adustments, • contact   Captain 885_310, 1648-tfn   W.F.    Home,    Francis
SUMMER cottage •_& Vs-ter-
froht; Some terms on $12,080.
2 bedroom home^ garden lot,
else, heat, 48£50 with ^3,000
down. _,
SILVER SANDS-75' Trater-
frbnt in protected bay.; Luxury
bom.. ELD. wiring- High hase-
meat, double carport, line
teach, dock and ways. §32,080.
Try your terms.
Xreed WF lot. $8,300.'
W.F. Lot, Blitldlepoint, $7-800.'
',t&fo£ltfy&rpa for sale. New
.'tires' tuns well. Phone 885-
.555.'^- '       ! -      ' 1651-21
■TRASLERS ' >  '   •	
JBQtJSfe irailer, 8W with at
; - t|ched living rodm and car-
'jrV^r |<_eal for two persons.'
Mpy-?e seen Big Maple Trailer
Court, Wilson Creek. Phone
885-9684. * 1303-tfn
Trees,    Shrubs,    Seeds,
Peat Moss, Fertilizers, Garden
Lime, Seed Potatoes. Good sel-
^    eotion at aU times.
Gibsons,  886-9340
I In  Land Recording  District
o|£ Vancouver, B.C. and situate
fronting on north side of Sechelt
^Iplet,  approximately 400' east
•of Point Egmont.
■pV ',;,Taker' uoticA that .Leslie
Thomas Bagct of 983 Allaridale,*
Port • Moody, B.C., occupation
senior dispatcher intends to
apply for" a lease of the following described lands: • -
Commencing at a post planted approx. 400' east of Egmont
Point thence north 300'; thence
west 100'; thence south 300';
thence east 100' and containing
0.7 acres, more or less, for the
purpose of summer homesite.
Dated March 29th, 1968.
1642—Pub. Apr.' 10,17,24 May 1
to Apply
to Lease Laid
In Land Recording Districi-
of Vanc-uvef-, B.C. and situate
fronting on north side of Sechelt
-Inlet   approximately   300'   east
— Take notice that -Clifford T.
.Cohley of. 911 Porter Street,
Cdquitlam/' occupation chief
dispatcher intends to apply, for
a  lease  of  the  following   de-
■  scribed lands:   - ".   .
Commencing at a post planted 300' east of Egmont Point
thence north 300'; thence west
100'; thence south 300'; thenice
east 100' and containing 0.7
acres, more or less, for the
purpose of a summer homesite.
Dated March 29th, 1968,
1641—Pub. Apr. 10,17, 24 May 1
,,. r
W. Y. BHggs, Marine Consult      ,
ant. Box 339, (iibsons. Phones    LARGE lot on Georgia Heights,
Gibsons. Spectacular view.
Well treed, paved rbad, village
water. Terms or will .accept
boat as part payment. Owner
886-2854 after" 6 p.m.      1616.0
886-9546 and 885-9425.        489-tfh
ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. P.O.
Box 294, Sechelt, B.C.  Phone
886-9876. :   969-tfn
MY   TRACTOR   not   available
for   hire.   George   Charrpan,
886-9862. ' ; 1382-tfn
"TWILIGHT Theatre,1 Gibsons,
B.C., Wed,, Thurs., Fri. 10,
11, 12 April, John Wayne, Kirk
Dpuglas in "The Wqr Wagon T
Sat, Mon., Tues. 13, l^, 16 A REAL biiy, 109* X/2&8* \vltft ~
April, double feature, "Georgie    view, on n)alh wdd, $4500.' '■,*',
CONVEMENTLY located .view
property, 100' x 140' pply $1500.
2 BEDROOM home requires
some finishing, wonderful view,
full basement, Afoil ..Jicat,
$16,000. Terms'. ; ',
Girl"  and
"Oat  Ballou"   (fc-
may be obtained promptly
5x7 SIZE, 1.25 EACH
6 (same subject) ... 1.00 each
12 (same subject) ...   .90 each
8x10 SIZE, 2.00 EACH
C (same subject) ... 1.50 each
12 (same subject) ... 1,25 each
—ii—in——-——-— _____ -—.,-—■-, ».1.1 .i.ir.ii .„■■ 1 „i., „i.,i „■
View Lot, Davis Bay, $2,500.
ijarty Gre^oiy---885-9392
"'"::.'■&. WG©R_fONL_f:i:
sechelt, B.c.   .   -      88s-2itt3
■':'■■:•,.'-'• ."-':   .'-. ,-' ■■■tSSiSaji
.;'.■■_. ...-1 • -■. :..-. '.:vv..v;
GIBSONS->Spadou8, modem .3
bedrdom home with 2 extra ^inr
iihed bedrooms,' in • hill base-
rricnt.V/iJll to wall in 15x21 living WOm. Large' bright cabMk,
felSctric'; kitchen fefitH cdj^itdng
Iftllity' ttooin,: A ;pie«e- nioltticd
F^mfcroke mthnopltn'. Auto-oil,
hty, water heating. . Matching
carport. FuB prtce, $i9,?So.
"Terms.' " .     '. - :- ,'■:.■ '."'
to your door v/iTH.N Giiidci Association arranges spring lea
SECHEL/T Girl Guide Association held its and international camps,' and to help main-
* ''^SBhl^'in^Sig on'Aprils''at the" home' tain the pthv inclal'80-acre camp and train-
of.Mt»S/'p. Jacksbn with 14 members pre- ing centre near Chilliwack, named Camp
sent."    , "" " r Tsoona.
' (JRJa^s, aje.b^ing made for „}q spring ~"      " ~
t&i'yiihtcp^ will he held on Miiy 14. Conven-
,      , i.(l, *   ■    , Give some men an ihch, and their wives
eOT^^.ygaf.will won't.let them eat any more desserts. -
/;;jj|i$v'D()?^ ■'  : -,	
Ji;:,rA';.'steiftng:r,bee'.Is plamwl' for April 25 at
thtfi hptnQot Mrs. Joyce; Farewell >and sew-
:>fe;^^,onf;^le>tj^ ,tea; .'_;.;   ;
.•I"';'7(|^iiitor. girls .of the First Sechelt Guide
Comt^ny will ;be, spending the weekend of
■fj^^,m'to 21at Camp Olave;
,'jj:<'!'<^oIci^VV)T.ek;';iti)i!e; ^fiditiodal 'fund-rals-
■iiigic^mpaipk'lfot' jBtownles, Guides and
■".mmw■•■$.-.!'-will ;be held troTp April
»^t4;;^y '4";'''Pp()fits''fropivthe «9alc of the
Sunday School — 10:00 a.m.
Church Service — 11:15 o.ro.
You are invited to attend brjy oreochfervlce
1/*  '""*"   "     '        '    '" "'    "'-'""■■l   ■   ■'       *^" ■ ■ ,—| ||M||  <n ■■■■«■■<      mm    ml  1    .i HIM»,||.^,^^^
 ,.   .....   ...,..„      .'/...."..       ■       ..... .        ^
choicc. pf two pcrvicod, IftVel
lot- close to fabulous sandy
b^ach and putdic yrharf in Ihb
ideal summer home setting.
Ruccapcer Ray |«} located at
the northern end of Trhorman-
by Island just rninutei by boat
from  Secret Cove.  I^ltl fwrl.c
8 BEAUTIKUL l>urc bn-d German flhepherd puppies.   Now
taking orders. 885-21.12.    if>8. .0
HABIHTS:     Easter     nnrailc*.
$1.50. .886-2617. 147819
VVPPtK&lw. ♦«_Zl^BMwd
l>olMTinnn Pin^chera, cliramp-
ionship #tock. I'lione 885-2835.
4 BEDROOM home, grand
view; full -bhsfafne|iit, laptttsc^
c<l lot, A-oilJfurniCe. Offers to
^1.4,500/   .       v | ;,,. ,   p   ■_  ■ >lt
i/Crt fully cleared, a\\ seiyices,
best view,'only $3350.    .
2 »ED|lOOM, all electric, level
lot, good garden, close to every-
thing, $12,000 on daisy terms.
ON 68' WFT, 2 bedrooms, sun-,
parch, living room «md kitchen,
good water, furnished, $14,500.
2 ACHES, view property, $2300   only $2,500 cadi.
full price,
100' WFT, 1(58' deep, Bcmj
cleared, $5000 term..
K. BUTliEIt, 88G-2C00
RON MoSAVANEV, 880-0656
GibKons, 080-2000
The Progressive Reoltor
RItOWN Wollrt and papers Io«t
at Wakefield, March 23. Finder   please   plione   W,   Foster
collect at 266-O610. Reward.
.     ...       IfttZrSQ
Mcmltcr,  Vancouver  R«*l   Em-
talc Rnahl Multiple IlsUng   .
• Seryire.'     ;   ::
.. .       .   , 1653-19
(approx.) lakclnmt tote, well
treed, gcnlle alopo to this beautiful J._3ral—studded, 6-mile
lake adjoining tho ocean, ami
just two hours drive from Vancouver. Only 4 left, priced fitwn
fremt. liargc fulfar serviced lots
with excellent ye^-round moorage In fthritcrcd bay. Water l&p-
cd to each lot; easy access fcfl
paved hlgliway. Priced from
For those and other chair, pro-
pert-ci pn (he Sunshirte Coast,
contact, Vtttdt JjbwIs at Mortoa
Mackay at Gihsons oKlce. 1%.
Unlay hIAWy ltt>.
Gtlwom ftBd HfiEhptMlstn'""
-       ^AJNT HILDA'S—.ECriELT
,., , d:'00 o.m! EverySuhday
'9:3,0 d.m. Church School
11:00 a.m. 2nd, 4tb; 5th Sundaya
7;30 pfm. l»t end 3rd Sundoy.
.     S-rviccs hold regularty in
,      Fop1 InformaHOrt phone 0B5-7793
gyarfr W«d. 10 am M. Communion fl. Hilda'*
tei« twmmut
m   i»ini>im
SECHELT   885^161
GIBSONS 886-7015
■■:'•'•"    i        «
B&x 155 * Sechelt, tt.C.
ion 369 - Qlbtm*, B.C.
.. ."...-, ... ..:.... ISQ840
Surtf.af School 10:00 o.t»i.
' CbUrih fervlcfi llilS b.w».
Evening Scnrka 7:30 p.m.
Davit Bay Road and Arbutus
(2 blocks up from Highway)
WtyiTTnilSijii;)! _■ wmm.,,11 ,.■»:■ ,)<■ r.:j;n:
&ff John's United Church
W.I^n Crc«k, B.C,
^Minday ^ctwd—?JH5 o.m,
Olvlna Wpr«tilp-~l t i 13 a.m.
Uft bv Mlfs H. f. Compbell
Immpt on %od Sundoy epph monm
F.mlly Service—I Itl9 a.m.
Dlvlrw Servlc*—3;30 p.m.
Led by Rev. W. M. f^omeroa
• This free reminder of coming events Is a service Of SECHEtT AGENCIES
.-■•LTD, fhone Peninsula Times direct for free listings, specifying "Doto
Pod", Please note tha^ space Is limited and some advance dates may
have to wait their turn; also that this is a '„'rernipd$r"'lifting Of>|y'and
cannot always carry full details.
I«r,(it;.it.-ti|r,.■,;».«■»   l!|i|i<!|
Ap.iMQ~-8 p.m. Gibsons Elementary School. H.liD..annual ratepayers
April 11—2 p.m, St, Hilda's Church Hall, Sechelt, Hospital auxiliary
April 11^—8 p.m, Sechelt Elementary School. H.I.D, annual ratepayers
April T3-—2 p.m. Welcome Beach Hall. Tea and Boxaar. Plngo from
7-10 p.m. '
April  17— 8 p,m, Roberts Creek Library. Rolwrls Creek Comm. Assn.
annual meeting.
April 17—8 p.m, District Recreation Office Sechelt, Meeting to arrango
..swim, classes,
April l?—ll  a.m.-1  p.m. Sechelt Legion Hall. LA, rummogo Sale.
April 19—2 pirn, St, Aldan'u Church Holl Roberts Creek, it. George's
Day tea' ond baxqar,
April 20—2-4 p.m. Wilson Creek Hall, Wilson Creek Cubs or^Scout-
sprlng tea and bake sole,
Multiple Uttlnp Scnrlcs
Vancouver Reel Ettota
■. ■     I .-
24 HOURS Gibsons 8867015
■ i
,.«!. .,^..,*., *. .■% 'h. .
f, ,^ t, .f ^ *. p .
I' t *' / "~ Wednesday,-,April-10> Wft>"-_^,    ��^TC>i-r i'   .,'<  .,',,"��� : ''.<-. *, -  _ B__!'___"__J_ ___. __.* > ____ _��.___='I_2Ji'_'X*__v- H��-_i7__mtilIi_l_l 1 tltfii nniMIlslMil  i     *���      -  .   'J      v*t - J.  lerHi&mii^  -^J��y Dpnno Vsughsn  ON'FRIDAY,' Mawhy22/C_flire<l>eaJ?!^''a      - .j .,-   ��. ,.���,--..   ��� ,.->������;..,���.    ���  Render S^niqr, pattfcipatea 4�� fite,^!^"-^^ a^l^mecttng'of tfie-lUibijrJ* Cr  meetang of th�� <tonwnuj#y, R&purcra Ccsn-  ,    credit UoioiiHvas'or|ginaUy,^��4 to   J_  -I.  - ����� A  Creek  be  Roberts Creek Credit,.pitfo0fr.when'the  office  is-, situated in Sech&ti   Therefore  -ON HIONDAY,  housfe*  tive year  ented Shakespeare-and-the Sleeping-Tiger  '  ������ Twe < shows - -were*' h-ld- ^coaameiiicing  Monday  morning' 'at . SiiiS *- when' juMor  znitte^at .ElpWastcae. .Jack .l>avii,.Cfla^ faddlon -Krelt _*, _��4as thertrwere not   approval was given to a -notion to change   |S?C!�� J^bed jS^.^iffiftSS  Capilano^P was guest ^teakej.. ;���"���   .-, 'suiEficient'imeaihfers preset'a Meeting was   ������� ��-����-*/�� ��"����"�� -*������* ������_�� ��nW   <svmw  ', Essence of th-i meeting was QlatPm- heldonWed-esclaiy, Match-7 pipe -Vngl|-  der was & microcosm of .the c.tiori?l seen�� 'can'Jteirkh ffcUj. Gibsons.   \    ','" s   -  and that the commun?y should first'soke'     - ^^ chairman's' .report* ��� indicated the  its own problems; thus fodlitptjng j^salu. "past V����r"had been successful financially  tionifo^ national and .international' prdb- -$& af|Uvl^erid wouhtl&paid tp; member^.  lems�� ,*'.'��� .A'brarich collection office wa$ opened; id  __��_   _    _�����.'___. _____   #��__, 2t*tfi * :___.   _rt_ ________ "^-..i  /Friday, at lunch, Urae- -he��� jiijuoA boys!  ���basketball team chaMengeditaff.^Only Mr.  Smethurst and.Wr^; ,.yablons'4; came but go.  Since Easter is coming' up I thought it .The Fpn*_s_la li|nes office'in Gibsons "and  would be interesting to leaytf more about it. -was ��� hoped wis would-devejoju to the  the origins of iShis holiday. Easter ls-��ele- piiint. where asfeparate oiBQce' 'tiould be  brated on the frst Sunday after the fitet i opened to better serve Gibsons numbers.,  ftll!  tnnon follrtwinw *>>��. cm-mo A.nf��^v    '"���     >.     *..*.���".-      ' " .    i .   J"  full moon following the spring .equinox.  - An earlier holiday most likely existed  on this date as predating the Christ-ao  observance. Many ancient, nations, joyously celebrated the winter's end 'and _he "res-  unrectios of the-sun"; some dedicated it  to the Germanic goddess of spring called  Eostre. -  -  This heathen holiday was turned by  church fathers into a Christian holiday,of  the Resurrection. '    -  On April 8, Ian Vaughan, left for Re-  gina, Saskatchewan to undergo six months  of training with the ROMP telicwing his induction Into the fcrce. lap is t���e ssn of-Pat  and Fred Vaughan cf Egnicrt.       ,'   "  Tlie '.rea'siirer's report compared figures  w?th* those' of IMS: '  Assets: .JUBB/- $14St224.54; 1987; $153,-  4C-.67> Shares:.- 18S5,, $109,438.8?;' 19S7,  $127,7^9.05. JLoans aifter deduction for loan  evaluation: 1366, $120,123.05; >'UK_> $126,-  988.35, "Suroliis: ��� 188S, $4,040.2��; 1987,  $8,6��8_75.    ';   -/-.    '*.'.**'      '  Eacfi year 20 percent of, surplus goes  into tiie guarantee reserye'tfyhd to take'eare  of ahy losses/due to bad debts. Tbis fund  now' amounts to $7,305.64.  repp;  Supervisory Tand "credit^ committees gave  )pris'6f-the past year's .work.  Seme ^confusion-is created by the name  H, F. Kennett  Gibsons weather report'  shows snow free  NORMAL snowfall in the Gibsons. area  during March- is 1.7" with an extreme  in March, 1958, of 17.4". However none  was recorded ithis year, according to the  report ol weatherman R. F. Kennett, Other  statistics include:  March    March        March  _9SS    Normal     Extremes  Total rain       6.74"      4.90"      8.67" (1959)  Total snow       nil  1.70"  17.4"  ,(1956)  Total precip.   6.74"  5.07"  / 8.67"  (1959)  Days  rain          15  14  20  (1959)  Pays with hail t  1 ^  2.  3''  (1963)  Highest temp.     59  Lowest' _iemg.      28  Mean temp. "    42  61  25  " " 42  66  17  44  36  (1965)  (1955)  (1966)  (1955)  the name to Sunshine, Coast Credit, Ujoion.  It was 'also .recommended by the board  of .directors that a dividend <rf 4*4 percent -  on the 'ttiii-inimmJ quarterly balance of  shares be paid to members, as 'well as a  _0 percent patronage refund.  Directors elected were Gordon Wing and  Eric Inglis. Continuing directors are Mrs.  M. Ball, Eric Rosen and Gordon Walker.  CUE. Connor was elected by acclamation to  the credit committee and Mrs. Ball was  named _ to -he supervisory committee.  Directors appointed Eric Rosen as chairman.  Chapter 65 members  visit Powell River  FIVE members of Mount Elphinstone  Chapter 65, Order of the Eastern Star-  Mrs. C. Franske, Worthy Matron; Mrs,  Zoe Eades, Grand Chaplain; Mrs. Edna  Fisher, Past Matron; Mrs. Emily Quigley,  Worthy Matron-elect and Mrs. Alice wougb,  Associate Matron-elect���visited Grace Chapter 29, PowjII River, on Wednesday, March  27 for the installation of Mrs. Ethel Wilson,  Worthy Matron and Ernest Stonier, Worthy  Patron and their corps of officers.  Retiring Worthy Matron Mrs. Phyllis  Campbell was presented with a bouquet of  fragrant roses and a lapel pin in the form  of a pair of salver wings. Mrs. Campbell  " is known as "Pot Luck Supper, Flying  Pbyl.' <���>--&  Mrs. Beverly Kennedy, member df  Mount Elphinstone 65 and now residing in  PoweH River, sent her greetings and a  warm "Hello" to aU her .friends .pn^the  Peninsula. ",' r  Mrs. Ruth MCIntcsh, Past Matron,' hosted an 8 a-iin. breakfast for M.. Elphinstone  members before, leaving for home. _ ,  Tuesday", morning"  found; i the. cast  Holiday   Playhouse, pjerforming^.al,',the  elementary school.     "s'    " s/,','    l\ - _  Everyone who attended'enjoyed the show  even more than last year's! WC hope they  will again visit om\ district ",riext year, as  they are very, much appreciated.'/ ,  The appearance'of bur school'has taken  on another change. It can't be said'that  Elphinstone doesn't have variety. t Our front  lawn has been partially, uprooted for- the  purpose( of placing lights <;On the $-_!��� We  will now have . underground wiring, it  should add to the appearance^ of our  school. The electricity shop at'the end.of  the school nearest SuperVahi has began to  look completed, oh the -Outside anyway.  The library, above the typing room, should  be" ready for use shortly. But when our  commerce wing will be .ready seems to  be anybody's guess. . \  During the past week there was a bit of  tension around our school,; at least, among  the seniors. . Easter, exams" were being  written and obviously they are'really ihe  most important ones of the ye&r. .Ii you  can't make the grade atr Easter, it; means  a great deal of work- if thereyvs any hope  cf passing. They also influence,the possibility of recommendations Jn June. Although  exams are necessary the trend'is' to get  away from them and to. use regular class  work and periodical tests.for the basis of  marks.-  The Easter edition of our school paper,  the Glad Rag, is about to be. put on sale  during the .last week of school. 'This edition  any points. Perhaps other -teachers* oil stag  .wM"<��j-Hfe~tq "their, support if,.'thefe' is a ���  .future" game.';-There v-must be some talent',  somewhereL.     -,"���   .-',."-'.���    -'   "'       '  ...        ..      ./.,,'.    ���    '  ��� .It  was - said - the - -two��� teachers, .were  pretty rough players batr..basketb/��U. is" nqt  exactly a "clean" game.' It^was'.ail in $un. {  -'and everyone enjoyed'it/ ":,.���."-'"  -    Students -with.Roorh 221 as- their bpme  -room .were forced to vacate- it most of the  ���week-and-a number oX class" changes-were  made, necessary.  Equipment-winch .will be  'placed in'the library directly across the  'hall was: placed in there while the 'library  ;was being- worked on. -Mr. Trueman and  his -home room students .moved out to one  of the 'annexes.     '  April   Fool's   Day   around  our   school  'seemed relatively quiet this year with the  ���exception df  Mr.  Lynn's room:   'All his-  -desks wejre changed in a different direction,  bk it was not'the students' doings. Apparently a demonstration for janitors was- held  at  our' school - on "the  last weekend in  j March 'and when the floors-had*'been finished they put bis desks back-in tlie. wrong  direction.- Whether-this"-was meant-to be  a joke, we don't know,- -���   ,''. ��� ���",    .  "Next week our school will be in session  for just four days as Friday -is Good Friday, the"beginning ot the "Easier holidays.  On tbe announcements: Friday'afternoon  there .was a specially. importanLone for all  students. Mr. Potter.informed ii's .that no  students would be required to attend Saturday as it was1 a holiday!- He'forgot to  .mention Sunday.    ��� '   * ' . 1   ' '  Un  merit Insurance  MURRAY'S GARDEN & PET  SUPPLIES j  LANDSCAPING - PRUNING (  Gower Point Rojai  Gibsons, B.C. - Dial 886-2919      J   ...    .,  FRANK E. DECKER, OPTOMETRIST  Bal Block -" Gibsons  Every Wednesday-  886-2248     \  ' TASELLA SHOPP  Ladies' - Men's - Children's Wear  Yard Goods - Bedding - Linens  Dial 885-9331 - Sechelt, S.C.  BRIAN'S DRIVE-IN .  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My friend, who is ^lso. unemployed, is getting the-same Unemployment I isurance BeheSt they are giving me.  TJ4s ,dpes not seean. right, ���Why, is it?'". ".  iCehiemiber that' this is ap. insurance  operation and not public, as&istjanc^ which  takes degrees of need as' between those  with dependents into account lhe |>enefits  which you and your friend are receiving  are on a basis of ode dependent only���but  you are getting substantially noije than a  single person receives who paii me same  contributions. I .      |  Q. "I nave to file a claim but! I cannot  get my insurance book from my last employer for a few-days. Can . file a claim  for Unemlployment Insurance benefit now  and let them have the book later?"  The answer is yes. The- rule, however,  lays it down that you must lodgl your  book with your local UIC office each time  that you file a claim. So obtain your book  as soon ast you can and forward it to tbe  ofifice���to protect yourself -gainst possible  delay in tbe payment of benefit. If, despite  your attempts, you still cannot get your  book, let your UIC office know.  Q. "I put in a claim for Unemployment  Insurance benefit, and for the first week  they have not sent me my money. 'What  can I do? It is the first time I amr unemployed.". .  When-you have a car accident, there is  a certain amount deductible from claims  and not met under the insurance. It is the  same with unemployment insurance. For  the first week, or waiting period, of your  initial claim no benefit is normally payable. H however you requalify for con-  titiuifrg benefit on a subsequent claim, the  waiting period is liable to be waived.,  Q. "If I take my application form for  Unemployment Insurance benefit to the  local office of the UIC instead of posting  it, can I get paid quicker?"  The answer is no. In fact the new  system under which application forms are  mailed was designed to speed up operations  .:/Aiiy.Questions please?  *' '���> '.��� '. ~,A .',��.,- . . ^  with' modern computer 'methods: 'Calling: at  ���the .tffi'ce'would be a waste of timer .Your  benefits will be sent to you by in^il fn- any  case.     '    ��� - -".--* --',"- '  - The Unemployment Insurance Commission has passed on answers'to'some of-the  questions that hive- puzzled' contributors.  Your questions" too "can���be'' referred- to this  feature .for reply. ���* .- '    ~' ������ . ~.  We w58_ issi on fljte $ubis!b.-.3 :Ctoast:Ajbi_I-'15'--19'-  lf you wish any information in re^atA^to out services," ";  please write.or drop intb our.Mobile office  '    " 'J'1'-'  while we are in your aiisa' '  '���I  LISSILAND FLORIST  &GIFTSHdPy  Specializing In Funeral Designs  and Wedding Arrangements  886-9345 - Gibsons  885-9455 - Sechelt  GEORGE GRAY  2548 t^awsbn Ave.,  West Vancouver  ; WA 2-8981     .  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"       _  lo naench a OIG thirst -BEST!  ���*?*? *-/���T,  ��� -i* *������ ������ * -���/   i_ \ _ y  Ih^iii-vftiiit.nnntjlnotpuUl.iih^aprd^pUy*-* t^ythtpqucf Cwnuwi i^wpwr i^y wi�� uOVWnm��idotPrlll��hColun5Ul4 Ol*M ,  T> ** ***��*I0*mi%^^*'**^^  i,i<l(tl,i% ,��)^ft^MWBrf'��*"*'>l*^l^��� |*(w^.i1~��*��'Ji^  ���Gi^hi^hit^^/^f sW^*flt^Wftiwi!^ Mr*^^^ ^m/ffn^ L4ff%_^ffb #W* ^^ "ItyMWit vfy4ajfiufay&f^jp��^4ghdfalrtQfc^^,ifap^lH0fy^lip^ Y  ' >   ���     - ���' -  ' *---     J . -.   >   < -r \ ' -   -        ,    ;    i      * /   . ', c     ' j . ^i'- . ���_ .���� . *   ���< .-  '-'-... --.'_f _v..' ( ��    . .       '- i   .. , . > A '-������-..'.'- "   *     * '        , V  /      '      r  2   I    .  to.-* _}*._�� "^  <!,'  le-    I  -:#_��_.&  ^r  1  v -J".      f-^  > *  Wednesday, Ar.ril 10, 195S  +���>/&  T-*-  *# <ttav. fe -ro*_. frrf - s&*# no/ __.��l ��__)^_> ^ ttf /ai/ to sa$ fvliai t bttiiti* i& de figtit."  ��Sir-;-^T-.^.. '...:-:^V-"-^-     ^     >v , /,-:  ".(     . <s��Jb_NA'n-iKS:  ^ ' ... -_...    ^.   .,   ._  ..._.._^_- ...^. ..     ^..     . *  aiK-twrti1  DottajksC Wn6_t��B* jT^/rar.  ��ii^.M-wa3ii-___*__'  StEt_\Rt B. Atg&titiiPiiGtisher'.,  iif_h_^i_^tMff��BMlAi.Mriii^.^  ?Read$f��*$��:  JH<  *^��-WHILE we must appreciate the feet thjlt  all'roads fail to lead to KamlpopS  , and therefore do itot 1iave any gjseal sig-  5 nificance from-tlie point of victor of out  highway minister, pastor present, we>dd  have good cause to complain ^tout ihfc  disgusting condition of Highway J*0L  warrant future highway improvements.  Acquisition of a larger fefcty and a larger,  more efficient termin'al at Horseshoe Bay  is Considered sufficient to well serve the  Sechelt Peninsula.      ,   - -    \  Further, the ministeir referred the  chafeluk to a previous letter dated Jan-  Tough gqmg%,}J */*---%  Witory&vpmpsyjS h V'ivJ? ,-/\��,\ i  ., Sir���iPpr aie i����Bt fiwr; years 1 Aave *i_ at-;  ched -silh intwest^educatiofaai trends ifa���  this, district, .'fehe School Jwatti has endeav-;;  ortd to" laing in. some: inkoptiofls/ns|nch f  are taken ior grhnbed ih.largeV" centers.  yWe, have had, a district" lifctary ptegrain,  later, expanding to include bavepog lib.  rarians, a music ffr-grain, remedial "teachers and a special counsellor. $rtie;.these -  do cost money, hut each, contributes .in", a,  special way to a complete education,which*  ���we hope will create a more onature student, -  ready tojmeet the challenge of the tfutside v  -world. Only a small proportion of our graduates will remain in dva district. I thought <  nve had a good school board with some progressive people in out district.  'there seems lately to 3>& individuals or  groups who ate trying to pursue some per-  * dedic-  titudini  ry       �� T-_ ~.u~*..L^~ ������T-r_-T*. '3elween   the   Sechelt   Peninsula   ahd  reasonable ferry schedule are nowmoie --���,t. \-.t,. t-A:*BK-W- ����& tt.0* ��,-i.- 0  than qiiestiottlfcte feafid hojrever strong S^uannsh. fodieati_ns m that such a  .A Affiliation .to the i^dtdncial go? road would te extrem^ ^^ ^ **-  ernment mi^it l>e, it is now obvious elec  tion promises Wei. never intended a*  anything more than" traSh-can materi&L  Master of .the double talk Hon. Phil  tiaglardi will long lb'rememb���_red for his  little assurances that a "Vote for, Isabel  and ypn will no doubt get your roads",  kven before that The Times published u  hews itlease by the imeanber at that time,  Tony Gaigrave NDP-MLA, who stated  he bad been told by die Hon. ministet  bf highways that negotiations were taking  place between himself and Rayonier Ltd.  regarding access for a road from Port  Mellon' to Squamish. This has been  echoed since by the -minister and thfe  Hon. Isabel Dawscm.    -  The value bf their whtds and assurances .night be evaluated in the light of  recent events which arose following thfe  strike of ferry operators. Sechelt 0___t<-  ber of Commerce wrote Mr. Oaglardi,  pointing out that- the strike situation  clearly emphasized the need for a road id  order that future hardship and ferry  line-ups be avoided.  ficult. Although possible from an engineering point of view, it is questionable whether the high cost would be justi;  fied.  The then highways minister, with his  usual -lourish, ends with "In any event,  I" appreciate the points you have raised  and we certainly will be giving serious  consideration to the future development  of lhe Sechelt Peninsula."  Bully for Mr. Gaglardi. We would  suggest his "serious consideration" has  been devoted to far greener fields than  the Sechelt Peninsula. We would suggest  he has little conception of the situation  as it exists here either respecting highways 6r~ferry service. Further, we would  suggest, it is high time those seeking seats  in the legislature give a little more consideration to removal of rash promises;  assurances they should know are well  beyond their control. Tbis is rhetoric  fliin flam, this bit of their election  speeches.  Politics have degenerated tit. the category of a third rate music hall and  while the players apparently show no re-  Needless to say the Hon. Phil Gag- luctance to act out their roles, unless they  lardi, in typical fashion, replied that the smarten up considerably and in the near  ferry situation was difficult and unusual, future, changes could prove extremely  He does not feel it sufficient cause to drastic during the next election.  ���it Fggmjn e_speMsl^re  AT the present time we have a group something similar. Again duplication.  known as a Community Council Com- We did, some time ago, suggest the  mittee which has suggested thatco-ordina- time might well come when the regional  cause  others.  Attach bavfe _e& made t>h tn&tefes &hd  even some'of out- school board personnel,  encompassing everything from extravagance to incompetency. I Unhk it is. time  -we ail had a good look at biir taotlvfes.  It is only by a unified effort that we can  have a good educational set-uj.. Our education staff on whom we depend to maintain the educational standards cannot be  expfected to work conscientiously and' harmoniously under such disturbing conditions.  Trustees have been given the responsibility by their electors for setting the policy on education in this district In order  to make wise and knowledgeable decisions,  they must be in tune with what is going  on here as well as being aware df educational trends for the future. Problems must  be studied from all sides and with the best  interests of the Students in mind, before a  'trustee can cast an intelligent vote.  I believe the co-operation of parents,  feathers, and taxpayers is necessary to  provide a good, sound, educational climate  for Oiir students. "Hie financial situation as  it affects education in the province of B.C.  is of great concern to all of us-and will  create even-greater problems. Let lis all  "endeavour lo approach these problems en  an impersonal basis, keeping in mind.what  ' would be most beneficial to the students  throughout our entire school district.,  AGNES LABONTE  Gibsons, B.C.  Hippy lament  Sir���For some reason I get tbe distinct  feeling that you have some gigantic hangup on tiie so-called hippy movement  initiation ceremonies  * l?_3Mlt,K):N   ceremonies*7were ?held  hn  " Sunday/iMarcb _l'when' jt&bin Nyjgreh was  i,jmtiate4*mtov#etbel 38> Job's Daughters.  The &ra&d'dejmty ahd 'vice-associate grand  ; guardian * of British <Jofii_nhia, Mr** - Ellis  Patterson cf Powell .River and Un. Winbie  Miller, 4>ast grand . gUardiatt   of 'British ,  Colum4dai���were present ��dr the ceremotues,  Mr. and Mrs. W.fH. Mylroie were each .  presented with honorary memberships' in  appreciation of all the work they have done  for Bethel 28.  The annual session cf Jthe grand guardian council of British Columbia, International Order Job's Daughters will"thfce  place in the - PNE Gardens, Vancouver  from lApril 18-20.  - In B.C. there are .3 Bethels consistlhg  of approximately 3,200 girls. Ages rabge  from 12-20. Girls are related MasonicaUy.  Members are taught the value of a good  life, tolerance and are given the opportunity cf working for tht.se less fort-hate than  themselyes.  Their efforts help the blind, retarded,  disabled, elderly, Cup of. Milk Fund, and in  the adoption of foreign children. ,   -';-  -  Their latest project is making bandages  for leper colonies.  During 1987 the combined efforts of all  girls resulted in a donation of $5,783.07 toward ithe Lymphoma Research Project of  the B.C. Cancer Institute. Also during 1967  they purchased equipment costing $10,000.  Job's Daughters raise money through  door-to-door candy and peanut drives, car-  nivals, car washes'and rummage sales.  I In 1970 the supreme sessions will be  held in Vancouver and will "include participation of all Bethels throughout the  western world. It is expected" to be the  largest gathering of its kind ever" held in  Vancouver.  _amflMM_MMi  Sechelt News Notei  SCHOOL IN-SERVICE MEETING       ' farm on Pratt Road. From there they will  On April 3, from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m. an   visit the Gibsons Elementary School and  __. . __��� . __..__ U    ________    _t*___.    fc_.-_____-J_.__ L_ _-__-_��__ _*��m     *1*j_!*__     _i��_��_MMl.1_f     *d_t_**_>     -Ota-     _rT-l_.--_-.i_-.  in-service meeting was held for the benefit  of primary' and intermediate teachers of  this, district. Tbe meeting was arranged by  perform their assembly plays for Gibsons  pupils.  L  THE  PENINSULA TIMES  I have it. It's because they pass their   h. Klyne Headley, Supervisor of musk for   ��MM��B��M��II��^  tion of the various public-bodies, groups  -and organisations would be its basic  function. '    '    'I'    '  More tecently another such group  functioning as an offshoot of the Arts  Council has put forward similar proposals, and now, to top it all, we haye the  chairman of the regional board presenting the suggestion tbat perhaps such a  project should be established to coordinate councils, school board and  regional board.  This ardent desire to interfere in the  affairs of other organizations is, in general, insufferable impudence. That is as  far as private service clubs and other such  organizations are concerned.'What right  has anyone to decide these organizations  are not working efficiently and therefore  require the assistance of self appointed  co-ordinators.  In regard to councils, School board,  regional, and hospital boards it could be  the situation is rather different. For such  a small area to have five such administra-  tional bodies obviously involves an fantastic amount of duplication; particularly  when it is considered the five groups all  operate within a distance of fifteen miles.  This entails services of five administrators, assistants, stenographers, office  buildings, equipment, expenses, conventions and workshops. It goe on and on and  is actually, when considered in the cold  light of taxpayers' dollars, a ridiculously  expensive duplication.  As an example, each ycht a Convention of municipalities is held in cities  throughout the province and is attended  by councillors and usually clerics. These  are thrcc-day conventions and all expenses are borne, by the taxpayer. We have  wo councils of five man each and two  'clerks. The regional board has eight directors and a clerk. Should they all find  it convenient to attend, wc have a total  of twenty-om; people participating in a  thrcc-day trip, which is tax-payer pMd.  Apart from this are various other  conventions such as the municipal officers' convention scheduled in May at Victoria. This is for municipal clerics or,  administrators, and is also of thitc��-day  duration.  Here  again,  should they  nil  decide to attend, wc have three dales  attending an event which in our case  warrants the attendance of but one.  There arc other such conventions  and workshops with school trustee and  administrator conventions. We have eight  commissioners and two chairmen, eight  regional directors including a chairman,  all paid an annual indemnity. Wc also  have seven school trustees including fl  chairman, all paid annual indemnities  plus expenses. Already the school board  and council of Gibsons have maintenance  departments, and it is more than likely the  Scchek Council will have to establish  b  l��  board would assume duties of an overall  administrating body. It could be the time  has come for serious consideration along  these' lines. Naturally, one administrator  and eight men might hardly be sufficient  but addition of an experienced assistant  administrator, together with two or three  extra office staff, would not only be  capable of dealing effucently with the  entire area but would eliminate duplication . of,, expensive equipment, office  buildings and substantial expenses.  Certainly the regional board would  be tiie logical body to undertake this  time bombing villagers in Vietnam, lolling,  and mamiag people on the highways, poisoning their blood systems with alcohol-  trying to outwit their fellow man git of -  money and pride, and discriminating' against everyone who is not a prototype of  themselves. No, these cannot be the, reasons.  The mainstay of the movement is love  and truth. These two simple words' wipe  out the above reasons with one blow. ,T_is  leaves only one possible bang-up. They ere  different than you and your establishment  "And because' <th_y .fre 'diffeienl," tb&y* are  wrong. Love acd tru__''h_-ve no place in.  society. The only way to get ahead is to  lie and cheat, to put down and to cause  some sort of harm. Any kind of barm. This  is the way to get ahead. Be selfish and  greedy. -Then you'll make out. I suppose it  is the hippies misfortune not to do these  things. One tiring for sure���they will never  be able to run a newspaper like the Times.  P. L.  Sechelt.  School District No. 46 (Sechelt).  Subject under discussion was "The Correlation of Music and Art". Previously Mr.  Headley bad collected numerous' samples  of _ft work done by the elementary pupils  of tt& district Samples were mounted on  the walls of the gymnasium, which made  an impressive display. Art work by students in Vancouver were also on display.  The Vancouver display will later be shown  iniapan. _  '- ihe program for __.;aih?r!QOon provided  tb&e ._* -36 teachers-to-View-the-displays.  Mr: 'Headley introdflced-gUest speakers  Mr/ and Mrs. A. Colton.  "l_rs. Colioir, professor, .-of art education  in Slmcm Fnaser Umversity, spoke on "Ibe  Correlation of Music and Art". Mr. Head-  ley sppke on 1 this subject also. Mr. A. Colton, supervisor of art in Vancouver, spoke  on, "Art Education". He showed color  slide? ito illustrate his talk: A question-and-  answer period followed the addresses.  AfTfJ&ndftP SPORTSMEN!  m CUSTOM CfflER  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  SCHOOL TRIP PLANNED  \  !0W #11 Imbmmm  COB.D $TO!_A<aE  i��MMn_MHtfM��_fflm��m  (Watch for Smoke  House Opening Soon)  W. Eeid, principal of Sechelt Elemettt-  -u-i-*-       j      -__. -1.      jj-.-        r        "Vm sick and tired of bfemg left alone _,���-.,-__  responsibility and, with the addition of every weekend," grumbled the golf widow, ary School, has amauged an interesting  two orthree extra directors and all select- "If you tirink you're going to play today, trip tor Mrs. Redman's Grade Two Class  ed from, the best available on the Sun- you've got another think coming." and Mrs. Lang's Grade Ibree Class. The  shine Coa.L it i. no..iblp a ��m>_t dP_l         "Nonsense," replied the husband, reach- two, tJassas, weather permitting, were to  snine coast, it is poss pie a great deal ing for ^ ^^  "coifii the farthest thing be bussed from Sechelt School to Gihsons  more would be accomplished and at con- {rom my ���miIld: No^ ^^ you please pass on Mohflay ntoming. Tfe chndrea will yis-  siderable saving to the taxpayer. the putter?" it the museum in Gibsons and Mr. Hough's  '   "   "  ���*���*"* :'''���"-    ?".'���'��.'.'������   " '.��� .���'..' 'V,/'   '���'.'.   '���'���'���   '"���  Let Y@ur  cify s#f-3��f s@@ff  CITY   BY   THE   SEA���^incidentally  with  some  remarks  In  this   space   that  girlie-type vice was in full flower in Vancouver, police morality squad" officers have  pulled out all the stops in their efforts to  put   a   crimp in  the lucrative   call  girl  racket.    Special   squad  officers   have  in-  *:allrd tapping devices on all the phones  used * in   the   trade   and   the 'good-time  Ohariies have been getting the "Sorry, but  you must have made some mistake when  you called this number."  The police have  been operating   on   the   assumption dhat  there's a Mr. Big who has organized what  was mostly the province of the independent  small timers.   At the same time police  operatives  with liberal expense  accounts  have been making like big time operators,  in order to catch the $rl8 and their "fellas"  ptt guard. The story will probably break  in a scries of sefemlngly unrelated arrests,  with Mi�� conspiracy overtones coming out  during the courtroom proceedings.  ���   * '���    ,  HERE'S   WHO ���Sometime   B.C.   lion  backf.eld star Bill M-ro*y is doing so well  in his real estate dealings that he's making  noises indicait-ng that the price will have  to be really right before he succumbs to  Jim Champion'* blandishments this season  . . . Singer actress Tool Sinclair says she'a  been signed to make a picture tentatively  a Case of Larceny, which will star Elk��  Summer . . . During th�� round of cocktail  ' parties that surrounded the last visit of  liberal leadership hopeful Paul Martin to  the coast TSme mag's Ottawa bureau man  Courtney Toww regularly refused  drinks  explaining, "I can't drink and keep up with  the pace Martin Is setting."   Martin is G4.  Tower U 133 . . . Irish Airlines Imported  pretty  Roialft*  Keflaher to Vancouver to  promote St Pat'a Day.   Itosallce, who is  also Miss DuWin, decided to take her holiday* In town.   Sure) "n the  scenery   was  fine, but the real reason was CBUT man  6*nry WaN. friend from the O11W Sod.  ���  ���  ���  V.A.LKIC TALKIE ���When President  Lyn_an Jebn*on, who looked as If he'd tyf.Hi  �� years fince he came to the Peace Arch  lor, thft CMumMa Elver treaty deal, made  his bombshell announcement Sunday night  UBC poEti^al science pirof. Dr. Carl Baar  almost choked. Baar is an expert on VS.  politics but his wifet Ellen, had been "telling me for five months tbat Johnson would  get out of the campaign." the reason Baar  was shaken is that Ellen has also been  been made to entertain the visiting artists.  The show runs until May 5 ,.. Income Tax  , department : has received Requests from  Vancouver area high schools to haye  assessors come arOund and give Advice on  filling  out tax  forms  to students.   And  predicting that Paul Hellyer would win the.    that's our aiMuent society item for, today  Liberal   leadership,   "even   though   she's    .  _������ . I  personally a Trudeau fan" ... Eastern  spies report that a rtiajor B.C. b_sed forest  giant is shopping for a top level executive  . . . A 'QM sportscaster said it during the  big ski meet at Itossland, "Nancy Greene  and Jean-Claude Killy will go from here to  Heavenly Valley and then retire together".  . . . The two buildings on Burrard street  bousing the assorted Tourist offices and  the adjoining Maxin's newly opened by  Leo Bolotas., have been purchased from  the Day family by Hong Kong intercuts for  something in the neighborhood of half a  million, which isn't a bad neighborhood  ... The Mercedes Bcnz people claims  that Voncouvcrtica buy more of the company's $24,000 limousines than residents of  any other ctty in Canada. Tho average is  undoubtedly raised by lhe chartered ac  countant who owns TWO ol them . . , When  Earl Grant gets here on hi" annual invasion  the popular, recording star will discover  the hard way that his agents and for managers forgot a ��mall matter of $400 for  rental of speakers when he appeared as  the star at last season's Kelowna Regatta.  ���   ��   ���  THE TOWN AROUND US���Vancouver  Art Gallery brass floured they really had  it made when lime International flew in  a photogra^pher from New York to lake  pictures of the work of Robert Irwin, one  of the "in'n artis.* represented In the  gallery's major production, Los Angeles 6.  But the.bubble burst when Irwin who was  on hand to assemble his work absolutely,  positively refuted to allow any pictures to  be taken. Hit justifiable concern: Hie  lights and shadows that arc so much a  part of the work Just won't show up In a  photo ... . The eye opening exhibition,  which inirludea Ed Kelnholti' famous Bean-  cry, complete with die stench of stale  beer, was arranged by leading art critic  ic-in Copier*, who rsist-d all heck because.  he didn't think proper arrangements had  . . . yrony of the silly, boycott, threats  against TV sponsors of NlULi hockey In an  .effort p? efljiancf. Vancouver,'*! bid for,an  NHL franchise: the sponsors, have'no direct  connection with the hockey clubs. The  irSghts are purchased by ah advertising  agency wJikh In turn resells' them.  NIGHTSPOTTER'S   NOTEBOOK���Volatile English pop singer Dusty Sprtrqrfleld  broke  every   attendance record   at  Isy's  during ber nine day run but Bhe almost  broke   co-owner   Ritchie Walter*'   bridge-  work in the process,,',In the early part of  the run there were complaints from Miss  Springfield's musical director about some  backstage speakers.   IWtcMe went back to  investigate.    There   was   some   question  whether the problem was with the speaker  sound or tlie musician's hearing.   During  thfe word  battle  the  five-food, thret-lnch  singer hauled off rind punched Ritchie In  the mouth ... AM was forgiven the next  night. '.   .   .   The  Springfield   just   about  jammed up with laryngitis.   By her final  ' show she was fighting the vocal cords . . .  On the last Saturday Springfield, Pat Paul-  Mn at the Marco Polo and the Rlghteooa  Brother* at the Cave were aU sold out . . .  Paulsen enjoyed his stay so much he sent  to Californ-a for bis wife to tome up and  take a Sunday ferry ride to Victoria.   His  presidential   campaign  virtually   collapsed  when Johnson withdrew.  But who Is to say  that Paulsen's "campaign" carried largely  by the Smothers Brother* show wasnt a  contributing factor? , ��, , And speaking of  that, newly appointed UBC president Kenneth Men* ��ays, "It thcre'ls a service club  jn B.C. I haven't addressed five year* from  now, l'�� have fall��d In my job."   Bromo,  anyone?  ;���   ��   ��  VVA&SE_-MANlA--.Tho��i���ht for the po@t-  IdUtC- on both..Bide, ot the b*_e,t: be who*  la last  SPRING CLEAN THE EASY WAY  RIDE-ALONG  0OL RACK  VACUUM CLEANER  ���mi '  (���& 1 1/3 hp���Suitt with power to spare I  "k Piggy-back attachments ��� Easy to sec ��� Easy to uso  ���& AH fteel body with protective bumpers  ���& 0l Year guarantee on parts and labour  ���fo 3'Year g__rantct. on metal core hoso  SPECIAL  v  1  1.. -i, ������h. rt, *., -*�� ,n # *fr,i�� ,  * ^*' .r^* y^ ,A. ^ *fr i_* f  ������ ^ ,*t  ,i*_.j*   * ,A # # #. A i��t   *)  #,**-* Art   K f4_,A. <Wt_V<* 10. *P   Jf-iA  >**,*���.**!,, *, ^j, *�� if*  *,,,<* ^. Aj*   f\ /���_/�� m  f H^m f\*\0^ ^*i (*v*�� ��* !*���**�� *��h���^,^ .-^.f^^ m   fi��,f*.**��#��-*J*��'HJf*| ^h,,#-, >:4J.  _U  ^y��$fy^ir*&Z^^  4   \  ^.^|.^<]#^V~_..'=8'  ���i>.  HjalfrymmBay :H0^^mvgt$t  _   ;  ���&y MaiV T.okJey  ON EASTEB Saturday April 13, a busy .'' ._fr;,_.!td4i^  ': day is scheduled at thfe Welcbmfe Bfeach   fe\^ day%ib-T^oo_i to cnab^ Mrs. Laiird  _. _..____ ���. _, ____.. _r .        -"-'ftt. focami_��iy, ,her-nurtbd->in-law- Mrs.  frank iLyoiis.to tiie ifastaUatioh of Chaffer  m'4�� &<*&&:}W&MBW&t. .r 'A? -  . At tiit. home of Gordon Sittith oh Trout  Lak&^fitfad'ive.e Mr. and -Mrs. fid Porter  of 'Richmond with daughter Kathleen. <  %-_1i��/��tafi"-__$_att$; gue-t was Wayne  HincLson of }Revelstok-> while Mrs. Jerry  ' Hall with a sale and tea from 2-4 p.m. and  " bingo from 7-10 p_m," -The tSt&nmn sale'.  s will dfei- home baking, apftms abd itkfhs -  ' for ihe children,. Admission fee, whieb includes tea, will be 35 cents. - -.��    .    .. -  ',,    There will be no admission charge to,  the -bingo and refreshments will be served  free. All.proceeds of the day's activities  will help pay for tbe piano which is the ..^^..oljCortes^i^attd^aB guest'.of the  , hall's latest acquisition. "*  BOOK PROJECT ' \   Lytme Brown^expresses thanks on.behalf of tbe graduation class at Pender High  for a number cf pocket books .she has  received. These are being used ti> raise  funds for the graduation dinner in May.-It  you bave ony pocket books to. donate "to  tins cause, Lynne  collect them if  S85-20T7.  oWmMmlmri  Iitfrosbcfrsn  Charlies Tinlcleys.   35siting Wft-fether. Harry: Mills was Len  MS_s of Vancouver. ,     , \  t-IOfiS CALEMDAR   -"- '-*/���'��� ',  ��� OodtimumtyBirthdajy,'Calendars, spon-  Tbred-t^thrSimpiMe 'Cft&i: l.tOhs jCttiib  5Wll sbortiy b? in tbe hands of the printers.  "MlSK^rS .ca%^teffi^&^>lule %re   gSftM  .youwuiteiepnone ��er at   fc^^e .-,.*���...., .,_      ^e^t, Jfes BlaH^ HopMns ^t last  ~, ^4rft^,afe At jfa^^ Saturday's installation.,���-"     I,-' *  homes in Sechelt on which work is expected J --   -_.  to Etett,shortly/  : ,���   . ,  HOSfltAL AUXILIARY   '.   /   '.  , .  ; Halfrnoon'Bay Auxiliary; to St. Mary's  Hospital will be on duty 'atihe Thrift Shop  On April. 13 '-and members will* be grateful  for any, articles df "Used clothing suitable  lor/sale' at the Thtift Sbbp.' These can be  teft with. -Irs. Prabk Jorgensen or at tbe  poll office.  WBSS it is not the intention <& ihe trustees  to run the jenh&s\e&. the schools;.and  grounds as a busihess, it is the trustees*  desire tbat life sd.bbi'gyfeba.i��iln_i, activity  ttsoms ahd other tacillties should W put to  ,Ibe-bBst 0bs^iSfle"ti-_.. y '-- 'V  > ,y\  Schools have first .al�� est-feliaiiy Oh Friday nights. Adult Education,* organizations  Md clubs, incka%gs!iebuts, Guides, Brow--  nies, soccer and bthet sports ^.liibs iare pi-e-  sently making gobd lisfe of the facilities offered.       , - ;,.   ;.   "'I'        ,,  >; '.    ,',    -  Wbenever poisible, all bookings sbbul.4  be made two weeks in advance, as ii is necessary to consult principals regarding the  use cf their sctuws, and janitorial staff  have to be oh duty. As tile janitorial staff,  -talk a five-day week from Monday to Friday, arrangements ate* required lor a Janitor for Saturday bopliings,,  '.-> ������  &^i*e!.sful.    '-"X���~ ....  '', TWboaitf ".encoufcages ibefuse'$ JB_h��Dl  grounds abd ph)0ig.,ihm${byy all^oiBIt,  adult and athletic groups. No charge Is  made -or this1 seridcfc -*"    ' Q   '   *  SECHELT juvenile, soccer >ram, would Up  1 , the season with isoine spectacular games ���  when Division 7> AJ4-Stars,^ri'ejt the mothers, r  After a valiant tight the juvenile team won .-  ��M).. }J-   '-.- y, I-     .    , y   ''  - Sec'helt JJegion followed, "giving tire fe-  tihers, a^woac^out^.Tbey "Tallowed'* tbe  senior citizens^tO/fbeat'tbem 2-0. <   '  Division jjTiftiBenhfen enjoyed a good.  W ^   n^J��a?TL* m�����. ttwn.   ..*-*��� ,**o?--��& department-has also,iobe, vshort game :against#,Secbelt Legion piv-  Master Councillor is Meant K{pMo-   ^jtiJSed andifees.imfet be.recblvfedby tiie ^Miofie team-ftesiianciri ihe T^rfon tak.  ROUND ABOUT  ,' J. M. McAllister is,maKng.satisfactory  recovery after a fall which resulted ih  broken ribs. '     ' 'f"    ,' '-   '  The weekend before Easter, usually a  quiet one, saw a number ^of-visitors in the  area.'. Guests of Mrs. Roy Holgate,were  her daughter Clarice with husband, Frederick Blechmann and daughter Claire of  Sun Valley, Idaho,  Chapter Order DeMolay. MiKe^  introduces' Chapter , Sweet-  Order of Eastern Star  mii--__---------_-____<ii--_.---  Sfina-Whiy . .. /  Wedding tows solemnised  in Garden Boy ceiemkonj  ST. MARY'S Church, Garden Bay, was the  scene of an afternoon wedding on Saturday, March 23, when, Carol Rose Wray  became the bride of Gerald Henry Slinn.  Carol is the eldest daughter of jMr. and  Mrs. Wilfred H. Wray of Irvine's Landing,  B.C., and the groom, is the only son of  Mr. and Mrs. Henry I. Slinn of North  Vancouver, B.C. Reverend Barry Jenks  officiated at the ceremony.  Given in marriage by ber father, <tbe  bride was gowned in a floor length Empire  style dress of peau-de-soiede-luha with  lace bodice and long lily point sleeves. Her  floor length veil was of nylon net sprinlded  with dainty flowers and she carried a  bouquet of yellow roses, white feather  carnations and white hyacinth.  Attending the bride were bridesmaid  Miss Hazel Wray, sister of ihe bride and  flower-girl Miss Kelly Reid,-anian of tbe  bride. Both were gowned alike in green  chiffon A-b'ne dresses over green, taffeta  and carried nosegays of yellow roses' and  white chrysanthemums.  Best   man   was   Mr.   James   Taylor'  brother-in-law of the groom and' ushers  were Mr. Mike Reid, cousin of the bride  ' and Mr. John Wray, brother of tbe bride.  Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Henry; Slinn  |_L__J?rr:";.s  Organist for the wedding was Mrs. Caryl  .Cameron.- _  Reception, followed at, Pender Harbour  Community Hall, Madeira Parki where the  brides :uncle Mr. Len Wray proposed She  toast ito the bride.  ���Mother, of the bride Mrs. W. H. Wray  chose for ber daughter's wedding, a blue  dress 'Rath,blue lace jacket, matching hat  and white accessories and wore a corsage  df ..bite rt��Ses. Mrs. Slinn wore a -pink lace  dress Avitifiunk and brown bat and brown  accessories. ' Her corsage was of pink  carnations.   .,  Forihe-himeyi-iooh the bride changed  into a blue _Bd wbite suit with fur collar.  Out-of-town guests included ^Mr. and  Mrs. James -Taylor, ;Mr, and Mrs. T. Mc-  Kewan and _Ir. Keith McKewan of Vancouver, Mrs.-Mary Moor of North Vancouver, 3Mr. ahd to*. M. FUgas of HanejC  Mr. mid .Mrs, F. H. Slinn Of Saskatchewan,  *Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Slihh of North Vancouver, Mr. and Mrs. L. Gardner of White  I&ck,, Mr. and Mrs. L. Taylor of Penticton,  Sir. and Mrs. B. dapson of Saskatchewan,  JSir. JD��. St. Thextori cf West Vancouver,  Miss Susan Levine of North Vancouver,  Mr. and JMrs.^C. Prosser of Haney,' Miss  ��M. Nastasi*. N. Coustan, Miss L. Hotra all  of North Vancouver and Mr. and Mrs. A.  -- 'McKewan of Vamiouveri y*;*-zy  -*P'iMr. and^tfrs. Gerald .Henry Shnn will  make their home in-lNTortb Vancouver.  " ' j  -    \  Arts Council names  1908^9 executive  1MSO DIRECTORS aVe the Sunshine  ' ' Coast Arts 'Council have elected Bipin  Oza, project engineer fori Canadian Forest  Products, Pori-Mellon, as president; John  Bell, district "librarian, vice-president; Mrs.  Norah MadLean, Roberts Creek, recording  secretary; Vince Bracewell, Hopkins, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Doreen Dockar,  treasurer abd' membership chairman;  Harry Almond, chairman of the public  relations committee; and Ken Sneddon, to  the resources .toanmittee.  The 1988 spring festival is .planned as -a  community festival to include music, art  crafts, dancing, photography and a puppet  show and will Ibe spread over a four to  five_S_c& period in May and early June  with concerts, displays and workshops  being held in different centres.  . The gallery, shop will be closed Good  Friday, but will be open Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday as usual. Mr. Oza,'  president of the .Arts Council, will draw the  ���wisnSpg tidtet tod thfe> coJjfee, p��^ made by  Mrs. Rose. Hau&a, on Saturday, April 13  at 3 p.m. ", ,,'"''' ;; .",���*'; "'.���''���  '.���',: a meeting of those interested in using  the proposed gallery wotkshop Will be held  in lhe old library builttii-g ib Sechelt (behind  the hospital cottftge) oh Ttiur6diiy, April  18 at 7:30 p.m. The workshop Is WOt limited  Ito Arts .Council meimhers. All interested  in using the facilities are invited, i Please  bring a cushion yScatitt|! arrangements are  limited at present I  ceremony  MORE than eighty guests 'and members  witnessed tite tnsfaBatisn of -Emity  Quigley ' as ��� Wcrtiry, Matrml and Robert  Quigl^y as^Worthy Patron cf'Moont E_j^n-  stone Chapter 65. Order 'of the 'Eastern  Star.  Tbe ceremony took: place at the 'Roberts  Creek Masoxnc Hall on~ Thursday, _AprH 4.  /Instaliing oftieer was Sister BejUJ macintosh, Past matron cf Graee..d_apter 29,  Powiell-River.  .- Other officers installed: Associate'33at-  rbn Alice Hough, Associate Psttmt Cbris  Wood,, treasurer Rafb Harris&K coc_ust-  jess Gladys Booker, associate cmdasbress  Laurie Bryson; Chaplain Dams''AstaSnson,  marshall Margaret Tmeman, orgaMst Evelyn Hayes, Ruth, W3ma,3&<mismzJEsther, ^byltis Pearson; Martha, Caxyl Cameron; Electa, Dorothy Farssus; ssarder  Bessie Clarice and seotiod BsE dar-ce.  Banquet tables were centred witb-ar-  rangements1 of {snk roses ami people bea-  titer. little Idlted highland dancers were  place favor..  notified' and "fee?; toutet be reefelvfed by the  aedoimtant at ,tiie,,-fcbool board oHice at  least ^eyen days cbefore the bobluhg date.  All teaikifigs ihoiih-jbe m&de throu^i Robert J.iE., Riltter,-'supferintehdent of buildings ahd grounds, maintenance workshop,"  K6rth Road, Gibsoni, phone 885-9S70. Ifo liquor is^allbwed -on school premises without  lbe���i5Titten authority of the'board of'school  trustees. " -  A piano in the room booked may be used but cannot'be moved, and other school  equipment, such' as' microphones, amplifier.; and projectors are not available.' Reasonable furniture, available in the school  can be .used* free of .charge, but there will  be a substantial additional charge for use  cf furniture obtained from other schools.  Sghool .buildings shall not be. used on Sunday except by special permission of'the  board:'-  When school facilities are being used  by local PTAs, Scouts, Brownies, Girl  Guides and sport dubs whose, membership  consists of school pupils.there will*be no  charge. .. ���  Rental rates-are: hxg_. school gymnasium "atulitoriums -and Gibsons Elemehtary  Activity room, $$ per hour for community  use." Individual classrooms can' alsg .be  booked at $250 per hour for community  use. /  When school __.cil_t.es are booked for  commercial _se, the rates are: high school  gymnasiums or activity room at Gibsons  Elementary, $120 per occasion; other elementary activity rooms, $G0 per occasion.  Tbe board does not grant reduced charges  because functions have not been financially  isioh 6V team," rfesulticgin the Legion iak-  ���;ing the yerdm^Rili^ '   '. :  , -  Hot dogs and jpSp -vveie Served 4b young- -  ster_^ after |jbe g^me^lbe cohttMts'wet*;  thoroughly1 ^njbyed;; Hey '"-will, probably  become a i^lar.'ehd of the sea_on "Wind  it/.  es* i:^S p.m.  ���wiHTiLiMiuttWwgmtwm  Ireal ie FamSly lis Jailer  Visli tlsitf affiStiDiitm  SscSeir, Ssainidasf and  lon^f April' 14 got.! as  ENJOY OUR EXCELLENT  ioastif�� of LaM  (An $met Speciol)  JOIN YOUEl FRIENDS AT  Tus M^yi^i wi^inn' rost mmm ��.����  RESERVATIONS ONLY  PHONE 8BS-2046  ____�����_������������_���______aw____Miiii*ii Mir nf^Ka^aiBku��a0��mB>B^aaBe00aitam0ae>0m0>aiBaem��amem  Chapter 65 �� ,,  A -* ���  reports active season,  THE annual report of Mosrd P2k$sm&me  \ Chapter 65, Order of tbe Eastern Star,  submitted by Worthy Matron Mrs. 'C.  Franske, shows that the chapter bad "an  extremely busy year. *<'  Reference was made to the' -causes:  dressing.station,, where ladies meety&tiee  ,a, rnojjfth tumepsre BmsSusseSed drss^ssss.  Mrs.^Franske thanked-ati..Peisia5Bila-residents who contribated s&eets __d snatejaals  for the work parties. Aj^tndmateSyr SS8  work-hours' were -put into tbe project to  prepare 1,939 defferest types of pads' and  dressings. -  ,. Contributions were seat to oiscer research, Elizabeth. Berrtfey Fimd, Save Use  Children Fund, St. Mary's Sos^taL, Eastern Star' Tratmng' Awards, and a baorsaiy  given to a student on tbe 'Peri_rajc_T!a.  ACTIVITIES -\  Highlights of the year indoled vials  from Mrs. Bessie Dormarfce, Grand Bepr&-  sentative of B.C. from Essex, Kesr Brunswick; Supreme Marshall-Mis. bsa Erith;  and W. Erith, grand treasorer, International Order of Job's. Daogbters; Mrs.  Margaret Royston, Worthy Grand Mateoa  cf B.C., made her official visit in October.  During November Mrs. - Zoe Eades,  Grand Chaplain of BjC., was honored, and  in December, Mrs. Bessie Shaw, Grand  Representative of New Brunswick,; was  bonared. Many'visitors were welcomed on  tesJb occasions.  *>-, Qrj^jPebrnary^hl,r=ibe chapter .cetebrated  jis mneteentb birthday by honoring matrons  ,acd past patrons.  Throughout the year those sick at home  or in hos^-tal were visited by Sunshine  Convenor 'Mrs. Emily Quigley, Associate  Malron; and Mrs. Catherine Franske,  "Worthy Matron.  Visits were made to other chapters during the year and events on the Sunshine  Coast included a music recital, summer  tea and fall bazaar. ,,  With her term of office coming-in., a  dose. Worthy Matron Mrs! Franske Wisfiej.  to (bank tbe many people who supported  various fund raising events during the year.  '  t  An ardent poker player was hospitalized  and the other members of his poker game  sent bim some get-well cards: three aces  and a pair of kings.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been op-  pointed RETURNING OFFICER to conduct on Election, to elect  THREE (3) Trustees for the above mentioned district. FOR A THREE  (3) YEAR TERM OF OFFICE.  Two (2) Trustees to' be elected from the owners of Lands within  the Corporation  ZONE ONE.  of the Village ot Sechelt. TO BE KNOWN AS  , One (1)' Trustee to,be elected from owners of Lands NOT  within the Corporation'of'the,, Village of Sechelt.,This to be known  os ZONE TWO. ^  The fteSgistered Voters in Zone One and Two arse heteby  notified to attend a meeting to be-held in THE SECHELT FIRE  HALL, INLET AVE., Sechelt, B.C., April 22, 1966 at the hour of  EIGHT (8) O'clock P.M. at which place and hour j will proceed  to call for nominations ahd to take -he votes of the Electors present.  The said meeting will be closed as soon as the votes of the  Electors prefient, and voting when votes are called for, hove-been  counted.  Dated this 4th day of April, A.D. 1968  Benjamin D. Firth,-  Returning Officer  <^i^^^.rs^mus^^mmsmsfaK  i  5^g!  &j^v��*^w^yMfmmmmilw^  ^iffiss^.jijsst.:^^;,-^^  MMMMWWW  uvUBm  Topping tbe Mercory  line for 1968 is the nil-  new 125-bp Mete 1250,  tbe world's most powerful  outboard motor. The engine features electronic  ignition without breaker  points. Motors rongins  from 125- to &0-hp ����  ihdoded in tbeinamifoc-  turcr's new line .   ���  iBTTY'S BOAT KEHTMS  DINNER SERVED  "EVERY FRIDAY AND  iAtllRDAY EVENINGS  TILL MIDNIGHT"  Box 4S9 - Ss_fi-f&  ; DIAiSBSttMi  PJA. CmMrfica - MfCwfctfii -  COMPLETE STOCK OF ALL MODELS  ' JPotfs ���mW& lw^a*f ScfwoB  ,   TeSepisosa $$5^HM ��� ���  ���sic  '!^MJ^'^_W.a^amiUfe^^  Holffmo-n _^>y. B.C.  tel: 8��!l-9927  "RiXERVATlONS PLEASE"  ���<Mi(ii��-����niiiT��n)ii��rT.���ir-Ti-^ii- -n-in-i--- "ii���"���Ti-" ���������-���-��� ������ '  ���'  _  AT YOUR'-fdrUlAR'  LUMBER AND BWIiHING  SUPPiiES  Serving The Sunsfitne Gxrst  GULF BUILDING  ' ' SUPPIliiS  ' C05-2203 - Set&eff, D.C  '@i" Now Owfni0!Hitii��$ 0f  R. JACK L. GOESON'  Patse��^r ami ffeiiltt *���  Mt^  4  The Mew  .,,.CEDARS.INN. ^  Fine Cuisine in a  Friendly Afmospher��  LYLE ond OUVE  HIEWEilS TEJLEWffff  BECSPES  Brought Id ypo by  fihese progrssslva  '   V  ,    -  ' ���'     T     ���!���   '''I,1.   "���  places 6i business  Bake Honey Date Loaf for Summer Enjoyment  Suiriner is quickly opproodiing ond this summer is going to mcon more -  visitors in our borne., .noro cntertalnino, more picnics ond altogether more good  times of celebration. This Is oil very finfc provided the task of preparing meals  docs not fall too heavily on one person's shoulders; Not much chance of this  happening for wllh everyone in the holiday mood there should be many hands  rcody ond anxious to help. Things will run much more smoothly If a number of  goodies arc stowed owoy and can be quickly produced when the family toble  must be extended or a plcnlt is planned, on shbrt notice. Such is Honey Dote  Dread. Made with honey this loaf retains its moist freshness for quite a long  time in a covered container, longer still if well wrapped in foil ond kept in the  irefrigcrator and longest of all if frozen to bo thawed wheri heeded. Tlie loaf  also retains its flovor In fatt, bgoln thonks'to honey. It develops more flavor on  standing. '' T  The smott h6shssS knows whot o comfort It will be to hove Honey Date  Drcod on hand this summer ond will sec to it that she has one or two loaves.  Furnishing�� @nsl  VISIT OUR LARGE DISPLAY  ,     OF TOP QUALITY NEW  AND USED FURNITURE  .   Appliances l~ T.V. - Radio  Phone 885-2058   -   Sccfcelfr, B.C.  O-EATSIF.Cu  STIR-O -B&W tm& COI_M T.V.  Fully equipped (or Cs-^sr T��V-  Deafer far  ZENITH - PHILIPS - RCA  aEETWOOD  Bitter than Gty Price*  fhwm @SI^__WI  6ti$0M!v BJC  "  3/4 cup honey  2 toMespoons buttvr  I <_g  1/2 cup milk  I 1/2 cups all-purpose flour  HOMEY PATE LOAF  1 /8 teaspoon baking soda  2 teaspoons baking powder  i    I /A teaspoon solf   .  I Cup finely chopped dotes  Your Kemtone  Sherwin Williams  Paint Dealer  Phono COS-9533  Gibsons. B.C.  i Wh&re  Fashion is a byword  Smart Shoppers are  found at > . .  fiFoshioii Sh^ppe  G$b$e&$, B.C. - F^. @8#��9MI  Cream butter ond honey together. Add beaten egg and hfot wttt. Sift flour,  baking sodft, baking powder, ond salt ond odd alternately with milk, fold in dates.  Poke in a toot pan at 350* F for 50 minutes.  "V '   ���'      ''  This fAttf moy Ims mode with __* milk, Intreoslng l>okIng sotfd to 1/4 leo-  jpoon ond reducing baking powder to 1 teaspoon.  simm^mmzmMmmmzmMsm  WILL COMMiltLt WStAU  A NEW SHEU- FURNACE  G��T��plet(0 with  oil burtier, ilticts  work and oil tank in your home.  Call  Bud Kicwilz your shell Oil  Dlitribtitdn  005^2133 Cl^okt, i.C. '  _rr.."m.T^:r���":  -y>z<  I  ^utM^^OW^lWH *-h^^Sh^w^W>^lBNi^l^  fy**,^*******^^^^ *p*^**w-#*#'l**^^  ^^fM*^**1***^*^ tm*****^;*?***^^ mm'tfMp'^fr**^ *������ "'"L,  2nd Gibsons Company   '  Ever    _m_reasing ' enrolment    has   Debbie Willis, Susan Derby, Beverly  feiOTgtnt irnto being the 2nd Gibsons   Ferris, hotri Wiren, Jackie Rhodes,  G_dde__--Bps9-syipxoud^j;be the first   Brenda Sanderson, Dorothy Fraser,   Anne Kelly,  Kathy Zueff,  CamiUe   of- ihe "basic eSucation program will be.  _ ._...���.,.       ��� ..     ,.      , ^. ... ��� He caariot ri___lerstaind wiiy amy chan  ges'were made at all because as recently  f��OR_ ABOUT .-.-;*  �� $ch66l iincmce formula  eread_m Jnay1 tjat be *p1ac��L ��rgess jco to-'  caT ta^y era or five per c^nt'pf;t_.e,Knt-.  era, ^Iiic|^via,.ts;lei5s, sigii a'>etf_Jc*-<'*��ll- .  .iiig'&r a;iete��ajdum. s'   *';y>��    "<J*>.  yy '"Previously "$bs "&c_ool Afet'did B_tjpeip-A  : mitfhe jkrbvince t�� sliare in eperafing*ez<sfe >{  ^of.lsmde&atfen or Grade 13. The proposed'  act will allow the province _> si&ife ia'ajl  foe ^sential operaaag* costs of thes* clats-  Ises in the ��&roe maimer ass otfyer grade !-> '  -    The. minister 'states that two primary  factors affecting  actual   costs   will  be:  'gnw'h in iijigil eorollmeirt, and .the rise  in cost-of gozds and services. He believes '  ;jhe new'fcrjmila will ensure, more efluit-  aWe.   d^tnbuticiT   bf   provincial   funds  ���ICuriigfefu. "tSer province and wi_l heip.pfb-  **vide equality of educataial opportunity to .  every, child regardless of. t'ae financial  wpalth ef the * conrmunity in which the  ,chi!d_ resides." /  OBJECTIONS  '     President of the B.C. Teachers' Feder-  ation, Ben Buzza states -the teachers' ma-  -?ijor objection is that the new formula puts  ,       -    .    �����_:"      too-miich-power-into* the hands of one  front,  Janet Hart, Laurie Weston,   man���the minister of education, who now  Deborah Hill,, Margaret. Finlayson,   has' absolute central over what the'cost  Pcge 6  Tbfr'Peq_#fa^Tranef? k>' '^Wedpesdltty; Apw'l M-Xlf-*  m  HMMffll'il'lliil illMpiffH  ri  -_���_-_  1   ._.      *. _' _   ."�� ���. .-   f\* *..      ._���        ._>. t   -r _ . 1 ���'_  .        it j ���*    j   -iH_-��i|>r  "Ysii mail us the noroe of ��jp^i^(��!inter-Sjted in buying a new or a&tdcar-~4t could be'  your <o��ier. fawfter of friend, even yourself. WHEN WE SIGN THEM TO A CONTRACT  *- "'' *,*'"��� START, WOKING .\* i IT'S MONEY IN THE BANK.  ' PROSPECTS'NAMT  ADDRESS ,r -.._.  PHONE  YOUR NAME  YOUR ADDRESS.  CLIP AND MAIL TO P.O. 550 SECHELT, B.C.  _Muid_d��_jeMiEa--biwL-t.'  jsEeai-lseas are, from left, back row:    Jacqueline Inglis,  Valerie Roberts;    Turynek ahd Gail Roberts.  s ^>^>" rSt A. y~:'i?y< ^��^?~f:~:fZ''  �����-*.  V -  I*' *l?X**w VftJ&f*^    5  *��v  ��� ���   ���^���_.W1_-_---_-_H-��� ���������> a-  Tfiaf was Vimy-Ridge  Company Leaders  as-Jast"weefc, ihe, minister lauded, the old  f.*mi_lar as being model legislatiott. Yet  he.Js.preiK_red. to throw it out for new  leg&at&h about which both teachsrs and  trustees have strong misgiving.  MORE ABOUT . .'- ,  ��� May Day events  ���from  page  eh. will soon be available from members  of the taons Club.  BABE RUTH  Guest at tbe Lions meeting was Dsn  McCauley of G_hsDns who sougfc. sp^rsor-  sbip of a. Babe Eutli team. He said the team  w^uld comprise players from bath Gibsons  and Sechelt and it is hoped to eater -he-  team in tbe Vancouver League. Equipment  will be required and as no funds for this  are available he ashed the Lions to consider ^2__orship to the amount up to $130.  This would covef cost of first aid kit, two  hahncts.-bats, --one-dozen - balls, eighteen  b_.sel?_Jl hats, and three T-Shirts for coaches and manager*  *  After a short discussion it was agreed  ^@&erfs Creek Credit Union.  NOW NAMED  OFFICE OPENING HOURS:  Sechelt���Tuesday to Friday 10 a.im to 5 p.m.; Sat. 10 o.m. to 4 p.m.  Gibsons���Tuesday to Saturday 9 a.m. to' 5 p.m.  DIRECTORS: (For Information)  MR. E. E. ROSEN, President   ���   MR. G. WALKER, Vice Pres.  Mrs. M. Ball - Mr. E. Inglis - Mr. G, Wing  Monday, April 1 was a very special   Kathy Whiting, Meena OzWXindy   thf%l t^._SS5rLi_      *?*  M-W.Bmcewell    day for Ceding in the Jltimj dis-    Weldon and Ann foglis.   Standing   ^ ^ul�� w^ undertake sponsorslup.  triet, when - Distract Commissioner  Mrs. Peggy Le "Warne enrolled the  first-Guides to fotm the 2nd Gibsons  Guide Company.. Patrol Leaders  pictured in front are: Shelley Benson,  ^TMY-SiDBGE was  a place where some  3J��0 Camafeaas were killed, 10,000  Cana_3_ains ware wounded, and 4/)90 enemy  ttaraps were laSsen piisoner in four and a  Ecaffl' dags.  Ida. was Ximyl  Twas Easter Monday morning, the  ttanrase Q-iritatna ff_fl and turned the whole     EnrOjlnien.t C6iT���-_1012y ��� ���  cf  Vsmv-BsSs&  anli.   one   exploding   hell; ��� ���   ������������������     ���   Tbe Bs3_f3 ��_ad slood the long night through  _iffl_ 'toicnfes sn& battle gear watching for  t��_e <fla_Ta"5 ffiasl _______ to fell them zero's  behind -are Company Leader Frances  Finlayson, .Mrs. Le Warne,' Captain  Annie Dempster, and' 1st lieutenant  Pat Hogan. "    <  >_-  ______ era ifiiey, charged for the red-line  past. ]Pg��S-l   -_my"s - Wood, - bathed in the  gE__re .sf essS&SBsg shells; but some were  RaafiEsi   in  MaocL    Wave,  after   wave  of  Cs_2____ia__  _2ds  surged   on  down   Vimy's  slbpe. Batik, came the prisoners in hun-  <_kn_ac2s- dfjetded and lost of hope and  sfijrc__frs_r-fesa__is were everywhere, as all  wfisa�� wed. _8osne rail 4dL A31 thro' the day,  2nd: Guide Company formed  *��h leased __.__be._hi_,1  CALENDARS  Calendars which will record individual  birth dates, and meeting dats of crganiza-  tiens is another fund raising project, profits cf which will go toward <lhe Sechelt  Senior Citizens Homes project.  Chairman- of tins committee stated orders for the calendars have slowed up.  Senior citizens have been -working towar*  sales, hut many more'calendars have {to  be sold to make the project a success.  �� -   .   j  received a carved ���wooden"'disc bearipg;her  name, the company name,-and on the hack,  the -Trefoil. Each disc was suspended-from  a hand-spliced golden cord. -'" -/  Highlight of the ceremony' was 4he pres-  .,���... ..^ ^^ ^^ j^ ^v ���t entation to Mrs. Le Warne of a cafved  al tteraf tbe msift. nhey tmled and worked    ^s ??i a fma���l!il .donation from the    wooden plaque inscribed with~the Trefoil  "*" Port   Mellon   Guide   Association   Ladies'   ��emblem and names of those forming the  Auxiliary. - _._...  II .CREASE in the'number of "guides in the  - Gibsons- area has necessitated the formation of the Second Gibsons Guide Company. Guides from,Port"Mellon have also  joined the company which has been presented with the Canadian .flag, world flag,  EJke IWIil- am. from every slag heap and  -yg-gy iMl, the snipers look their toll and  maorfrM--gicms cimiiered continuously from  evreny Fotsse amS KmolL  Bay ��__ B-iatg day the battle raged, 'mid  _-Hiu_ig _i___i and snow. Back and to the  ���SgW-i-gj swayed, but lhe boys would not  tei g��. "ISl at Bong last, the victory won,  fflne tonr___le prire lull paid as mark the  <nrat_s��-_ n_w cm irow "where Vimy's dead  aire JLzijaS"- - ,  On Monday evening April 1 the complete  new company of twenty-two girls were  enrolled by District Commissioner Mrs.  Peggy Le Warne.  As the ceremony progressed the guides  ���built a campfire. Each placed a piece of  wood inscribed with a guide law on a  prepared base. To commemorate the  occasion  each  of   the   girls  and   leaders   K   Random Thought:  CABAAOA COUNCIL GRANTS  Dear Sams���I wish to apply for a Canada .  Coraaoll grans! to __i_tsidi_e my senseless ac-  (���ihriitSes as -*va._agie idiot".! I believe I have  tube <sgsaMi]caimms you require. I have had  maaiEnj. years experience in1 foolishness, bolh  He. am adomiimslinativc capacity and in the  ffsracttlcatll agD3_ic.1li7.1i of stupidity.  I Boau* haaa. dcaEing walh fools for years,  fouffl I haw ��ct _e met a bigger fool than  I amm.. Tltoe ttiknu. a sj-eint at school I was in  a $w&~s paras!.** & was tlie laughing stock ���  ��_. nfiM" wS_��3e sdb��o]. 'After years of wear-  iinBSai (_3_aD_��'''s ca;p, wliich was too light for  a ffa_Baea__ llatoe one, 1 became permanently  iffi_in_Bwflaiiflta(_.. My ttcachcrs referred lo mo  ����. a (janmiiallcitw-t, and when Ihey addrct>��cd  pni.' dimcctlly al wia�� as "doll" or "dummy".  My ii'dliiwr>' an Ibe Jnisint^is world is well  BamwrnnJ 2in��_l I ran Kuj>j��ly excellent refer-  ��mtn[:*Hin:itnn a.]' my employers, who will  ��owtti fiioir any abi.ily as a brainless, ninny  aniitl IlKnuunaJmninR dunderhead.  AJtwr M_r��iing five J���.^ars appreniUccKtilp  Dd> a nawimr Wl��rk-M?ad, 1 became a journey-  miai-i Dniawjiin_ji��uap, and have been a member eS ihe Bita<fiiaitional Unbn of Idlols for  ���-JbyiMory Gross  12 years.      '. '���      ,''..'',, ,',;.:'���      ' ���'���'���'  ;  Although some people do not agree that  a town fool shtttLW be paid, I am sure that  you realize that the price of folly is high,  and that the taxpayer is quite accustomed  to paying for other people's stupidities,  Some of our more scrious-mipded citizens  would prefer spending the money on a  "Wailing Wall", rather than on a Laughing  Looney. That may be allright in Jerusalem, where they need the watyer. But the  average man knows there is a crying need  for laughter in our world today. For a,sick  society, laughter is still the best medicine.  Looking forward to a laugh-in, I am���-  ������'>��������� Idiotically Yours  Second Gibsons Guide Company.  Leaders of the newly formed company  are: Captain Mrs. Annie Dempster, First  Lieutenant Mrs. Pat Hogan and Company  leader Miss Frances Finlayson.  Patrol leaders are Shelley Benson,  Kathy Whiting, Meena Oza, Cindy Whieldon  and Ann Inglis.  Seconders are Jackie Rhodes, Brcnda  Sanderson, Dorothy Fraser, Jacqueline  Inglis and Anne Kelly.  Guides in tbe I new company are Debbie  Willis, Susan Derby, Beverly Ferris, Lorn  Wiren, Valerie Roberts and her twin sister  Gail Roberts; Janet Hart," Laurie Weston,  Deborah Hill, Margaret Finlayson, Kathy  Zueff and Camille Turynek.  Working behind the scenes were Mike  Hogan assisted by his wife Pat, They  spliced the cords and were busy preparing  the carved wooden discs, plaque and  campfire brands. Their industry gave the  first enrolment ceremony special significance:'- ���   l'~  Unhreisiiy entrance or general program by correspondence. Through  ~ Canada's leading college.  National College of Home Study,  860 Richards Street  Vancouver 2 B.C. - 688-4913  GREAT 1. EW  CHAIN SAW  Weighs only 1 i lbs. less bar and chain. Come in and try  _ts Easy-Pull starter. See how easily H pulls, how fast it  starts. Test _ts extra power���see bow .t cuts 15" hardwood in 15 seconds. Bigger fuel tank and new narrow  l.i���� STATIC.  Highway 101  PHONE 886-9662  bar, too. Try this great new chain saw  Now ���at  Chain Sa��� Centr  SECHELT ������ 885*9626  CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE  Post Office Bldg., Sechelt - Pfeoso 005-2333  TUESDAY���11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  THURSDAYS���11:00 o.m. to 5:30 pm.  SATURDAYS���3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  ^GS-ACTty WGHr  ������ own wr��w m1  G  SIIFFLIES?  Went to make your home  Pamper, ��__se comfortoblc, more  ���BWM&ma^ more beoutiful?  Wfecstewct Itomo improvement  gwciyc*Jt yon have in mind,  f__Hi find Itcfpful ideas and  jnfoffiMstMMi of your one .top  SRjpp.lC*   shop  Penlnsplci Building  Siipplli^s Ltd.  P.mjtjc 005-9669  SedHHT, 0.C.  mMN_  Bii aoiiesri  Famous Chocolates by���  MOIRS, NEILSONS, ROWNTREES,  SMILES 'N CHUCKLE BLACK MAGIC,  CHOCOLATE EASTER EGGS and NOVELTIES  Toiletries lor Easter���       CHANEL, FABERGE, YARDLEY, COTY, DESERT FLOWER,  EVENING IN PARIS, DuBARRY, SI BON, APHRODISIA,  .   FANCY SOAPS and COLOGNE  y��p It <&\ /  /  I��l��^��n��Ij��_iia  nise Driiffl jiores  GIBSONS  Phono 006-2234  SUNNYCREST PLAZA  Phone 006-2726  SECHELT  Phontt 085-2230  waff  mtumm.it 1  (V  Costs one-fifth less���tliat's what!  Yes, Sunday long distance cdls cost around 20% Jew*  than on weekdays .���t will) a maximum chart;o of only  S1.95 for a three minute, station-to-Malion call anywhere  in Canada. You'll Und it particularly convenient in surmounting the time diflcrcmial between liavt and West.  The name reductions apply weekdays after 6 p.m. So wh>  bother to write, especially on lazy Sunday?       '     !  JWTFt (39  mnsH cowmsia rarmm ccMmrr  ^W^_^#ft^-_Mj��*  M_V_g_  j��Ton*^��i.n  .1  "  a  i  1.  4  ..  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V5*  __. /  ���V  .i  le��t:  f/���///'//./.'//���//  /.  ///-///���//zyw'////-/  /i//y>//-/v  ��  t���*r-  Golf and Country Cliib  membership on increase  SUNSHINE Coast Got and CoUnfry <3lub -lst  held'its anntial   banquet  and-.dance ��#P.  Saturday at the Sficheir Legion Hall,-and iwrid^pf  the affair was attended to capacity.- Meih- left.  bers of the dub wept to great length Hall,  decoraiting the hali for the 'event which goes _-,'->>-���-   .    ���^-_   -,,,--      ->~v  down as-ini outstandjhg success. JOmMeChei^t&WplJi^  President of the elub^Frank Newton re-  -1'' "  '"-������ '< -' >��� "-1'1 <^ *������������_���  "ports membership is increasing- steadily'  and has now reached 336. Another 14 and  another-$50 goes on io membership (fees ~,. -v , ,  for a total of $408.  With the golf course '<-        -,#     d '- .    ���*. ,*^4|-"^   *-     "      "*       *        ",    "* ' '   ,  ?ntS^sSes/*r4Sr��_,s   paracipic-fed m ��� ceremonies  �����  r* a*!" w /Singing '��>Mit jtbat the sqitafle daaee**  .    X *" ** 1 PF    vo,�� I**'far itowe one "tnnxe lime teftre  f ,-rfSB _ _. J,a*i ��this cad of the/seatm. I must a** ffcny  hatie      l&i  ^thej-hl_3JB/of^riUs(Cdeg/Sia>Jfeelie,wiU  fhinfc nj? it himself:-I #lft&dy Jhaye otte ^  ^estjj^oiyy, mtti, IjWiaier'J? ^1vm1  a*k m0-to caUf VJ^e wm^crass^Jjat feiidge  i whe�� we tyl'-jtoittoe- river.' "   ,'   -    .,t  ^   -T�� all iSqi^re.da^iceXjS on^oe fiiUlshitie  . Co^st, -we flaft. ^yd^w ibjat fcrgeous  1 cailek jCJiff ii^ersiofl ^Md.liie *<awi,AJ-!o  Alf ��nsSilfec��_I��e^_jajjd imyteby stetei-  apd h&r kihbV 0|y, l^hey-spttd ti^r ever-  lasfiij_j'*fli��tol[*ycii. all'lor 13i��* woadprful  hospitality^ "friem^Jy, a^d enjosraMe evening  they^Wd\at^*��r'^t^F��i!lri^c Day si_ii9-_  dance and M$e to sflnute up with ns, again  in the fiitnre. \yell, Jj|ds, we eo^yed fia^-  ing you and .about here,' words - fail me..  It infas a great-mightr wasn;t.Jt?_  . H^d 'a* liftie .fiie rttils^ morniatg atpiind  five o'clock. .A ti&iU^Jtime to get. volunteers  on Ahe -|ob,i^'ia hdpy.JB^t ev^tr S>K our, ef-  *s-s^i.4. ^.~.. ��.���_�� ^^ "fifl^J-g in copious  maxmtes of the; alarm  -**-  0j@@1K /SE,.10fl  BwUympfonfrtem ^  guarantetid foundation vf  permanent life insurance.  * ��Bf&>ert:tE, Iree.  *THe  ASSORAMCE COhaftAMr,  "^ zf6rshtfther?}nf0jmatian wnte to  ��. <- -.     kv; ^  Eighteen tenderfoot guides  \  l<   I  pl4slHp_p_ltrie jBigsioh |^e.%_einens*.Jhelm��tSv  Now, wp.sjtil bw that fi?e is one of man's  b&i&iMeitd?' fcii. :when out ��f control, can.  b��%m*s woi$t enpby.  ���|fifW did the Hi. start is ��he questioh  l.%ve beeo-'^slfced countless time since,  .��3,*j -����   ���-���11A _*u��_  _.�� i ^  before the end c.ApriL.Work parties are   w S^torf* VxFSs'. ^ere e^lied on   efy^at^^if^^^'of kiting   ff^Aj ��ffm^-^��1JS "S^  acuve  and  volunteers  are^ w**me fpr    MoigySaS^eS whep SeSS�� >^ Reived for/^eiKproject. r -!*>I ^^W^JS* ,Bde^ay' ^  weekend chores. -Work on the club house    _���� ^, ^^ ^S   L A ^^��-urs!:^,been coated   S^fflS *SfS_TSl 123  * CAT. ��WSI  ��ymETs  ����THE  J��B; HI dllTf  * ..'-  .' t  local pel-  tight ^uxd  good jpeo-  few of  happened but  ewan and-Manitoba.' The association is,a  body which acts as negotiating agent between operators iffid the federal government on such ihings* as "Bus line legislation.  ACTIVITIES  Sechelt GiiiHe-Company-h^s, been jke(s~  ented jvvjtlh^i&ie vnS^^edio^r%g. jjSoge  ___/���� __l__t __;_____* v{    v_,j_.t*_{-^__ _l?      T*^��^k_    ^    * T^-j ^.  ��9^1T^_V^51^.lC:S��_HEtT- 0._  t Sotuirdoy _j____10 tf.m.ifo 4 p.m. ;  J$t/��fy\t&;j2foy$m*fe '5- p��m.  ^^M;;^^-virw^^v^7.^^^SI   .'^'.,     '��� .     .'."    I'"1 ��� I _������������-���    nf  fc    III.  * *:  Want full benefit1 from youiijtiod-l  ern electrical appliances? Let us;<add.  outlets fo add convenience;jB$e the  B,<J. Hydro Finance .PfbiH-^#^ost.  of cliangesi- or ��dditions .-t<> <your ���'  ,*' A light biU. ;���:-;>, '  MAftKa ELECTRIC HEAtING  Jifleiran ladfe 0  88P96B9 - Gibsons, 8.C ' ���  George B.Bwdtey.,-.    --   ���';������.���.'       ,"    ;,.���;���.. 'jJS9i^M$: Mtyti0  Chairman B. 'C: ''Qammi&k^ ;V; yy-/^hy^^em^  questions ifiish to aOti_Mi& ���; -^;^%BI^%=iS;-!  DRinOKM against (J8.ll 33"ls>prijnarily   iegifelaitWn is used'in dnrirre^ohsimerm0jn-'   pick^ewt%.h%'o_e;_lo<-fc?NojTO\Bro^  based on the premise that #Waii:ratic-   ner by the aovermnent then I wwMVittei, , tWrt 1&r ^mEr.' '-0^ Masfcnp woh'v hi^  -n 1-.A-J    ^. i_* ^Ui^ l.n -����l_e___1       rni.ivfwin*   /vf    .n��'MlnSnnitfn< +__i h-aui. 'I*   �����_��.       .ii__.J   __-i.^.�� ^      .       '    * - J" a  perous Committee."    ( albiind^ntly^ar that the ^mpihlsoty pro-    2W>x ,.p^te Jorgensjeh J8D2S^<'30S>), John tib^l  He said this was  "perhaps tbe most   visions *< the tefSipl_._on wxwld be. invoke    nar^c.^teMBed Robinson18*2, -373-   '' ��'-  disturbing aspect of lhe current controv-   only'uhder ejfftrejpe circuan^nces Mjhcte   ' u ^pdie6.-Syjlv1d^Jack60&,'^.flose.-ltlE4-  ersy" over  British  ColutMs's   proposed   the interest1 and'welfare of the^geberal   'w_y'i^r"'A   ^yw.: v- .m?"  new labor laws. Publjc was threatened or affected.      ' Lad3&' Maanee: *Pat P<.wter741 <3lB)i  "The majority of those, voicing opposi-        "Wlty cah argue 'with that 'j^inciple." , E^y_^[^son '26Q.  lion to the BiU are ail too eager to say   he a^k-d.',.   ' , ,...��'.���      -. dommercwh-**r^nk '-Nevens- m (&M1),  what might happen or what could happen "_!here tttt-j^be J3aws in the Bill-which .^ortpl McCuaig 280, tteg.Tbdmas-282; Lofe  when tlhey actually are in np posiUon to wjii jjave fto'be-remedied tout let's give',��ie plW^i ><to,ttV.- fi^N^ ^88,g-��rv  say what will happen," said (Mr. Bradley.    prop(>s(id i^ifc3ation a chance to 'prove >t-    Moscriip; 278..;  He stressed there were several major    sett - fiver^nA agrees thait-meny .edions Pehdfsr: " Norm ;Brownr 7i|6, (2a?), -"Jl,  points Jn Bill 33. "These, as I see them, ^ ^ ^j ute-pingresMe ahd &���t!e$torlt>, E^^atdspn <2S8; Bert>Gooldttip 29S, Dcijnis  arc, firstly, to streamhne the bargainirig Mr Bnadlfey concluded by stalling that ^wtoe.fg. Xm> 200),- Dick Wise 734 <328),  procedure,  secondly,  io arrive  at settJe-    j, ^ Opp0hP^e' ^ Bill 33' were', so coft- - JPcQWflTO.JaSft.^  ments which are coan!P?it��Wc ^ith the econ-    Vj-C0<i  *he   -Qovermpenl,   would -use' its        P^1 /a^ft- Ch_��_:. Pat Porter 738 (276,  omy of our provmce and, lastly, t_ obviate    p^^ j��ian Jire'sponsiible manner hl Svould   ^p> Bubbler Creightbn 2W, KAthy Mall  strikes which do great harm to the general    ^^ ^ey w-ul(j ^^ flrA u0 ^^ ^g, jg^. fj-^p' Jflckstty _26?. .   -  public and, In many cases, to the union    ^g^ailo,, "a^royed if only to" guarantee   T^l^ l>ll_S "      ���     ���  member involved as well." _    u    }he defeat off the present administratiop in    ' , Wtoed; 'Bon RoSbinspii 365- (208), Itizpl  'if the present Government peB riot act   the ne��t eleclion."  fI_yt*e^0.>(l_B).EllatidyVPa_e $fk>.>'       '  responsibly then It niust ansiwer to  the  people.  That is democracy," he, added.  Mr. Bradley is cbafiriraim of a broadly-  based dtisens' committee which represents  the "Third Party" group-4he general public and the average person who are the  Innocent bystanders in any prpto$ig��d labor-  managemenit, disj>ulte.      ' ��-v  "I am deeply distutibpd, osNLflm sure  arp many ordinary dtlicns, ovcr^tiie fact  thai Iherc are tbosp who are fighting  bitterly'lo try lo prpvei)t this leglsl^tJon  from standing the lest of time and actual  experience," he continued. "  "Wc way t->is legislation should bo given  a chance before being condemned.  If ��ii��  Mm FCDf. TB.E VJBLL ��HESSOI Bi0 IflYm&WMMLY  m��m  Hafiurally,  i^l-i^^yjw^^  " i " iijjii  mtiimm mm  'Wti  HOBCWffS' CftEEt.  ASSOCIATEOrJ  j  B p>m. April 17  Csi Tlie  EVERYONE WELCOME  M^rim��ml<i^Hilllr0t^r^^^  Enjoy the advantage* of mUa,  coats tailored right for you ,  in exactly the fabric^ colors,  styles' you wopt. Gomult. -9<  Where Belter Than  The House Of Qualify?  1  ^C^_fe  Covrrln Street, Secb^t �� ,C. ������.������-������  iir_ls7>8.-Magi',1_'-riTi'��  f��WBm8w��*'lTaif"  -t^i#W^^^'W%if%^.t*-^^ii'f*fff^t^i^ i0jn^4i^s ^hw^t-f**!**^.!*** *��� ���> _ -   --���.-__  i��-  **__.  1  tit  r?)  $4��  v  f*  *&*i  %sk^Sf^ "^  '���_-  do* 8^%:Y^e4Il^oa*Vipl*s;^&;wite,,  ani%d-ilc^JT^foi3fiwjij tfUto'ivtO&bafy  Mr^Daisy1 Cbm_fci& addf .Gordon pndK *  JenjE, Clarke wenst'ty yisfafik en^ndayt?  UsVvp^^whexe they ��(fetend^^eVe_di��g,  ' oa  Wednesday 'M ^ Mts.^Ttetter * '(Mw.,  Clarice's m-oper). lfrA.iJtoaa JEkrt^welfctyras j  a visitor txCVkt&&a ft* <alie__d Ufe* Fwt- .  * rs Feddihg;"  , ���.-,,? ,v<   *<���",, .��  '  LEAvtm asea >r^.>;* -1 l  ~ < :  %.__ ana, Mrs; Ctahasm Maclean 7<w$�� v  Recreation Commission  plans swimming classes  SUNSHINE Coast District Jtecreatioa Coap-  mission announces it will again participate :in the Bed Cross Water Safety pro-  j^PfSi  3t__.  :-,ty, -,    *     DeMolay. Installation  DeMolay officers insiaH-Sd last Satmv   Officers are, centre: Gerry-' Woods,'  day at-he.Masomc Temple, Bobert?   Stewart Hercus, Dana Johnston, Rick  .-������ ��r._.��-_��.  ��t.   , >.. ���. ~,   ���  Creek are, front from left: Installing   Gibb,  Kirk Thomas,   Ken Akeson/ VS Tf^^JfTT' ^ SSl  Officer .Godfrey  Bobinson   _>.M.C,   John Hopkins, Terry FoWer -and $&$.<& i*��*w��?�� *?*�� M?r_nson, Eihth  , tbfiju. __��bite home. Ttocy voll  b   nwwtag^siiartiy to Prince George.  SOCIAL MEETING \>.>/'     ^ \T * >s     ,  The previous Monday evening, follow* /  irj a aKetiag _��,-}? Woffl|etfi> Missionary,"  Cs-uidi qf _ie:yc^co__iaJ'Ohitreb, -'social JimeVj^as enjoyed and' iefije^haneirtis  v__*_ stored. >the ladies preserrtd iM*s.  ^earl Mackean wiiJi a^goinig-away'^ift and -  expressed appreciation for hdr help."    ,  f'i Present were Mesdames fcaiirie* Parke,'  0 technical} 6rotiletti. Awe"1 special ize -��� in j  r expert1 service! -.'j,;.^ "        ;  ��i4 v?  .        !,U.  T.V. SIGNAL WEAK?     :  \ W^Ccdl us and we'll, find thefrouble^wi  >;'/% *,'.]<Rep Strength Meter. Mobile T,V_.  'j^,L'   Repairs ob, trie Jot- Color and Black and ,   f ^-b^J S-sclnrarafi  ��v ivMitisiiU-1;t.  EXPERT SERVICE - REPAIRS RAPID  REASONABLE  PHONE 883-2430  S^da?ASfi^t^n6Cto&fB��   CJbaf^r^eefiieart Marilyn Hopkins   Oram, Bob'Wing^^Craig CJwmbei:lin. 'KT^.esdot^'vi^^leicam^  and Master) Councillor Make Skellett.   Bandy Akeson, Alan Gould ,  reation Office, Sechdt.  - Red Cross supervisor, Eugene MacDqa-,  aid will be present and it is jequested rep-  r^?jitallV:e^;of"aieas'wla:Jiave"prew5isly  Ca3sen pact aid .those wishing to participate  this year, attend this meeting. -' *" ' /.  Classes are made available through the  co-operation of local, organizations." For  further information contact the Becreation  Office at $85-9985,10 a.m. to 1 p.m. or call  Diane Laird at S8&48S-. ..     .  Chamber oi Commerce  thanks the merchants  SiSCHELT���At the last meting if the Se^.  cheit OtaxnbET of Ccarrmerce, a vote of:  thakks svas extended to local-merchants  who despite the recent fery worfeess strain^ -  were ebile to &eep supi_ies coming in without an increase -in ��he ipme_qf their products^ Cost-of transportation did increase to  some extent and it is felt residents <��f the  area, -as _ -whole, echo -_e~seA&ne__bs?'of  chamber members jn thanfcing,. mei^haBte  for a job well done.   *_-     ." - *-  Mt. Elphinstone Chapter . . .  ���< , M Hhe cOTdiisiort'oi a special service  -at the Ppmtecsstal Chnrch^csa Wednesday  evening a time of felUiwship was enjoyed.,  Pastor Dona* Parite-jmaicte a presentation  to Mrs. Pear. Maclean, from ^he congrega-  pon. She also "received a jgift from the  _Sunday School. f_ie has"beeai a faithful  and dedicated teacher. Marry good wishes  'go with the MajoLeas. family as tfoey move  to Prince George, They will be greatly  missed here.^  SATURDAY'S installation of Mount Elphin-  - Stone -caapter, Order of DeMolay officers/, once-again reminded those attending  and "the young men being installed of the  high-standards which the "order sets for its  members.  "' The colorful ceremony, which installed  Wke Steil^t as master councillor for the  ensuing -tenn, was climaxed by the flower  tdk given tbis time by retiring master  councillor "Cordon Hau_a. He reminded  the young men ef a mother's hope and love.  " This' termTfeiviolay officers elected Miss  Marilyn 1H9__-ins to be Chapter Sweetheart  Marilyn,.a -past honored queen of Job's  Elphinstone student ���'. .  MISS Bita Onor'dnngbteT^p\%Mt.jandMrs. Klgrimage C^_r_nittee of the Arbutus Beb-  T. Ono, of Sechelt, B.C;,' .has been select- ekah lodge, Gibsons"; S. .Potter, principal  ed as the -winner' of-a contest among Seen- of Elphinstone Secondary! School; Mr. Fox-  age high school students attending Elphin- aE dt tbe ElplBnstone teaching staff, and  stone.-Secondary School, Gibsons. to. take  part in the 19th Annual Oddfellows' Pi^ri-  rrtage for Youth this summer. .Miss Vera  Leslie, of Roberts Creeki for her 'excenettt  showing, has t>een named-alternate to-Miss  Oho.  - Miss Ono will visit New" Yorkr during  the, month of July as one of more than 1,000  student observers of the United Nations  from the United States and, Canada. The  project is sponsored by the Odflfellow and  Rebekah Lodges of America and Canada  through the Youth Committee Of the Sovereign Grand Lodge.  Delegates will study and observe the  UN in action, see committees and commissions at work in the five official UN languages, and learn of the vast work done  throughout the world by such UN departments and agencies as WHO, UNESCO,  FAO Technical Assistance. They will visit  ithe UN and the headquarters of the Canadian Mission to the UN, as well as briefings by other member nations.  International House will be visited, there  will be a three-hour ride around Manhattan Island, an evening at Radio City Music  Hall to see the famed "Rockettes" and a  visit to Ithe Empire State Building Observa-  , tory. " '  The contest to select a candidate included a 100 question examination cm tbe UN,  a questionaire on character, scholarship,  leadership, interest in community welfare  and interest in world affairs, and finally a  public speaking contest on some facet oi  the United Nations.  Finalists in this contest were Miss Rita  Ono, who spoke on UNIOEF; Mitis Vera  Leslie, whose subject was the general As��  semlb-y of the UN;" Francis Jiadfenzic,  who spoke on the international court; Ek  Jiptt Trueman, whose subject was Pag Ham-  ma rskjold; and Craig Chamberlain who  spoke aboUt the. specialized agencies of the  UN. The speaking contest was open to the  public and was held jn the library of Elphinstone Secondary School on March 28.  Judges selecting the winning candidate  were Mrs. Moira Clement, representing the  parerKUteacbers of Gibsons; Mrs. Ivan Smith  of the Sunshine Rebekah' Lodge No. 82, Sechelt; Mrs. Norman Ball, chairman at the  Jack Marshall of the Sunshine Coast IOOF  Lodge, Gibsons,     \   -  Sponsors who will pay for tbe week in  New York (and the\ educational bus tour)  are - members -of -lhe- Arbutus - Rebekah  Lodge,No. 76; Gibsons.  -At this'time the Aributus Rebekah Lodge  wishes to gratefully acknowledge the cooperation and financial help of the teaching staff of Elphinstone Secondary School  as well' as the Sunshine Rebekah Lodge,  Sechelt and the Sunshine Coast Lodge  IOOF, Gibsons.  In recognition of having won the con-  test,xMiss Ono will be presented with a  parctupent certificate at the term-end award ceremony in the high school in June  by Mrs. Martha Weal, Noble Grand of the  Arbutus Rebekah Lodge, Gibsons. Rita will  be ond of eight students alloted seats from  the province of B.C. Further^ details regarding the pilgrimage will be announced  later.', ��� V''/, :���. ���.'  Daughters, .was presented. with a bouquet'  at pink carnations by senior councill&r  Gerry Woods. She received her pSi-of  office from the^ newly-installed roaster  councillor. _  ,   -��� -    ->i        .".'-  Retiring anaster councillor Gordon  Hauka similarly honored the retiring Chai>  ter Sweetheart -Miss Wendy Tracy., *  ���'"��� '  The Drumnumd Cup, presented to -the  DeMolay who has done the most for-the  chapter, was once again awarded to Godfrey Robinson. He was highly coatunended  by District Deputy Dad E. Whittaker jEor  his service to the chapter oyer' the past  years. .       f      '      I,. -.  Retiring Chapter Dad John Robinson,  who has worked hard for the, chapter,  advised all young -men from'14 to 21 years  of age could learn ttiuch from DeMolay.  On behalf of his father, Charles Robinson,  he presented a bible to the retiring master  councillor. .      ,   -  ~, y -���  OFFICERS -     "-       -  -    '" "  Elected officers installed were Master  Councillor Mike Skelleft, .Senior Councillor  Gerry Woods, Junior 'Councillor' RtekGibb,  scribe Stewart ��fercus,-1_i^-fer' Gordon  Hafikd: -" - ".- - - ; V - -'-!'; -'  .Appointed- officers:-Senior deacoit'Craig  Chamberlin, Junior .deacon Ken Akeson,  senior .steward! Bol> iVing,' junior steward  Kirk Thomas, 1 chaplain Dana Johnston,  marshall Wolfgang Buckhoni, standard  teirer Trevor T Oram, sentinel -Camejron  Kercus, preoMors Randy i Akeson, 7ohn  Hopkins, Rick J)eaton, Alan1 Gould and  Terry Forshner.  Advisory Council: Chapter Dad Jack  Boundy, Stan MacKenzie, Dor. Hauka, Dave  Hopkin and John Jtobdnson. District deputy,  District 2, Dad E. Whittaker.  INSTALLING OFFICERS  Conducting tihe installation were installing officer Godfrey Robinson P.M.C. Mt.  Elphinstone, senior councillor Doug Osborne from RUssel L. Winington Chapter,  junior councillor Bill Smith, provincial  scribe; anarshall Jim Cruichshank from  Point 'Grey, senior deacon Gordon Hauka,  I.P.M.C. Elphinstone; chaplain John Armstrong, PMC, Point Grey. Mrs. F. Freer  was pianist and Gordon Hauka soloist for  the occasion.  PROMPT DEPENDABLE SERVICE  WATCy REPAIRS  JEWEU.Y REPAIRS  /R_E_ESTJMAT-S  MARII9E ��S WEAR  . and to get 'em (we're >  We need used outboards  giving heap big trade-in wampum on brand new  Merc_rys! Nov/s the time to make a great deaJ on  that Mere you've had your eye on. f Whether jfs a  Merc 2% a* 1250 or something in between ��� we've  got it. But act fast while we have a good selection  of the world's finest outboards.  -:   ii>*c<���..���*���"  '^Jkm^mmsmm  oat Keniais an  GIBSONS - Phone 886-7711  liPj_��B_dit_fa_ga____B__i  !  i  The Annual Meeting of the  m  X  8  _^_����a-HaH--pHf-f*p(^^  mm  ."���a  B%B    B?l    IAi Hw'flsr HskP  '  Doctor of Optometry  204 Vancouver Uhck  Voncouver, P.C.  Will bo in Sechelt  Monday, April 22nd  For an appointment for  eyo exominotion pfscrso  S��S-SS_SS  I  h^ft^fe1^^^^^^^^^^  will be held on  ONDA��f APMl 29, 196  at 8:00 p.m.  IN THE SEGHELT LEGION HALL  Four Trustees wiBl be nomin&li-���l flog* r��-��I��c_Son��  FB3B"tl.��r BietBift8@HeBB@ wISB Is�� rcceS^esi fs^sM tli��fSaBffiB". > ���  ���i ' -,  NOTE: Entitled t<�� participate in and vote at the meeting are:���  1. Members ��� registered in 1967, who have paid Membership  dues ($2.00) for 1968/before the commencement of lhe  meeting.  2. New Members who have been registered and have paid Mcm-  , bership dues ($2.00) for 1968 NOT LATER THAN ����� 30  ,    days prior to the meeting.  St. Mary's Hospital Needs Your Syp^ort and Merest.  New Members Will Be Welcome.  ;  I  _imil!M-i--__a_q^ii^_BBy^  -    - > -   \    , :'* -'  EASTEE iflONPAT SPECIALS  ONE DAY ONLY  LADIES' BULKY KNIT 100% ORLON  SWEATERS  Reg.- $8.95  : Special  LADIES' CARDIGANS -- ACRYLIC  FIBRE, ��� SW 32.40.  Reg. $5,98   KIDDIES JEANS  Sizes 2-6X.  Reg.  $2.99   ii  Sechelt,, B.C.  April 2nd,: 1968  A. Wagemakers  Administrator-���  St. Mor/�� Hospital, Sechelt, B.C.  Wm  t  }  leii S BJ(���itJ$!����  your Easter  \    fcaken Sbd our store by  profession��! photographer  DENNIS GftA'  AN EASTER SPECIAL  Our Toyland room will be set up as a  private studio ... For individual or  family pictures*  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS GREAT EASTER  SPECIAL PACKAGE:  2 only 4"x5" and 1 only 5"xT' ...���...for  Our talking bird Sam says  "See You In The Studio Folks'*  STOI3E HOUHS v  OPEN LATE THURSDAY NIGHT  CLOSED FRIDAY  OPEN SATURDAY 9-6  OPEN EASTER MONDAY  i  '^SB>r $fc. ��� '-tft',:: 'PlP*T mom-  l  ��r   ^   V>  ��, If  if<.<(j, * .*v. .#!.,.(*, (*>S ,��*., *),.-A .*t..*r-jMf!. 4ft ��J*, ^ i*-*j-*p jf* '.*  *��� . *%^r fin^^^^^t^ ^   ^f,  rfa ,^%;ffl,( ^% *4t:. ^"P- -rfft-i.09f.ity .0*-.,^ i^t.^4 rffa i^f��  '**'  4^k '.Wl ^V. 0^  *\, Al *S. *>**,_*. p^^^hj^l j/n   ���4*   ^t^   y^, tffavt&t-f-v*  %,,#^,��,^^<��V��^��H^^^^#*.4- ** *#*-#.-*.   4ft _*.^_*B^lh,^^Drf��t^(^^BV��^^((^lJff, ^ ,^ _*,.^ rt^^i^rtii*^^,.^.,^ ,^  #��w��w*^����.��bv*' **i ���*** ^ r


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